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i i fl 2 l Z 9 Q x ,Q E Z 1 i 2 I E 2 2 i E f i 2 s r E 2 f i 1 . E Z 5 . 2 1 , i 3 5 x x 1 3 1 I 4 ? w 5 1 , i JS f If' Fw' 1 . 1? . ' w- ,V 1 , . V , I 'jak I .1 W., .y - Ai I I V jf , ..' f.- ...f, 1-W: Aix' . ' ' '- ' . X: V. , .- ' . I QV , :I I I. V . ,. w ny , ,Q A-np.. ,g I I. A ,- V ' . " x '-'- ' ' if -if ' . 2 L 35.1. I .,,n ff' - V-.f. ,r . V ,fga-Airy: hqyab LIQI I. 'INN -Q I-. . . hh-1'!f ffg'-.J, Ig?-Z.: V. is . -, , I V IIV I I, V . V .. 1 V- 1-.ii f, V V'-'L f' ' I fy .- V., I, ss. ffxuzf, .1 ,., Ice- 1 V- , 1 A 2, .LR . 5, - ' f V if-., --wf"fz-X -. 1 'M 1.. 1.1 9. ., L A- J - -' ' 1-' .' 2 -' V' T" . V ff1"",'.'.fff?x7?- . - - ' - V' 5311: .V a I II . - z.,-Va . . V. V ' -V - , JW-'.,.gL I,.g1--3gfgsi:jffp4f:1I:- VI In Ilia .f,,l,5- , M,-qi., V at i' - pw. -'- 5 . i ,. .I ,. 2 . ,,-'Y . 'f2,..3g V: f1'f,,-gg, ., I ,I ' I I I I I ,I . . -., I .-IIIWV, ny.--., frm ., .. V .I .,, , Q . ax V .I Q.. 45- ' 4,-, ,., v ' ,1 -v, I , .- V1 I .115-v,-A ..I,. .I,.l,A L- f - - ,Vw ,, , .3 -,Ag ,Ig.,MfI - v , ,,.:?3,.:-g.f:i- .. I- 3 in - , ggffj-'I .1 q:,'!1yMV"f"a.3II r 4: 4 . ' 1 . .1 WV, 'I 19.15 I- v- '2,Q:,I5 gr, ' V- Xi V, ' V. ' ' 1 4, 4 ' b ' LV.: W 'V Lf?-f.'iffVr5'3, ' "J V- -4 , .. W A-I Nam' --ff 'rf , . ci ., 'V 51" '. ' 1" '7' 3 L V i.7"f"f?7' 91 7'F'5' 1 . ""' . . F' K ff 7 . , ,. 4. wg. ' f . V VV . V .f V ' fgg. I'i"225:fff f ,V ' ' - ' ' 51' ' 225 1 ' . - ' .. - , f :gn K! , A I., , -IQ' I I if if I I," U' IV . . ?' ,f Y ' 9 ' ,-rv . . WI, .I . x4.,A . I I Ivy I .A 4 , ,fl .L 'V .'I I ,h:??"533Y.vf. A 'V I '?fT'. -' ' ' A ' 7' ua . WxI .11 1 I 1 - .In K., I 41,-:gh it Sa, I. I U 5 - I. xg- . K 1,VI-X. I .I.,.,:-',- II I f,-II .f, iff. 'A 5. . VEV45 .vu .Is-1 9' . , A Q V 11- .1 qi-V -X,--' . 1' I. ' ,- gg, 1f"'- . -V ,. ' . .1 .-. 4V , V.,.I I. .- I I. 2 Q 5,1 ff ' gg .JV x 512, Iiv. Ti N -I I 'Iii I I I ' , E- " in . jI , .. " QI -' V. Sv, "f 'hz N X ' 1 .-5 'N ' 1 1 . I .45 - T ' ,'-.,'1:f11 M If' ' 1 --. ' V . - VV K VL w .z: II . I I ,:I?,gy.,.v5?I ,U I ,rl . X I , rw 1 . ,I ff: 3 V. I1 1', . If '4 - . -4.35: 1' hy? .- , , V . . . ' .ff I K .W agg,1."'i , .-' , 4+ " ., W tm HJ, , . .iII-Rf 'R' I . ,I , . V V , 4. ' - , I -,ry .-'-.. ' vi' , 41 WP-' 'IM 'W 'vi ' -' "Vial, --.Vw iw .V . -. I n L Lf '- "WA fwfv. . V 'fi kg' v' -VMS MY' it 4' 5 .Wi "M v 1 -5' -fl 4--5' wg V.1ye,.:fw'w - , 5 -i - x fc. 2 1.1 V . V -,,... W, - ..,- A - .Q '- V , ' - .' 6 " sq : 151.145-F" , f 11' -a ..-. ww .. 'w...:-'. V V 'ff-HE' - I 1 ":,Af,1',Z 4 I . ., . ,, , II" A' 'WF A ,V , - . ,V I IQII , III I , . I, , II -I ..-iffg. 1 - ,, . V Q.-V I , -V -5-gy. 1 , ' ,Iw-ef , ' I -I V. .: I . , fg,.,,.I I, I V, IQ xr, . , ' - 5 H.: 'I , ' IA- 2' ' -, I 'f' ,ImIj.V 44- ' ' ' 'fligzf .- . ' g...11'iQ'T'.-z' X I, ' , . 1. 4 gf.-P' . -mf . - ygfe: IMI . A 'I 24. ' V'fV'l . N . 31' ' ' '1 -X, , 1"..,. I. , -' - V- My Vai ,V .,,g,..I, I WI . 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That sums up what we have tried to give you in this year's ILLIO, To achieve our aim we have portrayed the high spots of the ever-active panorama of the Uni- versity of Illinois. 0ur hope is that in years to come, when you wish to recall' the faces and scenes you knew in l939,you will leaf through this annual and remember the dis- appointments, pleasures, and achievements of this college year. , R I Mwnf 1 1 IW NSI N , 'I Mm nuwx .effyf A - ' 1.. ... .-.A w x s 14 -- , , we Q ,,:, r'k 3 "' ,WA .,-if . , - 1' ' - . -'Q-fp .nga-L,L1's. J -. - '- fT'1Lt.?.:1.:,..1i - 4 L 4 2 5 ,f , 'x f 1 . 5,3-iffgfifi 1 L5 ' ' 'A , Q xV , ,,fgi5y.l 41 A ' , . fr- ' 1'- ! ., f f W W- ,,f4'e-gm, ,E A rig'-ei, 34, f 1 pw I --RFQ-r-r,'-Q-. - , 52- -fi-fiwfiw 41 5Wii-if?ffiiiif-F?--f W - k 1 - ,fl K?-,:5f5fmfz?2.g,i ,W 7 , --- Q . W '-125, rf U i 15551 f www vm A .,4 1- ' ,f,5f"?.5,.ffif Y ff9?H fri 'VJ " 1 f f 31 'gf 1,W?f?fg,1-iieigmww 4 5. f wif i frffWfZf?Z?'Y' '42, "' IW- v - V at wi v Fif,?:,'5?1, 'S " ' -' s?f'f'.'r, Z .w -- 2 V - -W ,g5,Qffv f - -1- wsfrs vw 72 - -35 f X .vi .,, 'vm g,Qg?:1f-f2'.:f?,, f 1 .K V. Q, 1 551 V ,xt mg Q' ' M Qflm A 5,,,2, H 'Mfg' .Q . wr 1 9 Q, J. .,- .eel 3 1 . 'Y' if ,fl as if W A A L, . A .1 Q if HERBERT WVINDSIJB MUMFURD 1371-1938 A place secure among those who have made the University of Illinois great is indeed a coveted one. But none ques- tion or envy Ilean Herbert Windsor Mumiord's right to that honor. As dean of the College of Agriculture and director of the experiment station and extension service, his vision, his skill, and his readiness to serve, brought achievements which have been recog- nized throughout the United States. As an individual, his character, industry, and sound judgment all combined to make him a truly great personality who commanded the love and admiration of the thousands who knew hiln. The ILLIO of 1939 takes this oppor- tunity to honor Dean Mumford for his thirty-seven years of distinguished work as a teacher and a scientist at the University, by respectfully dedicating this yearbook to his memory. ,, . ,WF 1 Q , 3 ' ' 1 , . "5 in 3 6 Q I' V . am W, .f Q ' ' 1' . '4 e3'2i'W4 7 5? f'gT2f11 as, W f Q1-I",:.w, 'Q' QI' Q so ""?Qf4- 55, . f tm y Q ,,X- 5 I -k 1 . 4, if . 'ff-4 U '41 .. 1 k ,L L ,, . "va :' nr- Q, M, Q. X' fx 1 S agnsk' As Q. IJ wi , K 1 Q I g min, v .,,: W. w , S ,. I , 'A' sf' ' 1 . - ..., V ' 5, 3, 1 'x 3 '- K. O J 1 qi 4 4 .ad Ja .. 5 6 , -'N' saw. in sw Ld ,WS Q, 5 Q., ff as S., ga, . gf! Mw5:1E'f fs HiT7."5b' hi31. I X - f QEQM .x 'w1i.L , i fug ,,zm4f ,A mg R , 3 K A - :I Sf x. 'jig' fi fx 5 4 J .. ii :S f - , in Q ' Q fa, W X yi nat! Qx b . if it EV' 'S , ' Q 35' 7' 93 gsm fi: E n 3' z f, 3,xQafgLx.f 35. ' 'xc by . F Jf' ff'E'LQ x L ue, 'ya , u' A A , ' . . ,Pia gig v , f 4. 3 M f 1 + I. 57, 5 , , y . 1 J. , , 'f1lz.q- W' :Ein 'F Q- , , -. , 411 Q Q. ,i,r'4 f - ' f " -, , Q -N K wwf , mf 4, , gif? Q 5. . f"' su m rv- nik.: 1 A Y . -4 Q: X ?? mm V -.Xp -x -H-A , W JV xx H 0 A R FPA QA va, l x -- :x'5i"Qf fs-i A ' Qjw W x f n 3 44, 1-H' . ., ' L i, A -A -1 --e-" ,.o-,, R Q. HN Q 2.3 -,M R2 ,Ra , 434 -, IP wel , , 4 gig., I .- rfi- v ' . 3 x M' 1? ,. . 5 k WN - pcm J-R., F , ' rt' ""N 2 , ' ,K gvi. Kit fs 'Mfg N ' 1-X S . Mix -,M vi 1 rl S w.,Ri,,,4, J X' 'mph QV? - Q. v A N-XS if Q, , wx Q ,CMN , L s 22f+.,,i K . X -W ,X fm-g,, , 'TGWQI4 3 .":f?:w ff? rf. v nf, isrisx Leia ' .':'!ffl'. Q ,4-9, My ..2 a aw- wr' A ', I 1 b'x T rg 'fr - ,. if sn. Y ngigiff iii W'3l'Q!.N.' iz' fu, gs . . 4b 4 1 Q E- g fm Q. Tl 'Ev ,Q ,Q ,lr M, 3 -W.. Q f x f,13,f.3,x. ff-QM M A . 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V? ,, ' R ' fijw., XR 3 P ' Q A gL'- A 5 , .aw Q33 jp if Q H-11. gr , . 5' '5 Y i ' 4 , fkx a2,? , ig , ,kg ,Q A,a, ,ek g 4,55-sk I , 3 W,pj5,f:,14'1 3, f 'Y' 'if' A 5,,vH.' N ' 'gg' . Y , x.AW gn 4 7 ,J Z X 'if I, xhwg, 1,-' QW fi i ,rg 4? pi'-W A Aw-'H 1 -41 ,Q x y 'Q bw I f 'm f' ' 'Na fp 1 3 xx W--q,...,, , 'Q' ' -1-'Q lfiffmw , f ,JK n ...Q-R Ii 0 0 IL I llllive-rsifyv li 0 0 Il Il ATI: I4-fin s lillll Il III Aufivific-s I5 0 0 ll IV "l'2illliZilfillIlN F i X Q92 Aff ff f ,' 1:2314 i .g5,1..g, him , 41: , W X Q at sr, -1 X fm 1 i Q.g' X at ,, .. 5 we YW wa . . Fw! ms ' aw. 1 X X 1 K X 1 'M ii Qx F72 E5 5 f "-Q f x 2 . -.W gl a". -. fi M Qgaqw l 'mix 3 , -41. 1 Av 'Dar If ,s Q X 1 tl "V, 1 A Q, ' 5 , .M 3' nm X xx wg? 1 it E.. 1-5 ..l. R sq Y' .di H Pi'3,,.N.i'?a. ,. 1 MW? W 50 5 WD TIL' ' 2 3 I X 7:5 ,Z Q -Q: ry ,,,,, . ,W .ff 'M 1 wwf 'HS' . ,,,. , 'M aj m uNDf"5fuC i , , Op A WWWM A nw' '37 W, 0991 .ww www Jw " :,:., +4 L- a -fa v.. b MM . 14 , 255 K M, 51:55 My 2. Y xy .ff u x in K 1 4 Q' a Q Ill!!! ll!! 'llsuvmuln Annu Kumi, VUUWIGBI 'ln Page 24 ARTHUR CUTTS XXYI LLA RD P1'e,fia7w1l Presidenfs Message The fame of the University of Illinois does not rest on size or growth. The contri- butions of the members of its faculty and alumni to scientific progress, cultural advance- ment, and improved living conditions are a much more permanent recognition of achievement. Another means by which the Universitys reputation has been enhanced is its contribution to the education of an intelligent citizenry, trained to promote the best interests of communities throughout the state. NWC wish to send from the University men and women who will use the knowledge and training they secured here to benefit not only themselves but also the communities in which they live. If you are successful in influencing others to lead more useful lives, to take a vital interest in civic affairs and to promote the general welfare, another justi- fication of education at public expense has been demonstrated. Likewise your own lives will be more successful and happier, no matter what your financial reward or professional achievements may be. P1'e,i'ide1z.'V, U1zi1'er.rily of lfliimix Arthur Cutts XXill.1rd was elected seventh president of the L'ni- versity of lllinois by the Board of Trustees on Match 15, 193-1. and assumed the presidency in July of that year. He has been a member of the L'niversity faculty since 1913, coming here as assistant professor of heating and ventilation in the Department of Mechanical Engineeting. Four years later he was made a full pro- fessor and in 1920 was named head of the department. Nine months previous to his election as president, he had been made Acting Dean of the College of Engineering. Dr. XXfillard was born in XXfashington, D. C., and attended the Central High School there. He studied in the National College of Pharmacy for one year and then entered Massachusetts Institute of Technology. taking a chemical engineering course and receiving his Bachelor of Science degfee in IOC-1. Following graduation from M.l,T. he taught for one year at the California School of Mechanical Arts in San Franclsco and for three years at George XVashington L'niversity in the national capital. The four years preceding his transfer to Illinois he served the United States Watt' Department as Sanitary and Heating Engineer. Three honorary doctors degrees have been conferred upon President Willttrd: Doctor of lfngineerivtg by the Case School of Applied Science. Doctor of Laws by George XX'ashington L'niversity, and also the Doctor of Laws hy Northwestern lhiversity. Page 25 Oscmz G. MAYER Prriident, Board of Trzfrleer To the Students of Illinois The University has had an interesting and exciting year. After eight years of drought, the rains have again fallen at Urbana and a great building program is now under way-thanks in large degree to the generosity of our State and Federal Governments. Another year will see several splendidly useful structures rise on the campus-a Hne class-room building to supplant "Old University Hall," much needed additions to the Library and to McKinley Hospital, a magnificent new Surveys Building which will release space to the University, and lastly, the long-pined-for Student Center. A new 5000- watt radio transmitter, giving us new opportunities for educational service, will soon be in operation. This is splendid. It gives Illinois a greater and finer plantg but it also places upon the Board of Trustees, the President and the Faculty, and the Student Body, the responsibility of living up to the new facilities. May we all draw inspiration from what has again been done for our Universityg may it spur us to higher resolves and achievements and a renewed appreciation of our democratic institutions which make possible such places as the University of Illinois. Prefidefzl, Board of Trmieef KARRAKUR GORDON PLUMB Page 26 CUNNINGHAM FREEMAN IXIIEYER HON. HIZNRX' HKDRNER G'0Z'f?l'71llV of Illifmif Board of Trustees G,01'6I'l.70l' of lllizzoif HON. HENRY HORNER Slzlfierifztezzdezzt of Pzzbliv I11.f!rm'fi011 HON. JOHN A. WIIQLAND Springfield Sprizzgfeld OFFICERS OF THE BOARD OSCAR G. MAYIEIK, Chicago .................. Prefidenl HARRISON E. CUNNINGHAM, Urbana . . . .... Secremry FRANK M. GORDON, Chicago ....... . . . .Treamrer LLOYD MOREY, Urbana ...... .,.C011zptrol!er ELECTED MEMBERS HONIER LIAT ADAMS ORVILLE M. KARRAKER LOUIS C. INIOSCIIEL Springfeld HJ1'?'i.X!7lll'42' Pekin JAMES M. CLEARY OSCAR G. MAYER MRS. GLENN E. PLUMB Cbimga Cbimgn Cbimgo IWRS. NELLIIZ V. FREEMAN KARL A. NIEYER HAROLD A. POGUE Mfztiomz Cbiwzgo Decalm' ADAMS CLEARY XVII- LAND LIORFY NIOSLHFI. POGLT Page 27 The College of Engineering The College of Engineering was formally organized in 1870. The first class, which graduated in 1872, contained six members from the College of Engineering. The under- graduate enrollment in the College has grown to a total of 1849 this year. The curricula in Engineering are designed to give a thor- ough training in the mathematical and physical sciences and their application to the design, construction, and operation of engineering and industrial works. A moderate amount of specialization is provided through options, or special arrange- ment of courses, in the senior year. The Engineering Experiment Station, the first in any engi- neering college in the United States, was organized in 1903. Under its auspices important researches have been carried on in many fields of engineering. The results of the investi- gations have been published in about 340 bulletins and circulars. .Qin fr an . g l Q E 2 is gf K? 1 5 i 3 . 1 . i se :- l 1 1 R e i 1 ar- K1 Dia.-nv Mnrvits LoaitNius ENGER Melvin Lorenius Enger, Professor of hiechanics and Hydraulics, since 195-S Dean of the College of Engineering and Director of the Engineering Experiment Station, was born May 5, 1881 in Decorah, Iowa. He attended the University of Minnesota and the University of Illinois vi here he received the Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1906 and later the C.E, and MS. degrees. He came to the University in September 1907 as instructor in Theoretical and Applied Me- chanics and has served on the faculty since that time. From 1926 to 1954 he was Head of the De- partment of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. Dean Enger is an honorary member of Triangle and is a member of many engineering societies, committees, and honorary fraternities. DEAN M,x'i"1'ii11xv THoMPsoN MVCLURE Iwfatthew Thompson McClure, Dean of the Col- lege of Liberal Arts and Scientes, was born at Spottsford, Virginia, April 27, 1883. A Bacheloris degree was awarded him at XX'ashington and University in 190-1, where he did his undergraduate work, a Master's degree at the University of Vir- ginia in 19U", and a Doctor's degree at Columbia in 1912. Before coming to lllinois, lNfr. Mcillure was an instructor in Philosophy at Columbia and from 1915 to 1921 a professor of Philosophy at Tulane, He began his tareer at lllinois ir: 1911 as Associate Professor in ldiilosoplry. In 1922 he became Pro- iessor of Philosophy and in 1926 he was appointed head of that department. The deanship was awarded him in 1951 after serving a year as Acting Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Dean McClure is a member of Theta Delta Chi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Rho, The American Phil- osophical Association, and other honorary organ- izations. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the largest college in the University, ogers instruction in the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences, leading to the de- grees of bachelor of arts, bachelor of science, bachelor of science in chemistry and chemical engineering and in home economics. In addition, it offers the necessary work prepara- tory to medicine, law, journalism, and education. Its courses are sufnciently flexible to meet the varying needs of its large student body. The general curriculum is designed for those who seek a broad general education. The pro- fessional curricula are designed to lay the foundations for those students who wish to specialize for professional careers. The usefulness of the College has been enlarged by the creation in 1937 of a Personnel Bureau which affords the opportunity for personal counseling along the lines of edu- cational, scholastic, and vocational guidance. W. 7194 The College of Commerce and Business Administration The chief concern of this college is to provide for its stu- dents a thorough-going undergraduate education with econom- ics, theoretical and applied, as its chief concern. To that end the college requires work in certain fields of knowledge and encourages work in the fields. This it does with the ex- pectation that its graduates will go out prepared to live, as well as to make a living. Wliat we have in mind is to offer young men and women opportunities to combine general edu- cation with specific training along lines both broad and funda- mental. A student in this college has choices not only in fields of concentration but also in particular areas of these fields. His program of study admits of considerable adaptation to indi- vidual needs to be discovered with the assistance of the mem- bers of the faculty. Such a plan offers the opportunity to acquire a general education with a purpose. 277.1 DEAN filiAlKI.lfS MANFRED THOMPSON Charles hlanfred Thompson, '09, Dean ot' the College of Commerce and Business Administration, is an alumnus ot' the University of Illinois: Ali., 'O9g A.M., 'IOQ Pli.D., '13, His work in this department dates from 1912, when he was ap- pointed Assistant in Economics. In 1919 he he- came Professor of Economics and Dean of the College. XVith the establishment of the Bureau ot Business Research in 1921, Dean Thompson mis made Director. He holds two honorary degrees I.l..D. from Muskingum College, and D.Litt. from McKendree College. His fraternities are Delta Chi, Phi Beta Kappa, and Beta Gamma Sigma. The Dean is hest known as a lecturer and a writer on subjects dealing with Economics and Etonomrt History. His particular hobby is Illinois history of the period prior to the Civil KVM. :fa r. '1- 1 DEAN josizvn CULLEN Bram joseph Cullen Blair, Dean of the College of Ag- riculture, was horn at Truro, Nova Scotia, April 26, 1871. He attended the Provincial College of Agriculture at Truro from 1888 to 1890 and was instructor in chemistry and botany at that institu- tion from 1890 lo 1892. He was graduated from Cornell University in 1896, having majored in chemistry, entomolngy and horticulture. In july, 1896, lie came to the University of Illi- nois as instructor in horticulture, and four years later was made head of the newly created Depart- ment of Horticulture. In 1906 he was granted the honorary M.S.A. degree from Iowa State College and in 1920 the Dottor of Science degree from the College of Wrmfwster. He was appointed Dean of the College of Agriculture and Director of the Ag- ricultural Experiment Station and Extension Service in Agriculture and Home Economics on june 1, 1958. He remains also head of the Department of Horticulture. The College of Agriculture On March 2, 1868, when teaching began in the Illinois Industrial University, there were only three instructors and fifty men students in the entire institution. Today the College of Agriculture alone has a staff of approximately 250 and an enrollment of about 1400 students in agriculture and home economics. Its curriculum has grown from one combined course in agriculture and horticulture to a great number of courses offering the latest and best in all branches of agri- cultural science. From its thousands of graduates come leaders in farming, homemaking, teaching and research. In addition, many of its graduates fill positions in industries and public service closely allied to agriculture. Through its Extension Service, farmers, homemal-:ers and consumers get the teachings and findings of the University. There is perhaps no better reflection of the Colleges wide range of service than the fact that some 18,000 people annually attend its conferences, meetings and short courses. W Y.i",1f:' 'f .ri 'Q 9 -: , :ww v .5 " ,aw ,i'?f,k' 'X , .-- .,.1.. .- The College of Education Education is the largest enterprise carried on in the State of Illinois. Public education alone deals with nearly two million children of school age, involves a staff of more than forty-six thousand teachers, utilizes school property which has cost more than a billion dollars, and requires an annual ex- penditure of almost one hundred fifty million dollars. Through research, teaching, and service the University of Illinois con- tributes to the preparation and the guidance of the personnel on whom the wise conduct of this enterprise depends. The College of Education, which is in a sense a liaison office between the public schools and the University, had its origin in 1895 in the influence of Charles de Garmo, Pro- fessor of Psychology. In 1900 a Department of Education was set up which became, in 1907, the School of Education and later, in 1918, received its present title, the College of Education. At the same time, the Bureau of Educational Re- S2 search was established. Drtax '1'rroxr.-is Error Brsxia 'llwomas Eliot Benner, Dean ot' the College of lidutation, nas born in Danvers, Massaihusetts, February 11, 189-S. He graduated from Harvard in 1911 fA,I3,5 and received graduate degrees from the same University in 1916 CA.M.1, 1925 4l2d.M.l, and 1921 fEd.D.J. His professional experience has included teaching in Maryland and Maine, Public School Administration in Massa- chusetts, service as Statistician and Editor with the Alabama State Department of Education, the Att- ing Deanship of the College of Education of the Alabarna Polvtethriic Institute, the fliantellorship ol' thc University of Puerto Rico, and a Visiting Prolessorsliip at Columbia University. Since 1951 he has been Dean of the College of Education at the University of Illinois. I-Ie served as a member or .1 commission to investigate vocational education in Illinois, and as Chairman of the Advisory Com- mittee to the Educational Commission in 1935. He is a member of Phi Delta Kappa and Kappa Delta Pi and holds office in several national professional organiyations. Di-:Ax AIBERT JAMES HARNO Albert james Harno, Dean of the College of Law, was born january 50, 1889, in Holabird, South Dakota. After his graduation from Dakota W'esleyan University in 1911, he went to Yale, where he reteived the degree of Bachelor ol Laws, lvlagna Cum laude, in 1914. He praititcd law in Los Angeles until 14J1", when he went to Topeka, Kansas, to become the Dean nt' XVashhurn College ot Law. Two years later he went to the University of Kansas, where he sexxed as Pmtiessor of Law. He came to the ljnixersity ot' Illinois in 1921 on an appointment as Professor ot Lan, He was made Dean ol the College in 1922. Since 1950 he has also 5CIXl:kl as Pmwst of the llnixersity. The College of Law The College of Law was established at the University of Illinois in 1897, under the direction of President A. S. Draper, who was named Acting Dean. It had been largely through his efforts and the interest of the Governor of the State, John Altgeld, that the College was founded. Wlien, in 1900, the Association of American Law Schools was organized, this College was one of the charter members. Later it was one of the first group approved by the accrediting board of the American Bar Association. The primary purpose of the College is to train students for the practice of law. But the law touches every phase of human activity, and the training of a lawyer must include more than the learning of the facile use of legal rules and formulae. A legal education should reveal the place of law in the social structure and should take account of the economic and social factors that influence its development, y I The College of Fine and Applied Arts Instruction in the Fine Arts has long been provided by the University, courses in Art and in Architecture being amongst the early olferings of the institution. The School of Music was organized in 1897 and training in Landscape Architecture was instituted about a quarter of a century ago. Originally located in four different administrative units of the University, these departments went their separate ways until 1931 when they were brought together to form the College of Fine and Applied Arts. To these was added the Bureau of Community Planning in 1934. Housed in the Architecture Building, Smith Memorial Hall and the New Agriculture Buildings, with certain studios in Lincoln Hall, the Commerce Building, and Engineering Hall, this College offers twelve curricula covering various phases of the Fine Arts and enrolls annually seven hundred pro- fessional students together with about one thousand others who pursue courses in some phase of the Arts. are a DEAN Rraxrfouo Niixvcomn Rexford Newcomb, first Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts received his training at the Universities of Kansas, Illinois and Southern Cali- fornia. His academic studies have been supple, mented by wide travel in Europe and the Orient. Before coming to the Illinois faculty in 1918, Dean Newcomb was for tive years Director of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at Long Heath Polytechnic fCaliforniaJ and for four years Director of Adult Education and Principal of the Long Beach Evening High School. He served also on the faculties of the University of Southern Cali- fornia and the Agricultural and Mechanical Col- lege ot' Texas, at the latter institution as Professor of Architecture and College Architect, Dean Newcomb was for ten years editor ut' the XVestern Architect, Chicago, has served as technical consultant in various connections, has lectured widely on the Fine Arts, and is the author of thirteen volumes and several hundred magazine articles in his field. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi and various other honorary and professional organizations. 1-Q-wmii-k wg I l six ,t -s-wifi I i -.,-Z fs Q wir wcwrravrmm DMN Roniaai' Darvilar. CARMICIIAEI. Robert Daniel Carmichael, Dean of the Graduate Sihool, was horn in Cioodxxater, Alahania, March 1. IPP9, He xx as awarded his Bathelons degree at Lineville College in 1898, and his Doctor of Phi- losophy degree at Princeton University in 1911. Alter coming to the University of Illinois in 1915 as Assistant Protessur ul' Nathematits. he hetame Aswtiate Professor in 14120, From 1919 to 1931 he was head of the Department of Matheinatits. In 1955 he was appointed acting Dean ol the Crad- u.ite School, and a year later he became Dean. He has published several hundred artitles nn niatheb inatnal. pliilosophital, and scientitic suhjetts, and is the author ot' several volumes on these subjects. Sonic ot his works have been republished in French translations. The Graduate School The principal aim of graduate study is the development of the power and the promotion of the spirit of investigation. The student who pursues an extended course is expected to obtain a wide knowledge of his subject and of related Helds of investigation, and also to acquire and begin to use the power of extending the range of what is known. Scholarships and fellowships, established by the University Board of Trustees, are open to graduate students of exceptional ability and promise. Funds are available from several special sources for the support of additional fellowships, the purpose of which is to promote higher education and to contribute to the extension and diffusion of knowledge. Several important individual research programs are encouraged and helped for- ward by the aid of resources which have been made available through the Graduate School and the Research Board. Some of these are of very great value in the social process. The Library and the Library School The University Library, through the General Library and its branches, provides books needed by students for class re- ports, theses, and general reading, and books and journals needed by the faculty in their research. The Browsing Room, for voluntary general reading, is popular with the under- graduates. The Library bookstacks contain more than one million volumes, a collection increasing at the rate of more than 30,000 books a year. About one mile of book shelves is required to hold 50,000 volumes. The Library School is a professional school for the train- ing of librarians, and admits only college graduates since a librarian's first need is a thorough general education. The instruction in the first year in the Library School covers methods and practices commonly followed in American librariesg students who complete this year of work are pre- pared for positions in library service. In the second year, bibliographical, historical, and comparative studies are em- phasized. Alumni of the School are working in libraries in every state and in some foreign countries. 5 DEAN PHINEAS LAWRENCE WINDSOR Phineas Lawrence Wintlsor, Director of the Uni- versity Library and the Library School, was born February 21, 1871, at Cihenoa, Illinois. In 1895 he was graduated from Northwestern University and shortly afterward studied two years at the New York State Library School at Albany. In 1899, he began his professional work as assistant in the New York State Library, going to the copyright oftice of the Library of Congress in 1900. In 1905, Mr. W'indsor accepted the position of Librarian at the University of Texas, remaining there until 1909, when he came to the University of Illinois, to assume his present position. A life member of the American Library Associa- tion, lie has served three terms on the Council of that organization, has twice been president of the Illinois Library Association, and also twice presi- dent of the Association of American Library Schools. an ljIRliC.'lUR L.axxR1'NiE XV. Mi'i1i'iiv l..iwrenie XV. lwfurpliy, Dirertor of the Srhoul or vlouinalisin of the L'niversity ol Illinois, was born Ottolwei 18, 1895. He was awarded the liaihelor of Arts degree by the University of XVisionsin, the Master of Arts by the University of North Dakota, and the Doctor of Letters 1hon.l by Marquette linixersity. His formal study of journalism was made under the early heads nt' the sthnols of jour- nalism of the University of XY'isionsin, the lfni- versity of XV.1shington, the l'nixersity of Kansas, the University of hlinnesota, Nortliwcstern Univer- sity. and the University of Illinois. Professor Murphy fame to the University ot Illinois in 1924. In 1915 he was named Director of the iourses in ,Iournalisin and in 1917 Director of the School of joiiirialisin. He is chairman ul' the National Cfnun- til on Education tor journalism and a past presi- dent of the American Association of Sthools and Departments of Journalism .ind of the American Assoriation of Teachers of ,lourn.ilism. The School of Journalism The University this month completes its thirty-seventh year of instruction in journalism and formal preparation for the practice of journalism. From a small beginning in 1902-03, a single class devoted to editorial and advertising copy, a professional program developed, combining general and professional studies and offering students an opportunity to make preparation for clearly defined types of journalistic work. The School of journalism, organized in 1927, is now concluding its twelfth year. Its graduating class last year numbered 102 students. Wlien University Hall was abandoned and razed in 1958, journalism lost the home which it had occupied for more than a third of a century. The School offices were removed to the Commerce building and the laboratories and special facilities to various buildings about the campus. The work will occupy temporary housing for another year and will then be moved into the building which replaces University Hall. The new building, Gregory Hall, will have quarters especially planned for and adapted to the needs of a great School of journalism. if M' 73' 'vw The School of Physical Education The School of Physical Education, established in the fall of 1932, includes three departments: Physical Education for Men, Physical Education for Women, and Health Service. The Department of Physical Education for Men renders three general services, namely, conducting the service courses frequired of all studentsj, conducting a professional train- ing curriculum for students majoring in this field, and pro- moting a program of recreational sports for men. The Department of Physical Education for Women con- ducts the service courses in physical education, a professional training curriculum, a program in intramural sports, and a program in faculty recreation for women. The Department of Health Service gives health exami- nations to all students, confers with students about health problems, cooperates with the State Board of Health in con- trolling contagious diseases, regulates sanitary conditions on and about the campus, and conducts courses in sanitation and hygiene for both men and women. sffwf . 5 DEAN SEWARD Cuanrn S'mi.rzY Seward Charle Staley, Director ot' the School of Physical Education, was born in Sprakcrs, New York, on August 1, 1895. He secured ii Bachelor's degree in Physical Education at Springtield Ciollege in 191Tg a Mastens degree in Hygiene at Cilark University in 1920, and a Doctor's degree in Edu- cation at the University ot Illinois in 1929. Pio- fessor Staley served as an athletic director in the Army during 1917 and 1918. ln 1020 and 1921 he served as Director of Athletics for the Greek Army in Asia Minor. He joined the stall of the Depart- ment of Physical Education at the University of illinois in 1922, and was made Director of the School of Physical Education in 1937. He is the author of nine books and many articles in the tield of physical education. Squash rackets and hiking are his chief sportsg collecting books on the his' tory of sport his chief hobby. . ,f.Q'i.1i'i'Slgif 1 . . , tf.i ww 'i mar a ef- Xi vo - Mrfeai . sv.t-aww ,ewwf..wrw,,ew+,.-:mm-.ewrx:,1,h,Qa-rsfmnnuawawimxsuaruramns. 1. H. . f,. fa. -1- ,tm ,V , .- . f . . f i DEAN FREDERICK Booun NoYEs Frederick Bogue Noyes, Dean of the College of Dentistry, was born in Chicago on August 22, 1872. After graduating from Beloit Academy in 1889, he attended johns Hopkins University where he received the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1893, and Northwestern University where he obtained the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery, in 1895. At that time he began practicing dentistry in Chicago. Continuing his studies he received the diploma of the Angle School of Orthodontia in 1908, and since then has limited his practice to orthodontia. Northwestern first claimed his services from 1896 to 1913 as professor of Histology. Leaving there he came to the University of Illinois College of Dentistry as Professor of Dental Histology and Orthodontia. He has continued as Professor of Orthodontia since 1921 and succeeded to the Dean- ship of the College in 1926. The honorary degree of Doctor of Science was conferred on Dean Noyes in 1922 by Northwestern Universityg that of Doctor of Laws in 1938 by Temple University. He has also been awarded the following medals for distinguished accomplish- ment: Callahan Metlal, jarvey hfedal. The College of Dentistry The College of Dentistry is now beginning the second year in its beautiful new building-beautiful not only because it is excellent in design and in the use of color and materials, but also because it is so well adapted to its purpose of de- veloping dentists who are prepared to meet the needs of the people and the state. The College is an integral part of the health service of the University, its proximity to the College of Medicine and the Research Hospital results in closer cooperation between the two colleges and contributes to the development of better health service on the part of both. Since a large part of the third and fourth years is devoted to the supervised practice of dentistry by students, ample clinical space is provided on the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, twelfth and thirteenth floors. The clinical equipment has been especially designed and is modern in character throughout. I.-..l , .3lle The College of edicine The College of Medicine opened in 1881 as a proprietary medical school known as "The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Chicago." It first became atiiliated with the Uni- versity of Illinois in 1897, and in 1913 all of its property was transferred to the University. In two years the University placed all the laboratory branches of the school on a university basis. In 1920 the General Assembly appropriated 351,000,000 to the Depart- ment of Public Welfizre and 3300,000 to the University of Illinois for the specific purpose of constructing research and educational hospitals in Chicago. A plan of joint cooperation was immediately drawn up whereby the Administration of the Hospitals was to be handled by the Department of Public Welfare, while the professional teaching and research work was to be turned over to the University medical staH. Since the time of its organization, the entrance require- ments have steadily been raised. Beginning with the autumn of 1958, three years of college work with high grades are essential for consideration. . K I DEAN Davin joux Davis David john Daxis, Dean of the College of lwfedicine, spent many years in study and research before coming to Illinois, He was born in Racine, XVisconsin, on August 10, 1875, and studied first at the Racine Academy. From the University of XVisconsin he ieieived his Bachelor of Science De- gree in 1898 and his M.D. degree from Rush Iwledital College in 19091. In Europe he continued his studies at Vienna and Freiberg, and then re- turned to the United States to carry out his researth work in Chicago at the McCormick Institute for Infectious Diseases. Belore coming to Illinois he served as pathologist at Sr, I.uke's Hospital in Chi- cago. In 1913 he came to the College of Medicine as Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology. He has vsritten several treatises on Bacteriology and is the author of numerous other medical papers. He began serving as Acting Dean in April, 1925, and succeeded to the Deanship in September, 1925. DEAN Airsrivr Hisrsrn' CLARK Albert Henry Clark was born in Marengo, Illi- nois, October 15, 1371. Ile has been a teacher of chemistry in the College of Pharmacy since 1905, holding the various ranks of assistant up to Pro- fessor and Head of the Chemistry Department and now Acting Dean. He has been engaged in numer- ous scientific activities, mainly the American Phar- maceutical Association and the American Chemical Society. He has contributed about seventy-Hve papers on various scientilic researches and other subjects relating to Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Iiducation. He has been, among other things, President of the Ameiitan Conference of Pharma- ceutical Faculties, member of the United States Pharmacopoeia Revision Committee, etc., also of Sigma Xi, Rho Chi, and other pharmaceutical fraternities. In addition to his pluirinaceutical degree received from the University of Illinois, Professor Clark has spent one year and several summers in study and has received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Michigan. The College of Pharmacy The College of Pharmacy is the oldest unit of the Uni- versity, antedating the organization of the University itself. It was founded in 1859 by a group of Chicago pharmacists as the Chicago College of Pharmacy, being the first institution for the education of pharmacists west of the Allegheny Moun- tains. Its first class was graduated in 1861. lt became a part of the University of Illinois in 1896. The buildings on Wood Street just south of Flournoy were purchased for the College in 1915 and added to by a fine new unit in 1926. The College now stands, and always has stood, for the highest ideals in education and professional ethics. From its modest beginning it has developed its curriculum to the present four years of University work leading to a degree of B.S. in Pharmacy. It ranks as third in attendance of all the colleges of the United States, and is fully equipped in every way to carry out its function of service to pharmacy and the people of the State of Illinois. The College is now in the process of removal to new quarters in the Medical and Dental Laboratories Building on Polk Street and it is believed the new and closer association with Medicine and Dentistry will add much to the value of its services to its students and the public. WZM The Division of University Extension The work of the Division of University Extension con- tinued to grow during the past year, and this increase was to be noticed in all departments of the Division, including the home study department, the extramural class offerings, the Speech Aids Service, .md the Visual Aids Service. The college credit courses were taken by students in forty-one states as well as in the Canal Zone, Hawaii, Canada, India, and South America. In a single day the Division may bring the University in contact with a group of engineers in Chicago who gather for a graduate extramural classg club women as- sembled for a School of Affairsg an army otlicer in Panamag a convalescent from infantile paralysis in Wzirrn Springs, Georgiag a factory worker in Granite Cityg a mechanic in a garage in Rock Island, all of whom are working out corre- spondence course lessonsg the students in a high school at Rockford who are watching an educational film while a lunch- eon club in Paris is listening to a faculty lecturer. Drpax Rom RT BFLI. Bkoxvxr Robert Heli Broxxrie. Director of the Division ot L'nixersity Iixtension, was horn in Oshkosh, XVrs ronsin, july li, 1894. After attending the South- ern Illinois State Teritliers College he entered the University of Illinois. Because his education was interrupted by his serving in the United States Army, he did not Complete his graduation until the summer' of 1922. After' serving nine years as ri high srhool pr'inrip.rl .ind city school superintendent. he returned to the llriiversity of Illinois in 1-119 to heroine .rn instructor in Education. His rrdvrrrited degrees of Master' ol' Science and Doctor' of Philos- ophy were conferred hy this University. At the trrire of the ir1.trrgrirzrtion of the Division ol linr xersity lfxtension he was appointed its lirst drrertor. llc lin ht-tn in rlrarge of the Dixision sinre th.1t time. Administrative fficers of the University A1R1sRT J. H.-KRNO ALBERT J. HARNO, B.S., LLB., LL.D. . . . .... Prozfoft GIZORGE P, TUTTLIQ, B.S. ................ ..... R egiffmr LLOYD MORIEY, A.B., B.Mus,, C.P.A., LLD. . . . ......, Cwzzpfraller ARTHUR W. CLEVENQER, A.M. ......... .....,. H igh School Visizor HARRISON E. CUNNINGHAM, A.B. ...... . . . .......... Direvlor of U11iz'er1rity Prefy JOSIZF F. WRIGHT, AB., ...... L7ir'm'l0r of Pfffzlif l1Zf0l'1llrllj011 and Siatiofz WILL SEVVARD C. STALEY, Ph.D. .... . , . . . ..,...... Diferfor of Plvyfirfzl Wfelfare CHARLES S. HAVENS, MS. . . .... llireufw' of Plvyfituzl Pfam' De?pd!'fII16IIf QF 34 S'1A1,rx' CuNw1xczH.ut HAVENS LfOREY XXVRIGHT CKIIZYICNGFR TUTTLE Page 43 ffioe of the Dean of Women A De-an's day is filled with interesting hours of counseling women students in all phases of student life. The Dean of Women's stafi' consists of Miss Irene D. Pierson, Assistant Dean of Women, and Miss Mildred Fisher, Assistant to the Dean of Women. They strive to attain comfortable housing for women stu- dents, a balanced program of scholastic work, social life, campus activities and health. Loans are granted and clothing is provided for needy students. Advice is given in all situations needing personal adjustment. The three thousand women students are sure to find help for any need in the Dean's Office, 100 Woman's Building. The living quarters are inspected and the housemothers are required to keep not only University and Woman's League rules but also house standards and social and cultural standards set by the Dean's Office. The purpose of the office is to direct and stabilize indi- vidual and group life of the women students and to encourage higher cultural standards of living in addition to incentives for study and an interest in intellectual things. DEAN MARIA LEONARD Dean Malia Leonard was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and received her high school education there. After graduation from Butler College, she tontinuetl her graduate work in Colorado College from vshith institution she received her Blaster of Arts degree. She accepted the position as Dean of Wfomen and Professor of Mathematics at Idaho State Normal in Albion, Idaho. She left Idaho to become Dean of W'omen and Professor of Mathe- matics at foe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Recently she received a Litt.D. from that institu- tion. Since 1923 she has served as Dean of Woincn at the University of Illinois. In 1924 Dean Leun- ard founded the national scholastic honorary for freshman women, Alpha Lambda Delta. i -..., was . iv Q ka i rf Imzmz D. PIERSON Mrtniuan L. FISHER DMN FRIED H. TURNER The Dean of Men, Fred Ilarold Turner, was born in Hume, Illinois, on March ZZ, 1900. He was made assistant to Thomas Arkle Clark, Dean of Men, after graduating from the University of Illinois in 1922. In 1931 he received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Education. His thesis may be found in the library, as it is considered one of the most authoritative accounts ever made of the Illinois Industrial University. In 1932 he was awarded the full title of Dean of Iwfen after serv- ing as Acting Dean in the preceding year. In recent years several of his surveys of student life at the University have appeared in current maga- zines. Dean Turner is very interested in student organizations on the campus, and is a member of both the Illini Board of Control and the Illinois Union Board of Directors. He is secretary of the National Association of Deans and Advisers of Men, and Educational Adviser to the National Interfraternity Conference. "US 0-all hqnglf' ffice of the Dean of Men The University statutes state that the duties of the Dean of Men shall be "advisory, and that the functions "shall in- clude personnel work, vocational direction, and guidance in- volving intellectual, emotional, and social adjustments." The major duty of the staff members of the office is counseling with individual students in regard to their personal problems, particularly those outside of the academic field. Some of the other duties include work with student employment, housing, extra-curricular activities, loans, scholarships, social events, fraternities, and organization and group activities. The staff members are available to students day or night, and are: Gerald W. Peck, Assistant Dean of Men in Charge of Student Employment, 256 Student Center, Charles R. Frederick, Assistant Dean of Men in Charge of Student Activi- tiesg Golden A. McConnell, Assistant to the Dean of Men for Freshmen and Foreign Students, and Fred H. Turner, Dean of Men, whose offices are at 152 Administration Building. GOLDISN A. lNIcffoxN1fi.1. Grafxiiw XV. Prcic Frianiits R. FREDERICK H, 1 -" , M ,mi : 5' 3f?3'?ff54wAff 13' 1 . -wwfggf' if 1 H R "W - ,fm u 14- 5 K: , , X www-ff' 1 i :UN ,ik Q y f- f+,i.,mN-fm m A , WL ,.- .,f,a-g,,w ,Q , mi?-q,,j'figs--Yxshfg,-:3T'v2i5Q?'fC?Z'f - Y. Law- mf'v-fi'24fM, Q 3 - Q, 'L "Y-"1 fi? .325-Qif-5f?'f :lv ffimg-'fy'-1 il" f - ,fb ,. f""YT'f ,W,,,,.,k :ing ,wwvwf ,- ' ',,i- .-5'3Tfg ', sa3:l:""h iw 'wfgtibvwi . ' "1 . xv. ' , 'f 5 fi+h'4:"7X +L '19, ,- A., . V ,S 1 A X, V Hg. ,'-5 wihxgqwvv 35 -x I uf-fff,.,,, .W , . f Sk., 1 Q ,. . . 5 A K , 4 1 K V . - QNNNQK 5.3 Q. , H M3553 ' ' 4 4 Aw + f 4 . .-.5 ,I .M Y. Q H fi MA-WAN-DA CLARK HAROLD BACHMAN LOUIS BOUDREAU DAVID RIEDINGER BUSCHMAN WILLIAM WALKER CASSELL GEORGE ROUDEBUSH CATLETT FRANK ABRAM CRONICAN LEWIS LYMAN DEHNER RICHARD POTTER DRAKE IOHNGARTHELZEA CHARLES WILLIAM EILSON EREDERIC CHARLES GEDGE ROBERT LESLIE HARDAKER EERRIS DEAN HIGHSMITH KARL FREDERICK KRAUS HOWARD MARLIN LANDWEHR CARL ARNO LEUPOLD GEORGE ALAN LOWE THOMAS MARSHALL MCCONNELL IAMES WILLIAM MCDONALD THOMAS NISBET PHILIP RAYMOND PROCTOR RICHARD TRELORE TAYLOR GEORGE GEDGE WALRAVEN GEORGEPAULWARDLEY RICHARD EDWARD YOUNGGREN FREDERICK H. MCKINSTRY Preridenl, Fin! Semexler VALERIE H. ALLEN EILEEN M. BALL JANE CHAMBERS FRANCIS D. CONNER RUTH L. ALBERSTETT AMSO I. AMSO JOHN R. COGHILL ROLLAND J. DE MARCO HERBERT W. CARL LEONARD F. HALATEK ELIZABETH J. HUTCHISON Page 50 FREDERICK H. MCKINSTRY. .. ...... Prefidem, Fir-T1 Semener HERBERT K. FRAzEE ..... .... V ice-Prefidenz, Pint Semefzer SENIOR INVITATIONS COMMITTEE SAMUEL W. HALL ................................. Clmzrman HELEN E. DASENBROOK .... ..... W omenk Co-Chairman BARBARA JENNINGS ...... ..... W omerf: Co-Chairman EDWARD D. GROSI-IONG BETTY LOU LOUWIEN HENRY PRESENT SENIOR MEMORIAL COMMITTEE FRANCIS M. TAYLOR ............... .............. C han-man WILLIAM O. DERROUGI-I JEAN L. JOHNSON PEARL R. LAUTH MILTON J. LEVIN SENIOR JACKET COMMITTEE H. NORMAN KENNEDY. . . . ....,.................... Clmzrmmz JAMES W. DUMOLIN ..... ........... M enir Chai:-man HELEN KUHN ......... . .,.. Womenk Co-Chairman MARILYN S. ROMM. . . . . .Women'J Co-Clmirmun CHARLES G. MOREAU ARTHUR J. NEWMAN HERBERT K, FRAZEE Vice-Prexidenl, Fin! Semexler FRED P. SIMMON KARL B. SMOYER WALTER H. VOLTZ GEORGE W. MCFEDRIES CHARLES C. MCNAIR WALTER A. ROTKIS ROGER M. VEACH THOMAS D. RODMAN PATRICIA D. SAGER PHYLITA E. SHINNEMAN GEORGE H. PACE Prexident, Serond Semefler FRANK H. MCKELVEY Vice-President, Second Semerler ALICE E. ANDERSON BETTY BOCK PAUL C. BAKER JOHN C. KONTOS RUTH BYLES M. RAYMOND CARROLL DAVID M. CHECKLEY RUTH L. ALBERSTETT ROBERT S. BERLINER HARRIETT A. BLOMBERG BENNETT I. BERMAN ADELE A. BOWMAN ROSE F. BREWER LESLIE H. ACOX JAMES D. BTAUMONT O F F I C E R S GEORGE H. PACE .................... Prexidenz, Sen-and Semefier FRANK H. MCKELVEY .... . . .Vife-Preiidenl, Second Senzener ARTHUR S. BROWN .................. Serretm'y, Serond Semefter SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE RICHARD B. PORT ...... ................ ...,.... EUGENE D. O'MAHONEY ..... .............. ROBERT E. FERRIS LEROY H. FISCHER Floor WILLIAM B. KENNEDY ..... CHARLES W, FILSON .... ANNE M. MEFFLEY HAROLD E. NOREN BARBARA R. KENDALL BYRON T. PETRY C om mittee C0-Chairman Co-Chairman WILLIAM R. OTTER C 0-C lmirnzun C0-Clmirmmz BREAKFAST COMMITTEE MARY BALLANCE ...,......................... C0-Chairman MAURICE K. CARR .... ......... .... . . Co-Clmimzmz MURIEL M. KRING HARRY J. LAMBETH GERAI.DINE R. NICKELL IRMA S. SANCKEN ROBERT D. SHAFFER CLASS COMMITTEE BERTRAM L. MENNE ...... GEORGE E. MCCULLOUGH. LEONARD B. DOWELL JOHN F. GOODMAN LEONARD F. HALATEK P I C N I C WILLIAM J. SELDON ....... WILLIAM M. LEITNER ....... ............ WALTER L. BUTTEREIELD ROBERT R. DOCKSON LEODA M. DOE ROY V. LOIIMILLER IVIARTIIA B. MORRISON WILLIAM H. FISHER DELMAR E. GURLEY FRANK V. HUSTON CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Co-Clmirman . . . , . . .Co-Claaiwzmfz COMMITTEE . . . ........ C0-Cbaimmrz . . .Co-Cfmiwzmrz CHARLES R. TRACY .............. . ..,......... C0-Cluiwzfzzz HERBERT K. FRAZFIE .... ...,........... C o-Cbaiwmn JOSEPH B. JILBERT JOHN F. RICHARDSON VERNA E. REUSS JOSEPH VASTA ERIE W. SMITH RICHARD B. WILLIAMS ROBERT F. STEWART DOROTHY S. ST. JOHN DARWIN A. WASMER MARTHA E. PILE JEANNE J. SCHNEIDER NICHOLAS E. SLOAN MARY M. INKSTER WILLIAM A. JACOB DANIEL H. MEYER ROY W, TESS Page 51 772 Sen 1' ARCHIE Lo'a:'ELL ABNEY ................. Harrirburg LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Kappa Delta Rho First Regimental Band 133 5 Cast, "H.M.S. Pinafore," "Tosca" RALPH WILLIAM ACKER ................... Cbiraga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Phi Kappa Tau Alpha Tau Sigmag Pershing Rillesg Scabbard and Bladeg First Lieutenant, University Brigade CLYDE HARLEY ACKERMAN ........, .... It im-ron AGRICULTURE General Agrirulfure Farm House Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zeta: Agricultural Club: Cavalry Officers Clubg Hoof and Horn Club: Phalanxg Illinois Agriculturalist 13,431 Agricultural Council 143, First Lieutenant, University Brigade. Honors Day 11, 2, 33 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key RORERT GORDON ADAMSDN .,.,.......... Hai-rirbmg AGRl1IUl.'1'URE General Agrirnlmre Cosmopolitan Club Horticulture Clubg Rifle Clubg Illinois Agriculturist 133 3 Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad: Varsity Wrestling Letter 123 5 Interscholastic Circus 133 JEROME RALPH ADELMAN ..,..., .... C lyimgo EDUCATION Biology College Hall Wright junior College RUTH HELEN ADIQINS ....... , ..,. .... , .... A :blond LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Loki German Mortar Boardg Torchg Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Deltag President, W.G.S.g Vice-President, Woman's League, Student Senate 143g Delta Phi Alphag Der Deutsche Vereing Spanish Clubg Le Cercle Francaisg Chairman, W.G.S. Senior Banquet 1235 Executive Council, W.G.S, 143 g First Council, Woman's League 13, 43g Gold Feathersg Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 133 5 Student Alumni Association 123 Honors Day 12, 33 g University of Illinois Scholarship Key LESLIE HENRY ACOX ...........,. .... L fberlyfille Rlgpmnp WALTER AKEMANN ,,,.,,,,,, ,,,, E lgin 1 COMMERCE ENGINEERING 1 A General Bminefr Mecbanirol Engineering 1 Accountancy Club Alpha Kappa Lambda Lake Forest College Phi Eta Sigmag First Regimental Band 11, 23 5 Men's 1 Glee Club 13, 43 l Honors Day 11, 23 NORMAN ERWIN ACTON .............. Denver, Colo. RAYMOND THOMAS AKINS ....... .... G imfd, Ohio JOURNALISM COMMERCE Newr and Erliforial Arfounland' Phi Gamma Delta Accountancy Club, Second Regimental Band 12, 33 The Daily Illini 11, 2, 331 Interfraternity Council 13, 43 3 Interfraternity Council Cabinet 143 CHARLES HOWARD ADAMS ............. Bergen, N. Y. RUTH LoUISE ALBERSTETT ........ .... R arbford LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE 1 Chemical Engineering Phi Mu Foreign Commerce , A.I..Ch.F. Acsogntabricy Cglubg :give L'lehCei'ffe Francais? :disk University of Rochester Sgphoiiibree Coiilliiin Coiirlrilitteegg Cliiaiiriiiirl, MotherS Day Committee 153 5 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Student Alumni Association 12, 3, 43 1 Uni: 1 versity Chorus 11, 23 3 Production Staff, "Post Road, "Spring Formal," "Boy Meets Girl," "Dracula," 1 "Ruddigore"g Production Manager, Woman's League l Productions 143 1 HAROLD KAMPF ADAMS ................. Whymziille STANLEY WILSON ALCORN ......... ...Peoria ' JOURNALISM EDUCATION Adverfiring and Pnblirlsing Pbyxicol Education Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Sigma Kappa Eureka College Dolphinsg Tribe of Illini, Freshman Varsity Swim- ming Squad, Varsity Swimming Letter 123 3 Freshman ' Varsity Basketball Squadg Varsity Water Polo Letter 123 3 Varsity Track Squad 123 JOAN MAXINE ADAMS ........ W'i.rrvmin Rfzpidr, Wir. MARY JAYNE ALEXANDER ................ Champaign ' .IOURNAUSM LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES i Adz'er'fi.ring and Publirhing Polifjml Sfimfg A1Ph3 Chl 0111982 Kappa Alpha Theta Rosary College: Mount MHYY College The Illio 113 g The Siren 113 3 Pan-Hellenic Council 143 3 First Council, Wom:In's League 143 g Orange and Blue Feathers Page 52 fl ' lf-X xx ' 14- I 'NC l I X Q! . ,fx Cm g 'AV C Ji, QXZTFL off xx ,ff e-9 , ,,r, 5- T 1:1 - f-- 4 if? I , ...- ,.,f- 1- W 1 R Jlelf' ftflwll' 'fo fVlltllf3 T' A! A i f- X YIXQXAIX 1 -M X X f' 'Q . 7- L' f TNMXD-,1 I3 "' X fx '71 la RAY TEED ALEXANDER ,...,.,. .... .,... C b imgo ENGINEERING General Engineering Sigma Nu Crane junior College, Armour Institute of Tech- nology, Northwestern University EvEI.YN ALLARD ..............,.....,. Sikeimn, Mo. EDUCATION General .Ednfalian Gamma Phi Beta The Siren OJ Wlilliam Woods College DONALD ALLEN ...,............. .... K aodlvaure AGRICULTURE General Agrirulinre Alpha Zeta, Agricultural Club, Hoof and Horn Club, Agricultural Council Honors Day Q11 GEORGE EDWIN ALLEN .......... ..... S aeanna COMMERCE Aceounianry Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta,AlplIa Psi, Accountancy Club Honors Day 121 V.-XI.ERIE HILDRED ALLEN ......,.,....... ,.,l.arnn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englifb Sager House Woman's Editor, The Independent, First Council, XY'Oman's League Q35 , Production Staff, "La Boheme" BERTRAM JERRY ALPORT ......,....... ..... C bimga ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.g The Technograph Q41 Wlright Junior College BETTY LOU AI.vEY ............,... .... C linion EDUCATION General Education Alpha Omicron Pi Torch, The Illio fl, 2, 3l3 Freshman Frolic Com- mittee, Chairman, Homecoming Committee G1 , Pan- Q3, 41, First Council, Woman's Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Hellenic Council League 13, 45 , Feathers CHARLES FREDERIC AMADEN ..,..,,. ...Clyirago EDUCATION Englirb Granada Club Western Illinois State Teachers College ch , x , E i ll" 4 3 Ax aff 6 A' is 'H . . ,ag ,zwkg E Wig Y A, 32' 2 g f A mia ' ' gg all , , 135' :- . V, ,. 5 ig, gi. :,. .E Bef . ' -.' il u . sgifbu-EAC EX A-A X939 RALPI-I JOHN ANDERMANN ,......,... .... H inrdale ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Tau Pi Sigma, A.I.E.E., Synton, First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day fl, 25 I X ALICE ELIZABETH ANDERSON ...... .... S parm EDUCATION llflzuic' Laura B. Evans Hall ' Women's Glee Club 145, University Chorus 141, Tamaroa. Southern Illinois State Normal University, Uni- versity of Colorado A gr BETTIE STROTHER ANDERSON ...,.. .... C arlinville AGRICULTURE General Home Eeonarnicf Laura B. Evans Hall Home Economics Club Blackburn College DONALD ERNEST ANDERSON ...... Devil: Lake, N. D. FINE AND API-'LIED AR'rs Arebifecfzmzl Engineering Alpha Rho Chi Sigma Tau, A.S,C.E. , Gargoyle University of North Dakota FRANCES ANDERSON .............. ..., A lexii AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: Hathaway Hall Monmouth College FRED VVENDELL ANDERSON ,........ ...Viola AGRICULTURE General Agricnliure Alpha Tau Alpha, Agricultural Education Club, Phalanx, Captain, University Brigade LELAND HARNVEY ANDERSON ,...,... ..,Prinreton AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Roojah's Alpha Tau Alpha, Agricultural Club Honors Day QU MARGARET LOUISE GASKILI. ANDERSON ....... Chicago COMMERCE General Bnrinerr Mary E. Busey Hall Phi Chi Theta , Accountancy Club, Orchesis, W.A.A. , First Council, Woman's League 141 , Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, University Chorus QZJ Honors Day ill Vx Page 53 X X XX' llffQLms:j'B-f- 4: Q,--A23-2-' W A A f 2 Ee-A A - , A C we-A . I 1-A all -- ,, PRMVA ,W zeilfii F '3X rX1iR5Z5 iliir .ff A Abe '77z C9917 1' MERRILL JAMES ANDERSON ......... .. ..... Moline ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Augustana College ROBERT PEDEN ANDERSON ,....,........... Gillerpie LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chenzinry First Lieutenant, University Brigade Blackburn College GRACE ELIZABETH ANDRESEN ...... ..,. H omewaod EDUCATION General Educafion Beta Phi Alpha Rifle Club, The Siren f4Jg W.A.A.g W.A.A. Nu- meralsg Women's Glee Club 13, 41 Thornton Junior College CLARENCE SIMEON ANGELL ...,............ Belvidere LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Varsity Debate Squad OJ PHYLLIS JOYCE ANTILLA ...........,.... Blne Ifland JOURNALISM Newr and Editorial Alpha Omicron Pi Theta Sigma Phig W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numerals Thornton junior College JEROME WILLIAM ARKIS .............,..... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering A.I.Cl'I.E.g Engineering Council 143 CECIL VAN ARMBRUSTER .......... ...., M 1. Mefm ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. BARBARA KENT ARMSTRONG ........, Drexel Hill, Pa. LIIIIZRAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirh Kappa Kappa Gamma Mortar Boardg Torchg Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Delta: Associate Manager, Star Course: Stu- dent Senate Ml L First Council, XY!oman's League MJ 5 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathcrsg Y.W.C.A. Cabinet GJ, Production StaFf, "Noah," "Iolanthe" Honors Day fl, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key 1 'B If Q ,iz Ft E Ev ef Q ,. .fe fl I 1 311 ia ef mm S I JAMES GEI-IRIG ARMSTRONG ......,... Warerlaa, Iowa LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-law Beta Theta Pi Iowa State Teachers College VICTOR ARNASON. . . . ..... . . ,. ..... .... ..Wilme11e LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Science ROBERT EDSON ARNOLD ........... ..... B ada EDUCATION Phyrical Educalion Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad Q43 4 First Lieutenant, University Brigade Southern Illinois Normal University DOROTHY LOIS ARVEY ..................,,. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hifzary Northwestern University DOROTHY MARGARET ASA .......... .... P ana EDUCATION General Educalian Illinois College CURTIS ASHLEY .................,... ..... S ihley ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering ROBERT LEE ASHLEY ..........., .... P earia COMMERCE Accountancy Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Sigma Psig Accountancy Clubg Skull and Crescentg Tribe of Illini, Freshman Varsity Track Squad, Varsity Track Letter f2, 3, 41 Honors Day fl, 21 LOREN FRISK ASHWOOD .............. ...Moline ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Zeta Psi Sachemg Manager, Relay Carnivalg The Illio IU: junior Track Manager, Varsity Cross Country Squad 643 Page 54 H ' ,I V-N, Mxx gf, 'l y SX-X fy J, I N, S IX fe. g gi jf yn- ggi:-Fmgx t In ,I L mf! M J ifxfff- Q-M ix! ,VX X -J Vi 5 ,.,.,f,fs .api , g VX I ' if , fat! A A I If 1 Q -'XLT .. f Q I A 5.1 ,, I, 4 I 1- Ii 1 , in ,, I " . ' , A ,L ,I " ,' ,f ' cXXgjV,,,c.,,X. '!5, my L, X cgi. 1 -XX A g g cf, I I M I 4 ,X A A, la ROBERT EUGENE AURAND ..,..... ..... S ewan! COMMERCE General Burineu Kappa Delta Rho Accountancy Clubg Illinois Union News 151 3 Illinois Union Cabinet Q33 JOYCE MARCELLA AUsEc ................... Sfaanfan LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Honors Day QU WILLI ALBERT AUST .......,...... Iafringian, Cami. EDUCATION Zoology Greenville College ANN ELIZABETH AYDELOTTE ............,.. Eqnaliiy LIBERAL ARTS ANU SCIENCES Englirla Southern Illinois State Normal University LUCILLE EMILY AYER ...................., Wheazan LIBERAL ARTS AND ScIENCEs Sociology Alpha Xi Delta University of Colorado DONALD FORREST BABE ....,...... .... P ai-fi COMMERCE Aeeauntanry Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, 33 JULIA LOUISE BACON .... . ..,............. Newman LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bdil61'l0f0.qy Zeta Tau Alpha Carleton College CLARK I'IAROI,D BACHMAN .......... .... C laieago COMMERCE General Bn.fine,rJ Sigma Phi Sigma Ma-Wan-Dag Senior Manager, Star Courseg Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, Accountancy Club! SP3fll5ll Club: Concert Band 12, 35, President MJ: Student Alumni Association 121 Wright Junior College 3 Q41 if , R S, ,ff i 6 . s . ,V , E ? 3-tn. xx Timur R wr i I cr is 5 X93 GEORGE FREDERIC BACI-IMAN ............ Manly, Iowa ENGINEERING Railway Merbaniral Engineering Sigma Epsilon: A.S.M.E.g Railway Club Iowa State College ROBERT DONALD BAILEY ......... .... C bampaign COMMERCE General Buxinerr Delta Tau Delta Band ot' Xg Chairman, Dads Day Committee Q13 Cast, "Of Thee I Sing," Illinois Union Minstrel Show 12, 35 RUTH ELITANORA BAILEY ............ .... C lsieago COMMERCE Banking and Finance Alpha Delta Pi The Daily Illini Q21 Morgan Park junior College THOMAS WTLLARD BAILEY ........ ..... A av-ara COMMERCE Tranrpartazion Sigma Chi Wesleyan University, Connecticut RICHARD RAYMOND BAIRSTOW ............ Waukegan LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Delta Tau Delta Cavalry Others Clubg Le Cercle Francais, Pershing RiHesg Rifle Clubg Scabbard and Blade: Sophomore Basketball Managerg Sophomore Baseball Manager: Freshman Varsity Polo Squad, Interfraternity Council 135, Y,M.C,A. Cabinet 133: Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 1435 Captain, University Brigade, Produc- tion Staff, "A vthirlg Goes," "Liliom," "Ruddigore," "The Admiral, Cric ton," "The Ivory Door" IRENE FRANCES BAKER .........,... .... K anlaakee EDUCATION General Eduralion Laura B. Evans Hall Eureka College PAUL CII-IAMBERLAIN BAKER .........,..... Winnetka LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCEs Spanifla Alpha Delta Phi Sigma Delta Pig Spanish Club, The Daily Illini flj 3 Star Course 125 3 Production Staff, "Dracula" STANLEY VUOODXWARD BAKER ....... ..... C hampaign ENGINEERING Mecbanieal Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda Pi Tau Pi Sigmag A.S.M.E. Honors Day Q21 Y Page 55 I xx . - I 6 I f7.fZ VERA ALMA BAKER ......... ,, ...... , .... Momenre LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Botany VIRGINIA ANNE BAKER ..........,....... Shelbyrille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlory Alpha Omicron Pi Shi-Ai, W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers HARRIETTE ELLEN BALDRIDGE ............ ,..Hhl'J'l LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES .Yocialogy Southern Illinois Normal University ROBERTA MARY BALDWIN .................. Cbimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi Omega Speecb Zeta Phi Eta: The Daily Illini 1133 General Chair- man, Dads Day 143, Pan-Hellenic Council 13, 433 First Council, Woman's League 13, 43 g Junior Coun- cil, Woman's League 133 3 Orange and Blue Feathers. Gold Feathers: Cast, "Liliom"g Production Staff, "No, No, Nanettef' "Iolanthe," "Anything Goes" ARLITY BALI., JR. ..,................. Elniiwood Pave ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Kappa Delta Rho A.S.C.E.g Cavalry Ofhcers Club: Scabbard and Bladeg Major, University Brigade EILEEN MABEI. BALI. ,....,.......... Galrei-nm, Tex. LIBIERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Hiftory Delta Gamma Junior Prom Committeeg Freshman Frolic Committeeg Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Student Alumni Association 12, 33 MARY JEAN BALLANCE. . .. ...............,.. .Peoria LIEERAI, ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Phi French Torchg Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Delta Phi: Shi-Aig The Illio 11, 2, 331 Chairman, Mothers Day Committee 133 5 Chairman, Homecoming Stunt Show Committee 143, Pan-Hellenic Council 12, 3, 43 5 First Council, Woman's League 12, 3, 43: Junior Council, Woman's League 133: Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers, Star Course 123 : Stu- dent Alumni Association 123g Cast, "Noah," "Man and the Masses": Production Staff, "Man and the Masses," "Iolanthe" Honors Day 11, 2, 33 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key CTQIQ W , . 'S' 54 say H -er -rti I I i. - 'X i A ra I M Q I M SSR I xx , f gf? 1 an it my f B if .F A Gt? -V , . I 4. I JUAN FrRRER BANIQUIED Solana, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippine Iilandf ENGINEERING Mining Engineering Cosmopolitan Club A.I.M.E. MARYIORII' I-IAZEI. BANKS .................. Kirkland LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Sariology Presbyterian Hall Alpha Lambda Deltag Alpha Kappa Delta, Gymkanag Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet 143 3 Women's Glee Club 12, 33 3 University Chorus 143 5 Cast, "Battered Bride" Honors Day 11, 33 XVII LIAM HARRY BARBOUR .... . . .. . . . .Cicero COMMERCE General Bzuinerf Concert Band 13, 43 Morton Junior College VVINIFRED MARY BARCLAY ......... ..., A Iaromb EDUCATION Biology Alpha Gamma Delta Torch, Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home Economics Club: The Illio 11, 2, 33 3 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers BETTIE BEHNER BARRIE .................... Glencoe LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirla Delta Delta Delta Illinois College VC'lI.I.IAM TAYLOR BARRY ........,... Downerr Craze COMMERCE Accountancy Zeta Psi Phi Eta Sigmag Senior Council, Accountancy Club: Band of X5 The Illio 1135 Junior Intramural Man- ager, Sophomore Swimming Manager Honors Day 113 I-IORTENSE BARTHOLOW ................. Champaign LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta, The Illio 113 5 Gold Feathers: Production Staff, Illinois Union Min- strel Show 133, "Ruddigore," "Anything Goes" Honors Day 11, 2, 33 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ROEERT ALLITN BANCK ........... .... 5 In-ingfiflfl A iii Y MINTA JEAN BARTI-F ------------------ Pf'YfkWJ1'Wf' ENGINEERING g . , AGRICULTURE lllerbirniml Engineering . If' , K Q1 Gfnffdl H0079 Ef0'70"YiU Chi Beta -.wb Lg. Z Gamma Phi Beta A.S.M.E.g Interfraternity Council 143 Y i Phi Upsilon Omicrong Pan-Hellenic Council 1433 H I H :ii First Council, Woman's League 143 3 Orange and Blue f- Feathersg Gold Feathers, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 133, K 5 K University Chorus 113 F R Page Q6 f ll ATTN-t7""'X "'fb4.x X S N ? -'XC' X Z R ff S of--Q F xg :ZX X! Qzzrl-14 4-'E-tx'-X l"'V7A- Y ' TNBYX '11 ,VP ' ff '1737fx r "'r' 1' in , f S Lf f, ff as f ---- A 1, E- ii 1 'X,4-3916 A , I ,Af I f it ff, A -if X Af fi. f' X A' 3 X N , x uit 1 T XR , 1. 1 .H 2 la 193 IANIZ LFE BASS .................,.... Sl. Lanif, lla. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES PJj'L'1?010g-jf Kappa Kappa Gamma XV.A.A. ELEANOR LOUISE SHINN BAST .............,. L'ibfum LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day 11, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key BARBARA BIQRNICE BATCHELOR .... .. ....,..., Ijrhamz LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi Omega Spanirh I - Mortar Boardg Torchg President, Womans League kk 5 Q41 3 Student Senate K3, 41 g Sigma Delta Pig ShivAig wa K ' Spanish Clubg The Illio fl, 213 Chairman, Mothers .- Day Reception Committee 1213 First Council, Wom- A an's League 141: Junior Council, XVoman'S League " 131 1 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Pro- duction Start, "Battered Bride" Honors Day 131 .:,, E I' AMOS VUIEEDMAN BATEMAN .,......., .... D fmmr ENGINEERING Electrical Enginefrifig Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E, James Millikin University FREDERICK CHARLES BAUER .....,..,........ L'1Lmm LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Delta Upsilon Concert Band KZ, 3, 41 ms 6 Q ua if 4018 ? :gli CAROLINE REGINA BEALL .............. .... U rlzamz AGRICULTURE Glvm-iz! Home Economic: HAZEI. MAY BIEASLIEY .....,.....,........ ...Win I.IIsERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Eriglifb Blackburn College HARRIFT DANE BIEATTIE, ................. Stockton LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech McKinley Hall Dubuque University JAMES DONALD BEAUMONT ..........,... Der Plazner ENGINEERING Merlaanical Engineering Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Ice Hockey Squad K3, 41g A.S.M.E. RUTH CAROLYNF BECIQENSTEIN ........ Den-air, Mich. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Science University of Detroitg University of Michigan ROBERT AUGUST BECKER ...... .,.. . . .... Cbimgo RoI,L CARL BAUGHMAN, JR. .................. Olney COMMERCE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES . H E Banking and Finance Cbemirlry I Accountancy Clubg A.S.C.E.g Dolphinsg Freshman A.I.Ch.E.g Independent Council Q, 51 i ,V ! 3 ,X Varsity Swimming Squadg Varsity Swimming Squad University of Arizona " :QQ I . 4 12, 3, 41 .. V H M t Y , .... : mi, . , , ,. AVIS ELEANOR BEFDE .,.. . ......... .... D ixon Lois KATHERINE BAUMAN ...,............. Jtmdwa A Wftlgug, EDUCATION FINE AND APPI.lIED ARTS V V Q' Ggwml 1Edum,i0n Painting Al I I, bd D I W , .S pm .am a eta 1 + Honors Day fl, 2, 51 3 University of Illinois Scholar- - - ship Key -ff S-W A i , sz: A 1 WILLIAM RODNEY BEHRENS ...... r...O'Fu1lon PERRY WAYNE BEAL .........,..... ...Alwzmwizb COMMERCF AGRICULTPRE 'if General BIlJi776'J'J' General Agmsullfzre H f Gray Gables College Hall , 57 : 9 K- McKendree College Accountancy Club: Agricultural Clubg Freshman Var- sity Wrestling Squadg Varsity Wrestling Squad C213 Captain, University Brigade , , H , Page 57 X ,jf fifx X V 'X I xiii N 1 HV' '13, -'ff f"'X ,f XX fx 4-X-'fa M 495 2 Frqbi ,f Y,,,,...x..-:fb ig-film, X QA ,gi ix ,Z fc X ,555 Q, :ft Af' jx' V.-fT7 f 5 j C Z4-7,,. I f jx .Mfj 1' V . -- X ,-' ,Q-1 ill El ' 1 X Fx--",.-11' nfl . K 'Qs f-5 l ff CX XX Xi- -'3:,,Q fuk ,f fp-,N M,-e' i 'J 9 57729 Sen RAYMOND HEDGES BENARD ......... ...Macomb COMMERCE General Burinen Delta Sigma Phi University of Butialog Western Illinois State Teachers College BRUCE VUILLET BENEDICT .......,........... Urbana LIEERA1. ARTS AND SCIENCES Botany Delta Upsilon Burrill Botany Clubg Cavalry Olficers Clubg Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Bladeg The Daily Illini fljg Captain, University Brigade University of Michigan VIOLET MARIE BEN!-IAM .......,........... Mantena AGRICULTURE General Home Economicr Home Economics Clubg Production Staff, "Spring Formal," "La Boheme," "Brother Rat" FRANCES MARGARET BENSEN ....... ...Maywood EDUCATION General Education Zeta Tau Alpha Le Cercle Francaisg Spanish Clubg W.A.A.g Gold Feathers BERT ALLAN BENSON ............. ...Blue Island ENGINEERING Civil Engineering A,S.C.E. Thornton Junior College GLENN WINSTON BERG ....... .. . .Bemerwille EDUCATION General Education I'lAROLD WOODROW BERGER ........ ..... C hicaga ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Varsity Wrestling Squad 121 HAROLD DANIEL BERGMAN ......... .... P alatine AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Business Manager, Illinois Agriculturistg Agricultural Clubg Dairy Club Page 58 I f I ax ' I C xxx , 'ff' . : A t' f aff i E gg, 'K 12291285 R Je A E .. 5 .H . .IF Ae war 9 4' f ,X jf' .-f age ., xr' : L 1 31 .- " ?' , 2 5 E Fig! X M E I 'Silo' . Ga, 1 1149 7 'N 'Si .ei -, V ? Z. EMMA MARGARET BERGSCHNEIDER .......... Alexander AGRICULTURE General Home Ecanomicr McKinley Hall Home Economics Clubg W.A.A.g Women's Glee Club Q41 g University Chorus 141 MacMurray College ROBERT SIGMUND BERLINER ............. Farerl Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hinorj Sigma Phi Epsilon DAVID EDWIN BERNARD ................... Sandwich FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Aft Education Northern Illinois State Teachers College MARGARET HANETTA BERR ,.................. Urbana FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Art Education Alpha Xi Delta Illustrators Washington University RUSSELL LAVERNE BERRY.. . . . . . .... . ...Carrollton AGRICULTURE General Agriculluve XVALTER NICHOLAS BERTRAM ..,.. .... C ollinwille COMMERCE Accountancy Granada Club Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, 2, 3j g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key CHESTER jOsEPI+I BERUTTI ........ ...Wilromzille COMMERCE General Bufineu Granada Club Accountancy Clubg Sophomore Football Managerg Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad IRENE MARIE BIANCHETTA .....,..... Snail: Szandafd EDUCATION Englhly Independent Council C453 First Council, Woman's League 141 Blackburn College fi lcz 193 Rum ELIZABETH BIGLER. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... Urbana LIBIZRAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Alpha Pi Delta ALBERT FRANCIS BILLINGS ........ .... E lgin COMMERCE Arrounlanry Sigma Nu Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Golf Squad, Var- sity Golf Squad ID, Letter Q33 Honors Day Q13 FRANCES BARBARA BIMBA .................,. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Production Staff, "Spring Formal," "H.M.S. Pina- fore," "La Boheme" Rosary College RUTI-I MAY BINGHAM ..........., .... D andee EDUCATION Kappa Delta Englirb The Daily Illini fl, 21 3 W.A.A. 3 Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil 12, 35g First Council, Woman's League 13, 41g Orange and Blue Feathersg Star Course KZ? g Produc- tion Staff, "No More Frontier," "The Ivory Door," "The Admirable Crichton" Grinnell College ELEANOR JOYCE BJELLAND .....,........., Millbrook LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Eronomirr Achaea Torchg Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day ll, 2, 35 Q University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key PAUL LANCIZ BLACK .................. Rabufay, N. J. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economifr Tau Delta Phi Honors Day ll, 21 FORREST HARVEY BLANDING. .,,,...,...... Oak Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Clierniral Engineering Phi Lambda Upsilong Phi Eta Sigmag Rifle Club Honors Day fl, 2, 31 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key NANCY JANE BLEWETT ................., Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Prycbology Welsh House Milwaukee-Downer College 3 al' 'I X . 5. ar , G .K Q Qs 1 I .T S ' at B. . ' ..-. ,,-f 'H - 1-. if-L I ,. tt .., 'QE gs S as ,ia riff HARRlli'I"I' AMALIA BLOMDERG ...... .... I Zorklanl EDUCATION EngliJlJ Alpha Phi , Mask and Baubleg Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association Q21 g Production StaH', "Elizabeth The Queen," "Boy Meets Girl," "Post Road," "Behold This Dreamer," "RuddigoI'c" - VIVIAN ELIZA BLOMQUIST ..,..,... .... H army EDUCATION Englirb Thornton junior College: University of Missouri MARY ELIZAIIETH BLOOD .......... ..... C laimga EDUCATION General Eiiucalion Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Beta: Cast, "Anything Goes," "Post Road"g Pro- duction Staff, "Boy Meets Girl," "Spring Formal," "Elizabeth The Queen" Grinnell College FRED THEODORE BLIIRI .............. ...River Forex: ENGINEERING Merbaniral Engineering Phi Kappa Tau BETTY BOCK ,... .......,,...... .... B e lridere EDUCATION journalirm Chi Omega Mortar Boardg Torch, The Daily Illini Cl, 2, 333 Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers GEORGE CYRUS BODDIGER ..,...... ,... P ala COMMERCE General Burinerr Sigma Alpha Epsilon The Daily Illini 11, 2, 33: Student Alumni Associa- tion 121 Honors Day 12, 51 MONT EVIERIETT BODINE .............. .... R obinron ENGINEERING Mecbaniral Engineering A,S.M.E.3 Independent Council fl, 25 3 Second Regi- mental Band fl, Zl ROI-IIfR'1' PAUL BOERS .................. ...Laron JOURNALISM Ad1'L'1'Ii.fiI7g and Publirlaing Production Staff, "Brother Rat" Page 59 K7qfZ C942 Z0 JAMES BOND .. ..... . ..... ...Galazia AGRICULTURE General Agrirullure Southern Illinois Normal University ROBERT WEDGIER BOND ..,.......... .. . . .La Gmnge LIBITRAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemirtry Chi Psi Lyons Township junior College JOHN HARRY BONHARD ....,...... ..,BelIez-illc AGRICULTURE Floficuillrre The Morgue Pi Alpha Xi, Floricultural Club LOIS VIRGINIA BOOMER ..............,.... Elmlyurrt LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hifmry Gold Feathers: Production Staff, "Ruddigore," "La Boheme," "H.M.S. Pinar'ore," "Boy Meets Girl," "Spring Formal" GEORGE MOYER BOOTH, JR. ....... .... S agar Grow ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha A,S.C.E. ROBERT WARD BOOTH .......,...... Chicago Heigbff COMMERCE Commerfe and Lau' Phi Gamma Delta Sachemg Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigmag Editor, The Sireng Accountancy Club, The Daily Illini 11, 2, 31 9 Production Staff, "Of Thee I Sing" Honors Day fl, 2, 33 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key MACK HUDSON BOOzE ........... Terrace Park, Obie JOURNALISM Adreflirifzg and Publirbing Sigma Nu Gamma Theta Phig Sigma Delta Chi, Freshman Var- sity Basketball Squadg Varsity Track Squad 13, 45 FREDA SARA ANN BORDEN ............... Champaign FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Art Education Der Deutsche Vereing Gregorian Literary Societyg Illustrators, Production Staff, "Post Road" Honors Day 111 I-. f we l i . i 55' pm' 5, E4 A, afar i V' if 2 X. LAMAR ELZA BORDERS ............ ..,Cal11mez Cizy EDUCATION Hirtory Cavalry Officers Clubg Pershing RiHeSg Scabbard and Bladeg Captain, University Brigade, Military Council HJ EDWARD RICHARD BORMAN ........ .... 1 Heirapalir JOURNALISM Neil! 111111 Ediloriul Pi Kappa Alpha City Editor, The Daily lllini -I.'lC.K BOsw'ELL .....,..,....,.... ,S1. I.oni.r. Ma. Pliyxiivzl Edlzmlinn Phi Kappa Psi Delta Theta Epsilon, Arepog Cavalry Oihcers Clubg Gymnasticag The lllio 12, 35 g First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigadeg Cast, "The Bartered Bride," "lolan- the," "Ruddigore" HFNRY JALIFS BO'rHwIzI.i. ...... .. . .. , .Cbimgo EDUCATION Illllfhfflldiiff Granada Club Freshman Varsity Basketball Squarlg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad ORVILLE WAYNE BOTTRELI. ............. Ml. Azilmm AGRICULTURE Gemarril Agriruliwe Bresee Club Eureka College LOUIS BOUDREAU ....,..........,... ...Harrey Pbyriml Ezlumlion Phi Sigma Kappa Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Dolphinsg Gymnastica: Skull and Crescentg Tribe of Illini, Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad, Captain, Varsity Basketball Squad 131, Letter f2, 31 Q Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Baseball Letter 1253 Interfraternity Council Gi VIRGINIA ELLEN BOXWEN .,........ ..... P oniiar COMMERCE General Burinerr Presbyterian Hall Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers JOHN ANDREW' BOXTMAN. . . . ............ .Nlanmonila JOURNALISM Ad1'6l'ffJ'il1g and Publirbing Delta Kappa Epsilon Monmouth College Page Q0 ,lu f X 7 ,,,., l. H gg- , '-'Lx 4 X I.-my B 1--Qs, fi, ef,-,I , xxx- ,E rzguf' A 5 Rf A' C: W1 Nf N, If ,' x , X. U' f 1 X f ,f XCX ,ill 'if 'ii ,fi A , ,inf fl 1 if .flew ,fgj i"f.!' it offlffx A las 1939 KENNETH LESLIE BOWTON ....... .... T rivoli COMMERCE General Burineu Blackburn College GEORGE WILLIAM BOYD .,...,.,.......... Kankakee LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemirliy Alpha Kappa Lambda Dcr Deutsche Verein 1 Pierrots: Second Regimental Band fl, 21 3 Production Staff, "Rhyme Marches On," "The Drunkard" RUTH ELIZABETH BOYD ..............,.... Kimkfikee LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Malbemalirr St. Viator College ULFTA MARGARET BRACKMAN ...... .... P em EDUCATION Hirlarp La Salle-Peru Oglesby junior College PHILIP CURTIS BRADLEY ................, Springfield LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Science Alpha Tau Omega Springfield junior College BERNICE EVELYN BRADY ............... ..,. P eorirz joURNAI.IsM Ad1'e1'tiring and Publishing Mary E. Busey Hall Theta Sigma Phig The Siren Q41 Augustana College LORRAIN MAUDE BRAMIEL .....,., ..... I lliopalir COMMERCE Acfounlanfy Phi Chi Theta, Accountancy Club JAMES THOMAS BRENNAN ......,..... Sf. Lauir, Ma. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Phi Mu Delta Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Varsity Wlrestling Squad 13, 45 Honors Day Q21 University of Missouri fr mg: 1 iii if l .Qs Y, 3 ,-,EEEWW Aa i'iii C I .I Q I ELEANOR MARJORIE BREUER ...... .... . ..Clmmpaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology ROSE ELIZABETH BREWER ..,............. Greenville AGRICULTURE Grmfml Home Economirr 4-H House The Illinois Agriculturist ll, 213 Orange and Blue Feathers Greenville College lNlELVIN BAUER BRLYMANN ....... ...Champaign COMMERCE Accozfnranfy Accountancy Club ROY R. BRIGHT ..................... Evelelb, Minn. COMMERCE General Burinerr Phi Epsilon Pi N. SIDNEY WYETH BRINKER ........ ..... P ark Ridge COMMERCE General Burinerf Phi Delta Theta Central Y.M.C.A. College ROLLAND VINCENT BRINKMAN ..... .... G mymoni COMMERCE Gerzeral Burinerr Pershing Riflesg The lllio flj VERA DOROTHEA BRITTON.. ........... ..... E Igin FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Mmic Alpha Delta Pi Sigma Alpha Iotag Arepog Gymnasticag University Orchestra fl, 2, 3, 45 3 Production Staff, "Iolanthe," "The Battered Bride," "La Boheme," "Ruddigore" XVALTER BLAKE BROADWAY ....... .... C ohden COMMERCE General Burmerr Southern Illinois State Normal University I K X V .X Page 61 gy E M2 C , ,WEEK ,iii-f.1',b: 95,12 gfll?Tll ,gf i7.f'ly7iwK-W iSfQ5R lift 2' Tabs if-fbeff f7'f2 DOROTHY MARIE BROEG ........ ..... L ifchhela COMMERCE Accountancy Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Chi Thetag Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, 35 ROBERT MosEs BROOK .......... .... C bicago COMMERCE Accaunrancy Phi Eta Sigmag Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, 2, 51 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key LEROY OSCAR BROOKS ............... .... C bicago ENGINEERING Mefallurgical Engineering Mining Society CLARA HARRIETT BROOM ........ ..,. C bampaign EDUCATION Englifly Beta Sigma Omicron VUALTER EUGENE BROOM .,.......... ..,. A Ima AGRICULTURE General Agricullure Phi Sigma Kappa Agricultural Clubg Horticulture Clubg Pershing Rifles ANDREW TAVERNER BROWN ...... .... P earia COMMERCE General Burineu Phi Delta Theta Accountancy Clubg Freshman Varsity Golf Squad ARTHUR SMITH BROWN ............... .... A lion ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Alpha Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E,g Rifle Clubg Scabbard and Bladeg The Technograph K3, 455 Chairman, St. Pat's Ball G15 Chairman, Pershing RiHes Ball C31 g Major, University Brigade University of Arkansas CARLTON RICHARD BROWN .......... Bridgeton, N. I, COMMERCE Accountancy Accountancy Clubg Second Regimental Band tl, 21 University of Pennsylvania Page 62 Sen 5 'Hs A . ii ' an I S, 1 .- ar Z. DOROTHY LORAINE BROWN .........., 0IlnknIl:, Wir. LIEERAI, ARTS AND SCIENCES Pfycbolagy The Daily Illini rib University of Arizona DOROTHY MARGARIET BROWN. . . . , . . ..... . . .Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Art Educafion FLORENCE MARIE BROWN ....... ,.,. 5 Ierling EDUCATION Englirh W.A,A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Women's Glee Club fl, 251 Cast, "Martha" lRENE WILCOX BROWN ............... Spring Valley AGRICULTURE Gcrzcnzl Home Economicr Home Economics Club: University Orchestra Q21 Frances Shimer School l I C MARGARET RUTH BROXYN ..,...... .. , , . . ,Ridgefavm l ,M , AGRICULTURE l 'UP ' , 3 X 6 Y R fp. , K th A. Q. A .r. V H K F zzf I -'.i ,nz 4 ,:i,: C 5 A I , xX.' General Home Ecanamicr l Medea Home Economics Club SEYMOUR BROWNSTEIN ...... . .... . . . . ..... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Prycbolagy X I l EDVUIN GEORGE RICHARD BRUELL ..,.. ..... P ana ' JOURNALISM Special and Critical The Elite The Independent 0, 43 z Independent Council 13, 43 l ROBERT LEWIS BRUMRACH ....... .. .... Dwight N COMMERCE General Burinerr Theta Chi The Illio 111 3 Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad la S 1939 GUY FRANK BRUNACCI .... , ...... ..... Chicago LIEERAI. ARTS ANIJ SCIENCES Pre-Law ERVIN BRUNO BRUNINGA ......... .... M acomb ENGINEERING Ceramicr American Ceramic Society Western Illinois State Teachers College RITXTORD EVANS BRUNO ....... ..,. Champaign COMMERCE Accounlancj Accountancy Clubg Pershing Rifles RILHARD WILLIAM BRUNTON .,..., . ..... Chicago Pbyrical Education Theta Kappa Phi Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Var- sity Track Letter i2, 5, 41g Interfraternity Council 131 3 Athletic Council 131 DOROTHY CLEO BRYAN ..,..,....,..,,... Taylonfille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Home Econofnirr Home Economics Club FRANK MoRRIs BUCHMAN ........ ,... A nzboy AGRICULTURE General Agfirrzllwe Farm House Agricultural Clubg Dairy Clubg Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Varsity Wrestling Squad 12, 3, 41 3 Cast, "Amaco" RUTH ELIZABETH BUCHI-IoI.z ................ Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pi Beta Phi Botany Mortar Board: Torch: Alpha Lambda Deltag Presi- dent, Y.W.C.A.1 Student Senate Q41 5 Burrill Botany Club: Le Cercle Francais: Shi-Aig The Illio fl, 213 W.A.A.: Chairman, Homecoming Committee C31 3 General Chairman, Y,W,C.A. Doll Show 651 Q Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 151: Production Staff, "Of Thee I Sing," Home- coming Stunt Show 121 Honors Day ll, 31 DUANE JOHNSON BUCKLEY ........... Wichita, Kan. ENGINEERING Meclmnical Engineering Beta Theta Pi A.S.M.E. University of Oklahoma f, I are Q' are 3' Q5 -H Q if if , 1- EsTI-IER ANNA CAROLINE BUHRMANN. ,. ...Warden AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: Presbyterianfldall Phi Upgilgn Omicrong Home Economics Clubg XV.A.A.g Gold Feathersg Production Staff, "Ruddi- gore" Honors Day Q11 BOBBY JOYCE BUMANN ..........., New York, N. Y. COMMERCE Genera! Burinerr Theta Upsilon Gamma Alpha Chig Phi Chi Thetag Accountancy ,r F I Clubg Des Deutsche Vereing Gregorian Literary So- ,'fX, L- W cietyg Pan-Hellenic Council C311 First Council, if Woman's League 13, 41 3 Orange and Blue Feathers: ,ruff Gold Feathers REX MARSIEI, BUNCH ................ Fredonia, Kan. AGRICULTURE Floriculture Pi Alpha Xi: Floricultural Club Kansas State Agricultural College , . ARTHUR HAI.E BURGMAN ........... Loganrpori, Ind. COMMERCE Banking and Finance p Sigma Alpha Epsiioh ' :V Accountancy Club Q ,A E Q K a AG -as 4 MARY EMILY BURKE .............,......... la Salle LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES h- f H Englifb it KI 3 A Kappa Alpha Theta L. Q fo r 2 RUTH HELEN BURLIsoN ,.......,...... ...Urbana FINE AND APPLIED ARTS - Mnxic I- ,.: , Alpha Phi Alpha Pi Deltag Sigma Alpha Iota, Shi-Aig Orange , and Blue Feathers . Honors Day tl, 2, 31 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key L JAMES JULIUS BURNHAM. . . . . . . . .. -..Gibron Cily S COMMERCE Arcounfancy , V Beta Gamma Sigmag Beta Alpha Psi: Accountancy I Club iff- ,Q Honors Day fl, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- : M C Ship KEY , . BURTON BURNs ................. ..... C bicago COMMERCE General Burinerr Accountancy Club: Coast Artillery Club, First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade x Page 63 -A ,,. I DQ JEANNETTE MURIEL BURNS ................. Chzmgo LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Wilson Junior College Joi-IN RICHARD BURNS ............ ...Pekin ENGINEERING .Mining Engineering Saint Viator College lWI1RLYN FREDERICK BI'RRIs .,..,... .... C mlm EDUCATION Ployrirnl Edurrztion Sigma Phi Epsilon Delta Theta Epsilong Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad 12, 31, Letter 1453 Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad SI-IIQRLEE BUSCH ...... . ,.... .,,..........., C bit-ago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bacteriology Laura B. Evans Hall Rifle Club: Cast, "Man and the Masses' DAVID RIEDINGER BUSCHMAN ..,..... .. .Quincy JOURNALISM Nezrr and Editorial Theta Chi Ma-Wan-Da: Sachemg Kappa Tau Alpha: Editor, The Daily Illinig Student Senate 1451 Sigma Delta Chig First Regimental Band 11, 23 1 journalism Coun- cil 143 Honors Day 11, 2, 33 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key CLARENCE JOHN BUSH ............... .... D zuigbz ENGINEERING Agfieultufal Engineer-ing Alpha Gamma Rho A,S.A,E.g Engineering Council 141 1 Agricultural Council 141 BETTY NELSON BUSHMAN ......,........ Clmmpaign AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: Western College for Wonacn SQ W A A W, .if 1 We F ate: QB W, at . "..:5.f".i'1-.-f' 1 , '-E: f -iii? If Z. WALTER LOUIS BUTTERFIELD ..... .Alamfillef EDUCATION Cloemirtry lllini Club La Salle-Peru Oglesby junior College DCJMINIK. lVllCHAIiL BUTTITTA. ,...,. . ,... Champaign FINE AND APPLIED AR'I's Innnlrcope fl1'f1JlIBfllU'i Second Lieutenant, University Brigade joIIN BERNARD CAHILI. ,......... .,,.ClaiI-ago ENGINEERING Eleclrical Engineering Theta Kappa Phi A.I,E.E. Saint Viator College KENNETPI MORTON CAHN ......., .... C lairngo COMMERCE Accorznlancy Phi Beta Delta Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Clcb: Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad 12, 5, 413 Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Varsity Basketball Squad 121 3 Chairman, Homecoming: Stunt Show 147 g Student Alumni Association 12, 31 Honors Day 12, 31 GII.lilfR1' JAYCOX CAHOON ,......... .... 0 range:-ille ENGINEERING Ceramic Engineering Tau Nu Taug American Ceramics Society: Keramosg Captain, University Brigade PALII, RAIJIER CAMPAGNA .................... Cbimgo FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Afcbilecture Sigma Chi Scarab: Board of Directors, Illinois Union 143 Honors Day 113 BLANCI-IE VIOLA CAMPBELL, ....,.,...,.. .... 0 lney LIBERAL ARTS AND ScIENc:rs Home Economicr Fraker House Home Economics Club: Orange and Blue Feathers STEPHFN FREDERICK BUSHMAN -A--'- --'A""0"f' FRANCIS XYJILLIAM CAMPBELL ..... .,.. C lmnzpnign ENGINEERING COMMERCE Elerlrical .Engineering GMM,-,,1 Bmjne-H A-I-E-E-S SYUWU Accountancy Club St, Procopius College Page S4 X, K ' I- Xe . " N f,'t71l,,,,5'MxXr-sT"X-R m17'f' Xa -2?, fix ff' C M- f-. fx, J fi "EX ,fx ,as ff Q-lies!-6""cX xfsxlsf f ':. rica 1f..,.L.,,X ,,.,,,k:,lMf'-"' :Q NY'-cf f 1:73 il WHL ----Xx -iA'7f!f X W L- - any , 5 1 1 fm f ,H N if A . 'Xe 1' -P f""" .fe--fi ffl ll " " Xe. X ' T I f I ,f LX ,ff-"il ---A " 'i - 'I N' we-. SfX'x,Ill It A Q1 L ill I ,V A' lil L ' -., E llle ll-I. ,L ff L I I' la S X93 HAROLD ANDREW' CAMPBELL ............. White Hall LIBIERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Vice-President, M.I.D.A.g Chairman, Mi-Hila 1331 Independent Council 11, 2. 3, 432 Student Alumni Association 12, 33 ROGER PARKER CAMPBELL ,..,..... Kama: Cily, Mo, ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Triangle Pi Tau Sigma, Alpha Phi Omegag Sigma Tau Kansas City Junior College VIRGINIA CAMPBELL ................,... Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Kappa Delta, Co-Chairman, Homecoming Com- mitteeg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association 123 Honors Day 133 HERBERT XY"ILl.IAM CARL ..........,... Wert Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Delta Alpha Epsilon The Illio 11, 233 Senior jacket Committeeg Inter- fraternity Council 13, 43, First Regimental Band 11, 23: Student Alumni Association 1233 Production Staff, "Post Road," "La Boheme" EDWARD HUGO CARLSON ,.....,... .,.. E an Moline ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Varsity Ice Hockey Squad 133 3 First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade HAROLD VUAYNE CARLSON ..,........ ..,. T irhilua ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. CARI. ALBERT CARLSTEN .......... ..,. P axion ENGINEERING Eleclficril ,Engineering A.I.E.E.: Synton DONALD I.Al,'RI'NCE CARMAN ,....... ..... C hicago AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Phi Mu Delta Creighton University X3 in lv . it N . 'I 2 1 s I ..,, an .. Y be +L 1 ., ,,, as., 2 ,Yi 5 F ' Q . r IELLSVPORTH VARNS CARMIGI-IAEL .... ..,. U 'r-Lana AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Delta Phi , ' I Agricultural Club, Caisson Club, Hoot' and..Horn Club, Scabbard and Bladeg Illinois Agriculturist 12, 3, -H g First Lieutenant, University Brigade X IYIAURICE KILNER CARR. . . .. .... ..... ....Awn ENGINEERING 5055 Home Electrical .Engineering Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Editor, The Techno- graphg Eta Kappa Nug Pi Tau Pi Sigmag Theta Taug A.I.E.E.g Scabbard and Bladeg St. Pat's Ball Com- mittee 133g Independent Council 13, 435 Student Alumni Association 12, 335 Engineerin Councilg Llifutenant Colonel, University Brigadeg Military Coun- ci ' Honors Day 11, 2, 33 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key - Orrs CHARLES CARILLO ,...,..... ...Chicago COMMERCE Accountancy Newman Hall BlliRLIf RAYMOND CARROLL ..,.... .. .Decatur COMMERCE General Burinefr Alpha Tau Omega Scabbard and Bladeg Major, University Brigade Kemper Military Academy DONALD NATHAN CARTRIGI-IT ...... . . .Sandwich ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Miner House Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E. Blackburn College FRANK JAMES CASEY, JR. ................... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Sigma Phi Epsilon XVILLIAM WALKER CASSELL ....... .,.Wir1nerka JOURNALISM Advertising ana' Pnhlirhing Beta Theta Pi M21-Wan-Dag Sachemg Kappa Tau Alphag Phi Eta Sigma, Business Manager, The Daily Illini, Scabbard and Bladeg Skull and Crescent, Men's Glee Club 113 g Major, University Brigade Honors Day 11, 2, 33 4 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ROBERT EVERHART CASTELO .4............ Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirh Phi Delta Theta Sachemg Tribe of Illini, Freshman Varsity Football Squad, Varsity Football Letter 12, 3, 43: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Varsity Basketball Squad 123 Honors Day 12, 33 k Page 55 ix f X5'2 f ff i eofw 1gf.s...g fm, 3 L, - , , E , C772 C9917 1' SAM LAWERENCE CATANZARITE ...... .... G ary, Ind. EDUCATION General Educalian Tau Kappa Epsilon Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad 12, 33 GEORGE ROUDEBUSH CATLETT ..... ..... F ainnaimr COMMERCE Beta Theta Pi ffffffffffffwff Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Beta Gamma Sigmag Phi Eta Sigma: Senior Football Managerg Beta Alpha Psig Band of X3 Caisson Clubg Scabbard and Bladeg Fresh- man Varsity Basketball Squadg Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 13, 415 Lieutenant Colonel, University Bri- gadeg Military Council Honors Day il, 2, 35 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ERNEST SAMUEL CAVALLO ........... ...Cbicaga Pbyfiral Education Delta Alpha Epsilon Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Baseball Squad 133, Letter Q21 MARION DOROTHY CEDERWALL .............., Elgin COMMERCE Trade ana' Civif Seererarial Servire Mary E. Busey Hall Plii Chi Thetag Accountancy Clubg Gregorian Literary Society Honors Day fl, 33 JANE CHAMBERS .........................., Sadoiur LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Kappa Alpha Theta The Siren U, 253 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Production Staff, "Of Thee I Sing" MACLEAN CHANDLER ............ .. .Chicago COMMERCE General Bufinefi Chi Psi VIRGINIA ROSE CHANDLER ............,.... Evaui-mu , LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hiitary Pi Beta Phi W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers IRA THOMAS CHAPMAN .,.......... .Snnzner ENGINEERING if 52,1 51 , ij!- 'gas- 5 if WILLIAM NOYES CHAPMAN ....... .... C laieaga COMMERCE General Buiineir Delta Sigma Phi Accountancy Clubg Coast Artillery Clubg Pershing Riflesg Phalanxg Interfraternity Council Q41 g Captain, University Brigade RORERT SEELY CHERRY ............ ..., 0 .rwega AGRICULTURE General Agrirullure Alpha Chi Rho Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Clubg Illinois Agriculturist 11, 2, 31 AUGUST CHIARY ........... .... . .... ....Peoria ENGINEERING General Engineering A.S.C.E.g Cavalry Oticers Clubg First Lieutenant, University Brigade JOSEPH JOHN CHORVAT ,......... ..... .... C Lv irago COMMERCE Industrial Adminirlralion Accountancy Clubg A.I.Ch.E. Central Y.M.C.A. College ARNE CHRISTENSEN ..,............ .... C bieago ENGINEERING Elerzrical .Engineering A,I.E.E. Crane Junior College ROBERT HENRY CHRISTY ........... ...Cowden ENGINEERING Merbaniral Engineering First Lieutenant, University Brigade JAMES THOMAS CHUMLEY .............. jackiamiille ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Tau Nu Tau: A.S.C.E.g Scabbard and Bladeg The Tcchnograph UU 5 First Lieutenant, University Brigade WILLIAM ANDREW CICCONE. ........... ,Springfield LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES T A I Civil Engineering Cbemijtry Hang C I J , Innis Club Tau Beta PI 3 Phi Eta Sigmag A.S.C,E.g Pershing Springfield Junior College Riilesg The Technograph 135 Honors Day fl, 2, 31 Q University of Illinois Scholar- ship Kev Page 66 , ,B 'TD--X Af' I '- ' If A J .,7!?,l Q Agfiljwmx f ,Oxy W Vg , gy fy fV,,,l X J it , , .N ,Xu X I so f " w 1. " """"a sf. ,,- 1.-C. --ESC-' Y. , -A -"""'i W3 - ' I 1 i' A Y ' rl - B r lf '. f ' "r'i"i ,-' fi K J,.- ' it ,f' ,l 1 f If V, fix ,," V I f R-. 4M,f M ff' I , C, ,.., V1 H If U, '- JV !,..f' Xi' f' lil 4 " RAX Q , in GPN "I . ii!" .i Axe - - ,S l llh' 'ii "Q, L, QQ ff xwwf la 1939 ERVUIN FRANK CIHAK ............... .... B erwyn EDUCATION Agrieullural Education Alpha Tau Alpha, Agricultural Club, Agricultural Education Club, Hoof and Horn Club, Gymkanag The Daily Illini 111, Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad, Varsity Swimming Squad 121 g Freshman Var- sity Water Polo Squad, Star Course 121 LINCOLN ZAMDOZI CIPRIANO ...... .. ,Benld ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Pi Tau Pi Sigma, Second Lieutenant, University Bri- gade GEORGE EDWARD CISCO .................. fer-Jeyrfille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Clarricr Kappa Alpha Psi EDWARD STEPHEN CLANCY. . .. ...... . . .Champaign COMMERCE General Bnfinefr ELLEN ELIZABETH CLARK ......... Grange AGRICULTURE General Home Economicr XVelsh House Home Economics Clubg Production Staff, "La Bo- heme," "I-I,M.S. Pinafore" Lyons Township Junior College HAROLD RICHARD CLARK ........... .. .ML Slef-ling COMMERCE Commerce and Law Captain, University Brigade, Varsity Debate Squad 13, 41 INIARY EMALYN CLARK ........... .... S ullimm COMMERCE General Blrfineu Accountancy Club: Orange and Blue Feathersg Wom- en'S Glee Club 11, 3, 41 Honors Day 111 RICHARD LOUIS CLARK ..,..........,..,. Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Palizifal Science Delta Tau Delta Cast, Illinois Union Minstrel Show 121 'Nd Tw- .9 sf , 5 if J, 351 3 i , I. zaiii - A 1' e , , , 5 I 'R PHILIP JAMES CLEMENTZ ......,........ Villa Grave ENGINEERING Merlaanieal Engineering Wegowana House Tau Nu Tau, A.S.M.E.g Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Major, University Brigade, Military Coun- cil Honors Day 111 CLARENCE XVEST CLEVELAND .......... ..... C bicago Pbyrical .Education Beta Sigma Psi Cavalry Officers Club, Scabbard and Blade, Tribe of Illini, Varsity Cross Country Squad 131 5 First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade JOHN WESLEY CLIFFORD ........... .... V irlafia AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Blackburn College JOHN JOSEPH CLINCH, JR. ....... .... L a Salle COMMERCE Commerce and Law Independent Council 13, 41 La Salle-Peru Oglesby Junior College ROLLAND ARTHUR CLINITE ........ ..... M endafa ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Bradley Polytechnic Institute LAURA MAE COE ........................ Springfield LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Barlefiolagy Kappa Kappa Gamma Pan-Hellenic Council 141, First Council, Woman's League 141 Rockford Collegeg Springfield Junior College RICHARD BOYD COGDAI. ...,.,.... .... U rbana COMMERCE Accountancy Phi Delta Theta Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag Accountancy Clubg Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 411 Student Alumni Association 12, 3, 41 5 University Orchestra 12, 3, 41 Honors Day 111 ANNE RAE COHEN .................... .... E lgm FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Murir Laura B. Evans Hall Women's Glee Club 11, 2, 31, Cast, "La Boheme" x Page 67 Y I f' ' , 1 1 L 772 L99 Z0 SIDNEY COHEN ---.-.-.----.4-- ---- C ffifdgf CLARE BURDEITE CONDE ..............,..... Bnmrim COMMERCE ., LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES . Tmfupofialion C Poliziml Scieme Newman Hall W , First Lieutenant, University Brigade Polo Associationg Freshman Varsity Polo Squadg Var- 'Sr' -A I, N '-,: H V fQ'k H ny ' V sity P010 squad Iz, 31 I I . 'I 'es 1 M fl ? 52 EARL COHN ......, ,... ................... C 1.1 imgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Tau Epsilon Phi ARDEN KEITH COLEY ............ .... C rymzl Lake COMMERCE Accountancy Sigma Phi Epsilon Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Clubg Pershing Rifiesg Star Course 121 Honors Day fl, 35 WYISTT HARRISON COLCLASURE ..... ..... F mimi AGRICULTURE General Agrimllure Alpha Tau Sigmag Agricultural Clubg Dairy Tech- nology Societyg Infantry Oihcers Clubg First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade ROBERT HARTZELL COLE ........... Kanmr Cizy, Ma, COMMERCE Banking and Finanre Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kansas City junior College WAVENELLE VERA COLE .......... ...Orion EDUCATION Home Economies Medea Home Economics Clubg First Council, Woman's League MJ Illinois State Normal University ROBERT CHAUNCEY COLLINS ....... .... C bimga COMMERCE Tmnrportalion Phi Sigma Kappa Senior Council, Accountancy Clubg Pan-Xenia JOSEPH WARREN COMPTON ........... ,Eafr Sz. Lonir LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical ' , an I Sig -f L vu S ,:.., . .::- i bkg- , 1 3 , Q 2 L gg 2 3, 'A is W FRANK CHARLES CONLEY ............ .... B elvidere Pbyriral Eduralion Sigma Nu Delta Theta Epsilong Tribe of lllinig Freshman Var- sity Baseball Squadg Varsity Baseball Squad Q21 Letter G, 413 Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad' Student Alumni Association 13, 51 PEARL ANTOINETTE CONNELL .,.....,.....,... Zion LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlary Alpha Lambda Deltag Le Cercle Francaisg W.A.A.' W.A.A. Numerals Honors Day fl, 2, 31 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key FRANCIS DALE CONNER ................... Carthage LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Pi Tau Pi Sigmag Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 12, 53 CARTER LANE COOLEY ........... .,.., C himga ENGINEERING Merlmniml Engineering Sigma Nu A.S,M.E.g Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Var- sity Basketball Squad l2, 33 3 Freshman Varsity Base- ball Squadg Varsity Baseball Squad 12, 31 JOSIAIAI SEELEY COOPER, JR .......... ..Ea.r1 Sr. Louif ENGINEERING Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. McKendree College DOROTHY CAWTI-ION CORD .................. Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Corinna Group Honors Day flj ROBERT JAMES CORDELL ........... , ...... Bzggrzfzlle LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geology Varsity Rifle Squad GJ It Blackburn College E. K V Page 6? V fy A I IIA -A at fsgiie Aixfpf X ,Delia marie aint 3- la !Q39 JOHN EDWARU CORDES ........... .... R oekford ENGINEERING Ceramic Engirleerlrig Triangle It Phi Eta Sigma: American Ceramic Societyg Keramos E Honors Day il, 2, 31 Q University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key RUDOLPH VICTOR CORMAN ...... ...,... Rurlwille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Western Illinois State Teachers College 3' is fl THEODORE LESTER CORWIN ....... .... W 'beazon .L COMMERCE ' Q-'SFX If Accountancy , ' Sigma Alpha Epsilon g N J l Drake University I G' RUTH MAX' COULTAS ....,.....,,.. ...Cbifagv EDUCATION General Ednralifnz Alpha Xi Delta Northern Illinois State Teachers College "6 1 A NVYMAN RICHARDSON COULTER .... ...Orion COMMERCE A General Barinerr Accountancy Cluh E' ' FANNIE LUCILE COWING .......... .,.Hameu'aod AGRICULTURE General Home Economies Phi Omega Pi Home Economics Clubg Pan-Hellenic Council 13, 41 3 First Council, Woman's League H13 Tamaroa Michigan State College ' rr ,0. 9 EARL BAILEY Cox ........ .. ....... . .... Berman ENGINEERING Elerzrieal ,Enginf'erir1g A.I.E.E. JOHN CORZINE Cox ..........,.............. Olney LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering . I 'S' Q' A.I.Ch.E. 2' Honors Day 631 I -N j 159, Q f'f,f C FX'igefS:, Qbgfsznt ' ' , c ,,k, I N -V W - X -C .VK MJT X ,L A l X ,ij ,M ly Y I- ' I Y JANE TYLER CRAIG ..I..,........ ...Chicago EDUCATION General Education University of Chicago RUTI-I E, CRAIG .......,......,... .... D anville COMMERCE General Bnfineir Kappa Delta Illinois Wesleyan University ROBERT LAVURENCE CRAMER ..,.,..... Waierlaa, Iowa LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Psfjclmlogy Pi Kappa Alpha Columbia College XIINCENT LEON CRAWFORD ......... Kama: City, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering A,I.Ch.E. Kansas City Junior College XVAYNE HUl,BERT CRAWFORD .......... Edinboro, Pa. Pbyfieal Education Phi Kappa Psi Skull and Crescentg Varsity Baseball Squad 13, 41 Pennsylvania State College MARY ANN CREIGHTON ............,....... Fairield LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Corinna Alpha Lambda Deltag First Council, Woman's League I31 1 Orange and Blue Feathers Honors Day fl, Z1 BETTY JEAN CREMEANS ........... ...Springfield AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: MacMurray College EMILY JEAN CRII-IEIELD .......... ..... A tlanra COMMERCE General Burineir Gamma Phi Beta Accountancy Clulag Orange and Blue Feathers X K j Page 69 f a-c, ,f ' x ,,, . ' X ' X, f .f T i.,,Z'Z'.Ts ,Sf T , S Nc .. , ,. l ,. ,I ,ing - I.: A Ag , I C772 Sen VINCENT CROCKER. . . . . . . , .. ..... . ....... ...Peoria ., LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Matbemarirr D Central College V , .. l, A r '55 Joi-IN GUNSTER CROESSMAN ............... DaQuoin , I LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES -' Political Srienre I Tomahawkg Men's Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 435 Cast, if 1.1 .-Tosca-. E K' f i A B WAYNE DAVID CRONE ..,........ ...,.... 5 pringyield AGRICULTURE General Agrirultufe Alpha Tau Alphag Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad FRANK ABRAM CRONICAN ........ .... H omewood COMMERCE General Burinerr Kappa Delta Rho Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg President, Illinois Uniong Ac- 3' countancy Clubg Band of X5 Interfraternity Council viik 15, 43 g Illinois Union Cabinet 13, 43 g Illinois Union " in Board of Directors 143 5 Second Regimental Band " K gl 11, 23 CARL PEDEN CRONINGER ............ ...Cbifago in , JOURNALISM A- ,T ' 'A Adzferliring and Publlrlolng .f I Chi Phi - , 5 E I - Gamma Theta Phig Polo Associationg Freshman Var- ,i sity Polo Squadg Varsity Polo Squad 12, 3, 43 3 Inter- :..:' R fraternity Council 15, 43 g Captain, University Brigade 'QL V' 'A my ' ' ,,,-: N .. SARA MILDRED CRONKHITE ...,............. Rorwille FINE AND APPLIED ARTS ' Art Education Art Institute of Chicagog MacMurray College ' Q.-a f I an 'lfffi as f i JOHN VINCENT CROOKS. . . . . . . . . . . . .. ..... Clairago Il' MORRIS LEVINE CROUSE .......... .... S avanna COMMERCE General Burinerr Manchester College GRANT JORDAN CRUZE ............... Pizfrbargh, Pa. COMMERCE General Burinerr Squirrel Cage M.I.D.A. Council University of Pittsburgh DOROTHY LUCILLE CULLINAN .............. Tremont LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Delta Delta Delta Fontbonne Collegeg St. Mary's College JEAN MARIA CULVER ..................... Lake Villa LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Sociology McKinley Hall Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady" Beloit College WILLIAM CARROLI. CUNNINGHAM .... AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Clubg Field and Furrowg Agricultural Council 143 . . . .Birmarek WILLIAM EVARTS CURRENT ....... COMMERCE General Burinerr Alpha Kappa Psig Alpha Tau Sigmag First Lieutenant, University Brigade . . . .Sidell BETTY JEAN CURTIS ............. ..,. C ham pai gn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES AGRICULTURE Englirlu General Home Economies' Phi Kappa Tau r Delta Delta Delta The Illio 123 3 The Daily Illini 113 A iw 'N Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home A Economics Clubg The Illio 1135 Chairman, Summer Social Committee 133 3 Chairman, Homecoming Com- mittee 133 5 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg K Production Staff, "Dr. Faustus," "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Honors Day 11, 23 WILLIAM EDWARD CROSBY ....,............ Glenview BERNARD ARTHUR CURVIN .."..'.'..'.A' 5p,i,,gfiR1d LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Geology Columbia University Page 70 X Q ---- N fm- ,, ff f!.l"'x X- fx sf-'7' X " Qi '- " -A iff , . ,J Xff xlfffff 12 -NEQQRQ-eikxxx , lf' ' ' --lwlff if . R -il Pdfff :--Q,,.,5t"b "xxx ' :L fff' --A A "'T:1Rx liz! S . Ligifvli 'iipxi I EL.--R I , X , . , , " .Z I. C f .,. 4 ,.-4 It f rf ,w"', I Il I l xx f All if l lllt lL X f 3 L Y: , ,A A I 'li , .R V' .--fe". ' 7 pf 'e'e ,Iwo . I - - if I ,, . f x, ,f X L-- . ' , v. If lf' is-A '--. if " EH la S X939 JEAN MARGUERITE CUSACK ................. Cbirfzgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Frenrl: Theta Phi Alpha The Daily Illini tl! g Pan-Hellenic Council 131 Honors Day 13, JOAN CUSHING ..,.........,....,. .,... C bnmpaign COMMERCE General Burinerr Alpha Chi Omega Accountancy Clubg Phi Chi Theta Honors Day C31 CHARLOTTE SELMA CUSHMAN .,....,. Sl, jarepb, Ma, JOURNALISM Adrertiring and Publifhing Sigma Delta Tau Gamma Alpha Chig Pan-Hellenic Council 1435 First Council, Woman'S League 141 1 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Cast, XVoman's League Show U, 31 ROBERT LOCKE CUTTER .....,. . , ...... , ...,.. Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Afediml Phi Delta Theta Der Deutsche Vereing Dolphins: Skull and Crescentg Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Swimming Squadg Varsity Swimming Letter 12, 3, 45 g Freshman Varsity Water Polo Squad 5 Varsity Water Polo Letter 12, 3, 41 EDXWARD STANLEY DACKIEXYICZ ........ Norris Cbirfrgn COMMERCE General Burinerr Delta Chi JOHN WILSON DADMUN ...... .. ,. Jvlilillllllkff, Wir. COMMERCE Banking and Finanre Phi Kappa Psi Junior Council, Accountancy Clubg Caisson Club, The Illio IZ? 3 Interfraternity Council C45 g Commerce Council Q45 g Second Lieutenant, University Brigade University of Wisconsin DAVID VERNER DAHL ..................... Oak Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bnrteriologg Armour Institute of Technology MARIJANE DAHLEM .........,....,.. jncleron, Mirb. EDUCATION Biology ,f-f X A' 'ex 1 T ,Jgkiii .t - . .5 is -25351 Ie'-i 5 C. . gh Ll Q SI .L :ggi tx A 3 vs ' Xu' V 513' QW 1.2 fr, . we P 'B it I 3 al, 4 bi ia :P asf 333 . . , v gr ?,5 ? : 'ff -If .fF,ri 1 .1tf i , E ,f .f X cw.. f ROBERT LEMING DAHM12 ........ .... C laimgo COMMERCE General Burinerr Delta Sigma Phi Pershing Rifiesg Interfraternity Council C431 First Lieutenant, University Brigade ROBERT STEVENS DARKE ...,.......... . . .Lombard ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, A.S.M.E.g Syntong Second Regimental Band HJ Honors Day 11, 2, 37 3 University of Illinois Scholar' ship Key HELEN ELIZABETH DASENBROOK ........... Rorkford LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirfory Pi Beta Phi W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Major Ig W.A.A. Golf Mrinagerg Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers CLARENCE VUALLACE DAUGHERITY ..... ,.... M umfilfe COMMERCE Acronnlunry Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Coast Artillery Clubg Phalanxg Sophomore Baseball Managerg First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day IU MARY LOIS DAUM ......................, Carmlllon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pryrhology Pi Beta Phi XV.A,A.g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers SAMUEL W. DAVID ..,............ .... C laimgo COMMERCE General Burinerr Newman Hall Accountancy Clubg Caisson Club: Pershing Riflesg First Lieutenant, University Brigade Wright junior College KENNETH EUGENE DAVIDSON ...... .... C linron COMMERCE Arraunlnnry Accountancy Club MARY NORTON DAVIDSON .....,........... Nepanrez AGRICULTURE Generul Home Eronomifr Beta House Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home Economics Clubg Gold Feathers Honors Day U1 Page 71 f .xx , , , .W .,..,N L. . f77zQc9Q TRACY PHILLIPS DAVIDSON. ..... . ..., Cbii-ago COMMERCE Accountancy Sigma Chi Delta Sigma Pi: Pershing Riiiesg Men's Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 413 University Chorus C31 University of Alabama JAMES WILTSI: DAVIS ,................ Clayton, Mo. LIIIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbfllliflij' Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Beta Kappag Phi Eta Sigmag Phi Lambda Upsilong Pi Mu Epsilong Sigma Xig Concert Band il, 21 Honors Day il, 2, 31 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key PAIII. HENDERSON DEAN. . . . ..... ...Clair-fzgn COMMERCE Economics Lambda Chi Alpha Freshman Varsity Tennis Squadg Varsity Tennis Squad CZ, 3, 41 3 Interfraternity Council 131 XVIl,I,lS IVIANSIJIELD IDIECKER. . ...., Goddard. Kim. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geology Rifle Club Kansas State Teachers College LEWIS I.YMAN DEHNER ....... ..,. I .inrnln EDUCATION Playriml Edumiion Alpha Tau Omega Ma-Wan-Dag Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Base- ball Squadz Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Var- sity Baskethall Letter KZ, 3, 41 CLIFFORD ERNEST DELEEAR ......... .... 0 qmizrkn AGRICULTVRE General Agricullnre Western State Teachers College ROY DIELRRIDGIZ ..........,........ ,,.. 1 Unlm COMMERCE Gerrard! Bnfinerr Accountancy Club Northern Illinois State Teachers College ROLAND JOHN DE MARCO ...........I...... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Cavalry Othcers Clubg Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad 12, 311 Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Major, University Brigade Page 72 1 p, VAR g up Kaz, A iw ff , 'E' -In? .,-. -QE St e I t - 'QI-E. -' ' -. . . i ' sm gi -' 5 ' ggfy riga -f 'I' ' ,- ' V u - A - 'W an if - it it K 5, gl " . I V i 2!r'?,tk rS,f get t,.. - wma U f f . 7, I x l X, C ft' . .s 'I ' - ' ss f tx -. , -- ' f 1:-Q., ,-QS,' - , f , 7 11 . Z. ADOLPH LYNN DENNISTON ....... ...Cbimgo COMMIERLE Genern! Bnririefr Sigma Phi Epsilon Accountancy Club Rutgers University XVILLIAM ORN'II.I.IZ DISRROUGH, .... .... C lmnzpaign COMMERCE Accoifnmncy Kappa Sigma Accountancy Clubg Band of X1 The Illio i113 Star Course 121 3 Student Alumni Association 12, 31 3 Com- merce Council 141 ARCHIE JOHN DEUTSCHMAN, JR, ......... Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbunziafry Phi Kappa Sigma , Sachemg Palestrag Tomahawkg Tribe of Illinig Fresh- man Varsity Wrestling Squad 3 Varsity Wrestling Letter 12, 3, 41 3 Independent Council 121 Honors Day Q11 l , I i 1 EMILY JANE DEWHIRST. ...,...........,. ...Maron 1 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Frencly Alpha Gamma Delta Le Cercle Francaisg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Honors Day fl, 21 FRANK TEMPEST DE WOLF .... .. . .Urbana ENGINEERING Eleclrical .Engineering Beta Theta Pi Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nu Honors Day fl, 2, 51 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ROBERT CHARLES DEXVOLE .....,. .... A mam COMMERCE Accountancy I Accountancy Clubg First Regimental Band G, 41 Wfestern Illinois State Teachers College JAMES FRED DICK .,.... . ........ .,.Hei-rin ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Southern Illinois State Normal University KARLENE MARGARET DIEDERICH .....,....... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Engliyln Davenport House Alpha Pi Delta: Gregorian Literary Societyg W.A,A. 1 First Council, Woman's League f-11 3 Third Council, XVoman's League Q41 3 University Chorus fl, 2, 5, 41 ,sxx 1 1 U... , i la RoEER'r JAMES DIFl'IzN'IHAI.l7R ....., , . .0rm1re ENIQINEERING E1m'fv'lrrrl EIIKIVIKILIIJIIQ Phi Gamma Delta Sachem: A.I.E.E.g Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Captain, Varsity Track Squad I-it 3 Var- sity Track Letter IZ, 5, 41 lVTARj0RIl2 ANN DIEI-II. .....,..... I,JlZl'1'C'7IL't"bllI-Q, Ind. I.IIlIiRAL ARTS AND SciIENc:Es Hiilory Pi Beta Phi Terraping W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Major Ig Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers, All-Uni- versity Manager of W.A.A. 133 SIIIRIEY MARIE DIIIMER ........, .. .Prrzrzifrf EIvr'r3A'I'IoN Geography Phi Omega Pi First Council, XVoman's League Ht 3 Tamaroag Pro- duction Staff, "La Boheme" Illinois State Normal University NOEL EUGENE DILLOW' ............ .,.SlwIb3r1lIa ENGINEERING Eleffv-ical Engineering Theta Kappa Nu Ilta Kappa Nu, Pi Kappa Delta, A.I.E.E. Culver-Stockton College GEORGE JOIIN DI.I5SK .,......... ...Berrryn CoMMERc:E Indurlrial Aziminirlmtion Mask and Bauble, Pierrotsg Cast, "Boy Meets Girl," "Spring Formal," "The Drunkard," "Elizabeth The Queen", Production Staff, "Post Road" Morton Junior College Axarorf DoAN .....,.,..,..,.........,., ljlizrrherb LII1IfRAI, ARIS AND Sr:IENr'I2s Sfrciology Production Statf, "Spring Forma1"g Intramural Debate ROBERT RAY Dor:r:soN ........... ..., S jrfifrgjiflrl CQOMMERriI2 Foreign Conzmerce Varsity Track Squad 143 Springfield junior College jANIs ALBITNA Dori ..,.... . .,.. ......,.... B nfrzbanr LIIIERAI. Aars AND Sc:IENcEs Mfrlbvnlrrlirr Salter Court Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Deltag Senior XVom- an'5 Production Manager, Illini Theatre Guild: hiask and Baubler Cast, "Spring Formal," "Brother Rat", Production Staff, "Liliom," "The Admirable Crich- ton," "Dracula" Honors Day fl, 25 I , XX ,A,,- X lf X, G 'W !'2' fa SW ang 4 5- , i 4 ' K as iw ta -naman., rr. aiai C aw Li we ik 'art . 'R in ,a-ng. 1 1 . rt V X939 I.rouA MARIIT DoE .,....,........,....,,. lirrrulrrmr LIBERAL ARTS AND Sc3IIfNr1Es Sjirerla Mortar Boardg Zeta Phi Eta: Mask and Baubleg The lllio 121 3 First Council, XVoman's League HJ : Cast, "Behold This Dreamer," "A Midsummer Nights lbfifillll,-l "The Admirable Crichton," "Boy Meets Ciirl"g Production Stati, "Post Road" firIARI,Es THOMAS DONEGAN ,...,.. Imlirrmrpolir, Iml. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS A1'cbiIer'1n1'al Eirgimfering Honors Day C15 VIYIAN GRAQE DoRciI-I ..,.......,....... ILIIIIII City AcRIc:I:I.'r'r'RE Gfrleral Hfflllc' ELYIPIDIIIIIAJ RORERT INTAURILE DoRE ..,....... ..,,Cbirr1ga CoMMIaRc:E AL'flIllllId77l'j' Accountancy Clubg Independent Council Q31 ,lI'AXNIi DouoI.Ass ...........,..... I.ogmI.fpaI1, Iml. LIBIERAI. AR'r's AND Sc:IENc:Es Euglirb Presbyterian Hall Stephens junior College MADEIYN FLORENCE DORNING ......,... Rark Iflrurrl LIBERAL ARTS AND Sc3IENers Hifrory Alpha Chi Omega Augustana College DON HOXY'ARD DRAGOO .......,,........ Cibrlfllflzljgfl ENGINEERING General Iingirzeering Pershirrg Riflesg Scabbard and Blarleg Captain, Uni- versity Brigade josIfPII THAYER DRAKE .....,...... ,..Tf1nlf1r1 AGRICl'l.'l'l'RE Gefrerfzl Agriclllflrre Delta Upsilon XVestern Illinois State Teachers College Page 73 Q? - ,I ,C f .K my If , X, , ,lp 'S'-: if " ,X , ,.l- 1 I " f 1" r " 1 xl f ., n , V ' 'r f , f l . V' ri X ' 'll . - 'Ma ' A X-. .- " X A f . , I Y "+P - ' ' " ii- 'N 1" if " ff ix i'--"'L""'s il Y X " I ful dr f7'fz CSDQ Z0 RICHARD POTTER DRAKE ....,..... ..... T oulon AGRICULTURE General Agricullure Delta Upsilon Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Alpha Zetag Senior Baseball Manager Western Illinois State Teachers College RUTH DRAKE .... .....,....... ..,.. T o ulon EDUCATION English Presbyterian Hall Western Illinois State Teachers College I.Yl.E HENRY DREMANN ............ . . . . .Princeton EDUCATION Phyrical Education MORRIS DROGIN ...........,......., Bayonne, N. 1. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemiriry Tau Epsilon Phi The Illio C31 g The Daily Illini GI 2 Production Staff, "Elizabeth The Queen" New York University WII.MA JUNE DRYDEN .................. Cirrna Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirh Campbell Cottage Torch, Alpha Lambda Deltag Executive Council, W.G.S. GJ 3 First Council, Woman'S League 12, 35 3 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Woman's Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 45 5 University Chorus M75 Pro- duction Staff, "Follow Thru" Honors Day 41, 21 WILLIAM FRANK DUDLESTON .,...... Chicago Heighrr LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economicx Phi Mu Delta Interfraternity Council 13, 41 WARREN GILBERT DUGAN .............. Sugar Grove ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag First Regimental Band fl, 2, 3, 41 g University Chorus UH Honors Day fl, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- , ,,, 'N new se Im. It ri. .asv it -if RUTH CLAIRE DUNKLAU ................... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemiflry Keeler Kottage Klub Mundelein College ELMER EVANS DITNLAP ........... ...Columhur, Ind, COMMERCE Indnrtrial Adminirtrazion Phi Delta Theta DePauw University RALPH GORDON DUNLOP .......... Maron Cizy, Iowa LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Phi Gamma Delta Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 145 g Cast, "Amac0" Carleton College DOROTHY FAY DUNN ................... Champaign AGRICULTURE General Home Econonzicr Home Economics Club XVILBUR LAWRENCE DUNN. ..... .. ...Chicago ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Alpha Tau Sigmag A.S.C.E.g Captain, University Brigade JOHN JOSEPH IDUNNVORTH. . , . . . . ....... ...Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Phi Mu Delta Alpha Tau Sigmag Rifle Clubg Infantry Officers Clubg Pershing Rifiesg Phalanx, Second Lieutenant, Univer- sity Brigade Morgan Park junior College MARY FAE DURST ...........,,. ..... W err Frankfort EDUCATION General Education Phi Mu Gamma Alpha Chip Gold Feathersg University Or- chestra f2, 31g Production Staff, "Of Thee I Sing," 5hiP Kev "IOlanthe" Lindenwood College JAMES WILLIAM DU M01-IN "A--'A--'-- ---- C bingo XVILSON DXVYER ................... . ...... Brocton .IOURNAUSM LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Arherliring and Puhlirhing p,e,Law Sigma Phi Epsilon Chairman, Senior jacket Committee, Interfraternity Council fill Page 74 f' ' . 1' 1 ,f .. ,f ' S , if J I f I ftfff? A567 that wwf avi ,Sc L2-.puyxkx ff-In -L. CY, If fu! g ff. X l-5-,I , V: YJ A ,X ir? L Xl X 'T-'lT'Nl'AL"' W "' i XJ Z ill ,V fi 1 4 i' ff., Y-Aix' ill' f'! 'L' X ' il! af X gidc ill ff sexo-f-Ir XX ,T pile I I, XSS , x ,X la X939 EDWARD LOUIS EAGLE. . . .. .... . . .. ..... . .... Moline LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Zeta Psi Phi Kappa Phig Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigmag Illini History Club Honors Day Q1, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ELMER TRYON EBERSOL, JR. ............. Champaign ENGINEERING Eleczrical Engineering Men's Glee Club Q2, 3, 41 3 University Chorus Q1, 2, 3, 41 3 Captain, University Brigade EDWARD DARWIN EBERT ........... .... C harnpaign ENGINEERING Ciril Engineering Phi Gamma Delta Chi Epsilon, Sigma Taug A.S.C.E. Honors Day Q1, 31 MARION LUCILLE EDLER .,........, .... C hicago COMMERCE General Bufineix McKinley Hall First Council, Woman's League Q3, 41g Executive Council, R.G.S. GARTH WILI.IAM EDWARDS .,...... Idaho Fallr, Idaho COMMERCE Sigma Chi Accountancy First Vice-President, Illinois Union: Student Senate Q41 3 Band of Xg Accountancy Clubg Chairman, Stunt Show Committee Q31 3 General Chairman, Homecom- ing Q41g Chairman, Gymkana Q31g Chairman, Uni- versity Dance Committee Q41 g Illinois Union Cabinet Q31g Illinois Union Board of Directors Q41g Com- merce Council Q41 George Washington University JOHN ANDREW' EDWARDS ............ .... T olono AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Phi Delta Theta Concert Band Q2, 31 Q First Regimental Band Q11 MANESA AMY EDWARDS .,.......... .... 0 neida AGRICULTURE General Home Economic! 4'H House Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home Economics Clubg W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Gold Feathers NANCY BURTON EGER ............. .... C hicago AGRICULTURE General Home Economic! Phi Mu Phi Upsilon Omicrong Shi-Aig Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers t an ir' E 4 it . 1 'Fai Y W ii S fur! Tw Q' ' EE X 'Q MEl,VIN EDWARD EILERS ...... ' ..... .... G illefpie ENGINEERING , General Engineering ' A Phi Eta sigma Q Ye, I Honors Day Q1, 2, 51 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key k , ? I - 1 STERLING KENWOOD EISIMINGER ....... Eau Sr. Loui: ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Triangle Tau Nu Taug A.S.M.E.g Pershing Riflesg Scabbard and Bladeg Varsity Pistol Team Q3, 41 3 Interfratemity Council Q31 Q Major, University Brigade R PAUL FRANK ELARDE .............. .,.Chicago ENGINEERING Engineering Phyricr Engineering Physics Club Wright junior College RonIaR'I' j0sEPI-I ELLINGEN ........ .... M enrlota COMMERCE Induftrial Adminiflralion Delta Tau Delta Second Regimental Band Q2, 31 3 Cast, Illinois Union Minstrel Show Q2, 51 Honors Day Q21 LaSalle-Peru Oglesby junior College EFEIE RUTH ELLIOTT .......,............. Chehanre AGRICULTURE General Home Economicr Bethany Circle Phi Epsilon Omicrong Home Economics Club LAVIZRNIZ EI.LIoTT .................. .... A nborn COMMERCE Banking and Finance Accountancy Clubg Production Staff, "The Shining Hour," "Petticoat Fever" EI.IAs A. ELLIS ........................... Danville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Prychology Psi Chi Omegag Varsity Swimming Squad Q21, Letter QS, 41 THOMAS FLETCI-IER ELLIS .,....... .... C hampaign COMMERCE Accountancy Sigma Chi Beta Alpha Psi, Accountancy Clubg Second Regi- mental Band Q1, 21 Honors Day Q11 ' N Page 75 W- fi5s' ftafkfsa I-fi X 'A W- EM sl, E i W I-A at XZ.,-fi, kiwi i Nfeini XR 5 in I F772 C99 1' 31 f , . I, 'P M- -"L" ,., lf ,-1' : ----Lvl " N, ,gl 1' - I LU, 'fix X Cl, 1 ,Hx A .yrdf HOWARD STANLEY EI.LMoRE ...... .... E mlm: JOURNALISM Adrertirifzg and Publirlnirzg College Hall Alpha Tau Sigma, Sigma Delta Chi, Tomahawk, Independent Council Q21 3 Captain, University Brigade Honors Day Q11 I.0RIN ASHLEY EI.LswoR'I'H ..........,....., Chicago JOURNALISM Adrerliring and Publirlying Delta Alpha Epsilon Sigma Delta Chi, Production Staff, "Elizabeth The Queen," "Boy Meets Girl," "Brother Rat," "H,M.S. Pinafore" Northwestern University, Wright Junior College HARRIETTE EI.soM .............,.......... Ezmzfmu LIRERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Speech Mask and Bauble, Production Staff, "Post Road," "Boy Meets Girl," "La Boheme," "Elizabeth The Queen," "Brother Rat" JOHN GAR1'II EI.zEA, JR ......,... ..,Qniury COMMERCE Acfounlancy Theta Chi Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Student Senate 12, 3, 41 , Accountancy Club, Band of X, Cavalry Officers Club: Scabbard and Blade, junior Football Manager, Inter- fraternity Council 141: Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors C415 Major, University Brigade, Freshman Council, Commerce Council, Illini Board of Control NORMAN JOSEPH EMGE ...........,, Emnrrille, Ind. COMMERCE Arcofznmnry Accountancy Club University of Colorado, Evansville College JAMES PATRICK ENGLISH, JR ....... Woodridge, N. j. LIBERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES Cbemirtry University of Notre Dame I'IliI.IiN ELIZABETH ENGSTROM .............. Deerfield LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bnlzrny Vesta Women's Glee Club 141, University Chorus fl, 2 3, 41 Central Y.M.C.A. College ROGER KIENNIETH ERICSON ........ .... R or-kffml ENGINEERING Engineering Pbyricr Alpha Kappa Lambda Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Engineering Physics Club, Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad Honors Day U, 31 Page ,Y , ,, "N, l T " P QS 93 at ,ia 3' 5' rw, 'Et ,Ma . ,' if at .32 X. X E 'I I S NU! Z. CARI. FREDERICK ERIKSUN .....,.,..,. .... I iockfofrl ENIQINEIQRINIL Iller'ba11ii'1zl Ezrgirzerrirrg A.S.M.E., Tau Nu Tau, First Lieutenant, University Brigade MURIEI. EDITH ERIRSON ......., .... I lor-bforiz' COMMIERCIE Arvolffzfizricy Davenport House Accountancy Club, W'.A.A. Augustana College FRANK SMITH ERVIN .....,.,.... Hfzizforrl Cizy, Ind. KQOMMERCE .flcvomzlfznry Sigma Chi Beta Alpha Psi, The Illio fl, 21, Interfraternity Council Q31, Men's Glee Club ll, 21 , Cast, "Any- thing Goes" Honors Day Q21 FORD POWELL ESHLEMAN ,..,.........,, Collimrille LIRERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Alediml Sigma Chi Der Deutsche Vereing Le Cfercle Francais, Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad Honors Day fl, Z, 31 , University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key Wlestminster College GLENN HARMON ETHERTON ........ ..... I .e Rny AGRICULTURE General Ag1'ir'11lfu1'e Alpha Kappa Pi Illinois State Normal University CHARLES DURXYOOD EVANS ..... . .... ..,. C bimgo ENGINEERING .Mefburrifal Erzgizreering Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. Honors Day 131 ROLLIN BRANYAN EVANS ........... ,. .Clair-ago AGRICIIITURE General fig1'ffl1flll1'E Agricultural Club, Horticulture Club RAYMOND HENRX' EVERS .,.... ..,.., . ..Bloaming11m LIBERAL ARTS ANI: SIJIENCES Cb!'l71IJl7'j 76 1' 5 f yu xxx! K X1 J I V nzf' ,f 'fa , ,f 1 4- I K, XX K, ,f ,ff- X f, 1 N, I, K X 2.x Cr , X A ,f 'Mx .X 2, X, W .V this X! If I! ,rl XXXSI-fy 3 . gdbx.. X ESM Z ,f- wf -S 4-X., If- tx , . . 41:11 ,, V' ew 1,5 ff 4, ,f-gxff' 'ez is sr ,f F , 5 'FW --.Q , , , , . X XJ,-f I ,,.,. X,,.:X ,glstinfff If M", JL f 'nf 'XX M R lx ,1 1 ,' 1 X ll ff' , 1 tx , XVILLIAM ARMSTRONG EVVAN. . ,.. , la X939 . . . .Calm ACRICIILTURE General Agrirrzlfnre The Penthouse Alpha Zeta, Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day 11, 2, ship Key MI2I.vIN EARL EWING .......,... 35 , University ot' Illinois Scholar- . . . Toiufzndu EDUCATION Ce Hera! Edlfcafiou MARGARIET' EI.IzAI1IzTI-I FAIRBAIRN .......... Gfilerbmg Plagricrzl Elflliflliyll Mary E. Busey Hall Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, President, W.A.A., Student Senate 145, Alpha Sigma Nu, W.A.A. Numerals, Major I, First Council, Woman's League 145 Honors Day 11, 2, ship Key 55 g University of Illinois Scholar- BYITRA FRANCES FANNINC ...........,....... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englixly Alpha Delta Pi First Council, Woman's League 155 1 Gold Feathers, Star Course 125 XVILIIS GRANT FARISS .......,....... Downerr Gnu-e COMMERCE flffgllflldflfj' Alpha Kappa Psi, Accountancy Club Northwestern University NELLO FARNETI ........................... Cbimgo FINE AND APPLIED ARTS A1'flJileffm'e Alpha Chi Rho A.S.C.E. Grorusia I.IzsTER FARNsxwoR'I'I-I, JR ..,. .. . .01If1u'a ENGINEERING Ciril Engiflvwirlg Delta Tau Delta Sachem, Tau Beta A.S,Cf.E., Mu-San eulation Manager, Band 11, 25, Cast, Honors Day 11, 2, ship Key Pi, Phi Eta Sigma: Chi Epsilon, The Daily Illini 11, Z, 55: Cir- The Siren 145, First Regimental Illinois Union Minstrel Show 135 35 1 University of Illinois Scholar- CHARI.IiS EI.I,IoT'r FARRINIQTON .,...... . .,Sffef1tor Physical Edlzcnlion Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Theta Epsilon, Tribe of Illini, Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, Varsity Baseball Squad 125, Letter 13, 45: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad, Varsity Basketball Squad 12, 3, 45, Letter 135 if , ai t A int? 925- V lee s -rf 5 at me as f is I r f"'.:fs ' :' I, ' A L R al ei X6 2 ' ,,, Y' mah , 1 im JAMES Rom-RI' FARRINLSTON ..... ,... S lfefzfor COMMERCE Cerleml Bzuizzims Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma: Accountancy Club, Skull and 'Cres- cent: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, lnterfraternity Council 155 g Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 115 , Student Alumni Association 125 Honors Day 115 RALPH THOMAS FAVO .........,..,. Oakmonr, Penn. COMMERCE Banking and Finance Freshman Varsity Football Squad, Varsity Football Squad 12, 3, 45 3 Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad, Independent Council 15, 45 BEULAH PAVIINE FEATHERSTONI3 ..,........ F1-arzklirz FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Pninzing McKinley' Hall Alpha Lambda Delta: Illustrators Honors Day 11, Z, 35 , University ot' Illinois Scholar- ship Key RIr.I-IARD MEILON FEE ..,......... .... C bimgo EDUCATION Pbgriml Edumiinn Tau Kappa Epsilon Freshman Varsity Hockey Squad, Varsity Hockey Squad 13, 45: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad 12, 35, Illinois Union Board of Directors 145 NORMAN VIIQTOR FEI-IRM ............. .... C bit-ago ENGINEERING itlcclmniml Engineering Triangle A,S.M.E.g Dolphins, Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad, Varsity Swimming Squad 12, 3, 45, ProduC- tion Stalf, Illinois Union Minstrel Show 135 HEI.IfN IRlnNlf FIZIFKI ............ .... C bicago EDUCATION Germzm Mary E. Busey Hall The Independent 145 1 Production Statf, "Kind Lady" Vifilson junior College, Carthage College MARY JILNF Fri LOXVS ,.......... . ,......... La Salle LIBERAL ARTs AND Sc:II:N1:Ies Ellglffb Alpha Omicron Pi XK'7O!l'lCl'llS Glee Cilub 135 La Salle-Peru Oglesby Junior College I5Ill,lJRl'l5 MART' LoI'IsE FERI2s ..,..,.., ..,Bem'yn P151-Qfjlidl Education Stratford House XV.A,A,: XX".A,A. Numerals, Major I Morton ,lunior College Page 77 If J -c 'ixiffx X Q N! 5, , TE ,Lisa YQ - NS ---F--X -fsiiff' e--2-9 3-'ev ' eff! X iwct R ef ,ff , 7.1 1 Af -'-- , , 'ey f , X XC 1--2:1-.L .1 - F-, , 1 f--- 'T' -fir f I ..i-3, ff ,off I 51, ., 5 any I" X ff ,kxg X, ,.,, .L V fl, , N In I, JM ix, ,!,..l Y I fp, If Lux x 'PM W N. jd. ff ff ,X , K J A F772 Sen 1' FREDRIC WILLIAM FERMIER ........,. Hanford, Conn. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Michigan State College ROBERT EDMUND FERRIS .......,........... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Kappa Delta Rho Phi Delta Phig German Club, Cast, "A Midsummer Night's Dream"g Production Staff, "Bartered Bride," "Dracula" Wriglrt junior College LEONARD FII-IMAN ................. Kamar Cily, Kan. ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Granada Club A.S.M.E. Kansas City Junior College NATHAN VAUGHAN FILBEY ...... ....Urbana COMMERCE Accountancy Beta Theta Pi Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi, Accountancy Clubg First Regimental Band Q35 g Second Regimental Band Cl, 25 1 Student Alumni Association Q, 3, 41 Honors Day fl, 2, 55 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key CHARLES WILLIAM FILSON ...... . . , .... Tayloroille COMMERCE General Burinen' Ma-Wan-Dag Phi Eta Sigmag President, M,I.D.A.g Student Senate Mjg Vice-President, junior Class, Co-Chairman, Independent Informal G53 Co-Chair- man, M,I.D.A.-W.G.S. Mothers Dlsly Banquet 153: Second Regimental Band 11, 233 .I.D.A. Council 12, 3, 41 3 Commerce Council Q41 5 University Concert and Entertainment Board 15, 45g Cast, "Anything Goes", Production Staff, "Dracula" Honors Day il, 23 JERRY MEYER FINDER .............. ..... C birago COMMERCE General Burinerr Phi Epsilon Pi WILLODEAN LIN FINLEY ................ Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanifla Sigma Delta Pig Spanish Club RALPH FIORENTINI ,.................. , . .Carlirwille FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Marie Fraternillini Phi Mu Alphag Arepog Independent Council 1415 Concert Band Cl, 2, 5, -U 5 University Orchestra MJ g Production Staff, "Tosca," "La Boheme," "H.M.S. Pinafore" Honors Day CZ, 31 ELEANOR JANE FIRKE ................... Monticello LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES EngliIlJ Kappa Alpha Theta Connecticut College for Women LEROY HENRY FISCHER .................... Hayman LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlory Alpha Kappa Lambda Illini History Clubg Second Regimental Band il, 21 3 Student Alumni Association 12, 31 5 Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady," "Tosca" RAYMOND ARTHUR FISCHER ........ ..... D apo JOURNALISM New! and Editorial Fi-john House Gamma Theta Phig Caisson Club, The Independent 13, 41 g Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad, Independent Council Q3, 41 5 M.I.D.A. Executive Board ARTHUR GILMORE FISH ............ ..,. S pringfield EDUCATION Pbyrical Education Phi Gamma Delta Springfield junior College ALBERT FISHER, JR. .............. .... H ammond AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Fraternillini Agricultural Clubg Coast Artillery Clubg Phalanxg Rifle Cluhg Major, University Brigade Honors Day 12, 51 ALTON RALPH FISHER .................... Oak Park FINE AND APPLIED ARTS bzndrcape Arclailefture Delta Tau Delta Honors Day 133 Scarab GERTRUDE ELIZABETH FINNEGAN .... ...Dwighz EDWIN JOHN FISHER .---'...-.. pulu ..'- C 1, fmgo EDUCATION ENGINEERING GFWWI Ed'ff4fl0'1 Electrical Engineering I-Oki Lambda Chi Alpha Le CCFCIC FFMICIUSS Gold Feathers A.I.E.E,g Caisson Club, First Lieutenant, University Brigade Page 78 f" fj f f-"X K-q'fN C , MA ,-fy fu at-Lb x ,f T SJ J J'3,fN re X A X 2 rife V' Di -I I ' ,fn 53 P7 REP :iii as xfklxjilf' X ,Effie ii ,fait it ff I S X93 WILLIAM HARRY FISHER .......... ..... A Iran COMMERCE General Burineff Sigma Phi Epsilon Accountancy Clubg First Regimental Band 12, 3, 45 5 Second Regimental Band 111 MARGERY ANN FLANINGAM ........... .... E vannan A Plyyxical Eduralian B Alpha Phi f W.A.A.g Gold Feathers, Student Alumni Associa- W tion m Vg M Knox College , IZ THOMAS COULSON FLANINGAM... ...Champaign -- T, COMMERCE ' I General Bu.rine.rJ Sigma Chi f A Skull and Crescentg Alpha Tau Sigmag Sophomore ' 3 Baseball Managerg First Lieutenant, University Brigade - I Q X JANET FLENTJE .....,................... Springheld FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Mzuii: Education Chi Omega Sigma Alpha Iotag The Daily Illini fll g Gold Feathersg University Chorus 13, 45 3 Fine Arts Council il, 2, 3, 41 g Production Staff, "Man and the Masses," "Carmen" Springfield junior College Louis PHILLIP FLESCH ,,..,....,.. .... S pringneld ENGINEERING Metallurgical Engineering Mineral Industries Society, The Technograph fl, 21 g Independent Council f2Jg Production Staff, "The Little Clay Cart" 4- at ,I 4. Xa . a li , -Q F me 'X E .ai- , Q' .f ff EDWARD RUSSELL FLEURY .......... ..... C bicago ENGINEERING Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. XVALTER NEWTON FORESTER. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .DuQuoin JOURNALISM Adfertixing and Publilhing Beta Theta Pi MA Alpha Tau Sigma, Scabbard and Bladeg Captain, University Brigade Kemper Military Academy JOSEPI-IINE MAE FORRESTBR ...... .... EDUCATION Englifla Laura B. Evans Hall Western State Teachers College X , .jacksonville JACK CURTIS Foss ...... L .......... .....Cl:icago ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Pi Tau Pi Sigmag A.I.E.E.g Captain, University Bri- gade Honors Day fl, 23 GERALD ORVILLE FOSSLER. . . . . . . . .. .... Rockford COMMERCE General Buiineu Accountancy Club RAYMOND NORMAN FOSSLER ....... ....Belridere AGRICULTURE Flaricullure FRANK CAVAN FOWLER ......... ...Kamax City, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemifal Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Kansas City junior College WALTER EDWARD FoRD ....... . ............. Chicaga MARIANNA MAXWELL FOWLER .... ,...Cenzralia LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES - --" ' EDUCATION General ' , Englixln 1 ' ax- f Beta House 'A ig A! - XV.A.A.g W.A.A. Numefais ,QA ,fi WILLIAM DAVID Fonn ............. .... L a Grange zgvu -- -, FRANK XAVIER Fox .............. .... B ellerille ENGINEERING I .,.ffA in AGRICULTURE Ceramir: ' i n ' General Agriculture Lyons Township Junior College I L Delta Upsilon - A ii I Page 79 W ,C I, f fi 2- , f X!-S I .. Lf xff X fi-:-':- eg 113.5--2-'Q-N A,eif-1 Q"e1"- g"":X A N . Q S--'N 5' W I J Q W 5 Age ia A 72 A F772 SQ VIRGINIA O'DEAR FRANK. . . . . . ........ Cnlumez Cizy JOURNALISM Ad1f'l'Vll.Il1L'g and Publishing Kappa Alpha Theta Torchg Kappa Tau Alphag Alpha Lambda Deltag Shi-Aig The Daily Illini 11, 213 Chairman, Stunt Show Committee 131g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers: journalism Council 141 Honors Day 11, 31 GEORGE EDWARD FRANKLAND ......... ...Albion ENGINEERING Merlmnicul Engineering Delta Phi A.S.M.E.g Second Regimental Band 111 EMILY POWERS FRANKS ..,........,...,...,. Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirly Kappa Kappa Gamma KATHRYN DANEORTH FRANKS ...........,.... Prom: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Kappa Kappa Gamma Shi-Aig The Illio 11, 21 g W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association 121 5 Cast, "Anything Goes" EDVUARD SMITH FRASER ........... Earl Orange, N. J. ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Business Manager, The Technographg Tau Nu Taug Pershing Rillesg Scahbard and Bladeg Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Varsity Cross Country Squad 121 5 Interfraternity Council 121 3 Engineering Council 141: Lieutenant Colonel, Uni- versity Brigadeg Military Council Honors Day 11, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key I'IAROI,D WALKER FRASER ............ Dawnerr Grare ENGINEERING Elerlricnl Engineering A.I.E.E. HERBERT K. FRAZIEE .................. Green Valley COMMERCE General Bzninefr Vice-President, Senior Classg Independent Council 13, 41 ROSALIA LOUISE FREDA ........... .... P ark Ridge EUUCATION General Education Alpha Omicron Pi The Illio 111 g W.A.A.g Chairman, Homecoming Committee 1315 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Northwestern University Page 80 ,' '14--x Byf- flf, SRX. .1 If If , A- , ,JA Q! A arf- ' " f ll C in ,I 1 5 V 5- -ji' 1 y X .--X Wd Dx N Aw 1 x ,, in W 1 -. I nb 259 V! I I E Q ' 4? 1 33 get "vers f lin: lfi:.' Iii : far A Z. EVA MARLOWE FREERLIRQ ...... . .. .... Gnlm EDUCATION Ccneizil Edncalion Chi Omega Stephens junior College HITNRY DAX'IS FRITDMAN ..,........ .. .Chicago COMMERCE Coninferre and Law Tau Delta Phi Interfraternity Council 13, 41 Xlilright junior College MARK ODDY FRFFDMAN ..... . .............. Cl7lL'lIg0 LII-IERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Zeta Beta Tau The Daily Illini 111 3 Chairman, Dads Day Committee 131: Chairman, Homecoming Committee 1215 Inter- fraternity Counril 131 g Cast. "Of Thee I Sing," "Anything Goes" VIRGINIA JACQVELINE FREELAND ..... .... B etbany EDUCATION General Eelzzcafion Davenport House Accountancy Club ROBERT FREEMAN .....,...... .. Cbirago COMMERCE Arconnlancy Accountancy Clubg Der Deutsche Vereing Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad Central Y.M.C.A. College RONALD IVIAURICIE FRETTIE .......... ...Paxton AGRICULTURE General Agriculture HEl.EN ELISABETH FRELKDENBERG ........... Belleville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Laura B. Evans Hall Alpha Lambda Delta: Women's Glee Club 11, 213 University Chorus 11, Z, 31 Honors Day 11, 21 MINNIF FRIEDLANIJER .............. Chicago Heigblr EDULATION General Edncalion I.aura B. Evans Hall VV ,XX J rl, I ,N 1 . If - , , - CX J f X X ff f' 'Q' 1 Us YY .....n.- I- ,.,f , f , , ,,,, , f -, , 1' ,f 4.-. .. ll ,f 1 G I N1 ,K I" lift ., X Z lf A I ix y- II f Ssvoxff. llv ' ur ,l , N ' L ill . f f I ,f tx ,,.. ,- 'E f' I , 1 , if , . , N f- A- f f r- ., T' il' .5 V. N ' 1--"T , .-, , r'-X L. 1 CTZQ ELLEN LYNN FRIEDI.I ...,................. Bellerille LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES 5'm'lolngj Alpha Xi Delta WesteI'n College for Wonien RICHARD NELsoN FRYE ...... . ......, .. . . , .Dmzrille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirtory Pi Tau Pi Sigmag Scimitarg The Daily Illini 11, 21 1 Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad: Varsity Fencing Squad 12, 3, 41 3 First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day 11, 2, 31 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key HEI.EN LOUISE FUI-IR ..........., .... G alerbnrg EDUCATION General Eduralian Pi Beta Phi Zeta Phi Eta, First Council, Woman's League 1415 Varsity Debate Team 13, 41 3 Tamaroa Knox College HERBERT LESTER FYIE ............ ,... F airfield COMMERCE Areonntanfy Beta Alpha Psi, Accountancy Club Honors Day 121 University of Chicago ROBERT XXVILLIAM GAINES ......... .... U rbmm ENGINEERING Merlmniml Engineering Pi Tau Sigma: Tau Beta Pig A.S.M.E. Honors Day 11, 31 GLENN ALIEN GALAXX'AY ......,.., Fmt Worrb, Tex. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arrbitertlne Delta Tau Delta University of Texas I'IAI,LE GALI-IULY., ............,.....,., Wlaiie Hall LIRERAL ARTS AND Sc:IENCEs Political Science Kappa Alpha Theta Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Deltag Shi-Aig Lo- Chairman, Mothers Day Committee 121 3 Pan-Hellenic Council 13, 41 3 First Council, Woman's League 131 1 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Star Course 121 Honors Day 11, 2, 51 L University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key EDWARD GERALD GALLAGHER .......... .... D e Kalb ENGINEERING Agrifullurnl Engineering Delta Chi Northern Illinois State Teachers College 1 hw 3 'Q ft 5 1 1 3 ,ix 'me 1,1 , 5 a t 'in ..-If' , J 1 .G TY I A fe it t r a I A X . I ,A ',.:: F Q L . 3 - ' A IN 'pw S" ,... gf-, A 1939 RVTIEI MARY CQALLAGHFR ........., ...Morton EDUCATION Speech Mary E. Birsey Hall MacMurray College MAURICE GILBERT GANTZERT ...... .... G ardner AGRICULTURE General Agrirulture Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Clubg Illinois Agriculturist 11, 2,' 51 3 Sophomore Football Managerg Illinois Union Board of Directors 141 3 Student Alumni Association 121 1 Major, University Brigade EDXVARD TULLY GARDNER, JR. ..... ..,.. 0 ak Park COMMERCE General Blzrinerr Delta Phi Accountancy Club, Gymnasticag The Siren 131 Oak Park junior College IVIARIAN JEAN GARDNER ................. Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Alpha Omicron Pi The Illio 111 g The Daily Illini 121 g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers ELEANOR MAY GARM .....,....... ..... B eardrzown EDUCATION Speerb Gamma Phi Beta Northwestern University RORERT CRANE GARRIETSON ..... ,...HubLard Woadr LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Claemirlry Delta Upsilon A.I.Ch.E,3 Cavalry Officers Clubg Pershing Riflesg Rifle Clubg Scabbard and Blade, Skull and Crescentg Freshman Varsity Polo Squadg Captain, University Brigadeg Cast, "Man and the Masses" Honors Day 111 FRANK JAMES GARRFTT, JR ........ ..... 0 ak Park COMMERCE General Burineir Alpha Sigma Phi Cavalry Olhcers Club: Phalanx: Freshman Varsity Polo Squad, Varsity Polo Squad 13, 41 g Captain, Uni- versity Brigade ALICE LUCILLE GATES .............. . . . .Tlaomarboro AGRICULTURE General Home Eronamicr 1, X-1' Page 81 A p C A 1, WMV , , A - I i , - X. V 2 ' i as , X 1 Lx X x 7729 Sen 1' LEE CONNEL GATEWOOD .........,... Highland Park ENGINEERING Merloaniml Engineering Beta Theta Pi Tau Nu Tau, A.S.M.E.g Scabbard and Bladeg Cap- tain, University Brigade FREDERICK CHARLES GEDGE, JR. .............. Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Poliziral Science Phi Gamma Delta Ma-Wan-Da: Sachemg Business Manager, The Illiog Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, Skull and Crescentg Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 41 DONALD EUGENE GEHRING .....,..,. .... W 'azaga COMMERCE Banking and Finance Phalanxg Major, University Brigade Illinois College EDWARD WHITE GEISER ................. Park Ridge ENGINEERING Meclaaniral Engineering A.S.M.E.g The Technograph 11, 2, 31 WALTER WILLIAM GEISTER ,...... .... E lgin COMMERCE Commerre and Law Sigma Nu Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad 121 JOHN EDWARD GEISZ .............,. ...Chadwick Pbyncal Education Carthage College ISABELLE HERBERTA GEITHMAN ............ Rockford LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speedo Delta Gamma Zeta Phi Etag Orange and Blue Feathersg Cast, "Follow Thru," "Brother Rat" GERALDINE MATILDA GEORGE. .......... ...Eramzon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Alpha Kappa Alpha Page 82 I EE E ' 1? wtf 1 gig X an Q ' WILLIAM ROBERT GERLER ................. Oak Park JOURNALISM Adzferliring and Publixbing Associate Editor, The Siren, Gamma Theta Phi, The Daily Illini 121 g The Independent 15, 41 5 Inde- pendent Council 12, 3, 413 Men's Glee Club 121, journalism Council 141 g Cast, Illinois Union Minstrel Show 131 Central Y.M.C.A. College JOSEPH CHRISTOPHER GIANOTTI. . . . .. .Reddirk COMMERCE Aeeozmlanry JANE ELIZABETH GIBBS. , . . ............. , .... Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economic: Pi Beta Phi W,A.A. Lincoln College MARJORIE JEAN GIEHLER .....,............. Ozxawa LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hiitofy Chi Omega Alpha Lambda Delta: The Daily Illini 1113 Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association 121 3 Production Staff, Illinois Union Minstrel Show 121 Honors Day 11, 31 BETTY LOU GILBERT ...............,....... Freeport LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Engliib Alpha Chi Omega Pan-Hellenic Council 141 g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers, Star Course 121 5 Student Alumni Association 121 11UII.I.IAM SAWYER GILBERT ......... ..... C birago ENGINEERING General Engineering A.S.C.E.g Pershing Rifles: University Chorus 111 Northwestern Universityg Armour Institute of Tech- nology CHARLES THOMAS GII.I.ES .,....... .... P erolum COMMERCE Areounlanry Accountancy Club ARTHUR VUALLACE GILLESPIE ........, Oelufein, Iowa COMMERCE Arcounlancy Senior Council, Accountancy Clubg Coast Artillery Clubg Men's Glee Club 121 g Freshman Councilg Lieu- tenant Colonel, University Brigade, Military Council Honors Day 131 la IQSQ Joi-IN ARRIN GILLIES, JR. ..,.......... Tnpeka, Kan. ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Sigma Nu A.S.M.E. New Mexico Military Institute NORMA JEAN GILLINGHAM .............. Champaign JOURNALISM Adrertiring and Pzzblifbing Alpha Chi Omega Torchg Phi Kappa Phig Kappa Tau Alphag Alpha Lambda Deltag Woman's Editor, The Daily Illinig Phi Alpha Chig Theta Sigma Phig Co-Chairman, Sum- mer Prom Committee 131 3 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association 121 g Iournalism Council Q41 Honors Day fl, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key NATI-IANIEI. MANUAL GINSBERG ..,.. Kumar Cily, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry NICHOLAS PETER GIOVAN ........ .... C laimgo COMMERCE General Burinefr Sigma Alpha Epsilon Beloit College ALICE GLENNQN ................. .... B emenz AGRICULTURE General Home Emnamicr Alpha Lambda Deltag Omicron Nug Home Economics Clubg Orange and Blue Feathers Honors Day 11, 2, 31 I University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key MARYELLEN GLERUM ...........,.. ..,. A Iaywaod JOURNALISM Special and Cfiliml Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Sigma Nug Theta Sigma Phig W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Major Ig Production Staff, "Brother Rat" Northern Illinois State Teachers College ,R Q ,av Q , Q , A it IVIILTON JOSEPH GOLDFARB ............. Wood River LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Tau Epsilon Phi Phi Eta Sigmag A.I.Ch.E.g Gymnasticag Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squad Honors Day fl, 21 RUTH OPAL GOLDMAN ...............,..... Cbimga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology The Illio Q21 g Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Asso- ciation Q21 Wright Junior College MARY ELIZABETH GOLDSBERY ............, Hooperton LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Philoropby Stratford House I.e Cercle Francaisg Spanish Club DORIS MAY GooD ................ ..... K ewanee COMMERCE Accounlancy Mary E. Busey Hall Accountancy Clubg The Illio Q21 5 W.A.A.g W.A.A, Numerals JOHN FRANCIS GOODMAN .................. Cbirago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Delta Chi Loyola Universityg Wright junior College FORREST BURTON GOODRICH ...,... .... C himga ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering A.I,E.E. Crane junior College NADINE HILMA Gooem ................ Gmane city r I PHYLLIS ANN GOODWIN .--.-- .----.--- W ilwingfvn EDUCATION ' - AGRICULTURE Cgngml E,J,,m1j0,1 - ' K b General Home Eronamirr Warner Hall , ,.,. 4-H House Student Alumni Association 1215 Production Stan, ai 'G' Womans Editor, Illinois Agfirulturists Home Ec- "Follow Thru," "Post Road," "La Boheme," "Boy - i onomics Clubg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Meets Girl," "Spring Formal" g '- Feathers NORMAN ALBERT GOLDBERG ,..,...,....... Belleville b . Q RICHARD LESLIE GORDON "-'-"'-"- '-" H gunna FINE AND APPLIED ARTS H " .IOURNAUSM l Mui, z Newr and Edizoria Club Chalmers K U Editor, The Independentg Sigma Delta Chig Rifle Arepog Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag Concert Band 12, ' mil Clulng The Daily Illini ll, 21 g Chairman, Independent 3, 4, 3 First Regimental Band U, 3 University Or- Spring Informal Committee 131 5 Independent Council chestra f3, 413 University Chorus 1313 Production A ' 13, 413 Second Regimental Band fl, 21.3 M.I.D.A. Staff, "La Boheme," "H.M.S. Pinafore" . Q Executive Council 141 g journalism Council Q41 A A Honors Day Q31 Page 83 J - fifx f w .Tc 1. L ' , X, - f ,fr L ,, ,.-- C Lf- , , f' f, . X, " X I i I,--" I ,..u?eL'xX, 1-514 ,ff X,:zr.-NX I .5 'Fifa C," ff! Q 'li 'ig' If f A , , ' ,ff , f""f" ff' 5.35-.N 74 -3 ' X, A -' ' '-I ' iii f" " I "N, V lil f' 1' - in MLW, ,"' 4 Ji 5- ,f' f , - ' 'lat I ,f 4 C ri l 772 Sen BERNARD HAROLD Gouvx' ....,.,,............. Flnm LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCEs Pryrhology Caisson Club: First Lieutenant, University Brigade BETTY GRADY ...........,............,.. La Grange LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCFQ Bnrleriolagj Pi Beta Phi 1 La Grange junior College 2 'I' IJ.-KYID EDWARD GR.-XF .,..,.......... .Sandrrirb EDUCATION Indurlrinl Edmrulion Caisson Club: Phalanx: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: First Lieutenant, University Brigade GEORGE LEROY GRAGG ...,...,.. .... C lmmpfrign EDUCATION Pbyriml EuJllfdfi07I Delta Tau Delta Tomahawk: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Varsity Track Letter 13, 41 VINCENT LEO GRAHAM .......... ..,. S mningrfm CoMMrRc,E Arrormfaircj Alpha Kappa Psi: Accountancy Club: Y.M.C.A. Cab- inet U, 4J: Student Alumni Association QI: Inde- pendent Council M5 BRIAN MAURICE GRANT ..,.......... .,,, A ilaenr AoRICIvI.TURIa General Agriuzliure Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Club: Agricultural Education Club: Caisson Club: Phalanx: First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade THEIMA MILDRED GRAUE ..,..,.... .... P kiln AraRIciI'I.TURE General Home Erononricrr Bethany Circle S'rIavIaNs GRAVES ...........,.......,... ..,. I oliez LIBERAL AR'I's AND SCIENCES Muibemufirr Theta Chi Gymkana: Phalanx: Scimitar: Freshman Varsity Fenc- ing Squad: Varsity Fencing Squad 12, Sl: Captain, University Brigade: Cast, "Boy Meets Girl" Page 84 si gi W!! 6 i 'if D Z. RIVIIARD OXX'FN GRAY ...........,.. .... C lzimgo ENGINEERING Elerfrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu: A,I.E,E.: Synton Honors Day 121 I,HIl,IP ANTI-IoNY GRECO .,,....... Rorbarrer, N, Y. I.IrxERAI. ARTS AND SCIIQNCIQS Pr'e-Afedinzl The Elite Omega Beta Pi: M.I.D.A. Council C41 Honors Day HI University of Rochester Romm' H.xYNEs GREEN ............ ...Firbinn ENGINEERING Cer-amir Engineering First Lieutenant, University Brigade EvIaI.x'N DORENE GREENING ...... .... A Iarkinuw COMMERCE General Bzirinefr Sigma Kappa Illinois Wesleyan University GIFORGIT XIUIILIAM GREENXVOOD .,....., St. Louir, Ma. Plyyriml Educalinn Delta Theta Epsilon: Gymnastica: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squad Honors Day U5 RoIsIiRT EVGFNF GRIGSBY. ...,... .... P ark Ridge COMMERCE General BIlIiH?f,f Accountancy Club EIIWARD DoNAI.D GRosI-IONG ........,........ Venire LIEERAI, ARTS AND SI:1ENCEs Pre-Lau' Independent Council 15, 41 Shurtleff College ROIIERT WI1'WER GROSS ............... .. .... Parir LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirtory Pi Kappa Alpha Pershing Rifiesg Rifle Club: The Daily Illini UI: Sophomore Intramural Manager QZJ: Interfraternity Council fl, -H : Student Alumni Association 121 la S X939 WILLIAM GRIMSHAW GROTE ....... ..... P imfield COMMERCE General Bufineri Alphu Kappa Lambda Accountancy Club Honors Day fly JOHN GRENNAN GRURE .....,....... .,.Cbimga ENGINEERING Merlianirnl Engineering Triangle Star Course IZJ XVILLIAM PHILIP GRUENSFELDER .... .... S an lore AGRICULTURE General Agr'ieultnr'e Agricultural Club: Caisson Club: First Lieutenant, University Brigade XVILLIAM BERNARD GRUMLEY ....... .... C bampaign JOURNALISM News and Edilorial Theta Chi Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily Illini ill GILEERT VICTOR GUI.LAKSEN ....,..., Elmu-ood Park ENGINEERING Meebaniml Engineering A,S.M.E.: Freshman Varsity Golf Squad DISLMAR EUGENE GURLEY ,,........ .... P axlon AGRICULTURE General Agricullure Editor, Illinois Agriculturist: Agricultural Club: Coast Artillery Club: Field and Furrow: Hoof and Horn Club: Pershing Rifles: Captain, University Brigade I, - I., f i fi Q 5 I ma S AN. ef, I I , A :av wif .I : I, HELEN HESTER HAGEN .................,... Cblraga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zaalogy Alpha Gamma Delta Northwestern University: Central Y.M.C.A. College JANE HAGER .............................. Dwighr LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlary ' Pi Beta Phi Pan-Hellenic Council 151: First Council, Woman's League Q31 : Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers ROY A. I-IAGSTROM ........................ Cbiraga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemixiry EDWIN A, HAIT .......,........,.. .... K ireland ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E. Honors Day HJ LEO FRANCIS HALATEK ,.,........ ...Chicago COMMERCE General Bu.rine.IJ Granada Club Pershing Rifles: Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad CLEO ALEREDA HALL .............. ..... 5' nlliran EDUCATION General Education Achaea Alpha Lambda Delta: Independent Council 12, 331 First Council, XVoman's League 12, 3? Honors Day 117 J, XVII.I4UR GUTTERIDGE ....,............... Sumner EMERSON EUGENE HALL .............., Bloomingion LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ENGINEERING Pre-Law Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.: Caisson Club: Rifle Club: Varsity Swim- ming Squad 133 1 First Lieutenant, University Brigade Illinois Vlfesleyan University EDWIN WALTER HAGBLOM ........... ..... C birago INA FAI' HALL ..........,................. Sullivan ENGINEERING AGRICL:L'rURE Mechanical Engineering General Home Economic: Phi Kappa Tau Achaea A.S.M.E. Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home Economics Club: Inde- Lewis Institute pendent Council HJ : First Council, XVoman's League C43 f J K ff, V, X: , Page 85 'af f X I 1.14 'X ,ff 'lxfjff FN, "Y Rl f -' 'Tv we 11 f ef X -,, X X A , -.:ffL LB.. f f Q fi-X ff 'sc , -"C ff'f"'T X fx ,ffkrr A I-f' ff " f" 1' 1 ffqoffi' My 'CGW ,ff ,lx V1 Il , B, 'fwnw Af- , If Xxk "'f,,1x"'ifv V Fx ,, 'QNX L f If I gf-. Q M-,.7:W': .3 Aj, If ff .. . If X 1' N- II f It ' f f' N ,f-' I-LL ,J . .f X ff L- I vw ' X X ff-E' 'Ili JUNE EILEEN HALL ....,........, .... E dwordwille ,K COMMERCE W "" A Commercial Teaching 5 s, ' AlPha House I ':" 3 , Beta Gamma Sigmag Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Chi af - 'W' The-tai Accountancy Club, The Independent 131g W.A,A. , - I 5' Honors Day fl, 31 W . V ii A' LILLIS FRANCES HALL ............ ...Champaign J EDUCATION Enfffff W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numerals ' A: Illinois State Normal University Ivnr I' I -:A "-f,f .:-' V A MARJORIE ELIZABETH HALL .........,.,.,... Szreozor LIBERAL ARTs AND Sc:IENcEs Englirb Gregorian Literary Society, The Illio 115 5 First Coun- cil, Woman's League 133 g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers University of Wisconsin MORRIS PURVIANCE HALL ........... .... C bompoign ENGINEERING Ceramir Engineering Tau Beta Pig Keramos Honors Day fl, 25 SAMUEL WEBSTER HALL ................. Gary, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Lzw Delta Tau Delta President, Junior Classg Caisson Clubg Skull and Cres- centg Sophomore Cotillion Committee, Chairman, Dads Day Committee 153g Chairman, Illinois Union Minstrel Show Q31 g Illinois Union Cabinet 131 g Star Course QZJQ Captain, University Brigade JOHN THEODORE HALLDEN ........, .... R orlefor-al ENGINEERING Ciril Engineering A.S.C.E.g Dolphins, Tomahawkg Tribe of Illinig Varsity Swimming Letter 121 ELEANOR MARGUERITE HAMIl.TON ........ River For-eff LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Delta Gamma Arepog Gymkanag University Chorus I-11 g Cast. "Liliom"g Production Staff, "Ruddigore," "La Bo- heme," "Post Road," "Anything Goes" Beloit College HELEN ISABEL HAMILTON .,........ ,... J olzez EDUCATION Spnniflo Phi Omega Pi Tamaroa Joliet Junior College P 6 . . noel? f,,.X 1 ,xxx Xf 'I--X r INA 5 It A J' ,wa I 3 , al: , ' 5: . ' :'i' Tp, :f.': '--. I, an A fb., I .1 X-I -Ark -I f . .p -Qwsifi' ks i1i5lff.f" 'S 'WT' , liiff ee--P fb I f Rf I 1- f' Xa" - 2 f X f A 'fr , I Z. WILLIAM ELLIOTT HAMILTON ..... . . .Good Hope AGRICULTURE General Agriculllne Beta Sigma Psi Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Engineering Club HELIZN JANE WELLS HAMLIN ..........,..... Genera LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Lambda Deltag Pi Delta Phig The Illio fly, W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers Honors Day fl, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key GEORGE HENRY HAMP ....,...... ..,Deeolur COMMERCE General Burinerr Alpha Gamma Rho Production StaiI, Homecoming Stunt Show KZJ RUTH HAMP'l'ON ............................ Olney LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Warner Hall Business Manager, The Independent ORVlI.LE HEILAND HAMPTON ........ .... G len Ellyn JOURNALISM News ond .Eolilorial Pi Kappa Phi Caisson Club, Mask and Baubleg Interfraternity Coun- cil ISI g Men's Glee Club 12, 313 Major, University Brigade: Cast, Illinois Union Minstrel Show ill, "Anything Goes," "Of Thee I Sing," "Man and the Masses," "Ivory Door" Armour Institute of Technology ELYNOR SARAH HANSEN ..,.,,......... Colfax, Wir. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Eronomim W.A.A. Honors Day Ill VVENDELI. HERMAN HANSEN, JR.. .. .... Bloominglan AGRICULTURE General Agrirulrure Agricultural Club Illinois Wesleyan University ROIIERT I.l'ZSI,IE HANSON ...............,.... Ozmwa LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENciEs Pre-Law Theta Chi Cavalry Clubg Scabbard and Blade, Interfraternity Council 12, 3, 43 3 Star Course f2J 5 Captain, Univer- sity Brigade ,f XXX. f . f ,f N f- K x M - . I- F----A .4 s. l I L. ff lf! a , . - lux M Q A f ,li ff X Q -f' 'Vx' I A .V ,-- ,ar X. lf' ,. , , ix X ,- ,, ,. rf , f V .J . .7 ,f Ns,-f HERBERT DAVID HARBACK ........... ..... G fzlerm ENGINEERING Elem-im! Engineering Pi Tau Pi Sigmag A.I.E.E.g First Lieutenant, Univer- sity Brigade Honors Day 111 ROBERT LESLIE HARDAKER ........ ..., C hir-ago jouRNAI.IsM Newt and Editorial Delta Alpha Epsilon Ma-Wan-Dag Chief News Editor, The Daily Illini: Gamma Theta Phi: Sigma Delta Chi, Sophomore Baseball Managerg journalism Council 141 Wright junior College LILLIAN LOUISE HARDY ........... .... 0 nmbu EDUCATION Hiflory Zeta Tau Alpha MacMurray College MARGERY MAY HARKNESS ..,...... ....... I 'orkrille AGRICULTURE General Home Emnomiu Home Economics Club Northern Illinois State Teachers College HOMER FRANKLIN HARMAN ...... ,... R arkfon! ENGINEERING Eierffirul Engineering Kappa Delta Rho A,I.E.E. WILLIAM EARL HARNISCI-I .....,... .. .Cream COMMERCE General BlIIi71?.Y,f Tau Kappa Epsilon Accountancy Club HAGIN PERRY HARPER ................ .... P izxinn FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Aliirii: Phi Eta Sigma: Arcpog Pierrotsg Concert Band 131: First Regimental Band 1115 Men's Glee Club 1315 University Orchestra 121: University Chorus 151: Cast, "H.M.S. Pinaforef' "La Boheme," "Tosca," "The Bartered Bride," "Ruddigore" Honors Day 111 GEORGE CLINTON HARRIS, JR. ,.... .,., C 'lmffm ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Theta Xi A.S.C.E.g The Illio 121 McKendree College i t A 1 ' 'Ei' E 'Q is 5.7-ir 1' ' e .4 f iight , f- f 1 'Q S in ,f--'X D it -1 .- -I X939 IJAVID ROIAERT HARSCI-I .......... ..,. P eofm COMMERCE General Burinerr Phi Sigma Kappa Bradley Polytechnic Institute WILLARD CLARENCE HART ...........,.. Murpbyrburo FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arrbilefflzral Engineering Sigma Tau, Tau Nu Taug A.S.C.E.g Gargoyleg Persh- ing Rillcsg Major, University Brigade Honors Day 131 Southern Illinois State Normal University EDWARD CLARK HARTER .......... . . .Wcnanri COMMERCE Banking and Finance Tau Kappa Epsilon Accountancy Clubg Men's Glee Club 12, 3, 41 3 Uni- versity Chorus 141g Production Staff, "Brother Rat" Honors Day 121 DAVID WILI.IAM HARVICK ............... Wood River ENGINEERING Merlyanical Engineering A.S.M,E.g The Technograph 11, 21 FLORENCE ELLEN HARXYOOD ...,... ,... C linzon COMMERCE Foreign Commerfe Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Alpha Chig Phi Chi Thetag Gold Feathers Illinois Wesleyan University MARY MlIrl.IK1IEN'l' HARNX'OOD ..,..,,....,.. Greenville LIIIERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlary Greenville College ALISIZRT JIZROLD I'lA'1'CH ........... .... A umm ENGINEERING Eiertriml Engineering A.l.E.E. 1 Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 41 Honors Day 1l, 21 ,IANIE WAYNE IJIAUSIER ..........,..... Sl, I.ouz,r, Mo. COMMERCE General Burinexr Phi Chi Tlietag Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers I-Ionors Day 111 X Page 87 , J , -rg ,. -A .C 1 D . ...- '. K E "' 2' !' I 1772 Sen 1' R-OSELLA MAE HAVUKINS ................. La Grange LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Beta Phi Alpha Cast, "Kind Lady"g Production Staff, "Brother Rat" Lyons Township junior College CATHERINE ANN HAWORTH ....... .... G eargelown EDUCATION General Education Laura B. Evans Hall Eureka College DONN WALTER HAYES .......... ...Springfeld EDUCATION Hirlory Phi Alpha Chig Rifle Clubg Independent Council 141 Honors Day 111 ROGER HAYES ....,.........,......,...... De Kalb LIDERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Alpha Phi Omega: Dolphinsg Freshman Varsity Foot- ball Squadg Varsity Football Squad QZ, 3, 41 3 Fresh- man Varsity Swimming Squadg Varsity Swimming Squad 12, 3, 41 5 Varsity Wrestling Squad Q31 g Fresh- man Varsity Water Polo Squadg Varsity Water Polo Squad G, 41 Northern Illinois State Teachers College FRANK OWEN HAYMOND, JR. .......... Magna, Ulab ENGINEERING Railway Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta University of Utah HERBERT ARDIELI. HEADY ............ ..... N ewmn AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Agricultural Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Agricultural Education Club ' .ROBERT ALLEN HEALD ........... ..... C laifaga COMMERCE General Burinerr Alpha Kappa Lambda MAIDA MAREE HEATH .............,..,...,., Taleda LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Barleriolagy The Daily Illini Cl, 21 Honors Day C31 ,,p. j A em., Q I tk aa. Qi 2 ' A . , 2 I' H MYER HAROI.D HECHT .............,. , ..... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Claemirlry Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigmag Varsity Fencing Squad IZ, 3, 41 3 Independent Council fl, 21 Honors Day ll, 2, 31 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ROBERT NFVILLE HECI-IT ............ Normandy, Mo. COMMERCE General Burinerr Alpha Kappa Lambda LESTER FRANKLIN HELIQERT ...... ...SL Elma EDUCATION Matlaemalirr Eastern Illinois State Teachers College MARGARET ELIZABETH HEDGCOCK ..., ..... N ormal AGRICULTURE General Home Ef0II07V1lt'J Warner Hall Illinois State Normal University PAUL LESTER HEDRICK ....,......,.,...... Longview LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Morton junior College ERNEST ELMER HELLMICH ............ Sl. Louix, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Sigma Phi Epsilon Band of X3 Pan Xeniag The Daily Illini U1 3 Fresh- man Varsity Track Squadg Varsity Track Squad 121 g Interfraternity Council Q31 Honors Day Q11 MII.DRED HILDA HEMP ..,...,..........,.. Illiopolir AGRICULTURE General Home Efonomicr Home Economics Club CHARLES EDWARD HEMPHILI., JR ..... ..., F Zara COMMERCE Arcounlanry Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Kappa Psi: Accountancy Clubg Der Deutsche Vereing TlIe Daily Illini 1115 Inter- fraternity Council 1-41: Second Regimental Band Cl, 21: Men's Glce Club fl, 2, 3, 41 Honors Day 11, 21 y F"gf'8 ,N Xp--X ,L , f -.G J.-X ,X ,fJ, ,fl , .SLS - ---'- ,f' .fs .l1.:':"'i-. ,7fIL!,,f Q-tw'--"Lx - R ,, ,,.. f',-.T .QQ .JZ -fx riviera f, llal 1 , ,gg 'Iv S' iifsifk - gg E134 A rs. f' X Xxllifffxx fill ' ri ,ff 'Ll ,X ,- in if 1 -.i f ,QT F liix ,f'ff'f QNX l 111 ,dl la X939 WII.I.IAM PAUL HFNDREN ......,,, .. .Har-rirharg AcsRIcI'I.'I'I:RE General Agricnllirie Farm House Alpha Tau Alpha: Cavalry Officers Clubg Agricultural Clubg Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 131 ROY JOSEPH HENDRICKS .,..........,....... Pawnee LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Philorophy Men's Glee Club 143 Honors Day 131 Western State Teachers Collegeg Illinois State Normal University, Illinois Wesleyan University PAUL BROXVN HENNIGES ................,.... Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENcEs Economic: Production Staff, "Brother Rat" Honors Day 133 Bradley Polytechnic Institute HERBERT IVAN HENDRICKS ....... . . .Cerro Gorda COMMERCE Auoiinlanfg Accountancy Club Honors Day 113 HARVEY LOOMIS HENSEL ..........., Weftefn Springr COMMERCE Commerce and Law Delta Upsilon Sophomore Intramural Manager: Second Regimental Band 11, 23: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 1353 Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 143 Honors Day 115 LEROY BERNARD HERIBST, JR. ..,. .... C hiraga COMMERCE General Biirirzerr Chi Psi Band of X: Skull and Crescent: Phalanxg Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Interfraternity Council 13, 473 Captain, University Brigade CHRISTOPHER DEJEAN HERCL7I.Es ....,.. .... P ewia FINE AND APPLIED AR'I's Arfhilerlzmzl Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Concert Band 1353 First Regimental Band 111 3 Second Regimental Band 11, 33 United States Naval Acaclemyg George Wasliington University ALBERT MAT'I'I+IYs HIZRMIE ..,,... .... A ikinmu EDUCATION General Education Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day 121 ,JY AY-r JOHN WAYLAND HERNLUND .....,.... .... C hirago ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Tau Nu Taug Independent Council 13, 41 g First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade ' HELEN EILEEN HERRIOTT ........... . .Champaign AGRICULTURE General Home Eronomicr Home Economics Cluhg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Production Staff, "Elizabeth The Queen," "Post Road," "Spring Formal," "Brother Rat" FALLS BAcoN HERSHEY. . . . . ......... , ..... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chernirlry Rifle Clubg Men's Glee Club 133 5 University Chorus 14? EVELYN MARIE HERTZ .,...... . ...... ., .... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirh Achaea Northwestern University CHARLES DARW'IN HESLER ....... ...Chicago COMMERCE General Burinerr Lambda Chi Alpha Accountancy Clubg Interfraternity Council 143 g Cast, Illinois Union Minstrel Show 131: Production Stall, "Post Road" LAWRENCE ELMFR HESS .,..,..,.. .,.. B mah, Ind. COMMERCE Accoizniancj Sigma Nu Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Club: Coast Artillery Club: First Lieutenant, University Brigade BERNADINE CATHERINE HE1"TINGER .... .... P emznm EDUCATION General Education EDWARD CARL HEUBACH ........,.. . . .Chicago ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Coast Artillery Club, A.S.M.E.g First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade Page B9 a f N .- - ,.., . , X ,,- . f , xx M,,..Y A f, , . gr, , -7 'ff F-, Y f f ew, ,wife-T ' -'X-if ff. To N N X . . r, . , , i . 1 i V, I L , .A ' I ,. ' A .Al fl L . A , . ri C772 Sen 1' MARVIN WARD HEWITT ........... .... M anliur AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Agricultural Education Club Carthage College JACK WILLIAM HEY ....................... Chicago LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Economic: Theta Xi RAMONA HOPE HICKS .,................... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englifb Mary E. Busey Hall Wright junior College BETTY ALICE HILEERG ............,....... Rockford LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Mary E. Busey Hall Rockford College NATI-IANAEL NEWMAN HILL ...... .... A umm COMMERCE Accrzuniancy Kappa Sigma Alpha Kappa Psig Beta Alpha Psig The Daily Illini fl, 2, 31 g First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day fl, 2, 3? 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key MARY JANE HINKEL ................. .... C arlyle AGRICULTURE Nufrition and Dieleiicr Home Economics Club, Gold Feathersg Production Staff, "Anything Goes" Southern Illinois State Normal University DANIEL CHARLES HIRsCH, JR ..... ...Chicago COMMERCE General Burinefr Phi Epsilon Pi Polo Associationg Freshman Varsity Polo Squad: Var- sity Polo Squad 12, 3, 43 g Illinois Union Cabinet 131 5 Student Alumni Association 121 LIONEL JEssE HIRSCI-I, JR. ............ ..... C hifngo ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Delta Upsilon A.I.E.E,g Freshman Varsity Polo Squad, Varsity Polo Squad 12, 33 5 Freshman Varsity Cross Country Squadg Interfraternity Council l3l 5 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 12, 31 g Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors C45 Page 90 V, - ,-., Q--f.. 'W X I is H vi L 1 1? 6 ,.4 , .f- :lm ,..- 1 -K if A 'lf' f Lf- l Q I, 5' J, We L li N DE . Ni., ,QLLJLF I P352 ,T 'lr P R N- -Q, -' Z' I , -f X .. ..e XS-- fp "-,371 JOSEPH METCALE HISSEM .,..,....... ...Galena Phyfiral Education Sigma Phi Epsilon Freshman Varsity Football Squad PAUL ROLAND HOEEENER. . . . . .... . . . .Sn Louir, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Psi Chi Omegag Der Deutsche Vereing Pershing Rifles HOWARD GLENN HOEGSTED ...... .... B mdley COMMERCE Accountancy Alpha Kappa Psig Beta Alpha Psi, Accountancy Club FREDERICK JoI-IN HOEPPNER. . .. .... Eau Claire, Wir. FINE AND APPLIED ARTs Architeciure Phi Sigma Kappa A.S.C.E. MARTIN ALBERT HOFFING. .,... .. .. . .Chicago COMMERCE General Burinerr Tau Epsilon Phi Accountancy Clubg Caisson Club, First Lieutenant, University Brigade CHARLES BAIN HOFFMAN .,..,...,..... .... S zrenror CQMMERCE Induririal Adminirlratian Theta Xi Accountancy Clubg First Regimental Band fl, 2, 31 JAMES MARSHALL HOFFMANN ......... . . .Chicago ENGINEERING Illecbaniml Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Tau Nu Taug A.S.M.E.g Senior Wrestling Managerg Athletic Council 141 3 Captain, University Brigade GEORGIANNA PENELOPE HOGAN ...... .,.Oak Park EDUCATION General Edumlion Loki Alpha Lambda Delta: Women's Glee Club tl, 2, 31 g University Orchestra il, 25 Honors Day fl, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key la X939 JANE FRANCES I-IOKAMP ...,.......4........ Cbimga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES .Englirh Alpha Xi Delta Morgan Park junior College VIRGIL ALDEN HOKANSON. .... . .... Porter, Ind. COMMERCE General Burineu EDWARD HOTTES HOl.I.MAN ............ Earl St. Louir COMMERCE General Bufineu Theta Xi Accountancy Clubg Band of X, The Illio Q21 3 Inter- fraternity Council I3, 415 Production Staff, Illinois Union Minstrel Show 121 CARROLL BROWN HOLMAN ....... .... E finglmm EDUCATION Englirb Zeta Tau Alpha XV.A.A. Stephens Junior College NX,II,I.IAM HUIIERT HOLMAN ...... .... C lay Cizy EDUCATION Malbemalirf Pi Mu Epsilon: Phi Eta Sigmag Coast Artillery Club, Captain, University Brigade Honors Day fl, 2, 53 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key DANIEL JAMES HoI,MEs ............. ...jerxeyrille AGRICULTURE Agricullural Edumrion Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Club Blackburn College ROBERT CORNELIUS HOLMES ....... Woodbury, N. I. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Lambda Upsilon: Phi Eta Sigma: Omega Chi Epsilong Sigma Xi, A.l.Ch.E.g Captain, University Brigade Honors Day fl, Z, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ARLINE HoI.T ,,.....,......... Shaker Heigbiy, Ohio LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Engliib Kappa Kappa Gamma Stephens junior College .iz-Is E , .. a r T? ., or 24, Z ww 5 R 4 ,, N :RRI V 'GQ .!g,,' EDWARD HUSTON HOLT ......... Lu: Vegai, N. Mex. ENGINEERING Civil Engineering ' Sigma Nu . A.S.C.E.g Tau Nu Taug Scabbard and Blade: Soph- omore Football Managerg Captain, University Brigade, Production Staff, "Anything Goes," "Boy Meets Girl" New Mexico Military Institute WARREN JOSEPH I-IoI.z ........ . ........... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS :ND SCIENCES Esonomicf Chi Beta Pershing Rillesg Freshman Varsity Golf Squadg First Lieutenant, University Brigade EARL DWIGHT HoovER .......... .... L avingmn COMMERCE General Buxinerr Alpha Sigma Phi Freshman Varsity Football Squad LAWRENCE GILES HOPKINS ........, .... D eliwrm AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Farm House Alpha Zetag Illinois Agriculturist QZ, 31 THOMAS MILTON Hovwooo II .............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirh Delta Kappa Epsilon President, Interfratetnity Councilg Student Senate Q31 3 Skull and Crescentg Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Varsity Swimming Squad f2, 51 3 Varsity Water Polo Letter 12, 31 1 Production Staff, "Brother Rat" Honors Day Q11 MARGARET ROsAN HORAN ........ .... 0 :mum EDUCATION Art Zeta Tau Alpha La Salle-Peru Oglesby Junior College ALFRED BERNARD HORN ............ .... C himgo ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Granada Club Eta Kappa Nug Sigma Tau Honors Day 131 Wfright Junior College SELMA MAITRINE HORN .....,... Corpuf Clarirli, Tex. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirla Alpha Lambda Delta University of Texas Page 91 C772 SQ WALTER LYLE HORN ....... . ............... Claimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hiitory Chi Phi MARSHALL CRANE HEELIN HORNOR ..... , .Clmmpaign Phyiiral Ednrrzfiorl Chi Beta CHARLES JOSEPH HOSEK ..... ,.. ,. .... .. . .Cicero COMMERCE Induflrial Adminlifrrrtion Granada Club Morton Junior College MARY JEWELI, HOSFORD ..........., .... C laimgo Playriml Edumtion Mary E. Buscy Hall Alpha Lambda Deltag Alpha Sigma Nu: W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Major I Honors Day 11, 2, 31 Q University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key JEAN SWIOART HOSKINS .............,.., Clmmpezign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Eronomirr Kappa Alpha Theta The Daily Illini 1113 The Siren ill g First Council, Woman's League 1413 Orange and Blue Feathersq Production Staff, Illinois Union Minstrel Show 153 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key s asa: fl -I , fl. J A n ,. ,,,, Z. RALPH ORSON HOWARD ........,. .... D undee AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Pi Kappa Phi ' JEROME JOSEPH Howe .......... .. .Clzimgo COMMERCE Indufirial Admirzirlraiian Phi Kappa 'VF' Freshman Varsity Soccer Squad Armour Institute of Technology HELEN HOYT ...............,...... Doufnerr Grove AGRICULTURE General Home Economies Bethany Circle Home Economics Clubg W,A.A. I . 33 JOHN WILLIAM HRIC. . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . .Wbi1ing, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES General Phi Delta Theta ' Indiana University JANE HUBBARD ...............,. ...Joliet EDUCATION General Edufation Phi Omega Pi Tamaroa Joliet Junior College RAYMOND FREDERICK HOTT ....... .... C lmmfmign RUSSELL DFANF HUBBERT ---- ---- Bluff COMMFRCE EDUCATION General Burinevr Bi010gJf Chi Beta get Illinois College Accountancy Clubg The Illio flj ' . CHESTER WARREN HOUSTON -----A------- Clfflffllfflfgff ARDIS GWENDOLYN HUBBS ....... , . ..... Mezrenga LIBITRAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES . f 0 AGRICULTURE Bfzrleridlvep' ' " ' General Home Eeonornirr H I is Home Economics Clubg First Council, Woman's I 1 League 125 T 'iei " " :ilfieli : FREDERICK WARD HOWARD .,..,.. . . .Lena ANTHONY WILLIAM KELLY HUECKEL ...... Careyville COMMERCE . 'S COMMERCE General Bu,fine,I,r y Arconnluney Theta Xi ' Theta Xi A lil xx V Q I Page 92 I X XX , J ' MU ,f V--C -, if , ' M1 ,771 'NX Na.,-,X NJ! iff, ix fl, X31 J 5 X, NB . fr' X ,, xx- Xxx J.!!!,f J f T T"3'3rymxX-S 'iggllf f A ' ""T.1 TR if I ff! ""'+' 5. X' f ' 'J' ' T M jx if 'A X f zzliukf l' wir' A " "Il ill- S fly 1 'i l' f""" J fl liz I- , 'E ll ,Pl -e A-J' nl WN li H , i i' N. Rf- 9 H I fir 2. K, -, ff' A ff: -h ff Nmfifi IJ, x l , X ' , , X.. I I . -C , L ,A I Cslcz WILLARD MYRON HUEY ............ ...Spar-fa JOURNALISM New! and Editorial Gamma Thcta Phig The Daily Illini fl, 21 ,Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Varsity Wrestling Squad 12, 31 3 Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, Varsity Baseball Squad 121 DWAYNE ORVAL HUEE ............ ...Walerman AGRICULTURE ' General Agricnllure Agricultural Clubg Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Varsity Track Squad f3, 41 MARTHA ANN HUEE ....... . ....... . ...... Wilmeile FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Art Education Delta Gamma Alpha Lambda Deltag Arepog Illustratorsg Orange and Blue Feathers, Production Staff, "Dracula," "Lil- iom," "Ruddigore," "La Boheme," "Tosca" Honors Day fl, 2, 31 5 University of Illinois Scholar' ship Key MAYNARD MICHAEL HUEsCHMIDT. . .Tomalz-awk, Wir. ENGINEERING General Engineering The Technograph Q41 I Honors Day 131 St. Mary's College ROBERT FRANKLIN HUGHES ...... ..... N aperaille COMMERCE Accountancy Junior Council, Accountancy Clubg First Regimental Band fl, 2, 51g Production Staff, "La Boheme," "Post Road" WILLIAM BENNETT HUGILI. .....,.,., .... C birago JOURNALISM Advertising and Publirlaing Sigma Alpha Epsilon Gamma Theta Phig Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily Illini 131g Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Varsity Track Squad C41 Morgan Park Junior College DEAN RICHARD HULL ................... Dalia: City AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Clubg Hoot' and Horn Club S X93 GLADYS MARYLYN HUNT............... .... Cbimga LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Speech Delta Gamma Orange and Blue Feathers MAX LLOYD HUNT....,...,...... .... .,.....Henry LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Production Staff, "Brother Rat" THEODORE CLIFTON HUNTER ....... .... W alaga ENGINEERING Elerlriral Engineering Alpha Kappa Pi A.I.E.E.g Interfraternity Council 13, 41 iq Honors Day C11 WAYNE WILLIAM HUNTER .......... ..,.Salem ' K P ,K AGRICULTURE E A' U General Agficuliufe ,Q is H k Illinois State Normal University , ,.. 4 s ALDENE HUPP. .. .,.........,.... ...La Grange EDUCATION ' Englirb ' V, Alpha Delta Pi cn Pan-Hellenic Council M1 3 Women's Glee Club Q51 3 Production Staff, "Follow Thru" - K Lyons Township junior College L. U CLAY ELI.Is HURST ..................... Champaign ' AGRICULTURE . -- K j General Agriculture K ss f, . 2, . FRANK VALENTINE HUSTON ..,...... Downer: Grove K 1- EDUCATION if K f Biology A Tau Kappa Epsilon F Delta Theta Epsilon, A.P.E.A,g Mask and Baubleg f 1 Pierrotsg Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity V Football Squad 121, Cast, "A Midsummer Night's ' Dream," "The Drunkardug Production Staff, "The Admirable Crichton," "Dracula" Honors Day Q11 ROWENA HUMPHREYS ,.... ........... A IrAllen, Tex. MORRIS LEE HUTCHENS .'..-....'. i A -U,5,,,,,, LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ENMNEEMNG Speech - Mechanical Engineering Zeta Phi Eta, Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold l L 4 Feathers Q H , A Sli Eg E o1v,v1,iig!:,k ,J A ,X Page 93 ,f --X X lf' XY X f. X - wif .I R I X -sii'f',ff gif X fx, as f D1:"'42-,Z 1 X 'T' 'MQ be '55 ly! U 'f"'1"' Xi Z:.,:.'w ' 'Q X- b -:f -if-Sf-f-"' yfbxx 7 f Te :""3 b ,f J!-, X ,I ,f L , ,.. ' X 5, 7 Z' J,,- . jf .X M p, l fill?