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l vV " N P S ¥m WM y.:itM§ i-m- Jk x i r £ ' mwm V ml EX JLIIKRIS wm lAWKENCE W GOUGLEP= JOHN E Mi ETIIl 7 4 II Perhaps you will remember fhe opening of the Union Building, first classes in Gregory Hall, or the packed stadium at Homecoming. Time which har passed con never return, but memories of the past may be far richer than the experience itself. If this book succeeds in making those memories richer than experience, then we have accomplished our purpose. me. ILILHOI . , 4 UNIVER ITY OF ILLINOI-T CHAMPAIGN - URBANA VOLUME 48 PRESENTED BY THE CLASS OF 1941 of the mini to their school. We, in our turn, must pass these ideals on to those who will follow, and it is to these alumni of the future that we dedicate this 1941 lllio. CAMPUS VIEWS ALTGELD HALL CAMPUS VIEWS LINCOLN HALL CAMPUS VIEWS ILLINI UNION CAMPUS VIEWS LILY POND CAMPUS VIEWS GREGORY HALL CAMPUS VIEWS STADIUM COLUMNS CAMPUS VIEWS ALMA MATER CAMPUS VIEWS CHIMES TOWER ilMTEMTS University Athletics Activities O rganizations Chicago Campus t UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION SENIORS UNDERCLASSES SCHOLASTIC HONORS I Page 22 ▼▼▼▼1 1 1 1 ' ■ f V V 1 1 i rP ' 1 " ' " ' " J -ptt ' J I " PIH ' BWi -S ADMINISTRATION Page 23 To the Students of the University of UHiiois During tlu ' iall cif liUO a movcniciit dcvflopcd ils edueatioiial atul .scientific pi-oirrains and other in tlie stndont body wliicli I cdiisidcr truly rep- services, tlie streiiutlieniiii; (if its faciillx ' , the im- resentativc of the l ' iii -ersily and in i eepin with its best traditions. It appeared under the slogan ■ " Go mini " ' and as tlie t ' oolliail seascm jirogresscd it gained c(insiiler.-ilile iimnHiil uni. The ■■(III mini " slogan was directed piinci- pally to tile stutU ' nt Inidy, and was -alculated to stimulate anew the enthusiasm of the ohl lllini .sj»irit and a feelini; ' oi ' jiride in eveiythinii ' asso- ciated with your . lina .Mater. Its sjxiiisors were seekini; more general active intert ' st in the jiro- niotion of intercollegiate athletics td the end that Illinois teams might I ' eceive the full support of all the students. I have no quai-rel with tluise who seek to revive such a s])iiit, hut to me " (io lllini " ' eon- notes nnicli more than simply athletics and suc- cessful sports sea.sons. It should inspire the pici ement of its facilities, and in fact renewed support for every ])hase of its work. Hvei-y stu- dent, alumnus, and meinliei ' of the faculty should he imbued with all tlu ' se lllini ideals, which are in the interest of human welfare and social progress. The develoinnent of such an enthusiasm would serve to give this Tniver- sily an added impetus which would acceler- ate its advancement in as many fields as pos- sible. We need such spirit and enthusiasm in our I ' nixcrsity. lOntliusiasm for the accomplishiiient of a task or the .solution of a problem often means the difference between suc ' ess and failure. Loyally, earnestness, jji ' ide in accomplishment; enthusiasm - those ai-e the essentials of success- ful student, faculty, and alumni spirit. With utmost en leavor along all lines for whi -li this this understanding, I am sure we can all agree I ' niversitv exists — a continuous betterment of nu " (In lllini . ' " Pace 24 ARTlil ' R CIT President, UxiVEi; Arthur Cutts Willnrd was elected seventh president of the University nf Illinois hy the Hoard of Trustees on March l ' . . 1934, and assumed the presidency in July of that year. He has been a nieinher of the University faeully since 1913, cominic; here as assistant professor of heating and ventilation in the Department of Mechanical KnKineeriniC. Knur years Inter he was made a full professor and in 1920 was named head of the d«-| artnit ' nt. Nine months previous to his election as president, he )iad U ' cTi ma Ie Actinc Dean of the Collet:e of Kncincerinff, Dr. Willard was born in Washintiton, D. C, and attended the Central Hitfh School there. He studied in the National College of Pharmacy for one year and then entered Massachusetts Institute of Technolo -, taking TS WILLAUD siTY OF Illinois n chemical cnjfincerinp course and rereiviuff his Bachelor of Science de- cree in 190-1. following jrradualinn from M.I .T. he tauf;ht for one year at the California School of Merlmnical Arts in San Francisco and for three years at George Washington I ' niversity in the national capital. The four years preceding his irnnsfer to Illinois he served the United States War Department as Sanitary and Heatini; Kncineer. Three honorary doctor ' s degrees have been conferred iiK)n President ■ Villard: Doctor of EnKineering by the Case School of v i plied Science, Doctor of Laws by Georpe Washington University, and also the Doctor of Laws by Northwestern Tniversily. Page 25 Board of Trustees Pi-eMideiit, Hoard of TruMees CUXXEXCIIAM Cleary ' 1 ' Ir ' ]«ist yt ' Mi- has seen the (■(iiiiplcl ion ol ' the loiiji ' needed new heating and power ])lant ; (!TOo:ory Hall, a .si)lendid elassroom l)nildinj;-, replaeinji old Univer- sity Hall; the handsome Natural Kesources liuildins; and additions to MeKinley Hospital an l llie Libi ' ary. Of fji ' eatest general interest, perhaps, is Ihe heautit ' iil mini I ' nion Building — the lealization of a drcani of many years of aliiiiiiii. st iden1s, ami fai-ulty. I ' ii lcr eonsti ' uetion, also, arc a men ' s resiiU ' nee hall in ( ' liain- l)aign, and a union building in riiieago. It is hoped that by spi ' ing. plans for the transfer to the I ' niversity of tlu- entire responsibility for Ihe operation and management of the Heseareh and I ' ldu- cational Hospitals, in Ciiieago. will be eonsummated. Such arrangement, it is felt, will tremendously n- hanee the pi-estige of the Ciiieago ( ' olleucs and enable the I ' niversity to serve more eflieicully the people of the Slate of JlliiU)is and the eause of medical science. Through the K.U.T.U. the training of pilots and the services of faculty uu ' inbei ' s on arious (loveru- mental Boards and Commissions, Illinois is doing her full share in the cause of National l)e fens( Illinois has a wondei ' ful Physical I ' laut ami has one of the largest eniMllnients in the couiitrv ' . r if the true greatness of the I iii " i ' rsity lies in the (piality au i scope of its educational ami I ' cscarch wurk. .Many lueinbei ' s of oiii ' faculty, as leaders ill their respective spheres of knowledge, ai ' e famous throughout this country and the world. This is eipially true back through the years. Illinois can right I ' lilly lioast of its eonlribution to education, science, and the progress of this state and nation and civilization itself, as this coiiiitry knows it. . s sludeiils, it ' you will learn to know your I ' liivei-sity before you leave the cam- pus, yon will ever after hold your head high in the pride of the knowleilge that mui atli ' iided, and w(U ' e a part of. one of the wurlil ' s truly i;real liiiver- sities. Ti x ' r - " I ' nue 20 Board of Trustees i Hoy. Dwn.iiT H. (iia.hN Governor of JUinois K IKRAKKR OORI)ON ' MOREY FORXOF Davis I-ivi.vosTosr (loventoi llox. DWIG Spri of lllillOI. ' ! iiT H. Grekx nfffield Superintendent of I ' ublic Instruction Hon. John- A. Wieland Sprinfffield U F F 1 K R .S O F T H E B O A R D HaroU) Pogle, Decatur. . Pregident nf the Board, Harrison- E. Cunningham Frank M. Gordon, Cliic-aj; Llotd Morey. Urbana iliuch 14. 1U4U- , Urbana o -ilnrcli 12, C .President 1941 .Secretary Treasurer omptroller ELKCTED MEMBE RS Homer Mat Vdams Springfield Jon N R. Fornof Streator I ' ARK Livingston Ilinsdale James M. Cle Chicago ary Mrs. Matthews Griosby I ' itts field Orvh.le M. Karraker llarrishurij Chester B. Davis If ' ayne Fr,vnk a. Jensen LaSalle K m:i. . . Meyer Chicago Page 27 MKLVIX I.OItKNIlS EXttKIt Dean Mclviii Loreiiius Knt fr. Profi ' ssor of Me- clianics and Hydraulics, since 19:14 Dean of the College of Knginecring and Director of the Engineering Experiment StHtion, was born May 5, 1881, in Derorali. 1 uwa. He attended the University of Minnesota and the University of Illinois where he received the Bachelor of Science degree in Civil En- gineering in 1906 and later the C.E. and M.S. degrees. He came to the University ill September, 1907, as instructor in Theo- retical and Applied Mechanics and has served on the faculty since that time. From 1926 to 1934 he was Head of the Depart- ment of TheoretioAl and Applied Mechanics. Dean Enger is an honorary member of Triangle and is a member of many engi- neering societies and honorary fraternities. The College of Eiiiiiiieeriiie Till ' cuniciihi ill I ' ln iucei ' infi: arc planned to jjivc a tliorou li ti-ainiii!i- in niathi ' niatii ' S and the physical seienct ' s which arc applied in the design, const iMict ion. and operation of engineer- ing struct nivs. machines, and industrial works. A moderate amount of specialization is i)ro idcd through oi)tions and by si)ecial arrangement of courses in the senior year. The enroll- ment in the Engineering College this year is 1.840, and is one of the lai ' gest in the histoi-y of the ( ' ollege. The I ' ]ngineering Exijeriment Station, organized in t ' JUo, was the first in any engineering college, . early 400 bulletins and circulars recording the results of in estiiinti(ins in almost every field of engineering have hei ii pulilishe(l and are to be found in libraries in all jiarts of the world. The .Station is engaged in many investigations in cooperation with trade associations, gov- ernmental agencies, and with industry. . new Research Home has been built this year at the corner of (licen Sti ' cet and Busey Avenue in Irliana for an investigation of steam and hot water heating svslems. " V . V CXJbv n I rrrr I t, (;iM;i;KM.Nr. HAM. I ' age 28 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences The ( ' ollc ' i ' 111 ' Lilicrjil Arts .iihI Sciciirrs ul ' fiTs iiisl riii-1 ion in tlic liuniaiiitics. the social scirncrs. and the natiu ' al sciences, load- iuji ' to the (U ' i;rccs ol ' i)acln ' lor of arts, haciiclor of science, liacheloi- of science in cheniisti ' v and clii ' inical ens ' iiu ' ei ' inii and in iionie economics. In addition, it offers llic necessary work |ire|iaiatory to medicine, law. Journalism, and education. Its courses are sufliciently flexii)le to meet tiie varyini ' needs of its lar te student body, ' I ' lie enei-al curiMculum is desijiiied foi ' those wiu) seeiv a hroa l general education. ' Vhv professional curricula are iiesi ;ned to hiy the foundations for tliosc students who wish to specialize for i)rofe.ssional eareeis. The Colletie attained its present status in l!ll:! when the Col- leiic of Literatui ' e and Ai ' ts and the ( olleiic of .Sciences weic com- hined to form the ( " ollesie of Lihei ' al . rts and Sciences, with the late Kendric ( ' . Bahcock as Dean, The insti ' uct ional staff is composed of 1!)() teachei ' s of professional rank, 7)1 instructors ami numerous full and pai ' t time assistants. The usefulness of the ( " ollege has been enlarged i)y the ci ' cation in l!)o7 of a Personnel Bureau whieli aiifords the opportunity foi ' pei ' sonal counseling along the lines of e(lucat ional, scholastic, and vocational guidance. The ( ' ollege is at present organizing a (ieiieral Division with a curriculum built around non-departmental courses and de- signed specifically for students seeking a genei ' al eilucation. .T i ' C c.. .Mai in i-.w TiioM I ' son .Mr i,i uk lUuu .MjiIiIm-w Thompson MrClure, I ean of llir ( ' oIlHtci ' of IJIkthI Arts and Scipnee-s, WHS liorri jit Spottsford. Virtrinin, April ' 11, IHs:;. A llachi ' lor ' s (U ' hm was awarde l him HI Wasliincton and Leo University in 1!M)4, where he did his nnderj raduate work, a Master ' s degree at the I ' Miversity of Vir- iiiia in lit07. and a Doctor ' s detiree at ' oliiin))ia in 1912. lirfore cotiiiiii; to Illinois, Dean McChtre was an instrnrtor in Phihisoph at Colnni- hia and from 1 H 1 . ' » to V1 a professor of rhiUisuph% at Tnlane. II - lici;an his eareer at Illinois in Yl as .Xssoi-iate I ' rofessor in IMiilosopliy. In 19 ' J " J he hpeanie Profes- sor of IMiilosopliy and in l l ' ( he was ap- ]iointi-(l head of tliat department. The deHiiship was awarded liim in WV.W after se rvini; a yeiir as Artini: Dean of the ( " ol- Iet, ' e of I.ilM-ral Arts and ScieTiei-s. Dean MeClure is a tneniher of Thela Delta Chi, I ' hi lleta Kappa, Phi Kai pa Phi. Phi Kta, Phi Kta Siu ' ma. Delta SiKma liho. The Anicrii-an Philosophieal . ssoeiation, and olhi-r liitiiorary oru ' ani at ions. LINCOLN ir.vLi. Page 29 CllAKLES M.ANKKi Dean Cliurk ' s Mmifri ' d Tli »ni|ison. " 09, I enn of the College of Cinninerce and Business Administration, is an alumnus of the Uni- versity of Illinois: A.B., ' 09; A.M.. ' 10; Ph.D.. ' ];i. His work in this lei artnient dates from 1012, when he was appointed Assistant in Economics. In 1919 he be- came Professor of Economics and Dean of the Collejre. With the establishment of the Bureau of Business Research in 1921, Dean Thompson was made Director. He holds two honorary deprees : LL.D. from Muskingum College, and D.Litt. from Mc- Kendree CoUet e. His fraternities are Delta Chi, Phi Beta Kappa, and Beta (lammn Sipma. The Dean is best known as a lec- turer and a writer on subjects dealinj; with Eromunii ' s and Economic History. Under his direction the University has built up a Business Ueconis Library comprising several iTiillion items. College of Coiiimerce and Business Afhninistratioii The woi-U in this coliciic dafps from 1!)()2, niul tlic fii ' st iiradiial- iiiir chiss was in ]!K). ' !. Jii litl. " ) tlio collcj-o was set up as an iiidc- |irniiriit riiiicMtidnal unit id ' Ihe I ' liiversit y. Alter a two year jjeriod, diirinii whicii lime all students ])ui ' - sue a common eurrienlinu devoted exclusively to fundamental subjects of study, students arc (iftVi ' ed in tlieii- Jiuiioi ' and senior ears a wide selection of specializat inn. laniiinu from uoicral economies to industrial manasiemenl. The object sousilit in this college is sijuikI pre p aiation in eco- nomies and allied suhjeets, jjIus an luuleistandini; ' of history, iiovei-nmeiit, natural and hioloyical science. i)hilosophy, mathe- matics, Enjrlish litciature. and inmlei ' ii lanuuas ' c. Durinii- the thii-ty-eis ht ears since the woi-k in this college was instituted, approximatelx scNcnteen thousand students have been in attendance. At the iircscnt time the colle.gc has a stu- dent eiii-dlliiiint of seventeen liiindi-ed stiiclcnts ,ind a I ' acultv of sevent -live CJlxyt jju, y ' yi roM.MKKCK I ' .lll.DINC Page 30 The College of Agriculture The liivini; of i;i ' 1K ' 1;i1 ami s|)i ' ciiili .t(l tiainiii! to youii ; iiu ' ii and wonu ' ii who will shortly assiinu ' the stewai ' dship of oiif agricultural laiuls ami coinposc (nir nual lnimcs is the major l)urposc of the (. ' olUiio of .Viiriculturc. w ' ulv raii io of comiscs dealing with the proiluctiou, iiiaikctiiiii, ])i ' oc ' essiii ;-, and utiliza- tion of food and clothing materials is offered. Thorough ground- ing in the basic sciences is riMpured, as is also the broadening experience gained through cultural courses. The enrollment of the College of Agricultun ' in lfi4(i-41 is iiKirc than l.lidd. The teachings of tlu ' College are vitalized by the wiu ' k of the Experiment Station, with its hundreds of ])r().jects designed 1o test new i)racticcs ami iltvrliip new knowledge: and b. ' the close contact which members of its staff have with the people of the State through its well develojied ami active Kxtension .Service. A friemll ' faculty is eager t(j liel]i each student ])rei are liim- .self for eft ' ective partici|iation in our national economy, not as a cog in a complex machine nor as a mere tool of production, but as a responsible individual who realizes his obligation to society. Uk.niiy Pkiu.v Risk Itran Uciii-.v Piily Uusk, Dean of llif College of Agrii-ulture, was born on a farm near Ranloul. Illinois, .luly 19, 1884. He was gratluftted from Valparaiso Universily. Val- paraiso, Indiana, in 1004. He then stu lie l at the University of Missouri, receiving his Uachelor of Science degree in 1908 and his master of science award in 1911. . fter two years ' service in Missouri and Tndiana, he came to the University of Illi- nois in 1910 as assot ' iate in Ifeef cattle hus- bandry. After a number of advancements, he was made head of the department on Sei tember 1. 1922. Seventeen years later he bi ' came the fourth Dean of the Collefro of Agriculture, Director of the Kxtension Service in Agriculture and Home Econom- ics, and Director of the .Vgricultural Ex- periment Station. He is widely known as a stockman and is a memtH-r of the .Vmerican Society of Animal Production. Sigma Xi, .Vlpba Zeta, (Jamma Sigma Delta, Alpha Gamma Rho, Farm House, and Rotarj- In- ternational. NEW AGRlCLLTUKi: BUILDING Page 31 Dean TlioniHs Kliot Bt ' iiner. th ' nn of the College )f Kduration, whs iKirn n Dntivers, Massa- cliiisftts. F( ' l)ruary 11. 1S )4. He praduated from Harvard in i;H4 (A.B.) and r»H ' eive l ' raduatf detcrtu ' s from the sHim iiiiiversitv ill lOlti (A.M.). 192a (Ed.M.), 1934 ( Kd.l).). His prufessioiial experieiu-e has liicliKieil tenrliin in Maryland and Maine, piiblie sf ' linol adniiiiistration in Massaehti- setts. service as sial isticinn and edit(tr with the Alabama Siatf Department of Kdiiea- lioii. till ' acting di ' Hnship of llu- Colleire of Kdneution of the Atahaina Polylechnie In- stitute, the i-hanrelh)rship of the I ' niversity if Puerto Uieo, and a visiting professor- ship at Coliimhia rniviTsity. Sinre 1 9:11 he has lieen I. eHn of tin- CoJleiie of KducB- lion at the I ' niversity nf Illinois. He served as n niembi r of a eomniissinn to invpsti ate vocational educati in in Hlinols. as { ' hair- man of the Advisory t ' ommittee to the KdiicHlioiial Coniniission of the State let;is- lature in 19 t5, anil as a niend er of the comniissinn named by President Uoosevelt let report on Puerto Kieo as a center of inter-Ameriean erlucatirjo in ]!i:ti . He is a Mifmbt-r of Phi i i-l(H KH) pa and Kapjia Delta Pi and holds oflice in several na- lional i rofessional or anizations. The College of Education The ( ' ullcm ' 111 ' l ' Mllr,-|l ion iiricis. nil llir lllli lc ' rur;ii llUll r l ' cl. |irol ' ( ' ssi()ii;il |irc|iar;it inn lor liiyli school Icnclicfs. ( n the ui ' iiil- ii:ilc lr cl il oITits :Ml ;nicO(l |ir()l ' ( ' SsioMill |)ri ' |);il;i) ion lor rir nicnt.-iry hikI liijih school IcMchcrs. sn|)crvisoi-s aiiii |irinci|ials. and siipcrintciHlonts of sclmols, ami |iri|iarcs I ' acnllN nicnilirrs lo teach and to carry on rcscai ' ch in Ivlncaticjn in ' ollci;cs and universities. A new iiraduate professional i-nri ' iculuni in Ivin cation leading to the deiirees of Master of Ivlncation and |)octo|- of Ivlnealion has i-eceiitly heen ap|iro " eil. The ( ' oMcuc of IvIiK-alion had its oi ' iiiin in ISili! in the in- llnence an l teachinii of ( ' Inu ' les Ar (iarino. professor of psychol- oijy. In l!l()(l, a I )epalt nicMl of Mdncation was set up which hecaine. in l!l()7, the School of lOducation. an l in l!tlS i ' ccci C(l its pi ' esenl tith " , the ( ' olleye of Ivlucation. At thi ' same time the i ' .ureau of I ' Mucational Research was estal lishe i. In l!):!!)-4((. o ' 2 sindenis I ' adnated fi ' oni the ( ' ollciic of Kdncation. 241 rO( ' Oive(l thi ' deiiree of M.A. or .M.S., and one received the dei;ree of I ' ll. I). ' I ' lie faculty of r colleue. iiK-lndinii the staff of the iinrean ol ' Ivlucational Uescarcli and of the I idveivsity lliiih School, totals 70. (;KKi;()in II.M.l. I ' HB - .ij The College of Law Till ' (ull ijie of Law was cstalilisluil in IMiT. Dr. AikIiiw S. DrajHT was Presitlciit o ' the rnivcisily and tlip Iloiiorabl ' j flolin I ' . Ahyrld was (loMTnoi- (if Illinois at llic time, and both of tlu ' se men wiTc active in iniliatiii ' llic idea nf finuuliiig the Pollciri ' ami in setting it up as an intcyral part of tlic riiivorsity. Pivsident I)ra|icr also for a tinn ' served as the first dean of the .Most of the important ehaiiiii ' s in le al eilueation have taken phu-f since the Colleue was oriiaiiized. With these it has not only kpi)t pace but usually has l)een amoni;- the |iioneers in advaneiiiji ' staiidaids. While the primary purpose of the Colleiie is to edu- cate students foi- tiu ' jiractice of law. it seeks also to |)romote legal scholarship, to de elop an appi ' cciation of the hitihest ideals of the profe.ssion. and to instill a consciousness of the ity of the lawyer to society in fur1heriii - the wise development of law and its administration. Ai-|iki:t .I.xmks II.mcno Albert .laiiifs Hnrno. Dt-aii i tiie Collcjje of Law, was hnrn Jainiar ' ' t 1HH9, in Holabird. South Dakuta. After his (jrad- lUiLion from Dakota VesK»yan University ill 1911, ht» went to Yali . where he re- ceived the det:rei ' of Baehelor of Laws. iiKifUKt f " ' " Inu-tte. iit 191 4. He practiced law in Los Angele until 1917. when lie wi-nt to Topfka, Kansas, to heconie the l eJin of Wiisl.ljurn College of Law. Two years later lu ' went to the Uni- versity of Kansas, where he served as Pro- fessor of Law. He came to the University if Illinois in 19 ' J 1 on an ajipointnient as Pmfessor of Law. He whs maile llean of the College in 192 2. Since 19:tl lie lias also served as Provost of the University. He is a member from Illiitois of Uie National Conference of Commissioners on Unifcirm State Laws, A " icel resident of tlie Illinois State Har Association, and nuMuber of the State Board of Unemployment Com- pensation. He is a fellow if the American . ' ademy of Arts and Sciences, and a niein- Ikt of Phi Heta Kappa, the Order of the Coif, and Phi Kappa Phi. alt(;kij) II.MJ. Page 33 Dean Kexfortl Newcomb. Iic«n of the CoUesi of KiiK and Applied Arts, received his trnining at the I ' niversities of Kansfts, Illi- nois, and Soul hern I ' nlifnruia. Jlis ih-h- demic studies linve been suppkMnerited by wide travel in Europi ' and the Orient. Before coniini; to the Illinois faculty in 1918, Uean Xewronib was for five years Director of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at I-oiit: Heach Polytechnic (California) and for four years Director of Adult Kducati »n and Prineii)al of The Long Beach Kvening Hi h School. He served also on the faculties of the University of Southern California and the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, at the latter institution as Professor of Architec- ture and College Architect. Dean Xeweonih was for 10 years editor of the Western Architect, Chicago, has served as technical consultant in various connections, lias lectured widely on the Fine Arts, and is tlu- autlun- of 14 volumes and several hundred maga cine articles in iiis field. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Plii, and various otiier honorary and professional organ iza- titnis. The College of Fine and Applied Arts Tlir ( ' dllci;! ' 1)1 ' Fine .■iinl A|i|ilii ' i| Ails was ( ' stal)lislied in 1931 liy (-(1111111111111; In (iiic adiiiliilst lat Ivc unit tlic l)c|)artmeuts (iT Art, Arcliitcclurc. and Laii(isca|K ' Arcliitcct urc and Ilic Scliool (if .Music, all of lont;- hislory and in llourisliiiiii- ( ' (indltion. To tiicse d(|iai ' tiiu ' iits tlic liiircaii of ( ' (Hiiiiiiiiiil y I ' laiiiiiim was addt ' (l in lli:i4. The IcacliliiL; pid ' irani nl ' the ( ' ollciic Is Iwo fold; to tl ' aiii pro- I ' csslonals in tlic various liclds of art and to offer st udciits at large tiio cultural advantajics to he ualnc(l hy the study of and partici- ])ation in the vai ' ious afts. With a faculty of S(l men and wdiiien, the College enrolls nearly SOO professional students anil an I ' lpial nuinher from other colleiics of the I ' niversity who elect one or more art courses. Smith .Memorial Hall houses the School of .Music; the Archi- tecture liuildlni; houses the Departments of . rt and . i ' chitee- fnre. I n addition, the Mcpai-tmenl of Art has addlt ional quarters In Mniiinccrinii ' llall, Lincoln Hall. Commerce P uil(ling, Survey- ing BuilditiL; and .Miimford House. The Department of Ijand- sea))e . rchltectnre is amply housed in the . ew Aiifienlture Buildinii ' . -«aX AjjUjLrc j A -0 " VKf ' Ill ' l ' KCTrKK lU ' ILDlNG I ' liye - ' H The Gratluate School Till ' |i|-iiii-i|i;il ,iiiii i r ' _;r.iilualc slmlv is tlir i|( ' rloiiniciil of the |iii vcr ■•iimI llic iHniucit idii nf llic spirit ul ' iiivrsl i al idii. Tlii ' sliiclcnl who piii-siics ail cxtcinlcil I ' liiirsc is cxiicctcil to obtain a wiilr know icilui ' ol ' his slllijcrt aiiil ol ' rrlatcd tirlds of ill vest i,u:ii- tioii. ami also to aciiuirc ami hctiiii to use llic power ol ' cxlciiil- iiiu tlic raiiiic of what is known. Scholarsiiips ami t ' cllow ships, cstaiilishi-il by the rnivcrsit y Hoard ol ' Trustees, iwv open to uradnate students of exeeplional ability and pi ' oiiiise, h inds ai ' e axailabb- Ifotn scNcral special soiirees t ' or the support ot ' additional I ' ellowships. the purpose of wlliell is to promote lliLihe)- eiluealioll and to eollt ribllt e to the extension and dil ' l ' usion ol ' knowlediic Se " eral iinportant iiidi- idual research proitranis are eneourau ' ed and helped forward by the ai l of resources which have been made a ailable throutih the (iradiiate School and the K ' escarch Hoard. Some of these are of very nfeat value in the social process. c I. ' OIIKKT l). Nri.l. lt l I. M l I Pea n I Coin- It l»iini( ' l Ciinniclwic ' l, Ucsn of the (rfndiiati ' School, wrs boni in Good water, AhihaiiiH. Marcli 1, 1879. He was awardc ' l liis llafhi ' lor ' s doprci- at Iiinevillc Collept? in ISOH, and his Doctor of Philosopliy defjree at I ' riiiceton University in 1911. After coming to the University of Illinois in 1915 as Assistant Professor of Malhenuitits, lie became Associate Professor in 1920. From 1929 to 19:i4 he was head of the Depart- ment of Mathematics. In 1933 he was ap- pi)in1ed acting Dean of llie Grad«ati» School. and a year later lie bi ' came Dean. He has putilislu ' d several hiindrcd articles on mathe- niHtical. pliilosnpliicHl, and sclent i tic suh- jects, an i is the author of several volumes on these siihjects. Some of his works have been i-epiihlished in I- ' renc-h translations. AUMINISTHATION nrirjuNd. kast Page 35 lAUl, Mil.TttX WillTK Director Carl Milton Wliitc, Director of the Uni- versity Library and Library Scbool, was born August 12. 1903 at Burnett. Okln- lionia. Ill 192S lie received the degree of Master of Arts, iixnjnn cum latule, from Mercer I ' luversity, and later stutiied at the State University of Iowa and Cornell Uni- versity, where he received the deirree of Doctor of Philosophy in HtS3. Ho rc ' eived the professional decree. Bachelor of Science in Library Science, a year later at Colum- bia I ' niversity. Dr. White was Librarian uf FInU Univer- sity, 19:i419:tS. lu the summer of 1938 he was an instructor in Library Science at the I ' niversity of Michigan. Krom 1938, until he came to the University of Illinois, Sejit ember 1, 1940. to assiiini ' Ins present position, he served as Librarian. Professor of Library Science, and Clmirman of the Division of the Library and Library Srluml at the Univfi ' .iiy uf North CiirnliiiH. The Library and the Library School ' I ' lic I ' iii crsity Lil)i-;ii-y cdiitaiiis (i cr 1 .•_ ' (!( I. (KM I iiliiiiics. Tlit ' l.ilii-:iiy I ' Miiks lil ' tli ill si c juiicnii; Aiiicrii-:in iiiii cisil y lilii-ai-ics ■iiul lirst MiiKinj; state iiiiivcfsity libraries. ' rile I ' liixi ' i-sity (if Illinois ijihrary Si-IkkiI, estal)lislie(| in iSOo, is the iililesi l,ilii-al- Srlnml west (if the A lletihaiiies. l- ' riiin the hoiiiiininii it has ranked as one uf the (lutstaiiiliiiL; lilirary sehmils in Aliieriea. The |ii-(iui ' ain ol ' the Lilii ' ary Sehiuil is ili ' siiined to |iii ' ]iare ad- niinistratcirs and assistants lor serviee in libraries of various types — publie, school, colletie and university libraries, and sueli s])e( ' ial types as hos|)ital. iiewsiiajier, business, art. and music libi ' aries. . dniissiiiii re(|uireineii1s include the pi-esentation of a bachelor ' s de-iree. The eiirriculuin leads to the dejirees of a Kachelor of Science in Library Science aft ' r one year of study. and to the de.niTO ol ' Mastei ' of Science after two years of study. The eiirollinent is ordinarily around 14(1. Thi ' faculty and tlie stafi ' total 14. The School is housed on the third tloor of the Library buildini; where library facilities, as well as the technical operations iiiNoh-ed in library sei ' ice. ina ' be stii lied at close range. - i oyjC TrKjuL IMN KKSITV 1,1 i ' .i; AIJV I ' Bgc 38 The School of Joiiriuihsin .lounialisni is taui;li1 in . nicric;in uiiiNcrsitics hcciiusc tiu ' journalist ticods a i-iilliiral aiiil a trclmii-al ((iui-atioii whii-li nniy tile iiiii iTsitirs arc |ir(i i(liiii; : lir iici ' iis t(i lia c tli;it (■ducation ri ' lalcil lo llio practii-i ' nl ' jduriialisiii ; lu ' iicciis iiicui -a1i(]ii with the in ' ot ' t ' ssioiiii! idoals ami liic social object iv ' s of inodcrn Joiii- nalisiii : and he needs t(i lay more tlian e ' er hel ' ore in liistoi the discipiiiie of praetiea! and scieiitilic invest iyat ion in eontcni poi ' aiy affairs which courses in jouiualisin teach. Instfuction in joui ' iialisin was first offered at the Tnix-ersity of Illinois ill l!HrJ. and in ID ' JT an independeiit Scliool of .hmriialisin was createtl by act of the Illinois legislature. The present ciirricu- liiiii includes conises in iiews|iaiier, inaiia .ine. |iiess a.ssociat ion and radio jouriialism. pulilishin iiianaiieiiient, and advertisiiiii. Students are reipiired to complete two years of work in another college of the I ' niversity before bein admitted to the School. In Sei)temher. 1!)4(). Itil students were eni-olled in the School. A liir e imniber of .students in other colle ;es annually eni ' oll in journalism courses offered for noii-professional students. The faculty of lo instructors is eompt)scd of experts in the va- rious branches of journalisni. Many of them have held jiositions of responsibility and trust in the world of practical journalisni. kxt d cJ HKIKL KI(-HAI{[ llAltl,(( V Chairman Keuel KicliHi ' l Barlow was born at Moii- ticello. Wisconsin, April 28, 1H94. He re- ceived his A.Ii. (leiirce in Journalism from the rrii ersiiy of Wisconsin in 19 IH, aii I his A. M. from the I ' niversiiv of Illinois in Professor Harlow for many years p»ir- sued the jruirnalism profession. He served as director of WAM1 Kadio Station, Minno- iipolis-St. Panl. and insti ' ucior in journal- ism at the I ' liiversi ' .y of Minnesota. In Mt ' 2 he came to the I ' niversity of Illin iis as an assistant professor of journalism. He was Hii associate jirofessor from 19:i2-3fi, and has lieen a professor since 1936. In 1940 he was appointed Chairman of the Adminis.i ' Htion Committee of the School of .lournalit ni. Onrinj: the World War he served 2. ' » nutnths with P ' ield Hospital 127, :i2nd l i ision, jind received tlie Certifioate of the Alliance Krancaise in 1919. He was Secretary Treasurer of the American Asso- ciation of Teachers of .lournalism. 1922-24. In 19:{7 he was the co-author of the Suri ' rif ui JuuriinUstii. Professor Uarhtw is a member of Sicma Helta Chi. Pi Delta Kjisilon. Kappa Tau Alplia. jiiid Alplin Ka] p)t l elta. CRKCOIiV JIALI, Page 37 Skwaki ' I ' m I{I.i: Sr i,i,v Director SfWflrd Cliarle Staley, Director of the School of Pliy.sical Kducatioii, was born at Sprakers, New York, on August 1, IS 9:}, He securt ' ct a IJai-helor ' s degree in Pliysi- eal Kducatioii at Springfield College in HU7 ; a Master ' s degree in Hygiene at ( " lark Tniversity in 1920; and a Doctor ' s di ' t:ri ' e in Kducation at the I ' niversity of Illinois in 192H. Professor Staley served as an athletic director in tlu annv during 1917 and 1 9 1 S. In 1 920 antl 1 92 1 he served as Director of -Vthleties for the Cireck Army in Asia Minor. He joined the statT of the Department of Physiral Kdiii-a- lion at the I ' liiversity of Hlinois in 1922. an l was made Director of the Sehool of I ' hysieal Kd neat ion in 1937. lie is the author of 10 books and many articles in the Held of physical education. Squash rackets and hiking are his chief si orts : collecting books on the liislory of spoi-t his chief hobby. The School of Physical Education ' I ' lic Scliiml 111 ' I ' hysieal Kdiii-al idii. fstablishc(| in ihc I ' all nl ' !!):! ' _ ' , includes three departnienls : l ' h. sieal Edueat inn Inr .Men. Physical Iviueation for Wcinien. and Health Scrviei ' . The Depai ' tiiient of Physical liducation I ' or .Men eoiiduets a |)roi;iain of service courses, alteiidauce at which is i ' e(|uii ' ed of all men students, and a professional training curriculum for stu- dents iiia.joi ' ins;- in ])hysical eclucation. athletic coachinu. health and safety, and recreation. The Department of Physical Kducation for Women conducts service courses in physical education, a iirofessional trainintj nin ' iculuni for students ma.jorinsi ' in this suh.ji ' ct. a proi;ram of iiil rainui ' al s])oi-ts, and ;i ] i ' o.! ram of faculty ii ' creation for v(iinen. Till ' Dcpai ' tMient of Health Sei ' vice ! ives health examinations to all sluilcnts. confers with students about health ])i-ol)lems. co- o])ei-ates with the State Hoard of Health in eonlrollini;- eon- tasi ' ious diseases, reizulates sanitary conditions on and about the campus, and conducts co ii ' ses in sanitation and hyuit ' ne for both Mien and women. The School had an enrollment of appiii. imatel ' 40(1 students in ihe professional trainiu!:; eiirriculuin, 7 00 students cni ' olled in scr ice courses in Physical lOdncation for .Men, ;!l(l(l students (■nrolled in service courses in Physical Education for Women. : ' 4()(l students enrolled in h. i;iene classes, ami a faculty of ()■ " members ilui-inLi 1114(1-41. -sj G . ' f-oM l ASll.M PliK ' -IS The College of Dentistry ' I ' lu ' ( ' (illcuc III ' I )rii1 ist !• • wns IoiuiiIcmI in 1 I)■J ,is m |iro|)i-ict;iry institution under liic n.-inir u( the ( ' ciluniliian DcninI ( ' (illc-ic In 1!)01 it ohtaiiu ' d a Uduiinal afliliatinn with tin ' IniNrrsitv of Illinois and in IIT! it was cstalilislu ' d as an ori;anii ' part of tiio rnivorsity. Tlu ' College of Dentistry with the Collcjjes of Mrdirine and IMiariiKu-y occu|)ies a block of buildings in the heart of the west side medical center of ( ' liicaito. Tin ' colleices are allied and the faculties associated. ' I ' lie dental clinics, which have unsurpassed facilities for teaching- and research, aiv in the east unit which was completed in ) ' -il. Since its incepti(»n the Colleui ' of Dentistry of the rni ( ' rsity of Illinois has been in the vant uard of those collejies which have maintaineil the highest educational standards. The course of in- struction leadinii ' to the deiire( of Doctor of Dental Sui ' ii ' cry is four years in leuirth. with two years of creiiit from a college of liberal arts and sciences as an admission rc(|nirement. It is the aim lA ' the College of Dentistry not only to train com- l)etent ] ractitioners for the communit.v, but to jiromote scholarly investigation and research with a view toward refining and im- proving methods of treatment and control. Howard MniiiELi. M mi.p hitisuN Dean Di ' iin Howjird .Mit ' -lu-ll .Mnrjcrisoii was born ill Lawrciwt . Massjirhusctts. on No- venitiiT 19, lsiir . He rcrtMYi-d thp ili-frrce of Doclor of Di ' iital Mediciiic from Tufis College in 1916. and thp followini; .vear in- terned at The Kors.vtli Dental Infirmary for Children. In 1917 Dean Marjerison joined the stall of Tufts Oollene Dental Seliool as Instruetor in l rosthetic Denli.str.v. holdinj; various ranks up to .Vssoeiate Professor and Hea l of the Department of frown and Bridtje and Partial Denture Prosthesis. He beeame . etinir Dean of the Denial Selmol at Tufts Colleee in 193 ' .! and Dean in 19;!4, and was appointed Dean of the I ' niversit.v of Illinois College of Dentistr.v on Septem- ber 1, 1940. Dean Marjerison is a Trustee of The Fors.vlh Dental Infirmary for Children, and a member of the Naliinial Hoard of Denial Examiners, the .Anieriean . ca lemy of Den- tal Seienee. the Robert K. . ndrews Hon- orary Soeiely. and the International Asso- ciation for liental Research. CHICAGO CAMPfS Page 39 l A ii» John 1 avis Ortin David John Diivis. Di-im of ilu- Colic;; ! of Medicine, spout ninny yi ' iirs in study and researrli before coniint: to Illinois. He WHS born in Kacine. Wisconsin, (ni August lU, 1875. and htudied first at the Kacine Academy. From the I ' niversity of Wisi-on- sin he received his Bachelor of Science dcfrrec in 1 K9H and his M.I). (Ie;;i ' ee from Rush Medical Colk-Ke in 1904. In Kurope he continued liis studies at Vienna and Freiberg, and then returned to the I ' nited Stales to carry out his research work in Chicago at the McCnrniirk Instilule for In- fectious Diseases. Before cominj; to Illinois he served as patholoj ist at St. Luke ' s Hos- pital in Chicago. In 1913 he came to the College of Medicine as Professitr of Path- ology and Bacteriology. He has written several treatises on Bacteriology and is the author of numerous oilier medical papers. He bjisan serving as Acting Dean in April. lO ' J. ' t. and succeeded lo the Deanship in September, 1025. The College of Medicine till ()c|(iImi II. 1 M the CiillcLic III ' l ' li sii-iaiis .-iikI Siiriiciiiis (if ( ' liiiML;(i ii|]; ' iicil. In IM)7 it lic.-iiiir ;it1ili;it( l willi the I ' liivcr- sity III ' llliiidis 1111(1 in litOd the name was officially chanucil U ■ ' Tlic College of .Mi ' ilicinc of the rniv( ' fsit - of Illinois. ' The |iiii ' |Hisc (if lli( ' ( ' ollc i( ' is 1(1 (|ualif. studcnls to uiidcrtakc I lie |iiacl ice of iiicdicinc. Bccaiisi ' of the limitations of spaci ' . the incnilici ' shi|i of each class is sti-ictl ' liinilcd. At the iin-scnt time there are a|i|ir(i iinately (il ' - ' i students, liotli men and women, with a faculty of over 4(ili. The (iroiiram ol ' the student diiiini; the five years in the ( ' ol- lei;e of Aledicirn ' is arran ' 4C(l so that the woi ' k of the tirst two yeais is eonlined mainly to the fundamental sciences, the time of the student liei ' .ii; spent lari ely in the lalioratoi-y. The work of the third ami fourth yeai ' s is (Ie (i1e(l to the various cliincal liranches. with ein|ihasis heiiifi ' |ilaced u|)on jiractical instruction in the dis|iensary and hos|iital cliincs. The fifth year consists of ll! months of interne seixiee in a h(is|iital aiiproved li. the I ' ni- versily. The ( ' (illeiic of .Medicine. loeate(l in tlu ' very heart of the medical centei ' of ( ' hicaiid, is one of the lari est me(lieal schools in the country and ranks hiiih in the |irofessi(iiuil world. 5 yyUyf tity. Page 10 The College of Pharmacy ' I ' lic ( ' iillfyi ' 1)1 ' I ' luirmacN of ihc I nixcfsily of Illinois, which v;is ()rii;iii;illy incdrporatcd as tho Ciiicajio ( " ullciii ' of I ' iiaiinacy in IS!); " ), has for its |iiii ' |ii)si ' the trainiiij;- of yovmir men and woTnin ill the scieiU ' i ' ami ait of comiJOundiiiK physician " s |)rcscri|)lions. It seeks throui;h a wcU-orsiani .ed Bachelor of Science (niii-icuiuni to ])repai-e tlie student adeipiately to iierfonn understandinsily the exact ini - re(|uifeinents of professional service which has l)een inteirrated with the practice of medicine throiiuhout its entire history. The new cipiipincnt and laboratories which were made avail- able ill tlie iledieal and Dental Colleiie Laboratories BuiJdinsi ' . located in the heait of the West Side Meilical Center, offer a l)liysical plant secon i to none in this country. The College of I ' harmacy. its faculty, and iiraduat( s have played an important role in orsianizini; many attiliated associa- tions such as the Illinois Phai ' iiiaceutical Association and . iner- ieaii I ' harmaceutical Association. Various members of the faculty contributed to the develoi)ment of the Inited States Pharmaco- ]uria and the National Formulary. A|)| roxiinately " 22 " ) students are now enrolle l in thr three eai-s of professional work which is offered to students of |)har- macy on the Chicaij ' o campus, and like other students in colleges of pharnuK-y. they are takiniz an active part in student oi ' iiauiza- tion work. The demand for well-trained ])harmaeists is very constant, wbich is an indication that pharmaceutical education is a dijiiii- fied and wcll-sui)iiorted function of the I ' nivei ' sity of Illinois. K.VriL i iv .S .ltLKS V,a,i Earl Uo.v Series wjis lidrn near Salpiii, South llakotn, Xciveinher 1«. 1H90. By 1917, lie hail received his Ph.O., U.,S, in IMiHrnuicy. and M.S. in Chemistry and IMiarinacy from South Dakota .State CnlleKe. He reeeived liis Ph. I), in PliarniarohiKy from tlie University of Minnesota in I9:t4. I ' ' roni 19i:i-1940 he served on the faculty of South Dakota Slate Coilesje of Pharmacy and was dean from 1!I2:!1940. In 1940 he came to the Chicago campus of the I ' niversity of Illinois, as Dean of the Col- leee of Pharnincj, He is a nieniher of the .Vinorican Pharma- ceutical .Vssociation and the United States I harinaco|uci]i Revision Coinmiltce. He was formerly a nienihcr of the Advisory Council of tlie South Dakota Public Health .Vssocia ' ion. and President of the American -Vssociation of Certified PiiHrniacists. 19:iS- 19 19. and is a niemlicr of (iatnnia .-Mpha jinrl Rho Chi fraternities, and lllue Key. He served in the Medical Corps during the World War. Dean Series has con- tributed many articles on pharmai-.v to sci- entific journals and other publications and is well known for his iliscoveries and ex- perimentation. (1 IK AGO C. MPl ' S Page 41 UUBKKT BkLL BROWNB Director KobiTt lifll Ui-dwiu ' . Director of the Division of I ' niversity Extension, was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, on July 15, 1894. After Hltondin? the Southern Illinois State Tearhers Cnlleyre he entered the I ' niversily of Illinuis. Beenuse his education was in- terrupt ed by his serving in the United Slates Army, he did not complete his grad- uatio:i until the summer of 1922. After serving: nine years as a high school prin- cipal and city school superintendent, he re- turned to the University of Illinois in 1929 to become an instructor in Education. His advanced degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy were conferred by this University. At the time of the inauguration of the Division of University Extension he was a) pninted its Hrst director. He has been in ehiirge of the Division since that lime. The Division of University Extension ' I ' lii ' |)i isi(iii oL ' riii crsitx l xlcnsioii is llic means by which crilaiii cif the t ' jicililius of the ( ' nivci ' sil y nf iHiiMiis arc put at the iiis|Misal 111 ' the ii( ' ii|ilc of the State vli i afc l)eyon(| the miii- liiies cpf tile eani|ius. Siiiiie (if the ways in which this is li iie ai ' c: the iiffciinL: nf " li cuMc ' c cunrses hy ciii ' ri ' s|Min(h ' nce. tile leachini; iil ' a liniitcil niniiliei ' nf ext raniiirai classes in ari(ius ill inn is cit ies, lcct ires by faculty nienilici ' s be fofe clubs and i it her (iryani .atiiins ci cr tlie State, shoi ' t cnurses ami cdnfei ' cnces, fdiauiis. a State-wide pniurani of citi .enshi|) institutes for lii ' st votei ' s. a lending ' library of educational niolion pictures, a re- source and cunsvilting ' service lor teachers of spi ' ccli and of seieucc. The l)i ision, which is the youiii;cst of the nia.ior adiiiiinst ra- tive units of the I ' ni crsity, is, appropriately ciimiiih for a younuslci ' . urowiiii; rapidly. |i llMSTRAT10X i;r (i, wkst Phkl- 42 Executive Dean of llie Chicago Colleges UAV.MuNh m;u.NAi;! Tilt ' uflii ' O of Kxecutive Poiin of the Chicu;;n Colloct ' s w«s creatod Inst year on llu rt ' coiinnoiulti- tioit of llu ' PresHh ' iit by tlu Itniin! of Tnistft ' s. This ni ' lioii n-sultt ' d from n siiidy il ' the iirtlv itics of the tliriH ' jtrofessioiinl i ' olli ' i. ' t ' s. .Mcdiriiic. l ciilis- try. ami IMiannary oti tin- ( " hii-ii ' . ' n en in pus luul rt ' prcspnts an t ' tfort n ccntrnli t ' ccrlaiii ml in i n is- tralivf functions in the intcivsl of cfli -iency luut coordination of education and vt ' scarch. The Kx- t ' cutivo l t ' Hn is a direct represent 8 tivc of the President of the University and throu jh tliis oflice it is hoped that closer relationships hetwecn the OhicHCo and the I ' rhana Departments will develop. Kayniond Bernard Allen, Kxecutive Dean of the C ' hica;: ) CoUoscs. was born in t ' athny. North Da- kola, on AuKUst 7. 1902. He attended the l " ni- versiiv of Minnesota where he received the dei;rces of Bachelor of Science in 1924. Master of Arts in l! ' ' J " . and Doctor of Medicine in 1928. He was an assistant in Anatomy at the University of Min- nesota from 1924 In 1927 and a fellow on the Mayo FoundulioM from 19:t0 to 19:i:i. On the hasis of his work in the t;raduatc Kaculties of the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Founilation the decree of Doctor of Philosophy was granted in 19:U. Krom 19: ' .:i to 19:iH he was Associate Dean in ciuirp of graduate studies at the College of Physicians and Surtceons, Uolumbia University. and Associate Director of the New Yoi ' k Post graduate Medical School and Hosi ital. (. ' olumhia University. lie served as Dean of Wayne Uni- versity Uolh ' Kc of Medicine from May, 19116, to September. 19: 9, when he took up his duties as Kxecutive Dean of tlie Chira ' n Unlle-es. n Administrative Officers Aktuck C. Wu.hAKD, B.S.. D.K LL.D., President ( -SVc J ' dflfs 24-25) Al-BERT .1. Harxo, B.S., LL.B., LL.D., Provost; Dean of the GolleRe of Law (6Ve Page 33) Llovd M( kky, A.B.. B.Mus.. LL.D., C.P.A., Cnmp; roller H.VRRlsox K. CrNNlx illAM. A.B., Director of Uni- versity Press : Director of Information Dflices ; Secretary of Board of Trustees CiiAKlvKs S. Havkn. , M.S.. Director. Physical Plant Department SVElNB.ioKN ' JoiiNsox, A.M., LL.B.. LL.D., Uni- versity Counsel Geori:k p. TrxTLE. B.S., Registrar Krki» H. Ti ' RN ' ER, Ph.D., Dean of Men (.Vrc Pnih ' 44) Mauia Lkoxarh. A.m.. Lilt D.. Di-an of Women {Ser Pope 45) CHAKi-K.s K. Fkkdkkujv. M.S., Director, Division of Student Housinj: PMi.vKAS L. Windsor, IMi.B.. Litt.D.. Director, University Library; Director, University Li- brary School (Ncf Ffifjr :iO) KoBKRT B. Brow.N ' E. Ph.D., Director, Summer Ses- sion ; Director of University Extension {-Sec Pttiic 42) J. How. Ri Beard, A.M.. M.D., University Health Officer; Head of the Department of Health Service Di ctor. KiiftMtT (i. KiKKW(H)i). B.S., Colonel. Field Artil- lery. U. S, . rniy. Pi ' ofessor of Military Science and Tactics ; ( " ommandanl. U.O.T.C. Brigade ( Xcc Miliftinj Scrtioi,) . . . rsTiN Hakuinci, Mus.r .. Director, Univ Bands (See Miifiir Seefiou) Colkman R. Orikfith, Ph.D. of Li.stitutional Kesearcli .VRTHUR W. CLEVKNtiKR, A.M., Visitor Josef F. Wricjht. A.B.. Director, Public Informa- tion aiifl Radio Station Carl Stephens. A.B.. Director of Alumni Rela- tions and Records; General Secretary of Alumni Association; E litor of Alumni News livorsily Bureau Hijjh School MiiKEV CfXXlNiillA.M Havens .InllXSON ' WllH;ilT ri,KVEX«;EU TUTTLE Fkbderkkk Beard STXPH£N-S Gkikkitii Page 43 FRtlJ llAKlll.l) TlRNKK Deaii of Mtii n»e Dean of Men, Fred Harold Tvirner, was born in Hunw . Illinois, on March 22. 1900. He was made nssistant to Thomas Arkle Clark. Dean of Men. after t:raduat- inc from the University of Illinois in 1922. In 1931 he received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Education. His thesis may bf found in the library, as it is considered one of the most anthoritative accounts ever made of the Illinois Industrial Tuiversity. In 19:12 he was awarrled the full title of Dean of Men after servinf: as Acting Dean ill the preceding year. In recent years sev- eral of his surveys of studeitt life at the University have appeared in current maj;- azines. Dean Turner is greatly interested in student organizations on the campus, and is a member of the IllinI Board of Control. He is Secretary of thf Nationsil . ssociation of Deans and Advisers of Men. and Kdu- cational Adviser lo the Nntinnal Interfra- lernitv Conference. Office of the Dean of Men ' riir Staluti ' s (if the I ' liivcrsity di ' liiic the iliitics ol ' tlic Dean ol ' -Men jiiiil Ills staff as " ■advisory " in chaiactcr, iiichuliiij; ■■ poi-soiiiicl work, vocational (lircctimi. a nd liuidaiico iiivolviiif intrllrctiiMl. cniiiliDiial. and social adjustments. ' " ' Pile major duty of the statf members is couiiscliiisi with individual students in i ' ( ' i;ai ' d to pei ' soiial pt ' ohleiiis, esi)ecially those outside of the academic licld. (»ther duties include woi ' k with student em- ployment, housinii. loans. scholaishi|is. social events, fi ' aternit ies. extia-curriculaf activities and oi-ganization. and group affairs and events. ' I " he staff memhei ' s are available to students at all times and ai-e (lerald W. Peck, . ssistant Dean of ilen in charui ' of Student I ' lmployment. 1(14 . dministrat iiui lluildini;. Kast ; .St;in(ield S. Taylor-. Assistant to the Dean ami E.xecutive Secretary of Men ' s Leaiiue. 1 . " i ' J .Xdminist rat ion Buildinsi ' for the first semester, and mini Tniiin liuildiny for the second soniester: V. flames Hamp- ton. . ssistanl Dean of .Men in charue of Student Organization l ' " inances; (lolden . . .McConnell. Assistant De.iii of .Men in ehai ' ge of I " ' reshnien and Foreign Students; and Fled II. ' I ' urncr. Dean of .Men and Kxecutive Secretary ' of the ( ' onimittee on .Stii lenl . tfairs. whose ofKces are ' i ' 2 . dmiiiist rat ion Building. " V%t ' : " . est fc lioi.liKN A. MrCoN.VKI.I. ' . .lAMKS llAMl ' TnN ii .H IJi I ' ll K SrVN S. T LOU Van- II Office of tlie Dean of Women E.Of, Students and tlioir welfare is the chief daily interest of the Dean of Women ' s office. Questions pertaining to all phases of student life are handled there. Besides the Dean of Women thei ' c are two Assistant Deans on the staff. Miss Irene Pierson and iliss Elizabeth Connelly, iliss Pierson is Panhcllciiic ad- viser; Miss Connelly is adviser to W.G.S. and R.G.8. Counseling with students on pei ' sonal and group matters is of first importance to the Dean of Women. The office strives to seeui ' e for each stutlent a balanced program in her scholastic work, social life, activities and recreation. The stii leiit urganization officers are very hel] ful in tiiis work. Financial aid through loans and i)art-tinie einpldyiiient is availabh- to ail students wlio need help in tiiianciiig 1iu ' year ' s work. The three thousand wonieii students are sure tn lind liel|i and advice in the Dean of Women ' s oftiee at all times, as is evident from tiu many students and out-of-tdwn isiti)rs wIki fr( ' (|uently visit there. The Dean of Wnnien is intei ' ested in encouraging cult iral anil high social standards through group life in the various campus houses iu their social functions. Eacji home has a mature woman in charge who is responsible to the Iniversity for maintaining these standards, as outliue l hy the I ' niversity and the Women ' s League. . i f . M .i;i LK(»XAKI) Df.tin of U ' owifH Dean Maria LeonnnI was born in Indian- apolis, Indiana, and received her liigh school education there. After i:raduntion from Butler College, she continued her graduate work at Colorado Colleire from which she received her Master of Arts de- j;ree. She accepted llie pnsilion as Dean of Women and Professor of Mathematics at Idaho State Normal in Albion, Idaho. She left Idaho to become Dean of Women and Professor of Mathematics at Coe College in Cedar Kapids, Iowa. Recently she re- ceived a Litt.D. from that institution. Since 1923 she has served as Dean of Women at the University of Illinois. In 1924 Dean Leonard founded the national scholastic honorary. Alpha Lambda Delta, for frosIiinHn women. Kl.IZAltl 1 Page 45 University Adiniiiislralors All stmlents of tlie V. of I. imist have their credits clu ' ckiMl liv the otlieo of J)onahl A. Grossman, ihe I ' lii- versity Examiner (right). Their reeonls are ki ' pt ' the Departiiient of Rcconls, whieh Karl C. Sevier (center) directs. The of«ce of Clyde A. Webber (left), Bursar, handles all linam-ial transarticms with tlie students. S. Dawson ( ri;;ht I is A.ssistant Dean of tlie University ' s lart;i ' St eiille ' e, tlie ( ' ( llej;e of Lilieral Arts and Sciences. Heading the agency that counsels I ' ni versity studeiils as tn adjustments and ]ir(ifessi(inal apti tudes is liar.. 1. 1 W. I ' .aih y (left), Director of tin I ' ersiinMel llurraii. Ili ' has been a st; ' lV mendier siin- W2-2. A tjroup ill the University liusiniws ottice coiiHiHtH of ilandd M. Edwards (rij lit), I ' urcliiiHJn A eiit, who buys all Univer- sity sii|i|ilies and e(|ui| nient ; Charles II. I ' ratt (ci-nler). Chief Accountant, in charge of accounts ami ri ' i ' ei[its of Uni- versity an l student or(;ani .ati( n funds; and Howard A. IIsi . -lton Meft), Assist- ant riiiversity Coin|it ndli ' r anil Auditor. in the new olliees ol ' the Jlurean of Educational Research in Orejjory Hall, Walter S. Monroe (left), J irector of the lluiemi, is conferring with Horace M. Oriiy (riyhl), . ssislant Dean of the (iraduate Scdiool. Professor Monroe be- caini ' Diiei ' lor of Ihe itureau in 19J1, and Professor (iray has held his present posit iiui since liKI.S. ICrnest L. StonlVer (_riyht i, I ' niversitv . rchitecl, who has designed all of the newiT buildings on campus, is showinj; the blue prints of the new Men ' s Itesi- dence Hnll to S. Earl Thompson (left), who is serving as Acting Director of the Division of Student Housing of the I ' ni- versitv. Pnge 4(i -, University Adiiiiiiislralors Tlio stmli ' iits ill tlic r illoi;i ' (if ( " oinnicrce have (iccas ' uiii til ciinii ' in contact witli AsSdciatc Dean Cliarlcs F. 8clilattor (center) ami Assistant Dean Robert P. Hackett I li ' I ' t I in ailjiisting their sclieiliilos. Thev alsci meet Dr. William ( ' . Rnlili (riylit) tlnciui;li their college " s jilace mcnt bureau. Harvey 11. .Icinlan (U ' ft) is seen at liis le. k in the Kn;;ineerin I ' .iiililiiif; with Cyrus K. I ' alnier. Associate Dean Jonlan, faculty menilier since UHl, is Head of the Departnu ' iit of General Kn ;ineering Drawini . Vrofe.ssor I ' ahner is in the De]iartment of Architectural Kngineer- ing. He Iiecame Assistant Dean in Fine ami ApplieJ Arts in lii:;i. Roliert R. Huilelsou is Assistant Dean of the CoUejje of Agriculture ami Pro- fessor of Agricultunil Keuminiies. His office hamlles the stmlent recorils of the college, as well as |iersonnel work an l placement. Dean Hmlelson came to tlie V. of I. in VJ-o ami assunieil his present position in I ' .i?,?,. Director Frederic 15. Stivi ' u of the •School of Music is at the consoh ' of the recital hall organ. .Mthough a part of the F. -V. . . ' ollege, the Music School is excellently liouseil in its own liuililing, Smith Memorial Hall. Anthony .1. .lanata, in recent years As- si.stant to the President, has lieen a niein- lier of the staff of the University ' s chief administrative office since 1! 21. He lie- came a mendier of the staff of President Kialev ami has .serveil under Presidents Chase, Daniels, and Willard. Pago 47 Page 48 SENIORS Page 4! i -t- .- ■■ .-w . ■J :. ' •■ 1 { ir ' :j k Il J| J MA-WAN-DA 1 rlk .1 A M KS W 1 L 1. 1 A M A l{ .M S K V ' .) ( S K 1 ' il M A N N TX (i A K N I) 1 ' m ( ' II A KM) K 1 LX K i ( ' A i R W " 1 L L I A M R JC 11 A in CAS K J li II M A irr 1 .1 OS K 1 ' 11 CO { 1! K LL jiC 1 V 1 CllAK ' LKS CAMJLLK DADAXT m i J .1 O 11 X W 1 LLI A M 1 1? 1 S 11 1 1 f !•; !) M (■ N 1) Lo CIS It r i; o 1 s ■ ' it i K ' A L I ' 11 i: 1) W A K ' 1) K II N i " x9M_ I ' AIL E. FIX A T. A V K ' K N C K W KISS COT ALAN S r K W K l{ r OKA T A 11 A K K ■ 1 K AX K K K K K K ' A T X K K .! A M 1 S O N M A K ' 1 ' IN. .1 l . .1 o II N K l» W A K 1) M A K T IN. .1 K ' . J K ' 1 C 1! A K 1 ► 11 K N K M 1 C 1 1 A K K S K X m L KS r K K ' r 11 O M A S M o A T K 2 11 A K ' O K 1) O 1 IM ' IO N N 1-: LSOX K ' o l; i: K r • 11 A K K KS O L SOX K ' 1 C 11 A K ' 1 K 1 ' , K r. K K K ' K 1 S 1 N O THOMAS .1 1-: h ' I " K " 1 K S KIOOS. .IK. A 1. 1» K N .1 A M KS sell N K 1 1) K i A I I ' liE " .5 ' t ■I MORTAR BOARD A 1) 1-: L A I DE N () K M A BE H H H E L E X L r ( ' I L L E 15 1 I ' T E R M A N N M V R 1 E L V I R CJ I X 1 A B L O M R U T H L E O X A B R E E Z E MAR V A 1. I ( ' E BURCIETT B A K B A R A A X X B L ' R K E ( ' 1 1 A R L O T T E LOUISE C O X R A I) . r A R Y J O S E P H I X E DOYLE CAROL LOUISE EGE Y T R G I X I A M A R J O R I E F R ( ) ' D A N X E T T E I O U I S E K R U : 1 S 1 E K .1 S I I ' i 1 1 X 1-: SI ' K X ( ' E 1. E 1 1 M A X X IIELEX OLIVE : UVLMBERG II EL EX .1 r X K . U KMvERT LO R R A I X K .1 E A X M I ' R I ' II Y .1 r I. 1 KT 1 i EXE MYERS M A R V .) A X K P IJ A T HER l)(» l{ () T IM l.o r ISE ROBBIXS l.ol s l.o r I s E S ( ' II l " l " l ' M A U ' ( i A IJ I-: r .1 A X K V E S T ( ' ( ) ' I ' T l» lU LO I " 1 SE h r X I! A l{ Page 51 Joseph F. Smith President, First Semester Hkkiikkt M. Kraus y in- r resident, First Semester The Class of 1941 OFFICERS JosKi ' H F. Smith ■ - - Ptr idcut, Firxt Semester Hkrbkrt M. Kkats Vice-Pretiident, First Semester EvKLVN I . WiilTK Secretary, First Semester Wai.tkb B. Krawl ' Lski President, Second Semester Jack Tiiokskx Vice-President, Second- Semester Dorothy .1. Koenio Secretary, Second Semester Klwoou B. Ackbr. ( " iikster W. .IA •l■s. Mary M. 1 Secretarial Staff pLtMisii. Nancy E. Harshman. Rai.ih H Maiic-h ( SENIOR INVITATIONS COM.MJTTEE Bkrt W. Chairman Mary A Stkiti: Woman ' s Chairman LORETTA A. DOXELA. KLI.IS C. K XOBI.OCH RALPH B. MARCH JIaRY D. SMITH JAXET HORSTMAN A ' " ! ' ' J M-HNEIDER SKNInR MKMOlJIAl, T O : I : 1 | T T K K Raymo.vd C. Wol.K Co-chairman ' Vki.i.s HcdoSMiTH Co-Chairman Jeanne L Baird Woman ' s Chairman James C. Brai.iuky Kaymonh Cesai.etti Ai.ick J. Van Dyke Alfred J. Wclfe OCUncE F. BlIAKlTKiAN SENMili ,IA( KIOTS CO.M.MITTEE ' iR iiNM I. .McCanck Chairman Thomak K. (1 mikkev SiiixKY Katz Jane E. Lixdkmaxx Jack Thohsex SENK ' K IMCXIC COJrMTTTEE CitAlti.KS I,. Van Ktten (V,.t7. .. mn„ Jeanne I.. Baihi. Co-Chainnan MAKOAKKT L. AM.KHWIN RaYA. DlMOXM STKI-HKN C HEMS DOXAUD L SCHULX Van E. Barccs Jons ». Oooi.ey Walter K. Jenkins Mary A. Steppi: EVEIAN M. Cook Howari. ).. Fleming Oeorhe A. I ' etrasik William W. W elboufmk MAKY J. COKSH Page 52 Ml Waltkr B. Kkawllski President, Second Semettter Jack Tiiuitstx yice-Preside}it, Second Semester The Class of 1941 SKXJOR BALL COM.MITTEE Al.HKKT E. HVKT Cu-fhainnan RiciiAHi) K. Rkisinc! Co-r inirman Tames C. Brakbihv KiiiKXK V. Fkaxkel William D, Moody Melvix K. Sims RrSSELL K. DirKEIiSON KliH VKh V . Maxm Ravmoxi) C. Wolk Floor Committee Axx L. AXDERSON Co-Clittirman Steve X. Kocowsky CoC ' liairmatt Beatrice K. Axdrews Harlax E. Bhueb Fred M. Kilkek Alice E. Sieomuxd Wallace B. Black Lorraine C. Hexxixgs Artihr E. I.enk hax Cecil D. Smith M. Elizahetii BrcKLER Sidney Katz Irma V. Smiklus Alfokd K. Welbocrxe SKXloi; I ' LATFORM CO . 1 .M I TTEE Lloyd E. Shaker Co-Oliairman Arthue B. Johxson- Co-Ohainnan Patrick W. Brexsax Jaxick E. Bcslee Herbert M. Krais .loiix L, Likes DoXALi. L. Bribaker Mariax V. E VAX Raymond L. Latimek Mary E. O ' Keeke James il. Bim. vp:mr Frank T. Page, Jr. SKNTOR IJOl ' XDri ' CO.M.AIITTKE Lowkll M. Werner CoC ' Anirmaii AXTIIOXY J. Delaukent Co-Oliairman DOXALD P. ARMSTRONC. SYLVIA EcKEB TlKlMAS J. McEnEELEY EVEI.YX H. SCHWAOER E. Catherine Castle Ecc.exe C. Glad Robert C. Olson Oscar M. Tollstam Ralph S. Chase G. Jaxos Vimnviv M. Piier Doris G. Zalatoris CAJ. ' A. D COWX COMMITTEE LoKETTA A. DoxEi.AX Co-Chairmnn Joseph L. Bekxik CoC i(iirmn« Georoe S. Amsbiry Robert V. Fisher. Jr. Lorena M. McMillex Robert Scoebmax GtoRCE F. Braeitiiiax Elizabeth L. Hayes Robert B. Oppick Roukk C. Wike G. ViviAX Fish Fraxces L. Marsh Nelle Shauix Robert R, Vovxoer Page 53 Catii .kim h m. A i( " N I ' loiin LiBT.HM. Arts and Scikncks Prr Law Welsh Huuse K»pp» Be(» Pi; W.A.A. Bradley Pohtpcltiiic liislilitU BfTTV I,Or ADUAilAMti AoRicruTi itt; yutrUion autJ Diffflicif Alpha Kpsilon Plii Tamaroa (2); Gold FfAlliors Iitdiatta Sfal " Trarliors C(illce ' . .t hirntjtt MiriiAKL Mki.vik AitHAMU . Bntokf} II, . y. EXOINEERIN ' O Civil EitQiuefriwj Alpha KpKiIon Pi A.Sr.E.; Dolphins; Mu-Saii ; Swininiiii Manaevr (2) ; University Orchestra (1) Ki.woon Bisifup i:KV. i. . . .Umtnn, Conn. .TOri(KAI ISM Special and Critienl Sigma I elta Chi; The ln(lei)en lctii (1, _•. 3, 4); Journalism Council (1); Cast, " Of Th. ' e I Sine " SAnBLl.K Al AlIC. . EDl ' fATION Mnlh miiticM .Jamks Li:o Adams Tanifnr ENOtN KKKIN : Electrical Enginrt ' iitnj A.I.K.K.; PprshiiiK Rillen l,i. »i(iii Ai.i.KN Al»A.MS. .Ik I ihnnii COMMKICCK I nilttulrial A thniniitl ration Biiii Tlniin Pi Sarhfm ; Arcpo; The Teclirio(fi ' fi|ilt (1); Htnr CoiirHv (2, it) Honors Day (!. H) MaUTH KmiKV AlHU.V St. LouiM. Mn IJHKKAL AltTH AMI HCIKN f - I ' rr-Mfdicnl (ianimn Plil It !ta Tamaron CJ) ; OriiiiK nM l Bluo IViithi ' is (iolfl KcathcrK )lftr i Tt-arhrrn ( ' ollt i;i J ay » j -y Knii A.NM. AiiATt liiiu-yn Arts and Si ' IKNcks ICntouioloiJif I.aiirn B. Evans JIhII North wcstorn I ' nivi-rsily I low Vi; It K AHKOW Aufil.H CUicii ' jn Ai .n . AiiTs ANii Srn:xci-:.s tieolugy l .-lla (hi li.OiiiKin VHi iIy Poll. S.iiukI hnVAr.ti UiiiNS Ai;nk v OgtU ' x AoKllTLTrRK (hin ' ifil .ifjiirnltuyc Al|»lia Zi ' la; AKrif ' iiltural (Miih; AKi-icul- iiu-al KcoMoinit ' s Club; Illinois AKriciilUirist (J. ::) ; Men ' s tll.-i- Club C!. 1) ilniiors I ;iy (:i) PAII, tJlIJlKKT AUJKKCllT. . . ACRIcrijTL ' ltK (ieneral Affvicnllni North CiMitral CoI1» k« .Ohio i;i rn .Ii Ni; Ai.KsKiN s,,liiliii, .! ■•. Co MM KUfV. Maiketimj I.jturii U. I ' iviui.s Hull Acconntnncy Club ; Miirki-iiuK Club ; W.A.A.; Tamaroii ( " J); (iobl I ' Vuthfrs; Tliinl Council, Woman ' s l.i ' jiiiuf ( l! ; Cnsl, Vi ' oiru ' u of the Cuard " Sifulicns Junior ' olU ' irt ' KlUKXK Al-i:XANI)KR Education AurirnHure Tlh ' Cita.Iel Alpliii Tau Illiiiois St Hit- Nni iiial CniviTsity .lt»n I i;n7Ji. Ai.i:. ANDi;n SprinuftcUl l.ntKKAi. Arts and Sciknck.s Pll ' lMW ' ii.T-Pi ' i ' Ni U ' nt, Soplioniorr Class; Inilo- |uMi bMi( Council (1. ' Z) : Slar Conrsi- (2 Ilrmors Day ( J) .In- M ' ii Watuuis Ai.iiXANDKR Vrhttnit LlllKltAI. W ' S AND SCIKNCKS ilfoltigy SJKiim Alpha K| Hil(ni Tr-ibc of mint ; KrcMlnnan X ' arsilv ItHM-liall Sipiail : Varsity BiiM ' liall Squad ( :!. It, I.rtl.T C-M T H E E I .fN I.KI.A MaK ALKXANHKK. . . .St, Ji,y,-,.l, AiJKii rhxria: iieufrat llotut tU ' nuntuit M Ittiiiio Krnnotnios Cliih Honors I»«y ( I » Kii iiAKh Hlosi; Am.kx .lorRNAl.ISM yetVM and ICditorittl AlpliH Tjin Otiu ' Kii SiKiim DottH Chi: Skull ttrMl i ' v ' i»Hiiy mini ( 1. -J. :t) t; I.I.N N l.oimiiNK Aniimisdn I ' an A ilti ri.Ti ' iiK (ifnaral AoyicuUute Airi ' iculliii ' Hl Club; Hoof luxl Horn ' lub Ki.lTll .loifX ANltKKS ' i.V .Mov ' itqun ( ' (IMMKRCK Mnrkffinff Miiik. ' lini; nnli; IVrsliinp Kifl. ' s ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I H Klt |{A l.oriSt Al.LNlTT. . » ' fV( ' ?Ci , ' " !• l.inKHAi- Arts and Sciexoks lliu-teriiitoffy Kaiipn L c1;n KactPrinloK.v t ' lub : tlreyoriaii Lit via ry So ciety: Tin- llliit ( I) Bettv .Tank A.mi ' AI Chamtiin;iit AtJKirri-TiKK General Home Ecouumics KnppA KnppH (lainina Tftniftroa (:;): SiivtT Fi ntluTS (4) Ularklturn Collesro VlK ' ilM LkK AMKS Itloohiiliulo AtJKU TLTIItK XiitntioH (tiid Diftt ' tics (iaiinna Home Kconoinics Club; Tainarnti Ci) Illinois State Xnnnnl I ' liivt-rsity i.kok ;k SiiKiiwiMM A.msiiarv Vrbnnu LIBKRAIj AllTS ANI ScrtiXcF.s EuyUnh Phi Sitrnia Kappa Skull and Crt ' svcnt ; The lllio (I. 2) ; liiti-r frat«Tiiit Conriril iW. 4 ) Ei.i: x H£ Gka -k Andekson Vrbana I.iRKKAL Arts ani» Scikscks ( ' hetni (tr t Alpha rhi Tnr4 li : rhi Kappn I ' bi ; I ' hi Hi ' la Kappa ; Alpha I.ainb(]a Ot-lta; Woman ' s I-Milor, The Illio : Iota Sipma Pi ; Shi-Ar ; Orani; nnti Blue Kpalhprs ; fJoM KtrathtTs: Star Course (2): Pro.iurlinii Staff. ' Ilroihi-r Kat. " " It ( " an ' t }I)ippt!ii Her . " " Kiml Laily, " " I ady Prpi ' ioiis Stream. " " Peltiroat FeviT " Honors Day ( I, 2. 3) ; University of Hlinols Srlin]ar «bip Key Flok ;n(-k Nkvada AxutKsox Chicoii; l.inRHAL ArTH AKI SrHtS ' l ' RS English Prcsbytprian Hall a w M l[i; lt :T LlKl.I.V A nokkson . 3 . tVrjioii l.iriitiiAi. Ains A.s-i) SriKSCES .Maiy I-:. UuM-y Hull Alpha 1-i D.-IIb; Tlif Dnily llliiii (1, 2): W.A.A.: OriuiK( ' mill Blil reRtln-rs ; OoM IVnIliers: CiiiviTsily C ' lionis (1, 2) II.HicM ' s Diiy ( I ) ISKATItllK K.M CA ANl ' KKWS fort ir«; ii . lid. CoMMKKrK ,1 ni-t iiiii 4i;itntiia IMii H -tH Aliilia LainhilK Delta; Kiiiancial Sei-relary, Woiiian ' s I.CBK " ' ' ; Mnikclinc Cluh; The Illio (I, 3); Oianse anil Blue I ' Vathera; Colli IValliors; foiiiinfrce Council (4); I ' niduclioii Slafl " , •flnod News " lliniors Day (1. 2. :i I ; I ' nivprsity of Illi- mtis Schnlnrsliip Key liiiss Manning Anurkws Jtnrkfonl EXIIINEEKING techttnicn Kngintering l i Tan Si-nm; A.S.M.K.; The Technograph I I I lienors Day ( 1) CiiAiti.F.s Hknkv AITI.K F.lgin I.IUEKAI. AHT8 AND SCIKNrES Chemical Engiurrring li.ln Thfia Pi A.I.Ch.E.: The Illio (11; Freshman Varsity Swimmins Sqiiail : Inlerfrateriiity Council (4); Second R Kiuieiit»l Hand (1, 2); Slu- rieiit Alnniui Association (2, 3) n„„..,- l nv ,1. :ii i;..i.ii!T Ki,i.i. Ai-ri.h..irK " .m.i.i AliUII 1 I.Tl IlK (Iriifinl Agrieuiturf Ai-acia Unsiiiess .Manniter. Illinois AKriculluriat ; I ' ei-shine Uifles WrtlviUf Aiiiiiiii.Tr hi; (. ' riirrfll AgrieuUurr Caisson fhlli; Dor Deutsrhe Verein ; I ' crsli- ink- Rinet; First l.i ' -utenant. Tnivorsity Uricndc PHge 5j ,l4Miv Wri.I.IAM Akmskv • ' ,ll riCNAI.ISM -Vrirw and Kititnriai Mn-W Ait-l- a: Saclteiii : Knppii Tiiu Ai|»lin: Phi Kla Signm; EdilurinChicf. Thi ' Daily mini; Pi Tail Pi SiKlua; Signin IVIln Chi; Tomahawk; First Lioutvnant, I ' liivorsity Urigade Hoiinrv Day (1. 2. 3); Diiiversity of Illi- luiis Srlinlarship Key DoN-,M,r Pfck AllMsTKoxi; Ki ' UhStftn I ' llMSIKIirE Economicv LiiiiitMlH (III Alpha Cavalry Offiivrs ' Club; Timsl Artillery Club; Killf Cluh; Star and Scroll; Truck Manager 12); Interfraternity Coiiiuil (;!l; Stiiileiit Alumni Association (2); Commerce Council 3, 4); Second Lieutenant. University Bri- gade; I ' niou Minstrel Show JOSKI ' II Max.nixo Auxdt AUoil .lOfltXALIS.M i-tvft iiiul Ktiitiirifil Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Sports Editor. The Daily mini; Sigma Delta Chi; Toiuahauk Hakuv Edwaro .Vhtiiars Chicayo LiRKIIAL AllT,S AND Si T I . 1 v J?co«07ntc Thela Delta Chi -Mldia Tau Sigma; Pan-Xenia DliXAl.I) Makvi.v . sciikrmaxx Jiocky FtniJ. ' ftlo. Editatio.v I ' ht tiieal Kdttcotion Sicuia Phi Epsilon Sigma Delta Pi ; Freshman Varsity ]i» ket- hall Squad; Inti-rfralernity Council (3, 4) Hii.KX MAR-ToniE AsiiLKV Dccalur I.IIIEHAI. AllTS ASH SCIKXCKS Sociolof y Chi Omega The Illifl (2); Chairmau. Homecoming Ac- commodations Committee i ' i) ; Orange and FJlne Feathers; Hold Feathers; Production Stair, " H.M.S. Pinafore " KrNIIAI.I. SLAPK .M ' STIS 1IV)»rf» r,cA- ExcaXKERI.VIi ilfrhiinical Enffinfrtiiiff Alpha i ijtwa Phi y ! y Kmiiaei. Damh aviiami riiici ' i; I.IUKKAI. AllTK A.N ' II SrII.NI l.s Chfniirfit I: nf hirfriii ' l Tau Delta Phi A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day fl. 2, :i) ; li.iveriiiiy of Illinoli .Scholamhip Key Page 56 iri ■Hxi: ItAimiTT Riverside LiHKitAi. Arts and Scienc ks Ilistorjf i i ' r Di-titM-lif Vt ' ifiii; lllini IliMory Club; l- ' ii ' Kt Council, Woman ' s Loafriie (4); Oriinco and Blue FcHtluTs: Pnuliiction StafT. " riiinily Poiirail. ' Manrm, " • ' Our Town ' l MN l.l XOK.MAX liAI i;i,KV KXGIXKKKIXC Mfchanical Knt iiiecrint Tin- iJrown Thresh S.M.K. Xorllnvcvtt ' rn Uiiiversilv .Chico! " WM.I.rv.M MaUOLD liAlI.KV Jolict KXGIXKEKIXfi Michariical Euffincerhi; S.M.K. .Ioli ' t Junior College .iKAXXK LUCII.I.K liAEIUl Kofi, Jj hlinl Fixe axd Ai ' I ' likd Ahtk Painliiif; Mary K. Husey Hall Om.IK JaMKS BxKKU. . . . llophinfirillr, K] . KlXK AXD A] ' i i.u:i) Art Architect tiir Bradley Polytechnic Iiistiluto William Spexceu Bakeh Hcyivorth LlBKUAL AUTS axd SCIKXCES Mfifhi iiititit ' s Knojah I ' lii Kla Sigtna; First UeKinu-ntal Band d. l»: Second Keffimenlal Band (1. ' 2); Stu d. ' iit Council. McKinley Foundation (It. 4) Honors Day (1. 2, 3): I ' niversily of Hli- uins Scholarship Key OsWM.It HliHARD BALrilKX Cllicnft ' i I ' lxi: AND AiM ' LiKD Arts I ' liintitift Til. ' la XI Illusirators ; The Siren (t); l- ' re ' -lnnan ' ar- sjiy Koothntl Squad T H E 5 E I Ali.i:n .lull n li vldwi n Shimitvn KxiilXEKUINd Mrttilhirtfit ' iil Eu ' fi • ' • ' • ' ' ' •• " Aljilia Kapjia l i Mineral Iiiduntries Socletx Carnecii- Institute of Tcchiiolotry t HMtia; ( ' VKSilN ' It VLKS .... . . .Ihimt. hul. I INK ANIt .M ' I ' I.IKI) A KT I it%ntiiiff Phi Dflta ThotH Alplin I ' ll Oiiwfin ; CaJHson Club ( «yinnas- ticn: lllti ■ilrators; Riflr C 111); Frt ' shninn Varsity V rosillMK Squad; Varsity W rcstlinu SquHil I ' J, :t ) ; rnioM Miii ' slr ' 1 Sh v Honors I ny cJ) Iliifftiht Ei rrATi«)x Sociniofjy Modoa Tanmroa :i ) Sprliii:ri •l l .lunior Cnllouv ( L A 5 I 9 I Doris M akik Banks KiiKlftiul hiHKKAL Arts and Soiknckk Political Science Prosbylorian Hall Kap] a Bt ' ia Pi : W.A.A. ; Women ' s (Mpo Club (1. 2, 3); University Chorus (1, ' J); Cast. " H.M.S. Pinafore " Kdwaki irTOR Baranski Chicago I.iBKRAi Arts axu Scikxces Grorfraphii Caisson Club; Pershing Rifles; Cast, ' Tlie Drnnkard, " " Elizabeth the Queen, " Union Minstrel Show StephaN ' ie Uarbolak Dou ' u-ers Grove COMMKRCK fa11af entl ' l t Phi Chi Theta; Accountancy Club; Ecnnoin- ics Club; Orange and Blue Feathers Va.v EnwiN ' Barcus SI. Joseph AoniClTLTUUK General Affriculfure Newman Hall A icultural Club ; Cavalry Oflicers ' Club ; Freshman Varsity- Football Squad ; Varsity Football Squad C.i, 1); Captain. University Brigade ' .loiix Barkktt... COMMKRCK Aceountaiirj K.D.K. House Accountancy Club Honors Day (1) .Cairn DON ' ALD r»E N BvKi.nw Ccntrtiha ENiilNKKRINi }fcrhanical En jinrer ui} Peterson Club A SM E HIinois College lil H Vlilt PlIILI.II ItAltl.OW Jtenton TTtithor, .l i- ' i. COM.MKRCi: Accoiiutnncy Si nia Nn President, Sophoinoro Class ; Accountanry ilub; Bund of X; Skull and Crescent; Th.« Daily Illint ( 1 ) ; liilt-rfraternity Council (») Kl,|M K W ' vvNK Barnks I ' niihury AcRirrLTI ' lu: tieneral Af riculture . ;;t-iLiihur)il Club ; Agricultural Education Cliih; Hoof and Horn Club Illinois State Normal University itS IJt Hi ' ltKRT BAKXIfAItT EN(ilXK KHIN i Mrrhamcul I ' Jngitieerinf . .s..M.i;. Honors Day (1, :i) ' lAKLKY Walter Uarox Chicago .lOfRXALlSM Advfrlininij and Publishing riii Kappa Marketing Club Wright Junior College UoBEUT Jacksox Bartels Spvinff field Liberal Arts axi SciEXcrs Socioloffif Acacia Springfield Junior Collego Robert Charles Barth Mattoon EXCIXEERIXO lechanicttl Eufji nee ring A.S.M.E. WiLMA Irene Bartle Pin knejfvillc AtiRltri ' LTlRE Grnernt Home Kcohoi uVj (tanuna Phi Beta Home Economics Club; The Siren (-»: (»rance and Blue Feathers; Cold Feathers Th ' im s Evan Barti.ktt Chicago Liberal Arts axd Sciexcks ICconnmicjt Chi Phi Lyons Township Junior Colleicc Puge 57 M h.TORir ,I- 2 Mii.i II H AUT«tN . . . - 1 ' " ■ " " I.IHKK.M. AuTS AXl) SriKSrrs KiihUmIi Pi n«Mii Phi TamiirnR (2); (!ol l I ' Viilliors; rroJiii-tinn Staff, ■BrothiT K«l " ; I ' liion Minstrel Sliow WesttTti Coilt ' BO SlIlHI.KV Kl.OliKXii; IIASKIX Clucmio I.IIIKIIM. AltTS AXl) Sl ' IKXrl;-; Soeiotuffit I.mirft H. EvBMS Hnll Rifle Club: W.AA.: W.A.A, Xiimernls ; Tmnaron (2) Hrrzl .Itinior C» llea:t» Wai.i. MK Wii.i.siK Bass ir i ,iii( C ' CMMKRCK Tliola Chi Phi Kta Sicina: Aroouiilnmy Chili: ilaikct- iiiR Club; Soconil Ri-siiiioiitiil Bniul (1, 2) Honors Pay ( 1 ) CiiAKi.r.s Brit Baikk ll ' norf Jlire,- LiiiEKAi. Arts axd Sciexcks Gfoloaii Alpha Tail SiRina ; Cyclotheni ( " IuIj: Cap- tain, Uiiiwrsily Bripailo Marvin Kuc.kxk BAUfiiiMAN. . . . Ki ' iiihi ' i. ' FiSK ANii Ai ' i ' i.iED Arts Lanilift ' nite A rchit cture Landscape Arcliili ' CHiic Sofioty ; Cliivorsily Chnras CI) Bratlley Piilytppliiiii Institiito f;r.fiR iE Ui ssri.i. Hkam ( ,,.(,,,, CoMMKRCK MiifUetino Newman Hall Phi Alpha ' hi; Mnikoliiic CInli; Toniil- hawk; Thp Uaily Illiiii (1. 2); Secomt l{i Kinif ' nlal Band (1, 2); Commerce Coun- cil (4) Honora Day (1. ' !) H RKV ( ' HAKl. rK UkAI ' MOKT Dri ' iltltf .lornxAi.ifiM Adrerliiiiu j riiid PttblUhiitif ,Sii[iiia Alpha Epsilnn .Mpha Tau .Sicni.T: .Sicmn Delta Chi; .Scab- hard and Blade: The Daily Illini C!) : Major, riiivernity Brieade; Mililnry Council ICrrnper Militn ' i ' ' ii ' l CitABi-ira rn»VKt,iN Bkik lllttiKii ( ' OMMKR) ' K . tflii(tiJrmfllt lii ' iM Inn lii ' ltn .Skull and Crencenl : ' llie Daily llliili (I): Football Manncer (2) Png. ' TiS |i Kl.iiRKXi ' i; lii.uFouu Chicngo AliKUlLTIRK Xtilrition and DieUtics I ' resliylerian Hall Wilson .lunior College; rnlversily of ' liicH;:o (LVKA .iKAM m: liKKRMAX . li|-At " Ufl , ,l o, .loritXAl.lSM Sfii ' citil ttiid Cfitirtd ■ . H IipIi.-i Clii: Spiiiiish Club llAitni.ii Eu(.;kxk Bkidki, : i x. . .,V« icrriWc CoMMKun: .»Hi7.i iii.; X..illi Cnli-il I ' ..IN-.-f I-:i.ix iK KLlZAliKTlt Beli, SUrling LiiiKKAT, Arts axii S mkxi-ks Kappa Aljihji Tlicta W.A.A.; W.A.A. Numerals; Tamnroa (2); Cold Feathers; .Sophomore Cotillion Queen; I ' ll ion Minstrel Sliow .MacMnrray CnlleKe .li)si:rjr M. l!l,ix Bkxsox . . . .2V icAvi. Ktin. I ' lNK AXII . PPLIKD ABTS lAindncfipc A rclnfceture Sitrina Al|ilui Kpsilon Landscape . riliitecture Society; Phalanx; I ' Mnc Arts Council (2. 3, 4) ; First Lieuten- ant, University Brinade Kansas .State College ilWMuNIi llKNZHlKl:. .Ill CliiritUO KX(aXKKRlN(i Mrrjutnicnl E itilineefing Chi Psi A.S.M.E.; Coast . rtillery Club: Phalanx; Star and Scroll; Inlertraternity Council (;•.); Caiilain, rniversily Briaade; Military Council Ui.sKl.i.i; Catickuini. Hi:k Hkki.-k . r ,i,-,i..;ri PIIYSHAI. UlllCATIIlX I ' liiker House (Irchesis; Physical Education Majors Club; W.A.A,; W.A.A. Nuinei-Rls; Major I; llriinse and Blue Feathers ll..iuirs Day ( I ) T H E 5 E I R ri...«»..MK .IIAXITA Hi;ll .KH r.l...Hil Ai;i!iri-i.Tii!K .Viifrido " nnil Jicd ' ied Phi Omeiru I ' i llonie Eciiniiiuics Club; Orance and Blue leathers; Cold Feathers ( L A 5 I 9 I Jn .i i-ii Willi M Ukicukk I ' n.rhm A JKim.TricK (if HIT ml Ai ririiltinv Hvi-UT Club A rii ' iilturnl Club ; Af ricullitriit Kduoiilion Chib; Dairy Production Club; Kitlc Club; St ( " Mi«l Kt ' riineittiil Hitiul (1. ' J vt;N " U Y HKKiiKit KXtilNKKKlXC Ktrctricul Kni iiierriiit A.l.K.i:.; SyntoH .Chicti ' ju 1{ AI.I ' H WksLKV HKKfiKK Chiai ' n I.IHKKAI. AKTS A.ND SclKXrKS t ' hemical Entfiuccritiff (JniiiHtla Club A.l.Ch.K.; Rifle Club; Scabbard and Blad.-; .SiH ' ond ' utcnant, University RrijrHiIe C.VKoi.vx DoKOTiiv Bkkgmax Baifafn, y. y. LiBKKAL Arts and Sciexces E»r lijth Sigma Delta Tan Orange and Blue Featliers HVKOU) EVKKKTT Bercmax, Jk.. WHmrtlr I.iiiLKAL Arts axd Sciexces Psychalogif Bfta Thrta Pi Pierrots ; Cast, ' BIack Flaminsjo, " " Family Pnrlrait, ' " ilnod Xows, " " Mnnler in -,lie Cathedral ' ; Production Staff, " A Shnk.- spearian Kvening " Rutgers College ; Northwestern University ArtNnLU Daviu BkrivOWITZ Peoria I.iitKRAL Arts axi SciEXr-ES PreLatv The i[arision Ki.MER Hico Bernard, Jr l »ii Commerce CoiHiiirn ' f and Low Pierrots: Cast, " Blark Flamingo, " " Kieliard III " ; Produclion Staff, " Mnrdrr in tlie Cathedral ' Joseph I.Ai t ii; Bkiexik OVfm CoMMERlE iir i ' jv rinf AittniniMtrntiou (iranada Club Aceountanry Club; Marketing Club Coc College T • ' 2 Wvi.TiK ii.rnoiiii I(KiiNT .KN, . Ilivcrndt I ' dMMKIKK .1 ccinintiinrff AciMiiiMlniiry Club; rrcKhiimn VniHily Foot- ) llll SqiiiKl Lyons Tuwiisliip Junior College; rniV4 ' rsity of Kentucky AKKI.MIIK N ' oltMA Ut.llli , ,,, „ • lIMJIKlK K . tiiif:rliiii; l|.)iu Xi Di ' ltn Moiiiir Itciiircl; ' I ' liiih ; Aivpo; Jlnrkelinr; • lull: JiHsk mill Knulile; OrAUKO nml Blue I ' lnlliers; (inlil realhers; Stuilcnl Alumni Assiiriiilion (2. :!. I); Proiluclinn Smff, ■■Illdrk riiiniinuo. " " Brollier Hal, " " J- ' jiniily Piirtrrtil. " ■ ' f iir Tnwii. roMPH " ItAVMOM) CaMPIIKI.I. IlkllTIIWI Biitl " ! KXClNKKKIXn t ' rrniiiirM The Last Risoit Aiiu-rieaii C ' eraiiiii ' Soeii-fy; Keranios II..I1I.IS Hay ( I ) CUAItLKS KfSSKM, HkST AiiKltTLTC ' ltK ifitfrnl AftricuHnrr Howell House Au ' ricuUurnI Club KrXKST RAbl ' II BKTTISWOKTII.IT.x I ' COMMKRCK Markelin:; Club I " li XK WlM.IAM OiiU I ' li, ' Cosi.MKKVK .l iriiayrja nt Helta Plii I avalry Odieeisi ' Club: Star ami Seroll Freslnnan A ' arsity Wresllinff Squad ; Varsitv Wrestling Sc|uail (2) (iKOIliiK ALFIlKn BloiiS Orrriiritl, COMUKKCI: AccnitntHufjf Kanipii.s Klan A.i-ount»nry Club; Marketing Cliili Greenville College KliWAlUi WknJU. Hll.llnKN. . . .I.tlihif. .W " K.Vi-.lSKKltlXIl Mrrhnnicnl Entjinffmi-i Kapjia SifEuiA Tau Nu Tan; A.S.M.E.; Fre»ljmau A ' arsity Swimmine Squail ; Tnterfralernily Council (2. 3) : StuilenI Alumni Aviociation (1. 2 ) : JIajor. I ' niversily Brii;aile; rroilnctiun Staff. " Auythinff rjoes " Page 59 William Fra-ntis Bills Streator KXOINEERIXO Civil Enffinefring Tau Nu Tnu: A.S.C.E.: FershiiiEr Rifles; Phalanx: Freshman Varsity WrestliMg Squad ; Captain. University HrisaiU- ; En- jyineorinp Council (4) EVELYX LONETTE BlXGHAM AoRicri.TrttE Griifral flotne JCcononiicg Bethany Circle Home Economics Club Iteileville Donald Al s Bird. . . .East Aurora, N. T. Education " Industrial Arts Syracuse University Dow .Tames Bikkiiimeu. . .St. Francisville AOniCULTCTlE General AffricuHvre Agricultural Club; Caisson Club; Horticul- ture Club; Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Varsity FootbaU Squad (2, 3); Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad; Var- sity Wreslliii:: Squad (2, 3, 4) ; Captain, University Rrii;ade RonKKT Pail Bishop Sprinfffield Education JuduMrial Arts Acncia Industrial Kduration Society Sprinpfipld Junior College llELKV l.lflLLE lilTTEllMAN . . ir(7mi?i 7 OH AoltlCULTUKE Or)irial Uome Economical i H House Mortar Board; Torch; Alpha Lambdn Delta; President. W.G.S.; Student Senate (4); Omicron Xu; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Home Economics Club; The Daily lUini (3. 2); Illinois Agriculturist (1, 2); W.A.A. ; Co-Chairman, Independent Informal; First Council, Woman ' s League (4) ; Junior Council. Woman ' s League; Orange and Blue Feathers: tiold Feathers; Star Course (2): Production StaflF, " Good News, " " It Can ' t Happen Here " Honors Day (I. 2. :i i - Inivrr iiv ..f Illi- nois Scholarship Key Elkik Mae BiTTlNViKit Onarga Fine and Applied wv Miutic Kappa Kappa Oammn Sig ma Alpha Iota: Pan-Hellenic Council (3. 4) ; Tamaroii (2) ; Gold Feathers; Women ' s Glee Club ( :t, 4 ) ; University Chorus (4); Union Minstrel Show Honors Day (2, 3) American Conservatory of Music KoBKiiT Stevknk Black f ' hampaiffn CoMMERrK Ecottomirs Phi Delta Theta Phi Eta Sigma; Caisson Club; KronomirH Club; Scabbard and Blado; Tim Daily lllin) n. 2); Captain, University Brigade Honors Day (I, :i) Page 60 Wallace Bvhon Black ( Uicngo LinERAL Arts and Soiencks Economics Alplin Kappa Lambda Iiiterfraternily Council (4); First Regi- mental Band (2); Second Regimental Baud (1): Student Alumni Association ( ) ; Men ' s Gleo Club (4) Eleanor Dorothy Blackard, Ilarrisburg Liberal Arts and Sciences hatin Eta Sigma Phi; Der Deutsche Verein ; The Illio (2) ; Gold Feathers Virginia May Blackard Ilarrisburg LiDKRAL Arts and Sciences Bacteriology IJHv-tiTJoIoKy Club; First Council, Woman ' s League (3, 4) jAXtKS KOLAND BlACKEK HondlHllc Commerce Accutuituucy IMii KtJi Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi HP 1 eI James Frkdkkick Blair Y(lshington, D. C. COMMEKCE Marketing Sigma Nu Accountancy Club; Marketing CIul) ( iooi-i;o Washington University -Mauiklla Kstalene Blaik. . . .CarroUton ACRICUI-Tl-KE General Home Economics Achaea Alpha Lambda Doltii ; Omicron Nu ; Homo Mi ' onomics Club Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois Scholarship Key M ijv .MAitriAitKT Blakk Kotscka Lini.KAL Arts and Sciences Hist or} Alpliii Clii t ' mega Kecordini; Secretary, Woman ' s League : The Illio ( 2 ) ; Chairman. Homecoming ItiKlge Committee (3) ; Tamaroa 2) ; Gold I ' eiithers; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet CI): Produc- tion Stair. -Kio Rita " Ferry Hall ( H KLi:s Frederick Blankenhokn Chicago LiiiKKAL Arts and Sciences Chemistry Beta Kiippii Intraniiinil Manager (2); Production SlnfT, ■■i:ii?llb. ' tli the Queen " I IIH.l.S KaTHAKINK IlI.ATTl fllieillli ' .hit IIXAI.ISM S ifi ' itil fiitti i ' l-iliriil Di ' lln Di ' llii Di ' ltll I ' lii ' di Sli.-iiin IMii: Till ' Iliili ' |H ' iiilt ' iil CD ll. ' liiil Colli ' i;. ' Wll.l.I M II VliliMi III. Mil JOl ' ItXAI.IS.M Xf-irs ami KililinittI Cily E.liliir. Tlio Diiily Tlliiii .Clii. L A 5 5 I 9 4 I Ai.UKKT AXTON ' lii.KiKCss fitfrtimor rilVSIl- VI. Kid lATlON Akskma MakIK IlUK-K Indiitunin I.IHKIiAL AllTS AXll SClKXt ' KS Enfilish -Mnry K. liusey Hall Phi Ilt ' ta Kappa: Phi Alpha Chi; Le Cercli- Fraiicais; l er Doutsche Verein ; Esperanto: Grogorian Literary Society; Y.W.C.A. Cab- inet (4) : Prodiu ' tion StaflF, ■ " Family Por- trait. " " Ovir Town. " " A Shiikosjit ' arian Kvenins " Honors Day (. " 1) Illinois State Nnrinal Uiiivorsity l- ' KAXt IS Lkoxarii Ri.ock Cfiicajjo LiitKKAL Arts axi 8 ir: ir: ' ; I ' rr-Law Phi Kpsilon Pi Markftint; Club; Freshman Varsity tJnlf Squad; Varsity Golf Sqtunl i ' . ) Pl.lXV KlSSELL Bl.ODCETT Chieiiijn llfif hls JOl ' KXAMSM Advertisiuff nnd Publi.sUin i Phi Sl ina Kai)i)a TnlraiiiurnI Manacer (2); Freshnum Var- sily Wrestlint; Squad I e Paul University KlAVIN Kr iKXK Hloom CrtM.MKKiK ArcoUittuncjf Phi Kta Sieina; Bein Alpha Ps ancy Ctu! Honors Day (1. 2) (t ilii V ' rC ' .IVIA Ill. H». f. 1 hi.-niii, KldTATION lianuna Phi Holn Mortar Bonrd ; Shi-Ai; The Illin (1, 2. ' . : Junior Council, Woman ' s I,eni;uo ; Oranito and Uhto Fealherx; Gohl Feathers; Ca it, " Follow Thru " i itfi mk KutlKKT l, l.i: Ml.OoMhXHIMXF. I ' fntin CoMMKitri, (ifnt-rul linniufXH Cl.ih Topper i- ' reshniaa N ' mihiIv Cntf Sipiad - In (i f iii(liMil Coiineil (1 ) litwiN ' i:riL Ui.iM Chicago I ' ll vsiiAi, Km r Tiox ColleKe Hall I ' lfshriiHii N ' lirsity W ' restlinj: Stpiad ■ luM N IlLUI-.IlT JtH .M " ,„uil KrUTATKlX I ' tiytiicnl Ediu ' diion Si;;mji Chi Freshman A ' arsity Football .S(|uad ; ' arsity r ' Squad ( n KoitKKT BeN.IAMIN ' HOBISUTUI. . . .C mV(I 70 Kni.ixkekino Ehrlricnl Enffineeriuo Delta Phi A.I.K.K. Mo] ' i;au Park .luiiiur College PaI I. I ' ltBAX UOCKKATII JoUrt PiXCilXEEUISii Mfclianical Euuinerriuii I ' lii Kiippa Phi; Pi Tau Sigma; Tan lietn Pi; A.S.M.K. .loliet Junior College lioiiEKT KuWAiii Ui i vix La Crnnge LiKKKAi. Arts axd Scikncks Delia Kappa E]tsilon Der D. ' iils. ' h. ' Verein llii.KX KuxAMETii UoK. , . .Khnuood Park AtlHiriLTIKK (irnrnit Home Kronomieti Sacer Mouki Tiireh ; Alpha Kftmbda Delta; Phi Upsilon Dinierun : Home F.cononuM Club; Rifle flub; W.A.A.: Kxecntive Council. W.G.S. ( :i. 1): First Council. Woman ' s I-eacue (2. ' M : Orange and Blue Feathers; (inhl Fenlh ers ; I ' niversily Chorus 4); Varsity Debate Squad ( 1 ) Hniiors Day ( 1 ) M K.IOItlK I.VIiIA BOEIIXr.R... thi.-n. n KhlTATlOX Cnnnufrrial Snhirri ' ' v sh Houho i ' rodurliun Staff. " Black Flamingo. " " Fnm ily Porlrail, " " Manon, " " Two on an Island ' North Park .Innior College Page 61 CHrfiTFR HnWABD BOLAVl Piirin ArtRICILTrBK GenfrnJ AtiriruKurf Agricultural Club; Scimitar; Tribe of lllini; Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad; Varsity Fencing Squad ( ' i. I), Letter A) John Koan Boleh Jofitt LiBRRAi. Arts and Sciencks Chf wintry JciWft Junior rollepe Lino BoNi ' cri Wt ' tit Ftnnkfoit Commerce Foreign Commtrrf Coaf i Anillery Club ; PanXenia ; Persliinc KiflpF.; Srdbbard and Blade; I ' nivprsity Or- cheKlra Mi: CsptHin, TnivprRity Bvisnde HruH Eari. B ' ren Chawpniun COMMKRCE Aceountancy Phi Eta SiRma ; Beta Alpha Psi; Account- anry Club Honors Day . 2. 3 ; University of Illinois SchnlHrKhip Kpv Vi!-MAH Martin Borr Chieago Liberal Arts and SciENfES Chfmical Enffinferiug NVninan Hall A I.Ch.E. Armour InKtitute of TeclinoIoRy Jkaxnr Elizabeth Bost Dant-itle Liberal Aktp and Scibncks Engti0h Kappa T elta Alpha Lambda Dflta ; Sigma Delta Pi; The Hlio (2) ; Tamaroa (2) ; Gold Kcatliers; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet U) Honors Day ( 1 ) Indiana L ' niverhity WrLi.iAM Ckarler Boudreau. .Chanipaiffn LiHrKAL Arth ani Sciknceh FreLair ffixma Phi Epiiilon EdWARI ' AKTHON-y BOWEN On , ' J ' lltL CoMMF-HfE Aceoutifnti ' i Phi T « 1ta ThPta Sachoin ; Beta Alpha Fai ; Accounlanr.v Club; Band of X; The Ulio (1, 2, 3) Honom Day (1, 2, 8): UniTeriity of Illi- nois Hcholamhip Key PftR. flL ' ffb d I ' Ai ' i.iNt COEA BOWKN. . . Bridgeton, .V. J. I.inEitAi. Arts axd RriKKrEs Spfech I ' olleeii ' nne rriiihiolion St»ff. " Our Town " Ifi.KN Allln Braokbili- Washitif toii I.inKHAi. Arts and SciENrns PKyehologi JAJIKS Clikford Bradbury Oregon LinERAi, Arts and Sciences Geology Illico Siinimer Prom Committee (4) ; Independent Council (3, 4); Second Regimental Band ( I, 2) Honors Day ( 1 ) Ckougk Fred Braeutioam Chicago Commerce Accountancy Sigma Phi Epsilon Accountai cy Club; Cavalr ' Ofl cers ' Club; Star and Scroll ; Freshman Varsity Polo Squad Kui-iNfl Arthtr Breckan . Commerce Accountancy Accountaiify Club Writrht Junior College . Chicago Hi in l.KONA Breeze Zeigler Commerce Cotnmerciat Teaching Delta Delta Delta Mortar Board; Torch; Phi Chi Theta : Ac .ounlancy Club; The Illio (2, 3) ; Tamaroa CJ) ; Cold Feathers; Production Staff, " Rio Uilu " Day (3) William Woods College Viiii.KT ViKOiNiA Bremer Greenvillf AORICt ' LTl ' RE tleueral Howe Economics -l-II Houso Home Kconumics Club; Hlinois Agricultur ist (1. 2. 3 T H E 5 E I I ' MIIKK WOODAllD BKKNNAN . . rorbnilrful ' I.iiiEHAL Arts and Sciences Economic Chi Phi Southern Illinois Stale Teachers College :i rd Darby, I ' u. l.inF.KAi. Arts ani Stikxcks Euglish riii KappA SigQia Kn-shman Varsity Swiniminff Squa ' l Walter Nchiman Hkevmann .... hrrrpnrt EurOATlON History Alpha Kappa Doltn: Delia Sigma Rho; mini History Club; Varsity l «ibatp i quad (1. 2. 3. 4) Honors Day (2. 3) ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I SaMVKL M Mihkav hRlA •.S Fravri.stille AtiRICULTVBE General A;jric%tlturf KoBEnT Trumpy Bkidqk OrnngcrlUe Agricultitbk Dairy Technology R.D.R. House Agricultural Club; Coast Artillery Club; Pershing Rifles Dorothy Ellen Bbioht Chainiminn Liberal Arts and Sctevces Sociology Delta Gamma The Daily Illini fl) ; Orange aiul Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers Gkrali) David Brighton Welilou Commerce Accountancy Beta (iamnia Si ma ; Phi Ktu SiKnin ; Ac- countancy Club; Caisson Club; Pershini; Rilles; Phalanx; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (4) Honors Day (1, 2. 3) ; University of Illinois Scholarship Key Jmhx Manskikld Britton Vrbann T.inKRAi. Arts and SciEVt-KS I ' re-Lair Phi DrIlH ' ITieln Kconomics Club; First ReRimental Band (I. 2) RaVELI REBECTA BKODSKY Lhxcu ' jo LiPFRAI. ART ' S AND ScIEKCES E nglith Mary E. Busey Hall Produ ction Staff, " Kind Lady. " ' Tosca ; I ' nion Minntrel Show " » - Frederick Thomas Brooks Chimgn I.IRRIIA1. AHTS AKI« SrlRNCEH SRphwn Kl ' llAKD ANOU6 Broom Atm; IMIYSH ' AI. KnlTATlOX Phi SiKma Kiipp« I ' rnltinfT Rifles Ann Makia Brown Springfield Education Mttthematict Pi Mu Epsilon ; Ormiiro HliH Blue FeAtliers Honors Hny ( 1 ) Hktty Ann Brown. (Mrs.) Urbana I.uiRKAi. Arts and Sciences Psychofopy IiidiHiiH rnivcrsity Donovan Patchett Brown Parit Engineerino Ceramics American Ceramic Society Butler T niversity Kleanoi! Retta Brown Cayufia. Jnil. Liberai. Arts and Sciences BneieriMiiffy Zet« Tail Alpha Stiver Feathers (4) Indiana Tniversity Ki.ijAH Brown UMrphyboro LiiiERAi, Arts and Sciences Zoology Ki ' OKNE I.oi ' iB Brown. . ndianapoliA, hiil Fine and Applied Arts Arehileclilral Engineering Bet Thett Pi Vlphn Tau SiBu ' a; A.S.C.E.; Scarab; Frcah- man Varsity Football Squad; Varsity Foot- hall Squall (2) Pspp fi3 . ' M I iiKou t liicni n COMMKIUK A re ntut II ticy Alpha KniipH Psi ; Bein Alpha Psi; Ac- countancy riuh; Business Miinascr, The ]n le|H niKMit :t, -1); Indciiendent Council CI, n Honors Diiy (:l) M KY Mkinkkt ItiMH n Waukcpaii AtiKiri-LTl ' KE Of Herat Jtume Leiniomica Veslii House Home Kconiunics Club Pauk Lakmox Umtwx Olencoc l.niKIIAI. AttTS AND SCIKXCES Pttliticnl Nrieiire P I ' psilon SMclieni ; Skull tin l Crescent ; Tribe of mini: FreshniHn A ' arsity Trnck Squad; Varsity Track Letter (2, S), Captain (•«); Varsity Oolf Squad (3) KoiiKKT Hanfoup Bitowx Kankakee Commerce JUnrkethiff Thela Chi A«-rouutnncy Club; Band of X; Cavalry Omcers ' Club; MarketinK Club; Phalanx; The lllio (1); Junior Men ' s Chairman, Honieconiinz Ci); Illinois Union Cabinet Ct) . Chester SfKNCEIl Fraxcis Bicowx.. . ENIilNKKltING Ciril Engineering HIini Hall Plii Eta Sifrma; Vice-President, JI.I.D.A.; Chi Kpsilon ; Sipnia Tan ; A.S.C.E. ; Illinois I ' nion Board of Directors (4) ; Stu lent Alumni Association :{) Honors Uay (1. ' . ' . :l ) ; University of Illinois . " Scholarship Key in.x I.KK Itiii ' iiAKEii Litchfield C( .MMKttc-K Comnierce and Law Theta Delta Chi Band of X; Skull and Crescent; The Daily mini (1, 2) ; Interfraternity Council (3, -1) II ' ■ iMr Ksox HliiCK lierwyn iO.VIllNKKIIINIi ' ' erainie tCnffineerinf Theta Xi iVmerican Ornmic Society l.ri.R Ai.liERT Brdckkii K.VCIIN ' KKKi.SU Meehantrtit t ' nffineerinff A S M K. .,1 el .1.1 ii I ' ligc 0) II Viri.AN Kl) VAKl» liltl Lit . . . . Aiiiticn.TruK l il:n Sit:ma P)ii .ItuiN llAiUMNUi BiirxT.iKX Ilnrvel COM.MKUt ' K AccOHittuury Club Henri Accountaiu ' y Club: Markftins; Club It Mid ley Polytechnic Institute l-:i)WARD CilAKLKS BntL Cicevo I.iBKiEAi,. Arts axii SriKXCKS Chemit try College Hall Morton Junioi- College Klsii: M.w Bri ' iiANAX Af.Rirvi.TVRi: frrnctn! Ilomi; I- ' co)i(ititicft . tllilCft I loriit ' Koononiics Club Kdwaui) Ki:a Birciiiioi . Mclvin KxlilXKEItEXO Ceramic Enyincering AlplKi Chi Sigma American Ceramic Society: Kerainus .MavdI ' : Klizaueth BrcKl.Kit Cane) AdRlCULTrJtK Hencral Hume Economics Betluiny Circ-le Production Staff, " Two on tin Island " T H E E I lIoWARP I ' lLll.Lir lUlI.TA Leiiny AfiHICfl.TURE Oencrnl Af rieulliire Airrioiillural Economics Club; Caisson Club .lAMHK MiXaIIH HlMiiAHNKU .l c.Vl.fc(l l.iiit:iiAi. Airrs axii Si ' ii-;N(iis t tiyehitloify mini Hall I ' hi AljdiB Delta; Psi Chi; ,lniiic r Bar AssociatiiHi ; Spaniiih Club Honors Day (2, S) I. WhrSTE WAYNt hiNhv Kx(ii Ki:iciN i Afffhnniciit K liyi uteri iiif AS ME. Honors D ay { 1 ) Illinois Colli ce Kith Ki.UAhtrii Hi K iKK Cartiniitlr AORItl ' I.TrHK General IJnuir K ' onumictt Alpha House HInrkhurn ColU-;:, ' ( L A 5 5 I 9 I Makv Ai.m i: IU ' hgktT Vrbanti .lorRNAMSM Siircial and CiHiral AUiliR dinicron Pi Morlar Uoard; I ' uroh ; Kappa Tan Alpha: Alpha I Aiiilxla I fl-n; Woman ' s Kditor, The Daily Illini ; Theta Si ' ina Phi ; Slii-Ai : »rance and Blue KcnthtTs; Gold Feathrrs Honors Day (1. 2. :t ; University of Illinois Scholarship Koy H xuKAKA Anx Burke LaSallf LihKRAL Arts ani S n vt-K ; (icrtnan Kappa Alp)ia Theta Morlar Board; Torch; M nil er-at-Larg» ' . Wonians Lt ' aijue; Delta Phi Alpha: Junior Council, Woman ' s League; Orange and Blue Feathers; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (1); Production StaflF. " Good Xews " ' Honors Day (li) Hit HMtll I.Ol ' IS BrRKI.AXM JOtRXAMSM AtirerliMinij ami PnUlinhinu tiamina Theta Phi Aurora College .1 morn Oliver .TA fES Burxs Uomewond LiHKRAL Arts ani Scikncks English Phi Kappa Tau Interfrnternity Council (4) Thornton Junior College ; IiKliana Uni- versity F.RWIS Wll.l.I Itl l s| ii| . . . . ( ui .„s ,,,• KX ilNKI.RIXlJ ifrrhaitirat F. nil i tire ri nil 1 1 Tau Sisma; Phi Kta SiKmn: A.S.M.K.: The Illio (I): The Te.hnoBraph (2); Pro- duction Staff. " Family Portrait. " " ' The Fireman ' s Flame, " " It Can ' t Happen Here. " " Manon, " " Tosca " Honors Day ( 1. 2, .1) ; Utiivernity of HIinoi.t Scholarship Key Umwnkii Kr,xxr.Tii Bisfii . . . .i (M ' n f ' if;i I-iitKKAL Arts ani» SriKXrKS Chrniii ' til Enifinterinif A I ri, K. Vrirm K (t.,i.k.s Hi -m ( hirnon KXillXKKRIKri M) ehaitical Euffina ' •■■• Cosnuipolitun Cluh Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sitcntn . Wrijfhi Junior Collei;e; Lewis liistitui Armour Institute of Technolop - Swi K hu:rtson Bi sh Evtnmtu., COM.MKRI ' F. ArrouiilnHftt Si niii Nil Accounlancx Chili ; Band of X ; Marketih ritih Jaxkk KI.IZABETH BUftLEE. . . .Park Ridue I.iitKRAL Arts axi» SriKXrES Enf liith Alpha Delta Pi Shi-Ai; The Illio (1); Ornni:e and Blno Feathers; (Jold Feathers WiLBiR KiiWARD BrssE Des Plnines KxrilXEERIXO Civil E nf inerring Gaiunia Delta; Siicnta Tau : A S C K. Valparaiso University H i£RV Fuvxcis BfTriiKit Spritifffield EX«iIXKERIX»i Civil Ent ineeriitti Chi Kpsilon ; A.S.C.E. Springfield Junior College I.ii.i.iAX Catiierixk Bi ' TLKR Vrbaua Liberal Arts axi» SriKXrES Cht ' ininlry Mary E. Busey Hull Honor- Unv (1. :t » TRVXK KriiEXK BiTTERKIKLI . . .EtntUuntl Kn ;inkkrin«i Elfrtrirat Eitftiitrerinfj Tau Beta I i ; Senior Production Mana;:er, Theater (uiild : Mask ami Bauble ; The Ti (-bniigraph (2) Honors liay (1, 2. ti) ; University of Illinois Scholarship Key Kkxxktii Muxie Cai.ii h n (irnnd RainHs. Mtch. LiKKRAL Arts axi» SoiKsrES Itactftiiiloffit Biickincbam Palace Olivet College u c t»5 J08ipn Ckarlef Call-ek . tt ' g t . LiBFRM. Arts and Soikntes Eronomict Davis House Mii.iiKKi) I Mt.iNi. Arffo .TOIRNAI-ISM Adrrrtiniitfj nud Puhfishing Alpha House iinminR Alpha ' h : Marketing Cluh: The Daily Illini (1, 2); Executive Council, W.G.S. (3): Orange and Blue Feathers; tJold Feathers; Journalism Council (4); Production Staff, " Boy Meets Girl, " •■H.M.S. Pinafore, " " The AVarrior ' s Hus- band " Mart .T08BPHINE Cai.nan. . . . nAv Fonnt Liberal Arts and Soiknces Beta Sigma Omicron Le Cercle Francais; Per Uruische Vereiu; Pan-Hellenic Council ( " J ; Ornnge and Blur Feathers Earl Chester Cameron BttinUiot ' , Liberal Arts and SriENCKS PreLaw Alpha Tau Sigma; Captain, University liri gade Veki. Lester Cameron Benrtlstown Liberal Arts and SriENCKs PreLaw Alpha Tau Sigma; First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade Caul Harold Carlson Chicago LinKHAL Arts and Scikncer Chemistry Centrnl Y.M.C.A. College M Jt ; HKr JoYCt CAKLriON Kanknkee Liberal Arts and Scikntes Bacteriolog] A!plift Lambda Delta; Iota Sigma Pi Hniiors Day { , 2) John Jamks Carne, Jr.. . . Commerce ;ill Club Marketing Club . Mapwood P ttt Jean Campblll. .Kansas City, Mo. LntFRAL Arts and SriKNcKS Chemistry Alpha Phi Iota Sigma Pi; Tamaroa CO; Production Staff, " Good News " University of KanKan City Maujorte Mignon C-u pentikr. WinvetJfa Libehal Arts and Sctkkoes fCii ' jIifih Pi B.-tH Phi Mills ( ' n o :o Robert Anthony Campbeli Chicago JOrRNALlSM Ad ' ertising and Puhtiehiuff Phi Kappa Marketing Club; Skull and Crescent; Tribu of Illini; Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Varsity Football Squad (2). Lett.r Ci. 41 Wright Junior Collegf At.M N i:t lihiA.f. CaNNOK lif.rwyn Fine and Arri.iKD Arts Music Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia; Concert Hand (L 2, 3. 4) : University Orchestra (I, 2, a, -V) ; University Chorus i ' S) ; Cast, " Manon, " ' The Mikado, " " Tosca, " " Yeomen of tlio Guard " Honors Day (H) John- MuiTtETT Cannon Itfcntiti- JOIRNALIaM ' eu ' s nuft lulilnriiit Gamma Thela Phi I »i;. ' ttii Kh M nii Kii-NEK Cahk Avon l.ntKKAL Arts and SriENCKS Prf-Afi ' dirnl Sons ' Hmne Ma-Waii-Da; Sachem; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Bctn Kappa: Phi I ambda Upsilon ; Phi Eta Signui : Senior Manager, Star Course; Stu- dent Senate (2); Omega Beta Pi; Arepo; Tomahawk; Freshman Council Hon n-s Day (1,2, rt ; University of Illinois Scholarship Key Klkanok Lahoent Carrier ' jyrmout LiuKHAL Arts and SriEvrER Euglish Aljilia Oniicron Pi ' I ' HMuiroa (3); Production Staflf, " Manon, " " Our Town, " " A Shakespearian Kvening " Illinois State Normal University Jos K I ' M M w Cakhison Adair Kl»fCATION A 7ricti Mr ' Alpha Ganimn Uho Agriculturiil Club; Hoof and Horn Club Western Illinois Slate Teacheri? College Chabler .lOPETH Carson Von ' d Rnoinkekinu Ulectrifal hJnt inerring Pi Tau Sigma; Eta Ktippn Nu; A.T.E.E.; Lieutenant Colonel, Cnivorsity Brifrade; Military Council Honors Day (1. 2. 3); Tnivorsity of Illi- nois Scholarship Key Bkrnabp Altin Cakstexs, .Ik... ESGINEERINii M chauieat Eiiffinrffiit;? Sigma Pi A.S.ME. . Chica ' jo I vMKs Cartralk Tovep Commerce i fanaifentetit i u rtr.Ks .Juski-h ai i.le. . .East St. Ao»«« lAUKHM. Arts a.vd SriRNCKS S acini fiyy AljiliH Tau Oiiie ' a Pierrots; Interfraterniiy Council (3, ■ ) , Illinois Union Hoard of Directors (3, 4), Ciisl. " Comedy of Errors, " " Good News, " " Ulo Hita " ; Union Minstrel Show University ))f MisHouri ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I fiEOHGF DONALIi CARTKH LftUni Agricvi tike General Agriculture Farm House Agricultural Economics Club; Caisson Cliili; Hoof and Horn Club; Captain, University Brigade William Richard Cask Cant»,i Journalism Xeu ' S and Editorial Beta Theta Pi Ma-Wan-Da: Sachem; Kappa Tau Alpha; Chief News Editor, The Daily Illini ; Siginu Delta Chi ; Skull and Crescent ; Interfraler- nity Council (3 ; .lournalisni Council (it) H .nors Day (1) Carl Vernon Cash Vrhana JomNALISM Sews and Editorial Gamma Theta Phi; Pershing Ritles; Jour- nalism Council (4) William Joseph Cassel, Jk Chica ' jo I.inERAL Arts and SriKXCEs Bacteriology Indee-an House Bacteriolofr - Cjnb; Rifle Cluh Mary Anoela Cassidy .YoAromiV AGRICrLTl-BE yutrition and DictrltrM Theta Phi Alpha Home Economics Club ; W, A.A. ; Orance and Blue Featliera; fiold Keaihers; Produc- tion Staff. " Hrother Rat. " ' Our Town. " ' Tosca ' James MilHkin Universitv EiHTH Catuerink Castle Qvincff Liberal Arts and SiiENrES UiMittry Kappa Alpha Theta W.A.A.: W.A.A Numerals : Pan-Hellenic Conncil (3. •%) ; Orance and Blue K» ' athers .1 .ToilN Ju)«EPii Cavanaoh KfH-nnee Ent ' CATION Indnntrial Arf» Newman Hall ast. -Our Town " Western Illinois Smt - Tfachers Collei; ! I vY. (ONII Cksaletti Clifton. X. J. Knoinerrino ilfclm itical Engin iring Tau Nu Thu; A.R.M.E.; Pershing Rifles; Phalanx; Indepenrlent Council (2); Major, Utiiv.T ir ' Hrit;ade A ;KL(I ISflCHAKL CKTRONE.A oTlrffMl. »} ' ). Commerce Accountancy Indee-. n House Accountancy Club; Marketing Club Creitjliton Univer ilv VtiKLAIIlE LiNNEA ClIALBEBO . . . . £rnil«(on LiitERAL Arts and Sciencks Mathematicg University of Colora lo IMOOENK Mahiiakrt Chanolbr. .E an$ton I.IHERAL . KTS and SCIENCES lii tor i Pi Beta Phi Pan-Hellenic Council (3) ; Orange and Blue I ' eathers; (Jold Feathers i: RL Con e ChaPIN i-nru n ' - Liberal Arts and Sciences CUcutittry Second Regimental Band il, 2) Honors Day (1.2) riiire 67 Mary PqriEU Ciiai-max Cliampnitm I.inEHAi. Akts asp Scifntes Ilittoni Alphli Xi Delia Phi Alpha Chi; Arppo; WoimMi ' s liloe - ' l«b (1. 2. 3. 4); University Chorus (4); Cnsl. •H M.S. Pinaforo, " " Manon, " ' The Mi- kado. " " Tosca, " " Yeomen of the 0«»r r ' Honors Pay ( 1 Staki.ft Ai.i.ex Ciiapmax Urbnna PllYSirAL Kdication Pershing Rilles; Phalanx H " KrRT AnniKON CHAfF; Oriun ?;Kr.INEEHIN i Ciril Knginerrititl Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Kpsilon ; A.S.C.E.; Cavalry Oflicers ' Cluh; Independent Council (3): Mens Olee Club 11); Sluilenl Conn eil. Wesley Foun.lalinn (3, 4); l.ieu tenant. Cniversily BriRade Honors Day ( 1. .!, 3) ; University if Illinois Scholarship Key Chari.ks Edwabh Chavez Chicaan KXIilNEERISli Mrrhanical Kughiefrin; A S.M.E. Armour Institute of Technolo -y Rai.I ' H Dale Chesowetii .... Udyin ' AORICULTIBE Gentral Agrieutture Unste Armes Illinois Wesleyan University IlERMAV Lee Cilll.DREBR. JR Calf I.inKKAi. Arts axi Sciknoks Clirmicnl Enyinferiitu Phi Lambda Upsilon ; Tau Beta Pi: Phi Kta Sigma: Omega Chi Epsilon ; A.I.Ch.lO.; Coast Artillery Chib ; Major, Cniversily Ilricade Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of lllinnis Srliolarship Key Ilr.I.EX .lEAN- Cilll-Dfl Cllicd ' l " LlllERAL AilTR AKD SCIKNCKS JInclrriutui j llela Plii Alpha W.A.A.; Draiige and Blue I ' Vatli.r- ■•■ ' ■ ' Feaihers I I .Ohictltfn iPisr ClIITTI.rii KNtllNRKRINll iUrlin iiifal !• ' nOinff ri ttfl i unkli? I ' mindatiun A.S.M.K.; Treshnmn Varsity Wresllini; Hfinail I ' Hgl ' OS , l{Nnl,l) W ' lI.SUX t. ' lS - 0 Jvi-Kftfl-illc l.tllKRAI. AUTS AXU SCIKNOKS Freuch Khi | ii Alpha I ' si T iMTIIFIt El.r.MOKi: CiSNK Muj Wood I.inijf i. Arts .axu Scikxcks Physics lOii iiieeriiij; Physit-s Society KniTir HonKurv Ci.Ari ' j;!! Muhomet T,iiu;i! [. Arts axd Scikxcks Socioloffy l oxAM) Ainiin; Ci.ahk MamriUfH Com MKuri-; a I ' HI- ml liusiut ' ss riii I it) ' |vji Si;;iiia Alpha Kiii ' i ' H I ' si; jVccountancy Chib ; Iiiter- frati ' i ' iiity Coiiju-il (:S) ; Production Staff, ' I ' lreinan ' s Klanic " I.nSalk ' Peru OgU ' sby Junior CoIK ' i, ' e (iWEX Al.DA Cl ARK ( illin AiJRirULTritK drtirtiil Iloiiir J coni )tiirs Siiinia Kappii Uoiue Kfonomics Club; Slii-Ai; The Ulio ( 1); Oranso and Blue Feathers; C.old I ' Valhers .IdVCK Cook Ct.. KK F.lgin I,lItKRAI Airrs AND SCIENCKS .Vlpln, Tlii liadi ' iioloiiy Club ; Dor Dt ' utist hr crt in ; W.A.A.; Pan-Uellonic Council (:!) ; First Couni-il. Woinan ' s T,ea[:u« (4) handcrzicIninK-shi ' ini. (ieiiiuiny Ij.wis TlrxRV Ci.ArsKX Secor A(;i(i rLTruK (iinrrtil A fffirulture Peterson Club Au ' ricullurnI Club; I ' ield and Kurrnw Club Uradli-y Prd.Mf.Iini.- Inslitute IIm vmcmi Ma ikes Ci.eavk Vrhtmn AtfKim.Tt ' UK (iciu ' nil Unmr A ' cuioiiitV Alpha Chi Oineirn l.i- Cerele Franeai«; Home Kronoinies Club; ■Hie lllio (I); The Daily lUini (1. ' 2): W.A.A.; OrauKe and Hhio IValhers; iold I ' i ' Hihers; Star Course i ' 2) ; Student Ahnutu Association ( " J) ; Production Staff. An ihiuK (ioeH, I ' he Rartorml Hrido. " ' It Can ' t Happen Here, " " Lilioni, " " Unddi core " .Tfim.-v MiHiki.t r.(iv,.rKiiy . (thitiiu ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I Scott Wim.ivm Ci.kavi;. .Ik.. rOMMKKCK ' iniintfrrt- aiitt Lav I ' hi IV)tn ' I ' lirtu rresiiliM»(. Stiuicnt . Iiimrii Assdciiilioii : l lii IMtn Phi; Accuuiilain ( ' Iiili; Mdikftin Club (iKOKfjK ( ' [,K ;(i. . KfiitKOs CUtf, .1 " JoiUX.M.,lS. l Xfws and EdUorinl i ' hi Psi Knnsns City .hiniipr ( ' i.llcge fARCARET KATIiriVN ' Cl.V.CC, . .Chn niUv ii}U- KlUTATION EnaUnh Alphft (Jamma Deltii ' J ' Hniaroft ( fi ) MiirMnrrny ( ' ritlrt, t. ' r f ' Ar.i) KvKRF.TT Ci.rru ( ' hicatio CoM t :ICl•|. ManugciufHt Marketing Club; Eronoiiiics Club: I5ankirii; Chib; The lUio (1); IiuU ' pt ' iulent Council (2) ; Star Course (2) ; Stu Iei)t Alumni A.ssociation (2. :i ) SrZAN ' N-E COALK IJi ' hhi ml J ' nih- PlIVSU ' AL tllUfATlON Mary E. Busey JIall Physical Education Majors Club ; W.A.A. : W.A.A. Numerals; Major I; ' rnniiiroa (2); Gold Feathers Mills College Hi ' iK ■W ' ir.MAM CO.VTKS Chirini,, EnCIN ' KEKINO Mechanical ICnf inecrinf D.Ita Tau Delta Fan- JeaNKTTE COHB Cham nu ' tit Liberal Arts akd Sciences F re li cli Gymnast ica Thomas Cmnto.v Cobr Vrbami Commerce Ecnnomica Alpha Knppa l.nmbila The Daily Illini (I, 2, :0 ; Concert Hand (1. 2. 3, 4) Honors Day (1) dM M Aitriine Chahi.ek Cocaunk riiinlalin Knimnkkrinu Mrehaiiieal K iii ineering l(..M.i- Chill I " 11 Nil Tnu; . .S.M.K.: PoisliiiiB Killcs: Siiililiuiil 1,11(1 lllHdp: t ' «|i!niii. riiiveinily iMiiN- Kinvix CoK v,„.,„„ f,(d .lOl ' KN ' AI.IS.M .Y ' l ' ttntl Kiliti}rilil Sii-nin Dcltii Chi; Tin- llnily Illjni (1, ' J :i ) DoiiiiTiiv Lois )V ■lSl ,. . .Ci,yini)t,,ii. J,,,!. I ' AND Ari-i.iKii Arts A rt Kdncation (• nikniia liKxiiviKvi; Mak Coyvi u. .Coviiiglnn, hid. Ai;ilICCI.TlIRK Gr.iirral Home Eciniomics liynikiiiia; Hoiiin Kconoiiiics Cluli; UiiiviT sity Chorus (4 ) NKAI. CllKLI.IS CObK.MA.V Cllllhnjlt AORICULTUKK Gfiierat Agriculture Shiinu ' ri-Lodpro Au ' rieiiltural Club Cl.KMEXT CoilKN Chicnuo COM.MKKIK Arrtitiiitnnrii Accounlauc-y Chib KsTKKR ColiK f CUieago I.iBKRAL Arts axu SciExrEa Itarlerintogy Genesis Hall Wrisrlit .Tiiinor College l. ' H ' ts SN ' OWDKX Cni.r : Oi ' nri,ze LiiiKRAi. Arts Axn Sciences I ' hrinic ' it A " . MM... ■-•I . ' i.-T r ' :me G9 RoKmT HtNRY COLLIIK. . •i. ' nvmi. ' , Jlimi. ESOINEKKlSr. Hfchanieal Ktiilittffriufi Kampus Klan Alpha Phi OmeKa : A.S.M.E. Univeriiity of MiMiisstppi KRrPBrr Wilder Collins (rn FiSE AND Al ' PLlKD ART- Architfcturat l r«i;?n Phi Kappa Psi Srarah I ' nivorsitT »f I ' hieaKO Arthvk Bayakd Cokari). ,1k.. . .Kinnalon Kngi.veering , Oeneral Knuhiffriiiu Alpha Delta Phi A.S.C.E.: Cavalry Officers ' Club; Baseball Manager (2) : Major, rniversiiy Brigade Charlottk Lovike Conrad Sycamore Liberal arts and SriENrEs Sociology Kappa Kappa Gamma Mortar Board: Torch; VicePresiiU ' iit, Y.W.C.A.; Arepo: Shi-Ai; ChHirman. Mothers Day (4) ; Chairman, Y.W.C.A. Doll Show (3) ; Chairman, Homecoming Resistralion Committee (3); First Council, Woman ' s League (4); Orante and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3, 4 ; Student . lumni Association (2); Wnmen ' j Glee Club (1, 2); University Chorus (J, 2); Cast, " H.M.S. Pinafore, " " La Bohemp " Honors Day { 1 ) Miliired Lokene Conbad Hiihininii AOBICULTfHE General Home J rnnowictt A ' esta House University Chorus (4) Butler I ' niversily .lOHK .UiKEfll CONBOV Hiron AlJRICULTIBK General Affricitlliire Agricultural Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Presbman Varsity Wrestline Sr|iin.l : Var- sity Wrestling Squad (3) EvELVN .Maik.aket C ' ouk Chicago AfiRlOLI nHK General Home Eroiittunre Phi Omega Pi Production ' StaflT, " Black FlaininKo, " " Manon, rhe Mikado, " " Our Town, " " A Shakespearian Evening " .MwMiirray Tollege THORNIOK Cor.K M iV ii il, Km, COMMKBI E AreftitnlatiCfi Hiiro Beta Alpha Pai ; Accountancy Club; Market- ing Club: Independent rounril 13) Unirerslly of Wichita SiiiNKY Moss Cool, .Ib atiHiran COMMKBCE Banking and Finance Hanking Club; .Marketing Club (■|.l. ri x Monroe ( ,ui.e . . . l.iiurejiceiille F.NiilNEEniNG ferhalncal Engineering . .S.M.E.; Freshman Varsity Track . ' qiiHd : .Second Reginienial Band (1) MvRTix .Joseph Cohukli Crnlralia COM.MEB( ' E Commerce and Law Siguia Chi Ma- Wan-Da; Sachem: Senior Football Man- ager ; Phi Delta Phi ; Band of X ; The Daily mini (1); Athletic Council (4t Hniicirs Day (1. 2 i N ' AIL KOltlSOX COltOELl H I ij fl g rill e Ar.RICt-LTL ' RE General Aurieidttire -Vgricultural Economics Club; Hoof and Horn riub: .Marketing Club Mai:v .Ikan Corns Chicago JoI ' llNALlSM .itlrertising and Pii ' lilighiiig Alpha Chi Omega Kappa Tan Alpha: Voman " s Business Man- ager, The Daily Illini; .Student Senate (2, :;, I): Shi-Ai; Orange and Blue Feathers; (iohl Feathers: Freshman Cnuncil Honors Day (1) Francis Ken.nedy Coss Stneea AORICVLTURE General Agriculture ' rile (iar-Men .Vgricultural Club: Cavalry Officers ' Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Per.shing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade : Lieutenant Colonel, University lirifrade hn.sAI.I) . LI.KN CorNTKV.MAN I inliti iitlfiftllH. lull. ( ' o-M.MKRri: Marketing Chi Phi Band of X; Caisson Club: Marketing Club; Skull and Crescent : First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade M u K W CoWKLL Cairo .lOVRNAI.lISM .Vcif and Editorial Alpha Xi Delta Tliela .Sigma Phi: Tainaroa (:i): Student . lumni Association (3) ; .lournalism Coun- T H E 5 E I oil (4) College of St. Francis Puge 7tJ ( L A 5 5 I 9 A I OoRoTiCY Lois Cox Chieuuo LtUKKAL Arts aki Scikncks Sociology Alpha Lttmbda Dt lla : Orekforinn Liii r(ir Society; Orchesis; The Illio (1); Oriiimt- and Blue FeHthers; Oold Koathors; Simii ' iit Alumni AKSooiation (2) H..iuii-s nay fl) Carolyn Jank Crah; . . JonnV I.iukhai. Arts ani SriKxrEs fipanish Beta I ' hi Alpha Spanisli Club ; Orantfr and Blue Ke»ihers; Gold Ft ' flthers; Produrtion Staff, " Black Flaminjro. " " Manon. " " The Mikado, " " MurdtT in th - rntiiiMlrnl. " " Our Town William .Toshta Craig Enginkkrini: ifetallurgicnt Knghffiiwj John Philip Crandell Champa hjn Enoineerin : Agricultural Etipinftrin;j A.S.A.E. : Coast Artillery Club; Pershins: Rifles: Scabbard and Blade; Captain, Uni- versity Brigade; Cast, " Boy Meets Girl, " " It Can ' r Happen Here " RoBTRT DeWeese Critton Aumra Commerce Marketinp Alpha Chi Rho Cavalry Oflicers ' Club ; Marketing Club : Scimitar; Star and Scroll; Interfraternity Council (3) Honors Day ( 1 ) Ward Htpfrt Cross I ' Mo AORICl ' LTirRE General Afjriculfure Agricultural Club; Caisson Club; Pliatanx; Major, t ' niversity Briuadf Edith Ireke Cbossi.and Bow n I.iPF.RAt. Arts ano Sptknoes T.atin Allen House Torch; W.A.A.: Executive Council, W.G.S. (3); Fin t Council, Woman ' s Leaeue { ' . , 4) ; Junior Council, Woman ' s League ; OranfT and Blue Feathert; Gold Feathers Thomas Ei ' oexe Cvmiskey. .ro erfo, Ohio Liberal Arts and Sciences Economicg Chi Phi Economics Club; Interfrat rnity Council (3. 4) .IfillN SWINrjLE ClMMIKOK Birmingham, Mirh. r,iBKRAL Arts and Scirnckr F.naligh l elta Chi I ' lTshing Rifles M 1..;k KniNA Cl-MMINS f tr..pnh» AORIfT ' LTURE Geii ' rnl !h- ' " f--ronomictf CiillcKienne Tkacy Cunningham Commerce Acentititanrjf ' -countancy Club Htinors Day ( 1 ) Mahoakkt Elizabeth Curry ... Momic ito AORICTLTL ' RE Oenrrnl Ilnmr Economics Bethany Circle Homo Economics Club; First Council. Wo- man ' s League (3); University Chorus (1) WrLLiAM Lamb Ci-thbf.rt. Jr. Rochentfr. S. T. En 01 NEE RENO Mechanical Engiyieering Pi Tan Sigma; Sigma Tau ; A.S.M.E.; Uiflo Club Honors Day (1, 2. 3); University nf Illi- rmis Scholarship Key CiiAHLRS Camille Dadant Hamittnn Commerce Mnnagt-ment Phi Delta Theta Ma-Wan-Da ; Senior Basketball Manager; Band of X; Intramural Manager (2) ; Ath- letic Council (4) I »BKKT Colin Dale Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Enffineering A.I.Ch.E.; First Regimental Band (2, 3) Oak Park Junior College; Lewis Institute Lois Anne Dallenbacr Champnfjn JOTKNALISM Xfwt ami Editorial (ianima Phi Beta Alpha Lambda Delta: The lUio (1); The l aily mini (1); Orange and Blue Featheri Honors Day ( 1) I ' niversity of Vermont; University of Arizona Page 71 John Josei ' H Daly, Jk Onk Pink ESDINKERIXO Mttailuryieal Kuginrrring Sipnn Pi A.I.M.K.: Mineral Industries Society; PcrRhiiiB RiHes CiiAKi.Lii Thomas Damaske Ktiriimc EN ' OIXEKRIXO Eleeirical Entriuetriiin A.I.E.E, ViFii;iMA l.i:i; Davis Eiu ' cation Art ' AvU ' i ' lui AIpliji W.A.A. Itr«»lloy Pdlytet ' lniic Institute .lAMKS Al.I.UN- Daws COMMHIICK Ar-rotmtnncy Club Cnrtlulfie C-olleBe T H E H ZKi. TlEitNiCK Damiscit lUuiit I.IBKRAI. AUTS AXl SCIKXi ' KS EnffUjsh Mary E. Buscy Hall Kxrciitive Council. R.G.S. (3) llrnKKT WOOI.KKNhUN ' Daxxkvik. ir (»n o(i EXGINKERIXG F.lfcirical Enffiiteerinff ttrfiiiH ' la Club A.I.E.E. I loiinrs Day ( I ) U ' llJ.lAM NoiiLE Darlixc. .]u Cliicnffo EXGlNBEBINa (itmrral Engineering I ' lii Kfippa Tail Snricly of CJpneral Engineers; Varsity Wresllinff Squad (3) ; Coinii ' il ( :i) Interfrateriiily MmcIoN ' LOIISK I»AI ' (iHERTV J ' ruiuuC ' •ritrral Home EennointfK l ' n- l yi Tian Hall Torrli ; Plii ri)silon Omicron; Jiiiiioi Couii- ril, Wonian ' s Li ' acup ; Orange an ! Bluo Ki ' tlicrs ; (told Fi ' Stlit rs ; Student Alumni AKM ciatiun {-); E. ccutivt ' Council, K.G.S. (o, 4) ; Pan-ProfcKsional Council ( , A) ; I ' roduftiou Staff, " rollow Thru. " " It Can ' t ]ltt|i|M n Here, " " Kind Linly, ' " Lady I ' rt ' rinuH Stream " Ilonorfi I ny ( 1 ) IicwiN Xoi;l I)AVKXrO|(T 1 rgenfn iieneral Agrieuttare Aericultural Cluh ; Field and Furrow Cln1 Itlit.kl.iir ' i. ColL-L ' .- KoitKRT SlIKKWOOIt PAV XnttlniUc I.inERAL Arts axd Sciences Chemical Engineering . I[iIin Knppa Lnnibdn I ' lii Kl)i Si: tiin ; A.l.Ch.E.; First ReKi ' uental i ' .Hii ' l i ' 2. I[, 4) ; St ' cond Rpgimental Band ( 1 ) Ilniun-s Day (1) I ' vKi. Drurry DeBord. , .Kansas CHg, fo. I.irerai. Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Alplia Chi Sijiina Phi LHnd)da t psilon ; A.l.Ch.E. Kansas City Junior Collego I ' uaxces Maietua Deks I ' inher Ei)rc. TioN JIi.stnr!i Illiwauis i)i.LK Ktuei, DeLanv. . A ' a?i os Citg, Mo. l.iiiERAT, Arts and Sciences m slonj Clii ( nii ' ;. ' H Kansas City Junior College 5 E I R Y(»l,AXliA KiTA I)K Larco ChicufiO KPfCATION (liriniith ' g Ijinrii H Mvans Hall Uillli- Cliili; SpHuisli Chilt; PrnduiMiou Srnlf. ■llliick Flainlii::o. ' " " Good News " n:i .1 NK Al.llK DaVII;« I. II (. KliK . l.lttKKAI. ARTH ANII Si-IKNI I EntiUfh Delia Deltn Delm rirrt f Kiiiiell, Wciinan ' s I.enirue (2, !t, ■!) ; i)i-niiice and Bine I ' ealhefH: (iol ' l KenllM ' !-- Piigc " I M ' iioNV Josi;fii Di.i.Aim.xr. . WiUimrilU CoMMKliri-; ArcoitnUuiry (ii-niui(lH CInb i-i ountnney Club; Marketing Club; Ditle fenclenl t ' onneil (2, :l, -1) ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I Mirtr i r, I ki.K ' II Kmiinkkiiino A.S.M.K.; IVrsliintr Kiilcs Chi KOUKIIT lil.K.W DkmaKKK, Kditation- tirnfral Sfifucf Snrliw H AIpliH T«u Sij ' riin : Fiisi Li-nl.-minl, I ' ni vt ' i-sity Uri;;jnlt ' I ' liiversity of Wiscmisin MiC HAKE, Til Aid, l. ' Dli.MlTltir Art n I.nSKKAI, AltTS AN ' D SCIKNCKS rnlilit ' til Scienre Minor House Kpsilon Kpsildii Kpsiloit I.ynn-i Towiisiiip Junior C ' oIU-iCc Bkttv 1)i:mii»l.m Ilamilloit I.lKKliAI. AltTS AXU S ' It;mi.s Euulish I. aura IV Kvnns Hall Der Deutsi-hc Verciii; KilU ' Cluli; ' I ' anmrcia CnrtliaL ' . ' Colle ' e rtVNA VlRGlXIA DKRROUGII I ' lhnn i Liberal Arts axd Scikxcks Ilome Economies iniiif KtMimnnics Club ; Ornn;e and Blue ria;Ki)A Bkll Dksiiavks Vihainf ( ' (t.MMKRCi; ruhlie AffaiiH Accountanry Club; Mnrketin : Club Dklos DkTak Ehiin i iBF.RAh Arts and SriKxri H Ch r tu ist rjf Antcia IMii Kanibda l ' |)Nilon; I ' i Mu Kiisilon ; Pbi Ktn Sjpina : Iiiterfrnleriiily Cnuiicil (1 ) ; Cnivfrsity Orchcslrn (2, ' .i, i); Pro- duntion Staff. " Mftnon, " " Tlic iMikadn " Honors Day (2, :i ) Jo.sKrii Dkits) II Khl ' t ' ATlON .Voii«r«icji .Toiiad Hou.sf Joliet Junior CoIU-kc .f ' ' tiH C O 1 vi nil i Dkvixk IViilufkn r.lllKIlAI. A11T8 ANB SCIKNCKH Eiialixh Alphii (llii Omega ' I ' ll run roll (:i) N ' liiiriiiiil Ciilli ' Kc of Educntioii !■: M. ' i. K rMi;usMx DkWai.i J , ii,i Aiiiiii ' i ' i.rriiK (iriirral Affririiltnre llliiil I ' liili At-ric ' ulliinil Cluli: Hoof nml Horn C ' liili; ll|lll l.. ' l|.l. ' lll ClIUTI.-il ( I) Ktiivi.i: M villi: I)i; Vaj.i Forreulm, l.niKiiAi. Arts and Scikkcks E ntomolnijy ]iliu-kl iirn Coljpfjc Kuv KVKUITT DiAI ICagi SI. J.oiiit l.iiiKiiAi. Arts and Sciknces f ' lirmical Knt ineerinff AI])lin Chi Sif ina Pi Tail Pi Sit ' uia; A.I.Cli.E.; Captain, Uni- versity Brigade lloiiors Day (2) ili.K.v Ki ' iiENE Diamond Greeminr EurCATION Af ricuttHre Ai:ri«Miltiirnl Kilncation Club (Jrei ' iiville CoIIegu ; Illinois State Normal l iiivi ' rsity .Milan Stkvk Diaxis itrUmry .TOl ' RNAI.ISM Sews and Editvrial Xi ' winnii Hall rlii In li ' |n ' iiili-nl (:!) Knox ColU ' Ct ' Urssll.l. I ' .l.lJKN Dli ' KKRSON Cnllill CllMMKRC ' E I itihititritil Athitinislrntion Si:;iiiii IMii Kpsilon Ai- -oiiiilaiii-y Cluh; iiytnkana; MHrkftine I ' liili: Inti ' rfratfrnity Council (4): Seconil Ui ' L-inii ' iilal Kami (1.2) • llMts .lillIN Dn ' KtY • " .IlU ' RNALlSM SfUlf aud Edtloriiil Page 73 CHARI.Efi HlYE DiEKEN Trivoli AGRlOlLTrRE General A urii ' ititurf Alpha Gamma Rho Airricultural Club; Hoof aiul Horn Club Bradley Polytecbiik Institute ; Illinois State Normal rniversity Rav Aknold Dimokd, Jk Roekfotd Liberal Art8 and Sciencks PolitirnI .VWfnc Barbizon Chairman, Homecoming Decorations nnd Awards Committee S) : Independent Coun- cil (2. 3. 4) Sirv -K« Ft.WIN Dl-MOKD Com MERCK Commerce flnrf Law Iniversity of Tampa Tampa, " o. K.i ' VTKHn Adklbert Dnisv Wehgtfr Groves. Mo. Liberal Arts ami Sciexces Chftnistn Beta TheU Pi Phi Eta Sigma; Concert Band (3); First Rof imental Band (2, 4) ; Second Rofxi- mental Band (1); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (3); Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors (3, 4); Men ' s Glee Club (3. 4) : Tniversity Orches- tra (3) Honors Day (I. 2) St. I-ouis University DuROTHT Frances Dolak La Grange Liberal Arts and SriENrKs Bactrrintnt y Alpha Omicron Pi Tamaroa (3); Silver Kealliers (4); Pro- duction Staff. " A Shakespearian Evening " Lyons Township Junior College .lOKEPH Edward Dolan. .Perry Point, J rf. Liberal Arts and S ' I :kck.s Bacleriologif Debonaire Club Bacteriology Club; Coast Artillery Club; Der Deutsche Verein ; PerKhiiit; Rifles; In- dependent Council (3): rnptHin, UnivL ' isily Brigade Marv Lot ' lBE Dolan Champman Liberal Art.m and SriKNCKS JHnlnrj Alpha Xi. Delta Torch; Phi Alpha Chi; ' Hie Daily lllini (1. 2, : ) : Panllfdienic Council (I); Pro- duction Staff. " ElirHbetli thi- Qmeu, " ' Two on an Irdand " L ' lHf.TTA A-NN IXknKLAN uin ' fliltl Liberal Artk and SriKNCKH Soriotoifj Alpha Gamma Delta Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Tjtnmr ' m ) :! ) Springfield Junior Colleg - i £im Page 74 111 1, EX Jeanne Donker Frteport LiiiEHAi. Arts and Sciencks -McesliR Ki« Sifrma Phi; Production Staff, " Madame Uiitierflv, " " Two on an Island " 1. 1 UN ' Dnl ' lil.AS DOOLEY Ckicaiio EmCATION Ofitfrnl Science Itarbizon Alpha Tau Sigma: Omega Beta Pi; rap- tniii. I ' liiversity Bricade W ' l M I ItKI) Lt ' f-ILLE DORSEY. . . iri7jt(l»i 7 OJl Edication Eufflitfh Alplia Oiiiioron Pi Torc ' li ; Alplia Lambda Delta: Gymnustica : Chairman. Homecoming Awards Commit- ti ' e (3): Junior Council, Woman ' s League: Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers: Star Course (2); Pershing Kifles Sponsor CJ): Production Staff. " La Boheme. " " Boy iMeels Girl, " " The Drunkard, " " Our Tmwii. ' " Post Road " ; Football Court of Ilciutir (:i, 4) llcMHirs Day (1. 2. 3); University of Illi- nois .Scholarship Key KniiKirr Hksk Dohei- ' f Chicno " AORICULTfBE General AtjricuUure Alphii Tau Sigma; Agricultural Club; Pei-sliiiig Uilles; Scabbard and Blade; The Daily lllini (II: Captain, University Bri- lioi.iiiiKs llARY Doi-R Chicago l.inERAi. Arts and Sciences Enf Utih Alpha Xi Delta Arepo; Cast, " Manon, " " The Mikado " ; Production Staff, " Black Flamingo, " " Two nil an Island " Wright Junior College M vuii.vx Bki.i.k Dow Birer FnrrrI I.ihkhai. Arts and Sciences French Kapita Kappa Gamma Pan ll.ll.-nir C.inneil (-t) T H E 5 E I R Maiiy JdREPHlNE DOVLE Stoninglon Commerce Accoanlnncif Ihu ' .l Hall Mi.rlar Board; Torch; Senior Manager. i; nikana; Plii Chi Theta ; Accountancy Club; (iymnaslica; The Daily lllini II, 2 Honors Hay (1. 2) 1 ' VII. Knivris Drake KXl.l.VKKRlSd ( ' r ni ni ic E ngineerinn American Ceramic Society WincheDler Rt B8ltI.L ERIIARDT DRKI ' IISI.KK. . . .I ' UiCHU " Phvsicai. Em ' OATios Phi KappH Si nia Triho of Illini; Fri ' slinmn Varsity Riist ' liiitl SqiiBd ; Viirsily nssoball Lcllor (2, :i. 4i John JosKrii Drisooll .lluchiKUr. .V. Y. COMMERCK Genfral f(win» ' j»« Marketiiic Club; Prorlvioiion SulT. ' Hrotlipv Rnf Ninearn I ' niversity ( L A 5 I 9 I JOHK William Drish Cicero Enoixeerino Electrical Enqinf riuii Delta Chi MaWaiiDa; Sachem: Star ami Scroll; Tribe of Illini; Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Letter ( ' 2. 3, 4); Freshman arsity Basketball Squad; Var- sity Basketball Letter 12. 3), Captain (4) Honors Day ( 1 ) Dorothy Frances Droeoe Charleston, S, C JOVRNALISM Sewt and Editorial The Daily Illini (2) Katherinf, Rose Drone Ridfiirtttj AGBIClLTrRE .Vu n ' tion aod Diet-etica Alpha Delta Pi The Independent (1. 2); Executive Coun- cil. W.G.S. (3); Orange and Blue Feath- ers : Gold Feathers El)MfSI Lofts DrBois. . Ft. Scree, n, (III. Exgixeering Cirif Eugineeritiij Delta Tau Delta MaWanDa; Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Rifnia : Student Colonel. University Brieado: A.S.C.E.: Coast Artillery Club; Pershinc Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: Freshman Varsity Polo Squad ; Varsity Polo Sfjuiid 12); President, Military Council Honors Day (1. 2. 3i: L ' niv..rsiiy of lili nois Scholarship Key DOROTHV .IfSE DVCKWORTll Clliciini, CO-MMERrE Public Attaint Safter House Phi Chi Thela; Accountancy Club; Market- inc Club; Orange and Blue Feathero; Pro- duciioi. Stuff Fnlln " Tliru " Howard Martin Dt ' Dpv Sukomi Co.MMERrE Accouotaucy . ccoontaQcy Club: Marketing Club: . ef- ond Regimental Band i1. 2) .loll N ' k».i,kv ivvv CCMMEBCl: Marketivo Phi (ianima Delta llcinors Dnv (). :i ) llMnK IlKHMAN ' DtIN f EE . ifrlcf JJf (0»l , .V. J . LiDEKAL Arts and Sciences Bacttriology Itacleriulogy Club; Freshman ' arRity Track Squad; Varsity Track Squad (2. 3, 4); I ' rrshniHTi ' arsity .Swimming Squad Ci.Ai ' iiE Edward Di;roee Charletlon LlRERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Enffineerinff Peterson Club A.I.Ch.E.: Marketing Club; Independent t ' ouncil (3, 4) Eastern Illinois .State Teachers College IIOKIiTHV Maxine Dysart Henri) I.rBEHAL Arts and Scikxcks Enaliih Delta Zela DePauw I ' niversitv KhiTii Elisabeth E. stman Keivnne. AORICI ' LTTJRE General Home Economicn Alpha Gamma Delta Home Economics Club; Shi-.- i: The Illio (1. 2); Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Student Alumni .Association (2); I ' niversity Chorus (I); Production Staff. " Elizabeth the Queen. " " Follow Thru. " " (lood News. " " H.M.S. Pinafore " IUttv . nn Eaton Kantnn Ciiy, ,Vo EDflATION ilnthemnticit Laura B. Evans Hall laniaroa (3): Silver Feathers (4) Kansas City Junior College Mf:i,viN Christian Eckenkeldeb. Fine and .Mtlied Arts .Ircftifccfurflf Engineering S f E : Varsity Track Squad (3) Bradley Polytechnic Institute Hern SVLVIA K.i KT.H . . • ' ' " • EDI I ' ATJUN Commercial Subjectt Keuiha ..ount»ncy Club; W.A.A.; First Council. Wiinian ' s League (4i } ' aB 75 Jamks I,i.oyd Edmonks, Jr Vrbana lAMlK.KU AKTS ami .SriENCKS Phi Beln Kniipa : Pi Mu Epsilon ; Phi Kia Sitrinn; I pr Deiitsdio Vrrcin ; Kn»rinoorin;: Phvsios Sm-iety IJonr.iET Hkxrv Kdmixhs. .. . ? »(«- JnUituI KNt;i KEin (i Mrchiiiiicitl r.uftinerriu ' j Tripl.. H A.S.M.E. Thoriilon .Tiiiiiur College Okoki;k EinJAK Edwards TaylnnUlc I.iitKiiAL AuTs Axo Srii:xrKS Iliatof} Si ina Phi Kpsikm Pierrols; First Ke tinental Band (1, 2, 3, 11 ; Cast. -Thi ' Iiruiikanl " ;i i:iciKT .Taxi: Kiavakus Vnfikefi(tit tii ' neral Home Kconomics ■111 liuuse Hfinii ' Kroiioniics Clu! ; M ' .A.A. ; Orans ' and llliii Fcathtrs ' AK()L horiSE E :e Chicttfjo I.iitKRAL Arts asi» Sciknces Tlouif Kconomics Alpha Chi Oinoi a Mortar Hoard ; Torrh ; Alpha Lambda Delta; Arepo; Shi-Ai; The lllio (1); Pan- Hellenic Council (2. :i) ; Orange and Blue Kealhers: Gold Feathers; Star Course ( " J, :t ) ; Pro luclion Staff. " Follow Thru " ; Fool- hall Court of Honor ( " J, :i) HoiKirs Day ( 1. 3) I (H[( TIIV At :i TA EunKBRKCHT Ufimmontl, Jjnl. ElU ' CATIOX Comvicrriul Siihjerts Kiti ' i ' ii Delta ;aniii)a Didta : Marketing Club; ' Xlie Daily mini CJ) : W.A.A.; W.A.A. Numerals; Tamarua CJ : Produeiion Staff, " Manon " Valparaiso I ' niwrsity . |ii:j m i.ii r im hi. I.iii.i.its. EMCATIfiN Jlittfot} McKinley Hull FftKpr.RK ' K Elll.KRT indinnapoliti. hid. i IN : AMI Al ' I ' MKI AltTK . irhitretHfe (Jaivyh ' i I fT I ' nui- 7 i " _ i: I.III Kl VARI KHNI V .-|(i EnrcATiON I ' Intsical JCducnfi " n Alplm Thu Onie ' u MaWanDa ; Sachem; Skull and Crescent; Tribe of Illini; FroKhnian Varsity FoolbnII Sipuiil ; A ' jirsity Football Letter (2. 3, 4) WiiJ.iAM Frkdkrick Eiioitx DauriUr EXlilXKERlXO Mt ' clinttical E nflinccring Thu Nu Tau; A.S.M.E.; Phalanx; Lieu- tenant Colonel, Univer.sity Brigade; Mili- tary Council lilTii MvitiKTA Ehkkdt Elizabeth Ar.RirULTX ' RE Oeneral Home Economics Tri S I ' lii l ' ]) ' ilon Oniicroii ; Ilnnie Krononiics l.i». I,rTui;r!A Ellex Ehrhart. . . .Clunn minn FixK AXi) Ari ' LiKi) Arts [u■xic Education Uliawani.s Women ' s (ilee Club (3, 4) ; UnivtM-sity liorus ( : ' ,);r;T GEORGE Ehrtnger. Education Chemistry iloiininutli College . 1 finer ton I)n|;is l.l-iH.I-E ElKLEBERKV Eoirftdd Ei rcATiox EiifiUsh . lpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi Honor-s Day (1, 2. 3); University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key ili;Li:x Elkaxor Em,iott Stirator AGRicri-TiRi; (ifiiftal Home Ecoiiotnirs (iannua Plii Beta Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers I i K Maxwki.l Elliott Vitmua FiXK AN1» Afl ' I.IKIl . UTS Phi Mu Alphu-Sinfunia; Concert Band (2, 3. 4); First U.-gimenlal Band (1); Mens (iloe Club CI. 4) ; I ' nivorsity Orchestra (3. -i) T H E E K I i RiTii Axx Elmoke Quincy l.iHKKAi. Akts and SriKxrKS Kiippn Knppa Gnninm TniDnrim (3) MiuMurray ( ' olU ' t:o DONAM ' NOKMAX Kl.TlXli ICivfrsiilf EDlTt ' ATIOX Plnfuienl Kilticaliou The In Xi Trill of Illini; Krfshiiinii A ' arsity Footlmll Sqiuid : ' ar,sit.v FonUmll L. ' Uor (2, 3, .1) ( L A 5 I 9 I Chaules David Elwood liaftnui Enginkkkixlj Mechanical Engiueeriug Triple H A.S.M.E. BradU ' V Polvtoehnie Institute Gene Carroll Emekt Gianile Ciltj Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Weffownna A.S.C.E. Rcthmary Emory UeUerilU- Liberal Arts axi Si-ikxces English Shawnee First Council, Woman ' s League { t ) ; TamuroR (2); Gold Feathers; Student Alumni Association (2) ; Production Staff, " It Can ' t Happen Here, " " Lady Precious Streani ' Honor;- Day (3) ilaoMurrny College Earl Eiiickson Chicago Aoricvltvre General AgricuUare Peler-.on Club Alpha Zeta; Aicricultural Club; Field an l Furrow Club; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Rlnde ; Second Lieuteiiatit. University Brigade Hininrs Dav CJ, ' TTowxRD CrTV Ervix. Jr. Hartford City, Jml. COMX!KRt:E Gfntral Business Sitrma Chi Freshman Varsity Basebnll Sqund : Varsity Baseball Sqund 2, 3) ViRiilXiA AliKLE Ksil , Huttd ' f Fixe and Ai rLiKi . iri .1 rrhiterttur Mary E. Bu« ey Hall Alpha Lambda Delta Uonor ( Day (1. 