University of Illinois - Illio Yearbook (Urbana Champaign, IL)

 - Class of 1940

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University of Illinois - Illio Yearbook (Urbana Champaign, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 596 of the 1940 volume:

N lxgfj ,IBRIS '--'I . This book attempts neither to envision the future nor to com- memorate the past. It is merely a sincere attempt to give the stu- dents at the University of Illinois a volume, as simple and complete in form as possible, of which they Will be proudg one which to them will be a tangible souvenir along with memories of the happy hours, disappointments, accomp- lishments, and struggles of the school year of 1939-1940. If this book, when you in years to come look back on its thumb-marked pages, stirs up fond remembran- ces of college days at Illinois, its purpose Will have been achieved. UNIVER ITY or ILLI OI rj 2173 is 32 fig fmc-W 'MGX ', 5 UTJQX Q' 1 I VUX 'QF' 2NOl C UV-mm I" 5 Z ew QCD' W2 R-JV 502 "D'- Vik mlb? 'EDmP',mm - CX33-if' C230-.4 - - ,M -- qeNQmNeeRuNGLg'mOw 54212 KFINE AND APPLIED frxrxrsjgxkw'-'qzgi 6 Wy-4 LA G Rl C U L T U R E ,LTJXAAJXAZA k gl . ...i.ll..- ADEAN SWIFT EDITCDD 1 P Qgaiafgxaxn A Af? Q 'X fa R- if wg -29 CHAIV1 PQLSQIEEN 3 LX WA LTER T MONEY-BUSINESS MGD. VOLUME PRESENTED BY THE SENIGIQCLAS JAMES WILFORD GARNER 1871 - 1938 James Wilford Garner was a true internationalist. He believed in the ideal of international justice and Worked for the attainment of international friendship and understanding by every possible means. As head of the political science department, Pro- fessor Garner developed it until it is now recognized as one of the most distinguished in this country. As an authority on international law, he brought prestige and distinction to the University of Illinois. Professor Garneris enthusiasm for his work, his sincerity, and his kindliness earned for him the respect, admiration, and love of all Who knew him. His pop- ularity as a lecturer at the University has been sur- passed by none and equalled by only a few. We are proud to dedicate this book to the memory of Professor james Wilford Garner, a great teacher and a great man. :As 'X 1' .i- .. ' 11. a , " A ,V ' .r , :al 3-':-'af f Q . '-..- ' f . . -' -f.. . P' , - A -A 1 ir.-I . '- . . , . 'ful -.1 .. ui . , A - , 4 ,ftp . rv , ' . .-- W-+25 ,.. K. Q, l- -41:53 ' 1: " " '?S,.,," . ' 53? 1 . ! ' Tig' 3 I if-?3'M ' wwf 4 W 1 -, W .I - W , ff v Q' ,, V ' ,Tx I i I W wg fy-1 ----1-M . , K I ,,1 . ' fl ,sd E4 A f ,i h I ,X - . mi 1 H ., F -. r lu 1 1 t, 4--r-T' - f W --I f A n Y --- . . Ji. i, 1 K f -' N933 :Fe z' 'K' ' ' W fi 4 . ., . W ,. 1's': X 4, Qa2'.71P:+9' ' f. . , . ' of - x. ,. -3' 'J'. . - . -, N. .. xx 'QQ "" Q1 , ., -:wa lv Q , --u. . .. V ,Wm 4, ' .47-1 ,Q .L gr. ,ywmn 'Q 9 v -l Hafawxfl :ii 4-,if 'DM N b . . 4. bm: J- f ., .3 J -Q K uf--. 5. xy' ., D. 1. Q n. W . ,Q 4 , ,.' Q 3 I x gm. 'N--L: ,. V , 1 , A . , .. 1 W1 , V ' - 4 ..-1-w 1' " " . ,af , fu. , ' ' " w H- . 'V' ' L,..i1- -v. .- v. f' A N' ' 7' '1' W 59' ' ge -.-f 'H - -1 -"lf Y - A - - ' -Q gf: , ' .4 HWJQ I Y' 1 .3 'J tn, r. ' ' -- ' , I.. V' 'f ,l'j'f.. -..'4 , 43- V ,V .- at Y . ,J Q, ,. 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L56 C7lm,zfemg6M ADMINISTRATION UNDERCLASSES SENIORS SCHOLASTIC HGNORS 11112 .v""' Q 1 1111 11511 11165, 1113 11 ,ME -m K4-I 52.7" 1,11 eg- 1: 'W 1115 1 I V' 111 111,35 if I Q i' "KHk'fW . I - Q ' .I T ' l i"."'Q 5 Q 31 I 1 'A-'vw' ' " J..1r'ffYEg1if Q K I I I . . 1 1 I - , ' , - '4- , I I' rn Iv 4 1' I - 1 I .111 5 N! 1 " ' :M ' ' ' . ,M ..,,. ,,. Q I I , , I ,gg I II, I ff 1 I II II I II M ,1 . S, , ' f' '-wg -r ' 4 1511 I 1-...,. 1 11 1 I I 5 ' I 1 -"1"'-.rf . II If f il' '1 1 15 ' .2 I ll YII11 0--'gg t , I A I 1 1' "" Q: '31 . .. .1'f"'.- fri 1 1 f 'fi-':.'I.'..3 , II , . -I . , ff' -2. M Q-qw I I ,ff , I I I ww -f 6 1 If I I 1 -. Tx 1 . f ,i ,E 1 , ,I 11.1 1 I, 0 1 N s. 2 V' 'W 1. 1 1 1.42, . W -- 1 1' ' ' 4 .., I 1 I . I I I F- ""' Y-11-1,-.,-411 71, , -- -4' , - 11 1 I I . . I , 11 1, QI I I:I-'I"3l', Q " .111 is , , I - r I 1 ?Q gf 111 .1 1 1 I . A . I ' X I 1 I 1 'I 1 1 II 1 1 W v ' ', " , 11 . Q ' ' 1 11 I I I I, , 1 ,, 11 11111gP'q-Q55-1.11 I , 1 IIIIII II ' - ' -Y A' ff 7 M ' E'T, ,-l'l"1ii 11' W 1 111 11 1.115 .gm .IAN A P22 ' 1' 11111 1 III, 345 11121 ' 1 I ,,-f III-11 13231, ' WI-'L -' ,gf-' ,J-..I Iy 1- 1 IW, 114g 3231151 .1114-2f1'f1f , 1 1 yi 1iw112'm1 ,F3.f11s?5-33,.fff.I.q1E .4 1 . ?i' ' ' lc? --1 F:"'1-1 1 - ' - V. 3 . 1 I 11II1' IIIIQQI 511. ' ' 1 3211 '3'!.4'1i1 1 2 :I 1 151 .,. 1111151.53 'X . f 1 .?',1Q,13jI1. 1 1" 111-T511 'ii ' 1 ' - '111 -WF 'T ji 1 . .- - I I I fff -111,5 , 191: l11 k1 'I-33 Q - 145:11 '1xI :111 - I I 1,.,- .I. .I,,,T 5 I3 I11 115 '1 I15 111 1-fq15j1fifmI ' 1'- " 11 111 1 111 1rI'211-jfjgI1'f111IilE-712515 T192 . 1 .-:L?I"l1'5-74-F11 "11f 1 1 ,Y --ff. .ra , , ' II I 1 , ' N 1' 1112j:1iI?I1If!rII11.1 Ig? 1 ' H 11 ' ""' J 1 II1111II1 II II 1 115111 1 11 53 ifLg,1111,1-E151fI:H'1H:QR75fx411.14i?:1Ii1 If .I I I111I11II1l:II 9 1, II 1 '15 11'11f-I iq ,111I5L,:1'1'I1QgI 115' 9 1 1 1 1 1II 1 11 .II N11 ' We 5311 15 ' II 1 11II11 11I11 11 ,111 -" 11 4 1 " I- I5g,111'11I 1, ,,,,,1,1S 151 41 If ' ' 5 I 1' 1' -1 1 - , . . 1 ZS 1 1 Q' 4-.'?' ,,l1.:. 111 I 3115 ' 11 1 " 111 1 X 1 U 11 "1' 1iII111II 113211, 12111 JIQI, '11 1- M11 :Qi I, , I'Q1I-II? ""1'1 ' R' 1 'H 'W1 wk 'V Ss. 1 ' qw- 11 11 1 51? I 11, I111111 -1 1:11 2 , 15511 it L11 1 ' 1 1 ll 3 , . . 1 . 1 " 1 IIIII I I I I 1 I 1.II'I -IIII11iI ,533 11 YI 1 I1 ' 111 11 111'r ' , Y " N11 3 Q I 'II II 1 1 1 4 gI.I."'ZI If , f ' 1 A f 1 1 f 7,i 1,41 1 ADMINISTRATIGN P ARTHUR CUTTS WILLARD Preriffefzf Arthur Cutts XVillard was elected seventh president of the University of Illinois by the Board of Trustees on March 13, 1954, and assumed the presi- dency in July of that year. He has heen a member of the University far' ulty since 1913, coming here as assistant professor of heating and ventilation in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Four years later he was made a full professor and in 1920 was named head of the department. Nine months previous to his election as president, he had been made Acting Dean ot' the College of Engineering. Dr. Willar'd was born in Wasliington, D. C., and attended the Central High School there. He studied in the National College of Pharmacy for one year and then entered Massachusetts Institute of Technology, taking a chemical Page 24 engineering course and receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in 1904. Following graduation from M.I.T. he taught for one year at the California School of Mechanical Arts in San Francisco and for three years at George XV:ishington University in the national capital. The four years preceding his transfer to Illinois he served the United States Wlar Department as Sanitary and Heating Engineer. Three honorary doctor's degrees have been conferred upon President Willard: Doctor ol' Engineering by the Case School of Applied Science, Doctor of Laws by George Washington University, and also the Doctor of Laws by North- western University. President's Message Through THE ILLIO I wish to extend to the students of the University of Illi- nois greetings and best wishes. I hope your years here have been and will continue to be rich in the acquisition of knowledge and appreciation of life in our American de- mocracy, interesting in new experiences, and withal, happy ones. Life on the campus of a great modern University offers much in addition to the opportunity for intellectual development and the acquisition of knowledge, essential as these two basic objectives may be. There are also endless opportunities for social and physical development which are in some respects fully as important in your future life as professional competence in whatever field of practice you may enter. It is my experience that what you do with your years at college largely determines what you will do with the years beyond. You can't grow up but once, and I hope you miss none of the many opportunities for the well-rounded development of a normal human being while you are a student on the campus of the University of Illinois. "'7' 4 Page 25 To the Students of Illinois V Oscfm G. Maven Premient, B The year just passed has been gratifying to the Trustees in the progress it has brought in the University's building program. Gregory Hall, which will be as fine a classroom building as any university can boast, with its air-conditioned rooms and auditoria, will be a boon to the summer students. The Library stacks and the addition to the McKinley Hos- pital are splendid and much needed facilities. The beau- tiful Illini Union Building when completed will open a new era in University student life, and with its mag- nificent rooms and veranda, should thrill the hearts of all Illini. What will probably be one of the most modern and most economically operated power plants in any Ameri- can university is now under construction. Finally, the Trufteer need of men's residence halls is not being overlooked by the Trustees. State funds are not at hand to provide these facilities, sorely needed at Illinois, but means for erecting at least one unit may be found. All the above are merely physical. It remains for the Student Body and Faculty to translate them into the edu- cational and spiritual values for which the University strives. Illinois has always exemplified sound educational policies and the high ideal of service to one's fellow men. The Student Body are to be congratulated upon their earnest, wholesome viewpoint and their appreciation of the opportunities afforded them by the people of Illinois. Li ' .Cf KARRAKER GORDON PLUMB Page 26 I ' , JENSEN CUNNINGHAM MEYER Board of Trustees I-ION. HENRX' HDRNER G0l'0l'7T0l' of Illnzou Gozfewzor of Illinoix SllPE1'iI71fE7Zd6l7.f of Public HON. HIiNRY HORNER Imtrfzction S pringfeld HON. JOHN A. WIELAND Sprifzgjielcl OFFICERS OE THE BOARD OSCAR G. MAYER, Chicago .................. Prexriderzff HARRISON E. CUNN1NGHAM, Urbana. .. .... Secretary FRANK M. GORDON, Chicago ....... ...... T mmzrer LLOYD MOREY, Urbana ........ ..,. C omplroller ELECTED MEMBERS HOMER MAT ADAMS ORVILLE M. KAIKRAKER Louis C. MOSCHEL Sprifzgjield Hczrrifburg Pekin JAMES M. CLIEARY OSCAR G. MAYER MRS. GLENN E. PLUMB Chicago Chicago Chicago FRANK A. JENSEN KARL A. MEYER HAROLD A. POGUE Ln: Salle Chicago Demzm- ADAMS CLEARY XVIELAND Momw Moscmsr. POGUE Page 27 Th College of Engineering Page 28 The College of Engineering was formally organized in 1870. The first class, which graduated in 1872, con- tained six members from the College of Engineering. The undergraduate enrollment in the College has grown to a total of approximately 1800 this year. The curricula in Engineering are designed to give a thorough training in the mathematical and physical sciences and their application to the design, construction, and operation of engineering and industrial works. A moderate amount of specialization is provided through options. or special arrangement of courses, in the senior year. The Engineering Experiment Station, the lirst in any engineering college in the United States, was organized in 1903. Under its auspices important researches have been carried on in many helds of engineering. The re- sults of the investigations have been published in about 360 bulletins and circulars, .Qin DEAN MELVIN LORENIUS ENGER Melvin Lorcnius Enger, Professor of Mechanics and Hydraulics, since 1934 Dean of the College of Engineering and Director of the Engineering Ex- periment Sration, was born May 5, 1881, in De- corah, Iowa. He attended the University ot' Min- nesota and the University of Illinois where he- received the Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1906 and later the C.E. and M.S. degrees. He came to the University in September, 1907, as instructor in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and has served on the faculty since that time. From 1926 to 1954 he was Head of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. Dean Enger is an honorary member of Triangle and is a member of many engineering societies and honorary fraternities. DEAN MATTHEXV THOMPSON MCCLURE The Collegeof Liberal Arts and Sciences '35 .51 Q.. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the largest college in the University, offers instruction in the hu- manities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences, leading to the degrees of bachelor of arts, bachelor of science, bachelor of science in chemistry and chemical engineering and in home economics. In addition, it offers the necessary work preparatory to medicine, law, journalism, and education. Its courses are sufficiently flexible to meet the varying needs of its large student body, The general curriculum is designed for those who seek a broad general educa- tion. The professional curricula are designed to lay the foundations for those students who wish to specialize for professional careers. The usefulness of the College has been enlarged by the creation in 1937 of a Personnel Bureau which affords the opportunity for personal counseling along the lines of educational, scholastic, and vocational guidance. l' W1-W, lVf1ffl"lCVl. Thompson McClure, Dean of the Col- lege of Liberal Arts and Sciences, was born at Spottsforcl, Virginia, April 27, 1883. A Bachelor's degree was awarded him at Wasliington and Lee University in 190-1, where he did his undergradu- ate work, a Master's degree at the University of Virginia in 1907, and a Doctor's degree at Colum- bia in 1912. Before coming to Illinois, Mr. McClure was an instructor in Philosophy at Columbia and from 1915 to 1921 a professor of Philosophy at Tulane, He hegan his career at Illinois in 1921 as Associ- ate Professor in Philosophy. ln 1922 he became Professor of Philosophy and in 1926 he was ap- pointed head of that department. The deanship was awarded him in 1954 after serving a year as Acting Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Dean McClure is a member of Theta Delta Chi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Rho, The Amer- ican Philosophical Association, and other honor- ary organizations. Page 29 DEAN CHARLES MANFRED THOMPSON Th College of Commerce and Bu iness Administration St' The chief concern of this college is to provide for its students a thorough-going undergraduate education in theoretical and applied economics. To that end the col- lege requires work in certain fields of knowledge and encourages work in other fields. This it does with the expectation that its graduates will go out prepared to live, as well as to make a living. Wliat we have in mind is to offer young men and women opportunities to combine general education with specific training along lines both broad and fundamental. Page 30 'Hsu A student in this college has choices not only in fields of concentration but also in particular areas of these fields. His program of study admits of considerable adaptation to individual needs to be discovered with the assistance of the members of the faculty. Such a plan offers students an opportunity to acquire a general edu- cation with a purpose. 277.1 Charles Manfred Thompson, '09, Dean of the College of Commerce and Business Administration, is an alumnus of the University of Illinois: A.B., '09g A.M., '10g Ph.D., '15. His work in this department dates from 1912, when he was ap- pointed Assistant in Economics. In 1919 he be- came Professor of Economics and Dean of the College. Witli the establishment of the Bureau of Business Research in 1921, Dean Thompson was made Director. He holds two honorary degrees. LL.D. from Muskingum College, and D.I.itt. from McKendree College. His fraternities are Delta Chi, Phi Beta Kappa, and Beta Gamma Sigma. The Dean is best known as a lecturer and a writer on subjects dealing with Economics and Economic History. Under his direction the University has built up a Business Records Library comprising several million items. Th ig-. h U g- :v1f2g:Fs:55pwAd,,.i-- College of Agrieultur Xa, , -,x .H 'W ,J s ..3-, WY: 1 '- af" 'zifvlft tv-'?' -1-1 Through its many varied courses and its research and extension branches, the College of Agriculture seeks to promote a higher level of rural living, to improve qual- ity of food and hber products for the consumer, and advance the welfare of agriculture and its many allied industries. From a humble beginning on March 2, 1868, the college has grown through service and usefulness until today it touches every farm and home in the state and contributes to countless industries. The college has a staff of more than 500 men and women and an enrollment of about 1,600 students in 78 courses which offer training in all branches of agri- cultural and homemaking science. Numerous leaders in farming, homemaking, teaching, and research are listed among the college's graduates. Facts for teaching and for its extension work are developed in the research and investigational work of the Experiment Station. Througl' the Extension Service all farmers, homemakers, and con- sumers of the state have ready access to the findings of the Agricultural Experiment Station and teachings of the college. I 1 DEAN HENRY PERLY RUSK Henry Perly Rusk, Dean of the College of Agri- culture, was born on a farm near Rantoul, Illinois, July 19, 1884. I-Ie was graduated from Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana, in 1904. He then studied at the University of Missouri, receiving his bachelor of science degree in 1908 and his master of science award in 1911. After two years' service in Missouri and Indiana, he came to the University of Illinois in 1910 as associate in beef cattle husbandry. After a number of advancements, he was made head of the depart- mcnt on September 1, 1922. Seventeen years later he became the fourth Dean of the College of Agri- culture, Director of the Extension Service in Agri- culture and Home Economics, and Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station. He is widely known as a stockman and is a member of the American Society of Animal Production, Sigma Xi, Alpha Zeta, Gamma Sigma Delta, Alpha Gamma Rho, Farm House, and Rotary International. C Page 31 DEAN THOMAS ELIOT BENNER Th College of Edu ation The College of Education has the direct responsibility, through research, teaching, and supervision, of contribut- ing to the preparation and the guidance of the personnel on whom the wise conduct of the school system of Illi- nois depends. Education is the largest single enterprise ca1'ried on in the state. Public education alone deals with nearly 2,000,000 children of school age, involves a staff of more than 46,000 teachers, utilizes school property which has cost more than S1,000,000,000, and requires an annual expenditure of almost .'ly5150,000,000. Page 32 The College of Education had its origin in 1895 in the influence of Charles de Garmo, Professor of Psychol- ogy. In 1900 a Department of Education was set up which became, in 1907, the School of Education and later, in 1918, received its present title, the College of Education. At the same time, the Bureau of Educational Research was established. Thomas Eliot Benner, Dean ot' the College of Education, was born in Danvers, Massachusetts, February 11, 1894. He graduated from Harvard in 1914 tA.B.J and receivcu graduate degrees from the same university in 1916 tA.M.J, 1925 tEd,M.j, 1924 tEd.D.J. His professional ex- perience has included teaching in Maryland and Maine, public school administration in Massa- chusetts, service as statistician and editor with the Alabama State Department of Education, the acting deanship of the College of Education of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute, the chancellorship of the University of Puerto Rico, and a visiting prolessorship at Columbia University. Since 1931 he has been Dean of the College of Education at the University of Illinois. He served as a member of a commission to investigate vocational education in Illinois, as Chairman of the Advisory Committee to the Educational Commission of the state legis- lature in 1955, and as a member of the commission named by President Roosevelt to report on Puerto Rico as a center of inter-American education in 1939. He is a member of Phi Delta Kappa and Kappa Delta Pi and holds otlicc in several national professional organizations. The College of Law Witli the increasing complexity of modern life, and with the multiplication of governmental functions and the inevitable impingement of the rights of one upon the rights of another, the legal expert becomes ever more important. The primary purpose of the College of Law is to train practicing lawyers. But if they are to meet their responsibilties adequately, lawyers must be versed in more than legal rules. Beyond the teaching of law, this College conceives it to be its responsibility to indi- cate the place of the law in the social structure and to point out how law may become a medium through which tenets that it is the obligation of a law school to educate a superior type of lawyer. Ever since its establish- ment, this College has constantly endeavored to advance its standards toward the goal of the improvement of the caliber of its graduates. This principle has brought to the College a growing professional prestige and a mounting erprjl de rorpr among its students and gradu- ates. needed changes may be accomplished. This program of legal education accepts as one of its DEAN ALBERT JAMES HARNO Albert james I-Iarno, Dean of the College of Law, was born january 50, 1889, in Holabird, South Dakota. After his graduation from Dakota Wesleyan University in 1911, he went to Yale, where he received the degree of Bachelor of Laws, magna cum laude, in 1914. He practiced law in Los Angeles until 1917, when he went to Topeka, Kansas, to become the Dean of Wfashburn College of Law. Two years later he went to the University of Kansas, where he served as Professor of Law. I-Ie came to the University of Illinois in 1921 on an appointment as Professor of Law. I-Ie was made Dean of the College in 1922. Since 1931 he has also served as Provost of the University. I-Ie is a member from Illinois of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, Vice-President ol' the Illinois State Bar ASA sociation, and member ol' the State Board of Un- employment Compensation. I-le is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the Order of the Coif, and Phi Kappa Phi. Page 33 Page 34 The College of Fine and Applied Arts 1 Vg, -vs 'EEG EEUU Composed of the School of Music and the Depart- ments of Architecture, Art, and Landscape Architecture, the College of Fine and Applied Arts offers instruction in twelve curricula covering various phases of the Fine Arts and enrolls annually seven hundred professional students together with about one thousand others from the various colleges of the University who pursue courses in some phase of the arts. Instruction in the Fine Arts has long been provided by the University but it was not until 1931 that the above named departments were placed in the same ad- ministrative unit of the institution. In 1934 the Bureau of Community Planning was added. The oliice, gal- leries, museums, studios, and classrooms of the College are located in Smith Memorial Hall, the Architecture Building, and the New Agriculture Building, with added facilities in Lincoln Hall, the Commerce Building, the Surveying Building, Engineering Hall, and Mumford House. gapped - Rexford Newcomb, Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts, received his training at the Uni- versities of Kansas, Illinois, and Southern Cali- fornia. His academic studies have been supple- mented by wide travel in Europe and the Orient. Before coming to the Illinois faculty in 1918, Dean Newcomb was for five years Director of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at Long Beach Polytechnic fffalifornial and for four years Director of Adult Education and Principal of The Long Beach Evening High School. He served also on the faculties of the University of Southern Cali- DEAN REXFORD NEWCOMB fornia and the Agricultural and Mechanical Col- lege of Texas, at the latter institution as Professor of Architecture and College Architect. Dean Newcomb was for ten years editor of the Western Architect, Chicago, has served as techni- cal consultant in various connections, has lectured widely on the Fine Arts, and is the author of four- teen volumes and several hundred magazine articles in his Held. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi, and various other hon- orary and professional organizations. Administrative Cfficers fm rdf' .er--we-erm MORIZY CUNNINGHAM HAvENs JOHNSON WRIGHT CLEVENGER TUTTLI? FREDERICK BEARD S'rEPHENs GRIEEITII ARTHUR C. WILLARD, B.S., D.Eng., LL.D., President fSee Pager 24-251 ALBERT J. HARNO, B.S., LL.B., LL.D., Provost, Dean of the College of Law QSee Page 331 LLOYD MOREY, A.B., B.Mus., LL.D., C.P.A., Comptroller HARRISON E. CUNNINGHAM, A.B., Director of University Pressg Director of Information Otiiceg Secretary of Board of Trustees JARLES S. HAVENS, M.S., Director, Physical Plant , Department .VEINEJORN JOHNSON, A.M., LL.B., LL,D., University Counsel GEORGE P. TUTTLE, B.S., Registrar FRED H. TURNER, Ph.D., Dean of Men QSee Page 451 MARIA LEONARD, A.M., Litt.D., Dean of Women fSee Page 441 CHARLES R. FREDERICK, M.S., Director, Division of Student Housing P1-IINEAS L. WINDSOR, Ph.B., Litt.D., Director, Universitv Libraryg Director of the Library School Gee Page 361 ROBERT B. BROWNE, Ph.D., Director, Summer Ses- siong Director of University Extension Gee Page 421 J. HOWARD BEARD, A.M., M.D., University Health Oiiicerg Head of the Department of Health Service EXECUTIVE DEAN OF THE CHICAGO COLLEGES RAYMOND B. ALLEN The office of Executive Dean of the Chicago Col- leges was created this year on the recommendation of the President by the Board of Trustees. This action resulted from :I study oi' the activities of the three professional colleges, Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy on the Chicago campus and repre- sents an effort to centralize certain administrative functions in the interest of clhciency and coordina- tion of education and research. The Executive Dean is a direct representative of the President of the University and through this otiice it is hoped that closer relationships between the Chicago and the Urbana Departments will develop. Raymond B. Allen, Executive Dean of the Chi- :Iago Colleges, was born in Cathay, North Dakota, on August 7, 1902. He attended the University of Minnesota where he received the degrees Of Bach- iw :lor of Science in 1924, Master of Arts in 1925, and Doctor of Medicine in 1928. He was an assistant in Anatomy at the University of Minnesota from 1924 to 1927 and a fellow on the Mayo Foundation from 1930 to 1933. On the basis of his work in the graduate Faculties of the University of Minne- sota and the Mayo Foundation the degree of Doc- tor of Philosophy was granted in 1954. From 1935 to 1936 he was Associate Dean in charge of gradu- ate studies at the College of Physicians and Sur- gcons, Columbia University, and Associate Director of the New York Postgraduate Medical School and Hospital, Columbia University. He served as Dean of W'ayne University College of Medicine from May, 1936, to September, 1939, when he took up his duties as Executive Dean of the Chicago Colleges. ROBERT G. KIRKWOOD, B.S., Colonel, Field Artil- lery, U. S. Army, Professor of Military Science and Tacticsg Commandant, R.O.T.C. Brigade fSee Page 3751 A. AUSTIN HARDING, Mus.D., Director, University Bands fSee Page 3631 COLEMAN R. GRIFFITH, Ph.D., Director, Bureau Of Institutional Research ARTHUR W. CLEVENGER, A.M., High School Visitor IOSEF F. WRIGHT, A.B., Director, Public Informa- tion and Radio Station CARL STEPHENS, A.B., Director of Alumni Rela- tions and Recordsg General Secretary Of Alumni Associationg Editor of Alumni News set sv 551 In 57 .. , m f-sew. sfiwi Page 43 Uffice of the Dean of Women V The Dean of Women's office is busy from eight to nine hours daily with student interests. Questions pertaining to all phases of student life are handled there. Besides the Dean of Women there are two Assistant Deans, Miss Irene Pierson and Miss Elizabeth Connelly, on the staff. Daily counseling with students and parents on personal and group matters is of first importance to the Dean of Women, The office strives to secure for each student balanced programs between her scholastic work, social life and activities, and recreation. Especially is this true for students who work for part or all of their living expenses. Financial aid through loans is available to all students who need help in finishing the year's work. The three thousand women students are sure to End help and ad- vice in the Dean of Women's ofiice at all times, as is evident from the many students and out-of-town visitors who daily frequent there. Group life as well as individual life is encouraged to cultural stand- ards through fine chaperonage of the college homes. Each home has a mature woman in charge and is expected to keep social and cultural standards outlined by the University. The purpose of the office is to stabilize individual and group life of students socially and culturally, and to encourage increasingly higher standards of daily living through the incentive of study and things intellectual. Dean Maria Leonard was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and received her high school education there. After graduation from Butler College, she continued her graduate work in Colorado College from which she received her MasfCr of AHS degree. She accepted the position as Dean of Women and Professor of Mathematics at Idaho State Normal in Albion, Idaho. She left Idaho Page 44 DEAN MARIA LEONARD to become Dean of Wfomen and Professor of Mathematics at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, lowa. Recently she received a Litt.D., from that institution. Since 1923 she has served as Dean of Woinen at thc University of Illinois. in 1924 Dean Leonard founded t-he national scholastic honorary for freshman women, Alpha Lambda Delta. -e' 1- 1 Ei.izABi2'rH A. CONNELLY IRENE D. PIEizsoN J ,I 'J A., w ,, .. U, , ,N,,..-45.1, f1.,,.jgFjQ,,'j3,,f- r.-'-,J-, I V. I' f,g.,J ' y4f'5,.'1,45'-f,,j,p.- '- , . y,',i- V " 1' V-'-,HU -4. A4 .- ': 44- 51 3 - .411 f 12' . - -",'.Ji. ,'-. ' '.f - MH fzrlf -1 -'--' ff" ' J-',---' f J KF, .. .j -gf" -' 'WMS' rf' ,N xg' j,-wg.-Z Lgffh I ,Ag--1 qv . 4'N,,,-.47 1 ., :.,,,, f, ' ' ,-w.'p'.'xi7'mw.fJzM254 -.L ,.'-,.-'J : .,.' : L 3'-if'-fffgff. '--1' ,.-::J' .H I - -f , F- .g"qj1ff-gu,i,-1 af-Kvf.,-u -,,-1 ,ID gr-,,-',-J J- --1-m'r-Jmq w.,.5 1-'ffm i '- -.- .H ' "r ' , .gm-4'N,.cq' ,L ,x,f.f1.- .- --- . ,,. , '- uf-'A f-, K ' j,.'-Q'-:, 'V' ' 1 ' -' .' .J J, fwy ,fn -., -f".,:f:1-'.-113' ,r.,'m!?7":H.1f,-M., , ' K ifffg:-H' mf- sffrf-'45-Jw g7,'H-X-1"Yf",1'JFW W J, 5: ,arg-f'4Ar,-3' .g",.u'1.'..,,-2fpin-',ff,Q.. I--A,-M ff L5 W, ' -',': :-.-.f.,q.f- zu , -1 --v -r' ,lf'.,fl:11rg,--T:,3'v,-',vi1, , , ' ' J -iLff--f- Q' ' - ' N 11- 1 ' ik any 54, :gf 2,-' - 'x' w ' ff' .-Y' fr .1 ' " -' 1 ' 1' .V ,-,rff ,g,,1ff' - J . 5' f' - 4 . ff ,Y ' ff u , ' 4 ,- " -f'- ,.,.- ..:,.- - H , " ff,-1 - Wy' r ,"' ' , .an ' ' f . N im ,. , " ,Lf 17. Q ,vpn ,U V Hwvfg uw . ,'i,:,- 5 '1' , .,5 i w" .I-1 ,f fur 't ' . , f' 4 ,-,r.: '-F .,.-, - I ,gr if ef Ar' --. ,, rj ffl' ,iffy V ' ' '.v'2' .ff c 'J' R5 ,L ..j,1-.fjyfy I . 2 ,., any ,, 1 ' -H4 5, ., ,dl ,153 -I 7. ...G-,.,. , , , , ,, ,. . --pw I, .-uf , , wh.-f.-r 5 .-1' ,. , K 2 ,, 3 1 Page 47 Page 48 aku ,nina N.. . .DA DAN EDGAR ANDREW IRVIN BLOOM MELVIN CLAY BREWER JOHN WILLIAM CALIFE GEORGE HAMM DICKERSON, JR. GEORGE HARRY DUNN JOSEPH JAMES GIALLOMBARDO RICHARD PAUL GILBERT, JR. COLIN CARL HANDLON WILLIAM JOHN HAPAC LOUIS ALOIS HAUPTFLEISCH EARLE FRANKLIN HEFELEY, JR. ROBERT CLAYTON HUMPHREY WESLEY PORTER MARTIN ROBERT THOMAS MAYHILL EUGENE DUDLEY MCALLISTER WALTER THOMAS MOREY RICHARD JAMES NELSON JAMES WILLIAM REEDER C. PAUL SLATER ARTHUR DEAN SWIFT ORT R BO RD ANNA LOUISE ALLEN MARION HATTIE BANKS ROSEMARY BEST BEVERLIE CAROLIN BRIGGS GERTRUDE CAROLINE BUCK DOROTHY ELLEN CHAPIN LOUISE DEUTCH MARY JANE GLENNAN CHARLOTTE ALICE HERMAN BARBARA RAY LITTLETON HILDA MAE LIVENGOOD BERNICE LYDIA OLSON ADELINE LILLIAN SCHPOK PAULINE JULIA STEINER BETTY ANN STEWART CARLYNE BETTY STRAUSS MARGARET JANE VANIMAN ISABEL WALCOTT Q The Class Of 194 If , 3 JOHN P. WALSH, JR. THOMAS F. RYAN, JR. Prefident, Firfi Semexier Vire-Preddent, Firxz Senlefter' O F F I C E R S JOHN P. WALSH, JR. .... .......,..,............. P rexidcnf, Fi:-If Semmef THOMAS F. RYAN, JR .... ..... V ire-Prexidenz, Fir-T1 Semexlep CHARLES L. STEWART, JR. .... ......, P refidenl, Sammi Semenef THOMAS B. BURKE ...... .... V ice-Prexideul, Second Semeum PAUL H. SCHROY,. .,.... . .... ........... . .... . ..Serre1ary, Second Semener SENIOR INVITATIONS COMMITTEE L. ERNEST ELLISON ........................, ................... C lmirmun MARJORIE R. SILVERMAN. ,. . . .Wamanir Co-Chairman MARIE M. PARKER ...... ...................,....... W amnrfx Ca-Chairman EDWIN F. BUSHMAN LUCILLE M. SCHAUIZR RUTH VON GRUENINGEN ROBERT B. MOODY CHARLES A. SHERIDAN FRANCES E. ZIMMERLI SENIOR MEMORIAL COMMITTEE GEORGE M. METZE .........,............,.................... Co-Chairman R. DOUGLAS GARWOOD ....................... ..... C o-Chairman JOSEPH M. DOLAN JOHN J. RUBINO CHARLES L. STEWART, JR. LAURIENCE J. DOYLE ROBERT N, SCHWARTZ GERALDINE C, WRIGHT LORRAINE M. HOOPER SENIOR JACKETS COMMITTEE DAVID L. OSTEELD ........,................................... Co-Clmimmn JOHN THISTLEWOOD, JR .,....... ................ ......... C a -Chairman FLORENCE E. GLASSCOCK ...,.....,................. ...Wommzk Cbfzimum RICHARD A. BINEIELD RALPH Q. MCKINNEY GEORGE L. PAYNE RAYMOND D. FRENCH FEBRUARY CLASS DAY COMMITTEE LOUIS W. SCHUMM, JR ..... ...................................... C bnimmn CAROLYN M. PALMER .... ................... .... I V om:m'.r Co-Chairman DOROTHY E. SHARP .... .,..................,..,.. W 'omank Ca-Cbairrmm FRANCES J. EMBSHOFF MARIAN F. MAI-IER JOSEPH F, SCULLY CLARENCE H. JANKOWSKI A SENIOR CLASS COMMITTEE JCIRN J. P. O'CONNELL ................................,...... C0-CbtZif7lIt1I1 CHARLES R. WEISHAAR ....................... Co-Clmirmmz FRANK J. EssE JOHN L. JONES! FRED C. FRANCIS PAUL T, MOON ELIZABETH M. FRENCH GEORGE L. PAYNE HARVEY L. STOCKXVELL FLORIAN J. SURDYK Page 50 Th Class Of 1940 CHARIEQI SIIWARF JR THOMAS B BURFI Prendenl Serom! SEIIIPYIU Vlre Prefldenf Serand Semeilm SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE RAYMOND D FRINLI-I MARJORIF R SILVIRMAN L ERNLST ELLISON RICHARD A Bmrrrw BFRNICII A ENGELKINO DAVID L Os1III.D ANORIWJ CORLORAN F BURTON SI.I.IIRs JOHN T EATON EIHXL S FORLAXV LORRAINF M GROUPI' ROHIRT B Moom SENIOR CJIORGI I-I MORRIS BFVIRIII C BRIOGS. HFRIJIRT R FISHFR FRANLI B FORDON NORMAN W QI-IP CARIXNF B SFRAUGS F1001 Colzmzzflee GIORCJF M NELSON CAROLYN M PALMER ALBERT E PI rl RSON General Cbnnmfm z Clmnmun C fmn ma I7 H LOUISF TICT Iosrm F ZARISH Cbanman Ca Chfllfllltlll Fo Cbrznrlmfv THOMAS F RXAN JR WILI IAM F THIFMAN JOHN THISILIXVCOD JR BREAKFAST COMMITTEE IVIARNI LARARIT WAT Nr F MILLFR LuC1ILr M SCHAUFR HAIQRX W KLOCKFR DOROTHYE SHAR1 SENIOR PICNIC COMMITTEE HFNRY M Blum III PLORINCI' E GLASSCOCR jAMIs A ANDIRSON DONALD N HAINSOIN JAMFQ L DRAKT LoRRAIIxr M HOOPER R NIII. Fuuc KLFON M Ir FrvrR DTAN G FULTON JOHN J MCHAN C0 Cbmnmm C0 Chun 1111111 RUTH E SMXKAL UFORGE E TRCLL DAIF B WARD ,lol-IN P WHITFHFAD C0 Cl71IlH7ld7I Cn Cbalmmn HAZ!-I L OrruTT Fnfmcre G Quxmcn JOSTPH F SCULL1 M MARGARIT STTWART CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE WILIIAAI T PASCOT GLOIICIA F PIRRY FRANI IS J GOODRICH GARRI IT W LOY RORIRI M Knxuus WI SLIY P MARTIN PATRICIA A LAUCHLIIN EARL W IXIATHIXXS C0 CII zzmmn C0 Clmnmrm HARRY J TICR FRAINK L XVIAIIR HIZRMAN D ZXWLIBAN 1 . ' , l,. ' . ' y . . . I ,. .... ....................... ,...... . . ........... C 1-. .- 1 ....,....... .... .................... . Co- " . . I-1 .-: . I I 4 1 ' I. , . 1 EWALD R. ZIMMERMAN ....................... . ............,,.........., . - ' 4' 1 2' . '1 ' 'u 1 'I - I -, - 2 . 4 :I . I , , A .. f . , s ....... . ......... , ............. ........., - " H -- 1 1 1- . , . . I , if , - , 4 ARTHUR HARRIS ABHAMSON ......... Syrarnre, N. Y. COMMERCE Accountancy Accountancy Club Syracuse University MARX' JANE Ac'I'oN ....................... Danville LIIIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Kappa Kappa Gamma De Pauw University GEORGE HENRH' ADAMS ................... Maramb ENGINEERING Railway Eleclrirzzl Engineering Alpha Phi Omega: A.I.E.E.: Railway Club XY7estern Illinois State Teachers College MERLIN JAMES ADAMS ............ .... T aylarifille ENGINEERING Eleclriml Engineering A.I.E.E.: Student Alumni Association f3, 41 OSCAR WYAIT ADAMS ...,........ .... P .fn-ir COMMERCE Inrluwzice Accountancy Club: Cavalry Olicers Club: Captain, University Brigade ROBERT RAYMOND ADAMS ............,... Mfmeilley LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbflllifllj' Newman Hall La Salle-Peru Oglesby Junior College XVAl.TER ALLEN ADKINS .,.......... .... A rblnmf AGRICLILTLIRE General flgrirnllnre Agricultural Club: Agricultural Engineering Club: Rille Club AI.LEN FRANCIS AGNEW .... ..... . . ..l .. ..... Ogden - " LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geology Alpha Kappa Lambda Cyclothem: Men's Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 43 as r r .Q Ag gi e, . if-Q Page 52 Honors Day 12, Sl MARION Louisa AHLERS. . . . ....... . . . . . . .Cenlmlia AGRICULTURE - General Home Economic: Shaw nee Home Economics Club: First Council, Womans League GJ: Orange and Blue Feathers ELMER HAROLD AHLVIN ......,..... ..... 1 alia: ENGINEERING Elecn-ical Engineering A.I.E.E. Joliet Junior College RUTI-I ALDRICII .... ...................... P eoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology ' Laura B. Evans Hall Bradley Polytechnic Institute IRVING HERBERT ALEXANDER.. . .. . . .. . .. . .Chimga ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering " College Hall Tau Nu Tau: Captain, University Brigade 'fx I JOHN' XVIZSLIZY ALEXANDER ........ . . . ...... Urbana r LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Gaogmpby Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Xi: Illini History Club: Concert Band Cl, 2, 3, 41: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet K5, 41 Honors Day ll, 2, SJ : University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key MARY' ALLANSON ....................,. Nz. Carroll LIDERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Psychology Saffer Court ' Torch: Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Kappa Delta: Psi Chi: Der Deutsche Verein: Gre- gorian Literary Society: Le Cercle Francais: W.A.A.: Faculty Forum, W.G.S. C515 Gold Feathers: Proa duction Stalf, "Brother Rat" Honors Day ll, 21 ANNA LOUISE ALLEINI, ..... ,..... ..... , . ..D01zll'tll1 AGRICULTURE Gerlefzfll Home .Ecolzonzirr Delta Delta Delta ' Mortar Board: Torch: Omicron Nu: Alpha Lambda Delta: Womnn's Business Manager, The Daily Illini: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Illinois Agriculturist fl, Eli Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers Honors Day U, 2, 33 : University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key BERTRAM JERRY ALPORT ............ ...Chicaga ENGINEERING Mechanical .Engineering Granada Club ' A.I.E.E.: A.S.M,E.: The Technograph C43 Wriglmt Junior College KENT ARTHUR AI.vERsoN .,........ ...Mawmqmv AGRICULTURE Geflrrrll Agriculture Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Economics Club Illinois State Normal University BRUCE JACOB AMACI-IER ........... .... I Wanaka COMMERCE Arroznmrrzry Theta Delta Chi Accountancy Clubg Caisson Clubg Phalanxg Fresh- man Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad 12, 33 1 Interfraternity Council 15, lil 5 Captain, Uni- versity Brigade PAUL EDWARD AMBROSE .................... Chimgn LIBERAL Arvrs AND SCIENCES Cbemirnl Engineering Alpha Phi Omegag A.l.Ch.E. La Grange junior College XVAYNE FLEMING AMIDON ........ .... H ev-uber COMMERCE General Bzuinerr Arepog Pierrotsg Production Stall, "Brother Rat," ':The Fireman's Flame," "Lady Precious Stream," "Our Town," "Tosca" i 441 it.:-T " 131 ,, ' 4 HARVEY CHARLES AMSTERDAM. . . . .. ,Chicago COMMERCE General Bminexx Tau Delta Phi Accountancy Club ARTHUR NVILLIAM ANDERSON ..... ...Sparta EDUCATION illalbemulirf Blackburn College BETTY GI.ADYs ANDERSON ......... .... C himga COMMERCE General Bm'ine.r.r Gamma Phi Beta Shi-Aig The Daily Illini fl, 2, 375 W.A.A.g Chair- man, Mothers Day Publicity Committceg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathcrsg Production Staff, "Any- thing Goes," "Follow Thru"g Terrapin Water Car- nivalg Football Court of Honor C43 FAR.-IEA GENEVRA ANDERSON ............. Sleumrdxan FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Mari: . Bethany Circle University Chorus 13, 43 5 Cast, "La Boheme," "Manon," "Yeomen of the Guard" Eastern Illinois State Teachers College FRANCIS ADKINS ANDERSON ........ ..... M anrirella COMMERCE Arcounmncy Accountancy Clubg Independent Council C31 HALLECK OBERT ANDERSON ............. Wayne Cify AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Agricultural Club , HELEN MARGARET ANDERSON ............ Springield AGRICULTURE ' General Home Economic: Beta Phi Alpha Home Economics Clubg Orange and Blue Feathers james ALLEN ANDERSON, JR ........... Efiill, S. C. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma A.I.Ch.E.: Omega Chi Epsilon: Phi Lambda Upsilon Honors Day Q21 Furman University ,wi, , Q FN 1 i ' V ,, 1' A . ' 4 - ' ' SFS ' Wifi? T " , ,H K I Y RIVERS MCNEILL ANDERsoN, JR.. .. .... Carlimvlle COMMERCE Acrwmlnmry Phi Gamma Delta Accountancy .Club Blackburn College RUTH ELIEANOR ANDERSON ................. Clzirago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sorinlogy Alpha Gamma Delta Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathcrsg Won1cn's Glee Club 441 ARTHUR ALBINUS ANDREASEN ,...... . .... Springfelfl LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Bacteriology Rifle Club 4 Springfield Junior College EDNA BORGIHIILD ANDRESEN ........... .... A umm PHYs1CAL EDUCATION W.A.A.: W.A.A. Numeralsg Major I Morton Junior College Page 53 V DAN EDGAR ANDREXV ......,...... ..... W aorlrtock COMMERCE Acroimtawy Alpha Sigma Phi Ma-Wan-Dag Sachem, Senior Manager, Star Courseg Student Senate 141, Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Clubg Arepog Black Hawk Troop, Calvary Officers Cluhg Phalanx, Skull and Crescent, Freshman Var- sity Golf Squad, Interfraternity Council 15, 41g Stu- dent Alumni Association 12, 51: Captain, University Brigade Honor Day 11, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key CORRINE MARIE ANDRENVS ................. La Salle I.lBlZRAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES English Shawnee Lu S:ille'Peru Oglesby junior College DALE EDWIN ANDREWS .............,.... Greenville LIBERAL ARTS ANU SCIENCES Pre-Law Greenville College FRED FRANK ANDR12 . .......... . . . . , . , .Berwyn ENGINEERING U Eleclriml Engineering Freshman Varsity Gymnastic Squadg First Lieutenant, University Brigade Page 54 FRANCES ANGELI. ............... . . .L4 Gmnge COMMERCE General Burineri' " Kappa Alpha Theta Commerce Council 141 Lyons Township Junior College BErrY MAIKIE ANNIS .,.................... Rorkfard AGRICULTURE Gelicfal Home Economic: Sager House The lllio 11, 2, 51: Co-Chairman, Independent In- formal 1515 Executive Council, XV.G.S, 151g First Council, Woman's League 131: Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers HENRY ARENDT ........................... Claimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sorialagy Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 111 Central Y.M.C.A. College, Chicago LENNOX JAMES ARMSTRONG ............. River Form ENGINEERING Meclmniml Engineering Chi Phi ' Phi Eta Sigma: Scabbard and Bladeg Skull and Crescent, The Daily Illini 111, Sophomore Baseball Manager: Interfratcrnity Council 15, 413 Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 111 I 0 LJ- ul Q A .v I RUEER-r WALTER ARNQLD ........... Bay City, Mich. COMMERCE , , I I Banking and Finance Accountancy Club NBay Cityirijirnior College 7,231 H ROBERT MELVIl.LE ASH ............. , .... Urbana AGRICUL'I'uRIz I General Agricullure JAlpl1a Gamma Rho Agricultural Club, Coast Artillery Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Pershing Rihesg Phalauxg RiHe Club, Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad gvilarsity Wrestling Squad 12, 3, 41 3 Major, University Brigade EDGAR EUGENE A'rIvIER'roN ......,......... Kankakee LIBERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES V Acacia Men's Glee Club 12, 3, 41 'Eastern Illinois State Teachers College CHARLES HQWE AUTEN, JR ......... ' .... Oak Pm-la AGRICULTURE General Agficulmre :Peterson Club I I Cast, l'M3H00," "Rio Rita," "Yeomen ofthe Guard" Carleton College GEORGE ROEER-I' AVERY ,,....... I .... .... C bimga , ' ENGINEERING . M General Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Tau, Tau Nu Taug Pershing Rifles, Scabbarcl ancl'Bladeg The Technograph 1313 I Major, University Brigade, Military Council Honors Day 111 WELLS AWSUMB ..............,.... llflcmpbis, Tenn. 7 FINE AND APPLIED AR'rs A Architecture Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha. Rho Chi . , . I RICHARD KIPLING BABBI1-I' ........... i ENGINEERING V Engineering Pbyrirr Engineering Physics Club, Tribe of Illini, Varsity Ice Hockey Squad 121, Letter 15, 41 Honors Day 111 . . . .Rirerride JOHN VVAYNE BAEGOTI' .............. ..... Z eigler ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta A.S.M.E. I l BARBARA ELIZAEETIAI BAILEY ....... ..,. C bimgo EDUCATION Biology Alpha Phi The Illio CZ, 535 Gold Feathersg University Chorus KZ, 39 - Morgan Park Junior College BERENICE JUNE BAKER .,......... .EDUCATIDN Englirb Le Cercle Francaisg Spanish Clubg The Daily Illini fl, 215 Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathersg University Chorus C415 Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Lady Precious Stream," "Tosca," "Yeomen of the Guard" . . . Cfklfllflfligil GRIFFIN JONATHAN BAKER ................. Marion LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Enlomology Southern Illinois State Teachers College HIERLIERT DOUGLAS BAKER ..,...,. .... 0 ala Park COMMERCE General B11.rim'.Ir Sigma Nu Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Band of X3 Skull and Crescent, The Daily Illini C135 Interfra- ternity Council 13, 43 3 Commerce Council KS, 41 i i: LEP Y ,f Q: r--' llxzjff' it ..e,'L Q STANLEY BYRON BALBACH .......... .... C henna COMMERCE Commerce and Lam Alpha Kappa Lambda ' Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Club: Cavalry Olhcers Clubg Junior Bar Associationg Pershing Rillesg' Phaa lanxg Rifle Clubg Star and Scrollg The Illio ll, 25 g Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squaclg Star Course 12, 37g Student Alumni Association 12, 311 Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 121 JACK TRUITT BALES .................... Dana, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Lrnu Phi Delta Theta WILLIS BENNETT BALLANCE ..,...... JoURNALIsIsI News amz' Erlifnriul Beta Theta Pi Sachemg Phi Alpha Chig Sigma Delta Chig Le Cercle Frnncaisg Pershing Riilesg -The Daily Illini Cl, 2, 35 . . . .Peoria FRANKLIN PRUDEN BALLARD ...... .... S 1. Clmrler EDUCATION Matlaemnlicr Phi Kappa Psi Concert Band. GJ 5 First Regimental Band LD 3 Sec- ond Regimental Band Ill ' JAMES FRANKLIN BALLARD ..... . . . .. . . . . . Cbanzpaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economic: Delta Kappa Epsiilon A Cavalry OfHcersZ.,lClubg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Freshmani Varsity Soccer Squaclg Second-Liew tenant, University Brigade ELIAS STEVE BALODIMAS .... . . .L .. . . . . . . .... Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arcbiieclnre Alpha Rho Chi Central Y.M.C.A. College, Chicago SYLVIA Lois BALSER .................., Dallas, Tex. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCEs Efzglirb Allen House University of Texasg Southern Methodist University MARIAN HATTIE BANKS ............. .... K irklaml AGRICULTURE General Home .Efonomicr Presbyterian Hall Mortar Boarclg Phi Upsilon Omicrong Chairman, Mothers Day Reception Committee Q53 5 Executive Council, W.G.S. ISD 3 First Council, XVoman's League UU, Women's Glee Club 11, 2, 5,2 Gymkana BJ: Executive Council, R.G.S. C3, 10 Honors Day 113 CLAIRE NIARGARET BANNON .......... .... J alier EDUCATION Comvzerriul Teaching McKinley Hall . Senior, Counselor5g,'R.G.S. C41 g Third Council, Wom- an's I.eague'f4lf' , . . ' Joliet Junior College ' I EARL CLAYTON BANTZ ...... . ..... .... F ifbinn AGRICULTURE General Agriclzllure Agricultural Clubg Hoof and Horn Club EDWIN JAMES BARBER, JR ....... AGRICULTURE Generzzl Agr'imltm'e Arepog Cast, "La Boheme," "Rucldigorc," "Yeomcn of the Guard" . . . .Ofmrga ROBERT EDV5'A1'.D BARD ........... ...Chicago COMMl5IlCIi General Bm'i1Ie.r.I Sigma Alpha Epsilon President, Sophomore Classg Band of X3 Caisson Clubg Scabbard and Bladeg Freshman Varsity Swim- ming Squaclg Interfraternity Council i3l3 Captain, University Brigade Y Page 55 Y HELEN Rum BARKER .............. Logamparz, Ind. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Lmzdrcape Afclyitectlzre Beta House University Landscape Architecture Societyg Independent Council HJ I RICHARD WILSON BARNETT ........... Danville, Ind. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Lalulrcnpe Arfl:irectur'e Alpha Chi Rho University of Wyonzingg De Priuw University MARY BEATRICE BARNIIART ..................' . Philo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hume Emnomivr Omicron Nug Iota Sigma Pig Phi Upsilon Omicron: Home Economics Club University of Kansas I ERLENE ELIZABETH BARRON. . .I ,........ . .Gmyxlake AGRICULTURE Gemmzl Home Ewnomic: Campbell Cottage A Q Home Economies Club: lllliirst Council, Woman's i League C41 I I, Page 56 WALTER THOMAS BARTQW .......,. ..... A lion ENGINEERING Cemmic Engineering Chi Beta ., Star and Scrollg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Baseball Squacl 13, 41 WAL'l'ER ARTHUR BARZ ..,..... .... C himga COMMERCE General Burinerr Granada Club Accountancy Club NVilson junior College ALBERT CHARLES BARzDUKAs..I ...... .... R ockford ENGINEERING Ceramic Erlgineering American Ceramic Society AVIMARGARET IRENE BAss. . . .. . . . ..... .Af-mnmng AGRICULTURE , General Home Eronomic: Campbell Cottage Home Economics Club I I :rf Honors Day C15 JACK IWUNVGER Barns ....... . .. . . .... Dixon ENGINEERING Mfygllurgiml Effrigifieering 4 I Figlohn Mineral Industries Societyg American Society for Metals' ERlNrc53iPAuL BATTAGLIA. .Sf ....... .... cbifago COMMERCE Ganeml Eminem Phi Kappa Tau' Accountancy Clubg Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squndg Varsity Wrestling Squad, Letter Q2, 3, 41 3 Freshman Varsity Football Squad RAYMOND FRANCIS BA1'rIN ................ Bradford fi FINE AND APPLIED ARTS 'Commercial Derign Sigma Phi Epsilon First Regimental Band ill U Western Illinois State Teachers College S EMMA DUNBAR BAUER .............. McComb, Min. EDUCATION ijga M 4 Spen-la H Pi Beta Phi Stephen junior Collegeg Louisiana State University . l Q W l l A. s I ii , ll . A 1 HOWARD NATHAN BAUGHER ................ Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS : Painling . MMiner House A Morgan Park Junior College 'josusvn WILLIAM BAUS .......... ,..Smlef Mound EDUCATION y English ' Managing Editor, The Independentg Independent Council 13, 413 Second Regimental Band UD: M.I.D,A. Executive Cabinet My University of Dubuque . RALPH WEsWfooD BAXENDALB .............. Srreizzor LIBERAL -ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemirlry Synton JUDITI-1 LEE BAZELON .........,............ Cbimga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Alpha Epsilon Phi President, Freshman Class 9' The Illio il. 2, 35 3 Chill'- man, Homecoming Stunt Show Q-lj 3 Orange and Blue Featheijsg Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association D223 , cast, "Li1I0m" 5 Production Staff, "Follow Thru," "Liliom" I ENID MAE BIEAL ............ .......,. . .,MonmauIl: FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Murir Fraker House Sigma Alpha Iotag Women's Glee Club cab L Univer- sity Chorus 11, 2, 53 3 Pan Professional Council 13, 41 Honors Day can Monmouth College GENEIIIEVE ELAINE BEAR ........,....... Monticello AGRICULTURE General Home El'07IU7lif!'.l' Stratford House LEONARD MEYER BEAR ...........,... Olcan, N. Y. LIDERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbenlhtry St. Boniventure College ' THOMAS EUGENE BEATTIE ...,.... .... R ack Irland COMMERCE General Burifierr Accountancy Club W Honors Day C31 E Augustana College N.. JOHN WILLIAM BEATTY ................... Rockjard FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Lanrlrcapc Archifertlzrc College Hall Independent Council Q21 BEITIE GERALDINE BECKER ................. Urbana FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Painting Alpha Lambda Deltag Illustrators . Honors Day fl, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key WILLIAM RAYMOND BECKERLE ...... Kama: City, Mo. ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Triangle A.S.M.E.g Rifle Clubg Interfraternity Council Q41 Kansas City Junior College RALPH HAROLD BECKMAN ......... .... C layzon AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Zetag Agricultural Clubg Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day 12, 35 I ROBERT BADER BBCKMANN ............ Sl., Lauir, Mn. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbefrziml Engifwering Sigma Pi Phi Eta Sigmag A.I.Ch.E. University of Oklahoma BETTY JANET BEHRENDS ................ Maron City AGRICULTURE General Home Eronomirr Sager House Orange and Blue Feathersg Production thing Goes" Stalf, "Any- DoRo'rrIv WOOD BEILER, fMRS.l .... ., . .Champaign AGRICULTURE General Home Eranarrzirr OLIVER WENDBLL BEIMFOHR ................ Deramr LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geology Cyclothern Illinois State Normal University l S :Ei 1 1, I' 5- f C . I C? A BERWYN FAI-IR BELKNAP.. ..,...... . .... Omngeville FINE AND APPLIED ARTS fiI'I .Ealffmliun CI-IARLEs VICTOR BELL .,.....,,... EDUCATION Illtfllrfffifll Ezlnrrifion Kappa Phi Kappa Monmouth Collegeg Southern Illinois State Teach- ers College , . . .Zeigler HERBERT WILLIAM BELL .......... .... S zerliug COMMERCE General Bll.l'il7?.l'J Alpha Delta Phi Phi Eta Sigmag Band of X1 Skull :Ind Crescentg The Illio fl, 2, Sl: lnterfraternity Council C423 Illinois Union Board of Directors Mig Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 133 Honors Day KU JACK HOXVARD BENARD .,.......... ..,., A Iacornb COMMERCE General Bzzrizzerr Alpha Chi Rho Western Illinois State Teachers College Page 57 EI.lzARETII BENNETT .............. .... D emmf EDUCATION Freurls The Randolph PAUL LOVINS BENNETT .... ........ . ..Windmr AGRICULTURE Gerreral Agrirnllure Agricultural Club RALPH EDWARD BENNETT .............. ..., A lion PHYSICAL EDUCATION Beta Theta Pi Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Letter 12, 3,4j VERDE WEAVER BENNETT ,...... ..... ....... L I rbmm FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Cammerrinl Derign Fine Arts Council KS, 43 : Captain, University Brigade x , R 55 L 1 e I 4 ' i V '- .' 2 . , ,-1-f --E ' .9 ' . ii' -' J A - . A- 5 ef. 4, .- , . H 'V so -2 I ,.i , ui' 1 'QS a',.a4. ,J ' ,: 9 Page 58 HARRY GORDON BENSON ......,... .,.. B loomingran COMMERCE General Burinerr Phi Gamma Delta Sachem: Accountancy Club: Band of X: Cavalry Oili- cers Club: Phalanx: Junior Football Manager: Fresh- man Varsity Tennis Squad: Freshman Varsity Basket' hall Squad: First Lieutenant, University Brigade JOI-IN MARION BENSON ......,...... Viucemzer, Ind. AGRICULTURE General Agrirullufe Agricultural Club Vincennes University XVALTER LATI-IAM BENSON ........ ...Bloomington COMMERCE Gexzeral Bzuiuerr Phi Gamma Delta Sachem: Band of X: Blackhawk Troop: Cavalry OE- cers Club: Pershing Rifles: Phalanx: The Daily Illini ll, 2, 33 5 First Lieutenant, University Brigade EDWARD LYMAN BENTLEY ........ .... C himgo COMMERCE General Brlrinerr Theta Chi Black Hawk Troop: Cavalry Oflicers Club: Pershing Rifles: Phalanx: Chairman, Freshman Frolic: Fresh' man Council: Captain, University Brigade uw, ARTHUR RAYMOND BENz .......... .... M ehfin AGRYCULTURE Gerrard! Agriculture Agricultural Club: Agricultural Education Club: Arepo: Pierrots: Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "La Boheme," "The Drunkard," "The Fireman's Flame," "Tosca" HELEN CATHERINE BERCHER ..,... ...Urbrum COMMERCE Genera! Burinerr Alpha Gamma Delta Torch: Won1an's Editor, The Illiog Student Senate 145 : Phi Chi Theta: First Council, Wdman's League Q3, 45 1 Junior Council, Woman's League can 1 Orange :Ind Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Pan-Professional Council Honors Day fl, 21 THOMAS EDWARD BERGER ................ Champaign FINE ANI: APPLIED ARTS Arcbi1erl1n'e Delta Tau Delta Scarab DOROTI-IEA ALLENE BERGIN ................ Euummn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Kappa Kappa Gamma Shi-Ai: The Illio 121: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Tamaroa: Star Course Q25 : Women's Glee Club HJ : University Chorus C11 : Cast, "Any- thing Goes," "Ruddigore" Northwestern University I in I Io E :ilu ,, D if , fi: I , LUCILLE BERKSON ...... ...............,.,. C bimgo LIBERAL ARTS ANI: SCIENCES Xoriolagy Cast, "Boy Meets Girl": Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady" Wriglxt junior College NORBIAN HERIIERI' BERLINCER ........ ..... C bimgo ENGINEERING Merlmniral Engineering College Hall Pi Tau Sigma: Tau Nu Tau: Phalanx: Independent Council Q21 g First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day Q27 BENNETT IRVUIN BERMAN .......... .... C bimgo ' COMMERCE Commerce and Lau' Cosmopolitan Club First Vice-President, M.I.D.A.: Student Senate OU: Accountancy Club: Tomahawk: The Daily Illini 11, 21: The Independent 133: Independent Council Cl, 3, 42 : Executive Council, M.I.D.A. 13, 45 Honors Day ll, 23 josrivrr RAY BIEIKNHARD .................... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Alpha Tau Sigma: First Lieutenant, University Brigade ROBERT ERWIN BERNS .... ..... S mmf Irlrmd, N. Y. LIIIERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Lau' Zeta Beta Tau Varsity Swimming Squad 141: Cast, "Brother Rat" Bucknell University CAROI. DORIS BERNSTEIN ,..,............... Chicago LIIIERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Sigma Delta Tau Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers MEI.vIN BEROVIIZ. . . .. .... .... . .. . .... Cbimga COMMERCE flffdlllllllllfj' Tau Delta Phi Accountancy Clubg Sophomore Track Managerg Inter- fraternity Council 141 RAYMOND ANTON BERTOGLIO .,.. . ..,. .Benld COMMERCE Commerce and Law Accountancy Clubg junior Bar Association J l H. "- .:f'-l. I 5, '-1 , .f.5,.nI,,7 ,gpzx-. , S3.-29 -'vm EV"- -1 Q, .Q V l A Q-gf" C 5 -12.4 1' . ' V ROSEMARY BEST .... , ........ ............. E dinburg FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Muric Erlzzmtion Alpha Chi Omega Mortar Boardg Torchg Chairman, Homecoming Stunt Show 141 3 Chairman, Dads Day Awards and Decora- tions Committee 131 1 Junior Council, WomRn's League: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg Executive Council, WoInan's League 13, 41, junior Representative, XVoman's Leagueg Senior Representa- tive, Woman's Leagueg Fine and Applied Arts Coun- cil 12, 31 g Freshman Councilg Cast, "Follow Thru"g Production Staff, "Rio Rita"g junior Prom Queen JOHN EDWARD BEVAN ....... ...... ..... D 11 fmille I- ENGINEERING Mvlnlllzrgiml Engineering Mineral Industries Society FRANCIS ANTHONY BICKEI, ,...... .... I rerdnle COMMERCE Acrolmtanry Accountancy Club JAMES FRANKLIN BICKERS ........... Memplair, Term. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Commercial Derign Alpha Tau Omega Caisson Clubg The Illio 111 5 Freshman Varsity Foot- ball Squadg First Lieutenant, University Brigade VENITA BELLE BIERMAN ............. ,... L ymlon AGRICULTURE General Home Economir: 4-H House Torchg Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home Economics. Clubg XV.A.A.g W.A,A. Numetalsg First Council, Woman's League 131 3 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feath- ersg Stuclent Alumni Association 151 Honors Day 11, 21 EDXVARD ROBERT BILLINGS .................... Elgin LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economic! COMMERCE . f1l'C0llIllfIIIL'j" Alpha Kappa Psi North Central College ALTHEA JANE BILSDORROW .................. Urbana LIIIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES German Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Lambda Deltag Alpha Pi Deltag Delta Phi Alphag Der Deutsche Vereing W,A.A.3 Orange and Blue Feathersg Star Course 121 g University Orchestra 12, 3, 41 Honors Day 11, 51 RICHARD AYLIEEE BINFIBLD ....... Wood River, Neb. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arrloileclzzre Alpha Rho Chi Gargoyleg Interfmternity Council 13, 415 Illinois Union Board of Directors 141 Hastings College JOHN EDWIKRD BIRcII.'.... ......... ....Cbimga COMMERCE Banking rum' Fimmfe Club Mortonia Accountancy Club Morton Junior College RUTI-I BIRD ............................. Oak Park PIIYSICAI. EDUCATION Physical Education Major's Cluhg Scimftarg XV.A.A.g XX'.A.A. Numeralsg Major Ig Orange and Blue Feath- ersg Gold Feathers NORLIAN GEORGE BITTERMANN .,... ...., I olier ENGINEERING G'9flL'f't1l Ezlgineering Illini 1000 Senior Council 1413 Student Senate 13, -11: Sigma Taug Independent Council 15, 413 Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 141 3 Student Alumni Association 13, 41 g M.I.D.A. Executive Council 13, 41 Honors Day 151 Joliet junior College XVILLIAM STEXYIART BLACK ........ .... C laicaga ENGINEERING Jlflecbrininll Engineering Honors Day 121 - North Park Junior College Page 59 T JOSEPH HERBERT BLAIR, JR ....... .... Rockford IRvIN BLooM..... .... .... .... Clmmpaign ENGINEERING JOURNALISM Meclnmiml Engineering ' Pi Tau Sigmag Tau Nu Taug First Lieutenant, Univer- i sity Brigade Honors Day fl, 22 1 l I EUGENE WALTER BLEICK ............ Applefou, Wir. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arvbilecluml Engineering Alpha Rho Chi Lewis Institute WILLIAM' CORNELIUS BLIXEN, JR. ...... .Edwardsville COMMERCE Affblllllllllfy I Delta Chi Phi Eta Sigmag Accountancy Clubg Star and Scrollg lnterfraternity Council Q41 Honors Day Cl, 21 CONRAD ALv1N BLOMQUIST. . . .. ........... Rockford I - LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES E ' Pre-Medical K Alpha Tau Sigma: Pershing Rifiesg Scahbard and i Bladeg Men's Glee Club C2, 5, 47 g Major, University ' Brigade ,I ,I H ' 'W 1 ff? Ir H Page 60 News and Edilorial Ma-Wan-Dag Tomahawkg Sports Editor, The Daily Illini, Sigma Delta Chig Journalism Council Lois IRENE BLUE... ..................... Rorkfor-ri LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES .Englirb Kappa Alpha Theta Shi-Ai: The Illio fl, 23 g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers, Freshman Council Buvanm' JANET BLUM. . . . . ..... . .. . . . . ....Rockford LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Prycbblogy Delta Gamma The Daily Illini UIQ Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers , l , CARL ROBERT BLUM, JRQ. ., ....... ....... Nazrgiro' FINE AND APPLIED ARTS ' Architecture Alpha. Rho Chi B.A.I.D.g lnterfraternity Council QSM Second Regi- mental Band fl, 21, - M ,. , .fri 7 X V l ' ROBERT CHARLES BLIJNGK ........ .... C bimga -, COMMERCE i Acrauimmry Theta Chi Accountancy Clubg Black Hawk Troopg Cavalry Offl- cers Club: Scabbard and Bladeg Freshman Varsity PoloQfSquadg Varsity Polo Squad CZ, 43 5 Second Lieu- tenant, University Brigade, Polo Association ... .Oak Park SHIRLEY ESTELLE BOCK ......... EDUCATION ' Hirlory Mary E. Busey Hall The Independent 1453 Orange Production Staff, "Our Town" W Honors Day C31 and Blue Feathers g ERWIN EDWARD BODMER, JR ....... .... Cbrmgo ENGINEERING Mecbrmiml Erzgirufering Miner House Tau Nu Taug A. S. M. E.g Pershing Riiiesg Captain, University Brigade JUSTIN ROBERT BOEKER ............... Edwardwillc ENGINEERING Ceramic Eugirzeeriug Delta Chi Associate Business Manager, The Daily Illinig Ameri- can Ceramic Societyg Kerarnosg Star and Scroll Honors Day fl, 5D L, L., ,M 511 J Ariat' WAYNE I-IIIREERT BOHLEN ............... Maweaqun AGRICULTURE General Agl'il'llllIl1'p' Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Clubg Second Regi' mental Band Cl, 22 A WALDON PEARsoN BOLLINGER ........... Maron Cizy ENGINEERING Eleclriral Engineering Hopper l-louse Synton Kansas City Junior College PETER GEORGE BONAVIA. . . . . .... . . . .. . .Lena COMMERCE Gerieml Burirzerr Accountancy Club CHARLES LEE BOND .... . . . . .. .... ..... B erwyn EDUCATION Pbyfical Edumliorz Sigma Phi Sigma Spanish Club: Freshman Varsity Football Squad Morton Junior College WILEURN Orro BONNELL, JR .... .... H arm-y JOHN AUGUST Bouncers, JR .... ..........., U rbamz EDUCATION FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Biology Lanrlrmpe Architecture First Regimental Band 151 University Landscape Architecture Society .- 'N - --1 A - it Thornton junior College I, fx me W Air , l FREDDA BOONE .................. .... D eerheld ILDUCATION Efzglirb Bethany Circle The Independent 141 g Production Staff, "Our Town" JACK ADOLPH BORCHARDT ...... . . , . . . .Cbimgp ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Chi Epsilong Sigma Tau: A.S.C.E.g Freshman Vars- ity Wrestling Squadg Varsity Wrestling Squad 12, 31 3 Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squad Honors Day 131 University of Southern California Wll.MA Louise BoRToLoTTI .......... Wm Fnmkfon LIBERAL Arvrs AND SCIENCES Sprlnuln The Illio 11, 213 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "H.M.S. Pinaforef' "Kind Lady," "Tosca," "Yeomen of the Guard" i JD'-. . 5. l .pq W 1 I 'Q K A . 'S fi , E '-1 -w',V K In '.-- G3 P sa i fkl f 5 1 ' 5 QL: I. PATRICIA DOANE Bounuors ..,............ Gfiggrrfille FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Lmzdrmpe Arclzilerlnre University Landscape Architecture Society JOHN PIERRE BOUXSEIN .......... ..... P rim-elou EDUCATION Mzrfbenralim' Monmouth College DONALD ERNEST BovEE .......... Sr. jolmrbnry, Vt. JOURNALISM New: and Erlilorirrl Fi-John Sports Editor, The Independent 13. 41g Alpha Tau Sigmag Co-Chairman, Independent Informal 141 g In- dependent Council 11, 2, 5, 413 Executive Cabinet, M.I.D.A. 13, 41 g Captain, University Brigade ADELE ANN BONVMAN. . , . . ...... . . .. .... Amon: AGRICULTURE G'emfrul Home Economic: McKinley Hall Alpha Pi Deltag Gymkanag First Council, Woman's League 1413 Third Council, R.G.S. 13, 41 Aurora College JESSE BERNELI. BOYD .... ...... Wen Frankfort LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Varsity Wrestling Squad 121, Letter 131g Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Varsity Track Squad 12, 51: Captain, University Brigade PEAEL CA'1'Hl?RlNE BOYER .................. Clmagn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Alpha Delta Pi Lawrence College EDGAR THOMPSON BoYNToN ......... Plefrmm Plain: JOURNALISRI Azlrferliring and Prrblirbiug Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sachemg Phi Eta Sigmag Gamma Theta Phig Sigma Delta Chig Dolphinsg Skull and Crescentg The Illio 11, 219 Junior Intramural Managerg Athletic Council 141 3 Journalism Council 141 Honors Day 111 aim? 1 JUNE BOYS ............................ Sbelbyrille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES 'i Bacteriology Laura B. Evans Hall Gold Feathersg Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 121 Northwestern Universityg University of Colorado LILLIAN KA'l'PIERINE BRAASCH ....... .... A llamam AGRICULTURE General Home EA'0ll0lIIlC.I Home Economics Club JosEPH DAVID BAADEN ........... .... G mnire Ciry COMMERCE Acrozrnfmrry Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Gyrnkanag Spanish Clubg Independent Council 131 Honors Day 111 I Wnslrington University CHARLES MACARTHUIT BRADLEY .... Q ....... Rorkfafd FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arrlnitecmre Phi Kappa Psi Freshman XVater Polo Squadg Varsity Ice Hockey Squad 1215 Second Regimental Band 11, 215 Star Course 121 g Student Alumni Association 121 Page 61 JOHN THOMAS BRADLEY, III ..........., Champaign - JouRNAI.IsM AdIfc'17i.ring and Plzblirhing H Sigma Alpha Epsilon Gamma Theta Phi, Freshman Varsity Football Squaclg Interfraternity Council 15, 41 IVIARIA CARMIZLA BRANA ........,....... .... C icero PI-IYSICAI. EDUCATION Keeler Kottage Klub Physical Education Major's Clubg W.A.A.g XV.A.A. Numerals: Major I Morton Junior College MILDRIFIB JEANNIETTIE BRANNON .......,..,... Urbana FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Il-lnrir Edggmlioar Alcestis Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Pi Delta: Phi Alpha Chig Sigma Alpha Iota: Womerfs Glee Club 11, 2, 5, 41 5 University Orchestra 13, 41 : University Chorus 11, 2, 5, 41 3 Pan-Professional Council 13, 41 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key MARX' FRANCES BRANYAN ,............... Waukegan LIIIIIRAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ' Chemirfry Pi Beta Phi The Illio 111 g First Council, Woman's League 13, 41 5 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers Honors Day 111 Ave . 'KX W .. .5 ., - 55 1 Q , ,R 'Z' Page 62 Orro EDWARD BRAUNSDORF ........ .... C bimga ENGINEERING ' Merlaafzical E11gi11eer-ing Miner House A.S.M.E. Central Y.M.C.A. College, Chicago Lnxvrs KARL BREEZE ........,.,... ,... D emmr ENGINEERING C rmmicr American Ceramic Society ROIIER-r Louis BREMER.. ....... .. . . .. . .. . .Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geology Cyclothem MELVIN CLAY BREWER .....,.... ..... C arbandale EDUCATION Biology Chi Phi Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Football Squaclg Varsity Football Letter 12, 3, 41, Captain 141 FRANKLIN ARIJEEN BRIDGEXVATER ......... White Hall AGRICULTURE Gerleral Agriculture Independent Council 13, 41 University of Arizona BEVERLIE CAROLIN BRIGGS ............... Anim, Ind. LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES German Kappa. Alpha Theta N Mortar Boardg Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Delta: Student Senate 13, -11g Shi-Aig Pan-Hellenic Council 1415 First Council, XVoman's League 1313 Iunior Council, XVoman's League, Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg Tamaroag 'University Dance Supervi- sion Committee 13, 41 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key JANE RAYMOND BRINI2 ..,......... .... C bfzmpnign AGRICULTURE Florirullnre Floricultural Club Honors Day 111 JOHN WILLIAM BRISCOE ........... .... I Venhelfl ENGINEERING Ceramic Engineering Beta Theta Pi American Ceramic Society Hanover College GEORGE Louis BRISTOXV ......... ...Oak Park COMMERCE Acromzianry Alpha Kappa Lambda President, Student-Alumni Associationg Accountancy Clubg Coast Artillery Clubg Pershing Rihesz Phalanxg Pierrotsg The lllio 1115 First Lieutenant, University Brigade: Production Staff, "Elizabeth The Queen," "The FiI'eman's Flame," "Rio Rita" HENRY MIDDLIITON BRITT, III .............. Monndr LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Delta Phi Accountancy Club, Blackhawk Troopg Cavalry Oihcers Club: Phalanxg Rifle Clubg Freshman Varsity Polo Squadg First Lieutenant, University Brigade WILLIAM ALI.AN BRITTIN, JR. .... . .... .Wbire Hmrh LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Barreriology JAMES JOSEPI-I BRODIE., ....... .., ... .Chicago COMMERCE Arr'o1nI1am'y Accountancy Club St. Viator College JOHN BUZICIQ ........., . ....... . .... Marlene, Ark. AGRICULTURE Gsvzeml 'Agrifullure Granada Club Freshman Varsity Golf Squad Arkansas State College CHARI,ns AIIIIAIUII CADXVELL ..... ,, .Griggwille AGRICU LTUIIE Gcfwml Agriclzllure EDWARD CI-IAR1.Iss CAHILI. ......... .... S pringield COM MERCE Gvnvral Bzninerr JEAN DOE CAI-IILI. ......... .. ........ . LIBERAL Anrs AND SCIENCES Bacteriology chi Omega Mundelcin College: IowaiState College C biraga I JOIIN WILLIAM CALIFF ..........,..... Rock Irlami LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Alpha Tau Omega Nia-Wan-Dag Senior Intramural Managerg Athletic Councilg Interfraternity Council Q43 Honors Day C51 CHESTER MORTON CAMPBELL ..I.. .... C himga ,IOURNALISM Newr and Edilorial Kappa Delta Rho Sachemg Accountancy Clubg Band of X3 The Illio QU g Student Alumni Association 12, 35 DONALD THOMAS CAMPBELL, ....,. ..... 1 Ufuruon COMMERCE General BlI.fll7f'.IJ' Pi Kappa Alpha University of Southern Californiag Columbia Uni- versity MARJORIE MAXINE CAMPBELL ......... ...,Ci:co AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: Home Economics Club Romznr SKIIIIMING CAMPBELL ..... ...Winnefka i COMMERCE General Buxinerr Delta Upsilon Skull and Crescentg The Daily Illini fl, 23 g Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Golf Squadg Varsity Golf Squad QI, Letter 15, 41g Senior jacket Committee HELEN ESTI-IEI1 CANTI.IN .......... .... E arlifille EDUCATION General Education I University Chorus fi, 43 Northern Illinois State Teachers College SAM JAMES CAPIZZI ....,...... Ujamerlawn, N, Y. ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma: A.S.M.E.g Pershing Riflesg Captain, University Bri- gade Honors Day Cl, 2, 33 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ARTIHIUR CLIFTON CAPS ............ Rocberfer, N. Y. COMMERCE Accounlancy Accountancy Club University of Rochester 1 CHARLES JAMES CAREY ............ .... C bicaga EDUCATION ' Pbyriml Edncalion Innis Club Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Varsity Track Squad KZ! XVALTON LAG!! CARLSON ............... Eau Moline ENGINEERING General Engineering Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Slgmag Pi Tau 'Sigmag A.S.M.E. Honors Day fl, 2, 35 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key XVHNDELL PHILIP CARLSON ........,....... Wenorm LIBEKAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES English Phi Eta Sigmag Mask and Baubleg Pierrotsg Inde- pendent Council 12, 3? 2 Cast, "Our Town"g Produc- tion Stalf, "The Firemarfs Flame," "Lady Precious Stream," "Yeomen of the Guard" Honors Day C11 ALGA LEE CARMAN ........,....... ...jappa EDUCATION Imlzzxrrinl Education 4-Point Page 65 JANET CARI-AICHAEL. , ...... .. .... . .... . .... Cbfmgo LIBERAL ARTS AND' SCIENCES French Delta Delta Delta Le Cercle Francaisg Tamaroag Production SME, "Tosca," "YeOmen of the Guard" George Williams College ROBERT IRVING CARNCRoss ......... . . . Ilflwfzlufz COMMERCE Gmcml Bniimm' Gymkanag Men's Glee Club IZ, 5, 41 Beloit College JESS GALE CARNES ...............,...... Cbmnjmign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirtary Phi Beta Kappa Honors Day ll, Z, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar' ship Key JOHN WILLIAM CARNEY.. ........ .... C 'bimga COMMERCE G'c11e."al Bgiiiurrr Phi Kappa I ' " Accountancy Club fa y - , l ex if I 1 I' , ,v Page 68 2 7 ROBERT JACOB CARPER .,............. ...Buda PHYSICAL EDUCATION College Hall Freshmen Varsity Track Squadg Varsity Track Squad 12, 5, 415 Freshmen Varsity Cross Country Squadg Varsity Cross Country Squad KZ, 31 I MARY KATHRYN CARR .... . .... . . . .... . . . .Avon AGRICULTURE Gczreml Home Economic! Presbyterian Hall Home Economics Clubg Rifle Clubg Production Staff, "Boy Mects Girl," "Elizabeth The Queen," "La Bo- heme," "RuddigoI'e" DAVID NEAL CARRELL ......... . , . . , .Sidell AGRICULTURE General Agrirulrlzre GEORGE ROBERT CARRIER ..,.....,........ Florrmuor LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemim-y Phi Gamrria Delta 'N Hanover College Y L, ,HW W l 3 .ss .f-2 ,lox-IN BRUCE CARROLL, JR ...... ,. ........ .Oak Park A. CHRISTINE CAVEGLIA .... . .... . ..... Sauer ENGINEERING EDUCATION Mechanical Engineering Eflgllib Delta Phi i Tau Nu Taug Accountancy Clubg A.S.M.lE.g Scab- bard and Bladeg Interfraternity Council Q41 g Captain, University Brigade Loki' Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day 11, 2, 51 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key KEITH LOPER CARTER. , ....... ....Woafl River FLORENCE CHALEM ....,........,.... . .... .Cbirago ENGINEERING Merbrmiral Eizgineering Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E. Honors Day 12, 31 ROBERT HUGI-I CARTER ............ .... F airfield I COMMRRCD Arcolintnnry Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Kappa Psi: Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key MAURICE ARTHUR CATTANI ........ ..., C enxmlia AGRICULTURE ' General Agriculture Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Clubg Pershing Riiiesg Y.M.C,A. Cabinet C315 First Lieutenant, University 'Brigade L , ,- ,, L., LIBERAL ARTS 'AND SCIENCES Sociology Phi Sigma Sigma , The Illio C11 1 W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathers: Production Staff, "Dracula," "It Can't Happen Here," l "Ruddigore" ' PI-IYI.LIs LOUISE C1-IALsTRoM ..............,... Jolie: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Chi Omega Gold Feathers: Y.w.C.A. cabinet 451 4 smdent l Alumni Association L21 i Lindenwood College ' TSE-TsENc CHANG ................ Hongkong, Cbirm ENGINEERING Railway Civil Ezzgiueering A.S.C.E.3 Railway Club National University Of Peiping DORO1'HX' ELLEN CHAPIN ..............,,.. Sullizvm LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES . English Presbyterian Hall Mortar Boardg Torch: Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Delta, Illini Board of Control: University Concert and Entertainment Boardg Phi Alpha Chi: Phi Beta: Arepo: Der Deutsche Vcreing Gregorian Literary So- ciety: Mask and Bauhleg National Collegiate Playersg Chairman, Mothers Day Procession Committee C311 Star Course Q21 3 Womens Glee Club C-il Q University Chorus Il, 2, S, 45 3 Third Council, Wou1an's League 15, -ll: Junior Manager, Theatre Guild lil: Cast, "The Aclmiralzle Crichton," "Brother Rat," "Eliza- beth The Queen", Production Staff, "It Can't Happen Here," "Tosca" ' MARGARET Louisa CHAPMAN ,..... ..., S ilifiy EDUCATION General Edrzration Kappa Delta Accountancy Club: Tamaroag Production Staff, "It Can't Happen Here" MacMurray College THOMAS ELDON CHARLES ............... Wooditocla LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Phi Sigma Kappa Knox College DAVID MILTON CHECKLEY ............,... .Mallaon FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arcbifecfure Delta Phi Gargoyle, Phi Eta Sigma: lllustratorsg Pierrotsg Scarabg The lllio QI, 21 : Star Course C23 g Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl," "The Drunkardf' "Eliza- beth The Queen," "Kind Lady," "Ruddigore" Honors Day 131 RUTH ELLEN CHENOWETH ....,.... Del Norte, Colo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economic: Kappa Delta Alpha Lambda Deltag The Daily Illini ill, Pan- Hellenic Council 1435 First Council, Won1an's League f4Jg Orange and Blue Feathersg Tamaroa Honors Day KU Colorado State College of Education MORRIE CHTERNER ..........,..,........... Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Lmzdrcajw Archilecture Myers Foundation University Landscape Architecture Societyg Independ- ent Council flj ANN KATHERINE CHILDERS .......... Aiiderron, Ind. PHYSICAL EDUCATION W.A.A.g XV.A.A. Numeralsg Major I Christian College MARY ALBERTA CHOATE .... . .... .... Iv Lzyiuo od EDUCATION Englirla Northern Illinois State Teachers College V Q: ass. Q-vt J tra, ,za ,L If X t AJ vu he " l rf . x t life" 1 U16 Z l li II.:-:.:.:. w I, ,1'g,1:::::- . 5 1 JULIEN MARTIN CHRISTENSEN .... .... C apron DOROTHY LLICILLE CLARK .............,. Wand Rue: COMMERCE LIEERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Accountancy Marlaezzmlinr Alpha Kappa Psi: Accountancy Club: Second Regia W.A.A.g junior Council, Womans League mffllllil Band il, 29 Shurtlefi College DEAN VVESTERVELT CHRISTMAN .......... Shelbyville HELEN JEAN CLARK ,.....,..... ..... C fmrou LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES EDUCATION Cl12mi.riI'y Home Ecozzoniicr Alpha Chi Omega Tamaroa Milwaul-cee4Downer College ROY CHRIs'roPHERsEN ..................... Cbfmgo LOISJEAN CLARK ,.............,. .... 0 Ilan FINE AND APPLIED ARTS COMMERCE Aluric Commercial Tvrlcbiug Theta xi Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Concert Band fl, 2, 3, slj Mary E. Busey Hall VALENTINE JOHN CICI-Iowsl-:I .... New B1-imm, Conn. MARIAN RUTH CLARK. .. .............. Rack lrland ENGINEERING AGRICULTURE C erdmicr A Gemfral H ame Economic: Alpha Chi Sigma Sigma Taug American Ceramic Societyg Keramos Honors Day 133 W Page 57 THOMAS ARKLE CLARIQ .....,..... .... R acine, Wir. ENGINEERING llfierlsafliral Engineering Alpha Tau Omega Pershing Riflesg First Lieutenant, University Brigadeg Cast, "Yeomen of the Guard" Beloit College A VIRGINIA VlSKNISKKI CLARK ............. Hanirlmrg AGRICULTURE General Home Eronomicr Zeta Tau Alpha Pan-I-lrllenic Council 13, 41 3 First Council, Woman's League 13, 41 1 Orange and Blue Feathers C11 g Star Course Q21 3 Women's Glen Club Q11 VERA EMMA CLAUSSEN .....i.... ....Urb1nm AGRICULTURE Genera! Home Emuomirr Home Economics Club Honors Day ll, 21 .Lours CLEMIENTS ........... A .............. D anville LIBERAL ARTS ARD SCIENCES Pre-Law Sigma Chi The Daily Illini 11, 21 'ZS Page S8 WILLIAM RITCHIE CLENDENIN .......... ...Sparla FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Mluic Alplm Kappa Lambda, I Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Accountancy Club: Men's Glee Club 13, 41 5 University Choms 12, 5, 41 W State College of Wasliington ' KENRICK DOMINICK CLIFFORD ..i. .... P ark Ridge COMMEIICE V Gemma! Bzuinen' ' Delta Sigma Phi Accountancy Clubg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Freshman Varsity Golf Squad, Interfraternity Council C31 Northwestern University VIRGIL LEROY CLODI ..,. . ...... . ..... .Buzrkmgbam AGRICULTURE General Agriculture WILLIAM ELLSNVORTH CLOE ................. Urbana LIBERAL ARTS ANI: SCIENCES 1 Zoology CHARLENIZ ANN COADY... .......... .J-...Minooka PHYSICAL .EDUCATION 1Kappa Delta M W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Major I Joliet Junior College SHUFOBD WATIs COFFMAN ..... ..... I na COMMERCE Arcafmianry Accountancy Club HARRY C01-IEN ............................. Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Q i Chemical Engineefing ' A.I.Ch.E. MINDRLL Comm .......v......... , ........ Cbiraga A A LIBERAL ARTS"AND SCIENCES Soriology , Alpha Epsilon Phi Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers l Q ,pf 5- ii' I in -'f --1 HERMAN JOHN CoLoMIso. . ...... .. . .Herrin COMMERCE General Bll.ffIlt?.fI , Phalanx, First Lieutenant, University Brigade JEANETTE DELLA COLTEAUX .... . .... .... . Robe:-11 ' JOURNALISM ' Adfferliring and Publirlrizzg I Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Alpha Chi, Theta Sigma Phig Arepog Mask and Baubleg .Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feath- ersg Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 15, 413 Women's Glee Club il, 2, 5,413 University Chorus 11, 214 Pan-Proles- sional Council 13,41 5 Cast, "H,M.S, Pinaforeug Pro' duction Staff, "Anything Goes," "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady," "Post Road" . MELVIN RANDOLPH COLWELL ....... .... E lmlmrrz COMMERCE Banking and Finance Phi Kappa Psi - Accountancy Clubg The Illio QI, 21 GERALD FusoN CoMlIs .... . .... . . .. ...Olney AGRICULTURE - G'em'ral Agriculture Alpha Zeta: Agricultural Clulig Caisson Club, Agri- cultural Councilg Captain, University Brigade Honors Day fl, 31 JACK CONARD .... ....,......... .... M a nricello ARVILLA RU'rI-I COOKSEY ..........,........ Chicago COMMERCE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Foreign Commerce Sociology Buckingham Palace North Park Junior College Caisson Clubg Pan-Xeniag Phalanxg Captain, Univer- sity Brigade ' CARL EDWARD CONRON...................Dd711'i1l6 LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Pulirical Science Delta Tau Delta FRANK SAMUEL COOK .,.. .. ..... ....Blaoming1an COMMERCE Gc'ne1'rIl BllIjl10I.l' Sigma Phi Sigma Accountancy Club: Interfratcmity Council Q33 JAMES HIRAM Cooic ......... . .... . . ..Lapeer, ENGINEERING Eleclricrll Engimeering i Flint Junior College I . I fo' ,P . T. I-. ,J i , -V :if fs-f:Y,- ,. - jffrisizl -e"-,"':- A , '- 'er M' -D , .:-4-Ce .3 rg -cz : 'Trai-. 711 ' -'u X -J ' L Mich. WI LLIAM Ju I.IUs COOLEY, ....... .... H fm-irbui-g EDUCATION Germzm Squirrel Cage Der Deutsche Vereing Second Regimental Band fl, 21 MAvIs MARX' COOPER ............ .... F regime: EDUCATION Hiriory Production Stali, "La Boheme" Rockford College THOMAS HAMLET COOPER. .. . . . . . ., ...Wilmmfille AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Captain, University Brigade I I ROBERT LEE' COPE ............... jamerlown, N, Y. , PHYSICAL EDUCATION I Gymkana I I ' I-IUIIERT EUGENE COPPER .......,...... New Holland AGRICULTURE General Ag1'iCIKlIlAl'6 i Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Education Club ' ANDREW JOHN CORCORAN .........., ...... C bicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geology Illini Hall I Clyclotherng Spanish Club: Independent Council fl, 2, 5, 41 5 Student Alumni Association 12, .31 ANN MARIE CORNELL .................. Sugar Grave LIBERAL Anrs AND SCIENCES Speech Leeinan Lodge ' Production Statf, "Lady Precious Stream," "Yeomen of the Guard" Northern Illinois State Teachers College ! 2 I H ,lirwi , .- ADOLPH. BURNET-r COSBY ............ Mug-held, Ky. ENGINEERING " Ceramic Engizzeering Pi Kappa Alpha American Ceramic Societyg Second Regimental' Band IZ, 5l Murray State Teachers College KENNETH RUSSELL. COWAN ....... .... G leucae CoMMERcE Gerzeml Bluinefr Zeta Beta Tau Freshman 'Varsity Track Squadg Varsity Track Squad C31 5 Interfraternity Council 12, 3, 4J Duke University CHARLES DoNAI.D Cox ...................... Fizbian LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bacteriology Eastern Illinois State Teachers College JAMES FRANCIS Cox, JR. ................. Oak Park JOURNALISM Ad'1"9fli.FffIg and Publiflaing Chi Psi Gamma Theta Phig Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad: Chairman, Senior Jacket Commitleeg, Interfraternity Council 6,43 g Journalism Council Page 69 EUGENE CASPER COYNER ,.,,. ....,....... S pringyield LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbflllljlfj' Beta Sigma Psi Iota Sigma Kappa: University Orchestra 15, 45 g Cast, "Tosca," "Yeomen of the Guard" Springfield Junior College DOROTHY RUTH CKABR .... ..... ...... K i ngmrm, Ind. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Muric Ednralian Theta Upsilon Sigma Alpha iota: Orange and Blue Feathersg Wom- en's Glee Club 12, 415 University Chorus 13, 45 XEUILLARD IVIATTHI-Nil CRAMER ............... Cbimga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Delta Tau Delta Sriehemg Tomahawkg Tribe of Illinig Freshman Vars- ity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad 141, Let- ter 12, 33 FENTON SWEIET CRANER ...,.. I ...,... .... E llzlmrf ENGINEERING - llflaclnmicul -Eugizzeering Alpha Sigma Phi Coast Artillery Cluhg'Pershing Rillesg Scabbarcl arid Bladeg First Lieutenant, University Brigade ., , F -:ww V- I I - E S X 1 15 .-if or 3 gb- yy, . A 4' -31 Page 70 JOHN MARSHALL Crmss, JR. ..... Pmveerrburg, W. Vu. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Gymnasticng Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Gym- nastics Squadg Varsity Gymnastics Squad 125, Let- ter Q33 Honors Day 135 American College of Physical Education RUTH MARILYNN CROMEIE ....,. .... D ixou EDUCATION General Edlzcafion Alpha Xi Delta Tamaroag Illini History Club Knox College MAR'l'IN Joi-IN CRON ................... ...jnliz-1 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemiriry Joliet Junior College JOHN THOMAS Cnoss ........... .,.. C bimga C ' EDUCATION I Cbemirlry y Loyola University 1 "f' -Y -.Ig 14C-sis, THVOMAS IWERL Caoss ............. I. .Wert Ffrmkfarr 1 ENGINEERING I Illerbaniml Engineering so A.s.M.E. I MARY ESTHER CRUM .............. .... La :Infirm- AGRICULTURE Geneml Home Erormmirf Aeolia Home Economics Club JESSE Luiz CRUMP. . . . . . . . . . . ...,... .Eau Sr. Lonif LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirtory Delta Gamma l Illinois Couege NIAIUORIE MAE- CULVIEY ........... .... E elvidere AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: Atlanta Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day Q11 L ' u it -am K . .E . I I LINDELL Lewis CUMMINs ........ ...Gram.fbm'g AGRICULTURE I General Agrlrlfllllrc Agricultural Clubg Field and Furrowg Student Coun- cil, Wesley' Foundation I-ij Honors Day 127 1'lAROl.D EUGENE CUNNINGHAM... .... Danville COMMERCE General Bmlfzerr Psi Upsilon Accountancy Club: Captain, University Brigade JOHN XVII.I.IAM CUNNINGHAM ..,. .... G ru-nee ENGINEERING Mevlafmiml Engineering A.S,M.E. ANTHONY VoI.TA CURAToI.o ....... .Broalelgm N. Y. EDUCATION General .Edzzmtlmr Alpha Kappa Pi Spanish Club Cornell University .l BETH' JEAN CURL .............. .... J film EDUCATION General Science Alpha Onmicron Pi Tamaroa Joliet Junior College WILLIAM HUGHES CUTHBERTSON ...... Sl. Lonix, Mo. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Delta Theta Epsilong The Illio il, 2, Slg Imlepentl- ent Council 11, 2, 5, 45 Honors Day il, 21 ROSWELL EDNVARD CUTLIZR .......... ....... C mzlmge ENGINEERING Mrrhaniml Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E. Honors Day ill Carthage College ROBERT RONALD CYCON .....,.,.. .... C laimga COMMERCE Gvzzeml B1z.Iim'.I.r Alpha Tau Signing First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade Mississippi State College ROBERT EUGENE DAGGEW .,........ ..... I olier ENGINEERING Civil Erzgineering A.S.C.E. Joliet Junior College PAUL ADOLPH DAHM ................ Orbkorb, Wir. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Entomology Phi Kappa Phig Phi Beta Kappag Sigma Xi Honors Day C51 XVisconsin State Teachers College CHARLES LUZERN DAILY .......... ..... S umuer EDUCATION Phy.rir.r FRANK DANIELS, JR.. ,Q ............. Freeport, N. Y. COMMERCE Arromzmry Accountanty Clubg Independent Council Q41 Honors Day BJ AI.sED I.IiSLIB DANIELsEN ........... ...Chicago ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Delta Chi Pi Tau Sigmag Sigma Taug Tau Nu Taug A.S.M.E.: Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squadg Captain, Univer- sity Brigade PHILIP ROBINSON FORD DANLEY ..... Highland Pant LIBERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES Economic: Chi Psi Scabbarcl and Bladeg Skull and Crescentg Freshman Varsity Polo Squadg Varsity Polo Squad 12, 3, 43g Varsity Ice Hockey Squad 15, 43 ROBERT .EDMUND DANN .... .. . . . . . .Claimgo COMMERCE Acraznzlfmcy Phi Eta Sigmag Accountancy Clubg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Squad 159 Honors Day fl, 2, 33 g University of Illinois Scholrirv- ship Key DoLoREs DAsIEW1cz ...................... Chrmgo LIBERAL Ants AND ScIENcEs Economic: Vifright Junior College if-.A . 'GSA Q, l 41 E A . 'Q -, If WILLIAM RAY DAVENPORT. . .' ..,....... . . .Arllmr JOURNALISM Adifertiring nm! Plzbliihing Freshman Varsity Golf Squadg Student Alumni As- sociation f2, 3, 41 Honors Day UJ ARTIIUR DAX'E!'.......... .... COMMERCE Generrzl B11.rine.rr Oregon Inclces Thornton Junior College ROBERT SIMON DAvIuoN ............. Newarle, N. I. LIBERAL Anrs AND SCIENCES Pbiloroplsy Phi Eta Sigmag Cavalry Ofhcers Clubg First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade , Honors Day 11, 2, BJ g University of Illinois Sholar- ship Key CARLOS OLIVER DAvIEs ........... .... S lfmloi' COMMERCE General Bu.firIer.I Beta Theta Pi Accountancy Clubg Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Varsity Basketball Letter QZJQ In- terfraternity Council C51 Page 71 L- 51- ii II, as . . . ..Hzu'1fey ALICE VIOLA DAvIs ............... g''1lU'fiIl!071 AGRICULTURE General Home .Ecofiomirf Presbyterian Hall p Home Economics Club, Chairman, R.G.S. Music Committee fi? 5 Third Council, Won:Ian's League C35 3 University Chorus fl, 5, 474 Women's Glee Club 15, 41g Cast, "Tosca," "Yeomen of the Guard"g Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "It Can't Happen Here," "Kind Lady" BERNELL VERNON Davis ...,..,......... Rammorzd LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES . Pre-Medical Phi Kappa Tau JOHN MASON DAVIS ................. . . .Cbimgo ENGINEERING lilefallurgical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon A.S.M.E.g Mineral Industries Society Central Y.M.C.A. College, Chicago: Wilson Junior College RACHEL CATHERINE DAvIs ..,.,........... Langzfiew FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arr EdllL'dli077 Achaea First Council, WDman's League C43 ,fa S91 Page 72 DOROTHY EI.IzAnE'rII DEAN ........ ..... A rhlan JOURNALISM Newr am! Editorial Mary E. Busey Hall Theta Sigma Phi, University Chorus fl, 2, 3, -U RAI.sToN HENRY DEFFIZNBAUGH .... .,.A-Inline COMMERCE Genera! Bzzrimmr 1 Kansas City junior College l ANTHONY JOSE:-H DE FII.IO ,......... Sr. Louir, Mo. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Pi Kappa Alpha Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Freshman Varsity Football Squad Wasl1ington University I I EDITH ELIZABIITII DEHNERT ................ Cbimgu , JOUIINALISM Ad1ferli.ring and Pzlblisbirzg Mary E. Busey Hall Advertising Manager, The Independent, Gamma Alpha Chig Journalism Council Honors Day Ill . , A PAUL MICHAEL Derss ..........,.. .... I aliei COMMERCE K, GC'7l0l'lll Buiinerx . Delta Chi Rifle Club ' Joliet junior College ROBERT RICHARD DR JONGE ...... .... C ffvimgn ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Psi Mu Sang A.S.C.E. GORDON GEORGE DE LA RONDE .... .... R acleforf! EDUCATION Induftrial Education The Ga:-Men Cavalry Officers Club, Captain, University Brigade CLIFTON LAVERN DEMING .... .. .. .. . . .Benlan COMMERCE General Bfuinerr 6 3 XY"ll.LlrIM ROBERT DEMMERT ........... .... C bingo ENGINEERING Aflerbiuliml Eiigimfvrifig Theta Delta Chi Skull and Crescent, Sophomore Intramural Manager: Interiraternity Council' Q33 5 Student Alumni Associa- tion C2l COIIA EvIsI.x'N 'DENNING ......... ..... L lrbmm ' COMMERCE V Acrofznlarzry Chi Omega Accountancy Clubg The Daily Illini 121 g Orange and Blue Feathers: University Chorus IU Wn.I.IAM WARREN DENNIS .......... ..... I lim-ride JOURNALISM Neufr and Edilarial Chi Psi A Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily Illini U, 2, 3lg The Siren II, 25, Interfraternity Council 13, 41 Louisia DEUTCH .... ., ............ . . . .Cfmmn JOURNALISM - AdI.'erti.riz1g and Pzfblirbirzg Mary E. Busey Hall Mortar Boardg Gamma Alpha Chig Theta Sigma Phi, Der Deutsche Vereing The Illio CU 3 The Daily Illini IZ, 513 CO-Chairman, Summer Prom, First Council, Woman's League I-U 3 Women's Glee Club ill . University Chorus KZ, 5l LEIAND Jo!-IN DBVERLIAN ..... .. COMMERCE Accormmnry . ....Tupek:1 Beta Sigma Psi Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Caisson Clubg Phalanxg Major, University Brigade Honors Day tl, 21 FORREST PI LGIER DEXVEY .......... COMMERCE Arran rftrmry . . . .Chicago Beta Theta Pi Alpha Kappa Psig Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Clubg The Siren 151: Commerce Council if-115 Cast, "Boy Meets Girl," "Our Town"g Production Staff, "Kind Lady" Honors Day C31 Wabash College JANE RAE DHWEY ..................... Camp G'rnz'e LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Barlerialogy Phi Mu Bacteriology Clubg The Illio f21g Production Staff, "Our Town," "Tosca" CHARLES HIINSON DICK .....,..,,.. ..... P fn-if AGRICULTURE Geuerfrl Agriczzlfnre Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Clubg Blackhawk Troopg Cavalry Ofhcers Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Pershing Ritlesg Scabbard and Bladeg Freshman Vars- ity Polo Squadg Varsity Polo Squad C21 5 Major, Uni- versity Brigadeg Military Council lv af I fr ' -is ,Q , r t, Ig? W I -J if-l F 'ff -V.'N I . V if DON DAVID DICK ................ Indianapolir, Ind. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture Delta Tau Delta Scarab Honors Day 111 JAMES FRED DICK ................. .... H errin ENGINEERING- Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pig A.l.E.E. Southern Illinois State Teachers College GEORGE HAMM DICKBRSON, JR. ...v..... Kr-fzilworrb LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Phi Kappa Sigma Ma-Wan-Dag Senior Basketball Manager: Coast Artillery Clubg Pershing Riiiesg Pierrotsg Chairman, Mothers Day C315 Interfraternity Council 13, 411 Illinois Union Cabinet 1315 Student Alumni Associa- tion f21g Athletic Council, First Lieutenant, Univer- sity Brigadeg Cast, "The Admirable Crichton," "The Drunkard," "Elizabeth The Queen" 5 Production Staff, "Post Road" MAIXX' LOUISE DIEMER ......,............. Cbimga FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Art Education Alpha Ornicron Pi Gregorian Literary Societyg Illustratorsg The Illini Graphic 13, 415 Cast, "Follow Tl1fU'lQ Production Staff, "Post Road" University of Chicago HAROLD ARTHUR DIE'rz .... . , . . . . .... Cbiraga ROEER-r EDWARD Dix. .. ...... . .... .. ....Am'0ra COMMERCE fifflllllllllilf-1' Alpha Sigma Phi Accountancy Clubg Rifle Club North Park junior College ENGINEERING Merhrmiml Engineering EDWARD GREER DILLON, JR, ....... ....Cbampaigf.' HARRY MITCHELL DIXON .... . ......... Blaomiugzon Jon RNA LIS M Neuaf and Editorial COMMERCE A Indurlrial An'mini.rtralio11 Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Varsity Wrestling Accountancy Clubg Der Deutsche Verein Squad 42, 3, 41 g Varsity Football Squad 131 XVILI-II:I.MINA ANNA DIVELEY. . . . ., .Demlur EDUCATION Erzglirb Bethany Circle Burrill Botany Clubg Gregorian Literary Societyg The Independent Q21 5 W.A.A. 5 XV.A.A. Numeralsi Chair- man, Homecoming Badge Sales Committee f21 g Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg University Chorus 1215 Production Staff, "Follow Thru," "La Boheme" NICHOLAS JOHN DI VITO ............ ..... C lnirago ENGINEERING Eleririral Engineering A.I.E.E. Illinois State Normal University RUTH VIRGINIA DIxoN ................... Yorkville AGRICULTURE General Home Emnomicr Mary E. Busey Hall Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Upsilon Omicrorig Gre- gorian Literary Societyg Home Economics Clubg Pro- duction Stalf, "H.M.S. Pinaforc-" Honors Day Cl, 21 IRVING DOEKIN .,....,..........,......... Cbimga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Entomology . Alpha Rho Chi ' Phi Beta Theta Herzl Junior City College of Chicago Page 73 JANET LUCILLE 'DOERSCI-:UK ............. Libertyville AGRICULTURE Gwlerrrl Home Economic: Kappa Delta Home Economics Clubg First Council, WonIan's League H33 Serond Council, Womans League C45 Monmouth College KATHERINE MARJORIE DOI-IM .....,......... Giram' LIDERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemiflly Keeler Kottage Klub Iota Sigma Pi: Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Elizabeth The Queen," "Kind Lady," "Post Road," "Tosca" ETIIEL MAR-IORIIE DONNELLY ....... Braaklyn, N. Y. LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb McKinley Hall Alpha Lambda Delta: Der Deutsche Vereing Gregor- ian Literary Society: Orange and Blue Feathers Honors Day ll 'I XVALLAKIE SUMMRIIS DOOI.EY ......... Doyleuarwz, Pa. JOURNALISM Newr and Editorial Theta Delta Chi Editorial Editor, The Daily Illinig Phi Alpha Chi, Sigma Delta Chig Skull :Ind Crescentg Journalism Council Honors Day 131 I I i I -' if my "Zig, A. M , -I ' wjfff t wig '-Willie.. Q I. --,1.3,, I 1-.'. ALI .N-"-an-1C"Yf2ZZ"d'1fv-A, 'ulrihi R1 Page 74 FRED BERNARD DQRE ...,......... Irvingran, N. I. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbeminry Phi Eta Sigmag First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Daly fl, 21 ' GEORGE KENNETH DoTsoN ....... ...Ridgr-farm AGRICULTURE Gefreral Agriculllzre Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Education Club CURTIS PREDRICIQ DOWNEN ........... IlVe.r1 Fwmkfarl AGRICULTURE Gelrcfal Agricullure Peterson Club JOHN Josizvrr DOXVNES .............,..... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Baclarialogy W Bacteriology Clubg Independent Council GJ Wriglit Junior College HENRY BURTON Dowxvs ......... .... Ill rbfrna EDUCATION Biology Sigma Chi Sachemg The Daily Illini f1,A,2jg Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Track Squadl Varsity Track Squad, Letter O, 3, 413 Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad LAWRENCE JOSEPH DOYLE ......... ...Stafzyrrgfqzr ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Theta Kappa Phi A.S.C.E.g lnterfraternity Council My Saint Viator College JAMES LESLIE DRAKE ......... ' .... ..... . .Oak Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Poliliral Science Delta Phi Cavalry Olhcers Club, Rifle Club, First Lieutbnzrnt, University Brigade WILLIAM THOMAS DRAYER ..,.... .... A Ietrapoli: AGRICULTURE General Agrirulture Agricultural, Club K W y Southern Illinois State Teachers College I L- I "'l.'?',-' ' es? I, . -. U' gpg' I W ' I 'T if W g Y' l IQ?" I ga , V 5 -' I HARRY SAMUEL DRENK7 . . . . ..... ,.......,. C lvimgn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Palitiral Lrienfe Citadel Wfright Junior College MARJORIIE PAULINE DROLL ........, .... R tlllkill COMMERCE General Burilrerr Alpha Xi Delta Augustana College: Purdue University LEONARD JACOB DRIIKER .................. Rachelle LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemirfry College Hall 1 MILTON CI-IARLES DUISSKY ....,... .... B erwyn EDUCATION Pnlitiml Scirnre Morton Junior College I T , I ERVIN GILBERT DLIIZRINGER ..,... ..... ll 'Iel-vin ENGINEERING Agriclrlrural Erzgineeriflg Sigma Phi Epsilon Sachemg A.S.A.E.g Coast Artillery Club: Star and Scrollg Interfraternity Council C413 Y.M.C.A. Cab- inet Q53 g First Lieutenant, University Brigade JOHN QUENTIN DUFFY .,....,,...........,.. julie: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bncferirilagy Joliet junior College DOROTHY FRANCES DULIEY ............... Hnaprflwl LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Gregorian Literary Societyg Le Cercle Francais: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers LEVIIRETT EARL DUNCAN. . . .. .... .. .. ..Dem1uf COMMERCE Arramrluncy Accountancy Club HOH0fS,D3Y 113 4 .L fy X, All "ri . . 5 BARBARA ELLEN DUNI-IAM .......... ...Glen Ellyn JoURNAI.1sM New: and Ediiarial Delta Delta Delta Torchg Kappa Tau Alphag Alpha Lambda Deltag Shi-Aig Theta Sigma Phig The Daily Illini fl, 2, an 1 Orange and Blue Feathersg journalism Council Honors Day 11, 2, 53 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ROBERT RALPH DUNIIAP .... . .... . .... Toulon EDUCATION Speech Beta Theta Pi Freshman Varsity Football Squad FRANCIS HEIJRY DUNN .............,, Sz. Lauir, Mo. EDUCATION Pbyriml Edumliwl Honors Day C35 Central Missouri State Teachers College GEORGE HARRY DUNN ........... ...Beardrfown COMMERCE l General Bzlrinexr Phi Delta Theta ' Ivla-Wan-Dag Sachemg Senior Baseball Manager: President, Athletic Council 143 g Student Senate 141 g Accountancy Club - GEORGE RAYMOND DUNN ......,... Lake Village Arla. AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Moton Agricultural Clubg Black Hawk Troopg Cavalry Orti- cers Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Pershing Riliesg Scabbard and Blade: Lieutenant Colonel, University Brigacleg Military Council HENRY OLKVER DUNN ............... Billingr, Mom. AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Phi Eta Sigmag Agricultural Clubg Men's Glee Club C39 Honors Day Q13 LA VELLE ETHIEIJNE DUNN .,..... ....Garn'ner COMMERCE General Bn.rizrr',I.r Accountancy Club RICHARD THOMAS DUNN .................. Narmnl LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Science Delta Phi Sachemg Alpha Tau Sigmag Debating Clubg Pershing Riflesg Scabbard and Bladeg Interfraternity Council CZ, 313 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet C515 Major, University Brigarleg Military Council S5 mm OLIVER WILIARIZD DURRANT ......... ...Clairagn ENGINEERING Meclamzirzil Engineering Triangle Pi Tau Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: A.S.M.E,g Fresh- man Varsity Track Squadg Varsity Track Squad C21 g First Regimental Band l1,' 2, 5, 4D Honors Day 11, 2, 311 University of Illinois Schol- arship Key HENRX' DUSZAK ................. . . .Chicago ENGINEERING Elecrriml Engineering A.I.E.E.g Synton MONICR IDVUORSKI ........... . .... Rorberler, N. Y. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Alpha Epsilon Phi The Siren fl, 275 Orange ancl Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association 12, 51 CLIFFORD EDMUND DYER ......... .... S nmnm: ENGINEERING Eleriviml Engiueerifig A.I.E.E.g The Technograph C31 Page 75 I'IOXY'ARD HERBERT EATON .......... ...Urbfum AGRICULTURE General Agriculrlzre Alpha Tau Sigmag Pershing Ritlesg Varsity Baseball Squad 4313 First Lieutenant, University Brigade JOHN THOMAS EAToN .,.............. Wbiling, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pnlifical Srienre Zcta Psi Accountancy Clubg The Illio 117 g Sophomore Basket- ball Manngerg Varsity Polo Squad 1295 Interfratern- ity Council 13, 43 1 University Orchestra Q11 RICIIARD EUGENE EATON ........... ,..Urbmm AGRICULTURE General Agrirulmre Alpha Tau Sigmag Pershing Riliesg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squaclg Varsity Baseball Squad QZ, Sl 3 Cap- tain, University Brigade Honors Day Q31 PHILIP GEORGE ECKERT ..,. . .... . ........... Moline FINE AND APPLIED ARTS flrrhilerture Phi Kappa Phig Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Tau: A.S.C.E'. Honors Day fl., 2, Sl 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key 'K 5. -if N' I qs. as x 5 3 51 Page 76 RICHARD DALE ECKHARDT .................. DeKalb LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Phi Beta Kappag Phi Eta Sigmag Omega Beta Pig Phi Lambda Upsilong First Regimental Band Cl, 21 Honors Day Cl, 2, 55 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key JAMES DONALD EDWARDS .... , .... .... K ifklaml COMMERCE Accamzrrmry Accountancy Clubg Caisson Clubg Captain, Universfty Brigade SI-IIRLEY MARGARET EDWARDS .... . ....Bvrwyn - EDUCATION Efzglirb Keeler Kottage Klub Morton Junior College HENRX' DALBERT EGIIIN ............ ...Denimr ENGINEERING Railway Electrical Engineering The Mansion Eta Kappa Nug Sigma Epsilong Sigma Taug A.I.E.E.: Railway Clubg Concert Band fl, 2, 3, 43 Honors Day fl, 31 CORNELIA ELIZABETH EIRICII ..... ....Na.rbville to EDUCATION Englirh Sager House Der Deursche Vereing The Illio Q21 g The Daily Illini ll, 25g Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Production Staff, "The Admirable Crichton," "Spring Formal" AVERON HAROLD EIsENsTE1N ...,........... Chimga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Mediml ' Alpha Epsilon Pi Phi Eta Sigma: First Regimental Band 11, 2, 5, 4l Honors Day il, 23 JANE AIIDREY ELLIS ,.............. Maplewomi, Mo. JOURNALISM X and Pnblirning Alpha Omicron Pi Kappa Tau Alphag Theta Sigma Phig XV. A, A. De Pauw University HARR1' RICHARD EI.MzRN ............. ..... C bimgn ENGINEERING Merbaniml Engineering A.S.M.E. Lewis Institute 75 Im' 9 'B-2-3" Pi Doaomx' MARIE ELSNER .....,.. . . . .Fmnlafarr EDUCATION Englirb Salfer Court Production SMH, "I-l.M.S, Pinafnre' FRANCES JANE EMBSHOFF ....,...., Western Springr EDUCATION Hirlory Chi Omega La Grange Junior College GAYLORD BRITTEN EMRICK. . . . .... ..... O mngeville COMMERCE General Bmiriefs CAROLYN MAE EMSING .......,,.. ..., U rbafza EDUCATION Englirb The Daily Illini fljg Orange and Blue Feathers: Production Staff, "Our Town" DAX'lD Al.lilill'I' FIELD .......,....,,. Onunnm, N. Y. PIn'sIr:AI, EIIucA'I'IoN Delta Theta Epsilon: Gymnasticag Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squad: Varsity Gym- nastics Squad Ili. Leiter 13, -U GIzcIRcIz EuxwIN Fllil.I,DHOllSlZ ,..,. I-'luniuiirrilla N. j. ENGINMQRING . Cirll liugimfvrirzg Phi Kappa Sigma A.S.C.E.1 Mu-San: Tribe of Illinip Varsity Ice Hockey Squad ill, Letter 13, -lj CIIARLISS BRYAN FII.I4IzRI'. . . .. . . . . .. . .Earl Malmo COMMIQRCI: l'llil'0IIllf1llIITj' Beta Alpha Psi: Accountancy Club Honors Day il, Zi I.AwRIzNcu Joi-INSON FINRROCR ............. Urbana l.InIzRAL AR1's AND SCIENCES Geology Phi Kappa Sigma Cyclothemg lntcrfratcrnity Council 15, 415 Illinois Union Board of Directors i-H 3 Student Alumni Asso- ciation 131 'rad 'E WILLIAM HOXVARD FINLIEY ........... Byenfille, Ohio COMMERCE Banking and Fimmce Caisson Club, Scabbard and Blacleg Scimitarg First Lieutenant, University Brigade DoRo1'I-Ix' Evuarirr FISCHILR ............. Pfzrle Ridge LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cluuirf Alpha Chi Omega The Illio Q21 5 Gold Feathers, XVomcn's Glee Club Q23 Beloit College JACK HARoLu FISHER ........ . , . . .KdifllI1!1Z00, A-Iirb. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Lrm' Phi Epsilon Pi Rifle Club Kalamazoo Col lege IVTARY Louisiz FISHER ......... . .... . .... .. . .Bemenr I.IIiI1RAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Mulbemalirr Chez-Nous Accountancy Club MacMurray Col lege NORMAN DECATUR FISHER .........,....... Rockford LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Phi Kappa Sigma The Illio HJ h'lAl'tGAltIET ANN FISKE ................ .... it Ioline AGRICULTURE General Home Eranolnicr Kappa Delta Home Economics Club MacMurray Collegcg Augustana College KA'riII,EIIN FI'rzoERA1.D. , . . . ......... . . . . . . . ..A1fon LIBERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Mary E. Busey Hall Senior Business Manager, Illini Theatre Guildg Pro- duction Staff, "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady," "Lady Precious Stream," "Yeomen of the Guard" Stephens junior College PAUL FREDERICK FLAMM' .................... Dixon LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Eugineerirzg Granada Club Phi .Eta Sigmag Omega Chi Epsilong Phi Lambda Upsilong A.I.Ch.E.: Coast Artillery Clubg Scabard and Blacleg The Technugraph tl, 23 : Student Alumni Association Q3, 415 Captain, University Brigade Honors Day tl, 2, 53 Q University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key J- CLARK FLRCICINGER ,,............. .... C bimgo COMR-iERCIa General Bluiflerr Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Club Northwestern University ERMA ADELINE FLEMING ............., Em: 51. Lonir EDUCATION General Education Bethany Circle I Phi Chi Theta: Accountancy Club: Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady," "Our Town," "Tosca," "Family Portrait" Honors Day U1 Wlashington University JOSEPHINE IRENE FLEMING ...,.......... Champaign PHYSICAL EDUCATION Atlanta Orchesisg Physical Education Majur'S Clubg W.A.A.g XV.A.A. Numeralsg Independent Council Q59 g Orange and Blue Feathersg NXfumen's Glec Club Q25 1 XVILLIAM JACK FLOCKER ............. Villa Grave AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Granada Club Page 79 EDWARD STEDMAN FLORENCE ..... . I . . . .. . .La Grunge CLAIRE BEATRICE FOGELSON. , . . . ......,..... Claimga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Science Lyons Township junior College BONNIE KATEIRYN FLYNN .,................ Cbimga FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Art Eduraliwz Alpha Delta Pi lllustratorsg Mask and Bauble: Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Production Staff, "The Ad- mirable Crichton," "Boy Meets Girl," "Brother Rat," "Post Road," "Spring Fever" HERBERT JOSEPII FOEDERER .,..... ...Pierron COMMERCE General Buriuerx Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Baseball Squad 14? St. Viator College EDWARD FOGARTY .........,...... .... S pringield COMMERCE ' Accountancy Newman Hall Accountancy Club 3 . if Page 80 LILIERAL AR'I's AND SCIENCES Prycbology Laura B. Evans Hall Alpha Kappa Dcltag Psi Chig Third Council, Woni- cn's League 153 Honors Day Q51 Northwestern University MARE' TI-IERESA FOLTZ .........., ...flbifigrlfm EDUCATION General .Edlzmtion Davenport House Knox College CHARLES Bisuov FORD, JR. ....,. .... P Ififrrrbung ENGINEERING Elerlrirril Engineering Kappa Delta Rho - A.I.E.E. Southern Illinois State Teachers College FRANCES BERNADINE FORDON .,....,........ Chit-ago FINE AND APPLIED AR'rs Commerrial Darigu Delta Zeta A Rille Clubg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Fcathcrsg Production Staff, "Brother Rat" JOSEPH FORGACS ................. . . .Nakamii AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Honors Day QU ETHYL SHANNON FORLANV ...,............,. Freeport LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbeflzirlry Alpha Xi -Delta Rifle Clubg Shi-Aig The lllio il, Zig Orange and Blue Fcathersg Student Alumni Association Q21 WILLIAM EI.IEus FOSNAUEH ..,......... While Hefuli AGRIcUI.TI.IRE Geflerul Agrii'nl1m'c' Alpha Kappa Pi Agricultural Clubg Freshman Varsity Wlrestling Squad ROBERT GERARD FossI.AND ...,.,.... Winflnmp Harbor AGRICULTURE I General Agriculture Alpha Zetag Agricultural Cluhg Cavalry Officers Club: Dairy Technology Societyg Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Bladeg Major, University Brigade Honors Day ll, 3? 45- Dono'rI-IY PATRICIA Fos'IIeR ,,...... .... C bimgri COMMIZRCIZ C0l7IlllL'I'l'L' nm! Law Mary E. Busey Hall The Daily Illini fl, 21 : Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers l GIEORGIZ NORTON FOSTER ........... ...... R idgzmzy FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Paimirlg Illustrators Honors Day fl, 2, 35 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key X NOR'l'ON CONOVER FOSTIER .............,. Sprmglielu' LIIIERAI. ARTs AND SCIENCES Clacfniml Eflgimfvrizig , A.I.CIi.E. I Illinois College All'l'I'IUR ERNIzs'r FOLIRIER .....,... ..,. C bimga EDUCATION Pbyrirul Elllllfdllllll Delta Theta Epsilong Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad CZ, 3, 47 l l I JOHN ANDREW FOURNIER ........, ENCINLIRRINC Merbrmlcnl Engineering Acacia .. . .Cbimgo A.S.M.E.: Freshman Varsity Track Squad University of Wisconsin FIOXVARD KENNETI-I FOUTE .,........ . ENGINEERING .ElL'i'li'ia'nl Engineerifrg Alpha Sigma Phi A.I.E.E.: Freshman Varsity Fencing ond Regimental Band Cl, 23 XVilbur WI'iglIt,lLII1icmI' College CLARENCE IVIAX Fowrisn .............. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemiml Ezzgirzeering A.I.Ch.E. EVELYN Louisr Fox ............ AGRICULTURE General Home Erormmicx Davenport House I 'fx . . . Oak Park Squad 3 Sec- .. ..Cer1Iralia . . . .Clzumgo FERN ELIZABETH Fox ,........ ..... Lebrmarz - EDUCATION Englirb Presbyterian Hall XVomen's Glee Club Ol 3 Tamaroa: Production Staff, "lt Can't Happen Here," "Lady Precious Stream," "Rio Rita," "Smoke Rings," "Yeomen of the Guard" McKendree College FRED CLOW FRANCIS ........,...,....... New lmzux AGRICULTURE Gefleml Agriculnzre Farm House Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Illinois Ag- riculturist 11, 2, 31: Agricultural Council bij JULIUS FRANCIS ..,................ ...Clumgo AGRICULTURE Gefieral Agrimlllzre Newman Hall Agricultural Club: Dairy Technology Society JOE EUGENE FRANK ............. .... V rurririlia EDUCATION General .Ealfzcaliou Sigma Chi Tomahawk: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Basket- ball Squad: Varsity Basketball Squad, Letter 12, 5, 43 : Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad ' l JULIA ANN FRANKLIN. .. . . . . J . .. .,.Cbmu1migu ' . COMMERCE A I -- ' Accalmfuury - Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi.Chi Theta: Accountancy Club: Orange and Blue Feathers :' Gold Feathers Honors Day KU . ' ANGELINA FRAscoNA. . .. ...,....... ..... C lm-nga EDUCATION Ezzglirh Theta Phi Alpha i Pi Delta Phi: Der Deutsche Verein: Le Cercle Fran- cais: Orchesis: Women's Debate Club Honors Day 135 Morgan Park Junior College I i LUCILE RFEBIE FREDIGKE ..,................ Chit-ago LIBERAL ARTS ANDSCIENCES Geology Presbyterian Hall Cyclothemg Production Staff, "Lady Precious Stream" Vilright Junior College ANTONIA JUNE FREEMAN ............ . . .Warbfugmn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirrgiry Allen House Illini History Club Eureka College THOMAS JOSEEII FREEMAN, JR ....' . .... Bemwirillv T COMMERCE I ' ' , Accounlanry Beta Alpha ,:Psig Accountancy Club I I . Horrors Dayf Cl, 2, 33 5 University of Illinois .Scholar- ship Key ' , ELIZABETH .NIAURINE FRENCH ......... .... P llllmrll AGRICULTURE General Home .Econonziff 4-H House ' ' Home Economics Club.: Illinois Agriculturist Ml: XYf.A.A.g W.A.A. Numerals: Tamaroa Eureka College RAYMOND DOUGLAS FRIENCH.. .... .... P :mmm AGRICULTURE General Agriclzlflne' Farm House Alpha Zeta: Agricultural Club: Dairy Production Club: Field and Furrow: Hoof and Hom Club: Pal- estra: Illinois Agriculturist 12, 31: Illinois Union Board ni Directors HJ: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet f3l ANNIZTTE FRIEDMAN ....... ......,. , .... Similar LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Burferiology Alpha Lambda Delta: Orange and Blue Feathers Honors Day Qlj Page 81 SIDNEY JACK FRIEDMAN ................. Cbrirropber FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Ari Edumlion Southern Illinois State Teachers College: Wisconsin State Teachers College Joi-IN Louis FROTI-IINGHAM ................ Euumtan LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hinory Sigma Chi Sachemg Caisson Clubg Junior Basketball Managerg Sophomore Intramural Manager: Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad ROBERT NEXW'ELL FRYER ,... .... . ..... . ....Elmbur.r.' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Erarzomizu' Kappa Delta Rho Roscon NEAL FULK ..,... . ....... ...,. I .ebo, Kan. COMMERCE AL'L'0IH1ftlllL'j' Phi Sigma Kappa Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club Kansas State Teachers College C 1 SANTRY CLAY FULLER ......... . ...... ....Prinreion FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arrbilermfe Delta Tau Delta Scarab DEAN GEORGE FULTON ......,..... ...Villa Grave AGRICULTURE Gemfml Agriculture Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Club, Agricultural Education Club, Hoof and Horn Club ELEANORE AGNITA FURLONG ................. Olmwfi LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Euglirla Stratford House Le Cercle Francais: Spanish Clubg Chairman, Inde- pendent Informal Committee 431g Chairman, Dads Day Publicity Committee C555 Chairman, XV,G,S, Publicity Committee C575 Executive Council, W.G.S. 1435 First Council, Woman's League G, 453 junior , Council, Woman's League 14,5 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Production Stal-T, "Boy Meets Girl," "Spring Formal" XVILBUR WILLIAM GADY ............ ..,. S adam: COMMERCE Banking amz' Finance Beta Sigma Psi Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad ' af' .2 J A 6 I . ,- V' F 7 I . C -c K III iii ..v'iN' A: , , "' ,L as CM" , L rr i ' lv . is S' I i in I X S I '- . . ,. V. ":- V 1-r g 1 , T . Page 82 ANNETTE CAROYLN GAETJE .... . . .. .. . .Glenview COMMERCE Foreign Commerce Mary E. Busey Hall Accountancy Clubg Spanish Club LOIS IDELL GARD .... . ........I . ........ Beam'.rfo1wz LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Tamaroa MacMurray College NED ,lARiEs GARDNER ..........,. .... R ockforrl COMMERCE Accountancy Phi Kappa Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Clubg Varsity Ice Hockey Squad Q21 3 Interfraternity Council G, All Honors Day CZ, 53 JEANNETFIE IVTARIIZ GARGULA ...... .... C birnga EDUCATION Biology McKinley Hall The Illio C11 g W.A.A.g W.A.A, Numeralsg Major Ig Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers KIQNNETH LEE GARRETT ..........,........, Clsimga ' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIIzNcEs Errnlomiar Tau Kappa Epsilon Cavalry Officers Clubg Pierrotsg Scabbard and Blade: Freshman Varsity Polo Squad, Varsity Polo Squad f2, 5, 45 1 Major, University Brigade: Cast, "Brother Rat," "lt Car1't Happen Here," "Lady Precious Stre-am"g Production Staff, "The Fireman's Flame" ROBERT DOUC3l.AS GARWOOD ...... ..... G ary, Ind. EDUCATION General .Edlrmliofz Tau Kappa Epsilon Dolphinsg Freshman Varsity Swimming Squadg Fresh- man Varsity Water Polo Squadg Chairman, Senior Memorial Committee PAUL GAXVTHORP ..... , . . .. .,... . . . . . .Wen Salem LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Mathemalir: RAYMOND KENNETH GEHLRACEI ..... ...Berman AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Chi Rho Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club WALLACI: HENRY Gsisz .................. Cl7tltllL'lI'ff PHYSICAL EDUCATION Delta Theta Epsilon: Varsity Track Squad 12, Sl Honors Day 11, 2, Sl : University of Illinois Scholar- ship hey CHARLES JOSEPH GENSTER, ....... .... S hejiclil COMMERCE General Buriucm G.O.l-I. Club Phi Eta Sigma: Vice-President, junior Class: AC- countancy Club: Caisson Club: Pershing Rifles: Pha- lanx: The Illin 1ll 4 Junior jacket Committee: Inde- pendent Council 12, 5, 45 : Major, University Brigade Honors Day 11, 35 KATHRYN ELISAAETH GERMAN ............ Yale.: Ciry AGRICULTURE Geflcml Home Erozmmirr Achaea Bradley Polytechnic Institute josiam-I JAMES GIALLOMHARIIO ...... Cleveland, Ohio PI-IYSICAI. EDUCATION Alpha Tau Omega Ma-Wan-Da: Sachemg Gymnastica 3 Tomahawkg Tribe of Illinig Captain, Freshman Varsity Gynmastits Squad: Varsity Gymnastics Squad, Letter 12. 5, -U, Captain 13, 43 5 Cheerleader 12, 51 g Cast, "Bartercd WBI'lliE" 'N A I l r.- sl xi J? , 7 4 ...,. , 'A Y f' I fr ',, A If I? I ' -. at it ii,y A CIIARLEs ATTILIO GIANAsI .,................ Kincaid LIIIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Miner House Blackburn College MARIAN BETH Grass ................ ...La Rare PHYSICAL EDUCATION -l-H House Orchesis: W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numerals: Major Ig Orange and Blue Feathers: University Chorus 13, 43 DONALD ROBERT GIBSON .......,.......... Rot-kim-rl ENGINEERING Merlmniml Eugineerifzg 1K.S.M.E. ' ELIZABETH LOUISE GIBSON ...,........... DuQuoin LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Stephens Junior College RICHARD PAUL GILBERT, JR .... . ....... .... C biraga PHYSICAL EDUCATION Theta Chi Ma-Wan-Da: Sachem: Senior Track Manager: Fresh- man Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad 12, 43 VVALTER HARMON GILBERT ......,.. AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Illinois Agriculturist 11, 2, 53 Honors Day 111 BENJAMIN TURNER GILDDRSLEEVE. . . . . . . .Hmirwz AGRICULTURE General A grirulizlrc Sigma Phi Sigma JOHN EDWIN GILES, JR.. . .. ..... . .... . . . ..Mdfi0I1 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical .Engineering Theta Delta Chi Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A.I.Ch.E.: Scabbard and Blade: Captain, University Brigade .. . .ML Vernon I , ,I th. A I EDWARD BONIIOY GII.I.nR ..,.......,..... ltffhize Hall LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIISNCIZ:-I Cbfmiml Eugifreerlug Alpha Tau Omega A.I.Ch.E. , Kemper Milita ry. Academy LOREN ERNEST GILLHOUSE, jR..... COMMERCE General Buriiiexr . . . .Quincy Theta Xi Accountancy Club: Concert Band 15, -ll Culver-Stockton College FREDERIC THEODORE GILSON, .. . . . . COMMERCE Acrozlnfafrry . . . . Cbimgn Phi Kappa Accountancy Club: Pierrots: Senior Jacket Committee: Interfmternity Council 12, 3, ffl: Cast, "The Fire- man's Flame," "Rio Rita"g Production Stalf, "The Fireman's Flame," "Yeoman of the Guard" Northwestern University CHARLES NORMAN, GINOLI ....... .... P earia COMMERCE Arrozuztanry Alpha Kappa Psi: Accountancy Club: Independent Council 12, 5, 45: Production Staff, "Behold This Dreamer" - Page 83 FRANK FORREST GI.ADsoN, . .... ...DuQuoin EDWIN FINIS GIJASMANN... .,..... Springheld, Mfm. COMMERCE ENGINEERING Gwleral Blzrinerr Accountancy Club Southern Illinois State Teachers College FI.oRcNcIz EVELYNNE GI.AsscocI:... .... .Marman JOURNALISM Nexus' and Ejiiorial Alpha Gamma Delta Vice-President, Student Alumni Association: The Daily Illini fl, 23 1 Women's Chairman, Senior jacket Com- mittee: Chairman, Homecoming Dance Committee 143 1 Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers: Pro- duction Staff, "Boy Meets Girl," "Midsummer Nights Dream," "Spring FoI'mal"g Football Court of Honor 141 KATHERINE ELIZAIIRTH GLIQISER, ...,... .Cbmzrpnign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geagraplyy MARY IANE GLIQNNAN ,.......... ...Clumga JOURNALISM Advertixing and Plrblirbirlg Alpha Chi Omega Mortar Boardg Torch: Shi-Aig The Illio 11, 2, 33g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold -Feathersg Star Course 425 E 1 l III L kllll lllil li iiili Page 84 Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. WILLIAM VIsI2L G1.onIcII ................... Zeiglar LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Southern Illinois State Teachers College JUDITH HAINES GLOXIIER ,.............. Pinrkneyrille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Eta Sigma Phig Phi Alpha Chig Orchesisg Orange and Blue Feathers: Golcl Feathersg University Orches- tra. Q11 Honors Day U1 Sus-ANNA GLOVBR ...................... Pelenburg AGRICULTURE General Home EL'0Il0lllit'..f Kappa Delta Orchesisg Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "The Drunkardn Lindemvood College VICTORY GLYNND. . . .......... -. ,L . . . . . . . .Bemem FINE AND APPLIED ARTS ' . i p I .Muxic I , ,Sigma Alpha Iota: University Chorus Gi S University Orchestra- f4J ' BENITA Al.PHARl2'l'TA GoAD ................ Cenlmlifr FINE AND APPLIED ARTS . M'n.ric Edfzralion Presbyterian Hall University Chorus 63, 41 4 Womens Glee Club HD NIINNETYE Gonow' .,.... , .,............... Cbimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Prycbology Laura B. Evans Hall I Psi Chig Orchesis FIIEDRICK IRVIN GODXVIN ..... . . . .. . . . .. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Poliliml Science . . .Allan Citadel 'VICTOR PIJZRBERT GOEIKIG ............ -V f . COMMERCE - Blinking and CDIIIIIIEITL' ' Gray Gables - Independent Council Q57 V , Armour Institute of Technology ....Cbimgo MELVIN ARMANI: GOERS. I ....... COMMERCE Accolmfancy Accountancy Clubg Cavalry Ofhcers Clubg Phalanxg Independent Council Q25 g Captain, University Brigade , . . .Champaign JEROME GOLD ............,...... .... C bimgo COMMERCE General BllJ'i7IE.f.I Tau Delta Phi Accountancy Clubg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad WILLIAM JAY GOLDE .............,. Cleveland, Obie EDUCATION General Educarion Tau Epsilon Phi Delta Theta Epsilong Dolphinsg Gymnastica: Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squaclg Varsity Gymnastics Squad, Letter 12, 3, 45g Cast, "Barteref.l Bride"g Cheer Leader 15, 45 Honors Day OJ LEONARD GOLD:-IAN ..,...............,..... C'lJimgn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Clzcmirfry Meyers Foundation Independent Council 131 BURTON ALVIN GOLDSTEIN .......4.....,... Cbii-ago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cl:7K7IlI1'1l1 Elpghieering Alpha Epsilon Pi Phi Eta Sigmag Sigma Taug A.I.Ch.E.g Illinois Union Cabinet 151 Honors Day 11, 21 EDITH GoLns'I'IIIN .............. . . .IVIfu1b1nffm, Kan. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pryrlmlogy Laura B. Evans Hall Psi Chig R.G.S. Council 131 University of Nebraska CHARLES FREDERICK CoLDsToNE ........... Galerburg LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre4Law Colonial Manor Varsity Debate Team 121 9 The Daily Illini 111 ' ' -5 ff' iii f 3 -+5 'n . 'ly . -'V ' Y, D" .I E ' . sg, 11.-.5 144 I .Trl FRANCIS JOSEPH GOODRICII ..,...., .... C laimga AGRICUL'1'URl'! General Agriculture Theta Kappa Phi A.I.E.E.g Dairy Technology Societyg The Illio 111: Interfraternity Council 13, 413 Student Alumni As- sociation 12, 31 Q Cast, "Anything Goes," "Rio Rita" Armour Institute of Technology ' JOHN ROBERT GOODZEY ........... .... C himgn ENGINEERING Meclanniml Engineering A.S.M.E. Wright junior College RICHARD GI.ENN GORDLIZY ....... ...ML Sze,-ling COMMERCE Avrnfzrilalzcg' Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigmag Beta Alpha Psig Phi Alpha Chi, Accountancy Club Honors Day 11, Z, 51 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key MIICEY BARNET GORDON .... . .... . . . .Chicago COMMERCE Accnznmrrzfy Sigma Alpha Mu Accountancy Club, Dolphinsg Sophomore Intramural Managerxg Junior Swimming Managerg Interfraternity Council 131 Honors Day 111 I . . ' MARY GORISHEK ......., . ......, ' .... Noflb Chicago , PHYSICAL EDDCA-r'Io,N Alpha Lambda Deltag Orchesisg Terraping' W.A.A. Honors Day 11, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key - VIRGINIII GRAIIAM................... ..... ...Aledo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Alpha Xi Delta Pan-Hellenic Council 1415 First Council, W0mHh'S League 1415 Gold Feathersg Cast, "Anything Goes" DAIKRELL MELVIN GRAY ......... ..-Hamprbire COMMERCE Arcomzlzmcy Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Second Regi- mental Bancl 11, 21 Honors Day 111 HELEN KATHLEEN GRAY ......,.... , . .Pimyielfl AGRICULTURE General Home Ecorzomicr Shawnee Home Economics Club Stephens Junior College RUTH MAR JORIE GREIIINIE ..............,.. -Walermfm ' 1 ' ' 'AoRIcuLI.'ruRIa' ' I General Home Erormmiizr Medea '- ' Home Economics Club 5' .Production Staff, "Brother Rat" ' University of Arizona MARJORIE FASSE GREHNING ..... COMMERCE General Bluinerf Kappa Kappa Gamma Accountancy Club Illinois Wesleyan University . . . .Mnclaiimw 1 JAMES ROEERT GREENXY'ELI. .............. River Farm FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Murir Theta Xi ' Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 413 University Orchestra 141 3 Cast, "TlIe Fireman's Flame," "Rio Rita" CYRUS DALE GREFFI5 ..........,... ,..... T uylm-ville ENGINEERING Meclzuwiml .Engiueerizig A.S.M.E. J Page 85 GORDON ARTHUR GREGORY ......,.,. AGRICULTURE General A grimllure Freshman Varsity Football Squad . . . . .Aurora Davin JAMERSON CQRIFFITH ........ ENGINEERING Electrical Engineeriizg A.I.E.E.g Synton . . . . .Molirre Joram STANFORD GRIFFITH .....,............ Amboy LIBERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbumirul Eugirleering A.I.Ch.E.g Varsity Football Squad 121, First Regi- mental Band 11, 2, 3, 41 Honors Day 131 GEORGE BUTLER GRIM .............. Reading, Penn. ENGINEERING Mechanical Evrgineeriug Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E. Q. . ' s QA, V ' ..' ' 11,1 ,- -- I if X I , I. . -1gE,2,..v 2 -:-: i Q:5,., "ig kiwi 2-f fir wid ' i. f ' ' I I X I lf. i 725- ia, I 1 ' , i Bidet 7-of .Q . mf! I , X pg , K I I 3 Page 86 JUNE EMARISLLA GRIMSLEY ............... Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Prycbolngy Gamma Phi Beta Torch, W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Star Course 121 JOHN EMERSON Gnosnou. ......... .... P elenbiirg AGRICULTURE General 1'igl'il'IIlflll'0 Farm House Alpha Zeta, Agricultural Economics Clubg Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Clubg Illinois Agriculturist 12, 315 Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl," "The Fireman's Flame," "lt Can't Happen Here," "Tosca" Honors Day 131 illinois State Normal University FRANCIS GEORGE Gnossa, ja. .... .. COMMERCE Gemini! Biirimarr Phi Kappa Sigma Accountancy Clubg Student Alumni . . . . Gleiirof Association 121 ALZANA MARIE GRossPr1'CI-I .......,...... Belleville ,LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology , Alpha Xii Delta , . . Illini History Clubg 'famaroag Production Stal-F, "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady," "Tosca," "lt Can't Happen Here" Wlilliam and Mary College ROEER1' PERSI-IINC GRUENBERG .....,. Brooklyn, N. Y. COMMERCE ' G eneral A' Buriner: Theta Xi Sachemg President, Illinois Uniong Senior Manager, Gymkanag Accountancy Club, Band of X3 Gymnas- ticag Rifle Club, Freshman Varsity Polo Squad, Vars- ity Polo Squad 1215 Interfraternity Council 13, 415 Illinois Union Cabinet 15,1 5 Illinois Union Board of Directors 141 g Polo Association VINCENT Cl-IARI.Es GUERIN ........ .... I Waukegan COMMERCE General Brzrifznfr . Alpha Tau Sigmag Scabbard and Bladeg Student Alumni Association 13, 41 3 Major, University Brigade Honors Day 12, 51 DORO'l'HY GRACE GUNKEI. ............... Calliimiille AGRICULTURE General Home .Economirr ' Alpha Xi Delta Home Economics Clubg The Siren 12, 51g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association 1213 Production Staff, "Anything Goes" DoNAI.n FRED HACKETT ............. Franklin Pm-le EDUCATION I lrmlurtrial Aff: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad, Drum Major University Bands 11, 2, 3, 41 g First Regimental Band 13, 41g Second Regimental Band 11, 215 Industrial Education Society . H KI - I I 4, I ,Q J-3 GIEORGE AI.m2R'r HACKIQLMAN ,.,.. COMMERCE ' Armimranry Chi Phi Accountancy Club: Caisson Club: University Brigade GIDEON Hamm' ............ , ..... . ACRICUIJIURE Drury Technology Cosmopolitan Club University of Chicago LEONARD MARK I-IADDAD ......,...., COMMERCE Commerce rind Law Junior Bar Association: Tomahawk . . . .Tmrolfi Phalanx 1 Major, . . . Chicago , . . .Rorkjord ARLINIE PEARL HADUICK .... . .... .... Callumfille AGRICULTURE General Home EL'0lI0l!lifJ' Alpha Xi Delta Tamaroag Football Court ot' Honor 141 William Woods College V. HENRY Hlll.'l'lvlAN HADLIZY .......... Ar:RIrfuI.1'i,IRn Gicrwrril Agrirnllurc Alpha Zeta: Agricultural Club: Field Illinois Stale NnrI'nal University EVANGIELINIE HAGEN. ........ . ..., AGRICULTURE H miron an d Furro w . . . .ll'Iarri.r Geucml Home Emnomicr MARGARET ,IANR i'lALl. .,........ . ..... .. .Glen Ellyn l.llllZRAL ARTS AND SIZIISNCIHS H filo r y LORENE LANET HALVORSEN ..... ...... .Geneva LIBERAL ARTS AND French SCIENCES Saffer Court Augustana College XVILMER HARRY HAMEISTER ...... COMMERCE Bmrlalfzg and Fimmce . .. . .Elgin Illico Accountancy Club Elgin junior College ADRIE LOUVASIA HAMPTON .......... MEM: Sf. Loan PHYSICAL EDUCATION Delta Sigma Theta Production Stall, "Brother Rat," "Lady Precious W.A.A.gXV.A.A.Numera1s Stream," "Rio Rita" Stephens junior College l l l I l Orro SHIIASTIAN HALLDEN ........ ...Roclzlm-11 NORMAN HANDELSMAN .......... .... C bicago ENGINEERING 4 COMMERCE . Cfl'li lfngillccring Accountancy I Mu-San Accountancy Clubg The Daily Illini 11, 23 Sk 7:1 'E -lOl-IN ROBERT HANDLEY ..,....... . . .Chicago COMMERCE General Bu.rineI,f Wilson junior College COLIN CARL HANDLON ................ Edwardnfillc LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Kappa Sigma Ma-Wan-Dag Sachcmg Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Varsity Basketball Letter f2. 5. -il CHARLES FRANKLIN HANKS ....... .... B laamingian ENGINEERING Cernmicf American Ceramic Societyg Caisson Clubg Captain, University Brigade BERNARD CAI-III.I. HANLEX' .......... .... V erorm ENGINEERING Celina! Engineering Sigma Tau Honors Day fl, 31 l PAUL BERNARD HANNIC ..... - ......... . .... nlfckin LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES P.vjrcb0logy Phi Sigma Kappa First Regimental Band C31 5 Second Regimental Band U, 39 MAURICE FREDERICK HANNON .... . . .Decamr ' COMMERCE At'C0ll!Ild7lt'j' Accountancy Club JAMES DONALD HANSEN .......... .... W' ankegun ENGINEERING Eleclrical El1giIlFE!'iIl3 Pi Tau Pi Sigmag A.l.E.E.g Syntong First Lieuten- ant, University Brigadeg Production Staff, "No More Frontiers" DONALD NORAiAN HANSON ................. Geneva LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Erzginccriug Delta Sigma Phi Phi Eta Sigmag Omega Chi Epsilong Phi Lambda Upsilong A.I.Ch.E.g Star and Scroll: Interfraternity Council 15, 433 Second Regimental Band il, Zlg Star Course f2J Honors Day 11, 2, 5j g University nf Illinois Scholar- ship Key YY Page 87 JOHN RICHARD HANSON ............ Wen Fmnkiarf ENGINEERING Melullnrgirul Engineering Theta Delta Chi Mineral Industries Society: Freshman Varsity Foot- ball Squaclg Second Regimental Band fl, 21 SYLvI2s'rIsR ALLEN HANSON ............ Mui-plnyrboro ENGINEERING Minin g Engirieefiu g Mineral Industries Society Southern Illinois State Teachers College XVILLIAM JQHN HAP.-KC ....... ..... .... C i vera EDUCATION l'lJy.ural Ednmiiolz Sigma Chi Ma-Winn-Dag Sachemg Delta Theta Epsilong Toma- hawkg Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Varsity Basketball Letter 42, 53, Captain Q43 3 Freshman Varsity Baseball Squaclg Varsity Baseball Squad KZJ, Letter 13, 413 Illinois Union Board df Directors C41 Honors Day 11, 2l JOHN EDXVARD HARBISR ............. .... 5 frefzlar AGRICULTIIRIE General Agriculture Farm House ' Hoof and Horn Clubg Illinois Agriculturist C1-, 2, 31 g Interfratemity Council C51 .g , is Page 88 SI-IIRLEE MARIE HARDER ..,.... . . . . . .Cbimgo EDUCATION Englirb Alpha Chi Omega The Daily Illini fllg W.A.A.3 Orange and Blue Feathers Northwestern University HERMAN JOHN HARnI:Rs. ,. ..... . .... ....Naperville FINI2 AND AIJPLIEU ARTS Al'Ibi1GFllll'6 Sigma Phi Sigma B.A.I.D. University of Notre Dame LEXVARD JOYCE H.aRnY,, ,.,. . .... .. ....La Plure COMMERCE I ridrulmil Arirllirzixinllialz PHILLIP ILIFFE HARIDYI . , . ..... .. . . .Mamenru EDUCATION Genera! Edurutian Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad 121 Honors Day HJ Ausnm' EIJGENB HARLIZSS ........ ..'.,Shelbyville Diwm' HARRIS .... ' ................ .... Chir-ago AGRICULTURE General Agrimllnre I Alpha Gamma Rho , 'Agricultural Clubg Illinois Agriculturist 151 HOMER FRANKLIN HARMAN ........ ENGINEERING Elertrical Engineering Kappa Delta Rho A.I.E.E. ROBERT BOYNE I-IARIIION. . . .... . .... . , . . . .Cbimgo ENGINEERING Railway Civil Engineering Sigma Epsilong Sigma Tau: Tau Nu Taug A.S.C.E.: Pershing Riflesg Railway Clubg Major, University Brigade Honors Day C53 Wright Junior College INIICHALIE MAUDE HARNo........... ...Urbana EDUCATION Germ-al Edumlion Pi Beta Phi Arepog Mask and Bauhleg Production Staff, "Eliza- beth The Qucen," Pinaforef' "La Bo- heme," "Post Road," "Spring Formal" LIIIIIRAL ARTS ANP SCIENCES. Cberrliflrg' Coast Artillery Club: First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade - , ....RaI-kim-fl FRANK RoIsRRTsoN HARRIS. . . . . . .. .. . . .jfirkmurille AGRICULTURE G'r'nI'I':Il flgriL'I1lt1II'e Agrirultural Cluh SIII2I.Iw MARVIN HARRISON .,.. . . . .. . .Rnbinmfz COMMIIRCII Geruirnl I31uiIIu.r.I Pi Kappa Alpha Concert Band 12, 3, 45: First Regimental Band ill CI.AuI:r Wfll..lILlRN HART ............... Murpbyrburu ENGINEERING zlflecbzznmil Erigineerirzg A.S.M.I3. Southern Illinois State Teacliers College HAROLD LEWIS HART ............... .... I pam AGRICULTURE General Agrlrnlinrr' Agricultural Club EARL CARL HAR'fMAN ................. .-.Morrimn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Clicmiml El7gl716'El'jIIg A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day UD MILTON MILES I-IARTMAN .,...... .... M ormd: AGRICULTURE General Algricullnre Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Club: Phalanxg Rifle Clubg Captain, University Brigade Honors Day U1 ARLINE BURTIS HARVEX' .......... ,... C himgo EDIICATIDN General Education McKinley Hall W.A.A. XVright Junior College Lois MARIE HARXIBY ................. ...Elgin EDUCATION General Home Ermramicr Presbyterian Hall - Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers: Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady," "La Boheme," "Post Road" DO NALD JOSEPH HAS LEM . ...... . . .... Amwm COMMERCE Arrmmifmry Alpha Chi Rho Accountancy Clubg Independent Council fl, 25 CARL FREDERICK HASS ..................... Cbimgu LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Ecanomicr Tau Kappa Epsilon Accountancy Clubg Scimitarg Freshman Varsity Fenc- ing Squad, Varsity Fencing Squad K3, 45 Coe College RALPH WALDO HATI-IAWAY ............ Dayton, Obin EDUCATION Phyiiral Erlumlian Sigma Nu ' Tribe of llllinig Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad 123, Letter CS, 41 . r N ' f I I :V .Jr ,mr - af" E I -- V 'ii C ' Vx - M'ik?5I:"i1-f'I,- Er h 2 ' i5g5l.::lsIl?5l.U,- 1141? - EMII. FRANK HAUDRICH ..... ' ....... ..... Af Iillrmdz AGRICULTURE Gerieml Agricnllure Alpha Zetag Agricultural Club Honors Day fl, 2, 35 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key JOHN CHRISTIAN HAUGELAND ...... . .. . .Reclaim-fl ENGINEERING General Engineering Sigma Taug Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Pi Sigmag Gen- eral Engineering Societyg Pershing Rifles: Scabbarcl and Bladeg Major, University Brigadeg Military Council Honors Day fl, 2, 35 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key Louis ALOIS HAIJPTFLEISCH. .... . . . . . . . . ,Springfeld COMMERCE Trade and Civil Secretarial Service Ma-Wan-Dag Phi Eta Sigmag President, Y.M.C.A.g Student Senate 1475 Alpha Tau Sigmag Accountancy Clubg Phalanxg Y.M.C.A. Cabinet C5, 41 g Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors C45 g University Dance Supervision Committeeflij g Captain, University Brigadeg Com- merce Council IS, 47 Honors Day 11, 2D THEODORE JAMES HAUT ............,....... Berwyn LIBERAL Arrrs AND SCIENCES Chemirlry Club Mortonia Morton Junior College 'i ' "'l '4 B- ,J f- 95 my I1 v ggi . X ' .Ia 5' .W I ' I Y t .-pi . ,L A ' A . ,fi , lf ff, 'i i Yf RUTI-I KATHRYN HAWKINS ......., ...'.Alma EDUCATION English Laura B. Evans Hall XV.A.A. Southern Illinois State Teachers College DONALD ALBERT HAYS .... . ..... AGRICULTURE . . . .... MOHliEE1l0 General Agfirullure Nilsson Club Agricultural Club DAN FRANCIS HAZEN ..... . . ,. .. ENGINEERING .. . . .. ..Chumfmig1I Elecrriral Engineering Kappa Sigma Sigma Taug Phi Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Tau Pi Sigmag A.I.E.E.g Rifle Clubg Scabbard and Bladeg The Technograph Gig University Concert and En- tertainment Board 13, 4Jg Lieutenant Colonel, Uni- versity Brigadeq Military Council Honors Day fl, 31 14? JOHN Louis HEAD. .............. Memphis, Tenn. AGRICULTURE Floriczzlilzre Pi Kappa Alpha West Tennessee Teachers Colle University ge: Louisiana State Page 89 of ,H - IE: -III -' -,.., I ,,A:i ,I-Hr , -. . . MAURICE RAPI-IAEI. HEKION ...,..,.......,... Seneca FINE AND APPLIED ARTs Art Eduralion Granada Club ROEERTA JEAN HEAVENER ........ . .... .... IV Inline JOURNALISM ' Ad1'erli.fing :md Publirbing Phi Mu Gamma Alpha Chig Arepn: Tarnaroag Cast, "Yeo- men of the Guard", Production Staif, "Brother Rat," "Lady Precious Stream," "Rio Rita," "Tosca" Cornell University GALE CECIL HIEDRICK ,..,......... .... U I-bam: COMMERCE Geneml Bflxinerr Phi Gamma Delta Accountancy Club, Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad Honors Day 112 EARLE FRANKLIN I-lEErI.EY, JR .... .. . ..... Chimga JOURNALISM ArlIf'ev1i.rif1g :md Przblirbiflg Beta Kappa Ma-Wan-Dag Gamma Theta Phig The Illio 1215 Interfraternity Council 13, 415 Illinois Union Board of Directors 143 3- Student Alumni Association 12, 33 5 Cast, "Follow Thru," "Rio Rita" H, f i . 37:5 , A Y -l A F lil' ,Th H 6, .. , . , ,M . , ' H- :as i f ' . n QI, l 5 L I I I 1' 'Q .... 1 .. . ,- ' . "" ': , 'I ll -'I 1. 51-fl , , I '- in - :, --I.: Q' ' AI .,.. ., 1 v4 at Q . , ., ..,.. ,-:., . ,.., L., 'll , , - r:- e ', 41 ' - I I I ,,,,1,, -' ' V ' 371 1:-I , ef K N , K 35 1" I.r.III'I WSL.. N, I I II 1' ' I H IA ,M I ,I , D an Page 90 ROBERT RAYMOND HELM .......... ..... .N Ielropalif COMMERCE General Bu.rine.r.I Phi Sigma Kappa Accountancy Clubg The Illini Fraternal Graphic 13, 41 g Second Regimental Band 11, 23 Honors Day 12, 31 ROBERT CHESTER HENIPHILL ..... ,. ...jaclaronvilla COMMERCE Gerlrml Bmizrerr Alpha Tau Omega ARNOLD FRANK HENDLER .............. Claylnn, Ma, FINE AND APPLIED ARTS! Arrbilerlzzre Sigma Alpha Mu lnterfraternity Council 145 Purdue University LESTER CALVERT HBNDRICKSON. , . . . .... flfldfllflld AGRICULTURE G'aneml AgrimItu1'e Agricultural Education Clubg Agricultural Engineering Club , JAYNE NORWOOD HENDRIE ................ Oak Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology X I Kappa Delta The Siren 11, 'llg Pan-Hellenic Council 12lg First Council, WOH1HH'S League 1219 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers EI'IfRETT ALLISON HENDRIX ......... . . . .Buckiuglmm AGRICULTURE ' General Edumlinn Alpha Tau Alpha XX-'ILLIAM ANDREW HENKE. . . , . .. .... Aurora COMMERCE General Bll5iIIt'.l'J Delta Upsilon Caisson Clubg Rifle Clubg Skull and Crescentg junior Ice Hockey Managerg Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad: Major, University Brigade FIRMAN EILER HENRICKS ,........ ..., C efro Gordo COMMERCE Accountancy Accountancy Club '. , N N K . ,.,,. . X TI, J V QS , ,I - . ,. ' ,.:,, 35-:If V ,l r U I - f fgfmigl ' . as I I l aa, ,ew -ig' HELEN LOUISE HENRY ................. Fm-mer Cify LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Kappa Alpha Theta The Illio 11, Zlg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers RAYMOND I-IENSLEY .... .... . . ,. ..,.GIenfoe EDUCATION General Edfzratimz CHARLOTTE ALICE HERMAN ,............. Chfmqzmgn AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: Pi Beta Phi Mortar Board, Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: Presi- dent, XV.A.A.g Student Senate 1-U 3 Alpha Pi Delta: Alpha Sigma Nug Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home Economics Clubg Terraping W.A.A. Numeralsg Major Ig Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Pan- Professional Council 135 Honors Day 111 LOUISE HERRICIL .............. . . . . . . .Harvey EDUCATION Mathemaficr Presbyterian Hall Terraping W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numerals Thornton Junior College ROGER LOWELL HEIIRIOTT ........ ..,. N Inbamel COMMERCE Al'C0lKI7fll!1l'j' Accountancy Club RALPH EDMUND I-IERZLER .......... .... B ellerfille ENGINEERING Aifidlilllgifdi Engineering Theta Chi Mineral ,Industries Societyg The Technograph I51 Honors Day il, 2, 31 1 University of Illinois Scholixr- ship Key SIDNEY MARVIN Hess... .... New Brzmfuiirk, LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemiriry N. 1. Honors Day Q51 Rutgers College JEAN ELIZABETH HEssI.IaR ................... Berwyn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Ellglifb Alpha Delta Pi Lake Forest College .z- ' ' V' 'ii' L f"' ' - Y - " I' . ' 5 1 . y- l .,-C. . I, rx-.1 -x. - I ni, 5 1. I. ,, . 34 in 6 at 1 :gi-X . is A .' ai . nu , 3 . 1 sf. ,v SIDNEY VINCENT HETTINCER, JR. ....,..... Oak Park ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Theta Delta Chi A.S.M.E.5 junior Hockey Manager LIINORE JEANETTE HEY ...................... Dixon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Piychalogy Kappa Delta W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Pan-Hel Council 121: Tarnaroag University Chorus Q21 5 Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet KZ 1 Illinois Wfesleyan University ORELI. WILLIAM HIIIBARD ...,............ Wffifrlarqgfiii FINE AND APPLIED AR'I's flfllllil' Edumlion Alpha Phi Omegag Second Regimental Band 1515 University Chorus Q21 Northeastern Missouri State Teachers College DORENE HIESER . . . ................ ...Ii-Iifzier AGIIICULTUIIIS Gefwrnl Home .EI'ofwruic.r -H-I House Torch5 Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home Economics Clubg Co-Chairman, Mi-Hila Ball C515 Executive Council,- XV.G.S. C3, -X15 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Production Stall Pinaforej' "Rio Rita" I. BILLIE MAE HIGGINS ............, .... B elvidere EDUCATION- Pbyrical Erlurzztion Gamma Phi Beta Torch: Shi-Aig The Illio U, 2, 515 First Council, Woman's League C315 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Cast, "Anything Goes" Bli'li'l'lE LINN HILL ...... ,...... ............ G I zlafifi FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arclvilerlrxre Ariston DOROTHY ANN HILL, fMRs.1 ,... ...Clsicnga EDUCATION Englirb Torchg Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet K31 HAROLD EUGENE HILI. .........,.. ...Champaign COMMERCE Acmlinrnnry Hill Hall Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Caisson Clubg Pershing Riliesg Phalanxg Rifle Clubg Independent Council 12, 314 Student Alumni Association 1215 Major, University Brigade HENRY CLYDE HILL, JR ........ . .... Chicago EDUCATION I Biology Roojahs Alpha Phi Omega N Wilson junior College5 Lewis Institute WILLIAM HERRER-r HILL ..,......,.. .... C himgv AGRICULTURE General Agricullure Lewis Institute Joi-IN ANSON HILLIARD ............ ..... 0 :mum COMMERCE Arrarmtanry ROBERT ENOCI-I HILLMAN ........... .... C bimga ENGIN-ERRING Itierbaniml Ezzgirzeerirlg ' Sigma Pi Palestrag The Technograph il, 21 g Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad KZ, 31 5 Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Varsity Wrest- ling Squad KZ, 51 Page 91 HAROLD CHIZNEY I-IINEs .........,........ Springield FINE AND APPLIED ARTS MIIJIU Enlumlion Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag Concert Band 12, 3, LU: University Orchestra f4Jg Cast, "H.M.S. Pinafore," "La Boheme," "Tosca," "Yeomen of the Guard" Carleton College PAUL PARLIER HINKLEY ........... .... A rhlcy COMMERCE lqffdllflfdllfj' Sigma Nu Phi Eta Sigmag Caisson Club: Independent Council 1213 Commerce Council Q45 3 Major, University Brigade Honors Day fl, 2, SJ 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ROBERT CARL HINUERER ......... COMMERCE Accountancy Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad Indiana Central College .,.. .Rockford JOSEPH Euwfmu HIRSCH ...... . . . . . . . . . , . .Cbmzgo ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Atl. Page 92 RAYMOND VICTOR HIRST ........ , . .... Galena COMMERCE Accountancy Sigma Phi Epsilon Accountancy Clubg Caisson Clubg Pershing Rifiesg Sophomore Track Manager JANICE ROSEMARY HOBERG ,...... .... P em AGRICULTURE General Home Eronomirr Shawnee Home Economics Clubg Tamaroa La Salle-Peru Oglcsby junior College FRED MAYER Hocr-TEERG .,.......... .... C bimgo JoURNALIsM Advefliring and Przblirhirzg Tau Delta Phi Interfraternity Council 151 VVILLIAM LANG HOCHSCHILD, JR ...... .... E l'd7l.i'l0I1 ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Kappa Sigma Blackhawk Troopg Cavalry Clubg Scabbarcl and Blade: Freshman Varsity Polo Squadg Varsity Ice Hockey .Squad 1215 Captain, University Brigade . ' , l HARRIE1' VIRGINIA HOCKING ........... .... A lbion ' , AGRICULTURE General Home Econamirr Bethany Circle SHIRLEY JEAN HOCKING ...... ..... . . , . .Cbimga EDUCATION .Englirb Zeta Tau. Alpha The Illio fljg Pan-Hellenic Council M15 First Council, Woman's League C433 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers ROBERT Scorer I-Ioouiz ............... Neufport, R. 1. I ENGINEERING ' Melalllngiml Engineering Wegonfana House Mineral Industries Societyg Independent Council 15, 43 Junior College of Connecticut ELIZABETH MITCHIEI.L HOIT ...... , .... i.Gene.rea AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: Shawnee .Alpha Pi Delta: Gregorian Literary Societyg Home Economics Clubg Woman's Editor, Illinois Agricul- turistg Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association 123 E au? JACK ZOE HOILARAUGH .............. Wficbim, Kan. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arrbilerlnfe Alpha Rho Chi Interfraternity Council Q-H GRANT THOMAS HOLLETF .......... .... C lmmpaign ENGINEERING Mining Engineering Psi Upsilon Mineral Industries Society Armour Institute of Technology FRANK EDWARD HOLLEY .......... ,... U rbmm COMMERCE General Blzfinwr Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigmag Cast, "I-LM S Pinafore," "Tosca," "Yeomen of the Guard" Honors Day Cl, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key HAROLD EDWARD HOLSTROM ......... Higlalrmrl Park COMMERCE Banking and Finance Phalanxg Captain, University Brigade I I lf' I.IzTI'rIA PARK HOLT ......, .. ...... Elkhart, Ind. LIRIIRAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sprmixla Kappa Kappa Gamma Pan-Hellenic Council Q5, All g Tamatoa Stephens Junior College MARY ELIZARRTII I-IOLTZMAN ...... . . . , . .,.... Peoria LIIIIIRAL ARTS AND .Euglifls SCIENCES Alpha Omicrnn Pi Bradley Polytechnic Institute FAYE ALICE HOMRIGHOUS .......,. .... 0 nk Park EDUCATION Englifb Mary E. Busey Hall Orchesisg W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers l LQRRAINE MARIIE HooPER .....,.. .,.L.f:ke Villa JEDUCATIQN Hirtory Phi Omega Pi , Le Cercle Francais: Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold I Feathers v :,,- Q- 'US I F' I I sg fg. 'gi ' ,jk 3,3 rex. vI::.L:-i-- I IVIARY JANET HoovER., ....,............... Srerliug LIBERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES ic I Geology Presbyterian Hall Cyclothem Rockford College ' Louis XYfII.1.IAM Howie .,,......,.. .,,. C im-0 COMMERCE X W Gemfral Bll,ii77t?,f.l' ' nkJl g'+,Q'li1X' Morton junior College il' ii ' Y S ,I . Y V I IT' Mr Q . FREIIERIC BARRY HOPPIN, ..,......... ..., P fuunee gg fl :Q I f AGRICULTURE gf. i f j . ,H fl, , G-'eneral flgrlrzzlizzre Agricultural Clubg I-lonf and Horn Cluhg Illinois if . Ni nn Agriculturist fl, 23 ' "1 ., ff, f'S'l' E. I I Egan' - Egger: 4 SAMUEL HORN .........,......,... Brrwklyn,. N . Y. ' FINE AND APPLIED ARTS P , .17-fa 1-1rulJiIur.'f1re I j 3 I 1 I f if fl: fl f"':ii, , I , I, . I.: 1 Y ,' ,' wx I ' A7 f I 'HK ,I ' I. iw -- ' R nl:-A---elim" '1 aw 2 NIARY MARTHA HORNINC. .........,........ Palerline Donormf MAE HOSTETLER ...... . .. ...Slerling FINE AND APPLIED ARTS EDUCATION Muriel . General Edlzmzion ' Arepog University Chorus Cl, 2, 33 5 Cast, "Manon,"' Delta Gamma "Yeomen of the Guard" The Illio Q21 Honors Day ll, 2, 35 g University of Illinois Scholar- Iowa State College ship Key I-IAzI5L .lVlARIE HORTENSTINE. ......... , ...Gayr JOHN CORNELIUS HOUBOLT ,... .. .... Jolie: AGRICULTURE ENGINEERING Generfzl Home EL'07l0ll1iCJ Civil Efzgirzezwirzg Bethany Circle Chi Epsilong A.S.C.E. Home Economics Club Joliet Junior College ' MEl.X'lN HOWARD HORTON ........ ....CemmlifI FRANK WILLIAM Houck ......,.......... RDItl1ll02Irl' COMMERCE ENGINEERING Genera! B1ui11e.r.r Mvrbauiml Engifieerirzg Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football A.S.M.E.g Coast Artillery Clubg First Lieutenant, Squad E25 University Brigade MAURINE ELSIE HOSKINS ............ Fairfield, Ia-wa CHARLES RUSSELL HOUGI-I ............. ...Urlmmz EDUCATION Home Eronomir: Phi Mu ' Alpha Pi Delta: Tamaroa Iowa State College LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemirfry Phi Beta Kappa Honors Day fl, 2, Slg University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key Page 93 THOMAS SAMUEL HOUCH, JR ...... .... C arralllon MITCHELL FRANK HUEER ........ Bound Brook, N. J, COMMERCE LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Gefleral BIl.l'ilI?.I'.l' Chemirtry ACCOUMSHCY Club Union Junior College Wasliington University VIRGINIA HELEN HRUBES .,............. . .... Cicero CHARLEs XVESLIEY HUCI-:INS ...... ..., L 1zS1Ille .. LIEERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES AGRICULTURE ' U M ' Botany Flaricrllfure A Keeler Klub Floricultural Club Q ' Zeta Phi Etag Gymkanag Cast, "Rio Rita"g Produc- La Salle-Peru Oglesby Junior College W' gr" I tion Staff, "Kind Lady" ' Morton junior College A W 1 'z ,ri .1535 -I Al . T ig PIFRBIERT AZRO HUBISARIJ .......... .. .Rm-he-Ile DELoss CAMERON HUDDLESTONE .... .... L e Roy 'Hg AGRICULTURE COMMERCE I-'E' V, , Geller-al Agm'rzll1n'e Accountancy gym Agricultural Club Illinois State Normal University MW my JY Av Wi l JOIIN DAVID HUBBIXRD. ., ...... .. .... Wand Rirer MARX' PATRICIA HUDSON ......,.. ..... N mwno A COMMERCE EDUCATION Gerleral Burinesr Home Eronomirr Accountancy Club Mary E. Busey Hall - ' Honors Day L11 Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home Economics Club: Orchesis if rf.,- Pcxge 94 LYNN KEISTER HUITITMAN ........,. .... 0 mum AGRICULTURE Geneml Agrirrzlmre R.D.R. Club , A.S.A.E. JAMES HENRY HUGHES ............. .... P nlertine AGRICULTURE General Agriculture JOHN DONALD HUGHES ........ ...Champaign COMMERCE Accounlancy Accountancy Clubg Caisson Club: Varsity Wrestling Squad 43, 41 g First Lieutenant, University Brigade MARGARET LLOYD HUGHES .................. Anziorb LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Bacteriology Alcestis Production Staff, "It Can't Happen Here," "Kind Lady," "Lady Precious Stream," "Yeomen of the Guard" ROBER1' CLAYTON HUMPHREY ........ ...Keuwzee COMMERCE Banking mul Finance Theta Chi Ma-Vlan-Da: Sachemg Phi Eta Sigmag Business Man- ager, The Daily Illinig Accountancy Clubg Band of X5 Tomahawkg Interfraternity Council Q45 g Com- merce Council Q41 Honors Day fl, 2, sy 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key JOHN EDNXVARD HUMPHREX' .......... .... H amilmn AGRICULTURE General Agrirlllmre Agricultural Club Bradley Polytechnic Institute GEURGE Hum' .... .,.......... .... C IJ ampuign COMMERCE Commerce and Law Alpha Kappa Lambda Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Clubg Caisson Club: Junior Bar Associationg First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day 125 NANCY JANE HURLEUT .................. br Grange LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Alpha Omicron Pi Tamaroa La Grange junior Collegeg De Pauw University Alpha Chl Omega r , DELMAR WAYNE HUSMAN. .. ...... . . . .U1-imma 1 AGRICU LTURE , General Agriculture Gymnasticag Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Varsity Track Squad 12, 3, 41 5 Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squad RUTH ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON ....... .Emi Sl. Lani: AGRICULTURE G'er1erul Home Ecanomicx l Gamma Phi Beta l Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Tamaroa , MacMurray College l l I FIIANCES BELLE HUTTON .......... .... C anion EDUCATION .Englirb , Sigma Kappa l Gregorian Literary Society: Spanish Club: Pan- Hellenic Council Q3, 41: First Council, Woman's League 15, 41 3 Orange and Blue Fezithersg Tamaroa Illinois Wesleyan University X PAUL KEYES HUTTON ........ . ..... .... R orkford I ENGINEIIRING I Ceramic Engineering I Tau Nu Tau: American Ceramic Societyg Pershing Riliesg Phalanx: The Illio 1113 Varsity Fencing Squad 12, 51 3 Varsity Rilie Squad '13, -11 5 Captain, University Brigade C I iii' is - .I 1 .iq- .,.. . 2-l - ROGER SCOTT HUI'roN ...........,,. .... R uckford ENGINEERING General Engineering Tau Nu Tau, A.S.C.E.g A.S.M.E.g General Engineer- ing Societyg Pershing Rifiesg Scabbard and Bladez Major, University Brigadeg Military Council VIVIAN GRACE HYDE ............. .... C bimgo EDUCATION Biology Cagle Hall Chicago Normal College HELEN CHRISTINE HYNES ......... ,... C bimgo AGIlICUL'1'URE Nnfririmz and Dietefim' Medea Bacteriology Club, Home Economics Club CHIusTIAN Imnorr .... ,...,......... W arbingmn JDURNALISM Neufr and Ediwrinl kg ' Sigma Delta Chi: The Independent C31 MARGUERITE GARD IMLE- .................. Zlfifzrfball LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES , Prycbology. 'liaise ' -231 1' -.-V , Silt' lbw ' Torchg Alpha Lambda Delta 3' The Illio Q11 3 Chair- man, Mothers Day f51g Pan-Hellenic Council Q51 3 First Council, Woman's League L31 S Junior Council, XVoman's League 151g Orange and Blue Fcathersg Gold Feathersg Production Staff, "Ruddigore" Honors Day 11, 31 ' I ROBERT CONDKT INGALLS ,..... . ............. Urlmmz LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economirr Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Caisson Club: Scabbard and Bladeg Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Varsity Track Squad CZ, 515 Student Organizations Fund Board Q41 5 Lieutenant Colonel, University Brigadeg Military Council GLENN REX INGELS ...,.......,,, ..... 15 ivmnou ENGINEERING Itlemllufgicnl Engineering Mineral Industries Society University of Texas LAWRENCE MACDOWELL IRWIN .......,. Bloamingion LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES iZaaIagy ., Sigma Chi SZ l' in -:lf I in 'Wg-. I l Y I 9 . 'Q , m ln 5 MARX' CYNTHIA IRXVIN ..... 1 ..... ...Sterling EDUCATION - Englirb Delta Delta Delta Gold Feathers Honors Day Q31 Coe College XVILLIAM THOMAS IvEs ........... .,.. W upelln I AGRICULTURE Gelleml Ag1'iL'lJillI!'L' Citadel Illinois State Normal University l l JOHN MATHIAS JACOBOXVITZ ................ S11-eater LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ' Pre-Merliml Rifle Clubg Synton ANNA LEONA JACOBSEN ,................. Flomnoar LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES tx: Home Erozmmiar Bethany Circle Phi Upsilun Omicron Page 95 l HENRY GEORGE JACOBSON .......... Kama: City, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES - Cbemiml Engirmefing A.I.Ch.E. Kansas City junior College RAYMOND ALEXANDER JADRICH ........ North Cbimgo COMMERCE 1Il,rlu'r1m'e Delta Chi l SHIRLEY BARBARA JAMESON .......... ...Maywood PHYSICAL EDUCATION Laura B. Evans Hall ' , Physical Education Major's Clubg Terraping W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numcrals l l P CLARENCE HUDERT JANKOXVSI-ll ...... .... C bimgo W A EDUCATION Commercial Tmrbirig Theta Kappa Phi - 'Alpha Tau Sigmag Accountancy Club: Phalanxg Inter- fraternity Council 125g First Lieutenant, University Brigade il-Ionors Day fl, 2J , i'?f. .115 E i Q -5 Vi 1 vi Page 96 HAROLD HENRY JANSSIEN ......,.. COMMERCE Acwurilanfy Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Clubg Men's Glee Club 143 . . .Golden Honors Day Q33 Carthage College RALPH JANSSIEN .... .....,.,.. . . . .Glemuoml EDUCATION ' Pnlitiral Srienre Thornton junior College EUGENE FRANKLIN JEIAILIK ...... ., .. . .. .Cbimgfi COMMERCE Commerce and La-uf Theta Xi Band of X5 Cavalry Oi-Beers Clubg Pershing Rifles: The lllio fl, 23 5 Captain, University Brigade VIOLET JOY JIENNINGS .............., ...Hillview AGRICULTURE General Home Emnomirr E PAUL ARNE JENSEN ......,........ ,... C himgo ENGINEERING Melallilrgical Engineering Theta Delta Chi In Y Mineral Industries Society ALGERD FRANCIS JEROME ..........,......,. Chimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbenliml Engineerirlg A.I.Ch.E. LORRAINE ANN JOHANSEN ............. .... C fait-ago PHYSICAL EDUCATION Davenport House XV.A.A.g XV.A.A. NUmC1'HlSVQ Major Ig Orange and Blue Feathers ESTHER MAE JOHNSON ............ .. .Lelfmd AGRICULTURE W General Home Econamirr 5 llliwanus Home Economics Club Honors Day C11 l J- ,LL EVELYN LUCILE JOHNSON ...........,.., Aliddlemnfn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES 11l'lllIl76'H1dlil.'5 Corinna Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers GLENN LEROY JOHNSON .......... ...Of-inn AGRICULTURE General Algrimllnre The Morgue Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Economics Club Honors Day CU HELEN MAYNARD JOHNSON ....,....... Ogden, Umb LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Soriology Chi Omega The lllio 1113 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers HOXVARD CLAUS EDMUND JOHNSON ........ Rarklarf! LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Clsamirtry Alpha Chi Sigma PhikKappa Phig Phi Beta Kappag Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Lambda Upsilong Sigma Xi - Honors Day U, 2, 31 1 University of lllinois Scholar- ship Key We i fi I pf: 3 JOSEPH .EDXVARD JOHNSON... .,.,. .... H arrirbufg ENGINEERING Iilerrriml Engineering Kappa Delta Rho A.I.E.E. KENNETH MAURITz JOHNSON ..., .,.. A laline EDUCATION Hirlory Beta Theta Pi Skull and Crescent: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad: Varsity Tennis Squad 421, Letter C3. 41 IVIAIIVIN LEONARD JOHNSON ..... .... L clam! COMMERCE IIt'L'0llllfAlfIt'-J' Beta Kappa Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, 2, 51 : University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key MARY JOSEPHINE JOHNSON ......... .... P eo:-ia COMMERCE Trade am! Ciifir Secretarial Sen-ice Sager House Phi Chi Theta: Orange and Blue Feathers .-1, I- - .X ,f 4 FL , 'Ei '--J if - I I Sri f-"S v. "f?,,Qf L,-55's v -L 1 ru. K 77"f.l' H ix I '. X- S aw. 'tg 1, if L1 , Q ' ll N 'NJ MORRIS RICHARD LEE JOHNSON .... ...Rarlefard AGRICULTURE Flarirzzltzlre Theta Xi Floricultural Club NANCY ELIZABETH JOHNSON ..,......... Cbmnpaigu LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hiriory Kappa Alpha Theta The lllio 121: Orange and Blue Feathers: Golrl Feathers: Star Course C21 RUSSIZLI. THEODORE JOHNSON ..,. .... C bicago COMMERCE Acrofmtmiry Illico RUTH ANN JOHNSON. ..... ..........,. I lIfllll16l0lL'II LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES .Elzglifb Corinna Lincoln College SHIRLEY ADA JOHNSON ........,......,.... Clan-Riga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spfmirb Phi Omega Pi Le Cercle Francaisg Spanish Club: Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil 13, 41: First Council, XVoman'S League 15, -Hg Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers XYfALTER HAROLD JOLLIE .........,..... Mt. Pwr-fwfr .ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Colonial Manor Chi Epsilon: Mu San: Tau Nu Tau, A.S,C.E.: Cap- tain, University Brigade BILLY MCCREA JONES ............,.,... Wood Rim' EDUCATION Cforlzlzzerrizzl Tvarlaiflg Sigma Nu Dolphinsg Tomahawkg Tribe of Illini: Freshman Var- sity Swimming Squad: Varsity Swimming Letter 12, 51, Captain K41 3 Freshman Varsity XVater Polo Squad: Varsity Water Polo Letter 12, 3, 41 ERON CLARK JONES, JR. ......... ,... B lamzzingrfm COMMERCE General Bll.l'i!ll'.fJ' . Sigma Chi President, Freshman Class: Band of X: Tribe ol' Illini: Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad: Varsity Tennis Letter CZ, 3, 41 I I l REBECCA CATHARINE JONES ......,....,.. Champaign LIBERAL ARTS ANI: SCIENCES Frenrb Alpha Lambda Delta: University Orchestra fl, 51 Honors Day fl, 21 WARREN WINEIELII JONES ...,.... ...Rirlgzrwy AGRICULTURE General Agrirzrlfure Miner House Alpha Tau Alpha: Illinois Agriculturist 141 Southern Illinois State Teachers College XVILLIAM JASPER JONES, JR. .,...., ...Marmr ENGINEERING Ciril Eazgifleerirlg The Mansion A.S.C.E. WILLIAM XVOLFRAM JONES ,............... Roriefard ' JOURNALISM Adrerfiriug and Pzzblirlaing The Daily Illini ll, 215 Production Staff, "The Fireman's Flame," "It Can't Happen Here," "Lady Precious Stream," "Yeomen of the Guard" Page 97 WROBERT 'JOSEPH JORDAN ........... .... 0 uk Pai-la ENGINEERING General Efzgineering Zeta Psi ' Rille Clubg Interfraternity Council 141 g Polo Associa. tion Oak Park Junior College LORRN EARL JUHL .................... New Holland AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Phi Eta Sigmag City Editor, The Daily Illinig Cap- tain, University Brigade Honors Day tl, 21 DOROTHY Reno JUTTON ......,.... Milwaukee, Wir. AGRICLILTURE Nzrtriliorz and Dietetic: Alpha Chi Omega Torchg Phi Upsilon Omicrong The lllio fl, 213 Pan-Hellenic Council 1419 First Council, Woman's League C41 3 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feath- ersg Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 13, 41 Honors Day Q51 RUTH KAI-IN .,.............................. Pekin LIBERAL ARTS AND Spanirb Scuswces Mary E. Busey Hall Bradley Polytechnic Institute Y Page 98 M li DANIEL ENTRIKIN KANE ......... ...Chicago EDUCATION Biology Theta Delta Chi Floricultural Clubg National Collegiate Playersg Pier- rotsg lnterfraternity Council Q53 5 Cast, "The Drunk- arr.l," "The Fireman's Flame"g Production Staff, "Lady Precious Stream," "Our Town," "Yeomen of the Guard" Loyola Universityg XVright Junior College NIARSHALI. HERBERT KAPSON .,.... ..... C bimgo COMMERCE General Burincnrr Alpha Epsilon Pi Interfraternity Council 12, 31 ARTHUR SAMUEL KARRER .............., Gmnile Cify ENGINEERING A Ceramic Erzgineering American Ceramic Society MARTHA ELISR KAsTI2N .................... Raymond FINE AND APPLIED ARTS , Marie Mary E. Busey Hall Sigma Alpha Iotag Gold Feathersg Women's Glee Club C214 University Chorus 1315 University Or- chestra C41 Honors Day 01 Illinois Wfesleyan University T. - -..- N., , , ,. L ,l JOHN FRANCIS KASZYNSKI. . . .. .... . .... . . . .Peru LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES I 1 Cbemirlry A La Salle-Pei-uiOglesby Junior College RAYMOND Klrrz ...,...........,. . ..De Kalb COMMERCE General Bflfiflgff Tau Delta Phi W Interfraternity Council 13, 41 DAVID KAUFMAN ,................ . .... Compzrm AGRICLILTIJRB Gemfml Agrimltlzre ' K College Hall l l l I HAROLD NATHAN KAUFMAN ........ ,... C hampaign COMMERCE General Bllrilzerr . Granada Club ' Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Club: Coast Artillery Clubg Rifle Club: Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 121 ' M L - EUGENE HENRY KAUFMAN ........,....,.... Clnimga PHYSICAL EDUCATION Tribe of Illini g Varsity Hockey Squad f21, Letter C51 WILLIAM CULLIQN KAYsI2R ,.....,. ..... P ombonmr AGRIcUI.TURIs General Ag7'iClllfll1'E Greenville College l I RAYMOND LIEROY KRIFFISR .......... Cleveland, Ohio ENGINEERING Elenriral Engineering i Alpha Kappa Lambda Eta Kappa Nu: A.I.E.E.g First Regimental Band 11, 2, 31 3 University Chorus Q31 Honors Day Q11 I I 1 RICHARD BERRY KEIGLEY ..,............ Provo, Ulab COMMERCE Commerfe and Law Theta Chi Sophomore Baseball Manager Deep Springs Junior College FRANK LIEUER KELLER .....,......... Highland Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geograplay Miner House Phalanxg Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Captain, University Brigade Honors Day C23 MARGARET ARLENE KELLY. . ....... . ....... Maywood LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Efzglirb Alpha Delta Pi Phi Alpha Chig Gregorian Literary Societyg The Illio QZJQ The Daily Illini il, 21 RUTH KEMPE .................. .... C laicago EDUCATION Biology mid Mnrir Zeta Tau Alpha Accountancy Clubg W.A.A.g Women's Glee Club 1475 University Orchestra I-ij g Tamaroag Production Staff, "Our Town" Wriglmt junior College MORRIS EMHRY KEMPER. . . .. . . . . ...Jlluiroon COMMERCE Arwunlanvy I l za F I DELVIN EARLE KENDALL, JR. ......... Bfiliimore, Md. ENGINEERING Merhrzniral Engineering A.S.M.E. Honors Day CBJ Baltimore Polytechnic Institute GEORGE JOHN KENNEDY.. ,....... .. ...Tufcola ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Triangle Mu-San Honors Day QU CAROLYN KENNEY ............... ...Dmimr EDUCATION Hirlory Kappa Kappa Gamma Gold Feathers Christian College ROBIEKI' MAR'l'lN KENUTIS .........., ...Cbimga JOURNALISM A4veI'1i.Iing and Piablifbing Miner House Wright junior College I Fc Q ,, I, lg Ii. H ll 4 in IQEIEERWEL J 5, -.yea - - I 1., III. iw- 1 A3 Loursis HENRIETTA KEPHART ....... .... C lnimgo AGRICULTURE General Hume Econonzic: Presbyterian Hall Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady," "Rio Rita" Wright Junior College HENRY WARREN KETZLE ............. ..... R eynoldr AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Club Augustana College ROSEMARY KEUPPER ............ .......... G illefpie LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Stratford House St. Louis University HELEN LUCILLE KIENTZLE ................. Pizfrhelrl LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Ef1gli.Il: Beta House Lambda Deltag Gregorian Literary Societyg Alpha Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Honors Day Q11 I VERNON ARTHUR KIEST ........ .... Q uincy CQRIMERCE 1 Arirolmiallry Accountancy Club Quincy College HENRY MER1'ON KILLMAR. . . . . . . . .. . .Smnumn ENGINEERING Ceramic Engirzeeriug American Ceramic Society Honors Day U1 CLYDE ALDIN KILMER ............. ..,. A lorri: ENGINEERING Elerlriml Engiileeriizg A.I.E.E.g Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad GEORGE WILLIAM KININGHARI .,... ...Diwifille COMMERCE General Bluifzerr Phi Sigma Kappa President, Freshman Classg Band of Xg Pershing Rifiesg Tomahawkg Interfratemity Council C515 Illi- nois Union Cahinet C313 Student Alumni Associa- tion f3l Page 99 I JEROME CARLYLE KIPLEY .... . ....... . .. . . , .Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arrbifermrrzl E?lgi17U6l'i7Ig DARXVIN KIRHY, JR ..,................., Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCEs Ezrglirb Phi Delta Theta Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma: Skull and Crescent, Cast, "The Aclmirable Crichton" Honors Day Cl, 2, 31 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key COLLEEN JEAN KIRK .................... Champaign FINE AND APPLIED ARTs Illllfit' Erllifulion Alpha Pi Deltag Sigma Alpha Iota: Women's Glee Club ll, 21 9 University Chorus 65, -11 Honors Day fl, 31 ROGER MANN KIRK, jn,. :i ........ .... C bimga COMMERCE G!?fI?l'lIl BIIJIWEIJ' Vlright Junior Collegeg Northwestern' University if ..v.:1, Page 100 DOROTHY. MAY KIRIQPATRICK .,...,.. ,... R vimfilla PI-IYSICAL EDUCATION Leeman Lodge Orchesisg Illinois Agriculturist fl, 21 g XV.A.A. 3 W.A.A. Numeralsg Major Ig Orange and Blue Feathers XVAl.TlZR JOHN KIRsCI-IKE .,......... ...joliel EDUCATION Pli7j'.ffL'a7l .tidnnzziozl Phi Kappa Sigma Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Football Squarlg Varsity Football Squad 121, Letter C5, 41 g Freshman Varsity Wlrestling Squad: Varsity Wrestling Squad fl, 31 BERNARD DANIIEL KLIZIBAN .......,... Millvillv, N. j. LIIIERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Clvenlicrzl Eiigirieerialg Phi Eta Sigmag A.I,Cl1.E.g The Teclinograpli tl, 21 Honors Day 111 NA'fliAN JOSEPH KLEIN .....,... ....Cbimgo COMMERCE Acmrmlmzfy Accountacy Club PAUL VINCENT KLEIN .... . .... .... .. . ..Seymam- AGRICULTURE ' Gl'IlL'l'tl1l'1gfifllllIH'C' Agricultural Club ROBERT Louis KI.EINIIoEEI:cR. . . . . ..... . ....,. .jnliw LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Zoology Club Joliet junior College LAVERGNIZ ADELA KLOSS. . . . . ..... . . .Cbirwign EDUCATION Sjuznifb Theta Phi Alpha Arepog Le Cercle Francaisg Spanish Club: W,A.A.: XV.A.A. Numeralsg First Council, VUoman's I.eague 61: Orange and Blue Feathersg Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "H.M.S. Pin:Ifore," "Post Road," "Tosca," "Yeomen of the Guard" AURIZLIA ANNA MARIE KLUIIG, . . . . . , .. . . . .Newmn AGRICULTURE Ganeml Home Erwmmirr Beta House Phi Upsilun Omicrong Home Economics Clubg The Illinois Agriculturist C1, 21 3 W.A.A.g Executive Coun- cil, NV.G.S. K31 3 First Council, Won1an's League 151 ' , .L M ' I 7 I ' I . I 1 l I, . . gf , I I U I it an Ss I-,. Ji' I' .4E',, MARJQRIE ALMA KNIGHT ................. Fnmkforr LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englhrb Fraker House The Independent Q21 g Independent Council Q41 3 Ex- ecutive Council, W,G.S. 131 5 First Council. W0mdH'S League C413 Cast, "Elizabeth The Queen": Produc- tion Staff, "H.M.S. Pinafore," "Tosca" Joliet Junior College "Kind Lady," EDERT BERNARD KNOOP .... . .... . . . .Wilmeue COMMERCE Gerrard! Bu.rir1e.rI Chi Beta RENARD ANTHONY KOEHNEMANN ........ Cbfzmpiugn FINE AND APPLIED ARTS lrrrlunrial Derign Arepog Gymnasticag Mask and Baubleg Pierrotsg Con- Cert Band C413 First Regimental Band 15, 41, Sec- ond Regimental Band fl, 21 S CHSY, "The Fifemaffs Flame," "Lady Precious Stream," "Man and the Masses," "Rio Rita," "Yeomen of the Guard" FRANKLIN ORTHEL KOIENIG .... . . .. .. .LI Salle ENGINEERING .Merbanicnl Engineering A.S.M.E. - La Salle-Peru Oglesby junior College I if Q ry ! ii ,flea ,l ' u al Q I-IARRY CI-IARLEs KOHL, JR .... ........ S 1. Louii, Mo. AGRICULTURE Flarirullurc' Alpha Zetag Pi Alpha Xig Floricultural Clubg First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day 11, SJ jARIEs WARREN KOPRIVA. . . . . .. ....... . . . . . .Cicero LIRERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Theta Chi Zoology Clubg The Daily Illini 111g Sophomore In- tramural Manager GEORGE JOHN Kosr., ..................., Cbimga LIIIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Poliliml Science Freshman Varsity Football Squad GEORGE PAU L KOTCH ER ......... .... W 'mnfille EDUCATION ' Bialogy Botany Clubg Illini History Club: Zoology Club ' ' Tffl' .milf 'I - U iq, M A a ,im , , W 'yi - - - ,M - 1- ., an ,.' ' Qf' 53. ,ra-f2,NQ,i ' I -Z :V 5,,f,Q :jf lggfglqgm' H'63,efj!,.n1. 'iv 1, lf -.I-.fmliitiv I .Y .4 R3 'W 1 ' J Viwlule: W 'l 7- ixlgifg- 'fbi ' F' rf. . ' :wi ' 1 ' 'Qtr NICK KOUZMANOEF ........ . ........... Bewwzwille ENGINEERING .Elertriml Engineering A.I.E.E. PETER ELI KOVACHIC ................. Wlairing, lml. PI-I-.'sIcAL EDUCATION Zeta Psi Freshman Varsity Football Squaclg Varsity Football Squad 12, 3, 4J XVALTFER O'NElL KREIAS .,...,...... .... C bimgn COMMERCE Genera! Bll,l'illL',f.l' l-'hi Kappa Sigma Band of X3 Caisson Clubg Interlraternity Council 1513 Captain, University Brigacleg Cast, "Anything Goes" JOHN ,losnvn KRIVEC ....i......,.., 5011115 Sifnzfiard ENGINEERING CVHITIIIIIL' Engineering American Ceramic Society: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Varsity Track Squad 121, Let- ter 15, 41 ARTHUR FRANK KRONER .... . . . . . ...., Quinry COMMERCE Arcnmzizmcy Accountancy Club Quincy College XVAl.'l',lER JOI-IN KRUG ............. .... C bin-:ga ENGINEERING Elcrlriral Engineering Beta Kappa A.l.E.E.g The Technograph 1113 Production Staff, "Liliom" CARI. JOI-IN KRUSE .............. ..... . ,..StrunIian FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Ari Elfllfllfidll RICHARD KARL KUCERA ..,....,.,.... .... B wwyn PHYSICAL EDUCATION Sigma Phi Epsilon Sachemg Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Baseball l Squzidg Varsity Baseball Squad, Letter 121 ELIN KUDO ...... I ................,..i ..,.... U rbfum LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Et'0Il0ffliL',f Alpha Phi Torchg Alpha Lambda Deltag Mask and Baubleg Shi-Aig The Illio 11, 215 Chairman, Homecoming Reunion Committee 1513 First Council, Woman's League 143 5 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feath- ersg Star Course 121 1 Cast, "Post Roacl"g Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady," "Liliom," "Rudcligore" Honors Day 113 ALYCE MARIE KUEHNE ........... .... C himgo EDUCATION Hisloxy Delta Zeta Accountancy Club: Shi-Aig The Illio 12Jg W.A.A.: Pan-Hellenic Council 1533 First Council, Womau's League 15JQ Orange ancl Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers ROBERT GEORGE KUEI-INE ......... .... L :Ike Forex: AGRICULTURE General flgrirrllllzrt' Agricultural Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Basketball Squad 15, 43 . Lake Forest College PEYTON HOXVARD KUNCE ........ ...Gnmfz' T offer COMMERCE Cmnmerce and Law Phi Kappa Tau Caisson Club: Star and Scroll: Interfraternity Council 151 3 First Lieutenant, University Brigade Page 101 IEDIVAIID JACOB LABOND .................. Oak Park ENGINEERING Mechuniml Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E.g First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day f2J JOHN HERBERT LADD .,..................., Kewmm- LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbenzinry Beta Theta Pi American Chemical Societyg Sigma Xig Coast Artil- lery Club: Star Course t2jg Major, University Bri- gade Honors Day 12, SJ DAVID FRANCIS LAHUE ,... ....,....,. H ighland Park ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Josnpn RAYMOND LAMAN1'IA ...... ..... 0 ala Park ENGINEERING A General Engineering V Society of General WEngineers Page 102 LEONARD LAMB .......,...,..........I. Cerro Gorfio LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical l Cosmopolitan Club Phi Eta Sigmag First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day fl, 21 ROBERTA HARRIETT LAMB ............... Ce:-ra Gm-dn AGRICULTURE Nulrilion and Dietetic: Presbyterian Hall Omicron Nug Phi Upsilon Ornicrong Home Economics Club Illinois State Normal University HARRY JOSEPH LARIBETH .............. .. .Chicago JOURNALISM , Arlz'erti.ring and Publishing Newman Hall News Editor, The Independentg Sigma Delta Chig In- dependent Council C3, 43 ' MARY ELIZABETH LAND ..............,..... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pqiilical Srience Alpha Phi Wfright Junior College Gnome XVAYNIE LANDAU. .... , ............ .Chicago ' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES HOXYVARD GRANUN LARSEN .... . .... . ...Schiller Pm-h PHYSICAL EDUCATION Pre-Law Phi Kappa Tau Phi Delta Phi Delta Theta Epsilong Phi Eta Sigmag Caisson Clubg Phalanx Gymkanag Star and Scrollg Freshman Varsity Foot- ball Squadg Freshman Varsity Gymnastic Squad: First Lieutenant, University Brigadeg Production Staff, "Brother Rat" CLARENCE THEODORE LANTZ ........... .... C hir.-igo RUSSELL ELMER LARSEN .,....,... ..... D emmr JOURNALISM COMMERCE Adverliring and Pnhlirhing General Bu.rine.rJ Beta Kappa Alpha Delta Phi Senior Business Manager, Illini Theatre Guilclg Arepog Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 41 Cavalry Othcers Clubg Mask and Baubleg Picrrotsg The Daily Illini fl, 21, The Illio ill, The Siren f2Jg First Lieutenant, University Brigadeg Cast, "It Can't Happen Here," "Tosca"g Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl," "Liliom," "Our Town" MARX' Lou LARABEE .............. , ....... Champaign EARL THOMAS LARSON ..I........... .... A Inline LIBERAL AR-rs AND SCIENCES ENGINEERING ' Poliliral Science Merbnniml Engineering Kappa Kappa Gamma A.S.M,E. I Monmouth College OLIVE RUTH LARIMORE ................. Plninrzfille HARRY PETER LAIIsoN ............. .... P nxmn AGRICULTURE JOURNALISM General Home Erononzicr ' Achaea Newr and Edirorinl Phi Gamma Delta Home Economics Clubg Illinois Agriculturist 1233 Sigma Delta Chig Skull and Cresccntg The Daily Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl" I Illini KI, 2, 51 3 Men's Glee Club Q21 I? l FRANK EDXVARD LAsKos .............. ..... 0 regon PHYSICAL EDUCATION Theta Kappa Phi A.P.E.A.g Caisson Clubg Gymkanag Freshman Vars- ity Football Squadg First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade PATRICIA ANNI: LAUGI-ILIN .,........ Vineland, N. J. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Art Education Chi Omega Illustratorsg The Siren Q39 3 Orange and Blue Feath- ers: Gold Feathers PEGGY Louisa LADGIILIN .......... Vinelnmi, N. J. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Erlgliib Chi Omega Alpha Lambda Deltag Recording Secretary, Woman's Leagueg The Daily Illini fl, 21 5 Senior Jacket Com- mitteeg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Honors Day tl, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key EDNA ALICE LAWSON ........... .... C may EDUCATION Englirb Illiawasas First Council, Woman's League Q41 g Second Council, W.G.S. MJ 5 Production Staff, "Our Town" r -ifff' 'i ig . V -'fa'-, of f J' 1 A.. ti . E ' V531-, I r -1 .Lf 1 -'-. L'I . ELIZABETH LOUISE LEAKE ......... .. EDUCATION Home Ewnamicr Alpha House ROBERT ELWOOD LEAKE ............... LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Fi-John House junior Bar Associationg Freshman Varsit Squadg Freshman Varsity Track Squad . . . Mrzywoorl . . . . .Amboy y Basketball ANNE LEBRON ...............,.. .... G alarm COMMERCE Imurmzce Accountancy Club JAMES STEWART LEE ..,....,,......,..,... Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geography Theta Chi Arepog University Chorus 12, 5, 41 3 Cast Goes," "H.M.S. Pinaforef' "La Boheme," ' 'Tosca' ' , "Anything "Maman," ROBERT CI-IARI.Ias ......... . . . ..Cbimgo ' COMMERCE Geflernl B11.riz1e.Ir VERNON WILLIAM LENZ ...... ENGINEERING Ceramic: . . . . .Cbiwlga Kappa Delta Rho Accountancy Club Valparaiso University GERALD EDGAR LEISCH ............. COMMERCE General Bifririerr Sigma Phi Sigma Accountancy Club: Concert Band 12, Regimental Band U1 EDI'I'I-I LIEGG ................ . ...... EDUCATION Public School Illini: . . . .Zion 3, -U g First . . .DuQr1oin Southern Illinois State Teachers College FRANK YUEN LEM .......... . .... Kwfmgiimg, Claim: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economic: Pan'Xeni a American Ceramic Societyg Keramosg mental Band fl, 25 Honors Day 119 Second Regi- MARIAN BELLE LERNER ........,... .... C fzrbfmilnlc COMMERCE General Burizzerr Mary E. Busey Hall First Council, WOman's League C35 University Of Southern California REINHARD HELMLIT LESSER .............. C19d7IIfIrIijg71 FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arcbilecfure Sigma Alpha MII Gargoyle Honors Day Q21 University of Giittingen, Germany CLIFFORD GUY LEVE1! ............ COMMERCE Arrazlwacy Phi Eta Sigma: Accountancy Clubg First Regimental Band K3 43 Q Second Regimental Band fl, 21 Honors Day fl, 21 . . .Plaiufivlfl Page 103 SYLVIA LRVIN ...............,,...... .... C hirugo AGRICULTURE General Home Economics Six-O-Two First Council, WonIan's League 131 Central Y,M.C.A. College, Chicago LEONARD LIWY ...............,. .... B erwyn EDUCATION ' Plsyricr Morton junior College 1..roNA RIITI-I Lewis ..........,.. . .... ' ........j0l1el LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology' Davenport House Alpha Pi Delta: First Council, NVoman's League Q11 3 Executive Council, R.G.S. 131 PAULINI3 ELIzAIII3'rH LEWIS .......... AoRrcLIL'rURs Nutrition and Dietelirr Satfer Court Home Economics Clubg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers .. . .fllbrmy .l Iii I A 'E :'l , Q fa G A 7 A W ..,, ir H 'II Page 104 KATHERINE VAIIERIA LICI-ILITIER ..... Karim: Ciiy, Mo. EDUCATION Home Emrmmirr Gregorian Literary Societyg Orchesisg Cast, "Rio RitII"q Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "It Can't Happen Here," "Kind Lady," "Post Road," "Tosca" University of Kansas City LORRAINE LRE LINDIZMAN ........ ....Cbi4-iiga EDUCATION Englifl: Alpha Xi Delta The Siren 12, 51 g W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feath- ers: Gold Feathers, Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl" Mundelein College FRANK XYIALTER LINDER ,........... .. .Warbingzon ENGINEERING Electrical Engines:-117g Alpha Chi Rho Senior Gymnastics Managerg A.I.E.E.g Star and Scrollg Athletic Council Q41 Gymnastica g INIARY Lou LINDQUISI' .... . ........ JOURNALISM Ad1'e1'ti.fir1g and Pzzblirbing Gamma Phi Beta Gold Feathers X5Uheaton College .. . .Elgin GEORGE ALVIN LINDSLEY .............. ,.Mou1ir4fllA LIBERAL ARTS AND Sc1IsNeIzs Sociology KATH LEEN LIST ......... . .... . . .... Hmirzmz EDUCATION En glirb Gamma Phi Beta University of Arizona XVANDA MAE LI'I"rLn .... . .... .. .. .... .....Cbimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englixb Campbell Cottage Alpha Lambda Delta, Der Deutsche Verein l-Ionors Day Cl, 21 BARBARA RAY LI'rrLaroN .................... Ur-hmm LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speerb Pi Beta Phi Mortar Board: Torchg Alpha Lambda Delta, Mask and Baubleg National Collegiate Playersg Illini The- atre Guild Board ffl! 3 Cast, "Boy Meets Girl"g Pro- duction Staff, "Arlmirable Crichton," Elizabeth The Queen," "Midsummer Night's Dream," "Spring For- mal" Honors Day fl, 2, 51 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key M 3'N HILDA MAE LIVENGOOD. . . . . . . . .. EDUCATION Hixlary . . . .Danville Alpha Gamma Delta Mortar Board: Der Deutsche Vereing Chairman, Mothers Day C41 3 Pan-Hellenic Council 15, 41 g First Council, Woman's League l3, 41: Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathersg Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 15, 41 Honors Day KZ, 51 PAUL WILLIAM LLENRLLYN. . . . . . .Vale Summil, Md. AGRICULTURIZ Geffen!! Agrirullnre Agricultural Club Blackburn College CLHRIETTE LLOYD .......................... Clsimga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Alpha Kappa Alpha EDNA Hoowoon LLOYD llNlRS.1 ............. Cbimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hiflory Alpha Kappa Alpha Chicago Christian College EDWARD lVl.IiRl.lN LOBDELL ,......... ...Maynwofl ENGINEERING Ceramic Engineering American Ceramic Societyg Coast Artillery Clubg Kera- mnsg First Lieutenant, University Brigade JAMES DURBIN LOCKI-TART ................ Wnukegfnz ENGINEERING lllL't'b!1lIi!'df Emgixzeering A.S.M.E.g First Regimental Band 11, 2, 5, 41g Uni- versity Orchestra L31 ' HARRIET ,ESTHIZR LOGAN ...,............. ...Flora l.lBIERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Malloemuliar Achaca Southern Illinois State Teachers College EVELYN MARIE LONG .......,..... .... D fmrille AGRICULTURE Nutrition and Diezefirr Honors Day Q11 n If I 1 A I l 4 ll 'iv K g J " 5 " Pnl" . l l 'F ea I ' 'lf Va. A AIELVIN EUGENE LONG .... . ..., . ...Oak Glen COMMERCE Armummzry Newman Hall Accountancy Club ' r Thornton junio College ALICE LORBY ................... .... U Vbillirl EDUCATION Biology Phi Mu Arepog W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Fcathersg Student Alumni Association f2, 5, 41g Pro- duction Staff, "Brother Rat," "Elizabeth The Queen," "H.M.S. Pinafore," "Kind Lady," "La Boheme" Honors Day C31 HAROLD ABRAM LOURET ,....,.... .. .... Rirerriilr- ENGINEERING General Eizgifiewiizg Lambda Chi Alpha Gymnasticag Star and Scrollg Sophomore Gym Team Manager, BITII-r LOUISE LOVELBSS .................... Urbima LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bacteriology Corinna Bacteriology Clubg First Council, Woman's League 1-fl1g Second Council, Woman's League C41 I tl A 'NW CI-IARLES RICHARD LOYD. .. ........T6'f1'!? Hrune, Ind, BERNARD VINCENT Luoxwo. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cbimgn L. Ei COMMERCE Brmking and Fimmre Sigma Alpha Epsilon Accountancy Clubg Skull and Crescent: ll. 27 GEoRGE DAVID LUEY ............. COMMERCE Arraunfancy Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Club Honory Day U1 ALLEN THURMAN LUCAS, JR ......... ..Cbfmdler-ville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Science Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Phi FAITH LUCAS ......................... .... C bingo LIBERAL ARTS AND ,SCIENCES Piycbnlogy Alpha Xi Delta W,A.A.g Gold Feathersg Sophomore Cotillion Queeng Football Court of Honor 131 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES C hem Lrfry A.I.Ch.E.g Der Deutsche Vereing Production Stall' The Illio "Yr:omen of the Guard" Wright junior College .. . .Pfzlerriue XVILLIAM DAY LUDWIG. . . . . . . . .. . . .Penfield, N. Y. EDUCATION Playrimi Edurafio 71 Shurtletf College MARCELLA EILEIEN LUKENBILL ,.......... Springfeld JOURNALISM Adwcrriring and Publirbing Delta Delta Delta Theta Sigma Phig Shi-Aig The Illio fl, 213 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers MARION JEANNETTE LUND ............I. Wilmizzgian LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbeminry Shawnee Alpha Lambda Delta: Iota Sigma Pig The Daily Illini fl, 21 Honors Day tl, 2, 31 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key Page 105 I ALBERT JOHN LUNDBIERG .... .. . . . .. . . .Str-eomr EDUCATION Playriml Edumzion Chi Beta Tribe of Illini, Freshman, Varsity Football Squadp Varsity Football Squad, Letter 12, 5, 41 CHARLES JEAN Lurz ............. ...Arforia AGRICULTURE Geneml ligrirulmre Caisson Clulag Hoot' and Horn Cluhg Freshman Vars- ity Wfrestling Squadg Varsity Wrestling Squad LZ, 5, 41, Major, University Brigade JOHN Liao LYNCH ............... ..... U I-hmm COMMERCE General Bzzrinerr Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Bladeg Tomahawkg Freshman Varsity Vfrestling Squadg Varsity Wrestling Squad CZ, 51: Student Alumni Association QI, 21, Major, University Brigade PAUL BRYANT LYON, JR.. . . . . ...... . . ..Dz'mmr COMMERCE Arcounlunry Alpha Delta Phi Sophomore Intramural Manager Agn l I l It il., , la- . fu 'I ' Jr I .., bf I I-J-fl I. rc "' V' Page 106 DONALD FRANCIS LYONS ......... .. ..... Chicago ENGINEERING Railway Civil Engirzeering Sigma Epsilong A.S.C.E.g Railway Club Armour Institute of Technology, Wriglmt Junior College EUGENE DUDLEX' MCALLISTER .... . .. .... Champaign JOURNALISM Nr-wr om! Editorial Sigma Chi Ma-XVan-Dag Sachemg Chief News Editor, The Daily Illini C413 Phi Alpha Chig Sigma Delta Chi, jour- nalism Council EUGENE HALL MCBRIDE .......... .... L eRoy AGRICULTURE General Agrirullzrre PETER GEORGE MCCADDEN ....... .... C arrolllon COMMERCE Accolmtonry Phi Eta Sigmag Independent Council C115 Captain, University Brigade ' Honors Day K1, 2, 51 3 University of Illinois Scholars ship Key ALIJIZNA :ELIZABETH MCCALLEY ...........,. Macomb , LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Soriology Kappa Delta Production Staff, "Follow Thru," "Rio Rita" Western Illinois State Teachers College FRANCES ANN MCCARTHY ................... Elgin LIBERAL ARrs AND SCIENCES History Davenport House St. Mary-Ofstlae-Woods College THOMAS JOSEPH MCCAR1'HY ..,. . . . . . . . .Karla Irloufl LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology St. Viator College MAIIY ELLEN MCCAR'FY ........ . .... .... E rlinbm-,g COMMERCE General Burineir Warner Hall Senior Manager, Gymkanag Chairman, Dads Day Banquet Committeeg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Football Court of Honor Q41 1 I grasp- HELEN IRENE MCCLELLAND ....... .... T imanfell AGRICULTURE ' General' Home .Economist Home Economics Clulag Production Staff, "lt Can't Happen Here," "Kind Lady" Western Illinois State Teachers College ALICE MILDRED MCCLINTOCK ,... ...River Forex: EDUCATION .Englifb Warner Hall Alpha Lamba Delta: Der Deutsche Vereing W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers, Star Course Q21 3 University Chorus L11 Honors Day Ll, 2, 51 L University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key JOHN THOMPSON MCCONATHY. .. ,... White Hal! COMMERCE Banking :md Finonre The Independent 12, 513 Independent Council KI, 2, 3, 41 THOMAS HUNTER MCCRACKIN, JR ........, Orerlanfi ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Ruste Arms Tau Nu Taug A.S.C.E.g Pershing Riflesg Scabbard and Blade, Illini Engineers: Major, University Bri- gade, Military Council University of Missouri BONNIE JEAN MCCRAY ............ ..... L aMoiIle AGRICULTURE General Home Ecoziomicr Home Economics Clubg Illinois Agriculturist Q23 l W RONALD ARMSTRONG MCCREE ..... .... C hir-ago ENGINEERING Cir-'il Engineering Phi Kappa Tau A.S.C.E.: Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Inter- Y fraternity Council Q31 5 DONALD ORR MGCREIGI-IT ......... .... P lymomb ' ENGINEERING Ceramic Ezigineering Keramosg Student Council, Wesley Foundation 13, 41 Western illinois State Teachers College BETTY JANE IVICDAVID ............ ..... H illrlfow COMMERCE General Burinerr Chi Omega Torchg The Daily Illini U, 2, 35: Chairman, Dads Day Accommodation Committee 155: Chairman, Homecoming 1433 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathcrsg Commerce Council MJ I Honors Day fl, 21 ' - 1- 'ww Sm if-1 "M ily " AQ :Ji . E Ar -f r R J, . ef':I1e:E : ' :L ntl' vfeqgvg, figgflflfeaf-5z'wHE ,. ogg, N ,'-p57rp3,3,33rgaL5-ggi? -A 'lea .AJ 1 - " MARINE ESTELLE IVICDIVITI' ............ .... P arir AGRICULTURE General Home Ecofmmicr Omicron Nug Home Economics Club Honors Day 12, 31 Indiana State Teachers College JOSEPH RICHARD MCDONALD .........,. B1-arwmawu AGRICULTURE General Agfifrlllrife Alpha Zeta: Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Educa- tion Clubg Caisson Clubg Hoof and Horn Cluhg Pha- lanxg Major, University Brigade Honors Day U, 21 IVIAUDE EVA MCDONALD .............. .... A 1-lbw AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: Hurd Hall Der Deutsche Vereing Home Economics Clubg Or- chesisg First Council, XVoman's League CZ, 45g Orange and Blue Feathersg Production Staff, "Brother Rat" CHARLES THOMAS MCEWEN ....... ...Oak Park COMMERCE General Burinerr Miner House Grinnell College if I f 'F f a - , . . "V . .g5Q53y',15,.iA'i.u ' ,, I ,f I V-A. i A RONALD RUSSELL MCGAFFIN .......... Omaha, Neb. JOE THOMAS MCINTOSH .........,. ..... C lailliralhe JOURNALISM ' ENGINEERING Adzlerlirirrg and Publishing Ciril Erigimvring Beta Theta Pi Chi Epsilong Tau Nu Taug Pershing Riflesg Captain, Gamma Theta Phig Freshman Varsity Football Squad University Brigade Joi-TN EDXVARD MCGARY ....... ..... Louirffille CLAUDE ALLAN MC-JOHNSTON, JR .... ..,.. E mmron JOURNALISM ENGINEERING Ailreriiring and Publirbing Eifgirzewizig Physics l Theta xi Phi Delta Theta Advertising Manager, The Independentg Gamma Sigma Tau Theta Phi: Journalism Council Illinois Collegeg Blackburn College Hanover College JEAN MCGINNIS ..................... ...Springfield DWIGHT IRWIN McKEE ........... Madimnrille, Ky. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ENGINEERING Geology Eledrical Engineering Pi Beta Phi Alpha Delta Phi A.I.E.E. California Institute of Technology MAXINE CHAEOI' McGrNN1s ...... .... I alia: GEORGE ELVIZRT IWCKIHISEN ,...,.. .... G oldeugaze EDUCATION AGRICULTURE Efigff-fb General Agrirulrure McKinley Hall Agricultural Club: Agricultural Engineering Club Tamaroa Honors Day 121 Joliet Junior College Page 107 RAIIPH QUENTIN MCKINNEY ....... .... C fzrlack AGRICIILTURIE General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Scimitatg Sophomore Gymnastics Managerg Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad: Varsity Fencing Squad 12, 3, 41 XVILLIAM WII.I.soN MCMAI-IoN, . .. .... Chicago ENGINEERING Ciwil Engineering Delta Phi Sigma Epsilong A.S.C.E.g Engineering Council 12, 31 MARY Lourss MCMANUS .................... Jolie: LIRIQRAI. Anrs AND SCIENCES Englirln Chi Omega Production Stall, Homecoming Stunt Show 141 g Gold Feathers: Student Alumni Association 121 Ioliet Junior College PAULA JIIANJMCNAMARA ....... '.'.'.q..Spring Valley AGRICULTURE K General Home Evonomicr Kappa Alpha Theta Vice-President, Y.W.C.A.g Home Economics Club: W.A.A.g Junior Business Manager, Gymkanag Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 13, 41 3 Production Staff "The Adrnirable Crichton" I V 'lli H , l . - 'ai , cfi , 457- 'I' I 23 Page 108 DEAN WILLIAM MCPPIEETERS. . .... .... S zilli F1171 JOURNALIS M ' General The Daily Illini 121 1.-KDY HAM MCPI-InRsoN ,................ MI. Vemmz COMMERCE Banking and Finance Phi Sigma Kappa The Illio 11, 21 XVILLIAM HIIRIIIIRT MCQuIs1'oN ............ Elmwood ENGINEERING Mechzmiml Engineering Delta Upsilon Pi Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E.g The Illio 1115 Second Regimental Band 121 Honors Day 111 THOMAS EIIIL MCVAY .............. ..... B mv-y l ENGINEERING Merlmnirul Engirzzfering Barons A.S.M.E.g Freshman Varsity Fencing Sqnadg Fresh- man Varsity Pulo Squad jrssuz RAL MCVICKAR ........... .. . . . .... Sumner AGRICULTURE General Home Emrmmirr Aeolia sI,zf" K Oruicron Nug Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Llpsilon Omicrong Home Economics Club Honors Day 11, 2, 51 Q University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key DANIEL VALENTINE MCWETHY, jR.... ..I.. Awww: COMMIZRCII Arcounuuzry Delta Tau Delta BYRON LRROY MABIE ........... ,... U rbnna COMMERCE I General Bfuirierf Alpha Tau Sigmag Scabbard and Blade: Men's Glee Club 1l1 : Captain, University Brigade Wir. BETTY MARIE M.-xcmc ............. Green Bay, EDUCATION Speech Medea Zeta Phi Eta Springfield junior College W If la. Q I Q is 'Ca' I-1' 07.9 , w . 12,541 1 I'-A 5: ,I Q Q TE , .' ., , 1 L PoRRI1s'r HENRY MADI2s .....,....... .... P ala PHYSICAL EDUCATION Phi Mu Delta Delta Theta' ,Epsilong Gymnasticag Second Regi- mental Bandi11, 21 CHARLES C. MADNIKOIT ........,.. .... C bicuga ENGINIEIIRING Civil Engimuzring Phi Beta Delta Interfratemity Council 121 Lewis Institute JOHN MICHAEL MAGIIR .....,..,... Roi-berler, N. Y. ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering - Beta Kappa A.S.M.E. MIILVIN IVIAGILOW .......... . ..... Kfmmi City, Mo. LIBERAL Anrs AND SCIENCES Chenliml Engineering A.I. Ch. E. Kansas City Junior Collegeg University of Kansas City CHARLES EDWARD' MAHA ......,... CoMMERI:Iz A cfouu In IIL'-'ll Student Senate ffllg Alpha Kappa Club Michigan State College FRANCIS JOSEPH MAHIQR. ...... , .... Bravklyn, N. Y. MAR'rI-IA ANNETTA MALL ....,.. . . .. , .. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Piyvbolugy Chi Psi Psi Chi Omega Honors Day 151 St. Francis College Ronrzm' JAMES MAHER ...,....... .... J alia: Commenciz General Bnrineu Delta Kappa Epsilon Accountancy Club St. Mary's Collegeg University of Notre Dame JAMES DANIEI, MAHONEY ............ Sr. Lanii, Ma. Lrmzaai. ARTS AND SCIENCIIS Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma Caisson Clubg Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 111 ....Dm1f!ee ELsIIz MAE MAINS, fMRS.l........,.....Cf7tl7!I,'71lfgl1 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Ecanomirr Psig Accountancy Alpha Kappa Delta Johns Hopkins University . . . , . Urbmm AGaIcuI:ruRn General Home Economic: Bethany Circle JOHN RYMER MAI.LAHAN., ..... .. ...Elwhm-rr ENGINEERING Meclaanitnl Engineering Acacia A.S.M.E.g Interfraternity Council Q51 Elmhurst College DEMIETRIZ JAMES MALLIRES .......... Tripalis, Greece .AGRICULTURE General flg1'iL'lllfllI'E' International Y.M.C.A. College ' - Q., rklxli V , N., . l ,x I.oIII2NA MANAUCI-I . . . . ...... ,. .. .... .Siflell EDUCATION .A'ltlffJ?7I14fIL'.l' Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Lambda Delta: Arepog Le Cercle Francais: Shi-Aig Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg XVomen'S Glee Club 15, 415 University Chorus U, 2, 33: Cast, "Tosca," "Yeomen of the Guard" Louise ANITA MANN ................... Champaign AGRICULTURE Geueml Home Economirr Bethany Circle Orchcsisg Home Economics Clubg Orange and Blue Feathers I HIz1.IzN JANE MANNON ............... ..,Kewamfe AGRICULTURE Nutrition and Dieteticr Zeta Tau Alpha Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers CLARICE CATHERINE MARco ................ Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES V Sociology Saffer Court W.A.A. l 'ai 5 4 -in Mui ' V H ir I, ,W 5 " - +V:-3 ,. Il V frr A - ' F 'Elf 5-st lfygx I 1 nib ",i 1 , 3 ,I I .ra ' I A , ,..I I, aj. ,, V .1 l --. ' 2-C Ross CARIPIu:I.L MARIS ........... ...Turrola COMMERCE Gene:-:Il Burizzeu Accountancy Club PI-IYLLIS JANE MARKS ............. ...,, D ixau JOURNALISM Adrertiring aim' Pnblifhing Mary E. Busey Hall Torchg Gamma Alpha Chig Theta Sigma Phig The Daily Illini il, 2, 51: Orange and Blue Featlrersg Gold Feathers HARRY O'CONNELL MARLATT .............. Danville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Pierrotsg Illini Theatre Guild Boardg Cast, "Brother Rat," "The Drunkard," "Elizabeth The Queen," "Lady Precious StrearI1"g Production Staff, "The Fireman's Flame" KATHRYN MARIE MARLIN ......... ..... N arrir City - .EDUCATION Conmrercial Teurbiug Cagle Hall William Woods College Page 109 RUTH ELLEN NIARSHALL ................... Wberirou LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES lingllrb Mary E. Busey Hall Tamaroag Production Staff, "Lady Precious Stream" North Central College ANN CATHERINE MAR1'IaNs ......... ...Peru EDUCATION Gervzmn Laura B. Evans Hall Dei' Deutsche Verein: Orchesisg W.A.A.g XX'ornen's Glce Club Q45 La Salle-Peru Oglesby junior College jAMIzs Russian. RAY IVIARTIN, JR. ............. . .........................Web.rler G!'01'FJ', Mn. COMMERCE Geneml Eminem: Kappa Sigma Accountancy Clubg Band of X5 Cavalry Officers Clubq Skull and Crescentg The Illio 1155 Freshman Varsity Polo Squadg Varsity Polo Squad l2l, Letter 15, 41g lntertraternity Council 15, -U 3 Captain, University Brigade: Military Councilg Polo Association NIELLIE MARGARET MARTIN... ............ ....Xem.1 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlory Page 11D XVILLIAM MCCRIEARY MARTIN ............ Rare Irlmm' ENGINEERING Gezzelvzl Engineering Beta Sigma Psi A.S.C.E.: General Engineering Societyg Rifle Club St. Ambrose College FRANK IWASLAN ............. , . . . .Kan.rrn- Cizy, Mu. I.InIaRAL ARTS ANI: Scinxcns Cl2r'miI'1zl .E7lgiIlL'6'l'j77g A.I.Ch,E. Kansas City Junior College: University ol' Kansas City EILREN GERALDINIE IWASON ,,.... ,.,, C lnicagv EDUCATION French Zeta Tau Alpha I Orange and Blue Feathcrsg Gold Feathers . . . . Chimgv ATHIZNA MASSIAS ,....,......,.. EDUCATION Music Mary E, Busey Hall l.e Cercle Francaisg Tamaroa NViIson junior College . . . . Urbznm Dorus MAE 'iiiiiiiliii AnRIcI,u.'ruRE ,,,, ' General Home Erarmmicr , 'flchaea Phi Upsilon Omicron: Home Economics Club RAYMOND MAsTI3Rs. . . .. .................. Rahifmm JOURNALISM rldz.'cv'li.rirIg and Pnbliibing JAMES RAY MATHIzRs ......I,....., Nw-rl: Heudamm AGRICIILTURI1 Gczmral Agrimllufe Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Cluhg Hoof and Horn Clubg Phalanxg Illinois Agriculturist 62, 33g Interfraternity Council 141 3 Captain, University Brigadeg Military Council ARTHUR RALPH MATHESON .,...... Krumrr Cily, Mo. LIBERAL AnTs ANU SCIENCES Cbemixrry Club Mortonia Alpha 'Phi Omega: Alpha Tau Sigma 1 Pershing Rilics: Scahbard and Blade: Men's Glee Club ll, 2, 3l Z Major, University Brigade: Military Council l Q-, T N V . will any Ilvir il F I X naw W - ,Q , ii ,Q EARL XVILMER MATliEW'S ..,......,. .... Ar lor:-iran AGRICULTURE' - Generrzl if1g1:iClllfll1'L' Alpha Kappa Pi Agricultural Club: Dairy Technology Societyg Inter- fmternity Council Q41 EIJNA Rosa MATHEWS ............ .. .Tolano EDUCATION Home Eroxronrirx Vanlig Home Economics Club JUNE ELIZABETH MA1'HIS ................... Mor-mn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hifttlrj Phi Mu Shi-Aig The Illio Cl, 21 5 Orange and Blue Feathers: Golcl Feathersg Student Alumni Association tl, 215 Production Stall, "Tosca" EDWARD NATHAN MALIIEL ........... ...Clsiraga ENGINEERING Cnfil Engmeering Ruste Arms Chi Epsilong A.S.C.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key AIJOLPH JOHN MAUSER. ., ....... .. . . . . .Zion AGRICU LTURE Grwrrrl Agriclzllilrc' Club Paragon Varsity Baseball Squad C41 Honors Day ill DAVID BRUCE MAXTON .................... D11Q11oin LIIIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Bray Club Monmouth College: James Millikin Universityg Southern Illinois State Teachers College JOHN HARVEX' MAxwELL ......,... .... D nnrille ENGINEERING Mwlvnflirrrl Engineering Delta Tau Delta PATRICIA IYALMEIDA MAXWELL ......... Lauwezzreifille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES .Englirb Torchg Alpha Lambda Deltag Assistant Editor, The Independentg Delta Phi Alphag Der Deutsche Vereing The Daily Illini il, 23 g Chairman, Homecoming Pub- licity Committee Q35 4 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 131 Honor Days QI, 31 'ln 'IQ 'F '-I Y - ' . :V-1215? .Q . . 3, , A - I " ' HARRY NORLIAN MAY, JR. .,.,..,, .... T nylon-1'ille COMMERCE flCiYIIHll1lIlL'jf Newman Hall Accountancy Club: First Regimental Band 13, 43: Second Regimental Band ll. 21 MEIII. GOTTLIEB MAYER ............ ..... H illfbmo JOURNALISM Num and Ed iforinl ROBERT THOMAS MAYI-IILL ............. Delphi, Ind. -IOURNALISM Neufx and Editorial Beta Theta Pi Ma-XVan-Dag Kappa Tau Alphag Phi Eta Sigma: Editor, The Daily Illini: Student Senate 1415 Sigma Delta Chig Journalism Council Honors Day fl, 27 ROIIERT ORRA MAZE ............,... ENGINEERING Electrical Errgineering Club Paragon Eta Kappa Nug Independent Council MJ Honors Day can Pasadena junior Cnllegei .. . .Dnpo f II ei A '-is L Hi, , 235' .,Y:,, 17 ii P If Fw? I I EIJNA LEONE MEADONY'S .................... Urbnnn RANDAL ALBERT MEI-ILER ........... g...H!lf!07I1li1E LIBERAL ARTS ANLI SCIENCES I.IBERfA.L ARTS AND SCIENCES Bomnv M Chemical Engineering U Burrill Botany Club A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day QU KENNETI-I LEIGHTON MEANS .......... Cnlfmzel Cify MARTIN MRLVIN MEIER ....,..... .... S 1 Amie COMMERCE General Bn,rine.r: Phi Gamma Delta Accountancy Clubg Band of X3 The Il COMMERCE Commerce dm! Law Phi Eta Sigma: junior Bar Association lio fl, 2, Bl Honors Day fl, 2, 59 3 University of Illinois Scholar ship Key RIZNA ERNESTINE MEDLIN ...,.... .... S pa-iugjielrl RUTH REVALEE MEIER ,............... ...Nokamu EDUCATION AGRICULTURE Latin General Home Eronomirr Zeta Tau Alpha Home Economics Club Illinois Wesleyan University CHARLOTTE MEHARR5' ...................... Chicago LEWIS STILWELL MEISENBACH ..., .... R irerrfde LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE French ii .Erauomirr Cagle Hall Bradley Polytechnic Instituteg University of Chr First Council, NVOman's League C55 - ' ' cago, Western Illinois State Teachers Collegeg Illr nois State Normal University Page 111 SM l THOMAS MEISENZAHI. .............. Racbmer. N. Y. ENGINEERING Zlflerhoriiml Engineering Delta Sigma Phi A.S.M.E.g Interfraternity Council GJ, First Lieuten- ant, University Brigade OCTAVIO AUGUSTO MENDEZ ................... . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pf1fzanm, Republic of PIHIIIIIIA FINE AND APPLIED ARTS fll'L'blIEt'fIlfE Alpha Sigma Phi Purdue Universityg Canal Zone Junior College I CHARLES ALEXANDER IVLERCIER, JR ........,... Normal LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Zoology Sigma Chi Illinois Wesleyan University 1 l i - . I BETTY Lou MERCKER ...................... Quincy , LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES , Sociology Salfer Court Alpha Kappa Deltag Tamaroa Quincy College H Page 112 in RUSSELL FRANK MERRILL .......... jeney Cily, N. J. JOURNALISM Special and Critical Fordham University GEORGE MARTIN lVlE'l'ZE ............... .... C bicugo PHYSICAL EDUCATION Theta Kappa Phi A.P.E.A.g Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Chair- man, Senior Memorial Committee: Interfraternity Council Q51 3 Cast, "Rio Rita" ROBERT FARER MIZVES .,............ .... U rbamz COMMERCE General Bll.l'i71L'J.l' Wilson Junior College I PAUL EUGENE lN'fEYER ............. ..... H ull AGRICULTURE General Agriczlltwe Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Zetag Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Eco- nomics Clubg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Agri- culture Council ifll ' 'i Honors Day C33 Hannibal La Grange Junior College , l ARTHUR WILLIAM IVIEYBRS ..... . . . . . .Chicago COMMERCE H General Buriner: i Hill Hall i Accounta ncy Club RICHARD WALTER MICHAL .................. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Lambda Chi Alpha Caisson Club: Der Deutsche Vereing The Siren 11, 23 3 Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Captain, Uni- versity Brigade ELBERT OSCAR MICHELS ........... .. .Rinawl EDUCATION Arrouniancy Accountancy Club Southern Illinois State Teachers College JEANNETIE HARRIET MIES ............ . ..Urbano ' PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Gamma Phi Beta Physical Education M:Ijor's Club: W.A.A.g Pan-Hel- lenic Council 13,-4J 5 First Council, Woman's League 13, 45 g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Honors Day Q57 LL DAN JAMES MIHALOPOULOS .... . .... . . . .Earl Moline ENGINEERING Merbaniral Ellglflffllllg A.S.M.E. LORRAINE GRACE MIKES ........... ..... C bimgo EDUCATION Englirb Beta Phi Alpha The Siren 12, 51 Q Chairman, Pan-Hellenic Ball Com- mittee 13J 5 Pan-Hellenic Council QE., -D Q First Coun- Cil, Woman's League 141 g Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers, Production Stalf, "Lady Precious Stream," "Our Town" DAVID BIRD MILES .... . ........ . ...,. .,...Cbirogo LIDERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Eroizomirr Sigma Alpha Epsilon Morgan Park Junior College FREDERICK DEAN MILES .................., Urlmmz FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arrbilftlllre Gargoyle Honors Day CZ, 31 G ' l E l xii,-a?'f. I, ' 4 . 5, 2: 'WL -' L45 I. I .Irzdumy WAYNE FOREST MILLER. ....... . ..... . . .Clair-nga JOHN WILLIARI MILLER ............. AGRICULTURE ' COMMERCE General Arcbirecfrne Banking and Finance Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Economics Club Delta Tau Delta Band of X3 Skull and Crescent, Chairman, Junior XVestern Illinois State Teachers College Promg Illio Staff Photographer 13, 41 INIARIAN MAY MILLER. I I .. ........ .. . .Urbana NANC1' JANE MILLS ..,.,....... . . . .Gmniie Ciiy COMMERCE EDUCATION Gcweml Burinerf Hirfory Kappa Kappa Gamma Stephens Junior College MIRY MILLER, .I ........... . .. I . . . . . I . . . ..D1nm'ee RAYMOND XVll.I.IAM MILLS, ......... Lakeview, Mirly. I FINE ANU APPLIED ARTS FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Mnrir Edrmrtion Lmrdrmpe Afrlriterlrrre Laura B. Evans Hall Landscape Architecture Society Sigma Alpha Iotag University Chorus MJ Michigan State College Honors Day fl, 'll F MINER ......... .. .Cbmzzpaign RUTH ANNE MILLER ,................... Monrirello GEORGIA RANCES LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES EDUCATION Englirb Hirzory Presbyterian Hall Delta Delta Delta Production Staff, "Anything Goes" KENNETI-I RAY MINERT ........,.... .... R arkford AGRICUl.TUl'tE General Agrirulmre Agricultural Club, Dairy Technology Societyg Illinois Agriculturist 13, 41 Blackburn College MARIIIN JEWIIL MINKUS. .. .. . . , . . . . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIRI-:CES Hirlory Granada Club GRACE ELIZABETH MINTO .................. Anfiocb LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES J Efrglirb Orange and Blue Feathersg Pilgrim Foundation Student Council 12, 5, All 1 ,7 -- I ab - ' 'T"' '4 - 'A-.I " 'HSI L--I -, 2 'lt' A P' ii ' r All N it GAII. CHARLES MISCHLICH ........ Kmzmr Ciiy, Kam. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Alpha Chi Rho lnterfraternity Council C41 Columbia University K I II- I I .,I. ' iZ3Ll.i7I 1 ...- L: II' III II' N ff . I II sa. I I 5, II I, Q E .v ' II L I . Q' 'lt QB I I I -III I II II, .. wx ,I Bs I I III, l RUSSELL LBROY MI'rcnELL ....,.......... Cb:-iriopher U AoRICUL'rURIz I General Agrimlmre Southern Illinois State Teachers College I l JANE ALICE MOELLER ...................... Chicago LIBERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES Hixlary Kappa Alpha Theta Pan-Hellenic Council Q43 5 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers JOHN JAY MOHAN, JR ...I ,......... . ..SfreaIor COMMERCE Cammerre and Law Sigma Chi Sachemg Accountancy Club, Band of X5 The Illio 11, Zig Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Chairman, Dads Day 1435 Chairman, Mothers Day Publicity Committee fllg Illinois Union Cabinet ISJQ Illinois Union Board of Directors C41 g Cast, "Follow Thru" Louis CROCKETT IVIOHLER ..,....,.. .... A H011 ENGINEERING Merlmnimi Engineering Senior Production Manager, Illini Theatre Guildg Arepog Mask and Baubleg National Collegiate Play- ers, Picrrotsg Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Eliza- beth The Queen," "Lady Precious Stream," "Manon," "Yeomen of the Guard" Page 113 Lewis EDWARD MONCRlEIi ......... Bridgemu, N. j. EDUCATION Cl:wmi.rt1'y Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad, Major, University Brigade RUTH ELNA MONTGOAIERY ......,......,. Swclelam! AGRIcuI.'ruRE General Home Economics Phi Omega Pi Arepo, Home Economics Club, Gold Feathers, Pro- duction Sta-lf, "Elizabeth The Queen," Pina- fore," "La Boheme," "Rio Rita," "Tosca" STEPHEN MCNAIR IVIONTGOMERY. ..Por1 Gibran, Min. AGRICULTLIRE Cfemfml Agriczzlrlrfa Newman Hall Student Alumni Association KZ, 53 Mississippi State College MARTHA GRACE MoNTooT1-I ,.....,........ Edinbm-g LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Achaea Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, Le Cercle Francais, Spanish Club, W.A.A. Numerals Honors Day tl, 2, 31 I University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key X135 if " 9' . 'J' I-si' 'N I V . ,Dry fig'4f .1' - J -,ii .' 'J ' 'gang' ii I E a Ob s? -, " raging, yt! Page 114 H.-lROl.D DEAN MooN. , ......... , ..... ., ..Bnrbnel1 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Meflinzl PAUL THOMAS MooN .....,,...... ..,,. O ak Park ENGINEERING Aleclmvriml lingmeering Phi Kappa Psi Tau Nu Tau, A.S.M.E.: Skull and Crescent, The Illio ill, First Lieutenant, University Brigade ARTHUR ROBERT IWOORE ......,... .... 0 ak Park AGRICULTURE General Agrimllrnr Pi Kappa Phi Agricultural Clubg Cavalry Omcers Club, Rifle Club, Freshman Varsity Football Squad, Varsity Football Squad 12, 43, Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad: Second Regimental Bancl Q11 , Captain, University Bri- gade CHARLES EuwIN LIOORE .......... Eau Chicago, Iml. COMMERCE Gwmrzrl Blrrlzzerr Caisson Club, Scabhard and Blade, Captain, Univer- sity Brigade Purdue University EVERETT HAROLD LIOORE ......., .. .Memlom COMIIIERCE ,l Accolnilancy Phi Kappa Psi ' Accountancy Club, Interfraternity Council 145, Pru- rluction Staff, "lt Can't Happen Here" FRIED GUY :MOORE ,.,..,.......... . . ,!Ll7l'Il?J'10llff1 ENGINEERING General Engineering Alpha Delta Phi A.S.C.E.g General Engineering Society: Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl," "La Boheme" RALPH PoLIsTER MOORE .... ....,....,..... D anaille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES . Sociology Accountancy Club, Pershing Rifles XVALTEIK THOMAS MOREX' ......... .... D er-ann COMMERCE General Bruizzerr Alpha Tau Omega Ma-Wfan-Dag Sachem, Business Manager, The lllioz Student Senate GJ, President MJ, Student Colonel, University Brigade, Accountancy Club, Band of X: Caisson Club, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Skull and Crescent, Interfraternity Council 13, 41, Star Course ill, Student Alumni Association 125, President, Military Council CARREI. BENNETT MORGAN .......... .... G aim ENGINEERING Meulmnicul Engineering Cosmopolitan Club Y.M.C.A. Cabinet GJ, First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day tl, 23 ' DOROTHY MAE IYIORGAN .,.......,..... Granite Cizy LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Acolia Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Eta Sigma Phi, The Daily Illini fl, 21 , Second Council, XVom- I en's League 145 5 First Council, WonIan's League L41 3 Orange and Blue Feathers Honors Day tl, 2, 33 3 University of Illinois Scholar- , ship Key MILFORD BUHRMAN MORGAN ....,.,..... Ikzylm-rfille ENGINEERING zlflcrlvzzrrical Eyzgifzeerifzg W A.S.M,E., Second Regimental Band tl, 21 , HAROLD MORINE .................. ..... H eunepin AGRICULTURE General Agrirultlzrc l Farm House ' Alpha Zeta, Phi Eta Sigma, Agricultural Club, Illi- nois Agriculturist fl, 2, 313 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet KZ, BJ g Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors MJ Honors Day 11, 25 l I EUGENE THOMAS NIORONI ........... ...Herrin ENGINEERING Mining Engineering A.S.C.E.g Mineral Industries Societyg Phalanxg The Technograph fl, 2, 37g Captain, University Brigade ELEANOR RUTH MORRELL ............. ..... P ima AGRICULTURE G.6'l?t'I'df Home Economic: Randolph Home Economics Club MARX' MARTHA MORREII. .................... Cfmlrm LIIIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Barterialogy Laura B. Evans Hall Alpha Lambda Deltag Bacteriology Club, Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg University Chorus 12, 5, 41 g Executive Council, R.G.S. C53 3 Wesley Foun- dation Council Q3, 41 Honors Day Cl, 22 MARGARET MORRIS ,.................... Norm Ciiy PHYSICAL EDUCATION Stratford House W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numerals MacMurray College RICHARD EUGENE BIORRIS ......,.. , . . .ilflnraiz EDUCATION lllrlflwlllrlliff lllico james Millikin University THEODORE MIIIES MORRIS ....., ,. . . , . . . . . . .Cbimgu LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Alpha Chi Rho Alpha Tau Sigmag Junior Bar Associationg tenant, University Brigade First Lieu- l'lEl.1iN ANN MORIRISON ........., ..... C bazzrfziiign AGRICUl.'l'URE Geneml Home EL'07l07I.'iC.f Corinna Omicron Nug Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home Economics Clubg The Independent L-H 3 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet lfll 2 Tamaroa University of Dubuque MARY FRANCES MORRISON ,...,.... Iiifliaampolif, Ind, LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Lambda Deltag Psi Chig Terraping The Illio Ilj 4 Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathersg Star Course ll, 31 Honors Day flj V l L I ,X L JOI-IN EMhfliT'l' MORRON', JR .,......... Earr Sf. Lani: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cfbemiral Engineering Theta Xi Sachemq A.I.Ch.E.: Junior Track Manager Honors Day fl, Z3 XYl'1Ll.lAM jor-INsToN Moimow .......,. Alirldlegmrr- ENGINEERING Illecbniziml Engineering A.S,M.E. Illinois Weselyan Universityg Missouri School of Mines IVIIRIAM EILIEEN MOSIIIIAN ....... .... IV Iorzan EDUCATION Englirb Arepog The Daily Illini fl, 215 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg Cast, 'Yeomen of the Guarcl"g Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Tosca" ME1'l'A VIRGINIA MOUDY .......... ..... W eff Salem AGRICULTURE Geneml Home Economic: Phi Upsilun Omicrong Home Economics Clubg Illi- nois Agriculturist 12, 5, 41 Honors Day UJ V .lx p . ff f"' , DovI,E GLENN MOYE ..,........ ..,. A lm-rim!! COMMERCE Afcolullailfy Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day 12, 31 ROIIERT GEORGE MOYER ..,........ .... C bit-ago ENGINEERING Merbfmiml Engineering Theta Xi Pi Tau Sigruag A.S.M.E.g Sophomore Baseball Man- ager Honors Day fl, 37 ALBERT CLINTON MUEL!.IiR r.,........... Carllmfille LIBERAL ARTS ANI: SCIENCES Chemixtry Phi Gamma Delta lnterfraternity Council Qaljg Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 141 Blackburn College AI,1fRIsn RAYMOND MUELIER ....... . S . .Chicago ' ENGINEERING Civil E?1gillrf'6'I'iI1g Phi Kappa Psi A.S.C.E.g Blackhawk Troopg Cavalry Ofiicers Club: Gymkanag Skull and Crescentg Junior Wrestling Man- agerzg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Interfra- ' temity Council 63, 43 g Captain, University Brigade J Page 115 Rum MARIE MUELLER ............... .... B ellwille EDUCATION Commercial Teaching Southern Illinois State Teachers College JOHN EDWARD IWULLEN .......... ..... C bimgo JOURNALISM Adifertrrizlg and Publishing Arepog Mask and Baubleg National Collegiate Play- ersg Pierrotsg The Daily Illini QI, 215 Cast, "The Fireman's Flame," "It Can't Happen Here," "Lady Precious Strcamwg Production Staff, "Our Town," "Yeomen ol' the Guard" PATRICIA ANN MULLIGAN ....,............ Keznnme LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Iinglirh Keeler Klub Gregorian Literary Societyg The Daily Illini Q21 5 The Independent Q51 3 First Council, XVoman's League Q41 g Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Elizabeth The Queen," "Kind Lady," "Tosca," "Yeomen of the Guard" DOROTHH' JANET MUNGER ................ Shelbyville EDUCATION ' C07I11!lI?1'Cftll Teaching Laura B. Evans Hall Accountancy Clubg The Daily Illini Q21 5 Gold Feath- ersg Production Stalf, "Follow Thru" MacMurray College 4 Y -rw Page 116 JoiIN CHESTER MUNSON ............... Gfymire Cily LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economic: Phi Delta Theta The Illio Q1, 21 LYLIE HUGI-I MuNsoN. ., . ....... . , . . . . . . . .llvimlwr LIDERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech JAMES LORANCE MURPHY, .... ,.. . .. .. . . .Friirftlrl ENGINEERING Elerirmzl Engineering Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nug Concert Band Q21 3 First Regimental Band Ql, 51 Honors Day Q2, 51 Joi-IN EDXVIN MURPHY. . ........ . ....... Chmrqmign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hixlory 5' 'f ' BHRNICE GXVENDOLYN MUZIKA ....... .... C bimga DANIEL JOSEPH NACI-IT .........,.......... Chicago JOURNALISAI FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Special and Criiiml Arrlyigeczure McKinley Hall Alpha Chi Rho ' Theta Sigma Phig Orchesisg XV.A.A. Honors Day Q51 ' DONAl.D STANFORD MYERS ............. Sugar Grove VIRGINIA NAKIS ,,............... ..... C bimga FINE AND APPLIED ARTS EDUCATION Murir Hiyfory Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag Concert Band Q3, 41 g First Regimental Band Q1, 21 g Men's Glee Club Q41 1 Uni- versity Orchestra Q31 g University Chorus Q2, 31 Honors Day Q21 KATHERINE IVIARIE IWYERS ............... Clmmpaign AGRICULTURE Nutriiiafz and Dietetic! Myers Club Home Economics Club Eastern Illinois State Teachers College RALPH ELBHRT MYERS. ............ Kama: City, Mo. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Aralyitecture Phi Kappa Psi Gargoyle University of Kansas City Alpha Xi Delta Morgan Park junior College HELEN LORRAINE NAUAIAN ........ .... C urbmn!,1In EDUCATION Elzglirb Alpha Delta Pi The Illio Q11 5 The Daily Illini Q11 5 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers Southern Illinois State Teachers College CLARENCE ARTHUR NEBEL .................. Clinmn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Palifiml Scienre Ruste Arms Junior Bar Association ELMER ALLEN NEELY ............. .... C hicaga ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Sigma Pi A.S.C.E.g Pershing Riflcsg Phalanxg Captain, Univer- sity Brigade ARTHUR HARRY NEII.I. ......,........... Rock lrland ENGINEERING Civil El7giIlEEl'if1g A.S.C.E. Augustana College ALFRED LEROY NIELSON ........... ..... A -lulm AGRICULTURE General Agrimlmre Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Economics Clubg Illi- nois Agriculturist 11, 31 5 Interfraternity Council 131 CARL ROBERT NliLSON ............. ...Rui-huille AGRICULTURE General Agrimllure Agricultural Club Illinois Wesleyan University CHARLES MARVIN NELSON ......... ..... G enaa COMMERCE Commerce and Law Junior Bar Association Honors Day 11, 21 CHARLOTTE LORRAINB NELSON .............. Claimga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Kappa Delta XVOH1ED,S Glee Club 141 5 University Chorus 12, 31 .EDXVARD JOSEPH NELSON .............. .... j oliw PHYSICAL EDUCATION Theta Xi Freshman Varsity Football Squad5 Varsity Football Squad 13, 41 Y HAROLD EASTON NELSON .......... .... B midwaod ENGINEERING ' Civil Engineering Tau Nu Tang A.S.C.E.5 Mu Sang Pershing Riiiesg Riile Clubg Scabbard and Bladeg The Illio 111 3 The Daily Illini 1115 The Technograph 1115 Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Men's Glee Club 121 5 Major, University Brigadeg Military Council5 Production Staff, "La Boheme" . 1 RICHARD JAMES NELSON ............... .... C bicago JOURNALISM Aduertiring and Publislsing Illini Hall Ma-Wan-Dag Sachem5 President, M.I.D.A.5 Account- ancy Clubg Tomahawkg Freshman Varsity Cross-Coun- try Squadg Co-Chairman, Independent Fall Formal 151 5 Independent Council 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Illinois Union Board of Directors 141 3 Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 141 3 Star Course 12, 31 5 Student Alumni Association 12, 31 5 Illini Union Advisory Committee 13, 41 5 Illini Board of Control 15, 41 5 Independent Board of Con- trol 141 Honors Day 111 ROBERT ALFRED NEl.SON .,......... .... P eoria ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E. . Bradley Polytechnic Institute ROBERT MARK NELSON ............ ...Magnon COMMERCE Acrouzztafzcy Fi-John Accountancy Club: Independent Council 11, 2, 31 Honors Day 11, 21 h17Il.LIAM EARL NELSON .,........... .... C laicfzgo COMMERCE Bankifzg and Fimmce Tau Kappa Epsilon Senior Hockey Managerg Pierrots5 Skull and Crescentg Freshman Varsity Polo Squadg Varsity Polo Squad 1415 Interfraternity Council 131: Athletic Council5 Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "The FiIeman's Flame" 1 A Y 1 ' ' ' ,sale I ALBERT HANS NHMOEDE. . . . . .... . .. . . . . . . . .Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture Armour Institute of Technology JOSEPH MICHAEL NESTER ......... . . .Belleville COMMERCE General Bfuiflefr Beta Theta Pi President, junior Classg Accountancy Clubg Band of X5 Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Baseball Squad 12, 415 Intertratcrnity Council 13, 415 Stu- dent Alumni Association 121 HELEN ELIZABETH NI!XXVBURY .......,....... Cbimgo LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Sociology Kappa Delta PanAHellenic Council 1215 First Council, Woman's League 121g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers CHARLES WILLARD NEWLIN ........ ...Elgin COMMERCE General Burineu Sigma Alpha Epsilon Accountancy Clubg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad Page 117 Q. WILLARD SEWARD NEWLIN.............Clil1I0!1, lawn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Mediml ROBERT NEWTON, JR.. ., .. .... . . . . .... Harvey EDUCATION General Ednmliofi Thornton junior College WILLIAM NEWTON. . . . . . . . .. . . . .. .. , .Hawey COMMERCE Accalnzlcwcy Accountancy Club Thornton junior Collegeg Northwestern University STEVE WALTER NICI-IIPORUK ..... . . .Chicago ENGINEERING Ci-eil Engineering A.S.C.E.g Mu-San 3. .Z Page 118 I.UCIE FLORENCE NICHOLS .............. River Forex: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pryrbolagy Alpha Chi Omega The Illio 123 g Gold Feathers ' Mt. Holyoke College JEANNE El.lZABE'1'H NICKERSON ............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Engliib Davenport House W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathcrsg Production Staff, "Brother Rat" WILLIALI GERALD NIEHALIS ..... ...O'Fallmz ENGINEERING Memllm-gical Engineering Mineral Industries Societyg The Technograph HJ, First Lieutenant, University Brigadeg Cast, "A Mid- summer Night's Dream" KNUTE EMIL NIIELSIEN ............ ...Rackfard ENGINEERING Merbaniml Engiuearillg Phi Kappa Sigma Arepog A.S.M.E.g Caisson Clubg Mask and Bauble: National Collegiate Playersg Pierrotsg Scabbard and Bladeg Scirnitarg Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad, Varsity Fencing Squad 1235 Captain, University Bri- gadeg Cast, "Elizabeth The Queen," "Lady Precious Stream," "Petticoat Fever," "Silver Cord," "Spring Formal" l ROBERT DEAN NIEMEYER, ., .. . .. . .Kfwrar City, Ma. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES :M ' Eranomicr Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kansas City Junior College GEORGE VINCENT NIESEN .,......... ....... L A Salle LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Bacteriology La Salle-Peru Oglesby junior College CLARENCE ARTHUR NII.ssoN. .. ..... ,. . . .Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bmtleriologj Nilsson Club Alpha Tau Sigmag Bacteriology Club, Phalanxg Cap- tain, University Brigade: Military Council HARVEY INGo Nrrz .,....... .. .. . . . .. . . . .Evaurton ENGINEERING I Mvrlmlzical Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda W Pi Tau Sigmag Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omegag A.S.M.'E.g Caisson Clubg Pershing Rillesg Phalanx: Rifle Clubg The Technograph CZ, 51: Interfraternity Council 445 5 Lieutenant Colonel, University Brigadeg Military Council Honors Day fl! nn- K" , Q il , WML i . if , N ' - i 1 1: A I M , Vs I M ' if QS RICHARD VERNELLE NIXON .... . . .. . . . .Urluum AGRICULTURE General Ag:-iculmre Agricultural Club: Dairy Technology Society THOMAS VERNON NIxoN ..... ,.... . ...Urbana AGRICUIIURE General Agrirzallwe Agricultural Club: Dairy Technology Society META THEODORA NOEFTZ ,.,...........,.,.. Sfzdorur LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES ,Englirb Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Delta, junior Bar Association, The Daily Illini fill Honors Day fl, 2, 59 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key QUENTIN EUGENE NORERI ..,..... .... N eufuk ' EDUCATION Mathematic! , Caisson Club: Captain, University Brigade I Honors Day l2, 37 I " l l I LAVERNE KATIILBEN NORRIS ........... Wen Chicago PHYSICAL EDucA'rIoN Gamma Phi Beta Gymkanag Orchesis, Physical Education Major's Club, XV,A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathcrsg Cast, "Anything Goes," 'iFollow Thru" Honors Day CU PIIILLIP PARKS NORTH ............. Bay Cify, Mich. ENGINEERING G'enez'al Ellgirzrcrizzg Sigma Tau Honors Day Q31 University of Michigan SI-IEI.Ex' NOR'FH .................,......... Elvuuron LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES 1l'latbematir.r Arepog Coast Artillery Clubg Mask and Baubleg Picr- rotsg The Illio ill g Major, University Brigade, Cast, "The Drunkzirdf' "Elizabeth The Queen," "The Firemzm's Flame"g Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl," "I-I.M.S. Pin:Iforc"3 junior Business Manager, Illini Theater Guild CHARLES LAWRENCE NORTON ...... .... N epanrel AGRICULTURE General A gfiClr'fllll'L' Alpha Chi Rho Alpha Zetag Phi Eta Sigrnag Editor, Illinois Agricul- turistg Agricultural Clubg Hoof and Horn Club: Star and Scrollg Agricultural Council HJ Honors Day fl, 2, 55 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key . ALFRED XVAI.'rER Nurr ............. Peelerkill, N. Y. ENGINEERING Ceramic Engirzrfeiiug Alfred University VIVIAN LORRAINE NYLEN ....,...,..... .... C 'laimgo FINE AND APPLIED AR1's Aluric Eilllfllfifill University Chorus C331 Cast, "La Boheme," "Rio Rita" LEONARD S. ODERMAN ..... ,,,.... .... C b imgff ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E.g The Techno- graph fl, 2, 31 1 Student Alumni Association IZ, 51 Honors Day ll, 23 ROSEMARY THIERESE O'BRIl2N ..... .... C bimgu EDUCATION English Phi Alpha Chig The Daily Illini fl, 21 5 Orange .Ind Blue Feathers hVll.l.lA.M JESSE O'BRIEN ......,..,... ...lVaorl.rlack55 LIBERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES PfE'LdUl Central Y,M.C.A. College, Chicago Joi-IN JOSEPH O'CONNELl. ....... ,....Cbimgo CoMMIaRcE fll'COII71llUIL'-jf Delta Phi Accountancy Club St. Viator College IAMIES SYLVIESTER ODCONNOR ............... Chu-,vga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Lambda Chi Alpha Der Deutsche Vereing Pershing Rifles NIARY FRANCES ODUM ............ Chapel Hill, N, C. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS lllllfit' Erlurrllion Delta Gamma Sigma Alpha lotag University Chorus Q23 Honors Day 11, 2, BJ 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key il V-V Q Iz- I ,I , c-Mfg, Im or E - -A Sega. pu , I I fi I I .L ll M ess ' I w .I I I- . .- A-..1.'-itfik - Y . wi' HELEN AMELIA OEHLER ......... I. .... Cbzmga EDLIcA'rIoN Art Chi Omega Gymnasticag Orange and Blue Feathcrsg Gold Feath- ersg Football Court of Honor 12, 5, 45 ROBERT ADOLPH OEs'rERLE ........ .... B sllcville ENGINEERING Cerrmzirr I Newman Hail DONALD HENRY OFFERLIAN ...... .... K ankakee COMMERCE Arcormlrzlzry Accountancy Club Honors Day 12, 31 I HAZEL LUELLA OEEUTT .......... .... A in-om COMMERCE Arromzzanry Alpha Delta Pi Accountancy Clubg Tamaroa i North Central College l I Page 119 W W ALBERT MARTIN OGENT .............. Efm 51. Lani: ENGINEERING Merbzmiml Errgizzeering A.S.M.E. MARTHA ROSALIND O'HAlR .................,. Parr: LIEERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirtary Laura B. Evans Hall Honors Day O1 Northwestern University LIz'RoY JOHN OIaII.soN .... .... ..... ..,. C I a irago AGRICULTURE Geueml Agriculture lllico Agricultural Club: Field and Furrowg Illinois Agri- culturist 111g Independent Council C215 Production Staff, "The FiremarI's Flame" FRANCES Louise O'KEIEFE ...,............... Tofflah LIDERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Medea Lindenwood College JOIIN OLIVIERI ........... ......... C laicngo Heigbzr ENGINEERING Metallurgical Engineering Phi Eta Sigmag American Society of Metalsg Mineral Industries Society Honors Day U, 21 LEIE ERIC OLSEN, JR .... ............... G len Ellyn FINE AND APPLIED AR'rs Arrlnirerlure Kappa Delta Rho Student Senate 141 g Cavalry Officers Clubg Scabbard and Blade, Star and Scrollg Chairman, Homecoming K41 3 Illinois Union Cabinet C31 3 Illinois Union Board of Directors Q41 g Men's Glee Club 11, 21 g Captain, University Brigade AGNES JANICE OLSON ......... . .... . . . .While Heath LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology BIERNICIE LYDIA OLSON ..................... Ottawa LIBERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES French Warner Hall Mortar Boardg Torch: Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Deltag President, XV.G.S.g First Vice-Presia cient, Woman's Leagueg Student Senate 441, Le Cercle Francaisg Spanish Clubg W.A.A.g Executive Council, W.G.S. 13, 414 First Council, XVoman's League QS, 413 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Production Staff, "Rio Rita" Honors Day fl, 2, 51 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key rg- RR ,ar , . rf L 13'-3-ilf A- F -lQQr.aiQ? 5. "- .:. ,Apu 1 --p 5 Page 120 DEAN ALAN OLSON .... . . ...... ........... R arleford ENGINEERING Mr'rlJrmiml Engineering Alpha Tau Omega A.S.M.E.g Dolphinsg Freshman Varsity NVrestling Squadg Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad HAROLD GUSTAV OLSON ..,........ COMMERCE Gene:-ul Burinerr Beta Sigma Psi Interfratcrnity Council C415 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 151 North Park College HELEN IRENE OI.soN ..........,.. AGRICULTURE Nntrilion and Dieleiirr McKinley Hall Orange and Blue Feathersg University Chorus QS, 41 Lois MILDRED OLSON ,... . .......... , .Wbire Hefub LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES MeIlbenuI.'ir.r Honors Day Q21 . . . . Clairago .. . .Bellwood PATRICIA ANN ORAII ................, Fm-go, N. D. EDUCATION Home Economic: Gamma Phi Beta XV.A.A.g Tamaroa North Dakota Agriculture College DAVID LAXVRENCE OsTFEI,n ....... . . .... Cbimgn COMMERCE General Blzrirlerr Sigma Phi Sigma Alpha Phi Omegag Accountancy Clubg Arepog Pier- rotsg The Daily Illini C11 5 Chairman, Senior jacket Committeeg Interfraternity Council M13 Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "The Fireman's Flame," "It Can't Happen Here," "Lady Precious Stream," "Yeo- men of the Guard" University of Colorado NEDRA IVIAE Orr ........ .. ....... .... Chicago PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mary E. Busey Hall Physical Education Majors Club, The Daily Illini tl1g W.A.A.g W,A.A. Numeralsg Major Ig Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association Q21 AXIEL CARL OTTOSON. .,......,...... Bellaire, Obie ENGINEERING Cemmir Engineering Kcramos Lewis Institute JAMES LOWELL OVELMEN ............ ..... 0 uawfz ENGINEERING Agrirultraml Engineering A.S.A.E. La Salle-Peru Oglesby junior College VIRGINIA HELEN OWENS ......,.,..... .,.. P eorin FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Muric' Orange and Blue Feathersg Women's Glee Club C43 3 University Chorus 12, 37: Production Staff, "A Mid- summer Night's Dream" JACIQ HERBERT PACEY ........... . . . .Peoria EDUCATION Zoology JOHN BA'I'IsTA PACOTTI .... . ...... .. , ..Kincaid EDUCATION Phyriml Edurarion Chez Des Freres Tribe of Illini, Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Baseball Squad, Letter 12, 42 NVALTER HENRY PAHL ........... Sami: Haven, Mich. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Alpha. Chi Sigma Alpha Phi Omegag A.I.Ch.E.g The Technograph I5, 45 Wright Junior College IVIARJORIIE HELEN PALEREY .................. Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Alcestis Alpha Pi Delta: Orchesisg First Council, NVoman's League V27 3 Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feath- ers: Production Staff, "The Admirable Crichton," "Elizabeth The Queen," "Follow Thru," "It Can't Happen Here" ADELE FEIL PALMER ............... ..... C bimga JOURNALISM New: and Edilarial Laura B. Evans Hall Theta Sigma Phig The Daily Illini fllg penclent Q57 9 Orange and Blue Feathers Morgan Park Junior College The Inde- CAROLYN MAE PALMER ................... Emnrfon EDUCATION General Home Eronomicr Alpha Phi Alpha Pi Delta: Gregorian Literary Societyg Home Economics Club, The Illio Q21 5 Co-Chairman, Senior Invitations Committeeg Gold Feathers Monmouth College ROBERT CI-IARI.Es PALMQUIST ....... Cbimga Heiglm COMMERCE Banking and Finance Phi Sigma Kappa Accountancy Clubg The Illio fljg The Daily Illini 1115 Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Interfra- ternity Council MJ ROBERT DAVID PAPE ..,.... ,..... .... C la imgo EDUCATION Political Srience Alpha Phi Omega Wilson Junior College GEORGE HIRAM PARIS ,............ .... S pringielll ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Beta Theta Pi MARIE MAGDALENE PARKER .......... .... S pringyield JOURNALISM Azleertiring and Publishing Hathaway Hall Alpha Lambda Deltag Theta Sigma Phi: The Daily Illini fl, 275 The Independent C555 The Siren fill 5 Co-Chairman, Senior Invitations Committeeg Orange and Blue Feathcrsg Gold Feathers, Student Alumni Association 125g Journalism Councilg Cast, "Rio Rita"g Production Staff, "The Admirable Crichton," "Follow Thru," "Spring Fever" Honors Day 11, 31 FAYE MERLIN PARKINSON ,... - ..... AGRICULTURE General Agrirulmre Agricultural Club Carthage College . . . .Pearl City DOROTHY ISABEI. PARKS. . . . . ....... . . . . .. . .Minonk PHYSICAL EDUCATION Sager House W.A.A.g XV.A.A. Numeralsg Major Ig Club 12, 3, 45 KENNETH CHARLES PARKS ,.....,. COMMERCE Arrrmnfancy Accountancy Clubg Caisson Clubg Cap Brigade WALTER DoNALD PARKS ........... AGRICULTURE General Agrirullnre Nabor House Agricultural Clubg Field and Furrow Women's Glee . . . Urbrum tain, University . . . .Mowvaqim Page 121 WILLIAM ROBERT PARKS ......... .... A lm-inn COMMERCE AECOIIIIIHIICJ' Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha Tau Sigma: Accountancy Cluhg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg First Lieutenant, University Brigade PHYLLIS RAE PARSONS ............ ..... C bimga AGRICU LTURE Gerzernl Home Economics Alpha Gamma Delta The Illio 1234 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers CHARLES ORVILLE PARVIN ........ ...Aron COMMERCE Acraunlrznry JOHN DOUGLAS PA'rTERsoN ........ ..... B ellwood EDUCATION Phyriml Erlrzraiion Sigma Phi Epsilon Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad f2, 3, 47 3 Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad: Varsity Wrestling Squad 12, 47 LEVERNE XUCTORY PATTERSON ...... . . . .0ufIrgn EDUCATION 1?7dlI.l'fl'flll Educrrfion MARK C1.EMENTs PAULsoN ,...,,..........' LIBERAL Arrrs AND SCIENCES Chemistry Phi Eta Sigmag Phi Lambda Upsilon Honors Day il, Z, 31 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key OSCAR EDNVARD PANVLISCH. .....,........ Villa Ridge AGRICULTURE General Agrimllure R.D.R. Club A.S.A.E. 5 Pershing Rifles I AUGUST STEPHEN PAYDON ......... . . .Plainheld ENGINEERING Agficrzlfrzml .Ezzgineerifzg , Farm House Agricultural Clubg A.S.A.E.: A.S.M.Eq Men's Glee Club fl, 23 i North Central College L ,LZ W ,c L' l Va- v- I Page 122 GEORGE LAWRENCE PAYNE ........ .... W err Salem COMMERCE Arrouninncy iDelta Phi Accountancy Club Honors Day ill JOHN WILLIAM PAYNE ................,... Dfmwillc LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbtllliilry Phi Delta Theta Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad ' BETTY JANE PEARSALL .......,,.......... llhrnkegmz LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Frrnrf: - Delta Gamma The Daily Illini fllg Pan-Hellenic Council M53 Orange and Blue Feathersg Student Alumni Associa- tion QZ, 414 Production Staff, Union Minstrel Show C11 JAMES FRANKLIN PEIRCE .......,....... E1,Ilf'!lfdJ"l'HlL' LIBERAL Aars AND SCIENCES Speech Pierrotsg Cast, "A Midsummer Night's Dream"g Pro- duction Staff, "The Drunkard," "Elizabeth The Queen," "ThelFiremen's Flame," "La Boheme" :,, fr' "' A9"5,2'- 'S' "' :::. ' X. II Ii- V I -L uv 1 L I W E if , K ' A xl if n t ROBERT HARRY PELI. ............. ..... C hirago COMMERCE General Bluinerr Alpha Tau Sigmag Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade, Lieutenant Colonel, University Brigadeg Mili' tary Council Honors Day Q21 Oklahoma Baptist University LEON SIGMUND PERLMUTTER ...... ..... C lair-nga COMMERCE Acmzmrfmry Newman Hall Accountancy Club Northwestern University GEORGIA FRANCES PERRY ............... ..,. I uliez PHYSICAL EDUCATION Sigma Kappa W.A.A,g W.A.A. Numeralsg Major I Joliet Junior College TED JOHN PERZANOVUSKI .............. ., .Chicago PHYSICAL EDUCATION Lambda Chi Alpha Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad FRANK ALFRED PIZTHRN... .... . .... Waterloo, Iowa COMMERCE Accouulucy Alpha Kappa Psi: Beta Alpha Psig Honors Day 131 Iowa State Teachers College Accountancy Club ALBERT ENGDAIIL PETERSON ................. Moline LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirh Arepog Pierrotsg The Daily Illini C234 Freshman Varsity Golf Squadg Men's Glee Club 12, 371 Uni- versity Chorus HJQ Cast, "The Fireman's Flame," "Lady Precious Stream," "Ruddigore," Union Min- strel Show C235 Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady" ROBERT GREGORX' PETRY ................. Clmmfmigri LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Erofzomiar Alpha Sigma Phi Freshman Varsity XVI'estling Squadg Varsity Wirestling Squad Q23 HOXVARD BLISS PETTY, JR ....... ......... A If. Car:-all LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Eniomalogy First Regimental Band fl, 2, 3, 43 f ii KEITH LAXVRIENCE PFUNDSTIEIN .,... .... E I-ic ENGINEERING flfI6Cbfl71i!'Ilf Englzieering Triangle Pi Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E.: Rifle Clubg Intcrfraternity Council H3 1 Illinois Union Board of Directors Q43 CHARLES VUINFIELD PHILLIPS ..... .. .Ridg-way CUMRIERCE Gemvzrl Bnrn1e.Ir Sigmu Nu Accountancy Clubg Band of X3 Tomahawk: Tribe ol lllini: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Varsity Basketball Squad 123 FI.oRENr:Iz ELEANOR PHILLIPS ..... .... C hfmiffrirgii EDUCATION Hirlory Alpha Gamma Delta LLOYD jAIwIEs PHIPPS ............,. ...Raberrr AGRICULTURE Geneml Ag:-irullure Alpha Zetag Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Club: Agricultural Education Club Honors Day 12, 53 r nl A rar l ga I if I is . .i OGDEN ALLEN PHIPPS .... . .... . .... .. .. . . .itlanfenlu LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical W Delta Tau Delta Chairman Dads Day Accommodations Committee 123 Interfraternity Council 15, 43 JOHN I'IIiARD PIGKRELL .........., ...Lrmerrille AGRICULTURE Gerleml Agrimllure Sigma Alpha Epsilon Agricultural Clubq Agricultural Economics Club Freshman Varsity Track Squad Illinois State Normal University DONALD JOSEPH PIERCE ...... , ....... . . . . . .Canlon FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Lm1d.rcape Arcbireclure Theta Delta Chi Scarabg Interfraternity Council 42, 3, 43 4 Men's Glee Cluh 113 g Fine Arts Council f2, 3, 43 SIDNEY FRANK PIERSMA ..........., ...Cbimgv AGRICULTURE G e Hera! Agfirlzlture Q I I CHARLOTTE DOROTHY' PILKINGTON ....,.... Hamilmn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Tri "S" Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Deltag Alpha Kappa Delta: Eta Sigma Phig Gregorian Literary Society: W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Major lg First Council, XVoman's League C43 g Orange and Blue Feathers Honors Day fl, 2, 53 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key GLENN THOMSON PILLSBURY ............ Pererrbm-g LIITERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Buckingham Palace I Caisson Clubg Independent Council C233 First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade DONALD RIzxFoRD PINNEY ......,.. .... R orei-ille COMMERCE Accomzlanry Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club I-lonors Day fl, 33 HERBERT SHELBY PIPER. . . .. .... ,. . ...Szmmer AGRICULTURE General Ag:-irulrm-e Page 123 fl i S n " ,f-. ti .-.. - t l I ,I a"1 R DONALD CHESTER PLACE ............. ...Homer ENGINEERING Mechaniml Eugimferilzg A.S.M.E. MARTIN MARVIN PLATE ....,..... .... P nluline EDUCATION Chemirlry Gar-Men Phalnnxg Major, University Brigade I EDWIN CHARLES PLATTE ...............,.... Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Maria' Edumlion Chairman, Illini Theatre Guild Boardg Phi Mu Alpha- Sinfoniag Arepog National Collegiate Playersg Men's Glee Club ll, 255 University Chorus KS, 415 Cast, "Battered Bride," "H.M.S. Pinafore," "La Boheme," "Manon," Tosca" JOSEPH HAN'ILL PLETCHER ....... .... B orwyn COMMERCE 1' General Burinerr Delta Phi Accountancy Club Morton junior College iulg - at-, X W sz l'-.. if l .,., A . ' A fv' . i x is --:-1,. 3 .ang ,-:-, Q X X X IIE ' 'gg if A . Q , QUENTIN PLETSCI-1 .....,........,.... .... 1 McNabb ENGINEERING Il-Ieclmniml Engineering Pi Tau Sigma Honors Day GJ JOSEPH BURTON POLHBMUS ......... .... F oififiew JOURNALISM Sperial and Crifiral Theta Chi Sachemg Kappa Tau Alphag Phi Eta! Sigmag Sigma Delta Chig The Daily Illini fl, 2, 35 Honors Day fl, 21 WILLIAM POLISKY ,................ .... C himgo COMMERCE Areolmrarzry Accountancy Club HELEN ELIZABETH POLLOCK ,............. Monrielfl TLIBHRAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Stratford House Phi Beta ,Kefppag Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day fl, 2, 31 5 University of illlinois Scholar- ship Key A , LI- V . -- i 1 -, l g R 1. - ' R i ' ll II 33 -r II' H ii i I ' :- S-A H , if A 3 A' ' 4' A ALFRED JOHN P0RTEOUS.V........J..lflIii4l1l1fJ0li.f, Iml. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arcbitecmre Moron A.S.C.E. College of Wooster I LESLIE SPENCER PORTER ........... ...Glenwood AGRICULTURE General Agrimlilzre Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Education Club: Caisson Clubg First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade Roasnr ARTHUR PORTER. .. . . .. . . . .. .. . . . .Rockford LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Emnomicr I Sigma Alpha Epsilon A Accountancy Club ' Beloit College l XVILLARD WOODROW POTTER ......., .... U fhdllfl .. JOURNALISM New: and Editorial Kappa Tau Alphag Gamma Theta Phig Sigma Delta eff? i Chi f. l K. fi. qwgiiq xfff Honors Day may Wfh ug. , A -I L Page 124 Q . 'I VERN EILEEN POTTINGER, ........,... ...Peru W AGRICULTURE General Home Eranamirr Vanlig Home Economics Club Blackburn College l DORIS ELLA PozEN ....................... Chicago I LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Brlcreriology i Six-O-Two Bacteriology Clubg Independent Council 1315 First Council, Woman's League Q31 GEORGE WILLIAM PRIECKSHOT .........,.. Collmr:-'ille i LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Clnemiml Engilzeering Phi Eta Sigmag Omega Chi Epsilong Phi Lambda Upsilong A.I.Ch.E.g Captain, University Brigade W Honors Day 11, 2, SJ 9 University of Illinois Scholar- I ship Key . I MARIE FRANCES PRICE ............... Holland, Mirb. COMMERCE General Burifzexr Kappa Delta I Accountancy Clubg Tamaroa Hope College HARRY CLAYTON PRINCE ........... ...Kewnnva ENGINEERING Elerlriral EEgim'eriilg Triangle . Chi Epsilon: Sigma Tau: Tau Nu Tau: A.S.C.E.: Phalanx: Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 12, Sl DORIS I-IENRIETTA PRODTY. .. ......Rorbener, N. Y. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pryrbology Delta Delta Delta Tamaroag Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady," "Tosca" University ot Rochester ALBERT EATON PUEAI-IL .....,..,........... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemiral Enginrerivzg Delta Tau Delta A.I.Ch,E.: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Squad 123: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: First Lieutenant, University Brigade: Cast, Union Minstrel Show 121: Production Staff, Union Minstrel Show Q51 ELLAMAE PuI.CIaER .................. Earl Carondelez EDUCATION Englirh Beta Phi Alpha Arepo: The Illio UD: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "H.M.S. Pinafore," "It Can't Happen Here," "Lady Precious Stream," "Tosca" si. RAYMOND LEONARD PUTMAN ........ .... E llirrillv AGRICULTURE Gencml Agriczzlfnre Fidel Hall Dairy Technology Society Carthage College FRANCES GRACE QUIRKE ...,................ Urbana LIBERAL. ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlory Gamma Phi Beta Torch: Alpha Pi Delta: Arepo: Gymnastica: OI'- chesis: Chairman, Homecoming Publicity Committee KZDQ Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet 12, 37: Student Alumni Associa- tion QZJ: Cast, "Anything Goes," "H,M.S. Pinu- iore," "La Boheme," "Ruddigore," "Yenmen of the Guard" DONALD FREMONT RADIIR ,....... .,.Aledo AGRICULTURE General .flgriclzllure Agricultural Education Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Rifle Club Honors Day C31 EUGENE LESTER RANCK .... ...... .... B if wen AGRICULTURE General Agiiclzllnre Agricultural Club: Phalanx: Captain, University Bri- gade I' FRANK ALFRED RANDALL, JR.. . . . ., .... . Wilmvrzu ROBERT HENRY RANN .... ... . , ....... ..... C bit-ago ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Alpha Delta Phi Pershing Rifles: The Technograph ill BETTY MERLE RANDOLPH ............. .... D fmrille PI-IYsICAL EDUCATION Alpha Pi Delta: Orchesis: Physical Education Major's Club: W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numerals: Major I ADELE RANGE ........................ . . .. .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Piyclwlogy Mary E. Busey Hall ' XV.A.A.: Tamaroa: University Orchestra C31 Drake University: Wright junior College KATIIERYN EILEEN RANK ................. Hoaperlon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Phi Omega Pi Cast, "Our Town": Production Staff, "Our Town" De Pauw University ENGINEERING Elerlriral Efrgineerirzg Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A.l.E.E,: Phalanx: First Lieuten- ant, University Brigade GILBERT ANDREW RAPP ........... . .,Mar1on COMMERCE Geneml BlI.YiI7F!.f Accountancy Club Bradley Polytechnic Institute RALPH FREDERICK RAU .,............. Sr. Lnnir, Mo. COMMERCE Affllllflfflflfj' Fl-J0l1l'l Alpha Kappa Psi: Accountancy Club: Coast Artillery Club: Independent Council 127: Captain, University Brigade Honors Day QU ROBERT ORRIN RAXVSON ....,........ Eau Sz. Lani: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre- M edirnl Lambda Chi Alpha The Technograph ISD Illinois State Normal University Page 125 J ffg, 'N' ..,, , 1 5 E I N FLORENCE LAURA RAY..... .... ...........Kewanee LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Engliib ZORALUCILE RAYL. . . . . . . . .. .... .. . .. . . . . . .Danville PHYSICAL EDUCATION Beta Phi Alpha Gymnasticag W,A,A.g W!.A.A. Numeralsg Major lg Orange and Bluc Feathersg Cast, "Anything Goes," "Bartercd Bride" RUSSELL LAIRD READ ..,..,............ .... E lbum FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Afrbitectzm' Scarab SAMUEL EDWARD READ ........... ..... T :Arcola COMMERCE Arrfumfancy Phi Eta Sigma W Honors Day fl, 31 lvl Page 126 SI'LvIA RECKLES ........................... Cbimga FINE AND APPLIED ARTS fllflfilf Laura B. Evans Hall Sigma Alpha Iotag The Independent cab 3 First Coune cil, Woman's League GJ 3 Junior Council, Woman's League Q35 1 XVomen's Glee Club HJ g University Chorus 131 SHERMAN KENNEDY REED. , .............. . . .Urbmm LIEERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES .. Clvenzirlfy V , ,Ill A Kappa Sigma Pi Mu Epsilong Dolphinsg Skull and Crescentg Fresh' man Varsity Water Polo Squad I Honors Day ill JAMES WILLIAM REEDHR ......,... .... T urmln COMMERCE Banking and Finance Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ma-XVan-Dag Sachemg Accountancy Clubg Band of X: Skull and Crescentg Tribe of Illinig Freshrflan Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Letter 12, 5, 43 4 Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Varsity Track Letter Q25 g Commerce Council Q51 XVILLIAM GEORGE REEDER, JR .... .......... W beaten LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Politiml Science Chi Psi 111, 'Q VV,-XLTON VERDIER RDEDS .................. .Chicago ' -MARY LOUISE REHM .......,... .... Oak Park ' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES EDUCATION ' Chemical Engineering ' Art Illini I000 Kappa Delta " A,I,Ch,E, Beloit College - MARGARET JOYCE REGNELL ...............,. Emnmm RAEEURN ANDREW REI-IN ........... .... W aadlmll LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES AGRICULTURE Sociology Germral Agriculture Production Staff, "H.M.S. Pinaforef' "Li1iom," Alpha Tau Alpha "Ruddigore" CORNELIA MARIE REI-IEERGER .... . .... Illinois State Normal University ... .Lebanon ELDER RORERT REICI-IERTs. . . . . . .. . .. . .Park Ridge EDUCATION COM MERCE Commercial Teaching Acrolinmnry Delta Sigma Phi Orange and Accountancy Club Stratford House Accountancy Clubg The Illio fl, 213 Blue Feathers Honors Day Q21 CHARLES CONRAD REHLING ...,.... ' COMMERCE , General Bnrinerr Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Caisson Clubg Der Deutsche Verein First Lieutenant, University Brigade .. .Water-lao COURTLAND TI-IIRL REID .......,......... Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geology I FRANKLIN JACOB REIss .... . ..... .. ....F1-eeburg RUTH MAEDELL RENNICK ...... .. ...La Fnyemf AGRICULTURE COMMERCE General Agrirullure Arcozzntunry Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Lambda Deltag Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers Honors Day fl, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholare ship Key Phi Kappa Phig Alpha Zeta: Sigma Xi Honors Day 11, 2, 35 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ,lOl-IN BERNARD REUHL. . . . . ..... .. ....ChiCr1g0 COMMERCE General Bzuineri I MARJQRIE JANE RIEITZE .................... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Delta Gamma RAY HOW'ARD REYNOLDS ............., Poplar Grave EDUCATION Indfzrfrial Erlflmtion Honors Day ISI FLORENCE NAOMI RIIIzNI1R ................. Oglexby LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Sigma Delta Tau W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathetsg Gold Feathers University of Iowa l l EFFIE GIIRALDINE RENNER ........,.... Green Valley XVILLIAM JACKSON RHINEHART ..... Little Roda, Ark. AGRICULTURE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES l General Home Erofmmirr Pre-Mediml l Home Economics Clubg Orange and Blue Feathersg Granada Club - , EF l Production Staff, "It Cai-I't Happen Here," "Kind Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Alpha Chig Rifle Club: Concert Band ll, 2, 3, 41 . Lady," "Tosca" Honors Day Q11 I i .. Q., 7 DARRELL WI-IITAKERJRHOADS. .. .... Oregon - COMMERCE ' I - 4 AI.-romzlizncy - . Accountancy Club 3. Blackhawk Tmopg Cavalry Club: Pershing Rifles: First Lieutenant, University Brigade X WILLIAM BYRDEN RHODES ........ .... I3 eumn COMMERCE General BlIJ'lIIE.f.l' Delta Tau Delta i SoI.IsIcA FLORENCE RIBACCHI ............. Colliui-ville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES l Hismry Alpha House Cast, "Cavaliera RustiCana": Production Stall, "Spring Formal" I XVILLIAM HUDSON RICE .........., .... E I Pam l COMMERCE Geneml Bmifzeu Sigma Chi Accountancy Clubg Band of X5 Skull and Crescentg The Siren f2, 30: Sophomore Football Manager: Chairman, Dads Day Registration Committee 1211 lnterfraternity Council QS, 41g Production Staff, I "Anything Goes," "Rio Rita," Union Minstrel l Show Q21 ' U 9931 III I I I a I If S J fl' 5 fi IIIII I 'I Ii.- l i ' L Cl ll' 5 'I l F M Q? Alt RQMA VIRGINIAERICHARD. .. , . . . . I .Champaign , EDUCATION ' ' Home Economist Corinna - l ERNEST IELMOND RICHARDS .......,..... Waynenfille i ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E. Honors Day 11, 2, Sl 9 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key MORGAN XVOODWARD RICHARDS .... .... L fl Grfmge E COMMERCE I lnduririal flrfmirzirrmfian I Chi Phi Lyons Township Junior Collegeg Central Y.M.C.A. College, Chicagog University of Wisconsin NORMAN HOWARD RICHARDS ....... ...Olney AGRICULTURE General Agrirultrlre Hill Hall Alpha Zetag Agricultural Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Independent Council Q21 Honors Day C21 X l l Page 127 MARY EDITH RICHARDSON .......,. .... O glerby AGRICULTURE General Home Erorfonzirr Alpha Delta Pi Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association 113 FRANK EDWIN RICHART ............... .... U rbfnm ENGINEERING Merbarliml Engiflevvirzg Pi Tau Sigma: Sigma Tau: A.S.M.E.g Freshman Varsity Golf Squad: Varsity Golf Squad, Letter 15, 43 Honors Day fl, 35 ORIA DOUGLAS RICHMOND ........ .... L 4 Grange EDUCATION Hirlary Chi Omega Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Cast, "Anything Goes"g Production Staff, "The Admirable CriChton" ' WILLIAM EUGENE RICHNER .... .. . . . . .Danville CORIMERCIE !ll'L'0lllIIEl7l'y Aggountancy Club 'T SAMUIQL FRANKLIN RIDLEN ...,..... .... A Iarion AGRICULTURE General Agv'iL'ult1n'e Nabor House Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Education Clubg Agricultural Council 13, -41 RUTI-I EILIEEN RIGDON .............,...... Pefcr.fbm'g LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Latin Mary E. Busey Hall Illinois College .EDXVARD Josismq RINGHOFER .....,..... ,... C fJlL'dgU PHYSICAL EDUCATION Newman Hull Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Baseball Squad Q2, fllg Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad 121 DrXX'ID RINKEMA ...,................. Sarah Holland ENGINEERING Alffbtlllffdl .Engineering Sigma Phi Delta -Y W Y W -.. l .J A , , I IIE.: .:.. I ., ,,,i,,. K ull? I . , ,N X5 Hu, ' 3 iv " : ii ' ' X .egg Q "Q II . Q ,, .-'I tl- - 4 ' W e if 'Y .iti l .... ' Y , II f-W A ,fli-'f ' .- ---Eliziiiiiifl' Y Page 128 JAMES RNA ....................... . . .Dalzell EDUCATION ' Pbyriml Educafion Howell House Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad Q21 JOIIN CARMRN Rizzo ................. Melrare Park LIDIQRAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Palestrag Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Varsity Wlrestling Squad Q25 1 Varsity Football Squad 123 Wheaton College SPALDING, JOHN Roms ,.............. .... P eo:-in ENGINEERING Elertfical Eugirzeering Eta Kappa Nu: A.I.E.E. Bradley Polytechnic Institute I-IRLEN NEKYfTON ROBERTS .............. Buffalo Har: LIIIIQRAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlory Presbyterian Hall 'Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Alpha Chig Pi Delta Phig McKinley Foundation Student Council Q45 A Honors Day CI, 2, 55 I University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key fi' ' cf L12vI HARRISS ROBINSON .......... ..... 1 llmmrd A ENGINEERING Elerlriral Engimeffing Theta Chi A.l.E.E.g Pi Tau Pi Sigmag Captain, University Bri- gade: Military Council Joliet junior College Vnv.-I ELIzAIIIsTH ROBINSON ....... ...Demmr EDUCATION Hiriory Delta Delta Delta WILLIAM ERNEST ROBINSON ....,.... Plearanr Plain: AGRICULTURE General Agrirultnre Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Economics Clubg Hoof and Hom Clubg Production Stati, "Our Town" Blackburn College jrrmizs RODDIEN. ,....... ........ . .. . . .Cbimgo ENGINEERING Civil .Ellgillfffillg SANDER RODKIN. ........... .. .,.. .. . . .Chicago JOURNALISM f1dI'ertiJmg and Prlhzixhing Alpha Epsilon Pi Accountancy Clubg Interfraternity Council 141, Stu- dent Alumni Association 15, 41 Wfilson junior College EAIINISST EI.ToN ROGI-IRS ......,... .... I WlrLef1mhom COMMERCE fl fron Ilfdllt' 1' Accountancy Club Blackburn College: Southern Illinois State Teachers College james Mmm? Romans .....................,.. Salem LIBIQRAL ARTs AND ScInNcIzs C,7t.'IlIiJ'l1'j' Coast Artillery Clubg Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 12, 51 XVILLIAM FRANK ROGERS .......... .... R Imran! ENGINEERING Merbalricul Erlgifreerirrg A.S.M.E.g Caisson Club Blackburn College RALPI-I WALTER ROHLFING .........,... -Farmington LIBERAL ARTS AND ScIIaNcI3s Chemirlry Chi Beta Sachemg Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag Pierrotsg Star and Scrollg Interfmternity Council 151 g Concert Band 13, 41 3 First Regimental Band 11, 21 1 Men's Glee Club 13, 413 University Chorus 13, 111g Cast, "The Drunkardf' "Elizabeth The Queen," "The Fireman's Flame," "It Can't Happen Here," "Lady Precious Stream" Honors Day 111 RonI5RT LIESTIZR ROI-ILFING ........ ...Fisher AGRICULTURI5 Gerwrrll figfitillffllff HANNAH EuzArsIz'rI4I ROLL ...,...,.......... Bmrmu FINE AND APPLIED AR'rs Arr Erlucrllion Laura B. Evans Hall Alpha Lambda Deltag Illustrators: Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Honors Day 11, 2, 31 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key RALPH MILLER RONEY. ........ . . .. .... Bethany ENGINEERING Eleclrical Engineering Blackburn College ROBERT WEI.RuRNIs Rooslz ......,. ...Rockford ' ENGINEERING Mcchuniml E11-gir1eI'l'il1g Triangle Tau Nu Tau: A.S.M.E.g Phalanx, First Lieutenant, University Brigade SAMUEL Louis ROSEN. . . .. ......,.......... Chimga LIBERAL ARTS AND Sci1aNci2s HIJIDIQ' Meyers Foundation The Daily Illini 11, 213 The Independent 141 HARoI,u ROSRNIIAUM ,..... . ........ Rorhrarrrfr, N. Y. COM Mancu Gmeral BuIimf.r.r Accountancy Clubg The Daily Illini 111 3 Sophomore Baseball Manager AARON HERBIiR'l' ROSENFIZLD ....... New York, N. Y. ENGINEERING C6'l't17lIiL' .E7IlEfllfE'B!'IiIg American Ceramic Society BURTON JEROME PATRICK Ross. . . . . . . . .Bloommtmn ENGINEERING M enhafriral Engineering College Hall Pi Tau Sigmag Tau Nu Tau, Phalanxg Captain Um versity Brigade MAURICE HENRY RoTTnRsMANN.W'ehIrer Gran-I lilo ENGINEERING illvchrlnirrzl .E77giPIL'l'l'iIlg A.S.M.E. MARY EVELYN RoUsH .......,.... Oakland City Im! EDUCATION PlJj.riral EIl'm'atioz1 Delta Delta Delta XV.A.A.g W,A.A. Numerals Lindenwood College Cncii. EDWARD Rowe ........ .. . . . .Iromuaorl, Mfrh EDUCATION Physical EdIH'dfi07I Freshman Varsity Football Squad Joliet junior College Page 129 MILDRED JEANETTE ROWE ........ .,.. C bicaga EDUCATION Spanirh Alpha Xi Delta Gregorian Literary Societyg Le Cercle Francaisg Span- ish Club Stephens Junior College HELEN Louisa ROY ....... ,,. .. EDUCATION Mathematic: . . . jpringfeld Medea Executive Council, W.G.S. 13, 43, First Council, Woman's League 141 3 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet Q43 g Tam- aroa Springiield junior College Avls ROYALTY .,........................,. Dfzmfille FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Aft Education The Independent 45, 415 Orange and Blue Feathersg Production Staff, "Our Town," "Yeornen of the Guard" "Spring Formal," JOHN JOSEPH RUBINO ............. , ..,. Blue Irland . LIBERAL ARTS AND Pre-Law SCIENCES Shangri-Lodge . Morgan Park juniorACollege ALBERT PETER Russ ............ .... .... 0 al ell ENGINEERING Eleclriml Engineering Pi Tau Pi Sigmag A.I.E.E.g First Lieutenant, Univer- sity Brigade CHARLES HENRX' RUNDLES ,.................. Kappa LIBERAL' ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Lambda Chi Alpha Student Senate 1335 Der Deutsche Vcreing Star and Scroll, junior Track Managerg Interfraternity Coun- cil 45, 43 JosEI'I-I ,IOIIN RUPSICH ..... ...., . .. .. .Cbimgo COMMERCE Commerce and Law JUNE ELIZABETH RrIssELL ............ ....Harvey JOURNALISM Aafvertirifzg and Pzzblirlvizlg Delta Delta Delta Gamma Alpha Chi: Terraping The lllio C255 W.A.A.: W.A,A. Numeralsg Pan'Hellenic Council CBM Gold Feathers Thornton Junior College Page 130 THOMAS FRANCIS RYAN, JR ................. Alarfanu LIBERAL Arvrs AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Vice-President, Senior Class, Phi Alpha Chi, The Illio Q1, 29 3 The Daily Illini 1115 The Siren 12, BJ: Independent Council Q1, 2, 3, 45g M,I.D.A. Execu- tive Board 12, 31 Honors Day f2, 57 l JACK AUGIE RYE ................... .... C bimga JOURNALISM Newt and Edirarial Wright Junior College KARL MEI.vIN SAEGEII ........... .... B elleville COMMERCE Armunmnry Phi Sigma Kappa Accountancy Club, Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Interfraternity Council MJ Honors Day Q51 ,-. we U, .X i -L Y ' JEROMESA1.ZMAN,.............. ..... FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Archilerturul Engineering Granada Club Northwestern University GEORGE SAMMET, JR. .............. . AGRICULTURE General Agriculmre College Hall Agricultural Club, Caisson Club: Field Rifle Club, Captain, University Brigade HARO!.D SANDAKER .... ....... . .. .. , .. ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Elgin junior College, Xlflheaton College l . E-Iuzmlo 11 l .. . .Cbirago and Furrowg l l i . . . .Barileli ' l I I l RICHARD BROXVN SALLADAY .... .... .... C b zimjmigu CHARLES XVILLIAM SANDERS. .. ....... Boulder, Culp. COM MERCE ' Armzuzlamry Accountancy Club FINE AND APPLIED Arvrs f1fl'bifEf'flII'9 Gargoyle Honors Day 151 A l 1 JOHN EARL SANDERS ............. Plsammifille, N. J. DEAN FORD SARENA ................ .... 0 ak Park ENGINEERING Merhzmical Engineering A.S.M.E. Honors Day f21 BETTY ANN SANDSTEDT... ..... FINE AND APPLIED ARTS jyilliid' University Chorus 151 : Cast, "Marion" North Park Junior College JOI-IN ARNOLD SANDSTROM ....... COMMERCE Accaunfaficy Sigma Phi Epsilon Accountancy Club Joliet Junior College JOURNALISM Adverfiring and Pziblixbing Chi Psi Gamma Theta Phig Journalism Council De Paul University .Paxton ESTHER Ru-rn SASS. . . .. ........... . . ..S1I-eiizof AGRICULTURE General Home Eronomicr Saffer Court Omicron Nug Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home .Economics Club g Tamaroa Eureka College Laclepaff JOHN FRANCIS SAss ........ . ...... .... C himga ENGINEERING zlflining Engineering Mineral Industries Society: Phalanxg The Technograph 11, 2, 315 First Lieutenant, University Brigade ' ARTHUR Josnpi-I SANDusIcv. . ..Cirem FRANCIS WARREN SATTERIfIEI.n..... ....Humer l LIBERAL ARTS ANn SCIENCES AGRICULTURE Political S'ciem'e Geneml Ag1'irullm'e Lambda Chi Alpha Agricultural Clubg Dairy Technology Club FRANK Rox' SATIIZAHN ................ Rack Iilaml LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical .Engineering Peterson Club Tau Nu Tnug A.I.Ch,E.g Phalanxg First Lieutenant, University Brigade A ERNEST LARLIII SAUERS .......,.... .... D mwmi AGRICULTURE General Ezlumlion Howell House Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club Illinois State Normal University DONALD BAXTER SAXBY.. ......... . ...... Cm-limfille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Biology Kansas City Junior Collegeg Blackburn College HOWARD EVERETT SAYERS. . . . .. . . .Arlihgzau Height: A.I.E.E. ENGINEERING Elertriml Engineering FRANK JACOB SCIIAEFER, JR. .......,...,.... Chirwga LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES ' Geography Phi Delta Theta Sachemg Cavalry Officers Clubg-Scabbard and Blade: Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Polo Squadg Vars- ity Polo Squad, Letter CZ, 5, 41, Captain C41 3 Major, University Brigadeg Military Council HELEN LOUISE SCHAEEER .......... Burlington, Iowa PHYSICAL EDUCATION Beta PlIi Alpha Alpha Sigma Nug Gymnasticag Terraping XV.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Major Ig Orange and Blue Feath- ersg Golcl Feathersg Executive Council, R.G.S. l31g Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "It Can't Happen Here" Honors Day 421 LILLIAN ELIZABETH SCHAEEER ........... Furerf Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Ellgflfh Alpha Delta Pi Warii-Belmont School MARVIN ARTHUR SCI-IAIDQ ...... . COM NIERCE Accarknrancy . . . .Chicago Pi Kappa Phi Wriglit Junior College Page 131 X L C GEORGE ALAN SCI-IAUISR .,......... . . .Belvidere ENGINEERING M erlmfriml Engineering Nilsson Club A.S.M.E. I ,i..LIClLl.IE MARION SCHAUER ....... .... F rreparz EDUCATION Euglim Laura B. Evans I-lall The lllio fl, 23: First Council, Woman's League IS, Jil: Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Fcathersg Executive Council, R.G.S. 13, 41 NORMAN EDGAR SCHICKEDANZ .... ...Clncmm EDUCATION ilfllzril' Alpha Kappa Lambda The Illin C131 Merfs Glce Club 12, 53: University Chorus IU 3 Cast, "Maman" MARX' ELIZABIZTH SCHIERER ........ .... il lezumom AGRICULTURE General Home Ei'onr1mic.r Shawnee The Independent Ill 5 First Council, Won1Rn's League 123: Orange and Blue Feathers, Production Stalil, "Behold This Dreamer," "Dracula," "A Midsum- l mer Night's Dream" R R r: Page 182 PAUL ALLEN SCHILDHAMMER ...,. ...Lena COMMERCE General Bu.rine.v.r Sigma Chi Accountancy Club: The Daily Illini flj g Chairman, lr-Iornecoming Publicity Committee Q31 3 Production StaII, "Anything Goes" Honors Day U1 XVAYNE SPERRY SCHLENTZ ......,.... ..,. A mom ,IOURNALISM At1'1'6'l'fl.fiflg and Publirbing Beta Kappa Gamma Theta Phig The Daily Illini fl, 2, 31 GRAYCE LORRAINII SCHLEYER, ......... Sr. Louir, Ma. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Aifnfhenzatirr "I Allen House I I EDXVARD Jeno ME SCH LIEPER .... .r.. ..... I I izrrfffrd ENGINEERING Zvlerbaniml Engmeering Tau Kappa Epsilon A.S.M.E. James Millikin University WILLIAM ROBERT SCHMEISER .... .. ....Anmm MADELINI2 ERMA SCI-INAKR ..... . .......... .Hoylelan COMMERCE AGRICULTURE Commerce and Law General Home Erofzofnirr Phi Kappa Sigma Bethany Circle Home Economics Club: Orange and Blue Fenthersg Gold Feathers FREDRICK LEROY SCHMID. . ...... . ..... Toledo, Ohio Joi-IN ARTHUR SCHNEIDER ..,......... . . , .Nauvoo COMMERCE COMMERCE Agmu,,m,,5y lzzdurtrinl Admirzinmlifm Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Varsity Wres- tling Squad I-U l-IARIIEY Louis SCHMIDT ........,. .... B riglafim ROY WAYNE SCHOETTLE ..--..-.. .--- G 01601144 COMMERCE EDUCATION Acrnrmtarlcy BIUMSJ' Shurtleff College MIl..DRl2D FRANCES ScHMuI:sRR,. ........ Calumet Cify XVARREN RICHARDS SCHOFIELD ........ ..... A hzrrlmll FINE AND APPLIED ARTS LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Arr Educaliolz Pf'f'Lf1w Delta Gamma Tamarna MacMurray College ADIZLINB LILLIAN SCHEOIQ ..,.....,...... Clmmpaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Alpha Epsilon Phi Mortar Board, Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: Asso- ciate Manager, Star Course, Zeta Phi Eta, The Daily Illini QI, 21 g First Council, Woman's League 13, 41 3 junior Council, Womans Leagueg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet C31 5 Student Alumni Association C119 Freshman Council, Production Staff, "Our Town" Honors Day Q11 BETTY SCHROEDER .,.. , . , ........ . . . . . . .... Clair-ago LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Speech Welsla House Phi Beta: Arepog Mask and Baubleg Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "It Cz1n't Happen Here," "Our Town," "Tosca," "Yeomen of the Guard" EDWIN MELVIN SCHROEDER ....... ..... C lsimga COMMERCE General BIIJIIIEJJ' Meyers Foundation Accountancy Club: Co-Chairman, Independent Spring Informal C51 5 Independent Council 12, 5, 41 g Execu- tive Cabinet, M.I.D,A. C31 Northwestern University, Wilson junior College MARY RUTH SCHRDEPI-'EL ................... Urbfum LIIIERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Gerlmm Delta Zeta First Council, Wom:In's League Q41 Honors Day C31 Eureka College ? l 'Egg , ELIIERT DEAN SCI-ILIDER .....,... .... F lam COMMERCE Accawzmrzry Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Freshman Vars- ity Tennis Squad LEONARD SCHUEY ................... .... G of-eifille AGRICULTURE General Agriculllwe Alpha Zetag Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Club: Coast Artillery Club, Horticulture Clubg Agricultural Council C415 Captain, University Brigade Honors Day fl, 2, 51 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key RICHARD HAMILTON SCHULER ..... Wilmingzofz, Dain. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Clyemirzry Coast Artillery Club: Phalanx: Rifle Clubg First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade GENEVA ELIZABETH SCI-IULTHEIS ........,. Gmyrrmnf LIBERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES Hi.l'I0f-1 Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day fl, 2, 31 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key .If W K 'I . ' - I I1 , 'tif' -it :II I 'ai 4 , -,I fi . l , . ' if il ' L, 1,2 H' 1, I ,,i". I lg L 315,11 . Ik 1'13:,. . " 5g, , .531 l -31 -3 "?' ..- 9- VIOLA ADINA ELIZABETH SCI-IULTZ .....,..... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Grcniir Independent Council C513 First Council, Woman's League C31 Central Y.M.C.A. College, Chicago EVERETT JAMES SCHIIMACI-IEE .,., ....A1zrom COMMERCE Arcomztanry Lewis Club Accountancy Club North Central College RICHARD JOHN SCHUMACHER ......... .... S igel ENGINEERING Merbrmiml Efzgineerirlg A.S.M.E. Louis XVORLEY SCI-IIIMM ......... .... D is-on ENGINEERING Civil Ezzgiueeriug Sigma Pi Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Chi Epsilon: Tau Nu Tau: A.S.C.E.: Skull and Crescentg The Techno- graph fl, 213 lnterfraternity Council 13. 411 Stu- dent Alumni Association C2, 3, 41, Captain, Univer- sity Brigade Honors Day fl, 2, 31 1 University of Illinois Scliolar- ship Key LAWRENCE WILLIAM SCHXVALL ............. ll'fim1erka FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arclnilerlwe Alpha Rho Chi Pershing Ritlesg Fine Arts Council 12, 3, 41 MORTON SCHXVARCZ .... . ,... ......... . .... C bimgn LIBERAL ARTs AND ScI1sNcEs Cbemirlry Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Lambda Upsilon Honors Day ll, 21 JACK ALEXANDER SCOTT ............ .... H fu-1-ey EDUCATION I nduxtrial Edumiiou Phi Kappa Tau Production Staff, "Yeomen of the Guard" Thornton junior College Lours DALE SCOTT ,............... ...... C 'bumpuign LIRERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Clremiriry Honors Day f21 Page 133 I i JANET RUTH SCOVILL ....................... Urbana LIBERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Pi Delta: Iota Sigma Pig The Illio Cl, 255 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers, University Orchestra Q41 3 Production Stalf, "Follow Thru" Honors Day 111 DONALD ERNEST SCRIVEN ..,..... Bifminglmm, Mirb. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES .Efzglirb Delta Chi The Daily Illini C11 Denison University HELEN BELL SEARCH ............ .... U fbmm COMMERCE Accountmmy Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Chi Thetag Accountancy Club Honors Day QI, SJ DOROTHY JANE SEDLACK .....,............., Berwyn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES .Englirb Delta Delta Delta Arepog Mask and Baubleg Tamaroag Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "lt Can't Happen Here," "Lady Precious Stream," "Tosca," "Yeomen of the Guard" Morton Junior College ' ' ,I Nt I ,livin I "l 'III S, LLOYD KENDALI. SEELY .......,,... .,.., I While Hall AGRICULTURE General Agriruliure Alpha Tau Sigmag Scabbard and Bladeg Captain, Uni- versity Brigade Kemper Military Academy BEATRICE ALBERTA SEGUR ......... .,.. O .Ik Pmlz COMMERCE General B1uif1e.r.v Presbyterian Hall Accountancy Club, Production Staff, "Yeomen of the Guard" LESTER HERMANN SEILER ........ .. ENGINEERING Civil Erzgizzeerirzg .. . .Cbirnga Triangle Business Manager, The Technographg A.S.C.E.g Der Deutsche Vereing Interfraternity Council 1313 Pro- duction Stalf, "Yeomen of the Guard" NORNILKN VVALTER SEIP ............... .... C lfimga ENGINEERING Mechanical Engifleering Phi Sigma Kappa Student Senate i313 President, Junior Classg A.S.M.E.g Skull and Crescent, Interfratetnity Coun- cil Q3, 41 Honors Day Q13 l.AW'RIiNCI5 GEORGE SELEACII. ,... , .......... Cbimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCI2s Cbemmry Delta Chi XVilson junior College FREDERICK BURTON SELLERS ......,........ Kfmlmleee LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engirzeering Theta Chi Phi Eta Sigmag Editor, The Illini Fraternal Graphic, Omega Chi Epsilon, Phi Lambda Upsilong A,I.Ch.E.g Der Deutsche Vereing Pierrotsg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squaclg Cast, "Brother Rat," "The Fire- I'nan's Flame," "It Can't Happen Here," "Lady Precious Stream," "Our Town" Honors Day fl, 2, 31 1 University ol Illinois Scliolnr- RAYMOND EUGENE SELTZER ......... .... E lm-rmmri AGRICULTURE General Agrlnzlfurc Alpha Zetag Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Eco- nomics Clubg Cavalry Ottxcers Clubg Hoof and Hom Club, First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day fl, 2, 55 g University ol Illinois Scholar- ship Key FRANK SENGIZII ...............,........... Danville JOURNALISM Adrfertiring and Publirbing Gamma Theta Phi ship Key l FRANK XVILLIAM SELLMYER ........ .... P omiac Louis JOHN SIIIIRI .....,. . ...,,. . ............ julie: ' AGRICULTURE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES General f1gfil'llllllN' Cbemirlry Alpha Zeta: Alpha Tau Sigma, Agricultural Cluhg Joliet junior College Field and Furrow, Phalanx, First Lieutenant, Univer- sity Brigade Honors Day IU NLARY IRENE SELTZER ....,................ Hillrlmm HARRIETTE ELWAEETI-I SEYLLER ..... .... Cbimga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES AGRICULTURE Pryrbology General Home Economlrr Mary E. Busey Hall Presbyterian Hall Alpha Lambda Delta Tamaroag Production Staff, "Yeomen of the Guard" Honors Day fl, 21 Wriglit Junior College Y Page 134 BlE'l"l'Y JEAN SHADE ........,.,....... . . . Ufbmm AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: Omicron Nu: Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home Economics Club Wlheaton College MARTHA AMELIA SHAIIPISII, , , . ...,.... , . .. . .Alvmffnz AGRICULTURE General Home ErwIamic.r Collegiene Home Economics Club LEONA SHAPIRO ..........,.......... .... C himgu AGRICULTURE Dietefic: and Nuirizion Home Economics Club: XVomen's Glce Club Q43 Wriglmt junior College JOHN SoMIzrI SIIAI-'LAND ........... ...Chmzzpi-zigfi ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Delta Kappa Epsilon Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Sigma Xig Tau Nu Taug A.S.C.E.g Pershing Riflesg Scub- bard and Bladeg Interfraternity Council f-Hg Lieu- tenant Colonel, University Brigadeg Military Council Honors Day ll, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key DoRoAI'HY ELAINE SHARP .................. Rorklunl PHYSICAL EDucA1'IoN Gamma Phi Beta Physical Education Major's Clubg Terraping XV.A.A.: W.A.A. Numeralsg Major Ig Orange and Blue Feath- crsg Gold Feathers XVILLIAM RUSSELL SHAw'.... .......... Fancy Prairie LIBERAL ARTS AND ScIIzNc:Iss Plyrlaology First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day Q1, 27 CHARLES HIXRVEX' SHIEA ........... . . . IVIInkegfII1 COMMERCE Accountancy College Hall Accountancy Clubg Concert Band fl, 23 joi-IN ALBERT SI-IEA ................ Millville, N. j. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Delta Theta Epsilon Honors Day Ol THOMAS CLARK SHEDD, JR .... ' .... .... U rbfum ENGINEERING Railway Eleclriml Engineering Triangle Eta Kappa Nu: Phi Alpha Chig Railway Clubg The Technograph 13, 41 Honors Day fl, 21 JOHN COB SHEPHERD ,............ .... P Olllfflf COMMERCE Banking and Fillrlllfe Phi Sigma Kappa Accountancy Club ffHARl.lES AMBROSE SHERIDAN ........,....,. Clairlign LIBERAL ARTS ANI: ScIIaNc:Iis Pre-Law Newman Hall junior Bar Association Vllright junior College Eiiwz-Inn JULIUS SHIQRMAN ...,.......,...... Cbimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cf.7l?71liIl!'j' Club Four-Point A.l.Ch.E.g Independent Council 131 College of the City of New York: Central Y,M.C.A. College, Chicago .ada WAYNE LAMBERT SI-IILI-2 ............... . . .Urlmmz FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture Gargoyleg Coast Artillery Clubg First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade EUGENE RICHARD SHIRLDS .... .Gmmi Haven, Mich. ENGINEERING - l Civil Engineering Mu-San I JOHN ERXVIN SHIELDS, JR... ......... ...Sugar Grove ' Acnrcurfrunc Gl'l7E1'lll Ag1'iI'nlll1rz' Farm House Agricultural Club: Agricultural Education Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Production Stalf, "The Fire- man's Flame" NICHOLAS SHISHKOFF ...... , ......... ... .Cbimga COMMERCE 1IIdllJlTfdl Adminimwiimz .l Page 135 Lewis NIORRIS SIMON ............ ....S1. Chiu-lar WILLIAM CORWIN SIMS .... .... Siw-lin14 WILLIAM JAMEs SHIVE ............. .... B elleuille ROBERT S, SILVERMAN, .................... .Clzimgn ENGINEERING General .Engineering LIIIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Science Theta Xi Alpha Epsilon Pi Society of General Engineersg Engineering Council C41 Interfraternity Council 12, 37 Jacic DAVIS SHNABLE.. ..... ..... . ..Cbimgo JENNIE Rosa SIMMONS ..................... Benmu ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Electrical Erigineering Cbemiflry Phi Kappa Sigma A.I.E.E.g Synton I.LoI'n GEORGE SHORE ......,.....,.....,... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND ScIENcEs Clnwliml Engineering Tau Epsilon Phi ii Phi Eta Sigma: Omega Chi Epsilon: Phi Lambda Up- silnng Cavalry Officers Clubg The Illio fljg Fresh- man Varsity Polo Squad: Interfraternity Council OU 3 First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day U, 2, SJ 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key HELEN VIRGINIA SIHLER ................. Litrlaiclrz' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Pi Beta Phi Vice-President, Junior Classg Pan-I-Icllenic Council 13, 43 Radcliffe College Laura B. Evans Hall Monticello College XWILLIAM HOLCOMB SIMMONS ,............ Kankakee ENGINEERING illelnllurgiml Engineering Sigma Phi Sigma Tau Nu Taug Mineral Industries Societyg Pershing Rifles: Interfraternity Council 12, 353 Captain, Uni- versity Brigade ToM Srizva SIMMS ....................... Oak Park my ENGINEERING 151 ' Illenzllizrgiral Engirzeeriug Mineral Industries Societyg The Technograph 15, IU 1 Production Staff, "Brother Rat" COMMERCE Geneml".l'I Accountancy Clubg First Lieutenant, University Bri- gaclc IVIARTIN SIMON SIMONIAN ...... .... W aukegmz COMMERCE A6C0ll1Ifd7It'j' Accountancy Clubg Alpha Kappa Psi Farm House Furrowg Agricultural Council Q45 3 Athletic Council Page 136 COMMERCE Publi: Utililief Alpha Delta Phi Tomahawkg Interfraternity Council 131: Independent Council il, 23 4 Student Alumni Association 12, 35 FREDRICK SINCLAIR, JR ............ .... J em-ey:-ille AGRICULTURE General Agrirxzllure Hill Hall ' Alpha Zetag Agricultmal Club: Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day fl, 2? GRAN-I' BAVARIJ SIMPSON ......... .. .Pam-in ROBERT MARSHALL SINKS ..... . . . . .... Cin-ln' ENGINEERING ENGINEERING 4 Civil Engiiierrirlg . Ell'Ff"fff11 E'7S"m'97'1"8 A.S.C.E.: First Regimental Band 15, Ill Eta KBPPHLNUC A-I-E-B Southern Illinois State Teachers College SELDQN DIEAN SIMS .............. .... f lflfrmr SIDNEY, FRANK SINOXV, ...................... Dixon AGRIcuI.TI:Rn LIBERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES GCi'I7t'!'l11 Agrimllnrc' P"f'L""l' Tau Delta Phi Business Manager, Illinois Agriculturistg Senior Nu Beta Epsilon: junior Bar Association: Student Wrestling Manager: Agricultural Clubg Field :Incl Alumni Association 131 Northwestern University ,W JULIAN EDMOND SIPIORA .........., ..... C irero AsRICuI.'ruRE Gerzeral Agriculture Morton junior College DANIEL HAGER SITZER, JR. .....,. Middleaillf, N. Y. JOURNALISM Ncuu' and Edilorial Criterion Club Sigma Delta Chig Gregorian Literary Society JOHN PHILIP SIVERT ............. .... S :miner EDUCATION Bialogy Sigma Nu Phi Beta Kappag Phi Eta Sigma: Gymnastica: Skull and Crescentg Sophomore Intramural Managerg Cap'- tain, University Brigade Honors Day fl, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key JOSEPH CHARLES SKALA, JR .... .... Oak Park COMMERCE Accafnmzrzry Meyers Foundation ' Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Production StaH, "Brother Rat," "It Cnn't Happen Here," "Tosca" Armour Institute of Technology k ROBERT ALFRED SIQEELS ............ Pimlmrgb, Penn. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Psychology Cast, "Rio Rita" Central Y.M,C.A. College, Chicago IvIARJoRIE ELIZABETH SKINNER ...,. Kmzmr City, Mo. AGRICLILTURE General Home Economic: Lindenwoocl College ELVERA Sicuaic ...................... ..., C bit-ago PHvsICAL EDUCATION Laura B. Evans Hall Alpha Sigma Nu: Der Deutsche Vereing Orchesisg Physical Education Maior's Clubg Terraping Major Ig NV.A.A. Numeralsg XV.A.A. Honors Day 12, 53 FRANK DOVlZl.I. SLAIGI-IT ......... .... F air-bury ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad Q21 CLARENCE PAUL SLATER, . . . . . .. .. .......,,.. Urbfum JOURNALISM A1f1l6fliJi71g and Publishing Phi Delta Theta Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Senior Football Managerg Gamma Theta Phig Varsity Ice Hockey Squad 12, 5, -IJ g Athletic Council GEORGE WHITNEY SLATER. . . . . ...... . , . .Augzum AGRICU LTURE General Agriculture Phi Alpha Chig Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Edu- cation Clubg Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day C11 ANTHONY PAUL SLImzIEsI4I ...... ..,..Hnraey COMMERCE Acrolmlancy R.D.R. House Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Independent Council 12, 51 RALPH WILEX' SLOAN ............... Bulximore, Md. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS AChil?L'lll7'E Scarab MILBURN GREEN SLUssER, . . . . , . . . .. .Buniem COMMERCE Acmfnllruzfy Peterson Club Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigmag Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key BURRELL LESLIE SMALL ........... ..... K arzkakae JOURNALISM Neuu and Eiiitorifzl Alpha Delta PlIi Cast, "Boy Meets Girl," "Elizabeth The Queen" Northwestern University Lois HARRIET SMOSON ..................... Cbiraga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pryclsology Reutha House Psi Chi: Orchesis: Spanish Clubg Orange and Blue Feathers EUGENE RICHARD SMEALLIE ,.......... Scalia, N. Y. FINE AND APPLIED AR'rs Afrlsilerlure Alpha Rho Chi Coast Artillery Clubg Interfraternity Council C535 Illinois Union Board of Directors C5Jg First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade Page 137 HAROLD CLIFFORD SMIEDLIEY .......,. . . ..Rommand CLARENCE HENRY SMITH. .. . . ....... .Cooper, S. D. AGRICULTURE ENGINEERING General Agriculture Cipil Engineering Agricultural Club A.S.C.E.: Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squad BETTY ANN LENHART SMITH, fMRS.j ........ Ufbmm DALE NEYi'LAN SMITH ........... .... L mfingmn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE Pre-Law Accalzntancy Junior Bar Association Accountancy Club University of California Honors Day Q23 BETTY JANE SMITH .........................,. Pima DOROTHY SMITH ,..................... .... U rbmm LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES LIEERAI. ARTS ANIJ SCIENCES Englirb Englirb Zeta THU AlPha Kappa Alpha Theta MacMurray College Gulf Park College CHEI.LIs CHRIsTY SMITH .............,.. Carlimfille ENNIS EARL SMITH .........,..... ..... C enrralia JOURNALISM AGRICULTURE Azlfferihring and Pllblialaing Gamma Theta Phig Independent Council .C3,'4J Blackburn College Q EQ Page 138 General Agrimlmre Greenville College HARRY XVILLARD SMITH. . . '. . ...... .. ..Can1mll . AGRICULTURE - V ' Gmeral Agriculture Alpha Tau Alpha . , - INIARION FRANCEs SMITH. . . . . . . . .. . . .Vandalia EDUCATION ' ' Aff - Wfarner Hall ' Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers JAY LINCOLN SMITH .............. ..,. M ayufnafl COMMERCE Commerce and Law Sigma Phi Epsilon Accountancy Clubg Junior Bar Association Honors Day L11 JUNIOR GEORGE SMITH ........, .. .....fluwr.v AGRICULTURE General Agrimltine Farm House Alpha Zetag Agricultural Clubg Dairy Technology Society North Central College KENNETH DALE SMITH ........... .... D anuille COMMERCE Accountancy Beta Alpha Psi g Accountancy Clubg Second Regimental Band Cl, 21 Honors Day fl, 2, 55 2 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key PAUL BLvR'I'oN SMITH .................. Farmer Cify ENGINEERING General Engineering Delta Chi A.S.M.E. g Coast Artillery Clubg First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade RALPH SAMUEL SMITH .,........... ..... D avi: AGRICULTURE Gvmfral Agricullrzre Blackburn College RAYMOND WILLARD SMITH ........ .,.. R ack Fallr COMMERCE Aifdllllfdnfy Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psig Beta Alpha. Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key RUTH ELAINE SMYKAI. ............ ..... P ark Ridge EDUCATION Biology Alpha Omicron Pi Torch, President, Woman's League, Student Senate 141 , Shi-Ai, The lllio fl, 2, 51 , Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil 131, First Council, Woman's League 13, 413 junior Council, Woman's League, Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Star Course 121 5 Cast, "Anything Goes", Production Staff, "Rio Rita" Honors Day Q31 ELAINE JUANITA SNIDER ................ .. .Urbana FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Commercial Derign Beta Phi Alpha HAROLD EVERETT SNIDER .......... ...Robiman ENGINEERING Ceramir Engineering American Ceramic Society Lois JANE SNoDGRAs ,................... Cnllinxville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Delta Delta Delta Women's Production Manager, Illini Theatre Guild, Zeta Phi Eta, Arepo, Mask and.Bauble, National Collegiate Players, Executive Council, W.G.S. C513 First Council, Woman's League C31 , Orange and Blue Feathers, Pan-Professional Council 441, Cast, "It Can't Happen Here," "Kind Lady," "Post Road", Production Staff, "La Boheme," "Elizabeth The Queen" University of Chicago r 'IAQ , il ,lim " P I, , if ,QA N T088 y, if L' , , Q ':- 0 .L 752, 'X' Deaf, ,L wil- l' -T uchb. . CHARLES WILLIAM SNOW .......... .... It Iuynolini AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Agricultural Club Honors Day U1 MILES ABRAHAM SNYDER .............,.. Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speerl: Tau Kappa Epsilon Arepo, Cast, "Manoir," "Our Town," "Prologue to Glory", Production Staff, "Our Town," "Yeo- men of the Guard" ROBERT WXLLIAM SODEREERG .... ...Grzlzfn ENGINEERING Mecbarzical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Nu Tau, A.S.M.E., Captain, University Brigade Honors Day KZ, 31 ROSE JEANNE SODERSTROM ....... ...Szreamr EDUCATION General Education Alpha Gamma Delta Senior Chairman, Gyrnkana, Gyrnnastica, Illini His- tory Clubg Chairman, Dacl's Day Publicity Committee 131 , Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Cast, "Anything Goes", Production Staff, "Smoke Rings' fires ,:,, .I L, , Liao Joi-iN Soxor., JR.. .......... .... C birnge PAUL BAKER SHANGLISR ..... . . . . , . , . .Franklin 'Grave COMMERCE , Accounrizncy Alpha Kappa Pi C Accountancy Club, lnterfraternity Council f5, 41 AGRICULTURE ' General Agriculture- Sons, Home ' . Agricultural Club, Agricultural Engineering Club A.S.A.E. ROGER CHRIs'rovHER SONNEMANN. , ....... Cnrlmrille PAUL HERBERT SPELRRINK .........., .SL Louir, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma A.l.Ch.E., Y.M.C.A. Cabinet C51 Blackburn College ARTHUR SONTZ ................... ...Cbimgn ENGINEERING Ceremziar Newman Hall American Ceramic Society JOANNA BRUEII SOUSLEY ........... Terre Herne, Ind. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mary E. Busey Hall Alpha Sigma Nu, Orchesis, Physical Education Ma- jor's Club, Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Freshman Council Honors Day Cl, 2, 31 Q University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa St. Louis University A HOWARD WILLIAM SPENCE ........ .... D er Plnine: ENGINEERING Civil Enginserirlg Phi Sigma Kappa Mu-San, A.S.C.E. ' Mll.DRED DoLOREs SPENCER ,,..... Spenrerporf, N. Y. ,IOURNALISM News and Editorial Campbell Cottage Kappa Tau Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, The Daily Illini fl, 21, Journalism Council Honors Day fl, 31 Page 139 BON ALLEN SPILLER ......,. . .... .... C obdcu CAROL ELIZABETH SPRING .... , .... ....Cbimgo AGRICULTURR EDUCATION GiPlI6'l'l2f flgriculfure General Education Agriculture Council L45 Hurd H311 jcnomia SPITZIER ..................... Sl. Lwfir, Ma. MI2LvIN DALE SPRINGIZR .......... ,..Snybrook COMMERCE EDUCATION Genera! B1z.Iif1e,r.r Mgzbemfzliff Sigma Alpha Mu Pi Mu Epsilong Phi Eta Sigma Wasliington University Honors Day fl, Z, 51 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key LLOYD BERNARD SPIVAK .......... A V ........... Quincy ALICE WANDA SPUNAR ..................... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND ScII:NcIIs FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Bacteriology Ari Educafinll Sigma Alpha Mu Gamma Alpha Chi Bacteriology Club DARRELL LEONARD SPRIGGS. . . . .... . . ..Vi1ln Grove HARRY SPYRISON .... . .... . ..... , . .. . .. .Ma 'wood J Com:-IIzRcI3 COMMERCE Gerzeral Bminerr Commerce and Law Granadaflub 7"' 'fi Valhalla Accountancy Clubg junior Bar Association Oak Park junior College .Ha A-. I I L rr 7? -"' .1 -Y 11. fl-J, C 54 xiii' l A .5 'QI K at 'Q L 7, if A if 3 H Page 140 HARRY RAXVLINGS SQUIRES .....,............ Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIRNCISS Political Science Caisson Clubg Pershing Ritlesg Scabbarcl and Blade: Scimitarg Mcn's Glee Club L1, 21g First Lieutenant, University Brigade BEITE JAYNIE S'rAA'rs .,......,....... Downerr Grow' EDUCATION I Speech Beta Phi Alpha Phi Alpha Chig Arcpog Gregorian Literary Socictyg Mask and Bauhleg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Star Course C23 g Production Staff, "Brother Rat," 'i'i H.M.S. Pinaforef' "It Can't Happen Here," "Kind Lady," "Lady Precious Stream" JAMES GLENN STABLRS ,.......... ,..M1. Vefwnu COMMERCE Accountancy . Beta Theta Pi Sachemg Senior Ice Hockey Managerg Accountancy Clubg Skull ancl Crescent Honors Day UQ ORVILLE PAUL STADERMAN .................. Freepari LIBERAL ARTS ANI: SCIENCES Mntlammticr Granada Club , Phi Beta Kappa: Pi Mu Epsilong Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Delta Pig The lllio Q21 Honors Day fl, Z, 35 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Kev L, M L Hi fm! I A 1 , . T Q A X I. I se '11 I, , Gnonms THOMAS STAFQFIELBACH ...... .Cbimgo COMMERCE Bmilelug ami Finance Delta Phi Accountancy Clubg Caisson Club: Scabhard and Bladeg First Lieutenant, University Brigade PAUL Joseph STAFFORD .....,....... .... P fn-ir AGRICIILTURE General Agriculture Agricultural Club XVILLIAM CHARLES STAMMIZR ..... ...Clsimga EDUCATION Clwemirlry Wriglit junior College IONE LUCILLI3 STANSELL ,......,.......... Magnolia AGRICUIJIURIE General Home Erozmmiff Bethany Circle Phi Upsilon Omicron ANN JUNE STASTNY ....................... Cl1iI'r1go LIIKIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Poliliml 5'rienre McKinley Hall Alpha Lambda Delta, Junior Bar Association: OI'- chesis: W.A.A. Honors Day 11, 21 IYIARIAN LORRAINI5 STALIEEITR ............. Fmeuringzau I.lIIIiRAl. ARTs ANI: SCIIzNCIes Frcnrla Beta House Sigma Delta Pi: Le Cercle Francais: Spanish Club: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers Honors Day 11, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key RUTH ELLYN STEEEY. ........ .... . . . . Urbfnm EDUCATION V Hi.r1ury Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers LILLIAN STEIBER .................. Farr Wayne, Ind. EDUCATION C ommerciu! Tearbing Laura B. Evans Hall Accountancy Club Indiana University I P .41 -- ,, . - ' I- IE'f'fPi'i2i,i::f -ei :'.' -F on CLARINE EDNA STEINFORT, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Liumlu LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Rockford College: De Pauw University JAMES MAXXYfEl.L STENTZ ......... .... K unkiileue COMMERCE flrcolzrllaiiry Sigma Pi Accountancy Club: The Illio 121: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Squad 131: Fresha man Varsity Basketball Squad: Student Alumni As- sociation 11, 21 FRANCIS LLOYD STEPHENSON .......... ..... P unfini- ENGINEERING Mechrmirul Eirgizleerifrg A.S.M.E. Honors Day 111 JAMES HERBERT S'I'I:vENs ......... ..... C bampaign COMMERCE Artalmtaflry Accountancy Club: First Regimental Band 121 BE-rry ANN STEWART ..... , . . . ..... . . . . . .ilfionmonlb EDUCATION . C 0771711276141 Teaching Mortar Board: Torch: President, R.G.S.: Student Senate 121: Spanish Club: Second Vice-President, WOIHGDIS League 14.1 : First Council, WoInan's League 15, 41 Q Junior Council, Woman's League 131 1 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Star Course 12, 51: Executive Council, R.G.S. 141: Production Staff, "Rio Rita" CHARLES LESLIE STEXVART, JR. ..,........,... Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Paliticrd Sriwlre Delta Phi Phi Eta Sigma: Illini Fraternal Graphic 15, 41 : First Regimental Band 11, 21: Cast, "Our Town," "Pro- logue to Glory": Varsity Debate Team 12, 51 Honors Day 111 University of Paris CHARLES PARNELL STEWART ................. Cliirfngn FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arrbiiertlzrr Sigma Phi Sigma Scarab: B.A.I.D. IVIARY SCOTT STEWART ......,. .. ........... Cbirrzgo LIBERAL ARTS ANu SCIENCES Engllrb Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta: Student Sen- ate 131 1 Phi Alpha Chi: Le Cercle Francais: Shi-Ai: The Illio 121 : The Daily Illini 111 g W.A.A.: Pan- Hcllenic Council 13, 41: First Council, Woman's League 13, 41: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Star Course 1215 Freshman Council: Cast, "Anything Goes," Union Minstrel Show 131 Honors Day 11, 2, 51: University of Illinois Schol- arship Key 5 y ll 'WE T' it :I "gy T 11. I 1' II A5 I .. ll It Q " i A 1 elf' i lu' iiieiiisififwiihi ,ff-11 I ' if I Q .C 1" Ae ' 'E 5.1 -L '1 C 1 F ,jr vw F ' 49. '12, I I ,ei ,ltr 1 , 1 e F 1. . as I MARGARET LOUISE STICE .................... Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Lfuin Alcestis Alpha Lambda Delta: Der Deutsche Verein: Delta Phi Alpha: First Council, Woman's League 121 Honors Day 111 SPENCER DAVIS STINSON ,......,..... HarI'l.Ilmrg, Pu. ENGINEERING Civil Engineerirzg Triangle Phi Eta Sigma: A.S.C.E.: First Regimental Band 11, 2, 3, 41: Production Staff, "Brother Rat" Honors 'Day 11, 21 JOSEPIAI OsaoRNE STITES ,............. Fmnlelin Pm-le COMMERCE flcrormlanry Caisson Club: Pershing Ritiesg Phalanx: Captain, University Brigade ROBERT WILSON STITT ................ Wzllirmmfilli- FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Hiifory Sigma Pi Illini History Club I Page 141 MARY LOUISE STOCKBARGER. .. . ....... . . . . . .Linmln FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Mums Education 4-H House Orange and Blue Feathers: Women' University Chorus 11, VZ, 3, 41 Illinois State Normal University s Glce Club 111 3 jAMEs HUGH STOCKDALE ........ .... .1 lubnrn COMMERCE Commerce and Law Pershing Rifles HENRY CURTISS STOCICING ......... .... F rcefmrr COMMERCE General Burinesr Granada Club Accountancy Club: Rifle Club: The Dairy niani my HARVIZY LEE STOCKXVELL ................, . . Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIE Geology Illico NCES Cyclnthemg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad 'Ni HU ' ai 5, R511 I Page 142 RICHARD JOHN STOLZE ,..,......, .... S farmron COMMERCE General Burifzeu Theta Chi . Accountancy Club: Band of X: Cavalry Othcers Club: Phalanx: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Cap- tain, University Brigade FRANCES STONE .... .. . . .. ...,... ..Km1mr City, Ma. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Soriolagy Phi Sigma Sigma XV.A.A. Kansas City junior College PAUL STONE. . . ................ . . .Sulliwm COMMERCE Gelzeml Brlriuerr THELMA JONES STONE, 1MRs.1 .... .... B enmn AGRICULTURE General Home Ecmmmicr 1 Hathaway Hall Home Economics Club: Orange and Blue Feathers: Goltl Feathers I E 3 . t I ' ,ij ,fu x 1 l' hs WILEY ALAN STONER ...........,... ,.Kiurley, Kan. ENGINEERING 1 I lliecfmniml Ez1gim'w'fz1g Rice Institute SAM j, STORTHZ .................. Lifllc Rock, Arla. COMMERCE General Buriuurr Zeta Beta Tau Accountancy Club: Chairman, Dads Day Accomrnurla- tions Committee 131: Chairman, Homecoming Stunt Show 1513 Illinois Union Cahinet 141 joIIN SPRAGUE STOUT ............. ...Cballmm AGRICULTURE General Ag1'iCll,fll1'E Chi Beta Alpha Zeta: Interfraternity Council 15, 41 Honors Day 12, 31 . . .Rockford PAULINE ANN STRAND ............ EDUCATION i Palilical .S'r'iem'c' Mary E. Busey Hall Gold Feathers: Student Alumni Association 12, 51: Third Council, X.Voman's League 141 I. GLENN DANVSON STRANG ..., . .... . ....Lalee Villa EDUCATION Hifmry First Regimental Band 121g Second Regimental Band 111 g Production Staff, "Dracula" PERRY JONATHON STRATTON ....... ..., 0 mn-gn AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Zeta: Agricultural Club: Coast Artillery Club: Horticulture Club: Rifle Club: Scabbard and Blade, Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Varsity Track Squad 121: Lieutenant-Colonel, University Brigade Honors Day 11, 2, 31 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key CARLYNE BETTY STRAUSS ..,,.,....... St. Lauir, Mn. LIBIIRAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Palilrml .Yricmv Alpha Epsilon Phi Mortar Board: Torch: The Daily Illini 11, 2, 519 Chairman, Dads Day Committee 141: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Star Course 121 3 Unie versity Chorus 111 ROBERT HERMAN STROKER ,...... .... R orleforrl COMMERCE Arrallniarzry Sigma Alpha Epsilon Accountancy Club: Freshman Varsity Polo Squad: Varsity Polo Squad 121 Honors Day 111 ROBERT VIERNQN STRUCKMAN ..... .. . .Elgin COMMERCE Gefiernl Bu.rim'.rr Carthage College ESTI-IRR MARTHA STURRLIIFIELD .............. McLean LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bacteriology Campbell Cottage Illinois State Normal University CARL Ross STULL .,.............. .... C lm:-Imon AGRICULTURE General A grifullure Agricultural Club RUSSELL WALTON STUMPP ............... Prim-ez-ille ENGINEERING Merallurgifal Engineering A.I.M.E.g Mineral Industries Society: Men's Glce Club 11, 2, 31 Q Captain, University Brigade 4 " 'Af2251'f1 ,Q-Is? J. "" I 1 ii MARION ELIZABETH STURM ...... . .. .... Villa G1'0l'f EDLICATION General Edmfafiarz Medea Le Cercle Francais Honors Day 131 Blackburn College FRANCIQS RAI? STUTZMAN ............,........ Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Eilglirb Ariston Torchg Alpha Lambda Delta, The Daily Illini 11, 21 : The Independent 13, 433 Executive Council, W.G.S. 15, 455 First Council, Woman's League 133: junio: Council, XYloIuan's League: Orange and Blue Feath- ers: Gold Feathers Honors Day 11, 2, SJ 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key I FI.oRIAN josiaeu SURDYIQ .......... .... C 'irvm EDUCATION Plsyriral Eflnmlion Phi Kappa Tau A.P.E.A.g Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad 121, Letter 15, 41 PIENRY CLAY SUTI-IERLAND ......... ...Fairfield ENGINEERING , C iril E rigifzewifi g RUTI-I MARY SUTI-IERLANIJ. . . . . . . , ..., .. . . .Urhmm LIBERAL ARTS AND SCII2Nc:Izs Euglirl: Gamma. Phi Beta Torchg The Siren 123, Pan-Hellenic Council 143g First Council, XVoman's League 13, 41 3 junior' Coun- eil, XVoman's League 151 c Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg Production Stall, "Rio Rita" Honors Day 111 RUSSELL MADISON SUT:-IERLIN, .... ,..Rotki'ille, Ind. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Af'L'bllt'r'flH'6 Purdue University ALBERT DALE SUTTON ...,..... . . . ..,.. Ahiy-maori ENGINRISRING Aleclmnicul .E!IglfII?Fl'llIg A.S.M.E. lllinuis Wfesleyan University FLORENCE SxvALI.oxv ........................ livin-y LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCIfs 'i Mz1llJcmrI11r.r ,EV Torch: Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Deltag Pi Mu Epsilong W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg Second Council, XVoman's League: Student Alumni Association 125 Honors Day 11, 2, 33 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key R it Iii. , 1 ,ei gf, ,L I Q-M. - in -5 it ' c - I ' 'i 'WI 'U 1 X - ,-, IIIV .Y 1-5 X , , .vi::5ix?i,,.-, . ,,,.- 'lf . I I 'Il il ir ' 2 I! x N J i. I f a- W' na! RALPH JOSEPH SXVANSON ..... I ...... .... M oline JOURNALISM W Neunr and Editorial Phi Sigma Kappa Sigma Delta Chig Skull and Crescentg The Daily Illini 11, 25 I FRANCIS WALLACE SWEARINCIEN ..... . . .Gibran City AGRICULTURE Gelieml Agr'icullln'e l Hoof and Horn Club WINNIFRED LENORR SWEARINGEN .......... Bradford LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spaizifb Davenport House ARTHUR DEAN SWIFT ............. Arlington Height: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Srienre Phi Gamma Delta Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Editor, The Illiog Caisson Club, Skull and Crescentg Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Track Squad, Varsity Track Letter 123g Ina ' terfraternity Council 13, 41g First Lieutenant, Univer- ' sity Brigade I Page 143 HOXY'ARD RAYMOND SXVIFT ........... .... S rv-efzzor ENGINEERING Ceramic' Engineering Tau Beta Pig American Ceramic Societyg Keramosg Second Regimental Band 111 ' Honors Day 11, 2, 33 5 University of lllinois Scholar- ship Key DOROTHY TI-IER12sA 'I'ADBERT ........... Somerr, lV7.r. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirfory Thalia Wlreaton College MARJORIE JEAN TADOR ......,.,......,. Cullimvillc LIBERAL AR'I's AND SCIENCES Nun-ition and Diefezicr Phi Omega Pi Phi Upsilon Omicrong Der Deutsche Verein: Home Economics Clubg The Illio 11, 235 First Council, WonIan's League 131: Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Production Staff, Union Minstrel Show 12. 39 HERBERT DUDLEY TAEORN ........ ,... G nlesbzng COMMERCE General Burinefs Alpha Kappa Psi: Accountancy Club 1 Michigan XVestern State Teachers College it-s Page 144 OU SOL TAFFET .... ................... N ewark, N. J, EDUCATION Biology Rifle Club University of Michigan FRANCIS KASPER TALLMADGE ...... .... R orkfarrl ENGINEERING Engineering Pbyxicr Tau Beta Pig Sigma Tau Honors Day 15D Rockford College LORETNIZ FREDERICK TAMMEN ........ .... D fmfarilz AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Club WELLS MONTGOMERY TANNER ..,........... Urbmm LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES i Political Science Alpha Chi Rho 4 Illini History Clubg Production Staff, "Lady Precious Stream," "Yeomen 'of the Guard" - Lewis MARTIN TARNAPOL .......... lP1'owidenre, R. I. LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES ' Philomphy Gpanada Club L Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl," "La Boheme" Brown University ELIZABETH VIRGINIA TARR ........ .... N eumrk AGRICULTURE Nmrilion and Dieterirx Phi Mu Omicron Nug Alpha Lambda Deltag Iota Sigma Pig W.A.A.g Pan-Hellenic Council 15, 435 Orange and Blue Feathers Honors Day 11, 27 ALLAN MARTIN TARRI' ............ .... C himgu EDUCATION General Education Acacia Oak Park Junior College DOROTHY RACHEL TAUBEK .........,....... Cbzmgfi FINII AND APPLIED ARTS L Music Phi Sigm:I:Sigma University Chorus 13, 41 L -if f 41 3 l an '1 ll ' I Al 15.4 ' .:...i'..,.Y,,,,, ,i f 1 ,Y R s. HOWARD LEE TAUSSIG ......... . . . . .. . .Cbimga COMMERCE General Eminehr CHARLES JOEL TAYLOR, JR.. . , . . . , .. .Champaign ENGINEERING Engineering Phyficr Acacia Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Tau Nu Taug Der Deutsche Vereing Engineering Physics Societyg Rifle Clubg Major, University Brigade Honors Day 11, 51 ROBERT CHARLES TAYLOR .................. Ram-ille FINE AND APPLIED ARTs Arcbixerturrxl Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Gargoyleg Phi Eta Sigmag A.S.C.E.g Coast Artillery Clubg Pershing Riflesg Scabbard and Bladeg Interfra- ternity Council 13, 41 g Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 141g Student Alumni Association 12, 3, 41 3 Lieuten- ant Colonel, University Brigadeg Military Council Honors Day 11, 27 ROGER LEE TAYLOR ......... ....... ,... C 1 aremmzi AGRICULTURE General Agrirulfure Cavalry Club 5 1 - t-::::: 1 , f STANFIELII SYKES TAYLOR ...... New Loudon, Conn. COMMERCE Foreign C'rnnmefce Student Senate 13, 455 Accountancy Clubg Caisson Clubg Pershing Rillesg Scabbarcl and Bladeg The Daily Illini C115 The Independent 1235 University Dance Supervision Committee 15, 495 Independent Council 1215 M.I.D,A. Executive Cabinet 13, 455 Student Organizations Fund Board 15, 415 First Lieutenant, University Brigadc5 Production Stafi, "Post Road" VERNE LEONAI. TAYLOR, ............ ...... F ai:-view AGRICULTURE Dairy Technology Western Illinois State Teacher College WILLIAM Mfinisox TAYLOR ......... .... S pringield AGRICULTURE Dairy Technology Dairy Technology Society ALICE CAROLYN TEMPLE ......,........ ..... S alem AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: Alpha Gamma Delta Orange and Blue Fe:Ithers5 Gold Feathersg Women's Glee Club C41 INA CARR TEMPLETON, fMRS.l ........... Cbfimfmign AGRICULTURE General Home Emnomicr XVomen's Glee Club MJ 5 University Chorus Q35 Iowa State College GEORGE ALBERT TEsAR ..................... Harvey LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanish Kappa Delta Rho Der Deutsche Vercing Le Cercle Francaisg Spanish Clubg The Illio 11, 21 JANE LOUISE TEss .... EDUCATION Spanirb . . . .Chimgo Zeta Tau Alpha Spanish Club5 The Illio 121 5 XV.A.A.5 Gold Feath- ersg Tamaroa Honors Day C35 North Park College XVILLIAM FREDERICK THIEMAN ....... ENGINEERING Ceramic Erzgirmerifrg Pi Kappa Alpha American Ceramic Society5 The Illio tl, 2, 55 5 The Teclinograph Q41 5 Interfraternity Council Q35 41 5 Student Alumni Association 131 . . .Peoria IJLLIAN PAULINE THIEssEN. , . . . . ..HufcloinIau, Kan. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirtory Gamma Phi Beta Tamaroa Hutchinson junior College JOHN THISTLEXVOOD, JR, ........ ..... C fziro COMMERCE Arcofnimnry Phi Delta Theta Alpha Kappa Psi5 Accountancy Cluh5 Band of X: of Illinig Freshman Varsity Football Squaclg Tribe Varsity Football Squad CZ, 41, Letter C515 Fresh- man Varsity Basketball Squad FRANI: JOSEPII TIIORIA ............ ..... S pringfield ENGINEERING Electrical Erzgizzecring Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nu 5 A.I.E.E. Honors Day tl, 2, 31 5 University ol Illinois Scholar- ship Key ELLEN JUNE THOMPSON. ,... , .. .......... .Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Lc Cercle Francaisg Spanish Club Christian College ELMER TIPTON THOMPSON ................. Yllaromb LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Sigma Phi Epsilon Production Staff, "Lady Precious Stream, ' "Yeomen of the Guard" LENOIKIE ELIZABETH THoMPsoN ............. Dfmrille FINE ANI: APPLIED ARTS Art Ednmlion De Pauw University MARX' ALICE THOMPSON ..... ,,., . . . . .Azlfnzm COMMERCE ACL'0ll?lld7lfj' Phi Chi Thetag Accountancy Club MAURICE PARDON TI-IOMESON ,... Pft'tl.ftI!I1!'iHE, N. I. ENGINEERING Civil Eugifzeering A.S.C.E,5 Tribe of lllinig Varsity Ice Hockey Squad CD, Letter 13, 41 5 Page 145 RICHARD KuENzEL THOMPSON, JR .... ..... 0 ak Park ENGINEERING Merbmziml Engineering A.S.M.E.g Rifle Clubg Production Stafi, "The Ad- Inirable Crichton" ROBERT VICTOR THOMSIEN .......... .... I Waukegan COMMERCE Commerce nm! Law Delta Chi Accountancy Clubg junior Bar Associationg Interfra- ternity Council QS, 41 5 Polo Association Honors Day QU KATHLEEN KIRKMAN THORNBERRY. . . EDUCATION Hirrary . . .Hfzrrirburg McKinley Hall Illini History Clubg Tamaroa ELIZABETH ROSE TI-IRALL .... . .............. Weldon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Claemirlry Honors Day 151 Pqge 146 ROBERT MURRIE TIBDETTS .......... .. . .Lake Form COMMERCE Gerieml Brrrizzerr Granada Club Concert Band CZ, 53 g First Regimental Band C11 LEO TOLSTOI TIBENSICY .......... .... B L'I'1Uj'l1 COMMERCE General Buxinerr Gymkzmag Cast, "Rio Rita"g Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl" Morton Junior College HERMENA LOUISE TICIE ..........,........ Greenluiew LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Kappa Delta Shi-Aig The Illio ll, 21 g Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers ROBERT DANIEL TIMPANY ......... .,.. H ,nrirburg A ENGINEERING Ciziil Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Tau Nu Taug A.S.C.E.g Pershing Riflesg Phalanx: Star and Scrollg First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day IU RAYMOND GEORGE TITLEY ........... .... C biwgo ENGINEERING Elertriral EIISIYIUPFIIZS .. A,I.E.E. Lewis Institute SHIRLEY ANNE TIVOL ........,... Kumar Cily, AIU, EDUCATION Englirb Sigma Delta Tau Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers HELEN LOUISE TOIAIN .... , ......... EDUCATION Public Srhoal Illini: . . . . .Chenmz Cagle Hall First Council, WoInan's League I-'Og Women's Glee Club MJ 3 University Chorus My University of Colorado I FLOYD CHESTER TORROCKE ........ Izzdiamzpolir, Ind. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Luzzdsmpe Arclvizeirlure Granada Club Butler University DONALD BERIQELEY TOEPPEN ,............. Wilmvrle LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Ewuamici' Beta Theta Pi Cavalry Oflicets Clubg Pierrotsg Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg First Lieutenant, University Brigade: Cast, "Brother Rat," "The Drunkardf' Elizabeth The Queen," "The FireI:nan's Flame," "It Can't Happen Here" Northwestern University VERNA RUTH TOMDRINK ................... Cbimga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sorialogy Davenport House Alpha Pi Deltag W.A.A.g Tamaroa Oak Park Junior College JOHN SHERMAN ToURTILLo'I'r ......... .... S nblezie PI-IYSICAL EDUCATION Chi Beta University Chorus C513 Cast, Union Minstrel Show Q53 JOSEPH FRANKLIN TRABAND....... ..... Wood Rifer FINE AND APPLIED ARTS AH Education fi' X IA., i , , , 'r.'f"'-5' ml-'-' f ' Qi., Llli. I FREDERICK BRIIWSTER TRACY ....... . . .Callimrille CORIMERCE Emnomiar Kappa Sigma Band of X4 Interlraternity Council C41 JAMES FRUEI-I TRACY ................. ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E. Honors Day fl, 2, 51 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key . . . . .Cbiraga Wll.LIAM FRUEH TRACY .,............ ..... C lm-nga ENGINEERING Electrical Engirleeriflg A.I.E.E. RICHARD DAVIS TRELEASE ,.................. Cbir-nga LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbe11zi,rI1'y Chi Phi Bacteriology Club: Hexapoeciag Skull and Crescentg Sophomore Football Managerg Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Production "Rudcligore" Stafl, "Iolantl1e," FRANK EDWIN TROBAUGH, JR ......,.. Wen Fmnkiarl LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Claemimy Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Phig Alpha Chi Sigmag First Regimental Band 15, 41 Southern Illinois State Teachers College GEORGE EDWARD TROLL ......,........,..... Aurora LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Sricflzre Alpha Chi Rho Accountancy Clubg The Illio fl, 213 InteI'fI':IterrIity Council KZ, 5, 415 First Regimental Band fl, 213 Student Alumni Association 11, 21 BAREARA TRuI1"r .... . .... . . . .... . , . .Clzillirof-be COMMERCE E ro Illllllilll' Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Sigma Nu: XV.A.A.g W.A.A. Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Gulf Park College Numerals 1 GEORGE TUEICII ........................... Oglexby LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Barreriology Mu Sang Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad La Salle-Peru Oglesby junior College -I Y. GUY ' : W Louis LIESTER Tuclc .,......,.,......... Mt. Vernon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geology Phi Delta Theta Freshman Varsity Football Squaclg Varsity Football Squad 42, 31 MARY MCMILLIN TUCKER ............ . . .Berwyn PI-IYSICAI. EDUCATION Keeler Kottage Klub Alpha Sigma Nu: Physical Education Major's Club: XV.A.A.q W.A.A. Numeralsg Major I Morton junior College ROBERTA MAEEI. TUCKER ........ EDUCATION Euglirb . . . WbHlIl!977 Mary E. Busey Hall Alpha Pi Delta: The Daily Illini Q21 3 W.A.A.g XV.A.A. Numeralsg Major Ig Women's Glee Club 12, 41 g University Chorus C41 g Cast, "La Bohemeug Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Post Road" 1X"l'lC2lfOfl College MYRTLE IRENE TUDOR ........... ..,RocizIrood EDUCATION Hiriory Sager House Orchesis Stephens junior College 3-NJ RoIsER-I' DANIEI. TuRoIIoN ........... .... l Vihuene ENGINEERING Eleclriml E11giz1eeril1g Phi Kappa A.I.E.E.g The Daily Illini C115 Cast, "The Fire- Inan'S Flame" LUCIILE GENEvIEvE TuRIoLIA'r'I'o .... ..,. B enlri JOURNALISM AdI'erli.ring and Publzrloirlg Hurd Hall Business Manager, The Independentg Gamma Alpha Chig Theta Sigma Phig Gold Feathersg Journalism Council juI.IUs TIIRK.......... ............... . ..... julia-I LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ChL'mi.rfry Concert Band 13, 41 3 University Orchestra 131 Joliet junior College DOROTHY MAE Tu1"I'I.E ..................... Ufbfnm LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlary Kappa Alpha Theta Torchg Mask and Bnubleg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Cast, "Behold This l-JYCHIIICIHQ Pro- duction Staff, "The Aclmirable Crichton," "Anything Goes," "Liliom," "A Midsummer Night'S Dream" Page 147 WILRUR SCOTT TYLER .... . . , . .. .... .. ..Peru ATARGUERITE ELLEN VALBERT. .. ....... .. . . . , .Girard joLIRNALIsM LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Newt and E!fjl07'f:1l ' Bgmny Kappa Tau Alphag Gamma Theta Phig Sigma Delta BurI'ill Botany Club Chig The Daily Illini fl, 23 Honors Day MJ Rox' BIQNVI.-xr-IIN UHLL ....... . .. . . . , . . .Alan-irozmilla Rox' EMERsoN VANDENEERG. , . . . . . . . .l.. ..,. .Dalian LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemiml E?7gf71?El'ilIg Pre-Medirul A.l.Ch.E.g Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad R.D.R. Club James Millikin University Palestrag Varsity Wrestling Squad Q31 Thornton Junior College VUENDELL WALTER UNEIER .......... .... A Ililiard CHARLOT'l'lE ELEANOR VANIIERPLOEG ......... Chicago AGRICULTURE AGRICULTURE Gwreral flg7'il'lIl7Ill'C' A General Hume Economicr Agricultural Club Cagle Hall Blackburn College Gold Feathers Chicago Christian College JOHN WARREN UTECHT ........... .... C bimgo DOROTHY ESTI-IER VANDERPoEL.,. ..... Cbimgn ENGINEERING EDUCATION I Engineering Pbyrirr Pbyriral Edflralion Engineering Physics Club W.A.A.: W.A.A. Numerals Wilson junior College Wright Junior College Page 148 WILFORD HERSCI-IEI. VANDEl'ENDER. ...... Mt. Pulniki EDUCATION General Education Lincoln College MARGARET JANE VANIMAN ,.... ........... Urbfum LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Palitiml Science Gamma Phi Beta Mortar Board, Tnrchg President, Y.XV.C.A.g Student Senate HJ g Alpha Pi Delta: Sigma Alpha Iota, Gen- eral Chairman, Y.W.C.A. Doll Showg First Council, Woman's League C453 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 13, 41 g Star Course Q23 JAMES KING VAN SLYKE, ,.,................ Urbimi-I FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Mari: Eflufzlfion Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Concert Band Cl, 2, 3, -'il : Production Staff, "Bartered Bride," "H.M.S. Pina- fore," "La Boheme," "Rudcligore," "Tosca" JOHN ANTONIO VAsCoNCIzLLos ,...... Merbfmfcrbnrg ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Bresee Club A.l.E.E.g Major, University Brigade JACK HEAGY VEALE .,...,........ ...Urbana ENGINEERING Ceramir Engineering American Ceramic Societyg Kefamos Honors Day U, 2, 31 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key SUE EMALINE VIERING .................. Rode Fall: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spmzirla Pi Beta Phi Le Ccrcle Francais, Spanish Club Monmouth College ALFRED GEORGE VITACCO ............. .... C bimga PI-II's1CAI. EDUCATION Pi Kappa Phi Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Squad 121, Letter 13, 41 1 Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad ALOYSIUS HENRY VOGEL, ........ .... P eerirz COMMERCE General B11,fiIIe.r,r Theta Kappa Phi Alpha Tau Sigmag Phalanx, Freshman Varsity Wrestl- ing Squadg First Lieutenant, University Brigade HARRY EDWARII VOGELSINGIER ...- .... P amid: COMMERCE Banking am! Finance Phi Sigma Kappa Accountancy Club: Scabbard and Blade: First Lieuten- ant, University Brigade RALPH JAMES VON FOSSIZN .......... .... N omml COMMIHICE Banking and Fimmce Sigma Phi Sigma Illinois State Normal University RUTH VON GRUENINGEN ............. ...Hmrnrd PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mary E. Busey Hall Alpha Sigma Nu: W.A.A.: W.A.A. Numeralsg Major I Honors Day 1l, 2, Sl 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key VIRGINIA MARGUERITE WAAGE .... .... C himga EDUCATION Biology Phi Mu Tamaroa North Park junior College A 'is X A 'i Qfiif , . ,Q -I' .- . 3 'fi U Q ,gy ',' ' 1 I '- IRIZNE DOROTHY WACH ........... .... C bimgo EDUCATION Englirly Beta Phi Alpha Gymnastica: Orchesis: Spanish Club: The Daily Illini 111 5 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Women's Glee Club 125 9 Cast, "La Boheme" EARNEST GAII. WARSPE .....,... ..,AIedo COMMERCE General Bluirzerf Illini Club Monmouth College GEORGE RAYMOND XVAGGONER ............ Sl. jorepb LIARRAL ARTS AND SCIIINCIES Geography Alpha Chi Rho Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Xi: Men's Glee Club 11, 43 Honors Day 12, 3l FREDERICK CI-IARLEs WAGNER ......... .... C himgn PIIYs1cAL EDUCATION Triple H Gymnastica: Independent Council 121 .1 lbs I josmvn Louis WAISMAN ..,,......... ...Chimgn ENGINEERING Mefallwgiral Engineefing Meyers Foundation Sigma Tau: Illini Engineers: Mineral Industries So' ' Ciety: The Technograph 121: Independent Coun- cil 123 Honors Day 11, 2, 35 4 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key People's junior College RICHARD JEssE WAKEMAN ........... S'mi1fonl. Cami. COMMERCE l'i!'L'0l17lffI7lC-Q' Accountancy Club: Coast Artillery Club: First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade ISAIIEI. WALCOTT ..............,............ Urbana LIIIERAI. ARTs AND SCIENCES Englifb Pi Beta Phi Mortar Boardg Torch: Shi-Ai: The Illio 11, 2, 35: First Council, hVOmHH'S League 13l 2 Junior Council, Wloman's League 155: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers DONNA LUClI.I.Ii WALKER ................... Gilman LIIAERAL ARTS ANU SCIENCES - Sociology Kappa Kappa Gamma The Illio 111: Chairman, Homecoming Registration Committee 155 : ,Iunior Council, Womnn's League 131 : Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Pro- duction Stati, "Anything Goes" JANE XVALKER ....,...........,...........,.. Elgin LIIJERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES 4 Sociology Beta House JOAN MAIIIE WALKER. ............, .... ..... A 1 'go JOURNALISM Adlferlimzg and Pllblhfbillg Alpha Chi Omega Theta Sigma Phi: The Daily Illini 121 : Gold Feath- ers: journalism Council: Production Staff, "Follow Thru," "Rio Rita," Union Minstrel Show 12, 31 Rosary College JOHN Sco'rT WALKIZR .........,.....,..... Cbimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pbiloraplfy Chi Phi Cavalry Officers Club: Freslimzin Varsity Polo Squad: Varsity Polo Squad 12, il, Letter 1-ll : Captain, Uni- versity Brigade: Polo Association LUCINDA WALKIZR .................... ...Snllii-fm AGRICULTURE Gezleml Home El'UIllIfIlif',f Presbyteririn Hall Home Economics Club: Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady," "Tosca," "Yeomen of the Guard" Page 149 ROBERT DRURY WALKER, JR. ..... Wmzdlniifeu, N. Y. ENGINEERING General Erigineering Sigma Pi A.S.C.E.g Coast Artillery Clubg General Engineering Societyg Phalanx Fordham University JAMEs BARTON WALLACE ........... Remmlfzer, Iml. FINE AND APPLIIQIT ARTS Irzduxtrial Derigu Alpha Rho Chi Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady" Purdue University ROBERT LEE XVALLACE ............... Millzfllle, N. J. EDUCATION Hirlory JOHN PATRICK XVAl.SH ..,. . ...... . . .Cjbimga EDUCATION HfJ!01'y Theta Kappa Phi President, Senior Classg The Daily Illini 113 g Inter- fraternity Council 15, 415 Student Religious Council C413 Cast, "Family Portrait," "It Can't Happen Here," "Our TOwn"g Production Staff, "Yeomen of the Guard"g Student Organizations Fund Board Q45 Honors Day C51 -1 "' :"--mil? S .H 49 I' I I Q Q, GT mei... A 'ii : 'A ,:2'-'ire 'IQ,rgFyv4!- -' E Y ' Page 150 VIRGINIA ELLEN XVALSH ........ ,. ....Albiw1 EDUCATION Hirmry Wfarner Hall The Independent KZ, Sl 3 W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Second Council, XVuman's League 14D CHARLES DAVID WAl.TER .........,. ENGINEERING Merbalziral Engineering A.S.M.E.g Second Regimental Band 12, 51 California Institute of Technology . . . ,Erlrlriu EDWARD THOMAS WANDERER ...,... ENGINEERING Mechanical Eizgineering Beta Theta Pi Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E.g The Daily Illini CIT: The Technograph C225 Second Regimental Band fl, 23 g Y.M.C.A. Cabinet C43 . . . .Oak Park DALE BERTON WARD. . ...... ...... . . .Laillnille AGRIcuI.'ruRE General figl'il'ilfflH'L' Illico Agricultural Club: Agricultural Economics Clubg Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad ELIZABETH JANE WARD .............,....... Slezliug LIRIQRAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirrory Kappa Alpha Theta W.A.A. Stephens Junior College GEORGE THOMAS Nxfzlllli ,........... Cinrinmzzi, Ohio LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbenzirfry Club Paragon Independent Council C31 Honors Day KU GEORGE Lours WARREN ............... Eiuf Sf. LUIIAI' LIDERAL ARTS AND SCIIINCRS Fremih Der Deutsche Vereing Le Cercle Francaisg Spanish Club: Men's Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 41g University Chorus fl, 23 XVashingt0n University MARTHA LORRAINIZ XVARREN. .,,.. . . .Ur-bdrm AGRICULTURE General Home .EI'onomir.I Bethany Circle Home Economics Clubg XV.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathers an GII.EIaR'I' ARTHUR WASCHER .... . . . . . .Cbimgv COMMERCE Arralmlanry Phi Sigma Kappa Accountancy Clubg Caisson Club: Pershing Riflesg Interfraternity Council C315 First Lieutenant, Univer- sity Brigade FRED LEON XVASSERMAN. ..... Sfafford Sjrrizzgr, Colm. COMMERCE G'meral Burine.I.r Boston University ROBERT GRANVILLE WATERS ......... ...Chicago ENGINEERING ltlerlymzifal Engineering Kappa Sigma The Technograph Q11 WILLIAM PICKERING WA1'ERS, JR ....... Ear! St. Lonir COMMERCE Gemfrnl Bmirlerr XY1.M.W. Club Accountancy Clubg Caisson Clubg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Freshman Varsity Track Squadg First Lieutenant, University Brigade RICHARD I-IALE WA'rsoN .............. .Farmer Ciry LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Sigma Chi Dolphinsg Freshman Varsity Swimming Squadg Vars- ity Swimming Squad l2, 3, 41 MAIRY JANE WA'I'rERs .............,. .....HoapeJ1on - LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Safier Court Le Cercle Francaisg Spanish Club EVERIETI' PAUL WIZAVER .......... . JOURNALISM Afl1N?l'fi.fil7g and Prablhtbing Theta Chi Sachemg Band of X3 The Illio Admimble Crichton," "Liliom" Honors Day 113 .. . .Ottawa fl, 2, 57 L Cast, "The FLORENCE MARGARET WEBBER. . . . . . ...... . . .Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Brirteriolngy Corinna sm. Joi-IN J. WIEBBER ...................... Mr. Sfef-ling ENGINEERING Ceramic Engineering Phi Eta Sigmag Tau Nu Taug American Ceramic Societyg Keramosg First Lieutenant, University Bri- gacle Honors Day Q11 CHARLES ROBERT WEBER ......... ..... P mm AGRICULTURE GPIIBTIL! Agriclzlfzlre Alpha Zeta Honors Day tl, 2, 53 Q University of Illinois SCll0lIll'- ship Key MARIAN ADAMS WEBER ....,............. Springhelfl FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arr Edflftllfllll Gamma Alpha Chi Springfield Junior College RICHARD HENRY WIEBER. ........,. . . . . .lLllfI.l'lH7l AGRICULTURE General Agricultura- G . i' ' ' L 5' 2 l 9 r it RICHARD ROBERT WEDERLINC ....,. .... P em ENGINEERING Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. La Salle-Peru Oglesby Junior College JOHN AREON WEEDMAN ....,........... Fm-ww' Cirg LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chcvniml Engineering Phi Eta Sigmag Phi Lambda Upsilong Omega Chi Epsilong Sigma Taug A.1.Ch..E. Honors Day U, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key GEORGE HIZRBERT XVIEICHSBL ......,.. .... 1 lnffmv ENGINEERING Elerrrirul .Engimeering Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day Ill JANET MARIE WEIDNER ........ . .... ....Ci.f.1'flz1 Pm-E EDUCATION Commerfirzl Teaching .I fi L i ,, ,JH w ij, el ROBERT HENRY WEIK ........... .... R arbelle ' COMMERCE ACF0llI7ldl11'J' Beta Gamma Sigmag Phi Eta Sigmag Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day Cl, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key l ADRAHAEI SYDNEY WEINIIERG ..... .... 1 lilaywand EDUCATION Biology l Alpha Phi Omegag Der Deutsche Verein Herzl Junior College GENEVIIEVE MII.DRED XVEINREICI-I ......,..... Cbicngo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Stratford House Spanish Clubg Production Staff, "Brother Rat" JAMES HARVEY WEIR .............. .... If llgonqnin CQIVIMERCE Comrnef-ce and bmi Beta Alpha Psig Junior Bar Associationg Independent Council fl, 2, 33 Honors Day Cl, E53 Page 151 DAVID EARL YVEISE ,..............,. ..... ll' fyunel EDUCATION Pbyrical Educaiion Varsity Baseball Squad Q45 james Millikin University CHARLES RICHARD WEIsI-IAAR ............... Cbimgo COMMERCE . Imlrmrinl Adflziniyfrrzriou Alpha Kappa Psig Blackhawk Troopg Cavalry Olhcers Club, Dairy Technology Club, Freshman Varsity Polo Squadg Varsity Polo Squad Q21 g Captain, University Brigade Honors Day Q1, 21 ' I-IARor.D BERNARD XVEISMAN ...,.. Rebarofb, Palerrine COMMERCE General Brzrinerr Mikveh Israel Agricultural College, Palestineg American University of Beirut, Syria RAYMQND Wsiss .................. Clerelrmd, Obio PHYSICAL EDUCATION Tau Epsilon Phi Delta Theta Epsilong Men's General Chairman, Gym- kanag Gymnasticag Tribe of Illini, Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squadg Varsity Gymnastics Squad, Letter 12, 3. 41 Honors Day C15 K Page 152 ARTHUR SCHROEDIER WBLLBAUM ...... Rirlmzond, Ind. LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Mathematic: Accountancy Clubg Coast Artillery Cluhg First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade GEORGE EDGAR WELLMAN ...,..... .... I alia: COMMERCE Acmrwlancy Peterson Club Accountancy Club Joliet Junior College FIZRN IONE YVENINGER ..........,..,. ..... . Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Music Education McKinley Hall XVomen's Glee Club C35 g University Chorus C3, -13 Wrigllt Junior College BURTON HOMER XVESSMAN. ,. .. . .. .. . .Claimga COMMERCE Accountancy Accountancy Club Honors Day 11, 21 PIOXVARD F. VVEST. . . . . , . . .1. . . . . . .Lorkporr ENGINEERING Ceramic Engineering American Ceramic Society JOHN M. WESTAI,L....,..... ...... ....Gfemnp AGRICULTURE Gelzeml Agriculture Agricultural Economics Clubg Caisson Clubg Phalainxg First Lieutenant, University Brigade ARTII UR THOMAS WES1'ERGREEN ........ Poplar G1 are COMMERCE Arrolmlrmcy Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Club IWARY XVESTON ..................,,....... .lirfmrzwz LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES K Englirb Chi Omega ' The Daily Illini Cl, Zjg W.A.A.1 First Council, Womarfs League 15, 41 3 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association f3Jg Production Staff, "Elizabeth The Queen," Union Minstrel Show C17 E , A CARL WELLS WEsTIJHAL .......... Lirrlf Rarle, Arla. ENGINEERING Cmil Engineering A.S.C.E.g First Regimental Band 13, 41 Arkansas Polytechnic College ROBERT LIVINGSTON WETZLER. .. . . .Peoria COMMERCE General Burirzeu Shangri-Lodge Freshman Varsity Vlfrestling Squad Honors Day ill SAM WEXLER ..................... ..., C bimgrf EDUCATION Phyfiml Education Delta Theta Epsilong Psi Chi Omegag Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Varsity Track Squad 1335 ln- dependent Council 12, 51 ' Herzl Junior College XVALTIZR WAYNE XVI-IEELHOUSE ...,..,.... Rurbrille LIBERAL. ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemisrry Lambda Chi Alpha Eureka College WILLIAM WI-IELAN ................ ..... C himgo ENGINEERING Meclmniral Engineerizzg Lambda Chi Alpha A.S.M.E. Bern' ROSIILLA WI-IITE .....,..........,. Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Prycbology Orange and Blue Feathers DOROTIHIY JANE WHITE .......... .... H illrbora COMMERCE General Blzriflerr Alpha Chi Omega Torchg Woman's Business Manager, The Illiog Shi- Aig Pan-Hellenic Council 123g First Council, XVom- an's League 1235 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg Star Course 123g Production Staff, "Rud- digoIe" Honors Day 113 JACQUIELYN AMANDA WHITE ............... Ewmrfan LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanish Alpha Kappa Alpha Le Cercle Francaisg Orchesisg Spanish Club, W.A.A. 3 W.A.A. Numeralsg First Council, Woman's League 153 5 University Chorus 133 5 Production Staff, "Lady Precious Stream," "Our Town," "Yeomen of the Guard" Central Y.M.C.A. College, Chicago sqm..- Fi" liji . I ,seq if may JOHN MCDOWBLL WI-IITE .......... ..... S eymom AGRICULTURE General Agrirrrlture Alpha. Kappa Pi Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Football Squad, Varsity Football Squad 123, Freshman Varsity Ice Hockey Squad, Varsity Ice Hockey Squad 15, 43, Letter 123 g Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad XVALTER. EDWIN WHITE ..,,........... White I-Iearb AGRICULTURE General Agfirullufe Agricultural Clubg Hoof and Horn ture Club Club 5 Horticul - WILLIAM ARTHUR WI-IITE ......... ..... C lnrcmom AGRICULTURE Geuerzrl Agl'IfIllflll'E Hopper House Cyclothem Club I V HARRY CHARLES WI-IITMARSI-I ............ Liberlyifillc ENGINEERING Merlmniral Engineering Club Paragon A.S.M.B.g Varsity Track Squad 13, 43 Honors Day 113 I I WILLIAM PI-IILIE WI-IITMORE ....... .... C laimga ENGINEERING Meclmniml Engineering A.S.M.E. Honors Day 113 ' VIRGINIA ELLEN WHITTON ........... .... C 'may AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: Achaea Home Economics Clubg Illinois Agriculturist 12, 33 g XV.A.A. Honors Day 113 FRANK LUCAS WIATIIR .............,........ Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Painting lllustratorsg Freshman Varsity Track Squadg man Varsity Football Squad, Varsity Football Squad 12, 43 g Independent Council 143 Fresh- JANET ANN WIDDOWSON .......... EDUCATION Englirlz . . . .Urbana Kyle Kiub The Independent 13, 43g First Council, League 133 Honors Day 153 Illinois State Normal University Woman's GLEN WENDEL WIEGAND ..... ' ...... Burlinglon, loam ENGINEERING Geneml Eugiueerirrg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, Varsity Baseball Squad 12, 3, 43 Burlington junior College WILLIAM KENNETH WIELAND ........ . . ,Dow AGRICULTURE General Agrimlturr: Agricultural Clubg Caisson Clubg Dairy Technology Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Phalanxg First Lieuten- ant, University Brigade CHARLES Bnooxs WILES ............,...... Roanoke LIBERAL AR'rS AND SCIENCES Zoology Caisson Clubg Phalanx, First Lieutenant, Brigade University CONSTANCE ANN 'XVILLIAMS ................. Qnmry FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Mnrir Education Kappa Alpha Theta Sigma Alpha Iotag W.A,A.g W.A.A. Numeralsz Gold Feathers, Fine Arts Council 15, 43 Sweet Briar College H Page 153 FORREST SEIzAs'rIAN WILLIAMS ..... Pmrfrlmrg, N. Y. ENGINEERING Memllurgiral Engineering Roojahs A.l.M.E.g Mineral Industries Society ROBERT CHANDLER WILLIAMS ....... ..... O wagon COMMERCE GMIFVIII Bl1IiIIe.f.r Chi Beta Accountancy Club: Spanish Club: Men's Glee Club 1415 University Orchestra fl, 2, 3, 413 University Chorus Q5, 43 ROBERT ELLWOOD WILLIAMS ,..... . .. .... Dixon AGRICULTURE General flgriculrnre Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Zetag Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Club: Agricultural Education Club Honors Day Cl, SD VIRTRUE BEECH WILLIAMS ,................ Rnckfan! LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Science Northern Illinois State Teachers College iQ. 'Rb A, , U A Ea I ' .r JJ.-.1-xii xi wp. -:AI " 'll' ' L f Ilz Q' - I -it 'E Q 1, . . 1 ' A i?L?T?5ftt' 1 V. - , I 7. ' jf wit '-Fri. f MH ' f-'Eats iw. fg-5 A . i!" "' Mi' - I-r igffrr J' It i I It -fx it Page 154 FRED ELLSWOIITH WILLSON .,.... ...Claimgn COMMERCE General Bxuifzerr Alpha Kappa Psig Caisson Club, First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day CU RALIII-I ALLEN WILMOT .,......,.. ...Peoria COMMERCE General Bll,fi7I6'.l'.f Pi Kappa Alpha Accountancy Clubg Coast Artillery Clubg Pershing Riliesg Phalanxg Rifle Clubg Scimitzrrg Tribe Of Illinig Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad: Varsity Fencing Squad 121, Letter 13, 41. Captain 1413 Stu- dent Alumni Association Qljg Captain, University Brigade BONARD SCOTT WILSON .,....... . ..... . .ML Carmel y i' AGRICULTURE General Agrirullzlrr' Nabor House Agricultural Club ERNEST RAYMOND XYIILTZ .......,. .... U rbamz ENGINEERING Civil .Ellgillfffillg A.S,C.E. A 1 I DOROTHY ANN WISE ............ .... V illn Grvw EDUCATION GAt"fIl'I'!ll Edumlion Achaea First Council, Woman's League Q21 FLORENCE ESTELLE XVISE ...........,... Clmrrzpfzign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlary Pi Beta Phi Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers GENE CARTER WIsEGARvER ....... ...DeLand AGRICUIJTURE General Agrimlmre Wegowana Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Clubg Independent Council GJ RONALD MII.TON WITTEK ............. .... C laimgo COMMERCE lll!lll,ffI'i.'ll Adminirmnion Vlright Junior College IAQ . ' an ROBERT FRANK XVI'l"l'ER .................... Bef-Iwyn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES C bB7l1iItI'y Club Mortonia Morton Junior College ADAM ALBERT WOJCIK .,............ .... C bimgo ENGINEERING Mechanical Errgiueeriug A.S.M.E.g Sarnatia BOLESLAW WOIDYGO .... .,.. ... .... ........Cl1imgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Claeminry Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad Q21 BETTY DALE WOLCOTT ,... ......... . ..,Fillnmre JOURNALISM Newr and Ea'imrinl Mary E. Busey Hall Torchg Kappa Tau Alpha, Woman's Editor, The Daily Illinig Theta Sigma Phi Honors Day fl, 33 RICHARD ELVIN WOLF!! ....... .... Sz. jwepb AGRICULTURE Gvfzeml Agriculture Agricultural Club RoRER'r EDGAR XVoI.rENsPIzRoER, .. . . . .Rockford ENGINEERING Ceramic Ellgi?It'L'!'i7Ig American Ceramic Societyg Illini Engineers VIVIAN MARGUERITE WOLFRALI .... .. . . .Dixon EDUCATION Lfuiw First Council, XVoman's League C255 Orange and Blue Feathersg Production Staff, "Family Portrait," "Our Town" JEROME FOSTER WoI.rsoN. .... , . . . . . . . . .Spriugieirl AND SCIIZNCIES LIRERAI. ARTS Pre-Law junior Bar Association Springfield Junior College DoNAI.D NORX'AL Woon ..,...... ...ML Vernon COMMERCE Acrolzfltmzcy EARL HAZLET1' Wooo. . ....... . . ..Ef:rz Cbii-nga, Ind. COMMERCE Gelzervll B11.rim'JJ XV.M.W. Club Caisson Clubg First Lieutenant, University Brigade ERNEST HERl3ER'I' XVOOD ................. Sl. Cbnrler LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Claemirlry Phi Lambda Upsilong Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day fl, 2, 3l 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key KATI-IERYN EMILY WOOD ................ MI. Cm-mr! AGRICULTURE General Home Ecorlomira Hurd Hall Home Economics Club --Q l 'Q I .sf 'r AV A. I RICI-IARD LINDER Woon ....,...... ...Bloomingruu AGRICULTURE G'I.'l1Ul'!1l Agricnllure Sons Home Agricultural Club: Field and Furrowq Staff, "The Fireman's Flame" Illinois State Normal University Production JOHN THOMAS Woons .... . ..... , , . . . . ..Chll7IIflIli.L:lJ LIBERAL ARTS AND ScII:NcIzs Pre-Law I.IzxvIs KENT WOODNVARD. . .... . . . . . . .0114-mfr COMMERCE Canmlercr nm! Law Phi Delta Theta Alpha Tau Sigmag Band of Xg Scabbard and Blade: Skull and Crescent: The Illio tl, 253 Interfraternity Council til 3 Major, University Brigadeg Cast, Union Minstrel Show C31 ROBERT WINEY XVORK ............. Hammond, Inrl. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Muric Erllzmliorl Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Concert Band tl, 2, 3, 433 University Orchestra 12, 5, 43: Cast, "The Barteretl Bride," "La Boheme," "Manon" OSBORN CARROLL XVORLEX' .......... . . .Champaign ENGINEERING General Eflgineering Tau Beta Pig Sigma Tau: First Regimental Band fl, 2, 33 5 University Orchestra Cl, ZJ 3 University Chorus 12, 5, 47 Honors Day Cl, 2, an 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key HELEN GLENDORIS WOSNUK ......... Webrrur, S. D. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Muric Education Alpha Gamma Delta Sigma Alpha Iota: Arepo: Gymnasticag The Illio Q11 3 Orange and Blue Feathersg W0men's Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 413 University Chorus fl, 2, 3, 41: Cast, "Anything Goes," "La Boheme," "RuddigoTe": PIO' duction Staff, "Elizabeth The Queen" GERALDINE CHIZRLE WRIGHT... ............... julie: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES S'peeclJ Chi Omega - Joliet junior College THOMAS GFORGIE XVRIGHT ........ .... A lion COMMERCE General BllJ'i7lU.I'J' Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Club: Arepog Fresh- man Varsity Football Squadg Independent Council 12, Sig Second Regimental Band tl, 213 Cast, "Yeo- men of the Guard" Honors Day 111 J Page 155 l A L WILLIAM CALEB WRIGHT. . . .. . . . . .ll71?lf!1l1dfJ0liJ, Ind. FINI3 AND APPLIED ARTS Arclsilertlne Sigma Chi Lnxvis EVELYN WUNDERLICIHI .... .. .... Marian AGRICULTURE General Home Eronomirr Aeolia First Council, Won1an's League CU g Student Alumni Association L13 EDWARD DAVID YEATRIAN ...... '. . . . . . . . . . . . .Chimgn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sprrnirb Kappa Alpha Psi Sigma Delta Pig Spanish Club Wilson Junior College HAROLD AN'roN YEPSEN .......... ..... L1 Moille COMMERCE Accountancy Tau Kappa Epsilon Accountancy Clubg Independent dent Alumni Association 13, 43 Eureka College Council IZ, '55 3 Stu- .7- , 'H I if oi ut Page 156 l'l0WARD WESLEY YOUNG ........ .... R obimon EDUCATION Agfirultural Eduralian Eastern Illinois State Teachers College ROBERT LAURENCR YOUNG ................,. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Tau Delta Phi Le Cercle Francaisg Zoology Clubg Sophomore lntra- mural Managerq Student Alumni Association 121 IIIIIING ZABIN .....................,....... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemirlry First Regimental Band 1333 Second Regimental Band Q23 Wriglit Junior College MURIEL I-iIsI.RN ZAIIN ................... Waukegmi , FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Ari Educnlion Alpha Xi Delta Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Production Staii, "ThegAdmirable Crichton," "Boy Meets Girl," "Brother Rat," "'Follow Thru," "Spring Formal" Honors Day CU JOSEPH FREDERICK ZARISII ......... .... B erwyn COMMERCE General Bmiuerr Delta Phi - Senior Cheerleaderg Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Band of X5 Gymnasticag Rifle Clubg Cast, "Rio Rita," Union Minstrel Show C21 HELEN JULIA ZELLER ...........,......... Mariana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Alpha Lambda Deltag Pi Delta Phi Honors Day Q13 JOHN RICHARD ZRLLER ............... .... U rbfnm ENGINEERING W Ceramic Engmeering Sigma Nu l American Ceramic Society I FRANCES ELOISE ZIMMERLI ............ .... P awnee AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: Warner Hall Tamaroa, Springfield Junior College Alias swf I, EWALD RALPH ZIMMERMAN .,....., ,... 0 :mum COMMERCE General Burinerr Sigma Pi Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Club La Salle-Peru Oglesby junior College GIFFORD SI-IARP ZIMMISRMAN ........ ....Mr. Carmel AGRICULTURE General flgriculmre Alpha Tau Alpha DOROTHY MARY ZUCKER .................. Hayman LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES German Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Deltag Delta Phi Alphag Der Deutsche Vereing Gregorian Literary So- ciety Honors Day ll, 35 HERMAN DAVID ZWEIBAN .....,....... Calumet Cizy JOURNALISM Adiverlirlrlg and Publirhing Gamma Theta Phi Indiana University I l l I l l l J 5- xg r . , 'Ll Q' , A h ,N Q--Lf In , 'J' 1. 1 .1 "-Iv' ' l r, F 5 uf H! -'AL ,mA. 'r, 2. Iihr - 5- , ' N-df. : -. kia. 3 ,Q ' H14 ' z . 1. Firm' .5 7 . ' . .. .. M, , , , ' 0 A, w , Y N x X , fl U -,NX W L' i ' H.- -tr fr. ' '- W . fi-q5?Q2Ewf2'1if,2-1 "SK, 'L fl df- if . '-"fy H--Q,-1,.,'F S",-' V I LQ.. j-- 71.5-.2 ,,.,g:gT L,-'QS' nf. . U..-, ,. I .rQgav...'l2" I, -Z?-Izzy? . 4 I 1 V ' A f . Q - Q fl 0 v I lx ' ' ' QQ f , ,. . . .I , I i 12 G ' -V ff! -:Y I 'Z U N w V 13 ali: 2-QQ . -. , .' . fa 121 '11 ' I' ' 2 JF, ,- rl Q' 5 , . Q if 9 LL. Q 'T .. , 1 e r, . , Q 82 i ' -. ' ' .' u -1 - s .A Pm! .,'.-N bg ,.,'v l ff - "".:4,',AN1 :. .-1. -qi 'W ,Q -,K Q: 4' S., , EZ J- ...- .iQ'Rg1g..g5-,- ' 5' .U Q y gp ,. tlrv' O I -- YY. 1 , L' Q 1 1 ' tt ,I . .iqx ' -1 ' A 'Qi t ' , '1D'fQQ4xf,Q 9- - E' -8 ZH ., ' ' M '--1" 'W7' "" -- -vxsx' A . 'qv ' 14.55 -5. Nh- - I J rim .'.-'.f',- " ' V wry ,J o-1.1" K. If-' fig. ,DQBJ 1 'I V 4 ' '- ,-1 PQ!-191459 nl' " 'I II 1-i,,zf...if ' . Q . Q , U -A. - I . - , . -- Y-A ...- Us .- -t -. !J'ff"P."f .- : ., , L Q . . N5 fl-"fEfr1. f ff 'p ,b I . v . I I . . , 1 r" 'Jaw' ' 'P ' i .. 1 T351 ..-1 -. ff FA nQ'l,r1, A Q , U V fdffwi- f ' , x ,. -r NP' A gow ' V :gf A 4 5:1 , V Q K E Y -mrqfy . . .4 ' X . , ,iff .IW " " , 'gig '- b ' uf. I K3-2' UQ 4' + - 'J' 'ff IWW 4 x Qi K 4 an gr., jfs! .V . 4.51, . .J r . Sf, 1 .- 41 1-11.-.Es .- - , -. 1 'xv 5' 'F' 1 - M-4f'?g,'+1if-,gal ' 551-33. Z-.S RF.,-K ,Z . - E I l""i'a5 -' ' ' - 1, . ' 'Lei N S 6 . is war-fi hifi-BI! 5. I Ljeijeeii. ia.V.,mV:z ,- .155 :inn F ru- ' V tux. ff-A - If V,-G? -8 - -1 .sip 115: 'fat .fi.kGg.'N,,',1'L,.i. H 'G A: ' a " CSA - +3331 , , n 4. . .Q rfa D ,Y . I :'-7z"'-'1M- -f37'n'5""fw" -x59 A-' .15 P' ' 8 ' f'3'EJs' P, V R Q 5.5 .5-Q.--A Bn .V-,ip 'N ,,5f'5 ,., F ' M 'A' 5 q.f.f" fig 1 , 46.5 r .5 J' .Q -' gf. -'P--m,"w, :"'f .ff . L ' Ev . ff 'fx 7' ft- -f "Q R44 J ' - 1 ' ' -:I F1 6114. QT A--, 6' ' X 1 'le ,M J, g FQ' n fo- ,9. 5 1? 14 M 154613 H5-4J',I."g -:AJ , fi 1 . f ' f ' A g Elf?" Q ' ' 'WY' .af-6-N T ',1..gT 9.1 5. 1 V' ff an f- F -gk qgr I GN- , A fwbrg ,A. I - An Q Q '81 ' -,a-0 5' QT' --tv .. 5 V N . 6 'Q-4 ,gg :- Q. ' ',,. -P.. Lf,-8 ' 'ff' . ' MQW 1+ V f S" 'A 43' L,51'S" .H '3 4V3.,Q56i B- 5-'f if ft x Q Ja . X 4' V.. ,- 'EI U? . 1. U A 5,1 Q., du. ja,--,,. cf. f, ,. Qgfwybg X fy!-4' x V ' ' 'Lf Svfmmpk pf 'pg-. .x. 1-"1 Q., ,F -A h ' W fi". K1 H s A ' ' V 5' Phi. NY V M K L ' -' 4 . ,,-" w - Q 135,55 Y 'feiinrf' A fi mv' 'L,'1"7u - T - .W ivqeff' Y . 5 :- - Q' ff V 3 'f'A' f:f'. '-,. nz ,,, .35 , 4.-'if 1-s gg ,wwe M1 -.P+ ' . 'ff :QM ' Q. , W, f, ,ed .2 N 1,337 'x ff'- w:.1:... ef " fx' UNDERCLASSES SACHEM LEVERETT ALLEN ADAMS, JR. JOSEPH MANNING ARNDT PARK LARMON BROWN WILLIAM RICHARD CASE JOHN WILLIAM DRISH LOREN BOVARD FELT EARLE HENRY GILLIS THOMAS RICHARD KELAHAN ABNER JAMISON MARTIN, JR. KENNETH EDGAR MAST HAROLD GIDEON NELSON WILLIAM GEORGE O'NEIL CLIFFORD LYLE PETERSON RICHARD KERBER REISING WILLIAM ALLEN ROMER ALDEN JAMES SCHNEIDER DAROLD HAYES STALEY JAMES WILLIAM ARMSEY EDWARD ANTHONY BOWEN RICHARD KILNER CARR MARTIN JOSEPH CORBELL RALPH EDWARD EHNI P A U L F I N A LAWRENCE GOUGLER FRED MORRIS KILKER JOHN EDWARD MARTIN, JR. LESTER THOMAS MOATE ROBERT CHARLES OLSON HARVEY HAWKINS ORNDORFF DEAN BIRTWELL RAYMOND THOMAS JEFFRIES RIGGS, JR. CHARLES FINLEY RUSSELI. JOSEPH FRANK SMITH RICHARD FRANK THOMAS CHESTER JOSEPH ZIEMBA TORCH ELEANOR GRACE ANDERSON HELEN LUCILLE BITTERMANN RUTH LEONA BREEZE BARBARA ANN BURKE CHARLOTTE LOUISE CONRAD MARION LOUISE DAUGHERTY WINIFRED LUCILLE DORSEY CAROL LOUISE EGE VIRGINIA MARJORIE FROYD MARIAN HELENE GOLDSMITH MARY KATHERINE GROSSMAN JANET HORSTMAN ANNETTE LOUISE KRUMSIEK MARGUERITE LOCKE MARY HARPER MCANLIS JUNE MARIE MORGAN JULIET IRENE MYERS HELEN AMELIA PRESCOTT RACHEL MAE ROEHM ELAINE BARBARA ROSEN MELVA FAY SEARCY MABEL ANN THOMPSON DOROTHY BERNICE WEXLER ADELAIDE NORMA BERR HELEN ELIZABETH BOE MARY ALICE BURGETT PEARL JEAN COHEN EDITH IRENE CROSSLAND MARY LOUISE DOLAN MARY JOSEPHINE DOYLE MARIAN VIRGINIA EWAN LOIS RUTH FULLER VIRGINIA ARLENE GREEN ELIZABETH LOUISE HAYES KATHRYN ANNETTE KENWORTHY JOSEPHINE SPENCE LEHMANN HELEN JUNE MARKERT ELEANOR VIRGINIA MORGAN EILENE JEANETTE MUNCIE MARY JANE PRATHER DOROTHY LOUISE ROBBINS MARGARET ADELE RONEY LOIS LOUISE SCHUTT IRMA VIVIAN SHIELDS MARGARET JANE WESTCOTT FLORENCE ROBERTA WILSON The Class of 1941 ESU THOMAS M HDIAER WALTFR E JENKINS P e Id Il Fl ,rl Semerle Vice Pl .I den! Flrxt Semexie OFFICERS F1151 Senzextef THOMAS M HUBER P1 efzdenf WALTER E JENKINS JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE DEAN B RAYMOND Claazrman SPENCER F BROWN PAUL G MATT JR BELFORD A SMALL MARILYN B Dow NANCYJ NICHOLS JOSEPH I' SMITH MARIAN W HATTON MARY E O KDE FE MARGARET L WICOFF FLOOR COMMITTEE CHARLESJ CAUDLE Cbazmzmz LOREN B FELT WILLIAM E HOLMES KAYE H GALLOWAY SIDNEY KATZ CHARLES D MORRILL ROY R HARNETIAUX EDWARD W MANN ELECTIONS 1' 1'.f.6'I, "rv A ' - 'Fil ,I 'Z x r 1 . - . . . , , . . ........ ............... , . . .Vire-Prefident 4 4 u . 3 1 I 1 4 The Class Of 1941 3' HOMER A. HINDMAN, JR. CHARLES R. FARR P,-may ,1f, Sammi sem. ffff Viwpfmfle f11, sem!! semmef O F F I C E R S Second Semexler HOMER A. HINDMAN, JR. .................. ...... P refident CHARLES R. FARR .,...,................. .... V ice-Prefidefzt JUNIOR CLASS DAY COMMITTEE THOMAS M. HUBER ................... ................. C hairuzmz JAMES W. ARMSEY CAROL L. EOE ABNER J. MARTIN HELEN E. BOE LOREN B. FELT CLIFFORD L. PETERSON SPENCER F. BROWN HELEN A. PRESCOTT JUNIOR JACKET COM MITTEE ARTHUR B. JOHNSON, JR. ............................... Co-Clmirmmz WALTER B. KRAWULSKI, JR. ,............. .... C 0-Clmirfmuz CHARLES J. CAUDLE MARILYN B. DOW ROBERT A. KNOPF JAMES H. CRAVENS KAYE H. GALLOWAY HARRIET L. MARTIN WINIFRED L. DORSEY CECIL H. REEHL Page 153 The Class Of 1942 l r JAMES P. BUHA1 JAMES P. RICE Prexidezzt, Fir!! Semexler Pfmiflenl, Semin! Senzeftef O F F I C E R S JAMES P. BUHAI ..... .................. P resident, Firft S eme.vte1' MARTIN L. MILLER .... .... V ice-Prefidem, Fm! S emefzer JAMES P. RICE ...... ...... P rexiclefzt, Second Semexler NANCY Q. NICOLL .... , . . .Vice-Prefidefzt, Second Semenfer SOPHOMORE COTILLION COMMITTEE FRANK R. BOYLING .................................... . . .Clmirman BETTY J. EBERLE LOUISE J. GODFREY ELSIE M. JACOBS J. BERNARD JOHNSON CHARLOTTE R. WARREN NEVIN E. KENDALL HAZEL E. MILLER CHARLES G. SCHOTT HAROLD W. SLOSBURG f'3 ELECTIONS '1- Page 164 The Class Of 1943 N DEAN E. MADDEN KENNETH D. SAUDER Prexizlenl, FirJt Semener Prexidenf, Second Semefrer O F F I C E R S DEAN E. MADDEN, , .......................... Preridemf, Firxt Semexter KENNETH D. SAUDER ....,................. .P?'6Jid9I7f, Second Semexzer SALLY j. TURNER ...................... Vice-Prefidenl, Serami Semefter ROSEMARY MILLER ..............,.......... .Secremf-y, Semnd Semenef RICHARD H. Moss ...................,...... Trvczfzzrer, Second Semeyler FRESHMAN COUNCIL AND FRESHMAN FROLIC COMMITTEE DEAN E. MADDEN .,...................................... C laairfmzn E. BURKE HUBER PHYLLIS A. SEIP HOWARD J. LANDSTROM KENNETH D. SAUDEP. BENNETT D. LEVY ROBERT G. TUELL RONDA L, MANN JOHN T. WARD H. ELIZABETH ZIEGLER 41" O F F I C E R S wk Page 165 1...-is - 1 11Uf-Hwu.,,,.1,,, ' .3 3. 1. ' Y .HWY 'JW-q'.""'1vs RZY1 '-"i"k'f'1 .1 Y - 311111 1 TP -1 1 ,, A H jg.-1'Zn1 if 1 5 152, 23 f ifi 5i,"iTJQ3'J','T1'iff?1 W ' ' ""'3'1F ',w1,1'111'11111'!W'jiri. FM " - 111.11111111gQ 11111111111 1111111111111111111111.11,N1w1111, 1111 5111111141 ,.-: 1, 1 , ' , f'x,-1uV1fc4I,,- H- 1, f--1.1 1- '-11, :SL ,KG ' 11 , ' "1'1111-1'111111ll31iW11111"111111111W 13g1QE1'111111,,1111111 111111 11mgQ151111111g131gQ , .- ,1. .1 ww! gi ,- ' Vg., , 1- Az , , .V 1 1 1 1 . 113 1-111i1133igq1111114 m1111H11'111:11,1,111',1111l1111111.11,11111l'1111E11s11111111 11'11111llf54Q111 11 1111111111111111 11 , X N I i I 1 11 il 1 """4Pl1r. , . , ,. 1, ,.111.1. -11. 11111 11, 1y 11m 11111111!11g!,!1,,x1,,1111!1i,1W 1WU1111111,g 1.11H!1.1,l11111gg1 - -..,g....51f.-M A Lfhfxm . in-Y 'V - iw ,U Q 1 1 E1 1 X111 f ,. 1-sg 1 . 1 Avi 1, !'1"'1Wv1'1111..f-11-1. .1-4.11-1.1wN..w. - U 1 1. ,.1-,....,... . 'x ! 1 - . ,. 111 1.1 -1 ' , :- . :M 1 l 1, 4 ,- xx fx: 11.95-1F' 1 " '.A :1 11,,1,1. .13-111 f 1 11":1 1 1, 325:17 13 ' ' ' H1 11ig11' f 1 15511 1 gmlf 1 I , v 1 1 p 1 1 11 .111111 .M 1 I X' H .1 L . -, - 111 1411111 11 1 1111 111111311 W 111 1111 1 1 1,-J 4, '- ff 15 Q1 E" u- , fig, 5,1 11 V111 511! X ,Q 11, ,l1' i1f X K 1 ,v. if S 11 . 1 -3 4" W1 , 1 - B IN 1 -H111 R4 1 11 Q - nut- M I ,W 1 1 11 1 1-.r 1 mb. ' 1 , . ..u1,,.1 1 ' 1 - 1 1. . 1 15' 3.1 11:11 1 j lil 1 2513 1 , gif. Q ' ' 'lk Q15 11,51 ,.. - - 1 X 1! 2 1 1 L34 ' , 'A' -. "' 31 1 ""' . f 1 1, l " 1'1 .. ' ' .ff 1 2,1 - 1 'Mg I-'frlglf 1 'Ti 1 U- ,Z U! 1 v ,. 21 '. I 1.1: If X 1 g51mH1141 I 14 11 K 1.6 .1 N ' 7 ' fy V fi? .5 li' A ' -g 1 J ' -. if WF' j ' t -1 41 -' '. I A Q .11 11 '-1 ,A ' .11 w Q ,151 1 C: , 'll ,. 1111 1 h, .A JE Q? 4 X Z 11 3:1 i i 25, '24 191716 -f' Y D , , I 1 ,, 1 , Q11-Q: A 'Q 4-.nil 1- , W - ,1 I ,fi 1 1 - 1 11:1 --y,,1 ffl, dd,-TT? 1 1,- - 1- 1 -1 1 1 mf- , ' .' 1 I QL M11111111111111111111111,11gQ131f5 '111Q1!1111111-111511 11 11' . ' ., V V My, -.11 111111 15, F , T, Y ,111 ,M If 1 111 , fi In W WE, pu t 1 H 1.111111 - 1 1 V 11 K . ' : I L: If ' 5 0 I ---1,5 r 7 h 1 I 1111! ,,'r , ,' J, .. F Y 1 K "1 H" 1 1 ' -f 1- 1111111111 'S' "iQ?"'5'?i' 5 1 111' 112 1 Q" 1 MY V ' 1,11 ff 1 .- T ' "im 1v'f111 'q x " ' : gd 11 1 , ,ji -5id ,1111gg?j.., 31-. -- i1.".,i5,g-3,1 3 MALE. t 4- ' xx Q 91411111 111-1,WW'v,,11111f, 1111, - ,1..! YM F 1 .1 -. A Hx! 11 6,11 '1 11 1-1 'EYES U,-jr , . ' A 4 ,f ' 0:61511 3 1- 1,1 ' 'I 1 11 11 5 , '14 1, 111 A nv ., 11 1, 1 -1 1 411' -1 1 1 1 31 , 11 ,' 1 W1 ' ' 1' 1i51 " X if fn 1 X , 111 1.11.1W51g??e115111111351111111: A,H111g11111f511V 1 1'VV ,111 Y, ,111 Q 'llji' f' ., M. H- .. xii , A , f f J sf f ? E 1 If I 31 C J f , igffse -' Q7 f Q' . ' , W ' Q-f .' ' ' Fri. C w 3. HJ, f , .QI I. ,. 1 LQ' N fm 'N gm. , 51.1, 1 . K N., N r +5 11" x SCHCLASTIC H0 URS 1 'wir Af fix x A 'In ma n 545 G ffgilfllfllllf LfIlfNll0ll lrheml Am and Snemer MORRIS HAROLD BANNTR XVILLIAM ARMSIROBG EXVAN AIICI' GIYNNON BARBARA III IZABFTH MooRr HARRY ,IOSEPH PLoNsIn RUSSELI KIINNIIDX STIVLRE IWIIAN ELLIS WATSON CUIIIIIIPIFU GFORGI' Roum BUSH CATLETT JUNE lIIIrrN HALL MoRToN DFNNIQON PROUTY JOHN HYNRY RrEDY RoRERr PERSHINC Rruss CLYDE WILSON SUMMIERS Page 168 J IRrRr MARIF BIANCIIH FA FRANCFS LFONHARDT HUISISARD ELI7AIsETI-I -IANFT HUTLHISON JFAN VIRGINIA SCHIIITI' josIPII CLARFNCF SIBIo1Ro1H zzgnzcvruzg NTOEI Euorm: DIILOW ALERED BERNARD HORN CLIF!-ORD IRENNETH POARLH CLARTNCE BENJAMIN XVIILIAM Fine am! Applied Artf SJR BYULAH PAU LINE FEATI-IERSTONE Iozzrnalifm WILLIAM XVALKER CASSELL NORMA JEAN GILLINGHAM ROBFRI EVIIRHART CASFFLO jAMFs WILTSE DAVIS EDWARD LOUIS EAGLF JR I-IALII' GALI-IULX PAUL BROWN HYNNIGIS ROBERT CORNIIIUS HOLMFS EDXVARD MURPHY HUBBARD FERN CLARA KRrrT RoErR-r EARL Loruc IILIZARETIPI MAr SIIAITLILR Roy WILLIAM Trss FREDERICK CHARLFS UHII: CHARIFS MELVIN VAUGHN LOUIQ EMMERSON WARD GRACE VERA WII.LowIcIc FREDERICK ALBERT YEOMAN Qi i CLYDE HARLEY ACIQERRIAN BARIIARA KENT ARMSTRONG RUTI-I HELEN ADRINS i A , E . , I 1. 1 - . ' 4 1. 1 . , R. - I ' , ,nj 1 1- , JR. V ' - A, I Phi Kappa Phi Founded 1897 IILINOIS CHAPTIR UnIvcrSIty of Marne Plfly Active Cbaplerx WILLIAM L BURLISON1 LESLIE E CARD ARTHUR R CRATI-IORNE CIEO FIIZIMMONS WILLIAM A FOSTER ROGER ADAMS J LITA BANI. ERNEST BERNRAUM JOSEPH C BLAIR ROBERT D CARMICHAEL HAROLD C CAST MILDRLD R CHAPIN LAWSON B CULVFR DAVID J DAVIS GEORGE I-I DUNGAN MILVIN L ENGFR RUTH M ERLANDSON MILTON D FARRAR GILBERT H FETT SYLVIA C GIIMORI GLORGL E MYLOZN AS PAUL H ANDERSON CLAUDI D BAIDNVIN MTLRIN W BARNES JOE H CLARK JOSEPH DEC College of figflflllflll e Honoring the la: vlaexl Jrloolaulazp SIMON LIFMAN HARRISON A RUIHI HYRIXI RT J REICH LOUIS M RESSLTR ARTHUR R CRATHORNE OFFICERS Pr vudenl Vue Prefldeui Sen elm 3 Tr eruurer H1110 rmn CHARTER MEMBERS ALBERT J HARNO RALPH C HAY HARVEY H JORDAN P GIRALD KRUCTR EMIL W LEHMANN MARIA LEONARD MARTIN L MOSHER LAWRINCT W MURPHX ACTIVE MEMBERS SIDNEY E GLENN WILLIAM HABHTRTON HAROLD N HIILEERAND VALINTINE JOBST J GIRALDINE RAUIMAN VICTOR W KTLIY LUCY V KTPLER SIMON LITMAN BTRNITA J LONG MATTHEW T MCCLURE HFRBERT F MoORr CECIL A MOYER WIIIIAM B NFVINS RLXIORD NEWCOMII WALLACE W HAGAN EVAN C HORNING IRA O KARRAI-STR JR RAHMOND N KEILER Facility WIILIAM O OLDI-ATHLR CULIIN W PARMELTI' THEODORE C PEARSE JR LEON A PTNNINGTON LEROY L QUALLS JAMES G RANDALL OWENJ RTAMTR FRANK E RICHART ERNYST T ROBBINS ELMER ROBFRTS XVILLIAM C ROSE ROBERT C Ross ENID SCHNAURER ARTHUR W SECORD INITIATES Famlly THLODORI C PEASE Gmdmzle Smdenff KEISNITI-I L KNIGHT RUTH E LESLIE SISTER DOROTHY M PESCHON WILLIAM C RISSER Member: Ill Urzzvemty Colley of Edunzlmn DOROTHX A FFHRFNBACHFR ARTHURJ HOTHN BrNJAM1N E GORDON ALICT M MCCLINTOCK HINRY H HADLIY CHARLIS L NORTON WILLIAM C KAYSER ALLEISRY B PLONSRY FRANKLIN J Rrlss College of Comrmvre EDXVARD R BILLINGS JOHN W BRT AN RICHARD G GORDLEX FRANK E HOLLIT DORIS H PARKS FRANK A PEIIR HFLEN B SEARCH MILBURIN G SLUSSER ROBERT H WIIK JOHN P SIVFRT CoIle,I,e of E7lgI1IP2YlI1L RICHARD J BURKI' SAM J CAPIZAI JOHN C HOUROLT ROIIIRT A NFINON AAIL C OTTOSON ERNIST E RICHARDS SPAIDINO J Roma JOHN S SHAPIAND RORIRI M SINRS FRANCIS K TALIMADGE JAMIS F TRACY allnge of I-Ill? Ari: MILDRLD J BRANNON PHIIII-I G ECRERT MRS MARY E GRACE ALICE L HORNER MARTHA E KASTTN ALI XANDTR KOUZMANOTI College of Law EDGAR E BARTON DONALD V DOBBINS GILRTRT H HTNNESSEY College of Liberal AMI and SIIEIICEI JOHN W AIEKANDER BEVERIIT C BRIGGS RICHARD R CARR JESS G CARNTS DOROTHT E CHAPIN FREDERICK W HOLIY HONVARD C JOHNSON LEROY H RIEMM WILLIAM A KLEMM EDXVIN F KRTES MARION J LUNID ELSIE M MAINS HTREERTJ RFICH HARRISON A RUEHE CHARLES L S1rwART ARTHUR L YOUNG RALPH L SHRINER RAYMOND S SMITH J NELSON SPAETH WALTFR L SUMMERS ARTHUR N TALBOT WILBUR A TATRTL STEWART L TUCREY HARLEY J VAN CLEAVE MILTON P VORF EDNA E WALLS OSCAR F XVYBER ARTHUR C WILLARD ELMERJ WORKING ROBERT ZAROROWSKI PHINFAS L WINDSOR PAUL G ROACH FREDERICK W STALLNIANV HOWARD M TrrTER CARLJ WI-INMAN HARI W MATHISON MARTHA G MONTOOTH MIIIA T NOFITZ SYLVIA S PURCEIL PAULINE J STLINER ELLEN J THOMPSON FRANK E TROBAUGH RICHARD B WEARN Ilblaxy School MRS HELEN M BEESON CHARLOTTL E GILL HELLN HEFLING MARGARET MCKLE RAE E RIPS College of Iviedlclm' HAROLD F HAILMAN VIRGINIA K PIERCE College of Pbammrg WILLIAM J KARPFL Page 169 C9 .1 . qi? .5 . I A I 3 . I ' - IH A U. .6 1 I , . ARTHUR B. .COIILE LOUIS IQESSLIER MARY E: RIQNNECK PAUL H. TIRACY , , I J , ' V 'L . ' A Y I. , JR. - ' - C ,, .' n I' V. I - CHARLES J. GAA, M.S. C.P.A. Beta Gamma Sigma ,Q -O-L Fofmded, 1913 I ll gi I I 'Ii .vp l University of Illinois Illinois Alpha Chapter Forty-two Acuue Chapter: To ezzrozzmge and reward Jclaolarxlsip along the line! of bzzxineff activity 477207187 ftudenti and gmdzmlex of the College of Commerce and Bzzfinesf Adminblration HALE L. NEWCOMER, Ph.D., C.P.A ..... ALTA G. SAUNDERS, A.M. ...... .. ARTHUR G. ANDERSON,'C.E., Ph.D. FRANCIS H. BACHMAN, B.S. KENNETH B. BERO, B.S. ERNEST L. BOGART, Ph.D. WILLIAM E. BRITION, A.M., J.D. PEMIIROKE H. BROWN, Ph.D. PAUL D. CoNvERsE, A.M. EssEL R. D1LLAvoU, A.M. J.D. EDWARD J. FILEEY, Ph.D., C.P.A. HORACE M. GRAY, Ph.D. PAUL M. GREEN, Ph.D. CLAUDE D. BALDWIN GEORGE R. CATLET1' DAN E. ANDREW' THOMAS E. BEATTIE EDWARD R. BILLINGS JOHN W. BRYAN RUSSELL C. BURNHAM ROBERT E. DANN GERALD D. BRIGHTON LAWRENCE W. GOUOLER O F F I C E R S .. . . . . .President PAUL M. GREEN, Ph.D.. . . . . Vice-Prefident HORACE M. GRAY, Ph.D. . . . . F A C U LTY HOWARD A. HAZLETON, B.S. Louis M. KESSLER, M.S., C.P.A. DAVID KINLEY, Ph.D., LL.D. SIMON LITMAN, Dr. Jur. Pub. et Rer. Cam. ANANIAS C. LITTLETON, Ph.D., C.P.A. D. PHILLIP LOCKLIN, Ph.D. ROBERT K. MAU'1'L, M.S., C.P.A. ROBERT V. MITCHELL, M.B.A. LLOYD MOREY, A.B., B.Mus., C.P.A., LL.D. CECIL A. MOYER, Ph.D. MARY E. MAURICE . . . .Secretary-Trerzmfer RENNICK, B.S. H. ROBINSON, Ph.D. DELLA M. ROGERS, B.S. FREDERICK A. RUSSELL, Ph.D. H ifloriun ALTA G. SAUNDERS, A.M. CHARLES F. SCHLATTER, M.S., C.P.A. HIRAM T. SCovILL, A.B., C.P.A. CHARLES L. STEWART, Ph.D. CHARLES Litt.D. M. THOMPSON, Ph.D., LL.D., NELSON D. WAKEFIELD, B.S., C.P.A. HALE L. NEWCOMER, Ph.D., C.P.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROBERT H. COLE NATHAN V. FILBEY FORREST P. DEWEY HARRY M. DIXON THOMAS J. FREEMAN RICHARD G. GORDLEY WILLIAM E. HAYES FRANK E. HOLI.BY RUTH M. KIEEER G md uate Stzzdentf WILBURT D. HAM Senioiar HAROLD H. JANSSEN MARVIN L. JOHNSON DORIS H. PARKS FRANK A. PETER FRANK A. REICHELDEREER RUTH M. RENNICK junior! JOHN R. PHIPPS FRANCES M. WHITEHEAD, M.S. KENNETH B. POWLESS CLYDE W. SUMMERS HELEN B. SEARCH MILBURN G. SLUSSER BRACY D. SMITH KENNETH D. SMITH RAYMOND W. SMITH ROBERT H. WEIK HOWARD F. STETILER CHARLES E. STISSER Page 170 HO EARL J ECIRIL B S Tau Beta Pi l I Fi Fglfnded, 1835 Illinois Alpha Chapter Lehigh University Seventy Active Chapters fo recognize dlrfzfzgzzulaed Jcholauhfp and exemjzlmy clamartei zn engmeenng NORVILLFJ ALLI MAN MS JOHN W AILIN BS ARTHUR G ANITIRAON C HAROLD E BAImI1T MS AITREU II BADCER Ph D WlNS10N E BIALL MS JAY A BOLT BS MME JAMFs E BRANCH MS MORCAN BROORS Ph B M IZ DAVID H CALDWLLL B S AIBERT P CARMAN DS: JAMES G CIARK MS JOHN W COITMAN M S WARRFN E COMPTON MS THOMAS J DOLAN M S JAMrsJ DOLAND M S C E WARRLN G DUOAN B S MRIVIN L ENGIIR MS CE NEWTON E ENSICN MA WILLIAM N EsPY MS HFNRY P FVANS JR MS MAURIEI K FAHNFSIOCK MS MAX A FAUCE11' MS EE JULIAN R l'lILOWS M S GIIIIITRT I-I FETT MS GFORGF R PINK B S CHARLTS T GRACE B S S'IANLrY G HALL M S CLARINCR W HAM M E RICHARDJ BURKE SAM J CAPIZZI WALTONI CARLSON KI-ITHI CARIIR VALFNTINI J CICHOWQKI NORMAN C COLUY J GRAHAM DANIELS JAMES F DICK PHILIP G ECKFRT D FACULTY HAROLD N HAYWARL3 M S M STANILY HrIM MS RANDOLIH P HOFLSCHIIR M S C E WHITNEY C HUNTINGTON M S VFRNON P JENSEN PhD PAUL G JONES BS HARVEY H JORDAN B S ALIITRT JORGENSEN M S E M CHAIILLS A KEIINBR MS EE PIERCE W KETCI-IUM PhD EvrRITT E KING MS MC E AENER R KNIGHT M E M S CHARLES T KNIPP PhD SI ICHI KONZO M S JOHN O KRAEHLNBUEHL MS DONALD H KRANS M S REINHOLD I' LARSON ROBIRT M MAINS B S JOHN H MANLTY PhD JOHN C MILES BS HTRBFR1 F MOORI' ME DSc ELLERY B PAINL M S E E JOHN E PEARSCN BS ROBERTR PFNMAN BS GFORor W PICKILS B C E STANLEY H PIERCE M S JOSEPH A POLSCN B S M E LORING H PROVINII BS AE EE HARVEY R PUORETT BS RUSSELL H REED BS HERBERT J REICH Ph D M E ERNEST A RFID M S E E FRAINK E RICHART MS CE LLOYD B RITCHEY B S EDWARD C SCHMIDT M E FRED B SEELY MS THOMASC SHIIDD MS CE CARLE SKRODER MS JAMES O SMITH AM JOHN A SNYDER BS ERNEST L STOUEFER M Arch EDWARD W SUPPIGER ARTHURN TALBOT CE DSc Dling LLD HOWARD R THOMAS C E M S KENNETH J TRIGGER MS MILTON EDWARD WILLIAM HERBERT RICHARD CARROLL P H I. A C VORE B S WALDO M S E E WARREN Ph D WHITE B S C E WILDE B S WILEY B S C E MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GEORGE B EYFRLY ROBIRT B HARMON LISLII' D HARRISON JOHN C HAUC FLAND DAN I' HA1IN RALPH E HLRZLER JOHN C HOUIIOLT EDWARD N MAUEL Semou JAMTS L MURPHY ROBERT A NELSON AXEL C OTTOSON ERNEST E RICHARDS SPALDING J ROBR LOUIS W SCHUMM JR JOHN S SI-IAPLAND ROBERT M SINKS 1177107 RUNB E LEVINE ARTHUR C WILLARD B S D Eng LL D CLARENCE B WILLIAMS JR BS WILBUR M WILSON M M E C E ARTHUR L YOUNG M S EVFRFTT G YOUNG M S M E ROBIRT ZABOROWSKI B S ROBERT W SODERBBRG HOWARD R SWIFT FRANK K TALLMADOE CI-IARII:s J TAYLOR FRANK J THOMA JAMES F TRACY JACK H VEALE JOSEPH L WAISMAN OSBORN C WORLEY Page 171 , . LE., Ph. . ' - . ', - -, - . ' . ' ' . V -, . - I , , , , 2 , . . . , M.S. . , .. . I ,..,E.E. . ,..,..,. ., .. 1 , , . . - I. . , M.S. V . , . . . ' 's , . . OSCAR A. LEUTWILER, B.S., M.E, JAMISCN VAWTER, M.S., C.E. . , . . . f, . . 1. , . . ,. . , .. , L , sr, ...,C.E. I. , -, -- MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Kappa Tau Alpha Fo1n1:lc'u', University Of Missouri, 1909 REUIEL R. BARLOW, A.M. LAURIZNCE R. CAMPBELL, Ph.D. BURRUS DICKINSON, Ph.D. CHARLES E. FLYNN, A.M. JAMES W. ARMSEY XVILLIAM R. CASE WALLACE S. DOOLEY BARBARA E. DUNI-IAM JANE A. ELLIS ILLINOIS CI-IAPTIIR .YL'l'L'lIfL't'lI Arlife Cbn1IrcrI To recognize high Jrholawlaip in live Srbool of jofmmlimz FACULTY JOHN P. JONES, JR., A.M. MANNINO D. SEII., B.S. OTHO C. LEITER, A.B. NIELSON H. SHERE, D.D.S., A.M. LAVURENCE W. MURPHY, A.M., Lizt.D. FIIEDERICIQ S. SIIIIIERT, A.B., J.D. EMIL W. HESSE H. JUNE MARICERT R. THOMAS MAYHILL VIVIAN E. PETERSON JOSEPH B. POLHEMUS, JR. FREDERICK A. POPE WILLARD W. POTTER FRANK W. SMITH MILDRIED D. SPENCER W. SCOTT TYLER DOROTHY B. WEXLER BETTY D. WOLCO1'T HERMAN D. ZWEIDAN P I M E I 1 Founded, Syracuse University, 1914 ILLINOIS ALPHA CHAPTER Tbirly Arrive BEULAH M. ARMSTRONG, Ph.D HAROLD W. BAILEY, Ph.D. DAVID G. BOURGIN, Ph.D. OLIVER K. BOXVER, Ph.D. HENRY R. BRAHANA, Ph.D. LEONARD BRISTOXW, Ph.D. ROEERT D. CARMICHAEL, Ph.D. JOSEPHINE H. CHANLER, Ph.D. FLOYD E. ALLARD PAUL H. ANDERSON JOHN L. BAOO Ross A. BEAUMONT ANNA M. BERRY DAVID H. BLACKXVELL ERNEST E. BLANCHE RUTH E. BOYD ANN M. BROWN GEORGE J. BRUCKER CHARLES D. CALHOUN RALPH L. CALVERT SAM J. CAPIZZI PHILIP W. CARRUTH ABRAHAM CHARNES To promote i77l61'BJ'f and .rrlaolarfbip in nzafhenzaticf and to provide recogfzition for lb0Je di.rli11gl1iJlJi:zg lbemJelz'e.r in Ifhix field FACULTY ARTHUR B. COIILE, Ph.D., LL.D. ARTHUR R. CRATHORNE, Ph.D. ARNOLD EMCH, Ph.D. MILES C. HARTLEY, Ph.D. OLIVE C. HAZLETT, Ph.D. HARRY LEVY, Ph.D. HENRY' J. MXLIZS, Ph.D. GEORGE A. IVIILLER, Ph.D., LI..D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JULIEN M. CHRISTIENSEN THOMAS E. JUDO NORMAN D. COGGIESHALL I.OUIs J. CUTRONA XVILLIAM E. CUTTILL JOHN W. DAVIS JAMES L. EDMONDS, JR. JOHN R. ENGSTROM GEORGE E. EVANS F. ELEANOR EVUING WILLIAM A. FERGUSON DONALD E. GERBIERICH NATHAN GOLDMAN FRANZ E. I-IOHN JOSEPH A. Izzo, JR. PAUL G. JONES I.OlS KIEFIIR KENNETH V. KNIGHT DONALD C. KOEHLER WALTER E. Koss JANIE C. LAPSLIEY HOXVARD L. LEVIQNTHAL PAUL E. LIZXVIS H. ESTHER LOGAN YUDIELL L. LUI-:E CHARLES W. INIATHENVS, KAJ L. NIIELSEN QUENTIN E. NOREM ROIIERT S. PATE QUENTIN G. PLETSCH GERALD E. MO0RXi, Ph.D. HAROLD M. MOT'l'-SMITH, Ph.D. ECHO D. PEPPER, Ph.D. J. WILLIAM PETERS, Ph.D. LEONARD I.. STEIMLEY, Ph.D. HIHNRIETTA P. TERRY, Ph.D. EVIZRETT L. XVELKIZR, Ph.D. WILPRID Wll.SON, B.S. LUADA H. PORTER ROBERT W. POTTS FRANCIS M. PULLIAM SHERMAN K. REED WIESLEX' E. SHIILIIERO JAMES O. SMITH MELVIN D. SPRINGER ORVILLIS P. STADERMAN E. CLEO STANFORD DAVID W. STARR FLORENCE SWALLOW HAROLD E. TEMMIQR FRANK J. THOMA CHESTER W. TOPP XVILLARD H. WHITE Page 172 Pi Tau igma Founded, University of Illinois, 1915 ALPHA CHAPTER To fofter engifzeerifzg ideals, to .rtinzzzlnte interext in departmental FACULTY NORVILLE J. ALLEMAN, M.S. CARL H. CASBERG, B.S., M.E. WILLIAM N. ESPY, M.S. MAURICE K. FAHNESTOCR, M.S. CHARLES T. GRACIE, B.S. NORMAN H. BERLINGIER WILLIAM S. BLACK JOSEPH H. BLAIR, JR. JOHN T. BUNTING ERXVIN W. BLIRSTADT SAM J. CAPIZZI WALTON L. CARLSON KEITH L. CARTER CHARLES R. CHAMBERS CLARENCE W. HAM, M.E. ALONZO P. KRATZ, M.S. OSCAR A. I.IEUTXVII.lER, B.S., M.E. HORACE J, MACINTIRE, M.M.E. PAUL E. MOHN, M.S., M.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROSVUELL E. CIJTLER ALSED L. DANIELSON OLIVER W. DURRANT STEWART E. GAIL GEORGE B. GRIM THOMAS W. JACKSON. DELVIN E. KIENDALI., JR. ELLIS C. KNOELOCH EDVUARD J. LA BOND RUNIE E. LEVINE JOHN M. MAGIIE WILLIAM H. MCQUISTON CARREL B. MORGAN WILLIAM J. MORROW ROBERT G. MOYER HARVEY I. NITZ DAVID R. PEARL Fifteen Active Cbaplers acfizfities JOSEPH A. POLSON, B.S., M.E. DAvID G. RYAN, M.S., M.E. WILLIAM H. SEVERNS, M.S. FREDERICK H. THOMAS, M.S. ARTHUR C. WILLARD, B.S., D.Eng., LL.D. Phi Beta Kappa Founded, William and Mary College, 1776 GAMMA OF ILLINOIS CHAPTER JOHN W. ALEXANDER HELEN H. ALFORD MARY ALLANSON ARTHUR G. ANDERSON, JR. MINTON W. ARNOLD BEVERLIE C. BRIGGS JESS G. CARNIES RICHARD K. CARR DOROTHY E. CHAPIN HARRY COHEN PAUL A. DAHM RICHARD J. DONEY To promoze Tclaolarflaip and friendylaip among .rtudentf gradmzte.r of .AIIZEVICKIIZ collegex MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RICHARD D. ECKHARDT JAMES L. EDMUNDS, JR. ROBERT ENSIGN MARJORIE M. FEAR VIRGINIA M. FROYD KATHARINE L. GEIST MARIORIE L. GREIDER IRWIN D. HORWITZ CHARLES R. HOLIGH MARY E. IvEY HOW'ARD C. JOHNSON JAMES E. KATZ DARVUIN A. KIREY, JR. EDWARD J. KOLLAR EDWIN F. KREES HARL W. MATHESON MARTHA G. MONTOOTH DOROTHY M. MORGAN META T. NOEETZ BERNICE L. OLSON LILLIAN L. PIEPER C. DOROTHY PILRINGTON 6171 KEITH I.. PEUNDSTEIN QUENTIN G. PLETSCH FRANK E. RICHART BURTON J. Ross NORMAN W. SEIP ROBERT W. SODEREERG EDWARD T. WANDERER ROBERT G. WATERS JOHN L. XVEBB 122 Aclive Clsaplen HELEN E. POLLOCIQ SYLVIA S. PURCELI. HELEN N. ROBERTS JOHN P. SIVERT ORVILLIZ P. STADERMAN PAULINE J. STEINER MARY S. STEWART NAOMI R. STOCKER FLORENCE SWALLOW MARIE L. VANCE FRED WITNEY DOROTHY M. ZUCI-:ER Page 173 Phi Eta igma U5 l Fuffflflfff, 1923 , Alpha Chapter Umvefslfb' of Illinois Farly-fam' Acliife Clmpterr To ezzroznzzge high ycholaryhip mlzofzg frefbmefz A D VI S E R S GOLDEN A. MCCONNELL. ,.,,. ...... . ........ .,.. F n fully Adz-Der HERBERT W. BELL ......., ,,,5Mi0,4 Adviw- EDWARD A. DOISY ....... ,.... J Iuziar Advifer HONORARY MEMBERS ROBERT B. BROXVNE, Ph.D. ALBERT J. HARNO, B.S., LL.B., LL.D. MATTHEW T, MCCLURE, Ph.D., Litt.D. ARTHUR H. DANIELS, Ph.D. B. SMITH HOPKINS, Ph.D., D.Sc. CHARLES M. THOMPSON, Ph.D., LL.D., HAROLD S. DAWSON, B.S., LL.B HARVEY H. JORDAN, B.S. I.itt.D. FRED H. TURNER, Ph.D. JOHN P. AGNEW NISSIM ALADJEM ALBERT V. APPLEGATE HOWARD O. BAPTIST CHARLES B. BARR LAVIZRNE S. BIRKS LEWIS L. BOWEN LOUIS F. BRIGGS LEON D. BROWN JOHN F. BUYERS ROBERT K. CARLSON BRUCE F. CARSON WILLIAM N. CASSELLA JOSEPH F COLLINS JOHN D CONGLETON WARD H CRAMFR FRANK A CUFLER JR GEORGE C DACEY EDWARD F DL MFRS DELOS DETAR RAYMOND A DEVORKIN FRANCIS D DIETIRER HENNING W ERLUND JAMES H 1-ILE WILLIAM M FISCHTR RUDOLPI-I H FOLTS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CHARLES M, FORDIS CHARLES A. FOWLER PAUL A. FREELAND FORNEY O. FUQUA ROBERT A. GILES ROBERT E. GRANT WILLIAM C. GRANT JACK E. HAENER JOHN W. HANSON GLENN R. HARMS WILLIS L. HELMANTOLER ALLEN M. HENNINGSEN WILLIAM T. HOCKING GERALD W HOMANN FRANK J HONSIK ROBFRT F HUTCHISON EDWARD S IRONS ELWYN H KING FRANCIS H KIRRPATRICR HARVFY KRAVITE JOHN G KRFSSMAN STANLEY KUBU ROEER1 C KUDTR DONALD H KUHN STEVTN IXWIATROWSRI WILLIAM W LFDYARD HARRY B. LERNER JOHN J. LIBERA ERIC P. LOFGREN GEORGE G. LUCE WILLIAM C. MALLOY STUART M. MAMER HOWARD D. MARSHALL CALVIN W. MAY ROBERT J. MCINTOSH DONALD F. MELOHN DONALD C. MILLER VICTOR J. MILLER CHARLES C. MILLS HAROLD B MINDELL DONALD L MOSHER RUDOLPH G MRAZEK JR CLAY A ORUM NORWIN C PIERCE GFNE J PIETRANGELI RAYMOND C POWNALL WILLIAM C PRATHTR JOHN G PUTTA PRVOR N RANDALL JOHN P ROFDEI. STANLEY F ROSZIR VERNON L RUGFN HARRY B. RUUD STEPHEN SARTORIS WILLIAM H. SCHNELL CHARLES H. SHAIOVA ROBERT W. SIDNI-TR GARLAND S. SINOW FRANK L. SISTI BERYL STEIN DONALD K. STEVENS WILBERT N. STEVENSON RICHARD G. STEWART BERNARD. STRICKLER ARTHUR SWEET ROBERT E TAYLOR JAMES S THALE ROBERT F THORPE RAYEURN L TITUS JAMF9 E TRYON D STFVF VARNER EUGFNI VERMILLION WILLIAM D WEAVER KFNNITH E WELCH GEORGE K WILLIAMS MYRON G WILLKE WILLIAM E WINTER WILLIAM W WUFLLNTR l.......L 3--S Ifssek ,X x WCILII Eklund De Mers Fowler Schncll Smow Kubu Hennmgsen Birks Bowen Cutler Lrbera Barr Marshall Stevenson Briggs Luce Fischer Hutehison Sartoris Mosher D Millcx Bu ers Baptist Stewart Rugen Fordis Putta Giles Pierce Orum Roszelx R Grant Shaiovi May McIntosh Agnew Helmantoler DeTar FIecland Kwiatknwski Lerner Sweet Cassella W Grant V Mrller Vamer Honsik Roedel Wuellner Page 174 u Q ,JR I .Y , I - .' 4 I. I I . . - I +I 1, R ,Il I! ,I , Y I, ,I ,A , I 1 L 'LW Y lf .fjjm ll Q, L , l 53-A 'i "T" Y -I Y 2 1, V , W , N . . Xxx , -. E ' I H3 E . . Ig... ' fr. . , S. ,. X' . Harms Folts Sidner lApplegate Stevens- Hamann Yfhale V Malloy' Irons Mills Kirkpatrick Williams Felt . Prather Hocking ,Winter McConnell Alpha Lambda Delta I I xi 'Vi I ff' .IJ N Ig" 'I ', Folmded, 1924 Alpha Chapter University of Illinois ' Tbfffj'-1812671 Acmfe Cbupferr ELIZABETH A. CONNELLY, M.S. LOUISE B. DUNBAR, Ph.D. CAROLYN D. ANDERSON MARIAM J. ARCHER D. LORRAINE BERMAN MILDRIZD L. BRICKER MARIAN J. BRIDGER SHIRLEY V. BROBERG M. JANE CAMP NELDA M. CLAYTON GIERALDINE M. COHEN GERTRIIDE N. CORKERY RU'TH CORRINGTON CORA D. CRAIG ANNE M. CULLERTON ELIZABETH A. DAY DOROTHY A. DURHAM MARY E. EDXVARDS LUVERNE E. ENGELBRECHT RU'rH ERSTEIN JOAN F. FARRIS GENEXIA A. PICKER FRANCES M. FLEISCHER To 9I?C0lH'aZgE and rezwzrd high fcholarxlaip among the 100711012 of the freflwzazz :Inu ADVISERS MARIA LEONARD .... ... ................. .... ....NmiomIl Prefidem MARGUERITE G. IM LE .... FACULTY . . ..5'e1ziar Adrfixer AIAUDE L. ETHEREDGE, M.D., Dr.P.H. ROSALIE M. PARR, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RUTH' FORAN FRANCES C. FOSTER HEI.EN E. FRESE LOIS C. FULLERTON MARY A. GODEN MARIJORIE GOULD JEAN E. GRAHAM ADELI2 P. GUNTOR HARRIET R. HANSON ESTHER A. HAUPTFLFISCH MARJORIE M. HEDRICIC LEONA A. HILL H. JANE HOOKER RU'rH JINKINS DONNA E. JORDAN DOROTHY A. KASTEN VIRGINIA H. KRING ELVERA N. LAVINE E. LENORE LAW DORIS J. LAYSON RUBY R. LEEs DoRIs M. LUNDRLAD PRIsCII.I.A E. MANN JUNE L. MATHEWS ANNE C. MCGORRISK EvEI.YN H. MILLER RUTH E. MITCHELL GEORGIA A. MOON NANCY Q. NICOLL M. ELIZABETH O'BYRNIE BETH OLDS FRANCINE M. PELIITIER JANE H. PILE LILLIAN N. POLI. GERTRUDE A. RIINXVICK LOIS M. REISZ ANNE ROBERTS LUCILLE A. SCHOENFIZLD C. LYLE SCHWAIIE HEI.l?N D. SHARP IRENE D. PIERSON, A,B JANET L. WESTON, Ph.D RUTH A. SHEARER MARION D. SHUTE LORNA H. SNYDER MARIE E. STAUBITZ JEAN K. STEINMAYER A. CAROLYN STETSON JANET C. STOUT M. JANE STRATTON MARGARET G. STUMPE S. MARGARET SXWENGEL J. JANE TARMAN D. JOANNE TAYLOR BETTIE L, TEETCR RUTH E. TENNES BARBARA M. VAN DYKE ANN WAYLAND P. JACQUELINE WEBER MARY E. WEISS MARGARET' E. WHALIN GENEVIEVE A. ZACZEK Broberg Renwick Craig Bridger Engelbrecht Stratton Taylor Gould Hanson Hauptlleisch Schoenfeld Steinrnayer Jordan Miller Law Reisz Wleiss Stout Lees Frese Shearer Stetson Poll Durham Hooker Roberts Swengel Mitchell Lundblad Bricker O'Byrne Moon Jinkins Day Staubitz Corrington Tarman Pile Goben Anderson Ficker Fullerton Pelletier Znczek Foran Snyder Graham Pierson Van Dyke Leonard Mann Connelly Mathews Berman Wayland Shute Page 175 lpha Zeta -a F .A A fvlllllffff, 1897 . "iii Morrow Chapter Ohm State Umversxty Fm'1y-rbree Arlim- Chapter: JAMES B. ANDRIEXVS, M.S. ROBERT C. ASI-IBY, Ph.D. HARRY P. BATEMAN, B.S. JAMES D. BILSBORROW, B.S. JCTEPH C. BLAIR, M.S., D.Sc. fi!-'IN BOLIN, M.S. IIILLE T. BONNETT, Ph.D. .LLIAM L. BURLISON, Ph.D., D.Agr. III' SI R. BURMESTER, Ph.D. IILLIIE E. CARD, Ph.D. HAROLD C. CASE, Ph.D. Ion G. CASH, M.S. I..N E. COCIQRUM, B.S. HCJESEIVI' R. COPPER, B.S. FLJYD H. CRANE, M.S. CHALMIIRS W. CRAXVFORD, B.S. RER F. DALY, M.S. JAMES E. DAVIS, B.S., M.F. ITIIRMAN B. DORNER, M.S. MAXWELL J. DORSEY, Ph.D. GEORGE I-I. DUNGAN, Ph.D. JAMES L. EDMUNDS, B.S. IRYIN F. EDWARIJS, M.S. VICTOR A. EKSTROM, M.S. BERTI-IIER W. FAIREANRS, Ph.D. CECIL H. FARNHAM, B.S. JA FI To alezfelolb the farm and farm home, ,17m'!imlarly in the Jfale where 41 Chapter i.r landed ff? .L . I F A C U LTY JOHN E. GIESEKING, Ph.D. PIENRY W. GILBERT, B.S. RAYMOND S. GLASSCOCK, M.S. HAROLD H. GORDON, B.S. ROBERT GRAHAM, B.S., D.V.M. HARRY S. GRINDLEY, D.Sc. JAY C. HACKLISMAN, A.M. STANLEY W. HALL, B.S. HERBERT M. HAMLIN, Ph.D. HAROLD W. HANNAH, B.S., LL.D. Al,IiER'l' H. HARRINGTON, M.S. KENNETH E. HARSHIIARGER, M.S. .EDGAR E. HARTNVIG, M.S. RALPH C. HAY, B.S. EARL C. HEDl.UND, M.S. INIHLVIN HENDERSON, M.S. CHARLES F. I-IOTTES, Ph.D. ROBERT R. HUIJELSON, Ph.D. GERALD T. HUDSON, B.S. EARL M. HUGHES, Ph.D. HAROLD L. JEPSON, B.S. PAUL E. JOHNSTON, Ph.D. GARRET L. JORDAN, Ph.D. WILLIADI G. KAMMLADE. Ph.D. VICTOR W. KEI.I.EX', Ph.D. HAROLD L. KOELLER, B.S. ARI' L KRIDER BS EMIL XV. LEHMANN, B.S., E. DAN'IIl E. LINDSTROM, Ph.D. JOHN W. LLOYD, Ph.D. FRANCIS E. LONGMIRE, M.S. JOHN H. LONCWELL, A.M. RALPH XV. LORENZ, Ph.D. RICHARD V. LOTT, Ph.D. ARTHUR C. MAACK, M.S. JOHN P. IVICCOLLUM, Ph.D. JOHN W. MCDONALD, B.S. SHERMAN G. MENEFEE, M.S. LAWRENCE B. NIILLIER, B.S. VERN G. MILUM, Ph.D. MARTIN L. MOS!