-. ,Qs it , it .1 Q-+1W'f+Cll,'7i it ,af ,f If fp A I DOROTHY MARGARET HUTCHINSON ...,.. .... U fbana FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Art Eduralion Theta Phi Alpha WILLIAM FRANI-:LIN HUTCHINSON ...... Ear! Sz. Lani: AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Pi Kappa Alpha Agricultural Clubg Interfraternity Council 153 g Men's Glee Club 123 DuRwARD ROBERT HUTCHISON .......... Mr. Vernon LIEERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Claenzirnl Engineering Phi Kappa A.I.Ch,E. Massachusetts Institute of Technology EDGAR BERNIEY HUTCIHISON .,.............. Emnrton LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Econamirr Phi Kappa Psi Skull and Crescentg Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Golf Squad, Varsity Golf Letter 12, 3, 45 ELIZABETH JANET HUTCHISON ...., .... C laimgo EDUCATION Gamma Phi Beta Bmlogy Torchg Alpha Lambda Delta: Senior Jacket Com- mitteeg Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association 12, 3, 453 University Chorus 115 3 Production Staff, "A Midsummer Nights Dream," "Post Road," "Follow Thru" Honors Day 11, 2, 31 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key EVFLYN MARIE HUTCHISON ............... Oak Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englifb Alpha Delta Pi Women's Glee Club 131 Grinnell College WILLIAM FRANK HUTH .......... ..... K inrnid ENGINEERING Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.: Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad, Varsity Wrestling Squad 12, 3, 47 JAMES WOODROW INGRAM .......... ...Fieldon JOURNALISM Neufr and Edifnrinl Theta Chi Sigma Delta Chig Tomahawk: The Daily Illini 11, 21 g Independent Council 121 Page 94 Sen 1' efeab Ai, PM A 7'. may i z, , if wi! 1 Y A ,, an ld V 'Q A T S . I. ,, p 5 V, - -, 2 ati, 9 Qs fs if . ' 5' Q S- , . MARY MARGARET INKSTER .......... .... M elvin EDUCATION General Ednmiion Delta Zeta MacMurray College JOSEPHINF FA IRELAND .................. Warbburn Pbyrifal Ednrafion Delta Gamma W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathers Honors Day 11, 37 EBEN IRISH, JR ..............,........ Blandinwille AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Tau Alphag Alpha Zetag Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Education Clubg Cavalry Odticers Clubg Pershing RiHesg Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 131 JOSEPH ANTHONY Izzo, JR. ........ Roclaerler, N. Y. ' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Matlaemalicr The Elite Pi Delta Phig Le Cercle Francais RUTH HARRIET HILSAEECK JACKSON. .... ...Windmr K I fr, U V COMMERCE General Burinerf ' Accountancy Club, The Daily Illini 125g Gold ' Feathers WlI.l.lAM A. JACOB ........................ Chicago f in LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES .di if Cbemfflry '. M 2, X K I FRIED THOMAS JACOBI ............. .. . .Edwurdwille , COMMERCE I General Buxrnerf gi, gk.: t Delta Chi Pl "i" RALPH LEE JACOBS ....... , ...,.. ..... C bimgo COMMERCE Commerce and Law Sigma Phi Sigma Caisson Club: Student Alumni Association 12, 35 g Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 111 la STEPHEN JACOBS ..,............. Schenectady, N. Y. ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering The Elite Pi Tau Sigma Union University ELLEN SYLVIA JACOBSEN ............,..,,.. Cbimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sofiology Davenport House DOROTHY JAMES ................. ...Oblong AGRICULTURE Home .Eronomicr Bethany Circle Home Economics Clubg W.A.A,g Orange and Blue Feathersg Women's Glee Club 1lJ MARGARET JAMES .....,,................ Good Hope LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Soriology Presbyterian Hall Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day 11J GREGORY JOSEPH JANKOWSKI ...,........... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bacleriology Delta Chi Wilson Junior College JACK GERHARDT JANSSEN .......,........ Springfield LIBERAL ARTS ANIJ SCIENCES Cbemirlry Springfield Junior College XVILLIAM HENRX' JARMAN ......... ..... E lmwood COMMERCE Cenex-al Bnfinerr Purity Manor Accountancy Club Blackburn College HERMAN JASS ............................. Cbimgn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemirtry Honors Day 115 'Q S P If we it an -nf It I as: 1' C Qt Q . EI S A Q' :" 1939 ERIC JOHN THOMAS JAUCH. . . . . .. .... . ..... Sireolor FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arelairerlure ROBERT CALVIN JEAN ......... , .. , . . .Annu ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Theta Xi Southeast Missouri State Teachers College DWIGHT EDMOND JENKINS ........ .... H arvey COMMERCE Commeree and Law Accountancy Clubg The Illio 113 g General Co'Chair- man, Mothers Day 153 g Chairman, Homecoming Com- mittee 12J g Independent Council 121 g Illinois Union Cabinet 131 5 Student Alumni Association 121 Honors Day 123 Northwestern University IWERIE LEWIS JENKINS ....,....... .... L ewirtown AGRICULTURE General Agricullure Agricultural Club Honors Day 11J BARBARA JENNINGS .................,.... Glen Ellyn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pryebology Delta Delta Delta Mask and Baubleg Sophomore Cotillion Committeeg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Production Staff, "Dracula," "Post Road," "Liliom," "Spring Formal," "The Admirable Crichton" BIERNICE MARIE JENSEN .........., ..., C hicogo EDUCATION Englirla Media Chicago Normal College ELEANOR DOROTHY JENSEN ................ Cblrogo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirla Theta Upsilon XVright Junior College HARRX' DELl.XVOOD JENSEN. ....... .... O ob Pork AGRICULTURE Florieullure Page 95 ll.l......... . '7'f2 WILLIAM PETER JENSEN ........... ...Oak Park AGRICULTURE General Agrieullm'e Agricultural Clubg Dairy Technical Societyg Second Regimental Band 111 JOSEPH BERNARD JILBERT .........,........ Rockford COMMERCE Indnrtrial Adminirrralion Accountancy Clubg Alpha Kappa Psi ARNOLD OSCAR JOHNSON .......... .... B amvia COMMERCE General Burinerf Accountancy Club DONALD LESLEY JOHNSON ......... .... A ledo AGRICULTURE General Agrirnlzare Agricultural Clubg Cavalry Othcers Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Phalanxg Illinois Agriculturist Q31 g Inde- pendent Council i3Jg First Lieutenant, University Brigade GEORGE ANDREW JOHNSON ........ ..... A then: AGRICULTURE General Agrirnllure Agricultural Club JEAN LUCILLE JOHNSON ................... Cbimga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Alpha Gamma Delta Le Cercle Francaisg Spanish Clubg The Illio fl, 2Jg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers MARJORIE NELLE JOHNSON. . . . .... . . . . ..... Urbnnn FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Mmie University Orchestra fl, 2, 3, 43 RALPH JAMES JOHNSON. .......... .... P earin ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Chi Epsilong Mu-San Bradley Polytechnic Institute C99 I 'W ar .I . M. V 'A If J 11 f is P A a CS, . 'fi 5 F ie? r X49 S as " I ,S 2 Jai Q A-E tiytyii N .,.. J 4' I A Q, M e.'I " . T, 'A ef 2 V 5' ' ' le 35 'X' I J A A- : f Z. RICHARD ELMER JOHNSON ......... .... W innelmgo AGRICULTURE General Agrimllure Roojah'S RICHARD RUDOLPH JOHNSON. . . . .......... Ken-anee LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economies SHIRLEY ADA JOHNSON .,.................. Cbiengn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanirh Phi Omega Pi Le Cercle Francaisg Spanish Clubg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers THERON ROBERT JOHNSON ..,.... .... N arrir Cizy COMMERCE Accountancy Accountancy Club Honors Day Q11 VIRGINIA LEE JOHNSON ............. Clarendon Hill: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Zeta Tau Alpha Torch: Alpha Lambda Deltag The Illio f2, 35 3 Pan- Hellenic Council 131 3 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Y.W.C.A. Cabinet Q31 3 Student Alumni Association f2J Honors Day fl, 21 WALTER EDWARD JOHNSON ....... .... C bieaga COMMERCE General Burinerr Accountancy Club Honors Day flj WILLIAM MARY JOHNSON ......... .... M aywaad EDUCATION A Pbyrieal Ezluralion Theta Xi Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Letter 12, 313 Varsity Water Polo Squad 125 VERNA RUTH JOHNSTON ........ .... B erwyn EDUCATION Biology McKinley Hall Botany Club: W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Major Ig University Chorus MJ Morton junior Collegeg Dennison University Page 96 X15 T' A ,f fl ' ,, 17 fl Tffrlf,-X I lax Tlx ,ff C' sb A TI W 'XD I eJ,4'f'Xj Xff-X X 15,51 if ' 'Tai Rf 'rags , ee-if Tx A ff :gf :QQ .f f A ,I " 3 ff' I WX, " , ,I ," ' ..-f ffibl- "' I' i' ,Y.- ,T K X,-' fo' 6,1 -,J ' XSTQSQIIIA A ' , ,lx ' QXX -if ' dxf, A F ill" lv- f " L 'Lf' kv la X93 CAROLYN LoUEzE EWERS JONES ...........,. Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pryelaology Kappa Alpha Theta EMRYS ARTHUR JONES. . . . . . . . .. . . . ........ Chifage LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law OMAR WILI.IAM JONES ................ Marphyrbom LIDERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Sfienre Sigma Alpha Epsilon Second Regimental Band 11, ZJ Honors Day 12, 35 CHARLES ELVIN JORDAN. . . .. .... . . . .... Indianola AGRICULTURE General Agriculture HENRY MENzo JORDAN. . . . . . . . .. . .. .Champaign AGRICULTURE General Agrieullure Delta Phi Agricultural Club: Pershing Riflesg Production Staff, "The Ivory Door," "Noah," "Post Road," "Brother Rat" MARY BUSEY JUTTON .,............ Milwaukee, Wir. COMMERCE General Burinen Alpha Chi Omega Mortar Board: Torthg Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Chi Thetag Shi-Aig The lllio 11, 2, 55 L Mothers Day 121 Q Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association 125 3 Cast, "Tosca" Honors Day 11? ELSIE MARY KARLER ...................,... Cbimgn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES General Vesta Accountancy Clubg W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathers LESSING A. KAHN.. ....................... Cbiraga it XX , if In 55 fl 533351 iiiH.'2,.'::':: -I L 5 -:a.fsa'??:'EE1':. 5? ts 4 QTEK lt? it s if gr f a, sean ri 535' it si' if A . .. fi: 1' lt. ai R, 1- 3 ,A , V , -r XVILMA JEAN KAISER ................,..... Cemralia LIBIERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Baeleriology Alpha Omiefon Pi Summer Prom' Committee 125 5 Orange and" Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers XVashington University jAcors ROBERT KANDLIK .......... .... C bimga COMMERCE General Bu.riner.I Phi Sigma Kappa North Park junior College RUTH MAE KANE .......,............. Pinrkneyzfille EDUCATION General Education Gamma Phi Beta The Daily Illini 111 g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg University Chorus JOHN PAUL KANOSKY ............... .... 0 navga Playrieal Edzzralion Sigma Pi Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad 12, 3, 415 Varsity Football Letter 12, 41 STELLA ANNE KANOSKY. ...,. . ...... .,..Onar-ga AGRICULTURE General Home Economier EDWARD EARL KANTENWEIN ...... . COMMERCE T1-amparzazion Accountancy Clubg Pan Xeniag Pershing Ritlesg M.I.D.A. Council . , .Oak Park Honors Day 131 Oak Park junior College XVILLIAM JAY KAPLAN ................ Newark, N. I. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hiflory New York University CARL THEODORE KARLBLTRG ............. Rock Irland LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES E AGRICULTURE Philamplay i ' General Agricullure Lewis Institute Z' Hoof and Horn Clubg First Regimental Band 13, 45 ta' " Augustana College , A V I X Page 97 ff we XP" N ac we . f , fr AX ,-. A Z X,.--.,X A .y.,,f f -XL.,-X K V ' 1 xxx p, X f gy , gf, W 'D ' ,ff " Af----1 "'s::il"N, Lt fi! .,""7:A' X "unix ,.lG1.'J,fX,,: E-Q-13,1 I?-'fog f :fig ,511 ,I U A M ,, --faq j kg .. -I ' 'fx y ,ff ,.-f-We if I X 4 x tl "i' ,ll 7 lg I -X .f I4 , R-. ' L 'Nr U ',-'ff'-1 ' A I ,f fl MURIEL GLORIA KATZEN ................... Chicago LIBERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirh Sigma Delta Tau Pan-Hellenic Council 13, 41 3 First Council, Woman's League 12, 3, 41, Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers CHARLES ARTHUR KAUB ,................... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Beta Sigma Psi Freshman Varsity Polo Squad: Varsity Pistol Squad 125, Chairman, Dads Day Committee 145, Illinois Union Cabinet 131 ARNoI.D MORRIS KAUFMAN ...............,. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. JULIAN KAUEMANN ...................,... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Mnzhematirr Zeta Beta Tau Caisson Clubg Pierrots, First Lieutenant, University Brigade, Production Staff, "The Drunkardn joI-IN D. KEAT. ....................... Efur Moline LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Augustana College LORA ADEIAIDE KEE ............. ...Sheldon COMMERCE Geneml Burinerr Gamma Alpha Chip Accountancy Clubg Gold Feathers Illinois Wesleyan University CHARLOTTE PAULINIZ KEELER ....... .... S pfingjeld EDUCATION Cemfml E:fll!'11li07l Delta Delta Delta The Illio CU, W.A.A.3 Pan-Hellenic Council 1413 First Council, Woman's League M5 3 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Honors Day CZ, 33 VUILLIAM CHARLES KEENEY ....,, .... C binzgo COMMERCE General Bn.rinzAf.r Alpha Delta Phi Skull and Crescent: Sophomore Intramural Manager Page 198 O X Sen if . 2 V, ' . I ' iii-if 1 it :zffagzji I -1 a EQ. .5 A: t S. Xi .D are ASR A F if 4 A- .w Z. SHIRLEY DINSMORE KELLER .......... .... P ontiac Phyxical Education Alpha Gamma Delta Orchesisg W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Major I PHILIP MADISON KELLSTEDT ,.......... ..... P eoria COMMERCE Indzmrial Adminiilralion Sigma Alpha Epsilon Accountancy Club: A.I.E.E.g Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Elizabeth The Queen," ."La Bo- heme," "Post Road" Bradley Polytechnic Institute BARBARA RUTH KENDALL ................... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirh Alpha Delta Pi Pan-Hellenic Council Q41 Lawrence College ALI-IERT NELSON KENNEDY. . .. ...... .... ..... Dixon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Phi Kappa Psi The Illio Q15 5 junior Basketball Manager, Sophomore Baseball Manager, Interfraternity Council f3, 4, HELEN JITANNETTE KENNEDY .......... .... D ixan AGRICULTURE General Home Eronomin VVILLIAM BERNARD KENNEDY ..... ...Chicago COMMERCE Acronnzancy Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Kappa Psig Senior Council, Accountancy Club, Interfraternity Council Q41 Honors Day 03 WILLIAM ELMER KENNEL ...,........ SI. Louir, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Rifle Clubg Captain, University Brigade Honors Day fl, 33 EDVUARD RIED KISNNELLY. . . . . , . . .. COMMERCE General Bizrinexr . . . .Chicago Granada Club Accountancy Clubg junior Intramural Manager f. 4, 'jf' X V ,A ,X - VAffVN ' A I- I J fxxk if N rf' I, Dx 'iglfiffff I Tlift!,i5 'iiijfffjfag C 'TT iii FTF Eff A i' A- fliffir f wffxflll lil is f"' .f-"'Xffn flig f .mf 4' -Sc A iA:.fJ,li' it-I 1' A it fe ' Za S X93 MARY ELLEN KENNELLY ........... ...Cbirago EDUCATION General Education Alpha Delta Pi Tamaroa Chicago Normal Collegeg University of Chicago EILEEN MARGARET KENNEY ...........,,.,.. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirla Theta Phi Alpha First Council, Woman's League 141 Honors Day Q33 Mundelein College JEAN ELIZABETH KENT ........,.......,.... Clairago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Alpha Delta Pi Gold Feathers DAL IRA KEPHART ............... . . .Chicago COMMERCE Banking and Finanre Theta Xi Accountancy Clubg Pershing Riflesg The Illio fljg The Daily Illini 121 i iwqhx 1 T El , 'la i--'- yi it hr A get MELX'lN BENJAMIN KING. . . . . . . . . . .... . . . .Kingiion Pbyriral Edumlion Caisson Clubg Gymkanag Phalanxg F Track Squad 5" Varsity Track Squad reshman Varsity 1255 Freshman Varsity Gymnastic Squadg Varsity Gymnastic Squad 121 RALPH JOSEPH KING. . .. . . . . . .Grand ENGINEERING function, Colo. Mecbaniral Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M,E. Grand junction Junior College JOHN JOSEPH KINSELLA .....,..... COMMERCE General Burineu Delta Upsilon . . . .Cbimgo Sachemg Senior Basketball Managerg Band of X5 Sophomore Football Manager BERNARD EDWARD KINSOCK. .......... Whiting, Ind. FINE AND APPLIED ART Arfbiterlufe Alpha Rho Chi Gargoyle St. Benedicts College S CHARLOTTE EVELYN KEPLINGER .... ..... L oami KA-FHRYN ELEANOR Kipp .......-.-'. '.-. A ,,,,dw,,,, EDUCATION ' H Pbyrifol Eduralion 501087 if K W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Major I East Gables . 5-. Independent Council 1415 First Council, Woman's 'sf A ,l', A - League 143 I ' qi Blackburn College "-:. h , - I fy , Qi I , HELEN LUCILLE KESNER ........., ..... P ofabonmi THOMAS JAMES KXRBY -v.-.,.-'..'Y vucbjmga AGRICULTURE EDUCATION General Home Eronornirxi Geneml Edumljon Frakcr House Phi Kappa XV.A.A.g W.A.A. Numerals Pia Wilson Junior College -Qi DIXON BAKER KEYSER ,............. ...Clvifago RUTH KIRCHHOFF ................ .... 5 olliti Ployriral Ednmiion ' D EDUCATION Pi Kappa Alpha I General Eduralion Gymkanag Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity A K -' Presbyterian Hall Football Squad 1235 Freshman Varsity Gymnastic W!.A.A. Squad: Varsity Gymnastic Squad 12, 3, 45g Varsity -' i iii f Track Squad 13, 41 ,,- , gin --.' . . was-.. Joi-IN REW KIDD ....,...,........,....,. Men-apalir KATHRYN MARIE KIRKHOFF ,.,.. AIIA K unkdkeg COMMERCE EDUCATION Banking and Finance ' ' 7 Ldyjn Pi KHPP3 A117113 Q K Theta Phi Alpha Affvunfanfv Club . ' A The Daily Illini Q15 Carthage College V 'fig -,XX ff, -1 p X, 1 X Page df E F172 ,L C . ff I ECMA: 1344 X Diffigi KW X fx Q ,, fsxffsgg ,K " """j,s " Nc 'i', ' N f 1f"'1"' Q 3 V -is 1' C, . -C ig ,E , 1,1-i, if Y f- ,:"'...,T'..1N ,--- , pf' i ,fbi ,C ,fi G., ,.a-' yfvy. f.,.-if Q2 PQ A ,, 5 T ,Q ' x ,M -,L . ,J J! X, ff uxx . ,.w.k1'!,iIx ,i X.. X--lui LKX1 ., -E,l,,sX im 1- K gg, v X I 1- X C771 Q99 Z0 ETHEL HELEN KIRKPATRICK ............. .... E lgin LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Home .Economics Rifle Clubg W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Major Ig First Council, Woman's League Q31 ADELE JAYNE KLEBAN .........,...... Sl. Louis, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Sigma Delta Tau Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Production Staff, Homecoming Stunt Show Q21 4 E is A a JAIMES ASHLEY KOCH ...... ,....... ....... E I mlmm I COMMERCE Ir1dn.I11'if1l Adrninirlralion Phi Delta Theta Vice-President, Freshman Class: Adelphicg Band of X5 The Illio fl, 2, 35 3 Illinois Union Cabinet fl, 21, Cast, "Of Thee I Sing", Production Staff, "Anything Goes" . -f Y Honors Day fly HAROLD LEROY KOELLER ........... .... C lmmpaign AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Zetag Agricultural Clubg Ag- ricultural Economics Clubg Men's Glee Club 121 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 g,UniveI'sity of Illinois Scholar- ship Key i DOROTHY SARAH KLOTZ ................... Chimga I josEPH FRANCIS KOENIG .............. Enfz Sz. Lonir LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES I ' H V I EDUCATION Sociology I3 ii' i-L, 1 lllulbemnllrr Laura B. Evans Hall Sigma Delta Pi Gregorian Literary Societyg Le Cercle Francais 'S Sf- Louis UfliV9f5iffY . I mit ANITA PAULINE KNAPP ..,.........,.... Champaign ROBERT Koi-IN ..,...............,. ...Cbimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES , , AGRICULTURE Pi Beta Phi Englijj, I- ' General Agriculture Mortar Board: Torehg Alpha Lambda Delta, Wom- i Newman Hall anis Editor' The HMO: Shi,Aig Chairman, Mothers if Agricultural Clubg Horticulture Clubg Agricultural Day Committee IZJ 3 Chairman, Dads Day Committee Council 'MJ 133 5 First Council, Woman's League 13, 43g junior -N, . f Council, W0man's League OJ 5 Orange and Blue ' Feathers: Gold Feathersg Freshman Council Honors Day ll, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key HARVEY DEAN KNAPPENBERGER .... .... M ammb ,, ' S KENNETH JOSEPH KOUNGER l,,,, ,H-Ri,,e,,i,,Je AGRICULTURE - 1 '- ENGINEERING General Agrirullure I Meelmniml Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma , ,G s Club Mortonia The Illio Q25 'I Western Illinois State Teachers College STANLEY XVELLS KNETSCH ......... .... P awPnw joIIN C. KoNTos .................. Chicago Heigbu ENGINEERING COMMERCE Civil Engineering General Buyinerr Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Sigma Kappa A,S,C,E. Pershing Rifles: Interfraternity Council 131 1 De Paul University COLETA HOTZ KNEWITZ .......,...... Earl St. Lanir EDVUARD KOOPS ...........,....,.. ...Clyimgo AGRICULTURE COMMERCE General Home Eronomirr ' ,U General Burineu Davenport House . Phi Kappa Tau Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Upsilon Omicrong Gre- K Alpha Tau Sigmag First Lieutenant, University Bri- gorian Literary Societyg Home Economics Club: L A gade: Cast, "Man and the Masses" Orange and Blue Feathersi Gold Feathers gl.. - Honors Day 11, 21 at - H '- ' I 'ill' KENNETH IRVING CHARLES KNUDSON VVALTER joHN KORENEVICI-I .......,,. ...Chicago Wauzmrora, Wir. -f '.i 5 ENGINEERING FINE AND APPLIED ARTS , I 1 . E Elem-im! Engineering AI-fl.1i1eI'1u1'e -. A.I.E.E.g Rifle Club, Synton Alpha Rho cha . RA" ' I I '..:. A-5-C5 i f ii ' ,-:'- as I I if . - X sf Page l00 ,' 5- X , AI77"k3fT1rif'.L- 17? - If-. TX ff IW" 1- -X gi- "P .I-ffj ,Def sim'-1' 'TSX X 12? is ' 'MF' se rr 'wa TTS? x Grieg? gs .fffxf f fe ,f-wi I ,f si IR, I li - il f II A INR --ff- if is It XFX Nfl IF ill f' f" X"',f"" D 'if l- ii . ,f P'-N "7 "'lAlx' il ' FN' ffl T tf'fx"!!'! AF la ALEXANDER KOUZMANOFF ............... Benrenville FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture Phi Eta Sigmag Gargoyle, Varsity Golf Squad 12, 31 Honors Day fl, 2, 3? 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key LEWIS ROBE KOVAC ................ .... C hicago ENGINEERING Metallurgical Engineering Mining Society Honors Day 111 Wilson Junior College DOROTHY MARIE KOWERT ....,............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Valparaiso University JOHN F. KRABDE ....................... Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pbyrirr VERNON WAYNE KRAETSCI-I ...... .... S pringyield COMMERCE Accounlancy Associate Business Manager, The Daily Illinig Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Club, Tomahawk, Inde- pendent Council UD NORMAN LOUIS KRAUSE ................. Cbillieozlae FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Beta Sigma Psi A.S.C.E.g Scarab FERN CLARA KREFT ...................... Oak Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Mary E. Busey Hall Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Deltag Pi Delta Phig Le Cercle Francais, Spanish Club: W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Honors Day Cl, 2, 35 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key DORTPIA JANE KREILING .................... Havana FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Archileetural Engineering Honors Day QU A im f' " .i ' ig S Y .3 5,3 'ARL ' ' I, . Y ea . L Y , .I c we . . I ..,I. ., Q r ,R 9 ,-1:1-fr,5e. A . ,ARMA 3 SY ai, J s ef SW! ,if 'A 1 f ,ff-X ,gl ,unix X93 ROBERT HENRY KIKEIN ....... A. ,.... .... P ark Ridge ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering . , Triangle ' A.S.M.E.g The Technograph Q41 JAKE LUTHER KRIDER .............. ..... L ewifiown AGRICULTURE O General Agriculture Farm House Alpha Zetag Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Tau Alphag Agri- cultural Clubg Agricultural Education Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Freshman Varsity Cross Country Squadg Varsity Cross Country Squad KZJ 3, Freshman Varsity J Track Squadg Varsity Track Squad Q21 it Honors Day fl, 23 , , LUCILLE CATHERINE KREUZDERGER .... Evanwille, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanixb Stratford House St. Mary-of-the-Woods College MURIEL MARIE KRING ............. .... C linzan COMMERCE General Burineff Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Chi Theta, Accountancy Club, Arepog Orchesisg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg University Chorus C455 Production Staff, "The Bartered Bride," Pinafore," "The Admirable Crichton," "La Boheme" Honors Day LID FRANK JAMES KRIZ ....................... Oak Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Sigma Nu Freshman Varsity Hockey Squad Oak Park Junior College THADDEUS DENNIS KROLICKI ..... ...Chicago EDUCATION Matlrematicr Lambda Chi Alpha Delta Theta Epsilon, Caisson Clubg Captain, Univer- sity Brigade ANTHONY KUDZMA .............,........... Cicero LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Morton Junior College HELEN KUHN ......................... Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Zeta Phi Etag The lllio CU 3 The Siren fl, 23 3 Wom- an'S General Chairman, Illinois Union Minstrel Show 131g Chairman, Woman's League Show Committee GJ g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Stu- dent Alumni Association f2Jg Cast, "Man and the Masses," "Ivory Door", Production Staff, "Bartered Bride," "Dracula," "Iolanthe" 1 X , Page 101 ,X W ',,,, 5..- S 1 N , I P 51747 XY, .J'X,,f' X C , , , f .f"""'Nx f X V d A: X J 55,1 ff k'.,.a11-.b gb tp-X A X, yjgzglq ML I, V, Q 113.21 J:,,, I P f ,, ,fr 1 ee.,--rf f 7' , ,ff ,sf 1-vii ,uf if .S ,E 1.1 is ,P- in-. ,V '-XLTN 4 S ' V ,ff lf' -1,2 I," 7 ,N-, it I ., N, .' ,I 1 ,- I A 1 F7729 Sen Z SELMA ANNETTE KUHN ............ Naflarille, Tenn. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirtary Alpha Epsilon Phi The Daily Illini QZ, 35 L W.A.A.g PanvHellenic Coun- cil 13, 415 First Council, Woman's League fi, 41g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers BERNHARDT MAX KUSCHEL ..... Benfon Harbor, Micla. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Muric Club Chalmers Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag Concert Band fl, 2, 3, 41 3 First Regimental Band C11 g University Orchestra f2, 31 5 University Chorus Q5, 41 KENNETH ARTHUR KX'IS1'AD .......... Elmwood Park COMMERCE General Bminefr Second Regimental Band 13, 41 De Paul University BEATRICE MIABEL LAFFERTY ................. Chzfago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englixh Alpha Kappa Alpha Lewis Institute HOWARD MARLIN LANDWEHR ....... .... N orlbbrook JOURNALISM Newf and Editorial Theta Xi Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Sigma Delta Chig The Daily Illini fl, 2, 35 3 ,l0urnalism Council Q41 CLIFFORD WALTER LANDWER ,...... .... B arrington AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Myers Club Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Economics Club CHARLES ARTHUR LANE ............ Kama: Cily, Mo. ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu Kansas City Junior Collegeg University of Michigan JOHN HENRY LANGE ...................,.. Rockford LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Science Alpha Tau Omega Page 102 -RH ia 4 K - a iffl, ee . I, -'like 'IMF ,, S Y , 5 :.- :i.' I if . , ' f H ' life . I I A rar -Ir' 4, Y I, . 'gs-i ,N ea A A I D ..- Q ,W Zin HEI.EN WISENE LANGHAM ......... ...Tamalco AGRICULTURE General Home Econornicf Fraker House Gold Feathers Ohio State University HENRY CLARENCE LANGILLE ............... Oak Park ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Sigma Tau Nu Taug A.S.M.E.g lnterfraternity Council 141 g First Lieutenant, University Brigade VIRGINIA LANPHAR. , . . . . . . .. ....... Eranwille, Ind. EDUCATION General Education Delta Zeta Pan-Hellenic Council f51g First Council, Woman's League Q41 Western College GILBERT LEONARD LAROCHE .............,. Kankakee ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. CARL MARTIN LARSON ,.......... .... M aywood COMMERCE General Bufineff Accountancy Club De Paul University JOHN WESLEY LATCHUM, JR. ...... Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering University of Pennsylvania JANE CAROLYN LAURENCE ................... Paxton Pbyiical Education Mortar Boardg Torchg Alpha Sigma Nug Orchesisg W.A.A.g W.A,A. Numeralsg Major Ig Women's Glee Club 12, 31 g University Chorus fl, 21 Honors Day fl, 2, 31 g University ot Illinois Scholar- ship Key PEARL RUTH LAUTH ...................... Maywood LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bacteriology Alpha Xi Delta Torchg Shi-Aig The Illio fl, 21g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association 121 TS- V- I, ,- NX f f f L. , 7 I , , ,It I fy L. X. K ,N , I ,dn ,. 4. ,f , tx X -as -.1 .AMS -: X ' ,Q . ,ff N ., .. ic? tx X , 'ji To--f' la 1939 JANE DOROTHY LAUZON .....,,...,........ Chimgo FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Art Edumlion Illiwanis Gregorian Literary Society College of St. Francis JACK DUDLIEY LAWLER .............. .... P in-ir JOURNALISM Newr and Edilorial College Hall Alpha Tau Sigmag Pershing Riflesg Captain, Univer- sity Brigade PEARL ELIPI-IEMIA LAWSON ................ Mr. Olive LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Chi Omega Lindenwood College RAYMOND DEAN LEAKE .......,.... .... A mbay ENGINEERING Melallurgical Errgineefirrg Fi-john House University of Notre Dame EDYTH LFAH LEBOVITZ ........... . . ,Blue Ifhznd EDUCATION French Laura B. Evans Hall Le Cercle Francais GERALD ADAM LEE .......,............ Rigby, Idaho AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Zetag Agricultural Club Brigham Young University FRANK JOSEPH LEEMAN ........ . ..,. .... R orkfard Pbyriml Edumiion Varsity Wrestling Squad C21 BETTY JEAN LEGGETT ............ .... G euezu EDUCATION Biology Laura B. Evans Hall W,A.A. Wright junior College ,f di ga Q N- at , ga T' T5 Q r T , an ' A A wif I 'Ee ' zz I ' :,- so 'M 1 'K' ya A I E' 7' l 1 I ,- , ,, XVILLIAM MATHAIS LEITNER ....... ,...Cl:imgo COMMERCE Armurzzanry Granada Club Alpha Phi Omegag Accountancy Club Augustana College LEO LEMBERG ...... ..... ......... , .... C In irugo -IOURNALISM Neuxr and Ediloriul Phi Kappa Tau Caisson Clubg Dolphinsg Freshman Varsity Swimming Squadg Varsity Swimming Squad 12, 3, 41 g Freshman Varsity Water Polo Squadg First Lieutenant, University Brigade ALVA ILEITA LEO. ......,................,. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ClJL'7l1iYll'-Q' Kappa Kappa Gamma lota Sigma Pig The lllio 121 g University Chorus 121 g Cast, "La Boheme," "Follow Thru," "H.M.S. Pina- fore" 3 Production Staff, "Elizabeth The Queen" University of Pennsylvania ARTHUR OTTO LEPP. . . ......... . .. . .Waterloo COMMERCE Acrannlanfy CARL ARNO LELIPOLD. . . .. ..,....... Werrem Spring: COMMERCE lndzmriul Adminirlmlion Delta Upsilon Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Senior Track Managerg Band of X Lawrence College WEsI.EY COLEMAN LEVERICH .......... Fergumn, Mo. Phyrical Edurulion Phi Mu Delta Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Varsity Wrestling Squad 12, 3, 41 ALFRED EDWARD LEVEY ..,....... .... C ryrml Lake COMMERCE Armufnancy Triple H Accountancy Club SHFLDON SAMUEI. LEVEY .............., Cryrzal Lake COMMERCE Irzdmfrial Adminirtrafion Triple H Independent Council 145 p Page 103 C772 Sen MILTON JAMES LIZVIN ............. Rocbejrer, N. Y, COMMERCE General Businexi Phi Epsilon Pi Accountancy Club, Interfraternity Council 13, 415 Student Alumni Association 1215 Cast, "Of Thee I Sing," "Follow Thru," Illinois Union Minstrel Show 131 HIELIQN SAxoN LIEVINIZ .................. Champaign LIIIIQRAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology W4rmen's Glee Club 141 University of California AIIEN IRA l.lEYITI2'I'Z, .......,. .. ..... Clairago COMMERCE General Bu.rif1e,I,I Alpha Epsilon Pi Interfraternity Council 12, 41 De Paul University AI.IcE JANE LIvI'I'oN .... , ................. Chicago I.IIiIiRAI. ARTs AND SCIENCES Hi,rln1'y Laura B. Evans I-lall Orchesisg The Siren 121 1 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Student Alumni Association 121 ROliIiR'I' MEaEImI'rH LEY ........,....,..,. .... J oliez I.IIxEaAI. ARTs AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Delta Kappa Epsilon Y.M,Cf,A. Cabinet 141 Joliet Junior College EUGENE PAIII. LIERMAN ........,,......, Champaign LIIsI'RAI, ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Lau' Phi Kappa Sigma Vice President Illinois Union President unior Classg Phi Alpha Delta: Accountancy Club1JCoast Artillery Clluhg General Chairman, Dads Day 141: Junior Prom Committee: Freshman Frolic Committee, Independent Cfouncil 121 g Illinois Union Cabinet 131 5 Illinois Union Board of Directors 141 3 Student Alumni Association 121 3 Freshman Council, Captain, University Brigade MARY Ei,IzAEI'AIII LIMIQRIGK ....... ,...Ur-bana EDUCATION Art Gamma Phi Beta Orchesisg The Daily lllini 1211 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers HEaIIIfR'1' IEIMIR LINII .,............. .,.ClJifago ENGINEERING I'lII'IZva11ifal Eflgineerirlg Alpha Kappa Lamhda Tau Nu Tau, A.S.M.E.3 First Lieutenant, University Brigade Page 104 ,Q 5 i 57 'T 55 4 I ,, sim: , . S. lash 4 V 1 is Z. VIRGINIA IDA LINDELAU .,...,......... ..... I oliet Pbyrirul Educafion Alpha Sigma Nu, XV.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Major I Joliet Junior College MEl.X'll.I.F CI-IARI.Es LINDSTIZN ...... ...Chicago ENGINEERING General Engineering Delta Sigma Phi North Park Junior College ROBERT JOHN LINDSTROM .............. Sedalia, Mo. ENGINEERING zllcrlaauiral Engineering A.S.M.E. Central College SUZANNE A. I.I'I'TI.If .......,................ Urbana LIIIFRAI. AR'I's AND Sc:IENcEs Pijclmlogy Pi Beta Phi Orchesisg Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Star Course 121 NIARGARIZT HENDRIE LIVINGSTONF... .... Chicago - EDUCATION Englirb l Gamma Phi Beta Woman's Business Manager, The Daily Illinig Shi-Aig First Council, XXfoman's League 141 5 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers JAMES BI'RR LI.ExvI2I.I.YN ,..,.,... .... D anrille ENGINEERING Ciril Engineering Tau Nu Tau, Phalanx Honors Day 151 ARI.INE RUTH Lrovo ....,............. . .... .Elgin IJIIERAI. AR'I's AND SCIENCES Iirencla Hurd Hall Alpha Lambda Delta: Der Deutsche Vereing Le Cercle Francaisg Orchesisg W.A.A. Honors Day 11, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key JAMES HENRX' LIOYI1 ..,................. Springfelaf LIIII-RAI AR'rs AND SCIENEES f,'l7ll771iI al E71gI?l8L'7'i7lg Acacia Skull and Crestentg First Lieutenant, University Brigade Northern Illinois State Teachers College las 193 HERMAN Louis LOEB ............ ...Lauifenrerille JANE GRACE LONG ......................... Aurora COMMERCE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES General Burinerr Soriolagy Sigma Alpha Mu 6 5 Kappa Kappa Gamma K5 Stcphens Junior College 1 ROBERT EARL LOECK ..,....,.,.......... Clmmpaign OMER JEROME LONG ..,...,........ ..... E Jfngbam LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ENGINEERING Cbemiml Engineering f 4 Civil Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma R A.S.C.E. Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Lambda Upsilong Omega Chi ki E A , , Epsilong Sigma Taug Sigma Xi Honors Day 111 Armour Institute of Technology K 'h u a' ARTHUR BENSON I-OFT ---------- --EV C HPWH ROY EDWARD LORENTZ, JR. ......... ...Chirago COMMERCE ENGINEERING AFF0lWffWfJ' Meiallnrgiml Engineering Accountancy Clubg Second Regimental Band fl, 25 Honors Day fl? ALBERT JOSEPH LOGLI ..,.......... .... R ockford ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Chi Epsilong A.S.C,E.g Phalanxg The Technograph CI, 2, 33 3 Independent Council Q25 Honors Day fl, 21 ROY VERNON LOI-IMILLER ........... ...Cbirago ENGINEERING Mecbaniml Engineering Delta Upsilon Tau Nu Tau: A.S.M.E.g Pershing Riflesg Scabbard and Bladeg Interfraternity Council L41 MARGARET JEAN LOKKE ..........,,, Werfern Spfingx LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Laura B. Evans Hall Production Staff, "Post Road" Lyons Township junior College 'lf C t J eq.. , sr Si Q, Honors Day 11, Z, 31 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key BFTTE Lou LOLIWIEN ,................. Mr. Vernon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES .Ypeerb ' Davenport House V Zeta Phi Etag Arepog Gregorian Literary Society: Mask and Baubleg The Illio fllg Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl," "H.M.S. Pinaforef' "Elizabeth The Queen," "Post Road," "Brother Rat" GEORGE ALAN LOXVIE ............ ..... D amiille COMMERCE General Bufinerr Sigma Chi Ma-Wan-Dag Sachcmg Dolphinsg Tomahawkg Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Swimming Squadg Varsity Swimming Letter f2,3,4lg Freshman Varsity Water Polo Squadg Varsity Water Polo Squad f2,3,4J DAVID RAYMOND LOVUER. . . , ., ..... .... , Moline COMMERCE General Bu.rine.Ir Accountancy Club St. Ambrose College KENNETH OLIVER LONDON ............ .. .Cbirngo ROEERI' JAMES LUEBKE ............ .. . .Oak Park ENGINEERING ' COMMERCE Melallnrgiral Engineering v fx General BIWWU . - Q ,Q Honors Day Q1 Ni 4 Loyola University i av. JOHN FRANCIS HENRY LONERGANX' --"--" Cbjmga ' YUDIELL LEO LUKE ................ Kamen Ciiy, Ma. FINE AND APP'-'ED RTS LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Landfrape A1'flJifEClll1'E ' Malhgmnzjw U-L-A-S I i . i' 3 Pi Mu Epsilon S. Kansas City Junior College f 3 N Q I X Page 105 1' , A f .fx f I A. X f . ,,. X ifwfoh .., ff X ,f N, VA- I f' S lfr, 11311 .iQj:j: ,bkkxr li xlwipf I '?:X x K E! N1 f E-1. X ,zsisxxx I 1,1 Ziggy . ffff A I 3,3 . R WY, iM,,.1--- gf ll Ax N y , . J L V , rf, , . ff If I f A f I f L I ,I f f A f I ii ,f 1 f I "- N ,Q ,Q .xxx E ' 4. 9 fz CSTQIQ 1' X' --N' S. f xx VIRGINIA ADELAIDE LUSE .... . . . . . . . Wertern Springr tv. ROBERTA ISABEL MCALLISTER ............ Beardrtown LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES J English I, Englilll l Gamma Phi Beta McKinley Hall J The Siren Q31 ' " K Torchg Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi I-vom Township Junior College ' A ' " Alpha Chig The Daily Illini 41, zy T Honors Day Cl, 2, 37 g University of Illinois Scholar- 3 we Vkvy ship Key xygf V "-. RICHARD OLEN LYON .............. .... W arreka M JAMES J. MCCABE, JR. .,......... ..... P onziar AGRICULTURE AGRICULTURE General Agvirnllare L General Agriculture V H Farm House f' 5 Agricultural Clubg Dairy Clubg Agricultural Council F i n Q43 g Interfraternity Council MJ EDWARD JAMES LYONS, JR. ...... .... C laifaga MORRIS JOHN MCCARTHY ......... .... S aaanaa COMMERCE COMMERCE General Bmineir Sigma Pi The Illio Q15 5 Star Course f2J Wright Junior College LELAND RoY LYONS ..,,...,... Webiler Graver, Ma. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Phi Lambda Upsilong A.I.Ch.E. Blackburn College MARGARET ELIZABETH LYONS ......,...,. Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Pi Beta Phi Terraping The Illio fl, 21 g Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers Honors Day Q25 ALBERT EDMUND LYTLE ................... Himdale LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Alpha Chi Rho First Regimental Band Cl, 21 g Student Alumni Asso- ciation 12, 33 3 Cast, "La Boheme" WILLIAM FULLENWIDER LYTLE ........ .... U :Lana ENGINEERING Agricultural Engineering Sigma Nu A.S.C.E.g Agricultural Engineering Clubg The Tech- nograph 141 g Second Regimental Band fl, 21 PI-IEEE MCADAMS ........................... Allan LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirla Kappa Alpha Theta Bradford Junior College Page 106 xi Q as I Qc' 0 'Rf I . we . ,XI I 'Y fi' if ., .- A Jie- - 1 15, V L lr if ,E a 3 we ii' ogg General Burinen Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day 133 University of Michigan THOMAS HULL MCCARTY ....,............. Wheaton LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economist I Chi Psi Skull and Crescentg Cavalry Olicers Clubg The Illio KU 3 First Lieutenant, University Brigade DAN RAYMOND MCCLELLAND ....... .... H errin AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Phi Mu Delta Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Education Clubg Cavalry Clubg Pershing Riilesg Pha- lanxg First Lieutenant, University Brigade ToM MARSI-IALL MCCONNELL .... Univerrily City, Mo. l EDUCATION 1 General Eduealion W Kappa Sigma Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Skull and Crescentg Tribe of ' lllinig Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Freshman l Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Baseball Letter f2, 5, 41 3 Interfraternity Council Q33 ELIZABETH JULIETTE MCCOY ............. Springfield , LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Matbemaiicr Kappa Kappa Gamma Y.W.C.A. Cabinet Q41 Christian College WII.LIAM EDWARD MCCOY .................. Clair-ago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Emnomirf Psi Upsilon Skull and Crescentg Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Tennis Squadg Captain, Varsity Tennis Squad GJ, Letter 12, 3, 41 - , X XD- ' ftfpfffzp---s.ut S R-f ff Xi Jfdfx " ' B I- ff yy .J A y, C, WJ ,W V, 3 . ,f ,MMI ,fb-..N ,,,, ,Mi A ,ga fe ffl ll A ft sr fix- I 'f fmlx liars-. II: , W X I M Y x .I , ,Z r, , NN ,M ,,.... ,F V, If , V, .rw , Y I- J f t,-.v,:i ":'fQa1ll f" A-Q' zz!"-,if-2 1 , ' V' "X .' . f 'Refi'--X . ni- f , N- 'r S, la S 1939 JACQUELYN MCCREDIE ................. Wood River LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Delta Delta Delta Zeta Phi Eta, Mask and Bauble, Orchesis, Cast, "Noah", Production Staff, "Post Road" JAMES ROWE MCCREIGI-IT ......... ..... R ark Irland COMMERCE Arrauntanry Alpha Kappa Psi, Accountancy Club Augustana College GEORGE EARL MCCDLLOIICI-I ..,.........,... Cbirago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlory Delta Sigma Phi Pershing RiHes, RiHe Club, The Illio 113, Varsity Polo Squad 125, Pan'Hellenic Ball Committee 151, Interfraternity Council 13, 43 , Illinois Union Cabinet 125 , Captain, University Brigade JAMES WILLIAM MCDONALD ....... .... C bampaign COMMERCE General Burinerr Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ma-WaII-Da, Captain, Football Squad 141 , Band of X, Tribe of Illini, Varsity Football Letter 15, 41, Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad Honors Day 111 RODIQRT EDWIN MCDONALD .............. Waukegan LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma, Dolphins, Skull and Crescent, Sopho- more Intramural Manager, Senior Swimming Man- ager, Athletic Council 141 Honors Day 111 , ,,,i , H g SLN 4 rf' 3 , 3 R x MARGARET HAzEL MCGARRY .............. La Grange LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirtory Alpha Omicron Pi ' The lllio 11, 21, Orange and Blue Feathers,faGold Feathers I FRANKLIN HoTCI-IIcIss MCKELVEY ........ Springneld ENGINEERING Merhaniral Engineering A Phi Delta Theta Student Senate 143 1 A.S.M.E., The Technograph 123 , Illinois Union Board of Directors 141 , Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 141 , Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 142 , Engineering Council 14j RALPH BREANV BICKENZIE .......... .... D e Kalb AGRICULTURE General Ag-riraltzzre Farm House I Alpha Zeta, Agricultural Club, Agricultural Eco- nomics Club, Field and Furrow Club, Illinois Agri- rulturist 12, 53: Interfraternity Council 141, First Regimental Band 131 , Second Regimental Band 123 Honors Day 111 XVILDA LORENE MCKEOWN ......... .... S tfongbum AGRICULTURE General Home Eronomicr Saffer Court Blackburn College FREDERICIQ HARRISON MCKINSTRY .... ...Chicago COMMERCE Sigma Nu General Burinerr President, Senior Class, Band of X, Coast Artillery Club, Dolphins, Mask and Bauble, Pierrots, Scab- bard and Blade, Skull and Crescent: Sophomore In- tramural Manager, junior Swimming Manager, Chair- man, Summer Prom Committee 131, Interfraternity Council 13, 41: Star Course 121, First Lieutenant, University Brigade: Cast, "Dr, Faustus," "Post Road," "Shining Hour" , Production Staff, "Elizabeth The Queen," "The Drunkard" THOMAS EDWARD MCDONALD ..... .... 0 nk Park 1 ' , COMMERCE CLARENCE DAN'lD MCKINNEY ..... .LewIrtown, Mont. Acrountancy ,K ENGINEERING ' Accountancy Club, Cavalry Club, Freshman Varsity A MHll'm'ml E'7g"'eHmg Basketball Squad, Varsity Cross Country Squad 121 , Ph' Dflfa Them I First Lieutenant, University Brigade A' 2' A'S'M'E' Ji WIYAMA I-AVERNE MCENCORE --'-- f--- C bfmgo - BIQTTY MCLALI.EN, .............. ..... A mom .IOURNAI-ISM I JOURNALISM U Aarertiring ana' Publirbing 5 i I Adtwming and Publijhing Phi Omega Pl 3, , Alpha Chi Omega Theta Sigma Phi, Tamaroa, Production Staff, North Central College "Brother Rat" V ' , f Q Wilson Junior College H R' A t - . ,-af GEORGE WILSON MCFEDRIES ...,.......... Oak Park . CHARLES C, LINTHICUM MCNAIR ,,,,,,,,,, Winnetka .IOURNALISM ' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Adreflifing and Publirbing -ff: pgljfjmj Sfjmfe Chi Phi 'f'f':, I , V23 Psi Upsilon Gamma Theta Phi, Skull and Crescent, The Daily is Illini 11, 2, 31, Second Lieutenant, University Bri- I in gade . . JQQQ Page 107 ff 1' I A X , X X -ff' ki. riff! Xxf5,, our 'Xffl 9' CD72 is as as Q EA, -we-1 fx as 2-'ex N fl I 'I 2' A f L I X of A S ff ,f if C A A of as for A if is at ff Qc miie I C7729 C9 MARGARET CATHERINE MCROBERTS ..., ,,,. D emmv EDUCATION Hirlory Delta Delta Delta James Millikin University GLIENN A. MCTAvIsH .............. .. .Elgin COMMERCE Commerce and Law Sigma Nu Accountancy Clubg Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squad Honors Day 151 WILI.IAM STUART MACDIARMID ,... ..,. O ale Pfzrle COMMERCE General Burinerr Phi Kappa Psi Accountancy Clubg The Siren 111 Oak Park junior College W'II.l.lAM BARBER MACDONALD, . ., . .wjoliel COMMERCE General Bu,rine.r.I Theta Chi BARCLAY JOHN MACGREIQOR ....,. .. .Wlfeamn COMMERCE General Bu,rir1e.r.r Cornell College MARGERY ANN MABREY .......,. ,... G 'len lilly: EUULJATION Biology Alpha Gamma Delta Mortar Board, Torchg Woman's Business Manager, The Illiog Shi-Aig Chairman, Mothers Day Com- mittee 121g Chairman, Doll Show Committee 1313 First Council, Woman's League 141g Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg Y,XX7.C.A. Cabinet 131 Honors Day 151 ELIZABETH HELEN MACY .................., Chit-nga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Maflaemafiir Keeler Kottage Klub Le Cercle Francaisg First Council, Woman's League 141 3 WoInen's Glee Club 141 3 Production Statl, "Kind Lady" XVright junior College MYRON WENDFLL MADISON. .....,.. .... K anleakee AGRlCUI,Tl'Rl7 General A,LfY'lt'14lll174' Q Z Q it A 1 -. ai W RX - Y JOHN MARSHALL MAGNIER ...... Webrzer Gum-er, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Entomology Burrill Botany Clubg Der Deutsche Vcreing Hexa' poecia Iowa State College ROBERT JAMES MAI-IAEEAY ..... ,.......... P alar Park ENGINEERING Merlmniml Engineering Miner House A.S.M.E. Morgan Park junior College lNlAltlAN FRANCES MAHITR ........ .... C bimga EDUCATION General Edufarion Tamaroa Chicago Normal College ELROY FRANCIS MAHLBERG, JR. .....,...,... Clfmzgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering A.l.ClI,E. RORI-tR'IA ERHARD MAHR ...,........ .... C laimgo ENGINEERING Merallurgiml Engineering Mining Society MART'HA AI.rsER'rA MAIER ........... .... C hir-ago JOURNALISM Newt and Editorial Sigma Kappa Theta Sigma Phig The Daily Illini 1313 W.A.A.g Pan-Hellenic Council 1415 First Council, Woman's League 141 Wright junior College MARGARET ANNE MAINI.AND ......... Sfillmfm Valley LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bucferialagy Blackburn College KENNETH DALE MAI,ICK .......... ...u,'lJlIl71g, Ind. ENGINEERING Eler'lI'iml Engineering Nf"'ma'1,H3U A Iiimbaa Chi Alpha Second Re?'mef'f31 Band U74 Y-MEN Ceblnff 15' suiiemg A.I,E.E., The Daily Illini mg Junior ln' 414 Star Lourse 121 tramural Manager, Chairirmn, Homecoming Commit- tee 121g Chairman, Mothers Day Committee 1213 Chairman, Dads Day Committee 121: Chairman, Charity Ball Committee 121: Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 413 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 12, 31 Pagev 1,0344 I, ,I C, ,,.5,. C , , I, A, .A 1, xx ,ZX ,M4 XC, , .dex W :X f Y V C I, I, SX 1 1' f , A., , HX , ,f -- - ,.,- E11 ,f A -, , X A . -, ' ,f x ,. af . 41,13 if! T 'T-eef5"" XXX A:-ell " Q "M 'T i js .if-ji, ,ff Q'-L' fl-'A' 'X ' f- N-Mm X, 4 - . 1 ,ELA . . If S f . 'iff' V 'Y4Y,,,, -5- E . I Y 2 V rx Vik,-1 Y, ,A 1 f,,f ,lf C, ,,XfxL,,,,i -A x I 5 1 :ft 4, 111 V. ,Il f1,,Vk 4, I -I X --my K V .,7,f at ,f vi JIT, f I Q-I ' ,E or A ' . ,vi if , A - ,ia - xc r 2. la RUSSELL CLAYTON MALLATT .............,.. Sheldon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemiriry Phi Eta Sigmag Caisson Clubg Scabbard and Bladeg Captain, University Brigade Honors Day ll, 21 PAUL VVEBSTFR MALMGREN .....,..,. ..... G larford AGRICULTURE General Agricuiliuv Bradley Polytechnic Institute MARY ELIZABETH MANBY .,....., ,... 0 ak Park EDUCATION Botany McKinley Hall W.A.A. Northern Illinois State Teachers College DAVID RAND MANDELSON ...,..... .... C birago ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering A.S.M,E. Wright junior College SAMUEL RICHARD MANN ........ .... U rbana COMMERCE Accountancy MARGARET LOUISE MARAS ................... Szreaior LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirmry Delta Delta Delta Gregorian Literary Society, Le Cercle Francaisg Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers NIliHOI.AS VUALTER MARCHUK .,.....,....... Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Lau' Phi Sigma Kappa The Illio LI, 213 Second Lieutenant, University Bri- gade LUCILLE P. MARCUS ..............,....,.. Maywood LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirh Phi Sigma Sigma Pan-Hellenic Council 1319 First Council, Woman's League 13, -Hg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers X939 GEORGE FRANK MARGONIS. . .. . . ..... . ...... Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Baflerinlogy ROBERT Louis MARKS, .......... , ..... Edwardrville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pbiloropby LAwRENCE FREDREICI-I MARSCH ........ Mor-rironrille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma Phi Eta Sigma: A.I.Ch.E.g Coast Artillery Club Honors Day tl, 2, 35 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key A 15 ef.- 11" JANE CAROLYN MARSH ............ .... B radfofd - EDUCATION ix Home Efonomirr I A y Alpha Delta Pi A A' I H Home Economics Club ,K ' Stephens junior College f Q A - 4 U K DOUGLAS GEORGE MARSHALL ......,........ Chicago 'LT , LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES , Bacteriology . Q I 7 Gymkanag Gymnasticag Tribe of Illinig Freshman A ' 'X' A as Varsity Gymnastics Squadg Varsity Gymnastics Squad 'V f WY cz, 3, 41, Letter 125 . ' - , - onors a 1 'T' H D Y I I . , Q XVILLIAM GARTI-I MARSHALL ....... .... C alfa AGRICULTURE General Agrirullure V ., Manx Glee Club 43, 47 T M' ., Western Illinois State Teachers College as , T ELMER MARTIN, JR, .,.....,....... . .... Canton JOURNALISM Adrertiring and Publirlaing Sigma Phi Epsilon Gamma Theta Phi Honors Day tl? '-1 HOWARD NOBLE MARTIN. . . . . . . . . . .. .,..Normal - ,esixii COMMERCE , ' i J I ' VA Banking and Finance f I . - Bradley Polytechnic Institute fn-A 3 f Qtr 'rg' A ' .- Page 109 fi, ,J 'X ff Xl X! Q 'XX ,,,. X' x ye- 2-c X If . I ii iff! -sEjT!,l.TLf Y..,. :lk , 'sgftfipff N4,Yf'?g'.A 4:1-bg' in :ZQT-:T'?1 'V ,ffl vg bf-Lf-x .I-I-I" f ,fx H, ja -A u U. X X 7 ' ' " X ,yy f X V f 1 1 X ' A f I A II f , f I ' 'X iff? H ,,,, , f' . Af: 2 --i' .Q Q39-,gl FT 5 QCA A 'Te 'QQ PN"7Kf3 if' Avila for 'A 1 "QQ F772 Sen JOHN EDWARD MARTIN ............ Lor Angeler, Cal. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering A.S,C.E.: Scarab University of Southern California JOHN FRANCIS MARTIN ...,................ Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Theta Kappa Phi Dolphinsg Freshman Varsity Swimming Squadg Var- sity Swimming Squad KZ, 3, 453 Freshman Varsity Water Polo Squadg Varsity Water Polo Squad CZ, 5, 41 3 Interfraternity Council 13, 41 OLIVE LORRAINE MARTIN ........... .... G reenville JOURNALISM Special and Critical Alpha Omicron Pi Theta Sigma Phi Greenville College EUGENE RICHARD MARTINI .......,,........ Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Landrcape Architeclure Phi Eta Sigma: U.L.A.S.g Star Course f2J 3 Fine Arts Council f3, 45 Honors Day fl, 2, 33 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key RORERT FRANCIS MARWICK ....,,.....,..,.. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemirtvy Wilson junior College RAP1-IAEL PHIL MASSARSKY .,...... .... C hicago ENGINEERING Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Wright junior College WILLIAM DAVID MASTERS ......... ...Canton AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Phi Mu Delta Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Education Clubg Cavalry Othcers Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Pershing Rifles: Phalanx CEDRIC LLEXVELLYN IVIATHER ............ jrzrhromiille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Q A L ,-c: ,, , we D I 'R' R E' L f an jg A r, J ,FE 5 'Q il Z. MARGARET EILEEN MAYER ........ ...Champaign COMMERCE General Barinerr Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Pi Delta: Phi Chi Thetag The Illio 11, Z, 31 5 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Com- merce Council 141 g Production Staff, "Anything Goes" FRANCES GERTRKDE MAYNE ....... .... S pringheld EDUCATION Englirh Presbyterian Hall Illinois College ANNE MARY MEFFLEY. ,..........,........ Chicago AGRICULTURE General Home Economicr Zeta Tau Alpha Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers RACHEL ELIZABETI-I MET-LARRY ..... .... A rrica, Ind. AGRICULTURE General Home Econornicr Chi Omega Gregorian Literary Societyg Orange and Blue Feathers Joi-iN FRANCIS MEISSNER ................ La Grange LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Sigma Chi Indiana University MORRIS MEISTER ............ ,..,... I rvington, N. I. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cherniitry Squirrel Cage Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day ill University of Virginia HERBERT PAUL MELZER ........,.. .... C hicago ENGINEERING General Engineering A.S.C.E. BERTRAM LOUIS MENNE ............. . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chernimy p,g.L,,w Park College Phi Kappa Phi Delta Phi if Purdue University E Page 110 'fi ,af it-. fffal 'lf f ' "" X C 'f Lf--C R '71 ,f 1 1' lff Q.-N E-ff-TSX Lilfffigfffb fikyxa, Sty x C5,L,,,,'glsx it ff TW- 2'lf'fEffS A A 4 ai fxf-if if A be Q ff X i 'fffqxvllh I L' f' X f ,f "fl fm' ill' .f T iii f' X QD' A .llli la JEAN CLAIRE MERCER ....... . .............. Chit-ago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirk Delta Gamma Shi-Aig The Daily Illini 11, 21, Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Asso- ciation 121 RICHARD RAYMOND MERNER ............... Deeffield LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemiriry Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Phi Omegag First Regimental Band 11, 2, 3, 41 ROBERT LEE METCALE ...................... Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Entomology Phi Eta Sigmag Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 41 Honors Day 11, 21 RUTH NATALIE METZGER .....,.. ..... C laieago EDUCATION Englirb Sigma Delta Tau W.A.A.g First Council, WOman's League 131 g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers DANIEL HENRY MEYER ........... .... W ilrninglon COMMERCE General Burinefr Chi Phi Accountancy Clubg Band of X3 Interfraternity Coun- cil 151, Illinois Union Cabinet 131 FOY MEYER ,... .............. .... G I eemfille COMMERCE General Bufinen Accountancy Club ODD MEYER, JR .......,,.,...... ..... C hifago COMMERCE Banking and Finance Chi Psi Honors Day 11, 2, 51 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ROBERT ARTHUR MEYER .,.....,... Arlington Heighti COMMERCE General Burinerr Independent Council 15, 41 Honors Day 131 ORESTE MICI-II .,............ ............... C icem FINE AND APPLIED ARTS ,I V Mufic L i K I ii' Concert Band,15, 413 University Orchestra 13, 411 z g ,V,, Cast, "La Lupin , f if - Morton junior College 1 HAROLD HENRY MIES. .,.......... .... P amine AGRICULTURE ' NVQ -fi '7 JR? A ' i , A A 'I fm General Agriculture Farm House Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Club, Field and Furrow Clubg Hoof and Horn Club, Tomahawk: Tribe of Illini, Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Varsity Cross Country Squad 1215 Freshman Varsity Track Squad, Varsity Track Squad 121, Letter 1315 Independent Council 121 ARLENE JUNE MIGI-IELL ................ Sugar Grow AGRICULTURE General Home Economic! Loki Home Economics Clubg W.A.A,g Orange and Blue Feathersg Women's Glee Club 141 BETTY ANN MILLER ............. .,.Cbimgo EDUCATION Hirlory XV.A.A. Oak Park Junior College CHARLES ROBERT MILLER ,........ ...Munrie, Ind. COMMERCE Acrountanry Sigma Chi Accountancy Clubg Illinois Union 11, 21 GEORGE WALTER MILLER ................ Waukegan ENGINEERING General Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Junior Wfrestling Manager Honors Day 111 HARRY LYLE MILLER ............... .... D oQuoin COMMERCE Banking and Finanre Phi Delta Theta Accountancy Clubg Band of X: Skull and Crescentg Junior Prom Committee LEON PETER MILLER ........... ......... . . ,Cbiraga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Phi Kappa Tau Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad Page 111 fl'-X 'X , I-fm f fx ' 1 N 'fl L,g! Lai? -4":-PX 311412, llb.f,?-'Tx -frrr If A ,.,-Rf9' Vw if A Ii-, T"",,, R- f' I at T ""x 9.1 -e-I. Ii il '-el: ' Ii? ff' A-a,, L ,ff Ti I C772 MURIEL IDELE MILLER ....,......... Cleveland, Ohio EDUCATION Sociology Alpha Epsilon Phi The Siren Q11 C99 Z. CARROLL VANDAVEER MlI,LS .... .......... F airfield LAW George Washington Universityg Denver University M. WANETA MILLER ............. ..,. B minion MARTHA ORILA MILLS ..................... Mazwan EDUCATION 1 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirtory Latin Mary E. Busey Hall Keeler Kottage Klub Gymkanag Orchesisg The Siren f3, 413 W.A.A.: ' K Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association Q21 1 Pro- ' duction Staff, "Petticoat Fever," "Shining Hour," 'LE "Brother Rat" ROBERT CLARENCE MILLER .,....... ...Chicago JL WM, HOWARD GRAY MINIIH ............ .... R abertr COMMERCE 'ix iii Q AGRICULTURE General Bufinerx fe: Vkkk . IE' Geneva! Agrirulznre Sigma Nu ,L - I 7 Scabbard and Bladeg Agricultural Clubg Coast Artil- Band of X ig lery Clubg Pershing Riflesg Scabbard and Bladeg I -e g. ' is ii' Major, Univefsifv Brigade R- JOSFPHINF MU-I-FR '------------ A--CMFHEO FRANCIS RUDOLPH MINER1' ................ Rockford EDUCATION PHYSICAL EDUCATION Fffnfb ' Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Gamma Phi Beta K Squad 123 Mortar Boardg Torchg Alpha Lambda Deltag The T I S.. be- Q' Honors Day fl, 25 Daily Illini ll, 2, 31: Chairman, Homecoming Stunt " - Show Committee 143 5 University Chorus 115 1 Fresh. , - L man Council L V L Honors Day fl, 2, 33 1 University of Illinois Scholar- L ai? .,N- ship Key L, STUART WN-I-IAM MH-I-FR -------- ---- F 0""P"" ' LEONARD SCOTT MINICK ............ ...Demzur AGRICULTURE X ENGINEERING Gfflfffll Agfiflflfflff I Mefhanifal Engineering Agricultural Clubg Field and Furrowg Freshman Var- ii. . ,.,- sity Wrestling Squad Q DoNAI,n HENRY MILLETT ................. Wilmene SAMULL MELVLN MLNKLLS -..--,., ,A,.- C 1,j,-Ago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ' COMMERCE Ef0'10miC-f Arrauntanry Psi UPSil0l'1 Accountancy Club lnterfraternity Council Q41 DOUGLAS FREMOT MILLICAN .....,. Arlinglwz Ileixglm 4 - CHARLES FRANKLIN MITCHELL .,,. .-,, fy ia,-iw, LIIAERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ENGLNELMNG Cbfmifify' ' ' Mechanical Engineering Drake University K Q Chi Phi A L We " Kemper Military Academy tr ' L Q I. BITTI-FS MII-1-5 --------- 4--- - -4---4 ----- C f iff'-'W DORRIS ALICE MITCHELL ............. Earz Sl, Lonir COMMERCE E A - LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Im1'1z.rlrial Adniinirlfalion is Spggfly Delta KRPPR EPSHOU ii Delta Delta Delta Accountancy Club Zeta Phi Etag Mask and Baubleg National Collegiate Morgan ParkJur1i0fC0l1fge ,L Playersg Pan-Hellenic Council Url: First Council, QQ, Won'1an's League 135 : Cast, "Spring Formal," "Post Road," "Elizabeth The Queen"g Production Staff, "Behold This Dreamer," "Brother Rat" i Liz Washington University Page 112 fx L I P X - " W of 1 . If , W7 ffIf7if' li -C TX A Asif .C Tren, ' CI, 4.-f .fmgei ,F 'fit-T K R' 5 ifiiil 4 M fb gg I ie -. rx I I f L' . ,- "N ,. ' ff' 2 f' SN, 'L 'Q -I 2 f" " f 'X , ""f--- . -' 'N ,f 1'f Ea. -' ,f',,. Dig ki-lite in "Rfl1X f , f fi lift r , fx- ,Arif ei L CTZCZ S X939 MARGUERITE EVELYN MITCHELL ..,. .... U rbana COMMERCE General Burinefr Bcthany Circle Accountancy Club, Orchesisg Orange and Blue Feathers IVIARY-ELIZABETH MOHLER ....... .... IV ionricello EDUCATION Speech Women's Glee Club 12, 3, 41, University Chorus 141 Western Reserve University HAROI.D WILBUR MOI-IRMAN .........,...... Quincy LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCEs Chefnirlry Quincy College CHARLES PAUL MOLCAR ...........,......,. Berwyn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bacteriology Sigma Nu Cavalry OHicer's Clubg Gymkanag Pershing Riflesg Phalanxg Major, University Brigade DOROTI-IY LORENA MOLDEN .................,. Troy LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Presbyterian Hall Blackburn College JAMES OLIVER MONROE, JR .............. Collimcille LIMERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Delta Chi Phi Eta Sigma: Editorial Editor, The Daily Illini, Der Deutsche Verein, First Regimental Band 11, 21 g Men's Glee Club 12, 31: University Chorus 111 Honors Day 11, 2, 51 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key DOUGLAS CIAYTON MONTGOMERY, JR. ' Earl Arlingfon, VI. ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Alpha Chi Rho A,S.M.E. NORMA LUr:Ii.I.E MONTGOMERY . .. .... Mar-oa ' EDUCATION General Education Illinois State Normal University iwi Q I rf 35- 1, Q5 51'1,x I- BARBARA ELIZABETH IVIOORE ............. Champaign AGRICULTURE General Home Economicr Zeta Tau Alpha Phi Kappa Phig Alpha Lambda Dcltag Home Eco- nomics Clubg Iota Sigma Phi, Omicron Nu, Phi Alpha Chi V Honors Day 11, 2, 31 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key JAMES HERBERT MOORE ........... ..... H anozier AGRICULTURE Gezzeral Agriculture Roojah's Agricultural Clubg Alpha Tau Sigma, Phalanx: RiHe Clubg Captain, University Brigade MARY CATHERINE MOORE ................ La Grange JOURNALISM Ad1er1i,fi:1g and Publirlaing Sager House Gamma Alpha Chi, Theta Sigma Phi, Journalism Council 141 Lyons Township Junior College ROBERT LEROY MOORE ........,......... Champaign Pbyfical Education Phi Delta Theta RAYMOND RUDOLPIAI MOOTI-I ..........,.... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Indiana University CHARLES GILBERT MOREAU ....,.......... Wilmetle COMMERCE Irzdlzrlrial Aa'miniIlv'alion Delta Upsilon Band of Xg Varsity Golf Squad 12, 41 5 Star Course 121 1 Student Alumni Association 121 CHARLES DONALD MORGAN ............... Carlinoille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlory Blackburn College XWINIERED ERMINE MORGAN .................. Locon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirla Hathaway Hall Le Cercle Francais, W,A.A.g First Council, Woman's League 141 Bradley Polytechnic Institute I Page 113 f' N C772 SQ JOE Woounow IVIORRISON .......... ...Fielden ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E. Honors Day 111 University of Nebraska MARTI-IA MORRISON ............,.. Indianapolir, Ind. COMMERCE Foreign Commerce Zeta Tau Alpha Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, Le Cercle Francaisg Phi Chi Theta: Terraping The Illio 11, 21 3 W.A.A.g Chairman, Dads Day Committee 131 1 First Council, Woman's League 131 2 Junior Council, Woman's League 151: Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1413 Star Course 1213 University Concert and Entertainment Board 13, 41 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key STUART GEORGE MORRISON ......... ..... 0 ak Park COMMERCE General Burinefr Phi Kappa Sigma Accountancy Clubg Skull and Crescentg junior Base- ball Managerg Freshman Frolic Committeeg Interfra- ternity Council 12, 3, 415 Cast, Homecoming Stunt Show 111, Illinois Union Minstrel Show 131g Pro- duction Staff, "Man and the Masses" THOMAS MILTON MORROW .......... .... G enerea ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Triangle Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Pi Sigma, A.S.M.E.g Scab- bard and Bladeg The Technograph 11, 2, 3, 413 Interfraternity Council 131g Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 141g Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 141 5 Major, University Brigade Honors Day 11, 31 WILLIAM TODD MosEs .... . .... . ........ Champaign FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Painting VoRA Mosn ER ..... . .......... . ...... .... U 1-bam: AGRICULTURE General Home Eranornifr Bethany Circle MARY HELEN Moss ........................ Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Kappa Kappa Gamma Torchg Senior Representative, Woman's League, Shi- Aig Chairman, Homecoming Committee 1315 junior Council, Woman's League 1313 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers: Star Course 121g Illini Board ot' Control 13, 41 JACK CARL MOTT ........ .......... .,...... H iz rifey LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Zeta Psi Thornton Township Junior College Page 1151 X, Q I, f S, h 1,3 '-.X C I ,x . , , - i ,, ,,.,' Xt, K f , ,N -,,, .A-C V f I, . , . , 'WF R --rg L., -S 'A' - A-Rau M... . S Q meh A ., s 1. fi am .,,, 'E 1 : S im- 112265, ' II at , ,kaiezifri ' If? I Z V M-. ., X , I ' f ,f 1. ... alge- R -t , C - ri ' X 4 ' 5 , I Z. FARIS KNoREL MoYER ................... Gizlerbiug LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geology Theta Chi Varsity Track Squad 121 PI-IYLLIS TI-IERESE MRAZFK ................. Chicago l LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology I Beta Phi Alpha Y Arepog Gold Feathersg Women's Glee Club 11, 2, ' 3, 41g University Chorus 11, 2, 313 Cast, "The Bartered Bride," "Ruddigore"g Production Staff, , "H.M.S. Pinafore," "Elizabeth The Queen," "Lil- Iom l l GEORGE ALLAN MUEHLHAUSER ..... .... 11 Iareounzb 1 AGRICULTURE l General Agriculture Agricultural Club University of Wisconsin GRACE FRIEDA MUELLER .......... ...Highland COMMERCE General Burinerr Saiier Court Phi Chi Theta, Accountancy Club WII.l.IAM GEORGE MULLER, JR., ........ Rode Irlmzd LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Sigma Chi Cavalry Officer's Clubg Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Bladcg Sophomore Intramural Manager, Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 121 Washington University HARRIS JOSEPI-I MULRONEY ..... . ..... . . . . . .Glencoe FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Landrmpe Arelaileelure VALERA MARIE MULVANI2 .....,.......... Flat Rock AGRICULTURE General Home Eeonomirr Bethany Circle University of Kentucky MARY VERI.AINE MUNDAY ..........,........ Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ' French Chez Nous Cast, "The Bartered Bride" Honors Day 111 la 19.99 MARY MARGARET MUSSELMAN ............... Quincy LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Kappa Kappa Gamma Panvl-Iellenic Council 141, First Council, Woman's League 131, Gold Feathers, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 13, 41, Student Alumni Association 121 Scripps College RUTH ELIZABETH MUSSELMAN .... .... Q uincy EDUCATION Bialogy Alpha Chi Omega W.A.A., W.A.A. Numeralsg XV.A.A. Riding Man- ager 141 , Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Student Alumni Association 121 3 XV-'mmen's Glee Club 13, 41 , University Chorus 11, Z, 3, 41, Cast, "Tosca" ALBERT MORRIS MYERS, JR. .......,...... Springfield LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Zeta Beta Tau Sachemg Freshman Varsity Football Squad, Varsity Football Squad 121, Illinois Union Board of Di- rectors 141 1 Star Course 12, 31 EI.LswORTI-r HERRICK MYERS ....... .... 0 ak Park COMMERCE General Burinerr Delta Phi Pierrots, The Daily Illini 11, 21, Production Staff, "Rhyme Marches On," "The Drunkard" MARGARET MAE MYERS ........., .... C lmmpaign EDUCATION Matbemazicx Accountancy Club, Tamaroa Eastern Illinois State Teachers College ORA GLENSON MYERS ........... .... C hampaign COMMERCE Accountancy Accountancy Club, Beta Alpha Psi Honors Day 12, 31 PATRICIA DYAN MYRON .......... ...Chicago EDUCATION General Eduralian Delta Delta Delta St. Xavier College, Chicago Normal College FLORENCE BELvA NADELI-IOEEER ............... Jolie: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Mrilbemaiicx Mary E. Busey Hall Ioliet Junior College, College of St. Francis 1 X Q ,Afg- M ir M E ,M .1 our ' in , I I 5 , "1 D QI ig A at A C 1, R N 4. I ff . 2 a 3 . , 'E "' , . I . ..,,, , ,F xy A if 46.19 flfe fwx XIX X- . . ,.... , . 5' if VIZ!!! xi' A .W-EELTN 1'If7'!,f! , ' T 'N ' W x. .X raw... X .4224 ii 1 .- , Xl' 1 " f , -'f' Q? 1.71, X, NX 1 ' f 1 ,ff ' 4 v 'MGT' 1,7 I9 ., f-j,,,.-: ,, y - , if If I S I ,If In I f KENNETH DALE NADEN ..... ...... .... Y o rlwille AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Son's Home 4 Alpha Zeta, Pi Tau Pi Sigma, Agricultural Club, Dairy Technology Society, Phalanx, Major, Uni- versity Brigade, Military Council 141 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 , University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key DOROTHY GRACE NEARING .................. Cir.-em LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economifr Keeler Kottage Klub Morton Junior College VADIM CONSTANTIN NEKl.UTIN ,.... Normandy, Ma. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemirtry Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Phi Omega Washington University ANDREW GILBERT NELSON ...... .... R ankin COMMERCE Accountancy Accountancy Club, First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade FORREST WILBUR NELSON ......... ..,. D emmr ENGINEERING Ceramic: Keramos, The Technograph 141, Engineering Coun- cil 141 Honors Day 11, 31 Lors JANE NELSON ................. Sz. Louir, Mo. EDUCATION Pbyrical Eduralion McKinley Hall Harris Teachers College MELVIN HENRY NELSON .,......... .... A rhkum AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Zeta, Agricultural Club, Field and Furrow Honors Day 131 MURIEL ELVERA NELSON .............. Blandinrville EDUCATION Biology Alpha Gamma Delta Torch, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Economics Club, Shi-Ai, The Illio 11, 21, Pan-Hellenic Council 13, 41, First Council, Woman's League 13, 41: Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Production Staff, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" D! X Page 115 , N, , X 'xnfyf :Qi-. Ai?-1-Tx Q ,-1:3 25 X, MJF '5 'S 'xx . n Il' fi ' ' ' li ll L 1 ,Ia .1 1 I I- S 5772 c9Qnz'0 ARTHUR JASPER NEIIMANN ......., New York, N. Y. COMMERCE Banking and Finance Tau Epsilon Phi The Daily Illini 113: Sophomore Cotillinn Commit- tee, Interfraternity Council 13, 433 Student Alumni Association 11, 23 CALVIN DALI.INGER NEVE ........ ..... N amfoo COMMERCE Accountancy Burlington Junior College WILMA XVAVE NEWCOMB ........... ..., C armi EDUCATION General Education Laura B. Evans Hall Alpha Lambda Delta, The Illio 11, 23: Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 143 g Production Staff, "Petticoat Fever" Honors Day 11, 2, 33 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ELEANOR RUTH NliW'MAN ,.,...... ,... C hiragn Phyfical EdllL'dIiU?1 Shawnee Physical Education Maj0r's Clubg Spanish Clubg W.A.A.3 W.A.A. Numeralsg Major I3 Production Staff, "Post Road," "H.M.S. Pinafore," "La Bo- heme," "Brother Rat" Honors Day 153 GERALDINE RUTH NICKELI. ............. Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemiflry Gamma Phi Beta Mortar Boardg Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: Shi-Ai, Iota Sigma Pi: Chairman, Woman's League Show Committee 133: General Chairman, Homecoming 143: First Council, Woman's League 133: Junior Council, Won1an's League 1331 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers, Freshman Council Honors Day 11, 23 TOM TORRANCE NISBET ................ ..., H ar-:ey Phyrical Education Phi Sigma Kappa Ma-Wan-Dag Sachcmg Captain, Basketball Team 143 5 Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Varsity Basketball Letter 12, 3, 43 STUART BURD NORDQUIST ......... ...Rockford COMMERCE General Biarirzeff Accountancy Club: Cavalry Officers Clubg Inde- pendent Council 113g Captain, University Brigade HOMER jAsoN NORliM, ........... ..... IN 'ezvarla AGRICULTURE Agricultural Eclncalion Senior Gymnastics Manager: Alpha Tau Alpha: Gym- nasticag Agricultural Club, Athletic Council 143 Page 116 c fi'- If Q st .. Q X A FQ, y ,jg A IWC EL! 5' it ' HAROLD EDWARD NOREN .......,. .... T aylov-ville AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Purity Manor Alpha Zeta: Phi Eta Sigma, Agricultural Cluhg Coast Artillery Cluhg Phalanx: Illinois Agriculturist 15, 43 3 Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 113 CII-IARI,Izs OLIVER NORRIS ......... .,.. A rzhm- COMMERCE Public Ulilitier Accountancy Club: Independent Council 143 g Second Regimental Band 11, 235 Student Alumni Associ- ation 133 l'IOW'ARD KEITH NORRIS ....,..........,... Chicago LIIIERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Geography Alpha Chi Rho Interfraternity Council 143: Concert Band 13, 433 First Regimental Band 11, 235 University Orchestra 1231 Cast, Illinois Union Minstrel Show 123 RUTH EVALINE NOR'I'H ............ .,.. T oluca EDUCATION Biology Summer Prom Committee 1333 Gold Feathers I I I VERNON WILLIAM NORTON ....... ...Orion COMMERCE General Burinen Alpha Phi Omegag Accountancy Clubg Independent Council 13, 43 Illinois Wesleyzin University HELEN DOROTHY NOVARK ....,... .... C icero EDUCATION Englirh Gamma Phi Beta 1 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Honors Day 133 SARAI-I IRISNE NOVICK ................. Canlon, Ohio jOURNAI.IsM NNN ana' Ezfilofial Sigma Delta Tau Gamma Alpha Chig The Illio 123g W.A,A.g Gold Feathers Ohio State University ANTON RUDOIPII NOVY ........ , . . .. .Berzwyn ENGINEERING Ceramic Engineering Granada Club Gymnasticag Freshman Varsity Gymnastic Squad Morton ,Iunior College la MARGARET KRISTIN NYHUS ..,.... .... R arkfonl EDUCATION Englirla Northern Illinois State Teachers College: University of Wisconsin ROBERT FOREST OAKS ...,........,. Roche-fer, N. Y. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Polilical Science Rifle Club Niagara University CHARLES HARVEY OATHOUT .....,.,..... Cimia Park AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Zetag Agricultural Club Honors Day fl, 37 ELDON FRANKLIN OBIERLIN ....... ..... R elldick AGRICULTURE Agricultural Education Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad HAROLD IRVIN O'BYRNE ,................... Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Enlomalogy Hexapoecia Washington University S X93 , in A to U ,Ityy are F, ,, XVILLIAM OLIVER ODGERS ........... .. .Chicago ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering A.S.M,E. ' North Park junior College CLARENCE LAVERNE ODUM .......,... Wert Frankfarf COMMERCE General Biuinerf . Accountancy Cluhg Illini History Clubg Rifle Club Southern Illinois Normal University, United States Naval Academy ROBERT VVILLIAM OERTEI. ..,....... .... B rigbron AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Agricultural Cluhg Hoot and Horn Club Blackburn College BETTY ANN O'I-IERN ........... . ...... . . . ...Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Alpha Omicron Pi Recording Secretary, XVoman's Leagueg The Illio Q25 3 Chairman, Dads Day Committee 1533 Chairman, Woman'S League Show Committee C33 5 First Council, Woman's League 13, 455 junior Council, Woman's League 135: Gold Feathersg Y.W.C.A. Cabinet C35 Bradley Polytechnic Institute MAXINE YATES OLIVER ............ .... C bicaga EDUCATION Engliib Chi Omega Shi-Ai, Gregorian Literary Societyg The Daily Illini Q21 g Orange and Blue Feathers ALICE KATHERINE O'CONNOR ..........,... Clair-ago HAROLD OLSEN ,-,.,-.,,,,..,,... .,-. C bjmgg LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ' COMMERCE 59719011 ' General Burinerr Hathaway Hall ,gg Tau Kappa Epsilon De Paul UnlVCf5ifY i V Accountancy Club, Coast Artillery Clubg Independent Council C31 5 Captain, University Brigade 1 s 1 ARTHUR FRANCIS O'CONNOR, JR .... .... C luicago DAVID ALDEN OLSON ............. .... C bicaga JOURNALISM COMMERCE Adrerlifing and Publirlfing 1'iff0W'ff1"fJ' Phi Kappa Accountancy Club Saint Marys College Northwestern University PAUL NICHOLAS ODELL ............. ...Piara GFORGE AARON OLSON ........... .... C bicago AGRICULTURE COMMERCE General Agriculture Aff0'4""W'U' Kappa Delta Rho Accountancy Clubg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Squad f3, 41 Honors Day fll , Page 117 X . Af77.x!,X X1 J X N XIX. KA! -.2 f-f-- 'ba wil Q2 Tglj CL"""-'nz' xv'-ggx ,A - xy A E: vi"--:N X! ,. 5 A Zi, V ,NX , r . If, '2 Fx ls fgwqlfl ll ,ff -i4?il1t ll lliiQsfQWE1i1l ,O Qs lfii' V' ROBERT CLAYTON OLSON ...............,... Capron LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Claemifal Engineering A.I.Ch.E.g Second Regimental Band fl, 25 EUGENE DENNIS O'MAHONX' ..,.,,. Mr. Hally, N. J. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbeniirlry Pershing Rifles - DONALD HUGI-I OPEL ............ ,..Freeporz COMMERCE General Burineu Theta Xi Accountancy Clubg First Regimental Band fl, 2, 3, 41 SARAH ORNDOREE .........,..........,.... Chirago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Alpha Chi Omega Arepog Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1-Hg University Chorus M15 Cast, "La Boheme," "H.M.S. Pinaforef' ' 'Tosca ' ' Northwestern University WILLIAM RALRI-I OTTER. . . . . . ......... . .... Gleneae LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Eeonomicr Delta Phi Pi Delta Phig Coast Artillery Clubg Scabbard and Blade, Interfraternity Council 13, -'U g First Lieutenant, University Brigade GEORGE ROBERT OTTO .,........,. .... C bifagn COMMERCE General Bminerr Caisson Clubg Captain, University Brigade EDMOND GEORGE OTTON ....,... . ....,.... Oak Park LIBERAL ARTS AND,SCIENCES Geology Oak Park Junior College ,KEITH OWEN, JR. .......... . ..... Terre Hauze, Ind. COMMERCE Indurlrial Aa'fnini.rfra1ion Delta Tau Delta Skull and Crescentg Freshman Varsity Golf Squadg Interfraternity Council 13, 45 V A ,,- is eg ,atti D 3' , 3 M , it 2 In 5 like Page 118 fi f---A-1 I Q , gf? F3 If f 2 ,qglgq j,.,,,g my-3lg,,f my 2 in vip 1 ' SM' f' 5 :qt F fr-,IB 'NrffQl nl Halt it S If Z. GEORGE HAROl.D PACE ..........,.. .... D leigh: COMMERCE Fureign Commerce President, Student Senateg Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Independent Council 13, 43: Illinois Union Board of Directors 1415 Student Alumni Association 12, 3, 41 Honors Day UD CHARLES WARREN PACEY ..,..,.............. Paxton LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Purdue University OSBORNI2 HOWARD PADDISON, JR. ...... Sarannala, Ga. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemieal Engineering Theta Chi A.l.ClI,E.g Engineering Council My JAMES ROBERT PAISLEY ............ ...ML Vernon AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Phi Omegag Dairy Technology Society Blackburn College JOHN BERT PALMER ......... , ............. Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arelniieftural Engineering Alpha Rho Chi A.S,C.E.: Gargoyle RAY PALMER . . . ..,.............. ..,. B erwyn COMMERCE General Burinerr Sigma Phi Epsilon Accountancy Club, Caisson Clubg Varsity Football Squad 1213 Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, Cap- tain, University Brigade .iii ROLAND EARL PALMER ............ iii' ....... Roekford COMMERCE ' Accountancy Chi Beta Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Club: Freshman Var- sity Football Squadg Second Lieutenant, University Brigade RACHEL TI-IELMA PARK ................. Ml. Pularki AGRICULTURE General Home Ecanoniier Davenport House Home Economics Club James Millikin University ,XJ A X ,,, Still iriffij C aj?iV7 J ' ,I .,i.I A f-if lf"fl'SX ' 4,2 felt Lil' ffi Q fikwll' l la 193 MARTHA EI.IzAIiETH PARKER ....,........ Champaign LIEERAI. ARTs AND SCIENCES Home Efononiilxf Corinna Alpha Lambda Delta, Omicron Nug Home Economics Clubg First Council, WOman's League 153 Honors Day fl, 2, 31 3 University ot' Illinois Scholar- ship Key HENRY PAsIcIN ..........,........ Soazh Bend, Intl. COMMERCE Acmunzancy Accountancy Club: Student Alumni Association QZJQ Production Staff, "Post Road" FRANK PATTON, JR ..,,.. ........... . . .Flora AGRICULTURE General Agricullnre EDWIN PAYNE, JR. ..................... Wen Salem COMMERCE Banking and Finance Delta Phi Cavalry Oihcers Clubg Captain, University Brigade POLLY PEARMAN ...,..................... Rockford LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirh Delta Gamma Northwestern University '2 f . J . 1 " A it Gif' ii i A f si OR'I'HEI.DO ARTHUR PEITI-IMAN ...... .... I loylomn A AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Kappaflalmbda Alpha Zetag Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Clubg Illinois Agriculturist 12, 313 Student Alumni Asso- ciation QZJ A, Honors Day fl, 2, 53 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key N ROIIERT LEO PIELLICAN .,......... ...,. C hicclgo COMMERCE General Burineu Alpha Kappa Psig Captain, University Brigade Honors Day ill BETTY JANE PERRY .......,................ Clair-ago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlory Kappa Alpha Theta W.A.A. Beloit College FONDA LENORA PERRY ............ .... S lorkzon COMMERCE General Burinerr Beta Sigma Omicron Gamma Alpha Chig Accountancy Clubg Pan-Hellenic Council Q41 JIM CAMMIE PETERN ............., Indianapolis, Ind. ENGINEERING Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Ohio State University MARIAN LUCILLF PFARSON -------- -.-' R Hfklnfff EvERE'I"I' JEFFERSON PETERS ........ ..,.. T ayloroille EDUCATION AGRICULTURE Englifh General Agrifulture Presbyterian Hall Pi Delta Phi Rockford College JOHN HUNT PEASLFY, JR. ......... ..... L omax GORDON KENNETH PETERsEN ...... ..., E lgin AGRICULTURE 1 COMMERCE General Agrimllure General Burineu Associate Editor, Illinois Agriculturistg Agricultural Q Armor House Economics Club . T Accountancy Club ' Elgin Junior College 5 l MAX MILBURN PEHI. .............. Kanrar Ciiy, Mo. LOUIS SVEN PIETERSEN ,..... ............... C bicago ENGINEERING FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Electrical Engineering iii, Painting A.I.E.E., Eta Kappa Nu gy Tau Kappa Epsilon Kansas City Junior College Coast Artillery Clubg Illustratorsg Freshman Varsity .t Baseball Squadg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Captain, University Brigade 'I , X A Page 119 AX .. ... 'CX 4.,..- X " 'x X d R 4 ,ssh , ,xg,W,,,:..aX 437 , 3.6. A., NC fx, N V, gh, N f '12 mar, - AK 5' 'I N f -Q x D5 ,Vic ,ar-5.-.1-.-:. f-'-X ,QL 1 I Q 4:f......x ,-f f J A fl gli" fx ,ff pc, 1,-eff jf f- fi' X by ---Qffff jf' ll -X, ,ff M,--A-1' '7 .V , N .fe , ff- I Wi, 1 ' " -- Il f f fx.5.ff,'-Y-I ' di ,f Aj--.,, , -f". M 1, ,gl-. ,f .x -- ' -4 Il fl JEAN CAROL PETERSON.. ... ... .. . . . .. .... Galerbnrg LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirli Delta Delta Delta Knox College RIEGINALD R. W. PETERSON ...... .... P ark Ridge COMMERCE Accountancy Lambda Chi Alpha Accountancy Club University of Arkansas BYRON THEODORE PETRY ......... ..... E mnrion COMMERCE Indfrftrial Adminirtralion Delta Phi Phi Eta Sigma: Freshman Varsity Football Squad Honors Day 111 HORACE PETTEE ........................... Demmf LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda A.I.Ch.E. SAM JACK PETTYJOHN ...........,. 'ldl'k.ff1flI'ilIt', FIA. AGRICULTURE General Agriciiliure Alpha Zetag Rifie Club University of Florida PHILIP ANTHONY PEZZOLI .......... Chicago Heigbm EDUCATION Pbyrical Education Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad 12, 31 1 Letter 141 g Freshman Varsity Track Squad GERTRUDE ROBERTA PEEIL .......... Cbimgn Iieigbfr EDUCATION Englirh Mary E. Busey Hall University Chorus 13, 41 Thornton Junior College HOWARD EMERSON PHILLIPS ...... Norfb Plane, Neb. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Sigma Taug A.S,C.E.1 Gargoyle Sen . J., A as RL 5 ,Q or if il WQS yr Q2 x 'R A 'ka Q z , . life: :V 1 - A 'CD , o 5 ruivsisicv Z. JOHN WALTER PHILLIPS .......... I..Al1on EDUCATION General Education Pi Delta Phig Phi Delta Kappag Accountancy Club: Le Cercle Francaisg Independent Council 121g Uni- versity Chorus 111 Honors Day 12, 31 ROIIERT RIDGXVAY PHILLIPS .......... ..,. C bicago ENGINEERING Mining Engineering Alpha Chi Rho Mining Societyg Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Varsity Wrestling Squad 121g Engineering Council 143 NVII.I.IAM CHARLES PIERCE ............,. .... S idney FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Muric Newman Hall Phi Mu Alpha4Sinfoniag Arepog Concert Band 1113 First Regimental Band 151 g University Orchestra 121 3 University Chorus 1115 Cast, "Iolanthe," "Bartered Bride," "Ruddigore" MARTHA ELVIDGE PILE ..................... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Phi Mu Shi-Aig Pan-Hellenic Council 13, 413 First Council, Woman's League 13, 41 g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers LOUIS ALBERT PILLER ............... .... C bimgo EDUCATION lndnrzrial Educulion Alpha Kappa Pi BETTY-JEAN PINCH ......................,. Cbimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Zeta Tau Alpha The Illio 111g Pan-Hellenic Council 13, 415 First Council, Woman's League 13, 415 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association 12. 515 University Chorus 11, 214 Production Staff, "Of Thee I Sing" GIZORGE CLARENCE PINNEY ,............, Ml. Pularki LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemirlry Caisson Club: Men's Glee Club 121 1 University Chorus 141g First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day 121 JOHN JULIUS PIROS. . . . ..... . .............. Aurora LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering St. Procopius College Honors Day 111 Armour Institute of Technology Page 120 Q ,- f I QI'-X-M-"X A 'X N "" ffl J X I 25 ,Lg,CgAgf .1f- of LCC? f gains +47 fs 4 ' Q- '-'--ei 'T T' J Q if R' f "1-c I 1 r':' V1 vw 'X A A .li Ae ' Mfg -7 X TX V luvg 5 if-I ,, TH X 13, I 'g,,,. q ,7-,ADX ff? 75 'J' 'N 9, ,ff 'eyyfflgfile ny ,,f,P3 '1sQ..f,f-xsiitf ,l1,,Af fkfijile 5 fQSi4u-.J,lh lr ff by ,L Ill la 193 RUTH DOROTHY PITANN .....,.......,..,. Unk Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES German Alpha Phi Der Deutsche Vereing Spanish Clubg TlIe Illio 121 3 First Council, Woman's League 151 L junior Council, XVOIUAIDVS League 133 3 Gold Feathers Honors Day 12, 35 DePauw Univeristy BARIIARA JUNE PITTS .,.................. W'n11kPgI1z1 ACRICI'I.'I'I'RI5 General EIUIIIL' Iicnnanzirr WelslI House Home Economics Club: First Council, XVoman's League 1475 Production Start, "La Boheme," "H.M.S. Pinaforen Nlilwaukee-Downer College ROBERT SI-IAEER PITZER ..,..,........... Avmmpziozz LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES' Phi Delta Theta Sachemg Band of Xg Phi Delta Phig The Illio 11, 2, 35 3 Second Regimental Band 11, 21 KENNETH KARL PIAMHFCK ........ ,.... R ockjord AGRICIILTURE General Agrirnlrnre Delta Phi Agricultural Clubg Dairy Technology Society RUDOLPH HIERMANN PLETZ. ,. ...... Oweniville, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Barleriolagy CLIFFORD KENNETH POARCH ....... .... D umznr ENGINEERING Elerlrirnl Engineering Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nu: A.l.E.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 35 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key WII.I.IAM LAVERN PoINTI:R ........ .... C alllnfeille COMMERCE General Bnrinrrr Delta Chi The Daily Illini 11, 21 3 Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Production Staff, "Liliom" ALBERTA IRENE POLLOCK ........,.. Arbcrille, N, C. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Sigma Delta Tau Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers X 4,,- , - Y XX - EQ , . II.-at ' I are 3 . ,. ,I .L A fa as 519' W' I N V975 H f ..,. 11...- ---fa I 5-fi'!!!'Q-" Y . 1 ya, . 5iE21:QT' . I .I , -df f 3' Y fi ,I R 1 - f i 4,1 i-M Fm ., ,i ig f an 91, 5 Q I . R' ...nv- 'Web i Egg , .,-A X ,..-ers: JOHN CI.I2vELAND POLSON ........ Hnrriianvillc, Ma. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Clycnzirizl Engineering Miner House A.I.tlh.E. fientral College Nl7l.IA CATHERINE POPE .......... .... K flaampizign AoRICUI.TI:RE General Ilwnu Eronomirr Kappa Delta Orchesisg W.A.A. RICHARD BLESER PORT ,,...,...,,. .... K inmid AGRICITLTURIZ General Agrirzzlture Zeta Psi Alpha Tau Sigrnag Pershing Riflesg Scabbard and Bladeg Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad: Inter- fraternity Dance Committee 1-U g Interfraternity Coun- cil 13, 415 Lieutenant Colonel, University Brigadeg Military Council 141 RONALD MILTON POR'1'l?OUS ......... Far Hillr, N. 1. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arclaiferinral Engineering Newman Hall A.S.C.E.: Scarab EUGENE JOHN POSKIN .,........ ...Arbkum AGRICULTURE General Agrirulture College Hall Agricultural Clubg Varsity Baseball Squad 131 ANNE LOUISE POTTER ........... .... C bimgo EDUCATION Commercial Teaching Hurd Hall Gymkanag Cast, "Tosca" Morgan Park junior College SARA FRANCES POWELL. ., .... ,., ... .... Clzimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Engliib Delta Gamma Pan-Hellenic Council 141 PIERDUF JACOB POXYLFN ....,....... Logamparf, Ind. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Publir Scbaol Murir Phi Mu Alphag First Regimental Band 11, 2, 3, 4lZ University Orchestra 133 Page 121 2 1 ' Cs - 7729 SQ ROBERT MARION PRANQE ......... .. .Nero Douglzu COMMERCE Arcountanry Beta Alpha Psi: Accountancy Club: Caisson Clubg Scabbard and Bladeg Captain, University Brigade Honors Day CZ, 51 MARY JOSEPHINE PRATHER ....,.. .... C loirogo EDUCATION Mallyernnfirr Mary E. Busey Hall Tamaroa College of St. Francis HENRY PRESENT ...........,...... Konrnr City, Mo. COMMERCE Arrountanry Sigma Alpha Mu Accountancy Clubg Freshman Varsity Tennis Squadg Interfraternity Council 131 MAURICE PRESS ..........,..... . , .Bloomington COMMERCE Afranntunry Accountancy Club Illinois Wesleyan University GEORGE DYsoN PRIEST ............... ..., C ieero COMMERCE Indimrinl Adminirlmtion Morton Junior College BARTLETT RooT PRICE ..,.......,.,.. . . .Winnezkn ENGINEERING Metnlluvgiral Engineering Mining Societyg Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad: Varsity Wrestling Squad f2, 3, 4j MARIAN ESTI-IER PRICE ....,.......... Mofliron, Wir. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Bethany Circle First Council, Woman's League My WILIIIAM JDSEPII PRICE .,.......... .... E wnglmm ENGINEERING Cerami: Engineering Tau Nu Taug American Ceramic Society: Pershing Riflesg First Lieutenant, University Brigade Page 'l22 fr' ff ,FX V fx, XB- X TJ f X fly 7 ff' 'ff-"X X V, 4" ,ff is m'ii1i'gTAiX 'Xl-I' 3 it I A I 'ri vs! fl Y. fx A- I .,,,, i 1. ea .aw-Y, A-an A. R W W . ,ag .A Aft S , 3, fa me 7 ., If In tx : gf 4 ,. -'- gi i - I . IQ .'... ,X I . K X NR f C ,,.. Z. WILLIAM SPEED PRICE ............. ..., M r. Vernon ENGINEERING Eleelriml Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa Second Regimental Band ill JOHN JULIUS PROCH .......,............,. Cbir-ago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Poliliml Seienre Spanish Clubg Independent Council MJ PHILIP RAYMOND PRoCToR ....,...... .. .Emznrfon COMMERCE Indlzrlrilzl Administration Theta Xi Ma-Wan'Dag Sachemg Phi Eta Sigmag Senior Intra- mural Managerg Student Senate MJ 3 Band of X3 Ath- letic Council Q45 Honors Day UD MoRToN DENNISON PROUTY, JR... ...Moline COMMERCE Arraunianfy Sigma Phi Sigma Beta Gamma Sigmag Phi Eta Sigmag Beta AlplIa Psig Coast Artillery Clubg Scabbard and Blade, The Daily Illini flj 3 Second Regimental Band fl, 23 5 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 13, 41 4 Captain, University Brigade Honors Day Cl, 2, 35 Q University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key EDWARD XVALTER PUDIK .......... ..,. C lainzgo COMMERCE Arrounlnnry Pi Kappa Alpha Accountancy Clubg Sophomore Football Managerg Sophomore Basketball Managerg Interfraternity Coun- cil Q43 3 Student Alumni Association Q25 CHARLES MADISON PULLEY ............,. Carbondale FINE AND APPLIED ARTS A1-cbirecture Chi Phi Scarab Southern Illinois State Normal Universityg Alabama Polytechnic Institute DUDLEY CRAWFORD PULLIAM ........... . . .Urbana FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arrbiieczure Phi Eta Sigma: Men's Glee Club MJ Honors Day Q21 ROSEMARY JUANITA PUTTING ..... ,... 5' pringfield EDUCATION General Education Alpha Delta Pi Chairman, MotlIers Day Committee GJ: University Orchestra CSD g University Chorus GJ MacMurray Collegeg Springneld junior College - . f , If J, x XX f Y 'sg in X ,L-:N 515,316 fl X 'A l I I XX D N -2' X. . 'I f' X :S .r 1 , , . A -f' a-ga.-A ER' A we . , ,. f IA, A .. . -Y. YN . .-- .- --..W-xl g ' r .tx if -A-ii ir, 1,11 If-C, I ,I , V, , V, 4 ., .I--X . gf ,X- 1, ' Jil" at -Ali X ff A 'TEM A I ill - II I A . M . I f S. .. .. " fr' .,, . la X939 DEAN HAROLD QUIN ...........,. .... T firoli AGRICULTURE General Agriculzure Alpha Zetag Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Education Clubg Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day Q35 BETTII2 JANET QUINLAN ................,... Deccrlin' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlory Kappa Alpha Theta The lllio Q25 3 Pan-Hellenic Council Q45 Lindenwood College LOUISE ELIZABETH RAINEY ......... .... It Ioline JOURNALISM Special and Criiical Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Lambda Deltag W.A.A.g Fine Arts Council Q2, 359 Production Staff, "Liliom," "Ruddigore" Honors Day Q15 ERNEST LESTER RAMME ............. .... C ovnell AGRICULTURE General Agriculture The Morgue Agricultural Clubg Caisson Clubg Phalanxg Captain, University Brigade WINIFRED MAY RANDOLPH .....,.......... Belleville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemirlry Presbyterian Hall Gregorian Literary Societyg First Council, Woman's League Q45 3 Executive Council, R.G.S. Q45 g Produc- tion Staff, "H.M.S. Pinafore," "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady" Illinois College JEANNETTE SADIE RASHID ................. LaFnyer1e LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Laura B. Evans'Ha1l Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day Q1, 2, 35 g University of Illinois Scholara ship Key FRANK JOSEPH RAsMUssEN ........ .... W aukegan ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag Tau Nu Taug Freshman Varsity Rifle Teamg Varsity Rifle Team Q2, 3, 453 Captain, Uni- versity Brigade HARLAN CONRAD RATI-IE ........... .... M olloon AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Farm House Agricultural Clubg Dairy Technology Societyg Illinois Agriculturist QI, 2, 35 9 Agricultural Council Q45 Honors Day Q55 1 5 'Z T gf we 3 L ai R- fel? s 73 5, - R cg' wg-f gl t x 1, gl ,.,. I 'UF r 5 MOSIQ LEON RATTNIZR ........,.........,,.. Chicago LIIAIQRAI, ARTS AND SCIENCES Playricr f Alpha Epsilon Pi M A Freshman Varsity Cross'Country Squadg Varsity 'Track Squad Q25 Honors Day Q45 XVILLIAM EATON RAUSCHENEERGER .,.. ...Elgin COMMERCE , Ind1f.I'Irirzl Arlminirrmlion Armor House Accountancy Club Elgin Junior College ff' ANNA CAROLINE RAIJT ........... ...Edwardwille AGRICULTURE Floricnlture Presbyterian Hall Alpha Lambda Deltag Floricultural Clubg W.A.A.g Orange and Bluefeathersg Gold Feathersg Production Staff, "Ruddigore" . Honors Day Q1, Z, 35 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key VERNON EI-ILERT REX RAXWIE ...... ...Mount Olive EDUCATION Zoology Alpha Kappa Pi Phalanx, Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Squad Q2, 3, 45 5 Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Interfraternity Council Q55 5 Major, University Brigade Honors Day Q1, 25 FRANK AUGUSTUS REED ........,.,... Wichiza, Kim. ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Tau Tau Nu Taug A,S.C.E.g Interfraternity Council Q45 3 First Lieutenant, University Brigade University of Wichita EUGENE TIMOTHY REEDY ................... Chicago JOURNALISM Adferiiring and Puhlirlning Phi Kappa Sigma Delta Chi 3 Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad: Varsity Swimming Squad Q25 3 Interfraternity Council Q2, 3? ' JOHN HENRY REEDY III .......... .,.Ufband COMMERCE Foreign Commerce Alpha Kappa Lambda Beta Gamma Sigmag Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day Q1, 25 COLIN JAY REEvEs ............... ..... W eldon COMMERCE Accounlancy Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Men's Glee Club Q1, 25 , , E Page 123 fi- E, "bf 75 Q f il' ay-I cfs-50 QA-7 tlkx ADEQ awk ,fff ,W -f" I fi' 7 ig, i -- ' 'T 'V " xx i iff" SI -A I A If 'TQ N5 lx, i 4 ,f" 'lilies ii , 'ff f?f:ff1QfI'fll. ,E 'E ll E its ,ffl ffl 'is ' ' C771 ROBERT HARRISON REEvEs ................... Quincy LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirtory Alpha Delta Phi Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad f2Jg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Men's Glee Club KZJQ University Chorus flbg Cast, "La Boheme," "H,M.S. Pinafore," "Tosca," "Brother Rat," "The Drunkard" ETHEL LOUISE REICHERT ......,.. .... B era-yz EDUCATION Hillary Phi Mu Pan-Hellenic Council 1413 Production Staff, "Eliza- beth The Queen" Morton Junior College VICTOR CHARLES REICHIERT .... .,Higlalana' EDUCATION General Edneatian Alpha Sigma Phi ANDREW BUDGE REID ............,.......,. Cbirago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arcbiierture Alpha Chi Rho A.S.C.E. ANDREW' HUDSON REID ......... , ..... ...Springield ENGINEERING Merlnaniral Engineering Triangle A.S.M.E. REUBEN ALFRED REINGARDT ...... .... Y of-Mille EDUCATION General Eduration Men's Glee Club 8, 41 Blackburn College JACK COLLINS REINI-IARDT ......... .... G len Ellyn COMMERCE General Burinerr Sigma Phi Sigma Accountancy Clubg Coast Artillery Clubg Interfra- ternity Council M11 First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade MARGUERITE ADELINE REMILLARD .... Clyirago Heigbzr EDUCATION General Educazion Orange and Blue Feathers SQ Z0 5. . 'I Iivi 3'2 II,, - Q 5 tr 5'-'P ll I E. E R. I as as H 2 I- ROBERT PERSHING REUSS ......... .... A rzrora COMMERCE General Brzrinerr Delta Sigma Phi Phi Kappa Phig Phi Eta Sigmag Phi Alpha Chig Accountancy Club Honors Day tl, 2, 35 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key De Paul University XVERNA ELSIE REUSS ..,..............,.... Leuzburg LIIIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES German Sager House Torchg Delta Phi Alphag General Chairman, Dads Day f4Jg Chairman, Mothers Day Committee 135g Chairman, Dads Day Committee 435 3 Executive Coun- cil, W.G.S. HJ 3 First Council, XVoman's League 451 Q junior Council, Womanls League 132g Gold Feathers Honors Day ill XVILLIAM MARTIN REUSS, jR,.. .... ..... B lne Irland COMMERCE General Burinerr Roojah's Accountancy Clubg Men's Glee Club ll, 21 WALTER JOHN REYSEN ............. ...Lemanl EDUCATION General Education Caisson Clubg First Lieutenant, University Brigade FRANCES BAYLES RI-IINEHART. .. .... Liftle Rark, Ark. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Delta Gamma Indiana University HOWARD RICE . . . ...,......... .... C bieaga COMMERCE Aerounlaney Newman Hall Alpha Kappa Psig Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day CZ, 31 BETTIE CATHERINE RICI-IARD ............... Rivenide LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Mary E. Busey Hall Le Cercle Francaisg Spanish Club JOHN AVERIL RICHARD .......,.......... Champaign Pbyrieal Education Alpha Tau Sigmag Phalanxg First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade Pa e 124 g f ,At ,fr eees C .I ,f I ,fl-X fj, I .,.. N L1-ex W, f" I," X TX!! CRX ff X xy ,, If ---. -'A' "Xxx KJ A f Kr, if ,f Q yy! gf T, 'tx ..5 ,:,.,,Q3Nf- XR f f ,, L, 'L' -X L, X ,fl ., 5:73, iw I - L 1 A I I ' as f C X 'I I, L , g 1 F K ,F VE I I .g I ,, I . sg f rf-I R! ,. 'wx If , A 'l I l XX Im I I III X l f - fy, , f Xfui I ,- -C. ' , I- lvl ,sg H ' .' ,"' ml ,I -. .1 la FRANCIS ASBURY RICHARDS ................. Neutron LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemiilry Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Chi Sigma: Alpha Tau Sigmag Phalanxg First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day 121 RUSSELL FAYYETTE RICHARDS ,..... ..,. D ana AGRICULTURE General Agriczzlxlne Alpha Zetag Agricultural Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Illinois Agriculturist 12, 3, 41 Honors Day 111 JOHN FLEMING RICHARDSON .,.............. Geneva LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemiytry Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 41 g University Orchestra 131 Honors Day 121 SARAH TWEEDALE RICHARDT.. LIBERAL ARTS AND Hiylory Kappa Alpha Theta Honors Day 151 Rockford College .......E1'anwille, Ind. SCIENCES WALTER SANFORD RICKS. . . .. COMMERCE General Bmineif ...Gibran City JOHN ANDREW' RIDGWAY ................. Fla: Rock AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Agricultural Clubg Dairy Technology Societyg Agri- cultural Council 141 LLOYD EUGENE RIGLER ..................... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speecb Alpha Phi Omegag Arepog Star Course 1213 Men's Glee Club 1215 Cast, "Man and the Masses," "La Boheme," "H.M.S. Pinat'ore"g Production Staff, "Post Road," "Ruddigore" ALVIN KERMIT RINGE ............... .... L eland AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Education Club X939 JOHN BAUMAN ROADHOUSE ........... .... A Iron COMMERCE Indurlrinl Adminiiiralion Sigma Chi f Caisson Clubg Scabbard and Blade, Sophomore Track Managerg Chairman, Homecoming Committee 141, Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 111 CATHERINE MAE ROBB.. ,. ..... .. ....Claampaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirrary A Alpha Xi Delta The Illio 111g Pan-Hellenic Council 15, 413 First A Council, Woman's League 13, 415 Orange and Blue Feathers lx Q M ,I A- ,'A A -4- 9, 5 rig r H? GLADYS ETHEL ROBB .................... .Oak Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Engliily Theta Upsilon Le Cercle Francaisg The Illio 11, 21 3 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Cast, "Man and the Masses"g Production Staff, "Anything Goes" KENNETH CARL ROBBINS ................... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemirffy A.I.Ch.E. Wright Junior College 1 . Q if 4 Y E - .. .af B . f " H I X -X fart A 1- t Y, I 1 2 C11-Eb ELIZABETH MAURINE ROBERDS .............. Palatine LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanirb Mary E. Busey Hall Alpha Lambda Delta, Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Star Course 121 Honors Day 111 University of Mexico .............ClJiraga JULIA LE ROBERTSON ......... F LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Q H . .. ' H: Engliih A L I WILLIAM ALLEN ROBERTSON ....... ...Blue Ifland ENGINEERING General Engineering Miner House THOMAS DUDLEY RODMAN ........ . . .Sparta COMMERCE Accountancy K Accountancy Club: Freshman Varsity Football Squadg R Varsity Football Squad 13, 41 Y Page 125 X K In ix 'X N-f Q H! XNI,-X jf ix I N- 7125-.ff--B2"ll.'l it I ff EA- .ll fiilt lt ,W .--ff ti. of .f .f 4 C772 C99 BETTY JANE .,..Streamr EDUCATION Biology Gamma Phi Beta Pan-Hellenic Council 13, 41 5 First Council, Woman's League 13, 41: Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers A GARNET MAY ROE ................ ..,. E lmburrz COMMERCE General Burinerr Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, 31 JOHN PATRICK ROGERS ..................... Cbimgn JOURNALISM Adverziring and Publffbing '- Phi Kappa ' , St. Mary's College , , V . I ' i 'F W sf RICHARD GRAY ROGERS ...............,.... Freeport LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES K, H Cfyenzifffy Alpha KaPPa Pi ,-': I Cavalry Othcers Clubg Varsity Swimming Squad 131 3 ' jg, I A Interfraternity Council til, 415 Independent Council J ,, ,H S ala Ji 1' ai 121 g First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day Q11 l 54 GM ar if PAUL EDWIN ROLAND .............. ...Danville Plfyriral Education Beta Sigma Psi Varsity Track Squad IZ, 31 5 Varsity Basketball Squad IZ, 31 g Chairman, Mothers Day Committee K31 3 Pro- duction Staff, "The Admirable Crichton," "Boy Meets Girl," "A Midsummer Night's Dream," "The Drunkardf' "La Boheme" University of Washington, University of California JANE ARABELLE RoLLo ................ Murpbyrlmra LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlory Pi Beta Phi at Pan-Hellenic Council 43, 41 3 First Council, Woman's if A League 13, 41 is B A af Y E55 76 JOHN RICHARD ROMIG. . . .. .... . . . .Rocberfen N. Y. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Z. MARILYN SYLVIA ROMM ................ Azlanfa, Ga. -JOURNALISM Adrerliring and Publirlaing Sigma Delta Tau Mortar Boardg Torch, Financial Secretary, Woman's League, Theta Sigma Phi, W.A.A. Chairman, Senior Jacket Committeeg Sophomore Cotillion Committee, Chairman, Woman's League Show Committee 1313 First Council, Woman's League 15, 41 g Junior Coun- cil, Woman's League I31 3 Orange and Blue Feathers, Chairman, Gold Feathers, Star Course 121 MERVIN SCOTT RONEY ..................... Befbnny LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hiilory Gray Gables Blackburn College CHARLES PORTER ROOT .......... Gilbertwille, N, Y. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical KATHERINE ROPIEQUET .....,......... Earl Sl. Lani: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Alpha Delta Pi Torchg Alpha Lambda Delta, Gregorian Literary So- ciety, Shi-Ai, The Daily Illini fl, 21, Chairman, Homecoming Stunt Show O13 Chairman, Mothers Day Q31 g First Council, NVoman's League Q51 g Junior Council, Woman's League 1313 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers, Student Alumni Association 1213 Women's Glec Club fl, 2, 3, 41, University Chorus 12, 313 Cast, Pinafore," "Tosca", Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl" Honors Day fl, 2, 31 Q University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key SEYMOUR DAVID RosE ........... .... C bimgo COMMERCE Armunlancy Northwestern University IRVINC JACOB RosEN ............. .... C bit-ago COMMERCE General Burinen' Davis House Accountancy Club, Independent Council C413 Uni- versity Orchestra Q11 Honors Day U1 MARTIN ROSENEERG .... . .. .... .. .. . .. .... .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Claemirlry Spanijb Sigma Delta Pig Le Cercle Francais, Spanish Club CHARLES WARREN ROMINE ---'---------- Cbflffllffffiffl J s, A MARVIN DAVID ROSENBERG .... ..... ........ C b icaga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES A ' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englffb Pre-Law Delta Tau Delta V I Zeta Beta Tau Cast, "Of Thee I Sing," Illinois Union Minstrel Show ,q is Mask and Baubleg Pierrots: The Daily Illini Q21 g The Siren fl, 2, 31, Freshman Varsity Fencing Squadg Cast, "Amaco," "Whistling in the Dark," t - , "Little Clay Cart," "Rhyme Marches On," "Man I and the MaSses,, Page 126 ,w f, f S up .AZ 'i S . 'TAR -X ff in ,,.. - , X I 'DNC 'x ,' N.. X ,l "' ,H 'HQ ' s 'S -.f"x, Vx ,X X' ,jg R- , f' , fw ML? .5 -f Xxf"' Y, NX ,ix , ,f . -...,!, :X , C-, A aw ,gg B -,X 1-L , T, L, .X T N X, ,,-,,.i,,oX A , - , 3, A T. U1 LX - ,Mufti r , ,-,r I, . 3,1 , ' ,Q lf " A CX NX 'f "ji M f' E VX - l'. ,f f w mf' ""+f1 A f I I if .I -A A ,.-...s..I C'!aS X939 ROBERT AvRoN ROSENELLIM. ...... ..... C hicago ENGINEERING Ceramic: American Ceramic Society H W1 IIIQ, ERNEST BENJAMIN ROSNER .,...... . . . . .Cbimgo ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. Wriglmt junior Collegeg Central Y.M.C.A. College MARTIN RosoEE . ...,,....,............... Cbimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Der Deutsche Verein Herzl junior College SHIRLEY ETI-IRAE Ross ........... .... R izferdale EDUCATION Speech Alpha Gamma Delta Production Staff, "H,M.S. Pinafore" Chicago Normal College HARRIET IRENE ROTH .,........... .... C lyimgo COMMERCE Geneml Burinerf Mary E. Busey Hall Gamma Alpha Chig Accountancy Club Wright junior College DANIEL HENRX' ROUSE . ....,...... .... Q uinry ENGINEERING General Engineering Alpha Phi Omegag A.S,M.E. West Tennessee State Teachers College it!! 'w I' ff 5 5 1 ' ,At fx Q' .iifz N ,fe-0, is S ' . -I ,S is vs .E MARGARIET ROUTI-I .......... I, ....... Dooenpon, Iowa LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hiftofy A Chi Omega, Pan-Hellenic Council 141 g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers ' A ISAAC HARNION ROWAND ..,........, .... F airmounf I AGRICULTURE General Agficuliure Alpha Zetag Caisson Clubg Hoof and Horn Club: Phalanxg Independent Council 1513 First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day 111k DWIGHT RIEXFORD RONVLAND ....,....... . . .Robinran LIIIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Low The Illio 121g Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad 12D 5 Independent Council 11, ZJ 5 First Regimental Band 15, 41 LUCILLE JEAN ROWLEY ,...........,....... Cbimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Davenport House W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Major I WARRliN VICTOR RIIENITZ. . . . .... . .... ., . . . . .Elgin LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlory VERA MAEEL RUSK ............. .... U rbum: COMMERCE Accountaney Loki Senior Council, Accountancy Club STANLEY PRocToR ROUSE .......... .... M undelein NWN' HOWARD JANNEY RUSSELL .'..,.'. '.A- C bampaign AGRICULTURE up V COMMERCE General Agrirulture A K Geneml Bmimm. Illinois State Normal University F f i ' Sigma Alpha Epsilon -fl ., Band of X3 Chairman, junior Prom: Freshman Frolic ff Committeeg Chairman, Homecoming Committee 1215 L 1 iii ' Chairman, Dads Day Committee 1155 Interfraternity , Council 13, 41 3 Illinois Union Cabinet 131 gina, :-- . -.1 ,. " Qs ROBERT Louis RoUssEY ................ Gmnire Cizy WILLIAM JORDAN RUTH ..'....A.. -,-.. C 1,i,,,g,, LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE Ffenfb 3, .',' General Burineu Le Cercle Francais , ' Granada Club Honors DW ill 6' ' Wlright junior College HN ,X Page 127 faat , f,fxT fi-, XCQLC L - - I 1 ,f- - 1f"' S 1 T A,'1 efoo fm A a- fI'3ffp ff3+f1' MIM, ,ff we ofN+c 5Xff' C A f I lr I..Cgl:Q ,.jf,,.I I I ,,,f I, gf my Qiwx A VM If I f- 'E -- EA C7729 SQ CHARLES WILLIAM RUTHER ........ .... S taunton COMMERCE General Bufineff Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Club Illinois College DELDERT MURRELL RUTI-IEREORD ..... .... B enla' COMMERCE Banking and Finance Captain, University Brigade HARRY A. RUYTER ....,...............,., Oak Park Playrical Education Pi Kappa Phi Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, Varsity Baseball Squad 12, 31, Letter 14jg Freshman Varsity Basket- ball Squad SAM SACHS .....................,... .... C bicago ENGINEERING .Mechanical Engineering Senior Production Manager, Illini Theatre Guild, Arepog A.S.M.E.g Mask and Baubleg Pierrotsg Pro- duction Staff, "The Admirable Crichton," "Dracula," "Elizabeth The Queen," "La Boheme," "Rhyme Marches On" Wright junior College VIRGINIA ADAIR SACKETT ................ Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Delta Delta Delta Mask and Baubleg Orange and Blue Feathers: Cast, "Post Road"g Production Staff, "Riddle Me This," "Boy Meets Girl," "Spring Formal," "Elizabeth The Queen" HUSSEIN SADIK ....................... Telaran, Iran ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Tau Nu Tau, A.S.C.E.q Pershing Rillesg Rifle Club, Second Lieutenant, University Brigade HOWARD IVAN SADLER .............. .... 0 gden AGRICULTURE General Agriculture RALPH CLARENCE SADLER ........... ....0gden AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Page 128 f. flfxx rzflx xy, V- QL.,-fx A W, I, ,,., asf, 'C X 3:3 5 f, 7 'L I 'Q' f " 1.x " K1 X, H' ,f N ftil li - iv . A ' 'J ia, ' 'M s " Q . ., .,M:,, 1 QQ 4 :A r 'ii . v ,, , L rl 1 - 4 'h ir ' ,I , "" I 'F in xx Elf xH Kr' tx, , X Q-L -be. 1' ' T 1 f 1 'I f X' I ,t --" ia f sl ,' xx ,fi Z. PHILIP BENJAMIN SADTLER ........ .... R oclaford ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Phi Mu Delta Phi Eta Sigma, Interfraternity Council 121 Honors Day 11, 23 HARXIEY DAVID SAFFORD ............,.... Farmington AGRICULTIIRE General Agriculture Purity Manor Agricultural Club, Dairy Technology Society, Pha- lanx, First Lieutenant, University Brigade PATRICIA DOROTHY SAGER ................., Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hiilory Alpha Epsilon Phi Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, The Daily Illini 11, 21 Q Chairman, Dads Day Committee 131 5 Chairman, Y.W.C.A. Doll Show Committee 123 3 Chairman, Torch Drive Committee 135 3 Pan-Hellenic Council 131 3 First Council, Woman's League 12, 31 5 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Honors Day 11, 21 LEO P. SAINATI ......... . ........ . . . . .... Cicero ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.g Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Squad 12, 33, Letter 145 IRMA SOPHIA SANCKEN .......... .... S aunemin EDUCATION General Education Davenport House Gamma Deltag Der Deutsche Vereing Gregorian Liter- ary Society, W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers, University Chorus 12, 3, 43 3 Production Staff, "Post Road," "H,M.S. Pinafore," "Elizabeth The Queen," "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady" Joi-IN ARNOLD SANDEERG ............ ...Moline COMMERCE lnduitrial Adfniniirration Sigma Phi Epsilon Accountancy Club, A.S.C,E. 3 Pershing Rifles HENRY ELLSWORTH SANDERS ........ .... C bicago ENGINEERING Engineering Phyricr Sigma Phi Epsilon MONTIE SANDERS .............. .... B enlon COMMERCE Banking and Finance Phi Eta Sigma, Accountancy Club Honors Day 111 L L- f' I Z, X -- f' "Tx f' f J. f X-f , V J , .-..,., if ,f . ,,, , f ---V. ,h . . ,- I lil' I ' .fx X- la X939 RICHARD STEBBINS SANDERS ....... Pleamnzville, N. J. CARI. FREDERICK SCHAEFER ........ ..... A Iron COMMERCE ENGINEERING Arcounfnncy l E Cemmici Accountancy Club V 5 35 5 ' 3 1 5 . if Q SOPHIA ELIZABETH SANDERS ........ .... H omer N GEORGE FRANCIS SCHEIE .......... .,.Urbnna EDUCATION V COMMERCE General Educalion ' K General Burineu Alcestis - in ik 5 Alpha Sigma Phi Sigma Alpha Iotag W,A,A,5 University Chorus 15 41 A ' 'W Skull and Crescentg Freshman Varsity Basketball ' Squadg Varsity Basketball Squad 12, 51 3 Inter- lraternity Council 15, 41 5 JOHN EDWARD SANDMARK ......... .... A loline ERIRA SCHERF .,.,.,....,........,......... Anchor COMMERCE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES General Burinen German Theta Delta Chi The Daily Illini 11, 21 RUTH LOUISE SANDS ........,... .... S wan Creek EDUCATION General Education Delta Zeta Alpha Lambda Deltag Shi-Aig Gold Feathers Honors Day 111 MARY CRISTINA SAPORITO ................. Efmmon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanirb Alpha House Sigma Delta Pig Le Cercle Francaisg Spanish Clubg Orange and Blue Feathersg University Chorus 11, 21 g Cast, "Cavalleria Rusticana," "La Lupa" if "-ff f ,W be in if A A ' . llt i it Sigma Alpha Iotag Der Deutsche Vereing Illini History Clubg Women's Glec Club 11, 21 Knox College JAMES SCHWARTZ SCHINDLER ...... .. .Hillfbam COMMERCE General Burinefr Phi Mu Epsilong Beta Alpha Psig Second Regimental Band 11, 21 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ALIIERT JOSEPH SCHNEIDER ............ Calumet City COMMERCE Acraunlancy Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day 12, 31 JULIUS SARTORIS ...................... ,,..Ben1d HAROLD NATHAN SCHNEIDER ............... Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS I I FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Painting fl ' ' ' 'W 'l Arelfiieelzmzl Engineering Illustratorsg First Regimental Band 121 a T' College Hall A I 'Q' if f U i I it , . 1 ' HOWARD RAYMOND SATTERFIELD .......... Champaign AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Phalanxg Independent Council 111 JEANNE JEANNETTE SCHNEIDER .............. Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Torchg Co-Chairman, Independent Informal 131 1 Ex- ecutive Council, W.G.S. 13, 41 g First Council, Wom- an's League 13, 41 5 Junior Council, Woman's League 131 Q Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathcrsg Student Alumni Association 121 3 Production Staff, "The Admirable Chrichton," "Liliom" MERLYN RAYMAN SCAMEHORN .............. Rorelle FRANK HENRY SCHNIEDERJON ....... .... S igel LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE Economic: 'Q I I Igg y I Commefre and Low Alpha Sigma Phi f. Accountancy Club Elgin Junior College 'f. ,. 'I Q'-' Ig' ,i 'if f Y ,X Page 129 A f ' , ,C x fx X 1 ,W V Q X C. W E F:.-.- Xxx A si,-4,-"'2-"Q i,-1'-Eg KA XX 7 Q lex Dj 0 Q lnl'1,f"'! Jfyfes WAC 3 A if 1 0 X A ff 'f I -fl ff X' 'TSX W 4 'I ,f 'X if ' 'ul 'ex 1 X , f LXXX A-Z VM' ' '77z Sen! VIOLET MAGDALENE SCHOEPPEL .,.. ..,. E llif Gi-are AGRICULTURE General Home Efanomirf McKinley Hall ht K -v DONALD MYER SCHULTZ ............ .. .Claenoa AGRICULTURE General Agriculzufe Delta Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa Phig Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi UpSilOr1 1 Agricultural Club, The Illio 1115 Freshman Varsity 1 Omicron fm Track Squad, Varsity Track Squad 12, 31 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- A, ,S ship Key HENRY CARL SCI-IRADER, JR. ....... .... C bimga E E RICHARD CONDIT SCI-IULTZ ....,......... Beardriown ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Civil Engineering f y ' Ecanomirr Phi Sigma Kappa I W Phi Delta Theta A.S.C.E.g Cavalry Officers Clubg Scimitarg Freshman , Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Varsity Fencing Squadg Varsity Fencing Squad 12, 3, 1 Squad 121 41 3 Interfraternity Council 131 g First Lieutenant, Uni- Av 3, versity Brigade i ' -- ki ANNETrA SCI-IRECK ........................ De Kalb MARGARET WILHELMINA SCHULZ ........,. Oak Park JQURNAUSM V LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Advertiring and Publifhing ' ' Zoology Gamma Alpha Chig Theta Sigma Phi, Journalism KHPP3 Delta C0u,,ci1q41 ' The Daily Illini 111, W.A.A.g orange and Blue University of Chicago Feathers, Gold Feathersg Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl," Woman's League Show 12, 31, Homecoming M Stunt Show 12, 31 WILLIAM EDWARD SCI-IREIBER., .... .... B lne Iilrmtl ,. WILLIAM HENRY ScHULzKE, JR ......... ..... A Ioline 1 ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Electrical Engineering L I ,kh I Chemistry Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A.I.E.E.g Major, University Brigade t B , I Phi Gamma Delta Honors Day 111 X . E' In -, I 'gl Sachemg The Illio 11, 2, 31 , 1' I., ' , P 1 ' Q EDNA MAXINE YORK SCI-IRoTI-I ........... Momirello LAURABELI. SCHUTT .....,... . ........... Champaign i AGRICULTURE 5 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES 1 General Home Emnomiff ' - - l - Speerb Beta House Kappa Delta W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers I Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Alpha Chig Phi Betag l , Arepo: .Mask and Bauble: National Collegiate Play' I ' ersg Shi-Ai, The Daily Illini 111g The Siren 121: , Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers: Cast, "Dracula," "The Admirable Crichton"g Production i2-"mil" Staff, "Behold This Dreamer," "The Bartered Bride," - 1 ' "Boy Meets Girl" ,iw Honors Day 111 Joi-IN KEMP SCIIUDER .......... ..... F lam CARY ELIZABETH SCHUYLER ...... ..... La Grange COMMERCE 5 . EDUCATION Arraunlancy fx A l' 5? Englirb Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Freshman Var- -- . 'jj l V Chi Omega sity Tennis Squadg Varsity Tennis Letter 12, 3, 41 is i ' be li JANE ANN SCHULTE ....... . ............... In Salle 3 SARAH ROSE SCI-IWARTZ ............ Clmrlozre, N. C. ' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES A My LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirly I . kr Sigma Delta Tau Speech Delta Gamma Zeta Phi Etag Mask and Baubleg National Collegiate La S3lle.Pefu Oglegby Junior College . QE 1 la- PI-ayers: Orchesisg Chairman, Mothers Day Com- ' 1 X " p mittee 151 3 General Chairman, Homecoming Stunt " 1 '52 Show 131 g General Chairman, Woman's League Show ,A 141 Q Pan-Hellenic Council 131 g Orange and Blue -7 Feathersg Star Course 1215 Student Alumni Associa- i ,W tion 121 g Cast, "Spring Formal," "Anything Goes," A A' "Of Thee I Sing," "Follow Thru"g Production Staff, , "Post Road" JEAN SCHULTE ................. ..... V andalza EDUCATION CARL EWALD SCHWEICKERT .....,..,...... .Peru HiJl01'J' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Mary E. Busey Hall Cbgmiyfy Morag Boardg 'llgorchig Phi gega Kiapplag Izglpha , -ur Le Cards Francais Lam a Delta: resi ent, R. . .3 p a appa fs I . M . . , - Deltag Alpha Pi Deltag The Illio 121 g Chairman, in Battle Creek College, La Salle Peru Oglesby Junior Homecoming Committee 131 g First Council, Woman's College League 1315 Junior Council, Woman's League 131g "':' L H ' Orange and B ue Feathers: Gold Feathers, Y.W.C.A. f -. Cabinet 13, 41 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key A Page 130 , ,D lf je -A ,fe . ,Q A ,ff i,, C1 "7',f'JTDi1f'E ,ia 4179 L SN K' rfg".eX iii' QTL -32, J-ff!! Xixsff ff! Q"'L5: ix X ' 'him To iii-in 1 f "QT xx .- , ,f .,.ff,,...- st, fb- -, ,f if -LQTIB ' WA, A ,-,7. ifxxi -, -. fl' , 1, ,Q '1 A 4' -- 'z7fi,7 AL-, '. f'j,f3-L -fa ffl---fi ' 1 ,f',l VNC l li--' fi f Lo ,.f'7f' 'TG X" XXX 'C 1 il lik ff' f 'Sis ff Veil S,-f,frx ,i.l'T H. ef C ,fs-..,!ii :il A if -,X ft A .Ulf . fx fp- T X la DOROTHY JIZANNE Scorr ..........,... Deramr, Ind. Playrifal Elflliiclllflll Gamma Phi Beta W.A.A. Numeralsg Orange and Blue Feathers: Cast, "Man and the Masses"g Production Staff, "Post Road," "H.M.S. Pinafore," "Behold This Dreamer," "Elizabeth The Queen" KATI-IRYN MAEEL SCOTT ........... .... C arlbage EDUCATION General Edueatian Hathaway Hall Tamaroag Women's Glee Club 133 Carthage College WILLIAM RAYMOND SCOTT. . . . .............. . . .Erie LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Iazw Delta Sigma Phi Augustana College GEORGE PAGE SCULLY ..........,..,. ,.... P earia AGRICULTURE General Agriculmre Alpha Delta Phi Dartmouth College Joi-IN SEBEK .....,............... ..... C ieefa ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Morton junior College CHESTER LORRAINE SEIBERT ........ .... F reebarg AGRICULTURE General Agrirullure Alpha Zeta, Agricultural Clubg First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade Honors Day fl, 2, 53 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ORIsON RAITI-I SEIBERT ............ ...Belleville AGRICULTURE General Agririzltme Y.M.C.A. Cabinet Q33 WILSON JOE SELDON ..............., Sz. Laaii, Ma. EDUCATION Physical Education Pi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigmag AI ha Tau Sigma: Delta Theta Epsilong Scabbard andp Blade: Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Varsitg Track Squad 1231 Freshman Varsity Football Squa g Varsity Football Squad 121 Z .Varsity Bageball Squad Q33 g First Lieutenant, University Bri- ga e I Honors Day fl, 2, 33 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key f SE -' 1 if A NC ,BQ ,X , in 5 'Hur - V -Q ,. ii V -.' in '52 ja ,I isri I ,. ' - . M t get S, 'UQ is J' 3 Q' as 35 -gl SP1 9' - K sl.,-eff: X93 HARVEY ALPHIUS SELLERS, JR. ..,........... Decazuf LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Eranamiei Delta Tau Delta DePauw University BIICHAEL WILLIAM SENEw..' ...... .... C biraga ENGINEERING Ilflelallurgiral Engineering Mining Society FRANK LEO SENSENEY .............. .... 0 ale Park COMMERCE Banking and Finance Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Freshman Varsity Polo Squad Honors Day fl, 2, 53 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key BARBARA JEAN SETT........................Cbicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pryrlyolagy Vanlig Alpha Pi Delta EVAN C. SEXAUER ............,.. .... K ingrtan COMMERCE lndaririal Adminirtralian Northern Illinois State Teachers College HASKELL ORLANDO SEXTON .,........ Hamillon, Ma. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Zlfmir Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag Concert Band 13, 43g Uni- versity Orchestra Q3, 43 Bethany College ROBERT DOYLE SI-IAEEER .......... .... V andalia JOURNALISM Newr and Editorial Phi Eta Sigmag Cavalry Ofiicers Clubg Pershing Ritlesg Scabbard and Bladeg The Daily Illini Q13 g Freshman Varsity Fencing Squadg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad, Lieutenant Colonel, University Brigade, Mill- tary Council M3 Honors Day fl, 2, 33 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key RALPH EDWIN SI-TANK .......,....... Buchanan, Va. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Murir Granada Club Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag Concert Band 11, 2, 5, 43, University Chorus f3, 43 P 131 ,fy - Xfyfx I ,X ,KX XL age ff , ,L ff ,, Q34 ,ff .:.-1, x vi f Defy sf E a L: W ' eip x, yo. E 2 Q V fb L- , -1 ---Aj' ,ff as - gi. ----. fc, - if ,, 5,1 . 3 5 4 M x , , g 1 L I il , ff 'A--, L' if ' 'w .ill ,ff ,Y is as ill- ff! .. af 9 ff X f77czQ CSTQIQ Z0 DWIGHT ALLEN SI-TANKS ...... .. .. . .. .. .Rorefille EMMITT ALBERT SHELLI-IAMMER. . .. .... Ml. Pularki Pbyrifal Education AGRICULTURE Delta Theta Epsilon, Gymkana Gene,-4lAgyjful1urg Alpha Sigma Phi Agricultural Club Lincoln College JOHN COFFMND SHARER -------- ---- A Ieffif , ,Q ANITA CECILIA SHERIDAN ................., Cbimga COMMERCE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Arcounlanry Fremh Monmouth College ELIZABETH MAE SHATTUCK ..,.,...,....,.. Belvidere LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day fl, 2, 51 9 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key HELEN ELIZABETH SHAVER ........,... Orlando, Fla, ' AGRICULTURE General Hams Economic: McKinley Hall Phi Upsilon Omicrong Arepog W.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, University Chorus 12, 5, 415 Production Staff, "La Boheme," "H.M.S. Pinafore" Honors Day Q11 ADELLE FLORENCE SHAW .................., Cbimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Le Cercle Francaisg Spanish Club North Park junior College -Q., 5 6 1 ,U ,gs ws, ,, is a S HARRY IRVINC SI-IAYMAN .......... .... C bimgo COMMERCE 1 General Burinerr 3' 1 K Phi Beta Delta , , Accountancy Clubg Illio Q11 3 The Daily Illini Q11 g i sam Interfraternity Council C41 A " fi V I A Wright junior College ig,,V',1-a n fi . ESTHER IRENE SHEEHY .....,.... ..., C laimgo EDUCATION Biology Laura B. Evans Hall V Tamaroa i Chicago Normal College HELEN NAOMI SHEETS. . .. ............... Hooperzmi LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Presbyterian Hall P'e'L4u' Mortar Board, Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: Wom- an's Senior Manager, Gymkana: Student Senate Q41 3 Spanish Clubg Chairman, Homecoming Stunt Show 131, Chairman, Mothers Day Banquet 131: Chair- man, Woman's League Committee 131 3 General Chair- man, Mothers Day f41g Executive Council, W.G.S. G, 41: First Council, Woman's League 12, 3, 413 junior Council, Woman's League 1313 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg Star Course 12, 31 Honors Day fl, 21 Page 132 ' al Terraping W.A.A.g Freshman Frolic Committeeg Cast, "Anything Goes," "Follow Thru" EI.EANoR MARY SHERIDAN ....... ...Niler Center EDUCATION Hirrory Mary E. Busey Hall Chicago Normal College JOESPH EZRA SHERMAN .................... Cbimga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Baclerialogy Alpha Epsilon Pi The Daily lllini Q11 LORRAINE CAROLINE SHERMAN ............ Sandwich AGRICULTURE General Home Emnamifr 4-I-I House Illinois Agriculturist CZ, 3, 413 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers DALE HOWARD SHICK .............. ..... U fbana ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nug Pi Tau Pi Sigma, Pershing Riilesg Scabbard and Blade, Syntong MCHIS Glee Club QZ, 3, 41 5 Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 11, 21 JAMES A. SHINKOEE .......,....... ...Mndimn COMMERCE Banking and Finance Alpha Kappa Pi Freshman Varsity Football Squad, Varsity Football Squad 12, 3, 41g Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Baseball Squad 12, 3, 41 g Varsity Track Squad Q51 5 Interfraternity Council Q41 PHYLITA ELLEN SI-IINNEMAN ..... .... W eldon EDUCATION Englirb Orchesisg Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association f2, 31 g University Chorus 12, 31 A f XXK1, r ' , ,fk77iX 1-+1 'H " "" V7 L ,X f xff -,flax ,f X lftf f X f--.low Zlkfff R la X939 Roy LIPPIZRT SHIRLEY ............... .... H avana AGRICULTURE General Agricullure Agricultural Club HEDW'IG ELIZABETH SHROYER .........,.. Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCXENCES Philowphy Gymkanag XV.A.A.g Chairman, Dads Day Committee f2Jg Chairman, M.l.D.A.-XV.G.S, Mixer Committee QU 5 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers, Cast, "Post Road", Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl," "Spring Formal," "Man and the Masses," "Brother Rat"g junior Prom Queen, Summer Prom Queeng Ice Carnival Queen GERALD NOAH SHULL ........,..., .... L incoln AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Lincoln junior College G. MARVIN SHUTT .,............... .... A uhurn JOURNALISM Special and Critical Alpha Kappa Lambda Kappa Tau Alpha, Sigma Delta Chi Blackburn College SING-MINC SIAO ................. Hong-Kong, China COMMERCE Traniportation St. John's Universityg Chiao-Tung University JOSEPH WAYNE SIBBITT .........., .... T own Hill COMMERCE General Bniineu Phi Kappa Tau Accountancy Club MAXINE SIEvERs ,..................... While Heazh l ' in i , R-.,-35" 'V 57 y..,. i t- F I RS at 3 sae r,,. MARY ELIZABETH SIHLER ...,............. Lirfhyield JOURNALISM Adfeftixing and Puhlirhing Pi Beta Phi S Theta Sigma Phi i Tulane University DONNA GERTRUDE SILKEY ............... Champaign JOURNALISM Newt and Editorial Honors Day Q19 FREDERICK PHILLIP SIMMON. , . . . . . . . . . .Rork Irland LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Roojah's GORDON LEE SIMMONS. . . . . . . . ,. . . .Waukegan COMMERCE Accountancy Beta Theta Pi Honors Day 111 University of Colorado ROBERT JOSEPH SIMON .,............... Champaign JOURNALISM Aalfertifing and Puhlbhing Chi Phi Gamma Theta Phig Journalism Council Q41 Illinois State Normal University DQROTHYANN SINCLAIR .,.................. Chlcaga LTRERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology McKinley Hall Production Staff, "Brother Rat," "Kind Lady" Beloit College JOHN PERKINS SKINNER .......... Pramburg, N. Y. AGRICULTURE -. ENGINEERING Home Efgngmir-5 ft . Mining Engineering Stratford House i Home Economics Club, W.A.A.3 W.A.A, Numeralsg 7 U' D Independent Council GJ, First Council, Woman's A. i 'Q ' League C31 MacMurray College A t ' h 'i A 'Q v A' CHARLES WILLARD SIGERSON ...... Chelmxfard, Marr. p I- FRANK JOSEPH SKOEE .....,.... ..... I aliez COMMERCE I ,. ,E XF EDUCATION General Burinen A Englirh Chi Beta ,Q Joliet junior College Vice-President, Sophomore Class: Algha Kappa Psig I Accountancy Clubg Caisson Club, ershing Rifles: , T Scabbard and Bladeg Freshman Varsity Football M5 " Squad: Varsity Hockey Squad ISD, Letter 141 3 Chair- M man, Freshman Frolicg Interfraternity Council Oli ' Student Alumni Association 1233 Freshman Councilg Captain, University Brigade K L ni A Page 133 X qx K ?lfi.LT1L4.,V If .iligfr ,,. ,' R ,lf . . X I N-Q I, ,Md if I ,f 'WI s N . -' 5 in 1 '7'f2 WALTER Sxow, JR, ............... ...Chimgo COMMERCE General Burinerr Accountancy Clubg The Daily Illini ill North Park junior College SIDNEY STANLEY SLADON ........,. New York, N. Y. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arcbirertural Engineering New York University NICHOLAS EDXVARD SLOAN .......... ..... H aopermn AGRICULTURE General Agrirullure Newman Hall Alpha Tau Sigmag Agricultural Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Pershing Riflesg Phalanxg Captain, University Brigade Honors Day GJ RUSSELL LEE SLOOP ......... .. . .. .... . . . ,Normal Pbyriral Education Gymnasticag Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squad GERTRUDE CATHERINE SMIT ....,...........,. Munee LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Baflerialogy Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day QU ALFRED THOMAS SMITH ..........,..... .... 0 :ark FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Archilectunzl Engineering Alpha Rho Chi Men's Glee Club fl, 25 g Beaux Art Institute of De- signg Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl," "Post Road" CARL OLIPHANT SMITH ............. Vincenner, Ind, LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Econamirf Phi Kappa Psi Men's Glee Club MJ Indiana University ... .Robimon Z 0 SQ DONALD WILSON SMITH ....... . .-.Champaign COMMERCE A, X Accazmlancy A V- Accountancy Club IV? , I 03 'F 15 ELAINE SMITH ...., . ..,..... .,...... D unmn, Mm. g LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES . . Wx, . - - Bacfermlogy I Chi Omega l 'QD . "' 1 Mississippi State College for Women I ' U" , I I J I 'N i . 'I U ELIZABETH LOUISE SMITH .......... ..... U rbeum H Lf . JOURNALISM 9 A New! and Edilorial .Aria A gr' The Daily Illini 11, 23 g W.A,A. ? ERIC WII.BURN SMITH ....,..... Webrier Grover, Mo. - FINE AND APPLIED ARTS D ArcbiIeI'Iure gi. Phi Delta Theta Scarab g Freshman Council 1:33 lsr N I Q HERMAN O. SMITH, JR. ........, ,. .... Chimgo ENGINEERING . Melallurgiml Engineering " Sigma Phi Epsilon . Phi Eta Sigmag University Orchestra fllg Captain, University Brigade -' Honors Day C11 -In r if if Y . f , ' lj IRI. WILSON SMITH ................ .... B oulder AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Zetag Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Education Clubg Caisson Clubg Pershing Riflesg Phalanxg Captain, University Brigadeg Cast, "Man and the Masses" l Q A l Honors Day fl, 22 l l JEAN MORINE SMITH ........,,....... Williezmrfeld COMMERCE Acrauniancy Accountancy Club Illinois State Normal University CLEM OPAL SMITH, JR. .,........ JOSEPH NEXV'TON SMITH..Harzingr-on-Hadron, N. Y. COMMERCE COMMERCE Afmunfgmy af: General Burineu Accountancy Clubg Freshman Varsity Football Squad ' Theta Chi 8 H -if ' -:I 'A Accountancy Clubg Sophomore Track Manager - Honors Day fl, 31 Page 134 X ,D f 54,X Wx - X ,x , i V p X I 371' A E -yfx X AXXL , 24, Ex ff' -T ,L if bus ii. ,yd Xfi V A? K ,Jie -2 ... .,ig...n,QNXN xg .iv .. V F5 gf NJ an-A-E.- fl 1 X- -,Q X 1 g:7f:.L.g-Y- V .N If yi, ....TQ 5, "i,i"f',g X' " "'i Iii , 'E TVX -A 'h E- lit . B' N f'5f'iLhl iiffwfiix-, ,-f' ' lily , if' ff' A-'Jil' f 'V fy--L' ,girl H3 A may Us ' X-C 4, lf- if Tx, ff ,--g ,HI H, A --Ac '- ' ,N J la X939 KENNETH MORRIS SMITH ....,..........,. Rat-Han! ENGINEERING Mechanical Engiueerirzg A.S.M.E. LAWRENCE LATTIN SMITH .....,..,.,... .... G mari FINE AND APPLIED ARTS f'lY't'l7if6t'flH'6 Scarabg Beau Arts Institute of Design Northern Illinois State Teachers College Lois JANE SMITH .....,........., ...Amboy AGRICULTURE General Home Erouonzifr Beta House MAURICE HAROLD SMITH ........., .... B owen EDUCATION General Education Accountancy Club, Caisson Club: Phalanxg Freshman Varsity Track Squad, Captain, University Brigade NORMAN Louis SMITH ........... .... A Iagnolia AGRICULTURE General Agrirullure Farm House Alpha Zeta, Agricultural Clubg Caisson Club, Hoof and Horn Club, Phalanx, Illinois Agriculturist 131 5 Major, University Brigade Honors Day il, 2, 35 3 University of Illionis Scholar- ship Key ROSEMARY FRANCES SMITH .....,.. .... I Ibiragn JOURNALISM x1d1'er!i,ring and Publirlyirzg Delta Delta Delta WILLIAM ALEXANDER SMITH, JR .... .... D ei-arm COMMERCE Acrolmianry Phi Kappa Sigma Caisson Clubg Chairman, Homecoming Committee C21 g Chairman, Dads Day Committee KZ! 1 Chairman, Mothers Day Committee 1213 Illinois Union Cabinet Q31 g Captain, University Brigade gi 'ls , X s ml 3 it I we 5' , . TQ' " ,, 1" , r aa 'W' Xl, Gi KARL BOLENITER SMUYIER ..i....,. .... F ret-part COMMERCE Cwzeial Burinerr Theta Xi I A Sachemg Accountancy Clubg Band of X3 The lllio 11, 2, 313 First Regimental Band ll, 25, Student Alumni Association Q23 Honors Day fl, sy FREDERICK CLAYTON SNYDER ....... , . . .Pew-ia ENGINEERING Illerlmriiml Engineering Acacia A.S.M.E.g Railway Club: Skull and Crescent, Sigma Epsilon, First Regimental Band 1235 Second Regi- mental Band QU LEROY ARTHUR SNVDLR. ,, ....... ...Keuanee EDUCATION Pby,-:ml Edzzcafian STYRL VERNER SNYDER ....,.... , ........... Sterling LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Eronamicr Blackburn College NAOMI CHARLOTTE SOBLE ....... Salt Lake Cizy, Utah EDUCATION Englirb Sigma Delta Tau W.A.A.g W,A.A. Numeralsg First Council, Woman's League 141 g Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers Lois CAROLYN SODERSTROM .............. . . .Elgin LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bacferiology Medea Elgin Junior College HARRIET LOUISE SOLOMON ....... .... L ima, Ohio EDUCATION Englirb Alpha Epsilon Phi Gold Feathers ALBERT THORNTON SMITHSON, JR. ......... Rirev-fide ,U LAMBERT JAMES SOUCEK ,.,,.,,,,.,., Dgwngyf qmfg FINE AND APPLIED ARTS ii FINE AND APPI.lED ARTs Arrhilerture 1 ' ,S Arcbileciure AlPh3 Chl Rho I 7 M: Scarab, Beaux Arts Institute of Design Scarab, Interfraternity Council Q35 A 'Y . . ,gig if ' Z Page 135 J AX .fi . ff 1 , C ' fx tr- ,-'- .,' . K' ff" I ., ff' f" ' D Y,-- ffj , x X Ca!! U- , 'ff ,f-Et! -A X fa Ki 'T ,." , 2 ,Q L., A ' I ,lg , f A BERNARD BUGI-I SPAULDING ............... Bridgeparz mum LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Q i Gealogy ' i ie Sigma Nu f- I' University of Missouri W' 3' W. if W 4 I It EDWARD HENRY SPECHT ................,.,. Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemirzry Phi Eta Sigmag Phi Lambda Upsilon Honors Day fl, 2, 31 5 University of Illinois SclIolar- ship Key ROBERT GEORGE SPELBRINK .... . . ..... Sz. Louii, Ma. ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Theta Tau JOE SPENGLER .,................. .,.RaclaeJ1er ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nug Sigma Taug A,I.E.E. Honors Day fl, 51 DAVID LEE SEERRY., .... ......... ....Auram COMMERCE Accountancy Accountancy Club Aurora College ALICE WANDA SPIALEK .........,.......... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Theta Upsilon Pi Delta Phig Gregorian Literary Societyg Le Cercle Francaisg Pan-Hellenic Council MJ: Gold Feathersg Women's Glee Club LZ, 3, 41 Northwestern University HOWARD JOHN SI1IEIIs .,.......... .... C bimgn ENGINEERING Elerlriml Engineering Pi Kappa Phi The Technograph KID 3 Interfraternity Council fibj AARON SPOLIN .................. .... M nywaod EDUCATION General Edumtian Morton Junior College Page 136 V - ,er I , J J ' sf'- nr if V '5- ,,-. 1 A fr , - ea' '23 I., Y Cn , ' I Z. IVAN HERBERT SPOOR, JR. ............. .. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Alpha Phi Omegag A.I.Ch,E. .La Grange l I ADLER ENZO SPOTTI ..........,.. .... S muntan ENGINEERING ,Mining Engineering Mining Society Monmouth College WILLIAM PRESSLEY SPRINGSTON .... Fnmnanz, W. Va. COMMERCE General Bufineu Accountancy Club ALBERT CORNELIUS SPURLOCK .... .... P eoria 1 EDUCATION Indurtrial Education Kappa Alpha Psi Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Var- sity Track Letter MJ EDITH WARRICK SQUIRES ................ Champaign FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Painting Pi Beta Phi l MILDRED MARIE STADEL .................. Chadwick l FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Murir 1 Laura B. Evans Hall , Phi Kappa Phig Sigma Alpha Iota I Honors Day GJ , Oberlin Collegeg University of Colorado l EDMUND PETER STAFF ............. AGRICULTURE General Agricullwe Reeter Club Eastern Illinois State Teachers College HERBERT CPIARI,Es STAFFORD ........ . ENGINEERING Elertriml Engineering Kansas State Teachers College . . . .Ramrey ... .Urbana 1 y If fi-N If ,, -C X Q, X x f f 4 . ,al 1, -.x--ac 1-...,s..f I I I", l' . ,,.k ,- 'F -,i , J. la FRANCIS STUART STALEY ....,..... ..... L mlm! AGRICULTURE General Agv'il'1ll111re Alpha Tau Sigmag Pershing Riflesg Phalanxg Rifle Clubg Captain, University Brigade HELEN MARGARET STALEY ................... Urbamz LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Frenfb Le Cercle Francaisg University Chorus Q31 3 Production Staff, "H.M.S. Pinaforef' "Petticoat Fever" Honors Day C21 THOMAS W. STANEIELD .................... Kinmid LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlary Newman Hall Illini History Club Wasllington and Lee University MARVIN NAGEL STANFORD ................. Clay Cizy LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Theta Xi A.I.Ch.E.g Coast Artillery Clubg Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Bladeg First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade HELEN RUTH STARCK ............. .... B enld EDUCATION Home Efonamiri Laura B. Evans Hall Home Economics Clubg Tamaroa ALBERT RUDOLPH STARR .......... .... P ew-in ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigmag Chi Epsilong Tau Nu Taug Theta Taug A.S.C.E.g Phalanxg Pershing Riilesg The Tech- nograph 13, 41 5 Captain, University Brigade Honors Day Q11 ROY CHARLES STEIL .................... Der Pliliner ENGINEERING Ceramic Engineering Beta Sigma Psi American Ceramic Societyg Pershing Rifles HARRY SOLOMON STEINBERG ....... .... C laimgo COMMERCE Arcounlancy Tau Epsilon Phi Accountancy Clubg Interfraternity Council 131 3 Cast, "Of Thee I Sing" C r ,, ,. if ,. -it ai' in If-3 .,:.t we 5 . i t aw .1 , V :I A :ri ' l f ie, " ' li . 1 ig ' . x .4 193 ROBERT E. STEINFORT ........ , .... . . .Lineoln ENGINEERING Eleclriml Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi A.I.E.E.g First Lieutenant, University Brigade A Honors Day fl, 31 MARIANNE MAXINE STEPHENS .............. Tureala FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Marie Alpha Delta Pi Gymkanag Gymnasticag Women's Glee Club 13, 41 3 Cast, Homecoming Stunt Show 12, 41 MACK STEPHENSON ..................... Taylawille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hiftory University of Denver GLEN CYRUS STEWART .,................ .... P em FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Murit Theta Delta Chi Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Interfraternity Council i313 University Orchestra Q41 La Salle-Peru Oglesby junior College ROBERT FREDERICK STEWART ........... Calumet Czry COMMERCE Accountancy Beta Gamma Sigmag Phi Eta Sigmag Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, Z, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key RosE IVIARY STIARWVALT ........,. .. .Shelbyville EDUCATION General Education Delta Zeta Alpha Lambda Deltag Shi-Aig The Illio il, 21 g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Honors Day C11 JOHN GOTTHILF STILLI, JR. .,......,..... ...Puna LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hiflory Theta Chi Rifle Clubg Cast, "Kind Lady" Illinois College RUSSELL KENNEDY STIVERS .......,.. ., .Tolum AGRICULTURE General Agrieullzlre PIII Kappa Phig Alpha Zetag Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Education Club: Field and Furrow Honors Day Cl, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key Page 137 I Q f ,f ' 'I , , . A 1, A T' 'X 'Fi ii" I if D X f 5 ,M 'f JC L, ff C L Db.LfQjlil9P IS -l.. ffil A .ff gs-.4-gl fCK ff? ax ,fi lui ff -ff-LI ' l DOROTHY SHERMAN ST. JOI-IN .....,.. Sr. Loair, Ma. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirtory Davenport House W.A.A,3 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers ALBERTA PAULINE STOCKER ..........,. Poplar Grore JOURNALISM Special and Critical Theta Sigma Phig Gregorian Literary Societyg The Illio f11g The Daily Illini f21g Orange and Blue Feathers NAOMI STOCKER .,.....,......... Barzlewille, Ohla. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology 602 First Council, Won1an's League 131 Honors Day f21 CHARLES HERMAN STOTZ ......... .... C hicago COMMERCE General Bzuinerr Delta Phi Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad QZ, 31, Letter M15 Varsity Basketball Squad 1215 Interfraternity Council Q3, 41 3 Second Regimental Band fl, 21 g Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors Q41 ELIZABETH FRANK STOUT ................. Chatham LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pryrhology Delta Gamma University Chorus 141 Blackburn College JANVRIN EARL STRAEssER .,................ Rarhzfille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirh Alpha Chi Omega Zeta Phi Etag Gymkanag The Daily Illini Q41 g Cast, "H.M.S. Pinafore," "Tosca"g Production Staff, "Post Road," "Brother Rat" Northwestern University ROBERT WILLIAM STRAW .................... Dixon LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES C hemirtry Tau Kappa Epsilon Agricultural Education Club Eureka College Sen 1' P S2 45' K as-, f L, , yi , 7 - ga L E Aa i YI F' P187 1 1 s 5 'F' I g t Qi 'll l iibzif' MARY LOUISE STROPES ............. .... C hirago AGRICULTURE Nutrition and Dieleficr Davenport House XY!.A.A. Lewis Institute ELIZABETH JEAN STUBBERT .............. Gihron Cily LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Science Delta Gamma Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers University of Wisconsin l'lOW'ARD WILLIAM STUEBNER ....... EDUCATION General Education Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Baseball Squad f2, 31, Letter Q41 . . . .Chicago CARLTON BRADFORD STLIRCEON ..... .... C hifago COMMERCE General Bufinerr Pi Kappa Alpha Accountancy Clubg lnterfraternity Council C413 Stu- dent Alumni Association Q21 CATHERINE GLORIA SULLIVAN ............... Chirago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Alpha Chi Omega Shi-Aig The Daily Illini fl, 213 Orange and Blue Feathers MARY DENISE SULLIVAN ............ EDUCATION Commercial Teaching Theta Phi Alpha The Illio Q11 g W.A.A.g Gold Feathers Honors Day G1 . . . .Harvard CLYDE WILSON SUMMERS ............... Wincherzer COMMERCE Arcounlancy Beta Gamma Sigmag Phi Eta Sigmag Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, 2, 51 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key MADONNA EILEEN STROLE ....,........ .... N ewzon I EARL JAY SUNDIN ,,.-,,.,..,.,,.,-.,-..-... Moline AGI1lCUL1'URIi A ll l A , LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES General Home Eronomicr '- pm,-fiajogy Bethany Circle f or ' Theta Delta Chi Home Economics Clubg Orange and Blue Feathers The Illio fl, 21 g Interfraternity Council Q41 ' Effie Page 138 A ,ff ,X 13X , qbwxxx rllilff f"2x up ff' Gadldxiguilxx iq! Q! Ei ,N fm ,?fiVf- as ,1.I"'f7i A L wb ,X X 5-1,5 -fanfic Veg as f 'Ieq+4xil A ll. C fs-ffxaii' ll NX if illf If , ' xw4Clffl llx .ff 5, ,'ll la DORDTHYMAE SURBIS ..................... Belvidere FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Art Eduraiian Grenhr DAVID DECK SUTER .,............ .... C laicago COMMERCE Accountancy Purity Manor Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Accountancy Club, Caisson Club, Phalanx, Major, University Bri- gade Honors Day il, 2, 31 , University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ROBERT LOUIS SUTI-IERLAND ........... .... P anliac ENGINEERING rlleclaanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. Honors Day Q11 VIRGINIA LEE SWANN ................ Sz. Louir, Ma. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech , Pi Beta Phi Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, Le Cercle Francais, Mask and Bauble, The Daily Illini 111, W.A.A., W.A.A. Numerals, Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Cast, "No, No, Nanette," "Hit the Deck," "Follow Thru," Illinois Union Minstrel Show 13, 43 5 Production Staff, "Amaco" Honors Day OJ BENJAMIN ALAN SWARTZ ......... .. .Urbana ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Phi Gamma Delta A.S.C.E., Second Lieutenant, University Brigade Illinois Wfesleyan University JEROME SWIMMER ...... . ..... .. .... ..... . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemirlry ELMER LIEXVIS TANDRUP .......,. . .... .... C laicaga ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Triangle A,S.M.E., Rifle Club, Interfraternity Council C31 Crane junior College WILLIAM JOUETTE TAPI' .................... Quincy LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemixlry Phi Gamma Delta Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilong First Regimental Band Cl, 23 Honors Day fl, 2, an 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key ms - W ' fi I X R0 I. A X939 FRANCIS MCPRTIMER TAYLOR ..... New London, Conn. JOURNALISM Newx and Editorial 'l'omahauk, Bnsiness Manager, Illini Theatre,-Guild, Arepo, Mask and,Bauble, Pierrots, The Daily Jlllini fl, 23, The Independent 13,-43, Senior Memorial Committee, Independent Council 12, 3, 4? , First Regu- mental Band Ll, 23, M.I.D.A. Executive Board 12, 3, 43 ,-Cast, 'LBoy Meets Girl," "Elizabeth The Queen", Production Staff, "La Boheme," "Post Road," "The Drunkardw HARRY JOSEPH TAYLOR .................... Chicago LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemixlfy - Pi Kappa Alpha Coast Artillery Club, Gymnasticag Phalanx, Fresh- man Varsity Track Squad, Interfraternity Council 141 , Student Alumni Association L21 , First Lieutenant, University Brigade K JOE DELAY TAYLOR ................ Texarkana, Ark. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlary Zeta Psi Interfraternity Council 131 Texarkana Junior College RICHARD TRELORE TAYLOR ....... .... K ewanee COMMERCE General Bu.rineJ.I Theta Chi Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Phi Eta Sigma, Editor, The Illio, Student Senate HJ , Band of X, Cavalry Officers Club, Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors, First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day fl, 21 DONALD HENRY TEEL ....,......... ..... R umville COMMERCE Banking and Finance Alpha Kappa Psi, Accountancy Club, Sophomore Council ROSEMARY TEMPLE.................... ...,Maline FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Arcbiiefmre Pi Beta Phi University of Michigan Sa i TERESA GERTRUDE TENNES.. ...... .. ....M1. Carmel LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Laiin LII.I,IAN S. TERRY ......................... Chicago LIRERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Phi Sigma Sigma Gamma Alpha Chi, The Illio C21 , Gold Feathers Central Y.M.C.A. College Page 139 fn- p fv ,N , ,Q-X,,.C Q- , f I-Cv, a1,-- X ,3:,.,,,..,.f':x:"5' Q"'fjsX"':'i gang. Ke, 1:13 5' is-. fy' 75--fa?1ll'fUlL -47 is , f' 75 .fri ,ff ",' 'fx C772 SQ ROY WILLIAM HENRY TESS. , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemiriry Phi Lambda Upsilong Der Deutsche Verein Crane Junior Collegeg Wright junior College, Loyola University ELMER TETER. . . . . . . . . . ..... . ...... . ..... Robinron LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Botany JAMES G. THAMES. ........ . . . . . . . .... Fare!! Park COMMERCE General Burinerr -- - I Accountancy Club 1 T H at at 8 VIOLA RoSE THEIS .,.................. Granite Cizy LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Latin Presbyterian Hall MaCMurray College THEODORE ANTON THEODOROFF ....... Eau Sz. Loair LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Eronamirr 'S E Ain ANN JEANNETTE TI-IILMONY ....,.,.......... Paxton LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Theta Phi Alpha Pan-Hellenic Council C453 Production Staff, "Spring Formal," "Boy Meets Girl," "Post Road," "Elizabeth The Queen," "Brother Rat" Mundelein College Z. RALPH JAMES THOMAS ............ ...Waverly AGRICULTURE General Agricullure Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Education Clubg Phalanx, Hoof and Horn Clubg Agricultural Council 14Jg Major, University Brigade WILLIAM Busso THOMAS ........ .... B erwyn COMMERCE General Buriner: Accountancy Club Morton Junior College GERALD CLIFTON THOMPSON ....... .... S mirhrbire AGRICULTURE General Agrirulture Beta Kappa Agricultural Club Central College MARGARET ANN THOMPSON ............... Danville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pfyrbology Beta Phi Alpha Gregorian Literary Societyg Rifle Clubg Pan-Hellenic Council f4Jg First Council, Woman's League MJ l l MARGARET QUEEN THOMPSON ........... Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Delta Delta Delta Tamaroa W Lindenwood Collegeg University of Oklahoma JOHN BAINBRIDGE THUNE ........ .... C birago I EDUCATION ' General Eduration Delta Theta Epsilong Gyrnkanag Varsity Wrestling Squad 12, 5, 41 g Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squad Honors Day fl, 21 l l DOLORES CARSELL THoMAs .....,......... Peferrbarg HOWARD WILFRED TIEDT ........... ..... T iedrville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES . COMMERCE 69010831 Z: f - General Burinetr W MUY E- BUSCY H311 A .7 , 3 ' 7 Granada Club l Gymnastical Gymkanag The Siren f2l . 9 I ' Lyons Township junior College l ,E I :B A Q I A 'fl i s L, 'A A 33 -- :QR R ELSIE MARIE THOMAS ........,.......... Woodrrorla PHYLLIS MAXINE TILLI-I-SON ,,,,,,, ,,,,, C gampafgn I LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES , E u EDUCATION Mdllifmdilff r General Education Alpha Lambda Delta, Rifle Clubg The Illio 121 is I iw, Honors Day QU 'ij Page 140 ,", Afx , ,, f X f 7t7,f 3317 ,jflpf seisfa Staff S79 V 'Ty tgp ,. I , ,f,,., Rx, ...ff-j , 'rf yy ,B X .f--71 N' 1,71 xxx- jf N ff2""1T-'T f ' I ff we if il 'Xff34l'1 VP fx frdtv it f A Q f at 1 - .f , ,f' f- gl ,V st - , .X VX . X X fqxflx L f X x la' X Tifxoi it X X' ,L ,lil-' Za ROBERT JAMES TITTLE ................... Gary, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Eronomiw Phi Kappa Psi Wittenberg College JOSEPH WILLIAM TOMASESKI ..... ..... L iz Salle COMMERCE Arraunzanry La Salle-Peru Oglesby junior College THADDEUS JOSEPH TOMCZYK ....... ...Chimga ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.g Rifle Club, Synton HAROI.D PALMER TOOMBS ............... .... F lam FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Muric Illini Club University Chorus 12, 3, 41 GORDON KIETI-I TOTTEN ........... ,..0lney EDUCATION , Indurtrial Edufalion Accountancy Club, Caisson Club, Pershing Riflesg Phalanx, Captain, University Brigadeg Military Coun- cil 141 JAMES FISCHER TOXWEY ...,............. Wood River COMMERCE General Burinefr Accountancy Club Honors Day 131 Wasliington University BARBARA TOWNE .....,.............. Sterling, Cola. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirtory Zeta Phi Eta, Mask and Baubleg Production Staff, "Behold This Dreamer," "Liliom," "Boy Meets Girl," "Spring Formal," "The Admirable Crichton" Stephens Junior College ROBERT FRANCIS TRANT ...... . ..., .....,... C 'bimgo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering 19' 1.3 gf? 83:1 . I ni i me F fm' I Q S X939 JOHN TRAPI' ....................,..... Ml. Carmel AGRICULTURE General Agricullufe Agricultural Education Clubg Gymnasticag Gymkana VIRGINIA LELA TRAPPE ................. New Alben: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Home Economic! Alpha Omicron Pi Torch, Pan-Hellenic Council 141 g First Council, Woman's League 141, Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers, Star Course 12, 31 FLOYD ABBEY TRAYNI-IAM .................. Chimga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Delta Phi Caisson Club, Rifle Clubg Scabbard and Blade: Scimitarg Tribe of Illini, Freshman Varsity Fencing Squadg Varsity Fencing Letter 1213 Captain, Univer- sity Brigade GEORGE EDGAR TRIPP ................... Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Claemirlry Wright Junior College MARY ANNETTE TROMBOLD ..,............... Dixon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Gregorian Literary Society, Executive Council, W.G.S. 121 3 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 141 g Production Staff, "Dracula," "La Boheme," "Post Road" JOHN MERLE TRUMMEL ..,.......... .... 0 reana ENGINEERING Agricullural Engineering Tau Beta Pig Sigma Taug A,S.A.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 31 g University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key FRANCES HELEN TUMA ........... ...Bei-ivy: AGRICULTURE General Home Economics Home Economics Club Northwestern University EVELYN MARY TUNNICLIEEE ...... . ......... Moline LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Malbemutirf Phi K3PP3 Alpha House A.I.Ch.E. Chairman, Awards Committee, W.G.S. 1413 First Sf- MHfY'S Cllllfgel Sf- Vi21f01? College Council, Woman'S League 13, 41 g Gold Feathers Augustana College M Page 141 ff ,X I, X ,X X 14 -W .3 it X Ejqiwf .i f jig AZQ-fix fx ffli ,,m,f5f- jf R ,jfs !1,,.f' M X7 ' gf ? K If fi is fe-fiellif ll ,if R -fee ll' fl 4' fs lf Q IH Ill, ,4 AX -fi I 1 1 C7729 Sen 1' JoIAIN FRANKLIN TWEDDALE ....... .... W arbburn COMMERCE General Burinexr Men's Glee Club 141 3 University Chorus Q41 Bradley Polytechnic Institute MARY ELIZABETH TWEEDY ............ . . .Royalron AGRICULTURE General Home Economic! Phi Upsilon Omicrong Omicron Nug Home Economics Club Honors Day Q31 MacMurray College WILLIAM HENRY TYSON ....,..... Grange COMMERCE General Barinerr Delta Kappa Epsilon Band of X, The Illio Cl, 2, 31 LENORE JOANNE UFKES ........... .... W en Paint EDUCATION General Education Hathaway Hall Women's Glee Club fl, 2, 31 3 University Chorus f41 5 Cast, "La Boheme" FREDERICK CHARLES UI-ILE .................. Linfoln LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemirlry Phi Lambda Upsilon Lincoln College JOSEPH DRAYCOTT UNWIN ........ .... C birago EDUCATION General Education Delta Sigma Phi Accountancy Club, Cavalry Officers Clubg Phalanx, Sophomore Polo Manager, Freshman Varsity Basket- ball Squadg First Lieutenant, University Brigade MARY ELIZABETH UTI'ERBACK .............. Danville JOURNALISM Ar1'z'er'tiring and Pnblirlfing Gamma Alpha Chig Y.W.C.A. Cabinet f31 3 Journal- ism Council MacMurray College GERALD FRANK VACULIK. , .. ...,. . . . .Berwyn COMMERCE General Bzuinerr Club Mortonia Alpha Phi Omega ,IS 51 me 5 if K. S i FRED LAWRENCE VANCE .,......... ..... P eoria JOURNALISM Newt and Editorial Phi Gamma Delta Sports Editor, The Daily Illini, Sigma Delta Chig Skull and Crescent PAUL SMITH VANDERVORT .......... .... P alerrine COMMERCE Accountancy Accountancy Club ALICE JUNE VAN DE VENTER ...... ..... A nina, Ind. EDUCATION Speech Orchesisg The Daily Illini Q21 4 Women's Glee Club CZ, 3, 413 University Chorus 12, 3, 413 Production Staff, "Elizabeth The Queen," "Brother Rat" MacMurray College TERENCE GREGORY VANE ......... ..... M omence COMMERCE General Burinefr Purity Manor Accountancy Club Blackburn College JEROME WILLIAM VAN GORKOM .... ...Elmbarrf COMMERCE Commerce and Lau' Kappa Delta Rho Accountancy Clubg Band of X, Mask and Baubleg Pierrotsg Second Regimental Band il, 21 5 Cast, "Liliom," "The Admirable Crichton," "The Drunk- ard," "Elizabeth The Queen" Honors Day 111 DePaul University ALBERTA GURNEY VAN PETTEN .............. Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Delta Gamma Vice-President, Y.W.C.A. C415 Arepog The Daily Illini fl, 213 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 13, 413 Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl," "Spring Formal," "Post Road," "La Boheme," "H.M.S. Pinafore" JEANNE VAN PETTEN ............. ..... U rbana EDUCATION General .Education Delta Gamma Sigma Delta Pig Orange and Blue Feathers JOHN DAVID VARBLE .................. Bloaminglon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Sigma Chi Sachemg Business Manager, The Siren: Dolphinsg Skull and Crescent, The Daily Illini fl, 2, 31 g Tribe of Illini, Freshman Varsity Swimmin Squad, Varsity Water Polo Letter f2, 3, 414 Intergaternity Council 13, 41 3 Athletic Council C41 : Cast, "Brother Rat", Production Staff, "Elizabeth The Queen" Page 142 V f ff' Maffx 'I -.g, X X-an xx X V Q?-1-we L 73 AJIETIAPU A Xffillt' llseeefgilllfsfle P fsslariesilcfk sf? lcz ARTHUR ZENUS VARLAND, JR. .... ...0t1auvi COMMERCE General Banner! Alpha Kappa Lambda Accountancy Club: Caisson Club: Phalanxg Pershing Rillesg Captain, University Brigadeg Military Council C43 CHARLES MELVIN VAUGI-IN ....,.........,. Oak Park LIBERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Club Mortonia Phi Kappa Phig Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Phi Omega: Sigma Xi Morton Junior Collegeg Lewis Institute ROGER MILTON VEACH ............ .... B owen COMMERCE Arrounlanfy Accountancy Clubg Men's Glee Club 145 Culver-Stockton College WILLIAM VER VALIN .........,...... .... C bicago ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.g Gymkanag Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad LOU BERNARD VOIGT ....,..,..,.. .... O lney AGRICULTURE Floricullure Cosmopolitan Club Pi Alpha Xij Floricultural Clubg Independent Council Ol Honors Day 111 WALTER HENRY VoLTz, JR. .......,......,. Chirago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hiilory Phi Kappa Tau Illini History Clubg Interfraternity Council IS, 41 EARL ANTHONY VON DRASEK ,........,.... Cbiraga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Honors Day QU Wilson Junior College VERDA JILL VosE ...... .,...,. ......... ..... P e I -ry FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Murie Women'S Glee Club 141 3 University Chorus 13, 41 Illinois College ,J Q if 4 area., A t z I as E. .,f 9 X939 WARREN KELLS WALKER ......,.... Memphir, Tenn. AGRICULTURE Flarieullure XVest Tennessee State Teachers College FRANK GARDNER WALTER, JR.. . .. . .. . , .. .Florrmoor ENGINEERING Meebaniuzl Engineering Chi Beta A.S.M.E.g Interfraternity Council Q47 N hlUII.l,IAM HARRY WALTER ......... . .... Chirago ENGINEERING Metallurgical Engineering Crane Junior College DUR'X'OOD BENJAMIN WALTERS, JR. ...... Rirer Farert COMMERCE Indurfrial Adnzininratian Alpha Sigma Phi The Illio 11, 21 CLAUDE PATRICK WAMPLER .... Grand Junction, Colo. ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag Tau Beta Pig A.S.M,E. Honors Day Ol Grand Junction Junior College NEvA JEAN WARBURG .,,..,.....,. .... D avir AGRICULTURE General Home Erononzicr Beta Phi Alpha Arepog Gregorian Literary Societyg Home Economics Club: Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Pro- duction Staff, "Post Road," "La Boheme," "H.M.S. Pinaforef' "Elizabeth The Queen," "Brother Rat" Louis EMMERSON WARD ................ Ml. Vernon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Phi Delta Theta Phi Beta Kappag Phi Lambda Upsilong Phi Eta Sigmag Omega Beta Pig Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Interfraternity Council MJ Honors Day fl, 2, 35 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key MARJORIE GENIEVIFVE WARD ............ .. .Tunica FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Marie Mary E. Busey Hall Sigma Alpha Iota: Arepog Women's Glee Club Q35 3 University Orchestra MJ 3 University Chorus Q25 g Cast, "La Boheme," "H.M.S. Pinafore" Honors Day BJ La Salle-Peru Oglesby Junior College If X Page 143 R57 I sig? saffxeyx Rffflbee-tfsz . ,---- ' Us f 'eff' ,Lf 2 S . A fax, ,ref-fgfi?lv TJ f if if-fqf,:i11f A fi fs yr Xjqjfyy 59 Qs ggi? J Laura B. Evans Hall C7729 C9911 Z0 EVERETT JAMES WARWICK .......... .... A ledo AGRICULTURE General Agriculime Alpha Zetag Agricultural Club Honors Day fl, 2, 33 1 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key HELEN MARIE WASS ....................... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Hurd Hall Le Cercle Francaisg Orchesisg XV.A.A.g Chairman, Homecoming Committeeg Orange and Blue Feathers MARY RUTH WATERS ................... Murrayville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Buderiology Illinois Collegeg Illinois State Normal University EOLENE MARCIA WATSON ........... .... I Iimlrbofo JOURNALISM New: and Editorial Mortar Boardg Torchg Women's Editor, The Indea pendentg Theta Sigma Phig The Daily Illini fl, 2, 3? it ,S 'S M512-, S so-A : C MILAN ELLIS WATSON ............. .Gerluro AGRICULTURE General Agricullure Phi Eta Sigmag Agricultural Club: Agricultural En- gineering Club Honors Day fl, 2, 33 L University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key Q 1 'E 'A ROBERT BRUCE XVATSON .......... .... P eru, Ind. EDUCATION General Education Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad 1255 Varsity Track Squad KZ, 3, 433 Varsity Cross Country Squad 13, 41 WILLIAM A. WATSON ,... ...,.......... . . .Odell I - LIIIERAL ARTS AND Sociology St. Viator College CHARLES FLATT WAYHAM ..... .. .. .. . .IerJUy1'ille SCIENCES I 2 - 3 -film! Sk '1 Q41 'I VENUS LORAINI2 WEATHERFORD .... .... C ropiey COMMERCE Accountancy R.D.R. Club Alpha Tau Sigmag Accountancy Clubg Pershing Riflesg Independent Council 13? Q Captain, University Brigade Honors Day ill JAMES VICTOR WEBER ............. .... W bearon COMMERCE General Burinerr Chi Psi North Central College JOHN WEBER ..................... .... C enimlin COMMERCE General BuJi11e.r.r Accountancy Club BARBARA JEAN WECHTER .......... ...Elgin EDUCATION Mailaemuticr Alpha Pi Delta HOWARD RUSSELL WECKERLEY .... .... C himgo COMMERCE General Burinen Central Y,M.C.A. Collegeg Northwestern University WALTER EVERETTE WEFFENSTETTE ....... Fafmenville EDUCATION Indurlrial Education Blackburn College ROBERT JOSEPH WEHRLI ........... .... N apewille EDUCATION General Education Kappa Sigma Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Letter 12, 3, 413 Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad ROIIERT PAIII, WEI-IRMANN ....,........,. Springfeld ENGINEERING " LIIIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Eleflrical E7Igl7H't'!'l7IIQ , Chewing A.I.E.E.g Symong The Daily Illini mg First Lieu- 9 N spfingmiii Junior College tenant, University Brigade It I ft , Page 144 q A I," I Zffxyx V- ,Ck I riff' I Q fff Xl 'X ,K ,fy fx ' I7 ,f" ,f1i1i"'X-ix T' fr' f I Wi f' YC 5 .I ,S A-211 iJiff'! , SXTCQ of ff Q ""jx"'?lX tri K f ' 'NT' is 7255 QQ '-if-"Xb ,, IX, ,A N-' -rr-Y'-N N. -T' N ,f If PM I I ,ff V743 it 51- ' -Q pf J ft zlfyr -L , ,, as ,f ,R I I, f K EX!!! , ff VAL lg RXK X :fb g, 'ff X 14, 1 .ff I f xxx ff ix, X C X I, -X-UF! A!! 'C ,ff ,f!1Xfil X ff! A "S, , ,TT iii ,, T ' ,l , ff 4 , tx X XC-, ILC la X93 ROBERT LAXVRENCE XVEIL. . .. .......,....... Chicago LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Cl9ll77liJ'fY'-Q' EILEEN M. WEILMUENSTER ............... I.enzburg LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES German Medea Alpha Lambda Delta: Delta Phi Alpha, Der Deutsche Vereing Gregorian Literary Societyg Tamaroa Honors Day C21 HAROLD CARL WEINGARTNER ................ Aurora LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemicnl Engineering Alpha Chi Rho Phi Eta Sigmag Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Fencing Squadg Captain, Varsity Fencing Squad 141, Letter 12, 3, 41 Honors Day 11, 21 ROBERT HAROLD WEINSTEIN ........... , .... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Tau Epsilon Phi The Daily Illini U1 DORUS XVENDELI. WEIR ........ ... . . .Hull COMMERCE Banking and Finance Hannibal-La Grange College THOMAS ALBERT WEIR ............... St. Lonir, Mo. EDUCATION Hirtory Phi Mu Delta Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squad University of Alabama EDWARD SAXTON WVEISE. . .. ..... .. . .. .Peoria COMMERCE Banking mid Finance Phi Mu Delta Accountancy Club JACKSON HART XVELLS ......,,..,. .... R urbville COMMERCE General Bnrinen Phi Kappa Sigma President, Sophomore Classg Independent Council fl, 2, 31 Honors Day f21 ,..' Si mir B X. f 9.9. r bag . I . it of 1 5 5 , ' ' 1 G? W 'WZ' It i -1 f .' . W . L S 2 .p-W.. as.. S ing ? vgwri ALICE KATHERINE XVELTY. ..... . . . . . . .. .. . . .Moline LIIxERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Delta Gamma Gymkana 3 Tamaroa Beloit College lNlARY JEANETTE WEI.TY ........... .... A mboy EDUCATION Speech Production Staff, "Behold This Dreamer," "Spring Formal," "Post Road," "Elizabeth The Queen," "Brother Rat" University of Wisconsin JOHN SAMUEL WENGER ........... ...Chicago ENGINEERING Elerlricnl Engineering Triangle Eta Kappa Nu, Interfraternity Council Q41 Wfright junior College EIONROE AARON XVERTHMAN ......... Newark, N. j. JOIIRNALISM Special and Critical New York Univex sity DOROTHY ESTHER XVESTBERG ...... .. .Cbirngo EDUCATION General Education Beta House Chicago Normal College SAMUEL LARKIN WE1'HEREI.I.. . . .. .. . .Arthur COMMERCE Accountancy Vice-President, junior Classg Beta Alpha Psig AC- countancy Clubg Independent Council fl, 3, 41 3 Stu- dent Alumni Association f2, 3, 41 Honors Day fl, 31 JOHN HURERT XVETZEI. .,......,.... ...Decnmr ENGINEERING Elrciricul Engineering Eta Kappa Nu: A.I.E.E.g Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 12, 31 RICHARD ANTHONY WETZEL ...... ...Demiur ENGINEERING Eleclrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E.g Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 12, 31 ,X 7 A Page 145 9 HELEN JENENIE WERLER .......... ...Galerbnrg COMMERCE flL'COIH7flll7fj' Phi Sigma Sigma Gamma Alpha Chi, Accountancy Club, The Illio 121 g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association 121 Honors Day f2, 33 WILBUR DALE XVHISNANT ..,.............. Viv-,qirzin FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Muric Men'S Glec Cluh 155 5 University Chorus 13, 41 JANICF HART WliI'I'F ....................... Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Frencfy Kappa Alpha Theta Arepog Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg University Chorus flbg Cast, "Iolanthe," "The Battered Bride," "H.M.S. Pinzrforeng Production Staff, "La Boheme" JOHN IRVING WHITE .................... jerfeyville LIDERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Claemirlry Blackburn College STUART HANSON WHITE ......,,. ..,. I .fzliogcfle CQOMMERCIQ Giezn-ml Blzsrirlfffr Accountancy Clubg Coast Artillery Club, Pershing Riflesg First Lieutenant, University Brigade ELYZABFTH WHITING ...........,..,..,..... Ur-bono LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englixb Pi Beta Phi Gregorian Literary Societyg Cast, "Kind Lady" Carleton College GERAl.D WAYNE WHITTED ...,........ .... G zlnmn JOURNALISM Acf1'61'lf.fi77,2 ond Pnblirhing Second Regimental Band fl, 233 Student Alumni Association 1255 Production Staff, "Man and the Masses" ROBERT ALBERT WILBRANDT ,........... Cryftal Lake LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Lau' Myer's Club Coast Artillery Clubg Phalanxg Captain, University Brigade Page A146 77' V' St 4r,.,x W,,,q"'VA, , f I 3 ,LX L ,X If I X, , . px, - ' 5--AA-ara' -X, I , 3? ,ff T PT, r 246 F tl im, l n z? 3 A it I any . T sr ,J it I ' X ' 'I' N X -C s . f z X Y Q, -4a.' X - l , W, I X Q 4 P fx Q- f PHILIP VANDERVOORT WILES ..... ...jerreyoille COMMERCE General Burinerr Alpha Tau Omega The Illio Q13 CARI. EDWIN XVILKF .,............. .. .Chicago ENGINEERING Elsclrirol Engineering A.I.E.E. Armour Institute of Technology JOHN PAUL WILKINS ................. Williomrjield LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbeminry Phi Delta Theta Caisson Club, Major, University Brigadeg Military Council 143 Honors Day 13? Knox College CLARENCE BENJAMIN WILLIAMS .... ....Cbirogo ENGINEERING Civil Engineering College Hall Tau Beta Pig A.S.C.E. Honors Day fill Clemson College ELIZABETH LOUISE WILLIAMS ....,.. .... Szerling LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Mary E. Busey Hall Webster College JOSEPH MARSHALL WILLIAMS ..,... ....Gillerpie COMMERCE Commerce and Low Honors Day 111 RICHARD BURDETTE WILLIAMS, Colorado Springr, Colo. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture Alpha Rho Chi Colorado College ROGER WRIGHT WILLIAMS ....... .... EDUCATION Biology Alpha Kappa Lambda Urbana Hexapoeciag Second Regimental Band fl, 233 Y.M.C,A. Cabinet flj X .L I x xx N,L la X93 ROY KENNETH XVILLIAMS ......., .... C banipaign COMMERCE General B1i,riner,r Delta Tau Delta Accountancy Clubg The Daily Illini 111 3 Varsity Ice Hockey Squad 141g Second Regimental Band Cl, 21 ROBERT THOMAS WILLIAMSON ..., .,... A Im-fit COMMERCE General Biirinerr Delta Upsilon Accountancy Club Park College FRANCES VIRGINIA WILLOUGHBY. .. ....... Cenimliiz COMMERCE Trade and Cirif Serre1ar'ifIl Serrire Presbyterian Hall Orange and Blue Feathersg Production Staff, "Kind Lady" GRACE X7ERA WILLOWICK .................. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND ScIENCEs Hiriory Laura B. Evans Hall Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gold Feathersg Star Course 121 Honors Day fl, 2, 31 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key BARBARA JEAN WILSON ..,.,,..,...,......., Urbiuia LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES German Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Phi Alpha: Der Deutsche Vereing Gregorian Literary Societyg University Or- chestra tl, 2, 5, 41 Honors Day fl, 2, 31 3 University Of Illinois Scholar- ship Key DAVID MURRAY XVILSON .............,..,,, Arlaliinil LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hirlary Illinois College FLOYD BURTON WII.sON .......,.,....,... Narlazfille FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Murir First Regimental Band 12, 513 University Orchestra U, 215 University Chorus U13 Production Staff, "La Boheme" JOSEPH GEORGE WILSON ........... ..,. C armi COMMERCE Accountancy Pi Kappa Alpha Accountancy Club RICHARD BECK WILSON ........... .,.. R orleford COMMERCE General Burineu Chi Beta f Beloit College RICHARD WINER .................. Roclaextef, N. Y. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Claenziciil Engineering Tau Delta Phi A,I.Ch.E,g Interfraternity Council 13, 41 JAMES WALLACE WINGATE .......... ...Munrie, Ind. COMMERCE Banking and Finance PIII Kappa Psi JOHN LEIE WINGE ................... ..,. C biraga ENGINEERING Meclmnirizl Engineering A.S.M.E. ROBERT EDWARD WINKEI. ........ .. .Herrcber COMMERCE Accounlanry Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi: Senior Council, Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key Lois JEAN WINTERBERG ........... .... W yanel JOURNALISM New: and Editorial Theta Upsilon Gregorian Literary Societyg First Council, Woman's League 1415 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Women's Glee Club fl, 21 JOSEPHINE AGNES WIPIOR ............ .,... H ariiey Pbyriml Education W.A.A.g W.A.A. Numeralsg Major I Thornton Junior College HAROLD WITKIN., .... .., ............. .... . Jolie: LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch,E.g Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Var- sity Football Squad 121 . Page 147 J, N, f A J ,sq N g 4? fq ,O .aa -cliff? it-V R -I , 541:12 Iii, i ' -foal' ,QYWGX if A ' 92 A. ..,f-ff? it 'mi ' if M '53 L- Vrk, ,. r Eh f' K I., ,NX-,F ,-4 , 'TI 5 , I LX-X 174 ' A, I Ash-x !,1:1-:A .5 ,V NX My X X ,K K 1- , XM, A A 57-0 MELVIN WITKIN ..................,......... Jolie: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bacteriology Varsity Football Squad C43 Joliet Junior College SAMUEL OLIVER WITT ............. .... G olden COMMERCE General Bzrriner: Carthage College EMERSON LAVERNE WITTEECKER ............ Freeport LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Clzenzinry Alpha Chi Sigma Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day 11, 2, 31 5 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key BENJAMIN HERMAN WITTE, JR ,..... .... C ollinrrille AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Purity Manor Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Education Club Blackburn College WILLARD WAYNE WITTE ......... ..,. C albonn EDUCATION Englirb Eastern Illinois State Teachers College DORIS EVELYN WITTMANN ....... .... S omonanle EDUCATION Englirls Mary E. Busey Hall Production Staff, "Post Road," "Brother Rat" RICHARD FRANK WOELFEL .......,... ...,. C laicago ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Delta Alpha Epsilon A.S.M.E.g Pershing Rifles: Cast, Illinois Union Min- strel Show 425 Morgan Park Junior College ALBERT HARRY WOHLERS .................. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economic: Delta Alpha Epsilon Caisson Clubg Pan Xeniag Freshman Varsity Swim- ming Squadg Freshman Varsity Golf Squadg First Lieutenant, University Brigade Wright Junior College Page 148 Sen r' l it ., it L, -x SS 1 A A ta r L E 2 st we 5, AR 252252 3,,Ea,L. .C . 5 . 'Pg S E ,.,:. CI. tr K K fgsgwgyif ,I,,. , IS, A, , 7 . ' 6 gear I - fy, NI K ,f 1 ff-E aa .A FEDERICK AARON WOLF .................... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Prychology Alpha Phi Omegag Independent Council 131 University of Chicago LEON VICTOR WOLEE ........... .... C birago COMMERCE General Burinerr Phi Epsilon Pi Scimitarg Freshman Varsity Fencing Squadg Varsity Fencing Squad KZ, 5, 41 LEE LEWELLYN WOLESON ......... ...., 5 pringjield COMMERCE General Burinerf Newman Hall Springfield junior College SHIRLEY MAE WOLFSON ............ ..., C laieago JOURNALISM News and Editorial Alpha Epsilon Phi Mortar Boardg Torchg Kappa Tau Alphag Alpha Lambda Deltag Theta Sigma Phig The Daily Illini Cl, 2, 31 3 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Journalism Council C415 Cast, "Of Thee I Sing"g Production Staff, ulvory Door" Honors Day fl, 2, 35 Q University of Illinois Scholara ship Key BETTY XVOLLER .......,.... ...... .... C lu ampaign EDUCATION Hirrory Gamma Phi Beta The Illio fl, 23g Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers MARTHA ANN WOLTMAN .............. Bloomington LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirb Alpha Chi Omega Gregorian Literary Society Honors Day 131 Lindenwood College DONALD ELLIS WOMACKS ......... ..... T olono AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Club RALPH BOND WOODBRIDGE .......... ..... P arir AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Agricultural Clubg Freshman Varsity Polo Squadg Varsity Polo Squad 12, 3, 41 Honors Day QU CAROLINE M. WRIGHT ............. Loganrpon, Ind. EDUCATION Eflglirb Welsh House Stephens Junior College, University of Wisconsin HERBERT FRANCIS WUSTMAN ....,.. .... C bimgo ENGINEERING Civil E7lgl7It't'Y'l7Ig A.S.C.E. Northwestern University JAMES EDGAR XVYCKOFF .,......... .... B loominglon AGRIc.UI.TURIz General Agrirullme Agricultural Club, Hoot' and Horn Club Illinois State Normal University JAMES EDWARD WYLDE ........... .... G :eenup COMMERCE General Burinen Accountancy Club Western Illinois State Teachers College 'S RUTH EILEEN XVYMAN. ...... ..,. Danville AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: Phi Upsilon Ornicrong Home Economics Clubg Pro- duction Statf, "The Bartered Bride," "Ruddigore," "Spring Formal," "The Admirahle Crichton," "Lu Boheme" ROBERT GORDON YAPP ,.................... Ur-hom: LIIIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Beta Theta PI Omega Beta Pig Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Baseball Squad 135 1 Concert Band ll, Z, 3, 41 g University Orchestra 12, M JOHN GEORGE Y.APUNCICH .........,, Biuuzbik, Alimz. IJEERAI, ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemirrlry Virginia Junior College JUNE EVANS Y.ARNEl,L ............. .... S ullii-fm AGRICULTURE General Home Et'0l1077liL',f Sager House Omicron Nu: Phi Upsilon Omicrong XVomen's Glce in Club ill 1 Production Staff, "Carmen" Honors Day il, 2, 35 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key S it I 3' . ll' - Q 'b E! fm' A-'45 . " jlf ii W to , ', Q -:-,. :I W 'N A X93 FREDERICK ALBERT YEOMAN. . I' ........ Elkbdfl, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbemirtry M Y Phi Kappa Phjg Phi Lambda Upsilong Phif Mu Epsilong Phi Eta Sigmag' Sigma Xi, First Regimental Band1l,2,3l , . 7 Honors Day Q, 2, 51 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key I VEsTA ANNE YOUNG................. ....Caira AGRICULTURE ' General Home Economic: Delta Sigma Theta ' X RICHARD EDWARD YOUNGGREN .... .... K ewanee COMMERCE Tfamportation Delta Phi Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Phi Eta Sigma: President, Y.M:C.A.'3 Student Senate 1403 Accountancy Club: Chairman, Student Election Committee, C433 Concert Band f3,-AJ 3' First Regimental Band .IZJQ Second Regimental Band illg Y.M.C.A, Cabinet 12g 33: Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 13, 47 ' Honors Day fl, 21 I HENRY THOMAS YOUNGREN ....,......... Galerbufg AGRICULTURE I General Agfirullure Peterson Club Cavalry Officers Clubg First Lieutenant, University Brigade VERA LUCILLE YOWELL .................. Carlinrille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Alpha House Blackburn College MARY JANE ZAI-INEN .....,........... Wert Chicago EDUCATION Hirtory Alpha Xi Delta Pan-Hellenic Council f4Jg First Council, Woman's League M13 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Y.W.C.A. Cabinet i355 WOman's Glee Club C15 CARI. HIZNRY ZAMZOWU, JR. .....,...... ..., . Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND ScIIzNcEs Cbemirny Alpha Chi Rho The Illio fl, 23 3 Interfraternity Council 121 ROBERT LA FOLLFTTE ZANDER ...,. Imlepwidmre, Mo. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS lorldfmpe Architertnve KQV, N 'X Xicrge 149 we ff A . of L llj X ""' ' ,Z X .TX 1.31:-.ev:L"'gQi ,f C, J XYQMK ZYl,5yC 'Z If ffiff ,ff A ff' f fx +A- ' f fs- , f I . ii. 1, ff fpgxjll LQ NR Z? RN X4 fl THEODORE CHARLES ZAYNBR ................ Chimgv Phyximl Education Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Varsity Track Squad Bl Wilson junior College CI-IARLEs ELLINGSON ZELENY ................ Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Science Alpha Kappa Lambda Der Deutsche Vereing Le Cercle Francais: The lllio U, 25 3 Men's Glee Club 123 : Cast, "Julius Caesar": Production Staff, "Julius Caesar" WILLIAM EDWARD ZEMPEL ........ ...Lewirrowu COMMERCE General Bzzrineff Granada Club University of Alabama ROBERT HENRY ZENOR ........... .... 0 imma COMMERCE General Bnsineir James Millikin University ROBERT Louis ZIERJACK ..,......... ...Fairmamzi ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nug Tau Nu Tang A.l.E.E.g Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 11, 21 MAIY ALICE ZIELINsIcI ........... ..,, C bimgo ' EDUCATION Af! Alpha Xi Delta Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg W'Omcn's Glce Club 1113 Cast, "Of Thee I Sing"g Production Stzif, "Boy Meets Girl," "Spring Formal" ROLAND WALTER ZIMMER .,.,............. llvuferlva LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES , Eronomicr Phi Kappa Sigma Accountancy Clubg Band of X3 Pershing Ritics: Stu- dent Alumni Association 12, 33 DWIGHT FREDERICK ZIMMERMAN ...., ..... S rin Jars AGRICULTURE General Agricizlinfe University of Alabama en 1' sl Ik l 5? v A I rw 4 '16 :v' V V U fa in I W by a,. . av' KENNETH WALTER ZIMMERMAN .... .,.. G urns: EDUCATION Pb-yfital Educaiion Phi Gamma Delta Sachemg Tribe of lllinig Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Letter 12, 5, 41 MARGARET' ROSE ZIRCREL .................. Cbimgo AGRICULTURE General Home Ecanomicr Alpha Gamma Delta Gymkanag Home Economics Clubg Production Staff, "Boy Meets Girl," "Spring Formal," "H,M,S. Pina- fore" Stephens junior College DOROTHY JANE ZOIERN ............ ..... C bimgo EDUCATION General Education Phi Omega Pi Tamaroa De Paul University ROBERT ROLLAND ZUCK .......... .... R ortjord COMMERCE Arraunfancy Newman Hall PAUL JOSEPH ZUERCIHIER ..............., Park Ridge ENGINEERING Elrclrifal Engineering Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nug The Technograph 141 1 Independent Council 127 Honors Day 11, Z, 5l 3 University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key BENJAMIN ZUKE .........,.........., Eait Sz. Lani: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Poliiiral Science Tau Epsilon Phi The Daily lllini 1113 Interfraternity Council 145 FREDERICK CLAUS ZUMSTEG ................ Cbimga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bacteriology Delta Upsilon Caisson Clubg Scabbard and Bladeg Captain, Uni- versity Brigade University Oi Oklahoma X7ERNON MATTliEW ZWICKER ....... Woorfbnrn, Ore. ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M,E. Honors Day 11, 31 Page !l,5f XJ, A M NA I lie? Nfaffis Nfiitf Qffafilr tif EEE i r Af" 1 if I - -M 'QQ li 9 ... 71,5 W fu Y' ,A 7 V ,, Q . ,L ,P X k. XD 'Q' . I WMA!! W.. . c kk , , v,"ir' 1-3 ' 9 Q?" Ag E sf f Q .ay 4' 4 E QXXQEK iff' I f-R! :.A f 3 -Ra.,-9 A 1"i'?ks-x,-z""ii" 1 . . -a:.'p. I 'Zgl-cff?f2f7?"-21'fif?:fj- '4 2' vw. 2.4:-f: -e',5':f.4.iu-J - -Y' f- - f-an-..'.4---. :- 'gi-'.14.:f.'L-3"kfl:454'L J ' 5-53.124 TL ' - A f . . 1- 5 fx-,A A 't I W.-i, .1-.fgj-I,-...M ,fr 4... '5 '- .4' -",.,,':5.i ,h-r,'j.".L,'+ . ' f'..".,.qa,, .-'A.- -f - ' . fxuf.,-W '55 .- 1, -, 'W H- V -5 B " ,sn ,fn hai' ur ' " ' 6 ' . ' o19Qq4" A In A it A W. if .'.2i:E:J,p0! 6 4 Q1 A 'A 1 2'-. ... - Q .-' r "fO"'gf .'49Qo an 3 ,V , .,. -,--X A .f . - 3-K M- W I " I ' - - 1 fx A 1. 4 " 0 Q 1' L lm! ' 2A -A M3 19 Jn Jxrfv, "'!T f Av of ft 'Y' 1 A qi - , ,.,- Agfa' 5 ,N , P' . ax .:- Jv K , ..A "" ffyf. K. , H , , A ' ,-.:.'.- 5' w. "V '.uQ0Q Q. "' .' 11 1112 JM-f-2'e.1f'ffif,ff wr 2'-' A 4. '- 'f ' ' - l 4 ZS' L ' ff 5 ? 5 , , Q ,Q .P M 6.9L M ff fy .-1 .. F.: ftp. isis? Q K1 ,, 3. 'vssl . fu, -. ., F1 V. 1 if E ?"""-,Imam Munn, l-.. VL - 'H-1-PM .MQW Q A ,ii :SIM we :if QW 4 ,wx x fs isa' tr Xa wg. .JH H T YQ ww ,W , ,M-". bf' li.. 'a ii, Wifi , .4 1 fc ff gs 4 S i E 24 ii 5 3 i 1 s i 5 1 ! Prexigienl, Fin! Semener NORMAN W. SEIP C. JOSEPH GENSTER Vire-Prefident, Fin! Semener Page 156 O F F I C E R S Fim' Semexter NORMAN W. SEIP .... ..... P refidemf C. JOSEPH GENSTER .... .... V ice-Prefident WAYNE F. MILLER .... JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE DONALD COUNTRYMAN RICHARD J. NELSON DOROTHY E. CI-IAPIN ALICE HIBBERT WILLIAM H. RICE .... HERBERT D. BAKER EDWARD L. BENTLEY L. COSEY BERNARD JAMES R. MARTIN KEN L. SEARS FLOOR COMMITTEE ROBERT S. CAMPBELL CLARK FLEKINGER EDWARD POPKESS . . . . Chairman RUTH E. SMYKAL CARLYNE B. STRAUSS BETTY WILLIAMS . . . . Chairman ROBERT G. STEPHENS WILLIAM F. THIEMAN GEORGE W. WENTHE JOSEPH M. NESTER Prefidenl, Second Semexrer HELEN V. SIHLER Vice-Prexideni, Serond Semexier O F F I C E R S Serena' Semefter JOSEPH M. NESTER .... ..... P refident HELEN SIHLER .... .... V ire-Prefident QUEEN COMMITTEE BETTY J. PEARSALL ..,.. ........................ .......... . . . Chairman MARY F. BRANYAN JOSEPH M. NESTER - H. LOUISE TICE JOHN F. MORROW CURTISS H. TABER SHIRLEY WALKER JUNIOR JACKET COMMITTEE L. COSBY BERNARD ..... ................. ,...... ................ . . . . Co-Chairman SHIRLEY M. WALKER ...... .................... ......... . . . Co-Chairman HERBERT D. BAKER EARLE F. HEFFLEY, JR. THOMAS F. RYAN, JR. ROBERT S. CAMPBELL 4 PEGGY L. LAUGHLIN RUTH E. SMYKAL GEORGE H. DICKERSON, JR. WALTER T. MOREY JOHN THISTLEWOOD, JR. C. JOSEPH GENSTER H. LOUISE TICE Page 157 PIERBERT C. SEIDENBERG President, Fin! Semexfer RICHARD P. BARLOW Prexidenl, Second Semester Page 158 HERBERT C. SEIDENBERG ........ Prefidem, First Semexter GORDON E. MYERS .... . . .Vice-Prefident, Pint Semeyter RICHARD P. BARLOW .......... Preyident, Serond Semester JOHN D. ALEXANDER .... Vice-President, Second Semener SOPHOMORE COTILLION COMMITTEE JOHN C. DAVIS. . . . DONALD W. BARTON E. CATHERINE CASTLE M. LESLIE CRUVANT MARY M. FLEMING HENRY J. HOLQUIST FRANCES E. JOHNSON WILLIAM P. LYNCH MAR JORIE A. MILLER CI-IARLES D. MORRILL WILLIAM H. SWISI-IER C bairman DoN W. DALRYMPLE PY8Jid87ll, Firxt Semefter AUDREY D. DUDGEON Prefident, Second Semexter O F F I C E R S DON W. DALRYMPLE .... . .... Prefident, First Semexter AUDREY D. DUDGEON ........ Prefident, Second Semefter I. TODD MESEROW ....... Vice-Prefident, Second Semerter FRESHMAN COUNCIL AND FRESHMAN FROLIC COMMITTEE DON W. DALRYMPLE .... ,. , Chairman JAMES P. BUHA1 BETTY Lou MILLER BARRETT C. DILLOW HERVEY E. PARKER AUDREY D. DUDGEON OSKER C. REYNOLDS PEGGY A. MCCLURG NANCY Roan -pf vw-:,g..,, . Mug, . .,.,.,' MA C. DEAN THOMAS Page 159 E S C H G L A S T I C H 0 N O R S ? . 'WMWMH - s I H5 gy 4 .. .. , I I , J J E J - 2 1 1 ,.v s P ,W 1 ...- 5, , 1 MN? ar , i "1 lag L59 A E va! if 2 ,Q W ai 5 gy G S . 