2, 3); University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key y - W ii.i.rAM t;AKicui.i h.THKKTUN. .1 Mrhondolo COMMEUIB liankinu and Finance I ' hi Doltii ' I ' lifla Areoiintuncy Club; Frofthinan Viirsity VVrc.Httiiig Squad; VnriiUy Wrosllinff Squad (2, !1) Soutlicrn Illinois Teachora Collcgo ClIAIlLKS IlKNIlY ETTBUIUKK . . .S ' jII illj i»W COMMKKCK Accountaru ' i .VccountKney Club Sprinslb ' bl Junior CoUi ' KO Oeoroe Edwahds Evaks Cliieapo LiDEiiAL Arts akd Scikncks Chemistry Vliito J.oAko Phi LnMibdii Upsilon ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; fni- vt-rsity Chorus (3. 4 ) Honors Uny (1, 2) .IciMN Ki.i-is Evans Hoo jetton LinKRAi. Arts and Siiknces Sociology Tripln H Blackburn College Kaki. Hki.I) Evans Pitltburgh, Pa. Enoinkerino Civil Engineering Tau Xu Tttu; A.S.C.E. Kov James Evans Algonquin Liberal Arts and Sciences Chtmitlry Phi Lambda Upsilon; Phi Ela Sicniii Honors Day (1, 2, 3); riiiv.T iiy ,.l Illi- nois Scholarship Key i:m vahi Wii.i.iam Evers CollimriUt J rRNAUS.M Xritg and Editorial Delta Chi Canima ' nicta Phi; Sigma Delia Chi; Fresh- man Viirsily nas bBll Squad; Varsilv Bn.w- ball Squad (21; Kreshmau Varsity Hn. ket bull Squad; Varsity Basketball Squad (4J ItvVMONIi UlssEt.I. EVKRS Crnlralia EniTATlON Jndimlrial Artt Caiason Club; Industrial Education Society; First Lioulenant, I ' nivcrsily Brigade Page 77 Brttt Ei.aink Ewald Chicago Editation Chi Oniegi Siprnn Alpha Iota; THiniiroii (2) ; Cost, ■Rio Riift " ; Football Court of Honor i2. 3. 4) Frances Shinier School Marian ViRtiiNiA Ewax K " ' »»).•.- Enr CATION EtiffHth Alpha GHTnma Delta Torch; Tho Illio (2); pHnHcth ' nic Council (3) ; TamaroH (2) ; Gold FeatherR; Student Alumni Atitiociation (2, H, 4) S|epIi( nK Junior College KVBV VAI.rXTA EWER AORlCri.TLRF. OtJieral Ilome Economics Homp Economics Club . Vrhtfiia Frantks ElkaNOR Ewinq Pontine TiiBRRAi. Arts and Soiknof.s fttthcmat c9 PrpsbytMrian Hall Phi BctH KHi)pa : Pi Mu Epsilon ; Alpha Lambda l t lta; Orangto and lilue Feathers HonorH Day (1. 2, 3); rniversiiy of Illi- noiK Scholarship Key Pavi. Faikkieu Faker Ohampaiyn lilHKKAI. AKTB ANI SCIKNCES English KtrHARii PiriMP Fa«kii. . . COMMERCK Sigma Chi Marketing Club lllinniK Wesleyi Marketiiifi II University c: KOHTRT -InilN VM.i oNKII . JtiftrHtdf COMMKIH K Managrment Koojahh Alpha KafTpB Pai ; Accountancy Club; Murkfling Club; FrnHhinan Vwrsity Hockey Kquad; Varsity Hockey Sqiiarj i ' A) Honom Day (2 ) WAYNr PiF-Rrr, Fanvo WutttrUu Knuinekriso FArctrical Ent ineerinff Tliclii Dflln Chi A.I.E.E.; Thi. Ti ' chnojcraph (», 4); Iniei fraternity Coniiril (H) PhK« 7H t ' liAKi.i-.N RoHEHT FaRR nun«min AnHItTLTCHE (J ' tfral AprictdtuTt: Alpha Zeta; President. M.I.D.A.; Student Senate (4); Vice-President, Junior Clnss : ABricultural Club; Freshman Varsity Track Squad; A ' arHity Track Squad (2); Fresh- man Varsity Football Squad; Indei)endent Council (2, 3, 4) ; Student Alumni Asso- ciation (3); Executive M ' »nrd. Miiirn I.shkuu (4) ITonorB Day (2. 3) pAii, Arnstrono Feaman Ohicatfo LinKRAi, Arts and SriKNCF-S Chemigtrjf Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Phi Omega ; A.S.Ch.E.; Marketing Club Dny d) lioN ' ALD John Feasteu Engineering Mechanical Enftineerinff The Gar-Men V.S.M.E. St nt,ey John Feinnkr Bt ' lhmnd COMMEKPE Acconntnticy lietii Aljiha Psi ; Accountancy Club ; Cuis- sun Club; Economics Club: Inrketing ( ' lub; Till ' Independent (3) llnnors Day (3) Proviso Junior CoUoffe (IKETCHEN Elibk Fklhmann . . .Chumpnifjix AoRirri.TURE General Ilome Kconomirn Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omirrnn ; Orange and Blue Featliprs Honors Day ( 1 ) Wii.i-iAM Henry Fellows. . . . Ttfii. -Y. ENOINEERIN(i Ceramic A dmlnistrntiov Lambda Chi Alpha Alfred T ' nivorsity T H E E K I R l.nllKN BOVAlllI Fei.t Bfllwoud I.iiiKRAi, Arts and SciRNrms Pre I, nut Phi CiiiniiiiA Deltn Sacliom ; Presidont, Men ' .s I.riiuuo; Sonior (iynikiinii Manncor; Sludoiil Sumili ' (4); Gymnustica : Frpslniiaii ' arRity Polo S«inR(l; Freshman Varsity Swiiniiting Squad ; Junior Men ' s Chairman, Dads Hay; Illinois Union OabinM (3); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (it); mini Hoard of Control (3. 4) Honors Day (1,2) ItAitUAKA Lurii.i.K Fehhi ' hun . . . D ' uffrmrtn I.IBKRAI. AHT8 AMI Sc ' lHSiT.R Uititvrji Helhnny Ciri-le Alpha l.anihda Delta: Sigma Alpha Iota; Kirsl t ' ounril, Womau ' a Lea ' oe (4 : ( ' asl, The Mikado " Cniversity of Mirhisan ( L A 5 5 I 9 I Ai-irK Kathbyx Frursr AVm- Athcim I.IHKRAI. Aktu ani Scikn ks Kconomica Presbyterian Hall Execvitive Council. W.G.S. { ' i) ; First Coun- cil, Woman ' s Loafruo (2. 4) ; Oraiict- and Blue Fonihers: Executive Council, U.Ci.S. 4) ; Production StalT. ' Family Porlrail, " ••Richanl III, " " Latly PrnriouK Slroani, " " Our Town. " " Tosca " Ward Francis FirKiE. . Kaniidti cHi . Mn. EN ' GIXKKRINH EUclricnl Entfinecriitg Phi Kappa Psi A.I.E.E. University of KnnsMv Citv Doris Fikulkk GrautHf, AORU ' ULTVUK General Home Ecomnniat Sager House Home Economics C!ub : Taniaroa i ' S) Sil- ver Feathers (4) LftSalle-Peru Oelesby Junior t olleire Pati- Kmii. Fina VUrrlnnd, Ohiu Education General Sfieiu; Theta Xi Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; liymnnNticn ; Tribe «f mini; Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squad; Varsity Oynuiastir ; I-etter (2, ). Captain (4) RlCRAKP IRWTN FiNE ( ' hir.nj 0 JOl ' RXALISM Advertising and PnbHnhinii Tan Epsilon Phi The lUio (1): Interfraternity Council (4); Production StaflT, •Midsummer Nighfs I ream " Waltkr Ernkst Finuer Bhtomingtun AORICVLTrRE General Agriculture Gamma Delta: Agricultural Economics Club Illinois State Normnl I ' niversitj Stanley Finkkl.stkin . . .Woodmere, N. Y. LiBRRAi. Arts axi Scikncks Speech Newman Halt Kov Irwin Finlev i.ninrticcrUh- Arrici-ltire (ieneral Aoricullure Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Club ; Ho4 i and Horn Club ; Illinois AgriculturiRt ( 1 : Inlcrfrntfrnity Council (3 L mJk Jc - Wai.ih ' Mankord FiNNCLi Okieago I.inEKAi. Arts and Sciencks EronnmicM Marketing C!lub Heidelberg College Benjamin Uai.i-h Finney st. Junfph A ' iRIClLTVRE General Aaricuiturr Agricultural Club; Caisson Clnh; FirKt Lientenant, T ' niversity Brigade Hki.knk WitAN ' i Fischer. . . .Browntftuxvn LiHKRAi. Arts anp Sciencks E Jiff I ixh Warner Hall Greenville College t.KNEviKVK Vivian Fish Chicago Physical Education Welsh House WAA.; W.A.A. Nunierals; Major I Chaki.ks DiM.ON FitsKER Champaign Commerce tieneral Bu riness Sigma I ' bi Epsilon Caisson Club ; First Lieutenant, Univemity Brigade Marvin Fisiikr Chicago Liberal Arts and Scixnces Bacteriology Tau Delta Phi Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad; First Lieutenant. University Brigade Mary Eloibe Fisher Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociologj Alpha Phi The Illlo (I, 2); Orange and Bine Foath- t-rs; Gold Feathers RoHERT Allen Fisher Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciescrb Geology T«u Kappa Epsilon Alpha Phi Omega: Coast Artillery Club Cyclothem Chib: Dcr Deutsche Verein ; Phalanx ; Rifle Club; Freshman Varsity B»sehMll Squad; Captain. I ' niveraity Bri- ;. ' ade Honors Day (2. :j) I ' niveraity of California Mt • - i..ii ' lc Papt ' 71 ' R4inri:T Forkest Fisher. .Iu rrbatm CoMMKKri: VUi Delta Then ArrounlBiicy Club; Hmnl of X; Oymiinstico ; MHrkc ' .iii:; Chib ; Intorfrfttornily Cnmicil (: ) ; Illinois Union C ' nl iiu i i I. ' 2. :! i : I ' iisi ({■•KiniiMitiil Hand (I. Ni»i:max HrnsKR Viji it ..ilhuffti. ,qti. .M. A»iKUri-TlKl IM KHppii Alpha Phi Mil Alpha Siiifonia: Floriciilluiv Club: Concert Band (U, 4); University drchi ' sirn (3. n T ' liiviTsily of Xcw Mexico Rkbkrt Dkav Fitch commkkci. Mnitoijfwriit College Hall Accountancy Chib; Mnrkoling Club Quincy Citllecre Quincit KaTHKVN GeXEVIEVK FlTTOX. . . .Rautniil Agriculture Geueral Home Kconomics 4 H House Phi Upsilon Oniicron ; Homo Kconomics Club : Oranire and Blue Feathers ; Gold Feathers; Student Alumni Association (2): Production StaflF. " Brother Hat, " " Good News, " " It Can ' t ITnppon Here. " " Kind Lady, ' " Tosea " HoiM)rs T ay (1. :i) Juiairs AV ;UST Fitz. .Independrncc, Kan. AfJRirULTURK ■ ' oner lire Ganiuia Deltn ; Pi Alpha Xi ; Floriculture Club Independence .Tunior College UOV r,E tX FlTZJARIlAl.U. .Matiiimrillr CoMMKRCi; Marketing Club; Major. University Bri iuh- HowAitu Lksi.Ii-: Flkminc Olni ' i ACHICULTUUE lieneral Agnculhire Hull Hall Airriculluriil Club; Dairy Technolofry Club: Scabbard and Blade; M.I.D.A. Cnunril ( I » : CiiitJiiii. University Itritfade rAi:v MvinJAKi-.T Fi.kmiX ' ; Jtrmrut l.ntKitAL Arts and ,Srii;Mi:s Sisnin Kappa Arepo ; Pan-Hellenic Council ( ' . ) ; First Council, Woman ' s LenKuo (2, ' , -1) ; Oranse and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers; Stitr Course (2, ;{) ; Cast. " Marcin for Mrror " ; Produetion Staflf, " Outward Round " I1i;li;x Mauik Fi-KUitv Chicago CdMMF.RCI ' . Mdrkcihxg Delta Zeta Phi Chi Tlieta; Accnuntanry Club; Markel- in? Club; The Daily Itlini (1); Orange and Blue Feathers; Cold Feathers; Pro- duction Staff, " Bolieminn Girl, " " " FnUnw Thru " KdWAKD LKROY FOKItSTKU MnyWofid Liberal Arts and Sciencfs Chemical Knginecnitff Alpha Chi Sigma A.T.Ch.E.; The Teclmo-inph (:!, i) Honors Day (2 ) Li:o FKAXcrs Foi-kv Ghlction Liberal Arts axp Scikniks Pre Medical Meyers Club Der Deutsche Verein St. Viator ' s College; Loras College SilKLDOx LeRoy FORiniAM Yallnd PlIVSICAL KurCATION mini Ontins Club T H E E I 1 Fhamis Jahkh Fitzi ' Athu k. . . .Arlim hn, AdRirULTURK General AffriruitU ' ie Agricultural Club; Af riculturnl Economics Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Illinois Af;ri- culturlKt (3, •!) St. AmbroKO Collcpe WlLI IAM DaNIKL FlTZfATRICK. . Knuinekrinu Ceramic Knuiuetrivg KeramoB .ntiMpeid I ' HKC 80 KhwiN Tlrnsox Forehax Mmriaon AiiRiriLTURK denrral A ! iciiltui ' t ' Alpha Knp])a Pi AsjricultuiHl F.cnnoniics Club ; Freshman Varsity I ' olo Sijund : Interfnilernily Coun- cil CD (;i:um;i; Whitkmax Forniax Kau ia Cihi. Mn. KN ' DINCKRIKO Mrchanicai Knginecriuu Siuiun Alpha Kpsilon Pi Tau Si ' ma; A.S.M K.; The Technn-rapli W Kansas City Juniin- Cnlleice Pkiscili.a Mak Fornky Walnut I.IIIKIIAI. AlITS ANll SCIKSCKS ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I l.riKltT .[nSKI-U KOKSS . . . rl,i.;,.,.. KNtilNKKKlNci Mri ' hanical Ihiuinm iif Beta Kappa A.S.M.K.; Tlu ' Daily Illini t . -2): Flesh- iiinii Varsity FootliHll Sqiiatl ; Prndurtinn Staff. " La RolitMiif. ' ■ ' Lilioin " Arnnuir Iiisiitittc of IVrhiiol njy Barhaka Mak Kossk . . . Snmlwich Eduoatiox History Alpha Xi Delta Silver Feathers (4) Knitx Colloffo .TOSEl ' H EmvARD FOSTKK Chicafln ENHilNKKKINC Metallurgical Eiiffinerriun mini HbII Assistant Editor. The Techno rapli : lineral Industries Society: I ' niversiiy Cliorns (41 Lewis Institute Mahy Axx Foster Areola A iKICl ' I.TIJRK General Borne ICconomics Hethany Circle Hnrno Economics Club I.txo Xkii. FRA.V(E.s o.v. n inHn; o(i«, Jnd. Fine asd ArrLiED Arts 1 rrliitecture Alplia lihu Chi B.A.I.D. ; Caisson Club; First Lieutenant. University Brigade Al.KREli Frantis Chicago EXUINEERINU Metallurgical Eiiginceriurf Xewinan Hall Miiit ' ral Industrie ' ' Sf.ri..|y KioFNE Victor Fkankei Fairfield Liberal Arts and Sciknces Krouomics Alpha Tau Sicma ; Pershinc Kifles; Pier- rots; Srabbanl and DIade; The Siren (I, 2); First Lieutenant, University Rrizade; Production Staff. " The Drunkard, " •U.M..S. Pinafore " m l 1.0P1SK FlcA.NKci.iiT Ualla; Ttia, Agrici ' i.turi: flriieral Hume Kconouiict Phi SJicnia Si nia Southern Melhodist University; Uiii versity of Mt.ssnuri Itiiiiiiin- hwiii Franks Ilartr.i Commeki-k MiiiiHgriiieut Alpha Phi Onu ' sa ; Accountancy Club; Cais- son Club; I ' ershinK Killes; Scabbard and liliide; Siiinilar; Freshman Varsity FenciuK Siiuiid; Varsity Fencinc Hipind (2, ' .t, 4); Lieutenant Colonel, University llrieade; Military Council Northwestern I ' liivervitv Mailiorie Constance Eraser S priuff field , MuK i. Commerce General Businegtt Alplia Kappa Aljiha Marketinu Club; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. Cabi- net (4) Howard University Mni.i.Y .Taxe Frazier Daurille I.iHEKAi, Arts and Sciknces Euiilish vMi ha l H|)pa Alpha Fisk UiiivtTsitv Uk llAKii Wii.i.iA.M I ' uEcil Lenzhurg .V iRicri.TirRE yioricuiture -A Ticultural ( ' lub; Der Deutsche Verein ; llorlicnlture Club; Men ' s «!lec Club 2) Ainiirri Leroy ' FRiEimERU Torkrille EXOINEERINO Ceramic Eugintering The Last Resort American Ceramic Society ; Keramos Itonors Day (I. 2) JfARVix Artihr Friepman Chieani ' LiiiERAi. Arts and Sciekcis Chemintry Honors Day (1) Stekan Herman Frisohaik Chicano EXOIXEERIXO Electrical Etipineeriup Kta Kappa Xu; Phi Kappa Kpsiloii ll.mors Day (3) P:icr si V.Wh .TOBEPH FKITCH Violo Commerce Accouittancy Sigma Phi Epsilon Accountancy Club; Marketing Cliih Si. Ambrose College VlBOlNIA MAKJOBIE FROYD PuXloil Liberal Arts and Sciencks Ilomf Economies Laura B. Evans Hall Mortar Board : Torch ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Senior Ropresontn tiTe, Woman ' s Leaeue ; Omicron Nu ; Phi I ' psilon Omicron; W.A.A. ; CoChairman. Homecoming Stunt Show (4); Chairman. Woman ' s League Show (4); Junior Coun- cil. Woman ' s League; Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Student Alumni Association (2) Honors Day (1. 2. 3); Unirersity of Illi- nois Scholarship Key ViCTOB Goci-D Frysinoeb. .Cleburne, Tex. ESOIXEERINO ilcchanical EiigineerintJ A.S.M.E.; Pershing Rifles Antioch College f f Lois RlTII FllLI ER .Xnrmal Agriculture General Home Economics Pi Beta Phi Torch: Delta Sigma Rho; The Daily lllini (1) ; Chairman, Homecoming Publicity Committee (3); Orange and Blue Feathers; Uold Feathers; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3): Women ' s Glee Club (1); Production Staff, " Brother Rat, " " Elizabeth the Queen, " " Follow Thru, " ' Kind Lndy. " " Tosca " QuKNTiK Robert Fuller. ..Dmrer. Colo. Fine and Applied Arts ,4 rchitecturnl Enffineerinff Deha Tau Delta Scarab Honors Day (1) Dhane Fultz a luring fieltl Liberal Arts and Scikncks Geoloffti Phi Delta Theta Phalanx; Skull and Crescent; Freshman Varsity Football Squad ; Varsity Football Squad (2), Letter (3); Freshman Varsity Track Squad; Varsity Track Squad (2), Letter (3) PaI ' L Albert Fi ' kkcbt iJhicatio Enuin ' rerino Metalluryical Eutjineerinff Sigma Phi Sigma Cavalry OnTcers ' Club; Mineral Industries Society: Illinoia Union Cabinet (3) ; Major. University Brigade K.IHV Kli .loKKPII KlKIXISO CliicilU " Fine and Applied Art. " A rchiteeturnl E ni inerriutJ Pi Kajipa Alpha A.8.C.E. r ' v ' ? jmMff PflR H2 ALI.KN Hr.KNfAK CtAULE Ifnckford Commerce Accountancy AccouiitHiicy Club; Independent Cntincil (4) UoiKirs T n ( 1 } MORUts JoSKi ' H Gaebi; Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Honors Day (1) lioiihicr .Mc ' CoHNACK Gagk Minneapoliit, Minn. LiBKRAL Arts and Sciences Physics ' I ' iieta Delta Ciii University of Minnesota Stkwakt Ernest Ga!I Hifjlilaud Park Engineering Mechanical Engineering Triantjle Pi Tau SiKnia; A.S.M.E.; The Tecliuograph (2) ; First KcKimental Band (1, 2, 3) Honors Bay (2) Kaw; ilAl.l.AHl. GALIXm ' AV. . .Pleasant Hilt COMMEKCK Economics Student Senate (3); Caisson Club; Co- Chairman, Senior Jackets Committee; Inde- pendent Council (2, 3, 4) ; Executive Hoard. Men ' s Lea ' ne (4) W ' KKNEit Fred Gai.owitch Chicago Fine ani» Appmed Arts A rchHectural Engineering Alpha Rho Chi Tau Nu Tau; A.S.C.E.; Pershing Rifles; I ' ' irst Lieutenant. University Brigade T H E E I KlUTH GKKTIMI»t tiAUDNKIt Ook J ' ntk KlU ' lATION Nickell Lodg ' First Council. Woman ' s League (3. 4) ; Silver Feathers (AJ La .Salle-Peru Oglesby .Tunior College IlKLKN I ' lMZAhF-Tll ti AHDN ' KB . . . Co mi«I ' (7 c .lOIIRNALlSM Neurt and Editorial Delta Delta Delia Kappa Tau Alpha; Theta Sigma Phi; I ' an- llrllenir Council (4 I Southeast Missouri Stale Teachers College .( NK Aui.t. N I. ti Alii INK If , JOCKNALIS.M Xt u ' H amt lulilorial Frnkvr House Kiiroka Cnlletrt ' . . Danville ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I Jims Kit nvrdi t; ki m:k ' hUuu o KXltlNKKKINU Mechanical I ' mjiitfcrin; Di«ltH Thii Delln SiKiiia Tan; Tau Nu Tan; .V.S.M.K. ; Tin- T ' chiiot, ' rttph (1. 2 ) ; UaNoball Miinnsjur (;i) : First LiouttMiarit, University Brigade Honors Day (1. 2, 3) : rnivorsity of Illinois Schnlarship Key Jack BruTox Gaknek Ihuu-ilh- Agriculture )fliry Techiioloff! Hresee Club Alpha Phi Oinei a : Cavalry Officers ' Club; Phalanx; Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad ; Freshman Varsity M ' ater Polo Squad; First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade Uiiv KucKXE Garrisox Centralia Commerce Morkctitif Accountancy Club ; ilarketin;: Club ; Pro- duction Staff. ' The Mikado. " Uicbard III. " " Tosca " Oscar William Garver Sprinr fi ' l ' l EXCIXEERINC Mecluinical Engineering Phi Kappa Psi A.S.M.E. Springfield Junior College HoVCE WkTZKI. (.iAKVIX MtHiCOVhlli Commerce .icctnintancg Illico Alpha Kappa Psi ; Accountaiuy Club : Mnrkelini Club University of New Mexico (•foici ' t: iii.Ki.MAN (lAM. . !. J ' lut ' t ' li, Mich. JCUKXALISM Xewa and Editorial Sicma Nu Gamma Theta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Kand of X; Journalism Council (3) Lyle Kvbrett Oast Alden Liberal Arts axd Sciesck.s Chemistry Northern Illinois State Teachers College I ' liAiti.KH WiLLARD Gay AottlCULTURK General Agriculture Acricultural Club liork Port iM Lk M MO M v..i)AI,i;NI. (JAVIMW Ueiitd AllKlCl l,Ti;ilK (jciteral Ilomr KcrummicH ridtiu ' KffMiomirg CIiil Hi LINK liKAK (IKKIIINU Sulphur Uprinui, hid. I ' INK AND ArpUKi) Arts 1 rl EdiLcation Illuslrulors; Student Council, Pilgrim I ' oundntion (2, 3, 4) Mnticht ' sifir College I ' lIANI KS Kl.lZAUETll OtAIKlSi) . Oaletburu AORlCULTUllE General Ilomr. Economim Delta Delta Deltn Knox ColU ' tif Wkhsteii Hkxuv lU;iiiiiNii, Jit.. .Gatctburg .Vgricultuke Geiiernl Ai rictUture Theta Chi .Vgiicullural Club; Inlerfralernity Council (3, 4) If ArcKV (lEISKN t ' furia ENnlNKERIN ' G Elrctrieat Biif ineerinff A I.E.E. N trilALlK Loll.sE tiKl.IS La Orange l.iRKRAi. .Arts and RrirscKS Soriolinitj I ' hi Mu Killc Chih; Tnniiu-on :i): . ilxt-r l- -utht ' r.s II); Pimlnrtion .SlalT, " Kaniily Portrait. " " Maiion. " " Our Town. " " Two on an Nlanil " l.ynnv Township .limiitr Cf»llci:e II noi.ii Daviu i ..N . . ■ Arffo l.IKEIIAI. ART.M ANIi 8CIEXCK8 S prri ' lt Phi Kjtsilon Pi Pierrots; The Daily lllini il); Cast, " A Shakes|M arian Evening. " " Two on an I.slanil " ; Prorfuclinn Staff. " Black Fla- minifo. " ' The Mikado, " " Murder in the Cathedral " Page S.3 DoKAU) ErOEKE Gkrbehich Surorn ENOIXtKKINO Enffiueerinff Physics Pi Mu Epsilon; SiKiiia Tnu Honors D«y (1, 2, 3); University of Illi- noiB Scholarship Koy Wayvk RonitRT Gkriiks. . . IVoffrioo, Jnwa Knoinkkhixo MfctMnical K ' ' " ' " ' ■■••■iii ' i A.S.M.K. Wahkev Charles Gerler Oak J ' nrk EN ilKEERIN i Hechanical Engiiierring The Gar Men Tau Xu Tau: A.S.M.E.; Pershing Rillcs; Phalanx; Independent Council (3, 4); Captain, University Brigade; Military Council Central Y.M.C.A. College John Dominic GiAcn Tto. .. .Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Politieat Science Delia Tau Delta Skull and Crescent; Tho Illio (1, 2); Freshman Varsity Golf Squad ; Union Minstrel Show JOHN Edward Gibdons Dwigld Fine and Api ' I-ied Arts Ijamticape Architecture Theta Chi Landscape Architecture Society; Cast, " Good News " ; Union Minstrel Show ItAi.KKiii Snem. GlDSOX.JTcTico Cilu, ilex. Liberal Arts ani Si-iences Spanish Sicma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Delta Pi; Foolbnil Manager (2) Dorothy Mak Gii.kkv Vrbana LiiiKKAL Arts anu B(;it:NCK8 Socioltiffy Gymkana ; W.A.A.; Orange and Blue FealhiTB lUinF.RT Cami ' Iieli. Ilock ' ird LiiiEUAL Arth and Bciknckh Prc-Law ri)i Kappa Bkull and C ' roicent; Intcrfratornily Council (3) Page 84 ffCtk - S ' fW Mi kM Eakle Henry Gillis Dntirilie Lmikkal Arts akd Sciences .S " )Cfc t Belli Theta Pi Sachem; Mask and Bauble; Pierrots; The Daily lllini (I); Junior Business Man- ager, mini Theatre Guild; Chairman, lllini Theatre Guild Board (4) ; Cast, " The Drunkard, " " Fireman ' s Flame, " " Our Town, " " Rio Rita, " " Tivo on an I limd " liciCl..! XliWTlIX Givler XaihitiUt EXCINEEHINU Ociieral Enffineeriitff l eliii Tau Delta Xorth Central College Robert Earl Glazebrook Alton Commerce Accountancy Alpha Kappa Psi; Caisson Club; JIarkeling Club ; Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad ; Varsity Baseball Squad (2, n, n ; Cap- tain. University Brigade fi.AKENcE Gibson Glenn Mncnn Liberal Arts and Sciences rrc-Mcdical Acronntinicy Chib : Secrnid Re iini-rital Band CM Helen Louise Glennon Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Law Tvaitjiu Alpha Theta Lawrence College Lewis AVilliam Godlove. . .Albany, .Y. Y. IjIberal Arts and Sciences fjconnmint Newman Hall Washinsrton University T H E 5 E I Alick Margaret Goist Jnliet AORirULTURE General Home Koonomies Ml House Home I ' lconomics t ' lul) ; I Hindis - ;, ' ri -ul- lurist (1); Tninnroa CI); Proiliu-iion SinfT. " Our Town " Jtiliot .Tiinior rnlleco III Its Mill ill; It MAX (loi.n Chirnfjo l.iiti nAi. Akt.s anu SriKNCKS SciinitAr; ri-08lininn Varsity Foncinp S(|iiH(l : Varsity Fencinj; Sqiind (2) Ki Til Jean Goi.DBEiia t ii ' iii " I.IIIKIIAI. AlnS AMI SCIKXCKS Sm ' ioloiJti I.Htira H. Kvaiis Ilnll Till- l «ily mini (1); Kirst Couii.-il, WnnuiM ' s 1.« :i iio ( I t Walter Vintent CiooDiEV Chicnu " EnuOATidX Chfmiittry Wi ' iglit Junior Oolleg:c : lipwis Invtitnli ' losKi ' ii Warren- Gratia.v Uimkcr Hill EXOISEERINi; Klrclrical riii:iiiirfii,i,i Ktn KnpiiA Nu ; A.I.l:,i:. If ' in ii-s IlHv v ■: t IvSTIlEK MaKOAKKT tiHAV Xia iara Faltt, .V. r. Liheiiai, Arts A. r Sc u vi f Phi (lMif«« Pi Del- Doiitschf Vcrcin; Grceorian l.iliTary Society; Markeling Club; The ]llio (2); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 3) ; First Council. Woman ' s League (3, 4) ; Orange and Blue I ' enthers; fioM Feathers; Proiluclion Staff. " Murder in the Cathedral " L A 5 5 I 9 4 I Rl ' TH LORAINE tiOROOX COMMEltTK General Jiusiui-fis Botliany Circle Accountancy Cluh; MarktMini; Cliil) JEUOME SiDXEY GOKE ChtCHijn Commerce Accountaur; Accountancy Club; Concert Hjik.) m. " J, 3. 4) Honors Day (1) Xortlnvesterii I ' liiversity Lawrexce Weiss Golgler Vibaim Commerce Economics Phi Delta Theta Ma-Wan-Da: Sachem; Phi Knppa Phi: Beta Gamma Sijrma : Phi Eta Signin ; Edi- tor. The IlHo; Phi Alpha Chi; Phi :Mu Alpha-Sinfonia ; Band of X : Skull and Crescent: Chairman, Sachem Sinj;; Concert Hand (1, 2, 3); University Concert and Entertainment Board; Commerce Council (3, 4) Honors Day (1. 2, 3); Unirersily of Illi- nois SchoIarshii Key Virginia Pauline Graf Somonauk Liberal Arts ani Sciences Histor} Sif ma Kappa Shi-Ai; Orange and Blue l ' V;ithprs: f;nl ! Feathers Maih;e Marion Graci; _ h, ,„f„ftn Fink and Api-lied Arts .1 rchitfCturc Stratford House Arep»: Mask and Bauble; The Illio il); Chairman, Woman ' s I eague Stunt Show (4); Junior Council. Woman ' s League; Production Staff. " Brother Rat. " " Good News, ' " Rio Rita, " " Tosca, " " Yeomen of the Guard " Bettv Marie Gkann " km x I ' futuir EnrcATioN Commffcial Suhieclg l.aura B. Evans Hall Gamma Delta; Orchesis ; The Illio 2 : W.A.A. ; W.A.A. Numerals; Tamantn ( ' . ) : University Chorus (3, 4) Valparaiso University .Tames Arnolu Gkeen lull Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoolopy Caisson Club; Scimitnr; Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad I ' livLLis Jane GKKKNBLATT. c«r«i7, Mich. Physical Ei»rcATio.v Alpha Epsilon Phi The Daily Illini (1); W.A.A.: Oiaiiu ' .- and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers Marion Dale Greene Charlcnio Commerce Accountaur; Peterson Club Accountancy Club; Marketing Club Eastern Illinois Slate Teachers Colleso .M RTix Ai.nEUT GREiiORV Cfuimpaif n Cll.MMKKCE Central Bnttiuegx Alpha Sigma Phi Marketing Club; Skull ami Crescent; Inter- fraternity Dance Committee (4) ; Interfra- ternity Council (3, 4) ; Student Alumni . ssuciation (2) Mar.iorie Lee tTRElDKR Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Hume Kronomien Phi Beta Kappa; . lpha Lambda Delta: Iota Signia Pi; Omicron Xu; Homo Ern- nnmics Clult Honors Day (I. 2. :U : Univ.• ity uf Illi iiois SchfdarKhip Kc lioNAi.j. |,i-.u Gkii.h J ilirnukre. Wif Fine and Api-liek Arts .4 rffiilerliir Alpha Rho Chi I .nricuyle Honors Day (1. 2) Wisconsin Slato Teachers College Page 85 Greta Cmui.inn OKiNNbLi. Evanston Edication Kntjlitih Bi-ta Phi Alpha Arcpo; Gregorian Literary Socii ' ty; Mask and Uaubto; The Siren (1. 2) ; OraiiRo ami Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers; Production Staff. " Brother Rat, " " Family Portrait. " " Kind Lady, " " Our Town " " Toeca " Max GBtNNKi-L Itnncombc AoRicri.TrBK Oenfral Agrictttturt- Marketinf; Club Southern Illinois State Norninl University BOYV Al-LKN GKIKWOLI) COMMtRCr Markfting Alpha Tan Omeca I- va list on Ri ' Tii Mae Gkoxemkikk Bloomington AURICULTUHE General Home Economics (iamnia House Home EconomioB Club ; Orchesis ; W.A.A. ; W.A.A. Numerals; Major I; Titmaroa (3) Illinois State Normal University Frank Acockt Grouss Plainfitld Ekginekking Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.; Independent Council (2, 3) Armour Institute of Technoloff ' WiLi-iAM Alkxandlr GR08S Chicago LiFRRAi. Arts and Scikkces Pre Medical Myers Club Concert Band { ' i, 4); First Regimental Band (1, 2): Production Staff. " Family Portrait " Mary Katuebink Grossman I ' rfninn LlDERAI. ART8 ASl» SCIBKCKK Sociology Gamma Phi Beta Torch; Shi-4i; The Daily Illini (1, 2); Oranjic and Ulue Feathers; Gold Feathers; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3, 4); Student Alumni AsRoriation (2); UniverHity Chorus (1) 1X UIH GftOMHWiRTii Rochetler, N. Y. COMMKRCK ifarketing " - • f Puge SO l Mti. .11 M GkI ' XWAI-D Dervgn Education Speech l -ltu Zeta Z.ta Phi Eta; Shi-Ai; The lllio (l); Pan Hellenic Council (2, 3, 4); First Council, Woman ' s League (3, 4); Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers; Cast, " Black Flamingo, " " Good News. " " Richard III " Honors Day (1) Hauky Jack Grusin Chicago Journalism Advertising and Publishing Newman Hall Ganinm Theta Phi; Caisson Club; Market- ing Club; The Independent (2, 3, 4); Independent Council (2, 3) ; Journalism Council (4) ; First Lieutenant. University Hrii, ' »de WiM.iAM Joseph Gudgeon Chicago FixK AND Applied Arts Commercial Design Dflta Upsilon Dolphins; Tribe of Illini; Freshman A ' arsity Swimming Squad; Varsity Swimming Squad (3, 4) ; Freshman Varsity " Water Polo Squad; Varsity Wnter Polo Squad (2) ; Letter (3. 4) KiAvix 0 vi ' ;x? Gv Kits iiEX . .Baltimore, Md. lAiiEHM. Arts and Scienckp Chemical Engineering Sigma Phi Sigma Phi Lambda Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; A.T.Ch.E.; Coast Artil- lery Club; Pershing Rifles; Star and Scroll; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (3) ; Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors (4) ; Star Course (2) ; Major, ti niversity Brigade Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key Jane Gullett Decatur Liberal Arts and Sciences English Kappa Alpha Theta Orange and Bin.- F«-ntlu-i : (in] l I ' Vnthers Uai-I ' II Herbert Guymon Kansas City, Mo. Liberal Artjs and Sciences Chemical Engineering Kansas City J iiiior College T H E 5 E I A M V .lovri; HAAii Chicago AliHKULTrRK iifnrrili Home Kcouomics Alpha Xi Urlla The mill (1); Oimige uiul Hluu FooillierB; ioId I ' ViitliiTs : Production Staff, " I.nily I ' n-ciotis Stri ' mii. " " Toscn " .IKAN l.iiiiiiiixi. llAiiAM Ohicaun AmiuuuTtHE . ' ii(ii7ii.n uiirf Diclrlicii Miii ' il MhII II (• KiMiiioinirK t ' luti; Prodiictioii StafT, Till ' Mikado " WilHiiit .Itiiiior CoHi ' Ke riiiKOTIIV MaK 1Ia| I ksjiokm . ftiarrNfniCM KlUTATIliN EtlitlUh W ' l ' lsh House nio Illio (2); Clisirman, Muthers Day Ro ceptioii Coniiuittco (3); Sitvur Fenthers (4) ; Proiluctioti Staff, " Family Portrait, " " Our Town " Dlinoiii State Normal University roROTiiY .Tank Hakokk Chicaga l.iiiKKAi. Arts and Sciknces Frtnfh Delta Zria Lc Corrlo Francais; Taiimroa ' ) Nortli Park Oolleffe L A 5 5 I 9 4 I Donald Oscar Haknkr (juiiicu FtNE and Applied Arts Architfcturat EngineiTiitfi Newman Hall Quinoy Collepe I.Ei.AM) William Haqman Chicauo COMMKRCK Markfting Al|.h» Chi Rho Alpha Kappa Psi ; Marketing Club; The Daily Illini (2); Production Staff, " Family Portrait, " " Manon. " ' Our Town, " " A Shakespearian Evening " North Park .Tunior Collej e RoBtRT William Hailey EXniNEERINO iletallurgical Engineering Miner House Mineral Industries Society lialin-ia Clare Wilson Hall Quincy Liberal Art.s and Sciences SipttniHh Phi Mu Kiflo Cluh: Silver Feathers il) Georjre Washincton t ' niversity M K.iiiHiF Denniston Hall University Cih , Mo. l.iiiRRAL Arts and Sciences Frenrh Alpha Delta Pi Taniaroa ( :{ ) si. ' i.ii.-i.v .T„,.:..r (■,.ii..c.. Weniiki.l Woodrow Hali Elixt Kynn Education lliitory Illinois Stat© Normal rniver- ity Mm M IKA Kf.WAKI) HaMKIC pgru AxHICUbTUHE ifnrrat Affriculture Ak ' riculluiHl Cliil.; Ajcricullurftl Economics Club: AKrifulturnl Kducation Club; Illinoin Acrirulturist ( It. I ) : Production Staff, " Mtu-L ' in ( ' ' ir Krror " I.i.SjilI,. l ..rn Oificsby Junior CoHoce H ril,KV «TMI K liAAIILTON. . KXUINKKIIING . fiuinif Eiiffijieffing M..liM|. lir)l Cnll.-L ' .- iKMcoiKV IlKi.KN HAMILTON. . . . VandoUa PlIVSICAI, KlUTATION U.-ltii DultH iJt ' ltii Orcbi ' sis; W.A.A.; W.A.A. Nuoiorals ; Iiijor I : Oranuc and Blue Fealhnrs ; ;..Ill Kl ' Htb.TS Dorothy Lois Hamii iun Kewanec 7,nti-:i( i, Arts anp ScfENCKS flititorfi Acolia IpbH Pi D.-lDi JKANNE FrEDERICA HAMILTON . . . .I ' ontiar Journalism AdrcitiMiiiff arid Publishiuff Zviii Tau Alpha (iamma Alpha Chi: Accountancy Club; Markftingr Club; Tht- Daily Illini (1. 2); W.A.A. ; Gold Feathers ; Student Alumni Association (2) ; Production Staff, " It I ' nn ' t Happen Here. " " Our Town " Hiinnrs I ay (1 t .1 {K Kkxneth Hamm Chieau " Kkoineekino Civil Engineering Sigma Nu A.S.C.K.: Dolphins: Cast, ' Tosca. " " Yen men of the Guard " Honors Day (1. ' Z) N(trlb western UnivorMiiy Kiti:i» TitowMKiiKiK WwxwviR. . . . Itindsbot ' j AORH I LTIRE Qtnernl Agriculturr sltanpri Lodge t aisson Club, PerjihinR Rifles.; Plali ' au aii i l rum: Scabbard and Blade: Kreshniaii Varsity Wrestlini; Squad; Major. Uni%ersity Hricadr: Military Council llnnorh Dnv t ' 2. ' .I ■ ALLAN Karxim M AMMr:HHTRoM. .OnA: i ' arfr COMUEKCE Managriiicnt SiKina Nu Alpha Kappa Pal ; Accountancy Club: Pershinj: KitleN: Kre iliraan Varsity Track Squad ; Firnt KeKimmlal Band ( II ) ; Sec- ond Retfiniental Hand (1, 2); Production Staff. " Fireninn ' s Flame, " " Yeomen of the ituard " V-A i- H7 Mary FiTrciriv Hanakix LtteUjiclit .TnritNAI.ISM AtirfrtigiiitJ and Puhlijihiiiii Siu ' iiin Kiippa (•aiiiniti Alphn Chi; Theln Si nia Phi; The Daily Illini (2): Ttiinarfin (2, :!) ; Gold Keaihors Ufisary roIU ' Xo Donald Jamcs Uanauax Hpriuofiiht LinEitAi Arts ani» StiKXCKS Club Tnppor S| ri ngfii ' lil Junior Cotlutrii James Hakou Haxi»y Loami AriKICL ' LTl ' RE General AftricuHure Farm House Afrricullural Club; AsrricuUural Ktlucntion Club Blackburn Collo- ' e; Wln aton College Daniel Kilvnk Hang. . .Miami Beach, ria. EXr.IXEERINC EUetrical Euginceritig rnivcivily nf Mijiini Klizanne Hanitz Rochford I.iBKRAi. Arts and Sciences Sociuloffy Mary E. Bn.sey HbII Alpha Pi Delta; Illini Outing Club; W.A.A.: Oranpe and Blue Feathers; Gold tVathcrs; Kxecutivc Council. R.G.S. (4) pAii Barnett Hanks Commerce Jiaiikinff and Finance Banking Club; Economics Club Blackburn ( ' olleno .Pcail UoBEKT Lincoln Hanks Clmm nm n Liberal Arts and Sciences The ransion Ronr.RT Stuart Hanmer .S7. Chnrlts LiiiRRAL Arts and Sciences ( ' hemiral Entnnrering WriKhl HoiiNft Phi Lambda I ' pftllun ; A.X.Ch.K. HnnnrN Day (1,2) Pago 88 lfck.. NiMtMAN HkiTTOX iiANXAII MattoOn LiiiEicAL Arts and Sciences rvUliriil Sricnre Delta Phi Pershing Rifles; Star Cnuisi. ( j i ; Vm-sity Debate Squad (1. 2) lienors Day ( 1 ) P lL Alvosivs Hanselman. . ..V rinr ic rf Liberal Arts and Sciences Iliatory Ninvman Hall Springfield Junior College CK mfiE XiELSEN Hansen Chicago Edvcation Coast Artillery Club; PImlunx; Cnpluin, I ' niversity Brigade rvntral College Loirs Anduew Hanskx Wmtcomla Fine and Api ' ltkd Arts Music Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia ; Gyninastica ; Con- cert Band (1, 2. 3. 4); Men ' s Glee Club Ci); University Orchestra (2, 3) Honors Day {1, 2) Xortlnvestern University Frank Detlefk Hansing liimfichl AoKICrLTrRE General Agriculture. Alpha ' I ' liu Alpha; Agricultural Club; Agri- rultura! Education Club; Field and Fur- i-ow Club Tlliiiois State Xoi ' nial UnivLTsity (IRACE Cecile Hantover Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English I.uuni B. Evans Hal! Phi Alpha Chi; Rifle Club; Women ' s Glee Club (2, 3) T H E 5 E I Dkldert Karl Hardacke Lanark ION ilNEEKING Ifc Mechanical Engineeritig Tim Beta Pi; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; A.S.ILK. Honors Day (L 2, 3); liniversily of Illi- nois Seholnrship Key Uh HARD CORRIK H ARIH Ml . ficAniofuL Ind. ENOINEERINtl M echo nical Engineeriuff Illini Hall Scabbard and Blade; Captain, Univer ilj Biigade University of Cincinnati GEORiiK ll.MlOI.l) 11 Mli;ITT. .In .V . A. t(i .. .«.. KN.i NKKRINII itfchnnicat Kuflinftf ng lU ' ln Tlu ' l« Vi A. S.M.I- . : Thf T,- olitiof;rli|)tt ( , 2 :i): Tnuk MHiiiiifor ( J) : Fri ' shiimii A arsiiv Swiniiiuii Siiuiitl : A ' Hi ' sily Swintniiiii; S )uii(l (•-•); f ri ' KlniiHii " iirsily Traok S(|un l : ' ni- ily ' ' nn ' k Sipiml CJ) ROUKKT ll.VlUil.I) ,1 VKMKSON . . Jf III,;,,, CI) NKKRIN ' O Ciii I ' it;liin ' rrin;i Rpolrr Club A.S.C.E ; Srahl.n ■•1 nn.l Ulu ' lc: Tan X u Tan ( L A 5 5 I 9 I David Koah Hahmox Vhrntn AtiKICVLTURK Oeneral AftricHltiire Cavalry Officers ' Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Phalanx; Socond LienttMiant, Uni- versity llriijade K. TIIkYN MlLiiKF.D Harmox Lcbnnnn AfiRKVI-TrKE Getteral Home Economics McKinley Hall OniicroM Nu; Pbi Vpsilon Omicron; Home Economics Club Honors Day (:i) r.• n ' l .■.■ rnllege Makv ,Io Harmox Lebanon A«;KirrL.TlKE General Home Economics McKinley Hall Phi UpsiloM OniitToii ; Home Economics CInb Honors Day (2) RrtKH.iii Hexry Harms I ' Uinauan AGRICri.Tt ' RK Oeneval AijricuHare Alpha Tau Alpha; Agricultural Club: Ari-i- cultural Education Club; Field and Fur row Club Illinois State Normal Vnivrrsitv Ravmoxii KaM ' II HARXKTKArx.( r ' nn7 c Ar.RKThTrKK Gfnrrnl Agriculture Alpha Tau Omekrn Agricultural Club; Illinois Union Hoard of Directors (2); S;udent Alumni Association (2) l ( ' i:tiTHV .i y llVRRKX i Liberal Arts asm S iKNrK Soc.ttUtfty Casle Hall First Council. Woman ' s League ' Tamaroa (3) Bradley Polytechnic Institute J ' ; CiiARi.Ks Harris, Jh DcctUui FixK Axii Api ' mkij Arts Architectunil Enffitirerinp Tau Kiippa Kpsitou Jdine-H Millikin University I LII ' lillII) KmVAKIt ]I RKI i:in ;nj» I.iitRKAi. Arts and SciKxrKs hufh ' i idttiftft Delia Si ' ma Phi llncteriolocy Club Mauv I ' .KATitirK H.wiuis .Charlestown, Jnit l.iitKRAi. Arts axi Scikkcrs Efifflish Mary K. Bwsey Hall Taniarou (3) ; Silver Feathers (I) ; V.W.C.A. Cabinet (4) Itlarkburn College Robert Jamks Harris ifaeomb AORICVLTirRE General Agriculture Agricultural Club; Agricultural Economics Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad; Varsity Wrestling SqniMl (2, 3, 4) lionors Day (2 ) I.Ksi.ii: Albert Harrison Dunlnp AORICILTIRK General AffrictUiure Alpha liamma Hho Agricultural Club; Dairy Production Club; Pershint: Rifles; Hlinois Agriculturist (2, : ) : Baseball Manager (2) ; Student Alumni A soci»tion (2, 3) EiLEEX Marie Harrv Bcnld Liberal Arts axi Si ' Iencks Xoolopy T.iiuni B. Evans Hall (Manure and Blue Feathers i.i:nU(iiA Axx Harry. .Loirrynci-ftdri . Jnti. LiBKRAi. Arts axd SriKXCEs English Pi Itrta Phi W.A.A.: W.A.A. Numerals; Major I; Pan- Hellenic Council 1 3. 4(; Orange an l Hliio Fi-alhers; Clold Feathers; Student Aluuini ANsociatioii (2) ; Executive Council, Wo- man ' s Leasue (4) Honors Dnv ( 1 i ii (;i;i I . i.» N Ji ii-Mi II K i K AORIilLTl ' KK General Af ricuUnre Cosninpnlilan Clul Alpha Zeta; Agricultural Club; Club; Major. University Brigado Honors Day (2. 3) Caisson Tago S9 Nakct Rliakok Harsh man Chiniiw F.orOATION . ' Spanish Chi Omes ShiAi : Pan-Helleiiif Council ( 4 ) ; First Cotincil, W ' omnn ' s l. neuc ( 4): Ornnee and Blue Feath( rK: Gold realliers; Y.W.C.A. Csbinol (3); Star Course (2); Produflion Staff. " Klizalieth the QiietMi " : Onion MinRlrel Shnw : .Tmijor Prom Queen Etta May Hart Canpn-xit Pari- Special and Critirat Alpha Hou c The Independent 3) Lyons Township .Ttinior Colleg;e John Bon Anna AuEiorbTrRE Flonculturr Alpha (inniMiH Rho Agricultural Club; Hoof «n i Horn Club; Interfraternity Counril (:i) David Montao.vk H ahtm. i .. .Cnrbnnttoh ENGINKERIXfi Mechanical Kupivrrriug A.8.M.E.: Railway Club Southern Illinois State Teachers College Kdwin Marctth Haux. . .Kansas City, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciextes Chemical Eugineering Alpha Chi Signia A.I.Ch.E. Kansas City Junior (college Naomi Martha Hawkixb Ahim LiRKRAi. Arts and SriEXCKS lioianji Laura H. Kvans IIhH W.A.A. ; W.A.A. Numerals ; Orange an I Blue FeathtTs: GoIJ Feathers CAKOL-rx DeLaoneau Hav U, ' Kalb Journalism Advertitino and Publishini Kecler Klub Kappa Tau Alpha; The Independent (H. 4 ; Firm Council, Woman ' s League (4) ; Taroaroa (:i) ; Univorsity ChoruH (3, 4); Cant. " Our Town " ; Production Suff, " Black namingo, " The Mikado, " " A Hhakciipearian Kvening. " " Two on an Inland " Northern IllinoiA Stale Tfurhorn College; OberJin College Kltzabeth LoVIhk Havkh iJhicagu LiRERAL Arts and Soiknckb Itacterinlofjy Alpha Omicron Pi Torch; Gymnamica; Shi-Ai; The Illio (1. 2. 3); PanllellPnIc Council (3); FirM Council, Woman ' K league (4); Orange and BIuB Feathera; Gold Foathem; Production Staff. " Follow Thru " tiKORtiK RiFUM Hayes Iloopeston A RlCrLTURK General Agriculture Agricultural Club W 4 i I ' a(; ' 110 Thomas Kuanklix Hayks (Jham iaign COMMERCK Marketing Caisson Club ; Marketing Club ; Scabbard and Blade; Freshman Varsity Polo Squad; Varsity Polo Squad (2, ' .), 4); Major, Uni- versity Brigade K v Lkkoy Havs Salem Liberal Arts and Scienc es Chemistry Captain, University Brigade Honors Day (1. 3) UoKis Healv Vyn7 eu-nod. Pa. Liberal Arts and Sciexces History Kappa Alpha Theta Shi-Ai; W.A.A.; W.A.A. Numerals; Orange and nine Feathers: Gold Feathers WiLMKK FfiKDiNAXD Hebeker. . .Freehurg AORICI ' LTURE General Agriculture .Alpha Tau Sigma; Second Lieutenant, Uni- N.i- ilx Brigade Marion E. ton Hebrox Fnrina Commerce Commerce and Lair Sigma Pi Phi Delta Phi; Pershing Kiftes; The Illio { ' 2) ; Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad; Freshman Varsity Football Squad ; Inde- pendent Council (2) ; Student Alumni Aeso- .■iatiftn r. ) ,iii-.Ki-ii .s IKK ID litLM.K Crhana Commerce Commerce and Law Phi Delta Phi Second Lieutenant. University Brigade Honors Day (I, 2, 3); University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key T H E 5 E K I l ). |,L) KEH NHKRii HKIHibS. Commerce Manngement . .Chicago H R» Mt ilArKur HKirrrz (- ' iir« ;« I.iURRAi. Arts ani RriKNrKR Botany Miner Houst " !.•■ Cerclo Francais; Dvt nnilscln ' Vrn-in Ht»rzl tiinior OolIfC ' li ' M HicKFOnn IlENKEUBON Alton JoCltNAMSM Ailrt-rtisina and Publinhinff (irtiiiii )n Cliil) MitrinKini; Kditor, The Tiidepimdciit ; liHni- nia Thi-tii I hi ; iMiirkotlnK Club ShiirtlcfT ' CnlloKr ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I Ri ' Tii Rlizabeth Helaniikr iftn ' atuf COMMERtE Genfral BusintJ s Presbyd ' rian HrI! Phi Chi Theta; Accountancy Club; Mnr keting Club; Pnuluctinn Staff. " Toscn " Honors Day ( 1 ) Rtephex Charles Helis Chu ' »u Commerce Marketing Phi Kta Sigma ; Alpha Kappn Psi ; Ac- countancy CJub; Marketing Club; Indepen- dent Council (1); Mnn ' s Glee Club (2) Honors Day ( 1 ) Robert .Tvman Helwiu Min thi nborn Commerce AccountanrtJ Phi Eta SiRnia ; Account ancy Club ; Cftis- Bon Club; Phalanx Honors Day (1, 2) J«)SKPiii ' E Kkancks Hh.M Ml msos .Afolinr Liberal Arts and Sciexcfs Economicx Pi Beta Phi Tamaroa (3); Silver Feathers (4); Pro duction Staff. " Our Town " Aiipustana CoIIeee William .Tames Htmphiui.. . Jocl ' sonnUr Commerce Marketirifi AlphH Tan ( ni» ga Clarion Bowkb Henderson luhoif AORICrLTtRE General Agriculture Agriculiural Club; Field and Furrow Club; Illinoia AgrirulturiHt (4) ; Af ricullnral Council (4) CuRTiH McKer Henderson ( ' «; Ctty I-inERAL Arts and Sc!en :s Genlftgy Sigma Pi Geology Club; I ' nion Mini trel Show ■mmk ( iiAKLKS Wade Heniirix Vhampaigix LiHERAL Arts and Sciences Pre haw Plii Kta Sigma ; Cavalry Officer ' Club ; V ' arHity Fencing Squad (2); Captain. Uni vereity Brigade Honors Day (1, 2, W) ; Universily of Illinois Scholarship Key Willi M Kn HAith JIknlev narlford City, Ind AORICULTURE Floricidiure Delta Phi Agricultural Club; Floriculture Club Earlham College Walter Tinney Heruet Fekin Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda A.I.Ch.E. ; Freshman Varsity Golf Squad Honors Day (2) Hkxky Hall Herino Chicago Enoinkerino Mechanical Engineering Beta Kappa A.S.M.E. K wmond William Herrmann. .Shabhona Liberal Arts and Scientes PreMedical Phi Sigma Kappa Skull and Crescent; The Ulio (1, 2); First Regimental Band 1. 2) Ki H vKD Ray HERfiiiMAN lif—k, Jnd. Commerce Marketing Sigma ' u Accountancy Club; Band of X; Dolphins; Marketing Club; Swimming Manager (2) ' iRi.iNiA I.KK Hess E Dr CATION FnglUh Allen Hounf Iniversity Choru (1) McKvndree College Phj; 91 iMin. ivn.i.iAM 11I--1. Cliicaua JtHKNAl.ISM .Yew and EtUlorial Ksppn Tau Alphn ; MarkrlinK Cluti; Jour- noliMu Cimiu ' il ( 4 ) David Stv.MOlK Hkssei.l ChU-iifiu ■lOlBXAl.ISM Aitvertigiuff iiiid Publisliinp Tau Delia Phi Accouiitniicy (lull: MnrkftiiiK Club Alice Lauisf. Hksteb Springfield l.iRRRAi. Arts and Sciences Enfflistt Alpha Phi Tainaroa (3); Cast, ' •Family Portrait " ; Production Staff. " Our Town " Springfield Junior College Thomas Am-legate Hiekonvmos. .Aitiiiilu Ar.RICll-TUSE Geufral AgricuUure Illinois .State Xoriiial I ' niviTsitv JEANXETTE MaHEI. IllNrKLEV Eaal St. Louitt I.IBEriAI. AKT.S AND SCIENCES Eiii ligh Kappa Kaj ' pa (iainnia Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers; Football Court of Honor (3) Ei.izAiiETn Jane Hines Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Eitiiligh Pi Beta Phi GyninaMica; Shi-Ai; Orange and Blue Featlicri.; Gold Feathers; Star Course (•J); Court of Honor (2. 3, 4) .UN llixo Chicniiii KKlilNEEBINti MetnUurpicat Eni ineeriuil Mineral Igdustries Society; Sciiiiiriir; Freithinan Varsity Fencing Squad Wilson Junior College l.i i« Jkax Hitiiicock Chiciii, Liberal Aiitk anii Suiencrs Sticioloifil Kappi Dr Itn n Pago 92 irxE KvEi.v.v Hjelm Chicago l.iniMlAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanish Delta 1-e Cercle Fraucais; .Spanish Club; Pan- Hellenic Council (:t) llf.l,l.N MAtttiArcKT llOAIlLEV. Edi-cation E nijliiih .Yorknlle KVEKETT John HOA(iLANl) KXGINEERINU Mfcliniiical Engiveerinff A.S.M.E. Bradley Polytechnic Institute . I ' cfiria Felicia Carole HociurAx Ueidon Liberal Arts and .Sciences English Laura B. Evans Hall Tniversity of Missouri RfiBEUT " WnimnxoTON Hodge PecUsUiU, A ' , r. EXGINEEHINa Utiilt-ay Mechnuiral EnginecHng A.S.M.E.; Pershing Ritlcs John Everett Hoerner. .GlendtiU, Cnlif. Fixe and Aitlied Arts .1 rcliitectural Engineering Alpha Klui Chi A.S.C.E.; Pershing Rifles; Interfraternity Council (3, 4); Illinois LTnion Board of Directors (3) University of Southern California Carlvle Hofkman Ohetler Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology I ' hi Eta Signin ll..iH.rx Day I I) T H E 5 E K I R KlMER EUUIXK HoKFMAN. . . .i ' ltimn- Ciiu A(iUIlVI.TrHK General A nriruUnri ' Blaclibura College ( L A 5 5 I 9 I Haklam) Homf.k Hokkman Xontuit AtiKirri.TiKK (teneral AffricuUure Alplia Tati AlpliB ; Kiippii Dcltn Vi ; Ag- rirullural Cluh : A riculliiral Kducntioii rtiib IllinoiK Statt ' Niiriiiiil rnivrrsily Uoltr.KT VaI,I,A K Ilol.ttKKl ' I. II llahni. i ' alii. AuRiri l.TI KK General AtJiirtiltine Alplin Zfta : AgriciiltiirHl Club : Ctivnlry OffictTs ' Club; Hoof and Horn Club; St-ab- bard niui Hlatlc : Major. University Uri- gad Honors Oay (I. 2) Rem, I.KE HoiJ.Kit Chicnffo I.inKRAL Arts ami St ii;n i.s I ' hi Si ina Si ina W.A.A.; Pan-Htllenic Council ( ' ) : First Council, Woman ' s League (4) : Oranp » and Blue Foatbers; Gold Featliers; Wom- an ' s Glee Club (2); Cniversity Chorus (2) Xnrtb western CniviTsity FRKtVRRirK WlI.I-EV l H lLI.V I!oi ' k oi(l I.iHKRAi. Arts ani SciExrKs Clit ' iiiiMtry Phi Kappa Phi ; Phi Kta Si iua ; i ' hi Lambda Upsilon Honors Day (1, 2, ' 1) ; University of Hli- nois S ' holarsliip Key HKKnKRT Nasu Hni.MES Mt. Stfrling LiRKRAL Arts axi» Scikxcks Economifn (oast Arlillery Club ; Dolphins; Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad ; Varsity Swiui- tuintc Squad (2. . 4); First Lieutenant, L ' niv»Tsity Brigadf WiLMKM KaRI. IfilLMKS }frlrin Cdmmkrtk At cuutitaiicn Accountancy Club; Coast Artillery Club. PerNhiiig Rifles ; Pierrots ; Scabbard and Blade ; Major, University Brigade ; Pro ductiim Staff, " Brother Rat. " " Fireman ' s Flame, ' ' " It Can ' t Happen Here. " " Kind Lady " Hr.NRV .lOHDAN HiH. viisT Oak Park COMMKRiK Markftitt rheta Xi Senior Chei rleader ; Band of X; Didphius; Tribe of mini : Fresliman Varsity Swim- ming Squad ; Varsity Swimming Letter (2. :t. 4 : Intt-rfralrrnily Council { ) Joseph Hai.l Hoou. . Crbana KxniS ' KKKtN ' i Mechanical Knffinffrinff Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kta Sigma Honors Day (1. 2, ) : I ' liiversily of Illinois Scholarship Key Ml I.I..V Jam: Huukkr Lebanon LiiiERAi. Arts ani» Scikni-ks I ' ityt ' h ito{ y Medeii Alpha Lumbdn Delta ; Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold PValhera; Production Staff. " Mauo?i. " " Our Town, " " Prologue to Clory " llnnnr.s Day ( i ) Sitiiti.hV Bettv HkI ' i Chicaffo T.iHKRAL Arts and Sciksckk iCn;jlitih Delta Delta Delta The lllio (1) ; Orangf and Blue Feathera; Gold Feathers; Cast. " Good v.- - : " Union Minstrel Show WiM.iAM ARTHtMt Horn Chicago LiiiERAJ Arts and SriKNtKS Itnctrriolofiy Beta Sigma Psi Captain. Cniversity Brigade Iniversiiv of Alaltama J AXET HorSTMAN Unrniia Edit AT ION Spanixh Alpha Xi Delta Torch; Gymnaslica; SbiAi; The Daily mini (1, 2); Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers; Production Staff. " Black Flamingo. " " H.M.S. Pinafore, " " Man- on. " " Murder in the Cathedral, " " A Shakespearian Evening " T.AWKEXCE Charles Hotjdek Ci«ro Liberal Arts axd Sciences Chemical K nyineciinff Alpha Chi Sigma A.LCb.E. Morton Junior College TiniMAS Martin IDmik iliuhlnnd EX ;iXEERIN i CVrrtniic Whilebouse President. Junior Class; American Ceramic Society; Marketing Club; Pershing Rifles; Independent Council (I. 2. 3, 4); Major. Cniversity Brigade ItMrioTiiY MARr.ARKT HiDSOX Vrbnna Liberal Arts and SriKXCES Socio! ofjy Alpha Oniicron Pi Orange and Blue Feaihrrs; Gold Feathera Ki.iZABETit Fern llri»s»ix Xauroo EliITATlON Knf linh Mary E. Bu!«. y Hall Orrhesia; W.A.A. : Orang and Blue Fea- thers; Gohl Feathers: Student Alumni Asso- ciation (2): I ' niversily Chorus (1); Third Counril. Woman ' s League i.i) : Pr...loetion Staff. " A ShakesfH ' arian Evcnin- Page 93 Les-tir Sicling Huffman ( En ' ,inf.kkinii Gfnfrnl Fn nnfrrin ' j HOMFK noN Hl ' ooiKK I ' hienga Knc.infekinc; Ofntral Eii ' jiufrrintl Pi Kaiipa IMii Srabbard an l Bladr; Intprfralrrnily Coun- cil 4); V ts LIrutt ' nanI, rnivcrsily Bri- gaii. ' Wci.i.s HiooSmith Dulillh, Minn. Com. MERCK Economiet Vsi I ' p.silon Accounlancy Club; Bankini; Cluli: Pan- Xmis; Pi.rrots: Tho Daily Illini (1. 2): Intcrfratornily Council (3. 4) ; Produc- tion Slaff. ••The Drunkard. • ■Firfinan ' s Flame. " • ' It Can ' t Happin Her.-. " -I-ady Precious Stream " Ki.okkxce Hl ' LT. . . ElH- ATION Alpha House Xnrlh Park .Tunior Colle(re . I ' riitrftnn -AMiHt.W .InKKI ' lI Hl ' MI ' HBEV Sayrerillr. .V. J. I.IHKKAI. Arts and Sciences Chemirat K n jiu rrintl A.I.Ch.E.; .Synlon Honors Day ( 1 ) Mary Axn ilCNT Chiengo Liberal Arts and Scie.m-es Uigtory Cbi Omega Tamaroa (2); Gold FeatherB: Production Staff, ' •Our Town " Monlicello College CirABI.OTTE AfiNES Hf.VTKB Cllirmju I.iiit.KAL Arts and Sciences I ' Mj rJioloffy ColleKieiine Flmt Connfil, Woman ' s League (3, 4) Lai ' ha Mak H(rKTi.E . ' n. n LiriEitAL Arts am» Scie.vces Jinrtrriiilogy Alpha XI Delta Iota igina I ' i; Kacterlolngjr Club Il,.., .r, llHv I J) I ' iiyo 04 ' K.VTilltVN I.oriSE Hlrl Varna LiRKR.vL Arts and Scikncks 4-H House W.A.A.; Orango and BIiu Feathers: Gold Fenlhers: Woman ' s Glee Clul) (3); Uni- Viisity Chorus (2. 3) Al.IiKUT KmwiX HlKT Harry COMMEKCK Accounln try Illini Hall AI|ilui I ' hi Omt-Ba ; Accountancy Club ; Foulhall Manager (2); Independent Coun- ril (1, 2, -1 ) : Student Alumni Assorln- lion (4); Commerce Council (3, 4) Honors Day (1) FRKDEKH ' K HUSMAN ' . Editation liiology . Vrhnna M uv Hetii HrsTKi) Vivuiu ' m I.iitEHAL Arts and Sciencks Home Economics Aljtlia Gamma Delta Tamaroa (3); Silver Feathers (4); I ' ni- v.rsity Chorus (3. 4) Stephens Junior College Kl ' UAItli VlI,l IAM Hl ' THERT. ( )M.MER(. ' E Acroiiiitniic; The Mansion Marketing Club Northwestern University . Chirofjo ArsTix Hi ' TsoN Lr.riitf to)i Kdvcation Afjrirufturc Alpha Tau Aljihn : ' nrsity Wrcsilirit: Letter (3) Illinois .State Normal University T H E E I .ICVXKTTK VlRfilNlA HlXTVIU.K, (llll HI pni;nt Liukhal Arts anh Scikniks Uitttonj Alplm Omicron Pi Mask and Banhle; Orange ami Ulue Kea thers; (loUl Feathers; Student Alumni As- sociation (2); I roduction StnIT, " Brother Kat. " " Family Portrait, " " Munnn. " " The Mikado. " " Our Town " DoitOTllV Kl.IZAnETII iNUl.K A ' I ' Viii, r LiitEUM.. Arts and SriKNri;s Jliitturn Alpha Houae Tlie Illin (1. 2); First Council. Woman- League (4): Orange and Blue Feathers; (iold Feathers ; Seconil Council. Woman ' s League ( 4) ; Production SlaflT. " I. a Boheme. " " Boy Meets Girl. " " Follou ' I ' hrn, " " l oHt Hoad. " " Spring Formal ' Kou»;«T W ' .M.iitN INOLK (HIaun KlMTATION Knffliah Dihii Tau Delia Tribt of mini ; Freslimati X ' lirsity Foot- ball Squad: Varsity Football l.ottrr (-J): Freshman Varsity Wrosllini; Squad KrssELi. .lA iES In ' man (irand Chain AtJRIClLTrRK Getifral Agriculture Alpha Tau Alpha; Agricultural riuh: Auii cultural Education Club Southern Illinois StHtc Nnrnuil I ' nivcr- sitv ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I REBErcA Jane In ' NIS rrbana I.iPKRAL Arts and Sciexcks Xootogy Corinna First t ' ouncil. Woman ' s I-oague (4): Oranirc and Blue Feathers Wii.BiR Gene Ippex iJclcmh Commerce Accountancy Buckingham Palace Alpha Kappa Psi ; Beta Alpha Psi ; Ac- countancy Club; Independent Council ( ' J) Honors Day (1) Herbert Orix Ireland inar j " EXGIXEEBIXG General Engineeririfj Tau Xu Tau; A.S.C.E. ; Pershing Rifles; Rifle Club ; Major. University Brigade Honors Day (1) Hkth Aileex Irvine Atkinsnn Liberal Arts and Sciexcks Speech Kappa Delta Home Economics Club; W.A.A.; Pan- Hellenic Council (1, 2. 3); First Council. Woman ' s League (3. 4) ; OranjiTe and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers: Student Alumni Association (2); Production StalV. " Our Town, ' ' ' ' A Shakespearian Even- ing ' William Frank Irmsq. .Kewaunee. Wim. Fixe and Api ' LIED Arts A rchitceture Alpha Rho Chi B.A.I.D. Ripon College Pm " t. Wilkox I8RELL Viindalia EDtrCATION Commereial Subjects Hnnors Day (1. 2) i. M ' l.Mi i,i(i.u I SI, N SUN Chicago KXfilNKERIXO (tramif Eiiffinct-rinff Tau Ephilon Phi American Ceramic Society; Phalanx; Freshniiin X ' arsily Polo Squad ; VarAity P do Squad (4 ) ; Inter fraternity t ' outirll (3); Captain, University Brigade; Pro luction Staff. " Follow Thru. ' ' " Rio Uitft " ; Union Minsir d Show Honors Day ( 1 ) M KV .lAXK Ives Decatur LiiiKKAL Arts and SriKxrES KnuUtth Kiippa Alpha Tlieta Tin- lllio (I. J); Pan-Hellenic Council CI): Orange and iUm- Feotliers; Gold Feathers Honors Diiy ( I ) M i:v Elizvhktu Ivev Wheatnn l.iiiERAL Arts and Soikxtes EmiliMh li.tH Phi Alrdia I ' hi lieta Kappa; Alpha I ambda Delta: Arepo; Gregorian Literary Society; Span- ish Club; Orange ;ind Blue Feathers: Gold Feathi-rs; Sturlvnt Alumni Associa- tion (2); Production Staff. " Black Flam- ingo, " " Lady Precious Stream, " ' Man- on, The Mikado. " " Our Town " Honors Day (1. 2. 3): University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key Lc)wi:i,i. Lewis Jackson I iV»ina LiitKKAL Arts axi Sciences llistorit WrrNlliuK Manager (2) University of Alabama TitoM s Lkrov jAiKsoN Strcatur ENtilNEERINll Mechanical Enginepring Sigma Phi Epsilon A.S.M.E. Thomas Woodkow .lArKSON Chicago EN iINKERIN«i Mtrhnnit ' ol Engineeriitfi Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Rifle Club Honors Day (1. 2. 3); I ' niversity of Illi- nois Scholarship Key Wright Junior ' U■ l:•• MaKV KLIZMIKTH .lAiOnS. . . . U ' t ' it r},,rnnn A iRI(TI-TrRK (ienrral Homr ErouoiiiirM Shawnee . lpha Lambda D.Ita; Vice-President. Freshman Class; Orange and Blue Feath- ers; Gold Feathers; Star Course (2); Women ' s Glee Clul» ( -M Honors Day ( 1 ) Mai alaine Anne Jacobis Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciknces Englinh Alceslis Woman ' s Kdilor, The Independent; Chair- man. Dads Day Registration Committee (4): Executive Council. W.G.S. (2, 4); First Council, Woman ' s League (2); Orange and Blue Feathers: GoM Feath- ers; Production SiatT. " Manon. " " The Mikado. " ' A Shakespearian Evening. " ■ T " n nn an Island " Pace ft. " ) RnnKRT Oscar Jaeoer Chicago Exiii.Nceiiixn ifrtulhirjjienl Knffitiffriiiff Holn Knppa Mineral Induslrii ' K Socit ' ly ; Freshman ' arKit.v I olo Squad; Varsity Polo Sq nail (3). I.pller (3). Captain (I): Captain. I ' nivt-rsity Bricailr Rai.I ' II TiAKiiivti .Tames Ktlinburg . i!itiiii.Tiiti: Grnrral AiiricuUurf Hill Hail Alpha Zeia : Apriciiltural Clu! ; Agricul- tural KconoiniCK Club; Cavalry Oftieers ' Club: Hoof and Horn Club; Phalanx; Freshman Varsity Polo SquRfl ; Major, I ' niversily Brigade Honors Day (I. 2. 3); Vniversity of Illi nois Scholarship Key ICfTii Cakoi.ixe .Tamesox . .V f GUule, Fin. PiivsiCAi. Kori-ATinx Orchesis; I hysieal Education Majors Club; W.A.A.; W.A A. Xumernls; Major I A ;XESRELL.E JaMIESOX Ilflrrisburtf AcRicri ruKE Xnirilioii aud Dietelicg Phi Omega Pi IJKX.IWIIX Hl ' BERT JaNDA... EXGIXEERlXfi Ciri ' f Enfiiitferiiifj Sigma Phi Delta A.S.C.E. . . .Berwyn Clistox Dai,ki .7AXXKV.ffaii»n« Citu, 3{n. EXVIIXEEItlXli K itilittreriit ' j t lnffticjt First Regimental Band (3. 4) Kan ' as Ci ' y Junior College Ai.KRi.ii liAiiRiKi. .lANos Chicago EXOIXKKIIIXIl JCIrctrirnl tCufiiiirrriitff Tau Beta PI ; Eta Kappii Xii ; Sigma Tan ; A, IKK. Hon ors Day (3) Central Y M.C A C.ill.k-.- ClIKKTER WAl.TEtl .lAXt K Chiragu COMUKIK t. Matia rmcitl Delta Chi Alpha Kappa Pal; Co»l Artillery Club; Firat Lieutenant, Unlvrrallj Brlgido goMeA 0fl M l £L Piigc f»6 ' i ' lioMAs Ki ;kxk .1 v(iui;k AV(c Jit ' tlf ' tnl. .}[ass. rilYSn.M. KlUTATKlN Delta Tlu ' ta Epsilon : A.P.K.A. : Dolpliiiis; Tribe of Tllini; Freshiniin VHr tty Ice Hockey Sqiind ; Varsity Ici Hockey Letter CJ, .1, -i); IiMlependent Coumil (I) Wai tkk EriiKNi: .Ikxkixs DnurUle Mtniiif emriil Delta Tau Deltn ' ice-Pre.sidcnt, Junior Class ; Acfountancy Club : Market 1112 Club ; I ' nioii Minstrel Honors Day (I ) l- ' KAXCES Km ,aiii;tii .!exxix ;s Isbton Kl)l CATIOX Miitlietittitics At-liat ' Ji Ali lin l.jiiiihdn D.Itii : Vuivri ' sity Clmni u. -J. ■ ' ' ) Honors Day ( 1 ) Cl-ARENCE DaLK JEXSKX Aflnicui niu: General Afnicultiirr Eureka College . rtannfjan K[iMEii Herman Jeschkic Wheaton KxOIXEERlXr. frrhunical Enniiieeiinn Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.K. Wheaton College; Lewis Institute KuoEXE Fraxcis Jewart Ganh " ' . Liberal Arts axd SrtKircKs I ' sycholo ' jii Pi Knppji Alpha Gyiunastics Manager (2) : I ' n-siniiitti Var- ily Gymnastics Squad I.KNiHtK .J«»ll Nb KiXK AXi) v Pi LiEi) Arts Music Women ' s Cflee Club (2. :i. 4) AXI KKW ROUAKTS .lOHNSOX Chii ' ngit COMMERfK Generat Jiimiin ' xti VIA EtB Sik ' iua; Caiason Club; Marketinc Club; Scabbard and Blade; Military Coun- cil; Chairman, Student Drcani ationx Fund Kxi ' Culive Hoard lIonorN Day (1. ' J) Norlhwcalcrn University T H E 5 E I I NKMi|:I.l.K AUKXAXIiKK JOIINSON BflleviiU I.iukrai. Akts . ni SnuNrKs Freiirli Al| hn Xi Pi ' ltn Pi Dtltii Phi; The lllio ( ' ) Honors Diiy ' ) WilMin (. ' .illt ' Ki ' Arnold Hit iiauu Joux son Chicatin KXCilNKKRIXG Klectrical Kuijinrfriiiff Myers Tlub Pi Tail Pi Sipnui: A.I.K.i:. : i yntoii : Mnjor. I ' liivtTsily Bripn h-; Miliini-y Cmin- cil ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I Aktihr Hi:i{N ri Johnson Chica ' j " COMMKKCK Dilta (hi Hmid of X ; Marketing Clnb ; Freshinnii ' ai-sity Basoball Squad : Freshman Var- hiiy KoothaH S iiia l ; Co-Chairinan, Senior Jackets Coinniittec ; Inlerfratornity Coun- cil (4); Production Staff. " It Can ' t Hap- pen Here " Caroll Card Johxsox Bfunj AtiKICrLTlRK litiiryal Agriculture Hill Hall Alpha Zeia: Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2. :• , -1) Western Illiimis Stati- ' IVafhers rnll.-i. ' . ' Darwix X. .Tolixsox Feca CoMMERCK Mtirketiitff Wt-gowana Accountancy Club; Marketing Club I)oxALi Oscar Johxsox liock Jsland FixK AXii Ai ' i ' i-iKi) Arts A rchiteftural Enffiitecring Theia Chi A S.C.E.: First Regimental Band (1. 2) Honors Day (1 ) ]I ' W Rii William Johxsox. . . AtiRliTLTlRK tifnrnit AjirirtiUtire Beta Kappa AgrirulturnI Club . . -«• « i.W i ■ t I, i i K Jcmxsox Lorkpxi ' PuvsicAL Education Delta Tau Delia APE. A.: Freiibman Ynrnity Basketball Squad ; Varsity Basket hall Squad (2. 3. 4 ) : Freshninn Varsity Football Squad Lkoxakd Wai.tku JiniNHOx, Ju. . . Uiihinn LiiiKRAL Arts axd Sciknclk Chrmicnt IC nifiiiffiina Delta Si ma Phi Star and Scroll; Star Course (2 Ij.ovii IlowARii Johnson KXOINKKRIXC Etectricttl ICn{ iiirrnnfj Eta Kappa Xu; A.I.E.E. AuKiistaiia College l. ' ,..-!:l.„,t RoKKKT Vkkxox Johxsox Chirntjo KXOIXKKUIXO MrcUanicnl ICuoineeriiiff Delta Sigma Phi Pi Tau Sigma: A.S,M.K.; The Teclino- graph (4) Wilson Junior College RUSSF.LL ARTIILR JoH X.SOX Gall- ExiilXKKRIXfl Afechanictil Eiiginerriug A.S.M.E. Vesta Lovise Johxsox. . . EDrCATIOX J tutic University Chorus (2) MacMurray College Roberta May Johxstox CUfueoe Fixe axd ArrLiED Arts Paiutiuo Alpha Omicron Pi The lllio (2) ARTiiiR Charles Jones Ruekford Commerce Acfottutonrg Beta Alpha Psi : Freshman Varsity Tenni t Squad: Varsity Iri- Hockey Squad (2) Honors Day (1. 2. J ) : Cniversity of Illinois Scholarship K( y Dorothy Loraixk Joxks Chicago LinEKAL Arts axii Sciences rnychtAogy Kappa Kappn Itainma Taniaroa (. " ) Xorth Park Junior Collego PnjTP ! 7 ■TflHN U ' lLLIAU JONSb Ont ' nild Enoinfeiiino Ceramic Enitiafering Americftn Ceramic Society: Cnissoii Club; Csplftin, rni ' orsity BrijjHdc Knwis AbnolI ' .liihKi ' ii r.iUiiiU, COM.MKRCK Mauatji-iiifnt Granada Club Coa t Artillery I ' hib; MarketinK Club; FirsI Lieutenant, I ' niversity ] ri a le Victor Samvel Joseph Cliicapo Liberal Arts and SciKNrKS Political Sciriice Phi Epsilon Pi Interfraternity Council (3. 4) Walter Jokeimi Kalise liu;: ii, E.VOINEERINU Mechanical Engiiteefiny Colonial Manor Tau Nu Tau; A.S.M.K. l.«OKARI KaLLIK Ctlicatl ' i PlIVBICAL KDUCATIDX Alpha Kpsilon Pi r elta Thela Epsilon; Phi Eta Signia : Tli. ' Maily Iliini (1); Tribe ot llliui; Vresh man ' arBity Baseball Squad; ' arsity Bast-- liall Letter (2, a, 4); Fresbniau Varsilv Basketball Squad; Varsity Basktlbiill Squad (2, 3); Interfrateruity Couneil ( -J ) Honors Day ( 1 ) Sakar Cabolike Kake Muiideleiii AORICl-LTUllE General Home Ecanamicft Cagle Hall Tamaroa (2); Gold Feathera Northern Illinois State Teachers College W ' ai tkk Douqlas Kai ' KA Cliicmin E.s ' aiNi:i:niNU Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.; Oymnastica ; FreshinHii Varsity Football Squad ; Varsity GynimtsticK Squad a. 3) TfrK.tAittN SiriN ' EY KaI-LAK eh.,, " !! Commerce Central IIUMineas ,eta Beta Tau Accountancy Club; Marketing Clnb; Tin- Dally mini (1); Sludnnl Aliinwil Akmi cialinn (2) Page 118 Kstiier Ruth Kaplan Chicago I.IDEBAL Art s and Sciencks Economics Mnry E. Busey Hall )rHni:e and Blue Feathers i ' ltAXK Kappler Chicago f.iBERAL Arts and Chemical Engineering Newman Hall I ' hi Kta Si(;ma: Second Regimental Band I 1 I Hon. .1-1 Hay (1) lI ' iw RP William .Granitti City AORICULTL ' Ei: General Agriculture ' ftsliiiit:lon University Ii!V[Nrt OtZY Kassin Chirngft COMMEKCK Arcou}itani ' f CIiil) 605 ' ■I ' liiuitancy Club rii;lit .Tuninr rolleffe Sn XKV KaT7, ItflUrillf COMMKRCK Acrouutancy riii Mpsilon Pi Arcounlaney Club; The Illio (1, 2); liase- ball Manager (2); Interfrateruity Council Ct. 4) Honors Day (1) Ai:nL A N-F Keating Chimgo AORICVLTUHE yulritioii and Dietetics ' I ' lM-ra IMii Alpha Alplin 1 1 Delta; Home Economics Club; ' I ' liinl ( ' (iiinril, Woman ' s League {4 ( ' Kill. DkaN KF-ITHLEV Cn1rhfi»tet AORICULTUBE General Agricutture AlpliH ' r«ii Alpha; Auricultural Cluh : Agri ♦ ' ultiirnl I ' Mucation Club Wcstoni lIlinoiH Stale ' IVadiers Colltx ' III VIM I ' liiM.irs Kkllbv ■- ' i tn COMMKUfK (ieyii ' rnl Hutiiuesa Sigma Alpha Epailon Ni Aeeouitliiney Cluh; Marketing Club; 8ei - nnil rtegiuii ' utiil Maml CJ) ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I I.VN-N SrOTT KelI.EV ( fm lit mist n KlNK AND Apri.lKIt AKTS .4 rchitectnre Simula Alpha Kp ilon Scarab; Freslunun Vnrsiiy I ' nin Squiul ; Fint ' Arts Council (2. ;t. 4) WiM.tAM JOSKPII KkIJ. I ' ltriMhui; I.iBKKAi. Arts axi .s ii niks Chrmisli! Marketing flub Springtifld .luniur CiiIU ' Kl ' Rt ' Tii Gaui Kendkh ' Jv i-w Cai}loit AOKUM LTIKK Oeneral Homr Hrnu ' -inira Collt-gienne Honors Day (2. 3) I TiniYX Ann ' ettk Kknwmiutiiv. . r 6((;m AOKICILTtUK Genera! Ilmur I- ' rinifiinirs Corinna Torch; Alpha Pi Delta; Phi L ' philnn Uini- vTon : Home Economics Club ; The lllin ( 1. 2) : Chairman, Dads Day (4) ; Co- Chairman, Independent Informal (3); Kx- .■cntive Council. W.G.S. (:j, 4) ; First Council, Woman ' s League (;t. 4); .Junior Council, Woman ' s Leagui ' ; Second Coun- cil. Woman ' s Li-ague ( " J, :i. 4); Orangi and Blue Feathers ; Gold Feathers; Pro- ' lurtion Staff, ' ' Good New-. " ' Honors Day (1 ) liii itAHi. Stanley Kkrr v Co.MMKitn; Marketiii; Delta Sigma Phi Acenuntancy Club; Marketiug Clnl) futiiy WiM.TAM Dennis Kerwix I antitnu COMMKKCi; Accminttinfj Theta Xi IMii Kta Sigma; Senior Ice Hockey Man- ager; Beta Alpha Psi ; Band of X Honors Day (1. 2. 3); Cniversity of Illi- nois Scholarship Key Mmhkis Svlvancs Kesmi.kk. .Ik iuburu COMMKIt»K Affiniiitiiifff Alpha Kappa Lambda Accountancy Cliib; First ICeginienliil Hand (3. 4): Men ' s Gb e Club (:(. 4) H1a ' ktMirn I ' otbge I OriJ .TOHETH Ketk Knoineerini: Onllege Hall AS C.K. Cniverwity of inwn , hirni »i Hetty jrAiiiK Kiddoo j„y I.IIIKHAI, AnTS AKD SCIKNCKd If into ry Ali.lin Xi Dolla Knox CdMi-co DllXAI.Il LAWHEMt; KlENI.K.V l(;;in PllVSir.M, KlUTATION Dolpliins: OynmnBlira ; Illiiii OullllR Oluli : Trilii ' (if mini; Fri ' nhmnn Vin ily Foot- liiiU Squall ; Frishman Var»it - .S« iiiiiiiinn Squad; Varsity Rwimiiiini; Li-ttir (2. ;i, 4); Varsity Track Lcltir . l) W.VI.TKK KlLIMJJlK ri,n;, ' i„ E.VOINEKRINfi Mftallurgicnt Eiiginerring Caisson Club; Mineral Iniluiitriea Hocii ' ly; Varsity Baseball Squad (:() ; Captain, I ' ni- vpi-sitj ' Hri;;a le FllKii JIoKRls KlLKEB Chicago COMUERCE Markeling Alpha Sigma Phi Sachem; Accountancy Club; Arcpo; Mar- keting Club; Skull and Crescent; Inter- fraternity Council (2, 3); Star Course 2, 3) Honors Day (1. 2) Robert Ci.aib Kimbbell Cliimpo I.iiiKKAL Arts and Scikncks Economics Acacia Fresliman Varsity Football Squad ; Fresh- man Varsity Track Squad; Varsity Track Squad (2, 3); Freshman Varsity Wrest- ling Squad; Varsity Wreslliiii; Squad (2. 3, 4) KuiiKitT Frederick Kimpel Vrbimn KNaiNEERlVO f Vramicfl . lnerican Ceramic Society; C »ast Artillery Club; Keramos; Phalanx; Captain, Uni- versity Brigade Vkkl Ford Kiner Ornmi Liberal Arts and Scikntes Gtngrtt thy Kl-e hnlHn Varsity Wrestling Sqnnd ; Var- sity Wrestling Squad (4) Xurlhern Illinois Stale Teacliers ColleKC .Mi.iticii.i. IIai,i. KiNil Aiirnrn l.iiiKRAi. Arts and SriENcEs Erfiitoniicf Mark. -ting ' lub; I ' anXenia; Spanish lul»; .student Orcani nliiin-. Kiunl K - lenlive Hoard (4 I I ' agp 0!» lAAtS ClIKRTRR Kis «t«»N linekfont KNHilN ' EKKlMJ Civil Ktii iticffiii ' i A.SC.K.; Mii-Snn ; Fn ' slinian Viir ity Foot- bait Squfid Rkktiia ,Ii; s ' Kinnkak Urbaim Aoiticri.TntK Oenernl Itoutf ICrtnitttuirtt Vi ni ' td Phi Hoiup Kruiioinictt l ' lul ; Tamnroa (3); ProHurtioii Stuff, " Blnck FIniniiii:o. " " MiiflAin Buttorfly. " " The Mikado, " " l ' wo on an iBlantl ' ' Chris ' tian rollr t ' ; Springfield Junior Coll Re Harkv jrAi ' RTri; Kiimv BeanMowu C »mmi:rck Itaukiuff aud Fiitauce Affoiiiitnncy Club; Miirkfting Cluli; First RcKiniental Band (1, 2. 3); Men ' s GU-e Chib (1. 2. 3. 4) : University Chorus (1. ' J. I); Student Council, " Wesley Foun- dation (4); CaBt. " Ln Boheme, " " Tos- ea " ; Prodiirlion Staff, ' ' Post Koad " Ramon- Waltkk Kikeilis Wankeffan PlIYSHAL EutCATIOX Delta Thela F ' psilon ; Dolphins; Tribe of mint; Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad; Varsity Swininiing Squad (2, ' J, 4) ; Var- sity Water Polo Sqund ( " 2, :J, 4) Al ri{EI» TOI ' NCKS KiRKLAND Elf til LlBr.KAI. AUTK AND SCIKXCKS Speech SiK ia Nil Dolpltinr : Tribe of lllini; Frrsliiiuin Var- fcity Friotball Stiuad ; Frt ' shinan Varsity 8wimniiiiK Squad; Varsity Swimming Letter (2. B). Captain (4); Varsity Track Si|iiad (2. 4) CKdKfiK MkAPIIAV KlHKPATlfli U .] « : nli,. K Sill St. i: K I N ti Elrrlficiil I ' II ! i nceri 11 { lllini lOno Tau Beta Pi; FIta Kappn Nu ; Si mn Tau ; Syntoii Honora Day (2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarahip Koy Amkmta Ma): Kjki.lbtham I ' axluu COMMKIIPK i ' uhlic A faint Mary K. Bnsey Hall Phi f:bi rUiih; Arroiinlancy Club; Oranj; " and Blue Fcathftrs; Gold FeathiTB; Stu- dent Alumni Anaociation (2, 3); Pan- ProfifiNional Counril (4) Honors Day ( 1 ) Norma Klamb Prinecton UinRHAL Arts axd ScrKNCBs S perch Mary K. BuM-y Hnll L« Cercio FrnncaU ; Orange and Blue Ftathfru; Gold Feathers W ' .Ki.v Kkfknf. CUieago l.iHKitAL Arts avi Scikkcks r. liffliah Davmporl IIoiisi; Pago 100 .lii.iKT Ki.ORKXiK KLtix Chicnyo .TOI ' KXAI.ISM A ' cK ' « mid EditoHal Phi Sip:n)n Si ma ThitH Si nm Phi; Orarige and Bine IValli- crs Willi M l.oi is Klkini ' ASTe, Jr.. .Chicago KXCIXKKRING Civd KnfiineeHng SiKiua Pi Plnilanx ; Track lanager (2) ; Captain, luiversity Brigndu H I{M;m .loiix Klekamp Litchfield A .iRICULTt ' l{E drnernl A gtiettlture Ganuiia Delia Li:Rov IU:n]M ' Klem.m DeKalb iJUKitAi, Arts axd Sciexcks ( ' hriiiistry riii Kappa I ' lii ; Plii Lmnhda Ui siIon ; I ' hi I ' iH Siu ' iiui lliinni-s Day (1, 2. 3); University of Uli- linis SrhiilHlshiji Kfv tiKXKVIKVK liHl,KX KblXIJ . . Low.iV? ' i7 . Ky. LiKKKAL Arts axd Scik.voks I ' ofiticnl Scioicc I ' hi Sij;iim - ' - iKiiiii Tin- llliu (1); W.A.A.; Pan-llelleiiir Council { ' ) ; Orange and Blue I-VhIIuts ; Gold Feathers; Production Staff. " The Warrior ' s Husband " ; Union Minstrel Show University of Louisville Wakhlx Ki;nxeth Kloock Chicitffo Cd.MMKRCK Markrfitiij Kappa Sigma Accountancy Club; Hand nf X; Markft- ing Club; Tribe of Itliui; Freshman Var- sity Swimming Sipiad ; Varsity Swimming Squad (2. 3. 4); Freshman Varsity Water Polo Squad; Varsity Water Polo letter (2. :t. 4); lutiTfrnteruity Council ( H. 4) ClIAllLKR Ol.IVKK KnaIM ' l.oriugtou AURIlM ' I.Tl ' HK Ornerfd AgrictUtnre Alpha Tan Ouiegii Agricultural Club; Agricultural Kconom- Ics Club T H E E I R RaI.CII KnitKKT KXKri.KK All ' ' Ji. r . (Jiiirri,TrHK Gfnfral Af riciiltun- Ali ' hn Tru AlpliA ; Atrriniltunil Chili; Al; riilttiriil I-Miu-iitioii Clut) Illinois Stnii ' Noriiitil I ' liivcrsit) ' T.Iaiik i;iih;i:k KNiiiitr Slirtiflu,, KNiilNKKI{IX i i ' ivit IC ii ' inet ' rht! A.S.C.K.; Porsliinc RilU-s; PhnhmN; lii-si LuMiteiiaiil, I ' liiviTsity Bri ititi Honni-s ! « CI) ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I Catox K om.ocil .Jamcstoivn, A " . Y. Kx ;iXEKRixti Mechaiiicnl Enninecrinff Pi T«u Sttrma; Tau Beta Pi: Plii Eta Sicmii : Si iiia Tau; Tau Xu Tau; PtTsliins Kifli ' s; Scalibard and Bla.U ' ; Mjijor. Tni- . ' isity HricHflo Honors Day (1, 2, :i) ; I ' tiivfrviry i.f Tlli iiois Scholarship Key KtniKKT Andrew Kxopk Mni vjuod COMMKKCK Commerce and Latv Delta I ' psilon Phi Alplia Delia; Junior Bar Association; Pierrots; Produrtion Staff, " Our Town " Chester Ijirex Kxox Morrison Commerce Fiirriyn Commerce Sitzina Di-Ita Pi; Economics Club: Market- inp Club; Pan-Xenia ; Spanish Club Bhu-kburn College KwMoM Ci.AKEXt ' E Ks VCKUKS .Sauuevtiit AflRlCl ' LTrRE General Agriculture Agricultural Club; Agricultural Economici Club; Rifle Club I»o M,i. ( i.rr ' iKFiT KoKIIEEIt I thfinn KX(;iXKERIN« iifiirral E n ' jinetrinif Phi Kappn Phi ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Tau Beta Pi : Phi Eta Sigma ; Society of lieneral Engineers; Engineering Council (4) Honors Day (1, 2, a); University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key H f£RV Eiiwix KOKliXEMAXX. .Champaifju COMMKRCK Pre -Lav l»eltR Vpsilon Oyninastica ; Tribe of Illini ; Kreslininn Varsity (Tymna,sticji Squad; Varsity Gym- naMics Letter (2. ? . 4 ) ; National Inter Collegiate .Side-Horju Champion (■!); Con- cert Baud ( a ) ; First Regimental Band ( 1. 2) and 2); mk Jik UoROTIIV JBAN KOENIO Itrfiml .lol ' IINAI.IKM Advrrliirhtf and I ' ubliaUiint lii ' lln Dclln Di ' ltn Tlieln SiKitm Plii; Arcpo; Mink HiMililc; ShiAi; Tho Dnily Illini (1 • li iiiniiiii. Dnil.H Day KcKistrslion Com- inild ' o CI); Cliiiiriiinn, Homci-niniiirr l)«iic« Ciirniiiiltfi- M); OraiiKo mill Bhii- I ' oatli- ctb; fiolil FcalliiTs; Stuilcnl Alumni Arwo- ciBlioii (2, : , .|); Proilurlinii Stuff, ' UrcitliiT I£m, " " Kliinbi ' lh ilin Qiu ' oii, " " KHinily I ' orlrnit, " " Oiir Town. " " nirlinnl III " l iiy :i) Kaici. .Iosktu KdK.Mii Chicago I.IBKKAI. AttTS AND SCIKNUES OriiUigy f ' Hvalry O Ticers ' Club; Cyclotliein Club; PershinK Rilli ' s; ScabbBnl ami Blade; Captain, I ' nivtTsity RriKado DolloTlll ISKSSIK Koi.AK Chicago JOIKNALISM Newg and Editonal Terrapin Club; Tlic Illio (2); The Daily mini (1); OranKc and Blue Frnlherii: Gold Fealhuis; Produition SlalT. ' Kind Lady " Eu.viCK Fbkx KofKCKV Chicago I.MiKitAi. Arts and Scikxces English Alplia Xi Delta Cynikana; Production Staff, " Blark Fla- mingo, " " Family Portrait. " " Our Town. " " A SImkespeiirian Kvenint; " Miir iiii I ' iiik ,riiiii..r c, II. .._... HoWAitu FliA.NK Koi-El Detroit, Jlich. CUMMKRCE General Bnsinetx Zeta Beta Tau Tribe of Illini; Varsity Ice Hookey Letter :!. 4): Illinois I ' nion Cabinet CI); Illi- nois I ' liion Board of Directors (4) Tniversity of Miidiigan ; Wayne Uni- versity Wai,ti:u IlElinKRT Kol ' KTZ Dcrnttir KNiilNKERINIi Mechanical Enffincerinii James Millikin Cniversity Lii.i.iAN Dolores Kopuewski. . .Chicago Edttatio.v Biology Meilea Der Deulsclie Verein : Kxefiiin - ■iiiiicil. W.Ci.S. (3): First Council, Woman ' s Leacue (4): Production StatT. ' I ' tniU Portrait. " " Manon, " " Our Town ' FKANh l M.l Imikiin . . . iii;( I .., . 1 KMilNEKRtNO Electrical E n •»• " •■•■ • i ■■ ■ ' A.I.E.E. rniver-iily of Buffalo Page 101 Ueoxa Khamkk Wauhrs au LiBKKAL Arts and Scikscks Wn-FORi jRKfiMK Kkamkr Sprinff ifld .lOlRS ' AUSM Mews atid Editorint Delta Tau Delta Siirina Delta Chi ; TomaliHwk ; Tlie Onily mini (1. 2. S. 4) MiKiAM Mademni KRAtiNUK Chicago Liberal Art8 axd Soikniks Mary £. Busey Hall Phi Alpha Chi; Orange and Blue Feathers .Tim. IIS JOHK Krai ' Kur Rockfonl T.iBERAi. Art am» Scikncks Chemical Engineeriuff Phi Lambda Upsilon ; Phi Kta Sigma : Omega Chi Epsilon Honors Day (1, 2, at; I ' niversit.v .if Illi- nois SrhoIarKhip Key Herbert Mtbon Kraub Calumet Ciig Liberal Arts and SriKNtKs Political Scicucf Uarbizon Kditor, The Independent ; Vice-President, Senior Class: Kconomics Club; Pierrots; The Daily Illini (I, 2); FreMiman Varsity Vrestlinp Squad ; Chairman, Hrimecomin? Publicity Committee (4 ) ; Indei»eiideat Council (2, 3. 4); Prodaclioii StaflF, " I-n Boheme. " " Boy Meets Girl, " " Brother Rat. " " The Drunkard, " " Fireman ' s Flame " Hnnnrs Day ( 1 ) Norman (iEORoe Krai ' hz. Srv: Jiudcn A ' iRicri TrKj; General Agriculture Beta Sigma Piti Agricultural Economics Club; Caisson Club; Rifle Club; Student Alnnint Asso- ciation (3) Walter Bartholohkw Kkawilkki Wegtmoiil Liberal arts am» Scikncks Hittorjf Independent Counril CI) Akthtr Albkkt Krkitzmi Chicago KN llNKKRIN i Mfchanical Bngintrring A S.M K.; Freiihman A ' arilty Track Sqund; Varsity Track Squad (2. n, 4) Page 102 a d £!b Kakl l»TlN KitiE i l ' ore$t Park Commerce Hanking and Finance Knppa Si nin ArrountJincy Club Ojik P irk .lunior College Uevn ' oi.ii .1 amks Kkierk Hrookfield KNliINE£RIN« Mrchanical Engineering A.S.M.K. Lyons Township Junior CoIteRe HiiMtv l-rtwK Khoknin«;. , . , H niteiiiille KN ' «;INKERINii iril E ngineering S.r.K.: Uillo Club; First Ueciinental liaml (:;. ) Central V.M.t A. College KkKMIT .InllX KRl ' tjER }tctropnlig AdItlCfLTURE (ifnrral Agricultnrc J. a Casita Annette I.oriSE Kkimsiek Auburn KlUCATION French Aljtiia -HtiiriiH Oelta Mortar Hoard; Torch; Alplia Lambda Delta; Kta Sijrma Phi; Le Cercle Francais; Shi-Ai; The l aily Illini (1. 2); Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold l-Vathers; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3. 4) Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illi iHiis Scholarship Key ii.i.t M M v Krizan Z rinn7 i l.inKKvi, Arts anu Sciences Sociologg Lambda Chi Atplia Cast, " FHrnily I ' ortrait, " " Our Town " F.ureka Cdliege HoMKIC Mll.KS Kt ' IlER AnRlcri TlHE (ieneral Agriculture Agricultural Club Honors Day (3) .St. Jo»eph Ii l.l ' M KKWIN KiEIIN Itellerillc KXtilNEERINO Electrical E ngiueeriug Phi Kta Sigma; Kin Knppa Nn ; Sigma Tnu; A.I.K.K. Manors Day (1, 2, 3); Uitiversily of Illi- nois Scliolnrsliip Kpy T H E 5 E K I UiTii Cathkkisk KiHX Priiirrtoit I.1RKRAI. Arts ani» Scikxies Sprn ' h riii Oiiii-KH I ' i (rivcitrian I. il entry Sorii-t.v ; (iviiikaiui : TmiinroH (2); (ioM IViitlu-is StcpliiMis .lunior ' ..llfi:. l OllitTIlV .lAXK Kni.Ns Itrrnhn .lOrKNAMS.M yews nuti Editorial Alpha Xi Ot ' Ita Gymnastioa ; The lllio (I); ttyinktiiia Mnn- «Bcr {3); Oranpe and nine I ' Vmhers; (Jnld Feathers ( L A 5 5 I 9 I Tktkk Ki ' ki.ak BronUifii. .V. V. Kngixkkrin ; Civil Enfliur ' }in{j SiKuia Phi Delta Chi Epsilon: Dolphins: Tlie lllio ill: TIu- Daily mini CJ); Trihe of Illini; Freshman Varsity Swininiini; Squad ; Varsity Swim mint; Letter (2. 3, 4) Honors Day (1) Paii. Lko Lafkkv ( ' urthnih- At;Rim.TlKK General Afjrir.nJturr A riniltural Ker iioniic t Cliih ; Hcmf and Horn Club Gracia Mae I.ahky Champainn Comsiercf: KconiimirH Phi riii TIu ' Ih; Mnrketinc Chih Artihr ABKAHA. f Laiblv Evattstou Liberal Arts and Sciencks Chewistri Delta Kappa Kpsilon Cavalry Officers ' Club: Th.- Daily Illini (I. 2 ; Freshman Varsity lie Horkey Sqnail : Second [lieutenant. I ' niviTsit Rrij:ade DoxAMi BrRriiARii Lamb KX iIXEKRIX ; Merhfttticnl Eiitiineeriity NiltMon Club A.S.M.K. Eureka College . Iteiitent Kl ' UAKIi Kl.Mtt I.AMdNT. . . . W lAl trniikjvrt AiiRI ' Ml.TlRi: iieneral Agriculture Ai;ririiltnral Club; Hoof and Horn Club V ' 9 .IKAX Kl.IZABF.TH LaMPERT Mtnti COMMV.Hry. Manageuteiit Dflta (iamma Aljiha Lambda Delta; Phi Chi i ' li.Ma; A- rountancy Club; Marketing Club; Terrapin Club; The Daily Illini (1); AV.A.A. ; Tiiiiiaroa (3); OranRe and Blue Feathers ; I ' roduelion Staff, " B ' amily Portrait. " ■■Marion, " " Our Town " Wasliinffton University Khwix Anihikw Lami ' Itt FXtilNKKRINC Ciril Eitf inecriiHj A.S.C.K. , .f ' rkin TU »M VS SMOOT LaXD. . . O ' limi AtiRHMLTfBK fieneral Agricultitre Acrieiiltural Education Club; Se«ond Regi- mental Hand (1.2) Loins M ' lLI.lAM LaXDECK i ' Uirafio ?:Xf;iXEERIXfi Mctalhirgical Engineering Beta Phi Sigma A.T.M.E. : Gamma Delta ; Hortirnlture i ' liib; Mineral Industries Society Moriran Park Junior College Wkxdkll August Lakdmaxx . . . Wnierinn Liberal Arts ant) Scien ' es Chemigtrff Xilsson Club Phi Lambda Upsilon ; Phi Eta Si rma : Star Course ( 2 ) ; University Orchestra ( 1 . 2. :i. 4) Honors Day (1, 2) JosKi ' if Francis Laxije Bencyn ENOINKKRIXfi Metallurgical Engineering Mineral Industries Society; En(;ineerin|: Council (4) H(U Ai;n Wll.I.IAM Laxi-s trulntnili» Commerce Marketing Nalhtr House Accountancy Club; Aericuttural Kt ' onomirs Chih: Marketiuf; Club ' rMM f ' M«K Wll.rOX LaKUK. . . ilir... ..-,;. A JRUII,TIRK tiftteml AjirirultHre Affricullural Clnb; Cftvalry Oflicers ' Club; iMiry Produriion Club; H mf and Horn Club: Airrieultura) Council (I) PhCo 103 UILBKRT LKONAUD LAUoniF.... K.VCINKKRINii Mecftnuical f- ' iiitinerriiiii AS. ME. hnnK ' tiktc Inez Kllkn L.Mtsox - . Wijanel I.iiti:ii.M. Akts . ni» Scikncks Mary E. Riisey Hall First Council. Woman ' s Lca uo (■ ) : Uni- versity Chorus (1, J); Exccutivi ' Council, R.O.S. (4 kWMONlt L.WKKNK Latimkk DfKalb CoMMERri: Maiut;rfment Cai86ou Club; Captain, Tjuivcrsity Bripatlp Xorlheru Illinois State Toiicliers College ' Emery Cor VKR Laulk Elffin V.Sf.lSZKKlSii Vi falliin ical I ' ufihitftiii; Mineral Industrie ' Snrii-ty Honors Day ( ' 2 ) ViiJ.iAM JosKI-II Laz Aurora Fink ani Ai I ' liki Arts .4 rehiteclUTc Si ma Phi Kpsilou Scarab; Tin Illto (T!) ; Interfratcrnity Couuril (;i. ■( ) Hniinrv Tmiv ( 1 ) -MaIiKI.YN Kl.IZA»KTIf liKEDLE LaPurir, Jml. Fink ani» Ari LiE! Arts Art JCductition Alpha Chi Onu ' ca TainaroB (2) ; (Johl Feathers; Producliou Staff. " H.M.S. Pinafore, " " It Can ' t Happen Here " Ohio State University IIaiikv I kan LEEI ' Kit riirminffton A ' iRicrLTrRK fimrrnl AfjriruHitrf- Alphii Kapita Lanilxla Ma-WanDa; Alpha Zeta; Phi Kta Si ma ; President, -T.M.C.A.; ABricuItural Club; Illinois At;riculturiHt Ct) ; Concert Hand (2); Fir»l I{ei;iniental Hand (I); YMCA. Cabinet (3, 4 ; Y.M.C.A. Hoard of Diroc- tora (4); Student Counril. WcKley Founda- tion (3. 4) llonorx Day (1, 2, 3) ; Univernity of IllinoiH Seholarnbip Key Cl.AHK HVK KF.KKMAN MllHUh CH} KNtllNEKRIN ' i A prlrtUturat li nphterri jiff Tan Nu Tau ; Cniiinin, Unlvornily Hrlgado £ .Q o f 1 I ' hK ' ' K.t .losiM ' HiNK HAr.MAXx LtFiivicK. . . . Itrmeut AiiHioi ' i.rntK (ivncral Home JCcoiioniir.-i Hilrrest Honu ' Kcouoniics Club ; f)ninKt ' nnil Ulue FeallnT.s Ii{ .lAtoii Lkfton Fainaieu, A ' . T. LiKKRAL AUTS ANP SCIKNCES Zooloyi Psi Chi; mini History Club New York University AirnnK Vi[,ij. M Lehde Unmcuup l.inKKAi, Arts and ScniNfii-i (irnfirafiln I ' hi Alpha Chi ; (lynikaim ; l ' ' ri ' sliirmti ' ar- sity Wrestlinj:: Squad Honors Pay (1 ) JuSEPiriNE Si ' ENCE Lehmanx . . . .J ' rhuua LiHKitAJj Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Mortnr Board ; Torch : Alpha Lambda Doltn ; President, Y.W.C.A. ; (lyniniislica ; l ' ' irst Council, Woman ' s Lciieue (4) ; Orange and Blue Feathers; (ioUI Fcatliers: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3, 4) ; Star Course (2) ; Tniversity Cliorus ( 1 ) ; Productinn StnIT, -H.M.S. Pinafore " Honors Day (I, 2, :i) ; Univ.-rsify of Scholarsliip Key ,loHx Curtis Leminc; S „ntit Ex :iXEEKiN(; Media nii ' tij Emiiut ' cihi ' i .S.M.K. Francis Joseph Lencioni Knoineeuin ; Mechanicttl Engineeriu ' j Shan;rri-Lodge Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad Writ:lit Junior College . Chicago T H E E I Airrmi; KinvAim I.kneiiax itah Vurk LiHKRAb AUTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Eiif incertup Alpha Plii Onu ' ga; A.S.Ch.K. Oak Park Junior CullcKe I ' Iaiu, lJi;i; I. l,EN i illinumfirld AliRICCl.TI RK (irurral Af riculltire Alpiui Zi ' ta; Phi Eta Sinnm I AKrIcultural Club; Cavalry Offlcers ' Club; Field and I ' lirrow Club; Phalanx; Captain. I ' niveraity Itiicade Ilonorn l»ay (1. 2, ;t ) ; University of Illinois Si ' hohirKhip Key ■ ! I MK M Mil i. I.Ki ' i ' Decatur KXdlNKKItlNd Crramie K nirhirfniit I ' lii (iininiui DfllH .loiix Ai.viN Lkii. . Wnleitxo Acco»ntnnrif Accountanoy Club; Miirkeliiig Club Wasliiuiitou rniversity KlXK KVALIJ LKVINK... t.c.wi KK .IM.I.Ici Mfciuiiiiral ICti iiir, ,i,i-i Tiiu Beiu Pi; I ' t T«u Simuii; IMii Km Siifina; .Sicmn Tuu; A.S.M.K. HiMMirs l ny ( I, 2. ' . ) ; Cnivorsity of Illinois Si ' liulnrslitit Key Siixvi TiiKt, i l.KviNTiiAL. . Jfe rojff J ' nrK- Ltlti;i{ li AkTS and Sf ' IKKl ' KK S(iciotnt jf Phi SiKiiKi Sit;nin, Till ' Illio (I); Ornuirc ftn»i IMun I-Vwlhoi ' ; (;.•] ! IVhIIuth ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I LoRAixi; KiTM [ i;ri ' i- V. . . . KurcATiox Matht ' mntics Tlunl Hall Wriffht .luuior Collepe .Chi, Mariax Doi.ouks LKsHKK..Yrt ' Yoik, .V. 1 " . Liberal Arts and Scikxces Enfflish Alplia D. ' lta Pi pAi L Fred Lester Ckicapo Fine and Api-med Arts Illioo Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia; First Regimental Band (3); L ' niversily Chorus 1); Fine Arts Council (4) Central Y.M.C.A. College Julian Xorman Levey Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Newninn Hull Accounlanry Club; Marketing Club; First Rej:imenlal Band (1, 2. W) Jerome Mitchell Levin Chicago Educatiox ' Uintnry Granada Club Accountancy Club; Illini History Club North Park Junior College Martin Melvin Levix. . .Uochettrr, S. Y. Commerce Marketing Alpha Kpsilon Pi Accountancy Club: Marketini; Club; Inter- fraternity Council (3) University of Rochester MlKIEL OERTIttDE Lkvv Chicnffo LiiiERAL Arts axi» Siikncks Eiif lijih (;«-ne.sis Hall Kii ' Ni Council, Woman ' s League (-i ; Tniiiama i ' . ) ; Silver Feathers (4) Xnrrli I ' ark Junior College Hril Liano Houffkong. China Liberal Arts and Scien es 17 i story Cagle Hall Phi Kappa Kpsilon ; Orchesis St. John ' s College NVlLlirn LlEHK ClunnWrfihitrn AURICI LTCRE General AgricuKuir Amiiniliural Club; Field and Furrow Club; Hoof and Horn Club John Lucius Likks Barry Aoricultubk Genrrol AgricuUurf Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Eilucation Club; Cavalry Officers ' Club; University Chorus (1): Captain, University Brigade; Cast. ■ H.M.S Pinafure ' i i AXE Fay Lillik R ' ckford KXtilXEKRlXU Ccrfi» n Kuiiinerring Aniericnu Ceramic Society; Pershing Ritles; Phalanx: Rille Club; Scimitar; Var ilT IViuiiiL ' Squad (2) Kdward Ueordk Lixd. . ' hicago KDU CATION Qetifrat Science Beta Kappa Thi- Illio (1, 2): Ihlerfraternily Council . ;:. 4 Page 105 Ralph Liohakd Lindblau Cliianji, Commerce Accountaniry Drlta Chi Arcountftnr ' Club; Cavalry OfliciTs ' Club; Frwhroan Varsity Polo Squad ; Freshmnii V»r»ily Tennis Squad ; First I.ieutonnnl. I ' nivfrsily Bricadi ' JaNI ELI EN LiNDEMANX t ' llVn; .) JOVnNAUSM Adrtrtiting and PubtithiutJ lirlta DplLa Delta Thi.t» Sigma Phi; The Daily lllini (II; Orange and Bhii " Feathers JORK Albert Likkcmak Flnmiitnn Commerce Marketing Alpha Tau Omega Marketing Club; Second Kegiim-ntiil Itnml (1. 3) David Likowes Trmlon. . J. COMMEKCK Aceounlanr-y Pbi Alpha Chi; Accountancy ( ' lul ; Miirkii- ing Club; T ' niversity Ho piial Association Board (3, 4); Independent Council CI, 4) Honors Day (3) Saba Anjj Lipscomb Chamiiaiun Liberal Aktb and Scik.ncks Socioloffy Pi Beta Phi The Illio (2) ; Orange and Blue Feailu-rs KOBxaT Scott Littleton irbunu ENOIKEEBIKIi Mechaniral Enpinefriitg A.S.M.E.; Production Staff. " Brother Hal. " " F.liiabeth the gueen. " " Kind Lady, " Cm- Town. " " Tosra " MaroI ' IHITc Locke Ilarritbiiru AoairrLTrEK Nutrition and Diftetiea ftamma Phi Beta Torch; Phi Upsilon Ouiicron ; The Illlo (I, 2, 3); Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers KicilARb KnwiN IX)EB Cliicniiu COUMEBCE A eeounlaneii Phi Epsilon PI Phi Eta Sigma; Accountancy Club Honors Day (1) PUKC J 06 SiHN-KV LOEB. JR Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciekcks Chemical Engineerinff Oirietra Clii Epsilon : Sigma Tau: A.T.rh.E, . ()i-Iliwestern University Al,l.XAMiKR MaNFORD LOOAN.. A ORI CULTURE General Affriculture L ' riiMiltural Club .CarroHfon Klizabeth Puset Lohmakn Urbana FiKF AND Applied Abtk -lr( Education Knppft Alpha Theta Oi-anfff and Blue Feathers; Gold Fealhera ; Student Alumni ABSOCialion (2); Fine Arts Council (3, 4) ; Production Staff, " Brother Kat. " " H.M.S. Pinafore. " " Manon. " " Our Tinvn, " " Tosca " iK ;iiNiA Jan ' e Long QretnvilU Liberal Arts and Sciences English W.-lsh House W ' .A.A.: Silver Feathers (4); Production StatT. " Mndnnie Butterfly. ' " " Two on an Nlaud " Greenville College ViM- i{i Stoops Lobenz Champaign Enoikekrinq Electrical Engineering Synton : Independent Council (2); Second Rejrinientnl Band (1, 2) I It .MA Mak Lot ' FEK Yilln Park Liberal Artb and Scukces Sociology i-tH Tau Alpha M] )ui Lambda Delta; Alpha Kappa Delta; Kille Club; The Illio (1); First Council. Woman ' s League (4); Orange and Blue leathers; (iold Feathers Honors Day (1, 2. 3) ; University ot Illinois Scholarship Key Northwestern Univeraity .lAiK Iv ' nss Louis Kansas City, Mo. Liberal Artb and Sciences Chemical Engineering A.I.Cli.K. KnnsHs City Jiininr College T H E E I R lliiwAitii Stowebs LotiTHAN MoUoon Agbicultube Dairy Teehnolooy KrMMiiluraI Club ; Dairy Technnlogy Club ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I KF:NnM.i. Cakhoi.i, I.owky Luami COMMKIirK AccoHnttinc) Alphii KnppH Psi ; . cr iuiit«iu ' y riiit : See niwl ltct:iintMttal Bniul (1, 2) Honors Uhv (I. 2) Ki.r.AXOR ANN " Ia v Effiuuhum I.iiu;)tM. Arts and Scifxiks VivH Hous» Spnnisl i Cluh; Ornnp ' nrxl Hint ' Fciitln-rs Garhett Wksi-EY Loy ESinghmu AORiriLTURK Oenernl Agriculture Naboi- House Vice-Prt ' sident. Y.M.C.A.: AIpli i ' Ihu Alpha: AKriciilturHl Clu1 : V.M.C.A. Cab- inet (:i, 4 ) (iEORt;i: Franklin I.iiivik Deaib " rii. Mifh. LiBKRAL Arts and Scienpks EntoJiinloffy First Rt-ciinental Band (1, 2) Richard Hench Lukens Champaign AORKILTURE General Agriculture Alplia Tnu Sigma; Captain, University Bri- i aiU- Wn.I.IAM I ' AHHV LfKENS IViiDi tkn Commerce .ircouittanri ThetH Chi Phi Kia Sigma; Accountancy Club; Band of X; The Oaily Illini (1); Intramiirfll Manager (2) Honors Day ( 1, 2, 3) ; University nf Illinois .Scholarship Key .1 AXIS KvKi.vx LiTZ Chicnito I.inKRAi, Arts and Sciences .Snciftloffy The Illio (2): Orange and BIii. F.iithi rv: (;nM F.« lit TIC Florence I.yscu . .ilihnnikrr, Wi.i I.inERAf. Arts ani» SriKNCEs French Alpha Phi liO Cercle Francais; Spanish Chib; Tani- aroa (3) University n( Minnesota ; Norlbwrstcrn University; Universite de Tours; I ' ni viTsite de Paris tts I.VTI.K ffrbaua I.UIERAi. ARTH ANI Si ' lKN ' CKft EHfilinh Chi Otiii i;n Aropo; Oriinu ' " ' (ind Itliie Featherit ; G«d ' l Feftlhcrs; Wnnien ' s (iler Club (I, 2, 3, 4) : Cnivcrsity Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4); Oast. Mnnrtn, " " The Mikodo, " " Rio Rila. " Tosru. " " Veninen of the CJuftrH ' (IRACE AiiNi;s Ml Allister Plninfifld AORICl ' I-TIJRK (I ' inrnit ilumt- Economict Vr i vT llonin-s Dav (1, 2) FxCL Kl ' WAiai Mr-ANALLV. KrH-CATlOX Miilhit,uili4 ' s lltini Hall Morningsidi ' ' olIege .IhinriUe Maiev Hari ' KR McANMS.For( Waj nr. Jntl. I.iitERAL Arts and Sciences I ' tiliticat Scirnee I i lta GainniH Torch ; Der Deutsche Verein ; Chairman. Molliers Day Publieity Committee ( 2 ) ; Chairman. Dads Day Publicity Committee (3) : Tainaroa (2) : «oId Feathers; V.W.C.A. Cabinet (3); University Concert iind Entertainment Board 1 lonors Day ( 3 ) College of W ' nostt-r (;kori;e LeBeac M Artih:k W ' ilmrlte KXtilNEERlNO h ' lrctriral Ennineerinff Triangle A.I.E.E.; Interfnilernity Council (i) Park College IlKNrtlETTE .lEAXXK McBRIDK. . . . r dVff. ' O I iRKKAL Arts ani Scikxcks llifttori, Alj.lia Xi D. ' ltH Vrepo: Mtisk and Bnubh-; The Illio (1); [ ' rod action SiatT. ' " Kintl lady. " " Manon, " ■ The Mikado. " " Our Town. " " Tosch " Morgan Park Junior College KOBKRT TULLY McCaRE Chicnilo Liberal Arts and Scikncrr PhilogojiUtf Phi Knp|)n ' Htsson Club; Phalnnx: Major, Univorsily Brigade l niversitv of Santa Clara J ViRUIXIA I.EE McCaxi I Aurorn I.iiiEKAL Arts and .Sciences Sficinlagy Chi OnieiTH liymkana ; The Siren (2) : W.A.A.: Co- Chairman. Senior .Ineketn Committee (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Junior Council, Woman ' s League; Orange an- ni.... Feathers; (lolil Feathers l ;iU " 1 " ' ViRniKIA AlEAIlE JlrCAX.VA. . . i ' il. ( ir ' i Commerce Pubtic Affairs Welsh HouKo AocountJincy Club; MnrkoliiiR C ' luti ; Sjiiiii- ish Club; First Council. Wonmn ' s I.phbuo (l): Second Council. AVoumn ' s I.t a?uo (-1) Margaret Oix.a MrCARTiiv. . .7!i ' nri » .ii ' .i I.iiiiiMi. Aims axi Si ' ikncks Chtmiatry Dvllt [ »lia nolin lorn SipniR Pi MncMurrnj College RonrRT HrniiEB McCahtiiv I ,„-l; t„,l EXOIKEKHINO Mfi ' linn irat K iiffiuff i-iiiff T hi Kappa Sigma I ' i Tail Sigma: Alplia Tnu Sigma: A.S.M.I5.; I ' lrsliiiig Kitlis; .Major, t ' liiversity Brigade Honors Day i l i CnARi.r.K Ml Clellan SI. Lnuin, Mn. Kin ' CATiox J ' hyfu-at I ' lliirtilitiu Delia Tliera Kpsilon ; Illiiii Oiitiiig Chih: I ' resliman Varsity Basketball Squad I ' RAXKI.IN CmFTOX MrCl-KNAlIAN. . JV)ir(o,i KniTATION UiMfiiry White Lodge I ' aissoii Club: Pershing Hifles ; Ciiptaiii, I ' niversily Brigade .IfiiiN (JAHf.l. MfCORD Farmer Ciltj l.iDRKAi. Arts and Scikncks S ianialt Thela Delia Chi Sigma Delta Pi: Pierrots: Spanish Club: Prodiiflion Staflf, " Brother Hat. " " I ' ire- man ' s Flame. " " Our Town, " " T »sea " RCTII Fl.lZAnRTI[ M ' COKMICK. . . . ' lovi. r, l.inKKAI. AllTB AND SC ' IK.NTI - SnrAolngy Alpha fiamma Delta »r»po: GynOiana; Cast, " Manon. " " Oiir ' I ' own " Miindelein College Hkttv MrCOWN r,b(i„n Fink and Ai ' I ' Mld .Mns Musie Kttucation iii ' lta ttainma Sigma Aljdia Iota; Aropn; Womoh ' a GIco riiib (4); Inlverslly Cbnrua (1. :i, 4): Ca l. " Madame Bullerfly. " " Manon. " " The Mikado " ££ Page 108 Wii.Mrrt ICKL McCowx Vrbn ia A ;itI ULTlUK Dairy Technolony Agi-ieiiHiiiHl Club: A.S.M.E.; Tomahawk : Tribe of lllini : Kri ' shinnn Vorsiiy Track S |iiinl: A ' arsily Trnck I.ottpr (2. ) , Cnp- lain ( I ) II ' miiiT Mii.i.i;i{ MiCrearv DunviUe Media nical Enffitireriug Alpbii Ktippa Liiiiibda I ' lii Vaw Si[;mn ; Alphii Phi OuicKa ; A.S.M.K.: PiTshiiiK KilU ' R; Scabbanl ami Blade; Y.Jl.C.A. Cabinet (4 : Mujor. Uni- versity Rrisiide llnnnr. Djiy ( I ) .M Kvi;i.YN MrCULLOUCiK Vrbann .in M . Akts and SriKxcKs KngUsh Rein Siirniji Oniiemn ri ' u ' (Mi AL, ' i-ifuituiiiI Colloge MviMuKiK HKRXirK Mr Danikl . . Oo f Park Libi:kal Akts and Scikncks Psychology Alj ' ha Gamiiia Dflta Production Staff, " Our Town " Griniu ' ll Collene AViM.iAM Lori8 McGlNNls I.roii ENcilNKKUlNO MciaUar ' jxrnl Knyi nee ring SiKnift Pi A.S.M.E.; Mineral Industri. ' s Society ; Skull and Cre.scent VEKXitx CiiAUi.KS Mt:(;iNTV lUouxann COMMEIU ' K AcCiiUnUmcy Alpha Kappa Psi ; An-ountant ' y Club Honors Day ( 1 ) Eastern Illinois Stale Timh-Iutx C(illf;;e T H E E I KkvN ' Is Harold MrciKATii OZ nica A(iRICt:LTl ' KK General Ayrirulture Alpha Tau Alpha; Alpha Tan Sienia; Affri- cultunil Club; Auricultural Education (Mub; Phalanx ; Captain. CniviThity Briu ' atle Ei.iZAiiKTii Stiart MoInnks Chicago Jaukhau Arts and Scikntka Soeiftlopy Pii ' sbyii ' i ' ian Hall Pntduetion Staff. " Kind I.ady. " ■Manon Kipnii rMi!,.i:o Ei» v K[ Alkxaxiu.i: MiIntihk Cnrmi I.iiiKitAL Arts axi SriKxiKS I ' rr-Lnu Alpha Tmi Sif:ma ; IVrsIiini; Ilitli ' s; Mnjor, rnivt ' r-iily BriffHilc I fty (U hulioiiiv iK.LuKt.S .MrUoiiKins I ' fiilu KiirrATH)N Comm icitil Suhjrcltf AcllfU ' A Ai ' i ' outilniicy Club .MncMiirrnv ( ' uWvji ' ( L A 5 5 I 9 I I.onsi; Hi:i.M Mrls ' TVitK... AURlCTI.TlKi: Flurieultnri ' Ka)t) a DfliH Orange siul Blue l ' ' Hlhfrs Horutrs I «y { 1 ) .Mnzoii RoBKRT OwEX MrKixLKV. . . . .« rUiincs Liberal. Arts and Scikncks Chrmical Enpinferinij The Citadel A.I.Ch.E.; Dolphins ; Tribe of Illiiii: Fresh- man Varsity Swinuiiint; Squad ; Varsity Swiniminj: Squad (2, 4), Letter (:i); Inde- peinlent Council { ' i, 4) Honors Day (1) Chaki.ks Thomas MrLAl ;HLix. .ln..Snlrm AGRU TLTt ' RE General Affriculturc Roojahs Mens tJlee Club (1. M. 4) ; Student Council, MeKinley Foundatinii (:i, 4) Dora Lh.liax MrLEAX Sterlhiff Juticfion. Mass. Liberal Arts axi Sciexces History Alcesiis Production Staff. " Our Town. " ' " Yeomen of the (ruard " Honors Day (3) Vmtok William M« Mamili . Ju. Kansas dhj. Mo. EXOIXEERIXO Electrical Enfjiiiecrinff Sisrma Alpha Kpsilon Etn Kappa Nu ; A.T.K.K.; The Tt-chnosraph (3, 4) Kan al City Junior College LOKKXA Maodalkxk Ml Millex . . . Teronn Liberal Arts axk Sciences Eni liuli DaviMiport House W.A.A. ; First Counril. Woman ' s l ' aguu (4); Production Staff. " Comedy of Krrors, " " Murder in the Cathe lrnr ' ; .Student Coun- cil, Wesley Foundation (3. 4) Mox M vroaret MtQVKM . . . .Moosefieart LuiERAL Arts axu SriExrKs EnaliMb Alpha Xi Delta Gresorian Literarj- Society: Le Cerch- Fran- cais : W.A.A. ; Orange and Blue Feathers; GoM Feathers: Production Staff. ' Hlack Flaininco. " ' It Cant Happen Here. " " The Mikado, " " A Shakespearian Kvening. " " Veomen of the linard " ; Varsity Debate Team (3) Honors Day (2, 3) ,4 w ■ f . U Wendell MrTAtujAHT. Knijineerino Ceramic Eujjinreriu IlliniL ' o Thii Nu Tail Lie McWlintTKU 1 mlinnnitnliti. J nd. KlUCATION Enijlish Kjippn Alpha fliela Di- Prtinv Univorsity ; Buller I ' lilvi-rsity Klorence Lek Maiier Waifrly KorrATiON Commercial Subjects Acliaea Phi Chi Theta ; Accountancy Club; Paii- Pi-ofi?ssiounl Council (3) Honors Day (I) .MH Murray College (l.KMKXS .Ia.MES MaPY firivy l.iHER. L Arts and Scienies Bacleriologi Bncteriolosry Club; Oynikana Thornton Junior College rii i:LKS Kdwari Maha Dundee Commerce Accountancit Student Senate (3. 4); Alpha Kappa Psi; Accountancy Club; Cniversily Dance SniM-r- vision Conitnillee (4) Michi;:an State Colh-Ke lloVD r.AMoN MaIIAX I.airnnrrvilte I.iBKK L Arts anu Scikntes Cluaiical Euffineerinff lixsiiii Club; Second Lieutenant, I ' niver- ; Brigade lIuMors Day (1) llW Lil ELL MaILLER. . i ■■■ ., Liberal Arts ani» Si lEXiE! (ffo ' jrnphp Tan Kap| a Kpsilon Kreidiuiau Varnity Football Squad; Fresh- man Varsity Track Squad Monmnulh t ' ollcce Pajro lOlt EiNo E 1KT Maiu Wnukfgaii ESalNKIiRIXO ilechauieai Enffinfrrin A.S.M.E,; Sfconil Rogimoiilnl BrikI (2) Chicafco TprhnionI rollegi BvRO.v Malkkoit Chicago Liberal Ahts and Siikkoks Chemigtry Granada Club THADDErs Joseph Malicki Chicago Liberal Arts and Scientes Chemirat Kjiftinfrrhlff Sigma Phi Signm A.I.Ch.E. John Edward Mallory. .Boykinevillr. Ky. Commerce Aceountancif Illini Hall Alpha Kappa Psi; Accountancy Club N ' orman DofGLAS Mallort. .Orlando, Fin. Liberal Arts and SriENrES Chfmistry Chi Psi Caisson Club; Skull and Crescent; Tho Daily lUini (1); Track Msnafrcr (2); Innrfraternity Council (4) HrLEN OLn-E Malmberc Education Commfrcial SubjrrtK Davenport House Mortar Board; President, K.G.S.; Account- ancy Club; The Illio (2); Chairman, Dads Day Accommodations Committee C.i) Virst Council, Woman ' s League (4) ; Taniaron (2); Gold Feathers; University Chorus (2); Third Council, Woman ' s League (3); Production Staff, " Brother Hat, " " Family Portrait, " " Good News, " " Our ' rnwn, " " Rio Rita " Honora Day (3) Northern Illinois Stale Tenchcrs College Marvin Mandel ... . .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Kngincering A.I.Ch.E. Edward Wvatt Mann Flora Co .M.MERCK Marketing .Sicma Pi Accountancy Club; Marketing Olub; Perth- int Kifli «: Skull ind Crescent; liilerfra lernity Council (2, 3, 4); Student Alumni . - i-inti ' .ii ' -.! ;t 1) I ' nir.ii fii. li-,.| Sli,,v. Page 110 fif tw i« - ■ i =r fS i; M.i ' ir lliKToN .Makth Ovfikugh, Wit. I.IUKKM. AUTS ANIl SCIF.NrKS I ' litnmnlnpj llliiii ' ifn Alpha Thu Sipniii ; Pers)un(; Kirtos ; Scab- bard niul Uladc : Sf ninl I.ioutpmiTit. T ' ni- vrrsity BriBadr IloMurs Day (:i) Wisconsin Stale Tpnchers Colleeo Wii.inic ArAurus Kngixeering }fcrhiniirnl Ihigiveering A.S.M.K. University of MirliiRnii . Chicago Hei-en " Ji ' NE Markert KfDiknkec JornxALiSM XfU ' s and Editorial Gainina Phi Retn Morfur Board; Torcli ; Kappa Tau Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delta; Thota Sigma Phi: (ireirorian Literary Socioty; Gymkana; The Daily Illini {1, 2, 3); Orange and Blue Feathers ; Gold Feathers ; Student Alumni Association (1. 2); Fi-eshmaa Council Honors Day ( 1 ) Fraxk [arkiett Poplar Grove KXOIXEERINO Elcciriml Engineering Pi Tan Pi Sigma; A.I.E.E.; Captain, Uni- versity Brigade Fi: .vri:s L. ' (inxi: Marsh. . . .Arrf v mith AflltHTLTrRE XKlriti ' iii tint! Diftetirg Lecniiiii LoiiL e W.A.A. ; First Council, Woman ' s League (3); Tanmroa (ri) : Silver Feathers (4); Production StalT, " Manon, " " Rio Rita, " " A Siiakesju-arian F.vening, " " Tosca " ; Union [ins l■el Show IlIiiHiis Sliilf Nnrmal University , l, i. Ruth [ar shale Cuba AcRirui-TrKE ilviu ' ial Home Economies Home Economics Club; Illinois Agricultur- ist (3, 4); Taniaroft (3); University Chorus (3) Blackburn College T H E E I R AnNER .1 MisiiN .Martin, ,]ii.. Toh-iln, nhi - Commerce 1 till afit rial A dminijilratiou Si-imi Chi .Mii-Wnn Dii; Siicliem. I ' hi Kin .«ii; " iii ; .Student .Senate (3), President (4): Ac- countancy Club; Band of X; .Skull and Cioscent; ' Hie Daily Illini (1); The Siren (2); Chninnnn. Interfraternity Dance Coin- iniltce (U ; Interfraternity Council (:l. 4); Illinois Union Cabinet (a Honors Day ( 1 ) Chester .Xii-rin r Martin Arthur Commerce Inilujitrial .idmini«lra1iou •SiKllilt Pi CoftsI . rtillcry Club; Scabliard and Blade; l- ' rrshnian Varsity Track .Squad; Student .Muiiini . ssocintioii (2) ; Captain, I ' liiver- sily Brigade llnnnrs Day (I, 2) r ( L A 5 I 9 I iiMtHtii: Ki ' v Hi M VHTiy Onk Paik Mtiikftiii; l clt)i Ktipim KpsiliMi IMii Alphii Clii ; A( ' ( cHin1iui -y Chib ; Di-i h.Mitv.hc A ' t ' ivin : iMnrki ' tiiii; t ' Inli ; Tho Itnilv mini O. =0 ; Y.. [.r.A. fnbiiu-t (11 Inivprsity nf ' i |l il .loll N Ki v Kh M Ai{Ti , .li; VoWii ( ' (IM.MKKiK Ai ' i ' tnnttiinvft I ' lii Cininiiin UcltJi MH- ' nit-1 a : SHt ' liciii ; I ' lii Ktii Simuit ; Riisinoss MniifiKor, Tlu- lllio; lU-la Alplia Psi ; Aceounlancy CIii)»; Biuul of X; Skull mill Cresivnt : l- ' ri ' slunnn t ' oum-il Honors Day { 1. 2, 11) ; rnivcrsity if Illinois- Srliiilarsliip Key .loll X Wll.l.lAM Maktix Aithui- CoMMKRlK Acconttltiiify Sisnia Pi Arronntanvy Club ; Sih-oiuI Rogi mental RjiikI ( 1. ' J I I,a1)k nk .IiNi; Mautin Cnrbondalr KmrA ' iinx Art Alpha Di ' Ita Pi Taniarna (3) ; Silver Feathers (l) Sonthern Illinois State Teacliers College Makckij.v Maktix drnniti ' Cili « T.KnSAHD I.AWKKXCK MARTIX Kansas City, M " . KxniXKKRixa Mcchniiicnl Enffincerino Si;;nia Alpha Kpsilon Pi Tail Sifinia Kansas City Junior Colleg Makckij.v Maktix (irnnite CUi AtiKici ' i riKi; yiltrltioii nut! Diilrtii-M Warner Hall Oniicroii Xu ; Iota .Sii;nia Pi ; Home Eeo nouiics Club; T ' aiiiaroa {:i) ; Silver Feathers ' t) Illinois Stale Normal t ' nivrrsit ' Wi.-kLKV I ' OKTKK MAKTI » Indianapolis, Jnd. I ' lXK AND Ai ' i ' i-iKD Arts A trhHecturnt Kniiinrfri}i(i Rr;a TIietH Pi M)i Wiin-Da; Phi Eta Sicina; SrnrHb: Skull and Crescent; Tribe of Illini; Fresh- man Varsity Football Squad; Varsity Foot ball Scpiad (2). Letter (3. 4); Inlerfra- Irrnity Couiu-il ( 1 ) Honors Day ( I I l i;l.llKKS KSTIIKS ilASMN Biujuttl r.iRKR i Arts axi» Scikncks Chemistry Collefrienno H»:i.hN Ki.iZAiiKTii Massoik. . ' nrmir C ' l lJiiKit L Arrrs am S(ii:xrKK liai ' hrintnfiy Mary K. IJusey Hall Alpha Lambda Delia; Product ii-n SinfT. " Pnmily Portrait. " " I{icliar l III " Texas Stale ' olli ' i;i ' for Wonicii KkN ' NKTII KlMlAlt Mah! f iiinci KN ' OINKKIfINd dene rat Euuiiiferiuti Sii;ma Phi Kpsiinn Sachem ; Phi Kta Sii;iuH ; Prisliiiii; l{ifl ' s ; Society of General KuKineers; Inlntmnral ManaK ' tT (2, 3) H.Hiors Day (1. 2) UuiiiKT ' iMasTiAN Mast Molcfna .ImitXAI.ISM Atlferlisiufl ami I ' uhtiitUinft Siicma i ' hi Kp iilon (ianima Thela Phi Max EtM-.ENE Mathf.hs Gilson Ar.Rini.Tt ' BK (jcnrral AffyicnJture Alpha Phi OmeRa ; Agricultural Club; Cav- alry Officers ' Club; Dairy Production Club; PersbiiiK Ritles; Phalanx Honors Day (3) EuciKNK RiCHARDBON Mathik. . . .Chicago CoMMFnry .1 rrm nianc]! Sigma Chi Alpha Tau Sigma; Acrnnntancy Club; Pier- rots ; Scabbard and Hlade ; Captain, I ' ni- versity Urigade I KOKARU Georoe Mathv Chicago LiDERAi. Arts and Scienteb Economics X ' alparaiso Cniversity PaI ' I- (iHovER Matt. Jr Chicago ESOINECRISa iterhanieal Engineering Heta Kappa A S.M.E ; Cavalry Officers ' Club; Phalanx; Inilepeudent Council (1, 2); Captain, Uni- versily Brigade Armour Inntilulo of Technology Rohr.RT Vii,T Matthews Erie E KOI SEEK! NO Mechanical Enffineering Doha Sigma Pbi Tau Nu Tau; A S.M.E. ; Phalanx; Star and Scroll ; Kre.««hnian Varsity Track Squad ; i aptnin. I ' niversiiy Brigade Pfle » 111 Al. IN Mahtiv .Ma I V,,,,,,„h, , AliKllll.Tl Rt: iifiifral Ailriculturf Alpha Oamina Kho Sciiinr WreslliiiK MmiaKer: I ' lialnjix: llli- iiois Acricullurist (1. 2); Atlili ' lir (Vuiioil (4); Captain. University Rritiado ItolllllT BI.ISN MaXWF.I.I .iiM-ofii I.IBKHAl. ABTS A.VII SllKXIF.S Uitlnry IVItn Siema Phi Phi Di ' lta Phi: PiTshins Kiflos; The lllio (■-•. :i) : luifrrrnicrniiy Coiimil I ;i 1 : Si ' mnil R ;init-tilal HhihI (I. - Thomas Bi t.Tii. Mavo. .In riiicngn I.InKRAL ART.S . XD S ' IKNr):s Baeleriotnffi Kappa Alpha Psi Kkaxk Jiihi i-ii Meier Clinmimiijn AURICl ' I.TrRIi Gfiienit Ai ririillme .Vsrii-uhitriil Club Dwri.i, .loll N .Mkloiiv Prnriti COMMKRCE Iittliiiflnut Sthnhiislnitiou SiL-nia Chi riaii.l i.f .K: ConKt Artillery Club; Track Maiiiiwr rj); First Lieutenant, Uiiivcrsily Mri ' _-« lf I.IN.V (•KAKIIAIET Mhl.M.V Chtu " ,- ' " " KXOIXEEIIINU .1 f firiilliirtit ICiifniicerhtff AS A.K. CftAwi.KK RoiiiiAx Mexekkk . . .Cliampawii COJLMKRfK Aeeoiiutaurjf Alpha Kapjta Pni Carl Aifot ' HT Mr-veuki I ' mrin K.N ilNKE»I.V . Etrrlririit Entnurrriita A I.I.i;,; Klisinperinic Phyaica Siiclr-ty Brartlry Polylechiiii ' Iniilituti ' J ' liU ' i- ML ' MiM k I ]i MHi - IIii;mvx MhiicKU I ' eoiia KxciiXKKriiXd Mvi ' htiiiifnl 1: ni iitei ' riuft Acaeia .S.MK.: Concert Band (2, :t. I): First licuiincntal llaml (1); I ' nivi-rsily ( ' li..rii-. ( II IlniiiM ' s l :iy ( I ) CliAKl.Es Wii.l.iAM MKrri.1.11. . . .(I Criiii c I ' llVSICAl. KliriATIIPX rhi Kappa Sii;ma Tiihc if mini; Vnrsily Baseball . ' quail ( J I : Frcshnian Varsity 1 ' ' notbiill .Squad; Vnrsily Tec Iliickcy Sqiwiil CJ); l.iMtcr (4) CauoM xi; . IKVKI1 !Ia„in-Aln„ I ' Jpl c Tli (iamiiui I ' lii licln .Si ' .:inii .Upha lotii; Arepn; Gymnasti(;a : Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Fealhers; Cast. ■■Rio liilii " : Pro.luclidii SlatT. ■niollier Ual. " ■11. .M.S. I ' iiiiifdv, ' . I ' .isca " .Toltx Pllll.ll ' JlKVEK.s Jiiliel T.TiiKRAi. Arts axd Srn:. rKs folilienl Srwiire Tnde|.endent Council {: ' .); Men ' s Glee Club I 1 I .lullel .luMiiir Coll. ' Se A ' lH ' iU. ' ;II: Mi: -niAl.Klt lirtid ord loM.MKHrK .lcc„l( ,(flHCI, .SiL-Mia . lplia Mp ilon Phi Eta Si(,-niii : Bchi M|ili:i Psi; Ac- ccnuitancy Club Honoivs Day (1. 2. ;: ) ; rniveisity nl ' Illi- nois Scholarship Key RlCIUKP llEXRY MllHAKl.SKX. . .7fiic;, ir(i ClIM.MKltCE Mn nni fiiif nt Thetn Xi : Ia- Viin-T)ii ; Sludent Senate C!. U : B.-hkI of X; Persliin.u Hides: Scabbard and Blatle; Football Manau ' cr ( ' J. :i ) ; First Lieutenant, University Hrijiarle Cni;sTi:u St.vni.i. Mn ii . . .Chicmtn LiiiEKAi. Art.s axd SflKXriCS Vtifiiticnl Kitni»ffri»if I.Ch.K. IK ' rzl .lunior Colte;;e ' MKR(1X El ' OKXK Mll ' IIEI.I Com M Kill K I ntltt ilrial Athninililrnlioit lielia Tan Delia Acrounlnuey Club; Marketing Club Pnrflne I ' nivernitv H i:i:v I i.t .Mii.t s htm,.., ttu Kim CATION J ' lij sii ' itl fCiincitliim Fit ' -slunnn ' ttr i1y (lolf iSquml ; ' iirsiiy C»oU S(|uii l (2) AUTliri! ( ' IIAKI.KS Mu. I, Kit. .. r»M7. Mirti. COMMKKrK Aceountniicif Purkhisor Chih Aoeounlftiicy Club; Miirki-tin Chil Tliin ' iitoii .luniiu ' olh ' ;;e ( L A 5 I 9 I Hvkhaim ,U:ax .Mili.kk Ouk J ' lnh LiHKRAI. AKTS and SCIKNCES Sociolo( !f I ' hi Oiiu ' ga Pi Till ' Illio (1); Oranee and Blue Ffatlu ' is; iiuUl I ' Vathers; Uuiversity Orchestra (I!); I ' liiversity Chorus (1, 2, a, -i) ; Production Staff. ' Hoy Meets Girl, " ' -Elizjiheth the lli.hx i{i) Laxhiion MiLi.KR Dtcfitiir I ' lXK AND Al ' I ' LlKU AKTS Architectural Enoineenmj Sigina Alplia Epsilon Thu Beta Pi; Garcrnyle Honors l ay (3) .lames Millikin University Catmmkvn llL ' iio MH-i,i:ii Cohdcn Educatkin Home Economics Hill Crest llnnie Eeoiionues Club Hlinois State Normal University; Black- burn College Cjiaklks Jacob Mijulkk West Chicouo Physical Editatiox Beta Kappa Fresh man A ' arsity Baselmll Sipnul : ' arsil Baseball Squad (2. :i. 4 ) ; Illinois I ' nion Board of Directors (4) IinKnTKv .M r{iAX MiLi.Kit Oencscu ElMiATIOX Art Gyinna ttioa : Production Staff. " Brotlier Rat, " " Kind Lady ' ; Foolball Court of Honor (2. H. 4) Honor.s Day ( I ) FVH.VX HaKRIKT MILI.KU C liict ' ! " I.IUKRAL AKTS AND SC ' IKNCKS pAlaniar Alpha I.iimbda Delia : I ' hi Alpha Chi ; Sigma I ella Pi: L e Cercle Frnncais: Span- ish Club; First Council. Woman ' s I.en)(u 2. 3) lIoBors Day I, 2) 4. rir ' Hi I.I.N i;i,i nKTii MiiA.v.n.lJnuMttn,, T,.xag FiNi; AXi» Ai ' i ' i.iKit Aitrs Laiuittcnfif A rchitrritire Dnvenporl Huuse Lnndsra] e Architecture Society; Orchenia; (Production Staff, " It Can ' t Happen Here " Univernily of Oklahoma [t: vi.v W ' Ai.iiJt Mii.r.Mc {. " ,., n Atinnvi.rvRv. (tfueral Affrtcultuic Al| ha (ianima Hho Agricultural Club; Caisson; Phalanx; Hoof and Horn Club; Freshman Varsity Vresl- linjc Sipiad ; Captain, University Brit;a le .lAMi:s KrtxKST Mii-lku. .r nl llurun, Mich. KiKKUAL. Arts axu Scikncks JCcoiiomicH Acacia Men ' s Glee Club ( :i. 4) Port Huron .lunior College rAR.TORiE AxNi; MiLi KR Ooli Park ElUCATtON ICnglisk Gamma Phi Beta Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers; Star Course (2); Student Alumni Asso- ciation (2, a) M i{v Klizakktu Mili kr Chicago AtJBU ' ULTURK (icncral Ilome Economics Kiippa Alpha Theta I ' hi Upsilon Oniicron ; Tamaron (2) Honors Day (3) Mihvaukee-Downer College BoitKKT I, i: vis MlLLRR . Itockford EXtilXKERlXU Cirt7 Enginccrinu Beta ThelH Pi Phi Eta Sicnia : Chi P psilon ; Freshman Varsity Golf Squad ; Captain, University Brigade Honors Day ( 1 ) KiVXAI.It 1- t llKXK MIM4KR Mt. Mxilis COMMKKCE .4rrfiiiii «iir| Sjf:ma Alpha Kpsilon Vicounlanry i ' lub ; linud of X : Caisson ( lu ; MarkoliuK Club; Scabbard and liltide; The Daily HIini (I. 2. lU ; Inter- fraternity Council (3); Second Licutmant, University Brigade Honors Day ( I ) SiMUI.KV .)AXt. MlI-l-KR LiiiKHAi. Ahth axu SriKXfi:- Engii h Vesta Ilouve Wricht .lunior CoUejce rnm li:t Thomas Richard Millkr. . . .Mt. Stertinff A :Ricri.Ti ' Kt Gtueral AgrictiUure Taisson Club; Hoof and Horn Club: First I.ii ' ulpnant. I ' niversity Brisade DotORrs Klrine Millevim.i: . .C i«nipaii7M AcBicrLTrRi: Xutrition Ofni Diftflics Gamma Dolta RoBrRT Thomas Milligan TaylorviUe Liberal Arts and Sciences A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day (3) Peak Kikkds Mitchell Ridgefarm EKOINEERINt; Mrrhanical Engineering A.S.M.E.; First Regimental Band (3); Second Regimental Band (1, 2); Uni- versity Chnrns ( 1 ) Hkrsi ' hel Earl Mizkll Simpson AGBlcrLTlKE (jfjieral Agriculture Alpha Tau Alpha; Apricultural Club; Agri- cultural Ediiralioii Club; Hoof and Horn Club J.nsTr.H Thomas Moatl Gridleg Commerce Accountancy Pi Kappa Phi MaWanDa; Sachem; Phi Eta Sigma; Business Manager. The Daily Illini; Band of X ; Star »n ! Scroll ; Tnterf raternity Council (3, 4) Honors Day ( 1 Don Moberlky, Jr Commerce General Business Economioi Club; Marketing Club . . . Gays William Clairk Mohb HiUadaU Enqineerino Cernmirs l ii kini;ham Palncc American Ceramic Socioly; Independent Council (4) .i:i. iorcY Paul Molitok Aurora Fine and Api ' LIek Arts Architecture I.KSI.IK HeXHV lIuXKE Iff. Oliie AanicuLTunE General AgricuHure hilllc KgypI (ianmiB Delta; Agricultural Club; Agri- cuttural EducHtinii Club; Illinois A ri- culturist (3. 4) Southern Illinois State Normal Uni- versity MAItVlX RiniAKD MOKTOOTH. . . Br tdford KXOINEKRING Ci(. ' i7 Enf ineerinjj Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Epsilon ; Tau Xn Tau; A.S.O.E.; Pershing Rifles; Phalanx Honoi ' s Day ( 1 ) Wri.i.iAM Deane Moody Hintdalt LiBEitAL Artp and Sciences Political Science JVIta Tau Delta Hand of X; Marketing Club; Union Min- strol Show Carolyn Laura Moore Vrbann LiDERAL Arts and Sciences Jiacteriology Corinna Alpha Pi Delta ; Haeteriology Club Honors Day (2) Ei.MER Glendon Moore Oilman Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Acacia Cyclothem Club Ki.eanor Viroinia Morgan Oak Park l.iiiKRAi. Arts and Sciences French Aliiliii Xi |ii-lla Torch; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Pi Delta; Pi Delta Phi; Arepo; Mask and Bauble; Illini Theatre Guild Hoard (4); l ' ' irsl Council. Woman ' s league (4); Orange and Bhie Feathers; (Jold I- ' eathers; Production Staff. " Eliiabelh the Queen, " " It Can ' t Happen Here. " The Mikado. " " 1ur Town, " " Tosca " Honors Day (I, 2 I,ee T AVeune Moroax Alriltt AliRICfl.TlKK tieneral Agriculture Alpha (.iannna Kho .Vgricnllural Club; Agricultural Kconomica CInb: rhalanx; Interfraternily Council (•M: Captain, University Brigade T H E 5 E H I 1 Pago 114 Roh :kt Anr irK .MoiiiiW I ' ili4i„ii COMMEKCK Acciiittitntu ' } Aceounlaiiey CUih ; Pcr-hini; Uitles ; l iij|j Illini (1. 2) Honni-s r ny ( ' J) MVItON- CONKAD Ml KLI.Kll Taylor h ' itl ' Je AflftlCULTUKK General AoricuUnr» Hill Ilnll Aicricttliiiinl Club; Hoof niul Hon. Ciuh; L ' iii-iilturHl Council (.| i Ai.nwis EiHiKNK Mii»i;i Drratur AuKuri.Tiia: General Aifriculture Hoof and Horn Club; Concert Hand (1); First RcRiniental Httml (2); Student Alnnnii Association ( I t ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I Kli.a Catuebike MoKitis Spriii ' jielU Liberal Arts and Siiknoks Socioloffjf Pi Beta Phi Tamaroa (3) Springfield Junior College iRviN ' ; SamI ' KL ' MoRKm. .It ochester, X. Y. Commerce Accountaucn Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Ac- countancy Club; Freshman A ' arsity Fencing Squad Honors Day (1. 2. 3); University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key Jerome Piekce Morris Champaiyn EN«IXEERIX(J Electrical Enffineerinff Morris Paul Moseley Metropolis Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Junior Bar Association Southern Illinois State Xorninl T ' nivtTsity limiKUT Li:wis MosliKR Journalism AVt j ami Editorial Sicnia Delta Chi Donna Mildrfu MRorn Ilftwyn Libkral Arts and Sciences Spa nigh Zeta Tau Alpha Spanish Club; OrauKC and Blue Fentliern; Gold Feathers JA.MKS EdiiaU .MULKlltl). . .6Vi1(7i.; Jliirjiilx Civil ICiigiiiffriitii Triangle t ' lii Kpsilon ; Mu-.Srii ; Uifli) Club; ricsli- mull Varsity Track S(|iui.l ; Varsily Track Squad (2) Honors ])uy (1, 2) loux CurtxKi.irs JIui.i.ank Itoi kforil KNIil.VEEKINU MftttUurgical Enuincerino Newman Hall -Mineral Industries Society Robert Lawuexce MuLLiriAS. .C iani mifrii AORICULTirRE (ienernl AffriruUurc Au ' ricnllural Club I.aFekn- Phyllis Mullman Chicago Liberal Arts and Scikncks Spa Hi fill Laura B. Evans Hall Oymkann; Rifle Club; Spanish Club; Pro- duction Staff, " Black Flamingo, " " (.Jood News " Harry Franklin XIiinch irnmln Aokiculture Oencrat Aiiriettitnre -Vgricullural Club; -Agricultural Economics Club Blackburn College 1.ii.exe .Iea-Vette Mixcih llinmiilr Liheral Arts and Scikncks SfVfrh .-Vtplia Ciamma Delia Torch; Alpha Lambda Delia; Zela Phi Kta ; liymkaua; Y.W.C-A- Cabinet (:t); Pro- liu-iion Staff. " Richard III " Honors Day ( I . ' ) -Maroarkt Klizaiietii Mi ' N!«on. . - -C ' l iron Liheral Arts and SoiencK! fil perch University Chorus (2, :t, 4); Cast, " Two nn an Island " ; Production Staff, " Brother Rat. " " Family Portrait, " " Our Town, " Tosia " - I ' ngo 1 15 OwKShoLvx Kur. nKTii Mi ' NTz Etffin JaUKBAL ARTft AND SciENCtS History ((iimniH Phi Beta Thf Daily Illiiii (2); PanHellpiiic ( iunrll (4); Tamaroa (2. 3): Gold Keatlni-v; Stii tli ' iit Alumni Asi ociatioii (2) f-fti ' !is .Tuiiior Collt ' s ' EiUTii Jawi:s MrRPHv Chicnffo JorRXAHSM Ailrrrligiufj nntt VublitUituj Clu ' z Nous Claiuinn Alplia Chi; I ' i IMla Phi; I.c C i-ch ' Fraiii ' ais; Ore :oriBii l-iti ' rarv Sorii ' iy : Thf Daily Illini (1) ; Tlu liulopDiuleiit (2) : Orange and Blue KeatluTs; (told Feathers LOKIEIINK .iKAX MrRMiv LocKfinrt PlIYSKAL EnrcATiox I t l(n (ianinia Mortar Board; President, AV.A.A.; Illini Out in? Chih; Physicnl Education Majors: Club; W ' .A.A.; V.A.A. Numerals; Tamaroa (2) Xorthwestern Universiiv MwRtPK EnwARn Mirimiv Vrbaita KX(JIXKKRIN G ifrlaUiirfjit ' nl JC nffineeriug Tau Nu Tan; Mineral Industries Society ; Phalanx; Capiain, University Brigade Ckkai.dikf Rita Mtrrav i,tciii u KiitKRAL Arts ani Scikxoks Etiffligh Warner Hall Der Deutsche Verein ; Gymkana; Orango and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers .Ia.mks Roksox MI ' RRav Pueblo, Colo. En ' oinkkkint, Ciril Enginreriug Tau Xu Tau; A.S.C.E.; Pershinc Rifles; .Scabbard and Blade; Captain, University Bri(;a Ie I William Davii» Nakzii:kr. . . .Blonmiuf ton COMMERrE Affutiiitatn ' i Phi Kappii Si niH Ai ' countaiiry CInh; ( ' ni ' «son Chib; Phalaux ; Freshman A ' arsity Football Squad ; A ' arsily Football S |uad (2, IJ) : Freshman Varsity WreMlin Squad; Student Alumni Assn- cintion (:t) : Captain, University Brigade WiLLARL) RltllARIt XaU Encixkkki. . Mecbtinicnl Engineeriny ( " UAKl.KS KaVMOND XaVIKAS (lill Si»ir Exoixeerixg Mechanical Engineering Tau Xu Tau; First Lieutenant, University Bri ' _ ' a l.- .Sfnltiioit Hklex Lotisk Xi :al .lul ' RXALISM Adrcrtiititi; and Publishing Delta Delln Delta Theta Sigma Phi; Shi-Ai ; The Daily Illini (I, 2. :5) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (4); First Council, Woman ' s League (4) ; Orange iind Blue Feathers; Gold Feathei ' s " Marvix EiKiEXE Xeal Effingham dOURXALlSM Adreriising and Publishing Miuketing Club W I I.I.I i Ti; . K Xkal Caihiiiidiih: AtJUIClLTl ' RE iirnentl Agriculture Howell House Southern Illinois State Xonniil Uni- versity T H E 5 E I lli.iiMr K I ' .i.MXK MVEUs CTinnijmii ii Kl |T ' ATI tN ' f ' fimmerciat Subjrcta AiliiMiia Ari-oiiiiliinr.v Cluli: Prmliictiaii StaflT, ' liliirk KlaiiiiiK; ' ». " " ' ' i ' lii Mikiidn " fi.MrtK Kc ' iKNi; Xr;i sox . (!iiirii,TinK Ofncrnl At i-icuUiire f ' ardiaijti Collpgc .11 i.ii;t liii.xi; Mykiiw. . . . • ,,,in„ AnliKI ' l.Tlrii XillrUion and liitlrtiet Alfilin KjiKJInn Phi Murlar Honnl ; Torch: Alpha I.niiilHln I)i ' lr«: Pill ( ' pnilon Onilcron; Hoiiip Kco- ii ' .riM. s riiili; Terrapin Cluli; Tin- llliu ( . ' _ ' . " . l ' ir«i roiiiiril, Woninn ' K (-1) : Oriiitk ' - Midi Itlur i- ' fallKTh; (Wi)il Ft ' ttlliprH; I ' riHliirtlon Staff, ■•(■ ' nlliiw Thru, " " Illo Uil« " llMiiors Day (1, !)) I ' liRU 116 l i)SAi.ii Kmc Sklson Tiiiil ' inilu- KXdlNKKRINcI hUrelrical Knuittfrring ' I ' liii Ilola Pi; Phi Kin .Siiiiiiii ' . Ktn Kuppu Nii; A.I.K.K. llonorH Day (1, 2, ») ; Uiiivorsily if llli iioIr Srholar«hip Kpy CiKOKOK MaKVIN Nk1.80N .J «rn «H roMMKKCK (irin ' ial JtuJtinctiti Alpha Ki)| pn Pi Accoiiiitaiu ' y Cliili; Mnrkitiii;: Cliih; i ' hv- nli-y Oflicurs ' Chib : Kroshnmn Varsity K»)ot- hall Squat) ; Varsity Foolhall Sqiunl ( -. : , I): InttTfrnti ' rnity rouiicil { ' 2, :», 4); .MnjdV, I ' liiversity HrJcndf H vmH.h {iinKdN Nki.sox Itm ' kjnrd Comm :k(i: .el a Psi MaWau-Da ; Siiehctn ; Senior Inlrainnnil ManaKor ; ' nt, Krcsliiiuin Class : Accountancy Chil); Band of X; Skiil! ami C ' l-esceut; The Illin (1); lllini Board v( Control (3. 4); Frcshiiinu Council; Ath- letic Council (4 Honors Day { 1, 2) M. UoiiKiir John- NKrN nNc.Kii ilnrtii o • ' ll.M.MllliK MamiiJrmenl Alphii Kniipii P«l; AcTOiiiiliiiiy Cliil,; Mjtrkfliiii; Club OlCKAIl E KX]ON N ' KMI.I.I. A ' riiiaiK ih , Mr, I.iiiKiiM, Arts A.vri Siikxi i f ' tirmuitry Khusus i ' iiy .liiiiifM- ColleKO L A 5 5 I 9 4 I .Tames Axorkw Nelson liitunn EXOIXEKRING Ceramic Enffineering vVuieriran Ci ' ramic Society ; Caisson Chib ; Keranios ; Pershint: Kirtes ; Phalniix ; First Lieutenant, I ' niversity Britradf Hon(U " I ay ( 1 ) Kkxxktii Albert Nklsox Knoineerixg Mechanical Engineering Sienia Phi Delta A.S..M.K. Thornton Junior College . Fiarrey M r(SMALr. Emvix Nelsox Fishr KXCJINEERINti Ceramic Enffineering liiukini lmm Palace Tan Nu Tau : American Ceramic Society Kerniuos; Pershing Rifles Ilunors Day (1) UoiiKicr KiiWAUn Nklsox Libntyrillv KXUINEERtNG Mecitatiicnl Engineering A.S.M.K. KiiitKr:T [.ESI. IE Nelson liu,. n .loirRNAMSM SewB and Editorial Siema Delta Chi: The Daily Illini i ;: i : .Tournalisni Council (4) North western I ' niversity Wakkex Hov Nki.sox Chicn ' u KX ' ilNKKKIX ' i Mechanical Euginefiin ' i Tau Kappa Kp.siloii A.SM.E.; Kir»t KeKinienlal Band (I, 2) A X .N K i; N III I. N I. w n f 7( icagn I.MIEKAL in ' K ANli .S« IKM KS ChemiHlry Delta Delia Delta Alpha l.anilMta Delta; Iota St mu I ' i ; Orihesis ; W.. .A. ; Junior Council. Wo- man ' s I,ea;:iie; Oranije and Blue Peallier«; CoM Feathers; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet i ) ; 7 ' roduetion Staff, ' PoKt IJoad " Honors Day (1,2) Tekry Fkaxki.ix Nkwkirk Drcuhir KXfilXKKRINii Ct ' rmnics American Ceramic Society; Coflsl Artillery Club ; Keramo.s ; Phalanx ; Scimitar ; l- ' resh- man Varsity Fenrin;: S piarl Honors Day ( 1 . i i Kic HAUn KVEItETT Newmx. .Clinton, Jmvn Agkkmltttre iienrral Agriculture . Kricnltural Club; Hoof and Horn Club Vera Flizaretii Newlon Cmtrnlin Kin ' rATH N Physical Edueatinn Delia Delta Delta Orcliesis; V., .A. ; Production Staff, " Our Town " Lindenwoud College CUUTIS liKRALii Newman. . . W nl MrJImiy Coumkrce .4rcotiii (iiiri Sftchwa Dorothy Jank Newman Chicago Kink axi Afi ' LiEh Arts raintimf Presbyterian Hall Alpha Lambda Delta; Oymkiina : ltlu ira- lors; The Illio { ' ) ; Student Alumni Amo- liation (2); Production Staff. " Arcent on Youth. " ■Murder in the Cathedral. " ■ To-sea. " " Veomen of the (Juard " : Cnion Minstrel Show Honors Day i2) Page 117 I.OVls Sajivix Nt«M s (. ' nVaflo l.IDERAI. AnTS ASU SlIKM KS I ' oUtifal Self life SiKQiA Alplia Mu Inlorfrilternily Council ii) I ' nivorsily of Alabainn : Wriulii .luiiifir CoUose Ira Gooi»ski,l Xichols. Jit ' I ' vtono Liberal Arts anp Scikxcks rrfJif -rfi ol OniPCM Ri ta Pi Houori. n«y (2) Nakcv Jake Nichols yni frvilir AORICVLTCRK General Rome Eeonomicg Pi Bet« Phi Phi fpsilon Omioron : W.A.A.; W.A.A. Numerals; Orance and Blue Kcalhers: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet CI. 4); rrodu.iidu Siaff, • ' Kamilv Pnrlrail " I.LOTP Abthvr XICOLAI Barrinffloii Liberal Arts akd Scikxcks Chemical Enffineerino Phi Lambda Upsilon ; Phi Eta 8icnia Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key ROBKHT CtTLLEN NiHAN (Inril. Jllll. Commerce Commerce and Law Chi Pai Pershing Rifles; Oo-ChairmRn, Senior Jackets rominittee; Interfraternity Conn- .-.I n -t Martha Kt ' TU Noel Vrbaun Liberal Arts axu Sciences Speech Alpha riii Oniepa Zota Phi Etn; OranKe and Blue I ' Vatlicrs; Gold Fealhem; Star Course (2) Ki WARn Robert Noiia Uircraide Commerce Accountancy Delta Tau Delta Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; The Illio (2); Ice Hockey Manager (21 Marcelle Elizabeth NoiiHEN.y onv View Liberal Arts and Scikxcks Home Kconomic» TriS W.A.A. ; W.A.A, Numeral! ; Flmt Council. Woman ' league (2); Orange and Dhii ' Peathera; Gold Featharji Page 118 YktSM Emma Wilhelmina Noll St. Jacob AORICULTVBE Central Home li ronomieg McKinley Hall Der Doutsche A ' eroin ; liome Ecooomica Club; The Ulio (2); -W.A.A.; Gol.! Kenih- ers Honors Dny (3) IIi;NItY D.VVID NORRIS Lii(i;k. l Arts avd Sctkntrs Chemistry Spring-field Junior College A ' liUiixiA NoitRls Xnrmal Agiucvlttre drticrnl llmnc .VonomtV 4-H House Omicron Nu; Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Wo- man ' s Editor, Illinois Agriculturist; Home Economics Club; Tamaroa (3) ; Silver Feathers (4) ; rroduction StafT, " Oood News " Illinois Wesleynn University Otto Rrnoi.pii Now ?. « ' | m Engineering Ceramic Ei ginrrriiig Lambda Chi Alpha Frank Peter NvKiEii Commerce Accountancy vVccouutancy Club Honors Day (1) . . . Chicago . Ii:lvin Anton Xyman LocJciwrt Arts and Sciences Cheniisti-y Joliet Junior College T H E E K I .liinx Davis Nycjuist Pncktord Enoineerino Jffc innicai Engineering A.SMK.: Porshinc Rifles llOHOTiiv Jean Oatuout Ci» nn J ' nrk Commerce Commercial Teaching Tri-S Women ' s Olee Club (2. 3); University Chorus 13. 4) Honors Day ( I ) klkKli C ' MKIS ri.AHIXCL OUKKHLIIif: ChlCOi o COMMFKCK Getifral liti-giueas ' Vnu Ka|)| n Kitsiloii ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I .Toiix Si{£RRicK O ' Brien Vitta Pari. Liberal Arts and Scikxcks ( ' hemical Enffincrrinfj Phi Ela SigniB; A.I.Ch.E.: Const Artillery Club; Phalanx; Freshman Varsity Wri ' st- line: Squad : Lieutenant Colonel, L ' Diversity UriffHtie; Military Coxinri! Honors Day (1. 3) .7oii James O ' Connor yonnal Liberal Arts and Sciences Bnctfriolngii M.Kuy KvANC.ELiNE 0 CoNXOK. . .Oak Park Physical Edixatiox Alpha Omicron Pi Physical Education Majors Club : W.A.A. ; W.A.A. Numerals; Major I: Chairman, Dads Day Tags Committee (3); Junior Council, Woman ' s League; Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers: Production Staff. " Brother Rat. " " Family Portrait, " " Good Xews " Raxxie Lawrence OdI ' M. .West Frankfort Engineering Civil Engineeritiff Theta Delta Chi A.S.C.E.; The Technograph (4); Inde- I endent Council (3) Southern Tllinois Xormal LTniversilv .PririceriUc Glexn David Oertley. . . . Agriculture General AgricuJtitrc Sachwa Alpha Zeta; Agricultural Club; Asricuituial Economics Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Agricultural Council (3) Honors Day (3) Pershing Ogren Lockport Liberal Arts and Scibncks Psych utoffif Sigma Phi Epsilon Der Deutsche Verein ; Interfrnternity Coun- cil (3) Mary Early O ' Keefe EranMon Education Hittory Leeman Irodge W.A.A.; Tamaroa 3); Production Staff, ' Good News, " " Manon. " " Rio Uita. " " Yeo- men of the Guard " Northwestern University iMT itiiiTiis KDiiKit Olson f ' iiVnso KxrilNKCIIINil Mi ' clianictlt Entjiiteeriug I ' i Tbu Sifrma: Sigiim Tau; A.S.M.K.; Cuis oii Club; GymnDHtica; Pfrshiiit; Rifles; PIliiIiiiix; rii ' sliman Vamity Ciymiiaitira Sqiiml : X ' arsily (fyinnaKlirs Sqnail (-1): Miijor, I ' uivprsily Brigade lloiiiirs Day (1. ' 1. :t ) : ITniverstty of Illi- nois Sflifilnrship Ki ' v noltOTHV HlLt rK ( LS tN ' l.iriRHAi. Arts and Sr iks- m Hiitany Kt y H niM- Mi-r Dfiilsche A ' crcili Wright .Iiiiiior . ' (tllej;e Pi;usHix i Jay Olson Enginkkiiing Etuclnrfit Fiifjiueerittff A T.K K. Mnr Robert Chahles Olson Wauk gaii Com MERCK Markftinff Tlieta Chi MaWaii-Da; Sachem; Phi Eta Sigma; Banil of X; Marketing Club; The Illio (1, 2, 3); Student Alumni Assneialion (2, 3); Commerce Council (», 4) Honors Day (1.2) Robert Pavl O ' Malley Chieogo Engineering General Engineering Chi Psi Society of General Engineers ; naseball Manager (2) Walter Hal O ' Neal Wetl TikU Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemicat Kngiiwrring Alpha Chi Sigma A.I.Ch.E. Blackburn College . 1 Mi-.rERiTE Alue it ' NEii Chicngn Commerce Foreign Comnit-ree Zein Tau Alpha V.i ' ounlancy Club; Oyninaslica ; Spanish ' hib; W.A.A Wii.i.nM Ceorge OXkil Macomb Commerce Arcotiutaihey Sigma Chi .■Sachem; . ccounlancy Club; Band of X; The Daily IH ' ni (I. 2. 3); Seaond Regi mental Band (1. 2) Page 119 RoFiiRT Joseph ONeili ittdim Physical Kihtatiox ?ignia Chi Tomahawk ; Tribe of Illiiii : Fivshinnn Vaailj Daskotbat) Squad; Vaisily Basket- b all Squad (2. 3, 4) : Varsity Football Squad (3. 4 . Letter (2 RoBrRT nioWK CirncK Chicago I.inERAL. Ahtk asm :5( ikn. f« Tru Kappa Kpsilon Skull and Creact-nt ; Krcjilunnn Varsity Baseball Squad ; Freshman Varsity Fenc- inc Squad; Frrshmau Varsity Fuothall Squad: Varsity Football Squad (2, 3. 4): Iiiterf rat emit y CouDcil ( :!. 4) HrsKV Ordilli:: I ' lcttsimtrin, ' Com MERCK Bankint} and Finnnre Harvey Hawkixs Orxhorkk Chicaya LiBEKAi. Arts ani Scikxcks CheniiKtry Phi Delta Tli.ta Sachem; Independent Council (1); Y.M.C-A. Cabinet (2. 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors (3, 4); Second lieu- tenant. CniTertiity Bripaile Honorh Pny ( 1 ) Vl.ASTA pAIiOl ' R ElJlTATlOX Iliglori McKinlry Hall Morton Junior College . JJrilVyii Robert Lansin ; Paintkk. . . . J . r«imW Libera!. Arts ami Sciencks Caihson Club; Cyclolhem Club; Perching Kifleit ; Phalanx; Major. University Bri- gade KaRI. LaVKRVK pAI.MDKItU ItOnlna Com MERCK Aeeouiilaurf Arrnuiiimicy Club ; Cofthl Ariilliiy Club Markeiinc Club Carl Fkkuerick pAMff. Parhrrtthnru LltlKRAL Arth a -i SciKNri;H Otology CoaH Arltllery Club; Cyclolliem Club; P»r liink ' nifle«; Major. Unlverally Bri- |[adr Page 12n [.ntCKAINh Lrni.LK I ' AMl ' KI tirnymunl Commerce Cnlli ' Kit nne Aicountiinry Club; Gregorian Literary So- riety; Marketing Club: Gold Featliers; Women ' s Clee Club (2. 3) i ' ATKiciA KATiunx pAi ' E Chicago Liberal Arts axd Sciknce. Geologi Kiippii Alpha Theta Cyt-lotheni Club; Spanish Club; The Illio (I. 2) : The Daily Illini (1. 2) ; The Siren (1. 