-IIZR, M.Agr. ROBERT B. MUSGRAVE, M.S. RALPH J. MUTTI, B.S. FRANK H. MYNARD, B.S. KENNETH D. NADEN, B.S. WILLIAM B. NIEVENS, Ph.D. ARETAS W. NOLAN, Ph.D. RUSSELL T. OIJELL, B.S. EMMETT E. ORMISTON, M.S. FRED A. PAINTER, B.S. THOMAS G. PEARSE, JR., B.S. EDWIN I. PILCHARD, B.S. EARL H. REGNIER, B.S. E., A.E. OI! B FIHRENBACHER, B.S. FREEMAN, B.S. J . WAYNE H. ROBERT F. FUELLEMAN, Ph.D. WAI.'rER L. GAINES, Ph.D. RALPH H. BECKMAN GERALD F. COMES RICHARD E. EATON GEORGE C. ENGEL ROBERT G. FOSSLAND DONALD B. AGNEW A. EARL ERICKSON CHARLES R. FARR H. GLENN HARSFIBARGER RUSSELL F. RICHARDS, B.S. ERNEST T. ROBBINS, M.S.A. ELMIER ROBERTS, Ph.D. J 'L . . , . . ALVIN F. KUHLMAN, M.S. LESTER T. KURTZ, B.S.A. GERALD A. LEE, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzzate Sfzzderzt ALFRED L. OWENS Senior! ALLEN E. MCCULLOUGH PAUL E. MEYER EUGENE G, MOSBACI-IER CHARLES L. NOIITON LLOYD J. PHIPPS FRANKLIN J. REISS NORMAN H. RICHARDS FREDRICK A. SCHAPER RAYMOND E. SELTZER RAYMOND D. FRENCH HENRY H. HADLIZY EMII. F. HAUDRICH XVILLIAM C. KAYSER PIARRY C. KOHI., JR. fzmiorf RUSSELL E. PERKINSON IRVING H. REISS FAY M. SIMS IVIELVIN E. SIMS RALPH H. JAMES CECIL D. SMITH H. DEAN LEEPER EARL R, LENG GLENN D. OERTI.EY D. STEVIE VARNER CHARLES E. VOLAND FREDRICK SINCLAIR, JR. XVILLIAAI H. THOMPSON ROBERT C. ROSS, Ph.D. HARRISON A. RUEHE, Ph.D. HIINRX' P. RUSK, M.S. HARRY G. RUSSELL, M.S. ELMIER L. SAUER, M.S. LEONARD W. SCHRUDEN, B.S. OGLE H. SEARS, Ph.D. LAWRENCE H. SIMERL, M.S. GUY D. SMITH, A.M. LOUIIZ H. SMITH, Ph.D. NORMAN L. SMITH, B.S. RAYMOND S. SMITH, Ph.D. ROSCOE R. SNAPP, Ph.D. J. Nlil.SON SPAIIT1-I, Ph.D. JOHN C. SPITLER, B.S. RUSSELL S. STAUFFER, Ph.D. CHARLES H. STINSON, B.S. DONALD G. THOMPSON, B.S. PAUL H. TRACY, Ph.D. STEWART L. TUCKEY, Ph.D. ERNEST D. WALKER, B.S. GEORGE I. XVALLACE, Ph.D. ROIIERT J. WEBB, M.S. EUGENE P. XVHITHSIDE, B.S. ROY H. XVILCOX, M.S. DAVID C. XVIMIZR, Ph.D. JOHN B. XVINGERT, M.S. CLYDE M. WOODSWORTH, Ph.D WILSON L. WRIGHT, B.S. WILLIAM W. H'APP, Ph.D. J. GEORGE SMITH JOHN S. STOUT WIZNDELI, W. UNEER C. ROBERT XVEBER ROBERT E. WILLIAMS EUGENE R. WEBB ALFORD E. WELBOURNE PIIERBERT M. XVENDLBR I Welbourne Wendler WiI1iams Beckman Hadley F. Reiss Weber McCullough Morinp Combs Leeper Seltzer french Oertlcy Thompson Grosboll M. Sims Engel Richards I.ReIss Kayser I-'ossland ErIckson Agnew Eqton Phxpps Kohl Voland Harshbarger G. Smith Parr Unfer Webb Varner James Stout C. Srmth Perkmson F. Suns Leng Page 176 Gargoyl I- . 1 f -A .L- berl- :Ew 5-z DQ: cm: 120,,,,,Jgf1, 1902 'ILLINOIS CHAPTER Pour Arrive Cbaplorx Cornell University JANIYS II BRANCH MS ARTI-IIIR F DrARI B Arch F A A R FRAIN-k M LIISCHFR B S A I A DRIN ER B LINDs n M S RUSSLIL M ARIDAL RICHARD A BINPII LD KFNNI ll-I W BROOKS DAXID M CHrcRLLv JLILIL1s I' l'HLrRT To dill-'L177L'E arcloitecimol and allied inteI'e.rfJ and to profnote o fpifit of good fellowfbip among in fzzomberf RICHARD A BINFIFID AII'xAIxDI'R KOIIZMANOFF RLISQPLL M ARIDAL IxI'NNETH W BROOKS NTWIIN D MORGAN Mi CE Rrxronn NPWCOMR A M M Auch A I A AIA CYRUS E PALMER MS THOMAS II ODONNLLL MS MArLh OFFICERS Pfffllllfllf Vin? Plffldellf Seculazy Q7 ren rurer FACULTY IORINO H PROVINI BS A ROBTRT A STRAUCH M S JOHN E QWII-T M S EDMUND F TOTH M S JAMT9 G VANDIRPOOI B AI-gh MEMBFRS IN UNIVERSITY Izuxx ARD R DFZLIRRO ALBTRT M DRI'x ruse JR DONALD H Hoxm ALLxANDL1 lxoULMAIxorr G1 aduale Student DONALD P STEVENS Senior! PHILIP S RoIvIIcH WAYNP L SHICR ROEIIRI' C TAYIOR Emx XRD D VAIIEAU RFINHARD I-I LEssI:R FRLDLRILR D Mnrs BERNARD I. MIILI'R RALPH II MYTRS ZUZIOII Mmm, J Koqm GORDON A PHILLIPS A A A MFA Page . ' ' 1 " .....,....,.4,......... .. ' ' , in 44 , M, u. . , ..., -. . . . a, .., .E., .I. . JOHN XV, DAVIS, B.S. 1 - 1 , - -, - ' -, - - - 1 A I - ' . I , . ., . . . . '. ' ' , - -, - ' -, - - 5: I - - R- Q .x 1' N, U. ,,, ' . , ...,R.A. I. ' I A, 'l . I I . , I . 1. . I ., . ' ., . . . , , - ., A 1 . 1 - 4 l 5 . ' 1 1 . z" S., . ' ' " - -1- 1 - r r l 1 ' . :Af I .L ' f I ., 1' 7 'H . -- Delta Theta Epsilon Foumlerl, University of Illinois, 1921 To WII.I-Inu O. ALSTROM, M.S. l'1OW'ARD J. BIIAUN,-B.S. WINSOII W. BROVUN, A.M. MAx J. CHAPMAN, A.M. I-IIEIIIIEIII W. CRAYG, M.S. AIIIIIUR S. DANInLs, A.M. RAY O. DUNCAN, LL.B. RAYMOND ELIOT, A.M. AUIIIELIO E. FLOIIIO. A.M. HOWARD O. BAPTIST JOHN M. Cnnss, jn. WILLIAM H. CUTHBERTSON FRANCIS H. DUNN DAVID A. FIELD AIITHUII E. Foumnn ALPHA CHAPTER foster high ideal! of fporfmzanxloip and good clJaI'a:te1', fellozufhip, md a Itzzdem' attitude toward the rboxen pI'ofeJ.ri01z among men mzderzlf in the Srbool of Plsyyiml Edumlion WALLACE WILLIAM WILLIAM THOMAS LEONARD M E M B H. GI2Isz GOLDE J. HAPAC E. JAWOIIIIK KALLIS FACULTY CHnsI'I1II O. JACKSON, A.M. ALPIIELIS M. JENNINGS, M.S. HAROLD E. KIZNNEY, M.S. CIIARLES R. KOVACIC, B.S. NIQIL M. LANcn, B.S. GLENN C. LAW, M.S. EDxwIN J. MANLDY DOUGLAS R. MILLS, B.S. ERS IN UNIVERSITY RAYMOND W. KIREILIS HOWARD G. LARSEN Fomzsr H. MADES CHARLES MCCLELLAN CECIL E. Roxvn One Active Chapter HAIKOLD C. PATISIASON, B.S. HAIITLIIY D. Prucn, A.M. ALLEN V, SAPORA, B.S. GEORGE T. STAFFORD, Ecl.D SnxvAIzD C. STALEY, Ph.D. WILLIAM J. Tnnncn, M.S. WIINDIZLI. S. WILSON, B.S. RoIInIz'r C. Zuvmcn, Ph.B. AIITHIIII C. SAD'II.nII JOHN A. SHIIA LOIIDNCH S. S'I'oLI'r RAYMOND A. W'EISS GENE S. XVIELBORN Page 178 o X vw ATH LETICS 'YJI 'Q' rx 1 A N 25115 WM? an WHY w n1Q+' Rpt J ii 11,1 15,7 Nm Win- W 1 Wh ,wif 451746 us' 11 vi vin uf' N- 111 ww 5, H Q 17'-iv alffx-2 3145? 195' i is J! 127 ww MINS. 55116 1-rim 11vEr1 f G '11 1' 'SZ 3 :WE 1f"""1-g W Ir N ml' 1 gm t 2 - ,vw-pn X 1? : . 1 111 V -SW Qi? " ' . . ,L if 11 5' . ' 2 A 2 1 1 M JM 11 5 ' ,M 1115! H - 14 - "' 11 ' 351.515, ' 11 - W ,J 41 S 111 I . W 1" 1 ' 1111 , H32-:vb .H 11 X . 1. " ff? Sk 111134111 ' 1 5- . 0' . " ' ' 1' 1 V V- " . A 511 V 'EJ fi l 1 if 2- '1 'Eff 211 151' 1 P ' 1 Q A Ki ffm 16 H A1 5 1111" E gg 4511i Q, V 11 111111: 3511 i , 152-111. 13 2 115' .1'3r..1'ff- 1 " lm Ax 'Ji ' 1 'rg N A AL: 'fx-'if 21- '- ' 'M 'Zi ' Q 32,311'11L,,'1111f5'f'1ns1ll5"H2X I mia.. - - 'H 1 1- .1 1 5 H- "EE Q 1 w Q ., if 212 111 xg 11 1 11514111 Q I Z N11 111 N 2 1 A 'E ' .. Q... ' 19- 'd 11211 iff- fr AK- . ix-311 1111 W 1. ' 1,11 11111 yr 1 H1,1mW'Qi.f,gfi3,1-5,N,,X3g11 QQ '- if " EW W1 1 11 151g 11111 gg 1,1111 1 - ... , V 1 'W ,, . . 1 K fi if Q1 1 1. 1,11 H- g1VE:2',Li1'iEx' 1"'f'?2-5 ig" 111111 '.L.1,.,Y , 5 5 7. Q ' 11111, , 111 Q5 11121 3 Q1 11 115 l 1, '11 'il-Ltrff 5 . A Q1 ':- """""f" ' -1 1 Ji.. at 1 " 5gA2!vUfg'L111jg311.1g:,f 11 11 115- 1, wg 5 11- 1? 11151 3541 -W11. f:'1.5111.31j-E .7 125 71511111 - 1'-1114 f 1 ' ' r 1 - 3 H1 1 ' w EL g11CV'?',1Q W51- Q ' - 1 - ' M : ,,, di,-3: 111 Biff 111 H 111111"1f!? - 5 1111 Q . , .11 1 we Q f ' 4 "i 1 . X A i 1 .:,,. V W - . W 351 Fmwlm 5, 2 ,'E11,11 "' .1-1-11. .' Z ' ' 13 N11 111Q 1'-W1 5151-131 1,1111 Q: 1 A ' 11v.f31i11,Q1111W..1. 111. X . 1 11 WE ' 'Q 7 ' -161 .fr 14 111-HH N grew 11m11 1 1111, -. 1 1- 'QA 5 ,W 111 1 fm -4 .. , 11 2 eq 1' ff 'f ' 1 A 111 :.11,...1111 . . , , 1 1.311 Q. . 4 5 1,1-1 f' W 1' " '111f:1--X X111 ' f15-in 1 4 jg. 1 X' V. 'Va 1 ' L Qin A A 'U Ea ..' 111 1 +1111 ' 11 1 H ' 1: Psi X vw T X I-.' v 1' F 5 5 , ' 1-1-1 1, ' 1 ,f 1 ml 1' ' n 4' -, 0 , Ui. jawn QQ Jfllini C7-!fA!5fzC Quiz!- ATHLETIC BASEBALL ADMINISTRATION FOOTBALL OTHER VARSITY SPORTS BASKETBALL TRACK INTRAMURAL I yi. N ' I 1 E, 4. it 1 .af 1' W x x 1 v 1 x 1 sf' ln. f fs M. av , '1 wif-J -5'1"-s V MM. , ,- Q 1 -, - . ', , , J- k 4' VA f3:1ft-.- 3531. , yff,,.,Qg:.f:..fiW 1, yu 3 'H "5'faJf,:.w2f --?g'21,v1w ' aiffmfl - M, 1-"Q ,em-..kf'g,,' V, - --ww ,lflf J . ,, rggb.. g,1H,, M. A ' W 'Sim t, My .,., . -H I,, N '4 .WJ . X-nf-3 J .-A.. - . 5 ,. . 'f :PQQQ j -l4',,'-:TQ ,, ..- -. ff- ' ' E-"1ly1fj1'.? . ,, . ,,.Y ..,-54-, 5.1, ,. , .w3I'mf. - '- W NH-. --4-214. .ar -.yr , ,. ,HM ,, ,.f,l,. X -,ffk-4, .Mm-.1 I . W, M W, v 1r4!,,E,.M W U 1, N W. LgA,,.,m ,yr .ag 5-gf, ,' -- -,-Huff, -, -:' K, -Ye,..'3,m px., 4-rjvg , - gig", rf- -' x my-50-Ri--.fw':,5.Q wx- ' .- V. '1 X ' 5 , f':,7n'f -, My J 1' A,1ff,?,gGQ.wg7',A -. I f .-V P :qi:'4r""' ' - , H .f L - anal: - . f ,3if.f'if'tHE'- ' A L'g4,'!1,jQvQf ,, fQff,: X -'pg-51 - .LL?iJ's252li4' Q' "1 ATHLETIC DMI ISTRATIO Page 185 Page 186 WENDELL S. WILSON Director of Atbletifx Director's Message An Informal Meeting in Athletic Administration Athletics in the Big Ten Conference are generally looked up to by this sport loving nation as the finest type of athletic programs in the country. The University of Illinois, through George Huff, Carl Lundgren, Robert Zuppke, Harry Gill, justa Lindgren, and other great characters and personalities, has been a leading and stabilizing force in the development of this respect for the program of the Western Intercollegiate Conference. The University of Illinois alumni, students, and faculty have cherished the cleanliness and high calibre of Illinois athletics. Wluen the present graduating class enter the great body of Illinois alumni, the Athletic Association bespeaks of you that your loyalty and active inter- est will play a great part in our athletic program and that this interest will be towards the goal of maintaining and improving our present high standards. The rules of the Big Ten Conference are outlined with the thought of the welfare of the athletes and of the University foremost. As a member institution of the conference, we want to abide by all of those rules, both the letter and the spirit. It is earnestly urged that all who will become active in athletic affairs, and we trust this will be many, will be-- come acquainted with these rules and aid in the conformance thereto. May the University of Illinois Code of Sportsmanship not be forgotten! MMA Page 187 The Athletic Association 1' -. .I A I . 51, CHARLES E. BOWEN B1t.Iine.rI Manager H-. - '- I aa THOMAS GOELE WILLIAM E. C. CLIFFORD JAMES P. KRATZ FRANK E. RICHART GEORGE W. GOBLE HAROLD E. KENNEY EDWIN L. DRAPER JOHN W. CALIFF GEORGE H. DICKERSON, JR. GEORGE H. DUNN -9-.., KENNEY DRAPER WILSON BOARD OE DIRECTORS FREDERIC A. RUSSELL WENDELL S. WILSON THE ATHLETIC COUNCIL Faculty Member: FREDERIC A. RUSSELL Alumni Mefvzbem' J. GLADWYN THOMAS Student M67Ub67'I RICHARD P. GILBERT, JR. L. .IVIICHAEL TOBIN Dirertor of Atbletir Publirity f . v RUSSELL HAPAC MILTON M. OLANDER CHARLES M. THOMPSON WENDELL S. WILSON L. MICHAEL TOBIN FRANK W. LINDER SELDON D. SIMS C. PAUL SLATER 1. WILLIAM J. HAPAC .. . ii I J I I J ' N . .4 , 3-Q.. 9 . F4 . r v r S 7 ,E +5 X II ., ,,.. . I' A . CSILBIERT DICKIERSON DUNN LINDER SLATER SIMS CALIFF 'R Page 188 Most Valuable Player Award ,, '-,x I ,V . 1 . I We -' Z ,a WILLIAM LBNICH Bill Lenich, named the most valuable player on the 1939 University of Illinois football team, was a well- balanced player. Bill, playing at center, did much to boost the morale of the team. He was especially valu- able as a blocker and excelled in defensive play. .Bill was active in every gameg he was never known to give up until the last minute had been played. Lenich began his football career at Joliet High School, and continued it at Illinois as a promising cen- ter during his hrst three years. This year coaches and players alike recognized Lenich as one of the outstand- ing centers in the conference. Although Bill was in- jured early in the season, he played consistent ball and will be remembered for his remarkable service in the Michigan-Illinois game. C o n f e 1' e n c e MedalWinner u ARCHIE J. DEUTSCHMAN Archie J. Deutschman received the Conference Medal in 1939. This bronze medal is presented each year to the athlete who has been outstanding both in varsity sports and in scholarship. A letterman for three years and captain of the wrestling team his last year, Deutschman went through his entire senior year undefeated, winning both the Big Ten and the Na- tional Collegiate championships in the 136 pound class, making 1959 the second year he has won the Big Ten title. In addition to wrestling, Deutschman was secre- tary of the Tribe of Illini, a member of Sachem, and a member of Tomahawk. He majored in chemistry and is now studying on a fellowship at Lawrence Col- lege. Page 189 Tribe Of Illini Milosevich Patterson Lundberg Pacotti Schwarz Richart Wollrab Kloock O'NeiI1 Ehni Siebold Vitacco Anders Kirkland Golde Kaufmann Wleiss Krivec R. A. Campbell N. Johnson Miller Bernhardt Smith Walker Turek Babbitt Surdyk Shafqiro Hathaway Richmond Downs Field K. Johnson Drechsler Reising Kirschkc Swift Elting Holquist R. S. Campbell Brown Kal IS Jaworek Giallombardo MCCown Brewer W. Jones Hzipac Lowe E. Jones Untcrman Young Frank Cress HOWARD J. BRAUN, B.S. ARTHUR S. DANIELS, A.M. RAYMOND ELIOT, A.M. AURELIO E. FLORIO, A.M. ALPHONSE ANDIERS LA VERNE L. ASTROTH RICHARD K. BABBITT RALPH E. BENNETT GEORGE W. BERNHARDT LOUIS BOUDREAU JESSE B. BOYD MELVIN C. BREWER PARK L. BROWN PAUL L. BUTLER ROBERT A. CAMPBELL ROBERT S. CAMPBELL EDNVARD H. CARLSON JOHN R. COGHILL WILLARD M. CRAMER JOHN M. CRESS, JR. JOHN W. DALLIENBACH CARLOS O. DAVIES DAVID DILLON HENRY B. DOWNS RUSSELL E. DRECHSLER FACULTY JAMES L. JACKSON, A.B. LEO T. JOHNSON, A.B. HAROLD E. KENNEY, M.S. EDWIN J. MANLEY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN W. DRISH RALPH E. EHNI DONALD N. ELTING JAMES W. EMMONS DAVID A. FIELD GEORGE E. FIELDHOUSE PAUL E. FINA JOE E. FRANK RICHARD N. FRYE JOSEPH J. GIALLOMBARDO WILLIAM G. GOLDE COLIN C. HANDLON WILLIAM J. HAPAC RALPH W. HATHAXVAY HENRY J. HOLQUIST T. MILTON HOPXXfOOl3 ROBERT M. INGLE THOMAS E. JAWOREK KENNETH M. JOHNSON NATHAN E. JOHNSON ERON C. JONES WILLIAM W. IONES LEONARD KALLIS EUGENE H. KAUFMANN DONALD L. KIENLIEN RAYMOND W. KIREILIS ALFRED Y. KIRKLAND WALTER J. KIRSCHKE WARREN K. KLOOCK CARL W. KNOX JOHN J. KRIVEC, JR. RICHARD K. KUCERA PETER KURLAK HARRY A. LASATER WILLIAM LENICH JACK M. LENTZ GEORGE A. LOWE ALBERT J. LUNDEERO JAMES R. MARTIN WESLEY P. MARTIN ANTHONY M. MAZEIKA WILMLIR M. MCCOWN DAVID H. MILLER PAUL MILOSEVICH JAMES R. MUNNIS ROBERT J. O'NEILL JOHN B. PACOTTI JOHN D. PATTERSON HERBERT R. PATTON PAUL G. PETRY CHARLES W. PHILLIPS ROBERT D. PORTER CHARLES G. PURVIS JAMES W. REEDER RICHARD K. RIEISING GEORGE L. RETTINOER FRANK E. RICHART ROBERT F. RICHMOND THOMAS J. RIGGS, JR. JAMES V. ROBINSON HENRY SACHS FRANK J. SCHAEIIER HENRY C. SCHRADER WILLIAM -J. HAPAC JOE E. FRANK ALIIERT J. LUNDEERC. Prendem T rearuref V1H"P!'9-fldfllf Page 190 XVILLIAM J. PEISTER, B.S. HARTLEY D. PRICE, A.M. WALTER H. ROETTOER, B.S WENDELL S. WILSON, B.S. ROBERT J. SCHXVARZ HAROLD A. SHAPIRO HARRY P. SIEBOLD JOHN SIKICH JAMES A. SMITH FLORIAN J. SURDYK A. DEAN SWIFT JOHN THISTLEWOOD, JR. ROEERT THOMASES JOSEPH J. TUREK MARTIN D. UNT!-IRMAN ALFRED G. VITACCO JOHN S. WALKER RAYMOND A. WEISS ALEX WELSH JOHN M. WHITE, JR. RALPH A. WILMOT LEON V. WOLFF JAMES C. WOLLRAB HERBIERT T. YOUNG CHESTER J. ZIEMBA LEONARD KALLIS Secretary Cheerleaders "Let's Go! A Big Cheer For The Team!" As their main objective this year, the cheerleaders simpli- fied their tumbling stunts in order to coordinate the tumbling and cheers as much as possible and thus produce a unison effect. Joe Zarish, captain of cheerleaders for most of the year, and Henry Holquist, Dick Buckles, Herb Fisher, and Jim Blair, his assistants, led the cheering. Bob Gruenberg later served as captain for the first part of the basketball season. The head cheerleader is a member of Kia-Kana, the oflicial University greeting committee, which greeted all l gg .a visiting teams and acted as their hosts. The Block I was abandoned this year because past ex- perience proved that it was impossible to till the block completely. From the actions of the students this year, it is believed that better effects have been obtained by dis- continuing the Block I. In the future, the band will compose a cheering body and sing between halves as was done this year. The cheer- leaders will continue to bring Illini spirit to the surface at every opportunity throughout the year. 461 ! fi.. JOSEPH F. ZQRISH JAMES BLAIR ROBERT P. GRIIFNBERG 0- cl fdlll IJIJ dll ,0' I! dill C C A 1 1 C C I Page 191 VNZN--N ., N., QE' N 1.3-Pi: - N N, , 'W ,NP , . N.. A 1' 'TW NI N , V N Q N., 5, , 3 N M! , K N NN ' A Q NA H I ' , N NN NN Y Y H N F N W X NN X , N NN NN N X NN N N 'l'5'1?iN! '. f I - ll' " V . f NNN- NNNw16w NNNNN- . -, '- NN g NN 5 mf- 'iN SEN- v,,NN, ,,.NNaINN11N 1,,F, 1 15, - 354 ' ' 'N 'NN,NN:, NN .NNNN 'NN :NN wfmi-N, , NNNNN NNN 4 N ,N A ,553 fag- ,,'x,, 3,25-Ngg, 'Jn ENN--N-N,g,'N gf.: N . NN , Y J ,NNN,,NNN-,ENN NNNNN ,,N41:kaN..Fe,-Nvsgmgr .mg Q Mwmiipm, 5, ,,.,, , 1 W. E inf N .JNUNNNN-. LfiNNNNNg,,g,.,,,g.?,i,kfNzm-.9-,M...ME A , .Ind -,Qu :QT N, jr, F, .NNN..1N5,-., ,NNN - YI I ff, ,QENNQQNN NNLLQ,N,.NN,E5,,m.,-,?mngnmz,-jutlag ,D juzq. :ri ,N V, - g5NN.Q5:g?-JQINJENNN -j,31:g,:,f: L ,ij-5.-NNIHNQ W , .W N NU ,QNNNNNNNN,NN:mNNNNNNQg.g .354 N-.NNI ve ll I 231 ' - , -' f' N N -- '-14-'f'-3--:"". z - 3-WW-N-a2,F12'5wN.2 PN' -552 ffl: 'gf-fs .' Nw, -?1?'fW N 5543 'wfvfgfg M42 S321 ' -If -N'1:'N ?W-"QLfN5' 's f1fSNgNN:"NN +96 JNN,:.N.N,.NNEmimN2--NNN-'HN ' ' N" f 'NNa'w NN ,f ' 26. ,N ww-3s'HNvsawNNgNaai, -N .- N -- ' YN 2 if -- E"-W" .N . I ' in ,YN- , N ,N NN ' N ,A P , A , N H NN N Z ' ., ' 1 N NN , ' -N N,5NN. Nr NN NNN N yn V' ' NN , X NNN ' N N911 :W ., X Vg,'Lv.:5f L , M V44-Ng - . f -5' ,- A V :NNN , 552, . N NN E -N. . - -"3w,f!N , Ljifit N -' 'Ny - NNN NN il-NNN .N A .,.- X - f-.3 ' lf L HNNNJ NNN ,,,:-- 1 :N.1,-:- .:'N"'- '-N:NnN 1 , . g,'N-, Mg' . Ji :.. i,NN ' .5 " ' -N 1 ,.1f'r 'Nz'-i. -1-gy' If 4- NSNNPN'-4,5 - .-,,,,:, Q - -. -- . , 71.55-N,-Ng-' ,-N, Y 51,55 , Q ' Ni , ', '- , F . ,Nm 'Q Niilffi N1 N' ' 775' QR! N NN 3' . 23-G N, .NN ,NNN-Mwxh 'N -- NNNNN. , G., - . i5ivQ9.ff,.' as -+V" " N NN: " if-aN.Nv -.'.:7QNlW-'NN' K" ' 1 , .. K, -W ,,,,,. Q We W, , g3,,NN. U L B ,. .., , V ,. QN. ' " J 'Ny' fy ,ZX RS N - 'seigziifi gQ3N.- ' ..:, N ,.. ,N 5 A , 41- W ., - Nil-N 2-lf P T, V wer. A N "f , .. - , ,,N.N ,Eiga ,. -N , N- f :ws 11- ' : if ,mga - . -"ir"'f 75' w ' ' x, , ,a,,,-fn. fm' ...Q 1 f g, Q. Q- w'f,f,4. 1--. .- .4 5 ' Y k I "inf v 1- EMM: uw ,4 7? 'C 'Ching-. FCCTBALL Page 193 Varsit Football V Horner Eliot Astroth Miller Anders Dillon Lindgren Slater I Daniels Turek Milosevich johnson Fultz O'Neill Phillips Rettinger Bennis Smith Mills Lenicli Riggs Bernha rdt Elini Elting Purvis Zuppke Patterson Kirschke Martin Reeder Brewer Lundberg Hathaway Bennett Romzrir C. Zu PPKE The achievements of the 1939 varsity were remarkable in the full sense of the word. The team had a lowly start by scoring only one Hrst down in the first half against the fresh- men, was unable to provide a scoring punch although overwhelming Bradley in yardage, and was defeated at Los Angeles in nearly 100 de- grees on the playing field. But the boys came home with their heads up to lose a 7-6 game to Indiana and to lose to Northwestern, two games they thought they might well have won. In defeat they gathered respect for themselves and kept on working conscientiously. The victory over Michigan is history. Our team defeated Wisconsin, who had rested two weeks, but its powerhouse helped to soften us for Ohio State. The greatest tribute is that the team never lost heart. It taught the lesson that you should always "stay in therej, regardless of obstacles and odds. It made the most of its ability. There is no greater praise. f:-an MHI.X'IN C. Bruswrau Couch Captain Page 194 Varsit Football BIG TEN CONFERENCE Ohio State Iowa . .. Purdue . . . Michigan . . . Northwestern . ILLINOIS . . . Indiana . . . . Minnesota . . Wisconsiil . . T. T.P. o.P. Pcr. 166 41 .855 82 85 .800 50 50 .667 37 57 .600 47 57 .600 75 48 .500 56 69 .4100 92 86 .400 22 83 .000 Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois ILLINOIS RECORD 0 0 6 0 16 7 0 46 Bradley . . . . So. California Indiana . . . . Northwestern Michigan . . . Wisconsiii . . Ohio State . . . Chicago . . . Chicago . .. .. 0 5 0 0 192 .000 W X, I ev 1 Q C. l?AUL S1.A'r13u Senior Manager Rvws' Cviknta Pcskinrl Tice Filstead Johnstone Becker Talbot Simmons Clark Smith Gray Lutz Blood Soplwaffzare zlifuxngefx Ricimrm H. Mic:-IAELSEN 3 1 A MARTIN J. Corusm.L 1RrsH MAN VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,ge,, Knox Fletcher Duncan Paul Plowe Simpson Marlaire Basker Treece W':ihl Cox Viehman Fleming Wilford Good Yourkovich Crawford Law Kuney Fullop Pawlowski Ebel Humphrey Ceuliers Wlisncr Loving Pasaka Gillin Piggott McCarthy Cheeley Engel Mzrchuk Van Treeck Niedzelski Fencl Fisher Page 195 Illinois 0 outhern California 26 Return, Tackle PI-III.I.Ivs, Em! Page 196 Bob Hoffman of Southern Cal intercepts a pass Illinois, outclassed but not outfought, went down before a powerful Southern California eleven, 26-0. The Trojans were at their best, with good protection on passing, good block- ing, and a backfield of top ball-carriers. The Trojans were kept at bay the first quarter by Ehni's consistent punting, Rettinger's intercep- tion of a Southern California pass, and a fine defense by Brewer, Reeder, Turek, and Hatha- way. In the second period, however, the power- ful thrusts of Southern California earned them a score. Nave made a first down on the Illinois 23 yard line, and then passed to Krueger on the 12 yard marker. Nave again took the ball and scored the first touchdown of the game by fighting his way through the Illinois line. The charging Illini blocked the try for point. just before the half ended, Schindler threw a scare into the Illinois fans when he faded back to pass and then dashed to the Illini 5 yard line. Landsdell sparked the Trojan attack in the third quarter when he passed to Robertson who ran to the Illini 19 yard line before Miller ran him out of bounds. Landsdell then took the ball wide around end to cross the goal standing up. In a later drive, Landsdell worked the ball to the 5 yard line, to let Schindler plunge over for a third score. Schindler's sensational 66 yard run came in the fourth quarter, when, taking Ehni's punt on his own 54 yard line, he dodged through the entire Illinois team for a touchdown. Illinois began a weak offensive when Smith passed to Milosevich for a first down, but the Trojans intercepted a later pass. PURVIS, Haljluzrk MARTIN, Gmini Illinois 6 Indiana 1951! :nf-, 'if " Ei-INI, Qmfrirwbfzrk MI LLER, Hnllbark .1 Interference forms for jim Smith The Illinois fans expected to see the Illini continue the record of not losing to the Hoosiers on the local gridiron for forty years by snapping out of a losing streak to defeat the invaders. Wlieii the smoke of the battle cleared away, however, Indiana led the Illini by the slim, but important, margin of one point. The Illini stormed deep into Hoosier terri' tory early in the first quarter as Kirschke, Pur- vis, Elting, and Rettinger started clicking in the backlield. Bob O'Neill carried the ball to the Indiana 5 yard line on a pass from Purvis, but Indiana tightened, losing only two yards in three attacks. On the fourth down, Kirschke drove through the Indiana squad, and the ofhcial rul- ing put the ball only four inches from the goal, Indiana punted out of danger on regaining the ball. Indiana scored in the last 22 seconds of the first half when a pass from Hursh to Rucinski was completed, Rucinski struggling over the goal with several Illini tacklers hanging on. The try for point after touchdown was successful, and Indiana went into the lead 7-0. . . In the third quarter, a bad pass from center went wild when the Hoosiers were attempting to punt. Anders rushed Hursh, the punter, out of the way and Hathaway recovered the ball. Don Elting repeated his action of last year's game by scoring Illinois' first touchdown. On a wide double reverse late in the third quarter, Rettinger and Smith drew the Hoosiers far to the right, and then gave the ball to Elting on his reverse to the left. Duane Fultz, tackle, was rushed into the game to kick the point, but the ball went wide and low. ASTIIOTI-I, Hnllbuck THISTLIZXVOOD, Huljhark Page 197 Illinois O orthwestern 13 ' I SMITH, Hfzljback Mrrosizvrcrx, End Page 1984 Elini charges through right tackle The first half of Northwestern's homecoming game was a punting and passing duel in which the Illini continually threatened the Wildczit goal. But, in the third quarter, Soper broke away to outspeed the Illini on a 74 yard jaunt to a touchdown, and in the fourth quarter an intercepted pass netted the Wildcats another goal. Illinois opened the second half with a pass from Purvis on the Wildcat 47 yard line to Eltirlg who scampered across the goal stand- ing up, but the play was called back because he had stepped out of bounds on the 30 yard line. The Illini passing, which had been a contin, ual threat in the first half proved to give Northwestern all its scoring opportunity in the second half. Richards intercepted Purvis' pass on his own 26 yard line. Soper broke through his left line to outdistance the Illini tacklers on a spectacular 74 yard run to score the Hrst touchdown of the game. Clawson converted the extra point to make the score 7-0. In the fourth quarter, DeCorrevont punted to the Illinois 4 yard line, where the Illini attempted a surprise pass only to have it intercepted on their own 29 yard marker. DeCorrevont passed to Grefe who was finally run out of bounds on the 3 yard line. After a try by DeCorrevont, Clawson scored in a line plunge for the second score. The Illini made a desperate comeback, with Purvis completing pass after pass to Astroth and Rettinger, and worked the ball to the 29 yard line. Purvis passed to Milosevich, who fell over the goal, but the pass was ruled incomplete on a technicality. Rises, Tackle CAMPBELL, End Illinois 16 Michigan 7 HA'rHfwcfAv, Cerner Kmsci-mn, Qmu-zerbark Stop that Wlolverine! In a football game that was voted the out- standing upset in the sports world of 1939, Illinois stopped the highly rated Michigan eleven, 16-7. Instead of a running exhibition by Tom Harmon, as had been visioned before the game, a homecoming crowd of 31,000 saw the inspired Illini outplay their formidable opponent in a contest full of thrills. Early in the first quarter, O'Neill recovered Trosko's fumble on Michigan's 18 yard line. After two line smashes gained but 5 yards, Brewer attempted a field goal, but it was wide. Later in the quarter, he attempted two more field goals, the latter being good for 5 points. The aroused Wolverines, paced by Harmon, swept the ball to the Illinois 28 yard line, but an intercepted pass by Rettinger stopped their advance. Several plays later Strong passed to Harmon who rornped 41 yards for a touch- down. Strong carried the ball around end for the extra point to place Michigan ahead, 7-3. With only 45 seconds remaining in the first half, Illinois pulled a sleeper play that caught Michigan fiatfooted. Smith passed to Rettinger who galloped 40 yards for the touchdown. In the third quarter, Anders recovered Rogers fumble on the Michigan 34 yard line. Elting crashed through the line for 14 yards, and then, on a snappy double reverse play, he carried the ball to the 12 yard line. Smith plunged off left tackle to the 3 yard line, and followed with a quick plunge over left tackle that carried him past the goal line. Brewer's place kick was per- fect and Illinois led, 16-7. Michigan took to the air in a desperate attempt to score, but alert Illini repeatedly knocked down the passes. ,. If, RETTINGER, Fnllbacle O'NEIl.L, End Page 199 Illinois 7 Wisconsin O FULTZ, Tackle BREWER, Guard 'l ir Page 200 Rettinger in the open On Dads Day, the fighting Illini scored its second victory of the year by defeating a Wis- consin eleven that experienced ill luck through- out the season by the score of 7-O. Eighteen thousand spectators saw jimmy Smith fade back to pass, but unable to find a receiver, he ran toward the west sidelines. Twice he evaded groups of Badger tacklers with some beautiful twisting and sidestepping, and then he broke into the clear at the Illinois 30 yard line and crossed the goal line 25 yards ahead of his nearest pursuer. The play was so close that some of the Wisconsin men evidently thought Smith had run out of bounds, for they failed to give chase. Captain Mel Brewer converted the extra point. Throughout the first period and up to the closing minutes of the second period, both teams seesawed up and down the field with the Badgers leading in the offensive. With less than 3 minutes left to play in the first half Smitlz made his touchdown run. The third period saw very little activity, neither team being able to gain the advantage, In the last period, however, Wisconsin brought on its highly touted passing attack which almost ended in a Badger touchdown. A pass by Bob Peterson, reserve half, to john Loehrke gave Wisconsin a 20 yard gain to Illinois' 9 yard line. Another pass failed, and with the score- board reading a few seconds to go, Peterson finally connected with Gage, who caught the ball on the 3 yard marker. While 18,000 fans had heart failure, Rettinger came over fast from his secondary position and stopped him only a few inches from the goal line. X I TUREK, Glmrd ELTING, Hfzlfbark Illinois 0 Ohio tate 21 PA1'r12nsoN, Gfmrd Br2nNx-mnD'1', Guan! A gain for the Illini Forty-six thousand spectators sat in the driz- zling rain to watch a title-hungry Ohio State eleven defeat a hard fighting Illinois team by the score of 21 to O. Illinois made its first scor- ing threat in the first quarter when Tom Riggs recovered a fumble by Jim Strausbaugh. After taking the ball to the Ohio 5 yard line, the Illini lost the ball on downs. The first score of the game came in the first four and one half minutes when Strausbaugh passed from the Illinois 27 yard line to Scott, who snagged the ball in the end zone. Scott kicked the extra point. Ohio State also made the second score of the game in the first period when Strausbaugh cut through the center of the line and raced for a touchdown. Scott again con- verted the extra point. Although the Buckeye line outrushed Illinois consistently during the second period, the Illini made five first downs, three of them due to Purvis' fine passing. Illinois advanced the ball to Ohio's 20 yard marker, but an intercepted pass stopped the drive. Ohio State carried on most of the offensive during the third period. Running plays predom- inated during this period and Ohio State capital- ized on its power by driving down the field for a touchdown. Magg converted the extra point. The last period opened up by Illinois recover- ing an Ohio fumble and rushing to the Buck's 30 yard line, but the Illini lost the ball on downs and were forced to kick. Illinois made its Hnal drive by taking the ball on their own 59 yard line, and worked it to the Ohio State 20, but the Illini were stopped, and the game ended with Ohio in possession of the ball. IJENICH, Center Ammns, End Page 201 Illinois 46 Chicago 0 JOHNSON, Tackle Lumnrsrno, Tackle Page 202 Elini through the center Illinois closed its football season in grand style by defeating the badly beaten Chicago team, 46-0. At lirst the Maroons held the Illini sur- prisingly well, the hrst quarter ending without a score. However, Smith skirted around end for a touchdown after shaking off tackler after tackler on the first play of the second quarter. With this beginning, the Illini could almost score at will. Elting and Bennett worked the ball to the 3 yard line and Smith crashed over for the second score. Witli this lead, Coach Zuppke began supple- menting the first team with reserves. Elting scored another touchdown just before the half ended on a pass from Thistlewood. Elting booted the extra point on each of the three touchdowns to make the score 21-0 at the half. In the third quarter, Miller, Bennett, and Smith worked the ball to Chicag0's 7 yard line where Bennett plunged over to start the scoring again. In the third quarter, Chicago's only scor- ing opportunity presented itself. johnny Daven- port, the Maroon's speedy back, paced an effec- tive offensive built around spinner plays to work the ball to the Illini 7 yard line, but Chicago lost the ball upon replacements of the regular squad. After the Illini had made another touchdown, Miller intercepted a pass from the Chicago 8 yard line and sped over the goal standing up. In the last two minutes of play, Purvis returned a punt to Chicag0's 46 yard line, and then passed to Bennett on the 6 yard line. Purvis passed to Campbell in the end zone for a last minute score, Campbell converting the extra point. DILLON, End BnNNa'r'r, Halfback si Ocv s 1 , , . o . 1 j,1f,l.,V I --1 VVJ-.L-.Q-g,,V:f V . V ' N. .f,,!!VlI:V'- V , 'HJ - - ' ':fh5Vi5:'.' Q!-SQ 5 -V C-'. VT' . c. .. . VH Vlr- -- --:V 2. . ...Z V1 '-"A . . 'Y' ,Q-.-. " ' ,- H -'..Jf- iz. " 1: " ::VV:g.Q J? F ' H' 'V V V, "- 1 2 Q . iff? V 1,-Lv.: .fl V-Ee if ": - V. - -- .-.V.Vf?1fV14.gVV-iE..V. FZ' V315 V VL 24.1-LV: .:' Vu 'QV' I W 1 'Vi-:V Vp V J V . . , V. ff? fm J., 4. V VV,', 'KAL 51 E r-1 -JIT Lrg ' . 5 '-' rg' 113 .L' T'-5 V ,Tv 5 JI J wa .ug ' 'i a..'V. .,1 Ei. . -52311 V ,L A' 1 4' V 5 W 7 l" . :V 1 .V -'ff-4 1 V . V V L. gn 4 1' G51-"' 1 f J' . -' . 'Af' ,f sa- . . . 'V f 4- ' HV-- 0 r. ,.. Q. ei V-:J W Q V V VVV 'VL I , V ' "VE V . W ,. . V Vw' .gl QV, V,-VME: - V t T 4,3 I. - S 1 ' .' . V V 3 ' V - ', '- ' 6' 'N. .. , vm, "A ' ' VVV-V-.,i5f,v"G.-1-, .:FEQlgnVVV,V - q. sy VV! VVV , NF.. , ' V - 1: V "ggi-g'.1?,f,'lf .slf2.":vV::.: urs V- .,. . ' 1 1411 i!:gV.V:-rl 'ff V' ,3 V.-Vfzq,-V,,+: E V, V' . ,K.57Zfjf,'V1':LifV:A'.Q:V1--5 'V tif' . 1,37 ,ir 'E' V ' 1.-VQVVV V-L"?f- JL.-f -' 2. ' qw -'V ' ' --V V K ,I V V-'A,V, - ,A -Vg--AV -V L 5 -. i - - 1 -'Wa,ifffflzlsgf Uf-fV1:VV.LV.V..g . ff-f1fVVV:zf' . " fl V.- VV- , 5 '- ...f -if -, -1",,,.':..fgV5,' ' f Q - VVV- - ww- ' 'fff 'L' -. 'V1!i'..-'- ' .Vi-Vw f:V:.-V' ' A4L fin" h VV. V. QV. En.. . , ,s .VVr,V, 45, .V ,V VP., ,-,.. ,,V . VV :win , .I VVV. V VVV " ' V f-' 1- HV '-'gf ' 1 - ' ."."' 41.-. -'QW-r.V:': -.'fg.EV-.4-1:5 ai-:::'1-.fffgz '-,'.V , " ' . VwVNqV - -A gV.:' V'-.wYlV,'. A-..r:fr':fV1.g:aV 14 -- , -V" , r-if --fx: ' -V. "-4 fi - ' ' 'WT'-'ff' - " 'WL V V, V ' .Var "',..t1i ',V-gin 1-mx.-"ik-14Vi 2V,Wp.'?V'. . H? "1-V ' . x ' '.'! VQV-V 4 'Ngqv K .-,'fV1+-gplle-1, 5-ggafr, V f.,-fw . ' ' A ' 4,...frV V-4' '. ,V' -V: ."V-:V-wi'-,fav 1 VV f f,. - .rrV5f?.,:V QW ' 1 L.: -V ,V 2 , .135 zb' .-V QQVV. L-'r L:-.nb -. H, . W4 ,Q V,-5' 5 , 1 .L ,- ,I - -V Y V ..f- Vr . 9, .V--J VL, . V -V V - .- - ..-V:--.-ffm-Vf.,-. W V. e-,V I -V 1 W' V. .LY" -U 'jzfi g.,g:xff. Lf J-'+V,. - ,Q '-, 1, ' x 1 V-Lffggz. Wrz, 1.1 Q .fp V. ' "2 Vw.-. V ' Vw V .V 1 'wViQff. - .VV AL, F. ., Vw .., V ,. . VVV . ., V.- VI,-,V .Vg -6. ..,, V.. . V -7 V"V ' 5'f17',Y.V'V2,Jf"W'WE'-:'Vt'h' ' '- 575' Lf ' X3-Vf-1.l'ffi4'17bUv'i1T Q-im. if "fV. ' "WA ' .1-V-.. Vyfg.. 'fri 'i"? W V',j:72x.'."4, " '.-3-1, . ff' lg THF. V V-'VV 1. nfwff- 'V'-1. .V A V' ,.j:'1"'r"tf?4'1"' tr-V 'fvzf--' f"f- J-gLs'lvic33i+f"?v'1"" . V ' V V. V, V,.1,gv. iw. -.-K. -V QV... Veg, , , IX. .- ...-f.fV,V,Q,-EV. .V V, V , Ja" ...H ,V -f' U A 1, V 4 . -. 4-,- .V ,.-A, .,,,, YV .A ,VVV . , -- Vp... VVV gg 4... V W'J,f . . nw-f:.VwV'f, fr- VV . V V.'-in-'Civ'5.1"i'1'n':'1'4V" Ve"55'il"l'V5?'k"ik17'-V"i51Ff-' 9'i'g'9'1-"V-1174, ,. , .VA .. -j.g,'r,V.V' . V, -,' . -.Vg--:fq ,V . 'Y ' ,A ,V-C,-. ,V Vg.-5,15 - ' 'Q-5221, V' 'V ' . ' , ' 'iA'n'? 'J.fgLi'7r?sEg'-I 5.6127 EQEQFT'-. gZ51j?':F1if-Q-ig:-Rsafig.Y' . , . V .ia 'fVi'VffHff .12 '- 'V-2-5'-1'15'1:,V-fs'-QEV.2-..0.f3f5?f'-g4.:?E'if'VkggmV ' ' 7 334 'Y-'11-Q-ftilsy' VT-Nj 1 j ' FSI V. if"i4i.,,?fT"l' ' i."'?'1'+'-f.'Ef5i9"A.5, +'f.ffL':g ' '-. V V ' y- 1. ' -ig: -VJ :..,.a- N- Jv.F.f!" .V,,-V'I.4k:..,.3!V, -fb-,LV:g:f,.'-1-fp.-V ,-nbrq., ,5- V : ' --.ya--mfg .ff f!fh,VV, .fjug QAQ3 ,V-Q, lrfVf,1Q,I"-g',5Ql4:E3Qf'::V P-IV -' H . fg'1"- .41 ' 31 1152-.riff Vfff. aw. V, ,--VV-V - fn-,.-,-V, -. V - g " 1:2 V -V -,V V .Vw .. V '...VV-'1,fV,. . V2 'V " ' Y jfj 354, Q I' 'Y , JVLAW... V ,'!V.'lLV. , . if JV V I' V VI EVVVWVV :- , Q V K4 , fL'lT XIV .44 .4 V VV , , 'A V VV V 91. V V V V VV VV VVV ' VV ,l 3 - f.. 'VVV V. V VV V ' ly: J.- BASKETBALL Varsit Basketball . Horner Cronk Evers Hocking Shapiro Mills Handlon Wlukovits Drish Hapac Sachs Page 206 PQ DOUGLAS R. MILLS The Illinois basketball team earned a place beside the outstanding teams in our history, not only because of its record but because of its fine spirit and courage. Its Big Ten record of seven won and five lost enabled Illinois to tie for fourth. The team started the race under a disadvantage when Captain Bill Hapac missed the Indiana game, and later when Bob Richmond and Bob O'Neill were lost at mid-semester. Captain Hapac's achievements stamp him as one of Illinois, greatest players. A unanimous all-conference and all-western selection, he undoubtedly deserves a place on the all-American team. In addition to the Big Ten single game record of 34 points, he established new Illinois records of a three-year all-game total of 582 points, a single season total of 244 points, and a mod- ern record of 587 points in three years of Big Ten competition. The conference season was featured by a number of close games-probably the North- western game and the two Chicago games were the most exciting, being won on last- minute baskets by Hapac and Frank. Besides 1-Iapac two other three-letter win- nets, Colin I-Iandlon and Joe Frank, will be lost through graduation. Dickerson Frank Roettger 7 17 ,, ig-QQ iuilgi l 1 WILL IAM J HAPAC C045-b I C!1,I7I11l71 Q Purdue . . . Indiana . . . . Ohio State . . . ILLINOIS . . Northwestern . . . Michigan . . . Iowa .... . . Minnesota . . . Wisconsin . . . Chicago . . . ILLINOIS 60 Wabasli 37 Monmouth . 46 Carleton . . 41 Princeton . . 42 Notre Dame 37 Drake . . . . 57 Butler . . . 36 Indiana . . 54 Chicago . . . 31 Ohio State . Varsit Basketball 2:0 I ::::::::::3F33 .........,ol..-I knkwknv-IU-Arvror-Av-ltvmzj-Al... .- Xnwooooiowv-wwr-Zo ' 5'-I 'cn '-'S '-w.LsU'axIXIooxoo- -'JU Frm w..'x.x:Xu1wwwm.'.s.m... O I-XIICII-XIXILIIOOOQZQP-A Qvve r U1 3595255555 U P-12,,,1D,.,,n D-NSU-mC-H-DHS' a:.UQ--or::r',,rnI-- QQOPUFDSVIUS -' S'2.'mQ,.UD olowfrmwwmcxxlwf :J-50,4-.ISD Ooulw'-'ooooooxvmu-IO - '-,-rn 5' wowmowwvowd ' ,.,. fn. . ' 5. A ' . wIm.Ls!-A,f:,,.4 . ox.J:t.Lsv1wooxIoo+-I-.U ..O wImooGxoxv1xooxxo.zs- . ..,,U fIIIIIfIIi'U as 12023332532 aaesarfasssa Q ooomxIUIXIxIoI-xr Gronor H. DICKIZIISON W E ,I Kr' - 1 -W-A-' ww. .we-I-.IW I ,I :I Casey Polk l'rench E . . Brown Miller Taylor Steele Iumor Manager: .Yaplno more A'ldIlr1gL'l'I FRESHMAN VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD, 1959-40 Senior Iwillflilgff . ,..Lj"' It 3I.I-.greg I A Q' if I I B251 I I I I ?? CHARLES C. DADANT Jos PH F SMITH 'G I I l M Braun Good Campbell Talan Werner Staley Brown Stephens Driggs Humphreys Albaugh Fletcher Dadant cCartlIy MacArthur Alexander Oesterling McLeod Fornango Mathisen Simpson Luoma Shirley Erichler Parks Page 207 Varsit Basketball One of the most colorful teams in Illinois history opened the season by winning a double-header over Monmouth and Wabasli by scores of 37-19 and 60-21, respectively. The new squad had a running start, and it seemed nothing could stop them as they suc- cessively beat Carleton, Princeton, Notre Dame, Drake, and Butler. The squad probably would not have been stopped, 38-36, by Indiana in their Big Ten opener had not Captain Bill Hapac been in the hospital. "Hoot" Evers, who played his best game of the season that night, gave the Hoosiers plenty of trouble. It was joe Frank's held goal in the last minute that beat the tall Chicago team, 34-33, in their next game. The inconsistent playing of the team was shown when the Illini bowed to Ohio State, 37-31, and came back a couple of nights later to win over Michigan, 48-43. A week later, when the Millsrnen defeated Minne- sota, 60-31, Bill Hapac took his place among the great basketball players of all time by setting a new Big Ten individual scoring record for one game. He made 34 points, 26 on held goals and 8 by free throws which, along with 10 each by Handlon and Evers, proved too much for the Gophers. It was his last minute basket which beat Northwestern 35-33 in their next game. Although the Illini dropped the next game to Purdue, they played 'good ball most of the time HMA I' , EILILFW , ,f 351 fi! K , Page 208 Drish takes a shot from the corner 1 ,J I ,ff f fl Wu Kovrrs, Cerner v ni' I 5-X f Sr-mvmo, Guard af' Varsit Basketball 19" f , X X wx X 4 ' fx srl Hocking's push shot HANDLON, Gmml as f xW' xx K 1 - -KG Evrn F I That's the spirit, Hoot Page 209 Varsit Basketball and were victorious over Wisconsin, Michigan, and Chicago. In that thrill-packed game against the Maroons, Hapac threw the crowd into a frenzy when he waited at center-Hoor for a minute and a half, then sank a 40-footer in the last 8 seconds to win for the Illini, 42-40. The high hopes of the Millsmen were crushed when a hot Iowa team piled up the season's highest score for one game to beat the Illini, 62-47. In their Hnal game, led by Sachs who played his best game of the year, the Illini met the league-leading Purdue team. The loss of Wukovits, Sachs, Evers, Handlon, and finally I-Iapac on fouls, weakened their defense, and the Orange and Blue could not stop the Boilermakers, who rallied to a 34-51 win. The squad won 7 games and lost 5 which gave them a fourth place tie in the 1940 Big Ten stand- ings, but a champoinship team could not have pro- vided more excitement. Hapac more than lived up to expectations. The unusually good showing of Evers and Wuk- ovits, sophomores, combined with the performance of Handlon, Drish, and Sachs made the season a successful one. The squad had to depend on reserves in more than one case, and Frank, Shapiro, Hocking, Cronk, and Townsend supplied this strength. Hard-hitting, conscientious johnny Drish was elected captain for the 1941 season. Reach , Vic ij -j ZH- ,fl ... .L ly 3 S' W ,J . 41 DRISH, Guard Q at ,75 'af it E Q I ii ssss fr f, .555 i ii. ..... .., N . Sacu s, Gfmrd ii' ii 4 i - 4 P CRONK, Forward Varsit Basketball 4-. .N R. . 4 f af FRANK, Forward u.1v T HOCKIAG forzuard ' wi , .Q f N ,, fi ! !4 . . y. X viii Q, f 1 xig i J 1 li A :lv Y ' A 'Q I-Iapac drives for an opening Guard him close, Shep Page 211 vi , . . .. if-.A .,.. "4 . ,. X V ' g f x -x x x 0 0 :-E 1 Q - ,V-H - W 25 rl? ff if '6- F3- 5 T: E hi 'E N VZ' E if 23 E Xi, ii. fii 'u-. Yah Q VV X X ww " iv 'I H ' ,i - 1- VVVXX u:uwXXVVXXX3VXX V 'Q W 23 'Q' ff, ,fix 'VW 'K M , X ,553 ,A SVXVXX XXVVXXXVXXXXX ix X . ' EXW 'W' ses N 1' . 5 3 'Xt wing 1 . Q I X :BL X 7 H V XXV, V X ,M V ' ' N XX X1 P.V:g-.,weg-WY, V A ,gf fffu V ,Vi VK X, X, X.:-,, .W,, X iw ,V ,e sl ,,- vi' N XX XM X IX H f X .MXXQA HV :X'.V X X. ,Q wx :MW me wg." - gf: Brig, , X M VVVVVV M VV w ' mmf? H", V' "Qs,-,,Q - 'f . his H-VB A ,, ill ' , "' ' "' me - 5 x 2:21. VV X 9 WV, " :21,,VeV X w H 1 S swf V "V iw ,X .XVVX-VV Va. V VX" X Em V' Q Y' Q VV, E 1 WMHVHN W in V , ,Xw,.,XX V , ,V X VV. V. .wif VXXXV V V VVV 0 - ' V 'V - Vi'-94 ' J ww VV V? ' 1 ' W A '1 . ww Wxil- fav VV m v w " 5, ' iii' ' S X, - X Pi " X Q V ,. X , X , , V - Vu,-'-L"' V W X VVTWUZQQ ' T2 igj,-1:VXXwwVHH ,ESQ f""XV, X " "V,.VVj iii X , X ,X . . X u, VV - rg "?1,MwwgXXWMH'VV X V, f- VVQVVXXV, ".V,VXX.. 51? X .-X fraizfsfnw,-V-35Xe-,Vgag-.gfX ' q V X 1 f V' V ,. , X ,jgwnf-'-Y-,.f, +,V -X ' A-'-A., - - ' X KX VV , X Q 'wX,XV-1,7 , -' V - . .L -, Vw-?1 -2' , ' W ' 422, V, f'Q,,,1v - ,,, .puX: Vs 5gvgagVmiK 03' " ' 'V X " -'FV' V Tia, , V ww ,V Hx fx w:,, W1,,GV b VV 'X 4 V .. V V I , 'QX , . f V- 'a,,L255g2Q?gXX,,! .x,..: XXXX VVVXXX ' X ' Q? V , in TVX X ' if iv L '33 Kwu V Y giQ'z5:12'l1 A" 1fl,"u,' X Y H' Y :ii T -' 'W '-f f'mQf2f2f'g1""1ffU"11 Us " - ,fgM,w4gfV,A..V . V W VVVXXVVV, Q wt " "iTTXf"" VE RWVF' , 'l5,?3M " Tx"?'511"'Gn4 5Fv,?.-f:.f2,f'VV I X W X, 'E W' . "' Q X X at "VV VV P wg X ,VV .Xml--XMXXX VV X XX, X V 1,5 ,N , V , " ' gf' F' 1LiVVW'5- 'X' . ggi - V W XXVMQ? 5. VVfm,5V,. XV. VV W VV V , X ' '.. W - ' Vw "W, J H' 1 '1 fm ' - ' - frgsvvwfwft " Q' 1' gm " 4 V if 'V ' mf 1 , ' " ,- Qfgx V M' if ' Xt Ein M , H V ' L' fi WWKV . H H ,XX CEE X VV, 4 A X W L5 XX H X Qilljfiww f vw X 522:55 X X , Q , 'gf' M wx ',,. V 235 'Q if X w uw vw ,, ,, E V TRACK I . , . 3- e ,I ,iii Varsit Track r, .1 Malcolmson Royalty Lewis Schubert Krivec Sikich Wlxam Bailey Starck Edu ards Gilbert Johnson Downs Brown Turner Reising McCown Olsen Stout Robinson Hale Osburne Illinois opened its outdoor season in 1939 with a dual meet with Michigan. Outstand- ing for the Illini in this meet were Bob Ash- ley, Dick Reising, and Captain Bob Diefen- thaler. Later in this same meet, Ashley was hurt and was lost to his team mates for the rest of the season. Diefenthaler and Haviland continued their fine performances, and re- ceived invitations to the National Collegiate Meet, and participated with the Western Conference track team against the Pacific Coast team. McCown,s loss during most of the outdoor season because of injury, de- prived the teams of points in the 440 and mile relay. After losing the first indoor meet to Min- nesota, the Illini came back in the Illinois Relays with wins in the low hurdles, shuttle hurdle relay, and mile relay. 'The Illini came from behind in the mile relay, and through the great performances of Downs and Captain McCown won this event over Michigan and Notre Dame, the closest chal- lengers. Illinois a week later defeated Chicago 78-17, and followed this with a 57-33 vic- tory over Ohio. The following week the Illini placed fourth in the Indoor Confer- Page 214 ence meet at Chicago. Llzo T. JOHNSON WILMFR M MCCOWN Coach Caplan: Grant Varsit Track OUTDOOR TRACK, 1939 INDOOR TRACK, 1940 Michigan ................4 64 M, Michigan . . . ........ . . .. Wisconsin... ...45 5f12 Indiana . . . ..... Indiana . . . .... 28 2j3 Wisconsin . . . . . . . . Ohio State . . . .... 28 ILLINOIS . . . Purdue . . . .... 13 Northwestern . lvlinnesota . . . .... 12 Ohio State . . . . . . . . ILLINOIS . . . . . .10 Minnesota . . . Chicago ...... . . . 9 Purdue . . . Northwestern . . . .... 8 1f12 Chicago . . . Iowa... .... ..61j12 Iowa.. E 5f14 12f14 13f14 11f14 12f14 13f14 4f14 41 Leifheit wHR:'1 . i H1 5 5 , 'T J . E i f a i! Rrcmmn P. GILBERT Senior Manager I4 Wilkins Morrison Cox Sophomore Marmgerr FRESHMAN VARSITY TRACK SQUAD, 1940 3- rx' f I 5 .. Q, f N N, .V 1 .. . .,-. Q, - -..sf- L Q "' AESHPIA. . , gsrm s. F"95""'fVx f6AR5l'TYN Fennsirfiw :arsnmm 1""'N"'Y- I 9 1 J ESHHAN f ' 1 ' ' "' :'f"f' 45. ...Y . - :vm -I . A g FRESLIFIAN ' -' va y C M Q rar A , v , . iv ' 4 "l u W + 3 Q .1 . ' fnrsnrmi, VANSITY PRLUHWAN W' ..wsu'rw ,A , McCartney Wylie Ackerman Schneicler Abbot Whalen r V' I Iii Jw 'I' ESHH , 'V5ARSlTegN eg fnrseimin VARSITY fnesumu VARSITY Crane Norton Thompson Brown Andrews Siegrist Parish Wh nm Seib Poskin Page 215 Varsit Track ' "i'?r'-7-IQ5Fif1'!"il? i?S-2-1, .- "':Q'-1 fi'i:"2-fir" Ei: ifSSIEnIF5Gf2f2EEEgief:i52ffse?5r if riiiiiieii -uf -wif In -FP'.s-:'-1':,- -LE -1-42 N 1i1ti: 1.t x I: 1 1,35 ll ' . '?"- " -i ' 5 ' I - , , " E '-nw-3 t -1, 5.1, ' . I' . . a ' '1'-un' I F gl-V - 'E' . n, 1 ' ' ' . . f "l 4-I. -, Q in l U '- . ' ' '. 'V li- - m LJ llkll. - L ""'ra. x r ii V. g . I 1 'pig Y ll Aff L 7 , l 3 it ' ' : Qeix. ! b t . i f- - T I I - J X ' - V W- Q-53 if ,.. . . " ' . ::. V Lv.-,--.1 3- R ' Q r r eQ?5!5lH:i4t +e:e.rQe.kaa l , 0 5 " I ', 1: , " nm, 3, ' U.: , L 25fz:igff3'jj.52-jj'gf".?:--'ISF-1"' - V Jficf'-"' ' -,'f-1'Li'S'iii"-,'f':1.:'--L . ' 1 gut.,- '1 I 'A WN .. ,fi ' - 'Zi H .. .. L :Q.::2 -' Humax-.neg , LTV.: wn:v1-r..-f-ew .. .. - A . , ,. - 1 ' ' ' .. .. . . E-f.e,f:5ig - V." -- , - 35, , "P , F?"L-v.m'n.e--.....,,,. ' ' . " " 4 -"" .-s g" 2-. -'Hsfl' - .' "' " I "' .- -111. -ziil..-'mf Larissa- T' - ff"f5i" ':' te' 'li' , V. "M - -47 -5- I 1.-ga. v- 11. .,., I D .i,'g.:.rj,itgeL-3-I -' ',k::e.s-jiyvz L, - 1 I .5 -4- r f l- -l" ' 'f,?2'f:11V-wiiif-ifit-,f-sZ..:' ' ' f- if? ' ii g4f2gg,,1:giif"3i.f .,,ii" " ' f,ni1ji" -,e 1""ii "'-:'f".zri1 " n i E19f5f'ii1bf'i'i-fliliii' ' ' Ah" il- - I ' ""'3?i'l ' , W :air-J i 'Q G' H -'-' i k " i ?f-"..,g,ii",'i1. 6.'ii,., - w V, jf.. V rf 5, if-. ,,Za,:E,,'4v:, . I ,WMS-A., A - ' ,L-f' l it 2. C .2 'TTS lu. . -lt! :sg K . -e e- Raising wins the 220 low hurdles In the opening meet of the outdoor track K. Stout goes up and over season of 1939, the Illini met Michigan, the champions of both indoor and outdoor track the previous year. The Illini fell before the powerful Wolverines, 38-88. The winners captured ten of the fourteen fitsts. Captain Bill Watson was the star of the meet. He set new meet records in the shot-put, 54 feet, 1311 inches, and in the discus-throw, 158 feet. The Illini firsts were won by Reis- ing, Ashley, and Captain Diefenthaler. Reis- raffiiri WHANI High hurzllex ing won by two yards in the high hurdles and outran the Michigan man in the 220- yard lows. Ashley and Diefenthaler each won their event, the 100-yard and the high jump. The following week the trackmen went to the Drake Relays. Captain Diefenthaler de- fended his high jump crown and made one of the best jumps of his career, 6 feet, 523 inches. In the Purdue meet, Captain Diefenthaler topped the seventeen-year-old record held by Harold Osborn by a quarter of an inch. In the same meet Bill Hugill scored a victory in Page 216 '? MCCOWIN 440 Rr lsr NG High hurdle! Kp' Varsit Track in vrvf' 8'-Q Illinois trails in the halfrmile Watson stars in the broad jump lib , f-.,. HA 1.15 Lou' bllfdlex Ron1NsoN High jfmlp the 220-yard event, the only run which was lost by Purdue. Larry Stout scored Illini firsts in both pole vault, 11 feet, 11 inches, and in broad jump with a leap of 21 feet, 10 inches. Bill Haviland hurled the discus 146 feet, 8 inches to win. jim Wollrab took first in javelin with 163 feet, 7 inches. The score in points in the Purdue meet was 66 2f3 for the Boilermakers and 59 U3 for the Illini. Down at the Cotton Carnival in Memphis, the Illinois showing was made by Bob Diefenthaler, who tied in the high jump with 6 feet, liw inches, and Bill Haviland, who won in discus, with a 159.9 feet hurl. Ann Arbor was the scene of the Big Ten outdoor meet. The Illini took seventh place. Captain Diefenthaler easily captured the title in high jump, scoring five of the ten points received by the Illini. Coach johnson took Captain Bob Diefen- thaler and Bill Haviland to the Pacific Coast Dual Track Meet at Berkeley, California. Both men took second places in their events. In the National Intercollegiate Track and Field Meet, also on the west coast, the Illini high jump star again came in second. Bill Haviland scored a fourth place in the discus. LEXVIS B ra fn! fum 11 KRIVEC 880, Mile Page 217 Var it Track A close finish between McCown and Sulzman Stout judges the height of the bar DOWNS 880 Emvmnns High jump dp I-as-wt: -. Page 218 Illinois opened its indoor track season by dropping a 47-39 decision to Minnesota's Gophers in a Conference meet at Minneap- olis on February 10. The Illini were win- ners in only four events, Captain Wilmur McCown winning the 440-yard dash, Don Olsen winning the high hurdles, Jim Rob- inson and Gus Edwards tying for the high jump, and the team securing a victory in the relay on a forfeit by Minnesota. Two weeks later, the Illini traveled to Chicago and administered a 78-I7 lacing to the Maroons. Leo johnson's cindermen won nine Hrsts and swept all three places in six events, marking up their first indoor victory. Park Brown and Don Olsen starred for Illi- nois by capturing two firsts apiece in the 880 and the mile, and the high and low hurdles, respectively. The Orange and Blue, came in first in all events but the pole vault and the 60-yard dash, and took all three places in the 440, the 70-yard high hurdles, the 880, the 70-yard low hurdles, the mile relay, and the broad jump. On March 3, Ohio State came to the Armory and, in spite of losing 62-33 to Illinois, succeeded in bettering two meet 1'4" -ni. BROWN Mile STou'r Pale mmll '!: x " 'Nwn':.-59-f Varsit Track Edwards clears the har easily Olsen loses this heat, but wins the hnal SCH umzrvr 80 8 TU 1: N ,ra n Darker records. In the 440-yard dash, Captain Jack Sulzman of Ohio State squeezed by Captain McCown to set a new meet record of 49.5 seconds to tie the standing Armory record set by Ivan Fulqua, Indiana, in 1934. Les Eisenhart, Ohio State, also broke the mile meet record of 4123.8 by outlasting Illinois, Park Brown with a time of 4:19.8. Illinois' sole record-breaking performance was turned in by Burt Downs who easily outdistanced all competition to set a meet record of 1:57.2 in the half mile. Illinois achieved other hrsts in the high jump, the 60-yard dash, the 70-yard high hurdles, the 75-yard low hurdles, and the mile relay. On March 9, five men on the Illini squad qualified for the annual Big Ten indoor meet in Chicago. Captain McCown again starred for the johnsonmen by capturing third place in the 440, which with a second in the mile relay gave the Illini 14 points to finish in fourth place behind Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsiiu in that order, The only record broken at the meet was the 440. Roy Coch- ran of Indiana bettered the old record scored by Ray Ellinwood, Chicago, in 1956, by seven-tenths of a second with his 48.2 time. BAILEY 440 Snircrr Ska! put Page 219 Illinois Relays The 75 yard highs Almost five hundred trackmen from most of the major midwestern universities and colleges convened at the Uni- versity of Illinois on February 17 for the classic Illinois Relays' seventeenth annual carnival, which was highlighted by the foursome from Michigan Normal, Sterling Paris, Wayne Zemper, Tom Quinn, and Leroy Grindle, which shattered the relay record in the college two-mile relay by the time of 71573. The University of Michigan eclipsed the four-mile relay mark set by Pennsylvania in 1930, by 11.1 seconds, and Don Canham of Michigan leaped 6 feet, 635 inches, estab- Indizina's relay team wins the plaque lishing a new record in high jump over the record made by jim Burk of Chicago in 1927. Illinois captured three surprise firsts in the mile-relay, the 75-yard low hurdles, and the shuttle hurdles. Captain McCown and Don Olsen captured the first two events, and Olsen, Clyde Hale, jim Wham, and Dick Reising de- feated a strong Marquette quartet in the shuttle hurdle relay. It was not unexpected that the great track star from Michigan State, Walter Arrington, would run away with the all-around event. He scored 5,577.5 points against 5,211 of Charles Marshall from Butler, the runner-up. The start of the mile run Page 220 Michigan State clears the bar Illinois Relays The Court of Honor greets the Relzlyers Nebraska and Illinois light it out 75-yard clash ..,... 75-yard low hurdles. 75 -yard high hurdles .... 300-yard run ....... 1000-yard run .... 1500-meter run .... Pole vault ...... High jump. .. Broad jump ........ .Piker QNorthwesrernJ . . . , . .Olsen Qlllinoisl , . ,Smith Qwisconsinj . . .Littler QNebraskaQ Eisenhart fOhio Statej . . . .Lenover QLoyolaj . . .Stolberg QMarquettej ..Canham QMichiganj Hodgeson QMinnesotaj Shot put .... .....,..,... D illon fDrakej All-around ................ Arrington QMichigan State, One mile university relay. Two mile university relay. . . Four mile university relay ..... University medley relay .... One mile College relay. . . Two mile college relay. . . College medley relay .... Shuttle hurdle relay ..... .........,...........lllinois . . . . .Indiana . . . . .Michigan . . . . .Indiana . ............ Wayne Michigan Normal Michigan Normal ...........lllinois Brown receives his award Dillon of Drake wins the shutput Page 221 VI "N 51: N 1' . 1 x KI ,K I, . . . .I 4- 1- , J Q Y' 1 in -N ""'f'1 1 11- 1 1 . - - 1. . 1 -s . 5 1 1 1 1 .. K-1 1' X ,. 1.-1 1 .N1'. I I I 1'-SI .6 ww.x--XI 1 Q X 1 '- 1 ww- - "Ex fggyhix 1 1 11 1 1 .- II -I I,- . -..,I.- . . ,I - III II h Lxkbxxv M V M' 'Q 1-'f?Q" "i, mv .. - "- 'lk '11 2.-ww 1 111- A - - ' ix 1 f ' . 1 .1 .. . .- 1 ' " - .1 1--- ..1 1 e- .1 -.--.., .1 - - -Q1 - 'xx'-R -1 gf- ".- -f 1' ' ' - - ' - '- ' - -1 3 - wt" ' u. ., 1 I I - . I ' Y I. ' r II f" I. II , II . .. - 1 I I,...f1 I I f I I .II .III -I. --:u,q.1.i5nII-IAIII ., 5 --h.L'5Xt I I Q ..- . -I . . . ,fi 4 . q 1 .4 1 'W J sp Y ,IMI - : -. I 'u.I 5, . 1 - ' 1' I 1 1 I . Im IIIJ, Q 1 4 1 ,' ...Q I . . .. . . -. .. ,H -X -1 -. . 1 -1 , .- .. - 1- .. ,,-A I- I Q .+ -Q--if . - . A, -I - - . . Q 5 ,. II I I .. I. , I 4 Q , I 'I .Q . I I I 5.5, I . -.II-.--IIC x'x-.I 2-,IK ,E-F. " ' I II I AI I 1 1 .I ...if , , . 4 .ig X, 1 . 1- Q , - . Q , , . 4: 4 .4 1 . 4 .- - 1 H N - N1 - 1 2 " 1 ' X r ' a 4 4 X NQ' - I . ,I I . I I. A . I Q II 1. II I. .X Qi i qi A .1 I, g - I 'Q if 11 'IT I . - . - 4 I ' ' . ' Q ' , . I '-.. ::::-:.-I., ' ' . 'O "" 0 1 . -. -. - Q 1 . 9'1--1.-.-'2'- ... 'mx.,-..1-H -'1!h?-9' ' 'E 1 W2-111 if .-.4 " :1w...'11-'1r. '11 ' 13.31 .1-,I..,.,.,I "" 1- ., . 5 1 -- 1 1 ew-1:1--11 1.1 .M 1 . .- 'H - . , I I . I .I . I 1 -. ... . X- 11. 1: '--Q Hx, 1 ,mp ff -mtv 1 . . . ,. 1. W4 ' -4" -1 35 KI "" 4- 11' ' I 2 'Ia . 'XII if I Q I Q. ' g I1-31: . I . ... 4 ,I ,lg . I 5.13 . xg .5 I , .I 1 '. .. 1111..,. .ef I qi, - ,I 1 ' ,- K 1 fs- 111 1 I ' J' 1 ... I 1 It X 1 .05 1: H-1 --1 11- 2 ..-. 1 1 1. 1 4. I 9 .cf me xv. 1 , ' I .1 I ... I 1 'Q I 1 H K 11 Q I g I S ' 11 1 4 -1- M 1 11. 1.wmw111w1v xx ' ' sl M x A 4' i - ' . 1 --..1 . Ia, ix' 5- 1 ' ,T 1 1111 f' 1- .. ' ' " " ' f- 'Qi 1 "W '1 7,2 5' +1 1 w 'Is ' """" i . ,., .I I. I . I .I .S 52 I ' - 111.11 if an va , 5, - 1 53, E' ,I ' '11 1 um. 1 xftsk 6 Ain? . . . Rs .WY I RI I R1 pg QI I10 ' ,II um .I -III I I my -fa Q Q: 'w.. at 1 4111. '11 I if j1.N.II -11-1.111 I ' ' II if' if--1 I 1 1 11 14. I W. . 'I . 131. III... II I . -..f ,, .III .141 W 1 "vu Y "5 R , K II11 1 II 1111.1 1 -"' .H III: 1 A Sf ' . . N iw 1 1 1 41- r If 1 ... gg . " 6 Q? ,,... . Q ,sg II II I WI I 'Y .W 141 "W 1 I 1 ,gi .I gi, 5 ' ' i 1 I . ' . .. 1 .-www "W 11 " f13iW'f1 K5 11.1 115. 55.2,-31... ig. 11 - I ff I, II . . ....Q..,, ,IA, .I . ,. 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I I I I I 1I ,' I ,I. 1I -if -,--1 1- 11 1 1 .. . 11.1 1 . . 1. 1. . 1 ' - I I 1... .I I.I11g...1 ri.. .1 1. 1 III 31jiIII1...I1I 1 II QI? I ..I I ',W .1 1. 'ill .-F' ' .1 1 1 1 I: I.II'I. 'IQ Ilifg 'IJ"IFf?II W gg-.5 52-5 . "' I..,j' '"if?f'1'111"""3wg1Q11 I':1'.1 Ip.. I.. I' 5111 " IN' ' wif .q.-E - - 11: -- 1' . 1" fl 1 1. - 1 1 I - 1 -- -N 11 . . -1 - - .. , 1' 11' 1 F '1 .. ' f 1 5 1 V. LL' " 1 2 . ?"T'b.' 'K Lwli' ' ' 'WHY " k2i11111wL"U 1'1' g:!.,2'?'1"'. """W' '1""'i'1i. 'M' .11 eJl14ff'1 TN 1 -- 1 1 .. H' 11 1 .' 'v-1.11.-1 .. --11 1 mi- -' - : . L. -- .1-' - - -' 5 .' 1 'H VFW " L'3l9"f'?E1" 3 f'11"l .-'if-'?F"'f3' Y ff? -I X K1'i13+.':4fT111?i .' . fK"'S1I " ... 1 if 22, ' '- -2 . ' , 1' " ' ' -1 - . 1,fQ'5FQ11'i'J?i "" : X: b ii? Q "-P . 'EI 'N V ff 111-if .V -If-'l5f12f'ie'3-""1?""i1 :1EV51'?33T"' fi ' ' ' 'F L' - Q5 ' 5. 7 .3151 'l 'E . "'1,?u' -Q' .1 ,FJ 51' 1 ,.' 113.11 .2 .:, 1-I" 1 """'jf"1fi".1. 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Hopes were dealt a hard blow early when john Pacotti, outstanding sophomore pitcher of the 1938 campaign, suffered an injury. to his arm in the Bradley game, after his work had given promise that he would be even better than the year before. This injury benched him for the rest of the season in which his absence was keenly felt, since the team had to depend largely upon pitching and defense because it lacked hitting strength. Captain Tom McConnell for the third year caught every conference game to round out a fine college career on the diamond. Sophomore Allan Grant stepped in to pitch some fine base- ball, as did also Roger Zeller, a senior, on oc- casion. The players had plenty of spirit, worked hard and harmoniously, and did their best. E at tl"0J 0 V X .xx gig' ., N L1 WALTER H, ROEITGER ANTHONY C- PYRZ Coach Cdpf-"W Page 224 arsit Baseball BIG TEN CONFERENCE ILLINOIS RECORD W. L. PCT. Illinois 11 Illinois Wesleyan. 10 Iowa . . . . . 6 2 .750 Illinois S Illinois Wesleyan. 8 Indiana . . . . . 6 3 .667 Illinois 4 Bradley . . . . . . . . 7 Purdue . . . . . . 5 3 .625 Illinois 17 Wabash . . . . . . . . 6 Michigan . . . . . 5 3 .625 Illinois 12 Illinois Normal . . 3 Northwestern. . . . . 6 4 .600 Illinois 2 Notre Dame. . . . . 4 Minnesota . . . . . . 5 5 .500 Illinois 2 Iowa . . . . . . . 12 ILLINOIS . . . . . . 4 5 .444 Illinois 8 Iowa . . . . . . 0 Wisconsin . . . . . . 3 4 .429 Illinois .... 6 Springfield . . . . . 19 Ohio State . . . . . . 2 7 .222 Illinois 13 Ohio State . . . . 4 Chicago . . . . . 2 8 .200 Illinois 8 Ohio State . . . . 1 Illinois .... 1 Michigan . . . . . 3 Illinois .... 1 Michigan . . . . . 4 Illinois .... 5 Northwestern . . . 8 CONFERENCE GAMES Illinois 2 Northwestern . . . 9 Team Batting Average ..... . .2044 Illinois .... 5 St. Louis Cardinals 12 Team Fielding Average .... . .957 Illinois ,,,, 1 Purdue , . , . l , , , 0 Giioncjrs H. Du NN J ' iZ,livfi-YgMy- -x' SOPHOMORE BASEBALL MANAGERS wx 'W -arms. .: f?f1fi ' - .v 1 ,M-:r :V -o'f,f, DEAN B. RAYMOND JOHN R. GARDNER IIUZIDF Mzmugerx K' ':""1Y LHITCFI' Grant Polk Gimblett Turner Watson Page 225 Varsit Baseball Although seven letter men, Pacotti, Kallis, McConnell, Cavallo, Mazeika, Farrington, and Conley, returned at the start of baseball practice, Coach Wally Roettger realized that prospects for the season were none too bright and that much depended upon first year men. An arm injury to Pacotti, a star his soph- omore year, forced the pitching assignment upon less experienced men. Illinois began the pre-conference games with a double header with Illinois Wesleyan, winning one game, 11-10, and tying the other, 8-8, but then ran into trouble with Bradley. In the second inning of the Bradley game, Stuebner allowed three runs to score before settling down. Pitcher Wallin kept the Illini in check several times after they had loaded the bases, and Bradley won the game, 7-4. The Illini routed Wabash, 17-4, and Illinois Normal, 12-5. Alexander pitched a good game against Notre Dame, but the Illini"s mediocre batting gave the contest to the Irish, 4-2. In the first conference series, Illinois split a double header with Iowa, 2-12 and 8-O. Numerous outfield errors by the Illini, and Iowa's ninth inning six-run attack gave the first game to Iowa. But in the second game of the series, Illinois, led by Rog Zeller on the mound, Pyrz and Zeller at bat, and an alert inlield, held Iowa's three hits for no score. At Springfield, the Illini batters had little trouble in getting hits Oli Chuck Cronin and the Professional Three I boys, as Drechsler and Drish each collected four hits in five times at bat. However, an air-tight infield made up for Cronin's wild pitching, and Springheld won, 19-'6. Foul Ball ! Page 226 ,Cal We t 1 K 3 - 5 'IF' s. '-1, ii . . T gg .1 K..' ,I few -A ,. . .- V ...,, . W. AJ y Dmsi-1, Right Field MAZEIKA, Oni Field KALLIS, Third Bare Varsit Baseball VV? if vikil CONLEY, Firm: Bare I ," ' v : - - -4-"Tw GRANT, Pilclaer FARRINGTON, Our Field Safe! We hope - M ' W v xy' t ' lla X 'X T ,1 Wu ZEI-LHR, Pikbff CAVALLO, Serond Bare Page 227 O V arsrt Baseball A heavy slugging barrage led by Bill Hapac and fine pitching by Rog Zeller gave Illinois a 15-4 victory over Ohio State in the irst game of a double header. In the second game, Al Grant allowed only three hits to do his part in defeating Ohio State, 8-1. ' Michigan put a quick stop to Illinois' two-game winning streak when Smick's "submarine" ball limited the Illini to only three hits as the Wolverines won, 3-1. In the second game of the series, it was Jack Barry who held the Illini batters to three hits and Michigan triumphed, 4-1. After the infield had been reorganized in an effort to find a better combination, the Illini went into a two-game series with Northwestern. Playing in chilly weather, the Wildcats collected eight runs from Zeller and Alexander and won the game, 8-3. A continued Illini batting slump and a Northwestern ninth inning tive-run siege gave the second game to the Evanston boys, 9-2. The old Illinois spirit glowed brightest in the last game of the season when Al Grant's two-hit pitching upset Purdue 1-0. Hapac scored in the Hrst inning, and Grant held Purdue by mowing down nineteen men in succession. This game cost Purdue the Hrst berth in the Big Ten standings, moving the Boilermakers down to a tie for third place, and put Illinois in seventh place. To the delight of all the fans, the St. Louis Cardinals played an exhibition VITACCO- THU' Bm game on the local field. Paul Dean pitched the first five innings, giving Mc- ..-' Connell and Pyrz a home run each. In the ninth, Martin took over the mound and, with two Illini men down, fanned Hapac with three fire balls to win the xNf i X X game, 12-5. A k 'X ' ' tv 'Hn- 374, .2 'r 'K " . . Y N-,f - x 'fe -r x s i I " Ia '33 i-fs' tl , 1121- -- 'i 'fu I - , -ZIEMBA, Fim Bare MCCONNELL, Catcher A close one at second Cdlllfllfl, 1939 Page 228 Varsit Baseball V 1 , 5- a- rl' fzef -QQ L 7 - V151 Y J ry , T- +. R :e::,,'f, J X15 . 'J 4 I. 'Ji2,m ':.,1:"" if' rf' Q W- .5'1.:fN 'la Q , l' , . ,L sv. .QA -. 'if 41 , Pncorrx, Pitcher QQ x 4. 'I' Wea 'f N ' 1 wi -.ex A, 'f . .A is My Dnncusuzn, Lejl Field if s '5 X 'f ' 5 . u Teflfls . rvigiy 1-'- 'y ,, A X ff ALEXANDER, Pitcher ,,f V ,f I , 1,1 . .lgjlt E' . :pf 7 4 1 A,,M.q Ph. ,, ,, HAPAC, CBIIIEV Field , Nm . . X ci Strike him out! H mai -2 . rj, 191, MH .. 1 5 , 1 w ur , wi'- JX Ng N I V ' ... Pamz, Sbarurop Cupiain, 1940 S , Page 229 w .1 ."g,Y , , L'-'LX WW R EXXQ. F.: X- 'AXX M K. wx-5 f l ' . iv WWF x B11 V I XXXXX I X X -. Y 'Z 'Um S 1 4' Fulk- -,-,Q . .-5 X' L X M A E- 4 H '41 . fm ,, .M -. X - U f--egg ,H qw X-. I n .f r v X r - X ..-M X. X,,.X,n " , ,..vf- . -A X X ,..::X'..j. ' X52 ,--MX.,-ff. ' ,v :L IP' -r U 4 1 5 ln ur :1 1 ' u 14 A .X u r n H x ' ' I X nv Q ul Q21 r 'sgigu X--XQX-U 1-' ' M' --a. IH if A1, mms X annum 1 islam . Ilan-Q an cv-1 an :nv onus:- nuuuu u ulllnn :.1-XX:-:EXXX X3 52.52, -XX, 1 ml ' X A 4.-11-:..ll,.,.: - . ":,5d7g3--Trtgzg-gf 1' -lZ'.1'1 3555235-qXrfs :AMX ifQX'1Xf:l1T!fzJ', w-- i1H"'z:"1 . L Q E, ... 1 f . j"' XL,5s.g,L 1-1g,f'X--w X5 -,-:,..:1 .::. '- ' X- X n--'-vwJ,G.LL1,:j3f'-n L4.i"' ' ' 1 Xa... X --. . - mfr If- - f - .-,xr-4' , gg, ,X af- V X. f .-."f4-1' - - 'iq ' ' ': -,,.:,A.3-av' -1.-X -A . 1 . Y - gg X X- MY. Ma. XX X --LKQKXXX-X. X. 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' 1,,,gX,f--ff-5--:'1-' Y-3 " He: ' . ',. Y' X112-,V-" ' -1 l-1"-7555A S5 ' ' ' ' 1., X ". ". '- 2' 5 L mfg - L" ' - 'ffl' . JA X--if, - L L.- - ll 1? ww'4lz-'sJ:L"4ksi-mm, ,em-5.1 ' f Xf' W- Lwggf -4 f .-.14 XX 5gg,XX,,X, , A ,X-. -Lu- 5553 -W-, XX-, X 5, XXX X V QXQQIXN-,5,,X.X.,X -f,,,x5.X X - - A X--. ' . - 3. --"'---1 . di .X ' -,U -X -.-- ,'.-'ff A'-if. f " :.- rf - ,X X .X - - - X - gf, rw-1 M -f. fr--. "-"-vZ13ff-' X---2-:-1' .-' -wif'-5 -. Ma 542- 'W X uw Avftfigqlzlygl-5'i"v"ssi' ,1- 'H P-A H was X, ' I 2 I-3 5- Hi? ' " ' -1 ,AX-, X .-'Y 1- gfatw Xr- X, ,XgafX. '- ' ,-gf X X . M M5533 ,:-Wi5'2Ql-'XX-"'-j-PX,-'fXX.-H fgggiXXXXw-mH',, X' I 3 X -MX W 1, NXWX XX - X Xp- XY vX,XX :sX-, X " . g , '-.:. . X ' -' -' ..- mf 1. . 1 - - - 'F' -- -1 X ' ' . XX 1 2 '- 'fX?5?1u-'V--'iifiiig' ' XX-1-'ESQ' ""U,,ff, -2 Y - Xw- -, -' gd- -U " ' - '-X" 1 XX -LL, X X, X 4-1g"iE' .-Vw JL, XX' X ' - M, ,, ...-. .N 1 , '- K 'U w I l ' ' n,,,,.- ,ffxrpr ,f UTHER V RSITY SPGRT Page 231 Varsit Wrestling may f1z,15 5' J, VX 4 4. , J 4, 5 ! Sapora Hughes Q Rath Purvin Boyd Harris Miller Kindy Kenney Hill Petry Shintani Lutz Law Berry Seabrooke Hanorn E. KENNHY Couch james W, EMMONS Capmm Page 232 Go vedare Emmons Price The Illinois wrestling team opened the season by romping over Illinois State Normal College and Morton junior College. With these two preliminaries under their belt, the wrestlers defeated Michigan at Ann Arbor. Illinois won the hrst four bouts and lost the last four, but pins by Paul Petry and jean Lutz gave them a 16-14 victory. The first defeat of the year came at the hands of the Kansas Aggies on January 17 when they lost, 18-10. A trip to Iowa between semesters brought a loss from Iowa State Teachers, ISM-IOM, and a win over Iowa State, 14W-132. On the following week-end the wrest- ling team shut out the University of Nebraska, 28-0. A triumph over the University of Iowa, 18-6, was their second conference victory. The University of Indiana, Big Ten champions, journeyed to Illinois and defeated the Illini, 20-6. A trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma ended in disaster for the Illini as Oklahoma A. and M., perennial national cham- pions, routed the grapplers, 25-3. Paul Govedare saved the Illini from total defeat. In these last two meets, the most important ones of the year, the Illini were greatly handicapped by injuries. On March 8 and 9 the conference meet was held at Purdue. Paul Petry won second at 156 pounds. In the 155 pound class Jesse Boyd was second. John Sikich was third place winner in the heavyweight division. With these points to their credit, the Illinois team tied for fourth place with Minnesota, behind Indiana, Michi- gan, and Ohio State. Varsit G mnastie Isaacson L. Pina Koehnemimn Baley Clow Linder P. Pina Eunson Gehring Jennings Giallombardo XVeiss Golde By winning a triangular meet with Carbondale Teach- ers and Minnesota, the Illinois gymnasts, 1959 Big Ten, National Collegiate, and Central States A.A.U, Cham- pions, opened a very successful season on February 10. Two days later they defeated the University of Minne- sota for the second time, 496-4785. It was joe Giallombardds tumbling that saved the Illini from defeat. A week later Iowa came and bowed to the gymnasts. The only defeat in a clual meet came at the hands of Minnesota in Minneapolis on February 22. The Illini stopped at Chicago on the way home long enough to defeat the Chicago gym team. This procedure was repeated a week later when the Chicago team came to Champaign. In the conference meet that was held in Chicago on March 8, the Illini walked away with four of the five individual titles and the second place team trophy. Harry Koehnemann won the sidehorse championship for the second year in a row. Captain joe Giallombardo was crowned tumbling champion for the third time. He also tied for first place on the horizontal bar. John Cress was triumphant on the high bar. Louis Fina took second place in the all-around competition. Joe Giallombardo, who had been all-around champion in the two previous years, was unable to compete because of a wrist injury received while on an exhibition in Memphis. This was a dark day for the Illini as they lost to Minnesota whom they had defeated twice before in the year. By a score of 1055-105 the gymnasts failed to defend successfully their title as Big Ten Champions. Field Cress Price Hiinrriav D. Pines Coach JOSEPH J. GIAI7LOMBARDO Captain Page 233 l Page 234 Varsit Swimming Sutherland Unterman Holquist Hartman Becker Waskelo Polzin Manley Watson Kurlak Wollrab Gudgeon Holmes Kloock Jensen Bradisse Kelly McKinley jones Derrig Kireilis Kirkland W7 ' 'M' H'f At the outset of the season, Coach Manley's swimming team was hurt by the ineligibility of its best prospects, Don Kienlen, jim Wollrab, and Jack Flachmann. In the opening meet at Iowa, Illinois was beaten, 64-20, Al Kirkland turning in the only win. In spite of copping live tirsts to the Hoosiers' four, Illinois lost all the sec- ond places, and thereby lost to Indiana, 47-37. Captain Bill jones shook off sickness to win the 100-yard free style. A week and a half later Illinois was host to Texas A. and M. and beat the Aggies, 45-39, for Illi- nois' first win of the season. The Illini medley team, Al Kirkland, Hank I-Iolquist, jim Wollrab, and Pete Kur- lak all took firsts in their events. Captain Bill jones was forced to quit for the season because of illness. hnwiw J. MANLEY Cond: The mermen next went to Northwestern where the Wildcats downed the Illini, 53-31, taking six firsts in the nine events. Illinois' medley team won by bettering their old mark by one-tenth of a second. Kirkland and Kurlak also won top honors for the Illini. When Purdue in- vaded our pool, the Illini swimmers whipped the Boiler- makers, 51-33, Kirkland taking two firsts, Surprise of the meet was the return of Don Kienlen, Illini diver, who won the diving event. The tankmen won their final conference meet of the season by defeating the Maroons, 43-41. Sophomore Hartman's 440-yard victory clinched the win. Kirkland, Kurlak, Kienlen, and the medley team came through with their consistent wins. Winding up the season, the Illini swimmers placed sixth, Michigan winning its eleventh Western Confer- ence swimming title in 16 years. Kurlak, Kirkland, and Wollrab placed fourth in the 300-yard medley, and Kur- lak scored fifth in the backstroke. BILLY M. JONES Captain Varsity Water Polo jones Wollrab Bradisee Unterman Kelly Kloock Derrig The water polo team dropped their opener with the St. Louis downtown Y.M.C.A., 10-2, Ed Schroeder lead- ing St. Louis with a total of six points. Billy jones and Captain Marty Unterman accounted for the two Illini goals. A month later the water poloists scored their first win over St. Louis in three years by upsetting the team, 6-4. Unterman swept over the opposition with a total of three goals. A sophomore, jack Flachmann, also showed great promise by scoring two goals. Next the water poloists completely annihilated the Hawkeye Sextet, 9-O, by the fine offensive of Bob Kelly, jones, and Unterman, and the equally capable defensive of Bill Derris, Bob Gudgeon, and Ray Kireilis. Two weeks later, the Illini trounced Beilfuss for their third win of the season, 7-33 Kelly and Unterman leading in the scoring, supported by Wollrab and Gudgeon. At the halfway mark of their season, the team nosed out Texas A. and M., 4-3. Unterman scored during the first half, Kelly whipped in two ITIOIC, and Gudgeon took care of the fourth. The Wildcats' invading team defeated the Illini by a score of 5-2, Kelly and Wollrab scoring. Four days later the Manleymen shut out Pur- due, 12-0. Unterman led the team by tossing in seven goals. Wollrab and Kireilis made the remaining scores to assure the Illini of their fifth victory of the season. The Maroons defeated Illinois, 7-5, in the last game of the season played at Chicago. Watson Flachmann Manley Schott Gudgeon Kireilis 2 ' . R A Rf -ri "yi EDWIN J. MANLEY Crunk MA1u'1N D. UN1'ERMAN C afmun Page 235 Varsit Fencing I L I :R Q.. Exif 1- X gi, ' " . - fa- ,- f 5 , fit it A Q 4 r 1 KL., 4- ' " -4, I ii . I A r ' . 1- ' Y l . . ia f . ' ' I I '. tirl X VK A I b 1 X 4 L tix: E li ' A , 1 1 - X I I , . ,. . ,P-3,-i ,Q , A s x X' . ' T 1-' 1 ,1 ff ' is f ' l 1 I 1 ' I it Stubbins Porter Knowles jackson Titus Franks Haas Lipson Boland Wilmot Davis Kraft Sawin Janus L. JACKSON Conch s RALPH A. WILMOT Capzam Page 236 On December 6 the Illinois fencers found their first prey in Wright Junior College. This victory was fol- lowed by a long rest, for not until a month later did they resume their schedule and defeat the fencers from Chanute Field in the Gym Annex. On january 12 they added another feather to their cap by downing the highly touted Fencers' Club of St. Louis. The season had progressed very well thus far, but the following day, while still in St. Louis, the Illini tasted their first defeat at the hands of Washington University of St. Louis. The Illinois fencers were defeated in their initial Big Ten combat, with Wisconsin, 9-8. The Orange and Blue fencers traveled to Chicago, where the Maroons repeated Wisconsin's performance of two weeks ago and defeated the Illini, 17-10. At Evanston the Illini tied Northwestern, 14-14, on February 17. The following week-end, Michigan State came to Cham- paign and conquered the Illini, 18-9, in their final home meet of the season. Rantoul was the setting for the last Illini victory on March 2, when they again de- feated Chanute Field. H The fencers journeyed back to Evanston for the Con- ference meet. On March 9 the Illini placed fourth in the Big Ten, behind Chicago, Northwestern, and Ohio State. Captain Ralph Wilmot won the Conference saber championship. The epee title went to Howard Boland, who will captain the 1941 team. Oral Davis, foilsman, also performed for the Illini squad in the Big Ten meet. A crowning achievement of the fencing department was the establishment of a Central Illinois division of the Amateur Fencing League of America. There are but 23 divisions throughout America, and it is through this organization that the Olympic team is picked. Q l Varsit Polo E x X I X Martin Jaeger Cole The University of Illinois polo team opened its 1959 spring season on April 8 at Auburn, Alabama. The squad consisted of Captain Frank Schaefer, Carl Croninger, Frank Garrett, jim Martin, and substitutes johnny Walker and Bob Jaeger. Major Clifford B. Cole coached the team. The competition was too strong, however, and the Illini lost two games to Alabama, 10-3, and 12-6. They came back to win from Missouri, 8-7. Their joy over the close victory from Missouri was short-lived, for, only a few days later, Alabama came to Champaign to claim two more victories over Illinois, though by closer scores, 7-6 and 7-4. On May 6 Illinois bowed to a strong Iowa State team, 9-3, but came back to beat Missouri two weeks later, 13-5. In the final game of the spring season on Military Day, the Illini easily defeated Ohio State, 10-3. Although Garrett and Croninger were lost by gradua- tion, the fall season was highly successful, for the team went through its schedule without a loss. Schaefer was again captain. The squad remained the same except for the changes mentioned, and the additions of Ken Gar- rett, Ray Peritz, and Phil Danley as substitutes. On September 50, the Illini won a close game from Missouri, 6-5, and a week later again won on a close margin, this time over Iowa State, 9-8. Iowa was beaten, 10-4, on October 14, and then the Illini trounced the Buckeyes of Ohio State in two games, 7-4 and 14-3. The final game of the fall season occurred on November 11 with Michigan State. In this game the Illini continued their fine season by winning easily and remaining un- beaten. The record of the combined spring and fall seasons was 9 wins, 5 losses. Schaefer Danley Pcritz Qi MAJOR CLIFFORD B. Coin Comb i .i FRANK J. Scmmrna Captain Page 237 Var it Golf B1 Su::1'ne:'s Campbell Patton Holstrom Hawkins Wolf Wmson W. Briowiv Comb Page 238 HERBERT R. ,PATTON Capmnz wwn Welsh Recd Usinger Eisner Mocljeska Richards The Illini golf season for 1959 was characterized by two of the most distinct upsets in the Big Ten, when the Illini scored victories against Iowa and Michigan. In the dual meet with Iowa, Captain Ralph Carlson and Herb Patton scored 70, two under par for eighteen holes, on the course at Iowa City. This was the best golf of the conference season. In the Michigan meet held on the Urbana course, Captain Ralph Carlson paired with the Michigan cap- tain, Loar, and the two matched each other with under- par golf until after the third hole. Carlson finally won the match, 3-0. The opening game of the season on April 21 was played with Detroit, the Illini winning, 12-6. Babish, number four in national amateur ratings, played on the Detroit team. Herb Patton's score in the same meet on the Urbana course was one stroke under par and the Detroit star's one above. At South Bend on April 22, Notre Dame scored a decisive victory against the Illini, 205-65. The fol- lowing week in Bloomington the Illini chalked up their second victory of the season when the Cream and Crim- son fell before the Orange and Blue, 17-10. The Illini meet with Northwestern on May 8 on the home course was a close match. Willie Thomsen, who finally won the conference meet, was the star for the Wildcats in their 15-12 win. In the Iowa meet on May 13 the Illini re- versed their last score, winning 15-12. The last two dual meets, both on the Urbana course, were Illini vic- tories, the Michigan meet, 165-72, and the Ohio meet, 19-8. On May 29 and 30 the conference meet was held at Evanston's Kildeer Country Club. North- western inished first in the meet and the Illini took sixth place. Var it Tenni Braun jones K. johnson Crain Schwarz Benson Bush H. Johnson The 1939 tennis season ended with one of the best records in Illini sports history. Coach Howie Braun built the team from virtually raw material because al- most the entire 1958 team were seniors. This successful squad was led by Harry Chanowitz, a junior. The team scored nine wins in dual meets and suffered two defeats, at the hands of the Conference meet winner and run- ner-up. The season opened with a pre-conference meet with Illinois State Normal on April 15, which was an easy 7-O victory for the Illini. In conference competition the team got off to a good start, defeating Wisconsin on April 27 with a score of 9-0 and on April 29 scoring a 7-2 win over Minnesota on the Gophers' court. On May 1 the Illini met Northwestern at Evanston and the result was a Wildcat victory, 8-1. On May 6 Iowa fell before the Illini netmen, 8-1. Two days later the second of the two Illini losses was realized when Chicago invaded the Illinois courts and won, 2-O. Illinois was the host to a four way meet, in which the Illinois netmen were successful in scoring three victories. On May 12 the Illini defeated Ohio State, 7-2. The next day the Illini defeated both other teams, winning over Indiana, 7-2, and over Purdue, 6-1. May 17 the team went to Michigan for the last dual meets of the season, scoring a 6-3 victory over Michigan State and defeating the Wolverines at Ann Arbor, 5-4. The Conference meet was held in Chicago on May 29, 30, and 31. Chicago took first honors, with the Illini placing fourth. M . Hoxxmrm J. BRAUN Cvarb X. .... a .-. f I at 5 Enom C. Jomis Capfaiu Page 239 Varsit Hockey Heyliger Falconer Lotzer Gillan Slater jaworek Stables Wliite Fieldhouse Thompson Ziembzi Mettler McKibben VICTOR HEYLIGER Coach Page 240 JOHN M. Wnrriz Captain The varsity hockey team finished its third year of Big Ten competition under the direction of their new coach, Vic I-Ieyliger, former All-American star. The totals for the year, 3 won and 11 lost, are not very impressive, but there was improvement over the previous years, for the Illini scored their first Big Ten hockey victory by beating Michigan in the final game of the season. Most of the games were lost to their new rivals, Michigan Tech, and the new national A.A.U. Cham- pion, Minnesota. Their performance against these teams, however, marks them as potential contenders for the title in the future. The Illini lost the first four games and then tightened up to defeat St. Louis by the overwhelming score of 11-0. The next two games were lost to Minnesota, 9-1 and 9-2, after which Illinois traveled to St. Louis to win easily, 3-0. After losing two close games to the more ex- perienced Michigan Tech team, 5-1 and 3-2, the Illini turned the trick by skating over Michigan, 3-0. Outstanding for the Illini were Captain White, joe Lotzer, Chet Ziemba, and Goalie jack Gillan. Lotzer, McKibben, and White led the team in scoring. Gillan displayed exceptional talent in the nets as shown by the three shutouts. Defense men Ziemba and Maurice Thompson provided much entertainment for the crowd with the rough-and-tumble, lighting spirit in their play- ing. The team will lose Wliite, Thompson, George Field- house, and "Duke" Slater by graduation, but the re- maining lettermen will be strengthened by a strong freshmen squad. 1 ,Lf Y h 1 L.:LiIJmnw4fE5MHL,:f.:,1f,,, ! :QM-,f'j Q , ' ' .' 2,-5'+'1 M 'Y .W 311: wx ' X H 'Q-53' 9 ' ' I 1 K, 1 ' u ,. cf AA- wk' ff M :iv ' X 3 jr, . , 4 4 . iii--,, " ,J LJ., u N, wg .1 -. F? 9 'K , A .H ffiqzffrrg.-g '--1 4. inn ' if .. , ,svn 4:-JHS fx . V 1:51 7 .-Lim., .'..:'g' . 4 ' -X fvffa,-6 A, '- .' --1. - AI ,Q .xt K ,., . K -gtg. I -7 H ,-, - - 'L' . ' G., - wg '. 7 7 7' - . ' -. , 1, , 14 ff I-,N ' n. f'+!Ef2iuH sw " '?,j'5'rff'?'i1 f'r""1 cyl, F lu Iv ,N .- , W., al: ,M 5 44. u w w Q a is ww:- wg. W if X, ri 1 ' n .ss 4, ' ?-im. J, f , . , x JV-'f ' qw A -f 1 35 1, igitfiiw. . N T ex 'TUNE .A Ll S I 'J .SLK ' W Q" ' wi' i E . 1 tai . H. , M Wu. .W ,-4" ,., . If INTRAMURALS "'G.',ar.. Intramural Champions Phi Delta Theta .... Alpha Tau Omega. . Theta Xi .... Delta Upsilon. . . Sigma Chi ......... Tau Kappa Epsilon. Kappa Sigma . . . Delta Tau Delta .... Sigma Nu ..... CHARLES I. K1z1.1,12R High Poizzl Man, 1938-39 FRATERNITY ' INTRAMURAL STANDINGS, 1958-39 Sigma Alpha Epsilon ......... 916 655 515 412LQ 379LQ 577XQ 537LQ 30655 286 245 Page 244 Phi Delta Theta, Intramural Champions, 1958-39 Intramural Athletic During the school year 1959-1940, the Division of Intramural and Recreational Sports was under the capable direction of Hartley Price and Senior Manager Bill Califf. Max Chapman directed the Recreational Sports while junior Managers Ken Mast and Harold Nelson were in charge of the Intramural Sports. A wide variety of sports, including basketball, ping- pong, soccer, bowling, volleyball, ice hockey, tennis, golf, water polo, swimming, and wrestling was offered to the men students of the University, so that any student 'could participate in a sport in which he was interested. The competition in group sports was divided into two leagues, one for the independents, and one for the fra- ternities. This year, independent participation in the numerous sports was increased by dividing the area near the campus into zones, so that each zone could have one independent team in each sport. Late in February the Sigma Chi's, Beta Theta Pils, Phi Delta Theta's and Alpha Tau Omega's were the leading houses in the total number of points. The Division of Intramural and Recreational Sports with the assistance of Gymkana sponsored the first annual All-University Barn Dance, which was greatly en- joyed by the student body. r-qu A, ,f-Mfg: . ' lit' y - - - I xx 2,,:fiE :l-1 , r 1, I A KENNITIH E. MAST junlm' 1'llumzger.f I'lAROl.D G, N12 Lsox I-IA1z'r'Li3Y D. Pmcla Direrlar 'vi , . Q -Q N.. ax. ,, . . Qt, 'ff5F'!.if2ff? A J. WlI1.1.IAM CALIFF Senior Manager 4? Wlelch Carlcn Handtrnann Wlieeler Fmiley Muller Grant johnson Moses Schmidt Page 245 Intramural Champions x , U, Y Phi Delta Theta Softball Champions Phi Sigma Kappa Baseball Champions SPRING 1939 Ping Pong, Singles, . . . ,........ Birch, Nezwmzlz Hall Ping Pong, Doubles ..... .... C min-Bixhopv. I vzdependezzlx Team Wrestling ....... ,......... 5 igma Phi Epxilon Basketball "A" League. . . Basketball "B" League .,... . . . . Independent M.I.D.A. League .... .........,Phi Della Them . . . .Phi Gamma Della ........lVhile Lodge Campus League ............. .................. 5 O4 Cluh Handball, Singles. . . .... ........ 1 lflalhin, Zen: Bela Tau Handball, Doubles .... .,.. M yerxr-Malkin, Zeln Bela Tan Swimming ......... ............ A lphn Thu Onzeg.-z Tennis, Singles .... ...... D ehner, Alpha Tun Omega: Tennis, Doubles .... . . . .l,renh11rg-Ozzfen. Izldepenzleazli' L, 1 ' Ai, mwhvxx k Horseshoes, Singles .................... Keller, Phi Della Them Horseshoes, Doubles ...... Peterson-Plageman. Tau Kappa Epfilon Baseball .........,.. ..................... P hi Sigma Kappa Softball ............ ..... .... P h i Della Theta Free Throw, Team ....... ., ......,..,... Phi Della Theta Free Throw, Individual. . . .... Dehner, Al phd Tim Omega Track .............. ,........ K appz: Alpha Psi Archery .... Golf, Team . Golf, Singles .... Water Polo. . . .Czimerg Izzdepelzdefzt . . . .Phi Delta Them . . . . . .Th0m:z.r, Zela PJi . . . . .Alpha Tau Omega Page 246 Alpha Tau Omega Water Polo Champions Sigma Phi Epsilon Wlrestling Champions Intramural Champion Phi Delta Theta Soccer Champions Delta Chi Softball Champions F A L L I 9 3 9 Softball .............. ......, D ella Chl Golf, Singles . . . ........ Buzich Softball, Independent . . . . .... Herdy-Gerdy Golf, Team ..... . .Benz Them Pi Track .............. ........... S igmfz Chi Turkey Run .... ..... B ailey, Pickett Tennis, Singles. . . ............. Bond, Bela Them Pi Bowling . . . ..... Sigma Chi Tennis, Doubles .... .... I IEll!7IlI'g-Obefillllll, Ifzdeperzdefztx Soccer .... . . Phi Della Them BCM Them Pi Golf Ch1mPi0U5 Sigma Chi Bowling Champions Page 247 HONORARY MEMBERS G mnastica-G mkana Troupe i I' f 1. fsilils -2:-A " Q. ,. I ' .ir N' i El Fafnlded, 1933 Alpha Chapter University of Illinois T0 promote and Ifzaifzffzizz L'07Z.l'fI'llL'liZ'?lJf and affirtimlly :nz interefl in gyflzrzafticy FACULTY ALPHEUS M. JENNINGS, M.S. HARTLIQY D. PRICE, A.M. CHARLES R. KovACIC, B.S. ALLEN V. SAPORA, B.S. WINSOR W. BROXVN LESLIE E. CARD CUR'I'Iss CREIGHTON CECIL V. DONOVAN I'IEI.IEN EADES ADELIZ A. BOVUMAN PAUL L. BUTLER JOHN M. CRIESS, JR. LOWELL O. CUMMINGS JOHN W. DALLENBACH GEORGE C. FANNINC DAVID A. FIELD JOSEPH J. GIALLOMRARDO F. JANETTE COBB MARY J. DOYLE EUGENE P. ELDRIDGE EDWARD S. EUNSON LOREN B. FELT PAUL-E. FINA .HOBERT F. FISHER, JR. JOHN GRARLE, JR. BRUCE R, FOOTE CHARLES R. FREDERICK SEIELEY JOHNs1'oN MARIA LEONARD GIZRTRUDE L. PALMER IRENIZ D. PIERSON MRS. HARTLEY D. PRICE WALTER L. ROOSA MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM J. GOLDE ROBERT P. GRUENBERG DELMAR W. HUSMAN DIxoN B. KIEYSER RIENARD A. KOEHNEMANN HOWARD G. LARSEN FRANK W. LINDIZR HAROLI3 A. LOURET LOUIS A. HANSIEN ELIZABETH L. HAYES VICTOR C. HOEFNER, JR. WILBUR J. HOEL, JR. JANET HORSTMAN RICHARD I.. HUGHES FRANCES E. JOHNSON DONALD L. KELLY Seniorf FORREST H. MADES MARY E. MCCARTY PAULA J. MCNAMARA FRANCES G. QUIRKE ZORALUCILE RAYL HELEN L. SCHAEIIER J. PHILIP SIVERT jfmiorf DONALD L. KIENLEN HARRY E, KOEHNIZMANN DOROTHY J. KUHNS ICSEPHINE S. LEHMANN EMMALOU MARLIN CAROLYNE E. MEYER DOROTHY M. MILLER EILENE J. MUNCIE EDWARD E. STAEIIORD SEWARD C. STALEY FREDEFIC B. STIVEN WENDELI. S. WILSON JOSEE F. WRIGHT R. JEANNE SODIZRSTROM LEO T. TIBENSKY VIRGINIA W. VARNEX' IRENE D. WACH FREDERICK C. WAGNER RAYMOND A. WEISS HlEl.I3N G. WOSNUK JOSEPH F. ZARISH HELIEN A. OEHLER EDGAR E. PARKHURST JACK C. RICHMOND MARY K. SMILEY THOMAS G. STAFFORD THEODORE B. TAYLOR EDITH J. WIEDLING EUGENE WILLIAMS 35-C iif Isuzu Eldrid c Cummings Finn Eunson Hughes Williams I Butler Fisher Tiiensky Kelly Stout Macles Husmzm R, Koehnemann Linder A Kxenlen Quirke Staiford Horstman Hoefner McNamara Richmond Miller Felt Smiley Zarish Schaefer Field Doyle Cress Marlin Parkhurst Johnson Golde. . Price Lehmann Weiss Soderstrom H. Koehnemann Vnmey Giallornbnrdo Cobb Gruenberg WlCdllHg Page 248 G mkana Y'-512'-' ' HARTLEY D. Piucn Dirermr , -' Era. rl , , illlll ' T " ' 'lf' -:.-lj' ' 1' ff 1 rl A if "- i 'W' V . w i.jQi .. RAYMOND A. Wiriss R. JEANNIE Somznswom G'em'ml 6blIl1'lllf'lI Production Committee and Committee Chairmen for "Smoke Rings" The Fifth Annual Gymkana entitled "Smoke Rings" under the direction of Hartley D. Price was acclaimed a great success by the 5500 specta- tors who enjoyed the Radio City type of entertain- ment. The General Women's Chairman was Helen Sheets, and Robert Gruenberg was the General Men's Chairman. The first show was dedicated to the Intramural Champions, and the repeat perform- ance was dedicated to the Illini Mothers. The out- standing acts of the shows were the Bronze Acts, the Adagio Dancing, the Gymnasts, and the Folk Dances. The Costume Contest depicted "Fashions on Parade." The award was won by Frances TRAVELING TROUPE '1 x- 'M 1 xx T51 , . U X :ly .Q an '- Q l i 'ji if wiulw Y l Weir. QU 1 K, -M x ,, 255. 5 i is gs 3 Q23 v L I Roumvr P. Gkumsmnno MARX" E. McCAri'rY Senior' Mazmgeri L. Fina Eldridge Guide Bziley Parkhurst P. Finn Hughes Cress Schaefer Romer Taylor Wlieclling Keyser Kuhns C. Cobb Powell Keil Olsen Mell johnson Horstman jelovsek F. Cobb Ginllomharclo Soderstrom Gruenberg Price McCarty Wfeiss Doyle Page 249 G mkana Activities Olympic Callisthenic Routine Angell. The Gyml-:ana Best Trouper awards were won by Arlene Green and Ray Weiss. The Uni- versity Orchestra under the direction of Professor Walter L. Roosa, Andy Hanson's band, and the Gymkana Piano Team, Arlene Green and Paula Lain, played for the show. Gymkana has continued to broaden its horizons. Some of its enlarged activities have been coordinated with the Intramural Department to present the First Gymkana Piano Team, Mell-Miller Annual Barn Dance, the First Annual Intramural Festival, and the Turkey Run. Along Pageantry lines, Gymkana has given to the football season, the Court of I-Ionorg to the track season, the opening and victory ceremonies at the Indoor Relay Carnivalg and to all sports, Kia-Kana has been established to wel- come all visiting athletic teams. Gymkana received much national publicity during the current year. Mary Ellen McCarty was chosen as Won1en's Shirley Keil Page 250 Mary jean Olson and Fred jeluvsek G mkana Activities Helen MrDancls Senior Manager, and Robert Gruenberg was selected as Men's Senior Manager. Jean Soderstrom and Ray Weiss were selected as Men's and Women's General Chairmen for coordination between the managers and performers. During the first semester of this year, the Gym- kana Traveling Troupe gave some outstanding per- formances at Pontiac, Ottawa, Taylorville, and Car- Framing the Gymlcana Honor Emblem lyle. Between semesters the Troupe went to Memphis, Tennessee, and performed at the Hotel Peabody and the Orpheum Theater. Five other road trips will be made during second semester. The home show this year Will be held May 3 and May 18. In lieu of the Athletic Association abandoning the Student Circus, the Gymkana Organization will stage a performance to replace this Circus on May 18. Exhibition Ballroom-The Grcenwells Caron Cobb Shirley Kell Page 25 l i I xv, Interscholastics , , Friday, May 19, 1939, marked the opportunity for sev- eral thousand high school students from all parts of Illinois to witness, and to compete in, the forty-fifth annual State Interscholastic Track and Field Meet. During Friday, pre- liminaries were held in almost every sport represented, four state records were set, and one national mark equalled. New Trier of Winnetka led the held, followed by York of Elmhurst and Evanston, second and third, respectively. On Saturday, the supreme test came. York, led by high scorer Freeman, won the state track title with a total of 22 points. Freeman gained ten points for York by shattering It I the previous discus throwing record and by tossing the shot to tie his new record, established the day before. A new 120 yard high hurdles record and a new record in the javelin event were established. New Trier placed second with Morton of Cicero third. Farmer of Proviso tied Free- man for individual honors. In the evening, the week-end was climaxed with the annual Interscholastic Circus, featuring a collegiate flying- return trapeze act, Bill Golde's "iron jaw" performance, a perch-pole act, tumbling, and the all-important fraternity sideshows. Page 252 soma HX gl I .' PLL., 'I-V ,An-, ACTIVITIES f 1 V A y-V1 V Vg, 1V in ' -if wif.. , V51 vw 2 VVVV' 'W' Wai, I .-I 4 ,3 3 M 1 sl 2 9 4 V VVV ima. V. -.- VV .VV y . ' P- f- - -VVVV ' fivf.-L-. V V Y V 3 - - N2 , Q, -VV. - V. jf ,q?fm'En,fVVV3.Vl3VV. :Vs V VV: as . Vx Q.: VVQQVV'-.QV L V . R' ,V .Va--Vg V:V,,,- , V V..,. 1 . . F V9 1.4.2, V 1. V ,1 V ' V , Q 1 :J V T .Q FVV- ,VVEAVV . -VQVVVV :Z my V! VVV- W sf 15551 , iii? nz- ' - , VV A -5 - ' f '. -3 . -- , V .V VV. fi.. Q -1 un ' QV. JV - Z . M HV . Vw V VV -.V VV V . - W SE-f ES? if f .g V S3 ,W V2 VVV VV Q - M M Vg . VVV 1 ' J - f V Q. , VVVV Q V N ,d . VV VV1 , V. Q.. V , . ,, L P 5 Q V, VE VVV :Viz H QV sg 21.-.G V, VV -E ' V .V V ' , 5 . VVV V 1? .SV :V E V K5 V- 5 -,-V - sag VVV , VV Q VVV 5 F if Vf Q35 W- HZ SZ VV . . -VV . .fu V M - . 21 I Z-5 QV-wzfffaii' ggi: 3 :V V. V , .Va V2 VV - . ,X V VVV,V V- V. XX 2, sr' ' - i f 1T'f, ' X5 " VV -gp-ef . Q V s' -Ha' A if - X yrv-.4 . 'V VJ... :WLS 'r ' B7-9- V - .",.WQf'..'f-M" ,l'-'iffy-Q-1.-5 VV, if Q - - - - V- ,V-'VE-1" VV Q .,V!'lrf!W1H3b. ' 4 - Q1-VM -V .V -AA . s.V - 'JM U V 7,1 A..-.. Vi i M5 My- . S F-x....f: M -V VV . by iw --QV, , V. V3 - 3255 ' 41' V f VV .... fs? ff V K 'MV -' V J'-QV: '. V- ffEV?.lV?L's.-V -9- 'iii'-13. VF' " ig? 2.3351 V. I y V Jw GQVVVQQQ f V5-1" 4.33" -. 7..t-Q, iVs'i?Q -Va :JV KV. :fu f. V.: L+ XV. .W Q12 V. , ' 'LH Z' ibn! E. VV V- -' .Q-f '55, 53.3241 qVVV1 - ' -,Vp Eng. VV -V . 14 -, -VV' , -" VV V.-ff Vg. - jf VV- . V51 -1-V V VVV VVV ,E se, 1 VY, ff. u ,, 4 VV-V -2 VV .W W :V .V-'VrV3f Y V ' My Y 5 7 K "i'1 5 B' . ' fs 'fl-lffiz' V V -. . A VVVV t . 1? . V X X , VV ,S 7 W iff' R .. V V A ' a. 'Q' , L M S .1 V? SVVV W M 'df -QV V - gs, , . V Q X S W :VV 246. VV 4' V is VV V 4 A V 4 -ak . V - M. ' V 5 Vg'-VV., -' - ,U 19:5 ijfifbz EH :V M ' -J' :"- tm-V 1. L J , -91 Vy?"Q,'Y'11g1S-g5flV,i'.e53,f31 4 V .3 I K ik V 5 - -i 2 ' f V - - ' , 1 QL VV. ' 'L V Q-V V V -- V V , .V if ' VV VV -1. - N I VV, r r W -V V- V V - I ' 'V-.11-'.' -V V , Q, VV Xia? uv. D3 , ., I H V' . -V, ' V , jg: '-V-uh: -'xi - 4 N 2 V K Gs 'V V, V Ve, - A " ff 3 M , X2 -I Via ,Vw K,-' xgif fl' ,-1- XV 'V'V ' 3 ' W, ,H F? Qfsff' 'V, vzef , 5 gxfza-Cnzzicnfaz Qvlclfiviiiegl Ulf Jzziw- CAMPUS LEADERS STUDENT ADMINISTRATION UNIVERSITY WOMEN PUBLICATIONS SOCIETY STAGE AND CONCERT MUSIC MILITARY EVENTS OF THE YEAR 7 ff "-by A A X X B :Z 6, W .,X 1 , , 3 X 5 1 ' XX 1 1 X -H QXXX X X X E X :X- E059 XXXXXXXX X X Vi YN In E Ai . XXXX qw 5 fa X 5 L, ,,,. XI Xir .J af X33 .X ,,.. ,-ggg XXX, -X R2 ,,, 2 "zzz XXXMXXXX X51 - Xp A -.X X :XXXXXX ,,, gn X XX . Xe AXXXX U, X, QM X .., 1 31 1 fm S MM jXX, , X 1 lf Y Y E: ,X Xa 222 X if X X f' XXA 52 H , X S: ff: ,X ,XX -:XXX PA XX ,, M - Q J' me 'Q in X' N' ,X ,, XX ,, X: L X X QX. XXX X. .XXX " XXX 5' fa -sf an .gg X We ig VE? ,j :XXX W 2 I , X, X X :ZZ .. :XXX :XXX - -- sX..s55-2 5,3 E Xa-' 2255 .V N uf H ik .X Ti? E X gg '-:XXX X, XXX' ii 4 E. T 4 .. ., .XX X ,E 5 Z K XXX fm X. E Q wP512'if'l1E.-X" 4 ff' 55 'WL' ,.w"2sr .fix ,. -If" 7 .V , K, X If ,Sl XXX? M X .::?f255?X X.. X XX Q ,Xb -1 f. i XXXXX ,X ff 'EX-X usa: 3 55, '35 :XXX 3 X X JX X-M Zia-,- KX XX XX 5? .Z-1. HEX EE 1-XX Y? 7 ,..,X 3 . -N ,ff X XXXX f . ,ff f 1 lf, . .ek ,W .X 3X H XX X X X XXX Z, X, A 4 f .ANTQ Y X X X X X f .wk fam ,X, .. .,,. ., ,XX XJ' rx' .XX as :ls1+Xg'gX XXXXXX W. Lkiw wif -X,XXaXX,wMX, ,,,.x, X W yi, , ,X 3. 5, XX? 1521? 1 ,ff EX ffl if 'ZX 4 X 3, .Q X 1 X ,fx ,WX X.. . W 22 i S Q' . 3. XX .im W QXXX P nag X X X if 2224, Ls' 2' X, Mui- , .XX X X X I X ffl gif: tif! L17 75523 ig- -Q. Xxx XXX., XXX " 5 EX, XX Z WX in ,211 5- -, tw If 5 XX, V ' 45 Xf?QxmmmQ,wXfiQ 2 X X '- ' "32'JE-L'f:"'a'iT'- 'X."??i X X , , ,N X . 12 :EX HQ l 1 f X f ? X- v ,XXX g3,g.f,:,gXXX2agj'Q X .X K XX ,i fi . i' L' ff ' X v X we :sw XX X51 is mx XXX i x Xi ag mg. X- 52.9 xg X2 at X L Xgw X MH: we 'XXX ,XX.1XXMaXE - X' , . ig? Ss-' , 215214-f " if ms' 2 QgXXfIXXE',f'jEi fa? X3 XXXW. X V ff , X2 'gif' M :qu WXXXwgT:g3 WXXX 'S' my XXX5Q'iX.ggXLQg X 1 WX "'Xf:X' .XgXXX'sX2 UE ' :ff XXXXX13 Xeff- I XXXXX5 . xxggffa X ,XXX sv XXXXXXXQQVXX3 Af: QSJXXENQ.-'Q?1w,f5X'i,,if'Q X X ,, Q, ' 'iii' :' " N XXX" 'M 35:55 X XXXQQX . 'asf XX? XXX XX ei, ' E F - 1' , U X X 25555525 , , X :XXX 1 - I X ,Q is X ,, X ,XFX CAMPUS LEADERS l 7, , ,, ,. 1 iw 3? vgg In-pw .51 :11 'WY TOM IWAYHILL Editor, Daily Illini --mf GLORGIL BRlS'l OVC" President, Stuc.lcnt-Alumni Association 46 ROSEMARY BEST Senior Ref-rcscntntivc, Whnmnls Langue ADELINI2 SCHPOK XVonmn's Manager, Star Course BILL LENICH lvlosl Vzlluaxlvlc Football Player vfze- 12 J.,-uf W, ,,.i. A r l l i n L at , D, 'ff 1 0 ,R 'if- I , 4-pw U,-' -, Egg +1 f -Ei ei!! E:- f,, W g Q. T 3, x, ., y fi il Y ' I , . N ' , A kj 'ww I 4: 3 5 QQ" T T' ,, is .5 av , v ERS LE U gs' X - il 1 c l . fr?" 'gf SJ 1 . A f E' 1 . ' ki 'WN 1 SN L Q . .J J 'K , , X , at I W N me if T 'K BILL HAPAC Bzxekcibnll Captain, All-American Forward xi, 1. 7: DAN ANDRIZXV Mzmngcr, Star lfuursc DEAN SXVIFT Iiditor, The Illio I' v5,,":- Xa- vue. W fir: ' A . LHARLOTTE HERIVIAN President XV A A A NNA LO UISE ALLEN XVumgm's Busincsw Mzmngcr, Dx' ' Lily lllm x --ww X ,nw if ,f E XIX? fi 1 X. T u f -- . kfisf , '11 - :DJ w '..',::.f.-rm 1 x , uv. M: , 1 M, ,uQ51+ I P' ' ' Ajggfh 3j4::k!" W, 3 5 .uf . -,dmflim U M: I ' ' , Uv. . sig -. -1 .1 ' 5' 1 ,L V , .5M',. . 1-A511 .nw w Z 4 .J Y, N- H .Q . H, W ,L :Q Viv.. ,mg My E mmf H , Q ng V 16" D 1 1 I F' In E 1 r RS A WMS - 'f2'i'7:"L M," 'Ti"fi'e?i11 'fkllikf' -W , , it,:wh5qJy EgWgL5,,,wJ,5!i,yw:?.!i'!!. -wg f K5 ,JM ' -v X M, U ' "m4'1'u'NN ...QQ .e ,,..'5ig': , , YJ,1,,i-ul -.xl.'?f- QSM , '.,gswQf.. V :saw gf V 1, 'EW 3' A ' V Jw , Huw. , ,M ,593 ,, W' H . Amg, 5 -, v vg . . i - - J w r 15 ffl E EE: '55, I w s 1 ,gzsagsfs ww H - AS! U TEV 3 Q, 1 lA A gf' I , 5 l, ,4 ,-'.,g.r If . K '1 f Y if J 1 ,fu .Ji fffz: JIM REEDER Football, All-American Tackle STAN TAYLOR Student Government BETTY ANN STEXVART President, W.G.S. BETTY WOLCOTT' W0xnan's Editor, Daily Illini JOE GIALLOMBARDO Gym Captain fu XM l X ...-7 51'- if -4 .rr 5 ,J-' , qs.-2. in . I ,W mg!-f""" .., DICK GILBERT .f . 'MWM sf: , MP. 1 'g ,, W 3 f l ' .4 ag!! . .X ,,: f, M, V Y ' , f TN ,I l 'll ' A , f 55 I- V , M G.. A x, H N , f lg 1 MEI. BREWER A J '74 Football Captain .r' -J ' f" ' I . f-"P" ,J-'!w'lPr1'w r'v ' 5. ""f""' 'A ' 'IT' gf,t: , '?,lL,7gfjf,:,5g, ' It Jlnl ' Track Ivlanagcr CHUCK S'I'EXVAR'l' Prcsidcnl, Senior' Class, Second Scmcstcr 41 2'5" 'M " wr an ?Q2gil'm.u W. Qu ESP il ' ff 1 . ga, - if ' izqem T H , J. .ll 'EM PEG VANIMAN Prexiulcnt, Y.XV.C.A, RUTH SMYKAL President. XVuman's League , H LE D ERS X , 1, ,A if N ly- 5: 1211 . --43' r! u 1. I ,, ig, 4 1.11 ZfL.f'E,1,r 1, if , ' . -, 4 :ff n J V... , , V , 1, n 415, . Q X- ff. Q r 3- E 5 1 ,.. 1 N HI v.,r.-nf V, P. -A -. V - kv rf , 'wil IVJQI1 li PI 'f r 1 JJ 1 gk 5 . , 5411 -givffw r -., 1 H , fi he , N w - I . J 2 .Q s . L 5 ' K I i y gmt? ' U .- qu W' I K ,,x S S.. 0 'qua Q sf J X sqjfxi' L 1, V 1 x, f , . R, A ,J , 'NA QQ'-4. Q. f,Q,j-1 L-' Q Qfirb' ,, K 7. Q',,,-ff , .wwf ,.. UF X f 1' M al " V , 'EXC' , 1 , 2365, x I i 1 l ,. ll M Q Im! ' 1 sm . A 42- A A A ,--1-S-. ' , L W, -fn? t "x W ' 'n 1 i' 1 7, ' . X ,, 3, ,. A 1' s -r' K X STUDENT ADMINISTRATION Pug tudent Senate Stewart Bittermnn XVALTER T. MOREY Mifhaelsen Prefidem FACULTY ADVISERS HAROLD W, BAILEY, Ph.D AIINIQR R. KNIQI-IT, M.S., E.E. STUDENT OFFICERS WALTER T. MOREY .................,................. ...... P mifimr NORMAN G. BITIRRIIIAN ..... Vife-Prefidunr MAIIH' S. STEWART ......... ..... S erretnry RICHARD H, MICHARLSEN .... .... T reamref DAN E. ANDREW HRLIQN C. BIERCHER BENNETT I. BIQRMAN NORMAN G. BITTIERMAN BEVERLIE C. BRIGGS MARY J. CoRNs GEORGE H. DUNN KAYE H. GALI.OW'AY MEMBERS ESTHER A. HAuP'rIfI.I2Isc:H LOUIS A. HALIPTFLITISCI-I CI-IARLOTTE A. HIZRMAN FRANCES E. JOHNSON CHARLES E. IVLKHA AITNER J. MARTIN, JR. R. THOMAS MAYIAIILI. RICHARD H. MIcIwIAI2I.snN CECIL A. MOYIER, Ph.D WALTER T. MOREY LEIF E. OLSIIN BERNICE L. OLSON MARY S. STEWART RUTH E. SMYKAL STANFIIELD S. TAYLOR JOI-IN T. TRUTTER MARGARET' J. VANIMAN Page 270 Mayhill Taylor Dunn L. Hauptfleisch Morey . Michaeisen A Maha Olsen Bercher Herman Vaniman Smykal Olson E. Hauptiicxsch Brnggs Martm Universit Dance Committee MEMBERS Smwifinrn S. Tfwron, Chai:-mm Bizvuauia C. BRIGGS Lotus A. HAUvTFi.ialscH ABNIER j. MARTIN RUTH E, SMYKAL JOHN T. TRUTTIQR V. JAMES HAAIPTON Imzwn D. Pnznsow Bl'ZN'IAMIN F. Tmmoxs The University Dance Supervision Committee, composed of five students chosen by the Student Senate, one student and two faculty members chosen by the Student Affairs Committee, and a member of the Dean of Men's staff, is the administrative body for all general university social func- tions. Novelty ideas, special activities, and all other phases of student-managed dances are left in the hands of indi- vidual dance committee members with the Supervision Com- mittee retaining final control. The Committee supervises the printing, issuing, collection, and auditing of tickets, patron and complimentary ticket lists, and the distribution of invitations and complimentary tickets. Approval of the date, place, and budget of proposed general university social functions must be secured from the Committee before fur- ther steps may be taken by dance committees. The broad powers given the Committee enabled it this year to bring under its jurisdiction several new and novel functions, such as barn dances and carnivals. In addition to these new features, the Committee supervised all college STANrfI15LD S. TAYLOR C bairnmn and class dances, organization dances such as the Military Ball, and other student social aHairs. In order to expedite future work of the Committee, rather extensive records are being prepared and maintained this year. Copies of each dance program, along with prices, photographs of decorations at various dances, written sug' gestions of dance chairmen, and complete financial reports, are kept on file for easy reference. Again this year, the Committee awarded all decorations' contracts to students, on a semester basis, and reports and statements of these indi- viduals form another source of reference. Witli the opening of the Illini Union Building next year, the University Dance Supervision Committee will have to meet new problems and situations. Tentative plans have already been worked out by this year's Committee. It is the hope of the members of the 1939-40 Committee that the or- ganizations activities, unique since no other student body has such administrative power, will be further broadeneclg for only in this manner may the interests of the student body be properly served by other students. '?L li Martin Pierson Timmons Trutter Brigg s Hauptlieisch Smykal Hampton Taylor Page 271 Illinois Union Ronrm' P. -Gxzurzwruznc LEW E' OLSEN P"5'4Wlf"" Fiigrl Vice-Preiidezll X P' L j" i f , wr 1,11 ff! , X I Bell Staliord Finfrock Felt Fisher Brown O F F I C E R S ROBERT P, GRUENBERG .......... ..... .,..,......... P 1 -eridenr LEIF E. OLSEN .......... .......... F iff: Vire-Preridenl JOHN J. MOHAN .......... .....,.... S ecand Vire-Preridefil RANDOLPH P. Honrscr-mn .... ..... P ferirlent, Board of Dinfcmrr LAWRFNCIQ J. Fmrnocx ..... .... 5 erremry, Beard of Dirermrr Enxwmn J. Fiimsxf ......., ..... T reururer, Board af Direcfarr Enxxmnn E. STAFFORD .......,,... .............,. B fuinen Aimmger ILLINOIS UNION CABINET Roimnr H. Buoxww ...., ........... H nmecaming Woonroxv W. KOELLING ..... ..... U uifm 11702.12 Lonmv B. Frau' ..... ........... D arf: Day Aimnn J. MARTIN ..,...... ......... B owling Romani' F. Fisunn .... .... P opulariry Contest: Josmfn Srrmnrno .,.. ..... 1 Mmm-el Shaw PAUL A. Fuuxrm' ..... ., ..... .....,..... S mm Shaw BERT J, WUELLNIZR ............... .,.... .,..............., P e p Rnllier The Illinois Union was founded in 1909 by Edmund james, then president of the University. His idea included a center for University life among men, a place where men could meet and mingle in comradeship, where factional and sectional lines should not be recognized nor drawn, and where a spirit of broader comprehension of men's nature should increase. The purpose of the Illinois Union, according to its con- stitution, is "to promote Illinois spirit and loyalty by all i r 1 Martin Steinberg Koelling Page 272 possible means, and activities, especially ational center for I to foster all legitimate forms of student by the maintenance of a social and recre- llinois men and women." Membership is open to every male undergraduate student in the University and today the Illinois Union is the largest activity organization on the campus, supervising in coopera- tion with the Woman's League most of the major activity events of the school year. V ii I aw 4 A ' '- V Ja. A .:.:'. -I lf, If -.V Furkert Wuellner Goodwine Illinois Union JOHN J. MOHAN Serum! Vlcv-Prefnienl if I, Filbey Palmer Hudelson RANDOLPH P. Ho EI.scHIaR Pre.rin'er1l, Barzrz! al Di1'er1or.r , 1.51.5 i-" 1, . M., . In-g l H , ' . K 5 F ' If ' Scnvill Knight Stephens ILLINOIS UNION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Family EDWARD J. FILBEY AENIHR R, KNIGHT GLIEYN GOODWINE WILLIAM G. PALMER RANDOLPH P. HOELSCHER HIRAM T. ScovII.L ROBERT R. HUDlEl.SON CARL STEPHENS Smdentr HERBERT W. BELL RICHARD A. BINFIELD RAYMOND D, FRENCH WILLIAM J. HAPAC Student members exert sole control over the activities of the organization, the government of which is vested in a board of directors, consisting of one representative from each major college in the University, one oliicer of the Alumni association and three members of the University faculty. The greatest activities of the Illinois Union are Home- coming, Dads Day, The Stunt Show, The Minstrel Show, and Union Week. Since 1923 the Union has paid the ex- penses of the University Football band for two or more off- campus trips each year. The Union also sponsors a Guide EARLE F. HEFFLEY RICHARD J. NELsoN KEITI-I L. PFUNDSTEIN Service for visitors, a Freshman-Sophomore Counsellor Service to encourage new men to participate in extra-cur- ricular activities, dancing classes for beginners and inter- mediates, movies of out of town and home football games, huge pep rallies and torchlight parades, billiard exhibitions by national and world's champions, and regular week-end and special dances at Bradley Ballroom, namely April Fools' and Leap Year dances. In addition the Illinois Union pro- vides Gymkana with its general chairmen. The Illinois Union also puts out an activity booklet for incoming fresh- men and transfer students. i I gg. M. - 2 -' "N 'Il V 'glti' f' f Binfleld Hapac I-Ieflley Nelson Pfundstein French Page 273 Homecoming 1 BETTY J. MCDAVID WU7l1L'l7,J Geneml Cbnirnmn 'LIZIF E. OLSEN Senior Mvn'J C'bal1'mar1 " 'Va A " a 4"'l,.,ox9 J: " Y J a 1 " ' f 1 3153-'1,.' N Dorsey Grant Drone Sonnenberg Fuller COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN LEIF E. OLSEN ,...... ....,.............,........ S enior Menir Cbfzimmu BETTY J. MCDAVID ...,. ...... ...,.... W U mz'n'.f General Cbnimmn ROBERT H. BROWN ..... ...,....,........... J unior Mezir Clmirmfzn JAMES H. FELT .... .. ..... Publicily ..... ........ L ors R. FULLER JOHN A. LEIFHEIT. ...... .. Arwmmadalinm . .,..... HELEN M. ASHLEY Ronmrr E. GRANT ..... .... B ndger .... ........ M Anv M. BLAKE JOHN C. MARTIN, Jn. .... .. Rvginmrion ...CHARLOTTE L. CONRAD CHARLES VVAYNE ..... .. Awurdf .... WINIFRED L, Donslw EUGENE P, SONNENBERG. ., .... . Reunion .... ..... K ATHRYN R. DRONE Given full measure of enthusiasm by a 16-7 Illinois victory over a powerful Michigan team, one of the larg- est Homecoming crowds in recent years enjoyed a two days celebration on the Illini campus. Festivities ranged from a pep rally and snake dance prior to the game to the Student-Alumni dance Saturday evening. Various class reunions were also held after the football game. Phi Kappa Sigma, Zeta Tau Alpha, and Meyers Club were the respective winners in the fraternity, sorority, and M.I.D.A. divisions of the annual decorations con- test. The Skull decorations depicted an Illini "Maginot" line which, proved an impenetrable barrier to the Wol- verines, while Zeta Tau Alpha showed Torn Sawyer whitewashing a Michigan fence. The grim scene from Alcatraz brought top honors to Meyers Club. Another important feature was the Illinois Union- Woman's League stunt show, which presented thirteen group and inividual acts to a receptive audience. . . I 4' I 5 will I ,V -r ll i " - ':" 1-'f I f ' 3' P -1 Ashley Felt Blake Martin Conrad Brown Page 274 Dads Da JOHN ,I. MOHAN Svnmr Murfr Chairman CARLYNE B. Srrmuss IVamen'.r Geneml Chanvmm . . , ' l Y I, . .A . . . - . Grant Fee Lucado Samisch Malmberg Felt COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN JOHN J, MOHAN ..... CARLYNE B. S1'RAUss...,. Lonsx: B, Fmxr ..,... MARY H. MCANLIS. .. HELEN O, MALMBEIQG. Manx' E. O'CoNNoR.. HELEN D. Smcicuousn ....... Donormf M. Fins .... ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Senior Neff: Clmirmafl . . Publicity . . .. . . . BISRTRAM R. BROXVNSTEIN fll'L'IlI7IllI0llll1i0l7f . . . W'of1le11'5 Garland Cbaimmll . .junior flltilyf Cbairmfm . ...... ROBERT E. GRANT Tugx ...........DONALD W. LINDBIERG . Regimvztimz . .. Progrfum .. Reporir , . . I . .... G. MYRON Smmscn ., . .Romanr H. Wns'rco'r'r ......JAMES S. Lueaoo : an v . .ent . I The Illinois Union and Woman's League helped over 5,000 students entertain their Dads on November 11. A big program including campus tours, flower show, military show, water carnival, a play, "Our Town," and dance were all planned to show "the men who pay" a good time. The Dads Day Committee also gave a traveling kit to the Dad that traveled the farthest for this event. Another traveling kit was given to the father who has had the most children in the University. The Illinois-Wisconsin game also added increased enjoy- ment for the Dads. The Fighting Illini beat Wisconsin in 1 close, exciting, game by a score of 7-0. Ma Q i . 'r I I V JM. K Lindberg Stackhouse Brownstein O'Cnnnor Westcott Page 275 Mothers Da I-Ir1,D.x M. LIVENGOOD Wmzzerff CbdIl'7Ild71 COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN HILDA M. LIVENGOOD. . . . ........ . .. . ..... .. . . ..... Women? Chairman DONNA L. BREHM -..... , .... Arcofrmladalianr HELEN E. Farsi! ...... JEAN E. GRAHAM ......,. DOROTHY M. HADDENHORST. M.-xnjonuz A. LYON ....... PIusc11.1.A E. MANN .... During the first week-end in May, the University of Illinois celebrated its annual Mothers Day. Several hun- dred mothers arrived on the campus Friday evening to be present for the annual Inter-Sorority Sing sponsored by Shi-Ai. Saturday was a busy day for mothers, the main event being the Annual May Day Procession on the Quad- rangle. The May Day Queen, escorted by members of the Military Council, led the procession toward the steps ofthe Auditorium. Members of Torch with their orange scarfs, the new Mortar Board in cap and gown, and the M., -U .I ti l ' J 'e 45? I E .Z . KV 5 . 5 Y ,- I ' 9 ,ai K. Lyon Brchm Frese Page 276 ......,...Pmgmm: .. . . .Flowerr .....Rereprion . . . . . .Publicity . . . . .Pracarrion old Mortar Boards in formal dress completed the pro- cession. Music was furnished by the University of Illi- nois Second Regimental Band. Following the May Day Procession, the Mothers were welcomed by President Willard to the University of Illi- nois campus at a reception inthe Woman's Building. Further entertainment was provided Saturday night by the Theater Guild Production and the annual Water Carnival. Sunday noon saw the week-end come to a success- ful close with dinners held in fraternity, sorority and inde- pendent houses in honor of the Mothers. Mann Haddenhorst Graham lumni Association CHARLES WHAM Part Prerlzfem CHARLES M.. THOMPSON Prerlrleuf ' O F F I C E R S CHARLIas M. THOMPSON .................... .......... P reridem CI-IARLIzs WI-IAM .......... ......... P an Preridenl IRIENE D. PIERSON ....... ..,.. F hart Vice-Prefideul WALDO B. AMES ..... ..... 5 :fraud Vive-I-'rs.videul CARL STEPHENS ........ ........ G' eneral Secrelary WAYNE R. BENNETT ..... ........... T refzmrer GLEYN GOODWINE ...... .... A lumni Recorder WILLIAM J. PFISTER .... .... F ielrl Sew-nary D I R E C T O R S WILLIAM E. BRITroN WILBUR J. CARMICI-IAEL PERRY H. GRAvI3s ROBERT Z. HICIQMAN CARL C. LARsoN VICTOR E. LAWRENCE WILLIAM E. RIEGISL ALTA G. SAUNIIERS DENEIEN A. WATSON The alumni of a large university can do much to keep up the institution's prestige and standing in their daily con- tacts with the public. Alumni interested in the University's Welfare have maintained the Alumni Association since 1873 for the purpose of keeping the alumni and former students of the University informed on University functions and student activities, as well as the activities of their former classmates. This is accomplished by circulating the Asso- ciati0n's publication, the "Illinois Alumni News." The offices in the Student Center contain tiles that are kept up to date by a staff of stenographers and clerks. In these files are listed nearly every alumnus or former stu- dent of the University. By means of these, alumni can locate old friends or classmates, and the Athletic Asso- ciation and other organizations can circulate folders and schedules to best advantage. I sg. I, I .- if '. .- . I 5115 .4 .-'uv ': . I . . . ef Im.-ff ... , . V .II -SI.. X? l , g r .G Y' rx, " ' t ,fyvk ' I W5 WSW 12:4 ' its-It ' f'tA.I'i-I ,Q I. . 1 y. -I fs . I 4 -I 1- I I I N .Q ing I .sf ,s u 1 .1 Y?J.JJI T I 1 5 ' ,.. 7'-se Q-433 -1 ff l ,, 'E g-2" - f 2g53t"'2" , . ..w-:wx A. AKEN K- LV n I .why II 1 9,452 -W F .,+4,cq2u,.vk jaw? . A -If M- "L '-2 .I . 2 -.IL - -... I. I - 'ff ' II ff 1. ' , " , - .. ' 4.9 .-I-x'3?'-W 1-D"-if x v K- "f-f?'5gR!N'v, ' 5 . fc -gf' ' ,,.'-2'5't'9:4,gifg4 32v:g -fe .I-,Q I P SV . 4 I ' 9' 'Q ' fig 5 st 1 I, af ,, x - Ava- -r -I 1 1 f' Ai' ,., I try- 6+ I ,-"-ty fzi .J ' - A' ' ' .I T ' I --ft if - L- 1 fl- , , '1-Et-51 I ef. ' I,Ig'-" II If - . . f - ' ,f .- 1' w' by 5142- 'gf ' ' Es.. SA -f' 5' -11"-nfmiiiibl " . I, .azz -5 .-.- If ., . 3'-A-1-f'-1'f1'f-A I-??f'i,,i1.e .'gf1',.' . .IMI 1. U :I .11 :A I- - 5 I Q' . .I I IN 13 .g ' 'Lf' l. -1 .fn .. ' ' 'f-'3':'1.L'I. lfluiql' - f' I'I' . a, i s ,, , ..i'-- Q. -j f":7 ETL' -."f-ryzf-""af1g .I-ljfiv fig-'gi 'fibxfksfgf-,-' 4 .'-X-'I-I' -Y' 'Yi' 'ffi '.. i wzfwf I3 It I ' ' ' A If-f"w'1fI 4- A fi:--' ' -Ist' ' ' fa'--' -I.:.I' 1' II vw 1 S ff- ' 'II 1 ' 1 I fe l ? L "' 'ff Q1 4 ' N . f-jf. 2k23Qf:gjiugL.g it-June.. uailmimurrguk- ,." .:5f1" ,f g+,, f'H i 1 II 11. . , Is -r .JI ' I .- " - free . u. - . 'A s 22:.wIf1Ef'f3"I 1354 -is ri I .er f . r y I I'-VF' 'ff xjjf. 5:32. IW" 'JT -I'?5fi,. '15 :lE3fiI '3 - .1 If .1'l'Iv'iiffifl5:f'1V4 .iff 1:1 ii1z"?s "'l'i1l "il ' '-If l fi ' 1l"'f 'v fdff Iii! I -'F ff .J...:T" ff I E ' ---Il kph? IM? 5 .I Ld-2" . " -Vi-If ' 1 "Q, Lfj W --Q.f,QE:- 3,1If:'? I- lille' ll Mr: ,si-3'Y' 'Ii Jill! I i .- . ,,.1,.. -- Y , 1-A ,:, M -fgzsi . -.I ,,..,..,,'-. -- -- . .,.,,. he -a...:-A-44, P' ..... r, ---f..:.eI.-...:,..IfI" -A-. "f"a'?f-S ' Q A-fr-mis. .- .,-f- I ,-21 1.154 44131555 SE'm'M' I ' .Qg5..,:.::::'.: -, -,-:g"r--A--ry--iff' -ve,,I.I... I I 1 ' ' " VC'.s-7-"'1if."' - Wifi? -'I . ' A' rzz,-' if . ' ' "'f"fE5"-:ara-':'.4,-,Q I..-e... 4 - U ' f ..4ug,, ' '-551' ,' ,jfvfi ,mf-QQ'1gflI , j3g3I1'4sIg....,:Y'.,...,g .. -,yi ' Page 277 Student Alumni Association l AI gf, N on ,, ' I GEORGE L. BRISTOXV Schumm Lorey Taylor Glasscock Davenport l'ra.rldt'z11 S E N I O R B O A R D GIIGRGE L. BRIs1'oxv .....,.. ......,.. P reridenl LouIs XV. SCI-IUMM, JR... ..... Vire-Preiiderzf FLORENCE E. GI.AsscOcIc ...,. ..... I 'ice-Prafiflenl AI.IcIf LORIIY ...... WI LLIAM R. DAvIzNPoRT. . . . . . . . .lfire-P:-eiiflefzl RORIERT C. 'l'AY1.oR . . .. . ........ Serrrfary . . . . . . , .TrerzIlfI'e1' ADVISERS VVILLIAM J. PFISTISR, B.S. GLIEYN GOODWINE CARL STEPHENS, A.B. JUNIOR BOARD CI-IARI.Es H. APPLE ADIELAIDE N. BIIRR SPIINCIIR F. BRONVN Scorr XV. CI.I3AvR DONALD E. CI.ucIc MARIAN V. EWAN JAMES H. FII.soN LESLIE A. HARRISON MARION E. HIEBRON Since its beginning in 1932, the Student Alumni As- sociation has followed its dual purpose of promoting the welfare of the University in the home communities of the students and of forming a strong link between the alumni and the students. The funds necessary for some of the Student Alumni activities are raised through three dances which are sponsored by the organization during the year. These funds are used for organization work and for the annual distribution of Illios to high schools throughout the state. In seven years it has distributed nearly 1,400 ALBERT E. HURT AMELITA M. IQJELLSTRAND DOROTHY J. KOENIG EDVUARD W. MANN MARJORII5 E. MILLER ROBERT C. OLSON CHARLES F. RussnLI. IRMA V. SHIIELDS lllios to 500 high schools in Illinois. The Association has constantly supported the new Illini Union Building project by direct contribution and solicitation of funds. Following an annual custom, the Association spon- sored the observance of the seventy-second anniversary of the founding of the University on March 2, 1940. Tags commemorating the event were distributed to stu- dents, and the day was climaxed with the Founders Day banquet. A Miller Hurt Mann Olson Klemfmnd Koenig Russell Cluck Shields Cleave Ewan Apple Berr Hf:br0r1 Page 278 tudent lumni Association Presentation of Illini Club Charters MERLIN J. ADAMS WALTER A. ADKINS VI?NI'I'A B. BIERMAN CHARLES M. BRADLEY WALTER N. BREYMANN ROBERT H. BROXVN RussELL G. BROXVN GEORGE j. BRUCKER M. IsAIsEI.LE BUTLER EDXVARD W. CARDIFF SCOTT W. CLEAVE MAXINII C. CLILEIIRSON XVILLIAM R. DAVIENPORT XVINIFRIZD L. DoRsIsY JOHN J. DRISCOLL RICHARD D. ECKI-IARDT M. ANN FIsI:E ROY L. FITZJARRALD ILLINI CLUB JOE E. FRANK THOMAS J. FREEMAN, JR RIIQRNA M. FRERICI-Is CHARLIzs W. GAY JOHN R. GIaHI.RAcH FLORENCE E. GLASSCOCI-C RORERT E. GLAzIsIiRoOx MARJORII3 COULD DARRIiI.L M. GRAY PAUL B, HANNIG DAVID N. 1-IARMON ROY R. HARNETIALIX CARROLL K. l'IIEl'1'ZMAN HARRIET V. HOCRING W1I.l.IAM E. I-IOLMES ROBIEIFI' E. HOWE ELIZAIIIQTH F. HUDSON ROBIEIVI' A. JOHNSON COUNCIL ROBERT A. KELLEY PEGGY L. LAUGHLIN FORREST I-l. MAOES CHESTER A. MARTIN MAX E. MATI-IERs IVIARY G. MCCAIIE WILLIAM L. MCGINNIS GORDON D. MCKENZIE GEORGIA A. MOON ALDVUIN E. Moruus IVTIZTTA V. MGLIDY WILLIAM D. NAFZIGER ROIIERT F. NAGIIL A. STEPHEN PAYDON DONALD R. PINNEY RICHARD E, REEVES DW'IGH'F XV. RHOADES P WILLIAM J.. PFISTER A111-'uct WILLIAM H. RICE l3XVIGH'1' R. ROWLAND ALBERT L. SHAFER HAROLD B. SIMPSON PAUL K. SIMS MARY A. STEPPI3 FRED P. STRAUCH HAROLD E. SUCHY FLORENCE SWALLOW HELEN R. SWEENEY J. ROBERT TATE WILLIAM F. THIEMAN GEORGE TURICH MARY E. VISIEDIER GEORGE L. WARREN JOSEPH M. WILLIARIS HAROLD A. YEPSEN MARY K. YOUNGER The purpose of the Student-Alumni Association is to promote better cooperation between the University, com- munities of the state, and various sections of the country. The Student-Alumni Association has sponsored the organi- zation of community county University clubs in the state and in many communities outside the state. This year the clubs were further organized, divided into districts, and given representation in the Illini Club Council. This council is composed of the presidents of the clubs. Through their discussions and cooperation, all club ac- tivities have been greatly extended. The student clubs are designed as a "training ground' for the Alumni Clubs in their own community so that they can easily continue their interest in the University after graduation. These service clubs promote social activity in their meetings for students in their own community. It , I Morris Harnetiaux Rice Shafer Frank McGinnis Gray Heitzman Davenport Clcave Howe Gay McKenzie Rhoades Holmes Strauch Culberson Adkins Gould Paydon Butler Glazebrook Tate Wlarren Fiske Johnson McCabe Fi tzjarrald Moon R. G. Brown Veeder Reeves Bradley Yepsen Moudy Cardiff Bierman Madcs Hudson Driscoll Laughlin R. H. Brown Page 279 O 0 Co 6 JOHN -W. ALEXANDER Vlre-Prerldenf Louis A. HAuRrr1.mscH Prerlzleut lk E 5 Leeper Walter Felt CABINET MEMBERS Q le., . i. a '22 Pfundstein Mueller Knowles Louis A. HAUPTFLIiISCH ..... ......... P reridem JOHN W. ALEXANDELQ .... . JOHN F. BUYERS, , .. H. DEAN LEEPER, . .. . . . . .Vice-Preridenf ..............Rec0rder . . . . .Frerbmun Fellawrbip EDWARD A. Doisx' .... ' ALBERT C. MUELLER .... . JOHN W. ALEXANDER ..... KEITH L. PFUNDSTEIN. .. ...................Meelmg.r . . . . .Fruiernily Fireside Forumr . . . .lfzdejlendent Firexide Fofumi . . . . . ....... Church Relatiunf The Young Men's Christian Association acquaints the students with the principles of jesus' life which are vital in our daily living. To carry out its purpose, a membership of more than 800 men carries a varied program which any individual may find a place of interest. The Y.M.C.A. reaches every student in the University, directly or in- directly. just before registration the Y.M.C.A. holds a Freshman MONROE K. WALTER .... ..... I for-fzfmnal Connie! LoREN B. FELT ......... ....,............ P ublifify RICHARD T. KNOWLES. . . ,... lmermuianal Friendrlaip JOHN T. TRL11-rm: ...... ,......... . .Boyr' Work EDWARD O. GUERNSEY ..... .... M emberrbip GARRETT W. LOY ........ ..... R eceplion HARvEY H. ORNDORITF .... ........... S ocial EDWARD T. WANDERER ..... .... F oreign Work Camp which orientates the bewildered first year college men with student life and activities. During the year this organization is continually stimulating international friend- ship, social activities, fireside forums, and vocational guid- ance. The new Y.M.C.A. building, modernistic in every detail, serves students to pass their leisure time in wholesome fel- lowship under the guidance of Christian spirit. 5 : , R 1 . 2 nv ar 4 - .4 HQ -R .U M . t . I ' N Z: is . aaa T A T L Guernsey Wanderer Doisy Orndorff Loy Trutter Page 280 Agricultural Council SAMUEL E. RIDLISN Prenrlcfll, Fnzrl Semvrler -4-L . I-. . ' Bohlen Huffman I 1 s l "."3' , V, - :.: J.: ' .b , L! -' ' ' ' S. , f -2' J r A 1 I Ferreira Firn .Yemexter SAMUEL F. RIDLIEN .... , .. PAUL E. MEYIER ..... GEORGE C. ENGEL .... LYNN K. HUEFMAN ..... CHARLES W. BENNETT. . . . HOXVARD H. KizER. . . S. DEAN SIMS ....,.. FRED C. FRANCIS .... BON A. SPILLER .,.... GERALD F. COMBS. .. CHARLES L. NORTON. Piper OFFICERS Clubi Repre.fz'f1iezl . .Plwirlefzl of Council. . ,Agrirullzlfal Economicr. . . . . .. .. . .WAYNE H. BOHLEN .Agriclllfnre Ellgirzewirlg. . . . . Agriczllluml Ezlumlia 11. . . .Dairy Produclion. . . . . .Dairy Technology. .. . . .Field and Furrow. . . . . . .Hoof and Hom. . .. . . . . Hmviclzllure .. . .. . .Pofzllry Sciefire. . . . . . .... Illiuair AgI'iClllflIfiJl. . 1 Ri T R. .. J x I GEORGE C. ENGIZL Pmridenl, Sammi Semefter f' at . . Q Spiller Semnrl Senza-xref ...GEORGE C. ENGEL ..GLENN D. OERTLEY ..LYNN K. HUEEMAN .. . .HERBERT S. PIPER HOWARD H. FERREIRA .......S. DEAN Sims .. . .ERNEST L. SAUER ...GARRETT W. Lov ...GERALD F. COMES .CHARLES L. NORTON The Agricultural Council is the governing body of the students in the College of Agriculture. This council pro- motes activities of the students, coordinates the varied ac- tivities of the clubs represented on the council, aids in keep- ing the interest within the clubs, and brings the students in closer Contact with the faculty. Lectures, discussions, and motion pictures are promoted by the council to acquaint the members of the various clubs 44 Combs Kizer with the activities and interests of a particular club. This function of the council is .vital to the agricultural students so they can broaden their knowledge in fields other their major. than The president of the Agricultural Club is automati the president of the council. The other members of the council are representatives of the clubs and the editor of The Agriculturist. cally I ' Ek.. 1 , ... -' gf . af W :F ,H N 2 , . ' if. WR in I ....