2 5 5 , , 'H 'I-Ill: 2 1 iff 4 2 J ,, aff , wr, Z5 Y 1 . b 1 gag! 5: 2 ff? Wx: ,4 , ,I 7 3 -En, di' If 4 E E ff. -we , I .M , if Q Q i 'Xi' 3 ' we W .3 ffl. -1 MT, xl' EL. V gig? ,. ,-.L N Q ff- f+'?f Qi i gi , 1 . ' faeigq ,. fees , - f 42,3 ' , fn., N L 'H- I Xt'-NZM' ' X , ' A .T ff 5 .XJ , ,pf t 'iq , N i ' Y . 'Aff V 4 ' X 4 , . ' x' , 'z , ' .-X-4' , ,Q ' Nix A if K , - W M 2, W - -1113. ' 'r Sig! gfvf-w.,,,.N .Enya V x " ' Q . 'mf ' 'Wt YN ' x, ' , g X'-cl ng. UQ vt fa .is ., . ' 4- --.': . -J , .. . , '- ' will ' . . , - . . c Q , H o ..n . Q' J.: .f Q , . , z . 1, , 4.5 . . - . 1 ':. ,E -. -"a . s , I v U" 'H' I . 13. ou.: ' fx "'v.'n' L' H -up 1.3" ,' I . 'o u."" 4 one " '. 1 .' fu' 'un 1 '- .1 , Q... .'-gps' u '.n:a,'J' fe. ' 1 g ' n, l Jo. "' u::1.'. . . ff 'feavnnn ,Q ol' a K0 Q as 5 - a -L if L fv- 4 .MN 3 " , Jw f'?'fffif . ' ' W I QQ Lnhfiffav. H " Y . 1 ' I 1.452 '?'f1'2i'4 1 - 4 s:'12f"??!':fp4:..a. , . 91' if? fy 1' MM ' I V Alf iw w w 4 - 1:5312-x-e!15' 2 ' , ,, ..,,:m' xr H ' jk Q' .i ' fi . an ' g + , .J '- 1- ' , . a ' Q .,. Q . J 9. ,K-.Ayr . -. . S. :1L.l5fL'5.!' 3 Agriculture Edumlion RUTH VIRGINIA BENNETT JOE BERNARD FEHRENBACHER MARIAN MARGARET SINGLETON LESLIE WILLIAM XVHITE C ommerre EUGENE BLAIR WARREN KIEEER CONFER WALTER ROSCOE COOK CHARLES FRANCIS HIGHT PAUL CECIL HOHENSTEIN THOMAS AQUINAS MURPHY MARY ELLEN RENNICK JOHN BERNARD STu'rz LEWIS TANNER JESSE NELSON YOUNG Page 162 I-IARRIET JANE GREENE MARIAN MANCHESTER RUTH ELIZABETH Roan ALLEN VICTOR SAPORA Engineering MAURICE VALENTINE ADAMS RALPH FREDERICK FEARN PHILIP ROGER GILLETTE WARREN RAYMOND JOHNSON DONALD GILCHRIST RICHARDS JAMES MUELLER ROBERTSON MILTON PARKER VORE ROBERT ZABOROVUSKI Fine and Applied Art: GUY MAXWELL DUKER CATHERINE ANNABELLE HANAWALT DONALD PHILIP STEVENS Iourmzlirm HELEN MAxINE GLADDING MARIAN BURNS JOHNSON JEAN ELIZABETH MANN Liberal Arif and Science: EDGAR ELLSWORTH BARTON WILI.IAM BAYARD BROWDER NVAYLAND BERT CEDARQUIST EDNA AGNES COARD CHARLOTTE HUGHES JOHNSTON WILLIAM BERTAN KATZ MARGARET ROSA KuNz MARY BAIN LEHMANN CHARLES BARBER MUELLER MARY HUNTER OWENS ALLAN KENNETH SCHNEIDER PAUL ALBERT SIMS THOMAS HAMPTON THORNEURN SHIRLEY EMMA WATTLEWIORTH JAMES RICHARD WEISIGER wll 'rw University of Maine Pi fig? 5 Fifty Arlice Chapter: Wflllm Founded, 1897 Illinois Chapter f E N Z I! Honoring the higloenf .rclrolarrlvip WILLIAM L. BURLISON LESLIE E. CARD ARTHUR R. CRATHORNE CLEO FITZSIMMONS WILLIAM A. FOSTER HAROLD N. HILLEBRAND LOWELL D. EUBANK WESLEY O. FUGATE DUDLEY B. GLAss CARL HAMMER, JR. College of Agriculture CLYDE H. ACKERMAN WILLIAM A. EWAN ALICE GLENNON JAKE L. KRIDER BARBARA E. MOORE ORTHELDO A. PEITHMAN HARRY J. PLONSKY ANNA C. RAUT RUSSELL K. STIVERS MILAN E. WATSON College of Commerce GEORGE E. ALLEN GEORGE R. CATLETT ROBERT H. COLE JUNE E. HALL MORTON D. PROUTY, JR. JOHN H. REEDY, JR. ROBERT P. REUSS ROBERT F. STEWART ROGER ADAMS ERNEST BERNBAUM ROBERT L. BLAIR ROBERT D. CARMICHAEL HAROLD C. CASE MILDRED R. CHAPIN ARTHUR B. COBLE ARTHUR E. CULLISON LAWSON B. CULVER DAVID J. DAVIS GEORGE H. DUNGAN MELVIN L.'ENGER RUTH M. ERLANDSON MILTON D. FARRAR JOE B. FEHRENBACHER GILBERT H. FETT SYLVIA C. GILMORE LOUISA BAczUK HELEN BUCHIER REXFORD NEWCOMB .... ....... P refidem SIMON LITMAN ....... ..... V ire-Preridenz LOUIS M. KESSLER ...... ....... T reamref WILLIAM A. FOSTER ...... .... S ecfemry ARTHUR R. CRATHORNE .............................. .... H inorian CHARTER MEMBERS ALBERT J. HARNO RALPI-I C. HAY HARVEY H. JORDON JOHN 0. KRAEHENBUEHL J. LITA BANE P. GERALD KRUGER EMIL W. LEHMANN MARIA LEONARD MARTIN L. MOSHER INITIATES Faculty Graduate Slndentr EDWARD W. LACY RICHARD V. LOTT MARVIN E. LOWE PETER MASIKO, JR. EWARD J. MATSON EDNA M. PRATT ALFRED C. F. SCHERER HARRY H. SISLER Memberr in Univerrity CLYDE W. SUMMERS DAVID D. SUTER College of Dentirlry MAURY MASSLER College of Education IRENE M. BIANCHETTA V. JEAN SCHULTE JOSEPH C. SIBIGTROTH School of Iournalifm NORMA J. GILLINGHAM FRANKLIN E. GLASS College of Engineering IRA T. CHAPMAN NOEL E. DILLOW MELVIN E. EILERS EDWARD S. FRASER, JR. ROBERT W. GAINES VI S. HYUI HAROLD F. KLECKNER CLIFFORD K. POARCH College of Fine Arr: BEULAH P. FEATHERSTONE MILES C. HARTLEY MILDRED M. STADEL College of Lew ROBERT P. CAIN WILLARD F. ICE GEORGE TRAICOEE College of liberal Arn' and RUTH H. ADKINS PAUL A. DAHM ANNE W. DONOVICK PAUL B. HENNIGES FERN C. KREFT FRANK A. PITELKA ACTIVE MEMBERS SIDNEY E. GLENN WILLIAM HABBERTON H. LOUISE HELLER CHARLES E. HOLLEY GORDON L. JEPPESEN VAI.ENTINE JOBST, III J. GERALDINE KAUFMAN VICTOR W. KELLEY LUCY V. KEPLER LOUIS M. KESSLER SIMON LITMAN BERNITA J. LONG MATTHEW T. MCCLURE HERBERT F. MOORE CECIL A. MOYER WILLIAM B. NEVENS RFXFORD NEWCOMB Faculty WILLIAM A. OLDEATHER CULLEN W. PARMELEE THOMAS G. PEARSE, JR. LE ROY L. QUALLS JAMES G. RANDALL OWEN J. REAMER MARY E. RENNICK DOROTHY M, REUSS FRANK E. RICHART ERNEST T. ROBBINS ELMER ROBERTS WILLIAM S. ROBERTSON WILLIAM C. ROSE ROBERT C. Ross ENID SCHNAUEER ARTHUR W. SECORD RALPH L. SHRINER Mernberf in Univerrity WARREN K. CONEER PHILIP R. GILLETTE Science: Sparks Memorial Fellowship, CHARLOTTE H. JOHNSTON, Columbia Univenily Local Scholarship ........... WAYLANI: B. CEDARQUIST, Harvard Law School LAWRENCE W. MURPHY HERBERT J. REICH CHARLES L. STEWART ARTHUR L. YOUNG JOSEPH C. BLAIR GUY D. SMITH DAVID T URNBULL, JR. LLEWEI.LYN WILEY DONALD E. WOLF ROY W. TESS BARBARA K. ARMSTRONG EAMES W. DAVIS DWARD L. EAGLE HALLE GALHULLY ROBERT C. HOLMES LELAND R. LYONS MORRIS MEISTER LAUREL D. ODELL FREDERICK C. UHLE, JR. CHARLES M. VAUGHN LOUIS E. WARD Library School MIRIAN HAVIGHORST College of Medicine LEO TUPPER College of Pharmacy BEN I. SMALER RAYMOND S. SMITH J. NELSON SPAETH MICHAEL SVEDA WALTER L. SUMMERS WIILBERT A. TAEBEL ARTHUR N. TALBOT PAUL H. TRACY STEWART L. TUCKEY HARLEY J. VAN CLEAVE GEORGE B. VASEN MILTON P. VORE EDNA E. WALLS CAROLYN WASHBURN OSCAR F. WEBER ARTHUR C. WILLARD ELMER J. WORKING ROBERT ZABOROWSKI MARY B. LEHMANN PAUL A. SIMS Page 163 Founded, 1776 William and Mary College To promote :rbolar:lJip and frienddnip among :tudent: and graduate: of American college: Gamma of Illinois Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Two Active Chapter: RUTH H. ADKINS BARBARA K. ARMSTRONG HORTENSE F. BARTHOLOW RICHARD P. ADAMS MARY J. BALLANCE ELEANOR S. BAST PEARL A. CONNELL JOHN W. ALEXANDER HAZEL M. BEASLEY BOYNTON H. BOOTH RUTH E. BOYD BEVERLIE C. BRIGGS RUTH E. BUCI-II-IOLz JEss G. CARNEs ROBERT E. CASTELO DOROTHY E. CHAPIN PAUL A. DAHM RICHARD J. DONEY Page 164 O F F I C E R S ALBERT J. HARNO, B.S., LL.B., LL.D .... . ..... Prexident CLARENCE A. BERDAHL, Ph.D. ........ .... V ire-Pre:idenl CECIL A. MOYER, Ph.D .... -.--. T ffrwlfff MARIAN H. MARTIN, A.B .... .... S ecremry MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Member: elected Marek, 1938 EDWARD L. EAGLE, JR. HALLE GALHULY Membe H JAMES W. DAVIS RICHARD N. FRYE MYER I-I. HECHT Memb ANNE W. DONOVICK JAMES W. DRURY ROBERT ENSIGN MARJORIE M. FEAR SANFORD A. FRANZBLAU HELEN E. FREUDENBERG HELEN W. HAMLIN ROY J. HENDRICRS PAUL B. HENNIGES CHARLES R. HOUGH HOWARD C, JOHNSON ROBERT C. JONES ROEERTA I. MCALLISTER elected November, 1938 EDWARD M. HUBBARD FERN C. KREET MYRNA J. OESTERLING er: elected March, 1939 DARW'IN A. KIRBY, JR. ANITA P. KNAPP EDWIN KREES YUDELL L. LUKE ELIZABETH J. MCCOY JAMES O. MONROE, JR. MARTHA G. MONTOOTH META T. NOEETZ FRANK A. PITELKA HELEN E. POLLOCK HELEN N. ROBERTS V. JEAN SCHULTE L. EMMERSON WARD GRACE V. WILLOWICK EUGENE A. PRANGE JEANNETTE S. RASHID ELIZABETH M. SHATTUCK CHARLES M. VAUGHN HELEN C. RUNDLE HELEN M. STALEY PAULINE J. STEINER JO E. STEVENS NAOMI R. STOCKER WALTER B. STONE FLORENCE SWALLOW TRUMAN G. TRACY MABEL S. WAGER EILEEN M. WEILMUENSTER BARBARA J. WILSON Founded, 1913 Illinois Alpha Chapter University of Illinois Forty-two Active Chapters To enrourage and reward scholarship along the lines of business activity among students and graduates of the College of C ommerre and Business Administration PEMBROKE H. BROWN, Ph.D .... . ALTA G. SAUNDERS, A.M ..... ARTHUR G. ANDERSON, C.E., Ph.D. ROGER G. ASHAMY, B.S. ERNEST L. BOGART, Ph.D. WILLIAM E. BRITTON, A.M., J.D. PEMBROKE H. BROWN, Ph.D. ROBERT L. COLLINS, B.S., A.B. PAUL D. CONVERSE, A.M. ESSEL R. DILLAVOU, A.M., J.D. EDWARD J. FILBEY, Ph.D., C.P.A. CHARLES J. GAA, M.S., C.P.A. HORACE M. GRAY, Ph.D. PAUL M. GREEN, Ph.D. WILLIAM C. BURT WARREN K. CONFER GEORGE E. ALLEN WALTER N. BERTRAM ROBERT W. BOOTH ROBERT M. BROOK JAMES J. BURNHAM KENNETH M. CAHN GEORGE R. CATLETT RICHARD G. GORDLEY FRANK E, HOLLEY O F F I C E R S . .. . . . . .President HALE L. NEWCOMER, M.S., C.P.A.. .. .. . ..Secre1ary-Treasurer ... . .Vice-President HORACE M. GRAY, Ph.D.. . . . .. . . .. . . .. . . . . . .Historian F A C U LT Y HOWARD A. HAzLETON, B.S. LOUIS M. KESSLER, M.S., C.P.A. DAVID KINLEY, Ph.D., LL.D. SIMON LITMAN, Dr. Jur. Pub. et Rer. Cam. ANANIAS C. LITTLETON, Ph.D., C.P.A. ROBERT K. MAUTZ, M.S. JOHN W. MCMA:-IAN, M.S. ROBERT V. MITCHELL, M.B.A. CECIL A. MOYER, Ph.D. HALE L. NEWCOMER, M.S., C.P.A. MAURICE H. ROBINSON, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CHARLES W, DAVIS ROBERT H. COLE NATHAN V. FILBEY ALBERT W. GEBAUER JUNE E. HALL NATHANAEL N. HILL OSCAR M. KAPLAN LAUREL D. ODELL HELEN B. SEARCH Graduate Students Seniors juniors RAYMOND EINHORN HAROLD A, PARMELEE MORTON D. PROUTY, JOHN H, REEDY, JR. ROBERT P. REUSS JAMES S. SCHINDLER SISTER RITA R. MONAGI-IAN MILEURN G. SLUSSER RANALD G. RUCKER, B.S. FREDERIC A. RUSSELL, Ph.D. ALTA G. SAUNDERS, A.M. CHARLES F. SCHLATTER, M.S., C.P.A. HIRAM T. SCOVILL, A.B., C.P.A. KENNETH L. SMITH, M.S., C.P.A. CHARLES L. STEWART, Ph.D. CHARLES M, THOMPSON,Ph.D.,LL.D.,Litt,D. GEORGE B. VASEN, B.S. NELSON D. WAKEFIELD, B.S., C.P.A. FRANCES M. WHITEHEAD, M.S. WILBURT D. HAM KENNETH B. POWLESS ROBERT F. STEWART JR. CLYDE W. SUMMERS DAVID D. SUTER JOSEPH W. TOMASESK TIERENCE G. VANE ROBERT E. WINKEL HAL H. WOODSIDE ROBERT H. WEIK Page 165 Founded, University of Missouri, 1909 ILLINOIS CHAPTER REUEL R. BARLOW, A.M. BURRUS DICKINSON, Ph.D. CHARLES E. FLYNN, B.S. DAvID R. BUSCHMAN WILLIAM W. CASSELL BARBARA E. DUNHAM JANE A. ELLIS To remgfzize high Tcholnrship in the School of jourmzlifm FACULTY OTHO C. LEITER, A.B. LAWRENCE W. MURPHY, A.M., Litt.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY VIRGINIA O. FRANK JOSEPH B. POLHEMUS NORMA J. GILLINGHAM MARILYN S. ROMM FRANKLIN E. GLASS ROBERT D. SHAFFER ROBERT T. MAY:-IILL Founded, University of Illinois, 1915 ALPHA CHAPTER To foster engineering idealf, to slimzflate interexl F A C U LT Y NoRvILI.E J. ALLFMAN, M.S. CARL H. CASBERG, B.S., M.E. WILLIAM N. ESPY, M.S. MAURICE K. FAHNESTOCK, M.S. CHARLES T. GRACE, B.S. RICHARD W. ACKEMANN MERRILL J. ANDERSON STANLEY W. BAKER JOI-IN T. BUNTING ROGER P. CAMPBELL SAMUEL J. CAPIZZI WALTON L. CARLSON Page 166 CLARENCE W. HAM, M.E. ALONZO P. KRATZ, M.S. OSCAR A. LIZUTWILER, B.S., M.E. HORACE J. MACINTIRE, M.M.E. PAUL E. MOHN, M.S., M.E. in departmental artivitiey Seventeen Active Chapters MANNING D. SEIL, B.S. NELSON H. SHERE, A.B., D.D.S. FREIJRICK S. SIEEERT, A.B., J.D. G. MARVIN SHUTT MILDRED D. SPENCER BETTY D. WOLCOTT SHIRLEY M. WOLFSON Fifteen Active Chapters JOSEPH A. POLSON, B.S., M.E. DAvID G. RYAN, M.S., M.E. WILLIAM H. SEVERNS, M.S. FREDERICK H. THOMAS, M.S. ARTHUR C. WILLARD, B.S., D.Eng., LL.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY KEITH L. CARTER ROBERT S. DARKE OLLIVER W. DURRANT CHARLES D. EVANS ROBERT W. GAINES STEPHEN JACOBS RALPH J. KING EDWARD J. LA BOND LEONARD S. MINICK RICHARD P. MOLT JOSEPH W. MORRISON THOMAS M. MORROW WILLIAM T. PASCOE JOHN R. POYSER FRANK J. RASMUSSEN DONALD G. RICHARDS ROBERT L. SUTHERLAND CLAUDE P. WAMPLER VERNON M. ZWICKER FACULTY Founded, University of Illinois, 1921 ALPHA CHAPTER one Arrive CIIHPYCI' WILLMER O. ALSTROM, M.S. WILLIAM T. BOURGEOIS, B.S. HOWARD J. BRAUN, B.S. WINSOR W. BROWN, A.M. HERBERT W. CRAIG, M.S. ARTHUR S. DANIELS, A.M. RAY O. DUNCAN, LL.B. RAYMOND ELIOT, A.M. AURELIO E. FLORIO, A.M. JACK BOSWELL MERLYN F. BURRIS WILLIAM H. CUTHBERTSON CHARLES E. FARRINGTON DAVID A. FIELD ARTHUR E. FOURIER To fofter high zdealf of .rportfmanfhip and good character, attitude toward their chofen profeffion among the the School of Phyfical Education FACULTY CHESTER O. JACKSON, A.M. ALPHEUS M. JENNINGS, B.S. HAROLD E. KENNEY, M.S. CHARLES R. KOVACIC, B.S. fellowfhip, and a Itadent men Itudentf in NEIL M. LANCE, B.S. GLENN C. LAW, M.S. EDWIN J. MANLEY DOUGLAS R. MILLS, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WALLACE H. GEISZ WILLIAM GOLDSTEIN GEORGE W. GREENWOOD WILLIAM J. HAPAC FRANK V. HUSTON LEONARD KALLIS TI-IADDEUS D. KROLICKI HOWARD G. LARSEN FRANCIS R. MINERT MILOSH MUNTYAN JAMES F. PLACEK CHARLES E. ROGERS HAROLD C. PATERSON, B.S. HARTLEY D. PRICE, A.M. ALLEN V. SAPORA, B.S. GEORGE T. STAFFORD, Ed.D. SEWARD C. STALEY, Ph.D. WILLIAM J. TREECE, M.S. WENDELL S. WILSON, B.S. WILLIAM G. WITTMANN, B.S. ROBERT C. ZUPPKE, Ph.B. WILSON J. SELDON DWIGHT A. SHANKS JOHN A. SHEA JOHN B. THUNB RAYMOND A. WEISS ROGER L. ZELLER Founded, Syracuse University, 1914 ILLINOIS ALPHA CHAPTER Thirty ACUVC Ch2Pfff5 To promote interext and Icholarship in mathematicx and to provide recognition BEULAH M. ARMSTRONG, Ph.D. HAROLD W. BAILEY, Ph.D. DAVID G. BOURGIN, Ph.D. HENRY R. BRAHANA, Ph.D. LEONARD BRISTOW, Ph.D. ROBERT D. CARMICHAEL, Ph.D. JOSEPHINE H. CI-IANLER, Ph.D. ARTHUR B. COBLE, Ph.D., LL.D. PAUL H. ANDERSON LOUISA E. BACZUK ROSS A. BEAUMONT DAVID H. BLACKWELL RALPH L. CALVERT PHILLIP W. CARRUTH ABE CHARNES NORMAN D. COGGESHALL for thoxe dimingnishing themfeloec in thif jield ARTHUR R. CRATHORNE, Ph.D. ARNOLD EMCH, Ph.D. MILES C. HARTLEY, Ph.D. OLIVE C. HAZLETT, Ph.D. LOIS KIEFER, A.M. HARRY LEVY, Ph.D. HENRY J. MILES, Ph.D. GEORGE A. MILLER, Ph.D., LL.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JAMES W. DAVIS JANIS A, DOE JOSEPH J. EACHUS WILLIAM A. FERGUSON EMIL E. HEIMANN FRANZ E. HOHN WILLIAM H. HOLMAN THOMAS E. JUDD JAMES R. KENT KENNETH V. KNIGHT THADDEUS D. KROLICKI YUDELL L. LUKE KAJ L. NIELSEN WILLIAM C. ODELL GERALD E. MOORE, Ph.D. HAROLD M. MOTT-SMITH, Ph.D. ECHO D. PEPPER, Ph.D. J. WILLIAM PETERS, Ph.D. LEONARD L. STEIMLEY, Ph.D. HENRIETTA P. TERRY, Ph.D. EVERETT L. WELKER, Ph.D. WILFRID WILSON, B.S. ROBERT W. POTTS EUGENE A. PRANGE FRANCIS M. PULLIAM SHERMAN K. REED JAMES S. SCHINDLER E. CLEO STANFORD FREDERICK A. H'EOMAN Page 167 Founded, 1923 Alpha Chapter University of Illinois Thirty-nine Arrive Clmpler: To emozzrage high Jrloolarrlaip among freylomen B. SMITH HOPKINS, Ph.D. JAMES W. ARMSEY MINTON W. ARNOI.D WILLIAM S. BAKER WALLACE W. BASS HARRY W. BERGMANN ELTON W. BERRY ROBERT S. BLACK JAMES R. BLACKER EDWIN E. BLOOM DOVELL N. BONNETT HUGH E. BOREN GERALD D. BRIGHTON SPENCER F. BROWN WILI.IAM O. BURGESS ERWIN W. BURSTADT WENDELL M. CARLSON RICHARD K. CARR HERMAN L. CHILDRESS PHILIP E. COCAGNE STANLEY H. COHLMEYER JAMES H. CRAVENS CHARLES H. CRESS ROBERT S. DAY WILBUR J. DOERSCHELN EDWARD A. DOISY JOHN F. DOWDALL EDMOND L. DU BOIS JAMES L. EDMONDS, JR. AVERON H. EISENSTEIN A D VI S E R S GOLDEN A. MCCONNELL .................... .... F oculfy Adoiref EDWARD S. FRASIER ........ . . .Senior Adoifer HERBERT W. BELL. . . ..... junior Adoiier F A C U LT Y MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROY J. EVANS JOHN FICOR GEORGE R. FLEXMAN JAMES A. FREEK CARROLL W. FULLER GILBERT GAVLIN LAVURENCE W. GOUGLER EDWIN O. GUERNSEY WILLARD A. GUYTON MERVIN R. HARRIS ROBERT J. HELWIG CHARLES W. HENDRIX MORRIS M. HOCHBERG CARLYLE K. HOFFMAN FREDERICK W. HOLLY J. HALL HOOD IRWIN D. HORWITZ ANDREW R. JOHNSON LEONARD KALLIS FRANK KAPPLER JAMES E. KATZ RICHARD P. KENT WILLIAM D. KERWIN LEROY H. KLEMM ELLIS C. KNOBLOCI-I DONALD C. KOEHLER JULIUS J. KRAUKLIS RALPH E. KUEHN W, AUGUST LANDMANN HARRY D. LEEPER ARTHUR W. LEHDE EARL R. LENG RUNE E. LEVINE RICHARD E. LOEB WILLIAM P. LURENS RUDOLF MARSCHICK EVERETTE D. MARSTON ABNER J. MARTIN JOHN E. MARTIN HAROLD L. MASSIE KENNETH E. MAST HARL W. MATHESON ROBERT M. MCCREARY ROBERT L. MILLER LESTER T. MOATE MARVIN R. MONTOOTH IRVING S. MORRIS CHARLES T. MOSS, JR. DONALD E. NELSON HIDEO NIIYAMA JOHN S. O'BRIEN ROBERT C. OLSON GORDON A. PHILLIPS JOHN R. PHIPPS EDGAR R. PICKEN JAMES W. PLATE GOLDEN A. IWCCONNELL, A.B FREDERICK A. POPE WILLIAM J. RHINEHART A. J. RUDASILL WILLIAM G. RUECKERT JOSEPH W. SACHS ROBERT B. SCI-IMIDT ALDEN J. SCHNEIDER WOLFGANG M. SCHUBERT MILTON I. SHAPIRO WESLEY E. SHELBERG CLIFFORD H. SHUNK ELVIN A. SKIBINSKI ROBERT R. SMITH EVERETT D. STERRENBERG HOWARD F. STETTLER CHARLES E. STISSER LORENCE S. STOUT STANLEY S. SULZYCKI LEWIS W. TANNIZR ALTON C. THOMAS ROBERT TIDEMAN PHILIP TREIGER JULIUS VAHLE, JR. WILLIAM XV. WELBOURNE HERBERT M. WENDLER JAMES W. WESTWATER CARL L. WITHNER MARTIN B. WOLPE BERT J. WUELLNER Tanner Niiyama Bass Boren Helwig Guernsey Brighton Freek Harris Guyton Rhinehartf Mast Cohlmeyer Vahle Bonnetf, Kallis Sulzycki Phillips Fraiser Welbourne Klemm Hendrix Black Gougler Miller Shelherg Kerwin Krauklis Sachs Rudasill Arnold Schmidt Du Bois Landmann Wuellner Dowdall Doisy Knobloch Koehler Bergmann Stettler Edmonds Schubert Wendler Sterrenberg Shunk Bloom Crovens Moate Baker Katz Cocagne Day McConnel Hoffman Armsey Olson Plate Johnson Childress Lukens Berry Lehde 0'BrIen Carlson Kent Case Leob Bell Page 168 Fomzded, 1924 ALPHA CHAPTER University of Illinois Thirfy-refen Arrive Chaffien To ezzrofzmge and reward high rfholarrhip among the women of the frerhmafz flarr of Phe Ufzizwrity of Illifzoir A DVI S E R S MARIA LEONARD, A.M .... ..,.,...4........ . ..N.f1ziom:l Preridenz R. JOSFPHINF MILLER .... .... S eniar Adfiror E A C U LT Y LOUISE B. DUNBAR, Ph.D. MILDRED A. FISHER, A.B. IRENE D. PIERSON, A.B- MAUDE L. ETHEREDGE, M.D., Dr.P.H. ROSALIE M. PARK, Ph.D. JANET L- WESTON, Pl1-D- EUNICE G. ALLYN ELEANOR G. ANDERSON BEATRICE E. ANDREWS ELISABETH G. BALDWIN HELEN L. BITTERMANN MARCELLA E. BLAIR HELEN E. BOE JEANNE E. BOST MAY F. BOSVUELL MARY A. BURGETT MARGARET J. CARLSON MADELINE M. CLEAVY ETHEL COHEN PEARL J. COHFN BETTY J. COLEMAN DOROTHY L. Cox WINIFRED L. DORSEY SARAH J. EBAUGH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CAROL L. IGI? DORIS L. EIKLERERRY VIRGINIA A. ESH F. ELEANOR EWING DOROTHY A, FIZHRENBACHITR VIRGINIA M. FROYD BETTY FUERMANN GERALDINE E. GENDLER MARJORIE L. GRFIDFR HELEN GUREVITZ AIMEE J. HERZEERG MARY E. IvEY MARY E. JACOBS FRANCES E. JENNINGS REBECCA C. JONES RUTH M. KIIEEER ANNETTE L. KRUMSIEK IELOISE M. KUHN JOSEPHINE S. LEHMANN WANDA M. LITTLE IRIIIA M. LOUIIEK ELIzAIIE'I'H L. MANOUGIAN I"'ll2I.lZN J. MARKERT MARYIORIE E. MAY LORAINE E. MIICIAISE ALICE M, MCCLINTOCK ELEANOR V. MORGAN JUNE M. MORGAN EILENE J. MUNCIE JULIET I. MYERS DOROTHY J. NEXY'MAN GRACE P. O,MALLEY C. LORA PALOVIC DORIS H. PARKS JACQUELINE M. PIIEPER LILLIAN L. PIEPER HELEN A. PRESCOTT MARY L. RANDALL DOROTHY L. ROBBINS ELOISE ROSS BETTY C. ROWE MAGDALENE SCHOONE LOIS L. SCHUTT MELVA F. SEARCY BETTY L. SHACKEL MILDRED G. SHEAR JANET M. SMALTZ MARJORIE I. SMITH PAULINE J, STEINER MARIE L. VANCE MARGARET J, WESTCOTT Jennings Manougian Schoone Ross Boe Esh Ewing Boswell Andrews Robbins Cleavy Markert Burgett Shackel Little Krumsiek Parks Searcy Smith Jacobs Kuhn J. Morgan Schutt Steiner Vance J. Pieper E. Morgan Smaltz Palovic E. Cohen Gendler Cox Lehmann Leonard Westcott Froyd Pierson Fisher Eikleberry Ebaugh Page 169 1 .,4'. Fwzmhd. 1902 Illinois Chapter forncll University " gg Four Arm? Clmfzteu '34 if YQ. -1.-.xr ' ' 'i 5' T0 llbfllllifg Arrhilerffne and allied infereflf and I0 l7V'0I110f0 rz fpjrif of gum! fellozzpflvilfz among iff lllelllbelll' Gargoyle F A C U LT Y JAMES BRANCH, M.S. NENX'I.1N D. MORGAN, M.S., CLE. LORING H. PROVINE, B.S., A.E. JOHN W. DAVIS, B.S. REXFORD NERLCOMD, A.M., M.Arch. JOHN E. SwIfI1'I', M.S. ARTHUR F. IJIEAM, B.Arch., F.A.A.R. THOMAS E. O'DONNI5I.L, M.S., M.Arch. EDMIIND F. TOTH, M,S., R.A. FRANK M, I.IiS1illl-ZR, B,S. CYRUS E. PALMER, M.S. JAMI2s G. VAN DIERPOOL, B.Arch DRIX'l?R B. LINDsAY, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Glmffrafe Slfzdeuf ROBERT A. STR.-KUCH DONAI.D ANDLRsON XYfII.I.lARD C. HART RI7ssI1LI. M. AMDAL RILHARD A. BINIfII2LD KENNIQTH W. BROOKS BERNARD E, KINsOCK ALFXANDFR KOUZMANOFE IUAVID M, CHITCKLFY DON.KI.D L. GRIIEB DONALD H. HONN Seuzorf j'mzi01'f RFINHARD H. I.rssI'R JOHN B. PALMFR FRLD D. BLILFS RALPH E. Mvms EIIoItNIi XY".-XSSFRMAN, B.S. HOWARD E, PHILLIPS F. CARTER XVILLIAMS CHARIIS W. SANDERS WVAYNE L. SHICK RORERT C. TAYLOR Shick Hart Lesser Provine Lescher Sanders Strauch Branch Phillips Taylor Brooks Kinsock Binticld Lindsay Sweet Miles Checkley J. Palmer Morgan C. Palmer Anderson Newcomb Honn Myers Amdzil Grieb Page 170 K I Fnzzfzdwl, 1897 - Morrow Chapter Ohio SQIIQ University I, tg FoI'1J-tb:-N Aftiw CbAfI1II5 ie! I I To dezflop fhe farm and farm home. pf1I'fifzzlm'ly All fhe .male uibere 41 rhapier if lomted JOSEPH ACIQTRMAN, M.S. JAMES B. ANDREWS, M.S. ROBERT C. ASHBY, Ph.D. HARRY P. BATEMAN, B.S. RAYMOND G. BENBOXIU, B.S. JAMES D. BILSBORROXV, B.S. JOSEPH CI. BLAIR, M.S., D.Sc. OREN BOLIN, M.S. ORY'II.I.E T. BONNETT, Ph.D. XVILLIAM L. BURLISON, Ph.D., BEN R. BURMESTER, Ph.D. E. WISE BURROIJGHS, B.S. LESLIE E. CARD, Ph.D. HAROLD C. M. CASE, Ph.D. JACOB G. CASH, M.S. ELIN E. COCKRUM, B.S. ROBERT R. COPPER, B.S. FLOYD H, CRANE, M.S. CHALMERS W. C.QRAxx FORD, B.S. ARTHUR E. CULLISON, M.S. JAMES E. DAX'IS, M.F. HERMAN B. DORNIZR, M.S. MAXWEI.I. J. DORSEY, Ph.D. ELVIN A. DUERST, B.S. GEORGE H. DUNGAN, Ph.D. JAMES I.. EDMONDS, B.S. D. Agr. Alpha Zeta FACUL IRxx'IN F. EDN ARDS, M.S. XVILTOR A. EKSTROM, M.S. I.I'ONARD E. ENSMINCER, B.S. BIRTHIER W. FAIRIIANKS, Ph.D. CECIL H. FARNHAM, B.S. JOE B. FEHRENBACHIZR, B.S. FRANK A. FIEBER, B.S. ROBERT F. FUELLEMAN, Ph.D. XVAI.Tl'R L. GAINLS, Ph.D. JOHN E. GIESERINC, Ph.D. I'IAROI.D H. GORDON, B.S. ROBERT GRAHAM, B.S., D.V.M. JAY C. HACKI.I5MAN, A.M. HAROLD W. HANNAII, B.S., I.I..B. KENNETH E. HARSIIIIAIIGER, B.S. RAI.PH C. HAY, B.S. EARL C. HIEDI.UNIJ, B.S. INIIZIXIN HENDI-RSON, M.S. CHARLES F. HO'I"I'I'S, Ph.D. ROBERT R. I'IUDlEl.SON, A.M. EARI. M. HUGHES, Ph.D. BI-RRYMAN R. HURT, M.S. PAUL E. JOHNSTON, Ph.D. FRANCIS C. JONES, B.S. CIARRET L. JORDAN, Ph.D. XYf'II.I.IAM G. KA5IBII.ADF, Ph.D. TY VICTOR W. KELLEY, Ph.D. ALVIN F. KUHLMAN, M.S. EMIL W. LEHMANN, B.S., E.E., A.E. DAX'ID E. LINDSTROM, Ph.D. JOHN W. LLOYD, Ph.D. FRANCIS E. LONGMIRI5, M.S. JOHN H. I.ONGW'EI.I., A.M. RAIPH XXL LORENZ, JOHN P. INICCOLLUM, Ph.D. SHERMAN G. MENEEEE, B.S. I.AXX'RFNt.Ii B. INIILLER, B.S. NYFRN G. INIILUM, Ph.D. IVIARTIN I.. MOSHLR, M.AgI'. ROBERT B. IVIUSGRAVIZ, M.S. RALPH J. IVIUTTI, B.S. FRANR H. MYNARD, B.S. XVIIIIAM B, NEN'ENS, Ph.D. ARI"I'AS XV. NOLAN, Ph.D. RL'SS1'I.I. T. CPDELI., B.S. FRLD A. PAINTER, B.S. THOMAS G. PEARSE, JR., B.S. JOHN J. IJIEPIZR, Ph.D. EDWIN I. IJILCHARD, B.S. XVILIIAM S. REED, B.S. IEIKNLST T. ROBBINS, M.S.A. EI MIIR ROBERTS, Ph.D. ROBERT C. ROSS, Ph.D. IHIARRISON A. RUIEHE, Ph.D. HENRY P. RIISK, M.S. fJGI,E H. SEARS, Ph.D. GUY D. SMITH, A.M. I.OIIIE H. SMITH, Ph.D. RAYMOND S. SMITH, Ph.D. ROSCOE R. SNAPP, Ph.D. J. NELSON SPAETH, Ph.D. JOHN C. SPITIIR, B.S. RUSSEI.I. S, ST.-IUEEER, Ph.D. W. C. TEMPI.E'I'ON, JR., B.S. NED O. THOMPSON, B.S. PAUI. H. TRACY, Ph.D. S'I'lZXY'ART I.. TUILKEY, Ph.D. BRUCE VARNEY, B.S. ERNEST D, XYVAIKER, B.S. GEORGE I. XVAI.I.AfQE, Ph.D. ROBERT J. WEBB, B.S. ROY H. WII.IiOx, M.S. CLYDE M. XVOODXIUORTH, Ph.D XV. JUDD XYIYATT, A.B., B.S. XVII.I.IAM XV. H'AI'P, Ph.D. EARL H. REGNIFR, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HAROLD NOREN CHARLES H. OATHOUT ORTHELDO A. PEITHMAN SAM J. PIi'I'I'YJOHN DEAN H. QUIN PAUL E. MEYER RUSSELL F. RICHARDS ISAAC H. ROWAND CHESTER L, SEIBERT FRANK W. SEI.LMYER IRI. W. SMITH LOYD J. PHIPPS NORMAN L, SMITH RUSSEI.I. K. STIVERS LOUIS VEXLER LOU B. VOIGT EYERETT J. WARWICK ROBERT ZINN LEONARD SCHUEY RAYMOND E. SELTZER Seniors CLYDE H. ACRERMAN ALBERT J. FISHER MERYI. F. KURR DONALD ALLEN LAXVRENCE G. HOPKINS GERAI.D A. LEE REX M. BUNCH JOSEPH E. HUBBARD IYIYRON XV. MADISON JOHN W. CLIFFORD IEISEN J. IRISH RAI.PH B. MCKENZIE RICHARD P. DRAKE HAROLD L. KOEI.I.IIR KENNETH D. NADEN WILLIAII A. EXVAN JAKE L. KRIDFR MELYIN H. NELSON fmziorf GERALD F. COMES JOHN E. GROSli0I.I. l'IARRY C. KOHL RAYMOND D. FRENCH EMIL F. HAUDRICIQ HARVEX' C. GRAYES JOSEPH R. INICDONAIIJ HAROLD S. NIORINE, JR. FRANKLIN J. REISS g-Www ..., v McKenzie Scilmrt XYYLII'NYIL'k N. Smith Pcttyiwhn Zinn Frcnch JODCS Rowand NIILICII Ewan Seltzer LCE Allen Clifford Bunch FISIICI Haudrick I. Smith Scllmycr Reiss Irish Quin Hopkins Graves Stivcrs Combs Schucy Morinc Onthout GrOSluOll Phipps RICIIIIILIS Pcitlwmgm ALikCIIIIlIH Kocllcr Kohl Meyer Page 171 ALFRED C. CALLEN, E.M., M.S Lehigh University Sereniy Aflire Cbnpler: Q Founded, 1885 Illinois Alpha Chapter Recognition of diftinguifhed .fclaolarxhip and exemplary ebamrter in engineering NORVILLE J. ALLEMAN, M.S. ARTHUR G. ANDERSON, C.E., Ph.D. HAROLD E. BABBITT, M.S. ALFRED E. BADGER, M.S. WINSTON E. BLACK, M.S. JAY A. BOLT, B.S., MORGAN BROOKS, Ph.B., M.E. DAVID H. CALDWELL, B.S. ALBERT P. CARMAN, D.Sc. JAMES G. CLARK, B.S. JOHN W. COLTMAN, B.S. THOMAS J. DOLAN, M.S. JAMES J. DOLAND, M.S., C.E. MELVIN L. ENGER, M.S., C.E. NEWTON E. ENSIGN, M.A. WILLIAM N. ESPY, M.S. HENRY P. EVANS, JR., M.S. MAURICE K. FAHNESTOCK, M.S. MAX A. FAUCETT, M.S., E.E. JULIAN R. FELLOWS, M.S. GILBERT H. FETT, M.S. GEORGE R. FINK, B.S. CHARLES T. GRACE, B.S. PAUL G. GRAY, B.S. STANLEY G. HALL, M.S. CLARENCE W. HAM, B.M.E., M.E. HAROLD N. HAYWARD, M.S. AMOS W. BATEMAN HAROLD BUNTE MAURICE K. CARR IRA T. CHAPMAN JOHN E. CORDES ROBERT S. DARKE FRANK T. DEWOLF NOEL E. DILLOW WARREN G. DUGAN Page 172 FACULTY M. STANLEY HELM, M.S. RANDOLPH P. HOELSCHER, M.S., C.E. WHITNEY C. HUNTINGTON, M.S., C.E. VERNON P. JENSEN, Ph.D. GORDON L. JEPPESEN, M.S. PAUL G. JONES, B.S. HARVEY H. JORDAN, B.S. ALBERT ARNOLD CHARLES JORGENSEN, M.S., E.M. M. JUDD, B.S. A. KEENER, M.S., E.E. EVERETT E. KING, M.S., M.C.E. ABNER R. KNIGHT, M.E., M.S., E.E. CHARLES T. KNIFF, Ph.D. SEICHI KONzo, M.S. JOHN O. KRAEHENBUEHL, M.S., E.E. REINHOLD F. LARSON, M.S. OSCAR A. LEUTWILER, B.S., M.E. ROBERT M. MAINS, B.S. JOHN H. MANLEY, Ph.D. LAWRENCE R. MARCUS, B.S. CARL M. MILNER, B.S. HERBERT F. MOORE, M.E., M.M.E., D.Sc. HOWARD F. Orr, M.S. ELLERY B. PAINE, M.S., E.E. ROBERT R. PENMAN, B.S. GEORGE W. PICKELS, B.C.E,, C.E. STANLEY H. PIERCE, B.S. JOSEPH A. POLSON, B.S., M.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniorf HARVEY R. PUCKETT, B.S. HERBERT J. REICH, Ph.D., M.E. ERNEST A. REID, M.S., E.E. WALTER A. RENNER, B.S. CHRIS S. RHODE, B.S. FRANK E. RICHART, M.S., C.E. LLOYD B. RITCHEY, B.S. EDWARD C. SCHMIDT, M.E. FRED B. SEELY, M.S. THOMAS C. SHEDD, M.S., C.E. CHESTER P. SIES5, B.S. CARL E. SKRODER, M.S. JAMES O. SMITH, A.M. EDWARD W. SUFFIGER, M.S. ARTHUR N. TALBOT, C.E., D.Sc., LL.D. HOWARD R. THOMAS, C.E., M.S. KENNETH J. TRIGGER, M.S. JAMISON VAW'TER, M.S., C.E. D.Eng. EDWARD D. EBERT MELVIN E. EILERS BERNARD EPSTEIN CHARLES D. EVANS GEORGE L. FARNSWORTH, EDWARD S. FRASER ROBERT W. GAINES MORRIS P. HALL ALFRED B. HORN JR. junior JAMES F. DICK RALPH J. JOHNSON WARREN R. JOHNSON HAROLD F. KLECKNER ROY E. LORENTz , WILLIAM D. LYON LEWIS E. MCCOWN THOMAS M. MORROW M. MILBURN PEI-IL ROBERT K. VIERCK, M.S. MILTON -P. VORE, B.S. EDWARD H. WALDO, M.S., E.E. RICHARD A. WILDE, B.S. CARROLL C. WILEY, B.S., C.E. ARTHUR C. WILBUR M. EVERETT G. WILLARD, B.S., D.Eng., LL.D. WILSON, M.M.E., C.E. YOUNG, M.S., M.E. ROBERT ZABOROWSKI, B.S. CLIFFORD K. POARCH JOHN R. POYSER DONALD G. RICHARDS JOHN M. TRUMMEL CLAUDE P. WAMPLER JOHN H. WETZEL RICHARD A. WETZEL CLARENCE B. WILLIAMS, JR PAUL J. ZUERCHER H Aw, 1 Lum . Ti, New 8 --.' ,sv, x xi at 4 , ni" an 9-..f,. F- af- 0 fi rf 'HIE X 5' K I X 3 Q' R in . . ,fait W , QQ HQ' , S ' K .J ' M R. 'R 3 x H , 'af K AQ, ' ix, , kv I z f s y. Q-avflgg Xf":lffg,?' I Ti igi, E 3 , AL,, .. A - M.-,ma 1 X. W ,V , ff gb I 1 ff ,rg M ,J if 'kv H Q , 'Qi ' ' f 5 1, .A ' X ,J f-fav! A fa!! ,wi A ' Mg-jx. ,M S ...uf,,,., 59. gqgppw N5 W f Q55 . " 5, 1.,q1"'w..... 94-v,,. 5? 1 X 1 9151 U J' xvxw mm N X Of Vx ' 1 QM I 2 1Q ff5:,ig Q 1 44 I I ' N ' ' 3 ,.....:. wfffiff- ' ' A H 4 ,, ' 1 .su gf " A I 6 K"""""-MV .. .W ng... K ' wif sf. .Q ,Quai WWW 'N 5 fx! W' 2.1421 dsx f 's N QM85' + 'bf A x V Y 'K lj X A J :Q N fs .. 'X " i.Q.,,.' Sv Q-'Ma' ge-' ,, Navi ,1d"i8?3 Q" w ws? - Q fl! A gb lf1 WS Cor C ADMINISTRATWCN i2 04.v B411 64 Ck MURAL J as ' 29" S 'Nm EP WRSITY SPCRT w 4 M ,b Q W? 'M'-Mffw ,WmM,,,,,,,m V x ww' , !,,,wW'A' 1, va-:um-W. ' ff-naw-M -ww 3 J kv, f , W rm, in 0. f ff ,U gg 'iff 1 L3 4 , ' , , '-if A ' SfffL,?.sZf I -Q, t .Af f 1,1234 Txflsn 1Q fj',. rf :V wa af L, 1 'Z -.Sf , we, ,- N. E, 33 ig li V , 2 ii 1 1: 2 12 5 ' E2 Z. - V 1 3 g ' if ' Qsmwww-:QV . .Af , X K . .410 ag" 4 7 1 M si 1 1' , 5,75 gf w"::'1 aiglcgl 'gfagl ..g'l','f!' aim" ul 4 Av" Page 180 VUIENDFLL S. WILSON Direffor of Affafefizts' Directors Message On behalf of the coaches and other members of the Athletic Association I want to express our best wishes to the members of the senior class as they prepare to depart and to request their con- tinued interest in Illinois athletics after they have left the campus. To the graduating seniors who have played on varsity teams I want to extend our special con- gratulations and urge them to return next November 11 for the second annual dinner of alumni lettermen in all sports. The first dinner of this kind was held on November 12, 1938, following the Ohio State foot- ball game, and was attended by 300 old-time wearers of the In many instances this brought together teammates who had not met since their playing days. The occasion was successful in every way, inspiring the HIM men with new interest in Illinois and guaranteeing that the dinner would become even more popular in the future. The Athletic Association is going to some trouble to obtain correct addresses and to Contact alumni lettermen by sending letters and news of athletics from time to time. It is interesting to note that there are approximately 1750 alumni who have Won varsity letters. Veterans Day at the time of the De Paul football game, gave the University an opportunity to honor many veterans of the World War. This day is to become an annual event. It is a pleasure to be able to say again that Illinois teams, win or lose, have conducted them- selves in accordance with the best sportsmanship standards of Illinois. af Jalan Behind the scenes in Athletic Administration Publicity Director Mike Tobin at work Page 181 E I ff: Q E? F NORENI The Athletic Association X7ARIlIE KFNNFY RUSSELL CHARLES E. BOWEN B11I1ne.r,I Alanflgfr GEORGE W. GOBLE FREDERIC A. RUSSELL EDWIN L. DRAFER GEORGE R. CATLETT RICHARD P. DRAKE HARRELL L. HOFFMAN LEUPOLD Page 182 J I DR.-XPER THOMAS BOARD OF DIRECTORS WILLIARI E. C. CLIFFORD ,IAMES P. KRATZ FRANK E. RIILHART FREDERIC A. RUSSELL WIENDIELI. S. WILSON GOR ,p- LE VVILSON L. MICHAEL TOBIN Difert or of Atlzlelif Publicity MEMBERS OF THE ATHLETIC COUNCIL Ffzmlfy Membeapr HAROLD E. KENNEY WENDELL S. WILSON fIllI7lJ17.f Aieffzberf J. GLADWYN THOMAS L. MICHAEL T OBIN Student Memberx JOHN j. KINSELLA HOMER J. NORELI CARL A. LEUPOLD PHILIP R. PROCTOR JOHN D. VARBLE ' A IIH: I . . . . I--- . we f - we -I-:- f' ' ...- .,,V . Sk K ,i l In I M i IQ: in kkig It I , . it I I i'iI E I PROCTOR CATLETT KINSELLA HOFFMAN DRAKE Conference Medal Winfner A LLIZN V. SAPORA Allen V. Sapora, 126 pound intercollegiate wrestling champion, was selected as 1958 win- ner of the Conference Medal, awarded annually to the Illinois athlete who has been most out- standing in both athletics and scholarship. A letterman for three years and Big Ten champion in 1937, Sapora was defeated only twice dur- ing the past season, and in March he captured the intercollegiate title. Sapora, a member of Delta Theta Epsilon and the Tribe of Illini, graduated in the upper three percent of his class in the School of Physi- cal Education and was awarded a place on the Bronze Tablet. He is now a member of the coaching staff at the University of Illinois. Most Valuable Player Possessing excellent football technique on both offense and defense, james D. Hodges was selected by his teammates as the most valu- able player on the 1938 Illinois squad. An out- standing lineman, Hodges was alert and con- scientious, and he was also one of the best place-kickers on the team. Hodges began his football career at Rock Island High School, where he played tackle for one year. He then played a year at Augustana College before coming to the University of Illi- nois for his final two years of varsity competi- tion. During the past season, his work at the guard position earned him the reputation of a consistent and alert ball player. He was truly a "spark plug" of the team, a hard-working player who saw more action than any other Illini line- man. JAMES D. Honors Page 183 MEMBERS IN ...lib " I 51. 4 .. 1. ' 'Z JOHN D. wYAlilil.I' P1 011115 111 LOUIS BOIIIDIIIIXII V11 1fYP11',1n!1 uf ARc.1l11t il. D1f1"1'sc H MAN .X'1'11ul111'5 Tribe of Illini The Vllflbif Pledges FAC U LTY AR'1'H1'R S. DAx11:Ls, A.IXI. A11R1.1.1o li. RAYMOND ELIOT, A.M. 1.1-0 J. JOHNSON, A.B. Ro1+12R'r T. ASHIFY RALPH E. B12NN1f'1'T Glzcmfsli XV. BIIRNHARD1' A1.1x1.RT E. B11.L1Nos I.Ol'lQ BOUDRIZAU M1'1.x'1N fi, BR1:xx'1QR PARK I.. BROWN R1c.11.xR11 XV. BRUNTON M1-1l1.x'N F. BURRIS UIUHN H. C.a11A11Ax ROMRT E. fi.-lS'l'PI.O I2Rx1fs'1' S. CAV.-Xl.LO HARRY CHANOXVITZ CQ1AR1Acr XV. fiIl'Xl'LAXD VIUHN R. K.oc,H11.L FRANK C. C.oxL12x' XX'11.1..aR11 M. LR.-xx111R R01srR'1' I.. CLi'1"1'1'R I..'xR1os O. D.u11.s I.IXXlN I.. D1-Hxrn XV11.1.1AM j. ARKKI-IIE j. D1fU'1'smHMAN ROLQERT j. IJlFlfliN'l'HAl.FR HENRY B. Doxvxs RALPH EHN1 DONALD N. lT1.'1'1x1, C11AR112s IfARR1N1.'1c1N JOF E. FR.fxN1qs jos1'P11 j. GIA1.1.U:i11sAR11f1 XV11.1.1.aM Go1.111i G1.oRL,1- I.. GR.-11,12 C0115 Ci. IIAXDLON XV11.11AM UI. HAP.'x1i RA1 PH XV. HATHAXX fn' T. IXI11.'10x Hmm 0011 ILIRQAR B, l"lL'l4l-IINUX Ro1srR'1 M. lNc,11. DAx'1Lv A. IsRAr1. Enos 11 joms IJONARL1 K.-XI.I Is FIORIO, A,M. P1'1s'11.R, BS. UNIVERSITY CARI. XV. Kxnx R1c1111xR11 K. Km 1111A XV11.1.1An1 l.1-N11 ll -lm 14 M. I.1'N'1'z Qil-Ullhli A. l.0xx1' A1111-R'1' bl. l.llfXlllilR4i XX"1s1.1Y P. lvlRR'11N Ax'1114mx' M, lhl.-XYIIKA XY'11.rx111R M, lklrfloxxm Ton M. Mc1fc1x:s111 Almlls XV. lwlzlhos.-x1.11 HARCJIIB H. Mus jAM1's K. IXIL'xA1s Tom Num '1 ,lcmx li. P.xcc1'1'11 H1 11141111 R. P.-V1 mx K11.-xR1.1s XX'. P11111111s R11111111 D. PUR1111 MA1R1:.1' IT. H1 mix H.fxR'1'1.1fx' D. PRILF, A.M, XX'1 x111'1.1 S. XVlI.SON, B.S j.-xrx112s XV. RI-fl'I1I-R cil'URlQlI I.. R1"1"1'1Nc91fR 'l'11oRms j. Ruins XVn1'11'R A. R0'1K1s l.1-0 SA1:xA'11 A1 ll N V. S,fxPo1zA lflmxx II, Sr HAI 1-1 R M1 YI R8 Sr11L'cxM.aN ,linux K. S4 111'1v1R flllullillb H. S1011 A. DMN Sxx'112'1 vlnmx 'I'111s'111'xxr1o11 Ro1s1'R1 'IQHOMASI-N l:lUYI1 A. 'l'RAYx11.'xx1 , -IR. ,lr1Hx D. X'.fxR111.11 G11c1R1,1 P. XX'AR1111'Y, QIR. Ro111R'1 j. XV1-HR1.1 li.-wmcmsix A. XX'1'1ss K1 sm lH XV. ZIMM1-RMAN i Mnzcika Flrwrio Rusuckus Reeder C. Phillips Lundberg Thonmses Elini Riggs Kallis Burris Stutz Knox Kucera Kirschke Hapac Lenich Billings 1, Phillips Swift Golde Israel XVciss Clianowitz Patton Hopwood Hathaway Farrington Hodges Conley Mies E jo Helman Reagan Rotkis Dcutschman McDonald Dicfenthaler B. jones Ginllombardo Varble Zimmerman Bernharclt Ingle Page 184 Illinois and Ohio State smoke the pipe of peace The Illinois style of acrobatic cheerleading Cheerleaders Since the inauguration of cheerleading at Illinois, it has been the custom for the Athletic Council to pick the cheerleaders. This year, however, Gymkana took over the job of selecting the head cheerleader, his two assistants, and a staff of four men. These students organize Illini cheering, and enthuse the fans with their acrobatics on the football field, basketball court, and other sport functions. The Block I and football pageantry, led by the cheerleaders, were a colorful part of each football game. The Block I students with their blue and gold caps formed a distinct I which could be seen at all times. It is the duty of the cheerleaders to direct the enthusiasm of the Illini crowds at all Josmvn J. GIALLOMBARDO , , , Head Cheerleader pep meetings and athletic gatherings. These men further the Illini Code of Sportsmanship at all times, and have been a big factor in gaining Illinois its reputation of good sportsmanship. . , g i 5, .a.. bi '..'A A fri: H ifzf 'i': Sandberg Zarish Block Brooks WIl.LIAnf GOLDE RAYMOND A. Weiss Axrzxmnz Cbeerlemlerr Page 185 Q sw , ,sf . 5 . 1 , - is A W fw , gi fs: ,1 gp, iii A ' 1 -ff if , , 11, -3. .tu T fglg W, ,A 5, V, Q ,Q QQ-1 . ' fx 111' A vi 42 fsmzzee-ww ' smwwwf- Q l 4 , 11524 sf! n .4 L 1 W 'tif 1 4 f 151, H 4 Q31 , XJ' 'N ffgl ,X 4, f 'X 2 Q: fx wwf' '1f'1f2Qsgzias fy NSY Fiiifsiiik W 'QU igisyffaigs rx si2'2fpk'gQigf? 1 T55 . , A fw fee.:-1 ,Q 'kjiw-ff ff! WFS' qw If gzgrw 5 t1iQf5.25j?5X:g3k v ' Wlfi' AJW4 Je f, 5.5 H Q N 1 ef f 's' mx my W 'W sl jiyii? ' w,gg,gg.L 'F f fimils wi ' - fl 3 i ffmim .:.,,,' I . 5 Hi 3 Bicxvei' Thistlexxooil Crainer Hotlges Hathaway Daniels Peterson lngle Thomases Young A iRetting:er Bernharclr Iiliot I Vatlctt Elini Kirsclike Lenich Phillips Riggs Reeder lilting Lindgren Burris Wfehrli Stotz Bennett Pc-fzuln TNIcDonalil Zimmerman l.lII'lillM'I'Q Mai'tin luppivc Ro Page 188 iufm' C. Zvi-vici Comb Varsity Football The varsity football team of 1938 probably gave two years in age and experience to its Big Ten rivals not excluding Chicago. It was a harmonious squad, always willing to learn. The spirit of the players was line hut it was their misfortune they were not fleet of foot on an average. It was their lot to face three of the strongest teams in the country on succeeding Saturdays-Notre Dame, Northwestern and Michigan. They held these op- ponents to two touchdowns each, no small feat, look- ing over other scores. Their one bacl game was Ohio State when their mistakes were costly. They upheld the Illinois traclition of sportsmanship and courage. They were a fine bunch of boys. They fought harcl and gave all they hatl. XX7hat more coulcl be said of anyone? fi jmirs XV. McDoxAi.n Cfzpmizz :Jn GEORIIE B. CA'I'IIf'I'T S Swim Nfl ffff .wi Cfiifim ifiiiligiit Mfiiliiiscn 1235511 Giiiflng .vgpawiw A14 fffz gm t y F t b 1 1 ,,,, was STANDINGS . "2, BIG TEN CONFERENCE ILLINOIS RECORD glzgfg . i n lbl :AI W. L. T. PCT. Illinois 0 Ohio Univcrsityi 6 i i':"": I Minncsota . . .. -1 I 0 .800 Illinois 4-I DePaul .. .. . .. 7 Michigan . . I 1 .750 Illinois I2 Indiana ....... 2 Purdue .... .750 Illinois 6 Notre Dame .... 14 Northwestern .666 Illinois 0 Northwcstcrn . . . I3 Ohio Smtc . . .600 Illinois 0 lXllCl1lg?Lf1 ,... . . l-l WiSL'onSin .. .600 IllinoiS 14 Ohio State ..... 32 ILLINOIS . .Lino Illinois 51 Chicago . 0 IONVLI .... .250 llltllglllll . . .200 filllCL1QO . . . . . 0 4 0 .000 H. GOR IFCI N BINSON jjg,,,lQ'2Ufg,f,QjfQQffi FRESHMAN VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Knox Astroth Kelly Nikim Marie Wlcsscl Baliich Miller Seabrookc Duncan Florio Trcefc BIIIS Dillon BIXIUCT Palmer Bannon Faris Shields Brown I.iIw Mills Miluscxiclx Blasig CIIXIVIJS Silverstein Kolcns Falkcnstcin Sianta Mctzclgxiirs Flcwelling Iildcrs E.IStci'lurook Smith McKenzie Anders Miller Turck johnson Fein C link Renncr Rcinke Page 189 Peterson tries the Indiana line. Illinois 12 Indiana 2 Before a crowd of 15,000, Coach Zuppkes Fight- ing Illini handed a surprised Indiana team its second Big Ten defeat and strengthened hopes of an Illini comeback. The Orange and Blue eleven out-fought and out-scored the Hoosiers, holding them to a net loss of 9 yards on rushing plays. In the first quarter Illinois was unable to advance the ball against the stubborn resistance of a confident Hoosier team, and early in the second quarter Indiana went into the lead when Jim McDonald centered a low ball which rolled into the end zone, automatically chalking up a safety. But the beginning of the third quarter showed a different Illini. Five men crashed through to down Nicholson for a 9 yard loss, and Indiana was forced to kick. Elting returned the punt to the Hoosier 41 yard line. Then Elting and Rettinger brought the 'ln-5, ball to the 33 yard line, one yard short of a first down. Brewer took the ball to Indianas 27 yard line, Rettinger drove through left tackle for 3 yardsg Welirli tried to pass, found no receiver, and out- ran potential tacklers around right end to advance the ball to the 13 yard marker. Wehrli again car- ried the ball, this time for 9 yards, and Rettinger followed with a plunge to the 3 yard line. Rettinger went to the I yard line where Brewer sneaked over for the goal. Indiana then launched a passing attack that threatened seriously until Zimmerman intercepted a pass on his own 19 yard line to stop the Hoosier advance. In the final minutes of play, Indiana had the ball on its own 13 yard marker, where an at- tempted flat zone pass was intercepted by Ehni who raced unmolested for the final score. XVaani.i'v Honors BICIDONALD M.-xzrika 7INIMlRX1AN lihlljlmrk Guard Cefller Ilalfburk Lm Page 190 Prtzzorr I.UNDliIfRG CASTFLO STOYZ B1 RRIN Q1mrlw'bm'k Tackle Emi G'1n1f1I f Illinois 6 Notre Dame 14 The Illinois defense, which had proved so effective against Indiana, was powerless to prevent an Irish victory. The first Notre Dame touchdown resulted from a pass from the 35 yard line by Stevenson to Brown across the goal line. Witli the hopes of tying the score, Illinois went into action. Wardley inter- cepted a pass and returned it to Notre Dames -li yard marker, but passes failed, and Illinois was forced to punt. McDonald then recovered a fumble on the Irish 26 yard line, but the ball was lost on downs. In the third quarter, Sheridan received Rettingefs punt, eluded Illini tacklers, and scored a second touchdown for the Irish. Castelo returned the kick- off to the 38 yard line, and Welirli's line plunges and Ehni's pass carried the ball to the Irish 10 yard line where the advance was stopped. The Irish punt was blocked by Kirschke. however, and recovered on the 1 yard line where Ilhni plunged over for a touchdown. In the fourth quarter, Pezzoli inter- cepted a pass, and ran 72 yards before Sitko downed him. Here the Notre Dame defense stiffened and halted the last Illini threat. XVardley sweeps Notre Dames left end, Page 191 Rettinger gets off a close one. Illinois O Northwestern 13 Battling to avenge a Homecoming defeat by Illinois on their own gridiron a year ago, the Northwestern Wildcats succeeded in making two touchdown drives to gain a 13-0 victory. A Homecoming crowd of 37,000 saw the Purple repeatedly crash the Illinois line and then brace to halt the Illini twice when they were in scoring position. In the first quarter, Illinois lost one of its best backfield men when Bob Wehrli ended his playing days for Illinois by fracturing and dislocating his left elbow when making a tackle. After this stroke of ill luck for the Zupmen, Laskay, jefferson, and Ryan pounded the Illinois line for Northwestern's first touchdown. The placement was good. In the second period, Herb Young of Illinois re- covered Ryan's fumble on Illinois' 17 yard line, and Chuck Purvis and Ralph Bennett crashed to the North- western 9 yard marker. A new Wildctit line spilled Purvis for a 4 yard loss, however, and stopped Ben- nett on the 8 yard line, 1 yard short of a first down. In the third quarter, one of Zuppkes famous razzle- dazzle plays gained 48 yards and another shot at a touchdown. It involved a fake run by Rettingerg a lateral to Young, who faked a rung and a lateral to Peterson, who eluded a potential tackler and heaved the ball to Burris on the I2 yard line where he was downed. But again Northwestern took the ball on downs on their own 9 yard marker as the period ended. Midway in the final period an intercepted pass. a roughing penalty, a 29 yard run by Hahnenstein, and consistent line smashes gave Northwestern their sec- ond touchdown as Hahnenstein took the ball over from the 2 yard line. . y ',, g" f . . 'f .i-' 35, msuwfmiv' Wrmiu CRAMIER KIRSCHKE BERNHARDT Ixoir H zlfb :ck Tackle Tackle Guam! C ll ml Page 192 'K' THOMASFS RETTINGER IJYNILIII THISTI,IEW'OOD M XRTIV Tackle Fnllbzzvk Cenler Halfbnrk K1 nl Illinois O Michigan 14 In spite of an improved performance the Illini were unable to halt a fast, hard-charging Michigan team which took advantage of its opportunities to score two touchdowns. The first score came in the opening period when Kromer returned Rettinger's short kick against the wind to the Illini 13 yard line. On the next play Tom Harmon broke through for a touch- downg Brennan added the extra point. Dan Smick paved the way for the second Wol- verine score when he blocked an Illini punt and re- covered on the 29 yard line. After three plays had netted Michigan a gain of 7 yards, Harmon passed to Evashevski, who raced 17 yards to the goal line. Again Brcnnan's kick was good. Three times Illinois showed a scoring punch which was crushed before the goal was reached. In the second period on Kirschke's recovery, a Peterson-to- Castelo pass, and runs by Peterson, Illinois advanced to the 40, but an intercepted pass broke up a razzle- dazzle play. Again, in the third and final quarters, intercepted passes blasted hopes after the Illini were in Michigan territory. The Illini tighten up, Page 193 Illinois bucks the line. Illinois 14 Taking advantage of numerous breaks, an Ohio State eleven defeated the Fighting Illini before a Dad's Day crowd of 18,000 spectators. Ohio State's Hrst scoring attempt was a held goal from the 52 yard line, but the kick was shortg and Peterson, taking the ball on the ten yard line, returned it 22 yards. After receiving Rettinger's kick, the Buckeyes opened up in earnest. Starting on their own 46 yard line, Ohio State marched to a touchdown in four plays. Two minutes later an Illinois fumble paved the way for another Buckeye score. The Illini opened their most powerful aerial attack of the season in the second quarter, and four plays sent them 80 yards for a touchdown. Peterson threw three successful passes, jim Phillips taking the first for 21 yards, Herb Young catching the second for 17 hio State 32 yards, and Burris snatching the third for 10 yards. Rettinger, Illini fullback, plunged the remaining four yards for Illinois' first touchdown. Ehni made the extra point. In the third period Ohio State lost the ball on downs on Illinois' 11 yard line. Rettinger was hit hard on the two yard line and fumbled the ball. The Buckeyes recovered and scored a few seconds later, making the score 19-7. Langhurst intercepted Petersonls pass and ran for another Ohio State goal in the fourth quarter. Illinois' second touchdown came when Ohio State fumbled on their own 33 and Illinois recovered. Ehni hit the line for 12 yards and then added three more. Bennett found a big hole at guard and raced to the end zone to score standing up. wk ross ELTING EH NI HATHAWAY BRFWER Tackle Halfbark Quarterback Guard Qua Ierbark Page 194 -Lili Prri nsov Pimi1.IPs REEDER YOUNG BFNNFTT Hillb k End Tackle End F lllmk Illinois 34 Chicago O Displaying a powerful attack in their final game of the year, the Illinois squad broke their string of de- feats by overpowering a small but courageous Chicago team. Play throughout the game was controlled by the Illini, and only once, as a result of several com- pleted passes in the third quarter, were the Maroons able to advance near the Illinois goal, After marching into Chicago territory early in the game, Illinois made its first touchdown when Peter- son passed to Rettinger who was downed on the 1 yard line. Brewer plunged over on the next play. In the following quarter Lundberg recovered a Chi- cago fumble on the 21 yard line, and four plays later Ralph Bennett swept around left end to score. Ehni's kick was good. In the final period Thistlewood carried the ball deep into Maroon territory, and Burris scored the third touchdown from the 2 yard line. A moment later Rettinger returned an intercepted pass to the 5 yard line, from which point Thistlewood scored. The final touchdown was the result of an interception by McMillen. Purvis passed to Govedare, and he lateralled to Bennett who scored standing up. Bennett touchdown bound. Page 195 ,,4....,..,,..,m, .1..,,.,w-n-n-nm. . . My 'M-Lf ,.,.,,x ,, 'Y L ' 'gi 1 nv-zfwnf-:H W4,:,.V,, f, Agn.- J' 5 ' 9425! sw, ' X' 2. lx Q . i . I . i i Kinsella Qhapirn Sachs Riclimnnd Frank Bullock Mills Diish XY'ardley Nisliet Dehner Hapac Iiandlon Roett cr Varsity Basketball .V--1 IDOUGLAS R. NIII15 The Illinois basketball team was one of the better teams in our history. Regret that we could not have figured in the championship should not prevent ap- propriate credit being given to this squad. Its Big Ten record of eight won and four lost has only been exceeded by two Illinois teams since 1917 and these teams, 1955, which won nine and lost three, and 1937, which won ten and lost two, were co- champions. In this same period only two other teams turned in an record. The loss of Captain Tom Nisbet at the close of the first semester and the illness of Pick Dehner and Bill Hapac the week of the first Purdue game were handi- caps. The grand total of all games was 15 victories to S defeats. The only non-conference defeat was at Notre Dame midsemester. Again the Illini traveled east to beat Manhattan college in Madison Square Garden before 19,000 and Villanova, before 10,000, in Convention Hall at Philadelphia. The team played before approximately 151,000 persons, a record for Illinois. Pick Dehner was second in Big Ten scoring with 151 points, a new Illinois record and also had a new Illinois all-game record of 2111 points. His three-year scoring of 500 points was also a new Illinois record. Dehner was unanimous choice for all-conference and numerous All-American teams. I-Iapac, captain-elect by unanimous choice, was fifth in Big Ten scoring and also set a new Illinois record for scoring in sophomore-junior seasons. Jay Wfardley, winning his third letter, finished his floor career in fine style. The squad was friendly, harmonious, fine to coach, and will go down as one of the most colorful teams in our annals. fffmi li 4 Page 198 M,-ii. , .... it ii iii l i yaiaaig fi if 5 I i ,L fe.. I -bf ,, i QE, S, fs,, 25 "' ,AIV 'Q 3 , x ' I s 1, .,. -cv' W ...X , ,L- ' 1' if B' if ,swf - 'I om Nisum I 'riff 111 1:1 ,I :... ,Q 3 2, f V, s.. - 1 Asa I JOHN 1. KINSEIIA Senmr Ilinnager GEORGE H. DICKIERSON JOHN L. FROTHINGHAM junior .Mfzrzageu Varsity Basketball Ohio State Indiana ILLINOIS Minnesota Purdue Northwestern Wisconsin Chicago Michigan Iowa ILLINOIS 49 61 49 60 28 35 30 28 43 45 FRESHMAN Washington University. . . North Dakota .......... Connecticut State ........ Manhattan . . Villanova. . . Cornell . . . Michigan . . . Indiana . . . Chicago . . . . Ohio State. . . VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD, 1939 BIG TEN STANDINGS ILLINOIS RECORD OPPONENTS ILLINOIS PCT. PTS. .833 478 .750 514 .667 434 .583 508 .500 406 .417 366 .333 379 .333 349 .333 393 .250 390 Wisconsin . . . Minnesota. . . . . Notre Dame . Iowa . . . . . . Purdue . . . . Michigan . . . Purdue . . . . Northwestern . . . . Chicago... 1938-39 OP. 415 446 358 459 400 415 427 431 422 470 OPPONENTS 34 . 35 . 38 . 26 . 34 . 28 . 26 . 36 . 26 Agtroth Port Casey Ivens Townshend Dillon Woods Hocking Easterbrook Duncan Sherman Huff Milosevich Miller Bell Brewer Braun Page 199 i Varsity Basketball fvtac I '-ig' fW'f':je,, 3 pw . .,., VV I ai' 5 H, MW f a 2 i Le. Nisiii"r, Gram! ' ,fi ' if mm ,A ,mga . in 1. ai my if rr- 5 sg if . J yr ? ' 4 f ,Qi t ' 1 ft g l ' s Hnmc, Ffiriumi Page 200 gs- ff: W Illinois opened its basketball schedule December 10 with a 49 to 31 win over Wasliington. Although Coach Mills used seven sophomores during the game, veterans Bill I-Iapac and Pick Dehner led the attack. The next Saturday again saw Dehner and Hapac bear the brunt of the attack against the University of North Dakota, the Illini winning, 61 to 33. In the seasons third tilt, Captain Nisbet sparked the team to a A19 to 23 victory over Connecticut State in Huff gym, Taking a trip east during the holiday recess, the Illini successfully maintained their unbeaten record. At Madison Square Garden the team trounced Man- hattan College in a rough and stumbling game, 60 to -il, twenty-five of the sixty points being contributed by Dehner. This number of individual points was enough to smash the old Madison Square Garden record of twenty-three. Two days later, at Phila- delphia's Convention Hall, the Illinois squad, playing one of their best games, defeated Villanova, 28 to 22. Back home the fighting Illini eked out a 35 to 3fi win over Cornell University. For only a minute and fifteen seconds Illinois possessed a lead over Cornell, but those seventy-five seconds were the last of the game, Dehner tied the count with three minutes to go, and a little later Hapac sank the winning free throw. Michigan, the Illini's first Big Ten opponent, went down before flawless ball-handling. The triumph, breaking a jinx which has been cast over Illinois con- ference opening nights for four years, was by a 30 to 20 margin. While Dehner and Hapac continued to pace the team's scoring, Captain Tom Nisbet de- served much credit for handling the careful, methodi- cal ofifense similar to that used against Villanova. In a rough game the following Monday, Indiana handed Illinois the season's initial defeat, 29 to 28. The scoreboard reading 13 to 9 against them at the half, Indiana came back and displayed a brand of ball that carried them to a lead of 22 to 17, eleven minutes after play had been resumed. Illinois, one consolation was the fact that Dehner had garnered thirteen points to lead both teams in scoring honors. Later in the week playing at Chicago, the Illini whipped the I .,. if i . mf I i VTX? ,fi i x '1 l if I I I ,IS it Di iiwra, Cmifw- . -gf rua .,- f X Q .wif f te ax'-e. w lv if f 1 fi , fv- Q .. 2 , K, N. 7 ' i I rf XX .-mm I Y, Gilmiul '24 if or --.1 IQQ f +9 i ? tisi glial l . . s 3 ia ,.- M33 ggi? rf' Q is ii x", if v ,, ft , . , -' s- 'f v- if DRISH, Forzznzrvl 'Varsity Maroons, 43 to 33. Scoring was headed by Bill Hapac, who tossed in eight field goals and a free throw for a total of seventeen points. Monday, january 16, Illinois went into a three-way tie in the Big Ten by virtue of its victory over Ohio State, 45 to 31, Sharing the top with Illinois were Minnesota and Indiana, each with three wins and one loss. In addition to superb passing, ball-handling, and shooting, the game featured a scoring duel be- tween Dehner and Hull of Ohio, Dehner finally com- ing out on top with nineteen points to Hullls fourteen. FRANK, Gnfmz' Basketball Playing at Madison the following Saturday, Illinois achieved a 37 to 34 win over Wisconsin, which put the Orange and Blue in undisputed lead of the Big Ten. Dehner and Hapac took first and second places in Big Ten scoring, having accumulated a total of 64 points and 58 points respectively. january 23 was "blue Monday" for the Illini, for at Minneapolis the Gophers knocked them out of first place by a 35 to 33 win. Witli eight minutes to go the Illinois quintet held a 32 to 23 lead, but Minne- sota scored 10 points while the Orange and Blue Hapac meets Anderson Dehner scores on Chirago Page 201 Varsity Basketball aaaa f g .wp X' fX a y 7, r , up if la I O'N15II.L, Cenlei' 235535 it 1 .4 .. X, lm--""' . y ', ee-.,. 1 5 6 3 - ,-fV,-,.,. I 'i--'ili1.3i 1 fi Sac!-Is, Guam' Page 202 gained one, and in the last 20 seconds Addington slipped in a field goal to put the game on ice for the Northerners. At Notre Dame the powerful Irish squad defeated the Illini 38 to 24 in a non-conference game. Experi- menting with new men, Coach Mills started Richmond and Shapiro for Wardley and the ineligible Nisbet, while forward johnny Drish was put back at guard. The Notre Dame five, however, rolled up an early lead and was never headed. Iowa provided the next obstacle to championship hopes, but Illinois marched into a three-way tie with Ohio State and Minnesota for second place in the Big Ten by winning from the Hawkeyes, 34 to 26. The game was carried on in unimpressive style, with Drish garnering 8 points and Dehner 17 to pace the Illini. At Lafayette Saturday, February 11, Purdue gave the hard-fighting Illini a 34 to 30 setback. The ab- sence of Dehner and Hapac due to illness was dis- tinctly noticeable and may have been a good reason why Illinois dropped from second to fourth place in the conference standings. Each was able to play only 5 minutes of the contest. The following Monday, Dehner, with sixteen points, led the way to a 35 to 28 victory over Michigan at Ann Arbor. Never in the game could the Illini safely rest up on their lead, but they were never headed after the start of the second half. They kept plugging along, and not until Dehnerls last-minute basket did they get more than six points ahead. The seventh Big Ten win was chalked up when Purdue bowed to the Illini quintet, 35 to 26. Witli Hapac setting the pace by virtue of his thirteen points, the outcome of the rough tilt was never in doubt, for the Illini were ahead from the start. At Evanston, February 25, Northwestern eliminated the Illini from the race for conference honors when its fast, aggressive team defeated the Illini in a rough, thrilling contest, 36 to 34. Behind 29 to 23 with six minutes to go, Illinois tied the count at 34 all with forty-five seconds remaining. Vance, Wildcat guard, then sank a long one to cinch the game for North- western. HANDLON, Guard .Q .65 xiqix V a u tx 9 K """'x- xwigag Qszrswimgiadmffsazl ::a.'f1 f.sf ff vi- A-..m...,. 1 CUSICK, Cvnlef' ff! f , 'Tia we me 4 2 i 'M 'f' ,ff t . E I ' K psf g 5 s Q yi , ,fr 1 1 - ' -A I it WVR I aas ,, me E p A Ei ' 'I T 'iz' " , .. f:" f ' I 2 Q"',,AK .1 strrs w 2 I a ,Qiyj f a a l fffi Siiaifino, Ffifu-fm! Rlitnxioxu, Gzmm' Varsity Basketball The hnal game provided a happy ending to a suc- cessful basketball campaign. Never behind, the Orange and Blue collected 49 points to Chicago's 26, and while the first stages of the game were comparaa tively uninteresting, the closing minutes saw Dehner being continually fed the ball in an effort to raise his point total. Sioring nineteen points, Dehner, a senior, boosted his seasons record to lil, four more than his total for the previous year, to come in 18 points behind Hull, Big Ten scoring leader from Ohio State. Wzlrdley, also playing his last game for Illinois, col- lected the most points he has made in a conference game, six. During a time out in the second half, the crowd gave these two seniors the loudest and longest ovation accorded basketball players in Huff gym in recent years. The Illinois 1939 basketball quintet achieved a record to be proud of in these days when almost any Big Ten squad is capable of defeating the leaders. Eight wins and four losses is an enviable record. Coach Doug Mills showed the Illini basketball fans a fine team, good sportsmanship, and a successful basketball season, and Illinois captured an undis' puted third place in the Big Ten. Drisli takes a shut There it goes Page 203 'mu V Leupold Burgdorf Dunfec Carper Booze Krivec Stl ubert Epstein Farr Johnson Stout Downs McCown Ashley Diefenthaler Gragg Reis ng Blown Hugill Robin Varsity Track The loss by graduation of eight outstanding letter- men of the 1938 squad dimmed the prospects of the 1939 indoor and outdoor season. The addition of Park Brown in the distances, Reising in the high hurdles, and Stout in the pole vault, all from the freshman squad of 1938, compensated some for these losses but failed to give the balance needed for a suc- cessful track team. Encouragement came, however, through the improved performance of Captain Bob Diefenthaler in the high jump, Bob Ashley in the sprints and 440, McCown and Downs in the 440. Illinois opened their indoor season against Ohio State at Ohio, losing 57 to 38. Gragg in the shot, Diefenthaler and Robinson in the high jump, and Stout in the pole vault gave Illinois its first places. The high spot of the indoor season was the Illinois Relays. This meet proved one of the best in its long history. Bob Ashley's second place in the 300-yard dash and Diefenthaler's first in the high jump were outstanding for Illinois. Following the Illinois Relays, Illinois met North- western at Illinois, winning 44 to 27. Park Brown turned in a double triumph, winning the mile and 2 mile. On the following Saturday, Illinois lost to Indiana at Indiana. Captain Diefenthaler's high jump of 6 feet, 624 inches was the outstanding performance of the meet and established a new Illinois Indoor Record. LEO T- JOHNSON Ronrm' J DIFFFNITHALER Page 206 CMU? Capfazn CARR A. LISIIPOID Caudlc Isaacson Melody Thomas Semor Zl'la1mg'r Levuton Kleinpastc Mallory Schneider Sajwbam ore .Mrlalugcnr Varsity Track BIG TEN CONFERENCE MEETS OUTDOOR TRACK, 1938 INDOOR TRACK, 1939 Michigan .... ................. 3 325 Michigan . , ................... 412 Wisconsin . . . . .27Lf, Wisconsin . . . . . .MM Iowa ...... . . .2015 Indiana ...,. . . . .20 ' Ohio State ...ww Ohio State ....18 ' L' t g Indiana .. ...19 Purdue . .. ....11 ' ILLINOIS . . . ...Ie Chicago . . . .. 95 i g gg Chicago . . . .. 61,45 Northwestern . . 915 J Purdue.... ...4 Iowa...... ..7 Northwestern . . . 3M ILLINOIS . . . . 6 V Minnesota . . 3 Minnesota . . ,. 3 RICHARD P. II BERT , JR. Ji'555f'A15f3553I' FRESHMAN VARSITY TRACK SQUAD, 1939 Wilbanks Bushing Goldberg Edwards Olson Stark Kaplan Hoult Pavlovich Gilbert Q Walker Turner Terry Giles Anderson Hale Erdman Espy Hogan Kovm Page 207 Ashley third in the 220 Yarrho chalks up five points Varsity Track Winding up last spring's outdoor meets, the Illinois track team met the Purdue Boilermakers and came out with a 75-56 win. Trailing Purdue as the track events were concluded, the Illini took five out of six field events to win. George Gragg, who won the shot put event and placed second in the discus, was Illinois high point man. Wayne Yarcho showed the best Illini form as he upset his Purdue opponent in the two mile race. Others to place first were Chuck Keller, pole vault, Bill McCown, 220: Bob Ashley, quarter mile, and Glosecki, discus. The next outdoor event was the Drake Relays where Dean Frary hurled the discus 148 feet, 6 inches to take first place, and the Illini mile relay team chalked up the third fastest performance of the day. The only other event in which Illinois qualified was the quarter mile relay, the team was composed of Lehmann, Ashley, Robinson, and Leutwiler. Bad luck kept Brunton and Robinson from qualifying in the high hurdles, as one fell and the other got off to a slow start. Two new meet records were established and another was equalled as the well-balanced Michigan team cap- tured eleven events to win its only outdoor dual meet of the season 8724, to 431,45 against the Illini. Illinois took four firsts: the half mile, 220-yard dash, quarter mile, and broad jump. The 1958 track captain, Harry Gaines, turned in a 1:55.2 in winning the half mile, while Burt Downs raced from fifth at the 220-yard mark to first to win the quarter mile. Bob Ashley's 21.5 seconds won the 220, and Dick Brunton gained another first in the broad jump. In finishing up the ASHLEY DIEFENTHALER Daflvef High-jump Page 208 DowNs MCCOWN 440 440 Gnfxcc Booze Wezgbrx Hurdle.: REISING BROWN Hurdle: Diitfmre Varsity Track outdoor season, Wisconsin took the cindermen in a pouring rain to a score of 702 to SSM. Fenske, who ran the fastest mile in Midwestern track history at the Armour Relays, defeated Harry Gaines in the half mile with the time of 1 :59.3. Dick Brunton and jack Robinson lost the high hurdles to the Badgers, but came back to win first and second in the 220-yard low hurdles. Illinois took the discus again with Frary's throw of 141 feet, 4 inches. The 1939 Illinois track team, captained by Bob Diefenthaler, opened its indoor season by meeting Ohio State. The Buckeyes stopped the Illini in their opening Big Ten indoor meet of the season 57-38, allowing Illinois only two first places and a tie for another. In the shot put event, George Gragg reg- istered a throw of 44 feet, 6 inches for a first place, and in the high jump Captain Bob Diefenthalcr and Robinson shared honors with leaps of 5 feet, 10 McCown wins the 440 Captain Diefenthaler goes over Pcxge 209 Yartlio and Broun leading Stunt clears the bar Varsity Track inches. I.arry Stout, sophomore pole vaulter, and Lucas of Ohio State tied for first place at ll feet even. Illinois' Dick Reising trailed Pagel of Ohio to the finish line in both hurdles races. Witli a defeat chalked up against them, the Illini trackmen proved their superiority to Northwestern in almost every division as they handed the Wilclczit cindermen a decisive 5229 defeat. Only in the sixty yard dash, where Northwesterns sophomore sprinter scooted home ahead of Bill I-Iugill and Bob Ingalls. and in the high jump only could Northwestern claim any margin over the Illini. Northwesterns Smith came through with a 6 foot, 2245 inch leap to upset Captain Bob Diefenthaler. Smith reached the same height at the Illinois relay carnival, but that effort was good for only third place behind the Illini CIaptain's 'U""""g' Sc Hl'RI'R'1' Kaivic ,HO-660 M0 Page 210 'umb of 6 feet, 4U inches. This meet saw six of the J . I f2 22 year-old meet records pass into oblivion. The only previous meetings between the two schools were in 1915 and 1916, Illinois winning both times. The six marks broken were in the -1410, 880, mile, pole vault, hign jump, and shot put, and the 60-yard dash record v,'..s equalled. Park Brown, sophomore cross country man. copped individual honors, finishing first for Illi' nois in both the mile and tvvo-mile runs. Dick Reising gave his season's best performance in out-distancing Northwestern's comparatively strong high hurdles entries in :O9.0. The next meet of the season was the conference meet. Illinois' share of the glory at the twenty-ninth annual XY"esterri Conference was conhned to Captain N-s.,..,.,W.m - I'll't9I11. Romxsox llziluj Illgfi-jrmzji Brrnnnomr FARR Pole-mn!! Hurdler DUNFFE S'1'oL'T -4 Varsity Track Bob Diefenthalerls victory in the high jump with a leap of 6 feet, 4 inches, and to a fifth place in the one mile relay. The Illini followed Iowa with a one point disadvantage to take ninth place in the meet. Michigans all-powerful Wfolverines, keeping up their good work of the season, won their sixth consecutive indoor championship, compiling the most remarkable string of indoor track titles in the history of the Big Ten. They amassed 411.5 points to walk away with top honors in a meet which saw three new meet rec- ords established. Diefenthaler failed in three attempts to establish a new record of 6 feet, 7 inches. Michi- gan's relay team established a new record with a 3:18.9, and their entry in the shot put event came through with a new record of 51 feet, Sk inches. Wisconsin broke the pole vault record by clearing 14 feet, In inches, and Ohio State set a new record in the 440, Gragg heaves the shot On your marlggetset, . . . . . . Page 211 -V0 P1116-1111111 Illinois Relays ! X Diefentlialer on the victoi"s stand Thirty-seven midwestern colleges and universities sent almost 500 track and field performers to repre- sent them in the sixteenth annual Illinois Relay Car- nival. Six meet records were broken and one world mark was tied as the relays upheld the reputation of the outstanding indoor track meet of the middle west. North Central Colleges mile relay team initiated the record breaking by running the distance in 3 :23.9. In the evening Greg Rice of Notre Dame became the outstanding individual performer by virtue of his record-breaking time in the 1500 meter run and the one-mile university team race. Elmer Hackney of Kansas State heaved the shot 51 feet, 321 inches for a new record while other records were being set by the Indiana two mile university relay team and the Ohio State mile university relay team. Captain Bob Diefenthaler, Illinois, leaped 6 feet, inches to win over Wes Allen of Michigan who tied with Albritton for the championship in 1938, In the 300 yard dash Bob Ashley finished right in back of defending champion Harley Howells to come in second, and Wayne Yarcho added to the Illinois total when he came in third in the 1000 yard run. e start ol the one mile university tean' l"1'E Elmer Gedeon of Michigan successfully defended his title by skimming over the high hurdles in 0:09.1, and his teammate Stan Kelley won the lows in 0:08.2. Milt Padway of Wisconsin was also a successful de- fending champion as he cleared the pole vault at I3 feet, 6 inches. Greer of Michigan State gets the credit for the one world mark of the meet by virtue of his record-tying performance of 0:07.1i in the 75-yard dash. Page 212 The 1000-ya rd run The .ill-around winner 75 -yard dash .... 300-yard clash ..... 75-yard low hurdles. . 75-yard high hurdles. . . 1000-yard run ..... 1500-meter run .... High jump .... Broad jump .... Shot put. . . Pole vault. . One mile university relay. . . Two mile university relay. . . University medley relay .... Shuttle hurdle relay ........ One mile univer One mile college relay ...... Two mile college relay .... College medley relay. . . . All-around .......... sity team race. . . . Illinois Relays . . .Greer fMichigan Statej . . .Howells fOhio Statej . . . .Kelley fMlCl1lgLlHJ . . . .Gedeon fMichiganj .Fehr fMichigan Statej . . . .Rice fNotre Damej .Diefenthaler flllinoisj . . . . .Wfatson fMichiganj . . . .Hackney fKansas Statej . . .Padway fwisconsinj ..........OhioState . . . .Indiana . . . .Missouri . . .,.. Michigan . . . . . . .Michigan . . . .North Central . . . . . . .Butler ..........Loyola . . . .Eivins fDrakej f-.i The one mile university team race - The 75-yard low hurdles The shot put winner The court of honor DA-A run ,wwnmw ..W-ww-.W--VW... ,.,, ff M ,W 5 L, . '51- 'wffffwwm f mm w,,-'FM I' www , --, lf" I v 1' .mia gr ug? N RQ 5 .4 A J f :X E . f vi 4 ' ff ' 6 0 , ffif, T'w?5H .f"f 'Z ' vfbiflfzf- S 32155 fig E' qw , U v-Z'P",' ' ' 1 ' ig 5 K -.,, 1:7 , R 4 L r- f?-1551K 412 Y? , ' .. 4 im' A- W1 "f 4 W 'fy :ah , , s"f','r-X, ,..v , :A f ,, , " :- JA gnu af, if 1 .51 .xl rw? 4 , ei 1 sw Pacotti Roettger Jahnke n Kallis Farrington Y Kucera Mazeika C' x illo Nykiel Berne! Callahan McConnell Sainati Doyle Christi lnsen I i l Varsity Baseball The conference record of four victories and four defeats which the 1938 varsity baseball team com- piled was a worthwhile accomplishment. The team which took the field was greatly changed from that which won the championship the previous year. In addition to the eight men lost through graduation, Ray Poat, Louis Boudreau, Eddie Haef- fler, and Meyer Schuckman were also unable to com- pete. As a result only two veterans were finally available, Captain Callahan, first baseman, and Tom McConnell, catcherg new men had to fill the other positions. The team lacked experience and was not as strong in actual ability as many of those of the past. How- ever, to the credit of the boys it should be said that they played their best and gave a good account of themselves in practically every game. Those they lost were closely contested, as a total dihference of six runs in four games would indicate. The most satisfying games of the season were the two wins over Michigan, the most disappointing, the two close 2-0 losses at Ohio State. Features of the season's play were: the fine work of the battery men, pitchers Sainati and Pacotti and catcher McConnell, and the hitting of jack Berner and Captain Callahan. Berner led the team in hitting and Callahan tied for the Conference leadership in runs batted in. Lf XVAI.TER H. Roifrrciin TOM M MLCONNF'-L Cong, C 11911172 Page 216 Rwimizu P. IJRAKE Sm rA1f Q ' CHTORGIE H. DUNN J.-mrs G. S'I'AlH.FS junior' .lliimlgtf Varsity Baseball 1958 BASEBALL STANDINGS BIG TEN CONFERENCE Iowa . . . Indiana . . Purdue .... Wisconsin .. Ohio State . . ILLINOIS . . Chicago .... Michigan . . . Minnesota .. Northwestern W. L. PCT. 3 .700 3 .700 5 .545 5 .545 5 .500 4 .500 5 .444 6 .400 7 .364 8 .333 CONFERENCE GAMES Team Batting Average .......... .253 Team Fielding Average .... . .951 Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois SOPHOMORE BASEBALL MANAGERS ILLINOIS 1 4 ....5 4 ....6 ....5 2 ......l0 ......l4 . O . 0 1 2 I0 . 3 4 .7 RECORD Bradley .... Ill. Wesleyan Ill. Wesleyan Bradley .... Bloomington Bloomington Bloomington Michigan ,. Michigan .. Ohio State. . Ohio State. . Wisconsin . Notre Dame Chicago . . . Northwestern Northwestern Ill. Normal. 'ii W ll ams lxerwin Raymond Usborne Parisot Borneman Polzin Manning Page 217 NYKIEL, Third Baie Callahan out on a close one Varsity Baseball With the opening of spring practice an encouraging number of Illini baseball men turned out for prelim- inary training in preparation for the coming season. From the outset it was seen that Coach Wally Roettger would have a difficult problem living up to last sea- son's championship with only three letter men, Cap- tain John Callahan, Tom McConnell, and Ray Poat, most valuable Big Ten player of last year, returning. In spite of bad weather, the squad eagerly under- took early season drill in anticipation of their pre- conference games. Because of an almost entire new team, Coach Roettger had to experiment continually with the line-up. After preliminary practice, the squad won 4 and lost 3 of their non-conference games, tak- ing two from Illinois Wesleyan, splitting a two game series with Bradley, and dropping two out of three games to Bloomington of the Three I league. just before the Three I series, Ray Poatls old ailment cropped up to throw the pitching burden on Sainati, Pacotti, and Stuebner for the rest of the season. In the first Big Ten game, Illinois defeated their old baseball rival, Michigan, in a twelve inning game by the final score of 10-9. Scattering 13 hits, Sainati went the whole pitching route for Illinois. Assisting him were Kallis and Kucera, who each collected 3 hits. In the 12th inning Kucera doubled to bring in Mc- Connell from second, two successive walks loaded the bases, and Cavallo hit a long fly to left field bringing B t ""'? t.i 1 is xi, . Lfwijg . I ' 4, if as ff? I-' W3 1. f, gh I In kzlyaaiw W ,,.., .: , . - wa r . , H - .1 , 51, ,aaa , I , .5,g,,5,,t1 al. gg 5,575 . PACOTTI, Pifrbev' CALLAHAN, Fim Bare SAINATI, Pitcher Capmin, 1933 Page 218 S rs, .,-neg . . f Xa '- 'MM we 1 , "-1 V, . .lr .V Q, CHRISTIANSEN, Ourfield MCCONNELL, Catcher Capzam, 1939 McConnell lines one out Varsity Baseball in the winning run. The next day the diamond-men duplicated their feat of the day before, winning 14-7 before a record crowd of 2,175. Pacotti received able support in the first frame when an Illini hitting bar- rage scored 7 of their 14 run total. Berner took batting honors for the day by making 3 of the 13 Illinois hits. Both teams made four errors and Illinois collected 13 hits to Michigan's 11. The walk-away can be attrib- uted to the fact that Pacotti bore down in the pinches, Illinois grouped its hits, and the unfortunate Michigan hurlers gave a total of 14 free passes. After extensive hitting and fielding drills, the squad went to Columbus to be defeated by Ohio State in two hard-fought games, both by the score of 2-0. With their star right-hander, Dagenhard, allowing only 4 hits, Ohio scored both runs in the first inning with the help of two costly Illini errors to win the first game. Leo Sainati, who allowed but 7 hits, held the Buckeyes scoreless during the last 8 innings. In the second game, with Kilmer allowing only 3 hits, Ohio again came through, making both runs after two were out in the 4th and 8th innings. In four different innings Illinois threatened to score, but each time collective action by the Bucks prevented anyone's crossing the plate. Following a week of shifting the infield positions in hope of finding a better combination, Illinois lost to Wisconsin, 2-1, after a vain 9th inning rally. 'XJ fy--ff ,t V, f ,-aa, 'ta : filam- . ' iff -at ,-,.. V ,. ' Q 2 W :Q Q iv 2. ag ,.. ' . .5 X it , Q v 1. u 4 . fi 5 t tc S 5 a ' f , Sf 2 , f . S if 1 It A v it M get w 5 f at . fi, fit ar ,, at 5,55 af is 43 W if af . . .V W l a aefw' STEUBNER, Pitrber . -'S 'ff 4 .,, Vkyh in yf -ya , Q-,ma, K . ,- S y ,xx azf..ot,- fa . 1 W-"Ti 991, 'A h V QQ, gtg SM S 'N x -ff 4 S f S ', .L + 'H' in t . f em:-Q. I .wa 'Q' , sgasw - ,R--., if': :ff 2. , E m y ,aa ' . ww fi ,A Vfiiif-W t K 'fi , A FARRINGTON, Outfield Page 219 Mazurka, Outjfeld Kucmm, Sbarmop Page 220 Berner slides in home Varsity Baseball Hendrichs, allowing 6 hits, was aided by line fielding on the part of his Wisconsin teammates. Captain Callahan came in with an Illini run on a hit by Mc- Connell in the 4th, but further scoring was stopped when Dick Kucera hit into a double play with Berner and McConnell on base. Although Sainati pitched a steady brand of ball, Wisconsin was too powerful both at bat and in the field. Four days later the Illini, although they played errorless ball, went down in defeat before Notre Dame, 8-2. Stuebner, having allowed 3 runs, was suc- ceeded by Pacotti in the last of the fifth. Mandjiak, Notre Dames hurler, became a little unsteady in the eighth and hit Cavallo with a pitched ball for a free base and then walked Pacotti. Cavallo scored on a single by Mazeika, and later an error by the ,catcher scored Pacotti for the second Illini run. Determined to end a 4 game losing streak, Illinois traveled to Chicago and came out on top, 10-5, by combining Pacotti's seven hit pitching with a long dormant hitting attack. In the second inning, Pacotti scored Berner on a single, Mazeika sent two more runs across with a ringing double, and Chuck Farrington scored Mazeika with a long single. In the third Calla- han came home on Berner's infield grounder and three innings later another Illinois run was gained by Kucera's base on balls, Nykiel's sacrifice, and Pacotti's base on an error. Two more runs were scored in the DOYLE, Catcher CAVALLO, Serand Bare aw ,lynx Doyle late at first Varsity Baseball seventh when Callahan and Berner hit successive homers, and in the eighth, Cavallo came home on a single by Mazeika to climax Illinois' hitting barrage. Chicago scored 4 of their 5 runs in the sixth on a walk, a two-bagger, and three singles. The Illini ended the season with a two game series with Northwestern. In the first game, before an Inter- scholastic Week-end crowd, the team weathered both a rainstorm and superior Wildcat hitting to emerge victorious 3-2. Illinois scored their deciding 2 runs when Cavallo's grounder was fumbled to score Kucera and Nykiel. The tables were turned in the next con- test, however, and, in spite of outhitting the Wildcats, Illinois dropped the last game of the season by a score of 5-4. Northwestern took permanent possession of the lead when Diehl smashed a double over Mazeika's head in the Sth. Mazeika and Berner led the Illini batters with 3 hits each. The following players ap- peared for the last time in an Illinois uniform: Leo Sainati, Captain John Callahan, Ted Nykiel, Jack Berner, Russ Doyle, and Don Christianson. This last game gave the Illini diamond men a per- centage of .500 for both the season and the conference games. In spite of only an average showing, Coach Roettger and the entire team deserve plenty of credit for their work after last year's championship squad had been so badly crippled by ineligibilities and graduation. Vrmcco Tb1rdB.aJe BERNER Ouflifld O T H E R V A R S I T Y S P O R T S MWF' Helman Petry Deutschman Purvin Boyd Leverich Brennan Huth Sikich Varsity Wrestling Illinois scored its first wrestling triumph january 6 by defeating Iowa State Teachers 20 to 6. The next day Illinois State Normal fell by a 26 to 8 score. The third straight win occurred when Iowa State was beaten 23 to 3. Two weeks later the first setback came, Kansas State winning 17 to 11. The powerful Wildcats lived up to their name, but the outcome was doubtful until Hackney won from Sikich, 5 to 4. The next day at Lincoln the Illini grapplers took seven out of eight matches to defeat Nebraska 23 to 3. The fifth victory in six starts came when Ohio State was overcome, 18 to 8. This meet, opening the Big Ten season for both squads, resulted in Ohio's first loss. One week later, February 18, Indiana kept intact its long wrestling jinx over Illinois by whipping the Illini 20 to 6 at Bloomington. Captain Deutschman and Sikich were the only Orange and Blue winners in the lop-sided defeat. Oklahoma A. and Mfs high-geared team clicked off another notch in its record-making cycle as it dis- posed of the Illini by the same score as the Indiana meet had shown a week previously, 20 to 6. March 4 the Illini upheld their record of never having lost to the University of Iowa in a wrestling meet. The score was 1615 to 72. At the Big Ten wrestling tournament in Chicago, March 11, Illinois took a second place tie with Mich- igan. Indiana piled up 27 points to win the meet while the Illini and Wolx'es each scored 19. Deutsch- man and Helman won individual championships, giving the former an undefeated record for the season. HAROLD E. KENNEY Cwzcb Page 224 sf Anemia J. Dnurscx-1 MAN Capfuln si' i 1 X.. Norem Jennings Butler Clow Goldstein Dallenbach Field Linder Sivert Price Koelinemann Fina Giallombardo XVeiss Cress Varsity Gymnastics The Illinois gymnasts opened their season with a 430.5 to 349.5 win over George Williams College of Chicago. Less than a month later, the Illini piled up advantages in the horizontal bar, the flying rings, and tumbling to score a 55.10 to 541.49 victory over the University of Chicago. The team rolled up an easy 441 to 359.5 win over Carbondale, February 18. Winning all three places in the final event of the meet, tumbling, the Illini gymnasts nosed out the Minnesota gym team the next Saturday at Minne- apolis. Giallombardo, Weiss, and Golde took all the places in the event, which gave Illinois a total score of 531.5 to the Gophers' 524. The next Monday the Illini swamped Iowa at Iowa City by a 542 to 420 score. This victory, coupled with that over Minnesota the preceding week, gave definite proof that Illinois was the team to beat in the conference meet. The encounter with Chicago here March 4 gave further prestige to the Illini, for the Orange and Blue won 553.5 to 468. The team proved its superiority the following Saturday by winning for Illinois its first Big Ten gymnastic championship since 1935. Leading by a scant seven points before the final event, the tumblers Giallombardo, Golde, and Weiss finished first, sec- ond, and third respectively to give Illinois a well- deserved victory. Illinois men placed first in four of the five events. Fina scored two firsts, while Koehne- mann gave an almost perfect performance to win on the side horse, but it was the tumbling of Joe Gial- lombardo that left the crowd breathless and offered the best exhibition of the day. Illinois garnered 111.5 points, Minnesota 89.5, Chicago 62.5, and Iowa 11.5. joslivrr J. GIALLOMBAKUO Crzpmm I'IARTI.lZY D. Pmcrs Coach Page 225 Bretherick Wollrab Kireilis Kurlak McKinley McDonald Jones Kirkland Cutter Lowe Hopwood Alcorn Manley Silverthorne Kienlcn Holquist Unterman Varsity Swimming Captain George Lowe's team opened the 1939 tank season with an easy and convincing victory over Carleton College. In winning, the Illini copped every event, lost only one second place, and broke four pool records. Lowe set new records in both the 220 and 440 yard free style races to lead in individual scoring. The next day Illinois ventured into its first Big Ten competition by meeting the Minnesota Gophers and trouncing their tankmen, 43-37. Lowe again won the 220 and 440 free style, Bill jones won the 50 yard free style event, and jim Wollrab came through for Illinois in the 100 yard event. Wollrab's victory proved to be the turning point of the meet as the Illini started a winning streak. Then, the undefeated Illinois team outswam Pur- due, 60-24, for its second Big Ten victory, winning 8 out of 9 firsts. Lowe continued to be the Illini point-getter as he swept through the opposition to chalk up his third double win of the season in the 220 and 440 free style. Completing the events, a 400 yard free style relay team of Ray Kireilis, Bob Cutter, Kirkland, and Wollrab breezed past the Boilermakers to win by a poolls length. In concluding the swimming season, the Illini whipped Northwestern, 44-40, and then journeyed to Purdue for the Big Ten conference meet where they placed fourth. Michigan scored 73 points to take the championship for the thirteenth consecutive year. Six new conference records were setg four by Michigan, and two by Ohio. Illinois scored its 9 points with Lowels 440 free style, Kirkland's 200 yard breast-stroke, and the 300 yard medley relay. EDWIN J. MANLEY Coach Page 226 GEORGE A. LOWE Capmin Varble Kloock Kireilis Gudgeon C I. e H d McDonald utter ow opwoo Manley Alcorn Wollrab Jones Unterman Israel Varsity Water Polo This year the Illini water polo team, under the coaching of Ed Manley, and with their captain, Bill jones, ranked third place in the conference with two wins, Purdue and Minnesota, and two losses, North- western and Chicago. As most of the season at the George Huff gymnasium pool was spent in the de- veloping of the strong swimming team, expectations were not too great for the water polo squad. In the conference opener the Illini downed Minne- sota 2-0, playing in good form but not their best. Against Purdue in the second game, the Orange and Blue worked together better than in any other game. Defeating the Purdue septet 4-O, the Illini employed a more cautious style, and repeatedly forced the play into the Boilermakers' territory with a consistent pass- ing game that paid dividends. Captain Bill jones and Marty Unterman whipped home the first two Illini goals late in the first half to build up a lead that was never threatened. Jones and jim Wollrab accounted for the other two tallies in the final period. The third contest with Northwestern found the Illini below par. The Purple water polo team snapped Illinois' winning streak with an 8-4 victory. Captain Herb Dash of Northwestern scored four goals, while Marty Unterman made two of the Illini goals. In their fourth and last conference game the Illini lost a rough and hard-fought battle to Chicago, 4-3. By winning this game the Maroons clinched the con- ference water polo title. john Varble, Marty Unter- man, and Doug Phillips scored for Illinois. Besides these conference games the water polo team played two games with the Downtown Y.M.C.A. of St. Louis and several with the freshman team. BILLY M. Jomzs Captain EDWIN J. MAN LEY Coach Page 227 Lillie Stubhins jackson Brodsky McKinney Boland Schrader Wilmot Weingartncr Traynham Davis XVoltf l O O Paige Var's1ty Fenc111g The 1939 fencing team opened its season with seven lettermen returning, and under the new fencing coach, jim jackson, placed second in the Big Ten meet. With a score of 8-4 against them in the first meet of the season, the Illinois fencers rallied to win the Hve remaining matches and defeat the strong Fencers Club of St. Louis. The following week brought another victory to the Illini as they walked away with the University of Kentucky, and later de- feated the three man Bear Team representing the University of Washington 9-8. Ralph Wilmot's win in the saber division and Leon Wolffs three brilliant victories in the foils decided the meet. Keeping up their good work, Jacksons team met Wisconsin. With the score tied thirteen bouts apiece, Howard Boland overcame a 1-0 disadvantage in the final epee match to win 2-1 and give the Illini fencers a 14-13 win. The only defeat of the season was taken from the Chicago Maroons as their co-captains led them to a 17-9 edge over Illinois by scoring three wins in their respective saber and epee divisions. The following week, however, brought an easy 192-7X2 victory over Purdue, Wolff and Traynham swept through three straight foil wins to become the stars of the meet. In winding up the season Illinois fell second to Chicago when the final tabulations of the Big Ten meet showed a ZOM-Z-16M score. The Illini saber- men reaped the greatest reward for the team by win- ning 9 out of 10 saber bouts. As a result of this meet, Illinois sent three sabermen to Columbus, Ohio where they competed on the all Big-Ten fencing team. JAMES L. JACKSON Caarb 228 HAROLD C. WnlNt: mrwnn Captain Garrett INIartin Cole Schaefer Crnninger Varsity Polo The Illinois polo team enjoyed a very successful season during 1938. Their record was the best of any mid-western school, and therefore, they retained the mythical Mid-western Collegiate Polo Champion- ship. During the spring season the team consisted of Fred Wriglltg Gene Bauer, Frank Schaefer, captaing Lee Rodgers, and substitutes were Robert johnson and Frank Garrett. The varsity coaches were Major C. B. Cole and Capt. F. S. Kirkpatrick, and Capt. Les Grener was the freshman coach. The season opened April 28 against Alabama Tech. The Illini took this game 5-4, but dropped the next one to the University of Missouri 4-5. The follow- ing week the Illini defeated Ohio State 7-4 at Colum- bus. The next two games were lost to Oklahoma University 3-6 and 6-7, but then the Illini came back to defeat Iowa State S-l and closed the season on May 26 by again defeating Ohio State 7-5. Wriglit, Bauer, and Rodgers were lost by gradu- ation and were replaced in the fall by Jim Martin, Frank Garrett, and Carl Croninger. The freshman coach during the fall was Capt. Edwards Quigley. The first game of the fall season resulted in a tie with the University of Missouri. In the second game the Illini defeated Iowa State 5-4. The next game, an indoor game against Ohio State, was the only defeat of the fall season. The Illini lost by a score of Sw-6. The team again defeated Iowa State by a score of 5-4 and concluded the season on November 17 when they revenged their only defeat by trimming Ohio State IO-2. The totals for the spring and fall seasons were 7 wins, 4 defeats and 1 tie. Frcaxk -I. Sr immin Cirlffzlfll IXIA-I. Curloluv B. 501.13 Cmztb Page 229 Page Welsli Myers Billings Miller Richards Patton Coghill Carlson Hutchison Buzick Varsity Golf The 1938 golf team opened its regular season by defeating the Purdue golfers 14-4 at the Urbana golf course. The second meet was a very closely con- tested one which the Illini took from Iowa 1216-Nw, with honors going to Ralph Carlson and Al Billings. The Orange and Blue met with bad luck when they encountered an experienced Michigan team in the first road meet, and lost MM-125. The following week, however, the Illini came back to their home course, and easily triumphed over the Indiana Hoosiers, 18M-Sw in spite of a continuous rain and a strong wind. The Utleymen again met defeat when they traveled to Evanston and were forced to bow to their toughest opponent, Northwestern, by a score of 12-6. The final meet of the season was against Wisconsin and was played on neutral ground at the University of Minnesota, With a winning score of 13-8, the Illini brought to a close a successful season of 4 victories and 2 defeats, and thus paid tribute to their coach, john H. Utley, who concluded his coaching career at the University of Illinois. The Conference Championship Meet, which was held at Minnesota on May 23 and 24, was taken by the home team with a score of 1255. Illinois came in fourth with 1282, and Northwestern and Michi- gan took second and third place respectively. Sid Richardson of Northwestern won the individual title, and johnny Hobart of Illinois came in sixth. Hobart was the team captain. The other members of the squad were Herb Patton, Al Billings, John Cogliill, Frank Richart, Edgar Hutchison, and Ralph Carlson. JOHN H, UTLEY Coach 230 RALPH O. CARLSON Caplan: Crain McCoy Dean jones johnson Miocluski Schwartz Bond Chanowitz Geninatti Braun Varsity Tennis The tennis team was very fortunate in that all regulars reported back to school for the 1938 season. With Howie Braun as coach and Bill McCoy as Cap- tain, the team displayed a fine brand of tennis and showed the true spirit of Illini sportsmanship. The netmen encountered Illinois State Normal in a pre-conference meet on April 16, and because of strong winds the meet was held in the Armory. The Illini won by a score of 5-1 although they met stiii' competition all the way. Getting off to a bad start in conference meets the Illini dropped the first two 5-4 and 6-3 to Michigan and Minnesota respectively. The team then traveled to Bloomington for a four- way meet between Illinois, Ohio, Purdue, and Indiana on April 29 and 30. The trip proved very successful for the Illini as they won all three, the first match was 7-2 against Ohio, and on the following day they defeated Purdue 7-1 and Indiana 5-4. The weary Illini came home to meet Northwestern, and the undefeated Wildcats kept their record per- fect by defeating the Orange and Blue 9-0. Follow- ing this the team went to Iowa where the Orange and Blue secured a 4-3 victory, and then journeyed to Madison for a 4-3 defeat. The netmen closed the dual meet season at Chicago where the powerful Maroons defeated them 7-O. The Conference meet was held at Evanston on May 19, 20, and 21. This was won by Chicago, and the Illini had to be content with fifth place. Iiamw CHANOXVITZ HOXY'ARD J. BRAU N Caplairl Coach Page 231 Nelson Fieldhouse Ziemba Fee Carlson Kaufman Eliot Boutin Thompson ,Iaworek Slater Wfhite Wfelsh Varsity Varsity hockey, a comparatively new sport, showed a great improvement this season over 1957. This two-year old sport gave the fans a fine exhibition of fast and furious hockey, and showed our opponents the "Fighting Illinin spirit. The totals for the season of 3 won and 8 lost do not appear very cheerful, but nevertheless they are quite an improvement over last year's record. The majority of the games which the Illini lost were lost to the powerful and experienced Minnesota team. The Illini were directed by Coach Ray Eliot and assistant Coach Vic Boutin, Dick Fee was captain of the team during the first semester, and jim Beau- mont took over when Fee graduated in February. The season's opener on December IZ, was taken by Southern California, 9-O. The next two games were lost to Minnesota 6-0 and 5-2. Michigan won the Ravmoxn Error Cmzrb Page 232 Beaumont jones A Sisley Babbitt Sigerson Hockey next game S-0, but the Illini tightened up and de- feated Notre Dame 6-0 for their hrst victory. The team then traveled to Minnesota for another two game series on February 17 and 18 which resulted in another double defeat 8-O and 8-2. The Illini followed this by defeating the St. Louis team twice, both times by scores of 2-1. The season came to a close on March -1 when the two underdogs of the Big Ten hockey league, Illinois and Michigan, met in a game which the Wfolverines won 3-1. Jim Beaumont, goalie, was the most outstanding player of the year. Chet Ziemba and Chuck Sigerson also turned in fine performances. The team will suf- fer a great loss by the graduation of Beaumont and Sigerson, but most of the others will be back in the fall to form the nucleus of next year's team. J.