2); W.A.A.; Orange niid Hlne Feathers; Gold Featliers Karl Laxdsox Park AORICt ' LTlRE General Af rieitlture . Wapcllit GEORtJE Barkatt Park. .Greenwood. S. C. AORIcrLTURE Floriculture Beta KajtpH I ' loriculturp Club Clemson College Kai-pii Mi ' xroe Park Champoii n KnucATiox Enjjlish University Chorus (:J) ; Cast. ' " Madame Butterfly " De Paul University; Wright Junior Col- lege I ' .KTTV JaVXI; i ' AKKlXSOX. . .FtUHU AfiKICULTCRE Ihiieral Home Economics Hume Kconomies Club I ' arsons Junior College T H E E I Wii.i. Parks, Jr li ynoldB AoRirULTURE Genrral AgriciUture Hill Hall Agricultural Kconomies Club ; Honf und Horn Club Weslern Illinois Slnte Teachers College IR(1INL ImOOKNK PaKRILL Vihnnfl Commerce General Bn ine»t Achaeft Accountancy Club; Der Deutuche Verein John KnwAitn Paschkk St. Antn- AoKirrLTrRK (ieneral Affhcitlture Agriculliiral (. ' lub; Field nnil Furrow Cliilt ■ l.ltM.IUXK Stoi.i.i.v Pkni lkt( n, .nuittiUf. Kditation Oliifi Sifttf rnivcrsily ( L A 5 I 9 A I ViM,iA. f .Tav Pathman Chicaifo ExraKKKKlN ' li Ciri7 A ' rii iNcrrwii? Dunkle Foundation A.S.C.E. : Froshniaii Varsity I ' olo Sqund ; University Chorus (3) Armour Institute of TfchnoIoj;y MAKliAHKT VKKONirA PAWLITKC AfttntHtee, Mich. FiXK AND APPMKD ARTS A.rt Education Mary K. Busey Hall Production Staff. " EUzabeth tlie Quren, " •■H.M.S. IMnafore " Bkttv Rlth Pearck Champaign Ar.RICI ' LTl Itli General Home Ecmiotitirs Alpha Pi Delta; Home Kcononiics Club: Rifle Club; Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers Ida Mai: Pearck Ufi tmrlh AGRICrLTl RK General Home Evonnmtcs Kurd Hall Home Economics Club; Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers; Production StHfl " . " Thr Mikado- ' JuLiAXNE Rene Pearce Flora LiitKRAL Arts ani Scikncks Uijttorjf Alpha Omicron Pi Tamaroa (2); Gold Feathers William Woods College RmiAICI rRhUERiriC PkDRM K . . .3ff fli» " (l AURUri.TfUK Dairy Trrhnolifjii Ac-Acia Agricultural ' lub; Dairy Technology Club MmIMV HkKPERT PkITIIMAN. . . .Jtirhiitu ' AORICl ' LTrRK iifueral Affrifutturr Nilsson Club Agricultural Club; Student Council, Wes- ley Foundation 4) --5«. riKV.Moxii Casanova I ' K.NriEUi. . . .Chinio " I.iiiKiiAi, Arts Scikncks Kruiifiwicg (. ' osniopolilan Pluli ItAv.Miixi) MAiiKiiAr.i. Pkuitz ChtcniiB .NH ' H.VAI.ISM Advertising nnd Puhliiitiijiff Delia Ivappa Epsilon Gamma Thela Phi; Caisson Club: Skull and Cnsci-nt: The Illio (1); The Daily mini (1); Trib. ' of Illini; Freshman Var- sity Baseball .Squail : Fri ' shman Varsity Polo Squad; Varsity Polo Letter ( K, 1) : Iiiterfraternity Counril l l ) ' apt:iiii. fol- i ' rsily Brigade liKOR K AXDHKW PEIIKIKS ;n EKi;IN KKI{IN ' i Cifil K iif iiierrinfl Triangle A.S.C-E.; Mu-San : Swimming Manager (•.:.3) l.CHIS Al.EXAXDKII Pehkixs. Jr. AomCl ' LTUKK General A ' lrieuilurr Agrricultural Club RrssEi.i. EuGEN-K Perkinsox. . . . Jn -Krj AOKKILTURE Oeneral Aijrieiilture Phi Kapim Phi; Alpha Zeta ; Agricultural Club; Field nnd Furrow Club; Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day (2, :l): I ' liiversily nf lllinoia Scholarship Key .FAi K PeRSIIIXQ fnilhllrlf EXIilNKKKINO Cirit Knffineerinff A.S.C.E.; Clii Epsilon: Varsity Walet •■■ ■■ -I ' lad (2. 3) lir.oRoc Scott Pktkk.s Sidetl AliRII ' l I.TIRK Oenernt Afirieiilture . k:rirulturnl Club: Hoof and Horn Club PflL ' " 121 K (-. Ki,j I ' ti KKs It mutt I " u t-r Kin t ' .iTKiX Indimtrinl Artii Phi Knppa Tnii Alphii Tnu SiKiiin: Pi-rshittK RtAes; Frt-sh- mnn Varsity Wrt-stliiij: Sqiiafl : First Lieu- tt ' iiAnl. Vnivcrsily Bri iMl Bl ' RTON ' KlLIS rKTKKSOX I ' ontiac OiMMKIICK Act ' otinlanrtf Accouiitnnry Chit): t ' avnlry OfTuHTs ' Club; Phalanx ( LiKn i;i(; Pktkksox Molinc COMMEHCE AccoitJttniict D.Ita Tau Dt ' Ita Sachem ; Accoiinlaiu ' y CInli ; Marketing Club; Band of X: Tribe of lllini: Fresh- man Varsity Football Squad; Varsity Football Squad (:i): Letter (2, 4); Com- merce Council (3, 4) D ALTON- Elliott Petkksox. . . .Tfot peston Commerce Accountancij Barons Accou ntancy Club; Marketing Club Sprint lield .Tunior College KnwAitn Samikl I ' ktkkson Kansotf Cifit. f ' . Commerce Oen-ernl Bu inesK Accountancy Club; Fcoiioniics Club; Mar- keting Club ViviAK Eleanor Petkrsov. . .Farmer City JOL ' KNALISM Svrcial and Critical Mary E. Busey Hall Kappa Tau Alpha; Thela Sigma Phi; The Daily lllini ( ' J, ;t ) ; Taninrcm (2); Gold Feathers HonofN Day ( ' . ) StepbenH Junior Collegit pAM, i.KiE t,ii J ' KTitv Jhntniniis;tt KDtM ' ATION I ' ltygieal JCdttcation Tribe of lllini; Freahman VarHJty Wrest- ling Squad; Varnity Vrentling Squad (2, 3. 4) Arnui.v Uohkrta Vvhiyui Chicago I.IIIKUAL ARTH ASU HCIKNCKH Snciotoffy Phi Omega Pi North Park -lunior Culleg ' ' Pagtr 122 I ' kVNK CuNRAII PKIf Ti:U, .lit (hirUj O COMMKKCi: .1 fcimittaiu ' it Si ' inu Pi AiTountancy Club; Freshnian Varsity (Jnlf Sijund Wright Junior College (ittuiM.x Ai.KKHT J nit,i,n ' s iiirura Fine and Api ' liki Arts Archilectural Euf incrrinff Gargoyle; Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.C.E.; Con- cert Band (2, :i, 4) ; First Uoginientnl Man i ( I) Honors Day ( I, 2) .1 rK StANLEV PlIILMl ' .S I. ' itshrHlc COMMKRCK General Jtusine t. ' i Sigma Phi Sigma Marketing Club: Student Ahniiiii Associa- tion (2) Western Illinois Shite Teai-hers (, ' ollege .lAMKs Ft-i is Phillips Vnodstnck COMMKUCK Aid nn ' jrwrnt Sigma Clii kull and Crescint; Tribe of Illiui; Fresh- man Varsity Basketi all Squad; Freslnuan Varsity Football Squad; Varsity Football Letter (2. ? , 4) ; Cast, -Klizaiieth tho (j ueen ' I. CIS i:i i»v Phillips Chicago JoruxAi.isM Adrciiisiint iittl l ' iil lishiii;i Delta Delta Delta Cold Feathers: Production Staff, " Brother Kat, " ' " Lady Precious Stream, " ' ' " Tosea ' ' PasadeiiJi -hiiiior ((illege Phyllis Ksther Phillips Chicago LiiiKKAL Arts ani SnKxri-:s l-:, o ish Delta Delta Delta Tamaroa (2 ) ; Gold Feathers ; Pmductinn Staff. " Famil y Portrait. " " Uio Hila " Pasadena . ' unicir College .I ui Ranim li ' H Phipps clui III till ij n CoMMKIirK I ' conomicn Plii Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; X hi Kta Sij, ' ma ; First lieutenant. University ItrikNide llotiors Dny (1. 2. :i ) ; I ' niveisity of Illi- nois Seliolarshii Key .1 i f PKLiNK Mahii: PiKPKU VrUnua LihKKAL Arts anp SriEXCES Sfn ' reh Alpliii Lambda Delta: Zeta Phi Kta; Pro- iluciiiiu Staff. " Comedy of Errors. ' " Mar- L ' in for Error, " ' " Murder in the Cailie ilral. " " Outward Bound. " " Kichard 111 Honors Day (I ) T H E 5 E H I M iiv I IAX. riKRSOL Ctiumpai ' j ' i Fink axi Aiti.tki» Akts .4 rchiffrturf SiKiiiH Knppn Alpha IM Dflla ; I..- rtT.I,- rrdiuni ' ; ; Gold FoatluTs Honors Pay ( 1) Ho. [i:it H. PlJfKEKTON KXUINFEKlMi Mtchanicttt Kiiftiuenin; Barons Illinois Collt ' po . ViHitcy ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I RoHERT Lewis Pinnow OmngevUle AGRllTI.TrRK General Auricuiture Agricultural (Mub; AKricultural Education ( lub : Fit-Id and Furr iw Clnh ; Frr-slnuaii Vnrsiiy Hasi ' liall S |un l Virginia Maf. Pii-ku PrSm etou AOKU ' ILTIKK General Home Economics Laura B. Evans Hall Bfloit Collece Thom s Mkrritt Pittman, Jr. Water VoUey, Miss. EXGINEKRING Electrical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega A.I.E.E. John Joseph Pitts McLean AORICrLTVRK General Agriculture Phi Kappa Sigma Agricultural Club ; Agricultural Econom- ics Club; Caisson Club; Freshman Var- sity Football Squad Arthur Pixlev Cenfmlia Fine ani» Aitmed Arts .tftwnV Vniversily Chorus (4) Hnnorit Day (3) University of Chicago Jami;s William Plate Miimnh Com MERCK Arrnuiitnucy Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi ; Account- ancy Club; Marketing Club Honors Day 1, 2. 3); Cniversity of Illi- nois Scholarship Ki y ££ Jamks David Plktiiikk Jtrricyn l.llll ' .ll.«l. AllTM AND Sl ' IKNIKS Speech IVItn rhi Aii ' po; .Mi ' n ' 8 GIfi- Club (4); Cast. " MiidHiiK ' Hutlrrfly, " " Jliinon, " ' •Tli. ' MikiKlo " Mortiin .luiunr ColIfK - M Mn Hi.tZMu:-ni ri.KTriiKK ItorlicMlrr, J lid. KiM ' IATION Miilhtmalirtt Vesta HoiiHe Morion Junior !olIrge Haiirv; I ' l.r.sKKTT Cliaiutlcrrill,- KXIilN ' KKRIKIi Uiiitiiuiy Etrctrical Enijiiiffrinn Acacia A.I.E.E.; Raiinay Club; Skull and Cros- • iMit; Fri ' shnian Vnrsiiy WrpsllinK Squail KcXiKR BOSTO.V PofiUE Springfield E.VCIXKKRINO . ferliiiiiirnt ICngiiieci ' iii ' J Alplia Di ' lta I ' hi A..S.M.E.; InlcrfrHlfrnily Council (3. 4); lllinoi» Union Cabint ' t (1, 2, 3) Honors Day ( 1) loli.s- TllEuDORK POLZIN Rock Inland I.inERAI. . RT.« ASU Si IKN ' OKS Fronomic Lambda Clii Alplia Dolphins; Star and Scroll; Baseball Man- HKcr (J); SwininiinB Manager (?•) : Inler- fraternily Council (3. 4); Second Rcpi- luenlnl Band (1. 2) IKEIIKUIIK Al.KXA.VhCIt PoPK. .II!. Keifnnee Journalism ,Vfirj» and EdilorinI Delta SiKina Phi Kappa Tau Alpha: Phi Ela Si nin: Edi- torial Edilor. Thi- Daily Illini; Phi Alpha Chi: Sigma Delta Chi; Star and Scroll; Inl«TfraI» ' rnily Council (;t) Honors Day (1. 2. 3): I .,iv..r-ii ,,f nij. nois Scholarship Key lUirtiiKitr Knowi.ton I ' ohtkh. .ihninimiiKi l.illKRAI. . KT.-i , XU SlIKSCE.S Sfieerh Pierrots; Seiutitar: Varsity Kencin;: . qnad (3. 4); Student Alumni Association (2); Cast. " Elliabeth the (Jueen. " " Fireman ' Klnnw. " " It Can ' t Happen Here. " Ki.liar.l III " ; Proiluction Stall ' . " Kincl 1.11.1% ■ ' iiltN EnWARP PmiTKR ' ' ' ■ ' l.iiiKiiAi. Arts and SciBXri - EntnniiltoptI Vn " o 12S Jmun M.TKR Porter Mnckinntr COMMKRCK Act ' oitnlancy Alpha Kapita Lftinbtla Hi ' la Alpha Pst ; Accountancy Club; Band (if X: CaisHon t ' hib; First Li« utcnant, L ' nivcrhily Brit;ade HunorK Day ( 1) V i n:?; Kk.nxkth Port£H. . . .(7iam;mi ii COMMKRCK Acfoimtanep Ali ' ljii Simula Phi Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; Krosliniaii ' nrsiiy Baseball Sqnnd ; Varsity Itnsrhal) Squad (2) ; Intcrfratorniiy Coun- cil :i ViR iiMA Elizabeth Portz Vibaua Fixe and Api ' likd Arts .1 ft E htratinn Zeia Tflu Alpha ' I ' anmroa ( 3) ; Production SlafF, ' ■Mnr;;in for Krror " Outward Bound " Frances Shinier School Thomas Jexnikgs Posey Springfield EX JIXKKRIX«; General En; ineeniig Society of General Engineers I nr:oTin Jane Power Chicayu PlIVSIC ' AL KDITCATIOX Alpha Pi Delta: IIHni Outing Club; Terra- pin; W.A.A.; W.A.A. NunuTuIs ; Major I; Orange and Blur Ki-athrrs; Gold Feathers Honors Day { ' A) Sii NNON CfRTis Powers Laura En(;ixkerin ; Electrical Engineering Tiiu Kappa Epsilon Kla Kappa ; ' u; A.I.E K : Vir .t l.i.MHinnnt University Brigade Lx.i . HouARIi PitATIIKU JorRNAMSM rwg niitl Editorinl lllini Mall rniviTnilv of Xolrt- Dame Marv .Iank Pratiirr Decrittir I.IHKKAL AUTS ANP SriKNl ' ICK Speech n.liii Di-hn Delia Moriiir Brtard , Torch : Womiin ' H Prodtir- li ' in MNnngcr, IltinI Thcatn- Guild; Zetii Phi Kla; Arepo; MaKk and Bauhlf ; Nn- tinnal ridli- ' iatr Playi-rK; The Illio (1); Tainaroft i ' l) ; Gold Keatliern ; Y.W.C.A. Cablnrt (3); Cant, " Brother Rat, " " Farii- lly Porirall. " " Murder in the Cathedral, " " Our Town. " " Two on an lalnnd " riir-vy Chake Junior Colb-ge Ii ' A Mw PitKius Vana Journalism AdvfriiKing and Publishing Drita Delta Delta The Illio (1); Ornnni and Bin.- Fealliers; Gold Fcnihcrv mm l ' a«o 124 lif.l.KX A-MKLIA PRKSOOTT Wthitettr Liberal Arts and SriKxcKs Ecoi}omics Pi BL ' ta Phi Torch ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Presiileni, Pan-Ht ' llcnic Council; Student Smate (4): Shi-Ai; Junior Council, Woman ' s League: Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Ffathfr i : I ' niversity Dance Supervision Coiumitti ' i- (4) Honors Day (I. :j) Dale Jacobs Pkice Mocon AtiRlfl ' LTCUK (Icneral Agriculture Wrij ht Manor A gii cultural Club ; Agricultural Kduca- lion Club; Tribe of lllini; Freshman Var- sity Wrestling Stjuad ; Varsity Wrestling Letter ( ' J) Uali ' II Lestkr Primm ithens A(!Rl(:i ' LTUKE Oriieral AiiricnUurc Aljjha Tnu Alpha ; Agricultural 1-Muca- tiou Club: Agririiltural Council (4) i;-)i ' .i:i:i llinin- ' ORD Pring. . .. ? . I. nuts. jlfo. AtiltlCULTVRE (ivneral AgricuH inr .Sigma IMii Epsilon Cavalry Officers ' Club; Dolphins; Flori- ' ulture Club; Freshman Varsity Swim- iiiitig .Sfpiad i.LA i Ai.viN PritKEV Blnomingfon EurCATION Mathematics Beta .Sigma Psi T H E E I 1 MIU.IMNK I ' lKXKLL Gmuilr CillJ l.iiituAi. Arts akd Scikncks Alplin I ' lii Uiiie n r:iiiiiiri a (2); Gold Ki ' niliris: Prmluction infC " Hrothcr Rnt " MncMurniy College I iiEonoiii! Vkknon PlKMX h ' orhf ' ird KmTATlO.N luduMlnnl A rttt Al| lui sicriin IMii ooiMilniic.v (lut); Mnrkvtini; Clul) ; Toniii l.iiwk: The Pnily lllini (1); Trilie of lllini; rrertlinitin ' arHity Unsrliiitl Sipiml; I ' l ' iklininn Viii itj- Vr ' llinK Si|iincl; Vnr- lly WivHllliig Squml (2), I.olliT C-l. -1) ' M.l.1 M siiKKwsiu in I ' x t. . . . .ihrahir I ' lNK ANii Ai ' i ' i.iKi» Aims rainthi ' i ( ' Hisstin Club; Illiislrtiltirs ; KilU Club; Art Co-Kdilor. Tho Uliit (1); (nptiiin. l ' niviM i(y HriKade Honors Ony (I. 2) .liiiiH-s Millikin l ' iiivrrNii% ' ri{ ( V AlAIN KaSMUSSKN Kri ' tllnee KmCATION Miithcmatirn CuisHnii i ' liib; Sciibhanl iiiwl Ulinli-; Lh-u- tcniuU ( ' ((Iniii ' l. Univrrnity |{ri a k ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I WvitHKN PKKSlMNti t lKXSKI T ' tlt ' d lultt KDfCATlOX Mttlhfnirtlirti Kresliman Varsity HtisdiHll Squiid : Y.M.C.A. C ' nhinet (4): Stiiiltiit C ' mimil. Wi ' sli ' V Foundntion (4) BAVAKIt litiLI.IN ( I II K .., ;(■((. tA-nV f. J, id. Kink anu .MM ' I.ikh Akts Architectural Entiitierrimj A.S.C.E. Maimohik Ki.i.kx Qlix (Irlinilc Citll LiiiKitAi. Akts ami Si-ikm ' ks Ilislnrii I ' lii Mu ShiAi: The Illio (1); OiHiigi ' mid Blue FoBlhcis; Gold Peatliiis: Student Aluniiii Associalioa (1, 2); I ' lodiution Staff, " Lady Precious Stream. " " Our Town. " ■ ' Two cm an Island " Wll.l.lvM KKI ' I.KR QUIXI.AX. . . .N;irill, ' iW ( CoMMl:KrK Arroitiilnnrit Thela Chi Associate Business Aijiimj er. ' I ' hi ' D.iily mini Honors Day (2) SprinKfield Junior ColIfKe Joiix Mm. TON Ra. ii I!,l ' ,rill, Agrk ri.ii ui: Dairy Trcliniiliti Alpha I ' hi Omega; Dairy Teehniilntty Cluli ilAiiriNKK Walker Raistkkk Jiniiciitnifii, ,Y. ) ' . l-IXIilNKKRlNi: MrrlianirnI V. iilli iifri ittfl ' I ' au Kappa Kpsilon A.S..M.K.; Tlie Illio (1. 2) Alli-ftheny College .SaI.I.V F:i.UAnKTII KV.MSIIKX. . ..l l Mfi7»lfii I.IIIKRAI. . RTS ANN .TlKNIKS A:.I) (.. . Tri-S WiiMH-n ' s Glee Cluh (2) : I ' niversily (horns (2) I ' M 1, l- ' UhlillRUK 1( iTll .S-niiiMiin AllUHll.TIRK .1 iiriciilliiritl Hducutiiin Alpha Tail Alpha; Gamma Delta; Agri- iiilturni Cluh; Der Deutsche Verein ; Var- sity Wnslliui; Si|ua l (2. 3. 4) i.oRiiiix Ktiirii Uav .Hiiii.lclcin KxlilXKKRINO Ciril Kiiiiinrerinii Si iiin rlii Kpsilon I ' liii Nil Tiiu; A. ' s.C.K.; Phalanx; Pershing HilllS DKAX ISIRTWKI.I, KAY.MONB Strrlllor LiiiEKAi Arts . xd Scikncks Cheiitiral K nfjiueerinff Sigma Alpha Kpsilon Sachem; Senior Baseball Manager; Skull and Crescent; Chairman, .Junior Prom . lAitv F.i.i.KX Kkapv Biiliiria AiiIll ' UI.Tl " KE ttrnrral Ilnme Econoinicg Presbyterian Hall Alpha Pi Delta; OmicronXu; Phi Ipsilon Oinicron; Home Economics Club; Tani- aioa (:l): Silver Feathers (4); Prortuc- tiou SlalV. •Fiiiiiily Portrait. " " ilaiion. " " Murder in the Calliedral. " " A Shakes- pearian Kvening " Bradley Pcilytechnic Institute ,lKROME Barrett Keavi.ev . . . ..V inuy ii-M l.iiiERAi. Arts axu Scikxcks Zfiolofitf SpringfleUl .Innior College Wll.l.lAM WaVXE KEP.MAX Ilrmrnt AllRiril.TlRK tifiifral Atiricullurr I ' nullry Science Cluh; Illinois- Agricul- turist (i. 2. ;t); Agricultural Council (4) . l UioX IMAXK BEKII ;. ' .ll» I ' nillt KNItlXKERIXr. Ciril K niliiierrinl s.c.y.. Illinois Wesleyan I ' niversily Vuf e 125 M KV ALU K REKh i ' tbumi A ini( ' l ' i.Tt ' Ki: Uenrral lliniic Kcimtnitirg Plii I ' ltsilon Oinicron ; The Daily Illini (1. 2, 3) Honors Day (1. 2) C»;rii, IIakkv Rekiii Pnxton l.iiit ' .itAL. Akts and SriKNCES Pntiticnl Scit-nce Phi GHiiiinA Delia Tomahawk; Frt ' slinian Varsity Uaski-tball Squall: Varsity KaskrI linll Sqiiail (J, 3) W ' lI.I.ARI) .I nix Hkii OcHon Eni:ixkeuino EWrtricfil Enginterinff A.I.E.K. Richard Oafkxer Kkixiiarui ' . Miisconliih ENnlXKKRlNU Mrchaitiral Enyinffriug Illini Hall A.S.M.E. Washington UniviT«ity Richard Kerber Reisix« Jiiiorn EX " iIXEEKIXr. Genernl Eii;iinrerin l I ' hi Kappa Si na Ma-Wan-Oa; Sachem; Skiill and Cvesrent ; Trihf of Illini; Freshman Varsity Track Squad; Varsity Track Letter (2, 3, 4); Chairman, Mothers Day I ' uhlicity Com- niillee (2); Inlerfraternity Council (?•) : Athletic Council (4) Honors Day (2) Ikwix Hesrv Keiss Ereebiirn ACRHTLTIRE General Agriculture Alpha Zfta; Fri ' shnum Varsity Wrestling S |ua l ; Cast, " Prologue to Glory " ; Pro- ■lurtion .Stair, " Our Town " Honors Day (1, 2. 3): I ' nivrrsiiy of Illi- noia Scholarship Key AAROX ( SIfl.K UKSNK K. . intn ' jjtilil, MlIM PiiVHicAi. Kurc.iTiox A !■ K Jims Rkuttkh, .In.. ' r.«« iri I ' ml. A JI1I ' ' 1-|.1 t ItK iteueral Alfrirnllnre Alpha Kappa Lamhda Axricultural ' ltih; Agricultural Economics Club; 1 ' iri.hitit. ' itillea; Star nnij Scroll; Kreshiiinii N ' nrsity Haskelhall 8(|un(l; 111- trr(ralernll Council (3); Men ' a (}|ru Cluh (1, 2, 3, i); I ' niveraity Chorua CH: Criinn MiitLhlri.l HhoW J ' ligc V26 -r p « C k UhiiMtn Wii.i.i M Iii.VNOM s i ' lucago MitiiUuiiiii-ut J ' liiiiiierriiifj Cavalry Offict-rs " CIiiK; .Mini-ral IiitltiNtrii ' »; Siuiety; PiTsIiiiig Kifles; Rillc Club; First Lioutcnftnt. University BriKndu i;iiiti.i:r Kuw.vith Hkznv La (imufje LlltKRAL AUTK AXD .SC ' IEN i:S Chemical E nuineerino A.l.Cli.K. Lyons Townsliiji .hiiiior CoIIccf Ri;x RoscoK Kuka AMnm.TTRE (irniinl A niciiUure Ruste Anns .Cliutnn Ci-VDK OuEN Rin; KS ' iugham. KiXK AXi) AiM ' i.ii:i) Arts A rchilfctninl IC nfiineeriufi Second Koginictilnl Band ( ' 2, 3} Vn-As Ci-IKFORD Rite Dallas City LiBERAi, Arts axi Scikncks (irtilofiif I ' lii Sit;n»a Kappa C ' yelotliein CIuli Hurlinf ton .luniiH- (ollogi ntfiu. Thomas Rick DnUntt City l.iHKRAi, Arts and Scif-xcks ]I stO} " il Phi Si(;nta Kappti HurUni;ton Junior Collngo T H E E I ii:i;tMA 1,1.1; Kiiii ARi»soK Et•n) g on l,iiii:K i. Arts and Scikncks Kii ' jUsh Kappa Alpha Thetii W.A.A. ; Tatnama (H) Lawrcnrr Cct!li-K» ' OR ii.i.K I ' Ai I. lin iihv Antinch COMMKHCK Industrial Attmiiiiittriiliou Chi Phi Marki ' tinji Cluh; Si-cond R.ninu-nlal Han. I I 1. ' ) ; Mi ' n ' H Hlfr Club :!. 4) UiiutirH Day ( 1 ) ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I M AltlitN .J. . t;T Ivlt-|IM(IM . . .A ' l.. I l ,,,.sl I.ihKKAL Arts and SfiKNri:s Sut ' iolitfift Chi DiH.Kn (.iyiiikanii: Tlu lltin (1. ' J): l tiii ll -n ni - rount ' il (2. :U : Oninm- ami Hlu. ' Kiail- (•! ; Clold Fi-alluM ' s liKiiKiiK Ai.iu.RT Kkhtmic. . li. .. H niitfffi ' hi A«Rirri TlKK rfnerat A ' riculture Kami Ho»s« ' Frcslininii Vnrsity Hitschall Sqtiini ; ' ar- Bity Bnsi-ball Squad (2, :i. 4); Kii ' slnnan Varsity Basketball Squad Mahidax RicilTKK Chicfifio FiN ' i: AMI Ari ' LiKi) Arts A rt Eductitinn Knpj a A!|ilia Thrta Lf I ' ercli ' Fraucais Denisdji T ' liivcrsity Grv Dale Rim.vtjs Ilunts ' iih- AfJRirfLTrRK (ii iirrni A ijiiriiUiirr AL ' iiculiuial Chil); Fidel ami Kuiritw Ciul V -Nirrn Illinois Slate Tfiu-lu-rs Colli ' g ' CuARi.uTTi; Adelk Rikijei. Chicairo I.iHERAL Arts axu Sciexcks Home Economics Vi-sta House Home Economics Club ; ( l■all : ■ and Blu« Feathers _ THERIXE .IaXK RiKfJEL ' J oltino A(;Ricri-Ti ' Ri-; Ufnerai Ilomr Eriniowir.i Delia Dflta Delta The lllio (1. 2): Pan-Hellenic Cunnril (3) : Orange and Blue I ' eatliers; Gol.! Feathers LfcONARli Al.ltKRT RiKI ' h v iiRirt-LTrRi; iifuerol Affriculiure M,t,uiH,h.- Tiiti.MAs Jkkkries Uioos. Jr. Ilnntinptoii, IT. ti. KXtllSKKRIXU ilftatlurt ieat Enuinerrinfj SiKina Chi Ma- Wan-Da; Sachem; Tnu Xu Tan; Min- eral Industries Socirty ; Pershinp Killes; Scabbard and Blade; Tribe of Illini; Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Var- sity Football Letter (2. :i», Cnplain M): Major. Vniversity Brignde ; I ' nion Min- strel Show Marahnll College; Duk l . iv....;f , United Htates Naval Academ Wii.MA Ii(i:m; 1 ili;v AoRK I i.Ti;uic Oeiiernl Uumv. Ef.nnnm c8 Ciilleifiennc Home KconomicR Club Kl «;i:nk Lkk I{ix(i vaij Quinry I.IIII.RAI. AUTK ANI SriKNlKS VUfmiatry Grinnell College Tkmi-k (JiLLKSI ' IK Uinklma. Emn-ATKtN English W.A.A. . I ' rhntta Mii.t r{KD vVmaxoa Kittbu. , Ediiatiox Commt ' n ' f Concordia .Chicngo WvMAX Dwir.HT Romt Sfxirtn I.inKKAL ARTS AXD SctKKCKS Chemical Engiiieering Shangri-Lodgc A.I.Ch.E. Doiioiii V TiOrisK RonniNS Vrhana Tjiikral Arts and Scikxi ' ks Economics Knpita Kappa Oammii Mortar Board ; Torch ; Aljiha Laiubdii Deltii ; Associate Manager, Star Course ; Arepo: Shi-Ai; Orange and Blue Feathers; (lold Feathers; University Orchestra (1); Troduclion Staff, ' ' Boy Meets Girl, " Elizabeth the Queen. " " H.M.S. Finn- fore. ' ' " Post Road, ' ' Spring Forninl ' Honors Day (1. 2. ;i ) ; University of llli nois ScholarKliip Key DoXAl.u Davii RoDKKTS iri7m " COMMKHCK General Businrss Chi Psi Marketing Club; Freshman Varsity Base ball Squad; Men ' s Glee Club (3. 4); Uni- versity Chorus (3); Union Minstrel Show Jame.s Oliver Roiiim)OK ilnnn LlDRKAL ABT» and Si ' IKNCKS I ' sycholagy Alpha Delta Phi Tribe of Illini : Freslnuan Varsity Track Squad: Varsity Track Letter (2. :i. -t ) Pnpe i;:; l.oiirx Kkitii ItiiiiixsoN Cartliaii AHRirn.TriiK (it-iirrtti Anritutturf Asrioiilliirnl flub; Hoof Hiiil Horn Club t- " nr!b«si» Collcci ' Wil.iifit i. : iiKi: ItniilNsox, .In. Chicatm .InritX M.I.SM AdrrrtiHtnir nmt I ' llbtiatliiirr Tnu Kapim K| .siloii (iaiiiiiix Tliola Phi: Mnrkptini; ( " liib: Skull ami C ' reMviit ; Tlu- Dnil.v Illiiii (I. ' 2): .ToiinialiMii Coiinoil (41 PlTKlcH AXX RurilK Chil-nfin PiiYsir. L Ki r -.4TUix I eltn Caiiuiia . l| h« SiKllin Xu; Orcbcsis; V.. .. ,; Major I Francos Shiinrr School Fk.IXCIS C.»1. IX UlllKKtKl.l.KI! . Cliainiminii CoMMKItCK Aecountanctf .Accoiiiilnncy Club; A.S.C.E. Honors Hay (2. ;i ) .VxxK. KiNiiSTox R( i .M. N- La Orann l.inKIIAI. AliTK . XI .SriKXCKS Kiifilifiti Sascr Honsc ItiHc Club Lyons Tou-iislii| .lunior College Mi ' N M.n i;ri KXK Hny. l-iixlw, Aditicn.Triii-; (ifitfrtil Af iiritihire Wll.MV l(»K l(M». II.H.snhlIliKll Ilrlnrii,, I.IIIKIIAI. AKTH ANI ScriKNCVs Socioltittlt All ' lia fiatninH Delia Tlic Illin (l: ' J»; (IranKo nii l lllui ' rcntli- fn; (. ' old Ki-nlli -r»: Sluili-nl .Mnnini Asso -i lion (2) ' vaol. Mll.l.l.ll Kddhll ' . Ilrllrrill, I.IIIKIIAI. AlITH AMI .S| ' IKX( ' I. Fie nfh Pi l rlla Phi CnivrrBlly of MiawMiri; ftoulliprn HIi noln Htair Tcarlivri CoIIpkc l ' .i«,. VIS i l iilX I IAN ( Alioi, KocKitM tionirii ' i,od J.iKKitAL Arts .and SciKNrt:s Sorinlof f Kappa iVItn MpliH KiipiiH iVItn: Ordu-sis; Oriinu ' i- ami nine I ' Vathers: GoUI l-Vnlliprs; I ' niv.-rsity honis (1, 2, :i) llniuirs Day { 1 ) Thornton Junim Collu ' o Viiti.iMA UiTTKt: Ilui.i.o Mnt ilii Mboro .lontXAI.ISM Xetrx nml lUlUnv ' ml IN IU ' I» IMii oijiiitr ' and Itlnr IVntlitTs Wir.i.i y AiJ.i.. UoMLK hik J ' urk I,int;i; i, AiiTs axi .S( ' iKNri:s (leniufit ThetH Xi Sachem: Gymkiina : Tlic Dnily IMini (1); IIIiiHiis l ' nir n Caliinet ( :! I ; Siiir Cinu-se ( -■ ) ; iiiiuii Miiisirel Show K ' Mi Hi:i.r:x Ku.mixj; Tu-xmln AfiKirri.Triir; (iettetiil U ' liiti- F.i-iiHiiiiiics 4-11 House Phi I ' psiloM Oniieron ; lltmie Kconomics Clnli: Illinois A-ncuIlurist (2) : W.A.A. M.MMIAKKT Al KI,K KONKV S(. rch-rshn, i. Flit. AfJHiiM ' i rritK (U-neral Iliiinc ICmmniiirs ianinia Plii lti ta ' I ' nrcli ; Plii r|)sil)ni Oniieron; liouu- Kco- nomics rhib; The l aily Illini (2); Oenernl C ' hainnan. Homecoming (4); First Council. Woman ' s Leapue { ' .)): Tamaroa (2. :i); I Miiioi- Council, Woman ' s League; Ciol»l i ' l-athers: Proilurtinn StnfF. " T.ady Pn-cious S icatn. " " Hici Iiita. " ■Yi-onu-n -il tlie tiuard " St. Peter lnn-L: .lunifU- CoHcKe Kl.VlNK ItAKHARA liOSEX (hik J ' lllU l.iKKKAb Arts and Scikxcks Chi Omeiia Toicli; The Daily Illini (1. 2, :t) : Oranire and lilue Keather.s : (.iold I ' VathiTs ; Pro- duehon Staff, " Hoy Meets (;irl. " " I ' ftlh.u ' i ' hru, " " Post Koad " l£ri l t.t SIA liuM.N hKKfi . i ' fM«il7 i ' . hij. l.ifiKRAL Arts anp Scikxcks Snr ' uiUn.llf Heutlia Cniversity nf Louisville M i(TiN .Iav Hiiskxk t ' hicn ' j ' t I..iiiK»Ai. Arts axi» Scikxc t.s Phitnaujth}$ Tau Kpsiloi) Phi Iiilerrrtitei-nity Council (:(. 1) Ki.i»isK Ituss Virtfinifi I.ii-.iiiXL AUTS AMI Srii:NTi:s llmiir Crininm ' fM I.HiiiH 11. Kvans Hall AI| !iH Lfimlidn llfllH ; OriiiiKf niiil lilii I ' t iitlu r.s ; (Jold Ft a:lii ' rs llniiors niiy ( 1. •_•) ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I M li MaKUAKKT KoSSI Iliuuh ' -outt AiiiticriiTriiK (irnrral Hmnf ErtnmmifM ( ' »pli HhII TaiiiHma (:t) : Silv« ' r Ki-ailnTs ( I » : Vvu iliirtinn Staff. " Kaiiiilv rnitniil. " " Our Town " ■ Ko ar Collfj;. ' KmtKKT lM(I KAICi.K KnTi;. .lit. Moiirnr. Wis FiXK ANi» Appmki) Arts Archili ' cturnl ICn ' jim ' eriu; l hi Knppa Vs ' i A.S.r.E.: Pcrshiiiff Uifli ' s: Rifle CIiili Intfrfrah rnity Council (2. 3. 4) riiivoi-Nity of Wisconsin Vii,i,i M Emu. Rotiikkmikk Chicago ( " oMMKRrK . rrftmlnm-if H4-ta Kappa Alplia Kappa Psi : Aceuiintanry Clul) Wri ' ht Junior Collopo R ' litKitr Rov KoriJic Ml. Vcrn tn KXillXKKKIXi: lluwfll House ii:iua Tan : AiniTiran Ci liiniic n -i» ' ty : Ki-riiiiioN H..iH.r. Pay (I -J) I ' IMM Ks .Iri.IKTTK lioWK. . .M. J.otfis. ,1 " . Km c ATH)X J ' lii nii ' til iCthicni ' uiH Alplia Kpsilun Ptii AI|iIia Pi Dolta: W.A.A.; W.A.A. .Xuin.raN: Orani;n and Itlue IVatliers; rniversily Cliorus (I, 2) t. iCi PAsii.i. (fiiil " it l.iitKiL i. Arts axii SriRN ' OKS R.-itPi- riub l lii Kla Si ina : .Tunior Itar As.soriation Hoiii.iv | Hy ( 1 ) WlM.MM (fA lltl,»; Rl MKKRT MuHnr CuMMKRCK Contmrrcr ami Law Phi Ktn SiKiua: Dflla Siirnia Kho; Ac- ruunlnnry ( ' lnl : Cavalry Offir«-r « CMili: Srahhard and RIndc: Tonintinwk: Va iIy Dcbatf Sf|iiad (1. 2. :i. 4): MaJiT. I ' l.i viTsily Rritfadp ; Military (_ ' «nnril Honors Day 1. 2) Il ' V l i:il( RAIt Rl KSTM VNX 1 . lAuvMAh Arts axu Hiikxi-kh Xvutouy m jk 4ii llARIII.n WllJ.IS III Ml- Snulh th ' Uttnd KXiilXhKRIXll .} rrhaiii ' ' nl t-Jiiifinrriiiijf A..S..M.K. Thornton .)iinii r ( ' oII k ' R h;ki{ SAMiKr, ICrsii ru.M MKRl ' K ■I ' " ' .hnn-ff lllini Hall Arcounlanry CInh; Mark.tinn Cluli .lolii ' t .Junior College Jolitt ClIARI.KS I ' lXI.HV RrsSKLL (Urn I ' Alyn Milltfi;! uirnt Kappa Delta Rho .Saclu ' in: Star and t croll : Thi- lllio (1): Interfrat.rnity Coum-il (:i) : Slndi ' nt Ahiinni ANsnriatinn (2. ' ) Ralph Rhiiaru Mvruv.s . . .nennjH Kx«;ixr;KKix ; ( V ra in ' rn Alpha ' hi Klio Anu riran Ctraiiitt- Snrictv « VROI.VX ISAIU.I.I.I. Rt TI.KIH;K PtOfin A(JRirri:,TrKK (SfUfrat »« ' (• f ' ritnoinifs Laura B. Kvans Hall i.i i:i ii c " vt:i. Rl K AfiRirtLTIRK liriirfat A ' nieutlure . Liitcofu R iiiKRT Xewtox Ryi. ni s Cicero I.iiiKRAK Arts ani StlKNTKH t ' liriHcnl Enffitirerinff College Hall A Ifli.K. Morion Junior Colh pe PmP- 129 Jamks Ukaikr St. Clair. . . .ISotton, JUatit. Liberal Arts and SriKxoEs r - .n ir Plii KA|t| a Sit:nia Phi IMta Phi Aiij;iistaiia College M MtSIIALL 3ALZMAN Kratifitn KiXE AXD Ari ' LiKD Arts Archilt ' cturf At-niMiir Iristitut4! of TechnoloEy (U:rald Bl ' jiBV Sammoks Itufh Agriccltitrk General AsjricttUure Phi Kap| A Thii Const Arlillery Club; Porshini; RilU-s; Phii- Iftiix: Cu|iliiin. I ' niversity Bri ;ade Harold Shelby Sami-sox Petersburg EXGIXE ERrXG Mfrrhauienl Engineering A.S.M.E. Illinois Co]lei;c I ' lin.LLS SAMrsOX Aurora Kditatiox ICnglish Alpha Xi Delta Arepo; The Dnily Illini (2); Womeirs Gk ' t- Club (?,); rniveiMty Chorus (2, a); Cast, " Mu ' liinic Buttertly. " •Mniinn. ' " Tho Mi- kado " : Production Staff, " Margin for Krror, " " Outward Itound " Monticello Collope LHKrtT n»;i£ Aiti» Saml ' kls liiiighamtun, X. Y. JOI ' RXALLSM Adrrrtiniug and J ' liblighiug Phi lU ' tH Oflln R LI ' lf Kl ' KKXK SA.MfKLHOX UoudvUU r.iBERAL Arts axd Scikxckk Jtactcrioloffit HoiiorK I)ay (2) " ' !lt;NRV Sanuk SwuH i tir AiiRDTLTrilK. Oeneral Aortrultitre Wpntoni IllinolR Stale Tcacliem Colleso Tnuo mo Mauclkuitk IiNi- xm;!; Saxii.sti{um JlosrriHe Liberal Arts and Sciexcks I ' ngliah iri-S W.A.A.; W.A.A. NuiueraU; First Council, Woman ' s League 4) ; Orange and Bine ri nlhcrs: Gobi I ' Vnlhers . w;L Traxiis SANKORD.To»rni. ' r i, Conn. Kditcatiox French » ■ ri ' envilh ' Coll f e Os( Alt BEXXY SAXTO.STEFAX0 Chirof o Heights FiXK Axij Applied Arts Architect a ml Engineering Kilsson Club A.S.C.E. MAitfJiERlTi: Elizaiu;th Sass. .Long Point Editatiox If ' inie ICconotnics .Mary K. Busey Hall Homo Kcouomics Club ; AV.A. A. ; Orange niid Blue Featlu-rs BrjidK ' y Polytc-linic Institiit. ' DiiiMs Vntfiixi V Satteelkk. . . .Rosamond Education ICnglisJi Shawnee W.A.A.: Silver Feathers (4) Kaslern Illinois State Teachers Colleffe FHAXK LKSLIK SAWIX f- PlniUf ' g Commerce .}ffnintiemi ' nt k ' lipiia Si mn Band of X; Cavalry Oflicers ' Club; Scab- bard and Blade; Scimitar: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Fencinj; Squad; Varsity IVncin;; Squad Ct). Letter (1); Freshman ' arsity Gymnast ic. Squad ; Caiitain, I ' ni- ersity Briffade Ei.iZAiiKTU Jeaxxktte Scaike . .V »rii(. ' fi ' M Fine and Applied Ahts " " Afiisic Education Alpha Phi SisMia Alpha Iota ; Arepo ; 1-Mrst ( ouneil. Woman ' s League (:i ; Tamaroa (2); Wom- en ' s Glee Club (4); University Chorus (2, :!. i » : Cast. " Mndnmo Butterlly. Hio Mikado. " •■Tosca ' ' Honors Day CD Reaver Collewe VLM vit Alukut St ' lIAAE CWtrtua ExtilNKERIXti CicH Engineering Club SyraeuNe Tan N n Tau ; A.S.C.K.; Phalan.v: Uaih ay Cluh; Kirnl Lieulonant. Fuiveraity Brigade DkI.OS Mll.KUKtl Si II AKKK Mottil COMMKRCK Baitkin ' j mill Finaitfr IVIlK Chi ArroiiMlnnry Club; PnMliiclion SmiT, " Firt ' - inKii ' s FlHnif. ' lt (_ ' iin " l HnpiH ' it Heri " " Lmly Pivcious Str ' «in " Honors l iiy (3) XnrlhtTit IlIiiHiis Stnto Toarhfrs Collt ' pi KXi.lXKKRIXti Mfi-hanifal K npinrertnff TriAiigle Pi Tnu SJKina; A.S.M.K.; Tlie Technofrrjipli (3) Kaiisns City Junior ColIf;;e ( L A 5 I 9 4 I Olive Pkarl Schell Onk PmK El rCATION- Tli-IR Phi AljihA Pan-Hellenic Council (?; 4); Orange an I BIup Feathers; Gold Feathers; Production Staff, " Family Portrait. " ' ' Manon, " " TJie Mikado. " " Our Town, " " A Shakespearian Eveninp " Honors Day (3) U ' ll.lUR Al.liKI! ScuifK Dixon COMMERCK Accouiita licit Alpha Kaj pa Psi ; Accountancy Club A. W. .SCHIMMEL, .Ir Pittitfiihl I.iBKKAL Arts axu Soikxces History Si ma Chi Sachem ; Phi Delta Phi ; Baseball Manager (3); Freshman Varsity Fontball Squad: Varsity Football Squad (2): Interfraternity Council (4) Kn M H ii,L,h .Si ' iii.AKK Chicn; ' Liberal Arts axu Scikxcrs I ie-ilrtlii ' nl (Jrevitda Chalet Xnrth Park ( ' ..II.-l ' .- I M M.I. .li)S»:r|| Stlll-IKS MAXX KxniXKKKiXfi iienenil Eit ' linrrritiff Phi Kappa A.S.e.K. Champaign Y ' .uw u FuAxris St hmii»t WtMteni Sprinp COMWKRrE iftirkriint Alpha Chi Rho Lyons Township .lunior Collejrc no II Al ' ll ' ST S :ll.MII ' l i litrofio KNrilNKKRI.Vd Mi-rhiiiiiriit Kiininrrriuo fill INi A.S.M.K.; liil.TfraliTiiilj t ' lmiiril (li WrL ' lif Jiiiiior f ' oll " Ci ' XoltM l l,imKN V. Sril MIIlT Uiffl-BuU rrxK AND Ari-i.iKii Arris Mimif Eititcittitttt Miiry i:. ItiiHcy Mull V iiiii-m (II.m Clllh CI. 1) l n«rcim ( ' iilli ' :rr KonKIIT ItKN ' .IAtll.V SniJllIlT. . . .ft ' m llirW KSIilN ' EKRIKIi ICtfclrirtil Knyiitteriiifj Phi Kta Siuina: A.I.E.E.; Porsliii.-.- IMI.- : ( ' filitiihi. Piiiversilr Hri rndc Hoiinrs r liy (I. ' . ' .) Kkxxetii LAWKKNTI! ScnMiT7. . .;i m llir ( KSIilNKERINi; Electrical Enffiueerin j Kla KH| | n Xu ; Arejto; Mask ami Uatibit ' ; Pierrots: Junior Manager, Illini Tlu-alre Guild; I ' loiluction Staff. " BrolluT Unt. " ■ " Klizaln ' tli the Queen. " ' i[an(iii. " ' " Murfler in the Cathedral. " " Two on an Island " Honors l ay (1. 2 ) Ai.i KX .Iambs Sciineideb Oak Park Liberal Arts axd Sciences Chemicttl Enffincfrinff Alpha Chi Rho MaWanDa; Sachem; Phi Lambda Up- silon; Phi Eta Sisma; Senior Track Man- ajer: A.l.Ch.E.; Caisson Clul ; Star and Scroll: Inlerfralernily Council (41; .Vth- letic Council (-1) ; Major IHiv .r-iiy Hri- •.rade Honors Day (1. 2 l l.r.uvi " ;i-iini.i,. . udi« io " i . Jud. Fixe axi Appi-ied Arts A rehilfcture Alpha Phi Oniesa; Rifle Club It, ,.]..,■ r..iv.-rvily M X KM.KNK SlIIIMlSi; " ' ' hjord EUl " C. T10S Conifiicrcirif Subjrrts (tnnuna Hituse lpha Lambda Delta: .Vci-ountancy Club; l er Deulsche Verein ILoiorn Pay (2) l,i IS .TxMKS ScII(tVANi: ENIilNEEKINt (wrnfrat Enrnnrfriiiff lortiiu .lunior Colloye Cicfro Page 131 CltVltLKS ROHERT SrilROUT AtiKirVLTURK (lenrral AoricuUvrr Al]itiii GnmDin Rho Mt. Carmcl Maktha Fkan »:s SriiK(iKiini£.(;i A " i " . . A JKirri-TrKK (ifut-nil IJome Eeniiomirn ItetA Iloiibo OinitTon Xu; Phi rpsilon Oinicroii ; H inu ' KcoDoinics Club; THiiinron ' ) Honors Diiy (3) lltitckliurn Collpgt ' Voi,niAN ; Mankhko Sriu hkkt St. Louis, Mo. I.iDKKAi. Arts and Sciences Chemist nf Phi Eta Sipma ; Kn ' shmim Varsity Trnrk SqnatI; Varsity Tinck KquHtl (3), Leller Honors Day (1. 2. ' ) ; Univrrsily of Illinois Scholarship Ki. y Rit HARD CaR!.VI E SrilULTlS COMMERCK (ifneral Hu-Miiirnit Tail Kappa Kpsilon Arronntniuy Club; Marketing Club Kuri ' ka f ' ollegc . Chtipin Ai-vis Alkxanokr SniTLTZ Chicayo Liberal Arts and Sciences Pitycholoau Pm Chi I.owis Institute Anna Mak Siiiiltz Chcnoa AORICt ' LTIRE (irucral Home EcoitfmticH IIHH Phi Alpha Honif Krnrioniies Club; ICifli- CInl); Illinois AcrifulturiKt (4); First Counril, Woman ' s f ' at.Mii C . 4); Orange nnil Hhn- rVmllaTs; ;nM tValhorH; Student Council, W»»sh ' y Koniiilation (3, 4); Production Staff, " llrothiT Uat, " " It Can ' t Happen Here, " " Lady Prt ' ciouH Stream, " " Our Town, " " Tosca " I »is LoriHE ScillJTT rnihlclin J ' nrh Commerce Murkftinf Alpha Oinicron Pi Morinr Itfiard ; ' J ' orch ; Alpha Lambda IMin; Mnrkuting Chih; ' Ilic Hlio (I. 2, ») ; Pan-H(dIi nJc Council (4); Oraiigt and lilui ' KeathcTH; (iolil Foath«rH HnnorK Uay ( 1, 2, 3) ; UniverHily of Illinois Hcholarnhip Kny CllAlilX)TTK Lvi.E HcilWAliK. . . .Chomt ' niun liiitRKAL Arts anp S ' h vi i Sprrtrh Kappa Kappa Oainma Alpha Lamlida Helta; Scnhir liuHiiH NK Mnn- aK« ' r. HIini Thc-atri IJuild; Zuta Phi Kla; Ari ' po; Maiik and hauble; National Collr- giatr PUyorN; Orango and Blue l-Vallit i ; flohl FealhcrN; Cait. " Bhu ' k KlaniinRo. " • ' Family Portrait. " " Murdi-r in Ihr Cntlio- ilral, " " iMitward Bom ■ " ' n ' - I- land " Hi.n.TH Ili.v n Ph«. i:i- J:9k -Jii KVH.NN HaNXA S» llWAiiEIC .... " (I Kdccation ,1 rffitmhinri Kni ]m Di-lla tiiiuinm iJcIla; Accountancy Club; Mmkot- ing Club; The lUio (1,2); W.A.A.; Orango and iJlue Kealhers ; (iold I-Vathers ; Wom- en ' s (ilcc Club ( :i ) ; I ' niversity Chorus (!() ; Production Staff, " Rio Rita " lIowAKK KnwAKi SriiWAKK. . . .Chnmpnif n KNtilNKEKlNd Civil K uijineeTtng .M ritni ' ; Hr.i;isi,tir Si nwAitTZ Jiayoniir, . . J. LiiuiitAL Arts and Sciences I ' U ' riuoniit ' 8 Kcononiics Club; Mineral Industries So- ciety; The lUio (2) ; Freslinuiu Varsity Polo Squad UoBKItr .IiiHN SillWAKZ I ' lnyin C(IM. MERCK Mftikvtinf Si rniii Phi Kpsilnn Marketing Club; Pershing Rifles; Star and Scroll ; The Hlio ( 1) ; Tribe of lUini ; Fresh- man Varsity Basketball Squad ; Freshman ' arsity Tennis Squad ; Varsity Tennis Letter (2, ;J, 4); Captain, Cniversity Hri- gade Ddnai.d Kaemt ' KN Schweitzer. .. .Pfrtr n LiBKRAi- Arts and Sciences liaclcriolof ij 1 Iticteriology Club; Der Deutsche Verein ; Horticulture Club; Second Regimental Baud (2, M) ; Student Council, W ' esley Foundation CI. .1) IJnidley Polyteehnii: Institute liimKKT Lester Sciiwimmer Chirfin " Lim:itAi, Arts and Sciences Choitifot ICiif i lice ring Alpha ]0|)silon Pi A.l.Ch.K.; The Siren (1. 2) Honors Day ( 1 ) T H E E I R i I ' l Irene Seauert nwi;iht Commerce Cmnmcn ' ittl Trachiuft Stratford House i fiountancy Club ; The Independent ( ) ; I ' lcHJuction SlalV. " Manon, " " Our Town " M itv Ki.ei;n Seals ML nim,l AdRICn.TURB (It nr till Hume Economic Itfthany Circle llonn KcuiioniicN Club lloiHHN Hay ( n Mi.iA I ' w Skakcy i ! " • .., ' ■• I.IItKKAI. AUTS ANn SlIKXCKS Toi-rli ; riii liota Knppn ; Alplin I.uiiiIhIh Ui ' lta : Ornnct ' mul Blue Foniln-vs; Shir Cdiirso (2); Univorsily Orchostrn (1, 2) Hiiiitirs Ony (2, ») CfiiihoN Wkntwoktii Skaki.k Cruiistoii, ' . i. I.IItKKAI. AKTS and SCIKXCKS I- ' n-shmaii Varsity Track Squad; Men ' s Cloe Club (M): Univorsily Cluirus (4) Hrowii I ' liiversily ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I Kl.IZABKTII AXN ' K SeeBKR Chitmimifja COMMEIU ' E riii Chi TluMa; The lllio U. -) Aktiuk UoitEKT SKfJAL Ktiiranl.srillc EXCINEEttlNUi iffcfianical Enffhteerhiff A.S.M.E. Xr LVix Semgmax Chicago I.iHERAL Arts and Sciexces Chrmistry Central V.:M.C.A. College HkI.KN ESTELI.A SkLLMVEU I ' oiiHnr A :iticuLTrRE Gi ' iiernl Uome Economics Collepienne Home Kcunomics Club; First Counril. Wnni- iMis l.ea) ue (3) KosAi.iMi .Iaxk Sennefk Mull,,. A :itirri.TritE lieneral Home Econnmiat IMii Mil II inie Kcoiiomics Club; Oranpre niid Blue Kenlliers ; CioM Feathers : Proilui-lion SinlT. " Klizabelh the Queen. " " r ' amily Portrait. " ' ' Follow Thru. " " Lady rrrcinns St renin, " " Our Town " Bkttv Lo( SlIArKKI ( hinift ' i CdMMKUCE Marketinri Sira ' .fnni Iloust- Alpha l.auilMin Delia; Phi Aljilui (hi; Mar- kotint; Club; The Independent { ' 1, " ) Honors Day (1. 2, " ) ; Univorsily a( Illinois Scliolnrsliip Key Al. HKUr 1,1.1, Sll V uM Aorticui.TruK (iiiifral Af rii ' iiHurc Alpha Zola; Acrieullunit Cluh Honors Day i ' .i) citiffmout I.i.tni- Ki ' WMih Sll Ki:i£ ChnlMvorih .VdltlCI ' l.TUUU Cmeml At rictiUure Pi Kiipjtii Alpha liitraiunral Mana ' er (2): Student Alnnini ssn»iation (2) Mahtiia Ann Siiakku Aimti I.iitijiAi. .Vkts ami s UN ' i:s Surinlof ! Alpha Chi ( iiie;;n Tiinuiroa (2) ; (iotd FeatlnTs ; Siiirini.T I ' riHii Queen Mjii ' .Miirniv CnlU-ne Xki.LE SiiAfJAX Chirntjn .IdlllNALlSM AdrrrliMinf mul J iibliiihing Mary K. Busey Hall tiamnm Alj.ha Chi; I,e Cercle KranraiK; Marketing Cluh; The Independent {I, 2. " , n: W.A.A.; W.A..V. XumeraU; Tainaroa (2): Cold Feathers; Kxeculive Counril, li.G.S. C!): .lournHlisni Council (1 ; Pro- duction Slnfl " , " Manon " Xintliwcsti-rn riiivrr ity Ckrald Sjiali CdMMEKCK .! rrounltntci Accouuljinrv - ' luh .Cfiictif it UiriiAKii .Inii.v SifAMis Chicatfi KN(ilXKERIXiJ Elect riral E ni ittffrimf A.I.E.E.; Pierrotv; Cast. " Two on an N land " : Productinn Staff. " Fnuiily Porlrail. " " The Mikado. " " Murder in the Cathedral, " " Our Town " Martha Kmma Shank t ' ltn m, Fink anp Aim ' Meu Arts JftUTIC llMiitLii i,iiEitT S i ' u .liochmter. y . Y. ?:inrATlitx Phiinical Eittirntioii Thu F isilon Phi Tribe of Illini ; Freslinian Varsity HaskelbnII Squad: Varsity Basketball Letter (2, :i, -l) ; Itilerfralernily Counril (2) pjm»» IX Lr.uN SiiAi ' iKO Chicnuo Liberal Arts ani Sciknoks Psych olotjy CoMitzv Hnll DtT Di ' uliiclie Verfiii ; l- ' rchlniiHii Vnr ily Footltnll Squail Hki.i N- Pewek.s Sharp . llfck, mfijrr Liberal Arts and Scikncks Pgyehoioffv SliAu-nee Alplia Lambda Delia Honius Day (I. 2) I ' liiviTsity of Michigan ROHKKT HO.MKR SlIAKP On;,, COMMERCi: Aecoiiiitancti LoiisK Elma Shawvku Abhifftlo t Physical Kiu ' iation ' mini Oiiliiif; Club; Physii-al Kdiication MajofK Club; W.A.A.; W.A.A. Kuinerals Honors Day (1. 2, 3) ; Vniversily of Illinois Scholarship Key MlI.IiRl.|j GRACK SlIKAll J ' ihniui Cn.MMKKiK Commercial ' J ' rtirhin; Alplia Lambda Delta: Plii t hi Tliila : Mnr ketine Club; Oraniie ami Blin- l-VatluTs Ifi.nors Day 1, 2) Wkki.kt Klmkk SiiKLitKK ; Wnnkt ' { nii LiiiKRAL Arts .S(tkncks ClifniiMtri Alplia Cbi Sigma i ' ht Lambda I ' psilon ; Pi Mu Kpsilon ; Phi KiH Siema IfonorK Day (1. 2, 3) ; t ' liivorsily «f Illinnis Srhnlarnhip Key VkKNHK ri.AKtHNA KirKKMAX. . . .StlJ}dvficll Ar!HirM ' i,Ti;iiK (Irutral Uomf EnimoviicH Ml Hoiihp Ilnnic KrorumiicK Club; IllinoiK AKrii-uJMir- i l {2. 3. 4); Oranp and »In« ri-alhiTK; tiold Kealhprn IiiMA ' ivfAX Suynr (irore LlHKIIAL ARTK ANIl KriKNi-CH llnmr t ' fointmir ' .n •t-H HfiuM Torch; H im» KroiniinifN Club; W.A.A.: W.A.A. Xumeraln: Firnt Coiinril, Wnman ' M lAiUguf (4); Hocond Cuiinril, Witman ' a L« ai(ii« M): OranK nnd Uluc F _ atb( rh: ;old KfithcTh; Htiiduiil Alumni AKNoriutinii i 1, ' J. 3) ; Prodiiriiriii Klaff, " Hoy ilt ' i !- ( lrl, " " Good Svwh, " " Miinmi, " ' Tbo Mi kado. " " Rio Rita " 1 L Xdl.AX IlAKW0OI SlUKI,S AfJRIClIM ' UUK Gt ' ticral AfjricuUure ll ' iof and Horn Club I.ttkfivofut Jfk ( di J ' liUe i:ii (ih-it Kllyn ! irUAKl KK.N ' r SniKh.i; CoMMKUrK Mauft;iftnriit .SigTiia Phi Sicniti Coast Arlilleiy Clul) ; Markfting Club; Pershing KilU ' s; Star and Scroll; Star Course (2); Mens Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Honors Day ( 1 ) 11 utitv P. rr, SiKiiiii.ii Chicagn PllYSH ' AI. Kdvcatio.n Sisrina Pi Tribe of Illini ; Kreslinian " V ' arsily Football Squad; Varsity Kootbnll Letter (2. 4); InterfriUernity Council (:!, 4); Student Alumni Association (2) Al-ICK IOl-lZ, IU:iIl SlIHiMfNK West Orange, -V. J. AiiKIClILTlIRE GenrynJ Hvme Kcovomics Phi Omega Pi Home Kconomies Cluli; The Illio (1): Ornnse and Blue Feathers; (iold Feathers; Production StatT. " Murder in the Cathe- dral. " " A Slialie jiearian l vi-niri " Catiii;iiixk Ki,r ..Mti:Tii Sikmkx. .Kliziibeth AfiltlCl ' I rt ' KK li, ,, ,,il Kt ' in, ' ICc ' tnoinU ' fi 4-H llcuiM- Phi Upsilon Oinicron ; Home I ' .eononiics Club; Illinois Ai-ricullurist (1, 2, ;i, 4); Oraiiu-e and Blue Feathers John- Sikiiii Cliu-uiio PlIYSIlAl. KufCATlOX Delta I ' psilon Gymkana; Skull anrl Crescent; Tribe of Illini; Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Varsity Football Squad (2. 4); Freshman Varsity Wreslliutf S(iuad ; Varsity Wres- IliuK Letter (2, :i. t ) ; N ' arsity Track Letter II win Ki:l.t.i»!i; Sil.VKli.M ax . ' " r( " " l, M,. KXUlNKKRlNd i:i,;-lrieal Kiimiu ' erimj A.T.E.E. riiivcrsity if Maiiii- T H E E I Pl.TKR CaxXA SiMMdX ll " ek lalni ' il KS ' CINKKRIXO ilechanicttl Kiighifcriiiii Koojabs A.S.M.K.: CalMOh Club; PIihIhux ; First l.ienlenanl, Vnlversity Uriliade John LwiUMt i .-m m nt. .s i hicmjo KNOIXKKRIN ' ti Hnilutiy Klrclrival Ewjiiu ' rriuij A.I K K : Unilwuy Club; Rillo Chib ( L A 5 5 I 9 A I II vnui.i) Kl.I.loTT Sl.MoS Spriii ' i iilil roMMKKCK Aecoiintttticy Acooiiiuiiii.y Clul); Til. ' I iiil llliiii c; I ; ' »rNit I t ' b«lo Sqiind ( :t i Syriicus I ' liivorsil V Eugene Simoxu.s KSUINEERIXi; Ciril Eiitrineeriufl . S tail fi FttAXK Hakvkv SlMOXDS Spnrltl PlITSICAl. KDrCATlO.V Froslimaii Varsity Uasobnil Squail ; Frosh- man arsity Itaskctlmll Squad ; I ' lesliniaTi Varsity l " ocill)all Squad; Varsity rootlmll .Squad ( " . t FaV MnxTROSE Sl.MS tlittr i AGRIOfLTtriK Citiei-iil Agncnlturc Far-tii ilouso Alpha Zcta: Aerirullural Club; Agricultural Edurnlinii Club: Hoof and Horn Club; Illinois Agriculturist CJ. :!); Co-Chairman, As nance Ct); I nterfraternity Council (:i) : Agricultural Council (4) Honors Day (I. : ) rKi,vi - Fari. Sims idamx AdRICVLTURE (irnfral Aoricutltire Farm House Alpha Zela; Agricultural Economics Club: Caisson Club; Hoof an l Horn Chib; .Mask and Kaublc; IVrshing Kiflcs; Pierrots; Scabbard and Blade; Illinois . gricullurisl (3); V.M.C.A. Cabinet (I); Y..M.C.A. Board if Directors (-1) Honors Day (I, 2 ) .MARiiAIIKT .Ia.VK SiI ' K .Illfldmi Physical Euication Alpha Chi Omecn Phy»i al Kducalion Majors Club; NV.A.A. ; W.A.. . Numerals; Major I; f r0nffe ami Blue Featliers; Women ' s (tlee Club (I. -H ; Iniversity Chorus (1); Cast. •Miidiin..- Ituttertly, " ' ■Yeomen of the Cuard " Roni;UT Sirotik iliieniin I.IBFRAI. AUTtt .AMI .Srll;. rKS Kronnmies Sicma Pi S| »nisb Club; Tlie Illio (I); Frc ihrnnu Varsity Polo Squad : Interfrnternity Council (■I); I ' nion Minstrel Show e i M i: iu m .sism:v Chirngo l.iiiKitAi. Aktk axu Sciknckk Zfia Thii Al|))in I.f f ' .irl,. IVnnciiiH; The Illio (I); tirdm . nnd Illnr I ' .-ntlicrH; Gold FeatliorH Km. Nnit .iKAN SKKI.LK J o i i«v n KlXK ANIi Ai ' l ' MKn AllTS M uaic Niikrll L(itli;e ' tra n kc a lul Bine I ' ' ifnt Ikts ; I ' n i vi rnit y t ' lioruH (:i, 1) Ml-VI.V Al-»,X. XI»ER Skibixski JfochesUr, y. T. I.IIIKIIAI. AUTS AXIl SCIKXCKS Chrmieni Enginr ring Phi Kta SJK ' ina; A.l.Ch.K.; l- ' roshinan Var- sity lijiscltall Squad Honors Day (1, 2) Molly (iKRTKUDE Skoll Chicago I.iitKKAL Arts axd .Scikxi ' ks Sorinlofjy |-. ,11.. ._-;..„,„. Aliikht Axtox Skkebrr Panama r.iitKRAL. Arts and Sciencks Potitical Science r eboMHire Club Phi Bfta Knppn; Der Deutsche Vproin Honors Day (3) Bkkn i:i Hkxrv Sloax Hoopenton AORirULTrRK General Agricuittire A riruliurnl Club; FrosIimaii Vnrsity Foot- ball Squad: Var ;ily Football Squad (2, :;, 4) !? - Ii;m Cti lu.i.i-oiai Ali.- n S.MALI t ' hifaffo I.iitKRAL Arts axu Sclkxcbs potitical Scieitre Si uia Alpha Mu Prosidont. Iiilt rfrali rnity rmincil ; Busi- ness Maiia or. Illini Thcatrr (.iuild; Student Sonatt ' (4); Arepo; Mask and Bauble; Pierrota; Kxecutivt- Hoard. Men ' s I reague 4): CaM. " Fireman ' s Flame, " ' It Can ' t Happi ' u Here " ; Production Staff, " Black Flaminco, " " Family Portrait, " " Murder in the Cathedrnl ' M UTIt l.ol IM. S.MALL. , S,ilfm l.iiti:KAi, Arts axd SriEXOKs Itinlurft Pre thyterian Hall Oranse and Blue Feathers; (iold Feathers; Student Alumni Association (2); Student Council. MrKinley Foundation 2) ; Pro- duction Staff. " Brother Uat. " " Kiml Lady, " " Tosca. ■ " Yeomen of the (tuard ' Southwestern University Paee 135 h.itw Mtf r.i.t. ' iw oiiTii Sm i,tz nil -It I.lii :it. L AUTS ANIi SriKXtKS J ' ntiticat NriV ir Pi Ktippu Alphti Star iiiid Scrtill; Tlu ' Illio (1. " J » : IiiIit- fratoraily Council ;i, 4); First I.ii ' Uli ' iinnt, I ' liivcrsily HriKado .Iamks Kmwaim Smith }Iinh ii„il Vnrk CilMMKRCK Munaiicmrnt Ar»((initiiiiry (_ ' lul» ; Marketing Cluli Jam.t Matiikws Murrimut IjllKItAh AhTS AXU SCIKXCKS Prcbbylcrinn Hall Alphn LhiiiIhIa Drita : Studt ' ni Council. McKinlcy Ktuituliiiion (:t, ) H.nuirs Day ( I ) M itv Katiikink Smiley Chira;fn LiftKKAL Arts axu Scikxces (ieoi rapfiif Zi ' ta Tnii Alpha Gyiiinnsti ' a ; The Indcpi ' tidont {1, 2): W.A.A.; W.A.A. Numerals; Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers; Women ' s Gle.- Club (2. :t. 4) ; Production Staff. •Hnither Kat " HiiXKiiKT Daxtel Smith COMMKUCE Arrouutanrif AcecMtntnncy (.Mub; Marketing ' ( ' Itil Joliet Junior College . .Jniiel CEflL Da1,K Smith Mrlnmom Agricvlturk Affriculture Eeonomicit l- ' nrni H nise Alpha Zi ' ia ; Aljrha Tau Sigma; Ajriicul- lural Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Pha- lanx; Illinois Agriculturist (1, 2, 3, 4); Illinois I ' nitin Hoard of Direclors (3) Honors Day (I. 2. 3); University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key ' iiAKi-i.s Mkumn ' Smith IChuirovil COM.MKRrK Aecountaiiry Accountancy Club ; Caisson Club ; Major, L ' niversily lirit;ade HonorH I ay (I. 3) KnAXK WaM.ACK KMITIt M " v .. .Iurf(NAl.lS. | A u ' and Editoritil Kappn Tau Alpha; Sifcma Delta Chi HfinoTK Day (1, 2, 3); University of llli- nojn ScholarNhlp Key Jack Kmitii. . . . .Chictum PHVKK Al. I ' ia t ATlOX Itfin Kniipn Krt-ft)inian Var»iiy Wrenllinn S(|nad. Inter- fr«! rnlty Council It ) ; Production SlnfT. Ki " . Ki ' .. Sivi ' n Keys lo Baldpat. " I ' nCP ?M ' »S «- v ' .losKi ' ir Fit xris Smith itOniru KXiJIXKKHlNHi Crifiniie Knyiuecrino Chi IMii Siu ' hi ' ui ; Sludi-nt Senate (4) ; President, Senior Class; Tau Xu Tau; American (i-ranuc Society; Keramos; Scabbard and Itladc; Skull aivd Crescent ; Haski-tliall -Managir (:t): Football Manager (2); In- terfraternity Council ;[. 4); Captain. Uiii viTsity Brigade Honors Day (1. 2. :t ) : l ' niversily of Illi- ruiis Scliulai ' ship Key ,riNK Cai ' I ' ik Smith Oul- J ' tnlc l.lftlsUAL AltTS AXD SciKXrns EiifilinJi Al|.lui D.lla Pi S!ii-Ai; Tlie Illio (1, J ) ; Pun- Hellenic Council (2, li ) : First Council. Woman ' s League (4); Orange and Blue Feathers; Hospital Association Board (:i. 4) M i: l)j.LOi:i;s Smith Sprun V nJUy Kr.irATioN Leenian l.o lge .A.A.; Taniaroa { ' ) ; Production Staff. Our Town ' ' La SuIlePiru O -bsby -liinior Cnllrge h II i;i .1 vMKS Smith fliimno ElHTATIOX I ' lniniciil Ktdictitiint Hiiro Wright -liinior ' oHeg ' ; Illinois Wes- leyau Ciiivei ' sity K ' nuKitr .liDsox Smith ,. A ' rtHAViw Cihf. . fo. KXtilXKKHlXi! Electrical Euffiiiecrinn Sigma Alpha Kpsilon A.l.E.K. Kiiiisas (ily luriiiii- Ciilb ' ge Iviini.iiT Mm. lis Smith Kiihi ' -imd A(;KH ILTIKK i CMC ltd A !t lie ult U IC Uuckiiigbam Palace M[)ba Zeta ; Agrienkural Club ; Fiehl and I ' lirrow Club Honors Day (U) UniiKK MaNSOX SMITH Lnirrc iicr rilh KXUINKKKINO AffricttUurtif Euffiut rriiin riii Kia Sigma; Signm Tau; Agrieuliural Club; A-S.A.K.; Agricultural Council (1); Kngineering Council (4 ) H.iiiorH Day (I. :t) T H E E I R ( L A 5 I 9 4 I Sinrti.pv Annk Smith KnmMhm I.lltKltAI. AKTS ami St ' lKNTKS All. ' n Tho lU ' ut (I); lnivt ' i;.iiy I ' horus (1); C«st. " Ln Holn ' ini ' " ■ : I ' l-nihirtion SlnfT, ■ ' OwT Town V 1.I, K til.KNX S. [1TII liut ' kfnni Kink axo Aituku Ains .1 17 Ktiurtitiini Prodiu ' iion S(nlT, " Two im an I ' ■land ' ' MAIHiVKKT I.KIS SXF.KHKX I ' il tn ii ' lll I.iiuitM. Arts anmi S( ' n: c!:s Warner Hull Blnckliiirn CoU.k ' : Mju-Muirny Coih-g.- I.aVkkn (iitAXT Snow Utiffnoliu AGKUl ' LTniK (ieneral Afttieultiuf A rrirultiiral Ed Heat inn CUih ; Hdof nml Horn Club ; Indi ' ix ' ndi ' iit Cmincil ( ' 2) : Y.M.C.A. ( " (1. ' 2) Samvel I.koxakd Sola Chiaitfo Enoixkkkinc Mt ' ctiaitical Ettfiineeriug A.S.M.K. I ' niversily of Sout licni (. ' iilifnriiia JosKi ' ii Soli. AMI ExniXKKKIXU Sigma Pi A S.C.E. North rpntrn! ( ' ollt-m- Attr WlLLUM Fl-OVl) SOLLAKS DoHviUe I.iBKRAL Arts axii SriKNCES Chr mint I ' ll riirSTRR Err.KNE SnsMiw Kl EXiilXKKKIN ' fi Ciril Ktifiiiiffrittil Wrijcht Junior CollcRt ' % Mm:v Si ' anx |„„n l.lltKItAI. ARTH and HcIKNCKH Alplltl Clii OliK ' K ' i ' rmiiiirim ( it) Sifptit ' iis .hininr CuIlfKi ' t II i:i,(.s Si ' KM KK Chau )uiiOn ( ' (IM.MKItfK Minkrtiuif ' W l)« ' lta Thftn A(T(MiiitaiH ' y riiili : Hand of X ; llHiikinc (Inh: Mnrkt-tiii): Oiili; TIk Illin I, 2) HoncirK Day ( I) ( II MM.i: ' . William SriiNcLii i ' roria I ' lSK AXi) Ai ' i ' LiKi Arts I innlftrajie A rrhitfctttrc Till ' MaiiKion l.iiii(Kra)i An-liitiTtiiri ' Socii-ty Willi M Ciiaulks Si-kukv aUtt EUun KXCIXKKICINC Vii ' it ICinfineeriiifj Clii INi (, ' hi Ei».ili n ; A. S.C.E. ; Gyinkana ; S ' aniity (iyinnnslies Li ' ttcr (:J. 4) Ocor ria Srhnol «( Technology Alkkki Moss Si-ikic IharftUU Ex ;iXKi,ni. ' . fin ' ICiif inreriiifj A. S.C.E.: First KcKiinental Band CI); SiTond l{cKiini nlal Band ( I . ' 2) William IIavukx Simtler, ,Ir. .r inr Woii l.iiiLRAL Arts ani Scikniks I ' olilicnl Scienrr Estill ill ' Club Kaslrni lllinniifi Slati Trni-htTs Collegrt IIiLix DixrAX Staokhoi ' sk Vrbann CdMMKRi ' K (irnrral linninftut IMii Oiiu ' sa Pi IMii Chi Thftn; Arrniintancy Club; Homo E(M niimirs Club; Chnirman. Dads Day Ki ' tciHt ration Conimidpt (3); First Council, Wiiiiian ' s LcAguc (3); Junior Council. Woninii ' s Lengup; OranKO and Hint (Vftth- ci-h; (iohl Kffttlu ' rs; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet ( :t ) ; Woiiipir- (fU ' ' (Mub (3) ; l ' nivt»rsily Chorus (1. 2): Cast. Man nitd The XUskcs " ; Pro- tluclion Staff. " lolaiithi ' , " " Of Thee I Sin;: " ; I ' ninn Minstrel Show l.rriLLK Stadtman . . . .Spritigfield KlUTATIOX Eitifiitih Medeil Tamnrou ( 3) Springfield Junior Cftllege PniTP l. " ; GetiK«E Thomas Btakkokd, .Tr Vihm.u EUITATIOX Physicat Educatifni Gyinnastira ; lllini Outing Club: Kn sh- inHii Varsity GymnaKlics i quad ; Protltic- tiiiii iStaff. " Rnillu ' r Rat " M T(Tii l.oiM Stain Putonnic AtiRiril.TI ' RK Gfnrral Home Kfonomics Hfia Phi Alplia Homo Krunoniirs Clult; Oranpe and Blur KealhiTs; Gold Feathers; Prodiiclion .Stnft " , ■ Black Plamint;n, " " Family I ' oriinit. " ■MaiKni, rh. ' Mikndo. " " Our Town ' ;KO|t iK I ' ltiaiKKItK STAIIMtlE. .III. Mntn ' . ' ootl I.IItKKAI. AKTS and SCIEXTKS l)« ' lin I ' psilon iVrhliinj; Kiflcs ; Skull and Croscent ; In- terfralernity Council (2. :i, 4); Y.M.C.A. Cabinrt ( ' .i) ; Snulont Alumni Associaiion (2) I n i.n Havks Stai.kv Ml. J ' tihtstci I.iiiKicAi. Arts axi Scikm ks J cononiirs Si iua Chi $acl)t in : Busfball Manager (2 ) : l resh- man Varsity Has kfl ball Squad ; Varsily Baskelball Squad (2, 3) Wii.i.iwi Hmk ' I.i) Stalky. . COMMKRlK ifannffriiiriil t „i«-..ii I liib ; Major. l ' ni t-r-.ii Ui Til Carol Starck Chicayo A iRirri rL ' BK yiittilioit and Dirtelint Sbawnpi ' rroductioii Staff, ' ' Rio Rita ' Kdmakd JOSEPH Starman- KKOIN ' EERIN ' C Mffhnnical Engiiteeriixu ColloK ' - Hall Morton Junior College Chicttnn ROHERT AUTItfK .Sifc:i ( lurii ' nt KKCilNEKRINU ittchaniral Kugiuetrbtg Cosmopolitftn Club Pi Tau Hixina; A.S.M.K.; Conci ' rl Bnrtd (2, 3, 4): Pint RrKlm ntal Band (1) Honorn Day (1) : ' M Joe Steinherg Chiraoo COMMEnrK A rcotint ft }iej ' Vim Kpsiloii I ' hi Coast Artillery Club; Gymnastica; Pha- lanx; Pierrots; Tho Siren (1) ; Inter fraternity Counril (3); Illinois Union Cab- iiiel (:t); Illinois I ' nion Bofird of I»iroctorn (I): First Lieutenant, University Brigade; Casl. " Follow Thru, " " Good News " ; Pro- iluclion Sln T. " Fninily Portrait, " " Fire- miiu ' s Flame " ; Union Minstrel Slmw .loiiN- l,oris Stkntz KanliiJtre I.iuKUAL Arts and Scikncks History Sijjmn Pi Diilphins : Second Li. ' ut nnnt. T ' iiiver5ily MriKiKie St. iHlor Collepe IJinil I.KllAUON- STKIMIKXS lifrUyn ],Mti;uAi. Akt.s axd Scikncks (ierman Delta Gamma Alplia I ambda Delta; Di-ltn Phi Alpha; Si ' ma Alpha Iota; Der Deutsche A ' erein; Oiann ' and Blue Feathers; University Orcliestra (1. :J) Honors Day (1. ' i) I ' nivtrsity of Chicago Mauv Ai-iiiMtTA SteI ' I ' K Dietfrieh EDt CATION Speech McKinley Hall Delta Siifina Rho; Zeta Phi Kla; Tlie Independent (2); First Council. Woiuau ' a I.eaguf (4) ; Executive Council, R.G-S. (4) : Production Staff, " Brother Rat " ; Varsity Debate Squad (3, 4) Kmvi.v JosEi ' ir Sterba (hik Park Commerce Industrial Administration Granada Club Accountancy Club ; Marketing; Club Siiiiu-KV Idem. Sterxstein " Chicago (.niKKAii Arts and Scikncks Sociology Phi Sigma Sigma Tlie Illio (1); Pan-Hellenic Council (1); Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers T H E 5 E H I HdWAKh FiiEiiERic Stettler Chxcngo Commerce Acco Lntancy Piii Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Kla Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Acoonnlanry (lull ; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (4) Honors Day (1. 2. W) ; University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key t M ni.i..s utok Stevens, Jr.. . Knoineerino .1 c irtnico Engineering Kappa Delta Rho . S..M.K.; Y.M.C.A. Cabini ' l (3) ' alparuis(i UTiiver.tity , Chieago ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I iKWK Kkkh Stkwaut. .Ik.. J i7 ti7 ,-. .V. J. JoniNAMSM Ailrrrtijtiu!f iind I ubl Hhin j Gniiiiim Theta Plii ; MnrkctiiiK t ' lnl); Tin- Daily Illiiii (1); Socutul HcKiiiHtitiil UuikI (1, ' J); JournnHsm Council (t) JK.VN Marik Stkwaht Dan tin. ' Fixe and Ati ' mko Akts Art KtluA ntion Beta Phi Alphn Illustrators ; Production StntY. ' ■Hrollicr Rat, ' ' ' ' Lady Prt cious Stroam. ' ' ' Tlif Mikado, " " Two on an Island. " " V«-o- mfn of tho (lunrtl ' ' Honors Day ( ; ) Illinois State Norninl I ' nivrrsity Ki iiAito CiirucH Stilus Uut-ljnnl En(jixkkuin ; Electrical Knfiincriiui; The Mansion Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A.I.K.?:.; Indtpendi-nt Council (3, 4) ; ( ' a| Iniii. rnivcisity Bri- pade Everett Fuoyu Stini- Paxton CoMMKuri-: .1 ccountnucy BHi-on.s Accountanry I ' luh: Maikftin ; (Miih Charles Edward Stisskk SfK- r COM.MKRCK Acctninlanr! Heta Gamma Sigma; Phi Kta Sigma; Ucta Ali)))a Psi ; Accountanry Club ; Marketing Club; Second ReginuMital Hand (1, 2) Honors Day (1, 2, U) ; I ' niversity of Illi iiois Scholarship Key LorisE Stivk.v ribmut KlXK AND Ari ' LlKD ARTS Music ICducation Ganinia Phi Hrta Sigma Alpha lota; Orange and Blue Feath- ers; Gold Feathers; Women ' s Glee CIuIj (3. 4); University Chorus (1); Pan-Pro- fessional Council (:!. 4); Cast. " H. M. S. Pinafore ' ' Kdmcsd Pail Stoiir commkrck ifnrkflitiff Sigma Alpha Kpsilon BHud of X: Marketing Clnb .KlU ' n Artihr Stone Chicni o F.Nr.INKKRINO Cit ' il Enftitteeritia A.S.CK. ; Caisson Club ; Captain, Uni- vernity Brigade Wright Junior College Ki.MKii l ouis Stone Hiuhtaud J ' mk roji.MKuii: Itanhhut tliid Fiufitirr D ' lMi Kiippii KpHMfin llaiiil (ir X; (Jnvilhy l)ffii-,.is ' CIuIj; Pcilo ANHUi ' inlion : Thi ' Diiily lllini (1); Vnrsily I ' liln S(|iiail (2. :l. 1): Ciiiilniii. UniviMsilv llrik ' iiil linn.. is lliiy ( I ) .loSI.I ' H I, KI.Nf K SloNKHrUNKR, Jl(. Jiacky Jtiver, Ohio Rn ' oinekkinu C ' lTffniic Knjfinetring TriariKK- Aiiu ' ricBii CiTBliiic Soricly; Tlio Ti clino- ' rapll (1); Intrrfrati ' rnily Council (H. 4) .lAXK SriiOKKV HuahviUe, eb. I.inKRAi Arts and Scmkncks Pff-Uedicttl Welsli Huusi- Hillc Club Kastcrn Illinuis Stale Toachirs C.iHie. ' I.diiijAixi: JovcK Stotlkb Sdeiilor Education Art Vesta Ilousf First Council, Woniun ' s League (3) Slcj.hi ' us .luuiiir College LORENI-E SCOFIELD STOUT Uaryiitglit,, PlIYSICAI. EDICATIOX Phi Kappa Phi; Delta Theta Kpsilon: Phi Ela . ' iigma; Kappa Delta Pi; APE. A.; Gyiunastica; Tomahawk; Tribe of lllini; Freshman Varsity Track Squail ; Varsity Track Letter (2. 3. 4) Honors Day (1. -2. 3); University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key Wtt.t.HXl I.AWttEXCE Stuaiiax. irnrf»eoi»A AnRKULTtllK Ofnerat AgricnUnre Alpha Gamma Rho Varsity Baseball Squad (4) I ' niversity of Wisconsin Aknoiji Os " ar Strandiirro. . ENIilNKERINII Civil Etiflinffrinff Theta Chi Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. Joliet Junior College .J.Aitt IvvN .riHlN StraVEB ilniiareU. Wya. COMMKRrE Ai ' coitntaury Jllinitco Accountancy Club I ' nivcrsily of Monliin Page 139 JKSSK RlCHAKii Stkodk Tahlf (irorr AOKlrihTTHK a (I f ■« A V mV uH 1 1 If AlpltH Zeta; AlphA Tnu Alpha Htmnrs Dny ( 1 ) Hrnillcy INtlyttrlinir IiiNlilutf L!,ovit Stkatton STriiHixs I ' oxton ( ' (i.MMKIU ' K Arcuuiilatiry I ' lub; Marki-ling Club; Sci- mitar: Freshman Varsity FenciiiK SquaJ : Varsily Ffncinj; Squad { ' J, 3. 4) HoiU)r Day 1 ) II vr;..r I. KhWAlMi SlTIlY Ali omiuin AiJRirti.TruE (ienti-nl A;iricttlture Two Nntiirals STANI.KV STKI ' IIKN Silzvcki It rid If f in fl. Conn. roMMKKCK Amnmlnnei I ' ll! Ktii Si ma ; Beta Alpha Psi ; Ac- rniinlHiiry Club ; Freshman Varsity Base- ball Sqnad : Varsily Baseball Squad ( J ) Ilnitnrs 1 av (I, :U WAI.Ti:it LkK SlTMMKRS, Jit I ' ibutiti I.lltKRAL AUTS AND SClKXrKS I ' olitirat .Sriein ' c Si nia Chi I ' hi Delia Phi; Freshman Varsity Golf S(|uail ; ' arsity (iolf Squad (2. :i, -1 ) : I ' irst Ke ' iinen III Band t 1, 2 ) Mai:v I.iiis SrN ' i»Ki(l ANi . . «-7n A(i»H TLTriU (ieuerat Ilouir EcinnnuicK Phi m( Ka Pi Phi L ' pnilon Omicrun ; Home Kconomics Club; W.A.A.; Oranpe and Blue Feathers; (inld F ' alhcrK; Production StnlT. ■Rin Kita " Monorn Day (I) Vivian Edna Sti-i ' Ks Snmtwich Aanicii.rvui: Gfurral IJuinf llrunomirn I.anra B. Kvans Hall Homo KronomirR Club ; First Council, Woman ' s l ea ' iie (4); Gold Ftatlu ' rH; Ex- Y„t,v.. ( .,.,,,.11 R.G.H. (4) .luiiN Hkitk SI ' TIIKIII AM» lien Mfiinrs, Jtmui CoMMKltrK Indujilrinl Adminiatralion SlffniB Nu Senior HwimminK Mnnanir; Aerotintancy ' lub: Cavalry Offlcers ' Club ; Dolphins : Klfli Club; Srabbard and Blade- ; KrcRh- man Varalty Hwimininfc Squad; Cnptaln, UniTrmlty BrlKsdr llonorN Day ( 1 ) gtjj Jl Vh,:r 1 1 " I.aM.vh Sptton Ottiivu KNOINEERING ,1 ttricultural Engineerinp A S.A.K. I.iiSiill. ' Peril Ok-lesby Junior College i; vi.rii Ai.iiKitr Swai.m COMMKHfl ' ; (Irncral liuniin ' is nihil I ' lisilon Arcoumniicy Club; ilarketiiii; Club Chicaijo Ill.l.KN ICitsK SWKENEV. . . . i( ' HK»;l ,Vrffl«. I.iiiKKAi. Arts and Sciencks English Alpha Xi Dolttt ' I ' hc lllio (1, 2); Orange ami Bliw Foalli- its: (lold FcatllcTs; Rtuilt ' tit Alumni As- sociation ( ■- ) RouEijT .Tamks Sweeney WnmialocTi I.iiiERAL Arts and Sciences Political Science Hlacktmrn Collej;e CiiAKr.iis Anton Swenincsen. .h .t J ' on-tt Enuineeking Mechanical Engineering I ' i Tau Sinina; Tau Nu Tau ; A.S..M.E. ; r ' n-sliinail Varsity Uasfliall Siiuail Honors Day (2, 3) Wu.MAM Hvoii Swisher Dnm-ilfe Liberal Arts and Si ' iKNf ' ES I ' lilitical Seieiu ' c I ' hi Drlta Thi ' ta Track MaiuiKiM- (2) lllANK S .( .Kl ' AXIAK Peru 1.111I.RAI. Arts and Sciences f ' hemixtrll Alpha Clii Si ' iiia IlAIM.IlX Wll.l.IAM TaIIKR A ' l ' f Commerce .-! ccintnlancji Di ' ltn SiKMia I ' lii ' Couiillincy Club; Mnrkolini! Club llrmlloy Polyteclinic Insiiiutv T H E 5 E I Own I. Ki-imiiHiF Tm. w ( m-.i.- . Kitrr VTlDS Jonnd Houso Frofthiunii Vnrsity Haski ' tbnll Siiund ; ' iir- Kity Baski ' ttmH SiiuikI (1 ) Bfloit Collt-KM ' »JIN»)V I.AWPIKNTK Tkho (liit ' itijn KltUrATHIN Chrmintry Ai ' i ' iii : Mask nnil Hniiblc; I ' irrrtitH; Mhu ' a Iflt ' O Club (4); UnivprHity Chorun (4); Cast, " EUzabi ' th thr ( ui ' t ' n, " Fin-man ' s riaine, " " Mmlttiiio liuIU-rfly, ' " Tho Mi k)nlii, ' " Two on till 1 shin ' I " ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I Mahv Ai.U ' k Takui.i-; I ' nits AWRirULTUKE General Home Kciitiomtcs Pi Bpta Phi Phi I ' psiloii t inicron ; Hinac Kconmnics Oub; Markoting riiib; Th. ' Illio (1); Illinois AKricuIliirist (4 ) ; Orange and Blue Feathers ; Star Course (2); Fresh- man Council; Production Staff, " ' Elizabeth l!i« Queen " Honors Day (1 ) Vi:knk .Tosf;i ' H Taunk commkkck General Jiu.tiiifnj ' SiKuia IMii SiKiiia Mnrkt ' tini; Club Morton Junior College .linir,,.. VlXrKNT ASTOU TArBKU. . . . . . Chntiipniffn CoMMKRrK . crouiitatiri Beta Alpha Psi Accountanej Club ; Coast Artillery Club; Captain, Cniversity Bri- gade Honors Day (1, 2. :i); Cniv ■rvity of Tlli nois Scholarsbii Key Mklkori) Deax Taylou Urbdnii A CKICULTUKK Geue ral AfjricuUu e Alpha Zeta Honors Day (2, ■i) XoRMAX Westox Taylok Cattin AORICI-LTITIIE General Agriculture Agricultural Club; Vsrsity Ice Hocliey Squad (2) ' riitoiifiKK Bkutkam Taylor iirooklyn, .V. Y. Liberal. Arts and Sciences I ' rt ' Litw Sigiua Alplia Iu Dolphins; Gyninaslica; Ciisl, ' ' Two on an Island " Wki.ton Ivak Tavlor Chieinjn I.iiiERAi. Arts and Scikncks Boclrriittoffy Kappa Alpha Psi Caisson Club; First Lirtit) iiaiit, T ' liivir iiy Brigade li I.I ' II Ml VIN TKLKrutii Chicago I.IIIEKAI. AR ' IS ash SrIKNCKS ( Urmintril Hniiors Day (1) MMtTMK Klizaiibth " Yr.ituicK . . .(i rrenfietil I.IIIKRAI. ARTS AN ' I» SrlKNCKS lliitlnnj IM Beta IMii Musk iind Baubli-: Tamaroa (:i); I ' roclnc- lion .stalF, " Family Portrait. " " Manon. " " Our Town, " " A .Shako-sprnrian Kvi-n- ing " Jnnu ' S Millikin rtiivi-rsity l.oris llAKiji.ii Terry Chicago C m MERCK Arfiitlnlllitrii . i;;]n. ' i Alpha Mu Inlirfrnlornity Council (4); First Ki-gi- iiu ' rital Biuiil (2); Second UoEinicntal Hand (1) l i ' wis Institutf Ai.Tox Crew Thomas Strealor Fixe Axn Api-lied Arts Landscape Architecture I ' lii Ela Sigma; Landscape Arcbiiicture Society Honors Day (1. 2. 3); Uiiivcrsily of Illi- nois Scholarship Key l;i II AIM. Fkaxk Thomas Eransvilte Commerce Accountancy Phi Gaiiiina Delta Snchini; Band of X; Track Manager (2. ' .!); First I.iiutcnant. University Bri- gade Gordon Edoexe Thompson Elmwood ACRICfLTrBE General Al ricnlture Hill Hall Alpha Zeta; Agricultural Club; Caisson (lull; Dairy Production Club; Hoof and Horn Club; First I.ieulennnl. Cniversity Krik-ad. ' Honors Day ( 1 ) .M iii:i. Axx Thompson. ' ocon ElUCATIUX FugliMh tela Tau Alpha Torch; Tho Illio (U: W.A.A.; W.A.A. Numerals; Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Junior Council. Woman ' s League (4); Ornnce and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers; V.W.C.A. Cabinet (3) ; Women ' s Gb-o Club (2. 3. 4); Production Slaff, " Boy Meets Girl, " " Brother Rat, " " Tlie Mikado " Pago 141 WtLMAM Neil Thompson ithmtn AoitlCCLTrRE General Agricultuie Saclnva Alpha Zeta; Agricultiirnl Club: Ae " " i ultiiriil Economics Club Honors Day 2, ' . ) H " V t.i. s TllOKNTON, .li: DaiirilU- EN ilNKKRIX i Ceramics Anu-riciiit Ceramic Society; Coa t AililU ' i ' y Club; Kernmos; Phnlanx ; En ineerinK Council (-1) ; First LiiMilennnt, I ' niveisiiy Hri -nilf I ' Ai I. IKki.i. Toini I.inrohi A " iKirfI.TURE 111 nr rill S:fricutture Alplui Tail Alplia; Apricultural Club; Hmif iind Horn Cliilt OsCAIt M.MIMTS TOLLSTA f Cliicnfjfi COMMERCK Bfinkhti; ami Finance ArcounlHiiey Cluli ; Baiikinc Cjnb ; Tan- Xcnia T H E K! .Ia( K " rintusKX. Lt Until Cu. l. U.I!l.K Afnnaneitieiit .Simula Aljtlia Epsilon Accountancy Club; Band of X; Mavkt ' tintr Club: The Daily lllini (1, 2. 3); Fresh- man Varsity Basketball Squad ; Interfra- ternity Council (4 ) ; Siudint Alumni As- sociation (-1) Honors Day ( 1 ) OoitiK x Eric Titoitsox EXCilNERKIXli Civil Kiif itierri}iff .Squirrel Cage A.S.C.E. Dai.k Exstro.m Thumax. .. .Trenton, Nrh. FiN : AXi) Api ' lu:d Arts .4 rchiterinriil Enffiveerin; A.S.C.E. I ' niversily nf C diiriid t; McConU Junior CnlleKO Rfi n Thurow Yoikrillc AfiltKlTLTCRK Xutrilioii and Dietetics . i-liaea Produciinn SlaflT, " Black Flamingo, " ' ' Family T ' ortrait, ' ' " Man on, " " A Shakesiicarinn Evening ' ' ROIIKKT TlliK.MAX Chicilfht EXlilXKKRIXG I ' lerl riral E nf i nerri nf SiKHia Phi Delta Phi Eta UKii n : Edilor. Tlie Teclinograjdi ; Etn Kaji|ia Mu Hont ' rH Day (1. 2) .Ions TiloUAH Tll ' lTi Olmn KXUINKKItlSi Civil Knuiuerring Tan Nu Taw; A.K.C.K. ; Phalanx; Hi-cnnd Licuienanl. Cnlvernlly HrlKnih V v 142 liiriiAtni .loiix TOMCZAK Chicfigo FixK AXD Apphed Arts ,1 rchitectural Engineering Alpha Kho Chi A.S.C.K.; Scareb; Men ' s Glee Club (3) Purdue University CiiAi ' NTKV Kllwood Tohrexcf: Chanipnip7i LiitKKAi. Arts axd Scikncer S pee eh . lpba Kappa Lambda Pierrots; Cast. ' ' Comedy of Errors, ' ' " ' A M idsummer Night ' s Dream, ' ' ' ' Our Town " ; Production Staff, " Family Por- trait " V ith UvKox Travebs Chicago LlRKKAL AltTS AND SCIENCKS Chemical Engineering I.Ch.K. Wilsnri .Tuninr Cidlege M vmox AitniK Thkloak AJfdn EnrcATiox Sociology Aljilia Omicron Pi Uille Club; W.A.A.; Silver l- ntliern (4) University of Cincinnati l. ' irii i:i Wvv.vK Thimble Cape Girardeau, iln. AiiHU:VLTlRE General Agricvltttre . I i{in Ki.KAXoK THirriKH Vrbans l.niKKAi. Arts axd Scikxcib Est chology Phi Chi; Dec DeutKChe Verein ; Gregorian l.ttc-rnry Society; Orange and Blue Feath- eiK; Univernity Chiirus (2) 5 E I Ml. TlCKEH KlH ( TI(»X Jiliilhvtnatien Casimer TiMAN 0hicau ' KXUINKKKINli Mfchatiirnl Euffinerriutf Phi KfippH T«u A.S.M.K. Ai ' uiour Iiislituti ' of Torlmology ( L A 5 5 I 9 I Emilie Mae Turxer Siirinf fifUl Liberal Arts and Sciexcks ffome Economics Hunl Hall Home Economics Chilt ; On-liesis ; Ornn;;r and Blue Feathers John Hi»w Rii Tur-vkic JoueHhm; ElU " CATION Jlistorn Tribe of mini : X ' arsity Fnoiball Squml (4); Fresliman Varsity TVni-k Sqnnd : ' ar- sity Track Letter CJ. 4) Sontlieas.t Missouri State Teachers CoHrj;! ' • IISE TlRNER . . . rOMMKKCi; Mnrkctiitij . Vrbnuit Frances Kamne Tittle Went YoiK A ' SKIICLTCRK (ieiieral Ilfimr Kcfnimnifs Vesla House W.A.A. ; W.A.A. Numerals ; Ext-eutixe Council. R.G.S. (2, : ) ; First Council, Woman ' s Leapue (2. ' . ) .Tavnk K uin Trvi,sox I ' r,iittili»n l.iRERAi. Arts ano Scikncks rttficholnf l Pi Beta Phi The Daily Illini ( 2 1 ; W.A.A. ; Taniaroii (2); (iuUi Feathers; Ininn MinHtrel Show Gnlf Park ri.Ihirr John (;iltner Twist SpringficU Liberal Arts and Scilnckb Pnliticfil Sfiem ' r Phi Kappa Psi Inifrfraternity Council (3); Star Course 2); Siuflent Alumni Association (2) huidniiv LorisK Tvt.uET l rre Ilnute, Jnd. LiitEKAL Arts ani Scienckr Eufjlinh Al| ha Delta Pi I ' lio Illio (1); Tho Daily HIini (I); Pan- Hellenic Council (n, 4); Ornnce and Blue IVallH-rs: (Johl Feathers James Everett Uuuen. . I ' rkin ENOINEEUlNr; Metallurgical Enninreriug Alpha Kappa Lambda .Mineral Industries Society; Pierrots; Men ' s Glee Club (4); Production Staff. " The Drunkard " ; Union Mtnalrel Show William Albert Usinoeb AHnn Education Phyaiology Tan Kappa Ep.silon Tribe of HIini; Freshman Varsity Foot- ball Squad; Varsity Football Squad (2); Freshman Varsity Track Squad; Varsity Golf Squad (2); Letter (3. 4) Andrew Hans Utehhart Chicago Liberal Arts and Scikncks Zoology Sigma Phi Epsilon Der Deutsche Verein ; Uifle Club; Fresh- man Varsity Polo Squail Charles Bernard Vance Cmlratia Fine and Applied Arts JfH l Pi Kappa Alpha Concert Band (1. 2. 3. 4) Washington University Mauik LoriSE Van-ce Vrbaua Liberal Arts and SriKNCKB nistory Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Orange and Blue Feathers ; University Chorus (1. 2) Honors Day (1) Marilyn Vandekwahe. ..Chicago il igUia AliRlCULTIRK General Sonif Economict Presbyterian Hall Home Kronomies Club; Student Council, McKinley Foundation (4) Ulackbiirn CoIIpk« ALU I .Ihn Van Dyke i. rrtiiji ' iMi Editation Frc rifft Alpha IMii l.t Cercle Franrais; The Illio (1); Chair- man, MotherH Day Acrommttdntions Coni- millee (2); Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Co- Chnirman. Woman ' s Leafrue-Men ' a Leat;ue Danre Comniittee (4); .lunior Counril. Woman ' s Lea ten e : Oraofcre and Blue Feath- ers; Gold Feathers; Production Staff, Hoy Meets Girl. " " Brother Hat. " Kind Lady " ; Union Minstrel Show Pago 14.1 Charles I.ooax Van Ettex. . . . KNtilNKEHIN ' ti Ctramie Enpinrtrittg Siinnil Pi AinprioRii Orjimic Sociely .XWioH Xeal Everett Van- Fossax Ml. Erie KNIilXKERIXr. Mechanical Eiiffineerinff IiKlpo-aii Tiiu Nil Tan; PfrshiiiK Riflps; P1ih1«mx: CHlttMin. I ' liiviTsity Hri ndo VinoiNn .h M . siir. . ilraiiK Lnli Pink axi Ari-i.iKi Arts CbrIo HhII SiKina Alpha Iota; Women ' s Glee Club (H) ; I ' liivfrsity Chorus (1, 2, 3. 4) Honors Day (I. 2, :i); Univcrsily of Illi nois Sohularship Key TlIKOIKIIlE VaKUES i hir.t ' i,, Fixe axii Atpliei) Arts ifusif Education Ooiicert Band (3. 4); First RegimiMitiil Baml (1. 3); Sprond Re iinpntal Rami (2) North Park .Tuuior College IiwKiiiT Steve Varner M;,iiirrll " AKRICILTURE ficncral Aijriculture }|ill Hall Ali ha Z.i;i; Phi Eta Sigma; Agricultural Cluh; Cavalry Officers ' Club; Hoof anil Horn Cluh: I ' hahiiix; Second Lieutenanl. I ' nivcrsity HriKade Honors Day (I. 2. ;! ) ; University of Jlli- nois .Scholarship Key iJtiROTiiv AxisE Vakxum. . . .Granite Cilii LiPERAi. Arts axii Sciexcks Kiifftish Alpha Chi Onie a Tainania (2); Cold IViilhcrs; Y.W.C.A. ' alii net C!) l.indeinvood Colle(;e ; XIacMurray College Maiiv Evei.vx A ' keiiek l.awrcnceiille PlIVHU ' AI, EllfCATIOX Zcta Tan Alpha Alpha I ' i.Di ' lia: Orrheais ; Physical Kdii- cation Majors Cluh; W.A.A.; W.A.A, Numerals ; Major I; Orange and Blue Feathers; Student Alumni Association C2); Student Council, McKinley Foundation (;!, 4) Honors Day ( I ) Marvin Kiiwakii Vkerman f ' hillicntlie KVOJXEERINU Cirit Enffincrrtnff A.8.C.E. ; The TechnoKraph (2); Uhl- Tcnity Chorua (4) Whealon Collegn I ' lH. ' " 144 KijviN- .losKPH Veski.v Chicago l.iitERAi. Arts anu Sciexces Political Science Markelins Club; Intramural Manager (2, •t) ; Independent Council (2) ; Men ' s Glee Club (2) " i:l£Xi X FitEDERIC ' K ViXEVAlMi.. ..t ' liicaffo COJIMERCE -tceoHn fljiCi riiela Chi Aicountaney Chib ; The Illici (1); Cast. " Co. id News " : Union Minsin-l .Show (;r: ( ' E XfARfiARET Vuij ' i ' Chica; o T.TnKitAL Arts . xu Scii:XfES Ecoyionticfi Hurd l all I ' lc.duclion .SlalT. -Bliick FlaMiini;ii, " ' The .Mikado. " " Two on an Island " ' rif, ' ht Junior College . . f ' henon rii i:i-i;s l- mix . . .VCRUri.TI UK General A iiricuttifre Farm House .Mpha Zeta ; Agricnltui-ai . ' lu)); Hoof and Hern Club; Illinois .Vgriculturist (2. 3) Honors Day (1. 2. 3); University of Illi- miis SchoIarsliii» Key .I(»..i:i ' iiiM; Maiujahet ' oxAiiX ,)f ' ((II(o(( l EDITCATKIN ' Emilish Alpha Xi Delta .Silver Feathers ((1: Pro luction Staff, " Twn iii an Island " Ml. mill. Mill Colli-se . i-.i;ii; Axxi;ttk Vooriieks Vrbann ACJRTCTTl.TritE deneral Home Econtnnirit Idia Sigma Pi; Home Economics Cluh: .■Sliuleni Council. Wesley l- ' oiiiHla1iiiii (:►, .1) llnnors Day ( 1) T H E 5 E I R 1 xi.i;y Wilson Vvcitai Mrllenrtj Fink and Aiti.ikii Akts M it sic I ' l.i Mn AI| liu-Sinfnnin; ConciTt Unml (1, ■_ ' . :;. X); I ' liiversily Chorus (U, -1) CliioHifO Conservatory of Insic 1 I 1.M:V KltAXK W Al ' lITKK I riNK AND Ari ' LIKH AKTS .1 uricuUural Enffinecrino riiWft Doltn Chi s.C.K. l.iiSHlK-Peru OnIcHby Junior Collei c M HTH V IHFNE M ' aiu W tnfhfstir CliMMFKi K Covi m frcini Teach i n ; Phi Onic H Pi Phi CUi Yhvta : Arcuiintiiiu ' } t ' luh ; Mm- koliiig Cliih; Tmnnron (3) Wosicrn llliiioiK Slntp TcnchiTs t ' oIh-K " ' M i{io l,oi ' Vai.i m AN JiocK JsUnui AiMrmil A JKUL ' I-TIHK (iftirrat Uotue Fv» iiomicg Kappa Alplia Tht-ta Hniuc Kconciniics Club CoHepp of Willinm ami Mary ( L A 5 5 I 9 4 I Ht t.H (iKUAKii Walk VhumjHtitfit hiHERAL Arts and Soikncks Oeoloffi Phi Si ma Kaitpa i ' yclothi ' in Cluh ; Sernml lir iinnitnl Band (1) Norm AX Walkku If»rk Julnn COMMEKt ' K Commerce mid Law Accountancy Club; Markftiiij: Ciuli Honors Day ( 1 ) MAK.ioRit; LorrsE VAI.TKU Anna Liberal Arts axii SnuxcKs Speech Alpha Chi Omega Zeta Phi Ela; Gymkana ; Tiimaroa (3); Production StaflF, ' ' Family Portrait, ' ' Our Town " -MacMurray Collcg ' Ei NA LoiiSE Walters. . ..Darin Juitrilui, AHKlcrLTrRE (ieueral JJome Eranumies Hillrrest Home Economics Club Mahv Hklf.v Wakkex Pierre, S. D. I.iRKKAi. Arts and Scikkpks Eiiiilifh Presbyterinn Hall Tamsroa (3); Xilvi-r FiailMr (4) Pro- duclion Staff. •I ' aiiiily Pnrlrnil. " ■Our Town ' ' Hiir in College Xos iBESE WaHHI.XIH » Filler Liberal Arts axii SriESrus nittory Aeolia d lih k Mill in 1,1. IlAMNKV Wakwh K Alrdo AURHlI.Tt HE (teneral AyricuHnre llitl Hall At ' i i iiliiiral Club; Oairy Production Club; II M.f iinil Horn Cluh M T ' ri[K V .iKItO.MK VASKEI.O.C ' « nmf ( ' ( l,[|IKRAL ARTK ami SCIKNfKS (iroln( y -Vlpha Tun SiKmii ; Cyclothoni Club; Dol- phinN; Kiflc Club; Tribr of Hlini; Krosh- man Varsity SwiinntiiiK Sijuail ; Varsity Swjniminir Squad ( H ) , I Htcr (1); I- ' tonIi- Miiin ' nr ily W ' rrsllitii: Sipiad Carl Ki.wi.n Watkins Maltoon Co.M.MKItCK (leniral liuMiuiMi Di ' lta Phi Accountancy Club; CaitsHun Club; Markcl- inn Club; Pornhint ' RiflfK; Football Man- a rl•l■ 2 ) ; Captain, I ' nivi-rsity BrlKH ' li- .IniiN FKAxns Watson Oilell AtJKUTLTl ' KK General AuricuUiii-e Phi Kappa .-Vgricultnral Ctuh ; AKiii-ulinnil Econom- ics Club St. Viator College ,TEAN MARliARET WaTTS ChicttffO JOURXALISM Advertising and Publishing Zeta Tau Alpha Theta Sipnifl Phi; Tamaroa (3); Silver Feathers 4) ; Journalism Council (•() ; Pan-Proffssional Council i ' .i, 4) ; Produc- tion Start . ' Family Portrait. " " Manon, " ■The Mikado. " " Our Town " Mor ' an Park Junior College Charlotte Marls Wax, (Mrs.) . .AVu ' mau Ei r( ' . Tiox Comiaerre VUi Mu Phi Chi Theta: Tamaroa (:i) University of Alabama vm{k» N .lA« ' on Weaver Enuineeking Mrehnnienl K n ' ineerinp A.S.M.E. . Vrhfina I ' .KN t Iv. W »,hit I.fltop . (iKirrLTruE ttenernt Affrifutture Hcia Kappa Alpha Zeta; Alpha Tau Sigma; Agricul- tural Cluh; Perohing Kiflcn: Scabbard and Blade; First Lieu tenant, rnlvtrnily Bri- gade Honors 1 «y i2) V; K ' 145 .Tames Ai-bekt Wedb Sauvoo Ar.RirrLTCRK tieurrat ApricuUtirt Alpha Tau Al|ilta; A rirulturAl Club tarlhngt C ' nilogc W ii.hrrt t ' M.fcit Wy.ww. . . .Mihvankee, Wis. Fink axu Ai ' 1 ' I.iki» Arts A rehitrcturat E mjinefrinii Alpha Rho Chi A.S.C.E.; B.A.I.D.: Interfraternity Cnun cil (2): Fin« ' Arls Council (2. :i ) Vnivcrsily of Wisconsin Mi.Kitil.i. KoLK Weuek freepoyi l.iitKKAL Arts axd Sciknces Economies Phi Gnmina Dflta Cai8t.on Club; The Illio (2) ; Freshman Varsity Polo Squad; Star Course (2); First Lieutenant, University Brigade ; Cast, ' ' Kliznbeth the Queen " Elizabeth Axnk Weulock Amhoii Edicatiox Speech Mary E. Uusey Hall Arepo; Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers; Cast. ' " Tosca, ' ' ' Yeomen of the Guard " ; Production Staff, " Eliza- beth the Queen. " -Our Town. " " The Warrior ' s Husband " Ki:oiKAi.i» Ekskixe Wekkes, Jk.. Chicaffo Commerce Accouutattrt Kappa Alpha Psi Accountancy Club CiiAKLES Jamek W ' kv.ks. Pleaaantville, A . J. Com MERCK Accoiiittancj Accountancy Club; Freshman Varsity BaHoball Sf|urid ; Varsity Baseball Squad (2. :(. 1) Hr.vEtti.Y Wkiman EiircATiox Jlintottt Laura B. Evans Hall Rifle Cluti Wright Junior College .Chicayo Harriet Weinkr i ' hiruf o Education Phyaicttl Etlucaiion PaUmiir W A.A.; W.A.A. NuincraN; Major I llerxl Junior CoUegf y O f , ' mMjTJk igm -m- ' -Jt r. Wii.i.iAM Hkuman Weiss Chicago LiiiKttAi, Arts and Scikkces Chemical Entjineering Wrinht Junior College Al,l ' ol(l K1.LIS WeI.DOCHNE Ifart-y Aouicii rrRK iieneral A ' jriculturr Kami House K ' lilor. Hlinois Agricullurisi ; Alpha Zeta; . i;riciiltural Club; Field and I ' unow Club; Aj;ricultural Council (4) llunnrs Dny (1) William Wood WELBornxE Harry KXOINEERING Elfrtrical Eiitjineeritt; Thu Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; A.T.E.E. Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois Scholarship Key Joiix Caiirtngton AVelcii Frecport Fixe and Ati ' ltei) Arts Architectural Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha A.S.( ' .E.; Student Alumni Assnciation (2) K ' ii n vun Sm KRinAN Welch Kewanec I.IMKICAL AUTS AN1 SCIKXCES Pre-Lair IMii tiHiiiiiia Delta Kre llnlan Varsity Golf Squad Leiand Stanford Junior University Kitwix Kkxxetii Welhart Alton Libkual Arts and Sctexcks Zoology Phi Delta Theta Pershing Kilb-s Wnshington University T H E E I I ' ll vKi.F.s WKLiiS Waltonritte LinKRAL Arts and Spiencks D. ' lla I ' hi KlilTll .IKAN Wki.i.s Chiengn I.IIIKIIAI. Anrs AND Rl ' IUNCKS Di ' lta 7Mn I.i Crrclc Frnncnis; Orclu ' sis; Ornng ond Hluc Fonlliprs; Gold Feathers Ai.rx Wn.sH I{nrf,! " nl rOMMERfK Arcounlain ' jf Betii Theta Pi Skull and Crescent; Tribe of Illini; Fii ' sh- man Varsity Golf Sqund; Varsity Golf Lctlpr (3). Captain (4); Freshinnn Var- sity Ice Hockey Sqund; Vj rsily Ico Hockey Letter (2) Margaret Krawley Wklsii Vifntini I.iBFRAi. Arts and Scikncks Kappa Kappa Ganuna The Illio (I); W.A.A.: Ornnj;e nnd Uhie Feathers KvKi.VN- r.rrii.E Whitk Wataeka Annicri.TiHL fimrral Jiomr l rftvnmifH Mary K. Huaey Hall The Daily Illini (2); Orange and nini» Ft-athtTs ; Student Altimni Association (J): Kxecutive Council, K.G.S. (3); Fro- ducliun Staff, " Kind Lndy. ' " " Lady PrtM-iuiis Stream " n M(l, N OKU WllITK, JK rth intt COMMKUCK Oenfrtil Htntiumg Ai ' i-ounlancy Chih ; Le Cprrln I ' ranrain ; Markftint; Cluh ( L A 5 I 9 4 I Herbert Moritz WExitLtu ■ » . Jacuh Aorkultxre (ieufral Afjrirultitiw Alpha Zeta ; Phi Kta Sigma; Agricultural Club Honors Day (1, ' 2, 3); University of llli nois Scholarship Key LowEi.i, MoxK Werner Peptone AO.RirrLTlRK (tenrrni Affriculture Phi Kappa Tau Asricnltiiral Club: Coast Artillery Club: Pershing Rifles ; Phalanx ; Illinois Ai ricul- turisr (2. 3. 4 Margaret Jane Westcott Oak I ' nil Liberal Arts and Sctknces French Chi Omega Mortar Board; Torch; Alpha Lambd-i Delta ; President, Woman ' s League ; Stu- dent Senate (4); Shi-Ai; The Illio (1); Chairman. Mothers Day Program Com- mittee (2); First Council, Woninn ' -. League (3, 4) ; Junior Council. Woman ' s League; Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers ; Student Ahimni Association (I, 2 : Production Staff. " Boy Meets Girl, " " Follow Thru. " " Gn...! NVws. " ■ Post Road " Honors Day (X. 3) Cii Ri.i:« Wesi.ev Wetzel Chicatto Commerce BaiiUiud and Fiuancr Banking Club; Freshman Varsity Basket- hall Sr)tind Dorothy Berxice Wexlbr. . . .SprinftfieJd JOIRNALISM yetrg and Editmhtl Mary E. Busey Hall Torch; Kappa Tau Alpha; Tlieta Sigma Phi; The Daily Illini (I, 2); The Inde- pendent (:i. 4); Orange and Blue Feath- ers ; Gold Feathers ; Production SlaflT. " Black Flamingo, " " Family Portrait. " " Our Town. " " Mnnon. " " Munlt-r in IIh- rathedral " Doris Mii.nitEn White Chica-m JOVRXALISM AdrerttMiuff and Ptthliitliinff Lefinan Lndgi- Gamma Alpha Chi ; Taninroa (3 ) North I ' nrk Junior College . lltiMKIt Davii WllITK Aitti ieh AiiHii TLTini; (ifiifriil A ' jrirullurf Agricultural Club; Agricultural Econom- ics Club; Dairy Production Club KuBKKT IlliillSON WHITK Cnrlfjlt CoMMKRCK Cnnimrrrt niul htttr ndlii Si uiit Kho; Second Kogimental UHiid (1. ' J): Varsity Dt-bBlc Squad (•- ' . :i) Honors Day (1. a. :i ) ; IniviTsily of Illi- nois Sclioltirsliip Ki ' y RtiBKKT Kllis Wiiitkieui SiiUiran Knuinekrini: Ceramic Enffinerritip Squirrel Cape American Ceramic Society lltiMXlA SlARiJARKT WlllTLKV. .JrrtriirilU l.iiiKiiAi. Arts ash Sciknoes Lntin Key Club Ktn Sipina Plii ; Oran :i- and Blue Feath- ers: Gold Feathers i.iiwK Xklue WirAi-i OaUthiirp KUITATIOX tUimmrrrint t illbffclg Alpha Xi Delta Kappa Delta l i : Taniaroa (3) Knox College .IiillN Hl.NKY Wlni ows(»X rrhflnn l.iiiKKAi. Arts and Scir.srKS ( ' h -ioicat Euffitiffring Alpha Cbi Si»;mn V I Cb.K. The Independent (2. n) H..nors Day ( :i ) Pago 147 Mahy Ksthsb Widokr Charlmton KixK Axn Ari-MKit Akts -Mnjric Kdu nlion Stratford House Arcpo: Women ' s Glee Club (1, 2. 3); University Chonis (3. 4): Cast. ' H.M.S. Pinafore. ' " Manon, " ' " Tosca, " " Yeo- men of tlii Guard ' ' Student Council. MrKinley Foundation (3. 4) Kastern Illinnis Slate Teachers College El ' lTH Jeanne Wikdlixg f ' hirauo ElUTCATION Maihfmntic» Alpha Xi Delia Alpha Pi Delta ; Arepo; Gyinnnsticn : Maitk and Bauble ; V. A.A. ; Orange and Blue Keathers; Student Alumni Associa- tion (2); Production SlafT. " Black FIbmi- inRo. " " Brother Rat, " " Tosca " Gi-ESN Frkemax Vik(;kl Mnttnon AdRiri ' LTl RK General Agriculture Agricultural Club; Agricultural Economics Club : Dairy Production Club ; l- ' reslimnn Varsity Vri ' stling Stjund Jkaxxixk Helen AVikza Chicago EDUr.ATlOX General Srieuce Ariston First Council, Woman ' s League (4) ; Orange and Blue Feailier- : t wiM Friitd.-r- Honors Day (3) NfiRi M Stiaia Wiuoda ICattt Peoria Ehir-ATinx JCii ' lifh Marv K. Busey Hall Le Cercle Francais ; Orange and Blue Feath«rs; Cast. " Man and The Masses " IloiiorK Day ( 1 ) RofjER WiKK Lnwrenceville COMMERCB AccouN(anc| Accountancy Club; Caisson Club; Captain, I ' liivi-roity Brigade i« • s r M. , M ' .M. i WtLi oA. Kitiimton EN ' ilNEERIXO General Engineering Zeta Pai CaiHuon Clob; Peraltlnf Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Skull and Crescent; Society of General Engineers; Track Manager 2); Interfraiernity Council (3, 4) H{M,m KoriHE Wilcox Finnuf au AaiucuLTirnif StUrition and Dietedrs Mary K. Busey Hall Hom Kconomlcs fJlub; W.A.A.; Tnmaroa (2) llHnola 8Utn Normal University . nnnforth i Pago 148 I.I.OVn ClIAIlI.KS WiLKKX.. AiiRli ' l I.TIRI. General Agricuftun- Iroquois Club Alpha Zeta; Gamma Delta; Agricultural Economics Club: Agricultural Education Club; Field and Furrow Club; Marketing Club; The Daily IliiTii (1, 2); YM.C.A. Cabinet (3. 4) .Tamks Ct:rii, Wti.Kixs, Jr. Lewistoii,! fnu . FiXK AXli Al ' l ' LlEO AltTR Music Phi Mu AlpliuSinfonia ; First Regimental Band (!. 2, 4); Men ' s Glee Club 4); University Chorus (3) AxxA JAYNE Williams Champaign Ltbkhal Arts and Sciences Social Administration The Tndeponrloiit (1, 2, 3); Student Conn- i-il. Disciples Foundation (2, 3, 4) University of Denver MAitrix pAitKEu Williams Moline Engineering ifeehanical Engineering Zeta Psi Baseball Manager ( ' - ) ; Interfraternity Council (4) Hoiinrs Day (1) Kirii ai;m Ki.iikkt Williams. . . .Ue; wnrth KxtilXEEKINtt Mechanical Engineering A.S.A.E.; A.S.M.E. I lliiiois State Xornial University iCiciiARit .Iames Williams Chicago Kx(;ixeering Mechanical Engineering D.lta Tan Delta Skull and Crescent: Tlie Ulio (1. 2) ; Interfraternity Council (3. 4); Union Min- strel Show UunKitr I.LOVD Williams Urhan KXGlXEKRIXt; Civil Eni inceriiig Sigma Tau; A.S.C.E. ; Railway Club Ihinors Day (2, 3) ltTlll IC KhWARl) WlLLMOltK C COMMERCK Marketin; Accounlancy Chih ; Marketing Cluh ; Xenia Pan- T H E 5 E I Rfth Mabiox .Woni I.IIIKK I. AKTS ANll SflKNTHS Fn ' itrh Al| lia Oinicron Ti Slii-Ai; The Daily Illini {1. 2); Oninpc mul Blui- Ft-ntliors: Gnhi l ' ' r»th« ' i ; ( " nsi, ■ ■ AiiyiliiiiK Uot ' s ' ' Ki ;i:nk Makvin Winu WtiMhiugifnt AdKicri.TiriiK Gt ' iifrnl Agriculture A i-irultiiral Cluh; Hoittculturi ' Cliilt; Ag- rinilliiriil Council (4) UoXAi.D HtiUiiKT " Wilson Dtruluv I.iBKKAL Arts ani» Si ' iknci:s Economics Phi iiiiiniita Delta Interfrateriiity Council (S, 4) ( L A 5 I 9 A I RlrllAlti) Makk Wil.sdX Engineering Mechanical Kuyiufcriit;! A.S.M.K. Roberta Wilson iiok J ' mk I.TBERAT, Arts and Si-ikni r.s Sociolouy Clii Onuga Torch; Gymkana ; Tin- Daily Illini (1, -J): DrailKe and Blue Feathrrs; Gold Fi ' nllin-s; Football Court of Honor (4) Jack Foster Wilt Engineerini; Ceramic Kngineerintf Amorican Ceramic Society T.nrtiiiilitu DORoTHV Louise Wiltamutii, East Mnliuc AGHinLTIRE yutritifni and Dietetics Gamma House Ganinia Delta BeN.IAJIIN MArKITE Wll.TON Mrilnia Liberal Arts anii Scikncks nistory Californians Iflackhurn College I.OIS MaR.IORIE WlNniESTEIt. ... AORIrlLTIRE General Home Ecnnamics Home Economic8 Club Honors Day (1) Frkiieric K .Stanlev Winn ihincntine, Iitn-n Co .M .MERCK Accnuntaney Alpha SiKHia Phi Ali.lia Tun Sij, ' mn ; . ccounlanry Cluh; Phalli tix IOleanore Jane WiNsmr Orchard Park, X. T. Liberal Arts and Scienies 3fathematic8 Delta Gamma The Daily Illini (1); Orange anil Blue Feathers; Gold Feathers Ei.EANoK Hi-Tu Wise C innipni».i Fine and ApI ' Lieu Akis J »MI Alpha Chi Oniej;a .Siginu Alpha lota; Tainaroa (2. 3); Gold Feathers: Women ' s Glee Club (2); University Chorus CJ, 3); Cast, " Tosca " MaeMiirrny College .• ti Ri:v LoiTlsE Withington Chieasn EllfCATION 7 i oi-i Beta Phi Alpha Alpha Pi Delta: Arepo; The Illio (1, 2): Orange and Blue Feathers; Gold Feath- ers; Production Staff, " ' Brother Rat. " •H.M.S. Pinafore. " " It Can ' t Happen Here, " " Tosca. " " Yeomen of the Guard ' ' I ' uii. Leslie WiTiiNER. ii iiiiiapo(ij . y.i f. Liberal Arts and SfiENiEs Jtolanif Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Xi ; Alpha Phi Omega: Le Cercle Francais; Der Deutsche Verein ; Illini Outing Club; Freshman Varsity Fenc- ing Squad Honors Day (1. 2, 3); University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key Wii.i.nM Walter Witort .Ifowimorf ENiil.NEERING Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Business Manager. The Technograph : A.I.E.E.: First Regimental Band (I. 2); Engineering Council (4) Honors Day ( 1 ) Phyllis Edna Witzei ishton AllRIltLTfRE Xtitrilion and Dietrticn . chaea Home Economics Club Honors Day (1) Page 149 Bi.TTV Mbbilyn Woari narrrij I.iBiRAL Arts axd Scifnces Fugliufi McKinley Hall Tamtro (3) Thornton Junior CoUego Ki wMiD .losEPic Wolf Champnipti COMMEKCK A.ceouiitaney Accountancy Club: Der Deutsche Verein ; Second Regimental Band (2) ; Production Staff, " Murder in the Cathedral " Honors Day ( 1 ) Hr.Lr.v Clarue Wolf Cantnn AOBICrLTrRE Gejifrat Home Eeohomics 4 ' H House Home Economics Club; Illinois Agricul- turist (1, 2. 3); W.A.A. ; W.A.A. Nu- merals.: Major I: Orange and Blue Feath- ers: Gold Feathers: University Chorus (1) Kav i.ARENCE Wolf Cliicaiju Commerce Advertieing and Puhlishiutt Delta Phi Nfarketing Club: Gymkana; Star and Scroll; The lllio (1, 2, ;i) ; Ihterfraternily Council (3. 4) Walter Woebel Wolk Barringinn EXGINEERINIi Civit Engirtffring Alpha Sigma Phi Mu-San: Pershing Rifles; Phalanx; Fresh- man A ' arsity Golf Squad; Varsity Golf Squad (2, 4) ; Firs! Lieutenant, Cniversity firigade Honors Day (1) Carl William Wolfk SI. Joariili Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacleriotogu Harit-riology Club .TAUEM CtTLVER WOLLRAB Bloiimiiinton COMMEBCK Commerce and Law Phi Ganuna Delta Band of X; Dolphins; Junior Bar Assoriii- tion: Skull and Crescent; Tribe of lllini; Krehhman Varsity Swimming Squad; Var- .sily Swimming Letter (2. :J); Varsity Track Squad (2); Freglnnan Varsity Water Polo Squad; Varsity Water Polo Letter (2, 3) Honors Day ( t ) RcTii f ' AROLY.v Wood C7i»i i « i, ' .i PiiVBicAL Education W.A.A ; W.A.A. Numeral) llllnoU State Normal UniverNity X Smt A PaKA 150 Uki ' i.ah Marv Workman West Point Liberal Arts and Sciencks Zoology McKinloy Hall Kappn Delta Pi; W.A.A.; ' rniimroa (3) Carthage College Ki.izaiu:ti[ . nne Wright Mimifnc AGRICL ' LTURK iieneral Home Economies Home Economics Club; The Daily lllini (1); The Independent (2, 3. 4) MAFtiK Wrujht Port Jfyrou Agricultcbe General Home Economics Achaea Home Economics Club; " W.A.A. Honors Day (3) Japk LeBaron Wright Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture JScarab Honors Day (1) MaR ' .aret Carolyn Weight Manteno Agriculture General Home Economics Homo Economics Club Honors Day (3) KODNEV Adrian Wright De Knlb Liberal Arts and Sciknoks Political Sciencf Phi Gamma Delta The Daily lllini ( ' J. :i) T H E E I Ui;kt John Wvellner. . . I on Com MERCK [anagemeiit Theta Xi Phi Eta Sigma; Senior Gymnastics Man- ager; Accountancy Club; Band of X; Gymnastica; The Hlio (1); Men ' s Chair- man, Mothers Day (3); Interfraternily Council (4); IlHnoia Union Cabinet (3); Athletic Council (4) Honors Day (1, 2) Ai ' KitED Joseph Wulkf Chicatjo COMMER E Markrlinn Alpha Kappa Psi ; Cavalry Officers ' Club; Marketing Club; Phalanx; .Student Organi- zations Fund Executive Bonrd ; Captain, University Brigade Hnnoi- Dny (2) ■Nf ( L A 5 S I 9 4 I D.wih CiSHMAX WvroFK Laura Kncinkkkin ' u Klectrical A ' li. ' im ' f cinf Kin Kappa N i; A.l.K.K. Honors Hay CI) UiiMlIfv I ' olvtcchnii ' TiiNlituto j£SSK CRAUi Yai ' ok Chtcaiju I.lBKKAIi AKTS AXI SCIKNCKS Chemical Kngineering A.I.Ch.K. Hexry Yasbkc Chicnfjn COMMKRCK Jndustriol .Idtiiiitint ration Pi Tail Pi Sigma; Captain, Univt-rsity Bri gade; Military Council LKOXAKD CoXSTAXTIXK YOXAlTKS.C nCrt ' » EincATiox Phi sical Editcatioti Phi Kappa Psi Freshman Varsity Football Sqnail ; A ' arsity Football Squad (2. 4) University of Washington Emily Elisabeth Yoixh I ' rbana LiBEKAL AhTS AXD ScIEXCES Speech Zfta Phi Eta; Orange and Blue Feathers; Cast, " Our Town " ; Production Staff, " lilaok Flamingo, " ' " Family Portrait, " ■ ' Manon. ' " Two on an Island " Kkxxktu William Xovsg .Chinook, Mont. Liberal Arts axd Sciencks Chemical Engineerinfj A.I.Ch.E. Northern Montana Colh ' ge . Chicago rtiTA Catherixe Youxo. . . . Editatiox Commercial Subjects Alpha (iamma Delta Woman ' s Business Manager. Tlie Illio; First Council. Woman ' s I engue (3) ; Junior Council, Woman ' s League ; Kxeru- livc Council, K.O.S. (3); Orange and Hhn- Feathers; ttold Feathers WaLTKK PkHSH I Mi ' i t»(M. . A(M . t. I.ouin I.iDEKAL Arts axu Sciences Chemiatrg The Citadel UmIIKJIT Uol.ANl) YOU.NUKIt. . KlirCATION D. ' llli I ' hi IMii Mil Alpiin-Sinfonia M ' irtnd .liinior College . lirriryn IlKIIICIII ' . fiUNTIlKK Z.M HIil) Illlmini AlillII ' |Il,Tl ' HK (leiteral Afirit uUurf Agricillturnl Club; I)ftir,v Production Club Dimis (iHAci; Zalatokih... EDII ' ATIOK Biiilii ' iy .Mivli-il W ' .A.A.; ' i ' lunaroA (2) .Chicago KlIW.MIl) ClIARI.KS ZaI.OKAK EXiaXEERIXd MeeUanicnl Enflineeriug Min-ton Junior College . Herwyn CirKSTEK Joseph Ziemba Chicago Edvcatiox Physical Editcation Sigma Chi SachiMu: Delta Tliota Epsilon ; Tomabawk: Tribe of lllini: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Letter (2, 3, 4); Preshman Varsity lee Hookey Squad ; Var- sity loe Hookey Letter (2, :i). Cajilain (1) Knii Ki.AiNE Zimmerman AoRICTLTfllK ClfncrnI llomf EcnuomicK Shawnee lliiuie Eoonomies Club rillafifld ' n.i.i I.OZK1.LE Zimmerman. .. IrrmW M COMMERIE I nduMl rial Admiuintratiou Thela Xi MarketiuE Club CulverSlocklon ColleKe WiixiAM Hexry Zimsteh. . i ii,-n.;o Commerce fanagemtnt Delia I ' psiloii Alpha Tau Siicma; Pernhing nines: rresn man Varsity Baseball Squad ; Lieutenant Colonel. Cniversily Brigade; Military Conn- .1 Page 151 Pago 152 UNDERCLASSES Pace 153 — % s — A SACHEM LAVKKK l.oriS ASTliOTII 1 ' A I I. M 1 LOS K ' ] ( ' II WAI.TKK AUTIMK ' K V K K S RAY fO 1 KTR jrOHHISOX. .Tk .1 A il E S li i; X 1! Y F !■; L T A M I-: S ISA A L ' 1 ' !•; N 1 1 K H D CJ N A L D K . O C U U L S K X I. () V IS K. F I A WILLIAM I ' AI ' L GIACllKTTO NORMAN RAYMOND PIESBERGEN .lANtFS HOl ' .KliT niMl ' .r.KTT WILLIAM (■ A K K V ( I li A N T .1 A M K S A L F R K 1) S M I T 1 1 HO UK 1;T T 11 OR N T ' J N HAY LFONAKlJ llAROLU .STEELE .lOIIX ' l ' llh:()lH)i;L IIOLMSTKOM, .Ik. WILLKHT XKIilUIAM STEVENSON •|- 11 () . I A S FOUn II () F L T WARRKX A HO LI ' II THAI, ROF.FRT IIAKT.OW .TOTIXSTOXF FVFRT FLUKIIXiK TICF XF IX FFCFNF K K X 1 A 1. L .1 O II X T II O . 1 A S T K F T T i; I; KK JlARO TIKJMAS KXOWLES .] USE F II .1 O 11 X T F H K K GUST KIlWAHI) I.FXDF.FltC. Jit. .1 A M F S CASEY WELCH KIXALDO VICTOR XVSTROM R O B E R T P A li L 1 ' F E I F E R ir F X t; y s a c ir s T I A li T . i I I ; ■■- .M a . i !■; if ROF.FKr HAULER WESTCOTT A L It V. R T CHARE V. S M A I! T I X R O T ' . V. li T W A R R V. X W I I, K I S F K F II I ' l) U T K i V () |{ I) K N y V V I ' ace 154 . YUS. iJ TORCH SIIIKI.KV HKI.KN llKKI.AI ' 1) o s s A I, i; !■: u R k h m rAHV rilAKI-OTTE DAVIS M A K I A N D A ' 1 S K 1 . 1 Z A I ' . I " . T 1 1 A N X D A V M A l; V K I. IZ A] ' . KTH EL AM A])AH FKAXCKS ELLICOTT G K X E V A A X X F I C K E R JESSIE LOl ' ISE FIX LEV FEAXCES MARJORIE FLEISCHER |[KLEX ELIZABETH FRESE II i: L !•: X E A L M A G I E S K M A H V A .N X CO P. E X GLADVS GERTRFDE GRAFF JEAX ELTZABETir (iHAHAM KSTilKi; AL ■I) llAri ' TI ' LElSCH W.nx LUCILE HOMRIGHOUS JANET VIRGIXTA HOPKIXS WILMA JIELEX HOWARD FLEAXOR EDITH HUTCHISON i; i: r r v J a x k j o ii n son I . ]■:■ . M A km: j (1 II N SOX noNNA ELIZAI ' .KTH JORDAN HOROTIIV ADHIKNNi: KASTEX DOROTHY JOSEPHIXE KRIZ DORIS J E A X I. A V S N M A R J O R I K A X N L V () N i: I) A (■ I. MAKdAK ' KT .XHRA Mi:(ART ANXK CAIJOLIX MeGORRlSK 1 RISC I I, LA KVKI.VX MANN H !■: L K X M A H V M A K T I N J FX E LFC I 1, K M A T II K W s E L E A X () R M I I. I. i: i; MARGARET AXDREA MOECK G E R G I A A X N M O O X ELAINE ALICF O ' COXXDI, ' 15 E T II OLDS M A R V J K A X O L s I-; N DOROTHY I:RK I ' KHi. ' INC MAR(iARKT CLAIRE I ' ll I ITS L O IS MAY R E I S Z S A L L Y I K i; X K R II o l I, LUCILLE ARLINE SCHOEXFELU JOANNE KATIIRVX SFLLFKS R U T ir A (! X E S S H E A It K i; M A l; 1 O X I ) A M ON S H U T I . MARIE ELAINE STAUBITZ BETTV CARROLL STIGLIT) M A K Y A X N S T I P 1 B E T T I E L O U 1 S E T E E T O K MARY ELIZABETH THOMPSON BARBARA MURLEA VAX KVKI PHYLLIS JAC iUELINE WEBKI: P. K S S BER N I EC E Y s I A l; A Y O U X G il Pace 155 .1. lihKNAKI) .luU.NSON President, First Semester ,Ii:. N K. (_;KAltAM Vice-Pyesidfut, Firnt Semester The Class of 1942 OFFICERS J. Bkrxari) Johnson Prt.sidinf. First Semester •Jean H. (Jhaham Vicr-I ' n sidi nt. First Semester JUNIOR PROM CO.M.MITTKH CiiAiujis K. CuKKAN. .Ik Chairman Jane K. Bkown Hi;ttv li. Joni:? Charles E. " Wendt Howard L. CoiiLAX Ciiaki.ottk K. IjInder Dean P. Wessei. David R. Cirtin iliRRAv (1. Lvon Dorothy .M. Wn.noiRN ( ' H K1.ES E. llfWEN FLOOR CO]M M I I ' 1 ' K K Robert Eisner, Jr Chairman Ernest I. Barker (Ikhai.d (I. Krafi- Hervie E. Parkkr Eugene L. Cox M. Ki ki.ander Ellis J. Sanderson John . Flachmann Frank C Mansimeld John !. Simmons Waldo (!. Heron .Mariin A. Milli.r Joskimi 1). Sie.iskal Roland J. Kklsky Page 136 llAVMDNIl X. DOETSCH M. KV E. VKISS rrcsidviit, Sccttnd S cmester icci rr.sidfnt, Sfrond Semester The Class of 1942 FitANK .1. |)i; liERGE I ' llll.ll ' Fox .I.V.MKS Iv (l(l(II).MAN •J KAN E. tJoODWII.I. RoHKin K. Bass Hnil CoRKINGTOX FrcKNK n. ClUI.!. Robert S. Ei ' sikin oFFic I ' . i;s RavmoM) X. DoETscii l ' r(s ' (l( nl. S((on(J Semester M i;v K. Wriss Vii( -I ' ri siih nl. Si cuiid SV mister .) r N I Mi; .1 AfK KT COM M | T T K K Donald 0. Wohhv Co-Ch iir))t(tn VitJciNiA Sri ' m:i!i. M) Co-Chuirman Helen i ' .Iiminson IIehvev K. 1 ' akker JosKiMi .M. AlKcio Thomas d ' . Pi MiniAM R i.iiL A. Xadkn 1)onai.i H. Roaiii llAiaiAiiA K. Nkssen Jvmks A. Slater .1 r. Id i; r LASS ). ( (t. | M I IT !•: !•: ViCTORLV 11. ReAUAN Cliiiiniuni .MaR.IORIE (.lOlM) RiCILVRI) .) . Sanduekg ;M ry y . llKLM .(oiiv .M. :M((!ivkkn Kl VAI(I L. IhLLA . l l;l N F. MlIJ.lZEN RiiiL i;i) W. .In K .loiLs F. Shea Page 157 ROBKKT K. HaMMAN AUTULK T. POl ' K President, First Semester President, Second Semester The Class of 1943 F F 1 C E R S RoMKUT Iv II MMAN- I ' r(si(l( nt. First Semester Xiix ' iiiM !■;. l ' .i, (K AKi) Vi i-] ' n si(l( nl. First Sonistfr Ain iin; T. I ' oi ' K ' r( sith nl, Second ScnKsti r Bahhaha .1. Milks Vir( -I ' n sidenl, Second Semester S O P n I • M M 1? K r o T T I . I . I () N ( ■ ( » .M .M I T T K K Wavnk S. .Jonks Chfiirman ]). EVKI-YX Bl.lME E. BlHKK IIlHEK ( ' . DkLoumk Lki.i.y MoKiiis F. Mkyers FioRA G. Pagmauui.o .Mautiia a. Pium.N .TnsKiMi F. R Eii(K .M i; 111 L. Sen kfki; Damon 1 ' , ' rrNNici.iKi ' I ' aRi! 158 JAML K. an WlXKLK Wu.lJWI 11. VaX LKKI ' WKN r Vf side lit , First Sementer President, Second S ' cmestrr The Class of 1944 ( • K F I ( • E l S Jamks Iv ' . n Wixki.k Presi(l( )il. First Semester Wii.i.i AM II. ' an Lkkuwkx I ' lisidcnf, Sranid Semester .Maxim: K. Dkaki: Via -Pr( sicUnf, Second Semester FKi:.Sli.MA. (JorXfll, AM) FK KSli.MAX FUiM.K ( ' ( i .M .M 1 T T K K Jamks Iv " a.n Winki.i; Chairman • Ikan S. (,;i{()i,lman VKi;uNir .1. oWni. KdwAUI) HoLMilKKN ( ' ll l;i.i;s M. K ' KIMKK Ckist 7). Kacai.ikkk. Jh. M m; I ' - Smasiiey Al.liKliTA L " . .MkNZKI. JaMI;.S (J. TAOliAIST Wll,I,l M II ' an I.eecwex Page 159 I Page 160 SCHOLASTIC HONORS Page 161 Bronze Tablet Affriculture Ralph Eigkne Eru Bexjamix EmvARn Goroox Charles Lawrence N(H{ti) Lloyd Jamks Phipps Allexby Ploxskv Franklin .Iacoh Kkiss Commerce .TdHN William Bryan RicHARh Glenn GoitifLKY Frank Ei vari Hollky Marvin Leonaim) .Iohnson Frank Alkred Peter Helen Bell Search MiLiuRx Green Slcsser KnItERT Henrv Vi:rK Editratinii MAKV GORISHKK Betty Merlk RAxnoLPH Mau-I ' iimk Krrii Sm.vkhmw JnllV I ' AIIIMK WVI.SH Eiifliiirrrinfi Rich nu .1 vmks Hikkk Sam .1 wiKS ( ' rizzi U viEoi.ii Crate Kl ' U KH N TH lAtKI. AXKI. ( ' KI. OTTCiSON KHSKST Kl.MnMi RiCHAKItS .Iim S(»MKI{ Sll VI ' LW I» HowAUii KwMoM) Swift .Ta.mks KitiKii Tkacy ()S|{«H{ ( ' MtKnl.l. Woni.KV Jojininlistn BKim R Kl.T.KN Dr H M Lihrrnl Arts (nul Sririicrs .Idhx Wkslky Alkxamier Jess Gale Carxes Dorothy Ellen (haimn Howard Ci.vrs Ki ' Mim Johnson Darwin Ai.kuki ' Kiiun. Ir. P:i»win Kkebs Marion Jeannette Lino HvRi, Wood Mathkson Sylvia Stieren I ' irckli. Helen Newton Roberts Patline .Tvlia Steiner Kllen Jvnk Thompson Fr nk Kiiwiv TiioBAt (;h. .Ir. I ' iitr ami .l i ic( Aits MiLI ' RKO .lEANNKTTE BRANNON Philip Georcjk Eckert Piign 102 Founded. IS 97 Universitv of Maine Illinois Chapter ■ ' i i Active Chapters Phi Kappa Phi lliin iri)i(i tin liifilnst svlnihirsliiii () F F 1 (, ' i R S Mattukw T. McC ' lvrf. I ' legidtuf -Mki.vix L. Exger Vice-Preside Hi Hekbert J. Reich Secretary Louis M. Kessler Treasurer Arthvh R. Cratiiorxe Uistorian V IT A K ' 1 ' !•: K : [ !•: .m w e r? s William I, Birlisox Lkslik K. Carii Arthir K. Csathorxe • " TV " FiTZSIMMOXS William A. Fdstkk Albert J. Hak.vo Harvey H. Jordan ' P. Gerald Kki ' oer VlS ll. W. I.LHMAW Maria Lkonaud iMartix L. Moshkr Lawrkxte W. .Mi kihv Herbert J. Rkhii Harrison A. Riteme Charles L. Stewart Arthir L. Yorxa ACT 1 - K .M K.MBKKS Fdciiltii Rooer Adams J. Lita Bane Ernest Bernbaim InsEi ' ii ( ' . Blair RiiBERT D. C ' aRMICHAEI. Harold C. Case Mildred R. Chai-ix Arthur B. Coble David .1. Davis (teor(;e H. Dunijan Melvin I.. Knokk Milton D. Farrar SVLVIA C. GiLMORE SinxEV E. Gi.ENX William Habberton Harold ,V. Hili.ebrand Valentine Jobst Victor W. Kelly Li ' cv V. Kepler Loi ' is M. Kessler Simon Lit ian Bkrnita -T. Long Matthew T. McClire Herbert F. Moore Cecil A Mover William B. Xevevs Rexford Newcomb William O. Oldkathek ccllen w. i ' Theodore C. I ' ease Leox a. Pkwinotox Stanley H. Pierce LeRov L. rALLS .Tames G. Randall Frank E. Richart Ernest T. Robbivs Elmer Roberts WiLLIA-M C. Rose Robert C. Ross Arthir W. Skcokd Ralph L. .shi!i i:i; GiY D. Smith Raymond S. Smith .1. Nelson Spaeth Wilbur A. Taebel Arthur X. Talbot Paul H. Tracv Stewart L. Tuckev Lucille Turner Harley .7. Van Cleave Edna E Wm.i.s Oscar F. Wkber Arthur C. Wii.i.akd Phixeas L. Wixilsok Elmer ,I. Workixii X I T I . ' I ' 1-: s Harold H. Mitchell Marvin 1 . .Vrmstron ' C Lyda M. .Aknett. .Jr. DlVID H. Bi.vckweli. Edmund M Bottorkk C ' dlefle nf Afiririiltltre K.iTHRVN t. Harmon H. (il.EN HARSHBARIiER RvLPH H. .lAMES Earl R. Lenc. KUSSELL E. Perkinsox M KRY E. Ready DWIOHT S. Varner Charles E. Volaxd Karl F. Von Almen CMtege n f Commerce Gerald D. Brighton Lawrknie W. GfH i;LER MiiRRis S.. Kessler, Jr. Dwiii LiNt» vEs Irving s. Morris Dai.tov e. Peterson John R. Phipps J VMi;s W. Plate Ho« RD F. stettler Cm VRLES E. Stisser t ' acaU It Seward C. Stalky Graduate Students John Van Horne Carl B. Kretschaier Emmetii a. Luebke Robert K. Mautz Robert F. McCune Robert B. .Mokkett Herbert . Xve William L. Pxkkkic Robert I). K wmi.ikki; Members in Vnircrsiti CoUeoe of Ednratifm Walter X. Brev.mann Annette L. Krumsiek James A. Mrazkk Grayck N. Wd all Cotieffe »f Eiiffineerinll Arthur O. Bush Harry Czyzewski Hall Hood Thomas W. .Iaukson Cl.INT »N D. .1 NNEY Michael .1. .TEZE vicz Ellis C. Kxoblock Donald C. Koehler Julius Tahle. Jr. Colteffe of Five ami .! Mary L. Jean M. Stewart l fdied A rts School of Journalism Mary A. Burc;ktt ■ ' ivi. N E. Peterson Frederick A. Pope, .Ir, Fr nk W. S.mitii Library Scttotit Orpha A. Book Elizabeth h.v.mbers Edith M. Frekdi.und Mary K. Irish Eleanor F. Mattiikws College tif I.iheral Arts and Seimers John P. Agnew Eleanor G. Anderson Richard K. Carr George G. Coiin Prank A. Cutler. Jk. De Los De Tar James L. Edmond». Jr. Henning W. Eki.und Carletox a. Sperati Virgil D. Wixkler James H. Youxo A ' IRGINIA M. Froyd M. R.IORIE L. Greider Edward S. Irons Mary E. Ivey Stuart I. Mamer Ralph B. .March Mary H. McAnlis Rudolph G. Mrazek. Jr. Melva F. Sk.kkcy Garland s. Si now Marik L Vance Carl L. Withnkr f ' oUejir of Hedieiitr Roy F. Perkins Richard M. Steinberg Colteffe of I ' hannneif LE.STER HaKER Emil Brkvnik Coltepe of Ptijfsicat Kdacalioa LORENCE S. STOUT I ' oge 10. " Founded, 2913 University of Illinois Illinois Alpha Chapter h ' tn ' tif-fivc Active Chapters Beta Gainina Sigma To cncouruyt and n ward cliular.sliijj iiIuhu lln Hiks nf l)iisiiiiss iKlirilii uiiunii .•ihidiuls and ijraduatis uf the College of Co)inii r(( and liiisiiu ss Adiiiniist ml nut I » I- ' F ] (• !•; K S Hale L. Nkmcomkk. Pli.l).. t ' .P.A Presidrnt Alta CJ. SArNUKKS. A.M Vice-President Pai ' I. M. (iKKKN. PIi.l) Sri ' irtnri -Trea«urer Ei VAKi) J. FlLitKV, I ' ll. I).. CP.A nistorian FACILTV Arthuk G. Axdersox, C.E., Ph.D. Francis H. B.ach.m. x, B.S. Ernest L. Bou. rt, Ph.D. WiLLi, .M E. Brittox, A.m., J.D. Pemrroke H. Bkowx, Ph.D. P. l ' L D. Co.NVERSE. .A.M. El)«-. RD J. FiLBEV. Ph.D., CP.A. Cll Alti.Es .1. (i. . , Ph.D., CP.A. HoR. (E M. Gr.vv, Ph.D. P. ri, M. Greex, Ph.D. HOW.ARI) A. H. ZKI,Ti)X. B.S. Lori.s M. KE. isi.KR. M.S., CP.A. D.wiD Kl.Nl.KY. Ph.D., LL.D. SiMDX LlT.M.vx, Di ' .Jur.Puli. I ' l Kit. Cum. . x. xi, s C Littleton, Ph.D.. C.l .. . D. Pim.ii ' LucKLix. Pli.D. KdiiKiiT K. Maitz. M.S., CI ' . A KoiiKUT V. MlTl ' HKl.I.. M.B..A. I.i.ovii .MdHEV. A.B.. B.Mus., CP.A.. 1.1..U. CKin. . . .MliVKK. Ph.D. Halk L. NKwrciMKR. Ph.D., CP.A. .Mairick H. RoBlxsox. Ph.D. DKI.I.A M. Rogers. B.S. Frederic A. Rissell, Ph.D. -Ai.TA G. SAVxnER.s. A.yi. Charles F. Schlatter. M.S.. CP.A. HlKA.M T. Scovill. A.B.. CP.A. Charles L. Stewart. Pli.D. Charles M. Tho.mpsox, Ph.D., i.l..l .. I.iit D. Xelsox D. Wakefield. B.S., C.P A. .M K-M i; KKS IN UN I ' K KSJTV Robert H. Cole Fraxk A. Peter Graduate Students Fit.WK A. Ki;ii HKLhKKFKI! Cl.Vl ' h W, SIMMERS KiiBKin ' H. Wkik Hi mors RiTH .1. Alekkix BE.tTRicE E. Andrew. ' ! GEORfiE It. BEA3I HoiiERT S. Black Hcou E. BoREX KuTii L. Breeze Gerald D. Briomtox Carroll W. Fcller Jerome S, Gore LAWRKXOE V. GOI ' iLER .loiiv H. On Ki.r r) ,I( ' SEPM S. IlEIHiE CHARLES H. .lESSEX ARTHI ' R C .Toxes WILLIA.M D. KeRWIX Morris S. Kessi.ek, .Jr. .Jean E. La.mi ' ERT David I.inowes .John E. Martin VlRlilL W. Mevthalkr iRViNii S. Morris Dai.tox E. I ' etersox .John R. Phipi ' S .IA.MES V. Plate William K. Jiixlax Francis C. Rockefeller I.101S L. Schvtt Betty L Shackel Charles M. Smith rcth k. steiu Howard F. Stettler Charles E. Stisser Ivan ,1. Strayer . ' iTAXLEY S. SUI.ZVCKI RiiiiEKT H. White Rl ' IIOLI-H H. POLTg William T. Hockixo Juniors Ruth .Jixkixs KoiiERT ,J. McIxtosh ,Iohx G, Putta PiiRO 104 Fottnded, 18S5 Lfhigh University llliuoiK Alpha Cliapter Scveiitff-tivo Active Chapters Tail Beta Pi 2 ' () imiik- i)i a filling luiDunr lliosc irlio litn( t(i)ifiri(d honiir iijinn llnir Almu MtiUr hif dustiiujuislu d scholarship and (j-c)nphir[i charactir as undi rgradunlcs in (n( inffrin(j, or hi their attainmcnis as alumni in the field of enyineering. and to foster a spirit of lilx ral culturi in the engineering colleges of America F A I Y Gail D. Ai Jr., B.S. xorvii.i.k j. ai.lksiax. m.s. JOHX V. Al.I.K. . B.S. ARTHIR G. -Vndersox, C.E.. Ph.D. Haroi.i E. Babbitt, M.S. ALKRKU E. RAIKiER. Ph.D. HoWARK C. Bkeuk, B.S. ViN. To. E. Bl. ck. M.S. ,Tamks E. Branch, M.S. MoRiiAX Brooks. Ph.B.. M.E. DAVin H. Cai.iiwkll. M.S. .ALBERT p. CaR-MAX, D.Sc. J.uiES G. Clark, M.S. Xormax C " . C »lby, B.S. Warren E. Comi ' To.n, M.S. Thoma.s .1. Doi. N. M.S. .I-VMES .1. DoL. XI). M.S.. C.E. Dorr.LAS E. Dreier. B.S. Warren G. DrfiAX, B.S. Earl .1. Eikel, B.S. Melvin L. Exuer. M.S., C.E. Newton E. Ensigx. M.A. WlLLLXM X. Esi ' V, M.S. Henry P. Evans. Jr., M.S. M.u-rice K. Fahxestock, M.S. M.»x A. Faix-ett. M.S.. E.E. .IiLLVN R. Fellows, M.S. Gilbert H. Fett. Ph.D. GEORliK K. FiXK, B.S. P. RoiiER Gillette, M.S. Cn RLEsT Grace, B.S. Staxlei- G. Hall. M.S. Cl. rexce W. Ham. M.E. Harold N. H. v«ARn, .M.S. M. Staxlev Helm, M.S. RAXDOLrH P. Hoelscher, M.S.. C.E. JoHX C. Houbolt, B.S. Whitney C. HrxTixuTox. M.S.. C.E. Verxox p. Jexsex, Ph.D. Pail G. Joxe.s. M.S. Harvey H. Jordan. B.S. .Albert Jorgexsex, M.S.. E.M. Charles A. Keexer, M.S., E.E. Pierce W. Ketchim, Ph.D. Everett E. Kixg. M.S., M.C.E. Abner R. Knight, M.E., M.S., E.E. Charles T. Kxipp, Ph.D. Seichi Koxzo, M.S. John O. Kr.xehexbvehl, M.S.. E.E. Donald H. Krans, M.,S. Reixhold F. L. rsox. M.S. Oscar A. Leutwiler. B.S., M.E. .lOHX H. Maxley, Ph.D. Ross J. Martin. B.S. Johx C. Miles, B.S. Herbert F. Moore, M.E., D.Sc. Xewlix D. Morgan. M.S., C.E. Ellerv B. Paixe, M.S.. E.E. John E. Pearson. B.S. George W. Pickels, B.C.E.. C.E. Stanley H. Pierce. M.S. Joseph A. Polsox. B.S., M.E. LoRixG H. Provixe, B,S., A.E. RrssELL H. Rekd, B.S. Herbert J. Reich, Ph.D., M.E. ERXE.ST A. Reid, M.S., E.E. Frank E. Richart, M.S., C.E. Lloyd B. Ritchey. B.S. Fred B. Seelv. M.S. Thomas C. Shedd, M.S., C.E. Carl E. Skroder, M.S. J-VMES O. Smith. A.M. John A. Sxyder, B.S. Erxest L. Stockfer, M.Arch. Edward W. Sippiger, M.S, Howard R. Swikt. B.S. Arthur X. Talbot, C.E.. D.Enc., LL.D., D.Sc. Fraxcis K. Tallmadoe. B.S. Charles J. Taylor. B.S. Howard R. Thoma.s, C.E., M.S. Kenneth .1. Trigger. M.S. Jamison Vawter. .M.S., C.E. Edward H. Waldo, M.S., E.E. William J. Warrex, Ph.D. Herbert L. White, B.S., C.E. Carroll C. Wiley, B.S., C.E. Arthir C. Willard, B.S., D.Eng., LL.D. CuRENCE B. Williams, Jr.. B.S. Wilbur M. Wilson, M.M.E., C.E. OSBORX C. WORLEY, B.S. Everett G. M.S., M.E. M 1: -M 1 ; !•: K S IX rXIVEKSITV John W. Coltuax Harold Crate Graduate Students Leslie D. Harrisox Ch. rles U. Krixo Seniors Pail U. Bockr.»th Arthur O. Bcsh Frank E. Bitterkielii. Jr. Charles J. Carson Herman L. Childress Harry Czyzewski Carl D. Dk Bord El Ml xD L. Du Bois George W. Formax Gilbert Gavlix Donald E. Gerberich Jack K. Ha.m.m Berxard C. Haxley Delbert E. Hardacre Edwix M. Haux Hall Hood Thomas W. J.vcksox Clinton D. Jaxxev Alfred G. Jaxos Michael J. Jezewicz Llovi H- .IohnsoX Ei.wYx H. Kixg George L Kirkpatrick Fraxk S. Ki vxe, Jr. Ellis C. Kxobloch Donald C. Kukhler Julius J. Krauklis Ralph E. Kuehx Rune E. Levine Sidney Loeb. Jr. ' lcTolI W Mf. I HILI.. .1r. Carl A. .Menelev Edward F. Michl Bernard L. Miller DoxALD E. Nelson Johx S. O ' Briex David R. Pearl lvle e. .schakker Robert B. .Schmidt Roger M. Smith Ji i.ii s Vahle, Jr. Willi M W. Welbourxe Junior Pryor X. Raxdall Page 165 Phi Beta Kapps Foundeti. ViIliam and Mary College, 177G r.AMMA OF iMilXOIS ClIAPTEK One Hundred Twent]i-iwn ArUre Chapters To promote schohirsJtip ini { fn n lsh{j) no ini f siiuituis ami ffradmilis of A))uric(ni colleges MEMBERS !X r [ ' HRslTV • loMN 1 ' . AliNKW C ' AK01.V D. Aniiersox El.KAVOK G. AXDERSOX William S. Baker Arselia M. Block Baruara a, BlRKE Pattv .7. Cami ' bell Richard K. Carr Georoe G. Cohx James L. Eumoxds. Jr. MAitv E. Edwards Hen ' mxc W. Ekh-xd Kith A. Elmore Kith Ei ' steix Frances V,. Ewixr. VlRGlVfA M. FROVD Sidney Gooze Marjorie L. Greidek HeLEX Gl-REVITZ John W. Haxsox Robert W. Holley Irwin D. Horwitz Landis Hurley Mary E. Ivey Rebecca C. Joxes James E. Katz RcBY R. Lees J(»SErHIXE S, LeH-MANN Anita R. Maltz M I vu 1 M . M M Rai.dh B. March Harl W. Mathesox Mary H. McAnlis Margaret O. McCarthy Donald C. JIiller June M. Morcan David Mosiman RuDOLi ' H G. Mrazek, Jr. Harold Naidcs Lillian L. Piei-er Helen A. Prescc)TT Sylvia S. Pircei.i. Lavra M. Reid Dorothy L. Robbins Rali ' H E. Sa.mcelson Melva F. Searcy Ruth A. Shearer Garland S. Sinow Albert A. Skrebek Alice C. Stetson Richard C. Taylor Eva S. Tepi ' ert James E. Trvox Marie L. Vance AL r ;:aret J. Westcott Carl Tj. Withner Betty M. Woare Martin B. Wolfe Kappa Tau Alpha Ftitntih ' d, University of Missouri. lUOit Illinois Cn i-i-i.i: Scrcniceu Actirr ( ' hnjilr To rccofpiizc hiiih scluihirsli ip in lln Sclniol i f . (iiinnilisi Kecel K. Barlow, A.M. Laurence R. Campbell. Ph.D. Charles E. Elynn, A.M. FAfMI rV .loHN p. .loxES. .h;.. A.M. Otho C. Leiter. A.B. Leslie W. McOlcre. M.S. LaWICEXCL V. MCRCIIY. . .. 1,. I.ilt.l ' . RNE RAE, B.S. M. NNiX(i D. Seil. M.S. . i i;.M i; K i. ' .s I . I 1 ' !•: usi tv Elwood B. Acker Richard B. Allen James W. Armsky Mary A. Bi ' roett William R. Case Mary J. Corns Helen E. Gardxer Gordon H. Greenwood Harry J. Grisin Carolyn D. Hay Emil W. Hesse H. June Markert Harriett L. Martin Ralph P. Norton A iviAN E. Peterson Frederick A. Pope Frank W. Smith DoRn-rin B. Pace 166 Phi Lambda Upsiloii f ' oiiiiilf l. I ' lliversLty of Illinois, !,S ' fln Al.l ' llA ( HAI ' Tlil! Thhhtriuhl Arlire Cliiiiilris To promair hiijh schohirsliiji and iirii indl inv stiiititio)! in all hnniiln s of jjiin iiiol diiiiliid In inisl n M K.M I ' . K I. ' S I At.KKKI) A. ALHKIIT IliHX H. AXKKKKN LK-VNOX J. ARMSTROXi: LvDA M. Aknktt. .Ik. LvKi.r. C. Bkhr Pktkk M. Berxavs KDWARII .1. BiCKK El M(tXP M. BOTTtlRKK ROBKRT C. BrASTKIi rFKDRliK V. CaNXIIX Richard K. Cakk HERMAV L. t ' HILltRKSS. .Ir. KOHKRT J. CORRl-(TlNl .lA.MKS H. CRAVEX.S Fraxk a. CrTI.ER. .IR. Cari. D. De BoRii .lAt ' K J. DeXTOX De Los Dk Tar BeRXARI) F DlDE-XnoSTEI.. .Tr. Mt)RTOX B, Epstei.x Georue E. Evaxs Rov J. EvA.xs .ToHX T, FlTZIWTRICK GlI.HKUT (tAVI.IX Fraxci.s .1. Glipk Robert C. Gixther Enwix O. Gierxsev Kli a l;l ' (i, H whrtti-K Robert S. Haxmer Robert H H vskk Knw 1 .M. H MN FliEOEKIIK W. Hol.l.V (iHOKilK E. I.XSKEEr Rov O. .lOHXSOX Charlks F. Kade. Jr. F. Wii.LiA.M St.vxtox C. Kei.tox. Jr. .Staxi.ey F. Kerx LeRoV H. K1.E.M.M .lOSKI ' ll V. K.VEISI.EV Jri.irs J. IVAR T. Krohx JOHX H. Laiiii AxTHoxy H. Laxii WEXDELE a. T-AXh.M. XX Vii,Li. M M. Laxohox William W. Lkdvaro Kii ' HARi) Y. Lixii. iEV. Jr. SiiiXEV Loeb. Jr. Harvey E. Marshall RrssEL L. MAVc-orK Bkrtraxh .1, Mavlami . I i:i{siTV Ulaixe v. McKrsicK .loHX W. Mkikr Robert T. Mei.tzkr Li.ovo R. Illl-HEI.S Robert B. .Moekett Thomas P. Moixiirks KiiiOLi ' H G. Mrazek, Jr. Harold Naiims Lloyd A. Lawrexce a. Pattersox Richard F. Phillips Leslie B. Poland NoR-MA.X RAB.IOHX Albert I. Rachlix Edward H. Riddle Loris A. Rittschof John- C. Robixsox, Jr. Prixce E. RorsE, Jr. Stanley P. Rowlaxd Frank M. Riiio Aldex J. Schneider Gerald W. Sears W1LLIA.M H. Sharkey Wesley E. Shelberc Clifford H. Sm xk Carl M. Smith (ilEXTIX p. SiH ' EH PHII.LII ' L. SolTHHICK M. MoR(:. x Si ' .VRKS Stanley H Speck Martin steinbeko Robert Robert W. Stethensox Cakl M. Stevens Hershel M. Stinsox William H. Taylor Clemexs W. Theobald Robert .1. Thorx Raybirx L. Titcs AuTiiiR D. Toy Robert W. Ui ' Sox Robert S. A ' oris Lynn B. W. kekield Richard B. Wearn Eldred Welch Pail B. Welldox James W. Westwater Lyxwood N. Whitehill Warren E. Winsche Hans Wolff .loE B. Work Hexry YrsKA Delta Tlieta Epsiloii founded, L ' liiversity 01 Illimiis. 19 1 . I.l-H Cll M ' TEK 0)ii ' AcHi-f Chalilfr To josli r liu li nil Ills of spiiiishiinislnii uikI ijiukI i liiiniiti r, fi II mi: sin p. mnl I In dcri lopnn 11 1 of a si inli it ullil udi liiiriiril llnir rlinsin priifi ssiini inninuj llii nun shidinis in llii Silninl of I ' hifsiiiil Eihiiatiiin HoW.VRD .1. Brai ' .v. B.S. Wix.soR W. Brown. A.M. Max .1. Chai-max, A.M. Herbert W. Craio. Ms. Arthir S. Daniels. A.M. Ray O. Dcxcan. LL.B. Raymond Eliot. A.M. . E. Florio, A.W. William J. Goldie. B.S. F.xcri, TV Chester O. Jackson. A.M. Ali ' HEIs M. Jexninos. M.S. Harold E. Kexnkv. JI.S. Charles R. Kov.vcic. B.S. Howard G. Larsex. B.S. Glkxx C. Law. M.S. Forrest H. Mades, B.S. Edwix .1. Manley DIU-GI..VS R. Mills. B.S. Harold C. P.vttkrsox. B.S. Hartley D. Price. A.M. Georue T. Staffoku. Ed.D. Seward C. Stalky, Ph.D. William J. Trekce. M.S. Wendell S. Wilson. B.S. Robert C. Ziitke. Pli.B. Hon iiiD (). Baptist Peter R. Brasic Herbert H. Dixton Wesley E Hardix -M K .M li H W s THO.MAS E. Jaworek Leoxarii Kali. is Ramon NS ' . Kireilis . IN IVKKSITV (11 Ml [-KS .MfCLKLI-A K AV Poi.l,A«I Aktiuk p. Pomatti. Jr. I.f»KK rK S. Stcht GKXK S. WKI.noRN ClIARI.KS F. WkI.TV PjiKC 11)7 Founded, 1933 University of Illinois Alpha Chnplei- I ' II rf I - fire Arfirr Chiifirrs Phi Eta Sigma To €)icininii ( lii( li si Imhirshiii luimiifi irishmen A D ' I S E R S GOLDEX A. lIcCoxNELL Faculty Adviser Edward A. DOI.SY Senior Adviser Wll.MAM X. CasseLLA, .In funior Advigrr iioxoKA K V M i:.M i; i:i;s Robert B. Browxe. Ph.D. Harold S. D.wvson. B.8.. LL.B Albert .1. Harno. B.S.. LL.B.. LL.l). B. S.MiTii HopKl.vs. Ph.D.. D.Sc. H K VA H. .Il)RI A. . B.S. .M. TTlli. v T. McCh-re, Ph.D.. Litt.n. ( ' IIARLES M. THO.MPSOX. Ph.D., LI. .11,. Litt.D. Fred H. Tvkxer. Ph.D. -UiTUlR C. WiLL.VRD, B.S.. D.Ellg., LL.D. . l !•; .M 15 E R S IX r X 1 ' K H S 1 T Robert W. Ackemaxx Carl W. Albright John B. Axdersox Geokoe F. Asselix Harla.v D. Bareither Thorxtox a. Beach Lorex W. Beal Mariox L. Beal R.WMOXD A. BeRGESOX JoHX C. BlEGI.ER Raymond H. Bohmax CHRISTV I. BkoPGHTON " . James D. Br x Clifford K. Bi " y.s G. Richard Carlisle Raymoxd T. Chapelle Wesley .J. Dale (►RMAX C Dexo David F. Eggers. .Tr. Robert W. Eilers Johx L. Ericksox Marshall H. Fixegold Jr. Murray W. Forth Laurexce D. Frederick .foHX S. Garvin Johx E. Gilster Henry I. Goldberg Haroli L. Goldmax Robert J. Greave.s Robert E. Payne S. Harris WiLLARD G. Hartshorn Donald L. Henry Harold H. Hensold. Jr. .loHN H. Herbst Allan C. Hicks .lAY E. Hinchcliffe. Jr. Milton L. Hoefle ILarold .NL Hollexder .Mei.vix R. Jaxssex Otto E. .Iohxsox W ' lLLIA.M E. JOHXSOX William Kahl. Jr. Robert .). Kall. l Johx R. Kavf.maxx Richard G. Kerr Oliver R. Kirbv .Lames C. Kroner Ray G. Langebartel Bennet D. Levy William A. IVLarexeck Deax p]. McLai ' giilin James B. Meek Edward . 1ezner Ben F. .MriRHEiD Morris L. Myers RriKiLPH Novak Ralph R. Paxtox Donald H. Poag Arthir T. Pope Joseph F. Rarick Burton W. Ray- To.M V. Ritchie James W. Roach Richard G. Romersberger Oliver R. .Schmidt Gexe D. Schott Wilfrid B. Shaxtz Nicholas R. Shumax Paul A. Si.mmoxs. Jr. .James F. Si.ager Forrest D. Smith Lloyd Smith Robert S. Erxest ' . Stevexsox fl RL R. SW.VXSOX Harold E. Taylor Albert C. Tr.xkowski. Jk. Robert (t. Tcei.l Floyde S. Walkek Charles E. Waterman VixcEXT I. West Thomas R. Wheeler Lewis E. Whisxaxt Robert N., Jr. Homer Wong Edward Yatsko. Jr. Martin Ytn ' NG Ca«sella . chott (Jn-iivih IfMv Kikrj Mcztkt Wcflt l i)gclMirt«l Walker SwuiiHoii Slugcr Kuy Hrougbton Shuman Jansscn Kroner Jtnrick 0. John.Hon .Miiirheid l ' ,.p,. Herbal M.Ueal I ' oitK Roach .Meek L. Heal iCnekson Hinchcliffe WoiiR Tiicll Hollender Bohiuaii Levy Hauimaii . okemami Gilster Hicks Hart.slioni Snlmsk.v Henry Bareither EgKers Paxton Awelin Hensold Shantz Beach Buys Page 168 Foumird, 19S4 University of Illinois Alpha Chapter " itif-twi .Irfi ' rc Cha tters Alpha Lambda Delta To I iiciiiirdye and rewurd hi(jlt scliohirshiit (nnrnKj tin women of the frcslnnatt class H(»X(»i;. m ' MEMBER Jilts. AUTlllU C. WiLLAKD A L) ' 1 S E R 8 M.VRIA Leonard . . . . National Presid-fnt Beatrice E. Andrews Senior Adtiner Kl.lZAIltTH A. luXXELLY. M.S. LuVlSE B. DVXBAR, Ph.D. FACULTY ilAlUE L. Etheredok. M.D . Rosalie JI. Parr, Pli.D. IREXE D. PIERxJ-N. A.lj. JAXET L. Westox, Ph.D. M K M r. K i; . I . IMVKKSITV X»IR.M. A. . I AMS LrriLLE -M. Albix .Alice G. jVldex .IlNE .1. A EY Piivi.Li.-; .T. Atzexhoffer KVKLVN M. Bakchick M. Bikkmax Wll.MA .1. Bl.VCK McKiKi, K. Block .H.XXIK M. Bd.VNKTT .ICLLv F. BrKi .M.vr ;.vret Cervknka .Arlie a. Clii-td.n nLVNK K. CoHN -Alice G. C ' ctrioht .lEAVNE .A. DOSOVA.V Mary R. Dowling Eliz.vbeth a. Eshelman Mary L. Esi-y M.XRIE C. Fri.sch JOAX E. Gerke M-VXlXi P. Greexberg LoRx.v B. Haxselmax RcTii L. Harder Mary M. Hickky Marth.v a. Hol.mes .JEAX .Jacob .toax .toixeb Fraxces .Joxes LOREXE L. Kettexhcrg ( )RIX E .A. KrCSE.MARK Betty E. LAXfJE.wv.xLTKR Carmelit.v Lowky Martha D. M-WGalliard RoxDA L. Manx Elizabeth L. Markert J0HAXX. S. Mayor.s Patricia A. McGowax M. R.fORIE M. McKeax Gra e A. McPheeters SrzAXXE McWetiiy Barbara J. Miles Hele.v A. Miller Fraxces G. -Moery FioRA G. Paoliarclo .lOAX L. Parrish Mary A. Patox ( ' LAioixE Perry RCTH .M. Petkrs NtARY .A. Rassiisex Ruth Rosexstock ■JlLIET p. ROSIX .JAXICE G. St. Cl-vir Billie M. S.vtterkield Mariaxxa M. Sciiroeder El.EAXOB H. Sextox Charlotte S. Smith Betty J. Steixer Eleaxor I. Straix ElLEEX SCTTOX Miriam R. Thrall Sally .J. Tcrxeb Dorotha Uxderwood Dorothea H. Weaver Terry .A. Westhaker Elkxore M. Whittle Mar.torie B. Wittkxbergeb Carol M. Zier.iack Peters Rosenstook Cohn Alhin Hirkey Underwood Clifton MeKcnn Biird Knsniusen ZicrjBck Krusemnrk ' ' oiner St Clair Bonnett Hanschnan Harder Moery Se.xton lierwe Rosin Greenherc Witleuberger AlienholTer Culripht Slrain Donovan Turner Holmes Frisch Miller Dowling McGowan Lowry Parrish MacGalliard MePhivters Espy Lanitenwalter Adams .Meiner Alden Bierman Perry Picrson Smith Connolly Weslhafer Pagliarulo Leonard Marker! Schroeder Mayors N hittlc Page 169 Founded, 1S97 Ohio Slate University Mori ' ow Chapter l ' " if; -foiir Actire Chaptrrti Alpl] lia Zeta To (hrddj) till fiinii mid funii Iidiik . pari iciihirl ii in llii sliili ifliin it iliiipliy is lociiliil FACILTY Jaxiks B. Amikkws. M.S. Robert C. Asmbv, Ph.D. Hakkv p. B. . B.S. .Tamks D. Bll.slioiiituw. B.S. .lo. Kl-ii C. Bl.AlK, M.S., D.Sc. ()ni Bol.ix. .M.S. ORVII-LK T. BdXN ' ETT, Pl l.I), William I.. Birlisox, Pli.I)., I I ESLiK V,. Card, Ph.D. Harold C. Cask. Ph.D. JAroH G. Cash. M.S. KlAS K. COCKRCM. B.S. KOBKRT H. COI ' I ' ER. B.S. Flovi) H. Crank. M.S. ( HALMKR.s W. Crawford. B.S. .Tame. K. Davis. B.S., M.K. Herman- B. Dorner. M.S. Maxwell .T. Dorsev. Ph.D. (iKOROE H. DlNllAN. Ph.D. .Iames L. Ed.moxijs. B.S. Victor A. Kkstrom. M.S. Berthier V. Paikbaxks. Ph.D. Cecil H. Farnii.v.m, B.S. .Joseph B. Fehrh.vbacher. B.S. Wavne H. Fkee.max. M.S. Robert F. Fi ' Pli.D. Walter L. G.uxes, Ph.D. Karl E. Gardxer. Ph.D. .John E. Giesekino. Ph.D. Hexrv W. Gilbert, B.S. Ray.monii S. Glasscock, M.S. Harold H. Gordo.v. B.S. Robert (tRaham, B.S.. D.V.M. Harry S. Grindlev, D.Sc. .lAV C. H.M ' KLE.M.W. .A.M. STAN-LEV W. Hall. B.S. Herbert i r. Ha.mlix, Pli.D. Harold W. Hannah, B.S., LL.D. Albert H. Harrington, M.S. Kenneth E. H. rshbaroer, il.S. Edgar E. Hartwkj, M.S. Ralph C. H.iy, B.S. Earl C Hedlund, M.S. Melvin Henderson, M.S. Charles F. Hottes. Ph.D. Robert R. Hvdel.sox, Ph.D. Gerald T. Hcdson. B.S. Earl M. Hcghes, Ph.D. Harold L. .Tepson, B.S. Paul E. Johnstox. Ph.D. G. rret L. Jordan, PIlD. William G. Kammlade, Ph.D. Victor W. Kellev, Ph.D. .Alvin F. Kvhlmax, M.S. Lester T. Kcrtz, M.S. Emil V. Lehwa.vx, B.S.. E.E.. David E. Lixdstro.- i. P1i.!- . .JoHX W, I.lovd, Ph.D. Fk.WCIS E. LoMi.MIRE. M..S. ■ hiiiN H. ],o (; VELL. A.m. U LI ' H W. LoREXZ, Ph.D. KICHARD V. LOTT. Pli.D. .Arthcr C. Maack. M.S. .lollX P. MCCOLLCM, Pli.D. •SHER.ALW- G. MeNEFEE. .M..S. Lawrence B. Miller, B.S. Verx G. Milum, Ph.D. Martin L. Moshkr, M.. ar. Frank H. Mvnard, B.S. William B. Nkvbxs, Ph.D. Aretas W. Nolan. Ph.D. RrSSEI.L T. ODELL, M.S. ?;-MMETT E. ORMISTON, M.S. Fred A. Painter, B.S. Thom. s (t. Pearse, .Jr., B.S. Edwin I. Pilchard. B.S. Earl H. Rkcnikr. B.S. RrssEi.L F. Richards. B.S. Ernest T. Roerins. JLS.A. Elmer Roberts, Ph.D. Robert C. Ross. Ph.D. Harrison . . Rceue, Ph.D. Henrv p. RrsK, M.S. Harry G. Hcssell. M.S. Elmer L. Sat-er. AL.S. Leonard W. Schrcben, iLS. OliLK H. Sears, Ph.D. Lawrence H. Simerl, JLS. Gcv D. S.MITH, Ph.D. Locie H. Smith, Ph. J). RaV.MOXD .S. S.MITH, Ph.D. RoscoE R. SXAPP, Ph.JJ. ,r. Nelson Spaeth, Ph.D., M.F. .loHN C. Spitler, B.S. Rl-SSELL S. Stacffer, Ph.D. Charles H. Stinson, B.S. Pacl H. Tracy, Ph.D. Stewart L. Tvckey. Ph.D. Ernest D. Walker, B.S. George I. Wallace, Ph.D. Robert J. Webb, M.S. EroENE P. Whiteside, B.S. Roy H. Wilcox, M.S. David C. Wi.mer, Ph.D. John B. WiNOERT, M.S. Clyde M. Wooi)sw-orth, Ph.D. Wilson L, WicniHT. B.S. WiLLIA.M W, YaiP, I ' ll I . M !•; M 1 ; K K S I r T V K K S 1 T " Donald B. Af;xF, v Albert A. Bain Lloyd W. Coartxev A. Earl Kkickson Charlks Ft. Fakr GKORr.K Flkminc HrDOLi ' H H. Harms H. Glen Hahshbarger Harland H. Hoffman Robert W. Holuert Vance Ahlf. Jr. Robert H. Baron Walter H. Bohgs Loiis F. BRi i ;s Pail L. Bichwas James W. Cress, Jr. Everett h. Klson Ralph H. James Cakoll G. Johnson Klm(» Klincsenbero H. Dean Leei ' ER Karl R. Lexc. Kenneth W. Nashxd Glexx D. Oertlev RrsSKLL K. PERKINSttN Dalk -I. Price Akthcr L. Foster Charles F. Frazier Leonard L. Fi ' chs Kjchard H. Johnson H.VRRV V. Leascre John K. Leasire J Hiiiors iKwix H. Reiss AlRERT L, 8HAFER Carlos R. Siebert Fay M. Sims Mklyix E. Sims Ckctl D. Smith RoiiKRT M. Smith Eykrett D. Sterrkxber ; Jkssk R. Strode Jlrry B. Lloyd Victor J. Miller Charles C. Mills Donald L. Moshkr A. Nadiox RissKLi. L. Park Melkokd D. Taylor Gordon E. Thompson William N. Thompson D n;iiT 8. A ' arner ( ' HAia.KS E. VOLAND Karl F. Von Almex EroEXE R. Wkbb Alfokd E. Welbournb Herbert M Wendler Charles E. Wilmarth Clifford E. Robkrts WiLBBKT N. Stevenson Hl.RVARD STRICKLER Ri ssKLL A. Taylor Hhyavt L. Walworth Robert W. Wiiitvkli; Rohfiis Fwrr I oi ' per Bri ifH Biiiii G.Thnmpsin Ia ' UK U.Taylor Pcrkinson J. LoHsuro Varnor Jiinips Si.-i i. ni.. . :i V iim. Mosher F. SIiiih Slevenson W. ThoinpKOii NHshind M.Taylor Kricksoii iilncy 0. Smith Wobb Wclb.mnu ' Voland nil Ahlf M. Sims Rpiss Von Alim-n R. Smith Bocps C. .lohnsdii Mills Llovil Fiu-lis IIiirNhhiiiu ' i ' r DiM-tWy Page 170 ■a CoriiFll University ■ ■ H Fmtr dcliie Chaiilcm Gargoyle To advanvc archilectunti mid nUiid intcn.sts and l i iinnnoli ii spirit of good feUowsltip amontj thv vnwbirs ( I !• ' Fit ' !•: IJ S BiCKXARli I,. JIll.l.EH President Mkhtze .1. KosKi yicePresident GoKDo.v A. Phillips Secretary Aldkrt J[. Dreyfuss, Jk Treasurer FACT LTV .Tames E. Branch. JI.S. Kexfokd Newcomb, A.M.. M.Arch.. A.I.. . Doxald P. Stevens, M.S. .ToH V. Davis. B.S. Thomas E. O ' Doxxell. M.S., M.Arih., A. I. A. L. Stoiki.-er. M.Anli. Frank yf. Lescher, B.S.. A. I. A. CVRis E. Palmer. M.S. .John E. Sweet. M.S. Driver B. Lindsay. M.S. Loring H. Provine, B.S.. A.E.. A. I. A. Ewn Nii F. Toth. M.S.. K.A. Xkwmn D. Morua.n, M.S.. C.E. .Tames (J. Vax Derpool. n.Anli.. M.P.A. -AI K .AI B I-: R S 1 rXIVERSlTV Seniors KK NtTH V. Brooks .Tilus F. Ehlert Donald H. Hokx Gordon A. Phillips . lbert M. Dbevfiss. .Tr. Donald L. Grieb Mertze J. Koski Arthir W. Seidenscuwaiitz KiHiER DiXHAM I. Everett Hoerxer Berxard L. Miller Edward D. Valleap Juniors Marvin Fitph Karl .J. Holzinoer Kn m mid K. Iwaxaih A. Walter Nkimann I ' APL A. FRlEHArK, Ik. Koski Nfcwcomb Valkau IIult illt;f■ Provine Van Derpool Miller Roniiuh Phillips Seideiischwnrtz Hoerner LiiidHey Sweet Toth Pnlnier Kescher Davis Fmehauf Brooks Iwanasa Grieb Xewmann Ehlert Dunhnm Morgan Fitch DroyfuHs Page 171 Foiiniird, Syracuse rniviMsily. IHH Pi Mu Epsilon Illinois Ali-ha ( ' iiAi ' -n:it Tl ' iiij Actire Ctiapters To promote infcrtsi (dkI sthohirslnji iii iinillit iiiiilic.s mid Id proriih re cofinition for lliosi (lislinipiislihiii till 1)1. ti In s- ill I Ills fii hi Pail H. Axderso.v, I ' h.D. Beilaii M. Akmstroxc. T ' lil). Harold W. Baii.?:v, Ph.D. David G. Bourgin, Pli.D. Oi.i -EB K, Bower, PIi.11. Ruth E, Bovd, A.M. Henry K. Braiiaxa, Ph.D. Leonard Bristow. Ph.D. Donald J. Byers, Ph.D. Robert D. Casmichael, Ph.D. FA CI LTV .loslil ' lllNE H. I ' lIANLER, Ph.D. Aktihr B. Coble. Ph.D., LI,.D. AicTiirR K. Cratiiorne. Ph.D. Uirii. Rij .1. DrFFiN, Pli.D. Arnold Emih. Ph.D. Miles 0. Hartley, Ph.D., BMiis Olive C. H.wlett. Ph.D. Hauuv I.evv. Ph.D. HEXRV .J. MiT.LS. PIlD. CiEORCE A. Mll.LMt. I ' llD.. IJ..D. Ger.vld E. Moore, Ph.D. Harold M. MottSjiith, Ph.D. Ka.t h. Nielsen, Ph.D. Robert S. Pate, Ph.D. Echo D. Peim-er, Ph.D. J. William Peters, Pli.D. .Tames O. Smith, A.M. Leonard L. Steimlev, T h.D, Henrietta P. Tekrv. Ph D. Everett L. Welker. Ph.D. MEMBEK.-S lA L . 1 ' K JJ S J T V ' UiAU P. Alton William i Atchison Delmoxd G. Baxoert David H. Blackwell Ernest E. Blanche .Aw ivr. Brown .Allen W. Brixson Phillip W. Carkith Adelaide L. Chalber« ABRAII M ClIARNES Norman D. Co ' igeshall William E. Cittil l Robert J. Debs De Lo.s De Tar Betty A. Eaton James L. Edmonds. Jr. John R. Exgstbom Dickrav H. Erkiletian Georoe E. Evans F. Eleanor Ewing William A. Ferotson Charles A. Fowler -FoHN D. Garber Donald E. Gerberich Robert A. Giles HrCH P. GiNGERICH Arthur E. Hallerberg Richard W. Ham.mino M.M ' THew G. Herda Marvin Himelstein Mary J. Hcrst Josei ' H A. Izzo. .Ik. Clinton D. Janney L. Paul .Johnson Lois Kieker LkRov H. Donald C. Koehler Ernest R. Kolsrvd Janie C. Lapsley Howard L. Leventhal YiiDELL L. Like Wilmer R. Manning Charles W. Mathews James W. Miller Gottfried Noether El ' GENE A. Prange J.v.MES F. Price Prances M. Pii.lum Charles M. Rosei.le Joseph W. Sachs Wesley E. Shelberg Jack D. Shnable Charles F. Shriver Herbert K. Sii.cox Melvin D. .Springer James C. Stewart Florence Swallow D. Joanne T.wlor Howard E. Tem.mer Ruth E. Tennes James S. Thale Chester W. Topp Foittuird, University «»f Illinois, i91ii Pi Tau Sigma Illinois Ali ' h. Chapter Tiuenfy-lhrec Acticc Chnptfrs To fosler cnfiincerimi ideals, to stiiiiulnli iiitrnst iti di port iiii iitnl iictivifics NORVILLE J., M.S. Carl H. Casberg, B.S., M.E. William N. Espy, M.S. Mairice K. Fahxestock, M.S. Charles T. Grace, B.S. Clarence W. Ham, M.E. Albert E. Hkrshey, M.S. I ' Wcr v Alonzo p. Kratz, M.S. Oscar A. B.S.. ME. Horace J. Macintirk, M.M.E. Paul E. Mohn, M.S., M.E. John E. Pearson, B.S. Joseph A. Poi.son. B.S.. M.E. Ll.OVD B. RiTCHEV, B.S. David G. Ryan, M.S., M.E. William H. .Seveuns. M.S. FREDERKMv II. TlIO.MAS, M.S. Kenneth J. Trigger, M.S. Arthur C. Willard, B.S., D.l 1.1. D .M 1-:. 