- W' f 1 'A i -4 N Norton Loy Oertley Francis Meyer Sauer Sims Page 281 Chicago Campu Senior Class Presidents The Student Council V Activity Honorary Pi Kappa Epsilon Stal? of "The Scope" Campus Publication American Medical Studr:nt's Society Medical Scholastic Honorary Cfi I 1? ctw C3 'Nm V 0 O 31 milei IH Page 282 Men's Glee Club Won1en's Glee Club 1.11. ii ving an Operation Student-Faculty Post Ollicc Iu Phi Concert The Bulletin Board Semester Schedules Open House Deans Noyes, Clark, Allen, and Davis Chi go Campu 1 1 ' .s,. .gif W i wwf? Page 283 Wes ey Foundation Clark McKinley McCrcight johnson Leeper Schweitzer Hendricks Bitterman Cronkhite Elfers McMillen Green Forney Potter Beal J. Voorhees Ehrerlt A. Voorhees Stafford Wand Morrell Chase C. Summers Schnake Schultz Morgan Hepperly Cummins I-limes M. Summers A rlazzrrh renter for the religiozzf and Jaffa! fzctivitief of Metlaodifl flfzzdefzlf S TA F F PAUL BURT ,...... . . .....,...... ............ D irector BLANC!-IE WARD ............ . ............... ......... S 11140111 Arrirfafzl HARRY P. SCOTT ............. . , .......... . ............ Blumexr Secrelrlry STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS ROBERT A. CHASE ....... ...... . ........ P l'6JfdEfll MARY M. MORRELL ..... ..... S nremry CLYDE W. SUMMERS ..,. .... V ire-P1-erideur MARVIN L. joHNsoN .... ..... C1 'reafm-er McKinley Foundation Clendenin Barry Shaw Malone Oxtoby Smith Daugherty Strung Czissellzi Taylor Ross Banks Helandcr Vcc.-der Engelking Roberts Smaltz Widget Blix Baker Ferreira Manuel McLaughlin Falconer Berger A home army from home, ltzrovided by Pre5l:yferim1.r for all mfdenty. S TA F F J. WALTER MALONE, JR. .... ,... .... .... . . ,D ..... Dj:-efmf ROY M. SMITH .......... . .... Arflxtunr D11-error JENNIS BARRY, . . . . .,...,................... ............... . Coumelur HARMET M. BRYANT ......,..................,................ Coumelor STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS HELEN N. ROBERTS. . . .. ....... . .... . . . . .PI'2J'Id672l FRED B. OxTosY. . . . . . , . .. .. , . .Secretary JANET M, SMALTZ .... ..,.,. Vue-Prendenf RUTH E. HELANDER ...... ..... T rearurer Page 284 li. 'ff 1' Xl O -. :E F0 r" bfi xlfbhl, .I ,F rf?-' N1 . , . A , 1 nl' SQJ ' I f - F-,, as,1'z W X Q ' ff,. g- ,- : .,.., , ,,.,k,,, . , f A? 2 .t . . .N , ' ..:::::... - Lg vw , ,.,,,,:,, .555,:,:3l-:g:.:f: ' ' ' Ea '43 --N igfgfggi: -H H -' fu v22f: . :s!:a-'- 'E Ju W K : ,,.A1 t 2' .V lif 1 F ,,,e ,,H - ,,. aea:52::sQ J r .,,. U ,,, N, Y H YL ' Q-. ',-, ,5::,,al'::ig.:7 VT, la mi V 1 . . --:-"': Q '--:s msg: Q 'E'E 44 ,f 3 1 :E L. - I 1 l N4 V lz ijgsn ig Z N " 2333? 3 H 1' ' V. - ' 'H r 5' A ' 5 ' MH, j V1 Il R - '1 , . ": . -r , f ' 'sf uimmf: , l T' W? -' ' W Q E , 1 " " 5 --- .4 X-I :K 1 V I ' .,., z , ' H L! -K ,- I I X YW X , ..., IIA, : -. ,Mugs it I: A ' V , i, go X ,nw A ff- ,A - ---:- at Q ' ' IEE- , ' ' S i 5 Mi V , em I Q .W U L ' T5-Aff -.. f 9 'Wg , -W I 'li ' ' ' ' 1 H! - " Hi? Fi X .4 fwi 1 -' ,z ', ,fi 5 A: QQ V K 'Y '-2' ' 'klf ew fdfY'3'j- , , v 6 5 -4 ,., I ,Mm 5-I Q W, , X . Y N 'V Q fl 1 . r I 'I X . if Q.. f. Jin tnjf, ,V , Emu I ., V I ' 'q'C"'51.4 ,.,m,.-,.- - ,4 I' -1+ X f , . Q. -A +1 'QR . , - . , Bmsx " f Q,-.,, in fi lfdzffgw - 3 Q fm , Hd' -11 3.3 Y Q- I 1 A M", N y. if n gf' 3 Qu . gli .1 .3 nw N ' K' yi., if PW?-SJ' if Q 4 ' A - Y,'5!wnsA,.g. V W wil? faq! gf ki Kim A 'ffl . , ' Ha du! Ig H? N 5 5 Eg H m n Q'!f.ggf -' H f'S'7'4n Y 'Y " '-' I . 4 'filing .:.. ' ' , ,ml f.21'.:.'l .K ,Rb V -:-,A iff' I ' -' - -L1'1if,T.3f,?'fAQ+i5 Q m f , "gi ' 4 t.,- . G 'I 13 -. '.1iLfvYFfp:57y 'eff Q LQ Wy u J 5? 2 xii Y ..W, , W Q , - 5-,H 'A V-'L' -1 imhv .J ' H'-K-'N gr M 1 , M39 ., W .. ,W V - lf 'V HS? , M 4' W' 51 K . 2 ',. 5 - pw fi . ' HY' f , gg! ' ' F955-"' -..1,Lu, : N' Q 3 H V M .W 9 ' A my Fe,- ,F UNIVERSITY WGMEN RUTH E. SMYKA1. Plwident l l Q 'JK' , ., W ,, -41- BETTY A. STIZWART Serum! Vice-President VIRQINIA M. Faoyn junior R5'17l'6JE'I7fIlfll'9 Page 288 Woman' Leagu EXECUTIVE COUNCIL RUTH E. SMYKAL ..... .,.......,...Pre.ridem BERNICE I.. OLSON. . . ...... Fifi! Vice-Pre.ride:1i BETTY A. STEWART ..... ..... S' era nn' Vine-P1-eridem ROSEMARY BEST ....,. .... 5' enior Repv-e.renmriw Vmemm M. Fnovn .... .... I uniar Reprerenmriife BEATMCE E. ANDnEws. . . ...... Fimzm-ia! Sen-emfy PEGGY L. LAUGHLIN. .... ...Correrponafing .Yerreiary SENIOR COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN CARLYNE B. STRAUSS .... .... . ...... D mir Day BETTY I. MCDAVID. . . . .......,.. Homecoming ROSEMARY BEST ........ .... T beatrinzl Production Hum M. Livmvcoon .... ..... , .Mariners Day ADVISORY BOARD DR. J. LITA BANIE DEAN Mmm LEONARD ASST. DEAN ELIZABETH A. CONNELLY DR. SEVERTNA E. NELSON Miss SARAH J. FISHER DR. JANET L. WIZSTON Mas. BERNTTA J. LANG Woman's League is one of the most influential and active organizations on the campus. It has gained its eminent position by fostering a spirit of unity among its 3,000 members recruited from all women students registered in the University, by oifering opportunities for self-government, and by upholding the demo- cratic ideals which are in keeping with Illini tradition. The central governing body of Woman's League is the First Council. Its membership of representatives from every womanls house on the campus permits every Illinois woman to know the affairs and pol- icies of the League and other activities. In conjunction with the Y.W.C.A., Woman's League sponsors the Campus Sister movement. In this way freshman women are helped with campus problems and become acquainted with Woman's League even before entering the University. 'Pi f -Q K at 'le' .ish 4 If , , .. x 1 ? 2 We Q , , ' "'x. , 'X 'E-1 .V .Eg x " ... .Us X ,il L Daugherty Young Bloom Bittermann O' Connor . Q .Wg . ,gif X , if-29 . .W 1 A F --H n . Van Dyke Gragg Kenworthy Crossland Furlong Woman' Leagu JUNIOR COUNCIL NIARGARET J. Wnsrcmer .... HlEI.l2N A. Pruzscorr .... . Bfmrmim A. BURKE .... MARGARET A. RONEY .... MARION L. Dauauienrxf .... KATHRYN A. KisNwon'1'm' .... .. ELIEANORIZ A. FURLONG ..... .... . . . .Gald Feathers . . .Orange Feafben . . . . Blue Fealberzv . . . . . . .Tamarou . . . .Memlzerrhip ... .. ... ..Publiri1y C:llIl17llI Citizemhip EDITH I. CROSSLAND ..... ....Caapem1inu Home MARY E. O'CONNOR .... . ................. . . ..... St'l'1'lL'L' Arrcrz J. VAN DYKE .... .... F rerbnmu Ed RITA C. YOUNG ...... .............. Munnsi. V. Broom .... Manure M. GRAGG .,...... HELEN L. B1'rrunMANN .... zfmlion and Luyally .Artivity Recording .Big Sixler . . . . .Pr'od1u'liou ......Sorial Woman's League includes Woman's Group Sys- tem, Residence Group System, Gold Feathers, Orange Feathers, Blue Feathers and Tamaroa. By thus di- viding its membership the League unites girls with mutual interests into small, compact groups promot- ing loyalty, friendships and scholarship, and present- ing opportunities for developing executive ability and individual talents. Woman's League sponsors three cooperative houses which are maintained by the proceeds from the annual musical comedy production ofthe League. In addition to this, the League sponsors programs, drives, and social teas every Wednesday, and joins with the Illi- nois Union in managing Homecoming, Dads Day, and Mothers Day celebrations. Brmmca L, OL-SON Firzfl Vice-Prrrldelll 1, 5 Roslin-mm? B13s'r Senior Refzrerwzlafizfc BEATRICE ANDREWS Fimwrial Serrefary PEGGY L, LAUGHLIN Cafrerfwnzlilzg Secretary Page 1 oman' League Show Rosxsmmv BEST SEVERINA E. Nl?LSON MADGE'M. Gimqc MARGARET IJ. Wrsrcorr GFIIEIM Cbfllffflfvl Dzreflm' Cn-Prorlnrllou Cbalrmfm C0'Pf0!llIl'lI0lI Chairman if 1 . :Iii . .ge 'D a 4, W. Q , . . H. g Q s,,,. . .f,, , 1 L Page 290 Blake Davis Drone Gi ese Roney Schwartz O F F I C E R S ROSEMARY BEST. .......... ,..,... ........,..... G 0 neva! Cbfzirmfm M V . -, ' . . MKZEZRM. 'LRTZESTLOTT . .... C0-PV'0zfllt'lI071 Cbllll'I116'71 FA C U LTY SMERLNA E. NELSON, Ph.D. ..,..........,............... Di:-color JOSEPH W. SCOTT, A,M.. ...... .. ..Fnr11IIy Praclllfliorz Mfnmger COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN ZIENA SCHXVARTZ, . . ............ .,... . ,....... . .Dmzce Diver-for NIARGARET A. RONRY. .... . .... ...Publirizy MARY M. BLAKE ....,....... . ..... Tir-km KATHRYN A. KENNVOR'1'HY .... . .... Prografn HELEN A. Gmsiz ........... ..... A Imit- KATHRYN R. DRONE .... ...... T yping BARBARA A. BURKE. .... ...,.. C nmmzer IRNA V. SHIELDS, ..., .. ........ Make-up M. CHARLo'r'rs Davis ..... , ..... Same Pfziming HELEN L. BiT1'nRMaNN.,.. ..... Sings Properiiex MARX' E. O'CONNOR ...... .... P errozml Prajzerfirr H1e1.1sN O. MALMIJERG .... ..... H awe Manager The General Chairman, the various committee chair- men, and the committee members of Woinan's League Show are chosen each year by the Executive Council and the Advisory Board of Woman's League. These positions are chosen through petitions which are turned in at the Woman's League tea about a week before Christmas vacation begins, In order to petition for a committee, a girl must be a member of Woman's League. To be eligible for a chairmanship, a girl must he either a junior or senior. In choosing the committees and chairmanships, the Council and Board consider each petition on the basis of the girl's ability and her former work in activities on the campus. Girls with the highest qualifications for the positions, those whose petitions show the highest ability and a com- parative amount of well-accomplished work in campus activities, are chosen as committee chairmeng mem- bers are picked from the other petitioners. The entire show is arranged and managed by the chairmen and committees under the supervision of the Director and the General Chairman. :wx l ' . x if ' .L ll VL ,4- ,iu K. ,Auf if l i Bittermann Burke Kenworthy Nlalmberg O'Connor Shields Tom Marlowe .... "Beef" Saunderr. .. Bobby Randall .... Bill Kearney ............ .... "Pouch" Iobnmn ......... .. Proferxor Charlet Kenyon .... Palririn Bingham ....... Commnre Lane ......... Babe 0'D11y ...... Syl1'e.rler ........ Windy ..... Slai: .... Millie ..... Flo .,............ lrem' .............. Good News . . .. .JULIUS U. KUNEY .. . . . . .Ronan R. DUNLAP ....CHARLES J. CAUDLE .HAROLD E. BERGMAN, Jn. E. O1.srzN ... .. ..RoBEn1' A. EAGLE .. . . ,BETTY J. Lov12GneN .. . .MARLYN J. GRUNXVALD .....SH1xu.1zx' B. Hopf' . . . .Jon STEINBERG .. ...JOHN I. Tucxma ....GEonGn W. Goou .....BET'ra M. MACEK . . . . . .VIRGINIA H. Hnumss ..........Z12NA Scmvanrz The Band Leader ..... .... W u.r.IAM L, HELMANTOLER The Galemun .... , .......... Lanny E. FRAZEE Esrsrrn R. COHN Donor:-im M. Curran D,,,,,-er! -.,.. JUNE B. Hocxrn Louisa J. LEKANDER RUTH M. MEYER MARY F. Orxvnrr Woman's League presented "Good News," a musi- cal comedy, in the Auditorium on February 23 as its annual show. Marlyn Grunwald and Julius Kuney, assisted by Betty Lovegren, starred as the singing leads in this story of college life centered around football. The riotous comedy team, Shirley Hopp and Charles Cau- dle, stimulated many laughs. Some unusual features of the show were the ap- pearance of part of the regular football team, two of the regular cheerleaders, the Theta Chi quartet, and the "ATO Dixie Band." The audience appreciated the contributions of the singing chorus, as well as those of the dancing chorus, which was led by Zena Schwartz. Shirley and Charlie The Eternal Triangle The Dancing Chorus Finale Page 291 W. G.S BMQNICE IMO'-SON Preridenl Bmmicn L. O1.soN .... Dosmma Hinsnn ..,...... ELEANOM5 A. FURLONG. . .. Fmmcns R. S'ru'1zMAN ..,. KATHRYN R. Daoms .... KATHRYN A. KENWORTHX' .... HELEN L. BITTIZRMANN ..... Enrrr-r I. Cnossrawo .... . . . . .Prerident . . . . . . . . .Serrelary . . . .Arlirfily Adzwimr .Exlemion Clmirrmz I1 ..Dir1ricl Cbflifllldll . .Dim-ir! Cbuimmn . .Dirzrirz C bairlmm . .Dirlrirl Clmirnmrz The Woman's Group System is the organization mf r V it , L KA1frruyN R. DRONI! Dzrzncz Cbammuz KATHRYN A. Knxwonri-:Y Diiirirt Cb.f1ir'mm1 Ermwonn A. Fum.oNG Page 292 Activity Adifiror for independent women who do not live in residence halls. As a part of Woman's League, the two are brought into close cooperation since the Group Presi- dent automatically becomes Vice-President of the League. Illinois is reputed to have the best organ- ized independent women on any campus, and other universities are looking here for guidance in estab- lishing similar systems. Expanding annually since its beginning over twenty years ago, WGS now consists of forty-six groups, over 850 girls. Each group elects its own oliicersg presi- dents attend First and Second Council meetings. Every Monday evening each individual group holds a meet- ing in which announcements are read and the girls are encouraged to participate in activities. Groups are entitled to enter contests such as Homecoming decorating, the Doll Show, etc. In addition to the social activities within the indi- vidual groups, WGS offers to the Group System as a whole a varied and interesting program of social events which continues throughout the year. There are two plays, several all-group parties, district teas, faculty forums, athletic tournaments, an autumn presi- dents' banquet, a Christmas Musicale and Style Show, ,Eh N -agp, A 5,3 f 4 2 ,:i- S Boe Brana Roy Capling Shields , . vt, . I . ,, 1. I ., , -, + ,A-,n ia' ' ' i tr Q H an IP I I ..,,, Van Zandt Shackel Parker Buchanan Walsh W.G O O COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN HELEN L. Rox' ........... . ...................... .. lVlARlE M. PARKER .... HIELIZN E. Bora ........ V. JUNE VAN ZAND1' .... IRMA V. SHIELDS ..... VIRGINIA E. WALSH ..... BETTY L. SHACKIEL ..... . EI.sIn M. BUCHANAN ..... MILDRED CAPLING ....... MARIIX C. BRANA ..... . . ..... Mixeri ........Sorial Faculty F mvmz .........M1uir . . . .Dmmulirf . . . . .AlUl!1'll.f . . .Reporzi . . . .Scrapbook . . . . .Puhlirily .. . .Afbleriri the Watcheka Sing, and as a climax, a banquet in the spring, honoring the seniors. Awards are presented at this banquet, including a cup to the WGS girl who has been most outstanding in each campus activity, a scholarship cup to the member having the highest average in each class, and a large cup to the group having the highest scholastic average. Following these presentations, Dean Leonard unveils the Honors Plaque bearing the names of the groups which have been most outstanding during the year. WGS, MIDA, and RGS jointly sponsor a series of All-University dances. They also give a fall and a spring Independent Informal, major university social functions, and an invitational formal, Mi-Hila. The Independent is their weekly newspaper edited by a staff of independents and distributed free of charge to each group. WGS was organized to promote fellowship among independent women, to arouse their interest in activi- ties, to promote democratic conditions on the campus. It has gone far in accomplishing these ends. DORIENIE Hmsm Sevrenrry I . A' ...iw Q , . al 'ia E .F , ' .." .Q-'1 .QI ff-is is -Pg' . l is l II S Eiga' lll - --isaanfiiifiiim' ' ' ,-Rf-,--.223 Peg'-.MZ-1::'Ff,I': it FRANCES: R. STUSTZMAN Exlemlan Cbanvrlzm HELIEN BIWERMANN Dulrlrt C bmrman EDITH CI1ossI.ANu Dufflrt Cbmrmrm Page 293 ,. ...c1 'Z S., .r .J 1, fd BETTY A., STEWART Prendent 3 Chapin johnson Deutch Sh agan Page 294 R. G. S. EXECUTIVE BOARD BE1'1'Y ANN Srnxvfuvr ................................... Prefidwz CLAIRE BANNON .... . ....Senim' Councilm- MARION L. DAUGHERTY. ,...I1miar Councilor SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES MARION H. BANKS.. ..................,.........PreJ!:yle1'izn1Hall GERTRUDE BUCK ..... ..... D tIl'!'7lpHI'l I-laura Amztn A. BOWMAN .,.. .,... 1 WfKinley Hal! LUCILLE M. SCHAUER. . .... Evan.: Hall Louisn Dnurca. . . . ..,.. Buffy Hall The Residence Government System, which was or- ganized at the beginning of last year by Woman's League, is composed of the independent women who live in Davenport House, Busey, Evans, McKinley, and Presbyterian Halls. It is an integral part of Wom- an's League, the president holding the office of second vice-president of the League. Presidents of the residence halls attend First Coun- cil meetings. Third Council, which is the executive body of the organization, has its meeting immediately after this. Third Council consists of the presidents of every house, senior and junior councilors, and com- mittee chairmen. The primary objective of the Residence Govern- ment System is to encourage its members to participate in Woman's League as well as other campus activities. R.G.S. also serves as a stimulus to create and sustain friendships among the girls living in the halls. It is also a helpful means of orientating new students to campus life. To encourage closer relationship between the dif- ferent houses, R.G.S. has an extensive interhouse pro- gram of activities. Each of the halls sponsors several teas during the year to which everyone is invited, and l iii- Sinai, ." X H W li : ::, - via Y, I lf... i I 'Ts AQ X ik - 'A ' 'H .E V , ,,1.,b .Q 447 gl " .,,,, . .' A ,-52.51 M af. - v -4:.:'f-4: 4. 51:2 I - -1-sf . E ae!Tfst..JTiis1-1i Bowman Alcskin White Steppe v I 5 I fi ll as 1 Damisch Banks Schauer Buck R. G. S. -in CLAIRE BANNON Senior COIlf7L'I107' COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN RUTH j. Arnsxm ...,....,.................. ...........,.. S aria! Hfxzur B. Dmvuscn .,... .................. S :mp Bank Evnuw L. WHITE ..... ..... P ublicizy and Family Forum HELEN O. MALMBIERG.. .....,...,...... Membcnrbip . .......,...... Alllfili Nnrui SHAGAN . .... Manx' A. STEPPE ..... . .... .Recordr and Awnnir Donormr E. CI-IAPIN. . . .........,........ Ani:-izier RITA C. YOUNG ,...... ...... I uniof' Arfivily A.r.ri.rlunt FRANCES E. JOHNSON ..... ..... J unior Aczivizy Arrimuzz Euzamzru F. Hunsow ..... ..,... A Iixer Reprcrenfaziue a large formal dance is given for all halls. Exchange dinners, followed by Faculty Forums at which prom- inent members of the faculty speak, are features of the activity program. Every spring the Olowan Sing is held, in which the five halls compete for the rotary cup. The climax of the R.G.S. year is marked with the annual spring banquet. At this event, a plaque is unveiled which bears the names of the most out- standing R.G.S. girls in each campus activity. Social life is also promoted by R.G.S., in co-opera- tion with the Woman's Group System and the Men's Independent District Association, by sponsoring a series of All-University mixers, as well as two Inde- pendent Informal dances held in the fall and in the spring. In conjunction with these two organizations, "The Independent," a weekly newspaper, is published, sponsored and edited entirely by these independent groups. Though very newly organized, the Residence Gov- ernment System has progressed rapidly and is prov- ing itself to be of unlimited value to its members, as well as to the campus in general. R.G.S. is now tak- ing an active part in promoting student affairs and conditions. if .i :i 4 MARION L. Dauqnnrvn' Iumor Couurllor if . , D dw .- M I ,H 3 Hudson Malmberg Young Page 295 Muoanrtrj A. RONEY C lmlrmruz 2 , Q 'few' , "- i . . -wg ' H, ' - 1'-fr4?':A -. Asif 1:52 -. "ir, l' ri , A 'f iff hi. - 'X. ' .i lk . 1 Elinor i Gelis Schlinkert Stiglitz Page 295 Tamaroa EDNA R. Lawnnzver WILMA H. Howfum Colmril Cozuzcil O F F I C E R S MARGARET A. RONEY .... ......,,.......... . ..Cbairmnn A XVILMA H. Howmm .... .... C ozmcil f f- b EDNA R. LAWRENCE .............. .,................. .... C o zmcil ' COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Fir!! Semefler CAROL J. MYERS .... ...,............. .... F i nance Dono'rHY L. JONES .... ..,,, S ggial Ivf.-RRY K. COWELL. . . ,,,,,, Program MARY M. ROSSI .... .,... Af lenlberrlaijz RUTH Ronrrmo . . .. ....... ...Publirify Second Semerter NA'rHA1.m L. Glzus .....................,...,. ...Fimmce MARY E. READY .... ,,,,, S aria! RUTH A. ELMORE .........,. ...... P ragmm ELIZABETH A. SCHUNKERT ..... ..... A Iembef-.chip Barry C. Sriourz ,.......... ...... P llbfffil-Q' Tamaroa, only in its second year, is well on its way toward proving that it is an organization worthy of Woman's League. This group was formed to bring the transfer students together and to make them feel that they belong to the University of Illinois as well as those who have attended since their freshman year. All sophomore, junior, and senior transfer students are eligible. At the lirst few meetings of the year the members become familiar with the customs, traditions, and or- ganizations of the University. During the remainder of the year the programs are varied, as the counselors ask professors and other prominent persons to speak on subjects of current interest. However, Tamaroa is not an organization which is devoted entirely to the pursuit of serious subjects. The members become well acquainted with each other and have delightful parties together. F- ae" f zxis Q92 xo- Al Cowell jones Myers Rohlhng Rossi Gold Feathers 5 HHLENIE A.IG1Es1z DOROTHY A. l'lOl.l.MAN COIHIFII Colmril O F F I C E R S V MARGARET' J. Wiesrcorr ...................,. .,Clmif-man Q I-IRLENE A. Guess ....... .... C num-il -.r DOROTHY A. HOLLMAN .......... ................. .... C 0 znzril l COMMITTEE CI-IAIRMEN Firrl Semerler MAR,lORIE A. LYON ................,..... .......... A 'll'l!lb6I'J'f.7f17 1 CAROLYN D. ANDERSON .... .... H aura Reprareumxiffe 'H HELEN E. FRESH ......... ............... S orial " i I-IARRUET R. HANSON ...... ...Publirizy gg: Es'rH1sR A. HAUPTFLEISCH .... .... F inanre RUTH A. SHIEARIER ......... ...Program J , , Second Semeffef' '- " EIJZABETH A. DAY, ...............,........ ....... M emberrbip 5 Q 1 ANNE C. MCGORRISK .... Home Reffremzmlive K. JOANNIE SELLERS .... .............. 5 aria! 5 1 A IN11z M, JOHNSON ..... ,..Pnbliri1y .4 N MARGARE1' A. Morcic .... ..., F imzuce l " MARJORIB GOULD . . . ...Program 4' K N ' .IQ - ' Sophomore women acquire 1n1t1at1ve and depend- A ability by serving on committees in Gold Feathersg N this prepares them for responsible positions which they " may later receive. xi Although the primary purpose of Gold Feathers is N to present well-known speakers to the group, the weekly meetings are considered one of the finest mediums for ,S pl promoting friendly contacts among the members. Every Wednesday a tea is sponsored at which soph- omore women, acting as hostesses, are given the oppor- :7 tunity to participate in a co-operative activity and to L become better acquainted with members of Womans League. 5, Each woman has certain requirements to meet be- Aqflcfsfm fore she can become a member: attendance at meetings, 'ICSC . . . . . . - . . mnson participation in drives, high scholarship, and activity Hmlffafisfh work. When she has fulfilled these she automatically Shiga, becomes a member of Gold Feathers. MARGARET J. Wnsrcorr C bairrmm ft- fi .- -A ,V 5, ss Q 5- UU' Day Gould johnson McG0rrisk Moeck Sellers Page 297 Blue Feathers 0-I K 1 !L..! DONNA L. BREHM In if L ,L BARBARA A, BURKE Cbairnlml . X 3 - ' V ff! r ll .Q ,f l 1? v. , , V -. L Page -X Bonnett Coen Holmes Mann Markcrt 298 Counfil O F F I C E R S BARBARA A. BURKE .... .........,....,.. .... C b aimzmz DONNA L. BREHM .... .... C ozmril MARION D. SHUTIE .,............. ................... .... C 0 imril COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Fin! Semerter LORNA B. l'lANSI2l.MAN .,.................. ..... Ili Iemberrbip 'FERRY A. XVESTHAFEK .... ....... S or-ia! JANE M. MEYER ...... ..... P nblicify BETTY M. HOYT .,... .... F innnrial MARY L. Home .,... ..... P rag:-am Seronri Semester IIENNIE M. BONNETT .,....................,. ..,.. M wzzberihip RONDA L. MANN ...... ........ S aria! MARY A. COIZN ....... .... P ublirizy MARTHA A. HOLMES .... .... F izmnrinl ELIZABETH L. MARKHRT. . . .... Program Blue Feathers is an organization which acquaints first year women with the campus and its traditions. It also stresses the importance of campus activities in a student's life. Each year it presents "The Trial of Peg Fairfax" in conjunction with Orange Feathers. This play illus- trates the pleasures a girl may derive from activities. To become a member, a freshman must have a 3.00 average, attend two-thirds of the meetings, and par- ticipate in one financial drive each semester. The pro- ceeds of these drives are donated to Woman's League. A Hnal examination is given at the end of each year on the traditions of the campus and its leaders. Prominent speakers and musical programs furnish the entertainment at the weekly meetings. Two parties are given each year in connection with Orange and Gold Feathers. MARION D. 'SHUTE Cnzmcll - F Q 3 5. A 4 A H a nscl ma n Hoke Hoyt Meyer Westin afer f I 61' SALLY I. Known Cfllhlfll Q E ,K .I . , in ,ix , , 4 - y as Wlynn Morgan Ramm McClure MCCI el l and Orange Feathers Pruscx LLA E. MANN Council O F F I C E R S HELTQN A. PRESCOTT ,..... ........... .... C la airmfm PRISCILLA E. MANN ..... ,.,. C onncil SALLY I. Rnonn ....... .... C wwfil COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN Fi:-rl Semeffer HELEN L. INICCLIELLAND ..,.,....,......,... Member-rbip MOLLY RAMM ......,.. ....,. S aria! Banrmrm j. XVYNN ....... ...Publiciry lvimljourra G. MORGAN ..... ...Fimwrial MARoAn1iT A. MCCLURE.., ..... .... P ragmm Second Semerter MARY J. COUNSIL ..........,...,..........., .... It Ieuzbefzrbip AGNES H. NTTCHY ..,.. ...... S axial MARGARET E. Oaxras ,.... ...Publirizy ANN C. CATLIETI' ..,.. ...Financial RUTH L. LEE ,.... .... P rogranz Orange Feathers is a branch of Woman's League organized to unite freshmen women and to acquaint them with campus activities and campus leaders. The members are each placed on one of five stand- ing committees, and a chairman is chosen for each committee by the whole organization. Originally Orange and Blue Feathers were united in one group, but they were split into two groups to encourage more intimate contacts and cooperation within the groups. Orange Feathers has two drives during the year. Two annual parties are held jointly by Orange, Blue and Gold Feathers. "The Trial of Peg Fairfax," a play stressing the importance of activities, is given for the Feathers groups by women prominent in activities. A freshman, in order to be initiated into Orange Feathers, must have at least a 3.00 average, attend two- thirds of meetings, participate in one drive each semester, and pass a final examination on the tradi- tions of the campus and campus leaders. HEI.EN A. Piuescorr C l7lliI'1lldl1 an ' L if Catlert Counsil- Lee Nitchy Oakes Page 299 . W. C. A. IVIARGARIET J. VANIMAN OROTHY R. JUTTON I-In.DA M. Lxvmvcooo . - , D Pr ernlr nf Trwmrer O F F I C E R S MARGARET J. VANIMAN. ......... ........ ....... P r eridmr PAUL J. MCNAMARA .... . ...... Vire-Prerirlent Hl1.nA M. LIVENGOOD ..... JEANETTE D. Co LTEAUX .... DQROTHY R. JUTTON . Miss IoN1z M. MACK ..... CABINET MEMBERS Frcarbrnan C-Uilllllijjidll Leader! . . . . .Member at Large .. . . . . . . .Serrelnry . . . . . . . .T1m.r1u'er . . . .General Serrelary MARY M. BLAKE NANCY E. I-IARsHMAN NANCY J. Nrcnors Lois R. FULLER FRANCES E. JOHNSON HELEN L. ROY MARY K. GRossMAN EILRNR J. MuNcm DOROTHY A. VARNUM The Y.W,C.A. on the University of Illinois campus L .' i in ' ft"f5lQ1i.l :rv ,ffl . .iff Y . ,i f, nj M... J, Page 300 Krumsiek Johnson Varnum Lehmann is one of the many student branch members of the national Y.W.C.A. Every woman student is entitled to membership. By becoming a member she expresses her desire to live closer to God and help others to understand and follow Jesus, as stated in the Y.W.C.A. code. The "Y" has Il membership of eleven hundred students and is maintained by dues and contributions to the budget. The "Y" offers many opportunities for girls to be- come acquainted with their classmates in an informal Way. There are discussion groups for the freshmen and sophomore girls on subjects ranging from Illini tradition to the foreign situationg they are headed by junior women, each of whom is assisted by a sopho- more. There are also special interest groups in which girls may write stories, design clothes, and give plays, depending on the hobbies which attract each girl's fancy. Member dl large Roy Nichols Grossman Prather Y. W. C. . :iff .,r1:- - H Y i Y I. ., Y ' V .T--. , -' JEANETTE D. Corrraux PAULA J. MCNAMAM Miss Iorsm M. MACK 5'FrI'L'lrlry Vice-Prerizlenl General 5'erreI.fzry Muncie McAnlis Blake Fuller CABINET MEMBERS Maman. A. THOMPSON ............ Membm-hip ANNETTE L. Knumsmic .... ...... . Religion MARY H, MCANI.IS .... .... P uhlir Affair.: Cnanrorria L. Commn .... . .... Girl lZe.reri'r.r ...........Sorial josnpnmri S. LEHMANN ..., MARY J. PRATHER ........ .... S pedal Iurere,rf.r The Cabinet is composed of junior and senior girls who have been outstanding in the activities of the Y.W.C.A. during their college years. This body reg- ulates and plans the "Y" program. The Y.W.C.A. helps to orientate foreign students by giving dinners for them. Subjects of international interest are discussed in their bi-weekly meetings. The Y.W,C.A. sponsors many social events during the year-mixers given with the Y.M.C.A. to help freshmen become acquainted, steak fries, and picnics during the fall and spring. A prominent speaker pre- sides at the regular Thursday vesper services, after which a tea is held. Before the holiday season, the Y.W.C.A. held its annual Doll Show under the direction of Charlotte Conrad. The theme was "Moments in Meter," show- ing scenes from poems. Individuals and organized houses entered individual dolls and scenes. After the show some of the dolls were distributed among the needy children in Champaign-Urbana, and others were sent to the Y.W.C.A. House in Chicago. Many of the girls carry on with their NY" work in the summer at the annual camp held at Lake Geneva. The program for the campers is one of work as well as play and is primarily an instruction period for the ofhcers of the coming year. Thompson Conrad Harshman Page 301 Doll Show Cyranu D C Bergerac," Delta Delta Delta "Lady of the Lake," McKinley Hall Page 302 "In School Days," Alcestis The theme of the annual Y.W.C.A. Doll Show this year, under the direction of Charlotte Conrad, was "Moments in Meter," portraying scenes of poems which ranged from 'KA Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare, the height of fantasy, to "Steel" by Auslander, the height of realism. The first place awards went to Delta Delta Delta with a scene from Rostand's "Cyrano De Bergeracug McKinley Hall, with a scene from "Lady of the Lake" by Scott, Alcestis, with a scene from "In School Days" by Whittier. Second place winners were Delta Gamma, Davenport House, and 4-H House. In the individual doll contest, Mrs. R. A. Given was awarded first prize in the adult competition, while the winner in the student competition was Josephine Lehmann. Private collections were exhibited, including a col- lection of dolls representing many nations, and fea- turing a doll from Palestine. Eighteen hundred people, including townspeople and faculty, mingled with many children to see the dolls and to purchase candy and gifts from booths in the lobby. The dolls were distributed to needy children of the Champaign-Urbana Community, and to the Y.W.C.A. house in Chicago. Individual Dolls F i F W. A. A. Acti ities These action pictures are typical of the activities offered by the Women's Athletic Association through- out the school year. Its program is divided into four seasons during which sports appropriate to the specific season are offered. Every girl is encouraged to par- ticipate and may enter either individual competition in any sport she prefers or interhouse competition to- gether with the members from her organized house. Both the individual and interhouse activities stimulate competition within the group as the telegraphic meets stimulate inter-collegiate competition. Every fall under the direction of Miss jane Lawyer of the Physical Education Department, the Riding Club sponsors classes for all riders from the beginner to the expert. Later on in the year as the basketball season comes to a close, a group of selected girls participate in a basketball playday given at another college where many of the nearby colleges and uni- versities meet to play each other. Last year two of the selected archery teams placed in the National Tele- graphic Archery Tournament, and this year W.A.A. won an honorable mention in the Dress Parade at the Ice Skating Rink. Whetlier a girl wishes to learn a new sport or to increase her skill in familiar ones, an enthusiastic group will be there to enjoy it with her and help her to become more proficient. I A Spike! .1 1 l An Anxious Moment Aquatic Poise Ice Parade Page 303 .A.A. CHARLOTTE A. HIERMAN Prexident -ww' in 4 A i A 1 Gnnrizune C. BUCK V Ice-Pferld em CHARLOTTIS A. HERIVIAN .... .. ........ ... .. GIERTRUDI1 C. BUCK. . .. NEDRA M. Orr ...,.. BARBARA TRUIT1' . .. .Zhang JULIA B. PETRULIS Inler-boufe Manager OFFICERS . . . . . . .Pfwiderzl . . . . Vice-Preridem' . . . . . . .Serrelary . . . .Trenrurer ADVISORY BOARD CHARLOTTE A. HERMAN. ,. GIERTRUDE C. BUCK .... NRDRA M. O'1'r ...... BARBARA TRUITT .... . MARY E. VEEUER ..... ,... . . . . . .Prelidwzl . . , .Vice-Preiidenl . . . . . . .Sefremry . . . , . . . . ..Tr1'amrer . . .Publicily Manager IDOROTI-IY M, KIRKPATRICK .... .... I flier-flax: Manager JULIA B. PIETRULIS .....,.. SUZANNE COALI5 ,.... Louise FREIER, A.M .... . . . . .lnier-balue Manager . . . .lflllifilflllll itlznmger ...,.......Ad1zi:or . . . .Advimr -B .,13.,' il! f' - v Y Page 304 ' is Andresen Edwards Fish Fleming Gorishek Homrighous Auce C. Bonn, A.M ,... The Women's Athletic Association is a national organization affiliated with the Athletic Federation of College Women. Its purpose is to further interest in athletics and promote the ideals of wholesome living. W.A.A. activities were ushered in this year, as in many past years, with a Sans Souci Party on September 21 to acquaint the freshmen and transfer students with the members and activities of the organization. A hike and picnic to Crystal Lake Park was given on October 13 for members and all those interested in W.A.A. activities. On November 4, the annual Home- coming luncheon was sponsored in the lounge of the gym and had the largest attendance ever recorded. There are several projects undertaken every year. The third annual pencil drive was sponsored to raise money for new athletic equipment. Pencils with the varsity basketball sched- ule printed on them were sold in organized houses and on the street. A project of long standing is .the loan fund which is used to aid girls belonging to this association. W.A.A. supervises four affiliate clubs: Terrapin, a national swimming honoraryg Orchesis, a national dancing societyg a Riding Clubg and an Outing Club. Each of these sponsors SQZANNIE COALIE I71dl1'Idlldl Manager .TX ai EE? .J 4 .. .qkh - . A 'Ag ,, j , Brana Hamilton O'Connor Sharp Sipe Tucker W. A. A. SPORTS DoRo'rIIY M. KIRKPAIRICK MARY E. Vminna BARBARA TRUITT Inler-flair Iwtllldgfl' Publicity Manager Tren.rurer' ' M A N A G E R S . RUTH M. BIRD ............. .... ............. ..... .... H 0 f la ey -1 EI.vI?RA SKIIBIC ....... .... H ockcy ' 1 W' CHARLIZNIE A. COADY ..... Riding - GENEVIIYVE V. FISH ..,. ,.... R filing I JOSEFHINE I. FLRMING ..... Golf A IVIARY E. Viznmm ....... . ............ Golf .P I ., . X 1 l '31 . ill . 1 Bird Coady Gibbs Middleton Pilkington Witlierell MARY E. ELAM ......... ........,....Tem1i.r VERA L. HOMRIGHOUS .... .. .Te1miJ, Valley Ball MARY M. TUCIQER ...... ..... B fzrkciball, Tennir KAREN E. ANIJIIRSEN ............... Swimming MARY GORISHEK ..... .............. ..... S 1 uimming TIESSIIE C. EDWARDS ..... .... C o-Refreatimml Badminton LORRAINE J. MURPIJY ..... .... C a-Rec:-eafifmal Brzdmimon MARIA C. BRANA ....... ..............,,. B d.f,6l7f1ItlH MARY E. DI: VoRIs... ....,.......... Barkezball ANN MIDDLIZTON .......... ..... B rarbelball RosAI.YN E. FRIEDLANDER .,... ..... P ing Pong MARION B. Gmns ..,.,... ..... A rcbery RUTH C. Wooo .......... ..... A rrlacvy l5ORO'I'HY H. l'lAMIL'l'ON ..... Bailminrfm FRANCES J. Rowe ....... ..... B fnlminmn LA VERGNE A. KI.oss .... .,.. I re-Staring l"lEl.l'5N M. MARTIN ..... .... I re-Slmfing MARX' E. O'CONNOR ...... ..., I folley Ball NINA j. WITIIERISLI. ........ .... I folley Ball C. DOROT'HY PII.IcINGToN ..... Bfueball M. JANE SIP12 ...........,. ...Biuelmll .NIARTHA J. Srnoviis ....... ......... F earring DOROTHY E. SHARP. .. ..... Sofia! Cbnirrmm activities throughout the year. Orchesis presents two public recitals of interpretive dancing during the year. The first one was given in January, and the second and major performance was given the Saturday afternoon of Mothers Day weekend in May. The Riding Club sponsors an Intercollegiate Riding Meet each spring. Many hikes are given throughout the year by the Outing Club, and its year is climaxed by a skiing and toboggan- ing party at the Wendell Wilson ranch at jackson Hole, Wyoming. '- This year W.A.A. has undertaken a new project. A Spring Play Day, similar to the Hockey Play Day, was given and many of the near-by colleges were invited. Thus one can easily see all the fun that may be had in such varied activitiesg all the friendships that may be madeg and the opportunities for good sportsmanship, keen competition, and physical well-being. NRDRA M. OTT Secrelary A- , I .. f 1 5 5:1 A -5 ,ff , wx 43" QI .Y . A I , H 4 K Friedlander Kloss Martin Murphy Skubic Stropes Page 305 .A. A. Groups f Newlon Sipe Hey Hocker McB room Price Hazen Aney Hampton Fleming Perry Elfers Pearson O'Connor Hamilton Ellicott Brana Buck Truitt Herman Kirkpatrick Veeder Gorishek Tucker Von Grueningen Bird Herman Sharp D Childers Skubic Edwards O'Connor Gargulzi Kirkpatrick Buck Petrulis Veeder Fleming Brana Hamilton Tucker Ott Sousley Hampton Ott Bird Herman Sousley Petrulis I Skubic Childers Brana Tucker Von Grueningen Kirkpatrick Sharp Buck Page 306 W. A. A. 4 The W.A.A. offers many opportunities to its member, by furthering sportsmanship through continued partici pation in individual and team sports and furthering lead ership by offering its members a chance to be elected 0 appointed as ofiicers, advisory board members, sport man agers, committee members, class managers, or team cap tains. One sport season, individual or team, interclas or interhouse, and participation in the tournament at th end of the sport season, entitles any woman in the uni versity to become a W.A.A. member. Members ar initiated at the teas given after each sport season or a the annual Spring Banquet. NUMERALS Numerals are the first of two awards that may earned by W.A.A. members at the University of Illinoi Each girl must take part in six sport seasons, each which lasts half a semester. Therefore, in order to ea her numerals a girl must participate for three semeste and must play at least two days a week. Besides regul practice and playing periods, each girl must compete the tournament which is held at the end of every seaso This necessitates making the class team for a certain spo This team is chosen by the sport manager, class manag and faculty coach of that particular sport. MAJOR 1 A girl may earn a major "I" after three complete a continuous years of participation in women's athleti Since twelve sport seasons are required, it is possible earn only one such award. These awards are present at the annual W.A.A. Spring Banquet or at one of t teas held after each sport season. This major "I" is t highest athletic award which can be earned by any wom in the university and one of which any athlete may proud. Women who transfer from other colleges or u versities may transfer their W.A.A. sport credits a therefore, have the same opportunity to earn this aw as any woman attending the University of Illinois all f years. W. A. A. Team VOLLEY BALL With a highly enthusiastic group, the Interclass olley Ball season was a very successful one. The ames were close and exciting, but the junior and enior team was finally victorious. From all the teams varsity team was chosen by Laura J. Huelster, faculty dvisor, and Mary O'Connor, Volley Ball Manager. At the end of the season, the students challenged e Women's Physical Education Faculty to a game. he faculty not only accepted the challenge, but at the nd of a hard game were the winners. The students roved themselves good losers by serving refreshments fter the game. HOCKEY Hockey experienced another very successful season, ith teams much improved over last year because of e instruction of Miss Robertson and Miss Bond. he senior team won the interclass round-robin tour- ament with some fine team play. From the seventy- ree girls who came out for hockey, two "all-star', ams were chosen from which the varsity team was lected later. One of the high lights of each hockey ason is the annual student-alumni game held on the turday of homecoming. The game is followed by a ncheon and a general get-together of old friends in e lounge of the Women's Gym. BASKETBALL From a squad of ninety-three girls reporting for sketball during the 1939 season, a varsity team of ght girls was selected. Members of the team were erna Johnston, Charlene Coady, Lorraine Hartman, d Mary Tucker as forwardsg and Edna Andresen, aria Brana, Margaret Fairbairn, and Rachel Means guards. Before the selection of the varsity team, an terclass double round-robin tournament was played. he junior class of 1940 won the tournament, finish- g undefeated in six straight games. Much of the ccess of the season was due to the excellent coach- g of Miss Robertson and Miss Bugby. Tucker I Coale Weiner Andresen Bolm Witlierell Ott l Edwards Coacly Bird Power Dahlgren Coale Skubic R. jameson Brana S. jameson Morris Ott Brana Tucker Hartman Andresen Coacly Page 307 Terrapin 'B DORO'I'HY E. SHARP Prerideut O F F I C E R S DOROTHY E. SHARP. .. , . . . . . .Pvefidenf LAURA J. LAYSON ..., . . . .Serferary HELEN M. MARTIN .... .... V ire-Preyidem JUNE E. RussIzLI.... ..... Treumrer MEMBERS Family Minor Terrapizz ESTI-IIER DAvEY, B.S. MARTHA J, VAUGHT, A.M. EDNA B. ANDRESIZN JULIET 1. MYERS LOUISE FREIER, A.M. MARIA C. BRANA CAROLYN M. NEAL BARBARA BRANsTATIzR ELAINE A. O'CONNOR DoRo'rIEIIE M. CUTLER JULIA B. PETRULIS M . T . gum' GZRISE-IIZK DOROTHY J. PowER Af ,tgf gy,-,Z ng HIRLEY . AMESON JUNE E. RUSSELL J P ROSEMARY V. KIEESLAR HELEN L. Sc!-IAEEISR CHARLOTTE A. HIERMAN HELEN M. MARTIN Domi-Hy KOLAR ELVERA SKURIC JUNE B. HOCKER DOROTHY E. SI-IARP JEAN E. LAMPERT M. JOAN STAATS PEGGY L. LIVELY RUTH L. STRIZED LAURA J. LAYsoN ELEANOR THOMPSON DORIS J. LAYSON Terrapin was founded in 1923 to further proficiency and interest in swimming, diving, and life-saving, and to pro- mote a feeling of good sportsmanship and friendliness among its members. At all times members work hard to improve their form and technique in swimming and diving. Only those who have passed a difficult test in all phases of aquatic activity are eligible for membership. Terrapin is divided into two divisions, Major and Minor Terrapin, ac- cording to the degree of skill of its members. JOAN K. MCCANN BARBARA E. WYLIE Terrapin holds an annual water carnival on Mothers' Day week-end at the George Huff Gymnasium, when the members demonstrate their superior abilities in the art of swimming and diving. Accompanied by music, the differ- ent water formations are a delightful and colorful sight. Terrapin also participates in the Dolphin show and has exchange playdays with other colleges. Skubic Larnpert Neal Andresen Russell Thompson Staats L. Layson Petrulis Gorishek Kolnr Power Lively Sharp Herman D. Layson Mnrtm Brana Page 308 Telegraphic Swimming Team MAIRY Goizisiiizic Mrumger M E M B E R S MARY Goiusumc DOROTHY B. KOLAR Hizi.isN M. NIARTIN MARY C. HAZEN DORIS j. Lavsow MARY C, Powizri. SHIRLEY A. JOHNSON The first Big Ten women's swimming meet was sponsored by the University of Illinois in 1930, It was so successful that in 1934, the University sponsored the first National Inter-Collegiate swimming meet which includes colleges and universities all over the United States. It is limited to colleges and universities with cer- tified sixty or seventy-five foot pools. The meets are held at the separate schools and the results are tele- graphed to the Regional sponsors, who in turn, tele- DoRo'ri-iv E. SHARP graph the first ten places in each event to the National sponsor, who was the winner of the National meet the year before. This year the sponsor is Indiana Uni- versity. The team, limited to fifteen members, is composed of girls who are chosen after a long period of practice. Miss Vaught acted as faculty adviser for the team this year. Sixty-two colleges entered the meet last year. Martin Sharp Kolar Powell Hazen Gorishck Layson Page 309 G if v f nik " ,,,, A tmsf f if . ,iq . V , A E . .I ' A - , AAA f Q 211-iff-1-frffnnfwr ,HI V -i ..,, . Aria A ALFA A AA , . AAAAEFEA 1 A: , A ? A - AA '-L' 1. in Min Fw A 1uA AA ,fi ,ln - is 2 4 - - ir.: ' v 12 N. ,iv -ll .' - 5 V Q' AA 'V X 3 j1.xX' I ' 7 ' - I X. X ' 1 fwzw V u UL, I J ' , I Y 4 U' . 1 . ' f .. 4 - , . V .ff-15.15 Q ' K X fm A A I A ZEQAQ . .3 1 -ZF f., ,A 'yy , 3 si + 'wfwyf 1 'w 5 . ,A A515 gA,f Q Q' if u - 'A : af- . l 531. ' , "' 5 ' U A 'A AA A , ' AAFP' A 1 R FQ? E I 4' s29':"3'J- A ww -f a 9 X . -.le n.!AAA .A its-. I' A K . ' 5 'f -"n"-u-an,-W ' my A - F. A ,A n A x A, Y ' ng' 'Av -- A-fu... ' 4 A A ... '. -1 H- Z I ,gm " A Um ,443 ,, , X M-:Xraun'n4W" " . 4?-0 7 . . - .A-7':,.A, ' 'Q-. an 1 32 ,i ' . i. rf AAAAAAA A A 4 X .A A A U ,AA AAA ALA.-Audi I, A A " ' . 1 A ,. PE we-an A A ' .-af.. "",1Au - vm-n'g,JfiUA' W ,-fn" "'Q . ,. ' - -sin"-7f"' Q--.5 A " :'l,aHV',' , ,.,..A 'viva ' 'L . - ' ,I ,- " ' ,-:Nw 'f-'1:: -f - -I-1 Z' 3. ' -' L1 0 ' ' ,- ' 5-' ' - Q., 3A Af'-z" .- ' A ' , -f f 2: 'tg' .4 A : ' ,yu -v"', wh- V ll - ' l,,"TfQMjQ .. TINA' Q AAA A AAAAAAQ- 1 , 4, A " , 93' " .4 4 " -Y F.-" , . ' , . Q ,W ,ny IAA,,.,f A A A .,-1' ' , A .,,., AAAA.Q.-22-YATKA. ' ' ' ,.,. HA .G i ,A-AA I - - .B -V. QQ A Q 1 . .. .W , q,..,,aq Au A '- - A: QlF'j'iwy-Q , A . 5 an-A ,. A - '.. Y .l ! T" J.,-. , .. .Ant .A 'AA AA . A AA WAAA lt' Ivan, 1- ' ' .,, J MMQJQJ g A 'V' NY? Y I' 0 ' V Y V - Q I - V . , ' "M-x g - A x ,mm.aM A A Mi 1 MXAA AA An' ' ' -.1 s .. E1 wi ,. A '31 E ,ewan ' " "'---q fx. - A . f '--Y ,lm ,ff ' A "-fm, , 3 if lg " f M ""' 1 awk . , f- 1- - , -. Q , .,..,,.,,,.,, H 1, AA AAA A ' W" 0. "' 'Qu A Q ' ' W X 41' A' 0"" V 1 V I 1 11' . l . 1 , i ' 1 .- L , 5 A A 2 PUBLICATIONS Illini Publi hing XVILLIAM E. BRITTON Chairman, Fm! Serrzerler BOARD OF DIRECTORS WILLIAM E. BRITFON, Chairman, Fim Semener FREDERICK S. SIEBERT, Chairman, Semml Sommer Faculty Member! ABNER R. KNIGI-IT CECIL A. MovER FRED H. TURNER Student Member! DoRo1'I-Ii' E. CHAPIN LOKEN B. FELT HAROl.D G. NELSON RICHARD J. NELSON Before 1911, campus publications were administered independently of each other. In 1911 the Illini Publish- ing Company was organized under the laws of Illinois as a non-profit corporation. The corporation is controlled by a Board of Directors composed of four members of the faculty and four student members, The faculty mem- bers are appointed by the president of the University and the four student members are elected by the student body. When Professor Britton was granted a leave of ab- sence for the second semester, Professor Cecil Moyer was appointed to fill the vacancy. The Illini Board of Control selects the student editors and business managers of the various campus publica- tions. Although it also has the authority of supervising the general policies of these publications, the board has continued a policy of not restricting the initiative and executive power of the students. The Board of Control has performed a valuable service in making the campus publications a more vital part of college life. R. NELSON CI-IAPIN H. NELSON FELT Page 312 Compan TURNER KNIGHT SIEEER1' MOYER Illini Publi hing Compan PAUL C. MCMICHAEL Comlumy Mazinger The Illini Publishing Company, a non-proiit corpora tion, was chartered by the State of Illinois on May 11, 1911, for the purpose of supervising and publishing all student publications of the University. This company supervises The Daily Illini, a student daily newspaper with Associated Press wire service, The Illio, an outstanding University annual, The Techno- graph, and The Agriculturist. Previously another student publication, The Siren, a humor magazine depicting col- lege life had been supervised by the corporation, but this year its publication was discontinued. Administered by an expert professional staff and supervised by a student and faculty board, this company has rapidly developed DONALD S. Homer Company Manager into one of the leading college publishing companies. Under the supervision of a company manager, who advises the student editors and business managers, the company has maintained a firm business foundation. Its continuous success has been shown by the rapid increase in size of its physical plant during the last 29 years. Since the publishing company was organized each of the publi- cations has occupied a larger part in student life. The students obtain valuable business experience while work- ing on these publications. Through its continued growth and its improvement of the publications, this organiza- tion has rendered a valuable service to the students of the University. 7 i The Illio Staff in Its New Quarters The Illini Otiice During il Night Session. Page 313 The Dail Illini R. THOMAS MAY:-III.L Ediiov'-in-Chief t If nr I I 'ly 3' B x 1 J gf ' A Y 1 1 Q I rl McALI.Is1'I2R DooI.EY WoI.coTT BI.ooM JUHI, SENIOR EDITORIAL STAFF R. THOMAS MAYHILL .... ., ............. , .... .... . .... E Ililnv--1:1-Claim' DUDLEY E. MCAL1.Is'rI2Iz .... ...Chief Nz-11-.r Edifm- XVALLACIE S. Doo1.nY .... .... E fiimrial lidimr Lorum E. JUHL ....... ....... C ny Ealilur Bra'I"rY D. XWOLCOTT. . . .... Wwmn1'I Edimr IRVIN BLOOM.. .............l.,.,.,................. ,,.... S jmrff Edimr JUNIOR EDITORIAL STAFF Cd7lIfIIl.f Cjfy S1701-15 ll7077Z877".f RICI-IAIID B. ALLEN WILLIAM H. BLATFI JOSEPH M. ARNDT MMU' A- BURGETI' JAMES W. ARMSIQY DAVID MosIMAN JOHN E. Con MARY L- DOI-AN Wll.l.lAM R. CASH Ronmrfx' A. XVRIGH1' H- JUNE MARKERT WI1.IfoIzIx I. KRAMER VIIIIAN E. PETERSON Fmzu A. Pomz I 5. ,, -... .... ,N I I W , ,Q W... E . .. f ' 'A 'T ' :A if 3 . ,L j Y Ag KRAMER Con Pmxznsow Anmsnv DoI.AN ALLEN MOSIMAN VVRIGHT Buacmnr POPE CASE AIINDT MARKERT BLA'rrI Page 314 The Dail Illini 3 I . , A.I,,,A af5f,.,c., ,..5?:l --'If' 15' Rounur C. HLIIIIPIIIIIIY Bluineyr Manager '-1 4, ll. xl . K , -- , I' i , ALLEN Bomcnn SENIOR BUSINESS STAFF Rolxnm' C. Humvunm' ......,........ , ..,......... Bmimuzr Ahumgcr ANNA I.. ALLEN ....... .... l l5'f1171I1lI'.r BllJillL',I',f lvlzlfmgw' JUSTIN R. BOEKIZR .,.. . ..fl.r.IocInle B11.rim'.IJ Mfuzagcr JUNIOR BUSINESS MANAGERS RONALD E. MILLIQII, Credit I.I2s'I'nrI T. MOATIE, 1'ltl1'E'I'li.fiIlg HlZLIiN L. NIEAI., Ciruulmifm 3I.,xINIz B. ROSEN, SIIIIIJIIFAII WILLIAM G. O'NIsII,, Aflrerfixing T. CLINTON Coma, Cirmlfnimz MARY A. Rmzu, Clfzirihnl Afl7ILI.IAM K. QUINLAN, Copy MARY J. CORNS, u0'Hl71.'Ill4.F .flI11'z'rli.riug x r 351 IVIOATIE NEAL CORNS Conn MILLER REED QUINLAN Rosnx O NEIL Page 315 Mandel Herron Clapp Brunkhorst Appel Gehlbach Fielding Lahey Tomaras Bruninga Shuman Hilgenclorf Sears Kailer Rohn Dexter Buhai Nystrom Drake Mesirow Fra nks Laudeman Hay Terry Engle Albright Beaumont Smithers Simmons Fender Dictor Weinberg Strauss Fishel Eiseman Davis Metzner Williston Blumenthal Muzzy CARL W. ALBRIGHT JAMES R. APPEL JAMES M. BEAUMCNT ROBERT I. BLUMIZNTHAL A. MERLE BRUNINGA WILLIAM G. BRUNKHORST JAMES P. BUHAI NELSON W. CAMPBELL, JR. ROY A. CLAPP JAMES P. CODY GEORGE H. DAVIS ROBERT V. DEXTER SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN MEN'S EDITORIAL STAFF BERNARD R. DICTOR WILLIAM J. DRAKE CASSIUS M. EISIZMAN, JR. JOHN M. ENGLE JAMES I. FENDER JAMES F. FIELDING XVIZNDELL R. FISHISL GERALD B. FRANKS JOHN R. GEHLEACH ROBERT T. HAY KENNIE1'H E. HERRON BEN E. H. HILGlENDORIf RICHARD F. HIRSCH WlLl.IAM I-l. HOUSE FRED W. JAUCH DONALD C. JOHNSON JOHN D. KAILER EDWARD A. LAHEY WIl.I.IAM D. LAUDEMAN HAROLD R. MANDEI. N. JAMES MESIRONV FRANK M. METZNER J. IVIIERTON MUzzY ROBERT L. NEl.SON RINALDO V. NYSTROM EDWARD J. ROI-IN J. GORDON SEARS NICKOLAS R. SHUMAN JOHN G. SIMMONS PERRY L. SMITH!-IRS STANLEY M. STRAUSS ROBERT F. TERRY WILLIAM TOMARAS DANNY WEINIIERG C. LINCOLN XVIl.LlSTON Jauch Hedgpcth Markc rt Turner Kopeclcy Fulton Elvis Gillick Carpe nter Richardson Ford Thrapp Dyer Halligan Hillman Amici Hornhuckle Pick Xvilloughby Hill Doyle Fesscnclcn Lorenson Blix Kriz Murphy Kceslar Joiner Thompson Howard Johnson McCarty Kruse Middleton Biersach Kaplan Boyle Minor Schrenk Sheldon Deutsch Smith Meyer ANN M. AMICI DORIS E. BIERSACH JANE I.. BLIX MARGARET W. BOYL1? PATRICIA M. CARPENTER RITA CHILOW SHIRLEY A. DEUTSCH SHIRLEY L. DOYLE EDITH M. DYER SHIRLEY A. ELVIS JUNE L. FESSENDEN HELEN M. FORD MARGARET F. FRAMPTON Page 316 SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN WOMEN'S EDITORIAL BETTY L. FULTON DOROTHY E. GILLIGC MILDRED J. GOULD DOROTHY E. HALLIGAN RUTH O. HEDGPlE'fH HELEN HIl.l. DOROTHY P. HILLMAN F. GAIL HORNBUCKLE WILMA H. HOWARD BETTY J. JOHNSON JOAN JOINER ADIELIE B. KAPLAN ROSIZMARY V. KEESLAR MARY K. KELl.X' EUNICE F. KOPECKY DOROTHY J. KRIZ JUNE L. KRUSIE DORIS J. LAYSON M. ADAIR LORENSON ELIZABIETH L. MARKIERT ISIARGARET M. INICCARTY MARGARIET A. MCCLURE JANE M. MEYER ANN MIDDLETON PHYLLIS L. MINOR PHYLLIS J. MURPHY STAFF CAROLYN J. PARKER I3'RISCll.l.A E. PICK EDNA M. PLOXVRIGHT JANET S. RICHARDSON FRANCES M. ROSKE SHIRLEY Y. SCHRENR HAZEL M. Sl-IIELDON MARION D. SHUTE ALYNE D. SMITH ELEANOR J. THOMPSON BEATRICIE A. THRAEP SALLY J. TURNER JACQUELINIE A. WILLOUGHBY Bartenstein Broughton Denhart Plciler Mendels Shepard Perlman Lipschultz Recdy Hermcle Soutlmrrl Sperling Mnthes Roll Stark J. Levy Schrum Rausch Mc Kay B. Levy Sarlock Nathan GEORGIE B. BARRIaT'r HIENRX' BARTENSTIIIN ALBERT C. BO'I"l'lN LLOYD A. BOVUMAN CHRISTY M. BROUOHTON, BURTON C. BROWN EIJWARI1 I.. COLTON WII.I.IAM B. DRNHART BARRETT C. DILLOXV WILLIAM D. FARTHING GEORGE R. FOSTER LARRY l'lIZRMEl.E J SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN MEN'S BUSINESS STAFF JAMES I'lOl'lNl5 ROnIeR'I' H, KARRAKER ROBERT F. KIRIIY F. HUBBARD KIRIQIIATRICIQ R. HlI.MlER C. LANDI-IOLT PAUL C. LANG, JR. ROBERT E. LISAVIN CHARLES D. LELLY BENNli'l"l' D. LEVY JEROME H. LEVY IRA A. LIPsc:I-Iuurz CQEORGIE MARTIN MIaI.vIN R. MA'I'III5s CHARLES U. IVIAUNEY JOHN S. MCKAX' EDXVIN D. MENI:IzI.s MORRIS L. MYERS B. BERNARD NA'l'liAN RALPH P. NOR'YON ALFRED B. PERLMAN ROBERT P. PIfEIIfI:R ARTHUII T. POPE JOHN PORTER CHIfs'I'I2R A. PRICE RctIIIfR'I' L. RAASCII ROIIIQRI' B. RIEIEDY JAMIas E. ROLI. BIQRTRAM M. SADOCK RORIQRT M. SCHRAM TRIZNT A. SHEPARO f:l4lARl,l5S W. SOUTIIARO MAX H. SPIaRI,INr: MAR1'lN B. STARR FRIED P. WOROIIN 1 Rosenblum Flesch Sanders Tritt Smith Harder Wfhitsitt Hoyt Sexton Golub Fleischer Rathbone Spielbergcr Myers Goldstein Mcwethy' Wloodworth Cowling Seed Henwood Hayward Aney Case Mortensen Kittredge Carrington Crang Schulz Kaye Sownrd Giese Hanselman Zidek Rahmeyer Strickler Youngberg Schreiner Carpenter Cluever Dawiclolf Goldman Schoenfelcl JUNE J. ANEY JOAN BAKER BETTY BURNS A. ELAINE CARPIQNTIER MARY J. CASE H. JANII CHAPMAN MARTHA E. CI.I1IfvER RUTH CORRINGTON MAR-IORIIE R. COWLING DOROTHY R. CRANG PHYI.I.Is L. CROCOMIIE FAY H. DAWIDOITIF FRANCES M. FI.EIsCHI5R EVIELYN D. FI.IsscI-I VERNA M. FOGIQIAONG SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN WOMEN'S BUSINESS STAFF l'llEI.l5NI? A. GIIESE EDYTHIQ A. GOLDMAN MARJORIE GOI.IusTIzIN VIOLET R. GOI.UR LORNA B. HANSIQLMAN RUTH L. HARDER MARX' L. l'lAYXVARD MAROAREI' E. HlENXY'COD BETTY M. HOYT ELEANOR E. l'lUTCHlSCN SHIRLEY J. KAYIz CHARI.O'I"I'I: A, KINNIEAR MARJORIIQ A. KITTRIQIBGE SUZANNE MCXVI5'fl-IY MARDIKDRI E A. MON'I'czOMERY BETTY L. MORTIQNSEN ROIIIsRTA E. MOTT CAROL J. MYIZIIS MARX' J. OTTIZN VIRGINIA L. POWERS NORA M. RAHMIEYER MARX' A. RATHIIONE FAY L. REYNER BEATRICE ROSENIILUM BAIIRETTR S. ROTHSCI-III.I3 BAI4lE'I"l'lZ S. RUDOLPH GLORIA J. SANDERS LUCILLE A. SCHOIENFEID VIRGINIA SCHREINER LOIS J. SCI-IULTZ PEGGY R. Swan PATRICIA G. SE'r'I'LIzMIRr ELIEANOR H. SEXTON CHAIlLC'l"l'lE S. SMITH MARX' M. SOWARD JEAN!! E. SIfIEI.IxERGIzR PATRICIA A. STRIcKI.IzR MARX' E. TRI1"I' BlE'l"l'Y A. VAN DYKE BARIIARA J. NXfHITsI1'T JEAN L. WOITHERO MARX' J. WOCDW'Cll'l'H LORRAINE YOUNGHERO MARTHA L. ZEARINO 'lAYNli E. ZIDER Page 317 Th Illio of 1940 A- DEAN SWHFT HELEN C. BERCHFR Effif0f-ffl-Chjfl ELEANOR G. ANDERSON BETTIE G, BECKER JAMES P. CALLMER Page 318 JAMES H. CMV EDITORIAL STAFF A. DEAN SWIFT ......... ........... E ditar-in-Chief HELEN C. BERCI-IER ...., .... I Var1mn'.r Edirol JUNIOR MEN'S EDITORS ENS LAXVRENCE W. GOUGLER ROBERT C. RUTH L. BREEZE GEORGE N. FOSTER WAYNE F. MI1.I.ER. JUNIOR WOMENS EDITORS JULIET I. MYERS ART STAFF RENARD A. KOEHNEMANN PHOTOGRAPHER SMD' Pbalogmjalser lY,0lI1tl?1'.f Edimp OLSON LOIS L. SCI-IUTI WILLIAM J. LAZ wi' , A -P A 19- ' , . 6' RR- 41 I A 532- , .A EL... lvlzv H f . K ' ":" 1 4 H 1 I .,... V I V 2 A L f-F '- OLSON MYERS CRAVENS ANDERSON IWILLER BREEzE GOUGLER Scaurr The Illio of 1940 D. JANE XVI-IITE XVAl.TER T. MOIIEY IVom11u'.v B1z.fil1f.r.r Mmlngvr Bu5i12eI,r Mzvmgez' BUSINESS STAFF XVAI.TER T. Monm' .... ........... B minen Manager D. JANE XVHITIE ...... .... 1 Vornrm': Bu:il1e.r.f Manager JUNIOR MEN'S BUSINESS MANAGERS EDWARD A. Boxv12N Jem: E. MARTIN R. BLINN MAXXVELL RAY C. WOLF JUNIOR WOMENS BUSINESS MANAGERS Mumm. V. BLooM MAnounnI'I'n Locm: HIILIQN R. SNVEENEY RITA C. YOUNG ELIZABETH L. HAYES I .. II f" ,g'II ' U' W 1 , 1. g Ellkv . I., 5, , 5' V. iv vw ' 13, 0.35 ax: 3 pw, I, ,Y-?1i'S gf f ' li? 5 ' ' , , 1' I I ' I ,. .. " -- I I' I- - I - , j. J, , .. V- - , I ' - U fl 7' 'M' . - I - - S S I BLooM Boxvmv Wlouf YOUNG HAYES MARTIN Locus INIAXXVELL SWEENIEY Page 319 Johnson WILLIAM G. BAGNUOLO ROBERT P. CAINE WILLIAM N. CASSELLA, JR WILLIAM M. FISCHER J. DAVID GILLER FRED T. GRANT Mann Sanderson Cassella Fischer R. Hamman Harman Shailer Slzxgcr Grant Koenig Lundberg I-layman SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN MEN'S EDITORIAL STAFF ROBERT E. HAMMAN 'I'. RALPH HAMMAN ,lCHN F. HARMON WILLIAM M. HAYAIAN CARL M. JOHNSON, JR. EDXVARD N. KOENIG GUST E. LUNDBERG, JR. STUART M. MAMIER RICHARD E. MANN RCEERT K, N12XYfTON, JR, PAUL H. PUCRETT GUY K, SANDERSON LARRY L. SI-IAILER JAMES F. SLAGER JACK D. TRAIN THOMAS J. TYRRELI. I EI - 113' 55,4 f Wlmittle Sutton Dallenbach Lyman Miller St. Clair Gassman Wlatkins Yost Hollman Fleming Picker Hacke Le Kancler Nicoll Ziegler Streed Hanisee SI:lIildl1aInmer Holmes O'COUHOI' Otwell Mathews Dieterle Walters McGorrisk Weiss Kintner Mann Seip Hoberg Georg Creighton Wfynn Peters Noble Huber DOROTHY D. BISRMAN M. JANE CRIZIGHTON E. ANN DALLENEACI-I SUSAN J. DIETERLI5 GENEVA A. PICKER ROSANN FLEMING KATHERINE GAssMAN E. JOANNA GIZORG BEATIIICE GOLDBERG VIIRNA K. HACRE BETTY J. HANISEE GRACE M. HOIKERG IDALENE L. I-IOEE Page 320 SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN WOMENS EDITORIAL STAFF DOROTHY A. HOLLMANN MARTHA A, HOLMES CI-IARLOTTE L. HUIIIIR MARJORIE V. HUTCIIENS CATHERINE L. KINTNER L. Jo LE KANDIER 1.oIs F. LEVITT LUIS LYMAN PATRICIA MACAl.l.lS'IAlElR PRISCILLA E. MANN -JUNE L. MA'fHEW'S ANNE C. MCGORRISK ROSIEMARY MILLER BOBBYE J. MORGAN NANCX' Q. NICOLI. BARBARA J. NOBLE ELAINE O'CoNNoR MARY F. O'FWI5LL RUTH M. PETERS BETTY J. PILCHARD JANICE G. ST. CLAIR B. JUNE SCHILDI-IAMER PIIYLLIS A. SKIP MARY J. SELLERS ,ll2ANNlE'1"I'1E SMITH BETTY C. STIGLITZ RUTH L. STREED EILEEN SUTTON JOAN XVALTERS IVIARTHA E. WATKINS IoLA F. XVIEBB JEAN R. WEISS TERRY A. WESTIYIAIIER ELENORE M. XVHITTLE BARBARA J. WYNN BESS B. YosT EI.IzAIIETH H. ZIEGLER Tomci EDWARD G. ALLEN RUSSELL W. ANDERSON IVAN H. BAIICOCK H. ROIIERT BACHRACH WILLIAM D. BARIQMAN JOSEPH C. BIECKMAN PAUL M. BIRKIELAND HUGH T. BLAIR, JR. ROGER L. BRUUAN MAYER H. CHANNON WALTER C. DAMIIMAN, JR. JAMES R. DAVIIES MA'I'THExv T. FINN BERNARD B. GAW'NE THEODORE D. GIESFNDORFIER Wilcox Miller Gawne Kendrick Meharry Hayes Hughes Stoker Lederer Th al Underwood Ludwig McBride Mitchell Nathanson Landis Johnson Schneider Madden Channon Finn Bachrach Allen Mangis Blair Morse SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN MEN'S BUSINESS STAFF WILLIAM P. GIACHETTO ELMO S. GILES, JR. GERALD R. HAYES l.IZSI.llZ P. HELLEN RALPH N. HILLNER HAROLD M. HOLLENlDl:R BURR L. HUGHES OLIVER S. JOHNSON D. LARI KIZNDRICK THOMAS P. Kl.E'fZKIER ROBERT J. KLIMA ARTHUR N. KNOL, JR. WESLEY' R. KOCI-IY ROBERT T. KUzDAs MAIIRICE D. LANDIS SANFORD H. LEDERIQR ROGER C. I.OvING ERNEST R. LUDYYIG DEAN E. MADDIIN GENE D. MANGIS WILLIAM C. MCBRIDE HERSHEEL N. MCLAIN JAMES W. IVIILLIER, JR. ROBERT D. MITCHlEl.l. GEORGE F. MEHARRY' JAINHZS E. MORSE lRVING P. NATI-IANSON JAY H. Nl2XYI'SAhI FLOYD W. ODIZLL ALLEN E. PARK WILLIAM C. PRATHER ROY H. RICHARDS ROLAND J. RUSSELL G. KEITH SANDERSON ROBERT W. SCHNEIDER PAUL A. SIMMONS HAROI,I3 W. SLOSEURG MARTIN STOKER WARREN A. THAI. HERMAN E. TOMIZI RICHARD H. TELANDER ROBERT M. UNDERXY'OOD S'l'ANI.EY W. WILCOx Carberry Malmquist Barrett Donkc Elberfeld George Rush Snndehn Petrozza Sellers Helm Krasne Shure Granneman Staubitz XVicdenbeck Nilsen Nield McGowan McPheeterS Espy Deal Rcflow Stolkin Peters Young Morrow Broberg Lyon Clayton Robinson Holtzman Heath Kronig Pile Nicholson Dodge Waltzen Strain Hallock Lawrence Linder Brister Cervcnka Mocck Brelun Johnson Van Dyke Davis Ellmrin Baker Ramsey Coen Henson OLIVIA R. BAKER MARTHA V. BARRETT DONNA L. BREHM ROSAMOND E. BRlS'l'EIl SHIRLEY V. BROEERG FRANCOISE D. BRUSH Lois M. CARBERRY MARGARE'F CERVENKA PHYLLIS E. CLAYTON QNIARY A. COEN MARY A. DAVIS FRANCES M. DEAL BARBARA J. DEGIEN MARGARET J. DOAKE MARJORIE A. DODGE MARY E. ELIsERIfELD MARJOIIIIE E. ELLMAN SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN WOMEN'S BUSINESS STAFF MARX' L. ESPY MARX' F. GEORGE JOAN E. GERWIE BETTY M. GRANNEMAN ESTHEROSIE GRIEENXVALD PEGGY P. GREGERSON MARGARIE1' L. HALLOCK LYDIA J. HEATH MARX' M. l'llELM NORMA C. HENSON LUCILIE HOL'FZMAN INEz M. JOHNSON LORENI! L. ICETTIENBERG SUE A. KNIl7PENBlZlKG CELESTINH M. KOLLAR MAlKJORIli KRASNE VIRGINIA B. KRONIG EDNA R. LAWRENCE CHARLOTTE E. LINDIER GERALDlNIi M. LOOMIS LWARJORIE A. LYON JANET J. MALMQUIsT PATRICIA A. MCGOXYVAN GRACE A. MCPHEETERS MARGARET A. MOECK MARIIORIE G. MORGAN M. JANET MORROXY' BliTTYB1iLl.IE NlEI.D GEORGIA M. NICHOLSON RUTH M. NILSEN MARY J. PALLASII MARX' F. PETERS CONCIZTTA R. PIQTROZZA JANE H. PILIE MARION A. RAMSEY ELIZABETH A. REFLOXV LOIS ROBINSON JANIS RUSH CAROLYN M. SANDIEHN JANE SAXVYER K. JOANNIE SELLERS CARMEN R. SHUTE MARIE E. STAUBITZ NATALIE J. STOLKIN DOROTHY J. STRAIN MARGARET G. STUMPE L. VIRGINIA SWICKARD Dl2l.I.A M. VAN DYKE HARRIETT L. WIEDENIIECR JEANNETTE M, XVOLTZEN EDNA C. YOUNG Page 321 Illinois Agriculturist '61 CHARLES I.. NOIl'l'ON 5, DMN 515,15 Edffvf Brzrizlew Airnmger S TA F F CHARLES L. NORTON. .. ........... , . ,... ........ E dnof S. DEAN SIMS ....,... . .. .Bluirleu Nfumger ELIzAEE'IH M. HOII' .... ,,,, I Vf,m,,,,',f Edna, DONALD B. AGNEW LORAINE ANDERSON JOHN H. BEHRENS VIOLli'1' V. BREXVER Louis F. BRIGGS GERALIJINE M. CASE LOIS C. CRLIM BERNICE A. ENGELILINO VIRGINIA J. ENLOE DOUGLAS W. FAIRBANKS ROBERT K. APPLEGATE D. EVELYN BLUMIZ LOREN C. CLARK ELIZAEIITH FARRAR ELIZAIIETH M. FRENCH ALICE M. GOIST JEAN E. GRAHAM EDITORIAL STAFF DOROTPIX' A. FEHRENEACHER LIZLAND J. GLAZEEROOK HENRY Z. GUMM XVILLARD G. HARTSHORN IRA E. HAMER ARLENE V. JAY ARDIS I, JONES ELEANOR M. JONES WARREN W. JONES AIIRELIA A. M. KLUEG BUSINESS THOMAS G. HALCOTT JOHN H. JANSSEN MEI.vIN R. JANSSEN MARJORIE E, KANE H. DEAN LEEPIER ALMA R. MARSHALL MARVIN L. MARTIN FLORENCE M. KRE JCI METTA V. MOIJOY LESLIE H. MONKIE HAROLD MORINE, JR. DONALD L. MOSHlill VIRGINIA NORRIS RUSSELL L. PARK RUTH M. PETERS MARIAN P. PLUMB STAFF VIRGINIA L. MCBROOM MARY G. MCCABH G. ALIZAEETH MCCREIGHT WAYNE W. RIFDMAN HAROLD D. REITERMAN EARNIEST H. SCHOTYMANN VERNICE C. SHERMAN MARY A. POPE R. HELEN ROMINE RUTH A. SHEARER CATHERINE E. SIEMEN ERNEST V. STEVENSON WILBIERT N. STEVENSON CHARLES E. VOLAND ALEORD E. WELIIOURNI2 LOWELL M. XVERNER JEAN A. WHITCOMB FAY M. SIMS MIELVIN E. SIMS CECIL D. SMITH NELSON J. SMITH NORMAN W. TUTTLE GILBERT' C. WETZEL HELEN C, WOLII Briggs Clark Xverncr Glazebrook McCabe Enloe French F. Sims A Volnnd Agnew Sherman Applegate Goist Case Shearer Fehrenbacher Behrens Jay PlLImh C. Smith Hnrtshorn Norris Kane McBroOm Wfhitcomb Hoit Moudy Engclking Crum Anderson 11. jones Kreyci N. Smith VJ. Janssen Pope A. Jones Schotrmann Klueg Reiterman Peters Fairbanks Brewer M. Janssen SIemen W. Stevenson NVe1hournc N. Sims Redman Martin Wetzcl McCreight Gumm Graham Leeper Wolf W. Jones Blume Page 322 Th T hnograph I.ES'I'IZR H. SELLER XVILLIAM G. VOIGT Bluinerr Manager liflilfff' STAFF ROBERT H. ANDERSON ROBERT L. BORCI-IERT WILLIAM H. CARSON HILMAR B. CHRISTIANSON GEORGE C. DESMOND G. HERBERT EMIN STEWART E. GAIL ROBERT H. ANDERSON JOSEPH F. COLLINS JAMES A. FREEK DANIEL W. GATES WILLIAM G. VOIGT... LEs'rER H. SIYILIER .... Editor . . . . .Burineu Manager EDITORIAL STAFF GEORGE W. GUIRL ROBERT H. HAlfNER, JR. ROY A. HAMMAR GERALD W. HOMANN ELVUYN H. KING ROGER K. LARSON FRANK C. LEBRON BUSINESS JOHN M. LOGAN VICTOR W. MCMAHILL LEE E, NICKIZLSON JOHN M. LOGAN HIDEO MIIYAMA WAYNE E. MOORE WALTER H. PAIAIL LVLE E. SCHAIIIER THOMAS C. SIIEDD, JR. TOM S. SIMMs STAFF TOM S. SIMMS CHARLES F. STEINBRINIL: VERNON F. STEINRR EARL R. SMI'I'I-I GENE H. STERNIIERQI DONALD K. S'I'EvI5Ns JAMES S. TIIALE WILLIAM F. THIIEMAN ROIIERT TIDEMAN RALPH H. TUTIEIN JAMES S. THALE HIZRMAN E. TOMIEI WII.LlAM W. WI'l'Oli1' .1 3 I .l..i', L1 lf, V l Anderson Larson Freek Steiner Collins Stevens Miiyama Shedd Schaffer Thale King Homzmn Desmond Steinlnrink Pahl Tutein Hafner Emin Christianson LeBron Gail Tomci Moore Guirl Tlxieman Carson Borchert Witort Steinberg Logan Nickclson Tidemnn McMahil1 Page 323 Q x x H 1- ' X 1 N 4 5, 97 Q " ?f 17, 115 .' 1 . .- .. -:,,5,g'. ,qi A. 1, LA, A , - 1115355 . W.. 1 , 11 . 1 1 f -u. as 'ief Km, I 1 PM "1n',+,4 ' .u1, y'5Ii,Ui,:J4h- " 1.-11, 'V rj, NLE '.:7:f?g" f" ,. 1, II , .--.-in 1 -'f"L - "' HH' :N 11 1 , W. . 1,11 ',.,1f'TQ,i9gn:,,1g.,. 1' 1 : j"71V"11.Q1-1' 1-ff1Ez?f"5.-- . ., 1 1 -X ii -L .Q.-1-1.213 41' f .LL11 1-.n.,1 ' .45-. V,-,Ki l X 1- ,,1 1 - - , , ,- I 1' '1"' W' . l 1 -1' 1 il, kr:-.fx , .H ',.T1'f 'ij V T6:l?P111.'-F., -4g5"5?iwii1'fi,6,7'.'1'i7'1'v gl 11 .11"'5'- 'ME-3 I-"fn F23-1"' ami' f-3l':"f5v51,J.,'X523 'T JET. ' ' 1 -11 ' 1". 1R2,L:5,1, 'v,x.qk.' - '3 ,',-41.41.-'1l?'A 11-g,.1j'.'5' ' -w'I,.fzTl .1-nQ351I1U,f1:ly-.. flffff'-iQ ,Q "-i1"F", '-4-'M 111 41,2 "i:f.1l1:"J",f3E','r5g 3.51 mf, ' ' LT4- ' -My - -,:,TTf."L- ' 213.1-WS1-' -. .1 A V:-!T'f ' , , fr. iLf1,-fu11i'qg:11 , ,1"1- ' -JUNK , ,rf pa'--J: -5.114 9.1g 1 ur- .- . '- vIV!1'N-FW," . . ' 'Sb' , :ff gf- . Fi--ly ' '- ,--1LA.-. Q1 24 T-Q , ' 1Q,1g2iAf:"-1- ' , 1 1 1.1,'i,,11' - H 4., 1.: f.51 !,1- qu ..,,!.1Q1k g Y Q 1' 111' 1. .,-,111 4,1 11 .,, ..,. wg 1 K " LFUF'-E-1A. ' 5+-537'-'J-' " x. 3 rx -.zizz Quit' 2 1 J ',j..Q5u5.i:53gj111Qf5,.g1f,f,3'SIv?.1153- W 1,1 1 11 -.1'1f. 1 A 1 1 ., 1 ...L 1. ,1' 1. ,1.. f , ff , U . af,f5'f?Qw:e1f::-PJ-. A migif-1fa..i11'g' ff!--,Tiff A -' V 'faizfgv-,, ' I 3,1 . 55-:mf f-,, -1 --. -.M -, ,Q 5 1 Clif? 2- 4-LQH. "I 1 . -ffrrfg 4, L., -. , K1 75 rf' 795: , .J 'V M wi, .: f 'v 'f-. A 2Y7??.'f,g'f.f'-Q-..f, Nl, , sv- 51-F V-'Eff' r--f-.u .' ,. 'ar t-E,-1 + - 3'f11f!-j-- 'a1'1":.,'i: " Lafhak,-Q14 1' i,':,?.'E-' fr," ' D,-5553-53f'j'L :.' -.L g2q.3.51'gff,.-i.- , '5f,'KtJ4'1'f 5 . . . 5,5313 'S 12 I ' - Aw.-.i'.1-, X. 'I' igaffjg-1351,-,,5, . s .559 ,I 5 2 5323.13 v '?F1':'T:"' 'fffvl ' Xu-Q. r7 MIA. I. N, , .4,:, .345 . .: ,A V wifi-i .1 " frat 5.1 1 , yu ,aux , . -. --1 , 'IQ' ,. ! . , ' ' 1 '-33+ Ei" 4, UCIETY Page 325 Senior Ball Binlield French Silverman Ellison Engelking Stewart Burke Corcoran Strauss Eaton Zarxsh Ostfcld Tice Seip C O M M I T T E E RAYMOND D. FRENCH General Chnnwzuu CHARLES L. STEWART, Jn. Pre.rin'el1f, Sevonzl Semerler Page 326 RAYMOND D. FRENCH ,... Mfmjonm R. SILVERMAN ..... L. ERNEST ELLIsoN....... ....... , ..... RICHARD A. BINFIELD NORMAN W. Sew BIERNICE A. ENGELKING CARLYN12 B. STRAUSS DAvm L. Osrrrrn .General Cbairvlml . . . . . Co-Chairman . . . . . .Co-Chairman H, Loulsrz Tren JOSEPH F. ZARISH After the strain of final examinations the members of the class of '59 relaxed in a South Sea setting of cocoanut trees and moonlit mountain scenes. A small mountain and a fountain were constructed in the middle of the dance floor to complete the picture of tropical loveliness. George Huff Gymnasium was transformed into South Sea paradise and the Senior Ball was indeed a grand finale for a college career. The dancers not only enjoyed the dancing inside the Gymnasium, but also walking in Senior Ball the outer garden lighted by colorful japanese lanterns. Free cokes were served in the gar- dens to refresh the dancers. The lilting music was provided by Glen Gray's Casa Loma Orchestra. The rhythm was intoxicating, and the whirling couples at- tired in bright colors made a beautiful picture. After a specialty duet to Strauss' melodies, the grand march was led by Richard Port and Gene O'Mahony, co-chairmen, with their dates. It was an inspiring spectacle. The programs were of soft white leather, and made beautiful souvenirs of the evening. Committee members, chaperones, and the six members of the University dance commit- tee had dinner together before the dance. There were also other formal dinners preced- ing the festivities which occupied the eve- ning. This final dance of the year proved to be one of the most popular and best liked. All those who attended enjoyed it immensely and thought that it was a fitting climax for the school year. Page 327 Junior Prom Small Matt Smith Brown jenkins Hub r Caudle Nichols Hatton O'Keefe Dow 'NVicofT Raymond DEAN B. RAYMOND Chairman Tl-IOMAS M. Human Prerlzlexzt, Fzrrt Semerler Page 328 C O M M l T T E E DEAN B. RAYMOND .... .................,.... . . . Clmzmzan SPENCER F. BROWN BIARIAN HATTON BELFORD A SMA1 L CHARLES J. CAUDLIE PAUL G. INTATT, JR. JOSEPH F SM1114 MARILYN B. Dow NANCY J. NICHOLS MARGARIT I Wlcorr MARY' E. O'KEEFE The peak of the Illini social season of the first semester was reached on December 8 when Wayne King and his orchestra played for the junior Prom. A capacity crowd of formally clad dancers and enthusiastic balcony on-lockers were thrilled by the versatility of the "waltz king." He presented waltzes, old time ballads, and up to the minute swing ditties in just the right proportions to please the dancers and spec- tators. The singing quartet and the soloist added further variety to the musical entertainment. Huff Gym was decorated in a most attractive manner, using red and white, the colors of the class of 1941 as the color scheme. A huge red crown contrasted against a field of white behind the bandstand at the south end of the gym. Long red streamers with small white crowns hung from the rafters to the balcony fronts on either side. At the north end rose the queenls throne against a red and white background. junior Prom Shortly after midnight, Dean Raymond and Tom Huber took their places as the leaders of the grand march. When it was concluded Dean Raymond called the prom queen and her court to the queen's throne. Tom Huber presented them with bouquets. Nancy Harshman was chosen as queen. Lorraine Hennings, Martha Adolf, Winifred Dorsey, and Marilyn Dow were maids of honor. The orchestra resumed its dance tempo, and the more than a thousand couples resumed their dancing. Thus another great evening became only a memory and the blue leather-backed program became souvenirs of the colorful junior Prom of the Class of 1941. Page 329 ophomore Cotillion J ., '53 Slosburg Parker Kendall Johnson Schott Buhai Boyling M. Miller Godfrey Eberlc H. Miller Jacobs Warren C O M M I T T E E FRANK R. BOYLING ..., ..,, C hail-man BETTY J. Enaaus BERNARD J. JOHNSON CHARLES G. SCI-roTr Loulslz J, GODFRIEY NIEVIN E. KENDELL Hanorn W. Srosnunc El.s11a M. Jacobs I-lfxzrzr. E. MILLER CHARLOTTE R. WARREN The Class of 1942 presented its formal social event on the night of Friday, January 12, at the George Huff Gymnasium. Joe Reichman and his orchestra, playing before a sparkling bandshell, entertained the members of the sophomore class and their guests as FRANK R, BoY1.INc they danced in the glittering parade of formal attire. C lnzzrnlalz , . Shortly after midnight came the grand march, led by Jim Buhai, president of the class, and Frank Boyling, chairman of the Cotillion. At the conclu- sion of the march, Madeline Zeigler was proclaimed the most beautiful girl in the class of '42, and reigned as the queen for the remainder of the evening. The Queens Court of Honor consisted of Mary Elizabeth Thompson, Joanne Sellers, Barbara VanDyke, and Lorraine Zillner. The novelty of the evening was the presentation of the homeliest man in the class of '42, Fred Grant was chosen and was given the honor of kissing the Queen. Simple folders of white parchment paper with gold lettering and white silk tassels were chosen as programs. James P. Bur-mr Prerident, Fnuz Semarter Page 330 1 3 .O ' I 1 Ii J r r1lxrs11T D I.12vY Freshman Froli XVard Levy Landstrom Huber Madden Ziegler Seip Mann Sauder C O M M I T T E E DI XN1 1' MADDIEN.. .. E Buruxr Hunan Romm L. MANN Rosrzm' G. TUELI. How ARD J LANDSTROM PHYI.1,Is A. SHIP JOHN T. XVARD ICIENNETH D. SAUDIEII Over seven hundred couples went "Dancin' with Anson" at the Freshman Frolic, given on January 15 in the George Huff Gymnasium. The smooth rhythms of Anson Weeks delighted the freshmen as well as the other students who attended the dance. The aficair, as usual, had none of the formality of stiff shirts, formal dresses, and high hats. The event of the evening was the crowning of the queen, Miss Harriette Wiedenbeclc, and the king, Mr. Gene Davis. The queen's court consisted of Audrey Marsh, Ruth Roe, Peggy Seed, Mary Kaseberg, and Betty Nield. Dean Madden, chairman of the dance, introduced the chosen candidates and they were escorted to the throne where the queen received her crown. Photographer Paul Stone, known from coast to coast for his ability to judge contests, selected the royal students from entrants. The programs for the evening were cream and green folders, in which was enclosed a humorous grade card, typical of a freshman student. H. ELIZABMH ZHEGLER DEAN EV. Mfxnunw C blllI'711lH7 H, ELIZABETH ZEIGLE Wufllfzllfr Cbfzlrlrlnll R Page 331 Independent Informal Matt Genstcr Ryan Fogelson Parker Bovee Kenworthy Byers Hudson Crossland C O M M I T T E E DoNAi.n Bovma, .. ....................... ..... C 0-Chair-man KAT1-IRYN A. Klzxxvowrln' ...,.......... .. ,.... ..... C a-Chairman HARRY M. BYERS C. JOSEPH GENSTER, JR. PAUL G. MATT, JR. Euxrn E. Cnossi.ANn ELIZABETH F. I-Iunsox Mfmm M. PARKER DONALD E.. Bovms Co-Chairman KATHRYN A. KENWORTHY Page 332 Co-Chairman CLAIRE Foom.soN THOMAS F. RYAN, Jn. For the fourth consecutive year, "The Ole Left Hander" and his famous Nighthawks furnished the music for the fall Independent Informal, held in Huff Gym on November 10. The lively rhythms of Joe Sanders helped to build Illini spirit for the vic- torious gridiron contest with Wisconsin the follow- ing day. Under the sponsorship of M.I.D.A., W.G.S., and R.G.S., the dance was attended by more than 1600 dancers. "Red" Hoskins, comedian trumpet player and composer of "The Music Goes Round and Round," gave his own version of that immortal composition which amused the dancers and the balcony crowd, Another special feature was the playing of songs judged most popular in a poll of independent houses. Don Bovee, '40, co-chairman of the informal, pre- sented a loving cup, the prize for the women's inde- pendent house which sold the most tickets in pro- portion to its size, to fl representative of Welsh House. Independent Informal QT 4 q I .Mata Wfalsh Farr NORMAN G. BI1'TIzI1 MANN , ..,. HlEI.l?N L. BIT'I'I2IuI4aNN.. JOSEPH XV. BALIS jamns Bnowzw FRANK DANIIil.S, JR. ,SZ Daniels Roy Bans johnson Morrell N. Bittermann Brown H. Bittermann COMMITTEE Ciifmrns R. Farm FIIANCIES E. JOHNSON . . . . .Cn4Cbuir1m111 ,.... . .CU-Cblliflllllli Ivifxm' M. MoIm1aI.I. HEI Iam L. Rox' VIRGINIA E. XVALSII The Independent Informal, sponsored by W.G.S. and M.I.D.A. on March 2, was one of the real high spots of the year, as a gay crowd danced to the tintil- lating swing of Freddie Martin, featuring his electric organ. The programs and decorations were carried out with the idea of simpleness, smartness, and sophistication. The programs were of shiny black paper with diagonal cut-outs of two white Block I's on which the words "Independent Informal" were printed. A silhouette plan was carried out in the decorations, with two silhouetted Block I's, silhouetted figures, and a large staff of music, all on a white background accentuated by pastel lights. The extraordinary feature of the dance was "Krutch's" "Man on the Floor" program, a musical quiz carried on between dances, in which the dancers were quizzed on their musical knowledge by "Krutch" as he walked through the audience. W NORMA N G . BITYER MANN C ff- Clmirnmfz HIELIZN L. BI'I'rEIIMANN C0-Clmirmnn Page 333 Sims Sass CHARLES L. NORTON C hrllrmazr Page 334 GEORGE C. ENGEL Prarident, Ag Club Ag Dance 'I - -.I I 'fl 'l 'ri , ,. I A .1 .J air E , -4 Primm Parks Richards Norton Ash Myers C O M M I T T E E CI-IARI.I:s L. NORTON .... ,....,...,............ G eneral Chairman FM' M. SIMS ....... ....................., ............,...... C o -Cbairnmn ROBERT M. ASH WAl.'l'ER D. PARKS NORMAN H. RICHARDS CIIARI.ns 1-I. DICK RALPH L. PRIMM ESTHER R. SAss KATHARINE M. MX'ERS HARRY W. SMITH The students in the College of Agriculture and Home 3. Economics presented the annual Ag Dance on April 27. Like the Ag Dances of previous years, it maintained its high standard as the most informal frolic of the major dances sponsored by the students of the University of Illinois. This dance was Organized in a rather unique manner with the chairmen and co-chairmen of the various sub- committees serving as the general committee. Charles Norton, Editor of the Illifzair A griczzlmrirt served as the general chairman. The sub-committees were each as- signed to supervise the various tasks necessary for the organization of the dance. The members of these com- mittees were chosen from the membership of the Agri- cultural Club and the Home Economics Club. The chairmen and co-chairmen of the sub-committees were as follows: Publicity, Walter D. Parks, chairman, Esther R. Sass, co-chairman, Decorations, Robert M. Ash, chairman, Katharine M. Myers, co-chairmang Pro- grams, Harry W. Smith, chairmang Arrangements, Charles H. Dick, chairman, Ticket Sales, Norman H. Richards. Summer Entertainment Williams Clay Boyling Trimble Gruenberg Wetzler Grossman Hiller Wliitton SUMMER SESSION ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE SIDNEY E. GLIINN .......................................,....,................ Clmirmnn CirARI.izs R. Frcrmziucic ..,. ,.........,........... ...........,.... S e rrelary GERALD E. Moons CAIIITA Ronizn'rsoN Giaonon T. Srfxrronu Liiwis V, PETERSON CLARENCE E. SAwHII.L WI2sLm' SWANSON SUMMER PROM COMMITTEE joIIN P. TRIMBLE. . ,. E. LUCILLE HIl.I,ER. . FRANK R. BOYLINQ Russnm. E. CAMPimI.L HAROLD E. CLAY CAROLYN M. EMSING MARX' K. GROSSMAN Romani' P. GRUIENBERG QUENTIN M. LAMDER1' RONALD R, Mr:GArrIN F. BURTON SELLIERS . . . . . . .Co-Clmifmfm . . . . . . . , . . .Co-Chfmnzinz JOHN G. SIMMONS Tl-IIZODORIZ J. WANG Roiuaivr L. WETZLER VIRGINIA E. XIUHITTON Ronmucic C. WILLIAMs The students who were on campus during the Summer Session were provided with a very interesting and varied entertainment program. This year The Summer Artists Course, a new feature, was added. This series consisted of four numbers, The Fisk jubilee Singers, dialogues and character sketches, an aesthetic dancing program, and the production of "Our Town" by the Summer Theater. ' Other features of the program were athletic tourna- ments, lectures, band concerts, and mixers in the ice rink. On july 29 the Summer Prom with Tiny Hill's orchestra climaxed the summer's entertainment. Over six-hundred fifty couples attended. Marian Banks was chosen as the Prom Queen. Simmons Sellers Emsing McGafhn Lambert JoI-IN P. TRIMBLE C0-Cl7!lil'7lII1Il E. LUCILLEV HILLEII Co-Cbrurman Page 335 Student-Alumni Dan es ' L fi Louis W. Sci-IUMM, Jn. FLORENCE E. Gursscocic Wn.LxAM R. DANIIENPORT C H A I R M E N XVILLIAM R. DAv1fNPoxvr ........ . .............. ........ I mlimm Dam: FLORENCE E. GLASSCOCK. . ..., . ............... ..... I lameroming Dance Louis W. SCHUMM, Jn.. ..... . .. Three of the most successful dances of the year were those given by the Student-Alumni Association. All three were sell-outs. The dances were supervised by the junior and Senior Boards of the association. The vice-presidents served as chairmen, with president George Bristow, secre- tary Alice Lorey, and treasurer Robert C. Taylor serving as ex ofhcio executives for the dances. The first dance was held on October 21, following the football game with Indiana. Glen Gray was back on the . .. . . . , .RPgi.If1'!1fi07I D.cmi'a' campus with his ever popular "Casa Loma" orchestra. After the Illini victory over Michigan on November 4, the eve- ning's jubilance was climaxed by the Homecoming Dance, with "Duke" Ellington's orchestra. The social season of the second semester opened with the Registration Dance. jimmy Dorsey's band provided the music. His gay style characterized the care-free "between semester" attitude of the students. The association gave its profits from the last dance to the fund being raised to furnish the new Illini Union Building. AT THE REGISTRATION DANCE Page 336 Interfraternit Dances ,I 0- 1 JOHN T. BRADLISY U JOHN T. EATON b NORMAN XV. Suu' Cblllflllllll, Dance Number Om' Cbalrmfm, Dante Nln11ber'Tu'o fflvtllflllrlll, Dfmrz' Number Thru' INTERFRATERNITY DANCE COMMITTEE GOLDEN A. McCoNNI2I.I. ..................................... General Chairman JOHN T. BRADLIZY CHARLES R. FREDERICK VIRGINIA I... Mc:CANc:Ia HAROLD S. DAWSON LETITIA P. Hour NORMAN W. SIeIP JOHN T. EATON PAUI. M. VAN ARsoIaI,I. Three interfraternity dances were held this year under the sponsorship of the Interfraternity and Pan-Hellenic Councils. This is the first year that the fraternity men and women have combined forces for all their major social events. The three dances were supervised by representatives of the two councils as well as faculty advisors. The first dance of the season was the winter formal held on December 2 in Huff Gymnasium. Johnny "Seat" Davis with his radiating personality and his band of smooth musicians entertained the dancers with his original "scat" rhythms. An informal dance was held on April 6 with another "big name" orchestra furnishing the music. On May 11 the interfraternity social season will end with a summer formal. ,.. E Dawson Bradley Van Arsdell Seig McConnell Holt Frederick IcCnncc Page 337 l' I 4 Q mi, u 3 1 k , , if Af' f, 5. ff' 9 . . 55? 1 ia I 34 ' - av Q 512557 ' ' ,S .J- .VI ' 'v L- - 1 A? if 1 4 ! ' , ' gk tial 1 V E. get 1 l 2 1 iv: ia' in J 1 1 W 1. V Ii rs ,gy ,i fi i A? -.r ill vi., V ibglwi xy"'1g'7 'U .4 v 55 'v " . ll! I 'Q ,I f '15 1 MMI' STAGE AND CGNCERT Illini Theatre Guild 3' 1 Wnsrm' Sxvfxxsox Rim-xarxu Moouv ,IOSEPH W. SCOTT Epxvm C. PLATTE Gcmfml Dirurzor Arfing Dirrrror Arrifzg Trrlmiml Difvrlor Clmlrmazz of lbe Board OFFICERS MEMBERS XVESLEY SVFANSON .... .................. .... .... G rf 2 :eral Director A. R. KNIGHT .,...... .............,. R epre.re11tari1'e of lb: Uni1'r'r.rity RICHARD MOODY .... ...,.,........ A fling Director C. A. ANDERSON ....... .... I !eprr'1eululiz'c of the Ur1i1'er.ri1y JOSEPH XV. SCOTT ..., ..... A cling Terbniml Direrior BARBARA R. I.ITTl.E1'0N ,,.. .... R eprerentoiire of Mark and Bauble EDWIN C. PLATTE ..... ..., C hfzirman of flae Board HARRX' O. MARLATT .... ........ R Epf'E.fEllll1Ii1'E of Pierrolx The Illini Theatre Guild is composed of three under- graduate dramatic societies: Mask and Bauble, all-university dramatic honorary, Pierrots, men's dramatic honorary, and Arepo, operatic honorary. The Faculty Players Club is a patron member. Executive authority of the guild is vested in a board of directors composed of a representative from each of the member societies and two university representa- tives, Knight Tuttle Page 340 W-vm Platte Littleton vs EDNVIN C. PLA1"r12, . . .. ....., ..Reprerenm1i1'e of Arepo G. P. TU1"r1.E ,.... ..... R eprefenlatire of Player: Club This year the Illini Theatre Guild was directed by Wesley Swanson, general director, Richard Moody, acting director, and Joseph Scott, acting technical director. The undergradu- ate staif, headed by four senior managers and assisted by ten junior supervisors, appoints the members of the eight business and production crews for each of the guild produc- tions. The crew heads and assistants direct the work of the various crews under the supervision of the juniors. fx T' 1 . 'W - Marlatt Anderson Illini Theatre Guild ' a . 'az v . 't 1' JH.: ll CLARENCE T. LANTZ Louis C. MOHLER BIlJ'illk'.FJ rllmmgur Prodnrtiorz Mazinger L AN12 SNODGRAS . J . KATHLEEN FITZGERALD lY'on1c'z1'.r Pl'0lZ'llffi0I1 Mfumger lV0l1lel1'J Blliillflj' Zlrlnrmger SENIOR MANAGERS CLARENCE T. LANTZ, , . . . , . . . .BII.flI1E.l',f Mfzrmger KATHLEEN FITZGERALD .... ...... W 07Il6'I1l.l' Bnrine.r.r Manager LOUIS C. MOHLIER. . , .... Production .Manager I.. JANE SNODGRAS. . . . . .... lVomen'J Prodzzrlian Alfumger JUNIOR SUPERVISORS Manjonnz L. KEMP .... ........... B umzerr Beufonn A. SMALL. . . .... Bzuinen C, LYLE SCHWABE ..-- .... B miner.: EARLE H. GILLIS. .. .... Bzuinefr MARY j. PRATHER .... . . .Cartumef The two business managers have charge of publicity, box oliice, house management, institutional publicity, and The Illini Playbill, eight to twelve thousand copies of which are distributecl free to publicize each production. The business manager is nominal managing editor of the Playbill, and the junior business supervisors take turns editing the suc- X V -.fl i 3 1 ,A 3. g Y YI 1:- Dono'rHY J. KOENIG .... ...... 1 Hake-up ELEANOR V. MORGAN. . . ....... Properzier Manoir M. Gmac ......... .... 5 rene Paiming FRANK C. Bu'rT12nFnzLn ..... .... C omzrurzian KENNETH L. SCHMITZ ..... .... C 0Il.flI'IlL'lf07I cessive issues. The juniors also alternate in supervising the other departments of the business staii. The two production managers supervise the students on the back stage crews. These include construction, scene painting, lighting, costumes, properties, and make-up. 'Q w i ii .4-5 T' Morgan Prather Kemp Koenig Gragg Butterfield Schwa be Gillis Schmitz Small Page 341 Mask and Bauble ,yprwn . , x '-H? Faculty fldffiror WESLEY SXVANSON Lours C. MOHLER CLARENCE T. LANTZ BARBARA R. LITTLEION Preridenf Vire-President Guild Remererztatlue F A C U LTY RICHARD MOODY, A.M. SEVERINA E. NEl.SON, Ph.D. ADHLAIDE N. BERR FRANK C. BUTTERFIELD DOROTHY E. CHAPIN JEANETTE D. COLTEAUX KATHLEEN FLTZGERALD BONNIE K. FLYNN MADGE M. GRAGG GRETA C. GRINNELL MICHALIE M. HAIKNO JOSEPH W. SCOTT, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY XVILLIAM W. JONES DANIEL E. KANE MARJORTE L. KEMP DOROTHY J. KOENIG ELIN KUDO CLARENCE T. LANT2 BARBARA R. l.I'I"l'LETON HENRIETTE J. MCBRIDE Louis C. MOHLIZR ELEANOR V. MORGAN KNU'l'l5 E. NIELSEN SHELEY NORTH MARX' 1. PRATHER KENNETH L. SCHMITZ BETTY M. SCHROEDER DORO'I'HY J. SEDLACK NEl.LIE M. STUART, B.Mus. WEsLEY SXVANSON, A.M. F. BURTON SELLERS BIELFORD A. SMALL Lois J. SNODGRAS BETTE J. STAATS DONALD B. TOEPPEN DOROTHY M. TUTELE Enm-r J. XVIEDLING I.Exv1s W. WrLLrAMs Prather Gragg McBride Wiedling Morgan Berr Williams Scott Butterfield Schmitz Kane Sellers Iantz Toeppen Mohler North Small Schroeder Littleton Colteaux Fitzgerald Ch npin Sedlack Kemp Koenig Snoclgras Harno Grinnell Staats Page 342 . f s I I l r' " ' I X KNUTE E. NIEI.SI2N Preridenr OLAP S. FDIRLIJE, A.M. RICHARD Moomf, A.M. WAYNE F. AMIDON ARTHUR R. BIENZ GEORGE L. BRISTOXV WENDIELL M. P. CARLSON DAVID M. CHRCRLRY GEORGE H. DICRERSON, JR. ARTHUR R. ENGLISH FRED J. ENGLISH NI3W'1'ON J. FASSLER EucIaN1z V. FRANKEL KRNNRTH L. GARRR-ru' Pierrot HERISIIRT K. PORTER RALPH W. ROI-ILRING Vicz'-Prcnridenl Sefremry CHARLES H. SHATTUCK, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EARL!! H. GILLIS FRED T. GILSON JRROMI: L. GLASSMANN ROY A. HAMMAR WILLIAM E. HOLMIES T IIOMAS F. HOUI.T WELLS HUGO-SMITH FRANK V. I'IUSTON CLARIENCII T. LANTZ ERNIss'r C. LAWRRNCR HARRX' O. MARLATT EUGENE R. MATHIS Lows C. MOHLRR WILLIAM E. NELSON KNUTI5 E. NIELSEN SI-IRLRY NORTH ROBERT L. ORIIACH DAVID L. OSTFELD HERBERT K. PORTER JAMES H. REUTER HARRY O. MARLATT Guild Reprarenmrire XVIESLEY SXVANSON, A.M. R. BRUCE WEIRICK, Ph,D RALPH W. ROHLRING MYRON ROSENBLATT Nmuaus L. Rox' F. BURTON SELLERS KENNETH L. SCI-IMITZ MELVIN E. SIMS BRLFORD A. SMALL JOE STEINRERO VERNON L. TRRO DONALD B. TOEPPEN Schmitz Mohler Wfhite Rosenblatt Gilson Sims Kraus Small Sellers Porter Nielsen Benz Fisher Orbach McCord Kane Toeppen Reuter Lantz Bristow Page 343 Arepo I'- Y X .I IF, W I ' : ig-f . :f ri All-4. 1 . V j rr iz g -. . ' 5 . . . - 1, ,. KATHRYN J. SUTHIZRLAND 'JAMES S. LEE L. JANE SNODGRAS EDDVUIN C. PLATTE Dlrerlor' Prcrm'e11r, Flu! Semcarler Pawlflwvl, Serond Semertcr Gmld Reprerenramfe FACULTY AND GRADUATE MEMBERS MARTHA E. BURRIDGE RALPH FIORENTINI KATHERINE ROPIEQUET EDR-'ARD C. CAMEALY NORMAN A. GOLDEERG S. HELEN SHAVER FREDERICK C. DIETZ FORREST H, HEEREN JANICE H. WHITE LEROY H. FISCHIQR L. ALLEN ADAMS DAN E. ANDREW EDWARD J. BARBER HAROLD W. BARBER ADELAIDE N. BERR HELEN L. BITTERMANN THOMAS G. BUTLER RICHARD K. CARR IDOROTHY E. CHAPIN MARY S. CHAPMAN RICHARD P. CHENOWETH JEANETTE D. COLTEAUX CHARLOTTE L. CONRAD EDWARD W. DOLCH, JR. JOHN P. DOLCH DoLOREs M. DOUR MARTHA L. EDGAR CAROL L. EGE VVINIFRED J. EHLER JOHN R. ENGSTROM L. IRENE EvANs MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY KATHLEEN FITZGERALD MARX' M. FLEMING GEORGE R. FLEXMAN MADGE M. GRAGG SARAH J. GRAY GRETA L. GRINNELI. MARGARET J. HALL NANCY A. HALL MICHALIE M. HARNO DONALD J. HATCH ROEERTA J. HEAVENER MARY M. HORNING MARY E. IvEY MARJORIE L. KEMP FRED M. KILKER LAVERGNE A. KLOSS RENARD A. KOEHNIEMANN DOROTHY J. KOENIG CLARENCE T. LANTZ JAMES S. LEE ALICE LORAY MYRA LYTLE LORIENA MANAUGH HENRIETTE MCBRIDE CAROLYNE E. MEYER LOUIS C. MOHI.l2R RUTH E. MONTGOMERY ELEANOR V. MORGAN MIRIAM E. MOSIMAN JOHN E. MULLIEN KNUTE E. NIELSON SHELBY NORTH ALBERT E. PETERSON EDVUIN C. PLATTE HERBERT K. PORTER MARY J. PRATHER ELLAMAE PULCHER DOROTHY G. QUIRRE FRANCES G. QUIRRE JAMES H. REUTER ELIZABETH R. RHODES DOROTHY L. ROERINS RICHARD L. ROPIEQUET MYRON ROSENBLATT M. ELIZABETH Ross KENNETH L. SCHMITz BETTY M. SCHROEDER ROBERT L. SCI-IULZ C. LYLE SCHWABE DOROTHY J. SI-IDLACK BELEORD A. SMALI. Lois J. SNODGRAS MILES A. SNYDER BETTE J. STAA'rs M. MARGARET STEWART VERNON L. TEEO ELIZABETH A. WIZDLOCK MARY E. WIDCEIZR EDITH J. VUIEDLING AUDREY L. NVITHINGTON HELEN G. XVOSNUK B'?'Jr . Q! A5 Y , .I A I ' QLIIW I 4 I 331. R . A . fe ' I A !' if A A - I Andrew Ehler Snodgras Ege Snyder Lantz Renter Porter Fitzgerald l Gray Wedlock F. Quirke Robbins Morgan Wiedling Barr Ross Prather Koenig Sedlack Lee Heavener Widget Loray Evans Lytle Montgomery Mosiman Wosnuk Manaugh Chapman Small Edgar Rhodes Hall Barber Roscnblatt Tebo Kilker Schmitz Dour D, Qulrke Page 344 T Yeomen of the Guard Sir Richard Cl7010lI!0l1lf6l6'.T .... ..... F RANK E. HOLLEY Colon.-fl Fairfax ............. ..,... E DWIN C. PLATTE Sm-geazf Meryll. . . . . ..., JOHN G. CROESSMANN Lefnmrd Meryl! ..... ' . . .FORREST H. HEEREN jack Point ....,.... ..... R OBERT H. REEVES Wilfred Sbndblar ..,.. ..... J OSEPH T. SNonoRAs The Headmzmz, . . . . .... . . .ROBERT BROOKS Firrl Yewzzfuz ..... .... XX f11.L1AM D. FRASER Semnd Yeampzn. . . .... ATCNOLD R. SCHENK Third Yeoumu.. .... RALPH E. SHANK Firrl Citizen .... ........ J ACK K. HAMM Seraud Cilizeu. . Elrie Mfzyzzard .... .... Phoebe Meryl! .... ..... Dame CrzrruIbe1-.f Kate . . . ......................... . . . . ROBERT L. SCHULZ MAIRY M. HORNING LORENA MANAUGH MAIQY J. JARNAGIN .SARAH OIQNDORFF Arepo presented a Gilbert and Sullivan opera, "Yeo- men of the Guard," April 21 and 22, 1959, before a capacity crowd in Lincoln Hall Theatre. The setting portrayed a sixteenth century courtyard. Throughout the play mistaken identities caused many amusing complications. This humor and the excellent singing made another Gilbert and Sullivan production loved by the auclience. Page 345 .AT Page 346 is -E ,dex Y Lad Precious Stream Honorable Render .......... ,,..... . .. ..... ........... J 0 E. STEVENS M-ape:-ry Men ......... HARRY O. MARLMT and Jfuvins O. MONROE, JR. Him E.-ecz'lIem'y W'ang Ylm ........................ FRANCIS M. TAYLOR Aiaflmn Wang ............. ...Domus A. MITCHELL Sn ........... ..... A Lrmirr' E, PETERSON Wei ........... ...... K NUTE E. NIELSEN Golden Smwwz .... .... I sAunLLiz H. GIHTHMAN Silver Srrefim. .. .......,.. LEODA M. Don Precimu Slrenm .............. ..... B ETTE L. LOUWIEN Maid: in IVaug'J Household ...... ......, L AURABELL Sci-iurr and VIRGINIA L. SWANN .flrienflunff in Wungk Hourebald ................ HERBERT K. PORTER and RENARD A. KORHNEMANN Hiieb Ping-Kim .... ......................... R ALPH W, ROHLPING Suimrf. .,..... .... ..RoBnn'r B. COFFMAN, KENNETH L. GARRRTT, DANIEL E. KANE, JOHN E. .MULLEN The P1'111ce.r.r of the lVe:lz'r'11 Region: ....,....... ROSHLLA M. HAWKINS Miz Ta and Kiang Hai ..... JOHN E. MULLEN and KENNETH L. GARRRTT Maid! ro rhv Prinreu ........,. HARRIE'FTE ELSOM, ESTHIER R. LILLMAN, ZELMA B. METZI.ER, Aucn E. WHITING llvardem of fbe Pan. ..........,.................. F. BURTON SELLERS Soldierf .............. NORNIAN G. EHRHORN and ARNOLD R. SCHRNK Genera! Mn .... .............. . ............ R OBERT B. COFFMAN Ewcuriomfr. .. ................. ..... F . BURTON SELLERS The AIi11i.ffer'af Foreign Affair.: .... . . . .DANIEL E, KANE "Lady Precious Stream," a play with the traditional Chinese setting, was presented by Mask and Bauble, May 5 and 6, 1939. ? 1 1-ca?-wa 5: ? .. ..,- ,-,,,.: f-41 -A'- 'Q -- -V I Q' 5 5 2, wfmfiff if viasv ,W F. In gg! x N242 E W ,X N 2 H W , , uw Q vw 1 M ,fx w H 1 at ., 1 K A1 z Q1 w ..,. A X X 1 .fl ' W 75? w QQ M N L A 3- , 9, x... l l A H, L W . tgp - 'K ff , 2 1:1-7 22. 1, f "2 6 l!3:,1:'X If , l 15" qv' 4' 4? X 5,1 , K , w -1 1 Wlgg D Y' .xv , . 1 N 1 . 4. ' ,QNE .9575 ,. . 5 , , 5 Q ,A V 4, ' 1 - ' ' . ' 'fi ,L ,faux ' .4s. ' ' 1-4 2 , 355- AZ L. MS . r -1 ! 5 vrfif as . Lf Y -V f..1..... i 1 , , - r...,., iq n xr "V+ wx t n ,- . ,5 rf, S X ,174 1' swf' 1 f H '-'fy fiwsf , V '15, A - f ,',,1?'1 ' . kv. - I 3- E J V N .L Y -. L i g. ' QV . A X - P- , ' 'TNQ U ' , ., ' A ,l V .ll - . , V VV: : 12 -N A y. 35:71-,3g,.l: , 1 V - , - ' . ' . k ' Hu 2.-Qfewg .. ' Y 'Zi . S Q5 -'Q ,r V ,. f,,.f , , . - , . 7 - 'haf' . , 2 H jf 4. k U A Y' is 11 19 - W wr 1.. - M u r M -H Jw V 4? ' 1, , . , VY i ,Am g P ig! ,Ar vw-up Page 348 Famil Portrait Mary .... Daniel ..., Ioiepb .... Naomi ...... julia ........... Mary Cleophar. . . Rvlaa ...,...,. Siinml. . . jimzcu ..... Marderni .... Selima ..... Eben .... Amof ..., Mallaiar ,..... Heprilm ........ fljipifu Hrzflrlnn. . Anim .......... Rabbi Srwlwl .... Mendel .............. Mary ol Magdala ..., Nallmn ...,...... Daniel .... Either ..... Leban ..... jarlyim .... Bflllllh .... . . . .VIRGINIA H. Hnumzs ....CHAnLns R. GOLDMAN . . . . .Hfmnv W. BUTLER LYLE SCHWABE .. . .ROBERT F. NAGLE ........I.o1s J. SNODGRAS ...........LoIs M. Rmsz HAROLD E. BIIIIGMAN, Jn. .........LEWIS W. WILLIAMS .STUART M. Dnum ......MARX' A. GOBIEN . . . .A. LOWIILI. VINEYARD . . . . . .HOLLIS L. WHITE .....PI-IILLIP M. FAUCETT . . . . . .MAIW J. PRATI-mn .......jLII.Ius U. KUNEY . .... BARBARA R. LITTLETON .. . . . .GAIL C. MIscI-ILICI-I ........JoHN P. WALSH .. . .DOROTHY V. PEIIIIING ... . . . .BILL M. KRUZAN .........RoIxEIzT A. EAGLE .... . . .NORMA F. JOSEPH XVILLIS L. HELMANTOLER . .. ..'1'I-IoIvIAs F. HouLT . .FLORENCE E. HACKETT On December 1 and 2, the Illini Theatre Guild pre- sented "Farnily Portrait," portraying the family life of jesus. Manon Manor: ...... .... D oI.ORIas M. DOIIR Dex GI-ieux .... ..... E DXWIN C. PLATTE Lemmf ...... .... BRUCE R. Foo'I'E Gnillnr ................. ,.... W . DEAN FRASER Le Campre Dm GY'l4'llIx' .... ...,.... M II.Es A. SNYDER ...CHARLES H. AUTEN, JR. Breflgny. .............. Pnumre .... ...... M ARY M. HORNING jmfafle.., ....... I.ILI,IAN N. PoI,I. Roxen: ...,. .......... M ARc:ARE'r L. ADAMS L'HaIe!1cr .... ............... G FORGE C. DACEY Gfmrzh ..... ...GEORGE C. REIU, JAMES S. LEE Charm FARARA G. ANDERSON, ELIZABETH J. BAKER, MARY' S. CHAPMAN, ANNE M. CULLIERTON, KATHRYN A. DAVIS, WINIEREIJ J. EHLIER, LAVIZRNE M. ESSER, SARAI-I J. GRAY, J. ELIZABETH HARTZIZLL, ROEERTA J. HIEAVENIER, MYRA LYTLE, RUTH E. MCCORMICK, BETTY MCCOWN, BONNIE 1. MOON, DOROTHH' G. QLIIRKE, ELIZABETH R. RHODES, RUTH ROHLFING, M. Buz- AEETH Ross, ELIZABETH A. SARIN, PHILLIS SAMPSON, BETTY SANDOLETT, JACQUELINIE A. SI-IANKS, MARX' A. STIPP, KATHLEEN K. THORNBERRY, MARY E. XVIDGIER, R. P. ADAMS, H. W. BARBER, R. I. CARNCROSS, N. R. Fox, W. D. FRASER, J. I.. GUYON, J. U. KLlNIEY', J. D. PI.E'I'CHER, G. C. REID, W. B. RHODES, R. L. ROPIEQUET, V. L. TEIIO, R. D. TURGEON. On December 15 and 16, Arepo presented MHSSCH6f,S "Manon," concerning the love of a peasant girl, Marlon, for the Chevalier Des Grieux. I "Hb .u..1z:'-f' Page 349 fx. JN. I I F . F'1': ,.5l,:'lFfl , QQE'a"SI X .5 is . 3, O v'1. .. aief., 1 L," .1..2f1f-A I '-gmfhff .ffm A Y . ,A 1 :bil I .. I X . if M"VlF3f3i V14-'uyr-,rr gi . ' 251535 I few I l lggiiliisg 2419 ,gmgwli E: Ee M. . gf , M X' li I.. 1.3552-,.,. --J E 1 A A E 1.-awgzgrmgf f Iggy? K2 - ' 1 -. ' 5931 A... 29 ei? 5 gi' Union Minstrel Show CAST 5?-' Iurerlorulor. . . ...... . . . Ena' Men Boxcar . . . Ba ner . ..... ' '8-Bull" ..... Side Packel .... Specialty Men .GAIL C. MISCHl.ICH ...GEORGE W. Goon ..GEoRcE C. BA1.Es ...JACK J. DEEGAN ....LEIE E. OLSON LA VERNE A. ANDERSON, JACK 'I'. BALES, EDXJUARD V. BARANSKI, MAR- -IORIIE E. BARTON, CHARLES J. CAUDLE, LAURENT H. CLODY, GRAHAM B. ELY, AARON B. Guxuamz, JOHN E. GIBBONS, LoIIIs M. GRIGSBY, HUGH A. HARNOIS, FRANK A. HERBERT, SHIRLEY B. How, VIRGINIA Page 350 H. HRUBES, JAMES W. KOPRIVA, Jumus U. KUNEY, JOANNE KUPER, PEARL J. LERNER, BETTY J. LOVEGREN, HELEN C. MCDANIELS, DAvIn E. OLSON, XVILLIAM H. PILKENTQN, JOSEPH STEINEERG, DAVID S. TERRY, LEO T. TIRENSIQY, ROBERT O. TOLMIE, JAYNE K. TuvEsoN, VERNON F. VINEYARD, BABETYE J. WELTRIAN. The Illinois Union presented its annual Union Min- strel Show on January 6 and 7. Shirley Hopp's operatic, McDaniel and Baranski's Fake Astaire act, and Caudle and Terry's audience exterminating were laugh hits. Smooth songsters were Betty Lovegren, joseph Stein- berg, and Gail Mischlich. Tobias and the Angel Tobif .... .... C AMIYRON C. Gurrlzrrls Tobin: ...... ...... W INSOR W. BROWN Raflhafl ..... ....... R OBIZRT A. SANDIEERG Amm ...... .... M Rs. WALTER J. GRAHAM Bfmdir ..... ......... J osmu-I W. Sco'r'r Sam ..... .... M Rs. W. MCNEIL Lownv Shvrah .... ..... M Rs. DAVID K. BRUNRR Azamh .... ..... M Rs. REVILO P. O1.1v1zR Raguel ..... .... W AYLAND M. PARRISH Sam ...... ..... A 1.PHoNsn ANDERS Amzoday .... .............,.......... J . MARVIN XVELLIZR Dzll1fL'I'I .............. . .......,............... MRS. A. JEROME Conn MRS. Rnvn.o P. OLIVER, Miss DELTA HINKEL Flute Arrmnpfulinlezfi ...... ........ ....... , .......... J O HN P. DOLCH Girli in dllvlldrlllrz' on San: .............,........ MRS. MAX CHAPMAN MRS. EMMETT McNA1'r, MRS. HEINZ S'rAD'rHAGnN "Tobias and the Angel" was Presented by the Faculty Players Club on the evenings of january 19 and 20 in Lincoln Hall Theatre, under the direction of Richard Moody. The comedy, written by James Bridle, Scottish play- wright, is based on the Biblical book of Tobit, and has been produced only a few times in this country. Cos- tumes were copied from those used in a production in Washington, D. C., in which Marvin T. Herrick, Presi- dent of the Faculty Players, acted. niversit Concert and Entertainment Board CLYDE A. Wnnmzn ,ENL'A'llfil'L' Sz'n'emry A1.xsrin1' XV. ARON, Ph.D. GEORGE L. CLARK, Ph.D., D.Sc. -IO!-IN S. CMNDIZLL, B.S., CE. Donor!-uf E. CHAPIN LAVURENCE XV. Gousuzn Fnsnnnlc B. Srwnw Chairman M E M B E R S Faculty LLOYD MORHY, A.B., B.Mus., C.P.A., LL.D. FREDERIC B. STIVEN, Mus.D. CLYDE A. VVHRIKIER, B.S. Sim! EIZU' DAN F. Hfxzzax MARY L. MCANI.IS QQ.,- Clark Gougler Cmndcll Hazen Chapin Stiven McAn1is Page 353 tar Course DAN E. ANDREW RICHARD K. CARR FRED M. KILKER L. ALLEN ADAMS Manager L. ALLEN ADAMS RICHARD K. CARR CAROLYN D. ANDERSON SHIRLEY H. BERLAU J. ROBERT BLOMQUIST FRANK R. BOYLING M. JANE CAMP WILLIAM J. CARMICHAEL GERTRUDIE N. CORRERY EDITH E. CRAMER ROBERT W. DEFFENBAUKTH JAMES H. FELT JOHN M. FLACHMANN HELEN E. FRESE Senior Mamzgerf DAN E. ANDREW' jzmior Mrznagenr CAROL L. EGIZ MARJORIE GOULD HARRIET R. HANSON DOROTHY A. KASTEN F. HUBBARD KIRIQPATRICK JOI-IN C. KUHNS, JR. DORIs M. LUNDBLAD STUART M. MAMIER ALBERT C. MARTIN JOHN C. MARTIN, JR. VIRGINIA R. MAURER GERTRUDI5 C. MCKINNIEY ADELINE L. SCHPOK MARY M. FLEMING CARL T, MEYER, JR. ANN MIDDLETON JOHN M. O'HARI2 BETH OLDs WILLIAM C. PRATHER DOROTHY G. QUIRKE SALLY 1. RHODE R. DOUGI.AS RICKS CHARLES L. ROBLEE LUCILLE A. SGHOENEELD CHARLES G. SCHOTT I .EI FRED M. KILRER DOROTHY L. ROBBINS HARVEY L. SINGER MARGARET J. SMASHEY MARGARET G. STUMPE BETTIE L. TEETOR MARY E. THOMPSON PHILIP F. VAN CL!-ZAVIE BARBARA M. VAN DYKE ARTHUR L. VINEYARD GEORGE R. XVILLIAMS DOROTHY J. WILSON W. REID WILSON J. Martin Flzichmann R. Wilson Blomquist Prather O'Mare Singer Roblee Kasten Frese Rhode Quirke Teetor Schoenfeld Thompson Berlau McKinney Van Dyke Lundblad Deffenbaugh Middleton D. Wilson Anderson Gould Maurer Hanson Camp Smashey Olds Corkery Stumpe Vineyard Carmichael A. Martin Williams Ricks Felt Meyer Kuhns Boyling Mamer Kirkpatrick Robbins Adams Ege Carr Schpok Andrew Fleming Kilker Schott Van Cleave Page 354 Star Course Ni 51 ' ADELIN1: L Sci-nfolc CAROL L. Emi MARY M. FLEMING Donor:-IY L. ROBBINS - . lyj0ffZl'II'.l' Manager Star Course is a non-profit organization whose chief ob- jective is to bring to the campus the best of musical enter- tainment. This year, in addition to the regular course of six numbers, a Symphony Series was presented. The Minne- apolis and Indianapolis Symphony Orchestras appeared in this series. Star Course, under various names and forms of organ- ization, existed as far back as 1885. The present University Concert and Entertainment Board was organized in 1931 to supervise and conduct all concerts and public entertainments given in University buildings wholly by professional artists, lecturers, orchestras, and other professional organizations, for which admission is charged. The Concert and Entertainment Board is composed of four members of the faculty who are appointed by the Pres- ident of the University, and four students elected by the Student Senate. Two juniors are elected each year to serve for two years. The board not only chooses the artists who will appear on the Star Course programs, but also appoints the senior and junior managers, and selects the sophomore staff. The structure of Star Course is comparable to that of a big business, with the University Concert and Entertainment Board as the board of directors, senior student managers as executives, junior managers as supervisors, and fifty sopho- mores as staff workers. The students working on Star Course carry on most of the functions of a big business. They write publicity material of all kinds, plan and conduct sales campaigns, and carry on much correspondence. Every Star Course manager knows how to write a good sales letter. Ticket sales, of course, ne- cessitate bookkeeping and taking inventory. Details in- volved in putting on a professional concert include every- thing from printing the tickets to entertaining the artists. -J" J' '. l r fa '1"" 'r Page 355 Star Course Manjoruys LAWRENCI5 Opera audiences of three con- tinents have hailed Lauritz Mel- chior :ls "the world's greatest heroic tenor." On the concert stage, this tall Norseman was an imposing fig- ure. Mr. Melchior sang with equal ease and clarity his Grieg, Strauss, and WtlgHCE numbers. His dynamic performance well justified his title, "The Great Dane of Songfl Page 356 One of the Metropolitan's leading Wagnerian sopranos is Marjorie Lawrence, who appeared with Lau- ritz Melchior in a joint recital on November 21. Miss Lawrence is noted for her versatility which she showed in her selection of songs. Her clear enunciation, and wide vocal range made her performance an outstanding one. LAURITZ Mzzmr-non Star Course Since his debut in America in 1938, Robert Virovai, the sensa- tional eighteen year old violinist, has claimed highest honors wher- ever he has played. The famous Hungarian violinist, Hubay, claimed him as his prize pupil. On the con- cert stage, Virovai displays a re- markable technical virtuosity which is balanced by a clear, full tone quals ity. 1 1 1 I!-5ua,r., Suuow Baum Ronmvr Vmovm Simon Barer, Russian pianist, won the Rubinstein prize, which gave him title to "Virtuoso pianist par excellence," at the age of twenty' two. His brilliant technique is made all the more remarkable by his flawless musical taste. He has been ranked among the greatest expon- ents of the keyboard in recent times. Page 357 tar Course ST. Louis SYMPHONY Oncmzsrna january 16 marked the eighth time that the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, the second oldest symphonic organ- ization in the country, has played in the University Audi- torium. Under the brilliant and imaginative conductorship of Vladimir Golschmann, this orchestra of eighty-seven players captured the applause of another Star Course audi- ence. At close range, Golschmann is quiet, eager, alert, witty, and interested. On the podium his eyes tell his men far more than his hands, although his gestures are graceful as he moulds the melodic phrases and outlines the rhythms. His outstanding qualities are his power and vitality and his command of the orchestra. Two other popular symphony orchestras, the Minneapolis Symphony and the Indianapolis Symphony, were presented in the new Symphony Series. Partly because the auditorium cannot hold all those who wish to attend the regular Star Course programs and partly in order to meet a growing de- mand for more symphonic music, the Concert and Enter- tainment Board has inaugurated the Symphony Series. The Minneapolis Symphony, under the direction of Di- mitri Mitropoulos, opened the Symphony Series on Febru- ary 15. Mitropoulos demanded much of the orchestra and got it by amazingly energetic work and meaning made un- mistakable by broad, clear, rather spectacular, but not too extravagant gestures. His musicianship enlisted the full confidence and cooperation of the orchestra players. Fabien Sevitzky directed the Indianapolis Symphony in its second concert here on March 27. In three years, he has developed his young musicians into a symphony orchestra that is ranked among the foremost in the country. The Symphony has won recognition for its admirable pliability, splendid balance, and well-fused, sonorous tone. MINNEAPOLIS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Page 358 tar Course INDIANAPCLIS SYMPHONY Oncnnsrlm The Coolidge String Quartet is composed of William Kroll, first violing Nicolai Berezowsky, second violing Nicolas Moldavan, violag and Victor Gottlieb, violoncello. On December 14, these four men convinced an enthusiastic Star Course audience that they were lis- tening to one of the world's out- standing string ensembles. The Original Don Cossack Chorus, conducted by Serge jaroff, opened the 1939-40 season of Star Course on October 31. Organized over lifteen years ago in a prison camp near Constantinople, the Don Cossack Chorus has the reputation of the greatest singing organization in the world. Their brilliant per- formance here will long be remem- bered. Coouncn STRING QUARTET I ill AQ l l Q DoN COSSACK Cnonus Page 359 L . 1 X -. ' Q' U E L F if-' ' ' v - m w I V' ATL f K, ' 3 LE ti Wt' c, gal 1 3 IQ ' I Q. F L A Q-r 'ff kgifas K y-331, .',.xQN.,4 um' 'L' ,,, f- .,n.f+,-,.-- - 1 A wx ,X W N , U'M,"'i, " A 1 H 'W iw mum , ,553 ,fl Mx Y ly , R H w.."'4 .H 'L ,pf f ,W .. x ,. , Y GI ' 3 iii 13,V" f, Wmigiga..-M , x M: JKQA ,. H 'V'U 'j.. igQ.,'..,v,. ,Jw ",,,,",,a,' 5 Mi'-4" 'wrawww MN Nw , -im: . , , 3' z? Lg- N Q 1 ' ' "E, Fig? 1 E " Q.,,,j 1 ' .HMV V 1 xrtat- H-'El 'i 4 as fm ,1 .-.- i Y I Y 4 I 5 Q I -X 5 HY af Qi'-A 'A if Q , i ' ,Q ' ' 74' ' 'xv W Y! 4 , 'X N f 5 'h ., is ' .I .. , A, Y E. ,Af , . f yu A - . ,N-wwf ,i ,N hx' L F bfi Xxx A . .. rf' ' N - . , aL . 3 : ' I was '- - ww ' ,..,N -' -L 3335351 4 Q 5.14 ,- ' Qfiliizz-13'?AT -- - U, .- U :msf:,,,.-,- gl 2,51 xE,m wfwLf -1-- r 'H' ' ,up 5 "3-, fiffgillai Ig-If h I' 2, ".,:,5bfF5' -.iaisirg ,fin , all v-F ' 'v?"'f w-F y - fl' L 417 1,-gf 4 1 mag 5 Ai S 4 Qwimfil gs 1 L u ' ws ng' ' - . 7 . f A I AJM 'W H-aff! 4' if ' ' 1 ' "tsl M4 .S 5 aj- rm, 5 Q ' 'H iLq,G 1 Q . 93 ' , ,Lf ,W A T, Q ,' , ' 5 y .N WI ' ' N W3 'Vw-v4w"F- V QW S W, . hmm ' 'avg A Ygnfaw K be, - JP' . pai' ' ' nv r , -,- at . '-- g N . ga 5, I N W A ' '511iGF'1w 'A,M'L1'1 , f , ,,,, ,- N -jf X7 in Iii. , 51 'X .- ,M .xv H, lt' .. .W-Z .A C6 7 77 Q46 :mu 4 zmfegslf i f VW wg, x., K wr :gg-u2,.3',5. , Y ,--F kiwi .iwiyi ,, 4: x nf. V+ -u-4 M1- , gf fMa71A mg, ' ' r Qg:Hs5nAnQwQf1h Tfik "w A' it gn-f-2:2 -X W V- ,,. Jr., ' , . ,- v -L . ,-' -. - nb.: L. H- Q ., 'Q , 41- 'I 1 Q ' A-us: wf iv:-1 mf 'ii 'V X. 552, X A R -x Q5 ' X, X , ,""'! 5x,zfflw5 J Direcfor, . ..... . . Arxirmnt Director. . fl.rriJ.'m1! Conductor. . . Trcruurer and BlIJ'i7l0.1J' Libmriafl. . . . ...... . . Prerideul ...... Vice-Preridem' ...... Secretary ...,.. Qlmrtemlmrw' .... Drum Ivlajar. . . niversit Band ROSTER Il'lIlII!IgEY'. ,. . . WELFARE COMMITTEE ..A. AUSTIN HARDING ..MAnK H. HINDSLEY UCLARENCE E. SAWHILL ....CLYDn A. Waimea JAMES K. VAN SLYKH JAMES K. VAN SLYK15 .. . . .HAROLD C. HINES ...Roixrmr W, WORK HOWARD XV. YARNELL ..DoNALD F. HACKETT RAY I. SHAWL Joi-:N W. ALEXANDER LEONARD L. STEm1.Ex JOHN R. ENGSTROM A. AUSTIN HARDING The University Bands are made up of three separate units, the world renowned Concert Band which is recognized as a pioneer organization in making the symphonic band of to- day comparable to the symphony orchestra in its perform- ance and program material and the First and Second Regi- mental Bands which furnish the necessary music for mili- tary ceremonies, athletic events, and many other similar school functions besides presenting concerts during the course of the year. Several times during the year the regi- mental bands are called upon to augment the Concert Band on certain numbers. Positions in these organizations are determined by com- petitive examinations which are given throughout the year and service in them takes the place of the required military training. Members in the Concert Band are eligible for scholarships as soon as their military credits have been ful- filled. During the football season a select unit of 180 bandsmen is organized to form the famous Illini Football Band. This "Triple Threat" group combines playing, singing, and marching to thrill the crowds who view the Illinois football pageantry. This year the band department is celebrating its 50th anniversary, its first appearance as an organized group being in l889. MARK H. Hmusrny ra J' .fu .fs Page 363 ii B-Flu! ClariI1er.I RJAMES K. VAN SLYKIE RKIZITH L. WII.SON 'IORESTE MICHI 'VRALPH FIORENTINI :UJAMIES R. GREENWEIJ. 'AROEERT L. HUNT 'ROY CHRISTOPI-IERSEN 'AUSTIN J. MCDOXY'EI.I. LEO J. CHRISTY 'ELWYN H, KING 'NORMAN EISENSTEIN "JOHN L. MARSH 'STANLEY W. VYCITAI. ROBERT A. CI.INE WILLIARI O. KUYPER 'il-IUBIIRT A. I-IARNOIS 'WILI.IAM J. CARMICIIAEL ELMER H. EGLI 'RUSSELL E. LARSEN 'JOHN A. COOPER WJIEROME S. GORE ALIIERT D. MOHI.ER MAYER H. CHANNON 'STUART M. MAMER ROBERT A. STEIN 'JOHN W. ALEXANDER 'SIIIILIIY M. HARRISON SAMUEL D. WRIGHT Alta Clarimflx 'WILLIAM J. RHINEHART 'T. CLINTON Conn JOSEPH H, CAVIEGLIA "'gAVERY N. HIKIEN ,gf Concert Band 5. II. IX . EIS ' I A AUSTIN HARDING JAMES R VAIX SIXRI D11 crm: P1 L".I'I1fZ'l1l Ban C-l!H'iI7E'f.l' RNORMAN A. GOLDBERG 'FRICHARD E. YOUNGGREN WRALI-'H XV. ROHLFING JOHN L. BIEIDIELMAN Crmirfz-Ba.r.r ClaI'im'1.I 'HCLARENCIE E. SAXVHILL WII.I.IAM A. GROSS Flulej mul Pircolm' 'GEORGE E. MOREY TJOHN W. COLTMAN :fl-IENRY D. EGLIN 'FJOHN P. DOLCH GEORGE C. VAN STEENIIERO WESLEY J. DALE RALPH B. CLARK R. ALLEN LUNDAHL CARLETON A. SPERATI E-Flat Flute "CI-IARLES H. MERCER Oboe.: XEDWARID W. DOLCH 'IJOHN J, SCHUSTER DAVID KAPLAN FREDERICK C. HANSON Englixb Harm 'WAI.'I'IiR A. NECHODA HORACE O. MACINTIRE Buriram' Oboe 'KHARRY W. BERGMANN Herlaelpbone IFBYRON B. WYEIAN fllrzi SIl.T0.l1l7!HH'.f DKCHARLES B, VANCE ZGEIIALD E, LEECH WROBERT L. DOYl.lE Tenor Sd.x'of7lm17e CLOVIS A. MCKENZIE Bn,I.I'el-Horn F. DEAN GARLAND Ba.r.ma11.r i'JULIUS I, TURK ARAT' 1. SHAWI. CARL T. MEYER :k4'MORRlS S. KESSLER C0l7fl'I!4BlI.f.Y00!I HRALLEN E. CANNON Trlmlfrvls 'FERNEST ENGLUND, SR. :KVICTOR C. HOEENER XVILLIAM N. MCA1'lEE Flugvl-lyorzix :DONALD S. MH'ERS 'LAXVRIENCI3 S. MORRISON Cmvleti 'HASKELL O. SEXTON WMARK H. HINDSLEY WROIIERT W. WORK 'EHAROLD C. HINES 'ANOELO M. CUCCI GORDON W. YAPI2 ROBERT B. KITE JOHANNES L. RASMUSSEN XVILLIAM D. COLE Freurlv Horn.: RRORERT G. XIAPP 'KDONALD J. HATCH :'I.AxvRENCE W. GOUGLER 'JACK M. EI.I.IOT'I' ZEEROXVLAND SMITH ALBERT C. BOTTIN JAMES W. DAVIl7SON NORMAN H. FITCH 5'mLIEONARD N. DAVIS 7'r0mlao11I'f TLOUIS A. HANSEN 'RHORACE S. FREDERICK 'FLYMAN A. STARR ROIIERT K. NEWTON RUSSELL OMEIS Ban Trombnnef 'KKEDXVARD A. DOISY 'WJAMES H. HAMPTON Enpbaflinml 'FJAT N. FROMAN 'LOREN E. GILLHOUSE Bariranznf WGORDON A. PHILLIPS JOHN L. BAGO String Banef GRACE HARRIMAN HAROLD W. SAFEORD 'S Mgnzbevur Vzrearizzg the mrfify bum! emblem 5' 1' l'll'.fI Regimental Band menzberx rlllgillfilflllg ibv Conrert Bama' E-Fla! Ban QLEONARD L. STEIMLET' BB-Flat Banff QWARRIEN A. FELTS QEDXVIN KREIIS WS'rEvEN W. TEHON VERNON J. NVILSON KENNETH B, BERG '- RDONALID J. STADFIELD -E H11I'11.I ZEDNA A. MICHAEL IYLRS. IWARJORIE B. SCHIRMER A I arim ba ZKNINA M. COFFING WE. NADINE RENNER Tynzpani 'JOHN R. ENGSTROM SJOHN D. CARSON Drmru :FRICHARD B, COODAL :KGIEORGIZ E. HAMILTON ISRAEL KLIOER MORRIS L. MYERS 'VKXVILBUR J. HOEL Praperfymen "HOXY'ARD W. YARNELL ROBERT S. KIIZSTER Page 364 First Regimental Band V. B-Fla! Clarinet! ROBERT H. ANDERSON XYUKLTER A. ARON HAROLD R. BUCHANAN ROBERT S. DAY ROBERT H. DRIGGS JOHN S. GRIFFITH AVERY N. HIKIEN KENNETH C. HoL'I'oN RONALD W. HOOVER DEAN D. HUXTAIILE CLINTON D. JANNEY JACK J. KRIETER ROIIERT H. LAXVBURGH JULIAN N. LIEVEY ROBERT L. LIOHTHALL W. ROBERT MAGILL JOHN R. IWAIL HENRY A. MILLER ALBERT E. OEENLOCH STEPHEN SARTORIS FREDERICK R. SMITH ALFRED M. SPIERS RICI-IARD G. STIWUART JAMES A. STITZEL THEODORE A. VARGES HUEERT J. WEOENIER JOHN L. WHISENAND .illn Clurinelx JOSEPH L. JOHNSON ROBERT M. PII.cI-IARD Ban Clarinet ALDWIN E. MOIKRIS MARK H. HINDSLEY Animznt Director Flnzef and Piccolo: LOUIS M. ADAMS GEORGE W. AI-ILE ROIIERT C. DALE CARL E. FORSBERG MARION J. FRENCH XVAl.TIER W. PEURA PAUL A. RAMSDELI. FRANK E. TRORAUGH, JR. CARL W. WESTPHAL Oboe.: FRANZ D. HANSON SIDNEY L. MANDEL Ba.r.roar1.r ALLAN F. HAMMERSTROM MORRIS S. KESSLER, JR. A110 S.f1x0f1lwm'.r HARRY E. KOEHNEMANN A. PAUL NEI.SON DELOSE R. TSCI-IAEOLD Tmmr Saxvphnfzex JON D. ANDERSON J. ROIIERT BLOMOUIS1' Bnrilmre .Yaxoplwne ROBERT E. MILLER Brzritormf LEONARD BANTZ, JR. RAY G. LANGEBARTEI. DXVIGH'I' H. LORY ROBERT N. PARKER SIILENUS G. PAULSEN CLARENCE E. SAWHILI. A5.f.'.rtn1z! Cwvrlnrmr COI'I7L'l.F mul Trzzflzpels DIELMONEL G. BANOERT IRVING J. CUDDINGTON JAMES B. DENHOLM HERBERT L. DICK, JR. AVERON H. EISIENSTEIN WALTER G. GRIEEITI-I VERNON K. JOHNSON EDWIN H. KANITz H. FRANK KROENING MARTIN J. LUND ROBERT J. MCINTOSH WAYNE E. MOORE RAYMOND L. PARKER STANTON R. PEMEERTON LEO G. SILL WALTER P. STENEORO HARLAN A. STONE JOHN C. STOIIOH ROBERT J. THOMPSON LEWIS P. TWICHELI. Tramborzex EDWARD A. DOISY BYRON E. FULIQ JAMES H. HAMPTON WILLIAM J. HUNTER CLIFFORD G. LEVEE ROLLA E. MARTIN RAYMOND J. MICHALEC RALPH M. MOERY LLOYD R. STRANG M arim bfu HOMER C. LYMAN, JR. ROBERT L. PARISH Harm' MARION L. BEAL LEONARD N. DAVIS ROBERT W. FORST PAUL F. LESTER BRUCE B. MONCREIFF DONALD K. TAGGART FRED A. WILSON ARTHUR J. WITKIN BA' .r.I e.I CHARLES D. AINSWORTH WILLIAM S. BAKER WILLIAM J. FLEMING STIEWAR1' E. GAIL DONALD L. HAYES MELVIN R. KORNMEYER DONALD J. STADFIELD ALBERT C. TRAKOWSKI Tynlfiani JAMES H. CRAVENS Bun Drum rmrl Cy1r1ImlJ GEORGE E. EDWARDS WILBUR J. HOEL, JR. ROBERT J. MURRAY Snare Drum.: DONALD R. MASON GRANT B. SIMPSON JAMES W. VIGER Pmpwlynzerl ELDON B. FARRIS THOMAS E. SCHUETTGI5 Drum Major CHARLES W. DAVIS Page 365 Universit Orchestra F1111 Violin! M. WILSON BRAI' ALLEN E. CANNON ARTHUR E. COHEN SOL B. COHEN EUGENE C. COYNER WILLIARI R. DAVIDSON OSKAR A. KUBITZ XVENDELL A. LANDMANN DORIS J. LAYSON PAUL B. MEYER MARX' J. MRAVEC RACHEL S. WILSON Serond Violim' ALEERT C. BOTTIN COLLEEN D. CONDON DE Los DE TAR REBECCA C. JONES MARTHA MACGALLIARLH BARBARA J. MILLER LILA OVERMYER JANET R. SCOVILI. BETH L. STEPI-IENS PHOEBE C. NIYESTAL WILLIAM E. WALKER ROIIERT C. WILLIAMS XVALTER L. ROOSA Corldzzrlar Viola.: EDWARD G. CAMIEALY BERNARD M. CHAYES CARL E. FORSEERO VICTKDRX' GLYNN NATHANIEL B. GREEN GEORGE E. MOREY Cellar JACK M. ELLIOTT GEORGE R. FLEXMAN MARY K. KELLY KATHRYN M. LAUNE MAEEL L. RUNKEL HOWARD M. TEETER U. PAULINE WAGAR Bafffu THOMAS G. BUTLER GRACE A. HARRIMAN H. WILLIAM SAEEORD MARX' E, SMITH VI-IRNONJ XVILSON XXfAl.TER L. ROOSA. .. ARTHUR E. COHEN .... Flulex ALTHEA J. BILSBORROW JOHN P. DOLCI-I RUTH KEMPE JOHN D. KRAEHENEUEHL GEORGE C. VAN STEENRERO Oboe: WALTER A. NECHODA JOHN J. SCHUSTER Clarinetf RALPH FIORENTINI NORMAN A. GOLDBERG ORIESTE MICI-II B4.f.YO0II.f REX L. BROWN, JR. WILLIAM SKEIXTON Frenrb Harm J, XVAYNE DAVIDSON NORMAN I-I. FITCH DONALD J. HA1'CH ROWLAND F. SMITH . . .Canrev 1711611157 Trnmpeli HAROLD C. HINEs ROBERT W. WORK Trombonex LOUIS A. HANSEN CLARENCE E. SAWHILL LYMAN A. STARR Tuba WARREN A. FELT5 T ym parzi JOHN R. ENGSTROM Perruuiorz RICHARD B. COGDAL PAUL KLIGER Harp MRS. F. B. SCHIRMER Lil1rari.fmJ GEORGE R. FLEXMAN VERNON J. WILSON Page 366 Universit Choru RUSSELL H. MILES. . . .. .Cofzdm-for RICHARD E. ROIIERTS .... . . .Anmnpanin MARGARE'I' L. ADAMS FARAIIA G. ANDERSON HARRY C. ARMSTRONG ELIZABETH J. BAKER M. EUGENE BAUGHMAN MARKER L. BI?NNIi'I"l' ADDIH P. BRADY LAURA BROWN LORNA E. BRUMIJIELD CAMILLIZ BURNETT HELEN E. CANTLIN WILLIAM R. CLENDIENIN MAR'l'HA E. CLUISVER DOROTHY R. CRABB VIOLET G. CRONRI-IITE JIZANIZ'I"l'E DACHROTH KATHRYN A. DAVIS DOROTHY E. DEAN F. CURT DIIZTZ PAULINIZ W. DUNN TESSIE C. EDVUARDS WINIIIRED J. EI-ILER LUTHIZRA E. EHRHART BERNICII A. ENGIILKING RIIGINALD F. FISHER N. RICHARD Fox H. A. VAN DIERCK FRECHETTE ELIZABETH M. GANNAXVAY MIIS. H. C. GIIBHART MARIAN B. GIEES BONITA A. GOAD BII'I"I'Y M. GRANNIZMAN MRS. LULU GREEN NATLIANIIEL B. GREEN MII.DRIiIJ L. GUYNN GERTRUDII GREENBERG JACK L. HALE EDWARD C. HARTER CAROLYN D. HAY MARGARITE E. H EIIREN FORREST I-I. HIEEREN MARGARE'I' A. HOGG FRANK E. HOLLEY LAURA J. HUELSTER KATHRYN L. HURL MARGARE'I' F. IRXVIN FRANCES Ii. JIZNNINGS P. DUANII JONES BARBARA J. KINDRIED COLLEEN J. KIRK ROBERT W. KOYI. H. LOUISE LANE FRANCES LAUGHNER JAMES S, LEE SHIRLEY E. LOESCHIIR MYRA LYTLE PRISCILLA E. MANN AI.MA R. MARSHALI. ARTHUR L. MllCI.ISH BETTY MCCOWN MARY J. MCINTOSH GERTRUDIE C, MCKINN J. ROBERT MCNEILL M. EUGIENII3 MIEEKIER EY RUSSELL H. MII.ES Condzrcmr FLORA L. MEINIER'F MRS. TDM MERLO BARBARA J. MILLER ELIEANOR MILLER MARY MlI.LliR XXIARRIEN I. MITCHELL MARGARET E. MUNSON DOROTHY J. OATHOUT DAVID E. OLSON HELEN I. OLSON NITA L. O,NIZAL MARY J. OTTEN RALPH M. PARK ALBERT E. PETERSON DORIS A. PIZTIERSON DENA J. POLACHECK ETHEL M. POST SALLY E. RAMSDEN ALICE L. REID DE LAFAYETTE REID, JR. GEORGE C. REID GER'l'RUDE REID JAMES H. RIZUTER ELIZABETH R. RHODES WILLIAM B. RHODES MRS. FERNE RICRETTS JEAN C. ROGERS M. ELIZABETH ROSS PHILLIS SAMPSON CHARLES F. SCHLATTIZR MIELVA A. SCHREEELER ROBERT L. ScHUI,z RAY I. SHANVL HILMAR A. SIEVING ELIZANOR J. SKEELS EVELYN M. SLOSSON CLARA W. SMITH PHILIP A. SPRADLING XVILLIAM H. SPRAGENS, BETTY M. STARR THOMAS M. STEINHACH MARX' A. STIPP MARY L. STOCREARCER MARTHA J. STROPIIS L. RUTH SWAIN HELEN L. TOIIIN GRACE L. TOSCH LAWRENCE L. TURNER VIRGINIA J. VAN ZANDT WILLIAM E. WALKIZR FIIRN I. WENINGER DEAN P. WESSEL JACQUIELYN A. XVHITIZ NANCY I. WHITLOCK MARY E. WIDGIER DONNA L. WILCOX JAMES C. WILKINS HATTIE WINEIELD ELEANOR R. XVISIZ IVLARJORIIZ B. VVI'I'TI3NBlZR O. CARROLL WORLEY DORIS WRIGHT JOHN J, YFLX'ING1'ON JR. GER if Page 367 Men s Glee Club S ll ' J .A 4 L f 1, , i I N- . 4 ' 5 3 ' . fs- A? . y , CLARENCE E. SAXVHILL STEPHEN C. KRATZ FRANK A. REICHELDEREER EUGENE E. ATHIZRTON Dirertor Co-Mamzgfr Co-Manager P,-gyjflmf CLARENCE E. SAvcf'HII.L. ., .. . . . .Dir-error STEPHEN C. KRATZ ........ ...Co-Mfnmger AARON B. GERBIER .... . .,...... Libr-Qzmm EUGENE E. ATHERTON. . . . ....,.. Prefidenf FRANK A. REICI-Ilil.DIZRFER. . . . . .Ca-Alfumger FRANK E. HOLLEY. . . . . ..PAh1iriry Agenz GEORGE L. WARRI2N .... .... I !il'L'-PI't?.fil4JFllf XVILLIAM M. BERSIIACH. .. . . .Serrenu-y JAY N. FROMAN, . . . . . , , . . . ,Pimm EUGENE E. ATHERTON K. CLARENCE BARRER ALLEN F. AGNEXV RAYMOND A. BRANDT A. MERLE BRUNINGA ROBERT I. CARNCRCSS RAY W. BREITIENBACH, J GEORGE R. FLEXRIAN L. ANDREW' HANsEN LOUIS M. ADAMS LAWRENCE R. ANDERSON CONRAD A. BLOMQUIST R. WILLIAM M. BERSIIACH MORTON J. BOXWMAN WILLIAM R. CLENDENIN N. RICHARD Fox ELMO GILES, JR. DONALD J. HATCH GEORGE F. HART HAROLD H. JANssEN P. DUANE JONES EDM UND C. FROST Fin! fI'c'rIor.r EDVUARD W. CARDIEE REGINALD F. FISHER LAXVRIZNCIZ E. FRAZEE AARON B. GERBER Serourl' Tenor: JAY E. HINCHCLIEEE WILIIUR J. HOEI. CAROLL G. JOHNSON GENE W. KEPLINGIER H. lVlAURlCE KIRBY JAMES E. MILLER DONALD S. MYERS WALTER A. NECHODA Barirafle MIZLVIN R. KORNMEYER JACK M. O'HARE STEPHEN C. KRATZ FRANK A. REICHFLDERFIER Louis T. LITTLE FRANK E. HOLLIZY' CHARLES R. HARTZIil.L FRED S, HONX'liLL BRUNELI. E. HENERT RICHARD K. SHIRER Bar.: CARI. N. HUTTIZR MORRIS S. KESSLER, JR. NATHANIEI. B. GREEN ROBERT L. HUNT RAYMOND L. PARKER V. JOHN PUCKORIUS JOHN H. REUTTER DONALD K. STEVENS J. ARTHUR STITZEL STANLEY C. KlMEs RORERT XV. MORRISON ROBERT B. REIEDY GEORGE L. WAI.DER O. PAUL RICHEY FLOYD E. SHARP GEORGE L. WARRIEN THOMAS A. WILEY GEORGE R. WAGGONER JOHN H. WEHRLY, JR. ROBERT C. WILI.IARIs RALPH VU. ROI-lLFlNG GORDON XV. SIEARLE VINCIL H. SWEARINGEN Atherton Bersbach l-l..tCh Fmman Bruninga Carncruss Warren Giles Hart Hansen Janssen Hartzell Swearingen Searle Barber Frazee Parker Miller Keplinger Richey Wiley XVehrly Stevens Kornmeyer Henert Huttcr Green Cardiff Sharp Hoel Fox Brandt Jones Waggener Kessler Morrison Adams Frost Fisher Reedy Myers Kirby Agnew Hinchcliffe Breitenbach Stitzel Williams Blomquist Rohlfing Kimes Gerber Johnson Hunt Nechoda Reutter Sawhill Reichelclerler Kratz Shire: O'Hare Howell Holley Page 368 LANSON F. DEAIMING Diwflor Director. . . Premicnf. . . ...... , Bu.rim'J.f Mafmgvr ........ RUTH E. ANDERSON ELIZABETH J. BAKER CAMILLE BLIRNETT ALICE V. DAVIS LUTHERA E. EHRHART MARCH I.. BENNETT MARIAN W. BUEEINGER LA VERNE M, EssER GRACE C. HAN1'OVER ELSIE M. BITFINGER MILDRED J. BRANNON DOROTHY E. CI-IAPIN MARY S. CHAPMAN JEANETT D. COLTEAUX Women s Glee Club 5 ....LANsoN F. DIEMMING ..l-IELEN G. WOSNUK JlEANli'l'Tl3 D. COLTHAUX BENITA A. GOAD LHNORE JOHNS ANN C. MARTENS ELEANOR MILLER ELVAMAE HERRIOTT JOAN JOINER RUTH KIEMPE CHARLOTTE B. LEFIWER DOROTHY R. CRABR E. RORERTA HARRIS lj: . . . Piallixf .... MARY K. SMILEY Loursn STIVEN ELEANOR l. STRAIN ALICE C. TEMPLE DOROTHY J. OATHOLIT SYLVXA B. RECIQLES LoIs D. ROGERS PI-IYLLIS SAMPSON SALLY E. RAMSDEN RUTH C. REED JEANIZTTE D. COLTEAUX HELEN G. XVOSNUK Brzrimmv Manager Pr'e.ria'e21f f'l.f.fiJlt17If Bl1Ifl7L'.l'.f Mamzger, .... LILLIAN N. POLL Serrerary ........... . .... . . . . , ..... MYRA LYTLE First Soprano: RUTH E. MITCHELL BARBARA A. ROBERTSON H. VIIIGINIA OWfENS CARQLYN' M. SANDEHN D. ISAEEL PARKS EVELYN H. SCHWAGER LILLIAN N. PoI.L LIzoNA R. SHAPIRO Second SUPYYIIJUI HELEN S. LEVINE BONNIE J. MooN MARX' L. LITTLE MARGUERI1'E A. MoRToN MARJORIE MCCARRON HELIEN C. NICHOLS Firm' Altar BELVA B. HOWERTON MYRA LYTLE ALEEN R. JOST CHARLOTTE L. NELSON Second Altar MARJORIE R. HAVENS HELEN M. LIPE JEAN E. GOODWILL LORRAINE L. PAMPIZI. I Ii, -I wx HIE ELEANOR MILLIZR Librarian ...ELEANOR IVIILLER ,...ALICE M. SHAW INA C. TEMELETON HELEN L. TOBIN ROBIERTA M. TUCKER HELEN G. WOSNUK EUDORA A. SCI-UNIEBLY MARX' A. STIPP MOLLY J. WILSON ELEANOR R. WISE F. NQRMA SCI-IMIDT ELEANOR H. SEXTON V. JUNE VAN ZANDT KATHRYN PHII.ERooIc HELEN D. STAcIcHousE ,.. ff 1, J. I Hantover Joiner Buffinger Anderson Schnebly Templeton Tucker Burnett Tobin Owens Martens Crabb Nelson Brannon Howerton Reed Chapman Lefever Rogers Morton Reckles McCarran Robertson Ramsden Stipp Levine Schwager Goad Baker Smiley Ehrhart Bittinger Jost Goodwill Stackhouse Havens Herrlott Esser Nichols Wise Szindehn Shapiro Mitchell Oathout Temple Strain Davis Demming Wosnuk Miller Poll Johns Lytle Sexton Chapin Colteaux Philbrook Lipe Page 369 is 1? C 5X , W .-1 fa ,X ' H .vfg '. 1 3 'V I, ibiffi' . J' nuff: iff- R' 6- ' I f 1 5 3 1 f - f'2L?.l-7. 5 'M was iffl.fZ' 5 1 I. 7""Q:'9. 'TWT- ffi A U. V- in vg'4 I ,Q V if 4. ,222 7-.ff H , . "' Y I fi 'L .-- , ' C! s 1 1" 4 H. if V j--"TL "' ' - V . . .V A . , - U xl as Z: : su, . H v 1 . . D , ' Y' H . " fd! U' V .M ' ' . V in, 1 . xr k 'wx w. , 4 e Q . ,- . 1 , Q . V, 1: i i -'I Q Q ' Li, .nf-Q JT VM.. 4 . ,, , , -1 1 . X Q fb' if G 44, YQ if 'zo ' na Q.,-: if s,x'?n Af, " ia' Zh? A uk .aff 'f ,,ja:a?7" Aditi? I i ...- V Q aug V XL-Xgvjggrr -1 M -Q it--pm , V VV . V--. . . , ,,, ,x , , - . Nxz.--Q. ...- 2 sg. 2. A V. ' A , fn 'Y t Q 4 ' I.. .. mqkggw, . 'I' E-. ' im ' V "" :.3f9.x .? , . Iwi " t ' ' ' 5- ' Q14 "' X ia' T . -, fx fix- Q 4 '." 'a." -1 -. V ff 7 z Ev F '- "2 ' -V 'V' A' 1 , 'Rig r,wmwf,,. wy E 1 A' Q55 ' n 'f Lg::sV,Q 3"'-X Tv ' wa - i V'-A 'y . Reef? - .. 