-mrs D. BFAl'!xUN1 Crlf7I1l1II ' 'Wax is Q.p, i , XM' W ' 3? 13251 N df if 52:32 Q'-f. - Q.. .N A - . . Q ,cr M "MZ:-n W iz Q aw we hw .wwii Q. ...,, .. 2 u,.: 9 iii. 'R W, 5. ia 1 aa ,. we Wx I. .. fm , 3 , ,.,f . A fx my ia I We 4. 5 FE ar. We 5 af 4. .y u f WX Q Q .3 , 4' 'Q fx V. w 'ggxggm Ni.,..,,,wE, . WM Q an W... 1 w an ' .X f, ,M ' Aw- iw' Q pfw, ali 1 . ,, .W IK, 5 .umm - f W Q V351 f!gg5Egwfi?7 E Intramural Champions Phi Delta Theta, Intramural Champions, 1937-38 INTRAMURAL STANDINGS, 1 937-38 Phi Delta Theta.. Theta Xi . . . . Zeta Beta Tau .... Tau Kappa Epsilon .... .... Alpha Tau Omega .... .... Delta Chi . . . Delta Upsilon . . . Sigma Chi . .. .. Delta Tau Delta.. Sigma Alpha Mu. 6142 5532.2 414LfZ 3155 30632, 284 269m 269 26832, 246 lfnx I' TRALY INTRAMURAI. P 1 H IH s C!f711?71f7i077Jl3jf77i7'0AI7b,j H X A 1,1 E94 51d if Tl Intramural E. Tum Boynton PHILII' R, PROc:ToR Srrzmf' AI:!VIzlgUf' The Intramural program embodies twenty sports among which are basketball, baseball, water polo, softball, tennis, table tennis, wrestling, and volley- ball. The department hopes that every male student in the University who is physically capable will par- ticipate in some one of the recreational activities sponsored by the department. During the YCHY 1958-39 the Department of Intra- rumal Sports inaugurated the Intramural Health Ex- amination. The purpose of this examination is to pre- vent those men who are physically incapable from IIHIIUY llrnlfzgwri :e ff ig ,,,, , J. Xwillianl Cf3litI HARTLEY D. Pnrcn DiY'6'L'l0f participating in some sport which might prove in- jurious to them. Fraternity and independent men participated to- gether in individual sports. In the group or team sports two separate divisions were made, one for fra- ternity men and one for independent men. The fra- ternities, however, were more active in the program this year. The participation leaders late in February were-Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Tau Omega, Kappa Sigma, Theta Xi, Sigma Chi. Sopbonlorc AIll?If1KQl'7'.f Tllffllf Dadant Blankenhorn NUWU Shafer Lukens Mast Page 237 Intramural Champions Phi Delta Theta "A" Division Basketball Cham SPRING 1938 Ping Pong, Singles .,........... Craifz, Della Upfilofz Ping Pong, Doubles .... Kriegmazz-Shapiro, Iizdepeizclem Basketball, "A" Division ............ Phi Della Theta Basketball, "B" Division ..... ...... D ella Tail Delta Basketball, Independent .... ............. 7 07 Clzzh Handball, Singles ............. Malkin, Zela Bela Tail Handball, Doubles ...... Malkin-Glazer, Zeta Beta Taa Wrestling . . .... ..........,............. T hela Xi Swimming . . . . . . .... Alpha Della Phi-Thela Xi Tennis Singles ..... .....,.. C ram, Imlepeizdefzl Tennis Doubles ...... ..., C 1'ai1z-Wood, Imlepezzdemf Horse Shoes, Singles ...... Kmlifhi, Lamhda Chi Alpha Horse Shoes, Doubles .......... T7'dCjf-W0lf, Theia Xi Baseball ............ ..... P hi Sigma Kappa Softball .....,...... ..... P hi Beta Della Theta Xi Wrestling Cham Free Throw, Team ...... .... P hi Delta Theta Free Throw, Individual .... .... F rank, Sigma Chi Track ........,....... .... P hi Delta Thela Billiards . . . . ,......... Clah Efqaire Golf, Team ...,.. ........, P hi Delta Theia Golf, Individual .... ..., I gizelzi, Alpha Rho Chi Archery . . . ..... .......... S apora, Acafia Phi Sigma Kappa Baseball Champions Wood-Crain Tennis Doubles Champions Page 238 Intramural Champions Softball ............ .... Y 'azz Kappa Epfilofz Softball, Independent .... .... S paldiizg Sporty Track .... .Phi Della The!-a Tennis Singles. Tennis Doubles Golf, Team .... Golf, Individual .... Turkey Run . . . . . . . .C1'ai1z, Iwlepefzdeizt . . . . . . . .Crain-Sfhzziler, Izzdepefzdezzt ...........Befa ThelaPi . . . .H0lmJ!rom, Beta Theta Pi Brmwz- Wfilhanh: Beta Theta Pi Golf Champions Soccer .... Bowling . . . Frank .Phi Delta Theta ...Sigma Chi Tau Kappa Epsilon Softball Champions Free Throw Champion Phi Delta Theta Sogqer Champions Page 239 . E .Allin 4 vw. .V Q21 fwqf-.J lf I ff Fuunrlcd, University OI IlliiIOis, 1933 ALPHA CIIAPTIQR Three Active Chapters To pl'O1I!0fL' JfyI1lllcZ.fljC.f. gyllfknllial. 111161 piflgilaiilffy Gymnastica-Gymkana Troup i XXVINSOR XV. BROWN, A.M, f.HARI.Ii5 R. FRI-DIRICK, M.S. ALPHICUS M. JIZNNINGS, B.S, CHARLES R. KOVACIC, B.S. CURTISS CRIEIIZHTON SIBYL L. BARIIRE JACK BOSWELI. VERA D. BRITTON PAUL l.. BU'I'l.IiR GARTH W. EDXYARDQ GEORGE W. GREENW OOD BETERLIE C. BRIOIQQ JOHN M. 6jREss JOHN W. DAI,l.IENBAlIIl GEORGE C. FANNING DANIID A. FIELD JOSEPH J. GIALLOMIIARDO HAROLD J. BROWN MURIIEI. M. BULL ROIIERT J. CIOXV FAN J. CIOIIR LOWIZLI, 0. CIUMMINGS EIIGIENIZ P. ELDRIDGE F A C U LT Y NIARIA LEONARD, A.M., I.ilt.D. lRl1NE D, PIERsON, A.B. HARTLEY D. PRIIZE, A.M. HGNORARY MEMBERS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradzzate SIIIKZEIILI' ROBERT W. EDWARDS ELFANOR M. HAM I I.'l'0N CRANE M. HIJRNIJR DIXON B. KIZYSIZR MELVIN B. KING DOUGLAS G. MARSII.Xl.I. WILLIAM GOIDSTEIN ROBERT P. GRIIIQNIIERG DELMAR W. I-IIISMAN HOWARD G. LARsIaN FRANK W. LINDITR HAROLD A. LOURIVI' PAI'L FINA IVIARVIN N. FORMAN ALMA M. HANISIEIZ WILBUR J. HCJIZI. JANET I-IORSTMANN S6lIj07'.l' J 11112011 Sopbomoref G. JACQUELYN MECREDIR CHARLES P. MOI.cAR HOMER J. NOREM ANTON R. NOVY WILLIAM T. PASCOE FORREST H. MADEs LAVIZRNE K. NORRIS EDGAR E. PARKHURST ZORALUCILI3 RAYI, JACK C. RICHMOND DONALD L. KELLY DONALD L. KIENI.I2N HARRY E. KOIEHNIEMANN JOSEPHINE S. LEHMANN HELEN A. OEHI.ER AILEN V. SAPORA, B.S. EIJXYARD E. STAEEORD, A.B SERIARD C. STALEY, Ph.D. XVIZNIJIiI.I. S, WII.sON, B.S MRS. HARTLEY D. PRICE MARY-BAIN LEHMANN RIVSIZ' I. I.. SLOOP MARIANNIE M. STEPHENS DOLORES C. THOMAS JOHN TRAPP THOMAS A. WEIR HIZl.IiN I.. SCHAEFIQR PAUL A. SIQHILDHAMMER VIRGINIA W. VARNEY IRIENIZ D. WACH FREDERICK C. WAGNIZR RAYMOND A. WFISS BURTON R. OLSON MARTHA A. PROBST MARY I.. PROBST G. THOMAS STAFFORD LORIZNCIZ S. STOUT EDITH J. WIEDLING I Clow Crass Final King Mrs. Price P3I'kllLlI'Sf Dallenbach Norcm Larsen Mmlcs Horstmann Kochncmann Statfonl Edwards Marshall Cummings Goldstein M. L. Probst Price Thomas Greenwood WIICII Giallornlmirdo Cobb Weiss Lehmann Grucnberg Page 240 HAR'1'1.1-'Y D. Pun I' Barhre Nnrem Ivlades Stlven Rayl Pascoe Ehler Ilerm DH ei iw' Giallomhardo Gruenberg Briggs Mult ai' llit key Rehm Hull Ciolde Edwards McCQredie Keyser Lehmann Piite Edwards Thomas Bullington llonthitt Pr'm11fiff1if1 1.71111 lllillifr. 1938 Gymkana The Fourth Annual Gymkana entitled "A Reverie of Motion" under the direction of Hartley D. Price was acclaimed a great success by the 5000 spectators who enjoyed this Radio City type of entertainment. The General Women's Chairman was Mary-Bain Lehmann and Garth Edwards was the General Men's Chairman. The show was dedicated to the Intramural Champions. Mary-Bain I.ehmann's singing and acting in the opening number was of the highest calibre. The Costume Contest depicted Nursery and Fairy Tales, and the award was won by Rachel Meharry, Chi Omega, who represented Mother Hubbard. The Best Gymkana Trouper awards were won by joe Giallombardo and Fan Jannette Cobb. The University Orchestra under the direction of Professor Frederick Stiven played for the show. Gymkana was definitely established as an all-university activity during 1938 when its constitution was approved by the Senate Committee on Student Affairs. Instead of the production being staged entirely by Gymnastica, the activitiy was enlarged to include a managerial system. Robert Gruenberg and Helen Sheets were selected by Hartley D. Price as Menls and Wornen's General Chairmen, and with the approval of the constitu- tion, were made managers. During the first semester of this year, the Gymkana Traveling Troupe gave some out- standing performances. The troupe travelled to Virginia and gave shows at both the University of Virginia and at Virginia Military Institute. Other outstanding shows were presented at Western Illinois State Teachers College and for the Elks at the Danville State Armory. TRAVELING TROUPII Roiara r P. Gneiixsrao IIlil.l'N N. SHI- Almmgerr ETS 'i f I ik Stafford Cfress Norem Eldridge Parkhurst f Rayl Fina Hamilton Golde Mcflredie XVeiss Green Giallombardo Bull Gruenherg Sheets Price XVusnuk Edwards Cobb Page 241 Gymkana Activities Ruud Nllmx Thu Anlzlxiu Ant Page 242 The Vanity Cflxc-mln-.ulcxs ft' W 4 Swim af .M , 52 'es is Ruml Slum- Iiumc Slmxv Gymkana Activities A , X x ' fl, X' Riu: lcl Bull Ruud Slum' Bum can the HAIX cs Home Slmw 'Ihc Court of Honor Page 243 Page 244 Interscholastics On the afternoon of May 21, 1938, hundreds of high school athletes and spectators saw Oak Park successfully retain its state track title at the forty- fourth annual interscholastic track meet held in the stadium. Scoring 29 points, Oak Park was followed by Austin and New Trier, both of whom collected 12 markers. In spite of a muddy track, caused by a heavy thunderstorm, two records were broken in the run- ning events. Durment of Highland Park swept over the 200 yard low hurdles in :22.2, and Rehberg, Morton, ran the 880 in 1:58.7. A new record was established in the discus when East Moline's Wright hurled the wooden platter 140 feet, 75A inches, and also in the pole vault, where Williams of Oak Park cleared the bar at 12 feet, HM inches. The scene of activities changed in the evening to Huff Gym, where the annual Interscholastic Circus was held. The outstanding performance of the eve- ning, from the standpoint of sheer thrill and skill, was the only collegiate flying return trapeze act in the world, featuring "Five Flying Illini." V is w ' zewv N 'M M G ,QL 7 ,A 3 , S I K I i I aw' s rf 5, . 5 x ,V N5 is aa W is ii T 35 -nu., X 'W'J'H---s. 4' 7 I 1 If WV' 1 P an L . i I R z r 1 Y x X 1 V C K E r I S V K Q I I . . M45 ' .1 f L3 1 4 J ,, ' 3 I 1 Q --li ' i . V i - w 3' 1 . 5 ,, g , ' V P f -If 5 I ' g 1.1 ' " k.,.' MF", ggiiyggpgwwef as ,W W- M ,, LWL , - '+A ,Sl I ww- ? U' +1 Y -11. .A.- , ,U -, .,-.- . V. g-' ' gi lf' lift , ,gig S-5, , , ,, - , 1':!f , ...K in Ay, . ...' ' aye I ,. .Q- J if f""", J fm su 3 . 'Q ww? -' Q? '-'bf' ?. WK-1 w .bw Qs, 5 , V. ,. . s,.. 5 ffl J ' JS ,li ,if L, r I 8 rn bk VI l -X V '.,,K.1f N ff l -.v.w.,.......w.,,W , mmm -w..u:f,,,NnxN "' ws wf' fxa,,,,. Q, ,f ,-. rj' M, f QS X W X 'ft mpus moans : SWQEMYADMINISTRATION ' 4?l?AM4Tl 9 M Sic Cs 'fff'5g1f4?Pv P U S L E . A D E R S , , 'E' ,wa , 'A 2 A-Q,. 5 f Q. , , --.::,. t , . ,i 5' ' ,M . , .,.,i. ini? 1 -.Vg 5 .Ig 1 ffl ' ? W ' ' f ,fa , ? wx Q Dx W EAR :- x i Q K , W , .,-s. ,. . f., 3 5, " 4 , ' S Q 2 1 ev vc S x x, ' 1,1 ,., 25. ,Q 1 me Q4 cu MM 1 mlzsiaaiifiz ,M . ,, W -1 3? f s .....-.7,5.,5HlV ,I xl3?Ef,2EiBY3 - - , . keg, -5 , wr 1 un ,, , ,. Iii.-x '- - fritggiia. 'milf E13 , , l ,r 4 1? Nix, . S A V' Qsifplf' 13.5 gg wff vw.: , bl, NSF WT A3 ...M iw- mil Ns. X ' 2 j 'QV vw Q Q 'fs . 3' . mg J ' I G G . L ' , , 6. . 3 . W "di ' Q ,ffm as TNTARGE INIAHRLY CARL I.1fl'POI.D XX'nn1.mX Iimim-M Ai.l!I.lgLL'I, Thu lllifw Track M.m.1gur NNI' FIl.I5IfY J TOM MLC ONNIfI.I, l'ruiJcnt. 5tmlcutfAlulm1i Axwxi.1tiur1 Q i limclwglll f,mt.1in 1 CvEUllC.lL C,A'l'l.lf'l"I' Ffmllnll M.m.1gul as CAM DUE .531 - V My ,IIYXI 1N1gDUNAl.D 5 1 JACK RINSELLA Baskcllmll Marmgur Football C npmin NORMA ,IKAN C'Il.l.lXCyHAM CARIH l,I7IA XVu111L4l1'x Ilditul, l3.1lly Illlm Qtuthrm bmunmcvm ANITA KNAPP XY'1wrn.1n's lzdmn, The Illiu LEADERS JOHNNY YARIWI1 Pruidwxl. Tribe 1 IJILK TAYLOR Iwlinn, The Illm HARBAR A HAT! KHELOR Prcvdcnt, XY'0l11.ll1'9 Ixngm- LQIKHIQGE XY'Al.RAVI'N Studcm fulum-I HOB DIEFEN'l'HAl.IfR 'I' fk.xptgxir1 ER CAXVXPU FRANK CRONICAN President, Illinois Union CLARK BALHMAN Manager. Star Course PI-Ill PROCTOR Intramural Manager l E ,XL 'IAOIXI NISBET Basketball Captain MARGE LIVINGSTONE XVom:1n's Business Llunagcr, Daily Illini LEADERS MILT HOPXYOOD Prcainlcnt. IY!!iJl'fVl'.lfCfI1iffs' ihuumil DIC K DRAKE lixfclmll M.1u.4gw JIM HODGES mt Y.ulunblc Pmurbnll Plny Rl"l'H ADKINS I'1csidunr, XV. G, S. AN I' 51 HA.. CAM PUB 1. cgllllifglf PACIIT Xfunf. Stlulunt Scrmti' LK Yi DVXLKYRIEN Pxurdrrxl, X M, 1 . A. XX .mmm N Blinlgcr, Nt,1r .W .x BARI-'SARA :XRMVI R1 ING MARCLARITI' FAIRHAIRN I'1'1-sidcrmt, XV. A. A. 'KY XX'fXlll3l.liY N,uLLllmlI, If-nrllmll LEADERS w,,.w"'-. fm f s-an .. ' 1 .. f, , ' I i .ai X f e:rzm,.W , , ' -'QM,...mI wet? ARCHIE DEUTSCHMAN LIARY HELEN M053 XVFCSWUH fiillwfilin Senior Rcprcscntrltivc, XV4m11in'5 Lcngue FRED GEDGE FRED INft'KINS'I'RY Business Mzmzxgcr, The Illio Preiidcnt, Senior Class, First Semester RUTH BUCHHOLZ President, Y. W, C. A. CMVXPU Q z mi' , ' I me ,W ,. W. CHUCK FILSON Prcsidcnt, N, I. D. A. , ., uf 'MQ 2 . 1 , W ,ik y , , W 35 n .B-W g f wh x 1 1 QQ, JEAN SC'fHl'IflNI2 Preiidsnr, R. CQ, 9. Blll CASNELL Busimii h1U'llLLI' D :lv Illxm C FORCE LOXX E Nu xmmm fnptain PICK DEHNER AllvAmcriCzm Basketball Player E!-XDERS S T U D E N T A D N I S T R A T I O N T 'Ii .mn 'MW W N J , . I 4 2 Z L u 3 Q 2 'x . M0 is 'Q 5 1 4 x if Q - H ,f ' an M fm V- - M, Wi" W. ' x ' -.ww A -nv X X , .4 ' ' a?Qi w. iff-,PTF .1151-7' ,gg -Z w,,J'!?f r 1 . -L w 1 .rl 3 z 1 f'1i xiii 'Z 'Q , 'F Q.-ily sFi".?S+sf-V ask ff' ff 'Gi . W5-. V Student Senate Morey GEORGE H. PACE Elzea Stewart Prerident FACULTY ADVISERS JAMES J. DOLAND, M.S., C.E. GEORGE H. DUNGAN, Ph.D. CECIL A. MOYER, Ph.D. STUDENT OFFICERS GEORGE H. PACE .................................,. ........... P remlent J. GARTH ELZEA, JR ..... ..... V ice-President MARY S. STEWART ....... ...........,..... ...... S e nezazfy WALTER T. MOREY ..... .............,...... .... T T eamrer M E M B E R S RUTH H. ADKINS GARTH W. EDWARDS PHILIP R. PROCTOR BARBARA K. ARMSTRONG J. GARTH ELZEA, JR. CHARLES H. RUNDLES BARBARA B, BATCHELOR MARGARET E. FAIRBAIRN HELEN N. SHEETS BEVERLIE C. BRIGGS CHARLES W. FILSON MARY S. STEWART RUTH E. BUCHHOLZ FRANK H. MCKELVEY RICHARD T. TAYLOR DAVID R. BUSCHMAN WALTER T. MOREY STANSFIELD S, TAYLOR RICHARD K. CARR GEORGE H. PACE RICHARD E. YOUNGGREN MARY J. CORNS Since the adoption of the new constitution of the Stu- dent Senate in 1935, which changed the membership from 54 to 24 members, the Senate has helped promote the wel- fare of the student body by controlling all matters under the jurisdiction of general student government. It has co- ordinate powers with the University Senate Committee on Student Affairs in regard to regulations and violations of the code. To stimulate interest in class elections, the Senate has in- stalled automatic voting machines and set up polling places at convenient locations. It sent a petition for student rep- resentation in the Athletic Association to the Board of Trustees. It also conducted a survey proving that students favored the installation of a marriage course for Univer- sity credit. Corns Proctor S. Taylor Elzea McKelvey Rundles Edwards Sheets Batchelor Buschman Carr Moyer Younggren Morey Adkins Doland Buchholz Filson Armstrong Pace Briggs R. Taylor Stewart Page 262 University MEMBERS GARTH XV. EDWARDS, Chairman BARBARA K. ARMSTRONG BEVERLIE C. BRIGGS J. GARTH ELZEA, JR. STANFIELD S. TAYLOR GEORGE D. XVAI,RAvRN This year the University Dance Committee continued to supervise all University dances, including college and class dances, organization dances such as the Military Ball, and all other student social affairs. The committee is largely administered by the students, who hold six of the nine positions on the committee, and is one of the most powerful University administrative units on the campus. Five of the students are chosen by the Student Senate, while the sixth is named by the University Senate. The three faculty men are Professor L. E. Card, Professor B. F. Timmons, and Dean C. R. Frederick, clerk of the committee. The committee operated under the same organization which proved to be effective last year. The committeeis action and social functions are divided into two separate groups, one for general University functions, the other for events sponsored by individual organizations. The com- mittee discussed and passed various plans to improve Uni- versity social events. One such plan provided for insurance Dance Committee GARTH W. EDXVARDS Chairman for all workers for the dances. Several new dances, includ- ing a dance by the commerce school and the Headliners' Hop, a novelty sponsored by Sigma Delta Chi, which proved to be a huge success, were approved by the group. The committee passed on a proposal to put one senior student in charge of hiring the bands for all the University dances, but it failed to be approved by the Student Affairs Com- mittee. It was hoped that this would be as successful as the plan, put into effect last year, of having one decorator for all the dances. The work of the committee includes: approving time and location for a campus dance, sanctioning the patron lists for all major functions, managing ticket sales, helping in preparation of budgets, and various other functions which are necessary to insure the success of all University social affairs. It has direct authority over any dance committee appointed by class or council officials. Elzea Armstrong Walraw'en Briggs Taylor Page 263 Illinois Union Dickerson Mohan Bushman FRANK A. CRONICAN .... GARTH W. EDWARDS .,.. EDWARD J. FILBEY ..,.. EDWARD E. STAFFORD .... EUGENE P. LIERMAN. . . . .. RANDOLPH P. HOEl.SlIHliR .,... ALBERT M. MEYERs ....... Beyers Gruenberg Goldstein OFFICERS ............Prer1dent .. , , . . . .. ,Fitxrt Vice-Pferidenl .. . . . . , . . ,Second Vice-Preridem' . . . , .Prt'.Tia'rnI, Board of Director: . . . .5erre1ar5. Board of Direrton . , . . .Tvea.rnrrr. Board of Dirertofr . , . . .. .,..,Bnrit1erJ Manager ILLINOIS UNION CABINET STANLEY L. BRUMBAUGH .......... Bradley Hall GEORGE W. KININGHAM .......... Celebration: EDWARD F. BUSHMAN ................ Progmmr JOHN J. M01-IAN. ..,., Homecoming Stant Show GEORGE H. DICKERSON ...... Popularity Context LEIF E. OLSITN .,.. .........., A Iinftrel Show BURTON A. GOLDSTEIN .... Illinoif Union Newx SAM J. STORTHZ .... ...Guide Senfire RODERT P. GRUENDERG ..........,. Union Week FRANK A. CRoN1cAN Prerident GARTH W. EDWARDS Firrt Vice-Prerident The Illinois Union was founded in 1909 by the then president of the Uni- versity, Edmund James. His idea included a center for the University life among men, a place where men could meet and mingle in comradeship, where factional and sectional lines should not be recognized nor drawn, and where a spirit of broader comprehension of men's nature should increase. The purpose of the Illinois Union, according to its constitution, is "to pro- mote Illinois spirit and loyalty by all possible means, and to foster all legitimate forms of student activities, especially by the maintenance of a social and recrea- tional center for Illinois men and women." Membership is open to every male undergraduate student in the University and today the Illinois Union is the largest activity organization on the campus, supervising in cooperation with the Woman's League most of the major activity events of the school year. Cronican Storthz Kiningham Olsen Filby Stafford Page 264 Illinois Union Campagna Pace Mclielvcy Fee Gantzerr ILLINOIS UNION BOARD OF DIRECTORS IEIJXYARD J. FILBEY GIIZYN GOODXWINE RANDoiPH P. HOELSCIIIER ROIEITRT R. HUDIZLSON PAUL CAMPAGNA FRANK A. CRoN1cAN GARTH W. EDWARDS RICHARD M. FEE MAURICE G. GANTZERT Family Student: XVILLIAM G. PALMER HIRAR1 T. Scov1LL CARL STEPHENS FRED H. TURNER EUGENE P. LIERMAN FRANK H. MCKELVEY ALBERT M. MYERS, JR. GEORGE H. PACE Student members exert sole control over the activities of the organization, the government of which is vested in a board of directors, which consists of one representative from each major college in the University, one officer of the Alumni association, and three members of the University faculty. The greatest activities of the Illinois Union are of course Homecoming, Dads Day, The Stunt Show, The Minstrel Show, and Union Week. In addition the Union since 1925 has paid the expenses of the University Football band for two or more off-campus trips each year. Also the Union sponsors a Guide Service for visitors, a Freshman-Sophomore Counsellor Service, to aid new men to find place in extra-curricular activities, dancing classes for beginners and intermediates, movies of out of town and home football games, huge pep rallies and torchlight parades, billiard exhibitions by national and world's champions, regular week-end and special dances at Bradley Ballroom, namely April Fools' and Leap Year dances. The Illinois Union also provides Gymkana with its general chairman. Four issues of the Illinois Union News, a bulletin, is issued. Tumef 5TCPhens Scovill Hudelson Filbey Ax", , , 5. X 1 Goodwine RANDOLPH P. HoELscHER Premlent, Board of Dlreclarr EUGENE P. LIERMAN Second Vlfe-Prexldenl .. ' Palmer Page 265 Homecoming Buhai Groupe Schildhammer Freda Steinberg GARTH W. EDwARDs Affllif Cbfiifnzan GARTH XV. EDWARDS. .. GERALDINE R. NICKELL EDWIN F. BUsHMAN. .. LORRAINE M. GROUPE, ROSEMARY BEST ..,.,. ROSALIA L. FREDA .... DONNA L. WALKER. .. PATRICIA D. MAXWELL. ELIN KUDO. ........ .. SARAH R. SCHWARTZ.. LIEODA M. DOE. .... .. RUTH L. ALEERsTETT.. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN . . . Acrommodatiom ,,.AwardJ... . . . Badger . . . . . Regifrrarion . . . . Publicity . . . . . Reunion . . . . . . Slim! Show . ' ' ' 5 Produrfion I ..1 , ... . . .iliglfyf Chairman A .Wamenk Chairman ...........Program: JOHN B. ROADHOUSH ....Pl-IILLIP H. KAss .. JOSEPH STEINBERG .. .CHARLES A. KAUB LLEN SCHILDI-IAMMER .WILLIAM A. ROMIER . . . .BOYD L. MAHAN ...ROBERT I. BLOCK Although Northwestern's power crushed the Illini 13-0, Homecoming activities W amen J Claanman on the Illinois campus were very successful. Twenty thousand alumni of fraternities, sororities, and organized houses gathered to enjoy this week-end. After the football game alumni rallied around class standards at the south end of the stadium to renew old acquaintances. A large group attended the first annual Independent Smoker at the Student Center after the game. Phi Sigma Sigma and Alpha Tau Omega took first honors in sorority and fra- ternity decorations. "Too Much Champaignj, with a champagne bottle overflowing into a cocktail glass full of bubbles, was considered the best sorority decoration. Alpha Tau Omegais prize winning decoration showed Smokey Stover shooting a flit gun at the fieeing Wildcats. The Morgue was adjudged the best decorated M.I.D.A. house. Bethany Circle's "Common Clay" won first place for group stunts in the annual Homecoming stunt show which was held in the Auditorium. This play was a trial enacted in swing and poetry. First place for double stunts was awarded to a scene from "Warrior's Husband," a Greek comedy. Trophies were awarded the winners by Geraldine Nickell '39 and Garth Edwards 39, co-chairmen of Home- coming. .41 - iff 1: 1 - GERALDINE R. NICKELL f I -. wg. fem W . si fl '1 UI 94 S at tw it WEEE is Maxwell Romer Best Roadhouse XValker Kaub Page 265 Dads Day T .L Kaub Imle Barton Sager Blood EUGENE P. LIERMAN. .. VERNA E. REUss ...... EDWIN F. BUSI-IMAN... BETTY J. MCDAVID. . . . PATRICIA D. SAGER .... R. JEANNE SODERSTROM, . . . MARY M. MUSSELMAN. GERTRUDE C. BUCK. .. MARGUERITE G. IMLE.. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN . , . Accommodation! . . . . Program . . . . . Publicity . . . . . . Receplion . . . . . Regifffatian . . . . Tag! . . . .. . . .Men'.f Chairman . . . .Wamen'J Chairman ....,.,.....Pmgram.r .DONAl.D W. BARTON ..WII.I.IAM W. BLOOD ... .ELLSWORTH SHAW ...ROY O. TAGTMEIER JEROME L. GI.AssMAN ....CI-IAR1.Es A. KAUI3 On November 12 the eighteenth annual Illinois Dads Day celebration was held and was attended by more than 1250 enthusiastic fathers from all sections of the country. Woman's League and Illinois Union sponsored contests and gave prizes to the dad who has sent the most children through the University of Illinois, pro- viding he has a daughter or son attending the University now, another award was given to the dad who traveled the farthest to attend the celebration. A student sponsored tour of the University buildings was followed by the Dads Meeting at which President Willard gave an address to welcome the fathers. The highlight of the Dads Day activity was the Illinois-Ohio game. The University band's contribution to the ceremony was a unique formation of the Ohio River joining the Mississippi. After the Illinois-Ohio football game, many dinners were given in fraternity, sorority, and independent houses to honor the visitors. The day's festivities were concluded by the Dolphin's Water Carnival held in the Huff Gymnasium pool, the Theatre Guild production, "Kind Ladyf' at Lincoln Hall Theater, and the Independent Informal, with joe Sanders, orchestra, at the Huff Gymnasium. EUGENE P. LIERMAN Menlf Chairman VERNA E. REUss Wamenlr Chairman ., Tagtmeier Soderstrom Glassman Musselman Shaw McDavid Page 267 Student Alumni Association 'I ' .Ji , H -A I . 2" , . I QR- ..E.. . NATHAN V- FILBEY Pace Alberstett Wetherell Hutchison Cogdal Prexident S E N I O R B O A R D NATHAN V. FILBEY ....... .....,,. P femlenf SAMUEL L, WETHERELL ,... ...Vire-Preridenz ELIZABETH J. HUTCHISON. .. .. .Vive-P1-afidefzz RUTH L. ALBERSTITTT ..,. , .... Secretary GEORGE H. PACE ,..,.... ,...Vire-Pfemlenl RICHARD B. COGDAI. .... .... T 1-emurer A D V I S E R S CHARLES R. FRITDERICK, A.M. VVILLIAM J. PEISTER, B.S. CARI, STEEHENs, A.B. GLEYN GCCDWINE j U N 1 o R B o A R D DAN E. ANDREW' ANDREW J. CORCCRAN EARLE F, HIEFFLFY Louis W. SCHUMM STANLEY B. BALBACH XVILLIAM R. DAVENPORT ALICE W. HIBBERT WILLIAM C. SIMS GECRGE L. BRISTOW' MONICE M, DVCCRSKI ALICE LCRISY PAULINE A. STRAND F. DONALD BUSHMEYER LAWRENCE J. FINFROCK RICHARD J. NELSON ROBERT C. TAYLOR CHEsTER M. CAMPBIELI. FLCRFNCII E. GLASSCCCK Organized in 1932, the Student-Alumni Association has become one of the most active groups on the campus and a strong link between the University and the alumni. The Associations purpose is to promote the welfare of the Uni- versity in the communities from which Illinois students come. This work is carried on through the community Clubs of Illinois students organized on the Illinois campus under the auspices of the Association. Every Illinois student may participate in the work of the ALLAN R. SCHOLIN Association through his community club. Counties of the state and many communities outside of Illinois are repre- sented by community clubs affiliated with the Association. A social program provides the funds needed for organi- zation work and for the annual distribution of ILLIOS to state high schools. This year the Association through its community clubs solicited alumni throughout the state in a program planned to raise funds for furnishing the new Illini Union Building. Balbach ' 'Taylor Andrew Schumm Corcoran Finfrock Hibbert 4 Davenport Nelson Campbell Lorey Strand Sims Glasscocl-c Bristow Dworski Heftley Page 268 Alumni Association KARL J. EKBLAW Pm! Prefident CHARLES VVHAM Pfefident OFFICERS CHARLES VCIHAM . , KARL -I. EKBLAW ......... ALTA G. SAUND1zRs ,.......,.. CHARLES M. THOMPSON ...... CARL STEPHENS. .. .... .... XVILLIAM J. PFISTER ...... GLEYN GOCDW'INE . , . ........,...., , . . .. . . . . . .Pferidem . . . .Part P1-erident . . . . . .Vice-Prefident . . . . . . .Vire-Preiidem .....Gerzeral Sefrefnfy .. . . .Field Secretary . . . . . .Trearnrer DIRECTORS XVILLIAM E. BRITTCN WILBUR J. CARMICHAEL DR. C. L. DANIELS Piiiuw CRAVES DENE The alumni of a large university can do much to keep up the sch0ol's prestige and standing in their daily contacts with the public. Alumni interested in the University's wel- fare have maintained the Alumni Association since 1873 for the purpose of keeping the alumni and former students of the University informed on University functions and student activities, as well as the activities of their former classmates. This is accomplished by circulating the Associa- HOXY'ARD B. HARE CARL C. LARSON IRENE D. PIERSCN VUILLIAM E. RIEGEL WATSCR tion's publication, the "Illinois Alumni News." The offices in the Student Center contain files that are kept up to date by a staff of stenographers and clerks. In these files are listed nearly every alumnus or former student of the University. By means of these, alumni can locate old friends or classmates and the Athletic Association and other organizations can circulate folders and schedules to best advantage. Page 269 Y .... Morrow Dueringer French Cattani Graham Ley Madison CABINET MEMBERS Ricimnn E. You xrzrziuzx .... ......,,..,............,.....,..... ..... P 1 'eiideuf lhlOR'l'ON D. PROUTY .... .......,,. ........ . . . .... .... I 'ire-Preridenl Halzviix' H. Oaxuonrzf., ..... Reronfer Moarox D. PROUTY ,..,.. ., .Memberrbfp Louis A, HAi'P'rFi.1fiscH. .. ..... Publzmg V, LEO CiR.-KH-KM ........... ....... R efepzian CQARRIEL B. MOHGAN ,... Irzlwmzliaxuil Frierzdxblfr Mauaicn A. CA'r'rANI ...... ..... B og-'J Warle ROGER C. SONNFMANN ...,, . , .Foreign Work RICHARD E. YOUNGGREN Preridenl MORTON D. PROUTY ERWIN G, DITHRINGER .,.., Freshman Fellouwbip MYRON W. MADISON E H Imlependen! F1rr'.r1a'e Farurrzr RAYMOYD D. FRENc3H.F1'ater'nily Firefide For-urnr RALPH G. DUNLOP ..,.,...... Church R0!!J!f07I.Y Roixmu' M, I.12Y. . ,,.. ... .... .,SofiaI Tirorvms M. Moimoxx' .... . ...... Meefmgx HAROI.D Momma, JR. ..... ,.Ifat-fziional Conmal The Young Men's Christian Association is a movement made up of students and faculty members whose purpose it is to understand the life of jesus and make his spirit vital wherever they may live, work, or play. The Organization attempts to help young men clarify a standard of the highest values in life and commit themselves to those values. It seeks to fill a place in daily living that is not found in student activity and university life. To carry out its purpose, a membership of over 800 men carries on a varied program in which any individual may find a place of interest. It sponsors a program that will stimulate international friendship, a program of freshman orientation, vocational counseling, social activities, fireside forums and other activities which express the spirit of the Association. Directly or indirectly it reaches every man on the campus. The new home of the Y.M.C.A., which is being occupied for the first time this year, is a place of wholesome fellowship and inspiration for the young men Vice-Prerirlent ' , of Illinois. " 4. var - W 'L ,. .F as Younggren Prouty Orndortf Hauptfleisch Morgan Dunlop Mofine Page 270 W Agricultural Council Bush Ackerman Pcasley Fin! Semefler DONALD ALLEN . . . JOHN PIEASLEY .... RALPH 1, THOMAS ..,. CLARENCE J. BUSH ,... JAMES MCCABE, JR.. .. JOHN A. RIDGWAY ........ WILLIAM C. CUNNINGHAM. ..., .. CLYDE H. ACKERMAN. ,... ARTHUR W. BRYANT ,... SAM R. RIDLEN ...,.,. DELMAR E. GURLEY ..... OFFICERS Clubf Repreientwl . Preridenf of Cazmfil . Agricultural Erorzomiry Agrimllzu-al Education Agricultural Engineering . . . . .. . . Dairy Produflion . . . . Dairy Technology . . ...Field and Furmw. .. . . Hoof and Horn . . . . Harticullure , . . . . Poultry Science . . . Illinnix Agrifullufiil , Ridlen McCabe Second Semearter .,..,RALPH J. THOMAS ...HAROLD L. KOELLER ... ...DEAN H. QUIN ..,.,Cl.ARENCE J. BUSH MAURICE G. GANTZFRT . . . . .. .JOHN SHEURING HFRANK W. SELLMYER .....lSAAC H. ROWAND . . .LEONARD H. SCHUEY . .. .. .SAM R. RIDLEN ....DELMAR E. GURLEY The Agricultural Council is the governing body of the students in the College of Agriculture, promoting the group activities of the students, coordinating the ac- tivities of the various clubs represented on the council, aiding in keeping the in- terest of the students in the clubs, and attempting to bring the students and faculty into closer contact. The council is composed of the president of the Agricultural Club, who auto- matically becomes president of the council, the presidents of the afliliated clubs listed above, and the editor of the Agriculturist. The clubs represented have as their purpose the familiarizing of students with the various branches of their particular fieldg the presentation of material concern- ing these fields through lectures, discussions, motion pictures, etc.g the bringing together of students and faculty interested in the same field for their mutual benefitg the development of leadership among students taking an active partg and the breaking up of the membership into small groups for discussion. A I I L xr . A ff in 1. , 5 J Ridgway Cunningham DONALD. ALLEN Prendent, Flrrt Semefler RALPH j. THOMAS Prexidenf, Second Semefler Rowand Gantzert Quin Gurley Schuey Koeller Sellmyer Page ,271 Interfrater-nity Dance Committee HAROLD S, DAWSON C hair-nzan Under the supervision of the lnterfraternity Dance Com- mittee, the Interfraternity Dances for this year again proved to be major campus social functions. All three dances, which were formal, were especially popular among the fra- ternity men and women. The dances had their beginning during the depression, their purpose being to provide the fraternities with social events which would be more satis- factory than the radio dances and low cost parties, but which would not be too great an expense. There seems to be some doubt, however, whether or not the dances will be continued next year. The committee of last year advocated that they be discontinued since they had no other purpose to serve. The Interfraternity Council voted to continue them, however, to see if they would maintain their popular- ity. The ticket sales were not so great as last year. The committee encountered unusual difliculties this year in se- curing "big namei' bands. MEMBERS H.-mom S. Dmvsox, Clmii-man f.HAR1.l.S R, Fnrrnfizicik E.-mir F. HIZIfFI.I?X' ROY V. LOHMIIJITR Gornrx A. Mctioxxmr Rickman B. Pour PAUL M. VAN ARSUIZII The committee, composed of seven members, four of whom are faculty men and the other three students, con- trols the dances under the supervision of the University Dance Committee. Its work includes planning the dance schedule, providing for the decorations, and selecting the orchestras and programs. The committee tries to secure the best orchestras, and at the same time to adjust expenditures so as to leave neither a deficit nor a surplus for the next year. The Interfraternity Dances for this year began on the night of December 2 when nine hundred couples danced to the swing tunes of Bob Crosby and his orchestra in the spacious George Huff Gymnasium. Happy Felton and his orchestra played for the March 4 dance and a really "big timeu band was planned for the April 22 party. The faculty members are Dean H. S. Dawson, Chairman, Dean C. R. Frederick, Dean G. A. McConnell, and Dr. P. M. Van Arsdell. The student members are chosen annually by the Interfraternity Council. HeH:ley Lohmiller Port Page 272 'Os McConnell Frederick Van Arsdell Commerce Council Filson Edwards Derrough Thompson Mayer Dadmun Elzea Reeder Hauptflcisch All orgazzizatiozz fo promole meial aetiziifief in Ike College of Commerfe F A C U LT Y CHARLES M. THOMPSON, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D. O F F I C E R S GARTH W. EDWARDS. .,.............. .... C lmirmun M. EILEEN MAYER ................... MEMBERS HERBERT D. BAKER JOHN W. DADMUN WILLIAM O. DERROUGH GARTH W. EDXYARDS J. GARTH ELZEA . . . .Secretary CHARLES W. FILSON Louis A. HAUPTFLEISCH M. EILEFN IVIAYER JAMES XV. REEDER Gamma Delta Sieving F. Cagann Kimbrell Krause Rath Slibeck Lewis Mohrman Olsen Faust Melf Koelling Bohnakcr Wendler Klekamp Race Schiller Mrs. Faye Faye H. Kaiser A. Cagann L. Rathcrt K. Rathert Steil Ackerman Kaub Rolf Christmann Buhrmann Zucker Lindsay Burstadt Mayer Johnson Kruse Schroeder L. Cagann Ebert Milleville Sancken Iskowich Rubin Burchard Miller Klemm Hohman Linse Eggbrecht N. Kaiser D. Kaiser Monke The National Lnflaerfzzz Slnelentf 0?'gd7ZiZdl'j07Z for Lzzfhemm of the Syfzodiml Cofzferefzfe fo pronzote religions edzmzliwz and Cloriyfiazz fellazwhip S TA F F REVEREND J. GLORGE KA1siaR ..,....... .. .Spirirzml Adlifev' LUTHER G. Sc.Hx Ilfsslin .....,.......... ...,.. Y laden: Cluzplam STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS EDGAR W. MONRR ..... . .............. ARNOLD R. CAGANN ..... DoLoRns E, IVlIl.I.I?VIl.l.IZ. . . . . . . . . . . . . , .Preridefzt . . . . .Vice-Prexiderzt .....,......5'ecre!ary PAULINE E. LrNs12 ....... .,............ T reamrer HILMAR A. SIFVING ........ .. XVOODROW' XV. Konruxn. . .. Knowledge Clmirmarz Sofia! Clmirnmrz Page 273 McKinley Foundation Marjorie Banks Ebersol Sett Ericson Strang Angell Malone Ricks Simmon Tuason Barry Lyons Cremeans Ferreira Smith Dunn Sanmann Roberts Akins Parker Conner Frazee Marian Banks Myers Bigler A center provided by Prefbyterifzfzr for rmdefzi Jaffa! amz' religious actizfitier on the mmpur S TA F F J. XVALTER MALONE, JR.. .. ,........ ..... D ireffm' J1iNN1s BARRY .... .. ..,. Counrelor ROY M. SMITH .... ...... ......, A , uirmnz Direrzor MADGE S. SANMANN, .... .... C oumelor STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS VVALTER S. Ricks ...., .....,......... P 1-widen: RUTH E. BTGLER ,....... .,... S ecremfy MARJORIF H. BANKS. .... Vire-Preridenf Roman K. ERICSON .... .... T 1-mm:-er Page 274 Wesley Foundation Wfhitted Plunkett Summers Hepperly Veach Morgan Petersen Schweitzer Green Chase R. Marks Morrell Beal Kipp Beall Bierman Hendricks A. Marks Wand Schnake McKenzie Bjelland Hemphill StafIord Schoeppel Burt A flazrrrla cefzler for ilae feligionr am! form! actirilier of Metbodiff Jtmiezzzfr S TA F F PAUL BURT .,.. . .,......... Direrlm- ROY J. HFNDRICKS .... ...., S indent Arrimzfzt HENRY P. SCOTT. ,. . ....... A1104-ifzze Difecmr BLANCHH WARD .... .. ........ Arrirzam STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS CHARIES E. HEMPIIILL. .. ......,........ Pr-aridwzz Er.12ANoR J, BJFLLAND .... .Secretary RALPH B. MCKENZIE. , . . . . ,Vire-Prerident HIIRBERT C, STAFFORD ..... ..... 7 'rmfm-er f l., 'Q 5 s Qs 'Fi 3, amy 'P W an QM- wx gxef is S9'?!' 'ff 5 ffvzg 5' ' gg 1' W ..:'? 1, ,M 3 S Scan: f""""7"""" R 3,395 ?"'1lLf 11" 53 ,wi A! ref'-W is , i Q 2 W: 'Wm P wi KW V: 'SSM 1 21 'Y X 4 e F Q sm x 5695? ff nv 6 A - i fi mf' if sk ' - X ':"' 4? A ' 'M Q-.V rg, Q lx N? HL, Y .. . 1 is sf sv 'A 1' ' 5 sr '. ., ' Vg' ,Y VA w F' -if 5 EWQL - W V ,, Mg. f L . wiggigi , +A Ma, f X r rf' l A x 5' ak gf, ,PSP 35g,Q"2Q M ,A N 71 K Zffifff' A fi, X ' fu -vm J,-f, iii s :TA 'H 14-Q, f sv W' 3 3 3359 J V A , ,:,i3 iq. JY ,WW :R 9153? .J 1 mf BARBARA B. BATciH ELOR Pr Fjllffflf MARY H. Moss V. JEAN SCHULTE Senior Reprerenzailre Second Vin:-Pferideni Womfan's League I EXECUTIVE COUNCIL BARBARA B. BATCHELOR .........,.....,.......,............... RUTH H. ADKINS ..... V. JEAN SCHULTE .... BETTY A. OYHERN ,.,, MARILYN S. ROMM .... MARY H. Moss ...,. ..........,Preiiden1 . . . . .Firit Vice-Pmriderzx .. .Second Vice-Preriderzl . , . .Recording Serrtflary . . . . . .Financial Serreiary . . . .Senior Re,hre,rer1,'ali1'e ROSITMARY BEST ...,.,.....,.......................,.,............ jzmiar Repre.renm1i1'e SENIOR COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN GIERALDINE R. Nlcxiaii.. ,... ......... ,,..... . ,,.........,................ H a nmvmring SARAH R. SC1-iw'AR'1'z. . .. VFRNA E. Rnuss ...... HELEN N. SHEETS .... There are few women who go through the Univer- sity of Illinois without coming into contact with Wom- an's League. Every woman upon registration is a member of this large and influential organization, but active participation depends upon the individual Here women have an opportunity for self-government and for promoting Illini traditions and spirit. The activities sponsored by Woman's League are numerous and varied. Each fall the freshman women .. .Tbeurriral Produfiiorz ............Dad.tDay . . .... ilfolberi Day are invited to join Orange and Blue Feathers as a part of a freshman orientation program. Tamaroa ac- complishes the same thing for women transfer stu- dents. During the school year several interesting speakers are brought to the campus. All during the year Illini women are busy with social and educa- tional programs. Woman's League extends a standing invitation to all Illini women to attend its teas every Wednesday afternoon. .zliifi ' Q '-ff::. f -,ag 91,1 A Purtis Olson Stutzman Sutherland Wolcott Page 278 MARILYN S. ROMM Finanfml Secretary ROSIEMARY BEST BETTY IA. O'HERN RUTII A. ADKINS Iurziar RepfeIenIaziI'e R6C01'dIl1g Secremry Vlre-Pfexldent MILDRED A. FISHER SARAH I. FISHER MARIA LEONARD JANICE H. P0RTIs. , .. BERNICE L. OLSON ..... . FRANCES R, STUTZMAN. . . .. RUTI-I M. SUTI-IERLAND ..., MARGUERITE G. IMLIZ.. BETTY A. STEWART .... Woman's Lfeague ADVISORY BOARD BERNITA J. LONG SEVERINA E. NELSON JUNIOR COUNCIL ............Publirily Freyhman Education ............,Sorlal ...... . .Finance . . . .Gold Feafherr . . . .Orange Feafherr .. .. .Blue Fealberr LEAII F. TRELEAsE JANET L. WIESTON ISAEEI. WALCOTT. .. . . Service PAULINE J. STEINER. .. .... Home BEvERI.v C. BRIGGS .... .......,...... T ummm ANN V. NEXX'BY. .. HELEN C. BERCHER. . . , AIJTLINE I.. Su-IPOK. .... DONNA L. WALKER. ,. Vocational Guidanre ..AcIi1'iIy Remrding .......,.,HiJtorian .. . . .Big Siller RUTH E, SMYKAI., .. Womanis League and Illinois Union co-operate in the management of the Homecoming, Dads Day, and Mothers Day celebrations. The week-end activities are especially planned for the Alumni and parents. To promote friendship among its members and to unite women with mutual interests are the purposes of the various parts of Womans League. Womanis . 2.3 , Q i , - I figs,- . Group System, Residence Government System, Gold Feathers, Blue Feathers, and Tamaroa are the larger divisions of Woman's League. Scholarship, friend- ship, and loyalty are promoted by these groups, and opportunities are presented for bringing out individual ability and developing executive prowess. Steiner Newby Bercher Walker Schpok Page 279 4, RUTH ADKINS WGS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Preridenz RUTH H. ADKINS ....... ..... P 1-efiderzz JFANNE J. SCHNEIDER .,... ............. S efrefary VERNA E. Rnuss ,...... ..... E xlefzdorz Chairman! HELEN N. SHEETS ..... .... A rririzy Chairman The Womanls Group System is the part of Wom- an's League for independent women who do not live in the residence halls. The president of the Group System is automatically vice-president of Woman's League, thus close co-operation is insured between the two organizations. Though Woman's Group Sys- tem is only about twenty years old, it has given Illinois the reputation of having the best organized indepen- dent women on any campus. Each group or house elects its own ofhcersg the BETTY ANN1s ..... ...Dimiff Chairman MARIAN H. BANKs .... ..... D imirr Chairman DORENE HIESER. . . .. .Dim-ict Chairman BERNICE L. OLSON .... ..,.. D irifirr Chairman presidents attend First and Second Council Meetings to receive all announcements. The presidents have a banquet together in the autumn, and in the spring they sing at the Campus Mothers' Club Sing. House meetings are held every Monday night, and there is usually a social hour following the business meeting. The W.G.S. program includes varied entertainment for the Group System as a whole, each year there are several all-group parties, two plays, athletic tourna- ments, a Christmas Musicale, faculty forums, the S' u . :K ,. Reuss Sheets I-Iieser Olson Annis Zemes Steiner Kirkpatrick Tunnicliffe Banks Page 280 PAU LINE J. STETNER. ..... ETHEL H. KIRKPATRICK .... EVELYN M. TUNNICLIFFE ..., FLORENCE ZERNES .... . .... MARY ALLANSON ......... MARTHA E. PARKER ...... FRANCES R. STUTZMAN... COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN . . . . . . .Alumni New! .... . . . .Albleiicx . ....... Awardf . . . . . . . .Dramaliw . . . .Farulzy Forum ....,....,Murir . . . .Program ELEANOR A. FURLONG .... .... JEANNE J. SCHNEIDER .Publicity FLORENCE SW'ALI.OW. . . . ..... Repam MARJORIE A. KNIGHT Scrapbook MARIE M, PARKER.. .... ...... S aria! Lois J. SNODGRASS. . . . MARX' E. MCCARTY... RUTH HAMPTON ..... . . . .Social . .YWCA . . ,Mixen I Campus Mothers' Sing, and a large banquet in the spring to honor the seniors in W.G.S. Awards for the year are presented at this banquet: a scholarship cup is given to the girl having the highest average in each class, a cup is given to the W.G.S. girl who is most outstanding in each campus activity, a large cup is presented to the group having the highest scholas- tic average for the preceding semester, and the Honor Plaque bearing the names of the most outstanding groups is unveiled. i W.G.S. and M.I.D.A. jointly sponsor mixers held approximately every two weeksg once a semester they sponsor an Independent Informal which is one of the major social functions of the University. The Inde- pendent is the newspaper of the two organizations and is published weekly during the school year. The Group System has an active membership of over nine hundred, and it has done much to promote fellowship among independent women and co-opera- tion with sorority women. Allanson M. E. Parker Stutzman Furlong M. M. Parker Swallow Knight Snodgrass McCarty Hampton Page 281 V. JEAN SCHULTE Prerident HOUSE PRESIDENTS MARGARET L, ANDERSON Lucii.LE M. SCHAUER.. MARIAN L. EDLER ,.... . KARLENE M. DIFDFRICH VVINIFRIED RANDOLPH .. V. JEAN SCHULTE. .. R. G. S. . . . .Preiident .... .Marg E. B14JeyHall, ...Laura B. Eranf Hulll . . . ....,lllrKinley Hall. . . . .. ....Da1'enporz Home. . . .. .. ..Pr'erbyfe1'iun Hall. . . .. JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES ..............LoIsJEAN CLARK ....MARY M. MORRELL . .. .DOROTHY A. CLARK .. . . .LEONA R. Lizwis ....MARIAN H, BANKS The new Residence Government System is com- posed of girls who live in Busey, Davenport, Evans, McKinley, and Presbyterian Halls. It forms an in- tegral part of Womanls League, the president holding the office of second vice-president of Woman's League. A third council, the executive body of the organiza- tion, consisting of the presidents and junior represen- tatives of each house, meets each Monday. This group and the chairmen of the nine committees carry on the activity program of the organization. as The primary objective of R.G.S. is to increase the opportunities of its members for participation in Woman's League and other campus activities. These three groups compete in Homecoming decorations, Y.W.C.A. Doll Show, and Stunt Shows. Intra-R.G.S. competition consists of an annual W.A.A. tournament and a spring song-fest. Other activities include monthly exchange dinners, faculty forums, an informal dance the second semester, and the annual spring banquet. Anderson I Schauer Edler D' cl ' h Randolph ie eric L. Clark Morrell D. Clark Lewis Banks Page 282 HELEN A. PRESCOTT INIARY A. BURGETT MARGUERITE G. IMLE Council Council Cbdilfllllfl O F F I C E R S MARGUEIIITIE G. IMLE .......,..,...... . . .Chairman MARY A. BURGETT .... . . .Council HELEN A. PRESCOTT .... . . .Council COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Fifi! Semester Second Semester RLTA C. YOUNG. . . ....................... ,.., A Iemberfhip MARGUERITE LOCKE ............................. Membenbip MARY j. CORNS ..... . . .Sammy ICepre.fenmriz'e IDOROTHY J. KOENIG ,... .... S mm-izy Ileprexenfaziw MURIEL V. BLOOM. .. ................ Social ITIFLEN M. ASHLEY ......... . . . .......... .Social CATHERINE J. RIEGEL. . , .... Publicity KATIIRYN A. KENWORTPIY .... . . .Publifizy NANCY E. HARSHMAN ,... .... F imznce INTARTHA R. NOEL .....,.. .... F immce ELIZABETH L. HAYES ..... ..... P mgmm IVIARY M. FLEMING .... .,.. P rogram The purpose of Gold Feathers is to create a spirit of scholarship, friendship, and loyalty among the sophomore women of the University of Illinois. In this group sopho- mores learn dependability, initiative, and forcefulness by serving on committees. A is Young Noel Each woman has requirements to meet before she can become a member: high scholarship, activity work, participation in drives, attendance at meetings, and tea service. F wp, 'Y I Q li . L. ,,i....r. x Q., iii l ag, rl! 1 ' ' I ,. ' ' - . if 3, '-qv.. Q F Y Y It Y g Q. .iff ' wfgt st, ii ' - ' Corns Hayes Ricgel Bloom Harshman Ashley Kenworthy Koenig Locke Fleming Page 283 BETTY A. STEWART CHARLOTTE L. CONRAD VIRGINIA M. FROYD Cbczifmom COIl7'lt'il Colmcil O F F I C E R S BETTY A. STEXVART .,... .... C boirmcw CHARLOTTE L. CONRAD. . . .... Council X7IRGINIA M. FROYD. . . .... Council COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Frm' Semerler Second Sewcfler MARGARET H. HERRICK. .............. ..... F incmce IYIARY E. THOMPSON. . . ..... Finance BETTY J. RosEN ........... .... M embenloip BARBARA A. BURKE. . . . . . .Memoeazrlaip ELIZABETH A. DALLENEACH .... .... P ublirily MARJORIE GOULD ..,, .... P ublicizy LOIS C. FULLERTON ......... ..... S ociol JEAN E. LOVEFIOY. . . .... Social MARGARET G. STUMPE. . . .... Program ADA M. VVIGHTMAN ..., . . .Program Orange Feathers, the branch of Womanls League organized for freshmen women, is designed to unite and acquaint them with campus traditions and activities. Orange and Blue Feathers were formerly united into one group, but in order to encourage more intimate contacts and cooperation the group was split into two units. Two joint parties are given for these groups each year. Initiation re- quirements for both groups are the same. T. If .Q A-ff- - .f . A - L .. 5f7ils'ii ' sv .1-'Nts . . c .... A A 21. 1 23522 iivrx ' "': EL 'Ai ia I ' .if 1 J 1' . l-.T . ' 1.5 Herrick Rosen Fullerton Dallcnbach Stumpe Wightman Lovejoy Burke Thompson Page 284 CAROL L, ECE IVIARGARET -I. YUIFSTCOTT Cnlmfil Conrlfll RUTH E. SMYKAL Cbalrnlarz Blue Feathers O F F I C F R S RUTH E. SMYKAL .... ......,......... .... C IJ aimzmz CAROL L. EGE ........,... .... C ozmfil MAIIGAIKET J. NXIESTCOTT ....... .....,.............. C ozznril COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Fifi! Senzefter NANCY NICOLL ...............,... . . .Memberfbip LORRAINE H. ZILLNER .... ......, S aria! WINIFRED J. EHLFR .... .... P ublirizy SALLY I. RHODE .... . . .Fimznre PRICILLA E. MANN .... .... P wgmm Blue Feathers, like Orange Feathers, is an organization for freshmen women primarily for the purpose of orienting them to the campus. The initiation requirements for Orange and Blue Feathers remain the same although they are now separate Sefoml Selzzefiez' MARJORIF E. WENNER ................ .. .Memberrbip JOANNE K. SELLERS. ., ...,.. Social MARIAN D. SHUTE ........ . . .Publicizy BARBARA M. VAN DYKE .... .... F imznre DOROTHY G. QUIRKE .,.. . . , ...... .... P mgmm organizations. To become a member, a freshman must have a 3.00 average, attend two-thirds of the meetings, and participate in one drive each semester. A final examination is given at the end of the year on the traditions of the campus and its leaders. T A ia '. an I 'ION Q- ,,.l.!A' .- x af . Rhode Nicoll Mann Zillner Ehler Quirkc Van Dyke Sellers Wenner Shute Page 285 BIZVIZRLIIZ IC, BRIGGS ClJdl17IlzI?1 ,. MARY H. MCANLIS DOROLIIY L Ronmrss Coffmvl 601171611 Tamaroa O F F I C E R S BEVERLIE C. BRIGGS. .,................ , . . .Chairman MARY H. MGANLIS .... .... C ouncil DOROTIIY L. ROBBINS. . . .... Council COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Fin! Semefler Second SEIIIGJIGI' FRANCES J. FURRY ................., ...,. F imwce HELEN L. ROY. .. ..,........,..... .... F immce FERN E. Fox ...... ....., S racial MARY E. MILLER ....... ..... S amz! LETITIA P. HOLT ..., ..... P rogmm PATRICIA A. KIMMEL .... . .... Program JEAN C. SKEELFS .... ..., M embemlaip GWENDOLYN E. MUNTZ .... . . .Memhemlaip MILNORE O. HOEL .... ..,.. P ublicizy DELIA A. ROGERS ........ ..,. P nblirily There has long been a need for an organization to as- sume the responsibility of orienting women students com- ing to the Illinois campus from other schools. For that purpose, Tamaroa, a new division of NVoman's League, was created this year. Sophomore, junior, and senior transfers quaint the transfers with Illini customs and traditions, faculty members and campus leaders. With the continued co-operation of its members and the friendly encouragement of those interested in the organization, Tamaroa should are eligible for membership. Programs are designed to ac- become an integral part of Woman's League. I Furry Fox Holt Skeeles Hoel Miller Kimmel Rogers Roy Muntz Page 286 VVoma11'si Lealgue Activities Each Vffednesday afternoon during the year, XXfoman's League teas are given in the Upper Parlors of the XVoman's Building. These teas extend to all University Woinen an opportunity to become ac- quainted with fellow students. XWoman's League holds its election during March each year. The first big event sponsored by Wornan's League after the installation of new otheers is the May Festival. Page 287 SARAH Sc:HwjARTz SISVFRINA E. NELSON LEODA M. DOE RUTH L. ALIIERTSTETT Gwlcwll Chairman Dlfcflof Co-Production Chan-man f.'f1-Pma'nmfm Claan-man Wom ar1's League Show OFFICERS SARAH R. SCHWARTZ. ..... . LEODA M. DOE ................GeneraI Claairman .Co-Production Cbairm en RUTH L. ALRERSTETT ' """' ' ' ' ' ' " FACULTY SEVERINA E. NELSON, Ph.D. ........,................ Dzrerzor JOSEPH W. SCOTT, A.M. ...... . . .Faculty Prodzzction Manager' NELLIE M. STUART, B. Mus. .... .............. M mic Direczor COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN ZENA SCIIXVARTZ ........ .... D anne Direrzof LOUISE KEPHART C I I RUTH M. SUTHERLAND .... ...... P ulzlirizy RUTH L. BREEZE " "" '05 ume BERNICE L. OLSON ....... ..... T irkezi JOAN M. WALKER ,.... ........, M ake-up BETTY A. STEWAIKT .... .... P mgram MADGE M. GRAGG ...,.... ....., S rene Painzing HELENE A. GIESE ..... .... M mir HARRIETT A. BLOMBERG. .. .. .Pea-.tonal Properties ROSEMARY BEST .................................... Typing RUTH E. SMYKAL ............................ Home Manager The Woman's League Advisory Board and Executive Council choose the General Chairman and the chairmen of the committees for the Woman,s League Show. Each girls petition is considered on the basis of her ability and her former work in campus activities. Committee chairmen arc picked from the girls who have the highest qualifications for their various positionsg the members are chosen from the other petitioners. Any member of Womanls League is eligible to petition for membership on a committee. juniors and seniors are also eligible for chairmenships. These committees manage the entire show under the Supervision of the General Chair- man and the Director. f 5 Best Giese Stewart Olson Gragg Blomberg Page 288 Walker Sutherland Smykal Z. Schwartz Kephart Breeze Rio Rita Corporal McGinn, ....,. . Corporal W'ilkins ...... Padrone, an innkeeper ..., Carmen ...............,.... Ed Lovett, an American lawyer Davalos, a Mexican bandit .... Roberto Ferguson, Rita's brother. .. General Esteban ............., Lolita ...... . . XVaiter ,...., Rita Ferguson .......... . . ..... . . . . . , ..., C. lineart DALY ...Romcnr M. INGLE .....jaM1:s H. Nrr' .. . . . .Norma jos11P11 ..C1rAn1.11s J. Cambria ...josifmr F. ZAR1sH . . . .12A111.1z H. GILr.Is ...Gliouon J. Drnsic .HELEN KUHN ....G1fo1up1z M. lWETZ!? .BIi'I"I'Y E. EWALD Chick Bean, a soap salesman ,... .... E ARLE F. Hiirmm' Dolly, a cabaret girl, ....... . jim, captain of rangers ..... Gonzales, Mexican captain .... ,SARAH R. Sci-IWARTZ . .. .JAY N.F11oMAN .FRANK J. Gooomcu Katie Bean, Chick's first wife ..., ..... V IRCINIA I.. SWANN Musician ..... ..........., XV. HENRY SPRAGENS On February 26, Womanls League presented as its annual comedy production, Rio Rita. Brilliant set- tings were very effective in transforming the Audi- torium stage into a Mexican villa, overhung with a bright blue sky. Colorful Spanish costumes added to the realism of the set, and the chorus with its en- thusiasm and vivacity completed the illusion of old Mexico. The play was based upon the capture of a blood- thirsty bandit, the Kinkajou, who turned out to be one of the ardent lovers of the striking Rita played by Betty Ewald. Until the end of the show, it appeared that the bandit was Rita's brother, Roberto, played by Earle Gillis. However, he turned out to be the clever and scheming General Esteban, enacted by George Dlesk. Charles Caudle, Sarah Schwartz and Earle Heffley, a comedy team, were outstanding. Two musical selections, which brought out the comedy and color of the production, were "Rio Rita" and "Satire on the Tango." Page 289 RUTH E. Bucnnorz ALBERTA G. VANPIETTEN V. JEAN SCHUETE ' Vlfe-Prerldenl Member-at-large Pfefrdenf RUTH E. BUCHHOLZ ..., ALBERTA G. VANPETTEN. . .. INIARY M, MvssEI.MAN. .. MARJORIE H. BANKS PHYI.LIs L. CHALSTROM ELIZABETH M. HIGGINS YI U U I CI A I O F F I C E R S .. . . . , .Pferidenl FI1ANcIss DURGEE. . . . . .Vice-Prefidenz V. JEAN SCIIULTE .... . .......Secv-envy Miss IONE M, MACK. . .. CABINET MEMBERS Frellwzmz Difcmfiolz Leaderr V. JEAN SCHULTE .................. . ..... ......,.... . .... C 'han-man HII.DA M, LIVENGOOD PATRICIA D. MAXW'ELI. PAUIA J. MCNAMARA .. . . . . . . .Trearurer . . . .Member-al-Large . . . . .General Serreiary ANN V. NEWBY SARAH ORNDORFF ADELINE L. SCHPOK BARBARA R. LITTLETON The Young Women's Christian Association of the Uni- versity of Illinois is a group of eleven hundred women stu- dents. It is a member of the Young Womens Christian Association of the United States of America, and it is a The purpose of the Association is to develop a full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God, to make this life possible for all people, and to understand Jesus and follow Him. The Program is an expression of this purpose which has participating member of the World Student Christian Fed- eration. rl Banks Maxwell Page 290 I all Chalstrom Littleton been adapted to the University of Illinois campus. I fe. 6 McNamara Newby Higgins Schpok is ive I 5 Af 'lx-I K 'S Livengood Orndorff MARY M. MUSSELMAN FRANCFS E. DURGEE Miss IONE M, MACK Serre1av'y T1'm.f111'er MARTHA B. MORRISKJN, FRANCES j. QLTIRKE .... DOROTHY R. DIETZ .... MARGARET J, VANIMAN .,.. General Serrelary Y. VV. C. A. CABINET MEMBERS .. .Religiouf Forum . . . , ,TZ7Il1',flfdQ' Program . . .lnferrzalinmzl F01'1l77Z , . . .Alemberfbip ELIZABETH j. MCCOY. , , . .. .Publifizy The majority of activities carried on by the different de- partments listed above are suited to the interest of the membership while other events are planned to interest all students. Additional projects are carried on in co-operation with the Y.M.C.A. and are of benefit to the local com- munity. Morrison Quirke Dietz DOROTHY R. JUTTON .... . .... Girl Rererfei M.4R-IORIIE R. SILVERMAN ..... .,,. S mia! Sei-fire JEANNFTTIQ D. COLTIEAUX .... ......... S aria! Mirmuco F. KITZMILLFR ..... ..,. S perm! lnzer-en: ALBERTA G. VANPIETTIEN .... ,Ho.f:iw Committee To be a member of the organization one must be a woman student in the University and must be in sympathy with the purpose of the These are the requirements for mem- bership. It is assumed that every woman on the campus will gladly contribute towards the budget which makes possible the opportunities of the Association. ..., y A Vaniman McCoy jutton Silverman Coltcaux Kitzmiller Page 291 MARGARET FAIRBAIRN RACHEL N MEANS Pre.r1dL'm' Vim'-P1 utident I A I u O F F I C E R S INIARGARITT E. FAIRRAIRN ............... . ...... lfreridenz RACHEL N. MEANS ...... , . .Vire-Preyidenz IDA L. JOHNS ...,...... ,..... S ecremry CIIARLOTTI2 A. I-IERMAN .... .... T mzrzn-er ADVISORY BOARD MARGARET E. FAIRRAIRN. . . ...... Pr-ei-idenz DOROTHY E. SHARP. . . .... All-L'rziz'e1-iffy Aiamzger RACHEL N. MEANS ...... .... V ice-Prefidenz LOUISE FREIER, A.M. ,... ..........,..... A dziifer IDA L. JOHNS ........,... ........,. S enemry MARY F. ILAWSON, M.S. ...... ............... A dififer CHARLOTTE A. HERMAN .... .................... T ref1.rm'e1' GERTRUDE C. BUCK ......,.... .,.. I fzfef-home Manager RUTH L. GOLDMAN .... .. . .. The Women's Athletic Association is a national organi- zation united through the Athletic Federation of College Women. Similar groups exist in other recognized colleges and universities, and the ideals and standards of athletics for these groups are unified through a central office of this Federation. . . . . . . . . . .lrztefrlnrr Manager' The purpose of the W.A.A. is to further the interest in athletics and to promote the ideals of wholesome living. In order to achieve this aim, membership is open to all women who have participated in one W.A.A. sport season. The main project of W.A.A. is a loan fund which is used to aid girls who are majoring in Physical Education. 13 ZF geese'-vwalnli Sharp Buck Goldman Herman Means Iinirbairn Page 292 CHARLOTTE A. HERMAN Trmmi Ur I S P O R T S lfI.FANOR R. IXIIZXVINIAN. . . ......, Arrbeu NEDRA M. OTT ..,.... . . .Bfzdmirzmzz JOSEIIHINE A. WIIJIQII ...... .... B .1.I-gba!! CONSTANCE A. XX!II.I.I,xIvIs. .. GLADYS M. HANSON ,...,. . JOANNA SOIISLEY .... .....Galf . . . .llorlfej ...................Ife?SbJIfll4Q RUTH M. BIRD. .,,........ . . Under the supervision of W.A.A. are three afhliate groups: the Telegraphic Swimming Teamg Terrapin, an honorary swimming organizationg and Orchesis, a national dancing society. Orchesis sponsors interpretive dancing, or the expres- sion of moods and feelings in rhythms. Two public recitals are given each year, the first one in january, and the second and major recital following the May Festival on the RUTH L. Goimmx Ir1Icr'I'l11.II' Illarlugw' u I M A N A G If R S I..oaRAINE A. joIIANsEN. . . . . .Bmiaezball SHIRLEY D. KELLER ..... ..,.. I Qiding HELEN L. SIIAIZFITR .... . . .Swimming VIERNA R. joIINsToN. . . ...... Tennif . .... Valley Ball JULIA B. PI2'rIxLII.Is. . . DoRo'I'IIY j. ScoTT ......... . . .Table Tefznir .............,.....Fe1zriz1g Saturday afternoon of the Mothers Day Week-end. To welcome the freshmen and to give them a better understanding of the program of W.A.A., a Sans Souci party is given in the fall of each year. W.A.A. presents, because of its wide scope of sports offered, an opportunity for its members to attain the idea of good sportsmanship, keen competition, and physical well-being. Shute Tess von Grueningen Friis Mayr Herman Garrigus Fcres Andresen Rowe E. Kirkpatrick Shields Hall M. J. Stropes Pilkington Vanderpool Newman Edwards D. Kirkpatrick Diveley Kipps Shaver V. Homrighous Bierman M. L. Stropes Fairhairn Sancken Wood Fahey Johnston Buck Veeder Casey M. O'Connor Edwards 0'Connor Kloss Schaefer Berkierick Sharp Sandstrom Antilla Rowley Brana Petrulis Tucker Hamilton F. Hornrighous Ott Hosfurd Evans Ellicott Page 293 Antilla Fairhairn jolinston Hosford Newman Feres Kipp ROWICY MAR1i.ARIf'l' IZ. FAIRBAIRN KA'I'I-II1YN E. KIPP RALHAIEI. N. Mmxs MIl.l7RlfIJ M. FLIIES jams IX. I,AURI1NcIi IEIIEANOR R. lYIIfXX'MAN M. ,II-wI'I.I. HOSFORD VIRGINIA I. LINDIQIAII l.IIc,II.I.r J. Rowllfv VIERNA R, JOHNSTON ,lUNIfI'HINF A. XYJIPIOR ,u.- Pcxge 294 Major I The highest award given by W.A.A. is the Major I which is earned upon the completion of twelve sport seasons. At the Annual Spring Banquet given in May, the Major l's are awarded by the president of the association. Four sport seasons' credit is the most any woman can earn in one year. These seasons are divided so that the girls can participate in out-of-door sports as much as possible. However, each year in addition to the tour major seasons, W.A.A. sponsors a double program of interhouse and interclass sports. Points toward the Major I can be obtained by participating in either of these activities. Although one girl can not receive credit for playing on both teams of the same sport, she may, however, gain points by playing on as many different sport teams as her ability will allow. All organized houses or groups are eligible to participate each season in a tournament after com- pleting the required number of practices. The house or group winning the tournament is awarded a trophy, and at the end of the year the house or group earning the greatest number of points becomes the temporary possessor of the much coveted W.A.A. plaque. Competition and rivalry are not absent at these tournaments, for each interested house or group entered in the race develops early in the year the desire to obtain the plaque for its own. Team sports for interclass and interorganization play include swimming, basketball, volleyball, and baseball, each tournament occupying one sports season. These inter- house-intergroup sports are closely contested, and the girls seize every possible opportunity to gain more points for their houses. Early tlIis fall, Kappa Alpha Theta won the swimming championship and got an early start toward earning the plaque which Mary E. Busey Hall holds at the present time. Pi Beta Phi, however, captured the basketball trophy during the second sport season to overtake Kappa Alpha Theta in the race. Individuals are given the opportunity to participate in sports through the individual sports division offered by W.A.A., which includes tennis, golf. handball, archery, ping-pong, and badminton. Girls with special ability are given a chance to earn a Major I if they enter in the division of individual sports. Numerals D. Kirkpatrick Marris Herman Feres von Grueningen Shaver G. Andersen F, Kirkpatrick Schaefer Bunk Antilla Johnston O'Connor Pilkington Homrighous Ott Fairbairn Stropes Kipp Rowley Brana M. Tutker Sharp Edwards Newman Petrulis I-Iosford EDITH T. AekIfR'r EDNA B. ANDRIESIQN CQRACIZ E. ANDRIZSIEN PHvI.r.Is j. ANTIIIA RUTH M, BIRD MARIA M. BRANA CIERTRUDE C. Blick ANN K. CHII.oI:Rs CTHARLIQNE A. COAIYY PI ARI. A. CONNIfI.I. I-II2I.IfN E. DASIENBROCJK MARJORIE A. DIFHI. MANIESA A, EDVCARDS MARGARET E. FAIRRAIRN MII.DRFD M. FERFS MARIANNA M. Foxx II'R jITANNI2'I"l'IE M. GARCIlI.A CHARI.0T'I'I2 E. GARRI?'I"I' MARIAN B. GIBBS MAXINI5 M. GCBLDSTIEIN LII.I.Is F. HAIL ABRII2 I.. HAMPTON C. LORRAINIE I-IARTMANN CI-lARl.O'I"I'IE A. HERMAN FATI2 A. HOMRIGI-Ious M. JIEXX'I2I.I. HOSFORD BI2'I'I'Y j. JOHNSON VERNA R. JOHNSTON SHIRI.IzY D. KELLER KATHRX'N E. KIPP DOROTHY M. KIRIQPATRICK ETHISL H. KIRKPATRICK jANI2 C. LAURIINCE VIRGINIA I. l.INIIIsI.AD RALHEL N. MI:ANs RUTH E. MIIssm.MAN ELIQANOR R. NIQWMAN NI'DRA M. OTT D. ISABEL PARKS GIQORGIA F. PIERRY 1uI.IA B. Pm'RUI,Is DOROTHY J. POVUITR ZoRAI.UcII.I2 RAYI. MARY E. RousH LI'ciII.Ir j. ROR I.l'Y JUNE E. RL'ssI2I.I, PITARI. SANBURG HI5l,FN L. SCHATFER D. JIEAN Sc.oTT DOROTHY E. SHARP HI2l,IEN E. SHAVIQR MAR-IoRIIs R. SII.vIzRMAN EIXIQRA Skuaxc MARX' I.. S'rRoPRs BARBARA TRUITT MARY M. TUQKRR RORIQRTA M. TUCKIER RUTH I.. vow CIRUENINGFN JOSFPHINE A. VUIPIOR W.A.A. groups its wide variety of sports into four sport seasons offering appropriate seasonal sports. The first sport season in the fall offers the team sports, hockey and soccer, and the individual sports, swim- ming, tennis, golf, and horseback riding. Volleyball, basketball, ping-pong, tenniquoit, and fencing are played during the winter months which compromise two sport seasons. During the last season in the spring, tennis, baseball, golf, archery, and horseback riding are offered to the members. Attendance and participation in tournaments held at the end of each sport season are the basis for award- ing credit to each individual member. When credit has been received for one sport a season for the re- quired six seasons, a member will receive her class numerals. Therefore, a minimum time of one and one-half years is needed to work off the required six sport seasons. Sport seasons which a member has earned at other colleges and universities may be counted in on this plang consequently, a sophomore, junior, or senior does not bear a disadvantage upon transferring from another school. Under this system all girls have an opportunity to earn numerals through faithful and continuous effort in both interclass games and individual matches. A period of strenuous practice is necessary to train the girls for competition in these matches which stimu- late keen rivalry, promote physical fitness, and develop the good sportsmanship of the participants. W.A.A. sponsors a tea at the end of each sport season at which the president of W.A.A. presents orange chenille class numerals to tlIe new winners. Page 295 Laygon Mics XVylie Batchelor Russell Andersen Kolar A Branstater A Cutler Sclxaefer Sharp Power johns Herman Martm Petrulis I F O O F F I C E R S IIJA L. JOHNS ...,.... ..................... ...... P rexidenz CHARI,O'l'TE A. HERMAN. . . . . .Vive-Pre.videnf I-II2I.IiN L. SCHAEFER ...... ...... S erremry DORO'l'IIY E. SHARP ....... , ..,.....,...., ,...,............. ,... T I Leann-er FACULTY MEMBERS LOUISE FREIER, A.M. ZITA H. SPRADLINII, B.S. MARl'lIA J. VAUGH'I', A.M. SHIRLEY WINSRERG, M.S. MAJOR TERRAPIN fHARlO'l'II2 A. HIQRM.-IN IDA I.. JOHNS HIZLEN M. MARTIN DOROTHY E. SHARP -ll'NlI B. HocKER PITGGII3 L. LIVELY CATHERINE L. PUTNAM ANITA C. SHERIDAN MINOR TERRAPIN KAREN J. ANDERSEN DORIS G. LAYSON JULIET I. IHYERS MARGARET S. RAYNIZR ANN C. BATCHELOR LAURA J. LAYSON CAROLYN M. NEAL JUNE E. RUSSELL CHARLOTTE A- HFRMAN BARBARA BRANSTATIZR HENRIETTA J. MIEs JULIA B. PETRUI.Is HELEN L. SCHAIZFFR Vice-Prcmlwzf IDOROTHIIE M. CUTLIER BARBARA E. VUYLIIE In 1923 Terrapin Club was founded for the purpose of promoting and maintaining an interest and proficiency in all phases of aquatic activities. Today it enjoys a superior position among women's athletic organizations. Terrapin maintains a very high standard of proficiency in swimming and diving. Those persons who most nearly attain this standard form what is known as Major Terrapin, while those less skilled swimmers are members of Minor Terrapin. All members seek to improve their skills in aquatic activities at all times. Terrapin's annual water pageant is presented the Mothers Day weekend. At this time members of Terrapin exemplify their superior abilities in the arts of swimming and diving. The intricate water formations and the grace and ease with which the swimmers perform are indeed a colorful and inspiring spectacle. .nga . -ex., - K' -H,fs,- .M 'M 'filiifii 153755 ,-T l K 1. -Qi-2--i., Q A . Lew? Q ' 'i iilfliiziiif c. Schaefer Sharp Branstater Kolar Mayr Telegraphic Swimming Team Kfxmx IE. Axmusnx Dono'rHY B. KOLAR H1'xru1tT'1A j, Mus BARBARA BrmNs'm'1su HF1.rN M. MARTIN H1'l1'x I.. St'11Al,1'1'11 ffimRx,o'r'11s A. Hmm,-xx H1fi.1:N R. MAYR Iaunmm' IE. Srmnv IDA I.. JOHNS This year represents the ninth year for the National Intercollegiate Swimming Meet. It was in 1930, under the sponsorship of the University of Illinois, that the first meet was held. The idea met with such success that it has now been enlarged to include colleges and universities all over the United States. This is the only intercollegiate sport in which our University women may participate. The telegraphic team is chosen after several weeks of Herman Andersen johns Martin Mics HEI EN I.. SQHAEFIZR illflmzgcfr practice from those girls who show the most proficiency and speed in swimming, and is limited to fifteen members. Entries are limited to colleges with certified sixty- or seventy-foot pools. The meets are held at the separate schools and the results of the meet are telegraphed to the Regional Sponsors, who in turn telegraph the first ten places in each event to the National Sponsor. This year the meet is sponsored by Wright Junior College in Chicago. " f ., ""f"14fif ' . W M L L U 'iI....,.,-.e,,.,, D011 Show Arkansas Cotton Planters wi-iii mm Introduction of XX7omcn to the University of Illinois Page 298 Wfisconsin Dairy The theme of the annual Y.W.C.A. Doll Show this year was "Uncle Sam's Family," portraying scenes and events from the various states in the nation, as submitted by the independent groups and sororities. The presentation was under the direction of Margaret Vaniman, general chairman. The first place awards went to Delta Zeta, which offered a miniature Wisconsin Dairy Farmg Loki, with its West Virginia Hill Sceneg and McKinley Hall for its Sun-Valley Idaho. Second place winners were Chi Omega, Alcestis, and Davenport House. In the Individual Doll Contest, Mrs. R. A. Given was awarded first prize in the chaperone division with a doll portraying Louisa Mae Alcott. First place for the student division was won by Virginia Hale for her Little Eva. Special doll collections were one of the individual features of the show this year. One doll which is over a hundred years old was exhibited. There were also two very fine collections of dolls from all parts of the world. Still another exhibit consisted of over five hundred dolls. The dolls were distributed to needy children of the Champaign-Urbana community, and some to the Y.W.C.A. Association House in Chicago. Southern Colonial Scene .A. A. Activities The WOm21D'S Athletic Association is a part of the Athletic Federation of College Women. A central office is maintained by the Federation with the pur- pose of unifying the organizations ideals and estab- lishing standards of athletics for college women. W.A.A.'s purpose is to further the interest of col- lege women in athletics and to promote ideals of wholesome living. All women students who have par- ticipated in at least one W.A.A. sport season are eligible for membership. A main project of W.A.A. is a fund for loaning money to benefit girls who are majoring in Physical Education. The three affiliate groups under W.A.A. super- vision are the Telegraphic Swimming Teamg Terra- pin, an honorary swimming clubg and Orchesis, a dancing society. A wide variety of sports are afforded the members, and it is through these activities that W.A.A. can present its ideals of keen competition, physical well- being, and good sportsmanship. Shower Shoes Mermaids Ou XVith the Dance Volleyball Page 293 2 l M Ei . 2. 0' -s 5 I' ,.,.:a Y Illini Board I o f ELZEA Moss CHAPIN NELSON Page 302 Control BOARD OF DIRECTORS WILLIAM E. BRITTON, Clmirmam Family Memberr ABNFR R. KNIGHT FREDRICK S. SIEBERT FRED H. TURNER Slfzdefzl Memberr DOROTHY E. CHARIN J. GARTH ELZEA, JR. MARY H. Moss RICHARD J. NELSON All publications of the University of Illinois are under the supervision of the Illini Board of Control, composed of four faculty members and four student members. Established in 1908, the original purpose of this board was to appoint student editors for The Daily Illini, and this proved to be so successful that the board now serves all other student publications in a similar capacity, in addition to determining the general policies of the Illini Publishing Company. The impartial selection of student editors and busi- -ness managers has tended to increase the interest shown in the various campus publications, and, al- though the board does have power to govern the policies of these publications, it has in no way hindered the originality, initiative, or executive power of the students. WILLIAM E. BRITTON Chairman TURNER KNIGHT SIEEERT Doxaw S. Hom-nat CUIVIKNHIQ' Mmmgfv Illini Publishing Company On May 11, the State of Illinois granted a charter to the Illini Publishing Company, a non-profit cor- poration which was established for the purpose of publishing and supervising student publications at the University of Illinois. Today this corporation is regarded by many to be the outstanding student pub- lication company in this country, and its influence has been so far reaching that it has served as a model for similar corporations in other universities. Under the control of this organization are the Daily Illini, a student newspaper which carries full Associated Press service, the Illio, an outstanding uni- versity annual, the Siren, the Technograph, and the Illinois Agriculturist. All of these publications with the exception of the Illio are printed at the university by the publishing company. The Illini Publishing Company is governed by the Illini Board of Control, a body consisting of both fac- ulty and student members, and is directed by a pro- fessional company manager, who advises the student editors and business managers. Under this supervision the organization has maintained a firm foundation and well directed policies which have contributed to its success and physical expansion. In combining all stu- dent publications into one company, this corporation has enabled each individual publication to become a stronger unit. In this manner the company has ren- dered much valuable service to the university. The Daily Illini Night Desk The Editor Checks in the Composing Room The Main Press of the Illini Publishing Company Page 303 The Daily Illini :fl ,, . DAX'lD-R. BUSCITIMAN GILLINGHAM Edlmr-lrz-Chief - DAVID R. BIISCHMAN. . A 'L VV WILLIAM XV. CASSELL. ,. . NORMA ll. GILIJNGHAIII. , .. f A MARGARET H, I.IvINGsToNIs. . . r w A Roanrvr I.. HARDAKIR. .. . ' JAMES O. MONROE. ,. A- A Ac: FRED L. XVANFE, .. , Enwmw R, BORMAN. .. I lj: ,.: 77-it VERNON XV. KRAETSCII. .. BALLANCE MAYHILL DUNI-IAM DENNIS Page 304 HARIJAKER SENIOR STAFF VANCE . , .Erfilor-izz-Cbiel . . , .Bll.ff1H.f,f Illllllllgff' .. . ,W'nfm1r1'x Edifav' W'omu11'J Bufifzeu Manager . . .Cbiff Nezw Editor . . ,Editorial Editor ,...Sj7ar'If Edilar ...Cily Edifav' Armfifzfe Blfjizzfff Illnmzgfv' BORMAN LAM BERT MARKS MCA LLISTIZR Q A 'P I Qi,Q?i . W ' mg ' ff' LARsoN WOLCOTT Doo LEY The Daily Illini MONROE KRAETSCH LIVINGSTONE WILLIAM W. CASSELL WILLIS B, BALLANCIE VUALLACE S. DOOLEY QUENTIN M. LAMBERI XVILLIAM W. DENNIS IRVIN BLOOM H. PFIFR LARSON I.0uIsIs DEUTCH BARBARA E. DUNHAM JUNIOR NEWS EDITORS C nm pw Clly Sportf lV0me1z'5 R. THOMAS MAYIIILL E. DUDIEY MCALLISTER LORIQN E. JIIHL JOSEPH B. POLI-IEMUS, jR. PHYLLIS J. MARKS BETTY D. WOI.COT'f Bmineu Manager PoI.I-IEMUS BLooM DEUTCH JUHL Page E - I ..,.. Q Q W K J' 1 . ' -L .1,. vi . MW i ,,,. I i ,.., "': BENSON STRAUSS MALLORY ANDERSON BOEKER ALLEN SCHLENTZ MCDAVID JUNIOR BUSINESS MANAGERS JUSTIN R. BOEKER ........... ,...... . . , ,... ........ C opp' Manager:- WAI.1'IER L. BENSON .... ...... C lmmpaign Ad1'ef-firing ROBERT C. HUMPHREY .... .,.. C fzmpur-Urbamz Adrer-firing WAYNE S. SCHLENTZ. .. ........ Champaign Ad1'w-firing BETTY G. ANDERSON .4.. ...Womend Adzferziring Manager CARLYNE B. STRAUSS .... .......... C laxriied Alarzager ANNA L. ALLEN. ...,. ,...Cirfulariun Manager MEREDITH MAI.LORY ..... ..... C redif Mamager BETTY J. MCDAN'ID .... .... S mziffii-al Aifnmgef JACK M. ARNOLD GEORGE B. BARRETT HENRY BARTENSTEIN ROBERT S. BLACK WARREN C. BLIM JACK D. BoGGs RUTH BRENNER DONALD L. BRUEAKER WILLIAM O. BURGESS JACK CALDWELL BERNARD CHAPMAN MARTHA E. CLUFNER T. CLINTON COBB JANE H. CONYBEAR MARY J. CORNS DOROTHY R. CRANG BETTY V. DIGGINS BARRETT C. DILLOXV MARY J. DOYLE FRANCES M. FLIEISCHE R SOPHOMORE- FRESHMAN BUSINESS STAFF HELEN M. FLEURY RALPH R. FOSTER MARGARET M. FRUIN HELENE A. GIESE MARJORIE GOULD W'ILLIAM E. GRIMM MARY K. GROSSMAN JEANNE F. HAMILTON GRACE A. HAWORTI-I ROBERT S, HEINDEL IVIARGARET E. HENWOOD JANET HORSTMAN CHARLES R. HOWE ELEANOR E. HUTCHISON DOROTHY L. JANNISON HOWARD W. JOHNSON JACK W. KING F. HIIBBARD KIRKPATRIC MARJORIE A. KITTREDGE K ANNETTE L. KRUMSIEK PAUL C. LANG, JR. MARIE M. LE CLEAR ELEERT L. LINDAHI. M. H1ZXX"ITT MEENTS RONALD E. MILLER LESTER T. MOATE JANET C. MUNGER HELEN L. NEAI. HARRY B. NEI.SON, JR. WILLIAM G. O'NEIL IWIURIEL J. OSTIER HIRVEY E. PARKER DONALD F. PASCHAL RAYMOND A. PFISTER ROBERT M, PORTER VIRGINIA L. POVUIERS WILLIAM K. QUINLAN NORA M. RAHMEYER HUMPHREY KENNETH R. RATHERT LOUIS G. RATHERT MARY A. REED IWIARTHA W. RICHARDT R, DOUGLAS RICKS JOSEPH F. ROGGY INIARGARET S. RONEY liI.AINE B. ROSEN HIAVIYF J. SAVOIE I.oIs J. SCHULZ TRENT A. SHEPARD -JEAN E. SPIELEERGER PHILIP M. STONE ROBERT S. TALBOTT MARY E. THOMPSON BETTY J. WALLACE DONALD H. WILSON MARY J. VUOODXVORTH FRED P. WORDEN LORRAINE M. YOUNGEE zl l l l ll....l l lil lli li ' RG Porter Black K. Rathert Moate Hcindel Bartenstcin Chapman Arnold Cobb Henwood Roney Spielberger Horstman Rahmeyer Miller Dillow Giese Diggins Doyle Shepard Black Rosen Mungcr Gould Youngberg Wallace Crang Shulz Cleuncr Krumsieck Corns Barrett Fleury Boggs Foster O'Ncil Wilson Paschal L. Rathert Quinlan Worden Nelson Parker King Kittreclge Talbott Savoie Ricks Jannison Johnson Neal Howe Hutchison Burgess Blim Page 306 '-. 4411.3 ly I . I l Le I I L Mesemw DII vis RICHARD B. ALLEN JAMES R. APPEL ALBERT APPELGATE JAMES W. ARMSEY JOSEPH M. ARNDT GEORGE R. BEAM WII.I.IAM H. BLATTI A. MERLE BRUNINOA JAMES P. BUHAI BRUCE F. CARSON HELEN L. BITTERMANN JANE E. BROWN MARY A. BURGETT JEAN I.. BURKE MILDRED CAPLING RUTH H. CLARKE ETHIEI. COHEN DOROTHY E. COLBY BETTY J. COLEMAN EILEIZN A. COURTNEY BETTY J. DEBS MARTHA M. DIVEI.EY Martin Hay Case Rohn Beam Gehlbach Gmffms Cody Buhai Mctzncr Laudcmnn Pope Kramer Fishcl Kline Kraus SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN MEN'S EDITORIAL STAFF WILLIAM R. CASE JAMES P, CODY JOHN E. COE GEORGE H. DAVIS JAMES I. FENDER WENDILL R. FISHEL JOHN R. GEHLEACH STUART E. GODVCIN WILLIAM H. GRAIflfIS SOPHOMORE - FRESHMAN MARY L. DOLAN JEAN E. DOUGHTY DOROTHY A. EGGBRIECHT DOROTHY M. FEE MARY P. HANAEIN HARRIET R. HANSON BETTY J. JOHNSON MARJORIE E. KANI3 ADELE B. KAPLAN CELESTINE M. KOLLAR DOROTHY J. KRIZ LORRAINE C. LASOTA ROBERT T. HAY WELLS HLIGO-SMITH JAMES R. KLINIE WILEORD J. KRAMER HERIIERT M. KRAUS RICHARD J. LANDBFRG WILLIAM D. LAUDIFMAN BYRON S. MARTIN ROBERT M. MCCAW' WOMEN'S EDITORIAL DORIS J. LAYSON LUCILLF MARCUS H. JUNE MARKIERT MARGARET M. MCCARTY RUTH M. IVIIZYIER ANN MIDDI.IfTON EILIENE J. MIJNCIE PHYLLIS J. MURPHY PATRICIA A. PARSONS VIVIAN E. PETERSON WANDA L. PHARES JANET S. RICHARDSON JAMIIS T. MESEROW FRANKLIN M. IVIETZNER IJAVID MOSIMAN FRED A. POPE TONY P. RINGUS EDWARD J. ROHN OSCAR J. SNYANSON, JR. CHRISTOPHER L. WILLISTON RODNIZY A. XVRIGHT IVIARGARIET J. SALKIN PI-III.I.Is SAMPSON MARY G. SANDALL FLORENCE SCHNITZER MARION D. SHUTE CAROLYN A. SIMONS FLORENCE L. SPENCER PAUI.INE J. STEINER MARTHA J. WALTMIRE DOROTHY B. WEXLER EVIELYN L. WHITE ROIIERTA WILSON Kaplan Salkin Fee Kriz Wfexlcr Cnpling Kollar Murphy Courtney Doughty Coleman Steiner Shure XValtmiIe Marcus Colby Middleton Kane Burgctt Markcrt Divcly Sampson Dchs Cohen Richardson Clarke Hanson Muncie Dolan Wilson Wfhitc Bittermann Page 307 RICHARD T. TADYLOR Edifor-in-Chief X 15? I Page WEAVER GLENNAN BFRCHER THIEMAN 308 The I11io of 1939 RICHARD T. TAYLOR. ANITA P, KNAPP .... A. DEAN Svc'IIf'r BARBARA E. BAILFY BFTTIE G. BECKIQR DAVID E. BERNARD VCAYNIC F. MII.I.ER ERIzDERIc5 A. RICHT ANITA P. KNAPP W0man'J Editor EDITORIAL STAFF JUNIOR MEN'S EDITORS WILLIAM F. THIEMAN Evl Elilor'-in-Chief Ii"nnzar1'J Edizor 'RIfTT P. XVFAVFR . ' i2 ,. , dj JUNIOR WOMEN'S EDITORS I-IFLEN C. BERCHER M. JANE GLENNAN IsAnIfI. VUALCOTT ART STAFF ROBERTA M. JOHNSTON DOROTHY J. NEWMAN DAVID S. RAY PIQGGIE L. LIvI2I.Y DUDLEY C. PULLIAM JULIUS SARTORIS PHOTOGRAPHERS .... ....Sr:zff Plmzogmpber ER ..... .... . fiuixmrzt Photographer 'A , WI I Jw , , . '91, xiii I SWIFT MILLIZR WALCOTT BAILEY TIZSAR I I EI I? 3 . ' K? 1 , ' HIGGINS CUTHBERTSON BAZELON WHITE BELL The I11io MARGFRY A. MABREY W'omar1'J Bufzrzexx Manager BUSINESS STAFF FIu2IJIfRIc.K C, Gramer, .. .. .Bumzen Manager MARIQEIW A. MAliRIiX' .... . ...W'omaf1'.r BuJine.r.f Manager JUNIOR MEN'S BUSINESS MANAGERS I-lxfnuxfm' W. BItII. ICFNNETH L. MEANS XVALTER T. MORIQY Gncncm A. TIESAR XVII.I.IAM I-I. CIV1'HIxIfR'I's1'N -IIINIOR WOMENS BUSINESS MANAGERS BIQTTT' M, ANNIQ B1LI.IIt M. HIGGINS RUTH E. SMYK.-KI. D, I.-xxlt WIIITIQ ,IUDITH I.. BAZFLON of 1939 FREDERICK C. Gnncn BQJHIPIJ Ivlarnlger 'G 3 5 3' M. sf , -..V i l IUIZANS ANNIS SMYKAL MORIEY Page 309 DONALD C. AINSWORTH DONALD N. DUNCAN CHARLES F. HOPPIN RAYMOND M. PERITZ SMITH Bacon Rhode F. Johnson ROSALIND ADAMS RUTH C. AMLING CAROLYN D. ANDERSON ELEANOR G. ANDERSON BEATRICE E. ANDREVUS HELEN M. ASHI.EY MARGARliT R. BACON BENJAMIN F. BAER HELEN M. BIMBA E. DOROTHY BLACKARD MARY M. BI.AKE JEANNE E. BOST RUTH L. BREEZE BRFDIN M. BURNS M. JANE CAMP EDWARD G. ALLEN LORRAINE ALLEN GEORCQE S. AMSBARY ELEANOR V. ARBANAS C,REI.INI? B. BACH VUILLIAM G. BAGNUOLO DU WAYNE L. BARNARD JOYCE L. BAUMHOEER HUGH T. BLAIR MARGARET M. BLAKESLEE MURIEL V. BI.OOM JILI. BOLTEN EIJWARD A. BOWEN DONNA L. BREHM SHIRLEY V. BRCBERG EVELYN D. BURLINGHAM JACK S. CALDWELL RAYMOND N. CARLEN HAZIEL E. CHELLBFRG GIEORGE H. CLARK MARTHA E. CLUENFR MARY B. Cox DOROTHIIZ M. CUTLFR JEAN B. DARROVL' GRANAY J. DAVIS Lind Olson Owens Raistrick Spencer Hackley Hamman Blackard Blake Thornton R. Johnson Schwager Riegel Malmberg Orr Huber Lovejoy Loescher Noll Gossman Julius Griffiths Dallenbach Nicoll Fisher Kenworthy Meyers Iskowich Weckel Kautz Ives Breeze Eager Gillingham Cummiskey Hollmann M. Weber A. Johnson Ashley Adams O'Connor Ellison Bost Mann Eastman Kreft Weiss Schutt Andrews Sellers Smaltz Cassella Gougler Baer M. R. Weber Creighton Mathews Camp SOPHOMORE- FRESHMAN EDITORIAL WILLIAM N. CASSELLA JAMES H. CRAVENS M. JANE CREIGHTCN ALLAN M. CRESS KATHRYN I. CUMMISKEY DOROTHY A. CUTLFR E. ANN DALLENBACH BETTY J. EAGER EDITH E. EASTMAN JEANNE H. ELI.IsON MARY E. FISHER BARBARA J. GII.LINGHAM HOWARD E. GOLDEN EDYTHE M. GCSSMAN LAWRENCE W. GOUGLIZR V. ARLENE GREEN DOROTHEA N. GRIFFITHS BART M. HACKI.1iY T. RALPH HAMMAN JAMES H. HAXY'K HENRY D. HIRSH DOROTHX' A. HOI.I.MANN CHARLOTTE L. HUBER RUTH C. ISKOWICH MARY J. IVES ANNABELLE A. JOHNSON FRANCES E. JOHNSON RUTH V. JOHNSON RUTH E. JORDAN FRANCES E. JULIUS VIRGINIA L. KAUTZ KATHRYN A. KENW'ORTHY MARION KREFT JOHN C. KUHNS EDVVARD G. LIND SARA A. LIPSCOMB SHIRLEY E. LOESCHER JEAN E. LOVEJOY GUST E. LUNDBERG HELEN O. MALMBERG STUART M. MAMER PRISCILLA E. MANN FRANK C. .INIANSFIELD STAFF JUNE L. MA1'HI3XY'S JULIET I. MYERS NANCY O. NICOLL EDWARD R. NCHA EMMA W. NOLL ELAINE OlCONNOR ROBERT C. OLSON IXTIERRY J. ORR MARE' F. OTWELL MAX L. OW'ENS SHIRLEY M. PARSONS J. MARTIN PAYNE LORRAINE R. POCHERT GARDNER W. RAISTRICK SOPHOMORE- FRESHMAN BUSINESS STAFF ELVCOOD A. EKLOF MARJORIE E. ELLMAN IVIARGARET M. ENOCHS ROBERT F. ERDMAN MARIAN V. EXVAN EDNA N. FAUTH MYRNA J. FISCHER BETTY FLANINGAM CHARLEFIN M. FRYE ' IVIARY F. GEORLSE S MARJCRIIE M. CRERXWIG WILLIAM P. GIACHETTO MATT GINAI.ICK ALECIA S. GLICKMAN MARIAN H. GOLDSMITH JEAN C. GOOD MIRIAM F. GRANT ROBERT A. GRANT ESTHER M. GRAY DOROTHY M. HADDENHORST GRACE A. HA'N'CRTH ROBERTA F. HAY ELIZABETH L. HAYES LORRAINE C. HENNINGS RONALD I. HOPE CHARLES R. HOWE CHARLES E. HUXY'EN IDOROTHY E. HUXTABLE DOROTHY E. INGLE DOROTHY A. JOHNSON GEORGE R. JOHNSON INEZ M. JOHNSON LEBARON P. JOHNSON DONNA E. JORDAN LARRY P. JORDAN EILIIEN J. KAPLAN LAVliRGNE A. KLOSS ROBERT I. KOVIN MARGARET E. LANNCN LOIS K. LARNER EDNA R. 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Young Frye Rhodes Stone Cox Kloss Lyon Martin Nickell Wenner O' Donnell Blakeslee Blair E. Allen Thal Wilson Huxtable Bloom Goldsmith Hay Haddenhorst Staubitz Wolf Spielberger Bowen Ludwig Lawrence Lai-ner Good Sweeney Giachetto Schneiclewind Brehm Eklof Moeck Williams Millizen Huwen Rowlette Hoppin Cutler Page 310 IOHN D. VARIKLE GIac:RcsIz L. FARNSVCCRTH VUILLIAM R. GERI.IiR ROBERT W. BOOTH BnII21r.f.I Mazinger' Cir'I'11lulif1rz Illanflgw' .'iImI'n11e Editor Editor STAFF ROBERT W. BOOTH. .. . ..,,. ....,...,, , Eflimf- WILLIAM R. GIzRI.FR. .. ,.... AII'fIl'l1Ilt' lidzmr JOHN D, VARIiI.IT ..,,..,.. , . . . . .B11.Iiz1ff,r.r Mmzagur GTOHGIE L. FARNsxx'oRTH .... .... K .71-mlafiwz Aimnflqw- Edljffllllcff Sfajf GRACE E. ANDRIISISN MILDRED E. BALLOW BERNICE E. BRADY FRED C. ENGI5I.MAN JEROME L. GLAssMAN GRFTA GRINNFLL L. Cosmf BERNARD WAYNE F. MILI.IfR XVILMA I, BARTLE VIRGINIA R. CHANDLIR FORREST P. DI:XX'lEY EIN ARD K. IsAAcisON FRANCES E. JOHNSON HIiRBliR'l' M. KRAUS MARION Kam-T PATRICIA A. Lmxrn JAMFS F. BIc,I4I'Rs EUGIQNE V. FRANIQII. BI2T'1'Y j. I.OvIfc9RI1N I I Ari Staff l5Ux'rcN P. LOXYRY I.ORRAINIs G. MIKIas ANAI.IaA OHLSON HARVEY SLHATZKIN jczr STFIXBERG PA'I'RIr:IA A. LAUGHLIN Photography Sfajff Bmifzeff Staff l Am.IR J. MARTIN, JR. RIYIH A. MCINTOSH S . FRANK R. S'rl'wAR'1' PATRICIA A. S'l'RIKfKl.I5R WARRISN A. THAI. RICHARII F. THOMAS MARY S. XVIfs'1'nN HAROLD RACKIN THOMAS F, RYAN, JR. IVIARIE M. PARRIR WILLIAM H. Riu' jon S'I'l'INIII-'Ru johnson Ballow Lowry Walters Kraft Robb Bartle Tlml XVcston Frankel Miller Tlwmns Young Kraus Allen Glassman Clmndler Izaacsun Mclntosh Shntzkin Andreson Ring Grinnell EnglcIII11n Laughlin Bernard Stridilcx' , Ryan USSDCF Page 311 W .fl DIIMAR E. GURLIQY HARoI.D D. BIQRGMAN Edimr Biz,-1116.11 Alamzger IDONAID B. ALJNIIXX' HIQLIQN I.. BITTIERMANN X"IOI.Ii'I' V, BREWI-.R HARRIIZT I. EDXVARDQ BIfRNIc.I' A. ENGIILRINQQ Film C, FRANCIS RAY D. IRINCH 'IOIIN li. l-lARBIiR RoIsIR'I' K. AIIPI.m:ATr EI.I.SXY'OR'IH V, fiARMICHAI'l. I.cIRIN C. IILARK XY'lII.I.IAM R. CVIKOTA F. ljONAII3 GARXWICII WAI.'IIR H. GII.IIIfRT ,IItAN Ii. GRAHAM Illinois Agrioulturist DELMAR E. GURI.IzY.. l-lAROI.D D. BIERGMAN. PHI'I.I.IQ A. GooDxvIN l.IiSIII? A. HARRISON EI.I2:AIII.'I'H M. HoI'r ARLIINIQ V. JAY ELITANOR M. joNI:s l.ORITN If. IIIHI. AURIELIA A, Kl.UI?C? HARr,IIw S, MARINE, JR. ,IoHN L. GRosIIAI.I. ALVIN G. l'lIII.TINU lYlARAIORIIf E. KANF R. EUGI-'NI-I LAMB Im' E. l.I'ONARI3 ALVIN M. lWlAX'IS STAFF Edilorirzl Sm Bruin eff SMD' II ...,.........EuJlf0l' . . . .Bnrinerr Alavmger .. . .u,'0!V1ll7IIJ' Edilor J. RAY NlA'I'HIERS K. RAY MINIQRT MIfTI'A V. Mourw CIIARIIQS L. NoR'IoN RwsIiI.I. L. PARK ,IoIIN H. PIzAsI.I:x', IR. NIARIAN P. PLUMII VIRUINIA I.. MLBROXNN AI.IfRI2D I., NIiI.SON ,lCSI'I-'H E. PI2vIfRI.v XVAYNI-i W. RIVDMAN llARiIlIW D, RIfIrIzRMAN liIlNI'S'I4 H SCHOITMANN Russian. F. RICHARDS R, HI'II.IEN ROMINIE CiAI'HIaRINIz E. SIIQMIQN WII.IIIaRT N. STIZVIATNSON AI.IfoRIm E. WIzI.IIcIuRNI2 l.l?XY'Iil.L M. WIZRNIER XVIRLDINIA E. WHII'I'oN LoRRAINIa C. SIIRRMAN VIZRNICIE C SHIIRMAX S. DIEAN SIMS CFCIL D. SMITH XVII.I.IAM N. THOMPSON l'lIiI.FN C, Wc:I.If IJIII2 Grosbrill Garwood Gilbert Harber Mavis Stevenson Minert Engelking Schottmann Werner Marine Peaslcy Mathers Wlclbournc Clark Whitton Rcitcrman jay Agnew V. Sherman Sims Siemen Norton Wolf Voland Rominc Park Edwards Kane Cvikota ,Iones Riclmrds Bittermzinn Smith Holt Harrison Goodwin Redman I.. Sherman Applegate Nelson Brewer Hulting Klucg Carmichael Mourly Lamb Graham julil Plumb Page 312 EDVUARD S. FRASER MAURICE K' CARR Bufinen' Manager Elma,- GITCRGE F. BACHMAN ARTHUR S. BROWN FRANK E. BUTTERFIELD G. HERBERT EMIN G. ROBERT AVERY JOSEPH H. BLAIR, JR. WILLIAM H. BRETT WALTON L. CARLSON JAMES T. CHUMLEY The Technograph MAURICE K. CARR., EDWARD S. FRASER. W. GI,ENN VOIGT .... ROBERT TIDEMAN. . . .. CLIFFORD E. DYER. ALBERT J. LOGLI. .. ALBERT R. STARR. .. THEODORE J. JAKIM .... HENRY P. EVANS, . . .. 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WITORT Brown Hazen Grooss Voigt Carlson Kleckner Geiser Shedd Moore Hu fschmidt Dyer Emin I Waddington Oberman Viermen Smith Hochberg Britt Stevens Sternberg Zuercher Txdeman Witort Jakim Starr Ch umley Dillow Nitz Page 313 ,M-nuqngigi .M V X 1 .. '-1' , f E X 1 3 ' Q I 1 X 4 Hr 1, ' 3 mdk -aw.. 1' :gm S gang' W5 ,ia . . ' . -,X , 1 a L 5 1 1 Q S it Vasta McKelvey Filson Ferris Kennedy Fischer Anderson Kendall Petty Reuss Bock S . B 1 1 C O M M I T T E E RICHARD B. PORT, . . . ,......... ............ . . Co Chairman EUGENE D. O'MAHoNY .,.., , .... .. ., ........ C Chairman ALICE E. ANDERSON BARBARA R. KENDALL A. BETTY Bock BvRoN T. PETRY ROBERT E. FERRIS VIERNA E. REUss LEROY H. FISCHER josEPH VASTA 'vi' GEORGE H. PACE Pnefidenl, Second Semefler EUGENE D. O'MAHoNY Page 316 Ca-Chairman Lights! Action! Camera! All these focused on Glen Gray playing for the Senior Ball on June 6, 1938. It might have been a Monday, it might have been a blue and rainy one, but the George Huff Gym was sunny with a summertime carefree spirit which marked this climax to the social events of the class of '38. Beach chairs, large fans and light and fluffy frocks were obvious tattletales for the summer which was too close at hand for the many senior couples who promenaded in their last collegiate grand march. This traditional and impressive procession is a welcome sight to spectators and participants each year. This year especially impressive, it was led by Edgar Barton, outstanding in all campus affairs of the year, who escorted Margaret Kunz, lovely past-president of the Y.W.C.A. These important names and many more were to be found in the unique wooden programs which had the inscription "Senior Ball-'38" burned into the bark-like cover. These were presented to each guest to be kept as a permanent memoir of this important evening. enior Ball Underclassmen and upperclassmen threw off the wor- ries and cares of a whole semester as they began this festive day with picnics earlier and dinners later to celebrate the end of final examinations. The brilliant music of Glen Gray and his Casa Loma orchestra was well liked by the Illini students who ap- preciated his original style. This final dance of the year proved to be one of the most popular. Not only was the dance a complete sell-out weeks in advance, but a capacity crowd thronged the large balcony of the gym to listen to the music and view the very impressive sight. RICHARD B. PORT C0-Clyazrmarz Page 317 .l. l-4 Rice Miller Nelson Genster Martin Countryman Seip Williams Chapin Hibbert Strauss Smykal J . P C O M M I T T E E YVAYNE F. Mll.I.IER. . ....,...,............... . . Fhinmazz DKJROTHY E, CIIIAIIIN Jamiss R. NLKRTIN RUIH E QMYK XI Dovixrn A. COUNTRYMAN Ricimiuw J, NI:IsoN CARIYNF B Srmuss AIICI3 XV. HIIXIKFRT KFNNFTH I.. Simms Brrrx VUILLIANIS XVAYNE F. MILLER Clmirnzurz NORMAN XV. SEIP P1'L'JfLf6'I1f, Fin! Semertev Page 318 The Illini social world gathered in the George Huff Gym on the night of December 16 for one of the biggest social events of the year, the Junior Prom. The dancers left all thought of the rain outside as they entered the gaily decorated gym and danced to the delightful music of Hal Kemp and his superb band. The programs were of chromium plated metal, and they added much to the prestige of the prom. The return of the ever popular Kemp to the Illinois campus was heartily approved by the many students who gathered to listen to him. Not only were the bids completely sold out, but also tickets for balcony seats which were purchased by envious on-lookers. His featured singers, Judy Starr and Bob Allen, were at their best and were well received by the students. Junior Prom The junior Prom was graced by its Queen, Rose- mary Best, upon whom royalty was bestowed this year. She was escorted to her throne at the north end of the gym where she was crowned Queen of the junior Class by the president, Norm Seip. The eoronation was preceded by the Grand March which took place shortly before midnight. The dance rhythms of Hal Kemp changed to march music, and the dancers, led by Wayne Miller and Norm Seip, joyfully took part in the march. After the Grand March and the coronation had been completed, the band struck up another of its unique arrangements, and the dance continued, And so, another page of history was added to the social record of the University of Illinois. Page 319 Davis Seidenberg Cruvant Swisher Lynch Morrill johnson Miller Castle Barton S o p 11 o m C t ' 11 ' C O M M I T T E E JOHN C. DAVIS .... .... ........................ ......., ......... C If 4 i rman DONALD W. BARTON MARY M. FLEMING MARAIORIE A. MILLER CATHERINE E. CASTLE HENRY J. HOLQUIST CHARLES D. MORRILL M, LESLIE CRUVAINT FRANCES E. JOHNSON HERBERT C. SEIDENBERG Joi-IN C. DAVIS WILLIAM P. LYNCH WILLIAM H. SWISHER HERQFRT C. SEIDENIIERG Prendenl, F1151 Semener JOHN C. DAVIS Chairman Page 320 On the evening of April 28, in the spacious George Huff Gymnasium, the Class of 1941 successfully staged its first formal dance. The orchestra, playing from a gayly decorated stage at the south end of the gym, maintained a delightful atmosphere of enthusiasm and enjoyment. A short while before midnight, the marching melodies announced the long awaited Grand March. Richard Bar- low, president of the Class of '41, and john Davis, chair' man of the Cotillion, led the dancers majestically about the gym. Climaxing the evenings entertainment was the pres- entation of the most beautiful sophomore co-ed and her court of honor. Appropriate spring-like decorations magnificently added to the romance of the warm spring evening and the rhythms of the orchestra and the featured singers. The socialites lingered on, watching the orchestra and their clever novelties or dancing until the final moment. Thus, the first formal dance of the Class of 1941 came to an end, but pleasant thoughts remain in the memories of all who attended. DoN Reynolds Robb Dillow Parker McClurg Dalrymple Dudgeon Buhni Miller O Freshman FP011C COMMITTEE ......,....,,.. , ...................ChI1fl'77lLl11 XV. iDALRYMPI.IT JAMES P. BUHAI BETTY Lou MILLER BARRETT C. D1L1.ow' HERX'EY E. PARKER AUDRIQY D. Duncsiaox OSKFR C, REYNOLDS PEGGY A. Mrifiiunc NANCY ROBB C, DEAN THOMAS April Fool's night saw the freshmen come out in full force to have a high, wide, and handsome time at the annual Freshman Frolic. A large crowd of about eleven hundred couples enjoyed the rhythmic music of Eddie Duchin and his orchestra. The Frolic is always one of the gayest of the Illini social events, but this year it outdid former years as the Freshman Council succeeded in obtaining the George Huff gymnasium for the first time. The affair, as usual, had none of the formality of stiff shirts, formal dresses, and high hatsg even the orchestra seemed to capture the light- hearted spirit of the crowd as it turned from slow waltzes to peppy modern rhythms. Also typical of the gay atmosphere of the evening were the attractive programs. They were decorated with the traditional green suedette caps always associated with the freshman class. The crowning of the king and queen high- lighted the already gala evening of the Freshman Erolic of the Class of 1942. Aumuzx' D. lDUD4.liON Prrvirlwlt, Svtwlrl Svrzlvfler DON W, DAI.RYMPLE Cluzirmml Page 321 Frazee Nelson Berman Hinkley Norton Parker Banks Olsen Allanson Furlong C O M M I T T E E RILHARD -I. Niirsox. .. .......,................ .... C a-rlmifnmrz IVIARIAN H. Baxks, ,. .. ...... ........ C 0-rbfzifnzmz MARY ALLANSON ELEANOR A. Funroxo VERNON XV. NOR'1'ON BI-'NNIQTI' I. BIQRMAN PAUL I-IINKI rx' BYRNICF L. OLSON RICHARD J.. NELSON Ca-Clmfrmrm Page 322 MARIAN H. BANKS C0-CfYtll7771zI77 IIlTRliFR'l' PRAZICE The Independent Informal on November I2 Served as L1 tonic for the Illini who had suffered a defeat at the hands of Ohio that afternoon on the gridiron. The music was furnished by joe Sanders, a favorite on the campus for many years. The "Ole Left Handern came forth with his usual lively rhythms and helped to Soothe the dampened pride of the "Fighting Illinifl The dance, sponsored jointly by W.G.S. and M.I.D.A., was held in the George Huff Gym and was attended by a capacity crowd. A very unusual feature of the dance was a "jitter- bug" contest. Many of the swing-minded students en- tered the contest and put on a real demonstration of swing dancing. The winners, Scotty Stewart and Bud lfletiley, were each presented with a cup symbolic of their prowess as 'jitterbugsf' The "Ole Left Hander" has been a regular visitor to the Illinois Campus for quite a few years, and ht has played for the last three Independent Informals, MAR'rH.'x E. PARKER Nl! 'f , te' 1 North Kennedy XValker Owen Russell Vushman Mikes fowing Sihler Kendall Voltz Panhellenic Ball COMMITTEE ...ffff-Clmirffziail l:ANNlIi I.. floxxixu .. Howalilv -I, Rlwsl Ll ....,...,. . ...fmfrfflmiirmiu f'IlAR.I,O'l"I'li S. CVSHMAN LORRAINF G, LIIKVS Hiil.iiN V. SIHLIQR Barnum R. KisNnA1.1. Hoxvfxnu K. Nomn Waniiaa H. Voifiz, ju. G. NORMAN Klixmslw KVITH GXVFN, jk. SIDNEY V. NYU-Xl.KlfR The exclusive Pan-Hellenic Ball was held on the night of March 31, 1959, in the beautiful ballroom of the Cham- paign Country Club. Those allowed to attend this unique affair were the representatives of the sororities and fra- ternities in the Pan-Hellenic and lnterfraternity Councils and their guests. Before the affair began at nine in the evening, the committee and their guests enjoyed dinner together. The 250 couples attending the Ball were dressed in strictly formal attire which gave to the dance a distinctive and sophisticated atmosphere. The couples danced to the rhythm of Emil Vlaszo and his orchestra, who more than exceeded the dancers' hopes. The programs were a sym- phony in white and black, white programs with black fig- ures and printing. The decorations followed a spring gar- den theme with trellises and flowers furnishing the main background. These, combined with the lighting effects of the ballroom, served as a lovely scene for the dancing couples. Hoxvfmn J. RUssFI.L CU-Cl.l7r1i?'7lIr!7l my Ffxxxnt I.. Cow ING Cffi-Clurif vnu! Page 323 Benz Parks Wlhitlock Rirhards Koellei' Gantzert Tliumas Davis Peitliman Kenworthy Smith RALPH J. THoMAs Prtxfiderzt, Ag Club Orem ismo A. PEITH MAN Page 324 Chairmmz Ag Dance 0111 I-Il',l.IlO A, l,lfl'l unix ,... Aiwiiiin R. Bnxz Iiiiixxoa O. Davis M.fumii,i2 G. GANT717RT lixiiiiivx A. Kiiivw omin' COMMITTEE H.-xiioin I., KOIfl.l.I'R Wfxi.'i'lfk D. P.xRKra Riissrii. F. RILQHARUQ Nomvmw L. SMHH RALPH J, Tuozvms BIYRT M. XXfH1'r1.or This year the students of the Agriculture and Home Economics School presented their annual Agricultural In- formal held on April 15 in the University of Illinois Saat- ing Rink. All formality was thrown aside as the couples danced in symbolical farm and home costumes to both old- fashioned and modern music. Instead of the usual white tie and tails, the dancers were attired in overalls, bandannas, straw hats, and gingham dresses with corsages of fruits and vegetables. The Rink was decorated with bales of hay, lanterns, pails. and other equipment used in agriculture. The programs accentuated this agrarian atmosphere. At the close of the evening the couples paused as the Queen of Agriculture was chosen and crowned on a throne of straw. This year the dance again attained its usual high stan- dard as the most informal frolic of any of the major dances sponsored at the University of Illinois. .fluzir mari K This E Independent Spring Informal EDWIN M. SCHROEDER.. BETIY M. ANNIs ....,,.. NORMAN G. BITTERMANN RICHARD W. Bmsror. WILBUR S. DowN1Nc COMMITTEE RUTH HAMPTON Donmvn H1nsER year's Independent Informal, held in .. . . . . . . .Co-Cfmirman . .....C0-Clmif-man HARRY j. LAMBETH IRMA S, SANCKEN FRAMQFS R. STUTZMAN the George Huff Gym on the evening of March 10, brought Tommy Dorsey and his versatile swing band to the campus. Sponsored by M.I.D.A. and W.G.S., this fifth annual spring Independent dance was a climatic social event in a successful year of Inde- pendent activities. Silhouetted against a modern background featuring a huge trombone, "The Sentimental Gentleman of Swing" made a great hit with the gay dancers and enthusiastic on-lookers. As the dancers swirled to the syncopated rhythms of this distinctive band, making its initial bow on the campus, the leader swung out in his own inimitable style on his famous trombone. Edythe Wright and jack Leonard, in their solos and feature numbers, added to the enjoyment of the eleven hundred couples who attended the dance. Twelve o'clock found couples reluctantly leaving the dance floor and observers pausing as they left their vantage points in the balcony to observe the scene below and wish for just one more lilting melody. EIWIN M. SCHROIEDER 4,'r1-f,ibrlf7'lIl!U1 BETTY M.VANN1s Co-Cbzzlrfrlarl E Page 325 Burkey Simms Benz Schpok V Hanley Bodecker Finnegan Weber Brewer Hiller Rezney Garm Oleson Deutch Morey Summer Entertainment LLOYD F. OLESON C0-Chairman LOUISE DEUTCH Co-Cbnzrman Page 326 SUMMER SIDNEYE, GLENN ...... .... . ..... ...... . .... CHARLES R. FREDERICK ..... RICHARD E. HASWELL MARK H, HINDSLEY LOUISE DEUTCH . RICHARD MOODY LEWIS V. PETERSON SUMMER PROM COMMITTEE LLOYD F. OLESON .... ARTHUR R. BENZ ELEANOR M. GARM GEORGE W. BODECKER DOROTHY J. HANLEY ROSE E. BREXWER LUCILLE HILLER ORVILLE L. BURKEY WALTER T. MOREY GERTRUDE E. FINNEGAN For those students who attended the Summer Ses- sion, a very interesting entertainment program was presented. This program included several band con- certs, movies, lectures, plays, and athletic contests. These programs and plays were presented, for the most part, by the students and the faculty Summer Session Entertainment Committee, which supervised the whole program and acted in an advisory capacity. The climax of the entire summer entertainment pro- gram came on july 29 with the presentation of the Summer Prom. SESSION ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE . . . .Chairman . .... Secretary CARITA ROBERTSON GEORGE T. STAFFORD . . . .Co-Chairman ... .Ca-Chairman ARTHUR REZNEY ADELINE L. SCI-IPOK THOMAS S. SIMMS MERRILL WEBER University Dances Every dance on the University of Illinois campus was the source of much gaiety and pleasure for the large number of students who attended. Dances were presented by the various classes, the Greeks, the non- Greeks, the Ag students, and the Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. The Inter-Fraternity and class dances were strictly formal, while the Military Ball was graced with the sight of uniforms and sabers. There were informal dances such as the Ag Dance and Fine Arts Ball where informality ruled supreme. Several dances stood out because of their unique themes. The Headliners, Hop, a dance for the campus "big shotsl' was sponsored by the journalism fra- ternity, Sigma Delta Chi. Everyone who attended was cleverly dressed to represent their particular activity. At the first Independent Informal an amusing "jitter- bug" contest was held. We were fortunate to hear the unsurpassable rhythms of many well known bands: Hal Kemp, the usual popularity leader with his novel arrange- ments, "The Ole Left Handerf' joe Sanders, with his swaying rhythm, Bob Crosby and his striking swing numbers, Tommy Dorsey with his inimitable modern style, and Anson Weeks and jack Denny, featuring their individual specialties. Page 327 1 .gl x ' :ww I i- Mig. A qs., .kk 6 S f , 3 , N Nf +52 .sa 399 4 V 1 Q F 'I sr 5' 5' f Vg., f v X r ,, x xv' Q ,.g X 1 ' I Q :fs '33 Qgmg Y ,M 4 V 15, U 'Vi' X M3535 f f ' , '9-'fly 43111 1 1 r ,Z ,...f,.. A, ,Q L . A ff mm "N sk' - 1. +-u , ' f .. .54- wff+.fri f1, 'Cm , - Q 1- ,1,1g,s,.f ' ,1qE,a5f? M Wu, x .53-Q, A g PM.-1-. M 9 Y . A , 4? Y 2 a 5 Page 330 Taylor Anderson WESLEY SXVANSON Direrim' RICHARD MOODY Terlmiml Diret-mr FRANCIS M. TAYLOR Clmirrmzn of the Board McKinstry Illini Theatre Guild XVESLFY SWANSON .,... ..,.... G eneml Difertar RICHARD MooDY ..... ....... T eclmiml Director FRANCIS M. TAYLOR .,.. ..... C Zmiv-man af the Board M E M B E R S ABNER R. KNIGHT .,... . ...,,....,......... Repr-erenmiire of :be Unizferiizy CHESTER R. ANDERSON .... ...... R eprerenlutive of the Univertily FRANCIS M. TAYLOR .....,... .... R ep1'e.ventatife of Mark and Bauble FREDERICK H. MCKINSTRY. . . . . ..,....,.... Reprerefzmiive of Pierrolx MARY B-AIN LEHMANN. , . .. ..,..... Reprerentarizie of Avepo GEORGE P. TU'r'rLE. . .. ..,. Repmrenfaririe of Player: Club This year more than 1,000 undergraduates have worked on major Illini Theatre Guild productions. Under the direction of Wesley Swanson, director, and Richard Moody, technical director, these students, headed by an undergraduate staff of three senior managers and eight junior supervisors, have offered a season of plays and operas that have earned enthusiastic approval for the Guild. The Illini Theatre Guild is composed of three undergraduate dramatic societies, Mask and Bauble, all-University dramatic honor- ary, Pierrots, men's dramatic honorary, and Arepo, operatic honor- ary. The Faculty Players Club is a patron member. Executive au- thority of the Guild is vested in a board of directors composed of a representative from each of the four member societies and two University representatives. It is the hope of the Guild to foster genuine creative activity in the student body' and to give the campus and the community a :hance to see important plays produced with sympathy and sincerity. Mohler Sn0dgf55 Littleton Marlatt Illini Theatre Guild The inauguration of a new supervisory system for both business and production staffs of the Illini Theatre Guild has been the main factor in providing one of the most brilliant theatrical seasons in Guild history. Headed by three senior managers, the permanent staff also includes eight junior supervisors. The undergraduate managers are appointed by the Illini Theatre Guild Board in the spring of the preceding year. Heading the staff this season were Francis M. Taylor, Business Managerg Sam Sachs, Men's Production Managerg and Janis Doe, Women's Production Manager. Clarence Lantz, Shelby North, and Dorothy Chapin were junior Business Supervisors, while Louis Mohler, Harry Marlatt, Lewis Williams, Barbara Littleton, and Lois jane Snodgrass served as junior Production Supervisors, Members of the eight business and production crews for each of the major productions are appointed by the senior managers, with the advice of the junior supervisors. Different crew heads and assistants are selected for each show, and these direct the work of the various crews under the supervision of the juniors. The Business Manager has charge of publicity, box office, house management, and The Illini Playbill, of which from eight to twelve thousand copies are distributed free to publicize each production. He is the nominal managing editor of The Playbill, and the junior business supervisors take turns editing the successive issues. The juniors also alternate in supervising the other three departments of the business staff. The two production managers supervise the men and women, respectively, on the backstage crews. These include construction, scene painting, lighting, costumes, properties, and makeup. Settings for the plays and operas are constructed in the Guild scene shop and completed and assembled in Lincoln Hall Theatre. Junior production supervisors are assigned to various phases of the backstage work. This year Louis Mohler and Harry Marlatt supervised construction, Lewis Williams directed the scene painting, Lois jane Snodgrass had charge of makeup and costumes, and Barbara Littleton supervised properties. 1. Lantz North Williams Chapin FRANCIS M. TAYLOR Bwine rx Alrznnger SAM SAc:Hs IlIc?I1i,f Prmlnriion fllfzlmgw' jams A. D012 W'af11en'r Pradurlion Manager H5-5 Page 331 Sachs Mohler - R. Moody Lantz Nielson Taylor Snoclgras Huston Jennings Bl0IIIl7CI'g C. Moody McCrcd1e Lehmann Littleton Mitchell Van Gorkom Louwien Alhcrstctt Chapin Flynn Prather Elsom Sackett Harno Swann Colteaux Kudo ? 12 Page 332 DORRIS A. MITCHELL Prfffident JEROME W. VAN GORKOM Vice-Prexidenl BETTY L. LOUXYIEN Sefrelafy Mask and Bauble DORRIS A. MITCHELI,. . . . ... .. . .... , ........... . . .. ,Prefident JEROME W. VAN GORKOM ..... .... LOUIS C, MOHLER ....... BETTY L. LOUVUIEN ....., BARBARA R. LITTLETON.. FRANCIS M. TAYLOR .... RICH.-XRD INIOODY, A.M. .Vice-Pwyident, Fin! Semener . . . .Vice-Prarident, Secnnd Semefler ......................Secrefary FACULTY ............Treamfer , . .G'1Iilu' Rcprefenmtive JOSEPH W, ScO'I"I', A.M. NEI.I.IE M. S'I'I'ART, B.Mus. SIQYERINA E. NELSON, PlI.D. J. WESLEY SWANSON, B.I.., A.M, MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GEORGE A. CLARK RUTH L. ALBERSTETT HARRIETT A. BLOMEERG GEORGE J. DLESK JANIS A. DOE LEOOA M. DOE HARRIETTI3 ELSOM HAROLD W. HALF ORVILLE H. I'IAMP'I'ON DOROTHY E. CHAPIN JFANETTE D. COLTIEAUX BONNIE K. FLYNN MICHALIE M. HARNO ELIN KUOO Gradmzle Stzzdefztf Seniorf FRANK V. HUSTON BARRARA JENNINGS BETTY L. I,0UW'IIEN G. JACQIIELYN MCCREIIIE FREDERICK H. MCKINST'RY DORIIIS A. IVIITCHIZLL E. CAROL MOOOY SAM SACHS fzmiorf fiI.ARENCE '1'. I.AN'I'z BARBARA R. I.IT'I'I,FTON LOUIS C. MOHLER KNIITE E. NII3I.SON NIARYABAIN LEHMANN VIRGINIA A. SACKETT I.AIIRAIIEI.I. A. SCHLITT SARAH R. SCI-IWARTZ JO STEVENS VIRGINIA L. SWANN FRANEIS M. TAYLOR BARBARA TOWNE JEROME W. VAN GORKOM SHELBY NORTH MARY J. PRATHFR I.. JANE SNOITORAS DOROTHY M. TUTTLE Parshnll Frankel Gillii Ubbcn North Dickerson 'Illylor Kane Wfilliams Hllglfi-SIIIIIII Small Boyd Vastu Benz McKinstry Rohliing Nielsen Lantz Ifwrcc Peterson Schmitz Toeppen hmm Knchncmnnn P . t O F F I C E R S HAROI.D XV, HALE ..., ..... P refidwzf. lfirvf SIv1rf,'w RALPH W. ROHLFING .... .... P rffidwzf, Srmml 5'wIIvffw FRANK V. HUSTON .... ..,.,.,....,, I f'iI'I'-PwIi.lw11 KNUTE E. Nllil.SIiN.. .,., .... S HIEIIIIJ-'l'I-IIIIIIII-I-I FREIIRIQK II. MCKINS'I'RY .... .... G nik! Relmffwzmffzw F A C U LT Y OLAE S. FJELDE, A.M. K HARLES H. SHATTITCK, Ph,D, HAROLD RV' HMV Prerzdwlr, J. GLENN METCALF, A.B., B.Mus. J. XVEsI.Ev SxvANsoN, B.I.,, A,M, pm, 5L,,,,,,.,L,. RIUIARII INIOODY, A.M. R. BRUCE XVIIIRICK, PILD. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Selziorf G. XYr'II.I.IAM BOYD IDAYID M. CIIIUQLEI' GEQRIQI' J. DIESK FRANK V. HIIs'I'oN HAKTIN P. HARPER ARTHUR R. BENZ GEORGE H. DIKTKFRSON, JR. FREII J. ENoI.IsH IDANIIEI. E. KANE JuI.IAN B. KAUFMANN RIINARD A. KOFHNEMANN EDWARD V. BARANSKI GEORGE G. IUIQXVIZY EUGENE V. FRANKEI. JEROME I.. CIIASSMAN EARLY! H. GILLIS WEI.Ls HUCZOYSMITH FREDRILINL H. MVKINSTRY EI.I.swoRAIII H, IXIYFRS RILHARD P. P.-KRSHALL RIf.HARn RUIIERTS fzmiorf fII.ARlTNCIZ T. I.AN'I'Z HARRX' O. MARI.A'IT EIN ARD J. MA'I'TsoN LoI'Is ff. IWIOIILFR KNIVIE E. NIELSEN Sophomore! RONERT E. HIIMM HERBERT M. KRAUS ROBERT F. NAGEI. EDGAR H. PLAIQIMANN ROBERT P. POPE MARVIN D, RQSENIIIIIIIQ SAM SAIQHS FRANLIS M. 'I'AYI.OR JEROME XV. VAN QIORKOM JOSEPH VAS'I'A SHELBY NoRI'H J. FRANKLIN PFIRVIE ALBERT E. PE'1ERSoN RALPH W, ROHLEINIQ DONALD B. TOIIPPFN LEXYIS W. XYIILLIAMS KENNETH L. SCI-IMI'I'z BELFORD A. SMALI. FREDERIC D, STRIIZRII-'R JAMES E. UIIIIEN THEODORE RYAN GELIJIAR RALPH W. ROHLVINIQ P1'eIide17l, Setond Semarfcr FREDRICI-Q H, MIQKINNI Rx' Guild IZIjIrIIurmz1iIu Page Page 334 KATHRYN J. SUTHERLAND Direclm' HAGIN P. HARPER Prefidenl Firfl Semwler ARNOLD R. SCHENK Prexidem' Second Serrlefffr Fin! Semenfer HAGIN P. HARPER .... -JANICIE H. WHITE. , .. repo OFFICERS . . Prariden! . . . . . Vice-Prefidenl . . Sammi Semefler ...ARNO'D R. SCHENK ....MARTHI A. HUEE ARNOLD R. SCHENK ..,. . . . Sew-emry . . . ,.,. .,..... J AMES S. LEE ALBERTA G. VAN PET'1'EN.,. . . Tfeamref . . ALBERTA G, VAN PETTEN ALBERT L. PETERSON. .. . . Hinofian . . . .... FRANCIS G, QUIRKE FACULTY AND HONORARY MEMBERS MARTHA E. BURRIDGE MARY-BAIN LEHMANN JOHN W. SKULTETY AUSTIN E. GARRELS CATHERINE L. PUTNAM MARGARET S, SPROAT GAY GARREI.S MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sefziorf ARCHIE L. AENEY RUTH L. ALEERSTETT JACK BOSVVELL VERA D. BRITTON EDwARD G. CAMEALY LORIN A. ELLSWIORTH RALPH FIORENTINI EDWIN J. BARBER ARTHUR R. BENZ GIZRAI.D1NE E. BONNER IDOROTHY E. CHAPIN -JEANE'l"1'E D. COLTEAUX JOHN R. ENUSTROM I.. IRENE EVANS IVIICQHALIIT M. HARNKJ LAVERGNE A. KLOSS IEIELEN L. BITTERMANN THOMAS G. BUTLER IVIARY S. CHAPMAN CI'IARLO'I'I'E L. CONRAD MARTHA L. EDGAR GEORGE R. FLIEXMAN NANIQY A. HALL NORMAN A. GOLDBERG ELITANOR M. HAMII,TON HAGIN P. HARPER FORREST H. HEEREN INIURIFL M. KRING BE'I"IE L. LOUWIIEN fmziofzr CLARENCE T. LANTZ LOUIS C. IVIOHLIER RUTH E. MONTGOMERY KNUTE E. NIELSEN SHELRY NORTH SARAH ORNDORFF ALBERT PETERSON EDWIN C. PLATTE LLOYD E. RIGIER Sophomoref BERNARD J. KORN CAROLYNF E. MEYER ELIIANOR V. MORGAN ELLA M. PULCHER RICHARD L. ROPIEQUFT KENNETH L. SCHMITZ Freflomafz PHYLLIS T. MRAZEK KATHERINE ROPIEQUET HELEN E. SHAVER N. JEAN WARBIIRG MARJORII: G. WARD JANICE H. WIIITE BETTY M. SCHROIZDER LAURAEELL SQHUTT LOIS J. SNODGRAS I,EONA A. SPEER BETTF J. STAATS JO STEVENS M. MARGARET STEWART MARY E. VUIDGER HEI.IEN G. XYIOSNUK ROEERT L. SIJHULZ XVII.I.ARU XV. SLOCUM BELEORD A. SMALL ELIzAEETH A. XVEDLOCK ROBERT E. WHITIQ AUDRIZY I., WITHINGTON Morey Webber Crandell Aron Hazen Filson Chapin Stiven Morrison Clark University Concert and Entertainment Board MEMB-ERS Family LLOYD Moiznv, A.B., B.Mus., C.P.A., LL.D. Fruiumuc B. STIVFN, Mus.D. CLYDE A. Wnninzrt, B.S. ALBIIRT W. ARON, Ph.D. GEORGE I.. CLARK, Ph.D., D.Sc. JOHN S. CRANDELL, B.S., C.E. Slmlefzlr DAN F. HAzl:N MARTHA B. MomusoN DOROTHY E. CHAPIN CHARLES XV. FH.soN In the spring of 1917 the present University Concert and Entertainment Board was organized under the name of Star Course. A Board of Advisers, with the Comptroller as chairman, acted as an advisory group to all dramatic functions, and, in addition, it planned the annual dramatics calendar. Student managers, selected from literary societies for each season's course, were chosen by this Board of Advisers. A reorganization occurred in 1931, at which time the former Star Course became a part of the larger, present Concert and Entertainment Board whose duty it was to supervise all concerts and public entertainments given in uni- versity buildings by professional artists and organizations. Membership of the Board consists of the Comptroller of the University, acting as ex-officio chairman of the organization, the Director of the School of Music, two members of the faculty selected biennially by the Council of Administration, and four student members elected annually by the Philomathean and Adelphic Societies. Duties of the new Board include the selection of senior managers and junior and sophomore assistants for the Star Course staff. The work of the Concert and Entertainment Board is a great benefit to the students, for it brings at reasonable prices the very Hnest of cultural entertain- ment to the campus. Fnnnmuc ,B. STIVEN Chaz:-man Lrovu Moruzv Tr'er1.r1n'w' Page 335 Lehmann Robbins Miller Guernsey Bergmann Schelp Glassman Landmann Harshman Niedncr Shirer Bittermann Tzrrble Manougian Ege Butler Carr Adams Anderson Stone Goldsmith Dorsey Fleming Kilker Johnson I-Iamley Cruvant Peine Micsse Noel Alexander McClintock Morgan Bnllmvln Stewart Nelson Armstrong Bachman Morrison Andrew Schpok Rickards M A N A G E R S f'1..xIIK H. BACIIRIAN Alrzmzyer BARIIARA K, ARMSTRONG IVIOIIICUII lllaflrzger Page 336 BARBARA K. ARMSTRONG DAN E. ANDREW' STANLEY B. BALBACH ALLEN L. ADAMS JOHN XV. ALEXANDER ELEANOR G. ANDERSON DON W. BARTON HARRY W. BERGMANN HELEN N. BITTERMANN TOM G. BUTLER RICHARD K. CARR MARY A. CLARK M. LESLIE CRUVANT XVINIFRED L. DORSEY CAROL L. EGE MARY M. FLEMING JEROME L. GLASSMAN Senior Mfmagerf jfzzzim' Mafzagerr DIARY F. BIORRISON RILIIARII J. NELSON S0f7f70llI07'6f BIARIAN H. GOl.DSMlTH l.URRAINlT M. GROUPE IZDXYIN O. GUITRNSIEY JAMIs l'lAMI.l3Y NANIQY HARSHMAN BRI rv J. HINES MAIKN' E. JACOBS LEONARD W. JOHNSON, JR. FRED M. KILKER WENIIELI. A. LANDMANN JOSITPHINIE S. LEHMANN EI.IzAIxE'IH L, MANOUGIAN ALICE M. MCCLINTOCK CI ARK H. BACI-IMAN ADTIINE I.. SCHPOK BI.'I'I'Y A. STEXYART BIARGARIET E. MIESSE Bl,-KRJORIE A. IVIILLER JUNE M. MORGAN CHARLEE NIEDNER MARTHA R. NOEL ROBERT D. PEINE S. BETTY RICKARDS DOROTHY L. ROBBINS GENE-R. SIQHELP MHl.VA F. SEARCY RICHARD K. SHIRER HEI.EN R. STONE MARY A. TARBLE WW 3 ,, V x--,xmr . W-U x , Rf il . timed Egg F' 'Q T-t QE ' , xx Q A AK A A 2. X, kixy . gm vm ..'!.,.L, fa, '34 K., , 1 ' LH , sl aff' , Y' . W r -Q ,- 15 Q In ' Y ' -.i ,Q Y , gy Qlx ' " T , .,, , L iff W 8 xii? ' x ' fm ' 'L Q 2 Wa, Q 1 V .1 ,V 4 f 1 fic? ,Q Vx , 1-M541 gg jiyyi XXX J HQ .X view gm 1 f E 6 F ef? f 3 W Q , ' 7 yikk ,.. ,, J ' - X Vfxgfzyskjek M R 5 f Q I VW'M""'-wf-...,,. wlsgv if :Eg I -'WS 'ifgfh Star Course for 1938-39 Star Course searched with greatest care to find a series of concerts that would carry on its tradi- tion of the very finest in cultural entertainment. As a result it presented this year not only the reg- ular series of six programs, but an additional spring series which consisted of three programs that were equally worthwhile. The regular series consisted of six outstanding artists. On October 18 Albert Spalding, one of the greatest living violinists, played to an enthus- iastic audience. The Cleveland Symphony Or- chestra, directed by Artur Rodzinsky, presented its classical concert on November 9. By far the most popular was the concert given on Novem- ber 28 by the exquisite soprano, Miss Lily Pons. The dancing of Angna Enters was successfully pre- sented January 19. Robert Casadesus, pianist, gave his concert February 23. On March 30 Richard Bonelli of the Metropolitan Opera gave the final performance of the series. The spring series opened on February 10 with a concert by Alec Templeton, the blind English composer and pianist. The Indianapolis Symphony, under the baton of Fabien Sevitsky, presented a program on March 7. On April 18 the St. Louis Simfonietta, a group of eighteen members of the St. Louis Symphony gave its concert, thus ending another successful season for the Star Course. ANGNA ENIERS ALBIZRT SPALDIING RHQHARD BONELII ROHYRT fY.iN"x1YlQNUS Star- Course 1938-39 The Cleveland Svlnplmuy Olglmstrgl LILY Pom 9 ,V H. M. S. Pinafore Sir jafeph Porter, K.C.B. ..... ..... . WILLIAM B. BROWDER Capzain Corraran .......... ..... R OBERT H. REEvEs Ralph Rackmauz, able Jeaman. .. ..... EDWIN C. PLATTE Dick Deadeye, able Jeaman... .... HAGIN P, HARPER Baanwain ,..........,... .. ..... ROBERT W. KOYL Boamuaink Maze ................. ...... E MERY D. OLSON jorephine, daughter of Captain Corcoran .... MARGARET S. SPROAT Aim. Criffpf, known df Lizzie Bazzefrap. .ELIZABETH A. MOSIMAN Cozuin Hehe. . . . .... . ...... . .... CATHERINE A. HANAWALT Celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of the first production of the rollicking Gilbert and Sullivan opera, Arepo of the Illini Theatre Guild presented the ever-popular "H.M.S. Pinafore" Friday and Saturday, April 8 and 9, 1938. The plot of this hilarious opera involves romance, intrigue, and farcical comedy aboard the Pinafore, one of Her Majesty's man-0'-wars. The valiant efforts of Captain Corcoran, master of the Pinafore, to maintain discipline on his ship in the face of the pompous interference of Sir Joseph Porter, First Lord of the Admiralty, are complicated by Sir joseph's love for Josephine Corcoran, daughter of the captain, and josephine's love for Ralph Rackstraw, a humble seaman. The comic villainy of Dick Deadeye and the feminine machinations of Little Buttercup, who is in love with Captain Corcoran, further complicated the situation. Elizabeth the Queen Sir llvzzltifv' Raleigh. . .. Pf'm'lffpu Gray. . . . . Calhtairz Armrm. . . Sir Reber! Cecil. , . . Fnmflf Huron. . I,f1rd ljnfx. . . Elizubully .... Lord Burglalcfy. . . . The Fool ,.... Ilflfrry . . Trerm .... Ellen ..., Marvel .......... A Man-at-Armf ..., The Courlzer. . ,....... .. , A Captain of the G1mrdr..,. ...,Rrrii,xim P, PARSH,-Xl.I. .juiuiru B. Hiuux' . . . .. .GI-ORKPIT J, Dusii T. MCELROY XVl1.iufs .CQ GORDON Romxsox ... ,RALPII XV. Rom1'IN4: ..., . . . . . .jo E. S'i'15xrNs and MARY-Bam I.1iHMaNN jitnomiz W. VAN Gorucom . . . . . .HARRY O. MaRl.a'r'1' . . . . . . . .KIAROL Moom' ...Domus A. Ml'l'f1Hl?l.I. ...Dono'rHY CHAPIN .....KNu'rn E. NIl3LSliN ... .DoNA1.D LARIMORE .. . .FRANCIS M. TAYLOR ....R0lH?R'l' H. Rmavns The Illini Theatre Guild players completed the thirty-first dramatics season April 29 and 30 by staging Maxwell Anderson's historical play "Eliza- beth the Queen." Always dramatic and changeable, Jo Ellen Stevens headed the cast with a convincing portrayal of the English queen in her most puzzling and romantic moods. Ralph Rohlfing played his part as a lord elegantly and dramatically. The court jester, Harry Marlatt, was superbly portrayed, while Gordon Robinson, McElroy Wilkes, and Judith Hickey were also outstanding. Francis Taylor, com- pletely "in character" in his role of a courtier, held his audience for the brief time he was on the stage. The play, staged on the most decorative set used by the guild during the year, was also given May 6 and 7. Mary Bain Lehmann excellently played the part of Elizabeth in the later presentation. Brother Rat Mrf. B?'00re.I' .... jayee Winfree .... jenny .......... Claire Ramm ..... Harley Harrington. . Bing Edward: ..... Billy Randolph .... Kate Rice , . ........... Dan Crawford .......... A. Furman Towmerrd , lf- ' 'Newrreel' ' Seo!! ....... "Tripod" Andrewx.. "Mi.r!ol" Bottome. .. Slim ............... Liealenanl "Lace Dra Colonel Ramm ...... wen" Member of the guard .... Member of the guard .... Member of flue guard .... ......RoNA M. .... .MARY J. PRATHER ..DoRoTHY E. C1-IAPIN ORERMAN ISABELLE H. GEITHMAN .... .JOSEPH E. BAGALE . . . .ROBERT H. REEvEs .....Jo1-iN D. VARBLH ...JANIS A. DOE .. .ERWIN F. MUELLER .F. BURTON SELLERS ..DoNALD B. TOEPPEN .JAMES D. CAMPBELL ... . . . . ..... HARRY O. MARLATT ....GEORGE W. WENTHB Rogerf .... .. .. .ROBERT E. BERNS .. . . .MAX U. METCALF . . . . . . .EARL H. GILLIS .KENNETH L. GARRETT ...AYIILLIAM A. MANTEL "Brother Rat," the first production of Mask and Bauble's thirty-second season, was staged before full houses October 21 and 22. Excellent characterizations by all members of the cast made the comedy exceptional. Everyone was good from Robert Reeves, the "brother rat" who got into the most trouble, and John Varble, the brother who got him there, to Peggy Chapin, the feminine lead, and Harry Marlatt, the lowest cadet. Dialogue was quick and clever, the play being centered around the martial and marital difficulties of Cadet Reeves and the efforts of his fellow stu- dents to help him out of them. Among the scenes that provoked the loudest laughter from the audi- ence were the two successive entrances, after taps, of the commandant, Max Metcalf, into the barracks room in which his daughter, Isabelle Geithman, had been smuggled to help coach Cadet Reeves in chemistry. l Kind Lady Mr. Iiarler.. Mary Iltfrriel. . l.m'y Wcatvfz. . . . Rare ,.......... Pbyllir Cff6'7l7lf7lg. . . .. Pelcr Sizfzfmd. .,.. .. Ilcmy fllzbvlt. . .. Ada . . ...., . . . Dollar ...... . Mr, Edz4'i11'rf1. . . . Nur. liLlI4'll7'dJ'. ., Aggie Edwardf. . Gnimz' Rorenberg ..... . . . .MAX U. lNIE'lt'Al.lf ...Mjo E. S1 iwlfrvs ,..,.-IANE IE. Waixnicix Rosiz1.LA M. Hawxms .MARGARET S. RAYNIXR ..jAMi2s D. fiAMPliIiI.l. .....GI:oRo1a J. Di iisit .....Er1z.aBF'1'H WHl'1'iso ...,.joHx G, Stn ii ....FRANK V. Hl's'1'oN ..DoRR1s A. lVlITl.Hl5l.I. . .. . ,.... BETTE I.. I.ouxx'i14:N .Faiinuiuc D. STxucKi,izn November 11 and 12 the Illini Theatre Guild presented Hugh XWalpole's gripping mystery, "Kind Ladyf' jo Ellen Stevens, playing the title role, gave a marvelous characterization of a well-bred, wealthy Englishwoman who became the victim of a merci- less band of thieves. Miss Stevens was outstanding in a part which required a complete change in character from a lovable old lady to a crippled, almost demented, creature. George Dlesk was the suave, utterly heartless leader of the band of criminals. His high-handed manner helped his villainy, and he got what he wanted quite effortlessly. Supporting him in his part were the other terrifying thievesfFrank Huston, Elizabeth Whiting, who portrayed a half- wit, and Doris Mitchell. The remaining members of the cast helped to give the difficult play an ex- cellence seldom achieved by college productions. Page 344 Tosca 1-'farm Ibm: ..,.. .... M Am' BAIN LITHMANN Aim-iff Crzrizmdfmi. . ,...... EDXYIN PI.AT'IF .Ymf-fm: ..., , . ..... HAGIN HARPER Arrqtlffffi . . ...... Ronlzm' Rlalsvns .Yam-irlafm ,,., Rrcznamm P. ADAMS .Sywlvlfrz .... .... F oumzsr H. HEERIQN .Yrmfmrfc . . , .............. ........,. 1 AMIZS LFE 171 Iizrmre fSbufvlwrd Boyj .,.. .... S ARAH ORNDORFF Crlwfur' ..., ,,.,.,,,,,..,... ..., F R .-mx Ho1.1.12R l'r1 Xrflqmzff fxtffydzlflfl .,.. .,.. A RNOLD SQHENK lfffbwzi .... .... .,.. . . ,,fiI,ARliNKQF LANTZ Srwrmw .. .EMORY OLSON Arepo brought one of its most dillicult produc- tions to the Illini stage December 9 and 10. Four of the most remarkable amateur voices made the world premier amateur presentation of Puccini's brilliant opera "Tosca" an excellent show. The story concerns the escape, recapture, and ex- ecution of the Italian political prisoner Angelotti, played by Robert Reeves. He was aided by his artist friend, Mario Cavaradossi, played by Edwin Platte. The plot, complicated by Platte's love for a young singer, Miss Lehmann, and by Harper, the smug policeman, moves forward till the singer ex- poses the prisoner to save her artist sweetheart from torture. After persuading Harper to allow them both to escape from the country, she stabs the villain. But real bullets instead of blanks are used in the supposedly mock execution, and the artist is shot down. The singer, by leaping from an old Roman tower, escapes arrest. Union lntcrlocutors . Iiml Wien Red Hot ..,. Low Down . . Sorgum ..... Sugar Cane . . . Specially Men Minstrel Show JJOI-IN V.NRIlI.E 4 - IMILT HOPVVOOD SUNNY WOODWARD .FRANK MCKELVEY ........'I'IM SEAY ...JIM NEU CHARI.Es CAUDLE, DAVID TERRY, BUD HEEFLEY, TOM RIGGS, JIM NEU, DICK CHAEECK, ED DALY, HARRY KLOCKER, BILL KELLY, FRANK GOODRICH, DICK BRUNTON, PAT WAI.sH, JOE SCULLY, KENNETH CAHN, ROBERT WILLIAMS, DONALD ROBERTS, JACK TOURTILLOTT, RALPH ROHLFING, VIRGINIA LEE SXVANN, HENRY SPRAGIZNS, JAMES CODY, GEORGE REID, EVELYN SIEGEL, HERB FISHER, MII,T LEVIN, BETTY LOVEGREN, ORVILLE HAMPTON, HERB CARL, SUMNER HvAssMAN, HEI.EN JACOBS, ELINOR BELL, MARY SCOTT STEWART, MARY JANE IvEs, PEGGY BITTINGER, WOODROW' JANDA, JOE ZARISH, ZIZNA SCHWARTZ, SARAH SCHXVARTZ. Songs, dances, and wise cracks were presented in fast-moving, entertaining style as a good-natured audi- ence chuckled and heartily applauded the tenth an- nual Illinois Union Minstrel Show in Lincoln Hall Theater January 6 and 7. Complete with jokes aimed at student leaders and song and dance specialties, the minstrel Cast set a fast pace and maintained it without faltering until the finale. John Varble and Milt Hopwood, as co- interlocutors, contributed equally to the show's suc- cess, while the end men did their parts to perfection. Highlights of the performance were Virginia Lee Swann's humorous toe-dance specialty, the songs of Betty Lovegren, the ventriloquist act of Kenneth Cahn, and a song and dance specialty by "seven dwarfs." The applause left little doubt that those "out front" were well pleased with the efforts of the Cast and their director, Miss Severina Nelson. Fflfzrwne Tnhhi, . . rllvr. H6110 lf'e'ufer All-. lfwrlei ,.,..., 11111 Nvlfkdfctflll. .. rllmj Cwnlbill. .. Doilfnzm Iwmp. . , .. .... Fffzrfcr Grewllvill. .. Imifzdrz Pzke ,,..... , .. It Can' , .,.. JOHN CRANDELL t Happen Here . , .JANE SNODGRAS HERBERT PORTER ......ljONAl.D TOEPPEN . . .jAcot:E1.IN13 BICCRFDIE FRr-xxcrs M. TAYLOR . . . .ERWIN IVIUEILER .RosELLA HAWKINS Fnmzis' 'larbinzzgb .... ,... F RED STRICKLER Xlmd I.e'd1fe. ,.,.. , julian Ilzlfk .,.... . .. .BURTON SELLERS .. .KENNETH GARRETT liflrzlglmnz Smwrz .,,,, . . . , , . . ,RALPH ROHLFING Cai-gm Primm Bi-own. .. ..,....,.,...,..... JACK MULLEN Cm-limi. .. ....., . . ,.. .BELEURD SMALL, ROBERT WHITE, CLARENCE LANTZ, VERNON TEBO Dan Wilg14.v .... Mr. Dimmirk. .. .......,.,.....IOHN P. WALSH ...LEWIS XYJILLIAMS Sinclair Lewis' play, "It Can't Happen Herel' was presented by the Illini Theatre Guild on February 17 and 18, On these two nights the Lincoln Hall Theatre was filled to capacity by audiences that enjoyed this popular show. The story revolves about the possibility of a dictator- ship in America. Francis Taylor played the role of a small town newspaper editor who does not become alarmed at the threat of dictatorship until it is too late. The plot is stirred by Taylor's efforts to over- throw the Corpo tyranny. His attempt to regain democracy meets with numerous obstacles while en- deavoring to overthrow the Dictator's totalitarian movements. The seriousness of the play was vividly depicted by the excellent performance of the cast. The back- ground consisted of black drop curtains which left the setting to the audiences imagination. The Firemarfs Flame Napoleon Mm-bball. . Renrralaer . . . . . Mi.s'.s' Sf20dg1'11,i'f. . Mi.s.i' Cabal ..... Harry' Howmd. . . . M0,i'e . . . . . Nozzle .... . . . MH. H 0 ward ..... jenny... ....... . . . . . . . .RALPH ROHLFING RENARD KOEHNEMANN ..........SHELBY NORTH . . .HERBERT PORTER ... . .ROBERT REEvEs . . . . .HAGIN HARPEIR .. . .JACK MULLIEN . . , . .Louis MOHLER ........joHN VARBLE Daphne Vamlerpaol .... ....... G EORGE DEWEY Adolplam Vanderpool .... ..... J ERRY VAN GORKOM Vemz Violet ..... .. ........,. DAN KANE Bedlingzon ...... .... B ELFORD SMALL Bowery B'l90y .... ..... R OBERT WHITE Policeman . . . . . . . .BURTON SELLERS Ma9'01' Wirkhurzz, . The Slmnger. . . . . . .FRED STRICKLER . . .EDWIN PLATTE "The Fireman's Flame" was presented on the evenings of March 17 and 18 in the Lincoln Hall Theatre. The many laughs caused by this humorous play marked it a definite success. Pierrots can well be proud of their twenty-eighth annual show. The all-male cast added to the play the "umph" that was needed to make this unique melodrama a l'hit." The story revolves about the heroic actions of the fireman of New York City in the elegant eighties. Robert Reeves starred in the part of the hero who saved a score of orphans, a grandfather's clock, and George Dewey, an heiress. The "Can Can," the latest French sensation, entertained the spectators with a "spicy" dance and brought forth much hilarity. Johnny Varble, George Dewey, Dan Kane, and all the other men dressed like women were good in sup- plying the show with femininity. 'X Q , ' if ' ' X . , 22: ' if v ,L 1 ki h ff T , 5 'lywi Qi, v 1 ,nr xx if 'P . . .-5,11 3 .,,m Jaw 5. Q, js ': . -1 9 x 5 if x ,F if MA f :U-.u1Mm.vf.-L A ,umm MNH -r-Q 1 1 fum fm Lum. ,L-fm, , , -Q .L , , f -.M ROSTER Direrfor ..... .. . .,.,.,.,..,.. . . . Aniffmzf llireflnr. . . Tr'm.r111'w' rlllzf B11.Iiz1r.r1 Iiliuifzgcr. . . Libmrifzrl. . Prefidcrzl ,,.,.., Vim'-Pl'c.fidI'11l . . . Srffrelmy ...... QmzrI4'r'm11flL'r', . . Drum Ilifzjov.. WELFARE COMMITTEE A. AUSTIN HARDING University Bands Three organizations comprise the University Bands, the Concert Band, the First Regimental Band, and the Second Regimental Band. Places in these three organiza- tions are determined by examinations, and service in them takes the place of the required military training. Concert Band members-selected musicians whose main purpose is to study and perform the best in music-- are eligible for scholarships each year, provided the mili- tary requirements have been previously fulfilled. First and Second Regimental Bands furnish the necessary music for military ceremonies, athletic events, and similar functions in addition to studying and performing a cer- tain amount of concert music. From the three organizations a unit of 180 select bandsmenw-the world renowned "Football Band"-each fall plays at football games. This formation-making band has become an essential part of the football spectacle. A rxirlmzl Cazldlzflor' ......,.... . . ...A, AUSTIN HAIIDING ...MARK H. HINDsI.nY .CIIAIIFNCE E. SAxx'HII,I. .. . . .CfI.YnI2 A. WFIEIKIQR BIEIINIIARI' M. KUsI1IIIiI. ...CII..-mx H. BACHMAN RALPH FIoIusN'I'INI ....NORMAN A. GOLDBERG .,....JoIIN W. Fl.UCK ,. . .ROISIERT W. KOYI. RAY I. SHAWI. JAMES K, VAN SLYKE I.I1oNAIzn I.. S'I'FIMI.I2Y RICHARD B. COGDAI. . If Page 351 B fiat Clarineu JOHN W. ALEXANDER WILLIAM J, CARMICHAEL ROY CHRISTOPHIZRSEN JOHN A. COOPER ELMER H. EGLI RALPH FIORENTINI THOMAS E. GAUSE JEROME S. GORE JAMES R. GREENW'ELL DE PAUL J. GRIESER HUBERT A. HARNOIS SHELBY M. HARRISON ROBERT L. HUNT ELWYN H. KING HERBERT A. KLEINBECK HOGAN B. KNIGLIT CARL KURTZMAN RUSSELL E. LARSEN SAM E. LEVIN STUART M. MAMER JOHN L. MARSH AUSTIN J. MCDOWELL ROBERT L. METCALE ORESTE MICHI OTTO J. NOVOTA JOSEPH D. OVERMAN ROBERT A. STEIN JAMES K. VAN SLYKE STANLEY W. VYCITAL KEITH L. WILSON A. AUSTIN HARDING CLARK H.ABACHMAN Direetor Prendent Concert Band Alto Clarinetr FRED C. BAUER JOSEPH H. CAVEGLIA THOMAS C. COBB WILLIAM J. RHINEHART Bax! Clarinetx NORMAN A. GOLDEERG DON R. MCCLELLAND RICHARD D. MEYER MASON E, TAYLOR RICHARD E. YOUNGGREN Contra-ban Clarineix JOHN W. FLUCK RALPH W. ROHLFING Flufef and Pieeolof CLARK H. BACHMAN JOHN W. COLTMAN JOHN P. DOLCH HENRY D. EGLIN KENNETH B. EMERY FREDERICK C. GEDGE GEORGE E. MOREY DONALD L. PEOHL E-flal Flute CHARLES H. MERCER Oboe! KENNETH G. ACKERMANN GEORGE A. CONREY EDWARD W. DOLCH JOHN J. SCHUSTER Englixh Harm WALTER A. NECHODA JOHN F. RICHARDSON Baritone Oboe HARRY W. BERGMANN Heehelphone BYRON B, WYMAN Alto Saxophone: FREDERICK J. ENGLISH GERALD E. LEECH KENNETH D. MALICK CHARLES B. VANCE Tenor Saxophonex ALLEN J, Cox ROBERT L. DOYLE JOHN B. MCCANN Baritone Saxophone CARL T. KARLBURG Ban Saxophone A. PAUL NELSON Banoonx JAMES D. CAMPBELL RAY I. SHAVUL ROBERT M. TIBRETTS JULIUS I. TURK Contra-Bauoon ALLEN E. CANNON String Ba.v.fe.r THOMAS G. BUTLER EDWARD G. CAMEALY ALMA J. GARRETT E-flat Ban LEONARD L. STEIMLEY BB-flal Bauef WARREN A. FEI.TS ALBERT J. HATCH EDWIN KREBS JAMES D. MOSES, JR. CLARENCE E. SANDY STEPHEN W. TEHON Harp EDNA A. MICHAEL Marimba NINA M. COFFING E. NADINE RENNER Tympani JOHN D. CARSON JOHN R. ENGSTROM Drum! RICHARD B. COGDAL GEORGE E. HAMILTON CHARLES W. MAUTZ GEORGE M. TURMAIL Properzymen HARRY D. LEEPER HOWARD W. YARNELL Come!! WILLIAM H. HARBOUR ANGELO M. CUCCI MARK H. HINDSI.EY HAROLD C. HINES HASKELL O. SEXTON DANIEL E. SMITH ROBERT W. WORK French Horn.: ARTHUR G. ANDERSON THOMAS G. BUTLER JACK M. ELLIOTT LAWRENCE W. GOUGLER DONALD J. HATCH HOWARD K. NORRIS S. ROWLAND SMITH ROBERT G. YAPP Trumpelf ERNEST ENGLUND, SR. JOHN M. GLEASON VICTOR C. HOEFNER RALPH E. SHANK Flugel-harm LAWRENCE S. MORRISON DONALD S. MYERS Tvombonex HORACE S. FREDERICK LOUIS A. HANSEN HAGIN P. HARPER BERNHARDT M. KUSCHEL LYMAN A. STARR Ban Trombone GORDON K. GROSE PERDUE J. POVULEN Euphoniumf JAY N. FROMAN AUSTIN E. GARRELS Barilonw HARRY J. BECKEMEYER CLARENCE L. BENNETT LOREN E. GILLHOUSE, JR Flulex and Picroloi LOUIS M. ADAMS GEORGE W. AHLE ROBERT C. DALE MARION J. FRENCH JOSEPH E. PIUBBARD RENARD A. KOEHNFMANN PAUL A. RAMSDELL SPENCER D. STINSON FRANK E. TROBAUGH CARL W. WESTPHAL Oboe: ROBERT W. KOYL WALTER A. NECHODA GLENN M. SLUSSFR WILLIAM G. VOIGT Banoonx ALLEN F. HAMMERSTROM CARL T. MEYER Alla Clarinelx JOSEPH L. JOHNSON ROBERT M. PILCHARD Ban' Clarinet! WALLACE B. BLACK ALDWIN E. MORRIS Alto Saxophone! FRED J. ENGLISH RAYMOND W. HERRMANN HARRY E. KOEHNEMANN PAUL NELSON JOHN V. OVERMAN Tenor Snxopbonef ROBERT L, KOCH IRVING ZABIN Baritone Saxophone FRANKLYN R, MELTRER MARK H. HINDSLEY CLARENCE E. SAWHILL Afriflan! Direcior Airman! Conductor First Regimental ROSTER, 1938-59 MARK H. HINDSLEY. .. B-flat Clarinetf CHARLES G. ARNOLD WALTER A. ARON GRATON J. BETTS JOHN M. BRITTON ROBERT S. DAY SAMUEL E. DILLAVOU ROBERT H. DRIGGS OLIVER W. DURRANT CARL W. EICKSTAEDT GLENN L. FELTZ FRANK D. GARLAND, JR JOHN S. GRIITFITH WILLIAM A. GROSS PAUL B. HANNIG DONALD O. JOHNSON ROBERT H. LAXVBURGH JULIAN N. LEVEY W. ROBERT MAGILL JOHN R. MAIL CHARLES A. MOORE, JR. JAMES L. MURPHY FREDERIC G. NEARING HOWARD B. PETTY, JR. STEPHEN SARTORIS FREDERICK H. SCHOTT JAMES A. STITZEL JOHN S. SWANSON WALTER M. TAYLOR THEODORE A. VARGES JOHN L. WHISENAND JAMES C. WILKINS . ...... ....Condur1or Cowen and Tfumpelf DELMONEL G. BANGERT JOSEPH BEECHER, JR. KENT G. BRITTON AVERON H. EISENSTEIN HARRY M. GILL VERNON K. JOHNSON MARTIN J. LUND HARRY N. MAY ROBERT J. MCINTOSH RICHARD R. MERNER WAYNE E. MOORE WARREN R. NELSON DONALD H. OPEL RAYMOND L. PARKER STANTON R. PEMBERTON RALPH S. ROSE EDWARD A. SHILKAITIS LEO G. SILL WALTER J. STENBORG HARLAN A. STONE JOHN C. STOUGH ROBERT J. THOMPSON Horn! DONALD F. HACKETT PAUL F. LESTER GEORGE F. LUDVIK BRUCE B. MONCREIEE EDWARD W, MOORE FRED A. WILSON OSBORN C. WORI.EY Bfzritonef LEONARD BANTZ, JR. FRANCIS R. DEWEY SIRENUS G. PAULSIEN GORDON A. PHILLIPS JOHN N. REIQDS XVILLIAM W. WITORT Band Trombonex MALCOM C. BABB EDWARD A. DOISY ROBERT F. FISHER JEROME F. GREGOR JAMES H. HAMPTON CLIFFORD G, LE VEE DWIGHT R. ROWLAND Bane: DONALD C. AINSWORTH WARREN G. DUGAN STEWART E. GAII. EDWARD E. HAWORTH HARRY M. KIRBY MELVIN R. KORNMEYER LLOYD L. LINN DONALD J. STADEIELD Tympani JAMES H. CRAVENS Dmmf GEORGE E, EDWARDS WILLIAM H. FISHER JAMES D. KELL JAMES D. LOCKHART DONALD R. MASON JOSEPH B. MCDEVITT GRANT B. SIMPSON Drum Major ROBERT W. KOYL Propcrlymen JOHN K. GLOVER RICHARD A. HAMEISTER JAMES K. LATIMER University Orchestra , j i: JJ f ry., A 3393? 5 --IW. I EQ., ga. : -, ' A XY7AI.'l'FR L. ROOSA Cwzdnclor Page 354 ROSTER, 1938-39 XYVALTER I.. ROONA. .. ARTIIIQR E, CiOHIiN. .. Fjrff Violizzf XXVILLIAM T. BRAY AI.I,I.N E. CANNON ARTHUR E. COHIEN SOI. B. COHITN EIIGIENIE C. f.OYN1'R GAY GARRITLS IRVING GIIRSON CJSKAR A, IQITISITZ XY7I.NDI,I.I. A. LANDMANN DORIS J, LAYSON SYINIA R. LVVIN Sammi' Viofifff VANCE XV, BA'I'CHI'I.OR VFR.-x O. BRITTON DLI.os IDITFAR MARYIORIE N. JOHNSON SAMUEL RICHMOND ROSIZMARY W. TOOLIQY MARIAN F, VAN GIQRIAIEN HtJXY"ARD H. VVARI7 RORISRT C. XVIILIAMS BARIIARA J. XVILSON Viulaf EDWARD G. CjAMI'AI.v MARGARIEI' J. DANNIR BIRNARD J. KORN M, BI.-XRGARVI S'I'I,w'AR'I' BI.-KRJORIF G. XXVARD SIANIIY II, XYJHITIQ Cel! 01 MRS. JNIADITII S. DRZITRR JACK M. ELLIOTT GFKJRGE R. FLIQXMAN MARY K, KFLLY O MRS. 1VfARGARIi'I' C. SIII,I.1vAN PIOXVARD M. TIfFTI'll VIRGINIA A. XVIIIH-R ALFRED D. vUl3IiS'I'I'R .. ..,. K. ff11Il1rII.wr ,,.C.w1IIrInII'1I.'I'f BLz.v.s'e,r THOMAS G, Bm! 1 ll ALMA J, GARRIVII' A. GRACilC HARRIMAN M.iRY K, KIQNNVDY JEAN K. S'1'IiINMAYIiR Iyllfffii' ALTHITA J. BIINRQRROXV JOHN P. DOICII KLNNFIH B, IZMIRI' GITORGI- E. BJORLY Oboef GEORGI. A. CONRIY JOHN J. Sc'HI's'I'I R Cl:Z7'1:1lc'f.l' RALPH FIoRIfN'I'INI JXJORMAN A. CIOLDIHRG ORFSTIS MIVHI KLITH I.. XYJILSLJN BLZ,l',f00lI.l' JAMI:s D. CAMvIIIaI,I. IRIS J. Nlzw 'ION JULIUS TURK H arm' ARTHUR G, ANDFRSON, J DONAIL3 J. H.A'I'lTII LIARVIN 'I'. SIYORD ROLAND F. SMIIII T1'11111pef,v JACK GLRASON DIAN E. SMITII ROIIIfR'I' XV. XYVURK Tfflm XVARRIN A. Frlfrz Pe1'rf1.s .Yflill RICHARD B. COODAL JOHN R. IENIQSIROM GliORl2E M. TIIRMAII. Lil1mr'if111,r GEORGE R. FLRNMAN BERNARD J. KORN R11SS1f1,1. H. IWIILIES HARRY M. KAUFFMAN A1.11i1f E. ANDIRSON FARAIIA G, ANDIRSON I.I'fII.I IZ. ANDLRSON I.I'r11.1 ARR11aA1'1LR E1.17A1w1'1'11 J. BAKFR ENII5 M. BIEAI. ANN1: B. B1f1aR1? M11 DRIII7 IILAISDI-I.I. AIIIJIII P, BRADY MRS. MAX' BRANDLY fIAMII.I.Ii B1:RN1:'1"1' B1a111.A CARSON EL1.1cN A. fII.ARK ITDNA F. CONOVITR MARCQAIlI"I' H. ECON I-I1'1.1'N M. COCPFR JOAN fICI'Ifl.AND B1sv1fR1,Y QI. CORN1-iI.IUS M. ANN1"1'11f BAII. IUORIS M. BANKS MAR1OR11t H. BANKS EMMA M. B1RcaSciHr1D11R M11.DR1D I. BRANNON BARBARA A. BROCAXX' H1'1.1'N Ii. CQANTLIN M1fR1'D1'1'11 CALKINS I.. FI.IZAIIIi'I'IfI CHANDLIZR G1iR'1'RI1D1a fIORD'I'S MONTA COX IUOROTHY R. CRAIIR KAR1.1fN1c M, D11zD1fR1CH B1fRN1ci12 A. ENu1f1.1c1Nc9 HI'I.IfN I?NGS'1'Rc:M LA V1fRN1f M. ESSRR HIfII'N FRr11D1iN11rRO HARRY fi. ARMSTRONG XYIIIIIAM M. B1-RS1sAc'K RO1111R'1 BRAXN N XVII.II.AM R. fII.IfNDFNIN ELMVR J. E111zRSO1 I.OI'1S M. ADAMS RICHARD P. ADAMS University Chorus ROSTER, 1938-39 I.. I Srzpr ANN1' M, fIL'IIIRIUN A1.1r'1' V, Iv.-AVIS DCRO'1'11Y DVAN MRS. I.11.1Y V, DOxx'N1Nr XYIIIAIA J. ITRNDIN -IANIHI' F1 11N1.11f VICTORY N. CILYNN B1-NITA A. GOAD SARAH J. GRAY J1fAN1'TT12 HAR'1'z1:1.1. MRS. A1.111iR'1' A. HILL MARcs111fR1'1'11 A. HODc:1: MARX' M, PIORNING KATHRX'N I., HIIIXI. MRS. EAR1.1f1fN1: IRL12 AcsN1vS1s111.1.14 JAM11'Sc:N H. LAURA J1fNR1Ns 411105 M. I21.1S1f K.ASTTN MARION Ii. KFRCTHNI'R IT11,11N C. KRINSKY IN11z E. LARSON H1 1.1'N O, INIALMBYRG f115R'I'RIIDI'f C. IYICKINNIH' AVIS A. MCMASTLR M. EIIGFNIE M1-LRIQR MRS. TOM IVIIERLO BARBARA J. M11.1.1aR MRS, R. MI1'CHIZI.L MARY' E. MCHI,ER MRS. EI.L15N E, MORTON VIXIIAN L. NYI.IiN SARAH ORNDORLI' II. VIRGINIA OXVENS GIRTRUDI5 R. PI'ITIL Alfwf BIARIAN B. GIRRS MRS. L11LI1 GR1 IN ELIQANOR M. HAM11,'11xN DORIS V. I-IARMON HARRII.IfIf H1iNH::1'1' LAURA I. H111f1.S'1'1'R FRANCIYS E. -IITNNINGS XIITRNA R. AIU!-INS'I'l'N NCRMA Jc'S17R11 J. GIfRAI.I7INI' KAIIIAMAN IANN1a'1"1'1a K1i11'1'1fR MARX' K. KIINNIADY CO1.11i1iN I. KIRK MUR1121. M, KRINIQ XIIRGINIA H. KRINO M. FLORFNCE LAXN SON INIYRA LYTLL LORFNA MANAIIGH H1i1.rN H. MARTIN I17N1f R. IVIERVIS MARY M. MORRFLL RUIII E. MIISSFLLIAN I111AR1.O'I'TR L. NFI.SON H1f1.1'N I. OLSON MARY I.. PRORST I?v1t1.YNNR M. RASMUSSIVN III.I7AIIETH R. RHLZDVS I. CARCL Romans POLLY ANN RCGIZRS RIKTH ROGLRS FLSIR H, KINS1' IfRANf'1-'S J. ROWIT FRANLRS I.AI1a,HN1-R Tezmzir RFGINALD F. F1S111-R SIIMNTR C. HYASSMAN N. RICHARD FOX RAYMOND L. K1:11-1'1-R JOHN F, GRAY PAI11. F. L11S'1'1:R FORRLS1' H. H1a1fR1fN G1-ORGI: MAx1:Y Bane! EDXIVARD CI. HAR'1'1fR FRANK E. HIJ1.I.If3' RORRRT NV. BI.UMIENSCHIiINVUII,I.IAM R. JONIS THOMAS R. f.I.IEMONS FR1fD C. IUIIETZ I.AwR1aNC1a H. DUNLAP XIAN D. FR14c'111sTT12 JAM1aS S. I.1'1f IOHN C, M11.1'S DONAI.I5 S, MY1'RS EMIERY D. OLSON J. GORDON PR'rT1OR1.w' CHEORGE C. P1NNIfY CRFURGF C. R121D XVIII IAM I. RHODES DONALD D. RORRR'1S RALPH XV. ROH1.1'1NO RALPH E. SHANR .. .Coml111'l0rJ PHILLIS SAMPSQN S. IZ1 11AR1-'1'11 SANDIIRS IRMA S. SANKIKIX MRS, IQAHVI S. SCHxY'A1.II1' MRS. f,PAl. C. SCOTT f.l.ARA XV,SM1'1H I.I'ONA A, Sv1t1'R MARuAR1f1' S. SPROAT B1fRNAD1N1f H, TA1111 INA C. 'I'1'1x1111.1a'rON MARX' M. THOMPSCN MRS. EVA M. TRO'1'11fR DORO'111Y I.. VAN C1.1:Av1f NIIRMA R. W1'111-R NANm'Y I. XYfI'II'II.CCK ADA M. W1L:11'1'MAN HII.I'N G. XVOSNUK EI.I7AIII"I'H J, SciA11'1i IWIIYA F. SIARCY H11.1fN S11AY1R MARY A. S'11vR MARX' I.. S'1'OC1qRARu12R I2I.IlAIII"I'II F. STOITT DOROTHY R. TAI1Is1iR AMANDA TICHIENOR MARIII TROTIRR I.IfNf1RIf J. ULKRS MARII' I., VANCTE A1.1ci1a J VAN DF VI?N'I'IfII M. B1t'111 VAN D15 VIfIV'I'I:1l V. ,IUNI5 VAN ZANDT V1'RDA I. XIUSII RIVIH XY,AI.TI'RS MRS. ROY E, XYIOLCOTT KAR1 -H1 INZ PI.ANI'I'7 fIIIARI IIS F. SVHLA I"I 1'R HAROLD P. TOOMRS ELYIN S, XXVARIIICK XV, DAI 1' XXIHISNANT RAY I. SHAXVI. JOHN S. S11scQ1.1Nc: ROR1zR'1' S. STAINTON BARTON XV. TAYLOR JOHN S. 'I'OUR'1'11,I.O'1'T ,IOSYPII I. TL'RNItR RO111 RI Ki. XYIILI IAMS RIISSIELL H. MII.ES Colldnctar Page 355 Miliwlmli Demeris S. Smith Heftel Rohinng Harter Froman Rite Cllcntlenin XViII'fCU Peine Bcrshiluh If. Smith O'Hiu'e Shirer I Kratz Frost Kuyl Tnussig Lemmon Agnew Dunham f'nrnLruss Dewey Pontius Bauhei Puilinm Howell Schickcdanz Reitheltieifei' Kirby Hemphill Hamp Veach Reuttex' Heigmum Stevens Epstein Gerber Fisher Page 356 I.iiRcn' R. HAMP I71It'ilw' CIHARL1-N li. HLMPH .Iliifmyt i' lfnxx Allll ti. HART! R Pwilifurzi 1VIen's Glee Club EDXYARD C. HARTFR. . . EUGENE E. ATHI?R'I'CJN. CHARLES E. FIEMPIIILI . .. RICHARD K. SHIRFR. .. EUGLNE E. ATH1aR'1oN K. CLARENCE BARIIIRR HARCI.D D. BIERCQMAN XVILLIAM M. BFRSIXAC H ALLEN F. AGNFW' ROHIRT I. CARNCROSS WIILLIAM R. CLFNDIXNIN BLNIAMIN L. DW ity ROGER DIINHAM ROCZIR E, BLANK JOHN G. f7,ROI'5SM:XXN CiI'ORClf T. 151511 RIN CII.-XRLTS E. HI-BIPHIII EDNIUND C. FROST EDWARD Cf, HA1l'Il1lI DAVIL5 H. HI1R'I'IfI. Fkrn S. HCJXX'I1I.l. CARI. N. Ht"i"1iR OFFICERS .. . .I'w.ridw1! LLROY R. HAMP. . ... ... . .Difefror I7iL'f'-Pwiiilwzl RICHARD S. HLIDSON .... ..., A L'tUVV1I7d?1IJf .. .Jlfzmzgvr JOY N. FROMAN. .. ... .f1rfor11,l1m11Jt .. Llbfclflzlfl GLORGF T. DIEMFRIN. .. .,,. Saivezmy M F M B E R S'.ff Teflon RFUINALIW F. F1sH1-:R AARON B. GIARIZFR ROI!!-.RT D. PITINIE YNVIISON J. PONTIUS Sammi' Tezmrf B1 RNARD IiPs'1'1fiN N. RICHARD Fox HARRX' M. K1R1-w JOHN RifU'r'i12R, JR. Bai'if011e,r FRANK FiOI.I.I'Y Si'ixi'f1. KRL-VIZ ,lm K M. KJVH.-KRT B.1, RURIRT XV. KOYL R, BARYON I.i:MMoN Dt1n1.1:Y IQ. PUI.I.IAM Rl-IUIKIEN A. RIEINGARDT Fruzm-Rift A, SLHAPVR f.l.l'M O, SMVIII, JR. IMAs XV. RICE DONALD K. S'L'i2v1fNS RocnfR M. VLIACH GITCQRCPIE I.. WARRIEN FRANK A. R11c'1I1'L1vi'R1'i'R Ric HARD K. SIIIRIR SIANIOY D. Smut XK"IIl.I.-KM J. Rucmmis RALPH XV. ROHLIINC XV. fiAH'I'II MARSHALL NLJRMAN IT. SILHICKFIWANZ AIVIHUR R, MATHESON How ARD I.. TAUSSILQ IZRXHN F. IWUFI.I.FR -JOHN F. 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DRYDFN LA VERNE M, ESSER GRACE C. HANTOVER MARY J. JARNAGIN DOROTHY S. KRITLL MARIAN H. BANKS EMMA M. BI.RCSCHNIaIIuIaR FERN E. Fox ANNAIIELLE GRAY IDELLE E. LOGAN lWfII.DRl2D J. BRANNON MARY S. CHAPMAN JEANETTE D. COLTEAUX HELEN E. ENGSTROM Firyl Sopmfzo ELEANOR C.. MIl.I.liR RUTH E. lYllTCHIil.L ELINOR L. MORRISON PHYLLIS T, MRAZEIQ ISAIIEL D. PARKS N. LILLIAN POLL Second Soprano IVIRS. HELEN S. LEYINE GLADYS E. MCDONALD ARLFNIZ J. MIGHELL RIARY E. MOHl.ER BONNIE J. MOON DOROTHY J. OATHOUT NITA L. OYNFAL Fifi! Alto l"llil.lYN A. LOWENSTEIN MYRA LYTLE SALLY E. RAMSDFN POLLY A, ROGERS Sefozzd Alto DORCAS M. GAITHFR JUNE R. MI:RvIS RUTH E. IVIUSSELMAN GRACE E. ANDRESEN ..... . ..... ..Libr.u1m1 DELFA PINE ............ A.I.Ii.rrar1f l,ibI'mmr1 MARY K. SMILEY RCRERTA M. STRONI BERNADINE H. TAIFII PHOERE C. VlfS'l'AI. MARX' E. XVIITGER HELEN G. XVOSNIIIQ lDFl.FA PINE ELI7AIIIfTH PIXLIY KATHFRINIE ROIHII-QI1I'I KATHRYN M. SCO'l"l LEONA A. SPLIR 7 IYIARIANNF M. S'l'lfPHl' W HMA J Dm mix MARY A. STIRI' IWARY A. THOMPSON M. JANE SIPI' ALICE J. VAN ITE VI:NI'I'R M. BETH VAN DIE x7lfN'l' X7FRDA J. x70Sl'I FERN I. XVIfNINaI7R LORRAINE L. PARIPII. ELIZABIYI H R. RHODES M. INlARGARIZ'I' STIfxx'AR'I' KHHI RRY ROI U-Ol ET University Brigade The Reserve Officers' Training Corps is organized primarily to furnish skilled olhcers who, in case of an emergency, can drill and train inexperienced men for service. Its secondary purpose is to develop high character and good citizenship. The origin of the Reserve Otiicers' Training Corps can be traced back to an early date in the University's history-1868. It was then composed of twenty-four men who drilled on a small plot of land at the north end of the campus. The armory, which is now the Old Gym, was small. Since then, however, enrollment has in- creased to forty-one hundred, and the armory is one of the largest buildings in the world without a center support. In the past several years the Brigade has gained the reputation of being one of the best training units in the country and each year it sends forth many well-trained men. University Brigade The University Brigade is composed of the following units: Infantry, Cavalry, Field Artillery, Coast Artillery Corps, Signal Corps, and The Corps of Engineers. The students in each unit of the Brigade are required to take a basic course and are offered an optional advanced course. The basic course teaches students the fundamentals of military training and qualifies them for the rank of sergeant or corporal in the Organized Reserve. The advanced course offers students actual ex- perience in training men. These students are given commissions in the United States Army Reserve as Second Lieutenants when they graduate. The importance of this military training to the state and nation as well as to the students themselves cannot be over-emphasized. Cadet Staff GFORGR D. XVALRAVEN Cutler Colramfl CQ.-ms-'I' llmoxlfl, Qilflfliili D, XVAIRAVIEN ,............. Conzmavzdavzr CADIVI' l.Ir4U'ufx,-xN'1' Cnxoxlfl PHIIIIP j. f,'I.l'Ml'Y'lZ. .Eugirzeer Carpf KQADIST Nl.-K,IOR ARIHUR S, BROWN .,.... ...,...,.....,. I Vlfdllfl'-J C.-KDET NIAYIOR XVILI 1.-ur NW, CASWIEII. ,... ,... C foafr flizillwj Cm-pf Cauizr lVfA,IOR JOHN P. XVILKINS ..,.. .. ...A Field jffffffil-1 rf.-xmfr MAJOR KFNNIIIH D. Nanrx ..... ...iixgml Cfffpi' Page . 362 Endeavoring to acquire a solid foundation for the qualities of leadership and executive ability, the Cadet Staff of the University of Illinois Officers Training Corps has complete command of the execution of military orders given out by the department. The Staff is composed of the Student Colonel, in charge of his own unit, and a representative from each of the other five units, The Cadet Colonel is the commandant of the Bri- gade in addition to being the senior officer of the Brigade Staff, and under his direction, the staff directs the execution of the weekly retreat ceremonies which are held in the Armory. The Adjutant of the staff is responsible for the issuance of all orders pertaining to clerical work, while other officers of the staff are responsible for the carrying out of special duties which are assigned. The excellence of the brigade depends upon the co- operative functioning of the complete stahf whose ef- forts are directed towards teaching freshmen and sophomores the basic factors of a military education. XValraven Nadcn Cassell Vifilkins Brown Clementz Regular Staff Every thoughtful and patriotic citizen of the United States realizes that it is his duty to support and defend his country and his government against all enemies. In 1862 the Morrill Land Grant came into effect. This law required that all land grant colleges provide courses in Military Science and Tactics, and that in- struction be given under the direction of officers and enlisted men of the regular army. The officers are detailed for a four years' duty in concurrence with the President of the University. The growth in numbers of the R.O.T.C. at Illinois is well known. As advancements were made in mili- tary science, such as motorizing the field artillery, the University of Illinois R.O.T.C. did not lag behind. Therefore, the quality of the brigade increased along with the increase in numbers. The R.O.T.C. endeavors to teach a man courtesy, respect for authority, and value of individual effort in mass accomplishments, qualities which are im- portant in every day life as well as in time of war. The high scholarship, personal appearance, and de- portment maintained have been favorably remarked upon by the many visitors who have viewed the R.O.T.C. FRED R. BROWN ffolfmfl, Infanfry, U.S.A,. Commander Cor.. FRF!! R. BRoxvN ....... . l.I!7lJlA. Col.. I.II'r'r, CO1 I.iH'1'. Cor. l,III'I, Vol BIRD S. DU Bois ..., Pl.-KRRY A. FLINT ...., XVOODFIX G. joxns ..,. CH.xRr12s J. Tfwi ora Muon Cirlififono B. COLE .... ,.. ravi. mfxxirrri S. STICE .... . .,. . . . . .Commundant . . . .Court .flrtillefy Corpr ....,.Cavalry ........,Infantry . . , .Engineer Co-fp: . . , . .Field Artillery . .. .Signal Corp: Marr Garity Damon Sturies Timberlake j,D.Brown Kirlipatrick McNutt Routheau Grimm Lothrop Stite Morrow Del.orimier Du Bois Taylor F.R.Brown Flint jones Muir Stovall Quigley Hanna Millicc Cole Page 363 Military Council GEORGE D, XWYALRAVEN Pr e filer!! GIEORGIE D. WALRAVEN .... EDWARD S. FRASER .... ROBERT D. SI-IAFEER. . . MAURICE K. CARR ,... JAMES D, LIERMAN .... GEORGE R. CATLETT .,.. RICHARD B. PORT ,...... WALLACE A. GILLESPIE ..,.. VENUS L. WEATHEREORD, .. ARTHUR S. BROXXYN ..... PHILIP J. CLEMENTZ .... WILLIAM XV, CAssEI.L .... I W .V,V X' V . 5 K. . .Ei A, Clementz Catlett Page 364 ................Colonez . . . . .Lt. Colonel, Engineerr . . . . . .Lt. Colonel, Cavalry . . .Ll. Colonel, Signal Corpi . . . .LL Colonel, Field Ariillery . . . . . . . . . . .Li. Colonel, Field Artillery .l.t. Colonel, Infantry, Firrl Semeiler . ......... Ll. Colonel, Coaft A-rlillery Ll. Colonel, Infaniry, Serond Semefter . . . . . .Majon Executive, Brigade Stajf . . . .Major, Adjulant, Brigade Stab' .. .Majon Intelligence, Brigade Slaj , 'F , The Military Council of the University of Illinois is the student governing body of the R.O.T.C. department of the University, and its major function is to provide a link be- tween R.O.T.C. students and the regular army officers. The Council was founded in 1929, and since that time it has risen to a prominent position at the University. The members of this organization are the Student Colonel, the Brigade Staff, the Lieutenant Colonel of each R.O.T.C. unit, and a representative from each of the military groups. One of the officers of the R.O.T.C. faculty is chosen each year to act as advisor to the council. f T C Ii ' . .,,, .. :' I -' . V 1 ,I zgu . Aw an , V 352 ..,. . I .., ,.:: , Q if- r ' i i Q ' ' "if r..r. I lteo . rigi A .- A .E o ' " Cassell Gonseth Arnold Otter Totten Dunn Brown Varland Naden Military Council In addition to its cooperative and governing functions, the council is the means through which the Military Depart- ment can convey its principles and procedures to the student members of the R.O.T.C. Other functions of the council include supervision of the Military Ball, the Officers, Ball, the Military Show, the University Horse Show, and any dances which are given by organizations in the Military Department. The council also makes recommendations of medals and other awards to outstanding students in military, and it controls the publication of the Milliui, official pub- lication of the R.O.T.C. This publication, which is issued every year on Military Day, contains a resume of all military events during the school year. All profits from dances, shows, and other student func- tions of the Military department are placed in the Military Unit Fund. This fund is used by the Commandant to pur- chase new equipment and to make improvements for the brigade. JOHN P. WILKINS .... KENNIZTH D, NADEN, .. WII.BnR L. DUNN, . .. GORDON K. TOTTEN. .. ROBERT W. ARNOLD, .. WILLIAM H. HOLlv1AN,... KENNETH M. GONSETH .... RAYMOND L. Hicks .... LAMAR E. BORDERS .... WILLIAM R. OTTER .... ARTHUR Z. VARAND. . . FRANK 1. GARRETT .... EDXVARD S. FRASER Sefcrelary-Treafurer .. . .Majoig Brigade Staff ... . . . . . .. .Majon Brigade Stajf .. . . .Capt., Rep. Alpha Tau Sigma , . . . .Capi., Rep. Cairron Club . . . . . . .Firrf Li., Rep. Caralry Club , . . . .Capl., Rep. Coaft Artillery Club . .AldjU!', Rep. Pi Tau Pi Sigma . . . , , .Capt., Rep. Tau Nu Tau . . . . .Capt., Rep. Perrlaing Rifler . .. .Capt., Rep. Scabbard ana' Blade .. . . .. . . . . .Majon Rep. Pb-alanx . . . .Caj7t., Rep. Polo Armriation . if -- I, :. 5, ' 1. is if , V? T . . T K Shaffer Fraser Hicks Wilkins Walraven Holman Carr Gillespie Lierman Port Garrett Borders Page 365 Cavalry Cavalry is the most popular and probably best liked course in the University R.O.T.C. The students of this course devote most of their time to learning the technique of riding, marksmanship, and the care of horses. For the rest of the course, the students are taught to jump, and those with exceptional ability are taught to play polo. In the advanced cavalry course, the students are given a more intensive drilling in riding and rifle marksmanship, as well as training in the care of horses. The officer is given a chance to prove his leadership ability in both military and civilian endeavor. In this advanced course, concentration on the fundamentals already learned helps to qualify students for the position of Second Lieutenant in the Reserve Ofncers Corps. The advanced cavalry summer instruction, taught at Camp Custer, Michigan, includes drilling, riding, and further instruction in the care and keeping of the horses and in the use of the cavalry weapons. At camp the men entertain themselves by playing polo and participating in other activities. ROBERT D. SHAFFER Li. Colonel X Coast Artillery The rapid progress of aviation as a powerful wartime factor has made apparent the need for adequate defense for ground objectives. Tlze Coast Artillery, in order to prepare for this defense, now handles the anti-aircraft weapons as well as the large coast and field guns. The unit which trains for the Anti-aircraft Section of the Coast Artillery is now in its ninth year at the University of Illinois. In addition to the basic course instruction in military fundamentals at the University, a summer camp is held at Fort Sheridan for advanced students. There they receive practical experience in the actual tiring of anti-aircraft guns, machine guns, 155 mm. guns, and training in marks- manship practice with the rifle and pistol. The four years in the Coast Artillery Corps provides an ample training in military fundamentals, scouting, patrolling. map reading drill, and practical work and prepares the student for the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Reserve Corps. airacit A. Gu.: si V -. .- Engineer Corps vgxgii J y i H Q .: ' . r. - 4 1 ' :Law Wann - at -rx - ff5E,:W1ffl5t ev: 'g sz. Fai-1: , Lfyy :,i 1 af ., U tter -fs ' ' r S fo at V. Q .Q R ff .. wie' ,-.' . g, R.. 7 tquwf - .ft . ' 2-H' Q, s'Q 'fltiiffa' ' if Q fue , - 'SA 9' . ,fl S' 1 ,,, ,- .- - . V 2 if r ' A 'Y W V , R Page 368 a ,., A, E. 1: 5 -5 , ,M ,fx 4 5536 W M MR F fl 'A' s V S Q 1 i Q Q ,t fr as as , 'X x K if A Q NA r y 3 H1 we i an an Z' Q. tt P 5 is 5 f 3? If ll' ' if 'R' 6 at 5' r . . - '- V136 ., . - .. mi ima-.'w.f't ag Because of inadequate space and equipment for the activities of the members of the Engineer Corps at the University, the summer camp session at Camp Custer is of special importance to them. There, in addition to following the regular camp curriculum of drilling, riding, and practicing with the service rille, they work on subjects in which their unit specializes, such as bridge-building, road-building, the con- struction of temporary fortifications, and the handling and use of ex- plosives. The Engineers have an important part in the annual sham battleg they build and demolish bridges, construct roads, dig trenches, and put up temporary defenses. At the University, the engineering students receive their theoretical training in the basic and advanced courses, enrollment in which is re- stricted to students in the College of Engineering. Basic students are given the instruction in rifle drill, map-reading, and military exercises, and in particular are trained in the organizing of teams for constructing and demolishing various types of structures. EDWARD S, FRASER, JR. Lf. Colonel Field rtillery The Field Artillery was first organized in 1919, and consisted of a regiment of eighteen students. In the course of 19 years the enroll- ment has grown to 1229 students, which is nearly twice that of any other unit of the R.O.T.C. These students are divided into two regi- ments, each having its lieutenant colonel and staff ollicers. Having completed the basic course, students are selected for the advanced course in which they receive actual experience in command and leadership. At the end of his junior year, the student spends six weeks at the summer camp at Camp McCoy, Sparta, Xwisconsin. Here he gains knowledge of artillery firing which prepares him to take over with confidence his duties for the coming school year. is , ggi! ' , , If vi . -,,,,, , ,ft in 15' H -, ,. K.. fe, 5 'Zan'-1 ' ' 6 .V - 75 juirs D, l.IlfRM.-XX C.i'om,i' R. f'.x'iii ii l,:, C,'o1fff1J l..'. Imfffmf iss." . V1 5 ' y 1 e v ff- 1 1 , W f 'I' ig! lik -tam 7- " we Mk? -ww. L3 V 'I V f ., , -L ag, E H V ,- M vw: nl! ?, i. ' M., I I f 1 i s 1. it P llv Lk :-. .1 M zv m 5 A1 wx, Q I --.1 VA 'K MMM ' was Q 1 2 wma. ... fry " - . ' c ,K K Infantry The two-year basic Infantry Course includes training in the funda- mentals of map reading, the principles of combat, and leadership. Marksmanship, elementary machine gun drill, scouting, and patrolling, along with the use of the riHe are also taught in this basic course. The advanced course includes practice in leadership and command and more extensive training in the fields already mentioned. Summer sessions at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan, are a part of the advanced course. Here with students from the Universities of Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State, Knox, and Ripon College, the University of Illinois Infantry students are given experience in the use of all weapons. Further instructions consist of the commanding during drills, a practice march with an overnight bivouac, a night attack prob- lem, and organization and participation in two parades each week while in camp. Page 370 RICHARD B. PORT Lt. Coforzel Signal Corps The Signal Corps is divided into two main courses, the basic and the advanced. The Outstanding function of this training is the estab- lishment of communication lines. Therefore. the hasic course consists mostly of practice in assembling and using military telephones and wireless along with instruction in citizenship, military discipline and map reading. The advanced course involves more technical experience in com- munication work and includes instruction in leadership. After such training the men are qualified to instruct untrained civilians in the duties ot private, corporal, and sergeant in the Signal Corps Unit. Student officers of the Signal Corps, along with those from the Universities of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ohio State attend .1 camp session at Fort Sheridan where they may practice practical prob- lems in communication work. M it iuci lx r,,xnR us, ,. Varland Cassell Shaffer Borders Walraven Port Otter . 1 . It B 1 1 C O M MI T T E E GEORGE D. WALRAVEN .......,.,..,......................,....,...... ........ C bmrman WILLIAM W. CASSELL KENNETH M. GONSETI-I RICHARD B, PORT ROBERT D SHAFFER EDWARD S. FRASER, JR. ARTHUR Z VARLARD GEORGE D. WALRAIIEN C lmirman COL. FRED R. BROWN Page 372 Commandnnt With the annual Military Ball held February 17, 1939, in the George Huff gymnasium, the formal social activi- ties for the second semester were started. Two orchestras, Ace Brigode and Anson Weeks, played for a thousand couples who attended the dance. Although the ball was sponsored by the Military Council with Cadet Colonel George Walraven acting as chairman, all the students of the University were invited to attendfpro- viding they had three dollars! The bright and unusual way in which the gymnasium was decorated inside offered a direct contrast to the typi- cally wet, Illinois weather outside. An artificial ceiling made from strips of red, white, and blue crepe paper was in the form of the United States Hag. Other flags were placed at each side of the orchestra stands, while in the back, handsome Trojan warriors, made of cardboard, further carried out the military theme. Sections of the gymnasium were marked off to form places Where cadets and chaperones could assemble between dances. One very attractive section was in the form of a garden with a fountain in the center and colored lights focused on it. American flags set in standards were placed at various points around the room. Military Ball Except for thoughtfully checking their spurs at the cloak rooms, the cadets were dressed in their full military uniforms. The girls, dressed in gay formals, and the regular army officers, appearing in their new dress uniforms of navy blue with touches of red, supplemented the colorful decorations. Listeners, who had come to hear the music of Ace Brigode and Anson Wleeks, filled the balconies and were entertained from time to time by novelty numbers presented by members of the orchestras. The grand march, held at eleven-thirty, formed the climax of the evening. It was led by George Wfalraven, Cadet Colonel, and his guest, Miss Ruth Adkins. Following them were hundreds of uniformed officers and their guests. The programs, designed by Mary Diemer, were made of gold metal bound by leather thongs and were ornamented by two officers with swords standing as color guards on either side of the American flag. Cadet Colonel Walraven, the seven lieutenant colonels, and two of the majors formed the committee for the Military Ball of 1959. Page 373 ,I-' A . I Pell Parks Mattson Giles McCrackin Hutton Shapland Chumlcy Haake B, Carroll Clancy Avery Green Nelson Dunn Finley Brown Fanning Elzea Sk'l1ZlClCI'fJl5CK'I Vngclsinger Kragerucl Statlfelbach Chessman Flamm La Sell Mathis Armstrong Stratton 'lkiylrwr Drury Eossland Lynch Mallatt MOOre Matheson Morey Carr Seely Benedict Port Cocagne Mabie Roadhouse Carmichael Zumsteg Prange Stanford Heyser Bailey Garretson Dragon Morrow Eisiminger Lnhmiller Blomquist Minch Kolb Seldon Jakim Nielsen IVIuller Ball R. Carroll Cleveland Dunn Dick Summerheld Squires Forester Clementz Shaffer Boimlers Otter Founded, University of Wisconsin, 1904 Seventy-eight Active Chapters ROEI-RT D, SHAFFIR C!1f7fIJI71 Page 374 PHILIP J. ICLIZMIZNTZ 1'1r.I1 l,1unfw1rml LENNOX J. ARMSTRONG GEORGE R. AYFRY STANLEY R. BAILEY RICHARD R. BAIRSTOXY' ARI FY J. BALL BRUCE W. BENEDICT Ci. ALYIN BLOMQUIST LAMAR E. BORDERS ARTHUR S. BROWN ROGER R. BUSH EI.I.SXX'ORTH V. CARMICHAEL MAURICE K. CARR J. BRUCE CARROLL, JR. M. RAYMOND CARROLL WILLIAM W. CASSELI. GEORGE R. CATLISTT WALTER E. CHESSMAN JAMES T. CHUMLEY INIARK CLANCY PHILIP J. CLIEMIENTZ CLARFNCE W. CLEVELAND ARTHUR C. COCAGNE JOHN P. CRANDELL FENTON S. CRANFR Hwzorary Military Snriely MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CIIARLFS H. DICK DON H. IDRAGOO JAMES XV. DRURX' G. RAYMOND DUNN STERLING K. EISIMINGFR DONALD S. ELLIS J. GARTH ELZLA, JR. GEORGE C. FANNING XYIIILIAM H. FINI.EY PAUL F. FLAMM W. NEWTON FCRIESTITR ROBERT G. FOssI.AND KENNETH L, GARRETT ROBERT C. GARRETSON LEE C. GATEWOOD JOHN E. GII.ES, JR. KITNNIITH M. GONsETI-I CHARI.Es B. GREEN IIOXIUARD G. HAAKE ROIIERT I.. HANSON JOHN C. HAUGI-LAND DAN F, I-IAzIfN HENRY E. I'lI?YSFR NVILLIAM L, Hc:c'HsrIIII.D ROOIZR S. HI"I"I'ON ROIIIRT C. INGAILS 'l'Ill'ODURT J, FIAKIM HAROID H. KOIR IIDXYARD J. KRALQIRVD JEAN H. I.A SHI. ROY V. LOHMILLIR JOHN L, LYNCH BYRON L. MARIE RUssI:I.I. C. MAI.I.ATT ARTHUR R. INIATHFSON IEUGINE R. IVIATHIS EDWARD J. MATTSON THOMAS H. MCCRACKIN FREDERICK H. INICKINSTRY HOXY'ARD G. MINCI-I CHARLES E. MOORE XVAI.T'IiR T. MOREY THOMAS M. McrRIuzxv WII.I.IAEI G. ML'I.I.ER HAROLD E. NI-I.SON KNUTE E. NIIVISIN I.I'IIf OLRIN W'II.I.lAM R. O'I"I'I1R KENNETH C. PARKS lI0liI,H'I' H. PIfI,L RIIIIARD B. PORT llfllil-RT M. PRANGE INIORTON D. PROIJTY JOIIN B. ROADHOUSE FRANK J. SCHAEEER I.. KFNDALI. SFFLY XVILSON J. SELDON ROHFRT D. SHAEFER JOHN S, SHAPLAND CHARI.Es W. SIGERSON HARRY R. SQUIRES G. THOMAS STAlfFEI.BACH MARVIN N. STANFORD PERRY J. STRATTON LAXVRIENCIZ D. SUMMIERFIELD ROIIERT C. TAYLOR STANFIFLD S. TAYI.oR HARRY E. VOGELSINGFR GEORGE D. XVALRANVEN I.IIX'i'IS K. XX7OODXY'ARD FRIDERICIQ C. ZUMSTEG 1 1 Scabbard 8c Blade MAJ. XVANCE W. BATcHItI.oR COL, FRID R. BROVVN MA-J. JAMEs D. BROXVN MAJ. CI.IIfIfoRD B. COLE MAJ. SAMUEL L. DAMON MA,T. AI.lfRI7D J. DE LORIMIIQR LIEUT.-COL. BIRD S. DU Bois l.Il'UT,-GOI.. HARRY A. FLINT 'CAI-'T. HAROLD E. BABEITT LIEUT. XV. LEIGHTON COLLINS 'CAPT. JAMES J. DOLAND MEMBERS ON STAFF MAJ. LLOYD M. HANNA MAJ. XVILLIS A. HEDDEN l.lEllT,-COE. WOODFIN G. JONES CjAE'r. FRANK S. KIRRPATRICR l.IliUT. ROBERT B. I.oTHRoP IIAPT. RICHARD S. MARR CZAPT. XVILLARD F. lXlILI.ICI? FACULTY l.IIZUT. CHARLES R. FRI2DI'RIr:R CSAPT. MARCUS S. GOLIDMAN MAJ. GEORGE I.. BTORRUXX lVlAJ. JAMES B, lNll'IR, JR. CAPT. EDXVARDS M. QlIlCiI.l-X' CAPT. EDXYARD A. RoII'I'Hi'Au CAPT. KENNIZTH S. S'I'litE CAPT. CARL H. S'ruRIifs CART. AI.RER'1' S. J. S'I'ovAI.I., JR. COL. CHARLES J. TAx'IoR CAPT. TOM S. HAMIL'I'oN SVFINBJORN JOHNSON The Illinois members of Scabbard and Blade, a national military honorary or- ganization, are chosen from the oflicers of the six army divisions represented on the campus. Its purpose of raising the standard of military training is accomplished .by promoting a closer relationship among the cadet officers and between the cadet officers and the regular army officers. The aims of Scabbard and Blade call for and invite a diversification of activities. Such things as company rifle and pistol teams are taken as a matter of course, and these teams compete with Scabbard and Blade companies in other universities as well as with teams on our campus. Some of the other activities are not taken for granted. The company felt the lack of suitable ceremonies for Armistice Day and initiated the custom of Hag raising ceremonies on the campus. The company also 'offers its services as ushers on such occasions as Honors Day. But the organization would not be complete without some social life. The climax of the social activities was the formal dance held on January 20, in honor of the hfty newly initiated men, who passed through a saber arch with their ladies to receive the bar symbolizing membership and leadership. LAMAR E. E BORDERS .Yewrzd I.lA'llIE'7Itl71l XVIILIAM R. O'I"I'ER 1:11 II Sn gum!! Page 375 Richard Conard Wieland Amacher HauptHeisch Mathers Nilsson Walker Hutton Ross Keller Thomann Holstrom Simpson Schuler Ash Hartman Pierce Daugherity Hill Lawson Balbaeh Nitz Dunworth Plate Hackleman Westall Wiles Bristow Genstcr Stolze Bentley Timpany Benson Deverman Stites Morley Ackerman Taylor Grant King Gantzert Saiford Sellmyer Moore Hicks Sloan Rawie Wilbrandt I. Smith Ramrue Unwin Chapman Herbst Richards Matthews Vogel Fisher Hopkins M.SmIth McClelland Molcar Landau Staley Graves Thomas Gehring Millice Varland Timberlake Naden N.Smi'th Jankowski Starr Noren Suter Llewellyn Vogt ARTHUR Z. VARLAND Commander RALPH J. THOMAS Lt. Commander Page 376 PHALANX Founded, University of Illinois, 1925 Four Active Chapters ALPHA-LIORAE CHAPTER To promote flue ifztereft of fnililary training, 20 foxler llae Jpirit of fellowfhip among military men, and to be an aid in the nzilimry preparedneff of tbif country F A C U L T Y COI.. FRED R. BROWN LT. COL. WOODFIN G. JONES, B.S. CAPT. KENNETH S. STICE, B.S. MAJORCLIErORDB.CoLE,B.S. CAPT. XVILLARD F. MILLICE, B.S. COL. CHARLES J. TAYLOR, B.S. LT. COL. HARRY A. FLINT MAJOR EDWARD W. TIMBERLAKE, A.B. Sefziorf CLYDE H. ACKERMAN WILLIAM N. CHAPMAN CLARENCE W. DAUGHERITY ALBERT J. FISHER, JR. MAURICE G. GANTZERT FRANK J. GARRETT, JR. DONALD E. GEHRING DAVID E. GRAE BRIAN M. GRANT STEVENS GRAVES LEROY B. HERBST, JR. RAYMOND L. HICKS HILAS S. HOPKINS WII.LIAM A. HOTT CLARENCE H. JANKOWSKI BRUCE J. AMACHIER ROBERT M. ASH STANLEY B, BALBACH EDXVARD L. BENTLEY hY7AL'1'FR L. BENSON GEORGE L. BRISTOXV JACK W. CONARD LEIAND J. DEVERMAN JOHN J. DUNXYORTH DONALD L. JOHNSON MELNIIN B. KING GITORGF W. LANDAU JAMES B. LI.EXWEI.LYN FLOYD K. LONG XVILLIAM D. MASTERS DANIEL R. MCCLELLAND CHARLES P. MOLCAR JAMES H. MOORE EUGENE T. MORONI KENNETH D. NADEN WILLIAM E. NAGEL H.AROI.D E. NOREN XYVIILIAM T. PASCO1? ORVILLE W. PIERCE ERNEST I.. RAMME VERNON R. RAXVIE JOHN A. RICHARD FRANCIS A. RICHARDS ISAAC H. ROxY'AND HARVEY D. SAEEORD JOHN F. SASS FRANK W. SELLMYER RICHARD S. SIMPSON NICHOLAS E. SLOAN HFRMAN R. SMITH, JR. IRI. XV. SMITH MAURICE H. SMITH fmziorf XVIIIION H. ERLENBORN C. JOSEPH GENSTER GLORGI3 A. HACKLFMAN M. MII.I?S HAR'I'MAN LOUIS A. HAIIPTEIEISCH HIENRX' C. HILL HAROID E. HOLSTROM PAUL K. I-IUTTON FRANK L. KELLER PAUL F. LAR SON JAMES R. MATHERS ROBERT W. MATTHEWS MICHAEL J. MORLEY, JR. ARTHUR C. NILSSON HARVEY I. NITz M. MARVIN PLATE BURTON J. Ross NORMAN L, SMITH FRANCIS S. STALEY ALBERT R. STARR VERNON F. STEINER DAVID D. SUTER HARRY J. TAYLOR RALPH J. THOMAS GORDON K. TOTTEN JOSEPH D. UNWIN ARTHUR Z. VARLAND CARI. H. VOGT ROBERT D. WALKER ROBERT A. WILBRANDT CLIFTON L. ZIEBOI.D RICHARD H. SCHULER JOSEPH O. STITES RICHARD J. STOLZE ROBERT D. TIMPANY ALBERT W. THOMANN ALOYSIUS H. VOGEI. JOHN M. WESTALL XYXILLIAM K. WIELAND CHARLES B. VVIIJZS Cassell Port Borders Otter Varland VUalIaven Shaffer 0 f f ' B 11 C O M M I T T E E GEORGI' D XXfAl.RAVl:N ........,,............... .... .... C I www Il WILLIAM W CASSELL KENNETH M. GONSETH RICHARD B. PORT EDWARD S FRASER, JR. ROBERT D. SHAFITFR The Officers' Ball, the only exclusive military dance of the year, was held on the evening of December 10, 1938, in the lower gymnasium of the Womanls Building. Its attendance was restricted to advanced R.O.T.C. students, faculty officers, reserve officers, and other military offi- cialsg all of these were required to attend in full military uniform. Tickets were distributed only to army men, the single exception being President A. C. Willard. The dance was supervised and planned by the Military Coun- cil, with Cadet Colonel Walraven acting as chairman. The gymnasium was decorated to provide an impres- sive military atmosphere. The walls were hung with company flags and guidonsg one-pound guns and other equipment from the Armory were placed in corners, and rifie stacks were placed about the room. Johnny Courtney and his orchestra, a popular band around the campus, furnished music for the ball. There was no grand march as for the Military Ball, but through- out the evening the dancers were entertained by several novelty numbers and University songs by the band. GEORGE D. WALRAVEN Cbfzirmnrz Page 377 ROBERT D QHAFFIR fuplum I -x. ' ' ' 'W I1 :Z -4, 4 ' i a "EJ KENNETH M. GONSKTH PHILIP J. CLIZMFNTZ Page 378 er-shing Rifles Fmlndenl, University of Nebraska, 1894 TwentY'siX Active ChaPf0l'5 To exzfaffzzzge. preferre, ami develop the higher! idealf of lhe military pro- feffiwz, to promote Awerimlz vifizeizfhip, lo Neale 41 flofer nm! more efviezzl relation, and I0 provide apprapriafe reroglziiimz of L1 high degree of wzilimry ahilify F A C U LT Y MAAI. RossITER H. GARITY CAPT. CHARLES H. MCNUTT MALI, GEORLQE L. IVIORRCXX' IVIAI. LLoYn M, IIANNA CZAPT. ALBERT S. J, STOVALL, JR. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sefziow RIUHARI7 R. BAIRSICW LAMAR E. BORDERS ARTHUR S. BRQRN PHILIP J. CLEMENTZ DON H. DRAGOO JOHN J. IDUNXYCRTH STERLING K. EISIMINGER GECRIJE R. AVERY STANLEY B. BALRAQH EIN ARD L. BENTLEY ERWIN E. BODMIER SAM J. CAPIZZI MAIIRIKYE A. CATTANI XVALTER E. CHESSMAN ARTHUR KI. COCAGNE CHARLES H. DIIR JOSEPH E, IEOLAN EDXVARD S. FRASER, JR. RORI-'RT fi. GARRIZTSON KENNETH M. GONSETH RCRERT B. HARMON HIINRX' M. JORDAN ROY V. LOHMILLER VVILLIAM D. MASTERS DAN R. IWCCLIELLAND THOMAS H. MCCRACRIN, JR. GECRGE E. McCIII.I.oUGH I'IOXX'ARD G. MINCH ROBERT H. PELL fzmiorf GECRGI5 R. DUNN RCISERT G. FOSSLANIJ tl. JOSEPH GIINSTER CHARLES B. GREEN GIIORCQE F. HART IVIALCOLM R. PIARVIEY . JCHN C. HAIIuI.I.ANn HARCLI3 Ii. I'III.I. PAIIL K. HIITTGN ROGER S. HUTTON JEAN H. LA SELL ARTHUR MATHESON NWAI.'I'ICR MKIRIZY MICHAEL J. MORLIEY, JR. HAR::LIu Nl2I.SON HARVEY I. NITZ JOHN B. PI-IERIGO, JR. FRANK A. RANDALL, JR. HLTSSIEIN SADIK RORERT D. SHAFFER WILLIAM H. SIMMONS FRANCIS S. STALEY A. XVILLIAM SXYARTZ CARL H. VOGT VENUS L. W1sA'I'HEREc:RD AI.LEN L. SHAPIN JOHN S. SHAPLAND STANTON D. SMITH HARRY R. SQUIRIZS EI.MER R, STIEINFR JOSEPH O. STITES EDM ARD L. SToNI:IfIEI.D LLOYD R. STROPFS IELXVYN A. SNVANSON KLITH J. ANDIRSON XYVILIIAM J. ARMLJN XY'Il.I.IAM F. BILLS t'HARLIfS BLAVK LING BONI'c.c I RORIRT T. BRIDUR GIIRALD D. BRIGHTON RICHARD XV. BRISTOL RICHARD A. BROOM BRUCI2 W. BURKHART RAYMOND CiIsSAI.I:'I"I'I CJORDUN D. CIIAMIILISS FRANCIS K. COSS JOHN M. CROSS W'II.LIAM R. f.USlMANO CHARLIPS S. DIPPOI D EDMIIND I.. DLI BOIS XY"JI,I.IAM F. EHORN A. EARL ERICKSON XYIALTFR V. FACKLLR XV. MARVIN FISHVR HI7RT6l'R'I' A. ARIIAIIAM AIVRID L. ADAMS JAMIfS R. ADAMS JOSI-PH P. ADDUHI HFRIEITRT I.. AI.I4I'R'IS TRD T. ALLSUP CHARLIQS M. liARNIf'I'II PAUL C, BARNHART FRANCIS I.. BATTLIQ HIENRH' J. BIfCKI:R G. RORI:R'I' BI:c'KMIaYIcR JOHN H. BI'IIRIfNs, JR. HAI. E. BILYTU PAUL M. BIRKIfI.AND J"I.-KRRY M. BRAUFR ROBFRT M. BROOKS JOHN F. BROXXN EDXVARD L. BLTRCH JOHN J. BUYTRS ROBERT O. CARSIPTII FRANK M. CfA'I'IICART Pershing Rifles Soploomoref GLOROI3 R. FLFNMAN ROIIIfRT C. FLOOD FIIOI-N17 V. FRANKIfL NI'1Xl.H, FRANK ROIIIQRI' D. FRANKS VIr1'I'OR G. FRYSINOLR WI RNI'R F. CvAI.OXY'I'IfH FRLIBIERII' QTAVLIN RAYMOND Cf. CTITSSFL IJIDXVIN O. GUIQRNSRY FRIID T. HAMMIIR XYfII.I.IAM E. HOLMIZS HIENRX' J, HCLQUIST AI.IsIaR'I' E. HURT HI'RIxI-:R'I' O. IRIQLAND MORRIS B. JCSLIN FRItD S. KAPLAN KARL J. KORNIO DUANI: F. I.II.I.lII XJVILLIAM J. LUIfI'scHIzR KITNNITII LVLAST ROBI:R'l B. MAXXYlI.Y. ROBIQRT H. Mm'CAIIAI HY FRANKLIN CI, IN1CfJl.l'NAHAN RORTRT M. DfCfiRI'ARY EDNYARD A. IWILINTIRI' MlI.TON MILLARD MARYIN R. MONTOOTH XXIVILLIAM P. MOORIa ROIIERT A. MCRLTAN WILLIAM S. MORRII.I. JAMIQS R. MLIRRAX' JAMIQS A. NIQLSON GFNR M. NOBI.lE EDXX ARD R. NCHA ROBTRT T. NORRIS CHARLES E. IXJKTRTON BURTON R. fJI.SCN ROBERT L. PAINTYR CARI. F. PAMPR JOHN M. PAYNIZ RAY E. PPTFRS F7'E5!97lZE7Z GI:c:RcaIf H. CHANSKY XYVIIJIAM V, COONCF AIIRI-D KQORDUAN ROIII-RT G. COX THAI? M. CTRAMLR KLRRIN A. DlfNNIS VUARRFN K. EDXYARDS FLOYD P. EISIMINGFR LIUNLLY N. FOSTIIR J. KIQTIH Fox IUANIISI. GANS, JR. XVILLIAM E. CQARD, JR. IDIiVUITT R. GOOCH CHARLES R. GOCDPASTURE FRH7 T, GRANT ROY A HAMMAR l.IfONARD E. HANIPTKJN FRANK J. HANLON, JR. GLOROI3 E. HARMS A. JAMTS HARNO, JR. G. RIGID HODGL GIfRAI.D XV. HOMANN ROLAND T. HOIPI5 ROISTRT J. JNGALLS RORIZRT H. JOHNSTONIT I.AXYRIaNciR P. JORDAN STAN T. LAIfOND JOSEPH J. LA Rocco XVII.I.IAM Lf. LFIPOLD FRITDFRICK D. LINVIS THOMAS V. LITTLIQ RAY L. LOWMANN DAN R. LUCAS LIAURICE D. MARK RLISSTLL F. 1VLARKKlfI.A JOHN G. MARzIciOI.A JOHN XV. MCINTOSH MELVYN H. MI.I.Nrs CHARLES N. NIICKIZISON ROBTRT S. LIIKTSFLL GLIN M, PRIc.If TRAf Y A. RASMUSSI-'N CIIXRDON K. RAY JOHN J. RI-L"l'I'l'R, JR. IEDXN ARD L, RI'cKS RORI RT B, SCI'-'IMIIYI XVHITNVY A, SIARI.Ia RI: HARD K. SHIRI1R MlIl.N'IN SIMS LDONALD G. SMI'I H IUAVIID H. STI-INIIIIRO IDURXY ARD D. STRAND GLIINXYOOD Cf. TANT4:N XVIl.I.lAM S. THOMRSQN Nlill. E. VAN FOSSAN PIOXYARD H. XVARD lEUc,I-NI' R. XVIIIIII I.0XYl'I.l. M, XVIRNIR XY7AI.'1l.R XV. XY'0I.1f XY'Il.I.IAM A. NVORLI-'Y XY'H.I.IAM H. ZL'MSI'Ifc9 NCJRNIAX F. MLSIR ROIJIRT L. NISSI-X HOV ARD F, Qlll-RRN', -JR. IIUXYARD M. RI IQYIS GIIOROIZ B. RI: IIARDS I-iIfNNI:'I'II L. ROM I' HOW ARD R. Sc'IIMID'I XY'II.I.IAM S. Slfll. ROIxI'R'I' E. SHIP? ROIIIQRT Ii. SMITH IUONALD K. S'l'lzVI'NS ROIsItR'I G. STONI: ROOI R A. Sw ANSON XVIIIIAM D. TANTON JOSII-II C. TIIOMPSON HARRY B. THORNIPY XY'II.l.ARI3 M. VIALI. LAIJRIN T, VUI.I.Ml'R XYVIILIAM D. XVI'AYI1R KINNITIII XYVHITILY JOSTIPII XV. XVILSON GIEORGF E, MC.frlTl.IC7UK2H Sz'L'1'cl4lI'j A A.,- THTODORIS J. JAKIM STLRIING K. EINIMINGFR Page 379 Alpha Tau Sigma RICHARDIB. PORT Prefldfnl Page 380 XVILBUR L. DUNN Vine-Preridem Founded, University of Illinois, 1926 Four Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER To 611602117156 good fellowxlaip amang Infantry Cadetf ojjifem' and to promote clofer relatiomlaip between 065671 and finden!! MAJ. WILLIS A. HEDDEN R.'XI,PII XV. ACKFR Cf. ALVIN BLOMQITIST ARTHUR S. BRUXYN M. RAYMOND CARROLL STANLEY G. CIQDEROUIST XVII.I,IAM CURRENT XX'II.IsUR I.. DUNN HOWARD S, ELLMORI? JOSEPH R. BERNHARD CONRAD W. BISCHOF IDONALD E. BOVEF ROIIERT R, CYCON CARL W. DUNCAN RICHARD T. DUNN JOHN J. DUNVUORTH HOWARD H. EATON F A C U LT Y I.I12UT. COL. XVOODEIN G. JONIN MAJ. GEORGE L, MORROW MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sezziorf THOMAS C. FLANINGAM XVAl.'I'I'R N. FORESTIZR f.I.ARIfNCE H. JANIcc3xx'sI:I HENRY M. JORDAN EDWARD J. KOCPS IIDXYARD J. KRAGIERUD JACK D. LAXVLER BYRON L. MARIE GII.BIERT MARCUS JACK E. MOORE JAMES H. INIOORE ALBERT J. IVIOYF ROBERT I-I. PELI, RICHARD B. PORT JOIIN A. RICHARD ffzlziom' RICHARD E. EATON FRED C, ENGITLMAN XVILTON H. ERLENRORN GRANT H. GNEISS VINCENT C. GUERIN LoUIs A. HAUPTELEISCH JOHN M. HOI.ZER -IIZAN H. LA SELL PAUL F, LAWSON ARTHUR R. MATIIESON EUGENE R. MATHIs MICHAEL J. MORI.I7Y, JR. DONALD P. MUsoRAva ARTHUR C. NILSSON FRANCIS A. RICHARDS LLOYD K. SEELY XWILLIAM J. SELDON FRANK XYZ. SELLMYER JAMES R. SIMPSON NICHOLAS E, SLOAN FRANCIS S. STALFY XIFNUS L, XV12AI'HERIfORD XYAIIIIAM R. PARKS ,IOIIN H. ROY QIIEORGII H. SMITH .JOHN XV. ,URBAN ALOYSIUS H. VOGEL IIIEXYJIS K, XYf0CDW'ARD VO'lII.IAM XVRICIII' I, K. Au Caisson Club Founded, University of I11inoiS, 192-I One Active Chapter To provide exmz-czzrrimlar mfzlartf and dJ'JOFLcZfi07lJ' among Adzimzced Corp! Field Artillery Cadet Often F A C U LT Y M.A,I. CLIFFORD B. COLE CART. RICHARD S. MARR CAPT. EDWARDS M. QUIGI.liX' MAJ. LLOYD M. HANNA CAPT. WILLARD F. MILI.ICE CAI-T. EDXVARD A. ROUTHEAU CART. FRANK S. KIRKPATRICK FRED W. ANDERSON PAUL F. ANTHONY PAUL W. BROWN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sefziorf EMERSON E. HALL SAMUEL W. HALL fJRVILLE H. HAMPTON ELLSXVCRTH V. CARMICHAEL CHARLES F. HANKS GI:ORGE R. CATLETT CLARE B, CONDE EDWARD J. CORBETT SAMUEL W. DAVID WILLIAM P. DOYLE FRED W. FILE EDWIN J. FISHER MAURICE G. GANTZERT DONALD E. GEHRING B. HAROLD GOUDY DAVID E. GRAE BRIAN M. GRANT WILLIAM P. GRUENSEELDER BRUCE J. AMACHFR FRED F. ANDRT ROBERT E. BARD NORVEI. H. BARNHART VERIDE W. BENNETT JAMES F. BICKERS, JR. GARNET E. BUHNER JOHN T. BULLINGTON WALTER E. CI-IESSMAN, JR. CHESTER F. CHEXV HERMAN J. COLOMBO GERALD F. COMES JACK W. CONARD THOMAS H. COOPER JOHN W. DADMUN LELAND J. DEVERMAN FRED B. DORE JAMES D. EDWARDS DONALD S. EI.LIS GEORGE C. FANNING CHARLES D. FISHER MARVIN W. FI.ORA GEORGE Z. HELEER GELASIUS J. HENRICK HENRY E. HEYSER D-IATHANAEL N. HILI. MARTIN A. HOEEING HILAS S. HOPKINS WILEUR G. HUDSON RALPH I.. JACOBS JULIAN B. KAUFMANN FRANK F. KELLEY MELVIN B. KING THADDEUS D. KROI.ICKI FRANK E. LASKOS fuzz LINO N. FRANCESCON JOHN L. FROTHINGHAM CHARLES J. GENSTER GEORGIZ A. HACKLEMAN JOHN W. HALL MILTON M. HARTMAN WILI.IAM A. HENKE PAUL P. HINKLFY RAYMOND V. HIRST JOHN D. HUGHES GEORGE E. HUNT ROBERT C. INGALLS WALTER KILIMNIK Ml3RI.E B. KINGMAN VUALTIER O. KRERS PEYTON H. KUNCE JAMES L. LAMB HOWARD G. LARSEN FLOYD A. I,EWlS CHARLES J. LUTZ JOHN L. LYNCH JAMES D. MAHONEY JAMES D, LIERMAN LINCOLN H. LYNCH EDWARD J. MATTSON JOHN W. MEARA ALEERT MERZ XVII.I.IAM E. NAGEL RAY PALMER VINCENT P. PEARSON IVJRVILLE W. PIERCE ROBERT M. PRANGF ERNEST L. RAMME VIERNCBN E. RAWIE WALTER J. REYSEN FRANCIS F. REZAEEK JOHN B. ROADHOUSE ISAAC H. ROWAND DIiI.BIiRI' M. RUTHIZRFCRD iorf JOSEPH R. MCDONAI.D RICHARD W. MIIIHAI. LEWIS E. MONCRIEE CHARLES E. MOORE VVALTIZR T. MOREY EUGENE G. MOSEACHTR FRED W. MOYE, JR. KNUTE E. NIELSEN HARVEY I. NITZ ALEX J. NOREUT QUENTIN E. NOREM WALTER R. OLSON ROLAND E. PALMER KENNETH C. PARKS GLENN T. PILLSBURY LESLIE S. PORTER G. EDWIN POPKESS SHANNON C. POWERS ALBERT E. PUFAHL EUGENE L. RANCK CHARLES C. REHLING GLEN RUEENER, JR. FIARYIEY D. SAELGRD CHARLES W. SIGERSON HUGH A. SKINNER HERMAN R. SMITH, JR. IRL W. SMITH MAURICE H. SMITH NORMAN L. SMITH WILLIAM A, SMITH DAVID D. SUTER RALPH J. THOMAS GORDON K. TOTTEN ARTHUR Z. VARI.AND ROBERT M. WHAM JOHN P. WILKINS ALBERT H. WOHLERS CLIIITON L. ZIEEOLD FRIEDRIVK C. ZUMSTEG GEORGE J. SAMMET, JR. XVILLIAM R. SHAXX' LEWIS M. SIMON CHARLES E. SPARKS I'IARRY R. SQUIRES GliORGE T. STAlfFIiI.BACH DAVID B. STIZINBIZRG JOSEPH O. STITES RUSSELL W. STUMPF BENJAMIN A. SXWARTZ A. DEAN SWIET STANFIIZLD S. TAYLOR IJANIEL P. TORMOHLEN JOHN P. VINIK HARRY E. VOGEI.SINGlA'R WILLIAM P. WATERS CARL E. VVATKINS JOHN M. VVFSTALI. WILLIAM K. WIELAND CHARI.ES B. WILES FRED E. WILLSON, JR. CHARLES M. WRIGHT GORDON K. TOTTEN Prexide 111 DAVID D. SUTER 5'f'crefury- 'l'1'ea.fmer Page 381 ' """W?' ., 47... 'X . ,.'- M Rx Cavalry fficers Club RORI RT XV. ARNOIII PII Inliut Page 382 LAMAR li. BORDIIRS VIII'-l'II'.IlIfIf11! Foundcd, University of Illinois, 1950 One Active CIIHPWI' To J7I'0l7I0f6 good feflozzxrlffip Izmwzg five C.zz'alI'y Cade! Ujjiuenxr MEMBERS ON STAFF MAJ. VANLR XV. BA'1'c:HEI.OR l.II l"I'. KOI.. HARRX' A. FI INT M-'MII ROSSVIIAIR H- GARITY MM, AIFRFD AI, DFLORIMER CjAIf'I'. AIRI1R'1' S. S'IUX'AI.I, JR. IXIEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 56111011 CQLYIII- H. ACKFRHAN RORIQRT XV. ARNOLD RIc.H,-IRD R. BAIRSTOXY ARLTY J. BALI, JR. BRIII r XV. BI'NIiDICT I.,-IMAR E. BORDIQRS JA: K Boxxx I'I.I. ARTHVR XV. BRYANT, JR. AI'caI'sT A, CHIARY CIARYNLI1 XV. CI.I.3IEI.AND J.-NMFS I.. COKKRLLI. CARI. P. CROXINGIIR XVYA'I"I' ADAMS IRAN E. ANDRIHXV S'I'ANl.TY B. BALIIACH FRANKLIN P, BALLARD H. GORDON BIfNsON XY'AI.'I'rR l.. BENSON IZIJXXARIJ I.. BnN'I'I.1:Y C'ARIr'ION XV. BRIGGS THOMAS B. BURKE IXIIII-'ORD D. BVRROXXS Rom R R. BUNH IxI.'XI'RICIT A. CA'I"I'ANI ROm'R'r A. CIIASE ROIAND J, D14 MARciO JOHN G. EI.7I'.x, JR. FRANK J. Ci.'XRRI'TT, JR. ROIII-RI' Ci. GARRIZINON STIYLNS GRAYIN GI ORGIE B. I'I.'XMII.'I'ON RORIQRT I.. I'I.