1 i: 1-, 1, ' S IN I . I - K 1, ' SI TV Ross M. Andrews LeRoy E. Babxks Paul U. Bockrath John r. Bovd Lawrence W. Buxdy Erwin W. Bikstadt Aiithur O. Bush Charles R. Cha.mbers JosEPU F. Collins William L. Cithiikrt. Jr. Jack I. Du Boff John Ficor George W. Fokman Stewari " E. Gail Dei.bkrt E. Mardacrk Frank W. Hociimitii tho.mas w. .1 ai ' ksox Elmer II. .Iesciike Robert V. Johnson Ellis C. Knobi.och Rune E. Levine Leonard L. Martin RoiiERT H. McCarthy John W. McIntosh Elmer G. Xovotny Burton R. Olson David R. Pearl Vernon L. Rugen Lvle E. Schaffer Robert W. Sidner Robert A. .Stein WiLLi. M A. Stewart Charles a. Swenixgsex r .;iMi i: Tim x VujiP 172 ATHLl ATHLETICS ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION FOOTBALL BASKETBALL TRACK BASEBALL OTHER VARSITY SPORTS INTRAMURAL PiUjc 17H ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION Pa " e 1711 To All Illiiii AVliiK ' it is not possililo to make a sharp ili- visioii hftwcoii tlio inlelligciit and the unintel- lifieiit. the couraiieoiis and the ( ' owardly. the aml)iti()iis and tlie indolent, tiie patfiotie and the unpatriotic, yet ])eihaps we can roughly divitle iiunian beings into two elasses. favk Sullivan, yeafs ago, i)ointed out that ■ ' liuinaii beings are divided by nature into individual- ist.s and eoUeetivists, between those who prize iiide|)endenee and tiiose who prefer supervi- sion, between tiiose wlio like the o])en field and t ile competitive gair.e. and those wlio are cnani- oi-ed of the promise of a soft lifr of Tegimeu- tatioii. " Is it not true lliat sonu ' men like to fight tlu ' ir own liattles. and othei-s i)refer to have someone figlit their battles for them? .Some liavi ' nevei ' acc-rplcd or asked alms, .-iiid othei ' s have the idea that society owes tliem a living. Some do like competition, and others dream of a life of ease. Those who preft ' r the socialistic to the free enteiprise system are not tiie tigiiters. They do not build industries, endow coHeges. or add to the natioiTs wealth. Tlie athletes ahuost without exee])tion like com|)etition. They ask only for a fair Held .-uid no favors; they do not expect anyone to iiuike life safe, and foolproof for them. This being true, if we ex- pand our athletic programs and teach our ath- letes to be self reliant citizens, we serve the common gooil. One look at Kuropc today shows cleai ' lv what happens to a people grown soft. May I cite just one example. The Fi-ench luider the admiinstrat ion of Piemier l lum had visions of a thirty-hour week and a six-hour day. ( ' onseipiently. under the socialistic adminis- tration. I ' " ranee becaiiU ' weak and impotent. ( hi the other hand, the ( ieinians worked twelve hoiii ' s a day, lived on slioit rations and became tough. The Fr ' ncli today are paying the pen- alty for a condition bidiiulit about liy the weaklings who dreamed of a Itopia wiiere no one had to work, struggle, or fight. If there ai ' e more softii s in America than there are fighters, we will go the whole way to state socialism. We will not be able to jiroduce war machines an l our men will not be as effective units in a niilit.-ii ' v fore( as may be ueeessai ' y to have, i f we a ic to survive. How true it is that the . meri -aiis who fought in Ki ' anee in the first Woi ' hl W ' .-ir did so with the same ilasli and spirit with wlii -li they played their uames back home on play- grounds and liiuh s -liool and colh ge gridirons. Ts it not true that the spirit of our athletics is the s|)irit thai nial;es . iiieiieaiis and America great . ' .Ma.jor John L. (Iriflith oii -e said, ■ " When (lod ill his inliiiite w isdoin created his different creatures, lie (ii(l(iwcd each with certain ca- ])acities and characteristics. To the oyster he gave social and economic security. The oys- ter ' s shell is its liolise. It does not need to wori ' y about a housing jiroblcm. As for food, all the oyster has to do is o])en its shell and the foocl llows in. Then (io l cre- ated the Amei-icau eagle. He gave the eagle no guaraiilee of home oi- food, but he gave him the whole wide w(n ' ld as a battlefield and the opportunity of going out ami fight- iim his own lialtles. " The eagle is still our national emblem. I iiiitiht add. our athletes are of tile eaLiie and not the oystiU ' ty|)e. Let us deNclop more eagles and fewer ovsters. Piige 180 Wkndell, S. Wii-son Director of At hi dies Page 181 1 m The V Hw Athletic Association tllAUI.KS K. BOWKN Bujtiitrutt Mannfter B t. i; 1) () !• ' 1) 1 u HI T(m;s I.. Mn II M.I. 1 ni-.l-N Dirrcliii ..( Mhlil.i- PiMic.lii WlLLIA.M K. C. Cl.lKKOKl) KkANK i;. Kl( HART Charles M. Thompson JAMKS I . KltATZ 1- ' ri:iii;ri ' A. Krssf:LL Wendell 8. Wilson MlI.TO.N M. Ol.ANDER TlIK ATil l,HTir forXCH, l- ' tifiilf II Ml mill 1 s Harold K. Kknney I ' rkii Si:i:i.y Weni);;ll S. Wilson Freiikric a. RrssKLi. AluHiiii Ml whers Eiiwix L. 1)i;ai ' i;i; Paul Ki;N-r Student Mciiihrrs J. Olaiiwyn TH0- L S MaUTIX J. COKBKU. Harold (i. Ri(iL Ri) K. Klisi;m. Charles C. Dadaxt Dean 1 ' .. K ' aymond Alden J. Schneider Alvtn M. Mavls Bert .T. Wvellxer -3%W, ' ' •R f I % tL lt( S. ' -t.l.l. L)KA1 ' KU KEKA " liV Thomas Kr,- ' r .Si ' iiNKiiiKii (iiiiiu.i.i. KwMiiNn Ni;i..S(ix ri.i.Lxiii Uii-in Page 18 ' J iU.clit.K . 1:KI;N It Vi;U. FKAN k K. RiCHAKT Most Valuable Player Gi ' oriic IJcrnliardt. L ' dl) pimiHl st-nior. who lias lii ' cii a favorite witli Boh Zii|)i)kc and assistants ever sinco liis coUo iato i i-i(lii-on careci- bo ran. was cleeted most valuahli ' plaxcr of 1940. Bciiihanlt. known as " Bcrnii ' " ' to all his fellow players, was recooiiizi ' d as tlie most consistent player Illinois had this year, lie eari ' ied the ball, cauuht i)a.sses, and jilayed an exeel- Irnt defensive sjanie thronsrliout the season. Even a broken hand did not stop " ' Bernie " fi-om takinu an active part against .Michiiran. Bernhardt, a hard hittim:. fiiihtinii type of pla ' i ' r. was shifted from iiuard to fnlltiaek this year and was one of tile best line-backers in the Big Ten. Before comini; to the I ' niversity of Illinois. George played fullback at Riverside Iliiih Sehool in ( " hieago. " ' Bei- nie ' " likes football so well that he wonld like to carry on active work for a few years after college gradua- tion. He ])roved to be one of the players Illinois just couldn ' t do without, and will always be thought of as a great i)oy with a competitive spirit. Conference Medal Winner Every yeai- the Conference ledal is awarded by the Athletic Association to the student who has been out- standing in both scholarsliip and varsity athletics. The winner in 1940 was I ' rank Edwin Richart, varsity golf comjietitor for llurc yea is. Richart was a letter win- ner in both his Junior and .senior years and was a main stay on the team foi- that jieriod. During this time he won more points for the team than any other member of the s(piad ; conse(picnlly. he was the leading factor in many victoi ' ies. (Jolf was nor Ivirhart ' s only activity, as his record shows. lie was a ineinbei- of Pi Tan Sigma and Sigma Tan. honorary mechanical engineering societies; he was a student member of the .Vnierican Society of Me- chanical iMigineers for four years; and he partici- pated in Honors Day in his freshman and senior years. Richart is also an aviation enthusiast and received his Civilian Aeronautical .Vssociation license last year. He is now taking graduate work in Aeronautical Engi- neering at the I ' liiversity of Jlichigan. Page 183 Tribe of mini KlrHAliM Vr K. KKisixa ' sulent Howard J. Bravx, B.S. Arthur S. Daxmki.s. A.M. Raymond Euot. A.M. AVRKI.IO E. Flokio, . .M. James L. Jacksox, A.M. La Verne L. A.strotii Joe W. Ai.ejusder Georoe V. Bernhardt Kenxeth r. Kerrv C. Howard Boi.and Park L. BRt wx Robert . . { " ami ' Beli. Robert J. t ' l-ow William J. Derri : D. VID DlLL(tN Russell K. Drechsler John W. Drish Ralph E. Ehni Donald X. Eltixg Walter A. Eveks Loiis R. KiNA Paul E. Fina Richard N. Erye John H. Cillan Alan S. ([rant William J, (iuD ' iEON Leo p. Haktman ViLLiA.M T. Hoiking Henry J. Holquist Robert M. Inule FACLLTV Leo T. Johnson, A.B. Harold E. Kenney, M.S. Carl W. Knox, A.B. Edwin J. Manley MBMBEK.S IN IXIVKUSITV Thomas E, Jaw jkkk Xatii. n I;. Johnson Leonard Kallis Robert A. Kixly Donald L Ramon W Alfred Y. Walter J. Warren K Kienlex KiKEILIS KlRKLAND KIKSCIIKE KLOOrK Hakry E. Koehnk.maxn Howard F. Kopel Gerald (J. Krakt Peter Kurlak Jack M. Lentz Joseph J. Lotzer James R. JIartin WlLLIA.M M. McCowN Wayne J. McKibbin Robert O. McKinley Charles W. JIkttler David H. Miller Paul Milosevich James K. Muxxis Robert J. O ' Neill Pail o. Petry ' V icc-l ' rcKidi ' nt William J. Peister. B.S. Hartley D. Price, A.M. Walter H., B.S. Wendell S. Wilson, B.S. DouGLA.s A. Phillips Ja.mes E. Phillips RiHiERT D. Porter Dale .r. Price ' rHK )DO!{E V. PURVIX Richard N. Reising Robert F. Richmond Tho.mas .1. Rices, Jr. ,lAMEs V. Robinson Henry Sachs Hexky C. Schrader Charles Cf. Schott Robert J. Schwarz Theodore R. Seabrooke Hakim.d a. Shapiro HARK ■ P. SlEBOLD .Inlix .SIKICH James A. Smith Lawrence S. Stout Robert Thomases Joseph .1. TVkek Alex Welsh Victor J. Wukovits Herbert T. Young Chester J. Zifiiilm ■,.■:• Mr. , I,.. . - Kiii ' liiH iNiLiiii Kiri ' ilis Iiiuli ' (Judi;i.oii Stunk Krnft DocKinj; .MfltliT Ali-xaiulpr KoiM ' l Price .lawori ' k McCown Klt ' iiton Hiirliimii Ehni .SbtIis Pliillips Mnnlpy McKinley Ricliinnnd Sloiil Hntquitit Lollor Cillun .Sluipiro Ellinj: Jnlin.snn Grint RitCfft Kelly Boland Reising Sclnvjirz Bniwn Finn Kii-klHtid Pligo 1S4 Cheerleaders JlrmI Chefihnil.r HaRTI-KV D. Pun t. Ihrrftor of ranntntri Tiio ( ' lu ' crk ' adi ' rs uiidri ' the direct ion of llnrtlcy J). Price roorijanizc ' d as a imrl of (Tynikana this year and iiHM-cascd tlirir nmnluT t ' l ' inn ti ' ( ' to nine. l ovival oL ' spirit was tiic nhjcctivc in mind. Coaeli Prico dt ' si ni ' d nrw nnil ' oi-ni s for tlie ( " lioer- Icadors wiucii consisted oi Inown. I ' l ' iiiiii ' d Indian snits. each bcai-ini;- one letlei ' of thr woids. " (io Illini. " Tiider Hank II(ii(|iiist. h( ' a i ( ' hceilcader. lietter co- ordination and smoothnrss -liaractei ' ized tlie oi ' iianizcd cheerins section. IIol(|nisI " s assistants were Pan! Fina and Dick Bncklc. ' I ' lic other nicinlu ' i-s of the L;rou[i were ( " urtis Kckersherii-, Tom Phelps, Steve Deme. Boh (Jerometta, Kandy Roth, and Bill Wallin. Jim Blair was the manaii ' cr. The introduction by the new lironp of a prepar- atory huddle before each chcei ' aided in attaining unity in .starting and pri ' cision in cadence of the yells. By developing these ftuidamentals of cheer- inu. Iiy improvini; the (jjd yells, and by jiroviilinu ' new ones, this year ' s Cheerleaders did everything they jiossibly could to bring back to life the ■■ ' io lllini " .spirit whicJi at one time was indom- italile. vn i ' f 1 iU- 4 ECKER.SnF.Ki; PllKLI ' S H(1U JII8T lil.MH llK.MK BCCKI.K FiN.V GUROMKTT.V ItOTll W.M.I.IX Page 185 Poge 186 FOOTBALL Page 187 Thomas J, Kui is Cn ttnin Varsity Football Illinois should always rps])oct the members of the 1940 football var- sity. Their record was one of our poor- ( st. l)ut tliey never lost their deter- mination, courasie, and morale. It was their force of character that Ijrcvented them from losin " - some ijames by scores around the 4(i mark. They i)layed brilliantly ;ii times on offense despite their hu-k of sjn ' cd and ];)0wer ; but on they were not i)hysicnlly callable of stoppinij ' determined liuuiers. It was a tribute to them that their morale was as hitih at the linish as the start. Caittain Tom Rit;iis was a fine leader. Ralph Hhni closed a career of three yeai-s in which his all- around wiirk was of srreat value. (Jeoriic IJernhardt. selected as the most valuable ])layer, was a tower of strength. Jim Piiillips, Bob O ' Neill, and Geoi ' sre Rettinszei- were injured in games dui-ing the .season and obliged to (piit. Ilari-y Siebold. Landis Iluiley. an l Cliff Peterson all did their pait. I congi ' atulate all these seninrs. (ieorue Nelson, aiintlier senioi ' , was a faithful of the scpiad for three years : althouuh success, if i-eji- resented alone by a letter, did not ci ' own his efforts. 1 salute him foi- ids spirit and courage. FnlkiMihloin Milniovirli Clierrv Wiirlinn KiiRli ' rl riMik ItiiJhick Ellol Corlwll Good Pnwlowski Pfi-ifor Dnni. .- . ' Zuppkif Tiirck WHilln rlii-i ' lcy .[nliiisoii nillnii KoIpiir KcllinKiT LindRron Hurify N ' cUon lN ti rHon Rliiii Itictf Kikk Siobold Cniiiiilicll Phillips Yonniti ' s lU-riilinrilt P«g« 188 Illi riiii Tllii mil mil Hill Varsity Football MaKTIX ,I. l ' l»KltI-,l,l, Sfuior Maiinflfr 1 9 4(1 S T A X 1) I XG S mis Kiis Kiis lois mis mis Illinois Illinois ILLLXols Hl-K (»R1) :il r i-:i llcy Ti ' cli (I 7 So. ( ' alil ' driiia .... 1 ' ' .Miclii-aii 28 (I Xoiiv Dame -H) () Wisi ' diisiii lo 14 .Xortiiwcstfrii .... :V_ ' () Oiiid State 14 7 Jowa 18 bk; ti-:x coxferexc .Miniirsnta .Michiiian . ' l Xortinvcstcrii 4 Ohi,, State 3 AN ' isciinsin :! Imliaiia ' 2 Iowa 2 I ' linlue 1 4 Illinois (I . " ) v. I.. rcT. T.I ' , (i (1 1.(1(1(1 1L 2 .T. ' .d !)4 .(;(;7 110 .. ' lOd Ii2 ..iDii si; .4(1(1 :!(i .40(1 (ii; . ' Joo . " i4 .0(10 :!4 O.I ' . Si ■_ ' o (14 85 11. " ) 74 4 7:! IC. KoBKKT H. .iKlIXSTON ' K K KItT E. TiCE Junhn- Mttiiaf i ' iM Dunn flreiMiwald N.M-1..I. Lewis -kfinAnn rrl.niii;liliii Bitger Pagfl 189 Pill I.I.I I ' S. Cud liKRXH iti T. FtiUback Illinois 31 Bradley Tech In a sccdiiil-liiiir display ol ' |iii ci- and |iassii)i ' . Illinois sinotluTcd ili ' adlcy ' I ' rcli 1)1 ' Pcoi ' ia. :!1 1(1 0, in its must iiiipi ' t ' ssivc (i|icinni; da. - pcrl ' iM-niani-r in fdur years. Marly in llir lliinl (|narlrr. Tm ' ck hlm-krd a Bradley punt ; and Wnrlian })assed lo l ' ]lini for a touelidown al ' ler the rceoverx ' . i ' x ' rnliardt plnniicd for the extra point. The Wdihan, Peterson, Bernhardt coiiihi- nalion dro ' e S. " ) yards for the seeond score. IJettinucr |)la( ' e-kieke(| the extra point. At the I)ei;iiiiiiiiii of the fourth (piartrr. Kasterhrook, oiU ' of the outstaudinti Illinois hael-:s. ran a l ' i-adley punt hack to their rj yard line: anil I ' feilVi- scored oxer tackle. I ' lasterhrook con crte(|. The lllini se(MC(l a ain later on a pass from Master- hrook; to .Mai-Jairc. .Mc( ' arthy coHver1c l. In the closiuii ' liiiliutes ot ' the iianie, llli- niiis threatened a iaiii. This lime, liowcx ci-, they were stoppeil on the 7 yai ' d line where .Mc( ' artliy. takinu ad autauc of the posi- tion, steppeil hack and kiekecl a field uual for t hree moi ' e points. Rioiis, Tackle l)n.i..i. . J,i,-J.U . ii niiiii si M.|» I ' liKi ' KMI K l I iM ' .i; X. Ihilihii.-L- ( III |,■u . I ■ ,■!■ Illinois 7 Southern Cal. 13 A (•(im-;imMiiis llliihiis I ' li ' vcn ilisin;i t ' (l a S()uiliei-ii Caliloniia Icaiii ami kept a clicci- in tliroiiii ' on its IVi ' t nuisl of tlio sixty iiiiii- iilcs oT |ilay. Illinois oiionoil up a IciTific |)assiii ' and nuiiiin,i - oftViisixo which did not cease until the " Fighting illini " had scoi-cd. In eiulit minutes they were down to ihc ' rrojans ' ■_ yard line; i ' t ' eifor scored liy |ilunt;ing over guard. Hettinger c invcite l. ' I ' he Trojans i-etaliated and on I ' oui ' plays marched from their own 1 4 for a loueli- down. Kohertsoii score(l on an end run. Jones ' phiced ick was wide. Illinois, with a 1 point lead, continuetl its fight all during the tirst half. Illinois strengthened its defense in the third quarter and gaxf ]iroinise of staving off Trojan threats. . poor punt pro ed to he the break that the Trojans were wait in ' .; foi-, and Hohertsou scored again from the Illini (i yai ' d line. DeLi ' ur eonveited. . n Illinois last-jn ' rioil threat stopped 7 ards short of the goal line. O ' Nicii.i.. E,i(l IIrni-K , tiiuirtt Itiintii i ii Mi } ' :.■• ■ ' . rUKKI.KV, ' • it.- SlKBOLD, OlMrd Illinois Notre Dame 26 riic larufst Illinois fdothall crowil in vf.-irs. (io.lMj. watchod Notre Daiiir win tlir liomccdininir t amc. 2() to 0. The Laydeii-ciiaclu ' d team tTcisscd the Illinois ji ' oal iour times and twice eonvcrted for the extra point, ' riio Irish offensive was a f ' ontinnous tom-hdown threat. It was larsi ' ely tiirou h I he excellent innitinj;- of Kalpli Hhni that tiie hoys frum South liend wi re stopped at all. Notre Dame scori ' d in the first pei ' ioil (in a ])ass, Evans to P ai;arus. Lailier ' s plaee- jnent was wide. . str(ith led an offensive foi ' Illinois which, however, was shortdivcil; for Notre Dame interceirfed a pass to hreaU ' it nj). Near the end of the first ([nartcr, Lay- den ' s team eidered the siame ami shortly thereafter scored. I ' iepul con- crted. The lirst team scored aiiain late in the second (|uai ' tei ' . Crimmons scoi ' inv; ' over lefl tackle. .Tnzwik ' s kick failed. Illinois held dnrini; ' the tliir l period, hut .Jnzwik scored on and eml sweep to climax a foni ' th period (iS yard drive. O ' Brien convei-ted. M. RL. IKK, I: ml Ph ' lKUSMN . I ' lillhnrL . Hlrnlli ' roniiil cihI Page 11)3 KiiNi. ( huirltfback M11.0.SEVICII, End Illinois Michigan 28 On ii rain-sonkod field the ' " Pifilitiiiy: mini " " went iIdwii to li ' t ' e;i1 l)ef()i ' o llic onslatiiilit 111 ' a iTvriiiifrul Wcilvrrinc eleven. Ill the first quarter. Westt ' all aiul Harmon di ' ove TO yards for the first seoi ' e. Har- mon ' s ])hieement was wide. Illinoi s re- ceived the kiek-off, but the flyinii-trai)eze offensive of Good and Bernhardt failed. The Wolverines took over. West fall picked u| yard aftei ' yard, Harmon finally seorinij- over tackle; hut aa:ain his kick was had. The Wolvei-ines scored aiiain in the sec- ond i|iiai ' 1cr on a jiass from Harmon to Frutci;. llainion failed to kick the extra point. Late in the first half Worhan con- nected on a to Bernhardt. Two more were completed, but the Illini lost the ball when a pass intended for Pfeifer was inter- cepted. Illinois held durino- most of the third (piarter, but Harmon kicked a field goal foi ' three more points. Westfall made the fourth score of the game in the final jieriod ; Harmon converted. . .s ri:t)rn , Ilnl hiirk TrKKK. Oltnnl Weslfull fiiuU mi opoiiiiig Page 193 JOHNSOX, Tackle GOOIi, IluifbtifJc Illinois 6 Wisconsin 13 A revivoil Illinois I ' Dulliall Icam, :i| |iai ' - ciilly headed for a victory, lost a licarl- hfcakiiiij same to Wisconsin. ' [ ' ■) to (i. Aftci- marching 50 yards. Paskvan scoriMl fur the Badger.s from llie K! yard line, (iagc ' s place-kick was widr, Jlillcr brought the IHinnis kick-tilV back 52 yards to the lllindis i2S yard line. Another scoi ' e sci ' mcd ini ilabli ' . biil Illi- nois stiffened its dcl ' ciisc and 1o( ] the ball on downs. (Joo ] then replaced Ivistel ' lirools and I ' aised thr llironi; to ciieers with his swift, accui ' atc passinii ' . iood ])assed to T ' ]hni, twice to Asti ' otli. Ilii ' ii lo IMVirei ' . another to Astroth, an .l still anotlirr to (iililis. who skirled end to the 1 yai ' d liiir I ' roin wliirh s|Mif I ' l ' i ' ifer scorid. .Mc( ' ailhy " s kid ' : was wiiir. ' I ' lir mini llireali-iied ai;aili in the foiirtli (|iiartcr. but .Vslrotli ' s o ' J yard rnii was called back " . I ' liini lalei ' a1tcMi|ilrd a placr- kick. ' reiinani ol ' W isninsiii faded liaek to pass but skirted end foi- ti:! yanls ami a toueii- down. The followini;- placement was liood. I.v.a.K, Knd PlKlKKI!. rilllhnrl.- Not going far Page 104 K ..n., ;,i, f %.■ VaI.I.1X. r.i.A .- Illinois 14 Northwestern 32 Illinois, cxhaustiHl by tlie vif ois ctt ' tlireo li:ii(l I ' oiipilit (|u;irtors, wi-akciicd in llio liist (|ii;irter Itet ' orc the powci-t ' n! runniiit; ' atliick of Xortlnvestorn. Illinois ' passing urfrnsiNi ' liigli-li ;iitc(l llic first quarter. After Illinois look a Wild- cat punt on the Xortliwcslcrn :i: . Oood passi ' d to Asti ' otli. 1 i Klini. and again t(i lOhni I ' or tlu ' lirst tnuc ' lidow ii. DilldU con- vert e(l. Northwestern di ' ove ST yar ls for theii ' lirst score which was coni])leled by a long pass. Ilahnenstein to Smith. An interec]ited Wildcat pass .set up the second Illinois score. Four " Good " iiasses carried Illinois to the 13. McCai-thy then beautifully faked a ]ilaee-kiek, passed to ilarlaire instead : and larlaire lateralled to Pfeifer who scored. McCarthy converted. The second half brought four touchdowns and a victory for the Wildcats. Soper scored once from the 1 foot line. They scored twici ' in the final quarter after intercepting Illi- nois passes. The fourth score was the result of Xortliwcstern ' s recovery of an Tlliiiois funi])le on the 5 vard line. Kai.kk.N ' stki.v. Iltllj ' batL GiBBS, End Northwostorn tries our line Page 195 Koi-Kxs, TackU W(H:ii N. U til f hark Illinois 6 Ohio Slate 14 For tlu ' oo (|uarters 1. ' ).. ' )()() spoctatoi-.s iii- rlu.liiiii 4,(1(1(1 Dads watclinl Oliio State ildiiiiiiatt ' play and keep tlic lUiiii in clicck. lint in the final period Illinois ot its vaunted passinij ' attack wmkinu. and Dick (iood set up an lilini toneii l(( vn. Xeai- tiie start of the period I ' xih (iibbs. illiiiois end, l)locke(l an (liiio punt, and llie llliin took over on the Buekcye ' ■ f . (food passed to MiJosevieh on the 17. (iood fired another to Khni oil tiie Buckeye S. Pfeifer pliiniicd to tile (( and then drovt ' his va - over lor a touchdown. Dillon " s kick was wi le. Scott made both of tlu ' touchdowns for Ohio: his first cnlniinated a 72 yard drive down the field. Scott also kicked the extra l)oint. .Mthous ' h the arou.sed Illinois line held tlie 15uck-eyes in check niost ol ' the |. aine. in I he third (juarti ' r Scott nianaiii ' il to break free again and scori ' from the ; " . lie ai;ain con verted. Rkttl.s-i.ku. FiiIIIjik-I; Pwvl.nwsKI, Guard A liui ' ltt ' yi ' funiblu I ' ligt! 1!I0 AKCaktuy, Quaitciback W ' lLKOKD, Center Illinois 7 Iowa 18 ' I ' lic ■ ■ I " " it;li1 inu lllini. " strixiiiL; dcspcf- atrl 111 ' ci out dl ' ihr rcllai ' , lillMiisI ilc- Ir. ' itcil a r.-i iiU ' cI Icain I Viuii I nwa, llliiuiis (ipi ' iu ' d llic iiaiiic with a l)i-illiaiil , (|i iisilicd atlack wliicli in oiiilil ininulcs sent llic ' in into a 7 puiiil Irail. ' I ' lir scciri ' cliiiiaxi ' d a • " )() yai ' d march in which V(ir- l)an. (!()(id. lU ' riiluirdt. ami Eiiin pcrl ' orniod h|-iHianll . Twii dlhci ' advances in the lirsl liair were icpiiiscd. one (if them l)y a pen- ally when (Idod llirew a pass In I ' etersnn in the end .(ine I ' ui ' a wonhl-he tiinchdnw n. The llawi ' ieyes unh ' ased tlieir attack in ihe second (pnirter. .Mei ' les scored on a (h ' cp reverse I ' l-oin the . " yard iini . (iaUa- iiiu ' i- " s |)hu ' i ' -kiclc I ' aih ' d. In tlu ' thii-(l qnarter. Karnier snai;iied (liicid ' s pass, and in S plays the llawkcyos were ovel ' ' u - Iheii ' second sctn ' c. (lalla liher ' s plaeeiiient was had. The Ihii-il llawkeye s. ' ore was similar to the second. This time . lertes intel ' cepted one of (iood ' s passes, h ' armei ' carried tlie hall o -er from the K! yard line, (lalla- lilier missed the placement. Kl.TlN.;. IhilO.nrk CaMI ' DELI., End innn.v mini fiil- this lliMi»ii-r Pago I ' l; I ' lig)- 198 BASKETBALL Page 199 John . Umsn Captain Varsity Basketball Tlic baskflhall 1c;mi nf l!t4U-41 li;i l many thiiiiis iil ' wliidi lo ho ])roud. Despite tlie loss of two ivii- ulars at niidsemester. it won seven and lost five i aiiies to tie foi ' thii ' d ])laee in the Hi - Ten. The team was third in conference scoring ' with r)20 i)oints. whieh was b( tter than the reeord u|i to tliis season and is a new Illinois reeoiil. Defeatini; ' Manhattan in .Madison Square Garden, New ' ork. the learn made 22 free throws without a failure, a new rccoi-d for the sjxu-t. Battliuii uphill to win in oxer- time, the team was the first in Illi- nois history to win fi ' om Xotre Dame on t he I I ' isli llooi-. Koui ' seniors ' jraduate. ( ' apt. IJuLia.A.s K. Mii.i,s Coach John Di ' isli was a coiiraiicous and able leader despite the disadvan- las e of an injiii-ed shoulder, iiob Uiehniond was iinainmou.sly se- lected as a ;iiard on all the honor- ary teams selected h, - the coaches, was the hiii ' hest scoriiiii ' jiiiai ' d in the Hill- ' i ' en, and was chosen unan- imously as our most valuable |ilayer by his teammates. TIal Sh;i]iiro. the central lii;ure in our overtimi ' ictory at Xorthwestern, and I ' xili (•Weill, .spirit could not be daunted by misfortuiu wei-e otiiei- seniors who iid their i)art. No coach could ask for a better- spii ' ited or tiiu ' r jii ' oup than this team. KiM ' lli:. Kli ' liiiioiiil N.ill Sl,„|.i Wiikovils liockiiig Billon Dndftiit Page 200 Wisconsin Indiana ILLINOIS .Miniu ' Sdta Oliid State Varsity Basketball (.IIAKI.K r. DaDANT Senior Manager lit 4 (I iUC I ' K-X STA . I) I NCS w . 11 10 7 7 7 I ' CT. .91(i .833 .583 .583 .583 ■I ' .i ' . 53(i 52!) 520 517 533 o.I " . 424 :!!)2 504 454 495 w. IllI ' llUI ' .Micliiiian Iowa Xortlnvcsti ' i-n ( ' liicaiiii I.. i; 8 !) ' (■■r. 4it; 333 2.50 11(111 •r.i ' . 500 4S5 51!) 403 : ' ,s(i II. I ' . 522 4(i0 538 513 (U.-. i ' i .SAl-l ( . MlI.LfcIC LEOXARI H. STEIiLK Junior ManagtrH I 1,1, 1 No I s i; I ' lcd i; 1) n.i.iNois 38 fieortiia . 41 Pittsl)ui-i;li 41 Notre Dame 5() Maiiliattan 41 Temple . . 40 .Marquette 45 K;insas State 49 Purdue . 38 Indiana . 47 .Miciiiuan . (II IMINKNTS II I.IMIIS (I 34 42 .Northwestern 43 53 :Mexieo . , 39 29 Purdue . 40 38 .Minnesota 42 55 ( ' hieaud :!2 30 Wisconsin 2!) 5(i Iowa . . . 34 31 .Michis-an . 48 53 Ohio State 41 52 Chicago . PONKNTf 41 30 40 50 2! I 4(i 53 47 3(i I inlflnutri Stout Mowcy Page 201 Billon Foncard Varsity Basketball Al tinii ' s during; ' tlic scasdii, llir 1114(1-41 llliiii Ijasketball team proved itseli ' to bo one of the best in the coiitVi-cnec. They stiirteil cilT Ihe scasun with a decisive vie- 1()r ' over fTCorgia. but liic iiiisnu ' ii suf- I ' ered a defeat in llicii- srcoml cncduiilcr aji ' aiiist Pitt. Travelinii to .Madison .S(|uari ' (iarden. tlir Orange and I ' .lnr bi])i)ed tiie .Maiiliallaii (|uintft, . " ili tn 4(1. licrore a cniwd of l(i. (1(1(1 fans. In (lie ' I ' l ' niple game, a whirlwind rall in llir lasl two minutes of |ila wipcil on1 a -lil 1o :!4 Illinois a l- antai:c and li ' avc ' rcmple ' s nnbeairn (|uin- tet a 42 to 41 vietoiy over the lllini. The Orange and Blue comiileled their Kastern liiiir by beating both .Mari|nctte and Kansas State. jVJV Ku:hmonu Guard J ' liHs from Wtikoviln ' I ' likr it rilY sidfs. KtlliMls Pugo 202 WlKOVITS Varsity Basketball Ixctiiriiiiii; III llirir liniiir lliiiir fur llic tirsi ' , [s Ti ' ii uainc. the IHini swainprd I ' linhir 111 Ilic tunc (iT 4lt in :;4. Tlicy iic- (•iim|ilisllril till ' virliil ' V (i ( ' l ' the Uix Tcil ( ' liaiiipioiis liy a I ' liridiis :!4 imint splurs ' P in tile srctuiil hair. The team was sparked liy l icliiii()U(l and Mathiscn who tied lur hiuh point honors witii 14 points each. • lanuai- " 11. .Mrnl-.c and Indiana dcrcatcd Illinois. 4S 111 :!,s 4 ' houuh the lllini con- tinually thri ' atcncci, the Iloosicrs with li ' iikc ' s eleven baskets were just too much I ' oi ' them. Several days latei- the Wol- verines were the ictinis of a 47 to 41 lllini victoi-y. I.ed by Kvers am] Sachs, the ()ralii; ' e alul liliie piled up a Ki point lead in the .second halt ' to hold off the despei-atc .Michii Mn (|nintet. Center .Sll.vriKd ■ ' I tviii-d Uie Art . tritulics M. ' xicu till ' . ' , llic Ulini Page 203 f A fj Cuard Varsity Basketball 111 (iiic of tlu ' season ' s most tlirilliiiii ' liii- islics. Illinois scored an (iMitiinc 1riiiiiii ii over Xorthwi ' stern. I, id hy " Slic|) " Slia- piro, who scored two hMskels in the last minute of play, tlir llliiii went on in the overt iiiir to win. 4l t i 41. Hotli lOvers and Sachs wvvv lost to the team at th e turn of the semester, . fter losini; to Purdue hy a l(i point mai ' |.iili. the mini were handed their third llii; ' I ' en loss hy Minnesota ' s exceptional (|uiii1et. • " )(1 to :?S. With a revanipeil lineuii. the .Mills- men met t ' liica!.;d. and won. • " ). " to ' JII. The foUowiiiii ' week the lUiui found it impossible to disloih.i ' e the Badii ' crs t ' roin their conference lead. ' I ' Iioiil;!! the llliiii show( ' | the s]iirit which had been in evi- dence in all their uames hy putting up a tidod liiiiit and playiui; the Ltame to the end. they Were not alile to oNcreome the lead ;iiid as a result lost the uanie. 4(1 to Ml - ' lUHi ' t (inrilf o Nfill iiiiii .Slitinpf jniii| i ' cnl PiiBo 201 Varsity Basketl all a ' ( 1i - liiiili sccii-iii ' j .M;i1 liisiii. the lllini cimris won tlioir sixth Hii; Ten victory ovor iiio St;iti ' . . " jo to o(). Ill their final ganu " . tile liiiiii. |ia Til hy Richiiiond. ail ( ' ontVr- onco i ' Ui " ' l. outplayed ( ' liicayci and .loe Staiii| t ' . . ' ) ' J to . " )• " . ' riioULth the Iteninninii of the season was ery proinisiiiii ' , injuries and ineliijiljilities caused tlic team a siood deal of trouble. Sisiiiiticanl, howexer, was tlie spirited jilay- in ; ' ol ' Bol) Hichniond which won him the phice of All-Conference " iuard and most valuable Illinois player: the election of Bill lliiikiuii; as captain for the 1941-42 season : the development of sojihomore letfei-man. Ai ' t Mathiseii, into a very ;ooil center: and the iiood fortune of having the best fresh- man s(|uad Illinois has ever liad to fill the places of Drish. TJichniond. O ' Xeill. and Shapii ' o. this year ' s seniors. I X } «ArHS Guard • ' t the rcltouml Page 205 Pago 20G _ TRACK Page 207 Cti plain Varsity Track Till ' 1940 track squad was liard- workiiiK and conscientious. Jt was liandicai)])od early in the outdoor season l)y an injury to Captain Wilniur .MeCown. who w ' as out of several nu ' cts and never at liis best. McCowTi had placed lliird in tlic (puirter-niilc in tlic indoor confer- ence. Park Brown ' s 4:19 mile, in winning over the Michigan Jlilers. was one of the outstamling |)er- formances of tlie outdoor season. Illinois finished in fifth iilacr in tlie Big Ten outdoor incel willi ■_ ' 4 ' o points, hai ' ely nosed out of third or foui ' tli place, held hy Wis- consin. " Jtili. and .Minnesota. ' 2 ' ). I.KI .1. JuHX.StJN ( ' oach Don Ojsen ' s niisfoi ' tunc in missing his stride in the low hurdles rele- gated him to fifth ])lace. aiul more than likely cost tiu ' lllini one of these positions, liill Lewis, sopho- moi ' e in the Pacific Coast P ig Ten meet, cstahlishcd a new Illinois broad .jump record of ' 24 feet (i inches but i)laced only fifth. It was with regret we .saw these seniors pass off the scene: ( a])t. Met ' own aiul Bui1 Downs who had been among the best (piarter milers in tiu ' confei-ciice foi- three yeai ' s: .lohn Krivcc, middle distau -es: and dim Wiiam. iuu ' dlcs. ul- ' HQf tl ' " MfO, l|» IL ,U ' tro v •• ,j;,lMis vi,»», " ' ' iwi , iHH ' Kirr I iivlor iiir ' k I ' ollitr.l ( tfirif M;iil KlVII tT S I SjuirriNt Hailf y ItuKhitiK DiinfiM ' Urovvh Turn IT I lull- AndrewM HiiiiilMirK McCartney Abbot Wahkoh iMiib ' otnison Page 208 Varsity Track ALUKX J. SCHNKIliKi: Senior Mannpcr p. k; tk n cox ol TlXMiU TUACK. I!i4(i .Mii ' liiiian .11 • ' (il4 . . . ■ ' . ' ) 1 1 1 . 1 ( 1 1 S -241 . I ' unliLc oo nI ' tli H " ti. ' I ll 1814 lliii) SiMtf 15 714 Idwa Ki; KXC K .M K KTS IXDoolJ TKACK. 1 :M I I ndiaiia 44 -Micliiiiaii ' ■ ' • 2 Ohio State :Wl.j II.LIXOIS -Jl Xol ' tll western 1 ' ) Wiscdnsiii l. " i I ' lir.liie !) .Minnesota 8Y2 ( ' iiicauo • ' ■ 1;mhkkt a. Craxt R. Warkkx Wilkixs Jiinini- MattaiU ' fH McBride Page 209 Wooii Mile Varsity Track ' I ' lic siilc hllic I ' ililiiiii Willi liy I Hindis ;il its iiiiliiil iiicci (if tiic season was i-lainic l hy llu ' siiutllf-liui-dic relay team at the In- diana Invitational (111 Ajiril 20. ' J ' lie Orange ami IMiir lialdii was cariied by Ilale. Olsen, Ixeisinii ' . and Wham. Captain Will Jle- Cowii was injiiri ' d runniiiii ' as .iiicliur man in llie sprinii meclley. This ailment kept him (inl of the Drake l ela s the I ' lillowiiiii ' week-end at Des .Moines. The liiiihly fa- ' (ired Illinois shiitlle relay team linished third liehind Texas and Louisiana State. The lirst liial meet ol ' the season for the llliiii was on .May 4. in . iin . rlior when .Mieliii;an, l)iy Ten ( ' haiiips. hiinililed tlir lllini, 7 1-44. Surprise ol ' the day was I ' ai ' l, I ' liown ' s ictor ' in the mile. Since .Mel ' own M ' OUT Pole vault Rrowx Mile Ia ' Wih hiiloh ill llu broad jiiiii| Notro Diiiiiu titkoM lilt ' hundrod Tngi- 210 « .. ' . Varsity Track was si ill nut. Ilic mile relay wms scratched. Tiii ' due inxadeil Memorial Stadiiiiu and haiTly won I ' roin the lUini, ()7 ' .-(i;!-;). ( aj)- lain A! Shackleton nl ' Purdue recovered a four a I ' d deficit and turneil the mile ivlay event into a Hoilei ' inaker victory. Illinois firsts were won hy Kieidan. ' ruiner. Keis- ini ' , and ( tlsen. The mini bowed to Notre Dame, 7l-li(l. in the last meet of the .season, i-ieisinii. Stout. Hseii, and TiOwis captured firsts foi- 1,( 11 . Johnson. Iiul Bob ' siau won the dashes I ' or the Irish. In the liiji ' Ten meet at .Northwestern, second places were clainieil by Evers, Lewis, Stout, and R?isinii. Illi- nois, as a team, placed fifth. . n umlisjmtcti first HeftvywfiKlit Sikicli iiiiil Ihr vciphl Page 211 KoitixsoN lliifh jinn t Varsity Ti ' iu ' k Illinois Willi its sole Ikimic nici-1 of tlu ' iiiiloor season I ' luin ( " liiea 0 by a sforc ol ' 7r)-29. The lliini took eii lit of the twelve events and tieil for lirst in the iiintli. They made a clean sweep of the lid yard dash, the 1 v() mile run, and the low hurdles. ' I ' lie slandoul ol ' the meet was I ' ark lirown ' s 4: ' _ ' 4.1 mile which cut o.. " ) seconds off the meet i-ecoril. Don ( llsen was the K ' adiii ' . |ioiiil getter, as he won both hurdles and the (iO yard dash. On March 2. the lliini returned from Minnea|iolis victorious o er the (Jopliei fliiiiclads. . " ill o-4tii .. liicludeil in the six lirst places that the lliini captured was a new mei ' l reeonl. This was attained 1) M.ML Shot jtut ] " n Ilnxiii jump i- ' liolo liniMh Taylor and Olson battle it nut Pn ;p 212 o M f ' Hi ' jh jumit Baii.EV Quarter mile Varsity Track I ' .iiiwn ill llic liiill ' mile — 1 :. " )7.4. ( )lsrii ;iu;iiii Willi the liiinllcs. Hill Lewis lia l tlic Icjuliiii;- broad jump. N liilt ' Boli Slai ' cU won tlio liiuii jiinip. ' riic other Illinois blue libboii wfiit In Doll l!aile - in tin ' 44(1 yard lasli. In llie Hiy ' I ' m nii ' rt. Indiana linally bested .Michigan, who has doniinateil l i ' i Ten tra(4 since lll:!:i. Illinois Liainislied ' _M points which |)laced them fourth in the nu ' ct. Olsen ' s first in the 70 ard low hurdles was the I ' eal weiiiht in enablinsi ' the Illiiii to phice. llrown and Lewis won seconds in the half mile and the broad Jump, respect i i4y. Don Bailey picked up a fifth in the 44n to i-ound nut the lllini score. Qiuirler ntUc It s Illinois in this heat illihuin ItiiKlli-rs III stihlf Page 213 A s|ii ml iM ill.- hi i;iii iiKliana won the meet Illinois Relays The I ' liivcrsity of Illinois was host, at the ciiilitcenth ninniiis of the classif Illinois Relays on February 15. to nearly five hundred trackmen from the major uni- versities and eolle!j:es in the midwest. The relays were hitrh-li ' ililed by the s|)eedy teams from Indiana whieh captured three of the four univeisity relays and es- tablished a new record in the four mile run. Indiana was the first team to win three baton-passing- races since the .Mai ' oons o ' Chicauo pei ' funiicd the feat in 1918. Besides the lemarkable runninii- of the Hoosiers. Ne])raska won lour of the special events, and the s])eedy men from the stale of .Michisan swe])t the three collejie events. Harold Hunt from .Nebraska, delendinu ' pole vault chamiiioii. was forced to set a new carnival record of l- " . feet nil I inclirs to whip -lack Deiidd ol ' .Minnesota. In the higii .iumi . () " I ourke of .Notre Dame no.seil out defending; chamijion Canaham of Micliii;an by estab- lishinij- a new record of 6 feet CVs in ' hes. Hon Olsen of Illinois lost his last year ' s crown in the To-yard low liui ' dles as two soithomores, Charles Hlad of Michii an Normal and Bob Wrisiht of Ohio State, ])assed him u]) in the finals. Wright had ])re- viously run away fi ' om the field in the high hui-illes and came home a close second to Hlad in the low hurtlles. lichigan .Noinial won two out of the tluec rolleiic relays by the l)i-illian1 running of anchor man. ( ' aptain Tom Quinn, who turned in a 4:24 mile to beat Len- ov(M ' . the defending cham] ion and Canadian Olympic ( ' hariipion of l.oyohi. HIikI Ii ' IhIh TiidiiMta ' s i ' liain]iioii, Knnu Pago 214 2 OR.mrk. -Miciii aii 2suriiuii in Uiu luw Iturdlcs The ilU-ardUnd cvi ' llt |ir(i C(l a hr ,n r i)( tllr IIKjnI colorful anil oxcitiiisi; events of tlie ciiriiival. as Aiclix Han-is of Indiana nosed out J ' urdue ' s All-Aineriean. Dave Kankin. by a mere oiiilit i)oints. Illinois was not so fortunate as a year ago when it took three events, for this year they had to be content witli a series of thirds. Olsen placed tliii-d in the low imrdles; Stai ' ck took a third in the liii;ii jump; Lewis received a third in the broad jump; and Captain Brown received a third in the I.TtOO meter inn for the second year in a row. 7 ' )-yai- l dash Piker (Northwestern) 7. " -yard low hurdles Iliad (ilidiiyan Normal) 7r)-yard high iiurdles Wrigiit i iiio State) 300-yard run Littler i .Nebraska) Illinois Relays l(l(MI-yai-il I ' un Liseiiiiart (Oliio State) ir)00-ir.elci- inn (Jinn ( Xehi-aska) Pole vault Hunt (Nebraska) High jump O ' Rourke (Notre Dame) Broad jump Schumit ky ( lissouri) Shot ])ut Schlei-icli ( .Vebraska) All-around Harris (Indiana) One mile univei-sity relay ilichigan Four mile university relay Indiana Two mile university relay Indiana Distance medley relay Indiana One mile college relay Wayne Two mile college relay Michiga?i Xoi-mal College medley i-elay .Michigan Normal Shuttle hiiidlr rehiv Ohio State Flying high Piker, Frank — first and second Page 215 Page 216 BASEBALL Page 217 Varsity Baseball Tlio jnist season saw Illinois return 1o t ' orm as ehampionship contender. Tnulitionally, llliiii baseball teams liave been strong, the 1940 tie mark- in ' ? the twentieth time Illinois has won or shared Conference titles. ila ing beaten Northwestern twice it niiiiiit seem strange to have 1o share honors with them. However, their two victories over Iowa ' s defending champions jirohiihly made the tic p(issii)le. We are happy to divide honors and i ' oniii ' at i!ate them on sharing their first baseball cham- ])ioiiship. The ajipea ranee, this year, of sev- eral likely-looking sophomores cre- ated spirited competition for many positions. This was an important contributing factor to tlie team iiKirale, and eoujiled with gradually iinjiroving offensive power and op- portunely good pitching and field- ing, aeeouiited for the team ' s success. Walter H. IIoettgee Coach . . s s ;h. nt Captain Senior regulars enjoyed fine sea- sons. Tony I ' yrz was an outstand- ing shortsto]) and captain. Bill Hai)ac and John Pacotti were stand- outs, the latter ])itching the highlight of the .season — a 1 to win over Northwestern. Lenny Kallis, Dick Kncera, and Al Vitaeco, senior re- serves, deserve mention. IFoot Evers, a .sophomore, led the team in hitting and the Conference in total bases. Al Grant, hero of the 4 to o victory oxer Idwa, was chosen captain for 1!)41. Kucora MiloRcvich Pncotti Pyrz lliipuc Grant Kallis MiLW vr 1)11 ti Pago 218 Dbax B. Raymond Senior Manager bk; tfa ' coxkkkkxce Won Lost Pet. ILLINOIS 9 :J .750 Xort Invest c I ' ll ... 9 3 .750 Iowa 8 3 .727 .Minnesota (i 4 .600 -Michigan 7 5 .583 Wisconsin 5 7 .417 Ohio State 3 5 .375 Indiana 3 5 .375 Puiaiie 2 7 .222 Chicago 1 11 .083 CONFER KXCK CAMES Team Batting Average 271 Toaiii Ficliiiim . verage 931 Varsity Baseball M.LIXolS RKCOKI) Illinois 7 Mississippi ( ' ollcgc 1 Illinois 20 .Mississippi ( ' ollcge 6 Illinois 13 Southwestern Inst. 3 Illinois Southwestern Inst. 1 Illinois ' _ ' Louisiaiui State... 1 Illinois Louisiana St,it ' ... 2 Illinois S Bradley 2 Illinois 11 Northwestern .... 7 Illinois 1 Northwestern .... Illinois 10 State Normal 2 Illinois 4 Iowa 7 Illinois 4 Iowa 3 Illinois 4 Wesleyan 2 Illinois 1 Ohio State 4 Illinois 17 ( hio State 6 Illinois (J iliehigan 8 Illinois 10 Michigan 6 Illinois 21 Purdue 13 Illinois 9 Purdue 4 Illinois 4 Indiana 2 Illinois 7 Indiana .lAMKS R. OlMBLETT Wll.HKK N. Stevexso.s Junior Maitat ers Orii sby Schleevogt Page 219 Catrhvr I ' HY. Slinittitiip Varsity Baseball Hiiiiiiiiiii- lumie the Mist Hiii ' I ' cii iiiajoi- .ilhlctic cliampioiishii) since lOoT, llic Illi- iKiis l)ascl)all toam I ' Xpt ' rifiici ' d a siicccsst ' ul season, wiiininj; nine of their twelve Cou- lereiice games. For tlie first time in many years, (lie l)asc- liall team went on a soutiiern trip. ' I ' lic season o])ene(i on March 27 witli a (h)ul)le- hi ' aik ' r atjainst lississip])i Colletie, en(lin! ' with a (ioul)ie victory foi- tlie lliiiii. The lii ' st win, 7-1, cinchetl l)y Kallis ' two iioiners in the fifth inninii witli two men on l)ases. save Illinois all the runs necessary to stai ' t off tlic season with victory. A(loli)h ( Irueii- fehl and . 1 (Jrant held enemy hatters in 1 i . The second jiame fonnd Illinois scor- inii in every inning ' . Dick Kiicera swunu tile hiji ' .stick of the game, crasiiing out three douhles and a home nui to drixc in six runs to make the final score 20-( . In the opener of the next series with Sunt invest era Institute. Joe Alexandci ' ,iiid . 1 (Iraiit lield tlic op]tonen1s at bay to win. l:i to ; . Tile hatting was taken care of li. hrisli. Vitacco, Ilapac. and Milose ich. I ' la iliv Soiltliwcsteni I)islitllte tile fcillow- Pacotti Pilclifr A liil (or IIk ' IIiiM.sii ' l ' .s I ' ago 220 Dkec Left ISLGR Field h Varsity Baseball iiiil diiy. till ' lUiiii met tlioii- fiisl loss ol ' lln- season, 1 to 0. After liciiii; rained out Marcli .■ (), tlio mini I ' Hiiaiiol tlic sti-on»: L.S.l " . team in a ilmihiciu ' aik ' i ' the t ' ollowini; ' ih . The re- suit was two closely contesteil games with honors being divided. Grant ' s excellciil liitchinjr was liaeked in good style by the mini, who won the first. 2-1. and the second. " J-O. ITai)ac was the ' ' l)ii - sjun " ' of the first game, in which thii-teen of the Tigers died on the sacks. Home from their Southern tri]i, and after hard practice on tiunting and l)ase running sti-ategy. the lilini won over Xoi-- mal, 10- " 2. on April 7. Led liy Bus Gruen- feld and Al (irant on Ajiril 10. tlie team won its si.xth victory, 8-2. over Bradley. The first Conference play was started with two wins for the lilini, 10-7 and 1-0, against . oi-thwestern. Alexander received ci ' cdit for the fiist game and Pacotti for the second. The Wildcats wei ' e ah( ad in the first game. 7- . hut a I ' ally was started by I ' yi- in the si.xth to ovei ' come the handi- cap. (iKANT Pilchrr l.KIKNrKl.ll Pilchd- luficUi Lo.jks Ilk.- Page 221 Kallis Right Field Varsity Baseball lii ;i, 1hc li ' l ' iiHlini; Hiji ' Pen ( ' liaiii|ii()ns. downed the previously unbeaten lllini, 7-4, on Api-il 21. bul llic visiting THinois team recovered to win tVie secon l, 4-3. linus tlic services of Al Vitaceo, Ilic tciini was pushed ahead by Captain Tony I ' yiv. ' s triple in the second i nmc thai drove Di ' isli home to tie the seoi ' e ami to allow I ' yr . to score the winning ' run. Behind the flawless ticldini;- of their team mates, Alexander and Oruenfrld pitched steady ball to lieat AVesleyan on A])ril 25 liy a score of 4-2, ailowinji ' oidy three hits. A trip to Columbus jiroved unsuccessful lor the lllini when they fell before Ohio State, 4-1. on April 27. This frame ])Ut Illinois out of the first place tie. How- ever, the lllini recovered in a seccnid jiame to win 17-6. Pacotti faniu ' d 12 and issued I ' iiiht walks. Second linse KUCEKA Third Bane Brewkb Catcher snip by n mile Page 222 ASTKOTII hi field J " !? ' k k Varsity Baseball III llio next lianu ' , (in .M:iy 4, tlio Illiiii wore coiKiuoird S-() by Ii( ' liii ;ni. The fol- Idwitiu ' i]m. ' niiiiois cMiiio hark o win over llic ' iil criiiis, l(l-(i. lirfdi ' i " llic lar ' csl crowd of the year. Ilalliuy li iiiiirs wciil to l rilosrvicli. .Ma - II r iiiiiil llic mini ill Larayi ' tto, l)arlici])atinii ' in a wild and woolly Ihrec- hour contest, finally winning ' 21-1:!. ' I ' lic next day the Illini won asain over I ' linliir, !t-4. with (iraiit alhiwinsi ' five runs and I ' yr . hiltini; ' four siniilrs. This tied llliiidis foi- second place with liiwa. Ill a pair (if liiial, well-played L;aiiics. the Illini won over Indiana. 4-2 and 7-0. Uhio State whi| ped the Wildcats, ])nttinii- Tlli- iKiis in a tirst place tie with .Xortliwesterii to brinii ' home another ba.sehall champion- ship, the second in fonr years. This marks the twentieth lii ' ' Ten li,-iscliall champion- ship the Illini liavo won or tied. Al.tXANDKR Pitcher r UlLUJX Pitrher KVKU. " Center Field lll. I], Page 223 Page 224 OTHER VARSITY SPORTS Page 225 Varsity Wrestling HaKULI E. KlvNNKV Coach KEXXtTU C. BhKKV Captain Tlu ' ivi-iird oT st ' Vi ' ii di ' ieats ;uk1 five wins is mil enough by whidi to judge the merits of the 1941 wrestling team, for big John Sikich, 175 ])ound class. Paul Pi ' tiy. and Paul (iovt ' dai ' i ' turned in very godd .seasons. Sikich went llirouiiii the entire s(»as(iii witli- out a defeat. Comiietitioii o|)ened on Jainiary 11 against ( " oinell College which the lllini easily defeated. 20-0. This marked the eighth time out of nine that Cornell has been defeated by the Orange and Blue wrestlers. January IS a sci-a] i).v Iowa State team defeated Keniiey ' s mat men. 14-12. Late in January, the team tiavelecl east to meet four schools. They returned with a ; " )()() percentage. losing to Franklin and ilarsiuil. 28-9, and to Ohio State. 14-12; while defeating Virginia lilitary Insti- tute. 21-3. and Washington and Ijce. 23-11. The Ohio State match iiroved to be the most closel.v fought inatcii of the season. It was the tirsl tinir in I ' mirleen years that the Buckeyes have delVai( l an lllini wrestling team. ( n the matmen ' s retiii-n tri|i they hist tii (tklahoma A. and 1., National ( ' olU ' giate Chamjiioiis. 2S-(i, and 1(1 .Michigan, IS-S, but the reserves were successful in ilefcating Vanderbilt. 34-0 on Feliruary 14. On February 22. the s(iuad traveled t(i Indiana wluii ' they lost to the defending Big Ten Champions. 17-!). John Sikich. Paul Petry. and Paul Onvedare were the iiidy Illinois wins. The last home dual meet the lllini easily won from Purdue. 23-9. and linished the season in great style by defeating Iowa at Iowa City. 14-13. In the conference meet at Ohio State. Sikich maintained his perfect season by Levy of linnesota. Through this victurv. tied for third jilace with Indiana. I)ig .John defeating the llliiu .Mit ifi Alriin Sikirli Hut 1 in (tovi ' dnrt ' Uirklttiiit-ii Rorry Purvin SliiittMiii Sizrr Dillon Tomaris Page 220 Varsity Gyiniiastics P.Ml. E. FiXA Caiilain Illinois ' national c-hanipionship livni team liad anotluT succosst ' ul season this year. For i ractict ' at tlu ' Iti ' ijinnini; ' ot ' the season, three inter-scjnad meets and exliil)itions wire held. The first o])|)onents were tlie Hi " - Ten cliamijs. .Minnesota, who lost to Illinois on Fehi-uary S. 4991 to -liS ' ). Louis Fina took the all- around title, and a new tumbling star was diseovered in .lack Adkins. On Fe])ruarv 15, a weak Iowa team eame here to he defeated. 42() to o42i o. In this meet. many of the best men did not compete Imt appcarcij only in e.xhihitions. On February 22, the lllini traxtMcil to Chicago wlicn ' they squeezed out a 34114 lo ' AU victory. S()|)homore Catou Cnhli took in the all-ai-ound competition. On Mai-ch 1. Illinois went to Chicago to compete against Minnesota in the Xorthwestern (!ym- nastic Cham[)ionships. The lllini routed Miiuu ' sota, r)07 to 4S4, and won the meet. This was Illinois ' seventh major victory in 3 years and was the first time in ' ■]■] -ears that .Minnesota failed to win this event. IlAliTLIiV ]- . PkUK Coach . dkins and Koehnemann stai-red in this meet. Next, Siiiitheiii Illinois .Slate Teachers bowed to Illinois, 4(;(|i . to ;i9r)U. on .Maich 9. Both teams were ham- pered by injui-ies. Captain Paul Fina took first in a 11-a round compel it ion . Last yeai ' , although they failed to win the Big Ten Championsliip, the Illinois gx ' mnasts won the National Intei-collegiate and . ational A.A.l ' . meot.s. It was the second year in a row that Illinois won the Inter- collegiate, and (111 ' lirst time a college team won the -V.A.L ' . meet. Tlie team ' s record is even more remark- able when it is realized that Adkins and Paul Fina, Just to mention two, had been performing all season with torn cartilages. Furthei ' more, Illinois gymnasts perform many difficult stunts that are not even at- tempted ] y othei ' teams. The team, hard hit as it will be by graduation, will be good next year, for there are a number of outstand- ing underclassmen to take the places. Kelt Jennings Cuslner Ko hncmfinii (iRlvin Cobb T hilli|)K I ' lnw Uriiwn P. Finn OUon Adkins Horiior L. Film Wuellner Prii-o Page 227 Varsity Golf WissoK W. Brown Coach Ai.EX Welsh Captain ( ' liinaxiiij; a brilliant season by winniiii;- the Big Ten (ioir ( ' hanii)i()iislii|). the 1940 golf team pi ' oved to be the l)est in a luunber of years. In aeeoniplisliing tills, tli y ran up a total of 1245 strokes. John ][olni- strom, with a total of o03 strokes, carried away the honors foi- the lllini by placing third in individual ])lay. The Illinois " B " team o])ened the season on April !) against Detroit. Illinois took both doiil)l( s matehes and one single, but Detroit won the niateh, 91 4 to S ' o. A])ril 27, the varsity swung into action with a game against sotre Dame, and won, 16 to 11. Ilolmstrom and captain-elect Welsh played the best doubles match. Northwestern at Hvanston was the next opponent, with the mini triumphing, liy., to 121 0. The next match was at Lafayette; I ' urdue bowed, 23 to 4. It was so cold that the golf.sters raced around the course — doing it in an hour and 35 minutes, a record in the P ig Ten. In the match with Indiana at Illinois, the lllini did their best scoring of the season. Illinois won. 191,2 ' " l- ' L ' - Oil fay !!• " li ' o hvo u ' Illinois ' four game winning streak. The team was defeated 21 to 15. They also lost to Michigan by a score of 23 to 13. This was the team ' s toughest match. John Ilolm- strom, Illinois .sophomore, carded rounds of 72 and (is for medal lioiiors. Ou ilay 18, the golf team went to Columbus to |ilay Iowa. Illinois won by a score of 17 to 4. Then they proceeded to upset the strongly favored .Michi- gan team by winning the conference championship. Because of their good play, the team was given a tri]) to Manchester, ' crmoiit. There, from Juiu; 24 to June 29, the National Intercollegiate Golf Tourna- ment was li( ld. The lllini concluded their successfid season l)y wiiuiing fourth place in this national tourna- ment, finishing well ahead of an - other V iX Ten team. McOarlhy lUod HfilinKtrom Wo1»h 1I(1.V W( ElHiipr llnwkiiiK Usinger Pago 228 Varsity Swiiiiiiiiiig Al.KKklt V. KlUKLANLi Captain The Ulini swininiino; toani. coaclied ! • K 1 Maiiloy. tiavi ' k ' d tliroiigh a rather rough 1941 season with only three wins to four defeats in seven dual meets. The star of the season was Don Kienlin, diver, who lan a string of six fir.sts before being defeated by Powell of Xorthwestorn. This none too successful season opened against Purdue on February 6. The Illini fell to the Hoiler- nialcers, 37-35. This marked the first time in history tliat the Illini swimming team has been defeated by Purdue. The Illini again met with disa.stcr on Fel)ruai - S when they were trounced by Iowa, r)5-29. .lack Kien- lin and Pete Kurlae won the only firsts earned by the Illini in tiie diving and backstroke events re- spectively. When the Orange and Blue swimmers met a weak Indiana s(|uad they finally found their stride and defeated tiie lloosiers. 66-18. winning nine fii ' sts. Ed vi.v J. Maxlkv Coach With the iccord of one win against two defeats, the Illini traveled to Minnesota on February 21. The Golden Gojjhers easily tlefeated our tankmen, 56-28. Kienlin once again came through to win the only Illini fii-st. From Minnesota the fighting Illini traveled to Madison to tangle with the Wisconsin liadgers. They were successful in downing tin- crimson tide with an easy 58-26 score. On the team ' s return home, they met tlic Chicago laroons, and again with Kienlin and Kurlae leading the attack, they pi-oved too much for the Maroons and defeated them, 36-28. The final dual meet of the season was in Hvanston against the Wildcats of .Nurthwcslci ' n who swani] cd our tankmen. 4y-. ' )5. The Illini finished si.xth in the conference meet held at Iowa City on March 7 with the squad totaling only eight points, ilicliigan ran away with its third straight title, scoring a rccoi ' d of 87 points. K.liri vn t ' onartl Kiofrr K«m«-li Swearingfii Ura ' lis.s« AnilorHoii .1. Hrnwn McKinley Holmes Kirklniid Ktirlitk KiiTili OimI ' .:.mmi OiII Hnrtiiini) RniliT Siitlu ' rlHiKl Klarlunanii Manley Kienlvn Waskelo Page 229 Varsity Tennis r llowAnn .1. IJit.M ' N Coach Till ' 1940 season ciiilrd anollier great year for the Tlliiii tennis team. The squad, paced by Captain i;ii .loiies, won eight dual meets, losing one each to the conference winner and I ' unncr-up — Northwestern and Cliicago respectively. The learn of six seniors and two junioi-s |)laccd third in tlic ccinrcrcncc in dual meet competition. ' { ' he season oi)ened with a jjre-conference match l)e Paul on April 1:! which the Illini won easily, (i-l. On Ai)ril 1 0 the Illini were victorious ov( r Illinois Normal. !)-(). On . |)ril ' 21. to o|)cn conference competition, the Illini defeated tiu ' .Michigan team. 5-4. P ' oliowing this victoi ' v. the undaunted Illini de- i ' ealed Alichigan State, 7-2. and Wavne University, 5-4. AVhen the Illini traveled to Chicago they received their first defeat, hising i■ ' . although Johnson and Crain won thcii- singles and douhlcs niatc-hes. h KuliKKT J. Scll ' .VltZ Captain Ml .Ma - 111. Ihr annual (piadrangular inert was held in Iowa ' ily. The Jllini wcu-e victorious in all three contests. Iowa was the first ictiin. !)-0. Purdue the second, 7-0, and Wisconsin the third, 7-2. Tliis was tiie third consecutive yi ' ar thai the lllin ha ( ' won 1 1lls meet. .Xortiiwestern Tniviu ' sit ' is acci-rdiliil witli giving the Orange and iilue their second defeat of tlir year. On .May IN. Northwestern was victorious, 9-0, with .loinison suffering his first defeat of the season and Pol) Schwarz losing his second match in liis entire inlcrcollc ' jiatc career. in ihc confci-cnce nicel. ( ' aptain l ]l) .lones was the iiiily Illini 111 cnti ' i ' the linals. The team as a whole lied for lifth place with .Miniicsnta. ■Ml ycai ' Ihc Icani indc (in Ihc cniislant ictol ' ics of .liihnsoii and ( ' lain ; an l with liol li of these gradnalcd. along uilh niosl (if the rcni.iinder of the t( ani, the 1941 season is iin|iicilictalilc. (Uilv unc Icller man is hack, (_ ' a|)tain Hob Schwarz. hut he is sup|i(irtc(l liy a strong juniiu ' and sojihomore I ' oster. P f p f» a r r I ] r 1 ;■■ T V V- A ' Lli A 1 ; ui U I ' ll II II l-Mi li-n Sitikli ' v liOllirop l- ' ivdcrick Sclnviirz Milli-r .lotit ' s Hunt . Youni; Piige 2:{0 Varsity Polo Robert O. J. eqeb Captain Lt. Coi-. Alfred J. l)ELo[{iMt;i: Coach After only one prat-tiec. the lUiiii poloists led by Captain Jake Shaefcr lost the initial game of the spriiisr season to Oklahoma, 11-2. The season really staiti ' il for the Illini April " 20. when the .Missouri poloists bowed to the Oran ie and Blue at ( ' oluinl)ia. 12-t). Shaefer tallied nine " oals for the vietors. On Aiiril 2!). Iowa State played a losinsi ' t ame to the Illini oil the drill lield, 8-4. On May G, Oklahoma repeated its jierformanee of two months previous by defeating the Illini, 8-4. Illinois added another vietory to its reeord when it journeyed to Ames and triumphed over Iowa State, 7-3. The next week the Illini vietim was .Missouri from whom they won two more games. Illinois was victorious, 8-3 and " )-4. The Orange and Blue found a stumbling block at Columbus, however, when Ohio State won by a score of 4-2 ; but they came back the following week and defeated the Buckeyes, 10-3. This was to be the last siame of the season, as the eonti ' st with .Vrizona was twice ])osti)oned and never played. ( aptain Shaefer, assisted by Jim Martin, Bob -Jaeger, and Kay Peritz closed the spring i)olo season with a record of six wins and three defeats. The fall session was barely under way when ilissouri invaded the Illini camp on October o and returned to ( ' olumbia witii an 8-7 victory. On the next week-end, the Illini gained their first victory of the fall season against Iowa State on the drill field, 7-5. A journey to Columbia was to no avail as the Illini lost to the Tigers, 9-(i. Three W ' eeks later, Illinois, after defeating tile Alumni on Iloniecomiiig and resting a week, whipi)ed (_)hio State at Columbus, 8-3. The- final en- counter of the fall season saw the Illini bow to Iowa State, 16-12. This was the first indoor polo the current Illini team had ever played, and the smaller ball and restricted playinir surface were definite handi- caps to them. Page 231 VH ' TOK Hkvi.ickk Conch Varsity Hockey 111 its Idui-lli ycai- uiulfi- Coach Ilcyligov, the hockey team enjoyed its most successl ' ul season. It opened on ])eeeml)er !) aiiainst the University of Western On- tario. iiiniii! - it to 4. i)uiin»- liie Cliristnias vacation, the team went on a western trip. Tiiere. it defeated Santa Rosa. G to 3, and California, 2 to 1. On De- cember 28, Southern ( ' alifornia beat the Uliiii. 1 to 0. Two days hiter the llliiii were aiiain hunihhd by them, ■4 to 8. However, ihc leam bounced ba -k lo drfeat U.C.L.A., 4 to 2. On .laiiuaiy : and 4. the oi)p( nent wa.s Colorad o Colleiic who bowed to the lllini ]Hick- men. 7 to o and (1 tn 2. The i;aiiics with Southern California and I .( ' .1,. . were in the Pacific Intcrcollcfiiate ' rouriKHin ' iit. in which Illinois was runner-ui . Bisi: Ten coinpct it ion opciii ' d when IlliiKjis met .Min- nesota in a pair ot ' rip-rnnriiiu coiilrsls. Tlir lirst, ii C11J1.ST1-.U J. At.iiU. ' L Cnjttniyi tie, 2 to 2: the second, Illinois won. 4 to 1. The next series was with ] Iiclii an Tech whom I Hindis out- skated. 7 to 1, (I to 4, 10 to 2. and . " to 2. Illinois split with i Iinnesota a week later, winning, o to 4. and losing ' , (i to ■ ' !. Brantford A.C. also bowid to the lllini. Itt to 2. In thi.s game, Xorbert Sterle, sensational sophomore center, set a modern intercollegiate scoring record for most points in a single season. The record had been ]ireviously held by Coach Ileyliger. The fii-st week in ilarch, Illinois took two games from .Michiaaii. On Mai-ch b!, Michigan came here to meet a crip|)led Illinois team, but lost. 4 to 2. In this game, men. Captain ( ' lut ' Avmhn and Amo Hessone, were not .-ililc lo play, liiil Illinois clinched at least a share of the r.i ' i Tell title. The game on jMai ' cli ]• ' ) against .Michiiiaii decided Illinois ' cliainpionshi]!. J Hf e II ' Mcllli r Oaiinuji Prli ' Mi. Owen |. 1 II l ' ii)ii »ri Page 232 Varsity Fencing fUKSTKU H. KoLAM Captain This tV ' iieiiig season was one of the best that the sciuad has ever enjoyed. Clianute P iekl provided the competition on the season opener, losinsj lo Illinois. 12 to 5. Then, on Jannaiy 3, Case School bowed to the mini, 15 to 12. On January 10, Chanute Field airain fell victim to the Illini prowess by a score of l(i to 11. Next, the fencers took the Illinois faculty. 17 to 10. on .lainiary 28. February 1. ilichiiran State lost to the Illini. 18 to S). Purdue jirovided the openiiiir Bit; ' Ten competition, dropping before the Illinois onslaught, 12 to 5. On February 15, the illini continued their victory march, humbling Northwestern in the Old Gym, 151 2 to 111 2- However, their winning streak was snai)]ied on February 22 when Wisconsin outfenced Illinois. 15 to 12. On Mar -h 1. Chicago also conquered the Illini, M.VXW KI.L R. (;. [MIK-n Coach 141 o to 12 ,. but on .March 7, the Illini hit the win- ning cohnnii again, defeating N ' otrc Dame, HI-j to rifo- Remaining on the schedule were the Big Ten meet, Washington University, and the National Inter- coUegiates. To these latter events. Coach Garrett took Malik and Friduss in foils, McDonald and Knowles in .saber, and Boland and Sawiii or Fi ' aiiks in epee. Cajitain Howie Boland luis i)een one of the outstanding fencers in the conference, lie juis competed successfully in epee. saber. an l foil. This was his last season of competition. Two other out-standing men were Dick Knowles. a .iunior, iTi saber, and Warren i Ialik, a sophomore, in foils. Next year the team should be even more powerful since most of the men have an- other season of competition ahead of them. Jobson SlreiMl Dolnnil Friduss Titus Franks Kraft Kiiriio Miilik Knowles Cimr. Pope McDonald Sawin Page 233 I ' liBC 2:!4 » I INTRAMURALS Page 235 1 N ' l KAM t i; M. CllAMIMOXSIIir TltOl ' H V Iiitraniiiral Champions H. liOUDOX Bkxsox lliuh Point Han 19SB1940 FKATKRXrTV IXTRAMIKAI. STANDI N(;s 19;i!)-l!)4() I -hi Delia Theta 567 Sigma Chi 4i)V Aljilia Tail Omega 469 Sigma Alpha H|)sil()ii 435 Phi (iamma Delta 370 Delta Tan Delta ■ ' ■ -i iieta Thela i ' i 34S:! Thcta Xi 3 1 :S Sigma I ' lii iOpsilon lliiT- ' - 1 Ka|ii a Sigma " J(il ' j rill l . nil lit. ■Ill, I III I flililnl - ri. ' i I- PnB - 2:W IP). Harold ti. Nklsox Intramural Managers Senior Manager l) iriim tlio scIkioI ycai ' i;)4()-41. Ihc Division of lntr;iinur:il ami Rec- ivatioiial S])oits was uiulor the caivahic ilii-cctioii of Hartley I ' ricc and senior nianai er, Hal Nelson. AFax ( ' hapnian lieaded the Keci ' eat ional Sports, while junioi ' managers l ill (Irant and -lini Welsh wei-e in chariiv of the Intramural Sports. A wide variety of sjiorts including- Softball, ping-iiong, basketball, soeeer, Imwlinsi ' , volleyball, tennis, golf, w ater-polo, swimming, wrestling, and horse-shoes was oft ' eri ' d to the men students of the auiversity; so that any student eonld i)ai1 icipate in the sp(u1s iu whieli he was in te rested. This is the second year of operation ol ' the zone system for the inde pendents ])artieipating in team s])arts. The campus is divided into zones of about one hundred men each, and these zones compete as teams. Late in -lanuarx, the Alpha Tan Omega ' s, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' s. Sigma ( ' his. and Theta Xi " s were lea linu ' the I ' ace for the fraternity championshiji. WlI.LUM C. OR.VNT ,]AMES C. WkI.SII Junior Manafjers Hahti.ey D. Price Director liocBs Dickenson Nt ' wsftin CavRiinuch Page 237 Phi Gamron Delta, Basketball Champions Sigma Chi. Bowling Champions Intramural Champions S P K 1 X (; . 19 4 Ping Fonp. Singles Eagle, Beta Thtta I ' i Pin}; Pong, Douliles CraiiiBixhojt, Independt nts Baski ' tball " A " ' League I ' lii Gamma DclUi Pasketball " B " League Sigma I ' i Indepenilent M.I.D.A. League .S.B.A.C.S. All University League Phi Gamma Delta llaiidliall. Singles Malkin, Zeta Beta Tan llandhall. Doubles Malkin-Plitytlett, Zeta Beta Tau Swimming Sigma Alpha F.psilon Tennis, Singles Antink, Independent Tennis, Doubles. Jnd ' n ;, Independent ; Benson, Phi Gamma Delta Horseshoes, Singles Campiell, Sigma Chi Horseshoes, Doubles Kiihl-travin, Independent Softball, All University Delta Tau Delta Softball. Inflependent Granada Club Free Throw, Team Sigma Alpha Upxilon Pree Throw, Individual Gal( IIi thick, Phi Gamma Delta Track Kappa Sigma Archery Cohrn, Indept ndt nt Golf, Team Beta Thela Pi Golf, Singles Kou manoff, Independent Water Polo Alpha Tau Omega (1939) Volley Ball, Fraternity Active Champions ilpha Tau Omega Volley Ball, Fraternity Pledge Champions Phi Gamma Delta Kappn SiKmii, Fall Track Ohaniplona Driln Tim Delia, Softball Champions Page 238 K.,|.l... Aii.l.;! l i. .....L Zeta Beta Tan. f—U fhaniiiinn Intramural Champions FALL. 1940 Scit ' tlmll Hi idji-dtrdji Truck Koj iHi Alpho I ' si • Iiilf, Sin;;les Bioirn, Ali ' lio Chi IHio Uiilf, Team Xeta Beta Tau Tiirki ' v l. ' mi Olxrn. Hihncchi Siiccei- Tilda Xi W.-itiT I ' dld Sif niii Alpha Kiisiloii Volley B;ill. . tive Phi Delta Theta V.ill.v Rail. I ' I.mI-c Delta Upsilon Tlieia Xi, Soccer Champions Herdy-Gerdy, Softball Champions Page 239 Gymiiastica Gymkaiia Troupe Fomuied, 1933 Univi ' i-sity of Illinois V Alpha Clinpter T(i pnniKilc (inil ))iiiinlinn corisl nicl in I ii mid iirt is iiiill ii mi )nt(rest in ( i niniistic Robert W. Edwards, B.S. William J. Golde, B.S. Windsor W. Brown Leslie E. Card Max J. Chapman- Elizaiseth a. Co.nnellv Cl ' KTIS CREIeJHTOX Cecil V. Donovan Helen Eades FACT LTV Alpheus M. .Iknninus, M.S. Charles K. Kovacic, B.S. o.Vol! . 1! • . | 1-: .M i; |.; R s Brick R. Footk Charles R. Kredkkk ' k Lakrv Giuswald .Iai-k HASKr s .Ia.MKS Ha.MI ' T(IN .SIvELEY .IciHNSTOX .M MtiA Leonard (IKKTKUDE L. I ' Al.MEK Irene D. Pierson Mrs. Hartley D. Price Mk.miall Riley Walter L. Roosa .James Rozanas Forest H. Mades, B.S. Hartley D. Price, A.M. Edward E. Stafford Seward C. Staley Frederic B. Stiven Wendell S. Wilson Joseph F. Wkight AUTlIrR R, WlI.DIlAGEN .M KM II KK ' S I . IX 1 VK |{ S I T V Fax Jaxnettk Cobb Winifred L. Duksey JLary Jane Doyle Lcthera E. Ehriiakt Robert P. Fisher LoREx B. Felt Ja.mes A. Baley Harold J. Brown Donald E. Britton Gertrude N. Corkery James H. Felt Pail E. Fina Andy Hansen Henry J. Hoi.qiist Janet Horst.max Richard L. Huches Dei. MAR W. HcsMAX Lnrrs R. FixA Gladys G. Graff Victor C. Hohfner Ruth K. McCcirmick fiLEAXOR MfLJ.ER Seniors Juniors Fic.xxcES E. Johnson Donald L. Kiexlen Harry E. Koenemann Josephine S. Lehmann Dorothy M. Miller Helkn L. .Mori.uck Carol J. Myers Mary J. Olsen Arthur Pomatti Mary K. Smiley Verxon L. Teho M. RjoRiE L, Walters Roberta Wilsox Bert J. Wuellxer Evelyn E. Powell Dox Radcliff Martha J. Waltmire John L. Wuisexaxd Jane P. Wyatt Price Brilton TpIio Hoofiipr Doyle C. MycPH Sniilpy McConnick ' ■ " lit Piiwi ' ll JohiiKon Cobb Clow WliiKpiiniKl Kiciilpn Fomalli Ehrliiirt E. Miller Woltcrs Olson D. Millir Morlock Wnltiniro Koehiiriiinim Pnge 240 Gyinki s aiia ll.MiTi.KY D. Price Director Pail E. Fixa Wixifreu L. Uoksev General Chairmen The Sixth Annual Gymkana Show, entitled " A Rendezvous With Rhythm, " luider the direction of Hartley Price was acclaimed a gi-eat success by the 3.500 spectators. The sophisticated setting- in Cafe Rendezvous on an ishuid in the mid-Pacific, the smooth rhythm of Gymkana " s dancers, and the thrill- ing spectacle of the gymna.sts flying through the air pleased everyone. The Yomen ' s Senior Manager was lary Ellen McCarty, and the Men ' s Senior lanagers were Robert Gruenberg, first semester, and Rav " Weiss, Mary .J. Doyle Lokex B. Felt Senior Managers second semester. General Chairmen were Jean Soder- strom and David Field. The show was built around Jane Wyatt and lier group of Hawaiian dancers, a new act in Gymkana. Other new numbers incor- porated in the show were the i-oller skating act with its thrilling airplane spins aiul the smooth balli ' oom dancing of Bob and Louise Greenwell. Popular fea- tures in the show were the Bronze Statuary, Adagio Dancing, the Gymnasts, and the Group Dances. The first (iymUana Show. ]irespntpd during ilothers Day Powell Corkery Wliisenaml McCoriiiick Tcbo F. Cobb Romer i -r- ii;iif U, HuL ' hi-s iijtfj.T Vniiuu Ctnivm ili.r ltiiaii Uipkn « ' .-■!. Calvetti Phillips Hrown Matsnn L. Fina Johnson O ' Xeil Burke (iraff Mnrlnrk R. Iliiches Clow Kochnfiiiann . dkins Collister Pontalli Sharkey Waltiniro .T. Felt E. Miller P. Fina Doyle Price I.. Fell Dorsey Wileoxen D. Miller Britton Ehrhart Page 241 Gynikaiia Week-end on May 3, was dedicated to tlu- Iiitr.-miunil Champions, and the second show given duriiiii liiici- scholastic Week-end on ilay 18 was dedicated tn all High School visitors. Outstanding national (■hanii)i()n- ship gymnasts who appeared in these shows were Joe Giallomhardo, Paul Fina, and Harry Koehnemaiui. A new senior award was introduced at the home show. A committee sponsored by (lymnastica selected the senior boy and girl whom they considered the most outstanding in scholarship, activities, and character. Winners of this Most Distinguished Student Award were Beverlie C. Briggs and Walter T. lorey. The Costume Contest was won by Joyce ( ' lark. Ali iui Phi. Best ' { " roiipers of the year were John ( ' rcss and Ili-len Shaet ' er. and the Best Peri ' di ' iiicrs wen- I ' .ill Golde and Frances Johns(m. The Best ] ' ( itiiinur .Vward was also a new award begun last yeai ' . (iymkana has continued its broad activities. It co-operated with the Intiamuial Department to pi ' e- sent the Turkey Run. The Football Court ot ' Honor Page 242 Gymkana oiijoyi ' d unusual success this year, being presented at tlie KKO Virginia Theater in Champaign at the Wiirhl Premier of " " Too ]Many Girls. ' " Gymkana troupers supplied other entertainment foi- the .show. The presentation was acclaimed hy Mr. Tinn (Jonnan. KKO Division Manager, as the " " most interesting. novel, and pleasing entertainment " he had ever seen. Senior Managers this year are ilary Doyle and Loren Felt. The General Chairmen, who act as co- ordinators between managers and yierformers, are Winitied Dorscy and i ' aul Fina. During the secontl semester ol ' last year, (iymkana made five road trips. These shows were presented at Marmion .Militai ' y . cadcniy at Aurora. .Morton Junior College at Cicero, Moline Senior High School, Peoria, and The National Convention of American Association of Physical Education, Health, and Kec- reation at the Stevens Hotel, Chicago. The privilege of giving the show at the Stevens Hotel in Chicago is perhaps the greatest honor that Gymkana has yet Page 243 Prculuction c.niuiillee for " A Ki-ndi ' zvnus Willi liliyllim " Iiiterscliolastic - Gymkaiia achieved. Outst;iiniinii men in the lirM nl ' l ' liy.sic;il Hiiucatitm from all over the Inilcii Stairs were present at this show anil liavc ai-claimi ' d il as an mit- standing performance. Out of town shows duriiiii- the first semester were given at Waukei:an, Kentueky. lOast St. honis, Sjirinii- field, and Hohinson. The Kentueky show was spun- sored by organizations of the University of Kentucky and was presented as a feature attraction of their lliiineeominu l ' e|i i all . ' I ' lie oi-iuinal plan ineliided five road I rips foi ' the second semester, includini;- a possible trip into the southwestern states dnriiiii ' the Ivister vacation. •■ ' I ' otem Poles and Te|)ees. " the Seventh . nnual (iymkana Show, was i;iven .May ' 2 and .Mn IT. This year ' s home show was a eoloi ' fiil presentation of dilTiM-ent Indian tribes in the I ' nited States and their intlnenee tipon the history of tnir country. I ' oge 244 ■ 1 I ACTIV ACTIVITIES r CAMPUS LEADER: STUDENT ADMINISTRATION UNIVERSITY WOMEN PUBLICATIONS SOCIETY STAGE AND CONCERT MUSIC MILITARY EVENTS OF THE YEAR I Piigc 250 CAMPUS LEADERS Page 251 CAMPUS LEADERS CAMPUS LEADERS •pte« " jcM. •-IpK:, . f ' V.o CAMPUS LEADERS yresv , Scnl " ■ ' ■ ■„..„. U ' U.- " " M UTV COKBKUb CAMPUS " " 111 yicsv idcol. tA " lt»v - " LEADERS Pago 2G0 STUDENT ADMINISTRATION r:if;e 261 Student Senate Ai;. i.i: .1. . iAin IN l rc«i{iriit AuxKK K. Kni«;ht. M.K., M.S., K.K. Hklkx L. Bittermaxx J. RonKKT liLOMqriST M. KV J. COKXS CH. KI-KS R. FaRR Lai ' kknck K. Fkazke KonKKT E. Hammax Rov A. Ha-MMAR FAcn l A 1) V 1 S !•; K s t ' Ki-II. A. MliVKR. Ph.D. ST I ' I) KXT (»FF1 ( ' Ki;.S Ai ' .NKK .1. Mahtix Prenident C ' MAiiLKS E. ilAHA Vice-P resident Makv J. Corns Secretary UicHAKn H. MiriiAKi-SKX Treasurer .M K.M HERS .- , HkU 1{1 -TdHNSON ' . JH. . i; l.N K. K i:M)i;i.!. C», kl.KS K. M AH A Am.nkk J. JlAirii.s KlCHAKII H. MilHAKl.SK.V X.V.NCy JIlCOLL Valentine Jobst, 1Mi.1 . Uele.n a. Pkescott Nancy Kobb I ' EuiiV K. Seed Rei.kokii a. Small .losErii F. Smith John- T. Trltter ilAHIiARET J. WeSTCOTT il:iiii[aiiri . ' inull Ktiidtl. ,:: [ . ' Mil Kii.ulil .Mijii l.i.lili Nicull Marliii Iluiiiiii ir .Mii ' liiit ' lKul Smith Johiisun DIumqui. ' tt Ur.-.lall Uillrnijiiu I jirr Imzii: I ' ll go 202 University Dance Committee MK.MHKKS John T. Tki ' ttkr, Vliairman J. Bkrxard .Ioiinsok Xevix E. Kkxdh.i. CiiARLKS K. Mama Abxkr S, Martin HeLKN a. I ' RKSOOTT Vernon .1. Hamtton Cecil A. AIovkr Irene I). Pikkson Jull. T. TKtTTfcK Chairman Tlie I ' liivcrsity Dunce ( ' iiininitti ' c is :i studi ' iit-fai-- iilty board which is tin- admiiiistrat i c body for all ireneral university social functions. It is composed of five students chosen by the Student Senate, one stu- dent and two faculty members chosen by the Student AfYairs Coiinniltee. and a memlier of the Dean of Men ' s Staff. Pi ' o i-ams. ch ' coralions, budjiets. special activities, and all other phases of student iiunni ed danecs are left in the hands of individual Committee membei-s. with the Dance Committee retaining final control. The Ctmimittee supervises the ])rintino ' . issuing:, collectinjr. and auditing of tickets and i ro- irrams. Before tiind steps can be made by individual dance committees, ai)proval of date, place, and bu lsiet of proposed dances must be had from the Connnittee. Funds of the Committee this year have been s|)ent to create permanent dance decorations and to inci-ease the administrative efficiency of each dance. Speei;d attention has been uiven id the sujjervision of the elections of the (pieens of the daiu-es and to niori ' pleasins ' customs (jf the (pieens ' coronations. In order to facilitate future work of the Coiinniltee. extensive records are being- ])reiiared and iiiainlained this year. Copies of each dance prograni. |ihotoi;raphs of decora- lions, written suggestions of dance chairmen, and coni- jdete financial re])orts are kept on lile for easy refer- ence. Again this year, the Comniittee awarded all decoration contracts to students, on a semester basis. The new lllini I ' liion building has bi-oadeiied the scope of the ( ' ommittec and all jiossible effort has been made to utilize the dance facilities to the best interests of the .students. The Cniversity Dance Committee, for the i)ast year, struck a new nnirk in keeping ticket prices in the lower levels, so that a maximum number of students might the social events that have come under its Jiii-isdict ion. .Munii. |[tiiiil t .lohiisoii K. ' ' ll i ' lv . ' iill .M.. . ' i Page 26?, Illinois Union ( ) F !• ' I (■ !•: K S i; isiMii.i ' ii 1 ' . HoEi.sniKH. l,ilKi,N I!. KkI.T Ckcii, v. .Smith KnwAltl) .1. I■ " .T ; HOARD i)F 1)1 K KCTORS niii:i,si ' Mi:i: Si ' KxrKK F. Hkowx CHARI-KS J. (AIIX.K Charlks K. Fakr Glkynk Goodwixe .Inns K. Hoerxkr KdllKKT K. Hl ' DELSOS AliXEK K. KXKiHT }!nW UI K. KOPKL ABNKU .1. M KTIS CMAKI.KS .1. M[[,l.KIt Willi m (J. Tal.mkr HlKAM T. SCOVILL .loSKl ' H STKIXBERO Carl Stephens Pres ' dent . ' irr-Prenideitt . . . Sccretfirn .... Treasurer Tlic Illinois I ' liion was fouiulcd in l!)li!i liy Ivlinmiil Janu ' S. then ])i-esiili ' iit of the liiivcrsity. His idia in eluded a center lor the Inivcisitv litV aiiKUii: men, a ])laee wheiv men eonld meet and minjiie in rmniade- shii). whil ' e factional and sectional lines slimild not he recOKiiized noi ' di ' awn. ami wlieic a spirit of hiiiader compi ' ehensioii ol ' men ' s nature should increase. The |Mii-|)ose of the Illinois Tnion. ' " ' ro lu-oinote llliiii spirit , ' iiid loyalty hy ;dl possihh ' means, and to t ' ostcr ;dl letiitimate forms of student activities, espe- cially h the inaiulenance of a social ami recreational center for Illinois ' men and women. " has heen inciil- e.itecl into the iM ' u .Men ' s League oriiani at ion. which is carrx iini on I ' or t he I ' nion. C Ql CT! JL .Millt-r I ' lil r l)iifrtii r Cainllc lltnll-lNdll Stoihlion: (•ooilwiiir Si ' ovill K..,M.l Vuuo L ' «M Men ' s League .MHXS LKAta K KXKLLTIXK I ' .OAKM) OFFICERS LORKN B. FkLT President Abner J. Martik Vice-President Toe Stkinbeko Second Vice-President FACVLTY MEMBF.RS STUDENT MEMBERS liARDi.ii W. Bailev Charles R. Farb Edwakii .1. FiLUEV Kaye H. Galldwav Robert R. Hidelsox Thomas M. Hirer Abner R. Kxioht Belkord A. Smali, Staxeiei.d S. Tavi.or Doxai-k H. Wii.sov J U 1 () H C A B I X !■: T Kenneth K. Rathekt Public ReUUion-s Robert H. Westi-ott University Service Nemn E. Kendall Welfare lioNALD V. T lNIiBERO. Recreation Wiij lAM C. Prather Loyalty and Traditions Iames H. Felt Entertainment I EAS P. Wessel Social loHN C. Martin, Jr Si ' ' cial Pajfs Felt All mall- stuiiiiits in thr I ' liivcisil y aiv iiifiiibers of Mon ' s iicaoiu ' . The Li ' aoiu ' is guviTiied l)y a oioup of seniors and faculty members, who phin the activity prosiram alonfr the lines of promoting school spirit and loyalty, directinsr general activities, and advancing the interests and general welfare i ' the inemhers. An Assi.stant Dean of len serves the League in the ca- pacity of secretary-treasurer and general counsellor. AH new students in the University are encouraged to become active members of the Leagui ' and to work on the various committees for League activities. Early in the first .semester ])etitions are acceiited from inter- ested students: when their nanu-s are placed on the League active member roll they are eligible for service in the League i)rogram. Active freshmen in the League do committei ' work, and sophomore menibers head up the comniillees as chairmen. Each event is under the general chairman- .ship of a Junior. lie is the head of a fiuictional divi- sion of the League program; for instance, tiiere is a Junior for Entertainment, one for Kecrea1i(m. another for Social activities, and Sd fortli. as on the following pages. Students nuiy start in the League their first year in .school, and may ' graduate " " fi-om year to year until their senior year, when the. - may serve the League as one of its officers oi- Board members. Advancements are determined by the grades received for activities of the League. (ialloway Hutll ' lKOII Knrr T»vli.r Hiibrr Kj|i;:llt Wilson Page 265 Men ' s League i; VTll KliT public Jiflatitnis fniiwrnifi Srrrir I ' l HLIC WKLAIIoXS Tlic . cti il - liooklct. ail iiitcrt ' st iiiii fnlio lull o ' .Moil ' s Li ' iijruc iK ' ws. is one il ' the tuiiclions ol ' tlu- Public Rolations ( " omniittec. ' I ' lu ' naiiu ' ■■( ' liaiiihcr (if ( " omnierce " is often apijlit ' d to tiiis coiiimittrf Ikcmiisc it sci ' ves as a means of contact liclwccn tlir slmlcnl body and the League. I ' ictui ' es of Leai;iic activities, as those on llicse pa es: newspaiier cli|i| iiiiis ; a scraplxiok: and otlief publicity items are iiii lei- the supervision of the .Junior in cliariic of I ' ublic Relations. WMIJ ' AI. ' K Aiilinii and coopei-atinii in worth-while di-i cs fo|- charital)le ori;anizations are the hij;hlii iits in the pro- ' zram for this committee. The coiiimittec iiieinbers arrany:e for smokers, dinners, and benetits for the Leaijfiie members; and they promote .ueiieral coui- munit -canipus wi ' Hare ;ictivities. Welfare drives for indepeii(hMit men and fraternity men are assi neil to the .Men ' s Independent hislrid . .ssociati()ii and to the Inter-fraternity Comicil, but y-eneral activities, iiivolvin ; the welfare of ' ( men come undei ' the superxision of the Welfare chairman. I i i-;k ' sitv smknk ' k l ' ir the cou -enience of newconicl ' s t(i the I ' ni veisity , a .liuiile scrxiee has been arraiieed, ' This is under the supervision of the .lunioi- ( ' abinel member assiiiiied to I ' niversity Service. l- ' iirthcr projects for the service of the I ' niversity are carried on from time to time, as for example fresh- uian (uieiitation meetiniis — at which the jjea iic pre- sents distinguished speakers on .selected topics; and eounseloi ' serviei ' . I ' he work of this .Junior Caliinet member is coorili- naled with those of the others to make, really, a service to the I ' uivcrsitv. L l 1 w i ' e ' A ■ Sffii WintirrM of tlir fhriKlmnn ' ortj Ctnilrtil iiitidr Sfrvicr Tngi ' LMiO Men ' s League I.i hiu:K i Rt-crfothn, PRATHKK Loyalty and Traditions UKCKKATIoN Ki ' dciitiiinal I ' veiits. Un Ixilli iiidiviiliuils ami srroups. aiv iuhUt the cliairiiiaiisliip cit ' tlic .liiiiidi- in chartrc of Recreation. The ])ro rrain of this man ami his cdnuniltre is cli- maxe l early in the Si)riii - by " Ke -rca1 ion Week. " " whicli is staired in the Union Buiidinsi-. All-lniviisity eliani])ions in howlino;, checkers, eliess. )iinii jionsr. liridire. pinochle, and jjocket billiards, are crowned and receive awards from the Leajiue in recosinition of their accomplishment. The toui-naments cover the period of a week, duriny; whicii tinu- fnlly two tlmnsand mini take ] art. L(tVAl.T . . i) Ti;. i)rii(i. s The aim of tlu ' Chairman in chai ' fte of Ijoyalty and Traditions is to foster the further growth of " llliiM S])irit. " " Pej) nieetinsis. football movies, eheerleadinfi;. rece|)tions foi- visit iiii; teams, and send-offs for the mini competinii- away fiom home are inidei- the man- agemei;t of the Junior in charjre of this work. Before each home football uame. a pe|) meeting: is held on the steps of the Auditorium. S|)eeehcs by the rival coaches and athletes are ijiven : the I ' niversity Band plays Illiiii sonus; and cheers rend the silence of the campus district. These of course are colorfid events. At the 1940 Homecoming;, mini ' s ' " (ialloiiinfr Ghost, " Red Uiansre, spoke to the thousands of stu- dents and alumni who came for the occasion. Itrci uliitii . ' . ' «... (;.■( Thrm, lUini! Page 267 Men ' s League and Woman ' s League Felt FriovK Eiitei ' taittmeiit Van- Ovkk Social Wessei- Social EXTERTAIXMHXT Fiiii-])rov()kinir cvoiits like Ihc Sluiit Show ami All- I ' nivorsity Sings are sflicdulrd li 1lic Li-Miiucs foi- first semester entertainment. Later in the year, l)oth Leai;ue.s iiieliule sejiarate shows in their program. At tlie All-Tniversity Sings, student orcliestras and musieians entertain the llliiii in the auditorium. Spe- (•iail aets. from the Stunt Show and other dramatic aetivities of the two Leagues, are i)resented ; and, with singing fi-(mi the audience, the Sing is always a success and is attended by capacity crowds. SdCl.M, During tiic course of each school ycai- .Men ' s League and Woman ' s IjCague sponsor many varie l soi-ial events, with most of them taking place in the llliiii Inion IJuilding. At least two dances each year arc held in the (!( orge lluft ' Oymnasium. where music is fiirnislicd to the dancei ' s Iiy " big name " orchestras. These events ai ' c ti ' aditionally a sellout. Hvcry Satui ' da.N- night there is a .Men ' s League- Woman ' s League danci ' in the lllini Lnion Ballroom, and at arions oilier limes one may attend Salnnlay afternoon coke dances and Wednesday evening date dances. .Many of Ihesc events arc operated on a non- |iro(it basis. Coordinating the work of the various committees foi- these events is the duty of the generid chairman of the Leauues. AU-l nil rifilu •SiHf .);, . . llnll .,ll,ll„„ l..llUlll mill III! (illllill tJlUllllli; III the lltiiii I ' liiitii liallrtmin I ' ncc 2fiH Men ' s Leajjiie and oinan ' s League S PKCIAL DAYS Three of the outstaiidinsr events of the school year are Homecoming. Dads Day. and ilother ' s Day. These come under the joint chairmansliip of the Special Days Junior Cabinet member and a Woman ' s Leairue chairman. Homecoming, of courec. is the most colorful week- end of the year. Glen ' s League and Woman ' s League spon.sor a house decorations contest : the sale of souvenir badges: and a Stunt Show of individual acts. The program is a complete one for the visitors, antl for the Leagues it means an oi)i ortunity to re- croati ' iiitoi-cst ill tlic I ' niversitv and it.s activitii ' s. Dad ' s Day is another one of the football weekends in the yeai-. Activities of the two Leagues on this occasion include a recejition for the " Dads " in the Union Building, and the distribution of tags to the nsiting " Dads. " At the game, the Leagues award prizes to the " Dad " who has traveled the longest dis- tance for the game, and to the " Dad " who has sent the most children to the l ' nivei " sity. ilother ' s Day " , traditionally held on the first week- end in May. includes a reception for the " ilothers " and a ilay Day celebration. The Maypole dance, held on the quadrangle in the front of the Auditorium, is considered one of the prettiest Spring event.s. and is attciuled by nim-li color and pageantry. m " t; ' .7. ., iii ' -im ii .- ' I ■ . • n il ■ ' 7 Badgr P»ce 269 Y. M. C. A. II. I K. X LkKI ' KR Vice-President SMC i; ilTA i; I A I. ST A 1- ' !• ' Hkxky K. WlLSOX M. I. COI.DWKI.I. T. M. Si.ossiiN !■ A i; I X K r .M KM !■. US H. DkAX LkEI ' ER J ' n-Kulr ,it (iARRETT W. LOV Vicp-Prfsltlr ill J. Robert Walker Hecurdir ROIiERT J. TroKAUGU F n-slimll li J ' i ' UnWttlii)i Harvkv fl. Orxhorfk Mreliiiin KohERT M. MtCrearv Frdtrmilj Firf tiilr Fnniiii WaRREX p. QrEXSEL Iiidi ' liPndriit Firi ' mili ' Fnniiii DOSALK L. MaxION CInin ' h Rrlnliiillil The Vuiiliii: .Men ' s ( ' lirisliaii Associat inn ari|uaints tlic stiidpnts with the i)rincii)les ol ' .Jesus ' lile which are vital in uur daily livinsi ' . To eaiTv out its purpose, a niemhei-shij) of moi-e than SOO men eai ' i-its a vaiiiii profiram in whieli any individual may find a plai-c nt interest. The reaches every stuilint in the University, directly or indirectly. Just before ref ist ration the ' .M.( ' A. hnhls a l- ' irsh- man Camj) which orientates tiir l)r ihhird lirst year Ui» Aiih 1 " , .Si-K ' i " ri,KU . Vdcationnl Cuuneil Mei.vix K. SIMS PubHeilii KiciiAKI) T. KxoWLES I nil ritnliimnt Frifudship (il.KX !• ' . .STICE 7!o.i » ' KnrK- ( " n AINCKV H. A ' TS() . .Ik Mi-whi ' fJthi i (i Kit A 1, 1 1 1). |{|!h;nrn h ' ri ' i ' iitiiin 1,(11 is I--. liiii.,.;s SiicinI ,l(mx H. khki,v. ,Ik ForeiffH Work (•oIIcl;c mm with slu h ' nt life and activities. Dnrinii ' the year this oi-yanization is continually stinuiiatiiii; international fi-iciulship, social activities, tircside I ' oruMis, and ncil imial izuidancc. Tile new ' ,. l,( ' ,. , huildiiiii. niotlernist ic in every detail, serves students in pa.ssing their leisure time in wholesome fcllowsliiji undci ' the anidancc of ( hristian spirit . I lUL dt MJL WnlKiin hriirtitftn l.Cl.-.,lv WiOirlj ' Si if. ' •riMi.iiiiLii ,Siins On,,liirlV Brines i ii. ' ii.s,.; I ' ligc 270 Ajsricultural Council C7 President. First .Semester 11. (iLKX HAKSHIIAICI.KK t ' residrnt. Second Semester ( » ( First Semester Clltbs Ki-Jtresfnlrtl Second Seini ' strr Fay M. Sims President nf Counril.. II. (ILKX Haksiiiiakckk KoliKUT J. Hakius Af ri. Keonnmies . . . Wn.l.lVM N. ' rnnMl ' s tx Kali ' H L. Pkimm Af ri. Eduention Dvi.l ' , .1. Pkick KocKK M. Smith Auri. Ennineerimj K()UKK M. Smith Thkdiiork W. I.AJiili; Dainj Pmduetion A. Lkk Shafkh R(iV N. DlRBIN nninj TeeUnnloiijl . . . . Wll-MIK M. ilcCoWKS ( ' LAKlox B. Hkni»ki:sox . Field and Furrow Carlos R. Sikkkrt Myrov C. MlKl.l.KK IIooj nnd Horn Kai.I ' H H. .Iamks KrtiKNK M. Vl » Ilorlienllnre VirTnK ,1. Mil, i, Kit W. V Y K RKIiMAN PouUrii Science V. Wavnk Rkiimas Ai.Kiiuii K. VKI.Iu»rKNK.. (iioi A ' jricxilturist.. .yitKh K. W ' Kl.BorRXK Tlu- Airricullmal ( ' uuin-il is the ' jiivcriiinii IxhIn of the students in the ( ' (iliciir (if Ai;ricult lire. ' I ' liis eoimcil cooidinMlcs the v;iriiuis mcI i it ics ol ' tlu ' clubs f( ' iU ' Osi-iitc(l, jiiiil iMDMiotcs activities ini tlic Agri- culture ( ' aiu| ns. Thus it ai ls in hi-insiini; stuilonts ill cldscr cimiact with one anntlicr as well as with the faculty. The purjJDse ot ' the chilis rrinesi ' iiliMJ is tn I ' ainiliar- ize the students with the various |) ot their particular fiehl throuiih lectures, discussions, motion ))ictures. etc. In this way students may broaden their knowlediii ' in tields other than their major. The council is composed ol ' the president of the . ;iiicultnral ( ' lull, who is aiilonnitically the jjresi- deiit of the ( ■(Miiicil. the presidents of the clubs repre- sented, and the IMitor of the Illinois Ai Page 271 Student- Aluiniii Association Scott Cleave President Ben- Hurt 10 w ail Mniin Koeni Scott V. Cl.k. ve. Albert E. Htrt. . Mariox V. EwAX . SKNIoi; I ' .oAUl) . . .rrtsUlriit KiiWAUii V. .Ma.w Trcaaiircr iri ' -I ' i-i ' nitieiit AUKLAlhK X. Hkrr OrffanizatiOH Director . . .Secrelarij llnhMrnn- .1. Kckn ' Ii; Dirrctor of Pxthlii ' lirliitious Loris F. Bmiics Hei-kx Feiirkmiachkk JEAX K. Gooiiwii.i. Eleanor E. Hitciiisox Wakrkx W. Krkkt Chari.ks ,J. Meykk JUMOK I ' .OARI) Hi Til .M. .Mi.i i;n .l m M iTcMKi.i,- Vk[j?, .lit. Gkoruia a. Moox Wkkta a. Ronixsox Ki,K. x( it B. Williams ( " ATHKHIVK M. YorXttKR FouiukHl ill li)o2 the StiHlciit-Almiini Associjil imi ha.s mack ' rajiid ]iroiii ' css in cari ' viiiii dul its puiiKisf, tliat of ■■Proriiolins; the WclTarc (if the liiiMrsilv of Illinois. " Each year hundri ' ds of siiailiialcs. hc- of their affiliation with the oriianization in onr or more of its many activitiis, becoint ' toi-ch Ix ' aroi ' s I ' oi- tlu ' ir University. Throuiihout tlu ' I ' niti ' d Stales and in some of the foreign counti ' ies y )nn ; ' aliinuii liave ins[)ired the reawakeninii of the lllini spirit. Many of them have l)een made leaders of lllindis alumni eliibs. The Stiideiit-Ahiinni .Vssoeiat ion cDniiiiets a well rounded ])roji:ram of soeial and service activities. ' i " hc All- University dances are sponsored hy the . sso- ciation, amonfj the most prominent heiui; the llnme- (■(iiniiii; and the Registration. Its Founders Day celelii ' atidii is (iiic ill ' the iniiiortaut campus affairs each year. . liiiiliri s iii ' the Association devote useful ser iee to the Aliuniii Association, the ]iar- eiit oriiani .at ion. ami in so doinsi ' nia] e it piKssihle foi- it to iia ' e a hrnadir and more diversified pi ' o- ijrani. hiiporlant in the . t udent-.Mumni Association are thi ' many Stuih ' Ut lllini rhihs. These are designed as a " traiiiini; i;iound " for tlie .Mumiu clubs in their own conununilies so that students can easilx continue their active interest in the I ' liiversity after liraduation. These student eluhs also provide llu ' iiu ' ans for closer frieiidsliip ainonu the students from the same eoMununitw Krcfl ' illtiiiii . .Mi ' .h.ll W,. Vinilli;fr Onod will Ki ' llri ' iitmc ' uT lIiiit-liiiiMi Pngf ' Zl ' i Student- Aliiiniii Association Dawson Pierson V[LLI M .1. I ' KISTKK J ' ) fMitirnt PACTLTY BOARD WlI.l IAM J. PkI.STER. I ' ri ' sidcttl Hakold S. Dawson Robert R. Hiuleso.v ESSEL R. DiLLAVOU JOHX K. TrTHII-L IkkxI ' : D. Pierson " The administiation of tlii Association is the re- sponsibility of six senioi ' officers and six members of the faculty who comprise liie executive committee. The hitttM ' are appointed by the lidai ' d of Directors of the Alumni Association, wliilc student members arc sek cted because of their dutstandini;: work as mcml)ei-s of the .Junior bo ard of oovci-nors of the ])revious year. There are cisrhteen to twenty juniois who are selected each year from the ]:ir!;e Sophomore council on the same merit basis. The .Junior board is resjjonsible for the .student lUiui club oriranizaf ion prosjram and the work of the So])homore council. The .Junior board meets each week with the executive committee to plan and i-ari - on the prosrr;im of the oroani .alion. The s()i)liomoics are selected throui;h |)etition. ' I ' licy conduct the niaiix ' routine aftairs of the As.sociatioii and devote most of their activity time to work in the Alumni office where they have the opportunity to learn the office procedures. Lttu r .Sti ' Veiisuii Wt-tllak, ' Smith (ioldbiTir JloOownn MorriKnii Mnltz Harkf HhIIi ' jiiii Ass4 ' lii Hull Haniinii Alli ' ii •SI ark S Miiiii Mtl ' MM I ' liclifiriiln Hciiiiftt Mnrk.Tt ZU ' kUt SrhwairtT Henrii ' kH Thninii. ' ilin McConnoll Page 273 4 Aliiiiiiii Association Cn Aul.Ks M. ' I ' noMi ' so CHAFM-KS W ' ll V M ■«»( ri,Ki,l,„l ( ) F F c v: K s fiiAKi.KS M. ' I ' lioMi ' soN Prcaidvni Chaki.ks Wham Pfist Pyesidfnt IKKXK 1). I ' iKKSoN Fiint V ice-I ' ifitident W ' li. Amks .Sert,ii(l VirvPnttident Caul Stki ' IIKXs Ot ' iteral Secretar}f Wavxk K. Bkx nktt Treasurer (iKKVX (; M)ii viXK Abtmiii Recorder Kdwakm K. Stakkohi) Field Secretary Wii-LIAM J. I risTi;i: Manager Student-Alninui Ajisociation 1)1 R K( ' T(»i;s Wll.lllK .1. ( ' AKMIrllAKI. I ' KHin li. iiKAVKS H AKin- A. Ham, KuIlMCr Z. HliKMAX ( " Am. ( ' . Laksox A ' lcTdK K. La vkknce ' 1L1,IA.M K. RiKCiKT, Al.TA (!. .SArXDERS Dknkkx a. Watson The aluiiiiii of a lariic uiii crsity imii ild niiicli In ket ' |) up tlu ' institution ' s jn-ustiiic aini staiidiiiu in llicir daily i-oiitaets with tlu ' ])ul)lii-. Aliiiniii inlii- I ' stcd in tlie I ' liivci ' sity wclfai ' i- have iiiaiulaini ' d the Alumni Association sinci ' 1S78 I ' or tlic purpose of ki ' eiiinjj; the alumni and iornicr students of the I ' lii- Vfisity informed on I ' nivei ' sity functions and student activities, as well as the activities of their former classmates. This is acconiplishe(l by cii-cu]atin ' the Association ' s pnhlic-al imi, " Jllinois Alumni News. ' ' The offices in the lllini I ' nion Buihlini; contain iiles Ihat aie kepi up to dale hy a staff of stenoiii-ajiluM ' s anil ch ' rks. In these fih ' s are listed nearly every alum- nus or former student of the I ' nivci ' sity. liy means of these, alumni can locate old fliends ov classmates, and the . tlilctic . ssociation and other oruainza- tions can cir-euhile folileis and schedules to best advantaue. Page 274 McKiiiley Foundation ' v! iv HB i fcrii I ir MhIoiii ' AnrU ' i-son ' andei ' warf Barry Camp McLauslilin AIiUts Hakrr CasscIlH Widser Henderson Veeder Sniitli Xortiin KoItW Saliin MrTnnes Parr Snialtz Hr ant Falroncr .1 (■ ( ■ foi ' soiitil tfn(f nh ' ffioiis mfirififs proruhfJ for all sfudtnts htf I r( sltifh rinus STAFF .1, ALTKK ,M Ai.nxK, .Ik Director Kov M. Smith Atfgigtaut Director .iKXXis llAKKV Counselor H KitiKT M. BrtVANT Counselor S ' l ' IDKXT (•(•rXCIl. Dl ' I ' l (■ K1{S .lAXET M. Smai-tz President Uoiikkt J. Kalcoxki rilAKl.KS T. Mrl.Ai «;iiLix. Jii Tice-President Maky E. Vkkhkk Wesley Foundation Mil • t Kiii-hliT Avliiiiy M ' ' ulliiu!:l TroliniiL ' h Clin i ' (inciilhiT » ui-nii ' l Kirl.y HoKi: .Swur.l rawson SlLKii ' ilcy Craig Klfcrs JIiMill™ .1. Viiorhois Khri-ill K. llHrni(in HilliTiniimi M. Hnniioii Pope Kllicolt Dysart A. Voorliees Summers Schiiltz Pi ' itliniiin " all l !iiirl Morris Sims Foster Clinse Hep]ierly Clark S.liweitzer .1 ilniiili iiiilir fur tin n lifjious il)td svcinl (i(lirili(s « ' }li lliixlist si ilfli ills STAFF 1 K. Pa I I. Hi iiT. , ' . . BLANCIIK WaXIi. -iJillliil !•■ Miilil-ltr HaKRV p. Sr iTT. I ' . ' initirKH Srrrrtnrn STC I) KXT (■(»( NC I L oKKl ( ' K li S rLViiK V. Si MMKKtf President Abbik A. V h khkk AXNA M. Stliri.TZ VieePresident Makvix M. Pkitiim n Treasurer . Sreretary . Sfcrrtarft . Treasurer Page 275 I ' ii«i ' 270 UNIVERSITY WOMEN Page 277 Woinairs League rw mm ■ ■ watm MaRGAKKT ,T. W ' KSTCttTl President Hi:t KX 1 .. UlTTKKMANN ifei ' rt ' sidcnt Burke KX Ht ' l 11 ' K col Xri L Maihjarkt J. Wkstcott President Hklmx L. HiTTKrt.MAXN Ftrst Vice-Piesidcnl Hki.kx O. [Ai.MBi:iui Second Vice-President VntfJixiA M. KitOVl) .Senior Petnescntatire Sai.I.v I. ItiiohK Junior Jifprvsenlatire Hkatkuk K. Axdkkws Fiiiaucinl , ' fcretari MAitV AI. Bi ' AKK (Corresponding Secretary rJi:oitt;iA A. Hakhv Pun- Hellenic Jiepresentative BvKitAiJA A. ItritKK fcvihfr at Lnrffc Sl ' lMoi; I ' o.M.MI Kathrvx a. Kexwokthy Dads Day MAlUiARET A. RONEY Ilouiecomxng VIRCJIXIA M. Frovd Theatrient Production T K !•: CII A I KM K. " ClIAKLOTTK L. COXRAD MollirrS Dlljl Ai.K ' i: J. Yax Dvkk Lenfliir )oii. ' . Womjiu ' s Lcafriic is a strong oryiiiiiziitioii tliiit l)ririjj;s the . ' !,000 women stiuk ' iits ri ' s islcri-d in tin. ' I ' liivcrsity into an aftivc unit. It irivfs tiieni (ipiMJi- tunities lor self-government and participation in the great variety of activities it sponsors. Hepresenlatives from evei ' v on the eamjuis form llie central •governing hodv of Wmiiairs League, tlie First Council. This ari-angeinenl makes it possible for every woman on tiie campus to keep in contact with stu- ilent affairs. l)otli in the League and in other activities. Woman ' s J eaguc coordinates Woman ' s (Jroup Sys- tem. Tfesidence (iovennnent .System, ( " iold Feathers, Orange Featlurs. Blue Feathers, and .Silver Feathers. This arrangement unites in moi-e comi)ac1 groups girls with common interests, giving them an ailded chance for frienilshi)) and loyalty. Woman ' s League offers some of the hcst npportniiilics for developing executive ahilily. The ( ' ampus Sister niovemenl is sponsoied yearly hy Woman ' s League. This movement ac(|uainls fresh- men women with all aspects of the campus situation even before tiiev have entered tlu ' 1 ' ni crsitv. Page 278 Woman ' s League ili,t.i.. U. M.u,.Mi;i.U ' . Second Vice-President Senior Itepresenlative Rohlfinp: WVImt (iraliiun ' riunnpson Davis rnin| K:i| ]iiM Dr. J. LiTA Baxe AssT. Deax Elizabeth A. Conxki.i.v A l iSiHi Y iiOAUl) .Miss SARAlt J. FlSIlKK Mils. Bkrxita J. LoxG Dkax Maria I.koxaru Dr. Skvkrinv K. Xklshx Dr. .Iaxkt I-. Wkstmx .11 xioi; ( ' (U ' .xciL noxXA I.. BliLll.M Gold Fealhers Hr.i.F.XK A. OiESE Oinmie Fealliers Hki.kx a. Fki:si: Bhir FcnllieiK Kkttv C. Stiim.itz surer FenlhrrK Kl.lz ltl;Tli A. Dav Membrmliiii P. .lAigiKi.ixK Wkbki: Ptlhliriln Mabi;!, a. TlliiMrsiix . . Cn»i ' ii« Cilizriinliiii M. JAXK Camp Cn-oftrmlire Uo»»e Bkss H. Yost Service I ITILI-K A. SriIOKXKI-:M rrritlinifiH Filucatiim niut Lttynttji Urrii Roiii.KixiJ rtiritjf Jlrcordiiiti M. CitAltl.dTTK I)AVl ... . . . rrothtetimi Ii;ax K. (iiiAiiA.M Sneinl .VlH.l.l; 11. Km ' I.w. . 1 " ( iiiifuri ' ff .Viii!i 111 iiililitidii. Wipinan ' s Lcasriic sixmsors tincc ca- operative luiiises. Kaeli year llio lieajnu ' jireseiits a musical cdmedy ami sjionsors pi ' ofii-ams for ean)|ius I)aitieiiiati«m and soeial teas cvciy Wednesday. In •• " niliinatiiiii with Men ' s F e;i ;ue. Womairs Leairiie helps nianavre three of the hisr all-eanipiis events of tlie year — Hoineeomin r. Dads Day. and Mothers Day. Be inniniT with the second semester of this year. Woman ' s Leajrue, with Men ' s LeaKue. has s])on.sored Satiirdav-niirlit dances in the Illini I ' nion HMHrimm. Page 279 Woman ' s League Show (h ' ltfral Chainnan Jiimiuess Mnuntfcr .M. Charlotte Davis Co-Ptodnction Chairman i !i ' Ki;i 1.. l ()KsKV Co-Production Chninnan Day Grahfim ]Jr.-liiii CJiese Sliu ' lit- Yoimtct ' i " Cutler Lay son Frcse Virginia M. Kkoyd. . . WlKIKKKI) L. DORSKY. AI. CiiAKLoTTK Davis. U i ' ' !■ ' J c !■: li s General Chairman . Co-Production Chairman .Co-Production Chairman y A I ■ Skvkkin ' a K. Nki.sox. I ' h.l). .Iosi:iMi V. SroTT. AM Nkm.ik .M . SiTAicT. ll.Mus. . Director .Fiiftdtfi J ' rnilttcliint Mnndfjer ]l,ixi.- Diiictnr COM M I TTHK HKLF-S E. FHBKE .,,..■.,■ . f,n„ii„r JKAN E. GKAIIAM ( l HtUmi-s Hklenf. a. Giksk PubUrily DOKIK J. Lavson Tiipitiii Mariaxnk K. Ailts .Vll«l DrjltOTIilK M. Cl ' TKKR Diiiiff Din-rtor Cll A I i;.M KN .Mvit.inui (iiM L.i) l ' er»onnl I ' luiierlU-s DoxxA I,. RuKiiM SIttffe rropcrtifx Catiikkixk Younokh Mnkcu i ATAi.ii-; li. Scenr J ' ainling Ei.ijAiiKTii A. Day Tickris iiKTTV ( ' . STICILITZ fVo. rnni Afrain this year, at one of tlio Wednesday teas in IJeecmber. Woman ' s Leafiiie ealled in petitions Tor the annual Woman ' s League Sliow. In order to ])etition for one of tlie committees, a ' n- must he a member of Woman ' s LeaKue; lo be eligible for a (•liairniaiishi|), slie must l)e either a jniiior ni- senior. ' I ' he (leiier ' al Chairman, the commitlic chiiiniHii, :iim1 tiie eommittee membi ' rs of the Woman ' s L(ay;uc Show- are chosen by the lOxecutive Council ami the Advisoi-y lioard of Woman ' s Lca nie. The Council and l5o;ird, in choosing; the committees and ehairmanshi|)s, con- sider eacli candidate on tlic basis of her ability an l liei- iTcoi ' d in activities on tiie campus. ' I ' lie ijirls wilii the liijihest (lualifications for the jiosition. thos ' wiiose ])etitions show the hiiihest abilitv- and a com- l)arative amount of well-accomplislied woik in c;iinpus activities, ai ' c chosen as committee clKiirMicn, and incnibers ai ' c chosen fi ' nni nthci- pditinns. ' i ' he ciiaii ' incn and IJH ' ii ' roniinit lees, under the supervision nf the I )ii-ei ' 1oi ' . tlir m-pi ' oduct imi man- agers, and (iencral ( ' hairnian, ariaiiiic ;ind (lirr ' 1 the entii-e show. Page 280 Rose Marie CAS T Srrijrnul ilnluuc ( llAHl.l.s K. ZK1.KXY ■Lady " Jnnt SlIlKI.KV H. Horr HUu-k Eaijlr Kdwahi) MAiiXis Kdirnrd llnu ' Uy lAMKS U. rLKTCllEll F.miU ' lnmmr WaLLACK B. Ulack Wttiida Makcakkt L. Aiiams Hard Undid llrniidii CllAKLKS .1. CaII)I.K Jim Kenliun Jvi-lls U. Kl-XEY K " » - Marie LaFlamme Marilyx Skilks Elliil llraiider MaKI.VX .T. OrIXWALU Half Hretd Vkhxox L. Tkho Bailfiidri . . t ' . M :ki.k Parkv On PchiuMry L S. Woman ' s Lcas uo pivsentod as its annual musical LH)nicdy, " Rose Jfai ' ie. " Tlu sparklinu sojii-ano voioc anil vivacious act- ing; of Marilyn Skills as " ■Rose Mario, " l)i ' out;li1 to tilt ' iitiii ' liirht a talontoil now sinirinji ' load, •lulius Kunoy. as the nialo load, starred onoo airaiii. ' I ' lio main su|)portin!j; rules were well taken liy .lames I ' letchor. as the wealthy Ilawloy. and .Mari;arel Adams, as the bowitchiiiir half-hrood. The spontaneous comedy of Shirley lloi)p and Charlie ( ' audio provided many laughs. The riot- ous ■■ )nly a Kiss " " number, with Ilopp, I ' audlr. and Zolony, is unl ' ori;ettal)lo. The authentic Indian dance iii-osoiitod by Edward Doisy, and the appearance of the Alpha Kapj)a i ambda octet were unusual features of the show. The sinsint;- an l dancing ' choruses were colorful contnbutions to an excellent show. The roush life found deep in the Canadian mountains as presented by the mounties and half- hrerds, created a perfect settin " - for Rudoljih Fi-iml ' s well known " " Rose laric " " and " ' Indian l.dvc Call. " " U isc .Mnrif. I I.ove You " " Iiuiian Love Call Crttzy Pcuplu Till? Ulack Kagle Dance Page 281 W. G. S. 1 1 1 i.i: N I,, t ' .rn i.i:m n x Presidejit Graham Weber Kenwortliy Jarc.lnu EXECT ' TI V ?IELKN ' Ii. BlTTKIlMAN.V President K. lion Secretary Kathkyn a. Kknwohtiiy ICxIeosinn Chairman Jean E. Graham Ilinlriel Chairman CO IXC I L Kl.lZAUKTH A. Dav District Chairman P. JACQL ' KLIXK Wf:BKii District Chairman M. Jane Camp District Chairman Madalaine a. .Ialoiius MemberalT.arue Tlic Woiuiin ' s (iroiip Sysli ' in is tlic cjuiipus oi ' - ganization I ' oi ' iinlcpt ' iKlciit women not living- in resi- dence lialls. ' J ' lie I ' aet that tiie (jrou]) President auto- matically becomes first X ' ice-I ' residcnt of Woman ' s Lcat uc shows that the two organizations work together in close co-oi)eration. This (jroiip System was origi- nated at the I ' liiversity of Illinois and is now recog- nized as the most efficient organization of imlependent women on any i-ainpiis. Other iiiiivei-sities arc look- ing here for giiiflance in estaliiisliing similar systems. W.CJ.S., which has been exj)anding annually since its beginning over twenty years ago, now consists of 48 gi ' oups, with a tiilal inemliershii) iil ' ci -er !). " () girls. The presidents, elected with other ot ' lieers by each grouji, attend First and Seconil Council meetings. Every Monday evening each group holds a meeting in which announcements are read and group activi- ties are jilanneil. Kach individual group is entitled to enter such ' iintests as Iloiiieedniing Decoi ' ations, Doll Show, el -. ]n addition to the social activities within the in- dividual groujis, W.ti.S. ofl ' ei ' s the System as a whole a varied and interesting program of social events which contimies thi ' oughout the vear. There are dis- Puge 282 W. G. S. Secretary Hackett Hookei ' Hnddenhorst Finley Kicntzlc Shackel Schvefller Mitchell Com -M I TTK noROTIIY Jl. II VIIKKXHOKST S,iriill DOKOTIIY E. KlKXTZLK FncuUu Forum M£LVA A. SOIIREKKI.KK itusic H. Jane Hooker Dramatics ( ' II A 1 K M KN .li-.SMt. L. I iM.EV IwarilM Betty L. Siiackkl Rritortt R. Elizabeth Mitciiem, Scraiihook Florence E. Hackett.. I ' liblicHii trict teas, all-group jjarties. faculty i ' orums, a stunt show, an autumn pri ' sidoiits " hamiuct, a Christinas Musicale. the Watclicka Siiis . and, as a eliniax. a spriiiLC banquet honoring the seniors. At this baiKiuet, recoj nition is given to the W.G.S. girls wiio have ])ecn outstanding in each campus activity ; a scholar.ship cup is given to the member having the highest average in each class; and a lartie cup is awarded to the group lia villi, ' tlie lii ' j;hcst scholastic average. Pollowiii ' j; these presentations. Dean Ivcunard unvei ls the lIon ir Plaipie. which bears the naiiics dl ' all the gnnips whose jirogram ior the year has had a good balance among academic, siicial, and service activities. W.(i.S.. .M.I.I).. .. and K.ti.S. sponsor the Inde- pendent Inl ' ornuil, which has become a ma.jor Tni- ver.sity social function, and a series of all-University " Jlixers " ; they edit the Indeiiendent, a weekly news- l)ai)cr distributed free of charge to each group. W.G.S. has gone far in accomplishing its ends, which arc to jironiote fellowship among indcpemlent women, to arouse their interest in caminis a " tivities, and to promote democratic (•(niditioiis on the campus. Page 283 R. G. S. litbhS O. ilAl.MHhiii. President Steppe Larson HXKCITTVIO CorXClL Hki-bn 0. iMAi,.Miihi!(i PrcsUlciil Ruth Fohax Junior Cmtncilor Alick K. Kkl:J{KK Presbyterian Hall LonKXA McMii-bKX Davenport Souse Mahy a. StkiM ' K UcKinley Hall Vivian K. Svitks Evans Halt Inez E. Lakson Biieey Hall The Residence Government System is composed of the independent women who live in Dnveiipfnf Tlouse, Busey, Evans, .McKinley, and Presljyteriaii Halls. It is an integral part of Woman ' s League, its president holdiiitr the office of second Vice-President of the jA ' ague. Presidents of R.G.S. houses iiltimi l ' ' iist Coinicil of Woman ' s liCague. Third Council, executive body of R.G.H., meets immediately rollowing this. It con- sists of the presidents of the halls, the .inninr i-oun- cilors, and chairmen of the staiuiing cominiltecs. Residence Government Svstem througli Third Coun- cil considers problems which are coniniou to these large campus groups, and offers a const ructiv( i)ro- gram for the more complete college life of its mem- bers. To |iiiiiiu)tc friendliness and to etu-ourage a cooperative sjiirit. R.O.S. halls have freiiuent ex- change dinners and they serenade each other at I ' hristmas time. Three faculty forums ai-e sponsored in each hall dui ' ing the year. This year, K.C.S. initialed a new ]ilan of coopera- tion with the Art Depart meni liy olitainiiig for the halls paintings done by faculty artists. These paint- ings arc exchanged amont; the halls thi ' ee tiuu ' s dur- Page 284 R. G. S. Junior CouncUor Lay son Kt-Jlliii;: Siiyd T Hanitz C U .M .M i T T EEC H A 1 li .M 1-: N Marian Davis Social Carol A. Keating Scrapbook Doris J. Latson Publicily LORNA H. Snydkr FaciUtti Forum JIary a. Stipp Music Ruth Jinkins Dance Elizann ' e Hanitz Actii ' ities iiiii the year. Tn addition to tlic social activities of each hall. H.(;.S. has its Tiiird Council luncheons attended by the council, the R.G.S. chaperones. anil laculty ad- visers. Cliiiiaxinir each year is the aiinuai Sjiiinir Hanqnel. At this time, tiie Activity IMa(|ue is unveiled hy l)c,iii Lciiuard. iioiKirin!: tiic nulstaiidiiin; R.G.S. 5;irls in each campus activity. Also, at this time. R.G.S. ])i-esents a cu]) to irirl havinsr the aver- ajre in each (if the four classes. . cup is jireseMted to the house winiiiui; tin- annual »l(i vaii Sinix, in wiiicli all houses particiiiato. R.G.S. committees have orfranized a fi ' eshman ad- visory sy.stcm in each hall and have eneourasred i)ar- ticipation in Woman ' s Leajrne and other activities. H.tJ.S, eooperates with the lien ' s Independent Dis- trict Association and the AVomen ' s Group System in sponsorintr -Vll-lniversily " ' . Mixers " and the Inde- ])endcnt Informal. Althouiih H.G.S. is a comparatively new orsraniza- tion. it lias done much to create frieiul.ships among the irirls in tiie halls and to i)romotc student affairs; it has jiroved an efi ' cctive means of oi-ientintr new stu- dents to campus life. Page 285 Silver Feathers Bkttv C. ;Sth.;i.itz C ' hnirman DoitoTHV K. (Jk.i.u-k M ):.i.ii:iK A. ( H WKV Council Davis liaiiiia Fruin Tyszko Tut III- K.-iiiK-dv Karstetter Budd OFFlCKliS Bkttv C. Stiglitz .Chairman DOROTHV E. GiLLICK CoUHcH MAit.iOKiE A. Ckaxkv CoMncit Com .M I TTM First Semester Helbn Feuken ' Bai ' II£k Finance Sue Kabhtetteb Social SuiBLKY J. Davis Pmiiram Virginia M, Kennedv Memhemhiit Margaret E. IIanxa I ' liblicHu cii A 1 1; M i-: Second Semester KiTU Skaogs Fiiiaiicr Betty A. Budd Social Lorraine Tyszko Program Lorene E. Frlin ilemberghii) Mauy K, Ti ' ttle rubticity Silver Feathers, formerly ealled Tamaroa . is an or- ganization formed to unite transfer students and to acquaint them with campus activities and traditions. This (j;roui). only in its third year, has already ])roven that it is an orsranization worthy of Woman ' s ]iea rue. At the early meetings of tiie ynw tiie nieml)ers become familiar with the customs and tijiditioiis on the cam])us, and are made to feel thai they helons to the University of Illinoi.s as much as those who came here as freshmen. Throughout the rest of the .vear there are vai ' ied ])rograms, with ]irominent ])er- sons si)eal ing to the group. Silver Feathers is interested in makini; a more coni- l)lete unit of tiie other Feathei ' s groups. Also, it sponsors niiin(T((Us drives, the ])roceeds of wliicli go to needy students. In addition to its .serious work, the grou]) has en.joyable [larties whicli aid in ])ro- moting fi ' iendlv contacts among the menihcrs. Page 286 jL Gold Feathers llKTTY L. Gibson Council .Maiu. u;i.i a. -Ml. I ' l.L Ki. (JouiicH Chairman Seip Bonnett I.eKftiider Mann Wallace Turner Council olizon Morgai Espy (iriffilh OFFICERS DiixXA I,. Bhkiim Chninnan Marijaukt a. JIcCli-re Council Betty U. Oinsox Council C(): r: nTTK v: cir a ITl rK ■ First Semester KoXDA L. JlAXX Memberahip Louise J, T-kKaxder House Bepresenlalive .lEXxiK M. BoxxETT Social SAbUV J. TiRXER Publicity Marjorie G. Moruax Finance Marv I.. Esrv Proffram Till ' purpose of Gold Fcallicrs is to train sophomoi-L ' wiimen for responsible positions in eami)us activities in which initiative, resourcefulness, and dc]iendability are inii)ortant reipiirements. The women leveloii ex- ecutive ability as well as their own individual talents l)y servini; on committees within the jii-oup. At the weekly meetinsis of (iold Feathers, well- known speakers arc presented who serve to broaden the outlook of the members in affairs relatinfr botli to the camj)us and to the outside world. Tiu ' se weekly meetings are also considered as one of tiie best agents Second Semester RUTii A. Wallace.... Phyllis A. Skip Molly Eamm Jeaxette M. Woltzen. Mary J. GRiFriTii Mary ,T. CorxciL . . .Mt ' inhfrgliip R prenentative Social Publicity . Finance . Prottrnm for creating; liarniony and iniderstanding between the members and other campus organizations. At a tea given every Wednesday, sophomore women, acting as hostesses, arc given an opportunity to meet the otiier members of Woman ' s League. The reiiuircments for membership wliicji every woman must meet before becoming a member include high scholarship standing, work in other activities, active participation in the di-ives which are sponsored by Woman ' s League, regular attendaii.c ,it tlie meet- ings, and tea service. Page 28 " Blue Feathers Hki.k.v E. Krksk TlCRUV A. WksTII KKlt Coil Mil l.i ' lix B. H.VNSEI..MAX Council riiiiiiinii Class liarber Ellis IKalx Tiscli UriKhl eiuy Soboroff OFFK ' KUS Hf.I,k.s- E. Chiiiiiimii " IVhry a. Westiiakku Council LoiiXA B. Hansel. MAX Council ( ' (IM.M ITTK K CIl . I i;.M K First Semester FBAXCE8 HEALV Mi liihirilhill ArPRKV I. (iLAKK. . Social Nancv Til iMA.v Piiblicilii Hele.v L. BiiiiiiiT Fiimucial KbizAnETii F. Baiiiiek I ' niiirnm Second Semester Saiia L. Ellis Mi-itilx-rslLiti Makv J. Tiscii . . .Social ElJITH SOUOKOKK I ' llhlicUl .Ikanette L. Stafkord Fiimncial Patbicia H. (iAV Vrngram Blue FeatlR ' i ' .s, :i l)r;iiicli ul ' Woman ' .s liCaKUC, i.s an orfianizatioii ])rimarily fori he of acfiuaiiiliiiu; frf ' shmcii wonion with the campus, its traditions and its ieadei-.s. " The Trial ol ' ] ' e;: Fairfax, " " ])rcs(iited each year in eonjunetion with ()raii re Featlier.s, sti-esses activities and leadcishiji. To be initiated into Blue l ' ' eatlici-s a fiesliinan must have a ' . )i) avera ' f, atteml two-thirds of the meet- ings, i)arlicipalc in one financial drive and aid the grouf) in sponsorin r a coke dance. The in-oceeds are iliinatccl 1o Wniiiaii ' s Leasiuc. . t t he ciul of each year a liiial c.xaiiiiiial inn is fjiven on 1lic traditions of the i-arn|iiis ami ils leaders. the weekly ineetiniis. the ui ' onp is privileged to lii ' ar proininent people on the caiiipus and is enler- 1aine l by musical profii ' anis. ( )raiiije and liliie l ' ' eatli- ei ' s, which wei ' e oriiiinally one orsiaiiizal ion now op- erate in ,se]iarate I ' oups but unite in their two annual parties willi ( inid l- ' eallicrs. Pnge 288 Orange Feathers Elizabeth L. M uKt.i;r A.NNK C. Catlett Council ilhl.KNK A. GlKSE Chairman Nance Kelly Lipsker J oost F itch Sniashey Holmes Oagaii Ross OFFICERS Hklkxk a. lilESK Chairman A.VNK C. t ' ATLKTT Council Kl.lZABETll I.. M.VRKKRT Council COM .M I TTK K OH A I K M K N Fiixt Semester Patriiia Gatjan . . . . .Mrmbcmhii) Mary E. Smash kv Social Barbara J. Holm es Publicilif DoROTIcr A. ,?c)iisT Financial Lois a. Kf.LI.Y. . . . -Proijrnm Orange Pcathci s, a freshman organization of Wom- an ' s League, strives to iinite llie freshnion women and to acquaint them witli the ciinipus. its Iraditioiis. ami its activities. Each of the members is |ilaee«i on one of five stand- ing committees. The chairman for these committees are chosen by jjopular ballot. Oriirinally, Oi-jinoc Featliei ' s jiiid Hhie Feathers were one organization. They were sjilit into two oponjjs to encourage more intimate contacts and ciioixraiioii among tlic mcm1)ers. Prominent speakers and musii-Ml ininilpeis .s ' (c iji(7 Si iiifster K1.1ZABETH .T. Nasck. M. Etkelyx Fitch.. .lEAXNETTE ROSS . . . . .Jaxe a. Wiisht r.oRAVN ' E B. LlPSKKK. . Mrmbcrthip Social . . . f ' liblicHjf . . . Finattcinl I ' ni rnin the weekly programs. One drive for funds and a coke dance are carried on during the year, aiul tiicre are two annual i)arties held jointly with the other Feathers groups. " The Trial of Peg Fairfax. " a i)lay stressing the im|)ortance of activities, is given for the Feathers groups each yeai ' . To become a meml)cr. a freshman must liavc a 3.00 average, attend two-thirds of the meetings. )iai-tici| ate in one drive, aid the group in spon.soiing a coke dance, and an examination on traditions of the campus and its leaders. Page 289 Y. W. C. A. JusiiriiiNt S. PreaidetU CirARI.OTTB L. COXKAD Vice-President AXXKTTK L. Kia.MSltlC Member-at-Larffe Block Teetor Jacobs Bost Vftn I yko Frit ' dlniultT Xnrth Jordan JClHKI ' III.SE S. I.Kll.MAX.V. Chablottk L. Conrad,. A.VNKTTK h. KlU ' .MSIEK, OFFICERS ■nfi,ir„t . . Vice-PreHidriit . Memhcr-nI ' Laivc Xa.ncv ,1. .Mcildl.S. MAitv K. Cross.max. Miss Ioxk M. Mack . Secrftflrtf 7 ' rcnJturcr Aicurral Srcretary " We unite in the desire to rcjilize full jind ei ' cative life throiifili a trrowinv: kiiowiciiu:! ' of (lot]. " So stales the puri)ose of the Voimy; Wdrncii s Clirislian Asso- eiatioii of tlic Univei ' sity of Illinois, an oijianizalion in wliieh evei-y rniversity woman is entitled to jucni- bei-slii]). To fnlfill its purpose, the ' ■ ' " luis instifrated in- f irriud discussion };rou])S of foremost interest to eaeli of eleven hundred memhei-s; national (|uestions. social prohlems and holihirs hold key positions amouir the sulijccts undci ' (•(iiisidcr:il inn. .Not only does the iiis|iiiat ional force of the insti1 i- tiiiii spread within the rniversity jn-ojier. hut i1 also extends fai ' into llie siirrnimdimr coiiiMUinity. ' I ' liri ' e are the (Jirl Iteserve liroups which play a ital part in the hifjli school girls ' exlra-curricnlar act i it ie.s. Pngp 200 Y. W. C. A. M i r Xantv .r, .Nil iio[.? Marv K. Gkossman- Treasurer JIISS lu.Nt M. ilAi K General Secretary Poyer Kautz llauptfleisch Finley Shute Sellers Warren Sloetzel (• A I ; I X -M K .M 11 1-; K S Jeanne E. Bost Jessie L. Finley ROSALVN E. Frieui.ander xhtnan Commission Leaders Donna E. Jordan Virginia L. Kautz Marjorie J. North Joanne K, Sellers Marion D. Siii ' te Maroaret S. Stoetzel Committee Chairmen Barbara M. Van Dyke Retiffion Esther A. HAirTKLEiscii Public Affairs Betty I,. Teetor Girl Reserves J. SrE Poyer , Social Mary A. Jacobs Siireial Inleretls A i;sKHA M. Block Vpper Class I ' liAKi.oTTE K. Warren Publiriii At Christmas time, cmiihasis is jilaood on the noil Show, whicti pfovidcs splciiilid iiitcrtaiiimciit for tlu ' i-hiliinii ami interested adults in the twin cities. ' I ' lie dolls, at the close of the show, are niveii to ( ' liicago orjihans. The fine i)ro ;fain.s brouiiht to ilie ri liy the Sunday Evening ( ' liib, which is spon.sored by the V.W.C.A. and the ' ..M.C.A., are further examples of the ever exi)andinir work of the a.ssociation. Page 2P1 I :ri Alpha ■I " Ave Maria. " AK-rslis Doll Show • " Say Jt Willi -Music " wms the lliciiie of the Y.W.C.A. Doll Show iitiih-r the direction of Esther nau|)tfleis( ' h. ' I ' iie themes i)or- trayed i ' aiii ( ' (l Iroiii tlie iiopiilar ■■.South of tiie Border ' ' to tiie opera ' ■ likado. " Fiist place awai ' ds went to Zeta Tau Alpha, with a scene f rom ' ■Jlansel and • iretel " ; Alct ' stis. Mith a scene from " Ave Maria " " ; and -Melvinley Jlall, with a scene from ■I ' lay to lie Gypsy. " Second place winners were Delta riamma. Stratford House, and Davenport J louse. Mrs. E. A. Given received first prize in I he adnlt comi)etitioii in the individnal doll contest. .Maiy Widiicr won first award in student competition. Two thousand fifty people visited the liil ' t 1 Ill and the candy booth which repre- sented the ■■(lood Ship T.ollypop, " and viewe(l the 2. " ). " i dolls in the auditorium, which was 1( rated to i-esemhle Santa ' s workshop. Private collections which were exhibited included a ])air of 75 year old Freneh puppet (lolls, which never had been on exhibit bc- liire. Dean heonai ' d ' s collection, including wooden dolls from Poland aiul five fiijures of Christ b ' . nton Laniic were shown for the tirs1 tinii ' . The dolls wen ' distributed to an associa- tion house and a ciappled children ' s home, hot li of which arc in ( ' lii ' a o. I ' lay 1(1 .Mr i.;.i.-. . ' .McKinlr.v Hull .VngfK 1 ' ' v» ' r Uriu ' ht iiml I- ' jiii-. Miir.v " i(lgor Piigi ' 292 W. A. A. Activities " A sport tor fXiMv irirl. ami cvi ' iy ' iv in a spurt " — that is the motto of tlu ' Woman ' s Atli- letir Association. Membi ' rslii|) is open to all iriris who participate in one sjiort season. Every irirl on the I ' niversity eam])us shoulil Hiul some form of self-ex] ression in W.A.A. The activities of the orf;aiiization are divided into four sports seasons, in which a wide variety of sports are offered. There is an ()])j)orttinity 1o learn new sports or to develop skill in familiar ones. The s])irit of competition is i)ronioted in the inter-class and tournaments sjjon- sored at the end of each sports season. Organized •rroups vie for the trophy awarded at the end of the year to the house which lias accumulated the larirest total number of ]ioints. W.A.A. activities are inter-eolU ' i;iate as well as local. During the basketball season, a select group of girls is chosen to enjoy a basketball playday at one of the nearby colleges and ini- versities. At other times telegraphic meets are held to stimulate inter-collegiate competition. The recreation furnished by W.A.A. activities is stimulating. Girls use their leistu ' c time ad- vantageously in developing skills and in obtain- ing physical exercise, mental rela. a1it)ii. and friendly companionship. Where ' s the Birdie? On GunrdI Over the Net Strike! I i I Pago 293 W. A. A. I,tnti; VIM- .1. M I Kfin I ' lVtiitliiit 1.1 ■! I ■-! i- ' .. Ml 1 hu HnMKrc;H )rs dIii-Iiousi ' M(nui! er K " M H. Komim: I itiiirithm! Mniifi jfr _!.. 1 : Hey Powi-ll Marsh I nvv,T I-Jivvoil .SilUtt! Oak s .laiiicsdii ( ) F F 1 (• Ha en !•; i{ s Roc-hi- liiiint .OUK.MXE J. MiRI ' HY OriSE E. SlIAWVEK MlLlJRKI) 1 Hki.en M. Vice-President Maktin. . . . Trenstirrr LoURAINh .1. MlHIMIY. LoriSK E. SlIAWTEK. . Mll.ltllKU H. (JAIL. . . . Hklkx M. Martin... KoKALvx Kriki lander I ' lihlicity Mniiai i ' i- Alice C. Boxd, . .M. i) is(ti;v i ' . i. i;i) l ' nxi(lt-nt . iNA J. With KHKi.i- Ititcr-cltiss Mfinafffr . yicr-I rrHitt ' nt A ' era HoMumiiors Ititfr-house Managtr AVcrr rtrj Iio.MA H. Romixk . [ntlirUiial Manaffer . . . .7 ' i-eaKiin-r l »riSK KRKKlt. A.M Xdvitior .Irfriwor Tlic Wonian ' .s Athletic As.sociati(jii is an oi-fiani a- tioii which is federated nationally with i-ccofjnized c()lle re.s and universities throusrh the Athletic l ' ' der- ation of Collejie Women. This Fedei ' ation maintains a central office, purposintr to nnil ' y ideals and estahlish standiirds ol ' atidetics for women. The purpose of the W.A.A. is to liirther interest in athletics and promote ideals of wholesome liviiiy:. To aciiievc tliis aim. nienihership is open n all women who have participated in one W.A.A. sixnl season. One of the main projects of W.A.A. is a loan IiukI for the benefit of irirls majorini; ' in Plixsical Ivlu- cat ion. In addition in this wtnk. ' .. . . supervises the activities of lliin ' oi ' ani al ions, the Telesirapliic Swinnnin;; Team ami Trria|iin. honorary swinunini; I ' agc 294 W. A. A. Jiito-rlrtss Mnna; fi i K. . Fkikim, M i.r: Publifity Manancr 2 ' ri ' asiirer Mll.ltKKI) H. ( AII. Klfi-is Weiiier 1 ..all. O ' Connor Jacob Whiltpn Wood I!:t Beriik Mayr Ellicot Owen Slroi es SI ' OKTS .M A. A(i l-;iiS SrZAXNK I ' DAl.K Iliickeil Oi- ;a ' icT ntiK Ilttrken Patrkia a. RoriiE ooArj; Dorothy J. Powkr llnekrii Dorothy E. Owkx liimkilhiill MlKIKL A. E1.KKRS Hnnkrthnll Hklen R. MaVR Vnllriihnll MiLDRKi) H. Gail VoUeybttlt liOSKLLK Bkr liKRK ' K . . . Volleyball -Mary C. Po YELL Suhiiminil AllAH F. EULIl ' OTT ... SoflbllU Carmex R. Shi ' Tk . .Sv lball Lorraine Hesxixcis Hidiuu KlsIK WUITTEX TriintH Betty B. Be.v.ia.mix Tennis AxiTA Arexsox Trttnie MARiiARET E. OaKES TriiillK Betty J. Kchert ler Nknliii! Dorothy Egoebreciit ler Skatimj Winifred Hopps Iff Skatiny Mollis H. Weixbr Co-rfcrealioiial Badminton MAR ■ K. O ' Connor Sncial Chairman . ri)RKY B. Marsh Fencinti Kl Tll C. .Tamesox. . . Arrhriii Ri ' Tii C. Wood A rehft-ii J EAX .lACOIl (ililj Martha J. Stropes Hnwlinii Miriam F. Graxt Ilnirlinii . DKLIXE ZllEKAl) linwlintl Aklixe Dav Ilnivlinil Helkx E. Hey ■ . Hathninhm Mary Hazex ■ . Hmlminlim Mary E. De Vore I ' iniil ' ona oriliiiiizatidiis. aiul ( Irclicsis. a national daiiciii ' ; society wliich s|)(iiisor.s iiitcri)ivtativi ' (hmciiiir, or liic oxjuts- sion 111 ' moods and fcclinjis in rhythms. A wch-ome is extended to the ineoniin ' r frc.sliinen liy W.A.A. at a Sans Souei party in thi ' fall of every year. At that time the organization ' s jrofrrani is ex- |ilaiiied and leadei-s are introilueed. ' I ' lie freshmen arc eneonrasied tn attain menilicrshi|i in Aljilia Sijrnia Nu. an honorai ' y ojH ' n to any jrirl who riiltills ihe necessary re(iiiirenien1s. ' i " hc main activities of W.A.A. arc (■onccrned with the wide variety of sports afforded to its memlters. It is through these activities that W.A.A. is ahie to firesent its ideals of good sportsmanship, keen eom- l etition. and jihysical weJl-beinj;. Page 205 I r A A A A ' v l A Kiiuscli P«|)0 Hcalv Castle KglK ' i-l Middloton W. A. A. Teams I NT I-: li IKMS K ' (i 1,1, I-; N i; A 1,1. Tlic Iiilcrliouso Volleyball .sc;ison was a very suc- cessful one, with a hiijhly enthusiastic jirouji of •lirls turniuii ' out. Kappa Alpha Theta was the victorious liouse after an excitiim liiial i;anie atiainsl Lcciiiaii Lodsje, Alpha Chi Omei a captured tliini |ilacc in the intcrhouse contest, .Mildred (lail and Roselle P ( r i ' .iTicls manayrd die I iilcl ' hoiise X ' olievhaU season, whicii was the lirst sjxtrt season of tlie new .semester. Vanium Hollmann ilorsan Spencer Pollcnsky Martin MiW.lhy Koliinson Kicoll Purnell INTI ' ;i " HOUSE Sdj- ' T! ' . . i.l. , ipha Chi nieiia cai)tui ' ( ' d the intcrhouse sul ' thail litir hy liaxiiiii tlie srreatcst nunilier of uanies wnn in a round rohiii tiMii ' naiiirnI . .Many liouses tui ' iicd out and competition was .stiff. The same ' s were phiyed in tlie spring during the fourth and last sport season. This tournament was under the management of -lane Sipe, witli .Miss lluelster as the faculty coach. riolin ilrtmriKhouH StropcA Coalc Power Victorlk Khibecker Km ' ver niMk.T .lanii ' Mdii INTERCLAS8 II (mK V. I ' ndcr the instruction of .Miss Ixuhcrtsdii atui .Miss Itond. hockey had another -ery successful season. The scnini ' team won out, as did tlu ' seiuiu ' tc;im last ' ear. I ' " r(im all the girls who came out ft)r hockey an " all- star " team was chosen. This varsity team, in the Ingh- light game of the year, played the alums on the Satui ' day of Ijouiccoming. This ye.