9 V V, -' . If nv uf - V -X it I. r V4 5 TWA 7 ' V qi- ,-51V :L 1 if W .n,f?wg5'.5 ' If - 'ia I L? ' ii1' 5436. Q D 'iii ' 'L ' 'wh my ' 1- . 1 ' . Q . . ,L -f 1 ' - I M I W... ' J' " V 1 QV AGN, V u U if Y 4 ,V ,. 4--, ,,.g - ' ' -' "' '.4.?'F. A I N , b . 4, LH 5 -'ig ff -Q-4. Q 7. x .... V .- 4. , , . 4 . - 4 - -5 -- , K ' . -Q. V ' 2 V: L.. ' 1,1554 - ..-wk - ' ,. ' ,,, - ' .' , 1 " , V. - , 'N ,H v :Q 'J-Z-- fa-7. .I-Af by -.A" 1 I- V A 9 ' s. . V' 5- nz.-, w - 'QL .' X-V-V V .- ' V:'A'fI--'4w4," 1 .' : . -, '." " ",g.-,g'1.". - .3,-.R-WE! -'f 4 4 V ' - . ' . .' 'A o -.--3-rap. 3-1 - i , . 1 . ' . ' Q - , . -il 4 ,tn , ,.. A . . - A . W -A rf v . ' g' - - -- - 1 .' . ' "' ' , .I T v5.'.. ,-cw 'T -- .- L- ' ' V A-sf , , K -4 - - ' if-' - . ' A .5 .- X i'l1'r,:g4 K H MILITARY Page 371 Cadet Staff WALTER T. MORRY Cade! Colonel The Commandant of the Brigade is the Cadet Colonel. It is his duty in addition to being a senior officer of the Brigade Staff to direct the weekly retreat ceremonies which are held in the Armory. Annually, on Military Day, the Illinois Department of the Daughters of the American Revolution presents a saber to the cadet officer selected as the Cadet Colonel of the Brigade for the next year. The Cadet Staff is composed of the Cadet Colonel and a representative from each of the the other five units. The staff has complete command of the execution of military orders given out by the department. The Vet- CADET COL. WALTIER T. MOREY ..... .... C ammnndam CArm'r MAJoR Joi-IN C. HAUGELAND ..,. .. .,.. Signal Corpr CADET MAJOR ARTHUR R. MATHESON ,.... ..,,........... I nfanfry CADET MAJOR GEORGE H. GARNHART ......... ..... C aux! Arzillevy Corfu CADET MAJOR THoMAs H. McCnAcKxN, JR.. .. .,....,. Engineer Corp! CADHT MAJOR FRANK I. SCHAHFRR.. .... . . . . , . . ,Carrzlry erans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Department of Illinois, presents a saber to each member of the Cadet Staff in recognition of leadership and outstanding ability at the annual Military Day ceremonies. The staff mem- bers all have the title of Lieutenant Colonel with the exception of the Commandant, who has the title of Cadet Colonel. The excellence of the brigade depends upon the co- operative functioning of the complete staff whose efforts are directed towards teaching freshmen and spohomores the basic factors of a military education. Page 374 University Brigade The University Brigade is composed of the following units: Infantry, Cavalry, Field Artillery, Coast Artillery Corps, Signal Corps, and The Corps of Engineers. After two years of basic training, men who have done superior work as basic soldiers are selected for the advanced corps. In the advanced corps the student ofiicers receive experience in train- ing the basic students. Between their junior and senior years, all student oiiicers attend one of the summer Reserve Officers' Training Corps Camps where they receive practical mili- tary training which cannot be obtained at the University. This military training has proved to be of great advantage to the Nation and State in preparing Reserve Officers. Besides this duty to the government, military training develops obedience and leadership in these students. Page 373 Cadet Staff WALTER T. Moxzm' Cade! Colonel The Cornmandant of the Brigade is the Cadet Colonel. It is his duty in addition to being a senior officer of the Brigade Staff to direct the weekly retreat ceremonies which are held in the Armory. Annually, on Military Day, the Illinois Department of the Daughters of the American Revolution presents a saber to the cadet officer selected as the Cadet Colonel of the Brigade for the next year. The Cadet Staff is composed of the Cadet Colonel and a representative from each of the the other five units. The staff has complete command of the execution of military orders given out by the department. The Vet- Cxnnr Cor.. Waurnn T. Momw ....., ...... C ommmzdam Camrr Mfxjon JOHN C. HAUGELAND .... ........ S igmzl Corfu Canrr MAJOR ARTHUR R. MAT:-ixsow. .. .............. Inffmzry CADET MAJOR Gxzonczs H. GARNHART .,.....,. ..,.. C aan Arfillery Cm-pr CADIET Mfxjon Tuoxvms H. MCCRACKIN, Jn.. .. .,...... Engineer Corp: CADET Muon FRANK J. Sci-mmfna. ...... .......,..... C ai-airy erans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Department of Illinois, presents a saber to each member of the Cadet Staff in recognition of leadership and outstanding ability at the annual Military Day ceremonies. The staff mem- bers all have the title of Lieutenant Colonel with the exception of the Commandant, who has the title of Cadet Colonel. The excellence of the brigade depends upon the co- operative functioning of the complete staff whose efforts are directed towards teaching freshmen and spohomores the basic factors of a military education. Page 374 Regular taff Cor.. Roruzm G. KIRKWOOD ,... ..... C wflfflfrfldfwl Col.. CHARLES J, TAYLOR ,..,. ....... E ngineef Corp: Lnzur. Cor. Bum S. DuBois ........ ..,. C can A1-rillery Corp: Lmur. Col.. Woonrm G. JONES ..... .,............ I nfmzfry Lmrrr. Cor.. JOHN W. McDoNA1.D ..... MAJOR Curroim B. Couz ........ CAPT. KENNHH S. STICE. .. In 1868 a cadet corps was established at the University of Illinois and has continued without interruption except for a period of the World War when it was suspended and re- placed by the Student Army Training Corps. The first regu- lar army officer was detailed as Commandant of the corps of cadets in 1877. The corps at this time consisted of only 198 students and infantry was the only unit. The Department of Military Science and Tactics operates , . . . . . . .Cavalry . . ,.Fielrz' Artillery , . . . .Signal Cnrpi ROBERT G. KlRKW'0OD Colzmel, Field Arlillery. U. S. A., C07l17!IIH7d!Hlf directly under the President of this University. At its head is a colonel of the regular army, detailed for this duty by the War Department and responsible to the President of the University of Illinois and to the War Department for efficient and proper administration and training of the six R.O.T.C. units at the University. Six additional field officers of the army are directors of the six R.O.T.C. units and they are in turn assisted by majors, captains, and lieu- tenants of the army. Leusley Quigley Stovall Stice Routhea Timberlake Hanna Pierson Kirkpatrick McNutt Sturies Loth rop Garity Muir Grimm jones Taylor Kirkwood DuBois Hedden Ellis Cole Brown Moore Page 375 O 0 Q Militar 1 x XY!Ai.'rER T. MOREY Pre.r1dz':zl Since the time the Military Council was founded at the University of Illinois in 1929, it has gained a prom- inent position at the University. The main purpose of the organization is to serve as the governing body of the R.O.T.C. Department which includes making a stronger bond between the regular army staff and the students of the R.O.T.C. Council Wai.-rm: T. Money .,... ................ C alone! JOHN S. SHAPLAND .... ...... L t. Colonel, Engineer: HARVEY I. NITZ ..... ..... L r. Colonel, Field Arlillery Romzm' C. INGALLS .... ..... L 1. Colonel, Field Aflillery GEORGE R. DUNN.... ,...... Ll, Colonel, Cfwrxlry DAN F. HAZEN .... ..... L I. Colonel, Signal Corp! ROBERT H. Pnu. ..... ....... L 1. Colonel, Infonfry Ronrirr C. TAYLOR .... ....... L I. Colonel, Coon Av-rlllery JOHN C, HAUGELAND .... ..... A Iajor, .Execnlirfr-, Brigade Sldf ARTHUR R. MA'rHl'asoN ..,. .,.., Iv Ifijor, Adjurluff, Brigade Stoj GEORGE H. GARNHART .... .... 1 Major, Intelligeurc, Brigade 5141? THOMAS H. MCCRACKIN .... ,... ..... lv I olor, Brigade Smlf FRANK J, Scmxrrmn. .... .... A Iojor, Brigarle Sroj Lieutenant Colonel of each unit, the Brigade Staff, and a representative from each of the military fraternities, club, and societies. The adviser to the Council is a mem- ber of the regular army staff. The Commandant of the University keeps in close contact with the personnel of the Brigade through the Council by accepting the stu- dent's viewpoint in the determination of the policies for Members of the Council are the Cadet Colonel, the .ar be t 1 1 'W at . ' 'fir 1 . " ' ' ' . i' '1 .V i 'V' I .' l li lx -' l. . . - V fa Y 1, i-fi-.WW Q . . 9 , ' ' . ' l Mathers Shaplnnd Morey Martin Nitz Hutton Page 376 tml? I we 1' wi! ll in the R.O.T.C. ...:' Dunn Taylor 1 G2 r sf , N.. f l x 1 1 1 l' McCrackin Fanning . ...:- '53 Q, f ts. .. rl I. . up I Hazen Dick if f' . A5 3, , .9 H, f Pell Militar Gnones R. Avmw ..... , .... Major. Rap. Perihing Rifle.: HAROLD E. NELSON ..... ..... A Iajar, Rep. Tau N11 Tau CHARLES H. DICK .,... .... M ajnr, Rep. Cavalry Ojjireri' Club ROGER S. HUTTON ..... ..... M ajor, Rep. Sfabburd and Blade Grokorz C. FANNING ,... .... A lajar, Rep. Cr1iJJ011 Club RALPH A. WILMOT ...... .... C ujllafll, Rep. Coax! Artillery Club Llivr H. ROBINSON .... ..... C upmin, Rep. Pi Tau Pi Sigma IAMIES R. MATHIQRS.. . . ..C1lf!!11iIl, Rep. Pbalmlx C1.ARx2Ncn A. N11.ssoN ..... ..... C apmin, Rep. Alpha Tan Sigma Besides acting as the student governing body, the Coun- cil supervises all events which are sponsored by the mili- tary organizations. Some of the events under the Council's supervision are the annual Military Ball, the Oliicers' Ball, the Military Show, the University Horse Show, and any dances given by other organizations in the Military Depart- ment. Awards and medals are given by the Council to the outstanding students of the brigade. Another activity is the publication of the Affillini, ofiicial program for Military is . ix fi ESFQ - .ef Q i W l I 5 ,N igbgv 1 M l i 'mg F ' l 'f I Nilsson Nelson Matheson Garnhart Council ROBERT C. INGALLS Sc'cr'e1ary- 'I're.fuurer Day. The Millini presents a true cross-section of the mili- tary events at the University with a complete resume of ac- tivities of the military department and articles pertaining to the various organizations. New equipment and other improvements not provided for by the regular grants of the Federal and State govern- ments are purchased by the Commandant from the Military Special Unit Fund. This fund is created from the profits from the military dances and shows. 4 Q 4: I' L is R! it ' il, it ' ' -E.. " , A ' . if ' hx ll . 5, F Fx. li 1 ? . 'n Wilmot Haugeland Ingalls Avery Schaefer Robinson Page 377 Cavalr Basic students in Cavalry are taught the usual funda- mentals of map reading, military courtesy, marksmanship, and the additional fundamentals of horsemanship, scouting, patroling, and the use of automatic weapons. In the Ad- vanced Corps the students receive a more extensive training in those fundamentals and training in the field of mechan- ization. Summer training at Camp Custer, Michigan, gives the men an opportunity for mounted pistol work, actual use of machine guns, scout cars, and other cavalry weapons. At Camp Custer also, the men enjoy almost daily riding and thoroughly learn the job of keeping and caring for a horse. Upon graduation, the student has been thoroughly pre- pared for his rank as 2nd Lieutenant in the Cavalry branch of the Officers Reserve Corps. li' ,I-0 T GEORGE R. DUNN Lf. Colonel Page 378 Coast Artillery Today aviation is a powerful war-time factor and has made apparent the need for an adequate defense of ground objectives. To prepare for this needed defense the Coast Artillery is now handling anti-aircraft weapons as well as the large coast and held guns. This unit, which trains for the anti-aircraft section of the Coast Artillery, has been op- erating at the University of Illinois for the past ten years. In addition to the basic course offered in military funda- mentals, the advanced corps of students are given training in a summer camp at Fort Sheridan, Illinois. It is here that they receive practical experience by actually firing the anti- aircraft guns, machine guns, and 155 mm. guns. Training is also given in marksmanship practice with the regulation army rifle and pistol. A complete four year R.O.T.C. training course in the Coast Artillery corps gives the student ample instruction in military fundamentals, scouting, patrolling, and map-read- ing in addition to the practical training received both at school and at camp. ROBERT C. TAYLOR Lt. Colonel Page 379 Engineer Corp Enrollment in the University Engineer Corps of the R.O.T.C. is restricted to those students registered in the College of Engineering. The students in both the basic and advanced courses receive only theoretical training while at the University. The basic course offers instruction in rifle drill, map-reading, and military exercises, and in particular it provides training in the organization of teams for con- structing and demolishing various types of military struc- tures. Because of the lack of equipment and adequate space at school, the summer camp training for the advanced corps students at Camp Custer is of special importance to those in the Engineering Corps. While at camp the students spe- cialize on such unit subjects as bridge-building, road-bui1d- ing, construction of temporary fortifications, the handling and use of explosives, and the regulation camp curriculum of riding, drilling, and practice with the service rifle. The Engineers also have an important role in the annual sham battle. Here they build and demolish bridges, construct roads, dig trenches, and put up temporary defenses. JOHN S. SHAPLAND Ll. Calnnel Page 380 Field Artillery At present the Field Artillery is composed of two regi- ments each having a lieutenant colonel, staff officers, and some 600 men in the ranks. In 1919, the date of its organ- ization at the University of Illinois, it was composed of one regiment of eighteen students. The sophomore Field Artillery students, upon complet- ing the two year basic course, are selected for the two year advanced course in which their training is further ampli- fied. At the end of their junior year at school the advanced students spend six weeks during the summer at Camp McCoy in Sparta, Wisconsin. Here practical instruction and training are given the men in actual artillery fire which pre- pares them for their duties as senior commanding ollicers. -re 1 HARVEY I. Nrrz Romana' C. INcAi.i.s Ll. Colonel Ll. Colonel Page 381 Infantr The Infantry of the University R.O.T.C. is composed of two separate courses: the basic course and the advanced course. The former includes training in such fundamentals as map-reading, the principles of conduct, and regulation foot and rifle drill. Elementary machine gun drill, marks- manship, scouting, and patrolling are also taught in this basic course. Upon selection for the advanced course, the student is afforded practice in leadership and command and further training in the fields already mentioned. A vital part of the advanced course is the summer session at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan. Here the Infantry students from the Universities of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois, and from Michigan State, Knox, and Ripon Col- leges, receive instructions in the use of all Infantry weapons. The stay at camp also includes command during drills, a practice march with an overnight bivouac, the organization and participation in two parades, and a night attack prob- lem. Regulation army discipline and drill play a prominent part in this summer camp training. 4 ROBERT H. PEL1. Lf. Colonel Page 382 Signal Corps The outstanding function of the Signal Corps training of the University R.O.T.C. is the establishment of communica- tion lines. This training is divided into two main courses: basic and advanced. The former consists mostly of practice in the assembly and use of wireless and military telephones in addition to instruction in citizenship, military discipline, and map-reading. The student officers or advanced corps men, together with the military students from the Universities of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio attend the summer camp at Fort Sheridan at the end of their junior year. Here they receive training in practical problems of communication work. The advanced course also includes training in leader- ship and the commanding of basic corps students. At the end of this four-year course, the graduating seniors are offered a second lieutenant's commission in the regular army. DAN F. HAzEN Ll. Colonel Page 383 Militar Ball lf1RHllS Hazen Taylor Haugeland Vlloodward Nitz Shaplancl Morey Dunn Matheson C O M M I T T E E WALTER T. Momsv. ....................,.... ....,.........,. C lmirnmn GEORGE R. DUNN ROBERT C. INGALLS ,IOHN S. SHAPLAND JOHN C. HALlGlZ1.AN1D ARTHUR R. MATHESON Ronnm' C. TAYLOR DAN F. HAZIZN Huwnv I, NITZ LEWIS K. VVOODXVARD Page 384 9-.Flv WAL'I'ER T. MOREY Cba'l1'7lJll?l The annual Military Ball, outstanding event of the military year, was held on April 19, 1940, in the George Huff Gymnasium, over a thousand couples being entertained by the rhythmic music of Larry Clinton and his orchestra. Sponsored by the Military Council, details of the dance were in the hands of a committee headed by Cadet Colonel Walter T. Morey. The gymnasium was arrayed in colorful decorations, which appropriately com- bined the military theme of the dance into a gay setting for the dancers. The American flag was featured in the decorations, and red, white, and blue ceiling streamers and bunting on the walls created a magnificent display. The orchestra stand was placed before a large background decoration which further emphasized the military atmosphere. Certain sections of the gymnasium were converted into lounges where couples and chaperons could gather between dances. Militar Ball The cadets attending the dance were dressed in their full military uniforms for the occasion. This created a distinct contrast to the gay colored formal dresses worn by their guests and the flashy dress uniforms of the regular army officers, which supplemented the colorful decorations of the gymnasium. Programs for the dance were skillfully designed to bear out the military theme. Balconies of the gymnasium were crowded with spectators who had come to listen to Larry Clinton's noted orchestra and to witness the colorful spectacle of the Military Ball. They were further entertained at various times with clever novelties provided by the orchestra, which were enthusiastically received by the dancers as well. Shortly before midnight the dancers assembled for the feature event of the ball, the grand march. Led by Cadet Colonel Morey and his guest, the marchers paraded around the dance floor to end up at attention before the R.O.T.C. Color Guard. 'The committee for the Military Ball of 1940 was composed of Cadet Colonel Walter Morey, the seven lieutenant colonels, and two of the majors of the Uni- versity Brigade. Cor. Rorsmvr G, Kuucwoon Com rmmda lil Page 385 Ufficers' Ball Page 386 4 1 ' 1 Dick Nelson H tt M C k' Mathers Nilsson Wilmot uGgi1nhart C mc m C O M M I T T E E CHARLES H. DICK ,.....................,.........,....,. ...............,...,... C bm mmf Gnonon R. AVIZRY Room S. Hu'rToN HAROLD E. NELSON JOHN T. BULLINGTON J. RAY MA1'i-inns CLARENCE A. NILSSON Gizonoia H. GARNHART THOMAS H. MCCRACKIN, JR, RALPH A. XVILMOT , , .. f. CHARL1ss IH. Diclc Chairman The annual Officers' Ball, sponsored by the Military Council with Major Charles H. Dick as chairman, was held on the evening of january 20, 1940, in the lower gymnasium of the Woman's Building. The dance was given in honor of Colonel Fred R. Brown, who was retired from active duty as Professor of Military Science and Tactics at the close of the first semester. More than three hundred and fifty couples of advanced R.O.T.C. students, faculty ofhcers, re- serve officers, and other military officials attended this dance. Colonel Brown was presented with a scroll, signed by each of the cadet oflicers of the honorary military organizations, as a permanent record and expression of the appreciation of the Brigade for the work the retiring Comrnandant had done to further the best interests of military training. The colorful decorations carried out the military atmo- sphere to every detail and added much to the success of the dance. Outstanding features were large silhouetted lig- ures and an American eagle placed above the orchestra pit. Dick Cisne and his orchestra provided the dancers with many popular arrangements and danceable rhythms. Scabbard and Blade Founded, University of Wisconsin, 1905 Seventy-nine Active Cbfzplen To raiye the ftarzdmdx of military training in American Collegef and UlZiU91'fifi6J F AC U LTY CART. HAROLD E. BAERITT LIEUT. CHARLES R. FREDERICK CART. TOM S. HAMILTON LIEUT. W. LEIGHTON COLLINS CAPT. MARCUS S. GOLDMAN SVEINRJORN JOHNSON CAPT. JAMES J. DOLAND MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniorf GEORGE R. AVERY ROBERT E. BARD ROBERT C. BLUNCK ROGER R. BUSH MARK CLANCY ARTHUR C. COCAGNE JOHN P. CRANDELL CHARLES H. DICK JAMES W. DRURY HARRY C. BEAUMONT W. ELTON BERRY, JR. ROBERT S. BLACK MURRY J. BRENNER ROBERT BROOKS FRANCIS K. Coss JOHN M. CROss WILLIAM R. CUSIMANO GEORGE R. DUNN WILLIAM H. FINLEV ROBERT G. FOSSLAND KENNETH L. GARRETT VINCENT C. GUERIN DAN F. HAZEN WILLIAM L. HOCHsCHILD ROGERS S. HUTTON ROBERT C. INGALLS . EDWARD J. KRAGERUD JEAN H. LA SELL JOHN L. LYNCH THOMAS H. MCCRACKIN, ARTHUR R. MATHESON EUGENE R. MATI-us CHARLES E. MOORE fzmiorx PHILIP R. DANLEY KERWIN A. DENNIS ROBERT H. DOSEEI1 EDMUND L. DUBOIS A. EARL ERICREON WALTER V. FACKLER, JR. ROBERT D. FRANKS GEORGE W. GOOD, JR. CHARLES B. GREEN FRED T. HAMMER JOHN W. HAMMERSMITH ROBERT W. HOLEERT ANDREW R. JOHNSON DONALD L. KELLY ERNEST C. LAWRENCE WALTER T. MOREYA HAROLD E. NELSON LEIF E. OLSEN ROBERT H. FELL FRANK J. SCI-IAREER JOHN S. SHAPLAND HARRY R. SQUIRES ROBERT C, TAYLOR HARRY E. VOGELSINGER RICHARD H. MICHAELSRN TRACY A. RASMUSSEN THOMAS J. RIGGS, JR. WILLIAM G. RUECKERT FRANK L. SAWIN MELVIN E. SIMS EUGENE R. WEBB DANIEL S. WILCOX I I .,. I GEORGE R. DUNN Captain ROGER S. HUTTON Frm' Lleulemmt Rs Wk . Page 387 Pershing Rifles GEORGE R.. AVISRY Cajzmm Page 388 JOHN S.. SI-IAPLAND Exerni1I'I' Ofirer Founded, University of Nebraska, 1894 7'Ium1y-,zine Agfilfg Cbgplgrj T0 ElI6'0llI'61gE,, PI'6J'El'1f6, mm' cleveloliz ihe high-ext idepzlf of the military profeyfiofz, lo promafe Amerimfz fitizemlnip, to Neale iz rlofer and more ejiciezzt relalion and to provide appropriale I'9C0gI7ill0II of LZ high degree of military ability among the mdetj of the .rel-'eral Senior Rexerf-'e Oficerx' Tminilzg Corps llnilf of the gozferzmzenl of Ulll' 0I'gIINlZdfl0H. F A C U LTY COL. FRED R. BROXVN CAPT. CHARLES H. MCNUTT CAPT. EDNWARD M. QUIGLISY MAI. ROssITER H, GARITY MAJ. BRYANT E. MOORIE CART. ALBERT S. J. STOVALL, JR. S P O N S O R S NXVINIFRIED L. DORSIEY Lois C. FULLERTON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sezziorf GEORGE R. AvERY STANLEY B. BALBACH ERWIN E. BODMER, JR. THOMAS A. CLARK ARTHUR C, COCAGNI2 WILLIAM J. ARMON ROBERT J. BAKER WILLIAM F. BILLS LINO BONUCCI ROBERT T. BRIDGE GERALD D. BRIGHTON FRANCIS K. Coss JOHN M. CROSS ROBERT H. DOSEFF EBMUNB L. DUBOIS A. EARL ERICIQSON WALTER V. FACKLER, JR. CHARLES H. DICK G. RAYMOND DUNN ROBERT G. FOSSLAND ROGER S. HUTTON EUGENE F. JIZHLIK EUGENE V. FRANHEL ROBERT D. FRANKS VICTOR G. FRYSINGIER WARREN C. GERLER RAYMOND C. GIISSEL ROBERT S. HAGERS1'ROM FRED T, HAMMER WILLIAM E. HOLMES THOMAS M. HUBER HERBERT O. IRELAND ELLIS C. KNOBLOCH KARL J. KOENIG JEAN H. LA SEI.I. ARTHUR R. IVIATHISSON THOMAS H. MCCRACKIN, HAROLD E. NELSON HARVEY I. NITz junio l'J' DUANII F. LII.LIE ROBERT M. MCCREARY EDWARD A. MCIN'l'lRE RICHARD H. MICHAELSEN MARVIN R. MONTOOTH JAMES R. MURRAY MARSHALL E. NIELSON GENE M. NOBLE EDWARD R. NOHA ROBERT L. PAINTER CARL F. PAMPE ROBERT H. PELL JOHN S. SHAELAND HARRY R. SQUIRES JOSEPH O, STITES ALVA XV. SXVARTZ MICIHAIZI. J. PIATNITZA TRACY A. RASMUSSIZN GORDON K. RAY THOMAS J. Rxcos, JR. GERALD B. SAMMONS ROBERT B. SCHMIDT MISLVIN E. SIMS NEAL E. VAN FOSSAN EUGENE R. WEB!! LOWELL M. WERNER WALTER W. WOLE WILLIAM H. ZuMsTEo . CARL D. ACKERMAN JAMES R. ADAMS HERBIERT L. ALIIERTS DONAI.O K. BAILEY FRANCIS L. BATTI.E JOHN H. BIZHRENS, JR. HARRY' M. BRAUER LYNDHLL BRIDGEWATER ROLIERT BROOKS CEDRIC D. BRUNNIER EDWARD L. BURCH VIRGII. A. BURCH JOHN F. BUYERS DoUGI.As M. CADY LOWEI.L W. CAMI1REI.L RAYMOND N. CARLEN FRANK M. CATHCART, J JOSEPH F. CHINLUND DOLE V. ADDIS DONALD H. ANDERSON ALVIN ASH HARLAN D. BAREITHER JAMES M. BARTLEY HIINRY R. BARTON WILLIAM M. BASSETT ROIIERT V. BEBB ROBERT T. BONIFIIZLD ROBERT E. BRACHER CHRISTY M. BROUGHTON, JR. JOHN R. CAI.I.ERY JOHN W. CAVANAUGH ERNEST W. CHUMLIEY EDWIN B. CLINE THOMAS H. CLOKIZ, JR. JAMES A. CONNELLY BLOICIZ W, CUNNINGTON GEORGE A. DAMISCH GEORGE L. DEAI-II. JEAN A. DE LORIMIIER Il. Pershing Rifles Sophomore: XVILLIAM V. COONCIE RALPH W. COTTA ROIIERT G. Cox WARD H. CRAMER ROBERT B. CRANE EUGENE H. CRULL WILLIAM B. DAY VINCENT J. DEL GUIDICIE KERVUIN H. DENNIS FLOYD P. EISIMINGER, JR. WILLIAM M. FISCHER JOHN H. FOULK JAMES K. Fox NEAL H. FRANK DANIEL GANS, JR. RALPH M. GOLDSTEIN CHARLES R. GOODPASTURE GLENN L. GUTHIER JAMES V. HALLSEX' MALl.fOl.M R. HARVEY CARL C. HAUSER LEO R. HENRIRSON JIMMY F. HENRY GERALD W. HOMANN RALPH J. HOUOHTON HAROLD E. HUREARD ROBERT F. HUTCHISON STANLEY KUEU JOHN C. LARSON HARRY V. LEASURE WILLIAM C. LEIPOLD VERN D. MABRY NlIiliR1' F. IVIAHAN RUSSELL F. MARKKULA CHESTER E. MCGAHAN WILLIAM S, MORRILL Freflnm en RORERT W. EILERS ROIIERT O. EVANS JAMES H. FISHER ELMER W. FRY PATRICK J. GAI.vIN DANIEL W. GATES WAYNE C. GHER FRED B. GOODWILL WALLACE T. HEMEROUGH EDNVIN H. HENDERSON EVERETT W. HERMAN RICHARD H. HORNING EDMUND B. HUEER JOHN M. HLIBER LEVERETT N. JIZNKS PETER J. KLOGA JOHN W. KNEEEL ROBERT J. LAEEERTY RICHARD P. LAKE HILMER C. LANDHOI.T JOHN R. LANG KEITH M. LANGE NORMAN M. LODTz STANI.EY J. LOJEK MARN'IN B. LORIG JOSE H. LOWRY CLAYTON L. MARR MARN'IN L. MAR1'IN RICHARD B. MARTIN G. JAMES MIHALOPOUI.OS CHARLES E. MOSGROVE RICHARD H. Moss JAMES B. MUIR, III MARVIN J. NEWKIRK L. RONALD NORRIS GEORGE W. OWEN WARREN M. PEDERSEN PHILI.IP A. PEYROT ARTHUR T. POPE JOE D. POSKIN ROBERT T. NORRIS ELIO PASSAGLIA STUART L. PHILLIPS CLARENCE H, PLUM MAX E. POWELL GEORGE B. RICHARDS JOHN P. ROEDEL KENNETH L. ROWE ALIIRED RUIIIN HOWARD R. SCHMIDT LAWRENCE W. SCHMIDT CHARLES W. SHARP ROIIERT E. SHIIAP LESLIE E. STANFORD DONALD K. STEVENS OSCAR J. SXVANSON, JR. JOSEPH C. THOMPSON HARRY B. THORNLEY FRANK B. RAMME ROBERT H. RANDALL BRUCE F. ROBINSON JOHN W. SANDFORD HOWARD L. SANTER MONROE H. SHEPPARD JOHN W. SHIESLIER TOM SHIFF EVERETT W. SIEDSCHLAG RAYMOND B. SMALL, JR ARTHUR G. SMILISY ROBERT S. SOLINSKY MAX H. SPERLING KENNETH J. STEIDINGER THOMAS H. TEAR LAYTON R. THING JACK O. TRAUE JAMES J. TRAVIERS BURNHAM F. WALRAVEN ADOLPI-I WRIGHT EDVUARD YATSKO ROELR1 G Foss LAND Adjlzhml Z " .... .wi I , 'C -. . I N I I 1 Y ,Y LOIS C. FULLERTON Sponfof Page 389 aff Alpha Tau Sigma An, . ROBERT' H. PELL Prenzlenl ARTHUR R. MATHESON Vlre-Prexldefzl Page 390 Foumfed, University of Illinois, 1926 Four Aclive Clmpfeu ALPHA CHAPTER To efzrofmzge good fellowflaip among Ilzffzfzfry Cade! 0.gI6'6l'.I and lo promote Elmer relatiozzxhip belweefz ojjlirefzr and .rtlzdefzlf F A C U LTY MAJ. WILLIS A. HEDDEN LIEUT. COL. WOODFIN G. JONES MAJ. GEORGE L. MORROXV MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY S67Zi0I'J' JOSEPH R. BERNHARD DONALD E. BOVEE ROBERT R. CYCON RICHARD T. DUNN JOHN J. DUNWORTI-I HARRY E. ARTHARS HARRY C. BEAUMONT RALPH D. BECK, JR. EUGENE L. BROWN LOWELL O. BURNS EARL C. CAMERON VERL L. CAMERON ROBERT G. DEMAREE JOHN D. DOOLEY HOWARD H. EATON RICHARD E. EATON WILTON H. ERLENRORN VINCENT C. GUERIN LOUIS A. HAUPTFLEISCII PAUL F. LAWSON ARTHUR R. MATHESON THEODORE M. MORRIS DONALD P. MUSGRAVE C. ARTHUR NILSSON junior: ROBERT H. DOSEFF CRAIG E. LEWIS CHARLES K. EASTMAN THURLOW LIEURANCE, JR. EUGENE V. FRANKEL GRANT H. GNEISS FRANK J. HANLON EUGENE R. MATHIS ROBERT H. MCCARTHY EDWARD A. MCINTIRE WILMER F. HERERER MICHAEL J. MORLEY, JR. JOHN M. HOLZER CARLTON R. JONES MERLIN N. NELSON RAY E. PETERS WILLIAM R. PARKS ROBERT H. PELL JOHN H. Roy GEORGE H. SMITH ALOYSIUS H. VOGEL LEWIS K. WOODWARD IRWIN H. REISS CECIL D. SMITH JAMES R. STANSFIELD ROBERT M. SULTAN MATTHEW J. WASKELO EUGENE R. WEBB FREDERICK S. WINN WILLIAM H. ZUMSTEO Phalan Folmderl, University of Illinois, 1925 Four Anim Chapter: COL. FRED R. BROWN MAJ. JAMES D. BROWN MAJ. CLIFFORD B. COI.E BRUCE J. AMACHER DAN E. ANDREW ROBERT M. ASH STANLEY B. BALEACH RALPH D. BECK, JR. H. GORDON BENSON JOHN M. BENSON WALTER L. BENSON NORMAN H. BERLINGER GEORGE L. BRISTOW HENRY M. BRITT JOHN T. BULLINGTON ROBERT B. BURNS JACK W. CONARD LELAND J. DEVERMAN EDWARD L. BENTLEY RAYMOND BIZNZIGER, JR. WILLIAM F. BILLS GERALD D. BRIGHTON ROBERT H. BROWN RAYMOND CESALETTI TOM R. CI-IITTENDON STANLEY H. COHLMEYBR WARD H. CROSS MARVIN W. FLORA JACK B. GARNER GEORGE H. GAKNHART WARREN C. GERLER GEORGE N. HANSEN ALPHA MORAE CHAPTER To promote the ifzzerenf of military training, to fofter the Jpiril of fellouffbip among military men, and to be an aicl in the military preparedrzeff of this cozmlry FACULTY MAJ. HENRY F. GRIMM CAPT. KENNETH S. STICI2 LT. COL. XVOODFIN G. JONES COL. CHARLES J. TAYLOR COL. ROEERT G. KIRKWOOD MAJ. EDXVARD W. TIMRERLAKE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Serziovzr JOHN J. DUNWORTH WII.TON H. ERLENEORN MELVIN A. GOERS KENNETH L. GREEN GEORGE A. HACRLEMAN M. MILES HARTMAN LOUIS A. HAUPTFLEISCH HAROLD E. HILL HAROLD E. HOLSTROM WILLIAM A. HOTT PAUL K. HUTTON FRANK I.. KELLER PAUL F. LAWSON J. RAY MATHERS junior: DAVID N. HARMON ROEERT J. HELWIG ROBERT E. HOWE RAYMOND S. ISENSON RALPH H. JAMES CARLBTON R. JONES NICHOLAS KESLOWSKI FRANK S. KLANE WILLIAM L. KLEINPASTE EARL R. LENG DUANE F. LILLIB MAX E. MATHERS PAUL G. MATT, JR. ALVIN M. MAVIS ROBERT W. MATTHENVS JOSEPH R. MCDONALD FRANCIS H. MCGRATH EUGENE T. MORONI MAURICE E. MURPHY MERLIN N. NELSON C. ARTHUR NILSSON HARVEY I. N112 WALTER R. OLSON M. MARVIN PLATE HARRY C. PRINCE EUGENE L. RANCK ROBERT H. RANN ROBERT W. ROOSE ROBERT T. MCCAEE MARVIN R. MONTOOTH LEE L. MORGAN MICHAEL J. MORLEX' THEODORE W. MORSE FRED W. MOYE WILLIAM D. NAFZIGER KENNETH W. NASLUND JAMES A. NELSON TERRY F. NBWKIRIC JOHN S. OYBRIEN BURTON R. OLSON ROBERT L. PAINTER BURTON J, ROSS JOHN F. SASS FRANK R. SATTEZIHN VALMAR A. SCHAAF RICHARD H. SCHULER FRANK W. SELLMYER VERNON F. STEINER JOSEPH O. STITES RICHARD J. STOLZE ROEERT D. TIMPANY ALOYSIUS H. VOOEL JOHN M. WESTALL WILLIAM K. WIIELAND CHARLES B. WILES RALPH A. WILMOT BURTON E. PETERSON GORDON K. RAY GLEN RUEENER, JR. GERALD B. SAMMONS HOWARD M. SIMPSON CECIL D. SMITH JOSEPH STEINBERG ALEERT W. THOMANN JOHN T. TIPPIT A NEAL E. VAN FOSSAN DWIGHT S. VARNER MONROE K. WALTER LOWELL M. WERNER WALTER W. WOLE J. RAY MATHERS Comnmnder J I Ii. C. ARTHUR N ILSSON Lt.-Com mumler Page 391 Cavalr Cfficers Club CHARLES .H. DICK Premlent KENN EITH I.. IGARRIETT Vice-Prenden! Page 392 Founded, University Of Illinois, 1950 One Actire Chapter To promote good fellowship among lhe Cavalry Cadet Ojjzicery FACULTY MAJ. ALFRED J. DELORIMER LIIEUT. COL. JOHN W. MCDONALD CAPT. ALBERT S. STOVALL, JR. MADI. ROSSITER H. GARITY WYATT ADAMS DAN E. ANDREW' STANLEY B. BALIIACH H. GORDON BENSON WALTER L. BENSON EDXVARD L. BENTLEY ROBERT C. BLUNCK CARLIETON W. BRIGGS HENRY M. BRITT THOMAS B. BURKE ROGER R. BUSH MAURICE A. CATTANI KEITH J. ANDIZRSON FRANK W. BIEXFIELD V. EDWIN BARCUS FRANK C. BELOHLAVEK MURRY J. BRIENNHR GEORGE F. BRAEUTIGAM ROBERT H. BROVUN MKLIYORD D. BURROWS JAMES J. CORTEZ FRANCIS K. COSS ROBERT D. CRITTON JOSEPH A. DICKERSON ROLAND W. .ENGIELBRIGHT PAUL A. FURKERT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sezziorf ROBERT A. CHASE PHILIP R. DANLEY ROBERT S. DAVIDON CHARLES H. DICK JAMES L. DRAKE GEORGE R. DUNN ROBERT G. FOSSLAND KENNETH L. GARRETT MELVIN A. GOIZRS KENNETH L. GREEN THOMAS W. HILL fmzioz JACK B. GARNIER GEORGE W. GOOD JOHN GRABLIZ, JR. DAVID N. HARMON CHARLES W. HENDRIX ROBERT W. HOLEERT ROBERT O. JAEGER RALPH H. JAMES DONALD L. KELLEY WILLIAM L. KLEINPASTE, JR. STEVE N. KOCOWSKY KARL J. KOENIG ARTHUR A. LAIBLY WILLIAM L. HOCHSCHILD RICHARD B. HORNEECK EUGENE F. JEHLIK HARRY C. KOHL, JR. CLARENCE T . LANTZ JAMES R. MARTIN JAMES R. MATHERS ARTHUR R. MOORE ALFRED R. MUELLER LIEIF E, OLSEN KENNETH E. PROCTOR Lf THEODORE W. LARGE ERNEST C. LAWRENCE EARL R. LENG JOHN L. LIKES RALPH L. LINDBLAD MAX E. MATHERS PAUL G. MATT, JR. GEORGE F. MILLER THEODORE W. MORSE FRANK M. MULLER GEORGE M. NELSON BURTON E. PETERSON MICHAEL J. PIATNITZA DARRIZLL W. RHOADS FRANK J. SCHAEFER RAYMOND E. SELTZER LLOYD G. SHORE HAROLD B. SIMPSON THOMAS E. SPIRES STANLEY J. STANN RICHARD J. STOLZE ROGER L. TAYLOR DONALD B. TOEPPEN CHARLES R. XVIEISHAAR HERBERT K. PORTER ROIIERT B. PRING WII.LIAM G. RUECKIZRT FRANK L. SAWIN HOWARD M. SIMPSON EDNVARD E. SMALTZ G. THOMAS STAFFORD ELMICR L. STONE JOHN B. SUTHIZRLAND RICHARD F. THOMAS D. STEVE VARNIER JOHN P. WHITEHEAD CLYDE P. WILLIAMSON ALFRED J. WULFP I Caisson Club Folnzdrrl. University of Illinois, 192-I One Aflire Cbaplef To prozfide exmz-r11rI'irl1laI' mzzmctf and ayforifzrialzi among Adwmced Corpf Field Artillery Cade! Offferf F A C U LTY MAJ. CLIFFORD B. COLE CAPT. FRANK S. KIRKPATRICK CAPT. EDWARDS M. QUIGI.EY MAVI. LLOYD M. HANNA CAPT. MILLARD PIERSON CAPT. EDVUARD A. ROUTHEALI MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior! BRUCE J. AMACHER FRED F. ANDRT ROBERT E. BARD NORVEL H. BARNHART VERDE W. BENNETT JAMES F. BICKERS, JR. GARNET E. BUHNER JOHN T. BULLINGTON CHESTER F. CHEW GERALD F. COMES JACK W. CONARD THOMAS H. COOPER LELAND J. DEVERMAN GEORGE G. DIEWEY FRED B. DORF JAMES D. EDWARDS DONALD S. ELLIS GEORGE C. FANNING, JR. WILLIAM H. FINLEY VHARLRS D. FISHER WILLIAM J. ARMON EDGAR E. ATI-IERTON ROIIERT J. BAKER GEORGE C. BALES EDWARD V. BARANSKI DAW J. BIRKHIMER ROIIERT S. BLACK ROBERT W. BONI-IARD GERALD D. BRIGHTON ROEERT BROOKS HOWARD P. BUILTA GEORGE D. CARTER JOHN M. CROSS WARD H. CROSS NORMAN W. CUSICK FRFIDRICK H. DAVIS JOHN F. DAVIS KERVUIN A. DENNIS LIIWIS M. DOMKII GEORGE E. DOREMUS, JR. FREDERICK L. DROW HENRY J. DUBSKX' A. EARL .ERICKSON RAYMOND R. EVERS STAHLEY J. FEINNIER MARVIN W. FI.ORA LINO N. FRANCESCON CHARLES J. GENSTIIR GEORGE A. HACKLEMAN MILTON M. HARTMAN WILLIAM A. HENKE PAUL P. HINKLEY HAROLD E. HILL HAROLD E. HOLSTROM JOHN D. HUGHES GEORGE E. HUNT ROEERT C. INGALLS WALTER KILIMNIK JOHN J. KILI.IAN WALTER O. KREBS PEYTON H. KUNCE HOWARD G. LARSIZN KLEON M. LEFEVER CHARLES J. LUTZ JOHN L. LYNCH JAMES D. MAHONIZY P. GEORGE MCCADDEN RICHARD W. MICHAL LEWIS E. MONCRIEE CHARLES E. MOORE WALTER T. MOREX' GEORGE H. MORRIS FRED W. MOVE KNIITE E. NIl2l.SON HARVEY I. NITZ ALEX J. NORBUT QUENTIN E. NOREM WALTER R. OLSON KENNETH C. PARKS GLENN T. PILLSIIURY LESLIE S. PORTER SHANNON C. POWERS ALBERT E. PUEAHL EUGENE L. RANCK CHARLES C. REHLING jmziorf ROBERT E. FERRIS ROY L. FI'I'z,IARRALD HOXVARD L. FLEMING ROBERT D. FRANKS EDXVARD S. FREUND KAYE J. GALLOWAY ROBERT E. GLAZIIBROOK PERRY H. GRAVES JAMES A. GREEN HARRY J. GRUSIN ROBERT S. IHAGERSTROM FRED T. HAMMER JAMES R. HAMPTON RALPH W. HAMPTON H. GLIEN HARSHEARGER TOD A. HART THOMAS F. HAYES RAY L. HAYS ROIIERT J. HELYUIG ROIIERT E. HOWE ANDREW R. JOHNSON IVAN C. JOHNSON JOHN W. JONES NORMAN G. KRALISZ EDWARD G. LIND WILLIAM J. LUETSCHER BOYD L. MAHAN NORMAN D. MALLORY ALVIN M. MAVIS ROBERT T, MCCAIIE FRANKLIN C. IVICCLIZNAI-IA RICHARD H. MICHAELSEN IRWIN XV. MILLER RONALD E. MILLER THOMAS R. MILLER DAVID F. MULLIKIEN ALEEN T. MYRIEN WILLIAM D. NAITZIGER RORERT F. NAGEL KIiNNE'I'I-I W. NASLUND IAMES A. NELSON BURTON R. OLSON ROBERT L. PAINTIER RAYMOND M. PERI'I'z JOHN R. PHIPPS PAUI. C. PITTMAN JOHN J. PITTS JOHN W. PORTER N WILLIAM F. ROGERS GLEN RUEENER, JR. GEORGE J. SAMMET, JR. KENNETH L. SEARS WILLIAM R. SHAW' LEWIS M. SIMON CHARLES E. SPARKS HARRY R. SQUIRES GEORGE T. STAFITELBACH RUSSELL W. STUMPF BENJAMIN A. SWARTZ A. DEAN SWIFT DANIEL P. TORMOHLEN HARRY E. VOGELSINGER GILBERT A. XVASCHIER WILLIAM P. WATERS CARL E. WATKINS CHARLES B. WILES FRED E. WILLSON, JR. EARL H. WOOD WILLIAM S. PUSEY TRACY A. RASMUSSIZN LYLE G. RIEIESIZR JOHN M. RICE ALDEN J. SCHNEIDER ROBERT C. SCHIIELER STANLEY B. SENG PETER C. SIMMON JAMES R. SIMPSON MIZI.VlN E. SIMS CHARLES M. SMITH WILLIAM I-I. STALEY ARTHUR STONE JOHN S. SWEET XVISLTCN I. TAYLOR GORDON E. THOMPSON JOSEPH A. TROUTT ITIIIRMANN F. WAGNER GIZORCIE W. XVALKER MONROI? K. WALTER LAVERNE A. WASCHER IVIERRILL R. WEBER ROGER C. WIRE DANIEL S. WILCOX Iwi..- -.-. - R 'T' .fu GEORGE C. FANNING, JR. Pmridrfzl CHARLES J. Lurz S erI'c'ml'y-'l'1'z'11mrI' I' Page 393 Tau u Tau Page HAROLD E. NELSON Prendenl ROBERT D. :TIMPANY Vive-Pfenderzl 394 Founded, University of Illinois, 1926 Three Arlive Chapter! ILLINOIS CHAPTER T0 fofter ei Tpirit of coopemiiofz between military HAROLD E. BABBITT, M.S. WINSTON E. BLACK, M. S. WARREN E. COMPTON, M.S. MAJOR SAMUEL L. DAMON LIEUT. ROIIERT B. LOTHROP engineer: and 6I2gI77661'.I' in civil life FACULTY JAMES J. DOLAND, M.S., C.E. BERNT O. LARSON, B.S. S P O N S O R S CAPT. CHARLES H. MCNUTT CLIFFORD H. SPRINGER, M.S., C.E. JAMISON VAWTER, M.S., C.E. HAROLD L. WALKER, M.S., Met.E. SERGT. DWIGHT E, SLAVENS COL. CHARLES J. TAYI.OR MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniorx IRVING H. ALEXANDER GEORGE R. AVERY NORMAN H. BERLINGER EDXVARD W. BILHORN JOSEPH H. BLAIR, JR. ERWIN E. BODMER, JR. HUEERT W. Buzvcici ROBERT B, BURNS J. BRUCE CARROLL HAROLIJ N. BAIRD WILLIAM F. BILLS RAYMOND CESALETTI MARK CLANCY STANLEY H. COHLMIEYER JOHN E. DIZWAN WILLIAM F. EHORN KARL I-I. EVANS ROBERT C. FLOOD NEAI. H. FRANK XVERNER F. GALOWITCH JOHN R. GARDNER ARTHUR C. COCAGNE ALSED L. DANIELSEN JAMES C. DUIfIf ROBERT B. HARMON PAUL K. HUTTON ROGER S. HUTTON WALTER H. JOLLIE ROBERT W. IVIATTHEXVS THOMAS H. MCCRACRIN, JR. JOE T. MCINTOSH CHESTER W. MITCHELL PAUL T. MOON MAURICE E. MURPHY I'IAROLD E. NELSON HARRY C. PRINCE ROIIERT XV. ROOSE jmzio VI WARREN C. GERLER RAYMOND C. GIZSSEL BENJAMIN L. GOEPEERT CHARLES B. GREEN JOHN NYJ. HANSON ROBERT H. HARMESON MORRIS M. HOCHEERG HERBERT' O. IRELAND RUSSELL L. JANSON MORRIS B. JOSLIN WALTER J. KALISZ ELLIS C. KNOBLOCK CLARK H. LEESMAN LAWRENCE R. MCCLAIN ROBERT M. MCCREARX' RALPH W. MCTAGGART MARVIN R. MONTOOTH JAMES R. MURRAY CHARLES R. NAVIRAS MARSHALL E. NELSON HIDEO NIIYAMA CHARLES V. PREGALDIN BURTON J. Ross FRANK R. SATTIZAHN LOUIS W. SCHUMM, JR. JOHN S. SHAPLAND ROBERT W. SODEREERG CHARLES J. TAYLOR ROBERT D. TIMPANY JOHN J. WEBBER GORDON K. RAY THOMAS J. RIGGS, JR. RICHARD H. RUCRER VALMAR A. SCHAAE JOSEPH F. SMITH MILTON E. STEBEN CHARLES A. SWENINGSEN ALBERT W. THOMANN JOHN T. TIPPIT NEAL E. VAN FOSSON JOSEPH WOSK Pi Tau Pi Sigma Founded, University of Wisconsin, 1920 GAMMA CHAPTER Ten Aclire Cbrlflllllir To fofter intereyl am! Tliirit of nzililary preparedneff, improve the Ipzrit of our bmzzcla, and aid in the Izpbfzildizzg of the Adwzzzcecl Corfu FACULTY CAPT. KENNETH S, STICE CAPT. CARL H. STORIES MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior: ' PHILIP A. BAUMAN ROBERT L. FEIK JOHN C. HAUOELAND ROBERT H. RANN JOSEPH C. BUECHEL JOHN E. GILES, JR. DAN F. HAZEN L. HARRISS ROBINSON JAMES W. DRURY JAMES D. HANSEN ALBERT P. Ruse funiorx W. ELTON BERRY, JR. ROBERT M. FRASH A. DUNCAN MCRAE GEORGE D. SCI-IIFF CHARLES J. CARSON ARNOLD R. JOHNSON CHARLES B. PHILLIPS FRANK W. SMITH TOM R. CHITTENDIEN FRANK J. MARRIET1' ALAN L. SAUNDIERS RICHARD C. STILES Rox' E. DIAL E. DALE MARSTON BOBBIE P. WALKER Sophomore: JOHN D. ADKINS JOSEPH F. COLLINS GEORGE S. JERDAN JOHN G. REHXVALD DONALD K. BAILEY ROY A. HAAIMAR MARSHALL H. POOLE GEORGE B. RICHARDS DAN F. A HAZEN Pfelldlelll L. HARRISS ROBINSON VII?-Pl'9JId2IIl Page 395 Polo Association Q? I . A yi' ' fp f .. .Lf ' F ' ' XVood Stone Martin - Cole Schaefer Kirkpatrick Danley sham In Pentz Cunnmgham Pathman Christensen De Vogelacre Frllnulnl, University of Illinois, 1933 Lord Graves One Arrive Cbnpler To promote .rpormmzrzihip and horrewmzfzxloijl and MAYI. CLIFFORD B. CoI.E PHILIP F. DANLEY JAMES R. MARTIN GEORGE G. DIEWIEY EDWARD S. FREUND ROBERT BROOKS WALDO S. HERON GEORGE N. BLACIQEOIID IVIATTHIZXV XV. BUSIEY HARRY S. CANEIELD ROBERT J. CHRIs'rENsEN THOMAS H. CLINNINOHAM to develop 4 mryity polo team mzbemfable F A C U LT Y CAPT. FRANK S. KIRKPATRICK CAPT. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior! FRANK J. SCHAEFER ROBERT N, SCHWARTZ juniorf PERRY H. GRAVES RAYMOND S. IsENsox THOMAs F. HAYES ROBERT O. JAIEGER Soplaomorer CHESTER M. LORD, JR. ROBERT P. MCCRACKIN SCOTT S. WALKER Freflmzeiz ROBERT' A. DE VOGELAERE LIEO H. GAMPA OIwII.LE V. GANS RICHARD F. HIRSCH JOSEPH L. HOBLIT MELVIN A. KAHN THOMAS G. ROBINSON JOHN L. SARKISSIAN FRANK J. SHERWIN ROBERT S. SIMON EDXVARDS M. QUIGLEY JOHN S. NVALKER XVILLIAM J. PATHMAN RAYMOND M. PERITZ HARLINGTON A. XVOOD RUSSELL M. WRIGHT THEO L. SMITH ROIIERT S. SOLINSKY JOHN T. SOXVLE DONALD W. WALKER ROEERT J. WILSON, JR. , W wsg wiv ,mf x 21 W -vm nm fi H, NL "' , .nw m ' . 5 .5f, gf? 1. V' Q.. ff! 135 Q - Qt:-rf .'vv, . . 17. ' "'o. 4 A l , n ' rr "o,. 0n,,' u ,' - ' o A Ln ,Q 4, 1 'a "1 LTV na ,F u w E ,ww , E- .mu sag 5 Q ah a - :za uw ss ,Q ICHIGAN wg- , -.y, .l EVE TS OF THE YE Page 399 ew Qi-1.1-mv? -4,44 .,.i:ai'.:....,1?,, M -lxugifif " ' if eg 91 . if , I I, , A . ,H fmt in ,pb fi l if, rw-5 A - -.-1,,- W, Lg! f . x Q K H wlf 1 . ,, . , - 'R , an W M' 5 Q ' ' 1' ff fn Z ' - ' , 'ar rf 'L ' - 4- ,Q, - ' 1.' ' X, '- X! 'Xu X L1 . fun' 1 F I ,ui " , -e. . ,,., , -. -754-1' vrlr ':.. '.,' ,, xr, Z, ,ff . if U f1W' r1 Q --':., . ' . , m H They just won the Skull and Crescent pnjnma race! Swing your partner Up and Over at the Horse Show Alpha Cams Get the Turkey Shi-Ai Stunts , ww I , f 1 ' w 'ri ii -N -gf. gn F k , .. fkmg. f,, . 5,,?1 ' 4 n V -M3 ry ff. H K 5 .,sF'5S'Pf: U' 1-' v ,, K ., , Q 5, Q, nr: , ' 4 iv H - - H- -,FH W K . F 3. Y A H . 1 ' V Q 1 wa V 'HRW in .. 42 wuz 3, M in-ff -61 1' " , My 4 ?f1Ji'i5V?.' mf Q 4' g A - 351. y ,sn .S zzl ,, , . I .gli X Q nf Q 'J - A V i L f , 1 L ' Q 1 X uf ' EW W 1 X W gl 'fi .. R Iipefml ' W 'fwiw "'k:: ' Wx. N - .. Y Q W' mf 'nw 95-V --7 1 , -'Gr' I ' - x'f'l9 gf 3He. ..:.?w Mx uf Lu X -' 'fs' , Y 'lvl 3.2, 'Q-ef..,u15 : '--- '-:-:' ' ,f9"V"'?5"T,g W + - "' ' I A33 PWA Eff. iw. fn I, ' 50 f 4 w. ?f. 1. H sf? -f 4 jk' . H y x fu x if V ,Q P J A 33. , . ,. ,. H mm... :ii 1 U , ' Q wks? Rf'-M W- '-N , , .. . ,- . , . ,4., ,. . ff W ,L .5 ,L W, , Q ,. 5-1'-LQ'-.ezz... -5 w-ww TE- . Mug was-fi , -Ji E. fain 'V' wia 1 r 'IWW 9 'A -L" Y -Q Q S? -, .- YT. 4 7' ai l .. V . gf I I ' 2.- Y V , , x . - , .N4 , L- . Q Q . 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Y' . 4. w. ,,.- ,..,-, WWTP ., .gf I -- .Y ,. div!-ri A I -, K , , .... .C I - .g:fi:ii4 ' x H , A 31 X A 4 f Ly- 51-E" ' 4 A i 4 x I 'I s E I x -I I 1 s 5 y 1 jgf -1 Y by -R I A 1 N , , J 0' CWM- FRATERNITIES SORORITIES INDEPENDENT ORGANIZATIONS HCNORARY AND PRGFESSIONAL ADVERTISING AND INDEX I. V rf r fi? 'Yi V , .- yy 1, wma' J -Q3 r 'L .-, 15" . 77" 0 4 4 ' "' ' xf 4 '5 if Q ,, --: ., W I- , 5 m . f -J 1" . ' -.FH K , A 'X' tix' ,, fi A " A lggu, ' 654 1 ' f H- ",'- f' ,b f gg , V 'wi-"V AE? f .,. iv,-4 15,56 Q -L , 1 I K V 1- - f N -L'-' V ' , L ,ju 4' .,: ,. riff' "ff V I' , fi 'I 114' I, E ' 'L I a " ' 'A "A .521-2 " iii ' 1 L ' - :J . W -'Vk"4' "L ' , V ' . fr-.mlkrp A ' . Q ' ' fain, . :: ...7-I ,R .x ' ',.-253+ 1 -im , 3 Y . , , l' ' N., .Tvs "f ,'.. - 'E -4 wg , " A .. 11 , f -' ,. . : f,l"'T-un' K Qi' ' , - ' . 5'1" 3 -.. -. ' ' ' " :Q w ' 1' was .ffA-mwiw .3 1 -5 Q N H . Qffyf f 'Pg , gf. 'Z ,511 if U . ,, ,tg ".-'. -X, R, 1 . f-,wg '- j.: ! V-wi' 1 ' ' H" J Q - -N51 :lf . , -Aff, fx ' 'qfiiifcv '4 tl :El M ,ETSI "Q f-f ' A V b 't 0 i f f u: . '-M ", my "i 1' 4 " 'w ' 'JN t r gf' ' LW'-.A 14' ff, :Li liifty I -'FW mf 4 A A A. "1 .31 - 4"7':?9 72342 I. 1 ' lsr. ,,I41Pi'.' A Yagi '7 1 ' .39 4 . 1,5 A 1. v r W 4 s- W :- H-. ' .14 I 3- if fl x 'x'lQuf'x,h x V.- 'K xl 2 .l , I -R ,M .H . L- L V R ' H? 2 X H fm f Q .5 FRATERNITIES Acacia... Alpha Chi Rho . . . . Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Chi Sigma. . . Delta Phi . . . Epsilon Pi. . . Gamma Rho . . Kappa Lambda Kappa Pi .... Rho Chi . . . . Sigma Phi . . . Tau Omega . . Beta Kappa .... . Beta Sigma Psi . . . Beta Theta Pi . . . Chi Beta . . . Chi Phi . . . ChiPsi... .... Cosmopolitan Club . . . Delta Chi... Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Phi... Delta Sigma Phi . . . Delta Tau Delta . . . Delta Upsilon . . . Farm House . . . . Kappa Delta Rho . . . Kappa Sigma. . .. . ., Lambda Chi Alpha . . Page 416 UMM-clafemgfza 418 419 420 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 441 442 443 444 445 Phi Beta Delta . . . Phi Delta Theta . . Phi Epsilon Pi . . . . Phi Gamma Delta . . . Phi Kappa ...... . Phi Kappa Psi . . . . Phi Kappa Sigma . . . Phi Kappa Tau . . . Phi Sigma Kappa . . . Pi Kappa Alpha. . Pi Kappa Phi . . . Psi Upsilon . . . Alpha Epsilon . . . . . . Sigma Sigma Alpha Mu . . . Sigma Chi... Sigma Nu... Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . Sigma Phi Sigma. . . Sigma Pi... .. Tau Delta Phi . . Tau Epsilon Phi . . Tau Kappa Epsilon . . Theta Chi........ Theta Delta Chi . . . Theta Kappa Phi . . . Theta Xi . . . . Triangle .... . Zeta Beta Tau . . . . Zeta Psi... .. 446 447 448 449 450 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 461 462 463 464 465 466 467 468 469 470 47 1 472 473 474 1:70141 ez zalezail ODLVLCL Extahlifhezl, 1911 O F F I C E R S EARLE F. HEEELEY .... . .................. ....... P refidem XVILLIAM H, RICE. . . . .,.. Vice-PI'e'.Iiilc'1I! JOHN T. EATON ....... ...,,.. S evrenu-y FRED T. GILSON ......... ...,. T reamrer LAWRENCE J. FINEROCK ...... ....................... .... S e rgeam CABINET MEMBERS HERBERT D. BAKER XVALTER T. MOREY JAMES F. Cox LOUIS W. SCHUMM Acacia ROBERT H. CLIZMENTS L. XVILLIAM KOLB Alpha Chi Rho CLARK M. GHISIELIN GAII. C. IVIISCHLICH Alpha Delta Phi HIEIIBERT W. BELL PAUL W. CI-IRISTIENSON Alpha Epfilorz Pi BURTON A. GOLDSTIZIN MARTIN D. UNTIZRMAN Alpha Gamma Rho J. RAY IVIATI-IFRS ALVIN M. MAVIS Alpha Kappa Lambda FREOERICI-: J. ENGLISH HARVEY I. NITZ Alpha Kappa Pi E. TIUDSON FOREMAN GEORGE M. NELSON Alpha Rha Chi RICHARD A. BINFIELD JACK Z. HOLLAISAUGH Alpha Sigma Phi DAN E. ANDREW ROIIERT H. DRIGGS Alpha Tau Omega CHARLES J. CAUDLIE WALTER T. MOREY Bela Kappa EARLE F. HEEIILEY JACK J. SMITH Bela Sigma P.ri EUGENE C. COYNER WILLIAM M. MARTIN Bela Thela Pi ROEERT L. IVIILLIER JOSEPH M. NIiS'I'IZll Chi Beta RAYMOND BENZIGER JOHN S. STOUT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Chi Phi LENNOX J. ARMSTRONG JOSEPH F. SMITH Chi Pfi JAMES F. Cox ROBERT C. NH-IAN Delia Chi XVILLIAM C. BLIXIZN ROBIEITI' V. THOMSEN Della Kappa Epiilon JOHN C. DAVIS JOHN S. SHAELANO Delta Phi J. BRUCE CARROLL RAYMOND C. XVOLF Della Sigma Phi G. GEORGE HAMMACK DC3NAl.D N. .ITIANSON Della Tan Della NVILLIAM D. MGODY JAMES L. XVILEY Dfilrl Uprilorz JOHN XV. DALLENRACH GEORGE F. STAI-IMER Farm Home HAROLD MORINE, JR. S. DEAN SIMS Kappa Della Rho CHESTER M. CAMPBELL CORREI.L E. JULIAN Kappa Sigma WILLIAM H. GIEEERSON FREDERICK B. TRACY Lamhila Chi Alpha DONALD P. ARMSTRONG CHARLES H. RUNDLIES Phi Beta Delta CHARLES C. MADNIKOFIF ROEIIRT H. WEXLER Phi Dalia Theia ROIIERT F. FISHER LEWIS K. WOODIVARD 'I:- Q .. 1 , I Eaton Gilson Phi Efl.fil0ll Pi JERRY CUHEN SIDNEY KATZ Phi Gamma Delia ALBERT C. IVIUELLER A. DEAN SWIFT Phi Kilpprl NED J. GARDNER FRED T. GILSON Phi Kappa PIE ROIIIQRT G. ROTI2 Phi Kappa Sigma DONALD A. CLARK LAWRENCE J. FINEROCIQ Phi Kappa Tau ALVIN D. JOHNSTON RONALD A. IVICCRIEIE Phi Sigma Kappa KARL M. SAEGER NORMAN W. SEIE Pi Kappa Alpha EDWARD E. SMALTZ WILLIAM F. THIEMAN Pi Kappa Phi LESTER T. MOATE ROBERT C. TAYLOR P,Ii Upxilan WELLS HUGO-SMITH JOHN V. SCOTT Sigma Alpha Epfilon JOHN T. BRADLEY DAVID H. IVIILLER Sigma Alpha Ma MELVIN E. SCHAENGOLD BELEORD A. SMALL Sigma Chi ABNITR J. MARTIN WILLIAM H. RICE Sigma Na HERBERT D. BARER JAMES S. ITIIEMPHILL HEEELEY Sigma Phi lipxilan ERVIN G. DUIERINGEII PERSHING H. OCTREN Sigma Phi Sigma BENJAMIN T. GILDERSLEEVE DAVID L. OSTITELD Sig ma Pi EDWARD W. IVIANN LOUIS W. SCHUMM Taa Della Phi MELVIN S. BIZROVITZ RAYMOND IQATZ Tau Eparilzm Phi DAVID S. INIILLIER LLOYD G. SHORE Tan Kappa Epyilan IQENNIETI-I I.. GARRETT WILLIAM G. NELSON Thfla Chi XVEBSTIER H. GEHRING I.. HARRISS ROIIINSON Theta Della Chi BRUCE J. AMACHER DONAI.D J. PIERCE Theta Kappa Phi LALIRENCE J. DOYLE JOHN P. XVALSH Thela Xi ROBERT P. GRLIENEERG HENRY J. I-IOLQUIST Triangle XVILLIAM R. BECKERLE J. LAWRENCE STCNEBURNER Zela Bela Tau KENNETH R. COWAN ROBERT W. KLEIN Zeta Pfi JOHN T. EATON HAROLD G. NELSON Rice Finfrock Page 417 I f 1 I' V U If '. l ifglbblg. 9 l , ' ,I ..'! Fuzmdezl Illinois Chapter University of Michigan, 1904 Exlnblirbrfd, 1906 TZIWEIIIQ'-.I?l'L'77 Arlirr Cbapterx 501 Ear! Danivl .Sheet C CQCLZ De Tar Shere St vens XX'el1lIng Miller Clements Brrrtels Brockob Taylor S Pemberton Kolb Fournier CIISL Cress Applcmte Woocl Mercer Bishop Atherton M'I1lRh'In PItLher BullInLton Moore Bcarce UNIVERSITY CIRIYsLr PFMBFRTON HARRY L PIIINKLIT CHARIIQ H MTRCER JAMLL E MILLER BFRNARD G Rrcicnrrs MS ALIFN V H SAPORA BS RAY I SIAIAWL MS LAWRFNCF H SIMIIRI.. MS JoI-IN C SPITLRR B S JOIIN K TUTHILL B S E E GFORGL B WFISIGBR B S LL B ROY H WILCOX MS ALLAN M TARRY CI-IARIPRJ TAYLOR LIWI5 XV WILLIAMS II RILIIARD F PEDRILK JAMFS R PITCHTR VLRN W STEVENS Wilcox Trssmg Iumbrell Adams Tarry C Pemberton Davis Pedriclf. Impev Ixruger Lloyd Seabrooke Sapora FAC U LT Y LFvLRI:Tr A ADAMS Ph D JAY C I-IACRLLMAN A M ANDREW I AWDRLWS Ph D CI-IARLIQ F Horrrs Ph D LUTHER B ARCHIR MS EE RALPH K HURSI-I BS PFMBRORI' H BROWN Ph D ALONLO P KRATZ M S WILLIAM L BURIISON Ph D D Agr FREDFRIL E Lrzr Ph D CARL H Cfxsnrno B S M E EMIL W LFHMAN B S E E A E JACK PI-IIILIP Co VAN B M E B I E HARRY G PAUI Ph D RALPH E CRAMFR M S IRVIING L PL'rI:RsoN M E M B I1 R S IN Graduate Student! RODFRT H CIFMENTS Semou II Euri NI ATIIrm'oN J ANDRI-w FOIIRNIER Ronrm' P BISHOP JOI-IN R MALLAIIAN Joi-IN T BULLIRGTON E GII:NDoN Moonr 'IZIIZIOIJ' RonrR-r K APPIITAFE DFLos Dr TAR RORLRTJ BARTFLS Rom R1 C IXIMBRTLL EDWARD P QRIST L WILLIAM KOLII DALY M ADAMS Eucrmr O BTARCE I'RrDrRILJ BROCROB Jol-IN R DAVIS EDWARD I KRUGER Page 418 Sophomover AI LAN M CRFSS RORIRT W IMPIX SrAIx1oIx R PFMBFRTON 'I'IIIoDoRr R SEAIIROOKE F1 eflamefz LoxvrI I T LI OYD O'r1o J TISSING PAIRICK O SHIRT' W BURTON Woon DONALD R Wrrrrmc STANLLY W WILCOX , , GEORGE IE. EKBLAXRI, PhiD. FRANCIS PORTER: MIS.. LEWIS RV. WILLIAMSL Ph.D. '1,-'A " . in :air --,I 4n- an L Q A' I ' I fix. I I v- . - I p 9 J r I 1- " .,. I a 9 ,, V va 5 I ,I -r .-r- 4 -1 .I,,v ,"io"r' 'I f I 1 'l 5 l .1 Fgumifd Phi Kappa Chapter Trinity College, 1895 EJrr1bli.vberI', 1916 Eighteen Aclive Cbfzpfers 311 Em! flrmory Sfreel 0111. Cf.-124 Deno E. Schmidt Malcolmson Taylor R. Schmidt Ghiselin Tucker Nacht Herbert J. Gehlbach Tanner Gillan C. Perkins Buckle Wilson Heyle Critton Hanson Ruthenberg Bachman Liermzm Hagmzm Montgomery A.Schneider Callmer McCornack Warren Emch Bcnard Haslem XVHggDDCI Troll Mischlich Bryan Norton Barnett Morris Gehlbach . Linder Marshall Hibsch Mayer Brown Klontz R. Schneider Hunter Wiley R. Perkins Dorion Sells E A C U LTY FRANK E. ScHooI.EY, B.S. JOHN SXVIEET, M.S. FRED W. TANNER, P11-11 FRANCIS H. BACHMAN RICHARD E. J. HEYL RICHARD W. BARNETT JACK H. BENARD JOHN XV. BRYAN KARL A. EMCI-I JAMES P. CALLMER ROIIERT D. CRITTON LELAND XV. HAGMAN RICHARD BUCKLE NORMAN C. DENO JOHN E. DE 'I'uRK CARROLL XV. BROWN OAKLEY S. DOIIION XVILLIAM G. HIHSCPI MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HIzRRER'I' A. NYR RAYMOND K. GELBACH DONALD J. HASLIENI JAMES D. LIERMAN FRANK W. LINDIZR JOHN W. HANSON FRANK A. HERIaIzR'I' ALEXANDER E. MCCORNACK JOHN R. GEHLIIACK CLARK M. GI-IISIELIN JOHN H. GII.LAN XVILLIAM J. HUNTER BRUCE W. KLONTZ XVILLIAM A. MAIISI-IALL Gmclmzte Stlzdelzlf FOREST G. WARRliN Sezziom' GAIL C. IVIISCHLICH TIVIEODORE M. MORRIS DANIEL J. NACH'F junior: -IAMIES E. MONTGOMERY RALPH R. RUTHENEERG Sopbomoref RDRERT D. MALCOLMSON CHARLES E. PERKINS 1179319711972 CARL H. MAYER RICHARD L. PERKINS HAROI.D C. WEINGARTNER CI-IARLES L. NORTON WELLS M. TANNER GEORGE E. TROLL GEORGE R. WAGGONER EDXVARD F. SCHMIDT ALDIEN J. SCHNEIDER FREDERICK T. WILSON ROBERT L. SCHMIDT ROBERT E. TAYLOR JOHN I. TUCKIZR RORERT W. SCHNEIDER CLARK M. SIELLS THOMAS A. WILEY Page 419 I , , I, ,,..,-.,g?- ..,:5 ...,i.,gg,:i'L . . . I rr. I dz, ,Q n", I 'U 5 I f ,I 45 Q-.1 -' I I ,II - .iv r I 4 ' O 1 o , 0 R. Fmmzlcd University of Wisconsin, 1902 ' Fofly-.reI'erI Actin' Claafzievr all A CA' CSI Zeta Chapter Emzblixlaed, 1908 606 TVN! Ohio Slreet VVLUL KAIInOwskI Mdxeever Cooke Mlller Dec Snolt Wqrd Duke Arnett Foerstcr OSh1ughnessy Brcek CILIIDYXSIRI Burney Hormng Rabjohn Dxetz Mahoney Roxxhnd Axmstrons Bnmm Rouse Slrlrkcv Wearn P'1I1I Slonek Egly XVIIRIUSOD Bond Berry McGr1th JAndersOn Johnson Kznser AAnderson OBrIcn ALancI Dobratz Keltnn Spcran Marsh Se1rs Fort X anewl-I Bms cd Speck Trobaugh I Ruler Behr Biker ROCFR ADAMS Ph D D Sc ANDRIW I ANDRIWS Ph D LUDWIC F AUDRIFIH Ph D JOHN C BAIIAR JR PhD ARIHUR C BrcRI'L Ph D WILLIAM F BRAIIIII Ph D Groncr H BROTHIR Ph D ARIHUR M BUSVUFLL Ph D HFRRIRT E CARIILR Ph D FRANCIS M CIARK Ph D GTORGI L CLARR PhD D EDWARD W fOMINrs D Sc ARDIN G DrI'M Ph D SAMUIL B DITXVILIR JR B l'RANI-I G DOLLI AR M S FoIvrAINr R EARLY MS LYDA M ARNITI JR PHIIII S BAKIR LHIII. C BIHR EDWARDJ BICIR JOHN R BINGHAM HOWARD XV BOND ROIIIRr C BRASTID EUGINI O BRIMM DONALD E BURNIY ARIHUR G ANDIRsoN JAMES A ANDLRS N VAL J CIC!-IONX SKI W EI roN BIRRY Page 420 Sc S XVIILIAAI S ENIIRSON Ph DUAN12 T ENoLIs Ph D GLTNIN C FIM FR Ph D RTYINOID C I'UsoN Ph D WARRFIN H Goss B S HARRY S GRINnIrv D Se SIII FRITD 'I GROSS Ph D 'IOM S HAMILTON Ph D MARK H HINIDSIIY A M B SMIIH HOPKINS Ph D RALPH K HLIRSH B S H FRASIR 'IOHNSTONT Ph EDXVARD W KAISTR Ph D DONAID B Krvrs Ph D JUSIA M LINDORLN A M D D DSL FACULTY JAMIs S MAQHIN PhD KTNNETH R MAJORS M S CARI S MARvI'L PhD LYONARD L INICKIANFY B S RIID T MIINIR PhD DOUFIAS G NIcHoIsON Ph D WILIIAM A Nous PhD LLD Chemlg D c OIINFR R OXFRMAN PhD CUIIINW PARMIIII MS DSC THOMAS E PHIPPS PhD FRANK H RFID Ph D JOHN H Rrrmf Ph D ORIN W Rrrs PhD XVORIH H RODILIusI-I Ph D WIIIIAM C Rosr PhD WARRrN A RUIH Ph D JOHN B SHILLDS Ph D RKLIH L SI-IRINrR Ph D G FRI'DI'RICK SMITH Ph FRIIILRICK G SIRAUII MS MetE SI-IVRIOCK SXVANN JR Ph D JrROMr B SNVAR17 B S XVIIBIRT A TArIsrL PhD IIRID W TANNFR PhD IIRIDFRICK T WAII PhD GIORCFI XVALLACE Ph D IPONALD H WHEELIR MS ARTHUR C WILLARD BS DEng, LLD GAII R YOHE Ph D MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gzadnafe Sllzdezelr MARVIN D ARMSIROP-G HAROLD C COCK! JR fHARLISI: HOLIrY JR IVIATTHYVI W IVIILLTR THOIVIAS D O BRIFN IOSIPH DIC EVAN C I-IORNINO FIIFDRICK C DII rz MATHIXV I KALINOWQRI ELMFR H DORRAIL QTANTCN C KII rob. JR IOSIPI-I R IDONVNIING AINTHOND H IAND FRID R DIIRI GrORc.I W LAND RICHARD S Ecu JOHN C IAXVLIR DORALD M rORT JOHN L MARsII XVIIIIAM D FRASFR CHARI IS I-I MrkrIvrR PAUL W HINIINI SI-IIRMAN G P'IINlI'l'lI MARIOY T O SHAUGHNISSX NORMAN RABIOHN EDR ARD H RIDDII WILLIAM I-I RII:oIR PAUL G ROACI-I JAMFS V ROBINSON PRINII E ROUsr JR ROIIFR1 ROWAN JR SI'ANII'x P ROWIAND Rom RT O QAUTR SAMUIL L SCOTT GIRAID XV SIARS XVIIIIAM H SHARRIY HIRBIRF E SILCOX SIDNIIY Ross CARI M SMIrH STANLIW B SPFCK CARLITON A SIFRATI HUGH XV STI:xwAR1 WIIILAM H TAYLOR ROIIFIIT W UPSON JAMIS I' VANITIR MAURIFF I XVARD RICHARD B XVYARN JOSI PH M WILRINSON TH MAS R WOOD Senzoff Hcxx ARD F E JOHNSON GORDON J MCGRATH Orro F QIONFR JAMIS D MAHONIV XVAl1lR H PAHI FRANK 12 FRODAUGI-I Jzmzozf EDWARD I FOrRs'rLR N Y 'I ' . . I 1 ' I . . . A. . , I . I .., ' .. ' I I . 1 ., . . ' . ., . . z - . ., . . 1. . , . . . . 2 , .. 2. ., '22, .. . . 2, .. . 2 , .. I . . . . . 1 ' . ' A ' T - 1 - . . ., .. 2 . I, .. 1 , . 2, .. , , , , , ,D, . .. , . . . . .1 , . . v.. . . , . . 1- . , . ., . . . ., . . vm- 1 . . , . . . . 1, . ., . ,, . ,, 2. , ., . - 1 I - - - 1, - - . . 1 - . ' '., . . 2 2 '- r 2' I. I. 2 ,. . . . , .. ., .., .L. ..2 . 2.21, . . 2 . 2, ,, 1 1 . Q , . ., . . . , .. . , . . '11 . .., . . . . I I., . . . 1 1, . , . .:, . . 1 1 . ', . . 2 . 11 , .. ' . LI, . . . :I , . . ,H . H 2, .. 2 . 2 2, ., .. . . 2 2., .. . 21., .. . , . . 5 .. , . ,, .. , . 4 1 ,' " I , : ' :- 4 . .ff . ff: . ,f . . ..,. , . . ,. . . . .' , . ., . I . . . . . .5 2. 4 ' A -' 'f ' U 2 .f I .1 . 2 - 2. ' .. 2' 2' .. .' 2 . " 2 ' ' .2' . L . . A ' V- ' - ,.. . . .. . N . v 1. . 1 1 , . I , , :. ', . , I' 1 .L : . . ' . , .2 . I ' .' ..' " . .2 2 . J. 2 . I' Y I 'I . t ' I I : : : 4 . 7' :' : A' 4 I - . A: : z' - ' . I . . .. ,. . . . , . , , ' . 2 . 2 2 . :AEE O 3 . . . 2. ,JR. - ,. . . ... 2 . : Q : : -: 2 . ' ff :l 121 ' ll l Z ii 4 1832 4 ,f ,J Founded lllinois Chapter Hamilton College, 1852 Efffiblifbmf, 1913 Twfllfy-.iL'1lL'fl Aclive Chdlll6'l'I 310 Ear! john Sfrevl G!! A jeffd fi' Campbell- Olson Arnold Davis Hafner Lcimbacher Rouse Miller P.Christensen Graham Robbins Allen Galbraith Gneiss Hill Pogue Adam Ricks J. Randall McKee Conard . Larson F. Randall Bell Lyon Mix Sims Moore Conway Weber B. Christensen De Vogelaere Rainey Canfield Johnson Clarkson Walthall B. Randall Tutwiler RALPH W. CONDIZE HERBERT W. BELL RUSSELL E. LARSEN PAUL W. CHRIsTENsEN ARTHUR B. CONARD GRANT H. GNEISS FOLGER P. ADAM, JR. EDWIN G. ALLEN JACK M. ARNOLD NIil.SON W. CAMPBELL, JR. PIARRY S. CANIIIELD ROBERT J. CHRIs'I'IaNsEN CHARLES F. CLARKSON, JR. PAUL B. LYON, JR. DWIGHT I. MCKEE WILLIAM E. HILL EDGAR G. LEIMBACIIER JOHN D. GALRRAITI-I ANTON J. GRAHAM KIINNIQTII J. CONXVAY I.. EUGENE DAVIS ROBERT A. DE VOGIELA MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmte Stzzdentf Sezziorx FRIED G. MOORE FRANK A. RANDALL, jznziozzr GEORGE F. MILLER ROUIERT M. Mix Sophomore: JACK E. HAFNER R. DOUGLAS Ricrcs Frexrlmzefz ERE OLIVER S. JOHNSON BRucE P. OLSON JOHN L. RAINEY J WILLIAM T. WILSON WILLIAM C. SIMS BURRELL L. SMALL ROGER B. POGUE JOHN D. RANDALL JAMES O. ROBINSON NOBLE G. ROBBINS JOHN T. Rousn RICHARD L. STEVENS ROBER'f H. RANDALL ROBERT E. TUTWILER RICHARD P. WALTIIALL JOHN H. WEBER Page 421 I I -I 0114 ff' 44 as 0, P' II 'pr 5 g , 4 s 1. n' I 1 A A Q' a u 5 I 'V s s Fflllilfffff Delta Chapter New York UHIVEFSWY. 1913 E.r1abliIbed, 1970 Tzucrlry-.IeIf'ezI Arlix-'e Cbfzpferf 302 Em! Gregory Dme 6 Ji! ' V Cohen Dorenfest Tatz Emln Port Ixapl In Elms Duboff Goldberg Leance Abrams Unterman Packer S'Ichs R Golclstem Fhomases Rodkm Levm Stelzer Leaf Pau B Exscnstem Kassel Berrent Pearson Lcvntetz Goltz bchmtz Schwxmmer A Exsenstem B Goldstcm Ixpschultz Welnberg Dc.rm1n TLOSSIITIH Rout Mendelsohn SllVEl'bfEll'l Mayer AVLRON H EIGFNSTFIN BURTON A GoLDsrI:IN HTRRIRI- A GOLTZ CLEMENT COIITN LEONARD KALLIS BFRNARD D EISENSTFIN LAxvRrNcr Ex RALPH M GIJLDSTTINI HAROLD BURIAND MILTON L DFRMAN JrRoMr D DORENFESF JEROMI' L DIIROTF Page 422 Lows KAPLAN MARLHALL H KAPSON LEONARD IVIAYER SAMUEL M PEARSON JACR KASSTL NORMAN LIzAr G HFRBFR1 EMIN DAVID L ELIAS JACR GDLDIIIRG HAL LTANCII FACULTY DAVID G BOURGIV PhD MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzzale Sizldentf JFROMI' BFRRFNT Senior: 171121015 ALI ANI L1:vITrTz IRVINGJ LEWIS HERBIAN SC!-INITZ Soplaomw ef MARTIN M LTVIN JAMES MESIROW Fr eyhmen HrR7L B MFNDELSOHN MARVIN ROOT DONALD H STFINBERG SANDIR RDDRIN RourRr SIIVIRMAN RQIIIRT L SCHWIMMTR ROBFRT THOMASFS MARTIN D URTIRMAN PAUL R PACRER MALVIN H PAUL ALBIRTJ PORT RorxrRT M STI1LzI'R BERNARD H TATZ MARVIN TROSSMAN DANITL WEINBFRG . I 7 I , . . . I . ' K , ' . I . . . . I . J A L K . I ', 4 ' - I 1 1 ' . . - I 2 'I MELVIN M. ABRAMS HIZNRY S. LIPSCHULTZ JOSEPH W. SACI-Is MII.1'ON SILvIzRsTI2IN 1 1 4 . I I . n . I I . 1. I 'Amr ' ' 'Q N' , ,. CU., '. 1,51 I G HJR jing. .ei Fgmzfled Alpha Chapter University of Illinois, 1908 Emzblilbefl, 1908 Thirty-Iwo flrlire Cbnjltew 58 Gregory Drive Gill Mm Peterson Welsh Hembrough J Finley Hennert Burrus Fnedrxchs Harrison Stephenson Davies Leighty Mavis Miller L L Morgan Watson Kctzle Schottmann L W Morgan Schrodt Hartline Summers Williams Hartman Ash Nelson Harless McCollum Young Mathers 1 JOHN H BIGGFR BS SLIIFTTR BULL M S BRN R BURMIISTER PhD JACKSON L CARTTFR MS IRCY E JOHNSON B S ROBERT M ASH AUBREY II HARLESS Murs M HARTAIAN ROYI FINLFY L1:sL1Is A HARRISON MARTIN G BURRUS LAXVRENCE W MORGAN JAMES R DAVITS JOHN E FINLEY 3 M M FACULTY FRLDIRICK J KFIIHOLZ B S JOHN H LONGWELL A M JOHN P MCCOLLUM PhD EARL H RIGNIER BS HENRY P Rusx MS . ' W I yf lu A 1 K 1 l 'E ' ' ' Ro . ' . . I , , l , 4 I . 1 . , . . ' . 1 1 A . 1 , . , I . ' , . . - y - - 1 - . . , ' . , , , , . ' , . . ' . 1 , . . - ' 1 - - ' ' I ' LAY C. HACKLELIAN, A.M, ' ' . , - - WU-I-IAM H- YOUNG 2 . , . . - , 2. . 'L A . . 2 1 . , ' ' 1 . . ' 1 . . 1 . i' I . .LL . A . . . 1 . I . . , , , - . Hmm' W Rrrzu: J RAI MA1HERS J Box HARTLIWE ALVIN M MAVIS ERN FSI' H SCHOTTMAINN WVARRTN H FRIEDRICHS W TRABUI: HPMBROUGH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Student! ALVIN E ORR Senza: .r fzznzon RALPH Q MCKINNIZY A LFROI NFLSON IRWIN W MILLER LBI: L MORGAN: SOI7h0I72016J' C HERMAN WATSON F1 exlamefz BLIRNLLL E HTNERT S DONALD LRIGHTY f McKinney R Finley Robinson LEONARD W SCHRUBFN B S FRANR H SIMPSON B S RALPH O SNELLING M S GEORGE I WALLACE PhD W ERNIST ROBINSON LELAND S ROLF ROBERT E WILLIAMS CHARIFS R SCHRODT MAX M SUMMERS E G WrLsH JR DALE E PFTTRSON JAMES R STEPHHNSON Page 423 Fo under! Niue Aciire Cbaplerf gap.: . V if kwa:-PR Yihfihif . 9, , lx 1 . uv X 1' K R University of California, 1914 Gamma Chapter Exlablirbed, 1921 -401 Enrt Daniel Sfzeel .7114 X4 W ...I Kring Peine Nitz Zeleny Warrick Baird Clcndcnin Bristow Hunt Kuhfuss Fischer Morrison Williams Mnllonee Balbach Koeller Reutter Meyer Green Hergct Ubbcn Day Cobb Schickedanz Black Walter Agnew Keiffer F. English Anderson Nelson Cassella Carter Eunson Roy VanCleave A.Eng1ish Lund Meisenheimcr Hay Mitchell-Weis Leeper Kessler Dugan Morris Porter Sailor Macintire Stewart Robinson Bear Chase Torrcnce McCreary Newton Huxtable Mitchell Swaim Drake FACULTY BENJAMIN T. BAIRD, JR., B.S. GEORGE W. GODLE, A.B., LL.B. STANLEY H. PIERCE, M.S. JOSEPH C. BLAIR, M.S., D.Sc. LEROY R HAMR CHARLES O. REINHARDT, M.S J. HERBERT BURGY, Ph.D. Louis M. KESSLER, M.S., C.P.A. ARTHUR E. RITCHER, A.M. WENDELI. E. CANNON, M.S. CHARLES M. KNEIER, Ph.D., J.D. HARLEY J. VAN CLEAVE, Ph.D EUGENE DAVENPORT, M.S., M,Agr., CHARLES U. KRING, M.S. MELVIN J. WARRICIQ, M.S. LL.D., D.Sc. JOHN H. MANI.EY, Ph.D. FLOYD R. WATSON, Ph.D, GEORGE H. DUNGAN, Ph.D. LLOYD MOREY, A.B., B.Mus., C.P.A., LL.D. CARROLL C. WILEY, B.S., C.E JOHN R. EDMONDS, B.S. THOMAS G. PEARSIE, JR., B.S. HENRY E. WILSON, B.A.S. WAYNE H. FREEMEN, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradnale Stzzdentx ' LE ROY H. FISCHER ALVIN L. KUHFUSS GILBERT S. PEINE ROGER W. WILLIAMS HAROLD L. KOELLER - CHARLES E. ZIZLIENY Semorr ALLEN F. AGNEW WILLIAM R. CLENDENIN RAYMOND L. KEIEEER LAWRENCE S. MORRISON STANLEY B. BALEACI-I FRED J. ENGLISH ROEERT A. MALLONEE HARVEY I. NITZ GEORGE L. BRISTOW GEORGE F. HUNT PAUL E. MEYER NORMAN E, SCHICKEDANZ ROBERT H, CARTER U jzmzorr WALLACE B. BLACK DARRELL M. GREEN H. DEAN LEEPER JOHN J. REUTTER, JR. T. CLINTON CODE WALTER T. HERGET ROBERT M. MCCREARY CHAUNCEY E. TORRENCE ROBERT S. DAY MORRIS S. KESSLISR, JR. JOHN W. PORTER JAMES E. UBLIEN EDWARD S. ELINSON MONROE K. WALTER Sopiwmorer J, THOMAS BEAR, JR. ROBERT T. HAY JOHN MITCHELL-WEIS, JR. NEREUS L. ROY WILLIARI N. CASSELLA, JR. M, JAMES LUND A. PAUL NELSON RICHARD G. STEWART ARTHUR R. ENGLISH DONALD E. MEISENHEIMER PHILIP F. VAN CLEAVE Frefbmen ROBERT H. ANDERSON D. DEAN HUXTABLE R. HAROLD MORRIS BRUCE F. ROBINSON J. JACKSON CHASE HORACE A. MAClN'YIRE ROBERT K. NEWTON, JR. DANTON B, SAILOR WILLIAM J. DRAKE ROBERT D. MITCHELL ROBERT B. REEDY GEORGE T. SWAIM, JR. DONALD XV. DUGAN , Page 424 - ' I Q22 A Founded Sigma Chapter Newark College of Engineering, 1921 E1n1bli.rl1ezl, 1931 Twenty-Jix Arrive Cfbaplers 52 Eau Amwry A1f't'?1ll0 aim fi W MARIO J GOGLIA ME ALLEN J BALDWIN ANTHONY V CURATOLO Josxzvx-x L Bmuvnc JOHN W CONWAY GFNNARO L GOGLIA RALPH W HUBBARD 1 1 l Schmidt Hoult Nelson Keller Hubbard Curatolo Tock stien Conway Swartz Treadwell Bemik Mathews Baldwin Treece Sokol Foreman White Fosnaugh FACULTY Ronpm- L JORDAN MS WILLIAMJ Tmzncn MS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM E FOSNAUGH EARL W MATHVWS EDWARD S DrLANEY FRLDLRICK L Dnow Senza rs Gfoncr M NELSON 7172101 J' E HUDSON FORLMAN FREDTRICK A GOGLIA Sopbomai ef THOMAS F HOULT MARTIN R SCHMIDT ALYSIOUS J KELLFR Frexlomen LFO J SOKOL JOHN M Wx-nrrs Inv1N E QUALLOZZA CHARLES A TRLADWELL CARL H SWARTZ J Groxzcs Tocicsruzw 4 l Page 425 fi" riffs" S'-' A ' 1 I ' .. , ,ul ' 1 u 1 A 1' .wfIf1.wey - X ' V 1 ' 'FW' , wff ' 1 1 F0lllIdZ'lf University of Illinois and Anthemios Chapter University of Michigan, 191-4 Eftablifbed, 191.4 Eillbf Avliwe Cbaplefzr 1108 Sonlb Firzrl Slreer 5 6.111 121 C1- Schulz Ohme D Watson XVIelgus Blcxck E Anderson J Watson Irving Nelson Halqulst J Anderson Francescon PLSCI Kolb W1llLCe Hate: Klein Boone Robbins Hollabaugh Amdal Hoerner Schwmll Bmheld Smeallle Honn Blum B'IlodImas FACULTY ARTHUR F DEAAI BArch OLAE S FJELDE AM RICHARD E HULT BS JAMFS T LINDRUM B S RUSSELL M AMDAL WELLS AWSUMB ELIAS S BALODIMAS RICHARD A BIINIIELD LINIO N FRANCESCONI JON D ANDERSON DANIEL E BOONE J Ric ANDERS N1 RONAIDJ HALQUIST Page REXPORD NEWCOIIB A M M Arch THOMAS E O DONNJELL M S M Arch CYRUS E PALMER M S LORING H PROVIINE B S A E MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Serum: WILLIAM F IRVING FRANK KLTIN HAROLD H KOLB EUGENE W BLEICIQ CARL R BLUM JACR Z HOLLABAUGI-I DONALD H HONN 71721011 RUSSFLL T HETER Soplaomofex How ARD R OI-IMI: EDNVARD B STORARO I'1 eflomefz Jcsrm L NFLSON DONALD L SCHULZ WARRI N R Prscl Orro G SCHAFFPR BS WILLIAM H SCHEICR MS JAMPS G VAN DERPOOL M F A STANLEY H WHITE M F A DANIEL M ROBBINS LAURENCE W SCHWALL EUGENE R SMFALLIE JAMES B WALLACE J EVFRYTT HOERNER JACR C WATSON DAVID W XVATSON RAYMOND J WIILGUS FRANK IJESCHEIQ, A.I.A. i i I U I I i , i U I . E I 1 ci 1 . 1 . - 426 .ffm-' ,Is .ff . ..., . .,. 1 I I 'FEEL' F' A 5.51 2 QQ. FDINIIIFHI Eta Chapter Yale University, 1845 Eilablixbezl, 1908 Thirty-eigbl Aclive Clmplerzr 211 Ear! Armory Avenue " T .7114 .-.SW ff W Thom son Simpson McCune Kern Putta Stanbery Winn Smith Singer Driggs Robinson Kelsey gurvin Cross Kelleher Trotter Murphy Austin Wolf Starck Brown Polk Hall Gregory Davis Foote Kilker Scheib Andrew Craner Stxenecker Porter .Mendez Drennan Gzlke Morse Brunkhorst Mitchell Santer Kroner Pohlman Moore Dietz Wforack FACULTY E. CHAUNCY BALDWIN, Ph.D. WALTER G. JOHNSON, Ph.D. WILLIAM I-I. SCHEICKv M5- ALFRED W. BOOTH, Ph.D. HARRY M. KAUFFMAN, A.M. FRANCIS P. SHEPARD, Ph.D. RAYMOND ELIOT, A.M. EVERETT E. KING, M.S., M.C.E. FREDERICK B. STIVIZN, Mus.D. THEODORE H. FRISON, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Slzzdeni: CHARLES S. BENNIS EVAN G. KOONS VICTOR C. REICHERT Sefziofzr DAN E. ANDREW JOHN T. CROss H. KENNETH FOUTE OCTAVIO A. MENEEZ FENTON S. CRANER HAROLD A. DIETZ GEORGE F. SCHEIE K. SLADE AUSTIN MARTIN A. GREGORY H. KENNETH PORTER ROBERT J. STIENECKER ADRIAN W. DAVIS FRED M. KILKFTR THEODORE V. PURVIN FREDERICK S. WINN ROBERT H. DRIGGS LEE N. MURPHY JAMES R. SIMPSON WALTER W. WOLF S0plaomo1'e.r RALPH W. GALI-:E CHARLES A. MOORE, JR. FRANK M. ROBINSON ROBERT W. STARCI: NATHAN E. JOHNSON ROBERT I.. POLK HARVEY L. SINGER ROBERT J. THOIJPSON WILLIAM S. KERN JOHN G. PUTTA MERLE B. STANBIZRY JOHN T. TRUTTER Freilamen H RICHARD L. ALBAUGH JAMES H. HALL WARREN I. MITCHELL HOVVARD L. SANTER ROY W. BROXVN JOHN F. KELLEHER, JR. JAMES E. MORSE DAVID A. SMITH GEORGE W. BRUNKHORST JAMES C. KRONER MONTIE D. Moss ROBERT F. WILI-IELM HOWARD W. DRENNAN CLINTON C. MCCUNE PAUL H. POHLMAN FRANK P. WORACK, JR nu , I A-1 ' I Page 427 F olzml ef! Virginia Military Institute, 1865 Niflely-four Active Chapter! gre' if -r -, ' I I , o ',. iv, 1, 5 Q- ' 5' .I A 5l,f - " fr A ff e .7114 Q... W. Gamma Zeta Chapter Ermblirbed, 1895 1101 Weil Pemuylvmzia flvenur Ed. Cqthcart Hardin Sherman Terry Miller Wilkcns Pfiefer D. Black French Thal Holmes Power Foster Ainsworth Lane Gormley Modgeska Meyer' Kohler Richmond Brown Linneman Griswold Ehni GrifIin Pittman C. Black Knapp W. Hemphill R. Allen Porter Cairdle Glallombardo Jones E. Giller Calilf Bickers McLaughlin Defenbaugl-I Morey R. Hemphill Jobin Olson V. Allen Stanslicld Pullen Piggott Schram Unland D.Giller Stoker Muzzy Nickelson Torrence Landholt Groves Schroeder Borchert Logan FACULTY ROGER ADAMS, Ph.D., D.Sc. JOHN A. HAMILTON, A.M. ARTHUR G. ANDERSON, C.E., Ph.D. B. SMITH HOPKINS, Ph.D., D.Sc. JOHN A. CLEMENT, Ph.D. CHARLES T. GUELTIG J. WILLIAM CALIEE THOMAS A. CLARK JOSEPH J. GIALLOMEARDO RICHARD B. ALLEN JAMES F. BICKERS CHARLES S. BLACK KEITH BROWN C, DONALD AINSWORTI-I H. VINCENT ALLEN C. DALE BLACK FRANK M. CATI-ICART, JR. RALPH R. FOSTER ROBERT L. BORCHERT J. DAvIs GILLER ROBERT J. GORMLEY RALPH S. GRovEs JOHN C. HALL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Studezztr JOSEPH K. MCLAUGHLINE EDWARD B. GILLER ROBERT C. HEMPHILL CHARLES J. CAUDLE WILLIAM E. DEFENBAUGH RALPH E. EHNI JAMES L. GRIFFIN MARION J. FRENCH WESLEY E. HARDIN ROBERT H. KOHLER WILLIAM J. LANE HILMER C. LANDHOLT JACK M. LOGAN J. MERTON Muzzy' LEE E. NICKELSON THOMAS A. STREET Seniorf ROBERT H. JONES JAMES M. MCLAUOHLIN jznziorr B. ALLEN GRISWOLD WILLIAM J. HEMPHILL JOHN F. HOLMES EDWARD J. JOBIN Sophomorer CARL T. MEYER MARTIN A. MILLER GENE F. MODJESKA ROBERT P. PFEIFER Freflamen ROBERT C. PIGGOTT CHARLES L. POWER JOHN A. PULLEN WILLIAM E. RICHMOND GOLDEN A. MCCONNELL, A.B., LL.B. HALE L. NEWCOMER, M.S., C.P.A. CARL J. WEINMAN, A.M. ROEERT J. THEDE WALTER T. MOREY DEAN A. OLSON CHARLES O. KNAPP JOHN A. LINNEMAN THOMAS M. PITTMAN JAMES R. STANSFIELD ROGER M. PORTER REX G. SHERMAN DAVID S. TERRY WARREN A. THAL R. WARREN WILKINS ROEERT M. SCHRAM ROBERT N. SCHROEDER MARTIN STOKER JOHN F. TORRENCE JAMES M.-UNLAND Pcme 428 X "Z 3. C9 2 96 B K do is " 0' l D O 'QA P 'OIC Founded Kappa Chapter Hamline University, 1901 E.flabliJlJed. 1925 Twenty-nina' Active Clmplerx 1106 Soulla Third Slrvft A X4 W Buckley Smith Pierce Olsen Darr Jordan Erickson Wfohlers Park Schcnck I-lenricks Davis Blankenhorn Lind Miller Hering Hickman H. Johnson H. Lantz Sachs Carl Bishop M. Johnson C. Lantz Schlcntz Daniels Heffley Forss Krug Magde Wilson Martin F A C U LTY SCOTT ANDERSON, M.S. ALFRED D. HUSTON, A.M., LL.B. CHARLES H. MCKEEVER, B.S. WALTER V. BALDUFF, Ph.D. RALPH W. KLUGE, M.S. HENRY J. MlI.ES, Ph.D. ARTHUR H. DANIELS, Ph.D. ARTHUR B. MAX'S, A.M. KENNETH J. TRIGGER, M.S. WILBER E. HARNISH, A.M. C. AUSTIN VAN DOREN, Ph.D MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmzlzzfzfe Student HERBERT W. CARL Sefziofxr J. REID BISHOP MARVIN L. JOHNSON CLARENCE T. LANTZ C. WILLIAM MARTIN ALEERT J. Fonss XVAIIFIZR J. KRUG JOHN M. MAGDH WAYNE S. SCHLENTZ EARLE F. 1-IEIIRLEI' VICTOR W. WILSON flzzziori CHARLES F. BLANKENHORN EUGENE H. HICIQMAN CHARLES J. MILLER WILLIAM H. SCHENGIQ JOHN W. ERICKSON HOWARD W. JOHNSON GEORGE B. PARK GEORGE M. SIANTA HENRY H. HIERING EDXVARD G. LIND HENRX' SAcHs JACK J. SMITH S 0 pbomorer GEORGE H. DAVIS LAWRENCE P. JORDAN DONALD E. OLSEN NORXXfIN C. PIERCE Freflamen THOMAS F. BUCKLIEY WARREN E. HIENRICKS HAROLD N. LANTZ WILLIAM C. WOHLERS MILTON F. DARR - I' . I ' " I-'QE "T '-1' I I ' 1, I ' ' I ' , '1 I ' ' - Q .A ,4 AI ' - M V AKY- - .Y 5 g rm, I , Page 429 ,Q G- .UQ W , ' Q M 50551 , . V. QQ, .SQ TIQZQIL-sph' ug,- FOIHHffd Alpha Chapter University of Illinois, 1925 Exfabliflsed, 1925 Fire Arrive Clmpler: 52 Efu! Armory Avenue ella ES' W .iz Pctrasik Krausz Steil Buhner Christmann Olson Tagtmeier Harms Purkey Horn Coyner Koelling Geissendoerfer Simons Loving Gudy Kuk Koepke F A C U LTY JOHN T. GEISSENDOERFER, RUSSELL J. BITTERMAN GARNIZT E. BUHNER ELDON C. CHRISTMANN ROBERT F. HLAVEK GEORGE E. HARMS WALTER C. KOEPKE OSCAR I-I. Kux MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniorf EUGENE C. CDYNER WILLIAM W. GADY LELAND J. DEVERMAN WILLIAM M, MARTIN fmziors WILLIAM A. HORN NORMAN G. KRAUSZ WOODROW W. KOELLING S0lDh07?Z07'6'f ROLAND A. PURKEY KENNETH R. RAT!-IERT Freflamefz Martin Jones EDWARD M. JONES, B.S HAROLD G. OLSON Roy C. S'l'l'1'IL GEORGE A. PETRASIK Rox' O. TAGTMEIIZR BERT G. SIMONS ROGER C. LOVING Page 430 ir!! 213051 T Founded Sigma Rho Chapter Miami University, 1839 E.r!1zhliI'bcIl, 1902 Nirlely Arrive Cbaf1.'v1'I 202 Eurt Daniel Street EE QAM. Engle McBride Limerick Herron Gillis Bergmun Johnson Mayhill LEVISRETT A. ADAMS, Ph. WILLIAM S. BAYLEY, Ph. CHARLES E. BOWEN, B.S. GEORGE L. CLARK, Ph.D., ROBERT I. GRAHAM, B.S J. CAMPBELL ANDREWS GEORGE R. CATLETT WILLIS B. BALLANCE RALPH E. BENNETT ROBERT M. CONDIT CARLOS O. DAvIEs FORREST P. DEWEY LEVERETT A. ADAMS CHARLES H. APPLE HAROLD E. BERGMAN, JR. JOHN B. BOND EUGENE L. BROWN DURANT S. ABERNATHY, JR. ROBERT EISNER JAMES R. GIMBLIETT ORLANDO M. GOCHNAUR RICHARD F. ANDERSON RALPH B. CLARK ROBERT A. EAGLE THOMAS C. FRASER Clark Anderson Streed Tyrcll Landstrom Kiefer MCLCOLI Taggart I-Iumphreys Murphy Goqhnaur Sharpe Myers Yagp Shepard D. C. Miller Abernathy D. H. Miller Morrison Mamon Holstrorp Hill Gimblett Reed Moses Exsner G'Hi C: sc Mulliken Apple Adams WOlHcy Welsli R. MIIler Bond I-I:IrgItt Stables Pans Bergngt Wanclcrer Davies Tocppen Ballance Pmpp Nester Martin MCGHRHH Huey Dunlap F A C U LTY D. WHITNEY C. HUNTING1'ON, M.S.C.E. THOMAS E. SAVAGE, Ph.D. D. VALENTINE Jong-r, Ph,D, HEINz A. STADTHAGEN, A.M. ALVIN L. LANG, M.S. WILLIARI D. TEMPLEMAN, Ph.D. D.Sc. CULLEN W. PARMELEE, M.S., D.Sc. DANIEL W. THOMSON, B-A-SC DWIGHT H. Doss ROBERT R. DUNLAP PHILIP M. FAucE'rr KENNETH M. JOHNSON JOHN H. LADD WILLIAM R. CASE EDWARD A. Dorsx' EARL H. GII.I.Is GEORGE H. HARGITT GEORGE HILL, JR. JOHN T. HoI.MsTROM ROBERT H. JOHNSTONE GEORGE F. LIMERICK WILLIAM M. GIIJFIN KENNETH E. HERRON PATRICK O. HUMPHREYS XVILLIAM J. KIEEER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Stzzdezztr RAYMOND A. LIPPENS Senior! WESLEY P. MARTIN R. THOMAS MAYHILL JOSEPH M. NESTER RICHARD L. PAPP fznziorr WALTER B. HLIEY, JR. RONALD R. MCGAIIFIN ROBERT L. MILLER DAVID F. MULLIKEN Soplaonzorer DONALD L. MANION DAVID H. MILLIER DONALD C. MILLER Frerlamefz HOWARD J. LANDSTROM WILLIAM C. MCBRIDE DONALD G. MCLEOD MORRIS L. MYERS ROBERT J. SALL CHARLES M. WII.sON GEORGE H. PARIS JAMES G. STABLES FREDERICK G. STICKEL DONALD B. TOEPPEN EDWARD T. WANDERER EDWARD E. MURPHY ROBERT A. SHARPE ALEX WELSH RICHARD F. WOLFLEY RAYMOND K. MORRISON, JR. HOBART I. MOSES Ross C. REED TRENT A. SHIZPARD JACK A. STREED LEW W. TAGGART THOMAS J. TYRELI. GORDON W. YAPP Page 431 1? N 1 he? '. in 6 4 9 C9 if. Qiw ni. in Foznulw! Alpha Chapter University of Illinois, 1906 Erlnblirlyed, 1906 One Arrive Chapler CA' gm 1011 South Xixlls She-el Humecke Lee Clegg Slzigcr Halcott Watson Giles Horner Kendrick P. Graves Palmer Ben zigcr Johnson Thornley P. Stout Nelson Knoop Townsend Rohlfmg Lundberg Tourtillott Bartow XVilliams J. Stout Schmidt D. Graves F A C U LTY THOMAS J. DOLAN, M.S. CRANE M. HORNER, B.S. XWENDELI. S, Wu.soN. B.S. XVALTER T, BAR'i'ow ALBERT 1. LUNDBIERG RAYMOND J. BENZIGER, GEORGE CL EGG DEAN W. Grmvizs D. LARRI KENDRICK ELMO S. GILES, JR. THOMAS G. HALCOTT J RALPH W. RCHLFING PERRY H. GRAvEs RALPH W. PALMER ROBERT A. HUMECKE RICHARD R. JOHNSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmfe Student HAROLD D. TOWNs1sND Seiziorf JOHN S. STOUT fzmiorr EHERT B. KNOOP Sophomore! Frefhmefz HARRY B. THORNLEY WILLIAM E. LEE GORDON C. NELSON ROBERT C. XVILLIAMS HAROLD A. SCHMIDT JOHN S. TouRr1LLO'r'r CHAUNCEY B. WATSON JAMES S. SLAGER PAUL C. Srou-r Page 432 ' 2 JV Inq ja f ,f ff' LII .W-C I V rv Y -Y Axyaf H-- Foumled Sigma Chapter Princeton University, 1824 Erlrzblirhed, 1912 Thirly-.fix Arliife Cbalpterr 303 Earl Clsulmeu Siren , , V ..5J.,.,1 CI' ,DI Coleck S. XV:-Ilker Ruff Koral Richey Cowan Brown Leman Foster B.Irrer Elden J. A. Smith Wlrite Miloscviclx J. F. Smith Brennan Carson R. Smith Cumiskcy Young Brewer Windcsimeim Burrows Armstrong J. Walker Richards Meyer ' Bartlett Xvilson D. Hafner Ingve Nolph D. XVIIHQQI' T, Smith Klima Robinson Giesemann F A C U LTY KARL A. WINDESHEIM, Ph.D. LAWRENCE MURPHY, A.M., Lirt.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY S67Zi0?'J' LENNOX J, ARMSTRONG MILFORD D. BURRows GEORGE A. HACKLEMAN MORGAN W. RICHARDS MELVIN C. BREWER NEIL C. FOSTER ROBERT H. HAENER, JR. RICHARD D. TRELIEASE JOHN G. C. BROWN JOHN S, WALKER jznziorr THOMAS E. BARTLETT THOMAS E. CUMISREY O. PAUL RICHEY JOSEPH F. SMITH PATRICK W. BRENNAN WILLIAM N. MEYER HERBERT T. YOUNG Sophomore! ARTHUR K. BARRER HOWARD S. ELDEN W. PALMER Rurr BOBBIE P. WALKER DAVID H. BROWN WARREN E. LUNDE JAMES A. SMITH SCOTT S. WALKER BRUCE F. CARSON PAUL MILOsEvIcH ROBERT C. SMITH HOWARD L. WHITE ROBERT H. COWAN Frefbmerz FRANK H. COLECK CHARLES I. INGVE, JR. ROBERT J. LI-IMAN TI-IEO L. SMITH ALFRED F. GIESEMANN ROBERT J. KLIMA WILLIAM H. NOLPH DONALD W, WALKER DAVID T. HAFNER HENRY M. KORAL THOMAS G. ROBINSON ROBERT J. WILSON, JR. CHARLES J. HILL Page 433 ,ff CA 1 .I A ".lfQ.R'f'Q: A , 'fr f 4 Q. fri! lx'-I i ,'1 in 'maj , TQ, fa 1 s- M I Q ull.: nn .J Falnzded Alpha Zeta. Delta Chapter Union College, 1841 Eflablirbed, 1919 .5 'l'u'eI1ly-fin' Active Cbapfer: 912 .Youth Second Sheet AL Reeder Chamberlin Poyser Mallory Hill O'Malley Estes Sperry Porter Dennis Atwood Bowman Cox Sarena Nihan Johansen Grams Maher Lord Wetz cl Brogan Heybeck Curnes F A C U LT Y DONALD C. BOWMAN WILLIAM H. CHAMBERLIN JAMES F. Cox PHILIP R. F. DANLEY HARRY CLIRNES Room L. BROGAN WILLIAM C. LISAVENWORTH, M.S. WILLIAM W. DENNIS WILLIAM F. HILL j. EARLII Esms, JR. FRANK D. I-IEYBECI: C. MoRToN LORD JOSEPH M. GRAFFIS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradznzle Slzzdefzl JOHN R. POYSER Seniarf fmziorf Soplaomof j. S'rANI.IzY JOHANSEN FRANK J. MAI-IER NORMAN lb MALLORY ROBERT P. 0'MAI.I.IIY 'ef Freflmzezz WILLIAM G. REEDER, DEAN F. SARENA Romana' C. NIHAN WILLIAM C. SPERRY ROIIIERT M. PoR'I'I2R GILBERT C. WETZEL "xx .. ,,. -"'. '- ' ' Page 434 g L Fomulerl University of Wisconsin, 1907 Twenly Arrive Cbapfevzr 7 l' N Q 1 l f.. r J Illinois Chapter Emzblifbed, 1908 605 Eur! Daniel Slreuz I., 'if 'D N ' I wma fllffm A Hadary Huffman Prini G. Harshlmrger Lamb Zimmerman Baptista Bush Iknayan Clapp Tcrrazas Shintani Ozclsel Wong Shalizi Marsh Mzichell Emery Dietz Stein Eng Ansary Wibbcrley Gibson Baldwin Audrieth Oliver Toy Dickman K, Harshbarger Handriclc Wilson Boley Mellman Kazdal Blanke Hagihara Grey Kraft Berman Lindsay Lacy F A C U LTY LUDWIG F AUDRIFTH Ph D E CHAUNCEY BALDWIN Pl J HOWARD BFARD AM MD CI-IARLFS C Bormf M S DAVID H CARNAIAIAN Ph D LFALLXN B CLAPP A M BFRTRAW C BLANK11 KFNNFTH O EMFRY ROBFR1' W GIBSON JUAN F BANIQUTD BFNNETT I BERMAN ARTHUR O BUSH MIR A ANSAID WILLIAM ENG CI:sAR M BARTISTA l 1 l HERBERT W CRAIG MS SI-IFRMAN R DICKMAN MS RDBFRT S DIFTZ MS RICHARD C HANJDRICK MS KFINNETH E I-IARsHnARcFR MS G1 adware Stlzdelztx JAMES N IKNAYAN DALr B LINDSAY MUSTAPHA N KAZDAL OHN V MACHFLL R J J RonrRT LEM DONALD B MARSH Senza: I CIDFON HADARY FRANR LrM LrovARD LAMB 111121015 HFLMUTH W FRFY H GLFNIN HARSHBARGFR Sophomofer GERALD G KRAIT ARDU1, S SI-IAI.IzI AI.IarR'r J LACY Frefbnzerz GRAYSONT H HAGIHARA HoMI:R WONG ARTHUR V HUFFMAN A B HARRY G MFLLMAN A M THOMAS E OLIVER Ph D RENATO I ROSALDO M WILLIAM F SCHULZ E E Ph D Env ARD H WALDO M E E MUNCI OZIILSEL ARTHUR D TOY GERALD R WIBBFRLFY CARRRI. B MORGAN MORTON PRINZ Ronrm A STEIN EMMI11' H SI-IINTANI HUGO A TERRAZAS JOHN B ZIMMERMAN Page 435 . 1 . 1 I ', I. I ., . . . . I 1 I, . l I Q h V. ' ,, AY. : MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Founded Illinois Chapter Cornell University, 1890 Efmbliihed, 1923 Thirty-fam' Artire Chapter-.I 1111 South Fifi! Slreer Freem'In Gerh1rdt C Linclblad Johnson Wolf Main Cravens Qamuelson R Smith Bagnuolo Gruenfeld E Evers Drish Agger W Evers Klueger R Lmdblad Casey Cummings J Monroe Schafer Delss Selbach Danielson Thomsen Bllxen Scnven Boelxer Gallagher P Smith Worcester Warner Lelly A Phillips Kochy FRANK G DICRINQON PhD HERBERT M HABILIN Ph D WILLIAM C. BLIXEN JUSTIN R. BOEKIER ALSED L. DANIELSEN HOWARD K. AGGIER JAMES H. CRAVENS JOHN S. CUMMINGS WILLIAM G. BAGNUOLO ROBERT J. CASEY WALTER A, EvERs WESLEY R. KccHY C. DELORME LELLY Page 436 FA C U LTY ANANIAS C LITFLFTON Ph D C P A MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmzlzmie Student JAMES O. MONROE JR. Seniorf O Phillips T Monroe RUssEL M NOLEN Ph D CHARLES M THOMPSON PhD LLD PAUL M. DEISS EDWARD G. GALLAGHER RAYMOND A. JADKICH JOHN W. DRISH EDWARD W. EVERS VERNON H. GIERHARDT TERRY A. FREEMAN fmziorf DELOs M. SCHAEER DONALD E. SCRIVEN ARTHUR B. JOHNSON RALPH L. LINDBLAD S 0 plaomorex GEORGE E. KRUEGER ADOLF J. GRUENEELD JR. CARL W. LINDBLAD Frarlamen ALEEZE G, PHILLIPS JR. OI.IvER J. PHILLIPS LAWRENCE G. SELBACH PAUL B. SMITH ROBERT V. THOMSEN CHARLES E. MAIN JACK R. SAMUEI.soN ROBERT R. SMITH THOMAS W. MONROE GEORGE R. WOLF WILLIAM S. WARNER CHARLES E. WORCESTER Litt D Q U . J. HOWARD BEARD, A.M., M.D. MERLIN H. HUNTER, Ph.D. ROBERT H. MOORE, A.M. .J 25? .f P If ,QE f if , Faunduzl Delta Pi Chapter Yale University, 1844 E.rlabli.rlJefl, 190-4 Forly-.fvrefz Arrive Cbapfem 902 South Serum! Slreul Jaffa X4 W Dtum Wxtt O Bunn IXI1LAftIlLlf Sftwycr Wlfrddrnbton BLLkn1-In Pxerqe Shcrmn Day .Stevenson Lounsbury Hopmmd MLCAR Busby Lalbly Ntchols Wood McDonald Frazier Lmnhan Maher Stone Mrs Orton Perltz D IvIs Bodxun Bed. Peltes btcrlmg, M.-:harry Mrkcscll Kuby FACULTY PI-IIILIP W CAIIRUTH A M BRUCI R FooTIs B Mns RALPH E FLTTCHFR BS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gfaclzzfzfe Stildefzt T MILTON I-Iopxxooo Senza: J JAMES F BALLARD J RFID BISHOP RoIIrR'1 J MAHFR IZIIIUIJ' RALIII-I D BICR JR IWARION F FRA7IrR ARTHUR LAIIILY ROBERT E BODKVIN AIAN S GRANT ROIIIRI XV LINLHAN JOHN C DAVIS Soplaonzozer RHODTS M CLFVILAND AINDRFXX E Kum GIORLT IVIFHARRY ROIITRT J DAX JAIR F Louwsnum RoI1rRT S MIKISFLI Lxll J FrLTrs ROIIIRTM MLC AXV ALTRTD H NICPIOIS I zeflamen DANIIII E OBRIFN CHARIFS M PIFRFI' JR Jon lx BFCKMAN PHILIP A DAUM JOHN E MACARIHUR JOHN A MCDONAID JR JOHN P IVIOORL l 1 l Moore MALIRICT H RoIsINsoR Ph D JAMI s S SHAPI AND RAYMOND M PERIIZ J ALLFN STI VYNSON WILLIAM H WADDINL roN J WIILIAM H QTERIING EDVUARD E WITT HARIINCION A XVQOD JOHN P SAX! YFR FRANRJ SHFRXYIN III Page 437 I Y '. ' I . . ' 2 ' ,A 1-- ' ' I ' v I - - -. , I -, - , . I I , . . I I , -, . I ', . . . I A. . ' - . ' . . I 'f , : I' . I 1 I ' EDNVARD V. Busrw DONALD L. KIIaNI.IsN GEORGE IE. MARTIN ELMER I.. STONE, JII. ' .. . . 2' , R 1. . , I s I' I I " . ' z :I F. 1 . . I . 1 . ' i' . In- ' I . s. I . . , I 2' a' . -i ' I I . . . 2- , , ' 7. 1 ' I' I' . I' . , . I E. . l . ,I , " 1 . I' . I .1 . 1 ,:, . " . 1 ' ', I' . ' 'I 'Hg ', Q. wa' I if .Maxx :lwfv -' L., 'Am , -5.1. ++ :. .ls '- T gps: -, A,x J' I fs if '. FHIIIIJPJ Tau Chapter Union College, 1827 Efmbziflmz, 1920 Illlllfffffl Active Clmpterx 1008 SOIlfl7 Fourlb .YIIEBI jeffd WA' MLMal1on Stewart WIlson Ncvxllf. Brrkeland FIsheI Aron WIIIIHHIS Wl1Ite Underwood O Connell Cox Flagler Thompson ,I D Plctcher Bobnsutlu Hannah Wolf Ropxcquet Henley C K Wlells C ones Payne Watkms Bexnelcl j H Pletcher C-Irroll StaEelb:ILh Checklcy Drake J L ones Dunn West C H Wells Nxcholas I HTKIIS MIller H0lE3fd Isom FACULTY EDxwARD G FIS:-Im JR AM CHARLFS L STTXVART PhD HFNRH B WARD PhD DSc LLD XVILLIAM H RAYNLR C E M S J BRUCE CARROLI DAVID M CHECKLLY RICHARD 'I DUNN WALTFR A ARON 1' WILLIAM BI:xrIrLD ROIIIRT B BOBISUTHI PAUL M BIRKFLAND EUGENE L Cox JAMIS S HIIRD ANDRrw J HOIGARD M DrAN IsOM Page 438 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gfadfmfe Student RICHARD E YOUNGGRENJ Semm .r JOHN C JONES JOHN J O CONNrLL JR JOHN L ,IONFS GrORG1: L PAYNI XVILLIAM W MCMA:-ION JOSEPH H PLFTCHIR I . .3 I -4 ' " . 1, ., . . 1 . 1' , . . 1 ' . , . ., . ., . . : , . ., . . . 1 . ' . . A . ' , 1 , . . : JAMES L. DRAKE ' . A -4 . . 1 A CIZIARLES L. STEXVAIRT, JR. 1 . 1 :L , . .Z 1 . .' Z . ' ' ' ' 1 . . ' ' . ' . , I . I . 2 I . I ' I . I GroRCr S FI AGI FR NORMAN B HANNAH WILLIAM R HLNLICY CHARLFS A KOFHLER JOHN I' NPVIILY WALTFR B NICHOLAS INIAURICI' D LANDIS jzzmorr JAMTS D PIETC1-IFR WILLIAM H THOMPSON 5017501720161 WILLIAM S Sm. C ARIHIIR SCHOESSIIL Ronrm' M UNDFRXXOOD FI eyhmen DI SLI' O MILLER RICHARD L ROPIFQUET G THOMAS STAIITLBACH JOSEPH F ZARISH CARL E WVATRINS CHARLES K WELLS RAYMOND C WVOLT THOMAS C WIIITF WILLARIJ I' XVILLIAMS W REID XVIISON CLAITOIN H XVFLLS JAMES P WLST A I i"lX Fofnzrled Alpha Alpha Chapter College of the City of New York, 1899 E.rIabli.rl:0d, 1919 Fofly-four Arrive Cbnplerf 106 Emi Drmiel Slreer jeff 5 Wm My Lcxmbroi Battle Prmdevxlle Schmrdt Barkrnan Mangls F Hfmson Radclxffe Luce Schuwerk Rmhardson C1dy R Johnson Hocfner Bruer Srmmons Taber Noble Maxwell Kerr L Johnson Olson P Johnson Pope Mersenzahl Matthews Cums D Hanson Clnfford Rexcherts Wxllnams Landberg Hammack FACULTY HARRY K ALLTN Ph D CHARLFS C Cunvrxs J D A M HAROLD D TIIIMBLF A M H HLATON BAILLY A M C P A KLNDRICN D CLIFFORD DONALD N I-IANsoN HARLAN E Baum Groxcl: G HAMMACK VICTOR C I'l0EI'NER Jn LEONARD W JOHNSON Jn F LYMAN BATTLP DOUGLAS M CADY L PAUL JOHNSON WILLIAM D BARKMAN it 1 l l I MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Ronrnr V JOHNSON RICHARD S Krnn ROIILIIT C Kxrrrn R BLINN MAYWFLI RICHARD L I.ANDIxrRG Gronorf G Lucia I'nID C IJAINSONI Senzmf ROBERT W MATTIIFWS jumou GrNIz M NOBLF Fnm A Popr ELDFR R RTICHERTS S0f7b07?10l8J' Gfvr D MANGIS JACI4 I' PRINDFVIILE Ffwlamen AINTHONY P LAMBROS THOMAS XV MEISTNZAHL WALTER R OLsoN ARTHURT RICHARDSON Jn HARLAN W TABER ROBERT L WILLIAMS DONALD E RADcLIrrIz WILLIAM A SCHUWBIIK JOHN G SIMMONS WILLIAM J SCHMIDT Page 439 A . A. ' ' . 4 . 1, . . .I .. . , . ., . . . ., . . . ' :, . ., . . . . I . 1 1 . . , , ' Q , Q . . . 1 ..1 . , .. . fs . ' I I , , "'-wI...f:r'f' 611' I 1"I'f'e.l A 1- -I f I , A , Folmried Beta Upsilon Chapter Bethany College, 1859 Emzblixbed, 1872 Se1'e11ry4f1'e flrlire Cbaplerf 302 Ear! john Slreel Jaffa QM jeffd BlD0lxS Duck J Gmchetto Pufahl Cmmer I-'arnswotth Rhodes M1ller Plnpps S Fuller Conron McWetlIy Maxwell Gardner Sxkknng., Myren Coates Bernhardt Peterson Ingle Middleton Perry Williams Michel: Moody Jenkms Beck Nohi Aldendxfer Gxffin Valos Q Fuller XV Reeb McDonald Barrett Wessel Carraghcr JReeb WGxachetto Gxvler Johnson Cwanauglx Galey Donoughue Howell Smxthers FACULTY MAJ CLIFIORD B CoLr BS Gronrr 1' QCHXVART7 BMus AM GRANvIILr S KFITH MS RoIIrRT F SYYBOLT PhD MARTIN J PRUCHA Ph D KFNINETH W BROOKS STANLEY L BRUMBAUCH CARL E CONRON JR WILLAIID M CRAMFR FRED W AIIYN CHARLES F Brcrc QIORCI W BIRNHARDT HUGH XV CoATrs EDMUND L DuBo1s GIORGL B BARR1 IT GIORGL F CARRAGHFR WILLIAM P GIACHFTTO JOHN XV CAVANYAUGH EDWIN T COLTON JOHN W Domoox-mr Page 440 DON D DICIL SANTRY C FULLTR JOHN H MAXWYIL JOHN R GARDNER JOHN D GIAcHr1Io ROLIO N GIVIIR XVALDEN M INGLr PHIIIIR E MCDONAID JOHN L MII:Dlr1oN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gnzclzmte Student Gronov L FAIINSWORTH JR Semorf 11111015 Soplaomm DANIFI V MCWFTHY WAYNI: F MILLER OCDrN A PHIPPS IVAN C JOHNSON XVILFORD J KRAMYR CAMI-RON E MICIIFLI ALIIIN T MYRIN NVILLIAM D Moom' WILLIAM A Rrrn F1 erhm en JOHN H GAITY ROBERT G HOXVI LL CALVIN E GIrrIN JAMYS B MUIR Colton Allen Kramer EDGAR J TOWNSFND PhD LLD PHINEAS L WINDSOR PhB LIttD ALBERT E PUFAHL XVILI IAM B RHODFS HARRY A Rrmcrv JAMES L WILYY EDMONDJ PrRRY CLIrroRDI PFTTRSON JAMIs E Rrru RICHARD J WILLIAMS CHFSTFR B SIKKING DLAIN. P WIsSrL EDMON R Rrronu PLRRY L SMITI-IFRS ALFXANDFR T VAIOS ' ' l . ' I ' I l . ' . 'I . I, . . 1 11 '. t. ., . ., . . . ' 1 , . ,, . 1 . 1 . . . : . I , . . ' . I , . ., 1 . . , . 1 I . , - 1. . I , JR. - ' . - . , . . I . . 1 . . 1 JAMES C. ALDENDIFER QUENTIN R. FULLER WALTER E. JENKINS EDWAR17 R. NOHA 'a ,E . 2 . l. .11 I '. 'I 2 . 011' I 'ei 1 . 1' h . . , Y V . . 4 I 7: ' I I . x 1 . . . .1 - . ' 2 , V Founded Illinois Clxaptei Williams College, 1834 Ermblhlaed, 1905 Sixlyafze Active Clmplcrr 312 Eau Armory Am-nm' eflfa M 35 ,,r 1-A , , ,A . .Y .. -7 VI -+4 -1 I 5 " iw-.ff " I N aff... I 'r , '.,,,, r, z' ' .w"'W Lehmann Carlson Wright Logue Bloemker Herron Geiss Purdy Govediirc Marwick Kolens Bonngfoi Zumsteg Wilson Holtsberg Koehnemann Allen Dambman Dickinson McKay Lang Henry Holzinger Voorhees Farthing Waxler King Hensel Johnson Whisehancl Jones Hennessey Pickett Gudgeon Stahmer Sikich McKinley Williamson j.C.Dallenbach Henke W.MCQuiston Swaim Knopf Brown Rittschof Soderholm Overmier Seib R. MCQuiston Dunham Larferty V.InValkenburg J. XV. Dallenbach Baldwin McDaniel Clark Getz ERNEST BERNRAUM, Ph.D. GILBERT H. CADY, Ph.D. MARCUS S. GOLDMAN, Ph GILBERT H. HIINNESSEY WILLIS S. BROWN ROBERT S. CAMPBELL WILLIAM B. ALLEN VICTOR C. BONNEEOI F. ROGER DUNI-IAM FRED W. GIZISS PAUL B. GOVEDARR THOMAS S. BALDWIN JAY C. DALI.ENllACH HENRY A. GETZ JIMMY F. HENRY LELAND A. BLOEMKER NORRIS W. CARLSON LEMON P. CLARK, JR. WALTER C. DAMBMAN, JR. F A C ULTY WILLIAM HAERERTON, Ph.D. KARL B. LOHMANN, M.L.A. J. WILLIAM KENNEDY, A.B. WILLIAM M. TRIZLEASE, D.Sc., LL.D. .D. NATHAN WIILKINSCN, B.S. JOHN W. DALLI-ZNBACH WILLIAM A. HENKE WII.LIAM J. GUDGEON WILLIAM S. HART KARL J. HOLZINGER ROBERT A. KNOPE WALDO G. HIERRON J. BERNARD JOHNSON HARRY L. JONES JACK W. KING, JR. ROBERT M. DICKINSON WILLIAM D. FARTHING WARREN HOLTSBERG ROBERT J. LAFFIERTY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Studentf Senior: L. DEAN MCKINLEY XVILLIAM H. MCQUISTON jzfniarf HARRY E. KOEHNEMANN RICHARD A. OVERMIER ALLAN R. PICKETT JOHN SIKICI-I S 0 plaomoref S. WILLIAM KOLENS PAUL C. LANG, JR. HOLLIS L. LOGUE, JR. ALFRED E. MARWICK Freflamevv JOHN W. LEHMANN JACK L. MCDANIEL JOHN S. MCKAY ROBERT H. MCQUISTON HARVEY L. HENSEL FREDERICK P. RITTSCHOF ROBERT T. WILLIAMSON GEORGE F. STAHMER RALPH A. SXVAIM EARL B. VAN VALKIZNBURG WILLIAM H. ZUMSTEG GEORGE A. PURDY JOHN F. VOORHIZIES JOLIN L. WHISISHAND RICHARD WILSON ROBERT C. SEIR NII.s L. SODERHOLM, JR. G. WILLIAM WAXLER SAMUEL D. WRIGHT Page 441 Fomnied University of Missouri, 1905 Eigbf Arrive Clanplerx VA, 55 Qijsfvu 5' , 2 ,.,. -A 73 'H .T I ll Illinois Chapter EJral1li.rhw', 1915 105 Earl Daniel Sfrer! Carter I-hndy Council Briggs Robinson Crull Stevenson Guvfond M Sims J Smith Francis Welbourne C Smith Voland F Sims Bennett Grosboll D Sims Morinc N L Smith Mynard G'Ir.bc Painter French Shrelds Richter Mosher NJ Smith I-Iartshorn Tuttle Gabcl Janssen Paydon IRVIN F EDWARDS M S BERTI-IIER W. FAIRBANKS Ph.D. OLIVIER F. GAEBE M.S. HAROLD W. HANNAH B.S. LL.B. W. GEIZALD HURLIEY CHARLES W. BENNIZTT FRED C. FRANCIS RAYMOND D. FRENCH G. DONALD CARTER JAMES H. HANDY Louis F. BRIGGS HAROLD E. COUNCIL DIELBERT W. GABEL WILLARD G. HAR1'SHORN Page 442 FACULTY EARI M HUGHTS PhD AIA IN F. KIJHLMAN M.S. FRANCIS E. LONGMIRE M.S. FRANK H, MYNARD B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzzate S tml ent: Sezziorf HAROLD S. MORINE JR. A. STEPHEN PAYDON mziorf . MELVIN E. SIMS CECIL D. SMITH Sophomore: DONALD L. MOSHER Freflmzen NELSON J. SMITH EDWIN I PILCI-IARD BS RUSSELL H. REED B.S. HENRY P. Rusic M.S. HARRY G. RUSSELL M.S. NORMAN L. SMITH JOHN E. SHIELDS JR. S. DEAN SIMS JUNIOR G. SMITH CHARLES E. VOLAND ALFORD E. WELBOURNE DORRIS E. ROBINSON WILBERT N. STEVENSON NORMAN W. TUTTLE JACOB G. CASH, M.S. EARL C. HEDLUND, M.S. FRED A. PAINTIER, B.S. . , R I ff -r"."-E21 I Ax 'dr at - -.R ,Mug Founded Eta Chapter Middlebury College, 1905 Ertublirbed, 1919 Eiglaleen Active Cbapfer: 1110 Soullzz Serond Sl7'El'l W jeffd ffl Dexter Bates Abraham Russell Cape Johnson Tudor McDev1tt XV Tuttle Nrbbe Curtrs J Tuttle Grzmert Karscr ee Summerfelt Haag Talbot Marsh Yah rmarkt Avery Ford Tampa ny Harmon Campbell Scheppach Fryer Olsen Julian Tesar FACULTY HUGH A BROWN M S E E HORACE M GRAY Ph D JOHN H SCHACHT A M RoEERr D CARMICHAFL Ph D ROBTRT B ORLOVICH A M HIRAM T Scovru. A B C P A EDXVARD J FILBEY Ph D C P A GEORGE R AVTRY CHARLFS B FORD ROBERT N FRYER CHARLES T CURTIS JOHN J DEEGAN How ARD A GRANFRT RALPH F HAAG HrRr4rRr A ABRAHAM MARVIN O BATFS l i l HOMER F HARMAN CORRELL 12 JULIAN FRANK M Mull FR GroRcE H Nmm: JOHN T CAP:- ROBERT V DrxTrR MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdfzrzte Sfzzdezzt Ronrm E FFRRIS Senza rf fznzzou ROBERT P Ka1sER Lur E OLSEN CHARLTS F Russrl 1. Sophonzover GLFNN C SUMMFR frm' F1 erlamen WIIIIAM C MARS!! JOSEPH F MURPHY GEORGF W SCHEPPACH ROBERT D TIMPANY EDWARD TUDOR WARRTN T UTTLE JOHN O Turns JAMES II TALBOT WALTFR J YAHRMARKT Page 443 I f J i ttt I ' . ' I. ' . 1 , . . 1 . , . . . , . ., . ' , . ., . . . 4 CHESTER M, CAMPBELL JOSEPH E. JOHNSON ROBERT C. LEE GEORGE A. TESAR . 1 , ..1 r . 1. C. . '- 1 D. 7 ' 1 1 - 1 . ' 1 . 1 " 1 , . I - 34 ' . 1 L . 1 . I' 19 A ...A Pg A 1, ' 5 , '3','.T J "' :':',Q 1 in N 5 'fl K A A 1 Q I Founder! Alpha Gamma Chapter University of Virginia, 1869 Eriublirbed, 1891 L One Hundred Ten Attire Cbnplerr 212 Ear! Daniel .YIYEBI U ff L 1440 Kirkpatrick Frarley W Wfarren Bills Andrews Schott Townshend King K Rowe Falkenstern Flachmann Grant J Broult Johnson Bradbury Erchelkraut Saxun C Rowe H05 P1ge Klooek Grlxberson M Farland C Long B Long XVCllfll Warren Turner Hazen BllllDI'l'l Hochschrld Slusser Bushmeyer Handlon Martm Waters Reed Tracy R Brouk Taylor Kasserman Pooler Russell Abbot Talbot Brauer Thompson FACULTY CHARLES E BRADISURY B P M F A RFYNOLD C FUSON Ph D WINbOR W BRONVN A M STANLEY W HALL B S CECIL V DONOVAN B P M F A DIJANI: A CULLINAN RALPH H BRouK F DONAID BUSHMIYFR COLIN C HAINDLON WI1 LIAM A Horr Ronrrnr D BILLS JR ROBIRT D BRADBLIRY HARRY M BRAUER WILLIAM T EICHFLKRAUI ROLIDRI R FALKFNSII llN RICHARD R Armor RICHARD M ANDREWS CLARK S HALL Page 444 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmduale Stzldezztr Brm' M LONG Senior .r D1N F HAzrN JAMFS R MARTIN WILLIAM L I'IOCHbCI-IIID SHI RMAN K RFLD IHZIOIJ' Sophomoz ei F I-IURIAARD KIRKPATRICK IOHN R MAIL I HARLFS H MLFARLAND KI:NNI'IH L Row CHARLF5 V Rowr: JoHN M FIACHMANN I.lS'lER E FRAILFY JR WIILIAM H GIIILIIRSON RORIIR1' A GRANT CI-IARLFS L KINC F1 erhmefz Groncn W kAssrRMAN JR RICHARD E MANN THOMAS P KLETZKTR CECIL E POOLER Mann Hall Kletzker HI RIILRT F Moonr M C D Sc IVAN WRIGHT Ph D ROBLRT C ZUPPKI' PhB ROBERT J WFHRLI FRLD B TRACY ROBERT G WATFRS CHARI rs G SCI-IOTT ROLILRI' S TAI ROT J FIILDFRICK TOXVNSHTIND Grower V 'IURNDR XVAYNI S WARRTN ROIAIND I RUSSILL RODFRT XV 'lm LOR JACK 9 THOMPSON I 1 , A . , . - A ' D. 'A V . 1 ' ' i . ' I I h . ' j I .. . - - cl . . J. K . 4 ' . , . . ' . , . . ' , . . - . , . ., . . . 7 . 1, . . . ' . . I I . , JR. - . Y . I . 1 . 2' ' . 1 EDWARD N. BILHOIIN WARREN K. KLOOCK FRANK T. PAGE FRANK L. SAWIN . I ' ' 4, , 4 - ' A A Q' '. is I ,. . " 1 4' . 1. I ' .' T. , i I' . - Ia . I' . -1: . z ' . . 1 , . . - . - 1 ' ' 1 ' , ' , . 3 . I NIA., YN, .01 E .ln Q ... 'fhf WN ' Fofnided Chi Zeta Chapter Boston University, 1909 Erlrlblirbcri, 1915 Om' Hundred Seven Arrive Cbapiers 209 Armory Avenue M1 C1-C7111 Feroy Blanche HAROLD E BABITT M S EDWARD L BROCHAMLR BS DAN E Fmzov Hum-nr W BRZYCHI FRAz1:R E Lrsus DONALD P ARMSTRONG ROBTRT A DAISX J KHTH Fox LAXVRINCI V GAc.1N M JACR GARIN CLAYTON L MARR l l M Dammers Daxsy ox Gagm Kristy Hammar Stubner Polzm Ro1Lh Armstrong Michal Pcrzenmx ski Iourct Sandusky Sparf L Rundles Rawson Brzychl O Connor Leshe Carney Price Trevuck Hem W Rundles 'ihzuler Marr FACULTY JAR1rs J CARNFY JR Ph D HrRm:R1 E CARTER Ph D FRANR J H KALFR A M Gladmzte Stndezztf BINIIAMIN S Gnnswvcooo DELTON W Hrm HAROLD A LOURTT RICHARD W MICHAL WARRYN R DAMMFRS O MILTON Kmsrv Rov A HAMMAR WARRFN J RUNDIES Semor J 71721011 JAMFS O CONNOR RoBrR'r O RAXVSON THADDI Us J PFRZANOWSKI Sophomore: F1 61111777671 JAMES S ROACH LAxXR1Nfr L SHAIIFR XVard Gavm HAROLD E KFNNEY M S HARTLFY D PRICE A M Lm AND E TRAYNVICK A M PAUL G ROACH CHARLTS H RUNDLES ARTHURJ SANDUSKY JOHN T POLZIN WALNR H SPARF JAMES W STUBNYR Ronrm' H WARD Page 445 r gf ' ' 45' I . ' . F I . I . Y K.. . ERNEST E.'BLANcHIs, 1 if I I ' , W . l . . . 1 I. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ' 3 -Far 'I' F0l1lI!fEti Alpha Kappa Chapter Columbia University, 1912 Etlablitbed, 1934 Twenty-tix Affine Chztptert 810 South Third Street My 5.44 35 Zta Clxolden Exchen Goldberg Lehman Morrxson SLhulm1n Ballxs Meyer Wnlner Lesser Ward Roller Fumes Osm'1n Zunker Palter Wexler Madnnkof Simuels Wclskopf Bernays Wexngart MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Smdetztt PrTrR M BFRNAYS Loum S CHOLDEN ALBERT B SAMUFLS SFYMOUR EICIIrN DANITL A OSMAN DAYTON H BAILIS MQRTON B LIHMAN Page 446 JFROMII S GRLLNBLRG VICTOR M Wmsxom HLRMAN B PALTFR MORRIS S Irbsrn Senza: J 11111011 CHARLES C MADNIKOF Soplaomoz ef DAVID L SCHULMAN F1 etbmerz MARTIN Momusow RoBrR'rI BURSTFIN Buxvron PARNIIS EDWARD ZUCKYR SYDNFY S Wrrncmr ROBFRT H WEXLER BFRNARD SCHNEII 4. IRWIN GCLDIIIZRG ROIIIERT M. MEYER BIERTRAM A. ROLLER HERBERT M. WARD I ,xg 'E' fl, I I 1.411 f 5. I 'CFC' 5 1. . K Faluldezl Illinois Eta Chapter Miami University, 1848 E.Imb1i.IhI'Il, 1893 One Hunzlrezl Six Aclivv Cbuplerr 309 EIU! Cbrzlzlzeu Siren Mu Qefia QAM ROBERT C. ASHEY, Ph.D. NEIL C. BROOKS, Ph.D. ARTHUR B. COBLE, Ph.D., LL.D S. JUDSON CRANDELL, A.M. HARRISON E. CUNNINGHAM, A.B. HENRY L. BEARDSLEY JOSEPH R. CARSON JOHN W. BAGGOTT JACK T. BALES JAMES W. CAMPBELL GEORGE H. DUNN GEORGE C. BALIIS ROBERT S. BLACK EDWARD A. BOWIIN JOHN M. BRITTON JAMES R. APPEL HUGH T. BLAIR, JR. JOHN D. CARSON DAVID I. COLDWEI.L ARTHUR K. BURKE MATTHEW W. BUSEY BRUCE H. CARPENTER FOREST H. CLEAVE CATON C. CORE CARL A. DUNN Harnman Martin Carson Long Pilkenton Hayes Blair Appel Meek XVZIIIIII English Faris F. Cleave C. Dunn Coldwell Harno Parker E. Friese N. Fricsc Etherton Ornclorff Black Spencer Dadant Fisher G.BzIIcs Fultz Britton Gougler Bowen Newlin Knight Swisher Pitzer Tuck Ewing Baggott Schaefer Porter J. Bales Payne XVOOdw:II'Il G. Dunn Lucas Munson Slater Good Thistlevyood Waite Ely Burke Hayman Campbell Cobb Thompson Wilson WaI'II1bOld Grigsby Busey Carpenter Harmon Grltiith Dragstrem FACULTY FRANK W. DIEWOLIY, B.S. SVEINEJORN JOHNSON, A.M., LL.B., LL.D. JUSTI3 M. LINDGREN, A.M. WILLIAM A. NIEISWANGER, JR., Ph.D. WILI.lAM A. OI.DFATHER, Ph.D., LL.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmfe Studefztf RICHARD B. COGDAL CHARLES I. KELLER PIERBIZR1' H. EWING DARWIN J. KIRUY, JR. ALLEN T. LUCAS JOHN C. MUNSON SCOTT W. CLEAVE CHARLES C. DADANT EDWARD E. DAVIS, JR. WILLIAM C. ETHERTON HAROLD E. IDRAGSTRIZM PAUL T. FARIS EDWIN M. FRIESE GRAHAM B. ELY JACK B. ENGLISH RAYMOND J. FENCL NOR1'HAM B. FRIIZSE WALTER G. GRIITITH JAMES F. MAYNARD Senior! JOHN W. PAYNE ROBERT D. PORTER FRANK J. SCHAIEFER C. PAUL SLATIER IIIIIIOVJ' ROBERT F. FISHER DUANE FULTZ GEORGE W. GOOD, JR. .S'0fla0m0re.r T. RALPH HAMMAN A. JAMES HARNO, JR. JOHN E. KNIGHT Frerlomefz LEWIS M. GRIGSBY JOHN F. HARMON JOHN C. HAYES WILLIAM M. HAYMAN JAMES B. MEEK WARREN A. RUTH, Ph.D. ROBERT A. STRAUCH, M.S GUY A. TAWNEY, Ph.D. GEORGE P. TUTTLE, B.S. ROBERT J. WEBB, B.S. JACKSON P. NEWLIN ROBERT S. PITzER JOHN THISTI.EWOOD, JR. Louis L. TUCK MALDEN D. WAITE LEWIS K. WOODWARD LAXVRENCE W. GOUGLER HARVEY H. ORNDOREE CHARLES SPENCER WILLIAM H. SWISHER GEORGE A. LONG, JR. JOHN C. MARTIN, JR. HERVEY E. PARKER WILLIAM H. PILKENTON ROY H. THOMPSON ROBERT W. WALLIN JOHN G. WARMBOLD W. ROBERT WILSON Page 447 l Founded ffl' 6 'Z ' Tloiriy-two Attire Cbujxterr ur I r 7 A Dv '., 1 9 it ., College of the City of New York, 1904 Psi Chapter E.I'1r1bli:lJc'a' 1970 907 Soulb Thzrrl Slreez Term'In MIller Stone HEImrIz'r R FISHER JACK H FISHTR F LroNAIID BI ocK jI:IIoMIz L Col-IN MUIIIIY J BRENNTR LnoN D BROXVN IRWINI Esko H ROBERT BACI-IRACII SONFRTD N BRCNMR CASSIUS M EISEMAN Jn Rourfm' L EPSTLIN HOWARD GILLIS ALBLRT GOLD Page 448 bcltzer Hush Slclell Plnsley J Levy Elseman joseph Kaplfm l5ILlIIach LurIe Rufer Epstun S Brenner LIPSIIUHZ Perlman Stark G rber E FISIICI' Sadock Pollock R Lexy Nelmsn FuItlI Brown Salmger Kurlander GIllIs Kahl Strauss Fitch ,I IXXIIZ Loeb S Katz Trmz I.ublInc.r Ruttenberg Wolff Wahl lxlem Gold Com Gencsen Salmon Block H FIsher J Goldman Esko M Brenner I-I Goldmm Wolpcr FACULTY NATIIAIN M NrwMARK Ph D MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Serzzon Rosmr LUHLIZNIIR Gronor L S'IoNIt HIIIIWIITB Rurrrwnrncs Bnucr S TIIINZ HAROLD D GENTSIN AARON B Grnnrn Eucmr I FIsI-Im SmNrY M FUIIIH HINIIY D HIRSH HAROLD L GOIDMAN Jrnomr L GOLDMAN WILLIAM KAI-II. Jn MAURICYJ KAPIAN JIIIOME H IIVX IIIA A LIIISIIIILIZ IHZ10lJ' JAMFS E KAIL SIDNEH KATZ Sophomm ef MII.vIN M KIIRLANDHI Ronrm H Lrvv rl6J'hl7ZElZ MELIIOY G IURIT ,IAMIS H MILLFR JR ALFRED B PIRLMAIN RICHARD S PINSLIIY PAUL POLLOCR MOR1ON G Rurnn EDXWARD WAHL Lrov V WOLTI ROWAN K KLEIN RICHARD h Loru HTRMAN I' NNMAN AI AN H SALINGIII ROBERT D SAIMON BLR1 G SADOCR CHARLV9 I Ssuzrn LroNJ SIDFLL MDIITDN B STARK STANLF1 M STRAUSS MARSHAILI WOLPIR I . 'I . I A ' I I I . . . I s I . I 1 I . I . . -I . . , f . f . MARVIN FITCH VICTOR S. JOSEPH AI.I.I2N E. TIERMAN . - 1 .I 'I . : s . I I -. I -I . . . 1 - I . I 'I I I . z . 1, . , I. . ' I FIsheI ll!! III. If A. Founded Chi Iota Chapter Washington and Jefferson College, 1848 E.rmb1iIberl, 1897 Sevrmly-IbI'ee Acliffe Clidflfeff 1101 Eful Jalan Siren WA' QWM jeffd I.IIQon IxIat7 Tntus W Bcnion R S WLILII Anderson G Benson Means Swft I'1sse Hedrmk Engleman Mueller Booth H Ile Ihomns M Irtm I-imdman Rcehl butherlnnd Whlson Wollrab WrIgl1t Allen Xllfeber Morse Steele Lltcer Fletcmeycr Grbbs DeHenbaubh Clxrk C'IrmIch1cl lCllllLlt PIatt J C' Welch NIckc.ll M1mer Jones Bauer Hughes O:Ikl'md Graven Stults I undahl Norton I-Iornmg Lothrop Andreae Bebb MLCaslull FACULTY JOIAIN 9 CRANDIII BS Ch HARRX W Honzx MS ARTHUR H DANITIS Pl D DAVID IxllNlI1X PhD Ll D Ronrnr W Boorn JAMLSJ COSTTLLO ROBFRT H DRLIIFII RIVERS M ANDERSON I-I GonDoN BFNQON I'nrDrnIcn C IZNCLFMAN R DALI' Cl-IIXNONX TTH 1-IoMrn A HINIDMAN In JACK M Lrvrl JOHN E IVIARIIN J Jrnnv ALLIN PAUL XV BAurn WILLIAMJ CAnMIcHArL Groncsr H CIAIIK RoBrR'I W DFIFFNBAUCII WILLIAM E ANDIIIAI Ronrznr V Brnn PAUL H GnAvrN l 1 l WAINI: W FAssI: ECIIIRT B GnorN GALI C 1-Imnrcn QIIPHIN C' KIIAT7 THIODORI' W Monsr CLCIL H RrI1IL Fnrn I FLrTrMrxIn Rom:nT Gmns CLYDI' S HALI Ronrrvr Jovrs RICHARD I-I HORNING Bunn L Husnrs lAMrs D Lornnov MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Glnclzrale Slzzdentf Seuzmf 11111015 WILIIAM D GUIHRIT RICHARD S SIMPSON lXlNhll'H L MLANS AIBLRT C MUFILIR RILHARD F THOMAS WILIIAM N Tufnrn RICIIAIID S WFLCH Sopimmozar NORRIS V LATrLn Jn JOHN A LTITHEIT STUART M MAMFR Romnr B NICIMILI IU efbmezz R AIIAN LUNDAI-IL DATNIFL MCCASKILL OIIvrnL MCCMIMIII PhB JD Fnm B SFTLY MS IAMIL E SUTI-IIIILANU lor-IN H WFLCH A DIAN SXVITT C THOIIIF THOMISON DONALD H WIISON lAMIs C WOLLRAIS RODNFY A XVRIGHT Doxxw PIATT II LroNAnD H STEILI' HAROLD L SKJTHTRIAIND JAMIS C WLLCI-I C XVILLIAM NonToN Jn MILD T OAIMIAND Jn QHARI rs M STUITS Page 449 -' '. " . 1 Y. ' . . . ' ' . 'I 'I "' I ,. I 1 . . . 4 .h . 2 ' l , 0 1 I A I - I 'I . . .. ' ' I .. , ' ' ' - M . 1. , 1. . '.4 , . ., .. . 1 . .1 , , , A -. 1 . I ' 'I Is' . f , 5 ' - . I. e . .f . 1.2 l. 11 vp WALTER L. BENSON H, PETER LARSON BENJAMIN A. SxvAn'I'z MI2nnII.L R. Wnnnn - I I - 2. ' , I - il Au s 1 '. .I t . . I' , , , I . I I , U . 'f . 12 , , , 3 . I 2 I . I 1 we . :A Q, . I. , . , 1 I . 2 . ' ,l , 1 .' Lf, I 1 1 . . I I I E . 'I . qi . . .,- . . 2 z ' . .uf . 4, 1 , , - 1 1 . v . - , I ' ' ' - ' 4 - 1 . . , . S. ...N ,- , , i I-,Q-v ! V .. ... xl I h " I '.','L- .M 5?-ini -I 1-A " E.. -S-.- - - . - :Q :1-3f.lQ:.K,! sr.,-1+ yi?-25 Q .Q x . 'M ,345 Wgzgfjl , 755.--l:.I'iz7f5'I. Wi?-L ' 'g? s-f - f . '.1.'55?:' fl' 5 U ,Q '3'jy.4fF:,1.'1"f:LaN2w- . f f . 'svgf' --'::.' A - A Zilfw 2,51 'Li -:if-." ' I-5.11 ... ...+A .. , 'ff i' " 1 Hr" L - .1 A ,Lily ff '..IJ23'l'IfI .A :TI -YY-'fm' I Ag' ' -494 Q . .Lita at I.. 9 ibX " wg: .-..,. . uv- z 1 X : J ' -ff .-1:.-.,g'5.- ,' . 4.12 :I -1 l'f .Ili I 1 'fg2rf:it'91flffffsf ffxinm .ANVSA ,J .- ,.- . I:-,Y ,J Y My , .I I , , Ya, - . . A. f-Q13 7- l- f - I I ' JI Y I ,H J I-34,1-. ," A--- 1 1- - Q -rf :Jang-pu, 11. " , -' " - W ' Ibn. , -'wr qv ' Wi ' EEA. . ' A I -A I "' 1 :4. S' ' riIT'lf:n'nAiln'ni' , ' 1 , ' I v xg . 15311 Q:ja.f:.f1f:j. IP lifir lfulfl , 3 ' 7 ' ' Pl El I. n A :.::- . ll' 'llv III W I 5 - 1 - .:f I I In-ii lu- .1 - 1 .I T I nl !!. I.. In i , " 1 I ..1 ' 1-gs E1 K .t V ,, ,,',34,, -B ' 4 I K 4.35 3 rx: Famzrled Beta Chapter --A ' ' A-A f m- . . . . F ., , Q, jv'f' .jg,Jfr..f.i.. W Y ,i,,,,,4j.,.3 A Brown Unlversxty, 1889 Exlabllxhed, 1912 ' " " ' " '- '-f- L ' ' J' ' 4' ,. . B ' -'Y -74" --A - 'f' I weuly-ive Active Clmpler: 310 Eau Chulflzerr Sheet me 1 Williston Watson Seng Crumb McCab e Heaney Zeien Campbell Baron Gilson Carney Gardner Spelbrink Donovan Connelly Bradisse W halen Hayes EDWIN L. BRODERICK, M.S. EDWIN J. MANLEY GARRET L. JORDAN, Ph.D. ROBERT A. CAMPIIELL JOHN W. CARNEY OAKLEY W. BARON JOHN H. CRUMB ANTHONY J. BRADIssE JAMES F. COSGROVE ROBERT J. BARTUSCH JAMES A. CONNELLY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY NED J. GARDNER FRED T. GILSON CHRISTOPHER J. HEANEY ROBERT C. GILL ROBERT T. MCCAIIE DONALD D. DONOVAN V. JAMES SENG EUGENE T. MCMAHON JOHN S. WATSON THOMAS E. DaVlES HENRY M. GREGORSKI Schliessman Cosgrove Turgeon Gill Ba rtusch Thomas DAVID G. RYAN, M.S., M.E. EDMUND F. TOTI-I, M.S., R.A. PAUL H. SPELBRINK ROBERT D. TLIRGEON DONALD J. SCHLIESSMANN PETER J. THOMAS C. LINCOLN WILLISTON CLIFFORD F, ZEIIEN GERALD R. HAYES JACK H. WHALEN Page 450 A 1 ffm A -- f'r"'-'. '. Jw. 57"-f. -I Founded Washington and Jelierson Cnllcge, 1852 vi Vt . A :Q A .7 J 1... , ml ' 'Y' fg '-A5 Illinois Delta Chapter E,r1abl1.rbed, 190i Fifty-Iwo Arrive ChIll7l:'l'.l' 911 Snulla Folzrlla .Ylfeel MW W 42 Colllns Elders N Johnson Trnbaugh Webber Yeager Edwards Welcll Srmth HImel J Meserow PhIlIps Erskme Rote XVIlber LIttIe1Ohn Hardme McKcnz1e Lclfer Whltson Hltes Flckle Phxllrps Yomures Moon Myers Mueller Colwell Dejonge Bradley Bersbach Moore Stuart Scherer Sxghts Reeder Gardner Spencer D Meserow Herman FACULTY ROBERT H BAKER PhD DSc ARTHUR HAMILTON PhD ELLIOT CA5SIDY Ph D CHFSTFR M HIMLL WILLIAM M BFRSBACH CHARLLS M BRADLFY FREDRICK W CO1 LINs LIsLI: P I-Inns Rom RT G ROTIZ HOWARD M EDWARDS GERALD W ELDFRS JOHN G ERQRINII HARLAN B DODCI EDWIN T GARDNrR H JOSIPI-I HAMLIN Fi i l MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Grrzdmzle Stzfdenlx JOHN W SHACRLFFON MYIVIN R COLWTLL ROBLRT R DI'JONGF AUGUAT L HUIILR JOHN T Wmanrn WARD F FICRE RAYMOND L HARnINr NORMAN E JOHNSON CARL D JOHNSON JR DAVE G MESTROW CARL O SMITH PAUL T MOON EVERIZTT H MOORR ALTRLD R MUELLFR WILLIAM B WFLLH Sopbomozer EDWARD A LEIFFR JAMLS D LITTLICJOHN GORDON D MCKLNLII F1 efhmezz WILLIAM R SCHERTR JERT M SIGHTS C Jolmson Be Telander A AUSTIN HARIJING M JOHN W WHITSON RAI PH I: MYERS CHARLES E PHILLIPS FRANK E 'IROBAUGH RALPH O YTAGLR LEONARD C YONAITES J TOD MISEROW EVERLTT A PHILIPS LHARLIRS M XVIIIBER EDWARI:-J STUART RICHARD H TILANDLR usD I 5 l I QD I Page 451 ' - . . ll -1 Seniorf L. BARCLAY BELL EVERIETT W. HERMAN JOHN A. RIZIZIPER CHARLES C. SPENCER :I 'N 0,7 .. x 1.4g -fi: I .I ,J . , , ,i-7-I'--1'-L -II-If . ui 7531 .A .I ' QJQI I-IIN ic ' I : ' If :I I If M-I' ff' , v , II..v I 37? :IIQ "f""f-5 I1 ' I I " I I . f""'m" . R'w.Cl'nP'U ca-1' , 1 I QI l D f er W I II A I ll I It A' Xl II H I MII I a I IIHIII get -I -, jd IL. 3 T H HI I 1 X I If! B A If 5 H . I I Y I I' I f R I - I I: -fx I II. ' JI TI "rs 3' 6 nj' 7 5,1 M 'KM -'Ju -'I' " yr 'I 4-3? A' f :Q I J Q, A 'In I if 1 . I. Ik'-'-I - 'if' 'I ev 'I 1 li' ,I Umversrt f Pe n l 1850 E bl lg L, Jw, I VI. I 3,317.1 y o n sy vanm, fra IJ ed, 1892 1 . , Yblrly-nme Active Clmpfenr 513 liar! Cbalmerf Sheer A 1440 Suck Drazln lxxndsw Iter Upp Il Cmlcn Hula M1cn1m Ira Barclcn Fmrbanlw M Irs el ZImmcr Mettler Hobem St Cl'IIr MLAlear Blood Newman Cronk Rusmg Fmcldlwuse Rudolph Og1lVlC MLCIIIthy L FIDIFOLIL FIslIer SLlImeIser Fmmng Krclna DICREISOII bchnable Ncxlacn Grosse Johnson Clark J 1'InfroLk SLlIuster Brown Cunc Anduson Dcnccn KILLhen Grass Herminn Dnnhart Towle Cross FACULTY ARIHUR R CRAIHORNL PhD PAUL N LANIJIL PhD CHAI1LIs R FRIDIRICK MS KARL F KRAUS GLORGI H DICRLRSON PETER A DRAZBA GFORGI C FANNING LAWRI INCE J FINFROCK WIILIAM W BIOOD DONOVAN P Bnowv DONALD A CLARK ROBFRI M BARIJIN RAYMOND N CARLIN XVILLIAM H CARLSON RALPH W FOTIA RussLI L W ANDFRSON ROBERT P CAINI CHARLTS W Lums Page 452 EUCINII P IIIRMAR NORMAIN D FISHIR GRossI JR JAMrs FRANCIS G THOMAS A Hoxx ARI: 3 CIIONR HUCIII P IVICALFAR Rom RT H MLCAR1 HX DXNICHT W FAIRIIANIKS RAY A HIIIMANN Tru R HOHIIN YRAML M Drzxrm XVIIIIAM B DFNI-IART MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzzfzfe Sflldellff 56177011 171171011 W Jo:-IR KIRxcI-IRL XYIALTER O KRIIss GI.oRor B INIARXEL BIIUCI B NIWMAN Jonv J PIFTS RICHARD K RIISINIG Soplaomw er Prrcrn L HUIF XVILLIAM ILIS XVIIIIAM G KINDSXAYIR FI eflamezz JOHN! H FIILIROCR AIBIRT II GRASS CRIS S RHODI B Q AIITIIURC WILLARD B S D Em: LI D ROI AXIIJ W ZIMMI R Kwms E NIrLsoR WILLIAM R SCHMIISIR ROGIR C SOINNEMANX LVONARD P RUDOIIII JAIvII's D SI CLAIR JMR D SHNAIIII. XVIIIIAM S KITCHEN CII-IARIIS C MACNAMARA AIIII-IUR L OCILVII PHIIIIP W UPI' Rn Mown J SCHUSTIR BWROIN J 'IOXXLI I ' -'.. "-"II cs ,'- I I I' I - ' '. I' ' - . 5 - , , .I I ' ' - , V . 4' -A v I , k' .- ' . A. V A I A . I.. . I I , . . . , . ., . M., .. . :aI a . I 5 I . I . a I z I If ' II II . . s . f .I -f I ' . 1 ' I . . a, I - . z , spa I a . . I: f I . I s I 'I' III' GIIORGII .EI FIIELDHOUSIE HOXY'ARD S. JOHNSON CI1IARI.Izs W. MIETTLIER AI.IfRIsI: W. STACIQ II . I I . . '. I a . QI I I- . .2- II , "I '- . 1 I I . I I . '. . z . I I I . I :I I .f . z I . I I I . I ' I. . ' -II , I II I . I ' I. , II I ' 2 ' 1 . . z 'I . I - I' . Ina I . I'f I I I . . 2 I . I I. . . . I 4. I ' , ' 'I 1 i' 1 ixry- I I H' Faumled Beta Eta Clmpter University of Virginia, 1868 Ii.rlnbli.Iberl, 1917 Eigbryvfonr Arlire Clmplev-J 303 Earl Armory l'l1'?77lll' W! W .JM D. Britton Brandt Todd Nicdzclski Williams Gumm Tuttle Vance Jewart Stebbins Nussbaum Furlong Sweeney Chusc XVz1lton Golden Richmonrl Schaffer Fitch J. Britton Smnltz Harrison Cosby Head Keyser Thieman Wfilmot Campbell Cramer Purvis Zettler De Normandie XVeisc Price MacGregor Newsum Oliver Knowles Carlson Hamre F A C U LTY WILLIAM E. BRITTON, A.M., J.D. ARTHUR F. DEAM, B.Arch. JAMES N. PAYNE, Ph.D. ROBERT B. BROXVNE, Ph.D. EssEL R. DILLAYOU, A.M., J.D. RICHARDS A. ROXVLAND, Ph.D DONALD T. CAMPBELL ADOLPH B. CosnY SHELBY M. HARRISON DOVELL N. BoNNE'rT RALPH S. CHASE NORMAN H. FITCH ROIIERT F. BRANDT DONALD E. BRITTON JAMES XV. BRI'I"1'ON RAY A. CARLSON GRANT H. DE NORMANDIE FREDERICK H. HAMRE J. Louis HEAD DIXCJN B. KIZYSEII EDXVARD J. FURLONG EUGENE F. JEWART ROl3lIR'f F. RICHMOND F. HOWARD GOLDEN, JR. HENRX' Z. GUMM GEORGE F. HAILS ROEERT F. JOBSON PHILIP J. MACGREGOR MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Student ROBIERT L. CRAMER Seniorr CHARLES G. Puavrs PETER L. SHUGART juniors EDWARD E. SMALTZ EDWARD M. STEXVART Sopbomorer RICHARD T. KNOWLES JOHN S. NUSSBAULI Frefbmen JAY H. NEXVSAM CLIFFORD F. NIEDzELsIcI WILLIAM F. THIEMAN RALPH A. WILMOT CHARLES D. ZHTTLIZR C. BERNARD VANCE DWIGHT F. WALTON EUGENE F. WILLIAMS THORNTON XV. PRICE ROEERT T. STERBINS XVILLIAM H. TODD JACK G. OLIVER WILLIAM D. STITES ROBERT W. WEISE Page 455 F aunded College of Charleston, 1904 Tbiriy-nigh! Arrive ChdfIlL'l'J' 'ff f, V 'I -li' ,,-A 4, fi I,I in gf , If f ', K I I4 .4 I , 5 I v xg f .. 5 'G 1 'S fp! W WA' Upsilon Chapter Efrablirhed, 1921 1105 Soulb Fir!! Sires! Moate JosI.I-'H L BIsI'sI M S E F VIRGIL R FLFMIRG ARMAIRDJ HAI-IN MS A ROBERT MOORE ALAN! B GILBFRT E LAUREINCII ATKINS RICHARD C BATI: JACR S CALDXVFLL ALDIS P DARRI2 HLRnnR'I G IMMIINHAUSEIN Page 456 Guenther Thompson Darrc Johnson hnmcnhauscn Roschman Fruehauf Bate Motz Atluns Poppelrfuter Moore Sxmpson Te dmhn Carchff 1'Ishe1 C1ldwel1 Mendels Gxlbert VIf3CLO Schald Taylor Schoeller Huggms Grm er FACULTY NFIL M LANCE BS DONALD F MuLvII-IILI. AM RICHARD A MILLER A M LAURENCEJ NORTON Ph D MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY H DONALD HUGGIINS EDWARD W' CARDIII' XVFNIDIILL R FISHIIL PAUL A FRuFHAUr ROLAND JOHNSON RICHARD H Mo F7 Gmdzzaie Student BFRNIARD F DUDFNBOSTEL Semorf 7H1l0l'.l' JOSEPH W MIODusIcI S 0 phomoref DONALD P GRovI:R HAROLDJ GUFNTHER F1 eil: men JAM rs E ROSCHMAIN WILLIAMJ PUTNIAM M S M E ALFRFD G VITACCO LEsTnR T MOATE EDWIND MFNDELS JOI-IN N POPPBLREITFR JULIUS E SCHOELLER JR WALTER P TEDRAI-IIA. JACK S THOMPSON 1 . 1' , . ., . 1. I . -, . . . , . . ' . , . . . I , . ., , I I . . EDXVARD J. KRAGERUD MARVIN A. SCHAID HAROLD B. SIMPSON ROBERT C. TAYLOR . - .I - . ' . I ' . 1 ' - ' 1 . . A . I f . , v . D I Founded Rho Chapter City College of New York, 1909 Eyflflbfflffflf- l9f3 Tbirfy-nine Active Cballlterr 1008 South Fiffb 5"'W" imma! WW Wm, Wrlglmt Wolfson Marcus Lxllenthal Goodman Levin lhppmt Goldstein Kaplan Coleman Moldafsky Rosenblatt Zlvm Bcrngard New man Edelman Speyer Dreyfus Sxlverman Pesklnd Posner Taylor Goldberg Sm1ll Leve Spxvak Hencller Gordon Orbach Lesser Terry Ch uken Sclvlengold Sharpe Nackman Levnt Holland Hexmelc Fry Gorschoff Rexb Wexnraub MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY REINHARDT H LISSFR Momos: LLVF MACEY B GORDON ARNOLD F HFNDLFR MTYER CHAIKLN ADRIAN K BFRNGARD AsHrR DRTYYUS SHERMANJ EDFLMAN IRT ING COLFMAN HAROLD FRY ALLAN M GOLDSTIIIN STANLEY GOODMAN THOMAS A GORDON l 1 l MLLVYN E SCHATNGOI D MILTOV E Gomnrnc MICHAJI D MARCUS ROBYRT L ORBACH JOSTPH Gonscnoxr LAURTNCT HTRMIIT BERNARD C Hou AND J Ronrm KAPLAN IRVING H I1:v1N Senza: J jumou Louis S NLWMAN BELTORD A SMALL Sophomore! MALCOM D PLSKIND HENRY L POSNFR F1 eflamen EARL D LFXIT ROBFRT MOLDAFSKY Sl-ITLTON G NACKMAN HERBFRT RAPPORT JFRRY SPITZFR LLOYD B SPIVAK 'I'HroDoRx: B TAYLOR Louis H TTRRY MYRON ROSFNBLATT LESTER D SPLYTR NATHAN ZIVIN RTIB SHARPT XVXIINRAUB WOLTSON ADOLPH WRIGHT WILIIAM N NORMAN N LEONARD M STANFORD G Page 459 ' - T h ' . . 4 1 A A ' . ' ALBERT F. LILIIENTHAL ROBERT A. SILVRRMAN . . 1 , 1 T . . 1 . 4 ' 1 Y - 1 : ' . - ' . . 1 "P-If-, 'A 'Im' f'v FOII77t1,6'L! Miami University, 1855 0 ' I5-I , I' b C, .tw 'Q' 213. ILC, may? I A I I Rf Q ......'5!' E-li? Niuely-eigbl Arrive Cbrzfllcfrxr LVVLUZ Kappa Kappa Chapter Erlablixhed, 1881 410 Emi jabzz Sn-ee: Frank Clements R. XVHfS0h Schildhammer Mohan Frothingham Summers Hapac Riggs Coolley J.XVham Lowe Irwin Rice Muel-Ilhausen Ervin Martin Blum Corbcll Mercier Fager Phillips D. Staley Mathis Melody O'Neil Ziemba Salch L. Felt Price Koeni O'Neill Ha ei Es XVatson Hockin Finn Paschal Kell Easterbrook Felt Lucado Plowe Hammon Hillner Gher Moomau Fielding R YA 'PY J- - R - Y J. Dees Morgan Siegrist Davidson Degenlmrdt Roach J. Staley Mauney Campbell XV. Wham F A C U LTY DAVID H. CARNAHAN, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gwzdmzfe Stzzdemr DANIEL V. DOBRINS A. W. SCHIMMEL H,ERBER'I' D. KASTIIZN XVILLIAM C. NICOL S6IZi01'J LOUIS CLEMENTS XVILLIAM J. HAPAC GEORGE A. LOWE H. BURTON DOWNS LAWRENCE M. IRXIUIN DUDLEY MCALLISTER JOSEPH E. FRANK EBON C. JONES CHARLES A. MERCIER JOHN L. FROTHINGHAM I fll72I0l'J' ROBERT F. BARNES LORIEN B. FELT IDANIIZI. J. MELODY JOHN H. BLUM J. PATRICK HAIIMON GORDON D. MUEHLHAUSFN JAMES M. COOLLEY JAMES S. LUCADO WILLIAM G. O'NlEII. MARTIN J, COREELI. ABNER J. MARTIN ROEERT J. O'NEILL HOWARD G. ERVIN EUGENE R. MATHIS JAMES E. PHILLIPS RICHARD P. FAOER Sopbomoref LAVIZRNE I.. ASTIIOTH JAMES H. FEI.T ROBERT A. KELLY DAVID DILLON MATHEW T. FINN EDXVARD N. KOENIG JAMES C. EASTERIIROOI4 JOHN D. HAYES DON F. PASCHAL ROBERT G, ESPY WILLIAM T. HOCKING Freflamen CHARLES M. CAMPEELL JOSEPH F. DAVIDSON JOSEPH D. DEES JAMES R. DIEGENHARDT JAMES F. FIELDING WAYNE C. GHER ROBERT E. HAMMAN RALPH N. HILLNER CHARLES U. MAUNISH' JOSEPH C. MOOMAU J. FRANKLIN MORGAN JOHN L. NAU HARRY S. PLOVUE JOHN D. VARlll.IZ JOHN J. IWOHAN WILLIAM H. RICE P. ALLEN SCHILDHAMMER RICHARD H. WATSON THOMAS J. RIGGS DARALD H. STALIEY W. LEE SUMMIZRS JAMES B. XVHAM CHESTER J. ZIEMISA WIZLDCN XV. PRICE CHARLES H. SALCH JOHN S. WA'I'sON THOMAS R. WHEELER JAMES W. ROACH DANIEL D. SIEGRIST J. XVAYNE STALIEY NVILLIAM B. XVHALI Page 460 ffl cf' K - all I . Founded Omicron Chapter Union College, 1853 E.rlabli.rbe:Z, 1910 Tzveniy-Jezferl Arlizfe Chapter! 315 Efur Armory .flvenne Q5 My 'fm ll N l H in 0. ' -A rt? Scars Morrrll Cooper MA rtrn Home bnott Cunmngham Holler Reed Stew ard Srhrneder Gray Lloyd Huwen Pearse Rnozen Martrn Brown Hugo Smrth Gooch Muvsock Clarno Cunnlnglnm Stout Bhckford Beatty Bushnell Sears Schrpfer Doran C rruthers Carey Hammer Doylc, TUDDlClIE Wood Cooke Hoblrt Austin D lVlb HAROLD E CUNNINQ HAM JAMRS C Rrrn PARR L BROWN JOHN A CooPrR G MINroIun DURAN THLODORE G BUSHNILI ROXVLAND M DAVIS JOHN lx AUSTIN F XVARRTN BEATTX GFORGE N BLACKFORD VUIIIIAM A CARTY F BURTON CARUTI-mas MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EDVUIN C ROOYFN JOHN M HOLZIR C WAYNI' HOLTZF S ezzzmr JOHN V SCOIT ZUZIUIJ' WFLLS Hucso SMITH HARRY S MARTIN JR Soplaomorcaf Drwrrr R Goocn IV CHARLFS E HuwI:N Rorsrm' M GRAY JOSLPH S CLARNO JAMES F CooKI: THOMAS H CUNNINCHAM MILTON W Dm Lr F1 efhmezz JESSI: S HAMMER JOSFPH L HOIILIT G BLAIR LLOXD NYIILLIAM P MAQQOCR KFNNI TH L SrAns CHARLES D MORRIII. THFODORF A PEARSF CIARR Z STEXVARD THOMAb N MARVIN CI-IARLESJ SCHROIIDIR LLOYD A SCHIPYIR JR E GERALD W STARS JACR STOUT DAMON P TUNINICLIFI' ARTHUR XVOOD "' 1 . lf I ED ' l Page 457 ' ' 2' Y , , m 1 ' , ' I ', ' I E ' 2 ' ' . , 2 . .. . " , z . 1 . 1 . I 1 . , . I . . - .I I - . . na . I' . , . . ' ' . ' f . , 7 . ' . I 1 . ' ' .. . 1 1' . I L . 1. .' . A ' , ,, ---H , I I, I- --' , H". . - A , .M--.-1 ' T , . . A I .' T -,. ,. 1. .1 1 1- V- T " f- -' .' . 1 12 ' . I: 11 I A f J -f, - . I - J ' -" ' - ,I I , I I , I xv I A . WJ ,.' , W 4 - , ,3 -,V I I, V , ,. . , -I I R - z. , , f- A ,,, . A I ,4' nl, .,. . .1 - - 5 ff I . 1 LAB E , ,gil .R ,l., Faumicd University of Alabama, 1856 One Hlzmlv-cd Thirlrezz Arliffe Cbafrmzw Illinois Beta Chapter Exiablifhed, 1899 211 Ear! Daniel Slrcel LAZZVL Parker Larsbee Madden Ross Clark Lewis McMalIill Martin Mathisen Lewis Tliorsen Deane Kailer Robnett Cost Forman Wall! Mueller Casey McGorray Lahey Raymond Simpson I-Iuthmaclier Miller Stohr Gibson Longabaugh Beaumont R. Brown Kelley Trimble Meythaler Gill Rennick Jones Reardon Stroker Niemeyer Porter Bard Bradley Noel Cole Ncwlin Miles Pickrell Wellivcr Ludwig Kzlrrakcr Tice Buyers Stiefcl R. Grant Smith XV. Grant B. Brown Malik F A C U LTY LEO T. JOHNSON, A. B. XVILLIAM C. ROSE, Ph.D. FRED H. TURNER, Ph.D. OSCAR A. LEUTWILER, B.S., M.E. XVILLIAM H. SHARKIZY, B.S. PAUL M. VAN ARSDELL, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradzzate Sizfdezztf ROBERT H. COLE ROBERT J. SANDERS OMAR W. JONES JACK J, REARDON EUGENE H. RENNICK WILLIAM E. XVELLIVER JAMES T. WHITLEY, JR. Senior! ROBERT E. BARD ROBERT A. DEANE ROIIERT D. NIEMEYER JOSEPH M. BENSON RICHARD R. LOYD JAMES W. NOEL EDGAR T. BOYNTON DAVID B. MILES JOHN H. PICKRELL JACK T. BRADLEY WILLIAM S, NIZWLIN fzmiorf HARRX' C. BEALIMONT LEONARD L. MARTIN VIRGIL W. MEYTI-IALER GEORGE W. FORMAN JACK A. MCGORRAY RONALD E. MILLER RALEIGH S. GIBSON VICTOR W, MCMAHILL WILLIAM A. MUELLER L. SCOTT KELLY Saplaamorer RICHARD I.. BOYNTON SCOTT P. GILL ROBERT H. KARRAKER BRYANT S. BROVUN ROBERT E. GRANT JACK L. LONOAIIAIIOII ROY BROWN, JR. WILLIAM C. GRANT ERNEST R. LUDWIG JOHN F. BUYERS CHARLES L. HLITHMACHER HOWARD M. SIMPSON Frerlamefz LEWIS P. BURTIS ROBERT F. CASEY R. WILLIAM CLARK WILLIAM J. COsT WILLIAM E, DILLAVOLI LOUIS E. FRIEND JOHN D. KAILER EDWARD A. LAHEY THOMAS A. LARABEE TOM I. LEWIS DEAN E. MADDEN WARREN C. MALIK ARTHUR F. MATHISRN ROBERT A. PORTER JAMES W. REEDER DON D. RUPE ROBERT H. STROKER DEAN B. RAYMOND EDWARD P. STOHR JACK D. THoRsEN JAMES T. SMITH JOHN J. STIEFEL EVERT E. TICE RICHARD B. TRIMBLE ROIIERT N. PARKER EDNVARD J. RORNETT GLENN E. Ross RORERT T. WAHL Page 458 1 A- 9619 A D 2 f E,-.14 1431 sf I Fulnnlwl Gamma IX-lu Cluipter Virginia Military Institute, 1869 E.v1aLli.1br1f, 1902 Nj,,g,J1.L,jSf,, AL-Ury Clmjzierx H109 l?'r.1l Pwzzzrylzvlrrirz Zl1'L'!IllU U LVVLJL Gast McKee MC'l':1x'isl1 Holt E. Barlow Buck IUDXVIG F AUu1111'1H Ph D MAXWELL J Donsn Ph D WILLIAM A Fmcusox A M XVA111-R W G1 ISFIR Hrrxrum D BA1-1111 RALPH W HATHAXX AY PAUI P I-l1N1x11x RICHARD P BARIOW FRANK C B11o1-1LA11:1x BAMUFL R BUSH DA11' XV FAUIICNIIR HAROLD E AIRTMANN Gronci W A1111 PAUL H D1AN 110111111 W ACMMANN EDWARD D BARIOXV WHITNAH H BARTON AMO BTSSONI Ronrnr D Buck l 1 l Hershmnn Hull Good Price Dean Espinosa Kirkland R.Ackemz1nn D.F:1ulkner H.Acke111ann McI.:1in Hamme1'st1'o1'n Faye Gard McFall Belol1lavek Hamm Bush Sutherland Schulz Ahlf King Ferguson Stclle Puckett R. Barlow Jones Geister Lytlc Hemphill Baker Sivert Phillips Hatlmvwiy Lcnich Hinckley Hurt Tutein Krietcr Kearney Blair Barton Hale Gardiner L. Faulkner M1:Atee F A C U LTY H FRASTR JOHNSFONI' PhD DOUGLA5 R M1L1s BS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gzadnare Sfllcl61ZlJ' EDWARD H H011 Bum M JONIS 0101101 G CANT JAGA K HAMM Jon PH L HA111 110111111 I FAYI XVllllSl CARD Romnio K ESPINOSA IAUD W l'AU11xN111 RO111111 A GARDINIR JALMON L HAL1 Senior 1 11121011 W1L111M lINll H WILLIAM F L11Lr JAMFS S H1M1111LL RICHARD R l-lr11sHMAv EDW ARD J IARIMTR 301719011101 er RAx A Govn Rourml H1111 F1 9121111912 W1111AMJ lx1A11N1Y JA KI K11111111 JOHN MANIDIS XVILLIAM N Mf'ATrr G1o11G1 W PlLkll.S B C E C E TFRENCI' T Qumkr E M Ph D FREDFRIC A RUSSTLI Ph D Giixrx A MLTAVISFI CHA11L1:s W PHILLIPS JOHN P Sivrm J RICHARD Z1L1111 JOHX T MLFA11 DA11 L lVlCKll' JOHN B Su1'Hr1zLAND Nhnoiw M Knxc STA1111 H ONXFN H111sc111L N MKIAIN C111srrr1A P11111 Jn PAIII H Pufkrrr I KSIII T Q1111r RAIP11 H Turmw . . 1" , . . . 31 " 11, , . 1 a . , ., , 'a N, . . . . . 1 ., . . 1 a . 'z " . .1 .a i - . . 2. '-',J11. .' . . 1. 1 .1 1. 21 JAMES F. BLA111 ALLAN F. HA1111w11a11s'1'nDM A1.1fR1zD Y. KIRKLAND Rormrrr L. SCHU11 .1 . .'. 2 , t' 4. 1' a " U, 2 ' . , 1 ' ' . 'z H 5 . f.f 1. ,J11. 1 ' .. fr I . "1 t "J 1 I " 1 -- A 'Q 2 7 K' i I T' . . ' . .- .' 1 1: -. j arm . iz, . . ' 2 " . ua . . . . .Q ' 1 2 ' , 2 . . 11 infra.. . ' gxP2T'5-Ti.?'f7f" I -. J Ji Ia., '3 T . -V' fx ' I ff' I' 1 .f 1 ". "C, 475, .lvl '.g.xep , I, 75.5 Fnnmled Illinois Alpha Chapter University of Richmond, 1901 Ertablirbezl, 1903 SU1't.'l1fJ-lll'0 Arlire Cbaplcrx 1105 Sautb Frmrlb Street zmffuf' Jackson Boudreau Patterson Sandstrom Beebe Alexander Laz Tear McCarthy Uterhart. Lindberg Parisot J. Smith Pring Duuthitt R. Must Dueringer Humm Schwarz Aschermunn K. Mast Fleckinger Hirst Dziltqn Ray ' Nevens Braeutigam Gilbert E. Smith Kucem Dickerson Ogxen Mrs. Ryan Harvey Thompson Cattam Fllstead Berlinger Gaa Olwer Hessberger Fritch Yatuni Burgess Davis Pettit Lang Rom land WrIglIt Barton F A C U LTY JOHN C. BUSHMAN, A.M. MAIII: H. HINDSLEY, A.M SHIRMAN SCHOONMAKER M Mus CHARLES J, GAA, M.S., C.P.A. WILLIAM B. NEvI:Ns, Ph.D EDWARD J SMITH M S COLEMAN R. GRIFFITH Ph.D. THOMAS E. OLIVER Ph.D WAYNE S YENAWINE AM RALPH C. HAY, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdmzte Slzldefzt ROBIRT S BFRIINIR Serzzolr MALIRICI1 A. CATTANI JOHN M. DAVIS ERWIN G. DUEIIINGER J. RICHARD FERRIS FRIED R. AHLERS RAY F. BATTIN WILI.IAM C. BOLIDIIEAU GIQORGI2 F. BRAISUTIGAM JACK M. DALTON CHARLES G. FILSTIIAD ROBERT A. ALEXANDER H, RUWII BARTON ARTHUR H. Blsnms RICHARD N. Buncnss CLARR 1'LI CKINCIR R VICTOR 1-IIIIQ1 RICIIARD K KULIRA RU5Sl'LL 12 DICRI RSON PAULJ IRITCH MALCOLM R HARvI:x THOMAS L JACRSON DONAID E FIIIIDAG GRANAX J DAVIb jmzzou Sopbomm THTODORI' T LACH WILLIAM T PAQCOI JOHN D PATTTIISON XVILLIAM J LAz ROIaI:R1 C MAST PFRSHING H OGRFN EJ XVII LIAM S GILBFRI F1 erbm en JAMI s P MCCARTHY GTORGT W HIssIIIRGrR ROIITRT E PITTII JOHN R LANG C RAI' RONYIAND ROIITRT C LAW S JOHN A SANDSTROM JAY L SMITH E TIPTON THOMPSON JOHN E PARISOT GORDON R RAY ROBERT J SCHWARZ ANDRLXX H UTTRI-IART ROIITRI E HIIMM DONALD W LINDIIIRG KI:NNI:TH J STEIDINGTR THOMAS H TEAR M RICHARD WRIGHT RAYMOND A YATUNI . ' ' . , . . . . I ' ' f I 5 I I . , ' . DONALD M, ASCHERMANN MIERTON H. DOUTHITT KENNETH E. MAsT R. BRADFQRD PRING l . ' V 1 L L' . . 1 ' . . . . '.' I ' " . 1 . . E . . . " L ' . V : I 1 .' z I I A . ,I . v' Q EASE' I 'Tn-. ,fefgzfivl Rf, A 'ar n ay Founded Zeta Chapter University of Pennsylvania, 1908 E.6'ftlbli.fl7L'!f, 1919 Eighteen Active Cbapler: 308 Em! Afmnry Afenue L I 1' .lfIfLZWA.5l4fL6L Lotzer Nechoda McKibbin Wilford Samuelson Decroix Jacobs Mackey Anderson O'Hare Malicki Swanson Furkert Bond H. Halterman J. Halterman Lukes Shirer Von Fussen Leech Cook Gildersleeve Ostfeld Harders Simmons Guernsey F A C U LTY CHESTER R. ANDERSON, A.M. STANLEY G. HALL, M.S MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradzlate Student RALPI-I L. JACOBS Seniorf CHARLES L. BDND BENJAMIN T. GILDERSLEIIVE GERALD E. LEECH WILLIAM H. SIMMONS FRANK S. Coon HEIIMAN J. HARDERS DAVID L. OSTlfI5LD RALPH J. VON FOSSIIN JAMES W. EMMoNs juniors PAUL A. FURRERT TED J. MALICKI WALTER A. NIECHODA JACK S. PHILLIPS EDWIN O. GUERNSEY GEORGE H. MORRIS RICHARD K, Smmgg S 0 plaomorex HARRX' D. HALTERMAN JOSEPH J. Lo'rzER WAYNE J. MCKIBBIN JOHN M, O'H,mE JEAN C. HALTERMAN J. RAYMOND LUKES OSCAR J. SWANSDN, JR. Freflamerz PAUL J. DECROIX EDGAR R. SAMUELSON ALPRIID P. SI-IALLCROSS ROBERT N. XVILFORD, JR ROBERT G. MAEREY A1 i l Page Founder! fiiikifif e,9'o'g: ..:.'.' hi Q1 64 I I .fb q -dlp- 'U'UQfg. F 'I. - ,II 11. II E'iiYeef"Q53R A4 dl I Phi Chapter Vincennes University, 1897 Erlnblifbed, 1901 'l'biv'ly-fam' Arrive Clmplerr -603 Earl Armory A1 erm: LVVLHL . Tarblc Ex 'Ins Sollaml Baxley Callalnn Addxs I-Iofmmn Olson Fxtzmrrald Moore AQSCIIH MTILIH Chcrskmc J Stentz C. M1fflD MI.MI11In Cremeflns Hcmsood Henderson Cfmrstcm M1nn MCGIUDIQ Slrotek Mmhcll G1-,I elko Sandcrs Zrmmerman Schumm Hlllman Shtt M Stcntz Neely Andrews Meyer Morley Wlalkm XVcd1Ike V1n Etten LIUHIU Daly Nmey Hcbron LA FoRCr BAIII-H M S ABNITR R K'SIICl4T M E CXRUS 12 PAIMFR MS CHARITQ D QRIMTAN9 ROBTRT B BILRMANN DAVIDI EVAN9 RAY D ANDRIRQ BIRNARD A CARSTFINS JOHN J DAIX J MARION E HIISRON CURTIS M HINDIRSON DONAID K BAIIIX DANUIL A CI-IrRsRovr DALT V ADDIQ GTORCI F ANSFLIN EDWARD J CALIAI-IAN ' age FACULTY HARRISON A Rurur Ph D IIIAND M SIIIRILI. MD Romm E HIIIMANI ELMFR A NIIIY ROBIR1 E HI-Mxoon WIILIAM L KIIINPASTI EDWARD W MANN CHISTFR A MARTIN. ROLAXID T Hom' C IIARLTS J MFYIR WILBUR FIILJARRALD RORTRT HQIMANN GERAID G IVIURVIN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdmzte Sflldlwlll J Sezzzou mzzou Soplaomoa PHIIIIPJ SOLLAMI J MAX SrrIxTz JOHN XV MARTIN WIILIAM L MCGINBIS RANDALL R MCMILLIN EARL H MITCI-IILL EJ' FRANR C PIISTFR JR 1' I eyhmefz WILLIAM H NANTY DAXID E OLSON ERINTST L S'l0U1l'I'R M Arch Jonx R TAYLOR A M JOHN N XVFISS BS THOMAS XV STAINI II I D ROBTRT W STITT ROBIRI D WALKTR QTANLFX W INIOORI M JOHN MORLLX HARRY P SIFBOLD IOHN L STTNTZ CHARLFS L VAIN EITIN Ionx W QANDERS ROBTRT SIROTTR BIN F Srrrm JR MARTIN TARrxLr XVIILIAM T WTDLAIIT I N 'I I ' I V. I I 'I ' A ' 1 ' ' ' ' I ' . . " 1 B.P. . I 1, . , f . ' I-I, , , VI I . I . , ..,M.S.,E.E. -a.I' . '.'2 , . . I' . , . , - - 1 I - - I' . z.. , . . ' M- 1- -. six. I ' .. , 2.1, , . STANLEY J, GAWIQLIQO LOUIS XV. SCHUMM, JR. EXVALD R. ZIMMIZRMAN .I' s'. f . ' I III' . 