-ii ' the Inlcrdass Hockey season was under the direction of .M.inagcrs Sue Coale , ' ind |)orolliy J ' ower, I ' uge 290 1 W. A. A. Groups W. A. A. Witli all the facilitios il ' the iihysical (•(lucatinii dv- liartmciit at tluii- ilisposal. iiU ' ini)i ' i ' s df W.A.A. arc lursciiteil with many oii|)ortuniti(. ' s for i-ontiiuu ' il sportsmanship. Any monilxM- in the rnivorsity is ■ I ' liiiililc to lH ' i-i)mo a nunilur ni ' W.A.A. it ' slic ])ar- ticipates. as an iiuliviilual or on a li ' ani. in any oiu ' inl r.iniural spmt .season which culminati ' s in a chain- pionshij) tournament. At ' ti ' r inenilxTs arc initiated 1 at tiie eiicl of each sport season or at the annual Spring BiuKiuet. they liave a ehanee for leadcrsliip as oftieer.s, I sport managers, managers, advisory board niem- Ihms. committee mcniliers. or team ca]itains. jiTiHTUwin To|, l;,.U . l.„l.iW-k, ' . ll. mI.M. SIlilUVlT. Voi,ll. lilll.lT. ihl .;M. .UIM.TM.M. I " . | -.K-l Kgsebrecht. Jiomriglioiis. (ijiil. O ' Cuniuir Third Row: Hcni inK.s. WoKIhtc. Kroiilhul, Hiiikir. Hey, WctzliT. Itamine, Price. Miller. Rausell. D. ilurpliy. ilealy Second Row: Groneineier. Eder, Koinine. Weiner. Veeder. Council, .Sniitli. I)avie.»i. SlalTord, Brown, Bell. Egbert Bottom Row: L. Murjihy. Kodie. Martin. Her lieriik. .fameson. A. Ellieoll. H Ellieolt. Elfers. Witherell, t ' aslle, Rus ccll X T " M V. ] 1, S Numerals are earned li. ' W.A.A. nicniliers through I regular participation in six sport seasons. P]ach sport ' I season lasts a half a semester, and for three semesters a member must engage in re.gular practice, and ])lay at least two scheduled games a week. After a girl lias chosen her sport, practiced and ]ilayc(l regularly. siie must make the team which is chosen by the sport manager and faculty coach of that particular sport. At the end of the season each jrirl must com- 1 pete in a tournament of her chosen sport. Top Row: .Vnilersoti. Oronemeier. Roclic, Honiriglioii.s, Uazen, Hocker, Hey. Espebrechl, O ' Connor Second Row: A. Ellicott, H. Ellicott, Vccder, Jameson, Witherell, Weiner, Castle, Brown, Bell, Wood Bottom Row: Murphy, Martin, Hcnnincs, Sliawver, Gail. Ber Berick, Friedlnnder. Hamilton After a W.A.A. member lias been awarded her nu- merals she proudly looks forward to earning the Major " " I. ' ' Twelve sport seasons, with the same re- ipiirements as for the numerals, are necessary for sucii a presentation. This letter is the highest award which can be earned by any woman student in the I ' niversity. However, this award is not restricted to those attending the University of Illinois, for trans- fei-s from other colleges and iniiversities have etpial opportunities for attaining the covetetl reward. TIicm- letters are i)resented to the irirls after each spdit season or at the annual W.A.A. Spring Ban |uet. Top Row: Murphy. Roche. Castle, liennings, O ' Connor, Hamilton, Kricillander liottom Row: ,Janie- ion, Weiner, Veetler, (Jronemeier, Ber Berick, Slinwver Page 297 Terr api 11 Hki.kx .M. .Mmitis Li)ni|M ' )-t I ullUt■. Kolar .VllfUiaii I.nysfin Powi-ll lliinilt Slvuliu l n-fn H. Mjir;in A. Maitiii Tlioni|isoii Slants ( !• ' V {- !•: 1{ s •, 4-.siiienl I)oi;iniiv Koi.ak ■ rsidfnt Klkanuk Tiiompsiix 1 1 ' •ntiii 1 Virrl ' .Ii:. N I. I.. .M! :;!tT -M 1:; . i 1 ; 1-: u s Vui ' uU}! Minor 7Vcm )jji MaHTHA .1. VAIfJHT, LorisK Fkkkic. a.m. A.M. II II no rn If F. WtMKKKH AM.K.MW .IkAN E. l.AMPKKT liAitiiAKA Bain Annk T. Mautin KsTHKIt DVVKV I (iI((tTIIV Kdl.VK OnltIN .1. I.AVSnv Majnr Ti ' rra nu H:;i.K M. .M VltTIV Fi.oKKXt ' K L. BAKiiinT Marv ( ' . POWKI.l. Bkttv .1. Gkkkn Ioan Wtaats Bakhaha .1. H01..MKS Ki.K Mii: TiinMi st) B Mill VIC .1. Kkm.kv III lllli:!. ' rcri ' iipiii v;is rDiiiiilcil lo inoiiKitc iini- ficicnc.v iiiid iiitcrcst in swiniiniiiH:. diviiiy:, iiiid litV- Siiviii};. Jiiiii lo |)r(in)(i1c ;i IVcliiij; of jzood sporlsiiiiin- .sliip and t ' i ' icndlincss :inioii j: its mcnilicTs. At :ill timos. mciiilicrs woi-k iinrd to improve lln-ir form iiiid tcr-linii|ii - in iKpialic sports. Only those who h;ive passed a diflficnit tr-st are eliirihie for inemhersliip. Terrapin is ilivided into two parts, .Ma.joi- aii l .Minor ' I ' errapiii, aeeordini; to the deirree of skill attaiiiccl l)v its memhers. ()n .Mothers Day werk-cinl, the yroiip holds its annual water i-ariii al at the (Jeorue Huff (lyiii- nasium. and at this lime the memhers demouslrate their abilities in the art of swiinminu and divini;. . ee( m])anied liy mnsie. the different water 1 ' iU ' inal ions are a sparklini; ' and colcuM ' iil siulii In addition. Terrapin participates in the Dolphin Show, and also takes part in exehaiiye playdays with other colletjes. I ' lige :;i»M Telegraphic Swiinming Team M, ic C I ' ow 1,1.1. Manfttn-r Powell A. :M irtiii Florence L. B.vrrett Eliz.vbktii .1. Hknn M lO.MinORS DllKOTHY KOL.Mt Doris .(. L.xvsox AXXK T. . l.vRTrx M. Maiitev MARV C. PllWKI.I. Ill 1930 the Ciiiversity of llliimis spoiisoiiMl the fii-st Bisr Ten women ' s swininiiiiii- iticct. It wa.s so sueeessfiil tliat in 1934 the I ' liiversity spoiisiirtMl tlie fii-st National Inter-Cullesriiite swimming meet, whieh now ineludes eollefjes and iinivci ' sities all over the eountry. ( ' oiiti ' staiits are limitid to colleges ami uni- versities with eertitied sixty or seventy-five fool pools. Each year the meets are lield at the separate seliool.s. and the results are then tele rraphed to the Uejrional Sponsors, wiio in turn teley;i-aph the first ten plaees in eai-li event to the National Spon.sor. This si)ons()r is always the sehool that won the National meet the yi ' ar lietore. The tram, limili ' d to fifteen memhers. is eomjjosed of iiirls who are ehosen aftei- a hmu: period of juae- tiee. Miss X ' aufiht has aeted as faculty advisor fur the team this year. Page 299 I ' ligi; 300 J PUBLICATIONS H Page 301 mini Publishing Company William K. Hritto.v Chairman TrilNKI! KXHillT BoAi; 1) OK dm; Kcni VlI.LrAM K. Brittox Faculty Memhcrs Abneb R. Kniokt Ckcil a. Moykb Fkku H. Tvrxer Student Members .JAMKS H. I ' ELT T.OREX B. Kelt HaROI.I C. XELStlX I)i: vx P, W ' KssEi, Till- mini I ' uhlisliiiiiz ( ' iiii|iaMy. ;i iKui-pnilit -(ii| ii- ration, was chariiTfcl mi .M,i i|. mil nndrr 1iif laws of the Sta(c of Illinois. Helorf this tiiiu ' . campus pub- lif-ations were coiuluclcd indf|)eii(ieiitly of each other, hut umlcr the cxccllciil supervision of the llliui Puh- lishinsr Coiiipaiiy, the separate puhliealions have been l)rou rht into one sti-oii ' r oi-rauizalion. JManagenieut andeoutrol of the corpoi-ation is vested in the Board of Diroeloi ' s consist intr of eif;h1 inenibeis. Four members are selected from the faculty by appointment by the President of the I ' niversity to .serve for a teiiii of one year and until their successors are aitpointed. The other four members are elected by the student body, two members each year to .servo for a term of two years. One of the four faculty members is desifjinited by the President of the I ' niversity as (Jhairman of the lioard of Directors aiul as President of the Com])any. ' J ' he Chairman also acts as the Associated i ' ress Repre- sentative for The I)ail ' illini. The stiidciil eilitcirs and business managers of the sevei ' al piililieat imis are selected by the Hoard of Di- rectors by an inipaitial election after each candidate has b(H ' n inter ie ved tn determine which ones are best qualiliecl fur the positions. P esides selectinsi ' the heads (if all iiflieially recognized ]uil)lieations. the Hoard ap- points other Dl ' lieers and eniploNces | rovided for and approves the appoinlnient of .juninr edilcn-s and busi- ness maiuii;ers of the publications. The Hoard of Di- rectors determines the tjeneral i)olieies of the Illini l ' ublishin a ( ' mnpany and has freneral su])ervision ovei ' and conducts the business of the " om|)any. It super- vises the maiui ' jcment (if the publications, althoufih it does not inhibit, biu rather encourages the exercise of judjiinent and ereativeness on the p.iit of cilitors and business 111,1 naiiei ' s. The Hoard (if Dii-eclnis has had much 111 i|(i with I he (ie chipnienl and niaiiileiianee of the hiji ' h (pialil of sliiih ' iil piiblical ions and with theil ' fa ' lll ' :ible IreepI ion li, llie public. Pngi- . ' t02 mini Publishing Company Pavi. C. MrMiniAKi. .led " (If Cnmftaiiif itfiuaficr l)uNAM S. H »KltKL ( omttnntj Manager ai XhLSUN J. KbLT Tlie mini Publishinn: t ' om])any was orsjanized for tho |i ii-|)oso of publishing and distributing: all of the officially iTcoi rnizt ' d student ])ublicatioiis in the liii- versity. and of doiny: a General pi-iutinu ' and publish- insj busiiu ' ss. There are foui- publications on ihc Tni- versity campus which are supervised and publisiu d by the mini I ' ublishin r Company. One of these is The Daily lUini, which is the largest student daily news- paper in the world. The Illini has full Associated Press wire service. The Illio. the largest university yearbook in the country, is another publication snpei-- vised by the Illini Publishing; Company. The Company supervises the publication of a magazine. The Illinois . gi-icnlturist. which is published six times during the schodl year by the Agricultural students ol ' the Uni- versity. The Agrrieulturist contains feature and news articles of both I ' niversity and agricultural interest. The Technograi h is the fourth publication of the Com- l)any. This magazine aj jieai-s monthly uniler the editorshi|i of Knginecring students. Through the atl- miidstration of an expert professional staff and the .supervision of a faculty and student board, the Coin- I»any has become one of the outstanding college pub- lishing compaines in the country. All ])nblications. with the exce])tion of The Illio. are printed in the Company ' s own plant, located in the basement of the Student Centei-. A full-time mechanical staff is main- tained by the Company. .V i)rofessional Com]ian " .Manager is employed to operate the business and to act as adviser to student editors and business managers. The ra|)id growth and contiiuious success of the Comi)any is also shown by the increase in the size and character of its jihysical plant, which, at tiie present time, is a thoroughly mod- ei-ii printing establishment. While the ( ' omi any ' s fi- nancial i)osition has lluctuated from year to year, the condition at the present time is strong, as is indicated by the book value of net worth of the Company as of June 30, 1940. of !t7t),236.17, represented by equip- nuMit. supplies, and investments. Current assets are 37 times current liabilities. The general policy of the Illini Publishing Company and of its publications is based on the idea of service to the University community by printing, publishing, and distributing to the students and the faculty of the I ' niversity of Illinois, publications of the highest maximum standard of ipiality at the lowest minimum cost. Page .103 The Daily Illini jAStES W. AH-NTSKY Editnr-in-Chie} Ciimpits A. Mkki.k Buunmxua JAMKS p. lUllAI RoiiKFiT T. Hay William D. Lai ' DEMAX [{ikai.iio v. xvstiiom I ' OI ' E Case I .i !:■. i i Aumit S E N 1 ( K E L) 1 T (J It 1 A E S T A i- ' F James W. Armsey Edilor-in-Chief WiLLUM R. Case Chiel News Editor KUKDEklcK A. PoiM-:. Jl: EdilniUil Editor VlM.lAM H. lil.ATTl City Editor Maky Alice UtmiEi t Wouian ' ii Editor .Utsy.l ' U M. Akndt Sports Editor WiLI ' oill) J. KRA. [i:it fomiiiis Si ' ool Eilitor JUNIOR EDIToi; I A E STAFF City Spartx ll ' oiiun ' s Clark W. Fishel Ja.mis K. Aitel Betty .1. .loiixso.v EmvARii J. Roiix, Jr. James I. Fenokr Ai ele U. Kai-lax C. LiXCOLX WlLLISTClX Marcarkt M. McCakty 1 it T KiNIIKL WiLLIhTOX MiCakty Ari ' EL Hhuninha BWIIAI NVHTKOM KAI ' LAN KollN Hay Johnson FKNDF.n Fngo 304 The Daily Illini I ESTER T. MOATE Busineifs Manager 4T.. Kramer Qui X LAX SKXHii; BUSINESS STAFF Lester T. Moate Biuthietts Manager Mary J. Corns. . . - . .Woman ' s Buitincss Manager William K. Qutn ' Associate Business Manager JlXIoi; lUSINKSS MAXAdERS Tkext a. Siiepard, Adverti»ing Henry Bartexstein, Copy Mar.iorie A. Kitteedge, Lucille A. Schoenfeld. Circulation Woman ' s Advertiging Fred P. Worden, Advertising Robert P. Peeifeb, CirciUation Evel -n T . Flescii, Classified Janet Hopkins, Statistical 3i Laudemax SllErARD KiTTREDIlE SCIIOENrEI.D Bartesstein WORtlKX HOI ' KINS Flesch FrEirsB Page 305 SOI ' IHiMii i; FRKSll.M.W .MKXS (I i; I A A I- ' F John F. Ai ams KiiBKRT M. Bkam .lAMKS M. BKATMOXT John Uknxewitz Morris O. Bowi.ks Wavnk G. Brochi.. Jr. G. William Brinkiiokst David G, Birlisox Nklson W. Tami ' Iikll t ' llARLKS B. t ' ORV I)A 111 Davidson Gordon L. Divixk William J. Drake R 1BKRT L. KLLIOTT Kll-IIARD M. (iOLDBEIIl! Edward C. Haxna Jack V. Harvkv EroEXE S, HEXxixii Kexxetii E. Herrox Bernard E. Hilcexdokf liOllKRT J. IIVASSMAX FKEDKKII ' K W. Jaick Mavrick J, Kaplan XaTHAX I. LlEIlERMAX James W. O ' Coxxdr .Iack G. Oliver Edward S. Ori.okk Donald D. Pkasley Loins A. PiNDERSKI Clikeord r. UOAN yi. Charles Saekir Samiei. Schwartz J. Gordon Sears Nicholas R. Siumax BVRIIX H. SiSTLER I ' ERRY I.. SMITHERS Harold Sissman Hexrv M, Swaix ItAVMOXD H. THIES D. Jack West Thomas N. Westerlin Sciiwanz l rakc Ppaslfv Sandpon Liebprnian Ilvassnian Horrcm Boaiiiiumt Beam iitinia .liiiirk Bowl cs Klinefelter Smithers Cory sol 11 ()M(»K K K S 1 1 M A X W i » .M K N ' S i; I ) IT ») |; I A I. S T A F V NOKMA A. ADAMK .lANt L. Bl.lX H KKIKT J. BOK .MAK i- KET W. BnVLK (tRACiLi.A ). Davis Amck T. I kxei-i. Mabv U. Dowmxu JFAXNK M, KlIltHAKI ' T •IKAN KTTMAN ' MARCiARKT V. FitAMl ' TON FKRX S. FllKKUMAX CErii.K Fia;iKK!(if Heuwh; I . Glasn ' er i ' na goldstkix SlIIRLKV GROrPK Hklkn IIakiks Makv K. Joan Joinkk MaHV KitAXOS F.LIZAHKTH I.. MAUKKKT Jaxk Mkvkr lokkkna moi ' dy Makadkank Mykrs Bkttk J. Naxck CaKOI. .). OLSON SlIIRLKV G. RKVMAN ' X Fkkn F,. Sawvkk HaZKI M. SUKl-lKlN Lois A, Sl.VDKK Fatsv Si rik .Iank a. Wkjht AUKI.IXK ZdKRAD I ' aue 306 S(i I ' II nM (I i; I-; |-|; i:s II M A N .M !■: X ' s i; IS 1 N i:ss STAKK .Iakf. Bknxisox liiriiAKi S. Bkzakk rtlKI.STU» ' HI;R M. BR H(iliTOX. KOIIKKT M. HlHAl James E. Okaknal » ' . HvRTtix Clark. Jk. Kkanse I.. COHKX William B. Dknuart James B. Dickinson OaKI.EV S, DdUtliN Norman S. Ki-stkix .loSKI ' H Erii RnT Walter (J Crifkitii James B. Hihhex PoXALIi V. Joiixsox Jniix D. Kailer LEOXARD C). KlLAKOKSKV Charles I). hELi.v Marvin h. I.evin Charles V. MaI ' .vkv Morris L. Mvkrs Kali-ii p. Norton Kk ' IIahi) a. KollERTS John- 7), Roemek Harvev .Sherman Stanley I,. Silvkrpield KoRERT I). Simon JKRRV SORKIN KollKKT M. Stklzeu Tmom s S. Tuioii DOXALI) J. WkIIKK KiciiARD S. White Krani ' Is M. Wrujiit SOI ' IKi.Mdi;): KIJKSII.MAX Wo.MKXS lUSlNESS STAFF Phyllis J. Atzexhoffer Barbara A. Beck PiivLLis A. Carter Janet M. Chapman Diane K. Cohn Fay H. Dawidoff Rt ZAXNE DETTLEBArll AUELE De Wekff Franiine S. Fisher Barbara J. Filmer Patripia Gagan Ari REY I, Class Frances Hattexbi ' ro Mary L. Hay ' warh Evelyn M. Hi ' ffmax Rosanne Hurwicii Elaine Jaffe Jean Jendraszek Elizabeth R. Keefrey Barbara M. Kenney Harriett E. Levy Margaret A. IIanby- MlRIEL MiBrIHE SrZANNE MiWethy f;i iTii K. Miller Gwendolyn G. Miller Derby Moore Betty Batson Mary A. Ratiiboxe Lois M. Reinke Miliikeii Roberts Helen L. Schnepp Peocy R. Seed Charlotte S. Smith Jeaxette L. Stafford Eleanore Standish Carolyn Stoke C. Maxixe Thompson Naxc-y Thimax Pother K. Waisxer DoR4)THY WaRSIIAVSKV Rita ' . Wesol Barbara J. Whitsitt Rathbonr Jaflf.- Si ' imI CartiT SlalTord Hayward Di- W ' rrtt Warshavsky Alzi-nhoffir MrBridc Thompaon Smith Goldnleln Cohn Oagan Stokf Huffman Dauiiliiff Wagner Berk Ri ' iiikf Dcllclbarli E. MilliT G. Millir Manby Fulmrr Npal RobiTts Slandixh Kevlrvy Page 307 The Illio of 1941 Editor-in-Chief Eleanor G. Andkrsox Womaii ' s Editor William X. Cassklla. .Ik. Priscilla E. Manx EDITOT{TAT STAFF Lawrenck V. UornLEn Edilnrin-Chiej Eleanor (;. Andersox Wumaii ' s Editor Robert W. Holi.ev ftlnff Photoiirapher Seymour G. Oeriier i .,,.,. „ „ ( irt Editors William S. Pisey I Jerry H. Bordex ) , • , , r.i . . „ ( Aesistaitt Fhtitooraiihers Artiur L. Shai ' IRo ' JUNIOR MENS EDITORS I ' .invARi) X. KoExio. Gust E. LfXDnERO, Jr. JUNIOR WOMEN ' S EDITORS JrxK L. Mathews An ' xe ( ' . M(;(:orrisk Stiart M. Mameb Hess B. Yost Mathews Oahsella Li;.VIHlEKO Mr(;oiutiKK VosT KoENIO M M t: u Mans Page 308 The lllio of 1941 Rita C. Youxo TTomrtii ' Business Manafjer .0 I _ri .loii.v K. Mautin, Jk. ISuttiuess Manager BUSINESS STAFF John E. Maktix. .Ik Business Manager Rita C. Youxc: Wnman s Btimnfss Mananer F.nnix 0. Allex UTTHK v T. Finn. Jr. irXlDl; MKXS BrSTNF.SS MAXAGERS William P. (Jiaciietto Hvhuld V, Slosbukg Mary F. George IXEZ M. JollXSON JUiXlUR WOMKXS BISIXESS .MANACIKKS Makuaret a, Moeck Carmkx U. Shite Warrex a, Tiial Marie K. .Stairitz J SlIVTE Thau GlACIlETTO MOECK joiixsox Slosbcrc Fmx Oeoroe Staubitz Alles Page 309 SOrilu.Mo FKKSll.M.W MKN ' S H I) I T ( IJ I A I, STAFF Rov H Akams .1. William Barr Braiikorii G. Bi.mxT KKXNKTII .1. Fl.lAN ' Ant M. GoLIKIMITll 1 » | » »; 1 I ; I; I M t ' John R. Hakman Rii ' iiARii H. Hart Morris L. Hkikkk. Jr. Carl M. .Ioiixson, Jr. S. Hkrbkrt Lo. ' skki ' Richard E. Mak-x Dksli; O. Millkb J. Frank Morgax RoBKRT X. Parker (iK tR(;K POIIN Harold L. Schick .[AME. ' i F. SLAGER Kr.nkst v. Stevenson TiKjMAS J. Tyrrell RiiiiARi) B. Wagner L. BvRON Welsh .3 Hetker ,Mor::an Miiiin Miller Welsh Goldsmith Slater Hart •n Schick Hlouiit J 1 anna 11 Stevenson (triiinlfy ' I ' vrrell Parker Snl ' ll (iMni; i: - Fi; i:s|| .M AN W ( i M K S H I ) IT ( » K I . I. .s T . F F Frances .1, Asiiki: Elizabeth F. Barber Martha L. Benson Margie B. Bitzer Helen L. Bright Margaret K. Bttler .Margi ' erite Campbell Dorothy Clements Phyllis R. Coiie.n ' .Toy D. Doi ' glass Eleanor I. Fleming ROKANN FLE.MIN i Kleanore E. Gaebe E. Joanna Gkorg Verna K. Hacke Grace SI. Hobero Barbara K. Holcomb Margaret M. Hird Mar.iorie V. Hi ' tchens Bernice C. Hi ' tner OLIVIA La.VDSTRO.M L. Jo I..eKaniier Rit. D. Levine LORAYNE B. l.II ' SKER IU)Ni A L. SI.VNN Martha I.. McPheeters .Madeline Midgely Rosemary Miller Bobbye J. SIorgan A ' eronica J. O ' Xeii- RCTH Sr. PETER.S Margaret I,. Phillips Betty .r. Pilchard Jea.vette Ross Janice (i. St. Clair Phyllis A. Seip WiL.MA J. Shine Mary ' Carolyn L. Smith .iEA.vETTE Smith Edith SoiiorokI ' - .In.IANNE Stanseield Kathleen W. lsh C RLE.VE WeIKEL .lEAX K. M ' EISS Tkrky . Westhafer Klexore M. Whittle Charlotte L. Willner Ethel M. Wixbero M. Daisy Winstead Barbara J. Wynn H. Elizabeth Zieqleb Z].-;;1.T . ' i|lMl lil•l l .Mllirr V;i|.|l I ' lliUij ll.i.k, .ii..iK»ii .Sliiiic WrU« Sl.Clnir Hulculiili WinnU-lKl Hnrbir J. Sinilh Bi-nsoli Briclil R KlriiiiiiB Mmin Wciki ' l Willnor (irnrK C. Siiiilh Hutiier Lovinc Wliiiile II " • l)....-l««. l.i,..L.. Culu ' ll BulliT ir Si,||, Prli-« Smnshi ' v PaRP .iin s(ir II (i.Mo i; i; KK ' i:s 11 . i A x . ih. s i;i s i n i:ss stak UiillKKT T. Al.I.KV II KdllURT B.XrIIRACH KK ' IIAKII C. Bakxks KdHKKT ?. Bas ; Kri:KVK K. Bitl. Thomas .1. Bkktt ' H KLKS F. Bkoi ' K, -Ik. Il liSll.V .1. Calikviv RmiKRT L. Taklson llKK O. CRAMi .loHN K. CZAJ Iamks R. Daviks TllllMAS K. Davies Lkk W. Davis .loK DKKS KiMiKR A. Dkrkiucii KK ' IIAKII .1. DIVII.IIISS l).. M.I. W. nr.;AV William K. Kr-mklixh .IllHN .1. FdSTKR HaRRV D. (lANTZKRT RllllKKT R. (iATKS Auk M. GoLiisMiTii Albkrt E. Grass IRVIN B. CiRllI IK Clark S. H i.i. DllNAI.K M. H U ' hAKHV HkrSII Nkil L. H mills William A, Hokkman Idhs C. HriiiiKS ElliKXE C. HiNTKK RlssELL ( ' . James KdiiERT S, Junes RliBERT T. Kellam Kl ' WARI " .T. KRtKdKR JolIX J. KlRT Herman- T. Lamm) James N. Lave Harry D. Latimer Saxkorii H. Leiierek Deax E. Maiiiikv D, William MiBriiik James H. Meek Joiix M. Miller RoiiERT D, Mitchell Robert A. Mofeat .Iack M. Nachmav Jeffrey A. O ' Coxxob Alan E. Park Grv K. Patterson Gordon D. Peabody WlLLL M T. POl ' K Ch kkles M. Keimer Gilbert Sakro Thomas O. Schikrmann E. Gerai.ii Sears Thomas M. Si ' Encer Harold D. S«ai James O. Taooart Kh ' HARO H. Telander Herman E. Tomei Robert Tikhk Joe K. Wallace William M, White James R. Wiorjixs Stanley W. Wilcox Frank R. Wilev Robert X. Wilkord. .Ik. . RTHIR P. VoRMAN Diisan Wilcox T. Diivies Senrs Uiivis .MiU.-i- J. Davies Divilljiss Huiitfl- rarlsdii Jlililiell White I)i.noni;li Piirk Jniiit-s Kruoser Li ' diTi ' L- K.-ini.-r WhIIio-? Patti-ix.n P.ii..- .MaiMi-ii WiU ' v Wilfor.l I ' rniiL; .M. ' .k Dees I ' .iel •| ' ..iiii-i Allen SO I ' lio.Mo i; i: - Fiv i:. 11 -M . . wo.m k. s i; rsi . kss staff Allvn Aobesteex DoRVS J. Al.VEV .Iknet A. Anderson Olivia R. Baker Dorothy L. Botteron Maroerv Bello v.s Betty Belohlavek .liNE E. Boston Mary E. Bkaxdenbik).; Rosamond E. Brister Dorothy L. Browx P. TRiciA Brown Patricia Browninc Eleanor J. Bisuee Helen S. Campbell Clara L. Clark Eleanor C. Clayton Phyllis E. Clayton WiLi.VNK . Cohen Shirley .1. Davis Frances M. Deal Grace De Vries Mak.iorie a. Douce Dorothy .1. Dow ' IK01NIA L. Eilkrt Miriam Eisenbeko M. Jo Fain F. Pace Fox Frances I. Fox Betty D. Freeman Elaine M. Ginsbcri; Helen H. Glenn .lEAX S. GROLLMAN Maxine E. Haokx Mary A. Hambleton Pearl s. Hartman L DiA Heath Marci ' erite Hickkv Helen L. Hobbs Lucille Holtzmax- MaROARET a. Hl ' DSOX .Icdith J. Johnston Dorothy A. Joost LoKENE L. KeTTEXBCRO Celiste Krosner Charlotte B, Lefever LrciA Llewellyn Aldona D. Malelo P.VTRiciA C. Martin Xaxcy E. M.vy Eloise McCarty Patricia McGowax Patricia McNeil jACyl ' ELINE MESCE MaRJORIE G. MoRliAX Elizabeth Morrison M. Janet Morrow Rcth M. Xilskx Lcklla J. RlXCK RKDITH C. RO.MINE E. LonSE ROWAND E. Harryette Salvers Carolyn M. Saxdehn Dorothy A. Skiles Rith p. SoI ' EB jeanette l. stafford Bernadine M. Tittle Jane Vox Mehrex Ethel M. Weishaar Joan .T. Weiss Betty Whitten Florence M. Zdankk Clara Zemble 111, 1.1, Hak.T De ' iri.-v Uuwaii.I Mnleju I.elever Weishaar Tullle Morrow Wliillen Brown Aeilesleeii Zilanke Tiseli Soper Sandelin Browning Dow F. P. Fox Henth ZemiH ' l Cohen Salvers Hiiclson MeCiirly Alvey Hiekev Morrison Boston Bellows P. Clayloii HollzmBii Kellenloiri; MiCownn Page 311 Illinois Agriculturist Etiitor Knltt.KT K. APPLEGATE Jiiisiiiens Manager S T A V V Alfdhd K. Wei-hovrxk Editor VlRfllNIA NORRIS Woman ' s Editor Rt ' irtKRT K. ArPLECATE Bitsine.s.s Mauarirr i; 1)1 r(»i; i a l s ' I ' a kf Lorain E A x de r si s- LOBEX W. Beai. William C. Betteniiaiskx. Jr. Mildred L. Brickkr Loris F. Bri »;s Helek J. C ' orxciL Mary J. Creoo Hexrv Z. Gimm. Jr. . rlene V. Jav Warrex Jone.s J. K. KixcAiD. Jr. Uarbaka J. Kindred Lucille E. Kiekkxer Alma R. M.vrsiiall Helex L. McClelland . Dale McCoxathy RcTH E. Mitchell I) ' )N L. ArosuKR HEftBKrtT .1. NEI .MAVEK Ted J. OiiAL Russell L. Pakk KuTii M. Pkter.s Mii.DKKD I. Reed .M. Elizaiietii Ros.i; LOKETT. J. ScJiNEriu:i; AXXA M. SCIICLTZ : rARV K. S -H VA«.KR C. THEH1XE K. SlEMEX Phyllis Sprexcer h ' R.VEST ' . Stkvexson ' WiLiiEttT X. Stevenson Dax. a. Stewart Mary A, Tarbi.e Palma J. TURLEY Lowell M. Werner HAUIlLn 1). W ' OKI.EY BUSINESS STAFF John H. Beiirens E. Bock John H. Bothe LoREN C. Clark Gerald R. Finne.stad Francis .T. Kitzpatkick Deluekt Gaukl Harvey T . Gantzert .lEAN E. Ghaha.m ( ' LARION B. HE.N ' DERSO.N ' Melvi.v R. Janssen Carl Johnson, Jr. Mar.iorie E. Kane C. Eldox Kooxck J. KeITK I.EASIRE Leslie H. Mu.vke Mary . . Pope Harold D. Harlan E, Reusch Vernice C. SnERM. X Harold B, Steele Harold T . Wallace Dean D. L ' rick ' ■ ( ! 1 1 L ! u 4 WM MoahiT Mi ' Cli ' llnnd Muiiilnmnn CruKo Cluik Cniincil Roiti rinun Rood W. Slcvon.soii Shcriiiun Pnpc Jiiy Pi ' ters Knnc Siviimn Jlilclii ' ll Brickor Rom K. SD vriiM«iri i-uliniii Sd-wiirt Xorris .Innsscn AiuKtsod Bchri ' iis Mnrslinll Pago 312 The Techiiograpli William W. W Jiu inefis Mai LliJIiT ager STAFF Robert TIl L L ' Editor ROBKRT TlKKMAX Editor William W. Witort liujrinesg Manager Hexry p. Evans Faculty Adiiser EniTORTAL STAFF Edward L. Foerster Richard V. Lan-don Donald L. Renick Earl R. Smith Joseph E. Foster Sheldon J. Leavitt Byron M. Robinson Donald K. Stevens William Hir.aiXBoTHAM BUSINESS STAFF Wayne P. Fasyo Robert V. Johnson Leonard S. Liovisko JosErii A. Miller James E. Francis Robert W. I.axkstos Vutok W. MiMahill Robert L. Odum James A. Freek LaiikstoiL LicMiiiko Oiiuui .Miiiti ' Leavitt Frcck Stevens Fanyo Foster Ronick Johnson Foerster Landon Francis McMahill Page 313 I ' liUi- :!14 SOCIETY Page 313 ;» r Senior Ball X. Al.UKKT E. HlKT Co-Chairman RiC ' iiAKi) K. Kmsi.nm Co-(Jh.a SENIOR BALL CO .M .M 1 T T K H AMlKItr E. HfKT Co-Ch(lirituln RiciiAKD K. Keisixc Co-Clutirtnaii Jaues C. BRAUBlRy RrSSELI, E. DiCKERSOX ErcEXE V. Frankel Edward W. Maxx William D. Moodv Melvin E. Sims R aymond C. Woi-k s [•: . i (1 1; A ( ' r i ' i i ' i c n a j r .m !•; . Axx L. AXDERSOX Floor Comtnittee Steve X. Kocowsky Floor Committee Arthur B. Johnsox, Jk I ' lalform Committee Lix T) E. Shaker I ' lnl orm Committee AXTHOXV J. DeLAUREXT Roinid Vjj Comm ' ttee Lowell il. Werxek Itouud Vjt Committee ,h)SEl ' ll L. Uekxik Cnp and (ioan Committee LoKETTA A. DoxKLAX C ' ff j and Gown Committee JEAXNE L. Raikii Pienic Committee Charles Ij. V w Kttlx Picnic Cmnmiltee Kk ' veii liiiiulied coui)Il ' .s filjuUy juit aside tluir books to join the Senior Class of 1940 in cele- brating the beginning of Senior Week and the biggest dance of their foiii ' college years, the Senior Ball. Dick .lurgens and iiis oi ' dieslra ])layed old tinn ' s. new tunes, and novelty tunes in the shade of a full grown tree against a blue back- ground at the south end of the gym. The tree was a ])art of the Sirring garden party theme that w ' as used in decorating the gym. Completing the theme were miniature gardens and small swing- Dickoraon Krtiwiilski Dmitri Bradbury Hurt Moody Koonig RoUing Thorson Sims WoK Page 316 Senior Ball Jack TiiORStN Viee-Presitient. Second Semester I ' residenI, .Second Semester iiii; ' iiatt ' s aloiii;- I ' itluT side iiiuler llic l alc(iiiies. wlnTc couiili ' s iiiiiiiilcil. siiiilcil, .-iikI talkid lic- twoeii ilaiu ' i ' s. At one o ' clock. l.OOll white halliions, with a l)luc " 40 " (111 each, were rclcascil from tlic ccil- iiiir and tloatcd ])ast the two hirt;c iicoii chande- liers, down to tlie dancers. Tlie l)lue, luotal dance programs, witli a picture of cap-and-gown clad students sittiuir on top of two worlds, mnde tit- ting souvenirs of the danec. . t a diniRT preceding tlie dance, wei-e iiiein- hers of the committee and their dates, class officers of both .semesters, the ilance supervision committee, the tlooi ' chairineii. and many faculty members. The release of tension, which accoiiip;iiiied tiie dose of finals, .set the mood for the ball and everyone agreed it was tiie most enjoyable dance of the Aear. Bernik Dclauront Shafer Bainl Anderson Kocowsky Donelan Van Ktten W.T...T John Page 317 Junior Prom LHAUi KS E. CURRAN Chairman J. BKKXAKU JUIIXHU.N President, First SemeMer CO. MM ITT !•; C ' HAHl.KS E, ClKUAN Chairman Iam; E. Brows Howard L. Coiir.AX Dwiii R. ClRTIS I ' ll Mti.Ks K. HrwKX Ukttk Bki.i.k .Ioxks Chahlottk K. Lixi i:k l l£l! (;. Lvoxs Charles E. Wexdt Deax p. Wessel DoT: TH M. W ' n.BorRX Ki ' iilay. 1 )cccinlici- ] ' ■ . |ii-iivci| id he a lucky day for ilaiicini;- Illiiii, and bnniolii ti) llic clicrislicd tlu-diu- as .Jviiiitir Proiii ( Ufcii. ;-adiaiit Hazel .Miller. .Vtteiidino .Miss .Miller hel ' dre a sliiiiiiiiei- iiiii liackKrouiiil of silver deeke l with ocilden crowns, were her four smiling maids of honor, h ' dea • .Miller, I ' liyllis .Murphy. Nancy .Xicdil. anil Sally Khode. (» ( ' r l.SOO enthusiastii ' swini;-and-swayers en- joyed the Miusie of ilai ' rx ' .lames and his oi ' - ehesti ' a. The Kinj; ' of Swinii ' took the cainpus li stoiiii with his iiisi)ired ti-vimi)eting. His " ' ( ' dn- iii-r Jill .IlltlllSIHI Uuwcn l.lildi ' r Wossol Brown Cotilai) Pngc . ' ilS certo for ' rriimpt ' t, ' " " " ' I ' wo () ' ( ' liic ' .limi|). " :iiiil ■■Ciri!)iril)iir " l)roui " lil wihi aiiiilaiisc I ' loiii hotli the dancers and those in Ihc balcony. If iff (jyin. dccorateii with modeini cd figures in top iiats and canes, vibrated with the crowd ' s spontaneous approval of .laines and his nuisic. After the (irand .Mai ' ch. led by liai ' ney .lohn- son, President of the Class, and Chuck Curran, Chairman of the i ' roiii Conunittee. the daiicini;- stopjted at twelve niidnii-ht for the ])resentat ion of the court and the ueen. Kach one was calleil to the bandstand by a trumpet fanfare and was there i reseiite l with a liiluc bouiiuet. Ividi was llien escorted thr lensith of the iiyni to the throne where the ( uerii wa.s crowncd. Harry .lames look up tlie trumpet aiiaiu. and tiie dancinti coui)les resumed their .iivins; and swinuin ; ' initil one o ' clock bi-outrht to a close the liisl bi i event on the year ' s social calendar. The programs were of white leatlier with hiiuht red trimminsi ' . The figures of a boy and siirl in formal attii ' c were outlined in reel on the front of the i)rosram with the Class of ' 42 written above. ' I ' he dunioi ' s were pleased with their dance, and they were glad to have a souvenir of such a yrand eveninu ' . fage :!11» Sophomore Cotillion Wayne S. Jokes Cliairmfin Robert E. Hamman President, First Semester CO MM ITT KK Wayxe S. JO.NtS. . D. EvEi.vx Blimk E. Burke Hi bkr Cii. Ri.KS D. r7(rtirmf( i Morris L. Mvkrs FlOKA G. PAGl,lAHr),(J MaK ' I ' H A. I ' KUIilN Joseph F. Rakick Damon P. Tunnicliff Martha L. Schaefer Rainbow si reamers and the eolorrul imisie of Raymond Scott made a memorable setting for the Sophomore Cotillion of 1941. The Old Gym floor was crowded to capacity with dancing couples in their winter formals, and even the balconies were fdled with enthusiastic fans of America ' s foremost composer of modern music. The Class of ' 43 continued its so|)h()more tra- dition of honoring a queen and " homeliest man. " " This year ' s choices were made by the dancers themselves, on the niizlit of .lanuaiy ITlh. from porti ' aits iiosted in a star-studded eonier of the gym. Pair-liaired. blue-eved licit v .Markert reigne l I ' loin a spai ' kling throne until John Sawyer re- iiKived liis monkey mask, which certainly rated the ■ugliest ' " title, claimed his and started daiiring after tlie grand march was over. Maids of honor for the queen were (iraee lloberg, Helen Masoner, Sally Turner, and Hai ' bara Walsh. Wayne .lones and his committee made no mis- take in selecting Maestro Scott, who, playing for his fii ' st college dance, delighted Illini .jitter-bugs with luiiqiie arrangements and clarinet and trumpet duos. Mementos of the occasion for the sophomores and their guests were black and white plastic programs. Tunnicliff I lly Jlyors ISIiiinu Unland Perrin •TonCK PaKliarulo Huber Hamninn Scliacfcr Harick Page 320 II Fresliinaii Frolic .Tamks K. Vax Vixki.k i ' oChainiiaii WiM.i.vM II. Van Lkkiwkn Co-Chnirma II Co MM ITTKl-: .T.VMKS E. Van- Vinki.k Co-Chairman William H. Van- I.kkiwkx CoChairman Jkax S. Grollmax Kl VABD HOLMtJRKX Christ D. Kaoai-ieff Alberta O. Me.nzel Veronica O ' Xeil M. Reimer Mary Smashey James O. Taooaut Liltilli; ' music ])l;iyc(l hy ( ' ah ( ' allnway and his l and ])iTsoiite(l an ideal l)ack r(Hind Uir ihr Frcshinaii I ' ' ' rolic. trivcu on .March ' 2 ' 2 in 1in ' George llnlY (iymnasivuii. Students swayi ' d liflhtly to tiu " music cnianatiiiir from tiic hand- stand which rc|)roseutod a hai) - crih. Freslinu-n. lus well as otiicrs who attcndcil tlie daiiee, en- joyed its truly informal atmosphere heisihtened by decorations reminiscent of babyhood. After an introdnetion of the Frolic committee members who worked so dili rently to make the affair a success, the niiijoi- attraction of tiie eve- ning was prescntcil hy .lim ' an Winkh ' , ciiair- man ol " the dance, wiicn he announced the linal- ists in the Kiim ' and ( ueen contest. Escorted to their rcsi»ectivc thrones, tiiey were then crowned. Selected by a faculty committee, the royal i)air were indeed reiiresentative of the (|ualities of grace, poise, ant! ]iersonality for whicii they iiad been chosen. The programs for the evening, in keeping with the decorations, were black and gold folders emi)lazoned witii a wiiite stoi -k ami a babv. Van Winkle Tnecart GroUman Roimor O ' Ncil Holmgren Menzel Kacalicff Sninnhfy Van Lceuwcn Pago S21 Suiiiiiier Prom V I r .loHx G. Simmons rovNE C. Axdrkws CoCluiirmuii CoChahuKin scM .M K i; vnoy] com m i ttkk .MOVXK C. Am 1!I, v Co ' Cliuinnan John G. Simmons Co-Chainnnu John R. Blomqiist Cakoia ' n M. Kmsixi; Kmzabktu Lohmann Jamks C. Bradbchv Makv M. Ki.kmino Wii.mam C. PrtATiiKU KoSAMOXI H. Cl.KAVK l.KOX A A. SpKKIi Sl.M.MKi; SKSSloX K.NTi; lil ' A I . . 1 1-;. T ( ' o .M M I r I ' K K SlIiXKV E. Cl.KN.V Chninnnii L ' H i:t,i:s K. Fhkdkkick Seeretant HnWAKn .1. BkaUX lilcllAI;li Miiou ' I.kwis ' . Petersox M KK H. HlXDSI.K (iKKAIJt K. MtiOKK ( ' l( I TA KoHERTSOX The Suiiiniri ' Scs sidn Stiiiiciits wci ' c cuter- .seiitcil the opera " ( ' annen. " in the stailiuin laiiK ' d by an intei-estiiii; ami varied |ii(i 4ia7ii. nndei ' tlie slafs. Tht ' Summer Artists ( " oiii ' se. an iiiiporlanl I ' ea- ( )ther events ineindeil nn.xcrs. athh ' tic tnuriia- turc of the i r()yi-ani. consisted of foui ' series. rnents. lectures, and band concerts. Siuiday ihree of which weie ■ " The Deeji Rivei- IManta- eveinnii vespers were held in fi-ont of the audi- tion Nejiid S|)iritual Sinirci ' s. ' " and two plays toiiuni. by the Summer ' i ' heatei-. " " .Mai-Ltin for ICrror " n duly I ' ti the Sununei- I ' loni. at which Isham and " Outward Bound. " " The fourth featuic .limes ' orchestra played, clinuixed the summer was on .Jul ' " 2. " ) when a travelini; troupe |irc- cntrrtainment. Six hundi ' ed cou]iles saw Mai ' tha Sh.HVr ciiiwned I ' roin f ueeii. Pnge 322 Dance Harry G. Harsiiii. r :kr Pn ' xitlt ' iil. Ag CItib Alkord E. Wki.boi ' rxk Chniniitm COM .M IT TEK . i,K(imi K. Wklboi UNt ROBKRT .1. HaKRIS Clarion B. Hknuhrsox Mary Hkrsmak m mmokik k. k k Tki. V. I,akc:k (Il.KXX I . Okrti.kv .Clifiinintn M El-IZABKTH Ross M AltV K, SrHWAO.KR LOWKI.I. M. Wkknkr Siirpassino- the hijiliost cxjjeftatioiis of a truly iii- t ' ornial frolic, the annual A " ; Dance was j)rcsented on April ' Hi by the students in the College of Agriculture and llonie Kcdiioinics. I, ike the Ag Dances of |)i ' evi- oiis years, it maintained its gay atniosjihcre and jiic- turos(|ue setting as the swirling dancers wore gingham ami overalls. The dance was prepared by numerous chairmen and co-ciuiirmen who foiiiuMl a general cdinmittee supervised ))y .Mlonl Wcll)ouiiie. Kditur nf tlie Illi- nois Agriculturist and gent ' ral chairman of the dance. The sub-committees wei ' C each assigned tiieir re- spective tasks necessary Uiy the complete organization of the dance. The members of these committees were chosen from the membershi]) of the Agricultural ( ' lub and tile Home Economics Club. The chairmen and co-chairmen of the various com- nuttees were as follows: Publicity. Lowell .M. Werner. chaii ' inan. .M. Klizabetli Ross, co-chairman; Decora- tions. Robert .1. llariis. chairman. .Mary liersman. co-chaii ' man : Programs. Ted V. Large, chairman, lary iv Schwager. co-chairman ; . rrangcments. (ileiui D. ()ertley, chaiiman : Ticket Sales, Clarion H. Henderson, ciiaiiinau. .Maijorie K. Kane, co-chairman. ItnrsliliiirsiT OiTlle.v Wetbniirne Sclnva? r Voorheeft Werner I,ari;e Mi i)fl( r .nn Hfrvinnii Page Iiiterfrateriiity ' Dance Ali.NKK J. JMaKTIN Chmrman President, I.F.V. Abxer .1. Mmitix. Charles .T. Caudlk Thomas E. CTmiskey Martix a. Gregory ( ' ( .M . 1 I T T K GKORfiK Hll.I,. .)H. Kli VAHl G. I.IMI Edward V. Manx Jack Thokskn On the eve of Tli; iviiis vjicatioii, Xdvcni- ber 19. the Intei ' t ' r;iU ' riiity Couiu-il spimsoriMl one of the outstaii liiiii formal halls in lis liisldry. Because it was to be the i)iil ' niic of its Isiiid during the 1940-41 school year. cm ' Ii more lliaii the usual efl ' ort was s] eiit to make it as liiii ' an affair as ])()ssible. The heads of a coniilc chnl in rvcniiii;- attiic ami the word. ' ' Intcrfratcrnily. " silliouctl ' ' d in jidid on a clear jilastic cover over a niaihlrd |iai)er. i ave an air of perfect sophistication to till ' prouranis. (ircrk udds ;ind " ' oddesses ti-nly rriuncd su- prriiic. not only (jn the husje tloor, but also as a ilal part of the attractive decorations by " " Le . ' " Tlic " niystic Icttei ' s " ' of tlu ' (Ireek alphabet ailornccl a liac-k drop behind Charley Harnett and his orchcst i-a. The music, too, cauiiht the spirit ol ' the lanee and the lia]ipy crowd ; it a Liay ' ' swiiiii ' . ' always so popular with the II I in i. Hill LiiKi Gregory Mfd-tin CbulHi- Page 324 mk I Iiidepeiident Jc Informal UV M. H.VmiKXIIORST Co-i ' bairman CO: rMTTTEE JAMKR CoCI James Browx E. Lylk Dalukfeld Ray a. Dimond. Jr. Kith Foran SlK Karstetter Nevix E. Kexdall Herbert M. Kraus Martha F. Schroeder P. Jacquelixk Weber -M.I.IJ.A., W.G.S., and R.G.S. concentrated their eft ' oi-ts on one Independent Informal this year instead of two as in the past, and niatle it even more snccessful. The dance, held in Huft ' Gym on .March 14, was attended by 1,100 couples, The Dipsy Doodle music of Lari ' y Clinton was featured, with slow music predominating. Ill keeping with the South American theme, a La Conga dance exhil)ition was given by Joe Migo and Fran Cosen. Decorations, too, reflected the South Ameri- can theme. A Spanish dancing couple was silhouetted on the backdrop behind the band- stand. Programs of red and white hail a Span- ish senorita outliiie l on the cover. Foi- the first time, .M.I.I). A. presented a ti ' ophy to the house selling the nu)st tickets in propoi-tion to its size. Sachwa received the award. Sager House was awarded the annual W.G.S. cup. Dinioiid Foran Kanttetter Weber Kerxlall Dallefeld Brown Schroeder Hadtlenhorst Krau Page 325 Registration Dance COM M I IT K K Al El.AlliK X. Bkrr Co-Chainnan Deax p. WKiSSKl. Co-Chairman Marian V. E«an Albert E. Hvrt Marv E. Jacobs Dorothy .1. Kokxi« R. Al.l.KX LUXDAIII. Edward W. Maxx Ki ' TH A. Shearer Alice J. Vax Dvkk In the front lino of the outstiUKiint; dances of the year was the annual seeond semester Rei - istration Dance, sponsored by a committee com- ])osed of members of the Student-Alumni Asso- ciation. ileiTs League and Woman ' s Ijeauue. ' I " he spirit of the crowd, though somewliat downed by resristration diiticuities, was (juickly revived by the satisfyinj; music of Dick .hiriicns and his orchestra. His famous band ai)i)ealed lo the couples who crowded the dance floor and balcimv. because of its infoi-malitv. dislindive riiylhm. and oriijinal orchestrations, lliuliliohts of the eveninii- included several famous Strauss Waltzes and liuddy IMareno ' s special interpre- tation of tile " Hawaiian War Chant. " . rravc(| in typical reg-istratioii style. Huff flym was cleverly converted into a maze of niant class cai-ds. ' ari-colored streamei ' s. played u|)on by s|)o11io ' hts. formed a faLse ceilin»- below the rafters. On the cover of the simjjle cream and blue jirouram there was a hand fillino- out one of those familial- ' " inile-lon " i-eo-isi ration blanks. Piige 320 University Dances Dniiciiii; lllini rciuii l llicir Miiiiual scIumIiiIc ilift ' ciiiiii- cliictiy in the presentation ot ' only one Inler-Fraternity foi-nial and tiie addition of Satnrday at ' lernoon eokc dances liiven by Woman ' s League Feathers j r()U|)s. Inausjui ' ated by a formal danee, the new grey and maroon lllini Union Ballroom saw erowds nearly evei-y weekend. An after-the-show formal foi- " Kose Marie. ' ' a similar one after Pan- Mellenie Ban(inet. Pounder ' s Day Ball, Men ' s League-Woman ' s League Mixers. LLD.A- W.(;.S.-H.(;..S. lixei ' s. and even the engineeis " " Slii)-Stick Shuffle, " replaeing the traditional St. I ' at ' s Ball, were held thei ' e, FaeiUty danees and . 1 1 .1 ).. .-Men s LeauiU ' Thui ' sdav night dancing classes were other new features for student and faevilty pleasure. Big names brought for campus music during the ])ast year included ' i ' ed Weems, ( " ab Callo- way, Larry Clinton, Dick .Jui-gens, Hairy .fames. Charlie Barnett, and Raymond Scott. Other danees not to be overlooked wei ' c the S.D.X. ' •Headliner ' s Hop " and the V.W.C.A.-V.M.G.A. Mixers. Themes for infoi-mal liouse and organization dances ran the gamut through Casinos, the Bowery, (ihosts. Bai ' nyards, Shipwi-ecks, and Ham ' n Kggs, pi " oving that whercvci- there is nnisic. by juke-box oi- famous band, fun-loving lllini will dance. Page 327 1 Vaiie 328 STAGE AND CONCERT i Page 329 Direetof mini Theatre Guild -losEPU V. Scott Technictd Director Karle H. Gillis Chairman of the Guild Hoard PROFHSSloXA 1. STAFF Wesley Swaxsox uferriHiun Dirrctnr Joseph W. Scott KaTHKYX J. Sl ' THEULlX. Technical Director O teratic Director Till-; (i r 1 1,1) I ' .oA i; I) Kaici.k H. (ilLLis Representative of Mask and Bauble KxrTK K. Xip;lsox Representative of Pierrots I ' LKAXOR V. MoitOAN Itepresentative of Arepo {iy.t ntiK p. TrTTLK Representative of Faculty Players AliXKK K. KNKillT Representative of the University CllKSTKll U. AXDEKSOX Representative of the University ' I ' lic mini Theatre (luilil is I ' dinposcd of three uiider- frradiiate soeietios; lask and liaubh ' , Aii-riiiversit y dramatic honorary; Pierrots, men ' s draniatie honor- ary; and Arepo, operatic honoiaiy. Tiie l- ' aciilty l layers Club is a patron nieniher. Tiie executive au- tliority of the sjuild is vested in a hoard of dii-ectors {•om])o.sed of a representative from each of tiie mem- ber soeieties and two I ' niversitv representatives. The iiliiii ' I ' heatre (hiild is directed by Wesley Swanson, yeneral director, and .Joseph W. Scott, tedi- nicai director. The uiideri;i-aduale staff, licaded l)y t ' our senior inaiiaucrs and assisted by twelve .junior supervisois. appoints the members of the business and liroduetion crews for each of the guild jiroductions. ' I ' he crew heads and assistants direct the work of the vaiMous crews under the suix ' rvision of the .juuitU ' s. KlilclK .Vii ' Ut-hciii Moricnii (•illis Tultlf I ' m;.- :!:!0 lUini Theatre Guild l ' i:i.KMi:i A. Small ititsiifiiM MniKif er C. I.VLE SniWABE Wonien ' s Jitiitiiir ts Manaijfr Fkaxk K. BiTTKTau:Li Production JUaiiaf cr llARY J. PrATHKR Women ' s I ' lodin ' tion Mtinaf ei i)(:LKoiti» A. Small. C. I-VLK Sen VM!K. . SEXlUli -MAAAUEKS .Business Manager f Business MaiiOffer FRAXK E. BlTTERKIELn. Mary .1. Pratiiki:. . . rntduction Manager . W ' lttnen ' it I ' roducHon Mnnatfcr . i(»i; sri ' HKv I so us Hazel E. Min.Kit Buainesn Mahgaret ( " . I ' Hiri ' S Business RlssELI. G. Browx Biiainess ROBEKT F. ai:el Business Mariiaret M. Pi wei.i Costumes Kenneth L. Simmitz Lighting Walter A. Arox Cnnglrnetiim Robert I . Epstein Construction Elmer S, Mott Construction M. Charlotte Davis Painting Dorothy V. Perking Properties Mary A. Goben Makruit The two husiiu ' ss mauasrors have c-harsre of puli- licity, box ofHco, lioiise niauasemcut. institutional publicity, and The lllini Playl)ill, ei ilit to twelve thousand of which are distributed fre» ' to iiublieize each i)ioduction. The business manager is nominal manasrinsr editor of the Playbill, and tlie junior supei-- visoi ' s alternate in editinir the successive issues. The juniors also rotate in supervisin ' _ ' tiu ' other depart- ments of the business staff. The two production nianairers sui)crvise tlie stu- dents on the baekstajie crews. Tliese include con- struction, scene painting, lighting, costumes, in-op- erties. and make-u]). Goben JlilllT Brown Perrins Uaris l ' ;i .. ::::i Wkslky Sw.ansos Mask and Bauble OOKOTIIV J. KOENH.; 1 resident. First iSemcster Mary A. Gobex Prrxident, Second emestc Skvkkina E, NtLsox. Ph.D. Joseph W. Scott. A.M. FA(M " T,Ty Xkllik M. STI lfl, li.Mus. Wesley .Swans A.M. .M i: .M I ' . K 1{ S IN I X 1 - KKSl TV Walter A. Arox Adelaide N. Berr Harold E. Bercman. Jr. KlSSKLL G. Bkow.v Frank K. Bttterkield M. Charlotte Davis Wl.VlKRED .1. IChlkr Kohert L. KrsTEis Karle H. Gillis Makv a, Goben Madce M. Glt. (:(: Gf{kt. C. Grinnell c. rolv.v d. }iav Janet Horstman .IEAXXETTE V. HtXTABLE Phillip A. Kkssler Dorothy J. Koend; HKNKIKTTK .1. MrBKII ' K Hazel E. Mn.i.i-i; f;i.EAXOR V. iMoKCAX KoiiERT F. Nacei. Kntte E. Nielsen DOROTIIV V. Perring -Marcaret C. Phiits MaR(;ARET M. Pt) VELL Mary J. Prather Feanxes M. Roske Kenx-eth L. Schmitz (. ' . Lvi.E Schware Beleord A. Small Martha E. Tkndick John I TrcKER Dorothy B. Edith J. WiEDLixr; Lewis W. Willi ms NieUcli niittcrflt ' ld Aroii Silunilz Bi-reiiinn KooniE Kiinli ' iii lliixtiibli ' Wii ' illim; Miller Pciwrl Sroll HcIiwhW Bi-rr Hny PhippN Knsko EliliT Prnthi ' r Moricnii Williiuin DHVis Gillis Kesslcr SiiihII Teiulick NukoI GriiiTB Gol)fn Phrc . " .32 Jl Pierrots llAKOij) K. Bkkijman, .Ii;. J ' rfnidf lit Thomas J. TVRUKLL Vifi-Prcttidt ' iit WkM.S HrtiO-SMITH Trfdsnrrr P AC r i rv Xatiiaxiki. H. Coiikn. A.M. CUAKLES H. SHATTIIK, Ph.D. Weslev Swa.ssox. a.m. 0 .K¥ S. F.IKI.DK. A.M. K. liRiiE Weiku-k, Ph.D .M K.M i; VA{ s I r X 1 ' E K S I T ' W.M.TKR A. . Kli Robert A. E.vt.i.K Phillip A. Kessler G. RKIEIJ S. R.WVITSi-H P- RKE S. B. R Kn SHERMAN .T. El ' ELMAN Robert A. Kxopf G. Myron SA.Miscn H.ARoi.n E. Bkh . .Ik. Robert L. Epstein .IiLiis U. KrxEV Richard J. Sham is Adrian K. BKRMiARi) EroENE V. Frankel Albert D. Mohler Belkokd a. Small Elmer H. Bkrnard H. ROLn D. Genesex RlrHARD H. Moss Philip A. Spradlino RissKLi, G. Brown William H. Gibberso.n Elmer S. Mott Vernon L. Tkbo Wenhei-i. M. Carlson Earle H. Gillis Knite E. Xielsen Chaincey E. Torrkxik Charle. J. Caidle Harold L. Goldman Jack G. Oliver John I. Ticker Tom R. Chittenden Thomas F. Hoii.t Staxtox R. Pemberton Thomas J. Tyrrell Ray. ioni N. DoETsni Wells HiooSmith Herbert K. Porter Lewis W. Willi »ms Caudle CJfiH ' M ' ii T »bn Oliver Tucker Shmnis (Tilihersoii SpradliiiK Brown Itarnnrd (iolflmnii Nielsen Tyrrell RawitKcli Williiims Torrenoe Kessler Satiii» Kpstein (;inis Pa. ;;a3 Li Arepo K ATlirtVX .T. SUTIIEi!M Director Mary S. Chai ' ma.n President, First Sctnrster Verxox L. Tebo Prrsidfnt , S,-cuiid. Sernestci ¥ A (J r L T V A N L) ( i K A I ) T A T K .M I-: .MI! E R S I ' RKDERICK C. DiKTZ .lOHX R. E NO STROM LkKoy H. Fischkr xorman a. g01.i bkrg LkRkv R. Hamp Ki.EZAHKTH Ha.MP Makihkth Hamp F ' i;ia.-;T Hkkrkn Charles F. Hexxecke Joseph W. Scott Kathryx J. SL ' THERLIV Jamce H. White MEMBERS IX UXlVEliSlTV I,. Aij.KN Adams. Jr. Walter A. Aron Harolo W. Barber Adelaide X. Berr Mary J. Beshers Helen L. Bittermaxn Rkx L. Brown. Jr. RriHAkD K. Carr M KV S. Chapmax KhHARD D. CHENOWETH Charlotte L. Conrad George C. Dacey M. Charlotte Davis John p. Dolch Dolores M. Doir Carol L. Egk Winifred J. Ehler LaVerne M. Esser Barhara L. Ferovson (Jeiirge R. Flexman X. RllHAKD Fox Kathleen L. Friin H KiiLD D. Genesen Mahv a. Goren .M i ' iK M. (;rai: ; Sauah J. Gray Cketa C. Grin NELL J iK K. Hamm M i:v E. IVEV M i ' m.aine a. JActii ' .rs I ' HILIP A. Kesslkk Fred M. Kilkek D(»ROTHY J. Koknk; ELIZARETH I . LOHMANN Alice Lurey MVRA Lytle Hknriette J. -McBride Betty McCown MoNA M. McQcAii) Carolyne E. Meyer Hazel E. Miller Eleanor V. MoRfiAX Knite E. Xielsex DiiicoTHY V. Ferrinp, Margaret C. Phipps .Tames D. Fletcher Herbert K. Porter Margaret M. Powell Mary J. Prather Dorothy (J. QriRKE Elizabeth R. Rhodes William J. Rhodes Dorothy 1.. Robbixs Rcth Rohleing M. Elizabeth Ross Phillis I.. Sampson Elizabeth J. Siaiki. Kexxeth L. Schmitz johx j. schistkr C. LVLE Si ' HWAni; M. Jaxe Sipk William G. Skelton Belkord a. Small Philip A. Spradling Verxon L. Tebo Lorraine J. Tyszkm Elizabeth A. WEiM.orK Mary E. Wid ;er Edith J. Wiedling Lewis W. Williams Al ' DREV L. WiTHIXfJTOX L. Hnmp Sk( ltoit Rohm Urfiwii Dacey Porriiiic Ehtrr Rohltiiit; Hrnherfi McCjuaid Kkkit WidgiT E. KhoUcH GoIhm) DiivIk Pliipps Lnlimnnii Bcrr M. Hanip McCown Lytic Loroy Clinpinun MnrKin Ti ' b i Friiiii ForiciiHOM SclniKler Fox Ki ' ssIit Selimitz rys ko Jnco1)us Snmpson Bnrlier FnitliiM- Scjiifo E. Hump Sipi- Htiinin Dour Powell Miller PIctduT Srniill GenesPh Sprndliiis PuRP 3:t4 Murder in the Cathedral The Arihbishop 11. i;i;y V. The Teiiii ters.llAROU E. Bekgmax, Jr., Dakwin A. Kikby, Jk., ROBKKT V. STUltZKi:, XOK [AX J. KkAEFT The Priests Vw ' . M. I ' .di.MAN, Lkwis W. Williams, PiiiLU ' M. Favtcktt, Jr. I ' hi Kiii ihls IdHN I. TiCKKi;, Gkobgk E. Troll, KiKLVR F. T)iucki;r, Robkrt R. Di ' ( riild Thomas V. Hori.r n ' omtn of Conterhiii! , Winifred J. Kiiler, Hakhara J. Gil- I.IXGIIAM, BKTTY J. HaXISEK, ViRCilNIA II. llRlUKS, BeTTE M. Macek. Beth Olds, Dorothy V. Pekrixc, M.vry J. I ' RATIIER, MAR iARET S. ROXALDS, C. LyLE S(:H VA1!E •■.Miird.T ill hv Cathedral. " ' T. S. HIiol ' s tlumght- pr()vol iii ' 4- (llama, wa.s pn ' sciited to lllitii Theater (tiiihl audiences on tlie evenings of April • ' ) and (i, 1940. An experiment in relijrious drama, it was jn-ob- al)ly tile most uiiusuaj iiroductioii ot ' the last several years. The plav is a dramatization in tree verse of the slaying of Thomas Becket. Arciil)isho|) of Canter- bury, and the evi ' uts Icailiiig up to it. Harry liutler. in the leading role, played his difficult assignment with quiet dignity. His strong, deep voice was well- suited to the characterization. Particularly eoinmend- able was his delivery of the sermon from liis |iiil|iit on Christinas min ' ning. Tiie chorus of the Women of ( ' anterlniiy con- tributed what was probably the most effective i)art of the play. Throughout the long pa.ssages of somber warnings, they succeeded in building uj) an almos- I)here of im])endiiig tragedy. This achievement was due to the thoughtful direction of Wesley Swaiison. The four Tempters. Harold Bergman. Darwin Kirby. Robert Sturzer. ami .Norman Kracfl. were uniformly good. " Murder in the Cathedral " was juoduced in si)len- did fashion. The stylized sets formed fitting back- grounds for the magnificent costumes of the aetor.s. Particularly good was the final .scene showing the catluHlral altar. The Mikado One of Gilbert and Sullivan " s most tuneful operas, f " • " ' «■ " ' ' ' ' • Japan . .... m,les a. sntoer . . . ■ ' ankt-I ' ao, hx8 son, diitautfifd as a mmslrd N. Richard Fox " The ilikado. was plaved to capaeitv andionces in ....,,„. ,. . . . ( h. kry o. m. ri.att ,, ■,, , . ■ . . ., „ Ao-Ao, Lord Iliph Executioner of Tilipu i t iv i- i.-.xl- Lnico n Ila Theater on the eveiiiniis of Ann ]9 „ h n ,. j , „■ , r ,,.■ p, , „ iun E. Kam. _ ' Pooh-Bah, Lord High Everything Else Alukkt E. Pktkkson and 20, 1940. ArcfX). llinlcr 1 he dirOCtion of liss PiakTu h, a noble Lord J. ROHKKT Gkeenwkll. athryn Janie utherhn. was in charf-e oi the pro-„g[ Wards of Ko-Eo Bkttv mcCow.s- duetiOn. I ' millo MARfiARET L. . I)AMS . . nil 1 i -I 1 • • . 1 1 " , I ■ ■ Kalisha. an elderly ladu SARAir J. Gray 1 lie . Mikado, a tale ot the younji .lapaiiese ])rinee , dan k Kane , T . , , . , ,. . . ' , , .. , Vntln-rlln Hearer to His ilajestij the Mikado { „.„„,. V ht ' .,.. .«..« who disjiiuscd hmiselt as a secniid 1ninil)nne and ( harky o. marl. tt ran away to find his Vuin-Vniii. :is |ila cd on an r i„,n.s-,,,- .i«t ... .t;i-. Kotitol t,i.i .il V., Minxes: Makv S. Cjiai ' .ma.n, M. Es. iER. ?;sther L. Fi.fK- attiaCTUU pdStCl-Ton((l Sll. ,, . .j, j . He.«e.n-er, M™a Lytle. Je. nxe L. JIiner, A talented east sang tiie rollieicin.u llUlsii- wilil trut ' Bonnie J. moon, Elizabeth B. Rhodes, Ruth Bohlking, ,,-,■ . 1 ri II- . 11 Vi 1 ii T T ' M. Elizabeth Ross, Phii.lis L. Sami ' -sox, Elizabeth .1. Siaike. (iilbert and Sullivan gusto. Harry Marlatt, as Ko-Ko, phoebe c. ve.stal brandishinff a huge silver swoi-d. the svmliol of his ' - Ti- ' i ii . rn- ' ■ Messrs: JOHN L. GrYON, ReNO F. HaRMS, LE0X. RI) B. I.M.MELE, post as Lord High hxeeutloner ol llllpU, was es- Walter E. Jameson, p. Duane Jones, James S. Lee, Ja.mes peeiallv good. Sarah Jean (irav ' s full diaiiiatic voice " ■ ■-■ ' •■ " ■er. w.lliam b Rhodes, richaki. l. ropieovet, i ■ " . Vernon L. Tebo, Wayne K. W oolsey was admirably suited to the oi)era ' s most diflieidt role, that of Kati.sha. Singing the lilting romantic songs lldinini: and Dolores Doui ' . and the hero. Kobert in fine fashion were the 1 vo litfoincs. Iai - lartlia ( iicciiwell. The Black Flamingo Fflifie Bodier Jack K. -Mi ami I ' kaxk E. Uittkhkield icolr Bodier ,J. Gki ' NWAi.d rtnlilde KaTIILEKN FlTZUEKAI.D Bourirnw tiKOROK K. Troi.i. AND Thomas J. Tyrreli. Trigaikd Edwin C. Platte and Wilms L. Hklmantolek Francoia De Lunmc. . . .Thomas J. Tyrrell and Stephen M. Pakbish Euiiene De Luasac Harry W. Butlee Diana Dt Luasac Vikoinia H. Hrubes and Lois M, Rkisz Charlotte De Luaaac C. LvL E Schwabe A Priest Harold Y.. Berhman. .Ik., and Ralph W. Rohlkino Popo I ' lriLip . . Spradling (iarroche lOHN 1. Tucker Koasaiige Elmer H. Bernard yuiagers: Bernard Bellkk. Myrxa .1. Fischer, Byron E. Fi ' LK, Harold D. Gknesen, C. Joseph iIen.ster, Jr., Marh.vrkt L. HioiiKS, M. Cynthia Ir«-ix, Tho.mas S. Jones, Harry O. Marl vtt, .John E. McGarv, Dorothy V. Perrinq, Dkan J[. PLASS.MAX. MAKIiARET S. RoNALD.S. FRANCIS S. STUTZMAN. A i)lay tliat ha.s loiiii ln-t-n a lavoritc uitli colloii ' e audiences, Sam Jaiiiiey " s " ' rhe Black Flamingo, " was pi ' oscntod on the cveninu ' s of .May ' A, 4, 10. and 1 1 in Lincoln TIall Theater. Mothers Day audicni-es were thrilled and mystified as the excitiny; melodrama un- i ' oldcd within the walls of a sinister French inn, " Tho Black Flannni i). " . lariji ' , welldvnit cast sustained the ei-ii ' inooil df the play throu.uhout. Rali)h ivohlfing and Harold Bergman, ]daying the strange charlatan. Count Cag- liostro, w ' cre unusually good. Attractively gowned in the costumes of eighteenth century Prance, the heroines. Tiois Reisz and Virginia II rubes, enacted their role with ease. Kathleen Fitzgerald, Farlyn Grunwald. and Phil Spradling did their comic roles quite well. An interesting stage set and luuisually good sound effects contributed no small i)ortion to the drama of thievery and murder. Wesley Swanson ' s skillful di- rection was reflected in the lively i)ace of the drama. ■ ' The Black Flamingo " was repeated in the fall. Two oil an Island William Fl;fun Vkrnon L. Tkbo Samuel Brodifky KiiiT O. Sriil.KSIXdKit .4 Rrdrap Gkokck Si ' KLVIX Mnry Ward C. Lylk Sciiwabk J ' lhit Thftmimon Kahlk H. (4ii.i,is A Policeman Rhiiakd J. Shamis The Siffhiseeintj Gwd Thkodokk B. Taylor The Driver Jok StkiN ' Berc Clifton Roas William H. (Jibbersox JtfrjT. Dora Levy Marv J. Prathek Dixie Bushhy . . Vixce H. Swearingek Another Sailor . .Alhekt K. Saxner, Jr. A Middle-Western Man C Mkrle Parry Frederic Winthrop Normax J. Kraekt A Southern Girl DoHOTHV L. Mitchell Another Southern Girl ... Idelle E. Logax Lawrence Ormont . Harold li. Okneskx Martha Johnson I, x I.idickkr Klnicr Ricf ' s recent play. " ' Two on an Tshiiul. " was stjiire ! on ( )ctobei- 27) and 2(i. and on Xoveniher 1 and Hi. 1940. Siay:e effoets vividly depicted the New ' ork scene. A lariie cast presented to IIonH ' coniin r and Dads Day audiences an entertaininii i I;iy, Jm- morons and trne-todife. An Aelor Berxard T. Forester Heinz Kallbait KoBKRT K. Leavix Dorothy Clark WINIFRED J. EllLER Kttlhcrin,- Winthrop Holmes Eilexe .T. MixtlE Mnrliii Jitake Kdwaud Ma(;xi ' S A Man with a Radio Joiix D. Sexger A Cashier Carolexe Hodres iracif MtiUen Betty J. HE(Mv Helen Oniiont JEAXXE A. SwiSHER Sonia Taranova Duroth Y Pehrixo Mrs. BalUnyer Mary A. Gobex .1 Museum Attendant Wayxe Broehl .1 Married Couple Betty J. Pkimm, (1eor(JE J. Dillayov ICiilh Oriiiiint JEAX Fl.AXlGAX Two Japanese Men ToM R. Cavaxavoh, William T. Lomax .1 Married Couple Barbara J. Degex, Earl P. Bloo.m .1 Hindu William H. N ' axey ,-1 Drunken Man Ja.mes T. Dember ;er .1 Waiter James H. Keeder .1 Hothvr Waiter Willia.m N. Cra.mer .1 Tourist Parke S. Barxard .1 nother Tourist Carolyx Simoxs Another Tourist . Eleaxor Thompsox Fred (ioRDox V. Leitxer Dolly Barbara J. Gillixuua.m Mrs. Williams Kaby M. Fleming ,4 Boy Brad G. Blouxt A Girl M r«;ai{i.t Hexw mid ■- » ' Madame Butterfly MiKlinnc liiiltfillii C lll - ll:l■Slnl I Blttv iliC ' iiwN s,:ziik . I hiiCliiiSiiii ' s Kerintil JSaraii .1. Okay . ' . F. Piukerlnn, Lieiileiianl in the I ' liitrtI Slalen Xniji .llK () F, Harms l " li ' 1 ' iiil.iilnii, his Anifrii-nn u fr MAlidAKKT L. ADAMS Sharplesn. Viiileil Sillies Consul at Naffnsaki Walter E. Jameson Oolo, a marriage broker Dkan Fraser I ' rinee Tamndnri. suiliir fnr Cho-Cho-San Warren G. Fuller The Jionze, Cho-Chn-Snu ' s iinele EDEN Nlt ' HOLAS The ( ' omniiss:uner Wayne K. WooLSEY Bnltrrfln ' s Mother M. ELIZABETH Ross The Herjistror VEIiNON L. Tkho Ctl ' iriises Misses: Elizabeth A. Cathcakt. Mary S. Chai ' Max, T aVerne M. EssEK. Harriett Hiti hens. Myra Lytle, Maxine McAllister, Dorothy tJ. (Jiirke. Elizabeth K. Uhodes. M. Elizabeth Hoss, Phillis SAMI ' SON, Ki-izabetii Scaike, lioSL N H. Schwalbe. MaR ;ARET .1. SlI ' E. M ' .RIL N SKILES, PlloEBE C. VESTAL. DoRlS M. WUDMIT Messrs: Harold W. Harbeh. (iEoRciE ( ' . Dacey. Robert E. Coetz. John 1.. (iiYox. .Iack K., Donald .V. Olsen, Ralph M. Park. .Ia.mes D. Pletciier. Robert B. Keedy, Vernon h. Tebo Puccini ' s famous oraiid opera. " Madame Butter- fly. " was stalled by Ai ' e|)o on the cveniniis of Uecem- hei ' lo and 14, under 1he direction of Katliiyn .lanie Sutheriin. An outstandiusi ' iierforr.icr wa.s Hetty .McCown. wIki sang the difficult Italian score with undi islaudinii- and conviction. Her fine soprano voice stood her in o ] .stead as she played the role of the luifoi ' tiuiale .lapi- nese maiden who marries a youn ; Anu ' rican iiaxal officer, Heiu) Harms was effective as I ' inkerton, the American who deserts his young bride to return fo his luitive country. Sarah .lean (Ji-ay and Walter .lameson handled other important I ' oles. . ty|)ical Japanese setting, rei)lete with llower- cDvered arbors and arched bridges, pi(i ided the back- ground fill ' the opera. Designs foi ' the panelled walls of the little bamboo home overlooking the ba at Nagasaki, were taken from authentic .lapaiu ' sc prints. Sets were constructed under the supci ' vision of .Iosc| li Scott, technical director. The orchesti ' a was conducted l)v Austin (iarrels. Night of January 16tli I nicolii Hall Theatre was convcili ' d into a i-ouit of justice ul ' the soverciiiii state oT New York on the evenings of January IT .ind 1 when the Faciili Phivers iH-eseiitcd " Xiiiht nl ' .lann,ii- ' Kith. " li ' . ii Hand. Tile novel i)lay was the dramatization ot ' ihc trial ol ' beautiful Karen Andre, former secretary to one of the w orld ' s wealthiest men, aeeused of murderin lier enii)l()yer. The plot was obviously sjaincd from the mystei ' ious death of .Mr. Kruijcr. the ' " Swedish Match Kint;:. " ' A jury chosen fiom membirs of the audience took their places on the stafie at the be- ffininjJT of the jjroceedins ' s and decided the defendant ' s fate. A difil ' ei ' ent verdict was iclurned each evi ' iiinj;-. The leadiny: role, Kairn . ndi ' e. was convincinsjly ] oiti ' ayed by .Miss Marion Stuart. Other actors lead- in ' ,. ' a competent cast wei-e the two lawyei ' s, . ifred I). Huston and S. Judson Crandell, who set forth tlicir arguments in the best legal fashion. Robert . . Sandbery; directed the play. I ' l iaini Mall ' III ItaiHll J mine Heath liiittrict Attornrn Fti His Secrftrtn ........ .Mk.s. Hok.M ' E .T. IvClXTIKK TiKl.M.V. ' i E. O1.IVER V.m..V. ll M. P.4RRI.SII 1 Vl.KKKl) I . HCSTOX Ml:.s. .Vl.KKKIl D. Hl ' STOX Defense Attorney Steee.:s .S. .IrDSON Cr.vxdeLI. i Secretary Mlts. .) . ltK ilN.M.l RirH. Kl sox Clerk of the Court AnNKK K. KxioHT Karen Andre Miss M. Klox Stv. rt Dr. Kirkland Ross H. HfRT -1 r.v. John II iitrli 1 11.1 . lus. WlI.I.I. .M E. IjRITTOX Hunter Van fleet ClIKSTKR R. -VXDERSOX Elmer Sweeney I. M. RVIX Wellek Xnncy Lee Faulkner Mr s. 1)1 . ne .V. Br. xig. X Magda Srennon .Mits. . ktih R G. . xuebsox John Graham W ' hitfieid loHX S. Cr. xdell Jane Chandler -Mrs. W ' . i.ter H. Voskuii. si iurd Jannuuist Wl.v.sOR W. Browx Lurry Jteyan Max J. ClUI ' .M.AX Koberta Van Itennselaer Mrs. Ai.rHECs M. Jexxings Court Slenonraither Cl-VDE Vi. Lvox Fimt Policeman t ' . MERi)N ( ' . GCI.I.ETTK Second Policeman W. RRICK SQCIRES University Concert and Entertainment Board J H Ci.vuK A. Wkbukk Fkedki{I ' B. Stivi;n l l Kxi ' futirf Sirrt ' ton Chairiitnn K: rr ' . KRS Faculty ALBERT V. Arox, Ph.D. Lloyd Morev, A.B., B.Mus., C.P..A .. I,I,.D George L. Ol.akk, Ph.D.. D.Sc. Frederic B. Stivex, Mus.D. .lOHN- S. Cr.axdell, B.S., C.E. Clyde . . Vehber. B.S. Students GERTRIUE X. CORKKRY M-VRY L. XIC. .NL1S I,. WREX(E W. Col CLER C. RL T. MeYER. .1R. Crandeii Arnn ilcyer CInrk Wfblwr Slivi ' ii iHiiikltr Corkcry .Mui. (cAnlift Page 341 Star Course RlCHARn K. Carr OKnK ;K R. Wii.iJAMS Ai.HKKT C. MAimv Chaki.ks G. SchuTT Sinior M mo( IS RiCHVKI K. Cauh Dokothv 1,. Kniuwxs D tKoTiiY A. Kastkx Ai.iu;ht C. Maktix ( ' MAKLLS (t. ScHoTT Gk " Ri;k R. Wri.MAMS Sophoinorrs KiriiAitit R. AiuioT IlKKNAKb V. ArilKXBAl |[ KiciiAKii F. Am kkso IMlVl.l.lS .1. Atzknhoffkr MAK.mitiK M. ArsKr Lois M. Harkktt DoR(rrnv D. Bkkman ALIiKKT C. BOTTIN Anv C. Catlktt DiAXK K. COHX MaRIJARKT E. CltAXl»KI,l. RdltKRT V. KiLERS Mary L. Kse ' V Calvin I). Kilsox pRisrn.i.A Flktcmkr Marik C. Kkisoif -IdHS S. (iAItVIX .loAx K. (Jkrwk FRKItKUICK ( ' . HANSOX RiTii I.. HA[:r»KR Gl.KX V. JOHXSOX SIK A. K ' Mri-KMlKRG ( ' (IRiXXt; A. KiasK.MARK William O, Kivi-kr ROHKRT .T. LlMM.KV Makv L. Litti.k M KTHA D. M i(;ALLL RIt HdKAlK A. MATiNTIRE Rkhari K. Mann Ai ' i ' RF.v It. Marsh .Marcarkt A. McCli ' RK Fraxcks (i. Mdkry ALUKRT D. MdHLKR FlnRA (J. PArtLIARUI.O MlNKRV PiNXKLL Kith Koskx.stock HdWAKH L. SAXTKR Charlottk S. Smith Martix Tarblk Sally J. Tvrxkr Thomas J. Tyrrkll A ' KRXOX J. WiLSOX FriKcli KKjiy .InliiiNon AI ltot A PaicHiirulfi I ' inncll Tyrrell Miuiii Hardrr AtzciilinfTtT McClnro BarroK Miirsh WilKOii Kiiipp4 nlii rK Kuypcr Hrrninn .riniir-f FiKoii (ijirvin Mohirr AiMlcrKoit Hhiisun liottiii .Miii-(iH)liiir(l F.ilcrH (Jcrwt ' Santor Tnrblc ' J ' uriMT Cntlolt Auscr I ittlf FlotchiT RoM ' MHtiH ' k KniM ' inark Mfwry Smith Arlii-nbnrh Cnhn Page 342 Star Course ]Ji:t» Olds 1 m;i)Tiiv a. Kastex Dorothy L. Robrixs Star Course is a iioii-i)rotit ori aiiizati iii wIkisc diicl ' aim is to brinii the best of musical ouTei laimiuiit 1 i tlie campus. During tlie year of l!t4(l-41. Star Coiusc pnseutcil the resridar series of six coucerts. liic S. ni- l)h(iny Scries, composed of the Cliicairo and lin- ueapolis Symi)hony Orcliestras. and three individual concerts, Joseph Bonnet, oriianist. the Ixoth )uailet. and the Graff Ballet. Star Course has existed in various forms sinec ISSo. Tin- present I ' liiveisitv ( ' oUi-crt and i- nl ' M- tainincnt Board was organized in 19. " )1 to -lupervisc and conduct all concerts and i ubiic entertainments •riven at the I ' liiveisity Iiy ])rofessional organizations, for whicli admission is charged. Four faculty members, apiioinlcd by the I ' residviit of the rniversity. and four student memliers elected l) ' the Sfndviit Senate compose the ( ' nncert .-ind lOnteriainnu lit Hoard. Students aic selected as .juniors and serve for two years. The duties of tin- boai ' d are to select the arti.sls. who will ajjpear on th( Star Course programs. 1o aptioint the senior and .junior managers, and to select the sophomore staff. Woikiiig directl.x " unck ' r the board aic the senior student managers who act as executives, ' i ' lie .junior managers act as supervisors and the sophomore meni- bers are staff workers. ( n the wlujle. this organization functions much like any big busiiu ss organization. The Star Course office is a one. Student workers write ))ublici1y nuiterial. phm and conduct sales campaigns, and carr.v on much correspondeiiee. They also prcpaic program and tickets for jirinting and write sales letters. Hookkeei ing and inventory are involved in the ticket sales and entertainiuij ihe artists is iiuoh-ed in present inii the i-oiicei ' ts. Page .■?4.1 CoKXKi.i.v Otis Skixnku JuSEPII liOXXET Star Course Coi-iH ' liii Otis Skiiiucr. Iroin her cMrlicst dnys, fol- lowed ill tiie l ' o(jlsti ' |)s ol ' her inllier. Her prol ' essionnl stage debut was made with her noted father. (»tis Skinner. She soon began writing and i)erl ' ()rmiiii; her eharacter sketehcs. Her excellent voice, dictidii and charmed her audience here, " ' rhe I Iansiiiii on the Hudson " was liie high spot of her pro- gram. . rtnr i{ui)iiis1i ' in bi ' gan iiis piaiKi careei- at tiie age of six when he gave a concert t ' oi- ciiarity in War- .saw. At eleven he made his formal delnil in IJerlin. playing the IMozai ' t A minor Concerto witli Joachim conducting the orchestra. The technical brilliance which he displayed in his performance here dazzled his audience. . 1 the agt ' of fourteen. Joseph Bonnet was a])- piiintnl organist at the Chni ' ch of St. lichel at Ror- dcnn.x. . f1ei ' slud " ing in Paris he was clKJsen as organist at the ( ' liiirch of 8t. Eustaehe. The tirsl organist to appi ' ai ' on a Star Course program in many years, .Mr, llounet uaxe a prourani which was ]iolisheil ill e ( ' r ' detail. lariaii . nderson. noted contralto, gave a very suc- cessful concert here on January 14. liss Anderson liecaine widely known in Huro]) ' during a two-year tour ending at the .Mozarteum in Salzburg. A the I ' niversity Anderson won the ajjproval of her entire audience by her gi ' acious manner and out- standing ability, . ' hc was called back again and aLt. ' iin for encores. AKTCK lO ' fllV- TKI V MiKT: ' ; " V KZIO PiXZA K-M.W ■ M I I I I i; H Star Course K Ao Piiiza iikkIo his debut in Konu ' at the TL-atio Reale dell ' Opera. For three years he was leadinsi: basso under Toscanini at La Scala. In ]i)2C lu ' joined the .Metro]iolitan Opera Company and lias suns there eaeh season sinee. The outstandiui; ' iieiformanee whieh .Ml ' . I iuza irave here is evidence oL ' his ability as a ciineeit artist. Emanuel Feuermann has been pronoinieed by lead- ing musieal authorities one of the isrreatest eellists of all time. When eleven years old. he made his debut with the Vienna Symi)liony Orchestia. At sixteen he was called to a professorsliip at the Conseivatory of Music in roloirne. lie has a vast concert followinjr thi-ou ;iu ut til is ciiiitiiuiit and has apjieared fi-e- ((uently with all the major sym|)hony orchestras. All excellent concert of ciiamiii ' r music was riven by the Roth Strinfr Quartet on November 18. This group of musicians, who are very fond of ])laying for college audiences. ])layed with gusto and enthusi- asm. The entire audience felt thiss|)irit. Tiie(|uartet selected Kdhiddsrojn . a conii)osit ion by Arthur Cohen of the lusic School faculty, as one of the iiumi)ers on the program. The members of the quartet arc American arti.sts: Feri Roth, founder and first violinist; Rachmael Weinstock. second violinist: Julius Siiaier. viola: and Oliver Edel. ' cello. The Roth ])layers will spend a part of each year at Princeton. New Jersey, where they will devoti ' themselves to the Chambi ' r Fusic School which ilr. Roth has established in connection with the Westminster Choir School. Roth Stkixg Qiwrtet (iHAKK RaI.LKT Star Course ' I ' lii ' (_rrafl: B;illcl is ilii ' cclcd liy (iivicr ;iiiil Kni-1 ir;itV, iiilei-iiatioiially I ' aiiiiiiis daiiciTs. ' I ' lie (ii-atTs liavi ' a lih ' il to the roi-( ' cfiiliioss of tlu ' inodci ' iis a compellint;- sense of tlu ' tlieatre and Inilliaiicy of nioveniciit familial- to tlio more eoincntioiial liallcl style. Their ballets form a sisiiiifieaiit (•(umiiciil nn the world about us today. Pei ' iods of the past arc ])ortrayed fi ' om the modern pciint of view. Tiu ' audience at the rniversily of Illinois found nothing of the sack-cloth and ashes usually associate l with modern dancers in the 1)eau1ifully costumed (Jraff Ballet |)roductions. which arc ciiiphasi .ed by effective stage decor and a bri ;ht. consununately beautiful thread of music woven by the icsounciiil finyei ' s of the company ' s duo-pianists. ' I ' lic 1 ndiaiia pdlis Syiiiplmny Urclicstra was foiniiliMl as a semi-professional, seini-cooiierative uroup in llt: ' (l by I ' i-dinand Schaefer. Fabien Sevitsl was cn- ias -ed as a pcrmaiu ' iit conductor in li):)7-:!S. Al that time lie rcoriiani .ed the orchestra, placint; il on a professiomd l)asis. Pi ' ece(h ' d by his reputation as a conductor in l ' ;uro])e and the I ' nited Slates. .Mr. Scvitsky ' s subse- quent performances overshailowed his past successes and won for the Indianapolis Symphony Orclu ' sti ' a a luilional reputation ecpial to that of many louii-estab- lished orchestras. This is the thii ' d year the ()i-chestra has been incluilcd in the .Star Course Series. Ml-. Scvitsky ' s interest in . merican music has won lor him many friends, lie has woi-ked eai-nestly and |ieisistentl for the t ' utui ' e of . merican nuisic. ■ U ' F(ov Om 11 Ks ' l ' l; mti ' mi. V Xf ' fXifbltXi n i Alio S .MiiiD.N V Ok Star Course ' riic Chieatt ' o Syiii|iliciiiy ()rclu ' stra is uiiilri ' the di- rection of Dr. Frodcrick Slock, who is ciilcriiii; iiis tliirty-sixtli year as coiuluctor. It was ol ' special interest to patrons that this year marked the lirtielii anniversary of the orchestra. The Chieasio Synipiiony Orchestra is not famous solely for its musicians, who are all masti ' is. or solely for its director, hut rather hecause of the harmony and accord with which the men and the leader work. This homo eneity of thousjht and enersiiy has hrought the ( ' hieas o Symphony Orchestra to world fame. Dr. Stock and liis winnins;- i)ersonality made the concert one of the most enjoyahle ones of the season. The audience showed sincere appreciation nf the fii-st concert of the Svniphonv Series. The Minneapolis Syiiiplion - Orchestra, with its bril- liant ciiiKhu ' tor, Dimitri .Mit ropoulos, came to the campus for a concert on February hS. This was soon after JIi ' . Mitropoulos had gained reat ]) for his four-weeks guest conductorsliip of the New Voi ' k Phil- harmonic Orchestra. Mr. [itropoulos is well known for the fact that he never uses ;i score while conducting, for his excellent memoi ' y retains each note of the nuisic. He is one of the few great eon lu -tors who never uses a baton. His gestures are broad and energetic, encouraging the finest music fi ' om each mem])er of the orchestra. Since the Minneapolis Symphduy ((rdiesti ' a a])- l)eai ' ed here last ycjii ' . Star Coui ' se pali ' ons knew what tine nuisic they could expect. MiXXKAI ' OLIS Synm-hoxv Okcukstii.v ■sa: ' Page 348 MUSIC Page 349 ? ti Pngc 350 University Bands A. Austin- Hari in(i li () s r !•; R i»r( " A. AirsTIN H AUKiXi; .limulniil Direcliir Mark H. .lMi»((iii( Conduclnr Cl-AKKXi-K K. Sawiui.l Trraxiner and BuninrsH Mnnaijrr Ci.vdk A. Wkiihkk .l»»i»rnn Kkitii I,. Wll.sdX initi fill III Haskkli. O. Skxtox I ' rcsiileiii T. I ' l.lXTiix folin VicePresideiit Iack M. Ki.i.idtt Secretary UoltDox A. PlllLLll-s Librarian ... .IA.MKS K. VAN Slyke Qiiarlcrmaster . . RoBEUT S. KlKSTKlt W KLFA I{ K CO.M.M IT T K K Ray I. Shawl Leoxard L. Stelmley ASGELO M. CUCCI AusTix .J. McDowell TIk ' ruivoi ' .sity ot ' Illinois ililitaiy JJaiid.s Uipart- inent consists of three separate bands; the Concert Hand, the First Regimental Band, and tlie Second Reiiiinental Band. Positions and ] roniotions in these oriranizations ai ' e determined l)y com])etitive exami- natidiis iiiven at intervals throni hout the year. Mem- hei ' shij) in the bands takes the ])lace of the re(|uireil military traininu;. The Concert Banil members are eliirible for scholarships as soon as they have fullilled their military re(iuirements. In the fall of 1!)4() the Concert Band began its sec- ond half-century as the pioneer symphonic band orjian- i .ation of America. Since its inception in ISS!), the Concert Band has achieved a nation-wide repiitalion as a symi)honic oriranization of the hi ;hest musical calibre. Prere |uisiti ' s for member.ship in this oi ' ganization call for the highest standards of technical jirccisiou coupled with a superior degree of nuisical talent. The Concei ' t P and is irenerally reeoi;iiized as having the most complete iiislrnmentation of any com|iaral lc organization iti the country. The high standanls of the bandsmen together with the fidlcst instrumentation make ]iossible the faithful performance of the re- peloircs of the great symphony orciieslras. Professoi ' A. A. Ilardiiiir. Director of Bands at the rnivcrsity since 1!)(). " ). has souyrht initiringly 1hrou ' _di lliese years to raise the musical ami technical standards of band performances in tlie I ' nited States. The Cui- vcrsity Concert Band is the direct result of these elVorts and stands as an incentive to young ])andsmen all over America to strive for a higher degree of musical ex- cellence. The Cniversity Military i?aiids Department conducts and parlicii)ates in several band clinics cadi year, tr ing in this way to lurthcr the interests of the American band iiinvemenl. The First Rcuiiiiental Band, under the direction of .Mr. .Mark II. lliiidsley. and the Second Regimental liaiid. directed by .Mr. Clarence E. Sawhill, com])lete the Bands Department. These bands study the finest in orchestral and band music during the year, as well as playing numei-ous concerts, and furni.shing the music for military ceremonies, athletic events, and other University functions. The famous Illini Football Band, noted for its marching, singing, and playing, is a group of 180 liandsmen selecti ' d fi-om the Concert and First Regi- nieutal Bands. The brilliant i)ageantry staged each football season, both at the home games and those away, forms an integral i)art of the Saturday after- noon festivities. Mr. JIark llindsley is in full charge of the Footl)all Band. Following the football season, the Concert Band, • IS well as the other bands, directs its activities toward preparation for the (Minics and the concert .sea.son of the second semester. The Concert Band plays several out-ol-town concerts, as well as the two Anniversary Concerts presented on the campus in March. This year, as on similar occasions of the jiast ' 25 years, the Concei-I Band furnished the music for the inaugural ceremonies of thi ' new (lovernor in Spring- field. The opening of sju ' ing brings with it the twi- light concerts each Wednesday evening, attended by thousands of students relaxing on the green of the (piailrangle. The band year is brou ght to a close with its performances in the impressive ceremonies of ( ' ommencement week. Page 351 Concert Band Directnr li rial Ciarinets James K. Van Slykk Kf.ith L. Vii,s( x ' Orestk Mithi •Lko J. Christy ' RiHiKKT L. Hint ' ArsTix J. McDiiwKi.i. ' Rti { ' HltlSTni-HKItSON ' Cakl K. Stovku R HF,KT A. Clink ' Elwyx H. King ' William O. Kt ' YrKR ' Stanley V. Vycital Kl ' WARIi L. -MlHKLir Delbkrt a. Gorasson DePavl J. Grieser Robert W. Upsox WlLLIAM .T. CARMirHAEL Robert C. Rioenhowlr Mayer H. Channon L. Gore ' Albert T . Mohler R(»BKRT G. Davis Stiart M. Mamer RUIIERT A. Stkin SAMrEL D. Wrioht Theohork a. Varges Robert H. Drioos James A. Stitzkl Jillii Clarinets T. Clinton Cobb Avery N. Hikkx W. Robert Ma mll Clixtox D. .Iaxney liasN ( ' hiriiifts XoRMAN A. GOLDBKHC John L. Bkiuklman Ali) vin K. Morris DONALn L. HlLLIEK " Clarence K. Sawmill ' William A. (Jross ' ' RrCHARIt G. STKWAKT FUden and I ' icrohm tiKOHf;E K. MORKY .(OHN P. Doi.CH john w. coltman Rali-h B. Clark GKOR iK C. Van STKKNBERt; R. ALLLN LrMlAHL Wksi,ky .1. Dale CARLKT0N a. Sl ' KKATI T.OlL-i M. AllA.MS i:-Fltil Fh ' tr Cn. i{|.i:s li, M krckr Oboe JOH .1. SCHISTKK DAvri) Kai ' Lan Jack A. Glookr FRKi ERirK C. Hanson lloKACK R. Davis F. mjUsh TToyns Walter a. Xech(H a HoRACE A. Macintikk Mr HI hr rn trm rl nf t h i ' ■■ FirM J!,; imrnliil Jitn liarUfnir Ohne JaCK A. GLOciKR lIei ' kr}i ho„r HVRo B. W MAN ,1 Ufi Saxtt thoites ' RrSSELL S. How L Mi Karl K. Keldman Triinr SaA ' n iJioiir J MLS K. WlllTKSIhi: Itu.s.s,l hum v. Di: N G MM.AMi Clovis a. McKkn .ii-; iff).v { Saxophone DeLoSE R. Ts HAlUH.h JiassooiiM Willi m Skkltun H I , S n w I . lilA I,, iiUuWN Cnntni lla-sNoon ALLh:N ( ' . Cawon VlCTOIC ( ' . HoKKNLi: ■ KoUKKT . KlTL Wll.LIAM N. .McAtlic ' ■ Kaki. D. Whitk Fln; r!-IIorns ■ WujjA.M D. Cole ' John C. ST()I ;h rftijtih bnnd rmhlrm mriiihrrs (intfiniiifin! Ihr Ci CornetK ' Haskkli. i). Skxton Mahk 11. Himjslly Harolii C. Hines Ax(;klo .M. Crcci Gni:MoN W. Yai-i- Jon N i;s L. Kas.mvssen P ' rruch Horns Donald J. Hatch ' RoKLRT G. Vai ' i- ■Rowi.wii Smith XoRMAN H. Fitch •Jamks W. Davidson TlIKdlioKK B. iMaVHALL Jack M. Ki.liott Albert C. Bottix William P. Iahkv Lkonai{i» N. D.wis T. Clinton Cohb President Baritones Gordon A. Pil lLLli-s R WMOND a. BACtJH RoBERT X. Parker Stiiiif Basses Grace Hakrimax Harold V. Sakford Basses ' Steven W. Tehon J. David Moses Leoxard L. steimlev Vernon J. Wilson Warrkn a. Felts a. Stein Donald J. St deilld Jlur Kdna a. Md h ll ' rromhoars Lyman A. Stark Fred V. Simon HoRAcK S. Frederick Loris A. Hanskn Rob] ' :rt K. Newton. Jr. Jamks K. Mabkv r nss Trombones Daniel V. Poktkr • Lloyd R. Stuan ; F a difniiunis JaV X. 1- ' K0M AN ArSTIN K. (iAKKEl.S Km.iii K. Paxton }fa riniba Nina M. Cokeinc E. Nadine Rknnek Ti ni ' ti ai J nix R. Knostkom PrrrH.ssion Gkorge E. Hamilton Morris I . Mykks WlLBTR J. HoKL. Jr. ' William O. Harms ' HoMKR ( ' . Jr. KOBEKT J. MlRKAY Propertt men Robert S. Kilster R|)BKRT K. RtMiKKS Pngr» . ' inii First Regfinieiital Band ... iKK It. IllM ' Si.l. Assistant Dhfctor Ci.xRi.S ' i: K. yAwim.i. Asinstuul Conduclor II rial Clarinets Flutes and Piccolos Comets Trombones W ' .w.Ty.H A. Aro Loi ' is M, Adams Lklaxd R. .IAMF.S C. Barclay Lovis " . BisHoi Cari, E. Fdrsbkro iRVIXn G. Cl IMilXliTOX RiiHARii 0. Barnes yity.u " . KowlUTCH RoHKRT M. -I A.MKS Hkrbkrt L. Dick. .1r. Robert W. Cress a. Hkkttman Kl.ltKKT K. LlNnAHl, Richard V. Fi.emixi: RiciiARii W. H I!KV K. BllllANAN John R. Littler .TOHX E. Grkex William .1. Hixter KnuKHT S. Day Wai.tkk V, Pkvra Walter G. Griffith Ekxest K. Limits Wai.tki! K. Kstks I ' ui. A. Ramsiikli. Kexxeth V. .TOHXSOX James E. .Maiirv Kkxnkth C. Hdi.tox CaKI. a. Thi:MS()X Emvix H. Kaxitz RAYMONIi .1. M ICIl ALEC RoVAI.n V. HllOVKK H. Fk- xk Kic h:mn ; Lloyii R. Strano lly.w I . HIXTAI11.E Oboe JoHX (. ' . 8T(iri:H Willi. M H. W.xoner 11. Makshai.i. .Iohanixgsmkieb KriiENK M, Sriiw i:tz Le%vi.s p. T vichki.l .Ions D. K.v )i Ki,i. W. Burtox Woop B asses Ar.KKKii Lrro Hknkv a. Mii.lkr llftssnfit, Ml. 111:1s S.;. .111. Attn Sn.fti tliiiiies Willi vm S. Baker F. " . KIM Nkarisc. Al.ltKKT K. OKKNLOCH Tnnnprts BVRON K. Fri.K DoNALii L. Hayes DaMKI. .1. I ' KKKINO DEI.MDVKL G. BAMiERT Ei) YARii T. Ryan Pmi.i.ii- K. KivKS Chaki.ks B. Fkikiimav AViLI.IAM R. BU(tI-HY DoxAi.n F. TscHABoi.h Uini vKi C. KdWK DKUISK R. TsfHAHCll.l) Elmer M. KAKiiEi. FiiKr ' KRfi K R. Smith W.VLTER P. Stexuor); r ireussinn Kirii vRh (i. Stkwart Tenor Saxopkouea Robert .T. Thompson (lEOROE E. EOW.XRIIS lAMKS C. WlI.KINS. IR. .TOX D. AXDKRSOX J. RdHKRT Bl.OM jriST E.VRL D. White Wii.LiA-M 0. Harms Homer ( ' , L m n. .Ir. .! (.. C nri„.f» liariloties nnrns Don lii K. Mason Robert .1. Mi ' RR.vy AVEKV X. HlKK.V Lkoxarii Baxtz. .)r. JIAKION L Bk VI. James W. ViiiKR Cl.IXTdS D. JAXVKV DoxAi.n F. Kraxzex Leovard N. U is Ray (;. La c;eii. rtki. Robert W. Forst r roperlymen ll(f«tt Clarinfts l Vii;HT H. I.IIRY William V. .M miry I I1 AI.I ' I.. Hll.l.IKR Roukkt N. 1 ' rkkk DoXALIi K. Taooart JlLirS ( ' . I.AKIil.ER. JR Ai.hwix K. Morris Km.IH 1; l ' lXTci ARTHIR .1. WiTKIN Loris R McCreii;i!T Page 353 University Orchestra W.xl.THK L, KoD.SA Walteh L. ItOOSA. . AKTIiri! K. COHKN. Coiuluctor . Concfrtmeister First Violing Carolyn Bert M. Wii.sox Brav Allen E. Caxn ' os Arthir K. Cohen Sol B. Cohen William R. Davihson Oscar A. Kibitz Wendell A. Laxduanx Doris J. Laysox Sidney A. Maxdel Paul B. Meyer Mary .1. Mravec Rachel S. Wilsox Second Violins Dorothy .1. Bei.T[m; Helen M. Bond Albert C. Bottix De Los De Tar Martha L. Hess Rebecca C. .Tones Martha MacGai.liakd MoREY Markel Theodore B. Mayhai.l Richard C. Melick Lm-a Overmyer Phoebe C. Vestal ' if l(is Bkrnakh M. Chayks Caki. K. Kokshekc Nathaniel B. Green GEOR(iE E. MORKY .locEi.YX Powell Cf litis Maiiith S. De Zcrko .Iack M. Elliott GEORliK R. Flexmax Mary K. Kelly Jelia J, Tar.max L " . Pailixe Wauxer ricn.-li H„n,s ,1. Wayxe Dayidsox NoRMAX H. Fitch Donald .1. Hatch Rowland K. S.mith Grace A. Hakkimax RrSSELL HoWLAND Stanley H. White Verxox .7. WlLSOX Fhtl.s VniAN L. Benton .John P. Marcaret a. Robbins oho, - Jack A. Goi.OER Walter A. Nechoda -InllX .1. SCHCSTER KiiiiUkIi IIuih M ' ai.tkr A. Nechoda Chiriitcts Robert L. Hcnt ArsTiN .1, McDowell litiss Clariiif ' t Norman A, (Joldheri! Hiistitnnts Kex L. Brown, Jr. WiLLJ.X.M Skeltox William D. Cole .Tohannks L. Ras.mcssex Haskell O. Sextox Tt-oiiiboties Richard O. Barnes Richard W. James E. Mabry Wnfjin ' r Tubas P. rke S. Barnard Jeax R. Herriott R. Y G. Lanqebartel Lymax A. Starr Boss Tttha Donald J. Stadkiklii Tumimm .loH K. KNtJSTIinM I ' l ' leiission XORMAN A. GOLr BER(! William O. Harms .Morris L. Myers .Mks. F. B. Schikmkk LibfOrilliiS Georoe R. Flexmax A ' KRNov .1. Wilson Pngi- :!54 University Chorus RrssKi.1. H. JIii.ES . . RlClIAKI) K. RuBKRTS. . . .Coiidticfor .Acconiiianittt UrssKi.i. H. Mn.K. " Mar :akkt L. Mariaxnk E. Aii.ts MaKY E. AM)KRSr)N H KRV C. ARMSTR«)XG Mrs. Hazki, M. Atkiss Dklmi»m G. Bangert DllKOTHV .1. BEI.TINC El.siE M. BlTTr ;EK Helen E. Bde Freii ( ' . BOUER I ' AIL M. BllLMAX Mrs, Patl M. Bolmax Ai inE P. Brady ( HARi.ES D. Bromley Jeanne M. Brown Mrs. Laura V. Brown LoRNA E. BRI ' MKIELD .MnNT. Cox FrEI ' ERICK C. Dietz Mrs. Frkdf.rii ' K 1 ' . Dietz V. KoLANii Eunv .Mrs. c. Rouvxd Eddy WiNIEREIi ,1. Ehlkr GEORciE E. Evans Mary L. Evans .Iean E. Fackler Mary K. Fahev JosEi ' H E. Foster Elizabeth M. Gannawav Mrs. Harry C. Gebhart Betty M. Mrs. LiLf Green Mildred L. Givxx Marjorie R. Havens Carolyn D. Hay Elvamae Herriott Martha L. Hess Maroaret a. Hogc Margaret F, Irwix Price D. Jones Clifford R. Keizer Lois a. Kelly Frances M. Laiohnkr Albert C. Leach P. TRiciA H. Lewis Elbert L. Lindahl JlYRA Lytle Arthvr L. McClish Gertride C. McKinney M. EVGEXIE Meeker Charles H. Merckr Mrs. Tom Meri.o Eleanor Miller Jean Miller Marguerite Mt RToN DOXN S. MVRDl ' CK Lantha D. Xeii. Mary L. Olmstead C. Virginia Pape Ralph A. Pixi.ey Edyvix C. Rae Ruth C. Reed De Lafayette Keiii. Jk. Audrey K. Reidelberger Elizabeth K. Rhodes Mrs. H. Ferne Ricketts Byron M. Robinson Elizabeth A. Sabix Elizabeth a. Scaife Ch.vrles F. Sohl.ktter Melva a. Schrefflkr Ray I. Shawl John A. Si eg ling Eleanor J. Skekls Evelyn M. Slosson Cl. ra W. Smith PHILII ' a. SI ' RADLING Betty M. St.vrr Marv a. Stii ' P Vernon L. Tkbo V. June Van Zavdt Marvin E. Veerman Phoebe C. Vestal Stanley W. Vyoital Wn.LiA.M E. Walker Phyllis M. White Mary E. Widger H. TTIE W. WiNFIELD Marion E. Wittenbekijer Doris M. Wright Otis H. Young Athene Zimmerman Page 355 Men ' s Glee Club ( " l.AKKXCK K. .SAWIIII.I. .1(111 N RKl ' TThK. .lit. l- ' l£. XK A. KKirHKLDERFi;! JUtMiiif.s.s Mantiifer Jamks E. MiM-En Sfiiiur Mauatfrr TEN oil IS Allkx F, Agxkw Dox.Ai.i) B. AoxKW JOHX p. A«XK V Marion L. Bkai, GlI-BKRT E. BrKXXER A. XIkrlk Bri ' mnca ErtWARii W. Carimfk Wii.MAX E. Davis KOGKK Dl ' NilAM Jack M. Ei.nnTT GKRALU R. FiXNKSTAIl X. KlCHARD Fox l.AWRENCK E. FkAZKK Rl ' HAKI W. FrKI ' H .fAY N. Froma RilRKKT E. GOKTZ DKIJtKRT A. GORANSOX .IAV K. H 1 X( " H Cl.l FFK. JR. I AM KS E. MILUKR Xathaniel B. Grkkx I)K Y ' .wi. .1. Grikski .1. I I( ' MAR[ HaIIN Rkxo F. Harms Howard E. Hasti m: DoxAiJi .1. Hat n Wri.iiiR .1. HiiKi-, Jr. Kai.I ' II .1. HnrciiTox. KoEtKRT L. Hint Al.IlKRT ( ' . Lkach IVml F. Ekstkr GSRAl.l .1. Mll.LKR Wai.tkr a. Kechoija Jr. Gkrai-d L. Xorostrom Ravmoxi) L. Parker Robert D. Peine William T. Reace. Jr. Robert B. Kkehy Olix L. Ri(-haki»s ROVSTOX RoltKRTS Oliver R. Schmiht John J. Schister Floyd E. Sharp Charles F. Sivekt Sheloox R. Smith Dean D, I ' rick JiAlUTOXES Daxiki. C. Anderson Roheut A. Doisv Wallace B. Black Doxald V. Di (iAX William J. Carmichael Robert W. Eilers Leo J. Christy Georwe R. Flexmax Gordon R. CrxxixfUiAM Raymond GRAXiuJEORii Edward A. Doisv Ri ' ssell Gravukal, Jr. .■ Kriii K R. Hall Glenn R. Harms Jamks R. Harris noNovAN R. Heinle , 1I.L KD C. Hl ' FEMAN I ' 1)1 VE JOXES John G. Krkssman lt i{o V. Kh; ,an William L. Miller Tho.mas H. Rothchild James D. I ' letchek Xokman Sciiukedanz Frank A. Rkichkldkrker Richard K. Shirkr John Ki:itter. Jr. Donald K. Stevens J. .Arthi K Stitzkl Ij.ovd K. Stk ri Thomas A. Wiley Ja.mes C. Wilkins Wayne K. Wooi.sey Samckl G. Wrioht i;assi-:s Loiis M. Adams Carroll W. Brown PlIILII ' E. COLDWELL William D, C )Le AxiiELo M. Crcci ].,INDELL R. CCMMIXS Verxe Erdmax RrssELL L. Griffin. . UlRXELL E. HEXERT Kexneth C. Holton John M. Hcntek Carl X. Hitter WiLllERN KeKFE Morris S. M. James I,i nd M X W. .Mll.LKR Dean F. AIitchell David E. Olsox Robert X. Parker Gordon C, Pextz Richard E. Rkeves William J. Rhodes Weldox G. Sheets E. Frank Snyder James W, Spexcer A " I NCI I, H S K K( Mi James E. Ubmex James K. Van Slyke Stanley W. Vvcital John H. Wehrlv. Jr. Robert X. Wilkori . Jr. JosEi ' H W. Zlmmkrmxn Kichard Huhn Cardiff Koncff KoImtU Hatch Hruninfta E. Uoihy M. Miller Wiley Fromaii Slitxel ICilern Zimmcrnmii Ulioden Sheets Snydor Hnttcr Swearingeii Brown Kcsalcr Reedy Lwitcr Nordi«troin_(iriejttT Vruvc Klliolt Sharp Schmidt Davw CunniiiKham Fletcher }ieiiile CirnndKeorRe Wright Cummins Van f lyke Erdmaii Coldwell I ' blH-ii Ktind J. Ak ' icw Green Freeh B ' al Minehcliffe Goeli I ' rick Nechmla CiraylH-nl Hull Wvhrly StrunK Joneu Adams Hiinler W. Cole Heeves Srhuf«!er A. Agnew Dunham Schmidt Brenner H. L. Parker HiRenn S. Coir Hothehild G. Miller Black Christy Heutter Griffin Wilkins S|)encer M. N. Parker Hunt Hnrm» WeUh Smith DuRaii D. Affnew Vox Hoel Sjtwhill Hounhton Shirer Carmichael Stevens Harris Henert Schickeihm« PllRO .15« r t Women ' s Glee Club Laxsox F. Dkmmixu Director JlVUA I.VTl.E Presi(tt ' nt Mabel A. Thompsox BuKJnetift Mannfler F.I.KAXOR M11.I.EK Pianist DORciTHV .1. BELTIXO WiMFREIi J. EHLER LVTHERA E. EHKHAKT FIKST SOl ' liAXOS .Ieax E. Fackler Lenore Johns Harriet J. Hoettchex Betty McCowx Mary E. Jac obs Eleanor Miller Jean Milleb RfTH E. Mitchell MARcrERiTE Morton Lillian X. Poll Marilyn Skills Louise Stivbs Phoebe C. Vbstal Donna T. Weiss Mar .;aret L. Adams RiTU Alhrich Maruaret a. Birlisox AliELAIl ' E L. CHALBERC, SECOND SOPRANOS Jeanne A. Donovax Grack M. Eriksox La Verne M. Esser Martha E. Hkaih.ey Ei-vamae Herriott Charlotte B. Lekever Patricia H. Lewis Alberta C. Menzel Bonnie .T. Moox Ci-ARA V. Pape A( i»KK K. Hkii)Ki,iiek ;kk Betty R. Thompson ' Elizabeth K. Khodes JLabel A. Thompson MiLi REii Roberts Miriam C Thompson MaR ' jaret J. SiPE Doris M. Vrii:ht Hazel M. Atkixs Elsie M. Bittixokr Mary .S. Chapman ALT us Margaret F. Framtton Makjorie Havens Annabelle Gray H Loiise Lave Betty J. Hanes Myra Lytle Doris H. McMaster Doris E. Mixer Carmen L. Parr KATHRYN J. PlIILllROOK MARGARET O. RUXOE Kith C. Reeip F. Norma Schmidt Jacqueline Troth Donovan Hoadley Alilrich Roberts Moon Erickson Lfwis Wrichl Belting Vestal Ehler Hoetlrhen Alkiiis Havens Selimiill Chapman Parr MrMastcr Esser M. C. Thompson Lefever Chalbcre Burlisnn Sipe Rhodes M. A. Thoin pson Adams J. Miller Ehrhart Morion Skiles Runce Gray Hanes Biliini;er Menzel Pape Jacobs Fackler E. Miller Mitchell Lytic Demming Poll McCown Johns Reed Fraropton Phillirook Troth Lane Miner Page 357 I ' llgi ' .■ ' .j. ' s MILITARY Page 359 ;vu4uaiuv mmWiBBttft University Brigade Parallel witli tlic (Icvclopniont of llic riiiversity of Illinois has been tlic .Ui ' owth of its .Military l ' .i ' i " ia lc. Ivstablisiiod in ISdT 1). tlic Morrill Land (li-int Act. both arc now Hearing their three i|iiaitci ' ccntHry marks of service 1o the state anil to tile natictn. Witli l)asie military traininii i)eini; ' recjiiired for all l)hysiealiy able Tiiale students, th( Briiiade has ui ' own in size from 7. " ) to over 4,(10(1 men, an l is now ycncraily n i nized as bcinii one of Ihr larii ' est and iinest traininii- units in the country. In keepinii with the ex|)ansi in of the I ' .riiiadc its f.irilities for ti-ainini: have been li ' reatly im|iro fd. . t one time housed in what is now tiu ' ( Md (lym . nnex. the Bi ' itiaile has one of tlie lary:( sl and Miu ' st armories in the counti ' y. Comimsiiig the University Brijiade are the fullowinu units: Infantry, ( " avalrv. Page 380 University Brigade Field ArlilU ' ry. ( oast Artillrr - ( ' orps. Signal ( " oi-i s. ami 1hc ( ' oi ' ps nf iMiyiiiccrs. Till ' sludoiits ai ' c divcete(l in tlirir irainitii; l)y the niilitarx ' stalV, wliicli is coiii- poscd (iT (il ' lii-ci ' s and cidislcd iiicn (if the rci ular army. Al ' tci ' two years (if basic trainiiii; ' . tlie best (if llie cadets arc seiecled Tor the advanced corps, wiiere tiiey receive niore military instruction, as well as exi)erience in trainiiiii ' the l)asic stutlriits. Addiliiinal military trainins; of a practical nature is rurnished in the Kescixc (ttticei ' .s ' Trainiuj; ' ( ' ()r])s ( ' a7iii)s, which are attended h.v all student officers duriiiii ' the summer l)et veen their junior and senior yeai-s. By the end of their four years in the I ' .riiiade. these student oHiccrs liaxc received nim-li valuable ti ' aininy in obedience and Icadershij), as wi ' ll as having: absorbed a thorough backjiroiuid of military theory and pi-actice. Page 361 I-:i .Mr.vL» L. I ilioi Cadet Colonel Cadet Staff Caiikt Col. KitMrxi L. UrHois CommantJant Cadet M.v.ioh Hvitnv C. Ukaimoxt InfanlTy Cai kt Ma.iok KtiHKUT M. McCreaky En ' jiiieer Corps Cadet Major Arnold K, Jouxsox Signal Corps Cadkt MA.ioii TiKtMAS !• ' . Haves Field ArtiUery Cadet Capt. Kakl J. Koexd; Cavalry To tlie (. ' a ' let St;ifl ' irocs the n ' s|)(insil)ilit v loi- 1I10 proper execution of all oi ' dei ' s issued hy llic iiiilit,ii tli ' I)arfnu ' iit. At the licjid of the staff is the ( ' add Coloiii ' l. who is Conimaiuhmt of the Brioade and a senior oftieiT of tlu ' Brisi ' adc Staff. It is his diit.x i i diivc-t the weekly retreat (■crcnioiiics, which aic hrld eitiier on the drill field or in the . rnioiy. . t thr annual Military Day. the Illinois I )r|iartiiiciit of llic Danijhtei ' .s of the Ameriean Rcvoliilioii presents a saber to the cadet officer who has been selected as Cadet Colonel for the followiim year. In addition to the Cadet ( ' olonel. who rc|iresents his own unit, the ( ' aiiet -Staff is coniposed oi ' a repre- sentative from each of the othei ' five units, l-lach of the latter five menihers of the slatV is a ( " adet .Major or a (adet ( ' aptain. . t the annual .Military l)a - ( ' erenionies, in recoonition of leadership and out- standino ' al)ilit ' . the Illinois Dejtartnieiit of the N ' eterans of Foreign Wars presents a saber to each member of the ( ' adet Staff. It is throusih the capable and eoopei ' ative func- tioning; of the entire staff that the effective 7nilitary training; ol ' fi ' eshnien and sophoinorcs is accom- plished. .lohtiK Page 302 Regular Staff ROBKRT 0. KiRKWUOD Cuiiim-l, Field Arlillery, U.H.A. CiiliniiflittUliit Col.. KoiiEliT (J. KiRKWooD Comma lulii III C " oi.. Gilbert Vax B. Wilkes Engineer Corps I.IKIT. Col. Mvrray H. Ellis Caralry LiEiT. Col. Henry F. Grimm Coast ArliUery Corps LiEiT. Col. Enwix A. Hexx Field Artillrrii I.iEiT. Col. Woodfix G. Joxes liijanlnj ilA.ioR Carl H. Sturies Signal Corps At tlio lifiid of thr I )( ' |i;ii-tini ' iit cif .Militar, hy tlir War I )c)iai-tiiicnt in 1S7T. al which time Science and ' I ' actics is thr ( ' iinimandaiit. wlio is a thi ' corps was composed of oidy one infanlr - colonel in the icoiUar army. The efficient admin- unit of IKS men. Today tiiere are six units, and istration and projier trainin ; ' of the six R. (). ' ! " .( ' . the roster (if cadets in -hides the names of more units at the Tniversity arc ins i-esp(insihilit ies. than 4.0(10 men. Nearly liOd of these are in th( His staff consists of six fiehi officers of the rei:- Advance(l Corps and the rest are enrolled in ular army who act as Dii ' ectors of Traiiunij- of hasic ti-aininsi ' coui ' ses. This is one of tiie largest the six I . . ' | " ,( ' . units. Tiiese men are in turn riu cr-sily iJrioades in tlie country, and the rc- a.ssisted i)y majors, captains, and lieutenants si)onsil)ilities of the staff are, tiiei ' el ' ore, very of the regular army. ureat. It is to the credit of tile Commandant Although a cadet e(irps was estalilished at tlie and tlie stalT that the Illinois I ' .rigade is also I ' niversity in IStiS the lirst army officer to he one of the best traineil anKini; those of state named as commandant of the corps was detaih l univei ' sities. Bi-ntxlict Iiinliiiit VanDcrlleydi-ii I.ausoii Etnyre (iooiliiow Hill M«tl« nii SiinmoliN Daniier Alborl Brosf Picrson cicl-orimiiT .Moore l. Miwly StiiriKS Casey Ellis (iriiiim Wilkes Kirkn ' oo l .loiios Heiiil Garily I.imlK-ri; Page 363 Military Council Ki ' MiNh I,. T)v BoiS President .aw son CcrliT FrHiiks ;ni Fossaii Honn Y a slice lirimiiMHit Htinlnii Ziinislos I.. Dt: Bdis Colonel William F. Kiiohn , . Colonel, Engineers Thacy a. Ras.missen lA. Colonel, Field Artillery KoBKKT I . Kkanks lA. Colonel, Field Artillery KRAN ' i ' Is K. Coss Lt. Colonel, Vnrniry CllAHLKS .1. ( ' AHsdX .(. Colonel. ,Si!inni Corps William H. Zlmstki: lA. Colonel, Infantry Joiix S. 0 ' Bnif;x LI. Colonel, Coast Artillery Harry C. Beaumont Major, Executive, Brigade Stall RoiiKHT M. MrCKEARY Major, Adjutant, Brigade , ' ilaff Arnold K. Johnson Major, Intelligence, Brigade iS(a ? Daviii )• " . MiLLiKKN Major, Supply Ojjicer, Brigade Staff Robert W. IIolhert Major. Ilrinade Staff The purpose of tlie .Militjiry Cmuieil at the University of Illinois is to act as the governin};; body of the Rcsei ' vc Ofifieers ' Training Oorps. In this function the Council serves 1o streniitlicn the boml between the Kef uhu- Slafi ' and llie students of the H.O.T.C. and il is 11ii-ou ih llie C ' oinicil that the principles and iirocedures of the military department are conveyed to the students. In addiliiin lo its oilier resi)onsibililie.s. the Council is ill charfie of supervisinji the various activities of the military deiiartment. These activities include the Military liall, tlir Oflicers ' I ' .all, the annual Military Horse Show, the lances uiven by otiiei ' origan i .at ions in the lepaitmcnt, anil the piililieation of the Milliui. The Milliiii. containiiii; an ent ire i-ecord of the year ' s inilital ' y activities, is issued annually nii .MiliiMry Day. Page 364 Military Council Andrkw K. Johnson Secrrtnry Treasurer McCresry Mclntire Lillie Arnold Johnson O ' Brien Carson Rueckerl Mulliken Hammer Rasmusscn Coss H..|l..rt KliWAKi A. .Mi ' iNTlKK Major, Rep, Pershintj JHflfs William G. Rikckkrt Major, Rep. Caralnj Officers ' Club Fked T. Hammer Major, Rep. Caisson Chtb DtAXK L. LII.I.IK Major, Rep. Coast Artillery Club, First Semester Fraxk J. Haxi-ox Major, Sep. Alpha Taa. Sigma Neal E. Van Possax Captain, Rep. Tail A ' it Tttu Andrkw R. Johnsox Captain, Rep. Scabbard and Blade Ravmoxi) Bkxzi(;er Captain, Rep. Coast Artillery Club, Second Semester Stan ' Lky H. Yasbec Captain, Rep. Pi Tau Pi Sigma Warren C. Oeklkr Captain, Rep. Phalanx Edwin A. Henn... .Lt. Colonel, Field Artillery, Faculty Adviser Alexander E. Lawson First Lieutenant, Coast Artillery. Faculty .idriser Sinpc its l ' oim(liii i in 1!) " J!) the .Military Council has risen to a proiiiiiieiit position in the student activities of tiie I ' liiversity. The nienilxTsiiip of the Council consists of the Cadet Colonel, the Brigade Stall ' , the Lieutenant Colonel of each of the six R.O.T.C. units, a rei)resentative from each of the mili- tary orfranizations. and two officers of the R.O.T.C. faculty chosen to act as advisers. .Vll lu-olits derived from military activities lire turned over by the Coiuicil to the Military Special Cnit Fund. Under the direction of the Cuivcrsity Commandant this fund is used to make imi)rovements in the dci)artnicnt and to purchase e(iui|iment not provideil for in the reijular .i;ranls of State and Federal govern- ments. Page 365 Cavalry hi. Colonel Tliis yi ' Mr " s gniduiitiiiu class in tlio Cavalry Aiivauccd Course faces a wide vai ' ioty of possible assii!;nimn1s wlioii called to serve as officers in our rapidlx ex]paiidi)ii; army. The varied and complex force wliieh is oui- modern AmeiMcaii Cavalry includes not only the horse cavalry divisions but the Cori)s Keconnais- sauce regiments which ai ' e half portee horse cavalry and half lisiht mechanized cavalry and also the light tank I ' egiments and reconnaissance elements of the new ai-inmn ' cd divisions. Now- adays the young cavalry officer must be i)repared not only to command a platoon of horse cavaliy but also to take on such tasks as command of a scout car platoon, a platoon of liiilit tanks or a platoon of anti-tank gnus or any one ol ' a nnmlier ol ' staff and specialist jobs such as coiiuiuuiica- tions oflicei ' . transportation officer, etc. .Some of the most modern arms and e(|uii)meiit lia -e not been available here for practical instruc- lion. but il is liojied that they will be su|iplied befoi ' c next year so that the present .Junior Class can be uiven pi ' actical instruction in their use. While our modern cavalry apjiears at first ulaiice to lie i-adically different from the Cavalry ol ' a lew ycai ' s ago, still the fundamental prin- cil)les of its eniploxnient have not changed. The training our students have received in the basic tasks of cavalry and the fundamentals of its cm- ploymcnl will enable them to actpiit themselves well on an - job that they may br called u|miii to lUidel ' lake. Page .■{66 Coast Artillery .li.llS S (IIJIMKX . . ( ntt),„l With the development of the air[)laiie as an inii)ortant war-time weajjoii, has eomo the need for improved defenses against its tiireats. To tlie Coast Artillery unit has fallen the lireater |iart of tiic responsibility tor anti-aircraft war- fare. In realization of this i-esponsihility, this training nnit is now handlini; anii-aireraft wea[)- ons as well as the large coast and field guns. At the annual . dvance(l !{.( i. ' l ' .t ' . Suinnicr ( ' amp at Fort Sheridan, the students receive actual ex- perience in firing anti-aircraft guns, machine guns, and 155 mm. guns, in additinn. they re- ceive training in marksniansliip with the rifle and the pistol. Instruction in scouting, |)atrolling, nia]i-reading, and military fundamentals rounds out the four-year R.O.T.C. course which prei)ares the students for the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Officers Reserve ( ' ( r|)s. ■iiiAiil!:- Page r.67 Eiimneers William F. EuoiiN Lt. Colonel Because the woi ' k (if llu ' lOiiii ' iin ' cr ( " ofps is more leflinicul in nature Ihan is tiie work of the otIuT units, enrollment in tliis eorjis is limited lo students in the College of Kngineeriiii;. 1 n actual warfare this unit is responsible for huihliut; ' and i-c])aii ' iuii ' of roads and briducs, construction of temporary fortifications, liandliTii; ' of explosives, and demolition of sti-iu-tui ' es of all kinds. With this eiul in nuiul. the basic stu lents receive in- struction and pi ' actice here at the ruiversit.v. ()j)liortuiuties for iu-acti ' al cx|icri ' Uce in cop- int; with the various en»ineerin! ' problems of warfare arc sliiiht. For this rea.son the K.O.T.C. summer camps arc of j vent importance in com- ph ' liiii; the trainiui; ' of tlu ' students in the . d- vanced ( ' orps of KniiiiHHU-s. At these camps, which the students attend during the stnumer be- tween their Junioi ' and senior years, there is a coordination of practical experiene( with the theoretical ti-aiiHUg received at the rniversity. ill .■iddilioii Id technical inst I ' Uct ion, the cadt ts are liaiiieil in citizenship and militai ' N ' discipline. Page 368 Field Artillery KoHERT D. FRANK.S Lt. Colonel ' i ' KArv A. Uasmtsskn Jjt. Colonel Tlu ' l- ' iclil Arlillei-y is llic larticst ol ' Ihc six mililaiy units at the riiivcrsity. It has an cn- ri)llnu ' nl alniost (ioiihle that of any othei ' unit. In tiic 21 yrars since its uriiani .at inn. it lias iri ' own t ' lnin a fciiinicnt nf ciiiiitccn cadets to two I ' c inicnts totalling; oxer l,:!n(l, I ' ]ach one of tlicse regiments has its own Lieutenant (dionel and Staff Officers. Fii ' st year students are instructed in tiu ' fun- damental woi ' kinn; principles of the lariic 7 " ) nun. field iiuns. Second year students are jiiven llic choice of cnrolliii!.; in eitiicr tiie iiorsc-drawn or the motorized divisions. The students wiio have demonstrated su|iei ' ior ai)iiity in the two years of basic trainin are seh ' cti ' d for tiu ' Ad- vanced R.U.T.CA lietwcen their junior and senior years these cadets are sjiven praclieal liehl train- ing in firin ; ' heavy artillery. Durini;- Iheir senior year their receive valuable leader.shi]) experience by assistinu; in trainiiiij: the basic students. Page 369 Iiifaiiti T William 11. Zi m.sjlu Lt. Colonel Tlu ' Inraiitry liiil. H.O. ' l ' .t ' ., wliicli li:iil its in- ception a1 ihis rni orsitv as carlx ' as IMiT. rt ' i)- rcsciits tlu ' liasic anJ |u-incii)al i-cunhal aim dl ' tlic military service, its eiiier rniii-licm. in the ii ' .O.T.C. is tiie tcclmical military training of Infantry platoon leaders, ' i ' hosc few selected stu- dents who satisfactorily complete the two years of advanced course trainin i includini: six weeks of intensive instruction at a Jie.milar Army traiu- int;- eami). an l who meet the riuid physical re- (piiremeiits. are commissioned as Second Lieuten- ants Infantry-Reserve, in till ' . rmy (iftlic Inited .States. ri)on ifrailuation from the l». (). ' ! ' .( ' . and fi-cim tlie University these Reserve Oflicers have va- liou.s oi portunities to establish themselves in the pcrmaiiciil military forces of the I ' liited States. Selected students, Jlonor (Traduates. are given an op|iortuinty to accept a commission as Sec- ond Lieuleiiaiit ill the .Marine Corjis or in the li ' euiilai- . rni . ( )thers. if so rec()mmen(le i. may he assigned to a year ' s active duty with iiiiils of the Army, or may lie aiijiointed Plying (_ ' ad; t.s. Those takinu the one year details are given every opportunity to im]irove and demonstrate th " ir qiialilications for permanent commissions, h ' ly- iiig ( ' adets have the best a aila1ilc instruction and experience in that line of endeavor, dur- ing this one to three year course. Kverv air t raiis|iortat ion in the country seeks the ser- ic;s of graduates of the Army ' s Flying Schools. ■I ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ei ■■ ■■ ' . - -V - - .Ci - ' ■ ' ■ V C- V -V V V - - « - x I ' lit;.- :!7(l Signal Corps ill Mtl.KS .1, CAKSIIX Tlic | riiiiary niission of the Sional Corps is to ]irovi(li ' comljiit coniimiiiicatioiis for the Army. To this end the instruetioii in the Sijinal Corps R.O.T.C is directed. The basic course instruction consists hir ely of practice in tlie installation. o] fration. and maintenance of wire and radio (•(iiHinunication systcn s. lililarv (•(iinniunica- tion ilicoiy, code i)ractice. k ' adersiiii). map read- in ;, military oriianization, and allied subjects i-iiiiipletc the course of instruct inn ' u - the first two ycai ' s. Tile advanced course consists of ihe connnuni- cation and cryi to - rai hic specialties. Those ad- vanced coiiise students, ma.joriiisi in Klectrical ICnuineerinji- in the College of Kniiini ' crinii. take the communication course wiiich consists inaiiily of pi ' acticc in leadersliip, ad aiiced ladio au ' i wire communication. cryptos rai)hy, motor trans- portation, administration, militaiy law, map problems, and tactics and technitjuc of signal communication. The .students takins - the cryj)to- graphic course take all the above work as well as an intensive course in ci-yptanalysis. The advanced course students attend sununer cam[) at Fort Custer. Michigan between the .junior and senior years. Here, with the Siirnal Corps students from (thio Stale. Minnesota. Wisconsin, and Miciiisiau. Ihcy uniU ' rilo six weeks of practical coiiunuiiication training. Tpon successful ciiinpletiou of the four year and summer cam]), students arc commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the Sigiud Reserve of tiie Armv iif the rilitcij States. l ' :i}!0 :M Military Ball KiiMUM L. DuBois Chairman KOMUNi) L. Dubois Chairman .T. Carson F. Kkxnkdv Coss Wll.l.lAM F. Ehorn ' H, Gi.KS Harsh haroki! .Tons S. O ' Ukikx Thacv a. RASMI ' SSKN Neai. E. Vox FossAX Stanley H. Yasbec William H. Zimstei; Tin- annual Military Uall. mic of II10 season ' s most rcf al affairs, was lidd on April 111, 11141 in George Huff (Tyninasinm. I rncatli a mulli- C ' olorcd I ' oof of strcanurs, a liu ' i ' crowd en- thusiastically enjo.ycd dancinii to llic ■■smooth " rhyllim of Sammy Kayu ami his orehcst la. l i- siionsible for the success of the entire dance which was sponsored by the .Milit.-iry ( ' oiuicil. was ;i coiiunitteo headed liy ( ' adet ( ' olonel I ' ldmiind I., Mul ' xiis. ' I ' he tivinnasiiim was converted into a uaw niil- it;ii ' y ballroom of red, white, and bine streamers. The dancers continually crowded aroiniil the orchest r ' a stand which was placed before a laroe YantM ' c Coiw Kliorn O ' lliii ' ii DllUcMK lllllStt ' g Harshlxircer Von Fossil n Piig«! 372 fC I Military Ball Col. Robkrt G. Kirkwood (omwnuHfiuf militaristic background. Between dances the coujilos and ehaperones gathered in certain bcc- tions of tlio srym which vrcrc convortod into lounges. The programs, skillfully iilanncil in design, also cai ' ried nut the military tlu ' inc. ( ' adets, clad in their military uniforms were a distinct ctm- trast to their dates in bright spring fortuals. The ■■ swing and sway " musical arrangements of Sammy Kaye ' s fanu ' d (irdicstra wtic the key to the evening ' s enjoynu nt. His amusing iu)vel- ties, waltzes, swing, and fox trot numbers were all hoartilv received not oidy by the dancers hut also by gleeful si)eclatoi ' s iu the balconies. The grand march, which is a much anticipated event of the JFilitary Rail, occui-red shortly after midnight. The officers ])ara(ied around the entire lloor with Cadet Colonel Ivlniuud I,. DidJois leadinu ' the way. They were eallcil to a halt and stood at attention finally hefdi-e Ihe R.O.T.C. Color Guar l. This year the .Military ( ' oiuieil was proud as usual of its conuniltee whi -h was eoniposcd of Cadet ( ' olouel Kdinund L. DuMois. seven lieuten- ant colonels, and two ea|itains. Page 373 Officers Ball 1 i A.i St tt, lilKlKKUT Chairman Wll.l.lA.M G. RrKCKERT Hakrv r. Bkm Mc) T Frank J. Hani-ox Warren C. Gekler Andrew R. Johnson Preii T. Hammer Arnold R. Johnson . Chainnan DUANE L. LiDLlE KoiiEKT .M. Mc(, ' reary KUWARD A. MllNTlKE Oil Jaiuiury 11, in the ( ' liaiiiiniisiii Ainioiy. the regular army offici-rs ami liic cadet officers of the University Brigade, and many ol ' the U. S. reserve offieei ' s stationed in this area wiic guests at one of tiie most uni(|iu ' ()r(icei ' " s Balls ever held. Huge straw-tilled " sand " bags |iil( ' l liioli around the door suggested a most i-ealislic " duo- out. " A nest of machine and aiiti-aii ' cratt guns, I ' ortitied by sandbags an l barbed wire, centered the lloor. .Moi ' e uuiis and wir ' iilai-cd ar iiuid the room completed the illusidu (if a battlclicld. ' i ' lic lancc was s])onsored by the ] lilitai v ( (luncil and was managed by a committee headed b Cadi ' t .Major Bill Rueekert. As is tra litional, the committee was entertained at a formal din- ner |ircccdino the l all. ( ' ol. and Mrs. Kirk- wood and other members of the K.O.T.tJ. staff and their wives were the ])atrons and i)atronesses for till ' alVaii ' . .liin Keinfus and his orchestra ofliciated from a band-stand siirro ui led with wire entanglements. Fill those wiiose word is law to " the ranks, " this was arm ' life at its height! Mclntiro McCmiry Hill) Inn nt ' lilliiionl Uerler Arnolil .loliiisnn Hiuimium RluM ' kcrl Anilrcw JohiiKun Page 374 Tracv a. Kasmisskx Fii. ' it Lii ' utcnnnt Scabbard and Blade Fftiintietl. L ' niversity of Wisconsin, 1905 Scrrnlj ' itiitp Actirr Clinitters I ' KAXils l Ci To riiisi tin standiinls af niilititrii tvainimi in American Colleges and Universities Capt. Hakoli) E. Babhitt, M.S. LlETT. W. LKIIiHTOX COLl-lXS. M.S. Cai ' T. .Tamks .1. Doi.AXii. M.S.. C.E. FACI 1 1 ' V Cai ' T. Marcis S. Goldmax. Ph.D. Capt. Tom S. Hamiltox, Pli.U. SVKiXB.ioRX .loHXsox. A.M., LL.B., I.L.D, . RTiiri{ C. Vii,i,ARi), B..S., U.Ens., LL.D, .M K.M I " . KKS I . IX I VK K S I TV Harold X. Baird Harrv C. Bkai miint Elton V. Bkrry Rt)BKRT S. Black Robert C. Buntk Lino Boxxitci Mark Ci-vncv ARTHI ' R C. Co ' A ' iNF; Francis K. .John M. Cross William K. ( isimaxo Kf.rwin a. Dkxxis robkrt h. doskkf Ei .MrND L. Dr Bois Howard L. FLK.MiN(i Er ' JENE V. Fr.vnkkl Robert D. Franks Ravmonii G. Gesskl Seniors Frkk T. Hammer .loHN W. HaM.MERSMITH R( bkrt H. Harmesox THO.MAS p. Haves Robert W. Holbert William E. Holmes Ht MER D. HfOGlXS . Ni)RE v R. .Johnson Donald I... Kelly ;llis C. Knobloch Karl J. Koenic Chester A. Martin Robert M. McCre. kv Ronald E. Miller Frank M. Mi ' ller .JA.MES R. MlRRAV Michael T. Piatnitza Tracy A. Rasmlssen Thomas .1. Rioos, ,JR. WlLLI.VM G. Rl ' RCKKRT Frank L. .s.wvin Melvin E. .losEiMi F. Smith .loHN B. SCTHERLAND EroENE R. Webb Daniel S. Wilcox Clyde P. Willi.vmson •John D. . DKiNS .John H. Behrens Pacl M. Birkeland EinviN C Booth LVNDELL BrIDOEW.VTER Cedric D. Brinnkr ■Iack S. Caldwell Ralph N. Clark Robert G. Cox .John I. DiBoke .John Ficor Walton Fitch Charles R. Goodim.sti ' RE Frank I. Hanlox Carrol K. Heitzmax Leo R. Hkxdriksox Juniors Gerald W. Homanx Richard T. Knowle.s W|LLI. M C. Leipold Vern D. Mabry Ralph B. March RlSSEL F. Markkula Arnold A. JLvzzucco Clav a. Ortm .James B. Pe.vrson Alfred Ribin Howard R. Schmidt Charles G. Schott Clyde H. Smith David Steinbero Donald K. Stevens .loHN T. STIEKEL Raymond C. Thiroiv Clinton R. ' n eman Howard H. Ward, III William D. Weaver Thomas R. Whkelkr v .1 Tn.- r vi,;.iiNs Page 375 Pershing Rifles t ' ti ilniii Foiuidcd, Univorsity of Ni-In-askji, 189-1 Twenty-niitt: Arlirc (. ' fuipfers Wn.LiAM H. ZiMSTKi; I ' tnuK and Traitiiitg Officer To cncoHiiitji . preserve, iind ihnlnii lln liiiilnsl iihals of III )iiilil(irii i)n)f( ssion, in j roiiinl) . iii(ri((iii cilizen- sliiji. Ill create a closer uikI more (licit nl n liilioii iind lo provide appropriaU n eo j)nli(ni of n liu li dit ree of milildrn ubiJitii (niioiiii lln mdils of 1h several S( nior Rescm Ofjieirs ' Trainimi ( ' i rji. ' uiiils of lln i nri r)i iin iil nf our oriiintiidlion FACT i n ' I.IEVT. CiiAHi.Ks W. Caskv. C.A. I.t. i i.. Rii-isiTir! 11. i;m:]tv, B.S. Col,. RiiiiKUT C KiRKWiion. B.S. I.T. Col.. Ukvaxt K. Moore. B.S. SPOXSOIJ Julia Lawkkxik M r.ArP.ET S IX rXIVKKSTTV ,S ' ( iiioi. ' - Keith J. Axdersox Kkkwix a. Dexxis WiLLIA.M K. llllL.MES JlARVIX R. MOXTOOTH Robert B. Scilmiht Robert J. Baker Robert H. Do.sekf Karl J. Koenio Robert L. Painter E. Sims Lino Boxrrri EiLMUxn h. I)v Bois Craio E. Lewis ( ' are F. Fa-mpe .loSEl ' II 0. Stites Robert T. Bridoe KlfiE.VE V. Praxkkl Di ' axe F. Lillie Mii-HAEL .1. FlATMTZ Ki OEXE R. Webb GER.AM) D. BRllillTOX IlOIlKKT r . FUAXK.S Rali ' II B. March Tracy A. Rasmissk Lowell M. Werner Fbaxci.s K. Coss Rav.MOM C. (tESSEL RoBKKT .M. McCKEARV Thomas J. Rmos. .lu. William H. Zimsteo Jons M. Cros.s Freii T. Ha.mmer Fl ' W i:l . . MrlNTIKE Jitniot s Geii.m.ii B. S- -M- I0NS Joii.v D. AiiKixs William V. Cooxce Carl C. Hatser Klio P. ss, i:li. John P. Stanton Herbert I.. . i,bkrts Robert G. Cox Leo K. Henriksov Max K. Powell Robert M. Stelzer Charles M. Barvett VaRI H. Cll.X.MER (iKR.M.l) W. Ho.M.VNX Wallace .7. R.mchi; DoNALii K. Stevens .ToiiN 11. Keiirhxs CoNLEV X. Foster .losEril .1. l. Rorco Kenneth L. Rowe .TOSEIll C. TllOMI ' .SON Paul M, Kirkelaxi .loHN .1. Fo.sTER Harry X . Leastre Alkreo Rcbin WiLI.AIlli VlAI.I. LY SHELL BRIIXiEWATER loIlN H. FolLK WlLI.I.X.M C. LEM ' OLO HoWAKII R. SCH.MIDT HoWARli n. Warb, 111 CEi RlC D. BRI. ' NXER GE(jR(iE G. Gavin " ek e 1 . .M. hry Waldk.mar E. .Sch.midt William D. Weaveh Virgil A. Biecu Charles K. Gooiipastiri; Willi m s. .Miiiiimll RoBEitT E. Smrr William W. Wiellvli JOSEI-H F. Chixlixd Fraxk .1. Haxlox PftRe 370 Pershing Rifles Jl ' LIA LaWRKXCE SfHiimor Founded, Univcr.sity of Nrbraska. 1894 Twenfif ' iiiue Active Chaptei ' s JlKLVlN E. Sisis SiDXKY 8. Aurams John D. Ai.kxaxi kr D»»NAi,i» G. Allison Rll ' HARO F. ANt KHSON ' Harlan D. Harkithkr WlLLLVM M. BaSSKTT Milton I. Hkkmkk Christy -M. BRordiiToN. Clikkorh R. Brvs John K. Callkrv Joseph S. Cai-izzi John R. C ' AKRt i.i- Erskst V. Chi mlky Thomas H. Clokk. Jr. B. Wayne Cinninotox John T. Cvikota Lons G. Farber U. mt W " . Failkner James H. Fisher Arken H. Gaddts Fatkick J. Galvix Daniel W. Gates Wayne C. Ghek KuwAitn A. Goi ' LEwsKi T. Theodore Gray DAvn S. Hamiu Kt; Robert S. Heim»el V. Trabie Hembkoihih EuwiN H. Henderson John F. Henry Sophomores Everett W. Herman Georoe a. Hintox John M. Hinter Carl D. Johnson. Jr. John X. Josei-h .Stanley J. Klosinski John W. Knebel Jose H. Lowry Marvin L. .Martin I ' HiLLir W. Mason Theohokk W. McCliro Chart. Ks E, McGee Gist J. MihaloI ' OI ' las Richard H. Moss James B. Mxtr Dale A. Xakzkjeu Marion J. Xewkirk AnoLi ' ii J. Fhillm ' Im Robert E. Pieuson Robert G. Pla ; ;e Arthi ' k T. Poi ' E Raymond , I. Porziczek Joe D. PosKiN James I). 1 im:m)Kroast Robert H. Randall Brii ' e F. Robinson Gkrhart (). Romstedt Phillii ' Kothblatt Warren E. Schmidt Carl A. Selklman J4IHN W. Shenler Tom Shikk Everett X. SiEDScHLAfi Arthir (J. Smiley Robert S. Solinsky .Max H. Si ' ERi.iNfi G. Charles Tantox, Jr. Rk-hard H. Telanber RaLI ' H I. ToBER J.vcK O. Traib Donald J. Weber Gerocld K. Wilson Edward Yatsko, Jr. Fnshmcn Roy H. Adams James K. Allex EI3ERT E. Alpers ErnENE E. Alt Robert F. Barnes Leonard Belson Robert L. Beroer Ralph V. Bloom Bradford (i. Bloi ' ST William R. Boardmax Phillip E. Brooks John M. Bro vx Dail Bcnch Arthvr K. Bcrke Robert G. Calkins Guy E. Caselberry Theodore W. Catt James E. Cearxal Lawrence V. Ct»NWAY Dwioht E. Co( k James R. Cooper Robert H. Cowan Robert R. Crookshaxk J. Lyle Crumrixe Rixaldo M. Cvrcio Donald E. Davis Robert A. Drennax Geor ;e G. Dcbinetz John E. Difey William E. Eberly Ben F. Emoe Edward L. Enroth J. Leonard Ericksox Roy Erler Lawrence W. Fischer Richard Fraxks Al E. Geisler Owen J. Gill, Jr. Jero-me J. Goler Jay Goi ' ld, Jr. Robert A. Greev William X. Greog, Jr. Howard D. Griktver Richard G. H rms R Hakx Erxkst M. HaRI ' KK How. Mil M Uklfruh n.M.K K .1. CKSON SUKKWO II) I.. .lAC ' KSOX Aktmik L. .Ta.mks HoilKEH " M. .Tamks KOIIKKT O. Tksbkro KoItKKT (;. .lllBK Marshai.i, a. .Iohxson Roy W. .Johnson William H. Kexxedy S.Mi. Kllix OoXALli V. Kl.IXKOW KlIWARII A. Kmktko LkRoV E. KOLUERl ' P JOHX C. Kremax DOXALI) F. Krtse JA.MES H. La.mheht. Jr. Clyde D. Mabry Jack W. Maoiire Bri ' ce .1. Mathesox i.A.MBERT .T. MaTHY .MrK .MosHElx Walter W. Naesek Grant A. Xelsox Earl X. Xovick e.mmet .1. o ' coxxell Kexxeth E. Ocdex nokm.w a. p. ( ' e William R. 1 ' ami ' E •lERo.ME K. Peck Ernest H. Pool H() VARI ' .M. Kaxdall .John K. Rekiier Tho.mas 1 . Ross Robert H. Riska.mi ' .Ia.mes V. Ryax M. ( ' H. RLES SAKFIR Pall V. S. lz. i, x Harteell D. Schhter .1. (tLEXX Schxizleix Hobekt .J. Shalkk Georok M. S1X ' LAIR Ci ' RTis L. Smiley James K. Stalker Kr.ssELL ti. Stkbbixs Haroi.h B. Steele ClIKIS K. Strae.sser RrssEi.i. P. Straxiie DoSALl L. THOMI ' SOX Kexxeth C. Thorsxess Richard J. Ui.vkstad LixDELi. H. VAX Dyke Robert C. Wahxek .lAMEs E. Ward Harold K. Warrex D. Jack West Edward C. White Charles D. Witt Fraxcis M. Wrdiht Frank O. Wiellxer R. William Zack Page 377 Alpha Tail Sigma KitWAUii A. MtlxTiiu; Founded, University of Illinois. 192 Four Artirt ' Chn ih rs A [.I ' ll ( " 11 i ' ii:i; Wll.l.lAM H. ZlMSTKt. Virc-F reside lit Fniii rnii if, [ JJoirsliii), adnnta )}u )tl of )nilifar f jxtJicfj af I In ( ' nth tl Sfnii s, iind i)(ilriofis)n K ATI LTV LlKi-T. Cm.. Wmmi.kin G. Jonks. B.S. Ai KAi i; i: US 1 x N 1 ' v: u s I T ' HAitin K. Akth Alts Charles B. Baikk HaKKY ( ' . BKAlWIdXT Ki ' OKXE L. Brown Walter 8. Karl C. Cameron Vi;»r, I.. Camkkox Stanlkv G. Cedeuquist KoKKKT G. Demaree J »HN 1). DOOLEV E{ KlErcT H. DOSEFF Seniors EroEXF. V. Fraxkkl Crau; E. Lewis Richard H. Ia ' kkxs Ralph B. March Robert H. McCarthv Fi!A cLs H. McGrath El)WAKI A. MclNTlEiK Merlin N. Nelson Kav E. Peters Irwin H. Reiss Cecil D. Smith William H- Smith .IoHN W. fHHAN ElcENE R. Webm Frederick S. Winx William H. Zimsteg Walter H. B()«i;s William C. Cool Glyxx T. Corcorax Charles E. Ci ' RRAx, Jr. William H. Di.mai, Walter Fitch AxToN J. Graham Frank J. Haxlon Jiiniois C RRCILL i . HEIT .MAN R(HtEi{T H. Jones William S. Kkrn William C. Lkii-old A ' er.n I». M nK Joseph W. Moruan Jack G. Oliver DltNALD M. SCHLENCK RoHERT H. SrHTLTZ Robert M. Stelzkk William A. Stewart Ross G. Taylor William D. Wk wki; DumnlNki (rrnhnin Brown MorLcnii Soliultz W. Smith Stewart Con! ArtliHrs StHzor Kilrh Joiii-h (Hiver M( ' (trnt)i lH niiiri i ' Sclilcnck I.iiktMis Ciirran Coroornn Hcttzmnn Bniit-r l.fijMtld Wrnv.T Wohli .iimKtfK OowfT Mnhry Bfniininnl Miircli Reiss Pago 378 Phalanx Walter W. Woi.f Lt.-Vommumivr Foiinttt ' tl, Vniversily of Illinois, 1925 Fire Active Cknptfrs Alpha Mokak Ciiattkr Warrkn r. Oeri.kic font lu fin fir r To promofi flu infir(sf of inilifarfi fraininy, to foster tlu spirit of fdloivship uhnnuf )infitarif k». itn { to l)( an aid in the mititar)t preparedness of this countrif FAL ' i i rv Capt, Ellis Daxxkii, U.S. Lt. Col. Hexry F. I.T. Col. Emvix A. Henx, Pli.U. I.T. Col. Woodkix G. Jones, B.S. C(IL. RciHKliT (;. KlKKWOOI). B.S. Ma. I. .Ml 1. 1, Mill Pif:RS0X, B.S. Cm.. ClI.HKliT V. WiLKKS, B.S. .M I-: M I ! !•: i; .s i . r x i v e k s i t v John M. Be.wsox R. TM0Nn BExzir.ER, Jr. William F. Bills Gerai.h D. Brighton RoHERT H. Brown Raymond Cesaletti Thomas K. Chittexhex Stanley H. Cohlmeyer Warp H. Cross William F. Ehorx John B. Garner Warren C. Gerler Geor(;e X. Hansen David N. Harmon Robert J. Helwio Rohert E. Howe Raymond S. Isexsox Ralph H. James Nicholas Keslowski Robert F. Kimi ' EI. Frank S. Klane. .Ir. William L. Kleindaste, Steve X. Kocowsky Earl R. Leno DUANE L. LiLLIE E. Dale Marstox Seniors .Max E. Mathers Paul G. Matt. Jr. KtniEHT W. Matthews Alvin M. Mavis Robert T. .McCabe FKANcrs H. McGr. th Irwin W. Miller Marvin R. Montooth Lee L. Mokoan Mai Riri: K. Mtrphy William D. XArziOEB Kenneth W. Xasluxd James A. Nelson Merlin N. Nelson Terry F. Newkirk John S. O ' Brien Burton R. Olson Robert L. Painter Bi ' rton E. Peterson Charles B. Phillips GftRDoN K. Ray Irwin H. Gerald B. Sammons VaL-MAR a SlHAAF Peter C. Simmon H. Edwin Simpson James R. Simpson Cecil D. Smith .loE Stkinber ; R. Allen Thornton. Jr. John T. Tippit Neal E. Van Fossan D. Steve Varner Lowell M. Werner Frederic K S. Winn W.M.TER W. Wolf .Alfred .1. WrLKE Ernest I. Barker Robert F. B. rnes Edw. ru L. Bi ' rch Joseph F. Collins Harold E. Cotncil Vern S. Fergison C. Neil Foster Gail D. Geiman Carl W. Goepkert G. George Hammack Vern R. Hatch Carl C. Hacskr Perry L. Hi ie Arthir a. .Ioiin.son .Mark G. Knight .loIlN G. Juniors Leonard G. Kilakoksky Joseph J. La Rocco Lincoln K. Liebeb Chester E. McGahan Cii.vRLES L. McIntosh Ralph A. Naden .lAi ' K G. Oliver RrssEL L. Park Robert L. Polk Max E. Powell Jack F. Prindevii.i.e JA.MES P. Rice John P. Roedei. Donald M. Schi.enk Glen L. Stekjer Robert M. Stelzer .loHN S. Sweet .lAMES S. Thale .John W. Urban Keith B. Utsinoer E. G. Welsh. Jr. Page Cavalry Officers Club 1.1.1 -M li. iilKl I ' reside lit Finntdril. I ' nivi ' rsitv of Illinois. 19:10 TjI KOIKHtK W. l.wn; Tice-I residt ' iil ' JO ijroim h (jiKitl j ' l ll(iicslni iiiiimif llii Citi ' iilri Ciidil Oj ' jicirs l-imT. Bkick W. Be.skhict. A. It. LiEiT. Col. . i.kkkd .1. I)k I.iiiiiMKK. . 11. LlKVT. COI.. MlKK.XV li. El. I. IS. .V 1{. F A ( ' I I . T ' liiKfT. Hov v.. Ktnvkk, It.S. I-iKT ' T. Col. Kossitkr H. ;akitv. li.S. LiKUT. HowAKi p. SniAUDT. B.S. Capt. Ol,ak a. W ' atnk. B.S. M K.M I! KRS l. r. I - K 1{SITV Keith J. Andkrson Van E. BARcrs GKUKUE F. BltAElTKiAM MriiKV i. Bhk.nnkr RoiiKKT H. Bkowx .IA-MKS J. COKTKZ Francis K. Coss Robert D. Crittox .joseth a. dickerson RoL.v.M» N. Kn(ii,ebru;ht I ' Al 1, A. FrRKERT Jack B. Oakner (tenk T. Hamilton ' David N. H |{M( n CHAKI.KS W . HkM ' IMX Kam ' H H. .I.vmks KiinKRT (). .Iak(;er Do Ai-ii L. Kelly VlLLL M L. KLEINPASTK Seniors Steve N. Kocowskv Karl J. Koenh; Arthi ' r a. Laiulv ThI ' Ioiiohk W. L ri;k Earl K. Lem; -IOH L. LiKKS RAI.I ' H L. LlNIlBLAIt Max E. Mathers I ACL G. Matt, .Ir. Frank M. Muller Earl E. Oertlev Burton E. Peterson Michael J. Piatnitza HI ' Mchkrt K. Porter Robert B. Pkino Kennkth E. Proctok Ru ' HARiJ W. Reynolds William G. Rceckk.kt Fhwk I,. Sawin How Mih M . Simpson KOWARI K. Smaltz GEORtiE T. STAKK()RD Elmkr L. Stone .I()HN B. SrTHKRLANIl RicHAKi) F. Thomas Tlyde p. Williamson Al,KREI J. WULFK EiiwiN G. Allex Ernest I. Barker Kimix A. Bartuscii. Jr. Henkv J. Bkckkr Frank C. Belohlavek EmviN O. Booth Hi ' STox H. BorsLou LvxnBLL Brimjewater Richarh BrCKLE Ei»wari L. Btrch KilBKKT W. DEKKENBAIOH B.VRtiETT ( ' . DlLLOW .1 CK EriMNG .Iamks H. Felt Vern S. Ferot:son William M. Fischer William P. Giaciietto CHAICLKS R. GooiU ' ASTritL William ( ' . Giiatkei li. H miltox Juniors I.KO R. Henriksox OocoLAs A. Henry Thomas F. Hoclt Perry L. Hcik Richard H. Johnson Norman V. Key John R. Kinsinoer Andrew F. Koctcr GrsT E. Li ' NDBER ;. Jr. Carl A. LrxncREX. Jr. William N. Melzer Henry A. Miller Martin 1.. Millkk Richard E. Mitchlll RoHKitT H. Mix RrssKLL L. Park Charlks K. Perkins Robert P. Pfeifer Robert E. Poll Wallace J. Raiche Charles V. Rowk Alfred Rirnix Clyde H. Smith Jesse F. Towxshend John T. Tritter Howard H. Ward. IH Haklinoton H. Wood Page 380 Caisson Club Secretar}f-Tirnnui- Wll.I.TAM S. PrSEV Kci iK .1. Amaciikk WlI.l-IAM .1. AKM i ROBKRT .1. BaKKK 6K4 R a: C. Balks EnwAKi V. Hakanski LkRmv K. Baknks Dow J. BiKKHIMKIC ROHKKT S. Black Gkralm D. Bkhjhtun HowARi I . Bvilta GKnRiiK D. CaRTKK Donalu a. Cni ' .vTKVM an -loiiN M. Cross Vari H. Cross Kkkwin a. Dexms GKoRciK E. DORKMIS HKXRY J. DlBSKV RavmoM) R. EvtRs Stanlky J. Feinxkr ROBKRT E. FKRRIS Tki» T. Allsh ' Ei VARi .1. Batm KoLANh ' . BE KKR PaI L -M. B[RKELAM» William V. Bl miii Ermi.n .1. Brain Loris F. BRiGiis Pail L. Bithasan KoltKRT O. Bl ' RToN Vkrnon E. Carnk KiciiARii .1. Cassi John CKriL. Jr. Mathkw p. Cukro CLKUONT J. CoLfiAN John H. Collistkr Er ;»:NK H. " RrLL .TaMKS F. ClMMINS NoKMW W. CrsMK MiLToN F. DaRR RoHKRT I. Day DiKWARii B. Dixon, Ak. Fouutliul. I ' niversity of Illinois, 1024 ftiiv Aetirc Chapter To })r ' ffi l( i x rfi-curricular contacts and associations ii)) nn f A h ' nti((l Corps Field Artillfrt Cndil Offirn ' s MKMllKHS IX rXlVEKSlTV FitKii T. Hammer PrfMident Bkn.ia.mix R. Fixxkv KOY L. FlTZ.IARRALl Gkoieuk S. Fi.a«;lkr Ho v Rh L. Flkmin ; KouKKT D. Franks Kavk H. Galloway KOUKRT E. Glazkbrook Frank T. Gotharh Pkrrv H. Gravks Jamks a. Grkkn Harry J. Grisin Glknari G. Hammaik Freii T. Hammer James K. H xmptox Ralph W. Hamctox KoY I. Harihn H. Glen Hakshbakker Tei a. Hart Thomas F. Hayes Rav L. Hays Jack I. DiBokk Robert R. Falkexstkix JoHX FiroR jAilES L. FORSE CoxLEY ' N. Foster Lawrence V. Gacix Philip D. Gelvin William R. Gilbert Leoxaro E. Golustein Howark a. Granert, Jr. Man X. Griner RnilKRT S. HaiiERSTROM Dan Hallowkll Ei»sEL F. Hart William J. Harth JoHX E. Hennessy Lorenzo K. Hi ' bbari Carl N. Hitter Robert W. Impey EnwARK S. Irons Seniors Joseph S, Hedge RiiBEKT J. Helwu; John F. Holmes Robert E. Howe Bckkis F. HrsMAX Anorew R. Johnson Ivan C. Johnson JtiHN W. Jones Freo Kaoan XctRMAN G. KRACSZ KwMiiNi L. Latimer Howako L. Leventhal Ki ' VAKl G. LiNh Bnvi. L. Mahan XoHMAN D. MaLLOKV Alvin M. Mavis KuBKKT T. McCabe Franklin C. McClenahan Irwin W. Miller Juniors Don VLO W. Jennings KlCHARO W. JlCKA Arthir a. Johnson J. Bernard Johnson Bernard J. Kaifmaxn John R. Kaikmann Arthcr K. Keeneth Robert F. Kehoe Charles E. King Richard T. Knowles William J. Korber Stanley Kcbc Donald H. Kihn Franklin J. Latka Charles M. Lemons William D. Lincicome RrssELL W. Litchfield Loris T. Little Walter S. Mann Morton E. Messek Ronald E. Miller Tm»M s R. Miller William D. Nakziger Robert F. Nagel Kenneth W. Nasund James A. Nelson BlHTOX R. Olsox Robert L. Painter Raymond M. Peritz John R. Phipps Pai ' l C. Pittman John J. Pitts JoHX W. Porter William S. Pisey Tracy A. Rasmcsses Lylk G. Reeser Ge(»rge L. Rettixger Jon M. Rick Alden J. Schneider Robert S. Mikesell Lyle W. Miller Martin A. Miller Gordon D. JIcehlhacsev Robert A. MiLLDivx David F. Mclliken Robert L. Nissex Clay A. Orcm Homer F. Paclson James G. Pearsox Lester L. Piersox TH(tMAS W. Porter Donald E. Radclikke Har »ld D. Reiterman Darrell H. Reno CLiFKctRD E. Roberts DoRRis E. Robinson HARiM.D F. Roderick Walter P. Rcee ;rsT VK .M. Svmiscm Robert C. Schuklkr Stanley B. Seng Peter C. Simmon Jack A. Simon James R. Si.mpsox Melvin E. Sims Charles M. Smith William H. Staley Joseph O. Stites Arthcr Stone John S. Sweet Welton I. Taylor Harold E. Temmer Gordon E. Thompson Hermann F. Wagxer Carl E. Watkins Merrill R. Weber Roger C. Wike Daniel S. Wilcox Howard R. S hmidt Robert E. Shipp Earl W. Shirley Robert W. Sidxer Frank L. Sisti Harold T. Sparks Robert W. Starck Glen L. Steigkr David Steinberg JoHX L, Stextz Johx T. Stiekel Oscar J. Swaxsox. Jr. Joseph J. Ttrek WlLLARD VlALL E. G. Welsh. Jr. William L. West Thomas R. Wheeler Robert W. Wilkins Donald G. Worby N TIt VN ZlVIN Page 381 Tail Nu Tail Xk.ii, E. Van Fossax President I ' fundfd, University of Illinois, 1926 Three Aclire Chapters J.:.!.i C. KnuULoi u yice-I- ' resident To foster a spirit of cohjh ntlian li lin(ii inilitiirij (ii(jiii((rs and engineers in cicil tife HaroM) E. Babbitt, M.S. WlXSTOX E. Bl.ACK. M.S. WaRREX E. COMl ' TOX, M.S. Jamks .1. Doi.axi). MS., C.E. FACULTY E. .lANVHix, M.E. liKiixT o. Larson, B.S. ClIAiU-KS II. McXUTT, U.S. Wll.l.IA.M II. Sl.M.MDXS, M.E. Clifvokd 11. .si-iii. iiKK. M.S., C.E. Jamisox Vawtkr. M.S.. C.E. H. ROi.u L. Walker, M.S., Mcl.E. Gilbert V. Wii.kes. U.S. .M i:.M r. i:i{s ix r. i - v. ijsitv HARoi.r X. Bairi Edwarij W. Bii.horv Wii.i.iAM F. Bills Raym . i Cesaletti .Sta.vlkv H. Cohlmever William F. Ehiirn Karl H. Eva.ns Xeal H. Fh.k.nk Werner F. G.XLownTij .TOHN R. (iARIjXER Warren ( ' . Gerler Ravmond C. Gessel BE.NMA.MI.V L. GoEI ' KERT .loHN W. llA.NSdX KoBERT H. H. r{.MESI)N Morris . I, llDciiiirRi: Seniors Herbert O. Ireland RrssKLL L. .lANSciN Walter J. K af-lsz P;LLIS C. KXiJBLOrIi Clark H. Tom G. Lively ' E R. ' K(»BERT M. .McCRKAin Rali ' H W. McTaooart .M.VKVIN R. MoXTOOTH .Iames R. Mvrrav Charles R. Navikas Marshall E. Nelsox GoRDox K. Ray Thomas J. RiGOS, Jr. Rli 11 VKl) H. Kl ■ KER .TiisEPH F. .Smith .Mii.tox E. .Stabex Charles A. Swexixcsex .7oHN T. TiriMT Neal E. Van Fossan Bert .1. Wiei.lxer Ri ii.vRi) W. B.mi.ey Frederitk .1. Brockob Lowell W. Camtbell Roy E. Cablsox Richard V. Chase Jo.SEi-H F. Chixlvxo William V. Cooxce Robert G. Espy Verxox H. Evans Francis A. Flaks. Jr. George G. Gavin Carl W. Goepkert Glenn L. Gi ' thier Juniors Carl C. Haisek (Jerald W. Homaxx Malcolm E. Jewell Max D. Kelley .Iohx C. Lar.sox Arnold X. May Arnold A. Mazzucco John W. McIxtosh Pryo r N. Randall .FoiiN P. Roedel Verxox L. Rigex Lester H. Schxeidlk Joseph C. Tho.mpsox EroEXE Vermm.liox Thomas F. Wright, Jr. Ed v. rd .L Zasada RrDOLPH J. Z. STEieA . RT1H ' R F. Zemax. Jr. Til go 382 Pi Tail Pi Sigma Vice-President Chaklks J. Carsox PrcBtdent Founded, University of Wisconsin, 1920 ■Scrcn A ctirr Cbajfters Gamma Ciiaptkr To (urllu r hntfiu rlunnJ uminu) Supml Ctjrps (Utdits Col. Robert G. KrKKwoon, B.S. Likit. Jamks N. Mattesox Capt. Cari. H. STirtiKS. B.S. .M K.Mi; KK ' S 1 X r. l " KRSlTV Jamks W. Ak.mskv Chaklks .T. Cakson ' Thomas R. Chittexden Kov K. Dial Robert L. Feik Robert M, Fraas Seniors Arnold R. Johxsox Frank .J. Makriett K. Dale Makstox Charles H. I ' liiLf.irs L. Harrlss RoBixsox Georce W. StHirp RiiHARi) C. Stiles Staxlkv H. Yasbec .TuHx D, Al KIXS ■loiix H. Rkhrexs V. Elton Berry JosEI ' H F, C »LLIXS Xormax C. Dexo William Fitzwatkr. In T. Rali ' H Hamman Roy a, Hammar Juniors " h,RN K. H Vit H Kl ' WARO L. lU ' LLA (tEOROE S. .Ieroax Carl I-.. Kleemax .TOHX J. LlllKR Calvix W. May Donald P. Melohx Rali ' H a. N ' adkx Marshall H. Poole Robert Schadt .Iamks S. Thale I..O VELL W. VlLI.AKS Bobbie P. Walker Soi ' lininorfx Marion J. . k mi;iv Hermax E. Tomei lliliri ' h» Poiilr Riiliiii nn l.ilii ' in Miiy Miirricll Mclnlin Kli ' i ' inniiii Ni ' wkirk Sohndt Villnrs llHtrli Nndi ' ii Hionninf .lonlnn Frnns linn.i Pliilli|is Mnrslon Collins TliRic Filiwnter Hullii Srliiff IJinl DiMio Hnminan Kirku ' uod Sturie.i Mnttpwn Cnrson Y«sIk ' c Ailkins Stilos Berry Cliittenilon Page 383 Polo Association llAV-MUMi M. I ' LUIT . Prfaidenl KtiltlJJT S. .MlKESKLI. Sccrettii-y-Trfaaun ' r Fftundcd, University of Illinois, 1933 Til i ritiii l( sportsiminsliij) miil Imi ' si iiniiislii p iiiul hi diriliiji ii riirsih liiiiii iiiiIk nhilil Secoxd LiBi ' T. Brick V. Bkxkiiht. A.B. I ' KRRY H. Graves Thomas P. Havks Wri.UAM B. Al.LEN ' JoHS M. Pbthkrstoxe, .Ik. Oraxgb Ai ' I ' i.k. .Ik. JOSKl ' ll I BlUli Rf SS M. CXMP M.KRAL .T. DK WITTK RciIlKRT D. DoNAVAN Benjamin F. Kmue Fred P. Krnkt FACT LTV Lt. Coi.- Ai.KKf.t .1. Di: Lokimikr. A.B. M K.M i; K i;s 1 INI ' K us rrv Seniors F ' iKST LiKiT, Ki.Tt» K. Hn.i.. A.K. Karl J. Holzixokr Raymond S. Isbn.sox Itin.w ii Aiittis Vali»() G. Hkkon Hakla }i. D(Hk:k Gkaham B. Ki.v IticirAiii) KvAXS John F. Fkaijax •Sevmoik Gai.k DONALII i . GlBHS KoiJKKT A. Haas Jiiiiiofn So honiort ' . Frrshnu n ROBKRT O. JaKOKR Ravmoxo M. Pekitz Chkstkr M. Lord, Jr. Robert P. iMcCrackix MAKTf E. Fried John L. SvtiKrssiAX Makshau. F. Haves (JEriKiiE J. KaHAK .in.Es 1... Ket( ' ham Richard B. Laibly L. Harriss Robixsox Klmer L. Stone, Jr. Robert S. Mikeski.l H xKi.rxfjTON- A. Wood Fhaxk .1. Shekwix. Jk. RnnKin S. Sor.ixsKV JEKA1,1 i. LnRDTE K.MMETT J. () ' Ct XXKI,L Wesley M. Simmons Oeor(;e J. Thielemann G. .Masox Wallace ll.iii-. AiniU- DoiU ' Wotnl ' i ' liii-leimiiii, ' .aiiiiJ I.oi ' i I.iiibly M ( ' rti -kin Jiuk ' » r Hill I f Loriinicr UcinMiicl KiiiKo OToiiiU ' II Isonsoii iifirrif KriiKi KvniiH Monhu Wiillnri ' (iibbs Robinson Siminoiis Page 384 Tliuiulerbird Battery I ' l.M 1 1. 1.. 11 K.irfiitift It.llv .. nnh ' ,1. liiiversity nf Tllin l ,„ Arlh: i ' l:tii hr (lis, liLlO 1)1 M. 1,. Lll.l.ll. ■nil, III r„ii,iiiii,„l, r To jn ' tminh ti jn ' tfisntll (M- tiUirij batlii-ji and lo triiiii iiiiin lliiiriiiifilil 1 1 liiisic .s hid Ills for fhi ndvani I d ii)Hr.s FAL ' l 1 i ' V LlKIT. CH ARLKS W. C. SE .M !■; .M 1 KliS IN 1 . 1 - Sfniois KI {SIT V ROBKRT T. BRIlir.K Ekmim) I.. DiBms ClKTIS M. HK I KKSC1 William K. Holmes J unto IK DlIAXE V. I.ILLIK Carl !■ ' . 1 ' amie Wart. 11. Cuamkk N TH MKI. r. HaNXA 11 nio ' . Lk srKE Sophomores Ho uh 1,. Patton Donald K. Stevens SlItNKY S. AbRAMS Lki.anii p. Arckmiric ht Robert V. Bkkii Milton I. Hrkmkk JOSKI ' H S. Capizii ■losEl ' II .1. Chask Ralph T. Claiskn Thomas H. Cloke, ,1r. Harry K. Kn ' :ki. Dki.bkrt V. (Jabki. (ioRDOX E. CtEESEMAX Wavxe C. Gheb -loHX F. Hexry );kok(;e a. HlxTOX Klitl RI) L. KXI IJLE James V. Lawrknck Llovii Smith James B. Miik, II Pail T. Smith. Jr. Loris Kossio Robert A. Sivm i.immi L. YREXi-E I.. Sl! ll.h:K. .Ik. .Inn R. V LKEK Fitshmeii Kennkth V. Bkrmiariit DoXAi.ii E, Boi-ix Davih G. Biri.isox Marvin K. (i.ark CHARI.KS K C. iMk Dai.k o. Davidson MaKVIN KlSKNBKRli (HAKI.KS h. Hol.MAX Verxon Z. Hi-TCiiixas PHILLII- LvRSnN Robert G. Loftis Robert A. Mokfat .Iaik Mosheix William R. Pampb Albert K. Rvst Donald E. Schaekek JOHX G. Sr-HXIZLEIX Dean A. Shinxkmax Robert X. Si ' Exiii.EK William W. VAiiiHT MvKox D. Yantis Vkrxe Zaika Page 385 Wvi!: y Page 386 EVENTS OF THE YEAR Page 387 EVENTS OF THE YEAR West PaKKHKO Tl..- Tav.-rn " ]llit)i I ' liion Jtuildinc, South Tt ' rracc South Entrance OF THE YEAR Banquet Lnimge " The Commons " Main Lounge Jnt ' oniiiit inn 1 r» ' k StBirwell of the Illini L ' l iion Toloninl lionni Wi ' flKwooii Loiinfco Pine Lrtune«» EVENTS OF THE YEAR Sorority Ituhhing PtcdginK Ai-livity Nieht .l.i..l,, Frcslinmn Mixer TIm- n.Hlis Mr.M III. ' r|■ • llM •ll );f;;i,sli ' nliuh " Sludv Lists ' FmH la. ' i-lioris EVENTS OF THE YEAR Alpha Sji:s It. ' coration Chief llltniwck i iii Itfii Will I ' lijniiia Karo Ziippku ' s Tribute to Fielding Yost Kooihftll Prflftire .41 ,.! . Ijosl. (. ' our! of Honor SftrhwiiH ' Win nine DocorAtton ■t ' f v • , yf.;» -ttijaBDi v.? EVENTS OF THE YEAR Shi Ai I ' li ' ilBii.K Prriu iilinc llrMiH-rftrniiit: Window I)ihplfiy Awiit ' In S...ii,i: ih. ' T.N.M, on llt ' jiii ' I ' liolnpsuii (icl.s a lio lllini " liutluii " I ' Ih- V«)rl(i ' K (ilH ' llli ' Kl " Diiv Hii.l I. Ass».ii.l I ' r. ' .si.l.-Jil Wntor t ' lirnival EVENTS OF THE YEAR " i-K • ' »•« V i |$TUn U?TS| OCCHTO MCfS .M V l-i . %rT- «« ' -• ' : Jtor »; f ' i U Al|iha I.aiiilMla l ,:i.i T..i Those Final UfiMirts r..t,lli..,i K,-, AIM ' nivtTsity Sin;; St-eoiMl SpnicsttT li ' uislration n.unic.M .if l ' n;;T I ' Clinm rM.iiii ' i ' - i. ' iirait of WiUnni All Killi ' il Out ' . Mi ' lY. ' ar KI...-li..M EVENTS OF THE YEAR JL M JL fi h,;,,, ' I L.,r„|, .,,, .. ..,■ MSI ' ' J ' llt llniKl ' h lil ' OIMlrfINt ■ I!..-. ' Mini. " t. „n,-;, ' I ' .i ' il liirtlidjiy !■: K, SI....V M.Hliir liimril ' I ' wilit;!)) ( nceru 1 k iSsjeiSfsi, FRATERRiTfir SORORITIES INDEPENDENT ORGANIZATIONS HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL CHICAGO CAMPUS ADVERTISING AND INDEX i ' I .0 I Piigo 400 FRATERNITIES Page 401 : :: tdeK— raLetiiLLie A.-:ioi:i 404 Alpha Clii Kho 40. ' ) Alpha Chi Sigma 40(1 Ali.ha Delta Phi 4(i7 Alplia Kpsilon Pi 408 Alplia (iamina Rho 40!) Al|iha Kap]ia Lainbda 410 Aii.ha Kho Chi 411 Alpha Siiiiiia Phi 412 Alplia Tall int ' i; ' a 4P1 Mela Ivappa 414 l!i-la Th.Ia i ' i 415 (hi I ' ll! 41(; Chi i ' si ■ 417 CnsiiKiiiiilitaii 418 Delta (hi 41!) Delta Kap])a Epsilon 420 Delta Phi 4 ' _ ' 1 D.lta Si rma Phi 422 Delta Tail Delta 42:5 D.-lla rpsihiii 424 I ' ariii 1 louse 42 " ) Kappa D( Ha Rho 42(i Kappa Si i-|iia 427 LainlMla ( ' hi Aljiha 428 I ' hi I ' .eta Delta 429 Phi Delta Theta 4:50 Kpsilon Pi 431 ( lamina Delta 432 Kappa 433 Kappa I ' si 434 Kappa Sitrnui 43. ' ) Kappa Tan 430 Siyina Kappa, ' i Kajipa Alpha . ' i K;ipp.-i I ' lii . . . . 437 438 439 i Ipsilon 440 Siyiii. ' i Alpha Kpsiloii 441 Siuiiia Alpha Mil 442 Siyiiia ( ' hi 44. ' ! Siyina Xii 444 Siiiiiia I ' hi Kpsilon 44. ' ) Si xina Phi Sigma 446 Sigma ! i 447 I ' .iu Delta I ' hi 448 I ' .iii I ' lpsiloii I ' hi 449 I ' aii Kappa lOpsilon 4. ' )0 Theta Chi 451 riieta Delta ( ' hi 4. " 2 I ' lieta Kappa Phi 4. " 3 Theta Xi 4. " )4 I riangio rtoij Zi ' ta I ' .eta Tan 4 " )(! Zeta I ' si 457 Pnge 402 Cr llUtTtcilctlllllf C • Kxtnblish,,!, r.ll I OFFICERS Bklford a. Small Prcaidenl ARTHrR H. .TOHSSox ViccPiesidciU Danifl s. Wilcox Secrelaii; ItAY C. WOLK Treaauicr Louis K. Kki ' ; ;s Sei-ficmit CA 11 I N KT .M K.M II KKS Donald L. Ukibaker Kohkrt C. Xihax Abnkk .1. Martin- Oloruk P. Stah.mkr Small .M K.M ii i: i;s IX rxi V KijsiTY A I ' acia Dr.I.os HkTar Robert W. 1mim:y illiha Chi Rho Robert D. Critton Ali ex .T. Schneider M]tha Dflln Phi 14. I ' oi CF K. Doriii.AS Kicks .4 ; »« Epailon Pi MAL nN B. Paul Robert H. Stelzer .Itpha iitimnui Rho Lawrence V. JIom vN Lee L. MoKiiAN Mfhii Kitppa Lambda Wallace B. Black Darrell M. Green Alpha Rho Chi .Ion I). .-Vnuerson " .1. Everett Hoerner Mpha Sifiinn Phi i[ARTIN A. OREUORY .John T. Trutter Mpha Tau Omcfja t ' liARLES .1. Caudle Carl T. Meyer. .Ir. lifin Kappa Edwari) G. Lind . L RTiN L. Miller Hfla Thela Pi Charles H. Api-le Georce Hill. Jr. Chi Phi Thomas E. Cumiskev SCOTT S. Walker I hi I ' ai RmKRT C. XlHAN H VRWLD A. SCH-MIDT n,iiii (hi UcillEKT C. FOILON AUTllUR B. JOHNSON Delta Kappa Epailon Kdw ' . rd V. BcsBV Ray. MO Ml .NL Pmriv. Drila Phi lOruEXE L. Cox Kavmond C. Wolf Delta Sigma Phi Oeokge G. Ham.mack r. bunx m. xwell Ihlla Tail Delta WiLi.iA.M I . Moody Wll.l.IA.M . . Rkeb II, 11,1 I i,.sil„,i .1. liKKNAKI) .IlilINSON George i Stammm: rami Ilouae Louis F. Bricius .U.kord E. Welbourne luip m Ihlhi l;ho llo V. RD A. (iRANEItT I ' RANK M. MULl.El! Kappa Siifma William H. Gibberson Charles E. Kino f.aiitbdn Chi Alpha G. F. Dick John T. Poljin Phi }teta Delta Sa.mcel Pinzck Herbert M. Ward Phi Delta Thela Hugh T. Blaik. .Ik. Robert F. Fisher. .Ik. Phi hpaUoii Pi Sidney M. Furtii SlUSEV R. Katz Pill Uniiuiiii Drill, L. Crosby Bernard John A. Leikheit Phi Ka-ppa Robert A. Campbell John F. Watson Phi Kappa Psi llAKLAX B. Dod(;e Ja.mes D. Littlejoiin (( Kappa, Sigma Hugh p. Mc.Vlkar Philip W. Upp Phi Kappa Tau Oliver .1. liuRxs Gekm.d B. Sammons Phi Sigma Kappa George S. A.msbarv Eugene R. Russell ' Kappa Alplui Donald E. Britton Edward E. S.maltz Pi Kappa Phi il. Donald Hctjcixs Lester T. Moate Phi Vpsilon Wells Hugo-Smith Charles E. Huwen Sigma Alpha Epailon Dean B. Raymond Jack D. Thorsjin Siflirui Alpha Mu Louis S. BELKORD A. S-MAI.L Sigma Chi Robert E. Hamm. n Abnkk .1. Iartin Sigma .V((, Robert J. Ackerman C. Robert Brady Sigma Phi Epailon Irving V. Carlson WlLLIA.M .1. I.AZ Sigma Phi Sigma Herman J. Hakdkrk O. John . w.vnson Sigma Pi Edw. kd W. JL nn David E. Ol.sox Tail Delia Phi Raphael D. Avrai Shermix a. Sikgel Tail. Epailon- Phi Martin J. Kosexe Joe Steinberg lull. Kappa Kpailon Bkxard S. Blair Robert li. Oppick Theta Chi August C. Lutz Robert C. Gi,son Theta Delta Chi BRI ' CE .1. A.MA« ' HEK Donald I,. Brubakkk Thela. Kappa Phi Larry .1. Doyle WlLLIA.M J. Hoover Thela Xi J. Paul McConnell Bert J. Wollnkk Triangle GEORGE L. MiWRTHUR DwiGHT H. Lory Xeta Beta Tan HO VABl F. KoPEI. Benxett D. Levy Xela J ' ai Robert (J. Cox Daniel S. Wilcox Wile Wolf Page 403 .T-Ov. ' ll University of Michifjim Twvitty-scven Sctive Chapters Illinois Chapter Estahlished, 1906 501 East Dnniel Street FACT Levehett a. Ai, Ph.D. ANDKEW I. AXIIKEWS. Ph.D. LlTllEK B. AuriiKK, M.S.. K.E. Fe.mbkuke H. Mk i vn. PJi.D. WiLLUM L. Hi lii.isiix. Ph.D.. D.Agr. Carl H. Casheki:. B.S.. M.K. J.vcK P. Co VAX. B.M.E., B.I.E. Ralph E. Ck.v.mek. M.S. WiLLIA-M K. DELAI ' I.AXE. B.S. JoIi.V T. lil ' I,IJ. iTON RORKRT AI I ' I.E ;ATE Robert .T, B.kktels Robert P. Bi.siioi ' Delmoxu G. Uam:ert ;riiEXE (). Uearce Frederick .1. Brockob All. x M. Cress Edward P. Cri. t JoHx R. Davis Wll.MAM H. Jr.sTi Rov U. Adams Robert E. Davls Robert S, Fcjote Robert M. Ja.mks Geokoe E. Pli.D. .Iav V. Hackleman. A.m. Ch.vrles F. Hottes. Ph.D Kai.i ' H K. HiRsii, B.S. . i.ox .(» P. Kkatz. M.S. FuEDKRic E. Lee. Ph.D. E.MU. V. Leh.mann, B.S.. lUiuiv G. Paul. Ph.D. E.E., A.E. : i i:. i 11 1: lis i . i . i ' Graduati Stit l(iitK l;s|■ Robert H. Clements DeLos De Tar KoBKRT C. KlMBRELL L. William Kolb .T(»SEI ' H S. De. . I- g Robert V. Imi ' ev -loHX C. Larson A. Ross Mannino Raymond A. Kirmaier EDW.tKD J. Krioer Robert 0. Jksbero Alan K. Kolb Lowell T. Lloyd Seniors Juniors Soiihoinorr.s freshmen Iitvixo L. Peterson. B.S. Fr.vxcis M. Porter. M.S. Herxard G. Ricketts, il.S. Rav I. Shawl. M.S. Lawrence H. .Si.mkrl. M.S. .lOIlX C Sl ' ITLER. B.S. .lonx K. TuTim.L. B.S.. E.E. Georue B. Weisioer. B.S., LL.B., Uov H., M.S. Lkwis V. Williams. Ph.D. J.D. .loIlN D. G.UIBER Charles H. Mkuckr JA.MES E. Mll.Ll.R ■Stanton R. Pe.mberton .Jamks K. Pitcher RicH- iii ' F. Roe TEI ' K. SK- BR0()KE I) n 111 (i, TCRNER W. Wallace W.vtkixs Joseph A. .Miller Gilbert B. Xorth Warren J. North Charles J. Taylor, Jr. E. Glendon Moore Rll ' IIARD F. Pedkick Harrv L. Pi.cnkktt P.VTRICK O. SHERE Delbert JL Smothers William H. Stevens V. Bi rton Wood Donald R. Wkhlixo Stanley V. Wilcox Victor ' . Prince John E. Russell Al Schark | |ih ' Knti ' niiliiip Crpsi niilliiiL ' lon l.lii.vil Jiiiinm Brockiih Wi ' hiiiik ' iMipi ' .v Justi Kinibrt ' ll Mnniiine Si ' nhioiiko Fool. ShiTo Morror J. E. Miller Gnrhcr Tii.vhir Cli ' iiiciitH WoimI Roc L. Kolh Moore Penihertoii BBiiKort KniiiiT Sniolhern Pilcher De Tnr Stevens Prlnee Pedriek R. DiiviH BartelH Deniiiiiir Turner Russell Kinnnier A. Kolh Adiims J. A. Miller G North J. Diivis JesberR lleiiree Sehiirf Wilcox Wntkins W. North Crist Vane 404 Foit-uttcii Trinity College. 1S9. " yiitftffH Active Chaptfi-s Phi Knppil Cliuplor Kxliihliglieil, l! u; .■; ICiml Arinmil .ill nil. Daniki. J. NAritT, B.S. Fr nk K. Schooi.kv. B.S. FACULTY JOIIX E. SWKKT, M.S. KliKIi W. TANXtR, Ph.D. .M i;. i i; i:i;s ix u. i vk ksitv Francis H. H i-mma GnuJimte Stiidenit: Hkubkkt . NvE (;kuui;k K. u; :o kr FORKST G. Warhkv James P. Cali.mer Robert D. Crittox LeLanii W. Haomax John W. Hanson Seniors Kai.I ' H R. HrTHENBKRO KnwARi) F. Schmidt Al.l.KN J. SCHNFIDBR Robert C. Brown RlCHARn BroKi.E Norman C. Deno John K. De Tirk Carroll W. Brows Oaklev S. Dorion VlLLL .M G. HiBsrH John H. GiLLAV William A. John C. Kriek Willi M J. Hlntku ( ' Aki. H. . lA ■KR .loIIN W. Pattov Juniors Soi homores Robert D. Malcolm.son Rov C. Nyberc ' harle. E. Perkin.s RhiiAKit I.. Perkins Ivan L. Rlrii vrdson Robert I.. Schmiht Robert K. Taylor IiiHN 1, TrrKER I LARK M. Sells -MlLTltN H. Shekeield Thomas A. Wiley Daryl E. Craio Earl F. Fon ST.VXLEY li. H NSSEN . BTiirR D. Hatke Edward T. Harding Frt. ilimfn J. MES J. HeEREN Robert K. Horton Fred W. Ii.semax Thomas B. K..X |).n . . ' lii.ffi,|.| S.IK C. Brovwi H.iriii Wiii llniii.T lliir.lii.;; Hil.«.li K Hnniri K. P.Tkiii- l)iiri..n .Maver Hiiflrninii Pnlloii .MiilroliiiMiii Haiisseii IKenmn Tinker K. .Si ' liiniill Horton XylHTi; Krier Craii: Hnpke Jaek Riiekle Hncinan E. Schmidt Hanson Schneiiler Callnier Rlllhonherc Crilton Taylor Gillan Page 405 FoiDldrd 1 iiiversity of AViscoiishi, 1902 lurttf-jiir Artirr Chttptnn Zi ' ta ChapU ' i- Estahfishetl. I ' JOS 606 West Ohio Street I am a FACULTY KoiiKK AliAJis. PhD.. D.Si-. AXDKKW I. AXIIUKWS. Ph.D. LlDWIii K. Air KlKTll. Ph.D. .Iiiiix C. B,vii..KR, .Ik.. Pli.D. AuTllI H C. Kkckf.i,. PIi.D. Vii,LHM y. Bk.V11I.KV. Ph.D. AKTlifK M. UrswKLi,. Ph.D. Hkkiikkt K. C.vbtkk. Ph.D. KK xris M. Cl-. KK. Ph.D. Gkoki;k L. C1..VKK, Ph.D.. D.Sc. KnwAKij V. CoMiN is, D.Sc. L. Cook. M.S. Aki)i;.v a. Dee-M, Ph.D. S. Ml ' KL H. Dktwilk r. .Ik.. li.S. Fkedkuhk K. Duke. Ph.D. Vll.U.».M S. E.MERSOX. Ph.D. Dr.iXE T., Ph.D. Gl.icvv C. rivi;K]!. I ' li.D. Kkvxcii.d c. Pi siix. Ph.D. W.VKilKN H. (Joss. B.S. H Kr{ ' S. CiKIXDLKV. D..SO. M ;ki{Iei T. CiKoss. Ph.D. Tom .s. H.vmii.tox. Ph.D. P-Kii. Hkxi.ixe, M.8. M.4KK H. HlXDSl.KV. A.M. Cii.vKi.Ks K. Hoi.i.KY, .Ik., Ph.D. B. .S.MITll Hoi ' Klxs. Pli.D., D.Sc. TURXKK H. HOI ' I-EK. A.M. K. HlHsll. B.S. H. Fraskk .Johxstoxe. Ph.D. DoxAi.i) B. Kkvks, Ph.D. Gkor ;e W. L. nI). M.S. .IrSTA M. I.IXIHIKKX. A.M. .lA-MKS S. . l VCIIIX. Ph.D. Kkx.n ' kti[ R. Ma.ioks. M.S. Caki. s. .Makvke.. Ph.D. l.i-:(K . Kli I.. .McKlxxKV, U.S. I.KO.N ' AKD D. .Mc ' l(KKK, B.S. Sher.max C. .Mk.nkkke. M.S. Reid T. Mll.XEK. I ' h.D. .loiix N. MKtiruicH, Ph.D. Doi ' ;i.AS G. NiciioLsox. Ph.D. Wii.i.iA.v A. . ovEs, Ph.D., I.1..1: t ' h.Mii.D.. D.Sc. OI.IVEK K, OVKK.MAX. Ph.D. CULLEX V. D.Sc, J Thomas K. Plll i-ps. Ph.D. Kraxk H. Ukki , Ph.D. .ToHX H. KKKliV, I ' h.D. Orix W. Kees, Ph.D. Worth H. Rodebush, Ph.D. William r. Kosk. I ' li.l). Wakkkx a. Kith. I ' li.D. Frank B. .S(.iiik. iek. [ ' li.D. .Toiix B. .siiiEi.hS. Ph.D. Ralph I., .shkinkk. I ' li.D. .Al.l.. x K. S.MITll, I ' h.D. G. Fkkijekiok S.MiTU. Ph.D. Fredkrkk G. Stkai ' b. M.S., Met.E. , Sherlock Swaxx. Jr., Ph.D. WiLHERT A.. Taehel. Ph.D. Fred W. Taxxkr. Ph.D. .S. Frederick T. W.m.l. PIi.D. Geokoe 1. Wall.vce. Ph.D. DoxAi.D H. Wheeler. Ph.D. Akthi ' R G. WlLL.vuD. U.S., LL.D., D.Eng, Gakl S. Vestlixu, Ph.D. GML R. YOHE, Ph.D. MKMI! I RS IN UNIVK i;s I T ' Lkoxaki) J. AuMsritoxn Marvin D. AitMSTitoNi; Lyka M. Arnktt. Jr. Phi I.I I ' 8. Bakkr A. L. Barkkk. Ju. Lyeli- C. Bkhr Chris E. Bkst EuwARD J. Biri;K HOWARM W. B( Mi RoilKRT C. BRASTKD Lkstkr a. Bro oks DoxALi E. Btrnkv Ted E. Calmes EliWARh K. BlTHHOI.Z Cari. D. 1 k Bord Rov K. Dial Gi;or ;k W. Canxox James O. Corxer, Jr. Jack J. Dkntox Krkhrick C. Dietz KoiiERT K. Foster William D. Fkaskr KoitKRT ( ' . GrXTHKR William J. Haixes KORERT H. HaSKK Clarexce F. HniKR Charles F. Jelixek i ' hilip c. johxsox Charles F. Kade, Jr. KhUAKI L. FoKRSTER Iioiti;i:r S. II wmkr Elt Graduate Students Matthew L. Kalixowski STAXTOX C. KELTON. Jli. J. Wayxe Kxeisley Anthony H. Laxd John C. Lawler. Jr. WiLMEK R, JMaXXIXW JoHX L. Marsh Blaixk C. Mi-KrsicK Kn ' H. Ri) F. Phillips i.ESLIE M. I ' OI.AM) .VoitM.w Kaimohx |-:i U Mill il. Kl ODLE WlM.I M H. KlEtJKR Seniors Ki ' W IN M. Hai ' n l.. vKKv ' E C. Hori i:K Juniors Edward S. Irons KOVSTON KoHKRTS loiiN C. KouiNsoN. Jr. I ' uixcK K. RorsK. Jr. Stanley P. Rowland (Jkkald V. Sears William H. Sharkey H Kinu;i:T H. Sii.rox c.vjtL M. Smith ( lEXTIX F. SoI ' ER PhIL!! ' L. ScH ' THWICK Stanley B. Speck Carletox a. Si ' ERATI HrcH W ' . Stewart li. 1). .loHXSOX W LTKR H, O ' Xi:. Carl F. Peters William H. Taylche Clement W. Theobald Robert W. Upson James F. Vaxecek ARXOLD J, VERAfit ' TH Robert S. Voris Mavrice Tj. Ward Peter F. Warfield Richard B. Wkarv P. B. Wklldon Joseph M. Wilkinson. Frank J. Wolf Flavius W. Wyman Wesley SHEi.BERt; FK NK j. SZEZEI ' AXIAK John H. Widdowson Tin - llii iF MilIxT Ptiiltips Wi l|(lon I ' oliin ' l 1, trii tiiin:: .um |, ji KoiiKi Hpcrk Ilttst ' k liHltjiihii HicKiT S i ' cpnnink Silcox CulmcK Sporati Arnctt Kiu iMlt y MiiiiiiiiiK Brhr Focmtpr CorniT BihsDmI KoIumi Mixkr ' l. ' nlHIi . li .•|-Il_ ' ljtll I.Htil In M. Armstrong I..nwl( ' r Miirrh ' nris W(tlf Cook Rnlfs Wilkiiiw.n Wi.l.lowsnn Bfst ONi ' ul Ward Diiil MrKuNirk 1 •• MnnI I.dihI I ' lige 400 Haniillou College, 18u2 Twentt sevfii Actire Cliaptcrs Illinois Chapter KxluhUslirrl. 101S :10 Kdsl John SIn.l MEMBERS IN UMV ERST TV Graduate Student Raij ' H W. Coxdee Akthi i{ IV CitxARD, Jr. Grant G. Gneiss Seniors Roger B. Pogue James O. Robinson Juniors FOLOEE Adam. Jr. Edwi.v G. Allen- Axtox J GRAHA.M R. DOIGLAS RUKS KOBI.E G. Robbins Frank B. Sxell Soiihontores Richard C. Bliler Nelson W. Campbell. Jk. Robert J. Christensen Rov M. Conrad, Jr. h. ElGENE D.vvis Robert A. De Vogel.veee Brix-e p. Olsox Frcshinr7 JOHX L. Rainev Robert H. Randall Robert E. Titwiler Richard P. Walthall John H. Weber Frank R. Wilev RiiBERT M. Allen W. STEWART HORTON William V. HuRTun Robert K. Howe Robert K. Lewis Carl F. Mueller Frederick J. Ortox Tom Rothchili) hroh k. schneidewixi) m } . V » . .«4;. l.i " ,.; . . Leivis Orion W. S. Horlon Siicll Adam OKnoii Canipbi ' ll Raincy Ricks Rabbins E. .Mien Randcll Tiitwili-r Christen.Hon Weber Pojfue Gneiss Robinson Conrad Howe R. Allen Mueller BliL-r W. F. Horton Wiloy (irHhaiii I avir) Wnlthnll Co n art! Do VoKolaoro Koth child Solmcidowind Page 407 Oft iMuaain yJfUUIIB New York University, 191 Tu ' enly-nine Active Chapters an Dplta Chapter Established, 1920 302 Eatt Gregory Drivi M !■: -Mi; I-; k s i x u x i v e k s i t n Melvix M, Abrams BESN ' ARD D. Eisexsteix Leonard Kallis Maktis y . .y. i Samiki. M. Pkarsos Seniors .lOSKI ' U V, Saohs Schmtz Kt)BERT L. SCHWIMMKR Milton Silvkrstein KoBKKT Thomases RAj.rn M. Goi.nsTEis Marvin Lanohaus XoRMAN Leaf I ' vri. K. Packer B. Pavi, Ji(niors Albert .1. 1 ' okt .Iatk L. Kosemarin Jack A. Schats PaVL J. SCHITZ Robert M. Stelzer Earl Ai ' erbach .loSEl ' H L. BtlRO Marvin E. Cooper Milton L. Dermax Jaik UoLUBERn HOWAKII Greenbero Ikvixh M. Greenbero Daviii S. Hamburg RUHAIil) S. HoKKMAN SoiihoiHorcs Har(h.I) R. Maxdel Hkrzl B. Mendelsohn Milton J. Millmax SaM ' IIK Packarb Donald R. Steixberu Berxard H. Tatz Bernard Teitkl Marvix Trossman Sheldon E. Arstein Ernest L. Biberstein Jerome K. Couex William M. Knapp Martin S. Leaf Frcshmdh Leonard Novak Harry W. Riblofk, Je. David O. Saxes Albert R. Si ' IRo Howard 1. Tiiotikv AiH-rliiu ' li LitDKlUMiK Crtoji Kornk ' k Scliiilz Tnl AbramH Pi-iiri«on I ' lininiiHc Trotcky M. Lcnf ArNlciii IT Mitliimn SrliiipH Ti ' jti ' I I ' n-kiirtl HolTiniiii BurK Sh-iiibt-rt ' I. GrofTiborg Mnnclcl ' rroHKiiinii SilvcrHti ' in Guldstciii SnrliN l- ( rii)Hn Colton GoldberK Snncs K Li ' viii KiilliH .SclinUz EtNfnNli ' in Packer N. Loaf Schwimmor Paul Stelier RiibliilT KoHeinnrin H. (Ireenbcri; Biborstein Knnpp Novak Spiro Pbrc 408 FowiiiriJ Univorsily of Illinois, 190S Thirty-one Active Chapters John H. Bioger. B.S. Sleetkr Bull, M.S. J.4CKSOS L. C. RTTER. M.S. K.4R1. K. G. RDXER, Ph.D. J C. HACKI-EM.tX. A.M. Percy K. .Johnson, B.S. Alplm Cliapter Established, 100s 5S Gregory Drive FACULTY Fkepericic J. Keilholz. B.S. .loHN H. LOXGWELL, A.M. JOHX P. McCOLLU.M. Ph.D. E. RL H. Reuxier, B.S. Hexry P. Rusk, M.S. Leox.vrd W. Scurubkx. M.S. P ' r. xk H. Si.Mi ' SON, B.S. R.M,I H O. Sxelmno, M.S. GEORCE I. V. I.LACE. Ph.D. V|I.I.H.M H. YolNO j. m.vx c- rrison Ch. rles H. Dieken Roy I. Fix ley MEMBERS IN UXTVER81TY Seniors Leslie A. Harrison J. Box Hartline Alvin M. Mavis IRHIN V. JIILLER Lee L. Morgan Charles R. Schrodt Georc.e R. Castle I) i.E Jensen Juniors L.vwresce W. Morg.w H-VROLD D. Reiterman Ernest H. Schottmaxn Theodore L. .So.vmer C. Her-man Watson K. li. Welsh. Jr. J.tUES R. Davies John K. Finley Sophomores HlltNEI.L K. Henert Don S. Leiohty JA.MES R. STKI ' HENSON Richard L. Williams El ' GENE C. DoNALItSON Freshmen H i:vi:v D. G.wtzert C. Eldon Koonce Ki.iii.KT li. l.oh-rrs ' J --nS 1 i U -Mil L. L. Moreaii Millir R. Finli y :M.C(.I1iiiji .- rhrodt Harlliiio Mavis Harrison Donaldson Carrison Watson Dirki ' n M.mmpr Castle L. W. Morgan Schottman Jensen Welsh Henort J. Finloy Ganlzprl Williams Davies . ' Stephenson Leiehly Page 409 1 ■ Founded t ' nivorsity of California, 1914 iue Active Chapters Gaiiiina Chapter Kfttablitihfld, 1921 401 Ea«t Danu ' l Street u amaaa .losKrii C. Bi.AiR. M.S., D.So J. Hekbert Birgv, Ph.D. Wkndkll E. C.vxnon. M.S ElUENE D- VEXri ' OKT. M.S GEORiiE H. Dl Xr,. N. I ' ll I). LkRov H. FisrnER. A.M. W.wxE H. Freeman. M.S. Geoki;e W. GOBbE. A.B.. LL.B Allen F. St.axlev B. Balbaih Georce F. Hist Wallace B. Bl.vck T. Cli.vto.v Cobb Hubert S. D.w Dakrell M. Green .1. Thomas Bear William X. Cassella. Jr. Artihr R. English Robert T. H J. .lArKsox Chase Edwin B. Clink William -J. Dr.vke DifNALO W, DVGAN Ke.weth W. Axoerson B. Bovii Barrii ' K William W. Braxnon PA(• l.T ■ Donald A. Gitos. ' i. i. x. LL.H. LeRov R. Hami ' Loris M. Kkssi.ek, M.S., C.P.A. M.Afc ' r.. I.I. D.. D.Sc. Chakles M. Kxeier, Ph.D., J.D. Charles U. Krino. M.S. .loiiN H. Maxlev. Ph.D. I.Lon) MoRKY. A.B.. B.Mus., C.P.A.. LI. D. Thomas G. Pearse. ,1r.. B.S. M K.M I! . I.VIX L. KlHFlSS Gilbert S. Peixe : S x rxi VK i;s iT ' i (iiii(liuil( Sliidcnts Walter T. Hkroet Morris S. Jr. H. Dean Lkki ' KK Leo R. Henbikson Robert L. Hint M. J.vMES Lund Gilford H. Henne(;ak 1). Dean Hixtabi.k Horace a. .Macintire Ted V. Catt Donald C. Hecht Seniors Juniors James C. Pettee G. .Marvin Shitt Robert M. McCreary John W. Porter John J. Reitter, Jr. WlI.LIA.M H. McLaTOHLIN Donald E. Meisknheimer John Mitchell-Weis, Jr. Sophomores Robert D. .Mitchell Robert K. Xewt ix. .Ik. Robert B. Reedy Freshmen H. Marshall Johanixosmeir Ch. rles H. Kramer. Jr. Stanley H. Pierce. JI.S. Ch. rles O. Reinhardt. M.S. . RTHrR E. Ritcher. A.m. Harley J. Van Cleave. Pli D. Melvix J. Warrick. M.S. I ' LOVD R. Watson. Ph.D. Carroll C. Wiley, B.S.. C.E. Henry E. Wilson, B.A.S. Roger W. Williams Charles E. Zki.exy XOR.MAX E. Schickedaxz Chaixcev E. Torrexce J. MES E. UBBEX Nerel ' s L. Roy Kichard G. Stewart PUILli ' F. ' v Cl.KWE D.vxtox B. S.vii.or George T. Swai.m, Jr. J. cK D. Train Robert G. Ti ell GORDOX W. McCuRE C. Merle P. rrv Robert G. Plaoue Acncw KtMittvr Pcino McCronr.v Horirot llbboii D«.v Pt ' llrc Cdbb ' piT Ki-nslpr Fischer Willimns Black Bnlbnch .Stewart McLaiiKhlln Boiir liiiiul EiiKlittti Van CIpnvi ' Mfisonlioiinrr Ro.v Milrhi ' ll-Wi ' l.s Hay CnHMclln . rliirkodnnz Shutt Pnrlor Drake Torrcnre .Sailur Hwnim lleiirikHon R. Hunt Mitrhelt Newton Hennecar Tuell Marhitire Reedy Chase Train Green Zeleny KiilifuHrt Cline PUlcice MrCIure I ' arry .VnflerHdn Heelil Kramer Call Brannon Hiixtahle .lohaninesiiieir Barrick Diigan Pago 410 FouiitUd Univorsiiy of Illinois uiul Uuivorsily o( Xlidiiijiiii. I ' ll I Ei-ilit Actirt Chaiilfs Anilteniios Cli»iiti r Kflnliluihed, 11)14 llOS Snillh First .Slieel Abthuk F. I)ea.m, B.Arch. OuKf S. A.m. RlCH.KRK E. Hll.T. U.S. J. Mi;s T. LKXimiM. B.S. Frank M. I.kschkk, B.S. Li so X. Fraxcescox Werxkr p. Galowitch DOXAI.D L. Grikb FACILTV RKXKi»Ri» XKwru.MB. A.M., ir.Arch. T110.MAS K. ODoxxEl-L. M.S., M.Arcli. CvRis E. Palmer. M.S. Lkkixc; H. Provixe, B.S., A.E. Al K.M 1; 1; i;.s IN lM i: IJSITV Senior.i Rl-SSKI.L T. Hkter J. Everett Hoehxer DnXAI.l. H. Hi. NX William F. Ikvixo OTTI) ;. Si IIAKFKR, B.S. Vn.MA.M (i. SCHEICK. M.S. JA.MES G. Va.v DERrOdL. .M.F.A, Stanley H. White, M.L.A. Richard J. Touczak Wilbur C, Webb .tox d. ax ' dersox Daxiel E. Booxe Juniors HinvAUii K. OiiME Robert T. Strong Luke .1. V rt.m. n J. Eric Axdersox Fkaxk L. Beckwitu Sophomores Joseph 1. ■ i os Walter D. Campaxa JCPHX P. GlTER ROXALD J. HaLQUIST DOXALD E. XORDIXE Freshmen Arthur P. Vormax DOUOLAS (). WiLSOX Richard E. Wilson KoriJine Strom; J. D. Aiiilcntnti Vornmn r . Wilson R. Wilson Boono liu,ver Hnl |ni l Nelson Vorlninii Gnlowitch Tomczak .1, E. Anderson Ohmc Frsncescon Hi ' t.r Hocrncr Webb Irvinj; (iricb Page 411 Alvkeu W. Booth, Ph.D. R.4YMOND Eliot. A.M. TiiF.ODOKK H. Fkison. Ph.D. W. i.t»:k G. Joii.vsox. Ph.D. K. Sl.mik AirsTiN JoHX M. Cross Hakoi.d a. SiDXKV L. B.MR, JB WlI,I.I. M Gr. teb Roi.. xr J. Kelsey Wii.i.nM S. Kern Founded Yale University, 3 845 I hhtif-e ' tght Xcth ' e Chapters met FACT : H.XKHY M. K.m:kf.m. n, A.M. KVF.RKTT K. KiNi;. M.S., M.C.E. Kfxkiii:i, Ni: v iimii. A.M., M.Arch. .M i: .M I ' . i: K s 1 . r ivER! ]TV KdBKRT H. Dki : ;. Martin A. Gkki:ory . I.UKRT T. L. ;k- i. s H. Etl{V Mol.THV Kdhkrt L. Pot.k ,J n G. Pitta Scmoix Juniors FrK1» M. Kll.KFR V, Kkwftii Purtkr Frank M. RoitiNs iN HARVKV I,. SINCJKR RonKRT V. .Stakck Glex F. Stk ' e Eta Chapter Eilnbtished, lOOS ' 211 East Armory Avenue WlLLUM H. Sell KICK, M.S. Fraxcis p. Shki ' ari), Ph,D. pRKDFRIfK )i. StIVKX, MuS.D. ,Ta.mks R. Si.Mr.sox Frepkrick S. Win Walter W, Wolf Rl ' ,SSELL L. STICKXEY ROHKHT ,1. THOMTSOX JOHX T. Trvtter George R. Williams RllllARI) L. ALBAInH Glexx E. Backman William C. Bruxkhorst TuouAS Campbell Gerry A, AcsTix Richard C, B. bxes .IA.MES H. Hall AL .IoHXI ' ETER .lOHX F. Kei.lkiifr .Iamks C. Kroner T. Kirk Perry Soi ' hoiiKirrft Freshmen Clinton C. McCcne Warren I. Mitiiiell .ia.mes e, Moxte D, Moss Spexxer R. Quick DoN.vLi) .T. Porter HOWARIJ Ij. Saxtkr Robert F. Wilhel.m Frank P. Woback, Jr, CLiflfoRi) E, Teehxg William Thommesskn McCiinc ir»I«T Milrlii-ll Williclm Krlli-luT llrunklinrst Wnrnrk IVilk Stiirck llnll Hnrknuin Tlinm)tsnn Sliro KroiiLT Albniivh Crotis .lohriRon TniHcr I DKcniiinn irorso Piitta Snntcr Willinms Moss Robinson IHt ' lz Kolnoy Winn DriKBs Kilkor AuKtin Singor Wolf (iri ' cory Simpson Johnpeti ' r Quirk Sllrknoy Tliomnn-ssen PorltT Austin Pt rry ItHrncs Tt ' olinp Pago 412 Vir iniA Militnry Institute A ' iiif ' j ySf ' Actirc Chapters GnnniiH ZelH Chaplcr Eatttblistted, 1S93 1101 Wrst PtnnHiflrnnia Aff)iit f4teaa Roiitit AiiA.MS, Ph.D.. D.Sc. ARTUI K G. . XllKRSOX. C.E.. JOllX A. t ' l.K.MKXT, Ph.D. Ph.D. F ACL ' LTV Aktiur .s. Colby. Ph.D. B. S.MIT11 HoPKixs, Ph.D.. D.Sc, LL.D. . i K. i i; i: US I . iNivEKsnv Goi.DKX A. McCoxxKLL. A.B., LU.B. H.M.E L. Xkwco.mbr, Ph.D.. C.P.A. C.M!L .1. Vkix.m. x. Pli.D. RlCH-VRD B. Allex .I- MEs F. Bickers CH-VRLES J, C ' - l ' DLE Senior Rai-ih e. Ehxi B. . l.LKX GRISWOLD RaymoxI) R. Harxktiau. Wtlli.v.m .J. HK.Mrini.i. John F. Holmes J. El W. RI) .JOBI.V O. K. aim ' .TOHX A. Ll.N.NEMAX Thomas M. Pittmax C. Donald Aissworth H. VixcEXT Allex Ted T. Allsii- R. Keith Brown .M.VKIOX J. FRKXffI .Iames L. (tRIFKIX Wesley K. H.vrhix Robert H. Kohler Juniors Wn.i.iA.M .J. Laxe Fraxk C. Maxskield ( " AKL T. Meyer, .7r. Marttx a. Miller Robert P. Peeiker Rkx G. Sherman W ' arrex a. Thal R. Warren Wilkins .James M. Beaumont Jack D. Bogos Robert L. Borciiert Richard K. Dickson Dick W. DRUius J. D.vyis Giller Ralph S. Groves Glex W. Johnson Hilmer C. Laxiiholt .t.vmes x. i.ane Sopliomores F. Kelly Lanvsox Robert F. .Miller -T. Merton Mrzzv Lee E. Sickelson Robert C. Piogott Charles L. Power Robert M. Schram James M. Uxlaxd F. Sam Wylie E. Daniel Axdrews J.uiES X. Castles Frank I. Cordo Robert .M. Dari.kv John C. Davis John A. Michal Freshmen DOXALIl A. Olsen Edward J. Otteri ' OHL George B. Roberts Lee O. Therkiex Joseph K. Wallace Richard M. White .Fohnson Groves Wylie Beaumont Schram Unlaiul Power .1. Tiane Hardin Lawson Sherman Oilier Nickelson Mu7z.v Tlial Lanilholt Pfeifer Meyer Wilkin Mansflelil Kohler French W.Lane Ainsworlh M.Miller Boem Tlicrrien Cordo Caudle H. Allen Bickers R. .Mien Khni Linneninn Pittman Griswold Hnnietiaux Griffin Holmes Heni|ihill Jobin . ndrew9 Dickson Castles Michal . llsup Olsen Roberts While Wallace Ollerpohl Davis R. Miller Darley Pag. 41. " FouiitU ' d J 1 11 in lino University, 1001 Thirty Active Chapters 7r Kai)) a Cliiipler Eilablished, 1025 lioe South Third Street Walter V. Baldik, Pli.D. Arthur S. Dasiels. A.M. WlI BER E. Harnisii, A.JI. FACIl rV Alfred D. Hvstox. A.M.. 1,1.. B. Ralph W. Kh ;e, .M..S. .MiTlirit H. Mays. . .M. HeXRV J. . ULES, PIl.D. KEXXETU J. TRUHiER. M.S. C. -ArsTix Va.v Dorex. l h.D. RiETj Bishop Charles F. Blaskexhorn .loHN W. Kricksox Albert .1. FoRss HrvRV H. Herisg . i i: .M r. i: K . i . r i v i: i;si T Giuiliuiti Si litii nt.s Robert O. .Taecjkr Howard W. .Iohxsox Kdwakd G. I.isd I ' Ai ' i. Ci. M.rrr. .Ik. { eniorx CHAiiLKS .1. -Miller (tKORCJE H. 1 ARK Karl H. I ' rat.scher Wn.J.lA.M K. KOTHKELHEK Herbert W. Carl Wn.LL M H. SCHEXCK. jR. Jack .1. Smith Eugene R. Webb RrcHARIi K. WoEI.KEL J It It tors Alexander D. Aloia Edward .1. Baum Paul I.. Converse George H. Davis Thomas F. Buckley Richard C. Crcssley li.VKRKTT ( ' . DiT.I.OW Warren .Ionsson Lawrence P. Jordan .MiLTILN F. D UI£ Kl.OVIi H. Makx t, ' . William May Martin L. Miller Soiihomoirs (), KoiiKKT Fleming Donald E. Olsen Breniion a. O ' Mara NORWis C. Pierce Henry Sachs Warren E. Henricks Harold N. Lantz GiKEoRD J. Campbell RfiBERT L. Carlson Bert G. Christexsex George .T. Kahak KoBETCT T. KEI.LA.M Frank H. Keller Fi ' i shim It .IA.MES R. KORECKV L. Tho.mas Mover R.WMOXD H. Seib Russell G. Siuonsox Eugene E. Van Vkankex AI ' iKi I ii i ' . IIi ' tirickN Kiirocky FlcniinL; Ci-o.khIi ' .v Jontnrin ' rMiim DiII»»w Picrro May Jnrdiui B1ankf n)iorn LiihI Hi ' riiiii Purk Webb I ' nilKchor Mnii SimoiiNon nn VrAiiki-ii ClirinlcnHi ' it Krllor Sfili I.iihU Dnrr Forss Buckley Marv Ciiil Snclis n«iini Olsen M. Miller Schenck Hishi.|. RnllifoMiT Jnecer Smith Woelfel C. Miller Kcllum Mn.vcr Kiihak Carlson Campbell Page 414 Foundrd Miami University. 1SS9 in ' lit Aeti ' ' r f ' bniilt-rs Sigma Uho Chnpter Eslablinlicil, lOOi iOi EasI Daniel Strerl FA CI LTV I.IALKKTT A. AllAMS. PIlD. William s. Bavi.kv. I ' h.D. ( " II VK1,KS E. HllWKX. U.S. (iKIiUciK L. I ' LAKK, I ' ll.D.. D.Sc. ROBKRT I. (iKAHAM. D.V.M.. B.S. WlUT.NKV C. HtNTlXOTON, M.S., C.E. V.M.KXTINE JOB. T. Ph.D. .lolix H. Ladd, B.S. Al.vix 1.. l.AM.. .M.S. Cn.LK.s ' V. Fak.melkk. .M.S. TlIO.MAS E. SAVA(iK, Ph.D. WllJ.IA I 1). TKMI ' LKMA.V, Ph. : r K: rp.ERS in univki;sitv Graduate Students John T. Fitziatrick Lkvkkktt a. Aoams, Jr. Chari.ks H. Arii.K H Kiii.[ K. BkR(;.max. .Ir. Robert A. Eagi.e KuKERT ElSXER. ,lR. .IA.MES R. GiMBI.ETT Georce Hill, Jr. RlcllARIi K. AMiERSOX K M.iH B. Clark Thomas C. Fra. er ( HARLES M. OERVIG Robert H. Allax Daxiel C. Axiier.sox .Take Bkxxi.sox Fraxi-is a. Bovle Wavxe G. Broehl. Jr. ErrtEXE 1.. Browx ViLLr. .M K. Case Kl ' WAKli A. Doisv .lolIX T. HOLMSTROM Robert H. Johxstoxe ROV H. LUiOETT George F. Limertck Kenneth K. Herko.n Don li 1,. HlI.l.lER W ' n.r.f i .1. KiEKEK How R1 .1. L.VNUSTROM Dwih G. BniLLsox Ross .M. CamI ' Robert A. Doisv .I. MES F. .Mairke S. Guild. Jk. Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Earl H. Gillis George H. Hargitt Robert L. Miller DOXALD L. Maniox David H. Miller Donald C. jriLi.ER Wll.LIA.M C. McBkide DON.VLD G. JIcLeod Morris L. Mvers Jack a. Streed .Artihk R. Hall RlI ' MARD T. H. rgitt Robert C. Johxsox Willis L. Ogde.n Fred A. Roll Wksi.kv Martin Edward E. Mubi-hv Alex Welsh Richard F. Wolklev R.VY.MOMI K. .Morrison David F. Milliken Ross C. Reed TRKXT a. SHKrHAKD Lew W. Taggart Thomas .1. Tvrrki.l Rav Vox Sprecki.eson GoRDox W. Y r Harold D. .IAMES O. TAGr;ART kcgene e. ' . nce Kexxeth E. Waldko JA.MES W. WiLDAV WBhlriin Bdini.son Bovle Johnson D. Anilcrsnn Gonilman Hull J. Taisnrt Alhui R. Hnreill R. t ' anip Swnin Brovhl Wihiay Roll Burliiion Eadf McBriile Clark Tyrrell Streed Landstrom R. Anderson Kiefcr L. TacKart Mcl-eod Myers Frn.ier Herron Hillier Vance Ogden Gerwip John.stone Kccd Morrison Shephard Eisner Gimblett Manion Holmstrom I). H. Miller Hill D. C. Miller Von Sprcrkleson Wolfley G. Hareilt Murphy Marlin Apple Adams Gillis Berxman Welsh K. Miller Case MuUiken Page 415 rounded rriiicrlon University, 1824 I hiity-Hcren A.clive Chapters Sij ina riiapter Estahlishrd, J913 :;0:i IuikI Chnlufrs street AL.FKKD LaWSUN " . B.S. Ernest G. Mathkws. Ph.D. FACT LTV Lawukxck W. Mnti ' MV. A.M., Litt.D. K.VKI. .-V. W ' l.VIIKSMKlM. Ph.D. .MK.MBKJtS J. I MVEliSiTi Thomas E. Baetlktt Patrick W. Seniurx Donald Coi " Thomas K. Civmiskey .NKVI, n. I- ' UANK ( . I ' ALL KiCllEV Joe F. S-Mith Herbert T. Young Akthtr K. Baerer L. Marion Braulky. Jb. Davio H. Brown Paul V. Clifforii Jitniorx RicHARij ( ' . Davenport Neil Foster Charles J. Hill I ' Al I. MlLOSKVICH .John B. Mortenson I..EE F. KosT W. I ' .VL.MIvR RLFK Robert V. Smith Scott S. W. lker Frank H. Coleck Klmer H. Kncquist David T. Hafnee Sof )iatii()rrs HoWAUU K. HiBER Charles 1. Inove, .Ir. f;i)WARI) W, Kretschmer ItOllEKT .1. Le.M.VN .Arthur E. .Midka William H. Noli ' H Theo L. Smith Ueoroe E. btickxet Donald W. Walker William F. Bartelt Bernard J. Christiansen Charles W. Kane Freshmen Robert E. Kearns DolGLAS -MACDOXALI) Chami ' lin J. Pierce Michael J. Pietrzak Oer.vld N. Smith GE0R(JE .1. TlllLLKM.VNN William L. Tiiumi ' Sox G. Ma.sox Wallace ■r .- T.iilh I ' i.T..- .M.irr, ,,..,,, ■ ( ' ol«Tk Eni£{|iiiHl Iliifiii S. Wftlkor CiiniiNki ' V Riclifv Clifford K«iu ' ailckn.v i. i M.ii Kr..|-. ' liiiMT Tll.i?!!!.. " " , KulT Fonlvr Brown Ui, Yiiiiiii: Bnrtlutt Windoslioini Brciitinn n i ) r T}tiolfninnn Mncdnnald I ' Wnlkcr Inj;v) I.ciiinii Wilson I N.ilpli Koral Blirror Wnllnro ,T. F, Smith Cuiiiitryiiiiiii J. A. Sniilh G. Smith Christiansen Koarns Mudra Bartelt I ' ace i r, Foutideti Union Colli ' Ki ' . Itf4 1 Alphn Zi ' la Di ' lla ( ' li«i ( r Eslnhlished. Hili 9li Siiulh Sr4-oii(l .■ li;;l Wlbl.lAM C. Lkavkxworth, M.S. Raymomi Bknzickr GEOR iK Cl.KGG Pkrrv H. Gravks K A ( ' r I , T V . I i;.M I . KI{S I rXIVKIx ' SlTV XnKM AN D. M M.l.nin KoRKKT C. XlH. . S( iiiofs RititKKT i " . )■ Mai.lkv DnNAI.I) 1 . KnUKKTS Wkxhki.i, S. Vii son, B.S. HARoLit A. Schmidt William C. Spkrry John S. Toi-rtillott Kl VAKI K. KLII ' MKYKR C. MoKT » I.()KI) I r.i-ii W. I ' ai.mki; J iiniors KuitKUT M. I ' HKTKK Wrt.LIAM B. Savkk ChaINTKY It. W ' ATSetV. .Ir. RuuKit 1.. Bko as Gkori;k F. C ' KrLKKRS Rrrj! Hi ' ' , Gill ROBKRT A. Hl ' MKCKE Donald C. Johxsox A ' oph(miores Harry P. Kkklky Kenneth R. Nickolls Jamks F. Slagkr Paul C. Stoit John F. Biikhmk RKH K ' .1. I 1 1LBISS WalTKK .1. DrEPNER Don |,[) K. OlBBS Frank C. Hikkman. .Tr. Roy V. .loiiNsoN Hakry K. .I(i es ,1. Gkkm.o I k ly Fnshuu. u Adam J. Lotsi-eich Charles J. Noth Rodney S. Perrfll John K. Rekdkic Donald K. KniiKKS RniiKR .M. Sherman Kk ' hakd K. Stanley James K. Ward PnhiuT Kosrers Tourtilloll Roberl ' H Stnnley Hophin4 .N(t tl- . la f( Li-tivi-iiMoiUi KcHlr iJtok Hii .Stout D. .Tohnson Lord Kliii nu ' yer Pnrtrr ( ' (MiKmth Clt ' tfi; Spcrry Cirovf.s Malbry Schmidt ItiMiziti-r Duepncr Divilhiss Gibbs ' R. Johnflon I.ot prii-h Gill Shcriiiiiii IIuiliiiiLu WnlHoii KtM ' li ' V Wnnl NihHii O ' Malloy Pcrrill Koeder Joiios Nolh Pago ii; J- ' ounded Ciiiversity i)f Wisconsin, 1907 Twt ' uti Actire Chapters Illinois Chapter EstnbliHhed, 1908 tiOn East Danifl SIreH aJ-fHO- Ll ' I Vl(J F. AVHRIKTH. Ph.D. J. HowABii Bkard. A.m.. M.D. ClI. Rl-KS C. Boi.F.V. M.S. D.Wlll H. C.»RNA1HX. Ph.D. I.K.4I.1.V.V B. Ci.. rr, A.M. F A ( ' r L r Hkkhkkt V. ( ' M.S. SUKKM. X H. l)irKM. N. Pll.I). KciiiKIlT V. (im.sux. A.M. Kh-li. Kn ;. H NlU{irK. M.S. IsKN ' NKTll K H 1tSlIl! Kr:Klt. M.S. AUTIUR V. HlKK.M. N. A.M. TlIOM.AS E. Ol.IVKR. Ph.D. RKNATCI I. ROSAI.DO. A.M. WlI.l.lA.M F. SrlHL7., K.K . Ph n. Edwakli H. Al.Illl. , 1.S. K K. Elukr L. Bkckkk Ke.VXKTH O. E.VKKV .M K-Ml! KHS IN IMNKKSiTV (!i(utii(iti Stiiiiinix .MfsTAKA N. KVZPAI, J(lll ' . lMHKI.t.. .Tr. 6. Rav Nogoi.k Arthvr D. Toy . KTMrK ( . lil SM Htl.MITll V. Fkev Seniors H . (i I.I N N H Ksnii i: ;kk AltDL 1. K.WMM hil .Mhli., K. i. ll)- 1 ' C. Pli-SllKLD M(IRTl)N PKINZ RllBKRT A. STKI.V -Mir a. A H tt CFKAK M. BaI ' TISTA KoiiKRT H. Baron Cl.K.MKNT K. Chin . Dos V. Do.VNA WlM.IAM E.Vti Jifiiior K MOM- II Mlll Kti (iKRM.ii G. Kraft AllDIL S. SHAI.IZI KMMKT ' I- H. SHI-N ' 1 ' A-M Hl ' OO A. TUKKAZAS JORItAN M. YulNfi CllAKI,i:s A. rol,n.Mlio W. Kknso Kai:a va IIovkk Wove John 11. ZlMMKKMW Hectou Ma.njarrkz • ' )■ , ' . l HI ( II Hoso C. Sit VuiiDL ' Kiii;n«ii .Viihary llcckt-r IlniiilnirK Shinllini Kn , liit KrifliiHH Dimnil CoUnnho Miiiijiirri ' Z Kayniin Knc Sit ' IVrni iis Mi ' iKu P. ' iilh ' lil Kind Uuriin NnRKlo I ' hiiiK Sii.iii Wiihk " lluBh lliiplisiii Fri-y Oliver HiifTiiiBn (iibson Piit, ' f 418 Cnriiell I ' niversily. 1S90 Tliirty-f ' iitir Artit ' i- Chnfitfrit Illinois Cliapter Exlnblished, lags 1111 SoiUh Firtt Strr.t FAriLTV I. HoWAKii Bkakii. A.m.. M.D. Kr. nk G. l irKlxs()X. Ph.D. Hekbkrt M. H.v.mlix. Ph.D. Mkkm.n H. Hi-XTER. Ph.D.. LL.D. AX.VNUS C. LlTTUETOX. Ph.D., C ' .P.A. KolititT H. .MddUK. A.M. Krs.-iKl.l. M. XoLKX. Ph.D. IllAitl.KS M. TllD.Ml ' sox. Ph.D.. I.L.D . Lill.D. M E .M 1 i I-; l s I X L X I ' K { S 1 T V Graduate Student .I. MEs O. .Monroe. .Tr. HliWARll K. AliliER .loHN S. Cl-M. IIX(:S Seniors JoHX W. Drish Emv.vRK V. EVERS Chester W. J. xi " s Arthtr B. Johxsox R. Li H L. Lixr nL. D DeLO.S t CH.VKER Leslie F. Abbott .I.MK C Bercstrom KoBERT .1. C. SEV Juniors BRI (E D. CursoxTHiE Robert A. Clixe Walter A. Evers Robert i Foi ' Lox Lawrexce V. Greknacre Adolf .1. GKUEXKELit, .Ir. Otto Heske. Jr. Frank Varii ' Mvv Ken.neth .1. Fi.r. N John W. Foley DeLorue Lellv Geokce p. Loris Soiihoiiioitx Robert E. Pettit Oliver J. Philhi-s William S. Warxer Mayxarh G. Yoi " Xgstkm t XilBLE . RXOLI». Jr. l.Eox E. Davis Rii-harii E. Doux Daniel G. Ei-timoff Freshmen Robert J. Edwark K. JIuelleb Charles P. Stearns Georiie Stei-hexs EfUmoff Hvas.swan Mueller Stephens Davi.s . rnolil Foley Clausanlhiiv Younesleadt Sleama Greenacre Heiike Abbott Varipapa Foulon Ca.sey (Jru-nfeld I elly Fijaii Ber(p«roin Warner I.onis Schafer Huffman Aireer Johnson E. Evers Cummines Drish Linilblail W. Evers Janus Page 419 t ' niiiKii ' d Vtile L ' tiiversity. ]H44 Fort i ' se ten Actire Chaiiteis Kiiltthlmhrd. IU04 U02 South Srrnnd Street iL Hi a It IMmji- W. Cakrith, A.m. FACI l.l ' V Bm .1: K Fdc.TK, U.Mii M i:.M 1; Ki. ' s IN INI - K i;s I ' |■ William L. Bauek IlOBKRT E. BomviN KliWARIi V. BlSBV Seniors Alax S, Grant Arthir a. Laibly kobkrt w. i.inkhax KdBKKT J. MAUKU Gkokck E. .Martix Raymond M. I kkitz .1. Allkn Stkvknson Kl.MKR li. STdVK (irSTAVK H. Baxthiw K. Mortimer (LEVKi.Axn Kdiikrt J. Day .1 iiniais AMiRKW K. KlFlV .lon F. I-oiNsmiiV (iKDliliU V. MeIIAKHV, .1k. KlUUJtT S. MlKKSEr.L Al.l-lcEli H. NlcHoi.s AllTlUH 1). I ' RATKR WlI.T.MM li. STKRI.r (i Ki itii K. Witt H vKi,rN ;T )N Wool). .Ire. .loSKI ' H K. BKOK.MAS PllILIl ' A. DAf.M Daxiki. W. G- TKS Soi h(niiorrs .loHX E. MaoArthir ■loiix W. MCDONAI.II .1. 1M;tkT£ Ioorf; .loii 1 ' . .Swwi;!: Frank .1. Shkkwin -loHN W. SlIoTWKl.L Edward A. Allf.x EUOEXE E. BiKL KICIIARD K. D. Y losF.i ' H Day Fnsh»ti n Peter Ha.miltox. .Ir. Mar.shai. F. Hayes l{[rn VKi B. Laibly M i{. n i, F. Ley lll,Ml . | M Vll.l! D.VNiKi, E. OIJkikx . KoilERT K1T .LKR Thomas S. Ky. x n.i-i v i S. Stott UlCllAKli .1. ri.VKST.VO Charles C. Wiumsteut U. .1, Diiy fli ' Vi ' lHiiil SlicTwiii McDnMnM S»wyi r Wholwrll K.vnn rive.sliiil Slovoiison U. I.HiWy Unli ' s Banthinn MbIkt ) ' Brii n Slorlinit Wonil Mi ' IioIh Mnc.Vrliiur Mnrliii Kuby Mnoro Bi ' i ' kiunti Mi ' liiirry Ijnrlmn BmiiT L iiiii.tiiir Biihliy Bodwiii Mr . (trinn PitH?. Sloiu ' Mikcsi ' ll A Lnilily Will It. K. Dnv Miiiir .1. IIiiv Bii ' i Smil Allvn Jiiiycs Uilili-r Pi-hUt Wurnisl. " !! I.i ' y Ilniiiillim Page 420 Fniimlrtl riiiim CdllcBB. IS ' J " rit!ffu .lc lr-» i ' hilftlfis Kli llAKi. T. Drxx, A.B. ( " Mil. W. Kxox. A.B. FACT I IN .Mll.TDV . . XKI..M1N, I ' ll. I). Wll.l.lAM H. R.WXKK. C.E.. M.S. ( ' ILKKLK. " ,. . IliU AKT. Ph.D. llKXHV H. Wahi.. l " h.n.. n.s.- . 1,I..D. .M i:. i I ' . K i!s I . ix 1 V !•: i;si tv (huiliAutt St itdt nt liirii [;i) K. Vol (;(ilti;N FitWK V. Hkxkiki.h KoliKUT It. HnlUSlTIII ! :MIV M. linrrr. 1 11 VWi. M. IJlKKKI.AMl KitJKXK L. Cox Jack A. Dkckkr GKOKtii: S. Fl-AdLKK Norm v U. H wnah .loH.V X. G.VIJUNhJt John A. Hall Jamks 8. HiRO Seniors Junior Vl I.M M It. H liMJ ' lV .1 SMI.S 1). I ' r.KTillKtC I It. I .[nil NSON Chaulks a. Kokhlkk. Jk. D. Akthik Pattov ClIAKl.KS K. WkI.LS KAV ( . WOLK RoitKKT K. Yul.NUKtC it HU ' ! ' . S.MI ' I ' II A. Dkan Tavl(»k William K. Timmuvs Ialk M. Brown KrssKLL C. Ja.mks Maikick D. LAvrns DKSLK O. .MiLl.KK Sophoinort .s RrrHARit A. Sjostrom G. Chaklks Taxton. .Ir. William D. Ta to Jamks P. Wkst Will. I M H. Brain KnitKUT (J. Calkins KoUKKT K. ( ' R(II)KSII NK How i:i. W. Davis Kia.KKFJIfK K. II VY Howard K. Day pHiLii ' A. Gkovk H AKOLh A. OUIMJ Kl I ' KHT X. HOVK Frf.shmen M. Isom Klmkr M. Kakulk. .he. DAVin L. Kjn ; RonKRT G. May Kiiw Hi K. Xovvk John .1. Skrson Klvky W. Stkwakt KkNNKTII i Tl10R8 bSS Grove T.nndis Stt-wnrt " Slny Sprson Davy Hoye Calkins Grund Day Cniokshnnk ThorMicsM Cox Hall Taylor DiTk T Koohlrr Hiird Smilli .Tnhnsnii Birkclnml Tiiimions Youncffreii G. Tnittmi Henley BexfieM Hannah Yonmrer BobiHiithi Flaeler PlflrluT Miller Wells Wnlf Isom James Xnvak Sjitslnim Davis fiardner Kini: W. Tnnlon Kaeirle Brown PaMon Pago 421 Hakkv K. Allex. Ph.D. H. Hk. tiix Baily. A.m.. C.I ' .A. Harlan E. Brikr Gkoruk G. Hammaik Cmfkdri) E. Harris lolli ' Se of the City of New York, lfi9M Forltlseren Active Chapter) . r J Citu PH(t FACT . CHARLKS C. ClRTlS. .1.1).. .A.M. . l i:.M I! K US 1 X IN I - K i;s I ' I ' V Seniors I,KO. . fiIi W. .IciHN.snx RollKRT ' . .loMNSOS RlclIARI S. KKRR Kimi-.liT W. .Matthkws KlUiKRT l». .Ma.NWKI.I. V. LTKR K, Ol.snN .Mjiha .Mjihu CliH|itor l-Ulablished. lUUI ll)(j KtiM Daiiirl Klrfel f Li Harouj C. Stiutk. Ph.D. Hakoi.k D. TRiMnLK. A.M. Frkdkrick a, INH ' K Arthir T. UirnAKnsoN H.XRI.nX V. T HKK F. LvMAN Hatti.k ;koki;k H. Kathaikr WaF.TKK HKTTI.lVfiKR VHTlHt ( ' . HdKKNKR Junior a Km II : , I,, 111 ;hi-;.s 1.. I ' l 1, .loll NSON Urrn { .1. I, ii[(i:i{(; (iKiiit(iK (!. .vrv. Cknk n. M w.iis ,1 iU V IMll M ' K ll.l.K Rov D. Shafkkb .loH (J. Simmons KoNAi.n H. Stkks Vn.ij M D. Harkmax Soithomon s FltKhKRICK C. Haxsov ANTHOW r. I.AMIIKOS Frank A. Ji-rjovec Rorkrt D. Korte WiLMAM O. Lewis Fit shuu n GaHKKTT W. [r. IoiiUn v Wri, 1.1AM T. ] ' tn-i: TlIO.MAS 1 . RlKFNKR KK ' HAR1 G. Skxavkr DONAI.I- " . SlIAKFKK Orrin K. Smith, Jr. " p m ll -tlliii|, ' ' r . ' ililiif.r l.iiiiiliro . I.l•wi .liirjiivi ' i ' SrxauiT lliiikiiiiMi liiilVniT W, I ' lipi ' Knrl. 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Hawkins I ' HiLii- K. McDonald Seniors KoliKliT V. I ;i,K Wai.tkr K. .Iknkixs Ivan _ ' . Johnson Wll.KORD .T. KUAMKR J Huiorti Wk.i.iam - . Rkkh (JKoKOK 1,. K KNS V I1CTH, JR. (Iamkkun K. Mh ' iiki.i Willi m I . .Moiinv Kl ' WAIili R. NoHA ( ' LIKKdKIi L l ' KTKKSl»N RicHAKD -I. Williams (. ' HKSTKR B. SiKKINfi Dkan p. Wksskl Wli,LIAM H. A-MLIXO .IOH W. CAVAXAI ' CH GKOKCK F. TARRAtiMKR John W. Dono(;iilk John H. Galky ( LVl K. GlKKlN Sophomores Gkrali G. Gillk Lairknck H. Hannah Jamks B. MriR Pp:rry L. Smith krs Jack K. Yoxck OWKN A. Am krs«»x UoiiKKT .(. BnYLK Tom R. TAVANACtiH KOULR A. DKKRllt ' :H Kknnkth J. DoiflLAS .li HN H. KRNSTKK Kr(iKNK L. Fahrnkr John F. Goohman Fre: 7imt n HoWAun D. Gkutnlr Jack V. Haktzkll Frederick C. Johnson RoitERT W. Peterson Andrew M. Phillii " Krnest H. Pool James K. Stalker Jack 8. Tillotsox Xoha GaniiuT Fuller J. Giachello Conlos Famsworth Micheli ne e Givler Kramer Ou Boir Mnody Polerson Bernhardt Sikkhit ' Dirk Bock CarraKher Mrl»otial l Rci-b Wes. ' cl Brewer Hawkins Jenkins Sinilhers W. Giachetto Brooks Yonee Tillotson Pool Stalker Donoi:hiie (Jaley J. Gavanaikch Muir Hannah T. Cavanaiich Derroiitfh Griftner Boyle Phillip llarlzell Krnsler Gille Anderson Peters tn Donclas Aniline Gootlnnui Johnson Fahrner Pat:e 423 Foinidrd Illinois Cliai ter Eittabtishrtl. 1905 313 ICiitit A nii ' H} A venue I Li iMLait EKNEST BKK.NBAr.M. PIl.D. Marci ' s S. Goldman. Ph.D. Wll.I.IA.M Habbertox, Pli D. Harvey L. Hexsel William .7. GrofiEox Robert A. K. « i ' E WiLLUM B. Allen Thomas S. Baldwi.v GEoRiiE H. Davis F. ROCER Dl NHAM Hexrv a. Getz A. William Altorkek. .Tr. HowARii O. Bill Lelanu a. Bloemker .lo.sEI-II I. Bl ' I.OER B Cri.TV ,1. William Ken.xeuv, A.B. Karl B. Lohmaxx. M.L.A. .mi:.mj!1-:ks i . i . i - 1; k ' sitn Griidimte Students Akxk G. Rae. B s. William M. Trelease. D.Sc, ;. tuax wilkixsox. b.r. I.L.D. Harhv K. Koehxemanx .JOHN SlKlrll .Ton Grable. Jr. Waldo G. Hero.v Karl .1. Holzixuer .?, Bernard .Iohnson St ' iiior Junior Soi)lioiiiO)f ' .i Walter C D.v.mbm. n. .Ir. Robert M. DirKiNsttN William D. Kartiiinij Robert .1. Lakfertv CEOKliE V. .STAIIMKU, 11 liiliv W. KiNU, Jr. s. Willi i Kolen.s L. LOGTE. Jr. K. Marwick Hk-hari) H. Larson .loHN W. Leii.mann .li.iiN S. McKav Lionel J. Hiksi ii. .Ir. K i.rn A. S i. i Wll.LI.V.M H. Z( .MSTKi RiniARii C. Mkluk GEORCE a. PlRDV William Sei.zku John K. ' 4)okiikes .[on li. Whisknand Robert H. Mr(Jri. TOS Georiie V. (;. William Waxler Samiel D. WRir.HT L.MtRv H. Allen Howard H. Bailie Dick G. Crano Frtshmt n H. MKR y. Da Boll Ravmoxd H. Dextkic. Jr. Kov Krler ■loiiN K. Gems Dox D. Grikkix Ki.-MER A. Jackson Robert B. .McNeal Bryant S. Proctor, Jr. John M. Snyder KrliT Prorlor T hmanii Sii.vdi-r Got LnflftTly FfirlhinE Wnxlor Miirwick KiiIpiik Voorlices Wriehl BHlclwin Blooinkcr MoQiiistnii Da lloll Hi ' DMvl Loffiln Scl iT DjrkiiiHciii DninTitnan Heron McKn.v WiiIiUt Bill DliviH Whisnnnnit Kinir Bnlccr Johnson Malono Dnnhnm HolxinciT (trnblr (tuileoon Sikirh Swaini Kiinpf Shihinrr ZtiinNlot; KnoliiieuiKiin W. Alien Purily L. Allon GenlN Grlnin .MnrXcal Cl-aiii; Mi ' lir ' k Al torfpr Bailir Dexter .InrkNon Larson PuK ' p 424 " niv» ' r i y of Missnuri, lito. ' lUiiutis Cluip ' .cr i:iiiiihiMi,ii. i;nr son W ' I ' miixiilriiiiiii A null auM VnyA i Fk.wcis M KM i; !•; i;s i rxn- 1-; i;si tv (inuliuitt Stiditiifti TlluAlAS A. Kl -i liKliKiiK II ( ' MiTKB .1 AMKS H. H WI ' Y .luHN K. H KI1KK Seniors Gkorck a, KrrHTKR, Jr. Fay yi. Sims Mki.vix E. Sims Ckcii. D. Smith CIIAItl.KS K. Vdl.A.M Al.KOKIl K. WKl.IiOBIlVK .l m H. liKlIKKNS l.oi IS F. Hlilcics Hai; m,i K. CorNi ' ii. ■Iiinioif KruKXK H. Crii.i, F. Ddxai.ii Garwouii C. Mills DOXALI) li. .MOSHKR DoRRis K. RimixsoN WiLIiKRT STKVK.VSOX LoRKN V. BkAL GKRALI R. FlNNKSTAIt Sdiilmtiiofes DkLIUIIIT V. n VIIKI. W ' l 1.1, i;i ' (i . H i; ' r iini; n Ki.niix B. PK.vRsns Krnkst v. Stkves.sox .NliKM V W. TlTTLK Willi vm (J. Bkttkmi.mskn. Jk. .loHN H. BoTHL Vkrnk V. Kkpm vx Fit sil IHI il Shklimin M. Kksxkr Charlks M. Rkimkr Thclmas M. Ru ' E Hariii.Ii B. Steklk DkAX 1). I ' RIiK IlAROI.Ii I). WaI.I.MK Moslicr Mills Harlshorn Cnill Tutllc Council Finiicsln I Gnhlo Pcnrnon K. Sti-vciisoii Ili ' lirrns Voland C. Smith Rohinson Briges Harl rr Rii-hlcr C ' Brlor F. Sini» W. Slprpnsnn (iarn-noil M. Sims StiiiMni Cn»h llminah Mynanl Kiihlman Francis J. Smith Wrihinirnp Handy Kpsnpr Wallaie Uetlcnhausi ' ii Sti ' i-le Krilinnii Ri-imer t ' rick Hval Rico llollii I ' llgt. " 425 .Mi.hUebury ColIcKe. 190. ' . TiretUy Active Chapters Eta Clift|)ter Entablished, 2.92 1101 .SoiUh Seenud Street a vva FA (• II, TV Hl-iill A. Bkowx. M.S.. E.E. ROBKRT 1). ( AKJllICILUiL. Ph.D. Edw.ihi. .1. FlLBKV. Ph.D., C.P.A. HOR.MK M. Gk.ay, Ph.D. L.WVltKNCK H. Hoi-TCHKX.S. Ph.D. l ' ' UKl .M. .IllXK.-i. Ph.D. IlAUdl.i) M. OsHoHXl:. U.S.. 1).(). HiKA.M T. SCOVILL. A.B.. C.P.A. .loHV H. SCHAI ' lIT, A.M. Doi :las a. SKOOci. li.S. . i i:.M i; !•: i;s i . in i v ki;s i tv Arch IK I.. Ahxev Jkkohk W. VaxGorkom (ii ' i ht itt St i( lt ( .v KoiiKKT K. Kkkkis M vitin H mm;sth . i- .loSF.PH . MrDKVITT Gkuk ;k K. Averv John .1. Dkeuan COKKKU- K. JlLIAX KoHKItT 1 , KAlSKIi Frank M. Mii.i.kk Senior Vn um;s K. Ki sski.f. (;i:»n;t;K W S( hkim ' ACH (?HARLKS V. StKVKSS Kii v Ki ' T. Ti " [n R CllARLtK T. ClRTIS A. James Dii ' i ' oi.n KAi.rn y. Haag Juniors (JrcomiK H. Xiiun-; Robert M. Stacy GLESX ( ' . SlMMERFKLT John h. Adkins John T. Cai-k Al.KRKIi K. CORIM ' AV KoitERT V. Dexter HowARh A. Granert Soithoniortti Donald I.k K(»v Wll. 1,1AM (■ .MaKSII DoNAI.h M KUKl M .hfSKCH F. Ml Ki-in William Tomak s Clarknok L. Drxx Kexnkth T. Priexd Raymond J. Friss Wallace A. Holtox Freghm« n Harvey M. Hylaxd, .Ir. KoitERT E. Jacobs Robert E. Mokloth Clint A. Pickett. Jr. Jmifn Holiuii Diiiiit Miirpliy rirkfil Tui • rnrduftn Iiis Mnrsli MiH lotli Friftui Htiiry CiirtiK NUiIif Di-xIit SiimniiTfi ' lt I. r ] • • lliuii; Mcrriiniiit Urancrt Dippultt ' rmniiras KfiiKcr DiM ' Kaii Tinior McDovill Julian Stt-vciiK K.tHk MmMit Sriirppnch Skonc Riissvll Hnn slrAHl l iU4 iL ' li Found i ' d Viiiversily of Viririniii. 1869 Onf llnitdrrtl Thirtt-rn Aetir, ' Chart.- Alphn (.iiiiinmi Chapter Etitahliiilifd. tSUl 21 Etiitt Dnnirl Sliurt lanta KACI i n ' CllARI.KS K. BKADIH KV. H.l ' .. M.F.A. WixsoK W. Brown. A.M. CKl-ll. V. DoNOVAX. B.P.. M.F.A. REVxm.ii C. Pesos, Ph.D. .I. MK.s L. Cionljxow. Ph.IJ. St.4xi.kv V. H. i.l. B.S. HKKiiKicr F. Moore. M.K., D.Sc. Do.s- H. MoRii. N. B.S. lv. x Wkii:iit. Ph.D. KoitKRT ■. Zfri-KK. I h.D. .M i:.M i; V. i;s i . ixi -k ijsitv DU.XXK CrLI.IN. X (iiiidiiatt Studtnts COl.IX C. }i NliLO Bkrt M. Joiix K. Warrk.v eiliWARIt V. Bn.HORN Robert D. Braohcr ' Setiiors William A. Hoff Warrkx K. Klooc ' K Eari. Krieg Frank T. Paoe Charles V. Rowr. Frank 1.. Sawin H. rry M. Bratkr RoMKRT K. FalKKNSTKIN Leslie K. Frailky William H. Gibbkrson Robert A. Grant Juniors Chester B. Gkav Bryan Harris Charles K. Kini; F. Hibbari) Kirkiatrii k .I.v ' K C. Krieo .lijHv K. Mail Donii.As A. Phillips OoKDKN H. KORERTSON Kkwkth I.. KoWE Charles (i. Si-hott Robert S. Talbott Freii .1. ToWNSHKNI ' GEOKCiE v. TlRNISK Wayne S. Warrex Rlrll R1) R. .Abbot Rii ' HARii H. Black Clark S. H li. Sri ' honioifs Pail F. Hi noerhiko George W. Kasskr.m.w. Jr. RiiHARi) K. Mann KoI.AMi .1. Rl SSELL. .IR. Ja.mes a. Siiiim.ey William Stoitknbi-rg Robert W. Taylor Pail F. Ziitke WVRREN M. BaLDRIDGE Daniel V. Borah King Cavins C. BiRTON Clvrk. .1r. !• rtshiiu II Dewey K. Coxnor Horace R. Davis DoNAl.II DWYER UichakI ' Gresii vm UiciiARh H. Hart Malcolm W. Hill Jefeery a. O ' Connor Spelts H. Parker richarii g. scheiiiel Thomas M. Spencer William .1. Webb Mniiii Connnr Spencer Zuppke O ' Connor Gr«v Klooik Blmk Shipley RunBell Hull Knswnniinn Tayh)r Wehb, Abhot Grant K. Rowe Kinc Townshend Schott Tallxitt Knlkriisloin Hnncllnn BrBiur Kirkj.nlri.k Turn. ' r W. Warri-ii Frailiv fail Phillips Bilhorii C. Rowp Snwin Gibherson Hoff PnKe Flnohinnnn Bra.Uiiiry Borah Scheidel ' BaldridBo Parker Hill Dwver Hart Davis RiiImtI.miii Harris Cavins Page 427 Finiiidctl Ilcistoii University. 1909 " ' - ' Hundred Seren Active Chapters Chi Zeta Chapter EMtahlished, 19Jo ' -ion Etist Ariiinnj .irritU4- rv LTV HaROLIi K. ItAlUTT. M.S. Kknkst K. Blanche. A.M. EUWAHD L. liKOtillAMEK, M.S. Hkkhkkt K. Cakti-.u. i ' li.D, KitANiv .1. H. Kalkk. . ..M. HaroU) K. Kkjjnkv, .M.S. Haktlkv D. Prick. A.M. Lelanii K. Travwkk. A.m. M K.M li KKS 1 r I V K Iv SlTV Dei.tox W. Heix (innhiiiti Stiiiit Ills KT.MilKK K. .Mav. " - DOXALI) 1 . AltMSTROXfJ RlCHAKIl ( ' . CAI-AHAN KORKRT A. DaI.SV Geokkk F. Dick, III 1 1.1. 1 M H. Fki.i.ows .IaMKS (J. KHHOCT ( . Mm.ton Kkisty W IM.l 1 M. Krvza.v I ' ' u .i.ic y.. Lksi.ik (Ht(. K. N(pvv John T. Poi.zi.n Wai.tkk H. Si ' Ark .John C. Wkl h RoitKRT A. Crombie Lawrence V. Gagix J uiiiors Hen A. H MM K Jamks W. Sti riNKU Ain III It W Vni k John S. Garvin S i hf iiioies Clayton I,. M iti{ A VREXCE 1. Sh MI.KR MAIKH ' E S. Bottcm Dam. R. Hinch Frffihvun ItnuKiM " (i. Davis W M.I. I M A. Hi m;i;ki-chci M i: llALI. A. JllHNSOX Charles K. .Mikk v KonKUT H. W i;i» Wrlrh Ddisy Dirk Kri l I [iiiiiiii ii- S| nrf ll]iinr lii ' l.fslif KcllowK Knhoiil (infill Xli-in Miirrwy lliitiu ' erffinl Itntliini Novy Vodnk . ' hi li II rr . hiiil»T P »l .iii Arinstrmi;: Miiy i Trnywii ' k Miirr Uronil io Cahiluni Krn .«» JohiiKon Biincli Vnr l (inrvin Davis I ' liKn 4!i8 ytiuiuit ' ii Coluinhin riiiversily. UM ' J Alpha Kappa Chnptt r tCslnblinhfti. 1034 SIO Sntith Third Stir.t M K M i;s I N INI V K KSITV Graduate Student Pktkr M. Bkrvavs Al.BKKT B. SaMTKLS Ki v r;i ' ((i-F Seniors KinVARP ZlTKKR Alu: l.AriitKS Pai.tkk Juniors S I 1 1 7A H SaMIKI. C. BMMKXTIlAi. Sill. I.KVIXK Sophomores KtHtKRT .M. Mkvkr lit:i;T Uoi.i.kk Hkkiikrt M. Vari Sii»NKY S. Vkim;art Isaac Aluex Joseph Barov Stiart s. Beherman Martin I. Blvmenkkld Freshmen MlRRAY BlTI.ER Wallace Bi ' Tler RrssELi, A. COHN Marvin P. Dk Kovex LesTKR I.. GtH.IiBERG Hkrshel a. Katz Bernarp Kozovskv Herbert C KRirr Rlt ' lIARh Z. Sami ' ki Artimr B. Shapiro Elliot L. Weixbkro Norman Wkinstein H . " ■ ' (ioldberc Allfii Krupp Weinbere Bederman De Kovrn Baron Kal» Blunu-nfi ' M Weincart WVinslein KozovmIcv W. Butler Lapklfs M. Butler ' ohn Shapiro K. Samuels Mover Ward Palter Bernavs Pinzur A. Sam.iels Zucker Wolf Holler Levine Blunienthal Page 429 Founded Miitmi University, 1848 One Hundred Six Active Chapters Illinois Klh Chapter Established, 1893 309 East Chalmers Street FAcn rv KiHtKKT ( " . Asilltv. Ph.D. Xkii. C. Kkooks. I ' h.D. .Vkthir B. Ciibi.e. Ph.D.. I.I..D. S. JrusON ' R. NOKLL, A.Af. H.VRRISON E. ( ' rNNINGII. M, Gkoro: C. Jack T. B. ROBKRT S. Bl.. CK Edward .A. Bowex JAMES K. ArPEi. KdWAR1 II. ASHDOWN Hfuii T. Bi.AiB, Jr. Arthir K. Birke Matthew W. Busev Bruce H. Carpenter Caton C Coitu (ARi. A. Drw Bradford (i. Hloint Jodie E. Buxtin I ' lIILII " E. Coldwei.i. John R. Cui-i.ixank Walter M. Down.s FK.V.VK W. Dk ()1,F. 11, .s. .SVEINIl.rDH.V .IllIIN.SIlN. . ..M., I.I..B,. I.I..D. .[rsTA M. LlXD ' iREX. . .M. ' ll...l | A. . KISW M;Klt. Jl{,. I ' ll l . M i:.M i; Kijs I X rxi V kksitv ( ' Ktthiat ' S(tuiinl.s " iiAKi.i;s I. KKr.i.Ki; I{ ' Ht!.j;r 1 ' itzki; Si IliOiS William A. ui.ijkathkr, I ' li.D.. Warren A. KrTii. Ph.D. (U ' Y A. Tawxkv. Ph.n. Gkor :!-: P. Tittlk, IVS. .InitN M. jtUlTToN S (ITT W, ' i,i:avk ClIARr.KS ( ' , 1)AI ANT .InUN 1», (AKNO.V FOKKST U. ri.KAVK (iRAlIAM II. Kl.V WlI.t.lA.M A. Kknst Uavm()m ,1. Kkncl NOKTIIA.M It. FKIESK J mi i or Sitphoinnrt s I ' lt shiiif n W. S( O TT KVKRIIART KnwAUh M. (Jkai»v Camkron C. til i.i.ktte HAKi-Ks K. Hair. Jr. iiol ' KRT W. Ht ' UHES ll.l.I. .M _ ' . 10thkut »n KnHi-.itr I ' . I ' ' isui:i: lHANK l- ' l I.TZ I W 1 h I ' KM 1 I AltOI.K )•;. ])K VtiSTKKM WaI.TKU i. tiKlFKlTH I.KWIS M. CRUJ. ' IIV .Unix F. Hakmi ' n, III John C. Ha ks J ' H. Kkxt ThUMAS W. KlDDOO William K. Koch ( " r.AIKK H. N RR1S I.AWKKN K W. (inr.iLKK llARVKV H. (tRNlMiHKK ClIAKLKS SPKNlKK WU.LMM II. SWISHKK T. UALI ' II li M i VN John C Martin. Jr. IlKKVKV K. Parkkr KoUKRT K, LOIJAN lAMKS It. MkKK William H. Pilkknton KlUtKKT It. W LLIN Edwin S. Pakkkk Sami ' kl K. Park Howard M. Kankall Jamks Smith AuoLni W. Walter ftrijfuby Cohh Pilkonton HnyoH I unn Hiinnon Wttllin (irifliih Krnst Kly rnrpentcr Frioso CulIinAno Ki»nl E. Parker ll»ir (iullulti llninntnn Wnito H. Pnrkcr Hliiir Appil Mcrk F. CUmivo Norris Downs Mnrtin .1. Bnlen Spcnrpr S. ri(.«v(» Kluhrr Kthcrloii Bhirk Dnilniil Fiiltz rinutfltT Unwnn OrndorfT Swishor Briiton 0. BhIos HukIick Koch rtiirkc Itiinilnll I.ocini Kiddoo lilonnt Pnrr Wiillrr Asliilown (Jrntly lltintin Kvcrhftrt Smith P. CoUhvclI PaRc 4. ' SO yittinili ' it Colloeo iif I 111 ' City of Ni ' W Yolk J7(w7i - tc Active Chn ilfrs Psi riutittiM- EalablMted. lliio 907 . ;oii i Third Sir KACILTV Nat II M . Xkw m akk, rii.n. . 1 K.M U KIJS 1 N IN 1 - K KSl ' 1 l,Ku AKl K. Hl.OCK M RVI KtTiH [I i;nl.|. 1). (iKNKM.N li ItH; S, .Insi:i ' H Seniors S[i Kv Katz XuijM N s. L Mi r Km M Mci K. I.uKii . i i! i M. r Ml. Leon D. Brown Eugene I. Fisher Sidney M. Fvrth .[KKtfMK .1. (ioi.l» H UnI.I 1,. (iol.I ' MAV Junior HknKV 1). HlUMI l riM. N I ' l.i: KoHKKT H. LkVV KoilKlIT D. Milton I. Shai ' IRo H. KOBKKT BAriiRAcn SONKKKD N. BkKVVKK Cassm s M. KisKMAN. .Ik. Roiu;kt L. Ki ' stkin U.KdMK L. (Hll.liMAN William .1. Kahl Mai khe Kaplan Sojihoiiiort s Jkromiv H. Lkvy KirnARi ' S. IMnslkv .Iatk D. Uokmkk Bkkiuam Saimhk Alan H. Samn(;er m vkshall i. woli ' er Frt .shi: I viii T. Bazklon Walter Bkrmax Rli ' HARIi S. Bezark SlPNEV Kl ' STEIN James T. Gates LAWRENfE I. GKN ' ESKN Jav Goi Lii. Jr. I lew I H. GuorpK Willi m K. Hewkk l VI!t H. J KKK M Ain I U. l.Kvi N Chaklks N. Lkv Gei)Ki;k H. I. now S. Hekbekt Loseff Ruharo W. Miller JiLirs Neiman Bert K. Norton Harrv D. PAti.Y. Jr. ASHER ShEROW STWLKY Ij. SII.VKRFIEI.D Morton B. Stark Hekiikrt D. Sthaiss. Jr. Sevmoir Velk Daniel D. Wkinher«; Herbert B. Zak Wolper Sherow Silverfleld Loseff HozArk Bazflon Bernmn Rm-nuT WeinbiTC Millrr S. Kpsloin Straiins (ii.itld Levin Sadnck Pinsley Furth Brown Sniineer Kurlaiuler Knplnn Bnchrach Landau J. (ioldinan Nurloii H. Goldman Hirsh Knhl nk R. Lew Paul Shapiro H. Geiu-sen Salmon Ix eh Josfph Kalz Block Gold Fisher R. EpHlcin L. Gcnesen Stark Juffe Pauly Groupe Henntr Velk Gales C. Levy Neiman Lilow Brenner hiseman Page 431 A .r.A. FoiiHtled AVasliington and Jefferson College, 1348 Seventy-four Active Chaplfrs Chi lola Chapter Eglablinhed, 1S ' J7 401 Knut Jiihii Slrf l FACT I, TV John S. Cbaxdei-i-. B.S.. C.E. Hakky V. Horn, M.S. DwH. Ph.D.. LL.D. (li.i KU I.. .McC.v. Kll.l,. Ph.B.. J.D. Frki) H. Skklv. M.S. .M i;. i I ; i; US i . i . i ' kksitv RufiEBT W. Booth How. RD V. Clemkxt L.KSLIE C. BERN.tRI) JoHx W. Drrr LoRKN B. Felt Jack M. Lki ' I- .Ierkv Allks P.vci. W. B.mer VlI.I.I. M .!. ( ' AHMIrH. EL KnIIEKT W. DEFKE.NBAVGH Oraduatc Students Wll.l.[ l D. Gl TlIklK UlrH ftl S. Sl.MI ' SOX .loHX K. Martin Robert S. .M CEcri. li. Kkkhi, .T.WIKS H. Kki.t KttKi) I. Ki,i.:tk.mkykr C. KoltKUT (JlllHS Cl.VDK S. HaI.K Srnion Juniors Kl ' II I4IJ F. THOM.4S W ' ll.l.lA.M . Tl ' CKER Mkkkii. K. Weber Kicn Kn V. I.AXDOX . f)RRIS V. Lateer, Jr. .lOJIN A. IjKIKHEIT STUAKT M. MA-MER James K. Sithkri.anu Rich.vri) S. Welch Donald H. Wil-sox j. mes c. wollrab RODXEV A. Wrkiht Robert B. Xickkli. Do XX Pl tt. II Leonard H. Steele James C. W ' elch Soiihoniorts William K. Axdke. e Robert V. Bebb Frkdekic ' K F. Cherve Pai ' l H. Gravex Robert C. Baddaker James R. Barracks Carl E. Ciirlstoi-h .ToHX W. Crane Robert C. De Long Richard H. Horxixg Birr L. HrcHES lioBKRT Jones Cliktox D. Fcltox NOR.MAN M. HaRROLD Roy .V. Hoi ' i ' E .loHX R. Littler Robert K. Lowry Fresh III I n .I. . IES D. LOTHROI " R. Allen Lixdahi. D NIEI. .McCaskii.i. H krbert .1. Matter Robert L. Mieller James L. Nichols Lairexce E. Robinson C. William Norton. Jr. Mii.o T. Oaki.axd. Jr. Charles M. Stci.ts W. Dean Si h mitt WiLLi.vM H. Sharp H. .l. -KSON Stkvexsox William M. White G. Kenneth Wilson Thoinan Martin U. Welcli Wi.llrab L.Kelt Reehl Miller Bernard D. WiNon Wright Wehor l.epp Duff llonlli Ciirnii. linel Fuller Deffenlmuich Steele Male Pralher I ' iatt .1. Weleh (iilibs Lanilon I.eifheit J. Felt Laleer Bauer Fletemeyer Niekell lliirrolil Matter Ba ' l ' laker MrCar kitl lluulieM Aii ' lreae (traven Liilhroii Norton Hornini; i iinilahl .SIuIIh Hehh Oakland Sehniilt Mueller HolnnNon De Lonic Iloppo Christoph .Stevennoii Barracks Littler Sharp K. Wilnon Fulton Crane Nirhols Lowry White Page 432 Founded Hrown I ' liiversily, 1S8V Tiftrtiltt-f ' iKf Activr ChafiUm Edwix L. Broiikkhk. M.S. Edwin J. M. xley Beta CliBpter Kulnbliahed, ID I J :ilO Eaxt Chnlmeis Streil FACT LTV Daviii O. Kvax. M.S.. M.E. Ai i;.M i; K i;s i . rxi vk usitv Graduate Stiidtnt KoUKKT F. Tr. st Heu.m.»n .1 Si MK. 1•KR, M.S. EU.MUND F. TOTII. M.S.. R. . Vi;LI.. i T. . I.H.MIK, Jb () Kl. ; V. IUkon AXTIIDSV .1. Br.aihssb ED«. Rt L. Hri.u Robert .1. B.vrtv.sch TlIOM. S E. D. VIES (iEORCiE H. FiTKiKRALD John .1. Kvrt «i ' ff -d UiiUKUT A. ( ■ VMI ' llKI.I, KtHlKlIT ( ' . (i I 1.1. EUGKXK ' i . M f MON Seniors Juniors UniiKrcr ' I ' . MrC hv. 1) i,f» I. Srin.Ktss.M.WN ( . Ll.MMM.N WlI.I.ISTON ' Sophomores GKOKfiK H. NltRMAN " , ,Tr. JoSKl ' H G. 1 WVI.OWSKI Freshmen ,N SKi ' ii M. Lk B it Gkokok J. LrTi :F;R pKTKIt .1. TlUIMAS .loM K. Watson C ' l.iKKoitn K. Zkikn Marloi ' L. SriiwAKZ Jons H. WiiAi.KN Frank A. Nol. n (Jkmi m T i i ? v I ► Scliwiirz IlHvii Alhaile liill FitzeernUI XorinHii Zfiiri Mirnli.. ]) ' n li. ' sp Wliiili ' Ti Tnwlnwski HiirliiMli .MrMiihnii Jlarnii rnniphcll Wnl .ui Thniiias Train LiilikOT Hulhi .f Har Kiirl Nnlaii t Tiinii Page 433 Fotnidrd nsliiii;. ' ton iMul Jefferson Collt ' K -, if ' yJ. Fifty-two Active Chaptertt Illinois Dt ' ltn Chnpter E itnbliahed. 1004 911 South Fourth Str , ' t KOBERT H. Bakkr, Ph.D.. D.Sc. N. TH. NIKL H. COHKX, A.M. FACI 1 l ' Y KlJ.MiT ( ' ASSiI» . ril.l). . RTiirK Hamilton. I ' h.l . A. AlSTIX HARIUN ' i. Mils. I). .M K.M i; i: i. ' s IN r. I ' i; K ' s I ' 1 ' ClIKSTtK M. Ht.MKL ti niiliuitt St luh Ills (t. N ' tHSM K K :l .lllliN V. SlI MKI.KTnS Joll V. WlllTSnx St iiiois FRKPRir W. COI-LIXS Vaki» K. Kickik (). Wii.r.tAM (i rtvKR Hkvkv a. Hi I ' siiN Hoiti.irr (i. MttTK .1 , (i 1 i. ' i ' i.i: ' ' I SI " .I(in r. Wkiuiki: I.K(i Mtn C. Yon mtks Kic-HARh W. Baii.kv Harlan It. Dtiur.y. ;krai.i W. Kli»krs John ; Kl{SKl K . uni K. -IfHiNsoN Jimiois ' I ' mtM s K. In Ai, HORN .Tamks T . ijTTi.K.nmx (inHOoN I). Mi ' KkNZIK (HARi-Ks M. Wii.nKR. ,Ir. H. JcLSKi-ii H.wii.ix .loiiv R. Harman Kvkrk ' tt W. Hkrman Cari, D. .Tohxsox, ,Jh, Daviii G. Mk. " kr() v Soiihonioii s John S. Muki.i,kr .IKRK .M. Sights CHARLKS C. Si ' KNCKR H. RiriCARi) Tklamjkk Thomas T. Hrktt, Jr. Dai.k O. Davidson RiriiARi) G. Krskine ROHKRT M. Hakgkr Jkrrv W. H M.LIIKRC; Victor Liskc 1 1111. M ' C. MiTrilKI.L Warrkn H. Oi.son l ' n ,1 Ml.s II. Ki-KI-KK K. I.nw I.I.L Uh HMHNIt IJVRON W. KHi(JA LOWKI.l, (). RoRKRTS V. Kohkrt Silvkv rilARI.KS V, ToniCRMANN William R. Walux Francis M. Vrh:ht llnmlln Milchfll Rirliniond ( ' . JoImikoii Spi ' iiriT Ili-niuin Ti ' lnnilor Hilvoy Gldi-rs Hnrmnn UoImtIn Wncht Kn-fl SJKlitH Itri ' lt Ofnltfc WIIIht Litllfjnliii Hnmilton Ki-nnody N, .Toluison McKrnzio Knllinni Whilson Hlnit ' l MpMorow J. Krhkiiio Giirvcr l- ' irkiu Kolo Twist Yonaiti ' s WohluT Collins Mtit ' lliT Wnllin Hui-ucr Ri-fdrr Ritrtfttn Olson Dftvid.ion R. Ki ' skinn ToluTnumn I-isoc HalllHM ' K Phko 434 rniviTsity of Ppniisylvniiin, 1 S50 Thirhrniur Artire 7 H » ' r« Rho Cliapli ' i- Enlalilialifd, iSDi SIS Kant ChnlnirrK .v i-,r „ . Lama ARTIII K K. (KATHHRXK. I ' ll.D. Cii i£L :s K. FKKi ' KKirK. M.S. FACT LTV I ' M 1. X I, M.IS. I ' ll D. .M K.M i; I-: K ' S IN IN 1 ' K I{ S I TV Cris S. Rhodk. B.S. Arthur C. Wii.i-arik lis.. D.Knu.. I-L.O. LWVfU.NCK J. KiNKRlM ' K. .IR. How R| S. .lllKNSON Arthi ' r v. Brktiikkick. .Ir. DllVAMl A. Cl.AKK Ki ssKi.t. K. Drkihsi.kk (iititiiwtt Stiidf lits WaLTKR .1. KlKsniKK -I K I . SlIVAIILK Hr .;n r. Mi .Ai.KAK KouKRT H. McCaktmv Stniors (HAHLKs W. Mkttlkr ILI.IAM 1). XaKZMJ.JI KXCTK E. XlKU JKN ■loHX .1. Pitts KiniARi) K. RKisi.vfi .Iamks I). St. Clair KoHKKT M. RaRIiKN Wll.I.I KM V. Rl,04tl KoHKKT O. Bl RTUN Kaymomi N. Cahlkx W ' li.i.iAM H. Carlson I ' Kuin I.. IlriK Juniors WM.I.IAM iLK. ' i DaVII G. KlMlSVATKR CH AKI-KS ( ' . MaCNAMAKA Charlks F. Si ' Aii.iUNf; .loilV F. SlIANI.KV W. I ' l-r. -lit RlS.SKLL W. AM ' KR.SOX John L. Bixdv CiiARi.Ks V. Cross Frank .M . Dkxkkx William B. Dkxhart John H. Fivkkock Sofih innn(,s Albkkt K. (Jrass Carlos Hrnsox William S. Kitchks .liHIN R. KOKHN .iollN F. I KW1S Thomas .M. .McCi i.i.oriiii Kl SSKLL K. Arnoli William W. Bai un OwKN Dknken KiiHARD Evans Harrv G. EwiNt; HOMKR K. FOLOATK T iK .Mkklwh John (i. Morihk Harolu I ' ktkrsox Fit shun it FlCiCliKUUK H, POWKLL KiUlLUT I.. KdWAN K Li-M K. Shii-lkv Run K. SlIITLKV William H. Wadnkk Kkvnkth F. Wkinarh ; u Yor (i. Jr. Otin H. Yoi si; Weinanl J. Finfrork Hudson Rowmi DonliBrt Powell Pelersm Bniuly Gro ' s G. Younsr Ewine McCulloueh CroM Km-lin KindsvattT LewiH Tpp lies CarNon F. I) rn ' en Huii ' CarU ' n BIo mI AiiilorHon Banlon KilcluMi Drechsler McCarthy St. Clair Rcijiini: Pill« McAlrar CInrk Xafzu ' iT Mrllli-r Bretlicrirk Maiiinninrn Bacon Evans Ral| li Shipley Richard Shipley Wagner Folirnli- « . Ocneea Meeland ). YounK Mtirdm- SpaiiUHni! Page 4rSa Minini University, 1906 Forttf-six Active Chapters Zeta Chniiter Entabtiahed, 1916 310 Gref orif Drive Hrrbcrt E. Cartkk. Ph.D. Nkwtox E. Ensign. M.A. FACIl l ' V Al.liKUT .1. Hakxci. U.S., I.L.U.. I.L.n. aiL Cecii. a. Moykk, Pli.D. .lOSEK 1 ' ' . WRKlltT. A.B. Pevtox H. Kuxxe .M K.M i; H K ' s 1 X r. I - K i;s i t (iiiuliKttt Stndtnts l!i v i;[i (J. L.Mt.SK.N I- ' LORIAN .1. SlKIlVK Oliver J. Burns STAXLEV G. t ' KUKRgilST Seniors ,T WIKS .7. C H{TKZ Wii.i.i M N, I ici.f Nri. Jr. { vv K. Pktkus (i Kit l. It. S I in s Casimkk Timw LowEi.i. M. Wkunki: StLAKT O. H I»Kt{ Walter C. Bakkk. Jr. J II nioi . ' ' ( ' . Ward Ui z ui ' CllK.STKK K. -Ml ; ii Ki.Mi.i: S. MoTT Gordon C. I ' rkntz Alkx H. Skvkkino John J. Fostkr Lawrence D. FRKiiERirK Sophoinoi I .s Am.ison C. (iRrsKKT Kkvin S. Ki i»i:i,r, V. .1 MKS Stkwakt KnilKKT .1. SZlLsiKl Glkxx R. Wilson Charles R. Cook David O. Dale .7ames B. Dickinson Frttih)m )i Victor M. Hknrv. .Ir. Frhdkrick W. Irion Donald V. Johnson WlLHKRT E. KUKML (iKORfiK A. Palvndkcm. Jr. K. Peck William M. Sandken h¥. Kov E. Stevens Robert G. Voltz Curt ' -z (iniiHTl Sur ' i.vk SU ' Wiirl HhiIit Pi-rk Wilson Si ' vcrinn Fnslrr llonry LnrMM) i fii-llnK Tuninn Wi-nuT VoUk CtulurqiiiHt BuzzHrd SiiuiiuonH MuGnlian KriMlerick Kindi ' U Szniski Kri ' Mil Cook Piilnndfrli Soiulcon Mott BftkiT Irlnn Stcvons Dickinson DhIc Johnson Page 436 Fo muted Miissachusotls State Collpgc, 1873 Forty-four Actire Oltapters Alplin DmitiMim Chiiplii- Eiiluljli«liiil, mill 1004 Soutli Hfctiiid SIrvrl John W. Ai.iiu:, Ph.D. HuwAKn .1. BR.vis, B.S. Hkxkv V. Gilbert, B.S. FACI LTV W.M.TER G. McAl.LISTtU, Ph.D. .lollN A. NICIIOI-SON, Ph.D. CH.ARLt.S C. Pruk, III. Ph.D. Pr. xcis W. W ' kkks. a.m. CliYDE A. WKIIIIKK, U.S. Nlrin»i.. s W. M AKrniK .M i:.M I ' . KUS I X rXlVKKSITV GiikIuuIi Studenls Hi ' w i:ii W. Spp:nce K.M.I ' M .1. SW. N.SOX Gkorce S. , m. ' 1B. RY I ' l.lVV K. Bl.dlHiKTT Kirii.xKii A. Bruum S :nior.s X ' lKM W, CrshK V. 1.TKR E. J. iMESON V. Thoji.vs Rice Vii,. s C. Rite HroH G. V.ti,K ChaR1.e. V. Brock DWIIt V. ( ' R »CK TT Robert L. Gkovk G. James Pati, Juniors; U. Kr.ssEi.i. Stanley B. Seno William A. Worlev. Jr. Wii.LLVM K. Brekke Kewktii H Bkowx Rohkrt R. Gates Leslie P. Helle.v Sophoiiiorts D.M.K L. Simpson Douglas D. SoiTiniATK Charles ( .; George L. Balestsi Freiierick W. Bowditcii John M. Branch FREriKRicK A. Cast Georoe J. DiLLAVOir Kay I,. KssiNOTON Georce F. Ferry. Jr. Fnsh 1)1(11 j.vmes r. fordyck Iohn F. Gainer. .Ik. Harry D. (iorn. Jr. WaLI KR .1. OltKRO Earl O. SniRAhER Robert H. Stenoler .SiH ' iirr Brock Fonlyrf E.ssintrton Brown Jplscfk Braili-h Gatt " Bnwdilrh Krrr.v Oht-rc Cn ;! Tljllavou Ru. tsc)] Scnc Wiediinp Speneler Paul Gainer C ' rnckatt Schradrr Goiti Mnrrhiik Hpllt ' ii Bri-kki Weeks Amabary Rlodgett V.C.Rice Sinip.son Cuaick Herrniaiin Broniii Walk Jameson V.T.Rice Grove Page 437 Ht ' lH K ' .n Chapter Kstnblinhed, 1917 303 Kant Armor} Avenue FA (I l.l ' Y WiLi.nM E. Bkittox. a.m.. UOBKRT B. BKOW.NK. I ' ll.D. .■ KTlMH F. Dk.i.m. B.Arch. K Vl.l ' li .■ . ( ' II. SK XoRM.vx H. Fitch Kl «ARI) .1. FrRi.o. G .I.D. ?:.ssKi. K. DiLi.AVcn-. A.M.. .11). • l.l.MliS . . I ' .WXK. I ' ll 1). M !•: .M i: K i;s IN 1 1 - 1; i;si TV EriiKNK K. St.wi.kv W Ii-; -VKT . Knktsiii KdIIKKT K. ItM 11 M ' Iw.ovi K. Shakkk Khhakds a. Rowland. Ph.D. 0KOK iK V. ni( ' KlN.SON, B.S. Edw ki K. C. Ukknaki Vaxck DwKJHT F. Walton Juniors KoitKKT F. Bra.vdt I)( ALi E. Brittox RirHARi) A. Cramkr F. HowARn GoLiiKN. Jr. Clifkoku K. Bvys Kkxnkth D, Chkklkv IIaRRV .1. ( " ASKV .Iamks K. Cooi ' kk Bkkt C. DriuiAN S. FlruKNK HkI ' LKIC Hkmiy Z. GiMM. Jr. RIUI1A!II T. KXOWLES Jamks C. Mtnoer JOHV S. NrSSBAlM Sophonioft s Jack (J. (n.i hi; DaNIKL -M. I ' MtK { ' . RoBKFtr IVWKV TniH{ Tu V. I ' ltn-K ROBKRT T. STKBBINS Glyx N. Thoma.s W ILLIAM H. Toi)r» RrSSKLL M. WRHiMT KohlKT F. .loHSOX Fresh mt it Jav 11. Nkwsam Clifford F. Nikdzklzki Robert W. Wkisk KkWKTU V. IInTT[,INC Akthik W. Kkkchnkk WlLIJAM (J. KOKI ' KK ;ki{ William l " , Mt mkihii Bkrtkl R. Olson Sif; VALi L. Fktchul LOll. -V. PiMiKKSKI .) MKS H. Ul STir KoitKur E. THiK. r How l£l ' H. WiNTZ lh.lljli;; " r OImmi W im .loliHoii Rii ' hinniiil Toild Willi! Thiomann M ' .V Ni.Miz,.Kki Mm Hriindl ( ' rjiiiu-i . I. Willi Kilrh lli plur Uustic • y P. lIliviT Wnlton Wriirlil IrliMl lioI ' l. ' M Siiinll . (•n„l„.r I ' ll... I- ' iirlnni ' BiiyH liiiiiitii Kon-liiii-r -N it .hiiuin J ThoiiiHS A ' lmce Koepko i ' lirk ShHfcr Casey PiiRO 438 {■oiimint Colli ' se of C ' hiirlesdm. 1SI04 Thirtfi-fiirht Actiff Chiti ' Ifrx rpsilnn ( ' lui| li-r E.ilnhli«hril. tail I i(i; siiiiiii ■; » sir,, I InsKlll 1.. BiSESl. M.S.. K.K. VlR«;ll, R. Kl.KMlN ;. B.S. FACl l,TV Kliii Mtli A. Mil. 1. Kit. . .M. L. I " KKNrK .1. XoKTOX. Ph.D. William .1. I ' itn.vm. M.S.. -M.E. .M i:. l 11 KKS I . IN IV KI{SITV GiodiKiii Studi ni Bkknakji F. Hi iiKNuosTKi.. .Ik. 11 I).. Hii;«;iss Sf niors I.KSTKK T lnvTK Wai.tkr .1. Kakiik Kirii vKK ( . Batk Imhn s. Cai.dwki.i. Va Klt V. Cari ikk J iinior.s- Vi.xRK V. KiSIIKL P ri. A. KltlKHArK. .iR. OovAi.u r. (Jkovkk JosKi-H L. Johnson John N. INiI ' i-ki-rkitkr ROBKKT T. SKI.HV K01.AM1 A, Johnson So ifioniort s iiU HAKU II. MoTZ K. Tkrrv .liiliN .K ' i ' lin ii sii OKllRliK M. Do WD .Iamks L. Hiches Frt.shnu n Lkonari " .1. Kit 1 irr lijii ' ii.- Poppelreiter Moaie J. .ToliiiHon Fruehanf Cnnlin " Selliy Htif cins Kill Bn(e Page 4. ' {1 Fmindt ' d I Tiioii C ' ollotif, 1833 Twentiisevrn Actire Chapters Oniicroii Chapter Esiabliithed, 1910 S13 East Armory Arenne iL M L an Xatihx Dank. II. A.M. PACl ' LTY Kkedekhk Gkken, a.m.. .M i: .M I ' . K R S I . IN 1 ' KliSlTV Park I.. Ukown HaROI-I ' K. CrwIMiHAM G. Ml.SKORU DURA-V 0. WaYXK H0T7.K Vki.i.s HigoSmith Seniors Harry S. Martin, Jr. Chari.k.s D. Morrill JOH.N V. Scott Clark Z. Stkward .IamK. W. .AlIfloTT KowLAMi M. Davis KOHKRT .M. (iltW Chart. Ks K. lltwK.s J nn ' tois Tinnr s N. Martin CH. RI.KS .1. Si-llKOKIiKIt Georok H. W i;ki:l John K. Aisti.v Gkorok N. Blackford F. Bl ' RTO.S CaRI ' THERS William A. Cary JOSKPH S- Clarxo SojihoDioits .lA.MKS F. COOKK Kkli.y Cox. .Tr. TIKIMAS H. CrXXINIllIAM .Ikssk S Ha lmkr Frkukrick I.. Hkath. .Ir. KoiiKKT Hkath .losKI ' H I.. HoBLIT .Ia.MKS K. L. THAM KoIlKRT H. LEK SA.MIKL K. McCRKARY Tho.mas p. Mersch John S. 1 ' kttkrskx Eh v. ri) G. Sk.vrs Damon P. TrNNicLii- ' t ' Arthtr Vooi . .Ir. J.»rK K. Ahrex.s RlI ' MARD E. COLLKTT John R. Dkwky HkxRY .1. DlKTTRICII Fnslnni II LaWKKNIK V. Kl. ' HKR Donald M, Hardy Gkor ik C. Hkbsox Harkv D. Lati.mkr KuHKKT D. LLEWELLYX KoiiKKT It. McKay Marvin J. Pkarck Arthir E. Pratt. Jr. Peter J. Scarskth James K. Wiiic;iNs Ciiriithprii Seam TiiiinlclifT Cox Aunlin Schrooilcr Gray H. Miirlin Hotn ' Morrill Scott Doran HucoSmitli Stmvnril Clnrno T. CiinninKhani H. CiinniiiKlinm Davin T. Murtin niBckfmd HiinHiicr Dii ' ttrich Cooko Huweii Mrrscli Brown Hohsoii Wood MpCr !Brv Wnrfol I,pc Prall WlKitiiiB ScarKctli LU ' Wcllyii Hohlil Cary Dcwcy R. Hcalli Ahrcna McKay Klaher Hardy I.atinuT F. Hi alh Abholl Pcttorscn Lntliam Poarco Collctt Pago 4»0 Foumlftl I ' liivorsity of Alabama, lSr ( ihtf Hundred Thirleeu Actii ' v Chapters laHta Illinois Bi ' tH Chapt. ' i KnliiMished. J.S ' flfl t ,- ' ' 111 KilKl Dllnifl Sin. ; 6 uLan FAriLTV I ' Mi, M. Grkkx. Ph.D. I.KO T. .TOHSSON. A.B. Osr. K . . hKl ' TWII.KR. B.S.. M.E. M K W. .lOXK.S Vll.l.IA.M C. Rose, Ph.D. W[i.i,i. .M H. Sh.arkev. B S. - 1 i; .M 1 i K H S IN rMNHRSlTV Graduate Studiiits DrcwAiin (i. .Irit ' FREI H. TlKNKR. PIl.D. P. ri. M. Van Arsdeli., Ph.D. J.(CK .1. Kkardox Seniors .I(»K W. .ALEX. NI)KR Harry C. BKAr i() T .ToSKTH M. Bknsos GKI R ii: W. KrlKMW K VI.KHJH S. (.ilHslIN . i)R.MAX T. BllXIl Kuv Browx. .Ir. .I MKS V. FMI.KXKR Cm ui.ks I.. Hi ' i-HM ( iiKit llKMn 1.. SroTT KKI.LEY ' LEO ARh I-. .MaRTIX RoilEUT K. Graxt Vii.i.iA.« (). Graxt Victor W. McSIahii.i. ViROIl, V. ROXAI.I ' K. Mn.I.ER Deax B. KaVMOXI) Juniors Robert H. Karraker Stei ' HEx M. Pi.avter HoWARIi .M. Sl.MI ' S»tX ItoitERT .1. Smith Ekmimi Stomr .Iack Tuor.sen JOHX T. Stieeei. Evert E. Tice Soiihoinores KirHARII L. BOVXTOX K iBERT F. Casey I.i ris E. FniExii .JoHx D. Vn.l,IA. I .1, BoRtiSMlM.KR II RI.ES V. Cl.E.MEXS KiillERT . COWAX ■STKrilEV (ilSirK EllWARI) A. Lahey TllM I. Leiyis Deax E. . Iaiiiiex .IoH E. .Iacobsex GKiUi.a; T. JOHXSTOX Hiiot N T. Laxdox Fresh un Warrex C. Mauk Arthir p. M. thisex Robert N. Parker .Malcolm B. Pattox .Tack R. Scherertz DoxAi.ii V. Kill Glexx E. Ross Robert .1. Trimble RintERT T. Waul .lAY P. Thomas William H. Vax ' Leei-wkx Frank .1. Walsh Walsh FaulkiuT Sill VanLccuwcn Schererlz Paltnn Thomas Clpmons Gu»ick Playlpr Borcsiiiiller .TohnKlon H. Kolley Alexander Tico Simpson R. Grant Sliefcl Mathiscn Brown Boynton Mi ' Mayhill W. Grant Bond Stohr Martin Moythaler S. Kelley Miller Raymond Beaumont Thorsen Hiilhmacher Forman Benson Ja.-obsen Wahl t.andon Lahey Madden Casey Kailer Parker Malik Friend Lewis Trimble Page 441 Lama Ftnintied ll. ' KO of tlic City of Now Vnrk. HIDM Foitif-one Acfire Chiiflvix Klui Chapter FMtahtinhfd, 19IS lOOS Sntith fifth Street M KM i: K KS I INI ' K U S I TV Seniors Louis S. Nkwman 11ki,f ikii A. Sm m.i, l,i.n i. li. si-ivak LiUEs H. Tkrry AifK[A K. Bkrn(;ari . I w rs SHKIJMAN -T, KUKl.MW H Kni.I) G. GoLnsTKix N 1 1! VN A ZlVIN Hakoli " Fry El ' GKN ' K GOLA.V Au.AN M. Goldstein Thiimas a. (IitKriDN l AWKKNCK UKRMKI.K IRVISC H. I KVIN Sophotnort . KtHtKKT Moi.llAKSKV -MAi.roi.M D. Pkskim) Norman N. Shaki ' k Loris H. Toitin.sKV Alwyn N. Tyskb Stanford G. Woi.kson Skvmocr K. Gale Marvin V. Glassek .Ii ' LH s H. GoLDitEK ; Bkrnmm ' C. Holland KoKEKT M. IRSAY Sheldon ). Keller Jerome B. Kitzen Sidney A. Mandel William .1. Manx Frt ' shmt n Marshall J. Micjatz KoBEKT H. Neiman KDWARD W, KlTHOLZ Stewart H. Rosenthal IRVIN M. KrUENSTEIX Marvin N. Satin KoiiKRT .1. Silver Irwin M. Silvkkstkix Howard A. Swaktz Ni ' iiitHri KuKi ' i) thill Irsfiy (iiilf A. (H t Isli in Silvrr Golilhi ' i-u Kiit i-n HiihriiHtoin Htilliitiil Uithnl !MiKnl Mnmh ! MilviTNtfin MohlnfNky H. (tohlKtciii Mniii) Swart . Lcviti Satin GlasKcr tiohni KoHcr Hrriiii ' h- Kry ItiTiiKiirfl Zivjn Kih ' hnnii Terry Ncwiimii Mrs. Stvnibi ' rjrtT Small Pfskiixl Tyspr Wolfson I ' aue 442 Founded Minmi University. 18i . " » .Mnftyfiiiht Aclivi- Chafttfnt Cl.KMKNTS RiiBKRT K. Harxks ■hmN H. Hmm MaKTIN .1. COKRKI.I. How KI ' (!. Kkvin Kmii ki ' I ' K i;kk LWKRNK L. ASTKUTM 11nri;|.AS K. Bakvktt UrssKLi. K. Broth KKSox JaMKS { ' . K STKHhRO0K .Iamk M. Bkown .losi:i-H D. Dkks JaMKS K. I K«iK.NHARl T .I M»;s K. FlKMUXG .Tri sox K. AhAMS Pail W. Bisciiokk ROHKRT B. BkoWSK Bkrtrom R. Kitton Cm xri » . K. Harn V A C I I , T DWIl ' H. (AltNAHAN. I ' h.n. M i:m r. KKs I r i V kksitv (iifuhiott Stiiilt Ills John .). Mohan .Iamks S. LlCAlXI AllNKK .1. MaKTIN KlIiKSK K. Mathis DaMKI. .1. iMKl.OliV lioiiKKT (i. Ksl ' V Mathkw T. Kiw. .Tk. William T. Hockim; KoIlKKT A, KK[,LV h C. (tllKK KoHKKT K. Ha.MM N MtlTON I.. HllKKLK Cm klks ' . Mainkv W. Bkkt Hayks. Jr. Kkank Q. Lkdnarii Bkkt F. L()TT M WKIKLIi M. M .1IIK Seniors Jiinioin .Soi ' hoiiifU ' i . ' Frcshmin .Ion D. ' KHLK William (i. ONkil KoBKKT .1. O ' NkILL .Tamk.s K. Phillip.s Willi vm H. Rick Knw.vitn X. Kokmi; (tORDOS D. Mi Kill, HAL: DoN-VLli F. Paschal Wklijon W. IMlK-K .lil.- KI-ll ( ' . .Mo »MAl .1. Frank MoRfiAN .lA.MK.-i W. KoACll KlCllARI G. Sell }t HOWARII .M. Mathis Rii ' Harh a. Mohan Gra.nt a. Nelson William R. P.uik .Iamks It W ' n m TiioM vs ,1. Km. lis I) lt Ln H. .STVLKY W. l.KK Si MMKRS, .IR. Gkorok I). Wham C ' HK.STKR .1. ZlKMIlX CllAKl.KS H. SAI.CM KORRRT C. SCHI ' I.TK .ToiiN S. Watson T1IO.MAS R. WllKKl.KR HlMKL I). SIKIIKIST .1. w wnk stm.kv William B, Wham UORIION WlTTKNBlRO .lollN I ' . I ' All. STKl ' HKN F. RlU ;S RORKRT (i. RlSS ARTIU ' K .1. SKKl.TO Enxtorbrook Barni s Watson O ' Neil Ervin Blum O ' Neill Pliillii » D. Stalc.v Summer!! Fniter G. Matliis Mnrlin Melody Ziembn ( .irl.ell Muelillmuseii Moomau Hammsn Kspv Price Wheeler Kelly Pii.selinl HockinR Finn Koenig Snlch Luenilo WiltenlH-ri; Hrollieraon .Si-hnub H. Malliis Rarnelt Nelson R. Moliau Siegrist Morgan Dees Glier Koaeli DeKenlinrflt W. Wham Brown KielililiK }Io. lle Flllon J. .Naley S. Rict-N Major Pate Riss Schnlle G. Wham Skellou Leonard Paul Harn Adani.s Browne Buchoff Lott Hiiven Page 443 •■..l „rf,7i ' in:iniji Mililitry Institute, 1 Sliil ittflu-rinht .Iclirr Chnplerfi Onminn Mii ( ' liapti ' . Entilblishcd. 1!)0S 100!) Pcnnttytvfinia Aiv i»c LlDWIfi F. AlDRIETH. Ph.D. Maxwell J. Dorsev, Ph.D. WlI.LI.VM . FERCfSON. A.M. Rl(-ll.Mtl p. BARl.i .I. MES F. Bl. ik .S. M R. Bush ll. R01.l K. ACKK.M. X. GEOK iK W. AHLK FR.ASK BELOHL.4VF.K Robert W. Al ' Ke.m, x.v Kdwaru D. Barlow Am(» Robert D. Bick Robert J. Fay l.AllK W. Failk.ver James K. Allen WlLLUM ,J. B. RB William Bierv William E. Boyd F A (. ' I • 1 . T • H. Fraskr .Iohxsto.nk. Ph.D. DoiiM.As R Mills, B.S. (h ' tidaatt Stiiih lit (Il.KX A. McTwisH II S i T V (iKoiidi-: a. Gast Jack K. Hamm Allan P. Hammkustucim C, KOHKKT HUA1 V liolU-KTii K, KSE ' INOSA J till i ins H .U KI .1. FOKNAXOO KiiiiAith .). Goon CHAIfl.KS K. GrAI.DOM Jack L. Hai.k Ja.mks W, Hart DoxAi.i R. Carr .loIIN E. CZAJA Pw n. Ooi.Av Wll.l.I M K Kkmklixij Sophoimny s Frt shmt a JitsKi ' ii K. Hakt KirnARi K. Hkushmax K w A. G(ini) V, Kknnkk Harris ) II RLKS r. HOI ' IMN Wll.MAM KrVI ' KK Wri.i.iAM N ' . Mi ' Atke Starr Owkn Tmomas K. Piikli ' S .loHX Gilbert Khki Hamm Jerry I). Hkath RiCICARl) C. Heidingkr GEORtiK AV. PUKKLS, H.CM:.. C.K. Terexce T. riRKE. E.M., Vii.D. Vredkric a. RrssELi.. Ph.D. Al.KRKh V. KlRKLAND Dale E. McKkk John B. Sitherlaxd Wll.l.I M A. Hl. ' KKM V Robert L. Hikk EuwTX E. Kayser Fraxk .1. Shay Vix(;el H. Swearingex Ralph V. Switzer Robert R. Thompson KaLI ' H TlTEIN JOHX C. HroHES Armex R. MAXOrOL N Kexxeth Mexke Richard S. White MrAU ' c Hnic K. Jiarlow i-ny li. A. (iond Hiirk R. Acki ' inniiii Espiiiosu Hoppiii ThnnipKon GiiHlrlniii KHiilkner Itliiir Ktiysrr JtcKAonc Owun KornaiiKo U. J. Good Tiitoin (iilbcrt Dolun Alilf H. Arki ' itinnn iMriikf Hoidini cr Sh»y nofTinnii Hnrris K. Hainin Kiiypcr McKw HamnierMrom Hurt Hush (iaM .1. Hftiiiiii R. Hiirlow UorMlintiiii Kirklnnd Bt ' Iolilnvek SutherlBiul llriidy Fcrttuson Krniplintr White Ilraih Ilicry Himhcs Allni MandUk ' inn riiiir Carr Pholps Boyd Cziij« Swoarincen Page 444 CnivtTsity cf Richmoiul. 1901 Sfi-enty-four Actiff Cbtifiters Tllinois Alphii Cliaplci- EstabliMhrti, Hio:i 1105 South Fourth Sircrt LCjtna ( VM Li DUANK A. BHAXUiAX, M.Mus. JOllX I ' . BlSllMAK. A.M. (■1IARI.K. .1. (iAA. Ph.D.. C.P.A. Cl I.KM. . R. (tRIFFITII. Ph.D. KAl.l ' ll C. Hav. B.S. I ' Wcr 1 i ' v SIahk H. Hl.VDSi.KV. A.M. William U. Nkvk.ns. Pli.D. TlloMA. ' i K. OI.IVKU. Ph.D. FKKIIKICIi K S, KnItKKV, Pll.D. .M KM I " . K lis I . r. I VKliSI T lioKKUT A. S. NI KKK(J. A.M. SllKK.M.VX S( iI( ON.M. KKR, M..Mll». KiiWAKii .1. Smith. M.S. Wayxk S. Yknawink. a.m. (i radaatt Studt ills M MRICK A. CaTTAM DONAI.K M. AsrHKKMANX Rav F. Battin Wir.LlAM ( ' . BofDKKAr (rKOKia: F. Br VKl ' TICAM Ikving p. Carlson KiSSKI.I. K. DlCKKItSDN Mkrton H. DocTHirr Gkorck K. EnwAKUs I ' Atr. .1. Fkitih ' I ' ll ' tM S L. IA ' KSON Sfvior.s n.1,1 i .1 , I, 7. Kknnktu K. .Mast UoitKUT ( ' . Mast I ' KUSMiV " ; H. () ;kkx .Iav L. Smith John K. I ' ahisdt K. BicAi ' KoRii I ' rim; (iinthoN K. Kav KoKKKT .1. SCHWAKZ A IH{K V H. I ' TKRH KT Lori.s Fl A William H. Cii.ulkt H. Ki VK Barton KL.MKR H. E ;el DoNALi K. Freip. g Fk WK W. (;RANIN(i M viiitLii ' . (liti Ki;.- Stam.kv p. .T()m;. . .Tk. ■ ItlHN K. I.ANf; KiKJKK K. Larson Juniors Soi hnmores l) i:i:r:M. G. Haass William H. l-i hKMAX KciBLRT .} . M LLKCK •Iamks p. MiCakthv Ai.LF.N D. Lapky DoNAI.It W. I.IMHtKRti r. Kak Knwi.AMt Ckorck C. Van STKKXitKiui Ravm(im a. Yatim A. «ELO .1. Egizio Jack E. Go i.i,obith John M. Gates Ravmom H. Graxkokorge, Jr. Rav.moxii G. Grikrsox Dl ' AXK D. .loHXSOX Tlkiiv W. .Iohxsox. Jr Frfshvirn RlOHARP O. LiCKK. Jr. Jack Moork J. ViXCKXT MltRRISSKV PlIILLIi ' E. RiVKS HaRRV W. SAXi BKR i JciHS S. TOKARKWH ' H RlUlKRT X. WlLSOX FreitUff Oollohith I.ackv Sandbore GrniidKi-orEe Rives Joni-s Morrisscv H. Gritrson Luckf Unrton GaIps Yntuni LiiidlKTC r,«nir D. Johnson Boudri-nu BraeutiKatn Battin Gilbprt Uoulhitt McCarthy Fritch Schwarz Carlson Jackson I ' lorhart Parijiot Cattani J.Smith Gaa Hay Rodkey PrinK Opren Edwards K. Mast DiokerHon A.schermnnn B. Mani Larson Granin? Eeizio Tokarpwirh T. Johnson Van Stifiiberf Malli-rk Rowland Lindoman Ray Oliver Yenawine E. Smith Moon R. Grierson Haass Wilson Page 445 JniiiKhd 1 Tiivcrsity of Pennsylvania, ]!»OfS Eifihtten Aclire Chn ttirx Zi-ta CliupUT EHtabliHhpfi, li)19 : 0S East Armory Avenue % laina Lama ClIKSTKK K. AXIiEKSclN. A.M. PA(M LTV .ST. N1.KV C, H M.I., .M.S. Vll,I.I. M H. SlMMdX.- . li.S. M KM W K i;s 1 l l ' K K SITV Pavi. a. Firkkkt Emvis ). GrrRssKV iStnioim HKRM.W .1. H AKl ' KHS Thai dkv " s J. Malicki W ' altkk a. Nkchoda Jack S. Phii-mps lin H n K. Shikki; frnk .J. TvKNf; Jkax C Hai-Tkrmax joski ' h .1. lotzkr V K .1 . Mr K iKiti . iiniiH.s AlfNuih M (tWKN ' S John J. Schistkr O. John ywANSos, Jr. Paii. J. Dkiroix Kl ' ' llARI A. I.KKru J. Havmonh LiKKs IUa K. Mkilin(;kr KultKKT N. Wll-KUKK J »HN A. (JaLI.OWAV RrssKi, (Jrayhkai,, Jr. WllJ.IAM L. Hknkk William K. Hinton Nkil L. liintns Fit .sJi im II JiHIV ISITT KlCHAItlt C. Ma1.(JI 1ST r. HKXCK (). Mkknkr .[ ACKsos F. Ward llintiiii (iraylical InIu Mi-Hni r Wanl Hi ' Tiki- l.ctM-ti Malqiiist Iliibhs Owcni l.iikfx IlalU ' riniin MrKi) l in IH-i-rnix Wilfunl Swiinson M-iliiiijiT Scliiistfv l.(il i r AndiTKon Pliiltipn Nfchoiln Tame :iM ' rnM ' y IlHnliT.s Fiirkort Shin-r Malicki Simmons l aK 44 i Vitircimes I ' ni varsity. IS 7 Thirtftftnir Active Chaplerti Phi Chapter Established. 1007 •tog East Armory Aicuti FACl LTV LaKoki K Haii.kv. M.S.. B.l . AliXKR K Kxi.JllT, M.E.. M.S.. K.K. CVRl s K PVI.MKK. M.S. H.IBRISOX A. RlKHK. Ph.D. Lki..vxi M. Stii.well, M.D. KRMKST I.. STOIKKKK. M. rcli. Joiix X. M.S. D.vvin I . Graduate Sta(J(iit. ii. KSI.KI! IVSKKKT lull K. W KKKV Br.RVARii A. Carstkxs John J. Daly, Jr. M R!ox E. Hkbron riRTis M. Hendkrson .Seniors- William L. Klkim ' astk, Jr. KnwARi) V. Maxx Chkstkr a. -Martin John " V. Martin William L. MtGinms H RRV i ' . SlKRDLh KdllKRT SiROTKK PlIILLII ' J. SOLLAMt John L. Stkntz I ' liAKLKS L. Van Kttkn DONALP K. Bailky KhwiN A. HxRTi ' srii DaMKL a. (HKKSKliVK KoilKKT W. HtMtS Ji(niori ClLVRLKS J. MkVKR K. Xklson Frank ( ' . Pkistkr. Jr. John V. SVNltKRS Dm.k M. Ai i is GKilRiiK F. ASSKLIN EmvARii J. Callahax KmHKKT Hokmanx I. I ' vri. Mail Sophomoi ' ts Gkkalh G. MrKvix William H. Xanky Dvvih K. Olsox Martin Tarblk William T. Wkhi.xkk John K. Britt Ei vvARi» E. BrcK Jamks C. Drimmoxd Charlks J. GRII ' I Kl ARI L. HOOKANSOX Waynk R. .Melhhar XoRMXN MrLlNTOCK Frfshnu n KuitKRT H. XoRI KoGKR M. Olson Frki J PAlStll .Milton F. Skari. .Arthir J. Sk lh DoxAi.h H. WKSThi:M»:iKR AsM-liii W.-.llnkr Mrtirlinr Pfi ler Bailey 1 . Olson EvaiiH J. Miirtin C. Marliii Pausch Brilt HonkaiiKon Wi-4lcriiU ' itr Mail A ' Mis (irujip ( Hllnhaii Hnrinntiii Miirvin Xanry Tarhlo SoDami CliorHkovp Bartusrh Hf hrnn .M -vit Worr»»n Inskeep KIpinpa.ste SifhuM Mann Sirolck Car tfiis Van Elton McGinni.i Daly XonI Senrl Xi l.son Drnnimnini Mrl«iii(ook K. Ol.ion Skalt Buck Page 447 Foimtled llio Colloge of tlic City of New York, 1910 Tu ' cnitj ' Onc Active Chapters Pi Chnpt.T Eitttblighrd. I ' jsr, 1010 South Third Street .M i:.M 1! i-:rs 1 X rx i - k i;s itv HkMC I). KUKKIiMW (irtitliiiiti St iifli itts .IKKOMK (;oi,[» Sll KV K. SlNClW Marvin Waciiman RaI ' HAKI. 1). A VRAM I Marvin Fishkk l Avin S. Hr;ssi;i.i, Seniors M M i M. Ilni llltKKIi Martin il. Ktkckr J. Lkvink Bkknskn HOWARP L. t ' OHLAN ]U:rnari K. Du ' Tok 11. (iKUKliK KSK » V IiniMi N ' i ' ii Nso Juniors M w i;n K Kicii SlIKUW IN A. SlKCKL Garland S. Sixow JOSKl ' H S. WKXLKK UojtKKT AVRAMI Bkrnari a. Brown Mayer H. Chanxon Norman Emmx Haroi.h .1. KisK HKR ; Ahram M. (Joi.hSMITlI M AltVl (iciI.hSTKI Sophomores SlliNKV li. KaT . Ki viN V. Kin ' hix Si;i:m I., MwiiKi. Edwin G. Manowitz Paul Kkuhkn ROBKRT TROCK Gkrali a. Wkinstkix Mklvin H. Hakk Nathan A. Kdidin Kli Glassman Martin D. Golden Heriiert N. Hazelkobx Freshmen .ITLKS Hazki.korn .loRDAN A. IIoi.r.ANDEK Alhert L. Lembkk«er Darwin D. Lev .Marvin H. NoiiTiiAX IlKRNAKI ' I,. KniUNSON 1) II ' KnSK KKI.|i Hll.l.KI, Kc»SK TMAl. jM ltSll 1.I. K. Kl I KI{M W Harvkv Sherman Alkrkd Smith Neil Teinowitz Gerald Wall Edwin Wkimas U. Avriiini ,T. llit .i lkorti Hrown Norliniin Wchniin Miimh ' I Rosontlmt GoldKinith Uiidonnan Rosonfeld VCnW Smith KiMoiibcrK Kiilz Ki Ii Bitiimmi WVxItT Chnnnon Kfubt ' ii Cohlan GoltlHtcin N. Edidin Trock Weinstoiii Fivi-dimin Koplin (». Sinow Hiotud WHrliiimn S. Siiiow HcmkoU U, 1). Avniini Gold Ilorlihcrc XallmnKon Riepor Fishor ])imor I,;-v X. A. Edidin Miinowitz GlnHHiiinn H. Mii vlkorn Tcinowll): Slu-rmftn HollimdiT (Golden Rubinson Bncr I ' H«. ' 148 3r N) Foiindfd Ciilitmbin rnivcrsity, 1010 Fort; Activf Chapters ait KHU hU»hi ' d. 19 4 lOTi Knut Aiiinn ' i Art-Hit FAULLTY Vii,MA r .T. Gm.iiiK. M.S. M i;.M I! i;i{s i rxi VET?KTTV Gradtiatf Student Bkn B. ZlKE SlItNKV (■ IMKN Richard I. Fink Scnior. K - loM S, ISKXSOX Martin .1, Kosk k HAKOI.I) a. SlI VI ' IKO JllK iSTKlXBKRIi Arn»h.h SrcllhRMW .iKItllV A. V WITZ Hkut R. Browxstkix Lixc ' ()LX A. Chavks Jnniors Leonard E. Gdi.hsteix Dax a. Golmax Lkoxard J. Oorss Alan E. Stkwart Skv.movr Wkiss RK ' lIARn K. BoRXS Sii»xKv W. Kahx loRIHV H. Kaiskr Sophomoi ' es KmiKUT B Kite IKRIIMI; Kl.KIKIKI.II .M Rsn i.i. S. Leaf BKRXARIt i.. LkVY DKl.BKrcT J. Rkitkr Charles I. Sei.tzer KrrH Rf 1 . W XRE Cl.IEKORI ' A. WkII, I.dllS F. Al ' PLEBAl ' M Robert L. Block Richard H. Cohv Bernard K[shm n Fre.ihmi II .1 MK K. FoRMCND Allan J. (Jersox V RREX .1. HeIDHI ' ES K. KiUlERT KrEKC.ER Gerald D. Marks .loRDAN MASTROFSKY Earl N. Novick BCRT RosENIlEKc; SEYSIOCR RctTHBARDT Marshall D. Sf;aAL Arnold M. Streickkr Weil ScKal l(iitlililir lt Klciltc-lrl liohlalein Rosenberg Jiovick Foniiuiiil t- i»liiiiitii Jium-r Kite Oku . , Bloik Gersiin Slewnrt Kniui Levy I.onf K«i er Colin Cohen Fine Zuke Weiss SteinliciK Shapiro Iscnsoii Rowne liolilie Urowiisteiii Yavilz Kreeger Golnian Seltzer XIaslrofsky Heiilhucs Applehauni Marks Horns Streiki Page 449 i " ' Fnuiidi ' d liluKMs Wi-sIi-yRii University. 1899 Fin-tf -firv AHire Cha ' ttrtt riaiiiriia Chrtpli-r E8 abli8ht ' ti. lOli 102 Enst Chalntt-rs Street art ( VSilcH f Kl WAKI V. CuMINrls, D.Sc. Kw O. DrxcAN. l.I.B.. A.M. Dl ASK T. Ph.D. K. CI 1 l ' V V. .Iamhs Hamitci.s ' . H., . Cahi, S. .Mauvki.. IMl.D. i.KWE.- V. I ' KTKKSi ' N, .AM. CHAKLKS I. S ' r.VKK, B.S. Emvix I.. Ph.D.. CAW. Jolt.N " V. WuOlinKLL. M.S. .M K.M i; K1{S IN IM ' K KS ITV (irodiKftt St lult lit ROBKRT A. FiSHKR WVRRKV K. Seniors CHRIST(U ' HKK ()lll.Kliri ' K UoitKRT H. Ol ' I ' liK SHAN-SON C. 1N) VKRS (! ith Kl: W. K visTUHK Wii.m i; A. Robinson- William A. UsiNtiKU El ' GKXK H. ANIiKRSOX Bkhnarij .s. Blair llKLIO r. (i I I I K KS M i:i M.lii 111 IM i; K8 J II n 14) IS H ion.h K M uoi ' SK -Ion N C. Kin s. .h:. Huv i. (). I. KM VN. -Ik. LkSLIK n. W HINLK RoHKKT V. Atkinson Aliikrt ( . BOTTIX HKitKtRT L. Dick. Jr. Pali. H. Frkv Dai-k K. Garvkr Dklblrt a. Goransov Carl M. .h ]iNsoN. .lit. RoiiKitT A. Johnson K(H(KKT J. Krik jkr Cordon H. .iohnson Chaki.ks M. Millkr SofiliiniHH ' t Fit shim II .lull -M. MiLLLK Kay G. Pknrosk William H. Uttlkooe Kn H n ' ii -M i iii (;kk F. XttKMAN STKW.MiT h. Byron Wklsu Willis .1. Wihtkslll Harry W. Wmytk H. John Schukkdanz K. WlU.TAM SllAI.I.OCK %: RtcwBrt Frcy Sdilrki ' dniu OorniiHon MiilflnuiT Shiillock l.uiikiiinn Oiirvoi- C. Miller Knii ' Eir Wi ' lsli Dick 0. Johnson .). MlllcT Knmnruiink ( ' . JnliMHon Kuhna Bollin AlkinHon liutk ' ilKo H. .Iohnson H, (tuiniBroos Poniosi- Whylc Wiivrinck AniliTKon Hliiir M. (inlninrni ' H Powom Uiiinicur Obi-rhuilc Nelson RniHtrirk Ojipiii ' Robinson Whilc.ioll I ' liKC 450 FoHuded Niirwirli ruiversity. 1 S5( Fiftt li ' o Artivf Cbti tf ' " ' Rlut Clmptci- ICstahlishrd, I!ll(! .tO. ' t ICu it ( ' hiifinrr«f ' tr . K i.sT »N Ml sn.vKT. A.M. Acii rv ( II. KLKS F. SCIII.ATTKK. M.S.. t ' .IVA. STKVKNS CJKAVKS .M i; M r. i: K s i rxi vi: ksitv (itaiimtti Stiidt nl.s Hi ii rci T. Twr.iiK Wm.i.aik W. Bass KmiKKT C. BUNfK KoBKRT H. BkoWN WkBSTKK H. (tEHKING .IniiN K. Gibbons DoVAt.l O. .lOHXSON .SV ' iJor.v Wll.LTAM I ' . Ll ' KKNS ROBKRT V. Ot.SOX W ' Tl.I.lA.M K. ( nXLAN 1.. Harriss Robinson Ar oi,i» O. Stkamjbkrc: Vkrnon F. Vinkyark Kk t (i. Britton ■ loHN I ' . DOUH A. ( ' HARKK! KlLKS John M. Fkthkrston K. Dkan Gai:i,a ii. .Ir. Phili.ii ' D. Gelvix .loiix .1. Haxjja Wii.r.r M ( ' . Leii ' old Gi sT K. LrxDBERG. Jr. Juniors AlGLST C. Ll ' TZ Gkorge Powers Donald V. I ' raxke Ray F. Smith Arthir T. Taxxkr Howakh H. Waru. Ill William D. Vka%er Gari Wtlcuxkn FrE1 I . WoRPKX .Iamls M, Hartley Rl(-HARI E. BraIMM.LER On L1 ' H. BRTCE Hii HARD N. HrR(; Thomas H. Clokk. Jr. James .1. Grimlky Soplwmores Wayne R. Melster FL(n ' i) W. Okell Jack K. 1 ' ortek Charles F. Schleevogt Jay H. ScHiTTKR DoNALit J. Weber KoBKKT G. Bass ■loHx B. Kairbirx Leovari O. Flint Teh H. Gillelaxi) K. I ' KKBr.K Harris JoHx E. Hartrick Clikkori) D. Hessei. Fitwhntt n James B. Hibben G. Aistin Ixcels Klank L. Kisner Albert K. Mathke Grv K. Patterson RrssELL W. Zack Keieley Qutnlaii Wpaver Gibbons Smith Gelirine Brown T.iikons ' iin ' ynr«i Bliiiu ' k Taylor Slraiulboru OUon W. Bass Robinson Prankc Powers WoMcii Meistcr Fotherslon LiindhiTc Ltitz Hansen Gelvin Ward Urilton EIIcs Ilannn nolrh (tarlond Ijeipoht Harris (iilleland Webor Hiliben Bruce Porter B numiller Tanner Bnrlb-y Cloke Gruniley SrbleevoKt Odell Hartrick Wilco.xen Rureess Zaek Matbre Flint Kisner HiKfls Patterson Hen.sel Schuller Fairburn R. Bass Page 451 m 3 r Foundfd I ' nion College, 1847 3 Tiventif-eight Actii ' c Chtipters KtippH T)euU ' ron Cliapler Etttnblislied, IfiOS noi Soiiib Second Strf t Ita K lu H VK..I I. s l w ..v K S.. LL.H. FACl LTV M i:. l i; KKS IN IN 1 - i: KSITV Graduate Student Glex C. Stkwart MMTIIKW T. Mc ' Cl.IKK. I ' ll P., l.ill.lJ. BiM rt, .1. Amachku H.VltllV K. Akthars I) 1 L. BllL ' BAKER no s. W M-. I . Ka M Scniorx R(mi;itT .M. Gaok .Idiin K. Hansox Lamiis Hriii.KV John G. McCobd Ranxik I.. Odim .1. KoiiKUT Bum Tki) D. Geisskxijokkkk KolllMiT A. GlI.KS UllBKHT .1. INUA1.I.S CrrtTis L. .loHssox Kl.wonli W. KltlKCKK Juniors KdliKUT .T. Maike Al.HKHT K. SAXSKR. Jb. (-V 1{|, (!. SWANSOV, .[|i. J()SKl ' il J. TntKh Hkxry F. Wachtku ( ' HAur.KS K. ■ ; I T Clyde M. Buudakek John S. Costkllo KOBKItT K. DlKMKK JAMKS A. DOHKKTV Soiilioniori AicTiiiit N. Kxoi.. Jr. Charles E. Lindgrex James H. Moxkv John S. Svrnnv. Jr. Gkkald Bordex William O. Haxsex. Jr. Maktiv D. Kastxek Kkvkst L. Koss FrixhnK n. KoMEin " W Si HMII Ki; KollEHT . . SiMMltXS Thomas 8. Tmiio Robert R. Webb Kftss KnHliit ' r ' I ' riu ' L ' MiiiiT Bftr«ifri Giik ' ' Cnsti-lln Liri ' lirrf Tiirck .Swiiii 4 )n SiuituT .IoIidkoi) Sydnw Wcbl .Money Gilc: WnrlilfT Amiii-hcr Ilnnsoii Mi-Coril Kllin I). Hniliiiker Fnnyo D.ili.Tly Dii ' liUT Km " I Itluin ( ' . ItniltnktT (it ' iswcnilor T WimhII KnioKiT Hurley Artlmrs Odniii I ' liCi " 4.12 ftnnnlftt laOii ' Ii University. li l. " I i ' ' rtiti -f " »r Actire ChapUrn Delta Chapter EalablMied, lOgi 206 KnsI Green SI FACULTY .Iamks .1. Doi.A.VD, M.S., C.E. . i KM i; K i;s I x 1X1 - K i;si TV .,A VKK CK .1. 1) IYI-K Seniom H t i W . K ' l.nrKKK JoyKi ' ii K. SOll-I.V l nN. lJ J. Dk CI.KKNK Wll.MAM .1. HCIOVKR Juniors KnWAKl) .1. I ' ArKOCKl InUN 1 " . [ ' (IWKIIS Kav.momi .1. Vkrkst v. Kostkk Kmlam» L. GllSTI Sophomores .J()SKrH J. Kkrxs Frank J. Xokeri FkaNK .1. () ..M AI.I.KV TiiKiihoKK L. Smith AM ' KIAV .1, YnrKKuVHH H flK ( ' . Zki ' k MaTTHKW S. AM ' RZK.rKWSK[ 1 . Bkaskk Freshmen KiniARD .1. Kktmaw Gknk J. Fostkr Hkrukkt 1 . Grkkn TllKOlHiRK T. SinoKOWMZ I ' a 1 p. :i. ■ ., . ' k Si-ullv Hniiiiilt K. !l..v () Mj.II.j liill.sti Smith i ovver Xnferi S. Kcwter Itraiitrk Voiirkrjvich KrtmaiHi Anilr2ejewski tircpn J. KoHter Siilortnvin Pago 453 Founded lacr Polytechnic Instituti ' , lsf 4 Thirty-eitiht Active CJiaplers Aliilia BiMB Cliapter F.etnbUnhed, J ' Jit 30- East Annorii Avenue FliAXK H. BKAcil. I ' h.D. Max J. Chapman. A.M. Pail O. Coxvf.ksk. A.M. FACT LTV AltTlHIt B. CHZZKXS, IMl.D. .lAMKs F. Kammam, a.m. HditAci-: J. Macixtikk, M.M.K. William C. Roub. A.M.. L1..M. WALIIO SUIMWAV. Ph.D. .Iamks O.]!. a.m. . | K.M II 1-: i;s 1 CXI - K IJSITV KuV (HKISTOI ' HKItSKS ' Graduate tStiidents JoH.v K. MoKKow, Jr. OswALP R. Balchex Blkxktt D. Brick Donald X. Klting IVml K. V s Hk.vrv .1. HoLQirsT VlLLI M D. KKRWIX Seniors UlCHAIil H. MiCHAKLSKX Wll.l.l.VM A. Ro.MKR W.vr.TMi G. SiHw wrii Hkrmaxn F. VA ; Kit BKRT J. WlKLLNKit Willis L. Zim.mkrman Wjli.iam M. FisrHKR Chaklks L. Gili,i «;ham Gkoroi: E. Handtmavn Gkurijc E. Kk.mi ' Aliikrt r. Martin .1. I ' AIL .Mc( ' (tN KLL Waltkr T. ' klsox Juniors Carl H. Nikskx N()R.MAN R. Fii:sitKR ;i-:N ErtiKXK F. SO.NXK.MIKRC; V. Sl ' KXrKR El WARI C, Sl ' ITZK William D. Tiu ' Mpk .1 i:i:vis S, ZniMKRM vx .](). ' KI ' H AXTOXKLLO F. Bkitk Dantiy .lnil K. (Jll.sTl.l£ Kl»WAK1 F. Kkrwix SophoDiorrs Ei,mi:r K. XuitTox Samill p. Owkx FRLIiKRICK F. Strmth Doxauj D. Dkhx STKI ' HEX J. Dkmk Ravmoxii D. Frk ;an Rr. KELL A. Gkhrkk RuIlKKT _ ' . KLKIX DoxAi.b F. Krisk Rav a. Lok.w Frank A. Mazaxkc RoiiKR ' i- A. .MnKK. -r Ra.mhn a. Nklsox Friahuu II Pail A. Rkxscii Albkrt L. Robkrts Kkxnktu G. SroTT Howard W. Sii.uv GeORUE W. S-MITII ClIARLKS A. STA.M.MKR Alfred VisniKR ILLL M VlSfHKR RrssKLL E. Walters K. Kt-rwhi Siiiilli Wnlli rH Stiinifncr . . is }n«r HnlrhtMt J. Ziinini ' ' -iiiiiii W, N ' i 1hoii (Iwrn Frt ' cnu Dciiu ' Shaw Scon Mn -i ■ n Kitminnii ( ' liriKtni»hi ' rKi ii Mnrliii S|iit7.f Strnti -h I ' rninpi ' Pii ' slifricon Mnndtinnnn GilliiiiiliHtn MrCttntif ]] Nii si ii .Viiioiii ' llti Fi.scliir l avt y Griifiihi-rif Murrow ' NKtM r W. itiiiiitTiiiiiii F.ttini: RiMtiiT Wui ' lliii r ' . K rwiit Bnin IIo] )iiist MichiioKt ' ii Schwitnil) Finn Sonncnhorii: i Ni ' Not) Krii r MufTiit SiM iir«T Di ' hii (iiUliT Kom;i l.okny (it-lirkr Klein UoWiis W. Visohcr Kfiisch 1 »U« ' 454 Vlliwisily if Illinois. ISIDT Serfittffii Actire Ch(iplfi ' llliiuiis ( " luiptel- Eslnhli.ihftt. 1U07 in Kiixl Diniirl Slri-rl J? KliWARI. K. BaI ' EK. M.S.. C.i;. Ki.iiKKi) K. Ckkss. B.S.. C " .E. K.M.I-H S. n. M.S.. I ' .K. I.. KxtiKR. M.S.. C.E. F. ( ' r l l ' V K.VXIXIl.I ' ll P. HOELSCIIKK, M.S.. C.E. H. RVKV H. .I()RU. N, B.S. Ai!xi-;e R, KNiiacT. M.E. M.S.. E.E. El WAi;h W. Sri ' i ' KiER. M.S. AiiTIIlR X. T.M.IiOT. C.E.. C.Sc. D.Knp.. I.I..O. Frkuerick H. Tik». ia.s, .M.S. l.KoxARi) I). Walker. M.S.. C.E. . iiTin II ( ' . WiLi. AKii. U.S., D.Eng., LL.D. .M K.M i; KI{S IN 1X1 V K K ' S 1 T V Stewarii E. Gaii. Geori:k L. McArthir .Iamks K. . li i.i-iirii Seniors George A. 1 ' erkins I.VI.E E. SCIIAKFKB J. Lawrence Sto.seiukner. .Ir. .7| . EI ' H F. ClII.l.lN. ' RllllKRT D FciRTII FitKL. D. l.iH: s Dwhiirr II. l.itRV Juniors William ( ' . .Malhiv A. FreIIKKICK SK()(_iLl " M) H. Stekmieri; .lA.MES S. TllALE Hll.MAR B. CHRli TIAN ' SON. .IR. KM.rtl V F(»K iT Fi{ SK W. HAS8E Sojiliojiiores Levkett X. .Jenks .IlLllS t " . LAKCiKLEK Herman E. Tomei E.MEKSi.X B I ' RIEST Frtshni ' n William B. SrRAia k David B. Wliistkr I ' ll 1. W W.Hii., .Ir. lorlh l...r» riiiisliiiiisori llnssc Slfiiili.ix- Toni.-i Mallri.v ' llinlv r.illilis frossimiii S.linnr.T .Sloiu ' liiirniT PcrkiiLS Mulfiinl Gull .MrArlliur Sk «lnn l Webster Fnrsi I ' riesl SpiBL-iie WimhI I.neireli ' r .Tfiik I.oeaii Page 455 .-f of lhi City (if New York. 189S rilirlij-fii ' - -IWlir Chitl ' t,!!! Rho Cliiiptcr Kalnbllihed, lUli £107 Sntitli Fniiith Street ail . i i;.M i; i; iv ' s in r. i ' k i;s itv KoBKItT A. BOKINSTKIN ALUKKT M. DRKVKL ' SS Sejiiors Mn , F(|i I- " . Koi ' KI. liK K Al ' I-AX .KM M r.KIN KoitKiiT 1. Block Jack Bosi.kv JaMFS V. BCHAI Maicvin K. CniUtlN J It mors Jack 1. DiBokk ROUKKT W. Kl.KlN LKdNAKIi G. Kn.AKOFSKY (J. Mvitox SAMisrH Hakvkv Schatzkin HaKoI.D W. Sl.OSHERi: (■» RI,KS Sl ' hl l.ltKKUKR Mii.TON R. Yassknokf }J() VAH1) B. ZiMMKKMAX NoRMAN " S. EpSTEIX Norton K. Fkmjmax HowARri A. Gordon Hun KI K. MiRSCH NoHM I ' . K VMAN SWKOKIi H. l.KDKRKR S( i h(nnoirN Bkwktt 1 . Lkvv Mhi.viN K. Matiiks G KFii-:i,i) A. Kawitsch Har u.!» T. Saths Kl( H AKl ' SKKI.IN Ki ARii M. Zoi.i.A, Jr. SiDNKV AltRAIIAM XoKMAN BkCK Fhki) M. Bkk ; CasI ' KK H. Br4i v . Jr. ROIIKRT C. BrCKSlAX KonKRT M. BriiAi Mkiain B. Cooi ' KR Mairuk M. Gi.att Jamks B. GOI.OIIKRC KrcHAHh M. Got.] HKR(t I ' ' r . " ihitu a SiDXKV A. Golumax KtHiKKT A. Haas JoK S. HAMMKRSl.OriiH Kowi.ANtt K. Harris SlIKRMAN M. I.KVY JOE L. LiBMAX Ralph Lokwexstkiv Jack M. Nacmman KiCHARl) A. KoHKRTS Lni IS l ' Si ' hi, i;i;r •m-r mi ' ♦f v-wrx-j»i ; : iiMs ik l.. ' .|.-nT l. ' il.llllllll K| ' ! . , II I - ' UlL-.T I.. .14., J. ll._I,i vj Spi ' lllM-rmT llnKli ' v .S|„.,l„., l)uIJ..ll lil.Mk .ih.naiii.ju. .Nirlii, Kuluk..r.skj K. Us );. Iluiiiii Hank lH-i ' fuHH Kli ' iii S -hjit kin I ' ohriit Kiipcl Mrs. Klirt ' iilHT ' .l.ltiiliiii Kti|iliiii ltni-ins(t jit ViisscmhIT . nniist-h Kti vi(Krli (ilfiK K. i(»l(lhi-ri; Uiickiiiiiri Ahnilifiin Xaclilnini ItiTi; •( iMtl ' MiriL: K ' iiihm S, hevy ( ' nit]ii r Iliuis lliiiiiiiHTs)niii:h Lowfiistoiii Page 456 Ftuntttfd N ' v York I ' niversity. IS-i " Ttfents inin- Artiri ' ( ' htit»tfrs Alpha Kpsilon rhnpt:- FMtahfiM!:r(l. I!i0! ■iOI i:n. t J ' tlni Stnrl KoHKRT G. HOXK. l»Il.D. K " Iu;rt V. Edwards. B.S. FACT LTV l.c.HIN., H. I ' liliVIXK. B.S., A.E. rur.M.vx C. TiiAiV, A.M. KhWARi) 1., Ka " ;i.k. .Ir. -M !•; M 1 ! I-; ij s IX r I - 1 ; r s i t v (iradualt Sttidi. n(,s .h(si-,rn I). ' 1 ' u i. " K 1 ' ML L. ASHWOOIl ( HKSTKR W. MlTCHKl.I. II Mini.l) (i. Nki.SoV Seniors Chari.ks M. Kki;ii Daniki. S. Wii.rux Martin I . Williams KottKKT (i. Cox Kavmom G. Moldt Juniors ViLr,r, .M S. .MiiUKiLL TniiMxs H. Oviiu.milr Willi m II, Sr hxhll KolU.IM ' II. Wr Ti ' riTT AnusT L. Antilla Jack L. Bkimklman ROBKRT L. HlLCKR KnItLKT K. HRAIIIKR KoHKKT L. GraKTON Dall L. Hankins Soph(niior(.s Emlrson K. Hoi ' skr Al.UhKT D. MnllLKR KhUAKii H. Moss Ki(-itAKi G. Xri.sos Alan K. Park Ammikw K. K w KaLI ' H a. llLNMTT. .Ill DuXALK II. KxoIiLL Frt shun ii WiLLIA.M I ' . KKKKK WkSLKV M. SI.M.MUXS Kdwarils iJikrr Pink Westcott Inrrill AntilU Moss R. Nelson BoidpliiiAit Trnry HnuluT R.VBii fox Wilcox Mitdioll William.s H. Nelson Uocd Ashwond Hnnkins Reeff Sintinons Hennitt Houser Sriincll Overmier Graflon Molilrr MoMt Knodle Pagi 4.1 I ' agi! 458 SORORITIES Page 459 e Alpha Chi Omega -Ki- Alpha I )olta Pi ■+ ' :! Aiph;i K|isiloii I ' ll! -I ' i- Ali)ha Camilla Delia ■+ ' • " ' Al|ilia Omicnjii Pi ' -H ' ' i Alpha I ' lii 1 ' ' " Alpha Xi D.lta 4(;s IMa Phi Alpha -l(;!l ( " hi ( )iiK ' ira 47(i i)(ll;i Delta Delta 471 Delia laiiiMia -17 ' _ ' Delta Zeta 47:! (iainiiia Plu I5eta 474 K ' appa Alpha ' I ' ll eta 47 " i Kap|)a Delta 47(1 Kappa Kappa ( iaiiinia 477 Phi Mil 478 Phi Oiiieua Pi 47!) Phi Siyina Sienia 4S0 Pi P. la Phi 4S1 Sigma I )elta Tail 4S2 Sigma Kappa 483 Zeta Tail Ali.lia 484 l ' H|{f 4fi() an— , H ciiciu c mJ ' OFFICKKS i ' KKsroTT Prfsidfnl (iKoKiiiA A. Harkv ViefPrisUlrnl mid Frateniiil Gia ihie HeprcKeiilalivc Bkttik I,. Tkktor Secrclarii H. I ( v TrriiKuri-r (lUOlP CllAIK.MKX Xani V Q. Xl( 1)1,1, I-ois L. Sciu-TT. . .Ititithituj Chtiirmnn . . . .Pledtje Adfitmr Kkaxcks M. Flkis ' IIer Scholarship Chtiirman JKAX E, I,t)VK.i )V Social Cbainiian COIIKT OF APPEALS DokOTllY TvcRKTT Alpha lit ' Ua l i DOIKITHIK M. CrTLER Alpha I ' Ui Olivk ScllKl,! Beta Phi Alpha Terry A. Westiiafer Chi Omcfta Sally I, Rkode Delta dammn E. Catherine Castle Kappa Alpha Thela irorsK i; k v i hsentativks Alpha Chi Onteifa Nanty Q. NiroLL Martha A. Shaker Alpha Delia Pi Dorothy Ty jrett J. Caitie Smith Alpha Kptiilon Phi Janice I,. Ne JiLiET I. Myers Alplm Oaiania Delta LOKETTA A. DONEI.AX ElLENE .1. Ml " N( ' IE Alpha (tinirrtiii Pi Lorraine X.ili.ner Ei.iZAitETii Hayes Alpha Phi DOROTIIIE M. ClTLKR JoYrE C, Clark Alpha Xi DelUi Rvru Corrini;ton Eleanor V, Moki;aN }ifla Phi Alpha Ol,IYE SCHELL Anna M. Schtltz Chi Oatefia. Terry A. Westhaker Xanc - k. Harsh ian DrIIti Delta Delta Hei.ene a. Giese Helen 1,. Xeai. Delia (iatniiia Sai,ly I. Hhode Marian Hattux Delta Zeta VlRlilNIA SiTHERLAXI) .MaRI.YN J, (iRlXWALD Oaaima Phi liela Ci YENIK)LVN E. Ml.WTZ Carolyns Meyer Kappa Alpha Theta E. Catherixe Castle Mary E. Miller Kappa Delia Evelyn H. Si ' HWAtiER Beth A. Irvine Kappa Kappa Gaattiia Elsie M, Bittin(;er Charlotte L. Conrad Phi Ma, H. Jean Mkawher M. Charlotte Davis Phi Omega Pi Martha E. Clue t.r Esther M. Gray Phi Sifftna Siitma Jean D. Cohn Rella Holler Pi Beta Phi J. Sle Poveb Nancy J. Xichols ■Si. ' mrt Delta Tait Lois R. Mell roslyn ixlaxuer S iff ma Kappa Eleanor Freeman Mary M. Fi-emino Thela Phi Alpha ilARKlKT M. I,ARRV liARUARA E. XESSEX Zeta Tan Alpha LORRAIXK YOrXOBERO IRMA M. LOIKEK l...v,.j,.y Page 461 Founded vVn i v University, 1885 Vi i7? -0Hc Aetire Chapters loin Chnp ' .iT Eslahli«hed, ISOO 004 South Lincoln Avenue fHcaa FAcri rv Cakrkta H. HrsKV. Ph.D. M K .M I J H R S 1 . I . I - !•: i; S I T V Gitnlinfti St mh nt Bfttk .1. Pattkhson Makv M. Rlakk Makv J. Corns Patricia A. Devtxe Carol L. Egk S mors K, 1 kki)I,k Hakhiktt L. Martin Maktiia H. Nokl Catjikkink M. Ptrnkll Martha A. Shafer MAR(iARET J. SlI ' E MaUV Sl ' ANX r)(llC tT»V A. VaKNI ' M Mak.tokik I,. Walter KLKAN4IK U. WiSK T . ],OI{RAlNK BkKMAN Maruaket M. Ulakkslee Durothy K. Culhv Juniors 1 K TiiRVx Cr.MMisKi;v ' . .1 NK Hl(J(;iNS Dorothy A. Hollmaxx Xaxi ' V Q. Nicoli. Hkkxetta K. Skixxkr Florence L. Stenceu M. Kathleen Tcttlk Klizabeth a. lUni KoSA.MOXI) E. Bri?:ter Ann C. Catlett Sojihoiiiort .s priscilla b. colhv Shirlev a. Klvis URACK M. HnitKRti (Jeralhine M. hooMis SrzANNE McWkthy Mar.i()Rie (;, Mi)R ;an Marijaret K. Oakes Klizaheth a. Robinson Barbara .1. Whitsitt Barbara A. Beck Elizabeth J. Belohlavek Phyllis A. Carter Elizabeth J. Covev FrfshuifU Elizabeth 1 . Kpjkkmax 1 orothv a. Joost P TI{Icl McXeIL ' TiiKinNK II. Meyer Elizabeth J. Nance Elinor L. Pollensky Lois M. Reinkk Marianne Waltmiue Rita V. Wesol HoliiTu ' McWethy Bml I Onkos Oovoy Tiiltlr LnnmiH CnlU ' lt P. Cdlhy Riilihisoit Mnrirnn iifinrri; ic v eiiiy iiikki wiikps i. ovpy Wnllmiri ' Cuiiirnir ki y Mnrlin Brriiiiiii PiittrrNoii Niroll .Skinner Hliiki Klt 4 HiKgins Hnllniniin 0. Colby Spencer WfilttT Wint ' CoriiK Ekp Vnriiiihi Pnnu ' ll SliiifiT Bliiki ' Nttol Sip( EcimIU ' npvhu ' Spnnii Berk McyiT Bridtor Rciiikc CnrhT Nmiio Wesol I ' fill.Misky Krci-mnn .Inost B» ' li lilnvi k McNeil Page 462 FoHntteil ' fvlcy«ii Female College. 1 5 1 Sixtff .iWiiv ( ' hnttlirn S Si ;inii Chni li i- KMlabriahed, 1912 nil-! )r,» y, iiidu sir ■ ' .m f ? 8 KJ| |Pf5 elI 1 ft-lflfl . IS ' ' i? M mi-:: ii;krs in i w i v k ijsi tv Seniors .lAXICK K. Bl ' SLEE KaTHRVN K. l)R(tXE Valerie A. Eijax .Mak.iokik 1). Hai.i. Mariax L). Lesiieie La Ueane J. XtARTix JACQIELIXE A. Shanks .1. Cappik Smith Dorothy I.. Tyi kett Juniors Shirley V. ItRoKERr, LoRXA K. HRrMFIELI» JEAX I.. BlRKE K ELYX I . HrKLIX ;HAM MaKY C. (IKARTTS Barbara .1. Hi xtek Mary E. Johnstox Grape ( ' . Ji ' Rr.Exs Lois Jf. Reisz Mariox I . Shite Mary K. Weiss Iarjorie K, Yorxo Dl ' ROTHY L. Bkoyyx M. Margaret Hickey ' Soiihoinores SHIULE ' .1. Keil MARfJARKT K. LaX Rae L. N ' okmax JOAX WlXhKR Dorothy .1. Beltini; BuNXiE M. Dayton- Joy ' D. DOI ' OLASS JEANXE M. Ehrharut Freshmrn AriiREY . Glass Vyra D. (;rRXEY- Dorothy L. .foRiiAX Patrii ia C. Martix Ei.LEX A. MrQiAii) Mary C. Afc (Jiaii. Marakeaxe Myers LlELLK J. RlXI ' K R. JKAN Six Ethel M. Wixheri; Burliiigham Johnston Willis Kpil Genrtts Hunter BrohiTC Wi-isa Biirkv Winiler Lcsher Tyeretl HhII L. Manin Mrs. Kinc Smith Bnsli-i- Euan Droni ' Shanks LanK Brumfirld Rfisi Norman Bi-ltine Donelass E. MrQuaid Jordan Brown Ehrhanll Shiito M. Mrtjnaid P. Mnrlin Sis (iurney Hiikey Rinck Myi-rs Glass Yinini: WinbiTst Page 463 " TK Founded Uiirimrd CoIIoce. 1909 five lit ! -siJC Artire Chapters Mu Chapter EstuhlUhed. HtSO 904 Smith Third Street Ol l M K.M i; KiJS I INI K i;s ITV IJKTTV L. ABRAHAMS PlIYM.IS J, GREKXBI.ATT Seniors UKTTV .[. ISKAKL Fl.OKKXCK I.KVISSOX JULIKT I. MVKKS FRAXCKS .1. UOWK Francks I. Fleischer Mkkki ith Friedber); , iiiiiofs Al)Kl-K II. KaI ' I.AX Cakoi-vn M. I,i:vv I ' UKTIA U. SI MUX liKTTV ( ' . STUil.lTZ J jrKi-YX U. Stink Fkaxtes J. Asuer DOROTHV ! . Berman WiLI.VXE A. COHKX Jean Kttmax SophoiiKircs (Jkxk L. Cuodmax M. I 1LLIAN CREKNBLATT KSTHKKOSK (JKKEXWALD MlKlKL .1. KeSSIK .Iank Mkvi-ik liOHUVK .1. MORtJAX .lANii ' K I-. Newman RlTll K(tSKXST(HK TiiKi.MA T. Sachs l.ORKAIXE SlIATCRMAX Ktta T. VKrnsi,Kit DuNXA T. Wkiss •lEAX A iATSTEIN AXITA M. ARENSOX ItKRKXlCE D. rOHKN Ro7, xXE H. Dettei.bach Fieshmt n SlIIRLEK K, FrANKEL Makcella B. Goodman .Ikax S. Grollman KOKANNE Hl ' RWICK UlTA I . LEVINE Kl ' TU .1. Maxastkk KiiiTH K. Mil, I. Kit Hklkxk S. Padorr ALLVNK J. UOSENBKRU Dorothy Wakshavskv Charlotte I.. Villxkb ( rollinnn i ' rnnkfi Ijovinii iNt ' Wrnnn Mort nn Honimii unn-iiwiiiii MMiicciibliut Anlit-r .mIwi iimn J uiitaii Meyer Areiiftnii W. Colien WcrliKler RoHciiHtock G. tiooiinuin Levy Simon Weiss Sftchs Kessie Kaplan l»rnel I.i-vinMon Uuwe Alvern Sline 1 . (ireenblatl Abrnlmnis Friodhorj: Fleischer WarMhuvhkv iJi-ttelbarh Miller M. Goodnnin Maiiasler Unsenbertf A(;»tHleiii Williier B. Cohen Padorr Page 4(54 Syracuse rniversily, 1901 fiftiroiir Artirr Chn ittTs MLLL Si :ina Cliaptoi Kulnhlishfd. 191S HOC Suiith Liiirohi Arenw FACULTY K0SAI.IE M. I ' AKR, Pll.D. .M K.Ml " . KKS IN r. I VHRSITV OradiKite Student F.LLEN J. Thompson JIaROARET K. CLE(i i LORETTA A. DoNELAN EllITH E. Kastman Makiax . KWAX Mary B. Hvsteu ASNKTTE L. KKIMSIKK Seniors liUTll E. McCoR.MICK Marjorie H. McDaniel ElI .ESK J. MlINCIK Wii,ma R. Rokmersberger Rita C. Yoino Junior.s MaKV M. AllHOTT ViRia.VIA I.. KaITZ Eleanor L. Morlaxd Mary .1. Elean »rk a. DiLLAVor Betty A. Krzinoer Kathkktnj; Cassmann VeRXA K. llAl ' KK Grace .1. Aniirkasen Marian A. Hall MlRlKL J. OSTER SiiiRLKY M. Parsons .lEAX M. Pletcher Doris K. Hauaway Mary J. Hill Mary L. Hoke Hetty I.. Hi nt .Than Powers Carmen K. Shi ' te Anne F Tarr Sophnuinrt ' . Ruth K. Mathis Elizabeth A. Ryan Dorothy J. Sha y Fifshni ' n Madeline Mii) ;ley Ui ' tii Walters Dorothy .1. Wilson EoNA ( ' . YorN : Betsy Tavi.or Dorothy K. Tiiomtson Eleanor .1. Thomtson Donna I.. Wii.rox Elaine I.. Meyers Viola I. Sharkey Hai ' kr Will-ox piiwi-rs Ellen Thnmpson Parsons DillRvou UMcr EriinctT 1). Tlioin| Kni, iluk.- u.iiiuiiii H.ui. li Anilrrascn Hill SliiHo Ahtwtt Tavlor Kiiuiz Malhis Ryan Tarr Wilson Olwn E. inline Donrlan Shaw MoCoriniik Hnstoil Ewan Clece Eastman Muncie K. Yolins Koi-nicrsbcrinT MfDanirla Kruuisick Miilclov Hailnnav M.-V.T Hunt Hall Sharkcv PletchiT Mnrlanil Wallers Eleanor Thompson Page 465 ' I a Itiirnnnl CoIIese, 1H79 l ' nrti -t irn Aefirt ' f ' hnitti rn L ctan Iota Chapter EMtnhlishfd. I ' Jll 04 South MnthevH Street M i: .M r. i: K s in I ' !•: { s 1 ' 1 ' • SfARY A. BrROKTT Eleaxor T , Carrier Dorothy F, Dolax WlXIKRED T-. DORSEY Kmzaukth I,. Havks Dorothy II. Hriisox .IKAXKTTK ' . HlXTAHI.K Seniors uobkkta m. johxstox Mary K. O ' Coxxor .II l.IAXXK R. Pearce Lois L. SchI ' tt Mariax a. Treloah Beth M. Wilson S . Jvanita Wittexborx DoxxA L. Hkehm I. A A ' ERXE A. E :«lestox Mary M. Cilbert .TrLiA A. Lawrence Hi ' TH M. Meyer MARfiARET A. MilKrK Phyllis .1. MrKPiiY Mary E. O ' Hykne ?]LAIXE O ' CoxxoR Juniors Maky K. Otwell N ' OKA M. ek E. Nadine Hknnek Frances M. Uoskk WlNIKKEK I. TiMMONS Emily B. Tonsberij M. .7 A NET Way Hetty J. Westerheek LoKliAINE II. ZM.r.NKT: Mary A. Beard Doris E. Biersach LrciLLE Holtzmax MaRJORIE J. LAX(i L. Jo Le Kani er Betty B. Nielh Dorothy M. Xowsk Soiihoiiiorrs WiLMA D. Parker Matrine E. Roske MAin M, Stevenson- Mary E. Tritt BlLLIE M. TUTTf.E Joan K. Wersti.ek Patricia J. Allex DoRVS J. Alvey Alii ' k T. Denell Janise L. Harvey Helen- L. Hoiibs Jane B. Holmes Elizabeth R, Keefuky Frfsh in I n Rita L. O ' Coxxob Eleaxork H. Standish Mary J. Tiscii Greta L. Torrence Lois B. Tittle Margaret R. Wills k.iii}r m .n iJV ■M ' : ' kx ,M£hyMii Ilolihn Alvey R. O ' Connor W ' t-Wn TikcIi Harvey HolmeH Torronco ShnnliHli I,. ' Iiilllc Ih-hcII Koefrcy M. Ilnske K. HoNko Wtsierboek l.p KanHer l.anif Parker HierHarh Trht li. Tiitlli Wersller Ilnllzman W ' liy Xield Nowiik Lawrem-e Gilhorl neani M. O ' Connor Treloar Johnnton I)nlan Sriiuti IlayeN WilHtn IVan-e llorney HtidKon Hiixlablo Biirj:« ' tt Wittonborn Hen tier Kahineyer Mi-yer Zillner Olwoll .Miirpliy Tiiinnonh Moei ' k Hrehni Keck ' slnii E. O ' Connor Ton-Hlier? O ' Byrne PuKo 4«« Foitmirtl Syraonsf University. IST ' J ThirtffJ t ' ' rn Actirr i ' hntitrift i:.stnhli.slutt. 1923 . ' iOS Eiitit Afiuani Affiiil FACI I, TV Mahcarf.t Bi.on.M. Ph D. Jaxk C. Watt. A,B . M.Mus. .lAXKT L. WKSTOS. Ph n. . l K.M i; I-: RS 1 N I X 1 V K KSITV Kl,KAN-nK ;. AXItKRSON ' Marion- W, HrKKix ;Kr{ Pattv .1. (■A rriiKi.i. Seniors .lOYl-K C. Cl.AKK JKAXXK H. El.I.ISOX Mary E. FisiiEa Ai.irK L. Hkster Rrrii F. LvNcii EUZAHKTII .1. SCAIKK ALICK .!. VAX HVKK KcTM (. ' . Ami, IXC liAKllARA A. HaRXKY Makiiarkt a. Birlisox KiiROTlIlE M. CLTI-KR Jllllioi. ' ItoKoniV M. HoK.STMKIKK Marv a. .Iacobs Cl.ARKBKM.K .1. LETT iDEI.I.E E. l.OciAX Makiax E. Mm.i.ijex Barbara A. Nortox Ol.lVK M. Pol. AM. JKAX K. Stkixmaver Barb ka E, Wylie Betty L. Barr S. Ei-izabeth CiriLDs SoifhoiiinrfS rAR.TORiE A. Dodge Priscii,i,a Fi, etcher Mar.torie McGee U. .lEAXXK SEAMAX Martha E. Watkixs Alxia L. Bi i.i.oi ' K Frt shun ii MaXIXE E. HAliEX l.nRWXE B. I.irsKEi: riiiliN Pnlanil .lacobn Biirlison Dodee Hagen Lett Milliicii Bnriu ' y FU ' lchfr Aniline I aiiipbvll Wylio Anderson Scaifo Hester Clark Ellison Van Djkc BuDiniier Fislier Ljiiili Watkiiis Norton Bnllock Seaman Steiiiniayer Cutler l.oKan I. linker llorstineier Barr MeCee Page 4t)7 Founded Lnmlmrd Colleffo. 189;J I ' iitH-firr Art ire Chapters Knppa Chapter Establi hi-d, tuor 715 Went Mirhif un .Irciiiie FACT LI ' V iKKNK D. I ' IKHSOS, A.B. M !•: .M 1 ; !•: i{ s i . u - i h u « i t ' Apklaihk N. Berr Makv S. Chai ' Max JIarv K. Cowkli. Mary L. 1 olan DOLORKS M. Doi ' R Sf ' iiiof IrvUltAKA M. FOSSK Amv J. Haac Jaxkt Hokstmax l, ri£A M. IIlNTt.KV , N viw:i,i, A. .(onssdX Hkttv M. KiniHK) KiNICK F. KdPKI ' KV DOKOTil V ,1. Kl ' HXS HiCXKIKTTK J. M(Hl{II E Mc.x M. McQrAlii Kl.KAXOR V. MoRiiAX IMlILMS SaMI ' SOX Hklen K. Swkkxkv Edith J. Vikdmx j Ul ' Tll CORRIXtiTOX RiTii N. Ein»v LorisK C. Grkkxwkm. Jkax M. Haak J amors MAR(iARKT E. HaXXA Mavis L. HAKiii (iKi{ Urnv U. I.KKs Kith A, Mviu)x ! 4U{oTH V V. l ' i:ici£iN(; F.i.izAriKiii . UnoitK Marian V. ixnui Joan M. Shaw Marie ¥,. Statiutz Helkx B. Wkkks XmRMA a. a da .MS Marv S. McCoxxkul So{)hotnorc KlJZAIlKTll MORKISOX Mak :aui:t .f. PiKUsttx Sii irti.KV (i. lIiiV.M xx RrriT T. TitoMASox Della M. Van Dyke Ei.izarktii F. Bakukk IKiROTIIV (i. CaMEBOX I ' ' If sh ni ' II EUKAXOlt ( ' . Cl.AYTOX Kl.r.ANoUK K. (k KIlK llKLKX H. (il.KXX Jkax E. IlrxTKK All II HIS MorriMiii N ' lin |) kr ' riKHiiHson MrConiwII Hn;ik liolili (ircfiiui-ll ' nrriiiutiMi IN-iriii (Jm-ln ' M inn ' s linrdinui ' r Koymiinn ATrQiiuiil Koprcky Mf-ltriili I iilnn Foftst ' Slaiit it Jnliiisnn llnrsliiiHi) Swooiipy Hrrr W it ' ll lint: Ki lilno SanipHiMi o vvll Mni ' Kiit) Chapiniin II mil Icy KuIuik Mnim I nnr Kdily Shaw ( ' unuTon l iiTH«n Clavlnn (iliMin KItmlfH llanrut Hiintfr Weeks Harber Pn ' 4H8 =tir I ' liivfi-sily of Ctilifiiniin, 1909 Ti ' ftilfi riftht Active ( ' hniitf$-s Betn Cliiinter Kfitnbiitthrtl. titSS SOo W ' tttl I ' riinst trnnin A rrtnr, i eta .M K.M i; KKS 1 X 1X1 - K|{SITV .1. ' niij s Caroi-yx J. Craio (tRKTA ( ' . (iKIN ' XKLL. Mary E. Iyey OI.IVK P. SrllELL Seniors AXXA M. SCIIll.TJ El.AIXE J. S.MIDKK Martha L. Staiil .lEAX M. Stewart Afl»REV L. Vithix :t()n- Patku-ia K. Matiiiasex Juniors AUDRKY J. TlIOMI ' SOX Shirley Y. Si ' UHexk So2 homores Hazel M. Siieldox Freshman Shirley M. Spackey liriiUH-ll Sttjwart MathiB»en Crai Thompson Sheldon Schullz Vilh;iii:luii Stulil Schrcnk Spackey Page 469 liveisity of Arknnsns. 1895 ' i m .vm- Active Chapters eaa Oinicron f ' liapter Eslablijihrtl, 1000 007 South Wright Street FACT LTV COItXKLlA P. KlLI.V. Ph.n ( ' o!tl l ' .!.I KtKli. A.M. Cl-. KISS.V KlX.VKKK. IMl.l). M K.M li K WS 1 N IN! V K KSI TV Seniors Helen M. Ashley Adele E. Del any Betty E. Ewald Nanty E. Hahsiimax Carolyn p. Axdersox M. .Jkax Aktihr .[. Ruth BrrKLKS Dorothea M. CRt r Mary A. Goben M i;v A, Hi NT MVItA LVTI.K Vii:r:iMA I.. MrCAVCK Cakoi-vx It. (JorwKNS .lACljrKLIXK ( ' . (ikhKN Dorothy K. Haudkhs ■Iavkt V. Hopkins MARVBKM.I, K I M MKl, , (( Makv .1. Ottkx Marion .1. Uichmoxd Kl.AIXK H. iioSKX .MAit .1. K ikki ' ATRh; IMtiscii.LA K. Manx Hki-kn I.. MoRI-0 K 1 11 .1. MorxT Margaret J, Wkstcott Kohekta Wii.sox I.rClI.l.K C. WnODARl) Jaxk II. Pile Mary H. Stkklk Martha J. Waltmire ToRRIE E. W ' RKiHT Martha L. Zkarixg Jkaxxe a. Doxovan Margaret F. P ' ramptox Hktty J. Galloway JriHTH J. JOHXSTOX Martha A. Kaseberc ViRoiNiA li. Kronk; ahs I.vman M i:Tii A. ] ' i:rrin Sofifioniores Kith C. Kkkd .lo A. KlVLK ClIARI.oTTK S. S.MITII KaTHRVX L. SpRlX(iER Shiklkv M. Taylor Tkrky A. Wkstmafkr jAri rKLIXE A. WlLL ' HtiHBV I.ois E. Alti ' KTKK Uevkrly .1. Bechtol Betty B. Bex.iamix VlROlXMA L. P ' h.ert PaTRHI A M. (lAliAN Phyllis E. Gahaga: Helen M. Gormax !• " )■( shiiu 11 Vkronha .1. OXkil .M R(; VRi: ' r I .. Pii i i.Lii ' ; Carolyx I,. Smith Shirley A. Smith •Iaxe A. Wioht DoKis M. Wkioht Frnniptoii Doiiovnn T ynifli) ftprincpr MVsllinfcr 0. S. Smilli Porriii Gnllowny Kroiiip » z 7 . ■-»iiiiin viijii-u ' r i eciii«i jchi ink » (UMnn-f , _,i r 1 o„i.i. . ..:■ II .. 1 .. jjjij, Mount Cruni Hopkins Mnnn Bnrklcs Kirkpatrirk MoHock Steele Kiinmel (Jolten t. " t.i r ti 1 «..i.i ti ' :i I ..•!.. If..... I I i ii.... 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I ' KATIIER Tiia M. Pkeims CaTIIEIUXE .1. lilECEL [. .lAXE I ' lXXIXIillAM HKLEXE a. (ilESE HaRRIETTE F. L.MiERLOE Juniors Anne (i. McdoKRisK Kleanob Miller Dorothea J. Moore Margaret r. Piiiri ' S Margaret .J. Smashey VlRlilNL U. WEHB Mav H. Wimteoki) KLEAXOR It. VlLLL MS Catherine Yotnoer Martha H. . llen Versa M. Fogklsoxo Betty I,. Fvltos Soiihoniorfx K. .loAN.VA (lEORG Dorothy K. Halligax CoIMNXE A. KrI ' . E.MARK Olivia K. Lanijstrom JEAXNE L. Miner C ' ari.ene Preihr JANICK O. St. Ci-air Peggy IS. Seed FRAXI ' ES a. H.tTTEXIHRG B. RBARA I. LVKKNS Fresh men Mau.iorie I,. Matiiksox Doris H. Mi. Master lU ' nl S ' ILMA .1. SHIXK M. RY E. Smashey .Seed C. Preihs Alien Oeori: Youncer Fnneisone Oiese Hnlliitan Wliilfiiril .Si. Clnir Krnx ' innrk Miner (inrrtner Williams Cunningham Philips McGorrisk McCarlhv Ncwion fJehrini! Welili Miller l.aicerlnf M. .1 Snia-hey Xewby Pralher I,. Phillips P.Phillips l.inilemann I. Preihs Koenii: H. Xeal Hopp Davies Un ' cel llainillon Breeie Fnlinn Ilallenburt; .Shine I.ukens MeMasler M. F,. .Smashey R. Nelil Malheson l.aniKtroiii Page 471 Foundetl Lewis Institute, 1874 Fifty-one Active Chnptprit Iota Cliajitcr Egtablished, 1906 1207 West Xerada Strett af4tm(Z F A (• r I . T ' Alta G. Sai nkkks, A.m. .M i;.M 11 HKS IN I N I V i: KSl TV Marv L. BAroN DOROTHV K. liRir.IlT Mariax W. Hattov dokothy m. 1i()stktlki{ Marv H. McAnus LORRAIXK J. Ml Ki-n V Seniors Patricia A. Roche Rachkl M. MlLDRKIJ F. S(HMKUSKR HKTH j. STKI ' IIKSS Kl-KANOIt .1. WlXSlill ' Maruarkt L. Adams MaKJORIK M. (iKRWKJ RoSKMARY V. KkKSLAK CHARI.OTTK K. I.IMIKR liKATRicK r . Math IS -Ikax y. Mn.LKR KoBKRTA J. Morrison J u n i(t r.s Sallv T. Rhouk Jaxe V. Ur.Mi ' F Elizakkth Schi.ixkhrt Marc.arkt 51. Stoktzki. .fKAXXK A. SWISIIKK Mar(;akkt 1,. WiijfiiNS Jaxk p. Wvatt KlIZABKTH a. HlRRlTT JOAX C. C ' AI.nWKLL Mar.ihkik a. Chaxkv MaR ;aRKT K. C ' RAXItKI.L SrSAX J. BiKTEHI.K Axx Fkdkr Hkttv J. Haniskk S()fih( )non s JKAX .lACdli AroREV It. Marsh Bahraka J. Milks r XKOl.VX J. PAi;KKR M. .IKAN RKAM MaKTHA I.. TiMMKKMAX " n{ ;ixi II. " k Mil ViRfiixiA L. Adams LaVkrxk I. Bakkk Hklkx L. Brkiht R. Joan Crosby Freshmen TiiiACE Dk Vriks liAKRAKA K. l ()r ;LASS I ' HVM.IS M. r KAM MKIKR Dorothy B, Ckikr MaRIJI ERITE B. HiCKKV .Iane Ireland M. Patricia Kelly ELOISE V. I,(M{TON Xaxcyk E. MAfixrsoN Xaxcy E. May Mary E. Mckimy iif ri-s II Brik ' hl May Rhode Mnri ' lKon Lindtr Ki lly Miirsh Runi| f .Swislior Calilwill Miller Bttker liniiiM-c Dirlcrit ' Burrilt .Iiirnh Miles Wyntt Stoetzcl KciI.t Pinker WIkkIils Srhlinkert VeHt-Ii Tiniiiienniin MAlliitt (icrwitf K.fKlar SrhiinuHiT Bimni HoHleller llallon Winsliip Stci.liciiH Roclie McAiilis 1). Briu ' lU Murphy V. AilniiiH Miirriiy (ieiir Hickey Ream Chancy Ireland Magnusou Dimt ' lnv . CmKliy Lortoa M, Adams Page 472 MiHiiii Univfi ' sily. IHO ' J Fifllf-eiffftt Active Chnfifit Fi-oRKNTK M. Haki»in ' ;. A.m. FACT LTV EVAI-KNK V. KliA.MKIi. MS. EUN ' ICE C. KOIIKIITS. IMl.D. il E -M L; E K S 1 - L " X 1 V K { S I T N ' Graduate Studinl Helen M. Robitk Peucy I.. Amison X. Mar.tokie Brackkk •Seniors Dorothy M. Dysakt HELEX M. Kl.ElRY Mablyn J. Griinwald DOROTHY J. HAEUER •Tl ' XK E. H.IKI.M E. ,IEAN WEI.1.S .IrXE K AXliEHSOS Harriet A. Harris Jiinior.i .IKA.N G. Nelson- ' IR«;IXIA S( THKltl.ANII Kernii ' e .1. Wksski. .Uariiix 1.. HITIIIISOX Soiihomores ' lH iIXIA 1 . KRIEtiER Carolyn SI. . ' axiieiin Mary M. Dew- Roma M. FiXK Frrahmi n LlCIA B. I.LEWELLYX- DOROTHY A. SKILES UlLLYE I.. Yorxo I ' lilhorlnnil Pnllnscli YouiiK Wesnel AndiTsoii ' hn Kink Dow Skili-s ' Wfllvn Harris Kriii ' fcr Hul.lii ..i. .N.l-.ii Ilji ' l " ! Rohuck Hn. ' Kor Kli-iirv Griinwalii Brnrkcn V..||s Dv.inrt Aiiiikoii Vage 473 Founded nicuse University, 1874 Fiff; Settle Chapters ()mi ' roM (Chapter Entnhlishfd. 1913 7110 We»t AVirtrf i Street amf4t J. LlTA Baxk. a.m.. D.Sc. FArn rv M KII M HosTKTTKK. A.R.. B.L.S. An ' n H, Krmixs A.M. M KM i; KKS 1 X N I V K IS ' V .Martha K. Adolf Heatrue E. Andrews WiLMA I. Bartle Mi ' RiKL V. Bloom l.ois . . It, l,|,KMt ril IiK!,hN K. KlJ.lnTT M KV K, (IKOSSMAN Seniors M VKt.lKRITK I..O( ' KE U. JrxE Markert Carhlyxk K. Mkvkk Marjokie a. Miller ffWENDOLYN K. MlNTZ Margaret A. Koxev LoriSE Stivkn Marianxk K. .Vilts Bettv J. Andersox Barbara J. Degex Bkttv J. Kberle Hklex Feurexbaciier Hki.en K. I- ' rese HkTTV .1, II AXES Marv M. Helm Nellie B. Ilit.i. Eleanor E. IIitihison J Kiiiors DOXXA K, .Iordax .11 XE I,. Matukws ViRiaxiA K. MAruEit M. KMZ I!ETH Mvers POROTK V ;. QriRKE UiTii Kiiiu.KiNi; K. .lUAXXK Skli-ers Ruth L. Skacjcs Nellie M. Weu.mixk Makjorik I.. Rexxett J ' HYLLift E. Clayton ?:mmabelle Clemexts Patricia A. Colhwell Sophomorfa Mary L. Haywark Jeaxe E. Holt Honda L. Maxx F LiZABKTii L. Markert Ui ' th a. Michaelis Loi ' L ' iA McMeix pRisciLLA A. Otis FioRA (i. Paoliarilo Jean Saoer Marv J. Sellers Betty J. Stedino Patru ' Ia a. Stllivan Sara L. Ellis jACiJl ' ELINE MeSCE Maroaret Stevexs Marv A. Swanson P ' rtshmf n Sl( IICI.KE ' I ' ll ICASH KR Xaxcv Thimax CaRLEXE VEIKEL Hnywnnl Mirlmrlifi Holt Bi ' iirictI Claytnn M. Si ' IIith Cli ' ini ' iitK Fn;;linniln Miiiiii Otis Pnrknion E. MarkiTt Sullivan Myers Tliriihlirr JordHii MnlticwH Ilnnt-n Anilvrnon Elwrlf Frt ' si- llolillin Hfiion Miinn-r HutcluKon Wormini J. Sellers Hi ' Im Bnlfunr Minom RllinK Adolf l nllrnltiich AndrewH J. Markert Meyer Miller l.oeke Muiitz Honey Bnrtle Hill Coldwcll Kllih StedinK Snjcer MeKpe Tliuninn Weikel AillM Mt ' Mein SkauKs Felirenbnoher Swanson Stevens Pago 474 l t ' Paiiw rnivtTsily. 1S70 Sixtff-fire Actiff Chaftlern .a wa rvlta Chiiiiti-r Kslablinlinl. .ST.T 611 Ea«l Onnifl Slrr.i Stki.i.v M HAiil t. Ph D. F A ( ' r I |- V .Stki.i.a K. I ' KuinM.. H.Mus. Cahiii.ixk p. Tt Tl ' KII. I ' ll I . M i:.M li KKS I X rXI VKKSITV JF.AX S. HOSKINS (iriidiiiiti Sliidtiits A. KLIZAUKTII LlKTSCIIKR K TK V. I F{IKSTI.Y Kaiciiaicv TRI ' ITT El.l.VOK K. Bki.l Barpaka a. Bvrke E. C ' atiikrixk Castlk HKI.K.N I.. (il.EXKOX Barbara A. Avisox .Tank K. Hr vx DORiiTIIV Kmbshokk JI. .lAXF. Gi ' LLKTT Doris Hkaly M. Jaxe Ives Marv .T. Oevkr Axs S. HOSKIXS Mary F, Lambkrtsox Seniors Juniors Elizabeth I . Loiimaxx Mary E. Miller Patricia K, Pai ' E Ann MiitnLEToN Helex a. I ' rcivixe Dorothy A. Kai ' sch VlRI ' .IXlA L. RUIIAKDSON Maridas Kichter Mariox Ij. Waliimax Eleaxor a. Rissei-l AIar.iorie .1, Williams MoLLV .1, WiLSIlX Olivia K. Baker Caroline A. Barfield Mary A. Co ex Maraly ' n E, Davexi ' ort Shirley J. Davis Betty I.. Gibsox Soii)i(niiorts A.VXE E. Herrick Mary I.. MiRPiiv JEAX O. MrURAY Rvth V. Perry EVDORA A. SnlXEBI.Y Xaxcy Siia er i ' ATRIClA BkoWX Betty .1. F2ohert BETTIAXXE (ioRIIAM Fraxi ' ES Mealy Margaret D. .Iohnstox Loi-ISE E. Maddex Derby C. Moore Dorothy A. Miri ' HY ' Frishmi n Barbara Poui-e vlroixia e. ro.mixgek Nancy W. Ritii Barbara J. Seakles Lois J. Smith Jeaxette I.. Stakforii V. Alice Stiritz .lAcrtiELiNE Troth MiihllFton Davis Davrnport Barti. ' iil IliikiT H.-rriik Murray fnen Tolvin (iibnon Porry Sdin.-lily M. Murphy Soarli ' « .!. Brown Gevt-r Hoskins Russell Williiims Enilislinff Wilson Shaver Ransoh I.ainlierljion Oorhain PoKUe P. Browi Trolh D. Healv Wahinian Provinc Lohmann Gleniion B: ' ll Miller Bnrke Ives (iullell Caslle Pape Rirhler KieharilMin Smith Mailileii Avisnn Sinfforil D. Mnrphv li.iniiiiser Johnston Moore Stiriti KkImtI F. Healy Ruth I ' ago 475 Fnilnticd uKiniii State Normnl, 1897 • i.rliiiiiiie Aciire Chapters Ita Sii:ina Omicron Chapter Established, 1923 1204 South Lincoln Avenue Jc F, M. Morgan . i !■: .mi; !•; i; s i x r x i a- k k s i t v (inuUiate Studenis AWK B. Si ' KNCK Barbara R. Am.xctt Jeanne E. Bost Dorothy Egokbrkct Lois .1. Hitchcock Seniors Hktu a. Irvine I.orisK H. McIntyre J. Carol Rooeks Evelyn H. Sciiwaoeb IvA II. Berry Betty JI. Boyce Barbara .1. East.m. n Roberta F. Hay Hklex E. Hey .IlXE B. HOCKER Vera Homru;iious Charlotte L. Huber Juniors Ink . . I. .Tiih.N ' Son A ' lcTORlA Kea(;an Bakhara .7. Rich WkKTA a. RflBI.VSON Dorothy L. Schick ArilREY SCIIREIXER I 01S .?. SCH CLZ Rcth SHE. RK1C Phyllis Atzenhoffeb Martha MacGai.liard Alice A. Kohkev Phyllis . . Skii ' Sojihoiitores Mary E. Schwager . LICE A. Sti.mikkt Phyllis M. White Chery ' L L. Wolke Bette E. ( ' ak.mis Margi ' eriti: Ca.mi-bell Janet M. Chap.max Clara L. Clark I )ROTH CLK.MK.VTS Marilyn Divan Frances 1. Fox Fresh mi lil.T ' l 1,, U-V.M.MKKLCXD .MAIt ' IAKKT M. HCKI» I.IMS A. KkLLY 1V KHAKA .M. KEXXEY MCKIKI. McHkIIIE El.oISE McCaktv Bktty Ratsox Haky E. Wktzi.kk Berry M. SrhwaciT Slinipcrt Wolfo Atzi ' lilioffiT Hi ' hiok Hoy Sih ' ihi ' Si ' i|i MnrCnllinrd Roilki-y JnliiiKnn RoliiiiHoii Koiilioy Chiiiimnn McBriili ' Ronemi Srlircliicr Ennlinnn ShoariT HuIht Scliulz Horkcr Boyoj- Rich Wctzlor Divan Hny Mnrean EKKctirt ' ct Rnk ' t-r ' t E. SoliwaK ' T Irviiio Hilclirook Allniitt Xlclnlyii ' Bost Humrielioiis Wliiti ' Hiiril Clark Cainpholl I{ainiiit rliiiHl Carlimi.s Rapsoii CloinonlH KoIIy Fox McCarty I ' ligc 17(1 ■ ' siis ' ©■• y ! - ' Moiimoulh Co!Icpi». 