5 2 . , 'IL' , . ,a 2, R. . . 'I , 1 I' . R. I' . I' . , . I . a . 2' I . I' . 5 ' . w. ' . . 2' 5 5 . , , v f 1 ' , . ' I I I' . n. Lv 4. , I . . ' . I in . II ', . 1 .2 . .' . I f I I . I ' 1 Fafmded Pi Chapter New York University, 1910 Ellflbfiibftf, 1925 TTUFIIIQ'-Figfil Aclire Cbafalcmzr 1010 Smfrb 'llvinl ,Ytreur 59'- , GMM'- -I." ew J I qyfgyw' ' Q6 I tsQQTAfl'q9f5' Q r Xl M jeffd M' Rxch RCILCI' Channon Goldstein Reuben WcxleI Zuff Wlmecler M Eskow Wlxener G Smow Fxsher SlEg'll Isaacson Smith Cohlan Hammer Bernsen Nathanson S Slnovx Dlctor Hcssell Yount, R Katz F I-Iochherg Bcroutz Amsterdam Gold H Eskowx Avramx Kophn Wexnsteln OIIH Smllet Trock Hollandel Fxnegold Bnllmnt Edxdcn S Katz HARVIX C AMsIIRDAM Mrunx S BIROVIIZ RAPHAYI D AVRAMI HYMrN G Eskoxw IorL BIRNSIN Hoxx ARD I Cm-n AN IAWRINCI HARAUIR MARTIN H BRIIIIAINT MAXIR H CIIANIROIA. BIRNARD R Drcron MARTIR M Lsntow i l l F A C U LTY LFOPOID N -IUDAH M D MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Student FIIIA E PAnsx Senzol I ILROMI P Goin RAXMOND D IXATL Fruu M HOCIIIKIRC 7ll7ZOI.I' DAVID S I-IlsxII.L Momma M HUCIIIIIRC IRXING NATHANSCJN IVIAURICI RICH MARTIN M RIIIIR Env AWD K ISAACSOIN PHILLIP X TIu'IL rn S0l0f?0I1ZOI6J' Loxx ARD A SCAILLI QHFRMIN A SIICII. 1' 1 eflamefz IVIARSHALI H FIINICOID QIDINIX R KArz IVIARVIIN GOLDSIIIN Enwm I' KOPLIIN HAROLD M HOLIINDIR JACK J OLIII bxnmx 1- Smow RouIRr L YOUNG HAROID H XVIINFIK Irsnn Zlll CIARIAxD S Smoxx DAVID L SMITH Jos: PH S WIXLIR PAUL RI num Rourm TROLR GERALD A WIIwsT1-IN Monrx j WIIIILFR Page 465 . y ' v rx ' v l :' ' I : f ' V ' ':' ' ., V : -- 1 I , 5. ' V I . S . z. . 1:1 ,nw 77 MARVIN R. FISHER A 1 'ill-51. I gt- : " A :' ' ,A. K. . ,. " .. ' . 3 . 1 I' .. in ,' . 'z a I 2 f . 2:5 43 ' : : 4, , V5 . J 1 v 1 . f... , , . ., I :I i ' :. ,. , ' ' ' " - - ' . :I :I ff- -PI !Wl.'f , ,: 3,-N I I Ig' gli I px Wt 7' 2 Q4 eil ab I' I I W fgzupvfgf ,LI Falnlrlea' Psi Chapter Columbia University, 1910 Emablirloed, 1924 Forly Arrive Chapter! 105 En!! Armory Avenue .I I WI' Growman Ware Perlman Epson XVCII Wexnstexn Levy Polm Essuman Leaf Ixuser Arbetman Gerson Wexner Mann YavItz M Fnccl Gordon J Stcmberg Mcyerson Rosene Isenson Shapuo Berger Chapm.In Glassman Cohen Sucherman H Stexnberg Mayer Hnrsch Zuke Yaffe Fxne Shore Elvuve Fuchsman MIllcr Golcle Kessler R Wenss hxtc Persky S Wlems Chayes Brovmnstem I Frlcd Levm Stewart Kahn Bevm ReIter MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzzate Stzzdentf IILIIs EIXOVF MIIION W I-IIRSCH IRVIN MAYFR VICTOR YAIIII EDXVARD GROSSMAIN BENJAMIN ZuRr Semou RICHARD I Pwr WILLIAMJ GOLDr LLOYD G SHorar I-IARIIY S STEINBFRG I-IAROI D I FucHsMANx IIAROI D XV BIRCIR SIDNJII COHEIA JIROMI L GLASSMAN BIRNARD CIIAIIMAN LINCOIN A CHAYFS LrsrIR I ARIII IMAP. RICHARD BIIIII Brv 1' EPQONI Rom RT C EQLIRMAN MARDY I FRIID Page 466 WII LIAM KI Qsl FR RAYMOND S ISINSON IIONARDJ MICHATISON ALAN M GORDON Smxn XV KAHN ALIANIJ GIRSON JORDAN H KAISTR ROBIRT B Kms MARSHALL S LI'AI BIRNARD L IIVI IHZIOIJ' DAVID S MILLIR MARTIN1 ROSINI 501919011101 EJ MAX M MANN BIRNAHD L MARIAXD FI efhmezz ROIIIRT G PI RLMAN BIRNARIJ F Prnsm IVIAXXWILL O PDHN CHARLLS P POLLAND DILHIRI j RI ITIR RAYMOND WFISS HAROLD A SHAPIRO jor SIFINDIRG ARNOLD J SUCHLRMAN AI AN 12 SIIWART jrRRY A YAVITZ RICHARD D WART CLIFFORD A WrIL SEYMOUR Q Wrxss EUFFNE H WEINER STANLEY W WEINSTIIN f- , , - Y . I -. Y I . . I- I . - - II. . I I . I . I , - , - . ' . 'I II . I . I . I 2' I I .I II . In .I . 2 I I ' I I : I . IL I' Y . ' BIIRT R. BRUXVNSTIZIN LLOYD J. FRIED WALLACE S. LEVIN NORMAN F. MEYERSON I . ' I . I . . I. I . ' . I II 2 ' , ' I . . II I . I' I .. ' . I . I 2 . 5 II I . I II '. I I I . i , I' . 1 2 . .' I .. I I . I. . ' I. . I I I I .I ' I I' . z I . . I ,rf 9' fx C' fo. C .it 'V 5 X J X Qc ui x Founded Gamma Chapter Illinois Wesleyan, 1899 Extablimefl, 1912 Forty-lhree Arrive Chapter.: 102 Earl Cbnlrnenr SIVEPI JUL .! Fray Penrose Gump D Miller Krueger Wl1yte Wlelsh J Mxller Dxck Stcwart Chqse Turner Nolan R Johnson Atkmson Bottm Rutledge Gavsnc C Johnson Blau' Fackler Sly Kuhns Laakman MIkClS Butler Anderson Wlavrrneck OPPICC W R Nelson R'llSfl'ICk Snyder Hflrter Lawrence Garrett Garvsood Usmger Powers Robinson W E Nelson EDWARD W COMINGS DSL RAY O DUNCAN LLB DUANL T ENCIIS Ph D V JAMES HAMPTON B S RoIarRT C GUNFHIR KENNETH L GARRTTT R DOUGLAS GARXVOOD THOMAS G BUTLTR WALTrR V FACKLIR ROYAL O LAARMAN JR Eucrms H ANDFRSOIN Ronrnr W ATKINSON ALBLRT C BOTTIN MARTIN N CHASE HFRBERT L DICK JR PAUL H FRFY Lro H GAMP 1 l l FACULTY CARL S MARVEI Ph D Lrw IS V PFTIIRSON A M ROBERT L Rosmf B S J D C P A MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EDWARD C HARTTR WILLIAM E NFISON ERNTST C LAWRENCF XVARRIN R NFLSON BFRNARD S BLAIR BTRNARD B GAWNT CARL M JOHNSON JR ROBERT A JOHNSON RDIITRTJ KRruorR G1 minute Stud ezztr FRANR V HUQTON Senza: 5 SHANNON C Pow rRs Zl7ll0l'F Ronrm' B OPIICF XVIIBUR A ROBINBON Sophomof er JOHN C KUPING JR F1 erlauzezz DONALD L MILLTR JOHN M MILITR FRANK A N01 AN RAY G PrNRosr CHARLFS J STARR B S EDWIN L THBISS Ph D C P A JOHN F WOODDFLL MS RICHARD E Nrl SON GARDNIIZR W RAISTRICK MILES A SNYDFR WIILIAM A UsINGnR LrsLIr H WAVRINFK HAROLD W MIIcI:Ls THOMAS S SLY WILLIAM H RUTLTDGF NORMAN F SFFWART ALEx V TURNFR L BYRON WFLSI-I HARRY W WI-WTI: Page 467 ,. . I 1 1 ' . . - . . . , . ',, . . . I. . , .. .r . . ' - , . , . . , . . . , . ., . . . . rr , . . - . ,, .., . ., . . . , 1 , .. . , .. ' ' . I . 1. . 'z I' . , , 1 . A 1 : . ' I . . .L 7 . , -L1 . . . . , . ,, , , ' 1 . I . ., . . ' . A v , 4. ,, , 1 , , . ' . . . . 1 I . . . .1 . Fwlllfffff Rhn Chapter' Norwich University, 1856 Eflabli.r.bL,,l, 1975 Filly-l11'a Ariiz-ff Chapin-.r 505 Enyff Cfmlmg,-Jf jmigf QAM CA' Anderson Tolmie Schott Humphrey Robinson Stolze E.Weaver Lee Polliemus Bush Bentley Brummett Taylor Blunck Sellers Kopriva Keigley Olson Wfard Gibbons Bass E.Dolch Britton J.Dolch Lundnhl Johnson Lukens Brown Gehring Vineyard Gelvin Smith Hansen Powers Lcipold Przmke XV.Weav'er Elles Lundberg Fctherston Loots Worden Quinlan Lutz Garland Porter Huesing Meister Murdock Schleevogt Peyrot Tanner Cloke Odell Bruce Strandberg Bartley Grumley Braumiller Miller STEVENS GRAVES ROBERT C. BLUNCR CHARLES R. BRUMMETT ROGER R. BusH JOHN E. GIBBONS LA VERNIE A. ANDERSON WALI.ACE W. BASS EDXVARD L. BENTLEY KENT G. BRITTON ROBERT H. BROXVN JOHN P. DOLCII A. CHARLES ELI.Es JOHN M. FETHERSTON FRANI-2 D. GARLAND, JR. PI-IILII' D. GELVIN JAMES M. BARTLEY RICHARD E. BRAuMII.LER DONALD H. BRUCE 'THOMAS H. CLOKE, JR. F A C U LTY R. RALSTON BUSHART. A.M. CHARLES F. SCHLATTER, M.S., C.P.A MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdmzfe Students RICHARD P. GILBERT, JR. RALPH E. 1-IERZLER ROBERT C. l'IUMPl-HUEY RICHARD B. KEIGLIEY EDWARD W. DOLCH, JR. WEBSTER H. GE!-IRING DONALD O. JOHNSON THOMAS G. LIVIELY CARL F. HANSEN XVILLIAM C. LEIPOLD JOHN W. l.OOTs DLIANE L. LUNDAHL JAMES J. GRUMLEY JACK HUESING XVAYNII R, MIQISTER Sezziarr junio :ar JAMES W. KOPRIVA JAMES S. LEE WILl.IAM B. IVIACDONALD JOSEPH B. POLHYZMUS, JR. WII.I.IAM P. LUKIENS ROBERT C. OLSON WILLIAM K. QUINLAN FREDERICK H. SCHOTT Soplyomorer GUST E. LUNDBITRG, JR. AUGUST C. LUTZ GEORGE POXVISRS, JR. DONALD W. PRANKE Frerlamefz RORERT E. MILLER RORERT N. IXIURDOCK FLOYD W. ODELL RICHARD T. TAYLOR L. HARRIS ROBINSON F. BURTON SELLERS RICHARD J. STOLZI2 EV1'!RI?T'1' P. VUIEAVER ARNOLD O. STRANDRERG ARTHUR 'I'. TANNIER ROBERT D. TOLMII5 VERNON F. VINEYARD RAY F. SMITH HOXYVARD H. WARD, III WILLIAM D. XVEAVER FRED P. XYIORDEN PI-IILIP A. PEYROT JACK E. PORTER CHARLES F. SCHLIZIEVOGT Page l IJ V ll'-v 'A .-1,4 1, x ' v V. Founded Kappa Deuteron Chapter Union College, 18-X7 Exmblixhed, 1908 Twenty-eigbl Active Cbupxerx 908 Soulb Secozm' Street QAM jeffd CA' Ross Swanson Dohelty Sannu Wachter Bullxlllldl Synduw Edwarda C Brubaker Turek Knol Wcndt McCord R Giles Flash Arthars Klueger G1gc Hurley Johnson Gelsaendorfer Erlckson Kane Dovley DLmmcrt Hanson Amacher El IS Gllcs Jcnscn D Brubaker FACULTY HAROLD S DAWSON BS LLB MAIFHIW '1 MLCLUIU PhD L1ttD BKUCL J AMACHLR WILLIAM R DrMMrxu WALLACL S DOOLIX Hmmm E ARTHARS DON L BRUBAKFR MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DONALD 5 ELLIB ELMm E ILRICKSON JOHN E G1LL5 Jn JA:-nfs H BURLHART Ronmu M GAG1 Gr adlmfe Smdezzt GLFN C SuwAur Sezzzou mzzou JOHN R I-lfwson Svnxry' V Hx lflhllli IANDIS Hulun JOHN G MCC mir: PAUL A JLNSLN DANIIL E KANI DONALD J PIIRCI CARL G SNVANSON Jn HINRN F XVAFHTIR A A 1 - . A b - Ll' J. ' A A l N . I , ' . Sophomoref THOMAS H Euwmnos VUXILIAM R FLLSH THFODORL D GLISSENDDRI-BR CLYDE M Bnuxmxnn JAMES A DOH1:R'rY i 1 l Rozmu A GILLS CURTIS L JOHNSON F1 efb 717 en ELWOOD W Knurcuz ALBERT E QANNER Jn ARTHUR N KNOL Jn Lxwnsr L Ross JOSLPHJ Iuruk Cl-IARLFS 1: WTNIDI JACN D SYDOW x Page 469 Ano 415' Founrled Delta Chapter Lehigh University Ertablbberl, 1922 7'1uen1y-four Active Clmplerr 206 Egg GMM 51,-get QAM X4 W WA P. Walsh Doyle Erdmann Powers Metze Adelarcl J, XY7alsh Verest Kiep Vogel Sullivan McMnnn Jankowski Dolan Laskos Klocker De Clecne Scully Banta O'M2lllCY Smith Hoover Giusti Zeck Paprocki Kennedy Noferi Kcms F A C U LT Y JosIzI1H M. DOLAIQI LAIVRRNCII J. DOYLIZ FRANK J. GOODRICH HARRY XV. Kl.OCKI2R DONALD J. DIG CLRRNR ROBERT F. ERDMANN ROLAND L. GIUSTI WILLIAM E. KLNNIQDY JAMES J. DOLAND, M.S., C.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY' Gmclfzale Student RODNID' C. BAN-I'A Senior! CLARENCE H. JANKONVSKI GIEORGII M. Mmzn ALOYSIUS H. VOGEL FRANK E. LAsI:Os JOSISPH F. SCULLY JOHN P. WALSH, JR. funiow JOIIN P. POXVERS Solblyomorex WII.I.IAM J. l'lCOVlYR EDXVARD J. PAPROCKI JOHN D. SULLIVAN RAYMOND J. VI2RIssT Freflamen JOSEPH J. KIERNS FRANK J. OYMALLEY THEODORE L. SMITH FRANK J. NOITIERI HARRY C. Zncx Page 470 - F:.,.c' 5 . .-6 H I T 330: R 515- I X xv Q f. X 'if ' R Qafdfflilf' Folnzilwl Alpha Beta Clmptci' Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, IS64 Iirfrlblifffmf, 1922 Tbirly-eiglvl f'lrifI'1: fIf1IIfJlL'V'.f 205 Em! .flrmory fi1'L'IIIll' QI Ria K - Bennett Strauch FRANK HERLIAN BEACH, P T' " D i-M Spitze Sonnenbcrg Fischer Jackson C. Gillingham McConnell Hamilton Handtmann W. Nelson Piesbergen Blnsig Schwamb Martin Kontos W. Kcrwin Romer Elting Miller Gold Wucllner Michaelsen Holquist XVagneI' Finn R. Gillingham Niesen Trumpe McGRry Morrow Zimmerman Gillhouse Johnson Jchlik Gruenhcrg Greenwell Shive Moyer Stanford E. Nelson Dillon Meyer Norton George Antonello Berry E. Kerwin Oblander Parish Davey FACULTY h.D. ARTHUR B, CozzENs, Ph.D. WALDO SIIURIWAY, Ph.D. PAUL D. CONVERSE, A.M. ROY CHRISTOPHIQRSIEN LOREN E. GILLHOUSIE, JR. J. ROBERT GRIEIENXY'El.I. DONALD N. ELTING PAUL E. FINA ROBERT A. GILLINGHAM FRED B. GOLD JOHN L. BERRY PHILLIP A. BLASIG XVILLIAM M. FISCHIER CHARLES I.. GILLINGHABI JOSEPH ANTONIILLO RENARD A. BENNETT F. BRUCE DAVIZY HOIIACIE J. MACINTIRE, RORERT P. GRUIQNBIZRC EUGENE F. JIZHLIK M. R. LRE JOHNSON HENRY' J. HOLOUIST XVILLIAM D. KERWIN RICHARD H. MICIIAELS JOHN E. MILI.ER ALAN B. I'IAMIL'I'ON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmrlzmle Smdent MARVIN N. STANFORD EN Seniow fIl7Zi01'J' JOHN E. MCGARX' JOHN E. MORROXY' VU.-Xl.'1'I5R T. NELSON CARL H. NIESEN XVIl,I.1Ah1 A. ROMFR Sojzlaomoref ROIIERT J. LUMP GEORGE HANDTNIANN, JR. Al.IiIER'I' C. MARTIN J. XVILLIAM JACKSON J. PAUL MCCONNELL GREGORH' C, KONTOS Fiwhmen JOSEPH H. DILl.ON, JR. NICHOLAS M. MEYER ,IOHN GEORGI2 ELMER K. NORTON l:Dw'ARD F. IxERwIN RUSSELL H. OBLANDER JAMES O. SMITH, A.M. ROBERT G. MOYER EDXVARD J. NELSON WILLIAM J, SHIVIZ VVAIJFIER G. SCI-IVVAMB HERLJANN F. WAONIQR BERT J. WUELLNIER XYIILLIS I.. ZIMMFRMAN ELMER E. NELSON EUGENE P. SONNENBIERG EDWARD C. SPITZE, JR. WILLIAM D. TRUMPIZ ROBERT L. PARISI-I NORMAN R. PIESBERGIEN FREDERICK P. STRAUCH, JR Page 471 'CLQ ...f j v ll I, ,lf , 1' - PZ' 0 5'l 0 l"l"ou on FUIHHVFJ Illinois Clmptcr University of Illinois, 1907 E,ImbliJbf,1, 1907 Sixiewz Ac'fil'I' Cl'11lfIla'f',r H2 Emi Daniel Street VL Snhalfcr Thale EDWARD E BAUIR MS C E RALPH S CROSSMAN MS C E MFLVIN L ENGLII M S C E RANDOLPH P HOFLQCI-IIII MS CE OLIVFII W DURRANT GEORGYJ KFNNITDX STLWART E GAIL RUSSFIT D LANCASTIR josnm F COLLINS WILLIAM V CooNcr HFRMAW E TOMFI Page 472 I Durrant Voxgt Seller Mulford Skoglund Pfundstem Innmster Gal StIn9on Bnckerlc Ixmncdv XVebeter Prmce Shedd Stnncburner Ixrcm Collms Crnwnm McArthur Malloy Roose Tomcn V1n Pelt Cnonce FACULTY HARNFY H JORDAN B S ARTHUR N TAIBOI' C E D Sc D Eng ABNITR R KNIGI-I1 M E M S E E I-L D EDWARD W Suppl-,rn M Q LIONARD D WAIKFR M S C E MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY KFIIH L PFUNDSTIIN HARRY C' Pmxcr GIORGT L MCAIITHUR JAMIQ E Muuform XVILI IAM C MALLOY Senzoff ARTHUR C WIIIARD BS DEnL, LI D ROIIFRT W Roosr S DAVIS STINSON Lrs'I'Fn H SrILrn IHZIOJJ LIIFE SCHAIIIII Sophomozef F1 efbmefz JAMFS S THALI WILLIAM G VOIGI A FRIDERIIX SKQGLIIAD J IAwIIrNCr STONIIAUIINIR ALrIIrD D WEBSTTR CHARLFS F VAN PrIT - I I - .. , . ., . . I: . ', . ., . ., . . ' ' WILLIAM R. Bncrcnnuz Roamw H. KIIEIN I . , I THOMAS C. SHEDD, Jn. ' L . . A 1 ' 4. A' 1 , " I . ' 1 1 . '.. . ff: . s ' I . . I c. . . . 1 I 5 I , JR 1 A . 1 I . L. l Z TN nl. . 8" Q4 . 9' : 97 ' HY. 42" 1'-994: 'fig' 2. B '. Y , n up iv Founded Rho Chapter City College of New York, 1898 E.ft.f1bli.rbed, IQI2 Tlairly-f71fc Arlire Cbu,bfer.r 907 Sfunb Fourth Slrwl ein gift Q14 Zimmerman Schatzkin Simon Rawitsch Loescr Cob Ein Bulmi YassennfT Du Boff Kahn Ansell Zoller Slosburg Boslcy Meis Serlin I Cowan Zwerdling Borinstrzin Berns Younggren Ka Inn Bank Feldman Klein Cciglcr Tick Brody N. Epstein Mrs. Ehrenberg Gingold Dreyfuss S. Storthz Miller Gelman H. Stnrthz Glickfcld Goldenbcrg N. S. Epstein Sachs Hyman Levy Ledercr Hirsch Mathes Katz Gordon MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdmzle Stzzdenty IRVIN L. ROSENEERG RICHARD E. YOUNGGRIZN Sezziorf PETER F. BANK KENNITII-I R. CDWAN VVILLIAM S. GINGOLD BERNARD MILLER ROBERT E. BIERNS ALBER1' M. DREYEUSS JULIAN B. KAUEMANN SAM J. STORTI-Iz IRWIN S. BRODY NATIIAN EPSTEIN LEO MALKIN HARRY J. TICK HARVEY E. CEIGLER EUGENE V. FRANKHI. BEN S. KAELAN HIERIHIRT J. Mrzrs LOUIS P. PORTER, JR. MAX M. GIILMAN AARON E. ZWERDLING Sophomoref ROIIERT A. BORINSTEIN MAIWIN E. COHRIN G. MYRON SAMISCII HAROLD W. SI.osnuRG JACK BOSLEY JACK I. DU BOW HARVEX' SCHATZKIN MILTON R. YASSI5NOl:lf JAMES P. BIII-IAI ROIIERT W. KLEIN HOXVARD B. ZIMMERMAN FI'6.I'l?7lZ6IZ DAVID ANsIzI.I. I'lOW'ARD A. GORDON STANFORD H. LEDIERIIR HARoI.D I. SACHS NORMAN EIISTEIN RICHARD F. HIIISCII BENNETT D. LEVY RICHARD SIZRLIN NORTON R. FIELDMAN RICHARD A. HYMAN STANLEY J. I.oIfsER ROBERT S. SIMON LESTER GI.IcKIfELD MI5LVIN A. KAI-IN MELVIN R. MATI-IES HERIXIZRT I.. STORTIAIZ IVIAURICIE GOLDENIIERG ROBIIRT N. KATZ GAREIELD S. RAWITSCH EDWARD M, ZOLLER, JR. A-1 1 l - Page 473 -Y I l I"""l Cfimif-eff A7 Q I f Q Q if ' gi' NI .rf A J 6?-'U A .f v-ff . .Ein 7zf!5:9??2H .7 Iiofulrlcd Alpha Epsilon Chapter New York University, 1847 E,rlnbli.Ibed, 1909 'I'1lf'c'f1r-7'-flirlc' ,'lI'1l1'e Chfzjafcmr 201 Earl Iolm Street ffm Qi Bilger XVilliams Yone XV. Nelson Morrill Norris Bone Ashwoocl Evans Beiclelmzm Eldridge H. Nelson Mitchell Wilcox llcuter Reed Royal Taylor Eagle Wills Cox Grubb Jordan Simmons Eaton Kovnchic Westcott Carlson Antilln Paul Moss Burgin Pawling Park Brachcr Grafton Hankins FACULTY RoIaI2RT G. BONE, Ph.D. LORING H, PROVINR, B.S., A.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY G rad nate Stndentf .EDNVARD I.. EAGLE J. RICHARD ROYAL JOSEPH D. TAYLOR I Senior: JOHN T. EATON HOXVARD E. GRUIIII ROBERT J. JORDAN PISTIQR E. KOVACI-IIC jmzzorf ROBERT D. CARLSON EUczI2NIz P. ELDRIDGR CIIIfsTIsR W. MI'FCHEl.l, PAUI. I.. ASIIXVOOD ROBERT G. Cox AUGUST I.. ANTII.I.A JACK I.. BEIDIELMAN ROBERT L. BILGIFR HARoI.n G. Nm.soN CHARLES B. RIEED NYlII.I.1AM S. MCRRII. XVll.l,lAM G. NIELSCN RoIIIaRT E, BRACHRR D!lS'l'lN J. BIIRGIN ROBERT O. EVANS , JR. JAMES H. REUTIER JON M. RICH Sophomoref ROBERT T. NORRIS JOHN M. PAxv'I,ING Fl"EJ'f977Z87Z ROBERT T.. GRAFTON DALE L. HANKINS DANIEL S. XVILCOX MARTIN P. XVII.l.IAMS HERBERT XVILLS ROBERT H. XVESTCOTT PRED XV. YONIE RICHARD H. Moss ALAN E, PARK EUIJELI. G. PAUI. Page 474 JVLLZZX'-C!LiCd70 Jldidtldifieai Alpha Kappa Kappa Phi Beta Pi... Phi Chi ..... . Phi Rho Sigma... . 476 477 478 479 Page 475 X Farmdufl nr ' - f+f?Jf3' X, RRY' ".. ,,,..A, Xi-. ..-1. .-I-1"-lgifmfffe. filff- f N ' ' 'J ' "- uv" Dartmouth Medical School, 1888 Eta Chapter Emxblhbed, 1899 812 South Alblflml Balzlamnl, I'v0l'lJ'-Ji.Y flt'I'il'l.' Chapter! W C birago Hart Youngbclg Tobin Lis Lamons Evers Grccn Moss Guyton Pruett Marsh Booth Cocagne Denekas Q Allman Young Klontz Lehman Robinson Lavin Van Hcrik Holmer XVhItlOck Bechtol Karmker Baker F. Johnson Lykkebak Clark Danreitcr Pasquesi ' Klem Henegar Hunte Olfmder Browne Sansone Marshall Barrett Trafton Lxndsay G. Johnson Cochrane Mau Wrxglmt Scott Hoffman Kortmeicr 'I'lIOmpSOn Jones FA C U LTY HAI.I.ARD BEARD, B.S., M.D. CHARLES DAvIsON, A.M., M.D. ROBERT W KIEIi'I'0N, M.S., M.D. LEON W. MARTIN, Ph.D., M.D. PAUL L. BEDINGER, B.S., M.D. FRANK J. FARA, B.S., M.D. EMANUIIL A. KOMINICK, B.S., M.D CHARLES H. PHIEER, M.D. LOUIS N. BOELIO, B.S., M.D, WALTER R. FISCHER, B.S., M.D. JOHN D. KOUCKY, M.S., M.D. DUANI5 W. PROIIST, A.B., B.S., M.D WILLIAM A. CHRISTIAN, B.S., M.D. ROBERT L. FURLY, B.S., M.D. CHARLES H. LASAOE, B.S., M.D, CHARLES B. PUESTOW, Ph.D., M.D. CLARENCE COSTIGAN, B.S., M.D. JULIUS H. HESS, M.D. ROBERT B. MALCOLM, M.S., M.D. LINDON SEED, M.S., M.D. DENNIS R. CRILE, B.S., M.D. HENRY E. IRISH, M.D. WILLARD VAN HAZEL, A.B., M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior! WILLIAM L. COCHRANE CHARLES W. HOFFMAN GRANT T. JOHNSON H. THOMAS BARRETT THOMAS P. BURTON JOSEPH F. ALLMAN, JR. A. SHERWOOD BAKER VERLIN G. BASINOER ROBERT C. BECHTOL BOYNTON H. BOOTH PHILLIP E. COCAGNE MARVIN E. DENEKAS RAYMOND H. EVERS ROBERT R. JONES ELWOOD F. KORTMEIER JACK KLEIN WILLIAM P. MARSHALL ROBERT T. BROWNE DANIEL M. CLARK LEROY DANREITER GEORGE C. I-IENEOAR GEORGE G. GREEN WILLARIJ A. GUYTON WILLIAM I-I. HART ARTHUR M. LINDSAY WAL'rER C. MALI junior: HOSMER T. MERRELL THEODORE J. PASQUESI S 0 phomoref FRANK K. JOHNSON RICHARD W. KARRAKER CHARLES E. KLONTZ, JR JOHN M. LAVIN Fre.Ihnzen CARL R. I-IOLMER FRANK E. HIINTE CHESTER JOHNSON GEORGE B. MEAGHI:R WIZNDEl.I. P. SCOTT S. PAUL ROARK DCJNA1.D S. LEHMAN ROBERT P. LYKKEEAK GEORGE A. OLANDIEII, JR. WAI,'I'El1 K. ROBINSON IUONALD LAMONS EDWARD F. LIS HENRY MARSH ERNEST I.. THOMPSON GILEEIIT L. WRIGIIT HAROLD F. TRAETON VINCENT C. SANSONE MARTIN VAN HERIR RICHARD F. WIIITLOCK CHARLES W. YOUNG CHARLES T. MOSS, JR. CARL E. PRUIITT DANIEI. TOEIN RAYMOND C. YOUNOEERO Page 476 .- ' 4 ' ' . ' '. 4 . I " . . . ' ' . ' . . I.. L ' I ' . I , . ., . . . 1 ', . ., . . . ' , . ., . . . ' ' , . , ., . . , . , . ., . ., .. . I ' . , . ., . . . , . ., . . .V , . . . v . . . , . ., .D. . L 1 , . ., . . . 1 . , . ., . . .. . , . . .b 1,B.., .. f ,I 1., .., .. . 1, .. . , .., . . . . , . ,, . , I. , . ., . . .I .. . , . ., . . ARNOLD A. ZIMMIERMAN, D.Sc. . 1' I , 2."- . I. I' I . II . . . I' ' .' II , . ' f - . 2 .. . ' . ' 'Z I 1 'I ' I - . . 1..' . E 5. I 4. . ' 1 f I . I I . -1 5 1. I ' I . H. an I" . I 9- . . I . , 2 I' A 2' . . . , I . '. , . I , 2, ' ' I -. . ' 1- , , I' . ..fI 5 . 'E . .. I' .f5,. I I . I-' Fa ll77dl'!l hh. l, ,.a"4Q5?a. af 'Iv 'QIEZXE' 'ia P gf' Iotzx Chapter EIt:1bli.I'hezI', 1902 709 501115 Axblarui Bon University nf Pittsburgh, l89l Chicago Forly-four Arlire Clmplerf lIfI'I1I'rf. A gain Imm Hughes Wuestenfcld ALFONS R BALON B S M D CHARLES S BACON Ph D M D MAURICR L BLATT M D D Sc M ELLIS BONNYLL M D CECIL D BROWN B S WILLIAM I-I BROxvNr WAITFRJ CAMP PHD V BURDIITI' ADAM: LTNDAII D ARCHIR E WALIALL LAVINQ RAIPH D ETTINGFR LI:sLIr M BCIJIRAR EDWARD S BRINTON RICHARD P I'RUrHAIII ERWIN! C BARTEISMIX FR MILI1s J BIILEK JAMIS V CARRIQ ALBFRA' R AI I rw l 1 i S MD MD DeBord Allen Baker Sme1k1l Fmcher Bock Wlllxamson Powell Hastmgs Bxelel. Steward Lynch Roanr. Cami Butelimeycr Mmynard Morrow Schroeder Scott Reeder Taylor Tebowf Brmton Wlallcr Fruehauf Lxppold Bodnar Jost Nolefskl Adams Sheets Gossarcl Cavms Arehcr OK1ne Dr Dem Seely Goodman Icenogle Mosxmm Sloan FACULTY HUGO O Druss B S M D ROIILR1 W EDWARDS BS M D EDMUND FOLIY B S M D CHARLES E HUMISTCIN M D D Sr HAROLD I MFYFR M S M D GLORCF MILLIQ Ph G M S M D TFILNIISON MS MD DSC RUDOLPH J ODLN A B M D MAHLON P PALMER AB MD SAMUFL PYLUSF B S M D GEORGE H REZEK M S M D PAUL L SLHROFDFR B S M D PARK I-I SIMTR Ph D ITROYH SLOAN BS MD MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sefzzou CHARLFS SIEWART D D S M D FRANK L STONE MD HAROLD C, STRUCK Ph D WALTER H THEOBALD B S M D RICHARDI WFBB Ph D FRANKLIN S WILSON Ph G M D LAXVRINLE O GCLDNIAX I'osTIR E GOSSARD EDGAR O HUG!-IIS Rrx D HAMMORD Loxvru I HILL RUSSFLL W JOsT ROBFRI A DI BORD J WAI rrR HASTINGS JOHN D LINICII Ill SAMUI L F BARIR GROvrR D ICFVOFII JOHN R IRWIN JAMTS W MARSHAIL 171771011 ROLAIND XY! IIPPOID RUQSIII W PARCHIR CLIITOXI L RI:rDIR Sopbomolex RUSSELL M MAYNARD WILLIAM 12 MORROXY' PAUL XV Poxx FII rlEJf7I77ElZ HAROID I BOIR WIILIAM D Mo9IMAx THOMAS W O KAIxr HARMON D Srmx STFPHFN C SCo1r LAWRTINFF K TAYIOR LOUIS I' Trnow JOHN S RoANr WAI rrn A SCHROInrR WALTIR F SMI IRAL BURNI II FISCHTR RAXMOND F SHFFTS JR I-IrRIzI'RT P SLOAN I-I EUDILL WUIQT1 NYFLD GrORGr H XVALLFR JR R CARL STICKFNRIDIIR LLI A SFI XVARD GAI Lon C' WILIIAMSOIS. I IQTIR A NOLTFSRI Page 477 'WX ,, v- ,. -D 1:52 7:1 JO'-' 'ml I 'W' 4 . I 1,fHJgb I H ,sn As, Upsilon Iota Chapter Founded Emzblirbed, 1918 University of Vermont, 1889 1642 lVe'JfjafkJo11 Boulevard Sixly-.rezfeu Arlive Cloaprerx Chimgo ,Ur cr- Boon Morne Mulvxll Huss Bash Ballard Biucr DeLong M1rks Grlep Brophy Phipps MCNLLI Mxlroy Ixudzma Wlcbmcr Lane Chabot Knersah Koep e Juurnay Lobmalco Lhotkx Iemsek Gmtklns fxrz an Scnsloxs nz CARL O ALMQUIST B S M D LLOYD ARNOLD A M M D JOHN W HARWFD B S M D HAROLD H HILL B S M D DAVID S JA1 rRAu B S M D FRANRJ JIRRA MD GIORGI P BAILARD EDR ARD J GroRcr R Cuosor ISFRDINAND GORFCKI BROPHY OSCAR L DIIQNC Jorw L JouRNAx Iomv M BooN JOHN JrMsrR EDWARD E BOQH LIROX J Boxvuzs JOHN L CIR7AN Page 478 FACULTY CIAuDr N LAMBFRT A B M D J CHARLYS MCMILLAN JR B S MD AIIXANDFR J NrDzrL M S M D JAMrs II O MALLLY M S M D Hrc1oR M R059 MD LIWISJ ROSSITIR AB MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ERNIST A GRI!! THroDonl IXIERSCH EARI H lxorrmr EDWARD V MADFJLZHR RORVRT A IVIILROX PHILIPJ IXOFSTTRIR J LroRARD V GRATKINS NORLIAN C HUQQ SHIRIFY W LANF FRANK M LHOTKA Rocco V IOBRAILO JR 71777011 Ivon H MORRIS JR SOI7h0ll10lEJ' JOHN E INIARKS 1'1eJlame1z Ax1HowYJ IXUDZMA PAM B IAMnRrcHT Ixoestcrcr M'1cDona1d Pytenek Goreckx Tinker CARLO S SCUDERI B S M D C OT1s SMITH AB B S MD MIITON J SUMMNKVILLY A B M D JOI-INJ THFOBALD B S MD ALBERT VANDLR Kroor M D WIILIAAI XXIRICHT M D CHARMS W MALSBURY Groncr B MCNLELY JR ARTHUR B PXTIZRIIR RoBrRr H TINRFR JAMIS II MLILVILI XVALTFRJ PIOTRONXSI-RI Emoon B PHIPPS DORALDJ WIIBMFR Orroj Novou M1cHArr A RAGo THAD Scrsmwrcz . V -,.i ' h ' 'I l hi. 'R 'AA , I 'I . , . ., . . 1 '. ' ' , - -, - . : 1 I , - -, - A Sezziorf 5 5 . 1 Q I 5, J .1 '. 1 . ,a . . 1 L' - A '. 4. I i '. 1, " . ., . 11.' . . 2. . .' 1. 12, R. . ' - E -I ,, . ' " . . 1 ' . ' ' I" I' . ' . ' Z , . -:Q Lv ' H ', , , - :. . Foumied Northwestern University, 1890 Tbirly-fre 4'll'lil'6' Cbapferx M' nf- QQ v, N w l':a'ifaefap Xa 4F.",.2r,Q -'Q "ii 1 S . L2,'4ii"!1s9a I' 4hLt,. E.flubliJberz', 1894 816 South Axlalfmzl Bofzleufzm, Beta Chaprc r C bimgo M24 CS' VVLZ Garland Von Drasek Provanzono Stropes Carrington Peterson Sunderland Phillips Kuehnert Brennan Czxllagan Clare Xlililliams Cotsirilos Boehm Schaffer Fischer Smith Buehrig Carlson Chambers Albrecht Gordon Nelson Schertz Stone La. Fats Oberhill Hardinger Reed Kolb Wlebber Mvnov C B1wroRD B S M D FRANR CHAUVLT M D FRANK B DLARDORH' B S M D PERCX J DrIANo B S M D FRIDIRKCK H FALLS M S M D Fnxxix H DlCKsoN JR JOHN' A Klvs ARMAND D ALBRICHT Elnrnr E CARLSOIN WIIIIALI F Bomm JR Ronim J BRFNNAN MiL1oN W BULHRIG FRANCIS J BURNS How ARD CARRXACTON rRAlNlx B CLARr PITIRJ COTSIRILOS HAROID L TISCHFR l 1 l BERNARD FANTUS M S M D Hoxx ARD G Gow! IN Ph D M D RUSSFLL D HPRROLD B S M D PAUL H HQLLINGLR B S M D Jor-ns. M LANG MD FACULTY ERIC OLDBLRG M D Ph D NELSON M Prmcv MD CHARLES T POUISON B S M D CARLOSI Rrru PhD BRRDIRICRJ Roos M D MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senzau HAROLD J KOIB FRANCIS P LA FArA Loxvlll 1' MASSIE EDR ARD J Giursm Jorw R Connors Dxxioi-rr A CALLAGAR XVILLIAM F CHAMnrRs Lnrslsr D Glrvm DONALD J GARLAND PHILIIP A Gkrco KVI ru rr R PITTRSON ZIIIIOIJ' Gronor W Nusow IRUMAYN B Scmnrz Sophomore: JUHN D HARDIBGIIK Rourm G Kuvnwlnr 1-RFD L Punius F: efhmezz Josrm Puovmxzozxo Evrnrvr QLIIAIIFR Auxrru Sruxvrxurrc Geever Burns Wunsch. Keys Mussxe HAROLD D SINGIR MD STAINISIOUS A SLURIK M S M D HFNRY B THoMAs B S M D FRIIJIRIIK Tlcv M D MrLo E VACIN MD HAROID R Omluml IVIAX L Wlmun HrRMAN H STONY Ilovn A WUVSCII Eur im. J RANKr Paul XV SUINDIRIAND JAKK XVIHIAMS ,IAMIS SMIIH Lrovn R Srnovrs FARI A Vow DRAQIK Page 1 1 - in ' , . -, . . , . ., . . 4 , , ., . . . Z, . . f r -A :v ' 1 - n : , . . . . , . ., . . . , . . L . . ., ,.., . . ' 4, . ., . . 1 . 4 , . ., . . ' . .. , ..., . . 1 . ', .., . . ' - 1- r - -, - . . ', . ., . . N, . 1: , , . z 1 , ., .- . L.: , , . ., . . . , . . 1 . .', . , '. , . . ,,,. . , , . . .: , l I 1. . . , . . . . ,. . . . . ., A - 5' '. 4 2 . S ' " . ' E 'r . Y.. r 1 . 'iz . 1 . . ' l . ' ' . Z". .. . .."' .. , : , . . .' . ' 5 ' ii' . 1 i ' . 1' 1' . 1 .' 1 ' . . r Z' . . L ' E , r' ' I I v:4' 7: I 1 . J' ' ' " M ' . .L r'. 'A a. . if . ' . ' i . 5 ' ' ' ' ' I 'z 'i Z . . A .5' ' , . . - '. 1 -f .- - Z .' . . ' , ' 'f' ,--f 1 L A A . , to , ,A S . , , QD L - - . x rr, A i A , 1 .I , ,5 . Y K V an .J Y . 479 -F.-A., N1 I1 1 H , ,e wad., I 'f' 4, 4 . L A !,.. 5" A is ' Q sw 3 fb an , ' .gs-,rfl Q: - 17-'fiiff ' -2'F'Q'4e.T.L 'f . , - I QKITEQJ TT 3 . Q 3 ' 1 xv A A ' ' "P rw. ,. , - , Q 1 , . 7, 1 , ..., WX ,iw 'Adu ' ,. "m ,f 45 , l 'XJ , ,,.,. ,,,,.,, N, P, nf . ' I' .VK 1, ' I' ,, . ' 1, 75131: . Q45 . Qt, l-- , , , ? , 1 'wx piggy' H11 , iff 0 Jazfjf. . Q jf .' 45, ,' H? , bqgs 425134, . Y -.lwx if ,, Q '-.x- ' H Xf:Y,I,"-'9",-b Q ,wr 4,39 4' QS .gear I if L. SCRGRITIES Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Chi Omega . . Delta Pi . . . Epsilon Phi . Gamma Delta Omicron Pi . Phi.... Xi Delta . . . Beta Phi Alpha . . . Beta Sigma Omicron Chi Omega... . Delta Delta Delta. . Delta Gamma . . . Delta Zeta . . . Gamma Phi Beta . . Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta .... . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . . Phi Phi Omega Pi . . . Phi Sigma Sigma . . Pi Beta Phi . . . Sigma Sigma Delta Tau. . . Kappa . . . . Zeta Tau Alpha . . Page 482 QJMJZX-.egatatgfgea 484 485 486 487 488 489 490 491 492 493 494 495 496 497 498 499 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 507 -J 'S' ' is SIHLHR CHANDLER lvlzs BRIGGS an-gl! Zfealc and Alpha C111 Omega CAROL L EGL DOROTHY R JLIITON Alpha Delta P1 MARIORI1 R SILXIRMAN JUNF C SMITH Alpha Epfllan Flat FRANCES M FLIIscHIR ETHIL L SILVIR MARIAN V EWAN HIIDA M LIVINGOOD Alpha Omman P1 MARY L DIrMrR ELIzAIaETI-I L HAYIs Alpha Ph: ELIZABFTH J ScAIrr ALICF J VAN DYKE Alpha X1 Delta VIRGINIA GRAI-IAM ANNABFLLF A JOHNSON Beta Pls: Alpha LORRAINE G. MIKIIS DOROTHY J. Rounlxc Ewan Clark Hutton l l l BEVERLIE C. Bnmas .... . . . . . . . .Prefidem MARY J. IvEs ........... .... V ice-Pre.rident IMOGENE M. CHANDLER .... ......SerI-nary HELEN V. SIHLER ............. , ..... ..... . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... Tl'ed.flll'El' STUDFNT REPRESENTATIVLS OF COURT OF APPEALS MARIAW V EXXAN MARX F MORRISON INIARY M FLTMING I-IILIN R S-four MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Cb: Omega VIRGINIA L MCCANCE MARY S XVFSTON Delta Delta Delta ELIZABFTH A EXVING CATHI-RINTJ RIFGTL Delta Gamma BTTWJ PI ARQALL RACHIL M Rorrm MARLYN J GRUNXYALD JUNE E HITLM Gamma Plat Beta JFANTTIF H IXIIFS RUTH M SUTHERLANID Kappa Alpha Theta PAULA J MCNAMARA JANL A MOIILTR Ixappa DI lla RUTH E CI-IENOWTTI-I BrTH A IRVINE Kappa kappa Gamma LIETITIA P. I-IOLT MARY S. STEW ART f' PIN M Il M CHARLOTTE DAVIS R JrAN HEAVTNER Pb: Omega P1 ESTI-IER M GRAY SI-IIRLEY A JOI-INsoN Pb! Sigma Stgma EIAINT L GILEORD HFLIN E GOLDBFRG P1 B: ta Pb: IMOGENF M CIIANDLLR MARY F BRANYAN Sigma Delta Tall CAROL D BERNSTEIN HARRIFT GRONNFR Sigma Kappa FRANCES B HUTTON JOSEPHINE E STrI'In Zeta Tall Alpha VIRGIVIA V CLARK. SHIRLEY J. HOCRING Morrison Stone Fleming Page 483 VIRGINIA V. CLARK FRANCES B. HUTTON I . " ' . Alpha Gamma Della Dglfa gm, 'A I , . . f ' 1 ' . 1 A , l A - ' j' . ' W E551 N 5 W GK A, , Ip: L 1.7 . jf i I I ' X R l Yf A 9- . 91 .: ' U Quaid' WA I lf' 'fi MAX 1 ii Q' 'Q' leg: Fonmler! Iota Chapter DePauw University, 1885 Erlublirlseaf, 1899 Si.x'lJ'-one Arlire Chalzterr 904 Salzlb LiII!'0ll1 Avenue Om Cr O... Hollmnnn Woodwortlm Musser Berman Lyon Foster Sluder Cummiskey Nicoll Armstrong Whitsitt Blakeslee Spencer Purnell Shafer Varnum Blake Sipe Martin Spann Ege Walter Leedle Devine Huxtable Corns Walker White Imle Nichols Jutton Harder Best Fischer Glennan Evans Noel Green McWethy' Oakes Loomis Robinson Morgan Elvis Fisher Van Dyke Catlett Colby Andrews Higgins F A C U LTY GARETA H. BUSEY, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior! ROSEMARY BEST MARX' J. GLENNAN NIARGUERITE G. IMLE LUCIE F. NICHOLS L. IRENE EVANS SHIRLEE M. HARDER DOROTHY R. JUTTON JOAN M. WALKER DOROTHY E. FISCHIZR D. JANE WHITE junior: MARY M, BLAKE DOROTHY E. HuxTAELE MARTHA R. NOEL MARGARET J. SIPE MARY J. CORNS MADELYN E. LIEEDLE CATHERINE M. PURNELI. MARY SPANN PATRICIA A. DEVINE HARRIIETT L. MARTIN MARTHA A. SHAEER DOROTHY A. VARNIIM CAROL L. EGE MARJORIE L. WALTER Sopbonzoref M. PARALEE ARMSTRONG JANE M. FOSTER DORIS E. KENNEDY NANCY NICOLL D. LORRAINE BERMAN V. JANE HIGGINS MARJORIE A. LYON JOAN SLUDER MARGARET M. BLAKESLEI5 DOROTHY A. HOLLMANN MARIAN A. MussER FLORENCE L. SPENCER I. KATHRYN CUMMISKIZY MARY J. WOODWORTH F1'6'J'h77Z67Z JEANNETTE A. ANDREWS RUTH A. FISHER SUZANNE MCWETHY ELIZABETH A. ROBINSON ANN C. CATLETT BETTY J. GREEN MARJORLE G. MORGAN BARBARA C. THIELE PRISCILLA B. COLBY GERALDINIE M. Looms MARGARET E. OAKES BETTY A. VAN DYKE SHIRLEY A. ELVIS BARBARA J. WHITSITT Page 484 - 1 1'7"-' -, ' 'l l I Faumlen' Sigma Chapter Wcslcylan Female College, 1851 E.rm1nli:bed, 1912 Filly-.fix fl!'lf1'L' Clmfllerf 1202 Wen Nermln Slfvfl I "R I! if ,fy xl! 'T f", Q F Rlch Irdson PTARI C BOYTR BoNNIr lx FLYNN JPAN E H1991 FR JAINICT I: Buellr VALFRIF A l-GAN SHIRIIY V BROIIIRQ. JFANI Bumcn MARTHA V BARRFTT SHIRLTY L Dovu hll 1 i Freemm Jurgcns Burlmgham Kell Smlth Buslee Egan Burke Doyle Leshcr Hunter Johnston Bdfflff NVQIQQ Rcxsz MTIIIH WIllI1n1s Tygrct Wlllls Hall Broherg. Fessenden Shlvely Shute Lang Olfult Huislcr Boyer Mrs Kmg Flynn Sllx crman Nquman McCann M1rsh Schaefer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JANI C' MARQI-I JOAN K MCCAINN MARJORIF D HALL MARIAIN D LFSHFR Rum! FRTEMAN BARIIARAJ HUNTI-R JUN: I FRQSPNDTN Semorf HILLN L NAUMAN HAZFL L OTFUTI ZIJZZOIJ' LADFANI1 J MAR rm S o phomore: GRACE C JURGIIXQ IoIs M Rrlsz I'zeJl9me1z QHIRLTYJ KIII MARY E RICHARDSON LILLIAN E SCHAFTER MARIORIT R SILVTRMAN J CAPPIE SMITH DOROTHY L TYGRFT MARY E Wrrss JUM E WILLIAMQ MARGARET E LANG VIRGINIA A SHIVELH Page 485 - - '. . ' ' '. . 1 ' I j I I , .. I I ,. . 2 I . I' . ' I ', . ,iz 1 . . 1" . ' I . . .. . 'Z . . I u . , EvnI.YN D. BURIINGIIAM MARX' E. JoI-INs'roN MARION D. SHUTR AUDREY M. WILLIS , . , I . .z , f 1 . ix-A P Founded Barnard College, 1909 Twenty-eigbl Active Clsaplerx -' r-1 fl 'I al' 'fxp' f 'Si' 162425 Mu Chapter Erlablixhed, 1920 904 Sunil: Thin! Slreel .7114 fb Weltmnn Frcyer Morgan XVechslcr Berman Wir1ogx':xd Rubcl Kaplan Bcrlau Altfeld Glickman Israel Dabs Fcrclerbcr Feldman Friedburg Stine Grccnblntt Rowe J. Myers Abrahams Luvinson Schpok K. Myers Freedman Brusscll Cohen Silver Strauss Bazelon Dworski Braude Sachs Chapman Meyer Rosenstock Smith Deutsch Rothschild Grccnwalcl MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sefziorx JuDI'rH L. BAZIZLON NORMA Brmuura ANNETTE F. Bnussrzr. MINDELL COHEN Momcn M. Dwonsm GUDULA H. EINSTEIN M. El.AIN1i FIUEIEDMAN KA1'HRYN H. lVlYlZRS Amzrmn L. Scnvox ETIIIZI. L. SlLvlzR CARLYNE B. Srnauss fzznzorf BETTY L. Anna:-mms PHYLLIS J. GREENULATT FLORENCE LEVINSON'r I. Mvmzs Gus'rAvA FRIEDBERG FRANCES J. Rown Solfzlaomorer GLADYS Y. ALrrn1.n LUCILLR J. FERDERISIER BETTY J. lSRAliL Lois F, Lnvrrr SHIRLEY H. BERLAU FRANCES M. FLrz1sCHlzR Amzus B. KAPLAN MIl.DRl-,D C. RUBIEL Bnrrv J. Drans ALECIA S. GLICKMAN Bxfrrv C. S'rrsLrrz Frefbmelz DOROTHY D. BERMAN ESTHIEROSIE GRnnNxv'ALn RUTH M. RCslfNs'roCK JOCIQLYN R. STINH HELEN J. CHAPMAN MARJORIH J. KRASNE E. BAnra'r'rn ROTHSCHILD IETTA hVECl'lSl.l5R SHIRLEY A. Dwrscirr JANE N. MEYER THIELMA T. SAC!-IS BAnls'r'r1s J. XVIELTMAN JUNE M. FELDMAN Bomwn J. IVIORGAN ALYNE D. SMITH 'I'rvn1.r J. WHEN CARROLL M. FRIEYIQR llll'lNll Z. WINOGRAD Page 486 ,Qi ' :A ,J , f 6. J' -5419A -, -,g 'Q 3:1 ,1- ew 5 ,f ' I 51 Sw if 2 , 'IZQQXXL I, Founder! Sigma Chapter Syracuse University, 1904 Em1bli.fl1ed, 1918 Forty-Tix Aclive Chapterx 1106 Soulb Lincoln Azfenue G!! A gamma Jaffa Oster Wilson McDaniel Thompson Brlnshtcr Ugel Tart Crmg., K1utz Muncie Eastman Krumslek Stone Ewan S Parsons Temple Phillips XVosnuk Coltefiux M1H1llgll Iivcngood Soderstom Glasscock Bercher Anderson P Parsons Good G1ssm.inn XVIIFOA Hacks Powers Mathis Ch urch Morton Dunc'1n Azbc e Donelan RUTH E ANDFRSON HFIIN C BrRcH1:R JFANFTTI' D CO11rAUx MARGARET K Circc LORITTA A DONFIAV BARBARA BRANs1ArrR Donorm R FRATNG JIAN C GOOD IDA K CHURCH IsAB1I J DUNCAN l 1 l FACULTY ROSALH: M PARR PhD MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Fromxcr E Gmsscocr, HILDA M Livivcoon LORFNA MANAUCII MARIAN V Ew AN V1Rc1NiAI KAU17 MARJORH B MCDAINIFL KATHARINT GASSMANN VERNA K HACRT: Senza: J !fI7Zl0lJ' PHYLIIS R PARSCNS FLORIBCI' E PHIIIIPS E1LrNr J MUBCIF Sopbomofer MURIII j OsTrR SHIRITX M PARSONS Fr erlamerz RUTH K MATH1s SHIRLVY N MORTON R JTANND SODFRSTROM -Xucr C TrMPLr Hu.r'v G Woswuic AVNT' Rosrms HILINI R STONF ANNr F TARR JANIIT E Ucri DOROTHY J WILSON DOROTHY Il THOMPSON DONNA L WILCOX Page 487 . I . i 2 . 1 ' 1 7 1 ' . 'Y . A i . ' . c 4 L 4- 7 ' . .. ' ' , ' ' . ' . C1 gg . 1 an .1 '. . . ' .. . . . . 1 1 1 1.2 . 1 A . 5. , 1' 1 . .. . 1 . 1 1 1 A 1 . . ' 1 1 ' T E :I . ' MYRA J. Axim EDITH E. EASTMAN ANNETTR I.. KRUMSIIZK JEAN Poxvnns 1 ' . .. 1 r I . 4 V i 1 . Y 2 A L 1 . 2 ' . 1. . 5 5. . ' 1 ' ' ' f ' - 1' T 2 . 1. 7 , ' : v 4 I . 'QQ' . ' -91, .I A'1fv.,' .ilk-mail .Sha 1, Y.-i ' ., vhshf. 6 f 55 la -Ag I' 1. 15 , 59 fx 'va , -F! 3f'.f'Fn. Mrs' 'lf LF 'li Q as Founded Iota Chapter Barnard College, 1897 Enfzblirbed, 1911 Foriy-two Arlire Llmplerf 704 Sorzrb Malbew: Shea! G!! A micw ' I.cKancler Petry Nowak Biersach Tuttle Tritt Werstler Stevenson L. Holtzman Nield Brice Steven Beard O'Byrne Zillner Eggleston Meyer Julius Rahmeyer Timmons Moeck Murphy Otwell E.O'Connor Dodswortlx Roske Johnston Wilson CuIl Rennick Smykal Diem er Ellis Hurlbut M. I-Ioltzman Burgett Hayes Carrier Dorsey Schutt Rossi Pixley Dolan Benoist Hudson Huxtable Westerbeek M. O'Connor Pearce Hoyt F A C U LTY LOUISE M. XVOODROOEE, B.P. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior: BETTY J. CURL JANE A. ELLIS NANCY J. HURLIIUT RUTH M. RENNICR MARY L. DIEMFR MARY E. HOLTZMAN RUTH E. SMYKAL juniors ARDELLE B. BENOIST WINIFRED L. DORSEY ROBERTA M. JOHNSTON MARY M. ROSSI MARY A. BURGBTT ELIZABETH L. HAYES MARY E. O'CONNOR LOIS L. SCHUTT ELEANOR L. CARRIER DOROTHY M. HUDSON JULIANNE R. PEARCII BETTY J. WESTERBIZIEK DOROTHY F. DOLAN JIZANETTE V. HUXTABLE ELIZABETH PIXLEY BETH M. WILSON Soplaomorer DONNA L. BRIEHM RUTH M. MEYER MARY E. O'BYRNE NoRA M. RAHMEYIZR jo ANN DooSwoRTH MARGARET A. Morcrc ELAINE O'CoNNoR FRANCES M. RoSIcE LAVERNE A. EGGLIISTON PHYLLIS J. MURPHX' MARY F. OTWELI. WINIFRED I. TIMMONS FRANCES E. JULIUS LORRAINE H. ZILLNIER Frexlamerz MARY A. BEARD BETTY M. HOYT DOROTHX' M. NOXVAK MAIKY M. S'rEvENsoN DORIS E. BIERSACH MARJORIE J. LANG LOIS M. PETRY MARY E. TRITT EILEEN M. BRICE L. Jo LIEKANDER BARBARA A. STEVEN BILLIE M. TUTTLE LUCILLE HOLTZMAN BETTYRELLE NIEI.D JOAN E. WERSTLFR Page 488 M , , . 12..- ,, rsdvgnl Fanmled Beta Alpha. Chapter Syl'1lCllSC University, 1872 Efmblixbezf, 1922 Thirty-.verfvu Arrive Chnjwlerf 508 Em! Armory .flrmne 0114 M Hester er O Bach MlCl12lCl Mxlllzen Pxllsbury Bwrney Burllson Elberfeld Flmmgam Standlsh Anderson Clark Elhson Van Dyke Tlwrnton FIsher B Bach Campbell Kudo Palmer Scalfe Baxley Bufhnger Llvely Land Poland XV1fklH9 Dodge Elhbee Wylle Icobs Amlmg Fletcher MARGARET BIOOM Ph D FL11TcHI'R MITCALTL B A BARBARA E BAILBY MARIAN KY! BUFFINGER PATTY J CAMPBFLL BITTI3 J BACIAI ORTLINR B BACII BARBARA A BARNIIY RUTH C AMLING MARJORII' A DODGE l 1 l FACULTY JAN1' C WATT AB MMus MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITX ELIN Kuoo JFANNI H EILISON MARY E FISHER MARGARTT A BuRLIsov MARY E EIBPRTIZLD PHYLLIS C ILER Iols J ELI mrs G1 admzte Student REBECCA XVINGFR1 Senzou fznzzou MARX E LAND ALICR L HI2sTI:R PFGGY L LIVFLX 50105017701 ef F1 eylomefz MARY A JAcoIxs ANWTTI: L MICHAEL MARIAN F DIILLIZEN PRIQCILI A FLRTCHFR JAALII XVISTON P1 CARO LYN M PALMTR .IFAN L STANDISH AI ICI: J VAIA. DYKE JTAN C PILLSBURY OLIvr M POLAND BARBARA E WYLIF JIRRY M THORNTON MARTHA E WA1RINs Page 489 II D . ' ' ' Y ' . ' I ' . , . . 1 . , . ., . . ' ' ' .. 3 , 1 D . 1 s . . I ,' . , ELEANOR G. ANDERSON JoYcIz C. CLARK VIRGINIA L. FLANINGAM ELIZABETH J. SCAIIIR I . 1 . . I . 1 . . 1 ' . . . . ' I L ' . 1 . , . Hr G11 A E3 ' -S '. 'Fi ' 3 X. . 4,,.-,1'r4' Te' ' in .--, , We " ' AH: ,Ls Fozmdcd Kappa Chapter Lombard College, 1893 Efmblifbed, 1905 Ffffj'-.l't?1'67l Arlire Chapter: 715 Wen Mirbigarz Arenas jeff I-Inrclinger Greenwell Corringmn Staubitz Perring Lees Novy Morgan Sweeney Huntley Hank Haag Dolm Kopenky Ixxddoo Cowcll Sampson XVICdIlHg Kuhns Berr Horstman MLQu'ud johnson Gmsspltch Crombxe McBnde Gunkel Iorluw Huidxck Z1hn Nakss ce Gmham Robb C upcnrer Van Dyke Mgfonnell Thomason Case Durham Ixayc Lundblad Hal RU1uM Cnommr Eunr S Fonmw Vmomm GRAHAM Anrmmr N Benn Mmm K Cowru. MAN L DOLAN Donomx M F11 Am J HAAG Ruin CORRINGTON IOUISI C GRITINXYFLL JIAN M HAAK PArruuA M Cfmmtwrrn Minn JANYE CASE D Page 490 FACULTY IR1Nn D PIFRSON AB MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Awfmfx M GROQSPITKH DOROIHY G GUNML Rum M HALL IANIT I-IORQTMAN IAURA M HuN1L1'Y ANNAIRTILI' A JOHNSON Mfxvrs L Hfmowcrn SHIRLIY J Ixmr Bm rv M DURHAM G1 adware Sfzfclefzl JFAN S SHTPARD Semou 11171011 ARIIINI P HADDILIX HINRIFTTFJ MCBRID1' Bun M KIDDOO Lumcr F kovxncy Donouavj Kux-ms Moxm M MLQuA1u S0lDl70l7Z0l EI Rum R Llrs Dome M Iumonmn F1 exlamefz hlfxm S MCCCNNTLL VIRGINIA 1 NAKIS jrAmTTr M Roxwrf Mumrx H ZAHN llmmon V INIORGAN l'H111Ix SxMPs0N Mmm: E STAumr.f: Hxxxx R Sxxuxn limiuj WIFDLING Mm II Nou' DQROTHY V Prmuvc Mfmmw F Roan RUTH I THOMASOX Dum M VANDNKI' A W ,- J V , . A I, 2 - . 1 , . . ' . I 1 .- ' , . I . 'Z . " N , ' '. . " ' . 'z E z 1 . 1 - 'f - r J. 7' 4 V , ' I 1 ' , 1 - . A w ., ' ' - 55 A' 1- 1 - ' ' L - ' ' 5.511 .. "ZiI'E' v 4 I . 1 A- " ' . . . In ' . E2 ' Z '. ' 5 ,,1 : ' 1. 4 Y . A ' ' . , ' z 14' . ' . N: D. . I' f . : f . . ,.. . . W! ,A E M, .!- Y V: WM.: , h.- H A, -- :. I, -L I nv 4 iv! .3 -. AI ., .. A A .Q F 1 i - href ,L i t ,. f' 1153 ,QA -Q' 291 I -Ag' ntl' 'll Foumled Beta Chapter University of California, 1909 Efinblixlaed, 1923 Tluerzty-eigbt Acliue Cbupleu 805 Weir PElIlI,fj'f1"fl7lid Avenue Grmcr E ANDRFSFN HILIV M AwnHzsoN WILMA L BonTo1oT1I CAIHIRINI' jr1rR Cfmonx J C RAIG GRFTA C GRIXINILL INIARY E Ivn joslpmwr M FAnRrL1 Lois J Coovm Stahl Fflrrcll Schrenk Sheldon Mayer Thompson Cooper Nhtllxascn Schell Bortolottl Smcler Grlnncll Eunw Pulcher V1lcnt1ne Staats R0lIlJllx Anderson Wacl1 Craig Ix ey Mikes Rayl 110 D FIQHIR Lonrmxr G Mmm ELLAMAI' PULCHFR Donmm J Roumk Ouvr P SCHFLI PYIRICIA K MATHIAQYNI I-IA1mu1 R Evfws 4,311.1 W 1 i 51 5 ifinpsrg mm: 4 ' QQ? f""I"'l'e af fM'f'WFflf'l'ff 3 N Tl P 4 1 I I I . vc . A n l I . l E , . . .4 2 2. . . ' l ' Q . ' 1. , E 2 ' 1 '. . . " 1 . 1 in .. . .f. L.. . 51" u " 2 1 1 H Ll' 1 , , r V ' - r r - . : . N 'E 1 . ' 1 , l 1 . I 1 . . ' l S2 A 1 . 1 . x ' . ' I :l . r '4"" 'V - WI' 73.155, 'ir' "F 'C,glfIIT?'aC"'Nf7TmIf"'IT'T1T-TTWW - fPY'ET:i51'f 5d5 IQif?"f'T 153Qf5"'f'fA74ff1'5TI"'TI- "Y 'ha '-'ZTTJJT-71i"ffgdu"'QlTI"W1Eq'f71?T' .-T 'T5F'!"??-EEGTFZLITF 'A "' Un' ,1'm.f.,. '1"'l,..,l,lf,,gy1l I ' fl. :Flaw '-'Lim -' ' - .,'-.:,.f-. .q?wH.,,5.g52gwef.'1f-mfef:'- 3-WMS-i 2.13. 5233.31-'i'vr.? fx-Q51 ffl -it-, ll!-"J.-'fnF2jP'.:TQF'-I W'-rl3'Ai7'f'f:!4l3If'51f',' fb I 1' "Tr J ' 1' , '-r I- ,311-T-115-14" f-.1 q sq.--,.G"'l+" ?-. yilfvz'-J l ff?-.l?,w -'Lu' . -1,-HQ." iflm j":'1il3',vj mQ1'-.,-f1'A?fLg1':51- Q. 1 ll,i5f,.,,z rf :Q 5'l!,Ii'.:I: ,". , cjfl"'.'-','1L'25!','-'lik n 'W " ' - Y - V ww- w 1-4---Y - H --x-7-'f1- -'-4- z ----L-f-,Z .. - . ---LK., . 1 . V f- ,.- Y - ,. I. '- :L:g,'.,V,- ,.'. Us 1-,,,.ig,. C' 4' ,-.4 V, I - .,. FACULTY ENIID SCHNAUBIR MS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdmzte Sfzldefztf 56711011 11111011 ZORALUCILI RAYL Hurvl' SCHAFIFR ANNA M SLHULTZ ELAINIFJ Swmrn Sophomofef F1 exhmefz SHIRLFY Y gCHRl'lNlx E T' Schultz Sclmefer Fisher Mmzcfmrr A THOMPQON BITTY jmNr STAMS Evrlvv A VALLMIN' Inrxr D WAC!-I Mzmrx-IA L STAHL AUDRFY L WITHlNG1ov Donormf H Munn Hfxzrr M SHHDON lg, p ull ,Q l x 4 L, Pcxge 491 a?r-1 I 133 . . gf if if Forwflefl Alpha Mu Chapter University of Missouri, 1888 Eflablixbed, 1927 T11-erlly-lbree Aclire Cbapterr 1007 Soulb Fifth Slreel Eid Lf VVLQ VVLLCTOVL Banta Ostfeld Calna n Crabtree Houghton Broom McCullough Manning Stonebraker Perry MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Stzzdentx HARRIETT C. BROOM LILLIAN A. NELSON LENORA PERRY Senior: ALMA E. MCCULLOUGH fzmiory I.oNuz V. BANTA NINA B. CRABTREE ELEANOR L. MANNING MILDRED H. OSTFELD MARY J. CALNAN SARAH W. HOUGHTON MARGARET ROBBINS S0ph0m0re.r Lois J. STONEBRAKER fl, -X' .wat I . I X" fit -' -I . I J ' El? H ' 4391 64 ...alma --5L1e.- Fomnlzwi Omicron Chapter University of Arkansas, 1895 Exlablifbed, 1900 Ninelj-lllree Aclire Cbzlfllerl 907 Sfllllb Wright Slrael CI' Om S. gx Anderson Harders Rowlette Godfrey Hxll Pxle Crum Mount Strlckler Gobcn Mann Hopkms Plummer Zelgler Morlock Waltrmrr. Rosen M Rnchmond Delaney Mcfance Westcott Otten Ashley Hunt Harshman Woodard McCoy Lytle P A Laughlm O Rxchmond Dennmg Ewald Wnglzt WIISOD P L Laughlm Wleston Clulstrom McD1vIcl Johnson Embsholf Oehler McManus Tirpennmg Frampton Zearmg Reed WIllougl1by Perrxn Mott Kronxg Lyman CORNELIA P IRELLEY Ph D PHYLLIS L CHALSTROM FRANCES J EMRSHOII BETTY E EWALD HELEN M ASHLFY ADELE E DELANX NANCY E HARSHMAB MARY A HUNT CAROLYN D ANDERSON J RUTH BUCKIES DOROTHEA M QRUM MARY A GOETN LOUISE J GoDrRIY MARGARET F FRAMITON BETTY J GALLONWAY DOROTHY E HARDFRS VIRGINIA B KRONIG 1 l 1 FACULTY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior: HELEN: M JoHNsoN PEGGY L LAUGHLIN NIYRA LYrI.r VIRGINIA L MCCANCI: MARION M MCCOY JOANN1 W HILL JANET V HOPKINS PRISCILLA E MANN HFLFN L MORLOCK LOIS LYMAN ROBERTA E Morr BETTY J MCDAVID OMA D RICHMOND IHZZOIJ' HELEN A OEHLER MARY J OTTEN MARION J RICHMOND Sophomore: PHYLLIS MOUNT MARY L PAINTER JANE H FILE DORIS E PLUMMER FI 6119772677 MARTHA A PERRIN RUTH C REED MARGUERIIE A PARKHIEI CHARLOTTE S SMITH Parkhnll Gallow ay SprIng,er Smxth CLARISSA RINAKER Ph D MARY S WESTON GERAEDINE C WRIGHT ELAINE B RosEN MARGARET J WESTCOTT F ROIIERTA WILSON BrTTE ROWLLTTE PATRICIA A STRICKLER MARTHA J WALTMIRE MARTHA L ZEARING MADLLYN V ZEIGLER KATHRYN L SPRINGER JACQUELINE M TARPENNING TERRY A WESTHATER JACQUTLINE A WILLOUGHBY Page 493 ,..'.1fv. ':..f . I f- 1.1 - , -I . -A. - Aw -W 111- .Au V , .-,- vw -'-- -1. .r-W-A -. . - . l. I I ' I I I ' . . ' c I I A K . ..., H . , . I , . ' , . . , . . . 'L . ' . R EVE-ILYN C. DIZNNING PATRICIA A. LAUGHLIN MARX' L. MCMANUS LUCILE C. WOODARD 7 ' . 1 1 ' L ' . ' . ' . . 1 ' . .AI I . . ' 1 . 4 1 A . - Fonmled Boston University, 1888 Eighiy-,rereu Affine Cbrzplcrx ,,. 'L f' if ! Cuajz-.. 8,1 fm. LQ: V A V Delta Pi Chapter Emzblisbed, 1970 508 Ea!! Chalfzwrx Ylreel Cllffd J Zia Jeff G Mmer Roush Prouty Gudner Seed McC1rthy VlVlAN L BFNTON AB ANNA L ALLEN IANFT CARMICHATL BARBARA E DUNI-IAM ELIzAIaETI-I A EWING RUIH L BRrrzr HELEN E GARDNER DOROTHY H HAMILION SHIRLEY B HOPP HrII'Nr A GIFST ANNI C MCGORRISR 121 FANOR MIILFR EDITH M DYrR VIIINA M FOGTLSONIC BITTY L FULTON Page 494 I Mmer MCGOIfl5ln Smashey MIller Plupps Wndney Youngcr Gxesc I Pruhs Nesxlon I. Plullxps Kemp l-I Neal Phxllxps D1vIes Rxegel Hopp Pnthcr Lmdemann C Neal Koemg Breeze HamIlton Secllack Russell Dunlnm Snodg r'Iss Allen Ewxng Lukenbxll New by Carmxchael Roblnson Halllgan Mohrmg Wllks Fogelsonf, ulton W1 ICIS St Clfur Dyer C Pruhs Whxt or FACULTY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdmzle Student MARCFLLA E LUKFNHIIL GYORGOA F MINFR ANN V NEIIIIIY MARIORIF L KrMP IANI E LINDIMANN MARGARET O MCCAR1 HY JIANNI L MINTR MARCARr1 C, PIIIPPs DOROTHX E HALLIGAIN CDRINNE A KRUSIMARK ELLANOR S SVLFNFY Semou DORIS H PROUTY VEVA E ROBINSON MARY E Rouen 111111011 CAROI YN M NI Al V ELIZABETH NEXXLON LOIS E PHILLIPS Sopbomor ef IVIARGARTTJ SMASHIY BrTTE G WIDNIY F1 eflamefz MARGARET C MOIAIRINIL, CARLENL PRIII-Is LIAH F TRFLTASI A M JUNE E Russru. DOROTI-IYJ SFDLAFK Lors J SVODGRASS PI+IYLLIs E PHILLIPS IDA M PRI II-Is CATHIRINI j RIFGFL MAYFSTI Ll r WHITFORD LLAINE C WIIKS MARY K YOUINCIR IANICE G ST CLAIR PEGGY R Srm IOAN WALTTRS . I1 'lift' 'A . , . . . ' I ' ' ' ' I F .I 1 . .' . f 4 . . , . , 2 . I 1 . 2, ' ' . ,- . I 1 . I . I ' . . I . I . ' IANIZ A.' DAMLES, DoR6'I'HY jj KQJENIG HELEN L. NEAL MARY J. PRATI-IRR I I . I I A . a . - "' . 2 3 . ' ' ' I ' 3 1.1 I . : 1 E I E . I I I . S 5 ' 7 1 . - ' 1 . , ' . I ' '. ' I 1 , 2 . I :E 4 ,L ll' . 1 , . ' ' . 1 ' . ' 1 . I ' . . s ' . - I. I . - . 5 rf 1 - . .2 if I r W- M . in f Founded Iota Chapter Lewis Institute, 187-I Exmblifbed, 1906 Filly-one Active Clzafzlurx 1207 W'e.rI Newrzda Sl:-eel !id, dlflfLl4fLd Hatton Wxnslmxp Parker Young Rhode Bunn Roehm Brlght McAnhs M1cAlhster Parsons McL'xugh11n Murrxson Hodge Lmder Rumpf Stoetzcl Swxshcr Dxeterle Coulter Kceslzu xVlggIHS Stephens Roche Murphy Crump Wolf Odum Schmuesu' Pearsall I-Iostetler Rextze Blum Hxght Hanxsee Douquct Marsh Feder XVy 1tt McEwen Mxles Crfmdcll Saw yer Burk F A C U LTY B1-v1RLYj BLUM Ln J CRUMP DOROTHY M I-Ios11:r1rR MARX I BAcoN Donorm E Bmom MARIAN W HATTON MARcurR1Tr A Honor ROSIMARY V KTFSLAR CHARLOTTF E LINIDLR GLORIA R Bunn I-IILIN L COULWR MARCARIT E CRANDHI :UQANJ DIETTRLI' l i M ALTA G SAUNDFRS A M MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sefzzoff Bmw MCCOWN B1 uv J P1 ARSALL MARY F ODUM MARIORIP j RFITZF fznzzorf MARY H MCAVLIS LORRAINF J MURPHY 1AN1s E MCLAUGHLIN POLLY A PARSONS Soplyomm es PATRICIA MAcA1L15TrR IANI F RUMPI ROBTRTA J MORRISON BETH L STFPHFN9 SAILY I Rr-forms MARGARFT S bronzxr F1 efhmezz MARCARYT Y DOUQUFT ROBFRTA A I-IIGHT ANN Frnrn AuDRrY B MARSH B11 YY J HANLSLE BL1TY A MCEWLN MILDRFD F SCHMUISFR MARY M WOLI PATRILIA A Rock-n: RACHFL M RQFHM ELFANOR J WINSHIP JYANNF A Swlsl-:ER MARGARFT L WrcGINs BrRNxcr J YOUNG BARBARAJ MILTS CAROLYNJ PARKER JANE SAWYER JANF P WYATT Page 495 ' ' 4 c . Q 'V . ' I I 4 I . 1, .. ' .. . I .. 1 . 4 .. I f . . . . . 2, 1 1. ,. . . t' I 2 . 1 2 . . 1 as . L I 11 1 . . - . 5 . r.1,. . ' I' . f ' 1 l P Y 'K is 'O 3 F0lllll!L'!ll Alpha Beta Chapter Miami University, 1902 ErlI1bli.rl:m!, 1921 Fiflj'-efgbl Anim' Cb1lfll0!'.f 710 WWI! Ohio Slreet Qeffa alfa Rowe Ixrucber Srhxemer Gaetjens Cannon R RlCl11fClSOH HIllrn'In Smdehn Pahsch Cxrpentcr -I RIchzIrdson Hager buthcrhnd Palmer Hjelm Fleury Fordon Bracken Grunwald Ixuehne Roberts Vlells Coleman FIORFNKI M HAIIDING FI1ANcrs B FORDON BFTTYJ CoLrMAN Doms V PALMIJI1 M JANr CANNON ELAINr A CARPFNIFR Amsus GAFTJTNS Page 496 FACULTY M EvALrvr V IXRAMI I1 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARLYNJ GRUNWALD ,IANFT S RICHARDSON Donorm' P HILLMAN VIRGINIA D Knuscnn Gmdzmfe Student EUNICE C RoIaI:RTs Senzon' 111111011 JUNI' II. HJNM Sophomozef FI erlwzen MARYJ PALLASCH C RUTH RICHARDSON Aufcr M Kusurxr E JFAN XVFLLS VIIIGINIA SUTHERLRND CAIIOIXN M SANDFI-In. VIRGINIA SCI-IIu:IxFR , , V A Q . . . ' 4 ' . I . 2 ' . ' ' I 4 . was . , A. . 1. I . ' z,M.S . . V. N. MAIIJORIIQ BRACKEN I-IIILIIN M. FLEURY DOROTHY J. HAGIQR MARY F. Rows . . 1 . L 4. 1. . . A' 4 , . - 1 , I' . r - ' - " 1 ' . . ' I' - . ' . 170ll71t2l2ll iujgirlf S5 I Im- '+ 2171 I. O Six I , N4 I , Q I Sf I ' H lf",-3? JJ 6, Omicron Chapter Syracuse University, 1874 E,r1:zbli:bc:!, 1913 Foffy-.fix Active Cbn11lerJ llI0 'Wert Nfifdlld Sires! dlflfblflfbii A . Eid we? 'sw E D Qulrke J Sellers Hutchlson D Jordan Mathews Hanes Wermmc Holt Rohlfimg Eberle Cr1tton Jannleon B J Anderson Helm Frese Mauer Congbear Jones Hxll Adolph Andrews Ronny J M Irkert Fhlessen H'ltChlIlSOll Scovxll SUVGII Locke Groiiman Mlllef Muntz Meyer B.IrtlL Bloom B G Anderson Lll'lCllllbl'1 BIlsborrow Vunlman Mxes Grxmslq M Jordan Sutherland Woller Rayner Webber horns Hxggms F Qulrke bmrp Mann M Qellers Hmward Bennett E Mark-art Clayton Clements R0lJl!1h0Il Paglmrulo Nlekell x4lCl'1ElCllS SLlllINd,Il FACULTY J LITA BARR A M D Sc ANNA B ROBINSON AM MARIY M HOsTr1IrR AB B L S BFTTX G ANDPRSON AI FHEA J BILSIIORIIOW JUNE E GRIMSLEY BIIIII: M HIGGINS RUTH E HUTCHINSON MART I-IA E ADOLI' BLATRICI' E ANDRYWS XVIIMAI BARTLI' BFTTX J ANDFRQON JANE H CONYBTAR MARY L CRITTON BLTIY J EBERLE HFLFN E FRI:sI: MARJORIE L BFNNTI-r P1-IvLLIs E CLAYTON EMMAIIILLI' CLTMIIINTS MARY L HAYWARD l 1 l FLORENCL L VUHITI' A M MEMBERS IN UNIVFRSITY VIARI H JORDAN MARY L LINDQUIST JIANFTTE H MIPS LAV1-RNT K NORRIS Senzou FRANCIS G QUIRKF MAIIcARrT S RAYNFR JANFT R SCOVILL DOROTHY E SHARP IIIIHUIJ' MLRITL V BLOOM MARY K GRORSMAN MARQUEIIITL LOLRF H JUNE MARKI RT CAROLYNE E Mrs rn MARJORII: A MILLER Sophomoz es DOROIIII L JANNISON E JUN JOINLS DONNA E JORDAN ELLANOR E HUTCHISON JUN: L MATHEXX'S BTTIYJ HANrs MARX M HTIM Nfllll B HILL FI exlanzefz lI'ANE E HOIT RUTH A MIFHATLIS RONIIA L MANN MAXINF L NICKELL ELIZABETH L MARKERT FIORA G PAGLIARULO RUTH M SUII-IFRLAND LILLIAN P THIESSEN MARCARLTJ VANIMAN ELISABFTI-I N WrBBrR JIAIN D WOLLER GNXINDOLXN E IYILNIL MARGARTT A RONFI LOUISI: STIVBN VIRGINIA R MAURFR DOROTHY G QUIRRF RUTH ROHLPING K JOANNr SELLERS NrLLIr M WTRNIIWE Lois ROBINSON MARX J SELLTRS PATRICIA A SULLIXAN Page 497 Iii I. - V, ,,.. . I F I ' ' I . II 1. IIN A , I I. f ' ' L l L' - ' ' I ' I I ' I ' ' 'K I . I .- ' ' I I II ' ' ' ' ' - ' I L . h l . .Q . . . . In . M Y .L . . I , - J 4 lk I I. I J ' 4 I 'I ' - L ' ' 'II 4 I A I -. . , . ., . I I , . I . I, I . 1 . z": , . I, I . I I 1 ' . I I ' I I ': . ' I I .' ' . Q . I 1 . L Al . I'-V I - E 1 ' . II' I . I I . L' I ' VI I . ' . - I I . . ' I "- ' . I I ' . 2. LY . 1 Q r . I . L I ,. I . 1 . 1. , I I - . . I . I .I I , f. . I V795 " '-'.5,.'-,,f: "' 'MP' - -. 'A "-IZI '91,- Q L. 'gx K D - - .ax .-I 4, lg 2' 4, iq , . A -. - +6 0 T Frmuderl DePauw University, 1870 Sixty-F-ue flclire Claaplerr Delta Chapter Erfablirbed, 1875 611 Earl Daniel Slreet W G!! A QAM Middleton McKinney Brown Gillespie M. Herrick Rausch Russell Hoskins Geyer Williams Colvin Ramsey Luhmann A Healy NVlIitfield Ives Wnlrlrmiarx Kimmel Burke Bell Miller Pape Castle Gullett Tuttle Trurrt Faucett Briggs Williains Johnson Moeller Smith Angell Henry McNamara Davenport A. Herrick Gibson Murray Shaver Burgess Cox Wlilson Eslnleman Perry Coen Schnebly Baker F A C U LTY STELLA M. HAGU E, Ph.D. STELLA R. PERcIvAL, B.Mus. CAROLINE F. TIIIIPER, Ph.D MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniorf FRANCES T. ANGIEIJ. BIEVIERLIE Cl. BRIGGS MINNII2 W. FAUCETT ELINOR E. BELL BARBARA A. BURKE E. CATHERINE CASTLE DOROTHY H. GILLESPIE JANE E. BROXVN MARX' J. GIfX'ER MARGARET H. HERRICIQ OI.IvIA R. BAKER CAROLINE A. BAREIELD KATHRYN A. BIIRGESS MARY A. CORN HELEN L. HENRY NANCY E. JOHNSON PAIILA J. MCNAMARA JANE A. MOELLER DOROTHY M. SMITH BARBARA E. TRUITT fznziorr M. JANE GULLIETT PATRICIA A. KIMMEI. Donrs HEALY ELIZABETH P. LOHMANN M. JANE Ivns IWARY E. MII.I.ER Sophomoref ANN S. l-IOSKINS ANN MIDOLETON DORIS J. MCKINNEY IVIARION A. RAMSEY Frerbmeu CIONSTANCE CCLVIN BETTY L. GIBSON ETI-IEL E. COX ANN E. I-IERRICK MARALYN E. DAVIENFORT JEAN O. MURRAY ELIZABFTH A. ESHLIEMAN DOROTHY M. TUTTLE JANE E. WARD CONSTANCIE A. WILLIAMS PATRICIA K. PAPE HELEN A. PROVINB MARION L. WALDRIAN IVIIRIAM XVHITFIIZLD DOROTHY A. RAuscH ELEANOR A. RUSSELL IVIARJORIII J. WILLIAMS RUTH V. PERRY EUDORA A. SCHNEELY NANCX' SHAVER MOLLY J. WILSON Page 498 1616 Iwiihb 42? '9- A11 QA. '-PEL .W fm, ,n 'Ill 3' tw? .9 N29 ' Farnuled Sigma Omicron Clmptcr Virginia State Normal, 1897 EJlr1bIi,rb1'1l, 1923 Sixiy-eiglwl Arlive Cb1111le1',f 1204 Swllb 111150111 St1'1'z'.' A X4 W 351111 Comdy Chnpm In Boyer. Schultz Hanson Sup Loeschcr Hockcr Robinson Lwx lence Rich Rclgan Rogers Mor1.,1n Mclntyrc Listmm Sdm 1g I liwinc Bust Hitchcock Fiske L Hey Allnutt Rehm MLCal1ey Nelson Mueller Glox ei Clic-'rim nth Tina New bury Hendrie Fallon Berg Rodkay Le Llmr Sclm aber Hxllogl. M ICC 'illvud Xhlntoslm H Hay Prrcc Eggchrecht DA A FISHIR BS MARAVLNIE H BrRo MARGARET I. CI-IAPMAIR RUTH E CHFNOWFTH BARBARA L ALLNUTT JEAIRNE E Boyr Donorm A Eccrnnncrrr Brru M Boxcll BARBARA J EASTMAN HARRIIT R HANSON MARGARET L HALLOCR MARTHA D MACGALLIARD l M M VIRGINIA FALLON! M AIRNJ TISRI: Sus ANNA GLOVFR Lois J Hircucocrx Br'rH A IRvINr HILFN E HIY JUN: B HOCRFR FACULTY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY G111c1'11ate Student BrTTY K DAVIDSON S 611201 1 11111011 Lrx Rr J Hrx ALDEAA E MCCALLEY GRACE E MurLLrR MARY J Mrlix YOSH Lomsr H MCIYTXRE S0l'7f70Ill0l6J' MARII M Lr CIrAR SI-IIRLEm E LOFSCHTR EDNA R LAxv1RI:xcI. VICTORIA H RFAGAN F1e.rla111e11 Aucr A Romcmf MARY E Scuxx ACER THIO B NFISON AB BS HLLPN E Nwrxuiu FRANCFS M PRIcr MARX L RFHM JuNr M MORGAN1 JFANI C ROGFRS Evri YN I-I SCHXVAGYR BARDARAJ RICH WIr1A A Roawmm Ioisj SCIIULZ PHYI IS A SFIP Page 499 I , 5 I , , , T . . ., , . . -If . 1 I' . mc 1 . 1' I 1 . ' ' ' . i . 'I ' . ' ' ' ' . , - :. . 1 A . :AV ' 1 ' 1 ' . Z 1 ' . . CHARLENIE A. COADY JAYNI2 N. HENDIIIII , CI-IARLO'I"1'li L. NlEI.SCN H. LOUISE TICIQ ' ' . 4 1 . 1 1 . A V 1 I . . I ' . . 2 I 1. . 1 ,, . 2 . ' 1 ' . 1 2 1 ' . I . ' i . . 'I' 7 . I ' A f . , . . . 1 s , W V i".?15-IIIIAL--L4-Ill 'Wi -c- . 'i . I- P' l Farmded Beta Lambda Chapter Monmouth College, 1870 Emzblirbed, 1899 Smfmly-Iwo Arlive Chapter: H02 South Lincoln A1lEIlll! dlflflflflflfii kill' I-'ML Deal Gregory Amclnl Gerwc Robb Funkhouser Hall Phalen Tuthill Nelson Clark Thompson Landis Richardson Hinckley Welsll Fleming Schwabe Conrad Teetor Noble Bittinger Robbins Yost Hennessy Stumpc Boggs Elmore Rainey N. Mills XValker Kenney Stewart Bcrgin Brown Holt Acton Laraber: Dow J. Mills Pace Knippenburg Turner xVHfmbCf Gillick Brush Torian Wynn D. Jones Moore McKinney FA C U LTY IWARY J. ACTON DOROTHIZA A. BERGIN CONSTANCE I.. BROWN BETTY J. AMDAL EI.sIE M. BITTINGER JILL S. Boocs ELIZABETH C. DEAL JOAN FLIZMING NANCY A. HALL FRANCOISE D. BRUSH ELIEANORIZ M. FUNKHOUSER JoAN E. GERWE DOROTHY E. GILLICK MARGARET E, GREGORY HARRIET T. BARTO, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Grarizmte Sllldefli I..lLI.IAN F. Moss Seniofzr MARY A. CLARK LIETITIA P. HOLT CAROLYN C. KENNIZY CHARLOTTE L. CONRAD MARILYN B. Dow RUTH A. ELMCRE MARGARET M. HIZNNESSY MARTE L, LANDIS BARIIARA J. NOBI.E FRANCES JoNEs SUE A. KII-IPENRURG M. Lou LARABEE NANCX' J. MILLS JEANNETTE M . HINCIQLEY DOROTHY L. JONES DOROTHX' L. ROBBINS Soploamorer NANCY PI-IALEN NANCH' J. Roms MARGARET G. STUMPB Freflwzen BARBARA MOORE KATI-IRYN J. NELSON CHARLOTTE C. MCKINNEY BARBARA R. PACE H. JANE MILLS EsTELI.E A. RICHARDSON LOUISE E. RAINEY MARY S. STEWART DONNA L. WALKER C. LYLE SCI-IWABE BARBARA E. TUTIIILL INIARGARET F. WELSH BETTIE L. TEETOR MARY E. THOMPSON Bfss B. Yosr JEAN D. TORIAN SALLY J. TURNER IRMGILD J. WARMBER BARBARA J. WYNN Page 500 pw. Fufmdea' Delta Beta Chapter I Wesleyan College, 1852 Emzblifbefl, 1921 Sixly-1-wo Aalizfe Chapter: 706 Weil Obia Sireel WL- M Gelis SenneE Mathis Davis Tarr Knowlton U Maris ' Quin Lorey Hoskins Waage Heavener Dewey Renchert Ellls F A C U LTY LOUISE B. DUNBAII, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradzmle Smdelztl RUTH L. BRYAN RUTH E. Gxuacorw ETHIIL L. RIEICHERT XVILLABEL 1. TANNEII Doxus M. ELLIS ELIZABETH J. TUIINITLL Seniorf JANE R. Dmwnv INIAURINE E. Hosxms AI.IcI2 M. LOREY ELIZABETH V. TAIIII R. ,lIsAN HEAXIENER RUTH E. KNOXVLTON JUNE E. MA'l'HIS VIRGINIA M. WAAGE jzmiorf NATHALIE J. Grams CHARLOTTE L. MARIS ROSALIND J. SENNEFF Sophomore: M. CHARLOTTE DAvIs LIARJORIE E, QUIN 1 1 l Page 501 .,,ff-qw fifv- A J . ' f' ,Y "'1. A L 4' H , ,nh I 'fi' 'II 34. I UIQ nv , 'lvl Q' Foumlsd Gamma Chapter University of Nebraska, 1910 Iiftablirbezl, 1911 T11'ef1!y-.frlwz Ar?iz'L' Clnzpleri 713 JVM: Obig S111-gf lflfL B'lLlI11IlOfCI Hyslop D Johnson Haw orth Luckson Chcllberg Cluex er Mclaughlm Kuhn Sxegmund Tabor IITIICSOU Montgomery Hooper Rank S Johnson Stackhouse Baker Mxller Gmy Lxppert Pfelfer Kocarck M11mqu1st Sanders Veazxe Cook FA C U LTY CLEO FIFZSIMMONS MS RUTH C FREEMAN M S LORRAINE M. HOOPER SHIRLEY A. JOHNSON ELIZABETH J. BAKER F. JUAINITA BERCER EVELYN M. Coox JOYCE L. BAUMHOFER HAZEL E. CHELLBERG DOROTHY A. JOHNSON GLADYS M. KOCAREK Page 502 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RUTH E. MONTGOMERY ESTHER M. GRAY GRACE A. HAWORTH AGNESEELLE JAMIESONI MARTHA E. CLUEVER HELEN E. ERICKSON JANET J. MALMQUIST Sefziorf fzzniofu KATHERYN E. RANK RUTH C. KUHXT BARBARA J. MILLER AUDRIZY R. PFEIFER Sophomore: VIRGINIA M. HYSLOP Frexhmefz GLQRIA J. SANDERS EMMA R. JUTTON B.L.S. MARJORIE J. TABOR ALICE E. SIEGMUND HELEN D. STACKHOUSE MARTHA WAID MARGARET L. MCLAUGHLIN IVIARJORIIZ Z. VEAZIE PATRICIA A. TEW JEAN E. WEBER c-'va V7 3 IQUIIIIIIJECI' Thcm Chapter Hunter College 1913 Fxlabllrlirrl 1973 lucnlg eight Arlne Clmpterr 1115 Soulb Fllilllf Ylfffl ASL lflfbd LVVLZ Doischman Lidsker Liebowitz Bobin Harris Maltz Mcyerson Hecht Miller Levit Cohn Lefton XVolk Greenwald Levin Wurzberg Tamb Wfeiss Epstein Leiter Gilford Sage Bluestone Tauber Groupe Maltz Sternstein Friedman Chalem H. Goldberg Levinthal Bernstein Stone May Smith Sugnrman XVinett Holleb Klein Frankfurt B. Goldberg Rome FLORENCE CHALEM ESTA BERNSTIIIN LOUISE FRANKFURT BEATRICI2 BAGNU GWENDOLYN D. BI.UEs'roNE PHYLLIS I. EPs'rEIN PHYLLIS A. GREENXVALD IIIMA L. BOEIN JEAN D. COHN SYLVIA J. DOISCHMAN ELAINE L. GILITORD 1 1 l LORRAINIZ M. GROUPE HELEN E. GOLDBERG - RELLA L. HOLLEE juLIE'r F. KLEIN Dono1'HY M. LEIFER SYLVIA R. LEVIN SYLVIA S. LIDSKIER BEATRICE GOLDBERG EDITH F. HARRIS SELMA J. HECHT JACQUELIN G. LEE'roN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gimlmzte Studem' HARRIIET M. FIIIEDMAN Sefziorf fnniorr FRANCES STONE SONYA T. LEVINTHAL SHIRLEY J. LEVIT Soplaomorer Fl'6.ff77IZ671 LonE MAY ENID R. MERIiNS SHIRLEY D. SAGE SHIRLEY G. SUGAIIMAN JANICE LIEI3owI'rs ELAINE S. MALTZ FLORENCE R. MEYERSON DOROTHY R. TAUEEII ANITA R. MALTZ SHIRLEY I. STEIINSTEIN BEIINAIJINE H. TAUII JEAN A. WEISS ESTHER S. Wouc EVELYN T. WURZBERG MARILX'N B. MILLER REVELL H. ROME SHIRLEY B. SMITH SHIRLEY WINETT Page 503 ' V . vrego-fesgszszszegz ia 'T T-1 ' P01111-'lfrl Illinois Zeta Chapter Monmouth College, 1867 Erlablixbed, 1895 Eighty-one Aflire Cbaplerr 1005 Salztb Wright Slrue! W' gm M' M Smrth Gnllrnglmm Lee Morrls Doake 1-Iemmlnyon Crocombe Montgomnry Hefiiey Fuller 3Lttlem1re Ramm Burns Tzrrble Carlson Bxker J Smnth Dallenbadx Florentxne George EnoLhs Owen WAIIen PoueIs W1yl1nIl Lloyd Poyer Wcckel Carpenter Moon Prrng Rush B Krnnear Lovegren Rollo Nrchols Lrpscomb Clnndlcr Barton Spencur Lovejoy Carpentler Hxnes Harry C KIr1nc'Ir Prescott Tuveson MCGIDHIS Srhler Bunyan Wxse Lxttleton I-lIIIno Hermm Dmkcrson M LLL ETIIIJRIDGE MD VUILLA K GARVIR B L S IVIARX F BRANYAN IVIICHALII' M HARNO MARIoRIr E BARTON INIARIORII' M CARPI:xTILR lwrocmr M CHANDLLR Loxs R FULLFR BLTTY BURNS MARIIYxj CARPFNTTR PI-IILLISI CROCOMBI: E ANN DALLINBACH MARCARVT J DOAKII INIARCARFT M EIxoCI-Is JOAN BARTR PI-IIILIS A BTAVLR LAURA E CARLSON JI IRNI V DICKFRSON Page 504 FACUITY Dr MARIA LLONARD AM LIttD MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CHARLOTTI' A HFRMAN BARBARA R IIFILEION JOQLRHINE F HIMMINGSON ELIZABETH j Hmm BERTHA J KINNFAR bAR'I A LIPSCOMB KAI:-IRYN FIORINJTINI MARY F GIORGL BARBARA J GILLIXGHAM CI-IARLOFYI' A KININIIAR MARC TRY A IIOYD AI ICI E HYITLTY RUTH L LTL Senza: r II Av MCGINNIS IHZIOII BITYYI IOVFGRTN ELLA C MORRIS N.-xxcvj NICHOLS HIIINI A PRFSCOTT 5011719011101 61 JEAN E Lovnjof GFORGIA A MooN DOROTHY E Oxvw VIRGINIA L POWTR NELLL M SIGNOR A B B L S I-IILLR V SII-ILER FLORINCII E WISE VIRGINIA R RoLLo MARIORIT E SPLNCTR MARY A TARBIE JAYNE Ix Tuvrsoxz MARGARIT A SMITH I JAM: TAWNLY CHARLOTTI R XVAIIRFN s M MARDFLL XYITCKIL JANFT S POYLR JAYNII: E ZIDER I 1 E!hl1Z97Z IQABFLLE P PRIING PATRICIA G SLTILFMIRE MOLLY RAMM IIANILTTT SMITH MARIORII: A IVIONTCOMI-RY JANI5 E RUSH ANN WATLAND I . I ' " " .' A' . 1 ' I . c . 1- - , . ., .P.H. - , . ., . . - f . , . ., .. . 1 , . . . ' . I' 1 . . EI i" . 'I , 1 . 'II f A . I . . , I . A 1 I Z 1 . I ' ' . I': I' . . I f . I I' . I EJ: . : 4 . 1. I - ' " . ASI A . E - . . ' 1. ' . . A' I 2 '. . Z ' . . 4. ' .. I - . I' . .I 1 . 11 . E "I . II? . '1 . 1 1 1 1 I . ' 9: I .. 1 . ' A ' V ' 1 I . . 4. ,, Y '. I .I. I I V . ' N . - . . I If EI- I . . , - . ' , 2 . ' , . II 1 ' 5 . . I' - - 14,5 . l lll Fozmded Kappa Chapter Cornell University, 19l7 Emzblifbed, 1926 Sixleeu Acliwe Cl71l1h'l'I'.l' 1104 War: Newzda Sh-ear M 235111 Q Q14 Kuper Mell Lerner Stolkin Jaffe Landsmun P. Cohen Greenberg Rosin Beck Reyner Pollock Shiffman Swartz Samuels Flesch Ellman Goldman Gronner E. Colm Reflow Jacobs Spielbergcr Krinsky SCl1OCl'16Elll Bergman Bernstein Rcizner Gundersheimer Inlander Frcidlzmder Simon Robinson R. Cohen Weiss Levin Znvclo Perlstein Trace D. Colm Wolfberg Landay Epsteen MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors CAROL D. BERNSTIIIN FLORENCE N. REIZNER SHIRLEY A. TIVOL I fmziorf CAROLYN D. BIERGMAN ROSLYN INLANDIZR PHYLLIS M. SIMON SOIUIQOHZOTEI RUTH E. COHEN I.oIs J. GUNDIERSHEIMIER ANNA L. POLLOCK ZENA ScHxvAIu'z Es'rnI.I.n R. COHN PIh'LLlS E. JACOBS ELIZABETH A. Rmfcoxv JANET B, SHIITITMAN MAR-IORIE E. ELLMAN EILEIIN C. Knmsrw FAYI3 L. REYNER JEAN E. SPIELBERGER RosAI.YN E. FRIIIDLANDER IOANNE KUPER LOIS J, SAMUIZLS JOAN J, WE155 EDYTHI3 A. GOLDMAN JANET R. LANDAY LUCILLE A. SCHOIQNFELD WILMA ZAvI:I.o HARRIET GRONNIZR Freslamezz CAROL F. BECK MAXINI3 P. GRIQIQNIIIERG GliRAl.DINE M. LIZVIN JULIET P. RosIN PHYLLIS R. COHIZN MITZIIS H. JAIf1f1z LOIS R. IVIELL NAT-ALU3 J, 51-QLKIN DIANE K. COHN SHIRLEY R. LANDSMAN PHvI.LIs E. PERLSTBIN GI.ADYs P. TRACE NATALIA J. EPSTEEN PEARL J. LERNER ADRIENNIZ A. ROBINSON JEAN L. Wownnnc EVIZLYN D. FLESCI-I :mr an 1-1 - Page 505 Sf. U Qgff QQ xii! 5 EK 'ff P X3 .Q . !' 9 ere me er- Faznnlen' Theta Chapter Colby College, 1874 E.rmblirl:m', 1906 Fmly-three Aciiffr Clmplerf 809 117611 Pmmylffmzia Azennf' Hutton FANNIE M. BROOKS, A.B., R.N. EVELYN D. GREENING GWEN A. CLARK EVELYN L. ERIKSON MARY M. FLEMING Erikson Peters Green Frampton Piersol Crossman Clark Rogers Steele Hanatin Tapscott Graf Freeman Perry Stewart Fleming b FA C U LTY RUTH CROSSMAN, A.B., B.S. JOSIE B. HOUCHENS, B.L.S A M MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmle Stmienf JOSEPHINE E. STEELE Sefziorr FRANCES B. HUTTON GEORGIA F. PERRY fzmiorr BETTY J. FRAMPTON VIRGINIA F. GRAF ELEANOR M. FREEMAN MARY P. HANAFIN Soplczomore KATHRYN M. GREEN Frerhzmzn MARY F. PETERS M. MARGARET STEWART MARX' D. PIERSOL DEIIA A. ROGERS MARTHA J. TAPscoTT Page 503 p n I ..gm455w ' T - ZBA? if 964.4155 01 23 PIX 3' -A Q ..-E as , 'A-'eswff F0ll7lll'L'cIi Alpha Kappa Chapter Virginia State Normal School, 1898 Eflablifbefl, 1921 Selwzfy-eigblArIi1'e Chapin! 808 lVL'Jl llffllllillf Sll't'L'f 745. WI 0111. h Smith Johnson Hardy Wfatts Sikorski Spitler Kittredge Sisney Throckmorton Roberts Knz Portz Youngberg Rhoadcs Thompson Mroch Pace Gould Fleming Smiley C. Kollar Ziegler Tess Veeder Loufek Morrison Hocking Mason Clark Medlin Wiglmtmnn J. Kollar De Young Kempc Streed Masoner Brydges O'Nf:il Sowcrs Counsil F A C U LTY BEULAI-I M. ARMSTRONG DORIS FLEMING VIRGINIA V. CLARK SHIRLEY J. HOCKING RLITI-I KEMPE BTTTY J JOHNSON IRMA M LOUFEK DONNA M MROCI-I IRMA M BRODFRICK MARJORIF DI: YOUNG MARX J COUNSIL JEAIN L KOLLAR l 1 l LILLIAN L. HARDX' HELEN J. MANNON EILEEN G. MASON RENA E. MEDLIN M ALICE O NFIL MARYBEIH SIsNI-Y MARJORIF A Goum MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradzzate Smdentx Senior: 71771071 MARY F. IVIORRISCN MARY G. PACE VIRGINIA E. PORTZ MARY K SMILFY MABFL A THOMPSON Soplaomofef DOROTHY J KRIZ CTLTSTINIE M KCLLAR LORRAINK A SIKORSKI FI exlmzerz HFLEN F MAsoNER RUTH L STRFTD ' . I A GERTRUDE E. BRYDGES MARJORIE A. KITTRIEDGE ELEANOR M. ROBERTS ADA M. WIGI-ITMAN . I 1 I I . - . I . I ' . 1 -I' - . 1: . . 1 : - . , , GERTRUDIQ L. SEYII, M.S. MILDRIZD E. SIJITLER MARTI-IA RHOADES BETTY J. SMITII JANE L. Tnss OI IVF M THROCRMCRTON MARY E Vrmrn JEAN M WATIS JOAN Soxvrns LORRAINI YOUNCBTRG H ELI7AIsTTII ZITGLER Page 507 '1- 4 ri rf f Qs n my A553235 . ,641 , W " 5 H H. U. . "' mmf up m m3 w , 1,4 ,r H uw W qu. u mm . Eg fix ' f ' 'Y 2 S ,TQ 1 , . . A w , 1: w away, V , ,, Mar.. ,M vw, Q QM A fa, E ., r ,,!, 1 f sf . mf 5- .41 5 'K rw! 1? -' ' if I . .! gm J '-wffavfbzw ,Z , - 3 fa, ' . , ,,,, Y,,k . , .V 1-1-SI' iff :v.f,ii.-,- ' . egzeznw , H. ,, - 2,3-5 fa". , '-I-ni J r fig. , . ix g w 2511 , 'f Lyla w ' ' ,"wP,' "QC ,1 A ,five-. ' mul., a W. , . 1 H -Q .' A 42? - X H ur 3 'N K w ss 52 E W z ' yn. ,Nl ,. L11 W kv 1 1 INDEPENDENT GRGANIZATIQNS P J ,... f:X..N i.. M 5 ' iv V . - f l Rrcuann J.. NEl.SON BuNNr'r'r I. BERMAN Tuoivias R. KIQLAHAN 5'?NF'E-':D,?j.T'fYH0K Prrulrleul, Fluff YE'l7IL'.l'lf'l' Vice-Priu'1zlt'z1f lflrc-Plwfflezzl "m"L"' Hum' . A' , QA. i I .Li . g , . W 3 .X lui, 1 V 1 .,,. 5 ... H . ll-WW li. 1' l " 15.1 -V FFP' f f fi 1, U , A ., qui .41 u L ,x,,l,,. Q ' 32 ,.:. . ' N' t A. I I-, 1 J, ' r 4 R .i wt. Al. - SPENCER F. BROWN JOSERH W. BAUS DONALD E.'BOVEI2 NORMAN G. PAUL G. MA'r'r, JR. Slftftldl'-Q' Editor of :be Arbleur BITTERMANN Member ai Large Indepfsmlezzi Director Preiirlenl, Second Sefzzcxfer' FACULTY ADVISORY BOARD Ronnnr G. BONE Gnonon W. Gonuz VALENTINE Jousr Ci-mains R. FREDERICK The Men's Independent District Association is an organi- zation which promotes a stronger feeling of unity among independent men on the campus. This year the organization has accomplished several of its many aims for the independents. For many years, it has attempted to secure a university dormitory for men stu- dents. Next year, largely due to the efforts of M.I.D.A., the university will begin construction on a new dormitory. FREDERICK S. Smsrnr Other improvements in conditions for independents will be realized in the new Union Building where a non-profit book exchange and low cost eating facilities will be es- tablished for the students. To promote social life on the campus, the M.I.D.A., in cooperation with W.G.S., sponsored two major dances for the independents during the school year. Maze Frisch Estrim Fogelman Odum Dohert Kelly Cook Curtin McKinley Overton Huber. Hameister Crain May Koelin Cahill Genster Beaumont Bruniga Gerler j. Brown Passwater StaEord Frazee Langin Jenkins Delaurenl: Marcson Dimond Sander Krawulski Barton Nelson Willzird Frederick Seil jobst Daniels Boyling Kendall Schmidt Carter. Mullin Lambeth Prather Kraus Bitterman Berman S. Brown Taylor Farr Maha jerclnovic Page 510 'The Independent , gg... ,, Y ' 'fi fflllir 'J ' -54:14- V- HARRY GRUSIN EDITI-I E. DIEHNIERT PATRICIA D. MAXW'IiLl. JOSEPH W. BAUS Genera Mfwuger Bfmnen Alflfzager flmmuzf Edimr Edimr :T I, --asa- ..: 1 r,, ,. . A ua if-Z' A ' I . .ff-,.,,. .J , - X an-Q, ., R , -HQ .. I, ,,. l A . Q3 J ' ' " J 4 If ' I " l 4 ' I - A .-' DONALD E. BOVEE JANET A. WIDDOWSON HARRY J. LAMEETH ROBERT N. SCHXVARTZ EARL. W. LEWIS LIICILLE G. TURIGLIATTO ELWOOD B. ACRER Sfwrif Edilar Per.ramIl.r Editor Ncuzr Ednor Edilorial Editor A111'eI'II.Iiz1g zllazlngvr Finance Murmgur Sala-.I Manager COMMITTEE OF PUBLICATION ROBERT G. BONE, Ph.D. RICHARD J. NELSON BIERNICI5 L. OLSON BERNITA J. LONG, A.B., LLB., B.S. MANNING D. SEIL, B.S. S TA F F HELEN M. BIMBA HELLN K. BLATTI SHIRLEY E. BOCK FREDDA F. BOONE JOSEPH S. BOREN JAMES BROWN WILLIAM R. CAHILL LOUIS CANTOR MILDRED CAPLING LOIS M. CARBERRY RAYMOND J. CHAN MILAN S. DIANIS MARIAN D. FARRELL GENEVA A. FICIQER DAVID A. FIELD MORRIS J. FOGELMAN JANE GARDNER SIDNEY GOOzE FLORENCE E. I-IACKETT ETTA M. HART' CAROLYN D. HAY JOHN B. HENDERSON WALDEN M. INGLE MADALAINE A. JACOBUS Q ,FH NEVIN E. KIENDALL IVIERLE B. KINGMAN IRVING KIRSHNER NORMAN J. KRAEET HER!! M. KRAUS MARVIN LANGHAUS ALFRED J. LOEWY PEARL E. LOPATER P1-IYLLIS J. MARKS MORRIS MliNDEL HELEN A. MORRISON ARTHUR T. NORTH GEORGE F. RIGOTTI THOMAS V. RITCI-Illi BARBARA H. SANDERS ALICE I. SEAEERT BETTY L. SHACKEL NELLE SHAGAN LOUIS H. STERN ROBERT SUGERMAN DORO1'HY B. WIEXLER ANNA J. WILLIAMS ELIZABETH M. WRIGHT I Q., QW, I QS, 7-r ,Hx V-J' Kraus Gooze Cahill Brown Kmeft Dianis Kendall Ficker Jacobus Seabert Wright Rigutti Hackett Widdcmufson Wexler Bimba Carberry Wlilliams Farrell Hay Shackel Boone Sanders Capling Shagan Blatti Hart Marks Lopater Stern Dehnert Grusin Acker Ingle Lewis Cantor Turigliatto Page 511 Granada Club Stewart Boyle Money Rigotti Ncpute Roll Bassett Fairhurn Tuell Jeeha Crossley Swcaringen Forst Whited Jenks Heunegar Stephens Hoycrnlonsson Moiirow -Palmer Pflunz Bowman Vanneman Bunn' Frasconu Kowalski D'Andrea Stough Wojciechowski Mott Baum Dillow Rohn Walluxan Zeller F1sh,MIller Kxrby Orsmger Clark Stocking Stadermzm Delnurcnt Rhinehart Kaufman Flamm White Buziek Tllrbetts Carrier Grisnmore Tohrocke Minkus Wright Salzman Alport-Barz.Laudau Slupley Jolly Bell .Iuhelt Rico Janus Vasak Johnson Lezxhigh Levin Dannevik Rothfelder Mulekow Henderson North Breymann Gatewood Harris Stxbal MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradzmle Stzldezzl BTZRTRAM J. ALPORT S67Zi0l'J' WAI.TI2R A. BARZ JOHN W. BLIZICK GEORGE R. CARRIER PAUL F. FLAMM WALTER N. BRFYMANN HURERT W. DANNEVIK ANTHONY J. DELAURENT ROBERT J. GATEXVOOD ROBERT C. BAAR EDWARD J. BAIIM RODNEY L. BELL BARRETT C. DILLOW PETER J. FRASCONA WILLIAM M. BASSETT LLOYD A. BOWMAN GEORGE M, BOYLE KEITH S. CLARK RICHARD C. CROSSLIEY CHARLES J. D'ANDREA ROBERT C. FAIRBAIRN SAMUEL FISH HAROLD N. KAUIIMAN GEORGE W. LANDAU MARVIN J. MINKIIS WILLIAM J. RHINEHART NELSON T. GRISAMORE CLIHORD E. HARRIS JOHN B. HENDERSON ROBERT E. JOLLY WARREN JONSSON LELAND J. LIEAHIGH MARTIN L. MILLER RALPH W. FORST GILEORD H. HIENNEGAR HERMAN W. HOYER, JR. IRWIN JECHA LEVFRETT N. JENKS FRANK C. JOHNSON ROBERT F. KIRIZY JEROME SALZMAN ORVILLIE P. STADERMAN JAMES R. STIBAI. HENRY C. STOCKING jmziorl' CHESTER W. JANUS HILBER'F P. JLIEELT JEROME M. LEVIN Sophomore: ELMER S. MOTT RAYMOND NEPIITE ERNE P. PELANz IMAR W. RICE Frefbmen ROLAND A. KOXVAI.SK1 JAMES H. MONEY ROBERT A. MORROW JOHN C. ORSINOER ROBERT W. PALMER GEORGE F. RIGOTTI WILLIAM A. ROLL ROBERT M. TIBBIETTS FLOYD C. TOBROCICE HOWARD S. WHITE WILLIAM C. XVRIGHT BYRON IVIALEKOXV ARTHUR T. NORTH WILLIAM E. ROTHFELDIER FRANCIS J. VASAK EDWARD J. ROHN JOHN C. STOUGH CLINTON R. VANNEMAN CARL O. WALLMAN WILLIAM S. SHIPLIEY WALTER E. STEPHENS, JR FINLAY J. STEWART VINCEI. H. SWUEARINGEN ROBERT G. TUFLL ROBERT G. WHITED EDXVIN XVOJCIECHOWSKI HERBERT J. ZELLER Page 512 Vers' Club HAROLD C. ADAMS JAMES R. ADAMS WAYNE R. DAVIDSON ROY E. DIAL CHARLES W. DURFEE Durfee Rhodes Passvratcr Gross A, Johnson Salford Wetzler Schroeder H. Adams Davidson Moseley Tooper Kachiroubas Ruud Dial Zeman Skala R. Johnson J. Adams MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM A. Gnoss ARNoI.D R. JoHNsoN Ross W. JOHNSON DEMOSTHENES T. KACHIROUBAS MORRIS P. MOsEI.EY EARL H. PASSVUATER WILLIAM J. RHODES HARRY B. RUUD WILLIAM H. SAFFORD Miner House EDWIN M. SCHROEDER JOSEPH C. SKALA EDWAIKD B. TOOPER ROBERT L. XYIETZLER ARTHUR F. ZEMAN HOWARD N. BAIIOHER FRANK L. BIscRwI'I'H ERWIN E. BODMIIR, JR. RICHARD S. BOWMAN Orro E. BRAUNSDORF ALIIERT E. BRYANT JOSEPH A. CARLSON, JR. LEWIS H. CLAUSIEN Kenutis MIIFIEH: Plum Beckwith Rozanski Phillippe Braunsdorf Inman Squires Jones Edmunds Keller Janda Carlson J. Erickson Nystrom Miclmlcc Riddell Bodmer Stewart Spaulding MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EDXWIN B. CLINE RORERT 1-I. EDMUNDS A. EARL ERICKSON JOHN M. ERICRSON JAMES A. FREIZK WILLIAM S. FREEK WALLACE A. HOLTON DAVID M. INMAN BENJAMIN H. JANDA WARREN W. JONES FRANK L. KELLER ROBERT M. KIENUTIS RAY J. MICHALEC CLARENCE H. PLUM FREDRICIQ L. RIDDELL LAXVRENCIE A. ROZANSRI ROBERT E. RUSSELL ROBERT A. SPAULDING THEODORE E. MOFFETT DAVID S. SQUIRES RINALDO V, NYSTROM MERL J. STEWART KELLER C. PHILLIPPE GEORGE L. WALDERS -- -O I R Page 513 H - zum' 'W 1111 XVESI: Nevada Street Mar E. Busey Hall SHIRLEY E. BOOK ARSELIA M. BLOCK LOISJIZAN CLARK DOROTHY E. DISAN EDITH E. DEHNERT LOUISE DEUTCI-I RUTH V. DIXON FLORENCE N. ANDERSON MARGARET L. ANDERSON JEANNE L. BAIRD RAVELI R. BRODSIQY SUZANNE COALIZ HAZEL B. DAMISCH RITA BIERLIANT BERNICIE BLATT IRMA M. BRODERICIC Lots M. CAREERRY RUTH V. CHERRY MARIAN DAVIS RUTH C. EPSTEIN LA VERNE M. ESSER MARX' K. FAHEY PHYLLIS J. ATZENHOEEER HOLLY L. BENNETT RUTH E. BERGREN GERALDINE M. COHEN JEANETTE DACHROTH BEATRICE L. DANNER GERALDINE GRIZENBERG NOIXMA C. HENSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY PEARL N. FIELDMAN EVELYN M. FISHRIAN KATHLEEN FITZGERALD DOROTHY P. FOSTER ANGELINA FRASCONA ANNIITTE C. GAETJE MARGARET J. HALL DOROTHY A. EGGIZIBRECHT MARTFIA EI-IRLICI-I VIRGINIA A. ESH ELIZANNE HANITZ MARY B. HARRIS ROSE H. HOLTEN BERNICH FAIR DOROTHY J. FORS BARETTE C. FRANZUS MILDRED H. GAIL ELAINE GAVIENDA JEAN E. GOODWILI. MIRIAM F. GRANT JUNE M. HANSON ESTHER A. HAUPTFLIZISCH JOAN JOINER EVELYN A. KLUNR CORINNE A. KRUSEMARR THIELMA A. LAUEER ELEANOR S. LEGATOR PATRICIA M. LENT ROSANNE LEVATIN Semorf PAYE A. HOMRIGHOUS M. PATRICIA HUDSON RUTH KAHN M. ELISE KASTEN MARIAN B. LERNER MARIAN F. IVIAHER PHYLLIS J. MARKS IZHZIOIU' ELIZABETH F. HUDSON ESTHIZR R. KAPLAN AMELITA M. KIELLSTRAND NORBIA KLASS INEz E. LARSON HELEN E. MASSOCK S 0 plaomoref VERA L. HOMRIGHOUS DOROTHY M. HORSTMEIER ELSIE M. JACOES MARY E. JAMES MURIEL C. JANICKI ANN T. KATZ MARY K. KELLY H. BERNADINE KENDLE GERTRUDE KRAIEMER Freylamefz MAIDA M. LUDVIIC MARY J. MILLER MARY W. NOTEST'lilN DOROTHY G. OSTROXY' CCNCETTA R. PETRo71A PATRICIA T. PUCRETT RUTH C. SCHNITZER RUTH E. MARSHALL ATHENA MASSIAS NEDRA M. OTT ADELE RANGE RUTH E. RIGDON GENEVA E. SCHULTHEIS MARY I. SELTZER MARGARET V. PAWLICRI VIX'IAN E. PETERSON NORMA SCHMIDT NELLE SHAGAN MARY L. SUNDERLAND ELIZABETH A. WEDLOCK MIRIAM M. KRASNICK FLORENCE G. LARSON MARJORIE L. MCCARRON HARRIET J. MCKIBRON MARIORIE J. NORTH SYLVIA REINITZ MARGUERITE E. SAss HAZIEL R. SCHAYES SYLVIA SEIJIZER BETTY B. SIEGMAN BETTY J. SKOLNIK LOUISE V. SMALLWOOD BETTY J. STEINIIR JEAN C. STOCKLIRIDGE ELEANOR I. STRAIN ELEANOR J. THOMPSON JOANNA SOUSLEY BIELVA M. STEIN PAULINE A. STRAND RORERTA M. TUCKER RUTH VON GRUENINOEN BETTY D. XVOLCOTT DOROTHY B. XVEXLER EVELYN L. WHITE GRAYCE N. WICALL MIRIAM S. WIGODA ORILDA L. WILCOX CARMEN R. SHUT!! CAROLYN A. SIMONS FRANCES E. SWARD BARBARA M. VAN DYKE DOROTHX' M. WILBOURN NINA J. VUITI-II3REI.I. MARY K. YOUNGIER SHIRLEY F. ZAX SHIRLEY R. TRUMPY ELIZABETH J. TYNDAI. DOROTHEA H. WEAVER ELENORE M. VUHITTLIE HARRIET L. WIEDENBECK MARIORIE B. XVITTENBERGIR SONIA B. YANOFSKY Page 514 1115 XVcst Nevada Street Laura B. E ans Hall MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniorf RUTH ALDRICH RUTH R. PIANVKINS MARY M. MORRELI. SYLVIA RIZCKLES ELVERA SKUEIC ELEANOR M. ATTEBIIRRY SHIRLEY B. JAMESON D. JANET MUNGER HANNAH E. ROLL NIVARDEQM. SMITH JUNE E. BOYS ETHELYN E. LARNER LORRAINE P. NORDSTROM LUCILLE M. SCHAUER LILLIAN bTEIBER CLAIRE B. FOGELSON ANN C. MARTENs MARTHA R. O'HAlR LEONA R. SHAPIRO SOPHY TRACHTENBERG MINNIETTE GODOR' MARY IVfII.L1ER ADELE F. PALMER JENNIIE R. SIMMONS SARA J. XVOLF EDITH GOLDSTEIN fmziorf BETTY V. ALBERT BETTY A. EATON NAOMI M. HAXVKINS LAURA J. LAYSON ELCISE Ross RUTH J. ALESKIN VIRGINIA M. FROYD MARGARI51' A. HEINERE PEARL E. LOPATER CAROLYN RUTLEDGE MYRA J. AZBE BETTY M. GRANNEMAN FELTCIA C. HOCHMAN JEAN E. MCJOHNSTON VIVIAN E. SUPPES SHIRLEY F. BASRIN GRACE C. HANTOYER MARX' B. HUSTED LA FERN P. MLILLMAN BEVERLY X. WEIMAN YOLANDA R. DELARCO EILEEN M. HARRY CAROL A. KEATING VIRGINIA M. PIPER RITA C. YOUNG BETTY DENHOLM Soplaomoref JUNE E. ANDERSON T1-IELMA R. COHIEN HELEN S. GROSBFRG GERALDINE A. LEUKIERING BEATRICR ROSENBLLIM MARGARET A. ANDERSON AOAH F. ELLICOTT RORERTA F. HAY HELEN M. MARTIN ROSALYN B. SHAPIRO MILDREO E. BAI.I.oxv LOIs C. FULLERTON IVIARGUIERITE E. HEEREN JUNE R. MERVIS JEAN K. STEINMAYER LILY BERNSCN RUTH J. GOLDBIERG INEZ M. JOHNSON MARY J. MRAVEC ARLIENE E. SUPPES IVA M. BERRY VIOLET R. GOLUI5 KATHRYN M. LAUNI? PAULINE P. PAYA OPAL A. WARFIELD LORNA E. BRUMIfIEI.n LUCY A. GREEN DORIS J. LAYSON ETHEL M. POST EIJNA C. YOUNG Freflzvmezz JUNE J. ANEY MARY R. DOVC'LING MERC1ZDIiS G. KAHLIZRT JOHANNA S. IVIAYORS MERIAM R. SICANOFF NATALIE J. BECKER ELIZABETH M. DOYLE LORENE L. KETTENIIURG JACQUIELING M. MILLER PHYLLIS C. SIMPSON MIIRIAM H. BOXIERMAN SHARON N. DYSAR1' BETTY E. LANGENWALTER ELAINE G. OLSON DOROTHY J. STRAIN GEORGETTE E. COHEN I-IARRIET K. ELLICOTT Lois K. LARNER DORIS A. PETERSON PATSY SURIE LA VERNE H. C01-IEN ANTONIIZ FALK MARY A. LATTUADA LILLIAN J. PRUSHA ROIIERTA R. ULERY DORIS M. COHN HELEN M. FORD IWURIIEL I..ICI-ITENSTIEIN CAREY J. RCSOHACKI RUTH A. XVALLACE COLLEEN D. CONDON MARIORIE GOLDSTEIN SHIRLEY F. LOFCHII2 HELEN M. ROUTI-I JEAN R. WEISS BRUNA M. DE MOIsE MILDRED L. GUYNN LOUISE J. LUITINSKY SUZANNE SAPIRO JEANETTE M. WOLTZEN HELEN M. DOHER'l'X' C. JOAN HURW'ITZ ALDONA D. MALIILO Page 515 202 East Green Street I 4-H House Norris Edw'1rds MLDon11d Gray ja Grllhth McCabe Marsh1ll Cromlcy FI Itch Farrar Slemen NWO I' Hur Fxtton Bxtterm mn Shxelds M Iller Gmham Frnley Bren cr Goxst Romme Bruker Kam Stockb1r,g,er Bxerm In I-Ileser Engelkmg GIbbs French Sherman XVhItcomb Hubtr Blume VIIVITA B BIIRMAN BERINILL A IIRGIIRING HI Ll R L BIIIFRMANN HARRIrrTj EDWARDS KATI-IRYN G Fmrozx MILDRFD L BRIKKTR jrssllf L FINLLH H RosA1.1A FRITCH LoRAINr ANDFRSON D EVIILXN' BLUMr MARYJ CROMLLY 3 1 k Page 516 Myers Plumb Anderson Ixmdred Oltman FAC U LTY MILDRED M READ B S MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sammy ELIZABETH M IHRTNCH MARIAN B GIBBS IIIIIOIJ ALICI' M GOIST VIRGINIA NORRIS AIMA R MARSHALL VIRNICL C QHIRMAR Soplaamozer MARIORIF E KAIsr MARY G MFCABE jrAv E GRAHAM ANNABFLLI' GRAY ARLFLE V JAY FI erbmezz MAY O HURIR BARBARA J KINDRFD ELIZABETH FARRAR MARX J GRIFIITH DORENIJ HIISER MARX L SIOCKBARGFR IRMA V SHIrLDs HFLFIN C WOLF GLADYS E INICDONALD HAZEI E MIILLR MARIAH P PLUMB GRFTCHFIN MXTRS ROZIILA M OI.TMAx jrAx A VVHITCOMB ' '. ' I ' I y ' ' ' . . . I " ' . 1 1 . . I . . A . V . . "' - I I ' 2 I 'l ' ' I ' ,- . I ' 'f ' ' :.' ' . " : a 'a I . .1 . ' . 1 VIOLIET V. BREXWER KATHRYN L. I-IURL HELEN R. Rommz CATHERINE E. SIRMEN .- a I . , a I 1 1' . - , 1 . 1' 1 1 I , . 1 - Ii Y -' . 'A L ' 4 .r . . E. . I' I ' II . 405 Ent john itnct Presb tenan Hall Lv .Elf 'Wy nw Wlxlloughby Smwltz Segur HCl1HdLI MLKlnney Schlmkcrt fredlgkr. D Banks Bedford E Greemnzz M Grecnmg McC1uley Melnnes Irwm Walker Ones Myers Pcurer Goad TU9Ll1 hung Burkhardl Vmderwarf CaIr Hmrvey Hurrck Daughcrty Rxgg Kcphart johnson RVHIICD Roberts Henderson Dans Burnett Seyller LzImL M. Banks Chaprn Hoover Fox Nllson jackson Newman Schroeder MARIAN H. BANKS IVIELBA F. BEDFORD DOROTHY W. BuRIcHARIu'r ANNE E. BLIRNETT M. RATHRYN CARR DOROTHY E. CHAPIN DORIS M. BANKS MARIAN L. DAUGHERTY F. ELEANOR EWING ALICE K. FIEURER SHIRLEY J, HIENIDIERSONJ GERTRUDE C. MCKIVVEY MARY' K. JACRSOR BARBARA L. JONES MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ALICE V. DAX IS FERN E. Fox LUCILE R. FREDICKIE BENITA A. GOAO EVELYN D. GRIQENIINO RUTH E, HELANDIER LOUISE HERRICK FRANCES E. JOHNSON Selziorf MARIORIE F. GREENING Lois M. HARVEY M. JANET HOOVIER M. CYNTHIA IRXWIN LOUISE I-I, KIEPHART zmio r.r ELIZABETH S. MCINNES DOROTHY J. NIZWMAN MARY E. READY Sophomoref MAKINE H. RIGG HELEN A. MYERS ELIZABETH A. SCHLINKERT reybmezz IVIARGARET E. MCCAULEY R. HARRIETT LAMB HELEN N. ROBERTS BEATRICE A. SEGUR HARRIETTE E. SEYLLER LUCIINDA M. VVAIIKER JANET M. SMALTZ ELIZABETH TOOL MARILYN VIANDERXVARF MARY H. WARREN GRACE L. ToscH BARBARA E. XWILLOUGHBY RUTH M. NILSENI MARIANINA M. SCI-IRORDER - - M-l- - - Page 517 v, A. ' 1 451 112 East John Street Bethany Circl Schmke Warrcn Fcrguson Gndcr Benson Gordon Leach KICICI Storm Steverson BlI1gI11l'l'l Allmon Hodung Foster Mxghcll Curry Mcfray Anderson Flemmg, Dweley Moller Boone Jacobsen Hortcnstxne FACULTY IRLNT CIIOUCH A M AMIIIA KRIEG B L S A M LIILIAN H ROMMTL B Q EDA A -IACOBSLN AM FARABA G AINDFRSON WILHFIMINA A DIVLLLY ERMA A FLTMING MILDRFD L ALLISON EVFLYN L BINGHAM MAURINE GRIDLR MARIAN C BENSON FRANCIS M DEAL Page 518 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HARRIYT V HOCKING A IEONA JACCBSTN MARTHA A MAIL M ELIZAIIITH BUCKLILR MARGARET E CURRX RU1 H C MoI.I.I R F ANNETTT EI.I.IoT FLORFNCF M KRI:jCI G1 adm! Studerzt RUTH H ANDERSON 5672107 I LOUISE A MANN SHIRLEY H MIGHIILI. 11711075 BARBARA L FIRCUSON MARY A FOSTER Soplaomm ef Frexhmezz RUTH L LI:ACH RCRRRTA R Nrwmm IoNr L STANSLLI. MARTHA L WARRFN RUTH L GORDON MARJQRII: STIIVENSON Pl-IYLLIS STORM VIVIAN M MARTIN NIORMA R MULVANE x l 4 . . Y ' , ' ' .. 7 ' . 4 . 1 , . . I - , .9 . FREDDA F.. BOONE HAzI5I.'M. AHORTENSTINE BONNIE J: MCCRAX' MADIILINE IE. SCHNAKE , li 807 South W'right Street 1 Notman Stemberg Hogg Conybmr Peterson Gundersen Mayr Andersen Nr-rrrs Jones Stropes Levy McCarty Zmgre McQu:ud Bergstrom McM111en H Muller Malrnberg Smxdt Kleenc Popov P1rk Bushmck Swearmgen Buck Johansen McCarthy Tombrmk Nrckerson I'o'c Butler Lewis Gray Sutton Mrnor Rxtchne Schrenk Raamusen Bradley Nyhus R Miller GERTRUDIE C. BUCK MILDRED I.. BUSHNTCK BIERENICE M. BUTLER HELEN O. MALMBERG LORENA M. MCMTLLEN KAREN E. ANDERSEN RUTH M. BERGSTROM JANE H. CONYEEAR MARIE A. GUNDERSEN CONSTANCE D. BRADLEY MARY H. GRAY ' LAVERTA E. HOMERER JUNE L. KRUSE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARY T. FOLTZ EVELYN L. Fox LORRAINE J. Jor-LENSEN MONA M. MCQUAID MARGARET A. HOGG LENORE G. JoNEs HELEN B. LEVY DOROTHY M. MABN DORIS P. LICHTIG MARGARET A. MCCLURE ROSEMARY MILLER PHYLLIS L. MINOR Sefziorf ANGELA KLEENE LEONA R. LEWIS FRANCES A. MCCARTHY znziorzr HELEN E. MILLER Sophomore: HELEN R. MAYR MARGARET M. MCCARTY MARY F. NoRRIs MARY L. NQTMAN Freflnmen DOROTHY J. NYT-ws NORMA E. PARK BERNTCE Popov MARY A. RASMUSEN McClure Llcktxg Kruse JIZANNE E. NLCKERSON XVINNIFRED L. Sw EARENGIN VERNA R. ToMsR1NR DOROTHY M. STEINBIZRG MARILYN D. PETERSON LTLLTAN I. SMLDT MARTHA J, STROPES JEAN M. RITCHLE SHIRLEY Y. SCHREINK EILHEN SUTTON GRACE L. ZLNGRE - - A I - - Page 519 Davenport House I 312 East Daniel Street Stratford House joseph Bimba Furlong Fraser Seilcr Hackett Seabcrt Shackel Munson Anderson Dunn Dulcy WcinreicI1 Rcgnell Grngg Bear Keupper Pollock Lichliter Dahlgren Streitmatter Roe Mortensen Hamm Nitchy Smith Sexauer Cullerton Gianotti Morris MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seuiorr GRNEvIEvIa E. BEAR RUTH E. DAHLGRIEN DOROTHY F. DULIZY LA VELLE E. DUNN ANN L. ANDERSON HELEN M. BIMIAA ANNE M. CULLIERTON MARY G. GIANOTTI JEANNIE V. HAMM BETTY L. MoR'rENsEN ELIZANORE A. FURLONG MADGE M. GRAGG ROSEMARY KIZUPPER HELEN V. FRASER MARGARET E, MuNsoN FLORENCE E. HACKETT AGNES H. NITCI-Iv KATHERINE V. LICHLITIQR IVIARGARET MORRIS HELEN E. POLLOCI-c jzmio rr ALICE I. SEABERT Sophomore: NORMA F. JOSEPH Freflomen RUTH L. ROE MARGARET J. REGNELL CORNELIA M. REHBERGER GIENEVIIEVE M. WEINREICH BETTE E. SEILER BETTY L. SHACKEL BERENICE M. SEXAUER ROSALIE M. SMITH ARLYS M. STREITMATTER Page 520 Campbell Cottage VIRGINIA L. AMES MARIORIE N. Ausnc Lors M. BARRETT ERLENI: E. BARRON Ames Schoone Camp Ausec Wiltamuth Spencer Crossland Kelly Harkness Little Kueffner Barron Bass Courtney Barrett MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARGARET I. BASS M. JANE CAMP A. EILEIEN COLIRTNEY EDITH I. CROSSLAND FLCRENCE S. HARKNESS JEAN A. KIiLI.X' LUCILLE E. B. KLIEFENER RWANDA M. I.ITTLE McKinley Hall MAGDALENE ScHooNE IVIILDRIZD D. SPENCER ESTHER M. STUEELEFIELD DOROTHY L. XVILTAMUTH l Harvey Petrulis Farrell Riley McGinnis Donnelly Brown Hcnhoff Bannon Stastny Thornberry Morsch Weninger Zaczek Muzika M3lhlS.P0lDIHSZCkABIHEITIHH K. Harmon McKey V. Davis S. A. Smith Fosse Woare Padour Noll Steppe Ehlers M. Jones Stecher Adams Workman Keister M. StIpp Kawecki B. Jones Reid Olson Bowman M. Harmon Gargula K. Davis Fathauer Jinlcins May Snyder Foran Moore Bear Rinkle Curtis Jost Anderson Thiry S. Smith Shutt Scha Heinicke RosALINo ADAMS MARJORIE J. ANDERSON CLAIRE M. BANNON PATRICIA BATEMAN VIRGINIA M. BEAR ADELE A. BOWMAN ROSAMOND E. BRISTER DOROTHY M. BROWN DOROTHY L. CURTIS KATHRYN A. DAvIs VIRGINIA L. DAVIS ETHEL M. DONNIELLY MIRIAM G. EHLERS MIRIAN D. FARRELL ALICE L. FATHAUER RUTH FORAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY BARBARA M. FossE JEANNA E. FULLER JEANNETTE M. GARGULA KATHRYN M. HARMON MARY J. HARMON ARLINE B. HARVEY BETTY L. HEINICKE HARRILEE E. HIENHOFF RUTH ,IINKINS BETTY B. JONES MARY C. JONES ALEEN R. JosT ISAREL M. KAWECKI RACHEL E. KEISTER BEATRICE L. MATHIS DOROTHY H. MAY MAXINE C. MCGINNIS Lors M. MCKIZY BEATRICE M. MOORE KARIN L. MoRscH BERNICE E. MUZIKA BARBARA E. NESSIEN EMMA W. NoI.L HELEN I. OLSON VLASTA O. PAIIOIIR JULIA B. PETRuLIs MILDRED J. POLNIASZEK ALICE L. REID LENA E. RILEY MABLE L. RIINKEL efer Brister Fuller MARTHA L. SCHAEFER VIRGINIA J. SHU'I'r SHIRLEY SMITH SHIRLEY A. SMITH LORNA H. SNYDIZR ANN J. STASTNY CAROL B. STECHER MARY A. STEPPE MARY A. STIPP AURA E. THIRY KATHLEEN K. THORNEERRY FIERN I. WENINGER BETTY M. WOARE BEULAH M. WORKMAN GENEVIEVE A. ZAczEIc PHYLLIS A. Zuxowsiq Page 521 lpha House Lealkc Capling Crossland Doerschuk Gracey Craig Burger Hult Ribacchi Renwick Reeves Hart Angel Dysart Forney Inglc Retzer Pederzolli M. HOPE ANGEL RUTH E. BURGER MILDRIID K. CAPLING CORA D. CRAIG MARJORIE J. CR0ssLAND MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JANET L. DOERSCHUK DOROTHY M. DYsAR'I' PRISCILLA M. FORNEY ETTA M. HART CAROLYN F. Hulfr DOROTHY E. INGLE ELIZABETH I.. LEAKE SAI.EsxA R. PEmaRzoI.LI E. JEAN REEvEs GIERTRUDE A. RENWICK JANET I.. RETZER SOLISKA F. RII-IACCHI l a ha Hall anh KyleKubH I V g Edwards Thrall Pampel T. Tuttle Griyclos Kramer F. Tuttle Campbell Pottinger Mathews I. Webb I V. Webb Johns Cervenka Kirkpatrick Warwick Erikson Cappo Picket Posey NVicldowson Bothwell Kintner Flemrng McClay Stewart Rovnlty Glick Nichiporuk Parker I-Iall Wohn Smoot Wicoff Budd Thompson Brown ANNE F. BOTHWELL LELA B. BROXVN FRANCES A. BUDI: MAXINF M. CAMPBELL GLORIA A. CAPPO MARGARET CERVENKA EVELYN DAUVUALDER MARTHA M. DIVELY PEARL I. EDWARDS MARTHA E. ELLSWORTH GRACE M. ERIRSON CIIENEVA A. PICKER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROSANN FLEMING IVIARY M. GAYDCS IVIARY F. CLICK MARY S. GORISHEIQ BEULAH E. HALL SARAH W. HOUGHTON LIZNORIE JOHNS M. MARIE KIMBLE CATHERINE L. KINTNER MURIEL J. KIRKPATRICK RUTH I.. KRAMER EDNA R. MATHExvs MILDRED M. MCCLAY OLGA NICHIPORLIR I.oRRAINE L. PAMPEL IVIARIE M. PARKER CATHERINE R. PEARSON MURIEI J. POSEY V'ERN E. POTTINGER Avis ROYALTY ELIZABETH B. SMOOT JEAN M. STEVUART BETTY R. THOMPSON MIRIAM R. THRALL FRANCES M. TUTTLE 'IAHELMA J. TUTTLI2 MARGARET B. WARWICIQ IoI.A F. WEBB VIRGINIA M. WEBB PHYLLIS J. WEEKS IVIARGARET L. VUICOFF JANET A. WIDDOWSON FRANLES I. WOHN Page 522 Keeler Klub Hay Hudgins Edwards Dolum Powell Co vin Mulligan Joh nson Roche Meeker Tucker Brown Hassett Brana Keeler Hrubes Morrow Neher Horner MARIA C. BRANA DOROTHY L. BROVUN MARTINA Cov1N KATHERINE M. DCHM SI-IIRLEY M. EDVVARDS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DORO1'HY E. HASSETT VIELMA E. HUDGINS PATRICIA A. MIILLIGAN CAROLYN D. HAY ELEANOR JOHNSON BETTY J. NEHER ALICE L. I-IORNIEII M. EUGIQNIR MREKER MARY C. POWELL VIRGINIA H. HRUIIRS JANET E. MORROXV INEZ L. ROCHE Medea MARY M. TUCKER IAXF1 L ARMSTRONG VIIICINIA L BAIFS ISIARRITT M BENSON I'lILLN J CHILDS IVIARIORIE R Cove LING MARY E DRVORE MARYRLLL DoDDs THLO C Dowru. DORIS C FICDLRR IILLIAN A FROST DeVore Hooker Larson Rasmussen Kutner WIlson Benson Larry Frost Armstrong Hey O Keefe Spoor Tate Hynes Greene Glen non Roy Ma cek Sturm Huston Dodds Cowling hcltson I orenson Dowell Peters Holmes Shearer Muon MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY I-IrLI:R L GLRNINON IIINORI J HEY MARTHA A HoLMrs H l'lNF HOOKER GLVNNA C HUSTON HFIFNE C HYNES MARY L JACKSON IILIIAN D KOPLFNXSRI RIITII Y KUTNER HARRIL 'I' M LARRY M ADAIR LORENSON BFTFF M MACFK CATI-ILRYN H MILLER LAVLRNL A MDLINE BONNIL J MooN M l-IoPI MOSFLEY F 1oIIIsI2 O KI:IsFI: RUTH M PI:TI:Rs Ex LIHNNI' M RASMUSSEN VIRGINIA L RICHARDSON HIILN L ROY RU'lI-I A SI-IIARRR T IIETA A Spoon MELBN L STADTMAN MARION E STURM MARIAN H TATF XVILMA C WILLIAMS LOIS M WILSCN Donis G ZALATORIS - , , , -G- Page 523 Babbitt Bales Williams Moseley Stadtman Zalatoris .Childs Fiedler Moline Miller Koplewski BAIBBITTI RNNIARJORIE GREENE L. EVRLYN LARsoN A . . ' l Cagle Hall Harren Seward E. Marlin Curley Carey MCCawley ' Vogt Vanderploeg Burnett Kane Schildhammer Beam Meharry K. Marlin Crabb Adams Tobin Degen Hyde Cooksey MARGARET L. ADAMS MARX' L. BEAM CAMILLE BURNIETT ALICE C. CAREY ARVILLA R. COOKSEY DOROTHY R. CRABB MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARY J. CURLEY BARBARA J. DEGEN D. Lols HARKEN VlX'IAN G. HYDE SARAH C. KANE EMMA L. MARLIN KATHRYN M. MAR1.IN EMMA E. MCCAWLEY B. JUNE SCHILDHAMMER FRIEDA M. SEXVARD HELEN L. TOEIN CIIARLOTTII A. MEI-IARRY CHARLOTTE E. VANDIIRPLOTG GENEVIEVE C. POTUTO Welsh House LOIS O. VOGT Stoker Thackston Wauglmtell Tendick Smith Wahl Coulter Sch relief Kring Singleton Cahill McGowan Shanks Jensen Edgar Haddenhorst Rhodes Mein ert Hartzell Strey Schroeder Howerton Powell Kasten McDanels Myers Neely Morrison Stewart Gambill Kaseburg Fish Seamans Boehner MARJORIE L. BOEI-INER JEAN D. CAI-IILL MARTIIA L. EDGAR GENEVIEVE V. FISH PI-IYLLIs M. GAMEILL DOROTHY M. HADDENHORST JEANETTE E. HARTZELL BELVA B. HOWERTON ELAINE D. JENSEN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARTHA A. KASEBURG DOROTHY A. KASTEN VIRGINIA H. KRING VIRGINIA M. MCCANNA HELEN C. MCCANNA HELEN C. MCDANELS PATRICIA MCGOWAN FLORA L. MEINERT ELINQR L. MORRISON M CAROL J. MYERS BETTY J. NEELY MARGARET M. POWELL ELIZABETH R. RHODES MELVA A. SCI-IREEELER BETTY M. SCIAIROEDER MARY E. SEAMANS JACQUELINE A. SIIANKS HILIDA SINGLETON JANE E. SMITH BETTY A. STIZXVART MARY A. SToI:ER NORMA P. STREY MARTIIA E. TENDICIQ BETTY A. TI-IAcIcsTcN MARY D. WAI-IL MAXINE R. XVAUGI-ITELL Page 524 Warner Hall ELIZABETH P. ALDERSON ANN M. AMICI HAZEL F. BoTHxvEI.I. ELSA A. CARIESIO KATHRYN R. DRONIE NEMA FLOYD Martin Milne Wfilliams Alclerson Caresio Wloodcock Bothwell Zimrnerli McClintock Smith McCarty Olson Floyd . V. XValsh Murray Amici Drone B. Walsl1 Graff Frnzler Pansini MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CONSTANCE M. FRAZIER GLADYS G. GRAIfIf MARCELLA MARTIN IVIARY MCCARTY ALICE M. MCCLINTOCK ISAIIELLA A. MILNE GERALDINE R. MURRAY BERNICIE L. OLSON BEATRICE I.. PANSINI MARIAN F. SMITH Cormna Hurd BARBARA M. WALSH VIRGINIA E. WALSH P. JACQUELINE XVEBER M. VIRGINIA WII.I.IAMs PALMA L. WOODCOCK FRANCES E. ZIMMERLI Hall MARYJ BFSHIRS JINNII' M BCNNFTT CHARLo1TI DIIIAVOU DoLoREs DOUR MARYJ Dox LF MARX L Esm Vr NIA M FRFRICHS KATHLIFN L PRUIN Drlhvou HaIrIm1n I-lutchem We ber Sme Turner Sprlng Hadnm Vogt K I'ruIn Wood Freruhs Ixcnworthy Bonnctt Morrwon lnnIs Irxulus MLDonald Doyle TurIglI'Itto M Frum Lowe Shaw Hacklemz-In Lehmann PIlLh1rd Chrxstopher hspy Hennmgs Pe1rce Leppla Dour Beshers MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITX IVIARGARIT M YRUIN RUTH 12 HACRIFMAN A GRXCL HARRIM.-IN LORRAINIL C HENNIINGS MARJORIE V HUTCHFNS RIBIICLA J INNI9 RATHRXN A IXLNWORTHX ICRAINI R LFPPLA JOSFPHINI' S LIHMANN l:LIzArsITH C, LOWE IVIAUDI' E MCDONALD HFLFV A IVIORRISON IDA M PIARCII BEIIYJ PILCHARD MARIE E SHAW! fAROl E SPRING LUCILI1' G TURICLIATFO S LOUISF TURNTR GRACI' M Voor FIORINCE M XVIBBIR KxrHERYw E Woon Page 525 O 1 ld' 'I 'N ' - r.. AA 4 ' 'I A ' r I ' ' l ' 4 - Q I 1 7 . 1' 2 a . - . . . - . f I . , 1 -. '.. 'I 1 . 5 I I . . ' EMILY L. CHRISTOPHER JEAN L. HADAM BETH L. LovELEss IVIARGARIET L. STICE ' I .. . I f ' '. 2 '. I .1 . , ' 4 I I . .I ' I . . 5 . ' I . , L ' . . Z ZA . -I 1 . An . . Q ', U . M. v H . . .1 1 - . I 1 ,... . . . ' ' . .I . I , , . 2 I 1 I 1 T 1 I Beta House HELEN R. BARI-:ER JANE L, BLIX MARGARET E. BUTLER CAROLYN M. CARRELL HELEN L. CLINEBELL VIRGINIA F. CCULTAS Stnuffer Robertson Franck Klueg Butler Phares Coultns Steiner Carrell Mitchell Ryall Parker Sandall Kicntzle Smith Morrow O'Bert Hart Clinebell Blix Pope McKean MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LAVINA M. FRANCK E. CARMEN HART HELEN L. KIENTZLE AURIELIA A. KLUEG NIARIORIE M. MCKEAN RUTH E. MITCHELL BEVERLY A. IVIORROXYJ MAll'I'PIA C. O'BI2RT XVANDA L. PI-IARES NIARY A. POPE Shawnee BARBARA A. ROBERTSON MARY K. RX'ALL MARX' G. SANOALL IVIARX' E. SMITH MARIAN L. STAUFFIZR PAULINF J. STEINER Hays Lzlmpert Thrapp Sharp Allen Stnats Pierce Roever Plowright Steele Huber G. Hoberg Zimmerman Leake Boyd Andrews McCl:Inahan Starfk Lund Ahlers Thompson Dillon J. Hoberg Jacobs Emory Gray Marsh Olsen O Keefe La Forge Holt MARION L, AHLERS JEAN L. ALLEN CORRINNIE M. ANDREXVS HAZIQL I. BOYD MARJORIE M. DILLON RTJTH M. EMQRY HELEN K. GRAY Lois B. HAYs MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GRACE M. HOEERG JANICE R. HORERG ELIZAITETH M. HOIT CHARLOTTE L. HUBER IYIARY E. JACOBS MARGARET C. LA FORGE JEAN E. LAMPERT NANCY C. LEAKE MARION J. LUND F. LAVONNE MARSH BIARY MCCLANAI-IAN DIARY E. O'KEIZFE MARY J. OI.sEN M. IEANNE PIERCE EDNA M. PLOXVRIGHT EDNA W. ROEVER HELEN D. SHARP CATHERINE I. SNYDER N, JOAN STAATS RLJTI-I C. STARCIQ MARX' H. STEELE A. RACHEL THOMPSON BEATRICE A. TI-IRAPP RUTH E. ZIMMERMAN Page 526 eeman Lodg Zimmerman Olson Heath Hokc y . Neuffcr Cowan Wfhitc Ford Fridell Cornell WIIEIHH Knox Koons Smlth Ice Dnwdson Kastien Knight Kirkpatrick Sexton Jacobsen McCormick Viering Pickens McBroom Hendnckson Tuttle ANN M. CORNELL EMILY A. COXVAN BETTY L. DAVIDSON EDITH M. Form JEANNE L. FRIDIZLT. E. NI.-XRIE HAXVKINS LYDIA J. HEATH NORWA L HFNDRICINQCIN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY IVIARY L. HOKIE DORIS E. JACOBSEN DOROTHY L. KASTIEN DOROTHY M. KIRKPATRICIQ HELEN E. KNIGHT JEANNE KNOX LILIAN F. KooNs ANGELINE LEE VIRGINIA L. McBRooM RUTH E. MCCORMICK RUTH E. NIEUFFIZR DOROTHY H. OLSON R. RI-IAE PICKIENS KATI-IERYN M. PIETRZAK Sager House ELEANOR H. SEXTCN DoLoREs M. SMITH JULIA A. TLITTLE SUE VIERING BETIY C. WHIELAN Drums M. WHITE M. ELIZABETH ZIMMERMAN Gould I-Ielmch George NlCl1OI50H Day Van Zandt H thorns I Parks Bchrends Stugcr Lmng Wexsman Dans Dudzcon Longley FICCIIYIH Annls Stewart H Parks Conrad Dudmorth Rzcclleber Swlclnrd Ilmch Boc Rodman Evanc O Connor Tudor Johnson Srelert BITIY M ANNIS HELEN E BOE IIIIZABETH J CONRAD MARK. A DAVIS I1Ll7ABE'lH A DAI IQJOROTHX J Duc:KwoR1H Auonnx D Duocron MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CORNITLIA E EIRICH DORIS L FREEMAN E IOINNA GTORGE MILIJRTD T Goum MARJoRII: E HATI-IORNI' BI Irv J HI:IrRIfI-I IVIARN I JoHNsL,N EEIH1 R LIANG GTORCIA M NICHOLRON JUNI D OQONNOR D IQABFL PARKS HIIEN M PARKS AUDRFX K RIFDLEBER ANNE K RODMAN Man J STAIGER LLIZGBFTH P STrwART L VVIFIINIA SWICRARD IVIXRILFI TUDOR X JUNE VAN ZANDT ANNELIA J WEISMAN Page 527 . . . 1 A ' I ,. if- nl' . L .. ' ' ' . 'I ' f ' ' . I BETTY J. BEI-IRENDS LAURA M. EVANS VIZRLEA LONGLEY RUTH V. SIIZLERT I - , . 1. .a v . . L ' . ' . - , I R 7 . h I ' . . D I D. . . . I . 1 1 ' ' f . . ,., . . , , , T 4 . f . I , . - I 1- . - U 1 I n n 1 1 x x 'X' hr ' U if .Dim ,A , ,V XN J N I, "",- ' ' I. - H.,-. 1' , XM , N 1- N gk Wg ' ...,, .- mmzrwf x -5 X , guy .I K , 1 , vv.f"'.' . V 1 1 - 'rm' A ., . - . , QL I W el., A 3 Q V -- ' , 5 -L I wi N X. .' I- , '7' ' .. , 3 - Y :1 ,, ' . N' ' -f ' 'A Y ' uw A W hu f X n P3 , M -1-4' air' 1 .M - D A- JE . A A Y E! wL.,,u w r r I. , f D, ,. . tw f . X I xx I ' e L l. ? . L ' 1 X A , fd A 5... ",. . L I! I ,I A h I J 5 I V IH V "VHA ' ' ? N .T c itil 1 K 1' ug- ' 'L ff 5 X 5 JV 1 .. " T . . x u, -1-up x ww ff?-lf.I...,, VI Q 1 -' 'K " J, ' 'mm' 36iL l!!951 3 -Q. lf,,--Q. 5 ' ' Y! Y, . - if .1 . , I," m ,Y fl 1 3 . l 1 3 k , I .fy 1 I 4 A 1 n' 2 efa 1 1 f :fly 2 T Q A A f 'QH1 f A ' ' ' -, .5 ' ' ' Q f ' , X , A - si " - 1 W -ull' h I Q ' .fl n Q.. 1 . ' mf X Vg 3 1 ' 'W I .:., , 1, X N, -. - - , ,139 x I I WKVLEN x1 I . At'h,v .itisu 1 4 ' , ffl J , ' - in Q, ffigggf , .,.,, Q ,H Q ? . ., .J- - ' -an ,,,, . 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' 1-1--fp' lp. -. .iLfg- -..- "n" "lui is.. 1?'iffff.','IfW . i 0' N ,yfyjiw nf, f 1 j , .f 3? Jug, .p .' I-A . "if" L:.',1I' -. af, U25 Lfxlff' ',' .fffl ' 51 ,-:Ef",:t fr'P?:."14'1 r' gif , . '5f31'L-q,.f1:::'F" -f,--- 4 L ' .. f,.'.g,w-314. gf - -ff' '!-'- A " -- X .... 'fF74',QfV531'7 Kfvi, . i tiff. ,nga ii 'iff as ,. 4 47.1 . gpg- f'sfQ1M..- ' .' .f " Qkixgff ' 1 .-4 , 1.43 '1 . . ,f 45, , , ,.... f-1.9, , ' fmyj' 5,qig1y'3 ' v 3,.f9',,r, . . . ., A . ,X 411.11 f f,,y,,iiA,irv-2 v ,. , - g.. mv-4.1-A 51 - ,I . -1 fig 4:1 "" ' A Zlgiijff, ,-'ji'9QQ'g3,, ,. gp Wal . 111- 5' " ' 1:64 .J---' .,, ,. ,, .e,-,-pgs. - , Q, - , yifng- -.,-,- yurxq-.1-,, wr - . . ' 14-.1-Lxgq-5 ,! "'r- 4.. v Af. 'r-"'. .4321--: 1' k ,W Q A "jf - . 1 " ' - :w w me 5 ff'f'i4w-"5'Qw, 'Aft ek - ' ff , 3, - 1-gag, ,.,, 4' ' .r4iiJf5ff:e-"ffli,l5?"3i?-wg.. -.,-.jfgj,g,'xkgiff-5f.ff,1A4fff2?+ HG GRARIES A PRGFESSIGNA Page 529 ARTHUR H- ABMMSON JOHN H- BRUNTJEN WILLIAM R. CUSIMANO Accountancy Club F0'f'1"'W'1 1924 - One Aflili' Cbafrlvr University of Illinois HERBERT L. AERAMSON WYATT O. ADAMS XVILLIAM T. ALBRIGHT RUTI-I J. ALESKIN NORBIZRT W. ALTHOFF HARVEY C. AMSTERDAM FRANCIS A. ANDERSON RAY E. ANDERSON RIVERS M. ANDERSON DAN E. ANDRIAW ROBERT W. ATKINSON IVAN H. BABCOCK CLARENCE T. BACON CLAIRE M. BANNON LOINE V. BANTA RODNEY C. BANTA K. CLARENCE BARBER WILLIAM H. BARBOUR ERNEST I. BARRIER PHILLIP J. BARRETT RICHARD P. BARLOXY' EDXVIN A. BARTUSCH XVALTER A. BARZ JOSEPH L. BERNII4 To bring together .rmdefzzfx who are irzferefted in meeting and learning from promivzenl men in the fzrcomzting and relating field! of work EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Firzrl .Yeme.rler Second Semefter RUSSELL C. BURNHAM .... Prefidz-nf .... .... M ARVIN L. JOHNSON RICHARD J. WAKEMAN ....... Ifire-Premleur ........ HAROLD H. JANNSEN EvELYN C, DENNING .......... Serreinry .......... EVELYN C. DENNING JOSEPH C. SKALA .,..... Correrfwndiug Sen-em:-y .... .FRANCIS A. BICKEL DR. ROBERT P. HACRETT. .Fnmlry ViCU4P!'EIidE7ll. .DR. ROIIERT P. HACKETT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MELVIN S. BRROVITZ WILLIAM M. BERSIIACH CHARLES E. BERTA CHESTER J. BERUTTI NORMAN A. BEST FRANCIS A. BICREL GEORGE A. BIGGS EDWARD R. BILLINGS LILE T. BILYEU JOHN E. BIRCH JAMES R. BLACKER JAMES F. BLAIR WILLIAM C. BLIXEN E. EUGENE BLOOM ROBERT C. BLUNCR HUGH E. BOREN ROBERT A. BOWEN JOSEPH D. BRADEN ERLING A. BRECKAN RUTH L. BREEZE GERALD D. BRIGHTON GEORGE L. BRISTOW DOROTHY M. BROEG JAMES BROWN LEON D. BROWN JOHN W. BRYAN ROBERT B. BRYANT JEAN L. BURKE RUSSELL C. BURNHAM JOHN M, BUSIEY WALTER S. BUTLER SYLVIA R. CAMPBELL ARTHUR C. CAPS ROBERT H. CARTER GEORGE R. CATLI-ITT IULIEN M. CHRISTENSEN JAMES A. CHRONIS MATI-IEW P. CICERO SCOTT W. CLEAVE KENRICR D. CLIFFORD SHUFORD W. COFFMAN THELMA R. COHEN G. THORNTON COOK ROLAND H. CRAETREE JOHN CRAIG JOHN M. CROSS HAROLD L. CROXTON DOROTHEA M. CRUM DAVID R. CURTIN ROBERT A. DAISY ROBERT E. DANN DOLORES DASIEXWICZ RALPH E. DAVIS JAMES A. DAWS JAMES R. DAWSON GAYLORD E. DEISEECI: ANTHONY J. DELAURENT EVELYN C. DENNING ROGER D. DEER LELAND J. DIZVERMAN FORREST P. DEWEY SPENCER E. DIMOND AURIELIO E. DONOERIO GROVER M. DOYLE MARY J. DOYLE FREDERICK L. DROW REX A. DRUM KATHLEEN DRUMMOND HENRX' J. DUESRY JAMES D. EDWARDS ROBERT W. EILERS RALPH E. ELLIOTT XVIl.I.IAM C. ETHIERTON Page 530 CHARLES H. ETTELBRICK ROBERT J. FALCONER LOWELI. G. FARRIS CHARLES B. FILBERT MARY I.. FISHER EDXVARD FOGARTY RUDOLPH H. FOLTS ARTHUR E. FOSSLAND ROBERT C. FOULON JULIA A. FRANKLIN ROBERT D. FRANKS MARION J. FRENCH PAUL J. FRITCH H. WAI.LACE FRITSCH NEAL R. FULK WAYNE L. FURTNEY ALLEN H. GABLE MORRIS J. GAERE NED J. GARDNER BOYCE W. GARVIN C. JOSEPI-I GENSTER JULIE GERSTEIN CLARK M. GHISELIN FRED T. GILSON CHARLES N. GINOLI FORREST F. GLADSON ROBERT E. GLAZEEROCK MHl.VIN A. GOERS WILI.IAM B. GOEE RICHARD G. GORDLIEY ALAN M. GORDON MACEY B. GORDON JEROME S. GORE ROBERT E. GRANT DARREI.L M. GRAB' ROBERT M. GRAY MARRON D. GREENE HERSCHEL F. GROFF GEORGE A. HACKLEMAN JEAN C. HALTERMAN WILMER H. HAMEISTER T. RALPH HAMMAN AI.LAN F. HAMMFRSTRONI NORMAN A. HANDEI.SMAN NATHANIEL P. HANNA MAURICE F. HANNON GERALD N. HARDY DONALD J. HASLEM DONALD R. HEDGES ROBERT R. HELM SHELEEY N. HIELTSLEY ROBERT J. HELWIG FIRMAN E. HENRICKS WIII.nO S. HERON ROGER L. HERRIOTT LONA V. HERRON GEORGE E. HILL PAUL P. HINKLEX' ROBERT C. HINUEBER R. VICTOR HIRST FRANK E. HOI.LEY WILLIAM E. HOLMES ABE HORWI1'Z Accountancy Club ' ..SSv" .-A HWRS: Q .W I. X V J. If . I . ,I -aw' I .', , L ' 'S Q-:E .I J 5 I ROEERT P. HACKE1'T INIARVIN L. JOHNSON RUSSELL C. BURNHAM L. KEITH HUBBARD DE LOSS C. HUDDLESTONE JOHN D. HUGHES GEORGE HUNT ALBERT E. HURT CARI. N. HUTT'ER ROBERT J, INGALLS WILBER G. IPPEN RAYMOND A. JADRICH HAROLD H. JANSSEN CARLTON H. JENCKS WALTER E. JENKINS CHARLES H. JENSEN RUTH JINKENS DARW'IN N. JOHNSON FORREST O. JOHNSON MARVIN L. JOHNSON RUSSELL T. JOHNSON WILLIAM J. JOHNSTON ROBERT H. JOHNSTONE WAYNE P. KASCH HAROLD N. KAUPMAN ROBERT F. KEHOIE ROLAND J. KEl.Sl5X' RUTH KIQMPE MORRIS E. KEMPER MORRIS S. KESSI.ER, JR. RUTH M. KIEEER VERNON A. KIEST ROGER M. KIRK, JR. BYRON E. KOCH STEPHEN N. KOCOWSKY EARL O. KRIEG ARTHUR F. KRONER JEAN E. LAMPERT ROEERT C. LEE CLIFFORD G. LE VEE G. FREDERICK LIMERICK RAI.PH L. LINBLAD DONALD W. LINDSTROM DAVID F. LINOWES RICHARD E. LOEB MELVIN E. LONG KENDALL C. LOWRY GEORGE D. LUBY JOSEPH O. LUBY WILLIAM P. LUKENS VERN D. MABRY FLORENCE L. MADER FRED A. MADSEN W. ROBERT MAGILI. CHARLES E. MAHA JOHN V. MARK1iWICZ GEORGE E, MARTIN JOHN C. MARTIN, JR. JOHN XVI. MARTIN FLOYD H. MARX RAMON H. MASON HARRY N. MAY VERNON C. MCGINTY JACK A. MCGORRAX' DANIEL J. MCMAHON CHARI.ES R. MENEPEE VIRGII. W. IVLIZYTHALER ELIIERT O. MICHELS ARTHUR C. MILLER PATRICK D. MIRO EVERETT H. MOORIi ROBERT A. MORGAN MICHAEL J. MORLEY, JR. ERNEST O. MORRILL IRVING S. MORRIS FRED W. MOVE BERNICIZ E. MX'ERS MARGARIET M. MYERS WILLIAM D. NAFZIGER GEORGE M. NELSON R. MARK NELSON CURTIS G. NEWAIAN WILLIAM NEWTON AGNES H. NITCHY RALPH D. NORTON MARX' E. O'BYRNE JOHN J. O'CONNEl.I. JUNE D. O'CONNOR DONALD H. OFFERMAN HAZEL L. OFI:UTT MBONU OJIKE CLARENCE H. OLSHN M. ALICE O'NEIL WILLIAM G. O'NEII. DAVID L. OSTEIELD ALDO PALAZZARI LORRAINE L. PAMPEL DORIS H. PARKS KENNETH C. PARKS CHARLES O. PARVIN CHARLES W. PATMORI5 ARTHUR T. PAUTSCH LEON S. PERLMUTTIER FRANK A. PETER BURTON E. PETERSON DALTON E. PETERSON DONALD R. PINNEY XVILLIAM POLISKY JEAN POXVERS JOHN G. PUTTA WILLIAM K. QUINLAN CTILBIERT A. RAPP RALPH F. RAU CORNELIA M. RIEHBERGTER FRANK A. REICHELDERFIER DARRIEL W. RHOADS JAMES P. RICE WILLIAM E. RICHNER HAROLD F. RODERICK EARNIZST E. ROGERS WILLIAM E. ROTHFELDIZR HERBERT RUTTENBERG DELOS M. SCHAEER WILBUR A. SCHICK FREDERICK L. SCHMID MAGDALENE SCI-IOONE ELBERT D. SCHUDER EVERETT J. SCHUMACHER EVIZLYN H. SCHVUAGIZR HELEN B. SEARCH WILLIAM S. SEIL GERALD SHALL ROBERT A. SHARP MARTIN S. SIMONIAN JOSEPH C. SKALA C. PAUL SLATER ANTHONEY P. SLEDZIEWSKI MII.BURN G. SLUSSER BEN D. SMITH BRACY D. SMITH CHARLES M. SMITH DALE N. SMITH KENNETH D. SMITH RAYMOND W. SMITH CHARLES E. SPARKS JAMES G. STAELES HELEN D. STACKHOUSE ROBERT W. STARCK MARY H. STEELE LEROY L. STERRENBERG JAMES H. STEVENS EVERETT F. STINE CHARLES E. STISSER HENRY C. STOCKING THEODORE J. STOLLENWERK IVAN J. STRAYER ROBERT H. STROKER LLOYD S. STUBBINS PATRICK L. SULLIVAN STANLEY S. SULZYCKI NORBERT M. SzUKALA VINCENT A. TAUBER STANFIELD S. TAYLOR BERTHA P. THOMAS MARY A. THOMPSON ROBERT J. THOMPSON WILLIAM C. TIMMONS JACK C. TREVOR PAUL A. TSCHANNEN DEAN H. TURNER MARTHA WAID RICHARD J. WAKEMAN CARL E. WATKINS CHARLES J. WEEKS JANET M. WEIDNER ROBERT H. WIEIK MARX' E. WEISS ARTHUR S. XVELLBAUM GEORGE E. xVEI.LMAN CARL L. WHNE ARTHUR T. WESTIERGREIEN ROBERT H. WEXLER ROGER C. WIKE GEORGE R. XVILLIAMS FREDERICK S. WINN EDWARD J. WOLF DONALD N. WOOD THOMAS G. WRIGHT GLEN G. YANKEE HAROLD A. YEPSEN JOSEPH F. ZARISH EXVALD R. ZIMMERMAN Page 531 Araria Skull and Cres ent Founded, 1907 University of Wisconsin FRRDRRICIQ J. BRoI:IcoII STANTON R. l7lEMllliR'l'ON Alpha Della Phi EDWIN G. ALLEN R. DOUGLAS Rrcxs Alpha Sigma Phi ROBERT L. POLK ,IOHN G. Alpha Tau WARREN CARI. T. Beta Them JOHN T. DAX'ID H. Chi Phi DAVID H. SCOTT S. Chi Pxi PU TTA Omega A. THAL MEYER, JR. HOLMSTROM, JR. MILLER BROXVN WA LKER C. MORTQN Loun, JR. RonIsRT M. IJORTIER f fi? Sophomore ImfeI'fIzz1fer1zi1y FACULTY ADVISER FRED H. TURNRR, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Dflld Kappa .Eprilon RORIERT J, DAY AI.IfRIfIm 1-I. NICHOLS Della Tau Dulra GEORGE F. CARRAGI-IRR DEAN P. XVIESSE L Kappa Sigma JOHN M. FLACHMANN CHARLES G. SCHOTT Della Ufuilou J. BERNARD JOHNSON PAUL Ci, LANG, JR. Phi Dfllrl Thvlzl JAMrzs R. APIIIII. T. RALPH HAMMAN Phi 61171171111 Della STUART M. MAMIER ROBIERT B. NlCKlEl.l. Phi Kappa CLIFFORD F. ZIIIEN Phi Kappa Pfi J. Ton lS'fESliROW CHARLES M. XVILISIZR Phi Kappa Sigma RAYMOND N. CARLEN RICHARD K. RIIISING PHILIP W. UPI' Phi Sigma Kappa NORMAN W. CUSICK XVILLIAM XV. GALUREATH Pxi Uprilon THOMAS N, MARTIN CHARLES J. SCHRORDRR Sigma Alpha Epxilou Rox' BROWN, JR. IERNIIST R. LUDWIG Helmet Cha ter Two Aclire Cliapterf .vljlllld Chi DON F. PASCHAI, THOMAS R. WIIIEIQIIZR Sigzlm N u GEORGE XV. AHI.If ROIIRRT I.. HLIFF .Yi-gun: Pi DONAID BAILIEY DANIIEI. A. CI-IERSKOVE Tau Kappa Epfiloll JOHN C. KUHNS, JR. THOMAS S. SLY Them Della Chi TH nononrz D. GIEISSIENDORFER CiHARI.Ias 12. XVENDT Zlfla P.Ii XVIl.l.IAM S. MORRIl.L HAROLD G. NELSON ROBERT T, NORRIS Page 532 Pemberton Chcrskove Bailey Holmstrom Miller Morrill Nichols Norris Flachmzmnn Paschal Appel Porter Lord Polk Putta Zeien Meyer Geissendorfer Manner Thal Hamman Upp Nelson Day Wessel Turner Reising Wheeler Cusick Martin Schroeder Carragher Brown Brockub Ricks Ludwig Kuhns Sly Garlen Wilbur Williston Nickell Schott Johnson Lang Galbreath Meserow Allen Star and Scroll 'iii I F0lllltlt.'rl',-1938 Ihiffk' One Arlire Chapler Univcrsity ut Illinois .-ua' Alpha cm Rho ROBERT D. CRITTON JOI-IN H. GILLAN FRANK W. LINDER CHARLES L. NORTON ALDEN J. SCHNEIDER ROBERT E. TAYLOR Alpha Kappa Lanzhda STANLEY B. BALBACH WILLIAM N. CASSELLA, JR. FRED J. ENGLISH ROBERT D. PEINE JOHN J. REUTTIER NliRI2US L. ROY Chi Bula WALTER T. BARTOXV RAYMOND J. BIENZIGIER PERRY H. GRAVIES D. LARI KENDRIIJI-c RALPH W. ROHLEING Sophomore Iizterfrfzlerizily FACULTY ADVISER J. I'IIERllIiRT BURGY, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Della Chi Kappa Delhi Rho XVILLIALI G. BAGNUOLO WILLIAM C. BLIXEN JUSTIN R. BOEKER JOHN W. DRISH ROIIERT R. SMITH Dulm Phi FRANK W. BIEXFIIILD EUGENE L. Cox RICHARD T. DUNN NORMAN B. HANNAH JAMES S. HLIRD RAYMCND C. WOLF Delta Sigrfm Phi DONALD N. HANSON L. PAUL JOHNSON LEONARD W. JOHNSON, JR. GIENIZ D. MANGIS ROBERT W. IVIATTHIEXWS FREDERICK A. POPE HOWARD A. GRANERT RALPH F. HAAG LIEF E. OLSEN CHARLES F. RUSSELL ROBERT D. TIMPANY XVARREN D. TUTTLE Laiilhda Chi Alpha DONALD P. ARMSTRONG ROY A. HAMMAR HAROLD A. LOURIET JOHN T. POLZIN CHARLES H. RUNDLES JAMES XV. STUIINER Phi Kappa Tau PEYTON H. KUNCE HOw'ARD G. LARSEN GORDON C. PIENTZ DAVID M. XXVI-'II'I'IE Pi Kappa Alpha DONALD E. BRITTON RALPH S. CHASE F. .HOWARD GOLDEN, JR. EDXVARD E. SMALTZ Pi Kappa Phi JACK S. CALDWELL ALAN B. GILBERT EDWIN S. MENDELS LESTER T. MOATE Sigma Phi Eprilon GEORGE F. BRAEUTIOAM ERNVIN G. DUIERINGIZR CHARLES G. FILSTEAD, JR. DONALD W. LINDIIERG WILLIAM T. PASCOE ROIIERT J. SCI-IwARz Sigma Phi Sigma EDVUIN O. GUIZRNSEY JEAN C. HALTIERMAN JOHN M. OVHARIS RICHARD K. SHIRER Balbach Linder Armstrong Critton Halterman Ducringcr English Norton L. P. Johnson Reutter Matthews Shircr Guernsey .GrnncrtA Haag Pope I Schneider Hammar. Graves Stubncr Bartow Mangis Kendrick Britton Filstead O'H:II'e Gillan Czissclla Burgy Lindberg Taylor Mcndcls Caldwell Roy Page 533 Founded, 1918 University of Illinois Beta KD r ' ' 'D-4:-i:x'. '11 BAVL5 w NV' Li Y I 5 lpha Psi I Alpha Chapter Nmeleen Acli-ue Chapter: To encourage and foxler the ideal of Iervice ai the bafir of the FRANCIS H. BACHMAN, B. S. H. HEATON BAILY, A.M., C.P.A. H. EDWARD BREEN, M.S. PBMBROKE H. BROWN, Ph.D. JAMES M. CARRITI-IERS, M.S. ESSEL R. DILLAVOU, A.M., J. D. EDWARD J. FILBEY, Ph.D., C.P.A. CHARLES J. GAA, M.S., C.P.A. DAN E. ANDREW EDWARD R. BILLINGS MORRIS BROUNSTEIN JOHN W. BRYAN ROBERT B. BRYANT RUSSELL C. BURNHAM FORREST P. DEXVEY G. THORNTON COOK WILLIAM D. KERWIN CHARLES B. FILHERT THOMAS J. FREEMAN, JR. NED J. GARDNER RICHARD G. GORDLEY FRANKLIN C. HONEMANN JOHN E. MARTIN, JR. afcozmting profenion. FACULTY HORACE M. GRAY, Ph.D. PAUL M. GREEN, Ph.D. DONALD K. GRIEEITI-I, M.S. ROBERT P. HACKETT, Ph.D. LOUIS M. KESSLER, M.S., C EDWARD J. KIRKHAM, M.S. ANANIAS C. LI'r'rI.E'rON, Ph ROBERT K. MAUTZ, M.S. .P.A. .D-, C.P.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Serzzorf HAROLD H. JANSSEN MARVIN L. JOHNSON PETER G. MCCADDEN DOYLE G. MOYE jzmiaizr FRANK A. PETER DONALD R. PINNEY JAMES W. PLATE LLOYD MOREY, A.B., B.Mus CPA LL.D. CECIL A. MOYER, Ph.D. HALE L. NEXVCOMER, Ph.D., C PA CHARLES F. SCHLATTER, M.S. C P A HIRAM T. SCOVILL, A.B., C.PA EDXVUIN L. THBISS, Ph.D., C.P A PAUL M. VAN ARSDHLL, Ph.D NELSON D. WAKEFIELD, B.S CPA FRANK A. REICI-IELDBRTER MILBURN G. SLUSSER BRACY D. SMITH KENNETH D. SMITH RAYMOND W. SMITH ROBERT H. WEIK JAMES H. WIIIR HOWARD F. STETTLER CHARLES E. STISSER Filbert Kessler Bryant Peter Billings Johnson Moyer Carrithers Bachman Moye Janssen R. Smith Reichelderfer Burnham Newcomer Gordley Stettler Pinney Page 534 lpha Kappa Psi '.iii'2 .. I tif- L1 I -.'il5lQixi.:l Ewimmf, 1904 -fi New York University F To foster Jriezztific research in llae field of Commerce, fzcromzls, and fnmzre F A C U LT Y CHESTER R. ANDERSON, A.M. H. HHA'TON BAILY, A.M., C.P.A. PEMEROKE H. BROWN, Ph.D. CHARLES R. FREDERICK, M.S. ROBERT P. l'IACKl5'l"l.', Ph.D. HERBERT D. BAKER STANLEY B. BALEACH EDWARD R. BILLINGS HAROLD C. BINGE JOSEPH D. BRADEN RHXFORD E. BRUNO JOHN W. BRYAN ROBERT H. CARTER JULIEN M. CHRISTENSON JAMES R. BLACKER ORI.O D. CENTER -'AMES A. CHRONIS FRANK J. ESSE l , . .... -I Mann Ml2RLlN H. HUNTER, Ph.D. FRED M. JONES, Ph.D. Louis M. KESSLIZR, M.S., C. P. A. DAVID KINLEY, Ph.D., LL.D. FREDERIC E. LEE, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LIZLAND J. DISVIERMAN FORREST P. DIexIvEY CLARK FLFCKINGER Cl-IARLHS N. GINOLI DARRELL M. GRAY HAROLD E, HILL S. HAROLD KAUFMAN GEORGE D. LUBY JOHN L. LYNCH ROIIERT E. GLAZEIIROOK LIELAND W. HAGMAN ALLAN F. HAMMERSTROM JOSEPH O. LUEY SE7ZiOl'J' FRANK A. PETER RALPH F. RAU CHARLES C. REHLING FREDERICK L. SCHMID ELEEIIT D. SCHUDER MARTIN S. SIMONIAN JOSEPH C. SKALA ANTHONY P. SLEDZIESKI IZl7'li01'.l' CHESTER W. JANUS CHARLES R. MHNEFEH S 0 pi.707l10I'6J WALTER S. MANN zu M Epsilon Chapter Fifly-eight Arrive Chapter: HAI.l5 I.. NIZXVCOMER, Ph.D., C.P.A. FREDISRIC A. RUSSELL, Ph.D. HIRAM T. SCOVILL, A.B., C.P.A. CHARLES M. THOMPSON, Ph.D., LL.D Litt.D. PAUL M. VAN ARSIUELL, Ph.D. RAYMOND W. SMITH HERBERT D. TAEORN JOHN THISTLEWOOD, JR. CHARLES R. WEISHAAR ARTHUR T. WESTERGREEN FRANCIS L. XVOOD THOMAS G. WRIGHT JOSEPH F. ZARISH EXVALD R. ZIMMERMAN MICHAEL J. MORLEY, JR. ROBERT J. NEUSWANGIER ALFRED J. WUI.EE THEODORE J. STOLLENWERK l ,I l 4 Center Wcstergreen Fleckinger Rau Esse Wood Wright Menefee Van Arsdell J. Luby Neuswnnger Stollgnwcrk Blacker Kaufman Hagman Deverman Christenson Billings Rehling Gray Ginoli Newcomer Carter Schuder Binge G.Luby Skula Morley Zimmerman Lynch Weishaar Wulf? Slcdzicski Janus Zarish Hill Page 535 QSO 0 O F0lHlf1L'd,. 1832 One bzmdrcd and twenty-Iwo New York Cxty College A4-ring Chap,-eff To Jemre the izzlerert of the Jtlfdefztr in 4 profenriozml brafzfb of flveir elzgizzeering FACULTY IRVING H. ALEXANDER BERTRAM J. ALPORT LENNOX J. ARMSTRONG DONALD M. BADGLEY JOHN W. BAGGOTT WILLIAM R. BECKERLIE NORMAN H. BERLINGER WII.LIAM S. BLACK JOSEPH H. BLAIR, JR. EIKWIN E, BODMER, JR. JOHN O. BRADFORD OTTO E. BRAUNSDORII JACK W. BROWN L01-IN T. BUNTING OBIIRT B. BURNS SAM J. CAPIHI XVAI.1'ER L. CARLSON J. BRUCE CARROLL, JR. KEITH L. CARTER THOMAS A. CLARK ARTHUR C. COCAGNE ERWIN W. CRANE FENTON S. CRANER THOMAS M. CROSS JOHN W. CUNNINGHAM ROSWELL E. CUTLIIR ALSED L. DANIELSON JAMES K. DAWSON MICHAEL DELICH ROBERT C. BAR'I'H EDWARD W. BILHORN ERWIN W. BURSTAD'r ARTHUR O. BUSH GEORGE B. CARSON RAYMOND CESALETTI GORDON D. CHAMBLISS ROBERT H. COLLIER CLINTON M. COOLEY WILLIAM L. CUTHBERT, JR. CHARLES D. ELWOOD GEORGE W, FORMAN VICTOR G. FRYSINGIER PAUL L. ASHWOOD ROY E. CARLSON RICHARD V. CHASE JAMES D. DAVIE O. ROBERT FLIEMING GEORGE G. GAVIN RAYMOND H. BOHMAN DAVID G. RYAN, M.S., M.E. WILLIAM R. DEMMERT ROBERT E. Dix JAMES C. DUEE OLIVER W. DURRANT HARRY R. ELMZEN JOHN A. FOURNIER DONALD R. GIBSON ,IOHN R. GOODZEY C. DALE GRIZFIJIE GEORGE B. GRIM CLAUDE W. HART XVILMER HEI.LliN1'HAI. SIDNEY V. HET'fINGliR ROBERT E. HILLMAN JOSEPH E. HIRSCH XVILLIAM L. HOCHSCI-IILIJ, FRANK W. HOUCK ROGER S. HUT1'ON LEONARD B. IMMELI? 'l'HOMAS XV. JACKSON ROBERT V. JOHNSON DELVIN E. KENDALI., JR. TETSUO KIMURA FRANKLIN O. KOIENILI ROBERT H. KREIN YIEOSEPH KROLL DWARD J. LABOND DONALD B. LAMB S'l'liXVART E. GAIL JOHN R. GARDNER WILLIAM O. GARVIIR XVAYNE R. GERDIES VERNON H. GERHARDT WARREN C. GERLER FRANK A. GROOSS GEORGIE H. HARGIT1' CHARLES E. HARPER FRANK D. HIEYBECK EDWARD E. HINCHl.llfli EMII. J. HLINSKY GEORGE W. GUIRI. HAROLD E. HUBBARIY WILLIAM R. LITKE DW'lGHT H. LORY GEORGE G. LUCE NORRIS W. CARLSON J MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior! EARL '1'. LARSON JAMES D. LOCKHART ROBERT R. LOYD JOHN M. MAGDE ROBERT J. MAPIAIIIYAX' JOIIN R. MALLAHAN JOHN H. MAXW'El.I. WII.LIAM H. MCQUISTON THOMAS E. MCVAY' THOMAS MEISENZAHI. DAN J. MIHALOPOULOS PAUL T. MOON CARREL B. MORGAN MILITORD B. MORGAN WILLIAM J. MORRONV ROBERT G. MOYER HARVEY I, NITZ ALBERT M. OGliN'F DIEAN A. OLSON WILLIAM T. PASCOE, III KEITH L. PEUNDSTEIN DONALD C. PLACE QUENTIN G. PLIZTSCH RICHARD G. RIEINHARDT FRANK E. RICHART DAVID RINKEMA WILLIAM F. ROGERS ROBERT W. ROOSE junio IIS' EVl5Rli'l"l' J. HOAGLAND FRANK W. HOCHMUTH ARNOLD W. I-IULLMAN THOMAS L. JACKSON MORRIS B. JOSLIN WALTER J. KALISZ LEONARD W. KOLB RUSSELL D. LANCASTER RUNI5 E. LEVINIE ROBERT H. MCCARTHH' ANDREW D. MAY ROBERT M. MIX Soploomoffef WII.LIAM C. MALLOY JOHN G. MCCLIZISH JOHN W. MCINTOSH CLIFFORD C. NICHOLSON RAYMOND C. POWNALI. Frerhmen BURTON J. ROSS MAUIIICIE H. ROTTERSMANN JOHN H. ROY JOHN E. SANDERS GEORGE A. SCHAUER E. JEROME SCHLIEPER RICHARD J. SCI-IUMACHIZR NORMAN W. SEIP RICHARD W. SHAW' LESTER E. SMITH PAUL B. SMITH ROBERT W. SODIIRBIERG SAMUEL L. SOLA FRANCIS L. STEPHENSON ROBERT J. STIENECKER XVILIEY A. STONER CARTER W. SUTTI.E ALBERT D. SUTTON RICHARD K. THOMPSON, JR. WILLIAM G. VOIGT CHARLES D. WALTIER EDXVARD T. XWANDIERIER ROBERT G. WATERS JOHN L. WIEBIQ WILLIAM M. WHELAN HARRY C. WHITMARSH RICHARD A. WILLIAMSON ADAM A. WOVICIK LOGAN N. MUIR, JR. WILLARD R. NARY ROBERT E. NELSON ELMER E. NOVOTNY ROBERT P. O'MALI,lEY KENNETH PIZASLIIY LYLE E. SCHAFFER LELAND C. SCHUBERT ARTHUR R. SEGAL LESSING P. SIHGAL JOHN L. SLONNEOER EDWARD J, STARMAN l'll'5NRY G. VON DER GATHEN BERNARD A. SALA CHARLES G. SCHOTT CHARLES WAYNE W. BURTON WOOD THOMAS F. WRIGHT, JR. TONY ZUVLIS, JR. ROBERT A. JOHNSON Bunting Delich Gavin Harper Mcisenzahl Greie Bradford Hullman Starman Ashwood Hinchlifl Webb Kalisz Guirl- Badgley Ross- Ma.gde.N itz Clark Craner R.V. Johnson Elmzen Schaffer 1f'orman Gerdes Carson Bcckerle Shaw Garver Woicik Malloy McIntosh R.A. Johnson Cocagne Nary Koenig Morgan Dix Rxnkema McCle1sh Collier Kendall W.CarlSon Cutler Richart Pletsch Cunningham Brown Gerler LaBond Lockhart McQuiston Luce Soderberg Stephenson Black. h , Roosc Novotny Shumacher R. Carlson Frysinger Ryan Schott Baggott Hochschlld Rogers Cesaletti Cooley Jackson Cuthbert Hochmuth Hellenthal Hutton Sanders Bilhorn Fleming Whelan Whitmarsh Hirsch Thompson Goodzey Walter Larson Danielson Burns P. Smith Grim Slonneger. Hoagland Suttle I Moyer Dawson Wood Loyd Carter Krein Capizzi Alport Segal Gial Crane Pfundstein McVay Sutton Crow Mihalopoulos Morgan Morrow Chamhllss Rottersmann N.Carlson Wayne Alexander Waters Kolb Barth Davie Demmert Hettinger Nelson Mix Voigt Durrant Levine Stienecker Moon Schheper Roy Wanderer Hargltt Berlinger Gerhardt Muir Immele Page 536 A. S. C. E. Ifozmded, 1920 Illinois Student Chapter One Hzmdred una' NIHEIUEII Affllff Cbupler: T0 promole cl kfzozuledge of ethical engineering .flamlaI'a'f among rallege .rmdezzts 1. HAROI.D E. BAIsEI'I"I', M.S. EDWARD E. BAUER, M.S., C.E. WINSTON E. BLACK, M.S. ALPHONSIS A. BRIELMAIER, M.S., C.E. LEROY L. BRINK, B.S. JAMES G. CLARK, M.S. W. LEIGHTON COLLINS, M.S. OHN V COOMBI MS J . 2, . . ,IQHN S. CRANDELL, B.S., C.E. ELDRED E. CRESS, B.S., CE RALPH S. CROSSMAN, C.E., M.S. GEORGE R. AVISRY Mll.AN BARICH JACK A. BORCHARDT FRANK BRASIC KENNETH W. BROOKS TSE T. CHANG ROIIERT A. CHASE ALEIIRT P. CHITTENDEN LEE F. CONWAY ROBERT E. DAGGE1"l' JONATHAN G. DANIELS ROBERT R. DE JONGE ELLIOTT DURAND PHILIP G. ECKERT CEVDET A. ERZEN ALLEN N. FAIREANKS XVAYNIE A. FARLEY IVIICHAIEL M. ABRAMS ROBERT J. ARNOLD WILLIAM F. BILLS JOHN F. BROWN SPENCER F. BROWN BRUCE W. BURKHART' IQENNETH L. COMPTON EDMUND L. DUBOIS HAROLD T. AI.LEN l.ONX'lELl. W. CAMPBELL MILD C. FEAR FRANCIS A. FLAKS, JR. CARL XV. GOEl'FlZR'l' RAY M. CONRAD, JR. ABRAHAM M. DOEKIN JAMES E. DOLAN JOSEPH V. DUST GEORGE H. DELL, M.S., C.E. JOHN DOAK JAMES J. DOLAND, M.S., C.E. JASPER O. DRAEEIN, M.S. FRANCIS L. EHASZ, M.S. MELVIN L. ENGER, M.S., C.E. HENRY P. EVANS, JR., M.S. RANDON FERGUSON, B.S. +ACULTY VERNON P. JENSEN, Ph.D. HARVEY H. JORDAN, B.S. EVERETT E. KING, M.S., M.C.E. RALPH W. KLUGIE, M.S. WALLACE M. LANSFORD, M.S., C.E. BERNT O. LARSON, B.S. NEWLIN D. MORGAN, M.S., C.E. NA1'HAN M. NlZXY'MARK, Ph.D. WINFRED D. GIERBER, B.S., C.E. WlLl.IAM A. OLIVER, M.S., C.E. RANDOLPH P. HOELSCHER, M.S., C.E. CYRUS E. PALMER, M.S. XVHITNIZY C. HLlNTlNG1'ON, M.S., C.E. GEORGE W. PICKELS, B.C.E., C.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM H. RAYNER, C.E., M.S. CHARLES 0. REINHARDT, M.S. FRANK E. RICHART, M.S., C.E. THOMAS C. SHEDD, M. S., C.E. CLIFFORD H. SPRINGER, M.S., C.E. EDWARD W. SUPPIGER, M.S. MAX SUTER, Ph.D. JAMISON VAWTER, M.S., C.E. HIERBERT L. WHITE, B.S., C.E. CARROLL C. WILEY, B.S., C.E. WILBUR M. WILSON, M.M.E., C.E. ROBERT ZABOROWSKI, B.S. GEORGE E. FIELDHOUSE EDWIN F. GLESMANN ROBERT B. HARMON CHARLES HARRIS, JR. LESLIE D. HARRISON EDWARD H. HOLT JOHN C. HOUBOLT ROGER S. HUTTON PAUL W. JENICEK WALTER H. JOLLIE WILLIAM J. JONES, JR. GEORGE J. KENNEDY JEROME C. KIPLEY FRANK KLEIN WALTER J. KLINER THEODORE E. LETSHE ALIIERT J. LOGLI GENE C. EMERT ROBERT C. FLOOD QUENTIN R. FULLER WERNER F. GAl.0Wll'l'CH RAYMOND C. GESSEL BENJAMIN L. GOEPEERT MAX GOLDEERG JOHN W. HAMMERSMITH FLORENCE G. GORKA HOWARD A. GRANERT, JR. GLENN L. GUTHIER XVll.L.lAM K. HANCOCK GERALD W. HOMANN CARL G. GRAHAM, JR. ALLISON C. GRUNERT LEVIERETI' N. JENKS SEIZIOTA' CLALID C. LOMAX, JR. GEORGE B. LYON DONALD F. LYONS, JR. WILLIAM F. LYTLI5 EDWARD M. MAUEL THOMAS H. MCCRACKIN, RONALD A. MCCREE JOE T. MCINTOSH WILLIAM W. MCMAHON ALFRED R. MUliLl.ER ARTHUR H. NEILL HAROLD E. NELSON STEVE W. NICHIPORUK CARLYSLE PEMBISRTON GORDON A. IJHILLIPS NICK POKRAJAC ALFRED J. PORTEOUS Jzwzorf XVENDIELL H. HANSEN, JR JOHN W, HANSON ROBERT H. HARMESON CORRELL E. JULIAN H. FRANK KROENING MARVIN R. MONTOOTH LOGAN N. MUIR, JR. JAMES E. MULEORD S 0 plaomoref LEROY HUEELE EI.vIN H. KING MARK G. KNIGHT WILLIAM D. I.OMAx Freflamezz MARVIN I.. KORINEK NILBERT F. MAHAN RICHARD B. MARTIN SEYMOUR POST HARRY C. PRINCE FRANK A. RANDALL, JR. VERDUN RANDOLPH ROBERT C. RIZICHEL JEROME SALZMAN MAXWEl.l. T. SANDFORD VALMAR A. SCHAAF LOUIS W. SCHUUM, JR. LESTER H. SEILER KENNETH H. SETZKORN JOHN S. SHAPI.AND EUGENE R. SHIELDS WILLIAM J. SHIVIE GRANT B. SIMPSON FRANK D. SLAIGHT HOW'ARD W. SPIZNCE HIDEO NllX'AMA ERNEST NORDMAN WILLIAM J. PATHMAN MICHAEL J. PIATNITZA GORDON K. RAY ROBERT G. ROTE EMERSON C. SCHOLER DONAI.D J. SCHLIESSMANN ARNOLD A. MAzzUCCO CHARLES A. MOORE, JR. JAMES A. PORTER .ELMER R. SCHMITZ CHARLES E. MCGEE JAMES B. MEEK ARTHUR T. POPE WILLIAM C. SPERRY VERNON F. STEINIER SPENCER D. STINSON ROBERT W. SURPLICI? HENRY C. SUTHERLAND RUSSELL M. SUTHl5l'il.lN BANJAMIN A. SWARTZ ROBERT KZ. TAYLOR RICHARD G. THOMAS MAURICE P. THOMPSON ROBERT D. TIMPANY MARVIN E. VEERMAN RICHARD R. WEBERLING CARL W. WESTPHAI. ALFRED F. WIEDEMAN .IIRNIEST ll. XVILTZ HOWARD E. SCHWARTS GEORGE R. SHAY ALFRED M. SPIERS MILTON E. STABIZN ROBERT B. THOMAS JOHN T. T IPPIT HENRY F. VUACHTIER RAY F. SMITH GLENN C. SUMMIERFEIII' ALFRED D. WEBSTER ARTHUR F. ZEMAN DONALD L. RENICK RICHARD A. SJOSTROM GRANT SOLI 2 Piatnitza Smith Sandford Thomas Allen Fairbanks Kipley Post Erzen Schwarts Shay Martin Hanson Spiers Salzman Webster Surplice Schmitz Brown Lomax Klein Chase Eckert Jones Neely Pokrajac Mulford Montooth Tippit Ray Porteous Emert Fullcr Brooks Goldberg Schuum Fear Kroening Harris Wiltz Wiecleman Nickiporuk Hansen Zeman Hubble Homann . Roth .lenicek Steiner Westphal Slmpland Hutton Nelson Mclllahon R. B.Tl1omaIs Thompson Lyons Weberling Randall Seiler DuBois Burkhart Grunert Mueller Harmon Jollie Brasic Lyon Lomax Spence Doland Gorka McCrackIn Maucl Prince Stinson Neill Glesmann Conway Harrison Sutherland McCree Kennedy Bills Page 537 Universit Marketing Club F0-""f"91L 1939 Our Artire Chapter To broaden Li71f6l'6.l'l'J' in 77lrZl'k6ff77g and fo promote good -will belzreezz faculty and fllzdefzt member! FACULTY FRANK H. BEACH, Ph.D. FREND M. JONES, Ph.D. HARVEY W. HUEOY, Ph.D. ROBERT V. MITCHELL, M.B.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmle Smdenlf 'JACK A. HOVC'ARD DONALD F. MULVIHILL, A.M. FREDERIC A. RUSSELL, Ph.D. ARMIN E. HARTMAN RICHARD C. RYNIKER Senior! HARVEY C. AMSTERDAM HARIKY M. DIXON Ross C. MARIS JOHN H. ROBB HAROLD ROSENBAUM GEORGE W. SCHEPPACH ALFRED W. STACK HENRY C. STOCKING RUSSEL R. STOCKER WILLIS B. BALLANCE WILLIAM H. BARBOUR WALTER A. BARZ RAYMOND C. GIULIAN LA VELLIE E. DUNN LOREN E. GILLHOLISE, JR. LOUIS S. MIESENEACH ROBERT F. MEVES ARTHUR W. MEYERS MARIAN M. MILLER EDWARD W. MOORE WALTER L. BENSON VINCENT C. GUERIN GEORGE M. NELSON ROBERT V. STRUGKMAN FOREST F. GLADSON DARRELL M. GRAY RAYMOND F. BATTIN T. EUGENE BEATTIE SAMUEL A. BIZRGIN PETER G. BONAVIA E. THOMPSON BOYNTON JOHN W. BUZICK ROBERT I. CARNCROSS HARVEY E. CEIGLIER C. WILLIAM NEWLIN ROBERT NEWTON, JR. WILLIAM NEWTON DAVID L. OSTEELD MILDRED H. OSTEELD ALBERT E. PETERSON LEWARD J. HARDY GALE C. HEDRICK THOMAS S. HOUOH JOHN D. HUBBARD JOHN F. KASZYNSKI HAROLD N. KAUEMAN HERBERT D. TABORN ROBERT M. TIBBETTS RALPH N. TL1'DOR JOHN F. VANWAY FRED L. WASSERMAN WILLIAM P. WATERS ORLO D. CENTER EDWARD R. KENNELLY JEAN C. PETERSON CARL E. WATKINS WILLIAM R. DAVENPORT ROGER M. KIRK, JR. CARL G. PETREY DORUS WEIR ORAL L. DAVIS C. LOREN KNOX JOSEPH H. PLIZTCHER CHARLES R. WEISHAAR RALSTON H. DEEEENBAUGH ANNE LEBRON ROBERT D. PORTER HAROLD B. WEISMAN CLIFTON L. DEMING ROBERT C. LEE GILBERT A. RAPP ROBERT C. WILLIAMS GAYLORD E. DERSBECK MARIAN B. LERNER JOHN B. REUHL JOSEPH F. ZARISH PAUL M. DEISS CLIFFORD G. LE VEE EWALD R. ZIMMIZRMAN fzznzow FLORENCE N. ANDERSON ROBERT J. FALCONER EDWIN A. JOSEPH ORVILLE P. RICI-IEY KEITH J. ANDERSON WALDO M. FINNELI. FRED M. KILKIER DOROTHY J. ROUBIK HELEN M. BARR ROBERT F. FISHER WARREN K. KLOOCK BETTY L. SHACKEL WALLACE W. BASS HELEN M. FLEURY HOWARD W. LANUS NELLE SHAGAN CHARLES F. BECK ROY E. GARRISON JOHN A. LINNEMAN ALLEN L. SHAPIN JOSEPH L. BERNIK LOUIS GROSSWORTH HENRY S. LIPSCHULTZ BEN D. SMITH EDWARD W. MANN GEORGE E. MARTIN DON J. MOBERLY, JR. ROBERT C. OLSON LELAND W. HAGMAN THOMAS F. HAYES STEPHAN C. HELIS ROBERT J. JACKSON ERNEST L. BETTISWORTH GEORGE A. BIGGS JOHN H. BRUNTJEN XVALTER S. BUTLER WILLIAM C. STEINERT JOHN C. STEINIERT LLOYD S. STUBBINS, JR. HARLON W. TAEER JAMES CASTRALE ROSEMARY E. JANTZEN EARL L, PALMBERG SARAH L. TURNER BETTY J. COLEMAN WALTER E. JENKINS DORIS H. PARKS JOHN C. WEBER G. THORNTON COOK ARTHUR B. JOHNSON, JR. CHARLES W. PATMORE ARTHUR E. WILLMORIE DOROTHY A. EGGEBRECHT DARWIN N. JOHNSON GEORGE A. PETRASIK DAVID L. YOUNG Sopbomoref LEONARD ANDERSON MARVIN LANGHAUS GEORGE F. LIMERICK WALTER S. MANN MATHEW P. CICERO NORMAN LEAF DAVID LINOWES HAROLD F. RODERICK LOWEI.L G. FARRIS MARTIN M. LEVIN GUST E. LUNDBFRG, J ADOLPH STANKUS HAROl.D E. lUTZI U' 2.-. GEORGE R. WILLIAMS l l ... . 4 1 1 1 fx Smith Hough Davis Linowes Waters A. Johnson Deiss Richey Jenkins Petrasik D-elfenbaugh Le Vee Bass Weisman Shapin E-.Mann Palmberg Fisher Willmore Lanus Dixon Joseph Williams Reuhl Hardy Bruntgen Taber Hubbard Tudor Falconer Rcderick Meisenback Van Way Rapp Bernik Kaufman Jackson Stocking Tlbbetts Davenport Watkins Moberlgy Porter Carncross Beattie Gray Mitchell Russqlln Petrey Rosenbaum Olson Battin Roubik Eggebrccht Shagan Lerner Guerin Zarish Nelson Zimmerman Dunn Shuckel Turner Jones Mulvihlll Page 538 Falzluied, 1907 University of Illinois Alpha Chi Omega MARX' J. CORNS CAROL L. EGE MARY J. GLENNAN MARJORIE A. LYON NANCY Q. NICOLL JANE D. WHITE Alpha Della Pi JANICE E. BUSLEE Lois M. REISZ MARION D, SHUTE J. CAPPIE SMITH Alpha Gamma Della EDITH E. EASTMAN ANNETTII L. KRUMSIER LORENA M. MANAUGH MURIEL J. OSTER DOROTHY J. WILSON Alpha Omicran Pi DONNA L. BREHM MARY A. BURGETT ELIZABETH L. HAYES ELAINE O'CONNOR RUTH E. SMYKAL BETH M. XVILSON hi-Ai To promote cl truer friemlrlaip among the womezz of the MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY AIM., Pbi ELEANOR G. ANDERSON BAREARA A. BARNEY MARY A. JACOBS ELIN KUDO Alpha Xi Delia RUTH CORRINGTON ETHYL S. FORLAW JANET HORSTMAN DORIS M. LUNDIILAD l"IELl5N R. SWEENEX' Chi Omega NANCY E. HARSHMAN JANET V. HOPKINS PRISCILLA E. MANN MARGARET J. VVESTCOTT Dylld Della Delta BARBARA E, DUNHAM HELENI5 A. GIESE DOROTIIY J. KOENIG MARClZI.l.A E. LUKENBILL ANNE C. MCGORRISK HELEN I.. NEAL Della Gunmm CHARLOTTE E. LINDIZR SALLY I. RHODE RACHEL M. ROEHM Delta Zeta BETTY J. COLEMAN MARLYN J. GRUNXVALD JANET S. RICHARDSON VIRGINIA SUTHISRLAND Gamma Phi Bela BETTY G. ANDERSON MURllil. V. BLOOM MARX' K. GROSSMAN BILLIE M. HIGGINS ELEANOR E. HUTCHISON JOANNE K. SELLERS Kappa Alpha Them BIZVHRLIE C. BRIGGS DORIS HEALY ANN MIDDLETON DOROTHY A. RAUSCH Kappa Della M. VIRGINIA FALLON HARRIET R. HANSON EDNA R. I.AwRENCE JUNE M. MORGAN H. LOUISE TICIS zfari Oil! Alpha Sigma Sigma Chapter Two Attire Chapter! I0 ro riiief Kappa Kappa Grmmm DOROTHEA A. BERGIN CHARLOTTE L. CONRAD DOROTHY L. ROEIIINS MARY S. STEWART MARGARET G. STUMPE BETTIE L. TEETOR Phi Mu M. CHARLOTTE DAVIS JUNE E. MATHIS MARJORIE E. QUIN Pi Bela Phi BETTY J. HINES VIRGINIA L. POWERS HELEN A. PRESCOTT ISAEEL WALCOTT CHARLOTTE R. WARREN Signm Kappa GWEN A. CLARK ELEANOR M. FREEMAN VIRGINIA P. GRAE KATHRYN M. GREEN Higgins Lundblarl Sellers Corrinfton Middleton Mathis Smykal Dunham Hanson Tice Vflilson Fallon Kudo Lukenbill Bloom Neal Koenig Heay Ege Grossman Westcott Green Anderson Robbins Linder Rhode Lawrence Freeman Jaeobs Barney Quin Clark Hayes Burgett Horstmzm Morgan Corns Teetor Stumpe Hutchison Davis Rausch Graf McGorrisk O'Connor Brehm Warren Lyon Nicoll Giese Mann Hopkins Page 539 lpha Sigma N Fnlffgdefl. 1919 V Alpha Chapter University of Illinois ' ' ' K . Three Arrive Chaplerr To promote Jclaolarrlazp and leaderrhzp nz Pl7'Jf.l'll'dl edzzfafzon FACULTY I.OuIsE FREIER, A.M. JANE LAVUYER, B.S. ENID SCHNAUIIER, M.S. LAURA J. HUELSTER, A.M. CARITA ROBERTSON, A.M. MARTHA J. VALIGHT, A.M. M. FLORENCE LAXVSON, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY C. LORRAINE HARTMAN HELEN L. SCHAEFIZR ELVERA SKUBIC BIRRARA TRUITT CHARLOTTE A. HERMAN MARJORIE R. SILVIIRMAN JOANNA B. SOUSLEY MARY M. TUCKER C. DOROTHY PILRINGTON E "1" .' . f5? ' 'el 1.5: 3 3 RUTH VON GRUENING EN s 3... 'vi Skubic Silverman Pilkington Souslcy Von Grueningen Tucker Foluirled, 1902 One AI'Ii1'e Chapin' University Of Illinois To izzlerpref home ecouomicr on the mmpmr of the U12i1'erriiy of Illizzair FACULTY GERTRUDE A. ESTEROS, B.S. GLENNA A. HENDERSON, M.S. MARION L. AHLERS LCRAINIE ANDERSON MARJORIIE J. ANDERSON JUNE J. ANEY M. HOPE ANGEL BARBARA A. BAIN MARIAN H. BANKS Lois M. BARRETT ERLIENE E. BARRON MARGARET I. BASS F. JUANITA BERGER VIZNITA B. BIERMAN HEI.IEN L. BITTERMAN MARKIELLA E. BLAIR D, EVIELYN BLUME LUCILLIZ K. BLUNT LILI.IAN K. BRAASCH HILDA L. BRACKWINKLI3 VI0I.ET V. BREWER MILDRED L. BRICKER DOROTHY M. BRUNER ELSIE M. BUCHANAN ELIZABETH E. BUSSELI. MAXINIZ M. CAMPBELL GERALDINE M. CASE MARGARET A. CERVENRA GLADYS C. CLARK VERA E. CLAUSSEN ARLIE A. CLIFTON GENEVIEVI? M. COEEING INEZ V. COLCLASURE l.UCIl.I.E D. CORDIELL MARIAN L. CRESS VIOLFT G. CRONIQHITE MARJJORIE J. CROSSLAND CYNTHIA L. CROWLEY LOIS C. CRUM MARY E. CRUM MARGARET E. CURRY EVELYN DAUWALDER BETTY I.. DAVIDSON FLORENCE M. DEGUNTHER RUTH V. DIxON JANET DOERSCHUCK THIf0 DCXVELL ELIZABETH M. DOYLE RUTH M. DROVER EDITH E. EASTMAN MARY A. ECI: ELYNJANE EDXVARDS BERNICE A. ENGELRING VIRGINIA I. ENLOE CORA E, EWERS RUBY V. EVUERS ELIZAEETI-I A. EWING MARY K. FAHEY ELIZABETH FARRAR DOROTHY A. FEHRIENBACHIER DORIS C. FIEDLER JESSIE L. FINLEY M. ANN FISKE ROSANN FLIEMING LAVINA M. FRANCI: HELEN V, FRASER ELIZABETH M. FRENCH I.II.LIAN A. FROST MARGARET M. FRUIN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARY M. GAYDOS KATHRYN E. GERMAN ALICE M. GOIST JEAN E. GRAHAM ANNAIaIzLLE GRAY HEI.EN K. GRAY R. MARJORIE GREENE MAURINIE GRIDER MARY J. GRIEEITH MARGARE1' HAMIL1'ON LOIS V. HANIQS FLORENCE S. HARKNIESS KATHRX'N M. HARLION MARY J. HARMCN HELEN L. HEDRICIQ LORRAINI3 C. HENNINGS CHARLOTTE A. HERMAN DORENIE HIESER LEONA A. HILL JANICE R. HOIIERG ELIZABETH M. HOOIT MAY O. HUIKIER M. PATRICIA HUDSON MAIIX' K. JACKSON MARY E. JAMES ARI.EEN V. JAY ESTHER M. JOHNSON MARTHA L. JOHNSON SUSIE M. JOHNSON MARAYORIE E. KANIZ DOROTHY L. KASTIEN BARBARA J. KINDRED AURELIA A. KLUEG JEAN W. KRAUSIZ VIRGINIA D. KREUGER LUCILLE E. KUEENER MARGARET C. LA FORGE R. HARRIE'fT LAME RITA M. LANGELLIER OLIVE R. LARIMORE LOIS K. LARNER ELIZABETH LEARE CHARLOTTE B. LEEEVER JOSEPHINIZ B. LEEEVER CYNTHIA LOCKHART ELIZAIIETH C. LOWE JEAN N. MAACK MARTHA A. MAI.I. WILMA F. MALONE LOUISE A. MANN ALMA R. MARSHAl.I. DORIS M. MAST EDNA R. MATHEWS VIRGINIA L. MCBROOM MARY G. MCCAIIIE E. BIEATRICE MCCLELLAND HELIEN L. MCCLELLAND MARCEARET A. MCICLURE G. ALIZABETI-I RICCRIEIG HT GLADYS E. MCDONAI,D l'IARRIlE'I'T MCKIRBON NANCY M. MCWHOR'I'lER RUTH R. MEIER NORMA L. MILLlZVlLl.Ii RUTH E. IWITCHELI. LAVERNE A. MOLINE RUTH E. MONTGOMERY ELEANOR R. MORRELL HELEN A. MORRISON METTA V. MOUDY HARRIETT E. MYERS HELEN A. MYERS KATHARINIE M. MYERS ROEERTA NEXY'TON VIRGINIA NORRIS MILDRED H. OSTFELD BETTY J. PARKINSON MYRNA M. PARR BETTY R. PEARCIE RUTH M. PETERS EDITH A. PIVOTTO MARIAN P. PLUMB MARY A. POPE FERN E. POTTINGER MARGARET M. POXVELL MARY H. RAY MARY E. READY MARY A. REED E. GFIRALDINE RENNIER HEI.EN M. ROUTH ESTHER R. SASS lX'fADEl.INIi E. SCHNAKE MAR'l'HA F. SCHROEDER ANNA M. SCHULTZ XVILMA S. SERENS HEI.EN E. SELLMIIYER BETTY J. SHADE MARTHA A. SHAFFFR LEONA R. SHAPIRO VERNICE C. SHERMAN CARMEN R. SHUTE VIRGINIA J. SHUTT ALICE E. SIFTGMUND VERA A. SISSON MARY E. SMITH BERTHA SOMER IONE L. STANSELL MARIE E. STALIEITZ THELMA L. STONE I. FLORENCE STORM MARY L. SUNDERLAND ARLENE E. SUPPES VIVIAN E. SUPPES MARJORIIZ J. TAEOR ALICE C. TEMPLE MARILYN VANDERW'ARF AIIEIE A. VOORHEES JANE E. VOORHEES M. LUCINDA WALKIER OPAL A. WARFIELD MARTHA L. XYIARREN IOLA F. WEB!! VIRGINIA M. WEISB JEAN A. WHITCOMR VIRGINIA WHI1'TON Hl?LEN C. WOLF JEANETTIE M. WOLTzEN KATHERYN C. WOOD MARGARET C. WRIGHT L. EVHLYN WUNDERI.ICH H. ELIZABETH ZIEGLER Ru'rH E. ZIMMERMAN Scbens Aney Somcr Sass M. Anderson Moudy Marshall Drovcr McCreiglIt Doyle Fraser Wood L. Anderson Myers J. Lefcvcr Peters Fahey Edwards l Davidson Scliroeder Sherman Barrett Braasch Warren Fiske H. McClelland B. McClelland Brackwxnkle Kueifner C. Lcfever Fleming Fruin Bricker Klueg Bierman Cervenka Renner Claussen Staubitz Page 540 GEORGE CI. BALIES EDWARD V. BARAN:a::I ROBERT A. CHASJI JAMES C. DUEE P' t l S cl T0 8l7C'0lll'c1gL' Ik!!! in pifml l7Idl'k5I1lcZl1.l'l9if2 51111072 g rerpmzrible cilizem TEAM COACH MAJOR WILLIS A. IIEDDEN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY STERLING K. EISIMINGIER HOXVARD I.. FLIEMING RORERT G. FOSSLAND H. GLENN HARSHIIARGITR CHARLES B. GREEN FRIED T. HAMMER MILTON M. HARTMAN ROBERT C. INOALLS JOHN B. SUTHERLAND Sutherland Baranski BRleS Chnnc Eisiminer Duff Green Fleming Hartman Ingalls Hcddsn Hnrshbarger Hammer Fosslancl A O I 0 E O E O F0lHI.'fL'tf., 188-I Illinois Stuclqnt Branch PlIil:IdelphizI, Pennsylvania One Hundred and Nine Affine Chapter: To promofe ifzlerert in, and to ajford opporlzzfzitiexr for aftivitief in llae profefnozz of eleclrzml ellgllleeflilg FACULTY GEORGE H. ADAMS JAMES L. ADAMS MERLIN J. ADAMS JOHN D. ADKINS ELMER I-I. AI-ILVIN FRED F. ANDRT HARLAN D. BAREI'I'HI:R PHILLIP A. BAUMAN OWEN R. BIZRGER ROBERT E. BLUDIZAU ROBERT B. BOIIISUTHI MELVIN E. BUDGIILI. ROGER R. BUSH DONALD W. BUTTON CHARLES J. CARSON JOE I-I. CAVEGLIA DALE L. CLINE NORMAN C. COLIIY JAMES H. COOK ARTHUR S. Cox ROBERT B. CRANE CHARLES T. CURTIS GIZORGE C. DACIIEX' ip. CHARLES T. DAMASKII HUIiIiR'l' XV. DANNEVIK JOSEPH J. DE JONGHIZ GEORGE C. DESMOND JAMES F. DICK HARRY J. DIPPIEI. NICHOLAS J. DI Vl1'0 HIENRX' DUSZAK CLIFFORD E. DYER HENRY D. EOLIN CHARLES A. EVERSOLIS ROBERT L. FEIK WARD F. FICKIIE WILLIAM FITZWATER, JR. CHARLES B. FORD ITIOXVARD K. FOUTE ROIIERT M. FRAAS STEFAN H. FRISCHAUF RALPH W. GALKE JOSEPH H. GAMIILE HERHERT A. GOLTZ I. XVARIIIEN GRATIAN DAVID J. GRIFFITH .i..T.i..-..... ERNEST A. REID, M.S., E.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MERLE L. HAI.EY ROY A. HAMMAR EDWARD I-I. HAMMIERSTIEIN JAMES D. HANSEN HOMER F. HARMAN JOHN D. HARVE5' VERN R. HATCH DAN F. HAZEN HOWARD T. HODOES EDWARD I.. HULl.A ALFRED G. JANCS GIEORGIE S. JIIRDAN JOSEI-'H E. JCI'-INSSN LLOYD H. JOHNSON ROIIERT H. JCI-INSON JOHN L. JONES VICTOR I-I. KAYS RAYMOND I.. KIQIEEER CLYDE A. KILMIER CEISORGH M. KIRKPATRICK WILLIAM H. KOHNKIE FRANK S. KOKONA NICK KOUZMANOEE VVALTIZR J. KRUG ROIIERT C. KUDIER DAVID F. LA Hun LUCIAN P. LANHAM ROEERT I-I. LAWIIURCII BERNARD LIEVIN LEONARD S. LICWINK9 FRANK W. LINDER JAMES P. LUND GIERDISNIO G. MANUIZL FRANK J. IVIARRIETT CHARLES B. MARTIN ROBEIVI' O. MAZIE XVILFRIED E. MAZUR KENNETH D. IVICHARRY DWIGI-IT I. MCKEE VICTOR W. MCMAHILL A. DUNCAN MCRAE XXl'II.LlAM H, MEIKLEJOHN JEROME P. IVIORRIS PERRY A. IVIUNRO JAMES L. MURPHY ROBERT NELMS DONALD E. NELSON ROBERT A. NELSON OHL DAVID PERSHING J. OLSON RICHARD S. PINSLEY ROEERT H. RANN LLOYD RHODES JACK D. SHNAELE ROBERT M. SINKS ROBERT J. SMITH RICHARD C. STILES DURWARD D. STRANG FRANCIS K. TALLMADGE WALTER M. TAYLOR FRANK J. THOMA RAYMOND G. TITLEY ERNEST E. RICHARDS HERSHEI. TOOMIM G. LLOYD RIGG SPALDING J. ROEE RALPH LEO ROSIINMAN ALBERT P. RUGG HOVUARD E. SAYERS GEORGE ROBERT GERALD W. SEARS RICHARD J. SHAMIS THOMAS C. SI-IEDU IAN D. POTTORE E. M. RONEY CHARLES N. TOXWNISR JAMES F. TRACY WILLIAM F. TRACY EDWARD C. TUDOR KEITH B. UTSINGER JULIUS VAI-ILE, JR. JOHN A. VASCONCELLOS W. SCHIFII B. SCHMIDT GEOFIIREY S. VORE GEORGE H. WEICHSEL WILLIAM W. WELBOURNE WILLIAM W. WITORT MONROE H. SHEPPARD WILLIAM W. VUUIELLNIER . '- .fy gala. ..: fn-Qji'7"f- ' I. . 41 ' ,.l'5.f ' 31' . .E .. ' 1-:Elf Lkzwlrm " ' " I .I.. f.L.E,J' E E 3.1 Y' Ford Richards McMzIhiII Dippel Harman J. Johnson Trrdor Sinks M. Adams Colby Wclbourne Murphy Reid Vnsconqellos Mueller J. Tracy LaHue Wuellner Dyer Cook Foute 'I'allmadge Rugg Shnnble Wrtort Kouzmanolf Hammar Gratran Fr1SchauI' Ahlvm Frans R.Johnson Carson Bush Rosenmun Kxrkpatrxcl-I Dmk Thema Roney Jerdan Hansen Jones Adkms Hedges Lmder T Itley Gcltz Shedd W. Tmcy Schlff Duszak Pottorf Kays Stiles Strung Budgell Rhodes Andrt Curtis Keiifer Galke G. Adams Di Vito Robb Page 541 Gamma lpha Chi Founded, 1920 University of Missouri ge,,e?eAlE,g?aE5fZp,L,,5 To provide for commderhip among women inlererled in fzzloertirifzg and to promote their actioilier in flair jqelri FACULTY CLARA J. BEERMAN HELEN M. BIMRA MARIAN W. BUFFINGER MILDRED CAPLING JEANETTE D. COLTEAUX MRS. ALTA G. SAUNDERS, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EDITH E. DEHNERT R. JEAN I-IEAVENER ALICE W. SPUNAR LOUISE DISUTCH PHYLLIS J. MARRS LUCILLIE G. TURIGLIATTO JHANNE F- HAMILTON JUNE E. RUSSELL MARIAN A. WEBER MARY P. HANAEIN NELLE SHAGAN DORIS M. WHITE - - Deutch Bimbzi Wlrite Capling Shagan Spunar Hamilton Turigliatto Hanafm Bufhngcr Colteziux Dehnert Weber Hcavener Marks Foffflfifdf 1910 I Alpha Cha ter Umversity of Illinois One Active fgllmpfgf JAMES L. EDMUNDS, B.S. RICHARD E. ALBRECHT GLENN L. ANDERSON LELANII P. ARGBNBRIGHT HOXVARD O. BADER EARI. C. BANTZ ELDON W. BARNES WHITNEH H. BARTON ROBERT E, BASS WILLIAM N. BAUMGARTN RALPH I-I. BECRMAN CHESTER H. BOLAND LOUIS F. BRIGGS JOHN D. BIIOTMAN ROEERT L. BROWN HARLAN E. BRUER PAUL L. BUCHANAN WARREN E. BURGENER LOWELL O. BURNS MARTIN G. BURRUS C. WARD BuzzARD GEORGE R. CARLISLE DAVID N. CARRIYLL GEORGE R. CASTLE ER LOREN C. CLARK RALPH N. CLARK HERIJERT VIRGIL L. WALLACE CLEMIZNT HARLAND CARLOS W. COOK HAROLD E. COUNCIL ROBERT T.. CRANE EUGENE H. CRULL WILLIAM R. CVIKOTA JAMES R. DAvIEs SHERXVIN G. DESIENS CHARLES H. DICR JAMES W. EMMONS RALPH E. ERE DWIGHT W. FAIRBANKS JOHN E. FINLEY ROY I. FINLEY GERALD R. FINNIESTAD T. WILLIAM FLETCHER FRED C. FRANCIS J. CLAWSON CLODI D. COLE J. COLGAN D. CONLEY To p1'omolefl1I'ihe1' interest in animal laurbmzdry, and to create good jellowrlaip among lioertock men FACULTY HENRY P. RUSK, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RAYMOND D. FRENCH DEAN G, FULTON RAYMOND K. GEHLBA CH JOHN E. GROSIIOLL JOSEPH G. HANNIGAN FRANK R. HARRIS RICHARD F. HARRIS ROBERT J. HARRIS WILLARD G. HARTSHORN ONVEN J. HAYES DONALD A. HAYS ROBERT W. HOLEERT FREDERIC B. HOPPIN JOHN E. HUMPHRY MERLE W. ISERMAN RALPH H. JAMES JOHN H. JANSSEN C. DALE JENSEN HOWARD W. KASEBERG HERBIERT M. KOELER ROBERT G. KUEHNE EDWARD E. LAMONT THEODORE W. LARGE LEHMANN S. LEIOHTY LEWIS W. LITCHFIELD C. JEAN LuTz L. MARTIN JOHN W. DONALD JOHN M . RUSSELL MARVIN J. RAYMOND MATHERS ALVIN M. MAVIS ROBERT P. MCCRACRIN ROLLAND W. MCKIE RALPH Q. MCKINNEX' FRANK J. MEIER CHARLES F. MILLER JAMES F. MILLER THOMAS R, MII.l.ER HERSCHIEL E. MIZELL ROBERT I-I. MOODY LAXVRENCE XV. MORGAN MYRON C. MUELLER RICHARD E. NEXVLIN CHARLES L. NORTON EARL E. OERTLEY GLENN D. OIERTLIEY RUSSELL L. PARR ELDON B. PEARSON ROBERT C. PEVERLEY HERBERT' S. PIPER NEIL E. PISTORIUS REX R. RHEA NORMAN H. RICHARDS HOUSEL L. ROBERTS W. ERNEST ROBINSON RICHARD G. ROMERSEERGER E. LARUE SAUERS J. DEAN SCHLAPP CHARLES R. SCHRODT RAYMOND E. SELTZER A. LEE SHAFER FLOYD E. SHARP WELIBY W. SIMMONS FAY M. SIMS FRED J. SINCLAIR, JR. BERNARD H. SLOAN CECIL D. SMITH NELSON J. SMITH ROSCOE R. SNAPP, Ph.D. PAUL J. STAFFORD ERNEST V. STEVENSON JOHN S. STOUT PAUL C. STOUT EARL R, SWANSON FRANCIS W. SWEARINGEN ROGER L. TAYLOR RAYMOND H. THIES GORDON E. THOMPSON D. STEVE VARNER CHARLES E. VOLAND FLOYDE S. WALKER MITCHIELI. R. WARWICK CHAUNCEY B. WATSON C. HERMAN WATSON EDGAR G. WELSH, JR. HERBERT M. WBNDLER WALTER E. WHITE ANDREW A. WICKLEIN WILI.IAM K. WIELAND RICHARD E. WOLFE RALPH S. YOHE Argenbright Swanson Walker Janssen Finnesrad Crane Kuehnc Albrechq Fletcher Hays Large Beckman Brotrnan E. Qertley Council Stevenson L. Clark James Simmons Burns Lewis Bader Sloan Sims Yoland Pilaer Richards Park I.ehn'IRnn Clocli Wieland Varner Hoppin French Mathers Briggs C. Smith I T. MI ler Yohe Leighty Welsh Davies G.Oertley Dick Mueller Francis Snuers Robinson Hannigan Cviknta Grosboll Hartshorn Page 542 Pan-Xenia Founded. 1919 U Zeta ,Chapter University of Waslmington F11-'e Arlwe Cbaplenf To prrmzole bn.ri17eJ.r ethics and iaztermztioizal frie1m'.rl9ip F A C U LTY SIMON LITMAN, Dr. Jur. NOUDAR H. ASHJIAN CI.AUDE D. BALDWIN ROBERT K. CARLSTONIE JACK W. CONARD PEDRO GUTIERREZ Pub CHARLES M. THOMPSON, Ph.D., LLD Litt.D. MEMBERS EDWARD C. HARTER WELLS HUGOASMITH MUSTAFA N. KAZDAL MERRILL H. KING IN UNIVERSITY C. LORFN KNOX ROBERT C. LAIVI FRANK LEM DALE B. LINDSAY HAROLD B. SIMPSON CLARK Z. STEWARL7 OZZIE M. TOLLs'I'AM JOHN J. WATERS ROBERT C. WILLIAMS Harter Carlstonc Tollstam Baldwin Simpson Williams King Waters Gutierrez Lindsay Kazdal Steward Hugo-Smith Thompson Lem Litman Lam Knox Cunard Eamrdrd. 1920 ' Alpha Chapter University of Illinois ' I l ' Fifleen Arlire Cbnpferx Pl'0fE.l'J'l0l7fll Agr1c11ltz11'al Edncatzofzal Fraternity FACULTY WILLIAM I.. BURLIsON, Ph.D. LESLIE E. CARD, Ph.D. HAROLD C. M. CASH, Ph.D. JAMES L. EIJMONDs, B.S. WESLEX' P. FLINT, B.S. EARL C. BANTZ WAYNE H. BOHLEN MAURICE A. CATTANI HUEERT E. COPIAER VIRGIL E. COUGHLIN CHARLES H. DICK CURTIS F. DOWNEN GEORGE C. ENOEI. RAY E. Fossia DEAN G. FULTON CARL H. GASTON W. HARMON GlI.HlER'I' PAUL J. GLAIESIill BRIAN M. GRANT RAYMOND R. HARNl31'IAUX XVILBER J. FRASER, M.S. ROBERT R. HUDELSON, Ph.D. EMIL W. LEHMANN, B.S., A.E. ARISTAS W. NOLAN, Ph.D. HARRISON A. RUEHE, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EMIL F. HAUIJRICH IEVERETT A. HENDRIX WILBUR A. HOEMANN LELAND R. I'IUI3IER'l' DEAN R. HULL LYLE A. HUTSON WILLIAM T. IvIsS STANLEY L. KLAUS GERALD A. KUSTER MAX H. KUSTER ERNEST R. LAMKEY .IGHN L. LIKIES GARRETT XV. LOY DANIIEI. R. McCI.ELI.AND I.. ARCHIIE MONTGOMERY FRED H. MORRIS EUGENE G. MOSDACHER LLOYD J. PI-IIPPS J. RONALD PICIQARD LESLIE S. PORTER EUGENE L. RANCK RAEEURN A. REHN SAMUEL F. RIDLEN JOHN D. ROSENEERG ERNEST L. SAUERS FREDERICK A. SCI-IAPER LEONARD SCHUEY RAYMOND E. SEI:rzIaR I'IFNRY P. RUSK, M.S. JOHN C. SPITLIER, B.S. JOHN N. WEISS, B.S. WILLIAM XV. YAPP, Ph.D WILLIAM H. YOUNG JOHN E. SI-IIELDS, JR. GERALD N. SI-IULI. S. DEAN SIMS HARRY W. SMITH GEORGE A. SPRAU JESSE R. STRODE CARL R. STULL FRANCIS W. SVUIEARINGEN LORENZ F. TAMMEN ROIIERT R. VAN RHEEDEN C. RICHARD WARFIELD ROBERT E. WILLIAMS BONARD S. WILSON GENE C. XVISEGARVER GIITFORD S. ZIMMERMAN Klaus Morris Sprau Nolan Rehn Porter .Zimmermann Montgomery Copper Phipps Engel Williams Mosbacher Ridlcn Dick Glaesel' Weiss Shields Fqsse G. Kuster W Isegurvcr Hendrix Wilson Harnetmux Stull Lnmkgy LIkes Snuers Ranck Schuey Haudrick Loy Hofmann Sims Ives Pickard Swearlngen Bnntz Gastori Van Rheeden Shull Duwnen Cattam Hutson M.KIIster Bohlen Tammen Smith Grant Fulton Strode Page 543 Tomahawk Founded, 1933 University of Illinois Om' Anim Clmpfgf To recognize the achievemefztr of a11t.ftmzdi1Ig indepemiemf frerlamen MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LAVERNIZ L. ASTROTH RALPH W. CLIZNDENIN JAMES I. FENDER NIEVIN E. KENDALI, FRANKLIN M. MIETZNER JAMES A. BALEY ROEERT C. DEFFENBAUGH LEONARD E. GOLDSTEIN RICHARD T. KNOWLISS PAUL MILOSEVICH EUGENE O. BEARCIE BARRIKTT C. DILLOW LEO R. HIENRIKSON WILLIAM D. LAUDIEMAN JOHN T. TRUTTER A. MIERl.1i BRLININGA JAMES H. FELT NATHAN E. JOHNSON PENROSE C. MARTINDALE VICTOR J. XVUKOVITS EDXVA RD W. BUSHING Kendall Martindale Bushin Bruninga Felt Baley Beam: Trutter Johnson Knowlis Dillow Wmzkovits Clenclenin Hendrikson S O g T Q Fnqflded, 1904 Theta Chglpter University of Nebraska Twenry-four Arflre Clmplers To 977t'0ll1'c1g6 and recognize .vrlaolarlir .fzcbiezfemezzlf in elzgiryeering FACULTY HAROLD E. BABRITT, M.S. HARRX' P. BATEMAN, B.S. EDWARD E. BAUER, M.S., C.E. JAMES E. BRANCH, M.S. REX L. BROWN, M.S. JOHN S. CRANDELL, B.S., C.E. ELDRED E. CRESS, B.S., C.E. RALPH S. CROSSMAN, M.S., C.E. MELVIN L. ENGER, M.S., C.E. MAURICE K. FAHNRSTOCK, M.S CHARLES T. GRACE, B.S. GEORGE R. AVERY NORMAN G. BITTERMANN JACK A. BORCHARDT SPENCER F. BROVUN JOHN T. BUNTING VALENTINE J. CICHOVUSKI ROSXVIZLL E. CUTLER RALPH C. HAY, B.S. HAROLD N. HAYWARD, M.S. WHITNEY C. HUNTINGTON, M.S., RALPH K. HURSH, B.S. HARVEY H. JORDAN, B.S. CHARLES A. KIZENER, M.S., E.E. AENER R. KNIGHT, M.S.j M.E., E.E. DRIVER B. LINDSAY, M.S. HORACE J. MACINTYRE, M.M.E. REXEORD NEWCOME, A.M., M.Arch. CYRUS E. PALMER, M.S. GEORGE M. PETERSEN, B.S. STANLEY H. PIERCE, M.S. LORING H. PROVINE, B.S., A.E. FRED B. SEIELY, M.S. ROBERT F. SKELTON, B.S. LAURENCE L. SMITH, M.S. JOHN A. SNYDER, B.S., M.S. EDWARD W. SUPPIGIER, M.S. JOHN K, TUTHILL, B.S., E.E. MILTON P. VORE, B.S. ARTHUR C. WILLARD, B.S., D.Eng., LL.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ALSIED L. DANIl2I.SEN PHILIP G. ECKERT HENRY D. EGLIN DONALD E. GERBERICH BURTON A. GOLDSTEIN BERNARD C. HANLIEY ROBERT B. HARMON JOHN C. HAUGIELAND DAN F. HAZIEN ALFRED G. JANOS RALPI-I J. JOHNSON JOHN L. JONES GEORGE M. KIRKPATRICK ELLIS C. KNOELOCH RALPH E. KUEHN RUNE E. LEVINE CLAUDE A. MCJOHNSTON, JR. PHILLIP P. NORTH HARRY C. PRINCE FRANK E. RICHART FRANCIS K. TALLMADGE JOSEPH L. WAISMAN JOHN A. WEEDMAN OSBORN C. WORLEY N- UI .. 5 5... Knobloch Brown Kuehn Hanley Bittcrmann Levine Gerberich Haugeland Waisman Q Kirkpatrick Prince Eckert Hazen Danielsen Richart Weedman Page 544 Zeta Phi Eta Folnzded, 1893 I Tau Chapter Northwestern University Alll7L'lFL'I1 .f'i1'll1'L' Cbnfvlzmr T0 rlimnlfzzfe and eizcoumge all worthy .rpeech and dwzfvzatir enlerprifer FACULTY DORO1'I-IX' I. ANDERSON, A.M, MARIA LEONARD, A.M., Litt.D. SIEVIERINA E. NELSON, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY KATHLEEN FITZGERALD VIRGINIA H. HRUBIES BETH OLDS C. LYLE SCHWIABE MARJORIE L. WALTER LOIS R. FULLERTON BIETTE M. MACIEK JACQUIELINE M. PIEPER Lois J. SNODGRAS MARY E. WEISS BARBARA J. GILLINGHAM JOAN K, MCCANN Lois M. REISZ BETTE J. STAATS MADEl.YN V. ZEIOLER MARLYN J. GRUNXVALD MARTHA R. NOEL ADIELINIE L. SCHPOK MARX' A. STEPPE Olds Steppe Snodgras McCann Fitzgerald Grunwald Walter Noel Weiss Mzicek Gillingham Staats Zeigler Schwzibe Hrubes Schpolc Reisz Fullerton Mineral Indu tries Society Fwmded. 193-I University of Illinois To promote among in members' an i27crea.ring knowledge of mining and 77Z6lcZUllI'giL'cll engivzeering in all iii b1'mIclae.r FACULTY WALTER H. BRUCHNER, A.B., Ch.E. I-IUOH P. NICHOLSON, M.S., JOHN A. SNYDIER, B.S. JOHN L. G. EARL J. ECKEL, B.S. BERNARD G. RICKETTS, M.S. HAROLD L. WALKER, M.S., Mct.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ALLEN J. BALDXYIN HARRX' CZYZEXVSKI SYLVESTER A. HANSON JOSEPH F. LANGIE JACK M. BATES JOHN J. DALY, JR, ROY I. HARDIN EMERY C. LAUCK CHARLES S. BLACK, JR. DAVID K. DAVIS RALPH E. HERZLER WILLIAM L. MCGINNIS RALPH H. BROOK JOHN M. DAVIS JUN HINO GEORGE H. MORRIS CHARLES R. BRUMMETT GARLAN R. DELLINGIER ROBERT S. HOOUE JOHN C. MULLANE I-IURERT W. BRzYcIcI REIDAR ERICKSEN GRANT T. HOLLFTT WILLIAM G. NIEHAUS HAROLD N. BUCIQHOLDT JOSEPH E. FOSTER GLENN R. INGELS FRED W. NOLAN PAUL L. BUTLER ALFRED FRANCIS PAUL A. JENSEN JOHN OLIVIERI THOMAS P. CARMODY ROIIERT H. HAIINER, JR. ARTHUR W. JOHNSON MILTON R. REARICK THORWALD E. Cl-IRISTIENSISN ROBERT W. HAILEY WALTER KILIMNIR RICHARD W. REYNOLDS WII.LIAM J. CRAIG JOHN W. HANSON Louis W. LANDECR VUEYSSIER, E.M. THOMAS J. RIOOS, JR. LESLIE T. SCHAKIINBACK MELVIN SELIGMAN TOM S. SIMMS WILLIAM H. SIMMONS JOSEPH L. WAISMAN JOHN S. WEITZEL RICHARD A. WILDE FORREST S. WILLIAMS WILLIAM W. WISHART Ingcls Eriksen Nolan Czyzewski Riggs Reynolds Wishart Hafner Brummett Baldwin Hollctt Wilde Johnson Olivieri Kilimnik S. Hanson Black Seligman Morris Carmocly Hailey Rearick Simmons J. Hanson Daly McGinnis Francis Mullane Craig Landeck Williams Hardin Christensen Jensen Foster Snyder Ricketts Wfeysser Nicholson Eckel Lange Waisman Buckholclt Wlalker Simms Brzycki Butler Hino Page 545 Gamma Theta Phi Founded, 1931 University of Illinois 0r1?l51lZZ11EhCzl'5:E31e,. To guard and expound the virmey of the profeffiofz of j0zn'mzli.rm RUEL R- BAR!-OW, A-M. I.AXVRIiNICli W. MURPHX', A.M., L'tt. D. N 1 H : CHARLES E. FLYNN, A.M. MANNING D. SEIL, B.S. I FREQSZSCK'5SfHg'II:jEr1g,DA?jj.fxf8 OTHO C. LEITIZR, A.B. DONALD E. BOVEE EDGAR T. BOYNTON JOHN T. BRADLEY JAMES F. Cox WILLIAM R. DAVENPORT JOHN H. FORNOF MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GEORGE G. GAST EARLE F. I-IEIAELEY ROBERT M. KENU'rIs RONALD R. MCGAEEIN JOHN E. MCGARY RAYMOND M. PERITz ALBERT E. PETERSON WILLARD W. POTTER WILBUR A. ROBINSON DEAN F. SARENA WAYNE S. SCHLENTZ FRANK F. SENGER C. PAUL SLATER BURRELL L. SMALL CI-IELLIS C. SMITH FRANK R. STEXVART W. SCOTT TYLER HERMAN D. ZXVEIBAN Zvveiban Peterson Small Stewart Peritz Robinson Kenutxs Smmth Senger Heffley Davenport Slater Schlentz Bovee McGnry Sarena Cox Sherc Potter Ph O M I I1 O f O Founded 1898 Alpha Xi Chapter New England Conservatory Sixty-wgbt Arliwe Cbaplerf DUANE A. BRANIGAN, M.Mus ARTHUR E. COHEN, M.Mus. LANSON F. DEMMING, B.Mus. BRUCE R. FOOTE, B.Mus. LE ROY R. HAMR ALBERT A. HARDING, Mus.D. ALLEN E. CANNON WILLIAM J. CARMICHAEL ROY J. CHRISTOPHERSEN WILLIAM R. CLENDENIN WILLIAM D. COLE ANGELO M. CUCCI WILLIAM R. DAVIDSON JACK M. ELLIOTT MAX R. ELSBERRY JOHN R. ENGSTROM To develop fmtermzl .rpiI'i1f, the mffizml welfare of music Itudentf, and the advancement of mimic in Avrzerim MARK H. HINDSLEY, A.M. HARRY M. KAUEEMAN, A.M. HUEERT KESSLER RUSSELL H. MILES, M.Mus. RICHARD E, ROBERTS, B.S., B.Mus. WAL'fl!lk L. ROOSA, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WARREN A. FELTS GEORGE R. PLEXMAN N. RICHARD Fox NORMAN A. GOLDBERG LAWRENCE W. GOUGLIER J. ROBERT GREENWELI. LEWIS A. I'IANSliN DONALD J. HATCH FORREST H. HEEREN HAROLD C. HINES WILIIUR J. HOEL STEPHEN C. KRATZ AUSTIN J. McDOWELL GEORGE E. MORBY DONALD S. MYERS GORDON C. PENTZ EDXVIN C. PLATTE GEORGE C. REID CLARENCE E. SAWHILL, B.Mus. SHERMAN SCHOONMAKER, M.Mus. RAY I. SHAWL, M.S. LEONARD L. STEIMLEY, Ph.D. FREIIERIC B. STIVEN, Mus.D. IQEITH L. WILSON, B.S., B.Mus. RALPH W. ROHLEING JOHN J. SOHUSTER HASKIELL O. SEXTON ROWLAND SMITH LYMAN A. STARR GLEN C. STEXVART HAROLD E. TAYLOR JAMES K. VAN SLYKE STANLEY W. VYCITAL ROBERT W. WORK Fox Carmicllael Taylor Morey McDowell Cannon Davidson Schuster Smith Reid Pentz Cucci Goldberg Elsberry Wilson Elliott Cole Flexman Vycital Hatch Platte Heeren Schoonmaker Sexton Gougler Starr Kratz Christophersen Hines Myers Greenwell Van Slyke Hoel Work Engstrom Felts Page 546 Keramos Fozmdcfi, 1915 . Alpha Cha ter Eight Active Cgapterl University of Illinors To promote and emplaarize .rcholarrhip and character in the thougbtr of ceramic rtzfdentr, to .rtimzzlate mental aclazeoemefzt, and to promote ifzterert in ceramic art, teohfzology, and eizgineerifzg F A C U LTY ANDREW' I. ANDRBXVS, Ph.D. VAN DERCK FRECHETIE, B.S. BURNHAM W. KING, JR.,'Ph.D. ALFRED E. BADGER, Ph.D. CAMERON G. HARMAN, Ph.D. CULLEN W. PARMELEI3, M.S., D.Sc. RALPH L. COOK, B.S. RALPH K. HURSII, B,S. JOsEPH A. PASK, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RAYMOND C. BERTRAM GEORGE B. EYERLY EDXVARD M. LORDELL JOHN L. MORRIS LAWRENCE E. PUNTNEI' HOXVARD R. SWIFT JUSTIN E. BOEKER ARTHUR L. FRIIZDHERG VAVLORD LUs1'IzR TERRY F. NEWKIRK ROlIIiR'l' R. ROUGH JACK H. VEALE EDWARD R. BUCHHOLZ FRANK S. Kl.ANE, JR. DONALD O. MCCREIGIIT AXEL C. OTTOSON JOSEPH F. SMITH JOHN J. XVEBBISR VALENTINE J. CICHOWSKI VERNON W. LENZ '9-T' Q6 1 .,! Eyerly Webber Lobdell Bertram Boeker Morris MCCfElgl1f Buchholz Puntney Newkirk Klanr: Ottoson Luster Friedberg Swift Lenz Rough Cichowski O Io C hO E0 Founded, 1922 Illinois Student Chapter ' Sixty-low' Arrive Cbapiefr University of Michigan To f1'07120l6 fellozorbip and proferriofzal rpirit among chemical engineering Jtztdeutr FACULTY .EDXVARD W. COMINGS, D.Sc. H. FRASER JOHNSTCNE, Ph.D. DONALIB B. Kxzyxzs, Ph.D. A. GARRELL DEEM, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY PAUL E. AMEROSE EDWARD J. DEMLOW JOHN S. GRIEEITH WILLIAM A. KLEMM WALTIER H. PAHL JAMES A. ANDERSON PAUL F. FI.AMM EDWIN O. GUERNSIZY STANLEY KUIIU DONALD V. PHILLIPS RAPHAEL D. AVRAMI MANDliI. FORESTRR EDWIN M. HAHN JACK R. LOUIS JOHN T. POWERs ROBERT B. BIECKMANN NORTON C. FOSTER DONALD N. HANSON MELVIN MAGILOXV JOHN R. POWNAIIL LEALAN BENNETT C. MAX FOXVLER E. CARL HARTMAN THADDEUS J. MALICICI GEORGE W. PREGCSHOT PHILIP D. BREWER FOI?-NEY O. FUQUA E. LEROY HUMPPIRIZY E. DALE MARsTON WALTON V. REISDS HOWARD C. BURNS JOHN E. GILIIS, JR. HIENRH' G. JACOISSON FRANK MASLAN FRANK R. SATTIZAHN HIIRMAN L. CHILDRIESS, JR. ALEXANDER GOLDRERG ALGERD F. JIEROMII RANDALL A. MEHLliR ROBERT L. SCHXVIMMER HARRY COHEN BURTON A. GOLDSTEIN BERNARD KLERAN JOHN E. MORROW F. BURTON SELLERS CARL D. DE BORD ROBERT C. SHAW GARLAND S. SINOW ROGER C. SONNEMANN ARTHUR M. SWANSON RAYDURN L. TITUS ROY B. UHI.L JOHN A. WEEDMAN ARNOLD M. WEINER GLEN W. WENSCH I i Deem Johnstone Comings Flzimm Jacobson Weiner Powers Brewer Cohen Ambrose Griffith Mehler Forester Bennett Hahn Reeds Hartman Sattizahn Sonnemnnn Preckshot Pownall Anderson Kleban De Bord Fowler Weedman Hanson Beckmann Humphrey Foster Giles Mzrslan Goldberg Schwimmer Uhll Burns Sellers Jerome Malicki Pahl Magilow Goldstein Page 547 Theta Sigma Phi Fuumled, 1904 Pi C1-mpfgf University of XVasl1ingtOn Forly-Iwo Active Cbapler: To honor ofmtarzdizzg women in the School of jozzrmzlirm, lo nzake dejivzize coxztrzbzzfzwv lo the more of better j0lH'1Ic1lI.f7lZ, and to Azfrift in mewberr to realize IlChj6'I!67lZ6'7Zl.I' in the field of lellerr FACULTY OTHO C. LEITER, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HELEN K. BLATTI EDITH E. DEHNERT M. ELAINE FREIEDMAN IVIARCELLA E. LUKIINBILI. HELEN L, NEAL MILDRED D. SPENCER MARY A. BURGETT LOUISE DEUTCH HELEN E. GARDNER H. JUNE MARKERT ADELE F. PALMER LUCILLE G. TURIGLIATTO JEANETTE D. COLTEAUX BARBARA E. DUNHAM MARY P. HANAFIN PHYLLYS J. MARKS MARIE M. PARKER JEAN M. XVATTS DOROTHY L. Cox JANE A. ELLIS DOROTHY J. KOENIG BERNICE G. MUZIKA VIVIAN E. PETERSON BETTY D. XVOLCOTT DOROTHY E. DEAN Gardner Ellis Freedman Palmer Peterson Markert Dunham Koenig Wolcott Dean Neal Delmert Blatti Cox Watts Burgett Muzikn Marks Colteaux Turigliatto Deutch Parker Spencer Lukenbill Hanalin ' g D lt Ch' Folmded, 1909 Lambda Chapter DePauw University Forty-orze Arrive Clmpterr To promote Iflae bert izzterertr of the Srlaool of fozzrnalirvfz and the proferriorz of jozzifmzlimz FACULTY CHESTER R. ANDERSON, A.M. MARCUS S. GOLDMAN, Ph.D. LAWRENCE W. MURPHY, A.M., Litt.D. NELSON H. SHERE, D.D.S., A.M. REUEL R. BARLOXV, A.M. WALTER J. GRAHAM, Ph.D. FREDERIC A. RUSSELL, PhD- FREDRICK 5- SIEBHRT, A-B-, 1-D- LAURENCE R. CAMPBELL, Ph.D. HAROLD B. JOHNSTON, A.B. JOHN H. SCHACHT, A.M. CARL STEPHENS, A.B. BURRUS DICKINSON, Ph.D. JOHN P. JONES, JR., A.M. FRANK E. SCHOOLEY, B.S. LOUIS M. TOEIN CHARLES E. FLYNN, A.M. FREDERICK J. KEILHOLZ, B.S. MANNING D. SEIL, B.S. JOSEE F. WRIGHT, A.B. CHARLES R. FREDERICK, M.S. OTHO C. LEITER, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ELXVOOD B. ACKER IRVIN BLOOM WILLIAM W. DENNIS HARRY J. LAMBIETH RONALD R. MCGAITFIN WILLARD W. POTTER RICHARD B. ALLEN EDGAR T. BOYNTON NVALLACE S. DOOLEY CLARENCE T. LANTz ROBERT L. MOSHER BURRELL L. SMALL JAMES W. ARMSEY GARRETI' E. BUHNER GEORGE G. GAST HOWARD P. LARSEN ROBERT L. NELSON FRANK W. SMITH JOSEPH M. ARNDT THOMAS B. BURKE CHRISTIAN W. IMHOFF, JR. R. THOMAS MAYHILL JOSEPH B. POLHEMUS, JR. W. SCOTT TYLER WILLIS B. BALLANCE WILLIAM R. CASE QUENTIN M. LAMBERT E. DUDLEY MCALLISTER FREDERICK A. POPE Lambeth Burke Smith La ntz Pope Mayhill Allen Nelson McAllister Acker Potter Lambert Imhoff Larsen Armsey Page 548 Gmega Beta Pi Fomzded, 1914 A I Ajllllfl Chaiter University of IllInuIs Six crnfe C nprer: To promote cz better zmderrtczndivzg among pre-medical student! and to further the but i7Zf81'6.l't'.f of their profeffion , FACULTY LEVERETT A. ADAMS, Ph.D. B. VINCENT HALL, Ph.D. CABLES C. PRICE III, Ph.D. HARLEY J. VAN CLIIAVE, Ph.D. J. HOWARD BEARD, A.M., M.D. CARL S. NIAIIVBI., Ph.D. WALDO SI-IUMXVAY, Ph.D. GEORGE I. WALLACE, Ph.D. DUANE T. ENGLIS, Ph.D. ROBERT F. PATON, Ph.D. FRED H. TURNER, Ph.D. FIOYD R. NVATSON, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MALCOLM C. BABE JOHN D. DOOLIEY HOMER A. HINDMAN, JR. ELRERT L. LINDAHL LA VERNE L. SWIGART RICHARD K. CARR ROBERT E. DUNLEVY FRANK J. I-IONSIIQ HARJ. W. MATHESON ROBERT F. TI-IORPE SAM CAssARA RICHARD D. ECKI-IARDT STEPI-IIIN C. KRATZ RUDOLPH G. MRAZEK, JR. D. PHILIP TORMOHLEN JAMES H. CRAvENs JIMMY F. HI5NRY JAMES W. LANDIS IRA G. NICHOLS Mrazek Tormohlen Landis Carr Honsik Eckhardt Nichols Thorpe Lindahl Babb Cravens Dunlevy Casszrra Dooley C h O E O 1 Founded, 1922 Alpha Cha ter University of Illinois Fifteen Active Cglmpterr To recognize civil engineering Jtzzdentf orttmzndivzg in tcbolczrrloip, character, practicality, and Tociczbility FAC ULT Y HAROLD E. BAIIIIITT, M.S. JAMES J. DOLAND, M.S., C.E. XVILLIANI A. OLIVER, M.S., C.E. EDWARD W. SUPPIGER, M.S. EDWARD E. BAUER, M.S., C.E. MELVIN L. ENGER, M.S., C.E. GEORGE W. PICIcEI.s, B.C.E., C.E. ARTHUR N. TALBOT, C.E., D.Sc., D.Eng. W. LBIGHTON COLLINS, M.S. VIRGIL R. FLEMING, B.S. WILLIAM H. RAYNER, C.E., M.S. LL.D. JOI-IN S. CRANDIILL, B.S., C.E. XVHITNIEY C. HUNTINGTON, M.S., C.E. FRED B. SIEELY, M.S. JAMISON VAWTER, M.S., C.E. THOMAS J. DOLAN, M.S. WALLACE M. LANSRORD, M.S., C.E. THOMAS C. SHIZDD, M.S., C.E. CARROLL C. WILEY, B.S., C.E. XVILBUR M. WILSON, C.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JACK A. BORCHARDT I.IzsLIE D. HARRISON CLAUD C. LOMAX, JR. MARVIN R. MONTOOTI-I Louis W. SCI-IUMM, JR. SPENCER F. BROXVN MORRIS M. HOCHEERG GEORGE B. LYON JAMES E. MULEORD WILLIAM C. SPERRY ROBERT A. CHASE JOHN C. HOUIIOLT RAPHAEL P. MASSARSKX' HIDISO NIIYAMA RICHARD R. WEBERl.ING LEE F. CONWAY XVALTER H. JOLLIE EDXVARD N. MAUEI. LEONARD S. OEERMAN CLARENCE B. WILLIAMS, JR. JONATHAN G. DANIELS PETER KLIRLAK JOE T. MCINTOSH HARRH' C. PRINCE ROBERT ZAEOROWSRI GEORGE L. FARNSWORTH, JR. ALBERT J. LOGLI ROBERT L. MILLITR Brown Weberling Montooth Mulford Lyon Kurlak Mauel N Lomax Jollie Harrison Conway Obcrmzln Miller Lfclntosh Nuyama Borclmrdt Prince Sperry Daniels Logli Hochberg Page 549 Phi Chi Theta Founded, .1924 Sigma Chapter Columbia University T1I1L'r1Ig'-ive Arliue Chapter: To promote the more of higher bzuizzefr edzzmiiorz for women FACULTY ALTA G. SAUNDERS, A.M. JANET L. WESTON, Ph.D. FRANCES M. WHITBHEAD, M.S. CHARLES M. THOMPSON, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY STEPHANIE BARBOLAK DOROTHY J. DLICKWORTH MARY J. JOHNSON JUNE D. O'CONNOR ELIZABETH A. SIEEBIER HELEN C. BERCHER ERMA A. FLEMING AMELITA M. KJELLSTRAND LOIS D. ROGERS MILDRED G. SHEAR RUTH L. BREEZE HELEN M. FLEURY ANNE LEBRON VERA M. RUSK HELEN D. STACKHOUSII DOROTHY W. BURKHARDT JULIA A. FRANKLIN GRACIA M. LAHEY HILDRETH E. SANDERS MARY A. THOISIPSON SYLVIA R. CAMPBELL RUTH E. HELANDER JEAN E. LAMPHRT HELEN B. SEARCH DOROTHY M. WII.EOuRN MARY J. DOYLE SHIRLEY J. HENDERSON FLORENCE L. MADER Doyle Breeze Thompson Bercher Fleming Mader Fleury Henderson Wilbourn Kjellstrand Rusk Duckworth I-Ielander Barbolak Burkhardt Campbell Rogers Seeber Sanders Franklin Shear Johnson O'COnnOr LeBron D l h . Foumled, 1912 Alpha'ChzEpter University of Illinois Four Active lmfllerr To promote the .rport of rwimmifzg FACULTY MAX J. CHAPMAN, A.M. ALLEN B. KLINGEI., B.S. EDWIN J. MANLEY ALPHEUS M. JENNINOS, M.S. HAROLD C. PATERSON- B-5- JAMES R. APPEL WALTER S. ARNOLD ROBERT A. BECKER EDGAR T. BOYNTON ANTHONY J. BRAIIISE RALPH H. BROUK THOMAS F. BUCKLEY JAMES H. FELT JACK M. FLACHMANN JACK B. GARNER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN R. GEHLBACH WILLIAM J. GOLDE WILLIAM J. GUDGEON JACK K. HAMM RICHARD R. I-IERSHMAN ROBERT R. HESI.EP HERBERT N. HOLMES HENRY J. HOLQUIST THOMAS E. JAWOREK NORNIAN E. JOHNSON RICHARD R. JOHNSON BILLY M. JONES ROBERT A. KELLY DONALD L. KIIZNLEN RAYMOND W. KIREILIS ALFRED Y. KIRKLAND WARREN K. KLOOCK TOM G. LIVELY GEORGE A. LOWE ROBERT O. MCKINLEY JOHN R. MENTZ R. MARK NEI.SoN ROBERT T. NORRIS DEAN A. OLSON ROBERT B. PRINO SHERMAN K. REED CHARLES V. ROWE KENNETH L. ROWE EUGENE P. SONNBNBISRG JOHN L. STENTZ ROBERT V. STURZER JOHN B. SUTHERLAND THEODORIE B. TAYLOR MARTIN D. UNTERMAN MATTHEXY' J. WASKELO RICHARD H. WATSON HOWARD R. SCHMIDT JAMES C. WOLLRAE CHARLES G. Sci-IOTT Gudgeon Appel Felt Kelly Garner Stentz Norris Kireilis N. Johnson Pring Kirkland Holmes Flachmann Wollrzib C. Rowe K. Rowe Waskelo Mentz Schmidt Kloock Golde Manley Watson Boynton Becker Jones Sutherland Brouk Holquxst Hamm Page 550 Phi lpha Chi Founded, 1940 University of Illinois One A To recognize Ilfzdeutf who laazfe .rhowrz excepliomzl talezzl in writing F AC U LTY WILLIS B. BALLANCE GEORGE R. BEAM MILDRED J. BRANNON DOROTHY E. CHAPIN MARY S. CHAPMAN MARY L. DOLAN WALLACE S. DOOLIEY LAWRENCE W. MURPHY, A.M., Litt.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARTHA E. ELLSWORTH DOROTHX' A. FEHRENIIACHER JAMES I. FENDER LUDITH H. GLOVER ICHARD G. GORDLEY WILLIAM F. HUTCHINSON MIRIAM M. KRASNICI-I MARIE M. LECLEAR GEORGIE E. MARTIN E. DUDLEY MCALLISTER CARL T. MEYER, JR. RUTH E. MITCHELL JOSEPHINE A. MUNSON ROSEMARY T. O'BRIIiN STEPHEN M. PARRISH FREDERICK A. POPE WILLIAM J. RHINEHART HELEN N. RORERTS M. ANNE ROBERTS WILLIAM R. ROsE THOMAS F. RYAN, JR. I-me c1m,+m',' BETTY L. SHACKEL THOMAS C. SHEDD, JR. GEORGE W. SLATIER BETTE J, STAATS MARY S. STEWART JAMES A. STITZEL ELISALIETH N. WEBBER W , .... . E E- .RIE , . Q I' ' L: Y. Mitchell Ellsworth Stitzel Munson Shackel Fender Glover Ryan Fehrenbacher l h Ph' Q g Founded, 1925 Alphat Alpha-Chapter Lafayette College S8!'f?IIlj"flI7lE Acmfe Chapter! National Scouting Service Fraternity FACULTY XVILLIAM L. BURLISON, Ph.D., D. Agr. ABNER R. KNIGHT, M.E., M.S., E.E. LLOYD B. RITCHEY, B.S. ERNEST E. DE TURK, Ph.D. GLENN C. LAW, M.S. WENIJELL S. WILSON, B.S. IRWIN R. HOENER, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GEORGE H. ADAMS ROBERT D. FRANRS ORELL W. HIEEARD RORERT M. MCCREARY CHARLES B. REED DONALD K. STEVENS JAMES R. ADAMS PETER H. FURNO, JR. HENRY' C. HILL, JR. RUDOLPH G. MRAZEK LLOYD E. RHODES JOSEPH C. THOMPSON PAUL E. AMBROSE JACK B. GARNER DWIGHT C. KERLEY HARVEY I. NITZ ROBERT L. SCHMIDT CHARLES M. VAUGHN GEORGE C. BALES DANIEL W. GATER DONALD A. LEE JACK W. OSBORN JOHN J. SCHUSTER ABRAHAM S. WEINBERG CHRISTY M. BROUGHTON, JR. ROBERT J. GREAVES HHN R. LEWIS DAVID L. OSTPELD EMMIETT H. SHINTANI CARL L. WITHNER EDWIN B. CLINE OWEN J. HAYES, JR. AX E. MATHERS WALTER H. PAHL WALTER T. SMITH, JR. CHARLES E. WORCESTER ROEERT H. COLLIER BILLIE D. HENDERSON ARTHUR R. MATHIESON ROBERT D. PAPE ROIIERT M. STACY F. SAMUEL WYLIE, JR. Schmidt Henderson Wylie Osborn Cline Garner Collier Stacy Ambrose Withner Matheson Mathers G. Adams Hill Shintani Pape Smith Broughton Furno Kerley Nitz Schuster Thompson McCreary Franks De Turk I-Ioener Law Stevens Page 551 Founded, 1936 University Of Illinois M. PARALEE ARMSTRONG RICHARD N. AWSUMR CAROLINE BARFIISLD EMMA D. BAUER HOWARD W. BOND MARCEL N. BROUSSARD ADOLPH B. COSEY BETTY K. DAVIDSON MARY C. DOSTERSCHILL LAKE B. EDXVARDS, JR. Dixie Illini Club To promote fellowflaip and Illini loyalty among .roznfhern Jtmlenlf in the Unizferfily MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DORIS FLIEMING LEWIS W. GODLOVE MARJORIE GOULD EMILY J. HARRIS ROBHRTA E. HARRIS WILLIAM M. HARRIS JOHN L. HEAD WILMA H. HOWARD EDITH L. JOHNSTON DELVIN E. KIZNDALL, JR. DAVID L. KENDRICIQ CHARLES L. KILLMAN JEANNE KNOX JOHN G. KRESSMAN CHARLES G. PURVIS MARGARET A. RONEY BETTY ROTHSCHILD JOHN P. SAWYER FLETCHER METCALEE W. HENRY SI-IRAOENS, JR. STEPHEN M. MONTGOMERY W. ALAN STONER MARY F. ODUM HENRY V. THOMAS ARNOLD M. OXVENS ELEANOR J. THOMPSON MARY G. PACE THOMAS M. PITTMAN CARL W. WESTPHAL ROBERT I. WISE Awsumb Westphal Bond Killman Kendall Cosby Pittman Sawyer Thomas Purvis Howard Knox Bauer Odum R. Harris Gould Dosterschill Armstrong Davidson Thompson Al ll P 0 D lt F0II77dL'111, 1934 Alpha Cha ter University of Illinois One Active Cgbdfllfl' PHYLLIS J. ATZENHOFFER ADELE A. BOWMAN MILDRED J. BRANNON KATHRYN A. DAVIS MARYELLE DODDS MARY K. FAHEY BETTY L. GIBSON DOROTHY L. HAMILTON ELIZANNE HANITZ MAVIS L. HARIUINGER MARGARET A. HEINEKE MARGARET E. HENWOOD To bring into clofer relatiolzfhip Firft Clan mul Golden Eagle! Girl Scouts who are enrolled in colleges and n1zi1fem'itieJ,' to forter .fzrzcl promote high iderzlf 0 f clmzzzcter, MARIA fitizofzfbip and l earl eryhi 17 FACULTY LEONARD, A.M., Litr.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CHARLOTTE A. HERMAN ELIZABETH M. HOIT MAURIEN E. HOSKINS LENORE G. JONES CAROL A. KEATINO KATHRYN A. KENWORTHY COLLEEN J. KIRK DORIS J. LAYSON LEONA R. LEWIS MARY E. LIDSTER MARJORIE L. MCCARRON JUNE R. MERVIS ' G. IRENE MONAI-IAN CAROLYN L. MOORE ELEANOR V. MORGAN MARJORIE H. PALFREY CAROLYN M. PALMER M. DIANA PIERSOL EDNA M. PLOWRIOHT DOROTHY G. QUIRKE FRANCES G. QUIRKE BETTY M. RANDOLPH MARY E. READY ANNE ROBERTS FRANCES J. ROWE EIIDORA A. SCI-INEBLY CAROLYN A. SIMONS BEATRICE A. THRAPP VERNA R. TOMBRINIQ ROBERTA M. TUCKER MARGARET J. VANIMAN MARY E. VEEDER M. JANET WAY ELISABETH N. WEBBER EDITH J. WIEDLING ALIDREY L. WITHINGTO Davis Tombrink Hanitz Tucker Herman Brannon Simons - Har-:linger I Bowman Jones Veeder Roberts Schnebly Gibson Q . I-Iemeke . F. Quirke Hoskins Palfrey D. Quirke Randolph Moore Kirk Keating WIedling Plowrlght Dodds Page 552 N Society of Illustrators Founderl, 1927 University of Illinois Honorary profexsiomzl Jorieify for art .fmdenlf F A C U LTY A. MARIE ANDERSON, A.M. CECIL V. DONOVAN, B.P., M.F.A, EDWARD J. LAKE, B.S. CHARLES E. BRADEURY, B.P., M.F.A. J. DENTON HOGAN, A.B. JOHN W. RAUSI-IENEERGER, B.F.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GEORGE C. BALES MARY BROWN GEORGE N. FOSTER VIRGINIA I-I. KRING DOROTHY J. NEXVMAN JEAN M. STEWART HOWARD N. BAUGHER ARTHUR M. BRUNINGA DORIS L. FREEMAN CARL J. KRUSII FLORENCE L. ORR JOSEPH F. TRABAND BETTIE G. BECKIIR NINA B. CRABTRIEE RULINE R. GEEDING PATRICIA A. LAUGHLIN WILLIAM S. PUSEY DEAN P. WESSEL VERDE W. BENNETT MARY L. DIEMER SEYMOUR G. GERISER IVIARY E. LIDSTER HANNAH E. ROLL FRANK L. WIATER D. LORRAINE BERMAN KARL A. EMCH JAMES P. JONES ROSEMARY LOUIS CATHERINE E. SNYDER LEWIS W. WILLIAMS CARLIETON W. BRIGGS BONNIE K. FLYNN Roll Becker Raushenberger Hogan XVi1liRms Emch Orr Freeman Stewart Snyder Lidstef Laughlin Brown Louis Newman Geeding Baugher Bruninga Truband Bennett Foster Pusey Bales Foumlezl, 1903 Sigma Delta Cha ter University of Michigan Seoenly-Iwo Afli1f0 Cphriplerx To form bodiex of relfurefefztolive women who ffm!! by their influence and their mzzfical intefeft uphold the higloeyt ideals of a maxim! erZwatio1z,' to miie the Jmm!ard.r of prodzzctioe mzuiml work among the women ml- dewm of collegef, comeI'ofztorieI', and zmioersitief FACULTY VELMA I. KITCHELI., B.Mus., B.S. KATHRYN J. SUTHERLIN, A.B. EDITH M. USRY, A.M., B.Mus. NELLIE M. STUART, B.Mus. JANE C. WATT, A.B., M.Mus. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LUCILE E. ANDERSON BARBARA L. FERGUSON COLLEEN J. KIRK IVIARY F. ODUM EVELYN O. ROY MARGARET J. VANIMAN ENID M. BBAL VICTORY GLYNN BETTY MCCOWN NITA I.. O'NEAL ELIZABETH A. SABIN V. JUNE VAN ZANDT ELSIB M. BITTINGER ADELE P. GUNTOR M. EUGENIE MEEKER RUTH PINNELL ELIZABETH J. SCAIFB RACHEL S. WILSON MIIDRED J. BRANNON HARRILEE E. HENHOEE CAROLYNE E. MEYER LILLIAN N. POLL BETH L. STEPHENS ELEANOR R. WISE DOROTHY R. CRAEE ALICE L. HORNER ELIZANOR MILLER SYLVIA B. RECKLES LOUISE STIVEN HELEN G. WOSNUK BETTY E. EWALD M. ELISE KASTEN MARY MILLER ELIZAEETH R. RHODES - Crabb I Rhodes Ferguson Vaniman Stiveri Meyer Bittinger Ewalcl M. Miller Glynn Scmfe Horner Henhoif Kirk Wosnuk Meeker Van Zandt Poll Wilson Pinnell Sabin Stephens Rsckles Beal Brannon Odum Anderson E. Miller Kristen Wise McCOwn O'Neal Page 553 Eta Kappa .Foufdedf 1994 . Alpha Chapter UUIVCFSWY Uf 11110015 Thirty Arrive Clmpten To honor JrlJola1'.rbip in elertriml engineering F A C U LTY MORGAN BROOKS, Ph.B., M.E. C A. K.- - , M.S., E.E. E I HUGH A. BROWN, M.S., E.E. AZQERER Ioaigififl M.S., EE. c'AiiliSia.AsR1IlfliiQRil4Rrl.S.E'E' HAROLD N. HAYWARD, M.S. CHARLES T. KNIFP, Ph.D. EDWARD H. WALDO, M.S., E,E. M. STANLEY HELM, M.S. l1LLERY B. PAINE, M.S., E.I:. WILLIAM J. WARREN, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CHARLES J. CARSON DAN F. HAz.EN WILLIAM H. MEIKLEJOHN SHANNON C. POWERS ROBERT M. SINKS XVILLIAM E. CIITTILI. JOHN L. JONES JAMES L. MURPIIY ERNEST E. RICHARDS FRANK J. THOMA JAMES F. DICK RAYMOND L. KEIERER DONALD E. NELSON SPAULDING J. ROBE ROBERT TIDEMAN H. DALBERT EGLIN RALPH E. KUEHN ROBERT A. NELSON THOMAS C. SI-IEDD, JR. JAMES F, TRACY J. WARREN GRATXAN ROBERT O. MAzE I I Tracy Carson Sinks Hazen I Dxck Gratian I D. Nelson Kuehn Maze R. Nelson Jones Knight Reid Eglin Thoma Murphy Robb Shcdd Helm Floriculture Club Founded, 1914 University of Illinois To advance fioricultzmzl knowledge and inlereft by meanr of paperr, mlkr, and di:rz1.rJio1z.v, and to promote good fellozorlaip F A C U LTY CHARLES C. COMPTON, M.S. STANLEY W. HALL, B.S. FREDERICK F. WEINARD, Ph-D- HERMAN B. DORNER, M.S. JOHN B. WINGERT, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM H. AMLING NORMAN H. FITCH IVIARY A. JACOBS CORNELIA O. MAJEWSKI ALFRED P. SHALLCROSS DOROTHY E. BANNER JULIUS A. FITZ M. R. LEE JOHNSON LOUISE H. MCINTYRE KATHLEEN L. STATBLER FRANK M. BEATTIE DONALD H. FLETCHER ALBERT G. KARI CHARLES C. MILLS RAYMOND F. STEIDI. ROBERT V. BEEE EDWIN T. GARDNER RALPH G. KARRIER JOSEPH W. MIOUX BERNARD STRICKLER CHARLES A. BERNHARDT, JR. GEORGE E. HARMS HARRY C, KOHL, JR. C. ARNOLD NYSTROM WILLIS L. WALKER JANE R. BRINE JOHN L. HEAD MRS. LOVETT N. LANE GEORGE P. PARK BARBARA WILLOUGHBX' LAURIENT H. CLODY WILLIAM R. HENl.EY PAUL E. LOWER PATSY E. PARKER RUDOLPH WOLFF BRAYTON V. DANNER WILLIAM M. HOFFMAN CHARLES E. MAIN R. BRADFORD PRING EMRO L. ZIMKOSKE FRANK L. DENESS CHARLES V. HUCKINS Fitch Head Bebb Kohl I Pring Weinard Fitz Park Nystrom Mills I I Parker Jacobs Brine Johnson Henley Mal ntyre MaIewskI Banner Page 554 Pan5Professional Council University of Illinois To emzblirla and maiizlain cooperation among proferriomzl fratemilier for women and fo promote Ifoeaffiomzl gzzidmzce for women on the mmpzzr of the Uizizferrily of Illiizoir F A C U LTY MARIA LEONARD, A.M., Litt.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gamma Alpha Chi Phi Cbi Them JEANIYITE D. COLTEAUX HELEN C. BERCHER FLORENCE L. MADER Pbi Upxilon O7HiL'f07l MARIAN L. DAUGHERTX' RUTH V. DIXON Sigma Alpha lom ENID M. BIEAL LOUISE STIVEN DORIS M. WHITE Kfzjlpu Bela Pi MAIKY A. CRIEIGHTON LUCILLE J. MURPHX' Pbi Bela DOROTHI' E. CHAPIN SI-IIRLEY H. MIISHELI. QQ' .5 ..-. Lf 'tI 5 MRS. ALTA GWINN SAUN Theta Sigma Pbi M. ELAINE FREEDMAN JEAN M. WATTS lVoman'.f Legfue VIRGINIA . FROYD Zeta Phi Ein VIRGINIA H. HRUBES C, LYLIE SCHWAEE -if DERS, A.M. White Beal Stiven Mighell Chapin Dixon Freedman Creighton Colteaux - Bercher Murphy Founded, 1909 Karnak Chapter University of Illinois Tbirleen Arilzfe Cbaplerr To give ez broader knowledge of arcbitectzlre and to form ez bond of friendflaip with otberr in lloir Held FACULTY LA FORCE BAILEY, M.S., B.P. OLAE S. FJELDE, A.M. NEWLIN D. MORGAN, M.S., C.E. LORING H. PRovINI3, B.S., A.E. JAMES E. BRANCH, M.S. GRANVILLE S. KEITH, M.S. REXEORD NEWCOME, A.M., M.Arch. OTTO G. SCHAFFER, B.S. ARTHUR F. DEAM, B.Arch. FRANK M. LESCHER, B.S. CYRUS E. PALMER, M.S. WILLIAM H. SCHEICK, M.S. MARVIN R. DOBIXIERIKIAN, M.S. KARL B. LOHMANN, M.L.A. IRVING L. PETERSON, B.S. ROBERT A. STRAUCH, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY THOMAS E. BERGER DAVID M. CHECKLEY ROBERT E. HOWE THEODORE E. LIETSCHE RUSSELL L, READ RICHARD F. TOMCZAK I.. COSBY BERNARD GEORGE S. FLAGLER L, SCOTT KEl.LEY WESLEY P. MARTIN EMERSON C. SCI-IOLER RICHARD F. WOLFLEY KENNETH W. BROOKS QUENTIN R. FULLER AI.ExANDER KoUz.MANoIfE CLARENCE W. PHILLIPS RALPH W. SLOAN JACK L. WRIGHT EUGENE L. BROXVN SANTRY C. FULLER VVILLIAM J. LAz ALFRED J. l7ORTIiOUS CHARI.Es P. STEWART WILLIAM C. WRIGH1' Scholar Checkley Luz Lcschcr Branch Stewart Porteous Tomczak Martin Phillips Kelley Q. Fuller Flagler J. Wright WolHey Brown Morgan Rcacl Berger Kouzmanoff S. Fuller Lctsche Sloan W. Wright Brooks Palmer Page 555 X XX X X SX .Xf X XE ' 'W TXATWW WE ' WWWXX Y W W W aw Wm' X W S.. W . 5155? k?WWWgWW'Xfm gtk WWWW WWWWWW .WWWW?W WaWf-WH? WWW WWWWWW WWWWW WWWWWWWWWWW W WW? SWWWWWWWWWWW M W . WWW W W 'W--.J-fa an ' 'W ,HEX 51 .FW 5, . W: IWW. W WW . W W. ' 5 X XX X XXXX XX 1 XXX Wi XXX XX X X XX XXX? 2373? X5 WWW WWW X WWWQWW W WXX XXWWXFX X XXXWW XX. EW WWWXXXWWWXXX if X WW W WWX X Xa W .W . W W W ' W WiQW1W?.a"fW WWWfi:Wif'WS?si W WWWWWWWWWWW. A W? 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'T f ' fi ' WW W 2 . XX iX.,. WWv3W2i:f-WW-HW-f W X X XXX X X. -.413 W ' XX Wg WW ,XX X Xi W W W- 1 .- A QP . ' , 'f W . . W W W W . W W W ' "W WWW . WWW wW'WT-WWWQ. ff- , ' W " W ', WX XV XWX 5 Hg,FLWXX WWW W ' ,. -'iffy W WP ' w W WW X. XXEWTWQW- X . ... X W W Q , .. AX W1-jj X?-X X , X 11 YQ. W.: Wwuh XX AXWQWW-Q, . X . XXXX XXWX XXXXX WW W,-w ."f4'ig'.3 W WXQXQQ' .. XQHF W .' 5 .X . , is 1 fi ' 1 A W ," ..: X . - - W W W W ' W 4 s LWW V W WWWW -A gag Wm W. ' 4 W ' ':. ' ' J A WW .JW , W X ,. ., fWWX'j:gf , W ..XL.,.,?,gXX5aW wg, WX X . .W QWXWWEWWW :xr .1X WWWWW,4X X I v.. f'W 'I ' 'W , LWWN , W.W Wg WWW.1. W' '-iff. Wfvf-W'W:f' 'W .W 123121 W 'x' ' ' ' WW? WW WTWW , 5 .X X FXQWX X 5. EWWW WW-W X X X KXXXQ W"W.WXXWX,rf' gi, Q Q .Wg .WW XW f W W 'mfvfffjf XE? W W ' WWW WW, " .,1'1,w'i1 " X X -.WW W XWXXA 1 W 'Wi-' W X W W W ' W X WW W X ' . X,- W WW WW W X W X- , ' gag? WW WWW WW 5,7 x 90 S + Adverti ing and Index f I Page 557 Page 558 Index Of Advertisers ABERNATHY STUDKB . . . AMERICAN MACHINE AND METALS, INC. BESLY, CHARLES H. ik COMPANY BUSEY,S STATE BANK CABLE PIANO COMPANY . IMERE X COMPANY DUNCAN ERBER STUDIOS . ENGLBH BROTHERS . . GEM CITY BUSINESS COLLEGE . I1OTEL IfAYES HOTEL KANKAKEE . HOTELS T ILDEN - HALL . . ILLINOIS COMMERCIAL COLLEGE OLAN MILLS STUDIOS . . O,NEIL, W. E. Ek COMPANY .... PANTAGRAPH PRINTING AND STATIONERY COMPANY PONTIAC ENGPLAVING AND ELECTROTYPE COMPANY RUHM PHOMHDUE a CHEMKML COMPANY SEXTON, JOHN 8: COMPANY STONE-RAYMOR,PAUL . WEBER STUDIOS PAGE 565 565 561 569 565 559 565 565 561 567 567 569 567 569 565 571 575 565 569 567 561 With Vision to the Future In back of every great accomplishment there is a vision . .. a dream. Columbus dreamed his dream and discovered Amer- ica. Our Colonial forefathers dreamed their dreams and gave us the Declaration of Independence. Pasteur, Edison, Fulton, Marconi, Madam Curie, every great man or woman has dreamed a dream. Back in the middle I830's a village blacksmith in central Illinois dreamed his dream-a plow that would scour in the prairie soils ofthe opening West. It was iust a dream until that early spring morning in I837 when John Deere turned his dream into a reality and laid the foundation ofthe great organization that bears his name today. With John Deere, as with every man or woman who leaves an impress on the pages of history, success followed the ability to turn the gossamer of a dream into the granite of achieve- ment. John Deere, Moline, Illinois Page 559 A Abbot, R. R .,..... ...., .... 2 1 5 Abernethy, D, S ..... . . . . Abraham, H. A .... .... . .. Abrahams, Betty L. .... .... . Abrams, M. M ..... .. ..., 422, Abramson, A. H ..,.. ..... 5 2, Abramson, H. L. .... .... . Amriu ..... .,.... . . . Arcomzlancy Cluh . . . . . . . Ackemann, H. E. .... . .. Ackemann, R. Acker, E. B .,... .. .... 511 Acker, R. W ....., ...... Ackerman, C. D ..... .... Ackerman, C. H. .... . . . . Ackerman, R. J ..,. .... Acriwilier .... . . . . . . . Acton, Mary J. .... ..... 5 2 Adam, F. P., Jr. .... .... . Adams, D. M ..... ...... .... Adams, G. H .... ..... 5 2 541 Adams, l-I, C. .... .... . Adams, H. M .... .... .... Adams, J. L .... ........... Adams J. R ..... ...... 3 89 513 Adams L. A ....... .,..... 4 18, 431 Adams, L. A., Jr .... .... 1 60, 344 354, Adams, L. M. ..... .......... 3 65 Adams, M. J. ....... ..... 5 2 279, Adams, Margaret L .... .... 3 49 367 Adams, O. W. .... ........... . Adams R. ,..... .... 1 69 420 Adams, R. P. .... ...... . . . . Adams, R. R ........ .. Adams, Rosalind .... ..,. Adams, V. Burdette. .. Adams, W. O ........ . ...592 Addis, D. V. ........ .. .389 Adkins, J. D. ....... ...395 Adkins, Ruth H ..... .... Adkins W. A. ...... .... 5 2, Adminirtmlian ..... .,.. Adminirlratirfe Offers . . . . . . . Adolf, Martha E ..... .... Ag Dance ......... ..,. .... Agger, H. K ..... ........... Agnew, A. F ..... ..... 5 2, 368, Agnew, D. B. ....... ....... 1 76, Agnew, J. P ........... .. .... . . . . Agrirullural Cozmril ........... .... Agricullnre, The College of ..... .... .... Ahlers,F.R ............... ....... Ahlers, Marion L.. .. ..... 52, 526 Ahlf, G. W ....... .... 3 65 461, Ahlvin, E. H.. .. ....... .52, A.l. Ch. E. ..... A.I.E.E ...... Ainsworth, C. D ..... ...365 Aladjem, N. ..... .... Albaugh, R. L ...,. . 207 Albert, Betty V.. .. .. .. Alberts, H. L ..... .... Albrecht, A. D.. . . . . .. Albrecht, R. E. .... ., . . Albright, C. W .... .... Albright, XV. T ..... . .. .... Aldendifer, J. C. ....... .. Alderson, Elizabeth P .,... ......., Aldrich, Ruth ....... ....... . 52 Aleskin, Ruth J ..... .... 2 95 515 Alexander, l. H.. . . . . .52, 394 Alexander, J. .,..... .......,....... . Alexander, J. XV. ....................... . Alexander, J. W., Jr. .... 52, 169, 173, 280 Alexander, R. A .......................... Alexander, R. J ...... . . Alford, Helen H ..... Allanson, Mary Allard, F. E. ..... . Alleman, N. J. .... ......... . Allen, A. R ...... .............. Allen, Anna L.. . .. Page 560 ... .49, 52, 262, .52 171 315 eneral Index 444 431 443 486 537 530 530 418 530 461 461 548 453 389 168 215 253 500 421 418 551 513 27 541 551 549 431 368 541 524 52 428 349 52 521 477 530 464 541 168 279 22 43 497 334 436 424 322 174 281 31 462 540 532 541 547 541 428 174 427 515 389 479 542 316 530 440 525 515 530 536 229 363 364 462 207 173 173 172 173 477 494 Allen, E. G. .... . Allen, F. W .... Allen, H. K.. . .. Allen, H. T ..... Allen, H. V .... Allen, Jean L.. . .. Allen, Jerry ........ Allen, Raymond B... Allen, Richard B .... Allen, W. B. ....... . Allison, Mildred L... Allman, J. F., Jr.... Allnutt, Barbara L... I. Almqust, C. O. .... . Alpha Chi Omega .... Alpha Chi Rho .... Alpha Chi Sigma .... Alpha Delia Phi ..... Alpha Delta Pi ,... .. Alpha Epsilon Phi.. . Alpha Eprilmf Pi .... Alpha Gamma Delta. Alpha Gmmml Rho. . . Alpha Home ....... Alpha Kappa Kappa. Alpha Kappa Lilllhdd .... Alpha Kappa Pi ..... Alpha Kappa Pri ..,. Alpha Lambda Della. Alpha Omirron Pi. . . Alpha Phi ......... Alpha Phi Omega .... Alpha Pi Delta .... Alpha Rho Chi ...... Alpha Siglllu N11 .... Alpha Sigma Phi .... Alpha Tan Alpha .... Alpha Tllll Omega. . . Alpha Tau Sigma .... Alpha Zeta .,.... Alpha Xi Delta ,.... Alport, B. J ..... Altfeld, Gladys Y... Althoff, N. W ....... Alumni Auocifzfion . Alverson, K. A ...... Amacher, B. J ..... Ambrose, P. E... . . Amdal, Betty J.. . . Arndal, R. M.. . . . . Ames, Virginia L .... Ames, W. B. .... .. Amici, Ann M.. . . . Amidon, W. F ..... .. Amling, Ruth C ..... Amling, XV. H.... Amsbary, G. S ..... Amsterdam, H. C.. .. Anders, A. ....... . . . . ..... 190, Andersen, Karen E.. . . Eleanor G ..... ,... 1 61, .....340, Anderson, A. G ...,. Anderson A. G., Jr... .. Anderson, A. Marie. Anderson, A. W ..... Anderson Ann L. , . . Anderson Betty G.. . Anderson Betty J .... Anderson C. R ...... Anderson, D. H.. Anderson, Dorothy I.. . . Anderson E. H. . . . . . Anderson E. J. ...,. . Anderson Anderson F. A. .,... . Anderson Faraba G.. Anderson, Florence N Anderson G. L. .... . Anderson, H. O. ..., . Anderson Helen M .... Anderson, J. A. .... . Anderson J. D ...... Anderson June E ..,. Anderson K. J.. . . Anderson L. ... . . . .321, 421, . . . .314, 428, .....52, 53, 391, 393 465 194 ....53, ......170 .......53 461 318 349 ....53, ...51, 53 53, 512, 417, 547, 177, 316, .53, 530, 201, 305 171 173, 497, 535 489 .53 367 514 .53 420, 365 392 1 532 440 439 537 428 526 449 43 548 441 518 476 499 478 48-1 419 420 421 485 486 422 487 423 522 476 424 425 535 175 488 489 551 552 426 540 427 545 428 590 176 490 536 486 530 277 53 469 551 500 426 521 277 525 343 489 554 454 538 351 519 428 420 553 53 520 539 497 548 389 545 467 426 539 530 518 538 542 53 491 547 426 515 538 538 Anderson, L. A .... .... Anderson, L. R. ..... ...... . Anderson, Loraine .... .... 3 22, Anderson, Lucile E ...... ....... Anderson, Margaret A ,.... . . . Anderson, Margaret L. .... . . Anderson, Marjorie J.. . . . . . Anderson, P. H. ...... . . . . Anderson, R. E .... . . . Anderson, R. F .... ..... Anderson, R. M ..... ...., 5 3, Anderson, R. H. ..... .... 3 23, Anderson, R. XV. .... .,.... . Anderson, Ruth E. ..... ...53, Anderson, Ruth H. .... . . . . Anderson, S. ....... . . Andreae, W. E. ...,. . Andreasen, A. A ..... .... Andresen, Edna B ..... . .. ..... 53, Andresen, Grace E. .................. . Andrew, D. E. ...... 48 54, 170, 262, 391, 392, Andrews, A. l .......... ........ 4 18, Andrews, Beatrice E. .... .......... . Andrews, Corinne M ..... ............ Andrews, D. E ,..,.... .... 5 4, 354, Andrews, E. G. ..... . Andrews, Andrews, Andrews, Jeannette A.. . . . Andrews, Andrews, R. M .... J.B ..,..... . J.C .......... R, D. ,...... Andrt, F. F. .... . Aney, June J ...... ..... Angel, M. Hope ..... Angell, Frances T ..... Annis, Betty M.. . . Ansary, M. A.. Ansell, D. ..... . Antilla, A. L.. . .. 306, 317: 350 516 521 169: 449, 365, 321, 369, 307, 270, 417, 420, 288, .54, 530, 393, 515, 522, .54, .54, 532, 278, 322, 388, 31'-1, 172, Antonello, J. .. ......... Appel, J. R ...... ..... 3 16, 447, Apple, C. H. ...... ........... . Applegate, A. V ..... .......... Applegate, R. K ..... .... Arbetman, L. I. .... .. Archer, L. B.. . . . Archer, I.. D ..... . . . Archer, Mariam J .... Arendt, H. ...... . Arepo ..... ...... Argenbright, L. P .... .................. Armon, W. J. ....................... . Armsey, J. XV .... ....... 1 60, 163, 172, Armstrong, Barbara K .... ............. Armstrong, Beulah M. ....... ........ . Armstrong, D. P. ...... .... 4 17, Armstrong Armstrong ,H. C. .... . ,Janet Armstrong, L. J ........ .... Armstrong, M. D ....... Armstrong, M. Paralee .... Arndt, H. R. .......... . Arndt, J. M .......... Arnett, L. M., Jr.... Arnold, J. M. .... . Arnold, L. .... . Arnold, M. W.. . . . Arnold, R. J ..... Arnold, R. XV ..... Arnold, W. S.. . .. Aron, A. XV.. . . . Aron, NV. A.. . .. Arthars, H. E. .... . A. S. C. E. .....,.. . Aschermann, D. M.. . . . Ash, A. ........... . Ash, R. M ........ Ashby, R. C. .... .. Ashjian, N. H., . . . Ashley, Helen M.. . . Ashwood, P. L.. . . . A. 5. Ai. E. Asselin, G. F.. . . 54, 417, 54, 334, 445, 433 , Lak. 160, 565 390 391 176 274 474 , 468 368 540 553 515 514 540 172 530 431 530 424 452 487 518 429 449 53 308 491 344 427 547 497 526 534 215 176 431 484 464 444 541 540 540 498 527 435 473 474 471 550 431 174 418 466 418 477 175 54 344 542 393 548 168 507 533 367 523 536 420 552 548 314 420 421 478 173 537 54 550 353 438 469 537 462 389 423 447 545 493 536 536 464 "bfi-Em Since 1914 . . BESLY CHICAGO Maker of ILLIO Photographs cmd The Largest Assortment in Chicago of Guaranteed Portraits for Brass, Copper and Bronze Sfudenfs gnd Fqcuhy in Sheets, Rods, Wire and Tubes Members I INDUSTRIAL, MILL and W E B E R 5 T U D I 0 RAILROAD SUPPLIES John at Sixth Street . Charles H. Besly and Company THE INTELLIGENT SELECT 118-I24 N. clinton sneer Chicago, Illinois WEBER AS THEIR PHOTOGRAPHER Telephone - Franklin 1222 f I .", f I I 'I' ' :'- - V. -, f- -' . -I ..rr '--: E "s' I I I I E G E 55: :., . , -In 9- :gf-,:.5, "'- s:a:s .::: ---, I '52- ' V: -:---: Sf ,f1c1r'- --1-iff-1:5 of :-- :-, - .,.,. ,,,, ,,,,, ---rL ,, .f -rrr . QUINCY, ILLINOIS THE MUSSELMAN BUILDING Offers high grade courses in Secretarial Work, Bookkeeping, Higher Accounting and the necessary supplementary subiects required by business executives. With seventy years of successful operation and a reputation for developing competent secretaries and accountants, this school olters college men and women a practical, technical training along the lines required in business. Many Illini come to Gem City for additional training and placement. This school is managed by Illini. For Free Information, write DR. T. E. MUSSELMAN, 'IO-Secretary GEM CITY BUSINESS COLLEGE Quincy, Illinois Page 561 .54 Astroth, L. L ..... .... Atherton, E. E ..... ..... Atblellcr ..... ......,.. fltblelir Admi11i.rtrafiw1 .... Aiblelir Armriation, The. . . Atkins, E. L. ........,.... . Atkins on, R. W .......... Atteberry, Eleanor M. . . . . Atzenhoffer, Phyllis J. . . . Auclrieth, L. F. ...... . 190, Bartels, R. J ......... Ausec, Marjorie M.. . . Austin, J. K ......... Austin, K. S ,......... ..... Auten, C. H., Jr. ........ .. Avery, G. R. ....... 54, 377, Avrami, R. D ...... Awsumb, R. N... . Awsumb, W. Azbe, Myra J... . ... B Baar,R. Babb, M. C .... Babbitt, H, E .... Babbitt, June . .. . .. Babbitt, R. K. .... . Babcock, I. H ,.... Babich, M. .... . Bach, Bette J. .... . Bach, Oreline B.. . .. Bachman, F. H... .. Bachrach, H. R... . Bacon, A. R .... Bacon, C. J .... Bacon, C. T. ..... . Bacon, Mary 'L ..... Bader, Bader, Badger, A. E .,.. Badgley, D. M ..... I-1.0 .... S.O .,... Bagg, J. L ....... Baggott, J. W .... Bagno, Beatrice . . . Bagnuolo, W. G ..... Bailar, J. C., Jr ....... .. . Barbara E ..... . . . Bailey, Bailey, D. K. .... . Bailey, H. .. Bailey, L. .... . . 468 202 393 447 Baily, H. H. ...... Bain, Barbara A ..... Baird, B. T., Jr .... Baird, H. N ..... Baird, Jeanne L ..,. Baker, A. S. ..... . Baker, Berenice J ..... . . . Baker, Elizabeth J.. .. . .. Baker, G. J. .... . .. Baker, H. D .... . . . Baker, Joan ..... Baker, Olivia R.. .. Baker, P. S. .... . Baker, R. H.. .. Baker. R. J .... Baker, S. F. ....... . . .. Baker, XV. S ............... Balbac ll, S. B.. 55, 388, 391, 592, Balduff, NV. V ..... ........ Baldwin, A. J... . Baldwin, C. D .... Baldwin, E. C... .. Baldwin, G. 194. 1971 .54, 368, . A151111 586, 387, 443. . . . .17l, 387, 394, 460 393 Lab 511 435 388 537 465 .54 487 445 544: .541 3211 ..214, 219, 170, 419, 321, .54 320 247 439 3119 367 .55, 417 171, 172 447: 436 . 55 389 464 172, 464 534 369 461, 317, 321, 388 1 1 424 169 .55 235 5381 Baldwin, T. S ..... Bales, G. C ..... .... 3 50, Bales, J. T ..... .... ..... Bales, Virginia L. .... . Baley,J.A ..,.. ...... Ballance, W. B... . .. .55, 431 Ballard, F. P.... Ballard, G. P.. . . Ballard, F, ..... . Ballis, D. H. ........ . Balluw, Rlildretl E... . Balodimas, E. S ..... Page 562 284 533 425 170 427 541 350 249 548 .55 .55 1 544 418 179 184 188 -156 530 515 552 461 521 457 427 349 594 544 547 552 -426 515 512 549 537 549 523 190 530 537 489 489 534 4-18 477 477 530 495 542 455 547 536 564 536 503 533 420 489 395 532 270 555 535 540 424 394 514 476 55 502 55 535 504 498 420 451 393 477 565 535 429 sas 543 435 551 4-11 553 447 523 5411 551 55 -178 437 446 515 426 GENERAL INDEX-CONTINUED Balser, Sylvia L ..... ...... Bane, J. Lita ...... Bangert, D. G .... Baniqued, J. F .... Bank, P. F ...... . .. . Banks, Doris M. .... Banks, Marion H .... ..... ...-.-1.69.1 49, 55, 294 Banner, Dorothy E. . . . ......... . . . .. Banner, M. H ..... . ........... . Bannon, Claire M ..... Banta, L. V. ..... .. Banta, R. C ..... Bantz, E. C ..... Bantz, L., Jr.. . . Baptist, H. O ..... Baptista, C. M ..... Baranski, E. V .... Barber, E. J., Jr.. . . . Barber, H. XV.. . .. Barber, K. C ..... Barbolak, S. .... . Barbour, W. H ..... Barcus, V. E ..... . Bard, R. E ..... . . . Barden, R. M.. . .. Bareitlier, H. D ..... Barer, S. ............. . Bartield, Caroline A .... Barker, E. I ..... Barker, Helen R.. . . . Barkett, P. J. .... . Barkrnan, W. D ..... Barlow, E. D ...... Barlow, R. P ..... Barlow, R. R.. . .. Barnes, E. XV. .... . Barnes, M. W... . . Barnes, R. F ....... Barnett, Barney, Barbara A ..... Barnhart, Mary B ..... Barnhart, N. H... .. Baron, O. W ...... Barr, C. B .... ..... Barr, Helen M. .... Barrer, A. K.. . . . Barrett, G. B .... Barrett, H. T. .... . . Barrett, Lois Martha V... .. Barron, Erlene E ..... Barrett, Barry, Jennis ..... Bartelsmeyer, E. C .... Bartenstein, H. . . . . Barth, R. C ........ Bartle, Wilma l. . . . Bartlett, T. E.. . . Bartley, J. M.. . . . Barto, Harriet T .... Barton, E. E. ...... . Barton, H. R. ..,... .. Barton, Marjorie E .... . Barton, W. H. ...... . Bartow, XV. T.. . .. Bartuseh, E. A ..... Bartusch, R. J ..... Barz, XV. A. .,... . Barzdukas, A. C .... Barebnl! .... .... Basinger, V. G ..... Basker, E. A. . . .. Bzlrkvlbflll .... . . Baskin, Shirley F.. . . Bass, Margaret I.. . . . Bass, R. E ........ Bass, W. W... . . Bassett, NV. M .... Bate, R. C ..... . Bateman, H. P. .... . Bateman, Patricia Bates, Jack M .... Bates, M. O.. . . . Battaglia, F. P .... Battin, R. F ..... Battle, F. L.. . .. Bauer, E. E .... . R. W. ...... . ...55, 294 .....55 ....350 ...55, ...172, .....56, ....56, ...56, 512, .....56, ......56, 472, 537, 387, 288, 284 517 521 492 470 542 174 3931 .551 344. 3681 5301 3931 389, 498, .561 321, 461, 546, .56, 489, 3171 521, 3311 521, 3891 169, 389, 350, 461, 432 5301 521 389 176 .56 .56 462 389 544 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 55 497 565 435 473 517 540 554 168 550 530 530 543 365 178 435 541 344 349 530 550 538 392 458 452 541 357 552 530 526 530 439 461 530 548 542 169 460 4419 539 56 393 450 174 538 433 440 476 540 485 540 284 418 477 317 536 497 433 468 500 510 462 504 542 553 530 450 538 56 222 476 195 204 515 540 541 553 512 456 544 521 545 443 455 538 439 549 Bauer, Emma D .... Bauer, P. W ..... . Baugher, H. N ..... Baughman, M. E.. Baum, E. J. ...... . Bauman, P. Baumgartner, XV. N .... Baumhnfer, Joyce L .... Baus, J. W ..... .... Baxendale, R. W .... Bayley, W. S ....... Bazelon, Judith L.. Beach, F. H. ..... . ....56, . . . .56, 333, Beal, Enid M ..... Beal, M. L .... Beam, G. R. .... . Beam, Mary L. ..... . Bear, Genevieve E.. .. Bear, J. T., Jr.. .. ...,57, 284 1 Bear, L. M, ..... . Bear, Virginia . Bearce, E. O .... ............... Beard, J. H. ..... .... 4 3, 1135, 456 Beard, Mary A ..... ............ Beardsley, H. L.. . .. Beattie, F. M ..... ..... Beattie, T. E.. . . Beatty, F. W ..... Beatty, J. W ..... .. Beaumont, H. C .... Beaumont, J. M .... Beaumont, R. A.. . . . Beaver, Phyllis A ..... Bebb, R. V. .... . Bechtol, R. C. .... Beck, C. F. .... .. Beck, Carol F ..... Beck, R. D., Jr ..... ...57 . .387 ....389 ....59o, 1 1 Beckel, A. C.. ...... ...... . Becker, Bettie G .... . . .57, Becker, Natalie J .... ........ Becker, R. A ..... ...... 1 95 Beckerle, W. R ..... .... 5 7, 417, Beckman, J. C .... ........ Beckman, J. K .... ..... Beckman, R. H. .... . . .57 Beckmann, R. B .... ...57 Beckwith, F. L ....... Bedford, Melba F.. . . Bedinger, P. L ...... Beebe, A. H. ....... . Beerman, Clara J .... Behr, L. C. ......... . Behrends, Betty J. . . Behrens, J. H. .... . Beidelman, J. L. ...... . Beiler, Dorothy W.. .. . Beimfnhr, O. XV.. . . Belknap, B. F.... Bell, C. V.. . .. Bell, Elinor E. ......... . Bell, H. W. ........ 57, 174 Bell, L. B ..... Bell, R. L. ........ . Beller, B. E. ......... . Belohlavek, F. C., Jr .... Benarcl, J. H ........... Benford, M. C .... Benner, T. E.. . . . Bennett, C. W. ..... . Bennett, Elizabeth . . Bennett, 1-lolly I. .... Bennett, L. ...... .... . Bennett, Marjorie L.. . . Bennett, P. L. ..... . Bennett, R. A ..... ....367 , 272, 273. Bennett, R. E ..... .... 5 8, 190, 1941 Bennett, V. W ..... .......... 5 8 Bennett, W. B .... ..... Bennis, C. A.. . . . Bennis, C. S ........ Benoist, Ardele B. ..... .... ........ . Benson, Harriett M. .................. . Benson, H. G ..... . .... 58 239, 391 Benson, Jolm M .... ............. Benson, Joseph . Benson, Marian C .... .56 515 395 510 .56 471 553 .57, 418, 4761 170, 3901 516, 449, 440, 391. 318, 254, 472. 176, 464, .571 322, 564. 417, 3921 .571 231, 369 393 392 .58 1 1 1 552 449 553 367 512 541 S42 502 511 56 451 486 538 555 365 551 52-1 520 424 57 521 544 549 4814 447 55-I 538 457 57 458 510 172 504 55-1 476 558 505 437 420 553 515 550 556 521 457 542 547 513 517 476 462 542 420 527 389 474 57 57 57 57 -198 421 451 512 352 461 419 479 32 442 58 514 547 497 58 471 431 553 277 194 427 488 523 449 391 458 518 UNCAN RBER STUDIOS A complete photo- graphic institution at the service of I O . I you Illini... I . d It T The 1940 Piano Styles, are now at e q U I p p e O m e e CabIe's - Grands, Midgets, Spinet all amazingly new, dainty, compact and Y O U I' G V 6 YY I1 e S d! priced low. Here too, the new model Phonograph-Radios and a wide assort ment of the very latest recording Stop or write for catalogs. Co-ed Theatre Bldg. cNA.BIJE CHAMPAIGN Hpiann Company 310 N. Hickory Sl., Champaign, III. 303 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, lll. Pianos 0 Mason 81 Hamlin 0 Conover 0 Knabe 0 Cable 0 Fischer 0 Estey Phonograph -Radios 0 Magnavox 0 RCA Victor Records 0 Victor 0 Columbia U Bluebird 0 Vocalion 0 Decca .l.lli1 Hello, ILLINI of today and tomorrow! We hope that our eFForts on your new UNION BUILDING will lead to many pleasant days ahead. ENGLISH BROTHERS 44 Main Street Champaign, Illinois General Contractor W. E. O'NEIL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 275'I Clybourn Avenue Chicago, Illinois Excavating and Sub-structure Contractor Page 563 Benson, W. L .... Bentley, E. L. ...... . Benton, Vivian L.. . . Benz, A. R. ...... . Benziger, R., Jr. ....... . Bercher, Helen C.. Berg, K. B. ........ . Berg, Maravene H .... Berger, H. W. .... . Berger, F. Juanita .... Berger, O. R. ..... . Berger, T. E. ..... . . . . Bergin, Dorothea A .... Bergin, S. A ........... Bergman, Carolyn D .... Bergman, H. E., Jr.... Bergmann, H. W... . Bergren, Ruth E. ..... . Bergstrom, Ruth M. Berkson, Lucille .... Berlau, Shirley H.. . . . Berliant, Rita ..... Berliner, R. S ..... Berlinger, N. H .... . . . .58, 591, 592, 449 ......58, 591, 592 .. . . .591, 417, 452 .58, 264, 270, 518 550 ....170 ....502 ....284 ........58 ...58, 500 ....291, 548 ....55-1 .58, 175, 591, 594 Berman, B. I. ................ 58, 270, 455 Berman, D. Lorraine. . . Berman, Dorothy D... Bernard, E. H. ....... . L. C.. . .. Bernard, Bernays, P. M .... . Bernhaum, E. .. . Berngard, A. K. .... . Bernhard, J. R. ...... . . . . .l75, 484 . ...... 520 ....169 Bernharclt, C. H., Jr .... . Bernhardt, G. Jr. ........ 190, 194, 201 Bernik, J. L. ......... . Berns, R. E ..... Bernsen, J. . ...... Bernson, Lily . .... . . Bernstein, Carol D. . .. Bernstein, Esta ..... Berovitz, M. S.. . . . Berr, Adelaide N. .... . Berry, Anna M.. . . Berry, Iva M ..... Berry, J. L ..... Berry, K. C ..... Berry, Bersbach, XV. M.. . . XV. Berta, C. E. Bertoglio, R. A .... Bertram, R. C.. . . . Berutti, C. J. ..... . Beshcrs, Mary H .... . .......425, 530 ......59 .....59, 485 .......s5,Li19, 455' 161, 278, 542, 544 ....387, 595 ....368, 451 . . . . . . , . Bessone,A. .... .... Best, N. A.... ............ .... ......... . . Best, Rosemary. .... . 161, 260, 288, 290, Bela Alfz ba P11 ...........,.......... Beta Ganinln Sigma. . . . . . . ........... . . . . Beta Home ......... Bela Kallprz ........ Bela Phi Alpha ........ Beta Sigma Omicrmz. . . Bela Beta Signm PJi ........ Tbeln Pi .... Beflmrzy Circle .... Bettisworth, E. L. . . .. Bevan, J. E. .... . Bexficlcl, F. W. ..... . Beym, R. ............ Bianchetta, Irene M.. Bicek, E. J. .......... . Bickel, F. A .... . Bickers, J. F.. . .. Bielck, M. J ....... Bierman, Venita B .... Biersach, Doris E ..... Bigger, J. H. ..... . ....592 458 .59 .....59 595 ..If35.' 255 ' 515' ..........5l6 Biggs, G. A ..... 550 Bilger, R. L .... .... .................. Bilhorn, E. N .................... 594 444 Billings, E. R ....... 59 169, 170, 550 554 Bills, R. D., Jr .......................... . Bills, W. F. ................ 588, 591 594 Bilsborrow, Althea J. .... ........ 5 9 566 Bilshorrow, J. D.. . . . Page 564 558 468 494 343 533 487 555 364 499 466 540 541 555 559 558 505 431 364 514 519 58 486 514 462 556 510 553 486 552 555 446 441 459 590 554 440 558 475 465 515 505 503 550 490 172 515 471 252 420 530 550 59 547 550 525 461 550 484 554 170 526 429 491 492 430 431 518 558 59 533 466 168 420 550 428 477 540 488 425 558 474 556 535 444 537 497 176 GENERAL INDEX-CONTINUED Bilyeu, L. T .................. ....... Bimba, Helen M. ................ 511 Binheld, R. A. .,...... 50, 51, 59, 177 Binge, H. C ........... Bingham, Evelyn L... Bingham, J. R. .... . Birch, J. E.. . . . . Bird, Ruth M ...... Birkeland, P. M.. . Birkhimer, D. J ..... Birks, L. S ........ Bisesi, J. L ...... Bishop, R. J.. . . . .. Bishop, R. P. ..... .. Bittermann, Helen L.. Bittinger, Black, C. D. ....... . Black, C. S .... Black, R. S.. .. Black, W. B. . . . . Black, XV. E.. . . . Black, W. S.. . . . Blacker, J. R. ...... . Blackford, G. N ..... Blackwell, D. H ..... Blair, B. S. ...... . Blair, H. T., Jr .... Blair, J. C. .... . Bittermann, N. G ..... Bittermann, R. J ..... Elsie M ..... ....59, 505 161, 284, 289 555. 544 . . . .59, 270, 555 ....569 ....587 ....171 ...59 ....169 Blair, J. F. ........ ....... 1 91 Blair, J. H., Jr .... .... 6 0, 175 Blair, Marcella E .... ........... Blake, Mary M. ............. 274, 290 Blakeslee, Margaret M. .............. . Blanche, E. E. ...... . Blanke, B. C ........ Blankenhorn, C. F. .. Blasig, P. A. ..... . Blatt, Bernice .... Blair, M. L. .... . Blatti, Helen K .... Blatti, W. H.. . .. Bleick, E. W.. .. Blix, F. M. ...... . Blix, Jane L ......... Blixen, XV. C., Jr .... Block, Arselia M. Block, F. L ..... .. Bloemker, L. A ...... Blomquest, C. A ..... Blomquist, J. R... . Blood, W. W.. .. Bloom, E. E ..... . Bloom, I. ........ . Bloom, Bloom, Bludeau, R. E.. . . . Blue Fealberr ....... Blue, Lois I ..... .... Margaret . . . Muriel V.. . . 60, 417, 456, "l12..'56f 554' I If 1555. 514' . . Bluestone, Gwendolyn D. .... . . Blum, Beverly J .......... Blum, C. R., Jr. ....... . Blum, J. H. ....... . Blume, D. Evelyn . Blumenthal, R. I.. . . .. Blunck, R. C. ..... . .......-..522 . . . . . .60, 587, 592 Blunt, Lucille K ..... .............. Board of T1'r1.rfL'eJ . . Bobin, Irma Bobisuthi, R. B .... Bock, Shirley E .... Bodmer, E. E., Jr.. . . . Bodnay, L. M. .... .. Bodwin, R. E., Jr.. Boe, Helen E ........ . Boehm, NV. F., Jr ..... . Boehner, Marjorie L. . . . . Bock, H. L ..... ......... Boeker, J. R. ..... . Boelio, L. N... . Bogart, E. L .... Boggs, Jill S. .... . Bohlen, XV. H ..... Bohman, R. H ..... .. . .588, 594 ....161, 165 .... . .60, 515, 456 ....60 520, 275, 417, .59, 506. 521, 429. 290. 516, 510, 500, 428, 595. 594. 175. 550. 596. 521, 176, 461, 594. 556. 192. 5.11, la. 516, 550. .60, 554, 195. 514. 497. .60, .60, 516, 468, 458. 511, 515. .60, 293. 555. 281, 530 542 326 426 555 518 420 530 507 438 393 174 456 457 418 292 540 544 450 555 428 545 447 424 557 556 535 457 172 467 447 424 550 556 540 484 484 445 435 429 471 514 477 548 314 426 284 526 555 514 448 441 368 365 452 550 548 489 559 541 298 60 505 495 426 460 540 516 530 540 26 505 541 514 556 477 457 527 479 524 477 547 476 170 500 543 536 Boland, C. H .... .... 2 56, 542 Boley, C. C ..... .... 4 55 Bolin, Mary L ..... .. 507 Bolin, O. ........ .. 176 Bollinger, W. P .... . .... 60 Bolt, J. A .... .... ...... 1 7 1 Bonavia, P. G. .... ..... 6 0 558 Bond, Alice C .... . ........ 504 Bond, C. L. ..... ..... 6 0 463 Bond, H. W .... ...... 4 20 552 Bond, J. B. .... ............. 4 51 Bone, R. G. ..... .... 4 74, 510 511 Bonhard, R. W .... ........... 5 95 Boniheld, R. T.... 589 Bonnefoi, V. C.. .. .. . . 441 Bonnell, E. .......... ....... 4 77 Bonnell, W. O., Jr .... ..... 6 1, 453 Bonnett, D. N ...... . ..... 455 Bonnett, Jennie .... 298, 525 Bonnett, O. T ....... ...... 1 76 Bonucci, I.. ...... .... 5 88 Boon, L. M. .... ....... 4 78 Boone, D. E ...... ......... 4 26 Boone, Fredda F.... .. .61, 511, 518 Booth, A. W .... ......... 4 27 Booth, B. H .... .... ....... 4 7 6 Booth, R. XV. .... ....,......... 4 49 Borchardt, J. A.. .. ..... 61, 557, 544,549 Borehert, R. L. .... ........... 5 25, 428 Boren, I-I. E. ...... .... 5 50 Boren, J. S ........ . .... 511 Borinstein, R. A. ...... ...... 4 75 Bortolotti, Wilma L. .... ..... 6 1, 491 Bosh, E. E ....... ..... .... 4 7 8 Bosley, J. .......... .... 4 75 Bost, Jeanne E ...... .... 4 99 Bothwell, Anne F .... ......... .... 5 2 2 Bothwell, Hazel F ..... ........... .... 5 2 5 Bottin, A. C. ..... .... 5 17, 564, 566, 467 Boudreau, L. ..... ............ 1 90, 454 Boudreau, W. C ..... ......... .... 4 6 2 Bourgin, D. G ....... .... 1 72, 422 Bourgois, J. A., Jr. .... ...... 6 1 Bourgois, Patricia D. ....... . . .... 61 Bouxsein, J. P. ........................... 61 Bovee, D. E. ....... 61, 552, 590, 510, 511, 546 Bowden, R. A. ........................... 550 Bowen, C. E .... ....... 1 88, 451 Bowen, E. A. .... .... 1 60, 519, 447 Bowen, L. L.. . . .... . . . . 174 Bower, O. K. ..... ............. .... 1 7 2 Bowers, L. J. ....... .............. .... 4 7 8 Bowman, Adele A. ....... 61, 248, 294, 521, 552 Bowman, D. C. ..... .............. .... 4 5 4 Bowman, L. A. .... .............. 5 17, 512 Bowman, M. J. ..... ...... 5 68 Bowman, R. S ......... .... 5 15 Boxerman, Miriam H .... .... 5 15 Boyce, Betty M. ..... ....... 4 99 Boyd, Hazel I .... . ......... 526 Boyd, J. B. ...... .... 6 1, 190, 252 Boyd, Ruth E. .... ......... 1 72 Boyer, Pearl C. ..... ..... 6 1, 485 Boyle, G. M. ........ .... ...... 5 1 2 Boyle, Margaret XV .... ................... 5 16 Boyling, F. R. ........ 164, 550, 555, 554, 510 Boynron, E. T. ..... 61 458, 558, 546, 548, 550 Boynton, R. L ............................ 458 Boys, June .......... ............... 6 1, 515 Braasch, Lillian K .... ..... 6 1, 540 Bracher, R. E. ........ .... 5 89, 474 Bracken, N. Margery ..... ...... 4 96 Brackwinkle, Hilda L. .... ....... 5 40 Bradbury, C. E ....... .... 4 44, 555 Bradbury, R. D.... ....... .. 444 Braden, J. D. .... ..... 6 1, 550, 555 Bradford, J. O.... ............ .. 556 Bradisse, A. J. ....... ...254, 255, 450, 550 Bradley, C. M ..... ............... 6 1, 279. 451 Bradley, Constance D ..................... 519 Bradley, J. T. ........... 62, 557, 417, 458, 546 Bradley, XV. F. ........................... 420 Brady, Addie P ...... ............. 5 67 Braeutigam, G. F .... .... 5 92, 462, 555 Brahana, H. R .... .............. 1 72 Brana, Maria C ..... .... 6 2, 295, 505 506 307, 508 525 Since 1897 Ellltlllt IIII PHOTOGRAPHERS ln its 43rd year of Service in Soilbuilding ,,,, ADEQUATE EQUIPMENT ,mnois Farmers YEARS OF EXPERIENCE REPUTATION FOR soon PICTURES 0 is still the MODERATE PRICES O Highest and finest ground rock phosphate 0b'C'l"C'b'e DOWNTOWN STUDIO RUHM PHOSPHATE 8: CHEMICAL CO. M3 N' WA"NUT"cHAMPA'GN Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. D I U I'-3594 ,fx ONLY RIEHLE UNIVERSAL HYDRAULIC TESTING MACHINES OFFER THESE FEATURES The new Riehle Testing Machines embody the MOST ADVANCED hydraulic measuring and loading systems. Ideal for both production and routine test- ing of material-as well as the finest research work. Get the FACTS . . . write for latest descriptive literature and prices. PENDULUM INDICATOR unexcelled for accuracy, simplicity and ruggedness. ORIGINAL ACCURACY maintained throughout service life of machine. No springs. 5 SCALE RANGES on pendulum indicator-at no extra cost. 345 INCH I28 ft.l INDICATING SCALE. CONSTANT SPEED regardless of load or temperature of oil. ONLY I HANDWHEEL. Single turn changes from highest speed forward to highest speed reverse. RIEHLE TESTING MACHINE DIVISION AMERICAN MACHINE and METALS, Inc. EAST MOLINE, ILLINOIS Page 565 Branch, J. E .... Brandt, R. A.... Brandt, F ....... Branigan, D. A. .... .. Brannon, Mildred J .... Branstater, Barbara .. Branyan, Mary F ..... Brasic, F. ........ . Brasted, R. C.. . .. Braude, Norma . .. Brauer, H. M.. . . . Braumiller, R. E... . .63 Braun, E. J ....... Braun, H. J ......... Braunsdorf, O. E ..... Bray, M. NV. ..... . Breckan, E. A ..... Breen, H. E.. . .. 392. ....171, 177 ...62, 169 .....62 .....62 Breeze, L. K ..,....... .............. Breeze, Ruth L. ........ 161, 318, 494 Brehm, Donna L. ....... 276, 298, 321 Breitenbach, R. W., Jr .... ........... Bremer, R. L ....., . . . Brennan, P. W ..... Brennan, R. J ..... 1 . Brenner, M. J ..... . .. .......... 387, Brenner, S. N ....................... Brewer, M. C...48, 62, 190, 194, 200, Brewer, P. D .,... ........,.......... Brewer, Violet V.. . . . Breymann, W. N ..... Brice, Eileen M. ..... . Bricker, Mildred L.. .. Bridge, R. T ..... .... Bridger, Marian J.. Bridgewater, F. A .... Bridgewater, L. F ...... Brielmaier, A. A... . .----322, ....175, Briggs, Bcverlie C ..... 49, 51, 62, 169, Briggs, C. W ..... 312 270, 271, 483 Briggs, L. F. ....... ......... 1 74, Bright, Dorothy E .... ............... Brighton, G. D ......... 170, 388, 391. Brilliant, M. H.... ........ Brimm, E. O .... Brine, Jane R.. .. ... Brink, L. L... Brinton, E. S. .... .. Briscoe, J. W. ........ .......... . . Brister, Rosamond E. ................. . Bristow, G. L.. .62, 260, 278, 343. 391 Bristow, L. ....,.................. . Britt, H. M ....... .... ...... 5 1 , 62 Brittin, XV. A., Jr ..... ...... . Britton, D. E ..... .. Britton, J. M ..... Britton, J. XV .... ......... Britton, K. G .... ........... Britton, W. E ...... .... 1 70, 277 Brussell, Annette F. ........ . Buswell,A. Brockob, F. J. ..... . 445 Broberg, Shirley V.. . . Broderick, E. L. ..... . Broderick, Irma M .... Cady, G. H.... Brodie, J. J .... ...... Brodsky, Raveli R.. .. Brody, I. S .......... Broeg, Dorothy M.. .. Brogan, R. L. ..... . Broghamer, E. L.. .. Bronze Table! ..... Brooks, Fannie 1111. ..... . .......175 544 369 552 308 483: 389 207 178 513 530. 488, 392, 266, 516, 279, 516, 389. 173, 498. 392. 322, 393. .62, 321, 424, 391 455 321 418 507 52. 537 171 393 .63 4 . . . f Brooks, K. W. ..... .... 6 3, 177, 440 Brooks, M. ....................... . Brooks, N. C ..... .........,......... Brooks, R ...... .... 3 45, 352, 387, 389. Broom, Harriett C. .................. . Broom, R.A ..... ......... . .. Broom, W. E.... Brophy, D. G .... Brophy, E. J .... Brother, G. H. ....... .. .. Brotman, J. D .... ....... ....,.. Broughton, C. M., Jr.... .... 317, 389. Brouk, R. H ......... .... 4 44, 545 Brounstein, M. . . .... . . . Page 566 555 368 455 546 551 553 487 504 537 420 486 444 468 239 190 536 366 530 534 62 550 539 368 62 433 479 448 448 433 547 540 512 488 540 388 175 62 4-12 537 267 539 553 542 495 530 465 420 554 537 477 62 521 530 172 392 62 533 447 555 468 455 485 532 450 514 62 51-1 473 530 454 4-15 168 506 555 554 447 396 492 454 454 63 478 420 542 551 550 534 G ENERAL INDEX Broussard, M. N ........... Brown, Ann Brown, B. C ..... Brown, B. S .... Brown, C. D ..... Brown, C. F. .... .. Brown, C. W. ..... . Brown, Constance L.... Brown, D. H. ...... . Brown, D. P. .... .. Brown, D. R ..... Brown, Dorothy L .... . Brown, Dorothy M ..... Brown, E. L. ....... . Brown, F. R.. . . . Brown, H. A... . . Brown, J. .... . Brown, Brown, J. F .... 1.13 .... . Brown, J. G. .... . Brown, J. W ..... Brown, Jane E .... Brown, K. . . . . Brown, K. H ..... Brown, L. D .... Brown, Laura Brown, Lela B ..... Brown, Mary M .... .... Brown, P. H. .... ..... . Brown, P. L. ..... ..... 1 60 Brown, R., Jr. ............ .. Brown, R. G. ............ . Brown, R. H.. .207, 272, 274 Brown, R. W .............. Brown, Rex L.. .. ... Brown, Robert L .... ...... Brown, S. F .... ..... 1 62 Brown, W. S .... . ...... . Brown, XV. XV.. .. .. . . .178 Browne, R. B.... Browne, R. T.... Browne, W. H ..... Brownstein, B. R.. Brubaker, C. M .... Brubaker, D. L ..... Bruce, D. H ..... Brucker, G. J.... Bruckner, XV. H.... Bruer, H. l3l'L11Tll1i1Llgll, S. L ...... Brumheld, Lorna E ..... Brummett, C. R. ....... . Bruner, D. K. QMrs.J .... Bruner, Dorothy M ........ Bruner, R. L ..... ......... Bruninga, A. M. ....... 316 Brunkhorst, G. NV .......... Brunner, C. D ..... Bruno, R. E ........ Bruntjen, J. H ......... -CONTINUED 390. 375, 333, 510, 174 170 418 190 214 .207, 279 391. io, ii.. 537. 238, 248, .......43, ...63, ...63 "555"5.'d Brush, Francoise D. ....... Bryan, J. W...63, 169, Bryan, Ruth L. ........ . Bryant, A. E ........ Bryant, Harriet M.. . . . Bryant, R. B ........ . . Brydges, Gertrude E .... Brzycki, H. XV ...... Buchanan, Elsie M.. .. Buchanan, H. R ..... Buchanan, P. L. ..... .. Bucholz, E. R. ....... .. Buck, Gertrude C ..... 49 170, . 63. Buck, R. D. ............... . Buckholdt, H. N. ..... . Buckle, R. ........... . Buckler, M. Elizabeth... Buckles, J. Ruth ..... Buckley, T. F. ........ . Buczynska, Evelyn H.. . . Budd, Frances A. ..... . Buclgell, M. . . . Buechel, J. C. ...... . Buehrig, M. W. ....... . Butfinger, Marion XV.. . . 419 530 ies 254 394 304 369, .63, 433. 431, 388, 443. 511, .63 4424 534. 218, 458, 215, 366, 328. 544, 351, 174, 275, 172, 439, 549, 468, 5-14, 316, 530. 321, 534. 530 293 306 .63 429 .64 .64 489 1 552 172 317 458 477 63 419 500 532 452 63 523 521 555 391 554 530 391 537 433 536 498 428 454 530 367 522 553 535 457 532 279 468 427 544 542 510 549 441 444 455 476 477 466 469 469 468 279 545 542 440 515 545 351 540 63 553 427 389 535 535 500 486 535 501 513 284 534 507 545 540 365 542 547 519 461 5-15 419 518 493 550 63 522 541 395 479 542 Buhai, J. P ...... Buhner, G. E.. .. . Builta, H. P.. .. Bull, S. ........ . Buiiingion, 1. T. ....... 154, 445, ' ' ' " Bunting, J. T ..... Burch, E. L ..... Burch, V. A ........ Burgener, XV. B ..... Burger, Ruth E. ...... .. Burgess, Kathryn A.. . . . Burgess, R. N. ...................... . Burgett, Mary A. ....... 161, 314, ......164 ....64, 595 391 173 ......64, 488 316 430 393 536 539 Burgin, D. J. ..... .. Burgy, Burk, Burke, J. H. ..... . Gloria R.. .. A.K .... ......................... Barbara A .... ...161, 289, 290, Burke, Burke, Jean I... . . .. Burke, R. J ...... ....... ....424 298 Burke, T. B ........... 50, 51, 64, 326 Burkhardt, Dorothy XV ............ Burkhart, B. XV. .... . . . . Burkhart, J. H. ..... . Burland, H. .......... . Burlingham, Evelyn D.. Burlison, Margaret A... Burlison, W. L. ....... . Burmester, B. R ..... Burnett, Anne E .... Burnett, Camille Burney, D. E.. Burnham, R. C.. . . Burns, Betty ........ Burns, Frances J.. . . . Burns, H. C ....... Burns, L. C ....... Burns, R. B. ....... . Burridge, Martha E.. . . Burrows, M. D ...... Burrus, M. G. .... . Burstadt, E. XV .... Burstein, R. I.... Burt, P .... . . Burris, L. P.. . . Burton, T. P .... . Busby, E. V ..... .. Busey, Gareta H ..... Busey, J. M. ..... . Busey, M. XV .... Bush, A. O. ........ . Bush, R. R. ........ 64 Bush, S. R. ..... ..... . Bushart, R. R .... Bushing, E. W .... Bushman, E. F .... Bushman, J. C.. .. Bushmeyer, F. D .... Bushnell, T. G ....... . Bushnick, Mildred L.. Buslee, Janice E .... .. Bussell, Elizabeth E... Butler, Butler, Berenice M.. . . H. W. ....... . 392, .44 517, ......4ss, 183.5154 41.5 543' ... ........ .176 ....64, 367 369, ....64, no sso, .........317, ...........59o. ....e4, 591, 394, ....392. ....423, ....173, .........396, ..............435, 239. 387, 392, 468, .64 .. . .485 .....347, 348 ....64, 190, 2-18 ......34-1, ........530, . 366, Butler, M. Isabelle... Butler, Margaret E .... Butler, P. L ....... .. Butler, T. G. .... . Butler, W. S ....... .. Butterhelcl, F. C., Jr .... Button, D. W. ....... Buyers, J. F ......... Buzick, J. Buzzard, C. XV.... Byers, M .... . C Cadet Staff ....... . . . Cadwell, C. A .... . Cady, D. M.. . .. Crrgle Hall .... Cahill, E. C.... Cahill, Jean D ..... Cahill, W. R.. .. .....341 ...174, ......65 280, 542 389 512 389. 65, 510, 473 548 393 423 418 544 389 389 542 522 498 462 548 47-'1 533 495 4-17 498 530 171 548 550 537 469 422 435 -189 551 423 517 524 420 534 504 479 547 542 536 344 433 5-12 536 4.16 284 458 476 437 484 530 447 536 5111 461 468 544 50 462 444 457 519 539 540 420 519 352 279 526 545 467 538 347 541 45s 538 542 332 374 65 439 441 524 65 524 511 ILLINUIS EUMMERIIIAL EULLEEE in F18 cug Fully Accredited by the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools THE BUSINESS COLLEGE FOR COLLEGE PEOPLE Sdf cffg g PAUL STONE-RAYMOR, LTD. 6 NORTH MICHIGAN 704 S. Sixth SI., Champaign, Illinois lOn the Campusl CHICAGO, ILLINOIS CHAMPAIGN stuolo . -l 617 EAST GREEN SUGGESTIONS FOR.. ltinerant Illini Whenever in... KANKAKEE Stop at the... HOTEL KANKAKEE Earl Francis, Managing Director Whenever in... CHICAGO Stop atthe... HOTEL HAYES 64th and University 500 Rooms 51.25 to 52.50 per day Cafeteria and Dining Rooms The Management of Each of the Above Hotels Offer You COMPLETE MODERN FACILITIES . . . At Your Command Page 567 420 443 207 473 Carney, J. XV .... Caine, R. P .... . Caifmn Club ..,.... Caldwell, D. H... .. Caldwell, J. S ..... . . . Calhoun, C. D. ...,... . Califf, J. XV .... ..... 4 8 Callagan, D. A. ...... .. Callahan, E. J .... Callery, R.. . . Callmer, J. P.... Calnan, Mary J .,.. Calvert, R. L .... Camealy, E. C ..... Cameron, E. C.. .. Cameron, V. L .... Camp, M. Jane ....... Camp, W. J .... ....... Campbell, Charles M... Campbell, Chester M.. Campbell Collage .... Campbell, D. T.. . .. Campbell, J. Campbell, L. R ....... Campbell, L. W ..... .. Campbell, Maxine M.. Campbell, N. W., Jr... Campbell, Patty J.. .. . Campbell, R. A ..... Campbell, R. E .... Campbell, R. S ..... .. Campbell, Sylvia R .... Cafnpnr Leazlcrr .... Canfield, H. Cannon, A. E ..... Cannon, M. Jane .... Cannon, Cantlin, Helen E.. . . Cantor, XV. E. .... . L. ..... Cape, J. T ,..,......... Capizzi, S. J ........ 65, Capling, Mildred .... Cappo, Gloria A.. Caps, A. C. ...... . Carberry, Lois M .... Card, L. E. ...... . Cardiff, E. XV..... Caresio, Elsa A.. .. Carey, Alice C ..... Carey, C. J ..... Carey, W. A .... Carl, H. WU... Carlen, R. N ...... Carlisle, G. R.. . . . Carlson, E. Carlson, E. H ..... .. Carlson, J. A., Jr.... Carlson, L. E... .. Carlson, N. W.. .. Carlson, R. A ..... Carlson, R. D .... . Carlson, R. E.. . .. Carlson, R. Carlson, W. H.... Carlson, W. L... Carlson, XV. P .... Carlstone, R. Carman, A. L ..... Carman, A. P ..... Carmichael, Janet .. Carmichael, R. D.... .. Carmichael, NV. J ...... Carmody, Carnahan, T. P. .... . D. H .... Carncross, R. I .... Carnes, J. G. .... . Carney, J. J., Jr .... . Carpenter, B. H. .... . Carpenter, Carpenter, Marilyn J .... Carpenter, Patricia M.. .. Carpentier, Marjorie M.. Carper, R. J .... ....... Carr, M. Kathryn ....... Carr, R. K. ........ 160, Carragher, G. F ........ Carrell, Carolyn M .... Page 568 Elaine A... .. 65, 188, 245, 175, ....65, 207, .65 155 1515 169, 171 . . . . .293 '.'.'.'15b . .... 245 ....65 ......35 .277, 354 ....66, 364 172 511 321 176 279 389 171 .65 169 364 349 .66 169, 173, 344, 320 L65 263 535 Ala 354 .65 155 172 389 522 316 198 238 530 396 366 .65 179 522 .65 511 248 368 452 441 173 3513 .66 172 449 435 368 169 .66 317, 316 .66, 354 440, 452 392 171 535 172 428 479 464 389 419 492 172 366 390 590 521 477 460 417 521 455 447 548 557 540 421 489 450 335 441 550 258 421 546 496 424 367 511 443 536 542 522 550 514 545 456 525 524 65 -157 429 532 5412 479 190 513 504 536 455 474 556 17-'l 452 536 3517 543 65 171 4911 445 546 545 460 538 173 445 450 447 496 504 490 504 66 517 549 532 526 GENERAL INDEX-CONTINUED Carrell, D. N ............. Carrier, Eleanor L .... Carrier, G. R ....... Carrington, H. Carris, J. V. ...... . Carrithers, J. M.. . . . . Carroll, J. B., Jr ........ Carruth, P. W.. .. .. Carson, B. F .... Carson, C. J .... B Carson, G. Carson, J. D.... Carson, J. R ...... Carson, W. H.. .. . Carstcns, B. A .... Carter, G. D .... Carter, H. Carter, K. Carter, R. L.. .. H .... Carter, R. L... . . Cartter, J. L... . . . Caruthers, F. B .... Casberg, C. H ...... Case, Geraldine M .... 135' 35.1. ' ' ' H 66, 66, 417, 395, 171 424 1 5 5 lol' 314, Case, H. C. ....... . ....... .. Case, Mary J ...... ........... Case, W. R ..... .... 1 60, 172, Casey, R. F ..... ..........., Casey, R. J.... Cash, J. G.. .. Cassara, S. ......... ......... . Cassell, W. W. ................. . Cassella, W. N., Jr. .... 174, 284, Cassidy, E. ......... . . . . Castelo, R. E ....... .... Castle, Castle, E. Catherine .... G. R. ....... . Castral, J. ......... . Cathcart, F. M., Jr .... Catlett, Ann C ...... 320, Catlett, G. R ..... . ..,.. 168, Cattani, M. A ..... ........ 6 6, Candle, C. J ..... .... 1 62, 163 Cavallo, E. S. ........ Cavalry .... ......... Cm'nlry Offer! Club ..... Cavanagh, J. J ..... .... Cavanaugh, J. W. ..... . Caveglia, A. Christine. . . Caveglia, J. H ....... . .. Cavins, E. W. ...... Cederquist, S. J ..... Ceigler, H. .E .... .. Center, O. D ..... .... Cervenka, Margaret Cesaletti, R. ...... . Ceuliers, G. F ..... Chaiken, M. .,.... . Chalem, Florence ...... Chalstrom, Phyllis L .... Chamberlin, W. H .... Chambers, C. R.. Chambers, W. F ..... Chambliss, G. D ..... Chan, R. J ..... .......... Chandler, Imogene M ..... Chanler, Josephine H... 170, 392. 291, 352. ....321, ....391, Chang, T. T ................ Channon, M. H ........ Chapin, Dorothy E...419, 67, 312, 542, 344, 355, Chapin, Mildred R ...... Chapman, B. ....... . 169 369 344 Chapman, Helen J .... Chapman, M. J .... ..... . . Chapman, Margaret L. ...... . Chapman, Ma1'y S ..... ...,.. Chapman, M. J., fMrs.J ..... Charles, T. E. .......... . Charnes, A. ...... . . Chase, J. J ...... . Chase, M. N.... Chase, R. A ..,.. .... 2 84, Chase, R. S ..... . . . Chase, R. V .... Chauvet, F. . . 392 321 173, 517 349 537 y . 66 155 438 172 174 541 551 393 445 173 530 173 322 176 317 431 176 424 389 299 431 462 328 417 224 389 364 535 522 394 .66 .66 483 .66 364 263 551 317 178 .67 369 Q59 541 455 v 1 1 1 , 1 542 488 512 479 477 534 536 437 433 554 536 447 447 323 464 442 455 536 535 510 423 457 418 540 543 490 548 458 436 442 549 168 533 451 168 498 542 558 428 484 530 543 350 428 227 378 392 347 440 66 541 477 453 538 533 540 536 195 459 503 493 434 173 479 536 511 504 172 537 465 295 555 169 466 386 550 499 551 351 454 172 424 467 549 533 536 479 Chayes, B. Chayes, L. A ..... . Checkley, D. M.. . . Cheeley, K. D.. . . . Cheerleader: ..... Chellberg, Hazel E. Chenoweth, R. D.. . . . Chenoweth, R. P.. Chenoweth, Ruth E ..... Cherner, M ..... Cherry, Ruth V .... Cherskove, D. A... Chew, C. F ..... Chi Bela ..... Chi Eprilon . . Chi Omega .. Chi Phi ....... Chi P.ri ............ Chirago Clllllplhf .... Chicago F1'uternilie.r Childers, Ann K... Childress, H. L., Jr ..... Childs, Helen J.. . . Chilow, Rita ..... Chinlund, J. F.. . . . . Chittenden, A. P.. Chittenden, T. R.. . Choate, M. Alberta ..... Chobot, G. R. ...... . Cholden, L. S. ...... . Christensen, J. M.. . .. Christensen, P. W.. Christensen, R. J... Christensen, T. E ..... Christian, XV. A ...... Christianson, H. B ..,. Christman, D. W ..... Christmann, E. C. ..... . Christopher, Emily L Christophersen, R. Christy, L. J.. .. Chronis, J. A.. . . . Chumley, E. W ..... Church, Ida K .... Cicero, M. P. .... . Cichowski, V. J.. .. Cirzan, J. L ....... Clancy, M. .... . Clapp, L. B ..... Clapp, R. A ..... ......67 Clare, F. B ..... Clark, A. H ..... Clark, D. A.. . .. Clark, D. M ...... Clark, Dorothy L .... Clark, F. M ....... Clark, G. H.. Clark, G. L. ...... . Clark, Gladys C ..... Clark, Gwen A .... Clark, H. R ....... Clark, Helen J .... Clark, J. G.. . .. Clark, J. H ....... Clark, Joyce C.. . . Clark, K. S.. . .. Clark, L. P .... . Clark, Loisjean .. Clark, Loren C .... Clark, Marion R... . Clark, Mary A .... Clark, R. B ..... Clark, R. N ..... Clark, R. XV .... Clark, T. A. ...... . Clark, Virginia V .... Clarkson, C. F., Jr. Clarno, J. S ....... Clair aj' 1940, The Clair of I9-fl, The Clan of 1942, The Clay.: of 1945, The Clausen, L. H.. . .. Claussen, Vera E... Clawson, J. F.. Clay, Clayton , H. E. ...... . Nelda M .... . nv. 545, 458, ....449, 4113, lik! .67 391 530 417 396 1 471 1 530 67, 172, 67. 364, 71, 420 I 67, 1 530 544 387 417 353, 68, 388, 68, 195 420 506 171 .67 322 30-1 428, 483 68, 366 466 555 195 191 502 499 344 67 67 514 532 393 432 549 493 433 434 282 475 306 547 523 316 389 537 395 67 478 446 535 421 421 545 476 323 67 430 525 546 364 535 389 487 538 547 478 39-1 435 316 479 -11 452 476 67 420 449 431 540 539 284 67 539 169 489 512 441 514 542 67 500 434 542 458 536 507 421 457 50 162 164 165 513 540 542 335 175 BUSEY'S STATE BANK URBANA ll' ESTABLISHED IN I 868 ll' CELEBRATING, WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 72 YEARS OF BANKING SERVICE TO THE UNIVERSITY, ITS FACULTY AND STUDENTS Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Best Wishes! HOTELS TILDEN-HALL Champaign, Illinois Bloomington, Illinois - - Foods styled to the particular needs THANK YOU STUDENTS I ! We Pledge fo You . . that in the future we shall further increase the rapidity of our service, and shall always give you the finest in portrait photography. O of Hotels, Restaurants and Institu- tions. Patterned to merit public favor, and to be served with profit. Ol-AN MILLS PQRTRAI1' STUDIOS John Sexton Cofglmicago-B1-oolclx " 1 ' 'it 'i f t ft f sent .-,..,.: A ..::. , ......,.. .-..... 1 Vv-vv 1 Eef i IVIZV E Zi? ZW F - Urbana - Lincoln Holel Building-Urbana, Illinois General Offices: Tuscaloosa, Alabama Page 569 gi Clayton, Phyllis E... . Cleary, J. M ...., ...., .... Cleave, F. H ..... ............ Cleave, S. W ....... ..... 2 78, 279, Clegg, G. ..,....... ......,.... . Clegg, Margaret K. .... ..... . Clement, J. A. ....,.. . Clements, Emmahelle . .. Clements, L. ....... .... Clements, R.I-I .... Clendenin, R. NV.. .. ............ 284 Clendenin, XV. R ....... ..68, 367, 368, Cleveland, R. M. ,... ,............. . Clevenger, A. XV .... ....... Clifford, K. D.. . .. cziiirurd, W. cimon, A, A.... ....68 Cline, D. L .... ....... Cline, E. B. ....... .... 3 89 Cline, R. A. ........ ....,. . Clincbell, Helen L. .... .. Clodi, V. L. ........ .. Clody, L. H .... .... Cloe, W'. E .,.... .. Cloke, T. H., Jr... Clow, R. J ......... ..... Clock, D. E. ....... .,..... . Cluever, Martha E ..... ....... 3 17 Coacly, Charlene A ..... ..,. 6 8, 305 Coale, Suzanne ...... ...... 3 04 Conf! 1'll'Iilll'l'j . . . . .. Coates, H. W ,... ..... Cobb, C. C.. . . . Cobb, Fan J... . Cobb, T. C.. . .. Coble, A. B... . Cobrin, M. . . Cocagne, A. C ..... Cocagne, P. E. .... . Cochrane, NV. J .,.. Coelcrum, E. E .... . Cody, J. P .... . . . Coe, J. E .......... Coen, Mary A ........ Cofling, Genevieve M ..... .387, . . .249 ....'.'f15b'i 388 ...298 Cotling, Nina M. ..... . Coffman, R. B ....... Coffman, S. Cogdal, Coggesl Coghill, Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, Cohlan, R. B ...... mall, N. D.... J. R .... A. E. .... . C. ....... . Georgette . . . 364 , Geraldine M. , . . ....... H. ......... . 1. ........... . La Verne H .... Mindell ,.... Pearl J ..... Phyllis R.. . . Ruth E ..... Sidney . . . Sol ......... Thelma R .... H. L. ..,. . Cohlmeyer, S. H.. . . . Cohn, Cohn, Cohn, Cohn, Colby, Colby, Colclasure, Inez V.. Diane K ..... Doris M.. . .. Estelle R.. . . J. N. C. ..... . Priscilla .... ...68, Coldwell, D. I. ..................... . Cole, C. B .... ..... 2 37, 375, 391, 393 Cole, R, H ......................... cole, W. D .... ....... ............. Cole, Cole-ck, F. H. ..... . Coleman, Betty J .... Coleman, I. ...... . Colgan, C. J ..... Collier, R. 1-1 .... Collins, F. W .... coiiins, J. r. .... ..... 1 74, Collins, W. L.. .. Page 570 William D.. . .. ....496 323 . . .... 387 321 447 .68 417 352 424 439 513 .68 350 389 367 307 307 364 248 315 172 394 321 .68 366 366 175 173, 417 .68 515, 391 291 171 396 170 364 538 536 395 537 , f y 1 , 1 Q s 497 27 447 530 432 487 428 497 460 418 544 546 437 43 530 188 540 541 551 364 526 542 55.1 68 468 233 278 502 499 51-1 379 440 447 249 424 447 473 536 476 476 176 316 314 498 540 364 346 530 447 172 190 546 422 515 514 547 503 515 386 161 505 505 466 366 530 465 394 505 515 505 448 541 484 510 447 440 458 542 546 433 539 459 542 551 451 472 549 GENERAL INDEX-CONTINUED Colombo, 1-1. J. ......... ........ . Colteaux, Jeanette D. .... 68, 300, 342, 344, 487, 542, 548, Coltman, J. XV.... ....... ..171, Colton, E. L ........ .... 3 17, Colvin, Constance . . . ........ . . . . Colwell, M. R ....,. ............ 6 8, Combs, G. F. ..... . .68, 176, 281, Comings, E. W. ........ ...., 4 20, 467, Cnmmerce rum' Blnirrerr fldmifrirtmliozl, The College of .... ...... ........ .... Compton, C. C.. .. Compton, K. L .... . .. .. Compton, W. QE.. .. . .. 171, Conard, A. B. .... ..... . Conarcl, J. W. .... .... 6 9, Cmrfert Band . . . . . . Condee, R. XV ..... . . . Contlit, R. M ........... .... Condon, Colleen D .... ..... . . .366, Corrfermrv lllsdul Vfimrer ..,. .... Congleton, J. D ......... ......,. Conley, H. D .... ........ ........ 2 2 7, Connelly, Elizabeth A ..... ...... 4 4, 175, Connelly, J. A. .,....... ......... 3 89, Conrad, Charlotte L .... . 161, 274, 301, 500, Conrad, Elizabeth J. .... .... . Conrad, W.. ...... Conrad, R. M., Jr ..... ..... Conron, C. E ....... .... 6 9, CIHIILGIIJ .... .... ...... Converse, P. D.. .. .,. .I70, Conway, J. W. .... .... 4 25, Conway, K. J ..,. . ....... . Conway, I.. F ..,..... .... 5 57, Conybear, Jane H ...., .... 4 97, Cook, C. W.. ...... ..... Cook, Evelyn M ..... ............. Cook, F S ...... .......... 6 9, Cook, G. T ..,. 510, 530, 534, Cook, J. H .,... .......... 6 9, Cook, R. L ....., . .--4 - Cooke, H. G., Jr .... Cooke, J. F. ......... ...,. . Conksey, Arvilla R.. . . .... 69, Cooley, C. M. ......... .... - Cooley, XV. J ............ Cualirlgc Slring Qlmrlel.. Coolley, J. M .......... Coombe, J. V ..... Coonce, W. Cooper, J. A .... Cooper, Lois J.. . . . Cooper, Mavis M .... Cooper, T. H. ....... . Cope, A. J., CMrs.J .... Cope, R. I.. ......... .. Copper, H. E .... . Copper, R. R.. . .. Corhell, M. J ...... Corcoran, A. J ..... . .. Cordell, Lucille D.. . . . Corimm .... .. . . . . . . . Corkery, Gertrude N.... Cornell, Ann M ....... Corns, Mary J ..... Corringtnn, Ruth Cortez, J. J ..... Cosby, A. B ....... Cosgrove, J. F. ..... . COJ7l70f10IillU1 Club . . . Coss, F. K ....... . .. Cost, XV. J ..... Costello, J. J.. . . Cotsirilos, P. J ,... .389, ....364, ....69, ....69, ....16o, 195. ...51, 69, Cotta, R. W. ...... . Coughlin Coultas, Coulter, Cou nci Counsi 1, 1, Courtney , V. E. ..... . Virginia F.. . . . Helen L. . . . . H. E ..... Mary J .,... , A. Eileen. . . Co Van, J. P ........ Covin, Martina ..... Cowan, Emily A.. . . Cowan, K. R .... .........175, ....... 69, 270, 315, 484, 175, 317, 490, ....69, 455, .....3B7, 388, ....589, ....442, ....299, ......347, . .. .69, 417, 68 369 555 364 440 -198 451 593 547 30 554 537 394 421 391 364 421 431 515 189 17-1 542 2518 450 544 539 527 393 537 440 16 471 5-13 421 549 519 542 502 463 538 541 547 420 457 524 556 69 359 460 537 472 457 491 69 393 351 69 543 176 460 326 540 525 354 527 539 539 392 552 450 435 392 458 449 479 1152 543 526 495 542 507 521 418 523 527 473 Cowan, R. H ...... . . Cowell, Cowlin Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Mary K ..... .. g, Marjorie R.. . . . A.S ...... ...... C.D ......,. Dorothy L .... Ethel E ..... . Cox, L. L. .... . Cox, J. F., Jr ..... Cox, R. G. .... . Coyner, E. C ...... .. Cozzens, A. B. .... .. Crabb, Crabtre Crabtre Craig, Craig, Craig, Craig, Craig, Crain, Cramer, Cramer, Cramer, Dorothy R ..... . . .70 e, Nina B .... .... e, R. H.. .. . . Carolyn J.. .. Cora D .... H. NV .... J. .... . XV. J ..... D. ........ . Edith E .... R. ., R. L.. .. Cramer, XV. H .... Cramer, XV. M .... ..... Crandell, J. P ...... ..... Crandell, Cranrlell, Crandell, Crane, E. W .... Crane, Crane, R. B.. . . . Margaret E. ..... . 5.1 ..... F. I-I .... Crane, R. L ....... Craner, Crang, F.S ..... .... Dorothy R. .... . . . Crathorne, A. R. .... ...... . Cravens, J. H .... ,....,. 1 63 Crawford, C. W.. . . . . . . . Crawford, XV. C.. .. Creighton, C. ..,.. . Mary A.. . . Creighton, Creighton, M. Jane. . . . . Cremeans, C. D. .... . Cress, A. M. .... ...... . Cress, E. E ........... ..... Cress, J. M., Jr. .... 70, 178 Cress, Marian I. ........... Cri1e,D.R .... Crist, E. P. .,..... . Critton, Mary L ..... Critton, R. D ..... ..... Crocombe, Phyllis L ..... Croessmann, J. G ..... Crombie, Ruth M ..... Cromlcy, Mary J.. . . . Cron, M. J ....... .. Cronk, H. S. ........ . Cronkhite, Violet G ..... Cross, C. W. ....... . Cross, J. M ......... .. Cross, J. T ...... Cross, T. M .... .. .. . . Cross, W. H ..... ......... Crossland, Edith I ....... 161 Crossland, Marjorie J. ..... . Crossley, R. C ...... .... Crossman, R. S. .... . Crossman, Ruth . . Crouch, Irene .... . . Crowley, Cynthia L ..... Croxton, H. L ...... Crull, E. H ..... ..... Crum, Dorothea M ..... Crum, Lois C. ....... . Crum, Mary E. .... . Crumb, J. H.. . . Crump, J. 1. .... . Cucci, A. M. ........ . Cuddington, I. J. ...... . Culberson, Maxine C.. . . . Cullerton, Anne M ..,. . Cullinan, D. A.. . . . Culver, L. B ....... .. Culvey, Marjorie M.. . . . Cumiskey, T. E. ..... . Cummings, J. S .... . . . . .195 .69, 417 . . . . .215 366 367, .70, 369 ......70 1. s ...... .... 3 sa, 449, 537 ....70, . . . . .169 318, 365 190, 233, . . .392, ...2o6, . . .2a4, 337, 289, 292 .ffiiz ....389 ....175 , 1 388 , 296 317 438 454 389 417 524 492 175, 178, 239, 174, 190, 544 389, 215, 427, 317, 172, -136, 537, 248, 419, 317, .70, 210, 367, 393, .70, .70, 391 512, 522 537, 442 493 322 . 70 .70 364 349 1 435 490 523 541 69 548 498 533 546 47-'1 430 471 553 553 530 491 522 435 530 545 510 354 418 455 389 4-10 387 549 495 447 536 176 541 542 536 487 452 549 176 195 248 555 520 464 418 54-l 249 540 476 418 497 533 504 345 490 516 70 452 540 452 530 427 536 393 521 5-10 512 54-1 506 518 540 530 542 530 540 540 450 495 546 365 279 520 444 169 70 433 436 OUR XXXRIX L, nd I A Q , ed on WSL ,was PIIIIQPSYYX QRXISXI CO' " C: E V XXHXXVIQOXS D MDP' PM NXXNG woo PLANT IS KNOWN ESPECIALLY FOR THE QUALITY OF ITS WORK RATHER THAN FOR THE NUMB.ER OF BOOKS PRODUCED ...We SYLLABUS LOYOLAN HATCHET TOWER . OBELISK INDEX . . C7 omade during 1940 . NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY . . . LOYOLA UNIVERSITY . . WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY . . . , . . WHEATON COLLEGE SOUTHERN ILLINOIS NORMAL U. . . ILLINOIS STATE NORMAL U. WESLEYANA . . . . ILLINOIS WESLEYAN U. Page 571 393 493 ......73, Cummings, L. O. .... .... . . Cummins, L. L ..... .... ..... 7 0 Cummiskey, I. Kathryn .... ...,... Cunningham, Harold E. ,... ........ 7 0 Cunningham, Harrison E..., ..... 27, 43, Cunningham, J. W .... .... ......, 7 0 , Cunningham, T. H .... .... 3 96, Cunnington, B. W ..... ...... Curatolo, A. V .... . .,... 70, Curl, Betty ..... ,.... 7 1 Curley, Mary J.... Curnes, H. ......... ..... . Curry, Margaret E ,,.. . .... 518, Curtin, D. R. ....... .... 5 10, Curtis, C. C. ...... ..... . . Curtis, C. T. ........ ..... 4 43, Curtis, Dorothy L. . .. ...... . . . . . Cusick, N. W. ....,. .... 3 93, 454, Cusimano, W. R .... .. .....,. 387, Cuthbert, W. L., Jr. .... ....... . . Cuthbertson, W. H ..,. ..,.. 7 1, Cutler, Dorothie M.. . . ........ .291, Cutler, F. A., Jr .,... ............. . Cutler, R. E. ...... .... 7 1, 173, 536, Cutrona, L. J ..... .............. Cuttill, W. E .... ......... 1 72, Cvikota, W. R .... . .... 195, Cycon, R. R .... . ..... 71, Czyzewski, H. ... ........ . .... D Dacey, G. C. .........,.. .... 1 74, 349, Dachroth, Jeannette .. ....... 367, Dadant, C. C ........ .... 2 07, Dfzdr Day .... .. .... . . Daggett, R. E. ....... ..... 7 1, Dahlgren, Ruth E ..... .... 3 07, Dahm, P. A .... ..... ..... 7 1 , Daily, C. L ......... , ..... . Daily Illini, The ..... .... 3 14, Daisy, R. A ....... .... 4 45, Dale, R. C. ....... .... Dale, W. J. ........ ..... . Dallenbach, E. Ann. .. ...,.,... 320, Dallenbach, J. C ...... ............ 3 47, Dallenbach, J. XV. ..,. ..... 1 90, 248, 417, Dalton, J. M ...... . ............. . Daly, J. J., Jr ..... .... 4 64, Daly, R. F. ......... ..... . Damaske, C. T .... ..... ....... Dambman, W. C., Jr .... .... 3 21, Damisch, G. A ....... . ..... . Damisch, Hazel B. ,... .... 2 95, Dammers, W. R ..... ...... Damon, S. L ...... ......... D'Andrea, C. J.... . ...... Daniels, A. H. .... .... 1 74, 429, Daniels, A. S .... .... 1 78, 190, Daniels, F., Jr. .... .......... 7 1 333, Daniels, J. G .... ........... 1 71, 537, Danielsen, A. L.... .... 71, 173, 394, -136, Danielson, A. L. ........................ . Danley, P. R. F .... .71, 237, 387, 392 396, Dann, R. E .... ....... ...,...... 7 1 170, Danner, B. V ....... ......... Danner, Beatrice L. .... ...... . Dannevik, H. NV .... .... 5 12, Danreiter, L. ..... ..... . Darling, W. N .... .... Dart, M. F. ...... Darre, A. P ...... . .. .......... . . . . Dasiewicz, Dolores . . . ........... . .71 Daugherty, Marion L. ........ 161, 284, 289 517 Daum, P. A ......... . ...... . Dauwalder, Evelyn . . . . . 522 Davenport, E. .....,.. ..... . Dfwerzfmrr Home .......... ............. Davenport, Maralyn E. ................... . Davenport, XV. R.. ..71, 278, 279, 336, 538 Davey, A. ..... . .... .....,.... . . Davey, Esther .... . . . Davey, F. B. ...... .... . Davidon, R. S .... .... . . .71 Davidson, Betty K .... . .... 499 Davidson, Betty L ...., .... 5 27 Davidson, J. F ...... ..... Page 572 248 284 484 457 447 536 457 389 425 488 524 434 540 530 439 541 521 532 530 536 178 308 174 544 172 554 542 390 545 541 514 447 275 537 520 173 71 315 530 365 364 504 441 441 462 545 176 541 441 389 514 445 394 512 449 194 510 549 544 53,6 434 530 55-,1 514 538 476 453 429 456 530 294 555 437 540 424 519 498 546 71 308 471 392 552 540 460 GENERAL INDEX-CONTINUED a Davidson, J. XV .................... Davidson, W. R .... ..... 3 66 Davie, J.D .... Davies, C. O. .... ..... 7 1 Davies, J. R.... ....321 Davies, Jane A ..,. ...... Davies, T. E .... Davis, A. XV.... Davis, Alice V.... ....72 Davis, B. V ...., ...... Davis, C. W .... Davis, D. J ..... Davis, D. K .... Davis, E. E. .... .. Davis, Francis H.. . . . Davis, Frederick H.. .. Davis, G. H. ..... .. Davis, Davis, J. Davis, Davis, Davis, J. G. J. .... c.... J. J.F .... . M ..... Davis, J. R ..... .... Davis, James W ..... Davis, John W. .... ......... . Davis, Kathryn A.. .. . . . . . 349, 367, .290, 483, Davis, L. E ....... .. Davis, L. N ....... Davis, M. Charlotte .....,.. Davis, Marian .... . . . . . Davis, Mary A, .... . . Davis, O. L .... Davis, R. E ..... Davis, R. M ....... . Davis, Rachel C ...,. Davis, Virginia L ...... Davison, C. ....... . Dawidolf, Fay H.... Daws, J. A. ..... . Dawson, H. S .... Dawson, J. K.. Dawson, J. R ..... Day, Elizabeth A .... Day, R. J ......... Day, R. Day, W. H..... Deahl, G.L ..... . Deal, Elizabeth C.. . . Deal, Frances Dean, Dorothy E... Dram of Men, The Office 01' ..... .... . ....174, ....175, .72, 367, Dean, P. H .... ................. Dem: of IVome11, The Ojfre of ...., Deane, R. A .... ................ De Bord, C. D .... De Bord, R. A.... Dehs, Betty J .... Dec, J. ......... . De Cleene, D. J.. . .. Decroix, P. J .... . DB!fiL'Illi07l .... Deegan, J. J ..... Deem, A. G ....... Dees, J. D. ..,.... . . Defenbaugh, W. E.. . . Deiienbaugh, R. C.. . . Deffenluaugh, R. H.. . . Deifenbaugh, R. XV .... . Dc Filio, A. J ........ Degen, Barbara J. ..... . Degenhardt, J. R ...... .... De Gunther, Florence M .... Dehnert, Edith E .... ..... 7 2, 511, 514 Deisbeck, G. E ,... ............... Deiss, P. M ..... . ........... 72 De Jonge, R. R ..... De Jonghe, J. J ..... DeI.ano, P. J .... ..... DeLany, Adele E. ....... . De Larco, Yolanda R ..... De La Ronde, G. G ..... Delaurent, A. J. .,... . Del Giudice, V. J.... Delich, M. ....... . Dell, G. H. ..... . Dellinger, G. R.. .. De Long, O. L.... ....72 .....510 364, 513 rbi, 423 369 .72 .40 316 417 .72 172 521 364, 501, 521, 236, 337, 297, 437, 365, 321, 514, 169 350 420 .72 354 321 542 436 451 512 1 , 1 366 546 536 431 542 494 450 427 517 453 365 169 545 447 454 454 429 462 437 176 393 462 418 168 545 552 421 365 539 514 527 538 530 457 72 521 476 317 530 469 536 530 527 532 424 389 389 500 518 548 45 461 44 458 547 477 486 420 470 463 6 443 547 460 428 544 538 449 72 524 460 540 548 530 538 537 541 479 493 515 72 530 389 536 537 545 478 De Lorimier, A. J.... De Lorimier, J. A.... Delta Cbi ........... Delta Della Della .... Delm Gamma . . . Della Kappa Eprilan ..,. Della Phi ........... Della Sigma Pbi ...... Delta Tbela Eprilon .... Della Tan Della ...... Delia Uprilon ...... Della Demaree, R. G .,.. De Mers, E. F ..... Deming, C. L ..... Demlow, E. J ..... Zela ..... . . Demmert, W. R ..... Demming, L. F. ..... . De Moise, Bruna M. Deneen, Denekas, De Ness, Denhart, Denholm, Denholm Denning, F. M ....... M. E .... F. W. Betty . , J. B. ..... . Evelyn C ..... Dennis, K. A. J .... . . . Dennis, W. W ........ Dena, N. C. .......... . ....72, 72, .....387, ....72, De Normandie, G. H ..... Denlirlry, The College of .... Derman, M. L. ....... . Derr, R. D. ..,....... . Derrig, W. J. .... . Dersbeck, G. E .... Desens, S. G ...... Desmond, G. C ..... De Tar, D ........ De Turk, E. E .... De Turk, E ,............ .... . . . Deutch, Louise . . .,.49, 72, 294, Deutsch, Shirley A ...... Deutschman, A ..... . . Deverman, I.. J ..... 73, 391, Devine, Patricia A. ....... . De Vogelaere, R. A .... . De Vore, Mary Devorkin, R. A .... ... 393, 174, 514, 430, 530, 352, 386 392, De NVan, J. E .................. .. Dewey, F. P. ....... 73, 170, 431, Dewey, G. G .... ................ Dewey, Jane R ..... ....... De Wolf, F. W ..... Dexter, R. V ....... De Young, Marjorie. . DeZurko, E. R ..... Dial, R. E. ......................... . Dianis, N1 ..... ................ Dick, C. H. ...73, 334, 376, 377, Dick, D. D. .......................,. . Dick, H. L., Jr ,.... .. ...... .. Dick, J. F. ............ . Dickerson, G. H., Jr. ..... 48, 73, Dickerson, J. A ....... Dickerson, Jeanne V .... Dickerson, R. E ...... Dickinson, B. . .... . Dickinson, F. G ..... Dickinson, R. M ..... Dickman, S. R.. .. Dictor, B. R ..... .... Diemcr, Mary L.. .. .. . .73, Dieterle, Susan J... . . . . . . . Dietiker, F. D. .... .... . Dietz, F. Curt ....... ..... Dietz, Frederick C .... Dietz, H. A ..... .. Dietz, R. S. ....... . Dillavou, Charlotte .. Dillavou, E. R ...... ..... Dillavou, W. E. Dillon, D. ........ . Dillon, E. G., Jr .... . Dillon, J. H., Jr.. . . .. Dillon, Marjorie M... . . ...190, 171 188 264 483 367 170 194 , , 1 y .72 469 369 317, 389 4341 234 323, ace. 5152 516, Sabi 355, 305, 5311, 393, .73, ' 511 395, 387 542 .73 365 541 206 343 172, 316 488 320 420 455 202, , , 1 , , s , , , 392 389 436 494 495 437 438 439 178 440 441 496 390 174 538 547 536 546 515 452 476 554 452 515 365 530 393 548 419 455 39 422 530 235 538 542 541 418 551 418 548 386 189 535 484 421 523 174 394 535 396 501 447 443 507 177 513 511 388 543 440 467 554 207 452 392 504 462 548 436 441 435 465 553 495 174 427 344 73 435 525 534 458 460 73 471 526 HERE the Universityof Illinois has grown great through educational service to the State, Pontiac Engraving 81 Electrotype Company has likewise achieved National renown through the service rendered yearbook staffs throughout America. The lllio of 1940 stands as a tribute to its staff as an interpretation of the year at the University of Illinoisg like- wise it is a tribute to supreme crafts- manship as exemplified by Pontiac service men, Pontiac photographers and Pontiac craftsmen in supplying engravings of supreme quality. U PUNTIAC ENGBAVING 8 ELECTll0TYPE C0lYIPANY B12-22 West Van Buren Street, Chirugo, Ill. -v- . . ..--, ,.M.1,,,x "STL 'rg 1" lg. gy., .Jul ,mi , . 'fiifslf M, - f.' ' 5' " af i K X f L P'i"'i'x-. Lgpsaiz 11' N ,Lug ug tx! xi? ,G ' E . 1 . to . ,,, ,lf ., ,M , t Aa' - .1 gf I EVINNX U Page 573 Du Boff, J. 173 Einstein, Gudulzi H ..... 390 438 Dillow, B. C. ..... . Dillow, Noel E ..... Dimond, R. A.. . . Dimond, S. E.. , .. Dippel, H. J. A .,.. Dirertordr Me.f.rr1ge Diveley, Martha M. . . .. Diveley, XVilhelmina A Di vim, N. J. ........ . Dix, R. E ..... ...... Dixie Illini Club .... Dixon, F. H., Jr .... Dixon, H. M. Dixon, Ruth V ..,.. Doak, J. .......... . Doake, Rlargaret J. . . Dobberman, M. R. .. Dobbins, D. V ..... Dohl-zin, A. M .... Dobkin, I. B ..... Dobratz, E. H .... Dodds, Maryelle .. Dodge, H. B. . ..... . Dodge, Marjorie A ..... Dodsworth, Jo Ann ..,. Doe, Leoda M. ..... . Doerschuk, Janet L .... Doherty, Helen M. .. Doherty, J. A. ...,.... . Dohm, Katherine M. .... Doischman, Sylvia Doisy, Dolan, Dorothy F. Dolan, J. E. .... . Dolan, J. M ...... Dolan, Mary L. ............ . Dolan, T. J. .,....... . Doland, J. J ....... 171, Dolch, E. W., Jr. ....., . Dolch, J. P ............. Doll Show ...... Dollear, F. G.. . . . Duljfbim ..... . . . Domke, L. M. ..... . Don Carmrk Cl7IIl'l.'.1 . . Donelan, Loretta A.. . . Doney, R. J ......... Donnelly, Ethel M .... Donofrio, A. E.. . . . . Donoghue, J. W .... Donovan, C. V ..... Donovan, D. D. .... ,. Dooley, J. D ..... .... Dooley, W. S ...... .74 Doremus, G. Dorenfest, J. D .... E. A. .......... . ....3l7 512, .......73 .73. 514, 1711, zso, 34-1, ...ld 5137. 551' 351, .74 364 314 171 470 344 364 1 1 1 1 248 i7iQ'51'.i,'l155l' Doran, G. M. ............ ..... . 279 387 Dorf, F. B. ...... . Dorion, O. S.. . . . Dorner,H.B ..... Dorsey, M. J. ,....... ........ . Dorsey, Winifrerl ..161 163, 274, Doseff, R. H. ......... ........ . Doss, D. H ........ ........ .... Dosterschill, Mary C.. .. Dotson, G. K ......... . Douquet, Margaret Y. .... . . . . Dour, Dolores M ...... Douthitt, M. H ..... , Dow, Marilyn B.. . . Dowell, Theo C. .. Dowling, Mary R .... Downen, C. F ..... Downes, J. J.. . . . Downing, J. R. .... . ....162, 141 163 Downs, H. B. ........... 7-1, 190, 214 Doyle, Elizabeth M ..... ............ Doyle, G. M. ....... ........ . Doyle, L. J. ..... ...... 50 74 Doyle, M. W. ..................... .. Doyle, Mary J. .... 161, 248, 249, 525 Doyle, R. L. .......... .... Doyle, Shirley L. .... .. Dratlin, J. O ..... .. .. Dtagstreiri, H. E .... ......... Drake, J. L ....., ...51, 74 Drake, R. P.. .. Page 574 .73 .73 .73 170 540 321 169 525 321 522 469 .74 365 . 50 490 432 537 36-fl 366 . 74 444 390 S118 .711 176 176 388 388 349 328 523 .7fl 218 515 417 530 516, 3921 544 168 510 530 541 187 522 518 541 536 552 479 538 555 537 5011 555 1160 537 73 420 552 451 489 488 346 5-10 515 510 523 503 431 488 537 470 551 549 549 468 468 302 420 550 393 359 487 352 521 530 440 553 450 549 551 457 393 422 393 419 554 461 488 390 451 552 74 495 525 462 500 540 515 543 7-1 420 -160 540 530 470 457 550 364 385 537 447 438 22-1 GENERAL INDEX- Drake, W. J .......... Draper, E. L ..... Drayer, XV. T ..... Drazba, P. A.... Drechsler, R. Dreher, R. H.. . . . Drank, H. S... . . Drennan, 1-I. .. Dreyfus, A. . . . . Dreyfuss, A. M ,... Driggs, D. XV.. . . . Driggs, R. H ..... Driscoll, J. J. ......... . Drish, J. .... 160 Droll, lXIarjo1'ie P.. .. Drone, Kathryn R.. . .. Drover, Ruth M.. . . . Drow, F. L. ...... . Druker, L. J ..... Drum, R. A ..... . . Drum, S. M .......... Drummond, Kathleen .. Drury, J. W. ........ . Duhoff, L.. . . Du Bois, B. S .... Du Bois, E. L.. . . Duhslcy, H. J ......... Dubsky, M. c ..... ..... Duckworth , Dorothy J. Dude, L. ....,.. . . . . . . Dudenbostel, B. ..... . Dudgeon, Audrey D ..... Dueringer, E. G ..... .. Duff, 1. ci. ........ . Duffy, Dugan, D. W .... Dugan, XV. G ..... Duke, F. R. ........ . Duley, Dorothy F ..... Dunbar, Louise B .... Duncan, Isabel J. Duncan, L. E. . . . . Duncan, R. O. ..... . Dungan, Dunhani, Barbara G. H. ...... . CONTINUED . .190 .. 365 190, 206, 210 ...274, 2901 393 . . . . .387, 388, 316 224 177 417 224 436 292 425 347 387 440 393 527 1 1 ....75, 417, ......394, 433. 5361 .75 175. .....17S, .........169 .75, 172, 49.1 Dunham, R. ...... . Dunlap, R. R.. . . Dunlevy, R. E... . . Dunn, C. A ........ . .. Dunn, F. H. ........ . Dunn, G. H. .... 48, 75 Dunn, G. R .... 75, 376, Dunn, H. O. .......... . Dunn, L. E. .... . Dunn, Pauline W .... Dunn, R. T ...... . .75 188, 225 264 378, 384 387 ....75 .75 Dunworth, J. J .... Durand, E. ...... . C. W ....... Durfee, Durham, Betty M .... . Durham, Dorothy A.. .. Durrant, O. W. ...... . Dust, J. V .......... Duszak, H. ......... . Dworski, Monice M... Dyer, C. E. ......... . Dyer, Edith M. ..... .. Dysart, Dorothy M.. ....75, 173. 195 176 539 291 . 75 270 388 520 390 472 .75 .75 .75 516 1 1 1 1 1 Dysart, Sharon N ......... Eades, Helen .... Eagle, E. L... . . Eagle, R. A ...... Earle, F. R. ........ . Easterbrook, J. C.. . . . Eastman, Barbara J.. . .. Eastman, C. K. ...... . Eastman, Edith E.. ,. Eaton, Betty A. .... .. . Eaton, H. H .... E ...29l .....487 Eaton, J. ....5l, 76, 326, 337 Eaton, R. .. Ebel, T.H ..... 168 543 390 539 .76 417 176, 4211 188 74 452 229 449 7.1 427 459 475 207 4:7 279 226 sas 74 525 540 530 711 530 3411 san 395 473 42: 375 537 530 711 550 453 156 527 .162 541 75 112.1 171 420 520 501 487 75 467 4211 1411 441 431 549 11.17 178 447 392 75 538 367 sas 391 537 113 4911 175 556 537 541 ass sri-1 -194 522 515 2-111 47-1 -151 420 460 499 453 540 515 590 47-1 590 195 Ehcrle, Betty J.. . . .... 164, Eck, Mary A.... ........ Eckcl, E. J. ..... .............,.. . Eckert, P. G. .... .. .76, 169, 171 Eclchardt, R. D.... . .... 76, 175, Edelman, S. J.. . . . Edgar, Martha L.. .. Edmonds, J. 1. ..... . Edmonds, J. L., Jr .... Edmonds, J. R. ......... . Edmunds, R. H. .......... . Ezifzmlimz. The College of .... Edwards, C. F. ........... . Edwards, J. D ..... ...... Edwards, Elyniane Edwards, G. E ..... . Edwards, H. lvl ....... Edwards, Harriet J .... Edwards, I. F. ..... . Edwards, L. B., Jr.. .. Edwards, Mary E.. . .. Edwards, Pearl l.. . . Edwards, R. W. ..... . Edwards, Shirley M .... Edwards, Tessie C .... Edwards, T. H. .... .. Egan, Valerie A. ......... . Ege, Carol L.. .161, 163, 344, Eggebrecht, Dorothy A .... . . . Eggleston, Laverne A .... .. Egli, E. H ......... ...... Eglin, H. D. .... . ..76 Egly, R. S ..... .... . . . Ehasz, F. L. ......... . Eliler, Winifred J.. . . Ehlers, Miriam G ..... Ehlcrt, J. F ........ ..... Elini, R. E. ....... .... 1 60 Ehorn, XV. F. ....... Ehredt, Ruth M.. Ehrhart, Luthera E .... Ehrlich, Martha Eichelkraut, XV. '1'.... Eichen, S. . .... . . . . . Eichler, B. R ..... .. Eilers, R. XV. ......... . Eirich, Cornelia E ..... Eiseman, C. M., Jr.. .. Eisenstein, A. H ..... Eisenstein, B. D .... Eisenstein, N. Eisiminger, F. P.... Eisiminger, S. K.. . .. Eisner, R., Jr .... . Ekhlaw, G. E .... El-:lund, H. W ..... Ekstrom, V. A.. . .. Elam, Mary E. .... . Elherfeld, Mary E.. . . . Elden, H. S. ...... . Elders, G. XV ....., Eldridge, E. P. ..... . Elfers, Muriel A.. . . Elias, D. L ..... . .. Eliot, R. ..... .. Elles, A. C. .... Ellibee, Lois J. .... . Ellicott, Adah Ellicott, Harriet K .... Elliot, Faye A ...... Elliott, J. M ...... Elliott, R. E ..... 305 354 55.1 190 ..178 .75.' 330 171 537 279 344 176 172 393 218 1 3061 483 499 541 344 194 176. .76, 307, -1 8 11 514, 544, 1971 349. .76, 248 190 36-'K Ellis, Doris M. .... ....... . Ellis, D. S. ..... .......... . Ellis, Jane A ..... . ..... 76 172 Ellis, M. H. .......... ........ . Ellison, Jeanne H. ..., .. .. Ellison, I.. E ......... .... 5 0 Ellman, Marjorie, E .... Ellsworth, Martha E.. . . Elmore, Ruth A.. . .. Elrnzen, H. Elsherry, M. R ..... . Elsner, Dorothy M.. . . Elsom, Harriet ..... 1 Biting, D. N .... .... 1 90, 194, 567 389 .76 316, 365. 238. 321 249 284 194 306 366 393 488 51 321 522 296 .76 200 1 497 540 545 544 549 459 524 542 173 424 513 32 214 530 5-io 565 451 516 422 552 175 522 477 523 367 469 485 539 538 488 364 554 420 537 367 521 177 428 394 284 369 514 444 446 207 530 386 527 448 422 422 364 389 541 431 418 174 176 305 489 433 451 474 306 422 427 468 489 515 515 518 546 530 501 469 548 375 489 326 505 551 500 536 546 76 346 471 Elvis, Shirley A.. .. ..... 316, 484 Elvove, E. ...... ..,.... 1 166 Elwood, C. D ..,... ......... 5 36 Ely, G. B. .......... ..... 3 50, 447 Emhsholi, Frances J ..... .... 5 0, 76, 493 Emch, A. .......... ....... I 72 Emch, K. A. ...... .. .419 553 Emerson, W. S ..... 420 Emert, G. C. ..... ..... 5 37 Emery, K. O ..... .............. 4 35 Emin, G. H. ...... ............. 3 Z3 422 Emmons, J. XV ..... .... 1 90, 232, 463 545 Emory, Ruthmary ... ............... 526 Emrick, G. B ........ .. .... 76 Emsing, Carolyn M ..... .... 7 6 335 Eng, W. .......... ............ 4 35 Engel, E. H. ........... .......... 1 95 334 Engel, G. C .......... .... 77, 176, 281 543 Engelbricht, LuVerne E ...... ............ 1 75 Engelbright, R. W. ..................,.... 392 Engelking, Bernice A ...... 51, 77, 284, 322 326 367, 516 540 Engclking, H. F ........ .................. 3 52 Engelman, F. C. ....................... 77 449 Enger, M. L.. . .28, 169, 171, 472, 537, 544 549 E7Jgil1E6'7'fl'!g, the College of ............... 28 Engiwrfr Corps ............. ........ 3 80 Engle, .. . ...... 316 Englis, D. T ..... ......,,. 4 20, 467 549 English, A. R.. . . ................. 343 424 English, F. J. .... 77, 343, 417, 424 533 English, B. .... ................. 4 47 Englund, E. ..... ..,............. 3 6-1 Engstrom, J. R. .... 77, 172, 344, 363 36-l 366 546 Enloe, Virginia J... . . .322 540 Enochs, Margaret M .... 504 Ensign, N. E ...... . ..171 453 Ensign, R. ........ ..,. 1 73 Epson, B. F ........ . . . .. 466 Epsteen, Natalia J ..... .... 5 05 Epstein, N. ......... . . . 473 Epstein, N. S ....... . .. 473 Epstein, Phyllis I.... 503 Epstein, R. L ....... .... 1 148 Epstein, Ruth C.. . . . . .175 51-1 Erb, R. E ........ .... 7 7 545 Errlmann, R. F ..... .. 470 Erickson, R. ....... .....,.........,..... 5 45 Erickson, A. E. .... 176, 387, 388, 393 513 Erickson, E. E .,..... ................ 7 7 469 Erickson, Helen E .... ..... 5 02 Erickson, J. M ..... .... 5 13 Erickson, J. W ..... . .. 429 Erickson, W. T. .... . 77 Erikson, Evelyn L .... .... 5 06 Erikson, Grace M ...... ......... 5 22 Erlandson, Ruth M.. . . ....... . . . 169 Erlenborn, W. H. .... ..... 7 7, 390, 391 Erskine, J. G ....... .......... - 151 Ervin, H. G ...... .,...,... A 460 Erwin, R. W. .... ....... 7 7 Erzen, C. A ....... .... 7 7, 537 Esh, Virginia A. ..... ..... 5 1-1 Eshleman, Elizabeth . . . .... 498 Esko, I. I. .......... ..,. 4 48 Eskow, H. G ....... .... 1 165 Eskow, M. M. ..... ..... A 165 Espinosa, R. K. .... ....... 1 161 Espy, Mary L ..... ..... 3 21 525 Espy, R. G ..... ....... 4 60 Espy, XV. N ...... ..... 1 71, 173 Esse, F. J. ......... ...... 5 0, 77. 535 Esser, LaVerne M .... .... 3 49, 369 514 Esserman, R. C ...... ........,. 1 166 Esteros, Gertrude A .... .. . 540 Estes, J. E., Jr. ..... 434 Estrim, M. ........ ..... 5 10 Em Kllllflfl Nu .... ,.... ........ 5 5 4 Ethereclge, Maude L.. .. ..... 175, 504 Etler, H. P .......... ..... 1 71, 537 Ettelhrick, C. H .... ......... 5 31 Ettinger, R. D.. . . .......... 477 Eunson. E. S ..... .. ..233, 424, 428 Evans, D. L. III .... ...... 7 7, 464 Evans, G. E. ..... ....... 1 72 Evans, Harriet R .... 491 GENERAL INDEX-CONTINUED Evans, K. H ................ ........... 3 94 Evans, L. Irene .... ...77 344, 484 Evans, Laura. M.. . . ..... 77, 527 Evans, P. V ..... . ,..... 454 Evans, R. O. .... .... 3 89, 474 Event: af lbu Year. ..., 398 Evers, E. W. ..... .. 436 Evers, R. H.... ...... . 476 Evers, R. R. ...... ...... .... 3 9 3 Evers, W. A ..... ..206 209 436 Eversole, C. A. .... ..... . . .... 541 Ewald Betty E ...,. ............ 1 l93 553 Ewan, Marian V. .... ..... 1 61, 278 483, 487 Ewan, W. A. ..... ...., . . .... 168 Ewers, Cora E ..... ....... .... 5 - 40 Ewers, Ruby V. ..... ......... .... 5 4 0 Ewing, Elizabeth A.... .... 77, 483 494 540 Ewing Frances E ..... ........... 1 72 517 Ewing, H. H. ..... ..... 7 8 447 Ex, L. ........ ......... 4 22 Eyerly, G. B. ... ... . . .78 171 547 F Fackler, W. V ..... . . .... 387 388 467 Fager, R. P. ...... ........,.. 4 60 Fahey, Mary K ....... .... 5 14 540 552 Fahnestock, M. K. .... .... 1 71 173 541.1 Fair, Bernice ..... ........ 5 14 Fairbairn, R. C .... ...... 5 12 Fairbank, A. N ..... .... . 78 537 Fairbanks, B. W .... ......... I 76 442 Fairbanks, D. ........ 322 452 542 Falconer, R. J. .... ..... 2 40, 284 531 538 Falk, A. ........... ............... 5 15 Falkenstein, R. R .... .. . ....... . 444 Fallon, Virginia . . . .... 78 499 539 Falls, F. H. ................ ............ 4 79 Family Portrait .,....................... 348 Fanning, G. C .... . .78, 248, 376, 377 393 452 Fantus, B. ............................. 479 Fara, F. J .....