1S70 Seffntyfour Active Cfiattlers Uetfi hHrnbda Cliapter Eatablishfd, 1S99 IIOS South Lincoln Avenue amm am.ntci Harriet T. Bakto. A.M. I ' Wcr LTV KATiriivx V. BiRXs. A.M. .M K.M i; i; i;.s i . r i " kk ' sity Giadiiate Student K.VTIIKINE E. XirKOLEV Betty .T. Ami . i Klsie M. Bittini:er Charlotte L. Coxrad .Iii.L S. B )(;(is KLIZAHETII I ' . I EAI. Mary 1.. Hkisei, Marijaret M. Hknxessy lAlULYX B. Dow HiTii .1. Hicks Harriet .1. Hoettchex Kr.vxce-s .T. HrxToox .KRTE L. LaXDIS Seniors Juniors .Teaxxettk Hixcki.ey douotiiy t.. .toxe.s Barbara .T. Nomi.e Xaxcv Phai.ex Xaxcy Robb Helkx I,. Seatcix Dorothy I.. Koniiix. ' ; l.VLK O. SCHWABK MARdARET V. WKI.SH K. .I.VXE S.XIITH MAR iAKET (i. .STIWIPE Bettie ! . Teetor Bess 1». Soiihonion Fraxcoise D. Brish K. thrixe Day .loAX K. (iERWE I OROTHY K. (ilM.K ' K MARr.ARET E. (.iREfioKY Jeaxette E. Caklsox Dorothy .1. Dow Fr. xces Joxes SrK . . KxippEXBERi; BaKB.VRA M(iORE Elizabeth .1. JIorrisox F. Pace Fox Freshmen Kathryx J. Xelsox Barbara R. P.kce Estelle a. Richardsox M. RiAX C. Shepherd Xaxcy M. KAI.BKLEIsrit Gwexdolvx D. Small Sally J. Tirxkr iKMIilLIt .T. Warmber Barbara .1. Wyxx CoIRTXEY B. MiCraTH F. .loiics Day Pace OrfBor.v WBrmber Gerwc Gillii-k Slipplii-rd Wjnn KiiippciilHTe .Nelson I ' lirniT Brush DfBl ' . " lumi). ' Hennossv Hoettoheii Rolih Plinlen Xoblc YosI Richardson Mcliralh Teelor nillhii; -r Welsh Hineklev ' M. Do»- Elmore C ' onra.l Robbins D. .Tones Srhwatx- Boess Lanilis Seaton Fox Hiiks D. Di.w Morrison Sniilh Carlson Hiinloon Heisel Kalbllcisoh Page 477 Fiiiimlfil V,!.li..vnn CoUese. li . ' .2 SiAltl-li ' o Arlirt ' { ' hfiptrrtt Delia Heln Chapter Kalablitheil . 7US1 TOO Ohio SIrert LonsK B. DiNBAR, Ph.D. K A ( ' r I . I Vki,m. L. Hknkv. A.m. .M i:.M p. KIJS I I- I VKKSITV Lois V. Hoomek DoRiK B. Cahrison- (irodiuttt St Hilt nfs Kl,l IlKTM I . I ' M) Kl.I . HKTH ,1 . ' I ' f UX KLI. Ki TH L. WiiiTi.orK JaNKT DW TiR Nathalie Ij. Oki.ts (I. ARK W. Hall AM ' K l.HHKV Htniors Mak.iuiuk K. yri.v Rosalind .T. Sknnkkk riiARLoTTE M. Wax M. t ' HAKLOTTE DaVIS Jtruior H. .lAVNt MKAiillEK Fn .shiiKtH RlTlI r. SOI ' EU Mfttchor giiln Hittl GolU itnisuii Sennoff Loroy I ' lmc I7S Vniversity of NVhraskn. IIMO Tirruty-grrttt .If it-.- ChnftUfM iHinniR Clmj ' tor Knldlilinhid. tun 7 . ' ir.« Oliin SIn.l ' CLEO KlTZSlMMOSS. M.S. RiTii ( " . Fkkkm. x. M.S. FACT LTV H-MJKIKT K. HaMM. A.B. KMM K, llTTON. H.L.S. .M i;.M I! KIJS IN IN I VKRSITV El.UAllKTIl .1 H.VKKK .IlAXIT.V F. liKKIiKR KvKi.vx M. Took KSTIIKK M. (iRAV Seniors (iKAt K . . HwvuKTH A iNK.SKKLLK .1 A. Ml K.SOX RiTii C. Kriix BaUBAUA .1. MlI.l.KK .Mdrkv U. Pfeifkr Ai.iTK E. SiEc;Mrxr Hki.kx I». Stai ' KIIoise MAKV L. SrXUKRI.AXIl Martha I. Vaii Bkttv J. Bkxsox Hazki. K. Chellrero Juniors Martha K. Ci.ikveu Vircixia JI. Hvsloi- M IR.riiRIK Z. ' kazik Mary C. tiRKK.sox Sophomorrs (il.AIIVS M. Kill AREK MllMA.M PkkSTOX ! ' ATRiri . . Tew . XITA K. IJnXDV Frexhiui n Doris I . ( " iirrixiitox (iRa)Ii.i.a O. Davis fAROI.VX M. . l (_nV Ctrny Cimk Corrinploii Slni ' khniiw riuoviT ' ' hdll) — r IWrecr Vffiier JjiniieNon Hfiwnrlh Kutin Bpiison McCoy Davis Voaaie Sii ' Ciniiinl Waiil Millor ISNktT SiiniU rlan(l Bendy Koran-k Page 479 Founded lluiuer ColU ' ffe, 1913 tily-aeren Active Chapters Theta Clittpter ICstahlished, J9 :s 1113 SoiUh Ettclid Street Lama .M i;. i i; K i;s i x ix i v ki;sitv Stmors Lori.SK I ' jiAXKKORT Rki.i.a L. H01.1.KI) .III.IKT I ' . Kl.KlX (iKNKVIKVK Kl.INK . (niiors SOXVA T. Lkvixtiiai AXITA R. MAI.T7. ?-XlII R. JlKRKXS Shirlkv Stkrnstkin GWKXIXil.VX D. BUKSTOXF. PlIVl.I.IS I. El ' STEIX AUDKKV ,M. FLKSHAM El.AlXK 1.. (:h,K(1HI (iKIlTnriiK (iRKKXIlKRf; i ' llVrj.IS A. (iRKKNWAl.l) DdliilTllV M. I.KIKKK Soiihoiitorrti SVI, ' I A IJ. T.KVIX Kf ' rii li. Maiuts lllJiXADlXK H. TAII! SlIlRl.K ' N ' WlXKTT ES ' niKIl S, W ' OLK EVKl.VX Vl ' l:ZBURU JKAX fi. liKRfi JKAX 1). 1(111 X ElAIXK .M. (ilNSBl RG IJKATliin; (iuLnlUMtfi ClIARUlTTK C;(lMlHi:il(i Lairktta C ' Kl.lSTK KlCOSNKR .lArcjlKLlXK (i. l.KFTOX Kl.AlNK JlAl.TZ Gkrtrtdk G. Shaxkkld TllKLMA G. SUAN ' KEl.I) Anita K. Aukams IlCMA L. HORIN MvRXA H. Dk Bakdas, Ml 1:11.1. Iv. (•uKlioN I ' KAItl, JS. HaHTMAN El.AINK JAFFK Si . ssy. .Mkssi-;n ; KvKr.vN Mn iTf Florence Newman Jane L. Stkin Fave E Zimmerman ( ' . (iolilbiTi; lljirtiiinii iiiiiiiMTiniiii Mi ' NMciiict ' i- Ilnrrift K. Miiltx .Ahrniiis Krosnor Ciinslnirt; Uori: ii. Slitnifflfl T. Sliiiiifi ' ltl l.t ' fton Holtin FU ' Hlmm Tniib Ia«ifiT KpHt4 iii Orociibprt; tireonwiild (iilford Miirrtis Wiilk Sh riisti in Mfn iiN IlliicHlnno K. HolU ' b KUno licviii lii ' vinltinl Friiiikfort A. MbIIz Klein Winrit lii HiinliiH M ivii( Stfin Ncwiiiait h. Ilollrb JnfTc Pngp 4S0 Foumlrd Monmouth College. 1867 Eiffhti three Actne Chapters Illinois Zeta Chapter Established, JS95 1003 South Wright Street M. Lek Etheredgk, M.D., WiLLA K. Gakvkr, B.L.S. FACLI rV Makia Lkoxaru. am , I.itt.D. Nelle JI. Sionor, A.B., B.L.S. .MH.MBKRS IN rXlVERSITY Mariorie E. Barton Marjorie Carpentikr IMOOEXE M. Chandler Lois R. Fuller Georgia A. Harry Seniors .Tosephine Hemminuton Elizabeth Hixes Bertha J. Kinnear .Josephine S. Lehm.ann S.ARAH A. LiPSCO.MB Ella C. Morris Nancy J. Nichols Helen Prescott ViKfilNIA KuLLO Mary A. Tarblk Martha E. Tendick JATNI K. TirVESoN Mabylyk Bradford Betty P. Burns m.vroaret j. doake Mari ' .aret M. Enochs Mary F. George Juniors BABB.UIA .T. GlLLIXOIIAM Charlotte A. Kinneak Jean E. Love.ioy ' GEORiiiA A. Moon Dorothy E. Owen Gwendolyn Peterson Virginia L. Powers J. Sue Poyee Betty .1. Prluu .TULIE Sheckler Maroabet a. S.mith 0. JA.VE TaWNEY Charlotte Warre.s Phalli!; A. Wiksknee Jayne E. Zidkk Phyllis A. Be.ayer Margery Belixjws ViRoiNi.A M. Kennedy liophomores KuTH L. Lee Mar.iorie Moxtoomery Isabelle PRI.Vi! Molly Ramji .-Vleen S. Rosenbukger Patricia Settlemire Jeanette Smith Ju.anita Zimmerman M.VRGIE BlTZER Marjorie F. Gallivan Barbara .J. Holmes Barb.vra J. Kelley Ethel McDonald S.vRAH M. Millard Fresh III in Jean M. Olandeb je.annette ross Hele.v L. Schnkpi ' Jeanette Suhbrink M. Martha Wheeler Wheeler Schne|.p Kelley Ross MillaH Holmes Brailford Bellows Bitzcr Olamler Rosenlmruer Kenneily J. Smith Primm Siiilhriiik Zimmerman McDonald George Enochs Gillineham C. Kinnear MontEomory Powers Settlemire Ramm Prine Lee Weisner Peterson Sheckler Gallivan Zidek Burns Doake Lipscomb Moon Lovejoy Warren Prescoll Sirhols Harry Owen Poyer Beaver M. Smith Rollo Fuller Leiiinann Tendick Hincs B. Kinnear Barton Chandler Carpentier Tuvenon Hemminesoii Tarble Moms Page 481 Fotmded ' iirncll University, 1917 I irrnf} Artire Chapters Kni)| a Chapter Establinhrd, 1926 1104 W ' pHt Xevada Street cima ail . i K.M i; i; i;s i x ix i - k usnv Carolyn Bkki;m. x Seniors liilSI.YX IXLAXDER MlI.DREU K. COHEX RfTH E. COIIEX ESTKl.I-K R. COIIX KVELYN D. Fl.ESril KoJiALYN " FlilEDLANDER .1 Hiuors K. I.AXDAA ' Fav L. Reyxer I.rOILLE A. SCHOENFELD RV ' TH SCIIORSCH Joan J. Weiss Poi.i.Y Bernstein IMlYI.I.IS R. COHEX Diane K. Coiix Maxixe Creenbero Marpelle Katz Shirley R. Landsman Pearl J. Lernek Soiihoiiiores (lERALDINE M. LeYIX Lois R. Mell Phyllis E. Perlsteix Jan k .1. Km eX JlLIET P. RoSIN Natalie J. Stolkix .lEAX r . WoI.FBERO Marjorie Aronssox Francine S. FlSIIEIt Harriette Frkii.max l riox ( ill PEAftL (loLII Sylvia S. CiREENHAUM Doris N. Kronthal jACIjrELIXE KiLWIN Harriett E. Levy ' Berexice Mkllmax Fri shiitrn ETIIELYXE JIlLLER Carolixe a. JIeveks Anita Portis jAfQiELixE C. Rice Harriette E. Simox KliITII SOBOROFK L RIAN WeXIiER Lois L Wlscii Rl IIV L. ZlMMERMAX Scliorncl. I, , . ,,.., M ,. .1, ,. I-,;.. li_. ,,. ...:-... l., _. Silnem ( ' .J Km?. R ' iiur I ' lrUlciii .Sl.ilkln LhiiiIkiiihii 1 ' . C..1i.-ii Ivomu Lrrncr Wolllii-ic Kusuii I). Onhll Ia ' Mti LniiilRy V ' i«M Bcririiiiiii Fli ' »oh E, Colin IiilnniliT Frii ' illunilcr Sdini ' iifolil R. Colicn (liocnliori, ' . lfll M. ( ' oIhmi Wciiilir liiii FInImt Aronason FruUiimii ZiininirniiiM Sii1.. ri ir Bcnisii ' in iK ' .vors I ' lige 482 J- ' Itlinlftl Colby Collfi ' f. l.- 74 Fotfj ' f ' nty Sclii ' f t ' linfiU ' rs i;«l»bUsln-d. I una 10 1 1 Soulh ,S ' i.rf i Sin , I Fanxik M. Bkimiks. A.B.. K.N. FACn IY .Id. ' iiK B. HiHlHKXs. B.L.S., A.M. .M K.M I ' , i: i;. I . r. 1 vl•:KslT drddiiolt Stiichnt F,i,iz. i(K ' rir M. Tvxe Owen A. Cl.4RK Marv M. Fle.mixi; Seniors El.K. Xor! M. PliEE.M.VX A ' ritrilxIA P. riKAF M.iKY p. Haxakix M DiAXA PlERSOL Jiinii)r Kathkvx M. Ureex Sophomore RnSANN FlK.MING Fr(sliinnn JrxE M. Medexdorp Ha II II fin .MtMrri ' lorji R. FloininK Fri ' i-niBn Page 483 Founded irginia State Normal School, 1S9S Kiahltj Active Chapters Alpha Kappa Chapter Established, 1921 SOS West Vermont Street Beulaii M. Aumstrong, Ph.D. FACULTY Sdvkkixa E. Nelson ' . Ph.D. GKRTItrDK L. Sevb. M.S. -M !•: - i n i: K s i i . i - 1; i;sitv Ei.EAXOR K. Brown- A ' liKJixiA L. Davis JEANXK F. Hamilton lit MA M. LOUFEK DllXXA M. MliOCH 11. Ai.ii?i; O ' Neil Gradiuite Student DOKIS Flkmixg Se iiors Makybeth Sisney JIary K. Smiley Mabe! a. Thompsox Marv K. Vleder JEAX M. Watts Juniors Marjorie De Youxo Geneva A. Ficker Marjorie Gould Jean K. Honekenger Marjorie R. Billinoton Mary J. Counsil Mary O. Flavell Martha L. Bexsux Marian a. Boxxey Eleanor I. Fleming Betty J. .Toiinsox Marjorie A. Kittrkdce JfAROARET M. McCARTY Miliirel I.,. GrvxN Aldona D. Malelo Elizabeth J. Henn RlTII H. l.VFORI) SofihdiiKnt Fiishiiii n Betty L. Miller Bernice E. Ripka ?;leaxob jr. Roberts Hl.LLX F. Masoxer Helex a. Miller RrTll . MU.LI.R Mildred Roberts Margaret E. Wiialin Ada M. Wiohtmax Lorraine M. Youxgbero F.VLMA L. WoODCOCIv H. Elizabeth Ziegler Lois A. Slyder Ethel M. Weishaar i i. liaiir Ili-ii.Miii .l(,lij,.siiii I)l ' Yimiiij Guulil SI.mI.t HnlliM:;l.iii .- imli-.v Ki]ika Mi-l ' iui.v Kliiiilni: Wiiehtinan B.Miller Kittrvdicc MfiHonor Brown DiivIn Muniilton Ftcki r Mnlrln Hi iiii Sisney ZimkI ' t K. HobortH Vcodnr O ' NoM Loiifek ThoiniiHon Mrocli Yomigbori: W ' litts Counsil Bonney H. Miller H. Miller Lyford Giiynn M. Robcrls Woodcock FInvcll WImlin Honefciiger Puge ■J84 Page 4S5 I ' uiH- 4H(1 Independent Organizations Page 4S7 M.I.D.A. CllAKLKS R. TARIt ROBCKT G. BOXF. EXEC Dl.MU.SD FALTLTV A DV J SOUS Vai.kxtink Jobst VI-; cAi; 1 i:t ClIARUES R. FaRR . . . Spenckr F. Browx. . Ray a. Dimoxd, Jr.. David Li.sowks Morris .1. Fooelmax .Albert K. Htrt Jiarhizon Lodge DA D R. Peaei, lUnkeslce Club C. LoRE.v Kxox Uluebeard JoHX Cecil Buckinohain Palace William C. Moiik Canuidos Rex W. Echard Club Paraffon K. Leon Baxdy Club Topper Donald J. Hanahax Delia Nu ickola.s M. Meter Fi John .J. Donald Ferhy Fire-Point JTouse Charles M. Barnett President Vice-President Secretarji Treasurer HliiiBERT M. KrAUS Kex.xetii D. Sauder Fred H. Tl-rneb Georc e V. OtiisLE ST. 1)1 . (. ' ( • o .M :y[ IT ' I ' !•: K ClI A I i; M KN Ray a. Dimoxd, Jk Social Morris J. Fof:ELMAX Athletics Hkkbert M. Krats Publicity lAMKS Browx Mixers evix E. Kexdall House Or ' jnnization Kexxeth D. Sauder Membership LAVREXfE E. FrAZEE 1 W ri(( J» : I.T.D. A. rOUNTTL TTOUSES Four IJundfiii Bkrni?: L, Wkithorn a. O. H. Ilouae Bertram E. Clakuoe ( Hall Caroll G. Johxsox JJoii-se of David James B. Conness lllico .lOHX E. DOWHAI.T, Jllini Ciuh Earl E. De V. i,i. lllinigo Uali ' II B. Iarth lUhii Wif ntnii Peter J. Keocja. Jr. Knrnpus Klnn Robert H. Colmkr J. II ( iixilti Ray C. Gessel Le Chateau de Terreur Patrick J. Galvtx Miner llou e James E. Van Wtxkle Monkey Manor Lyle E. Daelekei.d Myers Club DOXALD I. JOHNSOX Nilftson Cluh JosKi ' H J. La Rocco porter House David STKr HKR(; Pukwun Aco)na ROBKRT E. fciEKWATKIEWUZ Retter Club Arthur C. Cocagxe i ' i ' a c .1 nus Rex R. Rhea Rustic Lodfje Joseph F. Dexxixo 607 Club E. Hudson Foreman Squirrel Cage Gordon E. Thorsox Thr Barons Robert F. Thorpe The El Thornel Uouse Daxiel Hatjo TJie Frisidi Peter O. Niemi Tftc Mansion Richard C. Stiles TripleJI Elbert L. Lindahl Two y at Urals Robert T. Hemphill » t If Hi «, t t t |y -4 % Slcwart BromcrHfliiir BttHK Viin Winkle AlfXuniliT Djillofi ' ld Koieinpiii De Willi Cvikotn (layilos Lcd.vilrd Bulz Taninums Bloonipiisliino LcNuiipr Niorai KimhIoII Brailbiir.v SiiiuUt (tulldwny LinowoB Fftrr Brown Diinnnd (liilviii Johnson FleininK RnthcnborK Whitrtold Csuglitan Filson Connviw Stoin Baiimi ' iiN Rimsch Di ' nnini; Divini Cooki- .Vokoriniin KIokii Si ' rwntkicwici I ' ugc 488 1004 South Fourlh Street Granada Club .M i;.M i; Ki;s i x ix i - ki;sitv Graduate Student Fred Witney Armato Km.ih V. Bf.ri: :r Wm.tkr X. Brkymans KiiPNKV L. Bell. Jr. BHIK B. BllRlKK RliBEKT V. BRETZL- FP RniiERT K. Carlson I ' KTKK .1, FRASCONA KlUlERT .1. GaTEWOOD Risseli. K. Gilsiiv WlLLIA.M M. BaSSETT Geori-.e M. Boyle GEOR.JE K, BfRfJHER. .TR. LnriS ( ' AMlLLIt Keith S. Clark RitBERT C. FaIRBAIRN I ' AtL A. FREELAND GiiRlMiN S. BaRKES .loSEfH F. Boixhiardi 1.. Keith Bounds a. Brettmaxn Mt.RRlI.I. F. BlTLER La Verve E. Canham Pail V. Cary Kenton H. Clarke To.SEPH V. DrsT HlBERT W. DaNNEVIK Anthony J. Delavrent Nelson T. Grisamore Glenn L. Gvthier. .loHN W. Hanson Walter (i. Hartzell Cyril Honsik Frank .1. Honsik Robert E. Jolly Roland J. Kowalski Leo M. Goldman John W. Haxlon Richard A. Hrtska Tiavi V Jecha David Kaplan Edwin L. King Lawrence J. William W. Grossman Fredrick D. Gith Robert M. Hewitt DiivALP K. Knorr William E. Koe.ster I ' AI L J. Krogdahl Joseph R. Lameik Wayne A. L mi Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen .loliN B. Hlndeksi Edwin A. .Joseph Jerome M. Levin Alan W. Ml ruoCK Erne IMAS W. Rice Edward J. Rohn. Jr. Clarence Rott Joseph D. Stejskal Robert F. Kirby John C. Orsinger William F. PicK Vll Brice F. Robinson William A. Roll D. Robert Scherer Kenneth J. Langlois Stephen D. Lathrop J. William Lyddon William J. Lvrtin William C. Mrciiow Ted F. Xovak J. Ransom Rice Theodore M. Rice Byron Mallkow .lAMEs E. Smith Edwin .1. sterba Walter P. Stenborg John C. Stoihh Clinton R. Vannemax Edward T. Vo.iak Carl O. Wallman Edwin Wo.icieciiowskx Herbert J. Zei.ler Ramon Schimacher. Jr. William E. Schvvied Sherman L. Stambai ' GH Walter E. Stephens Robert G. Wiiited R. Hasker Wright Robert Kiskamp Stanley Sai.zman Robert Schiekman Robert .1. Sixis Harvey E. Thomas .loHX E. Vaci Harold E. Warren Roger X. We.stberg (;EoRt;E A. YiH- G Kirby, Hcmlorson. Burgher. Wallman. Rott, Smith. Malckow. St»rb«. Joseph. L Rice, Berber. Ztllcr. Lyddon. Lrvin. Wrmht, Dclnurcnt. Armiito. Fairlnim. Omn«rr. Danncvik Vmntnun. Butirr, .Munjock, King. Camillc. Frctland. Vcjak. Pickall. Hriukn, Fra.«ona. Wojciechowski. Guthior, Rohn. F. Honaik. C. Honjik. . ' ichunuchor. RohinKn. BonilT, .Stamb«u|[h. Jrrh.i. PTa Stough, .Schcrrr. .Schwicd. Baxwtt. Kowalski. Roll, . lonborg. Orisamorc. Boyle. Brcttmann. Lami, Whitcd, Fcrolic. f tejskal. Clark. J. Him, Guth. Schiffman, Jolly .Miichow. Boun ' K Hrwitl, Saliman. Woatborg. Cary. Canham. Young, Ijimock, T. Rice. KccsUr. Simm Knorr, Boechianli. Du»t, Warren, Bell Page i»9 25 South Wright Street mini Hall KlUKNK ( ' . CllKNDWKTII, A.M. .7ciH ( ' . MlI.KS. B.S. .M KM 11 KKs I x r. I - 1; i;s n ' Giadtmic Students Ekxest E. BaII! Robert J. Bavmaxs S. Bradley Bursox Morris T. Joxes JoHX W. Barnes M. ElGEXK Bavghmax William H. Blatti Glex L. Borden Ernest I. Barker Alpixer S. Euhman Louis E. Goldstein Bernard W. Achexback Charles M. Campbell James E. Caxtwell C. Joseph Gai thieb La Verxe E. Anderson DeWayxe E. Calvert Donald W, Cameron Dhight E. Cook Leland R, Cross George G. Dibinetz William N. Gregg, Jr. Robert W. Kidder Karl F. KRArs James O. Moxkok. Jr. Spencer K. Brown James M. Bimgarnkk . RTHIK M. FanER Joseph E. Foster Leslie G. Grapkr. Jk. Harvey Korsiiak Edward M. Levy Seniors Juniors SophdiiKtres .loHV A. HiaEFC .lAY K. IIlNCHrLIKKE. .1 R. ' rKTL( V K. .)(lllNS(tN Kc)Hi:kt B. Kohl Freshmen Edward L. Holmgren Howard L. Hornstein EroENK C. HrXTKR Stephen R. Jarvis . NToNE C. Kadlec. .Ir. I . Meredith Klinefelter Edward A. Kmktko Carl 0. Miehliluse Jack P. O ' Connell Ll.OVD F. Ol.E.SON Rli ' IlAHD ( ' . H.VKDING Albert E. Hi ' rt Facl E. Mc. xally .loiiN E. .Mali.orv MlRR.VY G. Lvox James C. Pedkrsex Sa.muel J. Scott IIdbekt E. WcCleary Dwiii Peterson LufNAKD SCHECHT.MAN KCSSEl.l. A. Schccker .IcUIX 1 . McCl.ANAHAN L. .MBKRT .1. iLvTHY Charles G. Miller .r. Wesley Morgan, Jr. .Meredith J. iMorris Anton A. PociASK, Jb. William G. Reppell David E. Parker Everett G. Ravh Charles M. Roselle James C. Stewart James H. Pratiieic Richard G. Reinhvkdt William H. Rice Roger S. Rcsh rcssell g. sherman Bryan S. Walworth Edward C. Webster Charles W. Soi ' i-hakd Paul L. Stark James A. V.vrxku John E. Yonce Eugene B. Rav.moxd George C. Rimnac Floyd R. Rogers Sheldon R. Smith Roger B. Stevens Harold Susman Harold G. Wriedt HurfJiiiK .Milli ' j- Kus K Wiifill Kiihl Hi I Sherman MorKlin Yonce Grnper Duhinet Miirris Uuinjrtirner OleMon CroKH ItarncH KorKhiik Hnyinond Lov.v Hnhnuren Scliurker JoneH U( |i[H ' ll ileuiT SflitM ' hlnilin HlMih McVniilly Aiiilerson Biiir Canlwell Calvert Brown McClnnnhnn Kiiiller Miithy Lyon Faner Cook Pe Ierfien Cinneron Kidfier (ioliUtein Eiehnmn Campbe Scott Hunter PelerHon Foster , ehenl)ark Klinefelter Welister Grecj; U)iu ;liiiiiit] Knirlko Mullorv ' litre (iiiulhier I Stevens Borden Hurt I ' lijfp 490 Hill Hall Vll.l.l.Ml K. Bo.MtliMAN NVK F. Hchslim; .1 M»;S K. IIMMISS How M{|i I.. Fl.KMISG I{U1I KP K. IIWIMKK .KAI.V M. Hl)l.MKS K VI.I ' II H, .I.VMKS M 1:M 11 K U8 IX r. I - K us IT fl.AKKXCK D. JESSEX Cakom. G. Johxsox NtntMAN V. Key ' PilKohottK V. LaKijk .Idiin M. Lewis UiiiiEUT H. Miiiinv RaymoxI) I. Mowers Mykox C. Mi:ei,i.eii •■ VIM. K. Oekteey KissEi.1, L. Park Wll.l.lAM I ' ARKS. Jr. C ' L.viR .v. Piter WEEBV W. 8|. IM( 8 KnxAi.ii F. .Slave GORIIDN K. TlloMI ' SON D. .Steve " ar er .MiTciiEi.i. K. Warwick KaI.I ' H S. YlPllE Key Lewis Warwick llioiiipson Boanhiiaii Lai iy Holmes Varner Mowers Jlueller Parks .Tames Cummins Klemin? Johnson lionslog Jensen Slane Oertlev Hammer Simmons Yolie Park Moody Piper Myers ' Club L RVI L. . I»AMS BtXJAMlX V. BEDKIIRII ■I VMES W. BisHor ThaiiI ' EIs W. Cap l{ VI.I ' II L. ClI VMItERI.AIN MEMBERS IX UXIVKKSITV Charles V. Dirkee Leo K. Foley KaY.MI X1) J. Grekxvvalu William . . Gross . R OI.Ii R. JOHVSOX Donald I. Johnson Ross W. Johxsox XORMAX C. MlLI.ETT John W. Moxahax Lee E. Movvrer William J. Rhodes H. William Sakkord Herbert R. Savaije Hexry C Seidl .■Vrthik F. Zevivv. Jr. Zcman Uiulic linj.s» -Milieu Uliuiiei. Foley Savage D. Jolmsoii ArJams Cap Bishop ;iiiiln-i-liiiii SalTnr ' l . . Johnson Ueilforil Monahaii Sold) (Jreenwalil MowTer R. .Tohn ion Page 491 The Mansion .M KM i; i;i;s i r i - 1-: wsity J. MaRI.IS HKNSitN Arnold I . Hkrkowitz Kl.UER A. Hl.ASCO .Iack K. Hkink Karl K. Cri-r i llARLFS K. nOBRATH JoSKi ' lI A. Fklman GKORliK K. Fklkkl Harold S. Frknch I ' KKIHtlC .1. CAVLIN ' Hkxky T. Gray Gkor(;k T. Grkkxstkis .IdSEI ' H M. GkKKXWOOD K(»UKKT L. Hanks Gkokuk V. HaRI ' KR William H. Hill Alukktis .1. HoKFS Kirn Mill V. Hi riiKKT Dale E. Jackson A. HorsTON Jkrhax Gkorge S. Jkriias G. Martin ' Kirkwood Francis J. LExcioxr Robert V. Loft Robert F. Miller Robert A. Mullicax Jeiiiel Xovick Robert B. Rasmisskx Daniel J. Reoan Rarnkv M. Sablowskv William .1. Schmitzek Ika D. Solexbkhoeu ClIAIU.KS W. Sl ' KXCEK RhiiAUD C. Stiles Ainin R Witthoekkt Gray G. .It ' rdan iJeikuw iiz Loft Lencioni Hutliert Kirkwood Iloflfs ri ' ciich Hanks Greenstein Scliniitzer Witthoeflft Jackson Gavlin Dobrath Harper (Jroenwood Hill Xovick Miller Mulligan Blasco Rasmussen Cupp Brink Spencer Benson Stiles Felkel Solenberger A. Jerdan Re?an Sacliwa House : i K.M i; Kijs i r. I V i; ijsiTV Kdwarii C. Ahress r ' llARLKS V. Barsiiingeb Frederick T. Brooks .Iaues Browx Raymond J. Chapelle Pail L. Cochran Chester L. Colby Gl-YXX T. COROCORAN H lBKRT G. DKMAKKK William .1. Derrig Clyde Edrixmtox Xkil M. Klliott Andrew B. Gaydos Delmar W. Hcecel Mitchell G. Kaxe William J. KiZEvnii Andrew F. Kocti r Donald H. Kchn Feter p. Lvkas Ramox H. Mason Arthcr L. McGlish Ci ' RTis G. Newman Glkxx D. Oertlky C. Raymoxd Ogo, Jr. Olak O. Paasche RxY.MiiMi M. Powers Carl N. Reilly. Jr. Tii()Mas M, Robertson Hexry C. Scholbero William X, Thompson ( ' ortiridi ( liHfM-He Srholberir (Jaydo« McClinli Powers Xi ' Winan Barsli inner t ' ill y : : ICidn-) isim Kurinr Oertley MnHon Mrs. Cook Deniaree Derrii: ThornpRon AhrenR Klzovieh Hueirel Jirtiwii Lnkiis lirnnks Ktilin Klliott Kdrincton Pnasclio Knno Reilly Corcornn Pago 492 405 Easi John Strt-ft Presbyterian Hall MEMBERS IN UXIVEKSITV Seniors Doris M. Banks Melha F. BKDrORO Makiov I.. Davghkbty F. El.KANOR Ewixo Al.ICK K. Feuek Kith K. HKr.ASiiKR Elizabeth S. McIsnes Dorothy .1. Newman Mary E. Ready Jaxkt M. Smaltz Marilyn Vanuerwarip Mary H. Warren Juniors Florence X. Anderson Norma A. Beebe MARf ARET A. BoNADIRKR MAR.iiiKrK .1. Foster Esther A. Hai TTf ' i.EisrH Shirley J. Henderson Frances E. Johsson SiE Karstetter Mary Iv. Kelly Margaret L. McHuoh Gertrude C. McKinney Marjorie J. North Mykna M. Parr Victoria M. Kosencrantz Bernice M. Sexauer Barbara M. Van Dykh Barbara E. Willouohby Elizabeth L. Arnold Makiav V. Gail Mary K. .1 ckson Soplwmores Makcvret K. McCaui.ey Helen A. Myers Kith M. Nii.sen Lois Robinson Marianna J[, Schroeder Kith E. Stevenson Frances E, Wenzel L. loLKNE WEXZEL Freshmen Helen S. Cami-bell Mary E. Ewing Dorothy J. Foster Alberta C. Menzel (ARTHA R. i ' lIILLII ' S Sylvia M. Svksdses Frances J. Wessels Sm; i ' lolli|i» I), FusU-i M. l,«ii.k ' Wt-vwl.-. .■Sh-uJmii l-iiiiii ' lHll Miii cl Nilson Robinson Gail Arnolrl Mjits I. Wonzol .lackson Stevenson )[i( ' auli v SohroeiliT F. Won ol Kosi-ncrantz WillouRhby Johnson M. Fosler McHuch Henderson Kelly Karsleller Haniiltleiseh North Beebe MeKinney bexaner Parr altz Xownian Helandcr Warren Bonadurer Ready Fenror E. E«ing Dnughcrty anderwarf Bedford Banks Page 493 I 1 1 1 WesI Nevada Street Mary E. Busey Hall .M i;. l 1! K us 1 X 1X1 " K lis I TV .St iiior6 Makuarkt a. Anderson Jeasse L. Haiku Arsklia .M. Block Ravei.i R. Bkoi skv Lillian C. Bitlek Mary A. Cassidy Suzanne Coale Kita Bkkuant Ber-nice Blatt Madeline A. Bitterfield Lois M. Carhekry KuTH V. Cherry Marias Davis Ruth Kpstein La Verne M. Ksser Mary K. Fahky Prances L. Ar " her Florence I . Barrett Ri ' TH ?;. Bercren Virginia K. Blackard Geramune M. Cohen Gwendolyn V. Crain Irm(;arii Anthokkr Laverne Bergman Maxine Berliant Betty L. Bermax Dorothy L. Botteron Marilyn Brown lee Eva p. Bi diselich Mildred A. Bikkluxd Laurie .!. Cleakv Claire M. Craven Eloisa De Femcis Phyllis K. Dolan s. priscilla ewing Mary E. Feeney Fern S. H f:i:rt TTi: Fr;f I ' r ' Hazkl B. Damisch Martha Kiirlich VimiiNiA A. 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Evans Hall M KM i; KK IN I N I i; i;s I T - Rl Til A. A ' iATK RlTH J. Al.KSKIX CiiRiNNK M. Andrews t HlRl-KV F. BaSKIS YuLASPA K. De Larco Bettv Dexholh Lii.v Berxsox Patricia Bowex Kathleen V. Casey 1 ' L. Casey Thk[.ma R. Cohen Al»AH F. Kl,l.l! " f TT Jean Gay LllY A. CiREEX Ki.ipRENCE R. Albert Natalie B. Becker Miriam H. Boxermas (temr«;ette Cohen LaVekne H. Cohes Doris M. Ct HX I»LLEEN D. COXDOX Fay H . Da« IDOFF Mary R. Dowlixg Mak«;ery Allison H RK1ET J. BeRGMAX I.ILI. IAX BlECHEK loVCK BoRli HARItARA L. BrL " M«ACH I.ILA CiTROX Mariorie K. Cohax Dorothy L. Dexxe AllELE De Werff S. Gertrike Dox KLKANORE C. DoWLlNG Marna L. Edie KNIIi ( ' . Elesh El ' ILE FREIREICH Grace Gertz Betty A. Eatox ViRnixiA M. Froyd RiTH ,1. Goldberg Betty M. Graxxemax Grace C. Haxtover Eileen M. Harry Helex S. Grosberg Harriet Hand Gloria J. Havf Bette I. Hvexeroardt RiTH p. HWAXG RlTH V. KCHLMANX Lois K. Larxer Doris J. Layson Seniors Juniors ' ioi)homor€S Sharox X. Dysart Harriet K. 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Jay Maimiiuie K. Kaxe Hazel K. Miller -Mary E. Myers ViRoixiA M. Webb Soph()}iif}r( . l.nRAIXE AXDERSOX D. EVEI.YX Bl.lME Charlotte Castle Elizabeth M. Doyle Mary J. Grikkith l M O. IllBER li i:it i{ .1. Kindred Rozella M, Oi.tmax Mary J. Stoxe Jeax A. WHiTroMB Fn .til nil II Elizabeth Bowmax Helex J. CoixciL Mary J. Creuo Shirley M. Gemmer Phyllis L. Holdsworth Lelia E. Holla nhsworth KaITH I. l EONAKIi Phyllis E. Read Elizabeth A. Sciiierbavm Barbara J. Skeltox Mildred L. Warfield ll.)yl.. HuL.T OIliiwiTi Griflilh Slnno Aiiil.Tson Wiirtl. ' l.l Cn«ll,. BI1M114. l.i.i.. liriikiT KhhiI Krilrli Millir Grnlintn Einh ' .v Myi ' is Knno .Tliy Wclili Whitcoml) Billermnnn Goist Kilton Xorris Bri ' uiT Shielils Hurl WiiK Sii-meii SluTiinn E lwilril» Hnllnn ' lsworth Bowman M ' ninn r Iloldsworlli Skfllon I-coiinril SrhiprhBitin Council Crvgn Page 497 807 South Wright Street Davenport House Angela Ki-eene Helkx O. Malmberg -M E .M B E K S 1 X L " X 1 ' 1-: 1{ S 1 T Y Seniors LOBKSA M. MoMlLLKN Hki.k.n E. Mh.i.f.r DOROTHV M, STKINBERG WiLMA J. CaXTERBIKV Margaret A. Hogg ?::ls1£ M. Jai ' obs Lekore G. Jones Marvdei.le Kimmel Harbara J, Lai ' be Hp:les B. Levy LoCELLA LiTTERLY Juniors Dorothy M. Manx Helen R. Mayk Mary L. Notman Kldkkmk B. 1 ' eterson Marilyn D. Peterson Martha J. Stropes Dorothy M. Wilboikn CoxSTANXE D. Bradley Mary H. Gray La Vkrta E. Homeier Phyllis J. Kloock Jeanne Knox Janet J. Malmijiist EUI ' HEMIA MaKI ' HI ' K Sophomores Margaret A. McClure Rosemary Miller Phyllis L. Minor Mak a. Rasmusen M. Daisy Wixstead Virginia A. Woodham Grace L, Zinore Olga S. Baltowski Rl ' TH BORWICK (, ' laibe Christiansen Helen J. Coeey Helen J. Esson Margaret A. Hinsox UiTii E. Libekman Freshmen Loi.ABEi. Lord Pailine Mitchel Marie Pomatto E. Harryette alyers Millicext Sloboda PALMA J. Tl ' RLEY Hrimeier Grny Minor rnntcrbury Kiiox MiilinqiiiHt RnBiniiKcn McCIuro Woodlmm Winstead R. 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(Irniit Holmes Pivot to Moory Kodniaii Ctmrad Stewart Webb Moon Fiedler Duckworth StcliTt KftKton Gould Kniin Fain Olson (Iroonwood T, ft V I ' ll Schu ussier O ' Connor Pratt Page 499 H2 Kasl nnni. ' l Stri-et Stratford House M i:.M i; i:i;s i x |- n i - k i;sitv Ann L. Axdebsos HKLKX JI. Bl-MIIA Scnioii V. Fkasku MviiNi: M. (Jitviiii Muli.UtKT K. MVNSOX Al.h i: 1. SkabkrT Bkttv L. Sii ai ' Kki. ;Maiiv K. Vii " ;i;it Jtinior.i Helex F. Ckavkx AXXE M. Cri.l-ERTOX Marie .1. Dvoracskk MaRV G. GlAMITTl Flokknck K. Hackkti ' M. .1 V K HaKMOX UliSlLA M. Kellv Muriel H. Ki.ixck M Mi.HiKIK M lJirHi:iCS4 V Pai ' lixk M. Haas Jeanxk V. Ha. MM Saphoiitons LoxA V. Hkuuhn Florence ( ' . !, I ' a(;i.ia AiiXKs H. Xrriiiv KlTH L. K.IK Knsvi.iK M. f Mr ' rH AULYS M. Strkitmatti-.u Fn ,ihmi n Jaxet a. Amiersox WlXIKREO V. COMRIE MAR(.iAl:ET A. rri.EERTON h. JeANNKT ' I ' E 1 ' ' RKRIC1IS VlUOIXIA F. ' EKLV Iris I. Ui.sov Irene .1. Si ' oi.An M. t ' ullcrlMii 1,11 Pnulin Dvonum ' k Cdiiirii- Hiiiibn Crnvi ' ii SliiKki l Kiio Siiiilli lliirmiin Uiolii-rson Spolar A. AinkTMHi StroihiiHltiT (iiitnutti Ilfrrmi IliiitH Miinsnn Cirii:;!!: Wiilcor Kelly Olson Nilrii}- Klingo .1. Anilcmon Si-nhorl Hiicki ' lt NiM ' ly PniRiT lliinim Fn-riclis A. I ' lillorion Page 500 Acliaea Kl.MSK K. ASIII.KV Makv a. Bkkkii:i.i M. KST.M-KSK Bl.MK KVKI.VX 1. BoKiiKN Kl.sii; M. Hi 1 llAXAX M. IsAIlKl.l.i; BiTI.ER S K ll A. Kiiwz .M KM i; Mauiiaiikt K. Ill ntkk Bakiiaka K. KKANrKS K. .iKNMNdS BoMTA .). LaVTOX Florkxtk L. MAi i:K Jkaxkttk D. Maiikk . IN I ' I-: ijsi T DnKOTHV I). M KiintJCTfj MAKii.AKKT (». Mt Mil ViKlllMA 1. TaKKILL SHIKI.KK L. I ' KKKINS LoK.MNK W. | KRTi:iT Lillian X. 1 oll Snj-lll A. PnWKLL Lois D. KiMiKK Kith K. Tin how Dklurks E. Waonkr Phyllis K. ViTZt;L K. .MaUIK W ' KKiHT Hainillini Munrli ISiUN-r I ' nwrll ' A ' agner Jenniiifr-s MoRoberts F. Mader W ' riijht Borsen AViizfl Buchanaa Ashley Tliurow Parrill Rosters J. Mnder Berfield Perkins Alcestis Gravada Chalet lUiwanis Locke Manor .M K.M II K K ' S IN IN I ' KKSI TV Eva ;i:m k Ai-brkcht Rl ' TII ALhKini Mariam J. Archkr GERTRI UK E. BRVIIIiKS GKRTRl ' hH L. t ' llXARIl Makv .1. t ' oxLix DoRRES E. Ckdiih Hazel Ci suk .JrxE IV l VM Sn Fkavtes M, Dees H. .lEAXNE DllNKER Maxive E. Drake Kith M. Hkovkk l EOSA K. ElllTKKNAril Mary A. ErK LrXHEKA E. ElIKHAKT Mary K. Foster Marie C. Frisih B. Beverly Carixu DnRIITHV E. Gkkmax .IdVCE (illKORTll DoRuTiiY L. Graves -M AK.KiniK K. Hall Maiialaine a. Jacobi ' S DnUdTIlV .1. .IaSKOWSKI I.OKAINK ( ' . LASdTA E. Beatrice MiClellaxd Helen I,. MiIlellanh L ' rla I. Meyer HELES 1., MllllEI. CARMEX a. MlllilM.IX (LARA L. I ' AI.OVIC RlTIl E. I ' llKTERElELIl 11. M I L Kllili M. Elizabeth Ross Fern E. Sawyer Katiiryx M. SriiEiB Lois C. SrHEKRARll KttsEMARlE SPHERE Rl ' TH H. SCIILAKE Lois M. SlHMK A. LorisE TiTis Lorraine .1. Tvszko Marilyn R. Williams Helen M. Yates ANN E. Yeaole lii...» .-MiiiMii Mi.h. ' l K.k Kiti; Tilu-. .M.kIsIo. Tj .k. Elirhart Alilrirh EcliliTiiaih Lii-.ciln .lHnki » ki Si ' hcili liii.iir Ciifintli Sihlnki Croiifh Ycacle Yftli ' s Sc-luTr«r l (inrint; Ii|-yilj;i ' S PorlfrCMl.l [ ' ..,i.-i- .iHt ' itltiis Dotikfr Pjilovii ' WillimiK lUll Ari-liiT H. MHIolliinil B. MiC ' li ' llniiil iinsM ' i- Tiis.-li Sclu-rf l»riiki Grnvcs llnviilsoii Page 501 Alpha House Frances S. Adklhardt M. Hope Angkl MARIiARKT T. BaLTZELL Ruth E. Burger Mii.iuiKD CAi ' i.ixr. M I ' , .Ml ' . !•; 11 S IX V X 1 V E R S 1 T Y Cora D. Craig DOROTHV M. Dysart K. Irene Godknecht Ktta M. Hart Lucv J. Hippi.e Carolyn F. Hui.t Dorothy E. Ingle Vivian M. Modine SaLESKA U. PEUEItZOLLI E. Jean Reeves Gertrude A. Reswhk Janet L. Retzkr Keevea KeUer Burger Pysjirt Ini;le Rcinvirk PederzolU HuH Crais Hart Capliu ' i Aiiijel Adelhardt (Jodkiu ' ciit Baltzell Hipplo Allen House Athenia Kyle Klub M 1;M i; KKS IN T-XTVKKSTTY Alice G. Ai.dfn Patritia C. Alden J. AlLEKN BeAX Barrara A. Bell Anne K. Bothwell Martha h. Bothwell Jeanne M. Brows Barbara E. Bruce Doris Billard Martha E. Carlisle LliILLK ( AKK Nelda M. Clayton .lOANNK I . CoOI ' RinKR EHITH I. CROSSLAND Mar.iorik .1. Crossland Maky E. Ei»wari s Martha E. Ellsworth Maxink M. Gladson .Tanet L. Glamore Bettv J. Green Alii:e r. Hill Cakmon R. Hvhbaui Adkle M. .Tecmen Dorothy M. Kaiser Marie M. Kimble Madonna U. Lawrence VlR(lINL P. MCCOLLOM Mary E. MtCord E. June McWhorter Nancy M. McWhorter Bekmce E. Mvkrs Harriett E. Myers Mary M. .Shannon DoROTHV S. Simon Shirley A. Smith Vivian C. Stovall Ruth Walsh Phyllis J. W eeks Marjorie Wilson Kat t ' Al U. . I fri IliiMiiir ' l t ' lil-lisli ' .(.•i-incn M, ( " rosslaiid K. rrnsslnnd SliiiniHiti S. Siiiitli Iti-in-.- WiiMi Wilson itriiwii II. Myeri N, McWIiortiT E. McWIinrlnr Hill l.nwroiiop (ilnninr. ' liulliird McCdlloiii Cnrr Wivks M. Kolhwcll ABnlliwidl MrCiird Bean (iri-on f ' In.vtoii P. AldiMi (ilalNnn Kiinldt ' Simon Bidl A. . ldo» Slovall P»ge 502 Beta House .M I-; .M B H R S 1 X U X 1 X " K ]{ S 1 T MaROABKT K. BlTLKR Hei.ev L. Clinebell l.l V. COLILASIRE Lavisa M. Frantk LiiiisE M. Haas RiTii L. Hariiek Kathrvx L. HrizExoA Carol M. Johnson TWYLLA M. Knake Maruaret a. Manby Marjorie M. McKkan RiTH K. Mitchell Violet N. Xkal Wanda L. 1 ' iiares Mary A. I ' oi-E Mildred I. Reed Barbara A. Rorkrtrok Helen M Roith Maktii k K. Sciiroeder Phyllis M. Si-renoeb Bkutha 1 ' . Thomas KniiV .1. Tow S- KMl Neal McKenn Huizen a Phares Butler Kraiu ' k Spreiiser Haas Routh Thomas Mitchell Robertson Reed Harder Johnson Townsend Manby Clinebell Sclirneder Colclasiire Pope Knakc Cagle Hall MEMBERS IX LXIVERSITY Mary I.. Beau Barbara A. BoRTOX Mary K. BRAXDEXBtur. Elizabeth A. Cathpart Jean K. Fackler Jean E. Gilbero D. Lois Harrev Sarah C. Kane Patricia H. Lewis Esther Liano Dorothy M. Matoz Ann E. McDonald Charlotte C. Meharry AniREY K. Reidleberger Maky M. Rossi Marjorie M. Ro ve Frieda M. Reward Martha L. Small V. Junk Van Zandt Lois O. Voot Oma M. Vogt Marjorie A. Webero Nancy I. Wiiitlock MARYLIX J. WlloRTON L RGARET I.. WiN ' ZENUl ' RGER Cnthcarl Whorto Gilbers n Brandei Seward Lewis Whilloek Kane Van Zandt Winzenburser Borlon Beam Liang L. Vogt nbiirg Reidleberger Fackler Rowe Harren Ros i MrDonald O. Voft Small Malni Page 503 (Taiiima House Ai K .M [ [•: i: s i n i i ' i-: i s i t v iK«;iMA L. Amks Makjokik M. ArsKC l.uis .M. Barrktt Mahv I, Cami ' A. KlI.KKN COIRTNEV COKA .M. DlSTAX MaKITA F. KtiKKRT Patkhma H. Gav Kith ,M, Okovkmhikr Kl.OUKVCK S. Hakkxkss Maiuorik K. IMkki-k MiLDKKM K K MI ' Magoai.kxk Srndosi Kathi.kkn a. Walsh KMII.Y J. WKI.ill DOROTHV L. Wn.TAMrTK Barrett M ' elcli A|1M ' ' Walsh Ain.-v W ilMii Cny t Irdiu ' TTH ' icr tllLJp Fi,T C K;;I.,TI Kaiiip Coriiina Kurd Hall .M i:. i i; K N I ■ X I ' !•; Ix S I ' I ' N- Marv ,T. Bkshkrs Jessie M. Bonnett Marjorie a. Bkksneman Sylvia R. Campbell fr MrLV L. Christopher Kith K. Clai ' ssen Mary H. Davis WlMFPtEI J. DiLLKR Mary .1. Doyle Mary L. Ksvv Vkun M. Fkerichs Kathleen L. Kruis M Kf; KET M. FRI ' IN .lKA L. IlADAM Ki th K. Haiser MaR.IOUIK V. HlTCHEXS liEBECCA .1. IXXIS Kith K. .Iefkehsox Lillian K. .Iknsen K athkvv a. Kkwvokthv K t.lA M. l.LNZ Lohaixe K. Lkpplv .lOAX S. Lesniewski .Iaxe a. Los Ki.izaheth r. Lowe (JitACE A. McPheeters Martha L. MrpHEETEK- Carolvx L. Moiiiu: M. .Ianet MoitU(»w Anne K. I ' aruv Il ' M. I ' EAltrE Hettv a. Porter IritlEL A. ScHirLENKERa Elizabeth .!. Small J. Jane Takman EMILIE M. TlRNER S. LOVISE TlRXEK Jeaxxe Vance Marie L. Vaxce Gkace M. V m;t Konworthy Porter .T. Vniiri- Tnrinnii M. Vhimt Pnrry HiitchciiH K. Kruin S. Turner Vojrt Frerichs Lowe llndnin Dillor M. MrPl (erw Si-Inili-nlM-rif ». MrPlu ' cluis CliriHtophor Espy Doyle Leppltt .Tensi ' ii Leiiz Morrow I «i yUuiff Siimtl IniiiM . L Fniiii Hi-sliern K. Tunn ' r Page r (»4 Leeinaii Lodge M i;. l i; K KS IN INI - KKSITV •Iavkt L. Akmstronc Bakuvka a. Bain SHIKI.KY K. BtUiKK .lANt: C. ClIAMI ' ION Kl.UMtKTIl A. lilTKL I,VI I Hkatii HKTTV J. HKt ' K K. Kmi:ht Bakhaka ,1, Lkwis hois M. I.INhltl.AI) F. 1,A VoNNK .MAKSII MARdAKKT K. .N ' KLSON Kmi K. ' KIKKKK Makv K. () ' Kkkkk KaTUKVN I ' IKTUZXK MMil MA i KIM KVri.l.K Dnuis K. SniMIhT Kl.IZAIiKTH SlIlMIC .1. SnULKK I.At UVitKM.K SlKI.KKT Amta M. Smith Om.ukks Smith RiTH K. Vaknkb .lAfi iKLlM: Vkkthkkb t ' Rsri.A A. VimjTKITTt.R Makjokii. W ' aiik dokis m. w ' hitk .IlAMTA B. WiM.IAMS Makv E. Zimhkrm n Vanier Priiideville Williani ' A. Smitli ; rhatiipion Vni trittor Kniiilit llaiii Marsh Zininieriiinn Pit-trzHk fKi-i-fe .luilrr SifliTt Ht ath Gutcl Sclimir Wade Nelson Hork LirKlMad I . Smith Vt ' i-trees Wliite Aniistrrin Nt-utlVr Sehmult Bober Lewi McKiiiley Hall .M KM I! n ' !•: ij s IT ■ Al.l.Y.V AODKSTEEX MaRJORIK J. AXDERSOX Mary K. Andersox Jkanskttk Barron ViRiiiMv M. Bear Jo A. BociKKR DliRoTllV M. Davies Miriam G. Ehi.ers Al.HE I.. Kathaver Kith Forax Zoi; FoRAX .Teaxxk K. Fuller .IrXK FlTERA DOROTHV F. Garrex Fraxcks I. Graxt Jeasette L. Hall Katmrvn ' M. Harmox Bkttv L. Heixicke I.OKRAIXE C. HeXXIXOS Lmj.ian Hoxaker Kith .Tinkixs Mak»;ahet E. .Tohxsox Betty B. .Ioxes Alekx K. Iost ISAMEL M. KaWECKI Marlwxa KnjAX Eleanor Kovec Hazel [. I. a Tovkrktte Beth E. Lewis n.pridTllv T, M TTICE Dciuiirin ]{ M vY Marjorie L. McCarrox Patriima A. McGowAX MaRIKKAM ' KS MoollY Beatrice M. Moore Karix L. Morsi h Emma V. Noll Vi.ASTA C. I ' AIIOIR IjOriSE G. I ' ARMEXTIER Mariax G. 1 ' etersox Kith E. I ' Hii.i.irs Marceli.a M. Pitra MlI.DRKIl .1. POLXIASZLEK CoxxiE K. Protozza Lexa K. Riley Mabel I,. Kixkel Martha L. Schaeeer ViRlilXLX J. .Shitt Gloria M. Smith Lorn V H. SxYhER Lkr.iory M. Spaix Mary A. Steite M RY A. Stup IVINE M. Teel Aura E. Thiry .liLiA A. Tittle Grayce Wu ' all M. ViRoiNiA Williams Betty M. Woaiie Beilah M. Workman Genevieve A. Zaczek Pllilm-iilicr Hfiiii ' ki- l ' l! U U. Koi-Hi) GrHiil Pliillips lli iiniii:;s |{ilr Wriar - M. E. Aiiili-rMin .. Kornii ,,i l, ,,,!.. 11, ii: l.ii. Miih | I i,.l. ' i lM.,i i.-r 111! ' ' KniKri .1 Mill! riHii r.-ii i- lu-iir Si ' liiirfiT Fuller .loii.-s Willinin- l)iivii. Tiilll.. Lii •rHirr.lir Kinv.iki MiCnrion Slipp .loliiiMiii Mnm.-h Mny Kov. ' c Siiv.l.T Fmluiucr .Tinki.iM Si,|i|m Noll Ziii .ck Pnilniir KhliTs Worliiimn TwI « io»ll Blirroii Mntliiv Kilinii lloniikir Pilni FutiTii Spiiin Gnrr. ' ii H.iiik.r Pnlnia-czlrk Page 505 Medea M KM I " . KI{S IN rXIVI ' MJSITV B. Jrsi! Babbitt ViKoisiA L. Bales Rktty .1. Brooks Mary-Lou Brown L, Patrkma Browning L ISABKi.LK Clark Makjorik R. Cowling Mabv L. Dkicuuann Elaine V. Droste LORETTA M. DZIKRZANOWSKI H. Jank Hookkr WiLMA H. Howard GLKNNA C. HlSTON Lillian D. Koi ' lkwski Kith Y. Ki ' tnkr L. KvEi.YN Larson Virginia H. Layton ISABELLE A. LkWIS M. Adair Lorenson Helen S. Lounsbury Ann McNAfGiiTON Betty L. Meagher Alice K. Pallasch KVELYNNE RASMI ' SSEN Frances J. Rice Hilda Singleton Betty B. Smoot L. Stadtjian Betty A. Stkider BeRNADINE M. TlTTTLE Leslie N. Ware Roberta L. Wilson Jane Wood Bevkiily L. Yates Doris G. Zalatoris Adkline M. Zderad Howard Hooker Deii ' Iunanii Ljiytnii Cljtrk Singleton Wood Rice Larson Rastuussen Steider Kutiier McN ' (ius:Iiton Zderad .Stadtman Yates Dzierzanowski Brooks Bales Lorei ' soii IIu. toii Bnlibilt Koi le YSki Lewis Meagher Pallasch Cowling Riietlia House .M i:. i I! !•: us IN i I V !•: i;s i tv Axita Arenson Betty R. Baimax Reva L. Becker Esther A. Berkowitz SilllCLEY H. Bermax Geraldine R. Block M. Bower SrsAN I, Bihai Rita Chilow Sylvia Ecker Ida Eisensteix Frances F. Esses Lillian Formax .TEAXXETTE (iALLEI! Evelyn Gixsburo Rosi.vx Goldberg Adeline Goldstein Iris J. Goodfriend Shirley Groui ' e Jeanette Hoffing Maxixe J. Kramer McKiEL J. Kramer Estelle L. Ladermax Shirley Lee Shirley E. Levixsox Florence Lomberg I ' kakl E. Lopateu Dorothy Lowis Helen R. Persky Beatrice S. Rifas KiTA A. Rosenberg Bermce Roth Georgine a. Rotmax Ferx S. Rlbens Anita E. Schkeibstein Irma Shai ' IKO Gloria Shari-e Elainb Shidnovv Betty .1. Siegel Janet M. Solomon Louise J. Stern Roberta R. Sternberg Jean Z. Woi.ach How. V. ..Iiirli SleliilMTK UoNUI. ' io I ' miimjo. Ileeker I ' tl-,... I,.,i., ... i 1 !■. i _ I . , j..,l ur ,- Sharpe Slii llow.r Goodfriend tialler Rolll Eeker Solmnoii Rolnian Hiiluii l.ailuriniin Chilow Groiipo Roscnbere Shapiro Bloek Miiriel KniMier l.ojmter Essen Schreihslidii llnuinau lleriimn Eise slein Berkowilz Slerii GoldberK Siegel Lcvinsoii iMa iiie Kraiiio Page 506 Shawnee .M K.Mi; i;ks i. i . iv kusity .IKAX L. Al.LKX Aline F. Bksoist lANE L. Bi.ix KoutRTv M. Browv MaRV E. n : Vt Ri; Marjorik M. Die. ion HELEX M. nolIERTV KlTllM VRV KMIIRV Fi.oRKXfE M. Graves .IKAXETTE A. HaWI.KV Lai ' Ra K. Heatox Patricia J. Hostv Mary E. Jacobs Maxii.i.a K. Ki.Eix Ar EI.E J. KORTAS MARfiARET C. La Forge .lEAS E. Lamtert (i. AI.IZAIIKTII McC ' REir.IlT DiutoTiiEA J. Moore Jaxe K. Norton EnxA M. Plowright SlURLEV M. QCICKSTAI) Dorothy E. Riley Edxa V. Roevek Doris V. Satterlkf. Helex D Sharp RlTll C. Starck .IlLlET M. ViLXA Alice A. Ziexty RCTII E. ZIMMKRUAX De Vore Doherty Roever Heaton Riley Hawley Allen La Forge Graves Benoist Moore Zienty McCreight Jacobs Dillon Korlas Vilnn Lampert Klein Zimmerman Starck Emory Sharp Blix Plowri ;ht Satterlee Quickstad Hosty Brown Norton Vesta : r K : r r. E t; s t x r . i " i: i j s i t v Melba G. Aberxathv Doxxa J. Akers Patty J. Allex B. LCCILI.E Al.M Betty I. Behalk M IRCI V R. Browx Mary M. Browx MlLI)RED L. COXRAD Marc.aret Froscher Catherine L. Gay Harriette E. Glexxy La Verne Harrell RCTH E. Keexe Doxxa Mayxor Eleanor R. McGrew Dorothy V. Meyer Shirley J. Miller Mary E. Pletcheb I ' HARl.OTTE A. RiKnCL Jeanne D. Seaman Lorraine J. Stotler Frances X. Tcttle Arlvne a. Vhuch Ak prs Meyer Harrell Son man Miller Tuttic Uhlieh Co nrad Plelcher McGrcw Sioller R edel Abernntliy Aim Gloliny Bedale JIrs Ve))C FroRclier Keeiie M R. Brown Gay M ' l l Brown Page 507 Wa riier Hall M K M II K i;s IN r I - K i;s i ' Kl.lZAUKTH r. Al,I KRS Kktty L. Andkrson SinRI.KY A. BOLASli Hazki. F. Bothwku. Nancy V. Brosii ' s DKLI. Bt ' RKHKIMKK JAXICK ClKRlK MruiKi. A. Ki.KKRs HkLKXK V. FlSCllKR Mar«arkt M. Gm.ks (Jl.AllYS G. Grakk Kathkyn K. Grimks (HtOTIlY H. .IOHNSf Bi:TTV .1 I.ITHKR (• i( t:i.i (). Majkwski M ARCKi.i.A Martin MaRIJIK G. MrCl.KNArHAN Martha Mksskn(jkr ISAIIKI.I.A A. MlLNE DnRdTHY L. Mitciikll GKRM.nrNK K. MiKRAY Gl.riRT V RiSI.KY M KY A. Sr-AI.KS KMMAI.r SiiiMKrs M xRi; RKT L. Snkkpkn MvRitxRA M. V 1 ' . .lACtiLKLlNi; WkBKK Johnson Mitchell Klfer « Bolaiul An U ' rson Fisrhcr Milne ilcCleiinchnn Grimes I.uthi-r Ciirrie Kisley Messenijer Scales Shimkiis Walsh Giles Martin Majewski AVehcr M nn ay Siu ' t ' flen Bnrkheinter Brosiiis Graff Welsh House M KM I! K US I X INI - K i; S I TV (ATiiKRiNK E. Aaron Harriet J. Bok Marjorik L. Bof.hnkr KMiISK .1. CORZINK Mii.i rki O. Day Ki ' fJKNiA Evans Gknkvikvk V. Fish M. Gambili, Dorothy M. HAiH)t;NHORST Marion L. Hinks llni-K I). M.nrnKiss liKr.V B. IIOWKKTON M Mt.roHiK I . Hn.KT H Kl.KN K. J(IH NSON ISAHKr. 1 . K ASSl.Y Vn( ;ima H. KRiN i .IaNK LKIENKIt VilMilM .1. lM r, Kl.KWolt A. l.nY I ' ATVRii ' iA A. Martin Vim;iN[A M. MrCANNA Ki.iNoR L. Morrison Mary .1. Mkavkt Bkttv .i. Nkkly Maicv K. Owkns M m; i{i:T M. Powkm. K ISK KOWANI) M I...I isi: Ki-i ' i ' Ei. My. . A A. S MRKKKl.KU Kr.KwoR .1, Smith llMANNI-: STANSKIKI.K .1 K A. STooKKV M. ,Iank Str tton Bkvkri.y a. Styav Bktty a. Th m ' kston M Rr N K. Wahrh ' k M NiNK K, WAr.iHTKi.i- M RY 1.. Wll ' HSKR Smith Srhri fn r I.niik ' Wnuu ' hlell Tha kslmi 1 Wnrrirk KitKuly Wirhnrr StiiiiMhrhl Stynn Strut ton Mr H u S.iiokt ' V Nei-ly Martin Boi-hner Ilnwrrlnn I nh ' l I{afhlt•nh4 r l Kvans Mriivi ' e Day Murrisnn It own nil . ( ' (Miller Owens Hinrs Met ' an nil Fish .luhnson Powell l ' hner (in in hill Knppel Cnrzine Aaron Ilotehkiss Pagt nfis Page 50Jt I ' ugc 510 HONORARIES AND PROFESSIONALS Page 511 Accoiintaiicy Club FollndeJ. 1924 University of Illinois 0)11 ' Actire CUniiir To hriiii l()! ( lh( ■ st ii l( Ills irliijiin iiih n sli il in innl- hii iinil li arniii! I ram iiriiiHim ill nun in lli( III riiHniinii and rilalin; fidds of irorl: KX HI ' IT I V K Cd.M .M 1 TTEK First .Semvxtcy Scr ' nut Sinti ' jtter Staxlkv J. Feixxkk Pi-fsiilfitt lonx V. Porter C. TiiortXTOX C( »K Vice-President Morris S. Kkssler. Jr. UiTii JiXKixs Secfctiiii ' Treasurer Ri ' Tii JiXKlxs RoBKKT J. Falcoxkk. . . .Correapoudiuu Sreretarif I,ois T). RotiKRS Dr. I{oHi ' ;i: ' r P. Hvckktt. .FacuHij Vive-President . . lUt. K(Uo:i;t P. Haikktt M KM W V. i;s I X rXI VF, IJSITY Herbert L. Abramsox Ted T. Allsup NORBKRT W. ALTIIOKF PHILII " Armato Robert W. Atktxsox IvAX H. Babcock 8IDNKV L. Bair. Jr. David V. Barackman Ernest I. Barker Phii-lip J. Barkett Edwin A. Bartusch. Jr; Walter Beixtzex Joseph L. Berxik XOAH Bethlahmv Georue a. Biggs LiLE T. Bilvru Edwjx E. Bloom Robert C. Buxck XoRAfAX T. Bond C. Robert Bowkv Edward A. Bowkx Clvdk C. Bovlls Hakkv M. Bumku Km. I r, , , Hi;i: " ' K w R »V V. BUKITKMt iH, .In. Gerald D. Buichtkn Chuistv -M. Bi{or(;HTON. . James Browx Leox D, Bkown JoHS " H. Brcnt.ikv James H. Bi ' " Hkr David V. Bindv Delmak E. BrK(;i LoKEN I. BtlCH John E. Callkkv Sylvia K. Camphkll Chaki.iis H. C rt;i!i{oN John Ck :il. Jr. .Mathew p. Cicero Donald A. Clark Ralph T. Clausex Forrest H. Cleave Thelma R. Cohen William V. (. ' onnell G. Thornton Cook Jack P. Cool Wii.LARD I. Coon Roland H. Crabtree .hiH H, CiJAic;, Jr. ' !;ii H. Cram Kit Harold L. Cronton D oltoTHKA [. CRI ' M ' Pi; rv Cl ' NNlNfJH AM 1 in K. CntTiN .hill.N A. ClKTIS Norman W. Cisick Lyle E. Dallefeld Andrew E. Daxzero James L. Davis Fay H. Dawidoff Thomas B. Day Henry W. Deinincer Anthony J. Dklavhkxt Joseph F. Denning Roger D. Derr RlSSELL E. DhKERSrtN Dan D. Dolan NiCKOLAS C. DRAOISIC Howard M. Dpddy Robert J. Di ' nn John E. E ' sleton Ralph E. Elliot K nu-;i:T L. Elliott Charles H. Ettelbrick Robert J. F.vlconer Page 512 Accountancy Club .TOUX W. PciltTKli Staxi.kv .1. Kki.nxkh :yri:: ini:T s tx rxTVEKsiTv Stanley J. Feinner James H. Feet Ver-V S. Fergvson- Di ' rand W. Fisher Robert D. Fitch Jerome Forkosh Dorothy J. FoRS Arthur E. Fossland Robert D. Franks IRVIN Freireich Marion J. Frenth Albert J. Fris Pail J. Fritch W aVNE L. FlRTNEY Morris J. Gaebe John X. Gardner BOYCE W. Garyin Klaine Gayexda Loris A. George JlLU s Gerstein Glen E. Givexs Robert E. Glazebruok Myron B. Goers Harold L. Goldman Jero-me S. Gore John H. Grafli ' xd Robert E. Grant . Taky H. Gray Marion D. Greene Herschel F. Groff James J. Grimley Verna K. Hacke T. Ralph Hamman Jesse S. Hammer Nathaniel P. Hanna Thomas A. Harastany Ri TH L. Harder Rl TH E. Helander Robert J. Helwii: Robert T. Hemphill Harold H. Hensold, Jr. Alun C. Hicks LoREN L. HoLFORD William E. Holmes Howard G. Homberger M. VoSBIRIi HORXEY Dorothy M. Horstmeier Albert E. Hirt Alyin Hirtt Marion L. Hi ' tchison Carl X. Hitter WlLBCR G. Ippen Frank J. Jari»nik Irwin Jeih v Walter E, Jenkins Ivan W. Jennings Charles H. Jensen RrTH JlXKIXS Carl . Johnson. Jr. Earl G. Johnson William J. Johnston . rthcr C. Jones Clyde W. Kaericher Frank J. Kaliszewskl JR. David F. Kaplan Robert F. Kehoe Morris S. Kessler, Jr. Henry T. Kink ElGENE F. KlRWAN Warren K. Kloock Marvin M. Knoblmh Byron E. Koch Steve X. Kocowskv Robert E. Koehler Robert H. Leo J. Kopp William .1. Korber Abe Kritzer James R. Ki hn. Jr. Marvin Langh.vcs Milbert L. I.aksov J. El.DRED LeaVKLI. Willis A. Leonhakiu John A. Lepp JiLiAN X. Levey David Linowes Kendall C. Lowrv John J. Lynch Florence L. Mader Jeanette D. Mader Charles E. Maha John E. Mali.ory Helen O. Mai.mberg John E. JIaiitin .loHN W. Martin El HEXE R. Mathis LoiisE F. Mayer Robert E. MiAi.iney Charles E. .MiBridk Ralph McBrm e Vernon C. McGinty .Maynard .Mi Greer DVMEL J. .Mc.Maho.v Dorothy D. .MiR ibeiits M. IHVIN Meeker Charles R. .Mesefee Edward Mezner Cameron E. .Michei.i Arthir C. Miller Ronald E. Miller W ' illiam L. Miller Lester T. Moate Earl A. Morgan Robert A. Irving S. Morris .J. Sherwin Morris James E. Mover Bernice E. JIvers William D. Nafziger Raymond J. Nepite Robert J. Xevswanger John W. Newlin Curtis G. Newman Ger. ld L. Xord.strom Nelson J. Norem Roy C. Nyberg Frank P. Nvkiel M. Elizabeth OBvrse Clarence H. Oi.sen ROZEI.LA M. Oltman Pail R. P.vcker Palazzari Earl L. Palmberg Robert N. Parker Frank A. Peter Dalton E. Peterson JA.MES W. Plate John F. Podr. z. John W. Porter W. Kenneth Porter Frank P. Prange John G. Pitta William K. Robert L. Raa.sch Warren A. Read Ja.mes C. Kedborg H.VROI.D G. Reinke Dale E. Retherford Ronald L. Robert. (Jientin C. Roche Francis C. Rockefeller Lois D. Rogers ROLLA R. Frank A. Saiklev Earl F. Sanford Howard L. Santer Edward .1. S.iwers DeLos M. Si-hafer Jack A. Schaps Irving A. Schac Wilfrid B. Shantz John V. Shea Burton L. Shexder Robert A. Sherman Altox L. Shirley James M. Shumkay Meriam R. Sicanoff Daniel D. Siegrist John G. Simmons Cl. rexce a. Sims Charles H. Smith James E. S.mith Ira D. Solenberger Man H. Sperling Robert W. Starck Ruth K. Steib Edwin J. Sterba Howard F. Stettleu Kkhard G. Stewart ClI.VRLES E. Stisseii Joseph O. Stites Theodore J. Stollenwerk Eleanor I. Strain DuRWARi) D. Straxi: Ivan J. Strayer Herschel F. Stripe Stanley S. Sulzvcki Oscar J. Swaxsox. Jr. Harlox W. Taber M.UITIN Tarble Vincent A. Taueer Adra E. Thiry Bertha P. Thomas Ralph E. Thom.son Dean H. Turner DOROTHA UXDERWOOD Ver xox F. Vineyard Dale S. W.vhi.strom Carl O. John T. Webber Robert H. Weik Robert W ' . Weise Mary E. Weiss Frances E. Wenzel Lewis E. Whisxant Gerald White Robert G. Whited Roger C. Wike George R. Williams Marilyn A. Williams Myron G. Willke W. Wallace Wil.sox Frederick s. W ' ixn Kenneth J. Wori.and John J, Yelvington Stanley Yuicas Page 513 Skull and Crescent Founded, 1907 University of Wisconsin Helmet Cliapter Ivjo A.ciive Chapters S ' i li ' imor( J iili rj rii i niihi FACULTY ADVISOK Fru:ii H. Tl it.vii]!, I ' li.D. : i K.M i; i-:i;s i X I ' !•: i; s iiA ' Acficia John K. I) wis Staxi.kv W. Wii.cox Alpha Delia Phi Robert A. DeVogelaekk Robert H. Randall Alpha Sifftna Phi Warrkn I. Mitchell Hn AI{I) I,. Sa NTER Alpha Tail Omeffa J. Merton Mijzzv Lee E. Nickelsox Beta Thcia Pi Robert A. Eagle John T. Holmstrom. Jr. Morris L. Mvers Chi I ' hi DosALii V. Walker THEorioKE I,. Smith Chi Psi KE.VXETH K. .Nil KDLl,.- Paul C. Stout Ifi ' ttt Ixfij ' i ' fi F ' xil " ii JoHx W. JIcDnNAi.p. .Ik. .1. Peter iooitK ll.lhi J,ni Delta rvi.viN K. GiFKIX IM ' .KUV I . S.MITHERS I)i; I . Wessel Drlhi r,..M7..,i .lOH.X W. Lehmaxx John S. IIcKav Kafi Hi Sif mn CEOUtJK W. I ASSKKMAV. -Jk. KoI.AXL J. RrssELL. .Jr. Phi Delta Thela C. Catox Cobb .Tames B. Meek ' ( Ciiuiina Delta UruK I.. Htghes C. William Xoictov, .Tit. I ' Iti Kafifa Thojias E. Davies .ToHx H. Whalex J ' hi Kiif ' t ' " Psi .loHX R. Harmax IIavii. G. Meserow I ' hi Kappa Sii ma w. Cross TiiM M. .NicCrLLorGH Phi Siffiiid Klip lift William E. Brekke Kexxeth H. Browx ' .vi fl,.sil„ii Da.MOX 1 ' . Tr.S ' MCLIFK JtlHN K. .ArsTix Sii ina Al ' hii I ' liniliin Dkan K. Maiihex ' . i:im: " C. M.m.ik Sif ma Chi Robert E. Hammax Jame.s W. Roach Siifina A ' It Robeut W. ACKE-MAXX Jack L. Hale Sii nm Pi Robert Hoe-maxx Daviii E. Olson Jim Ka ipii Kpffilou Robert A. JOHXSOX Harrv W. Whyte Thela Delta Chi Clyde M. Brubaker James A. Doiierty Xelii P«i Robert E. Bracher Richard H. Moss li. ... .•lacre Enalc Ci-oss Muzzy W h.M.- i.k.-K,,,, Siinl.r Mi!, lull llarmiin .M. ' ,i-i CuMi lliiibiikir li.ili,Hj Wil o. Diivis I.c ' liinann Johnson Hiiiiiliill . rki ' nuinn Rnnch Meek Ciflin McDonald SlonI Nickolls ' I ' nnnicliff Davies Hainnian Kay Hui;))es Iloltnstroin Wessel -Voclcni TiinuT Day Hofiininn Olson . iistin Moore RuSHell Miseiow liracller Knsfermnn Blown Biekke Sniithers Malik Page 514 Star and Scroll h ' uunded, JflSS University of Illinois One Actirc Chtiptcr Sniiliiiuitin lull rj ' ntli niih KACri.T V A 1) ' 1 S K R J. HtKBEUT BlHCV, I ' ll.l). MK.MIiKRS IX N I ' I-: R S I ' 1 ' V Alrha Chi Klin Robert D. Crittox Oakley S. Durion " John H. Gii.i. vn ' William G. Hibsch Alpex J. Schneider Robert E. Taylor Alpha Kaii iii Lambda Stanley B. Balbai ' H William X. Cassella, Jr. William J. Drake Robert K. Xewtov. Jr. Robert D. Peine John Reitter. Jr. Nerei ' S L. Roy Bi ' ta Kappa Milton F. Dark Warren E. Henricks Bella Chi John W. Dhisii CHARLE.S D. LELLY OLniR J. PHILLir. Delta riu V. WiLLLV.M ]{L. KIJ;LI ErcEXK L. Cox XORMAX B. Hanxah JA.MES S. HlKl) Mairick D. I.Avms Desle 0. Miller Raymond C. Wolf Delia Sinnia I ' lii Fkkderick C. Hwson L. Pai ' l -Iohnson Leonakh W. Johnson. Jr. Gene D. Manois Robert W. Matthews Frederick A. Pope Kappa Delta Rha ALKREI) E. ( ' ORIM ' .W H ) vAKi) X. Gr.vnert. Jr. Kalimi F. Haao .loSEI ' H F. MlRI ' HY Charles F. Risskll l.nnihila Chi Alpha DON.VLI) P. ARMSTROXn Roy a. HA.MMAR John T. Polzin L.WVRENCK I-. 8HAILEH. .ll!. J. IKS W. Stibnkk ' Kiit ' t ' H Tan Lawrence D. Frederick Peyton H. Kince Howard G. Larsen Gordon C. Pentz Glenn R. Wilsox ' ( Kapi ' ii Alpha Donald E. Brittox Ralph S. Cha.«e Kenneth D. Cheeley F. How. Ki Golden. Jr. Cliekord F. Niedzelski Edward E. Smaltz Pi Kappa Phi Jack S. Caldwell Lester T. Moate E. McGlaix Terry Sif ata Phi Kpsilon George F. BRAEVTiaAM Donald W. Lixdbero Iames p. McCarthy Robert .1. Schwarz George C. Vax Steexberg Siimia Phi .Nt. ' Kifl Pavl J. Decroix Edwin O. Gcerxsey Jean C. Halter.max Robert X. Wilkord. Jr. Brapnli ' Jlain Gncrnscv Miller ras.sclla Dwroix Xio lzilski Van Slccnhorg Clii-eli-y Hanson Wilford HaaR Wilson Grani-it Dorion Sliail.T Wnlf Hannah Hibsoli Sluhncr Coi.hinn Hiiinnmr ManL-is Cal.hvcll ArniKlronK Hnltrrman Ti ' rr.v Draki- Cox Phillips Li-llv X.-wion Dnrr Hrnricks Roy Larsen Page 515 Beta Alpha Psi University of Illinois Alplia C ' liaplt ' i ' Twenli ' two Arlirr f ' h ii 1ir To encouriiiii and (tish i- tin iih aJ nf si rrici us tin hiisis nf tin accouniin( j roftssioii : la pnniKjti fin shnh of IK loiinhi ii( ji mill ils hujiiisl ( lliicul sfinidiirds K A ( ' r L ' 1 ' FKAXtlS H 14AIIIMAX. B.R. H. Hkaton- Hau.v. a.m., C.r.A H. Eii v. i{i) I1i{i;i-:n. M.S. PK.MIlliOKK II. ItunuN ' , Ph.D. J. MEs JI. C-Mtiirrii Kits. M.S. EssKl, K. Iiil.i.wur. A.Jl., .1.1). Edwaku.i, KlI.lU.V. I ' li.l).. ( ' .[ ' ..v. Chaulks .1. (; . . I ' ll 1) . c.l ' .s. HOUACK M. (iHAV. I ' ll. I), Pavl M. Grkkx, PhD. DOXAM) K. (.MilKFITII, M.S. KoBEBT p. Hackett. Ph.D. r.oris M. Kessler, M.S., C.P.A. Axaxias C. Littleton, l li.D., C.P.. . Ll.ovii MOBEV, A.B., U.Mus., C.P.A. . I.r,.li. RciltEHT K. MWTZ, M.S., C.P.A. Ce™, a. MiiVEil. Ph.D. Hai,e L. Newcomeh, Ph.D., C.P.A. Charles F. Schlatter, M.S.. C.P.A, Hiram T. Si-ovill, A,B., C.P.A. Knwix L. TlIBISS, Ph.D., C.P.. . Pai L M. ' AX Arsdell. Ph.D. Nia.SdN D Vaivi;i-ielij, B.S.. C.P.A. ROLANIi H. CR.MiruEE C i: A 1)1 ' A I ' I ' ll W ' K A. PKTKI! STL 1) EM ' S li; . K , III. nil{rKR M KM li K us 1 X rxi V !•: i;siTV Senior.s HERItKHT L. ABHAMSON Edwix K. Hloom Hr :H K. BoKKN EinvAKi) A. HoWKN Jamks Ukiavn G. Thokxt() Cook Stwi.i.v .1. Fi;r KH IdH N H, (iKAKI.INU (jKOKfiK HrvT W ' liju i: (J I n ' i:N Aim UK ( ' . .loM.s Il.t,t 1 1). Kl.KW IX Morris S. Ki:ssli:[{. .1r. John K. iMartix. .Ik. Vn{(;ii, V. Ikvixu S. MOHHIS DaLTON K. I ' KTKUSllX Ja.mks W. 1 1. atk John V. INntTKK HOWAR! ' F. .STl ' ,TTl,I ' :i{ Charlks h;. Stisskr Ivan J. Str, yk!{ ST.VM.KV S. Sri, VfKl ViXCKNT A. T.MltKK Leon D. Brown RoitKRT v.. (iltW ' l UllllKItT J. Mf ' IXTOSII J II HUH S Inn { ' ,. I ' l TT 1j:IJ(I L. STKKItl ' IMlKKtJ Stcrrcuberg Stisser Kt ' HKlcr l ' ' iinH ' r StrnytT IpplMl Morris Pultii ( " (.nk Mnrtiii IMcythiiIrr Page 5Ui Alplia Kappa Psi Founded, 1904 University of Illinois Kpsilon Chapter Fifly-cii ht Active Chapters To f ' fsfir sciindfic nsiarch i)t flu jhlds of vo)nmi rv( , acvonnis, and finance FACT LTV Chkstkk R. Axdersox. a.m. Hknrv H. Baii.v, a.m.. C.P.A. I ' KMIIKIIKK H. Bkowx. Ph.D. Kt ' UKKT p. H.ACKKTT. Ph.D. MtKl.l.v H. HlxTEK. Ph.D.. LL.D. Fkkd M. .Ioxks, Ph.D. Lmis M. Kkssi.kk. M.,S.. C.P.A. David, Ph.D., LL.D. Krkiieric E. Lkk. Ph.D. Robert V. JIitcheli.. M.B.A. Haee L. Nbwcomkr, Ph.D.. C.P.A. Frederic A. RussEi-i.. Ph.D. Hiram T. Scovii.l. A.B.. C.P.A. Ki)Wi L. Thiess. Ph.D.. C.P.A. Cu. KLE.s M. TlloMl ' sOX. Ph.D., LL.D., Paul M. V. n Arsdeli,, Ph.D. Litt.D. : r K: n ' . Ki?s i I ' K K s I T ■ XoKllEKT " . .Al.THIlKK .I-VME.-i Brown .Iames a. Chroni. Ifl.EX R. Cr.xmer RoIlEKT J. FAI.roNER I ' Al I. ,1. Fritch John H. Foi ' lk BoYcE W. Garvin (iLEN E. OlVENS William B. Gofk Lela.nd W. Hagman Ralph V. Hampton WlLBI ' R (t. Iri ' EN Harold K. Ittzi Chester V. .Taxis Steve X. KocowsKV Kendall C. Lowry Joseph O. Liby JOHX E. Mallorv W. Robert Maoill Walter S. M. nn Verxox C. McGixty Robert .J. McI.ntosh Charles R. Mexeeee .John M. Miller Robert A. Mvlligax Robert J. Neiswaxgeb William E. Rothkelder Wilbur A. Sihuk .James F. Snyder Theodore J. Stollenwerk Robert .J. Thompson . I.KRED ,J. WUI.KK Garvin Iiiizi Hiiniptoii Scliic ' k Giveiis McGinly I-owr.v HaKiimn Mullisaii RothMilpr Snyilcr Cramer Falconer R. Thompson Anderson C.Thompson ti-InlORh AllhnIT Luh; Page 517 Founded, 1SS2 New York City ColU ' sre A. S. M. E. Illinois Student Cliapter Oiu ' hundred ticenty-two Aclire Chapters To secure tlu iufinsi nf Ihi stiiditils » n i r( f( ssiotml linincJi of lh( ir (Uf inrcring FACULTY David G. Kvax. M.S.. M.K. rKMi " . Ki;s i rxivKiJsiTV Seniors Kexuall S. Austin DOX.VLD X. Badolkv William H. BAiLf:v DoN.VLi) D. Barlow LlKov K. Bakxks KohKKT C. Barth EnWARI) V. BlI.IinK.N Paul I ' . Bixkrath John (). BRAhF{)Ki HARllLli S BROW-N Lvle a. Bruikek Lawrknck W. Bundv James H. Burkhart Erwin V. Bikstaiit Arthur O. BeR.NARD a. CAR.STKNS, jR. Ch.ikles E. Chavez Clixtox M. Coolev ARTHlTt C. COC. GXE Robert H. Collier WiLLUM L. Cuthbekt, Jr. Paul Dale RttBKRT H, El ' MI " M ' Glenn K. Elviiii;i-; CHARLE.-i D. EL VOOI DoN. LIl .1. Kk. ster GEOltOE V. l- " oRMAN John a. Kkederiksex Victor (!. Krvsini;er Stewart E. Gail O.-icAR V. Garver Wavnk R. Gerdes Frank . . Grooss Dei. BERT K. Hariiache GEOKliE H. HAKiilTT. jR. ClIARI.E.S E. HaRTEU D.w IIP M. Hartm- n Hkniiv H. Herinc; E.MII. .1. Hlixskv EVEKETT .r. HOAtiLA.NI) l " R V k W. HoiHMUTH KiiiiKHT V. HoiJia; ' I ' lntMAs I . .Iaikson TIIOM s V. .I.VCKSdN .lnsl:rn O, .lET.- ECK UllBKRT V. .lollNSON lit SSKI.I. . , .TnilXSOX ' AI.TKU .1. I - LISZ ' Al.TKlt D. K-VI ' KA Lolls (i. K- ri.. x DoX.M.l) L. Keli.v Walter H. Koi ' etz .Arthur . ' K. Kreitzer Dox.M.u P. L. .MB Gilbert L. La Koche .loHX C. Lk.mixg Robert S. Littleton ? ixo E. -M.vKi Wilbur ; 1ari. ' us Leonarii L. Martin Robert W. N ' oRM. X E. Robert H. Cn. RLi:s H. Wll.L. RI R. Kenneth A m.vttiiews Maxwell . 1cC. rthy M ERCER Nary Nelson ' Warrex R. Nelsox Burton R. Oi.sox D- viii R. Pearl Kenneth Peaslev Roc;er B. Pooue (iVKIiNER W. RaISTRICK Rkharii G. Keinhardt Harolij W. Rumt Harolij S. Samu.sox Lvle E. Schaefer Arthur R. Segal Peter C. Simmox Lester E. Smith Samuel L. Sola Edward J. Starmax Robert A. Steix Charles A. Casimer Tu.max Hexrv G. Von der G. thex Kenneth A. Walker Warren J. Weaver RiiH.VRD K. Williams Richard M. Wilson Richard F. Woelfet YuK-H. Woxi; Janiurs Arthur R. Axdersox Robert D. Baird William V. Blood johx r. bovd Morris H. Caxham Rov E. Carlson William S. Castle willia.m v. cooxce Glexx B. Davis j. ck i. duboff Gerald A. Duxcan Robert G. Espy l)i. VI. I. li, Falcoxeb iiAl: THOI.O.MEW J. FARREL .loHN Fh ' OR (iEORoE O. Gavin Harrv O. Ger.stuxg .1 AMES V. HALLSEY Mai.ioi.m E. .Jewell Edward E. Kleei ' Meyer .loHN W. Lessxer DwiGHT H. Lory Georoe G. Luce WlLLI- M C. LVLLOV Gexe D. ] L xois JoHX G. M. rzicola JoHX W. McIXTOSH Elmer S. Mott Geor ge E. Neilsox Russell J. O ' Brien .loHN R. Oi.rx .lA.MES G. Pennington R.W.MOND C. i ' OWNALL John p. Roedel VeiINON I;. RUGEX Stanley T. Salach Howard R. Schmidt Robert W. Sidxer Joseph C. Slobodxik George W. Somers L. Kl-MBAI.L STUMP Robert D, Teece Joseph V. Thompsox Eugexe R. Trachtexbarg W. BURTOX Wood Thomas F. Wright. Jr. Edward J. Zasada Floyd P. Eisimisger, Louis P. Jantzex Peter J. Kohler Jr. Glexx D. Kucer.v George M. Loxo Hophotnores Dean K. .NLaddex .lAMI.S W. I ' ACE Paul A. Simmons. Jr. Frederic F. Vallette Hugh E. Schneidewixd Freshmen Mayxaud B. Wai.lix Pmilh UriKkir UiKim Miich.ii Frysindcr Austin Lcsunor Hailgley KiicI; Maiigis W. Nelson Kaiatrick Slol o iiiik Niclnon I.ii Hochr FriiHtcr Samitfon BriiiJford Mcrrrr F.lwooil Miiki Rockrath Fdmumis Limili Hartniaii Harm ' s .Sutton SwoniiiRWin Malloy Boyd Bunh Schaffcr Kaplan Gail Ko|K ' 1z Huiidy .Irwcll Matthcwn li. A. Jolinson ColliiT ri ' iiniiiKtnii Hoagland Hcgal TraclitiMiliarn Bilhoni T. 1,. .lacksoii l.itlli-lon Carsti ' ns Williams Kali«i Lory Je chkc Luce (icrMtuiift Stein U. V. .lohnson Thomiwon Cooley l.oiiK Wood Page 518 x » 0« V 4» lli» Founded, 1920 New York City CoUeife Illinois Stutloiit Chapter One Iluiidi-cd Sineleen Actire C ' haj)ler8 To prontolt a knoirh dijr of lliiial ( iniimering standards (imoiui cdIIi i( sludi nis F AC IT, TV HaKOI.I " K. HviUilTT. M.S. Knw. Ri K. Haikk. M.S.. C.E. Winston K. Hi-aik, M.S. Alphossk a. M.S., C.E. LkRoy L. Brink. B.S. ,?AMKS G. Clark, M.S. W. Lkiuhton Collins, John V. Coombk. M.S. John S. Crandkll, B.S., Klkrkd E. Cress, B.S., Kali-h S. Crossmax. C.E., M.S. GKOKiiK H. Dkll, M.S., C.E. John Diiak Ja-mks J. Dolani). M.S., C.E. Jasi ' KR O. Drakfix, M.S. M.S. C.E. C.E. Mriit Ki, M. Abk VMS H Koi.h N. Baiki« WlLI.LVM F. Bir.Ls ErtJKNK L. Brown Sl ' KNTKK F. BRoWX Mkmiki. M. Brovlk.s Wm.iur E. BrssK Hakrv F. Bttchkr Gkovkr .. V .- rK. Jr. KkWKTH L. 1 ' ()MPT0X DoriiLAs S. Davis William F. Dk Hart e ' HAKLKS W. Di I. VKK rK J. DoVI.K Alhkut M. Drkvi-tss. .] Ki ' Mi i L. Dr Bois MkLVIN C. ErKKNKKLUKF (iLVK (. ' . KmKRT Karl H. Evans Wavnk a. Farlkv Edward J. Fvrlon); Werxek F. Galowitch Ravmoxd C. Ge.s. el Ben-tamix L. Goepfert J. rK K. Hamm RirHARo O. Haxskx ROBKRT H. HaRMESON Charles Harris. Jr. Carl D. Hartzkli. Robert F. Hlavkk Morris M. HoruBKRi; ■ loHN E. Hokrnkr RifBERT K. Howl WlI.BKRT HV 0 H. Orix IkklaM ' Hkn.iamix H- .IaM ' A Kitwris I,. Khasz. M.S. Mklvin L. EN.iKR. .M.S.. C.E. Hknry 1 . Evans. Jr., M.S. Randox FKRur.sos, B.S. WiNFRKD D. Gerbkr, B.S., CE. Randolph I . Hoklschkr, M.S., C.E. Whitney C. HrxTixcjTox. M.S., C.E. Vernon P. Jen.sen, I ' h.l). Harvey H. Jordan. B.S. EvKRETT E. King, M.S., M.C.E. Ralph . KunJK. M.S. Wallace M. Eaxsford. M.S.. C.E. Bkrxt O. Larson, B.S. Nkwlix D. M )R({AN, M.S.. C.E. M i:.M i; K US iX T NIVERSITV Seniors Donald O. Jc)HNsnN- Samiel H. KATF-MAS Loiis J. Kett Stanley W. Knetsch H. Frank Krcienixg Peter Kvrlak Charles F. McKirahax 15ERNARD 1.. Miller KoBKKT L. Miller Marvin K. Montooth I..oi;an X. MriR. Jr. .Iame.s E. Mllford James R. Mtrrav Pai ' L O. Nelson Raxxie L. Odim. Jr. Charles A. Olsox Bprtox Parxks WiLLLVM J. PaTHMAX N.vthas M. Xewmahk. I ' li.L). William A. Oliver. M.S., C.E. CvRis E. Palmer. M.S. Gkorgk W. P1CKEL.S, B.C.E., C.E. William H. Rayner. C.E., M.S. Charles O. Reinhakdt, M.S. Frank E. Richart, M.S.. C.E. Thomas C. Shedd, M.S.. C.E. Clifford H. Springek. M.S.. C.E. Edward W. Suppiger. M.S. Max SiTKR. Ph.D. Ja.mi.son Vawter. M.S.. C.E. Herbert L. White, B.S.. C.E. Carroll C. Wilkv. B.S.. C.E. WiLBi-R M. Wilson. M.M.E.. CE. ;ei)R(;e a. Perkins Iack Persiiin ; . RN(iLii A. Peterson .M ll-HAEL J. PIATXITZA Ccthbert a. 1 ' itter Karl H. Pratscher Bavard R. QruK Walla ' e J. Rak-he Gordon K. Ray MARKtN D. Reed ( ' . Ore Rice Robert G. Rote Oscar B. Saxt(istkfaso ' ali,mai{ a. Schaaf Lester H. Schneider Joseph F. Scillv George R. Shav KrCEXE T. .SIMOXDS Clarence H. Smith William C. Sperry Alfred M. Spiers Milton E. Staben Arthtr Stone Arnold O. Strandbero Carl G. Swaxson Gordon E. Thorson John T. Tippit KiCHARD .]. TOMCZAK Marvin E. Veerman John C. Welch Robert L. W illiams Walter W. W ' olf .4lle Young Chester M. Zalecki Joseph M. Zemax Junioi-. ' i Hakuld T. . llen Robert J. .A.rnold RCSSELL H. Brothersox Jay R. Brown Brice W. Btrkhart Lowell W. Campbell Pail . . Clinton Raymond J. A ' Kerma Lolis . . Bacon Daniel S. Bechly Joseph I . Bexnk Iames K. . llex Francis J. Bialas Ernest H. Bostetter High T. Boyd William H. Brain John E. Brodbeck John H. Coxaxt Robert W. Ehruott MlLO C. Fear Fraxcis a. Flaks, Jr. Robert C. Flood Leoxard E. Gertsch Carl W. Goepfert HiLMAR B. Christiaxsox, William E. Cox Roland H. Daoit Carl G. (7Kah m. .1r. Bert G. Christexsox Xormax Cohx Joseph V. DrsT Phillip A. Grove Kekmit W. Hartmax Charles Hcdson Har«h.i F. Grant (Jlenx L. GrTHILU Ji)HN W. Hammersmith Carl ( ' . Hacser Gerald W. Homaxx Leroy Hcbble Elwyn H. Kinc. Sophomores Allison C. Grpxert Harrv M. Kammerlix.. Clyde E. Kesler Arnold F. Kohxert. Jr. Freshm( n Frank C. Hiffmw. Jr. Antoxe C. Kadlec Lewis H. Kornman Bennett C. Larson Sheldon J. Leavitt Ho-MER A. Lewis Arnold . . .May Arnold A. . zzl ' cco Robert E. Mcsser Robert B. Xickkll Carl H. Niesen Brexd)in a. O ' Mara William G. Potter Willi m H. Minsk Webster L. Phillips Richard G. Sciiacb . I M J. LoTSPEIClI UonKKT D. Mahan Henry C. Ryniker O. William Schact .Ions E. SCIIMITT Leland L. Scott LKO {}. PRVMA Xeil Randall PRYOR N. Randall James R. Sampson William B. Sayre Arthitr F. Zeman MiLTox C. Shedd LCKK J. VORT.MAN Thomas A. Wiley Robert R. Shapland RooER AL Sherman Richard E. Stanley Stanley R. Tomashixas David B. Webster George A. Yoi ' xo Batcher Bechly Perkins Sperry Tippit D. Johnson Murray A. Young ChrisUanson Benne Atkins Smith Nelson Bialns Raiche Pershing Conant O. -Tohnson Jnnda Homanii Hubble Shay Hamm Knieht Busse Montooth Wolf Gerber Bills Dolnnd De Hart Strandbfri: BiiinI Spiers Compton Grove Flaks Welch Bacon W ' obster Fear Piatnitzn Zeman Potter Ackerman Phillips Harris Saiito.stefano Emert Kroening Page 519 Band of Founded, lOSS University of Illinois One Active Chapter Commcrrr llonavurii for jintiar tnid scninr (H-livity men FACULTY Pavi. M. Van Aksih;i.i., Ph.D. .M i; .M I ; !•: k s i x u n i v e !j s i t y Seniors UKII-K J. AMArllKK RlCHAEtn p. B.MtLOW Kdwakk a. Rowkn KoBKUT H. Brown DoVAI.Ii L. BKI ' HAKKK Sam H Brsll M ini .1. CoHBP:Lr. Don I.[) A. CorSTRYMAX Noini N V. Ci ' sicK HowAun G. Ervix KoIlKRT K, KlSHKR. jR. Gkorgk G. Gast Ray a. Good Lawrf.xck W. Goroi.KR Martix a. Grkooky Henry J. HoLyi ' isT Arthur A. Johxsox Wakrkn K. Kloock John A. Linnkmaxn Wii.i.iAM p. Likens •loiiN K. Martin. Jr. Daniki, .1. Mklodv KlcHARh H. MlCHAEI.SEN .Martin A. Miller RoNAi.i) E. .Miller Lester T. Mo- te William D. Moody Gordon D. MvehlH- usex Harold G. Nelsox RonERT ( ' . Olson William G. O ' Neil Clifkorii l. Peter.son .John W. Pcjkter Frank L. Sawix Charle.s Spencer Edmind p. Stohr Elmer L. stone. .)r. Rl(UIARl) F. Tho.mas .I.vcK Thoksen •loiiN T. Webber Raymond c. Wolf J It It to IS Einvix G. Allen ' . Robert Brady H. Keith Browx KoY Brown. .Ir. EioENE L. Cox Robert (J. Cox John W. Diff •Tames H. Felt D. William Fisher WiLLIA.M P. GlACHETTO Robert E. Grant William (. ' . Grant T. K l.fll H MM N Georoe E. Handtmaxx, .]r. Bryan Harris William D. Kerwix F. HI ' RBARD KIRKI ' .4TR1CK RiCHARIi T. KNOWLKS Gl ' ST E. LlNDBERG. .IR. noNN Piatt Gordon H. Robertson Leonard H. Steele Warren . Thal James G. Welch Fred P, Wokdex Gregory Welch Piiitt Peterson Kloork Knowles ' I ' liorsen Roy llriiwn .ioliiisoii Stolir Allen K. Miller Mlirtin Hun-is Holquist iMiiody Tlionins Porler Felt R. Cox E. Co. Wolf Steele Duir Robertson Pago 520 University Marketing Club I ' liivfrsity tti ItlitH 7 ' y hnufdtn iuhrtsts in nidrlt tinii and hi inimiuft t tHxl will in t tn i n fa )flhf and KACr LTV rl,,i ,l, r sf i((h }tt )i ( nhrrs t ' llKSTKK U. AXDKHSliN. A.M. Kkank H. liKArii. Ph.n. I ' M I. I» Cdnvkksk, Ph.l . Kknkst K. Baik Willi AM H. Blakk J. I ' llILIf CoLi:iioiK fiiARLKS M. Adams KrTH .1. Aleskin St»:vk a. Balckosky STKI ' IIAMK BaKH(H.AK V vi.i.vrK V. Bass tU:iiKi K K. Bkam H KnLl K. BV-rhKLMAX .loSKI ' ll I.. BKKNrK Ai KL ii ' K N. Bkki: Nih; ii Bkthlahmv Kknkst K. Bkttisworth .1 MKs F. Blair KoIlKKT L. BUHlMKNSHINK KoBKKT I. BlIMKNTHAL Sam K. BitiTTiMiiiAM KoItKKT A. BttKl.NSTKIX Rkksk C. Bowton. Jr. Olivkr .1. BlK-VS Rmbkkt a. Cami ' UKll John .1. ( iiNt: Jamks Castralk Don lii a. Clark SiiiNKY il. Cool. Jr. Vail K. Cokdkll t)o A. C« rXTRYMAX Rohkrt D. Critton (Javl(»ri E. Dkisbeck Krkkda B. Dkahavk-s Kl. SKLI. E. Dkkkrsox JA.MKS J. DUKKV OoRdTHV J. DlTKWURTM l.K. ' JLiK F. Abbott FKKItKRICK B. AYHKLOTTE ItEORCL V. Aiilk C. Dos AlNSWORTH A. iliniAKL Cetronk B itiiARA A. Avisos .sihNKV L. Bair. Jr. KoHKRT K. BaRR Art K. Barrkr Hknrv Baktknstlin KnItKKT J. BaRTKLT ( ' . I LK Black H kHis 1 . Blo.mkvkr N ' oKMAN T. Bo i KhWIN (). BtUiTH . NK BoTHWKLL I-Lo I . Brankk Kkrmit C. Br vv s lvi k. (vmi ' bkll Kkx.nkth H. Carlson DoXALi) R. Carr Sll ' NKY S. ABRAMS KiriiARl) C. Blillr H. lAt ' K CARTLR Kali ' II T. Clavsex Charles F. Cole Flovh a. Demanes CLVIiE Kl RIN iToX John K. Evans John V. Foley MyRLK V. HOR.VEY l.oKiN H. Brii;ham Robert D. Donavan Blaine T. Ebert William K. ERMELiXfi Willi m K Filler KssKL K. IHllavoi . A.M.. IIAKVEV W. UlEiiV. Ph.D. KitKii M .luNKs, I ' h.D. MhlCTEN .1. MaN1iK ILLE, 1 I ' ULDEHIC . . UrsSLL, Ph.l Al.TA 11. SALXDEKS, a.m. . l I ' , .Ml! !•: K s 1 N U N 1 V E K S I T iRVixti F. Davis Herman D. Graham J Ml,s MrBuil ' K HowARi ' M. Di hiiv John W. Dikk ClAI UK E. DlRUKE BKRNARI " W. ElSEXSTElX KoBKRT J. Falconer KiOHARi) P. Facer .-Vrthir M. Faner Patl a. Fkaman Stanley J. Fkinner RtUtKRT F. FiSHKR. Jr. RnV L. FiTZ.lARRALI " Helen M. Flkikv Krfn Li ' H H. FoLTs Marjorie C. Frasek Pai ' l .1. Fritch Roy E. (Iarrison BOYCE W. Garvix Grant H. Gneiss .lEROME GOLl RlTH L. GORI ' ON Esther M. Gray Marion D. Greene .Martin A. Gre ;ory Max Grinnell Lulls W. Grosswiuth Robert P. Grienberg Harry J. Grisin Lelanu W. Haomax Ralph W. Hampton DoNALi " R. Harrison Gkaik a. Haworth Bri ' Ce D. Clausonthue Pai ' l L. Converse. Jr. Charles H. Catchron Barrett C. Dillow Dan D. Dolan Nicholas C. Dkaijisic J4)HN E. E ;lkton Villl ,m J. Farrell DcRANii W. Fisher James C. Flatlev. Jr. Earl H. Fl()Keth C. Neil Foster 1rvin ; Freirich Role Fri.mann John N. Gardner William C. Graxt Ray a. Good Jean C. Halterman Gerald W. Hardy Leslie A. Harrison Harvey L. Hirwitz Edwin L. Kino Robert C. Kleck Robert J. Krceijer James R. Kihn. .1r. William E. Lambert Charles D. Lelly John Levensohn John J. Lynch Michael Marsoobian Theodore H. Gilleland Morris L. Hacker. Jr. Martin S. Leaf Lori.s E. McCoLU M C RI. F. NELSdN (iriuliKitt Studtnts Jack H. Mennino ErOENE G. MOSHACHEK St mors Carolyn D. Hay Ri TH E. Hklander Steihan C. WiLLIA.M J. Hk.MDHII.L Macrice Hknkhais John B. Henderson .John T. Hki ' I ' EUi.v Richard R. Heusiiman Emu. W. Hesse Harold L. Hocsekeei-er Thomas .M. Hcbek Kichaud W. Hcthekt Robert .1. Jackson Andrew R. Johnson Arthcr B. Johnson Darwin N. Johnson Edwin A. Joseph Henry P. Keli.v WiLLiAM J. Kelly Richard S. Kerk FREJt M. KiLKER Merrill H. Kin ; Warren K. Kloock C. LoREN KN(JX WOODROW W. KOELLING (iRACIA M. I AHEV Jean E. Lampert Roy B. Larson JcLiAN W. Levey Martin M. Levin John A, Linneman Juniors Shirley J. Hexdersox Robert G. Hewlett LoREN L. HoLKciUD ClLVRLES F. HoiTI Allen Hckwitz Curtis L. Johnson Earl G. Johnson David F. Kaplan Charles W . Knepler Byron E. Koch Walter H. Kossack William Kratky Harold E. Ictzi John C. Krier .Marvin LAN ;HArs J. Eldrkd Leavkll Lloyd S. Lewis Don LD W. LiNDUERii Marvin Mahan Bernard M. Marin Morky Markel Sophomores Nick Meycer John M. Miller William L. Miller Richard G. Nelson Robert F. Newbold Svmcel p. Owen Robert N. Parker Gkoroe V. Perisho Brve J. Radkbacch Freshmen Fraxk a. Nolax John W. Ostrkm Harold A. O.strim EL.MER A. IMntar Don I I ' M RedmoN David Linowes Kdward W. Mann Harry S. Martin. Jr. (iKoRtiE E. L rtix ItoBERT E. McALIXEY IR1JINIA M. McCANN.A. Richard H. Michaelsox Ca.meron E. Md ' hkli Arthcr C. Miller Ronald K. Miller Donald MitBERLV. Jr. . L RVIN E. Neal Georoe M. Nelson Robert J. Neuswanokr Ira G. Nk hols, Jr. Chris C. Oberheidk Robert C. Olson GEORliE A. l ETRASIK .Iames W. Plate .1 kan [ ' oweks Joseph J. Rcpsich Donald D. Roberts WiLBiR A. Robinson Mary L. Rctherkord Edward F. Schmidt Albert C. Schclte Richard C. Schcltis Lois L. Schctt Evelyn H. Schwaiier Robert J. Schwarz Elizabeth A. Seerer Floyd H. Marx Ra.mon H. Mason I.K.STER C. MaCRITZEN Charles L. M wley M W NARD .McGreer Jr.HN D. MeE .Martin A. Miller Harold A. Mcprlock RtfBERT .A.. Ml I.I.KiAN William K. Mcrrav NELS )N .1. NoREM Robert L. Nissex mcriel .]. oster Lester L. 1 iersox Robert E. Poll .Max E. Powell El (;ene H. Price Ken.neth R. R.vthert Herbert B. Ricketts Oscar H. Ritz Riinai.d L. Roberts .]. KiRKV RiLEV Robert L. Raasch Milton Rock Dale E. Retherkord Charles F. Schleevih Robert M. Schram .Alton L. Shirley Brcno J. Sterbis RaLI ' H . TilBER .lERRV SoRKIX C. LE(t Speaker Ri SSELL P. STRANOE RwMoND R. Talbot ;. R YMOND TeLLIXC. Richari Grace G Francis C. Ryniker TH(LMI ' S()N W. Weeks Betty L. Shackel Nelle Shaijax Mildred G. Shear Richard K. Shirkr Alice G. Smith JA-MKS E. iS.MITH Hklex D. STACKHorSE John C. Steixkrt Edwin J. Sterba Frank R. Stewart Charles E. Stisser James H. Stockdale RrSSELL R. Stocker Edmcnd p. ST(»iir Ralph A. Swaim Harlon W. Tabek S. L JCISE Tcrnek Delbert E. Trimmel Joe Vallezo Ervin J. Veskly WiLLIA.M R. Walters John C. Weber Harlax O. White. Jr. Charles B . Wiles .Arthcr E. Willmore Beth M. Wilson Ravmoxd C. Wolf Alfred J. Wclff Willis L. Zimmerman Brcce W ' . Romax Beatrice Rosenbum Charles E. Scilly Earl W. Shirley Ira D. Solenber(;er Earl W. Stanfield Ronald H. Steen RCSSELL L. Stickney John S. Swanson Robert E. Swanson Thomas y ».i A K Waiu Bertha T Edward T Martha I Carl O. Wallman Phyllis J. Weeks Robert S. Weik Gard Wilco.xen John R. Woods Mai ' Rice a. Yoi ' XG James M. Unland Charles A. Voll.mer William S. Warner Donald J. Weber Donald W. Wekjhtmax Gerald . . Weinsteix Frank R. Wiley J. Orval Wiley Robert H. Wrd;ht Stanley B. Vanni William R. Wallix Richard E. Walther .•Vmber Wkjht Page 521 Slii-Ai Foumied. 1907 University of Illinois Alpha Sigma Sigma Cliaptt-r Tito Active Chapters To promote a tnifr frd )nlsJiii) anKfUfi l n u-omi )i nf flu nirioiis sororities .MHMBKRS IX U X I V K K S I T V Alpha Chi Omefia Anx C. Catlltt Maky J. CoKXS Carol, L. Ege Marjorik G. Morgax Naxcy Q. Nicoll Alplia Dflla Pi Janice E. Bvslee Shirley J. Keil Marjorie .T. Laxg Lois M. Reisz Mariox D. Shute Jink C. Smith Alpha Epsilon Phi Jane M. Meyer BoBBYE J. MOROAN Atphit Gamma Delia KiiiTH E. Eastman Katharine Gassman Mary L. Hoke Annette L. Kbumsiek Muriel J. Osteb Dorothy J, Wilson Alpha Omicron Pi Donna L. Breiim Mary A. Uiroett Elizabeth L. Haves Lucille Holtzmax L. Jo Le Kaxder El. ine a. O ' Coxxor Alpha Phi ELEANtm (I. Anderson Barbara A. Barney Marjorie A. Doiirb I ' RisiMi.i.A Fletcher JIary a. Jacobs Alpha Xi Delia Norma A. AnAMS Ruth Corrington Janet Horstman Helen K. Sweeney RlTH I. Tmomason Chi Omrna Nancy E. H h hm n Janet V. Hopkins Priscilla E. Manx Charlotte S. Smith Maroaret J. Westcott Terry A, Westhafer Delia Delia Delia Helexe a, Giese Dorothy J. Koenig AxXE 0. McGorrisk Helen L. Neal Janice G. St. Clair l " Ki;iiv K. Seed Ann Ki;iu;r ( " HARLOTTi: K. LiXDER Audrey B. Marsh Sally I, Rhode Rachel M. Roehm Delia y.ela MaRI.YN .1. (iRl NWALD Virginia D. Krueoer ( " AROLYX M. SAXDEHN Virginia Suthkrland Gamma Phi llela Muriel V. Bloom JIary K. Grossman Eleanor K. Hutchison RoNDA L. Mann Elizabeth L. Markert K. JoANNK Skllers Kappa Mpha Thela Betty L. Gibsox Doris Healv Ann MiDDLf;TON Jean O. Murray Dorothy A. Rausch Kappa Delta Martha D. MacG m.i.iard June A[. Morgan Mary E. Schwager Kappa Kappa (iammn Charlotte L. Conrad Dorothy E. Gillick Dorothy L. Robbins Margaret G. Stumi ' E Bkttv L. Teeter Sally J. Turner Phi .Ui( M. Charlotte Davis Marjorie E. Quix Pi Uela Pin Elizabeth J. Hines Virginia L. Powers Helen A. Prescott Molly Ramm Patricia G. Settlemire Charlotte R. Warren Sigma Kappa GwEX A. Clark Rosanx Fleming Eleanor M. Freeman Virginia P. Grae Kathryn F. Green Xela laa Alpha Mary J. Counsil H. Elizabeth Ziegler EjiHlmilll Hoke Cntlvtt M. Mortiin Wcstlinfcr Davis MncC.nlliind Clark KnioKcr HorKlmnn Jiii-ohit Bni ' ni-y DoiIku Snttlemire Wostcotl Bii ' hm Anderson Ramm Richardson Rliodo Meyer B. Mort ' aii Gibson Murray Linder Warren L ' KancU-r Floininc (Jruf O ' Connor Counsil Shute Fk ' lcher St. Chiir V. Mann Adams Thoinasoii liutcliison Hollzinan Fodpr Zioglcr Quin Freeman Smith Mi-fiorrisk Gioso Hopkins Reisz Ki-il Mnrkcrt R. Mann Si-hwaper Lang Pa ge 522 Phi Alpha Chi Foiimird, J930 t ' liiversily of Illinois Out ' Aclife Chapler To fosfrr } t( nifti iffiivt and n cn in :i snprruir (ihilitii in writinfi R, RALSTOX BlSHAKT. A.M. Otho C. Lkitkk. . B. V A c r I . T I.AWRK.VI-K W. Miuriiv. . ,.M.. I.ill.l), . riTiiiK K. Wii.iiii vcav, . . l. ME-MllKK.s iX LMVEK.siTV .ToHX E. Am krs( Gkorgk R. Bkam JOHV L. BKII ' KI.MAN Barbara A. Bknt(i .Tank L. Blix ARStLiA M. Block Al-BERT C. B(»TTIN Mar :arkt K. BiTi.KR ELIZAUKTH (AMCItKl.l, Makv S. Ch. i m n RaH ' H T. Cl-AISKX Gerali ink M. Cohkx HOWAKU L. Cr MN ;HAM Marv L. Doi-an L. Krxkst K1.1.IS0X .M vn ' iH K. Ki.i.swtumi Jav B. Knt.le J. Lk( ari Kru-kson James I. Fexder Axr.Ei.iXA Frascona LaWRKM ' E W. CulTVLKR James D. Hvn.Kv MaKKARET J. HAtXKS Grace C. Hantovek JIarv K. Hexslky Kexxeth K. Herrox AVERV HiKEN Wir.i.i M F. Ht ' Tchixsox Joan Joixer David Kaplax H RRAR .1. Kindred J. David Kr vkheniuehl Miriam M. Krasxick k v g. i.axgkbartel Arthir V. Lehdi; Elbert L. Lim»ahl David Lixowes (. ' ONRAD h. LnNi;MlRE mvida n. lcdvik Georue E. Martix JoHX W. McDonald. Jr. ( ' RL T. Meyer. Jr. KcTH E. Mitchell Josephine A. rrxso.x Carolyn J. Parker Stei ' Hex M. Parrish Kith M. Peters Frederick A. Pch ' e William C. Prathkr Joseph F. Rarick Juliet P. Rosix Thom.vs F. Ryax. Jr. Betty L. Shackel GARLA-XD S. Sixow KoftKRT 8. SOLIXSKV Charles J. Staleoo Betty J. Steixer J. Arthir Stitzkl Robert X. Wilkord. Jr. Soma Yaxoesky StiUt ' l McDuiiald Wilionl liutU ' i- Uoj,iii Lmowi-s Clausen .Martin Lehde Erirkson v JoiniT Cainpljell Benton Pi-lers Sino Y I-nnpebartt ' l Bolt in Hiken Block Mitcli.-ll Lndvik Krasrona Stciner Krasnick Rarick BfidelinRn Page 523 Founded, 2919 University of Illinois Alpha Sigma Nu Illinois Chapter Thi ' ff Actii ' e Chapters To ri io( tiiz those iroiiti i nj thi I itinrsitii idm Imn du I ( i-liiiii alhlilii diid silmliirsln i rcquirrmcnis uuil li iikhisI rah d ijiialilu s nf h mli r.slii i FACT LTV Alice C. Bond, A.M. ESTHKR D.WEV, A.M. Louise Freer. A.M. De|.T. T. Hl.NKEI,. A.M. . i ' - n K. Ki.i.H ' oTT I..MK. .1. HlELSTER. A.M. Iii K M. .Imis.-;ii. -. M.S. M Kl.oHKM-K 1- WS(1 . .M . . I ' !•: 1} s 1 ■! ' .IwK Lawvkr. B.S. CVTUTA KoitKKTSON. A.M. K ii ' s ii rBKR. M.S. 1 irrn .1. Vatcht. A.M. 1 ' iicM I A. KiMHi; foiimlcd. 1902 University of Illinnis .lolinsion Roolu Ilcni.l Frt-t-r Horkf Home Economics Club lliir .l.-. ' iic Clmiilrr ' I ' ll fiirllur iiihnxl ut liniiu i coiiijiiius mid In hniuj idnnil ii sjiird uf jriindliiKss iiiiininj hiniii 1 1 (iniimics (jirls .mk-Mi;l:us i. uxiversitv Lela M. Alexaxukr PHYLISDA M. Al.l.lSON B. Lmu.E alm ViKlJIMA L. A.MKS Al.ICK AXDKRSON LOKAENK AM ' KIlSdX MAK.IOKIK .1. AMiKItS l Makian .1. Akciihk Mak ;akkt i. Hakkk Lois M. Baukktt Bki ' lah F. Bavi.ou .). ElI-KKN BkaN .Itamta F. Bkkcjkk Hklkn L. Bittkkmann M. ESTAI.KXK Bl.AlK D. EVKI-YX Bl.IMK LrciM.K K. Bunt Kmzakkth Bowman MiXMK B. Bkanut VKH-KT V. BitKWKK MiLDitKU I . Bkickkr Lki.a B. Bkown Kl.SIK M. BlCIIANAN .In.iA F. BiKii MaKUAKKT K. BlTl.KK WiNOXA BYAKS LlKLLA CaMI ' IIKLI. MaKCIKKITK (AMI ' ItKM. Mary J. Cami-bki.i. Charlottk Casti.k Kith V. Chkrry RCTH K. Cl-AISSKX Aruk a. Ci.ikton JUXK ClATTS Harriet J. Coffmax V. PAILINK COIJGINS InKZ v. COLCI.ASIKK (iKKTUlliK L. CoNAUn .1. CoiNCIl, MaKV .1. C ' KKliO Mak.tokik J. Crossi.ami CVNTHIA L. C ' KOWT.KV M l[i; MtKT E. rVRKY H ZKi. CrstoK DoicoTHY L. Dknnk El.lZAItKTH M. DOYl.K Kith M. Drovkr Al.INK DVKR Eiuth E. Eastman Makv a. Eck Makna L. EniK Hakrikt .1. EnwARiis M. .Ikaxkttk Ehrkdt Kith M. Ehrkpt BKTTV .1. KiSKNItRANDT Mary L. Espy Kiitv V. Ewers Mary K. Fahkv Doris ( ' . .iKssiK L. Fin LEV Mary E. FiTrn MAltY A. Fo.STKR H. K iSALrA Fritiii MAR iARKT M. FrI IN Dorothy Garrkn Mary M. Gaydos SHIRLEY M. GkMMKR ( ' . -I A XI-: GlEKKR y. i:.;ai:;;t .M. (iii.Ks H RR1KTTE E. Gl.KNN Aekk M. GoisT .lK, N E. Graham Annabklle Gray M RY .1. GRlFI-nTH l l ' IH M. Gronkmeier .Ikan L. Hai am L fMiN.v B. Haxsei.max Fl.ORENCK S. HaRKNES K THRYN M. HaRM(»N ,M RV .1. Harmon I,, Kl.l ItKTH HhAToN M n Hkrsman Lkona a. Hii.i. lA ' cy J. HlI ' I ' EE Phyllis L. Holdswor ' I-KLIA E. HOLLANliSWn May O. Hcber Mar ;aret a. Hidson Mary E. Jacobs M.vry E. .Tames Arlexe V. .lAY Elean(»k .Iohxsox Mary E. .Iohxstox .Mar.iorik E. Kane K.VTHRYN A. KKNWdRTl H RH. R A .1. KeNHRKI ' BkRTHA .1. KiNNK.VK K. Maih.k KiI ' I " ' lfic;t Nl 1). KRrEfJLR lyl n,r,K E. KlKKFNKR Mar ; vrkt C. La FoRf; Hkli:n O. Lambiun KiT.v y . Lanuellier H::tt K. LANf:i:N v i, ' Charlotte B. Lkfever .loSKl ' HIXE B. LEFEVER Ci. uiKBKLLK J. Lett l.niA Llfwkllyx LoLAiu:]. Lord Klizaukth C. Low k Mary A. Lyxch Mari;arkt a. Manry s Alm.v R. Marshall Makcklla Martin Vivian M. Martin Gracl a. McAllister Eloise McCarty E. Bfatkice McCLKLI.AXI) UlLLN L. MrGLELLANIf in M RliARET A. McClIRK rthMarv E. McCord (t. Elizaheth MrCREHiirr M . R .1 o R I E M . Mr K e a x K. .IoSI-II ' HIXE MEXI)ENH L Helen L. Michel Cvthkryx H. Miller K. Elizabeth riTcHLu. Karin L. MoRsni H RRIKTT E. . h IRS in Mary E. Myers Kmm, V. Xoll Kl.SIK I. XOHRIS VlRi;iNlA XORRIS Mary J. Otten M. Elnora Ozier I-: Myrna M. Parr Il»A . L PivVRCE LliRMNK V. PeRTKIT Tilt Ki Til M, [NyrFRs D IK Is A P ETKKSdN -M UdVN ( ;. Petkksii .M c - L. Phkmc-ie K TH K. P HII.I.II ' .S M in- A. 1 (II ' E S( PHI V A. ' OWKI.I. L ■(■II. I,K B. Powers M H A. K S.MISKN M in H H u Pin I.I Is v.. Kkm. M in A, Kl Kl M il.l ui:l) 1. Kkki. CHARLOTTK a. KlKItlil. Lena E. Killv W. Irknk Kilky Barbara A. Robkrtson Rkihth C. Komink M. Elizablth Ross Hklkn .M. Roith lMarhikritk K. Sass Kliz bkth a. Schikkhacm N. KCTH ScHMll ' T LoRKTTA .1. SCHNKIMKR M RT1! F, SrHROKI ' KK . N M . Sinri.Tz .M n E. SrilW . r;KR M c E. Sk.vls Hklkn K. SKLL, l kr KoSM.lND .). SLNNKKF KoSIA N B. SH IMRo ' KRNHK ( " . SlIKRMAN CVRMKN K. SHITK ' lRlil NI.V J. SHITT r.VTHKRIXK E. SIKMEN PKiioY ( ' . Smith Phyllis Si ' Rexger .Martha R. Staley M. RIK E. Staubitz . Jank Stoxe Vkrla Stoxe Mary L. Scnderland .Arlknk E. Si ti ' Es Vivian E. Slpi ' ES Is MILL H. Swax M t A. Tarblk Kkha .1. Tow NSKNi) IVVLMA .1. Tl ' RLKY Marilyn V. ni)ERwarf AllBlE A, VoORHEKS Jank E. Voorheks EnNA L. Walters Ol ' AL A. Warfield loLA F. Webb Mary E. Wetzler J KAN A. WhITCOMB L. Wilcox M. ViRijiNiA Williams L Mar.iorie Winchester S, Jt NITA WITTENBORN Hklkn C. Wolf Eliz.vbkth .a. Wolfe Jkanktte M. Woltzkx Klizabkth a. Wrk:ht E. Marik Wrhjht Margarkt C. Wright BkTTV J. WrRZBIRCER Barbara J. Wyxx M. Elizabeth York LK0N. S. ZlMMER WHllers ' fl.Hll( ' MnllHiulNwnrtl) Hohlsworlh Ames Wileux McKeiin Kindreil Kitfli Gicker HiiIht Aim Wurzbnreer Suss M. Anderson SlintI Winclienter KnieKfr Llewellyn Mentlenlinll Kominc Conniil GrinHh Whilrnmli Doyle La Force Johnson McCreiplit Tnrloy Bhime A. Suppes Mitchell Marshiill Farr Connrd Fiedler Rtnd Pope Srhroeder E. McClelland Ross M. Myers Coli ' lftHure Brown Hchneider PelerN Norrin Voorhees (tolt t H. MrClellanil Blair Bucltanan Gaydos Jacobs Healo Page 524 I ' Miversily of llliimis Tomahawk Onf Actiff Chfipter To ruiiiiiii ' .t IIk (kIi k !■( nil Ills nf inilstiniilnui iinli jii ii h iil frisliiiiiii KAcr I. TV STANKIKI.U .S. ' r.VVLnlt. U.S. M i-:.M i; K i;s i i i ' k usitv RaVMOM " J. ACKKKMW KVKKKTT G. AMUtKWS KWMOM) V. ATTn; M vuuJN L. Hkai. .1 MKS M. 1U:AI MONT Milton I. Ukkmkii .loSKl ' H A. CONAlth Jamks L. 1) i Laikknck K. Pka i:!-: .1 Aitvis H. FKM rss I TKI(K .1. (tAI.VIN K, Hi KKK HlHKK Kiti:nKitiCK V. .! Mi ' K W ' a nk S. Junks Wii.i.iA.M D. Laiukman AlJlKltT .1. LOKWKV Wmj.iam T. Loman MOKKIS MiNIlKI. MVKON Pkkikkk KirHAicr L. Kitman Kkwkth D. Saidkk Nicholas R. Shiman MiLTos Smith. .lit. Waltkk X. Tkmi ' I.k RaVMOM) H. TlUKs -I ' lH N K. V U.KKIt Hul)fr Pfi ' ifiM- Frazee .loiie ' T ' liit ' - Hoaiiinont Uii-in -i- K Davi ' s Teinplf Atti? SaiuU r Sniirli Ark.-rm.iii Slmi Founded, 1SS4 Phiiadelphia, Pennsylvania A. I. E. E. Kri.lii s Andrews Hoal Min.lM .Ijiiu-k Galviii Luinaii ' jilki r [llinois Student Branch itif It iiiidn ' d and Sin-- rtirf Chapters Til iiromnff intirisl in, miil Id uflnnJ ujiimrl iniilii s fur dclirifii s in IIk ])roffxsi(iii of I h I triiiii I iiiiiiii I niiij FACT LTV Eknkst a. Rkid, M.S.. E.E. .M K .M 1! 1-: R 8 IX r . I ' !•; i; s i t .Iamks L. OWKN R. Loris R. Frank E Charles V. EmvARii Charles T. A HAMS Bkrcek Bloom BlTTKRKIKLD I, Carson Cittill Damaskk Hi ' bert W. Dannkvik John V. Drish Mani»kl Estrin Wavnk p. Fawo GkoR(;k Kathaikr Ward E. Fhkik Willia.m Fitzw.vtlr. Ji. Richard Franks Stekan H. Frischaik JosKi ' H H. Gamulk Harrv Gkiskn JoSKI ' H V. GRATIAN Kenneth J. Gr(iK Merle L. Haley Edwaud H. Hammerstkin D NiKL F. HvN ; .l«iH K. Harmon Vkij R. Hxtch Ho i{ii T. Ki ' WMth 1,. .Alkukii (J, Mrrii KL J. Aknoli. R. Llovd H. Ji HnlMJES Hi Li.A I Nns JkZEWIi ' Z .hiMNSHN HNS Walter T. Johnston Gkor ;e M. Kekkimtrhk Caki, L. Klkemann Frank S. Koron RoItKKT C. KriiKR R LI-H K, KlEHN Richard W. Landox Leonard S. Licwi.nko Frank .). Makkiktt (iEOKfJK h. Mr.ARTHCR VirToit W. -MrMvHM-L Willia.m L. MrN ' Aitii Carl E. Meinhkit Carl A. Mlsklkv Don vlh E. Xklson P. Jay Olson Thomas M. Pittman SlLWNON C. Po YERS Encil E. Rains Leyerkt C. RrSSLER Robert Srn vox (teorok W. Sch I yy Robert B. Schmidt Kenneth L. Schmitz JoHX C. Schcder Richard J. Shamis Abe Shclman Dayid K. Silykrman KoBEKT J. Smith Warren L. Smoot DEI.IIERT M. SM(»TnERS Charles F. Steinbrixk Ruhard C. Stilks Robert Tidkman C. Nathan Townkr William R. Tr wers Edward C. Tcdor Roy W. W vonkr William W. WKLHorRXK Stanley W. WiLCitx William W. Witort David C. Wycofk .. - . Mfiiilit ' it Kiiilcr Kiu»lui Jnno.s Klft-iiiaiiii Hult l■» Kjrkpatrirk Shnhnan Frischauf OUoii Wilenx Smothers Cull ill Berffer Daunevik Hanj; h. JohnNon ' nrson Grn ' iiui XcLhoii SchifT 8(ile.s A. .luliii.sun Towner Gciaeii l.nndon Paj;e 525 Ganiina Alplia Chi Fniiiided, lOSO University of Missouri Dtlta Cliaptcr To honor outsianding xcomen in ihe field of adverlisinu. to ijro)iiol comradeship among lln m. mid to jiromotc the hroadir and higher intcrexts af ml r ilisimj us n profession for wonirn FAOri IV ARSK RaE, B.S. AI.TA G. S»Al-M)KRS, .M K.M i; i; ws IN r. I - 1; usiTV Cl. ra J. Bkhrmax Helen il, Bimba IaRIOS W. Bl ' FKlNfJER MiLURED CATLIMi Lois M. Carberry Mak ;aiikt M. K.SdCH? Frances K. Esses Kathkvn M. Green .Marv p. Hanakin Carolvn D. Hay Marianne Henmnusen AllEI.E B. KaI ' LA.N Helen E. Knight A.M. Edith J. Mikihv Beth A. .Sacia Nelee Sh. i; n Doris M. White Hiinli.-i Wiiit. SauiniiTs Siicia ;Murph.v (Iri ' rn Kni ' iit lifemiaii Hay Ilanafiii Ht ' jiiiiiij:son CH]ilinj; . liairan Kaplan liufiiii er Carberry Hoof and Horn Club Fviiiiiliil. I ' Jlij University of Illinois ejnf Active C ' haitlfr To promote further int(r(sf in inn ' muJ hushanelrj , and tiien(ii( good fdhiicstiiji awinig liv(sf()(l- men J. MES L. EUUOND.S, B.S. Glenn L. Anderson Leland p. Argenbrigut HiiwARii (). Baker I. »RE V. Beal Kkeperick G. Best LVLE E. BlIINER WILLIA.M R. BlURDMAX C. Ho« IRI BOLANF) John H. Botue Nye F. BorsLor, Loiis F. Briggs Lowell O. Birns ( ' . Warp Bl ' zzarp Glenn Bizzarp George R. Carlisle J. Max Garrison Loiis M. Christen LiiREN C. Clark Marvin E. Clark Xeal C. Cokeman A. Clinton Conpo.n John .1. Coxrov F. Kennedy Cors Harold E. Corvi m, John M. Cranpm.l Robert L. Craxe EroEXE H. Crull Max Ci tler James R. Davies JoHx R. Dawsox E. Wendell De Moss Earl K. De Wall Ch. rles H. Diekex Di ' Rw.vRD B. Dixf)X, Jr. H, RRY O. D »TV. Jr. Ho v. RD E. ELLKtTT Rali ' M H. Elliott H. RRV E. Engel Verne Erpman John E. Finley Gerald R. Finnest.vp Delbert V. Gabel Harvey D. Gantzert F. Donald Garwood Charles W. Gay Gail D. Geisias Thomas G. Halcott Robert E. Hall .I. MES M. H MILTr N KlcllAlip F. Ha.m.mek FACULTY Henry P. RrsK. M.S. .ME.MBERS IN Jamks K. Hami ' Ton ( " H.XRLKS L. HaRN Kii ' HARii K. Harkis KoBKRT .1. Harris WiLLARD G. Hartshorn KoHKKT W. HOI.BKRT KkITH .1. HOVORKA Ur.KS M. .jACKSdX Km. I ' M H. .Tamks Hkrman W. .Ionks DwujHT C. Kkri.i;v Norman V. Kky F LMO KLlN(iKNBP:Rf; C. Eldon Koontk Pai ' I, L. Laffky Kdwari) K. Lamont Thkodork W. Large John W. Lkhmann Donald S. Lkiuhtv .IctHX M. Lkwis KrSSKI.L V. LiTCHFlKI.n kohkrt g. loftls Kkxnkth L. Mathkrs L. EroKNK Mathkrs, .1r. Ar.viv M. M.wis UNIVERSITY A. Dalk McConathv Frank .1. Mkikr Irwin V. .Iamks K. Mii.lkr Thc.mas K. M1LI.KR KOUKRT II. .M(HII)V L. I£KMK V. . lnli(_:AN Ai.i viN K. .MiiKKis K.WMOMi I. MuWhRS MVKliN ( ' . MlKLl.KR LOWKI.I. E. MlRl ' HV KlI ' HARli E. N ' KWl.IX Vll,l,IA.M J. XOLAX Earl E. Okrtlky Glkn D. Okrtlky CLARKNrK L. OETH C. Raysiond Ofir, KrssKLL L. Park Jamks R. Parkkr Will Parks. .)r. Eldox B. Pearson Ki ' ssKLL K. Perkixsox Georce S. Peters Kknneth C. Pktersox Clair A. Pirir: William D. Raymond Charles M. Keimkk Neil E. Reixerd Robert Recter Thomas M. Rice George A. Richtek. Jr. LoREN K. Robinson Leslie W. Rogers J. Howard Rolf William R. Salzman Gerald B. Sammons Ernest H. Schottmaxx Edwin Schrader, Jr. Charles R. Schrodt doxald f. schroeder Hi ' BERT K. Seymour Lloyd E. Shafer Nolan H. Shiels W elby W. Simmons Fay M. Sims Mklvin E. Sims Dale H. Sinclair Ronald F. Slaxe Bernard H. Sloax Cecil D. Smith Koscoe R. Sxait, Ph.D. J. Theodore Someks Harold B. Steele Ernest V. Stevenson Ralph M. Stivers Pail C. Stoit Earl R. Swanson Francis .1. Tavhir Gord on E. Thiimpsox JoHX A. Thomi ' Sox Paul t ' . Todd Dean D. Urick D. Steve Varnek Charles E. Volaxd Mklvin E. Wagoner Harold D. Wallace John C. Wallace MiTCHKLL R. Warwick C. Herman Watson Chauncky B. Watsox. Jr Raymond E. Wax Edgar G. Welsh. Jk. Richard L. Williams Harold D. Wori.ey Ralph S. Yohe I. .Milkr Luflry Jiitin " KiTPcy licuttT Gjiritzrri «.. I im.ihi ni! K. i., ,-t«viiiMin i ' rUT.- .McCoii:tlli R. E. Uarru Meier C. B. WuUon Council Stout Schrodt Warwick Parks Mueiltr Beal Finnt«lad Heinorii Hnne Dickon Ijirgc Hoardmun Lewis Mowers Park GbIwI Sinclair De Mom Swaiinon H. Wallace Halt Steele Schrader Bothe L. dark Todd Yohe Slane Morris Oeth Conroy IVrkinRon Crull Erdmaii Brif (if Volond M . Clark W. Stevenson Bou lo|I R. J. Harris Williams Finley Koonee Hcimer Hice Hartshorn Crick Smith Burns E. Oertlcy Hammer Mavin M. Sim. " Ix-iphty •. Oertley F. Sim-i Worley T. Miller Cvikotn Pi ' Dnvio Variier Piixr Moody Page Pan-Xeiiia Fnundrd, 1919 ITniversity of WAshiiigton ZptB CliBplor Fottrlri ' ii Aclivf Chtlplri-M To develop inUrcsl in foniij)! Inuh iiikI ih-uiikjIi huilu r iiliuls mid slinnhirds uf Imsliicss ttliiis ill trinisih I idiis: inrolrin; i)it( rudlioiKil cotiniKrce iii)iiin i IIhis( iiiiiin iil In lliis line of worL- tli roitfilniut tin world R. BrsiiART, A.M. Simon I.rrMw. M Jur. Pub. et Hfi-. Ciiiu. H RKV K. . inH KS I.IMO Hdmiti (i. Mi KORi Doras PK1»R0 (Jl ' TIKRKKZ FACl 1 IV KK.VATO Ko.-iAI.IHl. . .M. MEMBERS 1 . I N 1 V KRSITV Wki.i.s HrtiO-SMiTH MrsTAFA N. Kazdal Mkkkil H. KU ' ll KI T. K Ni» I.KS V. l.OKKN KXIIX Joseph V. Mkics Cl.AKK Z. STKW.Mtn li n S. S vi:i:t C. :M. Tllo.MI ' snN. I ' ll. I),. I.I..D.. hitl.D. Wavnk V, TlUtAM, Oscar M. Tni.t.sTAM John J. Watkks AKTIM K K. WiLl.MOKE Hugo- Smith Honucci Kill? Foxinfled, 3920 University «f Illino Alpha Tail Alpha ; l|ilia CiiHlttor Serenleen Active i ' hniiUrs Prnfi ssiiiiiid Afiriciilliinil Kduiiitianid Fnihrnihi WiLLiAJt !., HrRLisox, Ph.D., LESLit K. Carh. Ph.D. Haroi.ii C. il. Case, Ph.D. Arthir V. Clevexcer. A.m. James L. Edmoxds. B.S. Wesley P. Fi.ixt, B.S. Eugene . i.kxa. der Frank B. .Alexander Eldox W. Barxes John M. Benson Charles R. Best Ja-mes R. Bridges P.WL L. BrCHANAN Lowell O. Birns Glen E. Diamond Hexry Dierkixi:. .Jr. Akthir L. Eilken D.Asr. PA CI ' LTV WiLBEi! .7. Phaser, M.S. Robert R. Htuelson. Ph.D. F.MiL W., B.S., E.E., A.E. Aketas W. Nolan, Ph.D. Harrison . . Rieiie, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Harold Excjelking George Fleming Carl F. Geisslkr Max Grixxeli. Ira E. Hameh .IA.MES H. Haxdv Fraxk D. Haxsix(; Ri DoLi ' H H. Harms Floyd D. H rwo )D Howard D Havnes F. VjXfEXT Hexdron Harlaxd H. Hofk.max H(»WARD V. .loHXSOX C. Dean Keithley Ralph R. Kxedler Kdwaud E. Lamoxt .J(»nx L. Likes RrssEi.i. V. Litchfield Garkktt V. Lov Ai.i.Ex E. McCii.LoroH Henky p. Risk, M.S. .John C Si-itler. B.S. .ToHX N. Weiss, M.S. WiLLIA.M W. Yait, Ph.D. WiLi.iA.M H. Yorxr. Francis H. McGrath Hekschel E. MIZ£LL I ' M ' i, V. Rath Donald C. Rocke Robert .s. .slaytox DoXALD W. .Sl ' LAIX .Iesse R. Strode Pail U. Todd Pati. Walker James A. Webb Xolaii Dierkinv Rixki- To.l.l H«mir Hniwl.v MHirnth Likes HolTimiM Mnriii-i Slr.Ml.. Weiss Hn.vnes Kneph-r Lo.v Biirhnnan Rath Keithley Barnes Enirelkina F. . lexaiuler K. .Mexantler Jlizell Heiulron Haiisine Dianioml Best Geisxh-r Hnrwnoil Slayton BritUes Grinnell Laniniit Bfiisoii Wehh Burns Johnson Fh ' Uiins Walker Eieken LitrhHeld MrCnIloush Splain Page 527 Phi Chi Theta Founded. IBS-I Columbia I ' nivorsity SiKiita ChajitcM ' T)rt ' Hlt - our Aclirr ( ' hnpUr t Alta G, Saixijkks. a.m. Stephanie Barbolak KuTH L. Breeze Sylvia K. ( ' a.mi ' Mkll, MAR.10KIK K. Cowling DORllTHV .1. DiCKwoinii Edith .1. Km, Kit Hki.kx II. Fleirv M.VRIK C. Frisch To promote ilic cnnsi ' hinln i InisiiK .ss i (lindliiju for tvoinen I- ' AC 11, TV ( ' II AKi.i.--; M. ■I ' liciMr.-iuv. I ' ll. II,. I.I. II. I.iii j). MH.MBKKS I r I - KRSITV Ki TM L. HAitr Ki{ KfTH K. HKl.AMlKk SnrKLKV A. Hkxdkksox KlTlI .IIXKINS AMKI.ITA M. 1 .1KLI.S ' IM£AM GltACIA M. L.MIKV .lKA K. liAMriim- Fi.ui;i: rh: L. M iiKi: lIltACK A. MrpMKKTKKS Ai; Ks H. . iT iiv -Ir.VK D. O ' CovvoK Lois D. RociKus .MaUV L. RrTHKKKoRli Ki.iz.vuktu A. Skkbkr M 1 1 in:tM ' ; Smi: vit lAXKT !,. Vi:STON. Pli.O. LonsK V. SMAMAviior Hki.kx D. STArKiiorsK Klkaxou I. Stuaix DOHOTHA 1 ' M»KK V(MI1 Mahtma I. W AII Makv K. Wkiss DoltoTUl " M. ' ll,ltnil{ M i;ii. ' » . Williams Hit. liv liiii ' boliik Slienr Frisoli rilbinirn lU ' iulei-soii Wai.l Syeber Dm-kwMt M. rii.t ' i ' IN StackhouM- Kk-ury Lnmpert Harder Khlpr Small w lOtl Strain La hey Founded, 1904 University of Ne) raska Sigma Tau Theta Chapter Twenty-four Active ( ' hfi tte To tii( i)iriif ( ttiiil ri ii!iiii:i clnijitsl ic tn h ' u ri iiu hI in i iti i ik i rhifi FACn l ' V H.MtoLi K. Babbitt, M.A. Harrv p. Bate, ia.s-, B.S. KDWAItll E, Bai LR. M.K., C.E, Jamks E. Branch. M,8, Rkx I,, Brohn, iI,S. John S, Ckandkll. B.S., C,E. Eliirkd E, Crks.s. B,S„ C,E, Ram ' H S, Cros.ssian. M.S.. C.E. L, ExciKR, M,S,. C,E. MATRICE K, FAHNKSTOfK. M.S. Chakles T, Grace, B.S. Km. Ill C. Hav, B..S. Hauoi.n . . H.vvwAiiii, .M.S. Whitnkv C. Hintimitdn, .M..S.. C,E, RaI.III K. HlKSM, U.S. HaKVUV H. .lllUIlAN. U.S. Charles A. Keeneii. .M.S.. K.K. AliNKU K. Kmiimt, .M.S., M,K., K.K, DitlVEIt M. I.INhSAY. M.S. HiiiiMi: .1. Maiintire, M.M.E. liK.NKditi ' .Ni ' .w ' ii.MB. A.M., M.. rch. CVRr. ' i K, I ' M.Mi-.ii, M.S, CEdliliE .M. Pe ' I ' EKSKN, U.S. St. nlk " H. Pier ce. JI.S. LoRiNC H. Provise. B.S., A.E. Freii B. Seei.v, M.S, KoliEKT F. Skelton, B.S. Lairexce L. Smith, .M.S., I.I.B. ,](Ihn a. Snvker, B.S. EnwAEh V. Scpi ' iiiKH, M,S. .Iohn K. Tithill. B.S.. E,K. . rthcr C. Willard. B.. .. D.Enj! 0-- UiiU C. WilUI.KV. B.S, M E i I B 10 ]{ .K IX T ' r A ' E R S 1 T Y JOHX V. AXDKRSOX Al.BKRT P. BoysKX. Jk. Si ' KX« ' KU F. Browx ■Wn.itLU E. BrssK WlIJ.IAM C. ClTHUKItr, .lit, John Ficoit Chaklks a. Fowi-ku JOIIX R. CiARKNKK DONAlJi K. (iKKHIvUiril KoBKKT A. Cll.hiS lii;i{ At{i ( ' . li M.i:Y FUWK W. Him II.MITII CUNTdN D. J N m; Al.l ' KKI) G. .iAXOS (IKOKUK M. K iKKi ' ruii- Fk.vnk S. Ki.ank. .Ii;, Kj.lis C. KNoin-orii KOKKKT C. KlDKli Kau ' H K. KiKiix I ' KTKK JvlKI.Ak RixK K. Lkvivi-: SlhXKV l..(»Klt, .lit. VirTdit V, .MiM Hii.i., HritTn R. .IR. Robert R. Roiiiii ARTHTR V. SKlliKNSniW.MtTZ R(niKK M. Smith DOXALD K. Stkvkns Hkrsiiki. y . Stinson Kl ' WARI ' n, Vni.lJvM RoHKKT L. W ' ll.l.l WIS l l( HARD J. YODKK Andcrmin St ' iihMiKrhwarlz Km- lin Knrluk Levin.- ' uIIi)m-i-i Uoysi ' ii Cilrs I ' duKt Kndor KIniic Urown (Mm)!) UnNMf • ' irnr M.-Miihill Horliiiiulh Sl. ' Vi ' iis Slill ' nn Yddi-r (iorln ' rirli Hant Pngp 528 Zeta Phi Eta Founded. ISOS Norlhwestern University Tail Chapter Twcnlj ' ouc Xc il ' C ChaiUera DoRoTHV I. Anderson. A.5I. To .stimuhiti and ouuuriiijc all icurlln sytcch enterprises FACULTY Maria Leoxard, A.M., Litt.D. (; l{. DTATE ST I ' D K NT M AitV F. Sflluol.KV E. Pli.D. MyRNA .1. FlSOHER Mary M. Fi.kmixg B. KBAKA .1. GlU.IXOHAM Mary A. Gobex Louise C. Greexwell Marlyx .1. Grixyyald -M i: .M I ; i; u s i . r x i - k r s i t y V. ,Taxe Higuixs Beth A. Irvixe Kii.exe J. Mi ' xriK LoRRAIXE .7. Ml RrHY .Martha R. Noel Hktm (ll.l ' S Jacqueuxe M. Pieper Mary J. Pkather Betty .1. Primm I.Dis M. Ricisz C. LYr.i: SrHWABE M KY A. STI M-L Betty ' C. Stigi.itz Ki.EAXOR J. THOMI ' SON MAR.IORIE L. Walter Mary E Weiss E. Elisabeth Yorxo .Mak.kirie E. Yorxo llif, ' giii.s (.ireenwfU Steppe Thouipsoa E. Young Murphy Xoel Schooley Walter Goben Fleming Grunwald Muncie Irvine Pieper Founded. JOSS University of Illinois Chi Epsiloii Alpha Chapter Sixteen Active Chapters To recognize civil engineering .itudents oulsliinding in scholar.ihip. characiir, practicalifn mid socitthiliitf H ROLi) E. Babbitt. M.S. Ei wARi E. Baver. M.S.. C.E. W. Leightox Collixs, M.S. ■JXMES G. CuvRK. M.S. .Tohx S. Craxdei.l. B.S., C.E. Thomas J. Dolax. M.S. .Iajies .J. Donxn. M.S.. C.E. rEL ax L. ExoER. M.S.. C.E. SPEXCER F. BROWX Harry F. Bitcher .loHx H. Coxaxt .t ' K K. Ham. i MoERI.- .M. HOCHBERG F ACL ' LTV A ' lRGIL R. Flemixg. B.S. Whitney C. Hi-xtlngtox. M.S.. C.E. Wallace M. Laxsford, M.S., C.E. Berxt O. Larsox. B.S. William A. Oliver. Ai.S., C.E. George W. Pickels. B.C.E., C.E. William H. Kayxer. M.S.. C.E. M E : i n !•; i{ s i x r x i ' l i; s i ■!■ v Fred B. Seely. M.S. Thomas C. Shebd. M.S., C.E. Edward W. Suppiger. M.S. Arthir X. Talbot, C.E.. D.Si-.. D.Eng., LL.D. ,Ta.misox V.vwter. M.S.. C.E. CvRRoi.L C. Wiley-. B.S.. C.E. Wn.Bi R M. Wri.sox, M.M.E., C.E. Gerald W. Homaxx EnvYX H. KixG Peter Kirlak ARXOLD AiAZZlTCO Robert L. JFiller Marvix R. Moxtooth .1A.MES E. MlLFORD J.VCK Pershixg Gordox K. Ray William C. Sperry Arxold 0. Straxduero Robert H. Westcott Kurluk Uomann Brown Montooth Strandber - . Li u Hochberg Oliver Butcher We.stcolt Hanim [ or.shinjf Page 529 Gaiiiina Tlieta Phi Fuunded. 111.11 Ulliversitv of Illin line Aclhr Chniilcr T(i (luard and (xpnund iln lirlins nf lln jtrnfi ssiiin of j nirnulism Rkiki. R. Barlow, A.M. L.WRK.MK R. C.AJirnELi.., Ph.D. R|I ' II RI L. BVRKL. X1 .loll M. ( ' AXX« . Caki. v. Cash ' IIAKI.E8 K. CiRRAX, Jr. Kkrwix a. Dk.v.vis KliWARI ' V. KVKTt-i ClIAKl.K.S E. Fl-YXX. A.M. Otiii) C. Lkiter. A.B. Lawrexcf. V. XIURrHV, MAXxrxo D. Skii.. M.S. A.M.. Litl.n. : [e: ii ' . i; . IXIVKRSITY GKORr.K 0. Ci AST (lOUlUlN H. {Jkkknwood llAiutY ,T. (litrsiv ■IKAX ( ' . II. I.ri:iCMA .l(iH li. llKM)i;r!s ) iiu Al.I) W. HOOVKK AiJ.KN HriaviTZ UnitKKT C. Mast HaUOI.K a. MoiiLdCl .IciiiN S. XrssiiArM C. KtlltKIiT I ' AVIIV Kavmom M. Pkkitz WlI.BLIt A. UOIU.NSON JOSKIMC P. Si ' OlIN Pkank U. Stkwakt Gard Wii.roxKN I ' .i.. ; H.M.v.i- MilM Unisiii Si ohii HaltiTinaii Cnnnon iJeiinis Cash EviMS Curraii Stewart Henderson Phi Mu Alpha- Sinfonia l ' .,iiii,li-(l. isua M- . lnlia Xi Chill Fniiiitlrd. ISIJS Now Eiishind C(jiisoi ' jiI(iry of . In lplia Xi Chiiptt-r Ijl-lir,, Arlii, Clllllilris ' ' ( (idvdnci till cdiisi i f }iiiisi.i- III Anil III II, In jiislir lln iinihtiil ifiljiin mid linilln liiiiiid ii( si mil Ills of iiiiisii ' . In ili n loii lln Inn si Iniliniiil sjiiiil. and Id i nroiinii i loijiillii lo lln Alinu Miili r DUAXE A. BRAXKiAX, M.Mus. M.KHK H. HlXll.«LE , A.. I. KicHARO E. Roberts. B..S.. .M.Mus. Abtihr E. Cohex, M.Mus. Harrv M. In Al ' FK.M.VX. A..M W.M.TER L. ROOSA. A.B. LAX.-iiix V. I)EMMixi;,B.Miis. HlBERT Kk.-. Sl.ER, Ph.D. Clarence E. Sahhill. B.Mus. Brick R. Footk, B.Mus. RrsSELL H. .Miles. M.Mus. SllEH.MAN i lHOONMAKER. .M..MuS. LeRiiv R. Hami- I ' MI. S. I ' l-I tin ; . M.Muv. FliEliElllC B, STIVEN. Mus.D. Albert A. HAKDixr:, Mus.P. Ki.iiii I.. Wilson. B..S.. B.Mus. .Mi: .mi; k u.s l- L . i !■: i; S 1 T V Aliiekt C. BoTTlX XoKMAN H. FiTCIt William 0. Krvi ' ER l{o YLANii Smith Allen E. Casxox (lEOKliK R. FLEX.MAN Pail P. Lester DONALll .1. STAIH-IEI.I) William .1. C. kmi iiaei. N. RirH. Ki) Fox William N. Mi-Atee Lyman . . Starii KiiV ClIIUSTIll ' IflJCSEN NOIIMAX A. GoLDIlKRi; ArsTix .1. McDowell Glen C. Stewart I.EI) .1. CllltlSTV Lavvre xci-; W. Oihiilkr (Jeorce E. .Morev Harlan A. Stone WlU-lAM D. ClJl.K Natiiaxiel B. Ckekv Raymond L. Parker Harolii E. T.vylor AxdEi.i) M. Crcii I.OILS A. Hanskv (iOKIlOX C. Pextz .Lames In. Vax Slyke .1. Wayne Davidsox DOXALII .1. llATIM R-VLl ' ll A. PlXLEY Staxley W. Vycit.m. Willi M R. Daviusox Forest li. Meeken To.M V. Ritchie James C. Wii.kins. .In .1 MK .M. Elliott Harolo C. Mines .loiix .1. ScursTEB Vernon .1. Wilson .Man R. EL. il!ERHV Wn.iiiu HoEL. .111. Haskell 0. Se.xtox Wayne 1 . Wooi.sev .InllN R. EMiSTRlLM 1 ' . 1)1- VXE .loNES Robert U. Yoi ' xoer WilkiuH Yfnmifor Ultcliie Fitch Hiitrli Pixlcy KiiRHtrom Hoeren (irt-cn Vini Slyke Jones Hnwhill Flexiniui W ' oolsey Pot I in pA ( ' unci Wilwon .1. Dftvidsnji Cn rniiclinel Klliott Smith Cole Starr (miMIhtc HineH I ' arker Cunnon W. DiivifUon Klslterry lliinseii Mcllnwell Fnx ChriNtiiphcrseii Christy lloel Pnge 530 Keramos FottiKtfd, 1015 University of Illinois KavmoM) r. Ukhtkam KUWAIlli K. Bl (11111)1.2 Ravmii i a. Dkviirkix William D. Fitji ' atrii ' K ARTini! I.. Fkikhhkro Ont Aciii ' v Cfifiptrr To C)i i )ir(i(i( s(lii)l(irsliii). iliardcti r, aiitl f( Ihnrsliip . 1 i:.M i; K 1{S IN 1X1 - K USITV KollKUT A. (.ill.KS Kkank .S. Ki.wk. Jk. KoilKUT F. KlMPKI, MncHKi.L :m. Mm. I. Kit Wii.i.rwi ( ' . MuHK Iamks a. Xki-smn Tkkiiv F. Xkwkikk KoiiKUT W. l i;i.z H AUI.KV It I ' INXOW Lawkk-nck K. 1 i n ' Tnkv K HtKHT K. R(»r(JH •losKi ' ii K. Smith Wll.lJAM H. ZsniiHMK Kiinpt ' I Klaiie Molir UiTirain J iniunv Xt I (»n Di ' vorkia ilillcr I ' elz liufliliolz Uoii h Friflbevir Zsphorhe A. I. Ch. E. Founded. 19SS University of Miehiican Illinois Student Chapter Sere»t!f Active Chaplet-tf To promote f(llowsliii nnd proft ssuhkiI spinl (iikdiu (liiniical engineering studmt.i Edward W. Ckmixus, D.Sc. A. IJARRELL DeK.M. Ph.D. Frederick K. . hlers Betu S. Albeida h.vrrv .1. . llk William R. . pblett. .Ir. Raphael D. Avra.mi Ralph W. Beri;er Robert Bo.vAcriDi William M. Borr Charles .1. Breitewsteix Edward M. Brophv H. Kenneth Brscii Joseph I. Chase Herman L. Childress Lolls S. Cole, .Ir. Robert H. Cranshaw Edward .s. Czvzewski RdV C. D.U.E Robert s. Day c.vbl d. 1)e bord Edward .1. Demlow Rov E. Dial (erton H. Doi ' Thitt Donald E. Drake FACULTY H. I ' RASKI! .loIIXSTdXE. Ph.D. ME.MBEKS l. LMVEliyiTY Ci.AniK E. Dtrgee Wl 1, 1,1 AM E. Ebekly Al.BKRT ( ' . ELLES El.MER H. EN :yuiST El VARI» L. FOERSTER Frank V. Foley Maxdel Forester Georhe N. Foster Pail H. Frev FORXEV C FltilA Gilbert Gavlix EimARK Golksteix Hilary A. Grabowski KnwiN O. Gternsky Kali ' M H. Gi ' ymon Robert S. Hanmkk Einvix M. Haix Ross M. HEhRiK Walter T. Hkk " ;et MiLTOX L. HOKKLE Lawrexoe ( . HoChEK AXDREW J. HlMfHREY L K n A H r p W . .1 It H . sn N . C. Everett Kaneex FrAXK KaI ' I ' LER .IrLirs .1. Kratklis Robert P. Lawrexz Peter .M. Lefor Arthir E. Lenehax HnwARii L. Levexthai, SiKXEV LoEB. .iR. .Iack R. Loris Bovif L. Mahax Thahdeis .1. Malicki Marvin Manuel E. Dale Marstox Robert O. McKinley Melvin H. Mevek Chester S. Muhalski Llovh R. MiniELs E. Frank Mm ' Hl Robert T. Mn,Li ;AN Cliffori X. Mitchell Ravmonk G. Moli t Robert H. MrKLLi:i: ()TT.. (i. -Mr s..s EllWARI) P. MCRTHY Robert R. Xichols Lloyd A. Xicolai RU ' HARK D. XOBLE .ToHN S. O ' Brien Howard R. Ohme William H. O ' Xeal Freherk ' K A. Orr Homer D. Osborxe Olaf G. Paasche .Stanley .t. Paprocki Keller G. Phillippe DoNALit V. Phillips John C. Pierzhal-V Dean B. Kaymonh Carl X. Reilly, Jr. Robert E. Rezny Gloria Rislev w. dwhjht robb I ' L.VRENCE RoTT Robert X. Kvlaxds BlKTON B. Sch- rdt [ I ' l I S. HNKlDKi: i)oXALu B. Keves, w illiam h. schxell Gkorce Schraiiek Robert L. Schwimmkr Thomas Shifk George M. Sinclair Elvix a. Skibixski Robert A. Spacldim; John P. Staxton Martix Steinberg Wari B. Travers Robert J. Ti rxek Ja -k F. Wari Johx T. Wari William H. Weiss James W ' , Westwater Johx H. Wiihiowson DoXALn C. WiLLARn Calvin Wolf Frederick W, Wcrtzell J. Crau; Yacoe i ETER VaRMoIAK Kexxeth W. YorxG Goodzey Malirki Joh ' i ion J. T. Wnnl Dny Mirlialski Mnhan Cole XicoI«i Brnj.hy Murphy De Bonl Ouprnsey Herrinc Griflttli Weiss WidUnwsoii Orr Youiie Picrzhala Steinberg HnUh Ahlers Yaroe Fnerstpr Rezny BersiT Stantnn Miu ' ller Biisrh Cliilfln-ss Haninrr Schwimmer O ' Xeal Maiulel Loiiehaii l ory MeKiiiley Files Krniiklis Don t hilt Hreiteiistein Schardt Lneb O ' Brien BonaciiiiU llnitn Herf:et Dial Page 531 Tlieta Sigma Phi Foundfd. 1904 University of WnsliiiiKKui Pi Cliapter Forlif-two Antire Chapterjt To honor oulsfandinij woxk it in llu Sdiuul . nunttilisin, to make definilt contribution to the cause of better journalisw, and to assist its members to rrnli:r acln( r( nirnts in fix idil of letters FACT LTV KKIKI, K. liAKl.dW. A.M. M !•: .M 1 ' . !■: K s I . INI ' K H S 1 T Y . lAKi;. KKT H. .A.NtlKL Hklkx K. BUVTTl M. KY A. BlROETT A. Kll.KEX COIRTXEY }ll. RV K. COWKI.I, Lois . D.VLLKXB. CH V. I.KRIK . Er.AX Gkxkva a. Fu ' Kkr Hki.kx K. (t uiiM:K Marv I ' . Hanafix AliKl.K B. .Timet F. Ki.kix Dorothy J. Koexig DORIITIIY J. KlHXS Jane E. Lixdk.maxx H. .IrxE Markkkt .Marhaket .M. McCarty Rl-TH SI. JlEYER Vivian E. Peterson ViRlilXIA R. Roi.LO Lucille A. Schoexkelu Fl.OREXCE L. Spexckr Jean K. Steinmayek Jean M. Watts Dorothy B. Wexler Spencer . iiSfl jrcCarty Ficlipr Kaplan liurLiflt Hjiiiafin Walts Dalk-nl lowi ' ll Kulh, Wrxlor S.l.onif.lcl Courtney Sigma Delta Clii Fniiiidiil, l!)0!l DePaiiw riiiviTsity l aiuhda Chapter Fortifthrcf Arlire C ' hajtlfrit CUE.STEK K. A.vderson. A.M. Reuel R. B. klo v. a.m. Lauuexie K. Cami ' Bell. Ph.D. Charles E. Flvxn. . .M. Charles R. rREDERicK, M.S. Marcus S. Goldman. Ph.D. Walter .7. Graham, Ph.D. Elwooi B. .Acker Richard B. Allex James W. Armskv Joseph M. Arxdt James S. Ayars Maury C. Beacmoxt To raise and proin(il( jirofi . si )ii(d slaitdards in journaJism J ' ( ' ll rV Harold B. Johnston, A.B. .loH.y P. Jones. Jr., . .M. I ' ' KEI ERICK J. Keiliiolz, B.S. Otiio C. I.eiteii. A.B. Leslie V. McClcre. M.S. I .VWRENCE W. MfKl ' llY. A.M., Lilt.D. Frederic A. Ki ' ssel. Pli.l). M H .M |{ s I .I, MKS 1 . HrnAi Vii,[.rA.M K. Cask • InllN K. { ' OK Ki:k vjn a. Dknni.s KhWAftn V. KvKKs XI vioiiyiTV ! wii.s 1, Fkm kk Cl.AKK W. FiSHKL I ' HKSTKH M. hKAI ' K Wrr.KoKi) .1. Kkamkr K()Hi:itT L, MosHKR Akxe Rae, B.S. John H. SriiACHT. A.M. I ' ltAXK E. SCIIOOI-KV. U.S. Manxing D. Skil. M.S. C. iiU Stei ' Ukns, A.B. Loris M, ToBiN JOSLF F. WltKiUT. AM. Kt »KKT L. NKI-SON FRKDKRirK A. I ' OI ' K EinVAKD J. KtHIN, Jit. Jack A. Kye Frank W. Smith JOSKI ' H P. Si ' OIIN Henpc Allon Siinhii AckfT Kvcrs Itiirlow Mllllll (. ' i XcIhoh Mnrpliy ArmU .Tones Pago 532 Omega Beta Pi Founded, 1914 University of Iltinois Alplin Clmpter Six Actire Chnptern T i iiroiiioh II In III r iiii(l(rxtan lin(j amunii pre-iticdical studcnl.- uml hi fiirllur the Insl iuhnsis of lluir proffssion I.KVKKETT A. AllAMS, Ph.D. .1. iiow. Ki hk.vkii, A.m.. m n. IM AXK T. KXIM.IS. Ph.D. I! Vincent H.m.i.. Ph.D. PuN.VH) K, H II.K KirllMCll K. C ' AKK . M CASSARA Kos.VKIO P. Dkaco Jipiis S. Garvin JollX E. G1I.STKR VACLLTV Caki, .S. Marvel. Ph.D. KollKRT K. Paton, Pli.D. CiiAKi.Ks ( ' . Price. Ill, Pli I). Wai.hii Siir.MWAV, PhD Ml-minOKS I . (NIVEKSITY .l, . IES K. (IdOIi.M.V.N RollKKT .1. GREAVES Pav.vk S. Harris .II.M.MV F. Henrv Frank J. Ho.vsik Curtis E. Hixsakek .rA.MES W, LaXIIIS William VV. Lehvarij Elbert L. Lixdahl Eric P. I.otore.v KriKiLE ' H G. -Mrazek, Jr. Fred H . Turner, Ph.D. Harlev .1, Van Cleave. Pli.D. (;f;oR iE I. Wallace, Ph.D. Fi.ovi) K. Wat.son, Ph.D. Kdhkrt K. Xewton, .Ir. Ira G. Nichols. .Ir. JOSECl! S. Pecora Charles H. Shaiova Do.sali) W. Taru. KouEiiT F, Thorpe Henry Goodninn Hoiisik Linilalil Taruiii Thorpe Gilster Drago Xewtnn Shaiova Sigma Alpha Iota Founded, litOH I ' niversity of Mieliigan Sigma Delta Chapter Seventy-thi-cc Actiee Chapters Til form liodics of n pnscnUilivi: widiu n wliii .« »; ) llnir injlmnci and lliiir musical inlinsl iiplKild Ihi hi ij Ik si idials of a }tnisi(al i dacalion : In raise tin ' t ' ■■ j. ..-•.. nntsiral work iniiinui Ihi womi )i sliidnils of ciilh VeLMA I. KiTCIILLL, li.Mus., A.M. Nellie M. Sti;art, B.Mus, Marjurie L. Bennett Elsie M. Bittixijer L R iARET A. BCRLISON Elizabeth A. Cathcart NiXA M. CoFFIXd Hetty E. Ewalp B.IRB.VRA L. FERIHSON " . i ele p. GrsToi: colli ! s, PA CULT V KvTURVX J. SVTHKRLl.V. A.IJ MKMHKKS TX T ' X TVER SIT Y H st(fn(](tr(is of pradiU ' tivi (■ons( rrahfrit s, (ind u}nr( rsities Gracf: a. Harrimav Mar.iorie L. Hri.KT Makv J. Jarxa ji. Frances Jones Mary I.. Little Hetty McCowx M. KrfJENiE Mkkkkr ( ' ARiiI.YNE K. MeYKR Kleanor Mfller RlTH PiNNKlJ, Lillian X. Poll AriiREY K. Keii klhkh ;er Klizahhtii K. Rhodes ?:lizabeth a. Sawin Kr.IZABKTil J. SCAIFE Ki.iTii M. rsKY. A.M., li.Mus JAXE C. Watt. A.B., il.Mus. Melva a. Schrekfler Betty M. Starr Heth L. .Stki ' Hens Mary A. Stum LorisE Stiyen v. Jink Van Zandt Rachkl S. Wu.sox Kr.KwuK K. WisK ■ q 1 HWH HS B ■ m Li 1 Scaife Hiirlison Little Jones Schrcffler Hlm.les iriirrimHn Hulel Phitifll McCown BittiiiKor Cathcart Reidelbercer Stephens Salini MilU-r Van Zaiult Jariin iii Starr Cofling Wise Page 533 Scarab Founded, 1909 University of Illinois Karnak T» ' ini)U ' Cliaptor Thirtpen Active Cbaptfrit To give a hnnidir knuivhdut ' ari Inhi hir( ami lo furm a bond of friendship icilli hIIkis in llii.s fidd l.A KllUi I. Li.Ml.l.V, M.S.. IJ.P. J. MK.S K. liK.X.SClI. M.S. AUTIIVK K. I)E. M. B..Vrill. MaKVIN- U. IWBBKRIUN. M.S. Ol.. K S. K.IEl.DK. A.M. Gkaxvii.i.k S. Kkitii, M.S. I-. Cosby Bkk aki Kkxxktii W. Brihiks KlOKVK I.. Bkok.v Ei»w. Rit L. BrR ' H FRKDRIC V. t ' t»LLINS RllBKRT W. DiTZKN GKORnE S. Flaoi.kk FA(Jll rV Frank M. Lksiiikk. B.S. Kari. B. I.()II.manx. M.I... KL.MKR 1. I.dVK. M.S. XKWLIX 1). Ml)K(iAX, M.S.. ItKXFORU NKWCOMB, A.M., C.K. M.Arcli. il I-: .M B E K S I . I . I ' ]•: R S I T Y QrKNTIN K. Fn.l.KR KdltKItT (). HaI S KK Ko»KItT I ' . HooT »N KoltKlIT K. HOWK Kf iu:uT L. HiKK I. - i;. M 1 ' ?p;? ' -- Cmaki.ks K. King AMtRKW K. KlBV. JK. Vll.[.[ AM .1. LaZ WksI.KV 1 . .MAltTI.N K ( ' . MrCoRSMt Cl.AKKMK V. I ' im.I.Tf K..IIKHT C K " TK CVKI ' S K. PAl.MKft. M.S. iKVix : L. Pktkrsox. H.S. LoRixi: H. pRoviXK. H.S.. A.E. Otto G. ScHAFFiiH. U.S. V[I,I.IAM H. SCHEirK. M.S. E.MKKSON C. SniOLKK Howard M. Simpson Glkx L. Stkickr KirilARII .1. TOMCZAK HkNRV F. WAf ' HTKK KK ' HARH F. WdLKI.KV Jack I.. Wriciit King liiTiKiril Rot( I- ' lat-l IT K,-ll.. racliter Kill) Hausiu ' r Collins ScliokT Koilh Phillips Fuller Bro Martin Brooks AVolfley I itzfn MrCorniii ' k Steiger Dolphins ToniczHk llooton Bun h Johnson Founded, 1912 University of Illinois A1] h8 Chapter Seven Active Chapters To promoti t ood fiUnivxhip and spiirtsman liip nmong sivimviers and to stimuhttc interest in .swimming Ihrtnttihout the I ' niverisity M. . .1. Cmai ' .max, A.m. Ai.i.KN- B. Klixijll, B.S. .Mli ' llAKI. .M. AURA.US KlI ' llARP F. AMiKRSOX .Iasius K. Ari ' KL A.NTmiN " .J. Brapi.ssk Wii.i.i.vM K. Brkkkk .Iamks M. Brown KOV liKMWN, ,7r. TlllilIAS F. Bl I ' KI.KV KlI ' llARII N. BlKfiESS KllWlS B. (LINK JOHKI ' II , . UoXARP Wll.l.lAU .1. Dl.KRKi .lAMKS H. FtLT Jiiiiv M. Flaihmaxx FACULTY KllWIX .1. .MV.M.KV .M i:. i i; i:i;s i . i i v k usitv Ai.rtKKT K. (in ss HKNRV M. GRKiiORSKI William J. IJi ixikon Jack K. Hamm Jamks .1. Hkllkskn KoilKRT K. Hkslki- KiCIIAKIt K. Hkrshman KnUKHT J. HHIHT HkRUKKT X. H(ll-MKS Mknkv J. HoL(irisT I ' lioM s K. .Iaworkk .Ni»K 1 N K. .(0H S4IN Donald 1.. Kkli.v KoBKRT A. KKLLV WlI.l.lAM J. KiKKKR DOXALK L. KiKXLKX u m()x w. kirkili8 Alkrki Y. Kirklam) Warrkx K. Kloock Thomas P. Krizax PkTKR KlRLAK J vcK I.. LKrri.A, Jr. Tom O. Livklv KoitKKT B. MArXKAL Ui( HARD K. Mans Kohkrt O. .McKixlkv DoDJLAS A. PlIILLII ' S loiiv T. POLZIX H Kni,i» c. Pktkrsox. H.S. JA. iK V. KoAtll CHARLKS V. KoWK Kkxxkth L. Kowk }lo VAKIi K. SrHMIKT rHARLKS G. Sohott Don H. Stkixhkrc John H. Sithkrlani TiiKohoRK W. Taylor Jack D. Train Marvin Tkossman Kkndall L. Vintox Hkkiikrt M. Vari» Mathkw J. Waskki-o Jamks C. Voli.ra« K Itrowii Mftnl.v Mnnli ThvIo MrKtliti- Iloti|uiht KifflT J. hrawn Guili:i nii Fliichinntiii i:.Hi. ' h IlnhlM Sflintt Bivkko Kircilis S.luiiiiU - n lersui) SutluTlanil Pago 5:U Foutuit ' d. 1914 University of Illinois Floriculture One Aclire Chapter (idrinicc floricultunil ],)i(ticJ((1 i( and inicrcsf by medit.s of pdjx rs, liilhs, mid fiisrussiini, mid In promote (jood fdlowsliii) llKKMAN IJ. DuKXKR. M.S. St.ixi.kv W. H.all, B.S. FACriiTV Kkkukku ' K H. Stkxstiuim. M.S. .M K.M r. KRS I rx I V K RSI TV KitKrtKitu K [• ' . VKiN in«. Ph.D. .1(111. li, Vin);kut, M.S. DoiJoTIIV K. HWNKK KultKKT V. BEBB .lOHS BRAXCU Bkayton v. Dannkk NoK. iAN- H. Fitch .In.irs A. FiTz .IKANNKTTK GaI.I.KR GKiiKiiK E. Harms Lko ar[ O. Hatch Wh.i.iam K. HKM.tV Wll.l.lA.M A. lifiKhMAN.N t;. ArSTl.N l.NOKLS .Makv A. Jacobs .Iamks K. Kami BdVIJ F. KlKCHKNMEISTER LOVKTT N. Laxe CtKOKOE J. I-ITIilER Cornelia Ma.tkwski Jason H. Martin K ' tltKRT C McDoNALI LoiisK H. McIxtvrk John " A. Michal Charles c. Mills JosEi ' H V. Miorx Blanche E. Xicolai C Arsolu Nvstrom CiKoRfiE H. Park Patsv ?;. Parker K. llR VI ' FiMtM I ' RI Mi FREltKRIiK V. SriiMrhT .Iack W. Shotwkli. Raymond F. SThihi, Bernard Strmkler Krnest a. Tosonsky M. Janet Way Barbara Wii.LoniHBV KoBKRT A. Wilson " Weinan! IVIiciial Prini: Hall Kuechenineister Martin Stenstroni Tiisonsky Oarin r Hoffmann Nystrnni Fitz Hatch M Intyrc CialK ' r Henley Parker Wilson tirin Stricklor Dannpi- Mills Kanip Steidl Kitch Alpha Phi Omega Fiiuiidfd, 19Sa I.afayette College . lpha Alpha { ' liapttT Xitu ' t} -one Arlivi- Chajilers To dcrdop fri( iidsjiip mid pnniiiitr service in fin ifoulh of Ai Vll.l.lA. l L. BlKLlsox. Ph.D., D.Ag n. C. Delbridge, Ph.D. Krxest E. DeTirk, Ph.D. FACILTY IRWIX R. HoKXEK. M.S. Abxer R. Kxicht, M.K., M.S.. K.K Gi-Exx C. I,. w. M.S. I.l.llVli I!. UlTIIIV. B.S. FREII H. TlRXKR. Ph.D. Vkxi ki.i. S. Vii..- i n. B.S. .M K.M 1! I-: i;s 1 . r. I v k i{si tv Christy M. BR »rt;HTON, Edwin B, Cline John H. Coleman Robert H. Collier Austin L. Crocch Robert D. Franks I ' eter H. Fcrno, Jr. Ja ' K B, f; nvvn Daniel W. Gates RrSSELL L. GlKKKN. Jr. Willi am H k n derson Lawrence Hersh Diane L. Hikeord Charles H. Kramer Robert L. M.vbv. Jr. Robert M. MrCRK KY M.WNARD McGREER RriioLPH G. Mrazek. Edward P. Mcri ' HY Alfred L. Pezman Lloyd E. Rhodes Harlo B. Rickktts Robert L. Schmidt Jr. J. Glenn Schmzlein Emmett H. Shintam W. Th(».mas Smith. Jk. Robert M. Stacy Donald K. Stevens . IIKIAN C. SINKEL JOSKI ' H C. THOMI ' SUN Carl L. Witiinkr il.t i-.Ti 1 1. -Turk Hunford Colli.-r t.iiit-p. i.i-t W.a . n U ' Riekett.s Furno Smith Shintnni Franks Kramer Mritrcer Brouirhton Gntes Crouch Murj.hy MrCreary Stary Horsh Pezman Weijih.r:: Mra ik AVithner Thonip.son Schmidt W lie Uiirli--« »ii Rhodes Hopner Liiw Rilrhfy Stevens Sunkel Page 535 Dixie mini Club Fniliiilril. 1936 rnivor.sil.v of Illinois ' ' f Aclirc Chapter To iiromotc frioidaliip iiinoug lln Sditllnni .hi(l(iils mi lli rnirrrsitij of Illinois ciimi us FA CI l. ' I ' N XlAltlKI. X. ISKOl SSAUll, M It.A .lAMKS O. SMlTir, A.M. Hon.xRD W. BoMi Tku E. C.mjies S. K.l K, ClIlLUS I " . Ul KTI - Cl-. KK. .III. RllllKKT H. I ' DLLIKU M.iKV J. Cox Al " STlN L. CKorcH K-tLl-ll K. DllTKl.l. Duui.; JOVl ' E GOFURTH ROBEKT H. GOKOKTll .M E .Ml! I-: K ' s I . 1X1 - E R H 1 T Y M.MMOKIK GtH ' I.I ' Kathkvn Ckimks Kmii.y .1. Hahkis William M. Haukis Hk-nkv a. Hrnsox VlCTOK H. K AVS Wakkkx M. La Kik John C. Uawi.kk, .Ik. PiULi.U ' W. Masun G. Ki.MoUK Mays HoiiKUT H. :McCartv Kthkl McDonald ■I. RoiiKKT Midi lI ' :to Jai ' k I. Mor :ax Cahl O. MiKHLHArsi; ClIARLKS C NKAS GoTTFRIKD NOKTTIIKK ViXCKST PlACENTlXl KOYSTUX M. ROKKKTS ItKUHKKT R. SaVAGK Gexevieve Smith I. Sterling Sxvdku William Stoutexhukg E. McGlaun Teruv Karl V. Tiiomi-sox HaLUKRT H. THORXBKKIiY KirHAKD W. Trimulk kobkkt s. voris C.umkrixe D. Wise KnjiKKT ]. Wise Calinos Terry Crouch Mor;:aii f ' ollirr Bond A ' nris McCai-ty ]i. (iciforlli Gould Kob.M-ts .1. Gufnrth M iifllmusp E. Harris .M Trinil)Ie Chikis Nefts Grimes Mu San Founded, 1911 University of llliii To nffiU, ti Hai«ii.i) E. Babbitt. XI, S. Artiii H M. Br.swKUi,, Ph.D. WiM.iAM I,. Collins. XI. S. .Ions S. CHANDELL. B.S.. C.F. .Tamks .1. Ddi.and. M.S.. C.E. Mll ' lIAKI. .M. ABRA.M.S tjKOKI .lACK Lr-ox H. C. .. FARX.SWdkTII. .II:. K 1 .va Ki.vcinoN One Xctive Chapter man rlosthi iirail utiles tind undcrt riidtailas tind lo promote interest in. iind irtlftin nf. Muniiiiitil mid Seiniteirji Engineers FACl 1 rv Mki.vix I.. ExciKR, M.S., C.E. ViKllll. K. FLKMIXd, B.S. Wi.xFia;!) 1 , Ckkhkb. U.S.. C.E. Wai.i.aik M. I.axskoki), M.S., C.E. (iKou.n; V. I ' liKKl.s. li.C.K., C.E. .M i:m i; K i;s i . i i - 1-: i;si tv KDWARU W. Sll ' l ' lGER, M.S. Max Siter, Ph.D. ARTin K X. Talbot, C.E.. D.Sc. D.Kng., IIekhkrt L. White, B.S., C.E. Gakrull C. Wiley, B.S., C.E. M-.D. W. K j:t.sch HniiAUii ii. Lak.son .l. MKS K. Mri.KcHM) GKiiU ' it; A. Perkins -I.VMKS K. Sampson Kl c;i;m-; T. SlMONDS -IaMES R. Sl-Ml ' SilX (lEORGK TrBiril Fkaxcis S. Weir Walter W. Wolf Mulfonl Tiniiftfnrd •Snmpfton KnetHch Tuhich SimondK Woir Wolf A I) ranis Liu-son nnhliilt SrI i ' korii Dohiiul Page 530 Society of Illustrators Founded, 19S7 University of Illinois CIikt Aclire Chuiiter SochJ-fidli nidi itri duizdliiin fuslirinij tin iiluil.s of iirt iia a profi ssiau FACT LTV rilAKl.KS A. DiKTEMANN. B.K. A. .1. t ' KCll. ' . HltXdVAX. H.P. Mh .A. . 1 K .M li K n R. Balohex RlLINE R. Ceedixu (iEiiRNE ( ' . Bales Sevsioir li. CtERBEK HeI.EX K Hl.ATTI James P. .Ioxes Caki.kton W. Briggs fORINXE A. KmSKMARK AKTIHR M. Bkixixga Gi.Aiivs E. Lestek GKiiiiiiE X. Foster MaRV E. LlllSTER M. Marie Foster DOXAI.I) V. LlKT I Dextox Hoi;ax. A.B. S IN rXlVKKSlTV Maimakkt K. McCatlky DoitoTiiv J. NKW-MAN KioKA Ci. Pacijakvi-o MiNKKVA I l. KI,i, WlLi.lAM S. PrSKV Wallac; O. Uokvkr lull N W. li T sM KMti:t: ;i:ic, U.K. A. CaTHKKIM; I. SVVDKR KaTHIIVN L. Sl ' KI.MiKR .lKA M. Stkwart Dkax p. Wksski- Lkwis W. Williams MaKJORIK B. W ' lTTKMlKRtJKt: Ki .vA C. Yorxo Ho an i ' .iil. }.. ■ ■A , - ■- r 1 Di.-t.Miiai.v [.uft Ital.s Willi iins -til. TLTlT Roever MeCauley Vilieriber;;er Padiarulu M. FcKster P.Iatti Pinnell U Foster Young Snyder Stewart Pusey Kruscinark Newman Gecdin Founded. 1904 Universi!v of Illinois Eta Kappa Nii One Active Chuiitei- MoRciAX Brooks. Ph.B., ME. Hl-.;ll A. Browx, M.S.. E.E. I-II.IIKRT H. Fett. Ph.D. Harold N. Havw.vrd, M.S. Mariox S. HEL.M, M.S. Robert J. Ballard Charles ,I. Carson William E. Cittill CfEOR iE f. Dacey Ki «ARi F. DeMers Stekax H. Fr I. si ha if .1. Warkkv Grxtmv To hiiniir si hohirslnp in ihitnml i iniim i rinfi FACULTY Charles A. Keener. M.S.. E.E. Abxkr K. Kxii;iit, .M.S.. M.E.. E.E. Charles T. Kxirr. Ph.D. Et.lkkv li. Paink. -M.S.. E.E. .M !•; -M n K U S 1 X rXlVEUSlTV Daxiel F. Hams Edward L. Hilla Alfred G. Jasos MiLTOX J. Jezewicz Lloyd H. Johnson GEORIIE M. KlRKDATRIrK C- RL L. Kleemaxx Robert C. Kvuer Ralph E. Kiehn Victor W. McMahill. Carl A. Mkneley Charles D. Morrill Donald E. Nelsox Ernest A. Ueid. M.S.. E.E. Carl E. Skroder. M.S. Edward H. Waldo. M.S.. E.E. W1LLIA.M J. Warren, Ph.D. Shanxox C. Powers KeXXETH L. SrH.MITZ JA.MES S. ThAI.K Robert Tidemax William W. Welboirxe William W. Wiellxer David C. WvroFF DeMers Xelson Johnson ' Wycoff Welbonrne Cull ill W.irr.ii Mini;; ' niiili- Fell Carsm Mi-Mnhill Morrill KirkpMlriek Si ' liniil Hullii Knil.T Meneley Knell n Wuellnor " )acey Frisoliauf ItRllnnl KN •niann Page 537 I ' liU. ' .j. ' JfS CHICAGO CAMPUS Page 539 The College of Dentistry Dean IIhwmih M. .M.MUERi80!i Page 540 Children ' s Clinic Di ' iilal StU ' ient Council Page 541 Dentistry Seniors C.MI.HWKl.I. I.IXDSTIIdM Ul ' TOX ' Sreoud Ititw : VvmnW Third Itoir: Kaplan. Fourth Itntr : Mayor, ; iiiiiicnjcj, l((,i,..ct i ' , ; Itnrir, (ilfii I ;.; ItosN ' -h. ' f. i.ciiir.i 1 ' .: I ' .«i;.-n, i-,lnifi- In, Irvlni;: Fi ' lKi ' iifi ' lil. Irviiii;; Kurencz, Alliert: (S.)lilKti ' in, .Ii ' ssi ' ; liFatnn, Hi ' llicll 1 " . Soyinore: KinHHiKor, Wayne K,; Knwnl, Morris; Linknn, .lack .1.; Mnil.iMin. (irani A. Gcorffe K. ; Motljohki. Phil .1.; Orlaml, Frank .1.: Kcnieusnydor. Unss W. ; ' ulln, .loscpli; Wnjnini. W ' illlnin T. l-auf 542 Scabbing Next! 212° F. Aiiutlier Duzfii Iturin " " Andy " Shows Us Diagnosis Page 543 The Colleije of Medicine hi, .v liAVin .1. l»AVis I ' liKO 544 The Quim- Library Anatomy Museum Page 545 Medicine Seniors H . V ' . Ml. .I i I I ii Joseph S. Haas President William MiG. CRAKfT TieePresideni liKKVL McDonald. . Secretary Robert C. Lawson . Treasurer Joseph L. Spkzia SoLat-Arms Arnold P. Dritker Iltio Repre8e»lativ€ Ftml lintr : Knn-haiif. lti hjir-i; I ' liJ-iium. Tln-iMlorf ; I ' i cr. KsIIut; linscnllml. Carl; Siilcimoii. Jcrdiiu-; WiilU-r. iMMirjjr, Jr.; Williniiis, riiillip (. " . Srroud Ittnr ; J(t .f|ili, Sitiiiiirl It.: Klein. Si-yiiiom- ; Korncnld, IIi-rlxTt W. : f rrico. Joseph F. ; Pndorr, Marvin 1 ' .; Keiter, Joseph; Sarhs. Ilnrtthl J. Third Jtuw : A raiiiM. HhviiupimI II.; AreiiKteiii, Mtirvjn V. ; Axelroil, David; Dnieker, Ariiohl P.; (iiiisberK. Kobert : (Jillelson, IJoyd : Ohreii- hti ' in. Irvine M. Fnitrth Ifoir : Kiely. William v.: Marly. Kdwnrd V.; Seltzer, Alvin; Shnfcr. Sid; Slein, B. Fnulerick; Stone, Herman H.: Waxier. Shirley yifth liuo. : Taylor, l.iinrenrc K ; Tebow. Louia K.; Traflmi. Harold; Wi.iiih..iL ' , .hilins: Weiss, I i H : Weissl.urh. Mitchell H.: Zenian. Alvin A. I ' UKP 54r Medicine Seniors t ' iml Koir : Adams, Pliny A.; Albnilil. Aiiiiiiiul D. : Arbciter, Herbert: Barreit. H. ' Dioinas; Beriell, Theodore; Brinton, Edward S. : Briskiii. Hnruld L. ■ " • ' rTOiid Ktiif: Brubaker, Don: Burhaus. MerCon E.: Burton, Thomas P.; BiiOer, William J.; Carlson, Elbert E.; Clark, John S., Jr.: Cohan. Albert Third lioir : Cunningham, James T. : Diamond. Alfred A.: Donelan, Earl VV. ; Fishkin, Martin; Fraerman, Samuel H.; Giunta, Edward J.; Goforlli. Euirene O. Fourth Finr ; Goldman, Samuel; Gondek. Frank R. : Gordon, .lohn K. ; (.ireeley, Harry Y. : Grissom, Rcberl : Haneos. George W. ; Holden. Norton W. Fifth R:w : Hill. Lowell; Hrejsa, Allen C: Hurie. Robert E.; Jost, Russel V. ; Kahn, Sidney C. ; Kaplan, Sidney J.; Klein, Jack: Lippold, R. Will •Vir fc Ri,,f : Mar.shall. William P.; Merrell. Hosmer T. ; Xlilroy, Robert; Nelson, George W. ; Peters, Waller J.; Peckler, llavid A.; Reeder, Clifton F. ; Kjhrk. Paul Srrritth Kiiu : Rodriquez. Arthur; Rodriquez, .laik: Rubenstein. Laurence H. ; Rudy, Lester A.; Seheriz, Truman; Schwarll. Edward J.; Siott. •Stephen C. ; Sears, .Vdrian R. M. Page .547 Ml3 The Collejje of Pliarmacy Dkan Kaul U. Page 548 The Series Sine: Pharmacy Student Counci) Sophomore-Junior Officers Barber Shop Quartet Dispensint; Lab Strike? For a Headache Senior Class Officers Page 549 Pharmacy Seniors O Ci Vvi-ITAL Mkazkk li I r i. km,- Ci.s zii: I1u knik RliHARI) O. Vycitai, . I ' reshirnt Mak.iohv K. Mkazkk.. . .yiee-PrfsUleiil 1(111 X T. HlXTZECKKi! Seeretari f;mvA[iI) !■ ' . Ol.AS7.Kl! Treasurer K.Mll. MltVKN ' iK .Sf;t.-(it ' Ariii.s Klil[AKr (). VvilTAi.. . Illin Rri reseiilali ' -e •fl 3» «l W « An « K a « ' |(9 V " " r i N 1 _ f% f f i (T) .,.( .•■.. . .irl,in», .liiMh ' j. K.; lljiK.-r, l.vsC.r; liiiii ii.-llci, 1.. ' I(j. 1..; lii ' hi-rimii, liiis.s.ll 1., i . rk. ' .. Tlmiiiiis .1.. .Ii-.; rliviilii. .lului Srrnnd Itau) : t ' iwiwn, .Mfjmiicli ' r .1.; Cimtnnzn, Viiiwnl A., .Jr.; Mi-yer, Cutk ' r; Dv Roup, Aiilhoiiy F.; Dm rko| , .Toliii T.; KcoliriMhl. Kiissi-ll Third llmr : ?:iii{lilnin, (li ' iirKi ' A.; I ' ' rniiiiiii ' it, I ' lnrii C. ; Fiiim-.v, Arthur I..: Kroidiii, Irviii).-; Friirk, Vlnstn: ' riodiiiHii, Kcrmil I.. Fiiiirlh Itmr : (ii-nrii-ii, .liiini ' .s IC; fiiMlcimd. Kilwnril K.; (lilplls, .lack II.; llaldi ' ii. I ' lm I,.; Hnniincr, Josso 1).: Hiuris. Nt-d X. I ' ligi- 3. ' )0 Pharmacy Seniors Fir» ffi,i -: Hdllniiil. I)»i.iel A.: .Tolinson. B.TI I,.: Frank E.: Laiey. Henry C. : Lnmperl. Aitliur: r.iirnporl. .Sevmour .SVroiid Ut,u- : Laueand. Mi.liMfl J.: Maiulol, Bpn : Maniates. I.ouis C: Marcolle. Paul J.; Wartiiu-k, Knherl (!,; Matiiszak. CnsimiT U. Third Ri»r: Mlodiiiofr. Marslinll I.: Mosal, Sidney; Pendnla. .lolin I..: Piff, Ciustav P.: Pinzur, Harry: Probst. Edward .1. Fmirlh Rnu- : Rayeraft, Joseph; Rozehnoin, Henry; Uupe, Harold E. ; Rutili. Julius 1.: Sherman. Rcilierl : Bueka. Sister Mary Tareisia yiflh Kail : Kelly. Sister Mary Oliver; Mulcahy. Sister Mary Ainadeus; Sloan, DonaM K.; Sredl. Otto; Slanieh. Anton M. Sillh Rok: John P.: Walt. David W. ; Willi.-lni, Al|ilinnse F. : Yanow. Milton M.: Zusich. Mary A. Page 551 lir. K. H. Allrii. KxtTiitivt ' Diun " Profi ' Pinicinnr ' (iiro Cluh Till ' Hiii Four Mr. Moon nml Mm. " H " Tnlk It Ov« r A ' Scnln ' ■ Sruop I ' luninciirctiu-nt ' Hpavvwriirht " Ilorsoslmos " All Out On Fir6l " I «Ce 552 Baseball at Koon " Shine. Doctor? " Denture Lab Pedestrians Beware! " Ja-a-na-z-z " Dental Student-Faculty Dance Page 553 I.. . ' . diit. ' ii flM ' AsMM ' iiili f Mi ' dii ' iil ISliuli ' iilH " Makf Why for lliu Nrw Sltulciit rnioil " Mcdinil SliKlfiit Council rur.-.iuiii .lacki ' ls Muscle Kc-c(lucntion liuH ' s Eye Page 554 Founded Dartmouth College. 18KfS Forty-ri jht A ctivi ' Chapters Ktu (JhapliT Established. 1899 S12 South Ashland Itoalford Chicago rr ama FAcn rv Phbcival Bailev. PhD , MI). Hallard Beard. B.S.. M.L Pavl L. Bedinoer. M.S., M.U. Charles Davisox. A.M.. M.D. Walter R. Fischer. B.S.. M D. JOHW O. Hanson. B.S.. M.D. JrLirs H. Hess. M.D. Hk.vry E. M.D. Robert W. Keeton. M.S.. M.D. .lOHN- D. KOICKY, M.S., M.D. Richard A. Lifvend.ahl, B.S.. M.D. R. Briie Malcolm. M.S.. M.D. Armand .J. Mai ' ZEY, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Frank G. Mirphy. B.S.. M.D Charles II. ! hifer, M.D. DuANE W. Propst, A.B., B.S.. M.D. Charles B. PfESTow. Ph.D., M.D. LiNDON ' Seed. M.S., M.D. George K. Wakerlin. Ph.D., M.D. Leonard F. Weber, M.D. H. Thomas Babbktt Thomas P. BraTOw Joseph F. Allman A. Sherwood Bakes Robert C Bechtol Robert T. Browse Daniel M. Clark VlBLlN G. Baysinokk BoYSTOx H. Booth Philip E. Cooaose Ray.m( ni H. Eve!:s Gborge G. Green Fred Allen Hrr.H Bkksardi Herbert O. Bricker Ai»RrAN W. Davis .Jack Klein William P. Marshall Le Roy Dasreiter George Heneqar Frank K. Johnson Richard W. Karraker WlLLARD A. Gl ' YTON. JK. William H. Hart Chester O. Johnson William C LAFoRr.K Seniors Juniors Sophomort Robert E. Dinlevy Charles V. Heck Carl R. Hol.mer Fn shmi n Hosmer T. Mkrrell Theodore J. Pasquksi Charles E. Klontz. Jr. John M. L.avin Donald S. Lehman Robert P. Lvkkebak Donald C. La.mons Edward F. Lis Henry O. Marsh. Jr. Charles T. Moss, Jr. Stephen ( ' . Kratz James L. Lamb Fred D. Leh;h S. Pai ' l Roark Harold F. Tbafton George A. Olander, Jr. Walter K. Robinson Vincent C. Sansonk .Martin Van Hkrik Charles W. Yoi ' no Carl E. Priett Daniel A. Tobin Henrv K. Waddinotun Rli ' HARD F. WHITLOCK Raymond C. YorNiJiiKK " ; Ed :ar R. Pii-ken HoWARI) SlHNElDER Thomas Sellett WiLKRED M. Spmt-; N.l. ' ii L» ' it:h Lamh H. ' k DnvU Pickeii IJcrnanli Sflh-lt SpBils Ilnhiit-r Brirkor r...Mih Wfi)l(linctoi) Tobiii Lis Moss Ev.ts Whit lock Hurl CocR riie Pniett Dunh ' vy Green Yoiiiit:bt rs Klontz Younc V. Johnson Marsh Larnons ' . Johnson Giiyton Lehman LaForce Van Herik .MInian Danreiter Lavjn Lykkt ' hak Bak«?r Karraker llenemir .Sansone Clark Rohinson Klein Trafton Barrett I ' asqucsi Roark Marshall Merrell Browne Page ODD Fouutifd University of Michiffim, 1882 Forty Active Chapters Ela Chapter Established. 1S92 6 6 South Ashland Jiouievard Chicaf o laiftiZ FACl l l ' V JosErii C. Beck, M.D. Samuel J. Bi ' krows, M.D. Leo C. Clowes. A.B.. M.D. AV.VKREX H. Cole, B.S.. M.n. WlLLI.S G. DlFFEXB.M-CH, B.S., M.D. Kkedeiiick G. Dv. .-;, M.I). Harold D. Dykiuizkx. AM., M.T). Fb. nk B. Earle. M.D. Marvi.s- i;. Flaxxehy. .V.B.. B.S., M.D. Frank II. Fowler. M.I). Pail V. (Jreeley, . .B., M.D. Walter C. Hammoxd. M.I). William M. Harsha, B S., . .B.. M.D. Geor :e F. Hibbert. M.S.. ;M.D. DoNALli L. BRinAKEB John- S. Clark. .Ir. James T. Ci xmxoham Earl W. Doxela.n " Glex X. AGA.MV Thornton A. Davis VlLLIA.M E. Farnky Jerre C. Collins Joseph G. Merrill Robert E. Chase Bernell V. Davis John E. Estes, Jr. FoRU K. Hick. Ph.D.. M.D. Carl Irexecs, Jr.. M.S.. M.D. Howard M. Jacobs. B.S.. M.D. William F. Jacobs. A.B.. B.S.. M.D. Jerky J. Kearxs. B.S.. M.D. Selim W. McArthcr. Ph.B.. M.D. HrcH A. McGii.iAX. Pli.D., M.D. Ernest S. Moore. I ' li.B.. M.D. Oscar E. Xadeac. B.S.. M.D. ViXIEXT J. O ' CONOR. B.S., M.D. William P. Petersex. B.S.. M.D. Guy V. Pontius. B.S.. M.D. JoHX T. Reynolds. M.S., M.D. M i-:.Mi; KKs i. rxi ' k i;si tv Seniors James T. Donoskv KCOENE G. Goforth Robert L. Grissom GUSTAV W. Graupxeb Don R. King Hekhekt R. Moore Harry E. Rice WlLLIASI A. EWAN Charles A. Giaxasi Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Robert E. Hirik Paul B. Moberley Adrian R. Sears Robert J. .TosKI ' H G. RofiERS Robert W. Tiiometz George T. Stantox William J. Grove A. RO.SS Hendricks Roy O. Riser, B.S., M.D. JoHX B. Roth, B.S.. M.D. Louis W. Schultz, U.S., D.D.S., M.D. Fraxcis E. Senear, M.S., M.D. Charles E. Shannon, B.S.. M.D. Hiram J. S.mitii, M.D. Ray-moxd E. Sorensen, B.S., M.D. Everett L. Strohl, M.S., M.D. George de Tarxowsky. M.D. Theodore J. Wachowski. B.S.. M.D. La Verxe M. Wallheiser. B.S., M.D. Casey A. Wood. A.M.. M.D. M.VJOR H. Worth iXGTox. M.D. Lloy-d H. Ziegler. A.m.. M.D. Bex.i.vmin p. Stein Richard M. Steixberq Julius J. Weinberg Albert G. Wagner Bruce J. Wallin THO.MAS R. Young. Jr. Lawrence D. Summereield HUBRBT Magill ED.MOND J. Perry U Wiillin ViiiMii: l.riiM|iMii- .M .nr. ' II. •!.. links Fslcs II. Diivis SiirniinTli. ' M I ' trr) MiikIII .Stanton Farni ' y Pol«n RuBcrs T. Davis Thoint ' l?. WiiciiiT Ewim GianKKi Colllnil Huric Scnrs Stein Dnnclnn Stcinbori; Clnrk Morrill Pngo 550 Founded University of Pittsburgh, 1891 Forty-four Actire Chapters Iota Chapter Esiahlishfd, 1902 709 South Ashland Boulevard Chirnyo FACT LTV ALV0S3 R. Bacon-, B. S., M.D. Charles S. Bacox, Ph.D., M.D., D.Sc. Maurice L. Bi.. tt. M.D., D.Sc. Kllis Boxn ' ell. M.D. Cecil D. Bkows. B.S., M.D. Wn.LiA.M H. Bkowne. B.S . M.D. Walter J. Camp. M.D.. Ph.D. Hiou O DErs.s. B.S., M.D. Robert V. Edw. kds, B.S.. M.D. Edmixu F. Foley, B.S., M.D. Harold I. Meter, M.S., M.D. George Milles. Ph.G., M.S., M.D. Tell Xelsos, M.D., M.S. M. V. XOVAK. Ph.D., M.D. RiDOLrH J. Odex, A.B. M.D. AUhlox p. Palmer, A.B., M.D. Samuel Peluze, B.S., M.D. George H. Rezek, M.D.,M.S. Paul L. Schroeder, B.S., M.D. Parke H. Simer, Ph.D. Leroy H. Sloan, B.S., M.D. Charles Stewart, D.D.S., M.D. Frank L. Stone, M.D. H. rold C. Struck, Ph.D. W.ILTER H. TlIEOBALO, B.S., M.D. Richard L. Webu, Ph.D. Franklin S. Wilson, Ph.G., M.D. ARNOLD A. Zimmerman, D.Sc. MEMBEKS l. LMVEHSITY Leslie M. Bodnab Edward S. Brinton James B. Flanagan Richard P. Fruehavk Erwin C Bartelsmeyer Miles J. Bielek James V. Carris Robert X. De Bord Albert R. Harold L. Allex Bock Thomas Barron Harry W. Bergmaxn Stephen B. Burdon Warre.v R. D.vmmers Gresham K. Greening Rex D. Hammond Lowell I. Hill Russell W. Jost J. Walter Hastings .John D. Lynch, III Russell M. Mavxard William E. iloRROW Burxell Fischer Edward L. H.«es Mack W. Hollowell George Kachelk Edwix E. Mullix Seniors JiDiiors Sophomores Freshmen Roland W. Lippold Russell W. Parches Cliftox L. Reeder P.iUL W. Powell John S. Roaxe Walter X. Schroeder S. lvadore a. Lask John E. Xeumax Bruce B. Kewmax Gene M. Noble Ch.ieles H. Bundles Stephen C. Scott L. WRENCE K. Taylor i ouis E. Tebow George H. Waller. Jr. Walter F. Smejkal R. Carl Steckenrider Lee a. Stew.ard G. ylon C. William.sox Lester A. Xalekski Alexander Rugoie D. N Sullivan Lewis W. Tanner Daniel P. Tormohlex Warrex D. Tuttle Roy E. Vaxdexbubo Neuiiian Kacliclf Ha e.- oiv.i. i. l;ui,....., rj:i. IJutk Xcwiiinn Tiiimi-r ' lurmuhlfn Snlliran Mullin Vandcnhure Riiecio Barron Lask Damniers Hollowi-ll Xoblc Burdon Ljmch Roane Steward Smejkal Maynard Ha«tinBs Barlelsineycr Bielek Williamson De Bord Taylor Reeder Flanagan Bodnar Waller Zimmerman Carris Josi Frucliauf Lippold Scott Page 557 Founded Northwestern University, 1 90 Thirty-five Active Chapters Beta Chapter Established, 1S94 816 South Ashiand Bouicvard Chicago LCiina MvKuN C. Benforp, B.S., M.I). FK. NK CHAtTET, M.D. Kkkiikick H. F. LLS, JI.S., M.l). G. Howard Gowes, Ph.D.. M.l). RissEi.L D. Herroi.d, B.S.. Ml). F A (■ r I . -i ' • Pail H. HoLixtiEK, M.S., M.D. .loii.v M. Lang, M.D. Eru- Oldberg. Ph.D., M.D. JjEiiSox M. Percy, M.D. Charles T. Poilsiln. B.S., M.D. Carlos I. Reeo. Ph.D. Stanislais a. SZIREK, M.S., M.D. He.nrv B. Thomas. B.S., M.D. Freiierick Tite, M.D. .M K .M I ; !•: K .s l . I " 1-: { s I T ' AaiuxD D. Albrecht Elbert E. Carlson WILLIA.M F. BoEHM Robert .1. Bren.nan Milton V. Bi ehrig HOWARIi Carrisgton Prakk B. Clare Peter ..I. Cotsirilos XfALCoLU C. Babe Fkeii M. Blix. Jr. DovELL X. BoNXETT Ravmom a. Braxbt WiLIUH J. DoERSCIIELN EDW. RD .7. GlUXTA JOHX R. Gordon Francis J. Burns DWIOHT A. Cali.agax WiLE.iAM F. Chambers Ernest D. Geever Everett R. Peterson Harold L. Fischer RissELL A. Forrest DoNALO J. Garland WiLI.MM R. Goor RT ' M Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmt i George W. Nelson Trimas B. .Schertz John D. Hardinger Robert G. Kcehnert JOSEI ' H A. Provenzano Everett W. Schakfker Phillip A. Greco ,1a.mes W. Hooker Grant A. Jones Harolii H. Nelson Herman H. Stone Lloyd A. WuNSCH Fred L. Phillips Pail W. Slndehlaxd .Iack Williams Albert W. Schweitzer Earl A. Vox Drasek Carl W. Weideniieim Albert L. O ' Berto A. ECGENE RiKLI .lAMEs C. Smith, ,1k. l.U)Vil R. STROl ' ES Robert (i. Tikimpson ■k. ' V WM m m ■ ■■ ■ lifMOim H. NflhOii Forrest Ulix OiHThchchi Roiinett Ilahl ThnmjisnM (ieeviT Hook4 r O ' Berto Provenznno CooOniin Uikli Itrnrull Sniiili Von UrfiM ' k CotHirilos Sr!iWfitz T Clare Slroiu ' s Cnrrincton Wt-idfiihi-ini Sclini-ffiT Pi-u-rson WilliArnpi BiH-hriL ' Hr niinii Callniran C)iiintherK Hitriis IlardiiiKrr Sun l« rlan(l ( . NrUon StiMM ' Hrls(in Kccfl Alhroclit Srhi rl7. (tiunia (iurdon PliKc ' hiH Founded University of Michigan, 192 ' 2 Twenty-tivo Arlive Chapters Phi Chnptir Ettablithrd. 1934 SOS South Wood Street Chicayo F A (• I rv RaYMOSIi S Al.AMSIlN, US., Ph.O. BVRL E. Bkntok. M.S. Bern. rd B. Brody, B.S.. LL B.. I ' li.C. Pavl D. Cari ' Entkr, M.S.. Ph.G. Chacles W. Clarke. M.S. Hi ' Gii L. D.wis. Ph.D. Herbert M. Kmig. MS. Edmitnd N. Gathercoal. Ph.G., Pharm.M. SOLOMOX 1), Ger.shon, Ph.D., Pli.C. Ignatius J. Kaski, B.S. Elmer G. King, M.S. Ernst R. Kirch, M.S., Ph.C. t ' RANK T. Maher, B.S. Lewis E. Martin, A.M., Ph.G. Esther Meyer, M.S.. Ph.G. Sherman V. Mokri.son. M.S., Ph.C. Earle R. Serles, Ph.D. Walter ,I. Siiarka. .)r., B.S. Samtel Siikolnik, Ph.G., LL.M. Lawrence Temi ' Leton, M.S.. Ph.C. Ralph E. Terry, M.S., Ph.G. KltWARI) E. ' ICHKR, M.S. Ralph K. Voigt. M.S. George L. Webster, Ph.D., Ph.G. El.mer H. Wirth, Ph.D., Ph.C. MEMBEKS IN IXIVKHSTTV Seniors Lester Baker Emil Brven ' ik Helex Ca.vham Alexander .1. Cieciwa Axthosy F. DeRose Vlasta Fricek .l. JUES E. Gearien Una L. Haliiex SEYilOCR L.V.MI ' KKT RlHIKKT G. MaRTINEK M. R.!ORY E. Mrazek ALPHONSE F. Wiliielm Kir. ' h ' iirtin (inthercoal Voi;:l WiUtehn Halden MrHzok Kinc Lamport Cit ' ciwa DcRosi- MuhiT Wirlli IriL.k Mtj.r Martinek Brvenik ArlnniKon Ion Davis Gershon Page 559 Psi Oiiieua .M i;.M I ; i: us i x ( x i - 1; usi tv Gasper Aibkulo Daviu .t. Bailkv Hk rv F. Bloch Glkx E. Bonk William B. Brai»y Rit HARD G. Brink KrssKLL V. Cai ' li»well VlNCKXT DkSTKFAXO TiLMihEi ' s DrsiK ?Jl.MKIl A. ECKKRT KclllLRT H. KOSTEK CHARLKS J. GlLLOOLY Waldkmar ,I. Kwicixski t ' lIARLKS B. MCAI.OON Phil .1. Miiii.ikski Raymond Oakhall Emu. J. Olivi LKO R. I ' ASQIINI EDWARII a. PlXTAVALLf: GKORGK 8KDIVKC Frank X. Si ' kra. Jr. Hknky M. Swkxskn KoIli:iCT UXOKKWOOl) JOSKI ' H A ' fLLO Victor T. Wkc ' lf.w JOSKI ' H .7. Zi:i.IKXKA Spci-.i liri.ik . U!;.-Il.i .M.-. l.« n Zili, iiku I ' llllilV.lll. ' IliUll ' V lii.i,-li Eckcrt Bone Miidjcski Wec ' lew Olivi ] usik ' ullo Sweiisen Cnuldwell Underwood Brady S;ofaiio Onkilali- Kwicinski Foster Gillooly Sedivec Pasquini Phi Delta Epsilon .M K.M I ' . KRS I X IX I VKRSITV Raymond H. Arrams Melvin- Herbkkt I. Akbkitkk Hakoli L. Bkiskin Ekwin Cohks Arnold P. Druckkk Saxu ' el H. Frakrman Donald B. Frankel Ralph J. Grkknbeug LLON ' ARD C. (IKEEXFIELD Marc H. Hollender SEVM n ' R Klkin Harold K. Koff Rt ' SSELL H. Levv Irwix M. Marcus Akthur R. Marks (iiRAfii) Y. Mills IJl.n.ia.min J. Nauodick Ct. Alan ' EfFELD Leonard M. Nlanitk El ' OENE A. NOSKIN Marvin P. Padouk Trvino M. Ukinoold David C. Rosner David J. Kottapel Harold J. Sacks Morton SriiAFFUAX Alfred A. Schiller Emant el 51. Skolnik Noah H. Sloan Jerome D. Solomon William Steinman Sidney G. Stkrn MvVKvix H. Strick Koff SfickR Grp( nfl M UriNkin Sinn II t (ihfii NoNkin Man-iis Frnnkt ' l Nianick Mnrkii Rottapct Reinpold FruiTinnn Dorno Pmlorr Stt intiinn Klein Driickor Schiller Strick I ' iianniii (.;roonl orc A brums Page 560 Alpha Epsiloii Iota .M KM i; KHS IN IN I VHKSITV HKI.KN K. BtlSKK M AKV G. Brkmk Idas CiirKi.vxn Kl TH K. DiNllAM Avx K. Frkkman I ' Ai LINK D. Fritz K1.J.IK L. Haio Blaxchk a. Hkrrox PRAXOKS N, HdWARIi Kadkrmax Hki.kx F. Krysa Bkryi. M. .McDosAi.ii Barbara A. MiMi rry Phyllis T. Mkazkk Mll.IiRKD A. NoRVAL Esther R. Pizt;R LiLA A. RlXARD Alice P. Kdsexthal Etheliireii L. Si haker Marie A. Smith Georuia a. Staxcik Grace D. Watekma.x Shirley S. Waxler Siuitli ilcMurry Dunham Houarti Norval Haug Herron " Waterman M ' axler Breme Rinard Kadt rinan Freeman McDonald Beiser Hood Schafer Copeland Mrazek Krysa Rosenthal Engeljohn Pizer Lambda Kappa Sigma MEMBERS IX rXIVERSITV .Teaxette Brast Claka C. Farxaves A ' lasta Fricek LORRAIXE a. JUXO Dorothy S. JIalkiewicz Marjory Mrazek Mary M. WreczoREK Mary A. ZvGICH Fricek Malkiewicz Zurich Vieczorek Mrazek Jung Brast Farnaues Page 561 ADVERTISING AND INDEX Page oli. ' i Index of Advertisers Pajre Associated Mii.itauv Stokes ..... 575 Besly, Chaki.ks 11 tK: Company .... . 567 Brock and 1 a. kix ...... 569 Busey ' s State I ' .wk ...... 567 CaHEE PlAXO C ' o.Ml ' ANY ...... 569 Daily Illixi ........ 569 Deere Co.miaxy ...... • 565 DrxcAx ]- " .Ki!Eu Stidios ...... 571 ExCEISil I ' lKoTIIKKS ...... 571 GkIBI!, G. . Co.Ml ' AXY ..... 577 Hotel Hayes ....... 575 Hotel Kaxkakee ....... 575 Illio oe 1 942 ....... 573 Miles vStidio ....... 573 Olax Mills Stldios ...... 575 Paxtagkaimi 1 ' rixtixc. axd Statioxery Comiaxy 579 Rril.M PllOSI ' llATE ClIK-MICAl. Com lAXY 571 SciiAxHACHER, G. H. Son ..... 57 ' Sexton, John Co.mpaxy ..... 573 Stoxe-Raymor, Paul ...... 5f 7 UXUERWOOI) l- ' .LLIOTT PUSHER C ' liMlAX " ! ' 573 Weber Stidio ....... 569 Page 5fi4 um td kiuf " Plugging Away iff w: E ALL know the story of the two prospectors who dug and dug for gold and then quit — just three jeet short nj one nj the world ' s richest lodes. It ' s a story that carries a powerful moral — never quit until the goal is reached. In the engineering and experimental laboratories of the thirteen great John Deere factories are men who are pledged to follow that same principle . . . men who are engaged in designing, testing, improving, and re-testing new farm equipment . . . men who keep " plugging away " until the final answer is achieved. The new John Deere No. 490 Planter, shown below, is just one of the many new and better machines that John Deere has developed for 1941. Its unfailing accuracy in checking corn at a new high speed of 5 miles an hour cuts planting costs to rock bottom and enables the farmer to get his seed safely in the ground when the field and weather condi- tions are right. The No. 490 is typical of the constant progress that John Deere is making in providing the farmer with improved equipment to lower his costs, speed up his work, and enable him to handle his farm jobs easier and better than ever before. JOHN DEERE MOLINE, ILLINOIS i Page 565 General Index Aaron, CatluTine E 54, 508 Aliliolt. ,1. V AlihotI, I-. F Ahliott. Mnry M.. .. Abliott. R. R AluTiialhy, Melbll li. .419. .208. 342 440 52 1 465 427 507 Almfv. AhrHlmiii. S 436 AbrRlmms, Betty L 54, 464 Altrams, Anita E 480 .Vt rains, 1 542 Abrailis. M. M 54, 408, 519, S34. 536 Abranis. R. H 546. 560 Alirnms. S. S 377, 3S5, 521 Ahramsoii. H. L 512, 516 A caeitt 404 Accountancy Club •• 512 A chacn 501 Acheiibaoli. B. W 342. 4illl Aokrniaiui. H. E 4 14 Ackoinanii. R. W 168. 189. 444, 514 Acker. E. B 52. 54. 166, 53J Ai-kerniaii. R. .1 403, 319. 525 .IWi.i iVs 246 A lnir, Francos 54 Ailani. F.. Jr 40? Adams. CM 52 1 Adams, G. D., Jr 165 Adams, H. M 26, 27 Adams, J. F Adams, .1. I, ms. .7. K. A la . dams. L. A Adams, L. A., Jr.. Adams, L. M . dRrns, Marsaret Adams, M. L 306 443 404. 4 15, 533 54, 334, 415 352, 333, 356 . .281, 336. 339, 335 357, 472 491 Adams. Norma A 169, 306, 468, 522 Adams. P. A 547 . dams. R 163, 406, 413 Adams. R. H 310, 377, 404 Adams, Virginia L 472 Adamson, R. S 559 Addis, D. V 447 Adolhardt, Prances S 502 A.lkins, .1. D 227. 241, 375, 376, 383 Ailkins, .7. L 426 Adwiiiijilnitinn 23 AitiiiittiHlrativc Ofirrrg 4:1 Adolf, Martha E 54, 474 Adrertisinff and Index 563 Aeamy, G. N 536 Aeate, Ituth A 54, 495 Acfttstoin, ,7ean 46 1 . edesteen, Allyn 311, 505 AKger, H. K 54, 419 Altnew, A. F 356, 410 Allnew, I). B 54, 170, 356 AKnew, .7. P 163, 166, 336 Ailricullnre. The Colleae of 31 Af rtcultural Council 271 Ahlors, F. R 273, 5:il Ahlf. O. W 444, 521 Ahlf, v., Jr 1711 Alirens, K. C 492 Aliri- .1. K. 440 .l.l.rii.K 531 A. IKE 525 A ills, Marianne R 280, 355, 474 Ainiiwurlli, ( ' . D 413, 521 AkiTs, Di.nna 507 Albade. V. T.. .Tr 433 Albatik ' li, R. I- 412 Albelda, B, 8 531 AllM-rt, A. A HI7 Albert, Florence 495 Albert, O. 8 363 Alberts, H. L 376 Alhilt, .7. W 437 Albin, I-ncllle M 169 All.r. ' . ' ht, . . I) r.17, . .. . lbreclit. I ' vangeline 501 Albrechl. P. G 54 AlbriKht. C. W 168 Mcenlia 501 Alden. Alice G 169. .502 Aldeii, Patricia C 502 Alderson, Elizabeth P 508 Aldrich, Ruth 357, 50 1 Aleskiii, Ruth J 54, 164, 493, 521 Alexander, E 54, 527 AlexftTider, ]■ ' . B 527 Alexander, .T. David 377 Alexander. .1. JJenzil . " 54 Alexander. .Toe V 184, 233, 441 Alexiin.ler, ,)olin V 54. 162 .Alexander. Lela M 55, 52 I . ilan. R. H 41.- AII,-MiiMi. V. Winifred 298 AneniiUi. X. J 165. 172 Ali. ' n, A. K 557 All.Mi. I ' ;. A 420 Alh-M, K. G 309. 380. 407. 520 A Men. V 33:, AUen, H. ,7 33 1 Allen. H. Iv 42 J Allrii lioHHC 30 J Allen, H. T 31:1 Allen, II. V 4 l;; Allen, 1 429 Allen. .1 432 Allen, .lean 1 307 Allen. .1. K 377. 44 1, 31 ' .l Allen, .1. W 163 Allen. 1,. 11 42 1 Allen, M 273, 47 1, 360 Allen, Martha II 273, 471 Allen, Patty J 466, 307 Allen, R. B 43, 55, 106, 413, 331 Allen, R. M 311, 407 Allen, W. B 384. 42 1 Allison, D. G : ' .77 Allison, irarsery 493 Allison, Phylinda 52 1 Allnian, .1. F 533 Allnutt. Barbara R 55. 476 Allsup. T. T 381. 413. 312 Aim, B. Lucille 307. 3-. ' I Aloia. A. D 226, 414 Alpers, E, E 377 Aliiha Chi Omer a 462 Al ihi, Chi Khu 403 .1 l ihd Chi Si;imn 406 Ml,l,,i Drllii Phi 407 .! ,. .(( Ilelln I ' i 463 Al iha K inilon Iota 361 Alitha Epgiton Phi 464 .4 li ha Epxilon Pi 408 Al)tha (iamma Delta 465 All ' ha Gamma Rho 409 .1 Ipliii Ilniigr 502 A ffiha Knp ta Kappa 553 Alpliti Kappa Lanittda 410 .1 Iplia Kappa I ' tii 517 Alplm I.ambdfi Delta 169 Alpha Ontientn Pi 466 .1 Ipha Phi 467 .1 Ipha Phi Cmetta 535 .1 Ipha II ha Chi 411 .1 Ipha Siifaia Phi 4 12 Alpha ' Ian Alpha 527 A Ipha Ta ii thne ' ja 413 A Ipha Ian Sit nia 378 Alpha .eta 170 .1 Ipha Xi Delta 468 Alt, E. E 377 AllbolT, N. W 512, 517 Alton, T. P 172 Altorfer, A. W.. .Tr 42 1 Altpeter, I,niK E 470 Alumni Ajiitnciation 274 Alvey, Dorys .7 311, 466 Aniacher, B. .1 403, 4.52, 520, 535 A al. lielty J 55, 477 . nies. Virginia Ij 55, 504, 524 Ames, W. B 274 iXmison. Peggy L 473 . mling. Ruth C 467 Aluling, W. H 423 Anisbary, G. S 53, 55, 403, 437 Anderson, A. G 164, 165, 413 Anderson. A. (;., (Mrs.) 4::o Anderson, . liee, (Mrs.) 324 Anderson, . nn I. 53, 316, 317, 300 Anderson, A. R 516 Anderson. Hetty .1 474 Anderson, lietly I, 308 Anderson. Carolyn 1) 166. 470 Anderson, C. I{ 330, 340, 446, 517, 521 532 Anderson, D. C 356, 415 . rider.son, Dorothy 1 529 Anderscnl, Eleanor G 55, 163. 166. 2.34 :!08. 467, 522 . nderson, E. H 4.50 . ndi ' rson, Florence X 55, 493 -Vnderson, G. L 55, 526 Aiiclers(ni, .Tanet A 311, 500 Anderson. .1. H 168 Ainlersnn, .1. D 353, 403. 411 Anderson. .1. E 411. 523 An lerson, .Inne E 473 . nderson, .7. W 528 Anilerson. K. .1 55, 376, 380 Anderson. K. W 410 . nderson, T.. E 490 . nderson. Loraine 312, 497, 524 •Vnders Margaret .- 52, 55, 494 . nilerson, Marian 344 Anilerson, Marjorie .T 297, 505, 524 AndersoTi, JIary E 355. 505 .Vnderson. O. A 423 . n lerson. P. H 172 Andersini, Hiehanl F 229, 275, 342, 377 415, 534 .Vnderson. R. V 435 . ndreae, W. E 432 -Vndreaseti, (iraee 465 Andreen, .1. H 167 Andrews, A. 1 404, 406 Andrews, lleatriee E...53, 55, 164, 169, 278 280, 474 .Vndrews, Corinhe 49.5 Andrews, E, D 413 Andrews. E. G 208, 525 Andrews, J. B 170 . ndrews. Moyne 322 Andrews. R. M 5.5, 172 Andrzejewski, M. S 453 Alley, .lune .7 169 Angel. Margaret H 302. 532 Ansary. M. A 418 Anlhiifer, Irnigard 494 Antilla. A. 1 457 Antonello. .1 454 Aphletl. W. K., ,7r 531 .Vppel. .7. R 304, 430, 534 Apple. V. H 55, 403, 415 Apple. O,. .7r 384 Api.h ' bauni. 7. 449 Apidegale. H. K 55, 312, 404 Arbeiler. H 347. 360 Archer, Frances I, 494 Archer, I.. B 404 Archer, Mariani .1 301, 324 Arenson, Anita M 295, 464, 506 Arenstein. M. V 546 A repii 334 Argenbright, L. P S85, 526 Arkins. .7. E 530 Arnnilo. 7 ' 489, 512 Arrnin.. W. .7 55, MH Arnisey, ,1. V 50, 56, 166, 256, 304 383, 532 Armstrong, llenlnb M 172, 484 Armstrong, D. P 53. 56, 428, 313 I ' lig.- .-jltO Eight consecutive years as photographers for The Campus Leaders Section. Paul Stone - Raymor, Ltd In Chicago and Champaign fBESLY ' CHICAGO The Largest Assortment in Chicago of Brass, Copper end Bronze in Sheets, Rods, Wire and Tubes INDUSTRIAL, MILL and RAILROAD SUPPLIES Charles H. Besly and Company 118-124 N. Clinton Street Chicago, Illinois Teleptione — Fronklln 1222 BUSEY ' S STATE BANK URBANA ESTABLISHED IN I86S CELEBRATING, WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 73 YEARS OF BANKING SERVICE TO THE UNIVERSITY ITS FACULTY AND STUDENTS Member of the Federal Deposit Injuronce Corporation Page 567 GENERAL I ND HX — Continu ed Arnistroiig, H, C Armstrong, Janet L Armstrong, L. J 167, Armstrong, M D 163. Arndt, J. M 50. 56, 259, Arnett. L. M.. Jr 163, 167, !104, Arnol l, Elizabeth Arnold, N., Jr Arnold, R. E Arnold, R. J Aron, A. W Aron, W. A 331, 332. 333. 334, Aronsson. Margie Arstein, S. E Arthars. H. E 36, 378, 452. Arthur. Jean Asbury, C A.S .I :.C.E. . ..56, . .170, Ascherman, D. M Ashb.v, R. C Ashdown, E. H Asher, Frances J 310, Ashley, Elaine E Ashley, Helen M 56, Ashwood. P. L A S M E Asselin. G. F 168. 273, . strolh, L. L... 1. .4, 184, 193, 218, 223, Atchison, W. F Athenia Alhletic Admiiiialrttlion Athletic Ansociatioi}, The Athletic Director ' s Menaage Athletics Atkinson, R. W 4.-.0, Atlig. R. W Alzenhoffer, Phyllis 169. 307, 342, Audrieth. L. F 406, 418, Auerbach, E Augello, G Atisec, Marjorie M 342. Austin, G Austin, J. K 440. Austin, K. S 56, 412, Avery, G. R Avison, Barbara A 475, Avrami, R Avrami, R. D 56, 403, 448, Axelrod, D Ayars, J. S Aydelolle, F. B B Bahh. M. C Babbitt. B. June 56, Babbitt, H. E 165, 375, 382, 428, 528, 529, Babcoik, I . H Bachman, F. H 164, 405, Bachnich, H. R 311. Backman. ii. K Bacon, A. R Bacon, C. S Bacon, L. A Bacon, Mary L Bacon, W. W Baddakrr. R. ( ' Bader, H. O Badcr, S. 229, Badger, A. E Badgley, D. N 56, Baer, .M. H Bailar, J. C, Jr Bailey, D. J Bailey. D. K 208. 213. 447, Bailey, H. V 46, 172, Bailey, L 447, Bailey, P Bailey, R. V 382, Bailey, W. H 58, Bailie, H. H Baily. H. H 422, 516, Bain, A. A Bain, Barbara A 208, Balr, E. E 490, Bair, S. L., Jr 412, 512, 355 Baird, II. N 375, 382, 519 505 Band, Jeanne L 52, 56, 316, 317, 494 406 Baird, R. D 518 406 Baker, A. S 553 531 Baker, Elizabeth J 479 406 Bilker, La Verne 1 472 493 Baker, lister 163, 550, 559 419 Baker, Margaret G 524 435 Baker, O. J 56 519 Baker, Olivia P 311, 473 341 Baker, P. S 406 353 Baker, R. H 434 482 Baker. R. J 376. 535 408 Baker. W. C, Jr 436 527 Baker, V. S 56, 166, 275, 353 470 Ballmch, S. B 410, 515 275 Balchen. O. R 53, 454. 537 519 Baldridpo. V. M 427 445 Balduf, V. V 414 430 Baldwin. A.J 56 430 Baldwin. T. S 424 464 Bales. G. C 37, 430. 535, 537 501 Bales, J. T 430 470 Bales. Virginia L 57,506 457 Balestri. O. L 437 518 Baley. J. A 240. 241 477 Halgiosky, S. A 521 443 Hiillard, R. J 537 172 Ualtowski, Olga 498 502 Baltzell, Margaret T 502 179 Band of X 520 1 82 Bandy, K. L 488 180 Bane. J. Lita 163, 279, 474 174 Bangerl. D. G 172. 353. 355, 404 512 Banks, Doris M 57, 493 525 Banner, Dorothy E 535 476 Banthiiin, G. H 420 444 Bantz. I... Jr 230. 353 408 Baptist. H. 167 560 Baptisia. C. M 418 504 Barackman, D. V 512 412 Biiianski, E. V 57. 335 314 Barber, Elizabeth F 288, 310. 468 518 Barber, H. W 334, 339 426 Barbolak, Stephanie 57, 521, 528 521 Barchick. Evelyn M I( " i9 448 Barclay. J. C 353 531 Barciis, V. E .52, 57, 380 546 Harden. R. M 435 531 liaieither. H. D 168,377 521 Darfielil, Caroline 475 linrichello, L. L 550 Barker. A. L., Jr 406 Barker, E. 1 156, 379, 380, 490, 512 558 Barkcs, G. S 489 506 Barkett, P. J 57, 512 519 Barkman, W. D 422 536 Barlow, D. D 57, 518 512 Barlow, E. D 444 516 Barlow, R. P 57, 444, 520 431 l»arlow, R. R 37, 166, 530, 532 412 Barnard. P. S 333, 338, 354 557 Barnes, E. W 57, 527 557 Barnes, J. V 490 519 Barnes, L. E 172, 381, 518 472 Barnes, R. C 311, 412 435 Barnes, R. F 377, 379, 443 4 2 Barnes, K. 353, 354 52S Barnett, C. M 376, 488 436 Barnett, D. E 443 165 Barney, Barbara A ...467. 522 518 Barnhart, V . H 57 448 Baron, J 429 406 Baron, O. W 57, 433 560 Baron, R. H 170, 418 533 Barr. Betty L 467 265 Barr. J. W 310, 444 534 Barr, R. R 521 555 Barracks, J. R 432 434 Barrer, A. K 416, 521 518 Barrett, Florence h 298, 299, 494 424 Barrett, H. T 547, 555 517 Barrett, Lois M 342. 504, 524 170 Barrick. B. B 410 505 Barron, Jeanetic 505 .521 Barron, T 557 521 Barry, Jcnnis 275 Barshiiiger. C. W 492 Bartels, R. J 57, 404 Bartelsineyer, E. C 557 Bartelt. R. J .521 Bartel;. V. F 416 Barten.stein. H 305. 521 Barlh. R. C 57. 518 Banle. Wilma 1 57. 474 Bartlctt. T. E 57. 416 Bartle.v. J. M 451 Barto. Harriet T 477 Barton, Marjorie 58, 481 Bartusch. E A.. Jr 380, 447, 512 Bartnsch. R J 433 Bnsrhnll 217 Baekithall 199 Ba. ' kin, Shirley 58, 495 Bass. R. E 157. 451 Bass. R. G 311 Bass. W. W 58. 451. 521 Bassett. W. M 377, 489 Bate. R. C 439 Bateman. H. P 170. 528 Battin, R. F 445 Battle. F. L 422 Bauer. C B 58, 378 Baner. E. E 455. 519. 528, 529 Bauer. P. W 432 Bauer. W. L 420 Baugh, R. A 352 Baughnian. M. E 58, 490 Baum. E. J 381, 414 Uauman. Betty R 506 Bauniann. R. James 490 Baylcy. W. S 415 Baylor. Beulah F 524 Baysiiiger, V. G 555 Bazelon, D. T 431 Beach. F. H 454, 521 Beach. T. A 168 Beal. 1-. W 168, 312, 425, 526 Beal. M. 1 168, 353, 356. 525 Beam, G. R 58, 164, 521, 523 Beam, Mary L 503 Beam, R. M 306 Bean, J. Aile3n 502, 524 Bear, J. T 410 Bear, Virginia M 505 Bearoe. E. 404 Beard. J. H 43. 418. 419. 533 Beard. H 555 Beard. Mary A 466 Beaumont. H. C 58. 362. 364. 374. 375 : ' 78, 441. 531 Beaumont. J. JJ ;;06, 413. 525 Beaver. Phyllis A ,j, 481 Bebb, R. V 385, 432, 535 Bechl.v, D. S 519 Bechtol, Beverly J 470 Bechtol, R. C 555 Beck, Barbara A 307, 462 Beck. C. F 58. 423 Beck. J. C 556 Beck. X. S 456 Becker. E. 1 418 Becker. H. J 880 Becker, Natalie B 495 Becker, R. C 381 Becker, Reva L 506 Bcckman. J, K 420 Beckwilh. F. L 411 Bedale, Betty J 507 Bederinan, S. S 429 Bedford. B. F 491 Bedford, Melba F 58, 493 Bediger, P. 1 55.S Beebe, Norma A 493 Becde, H. C 165 Beerman. Clara J 58, 526 Behr, L. C 167, 406 Behrman, R. T 550 Behrens. J. H 312, 375, 376, 383, 425 Beidelman, H. E 58, .521 Beidelman, J. L 352, 457, 523 Beintzeii, W 512 Bell, Barbara 502 Bell, Elinor E .58, 296, 297, 475 PiiRC 5fi8 Expert Craftsmanship and exacting care, backed by half a century of service, have helped Brock and Rankin maintain leadership in the bookbinding industry. B ROCK and K 619 South LaSalle Street ANKIN Chicago T W I C E -- a winner ! Thii New CABLE SPINET PIANO 1 ct ° tone quality and volume seldom equalled in a piano of small size. 0|| For the smart modern cose design that is sure to harmonize with any home decorative scheme. Time was when yoo simply couldn ' t fit a piono into small spoce. For having a fine piano practically meant having a big grand. Now — all is changed. The Lancaster model Coble Spinet illustrated fits easily into the smallest room — yet its tone is that glorious singing tone that every music lover looks for. Cable made and Cable guaranteed. Come in or write for DescriptlYC Literature CABLE PIANO CO. 228 S. Wabash, Chicago 310 N. Hickory, Champaign The Daily Illini THE WORLDS GREATEST COLLEGE DAILY WILL KEEP YOU IN CONTACT WITH CAMPUS EVENTS KEEP YOU ABREAST OF ILLINI NEWS KEEP YOU INFORMED OF ALUMNI ACTIVITIES Subscribe Now! s ince 1914 Maker of ILLIO Photographs and Guaranteed Portraits for Students and Faculty Members WEBER STUDIO John at Sixth Street THE INTELLIGENT SELECT WEBER AS THEIR PHOTOGRAPHER Page 569 GENERAL I NO FX — Continued Bell, K. L.. ,Jr 4S! Heller. Bernard .... 3:i7 Bellows. MniKer.v :U1, 4ft I Beliihliivek. Kli .»lietli .1 311. 4( -.! Belohlnvek. F. I ' 3S0. 444 Belson. L 377 Beltine. Dorotll.v J 354. 355, 357, 463 Beneilk-t, B. V 231, 363, 380. 384 Benell. T 547 Beiifnra. M. C 558 Benjnmin. Belly B 295, 470 Beiilie, J. P 519 Beilner. T. E Bennell. Marjorie I.. Beiinelt. V. K Beniiewilz. .1 Bennison. ,T Beniiitt. R. A., Jr.. Aline P 73. 474. Benoist Benson, Ben.son, Benson Benson 32 533 274 30fi 41. ' . 4. " .7 507 Bett.v .1 479 H. Gordon 236 .lohn M 379, 441. 492. 327 .Joseph M 5.S Benson. MKrIliii L 310. 4S4 Benton. Barliara A 523 Benton. B. K 559 Benton. Vivian L 354, 471 B.-iiziu-er. K.. .Ir 58, 384, 365. 379. HT Berbauni. K. K 1 ' ' ■■ Ber Beriik. Koselle 58. 295. 297 Berfieia, Mar.v A 301 Bern, P. M ' 6 Berg, Jean (i -iSO Berger, .Inanita F 58, 479. . " 24 Berser. .1. V " ' 9 Berger. O. K 59. 525 BerRcr. K. I- 377 Bercer. R. W 59, 489, 531 Berceson, R. . IS " Bergman, Carolyn 59, 482 Bergman. Harriet .7 495 Bergman. H. K... .Ir 59, 332, 333, 335 337, 4 1.-. Bergniann. H. V ■ ' ' " Bergmann. Lavergne 1 ' 1 Bergr.ri. Uulli E Ml Berg.strom. .J. C 419 Berkowilz. A. D 59. 492 Berkowitz. Esther A 506 Herlan. Shirley H 155 B4 rlianl. llaxine 4 ' ' 4 M.Tlianl, IJila l i 1 liernian, Betty I. 4 ' i I Bi ' rman. 0. Lorraine 462 Berman. Dorothy D 342. 464 Berinnn. Shirley H 506 Herman. V 431 Bernaril. E. H., Jr .59, 333, 337 B. ri.ard, L. C 403, 432, 534 Iternardi, H 555 Iten.ays, P. M 167, 429 li.riilianin, E 424 M.Tiigard. A. K 333. 442 (i. W 183. 184, 188, 192 236, 423 llernhardl. K. V 385 Bernik. .1. I. 53, 59. 316. 317. 512. 52 1 Bernsen. .1. L 4 18 Bern» in, l.ily 495 Bernstein, Polly 482 Berntzen, W. f 59 Berr, Adelaide N 51, 59, 272, 326. 332 334. 468. 521 Berry. Iva M 476 Berry. K. f 184. 226 Berry. W. E 375. 383 Bert. Carolyn 354 Bertram. R. C 59, 331 Beshers, .Mary .1 334, 504 BesHone, A 44, 232 Besl, C. E 406 Beat. C. R 5ft, 527 Beat, Hi una A liiliii I ' tl 316 Hftn tiiiwinn Sfffnta 164 llrlil liiimr . ' ■03 llria Knjum Ill Ui-ld I ' lii Alpha 4611 l!,lii Thrill Pi 415 llrlhintii Cirelr 496 Uolhhihiny. N 512. 521 lietlenhnu.sen. V. C, Jr 312, 425 BiHisworth, E. R 59, 521 Be. lield, i ' . W 59, 226. 421. 515 Bezark. R. S 307, 431 Bialas. F 519 Biherstein. E. L. 40li Bicek. E. ,T 167. 406 Bilkers. .T. F 413 Bidiier, I.. E 526 Biegler. .1 . C 168 Biel. E. K ;ll 1. 420 Bii-lek, M. .1 551 liiennan. Tliclma M 169 Biersaeh. Doris 466 Biery, V 411 Bigger, ,T. H 4il ' i Biggs, G. A 59, 5 12 Bilger, R. L 189, 457 Bilhorii, E. W 59, 382, 427. 5 1 ,s Bill. U. 12 1 Bills. W. F 60. 379. 382. .-. 1 l Itils Borrow, .J. D 170 liilyeu. T.. T 5 12 ISiiiibn. Helen M 500. 526 lliugliaiii. Evelyn 1 60. 496 Bird. 1). . I ' ll Birkeland. V. M 375. 376. 381. 4JI Hirkhimer. 1). .1 60. 226, :i-il HJMholT. I . W 4 i;; Bisesi. .1. I. 439 Bishop. J. V 491 Bishop. L. V ■ ' ■ ' •-■ Bishop. 1! Ill Bishoii. R. P 60. 101 Bittermaii. Helen L....51, 60, 254, 262, 275 278, 282. 334, 497, 524 Hitlin ' er, Elsie .M 60, 355. ;i.-.7. 4lil 477, : :•■:: Bilzer, Margie 310. is I DIaek. CD . " ■- ' I I ' .hwk Ftamiufio, The 337 I ' .laek. R. H 427 Blaek. R. S 60, 164, 375, 381. 4:!0 Blaik. W. B 53. 60, 281, 356, 403. 410 Blaek. V. E 165. 382. 519 Blaek, Wilnia .1 169 BInckard. Eleanor D 60 lllaikaid. Virginia E 158. 494 Bhukard. Virginia M 60 Blaeker. .1. R 6i) Blaeklord. (1. N 4 m Blackwell. D. H 163. 172 Blair. B. S 403, 450 Blair, H. T., Jr 403, 4:in Blair. J. C 163. 170. 4lii Blair. J. P 60. 185. 444. 521 Blair. M. Estalene 60. 501. 524 Blake. Mary M 60. 278. 462 Blake. V. H 521 Blake I.e. Margaret M 462 lilan. ' he. E. E 172. rj Blankenhorn. C. F 60. Ill Blaseii. E. A 492 Blaleliley. R. P 542 Blall. Berniee 494 Itlult. M. 1 557 Blalli. Hehn K 61. 304, 532, 537 Blatti, W. H 61. 305, 490 Bleeher, Lillian 495 Bleifnss. A. A 61 Bliler. U. C 407. 521 Blix. F. M.. Jr 558 Bli. . Jane 1 306. 507. .523 Bloeh. Geraldine R 506 Bloek, Arselia M 01, 166, 290, 291 494, 523 Block, II. F 560 Bloek, I,. F 61, 431 Bloek, Muriel K 169 Bloek, R. 1 456 llloek, R. 1 449 Blodgell, P. R 61, 437 Bloeinker, 1,. A I . ' I Blomeyer, H. P Bloni(|uisl. J. R 262, 322, Blood, V. W 381, 435, Bloom, E. E 61, 512, Bloom, E. P Bloom. I,. R Bloom. Margaret Bloom. Muriel V 51. 01. 474. Bloom. R. I " BloonuMishine. It. L 61, Blount. B. G 310. 338. 377, lihif Ffalhers BInestone. Ow ' endolyn I Blum. I. C Blum. J. H 61. Blum. J. R Blume. D. Evelyn 158, 320, 497, Bhunenfeld, M. I I ' .liiuieTilhal. K. I Bliimenthal. S. C Blunek. K. C 375, 451, Blunt. I.urille K Ilunrll if rnmleen 26 lioardnian. W. R 377. 491, Briher, Shirley E Uohtn, I rum I. lioliisuthi. U. B 61, Bocehiardi, J. F Boek. E. V U..,-k. 11. I. Bi..kralh. P. C 61, 165, 172, Bn.liiar, 1.. M liodwin. It. E 61, Boe. H irriet ,J 306, Boe. Helen E 61, 282, 283, 355, linelim, V. F Ito.-lime. J. F Boeliner. Marjorie 1 61. Bogarl. E. L .521 353 518 516 338 525 467 377 52 1 430 288 480 61 443 452 524 429 52 I 429 512 524 505 480 421 489 312 557 518 420 508 499 558 417 508 164 Bog ilo.ggs. J. D Hoggs, Jill S Itoggs, W. II It.iluniiii, It. II.. . Boland. C. H Biiland. Shirley A, Boles. J. E !33, . . . 835, Boley. C. C lioliu. I). E ■ liidiu. M. Louise liolin. O Hohnan, 1 ' . .M lI.ilniaM. P. M. I.Mrs.) Bnnadurer. .Margaret .V Bcniaguidi. It Itond. . liee C • . Bond. Helen M Bond. II. W 536, li.iii.l. N r 441, 512. Bondy. -Vnila E Bone. G. K 542. V. 457, 294, B It. 4 13 477 378 168 526 508 62 418 385 296 170 355 355 493 531 524 354 406 32 1 479 560 488 B.ninell. K lioiinel. .1 li .niielt. 1 . N U.MiiM ' tl. .I. ' iinie .M. lionnetl. II. T Boniiey. .Marian . . Bouueei. L Book, Orpha .. . . 344 558 504 17 " . .62, 375, 376, Booke J CI 163 505 478 411 412 52 1 Boomer. L iis ' Boone. D. E Booth. A. W Booth. E. 375, 380, Booth, H Booth, R. V Borah. I). V Borehert. It. L 308, li Horde Borden. G. L. Boren. G. E.. .62 164, 512, Borg, Jo Borgen. Evel n . llorgsniiller, V. .1. Borinstinn, It. . . Borns. It. !■: , . .462 432 427 413 452 490 510 495 501 44 1 52 1 419 Page 570 The New LL N Union Bui d ing Th e h ouse that ♦ ♦ ♦ • G. H. SCHANBACHER SON Interior Decorators for The New lllini Union Building 101 W. Monroe St. - - Springfield, Illinois • ENGLISH BROTHERS General Contractors 44 Main Street . - - Champaign, Illinois . . . huilt DUNCAN ERBER STUDIOS A complete photo- graphic institution at the service of you lllini... equipped to meet your every need! Co-ed Theatre B 1 d g . CHAMPAIGN RUHM ' S PHOSPHATE since 7897 in its 44th year of Service in Soil Building for Illinois Farmers is still the Highest grade and most finely ground rock phosphate RUHM PHOSPHATE CHEMICAL CO. MT PLEASANT, TENN. Page 571 GENERAL I NDEX — Contin u ed Borr. W. M 62, 531 Borton, BarbnrA A 513 Boruff. B. B 489 Berwick, Rulh 498 Bosloy, J 456 Bossrhor, Ci. P 542 Bosi, .Icaiinc E 62, 290, 291, 476 BostFIIrr, E. H 519 Boston, June E 311 Boihe, J. H 312, 425, 526 Bothwell, Anne 502, 52 1 Bothwcll, Hazel F 508 Bothwoll, Martha L 502 Bollcron, Dorothy L 311, 494 Bottin, A. C 342, 352, 354, 450, 523, 530 Boltorff, E. M 163, 167 Bollum, M. S 428 Boudreau, W. C 62, 445 Bounds, L. K 489 Bourgin, D. G 172 Bouslog, H. H 380 Bouslog, N. F 491, 526 Bowditch, F. W 353. 437 Bowen, C. E 182, 415 Bowen, C. R 512 Bowen. E. A 62. 430. 512. 516. 520 Bowen, Patricia 495 Bowen, Pauline C 62 Bower, O. K 172 Bower, Shirlee M 506 Bowles, M. 306 Bowman, Elizabeth 497, 524 Bowton. R. C 52 1 Boxerman, Miriam H 495 Bojcc. Belty M 476 Boyd, H. T 519 Boyd, J. R 172. 518 Boyd, Ruth E 172 Boyd, W. E 444 Boyle, K. A 415 Boyle. G. M 489 Boyle. Margaret W 306 Boyle, R. J 423 Boylis. C. C 512 Boynton. R. L 44 1 Boysen. A. P.. Jr 52K Bracher. R. E 457. 514 Brackhill. G. A 62 Bracken, Noni M 473 Braillmry, C. E 427 Brailhury, J. C 52, 53, 62, 316, 322 Brarlbury. R. D 427 Bradford. J. 518 Bradford. Marylyn 481 Bradisse. A. J 229, 433, 534 Bradley, Constance 498 Bradley, L. M,, Jr 416 Bradley, W. F 40R Brady, Addie 355 Brady, C. R 403, 444, 520 Brady, W. B 560 Braeuligam, G. F 43, 52, 62, 380 445, 515 Brahana. H. R 172 Brain. W. H 421. 519 Branch. J. E 165, 171, 528, 534 Branch. .1. M 437, 535 Brandenburg. Mary E 311. 503 Brandt. Minnie B 524 Brandt. R. A 558 Brandt. R. F 438 Branick, L. P 453. .52 1 Brnnigan. D. A 340. 445, 530 Hrannoii, Mildred J 162 Ilrannon, W. V 410 Braiiic, P. R 1 67 Braided, R, C 167. 406 Brauer. H. M 427, 512 liraumiller. R. E 451 Braun. E. J 381 Braun. H. J 322, 516 Broy, M. W 354 Breckan. E. A 62. 512 Breeze. Rulh L SI, 62, 164, 471, 528 Brehm, lionna L 155, 270, 2M0, 287 466, 522 Breili-nbarh, R. W,, Jr 512 Breitenstein, C. J 531 Brekke, W. E 437, 514, 534 Bremer, M. 1 377, 385, 525 Bremer, Violet X 62 Brennnn, P. W 53, 62, 416 Brennan. R. J 558 Brenneman, Marjorie A 504 Brenner. G. E 356 Brenner. M. J 380 Brenner, S. N 431 Bretherick, A. P., Jr 63, 435 Brett, T. J., Jr 311, 434 Brettmann, M. A 353, 489 Bretzlair, R. V 489 Brezink. E 163 Brewer. B. R 218. 222. 423 Brewer. Violet V 497, 524 Breymann, V. X 63, 163, 489 Brian. .S. M 63 Bricker. H. 555 Brieker. Mildred 1 312. 497. 524 Bridge. R. T 63. 376. 385 Bridges. J. R 527 Bridgewater, L 375, 376, 380 Brielmaier, A. A 519 Briggs. C. V 405. 537 Briggs, h. F....170, 270. 272. 312, 381, 403 425, 526 Brigliam. I,. H , . 521 Bright, Dorothy E 63, 472 Bright. Helen L 288, 310, 472 Brighton. G. D 63. 163. 164. 270. 376 379. 381. 512 Brink. J. R 492 Brink. K. G 560 Brintun. E. S 547. 557 Briskir, H. L 547, 560 Bristcr. L 172 Brister. Rosamond. E 311, 462 Britt. H. M 421 Britt. J. R 447 Briltingham, S. E 521 Britton, D. E 240, 241, 403. 438. 515 Britton. J. M 63. 430 Britton. K. G 451 Broberg. Shirley V 463 Brochl. W. G.. Jr 306. 415 Brock, C. F., Jr 311, 437 Brockob. F. J 382. 404 Brodbock, J. E 519 Brodi-ritk. E. L 433 Brodsky. Ravoli R 63, 494 Brody. B. B 559 Broehl, V 338 Brogan, R. L 417 Broghamer. E. L 428 Bromley. C. D 355 Bronze TttbM 162 Brooks. Betty J 506 Brooks, Fannie M 483 Brooks, F. T 63, 492 Brooks. K, W 171, 423, 534 Brooks. L. A 406 Brooks, M 1 65. 537 Brooks. X. (• 430 Brooks. P. E 377 Broom. R. A 63, 437 Brophy, E. M 531 Brophy, V. R 353 Brose, C. E 363 Brosius, Nancy V . . . . 508 Brothcrson. R. H 443, 519 Broughto:i. C. M.. Jr 168, 307, 377 512, 535 Broussard. M. X 536 Brown, Ann M 03, 172 Brown, B. A 448 Brown. Belty A., (Mrs.) 63 Brown. C. D 557 Brown, C H., Jr 456 Brown, C. W 356 Brown, U. H 416 Brown, Dorothy L 311, 463 Brown, D. P 63 Brown, E 63 Brown, E. L 63, 378, 415, 519, 534 Brown, Eleanor R 63, 484 Brown, G. M 421 Brown, H. A 426, 537 Brown, H. J 227, 240, 241 Brown, H. S 518 Brown, J 64, 516, 517 Brown, Jane E 156, 297, 318, 475 Brown, Jeanne M 355 Brown, J. H 325 Brown, J. M 229, 492, 512, 534 Brown, John M 377, 443 Brown, J. R 488, 519 Brown, K. C 421 Brown. K. H 437. 511 Brown. Laura V,, (Mrs.) 355 Brown. L. D 431. 512. 516 Brown. Leia B 524 Brown. Marcja K 407 Brown. Mnry-Lou 406 Brown. Mary M 64, 507 Brown, M. Jeanne 502 Brown. Patricia 475 Brown. P. H 164. 404. 516. 517 Brown, P. 1 64. 184. 208. 210, 253 311, 440 Brown, R., Jr 229, 520, 534 Brown, R. C 331, 332, 333, 405 Brown, R. H 64, 379, 380, 451, 520 Brown, R. K 413, 520 Brown. R. L 528 Brown, R. L, Jr 334, 352, 354, 441 Brown. Roberta M 507 Brown. S. F 64. 264. 488, 490, 519 528, 529 Brown, W. W 167. 228, 240, 340, 427 Browne, R. B 42. 43. 168, 438 Browne, R. B.. Jr 443 Browne, K. T 555 Browne. W. H 557 Browning, L. Patricia 311. 506 Brownlee. Marilyn 494 Brownstein. H. R 449 Broyles, M. M 519 Brubaker, 0, M. 452. 514 Brubaker. D. L 53. 64. 403, 452. 520 547. 556 Bruce. Barbara K 502 Bruce. B. D 64, 454, 518 Bruce, D. H 451 Brucker. L. A 64, 518 Bruer. H. E 53, 64, 422 Brumbach. Barbara L 495 Brumfield. Lorna E 355, 463 Bruninga. A. M 304. 356, 537 Brunkhorst, V. C 306, 412 Brunner. C. D 375, 376 Brunson. A. V 172 Bruntjen. J. H 64, 512 Brush, Francoise D 477 Brvenik, E 550, 559 Bryan, J. D 168 Bryan, J. W 162 Bryant. Harriet M 275 Brydges. {iertrude E 501 Bubl, E. C 64 Buchanan. Elsie M 64, 501, 524 Buchanan, H. R 353 Buchanan. P. L 170, 381, 527 Bucher. J. H 512 Buchholz, E. R 64. 406, 531 Buck, E. E 447 Buck, R. D 444 Buckle. R 185, 380, 405 Buckler. M. Elizabeth 53, 64, 496 Buckles, Rulh 470 Buckley, T. F 414, 534 Buckman. R. 456 Budd. Elizabeth A 286, 462 Budiselich, Eva P 494 Buerig, M. V 558 BulKnger, Mar.on W 467, 526 Buhni, J. V 304, 456, 532 Buhai, R. M 307, 456 Buhai, Susan 1 500 Builta, H. P 64, 381 Bulger, J. 1 189, 424 Bull, S 409 Bullarcl. Doris 502 Page 572 1 PLAN NOW TO BUY THE NEXT ISSUE OF THE WORLD ' S LARGEST COLLEGE YEARBOOK THESE BOYS r WOULD PICK EDELWEISS MILK CHOCOLATE and SO WILL YOU AFTER YOU HAVE TRIED IT ONCE! JOHN SEXTON CO -Chicago-Brooklyn SEXTON ToZ ' This was the year a new studio opened Photographs of Future Alumni by on lllini Alum MILES 623 Vi E. Green Champaign Phone 8913 SPEED YOUR PROGRESS WITH THIS COMPLETE UNDERWOOD PORTABLE TYPING UNIT Here is an Underwood Portable Typewriter that stands on its own feet. The liuilt-in Typing Stand o i s in 0 the Portable Carrying Case. You can type anywhere . . . anytime! IT ' S BUIIT-IN Get this exclusive Underwood Portable Typewriter with Huilt- in Typing Stand on convenient terms. EASY PAYMENTS Ask your local Under- wood Portable Dealer today about this modern Portable U ' riting Machine that will speed your personal progriis. Portable Typewrifer Diyiiion UNDERWOOD ELLIOTT FISHER COMPANY ONE PARK AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY Solei end Service Everywhere Page 573 GENERAL INDEX — CoNTiNi-HD Riillihi:ioii. .1. T Uiilliiititoii, MHrjorie Biillofk, Aliiift L Hullock. D. M BiiinKHrnor, J. M. . . . B iiu-li, D. R Runlon. S. B Buiid.v, D. W Buliily, J. h Bnmly, L. V Huntin. J. E Biirrh. E. L Biiri-li. V. A Biird, .Tiilin F Biirg, .1. L BurKcr, Ruth E BiiiK " ss. R. N Burpetl, Mary A.... 101 4fi7 ■too •1L 8 .6r , 17 ' - ' , ,a79. 380, 169, 3S4, 65, -J " .!, .51, 65, 163, 166, 304, 466. . ' •.22. Burcller, G. E., Jr.. Biirgin, D. E Biirpy. ,1. H 512 4S5 51S 430 534 376 524 406 502 534 257 .■ 32 4X9 512 515 430 475 463 162 410, Burki ' . A. K 377, Blirkc. Unrhiiill A 51, 65, 166, 27K, Burk , .lean L 241, Burke, R. .1 Burkhnrl, B. W 519 Burkhart. .T. H 518 Burliaus. M. E 547 Burkhcimpr, Dellc 508 Burklund. R. L 65, 530 Burlunil. MiWreil A 494 Burlinphain. Evelyn D 463 Burlison. I). G 306, 385. 415 Burlisoi), Margaret A 357, 467, 533 Burlison. W. L 163, 170, 404, 527, 535 Burney. I). E 406 Burns, Betly F 481 Burns. F. .T 558 Burns, Kfliliryn A ' 477 Burns, L. 526, 527 Burns. O. .1 65, 403, 436, 521 Burr. L. 1 512 Burritl. Elizalji-lh A 472 Burrmvs. S. ,T 556 Burson. P. B 490 Burstnilt, E. W 65. 172. 518 Burt. P 275 Burton, R. 381, 435 Burton, T. P 547. 555 Bushy, E. V 403, 420 Busoh. H. K 65, 531 Busey, Garreta H 462 Itimrii llnll, ilnry E 494 Busey, M. W 540 Bush. A. 65. 163, 165, 172, 418, 518 Bush, S. R 65, 444. 520 Bushart. R. R 451. 523. 527 Bushee. Eleanor J :; 1 1 Bushing, E. W 208. 21:; Bushman, J. C 445 Buslee. .Janice E 53, 65, 463, 522 BuKse. V. E 65, 519, 528 BuBwell, A. M 406, 536 Bulrher, H. F 65, 519, .520 Butler. Charlotte A 496 Butler. H. W 335, 337 Bulli ' r, Lillian C 65, 494 Buller. M 429 Butler, .Margaret E 310, 503, 523 Buller, M, F .(s Buller, .M. Isabelle 50 Buller. V 4 Butler, V. .1 54 Butler, W. S ;i7 ButlerHeld, F. E 65, 165, 331, 33 337, 52 Butlerflehl, Mailvlino A .i i Buys, C. R 168, 377, 43, C. W 4:i6, 52i Buzzard, i 52i Byars, Winona 52 Byers, IJ. ,1 17 24 9 Cndrl Slii f :l 12 nilnius. Belle E 476 (•nulr Hull 503 CniMsnn Club 381 Calahnn. R. C 428 raldwell. D. H 165 Caldwell, Jo an C 472 Caldwell, J. S 375, 439, 515 Cnlhoun, J. J 311 ( ' )illioun, K. M 65 Calkins, R. G 377, 421 C)illau ' aii, D, A 558 Cnllaiian. E. J 447 Cnllen. J. C 66 Callery. J. E 512 Callery. J. R 377 Callmer. J. P 405 Calnies, T. E 406, 536 Calnan, Mary J 66 Culvert, D. E 490 Calvctti. J. A 241 Cnineroii. Dorothy G 468 CauuToii. I). V 490 Cameron. K. C 66, 378 Ciimeron. V, L 66, 378 ( ' amillo. I. 489 Cam]), M. Jane 275, 279, 282, 504 Camp. R. M 384, 415 Camp. W. .T 557 Canipana, V. D 411 Campbell. C. M 490 Campbell. Elizabeth 523 Campbell. G. J 414 C.uii|.bell. Helen S 311. 493 laiiipliell. I.. K 166. 530, 532 Ciinipl.ell. Luella 524 iiliil.bell, L. W 382. 518 Ciniii bell. Marguerite 310. 476. 524 ' ani|ibell. Mary J 524 Campbell, X. W ' .. .Ir 306. 407 Cami.bell. Patty .1 66. 166,467 Camphell, R, A 66, 184. 188, 197, 403 433, 521 Campbell. Sylvia R 504. 512, 521, 528 Campbell, T. C 412 Carnpits Leaders 251 Canliam, Helen 559 ( ' aiibani, L. E 489 Canliam. I. H 518 Cannon. A. E 66, 352, 354, 536 Cannon, G. AV 167, 406 Cannon, J. M 66, 530 Can mm. " . ]•] 410 Cantei-bury. Wilma J 498 Canlwell. J. E 490 Cap. T. W 491 Cape. J. T 426 Capizzi. J. .S 162, 377. 385 Capling, Mildred 66, 502, 526 Carberry. Lois M 494, 526 Card, L. E 163, 170, 240. 527 Cardiff, E. W 356, 439 Carl, H. W 414 Carlen. R. N 435 Carlisle, G. R 168, 526 Carlisle, Martha E 502 Carlson, C. H 66 Carlson, E, E 547, 558 Carlson. I. P 403, 445 Carlson, Jeannelte E 477 Carlson. K. II 521 Carlson. Margaret J 66 Carlson, R. E ,)fc . 382, 518 Carlson, R. K 489 Carlson, R. 1 311, 414 Carlson, W. H 435 Carlson, W. M 333 Carman, A. P 165 Carmiehnel. R. 1) 35, 163, 172, 426 Carmiehael, V, .l,...274. 352. 356, 432, 530 Carnahnn, I , H 418, 443 Came. J. J.. Jr 66. 521 Cariu ' , V. E 381 Cnrnes, J. G 162 Cariienter, II. II 430 Carpenter, P. I) 559 Car| enlier. Mul ' jorie M 66, 4K1 Carr. I). R 441, 521 Cnrr, Lucille Carr, 1!. K 50, 6li. 163, 166, 167, 334, 342, Carrasher, C. F Carrier, Eleanor L 66, Carrington, H Carris, .1. V Carriscm. Doris B Carrison. J. M 66, 409, Carrillii J. M. Carroll. .1, I{ . . . Cnrruth, P. W 172, Carson, C. J 67, 165, 364, 365, 371, 383, 521, Carson, J. D Carson, Thehna Carsten.s. B. A 67, 447, Carter, G. D 67, 381, Carter, H. E 406, 428. Carter. H. .1 Carter. Phyllis A 307, Cartter, J. L Caruthers. F. B Cary. P. V Cary. V. A Casberg. C. H 172. Case. H. C 1 62, 170, Case, W. U 50, 67, 166. 256, 415, Casclberry, G. E Casey. C. W 363. Casey. H. J Casey. Kathleen V Casey, Phyllis I Casey, R. F 201, Casey. R. J Cash, C. V 67. Cash. J. G Cassara. S Cassel. W. J.. Jr Cassella, W. X., Jr...l( 8. 275, 308. 410, Cassidy, E Cassidy, Mary A 67. Cassin. R. .1 Cast. F. A Castle. Charlotte 497, Castle, E. Catherine 53. 67, 296, 461. Castle. G. R Castle, V. S Castles, J. X Castner, H. R Castrale. J .67, Cathrart. Elizabeth .V 339, 503, Callett. . nn C 289, 342. 462, Call, T. W 377, Cattani, .M. A Candle, C. J 67, 264, 281, 324, 403, Caushron. C. H 512. Cauldwell. H. W 542, ( ' (irntrii Car(drj Offirertt Chtb Cavanagh, ,J . .T Cavanaugh, J. W 237, Cavanaugh, T. H 338, Cavins. K Cearnal. J. E 307. Ceeil, J 381. 488, Cederquist, S. G 378, Ci T, J.. Jr Cervenka. Margaret Cesalelti. R 52, 67, 379, Cetrono, A. M 67, Ceuleers. G. F Chalherg, Adelaide L 67, 172, Chamberlain, 1{. L Chandlers. C. R Cliand ei ' s. Elizabeth ChanilK ' rs, V. F Champion. Jane C Chan. R. J Chandler, Imogene M 67, Chaney, Marjorie A 285, Chanler. .IftM-pliiiie II Channnn. M 11 352, Chapelle. |{ ,1 168, 502 258 533 423 466 558 557 478 526 516 377 420 372 537 430 496 518 425 436 52 1 462 409 440 489 440 404 527 304 532 377 376 438 495 495 441 419 530 170 533 67 515 434 494 381 437 524 297 475 409 518 413 227 521 533 522 410 445 333 413 521 560 366 380 67 423 423 427 377 512 436 550 169 382 521 417 357 491 172 163 558 505 233 481 472 172 448 492 Vane 574 SUGGESTIONS FOR Itinerant Illini • Whenever in . . ■ ■ KANKAKEE STOP at the . ■ ■ HOTEL KANKAKEE Earl Francis, Managing Director • Whenever in . . ■ ■ CHICAGO STOP at the . ■ ■ HOTEL HAYES 64th and University 500 Rooms $1 25 to $2.50 p er day Cafeteria and Dining Rooms The Management of Each of the Above Ho els Offer You COMPLETE MODERN FACILITIES . . .... At Y our Command ASSOCIATED MILITARY STORES A NATIONAL INSTITUTION SPECIALIZING IN U. S. ARMY OFFICERS ' UNIFORM EQUIPMENT SINCE 1917 19 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, III. For a Better Yearbook . . . Its THE ILLIO OF 1941 For Better Photographs . . . . It ' s OLAN MILLS ' TAe Nation ' s Studio " • Chompoign Studio 610 E. Green St. Generol Offices Ctiompoign, Illinois 112-116 E. Colombio St. R. H. Meode, Mgr. Springfield, Ohio Page 575 GENERAL I NDEX — Contin u gd C hnpii), Uoriilhy K Chapiii, E. C Chapin, Mildred R Chapman, .lance M 307, Chapniaii. Mary S....68, 334, 336, 339, 468, Chapman, M. .T 167. 2.|0. 340, 4. ' ;4, Chapman. S. A Charnes. A Chase, J, ,1.. 885, 410, Chase. R. A.. 68, Chase. R. E Chase, R. S 53. 438, Chase. R. V 275, Chauvet, P Chavez, C. E 68, Chayes. B. M Chayes. L. A Chceley, K. D 188, 192, 438, Cheerleaders Chellborg, Hazel E Chcnow ( ' 111. Betty H Chenoweth. E. C Chenowetli, R. D 68. Cherry. B. S 188, Cherry. Ruth V 494, Cherskove. D. A Clicryc. F. F Chi Epsilon Chi Omeffa Chi Phi Chi Psi Chicat o Campus Chicafio Colleffes, ExeciUive Deati of Chicaffo Sj mphony Orchestra Childress, H. L.. Jr 68, 165. 167, Childs, Helen J 68, Child.s, .Sara E 467, Chilow, Rita Ching, C. K Chinlund, J. F 376, Chittenden, T. R 333, 379, Chittler, L. M Christen, L. M Christensen, B. G 414, Christelisen. B. .1 Christensen, R. .7 Christiansen, Claire Chrlstianson, H. B., Jr 455, Christoph, C. E Christopher, Emily L Christopherson, R 352. 454. Christy. L. H 352, 356, Chronis, .7. A Chuala. J Chumley. E. W Cicero, M. P 381, Cieciwa, A. .T 550, Cisco, A. W Cisne, L. E Citron, Lila Clack, G. L„ Jr Claohoe, B. F Clancy, M Clapp. I,. B Clapper. Edith R Clare, F. B Clark, O. B., Jr 307. 427, Clark, Clara L 311, Clark, D. A 68, 428, 512, Clark, I). M Clark, F. M Clark, G. L 341, 406, Clark. Gwen. A 68, 483, Clark. H. R Clark. J, G 165, 519. Clark, Joyce C 68, 461, Clark, J. .S.. Jr 547. Clark. K. 8 Clark, I-. C 312, Clark, I,. Isalwllc Clark, M. E 385, Clark, H. B 352, Clark, R. N Clarke, C. W Clarke, K. H Clarno, J. 8 162 Class of JH-ll. I ' he 52 67 Class of 1942, Tlu 156, 157 163 Class of 1943, The 158 476 Class of 1944. The 159 357 Clausen, L. H 68 523 Clausen. R. T 385, 512, 521, 523 534 Cliiusonthue, B. D 419, 521 68 Clnusseu, Ruth E 504, .524 172 Clayton, Eleanor C 311, 468 531 Clayton. Nelda M 502 275 Clayton, Phyllis E 311, 474 556 Clcary, J. M 26, 27 515 Cleary, Laurie J 494 382 Cleave, F. H 430, 512 558 Cleave, Rosamund H 68, 322 518 Cleave, S. W 69, 259. 272, 430 354 CIcgg, G 69, 417 449 Clegg, Margaret K 69, 465 515 Clemens, C. W 441 185 Clement. H. W 432 479 Clement, J. A 413 496 Clements, Dorothy 310, 476 490 Clements, Emmabelle 474 334 Clements, L 443 191 Clements. R. H 404 524 Cleveland. R. M 420 447 Clevenger. A. V 43, 527 432 ClilTord, P. V 416 529 ClilTord, W. E 182 420 Clifton, Arlie A 169, 524 416 Cline, E. B 410, 534, 535 417 Cline, R. A 352, 419 539 Cliiiebell, Helen L 503 43 Clinton, P. A 519 347 Clo. Elizabeth D 478 531 Cloke, T. H., Jr 377. 385. 451 469 Clow, R. J 184, 227, 241 536 Clowes, L. C 556 506 Cluck, D. E 69 418 Clucver, Martha E 461, 479 382 Clutts, June 524 383 Coale, Suzanne 69, 295, 296, 494 68 Coartney, L. W 170 526 Coast Artillery 367 519 Contes, H. W 69, 423 416 Cobb, C. C 227, 430, 514 407 Cobb, Fan J 69, 240, 241 498 Cobb, Jane R 24 1 519 Cobb, T. C 69, 351, 352, 410 432 Coble, A. B 163, 172, 430 504 Cobrin. M. E 456 530 Cocagne, A. C 69, 375, 488, 518 530 Cocagne, P. E 555 517 Cochran, P. L 492 550 Cockruni, E. E 170 377 Coc, J. E 69, 532 512 Coen, Mary A 475 559 Coffing, Dorothy L 69 68 Coffing, Genevieve M 69 68 Coffing, Nina M 352, 533 495 Coffman, Harriet J 524 519 Coffman, N. C 69, 526 488 CoKKCsball, N. D 172 375 Coggins, Vera P 524 418 Cohan, A 547 68 Cohan, Marjorie K 495 558 Cohen, A, E 354, 530 536 Cohen, Berenice D 464 476 Cohen, C 69 521 Cohen, D. L 307 555 Cohen, E 560 406 Cohen, Esther •« 69 415 Cohen, Georgette 495 522 Cohen, Geraldine M 494, 523 275 Cohen, Jerome F 408 529 Cohen, La Verne H 495 467 Cohen, Mildred F 482 556 Cohen, N. H 333, 434 489 Cohen. Phyllis U 310, 482 526 Cohen, Ruth E 482 506 Cohen. S 449 526 Cohen, S. B 354 415 Cohen, Thelma R 495, 512 375 Cohen, Willyno A 311, 464 550 Cohlan, H. L 156, 318, 448 4H9 Cohlmeyer, S. H 879, 382 440 Cohn, Diane K 160. 307, 342, 482 Cohn, Doris M 495 Cohn, Estelle R 482 Cohn, G. G 163,166 Cohn, Jean D 461, 480 Cohn, N 519 Cohn, R. A 429 Cohn, R. H 449 Colby. A. S 413 Colby. C. L 492 Colby, Doro hy E 462 Colby, N. C 165 Colby, Priscilla B 462 Colrlasnie, Inez V 503, 524 Coldwell, I). 1 430 Coldwell. Patricia A 474 Coldwell, P. E 356, 430 Cole, C. r 521 Cole. L. S.. Jr 69. 531 Cole. R. H 164 Cole. V. D 352, 354, 356, 530 Cole. W. H 556 Coleck, F. H 416 Colebonr. J. P 521 ColeTuan. .1. II 535 Colgan, C. .1 381 Collett, R. E 440 Collier, R. H 70, 488, 518, 535, 536 Collins, F. W 70, 434, 534 Collins, J. C 556 Collins, J. F 172, 379, 383, 455 Collins, W. L 375, 519, 529, 536 Collister, J. H 241, 381 Colombo, C. A 418 Coltman, J. W 165, 352 Colton. Marjorie E 496 Comings, E. W 406, 450, 531 Commercr nod llitsiiiess Adtninistration, Colleui- of 30 Compton, K. L 519 ComploM, V. E 165, 382 Comrie, Winifred V 500 Conant, J. H 519, 529 Conard, Gertrude L 501 Conard, .1. A 229, 525, 534 Concert Band 352 Condee, R. W 407 Condon, A, C 526 Condon, Colleen D 495 Conference Medal Winner 183 Conlin, Mary J 501 Connell, V. V 512 Connelly, Elizabeth A 45, 169, 240, 279 Conness, J. B 488 Connor, I). R 427 Conrad, A. B 70, 407 Conrad, Betty J 499 Conrad, Charlotte L 51, 70. 269. 278. 290 334, 461, 477, 522 Conrad, Gertrude L 524 Conrad. Mildred L 70, 507 Conrad, K. M., Jr 407 Conroy, J.J 70, 526 Contents 16 Converse, P. D 164, 454. 521 Converse. P. I.., Jr 414, 521 Conway, 1,. V 377 Cook. C. K 385, 436 Conk, 1). E 377, 490 Cook, Evelyn M 52, 70, 479 Cook, G. T 512, 516 Cook, T 70 Cooke, J. F 440 Cool, J. P 512 Cool. .S. M.. Jr 70. 521 Cool, W. C 378 Cooley, C. M 70. 518 Coonibe, J. V 519 Coon, W. 1 512 Coonce, V. V 378, 382, 518 Cooper, J. R 377, 438 Coot er, M. B 456 Cooper, M. E 408 Cooprider, Joanne L 502 Cnppek, R. R 170 Corbell, M. .1 50, 70, 182, 188, 189, 258 443, 520 Corcoran, C T 318, 492 I ' lige 576 Page 577 GENERAL 1 N DEX — Contin r ed Conlell, V. R 70, 521 Conlo, P. 1 413 CordiiRii. A. E 426, .Mr. Corey, Heli-ii J 498 Cofiiina ■ ' 04 Torkery, Oerlrude N 240. 241. 341 I ' onier. .1. O.. ,Tr 406 Corns, Mary J 52, 70, 166, 256, 262, 305 462, 522 Corrinj;ton, Doris L 479 Corri.iKton. Ruth 157, 461, 468, 522 Corriicchii, R. J 167 Cortei. J. J 380, 436 Cory, C. B.. Ill 306 Coniine. Kloiso ,1 508 VngnioiKtlilan Club 418 Coss, F. K 70, 364, 365, 366, 372, 375 376, 380, 526 Coslmizo. V. A., .Ir 550 CoRlcllo. .1. S 452 Cotsirilos, P. J 558 Counril. H. E 379, 425, 526 Council. HfU-n .T 312, 497, 524 Counsil, Mary .T 287, 297, 484, 522 Countryman, I). A. ...70, 381, 416, 520. 521 Courlney. A. Eileen 504. 532 Co Van. .r. P 404 Covey, Elizabeth J 4ti2 Cowan, R. H 377, 441 Cowell. .Mary K 70. 468, 532 (■•owlinc, Marjorie R 506, 528 Cox. Dorothy h 7 1 Cox, E. L 156, 403, 421, 515. r.20 Cox, K. .Ir 440 Cox. Mary .1 536 Cox. Monta 355 Cox. R. G 375, 376, 403, 457, 520 Cox, V. E 519 Cotzens. A. B 454 Crabtree, R. H 512, 516 Crafft, W. JI 546 Craip. Carolyn J 71. 469 Craic. Cora D 275, 502 CraiB, D. E 405 Craig, H. W 167, 418 Craic, J. B., Jr 512 (IraiK, W. J 71 Crain. Gwendolyn V 494 Cramer. G. R 517 Cramer, R. A 438 Cramer, R. E 401 Cramer, W. H 376, 385, 512 Cramer. V. X 338 Crandall. ,T. M 526 Crandcll. .T. P 71 Crandell, J. S 340, 341, 432, 519, 528 529, 536 Oandell. Marcarct E 342. 472 Crandell, S. .J 340, 430 Crane, F. H 170 Crane, .1. W 432 Crane, R. L 208, 211, 526 Crane, D. 311, 424 Cranshaw, R. H 531 Crate, n 162. 165 Crathorne. A. H 112. 163. 435 Craven, Claire M 494 Craven, Helen K 500 Cravens, .1. H 167 Crawford, C. W 1 70 Crego, Mary .1 312, 497, 524 CrclKhton, C 240 Cresa, A. M 404 CrcM, E. E 455, 519, 528 Creaa, .1. W., Jr 170 CreM, R. W 353 Crist, E. V 404 Critton, R. D 71, 380, 403, 405, 515, 521 Crorkall, I). W 437 Cj-ombie, U. A 428 Crookshank, K. R 377, 421 Crosby, li. .loan 472 CroilB, C. W 435, 511 Cross, .1. M 875, 37S, 381. 412 Cross, I-. R 353, 490 Cross. W. H 71, 379, 3K1 Crossland, Edith 71, 502 Crosslaud, Marjorie ,T 502, 5 _ ' I Crossley, R, C 4 11 Crossnian, K. S 455, 519, 52S Crouch. A, L 535, 536 Crouch, Diirres E 501 Crowley, Cynthia L 524 Croxton, H. L 512 Cruil, E. H 157, 381, 425, 526 (- ' rum, Dorothea M 470, 512 Crumrine, J. L 377 Cui-ci. A. M 352, 356, 515, 530 ruildingtoii, I.J 353 Cullerton. . nne M 500 Cullerton, Margaret 500 Cullinan. D. A 427 Cullinnne. J. R 430 Cumi.skey. T. E 52, 324, 403, 41(, Cuniniincs. J. S 71, 4 IW Cuniniins, L, Ij 3. ' i(i Cummins. J. F 381. 4!ll Cummins. Madge E 71 ( " unimiskey. I. Kathryn 4ti2 Cumniiskey. T. E 71 Cunningham. G. R 356 Cunningham. Harold E 440 Cunninghftni. Harrison K 26, 27, 43, 4: ' ,0 Cunningham. H. I 523 Cnnninghjiiu. .T. T 547. 5. " «» Cunningham. M. .lane 47 1 Cnnningham. T 71. 512 Cunningham. T. H 44il Cunnington. B. W 377 Cupp. E. F 4il2 Crucio. R. M 377 Curran, C. E., .Ir 156, 318, 37K. . ' 3(1 Currie. .laniee 5()S Curry. Margaret E 71. 4i)(i. 524 Curtin. D. R 156. 318. 512 Curtis, C. C 422 Curtis, C. T 42i; Curtis. .1 . A 5 1 ■.; Cusick. Hazel 501.521 Cusick, N. W 381, 437. 512, 5211 ( usimano. W. R 37. ' ' Cuthhert, V. L., .Tr 71, 518. 52.S Cuthbertson. W. H 172 Cutler, Dorothie M 280. 461. 4ii7 Cutler. F. A.. .Tr 163. I(i7 Cutler, M 5L ' i; Cutright. Alice G Hi: ' Cultill. W. E 172. 521. 537 Cvikota. .1. T 377 Czaja. .1. E 311. 441 Czyzewski. E. S 53 1 ( ', H 1 63 D Da lie. II. H. F 42 1 Dacey. G. C 334, 339, 537 Dachroth, .leanuette 4i 1 DailiuU. C. C 50. 71. 1K2. 200. 201 25,-1. .1311 Uiigit. R. H 519 nailtl mini. The 304 Daisy, R. A 428 Dale, D. 436 Dale. P 518 Dale. R. C 71. 531 Dale, V. J 168. 352 Dallcfeld, J,. E 325, 48S. 512 llallerihach, Lois A 71, 432, 47 1 Daly, .1. J., Jr • 72, 4 17 Damaske, C, T 72, 52 1 Danihmau, W. C 424 Daniisch, Hazel B 72, 494 Damniers, W. R 557 Dane, N., II 4 in Daniels, A. S 167, 184, 188, 411 Dannor, K 363, 379 Daniier, B, V 535 Dannevik, II, W 72, 489, 521 Danreiler. L 555 Danzero. A. K 512 Darley. R. M 413 Darling, W. N., Jr 72, 436 Darr. M. F 381, 414. 51, ' , Haugherly, Marion L 72, 493 Duum. P, A 420 Davenport. E 410 Dfirnipnrt Ilouite 498 Diivinpiirt, I, N 72 l)fiVfn)Mirt, Maralyn E 475 Davenport, R, C 416 Davey, Esther 298, 524 Davey. F. B 454 Davidson. I 306 Davidson. D. 385, 434 Davidson, .lunc 1 ' .501 Davidson, .1. W 352. 354, 530 Davidson. V. K 354, 536 Davies. Dorothy M 297, 505 Davies. Jane . 72, 471 llavies. J. R 311, 409, 526 Davies. T. E 311, 433, 514 Davis. A. V 555 Davis. 15. V 556 Davis. C. R 27 Davis. D. E 377 Davis, D. J 40. 163. 544 Davis, D, S 519 Davis, G. H 318 Davis, G. Hamilton 414 Davis, G. Henry 424 Davis, Gracilla 306,479 Diivis, H. 1 559 Davis. H. K 3.52. 427 Davis. H. W 421 Davis, I. F., Jr 521 Davis. J. C 413 Davis. J. E 170 Davis. J. 1 512. 525 Davis. J. K 404. 515 Davis. ,1. V 171 Davis. L. E 419 1 avis, L. Eugene 407 llavis, L. X 352, 353 liHvis, 1,. W 311 Davis. .Marian 155, 285, 494 Davi.s, .Mary A 499 Davis, Mary H 504 Davis, il. Chiirhitte. , 155. 279, 280, 331, 332 334, 461, 478, 522 Davis. K. E 404 Davis, K, (; 352. 428 Davis. R. M 440 llavis. Shirley J 286, 311, 475 I lavis. T, A 556 Davis. Virginia L 72, 484 I )avis, W. E 356 Davison. Charles 555 Davy. F. R 421 DawidolT. Fay 307, 495. 512 Daws. .1. A 72 DawMiT,, II S 46, 168, 273, 452 DawsciM, ,1. K 526 Day, . rline 295 Day. Elizabeth A 155, 279, 280, 282 Day, 11. E 421 Day, .1 421 Day, Katherine 477, 499 Day. Mildred 508 Day. RE 420 Day. R. J 381, 420 Day. K, S 72, 353, 410, 531 Day, T. H 512 Dayton, Bonnie M 463 Deal. Elizabeth C 477 Ileal. Frances M 311, 496 Deani. A, F ' . 411. 438. 534 lirnn of Men, Office of 44 llrnn of Women. Offiee nf 45 De Hardas. Myrna H 480 I le Uerge. F. ,1 157 D.. Herd, C. D 72, 165, 167, 406, 531 Di ' Bord, R. A 557 Debs, R. J 172 Decker. J. A 421 De Cleene. D. J 453 Deeroix. P. J 446, 515 Dedication 7 Docgan, J. ,1 426 Di-cm, A, G 406, 531 Dees, Frances M 72, 501 I ' mjc 578 THE ILLIO OF 1941 WAS PRINTED BY PANTAGRAPH PRINTING COMPANY BLOOMINGTON • ILLINOIS Page 579 GENERAL I N HEX — Contin u ed Dpfs, .1. D ;ui. ICi Do Felicia. Kloisa 191 Doffenbansh, R. W 380, y.i ' i Dft-en. Hnrliiiin .1 338, 474 Dewiilinrdl. J. R 219, 443 IK- Hurl. W. F r.l9 Di ' hii. I . D 4r.4 l ii ' lnni)tin, Mary L f 0( DeiiiiiiKiT. H. W .1 12 I)i ' i»t)iH-k. G. E r 21 Uf Koveii, M. P 429 1 « ' Laii.v, Allele E 72, 470 Delaplniie, V. K., Jr 404 He Larco. Yolanda R 72, 49. " . Delaureiit. A. .I...53, 72, 316, 317, 489, 512 DelbriilRe. 1). C 53.- Delieh. M 73 Df Lone. R. C 432 IJe Lorimier. A. J 231, 363, 380, 384 Drlln Chi 419 Dflln Delia Delta 471 Delia (tanima 472 Delta Ka fpa EpsUon 420 Delta Phi 421 Delta Sii ma Phi 422 Delia Tail Delta 423 Delta Thela Epsiinn 1 7 Delta V pHilftn 424 Delta Xela 473 Denianes, F. A 521 Deniuree, R. G 73, 378, 492 IJemberger, J. T 33S Dcmc. S. J 185, 4.J4 Dc Mers, E. F 5:i7 Demilriu. M. C 73, 316 Demlow, E. J 531 DemniillE. L. F 357, 530 1)0 Moss. E. V 526 Denecn, F 435 I eneen. 435 Denell. Alice T 306, 466 lieiihart, W. B 307, 435 Denholm. Betty 73, 495 DeiininK. .1. F 404, 488, 512 Dennis, K, A 375, 376, 381, 532, 536 Deno, N. C 168, 383, 405 Dentistry. The College o 39, 540 DentiHtry Seniors 542 Denton, J. J 167, 406 Derman, M. L 408 De Rose, A. F 550, 559 Derr. R. D 512 DerriB. W, .1 184, 492. 534 I t ' rr nif, ' h. Dona V 73 DerrouKh, R. A 311, 423 Deshayes, Frecda B 73, 52 1 De Slefano, V 560 Do Tnr. D 73. 163, 167, 172, 354 403, 404 De Tarnowsky, G 556 Dettleliach, Rozannc 307, 464 De Turk, K. E 535 De Turk, .1. W 405 Delwiler, S. B.. Jr 406 Deuse. 11. 557 Deutsch, .T 73 Devine, Patricia A 73, 462 Dc Voeelaere, R. A 407, 514 Dc Vore, Mary E 295, .5(T7 Devorkin. R. A 531 Dc Vries, Grace 311, 472 Dew, Mary M 473 De Wall, K. K 73, 488, 526 De Wall. Elhyle M 73 Dc Wcrff. Allele 307. 495 Dewey. .1. R 440 De Wilte, M. .T 384 De Wolf, F. W 430 Dexter, R. U., .Jr 424 Dexter, R. V 426 De Yriunif, Marjorie 4K4 De Zurko. Miidilli S 354 Dial. R, E 78, 383, 401), 531 Dininnnil, A. A 547 Diamond, G. E 73, 527 DianiH, M. 8 73 Dick, D. D 423 Dick, G. F.. Ill 403, 428 Dick, H. L 353, 450 Dickcrson, J. A 380 Dickcrson, R. E...53, 73, 316. 445, 512, 521 Dickey, .1. J 73, 52 1 Dickinson, F. G 419 Dickin.son, G. W 438 Dickinson, J. B 307, 436 Dickinson, R. M 237, 424 Dicknian, S. R 418 Dickson, R. K 413 Dictor, B. R 448 Dicken, C. H 74, 409, 526 Diemer, R. E 452 DicrkinK. H.. .Jr 527 Diclemnnn, C. . 537 Dictcrlc, Susan J 472 Dieltricli, H. J 440 Dictz. F. C. (Mrs.) 355 Dictz. F. Cliarlcs 33 1 Dielz. F. Curt 355. 4116 Dietz, H, A 412 Din ' enl)« igh. W. G 556 Dillavou, Elcanorc A 465 Dillavou, E. R 273, 438, 516, 521 Dillavou. G. J 338. 437 Dillcr, Winifred .1 504 Dillon, D 184, 188, 190, 200, 202, 223 Dillrin, E. G., Jr 226 DilloTi. Marjorie M 507 Dillow, E. C 380, 414. 521 Dimond, R. A., Jr 52, 74, 325, 48S Dilnoiul. S. E 74 l)i|.poll. R. E 534 Dippold, A. J 426 Dilzen, R. W 534 Divan, Marilyn 176 Divilbiss. R.J 3 11. t 1 7 Divine. Gordon L ' .06 Dix. V, W 519 Dixie mini Club 536 Di. on. D. B.. Jr 381, 526 Di.xton, H. H 167 Donk. J 519 Dnakc. Margaret .T 48 1 Dobbermnn, M. R 534 Dobrath. C. E 492 DocIkc, H. B 384, 403, 434 Dod;;e, Marjorie 311, 467, 522 Doerscbcln. W. F 558 Uoetscli. R. N 157. 333 Doberly. Helen M 507 Doberly. J. A 452. 514 Doisy. E. A 74, 168. 356, 41 " . Doisy. U. A 356, 4 I " . Dolan, D. D 444, 512, 521 Diilan, Dorothy F 74. 466 Dolan. J. E 71 Dolan, Mary L 74. 468. 523 Dolan. Phyllis E 494 Dolan. R. E 4 19 Dolan, T. J 165, 529 Doland. J. J 165, 375, 382, 453, 519 529, 536 Diil.b, J. P 334. 352, 354, 451 Doll Shoto 292 Dolphins 534 Don, .S. Gertrude 495 Donaldson, E. 409 Donnvan, R. D 384, 521 Donelan, E. W 547, 556 Dniiilan. Loretia A 52, 53, 74, 316, 317 461. 465 Donkcr. II. Jeanne 74. 501 Donna. D. C 418 Donojjhue. ,T. W 423 Donovan. C. V 240, 427, 537 Donovan, .Teanne A 169, 357, 470 Donosky, J. T 556 Dooley, J. D 52, 74, 378 Doran, 0. M 440, 527 Doremus, G. E 381 Dorion, O, S 307, 405, 515 Dorner, H. B 170, 535 Dorsey, M. J 170, 444 Dorsey, Winifred L...74, 240, 241, 280, 466 Doseir, R. H 74, 375, 376, 378 Doly. H. 0., Jr 526 DouKlas, K. J 423 Donclass. Barbara E 472 Doualass. Joy D 310. 463 Dour, Dolores M 74, 334, 336, 468 Doutbitt. M. II 445, 531 Dow. Dorothy J 311. 477 Dow. Marilyn B 74. 461. 477 Dowd. (i. M 439 Dowdall. J. F 488 Dowlinff. Eleanore C 495 Dowling. Mary R 169, 306, 495 Downs, W. M 430 Doyle. Elizabeth M 497, 524 Doyle, L. J 403, 453, 519 Doyle, Mary J 51, 74, 240, 241, 504 Draffin. J. 519 Draaisic. X. C 512, 521 Drau ' o. K. P 533 l ni:,-slnMn. II. E 430 Drake. 1). K 531 Drake. Maxine E 159, 501 Drake, P. F 74 Drake. W. J 306. 410. 515 Drallnieier. Phyllis M 472 Draper. E. 1 182 Drecbsler. R. E 75, 184, 218, 221, 435 Dreier. D. E 165 Drennan. R. A 377 . . M 171, 456, 519 Driu ' ' s, D. W 205, 413 Drintfs, R. H 352, 412 Dri.scoll. .I.J 75 Drish. J. W 50, 75, 184, 200, 202, 218 222, 258, 419, 515. 521 Drneilf. D4irolliy 75 111 Katbryn R 75, 46:: Un.vl,-. Klaine V 506 Univer, Rulb Jl 501, 524 Drucker. A. P 546, 560 Drncker. E. F 335 Dnniiinonil, .T. C 447 Dubinelz. (i. G 377. 490 DiiBoir. .1. 1 172. 375. 381. 456. 518 1)11 Hois. E. L. ...50, 75, 165, 255, 362, 364 372, 375, 376, 385, 423, 519 Dubsky. H. J 381 Duckworth. Dorothy J 75, 499, 521, 528 Dnddy. H. M 75, 512, 521 Dudenboslel. B. F., Jr 167, 439 Dndinan, B. 438 I pner. W. J 417 liii.rkop. J. T ' 550 DiilT. I. W 75, 432, 520 Diiir. T 1) ,jj|, 521 DMllin. H. J 172 DiilTy. .1. E 377 Diiiran. D. W 311. 356, 410 DuRan. W. G 165 Duke. F. R 406 Dnrnalski. W. H 378 Diiibar. r.ouise B 51, 169, 478 Diincuii. Cora M 504 Duncan, G. A 518 Duncan. R. 167. 450 Dnufee. H. H 75. 20S Dunsau. G. H 163, 170, 4 10 Dunbani, Harbani K 162 Dnnhuni. H 171, 356, 424 Dnulap. R. R 335 Dunlevy. R. E 555 Dunn. C. A 189, 430 Dunn. C. 1 426 Dunn. G. H 218 Dunn. R. J 512 Dunn. R. T 421 Durbiu, R, N 271 Durfee, C. W 491 Durcee, C. E 75, 521, 531 Dusik, T 560 Dust, J. V 489, 519 Dvoracsek, Mario J 500 Dwyer. D 427 Dwycr. .land 478 Dyas. F. (i 556 Dver. W. P 524 Page 580 GENERAL I NDEX — Contin u ed Djkhuii.Mi, H. n r.r.ti Pysnil, Dorothy M 75. 275. 47:!. 502 Dysarl. SliRron X 495 DriiTzniiowski. Loreltn M 506 E K»(i»-s H.-leii 240 Eiiglc E. L 457 EnBle. R. A 333. 415. 514 Earle. F. B 556 EnsUTbrook, J. C 18S, 191. 443 Kas(niHi). Barbara .T 476 Eavlniaii. Edith E 75, 465. 522. 524 Eaton. Bi ' lty A 75, 172. 495 Eliirlc. Betty J 474 Ehorly. W. E 377, 531 Eberl. B. T 521 Kchternach. Leona F 501 E,k. Mary A 501. 524 E. J 165 E.kenf.-I.ler. M. C 75. 519 F..-k. ' r. Sylvia 53, 75, 506 Eikfrsliere. C. H 1S5 E.k. ' rt. E. A 542, 560 E.kort, P. G 162 C. R 355 E.lily. -. R. (Mrs.) 355 E.iily. Ruth X 468 E.lelliian. S. J 333. 442 Eiler. Therese 297 Eiliilin. N 230, 448 X. A 44l? Eilio. Mariia L 495. 524 E iiii iiiils. J. L 170. 526, .527 E.liiM.iids, .T. L.. Jr 76. 163. 166. 172 EdiiiiiiHls, R. H 76. 518 E.lriimloii, C 492, 521 Kihirnlion. The CoUrge of 32 E.hvards. C. E 76. 353. 445 Edwards. Harriet .T 76, 497, 524 Edwards, H. M 46 Edwards. Mary E 166. 502 Edwards. R. W 557 Eflinioff. n. G 419 Esau. Valerie A 463. 532 Egbert. Betty .T 294, 295, 296, 297. 475 F.Kbert. Marita F 504 Esp. Carol 1 51, 76, 334, 462. .522 Elebredit. R. 550 Esscbrei-lil. Dorothy 76. 295. 476 EKseiiberper. D. 1 297 Essers. D. F.. Jr 16S Es le tOIl, La Verne A 466 Esizio. A. .T 44.5 Esleton. .7. E 512. 521 Ehasz. F. L 519 Ehler. Edith J 528 Ehler. Winifred ,T 332, 334, 335, 338 355. 35 7 Elders. Miriam G 76. .505 Eldert. .1. F 76, 171 Ehni. R. E 50, 76, 184. 188. 193 257. 413 Ehorn. V. F 76. 364, 368. 372. 379. 3ti2 Ehreill. M. .Teanette 524 Ehredt. Ruth M 76, 275, .524 Ehrsntt. R. W 519 Ehrhardt. .Teanne M 306, 463 Ehriucer. A. G 76 Elirlieh. Martha 494 Eichman. A. S 490 Kieken. A. L 527 EiklelM»rry. Doris L 76 Filers, R. W 168. 342, 356 Eilert. Virginia 1 311. 470 Einbeeker. Bettv J 296. 297 Eiseman. C. M.. .Tr 431 Eisenberc H. J 448 Eisenbere. M 385 Eisenberir. Miriatn 311 Eisenbrandt. Betty J 524 Eiwnstein. B. D 408. 521 Eisensteiu. Ida 506 Eisimineer. F. P 518 Eisner. R., Jr 156, 228, 318, 415 163, Ekblaw. G. E Eklund. H. W Ekstrom. V. A Elani. Mary K Elders. G. V Elesh. Enid C Elfers. Muriel A 275, 295, 297, Eli.t. R 167, 184, 188. Elle A. C. Ellieott. Adah F 155, 275, 295, 297. Ellitott. Harriet K 297, Elliott. H. E Elliott. Helen E 76. Elliott. .1. M 76, 351, 352, 354. 356, Kllintt. X. M Elliott, R. E Elliott. R. H Elliott. R. L 306. Ellis. D. S Ellis. M. H Kllis. Sarah L Ellison. Jeanne H. Ellison. L. E .363, .288, Ellsworth. Martha E 502. Ehnore. Ruth A 77, 166. Ebberry. M. R Elson. E. L Eltins, D. X 77, 184. 197. Elvidge. G. E Elvis. .Shirley A Elwood. ( ' . D 77. Ely. G. B 384, Etnbshoff, Dorothy Emch. A Emerson. W. S Emerf . G. C 77, Emery, K. O Emge. B. F 377. Emisr. H. M P ' mory. Ruthmary 77. Emsinp. Carolyn JI Eng. W Engbloin. G. A Engel. E. H 195, 385, Engel. H. E Engelking. H Enger, SI. L 28, 163, 165, 455. 519. 529, Kitffittrfrintj, The College of Kmjineers Eugle. J. B Englebright. R. X Englis. D. T 406, 450. English. A. R Engquist. E. H 416, Engstrom. J. R 172, 334, 352, 354. Enochs. Margaret M 481. Enroth. E. L Ensign. X. E 165, Epping. J Epstein. M. B Epstein. N. S 307. Epstein. Phyllis I Epstein. R. L 331, 332, 333. Epstein. Ruth 166. Epstein. S Erb. R. E Erdman. V. W 356, 425. Erhardt. J Eriikson. A. E 77. Erirkson. J. I. 168, 377, Erirkson. J. W Erikson. Grace M Erkiletian. D. H Erler. R 377. Ermeling. W. K 311, 444. Ernst. F. P Ernst. W. A Eriister, J. H Erskine, J. G Erskine. E. G Ertniann. R. J Ervin. H. G 77. 443. Erzinger. Betty A Esh. Virginia A 77, Eshelman. Elizabeth A Eskow, H. G 404 166 170 155 434 495 508 412 531 495 495 526 474 530 492 512 526 512 452 380 474 467 523 523 477 530 170 454 518 462 5I.S 430 475 172 406 519 418 384 559 507 332 418 550 445 526 527 528 536 28 368 523 380 53:! 410 531 530 .526 377 436 380 167 456 480 431 494 431 162 526 307 170 523 414 357 172 424 521 384 430 423 434 434 453 520 465 494 169 448 Espinsosa. R. K 444 Espy. Miiry I, 169, 287, 342, 504, 524 Espy, R. G 443, 518 Espy, B. M 382 Espy, W. N 165. 173 Esser, l.a Verne M.. .334, 336, 339, 357. 494 Esses, Frances F 506. 526 Essington, R. L 437 Esson. Helen J 498 Estes, J. E., Jr 556 Estcs. W. E 353 Estrin. M 525 Kniijm Xu 539 Etheredge. Maude L 169, 481 Etherton. W. C 77. 226, 430 Einyre. R. E 363. 380 Eltelhrick. C. H 77, 512 Ettman. Jean 306. 464 Evans. D. h 447 Evans, Eugenia 508 Evans, G. E 77, 167. 172. 3.55 Eians Ball, Laura B 495 Evans. H. P.. Jr 185, 313, 519 Evans, K. H 77, 382, 519 Evans. Mar} ' L • ' ■ ' ' ■ ' • Evans. R 384, 435 Evans. R. J 77, 167 Evans, V. H 3S2 Krents of the Tear 387 Everhart. W. S 430 Evers. E. V 77. 419. 530. 532 Evers, R. H 555 Evers. R. R 77. 381 Ever.s. W. A 154, 184, 204, 218. 223. 419 Ewald. Betty E 78, 470, 533 Ewan, Marian V 53, 78. 272, 326. 465 Enan, W. A 556 Ewers. Ruby V 78, 524 Ewing, Frances E 78, 166. 172. 493 Ewing. H. G 439 Ewing. Mary E 493 Ewing, Sarah P 494 F Faber, P. F 78 Fackler. Jean E 355. 357. 503 Eager. R. P 78. 443. .521 Fahey. Mary K 355. 494. .524 Fahnestoik, M. K 165. 172. 528 Fahrner. E. L 423 Fain. M. Jo 311. 499 Fairbairn. R. C 489 Fairbanks. B. V 170 Fairburn. J. B 451 Falconer. D. G 518 Falconer. R. .T 78, 275, 377, 517, 521 Falkenstein. R. R 188, 195, 381. 427 Faller. R. W 353, 354 Falls. F. H 558 Faner. A. M 496. .521 Fanyo. V. P 78, 313, 452, .525 Fnrber. L. G 377 Farley. V. A 519 Fnrtit nn»4te 425 Farney. W. E 556 Farnham, C. H 170 Farnsnorth. G. I... .Tr .536 Farr. C. K 7S. 170. 252, 262, 264 265. 488 Fnrrar. M. D 163 Fnrrel. B. .T 518 Fnrrell. V. J .521 Farthing. W. D 424 Fnthauer. -Mice L 505 Fnthauer. G. H 422. .525 Faucett. M. A 165 Vaucett. P. M.. Jr 335 Faulkner. J. W 441 Faulkner. L. W 377. 4 14 Fay. R. J 444 Feiigan. J. F 384 Feaman. P. A 78, 521 Fear. M. C 519 Feasler, D. J 78, 518 Feder. Ann 472, 522 Feehan. J. H 492 Page oSl GENHRAL I N D i! X — Con ti n i kd Fwn.v . Mm i: 494 HVlirfiilinclu ' r. Hi-leii 272. 286. 474 IVliicnImclicr. J. B 170 Keik. R. L S83 Kt ' ilincr. S. J 78, 381. 512. 513, 516. 521 Feiiislein. 1 542 Kelilinnn. X. R 456 Ki ' liliiiniiii. E. E 352 I ' Vliliiintiii, GreU ' hen E 7S IVIki-l. G. F 492 Fellows. .1. R 165 Fullows. V. H 78, 428 FclsiMif. ' ld, 1 542 FH. .1. H 154. 227. 240, 241, 268. 302 303. 3S0, 432, 513, 520, 534 Ffit, L. B 78. 240, 241, 254, 264, 265 802. 303, 432 Fc-lls. W. A 352 Feiiol. R, .1 430 Fender. .7. 1 154. 304, 523, 532 Fpreiu-7,. A 542 Fercuson. BHrlmrn L 78, 334. 496. 533 Ferguson, R 510 Ferguson. V. S 379. 380. 513 P «r5uson. W. A 172. 444 Ferolie. I.. .1 48rt Ferris, R. E 381. 42(1 Ferry, G. F.. Jr 437 Ferry. J. D 4SS Fetllerson, .T. M 384, 45 l Fe;t. G. H 165, 537 Feiiprnmnn. Einaniiel 345 Feurer. Aliee K 79, 284. 493 Fieker. (Jeneva A 155, 484. 532 Fiekie. W. F 79. 434. 525 Ficor. .1 172, 375, 381, 518. 528 Fiedler. Doris C 79, 499, 524 Firlil A liillery 369 FieldiiiK. .1. F 443 Fijan, K. .1 310. 419 Filbpy. E. J 164, 264, 265, 426. . " . Ui Filson. C. D 312 Finn, I,. R 154. 184. 227. 240, 241, 445 Fiiia. P. E 50, 79, 184, 185, 227, 240 241. 451 Fine ntiil ApiAird Arttt. The Coltef r nf . . . , 34 Fine. R. 1 79, 449 Fiiielold, M. H 168 Finfrock, .1. H 435 Finfrork, T,. .T 435 Finaer. G. 406 Fiiicer. W. E 79 Fiiik. G. R Ili5 Fiiik. Roma M 473 Finkelslein, S 79 Finley. .7. E 409, 526 Finley, .Tessie L 155, 283, 291, 497. 524 Finley, R. 1 79. 409 Finn, M. T., .Tr 309, 443 Finnell. W. M 79 Finneslad. (!. R 312, 356, 425, 52B Finney, A. I, 550 Finney, B. R 79. ssi A ' lr f ' ff imrtital ISnild 353 Fisehrr. B 557 Fiseher, Helene H 79, 508 Fischer, H. L 558 Fischer, L. li 334, 410 Fischer, I,. W 377. 440 Fischer, Myrna J 337, 529 Fischer. W. A 380, 454 Fischer, W. R 555 Fish. (Jenevievo V 53. 79. 508 FiHiihnuKli. Ester T 3:t6 Fishel, ( ' . W 304, 439, 532 Fisher, C. H 79 Fisher, I). W 513, 520, 521 Fisher, E. 1 431 Fisher. Francinc S 307. 482 Fisher. .1. II 377 Fisher, M 79, 448 Fisher. Mary E 79, 467 F isher. R. A 79, 450 Fisher, Richard F 430 Fisher, Robert F., .Tr 53, HO, 240. 403 520. 521 FIshninn, B 449 Fishkin. .M 547 Filch. M 171, 431 Filch, M. Ethelyn 289, 496, .-.24 Filch, N. H 80, 352, 354, 438, 530, 535 Fitch, B. D 80, 513 Filch, W 375, 378 Filton, B. R 443 Filton. Kathryn G 80. 497 Fill. .1. A 80, 535 Fitzuerald. Kathleen 337 Fitzjnrrald. R. L 80, 381, 521 Filzpatrick, F. ,T 80, 312 Filipiitrick, .1. T 167 Filzpatrick, W. D 80, 531 Fitzsiinmons, Cleo ] 63, 479 FilzwHler. W., Jr 383, 525 Fjelde. O. S 333, 411, 534 Flachmann. .1. M 156, 229, 534 FI«Kler. G. S 381, 421, 534 Flaks, P. A., Jr 382. 519 Flannean. J. B 557 Flanignii, .Jean 338 Fliinnery. JI. G 556 Flatlcy. J. C. Jr 521 Flavell. Mary 484 Fleischer, Frances II 155. 4( I. 464 Fleinins. Doris . ' 36 FleniinK, Eleanor 1 310, 484 Fleniins. G 170, 527 Flcniini;. H. L 52, 80, 375, 381, 491 FIcminK. Mai-y M 52, 80, 322, 338, 461 483, 529 Fleming. O. R 414 Fleming. R. W 353 Fleming, Kosiinn 310. 483, 522 Fleming. V. R 439, 529, 536 Flesch. Evelyn D 305, 482 FleshnTn. Audrey M 480 Fletcher. Priscilla 342. 467, 522 FIctemoyer. F. E 432 Fl.ui-y. Helen M 80, 473, 521, 528 Flexman. G. R 334, 354, 356, 530 Flint. I,. 451 Flint. W. P 5 ' . 7 Flood. R. C 519 Floreth, E. H 521 FlnrieuUure 535 Florio, A. E 167, 184 Flynn, C. E 1B6, 530, 532 Foer.stcr, E. L 80. 313, 406, 531 Fogelman, M. J 488 Fogelsong, Verna M 471 I ' oley. E. F 557 Foley. P. W 531 Foley. J. W 419, 521 Foley. li. F 80, 491 Foleate, H. E 435 Foils. K. 11 164.521 Foolbtill 187 Foote. B. R 240, 420, 530 Foole. R. S 404 Foran. Ruth 284, 285, 325. 505 Foran, Zoe 505 Foreword 3 Fordam. ,S. L 80 Fordyce. J. R 437 Foreman, l ' . H 80. 488 Fore -.ler, B. T 338 Forester. M 531 Fork:)sh. J 513 Fcninan, G. V 80. 165. 172, 441. 518 Forman. Lillian 506 Fornmnd, J. R 449 Fiirnango. B. J -Ml ForiM-y. Priscilla M 81 Forrest. R. A 558 Fors. Dorothy J 494, 513 Forsherg, 0. E 353, 354 Forse, J. L 38 1 Forss, A. J 81, 414 Forst, l{. V 353, 455 Forth. R. D 455 Forth, .M. W 16S Fosse, Barbara M 81, 468 Fossland, A. K .513 Foster. A. I., 170. 275 Foster, C. N 370. 379. 381, 521 Foster. Dorothy .1 493 Foster. E. J 453 Foster, G. X 531, 537 Fo.sler, J. E 81, 311, 355, 490 Foster, J. J 313, 376, 436 Poster. Marie 5:t7 Foster. Marjorie .J 49.3 Poster. Mary A 81, 496, 524 Foster. Mary K 50 1 Poser. X 416 Foster. R. E 406 Foster. R. H 560 Foster. S. ■ 453 Foster, V. A 163 Ponlk. J. H 376. 517 Foulon. R. (■ 403. 419 4-n i.iwf 497 Fowler. C. A 172. 528 Fowler. F, II 556 Fox. E, F 405 Fox. F. Page 311. 477 Fox, Frances 1 311, 476 Fox, X. R 334, 336, 356, 530 Pox. P 157 Fraas. R 383 Fraerman. S. H 541, 560 Frailey. L, E 427 Fra Mary R 496 Frain])ton, Margaret F 306, 357, 470 Franaues, C. C 550 Francescon, L. X 81, 411 Francis. A . ' l Francis. F. C 425 Francis, J. E 313 Franck. I.avina M 503 Frank. X. H 382, 416 Frankel. D. B 560 Frankel. E. V 53, 81, 316, 333, 375 376. 378 Fiiinkel. Shirlee 464 Frankfurt. Louise 81, 480 Franks. R 377, 525 Frniiks. R. 1)...81. 233, 364, 369, 375, 376 381, 513, 535 Franz. .Sarah 501 Franzen. D. F 353 Pranzen. iolet R 496 Frascona. . ngelina 523 Frascona. P. J 489 Fraser. D 339 Eraser. Helen V 500 Fraser. Marjorie 81, 52 1 Fraser. T. C . ' 415 Fraser. V. D 406 Fraser. W, .1 527 Fraternities 401 Frazee, L. E i B, 356, 488, 525 Prazier. 0. P 170 Frazier. Molly J 81 Freeh. R. W 81, 3.56 Fre.lerick. C. R 43. 240, 322, 435, 532 Frederick. H. S 352 Freileiick. L. D 168.230,436,515 Frederiksen. J. A 518 Frednian. Harrielte 482 Freedlnnd. Edith M 163 Freednmn. Fern S 306, 494 Preedman. H. D 448 Freek. J. A 313 Preeland. P. A 489 Freeman. Eleanor M 461, 483, 522 Freennin. Elizabeth D 311, 462 Freeman. Ruth ( ' 479 Freeman, W. H 170. 410 Freer, Louise 294, 298. 524 Fregan, R. D 451 Freidag, 1). E 445 Freidin. 1 550 Fieiieieh. Cecile 306, 495 Pieireieh. 1 513, 521 French. II. S 492 French. M. J 419, 513 Frerichs, I.idn J .500 Frerichs, Verita M 50 1 Prese, Helen 155, 279, 280, 288, 471 Frejthiiinn Frolir 321 Frey. H. W. . . 4 is l ' n({ - 5«2 GENERAL 1 N DE X — Conti n u e:d I ' r.-v, P. H 450, ri;u Fri.ok. V 550. 559 FritMlniiin, K. L 550 Frkluss. .1. H 233, 523 Fried. M. K 384 KiicillurK. A. L 81, 531 Frioilberff, Meredith 464 Frieilliniiler. Rnsalyn E...290, 291. 294. 295 297. 4S2 FriedMinn. C. B 353 Krieitnmn, Harriette 494 Frieillimn. M. A 81 I ' rien.l. K. 1 426 Frieiul. L. E 44 1 I ' liese. X. B 430 Kriiiiann, R 521 Fris. A. .1 513 Fiisch, Marie C 169, 342. 501. 528 Frischauf. .S. H 81. 525, 537 Frisoii. T. H 412 Friss. R. ,T 426 Frilch. H. Rosalia 497, 524 Fril.h, P. .1 82. 445, 513, 517, 521 Fromaii. .1. X 352, 356 Frosclier. Margaret 507 Froyd, Virginia M 51, 82, 163, 166. 258 268. 278. 279. 280. 295 FnieliHlif. P. A.. .Tr 171. 439 Fruehauf. H 546. 557 Fniin. Kathleen L 334. 504 Fruiii. I.nrene E 286. 499 Fruin. Margaret M 504, 524 Fry. H 442 Frye. K. X 184 Frysinger, V. G 82. 518 Fiichs. L. L 170 Fiulliman. R. F 170 Fulk, H. F, 337, 353 Fuller. C. W 1 64 Fuller. .Icanne E 505 Fuller. Lois R 82, 481 Fuller, Q. R 82, 423, 534 Fuller, W. E 52 1 Fuller, V. G 339 Fulnier. Barbara J 307 Fulton. Belty L 471 Fullon. C. D 432 Fullz. n 82. 211, 430 Fuqua. F. C .531 Furk.rl. P. A 82, 380, 446 Furlong. E. .1 82, 438, 519 Furno. P. H., Jr 233, 535 Fnson, R. C 406, 427 Forth. S. M 403, 431 Furlney. W. L 513 Futera. .lune 505 G (iaa. C. .1 164, 445, 516 ;ab, l. D. V 312. 385. 423, .526 (!al)le. A. H 82 Gad.lis. A. H 377 (Jaehe. Eleanore E 310, 468 (iaebe. M. J 82, 513 (Jagan. Patricia -V 289, 307, 470 Gage. K. M 82, 452 Gagin. T.. V 381. 428 Gahagan. Phyllis E 470 Gail. Marian V 493 Gail. Mildred H 294, 295, 297, 494 Gail. S. E 82, 172, 453. 518 (iainer. .1. F.. Jr 437 (iaines. W. L 170 Gale. .S. F 384. 442 Galey. .1. H 423 Galler. .leannetle 506, 535 Gallivan, Marjorie F 481 Galloway. Betty J 470 Gall.. way. .T. A 446 Galloway. K. H 82, 265, 381 Galowitrh. V. F 82, 382, 411, 519 (ialiK-.-r. Minnette 494 Galvin. P. .7 227, 241, 377. 488. 525 Gan.l.ill. Phylli.s M .508 Gamble. ,T. H 525 Gamma Alpha Chi 326 tiiniinia lIuUMi ' 5l»4 (itiiinnit I ' lii ttfta 474 llnmwa Thela I ' hi 530 Ganeti . T. A !)42 (innnawiiy, Elizabeth M 355 (innuiin, .1. F 232 Ganlzert. II. D 311, 312, 407, 526 (iarb.T. .7. I) 172, 404 Ganlner, Edith (! 82 Gar.l •, Helen E 82, 166, 471, 532 Gardner. .lane 83 liar.lner. .1, X 421, 513, 521 Giir.lner, .1. R 83, 382, 423, 528 (iardnir. K. E 170, 409 darti ' iill ' - 171 Gnring, IV Beverly 501 Giirily, R. H 363, 376, 380 Garland. I). .1 558 Garland, F, I .. .Tr 3.52. 4.51 Garner. .1. B 83. 379. 380, 535 Garrells. A. E 3.52 :arren. Dorotliy F 505, 524 Garret. M. R 233 ( R. E 83, 521 Garver. D. 1! 450 Carver, O. V 83, 434. 51.-; Garver. Willa K 4SI Garvin. B. W 83, 513, 517, 521 Garvin. .T. .S 168, 342, 428, 533 Garwood. F. I) 425, 526 (iassnian, X. Katharine 465, 522 Gast, G. G 83, 444, 520, 530 Gasl. I,. E 83 (Jates. n, W 377, 420, 535 Gates. .T. M 445 (iates, .1. T 431 Gates. R. R 311, 437 (iatewood, R. J 489 (inthereoal, E. N 559 (ianlhier, C. J 490 Gavenda, Elaine 494, 513 Gavin, (i. G 165, 376, 382, 518 (Javlin. F. J 492 Gavlin, G 167. 531 Gay. Catherine I.. 507 Gay. C. W 83, ,526 Gay, .Tean 495 Gay. Patricia H 288, 504 Gaydos. A. B 492 Gaydos. Mary M 83, 524 Gearien, .7. E .550, 559 Geartls. Mary C 463 Gebharl. H. C. (Mrs.) , 355 Geeding, Rulinc R 83, 537 Geeseinan, G. E 385 (ieevcr. E. D 558 (iehring. Frances E 83, 471 G.hring. W. 77.. .7r 83, 451 (iehrke. R. A 454 Geier. Dorotliy B 472 Geinian. G. I) 379, 5 26 Geisen, 77 83. 525 Geisler. A. 7. 377 Gei.s.sendorfer. T. D 452 GeLssler, C. F 527 Gelis, Xathalic . 83, 280. 478 Gclvin, P. D 381, 451 Geinnier, Shirley M 497, 524 Geiiesen, H. D...83, 333, 334, 337, 338, 431 (Jenesen, L. T 431 Genis. .1. F 424 Genster. 0. J 337 Georg. E. .Toanna 310. 471 George. 7-. A 513 Gi ' orge. Mary F 309. 481 Gerher. .S. G 308, 536, 537 Gerber. W. D 519, 536 Gerberieb. T). E 84, 165, 172, 528 (ierdes, V. R 84, 518 Gerler, W. C 84, 364, 36.5, 374, 379, 382 German, Dorothy E 501 Geromelta, R 185 Gershon. .S. I) 55S Gersnn, A. J 449 G.-rstein, .7 513 Gerstung. H. 518 Oertseh, L. E 519 Geriz, IJra.e 495 Gervig, CM 415 Gerwe, .loan E 169. 342. 477 Gerwig, Marjorie M 472 Gesscl, R. C 375, 376. 382, 488, 519 Get?.. M. A 424 Geyer, Mary .1 475 Gher. W. r 377, 385, 443 Giachetlo. .1. n 84, 423 Giarhilto. W. P 154, 309, 380, 423, 520 Gianiisi, r. A 556 Gianotli. Mary 500 Gibb.rson, W. H 333, 338, 403, 427 Gibbons. J. E 84. 451 Gibbs, D. K 384, 417 Gibbs. C. R 195, 432 Gibson, Betty I. 287, 475, 522 Gibson, R. S 84, 441 Gibson, R. W 418 Gieker. Clara ,7 524 Giesc, Helcne A 155, 279. 280. 289, 461 471, 522 Gieseking. .7. E 170 Ginin. C. E 423, 514 Gimn. H. I... .7r 356, 535 Gilberg. .lean E 503 Gilbert. H. W 170, 437 Gilbert. .1. V 444 Gilbert. Mary M 466 Gilbert. V. R 381, 445 Giles. Margaret M 508, .524 Giles, R. A 172, 452, 528, 531 Gilfor.l. Elaine 7j 480 Gilkey. Dorothy M 84 Gill. Marion 482 Gill. O. .1.. .Tr 377 G ill. U. C 84, 433 Gill. R. J 229, 417 Gillan. .7. H 184, 232, 405, 515 Gille. Cr. G 423 Gilleland. T. H 451, 521 Ciller, J. l 413 Gillette. P. R 165 Gillick, Dorothy E 286, 477, 522 Gillingham. Barbara J 335, 338, 481, 529 Gillingbani. C. 7 454 Gillis. E. H 84, 330, 332, 333, 338, 415 Gillool.v. C. J 560 Gilniore. Sylvia C 163 Gilson, R. R 489 Gilsler. .7. E 168, 454, 533 Giniblett. .7. R 154. 219, 415 Gingeri.b. H. F 172 Ginsbnrg. Elaine M 311, 480 Ginsburg, Evelyn -506 Ginsburg. Mildred C 495 Ginsbnrg. R 546 Gitelis, .7. H 550 Gittelsou. T.. 546 Gitinta, E. J 547. .558 Giusti. R. L 453 Givens. G. E 513. 517 Givler. R. N 84. 423 Glad. E. C 53 GIndson, Maxine M 502 Glannire. .lanet 1 502 Glasher. Hedwig D 306, 495 Glass. Audrey 1 268, 307. 463 Glasscock. R. S 170 Glasser, M. P 442 Glas nian. V. 448 C.latt. M. M 4.56 Glazebrook. R. E 84. 381, 513 Glazer, E. F 550 Glenn. C. G 84 Glenn. Helen H 311 Glenn. S. E 163. 322 Glennon. Helen I. 84. 475 Glenny. Harriette T ' 507, 524 Glick, F. .7 167 Gloger. J. A 352, 354 Gneiss, G. H 407, 521 GolH-n, Mary A 155, 331, 332, 334, 338 470, 529 Goble. G. W 410, 488 Godkneeht, Irene 502 Godlewski, E. A 377 Page 5S3 GENERAL I XDEX — Continu ED li i lli vi ' 1. W 4 (i iP|l(lM-|. B. I,. .382. 519 CiOfpfiTt, C. W .379, 382, 519 Oocrs, M. B 513 lioeli. K. E 339, 356 Coir, V. B 517 Uoforlli. E. G .547, 556 Ooforlli. .To.vw .... .501. 536 Coforili, R. H 536 Goist, Alice M ..84, 497, 524 Golnii, E. A 442 Gol.l, B. H 84 liohl. .? .448. 521 (iolil .1 .T 431 (iold. Pearl 482 Gohlberc. Benirice .273, 480 480 GoldberE. H. I 168 Goldbers, .1 GoUlbers, J. B 456 Goldberg, .7. H 442 Goldberg. L. L 429 Goldberg, X. A 334, 352. 354. 530 Goldberg, R. M .306, Goldberg. Roslyn . . 506 Goh ' berg, Ruth .1.. . ..83, 495 Golden. F. H.. Jr.. .438, 515 Golden. M. I) 448 (Joldie. W. .T .167, 240, 449 Goldman. H. I .168, 201, 333. 431. 5 1 3 Goldman. M. .S. . 37. ' » 424. 53 ' 547 (ioldnian, S. A 456 Goldsniilb, A. M. . . .:110, 311, 448 Goldslein, . deline 50 ' Goldslein, A. M.. . . 442 Goldstein. H. M 442 (fOblstein, Leonard .381, 449 490 Goldstein, 11 Goldstein, Marjorio 493 408 Goler. .1. ,J Gollohitb. J. E 44 5 449 Gondpk, F. R 547 Good, R. A .444, .188, 520. 194, Good. R. .1 444 306 (inodman. G. L 464 Goodman, .lack F.. . 423 415 533 Goodman, .T. E .157. B . 363 (ioodpasture, 0. R. . .37.- , 376, 380 tiooilrnm, W. R.. . . 55.S ioodwill. .Tean E.. . .1. .7, 272, 494 .264. 274 85 Goodiev, W. V 166 450 Goranson, D. A.. . . .3. ' )2, 356, Gorilley. R. G 162 iordon, B. K 162 o- (iordon, H. A 456 iiordftn, H. H 170 (tordfin, .1. R .547, 558 Gordon. Mnriel R,. .4h0, 494 Gordon, Rulb 1 . . 8. ' ., 4««, 521 (iordon, T. A Gore, Eiinire 495 Gore, .1. S R, ' ,, 164, 352, 513 Gorliaiii, Hetlianne 475 (inrixliek, M«r.v . . . 162 Gorman, Helen M.. ■170 Go«pi, V. H (iolliaril, F. T . , , , 381 • ioiti, II. I).. .Ir. . . . 4 37 (iongler, L. W., . . . .2. , ' .0, «.1, 163, 164, riOH 341, 430, 520, 523, 530 Gonid, ,1., ,7r .377, 431 (iimlii, .Marjuru- 157, 280. 484. 53(i Goulil, Mildred .1 499 Gonld. M. S.. .Ir 415 Gonwens, Carolyn B 470 Govedare, P. B 226 Govcn, G. H 558 Grable, J 424 Grabowski, H. A 531 Graee. C. T 165, 172, 528 Grady. E. M 430 Oi-fiiluatc School 35 Graf, Virginia P 83, 483, 522 (.m IlitUrt 346 (iriitr. Gladys G 155, 240, 241, 508 Graflund, .1. H 164, 513, 516 Grafton. R. 1 457 Gragg. Madge M 85, 332, 334, 500 Graham. A.J 378, 407 Graham. C. G.. Jr 519 Graham. H. D 52 1 (iraliiim, Joan E....135, 156, 279, 280, 282 312, 497. 524 Graham. R. 1 170. 415 Graham. Virginia J 494 Graham. W. .7 532 t! ranadn Club 489 Grandgenrge. R. I-.. Jr 356. 445 Granert. H. A 381. 403, 426. 515 (iraning. F. W 445 Granneman. Betty M 85, 355. 495 Grant, A, S 50, 184, 218, 221, 255. 420 Grant, Barbara . 499 Grant. Frances 1 5(15 Grant, H. F 5 1 l Grant. Jliriiim F 294. 295. .)iM Grant, R. A 209. 427 Grant. K. E 441. 513, 516. 520 Grant. V. C 154. 237, 44], 520. 521 Grantham, Betty A 494 Graper. L. (; 490 Grass. A. E 311, 435, 534 Grater, W. C 380. 412 Gratian. J. W 85, 525. 537 Graupner, G. AV 556 Gmradtt Chalcl 501 Graven, P. H 432 Graves, Dorothy 1 501 (Graves, Florence M 507 Graves. P. H 274. 381, 384. 417 Graves, .S 451 Gray, Annabelle 357, 497. 524 Gray, C. B 427 (iray, Esther M 85, 461, 479. 521 Gray. H. M 46. 164, 426. 516 (iray. H. T 492 (iray. Mary H 498, 313 Gray, K. .M 440 Gray, Sarah J 334, 336, 339 Gray, T. T 377 (irajbeal, R., Jr 356, 446 (ireaves, R. J 168, 533 (ireco, P. . 558 Greeley, H. Y 547 Greeley, P. V 556 Green. Betty J 298, 502 Green. 1 . H 27 (ireen, I). M 403, 110 Green, F . Green. G. G 555 (ireen. H. P 453 (ireen, J. . ..85, 381 (ireen. .laequclyn C !t. . . 470 (ireen. J. E 353 (ireen. Kathryn F 483, 522, 526 Green, I . (Mrs.) 355 (ireen, Lucy A 495 Green, X. B 3.54. 356, 530 (ireen, P. M 164, 441, 516 (ireen, I{. 371 (ireenacre, L. V 419 Greenbanm, .Sylvia S 482 (ireenberg, (ierlrude 4H0 (ireenbi ' rg, H 108 (ireenberg. I. M 408 (ireenberg, Mo.xinc 169, 482 (ireenberg, R. J 560 (ireenlilall, .M. Lillian 464 . .85, 513, rcenlilatt, Phyllis J reene, .M. 1) reentiehl, L. ( ' reening, G. K reenstein, G reenwahl, Estherose reenwald, Phyllis reenwahl, R. J 189, reenwell, Louise C 336, 468, reenivood, G. H 166, reenwood, J. M reenwood. Madalyn F reeson. Mary C regg. W. X.. Jr 377, regorski. H. M regory. Margaret E regory. M, . ...85, 324, 403, 415, 520, reider, Maijoric T 85, 163, resbam, II, 1 rieh, 1). 1 85. 171. rierson, li. V rierson . R. G rieser. I). .1 352. rimn, D. 1) riflin, J. 1 riflith. C. I! 43, riffith, I). K rilTith. Mary J 287, 497, rirntli. V. G 307, 353. riflncr. H. D 377. rigsby. Helen M., (Mrs.) 464 521 560 557 492 464 480 491 .529 530 492 499 479 490 534 477 521 166 427 41 1 445 445 356 424 413 445 516 524 430 423 .219. rimes, Kathryn 508, mm. H. F 363, rindley. H. S 170, rinnell. (ireta C 86, 332, 334, rinnell. M 86. 521. risannn-e. N. T rissoni, K. L 547, riswahl, li riswold, B. A 86, roir, H, F rollman. Jean S 159, 281, 311, ronemeier. Ruth 86, 297, 504, rooss, F 86, rosberg. Helen ross, S. T ross. V. A 86. 352. rossnian. I). A 46. rossnnin. .Miuy l ....,-;6. 290. 291. 474. rossnmn, W. ' . . . ; rnsswirlh. L. V 86, rou| e. . B 311, ronpe. Shirley 306, rove. P. A 421, icvc. K. L rove. W. J rover. D. P roves, R. S rtienberg, R. V 454, ruenfehl. A. .1.. Jr 221, rnmley. .1. J 310, 451, rnnd. H. A rimer, M. N runert, A. C rnnwald, Marlyn J.... 436. 86, 281, 337. 473, 522, lirn|ip. ( ' , J (irnsin, H. J 86, 166. 381, 521, Gualdani, C. E Gudgeon. W. J 86, 184, 229. 424. (inenther. II. .1 (inernsey. E. 86, 167, 446, 515, (iuge. K. .1 (inimaraes. H. P (iniinaraes. M (inllett, M. Jane 86, Gullette. C. C 340. (iunini. H. Z., Jr 312, (tnnter, Margaret E Gunther. R. C (lUntor, Adele P 4(t6, Gurevit7., lielen (iurney, Vyra D Gusick, S Gutel, Elizabeth A Guth, F, ! .. . 430 536 379 406 469 527 489 556 240 413 513 464 524 518 495 40R 491 410 .522 489 521 431 506 519 437 556 439 413 52 1 4ni 5 1 ;; 421 381 5 1 9 4(U 529 447 530 444 534 531 450 450 475 430 438 501 167 533 166 463 441 505 489 Page 584 GENERAL INDEX — Contini- ed iiulhi.T, r.. 1 382. 489, 51!) (Jiilhric. W. D 432 (iiitierrer, V ' i27 (iuyor. .1. P 411 (iiiyninii, K. H S31 IJiiynii. Mildred L S55, 484 Ciiyoii. .T. L 6, 339 (tiiytiiii. W. A., Jr 555 liiimkana 24 1 f ' i riirinjtf jra Gifmkttna Troupe 240 H llanu-. Amy .1 86. 46. ' 5 llaac. R. F 426, 515 Hank. .lean M 468 Haas. ,1. S 546 Haas, Louise 503 Haas, Paulino 500 ?raas, U. A 384. 456 Haass, D. G 445 IlaMn-rlon. W 163. 424 Verna K 273, 310. 465, 513 lla.kell. Florence E 283, 500, 521 Haikett. R. P 47, 512, 513, 516, 517 Ma.kloiuau. ,1. C 170, 404. 409 Hadaui. .lean 1 86, 504, 524 lla hiway, Ooris F 465 Haddinliorst, Dorothy if... 87, 283. 325. .505 Haesor. Dorotliy J 87, 241, 473 Haeser, R. M 434 Hafner. D. O S7 Hafner. D. T 4 HI Haseii. Maxine E oil. 467 Hagerstrom. R. S 381 Ha ' .. ' nian. L. W 87. 405, 517, 521 Hasue. Stella M 475 Halin, .1. R 356 Hailey. .T. D 523 HailfV. R. W 87 Haines. Margaret J 523 Haines. V. J 406 Hair. C. E., Jr 1 ' u T. G ' ' - ' 6 Halden. Una L 550. 559 Hale. C. S 208, 210. 432 Hale. ,1. L 444, 514 Haley, M. L 525 Hall. A. R 356, 415 Hall. n. V 533 Hall. Clare W 87. 478 Hall. C. S 311, 427 Hall. H. A 274 Hall. .T. A 421 Hall. .leanette L 505 Hall. .T, H 412 Hall. Marian A 465 Hall, Marjorie D 87, 463 Hall. Marjorie R 501 Hall. R. E 526 Hall. S. G 165, 446 Hall. .S. W 170. 427. 535 Hall. " . W 87 llalllKTC. J. W 434 Hallerberg, A. E 172 llalliKan. Dorothy E 273. 471 Hallouell. D 381 llallsey. J. V 518 H. ' ilquist. R. J 411 Ham. C. W 165, 172 Hallerman. .lean C 446, 515. 521, 530 Haniliklon. .Mary A 311 Hanihuri;. D. S 208. 377, 408 Uamburc. R 418 Hamer. I. E 87, 527 Hamilton. A 434 Hamilton. A. B 380 Hamilton. Barbara E 501 Hamilton. C A 87 Hamilton. Dorothy H 87, 297, 471 Hamilton. Dorothy L 87 Hamilton. G. E 352 Hamilton. G. T 380 Hamilton, Jeanne F 87, 484 Hamilton, J. M 526 Hamilton. P., Jr 420 Hamilton, T. S 375. 406 Hamlin. H. J 434 Hamlin. H. M 170 Hamlin. M. H 1 Hi HHnnii, F. F Ml Ilanim, Harriet E 4T;i llamm. .leaiine V .500 llamni. .1. K 87. 165. 334, 339, 444 519, 529, 534 Hiinimack. G. G 379, 381, 403, 422 Ili.niTmin. U. F, 158, 168, 262, 320, 403 443, 514 Hannnan. T. R 383, 430, 513, 520 llammar. R. . 262. 383. 428. 515 Hammer. F. T 87, 365, 375. 376 377, 381 1 lammer, J. D 550 Hammer. J. S 440. 513 Hnniiner, R. F 491, 526 Hnmnierlund, Betty h 476 Hanunerslough, J. S 456 Hammersmith, .T. V 375. 519 HamnuTstein, E, H 52.5 Ilammerstroni. A. F 87, 444 Hamming. R. W 172 Hammond, R. D .557 Hanimon l, W. C 556 Hamp. Elizabeth 334 llamp. I.. K 334, 410, 530 Hamp. Mariboth 334 Hampton, J. R 240. 381, 526 Hampton, R. W 381. 517, 521 Hampton, Y. J 44, 263, 450 Haiiatin, Mary P 88, 483, 526, 532 Hanahan. D. J 88, 488 Han i, Harriet 495 Handlon. C. C 427 Handrick, R. G 418 Haii.ltmann. G. E 454. 520 Handy. .1. H 88, 425, 527 Hanes, Betty J 357, 474 Hang. D. F 88, 525, 537 Hangos, G, W 547 Hanisee. Betty J 335, 472 Hanitz. Elizanne 88, 285, 494 Hankins, D. L 209, 457 Hanks. P. B 88 Hanks, R. L 88. 492 Hanley. B. C 165, 528 Hanlon. F. J 364, 365. 375, 376 377, 378 Hanlon. J. W 489 Hanmer. R. S 88, 167, 406, 331 Hanna. E. C 306 Hanna, .T. .1 451 Hanna. Margaret E 286. 468 Hanna. X. P 385, 513 Hannah. H. W 170 Hannah. I.. H 423 Hannah. X. B 88, 421, 515 Hanselinan, Lorna B 169, 288, 496, 524 Haiiselnmn. P. . 88 Hansen. A 240 Hansen. G. X 88. 379 Hansen. L. A 88, 352, 530 Hansen. R. 319 Hansen. W. O., ,Tr 452 Hansins. P. D 88, 527 Hanson. F. C 342, 352, 422. 515 Hanson. .1. 5.55 Hanson. .1. R 452 Hanson. J. Wagner 166, 489 Hanson, J. William 382. 405 Hanssen. S. B 405 Hanlover. Grace C 88, 495. 523 Hapa.-. W. J 218, 220 llapke. A. D 405 Harastany, T. A 313 J. E 423 Hardarre. D. E 88, 165, 172. 318 Harder. Ruth L 342, 503, 513, .528 Harders. Dorothy E 470 Harders. H. J 403. 446 Hardin. R. 1 169. 381 Har.lin. V. E 1«7. 413 Harding, A. A 43, 351, 434, 530 Harding, E. T 403 Harding. Florence M 473 Harding, R. C 88, Hardinger, J. D Ilardinger, Mavis L Mardv. 1). M 311, Harmon. D. X. . . . Harmon, .1. F.. II I Ilarnnin, Kathryn G. X llnrgitl. G. H., Jr 89. 413, Hargitt. R. T ilarkness. Florence S 504, Haiinan, J. R 273, 310, 434, llarmeson. R. H 89. 375, 382. 89. 379. 430, M 89, 163, 505, Harninn. Mary Jane 500. Harmon. Mary Jo 89. Iliirms. tr. E Harms. G. R Harms. R. F 336. 339. Harms. R. G Harms. R. H 89, 170, Harms, W. 352, 353, Ham. C. L Ham, C. R 377. Harnetiaux. R. R 89. Harnish, W. E Harno. A. J 33, 43, 163, 168, Hari er. E. M Harper. G. W Harrell. La Verne Haiieii. D. Lois 89, Haniman. Grace A 352. 354. Harrington, A. H Harris, B 384, 427, Harris. C. Jr 89. Harris. C. E 89, 422, Harris, E. P Harris, Emily J Harris. Harriet .-V Harris, Helen 306, Harris. J, R Harris, Mary B 89, Harris, N. N Harris. P. S 168, Harris, R. E 456. Harris, R. J 89, 226, 271, 323, Harris, W. K Harrison. D. R Harrison. L. 89, 409, Harrison, L. D Harrold. X. M Harry. Eileen M 89. Harry, Georgia A 89, 278, 461, Harsha, W. M Harshbarger, H. G 89, 163, 170, 271, 372. 381. Harshbarger. K. E 170, Harshman. Xancy E 52. 90. 470. Hart. E. F Hart. Etta M 90. Hart. J. E Hart. J. W Hart. R. H 310. Hart. T. A Hart. W. H Harlh. W. J Hartley. M. C Hartline. J. B.. . 90. Hartman. D. SI. . . 90. Harttnan. K. W Hartman. L. P 184. Hartman. Pearl S 311, Hartrick, J. E Hartshorn, W. G 168. 425. Harlwie. E. E Harlzell. C. D Hartzell. J. W Harlzell. W. G Harvey. Janise L Harvey. J. V Harwood, F. D Hasek. R. H 167, Hassakis, D. N Hnsse. F. W Hastings. H. E Hastings, J. W 430 558 468 440 52 1 518 415 524 514 519 380 524 524 356 356 377 527 334 526 443 413 414 436 377 492 507 304 533 170 520 319 518 451 536 473 494 356 494 550 533 526 326 444 321 521 165 432 493 481 5.56 323 418 418 461 522 381 502 444 44 4 427 381 55.5 381 172 409 518 519 229 480 451 526 170 519 423 489 466 306 406 494 435 363 357 Page 5S5 GENERAL I N DEX — Conti n u kd Hai.ii. I). J :,:.. , :i. " .4, 36.1, r :t(i Hal.-h, L. C TiSr. Umili, V. R STB. S8S, " •_ .- llattcnbtiix, Frances 307, 471 Hattoii. Marian V 401, 472 Hauf, Gloria J 4nri HauE. D 488 Hauii. K. M 90, 165, 167. 406, 531 Hauptlleisch. Kstlior 155, 291, 49:! Haiisor, 0. C 376, 379, 382. 51!i Haiispr. Ruth E 50 1 Haiisnpr, R. 534 Havens, r. S 43 Havens. Marjorie R 355. 357. 4ft( " Hawkins, C. W 228, 423 Hawkins. Xaomi M 90, 49. ' . Hawley. Jeanette A 507 Hawonli, Grace A 479, 52 1 lla.v. D 90, 166. 332. 355 521, 526 Hay. R. C 170. 445. 52.-i Hay. R. T 154, 410 Hay. Roberta F 304, 476 Hajes, V. 1 353 Hayes, E. L 557 Hayes. Elizabeth 1 53, 90, 461, 466, 522 Hayes. G. R 9 " Hayes. J. C 228. 430 Hayes. M. F 384. 420 Hnyes. T. F 90. 231. 362. 375. 381. 384 Hayes, V. B., Jr 44:1 Haynes. H. D 527 Hays. R. L 90, 381 Haywaril. H. X 165, 528, 537 llaywani, Mary L 307. 474 Hazelkorn. H. X 448 llazelkoni. .1 448 Hazen. Mary 294. 295. 297 Hazleton, H. A 411, 1 1; I Hazlelt. Oliver C 172 Heailley. Martha E 357 Hcaly. Doris 90. 475, 522 Healy. Frances 288. 296. 297. 475 Meapp. C. M 5:!2 Healll. F. L„ .Ir 440 Healh. .1. D 444 Heath. Lydia 311, 505 Healh, R 440 Heaton, H. F 542 Heaton, Laura E 507, 524 Heavener. R. .Jean 336 Hebercr, V. F 90 Hebron, M. E 90, 447 Hebson, G. C 440 Hecht. D. C 410 Heck. Betty J 338, 505 Heck, C. V 555 Hecker. M. L., .Ir 310 Heilce. .1. S 90, 164. 3K1 Heilpes. I). R HO He llun l. E. C 170 Heclrick. R. M 531 Heeren. F. H 334. 530 Heeren. .J. J 405 Heiclhnes. W. J 449 Heidinger. R 44 I llcifetz. H. Sf 91 Hcin. D. W 42S lleinilel. R. .S 377 Heineke. Margaret A 495 lleinickc. Hetty L .505 Il.-inl.-. I). R 356 Ileiscl. Mary 1 477 lliilzimiii. ' . K 375. 378 Helaniler. Kiith K 01. 493. 513, .521. 528 llelfrich, Hetty 499 Ilelfric!.. H. M 377 llelis, .S. C 52. 91, 521 Hellen. I,. P 4:17 llellesen. .1. ,1 5:i I lli-lm, Mary M 157, 47 1 Ili ' lni, M. S 165, 5:17 Il.-lniliiiloler, W. h 3:17 llelwii;, R. .( 91, 370, 381, 5l:i lliinbrnnith, W. T 377 HeniniinKNon, .loKe|iliinp F 01, 48| Ilenipliill. I{ r 488, 5l:l ll.inpliill. V. .1 91, 41:!, 521 Henilerson, C. B 91, 271. 312. 323 ' rson. C. M 91. 385. 447 Henderson. E, H 377 Henderson, .1. B 91, 489. 521, 5:10 Henderson. M 170 Henderson, Shirl ey ,T 275, 493. 521, 528 Henderson. W 535 Hendrick. H. G 167 Henriiks. A. R 556 Hendrix. C. W 91, 380 Henilrou. F. V 527 Heneear, G 555 Ueuerl, B. E 356. 409 Henke, O., .Ir 419 Henke, W. L 446 Henkliaus. M. A 521 Henley, V. R 91, 421. 535 Henline. P. W 406 Henn. E. A 363, 364, 365. 379 Henn. Elizabeth .1 299, 484 Henneike, ( ' . F :!:M Hennesrar, G. H 4 10 Heiiner, W. E 4:1 1 Hcnnessy, .1. E 3.s 1 liennessy, Margaret M 477 Ilennins. E. S 306 Hennings, Lorraine C 53, 295. 297, 505 Ilenninssen. Marianne 526 Heiiricks. W. E 219. 273, 414, 515 llenrickson. L. R 375. 376. 380. 410 Henry. D. A 380 Henry. D. L 1 SS Henry, Jimmy F 53:1 Henry, .lohn F 385. 577 Henry, V. Lucille 47s Henry, V. M 436 Hcnscl. ( ' . D 45 1 Hensel, H. L 42 1 Hensley. Mary E 306, 52:1 Hensold, H. H., Jr 168, 513 Kenwood. Margaret :i:l8 Hepler, S. E 4:i8 Hepperly, J. T 275, 521 Herhst, J. H 168 Horda, M. G 172 Herset. V. T 91, 410, 531 Heriiis. H, H 91, 414, 518 Herman, E, V 377. 434 Hermele. L 442 Heron. W. C, 156. 384. 12 I Herrick. Anne E 475 Herriott, Klvamae 355, 357 Herriotl. Jean R 354 Herrmann, R. W 91, 437 H.Trolil. R. D 558 Herron, K. E 306, 415, 523 Ih ' vron. Lona V 500 Hersehman, H, S 534 llersh, L 311. 535 Hershey, A. E 172 Hershman. R. R 91, 444, 52 1 Hersniiin. Mary 323, 524 Hesle] , R. R 534 Hess. J. H 555 Hess, Martha L 354, 355, 494 Hess, Virginia L 91 Hesse, E. W 92, 166. 521 Hessell, D. S 92. 448 Hester. Alice L 92. 467 Heler. R. T 411 llelllinger. V : ' .... 422 Ilener. J. A 490 Hewitt. R. M 489 Hewlett. R. G 521 Hey. Helen E 394, 295, 297, 476 Heylicer. V 232 Heylow. Fraiicey 495 Hil.ben. J. B 307, 451 IlililM ' rI. G. F 556 Ilibscli, V. G 405. 515 I liik. K. K 556 Hirkey, Maritnerile H 311. 472 llickey. M. Marcarel 169, 462 lliikman, H. Z 274 IlieUs, A. {• 168, 5l;! Ilickn, Itulll J 477 llieronymus, T. . 92 HiKcinbothani, W 313 HiKgins, V. .Jane 462, 529 Hight, R. J 534 Hiken, A. N 353, 523, 532 Hilgendorf, B, E 306 Hill, Alice I ' 502 Hill. ( " . J 416 Hill. E. E 231. 363. 384 Hill. G.. Jr 324. 403. 415 Hill Hall 49 1 Hill. 1 547. 557 Hill. I-eona A 524 Hill. Mary J 465 Hill. M. W 427 Hill. Xellie B 474 Hill. V H 492 Ilillel.raii.l. II. N 163 Hillier. D. L 353. 415, 532 llillman. Allele M 494 Himel. C. M 434 llimelstein. M 172 HincliililTe. .1. K., Jr 168. 356. 490 lliii.kley. Jeannette M 92. 477 Iliiidsley. M. H 322. 351. 352, 353 406. 445. 530 nines. Elizabeth J 92. 481. .522 Bines. H. C 352, 430 Hines. Clarion 1 508 llinkel. Delta T 524 lliiio, .1 92 Ilinlon. G. A 377, 385 Hinton. V. E 446 Jlipi.le, Lucy .1 502, 524 Hirsch. L. J., Jr 424 Hirscli. R. F 456 HOsch. H. D 431 llitclu-.H-k. I ois J 92, 476 lljclni. .lune E 92, 473 lllavi.k, U. F 519 llliiisky. K. .1 518 lln,idl,-y, Helen M 92 lloaglnnd. E. .1 92, 518 Ilobhs. Helen L 311. 466 llohlis. X. L 311. 446 HolMTg. Grace M 310, 462 H.ildil. .1. I ' 440 Hochlierg. M. M 382, 448, 519, 529 lloiliman. Felicia C 92, 495 Iloclimnth, F. W 172, 518, 528 llocker. June 15 296, 297, 476 Hocking. W. T 164, 184, 200, 204, 443 H.Ml. ' e. I!. V 92, 518 Htxlges, Carolene 338 Hodges. H. T 525 Hnei.el. I . S , 303 Iloelle. M. I ' ...168, 443, 531 llncfner. V. C 240, 3.52, 422 Hoel. V. .1.. Jr 352, 356, 430 H.Mdscher. R. P 165, 264. 455. 519 lloener. I. R 535 II -ner. J. E.,.92. 171, 264. 403. 411. 519 Ilnellchen. Harriet J 339, 357. 477 HolT. V. A 427 Hiifling. Jeanette 506 H.ilVman, H. H 209 llofTman. C. K 92 Hoirman. E. E 92 Iloirman. H. H 93, 170, .527 HotTrnan. R. S 408 Ilnir.nan. V. A 311, 405, 535 II. Ill ' s. A. .1 492 liofinann. It 447, 514 Hofmann. W. . 444 llogan. J. I 537 Hogan. Mary 1 495 Hogg. Margaret A 275, 355, 498 Hoke. Mary L 465. 522 Hcdiierl. R. V...93, 170, 364, 365, 375, 526 Holcoinb. Barbara K 310. 495 Holden. X. W 517 Holdsworlli. Phyllis L 407. 521 llolfor.l. L. 1 513, 521 Ihdiand, H. l 442 Holland, I). A 551 Hidlander, J. A 448 Hollandsworth, I.elia E 497, 52 1 Page 586 G r. N i: R A I. I N D i; X — Co N T I N 11 1: n Hollfli. l.iuir. ' llH -ISO 11 llolli ' h. U.lln I flS, Mil. 480 M Il in..n.l,.r. H. M 168 H ll..ll,.|ul.T, M. II 560 H UiilU ' v. C. K.. .11- 406 II Holl.-y. V. R 1B2, 166 II llnll.-y, R. W :iOS. 40« II Ilollinsi-r, P. H r.riS 11 lIollmiiiHi. Di.iolhy A 296, 462 II Hollowi-ll. M. V 557 H Hollv. K. W 9:t, 167 11 lliiliiiaii, r. 1 3( 5 II HiilnuT, ( ' . K 555 11 lloliiies, Uiirbara .) 289, 298. 481 II llolnu ' s. H. X 93, 229. 5 4 H lliihiifs. Jiuu- U 466 H Uoliilfs. J. F 381. 413 11 lloliiu-s. Mnrlha A 169. 499 H Hiillll. ' s. W. E 93. 375. 376. SS. ' i. -.13 11 ll.ihiuvs. Z. M 49 1 II llolnigleii. E 159. 321. 490 H lli.lmsliom. J. T 154. 228, 415, 514 H|ilist. H. .1 93. 184. 185, 240, 454 520. 534 11 Holt, .leaiie K 73. 474 H llc.Hi.n. K. C 353, 356 H 11. .lion, W. A 426 11 llollzman. Lucille 311, 466. 522 II llolziiiser. K. .1 171. 384. 424 H lloliiaiin. ;. W 375. 376. 382. 519. 529 H lloinlLTser. H. C 513 11 lloineier. La Verta 498 II Hoiniishous. Vera . . 15,T. 294, 296, 297, 476 H lloiiaker, Lillian 505 H lloni.Hnger. .lean R 484 H Il.inn. D. H 171. 411 11 llnttorftrirs and Professionals - " .11 H H inslk. C 4sy II llonsik. F. E 489, 533 H Hood. H 163, 165 II Hood, .J. H 93 H .... and Horn Club 526 H lloou ' slraal. H fJii II Hooknnson. E. .1 44 7 H Hooker. H .Jane 93, 283. . " .06 II Hooker. .1. V 558 II Hooton. R. P 534 H Hoover. R. W 353. 530 H Hoover. V. .1 403, 453 H Hopkins. B. .S 168,406,413 II Hopkins. . Janet V 155, 305. 470. 522 H H.ipp. .Shirley B 93. 281. 471 lloppe. R. M 432 II T. H 406 H Hoppin. C. V 444. 521 H Hopps. Winifred 295 H Horn. H. W 432 H Horn. W. A 93 H Horney, Harriet E 521 H Homey. M. V 513 H Ilornins. Mary M 336 H Horning ' , R. H 219.432 H Hornor. M. C 227 H Ilornstein. H. L 490 II Ilors-man. .Tanet 52, 93, 240. 241. 332 H 468. 522 H Horstmoier. Dorothy JI 467, 494, 513 H Horton. R. K 403 H Il..rlon. William V 407 H Horton. W. S 407 H Horwitz. I. D 166 H Hoskins. Ann S 475 II Hoskins. .Jean R 475 II Hostetler. Dorothy M 472 H Ho tetler. Marie M 474 II Hosly. Palrieia .F 507 H Hotehkiss. Hoi c D 508 II Holies. C. F 170, 404 H Hottineer. Francos B 495 II Hottlincer. K. W 438 Hotze. C. W 440 II Hoiiliolt. J. C 165 H llonehens. Josie B 483 H llondek. L. C 93. 406, 531 H Ho ii:hton, R. J„ Jr 336 11 llonlt. T. F 134. 333. S3.5. 380 H liouser. E. K 201. 437 H il.sU. ' . ' pel-, 11. I... . nilellens. L. H. . . ivorka. K. .1 oward. Wilnm H.. «o, R. K w,-. U, K werton. lielva H. wland, U. S .ve. I{. N idsoii, Charles . . . iilson. Dorothy M. idson. Elizabeth F. Klson. G. T 379. 381. 519, uhes. Virginia H 335, iiska R. 52 1 426 526 306 534 407 508 354 421 547 337 489 it)l.iu ' l. Carnion R. il.hard. L. K ibl.le. I. iber. 1I..T. .l.rr. lli.T. 1I..T. ilier. ( ' . F Clwirlolte L. K. li H. E May O T. M .276, .320. idelson. U. R. rlo .47. 170. 264, 273. 381 519 406 476 525 416 524 52 I 265 527 .93, Ison. H. A iidson. Margaret A. .-el. D. W iieiry, IT. W iielster. 1-aurn ,J. . . . U ' ner;;anit. Bette .1. ilf. U. I ilTinan. A. V irt ' iimn, Evelyn M.. ilVnian. F. C, .Jr. . . iffnuin. I,. S irt ' man. W. C ilVonl. I). I LKKins. H. D i;. ' hes. Heltie -J. . . . iffhes. B. I iKhes. E. M 434, .311. 498 435 5 1 H 466 494 170 536 524 .94. 375. 403, 521 524 495 534 418 307 519 94 356 535 439 ■J I 1 ' .I 1 ii ;h( .J. C. iirhes, J. 1. niches. Margaret I. ashes. R. L lihes. R. W i-oSinilh, W lie. I ' . L lizensa. Kathryn L iilet, Marjorie Ij ilia. E. L 157, lit. Carolyn F ill. R. E linecke. R. A 1 s. R. V imphrcy. .V. .J mwrford. P. F luu-erforii. W. A iMsaker. C. E mt. Betty L mil. (i. F .240. 241. 42 .52. 94. 333. 440, , . . .379. 380. 508. 383. 433, 525, 94, nit. .Mil ml. K, I. inter. Barbara .1 inter. Charlotte A iinler. E. C iinter. .Jenn E inter. .J. M iiiitcT. M. H inter. W. .J iiilinicton. W. C. .165, iiiiley, Laura M iiitoiin, Frances J inlzieker. J. T ■ml Halt iiril. .1. .S rd. Mnr ' aret M rie. R. E rl. Kathryn I 410. 94. 352, 334, 336, .356, .419. . 333, 415, 519, 328, 94, .421. .310. .347, He L. iir h. R. K. iirsl. Mary 94. 188. 191. .404, 406, 430 403 527 435 503 533 537 502 4 1 1 417 447 531 427 428 533 465 516 4 70 4 111 463 94 490 468 377 317 405 529 468 477 550 504 515 476 536 497 452 528 172 Hurt. A. K 53. 94. 272, 316. 326. 490, IllMl, If. II Hurwich, Rosiuiiie 307, Hurwitz, A .521, llnrwilz, C. .loHll Hurwitz. H. L Ilusinaii. B. F 94. Hiisnian. I . V Hiisle.l. Mary B 94. Huston. A. I 340, Huston. A. D.. ( Mrs.) Huston, (ilenna C Ilustoh, .leanetle S Hntehens. Marjorie V 310, Hittehintrs, V. Z Hutchinson. W. F Hulcliiiison. Eleanor E....155. 272. 474. Hutchiiisoii, Marion L 473. Huth.Tl. I{. W 94. 492. Iluthmiii-her. C. L Iluliier. lieniicc C Hulsiiii. L. A Hlltter, V. N 356. 381. Iluweii. 0. E 156, 318, 403, Hu.vlable, I). D 333, 353, Ituxtable. .leannette V 94. Hvassiiian. R. .1 306, Hwansc, Ruth P Hyde, Helen .S Hyland. H. M., Jr Hyslop, A ' irfjiiiia M Hyson, W 488 513 340 464 530 493 521 381 240 465 414 340 506 493 504 385 523 513 52 1 441 310 94 513 430 410 466 419 495 495 426 479 519 I lies. W mini Hall mini PubUshing Company mini Thratre. Guild Illinois A-fjriculturist Ilfinois Relai s Illinois fnion Illio. Thf Illiirnois llhlslioli:is. Soriety of Ilseiiian, F. W Iininele. L. B Iinpi ' y. 1!, Y :l- Tnabuit. I). .1 Jndftn-ndrnt Informal Independent Ortjanizalions Index — Fraternities Index — s ' ororities Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Infantry Iiisalls. R. J Tiii;els. (i. A .451, I lisle. Dorothy E 94, lusle, R. W 93, 184, 188, 194, Ingve, C. I.. -Ir Inlander. Roslyn 461, Inniaii. R. .1 Innis, Rebecca J 95, Inskeep, G. E 167, Interfralcrnity Council Inlerfraternity Dance I nterseholaslie-Oymkana Intramural Championa Intramural Manayers Intramurals Ippen. W. 93, 513, 516, Ireland, H. 95, 382, Ireland, .Jane Ireneiis. C. ,Jr Irion. F. W Irish. H. E Irish. Mary K Irons. E. S 163, 381, Irsny, R. M Irvine, Beth A 93, 461, 476, Irvine, W. P 95, Irwin, Margaret P Irwin, M. Cynthia IsLpII. p. W Isensoii, U. S 95, 379. 384. Isill. ,1 435 490 302 330 312 214 264 308 50 537 405 336 404 363 325 487 402 460 346 370 452 535 502 423 416 482 93 504 447 403 324 244 236 237 235 517 519 472 556 436 163 406 442 529 411 355 337 93 449 446 Page 587 GENERAL I NDEX — Conti n u ED Im.111. M U. . . . Israi ' l. Belty .1. lulli, H. E.. .. Ivps, Mary J.. . Ivey. M«ry E. . . Iwiinaeii, R. R. Izzo, J. A., Jr.. .:! " .liuk. T. B Jackson, C. Jackson. J). E Jack.son. D. i[ Jackson, E. A Jackson, J. L Jackson, L. L Jackson, Mary K Jackson, R. J. . Jackson, S. L. . Jackson, T. L 93, 44. , Jackson, T. W " 95, 163, 165, 172. Jacob, Jean 169, 295. .Tacobs, Elsit ' M Jacobs, H. M Jacobs. Mary A 290, 291, 467, 522, Jncobs, Mary E 95, 326, 357, 507, Jacobs, R. E Jacobs, W. F .Tacobsen, J, E Jacobus, Maclalajno .V 95, 282, 334, Jaeger. R. 96. 231. 380, 384, Jaffe, D. H Jaffe, Elaine 307, James, A. L James, Mary E 494, James, R. C 311. James, R. H 96, 163, 170, 379, 491. James. R. M 353. 377. Jameson, Ruth C 294, 295, 296, Jameson, AV. E 336, 339, Jamieson, Agnesbelle 96, .Janata, A. J Janila, B. H 9(i, Janirki, Aluriel C Jankowski, Dorotby .T Janney. C. D 96. 16:!, Ki. " .. 172, 353. Janos, A. G 53. 96, 165, 520, 528, Janson, R. L Janssen, M. R 168, Jantzen, L. P Janus, C. W 52. 96. 419, Janvrin. P. E JarnaKin. Mary J •laronik. F. J Jarvis. S. R Jauck. F. W :tOH, .Taworeck. T. E 96. 167. 184. Jay. Arlone V :u2. 497. .U ' cha, T 4S9 Jecnien. . (lele .leflferson. Rutli E Jelinek. C. F .fendraszek, .Teaii 307. Jenkins. W. E 52, 96, 423, Jenks. r.. X Jennincs, A. M Jennincs. . . M.. (Mrs.). Jennintrx, D. W •feniiinUK, Kranris E,. . . .leniiiiiKH, I. V Jensen, C D .Tenseii. C H Jentien. F. A Jensen. Lillian E .Tensen, V. P Jepson. H. Jj .fer.laii. A. H .lertlan, (». 8 JcmIhtk. R. O Jesehke. E. H .I.lserk, J. O Jewarl, E. F .lewell, M. E .. 421 Jcwwicz. M. .1 163, 165, 525. 537 . 464 Jicka, R. W 157. 381 .-.17, 521 Jinkins, Ruth . . .164, 285, 505, 512 ...95, 163, 475 513, 528 . 16(1. 334, 469 Jobe, K. G.... 377 .. 171 Jobin, J. K 413 . . 172 Johson, R. F 233, 438 Jobst, V 163, 262, 415, 488 Jolianingsmeir, H. M 353, 410 Johnpetcr, C. A 412 405 Jolins. Lenore 96, 357 167 ,lolinson, A. A 379, 381, 520 492 Johnson, A. B., Jr 53, 97, 262. 316, 317 526 403, 419, 52 1 424 .lolinsnn, . nc]re v H 96, 365, 375, 377 184 381, 521 95 Jolijisnn, Annnbell A 97. 468 493 Jolinson. Arnold R....97, 362, 364, 365, 377 521 383, 491, 525 377 Jo hnson. Betty J 155, 304, 484 518 Johnson, B. L 551 518 Johnson, C, Jr 312 472 John.son, Carol M 503 498 John.son. C. D 377. 434 556 Johnson. C. G 96. 170. 488. 4il l 535 John.son. C. L 452. 5-J 1 524 Jolmson, C. M., Jr 310. 450. 513 426 Johnson, C. 555 556 Jolinson, D. C 417 Johnson, P. D 445 .Ichnson, D. 1 488. 491 .loliMson, D. N 97, 52 1 Johnson, D. 97. 451, 519, 534 .lolinson, D. V 307, 4:!i; Jolinson, E. G 513. 52 1 Johnson, Eleanor 524 Johnson, F. C 423 .Tohiison, F. K 5.55 Jolmson, Frances E 240. 241, 493 John.son, G. H 450 .Tohn.son, G. W 342. 413 ,Iohn.son, H. C 162 Jolmson, Helen B 1 57. 508 Johnson, H. S 435 Johnson, H. W 97, 414, 527 Johnson, I. C 97, 381. 423 Johnson, Inez M 155. 309, 476 .lolmsoii, lone M 524 .lolinson, .T 421 Johnson, J. Bernaril 156, 263, 318. 381 403. 424 Johnson, J, T 439 .lolinson, K. V 353 Johnson. I.. H 97. 165. 525, 537 John.son, I.. P 422, 5 1 5 John.son, L. T 184. 208. 441 Johnson, L. ' ., Jr 97, 422, 515. 531 Johnson. M. A 377. 428 .lolinson, Margaret E 505 .Tohnson. M. L 162 Johnson. Nathan K 184, 188, 194 .lohnson, Norman E 434, 534 .lolinson, O, E 168 Johnson, P 17J .rohnson, P. r 40(1 Johnson, R. C 415 Johnson, R. D 167, 406 455 .lolmson. R. H 170. 380 . 167, 227. 240 Johnson, Robi-rt . 450. 514 340 .lolmson. Roland A .139 381 -lolinson, Ross V 1W. . . . -liil 96, 501 Johnson, Roy W 377. 4 17 513 Johnson, Rnssell A 97, 51s ..96, 409. 491 Johnson, R. V 97, 172, 313, 422, 518 164, 513 .lohnson, .S 43, 375, 430 26, 27 Johnson, T. R 490 504 Johnson, T. W., Jr 445 1 65, 5 1 9 .lohnson, Vesta I 97 170 Johnson, V. E 168 492 .lohnson, V. 4 12 383, 492 .lohnslon, G. T 44 1 377, 404 Jidinslon, H. H 532 96, 172 Johnston, Jnililh J 311, 470 518 .lohiiHton, Margaret D 475 06. 438 .lobnstou. Mary E 463. 524 382. 518 Jolinslnn. P. E 170, 409 441 501 411 431 480 377 524 421 380 526 404 297 437 479 47 5 1 9 494 501 352 528 537 382 312 518 517 382 533 513 490 525 534 524 513 502 504 406 4 95 513 Johnston, Roberta M 97, 466 Johnston, ,S 240 Johnston, V. J 513 Johnston, V. T 525 Johnstone, H. F 406. 444. 531 Johnstone, R. H 154, 189, 415 Joiner, Joan 169, 306. 494, 523 Jolly, R. E 489 .lones, A. C 97, 164, 230, 513, 316 Jones, Belty A 494 .lones. Betty B 156. 318. 505 .lones. Dorothy L 97. 477 .lones, F. M 426, 517, 521 .lones, Frances 169, 477, 533 .lones, G. A 558 .lones, Gertrude E 494 Jones, H. R 417 Jones, H. V 526 Jones, .1. P., Jr 537 Jones, J. V 98, 381 .lones. I.enoie G 498 .lones. .M. T 490 .tones, O. V 441 Jones. P. I) 336, 355, 356, 430 loius. P. G 165 .1 s, R 432 .lones, Rebecca C 166, 354 Jones, R. H 378 Jones, R. S 31 1 .lone.s, S. P 445 .lones, T. .S 337 limes, V 312 . I. .lies, V. G 363, 378, 379 lones. V. S 158, 320, 525 .loiisson. W 414 .locist. Iloiothy A 289, 311. 462 Jindiin. Donna E 155, 290. 291, 474 .Ionian, Dorotby T- 463 .Ionian, (!. L 170 .lorclaii. II. H 47, 163, 165, 168, 455 319, 528 Jmdiiii, I,. P 414 Jorgensen, A 165 Joseph, K. A.. 98, 489, 521 .loseph. .1. N... " 377 .lose])h. . ' . R 546 Joseph, y. S 98, 431 .lost. Aleen R 505 Josl. I!. V .-,47. 557 J mriinti. in. Thf School of 37 .ludy, 1). G 441 .lulian, 0. E 426 Jniiior Prom 318 JniKens. Grace C 463 .lurjovee. F. A 422 .iMsli. W. II (,,, 404 .hislnuiii. .Mirinni 494 ■ lull Knuiiii R 479 K Kacalieir. C. D 139, 321 Kaihele. G 557 Kade. r. v.. Jr 167. 406 Kadlec. . . ( ' 4110. 519 Kaeu ' el. E. . 1.. Jr 353. 421 Kaericher. C. W 513 Kugan. F 3S 1 Kaynxva. W. K lis Kaliak. G. .1 384. 411 Kahl. V. J 168, 431 Kahlerl, Mercedes G 495 Kalin. S. ( ' 347 Kahn. ,S. W 449 Kniler, ,1. I) 307, 4 1 I Kaiser, Dorothy M 502 Kaiser, .1. H 201. 149 Kaiser, R. P 126 Kalbfleiseli. Nancy 177 Kaler, F. J 428 Kniliorn, T. E 434 Kalinowski, M. L 406 Kniisz, W. J 98, 382, 518 Kaliszewski, F. J., Jr 513 Kallal. R. J 168 Kallis. 1, 98, 167, 184, 218. 222, 408 r ng - 588 GENERAL I N D HX — Continu ed K.m.. 11, V 430 KiiiiiiMiiMi, .1. F 434 Kiiiiiiii.rlini;, II. M 51! ' Kiiuiinlilili ' . W. (; 170 Kllin| , -1. li 3:{3 KniH ' . C. V 41fi Kiil.i.. I). K :i ' .!li Kiiiir. Mmjoric E :!12. :!2:i. 4S17. 324 iMuic. M. li 4!)- KiiiH ' . S«rah C 9S. 30:i Kiuireli. C. E 3:U Kniiil . K. H 353 Kii|.k«. V. D 98, 51S Kaplllli. Adeic B 279, 304, 4fi4, 326. 532 Kiil.lnn. B. S 9S, 456 Kiiplaii. 1) 332, 523 Kiiphiii. 1 . K 4S9, 313, 521 Kiipliiii. Ksthcr K 98, 494 KH|tlaii, .T. F 167 Kiiptilii. L. ir ,318 Kiipiiin. M. J 306, 431 KaplHii, S 342 KhpIiui, S. J 347 Kiijilan. V 167 vi( »;m Alfiha Tbeta 47. " Kiiitim lirlta 176 Kti il ' " 0 ' tla Kho l " -ii K ippti Kappa Gamma ITT Kappa Sinma 427 Kappa Tatt, Alpha 166 KappliT. ¥ 9S, 3:1 1 KarraktT. ). M 27 Kairakir. R. H 441 KarrakiT. K. W 553 Kaist.ller. Suo 286, 325, 493 H. W 98 Kast ' lKTK. Martha 470 Kaski, I. J 359 Kas.sfrman, G. W.. .Tr 427, 514 Kassiii, I. 98 Kassly. Isabel P 508 Ka.stcii, Dorothy A 135, 342, 343, 499 k ' astner. M. 1) 452 Katz, Ann T 494 Kntz. HA 429 Katz. .1. F, 166 Katz, Marcelle 482 Katz. S 52, 53, 98, 431 Katz. S. R 403, 448 Katzin. I,enna B 494 KaufTnian. H. M 412, 530 Kaufman. Barbara F 494 Kaufman. B. J 381 Kaufman. J. R 168, 381 Kaufman, S. H 319 Kaiitz. ' irpinia 291, 465 KawiM-ki. Isabel XI 505 Kayeum. A 418 Kays. V. H 536 Kayser. E. E 444 Kazilal. M. N 418, 327 Kealy. .1. G 417 Kearns. ,T. .7 556 Kearjis. R. E 416 Kealins. Carol A 98, 285, 495 K« ' fe. W 356 Kcefrey. Elizabeth R 307, 466 Ki-ene. Ruth E .307 Keenelh. A. R 381 Keener. C. A 165, 528. 537 Keeslar. Rosemary V 472 Keoton. R. W 555 Kehoe. R. F 381, 513 Keisley. R. B 451 .Shirley .7 241, 463, 322 Keiliiolz. F. J 409. 332 Keith. (J. S 423, 304 Keilhley. C. D 98, 527 Keizer. C. R 355 Kellam. R. T 311, 414 Kellelior. .7. F 412 Keller. C. 1 430 Keller. F. B 414 Keller. S. B 442 Kelley. Barbara J 298, 476, 481 K.lliy. Cornelia P 470 Kelley, H. P 98, 441, 321 Kelley, L. S 99, 441, 534 Kelley. M. I) 382 Kelley. V. V 163, 170 Kelly, n. 1 375, 380, 518, 534 Kelly. Lois A 289, 355 Kelly. MarKaret L 496 Kelly. Mary K 334, 493 Kelly. I ' alrieia 472 Kelly. IS. A 184, 443, 334 Kelly. Crsula M 500 Kelly. W. .1 99, 521 Kelsey, li. .1 156, 412 Kelton, S. C, Jr 167. 406 Keniher, Dorothy M 495 Kemp. C. E 454 Konilell, N. E 134, 262, 263, 266 325, 488 Kfii.Ue. }I. Herniidinc 494 Ken.lrlek, liuth Cr 99 Keiuieily. (I. N 434 Kennedy. .1. V 424 Kennedy. Virsrinia M 286. 481 Kennedy. W. H 377 Kenney. Barbara M 307, 476 Kenney, H. E 167, 182, 184, 428 Kenney, 1.. . 226 Kent. .1 430 Kent. P 182 Kenworthy, Kathryn A 99, 269, 278, 282 504, 524 K T{ttiitit .331 Kepler. Lucy V 163 Kerehner. A. W 438 Kerley. D. C 326 Kern. S. P 167 Kern. W, S 378, 412 Kerns, J. J 462 Kerr, R. G 168 Kerr, R. S 99, 422, 321 Kerwin, E. F 454 Kerwill, W. D 99, 164, 434, 316, 520 Kesler, C. E 319 Keslowski, N 379 Kesner, S. M 425 Kessie. Muriel J 464 Kessler, Beulah E 493 Kessler. H 530 Kes.sler. L. M 163, 164. 410, 516, 517 Kessler, M. S., Jr 99, 163, 164, 353, 356 410, 512, 513, 516 Kessler, P. A 332, 333, 334 Ketchani. .1. T 384 Ketehum. P. V 163 Kete. L. J 99, 519 Kettenburg, Lorelie L 169, 311, 493 Key, X. V 380, 491, 526 Keyes. D. B 406, 531 Kidder. R. W 490 Kidrtoo. Betty M 99, 468 Kiddoo, T. W 430 Kiefer. Loi.s 172 Kiefer. W. J 229, 415, 534 Kiely, V. F 546 Kieulen. D. L 99. 184, 229, 240, 534 Kientzle, Dorothy E 283 Kiester, R. .S 331, 352 Kilian, Marianna 505 Kilimnik, W 99 Kilker. F. M 33, 9 9, 334, 412, 321 Kimble, Marie M 302 Kimlirell. R. C 99, 404 Kininiel. Marybellc 470, 498 Kinipel, R. P 99, 379, 331 Kincaid. .7. K., ,Tr 312 Kiiidell. E. .S 436 Kindred. Barbara .7 312, 356, 497, 524 Kindsvalcr, D. G 435 Kiner. V. F 99 Kine. C. E 381, 403, 427, 534 Kiiie. D. L 421 King, n. R 556 Kinc, E. E 165, 412, 519 Kine, E. G 5.59 Kins. E. JI 165, 352. 519, 529 KiuB, E. L 489, 521 KinK. .1. H 536 KiuK. .1. W 424 Kinc. M. H 99, 521, .527 Kins. T. A 425 Kint-dou. L. C 100, 536 Kink. II. T 513 Kinley. 1) 164, 432, 517 Kiniiear. Hertlia .J 100. 481. 524 Kinnear. Charlotte A 481 KinsiuKer, .1. R 380 Kinsint:er. W, K 542 Kip|i, K. MailBe 524 Kirby. D. A., .7r 162, 335 Kirby, H. M 100, 275 Kirby, 0. R 168 Kirby, K. F 489 Kirch, E. R 559 Kireilis. ]{. W 100, 167, 184, 229, 334 Kirklancl, A. Y 1(111, lfi4, 229. 444. 534 Kirkpalriik. F. H 427, 520 Kirkpiilriek, G. M 100, 163, 525, 528 Kirkputrick, Mary J 470 Kirkwood, G. M 492, 537 Kirkwood. R. G 43, 363, 373, 376, 383 Kirmaier, R, . 404 Kir elike, W. .1 184, 435 Kirwan. V,. F 513 Kisner. K. L 451 Kitchell. Velma 1 533 Kilehen. V. S 435 Kite, U. B 352, 449 KillretlKe. Marjorie A 305, 484 Kizevich. W. J 492 Kjellslraud. Amelita 100. 494, 528 Klane, F. S., .Tr 165, 379, 528, 531 Klass, Norma 100, 494 Kleek. R. C 521 Kleemann. C. 1 383, 525, 537 Kleeiie. . ngela 100, 498 Kleifield. .7 449 Klein, Eileen B 494 Klein. .7 547, 555 Klein. .luliet F 100. 480, 532 Klein. Manilla E 507 Klein. R. C 454 Klein, R. V 456 Klein. Saul a77 Klein. Seymour 546, 560 Kleinpaste. W. L.. Jr 100, 379, 380, 447 Klekamp. H. .1 100 Klelum. L. H 100. 167, 172 Kline. Genevieve 100, 480 Klinefelter. P. M 490 Klineiiberg. Evelyn 494 KlinKe. Muriel 77 500 Klinsel, A. B 534 Klin-inberg. E 170. 526 Kliiiirner. Mary E 471 Klinki.w. n. V 377 K linker. H. W 453 Kl.i-n. P. J.. Jr 488 Kloiitz. C. E.. Jr 535 KldiH-k. Phyllis J 498 KIn.Mk. W. K 100. 184. 427. 513. 520 521. 534 Klosinski, S. J 377 KInu ' e. R. W 414. 519 Klupnieyer. V.. E 417. 518 Knielko. E. A 377, 490 Knaak. C. JI 494 Knake, Twylla M 503 Knapp. C. 100, 413 Knapp. V. M 408 Knebel. J. W 377 Kneier. CM 410 Kueisle.v. J. V Ifi-. 406 Knepler. C. W 521 Knepler. K. R 101, 527 Knetseh, S. W 438, 519, 536 Knicht. . . R..,165. 2t 2, 264, 365, 302, 3.30 340, 447, 45.5. 528, 535, 537 Knifht, Helen E 305, 526 Kniebl. M. G 100. 379 Knipp. C. T 165. 537 Knippeuberg, Sue A 342, 477 Pag ' 580 GENERAL INDEX — CoNTiN ' iKD Knoblicll. M. M . ' .1:1 Kiioblocli, E, C r.2. 101, 163, 163, IT ' ,! : 7. ' i, 382, 528 Kii h1..11. .1. D 3.53 Kliodle. 1). H 457 Kiio llf. K. 1 385 Kiiol. A. X.. Jr 452 Knopf, R. A 101, 333, 424 Kiiorr, D. R 489 Kiiowles, R. T 154, 233, 270, 373, 381 438, 520, 527 Knox, C. 1 101, 488, 521, 527 Knox, C. V 184. 421 Knox. JoRniie 498 Knuckles, R. C 101 Kotarvk. ttlailys M 4 79 Koili. B. K 5 1 :i, 521 Ko.-h. W. E 430 Koi-OM-sk.v, S. N 53, 316, 317, 379. 380 313, 517 Koclur. A. F 380, 492 Koohlor. C. A„ Jr 421 Koi ' hler, I). C 101, 163, 165, 172. 27 " . KoWiler, R. E 513 Koelln, .1. R 435 Koflineniann. H. E 101, 184, 227 240, 424 Kocllin(.-. V. T 241 Kovllins. W. W 521 Karnis, Doiotlly J .52, 101, 272, 316, 326 332, 334, 471, 522. 532 KoonifT. E. N 308, 443 Koenie. K. .1 101, 362, 375, 37fi, 380 Kopliki-. V. G 438 Kni-slor. " . E 489 Koff. H. IS 5B0 Kohl. I!, B 490 Kohli-r, P. J 518 KohliT. I{. H 413, 513 Kohnprl, A. F., ,Tr 519 Koho ut. .1. G 42K Kolar, Uorolhy 101, 298, 299 Kolb, A. E 404 Kolb, L. W 404 Koldcrup, L. E 377 Kolcns. S. W 188, I9( , 424 Kolsrnd. E. It 172 Kolze. Wyak-no .J 495 Konzo. .S 165 Koonro. C. E 312, 409, 526 Kopccky, Eunice F 101. 468 Kopel. H. F 101, 184, 264, 403. 456 Kni el7„ V. H 101, 518 Kopleu ' ski, Lillian D 101, 506 Koplin, E. F 448 Kopp, L. .1 513 Korber, W. .1 381, 513 Korecky, J. R 411 Kornt ' olil, H. W 546 Kftrnnian, I . H 519 Koroiia. F. S 101. 525 KiirKhak, H 4 90 Korllis, A lele ,1 . " ,07 Korlc. K. I) 422 Kosb, Ella 191 KoNki, M. .1 171 KttKNBck. W. H 52 1 Kourk,v. ,T. I) 555 Koury. .loKepliinc 495 Kovacic. C. R 167, 240 Kovec, Eleanor 505 Kowal, M 542 Kowalhki, K, J 4H9 Kozicki, F. E 551 KozoVKky, H 429 Kraefl, . . .1 335, 338 Krai.|ienl)uelil. .1. I) ;I56 Kraehenbuelil. .1. 165 Kraenior, flerlruilo 494 Kraft, G. G IM, 184, 233, 418 Kramer, C. II 410, 535 Kramer, Evalene V 473 Kramer, Maxine ,J .506 Kramer. Muriel ,1 506 Kramer, Rulli 1, 102 Kramer, W. ,1 102, 304, 305, 423, 532 Kraiios, Mary 306, 495 Krans, D. II 163 Krasne, Bernice P 495 Krasnick, Miriuni M 102, 356, 494 Kratky, W 52 1 Kratz, A. P 172, 404 Kralz, .T. P 182 Kratz. S. C 555 Kraiiklis. ,T. .T 102, 165, 167, 531 Kraus. H. M .52, 53, 102, 325, 488 Knius. K. F 490 Kraiisz. N. G 102, 381 W. B 52. 53. 102. 232 316. 317 Krcli.s. E 162 Krcegcr. E. H 449 Kreft. W. W 272. 434 Kreitzer. A. A 102, 208, 518 Krejci, Florence M 496 Kremnn. .) . C 377 Kreml. VV. E 436 k ' rossnmii. .J. G 356. 379 Kr. ' lMliriu-v. C. B 163 Krct.sLhmer. E. W 4 16 Krics, E. 102. 427 KvicK, .1. C 427 Kriefjuer, Ilosenuii ' y 1, 495 Krier, J. C 405. 52 1 Krinp. C. U 165, 410 Krinp. Virginia K 508 Kristy. O. M 42S Krilzer. . 513 Kriz. Uorotliy .T 155 KriziiM. T. K 534 Krizck. R. .1 102 KroeninK, H. F 102, 35:i. 519 Krogdftlil. P. .} 489 Krohn. 1. T 167 Kroner. .1. C 16.H. 4 I 2 Kritnis:. A ' irginia 470 Knintliai. Doris N 297. 482 Kni.sner. Ccli.ste 311. 4K0 Knu ' ffer, E. ,T 311 Ki-uei-er. E. W 452 Krueffer, R. J 450. 52 1 Ki ' ueger. Virginia D 324, 473. 522 Kruuer. E. .T 404 KniKer. K. .T 102 Kniser, P. G 163 Knimsiek. Annette L 51, 102. 163. 290 465. 522 Kill].)). H. ( ' 429 Kruse. D. V 377. 454 Kruxeniark. Corinne A. ...169, 342, 471. 537 Kruzun. W. M 102. 428 ICubilz. O. A 354 Kiiliu. S 38 I Ki.liy. A. E 420, 534 Kiiierii. G. 1) 218. 222, 518 Knilcr. II. .M 102 Kuder. R. ( ' 525, 528, 537 Kuecheruneisler. li. F 535 KuclTner. Lucille K 312, 524 Kllehn. R. K 102. 165, .525, 528, 537 Kneluiert, K. G 558 Kuhfuss, A. L 410 Knhlnian, A. F 170 Kulilniaiin. Uulli ' 495 K ilin. I . H 381. 492 K nil II. .1, H. .Ir ,513. 521 Kulin. Hiilh ( ' 103, 479 Kulins. Dorolhy J 103, 468, 532 Knhns, ,L ( ' ., .Ir 450 Kulakofsky, L. G 307, 379, 456 Knlwin, ,liicqncline 482 Kuiice, P. H 436. 515 Knney, .1. V 281. 333 Kurlnk. P. .. 103, 184, 22(1, 519. 528 529. 534 Kurlnndei-, M, M 156. 431 Kurl, .1. ,1 311. 433 Kurtz. L. T 170 Kutuer. Ruth Y 506 Kiitzen, ,1. n 442 Kuyper. W. 342. 352, 444, 530 KwlrinBki. W. ,1 560 A ' .i((c A ' Hft 502 Kymau, X. P 456 .Ir .uHknian. ii. O. acey. H. C acky. A. I) -iidd. .1. H 167, .ndennan, Estelle L .aegeler, J. C, Jr. laffcrty, R. J .353, Laffey. P. h. .103, .507, ,a Foi ' ;:e. .Margaret C .al-iirgc. W. (■ .ageniann. , . T .agerlof. Harriette F .alley. E. A .alley. Gracia M 103, 521, ailily, A. A 103, 380, .aibly, R. B 384, ami), I). B 103, .uinb, .1 . L ■tinibtlii Chi Alphn iiiit}ttUi Kiii ' iKi Sif mn lanihdiii. Helen O .anilierl. .1. H.. .Ii- anihert. W. K .aiiiberlKoii. .Miiry 1 ' ' amliros, A. P 4 511 5. " , 1 4 45 415 506 455 424 526 524 555 412 47 1 441 528 420 420 518 555 428 56 1 324 377 52 1 475 am .1. U Laiiipert. A, .ami, W. A., .anions. I). i .amont. E. E. 489 489 . .103, 526, 527 l.aiiipiTI. .lean 10. .alupert. S, .ainpitt. K. .and. A. II. . 103, 164, 298, 521. 551, .167 Lanil. G V. ml. andau. . , .S, , . . aiiday. .laiu-t R. ig. I(. ,1.. . aiidcck. 1.. W.. . aiidholl. H. ( ' .. . lis. .1. V.. . . aiidis. Marte I,.. aiidis. M. I) aiidis. P. N .and .and .and ,nnd .anil and l.ane. Lane, Lane, iiiaiin. W. A 1 1 . r H W .small, .sliirly R Strom. H, .1 sti ' cini. tllivia 1 1. . . . 1 1 , Louise .1. N Lovett N., (Mrs.) . Wilma M W. .1 . .103, 167, 311, . .313, 432, .310. .357, .311. Lang. A. K. 551 307 328 359 103 406 406 103 431 482 422 103 4 13 533 477 515 435 354 441 5 2 - " 482 4 15 471 4 9li 4 13 535 496 4 1 : ' . 415 Lang. .1. M . Lang. .1. R Lang. Margaret E Lang. Marjorie .1 Langaiul. M. .1 Langdon, V. M Lange. .1. F Langebartel. R. G 168, 353, Langellier. Uita M 1 58 466, 354, 169, 408, 519, 495, 513, 29, Langenwalter. Betty E. Langhaus. M Langlois. K. .1 Laiikslon. R. V Lansford. W. M Lantz. H. N Laiius. H. W Lapides. , . Lapaley. .lanie ( ' Large, T, V...I03, 271, 323, 380, 491, Larner, Loia K La Roeco, .1. ,1 376. 379, La Hncbe. G. L , . , 104, Larr. . Harriett M. , 445 463 522 55 1 167 103 356 521 524 52 I 4 89 313 536 414 103 429 172 526 495 488 518 461 PaKf 5H0 GENERAL I NDEX — Conti N u r.D, Kloi ' piicc ' ■i I.arseii, H. G 16 " , •i:Hi. Larson. B. C • ' ' ■IS Larson, B. 382, 519, 529 Larson, CO 274 Larson. R. F 1B5 Larson. Inci K 104, 284, 494 Larson. .1. C 382.404 Larson. L. Evelyn 506 Larson. AL 1 5 IS Larson. 1 385 Larson. K. B 521 Larson. R. H 424, 536 l.nrsmi. U K 445 L i in, ' . V. M 536 l.nsk, S. . 557 Lasota, Lorraine C 501 Lnt.-er. N. V.. Jr 432 Liilhani. .1. K 440 Lnllirop, . i. n 489 l.aliin.T, H D 311. 440 Lnliniir. R. L 53. 104. 381 l.alka, F. J 381 La Tourrette. Hazel M 506 l.nltuaila. Mary A 495 1 .uuhf. Barbara J 498 I.aiuk. E. C 104 l.auilenian. V. D 304, 305, 525 I.aushner. Frances M 355 l.aven. Betly .1 499 l.avin. ,1. M 555 La«. (i. (• 167, 535 Law. 1. .1 226 .nil ' . The College of 33 Lawler. J. C. Jr 406. 536 Lawrence. .Tuiia A 466 Lawrence. J. V 385 Lawrence. Madonna R 502 Lawrence. V. C 274 l.:iwr.n , K. P 531 Lawson, A. E 363, 364. 365, 416 Lawson. F, K 413 Lawson. M. Florence 524 Lawson. R. C 546 Lawyer. .Jane 524 Layson, Doris J 155, 280, 285. 294, 298 299. 354, 495 Layton, Bonita .T 501 Layton, Virginia H 506 I.KZ. V. J 104, 403. 445. 534 Leach, A. C 355, 356 Leach. Ruth 1 496 Leaf. Marshall S 449 Leaf, Martin S 408, 521 Leaf. N 408 l.easurc. H. V 170, 376. 385 l.easurc. J. K 170. 312 Leave!!. .1. E 513, 521 I.eaveiiworlh. W. C 417 Leavin. R. E 338 l.eavitt. S. .J 313, 519 l.e Bar. .1. M 433 Lebovits. Bcrnice 495 I.e.lerer, S. H 311, 456 Ledyard, W. V 1S7, 533 Lee, K. E 404, 517 Lee, J. S 336 Lee. R. H 440 Lee. liulh 1 481 Lee. Shirley .506 Virerinia A 494 l.eech. R. A 446 Lee lle. Madelyn E 104. 462 Lremau I.odffe 505 Leei er. H. D 50, 104, 170, 259, 270 275. 410 Lees. Ruby R 166. 468 Leesman. 0. H 104. 382 Lefever. Charlotte B 311. 357. 524 Lefever. Josephine B 104. 524 Lefor. P. M 531 I.efton. I.J 104 Lefton. -tacqueline 480 locator. Eleanor S 494 Lehde. A. W 104, 356 Lehman. D. S 55.1 l.ehrnnini. K. W 163, 170, 404, 527 l.eliinnnn. .losephine S 51, 104, 166, 240 259, 290, 481 Lchiiiann. .1. V 424,514,526 l.ehner. .lane 508 l.ehr, Janet 494 l.eifer. Dorothy M 480 l.eifheil, J. A 403, 432 LeiKh, I ' D 555 Leishly. 1). S 409, 526 Leipold. W. C 375. 376, 378, 451 l.eitner, G. F 338 Leiter, O. C 166, 523, 530, 532 Le Kander. L. Jo 287. 310, 466, 522 Lelly, ( ' . I) 158, 307, 320, 419, 515, 521 I.eniaii, R, J 416 l.eniliorger, A. L 448 Leniinir. J. C 104. 51H Lemons, CM 381 l.encioni. F. J 104, 492 l.eiiclrurn. .1. T 411 Lenchan, A. E 53, 104, 531 Lens, E. R 104, 163, 170, 379, 380 Lentz, J. M 184 Lenz. Evelyn M ri04 Leonard. Faith 1 4 JT Leonard, F. Q 443 Leonard, Maria 43, 45, 163, 169. 240 279. 481. 529 I., ' iiiliar,li. V. A 513 Lepp. .1. A 105. 513 Lepp. J. M 105, 432 l.epi)l«. J. 1 534 Leppln. 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