-XNSON XV. PADI. I'II,XIJRIQN I.IEIlOY B. I"IITRI4S'I', JR. THOMAS XV, I'III.L EIIIN IRISH, JR. DONAIIH I.. JOHNSON XVII IIAM KI'NNIiI. NH K XV. INIARI IIl'K VINc'I'N'1' D. IXIARIIN XVILI IAM D. IXIASTI R5 TIIOAIAS II. IXICCAIVIY IRAN R. Mc fil.IiI I.AND GIORr.I' IT. IXIr.!iI'I,IOI'n,H 'IHORIAS IE. IXILIJIJNAIII KQHARI I-s P. MOI CAR XVIIIIAAI G. MIIIIIR f 11112011 PIIIIIP I.. DANIIIY RORITRT S. DAX IIDUN f.HARl.IES H. IUIKKK JAMIIS I.. DRAKII QIFORGII R. DUNN ROBIERI' G. FOSSIANIJ KIENNETH I.. GARRIz'I"I' MIiI.vIN A. GOFRQ GITORGE XV. GOOD, JR. KLNNIQIII I.. GRI.I'N RHIHARD G. HIiRz XYIILIIAM I.. I'IOC.IISlIIII RICIIIARII B. I'IORNBI.l,K IEIIuItNIa F. JIEHIILK IIARRY C. KOIII. rfI.ARI:Nr IZ 'l'. I.AN'1z JAMVS R. IVIAIITIN, JR. JAMIN R. IYIAIIIIIRS AIUIIIIR R. IXIOORIE AI I'RIfD R. IXrIIIl'I.I IIR I.lfIIf IZ, fJIsIiN KI NNI: l'II IZ. PROLIUR RI X XV. Rl'YN0l,llS ID.'XIIRl'l I. XV. RHOADS IIIJXVARD J. P,-IYNE, JR. ROIIIfR'I' I.. IJI'II.Ilj.-KN IULIIARIJ G. ROOIRS HI NRY Cf. Sr HRAIJI-R, JR CH,-XRI I K J. SI IIRI'IBI'R ROIIIYRT D, SH.-XF1-'ISR RHIHARD T. TAYLOR ,IOSIEPH D. IINXVIN JOHN S. XX'A1.KItR GI'ORm,Ii D. XVAIRAVICN HI NIU' T. YUUNGRIZN FRANK J. Sc HA1.IfIiR RAYMOND SIQIJIZISR I.I.OX'ID Cl. SHORE HAROLD li. SIMPSON VIIIIOMAN 13. SIJIRFS SIUXNI Izx' J. SIANN RH HARD J. STOIZI5 I.l0YIl R. S'IROPI:s ROIQIR I., 'II.XYl.OR DONALD B. 'I'OIirvIaN IIIIAIILIN R. XX'I:IiHAAR JOHN P. Xx'I'II'I'I'III3.-XD P . I P . S . Founded, University of Wfiscnnsin, 1010 Ten Aptivc Chapters GAMMA CHAPTER T0 foyler Jpirif and ifllerefl in military pl'6pL1I'EdIlE,S'J', i7lZlUl'0Z'8 the .fpirif of our bzmzfh and aid in the npbnildiug of the Adzzzfzfed Comzve F A C U L T Y CARI. KENNEIH S. STICIE CAPT. fi.-IRI. H. S'IIIRII.s RAIPII J. ANDERMANN PHIIII-I A. BAIIMAN JOHN BIAQIQSTOCK josI'I-H C. BIIECHIEI. INIAl'RICIZ K. CARR I.INItoIN Z. CIPRIANO FRANCIS D. CONNER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JAMES W. DRIJRY RoIzIiR'r I.. FEIK ,IAKLK ti. FOSS RIEIIAIIII N. FRYE JOIIN IE. GII.ES, JR. KI-NNIf'I'II M. GoNsETH ,IAMFS D. HANSEN HERIIIRT D. H.xRn.xCK JOHN C. I'IAUi5FI.AND DANIEL F, HAzEN I.Exv'IS E. Mc.C0xx'N KENNETH D, IXIADISN ROBERT H. RANN L. HARRIS Romxsox ALBERT P. RI' XVII.I.IAM Sf HREIIII R PAIII. G. STIFR LAWRENCE D, SIIMA1IiIIFII-'I.u KENNETH M, GONSETH Prwlderzl LAXYRITNC If D. SUMMFRFIELD Vive-PI 0 fiffeuf Page 383 ,gm . V ,f - A -, M- 7 M. PIIILIP J. CI.RMI1NTz Prcfnlenf Page 384 RAYMOND T.. HICKS Vita'-Premlenl .............,.. Fixundcd, University of Illinois, 1926 Four Active Chapters ILLINOIS CHAPTER To fatter a Jpiril of coopenzliozz between Military Engineerf and efzgineerf in civil life FACULTY MAI. SAMUEL L. DAMON CAPT. CHARLES H. MCNUTT SGT, DWIGHT E. SLAVIENS FIRST IJEUT. ROBERT B. LOTHROP COI.. CHARLES J, TAYLOR MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sezziorf IRIJIXJIQ H. I-XII'x.wDIfR GII IITRT J. CXHOON IiIIXX .ARD H. C.-IRIQON JI-.IIN T. CQHVXIIFY PIIILII' I. CIIfMIfxTz STI RIING K. EISIMINGIER IIXRI. F. ERIKSON CIIOROIE R. AYERY XIORMAN H. BERIIXGFR IEIIWARII W. BIIHORN JOQRPI-I H. BLAIR, JR. IJRXVIN E. BOIIMFR HI'RIII1R'I' XV. BRZYCKI ROIIFRT B. BURNS JOIIN B. CARROLI, JR. GROVFR L. CLACK, JR. NIARK CLANCY All'l'HL'R C. FOCAGNF FIIWARD S, FR.xsIfR, JR. I.I I' ff. G.'x'I'FXxOOII Hoxmnn G. HMRI7 XVII IARLI C.. I'I.-XIVI JOHN XV. IIITRNI I'xII RAYMOND L. HI1'KS JXAITQ M. HOI'IfxIxN Amin L. DANIl'lSI'N JAIII1s Ci. DLIYF ROIIISRT ff. FIOOII INHARLIQS B. GRI2I:N ROIIIZRT B. IIARMON PAUL K. IIIVIUION ROGFR S. HLI'I"I'ON vVAl.'I'FR H. JOI.I.IIz ROBERT W. MAT'I'IIIfxx Q THOMAS H, IVICCRAIIKIN, JR. 'I'III'OIIORIi J. JARIM ATJIIIONY P. JANOSIK HI NRI' C. I.ANGII.I Ii III'RIII'II'I' E. I.INn Jimis B. I.I.I2xx'EI.IYN ROY V. I.OHMII.II-R XVII I IAM J, PRIITI- Ifzaziofzi' JOIf 'l'. MLJINTOSII fiIIIiS'lIiIl XV. MI'I'ciHRI.I PAUI. T. MOON M.-IIIRIIQII 12. MIIRIIIIY IIAROLII IXIIELSON HARRY C. PRINc7Ia ROISIZRT W. ROOQIQ IEIIRTON J. Ross lIIIssI:IN SADIK FRANK R. SA'I'TI7OIIN XVIIII.iIsI T, PASCOIZ NIIIK POI-LRIIYIAIL ITRXNK J. RASMUSSEN 17R.'XNK A, RI1IiD vVII.I.IAM H. SIMMONS .XI IIIfR'I' R, STARR ROIIIIIT I.. ZIIERJACK V.II.MAR A. SLHAAF I.OIIIs XV. SIQIIIIMM JOHN S. SHAPLAND RoIIIf:R'I' W. SODIIRIIIERG f'IIARII2s J. TAYLOR, JR, AI.III2R'I' W. TIIOMANN ROIIIIRT D. TIMPANY JOH N G. TRONTIT I.L JOIIN J, WRIIRRR ,lOsIfPH J. WOSK Polo Association Dundas Pope Hayes Baar Cronmger Carseth Meyer Lord Jordan Herqn Brermcr Graves Walker Schelp Du Bois Blunck Danley Garrett Quigley Cole Kirkpatrxck Schaefer Jaeger Braentlgam OHRre Schroeder Luetsnher One Active Chapter To pronmle fporlnzzrzzzfbip and f70i'J'67llcZ7lfl7jf and to MU. f'I.IFFORD B. COIF CARI. P. CRONINIQIER Pump F. DANLEY KFNNETH L. GARRHTT Rom R 1' C. I-KLUNCK GFORCIT BRAl:NT1r'suf CFORGIT G. IDITIXTY IZDMUND I.. DU B014 Mwmx F, FRAz11fR R. f7fHARI.l5S BAAR XIVRRY I. BRFNN!-R Rom'R'r O. CARSVIH 'I'HoMAs G. Cjoomzv Sr:YMoUR M. Ccvovm Wrr.r.1AM A. Dmwnns, JR, derefop Q1 zzzrfify polo feavz, imbeafalnle FACULTY PART. FRANK S. KIRKPATRICK CAPT. EDWARDS M. Qr'1c':I.xfx' MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY S6lZf0VJI FRANK 1. GARRETT, JR. ,Ioi1tPH D. I'NNx'1N fZllZz:0l'J' RoRRRT J. JORDAN JAMES R. NIARTIN, JR. Soflrbwzzoref PLRRY H. GRAXIS I'Hmf.xS F. HAYES RomiR'r O. JAFGFR W. Rr'?Ill'R'I' KRAMFR XV11r.r.ur I. I.L'1-IM Hr XY'1I.r.rAM N. NILYIR C11f0Rr',r F. NIILI VR lbwxfrtxn M. P1RlT,t Fl'6.ff7llZ6IZ Mcmmx EX LYII. J. Fl'I.'IAI'w Lrovzv -I. FRIED 5. EDWARD FRIJVND DAVID O. GFBIBIF THOMAS B. Hmm' V47AI.l'7O CJ. H1 RON NORMAN V. Km' fNHl"iT1ER M. LORD, IR. IIr:xx'.xR1u I. I.I7M1Y Emwx' D, NHENDFIS FRANK J. SCJHAHMIR JOHN S. XVALKIER Rrmrn 1' P, Pow IZL'c:1:N12 R. Rrissrr I. ROIIITRT D. SAI Mow Glfmi R. Sr"m'11' Iimx IN Sum m' HHH: M. CYHAR1 f,HARI.I-S J, SfHR01'm R .MAN II. S'rmx'ARr ScTo'1'T S. XVAIKIIR SYDNIJY S. XX7I?INGART' H-KRLINGTON A. Yifoon FRANK J. GARRETT, JR Prerzdenr JOSEPH D. UNWIN Sewelfzry-Trmmrer Page 385 . 'J " PF' ,uf 11, Jr' vs KS 2 V , wa 5 gg.. as S '1 Q 'ig vw X , Q fi' if ggi 35 Q 5 5 m 3 nd Y Qi -J ' 4 2 f 4 Q The Lust Mile The Rcxmnl for lining Tops in Qplmlgnslmip just Hcforc thc Bntllc Frm-slumcn ML-L-I lhr Axtismu K.1r1r1L-4ifNIm1. Num lJ..:m liwmul s A eww for lim-yy s.11,.,,1 , m..,, .M W , 5, W" 1 A. mi M i sf Y! XVc'vc Cot It in the Bug, Tu: Smokie Comes "Foo" for the ATO's The CLIIIS Meow! Hail to thc Cfhicfl urtlnxtstcrlu, 'Ilmk Thur, lllinmx i' Wm: Ox: imma .1 IM, uM'Ut! 'N' ,Ln- on QXC6 '51 mQw,M..f,. .,. . f ' 2 -,fy-, . ,z-Isiwgffffesff , ,, wtsfzfeagig 4 x f . MQ. 2 ' , Q 4.44 Q 2 2 .. ,L , . k W gc . 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Beta Theta Pi .... Chi Beta . . . ChiPhi.... ChiPsi... .... Cosmopolitan Club . . Delta Alpha Epsilon. DeltaChi......... Delta Kappa Epsilon. DeltaPhi......... Delta Sigma Phi .... Delta Tau Delta .... Delta Upsilon . . . Farm House . . . Kappa Delta Rho. . . Kappa Sigma . . . . Lambda Chi Alpha . . P ge 404 .. 406 .. 407 .. 408 .. 409 .. 410 .. 411 .. 412 .. 413 .. 414 415 .. 416 .. 417 .. 418 .. 419 .. 420 .. 421 .. 422 .. 423 .. 424 .. 425 .. 426 .. 427 .. 428 .. 429 430 431 432 .. 433 7lWta..Clafmzfiea Phi Beta Delta .... Phi Delta Theta. . . Phi Epsilon Pi .... Phi Gamma Delta .... PhiKappa... Phi Kappa Psi .... Phi Kappa Sigma .... Phi Kappa Tau ..... Phi Mu Delta ..... Phi Sigma Kappa .... Pi Kappa Alpha. . . Pi Kappa Phi .... Psi Upsilon... Sigma Alpha Epsilon. . Sigma Alpha Mu .... SigmaChi...... SigmaNu... Sigma Phi Epsilon .... Sigma Phi Sigma .... SigmaPi....... Tau Delta Phi .... Tau Epsilon Phi. . . Tau Kappa Epsilon. . . ThetaChi... Theta Delta Chi ..... Theta Kappa Phi .... Theta Xi ....... Triangle . . . .. Zeta Beta Tau .... ZetaPsi...... 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 441 442 443 444 445 446 447 448 449 450 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 461 462 463 Jhtlfebgtdiebnif T. MILTON HOFWIOKDIJ. .. 0IfLlfLCL Erlahlilhed, 1911 O F F I C E R S GEORGE E. MIQCUILOUGH .,.. Pi m.ia'i'r1l Vin'-Pr wiziwll JOHN D, VARBI.F. .. 4... ,,... S eireiary RICHARD B. PORT ...... .. .Trea.vuf-er STUART G. MORRISON. ......,,.....,.........,...... .,.. S ev-geanz CABINET MEMBERS EDWARD P. HALLMANN WII.LIAM T. PASCOE NCRLIAN E. ACTON LEROY B. HEREST A fafia WILLIAM L. BROCKEOE E. CLARK FOCKLER Alpha Chi Rho HOWARD K. NORRIS GEORGE E. TROLL Alpha Delta Phi EDGAR G. LFIMBACHER WILLIAM C. SIMS Alpha Epirilon Pi AI.LEN I. LEVITETZ JOSEPH C. FREADLIN Alpha Gamma Rho LELAND S. ROLE A. LEROY NELSON Alpha Kappa Lambda CHARLES E. HEMPHILL ARTHUR R. ENGLISH Alpha Kappa Pi JAMES A. SHINKOFF LEO J. SOKOL Alpha Rho Chi RICHARD A. BINFIELD LOUIS S. BALODIMAS Alpha Sigma Phi DURSXIOOD B. WALTERS FRED M. KILKER Alpha Tau Omega JAMES M. MCLAUGHLIN WVALTER T. MOREY Beta Sigma PJi DON R. GOSCH IRVIN J. MOTTI. Beta Theta Pi FRED G. STICKEL GEORGE R. CATLETT Chi Bela FRANK G. WALTER RALPH W. ROHLFING Chi Phi JOHN G. BROWN DON A. COUNTRYMAN Morrison MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Chi Pfi LEROY B. HEREST JAMES F. COX Della Alpha Epfilon HERBERT W. CARL EARLE F. HEEELEY Della Chi FRED T. JACOBI ROEERT R. SMITH Della Kal7.Da Epfilau T. MILTON HOPW'OOD JAMES F. DCNOVAN Della Phi WILLIAM R. OTTER RICHARD T. DUNN Delta Sigma Phi GEORGE E. MCCULLOUGH WILLIAM N. CHAPMAN Di lra Tau Delta O. KEITH OWIEN, JR. JAMES L. WILEY Delta Upfilon ROY V. LOHMILLER JOHN W. DALLENBACH Farm Home JAMES J. MCCABE, JR. JOHN E. HARBER Kappa Delta Rho FRANK A. CRONICAN GROVER C. HAINES Kappa Sigma THOMAS M. MCCONNELL JAMES R. MARTIN Iamzhda Chi Alpha PAUL H. DEAN CHARLES D. HESLER Phi Bela Delta SAMUEL PINZUR HARRY I. SHAYMAN Phi Delta Theta L. EMMERSON WARD Lrwrs K. WOCDWARD 27 . . I 51 . . .,,,, -. l f ' U 'T I McCullough Phi Epxilan Pi MILTON J. LEVIN SIDNEY R. HIRSCHEERG Phi Gamma Delta NORMAN E, ACTON L. COSBY BERNARD Phi Kappa GEORGE P. MALONE FRED T. GILSCN Phi Kappa Pa JOHN W. DADMUN ALERED R. MUELLER Phi Kappa Sigma STUART G. MORRISON WALTER 0. KREBS Phi Kappa Tau WAI.TER H. VOLTZ, JR. RONALD A. MCCRFE Phi Mu Delta WILLIAM F. DUDLESTON RALPH B. HOLLINGSW'ORTH Phi Sigma Kappa GEORGE W. KININGHAM JOHN C. KONTOS Pi Kappa Alpha ROBERT W. GROSS HARRY J. TAYLOR Pi Kappa Phi ORVILLE H. HAMPTON ROBERT C. TAYLOR Pri Upfilon DCN H. MILLETT JAMES C. REED Sigma Alpha EpJilaiz HOWARD J. RUSSELL ROBERT E. BARD Sigma Alpha Mu ROBERT N. GOLDMAN IRVING MILLER Sigma Chi JOHN D. VARELE WILI.IAM H. RICE -M 1? Q 44, Varble HOPXX'0OD Sllkffllll Nu FRED H. MCKINSTRY HERBERT D. BAKER Sigma Phi Eprilon XVILLIAM T. PASCOE ROBERT E. HUMM Sigma Phi Sigma H. CLARENCE LANGILLE FRANK S. COOK Sigma Pi JOSEPH F. SIROTEK, JR. GEORGE W. WENTHE Tau Delta Phi HENRY D. FREEDMAN EUGENE M. ORNSTEIN Tait Epiilon Phi ARTHUR J. NEUMANN JAMES GITTELSON Tau Kappa Eptilon WII.LIAM B. KENNEDY VUILLIAM E. NELSON Theta Chi ROBERT L. HANSON J. GARTH ELZEA Theta Delta Chi ELMER E. ERICKSCN EARL J. SUNDIN Theta Kappa Phi WALTER J. KENNEDY JOHN P. WALSH Theta Xi EDNVARD P. HOLLMAN ROBERT P. GRUENBERG Triangle ELMER L. TANDRUP LEQSTIER H. SEILER Zeta Beta Tau KENNY R. COWAN WILI.IAM S. GINGOLD Z era Pri RICHARD B. PORT JOHN T. EATON 1' is ,. S af R 1" S K K A if " R SKIP- K IW ff :- Port Page 405 Founded University of Michigan, 1904 Twenty-Jewn Arrive Chfzpierx Heth Chapter Emzblirbed, 1906 501 Emi Daniel Slwfl FAC ULTY LEVERETT A. ADAMS, Ph.D. JAY C. HACKLEMAN, A.M, ANDREW I. ANDREWS, Ph.D. CHARLES F. HOTTES, Ph.D. LUTHER B. ARCHER, M.S., E.E. RALPH K. HURSH, B.S. PEMBROKE H. BROWXJN, Ph.D. ALONZO P. KRATZ, M.S. WILLIAM L. BIIRLISON, Ph.D., D.Agr. EMII. W. LEHMANN, B.S., E.E., A.E. CARL H. CASBERG, B.S., M.E. GEORGE E. EKBLAXV, Ph.D. JAMES R, HAMILTON WILLIAM L. BROCKOB ROBERT H. CLEMENTS E. EUGENE ATHERTON ROBERT P. BISHOP JOHN T. BULLINCTON ROIIERI' K. APPLEGATE E. FREDERICK BERRY ROBERT C. KIMERELL DALE M. ADAMS FREDERICK J. BROCKOE ALLAN M. CRIZSS HARRY G. PAUL, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY G md nate Slzzdentf IRVING L. PETERSON, B,S. FRANCIS M. PORTER, M.S. RAY I. SHAW, M.S. JOHN C. SPITLER, B.S. JOHN K. TUTHILL, B.S., E.E. GEORGE B. WEISIGER, B.S., LL.B., J.D. l,lIWIS W. WILLIAMS, Ph.D. JOHN G. MOSHER, JR. ALLEN V. SAPORA WILLIAM J. SUNDERMAN Seniors E. CLARK FOCKLER JAMES H. LLOYD CARLYSLE PEMBIIRTON F. CLAYTON SNYDER fzmiow J. ANDREW FOURNIER E. GLFNDON MOORE CHARLES J. TAYLOR JOHN R. MALLAHAN HARRY L. PLUNKETT LEWIS W. WILLIAMS 1 Sojilaomoref I., XVILLIAM KOLB CHARLES H. MERCER RICHARD F. ROE Ross B. LEMMON JAMES R. PITCHER HENRY SCHMIDT A. ROSS MANNING DELBIZRT M. SMOTIIERS Frerlamen DELOS DE TAR HOWARD L. LUMLEY STANTON R. PEMBERTON ROBERT W. IMPEY XVELDON W. MCELROY TED R. SEABROOKE Smothers Cress Berry Roe Taylor Impey Mercer Adams Seabrooke Applegate McElroy Pitcher Schmidt S. Pemberton Manning Kimbrell De Tar F. Brockob Lemmon Fockler Kolb Lumley Moore Sunclerman Sapora C. Pemberton Bishop Mosher Hamilton W. Brockob Atherton Snyder Clements Mallahan Bullington Plunkett Page 406 Founded Trinity College, 1895 Nineleen Arlive Clmptenr ri? Phi Kappa Chapter Effablirbeal, 1916 311 Ear! r'lr'mo1'y Arenzze 0111. CI' 121. FRANK E. SCHOOLEY, B. S. RICHARD E. HEYL RICHARD W. BARNETT ROBERT S. CHERRY NELLO FARNETI JAMES D. LIERMAN JACK H. BENARD JOHN W. BRYAN KARL A. EMCH ROBERT C. BROWN JAMES P. CALLMER ROBERT D. CRITTON JACK P. GREENER RICHARD BUCKLE NORMAN C. DENO, JR. CLARK M. GHISELIN F A C U LT Y JOHN SWEET, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdmle Smdenff ROBERT S. HOLTY FRED W. TANNER, JR. A. EIJMUND LYTLE Seniorr DOUGLAS C. MONTGOMERY DANIEL J. NACHT FRANK W. LINDER THEODORE M. MORRIS CHARLES L. NORTON LELAND W. HAGMAN JOHN W. HANSON ROBERT L. JONES JACK H. GILLAN RALPH W. IVENS fmziow S0pl9077701'6.Y Freflomen HOWARD K. NORRIS ROBERT R. PHILLIPS ANDREW B. REID ALBERT E. PETERSON ARNOLD A. PETERSON WELLS M. TANNER ALEXANDER E. MCCORNACK JAMES E. MONTGOMERY PETER R. NOLING ROBERT D. MALCOLMSON CHARLES E. PERKINS FRED W. TANNER, Ph.D. FORREST G. WARREN ALBERT T. SMITHSON, JR. HAROLD C. WEINGARTNER CARI. H. ZAMZOW GEORGE E. TROLL GEORGE R. WAGGONER JAMES A. YOUNG EDWARD A. OJA RALPH R. RUTHENBERG ALDEN J. SCHNEIDER CHARLES L. WADE ROBERT L. SCHMIDT STUARTW. TANNER ROBERT E. TAYLOR l Farneti Greener Hanson Wade Oja Schneider Ruthenbcrg Callrner Critton Noling Jones Benard Morris Reid Young Norton Waggoner McCornack Troll J. Montgomery A. E. Peterson W. Tanner Emch Linder Barnett Warren F T H l Wein artner L tle Srnithson Norris Cherry Zamzow Nacht Lierrnan D. Montgomery . anner cy g y Perkins Deno Gillan Malcolmson Schmidt Taylor Ivens Buckle Brown Ghiselin S. Tanner Hagman Page 407 Foznlrlru' I'IIixL-Isity ul XVIsconsin, 1902 liflij-f,IzI' .'II,'iIIf Cffwzfrlem' Zeta Chapter E,IffIkl1-lard. 1908 606 UNIX! 017111 Slrwi ROI:I'R AIIAMS, PII.D,, D.Sc. ANIJRRXX' I. ANIwRItxx's, PII.D. I.IIIIwIIQ F. AIfI1RIIiTH, Ph,D. JIJHN C.. BAILAR, JR., Ph,D. AR'I'HI'R CQ BHIKIZI., PII.D. XVII.I.IAM F. BRAIJIIQY, Ph.D. CH,-xRI.I:s K. BRAIwsHIfR, Ph,D. GI-'0RI.It H. BRUIHIIR, Ph,D. ARIHUR M. BUsXx'IiI.I., Ph.D. HIfRIIIfR'I' E. C.AR'I'IfR, Ph,D. FRANLIS M. KIIARIQ, Ph.D. CiIORGI' I., C IARK, Ph.D,, D EIIXVARII XV. CQOMINIQS, D.Sc. MII.I-IAFI. J. COPIRY, Ph.D, ARDFN G. IDFEM, PI1.D, SAMUEL B. DFTXX'II I-iR, IR., BS. FRANK G. DOI.I.IiAR, M.S, FONTAINF R. EARLI5, M.S. DUANIE T. ENIQLIS, Ph.D. GLIINN C, FINGRR. Ph,D. RIzYNoI.D CI. Fusox, Ph,D XVARRFN H. Goss, B,S. HARRY S. GRINIIIFY, DSQ. SIFGFRIIED T. Grams, PII.D, ,Sc. TOM S. HAMIIJION, Ph.D, FACULTY NIARK H. HINDSLFY, A.M. RI III T. MII NIIR, PII.D. XX'ARRrN A. RIVIH. PII.D. Ii, SMITH HoPKINs, Ph.D,, D.Sc, I?oI'IQI.As G, NR HoI.soN, Ph.D. JOHN B, SIIIRIIIS, Ph.D. RAIPH K. HVRSH, B.S. XY'lI,I.I.-XM A. Ncxvrs, Ph.D,, I.L,D., RAIPH L. SHRINISR, I-'II,D. II. FIIAAI-'R JOHMTONE, Ph.D. CQhem,D., D.Sc. G. FRI:DIsRII.Ic SMIIII, PII.D. IDIJNAIII B. KEYES, Ph.D. flIIX'I'R R. fJX'I'RMAN, PII.D. FRIIJIERICK G. STRAUII, M.S., McI.Ii, .ll'N'IA M. LINIJGRFN, A.M VIAIXIIZS S, MAIZHIN, Ph.D. KI NNFTH R. lxf.-X,IORS, B,S. KIARIf S. MARKI.m', Ph.D, KARI. S, IXIARYIL, PII,D. fPRX'Il,l,I- E. IXIAY, PII,D, fiIII.I IN XV. PARMIfII'If, M.S., D.Sc. SI'II'Rl.Ol.K Sxx ANN, HIR., PII.D. 'I4IIoMAs IE. PIIIPPS, PII FRXMQ H. RIfIII, Ph,D. GIORIQV H. RI'IIm, PII.D YIIIIIX H, RI'Im', PII.D. URIN XV, RI-I-A, PII.D. I.I'oxARIm I.. McKIxxrY, BS. XX'oR'1'H H. RoIuII+I'sH, XVIIIIAM KQ Roar, Ph.D .D. M IE MBERS IN UNIVERSITAY Gizzdlrale Slzfdezzfi' VIIRIIMIT B. SXY,-XR'IZ, BS. FRIIJ XV. TAXNIER, PII.D. FRrI1I'RIIiK T. XVAII., PII.D. GIURIQI- I. XVAII.AI'If, PII.D. AR'IHI'R C.. XVII,I.ARIJ, BS., PRD. Imng., I.L.D, QIAII R. YoHIf, PII.D. MARVIN D. ARMSIONIQ ITIMISR H. DORRATZ RI:QsI'II, I.. HIIiRs Rc:I:I:R'I' I., MAY I.YITI.I. Ci. BITHR JOSEPH R. IDOXYNING I IIARIIY IT, HI1I.I.I2Y, IR. CHARI.Ifs H, MIiKIIvI .IIIHN R, BINIQHAM FRFDRRICIQ R. DLIKIZ IEVAN C, HORNING IAMI:s F. Mc,PIII4RsoIw HOXY'ARl3 XV. Bcmn I.AXX'RFNCl5 H. IDUNLAP AI,IRIfIv A. JOHNSON SHIARMAN G. IW1IfNIfIIxI? EIIIQVNIQ O, BRIMM RICHARD S. ECLLY 5'IAN'I'I N fi. KRLTON lVIA'l'I'IIlIXY' W. MII.I.IiR ,IOSIPIAH H, BlIRC'KHAI.'I'lfR W. DEAN FRASIAR AIVIIIQNY H. LAND 'I'H::MAs D, O'BRIIfr: D0NAI.Iu E. BIIRNIN XYfIiSI.IiY O. FUGA'I'If GIORIQI' W. LAND M. THOMAS 'I'IIIfc:IwRIs I., CIAIIINS IDUDLIEY B, GLASS .IIIIIN C. LAXX I FR O'SHAI'c:IINI-sAY, 'IR HARImI.Ix IE, Cfoxmt HUGH W, GRAY CkoI,IfMAN R. I.IIf XVIIIIAM j, PIAIJPIQI. HARoI.Iv G, Cooxi, IR. CHARLFS W, HAMMOND FRI'IvI-RICIQ M. I.IfXX'IS XICRMAN A. RAIIIIIIHN ':RItIwIfRIIiK CI, DII'I'z PADI, XV. HENIINIE IUIIN I.. MARSH HI'RIIIR'I D. RHczIuIfs 591.71011 R0III'R'I' F, Invrx RIVHARID R, MIRAIR fJ'I"lO F, SIXITNIK LAXYRITNY If F, IVIARSVH lmzzorr Hf7XX'ARID fx, jmixsox ISIN ARD H, RIDDLIE PAIII. G, ROACI-I ,IAMIis V. ROBINSON f.ARI. I.. ROLLINSCN Svimiiv E. Ross Rom-Rr ROXVAN, JR. RoIIIfR'I' O. SAUER SAME!-I L, SCOrT GIfRAI,I3 XV. SEARS IIIHN W. SHACRI,I1'IoN XVILLIAM H. SHARIQH' A1 I RITIX j. SII: RI I R CARI. M. SMITH RIfIvI'RIIR W SPIN ff STANI IZY B. SPRCIQ , ' . - ' I, ' ' r HIIIIII XV, S'II1XX AR' MIf'IIAI4'I. SX'I'DA WII.I.I,fIM H, 'I'AYI,I1R ROISI-R'I XV, UPQI N -IAMIN F. VANIIIR XVIII IAM XV. XYIIIIIAMS THOMAR R. XVc:cIIv JOHN P, XXIILKINQ EMI'Rsox I., XV1I"IIII'II4IR jAMIts D. IXIAHUNI Y Russ Burcklmltcr Rowan Class Hicks XVIIIIIIIIIS H. JOl1"SOI1 XVIRIII Vzmcrck May Dietz Holley Behr Hrvrninq Puppcl Loeck Lewis Suvtt Brimm Cfrvokc Kelton D0wnin'5 Huml McPherson Ejly FIIgz:t'i A, johnson Conde Fraser I XVittbcI'kcr Mcmcr Taylor Lee Duke O'SII:IIIgIIrIcssy Dunlap O'Bric-fi Shine" IXIIIIQI' Rill'7j0l1Il Marsh Wilkins A. I.1IrIIl Drsbratz Sharkey Speck MIIISLII Burney Gray McKccvcr Page 408 lfzzzzmfed Hamilton College, l832 'I'11fw1fy-,Tix Arfiru C.'hr1,fIler'I Illinois Chapter E,fmbli.il9fd, 1912 310 lim! john Siler! PAUI. C. BAKER WILLIAM C. KEENEY HEREERT XV. BELL RUSSELL E. LARSIZN PAUL B. LYON, JR. XXIILLIAM O. BURGESS PAUL W. CHRISTENSEN JOHN D. GALBRAITH, JR. GRANT H. GNEISS EDWIN G. ALLEN JACK M. ARNOLD FACULTY RICHARD R. LITTLE, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY G l'r1LlZlL7f6' Stzldefzl' FREDERICK S. GRIZENMAN Senior! ROBERT J. LEIMEACHTR ROBERT H. RI:EvIfs DXVIGHT I. MCTKEE fwziorf ROBERT M. MIX FRIED G. MOORE LEE G. PIACKLIEY GEORGE E. HILL VUILLIAM E. HII.I., ROBERT F. BARNARIJ BART M. HACKLEX' FRANK A. RANDALL, JR. XVILLIAM C. SIMS Sophomore! EDGAR G. LIEIMBACHFR GEORGE F, MILLER JR. ROGER B. POGUE Freflamen DOUGLAS M. HOMS GEORGE M, ROSSITTTITR, JR. GIIORGI? P. SIQULLY BURRELL L. SMALL CIURTISS H. TABIZR HERIKERT E. WEI.I-IENER JOHN D. RANDALL JAMES O. ROBINSON JOHN T. ROUSE JOHN H. SCHNEIDEWINO EMERSON F. MliINliRS R. DOUGLAS RIGKS, JR. W. Hill Rouse Schncidewind Gnciss Bargess Christensen L. Hackley G. Hill Miller McKee Small Taber F. Randall Larsen Bell W. Sims Lyon Mix Robinson E. Lcimbacher Poguc Wcllmcncr Keeney Scully Reeves Moore Greenman R. Leimbachcr Baker B Hackley Meiners Ricks Gnlbraitli Barnard Allen Homs Arnold J, Randall Page 409 Founded New York University, 1913 Twenty-Ieven Active Chapter: Delta Chapter Effablirlaed, 1920 302 Eur Gregory Drive .7-liz. af-1 ' FACULTY DAVID G. BOURGIN, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzzate Slzzdenl JEROME BERRENT Seniorf Louis M. BOBER AARON S. KATZ ALLEN I. LEVITETZ HERBERT A. GOLTz SAM S. LEVIN IRVINC J. LEWIS DAVID A. ISRAEL fmziorr AVERON H. EISENSTEIN BURTON A. GOLDSTEIN IVIARSHALL H. KAPSON JOSEPH C. FREADLIN DAVID HARRIS SANDIER RODKIN Soploomoref MICI-IAEI. M. ARRAMS MARTIN G. LEMBERG PHILIP M. STONE LEONARD KALLIS SAMUEL M. PEARSON ROBERT THOMASES IRVING KORNICK Freyhmen BERNARD D. EISENSTEIN BERTRAM S. GOLDMAN RORERT I. KOVIN G. HERBERT EMIN JEROME M. HEIMAN NORMAN LEAF NIEL M. GERTZ JACK KASSEL GILBERT MARCUS MOSE L. RATTNER JOSEPH E. SHERMAN ROBERT L. SCHXVIMMER ROBERT SILVERMAN MARTIN D. UNTERMAN JACK A. WI-IITE N. JAMES MESIROW AL J. PORT TEVVA H. STEIN Kovin White Unterman Kassel Israel Goldman Emin Gertz Port Stein Mesirow Leaf Lemberg Stone B Eisenstein Heiman Freadlin Kornick Rodkin Thomases Levin Pearson Abrams Schwimmer Harris Goldstein A. Eisenstein Silverman Sherman Berrent Bober Kallis Levitetz Goltz Lewis Marcus Katz Kapson Page 410 Founded University of Illinois Thirty-Iwo Arlife Clmpierr Alpha Chapter E,flnbliJl9c'd, 1908 58 Earl Gregory Drive SLEETER BULI., M.S. BEN R. BURMESTER, Ph.D. JACKSON L. CARTTER, M.S. JAY C. HACKLEMAN, A.M. HAROLD D. BERGMAN CLARENCE J. BUSH ROBERT M. ASH Rox' I. FINLEY L. DUWAYNE BARNARD LESLIE A. HARRISON MARTIN G. BURRUS ROBERT L. BURRUS ALVIN G. HULTING F A C U LT Y PERCY E. JOHNSON, B.S. FREDERICK J. KEILHOLZ, B.S. JOHN H. LONGWELL, A.M. EARL H. REGNIER, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmle Sludefzt GEORGE H. WALTERS Seniors WILLIAM C. CUNNINGHAM MAURICE G. GANTZERT fmziow AUEREY E. HARI.ESS J. RAY MATHERS M. MILES HARTMAN Solfihomoref J. BON HARTLINE IRXVIN W. MlI.LER ALVIN M. MAvIs CHARLES R. SCHRODT F1'6I!97'lZ97Z BRUCE K. KOCH DONALD S. LEIGHTY ROBERT A. REPKE ERNEST H. SCHOTTMANN DANIEL A. SMITH HENRY P. RUSK, M.S, GEORGE I. WALLACE, Ph.D. BURTON F. XVI-IITMORE, B.S. XVILLIAM H. YOUNG IJIAND S. ROLE RALPH M. MCKINNEY A. LFROY NELSON MAX M. SUMMERS FRED J. WOOD C. HIERMAN WATSON E. G. WELSH, JR. THOMAS G. WHITE Welsh Summers Smith XVood Hulting Miller Ash Hartline Wfhite Leighty Schroclt Barnard Rcpkc Watson Koch Mathers McKinney Mavis Harrison Schottmann Gantzert Finley Harless Cunningham Bergman Young Nelson Rolf Bush Vilaltcrs Hartman Page 411 University Of California, 1914 Founded Nina Aflire Cbnpfefi O-4!f fr W JOSEPH C. BLAIR, M.S., D.Sc. GERALD T, BORCHERDT, Ph.D. J. HERBERT BURGY, Ph.D. GEORGE H, DUNGAN, Ph.D. JOHN R. EDMONBS BENJAMIN T, BAIRD, JR. JOHN A. GEORCQF RICHARD W. AKEMANN STANI.EY W. BAKER J. l'lOXVARD BEARD, JR. G. WILLIAM BOYD WILLIAM R. CLENDIININ ROGER K. ERICSON ALLEN F, AONEW STANLEY B. BALBACH GFCRQSE L. BRISTOW ROBERT I. CARNCROSS T. CLINTON COBB ROBERT S, DAY G. ROBERT BEQKMEYER WILLIAM N. CASSELLA ROBERT V. CLEVENGIER GEORGE W. GOBI.H, A.B., LL.B. LE ROY R. HAMP EDXWIN J. MANLEY LLOYD MOREY, A.B., B.Mus., C.P.A., LL.D. STANLEY H. PIERCE, B.S MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gnzdfzale Slzfdefzzff CHARLES U. KRING LEROY H. FISCHER WILLIAM G. GROTE ROBERT A. HEALD ROBERT N. HECHT Sefziorf CHARLES E. HEMPHlI.I., JR. HAROI.I3 L, KOELLER ARTHUR E, RITCHER ALVIN L. KUHFUSS HICRBERI' E. LIND VINCENT D. MARTIN HAROLD A, PARMEIIEE GILBERT S. PEINE ORTHFLDO A. PIZITHMAN Gamma Chapter EvraI1li.I'laed, 1921 401 Egfr Drmiel Sirwf ,fm CHARLES O. RIEINHARDT, B.S. HARI.EY J. VAN CLEAVE, Ph.D FLOYD R. WATSON, Ph.D. CARROLL C. WILEY, B.S., C.E C. ROBERT TVUOMIIEY MELVIN J, WARRICIQ HORACIZ PETTEE JOHN H. REEDY, JR. ARTHUR Z. VARLAND ROGER W. WILLIAMS CHARLES E. ZELENY HARVEX' I. NITZ NORMAN E. SCHICKEDANZ G. MARVIN SHUTT fzmiorf FRED J. ENGLISH ROBERT A. MALLONEE GEORGE F. HUNT PAUL E. MEYER RAYMOND L. KElI'1fER LAXYRFNCF S. MORRISON Salblwmoref WALTER T. HERGIZT JOHN REUTTFR, JR. ROBERT D. PEINE Ii1'e.rl:1me11 ARTHUR R. ENGLISH M. JAMES LUND ROBERT L. KOCH DONALD E. IVIEISIENHIIIMER JAMES E. UBBEN MONROE K, WALTER NIZRIEUS L. ROY PHILLIP F. VAN CLEAVE Lind Heald Parmelee Kuhfuss Ericson Grote Boyd Clendenin Wai-rir'k Hemphill Peithman Varland Fischer Hecht Williams Martin Gorge Ritcher G. Peine F. English Reedy Hunt Baird Akemann Zclcny Twomley Shutt Beard Kring Borcherdt Baker Reinhardt Balbach Mallonee Koeller Bristow Reutter R. Peine Walter Ubben Cobb Carncross Morrison Nitz Schickedanz KeitIer Agnew Beckmeyer Cassclla A. English Meisenheimer Lund Koch Van Cleave Meyer Clevengcr Herget Roy Day Page 412 l5nln1Il1.fcl Newark Cfullcgc nl' Engineering, 1921 T11'II11lJ-mix .fix lim' f:bzIf7fL'!..V .711 I X4 RAIIIH S. KIRONNRIAN, C. MARIO J. GOGIIR, M.E. LOUIS G. BROWN THEODORE C. HUNTER AI.I,l'N J. BALDW IN ANTHONY V. CIIRATOLO JOHN W. CONNVAY E. SANDERS DITLANEY MARsHRI.I, G. CHIASSON XL! R W E A C U LTY E.. M.S. ROBERT I., JORDAN, M,S, MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior! LOUIS A. PIl.I.IfR RICHARD G. ROGERS VICRNON E. RAXVII5 fzzzziorf EARL XV. MAIHEWS GEORGE M. NILNON Soplaoworef FRI'mfRIc'IQ I., DROXX' FRED A. GOGLIA E. HUDSON FOREMAN RAYMOND XV. KIRIEIIJQ Fl'6J'l777Z67l Sigma Llmptcz' IjImbli.I had, 1931 212 Emt Cbzlflllflf SUM! XVII. THE IIAM J, TRI-,IffF, MS. OIJORI-' J. WANIQ, B.S, JAMES A. SHINIQOH' JOHN THRITHARAI' GEORGE C. ScHouI.D.x JOHN P. VINIK IRVIN E. QUALIZZA LEO J. SOKOL, JR. ERNEST V. STEVENS Cfunway Vinik QIIIIIIUII Dmw Sfgvcm Qu,fLm,1,, Ijcllmcy F. Gnglm i I F0l'l:I1'lJlfl Nelson filminssun Baldwin KIIQIIIS SEIIIILIIIIII M.Ithc:w5 Suk-II Shlnkutl Plllcr Rnwic Hunkr BIOWII Roggfg M, Cmglil Page 413 University of Michigan, 1914 r Founded University of Illinois and Eight Aciire Clmpiefr Anthemois Chapter Ermblirbed, 1914 1108 South Fifrl Street LORING H. PROVINE, B.S., A.E., A.I.A OTTO G. Sci-IAEEER, B.S. JAMES G VAN DERPOOL, B.Arch. STANLEY H. WHITE, M.L.A. F A C U LT Y ARTHUR F. DEAM, B.Arch., F.A.A.R. REXFORD NEW'COMB, A.M., M.Arch., A.I.A. OLAE S. FJELDE, A.M. THOMAS E. O'DONNELL, M.S., M.Arch. RICHARD E. HULT, B.S. A.I.A. JAMES T, LENDRUM, B.S. CYRUS E. PALMER, M.S. FRANK M. LESCHER, B.S., A.I.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior! DONALD E. ANDERSON WELLS AXVSUMB RICHARD A. BINFIELD CARL R. BLUM RUSSELL M. AMDAL ELIAS S. BALODIMAS EUGENE W. BLEICK LINO N. FRANCESCON HERBERT T. DICK JON D. ANDERSON GEORGE F. HIGGINS WILLIAM F. IRVING BERNARD E. KINSOCK DcNAI.D L. GRIEB JACK Z. HOLLABAUGH DONALD H. HONN flHZf01'J' Sopbomoref Freylamefz KENNETH I. KNUDSON JOHN B. PALMER CHARLES J. SCHREIBER D. Buzz JACOBSON ROBERT A. JORGENSEN FRANK KLEIN GEORGE F. SCHREIBER EUGENE R. SMEALLIE ALFRED T. SMITH RICHARD B. WILLIAMS HAROLD H. KOLB LAWRENCE W. SCHWALL JAMES B. WALLACE RUSSELL T. HETER BRUCE W. MACDONALD J J. Anderson Irving . Kolb Bleick Palmer Williams G. Schreiber MacDonald Jacobson Dick Balodimas Grieb Heter Smith Schwall Wallace Blum Francescon Hollabaugh Higgins D, Anderson Smeallie Binlield O'Donnell Amdal Kinsock Honn Knudson Page 414 Fnznzzfrd Yale, 1845 Tbirfy-nigh! Arfire Cbapferx E. CHAUNCY BALDXVIN, Ph.D. RAYMOND ELIOT, A.M. THEODORE H. FRISON, Ph.D. WALTER G. JOHNSON, Ph.D. FRANK J. GARRETT E. DXYIGHT HOOVER DAN E. ANDREW' ARTHUR R. BEAHM ADRIAN W. DAN'IS BENJAMIN L. DEXYEY ROBERT H. DRIGGS JOHN A. EDWARDS CLIFFORD L. I-IASEMAN RUSSELL L. CHESTER FRANK J. CHRISTIAN ROBERT F, COLLINS WILLIAM A. DEHAAN Eta Chziptur Ifiluf:1i,vbi'd'. 1908 Emi .4rf1lf1rJ Slwif! L l4fL6l F A C U LT Y EVIERITTT E. KING, M.S., M.C.E. WILLIAM H. SEHEIK, B.Ai-ch., M.S. WILLIAM B. LOIZKLING, Ph.D. FRANCIS P. SHEPARD, Ph.D. C. DOUGLAS MONSSON, B.S. FREDERIC B. STIVEN, Mus.D., A.A.G,O. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seaziorf M. RAYMON SCAMEHORN GEORGE F. SCHEIB EMMITT A. SHEIIHAMMFR HARRY W. VANHOOK IlllIi01'J' GLENN L. FIELTZ H. KENNETH FOIJTE OCTAVIO A. MENDEZ DURXVOOD B. WALTERS Soplaonzoref ROLAND J. KELSEY FRED M. KILRER MAX MORTENSON LEE N. MURPHY HUGH C. FERRIS WILLIAM S. KERN HAROLD H. NIEW'MAN DEAN C. PHARES Frefhmezz PAUL G. PETRY H. KENNETH PORTER CARL E, PRUETT 'THEODORE V. PURvIN ROBERT L. FOLK JOHN G. PUTTA VINCENT J. SCHXXFNOHA FRANK M. ROBINSON HOW'ARD W. SMITH ROBERT J. STIENECKER WALTER W. WOLF HARVEY L. SINGER MERLE B. STANRERG JOHN H. TALLMAN ROBERT J. THOMPSON Thompson Ferris Tallman Murphy Christian DeHRnn Puttn Collins Kern Sfhwcnoha Beahm Robinson Feltz Kilker Porter Pruett Davis Wolf Smith Hzisemrin Stanberg Polk Chester Edwards Stienecker Kelsey Hoover Scamehorn Andrew Vanlflook Walters Scheib Garrett Mendez Shellhzimmer Driggs Foutc Dewey Singer Newman Plmrcs Purvin Perry Pagb 415 Fa zlrlrfad ViI'giniII Military Institute, 1865 Nnlelj-folly' Allin' Cfnzjvlufi Ggunma Zum Chapter Eimblirhcd. 1895 H01 U"w1 PBZIIIJ-JlI'lI7Iiz1 Arefllle C7!! A Q14 WL6 ill ROGLR ADAIIIQ, Ph.D., D.Sc. ARTHUR G. ANDFRSON, GE., JAMES C. ALLEN GOLDEN A. MQCONNEI L PHII.IP C. BRAOLIQY M. RAYMOND f.ARROI.I. ALRERT P. CHI'I"rIiNOEN J. XNIILLIAM CAI.ll"l' JOSEPH J. GIALI.OIxIIIARnO RIriHARD B. ALLEN H. XIINCFNT ALLEN JOSEPH E. BAOALI: JAMES F. BICKERS CHARLES J. CVAIIDLIE DONALD J. AINswOR'I'H JACK D. BOGGS CARL BREXYER RALPH R. FOsTER MARION J. FRENCH PILD, 2? 1 . FACULTY JOHN A. HAMILTON, A.M. H. SMITH HOPKINN, Ph.D., DSE. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gladmzle Sfndezzlf JOSFPIPI K. MIZLAIILIHLIN LEWIS L. DIEHNFR ROBERT M, INGLIF ROIIERT H. JONES EIIWARD B. GILLER RUIAIERT C. HIEMPHILI. Sopbomoref JOSEPH C. CLARK XXIILLIAM DEI-ENIIAIIOII RALPH E, EHNI SAMUFI. W. FLI-MINL: JAMIPS I.. CIRIFFIN Iirefh 111611 IELORY H. HARVEY ROIzER'I' H, KOHLER VVILLIAM J, LANE FRANK C. INIANSIYII-QLD THOMAS A, STRI-If'I' JOHN H, LANCIA' JACK E. MOORE IJVAN XV, IVICPHI-lf'l'lfRS w'Al.'IlfR T. Mr:RIfY B. ALLEN CIRINXYOLD WlI.l.lAM J, HIQMPHILI. JACK F. HULMIYS J. EIN ARD JOIIIN CARI. T, MI-'X'l-'R GENE F. MOIHJESKA RALPH H, NlfI.SON ROIKFRT P. PFIZIFIZR JOHN XV. MCMAHAN, M.S. l'IAlli L. RJFXYCOMIZR, M,S., C.P.A. ROHVRT J. THITDE ROBERT D. ROl'JXX'liI,L PAUL M. VANCE PHILIP V. XYfll.l?S DI-'AN A. OLSON THOMAS S. SIMMS CHARLES O. KNAPP JOHN A. LINNEMAN THOMAS M. PITTMAN XVARREN O. RIMHEY JAMES R. STANSFIIELD ROIII-RI' M. PORTER REX G. SHERMAN DAVE S. TERRY WAIIRISN A, THAI, Boggs R. Allen BIIgIIlc Elini Griffin Linncmrm Holmes Nelson Griswold Rimbey Pittman W. Hemphill Modjeska Terry l McPheetcrs R. Hemphill Morey Bickers McLaughlin Clark Dcfcnbxlugh Lane V. Allen Harvey Caudlc Giallombardo Chittenden H Olson A Lange Carroll Dchncr Inglc Wilcs Moore Bradley Calitf Gillcr Foster Thnl PfCllCl' Amsworth French Mansfield Brewer Kohler Porter Meyer Sherman Page 416 1 X giiggizryatg ,if fx m Q?r:iUQfffw4- I ' fffzlyrgi M ' Fffluldmf University of Illinois, 1915 ffm' fiI'll1'I' C'lw1j7l:'I'.I Alpha Lhaptu 15.I11IbliIlm!, 1925 ffm ,flvrfzfffy Arfnne wig I WMV I .ey fx? I g A 0 . . Ja A 4 P3 ,IA A ei L I l 3522 1 MM ' A ' "' my-f as . J 355525 Q22 FACULTY JOHN T. GEIsNIfNDOIiRI'IR, PlI.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sezliorr CLARENCE XV. CLEVELAND CHARI.Iis A. KAUR WILLIAM M. MARTIN DON R. GOSCH NORBIAN L. KRAUSE PAIII. E. ROLAND XVILLIAM E. HABIILTON 1l1IIf0l'J' GARNET E. BUHNFR I.I'l.AXD j. DIavIfRMAN Rom-R'I' F. HI.AvIfIc Soph01110I'ef EDXYARD L. DORR IXIORMAN G. KRAUSZ IRVINO J. IVIOTTI. JACK T. DIJNSTAN KFNNFTH G. ACKFRMANN FI erlnmezz GEORGE E. HARMS LUrHIfR G. SCI-II.IIfssnR ROY C. STISII. HARRY I. THAYFR HAROLD G, Olsox LOUIS G. RATHIERT ROY O. TAGTMFIIER Kl'XNI-'l'H R, RATHIERT Krause Kaub Gosch Thayer Stf Hrunilton Dunstan Roland Mottl Hlavck Tagtmeier Buhncr I.. theft Dorf Deker Martin Schliesser Dcverman K. Rathcrt Ackcrnmnn arms Krausz Olson Geissendoerfer Page 417 5, , lfulnnfifd Miami University, 1839 Iifqlvtj-.miwl Arfiir Cbapferr LFVERETT A. ADAMS, Ph.D. XVILLIAM S. BAYLEY, Ph.D. CHARLES E. BOWEN, B.S. GEORGE L. CLARK, Ph.D., D.Sc. ROBERT I. GRAHALI, B.S., D.V.M. J. CAMPBELL ANDREWS WILLIAM B. BROVI DER JAMES G. ARMSTRONG WILLIAM W. CASSELL GEORGE R. CATLETT WII.LIS B. BALLANCE RALPH E. BENNETT CARL O. DAVIES ROBERT R. DUNLAP LlZVIfRli'I'T A. ADAMS, JR. CHARLES H. APPLE JOHN B. BOND EUGENE L. BROVUN w'II.I.IAM R. CASE DURANT S. ABERNETHY ROBERT EISNER, JR. JAMES F. FRAZIFR 'WS ein QAM FACULTY XVHITNEY C. HUNTINGTON, M.S., C.E. VALENTINE JOBST, Ph.D. ALVIN L. LANG, M.S. CIULLEN NYJ. PARMELEE, M.S., D.Sr. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Smdefzff WARREN K. CONFER JOHN A. DOUGLAS FRANK T. DE XVOLE NATHAN V. FILBEY XVALTITR N. FORESTER KENNETH M. JOHNSON JOHN H. LADD VVESLFY P. MARTIN ROBERT M. CONDIT EDXYARD A. DOISY EARLIE H. GILLIS GIIORGIE H. HARCZITT, JAMES R. GIMBLETT JOHN T, HOl.MSTROM ROBERT H. JOHNSTON Sefziorf Jzzfziarf Sophomorer JR. E Freflamezz JOHN A. HOI.TzMAN CARI. H. FRESE LEE CI. CQATIEXXIOOD R. THOMAS MA5'HII.L JOSEPH M. NESTER GEORGE H. PARIS PHILIP I-IAYWARD XVAI.TlZR B. HIIEY G. FREDERICK LIMERICR RONALD R. MCGAlflfIN DONAI.ID I.. MANION DAVID H. MII.LER RAYMOND K. MORRISON Sigma Rho I Impter E.Imb!iIhIf.f. iw: 202 lim! Dmziul Xlirv! THOMAS E. SAVAGE, Ph.D. HEINZ A. STADTHAGEN, A.M, WILI.IAM D. TEMPLFINIAN, Ph.D. DANIEL W. THOMSON, Ba.Sc. ROBERT J. SAAL CHARLES M. WILSON EDWARD M. PAPP FRED G. STICKI-'I. ROBERT G. YAPP KENNETH E. PROCTOR JAMES G. STABLFS DONALD B. TOEPPEN EDN ARD T. WANDERER ROBERT L. MII.LER DAVID F, MDLLIREN ALEX XVELSH RICHARD F. VUOLFLIEY HOBAR1' I. MOSES ROSS C. REED TRENT A. SI-IEPARD Page Johnstone Abernethy Morrison Hayward Frazier Manion D. Miller Holmstrom Reed Gimblett Dunlap Shepard Eisner Stables Welsh- Apple A R. Miller- Mulliken WolHey Case Adams Doisy Bond Hargitt Gillis Brown MCGHHIH Martin Mayhill Condit Huey Proctor Davies Wanderer Ballance Ladd Bennett Nester Paris De Wolf Garewood PHPP 92155011 TOCPPCH Stickel Catlett Johnson Yapp Filbey Forester Armstrong Stadthagen 418 N A FOIHIIJHKI' University of Illinoix 1906 One Aliizv Cfmfwzcr' THOMAS J. DOLAN, MS. ROBERT A. BANG: XVILLIAM H. BRUITF JAMES D, Honors XVALTFR T. BARTOXK' ALBERT J. LUNDBERG RAYMOND J. BENZTGER DEAN GRAVES KENNETH H. HANSON S F A C U LT Y MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sezziorf XYVARRFN J. HULL' RAYMOXD F. HOTT CRANE M. HoRxr:R Rm AND PALMFR fznziorr DONALD D. ROBERTS JOHN S. STOIYT RALPH W. ROHLTING Sophomore! Frerlmzezz D. LARI KENDRICK RALPH W. PALMER Alpha Llmptcr Iilmblilfml, 14106 1 .Ywzllv Xixflv Slwul VVFNIJIELI. S, Wf'l1,soN, B.S. CHARLIN XV. Slcalfnsox FRANK G. XIUAITI-R, JR RIVII.-KRD B. XY'II.SON JOHN S. TOURTILLOT RORLRL' Ci. XVILLIAMS PFRRY H. GRM Es K. FLOYD SIRON HARRY B. THORNLIEY . 3 K Kendrick D. Graves R, VU, Palmer Hanson Thonlcy Rohlfmg XVilligu11s Roberts Tourtlllnt Lundberg Bartow Bcnzigcr P. Graves Smut Hodges Hurnur Bruce R. E, Palmer Banclf: Wllltel' Sigcrsun Hutt XYIIISOH H012 Page 419 FwI11IIdIfd Princeton Univcrgity, 1824 Ilfiffj-IUII1' Arlizw fflwfflciit Sigma Chapter E.II'fIHi.I'lu'1l, 1912 303 Em! Cbulnzrizi Slreef LAWRENCE XV. INIURPHY, JOHN G. BROXXN CARL P. CRONINGER WALTER L. HORN LFNNOX J. ARMSTRONG MlTI.X'IN C. BRIIWTER RAYMOND N. HINZIE WILLIAM N. MlQX'I5R IDAVID H. BROXYN BRUCE F. CARSON WILLIAM R. CASEY ROBERT H. COWAN CONLIIY N. FOSTER F A C U L T Y A,M., Litt,D. KARL A. XYHNDIZSHEIM, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sefzioixr GEORGE W. IVICFEDRIIES CHARLES F. MITCHELL RORERI' XV. SCHXYARTZ DANIEL H. MEYER f1HARI.liS M. PULLIIY ROBERT J. SIMON JOHN S. VUALKFR fmziorf MII.l-'CRI7 D. BURROXWS DONALD A. COUNTRYMAN RORI5R'I' H, HAl'NER, JR RICHARD D, TREI.EAsE Sojllaomomr WILLIAM S. OlDONNI3I.l. RICHARD L. SCOTT BO:-IRIE P. WALKER HARflLD A. OLSON l-IIERISIIRT T. YOUNG Ffwlaflzen ALERED B. GIFSFLIANN HOXY'ARD J. LOW JOSEPH F. SMITH WILLIAM A. GRIMM JOIIN B. MORTIENSON RORERT C. SMITH RICHARD J. IRWIN l.I:Iz F. ROST RORI:R'I' W, STAUDINGIER HENRY M. KORAL JAMES A. SMITH SCOTT S. w,ALKER ITIONVARD L. WHITE Irwin Casey Sraudinger L. Smith White Carson Cowan Mortenson Rost B. Walker J, Brown Simon Horn Countryman Hinze Young J. F. Smith O'Donnell Scott Trelease J. Wfalker Mitchell D. Meyer Burrows W. Meyer Croninger Armstrong MfFeClrics Pulley Schwartz Foster Low Olson J. A. Smith Koral R. Smith D. Brown Grimm S, Xlvlllltel' Giesemann Page 420 I5 Ff,1IIm'IIf Uninn Ckullcgr, IH-Il 'I 1441113-Nw ,-1Il11I C.'lu1fm'II RoIsIfRT W. Boxxx DONALD Ci. Boxx MAN XIUIIIIAM H. CHAI-IRI -IAMIS F. Cox I"HlI.lP R. F. DANl.I1X' XVIIIIAM XV. IDITNNIQ Joux E. EAIIS, JR. XY'II.I IAM H. CIHAFI IS HARRY CURNFS R14 HARD L. DOYLIE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Selziorf MAIZLFAN KfHANIwI.I4R IJTROY B. HI'RIIs'I', JR, JOHN F. FR0I'HI.Ir'II THOMAS H. MfCQAR'Ix' Rl IN HAROIL3 XV. HAII ffnziwir ALLFN XV. CIAIIS IVIlfRI'DI'I H MAI.I.oRY J. S'I'ANI.I'Y JUHANNVN XVILI IAM G. RlflI3IiR, JR S017h07lI07'6J' NORMAN D, MAIIORY RoIII'R'I' C, NIHAN FI'?ff717I6lZ JOSEPH MI GRAIIIS, JR. C. LIORTON LORIH, JR. w 1.1 241.1 Dult.I CQhIIptsI' 1fI1IIl1l1I!IIIl. 14112 21- .Xfwlfv ,XIIWIII .X!I'I'I'f uv' A K? 3 3.3, 'IA 1 I Own RIIYIR, JR. JOHN R. PUYSIR VIAHIS V. XVIIII-R IUIAX F, SARI-NA FRI'IvIRIc' D. S'IRIc'IQI.I5R RQIRIRI' P. O'MAI.I.IfY XXIII III'R 'I'. SNOW HRV: I' IxIII.I.I-R, JR. RoRIfR'I' M. PORTIER I-Ierbst Mayer Hnlc Proc-lxligh Poyscr f.lmfIdler Hnwgln fxhumhcrlin Bond Johansen Rccdcr hfcfkarty N, Mxsllury Dennis S1Ircn.I M. Mallory Cox Gates Dzmlcy XYILITCF Estes O'MIIllcy Porter Nihan Muller I.IIIAd I umcs J, CIFLIIIIS XV, CQIRIIIS Snow C Page 421 Gnzdzfale Slmlefzzff Fomzdea' Univelsity of Vifisconsin, 1905 1l1l'LJ?lf'7' A4711 e Cbaplmxf I Illinois Clmptcr E,rIf1bfi.Iiw:1'. 1903 605 .Edit Dmlivf Shes! aims afifan 6 LUDWIG F. AUDRIETH, PILD. E. CHAITNCIEY BALDWIN, Ph.D. J. HOWARD BEARD, A.M,, M.D. CHARLES C. BOLEY, M.S. DAN'ID H. CARNAHAN, Ph.D. BERTRAM C. BLANKIE HARVEY D. BORGER JACK R. CFRVANTES HUNGTI CHU AMSO I. AMSO JUAN F. BANIQUED BENNETT I. BERMAN CEVDET ERZEN BERNARD ANOERT VVILLIAM ENG FACULTY PIERBERT W. CRAIG, M.S, SHERMAN R, DICKMAN, M.S. KENNETH E. HARSHBARGER, B.S. GEORGE R. HILTON. A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HARRY G. IYIELLAIAN, A.M. THOMAS E. OLIVER, Ph.D, RENATO I. ROSALDO, A.M. WILLIAM F. SCHULZ, E.E., Ph. EDXVARIJ H. XVALDO, M.S., E.E. D l.EAI,I.YN B. CLAPP IQIZNNIZTH O. EMFRY RICHARD G, HANDRICIQ FEYZI KAHALE CIITORGIZ B. HAMILTON JOHN R. HAMII.TON GIDFON HADARX' LEONARD LAMB GLEN HARSHDARGER AI.IsER'I' P. LACY Sezziorf f 11112013 Sophomoref Frefhmefz RICHARD LUDBEN JOHN V. IVIACHIELI., JR. DONALD B. MARSH ARTHUR D. TOY CARRIQI. B. MORGAN PAUL J. MURISON MORTON PRINZ LUIS Y. SANTOS BHAGAT S. SINGH LING TUNG OUI T. VOODHIGULA BARTOI.OME A. TUASON L, BERNARD VOIGT' RAYMOND C. PENEIELD MEYER A. SORNIIQ ROBERT A. STEIN HUGO A. TERRAZAS Baniqued Hadary Amso Blankc Toy Stein Clapp Morgan Erzen Kahale U Voodhigula Peniielcl J. Hamilton G. Hamilton Tung Lamb Berman Lacy Voigt HHHdfICk Lubben Boley Marsh Oliver Emery Mellman K. Harshbarger Borger Machell Drckman Terrazas G. Harshbarger Santos Tuason Page 422 Fofzmfvd University ot Illinois, 1921 Fam' fl1'f1z'I' Clu1f11I'1,I Alplm Cfluiptcr E.I1fzh1i.I1m1. 1921 11116 ,Youth Tbinf S1I'I'c1 35.1. .Roni 5 .1 VUALTIZR V. BAIDVIP, Ph.D. ALFRED D. HLIs'IOx, A.M. HEREERT W. CARI. LORIN A. EI.I.SXY'ORTH AR'I'I-IUR H. BERMAN EARNIZST S. CAVALLO PETER J. COTSIRILOS CHARLES F. BLANKENHORN THOMAS J. FITZPATRICR EDWARD L. HASSIiNS'I'liIN HENRY H. HERING JAMES P, Com' FACULTY ARTHUR B. IVIAYS, A.M. PIFNRY J. MILES, Ph.D , I,I..B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gizzdzzafe Slzzdefzt HARl.AND D. VUARREN Sezziorf ROISIJRT L. HARDAIQER IJONALD M. SKIHULTZ 111121011 ALBERT J, FORSS MARVIN L. JOHNSON EARLF F, HEI?lfLEX', JR. WALTER J. KRUG SUMNFR C. HVASSMAN SOPh011Z01'6J' EUGENE H. HICKMAN CHARLES J. MILLER HOWARD W. JOHNSON HOWARD A. SAXWYIER EDWARD G. LIND XYIILLIAM H. SKIHENCK Frefhmen LANVRITNCE P. JORDAN RICHARD F. VUOELFEI. ALBERT H. XVCJHLERS CLARENCE T. LANTZ FRANK J. LITTLEIIORD XVAYNE S. SCHLENTZ 4. 'Hr L." N9 'KQV' f E'1"'?f. !I7",ff' .ELT "vii , A A '7i...f ..,, 42 ' GEORGE M. SIANTA, JR. MILTON T. SIRICH JACK J. SMITH ROBERT S. TALBOTT - Lind Hering I.ittlcIoId Smith Hickman Cody Jordan Talbott Berman Hassenstein Cotsirilos Fitzpatrick Hcfflcy Lantz M. Johnson I-lvgissman H. Johnson Krug Sikich Miller Sianta Schenck Sawyer Forss SCIIIGIIIZ XVgIrren Woelfel Ellsworth Schultz Hardnkcr xV0lIlCl'S Carl Cavallo Blnnkcnhorn Page 423 Ifffnmfrfd Illinois K.lIIIpteIA Cornell University, 1890 E.v1abl1.vlvIa'. 1925 7'biflyj'fInI Arlffrf Ifbfzpfuftf 1111 S0lfIb FII IZ Siren! F A C U LT Y I, HOXY'ARD BEARD, A.M., M.D. INILRLIN H. HUNTER, Ph.D. ROBERT H. MOORE, A.M. FRANK G, DIKKINSON, Ph.D. ANANIAs Ci. LIT'I'LIi'l'ON, Ph.D., C.P.A. CHARIES M. THOMPSON, Ph.D., LL,D., I.itt.D. HFRI3ER'l' M. HALILIN, PlI.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sefziorf EDNVARD S. DACRIERICZ EDXYARD G. GALLAGHFR WII.I.IAM C. BLIXEN JUSTIN R. BOERER l'l0W'ARD K. AGGFR JAMES H. CRAVFNS JOHN S. CUMMINGS JOHN W. DRISH LESLIE F. ABBOTT VUILLIAM G. BAGNUOLO EDXVARD R. BARNIJIHI' JOHN C. BRAZIS FRED T. JACOBI JOHN F. GOODMAN RAYMOND A. JADRICH Sophomore! EDXYARD W, EVERS TERRY A. FREEMAN ARTHUR B. JOHNSON, JR. ARTHUR E. KAYSER BRUCE D. CLAUSONTHUIE WALTER A. EVFRS ADOLE J. GRUENFELD LOYD C. JOHNSON CIREGORY J. JANKOXYSKI lJIfl.lIS M. SLZHAEER CARL W. LINDRLAD RALPH I.. LINDBLAD XVILLIAM H. NETZHAMMER CARL R, PIa'I'ERsON GIfeRuE E, KRUEGER LEONARD L. LIBBY DIiI.BER'r W. MEYER NKJRBIER'I' S. MlCHAI.liK JAMES O. MONROE, JR. XVILLIAM L. POINTER DONAID E. SERIVEN ROBERT V. THOMSEN JACK R. SAMUELSON LAR RFNCIZ G. SELBACH ROBERT R. SMITH GEORGE R, WOLE THOMAS W. MONROE Gl2RAI.D D. PACELLI ROBERT L. POHLMANN FRANK T. VARIPAPA ROBERT J. CASEY Page Varipapa Cummings A.JOlInson Pohlmann Krueger Kayser W. Evers Wolf Pacelli Peterson Michalck Bagnuolo Freeman Schafer C. Lindblad Samuelson R. Lindblad Agger E. Evers Drish Netzhammer Cravens Selbach Smith Thomsen Boeker Pointer Jardich Jankowski Goodman Jacobi J. Monroe Dackiewiez Gallagher Blixen Scriven Abbott Barnett Bleyer BraZI5 T, Monroe Clausonthue L. Johnson Casey Libby Gruenfeld 424 lialzmfm' Yale Univcrsity, 1841 l7aI'lAm-,fuzvfl ,'lI'liI'If C.'lIII.1I1I'I,I Dclt.I Pi IQlIIIptcI' lfmlfzlivlwd. M04 003 Smnlv SVIIIIIII Sm-III Qeffa IX LIIONARD CI. BARR JOHN A. BOXWMAN ,IAMIQS F. BALLARD C. KIaNNETH AsIaI.uxD ROBERT E. BDDWIN EDWARD V. Busm' JOHN C. DAVIS ALLAN J, FIsciHIeR THIIODDRIT I.. CHAPMAN BERNARD R. DANLIEY ROIQIERT J. DAY ROBERT J, DULLIQR WIARREN K. EDNVARDS LYLIC J. FIiI.TIis FACULTY BRLIIQIJ R. Fo0'I'I2, B.MIIs. CiIt0RuIz H. RIQIZD, PlI.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sefziorf JAMIcs F. DDNDVAN RIIIII-RT M. I.IaY T. MILTON l'lOPXX'O0D IIIIIEOVJ' RDIIIRAI' J. MAHVR Sopbozfzoref IYIARIFN F. FRAzII-R Rom-R'I' VU. I.I-MHAN ALLAN S. GRANT RoIIIfRT M. Ml'CfAXX' A. CRAIG KUGI-'L Joux S. MIAIERS AR'I'HI'R A. l.AIllI.Y RAYMCND M. PIARITZ Iifwhzzzezz RUIILRT W. GRANT TIIRISNTII G. JAciIQsoN J. HAYDIEN KIQLLY ANDRIQW E. KIIIIY GIfoRGIf F. MlfHARRX' RoIIIfR'I' S. MIKIfsIfI.I EDMDND S. IYIUI-II.I.FR Al.IfRl-ID H. NICfHiJI.S JACK PIIZRCL CRFRARD Ci. PIPTITRSCN BII'l'Il'S M. MII.I.S Xv'II.I.IAM H. Tvsox JOHN S, SHAI-'LAND ROII!fR'I' J. SMITH HARRY I.. STAMM J. AI.I.lfN STIEVENSON EI NIIYR I.. STONE, JR. JAt:R I.. SoRIfNs0N JOSEPH J. SMILEY JOSEPH F. SNODGRAS XY'II,LIAM H. STIIRLING EDRI IN O. SlJI,I.IVAN HARLINGTON A. WOOD XY'7II.I.IAM B. XWYATT Kuby Kelly Pctcrson R.CII'ill'1t Kugcl Smith Xllfuml Nifglmols Maher Mikcscll Mueller Ealwauls Fcltcs Day Dulleg Chapman Mccrs Danlcy Snodgras Sullivan Smiley Jackson I.IIibly Mills Sterling Pierre Mclmrry Barr Lenihan Frazier Shnplnnd Fischer Ley Hopwoml Mrs. Orton Tyson Bowman Bullard Donovan Pcritz A Grant Asklund Bmlwin MLCTIW Busby Stimm Stonu Wyatt Stevenson Sorenson Davis Page V ii F ff 11 1141011 Union College, 1827 Fffrrrlffwl flrlirr Cbafrfeur . ' f - -W .R ,ff yx- LE. 2-f 7m ,wnff-'W 'rffffn-,wi "" rv' "TIM 5" "" 'E "wi "Uv f'-f -"M""" ""f?1,,,,f'-- "n'r""'r"-wwf f A A A 'A A .. R. A A A A V, -RQLMV if . " ' 41.22.57 '4-,Xglif , 'I .. ,rfszffrr . F A C U L T Y EDXYARD G. FISI-IIQR, JR., A.M. WILLIAM H, RAYNER, C.E., M.S. EILSVCORTH V. CARMICHAEL DAVID M. CHFCKLIEY RICHARD H. CHOWEN GEORGE E. FRANRLANO F. W'Il.I.lAM BTREIELO HENRX' M. BRITT J. BRUCE CARROLL, JR. JAMES L. DRAKE GEORGE S. FLAOLER NORMAN B. HANNAH PAUL M. BIRKFLAND JAMES S, HURD Tau Chapter lfrlfzbfzrbfuf, 1920 JOUR Sfflfifv Fffmfb Strfwf! CHARIIIS L, S'I'l-XYART, Ph.D, HFNRX' B. XYIARD, Ph.D., LL.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradfmfe Sflzdezlt IDONAID B. MIi1.vII.I.E Sezziorr EDWARD T. GARDNER, JR, ROBERT C. JONES HI'NRY M. JORDAN VIc.I'oR H. IWUNNITCKE, JR. EI.I.Sxx OR'I'I-I H. MYERS XYIILLIAM R. OTI'FR Enxvrx J. PAYNE BYRON T. PIETRY f.7HIf0I'.f RICHARD T. DUNN XYIILLIAM W. MCMAHON FREDERICK A. QIROYI: JOHN J. O'CoNNItLL JOHN I.. JONES CIFORGIE L. PAYNE EDXYARD J. MATTSON Soplnofzzorer XVILLIAM R. IRIIENLIEY G. CI-IARI Ifs TANTON, JR ROIIFRT E. KOc7H Frwlwlezz ROBERT W. JENKINS XXYIIIIAM D. TANTON WILI-ORD E, JOHNS, JR. KINNTTH K. PLAMBECK CHARLES H. Srorz FLOYD A. TRAYNHAM RICHARD E. YOIINGGREN ,IOSFPH H. PLETCHIER G. THOMAS STAFFELBACH CHARLES L. S'l'EW'ART, JR CARI. E. VUATKINS YVILLIAM H. THOMPSON RAYMOND C. WOLIf ROBERT M. UNDERXX'OOD REID W. WILSON Gardner Wilson Koch Hannah Fisher Johns Mattson Otter Erankland McMahon Dunn Stewart, Jr. Pletcher Staffelbach Carroll Dmke Bexneld Whtkins Britt G. Payne Stotz E. Payne Munnecke Jordan Younggren Petry Myers Checkley R. Jones Traynham Plambeclc Underwood Hurd Flagler Birkeland Thompson C. Tanton XV. Tanton XY'olf Henley Page 426 101111111111 College ot' thc I ity ol New York, 1899 Fm'lyAlI1 ff ,'lA'1l1L' C fmllffwn Alpha Alpha Lhmptcr Eftablffbnf. 1919 106 Efm Dfzuifl Slrwl HARRX' K. ALLEN, Ph.D. H. HEATON BAILY, A,M., RAYMOND H. BENARD LEROY O. BROOKS WILLIAM N. CHAPMAN CI-IARLIzs E. BRAGG DONALD N. HANSON ROBERT E. GLAZEBROOK LEONARD XV. JOHNSON, JR. RICHARD S. KERR FRANIiIs L. BATTLE THOMAs B. HIQALY FACULTY CHARLES C. CURTIS, J.D., A.M. C.P.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROBERT L. DAHME ROBERT C. HOLMES JACK M. LENTZ R. BLINN MAXW'ELL GENE M. NOBLE L. PAUL JOHNSON RICHARD J. LANDBERG MIiI.VII.I.Ii C. LINDSTEN FRANK R. MASTON ROIIERT W. MA'I'THEws FREDERICK A. POPE MATTIS SCHESLEY GENE D. INIANGIS THOMAS R. HOPKINS, JR., B.S. HAROLD D. TRIMBLE, A.M. GEORGE E. MCCULLOUGH WILLIAM R. SCOTT JOSEPH D. UNW'IN WALTER R. OLSON ELDON J. SMITH BURTON T. STINTON JACK F. PRINDEVILLE ROBERT L. XVILLIAMS Battle n n Prindcvillc Glazcbrook Healy Noble Limlstcn Schcslcy Dahmc Mangis L. Johnson Srinmn W1ll1HUlS Chapman Pope Kerr Maxwell Mnston Lentz Unwin Hanson P. Johnson Brooks McCullough Olson Holmes Meiscnzahl Smith Bcnard Scott Bragg Landberg Page 427 7 Fonizdvd Bethany College, 1859 SFI'6ilfj'-HTL' Anim Clmfvlew Beta Upsilon Chapter Efmblirlfed, 1872 302 Jia!! falvu Strwt jeffd QM jeffd F A C U LT Y CLIIYEORD B. COLE, B.S., Maj., F.A. ROBERT F. SEYBOLT, Ph,D, GEORGE F. SCHXWARTZ, B.Mus., A.M. GRANVILLE S. KEITH, M.S. PHINEAS L. WINDSOR, Ph.B. EDGAR J. TOWNSFND, Ph.D., LL.D. MARTIN J. PRUCHA, P1I.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniorf ROBERT D. BAILEY RICHARD R. BAIRSTOW' THOMAS E. BERGER RICHARD L. CLARK ROBERT J. ELLINGEN ROBERT D. EVANS GEORGE L, FARNSXWORTH, JR. ALTON R, FISHER GEORGE L. GRACO SAMUEL W. HAIL FRANK W. HORN J, HARVEY MAXWELL O. KEITH 0W'EN, JR. CHARLES W. ROMINE RICHARD L. THACKER ROY K. WII.LIAMS fznziorr KENNETH W, BROOKS DONAI,D D. DICK CHARLES L. MICHOD AIBFRT E. PUEAHL STANLEY L. BRUMBAUGH SANTRY C. FULLER WAYNE F. MILLER HARRY A. RIPKEY CARL E. CONRON, JR. DANIEL V. MCWETHY OGDEN A. PHIPPS FRED H. RUMNEY, JR. ROBERT M. COULTAS WILLIAM I.. MERRII.I. MARTIN J. PRUCHA, JR. HARVEY A. SELLERS, JR WILLARD M. CRAMFR JAMES L. WILEY S 0 ploamoref CHARLES F. BECK JOHN R. GARDNER CAM E. MICHELI CLIEIIORD L. PETERSON GEORGE W. BERNHARDT XJVALDEN M. INGLE ALEEN T. MYREN HARRISON B. RUEHE EDMUND L. DUBOIS WALTER E. JENKINS EDMOND J. PERRY, JR. CHIsS'rER B. SIKKING QUENTIN R. FULLER RICHARD J. WILLIAMS Frerlwzefz G, BURTON BARRETT GEORGE F. CARRAGHIER HARVEY I.. COMIN, JR. XVILLIAM P. GIACHI5'l"I'O LAXVRENCIT H. HANNAH EDWARD A. LYONS PHILIP E. MCDONALD JAMES E. REER WILI.IAM A. REEB DEAN P. WESSEL Page Rnmine Fisher' Hall Fllingen Maxwell Berger Bairstow Farnsworth Keith Bailey Owen R. K. Williams Clark Horn Thacker Sellers Brumbaugh Pufahl McWetlIy Dick Wiley S. Fuller Phipps Cramer Miller Prucha Ripkey Rumney Conron W. Reeb McDonald Brooks Gardner R. J. Williarns Peterson Jenkins Micheli Ingle Bernhardt Myren Ruehe Sikking Beck Evans Hannah Lyons Barrett Q. Fuller Merrill Comin Wesscl Giachetto Coultas J. Reeb Carraghcr Perry 428 Fanrzdm! Williams College, 1834 Sixty-one flc'liI'e f.'bzI,,7lL'7'.f Illrnois C.lIIIpter Ijmrhlirbed, 1205 S12 Hurt Armory Awnlfe ERNEST BFRNBAUM, Ph,D. GILBERT H. CADY, Ph.D. MARCUS S. GOLDMAN, Ph.D. GILBERT H. HENNESSEX' FRED C. BAUER JOSEPH T. DRAKE RICHARD P. DRAKE FRANK X. FOX WILLIS S. BROXVN ROBERT S. CAMPBELL vUAL'1'I2R E. CHESSMAN, JR. WILLIAM J. GUDGEON KARL J. HOI.ZINGER HOWARD G. BILI. GERALD V. BUTLER JIMMY F. HENRY WALDO G. HERON J. BERNARD JOHNSON FACULTY WILLIAM HABBERTON, Ph.D. KARL B. LOHMANN, M,L.A. J. WILLIAM KENNEDY, A.B. WILLIAM M. TRELEASE, D.Sc., LL.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmzizmle Stzzdefztr ROBERT C. GARRETSON HARVEY L. HENSEL LIONEL J. HIRSCH, JR. JOHN J. KINSELLA JOHN VU. DALLENBACH WII.LIAM H. HART Seniorr fmziorr Soplaomorer ROBERT A. KNOPF ALLAN R. PICKETT Frerlamen JACK W. KING, JR. L. NORAIAN KISSICK S. WILLIAM KOLENS PAUL C. LANG, JR. CARI. A. LEUPOLD ROY V. LoHMILI.ER CHARLES G. MOREAU WII.LIAM A. HENKE ERNEST C. PRICE JOHN SIKICH HOl.I.IS L. LOGUE AI.FRED E. MARWICK CHARLES J. MITTEI. WII.LIAM W. OWENS, NATHAN WILKINSON, B.S. JR. PRESTON K. JOHNSON, JR. GEORGE S. TREES ALVA M. VVAGGONFR ROBERT T. WILLIAMSON FREIIERIIJK C. ZUMSTEG L. DEAN MCKINLEY WILLIAM H. MCQUISTON GEORGE F. STAHMFR RALPH A. SWAIM DALE E. TREES GEORGE A. PURDY JAc:K N. REEDS GEORGE V. WAHLER JOHN L. XVHISENAND Lang Brown Butler Pickett Stahmer Price Kinsella Gudgeon Knopf Kolens Morris Q Sikich Hart Dallenbach McQuiston Henke McKinley Chessman Marwick Swaim P. Johnson Bauer Mittel Campbell Owens Garretson Leupold Williamscnn J. Drake R, Drake Hensel Zumsteg Fox Lohmiller Hirsch Moreau Waggoner Hennesscy Bill Wahler Purdy Holzingcr Logue B. Johnson Henry Heron Wlrisenand King Reeds Page Ffufnlfffd Unixcrsity Ol Missouri, 1905 Iffylil Affiff Cl7fIAf7fL'7.l' lllinnis Chapter Ifvlrzbflifycvf. 1915 105 Emi D1miI'lSl1'fc't F A C U LT Y JOsI1I1I-I AQRERMAN, M.S. HAROID W. HANNAH, B.S., I.I..B. RAYMOND G. BENBOXY, B.S. Emu. M. HUGHES, Ph.D. JMOII G. CASH, M.S. IRVIN F. EDWARDS, M.S. AI.vIN F, KUHLMAN, M.S. FRANc.Is E. LONOMIRE, M.S. Bl-'RTHIITR XV. FAIRRANKs, Ph.D. FRANK H. INJYNARD, B.S. OIIVER F. GAEDE, B.S. CiI.vIuE H. ACKERMAN F. MORRIS BDCI-IMAN CIORDON K. GROSE XVILLIAM P. HENDREN KQHARLES W. BENNETT FRED C. FRANCIS RAYMOND D. FRENCH RORERT L. BRONYN OMER I.. BAEMOARTNER I.OuIs F. BRIGGS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seliiori LAW RINVE G. HOPKINS RAIRII B. Mt'KIfNzIE JAKE I.. KRIDISR HAROLD H. MII2s JAMEs J, MCCAIIII, JR. IDONALD M. PFACH fzmiorf JOHN GROsIIOI.I. HAROLD S. MOl!lNl?, JR. JOHN I.. HAHN GIEORGIE A. RIIJHTIQR, JR. JOHN E. HARIIER S 0 plaomoref Fm' M. SIMs MI1I.x'IN E. SIMS Freflanzezz F. lDONAl.D CIARXX OOD DORRIQ E. ROIIINsON FRIED A. PAIN'I'I'R, B.S. EDWIN I. PII.t.HARD, B.S RUSSELL H. REED, B.S. HENRX' P. RUSH, M.S. HARRY G. RI'ssIfI.I., M HARLAN C. RATHIT HOXY'ARD E. SI.IIIIatiK NORMAN I.. SMITH JOHN E. SHIIaI.Ius, JR. S. DEAN SIMS JUNIOR G. SMITH CHARLES E. VOI.ANI3 EDWARD J. SI.IRIacIc .S F. Sims Volancl Francis Murine Richter Harber Gacbc French Shields D. Sims Grosboll Bennett Hemlren C. Ackerman Rathc McKc-nzic N. Smith McCabe Hahn H. Slibcck Hopkins Mies Gross Krider Buchman Painter Reed Kuhlman Pilclmrd J. Ackerman Hannah Mynilrd Bcnhow Hughes Russell Edwards J. Smith Garwootl Briggs Robinson Baumgartncr Brown E. Slibeck M. Sims Page 430 Ihlffzdn zz' INIiLlLllcbury College, 1905 liisgblwfl Al H1 R fflm HITCH A. BROXVN, M.S., E.E. ROBERT D. CARMICHAISL, Ph.D. EDWARD J. FIIBEY, Ph.D., C.P.A. ARCHIIE L. ABNEY ROBERT E. AURAND ARLEY J. BALL, JR. CHARLES D. BUSHIEE GEORGE R. AX'FRY CHESTER M. CAMPBELL ROBERT N. FRYFR VUARNER H. ANDERSON JOHN J. DEEGAN HERBERT A. ABRAHAM ROBERT O. CARSIETH Eta C lmptcr ET.wzH1T!m4l, 1921 Illfl Sulllff Slffflizf .VXWH Y I Jeff. M24 FACULTY EIORACI5 M, GRAY, Ph.D. ROBERT B. ORI.OX'1CH, A.M. JOHN H. Sc'HAc:HT, A,M. HIRAM T. SrgOx'1L1., A.B., C.P.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Glllldildllff Student HLXRRY HOOGSTRAAL Sefziorf FRANK A. CRONICAN ROBERT E. FERRLS GEORGE A. OLSON ROBERT S. DARRE HOMER F. HARMAN CHARLES W. PARTLOW WILBUR L. DUNN ROBERT P. KATSER JEROME XV. VAN GORKOM fwziorf GROVFR C. HAINES CORRFLL E. .IULIAN CEEORGIE W. SQHEPPACH JOSEPH E. JOHNSON LFIF E. OLSEN GEORGE A, TIZSAR ROBERT D. TIMPANY Soplaomoref JOHN H. MUTH H. ELLSVVORTH SHAW' JOHN R. STANTON CHARLES F. RUSSELL JOHN E. SHIPMAN VUARRIZN D, TUTTLI5 Freslamefz ALBERT E. CORDUAN HOWARD A. GRANIZRT RALPH F. HAAG GEORGE H. NIBBI2 Campbell Hoogstraal Dccgan Shaw Muth RuSscll Shipman Stanton Tuttle Olsen Tesar Scheppach Avery Timpany Haines Fryer Julian Harman Aumnd Bushee Olson Dunn Ferris Ball Darke Cronican Abncy Van Gorkom Partlow Kaiser Nibbe Abraham Johnson fforcluan Anderson Haag Cmncrt Page 431 I'IIIvcI'sity uf VII'gIni.1, 1369 UNI' Illnllfwrl Xrlufl -lmfze C!UIf7IL'7,1 Fu 11mJ'I'J K CiHAI1I.Its E. BRADIIURY, B.P.. M.F XVINSOR XV. BROXYN, A,M, KIFCIII. V, IDONOYAN, B.P.. M.F.A ,lAMIfs XY". DAVIS XVIII IAM O. DFRROCGH IEImwAIuu W. BILHURN RALPH H. Bnomc F. DONALD BusHMIax'IzIz AI.IIIfR'I' j. CARR KIaNNIsTI-I R. CONE JAMES C. FIIY ROIIIQRT D. BILLS, JR. XXl'Al.TliR G. BRIESQHIQIS IDONAID N. DUNCAN JOHN M, FLACHMANN I.Ifs E. FI1AII.I2x', JR. rl , . .f ' . H1 3Qi',i' ...Tx Ag, f,:.:IN mfIJIII:,f4T4.5:m.I,?Sm Alpha GIIIIIIIIII f.l1LlPfCf E,-mbl1,IbI'If. IRQ! 212 Elm! l7IHIiI'f Slfwl LVIYLH, FACULTY RI-YNULD ff. FLISON, Ph,D. HIfRRFR'l' F. Mooruf, M,E., DSI S'IANLIix' W. HAI.I., B.S. IVAN W'RIGH'I', Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gladmzfe Sflzdezzf XY'II.I.IAKf S. MIImIvI.I 'ION Sefzimxr Kl'NNl"l'H M. CIONSFTH 'IIIIIAIAN M, M:'C'oNNIII NATIIANAISI. N. HIl.I. jllllzllllif COIIN C. HANIIIUN RIc3HAIm B. HIIIINIII-ui DAN F, HAZICN ,IAMIN R, MARTIN, ju. XVIl.I.IAM I., H0CHsr'HII.1v SIIIERMAN K. Rlililj S0plmwm'e.r XXf'll.l IAM A. H01-'I' DIwI:I,1.As A, PHII.I.IIfs f1HAIzI.I-s H. MK1FARI.AN17 C.IIAIu.Ifs V. Rmwi FIIANIQ T. PAIQF FRANK I.. SAWIN I7I'6.YZ7llI61l XVII.1.IAM H. GIBIILRSON ROISI-'RT A. GRANT RI: HARD P. HIIRLFY lkIIAIxI.Its KING F. H. KIRxI'A'I'RIc'K JOIIN R. MAII. KINNVIH I.. Rmx I' CIIIAIIII-s G. Sr'IIo'I"r Rosrm' C. ZUPIIIQI., PlI.B. GI.I-'N M. SI.I7ssIII Rom'R'I' j. XVIIIIIIII FRED B. TRActY SIDNIIY V. WAI.KI:Ix RUIIISRT G. XVA'I'I4Iu RoIsIfI1T T. LISIXORNI- PAUI. Ci. xY"Hl'l'lf PAUI. YAIIN, Il ROHI-RT F. THR.-ASH! II J. FRI'Iu Tow NsIII'NIu Groncr V. TIIIINI II XVAYNII S. XIVARRI-'N PAVI. F. ZVPPKI' Ivfail XVIIITCII Huff Page Giblucmvn C.R0wc Sawin C.:II'r Grunt Flaulxrnnnn Frailey Kirkpatrick Fry Phillips TurneI' INILkFllFlZll'lLl Brouk Hornbeck Martin Hnzcn Trgluy Hochschilcl Yates Usborne Cone XVJfCl'i Recd Hxll Wfznlkcr Mdfonnell Wfehrli Davis Gunscth Dcrmugh Handlon Bilhorn Bushmcycr Bills Bricschke Hurley Suhott 'frvwnxhcml King Slusscr 'I.llI'.lSllCf Duncgm K. Rowe Zupplcc Wflnlte Page 432 I:fm11dIfJ BOSTOII Unixcrsity, I9lJ9 IVIIIFIJ xlrlszi I lnzfmfrw Chi Zcm Chapter lfilizlflfnlvrd. 1915 wiv lim: .-iivmrj AIIIJIII I ' V K Y ,gg L f .L 'L'L 2 , . .A T' A I , I . 7- 7? ' I I 1 , 5 , -' .--' ' . ' I I If A C U LT Y JAMI15 W. AIIFI., A.M. JAMIfs J. C.ARNI:Y, JR., Ph.D. JQHN H. HANIIEY, Ph.D. ERNEST E. BIAxr Hr, A.M. EDXYARD L. BRoI.HAMI1R, B.S ARTHUR S. BR0xxx PAUL H. DIQAN EDWIS J. FIsHI-R HULxIzR'r W. BRZYCIQI FRAZFR E, LI2sI.II2 HAROLD A. I.0URl1T DONALD P. ARMSIRONG JAMES C. AUSTIN FRANK J. BIfNI:srH J, KIEITH Fox HrRIIIfR'I E. IIARTER, Ph.D. HAR'II.I x' D. PRICE, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Grfzdmzle Smdezzt CHARI.I:s J. JORDAN JALK KI. Foss Emx ARD S. FRASER, JR. BINJAIIIIN S. GRIfI2xxx'ooD Swziori CHARLI-'S D, HI'Sl.IiR JAMES M. HOIVMANN THADDVUS D. KROLICKI ffrzliwxi' RICHARD W. MICHAI. CHARI.IiS H. RUNDLES JAMIfs S. O'CoNNOR ARTHUR J. SANDUSKY Sophomoref XIUARRFN R. DAMMERS RRLQINALD R. PIa'I'IcRsoN FI'E.ff7lIZE7Z IEARI. J, GUY Rox' A, HANIMAR Kl'NNl'I'H D. IVIALICK ROIIYRT O. RANYSON XYYILLIAM XVHELAN XVAI.'TliR I-I. SPARE J. CARRINGTON WI2I.ciH JDHN T. POLZIN HFRIIRRT A. KLFINBlil1K JAMIQS S. ROACH 'fx . Q xv xr Hoffmann Fisher Donn Brown Hcslcr Malick Wliclzln Kroliukil Pclcrsivn Foss Brzycki Rawson Bencsph Sparf Rundlcs Sandusky Lnurct XVclclI MILIIJII Jordan Carney Dammcrs Armstiong Fox Klcinhcck I-Iammar Austin Guy Pulzin RULIQII Leslie Greenwood Page 433 CulIImbiII University, 1912 7,11 P Fnfzrzdtnf Alpha KgIpp,I f,lI.Iptcr E.I'fr1DffIlII'If, IH-Il 'wllyflvfuu flllfll' Cflvlzplcvxl' 810 Sgjffh Thjfj Smfgf el Zac MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior! KIINNRTH M. CAI-IN HARRH' I. SHAYMAN fmzior CHARLES C. MADNIKOF Soplaomaref BURTON PARNES AI.IxIrR'I' B. SAMUITLS VIIQTOR M. WIQISKOI-'If EDWARD W'oI.If SAM PINZUR THEODORE VAN GFLDER EDVVARD ZIIctIcIfR Freylmzefz IWIARVIN FISHMAN SAIYL C. FUTTERMAN HIQRMAN PALTIJR SIDNEY S. XVIIINQART ALAN Y. FOGEL DANIIQI. A. OSMAN IYIILLARD A. STONE JEROME P. XVILNVR Pames Osman Wilncr Maclnikof Fogel Fishman Palter Stone Futtcrman Wolf Zucker Wfeiskopf Cahn Shayman Van Gelder Samuels Pinzur Wfcingart Page 434 ., ,AFI V 'Y ...l...... Founded Miami University, 1848 0116 Hnmlrer! Sfreu V-lrfiru Cbrrfview IllinoiS Eta Chapter Eflubliflvuul, 1893 309 Em! Clynlulurr Street F A C U LT Y ROBERT C. ASHBY, Ph.D. SVEINBJORN JOHNSON, A.M., LL.B., LL.D. NEIL C. BROOKS, Ph.D. JUSTA M. LINDGREN, A.M. ARTHUR B. COELE, Ph.D., LL.D. WILLIAM A. NEINSWANGER, JR., Ph.D. HARRISON E. CUNNINGHAM, A.B. WILLIAM A. OLDEATHER, Ph.D., LL.D, FRANK W. DEWOLE, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Studeutf HENRY L. BEARDSLEY JOSEPH R. CARSON SIDNEY W. BRINKER ANDREW T. BRONVN ROBERT E. CASTELO RICHARD B. COGDAL JOHN W. BAGGOTT GEORGE H. DUNN HERBERT H. EVVING JOHN B. HILL ROBERT S. BLACK EDWARD A. BOWEN JOHN M. BRITTON JAMES D. CAMPBELL JAMES R. APPEL HUGH L. BLAIR JOHN D. CARSON CHARLES I. KELLER CHESTER E. KELLER ROBERT L. CUTTER EVANS E. DUNLAP JOHN A, EDWARDS ROBERT T. ERIE DARWIN J. KIRBY, JR. ALLEN T. LUCAS JOHN C. MUNSON SCOTT W. CLEAVE CHARLES C. DADANT EDXVARD E. DAVIS, JR. WILLIAM C. ETHERTON DAVID I. COLDWELL WILLIAM K. CRAWFORD PAUL T. FARIS CARROLL R. LAYMAN Seuiorf FRANK O. HAYMOND JAMES A. KOCH FRANK H. MCKELVEY C. DAVID MCKINNEY junior! JOHN W. PAYNE ROBERT D. PORTER FRANK J. SCHAEEER Sophomarer ROBERT F. FISHER DUANE FULTZ GEORGE W. GOOD, JR. LAWRENCE W, GOUGLER Frerlomeu EDWIN M. FRIESE T. RALPH HAMMAN A. JAMES HARNO, JR. JAMES F. MAYNARD PIARRY L. MILLER ROBERT L. MOORE ROBERT S. PITzER MORTON H. RAYMOND WILLIAM P. SCHUBER C. PAUL SLATER JOHN THISTLEWOOD, JR. WILLIAM D. JAEGER CHESTER A. MORSE HARVEY H. ORNDOREE MARK H. HUBRELL ARTHUR G. JOHNSON WARREN A. RUTH, Ph.D. GUY A. TAWNEY, Ph.D. GEORGE P. TUTTLE, B.S. ROBERT J, WEEE, B.S. CARROLL E. SNYDER ROBERT A. STRAUCH RICHARD C. SCHUI.'rz ERIC W. SMITH, JR. L. EMMERSON WARD GEORGE P. WARDLEY, JR. LOUIS L. TUCK MALDEN D. WAITE LEWIS K. WOODWARD HARRY R. PENDARVIS LOWELL D. SNORF CHARLES SPENCER WILLIAM H. SWISHER GEORGE A. LONG, JR. JOHN C. MARTIN, JR. HARVEY E. PARKER Davis Jaeger Waite Faris Swisher Britton Fultz Pendarvis Schuber Brown Wardley Castelo Dadant Orndorff Morse Bowen Hill Slater Dunlap Dunn Woodward Munson Payne Schaefer Baggott Good Lucas Snorf Cleave Spencer Raymond Porter Edwards Brinker Schultz Koch McKeIvey Ward Pitzer Cutter Cogdal Moore Miller Smith McKinney Haymond Friese Long Hamman Martin .Etherton Blair Parker A. Johnson Ewing J. D. Carson Campbell Harno Crawford Appel Page 435 I-Uzmdi I! C allege ul' thc City III New York, 7 fvirlg-tu ff Ami: I' f.fW1JlF1IY.f 190-I Psi I lmptcr lfimkliiliifl. I-120 OKI' Sffzfllv 7 fflril .Ylrwvl ALVIN BROR DY, B.5. IRA M. BLITZSTEN ROY R. BRIGHT ,JEROME M. FINDER ARTHUR C. ABRAMO ROBERT L. ADLER MIEHAEL R. ALEXANDER WILLIAM F. EPSTEIN ARIHUR ABRAHAMSON F. LEONARD BLOCK MARVIN FITCH MLIRRX' J. BRENNER LEON D. BROWN IRR IN I. Esxco ALVIN I. FISHER EUGENE I. FIsHER SIDNEY M. FIJRTH FACULTY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GVIZZLJIIKIIE Sfzzdezzfy HIZIIIIIERT R. FISHER JACK H. FISHER SIDNEY R. HIRSCHISIFRKQ ROBERT LUIILINI-'R HAROI.D D. GENESEN AARON B. CIFRIIVR VIETOR S. JOsI-PH JEROME J. GOLD ADDISON B. GROAIQ HENRY D. I-IIRSH AI.vIN HONOROEE LARRY F. KAI.l.ISH Senior: !ll1ii0I'.f Sophomore: I:I'6Jf7Il16IZ DANIEL C. HIRSCH, JR. HI2RBER'I' B. RUTTENBIERG CEEORGE L. STONE JEROME M. TRATTLFR SIDNEY KATZ ROWAN K. KLEIN RICHARD E. LOEI3 JAMES E. KATZ CEERALD G. KRAFT MELVIN M. KURLANDER ROBERT H. I.EvY THOMAS S. MOERS N,A'IHAN M. DIIXYMARK, Ph.D. MILION RUISIN MILTON J. LEVIN HARRX' R. WIJII. BRUCE S. TRINZ EDXVARD WAHI. LITON V. VUOLFI7 LAURENCE M. ZAK DONALD O. RIZIMAN MlI.TCJN I. SHAPIRO ALIAN TI-:RMAN HFRMAN F. NIIZMAN MYRCIN G. NIawIxERuIaR ALAN H. SALINGIQR ROEERI' B. SALMON LEON J. SIDIYLI. Page 436 KfH'hKlI'lN ra t IFS a 151 ciman A, Fisher Rciman Sidcll Slmpim Furth Brown Salinger Brenner Kurlandcr Honorofl Ncwhcrgcr I Abraharnson Levy Loeb Alexander Trattlcr Joseph Zak Ruttenhcrg Tcrman Block Genescn Stone Esko S, Katz Trinz ' Hirschhelrg Lubliner Levin Newmark Wfcil Hirsch Finder Bright Rubin Ahramo Browdy Gerber Klein E. Fisher H. Fisher Epstein Adler Blitzstcn J. Katz VC'ahl Wolff Salmon Fitch J. Fishgr I5n1zf1dI'rl XX ulxingtun and Jcffcrsun Ciollngc, Chi lOI.I K.l1.Iptc1' 1'1f1h!1I!ml, 1897 1848 . , 'I I fl ,X ' ,YI1'w1!y-lbrvcf Actin' Clnzllnllu Ll 1 JU H HH! A 6Ll4fLWLd .... F A C U LT Y JOHN S. CRANDFLI., CE. IIARRY W. HORN, M.S. QILIYFR L. IVIl,f.A5KlI.I., Ph.B., J.D. ARTHUR H. IDANIIILS, Ph.D. IUAVID KINLEY, Ph.D., LL.D. FRFD B. SEIELY, M.S. Hoxx ARD XV. CLEMENT NORMAN E. ACTON ROIIERT W. BOOTH ROBERT J. DIFI'lTN'I'HAI.l'R RALPH G. DUNI.47P RIVERS M. ANDERSON, JR. H. GORDON BENSON XVALTER L. BENSON JOHN W. DLTFF W. MAX HARNISH HCJMER A. HINDMAN, JR. GEORGE H. CLARK FRITD I. FLETEMEYER ROBERT JONES MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradmzfe Stizdefzlf J. XYf'II.I.IAM IVILARA BENJAMIN F. RAILSIGACK EDXVARD D. Em RT ARTHUR G. FIEH ROBERT M, FRASH Sezziorf FREDERICK C. GEDOE, JR. I.. COSBY BERNARD FREDERICK C. ENOLEMAN GALE C. HIEDRIKCK JACK M. LEPP JOHN E. IVIARTIN, JR. THEODORE XV. MORNE PAUL B. KEILQHIN JOHN A, l.IEII'HI'I'l' STUART M, IVIAMIZR IIHITOILV Sophommef I"1'e,Ilv11zefz XVILLIABI H. Sc'HL1I1KE, JR. RIIIHARD S. SIMPSON JAMEs E. SLITHERLAND S'I'IiPHI2N CQ. KRA'I'z H. PETER I.ARsON CHARLES T. MOQS, JR. RICHARD F. THcvMAs MERRILI. R. XVI-l5l'R XXVILLIAM I., Mll.I.IiR ROBERT B. NILKIZI I, JOHN H. WEI.riH BENJAMIN A. Sw ARTZ XY'II.I.IAM J. TAPP FRFD I.. VANCE KENNI-'TH W. ZIMMI-RMAN KITNNIZ1'H T., MEANS AI.l'4liR'I' C, MUlZI.I.liR A. IUFAN SWIEI' IDUNAID H. XVILSON JAMI-S C. VUOIIRAB RODNI-'Y A. XVRIGHT DON PIA'I"I' LEONARD H. STEELE JAMES C. XIVFIIH 'IJLIPP Fish Fmslu Gcnllgc Didcntlmler Suthcrlnml Dunlap Acton Vnmc Elvcrt Englcmnn Zimmerman Buutlm Schulzke XV, Benson Mueller Hcnlrick Anderson G, Bcnwn Swift Bernard Means SIITIPSUII Swartz Kmtz Larson Rnilsbzlck 1 Thomas Mrvrsc Lcpp Ivfartin Moss Wlright W Ilsnn t Himlmun XY'OllrRb Hgnrnish XVSIHCI' Miller Clark Jones Leifheit Pigxtt XVEILIT Kciglun Flctcmeycr Nifkcll Mglmcr Page Faznzded Brown University, 1889 T11'M1!y-fwfr' Aclife Cf7df7f61'J' lf' IH li' IK li" Bum Chapter E,rlnblifbed, 1912 310 Em! Clmlmergr Str-ee! F A C U LT Y EDWIN I.. BRODFRICK, M.S. EDVVIN J. MANLEY DAVID G. RYAN, M.S., M.E. GARRET L. JORDAN, Ph.D. EDMUND F. TOTH, M.S., R.A MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sefziorf JAMES J. GUILD JEROM J. HOW'E DURXVARD R. HUTCHISON WEI.I.s L. ALBADE ROBERT A. CAMrIsI:LL JOHN W. CARNEY JOHN H, CRUMB ROBERT C. GILL QUINTIN G. DOHERTY STANILAUS L. LAFOND GEORGE P. MALONE BERTRAM I., MliNNE ARTHUR F. OYCONNOR EUGENE T, REEDY fmziorf NED J. GARDNER CHRISTOPHER J. HFANFY FRED T. GILSON THOMAS J. KIRBY S0f7l907'lZ07'6J ALPHONSE P. KOHL JAMES J. ORR EUGENE T, MCMAHON Frerlamen W, PALMAR RUEE THOMAS J. RYAN JOHN P. ROGERS ROBERT G. SPELERINR ROIIERT F. TRANT JOHN A. LA BANC PAUL H. SPELBRINK ROBERT D. TURGEON JOSEPH C. TULLFY HARRY R. WARFIELLD VALENTINE J. SENG CLIFFORD F. ZEIEN La Banc Heaney Gardner Orr Campbell P. Spelbrlnk Carney Albade Guild Crumb McMahon O'Connor- Trant Rogers Kirby Malone Howe Menne t Ready Turgeon Gilson Lafond Glll Seng Ryan Doherty Warheld Zexen Ruff Tulley Kohl Page 438 Fu nmliuf XVIslHnutun .Incl Jefferson fiwllege, H452 I1-lzrw .flrlflmf Cfnzfriuu' ROBERT H. BAKER, Ph. ELLIOT CASSIDY, A.M. WAYNE P. DYER JACK BOSWELL XVAYNE H. CRAWFORD JOHN XV. DADMUN XYVILLIAM M. BERSBACH CHARLES M, BRADLEY FREDERICK W. COLLINS STUART GODVUIN RAYMOND L. HARDINE I.lSI.IZ P. HITES GRATTON J. BETTS CHARLES S. DENEEN PIOXVARD M. EDVUARDS DAVID H. HERTEL L . 4 A' X Illinuis Delta Chapter .liimlali-lvud, 1904 U11 Snlffh ITo1n'lh Slreel FA C U LT Y D., D.Sc. ATRHUR HAMILTON, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzfaie Sfzzdezzff BENJAMIN RASKIN EDGAR B. HUTCHISON ALRERT N. KENNEDY G. NORMAN KENNEDY NIFLVIN R. COLXY'lEI.L ROBERT R. DE JONGE ARNIZ A. MAIILAND, JR. Soploonzoref WII,I.IAM S. MACDIARMIII GORDON E. MYERS XVILLIAM E. LA FEVER STANLEY G. LEGNER JAMES D. LITTLEJOHN Senior! 111112011 Freflwzefz HARRY M. RUSH RHQHARD P. MOLT CHARLITS E. PHILLIPS JAMES R. ROY PAI7L T. MOON EVIERITTT H. IWOORE ROIIERT G. ROTE WILI.IAM H. SPURRIER GORDON D. MCKENZIE J. TOD MESEROW' EVERETT A. PHILIPS A. AUSTIN HARDING, Mus.D, JOHN W, SHACKLETON CARL O. SMITH ROEERT J. TITTLE JAMES W. XVINOATE ALTRFD R. INIUIZLLER RALPH E. MYERS LEONARD C. YONAITES JOHN T. WEEEER WII.I.IAM B. WELCH RALPH O. YEAGER JOSEPH H. WALKER ROBERT K. WFISS KENNETH E. WHITEI.EY CHARLES M. WVILBER Meserow XVhite1ey Berslnnch Wilher Heftel Littlejohn Legner Weiss Betts McKenzie Deneen Philips Edwards Hites La Fever Bruilu' XVelrh Godwin Yeager XVehher Wingate Phillips Mueller Moon Rote De Jonge Maulancl Hardine Moore Colwell Walker MIcDiIIrmid Tittle Collins Smith Malt Dadmun A. Kennedy N. Kennedy Roy Hutchison Yonaites G. Myers Page 439 Founded University of Pennsylvania, 1350 Tlaifly-ninf' Ariire Chapter: Rho Chapter E.Imbli.n!9m', 1892 313 Em! Cll7:lZ77lf"!'.I Siren FACULTY ARTHUR R. CRATHORNE, Ph.D. PAUL N. LANDIS, Ph.D. CRIS S. RHODE, B.S. CHARLES R. FREDERICK, M.S. ARTHUR C. WILLARD, B.S., D.Eng., LL.D. EDWIN M, ADAMS, JR. CHARLES L. BLUE ARCHIE J. DEUTSCHMAN DONALD A. CLARK GEORGE H. DICKIERSON, JR PETER A. DRAZBZ GEORGE C. FANNING LAWRENCE J. FINEROCK WILLIAM W. BLOOD HOWARD S. CRONK JOHN R. GREGORY ROBERT M. BARDEN JOHN A. BREWER RAYMOND N. CARLEN WILLIAM H. CARLSON DWIGHT W. FAIRBANKS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdmzte Studenlr WILLIAM G. ELLSBERRY ROBERT E. GOOD Sefziorf H. DEAN KNAPPENBERGER NORMAN D. FISHER FRANCIS G. GROSSE THOMAS A. JAMES HOWARD S. JOHNSON HUGH P. MCALFAR ROBERT H. MCCARTHY CLIFFORD F. HASER JOSEPH L. HEMP RAY A. HERMANN PERRY L. HUIE WILLIAM II.ES ffmiorf Sophomore: F refbm en EUGENE P, LIERMAN STUART G. MORRISON XV. JOHN KIRSCHKIE WALTER O. KREBS GEORGE B. MARVEL CHARLES W. METTLER BRUCE B. NEWMAN LEROY H. PFUND DAVID G. KINDSVATER FRANCIS J. KURTH EDWARD C. LONG CHARLES C. MACNAMARA CHARLES A. MILLS KARL F. KRAUS WILLIAM A. SMITH JACKSON H. WELLS KNUTE E. NIELSEN ALBERT J. RIBBENTROP WILLIAM R. SCHMEISER JACK D. SHNABLE ALFRED W. STACK JACK H. PORTER RICHARD K. REISING TROY A. STANSBIZRRY XVILBUR C. REMAKS TED A. SEELY ALAN C. SORENSEN PHILIP W. UPP ROBERT A. YOUNG McCarthy Brewer Blood Iles Carlen Huie Sorensen Seely Macnamara Carlson Newman Haser Cronk Hermann Gregory MCAlear Johnson Reising Pfund Porter Krebs Dickerson Fisher Shnable Clark 'Marvel 'Mettler Fanning Drazba James Finfrock Grosse Lierman Knappenbcrgcr Blue Good Wells Morrison Smith Ribbentrop Nielsen Schmeiser Kimjsvafef Lange Stack Remakg Young Long Mills Kurth Fairbanks Barden Upp Hemp Page 44U Fulunlurl Ivfinmi Unixcrsity, 1906 Fwtj-.xix f-Irfilr fflmfflurf Bumox N. BFHLING, PILD. H12R1ufR'1' C.-XR'I'I:R, Ph.D. Nrixvrox E. Exslcx. M.A. RALPH XV. ACKLR FRIED T. BLLM JOHN V. CROOKQ STANL1-Y G. CFDIIRQIWYI' BIQRNIZLL V. IDAVIS RomzRT A. CARLSON VVILLIAM N. DARLING, JR. CHARLES K. EASTMAN Zum ffhnptcr 1fm1bl1.rbr'd, IUI6 limi Gwlqfmy Drirc' FACULTY Al.I5l'R'I' j. HARXO, B.S., LLB., LI.,D. f'ECIl. A, IVIOYYR. PILD, EDXVARD il. KIRKH.-XM, JR., M.S. JOSFF F. XY'7RI42H'l', AB. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdmzfe Stfldellf Ronrm' M. IVIAINS Sezziorf I.l'I3XY'It3 DUDF IIDXYIN VU. HAGBLOM EDWARD J. Koovs fmziwif ALVIN D. JOHNSTON P1tx"1'm:N H. KUNCE Sopbomoref P. EDXVARD GAIM? Anus A. KAMVTLFR Freflamen Romam' R. ELLISON Luo I.1zMB1:RG LEON P, MII.LI1R, JR. FRANK A. Ruin I'IOXY'ARD G. I.ARs1:x GORDEN C. PnNTz RONALD G. Frrms FRANFIN F. R1-ZARFK -Iosrvu XV. Smmn' W'AL'1'1-R II. VCJI.'l'Z, ju RONALD A. IXICKRIYIZ ELMFR R. S'1'lf1N1fR RAY Prawns C. CU'l"l'IiR THIERRHCN RAY L. GLASS Ackcr Thcrricn Peters Carlson Pentz Gadc Blum Darling Knmctlcr Hagblom Voltz Kuncc McCIrcc Johnston Steiner Larsen Davis Miller Lembcrg Mains Dude Rezubek Mrs. Wakchcld Koops Sibbitt Crooks Recd Glass Eastman Fields Page 441 Fo 11 udml Connecticut Wkslcynn College, 1898 A 17011114411 fli 111 if fffmfffifrr Ci.1mm.1 Gmninii Cilulpter lfimfvllvlvwf. 15223 Irma ll liz Nrfimfzz Sfwrr JOHN C. BAILAR, JR., Ph.D. Lizsun J. EVANS JAMES T. BRFNNAN DONA1.D I.. CARMAN XVILLIAM F. Dum ifs'r0N GIQORGI: S. ACATLTCCI, JR. JOSEPH XV. I'IARTl.IEY DONALD K. HARTLRY LANDIS L. LOFDAHL FACULTY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradmzfe Sflldfliff XVAl,I.Ar'i, R. VUINKLI R O'fHO C. LFITER, A.B 101: B. XYIORK Selziwxf JOHN J. DLYNXX'OR'l'H IBAN R. MKfCI.IZI.I.AhI7 PAUL XV. SHIPLEY XX'isr.m' CI. LFVFRICH Drzmiav B. RODMAN THOMAS A. XVEIR XVII.I.IAM D. MAsT1fRs P. BENJAMIN SAD'I'I.l'R EDWARD S. W1-mt IIHITOVJ' RALPH B, I'IOI.I.INGSXY'0R'I'H ARTHUR C. SADTLER Sopbomoref JOHN XV, URBAN Iireylwzefz Louis A. MARKTKDNI WA1.'r1:R SHIPLFY GIIORGI? R. XVILLIAMS Urban Rodman Evans j. Hartley A. Sndtlcr Hollingsworth Agatucci Winkler XVork Masters Weir P. Shipley Dunwnrth Dudlcston Brennan B. Sadtlcr Leverifh Carman Wfeise McClelland XV. Shipley Lnfllalil D. Hartley Marconi Wfilliams Page 442 fn 1111181 If IsS1LlIuScItS fxf.I!ILLllfllILll fully- L I?-V3 I 111-frm .'l1,'.'1I I!11j1,'I11 ,UI .51 .... X4 ,IUHN XY'.A11s1I9, PILD. H1 RRY XV. C111 IGI R'I, Mm ARI A.C'c1II1NS Rum Rl I.. ASH1 1 Y I.Ol'I5 BoI'IuRI AI' XYVALTIR BRUUM Rom RI' C, Col I INS SIANI 1'Y XV. A1.coRN 'IIHOMAS E. fHARl.I'S N1fAI. R. FITLR PAUL B. HANNIIQ Gronnsn S. AMSBARY BIIN-IAMIN F. BA1-:R VUARRIEN C. BLIM HARRY CIA1 I AHAN FACULTY XXV.-KI'II'R G, INICALI.IS'1'IQR, Ph.D. ,IIIHN A. NILHOLSON, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gfmlfmfe Stzzdeulf SEIIIOILS .IIIHN A. lull 1 1 N111-R1-1 R DAYIIY R. HARSI H lf. ,IUIIN HUIPPNIR ,IAIUI1 R. KANDIIK Rr1I11R'1' R. I'lFI.M XYIAITIER E. JAMFSO ' ffnziorf N fIl5URl5Ii XV. KININIQHAM GIZORGII F. I.l:5CHl5R PLINY R. BI.0Iuc:1i'I"I' RILHARD A, BROOM NORMAN W. CUSIIK Sophomore: I:I'6J'lf177Z67Z XY"ll.l.IAM XV. GAI.11R1fA'I'II JAMIIS H. KITNNFDY JOHN CI. KOXTOS NICHOLAS XV. MARCHLR THOMAS NIsI+1.T ROBERT C. PAI.MQl'IS'l' XIUILLIAM R. PARKS KARL M. SAEGER NORMAN W. SFIP RICHARD M. BUCHANAN DONALD D. DoNovAN JAMES H. I'IAXX'K SAM HIfAToN Alplm l7cI1lc1'uI1 CQl1.lptc'1' 1f1,',1fff11fwIf. 1010 H1114 .Sffffxff ,M I ffm! M1111 W IHARIIS C. PRIII, I 1YI11 A. XY1,11111R, 15.5. CIIIRIHIN Ci, l.c1S11 XVIIIIAM j. PRIKII' XYAVIIR A.Ro1R1S HINRY C. S RAIPII J. SNYANSUN YIUHN Cf. SH1'1111ARIw HoxvARIx XV. Sv1iNci1' EARI B. S'l'ADl.lf lll, Pl1.D ....,M E js '32 ' 121' wi '55, 8 gy . 55... CIIIIAIWR, VIII. HARRY Y'Ulilfl.8lNlIl'R RAYMOND W. H IZRRMANN HITCQH G. XVAl.K ISDMIINII G. RUSS:-LI. EI7uItN1f R. RI1SS1:I.I. w C.l1IIIluS Alcorn l'lQl'III1LlIll"l Alnslwnry Hnnnig S, Collins Ashley Kininghaxn Helm Sglcgcx' lllmlgctt V Stxullc BRIQY' ' Spumc Scip SllCPPllI'Ll Ciusigk Swanson Buclmnam Parks l'lamI'l1 Pnlmquisf lxcnnuly R, Lnllms MAIL l1uk Nmlwct Buuslrcau Knntos Kfmdlik Rotkis Hncppncr SI lmulcr XV. Hrmvrrl E. CG. Russell Donovan Ditlumlcrlcx' Blim R. Bmmn Cfnllalmn jmncsfmn Heaton Hawk Page 443 Ihzffzdrd University of Virginia, 1868 Iiiglvly-fwfr' .f-lfliif Cinlpfifu Bct.1-Eta Cllmptur E,-1.1bli,ilnw1'. 1917 303 Fall flinlmj ,'lf'4'f1l1u K . A XVli.1.i.'xM E. BRITTON, A.M., ID. RomfR'r B. BROXYNE, Ph.D. ARTHVR F, DRAM, B.Artlx., F.A.A.R. EDXYARD R. BORMAN Romani' I.. CRAMFR CHARIJES XV. ERHARDT RomzRT XV. GROSS GIEKIRCEF M. BOOTH, JR. DKJNALIB T. CAMPBFLI. Anown B. CIOSRY DONALD S. BARRY IDOVIYLL N. BCNNI.'I"I' RORIQRT F. BRANDT JAMES XV. BRITTOX P, CT. BARNHART IDONALD E. BRITTON RICHARD A. CRAMFR XX7II.I.IAM XX7. DAI.RYMPl.i' FACULTY Emsrr. R. DILLAVOU, A.M., j.D Riczi-inns -IAMFS N, PAYNE, Ph.D. EDGAR A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sezziorf CQI,AY'1'oN G, HAINSLISR SI.-XXI 1 Y XV, Kxrlsui XYXIIIIAM F. l"'lU'I'liHINSON IJIXCN B. Kiavsrk jeux R. KIIBD THOMAS J. GA1.v1N Smfusv M. HARRISON BUX'l'ON P. LOXXRY RALPH S, CIHASIZ Ibuxmn E. FiU'1'z Emxmzlu tl. IIURLONG Rom'R'1' C.. GLYNN Hoxw.RD E, GCLDFN Hrxm' Z. GUMM, jR. fmziorf S0lDf70l7l0I'6,l' FIPXIJIIIQII Iimx ARD XV. PVDIK CH.-'lRl.liS G. Pivnvls SVYMURIS M. Pnvr Pi:'11:R I., SHUcsAR'1' XVII.l.lAM F. 'IWIIIRMAN Emzrxif F, -lliXK'AR'I' XV, Krxmin IXIURAN I.i.m'n E. SHAVFR Nf7Rl4lfR'I' C. IXIAYLIY 'lm-:N S. Nrssrmuxi RURVR 1' T. Siitmxixx A. Roxx LAND, Ph.D. THAciKifR, MS., M.D. C. Bruin-URI: S'1'i'Rm cm Pl.-KRRY YI. 'l'AYI.OR JOSVPH CQ. XY'11.soN G. ROIll'R'I' Zi-1011 I R JACK D. 'l'U'I"I'I.Ii RALPH A. XVli.Mo'r CHARLES D. ZIE'l"1'I.IfR EDWARD E. SMRIJVZ C. BIJRNARD VANr1a ITUGINII If. XVIILIAMS lj.-XRRIiI.I. J. Sxvi-'1'NifY XYUILLIAM A. Tomy jmrrs E. XVNI' Page Feutz Thicmnn Galvin SI'l'l21lfZ Britton Shafer XVi1mot Kidd Barry Gumm Chase Purx is Vance D. Britton Stebbins Nussbaum Todd Shugart Sweeney Tuttle Manley Post Booth Brandt jcwnrt Taylor Bormun R. L. Kfmincr Lowry Knetsch Gross Sturgewn Hutchinson R. Zcttlcr Keyser Pudik Cf. Zcttlcr XVilson Hiicssler Ivioran Cosby Golden Campbell West Dalrymplc R. A. Cfrglmer Barnhart Furlong Bunnctt 444 Founded College of Charleston, 1904 Thirty-eiglyl Aftizuf? Clmpieryr Upsilon Chapter JiI1abliIbeIf. 1921 1105 5011111 Fifi! Street F A C U LT Y JOSEPH L. BISESI, M.S., E.E. ARMAND J. HAHN, M.S. DONALD F. MULVIHILL, A.M. VIRGIL R. FLEMING, B.S. RICHARD A. MILLER, A.M. WILLIAM J. PUTNAM, M.S., M.E. BERNARD F. DUDENEOSTEL ORVILLI3 H. HAMPTON RALPH O. HOW'ARD A. ROBERT MOORE WILLIAM E. BOWERS RICHARD L. BRADA GERALD A. DEMMING E. LAURENCE ATKINS KARL H. BRAUER JACK S. CALDWEI.L MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmle Slzzdenlf Seniorf HARRY A. RUYTIZR WILSON J. SELDON funiorf EDNVARD J. RINGHOFIZR HAROLD B. SIMPSON MARVIN A. SCHAID S 0 plaomoref ALAN B. GILBERT JOSEPH W. MIODUSKI H. DONALD HUOGINS LESTER T. MOATE Freylamen EDWARD W. CARDIFF XVFNDELL R. FISHEL ARTHUR M. HOOVER FRANK J. KALIszEWsKI EDWIN D. MENDELS JOHN N. POPPELREITER NEIL M. LANCE HOWARD J. SPIEHS ROBERT C. TAYLOR ALFRED G. VITACCO XVALLACF J. RAICHE JULIUS E. SCHOFLLFR FRED W. SCHOELLER GEORGE H. SEVERINGHAUS RICHARD H. WARREN Atkins Brada Demming Schaid Severinghaus Cardiff F. Schoeller p Fishel -W3f1'Ch Caldwell Raiche Poppelreiter Mendels Huggins Simpson J. Schoeller Kaliszewski Vitacco . Ringhofer Bowers Hoover Gilbert Moate Mioduski Moore Seldom Hampton Ruyter Sprehs Taylor Lance Howard Page 445 Fo1zm1'wf IIIII4IIICf1Illcg.gC, 1853 I --I IIII AI'1i1'If Cl7Ilf7fL'7'.V III NIJ I ROIITRT P. AURTIN JUIIN B. LORD EIIWARII M. MAI.IfRIc'H JOHN A. COOPER JAMFS S. CUMMINS I'IAROI.13 E. CIUNNINGHAM PARK T. BRoxx'x fIlfORGIi M. DURAN STAI-I-ORD W. DRAKE BRFDIN M, BLRNS CIYNF F. DRAKE XVI1.1.IAIII M. DRIsc:o1,L F A C U LT Y I:RI'DERICK GREEN, A.M., LLB. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gwzdflafe Slndefzf Rox' J. SOLFISBURG, JR. Seziiozir VUILLIAM McCm' flHARl,liS C. IVICLNAIR flmiorf CIRANT T. I-IoI.I.IiT'1' FRANK F. Klzl.I.IfY Sophomore: RIc1IIM:IxIv D. FI'I'zGI,RAI.D JOHN M. H0I.zIR Freflwzezz XVILI IAM A. IUUNDAA, JR. IUI-XIUITT R. GQCIVH DrIxA1.1x H. BIlI.I.I'l"I' JUHN CQ Mll.IIf'I"l', JR. CIILMAN KI. PAYNTTR JAMES C, RIEIEIH CHARIJN XXL Ho'I'7E HARRX' S. IVIARTIN, JR. XVI-STERN XV, HAW IQINS GI-QRLQE B, I.I.m'Iu OIIIILI'4IrI ClIIIptcr E.fI1zbfi.IZvc'd, IUIII Env! flrvmrp .'11'e'r1m XVILLIAM B. PIYURAM RICHARD K. STTM ,JOHN V. SCOTT KENNETH L. SEARS EMMOND K. JIIHOMPSUN CHARLI-'R D. MORRILI. CLAPK Z. S'IIxx ARn THOMAS N. IYIARTIN CHARIIS J. Sc,HRoI:DI'R ROEIRT E. STI'czIi I D. Millctt .Morrill Mcfioy Kelley Lord Stege Stem H. M.lI'lID McNair J, Millett Hulzer Stcwzlrd Brown Cunm-ngham FIt7GcI'IIlsl S. Drake Thompson Cooper' Sfutt Austin Malcrich Scars Recd Lloyd T. Martm Gooclx Burns Hawkins Hotzc Doran SLhmedLr Dundas G. Dmkc Page 446 ROIGI-.RT E. BARD NORMAN D. RAMAN IIOKIIIIJHJ Unrxersity of AIIIIIIIIIIII, 1896 Our Hll1I!J1'Z'1, IilI'I'w1 Ailiw f.'lnIfiIIfI.I fc ' ' -.I I II.IpteI ISIIIIHIIIIIII. 1800 if Il I1l1iIl.Y,'IIII I.Fo T. JOHNNON, A.B. OSf..kR A. I.IiII'I'xv lI.I:R, B XVALTFR H. KNOI-IIII. J. CARSON l.I'MI4AAIAIIx GEORGI-1 Ci. BODIIIIQIR A. HALT? BIIRIQMAN ROBERT H. KIOLI2 CIIARI.Ifs E. FARRIxu'I'oN EDGAR T. BOYNION JOHN T. BRAIILISY, III C. RIIHARO I.Ox'Iv HARRY C. BIIAIIMONT JOHN J. BLOCK, JR. JOHN M. DORSIZY THOMAS G. BIELOI-iN RICHARD I.. BOYNION ROY R. BROWN JOHN F. BUYFRS Llflflgd .S., M.1:. FACULTY WII.I.IAIII C. Rosif, Ph.D. XVILLIAM I-I. SHARKFY, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmfe Sflldellff ROIIFRT J. SANDFRS IZI'cIItNIi H. RIINNICK Sezziorf JAMI A R. FARRINLTIUN UMAR XV. Joxrs NIcAHoI.As P. GIox'AN PHILIP M. KI?I.LSTl5IDT VUIILIAM B. HucsII.L JAMFS XV. MCDONAIIJ XY'II.liIIR E. JOHNSON XIUILLIAM E. MFRc'IfR ffmiorf IDAVID B. MIIIfs JAMIQS XV. Nom. fi. WII.I.ARIu NI'xx'I.IN JOHN H. PICKRIII. ROIII-'RT D. NIIiMI'YI7R ROIIIQRT A. PORTFR Saplvoworer RAI.IfIt:H GlI8Sl.N JOHN K. CILOVICR fiHARl.liS I.. HU1 HMAc'HI'R RUIIITRT I.. IDILLON Scto'I"I' P. QIILI. ROIIHRT J. KARRAKI-'R I:l'6.I'l77ll6ll L, SCOTT KIaI.I.IzY JACK L. LONGABAUGH RCNALD E. MII.I.I.R H. BRICI3 KIINNIQY ERNEST R. l.uDwIo JAMES T. SMITH FRI-II H, 'I'I'RNIR, PIID. PAUI. M. XYAN ARRIIII I., PII.D JOHN I.. SI I xx ARI' JAMI's T. XY'HI'II.Ix', JR DONAIII D. Ruvr HUXYARD J. Rl'SSI1I.l. I.lf0NARD M. Sf HOIIItR FRANK I.. SIVNNINI-I JAMIis XV. Rlfl5Dl'R ROIIIfR'I' H. SIRORI-'R XVIIIIAM A. 'IIIRNI-AR IDEAN B. RAYMOND INIONYARIW M. SIMPSON EIIMIIND P. STOHR IOHN T. S'I'IItrI-iI. FvI:R'r E. Tlcilf ROIKIQRT J. TRIMICLIT Tice Raymond Simpson Dorsey Glover'IzIuglI Stohr Gibson Belden Huthmacher Block Niemeyer Smith Ludwig Gill Porter Bard Rzlmzin Bradley Newlin Pickrell Reeder Stewart Loyd E. Boynton Stroker Renniek Van Arsdell Sanders Mercer Boddiger Kellsteult C.FzIrrington McDonald Russell Jones Giovan J. Farrington Burgman Scnseney Noel Cole I.umbz1ttis Buyers Beaumont Miles Hugill Brown Sticfel R. Boynton Trimble Miller Kenney Turner Knrrakcr Dillon Page Fffmzfzlea' C Ollcgc of the City Of New York, 1909 Tbirly-fzirle Arfizf Cbnfffcff JOSEPH GOLDBFRG IVIYRON I., GORAL ARTHUR H, AuRAMsON MEYIER Cl-IAIKIN ADRIAN CO1-IIsN MURRY W. FEIN HOXX"ARD S. BERG JEROME CILABMAN SHERMAN J. EDIELMAN ADRIAN K. BRRNGARD ROBERT BURNSTEIN MILTON E. GOI.DBFRG . ZA MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sefziorf REINHART H. LFSSIER HERMAN L. LOEB fzwiorr MACRY B. GORDON JACK J. Louis ARNOLD F. HENDLER IRVING MILLI:R IVIORTCN LEVE HARRY RUBRNSTRIN Soploomorer ROBERT N. GCLDMAN ROIIFRT A. S1I.vIcRMAN IYIELVIN E, SCIIARNOOLD Frerhmefz MlI.TON S. KATZ ROBERT L. ORBACH IVIICHAEI. D, MARCUS MALCOLM D. PESKIND FRANKLYN R, MELTZER INIYRON ROsIzNBI.ATT Rho Chapter lf.m1bli.IZvc'd. 1918 1008 Snark Fijzh Sivan HIZNRX' PRusIaNT IDAVID I. SI-IANKMAN JFROME SPITZER LLOYD B. SPIVAK B11L1fc:RD A. SMALL LOUIS H. TERRY DAVID M. SAPP MIILVIN SHATTIL LRSTIQR D. SPEYER NATHAN ZIVIN Spitzer Rubenstein Burnstein Fein Orbach Leve Speyer Zivin Rosenblatt Small Chaikin Spivak Terry Lesser Glabman Berg Meltzer Silverman Schaengolcl Loeb Goral Goldman Gordon Present J. Goldberg Shnnkman Cohen Louis Miller Handler Peskind Shattil M. Goldberg Berngard Marcus . Edelman Sapp Katz Abramson Page 448 IVMIIIIJI If Mi.Imi Ilnncmitv, 1855 NIIJIII-IIIIII :IIIIII I.luIfII'II'.r IJAYIII H. f'ARNAHAN, Ph A. JAMIN IANNIR, A.B,, THOMAQ XV, BAII FY PAI'I. R. CEAMPAIINA UARTH XV. Emx ARIN T. FIITILHIR ELLIS RIVHARD lf. CfHAPI-IR, JR, I.r:L'Is CI I MI NTS H, BI'R'I'ON DOW NS Jnr E. FRANK JOHN H. BILTM HAROLD A, BORNIIMAN IWARTIN J. f.0RIll-'l.I. Hoxx ARO G. ERVIN ROIIIQRI' F. BARNFS XVIILLIAM N. BIIRLII WILLIAM E. KQUNKLIN ROIIIERI' CRIIIIfII:I.Ix DONALD W. DAI.IIX'MPI.E "nm rw' 1. Q ' Y' iii LVVLQ CI- FACULTY .D. J, CQIINN MIAIc.AII.F, A.B., B.Mus, WII MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Selziozxr FRANK S, ERVIN Fc'RIu P, EsH1.rMAN 'I'HOMAs C. FI,ANINc.AxI GI'c:RcsI A. I.OxxI. fizzziorf JOHN I.. FRO'I'HINc9HAIII XVILIIAM J, HAPAC l.Aw RI-NI.Ia M IRXX IN ITIGON C. JCNLS SOPh0l!l0f'E.f AIINIR J. MARTIN I?IIcQIfNIi R. MATHIS -IAITK K. MI'GRI-COR IJAN J. MIfI.ODx' Freilwzefz lAMI.s C. EASTIERISRCOK ROIII-'R I' G. ESPY MA'rIIIaw T. FINN C'IIARI.Ias M. FLIQW I-II.l ING JOHN F, MI-ISSNI-II CHARLIS R. IXIILLYR I.I.OYI'x F. OLFSQN FIOYIJ A. I.I:XX'IS E, DUOLFY MCAI.I.Is'I'IfR JOHN J, MOHAN JAMES H. NFII GORDON D. MLIFHI.HAI'sI'N XVILLIAM G. OVNFIL JAMES E. PHILLIPS CTHARLIQS F. HCJPPIN ROBIaR'I' A. KIsI.I.Y HARRY B, NELSON, JR. MAX LEE Owrfws KIpp.I K,Ipr,I I lI.IptcI' I IIIXIJIII IM. 1661 Il II.-UI A. RYAN, .JR ,II fl l:II-I Iffffu .SIIIII ., A.B. JOHN Ii. ROAIIII' I'NI A, XV. SIHIMMI-I, JOHN D. VARIIII II. XYYARRIX XVI-III.AI' Xxlll I IAM H, RIIiI-' P, Al.I.lN SKHILIHHAN TYM F, STAY RIIHARII H. XVA'I'N:'N TIIOMAS J, Ricans JLRALO H. RIIOIO DARALO H. S'I'AI.l'Y XV. LI I' SIIMMIIRN DONALD F. PAS! HAI. XVIl.I.IAM H. POLK XY'Il.I.IAM G. SKlEI.'I'1IX ' I 7 R M. F 'I Q. 'RA Luau :I IMIR THOMAS R. WHIzIfI,I'II JOHN S. WA I'sON Varblc Edwards ROIIIIIIOIISC Olcsun Nui I.Owc Eslllcmzin Sexy F. Ervin XVCIIIIIII Schimmel Ellis Flaningzim fQIImpIIgnII Mclmly Millar Runlig MLAllistcr SclIilIllIIIInm1:I' Irwin Rim fllmpcck Riggs Hzipac Fmthingham I.cwis Mrrlmn Jfvnes XIUIItsun Cflcmcnts Downs Mcissncr H. Ervin Blum Miiclillmgmscn Hilrncs 0'Ncil Burncinan Mathis MII'tin Fiqink Corbell Staley MfGI'cgOI' SIImInuI's Phillips Skelton Uwcns J Xvatson XY'lIcclcr ffrilificld Polk Finn Kclly Nelson fiunklin Hoppin Pusclml Flcwclling BL1I'Lll EIIstcI'lwI'OOk Dnlrymplc Page 449 .IsIfR'I F. HIIIINCQS IM 11 Illini' VII',uini1IINlIlIt1I1y Inxtitulc, IHII9 EXIIIIL lj-Iflufm' .II N111 I,fi1j1II'II II11:xxIcy F. AI IPRIIHIH, Ph.D. ROIIIRI' I.. Koillxx, PLS., AB, M.4xxv'1 1.1. II. Iloimv, Ph. Ru' 'I'. AI.1'x.1Ixn1'R MMR H. Boom-. EIIANIQ C. COxI.1fY fAR'lI R I., C.I:oI.IY HI'RI1IiR'I'ID. BAIcItR E. RoIx1'rI'I' B11 I Ixus DAI1 XV. FAIIIIQNI-II R11 HARD P. BAIII.ow' FRANK C. B1tIIm11I Avi Is RIJIII rI'I' G. Bow I Im SAMII1-'1. R. HIISII H.AIxoI.1w E. Ac31iI'MANx Gitcmcsif XV. AI-11.1-' Ro1I11II'I j. FM' L lflfL6Il FACULTY XVILI .Irv . I II .Imnx, . II I A II I A M. H. FIIINII joHNs'1oxI , Ph.D. I7oI'fQI.xs R. MII IA, ILS. CII-ORIQF XV. PII.I4IfI.s, 'I'1'RI wr T QI IRKI' G:IInIn.1 Mu Chapter liinzbliibeif, 1902 lrlrlv Wifi! Pw1I1.ryl1'm1ia Azerzue B.K..E., CE. , E.M., Ph.D. l:Rl'IJl'Rlf, A. RI'SNI'I,I,, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmzdlllzfe Sfmfenf VIIIIIN T, Bivmm Scum 711' XX'.'Xl.'lI'R XV, GI'IvII'R KQI.IN'Iox R, HIIMAIIR AIUIIN A. 0111.11-N, jk. FRANK YI. KRW I.MxR1fNc'I- E. HI-ss XYYIILIAM F. LY'I'I.I' IIIHXXARIB H. HUIJI' IIRVIIRIC K H, MctKINs'IRY ffflliufir R.4I.P11 XV. I"lA'lIIAXY M' RIIIIJIIIIH I. PAIM1-R H11 IX M, -Iorvifx CIIIAIII IW XXf. PHII.I.IIfs S0,f2lw11101'e.f CQIIIIIILI' G. GMI RIc'IIARIw R, H1rIu1Ir-IAN YIAIIQ K. HAMM MYRON M. KIM, j.f1rIII's S. HI-MPIIII.I. AIIR1f1u Y. KIIII4IAxIu Ifawfwzeli W'II.I,Is Gfmn, ju. RAY Gunn GI'c11u:If XV. IIIIRNAIMY RIu1I1'1zT I.. HIII-If EIWIN KAYSI-II K IIAIxI.1fs R. M1c'I'z1fI.AAIIS XVII.I.IAM H, FI.1-MINI9 GLINN A. MciT.wI5H Ro1x11I1'I' C. MIl.I.l7R C.HARI.Is5 Cf. MOI,f'AR B1'rcxARIu B. SPAIILDINI3 ,I. RIKHARIH Z17LI.IiR MAI'RIf1t E. RIIAGAN ,IIJIIN P. SIv1'R'I' IEIWXYARIH j. LARIMFR DAVID R. MCDONUIYIQI-I DAI 1-1 E. MCKFF ROI1I'R'I L, SItHIiI.Z .IAM1-Q A. PIIRCI-'II 1.1.0 G. SILL PAIII. R. SIMS XVIIIIAM tl. Vc:I.I.M1fR, ,IR I I.LlI'lIIlCl' Schulz Bnrluw King Hcmphill Bush Bcluliluvck Hcrshman Kirklnnll MQKQQ Gust Reagan Mulcxr Gillies ML',Iii1N'ISll Baker Phillips Ferguson Kriz AICXLIHLICF jones MIDunnuglx Bowers Spaulding Faulkner Gcistcr Miller Booze Holt McKinstry Cooley Billings Hummer Lytlc I-less Conley Gard PLIIIHCI' PLlI'L'Cll Good Huff Ackcmunn Ahlf Fleming HoI'nIIIlIIy Fay I-Innim Kayser Vullmer Page 45U Founded Univursity of Ricllmonnl, 1901 Srfzvrzlj-fnfzr' AI'liI'c f.'b4IplerI -.v-- f-if -- x 5: xx, , EE 2? I 'tg Illinois Alpha Chapter EInlHi,IbL'zf. 1905 1105 Solzflz lfflmflv Shun! If Wm 6 IZZFL JOHN C. BUNHNI.-KN, A.M. KHARLI-s J, GAA, M.S., Kf.P.A CIOIJEM.-KN R, GRIIfFI'I'H, Ph.D. RALPH C. HAY, B.S. KIHARI.Ifs C. BOLEY RoIsIiR'1' S. BERLINITR MIIRLYN F. BLIRRIS FRANK J, CASEY, JR. ARDIQN K. CIOLBY XIUILLIAM C. BOLVDREAL' MAIIRILE A. CIATTANI ERXVIN G. DUFRINGIZR J. RICHARD FFRRIS CIIARI.Es I. FISHFR IDONALD M. AscHIzRMAxN GEORGE F. BRAEUIIGAM RI'ssIfLL E. DIKIKFRSON fQHARI.Es S. DIPPOLD MIQRTON H. DOIITHITT FRI-D R. AHLERs EIBXYARD H, BALDRIIJGE JOHN M. DALTON FACULTY IRI,-KRK H, HINOsI.IfY, A.M, XVIl.lI.-XXI B. NEvIiNs, Ph.D. TIIOM.-xs E. KPLIYFR, Ph.D. SII1-RM.-IN SIHOONNIAKIIR, M,Mus. EIwxx'ARIw J. SMITH, MS. XYIAYNI5 S. Yrx.-xxx'INIi, A.M. l'AI.AII'II I., ZICLKGR.-KF, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gnzdqnzfe Sllfdezzlf Hoxx ARO W. BOND JOIIN M. DAVIS A. LYNN IBIENNISION JAMIis W. DU MOLIN f:I.ARK FI.IfctRINc:IfR IXIALIOM R. HARVI-X' R. VIITOR HIRs'I' JosIfPII M. Hlssrtm ROIxIfR'I' HUMM THOMAS L. JAciIcsON XVIILIAM J, LAZ KI-NNIZTH E. MAs'I' GRANAY J. DAvIs Selziorf fflllfdld' Sophomoref lirefbmefz CHARLER G. I:ll,S'l'FAD, JR. XVILLIAM H. FISHIAR FRNIIC E. Hl'fl.l.MlK'H ROIIERT D. Home RIr'HARo K. Kuc.ItRA XYVILI IAM T. PAsIoI- -IOHN D, PAAI"II'RsoN JOHN A. SANIJs'IRonI ROI:I'R'I' K.. MAs'r PERsHING QIGRIEN YIUHN E. PAR1sO'I' RCIIFRT B. PRIM, LOUIS R. FINA KIHARLIQS L, GRIIENW CLD R. XVAYNIZ CIATIS THEODORE T. LACH ELMFR L. MARTIN, JR. JOHN A. SAINOIIERI: HENRY E. SANDFRS ROY N. SHAW HERMAN D. SMITH JAY L. SMITH Ol.IX'FR D. TAYLOR E, TIPTON THOMPSON ADDISON E. RAMSFY GORDON K. RAY ROBERT J. SCHWARZ ANDREW H. UTERHART RALPH H. VAN MIOOI.IfsxvORTH DONALD LINDIIERG ROBERT R. PIIYRSON WALLACE F. ZIEGLIER Bounlrcau Parisot Fisher Douthitt Ferris XV. Patterson Sanders Van MILILIlC5NX'1Jl'tIl I-lumm Laz Ahlurs Davis Ogrcn Jackson J. Patterson Ycnawinc Gates Hissem R. Mast Thompson K. Mast Kuccra Aschcrmann Hellmich Schwarz Dippohl Hirst Martin Dickerson Ray Uterhart Bracutigam E. Smith Du Molin Colby Lach Ramsay Berliner Sandberg Dueringzr J. Smith Pasmc Burris Casey Denniston Harvey Cattani Nevcns Gaa Finn Taylor Pring Shaw Flcukingcr Rclxcr Balzlridge Sandstrom Grccnwold Davis Filstead Lindberg Ziegler Page Fu ll ml ed Umvcrsity Ol' Pcnnsylvania, 1908 Eighteen AI Iii? Iffmfllmgr A Zeta Chapter Efffzklifbed, 1919 308 Em! .fl77l101'j' Arefwe A ., v,.,. . . , . . . 4 . , I V. A ie ' S v F A C U L T Y CHESTER R. ANDERSON, A.M. STANLEY G. HALL, M,S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sefziorf CLARK H. BACHMAN RALPH I.. JACOBS GERALD E. LEECH IVIORTON D. PROUTY HIIRMAN J. HARIDERS H. CLARENCE LANGILLE NCRAIAN W. MISEK JACK C. REINHARDT fznziorf CHARLES L, BOND FRANK S. COOK BENJAMIN T. GILDERSLEEVE GEORGE H. MORRIS RICHARD H. BLIRWASH JAMES W, EMMONS WILLIAM H. SIMMONS Sopbomoref W. CARI. DUNCAN EDR IN O. GIIERNSEY THADDEIIS J, MALICRI DAVID L, OST1fI5I.D PAUL A. FURKERT RICHARD K. SHIRIER Freshmen HARRY D. HALTERMAN ROBERT G, HEVCYLETT WILLIAM R. LAMKIN JOHN M. OYHARE JEAN C. HALTERMAN OSCAR J. SVUANSON, JR Lamkin H. HalteEman Mnlicki O'Hare Gildersleeve Swanson Hewlett J. Halterman Emmons Hall Guernsey Shxrer Ostfelcl Cook Furkcrt Bond Duncan I-Iarders Bachman Burwash Leech Prouty Reinhardt Jacobs Langille Misck Simmons Page 452 Fffzzzlduf Vimcnnes University, 1897 'lllvhty AI III I' Clmfrllrl LA FORLE BAILEY, M.S., B.P. AIINIQR R. KNIGHT, M CYRUS E. PALMER, M.S. WII.I,IAM D. H.AN'II..AND RORIQRI' B. BIQCRMANN ROIII-'R'I' E. HILLMAN MICTHAFL J. MORLEY, JR. A. PARL IXIANEY, JR. BFRNARD A. CARSTIENS, JR. IWIARION E, HEBRON CURTIS M. HENDERSON ROBFRT E. HIQNWOOO IDANIIEL A. CHERSKOVE ROLAND O. HOPE GEORGE R. JOHNSON Llflfbd PIII f,lIIIptcI' Ii.IlfI!1li.IbIul, 1907 4112 Jim! flfmflrg .flzwme F A C U LT Y HARRNIN A, Rum-IE, Ph,D. ERNI5s'I' I.. S'IOIrIfI'IiR, M,Arch. l.Iil.ANIJ M. S'I'II.I.XVELI., M.D. JOHN R. TAYLOR, 13-M- MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Selziorf I, KFITH Nrrctr S'rANI.I'x' R, SIAFK fmziari LOUIS W. SCHUMM JOHN W, SIMPSON CARI, H. Vocrr JOSEPH F, SIROIER, JR. J. MAxwEI.I. STIZNTZ ROBERT D. VUALKIER FRANK F. S1iHAciK ROEERI' W. S'I'IT'r GFORCFIE W. VUIENTHE S0pb077Z0l'EJ' XVILLIAM L. KLEINPAs'I'I: EDWARD W. MANN CHESTER A. MARTIN JOHN J. OVBRIEN MARSHAl.L R. ROZYN l7z'e5l172ze1z JOHN W. MARTIN WILLIAM L, MCGINNIS RANDAI.I. R, MCMILLIN JOHN XV. SANDERS ROBERT N. SMVII-I EARI. H. MI'I'c1HI2I.I. S'I'ANI,IiY MOORE ROEItR'I' SIROTFK C. w7lI.l.lAM SMITH ROGER A, SXVANSON .- -Ewij K. E 'T iff 'W -.f 1,3 ,I 3 ' kt 1 1 ' vi " ' 11 'f Moore Schack C. Martin W'alker Slack Hillman Necce Kleinpnstc Stcntz McMillin Mitchell J. Martin Wfcnthe Henderson Clarstens Beckmann J. Snmtck Morley Schumm Vogt Mann Naney McGinnis R. Sirotek Sanders O'BrIen Hope Ciherskrwc Swnnwn Stitt Henwood Simpson Rozyn XV. Smith Johnson Page 453 Ifffzzzidnf City Cjullcgc ul' New York, I9l0 1 I'i",'. I L ,M ,W , .,,. Pi Clmpter Ibmfflzifmf. 15125 If . ,V Sffzfflv Ifnlrzl SIYUHI I I 55, 31, .A,. ji TV, 'V - A V A . , I -4 , fi ,' 5 A I l I , "x"-'x f-ll-J' xg ' , " , f f ' 'Q T I V F A C U LT Y I.1i0PoLD N. ill'Il-KH, M,D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdmzie Sflldellf Fnux E. Pfxxsx' Seuiorf PAUL BLACK IIFNRY D. Fkrfifium.-IN ffmimnr llARX'l'Y Cf. AMs'i'1nlx.,xM ji-ROMIQ P, Goin Fkrn M. Hor'HmiRG M1-LVIN S. Blinovrlz S01f7l7Ulll!lI'6.f R.fwuAsI D. AVR.-XMI HYMAN G. livwxx' DAVID S. HVXSIQLL Ilwxxcy R. DLMAR INIARYIX R. Fmun IVIORRIX M, Hcxinismu limrhzlfelz -IOIEI, INII BIQRNSVN HoxX'ARD I., CQHLAN Env ,mn K, ISAACSUN XY'II.l.IAM J. Bkomm' l,Axx1uixCi: l'lANAl5lfR, JR. I. SHVRXYIX IXIORRIS jrnomt S. Bamxx ,lmomi M. Hr-lun Rrfrmim P, XVINVR Iliwmwxn KATZ Rom-n'1' I.. YOUM: Errarxxt M. ORNs'1i Sui I,, OWFR Iixvlxcz NA'i'HANsc:N Sm mx ix A. SHQGH, D. I.: vi r R SMITH Avriuni Smith Brown Katz DeMar Hanaucr Bcrnsen Nntlmnson Brmlsky Morrii Hcsscll Fisher M. Hucliberg Osvcr Eskuw Cfuhliln Isaacson Siegill Pansy Heller Young Ornstein Berovitz F. Hnclmlwcrg Erculmgm XVincr Blank AHISfCl'klLlIII Sulnnlxnun Page 454 Iiozmdeal Columbia University, 1910 Q Tzrenly-eigbl Attire Cl74lf1fE1'.J' Psi Chapter E.Imhli.fbed, 1924 105 Em! Arrrmry Azwzfle MYER O. SIGAL EARL Q. COHN MORRIS DROGIN MII,'I'ON J. GOLDITARIB RICHARD I. FINE HARIJIID L. FUCHSMAN WII.I.IAM GOLDSTEIN HAROLD W. BFRGER -IAMEs W, GITTELSON JEROME L. GI.ASSMAN ALAN M, GORDON l'IERBlZRT H. BASS BERNARD CHAPMAN LINCOLN A. CHAYES EDVCIN S, CONN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gzmfnale Sfzzdefzlr MARTIN A. HOEEING SFYMCUR -IIENSKY MILTON XV. HIRRQH WII.LIAM KIiSSI.IfIi RAYMOND S. ISIENSON MAYIER KRAMER Sefziorf fmziorf S01Dl7077l0V6.l' LEONARD J. MIcHAELsON LLOYD J. FRIED EUGENE KOSIQY WALLACE S. LEVIN Frefhwefz ARTHUR J. NIKULIANN HARRY S. S'I'IzINnERG PAUL M. IVIIZLCHFR DAVID S. MII.LER GOODWIN G. MILLs NORMAN A. MYERSKBN INIORRIS SCHNEIDER MAX M, MANN BERNARD L. MARLAND HIcRIIIiR'I' S. PERLIN VICTKDR YA!-'ITF ROEERT H. WEINsTI:IN BENJAMIN ZLIIQE LLOYD G. SHORE ROBERT A. TUCKITR HAROID A. SHAPIRO JOE STEINIIERG STANLEY O. STRASIIERO ARNOLD J. SIICHERMAN ALAN E. STEXVART SEYMOUR Q. WIZISS -IIEROMF A. YAVIT'Z Gnldfarb Hirsch Weinstein Sigal Neumann Zuke Hofhng H. Steinberg Cohn Tucker Yaffe Jensky Fried Yavitz Mills Kessler Fuchsman Miller Goldstein Berger Shore Sucherman Fine Conn Gittelson Kramer Michaelson J. Steinberg Isenson Mrs. Willcnson Shapiro Chapman Drogin Glassman- Gordon Schneider Mann Bass Melcher Stewart Myerson Weiss Kosky Chayes Perlin Levin Marland Page 455 Fffzmdfd Illinois XY'csleyan University, 1899 Ifmfy-folfr' Azffff CbaAI7te'1'.I I L -. gn, Gamma Cilmptcr Er1aHi,rbeIf, 1912 102 Ear! C.'lml1I1IfI.I Slrrvl RAY O. DITNLAN, LL.B LI.xxIs V. PETERSON, A.M, EDWARD gl. SKARDS SAM I.. CATANZARITF JAMFS L. COCKRELL RICHARD M. FEE R. DOUcsI,As GARWOOD RORI-'RT A. FISHER KIVNNETH L. GARRETT RICHARD G. HFRZ ERNI.s'r C. I.AXY'RIiNCE JOHN M. LEVFY JOHN C. KUHNS F A C U LTY KIARL S. MARX'FI., Ph.D. Emx IN L. THEIss, Ph.D., K1.P.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradlmle Stizdefzlf Sezziorf XIUIILIAM E, HARNISCH XWIIIIAM B. KISNNIDY EDWARD CQ. HARTFR CHI7S'I'IiR I-I, KLINTZ FRANK V. HIISTON DLJANNIE E. KIIN'I'z fZliIf01".Y GUY HIIJION CHRIS C. CDISIZRHFIDI? WILLIAM NIsI.sON SHANNON CI. POwIfRs Sophomorer WARRIIN R. NFI.sON EDGAR H. PLAGFMANN ROIIIfR'I' B. OPPICE XVILBUR A. ROIIINSON Freflmzezz JOHN F. VUOODIELI., M,S. GEORGF M. TLTRMAII. ANTHONY M. MAZIIIKA ROBFRT E. MfID!JNAI.IH GFORGF W. MIl.I.I2R LOUIS S. PIi'I'IsRsON GARDNIZR RAINs'I'RIc1Ic GEORGE L. RIa'I"I'INc:IzR RICHARD D. TIIlBIZ'I"l'S XVILLIAM A. UsINcIiR XYIILLIS J. XVHITIfsIfI.I. Hilton D. Kuntz Rettinger Skarda Oppice W. R. Nelson Powers Stiedl Kuhns Usinger Tibbetts Oberheide Turmail Robinson Wliitescll Lawrence Raistrick Herz Fisher Garrett Plagemann Levey Cf. Kuntz W. E. Nelson Miller Fee Peterson McDonald Harter Kennedy fiotkrell Harnisth Huston Catanzaritc Garwootl Page 456 Founded Norwich University, 1856 Fifty-one f1t'IiI'f' Chapter! Rho Chapter E.ftubliIlJed, 1916 505 Earl Cbulmeur Szfeet R. RALSTON BUSHART, A.M. ROBERT L. BRUMBACH DAVID R. BUSCHMAN J. GARTH ELZEA, JR. STEVENS GRAVES EDWARD L. BENTLEY CHARLES R. BRUMMETT ROGER R. BUSH EDXVJARD W. DOLCH JOHN E. GIBBONS LA VERNE A. ANDERSON WALLACE W. BASS ROBERT C. BLUNCK ROBERT H. BROWN ROBERT J. BILLICK RICHARD K. DICKSON A. CHARLES ELLES JOHN M. FETHERSTON FRANK D. GARLAND, JR. FACULTY VANCE XV. BATCHELOR, B.S., Maj. Cav. BERNARD L. JEFFERSON, Ph.D. JOHN J. PIEPER, Ph.D. CHARLES F. SCHLATTER, M.S., C.P.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Student JAMES R. WEISIGER Sefziorf WILLIAM B. GRUMLEY ROBERT L. HANSON JAMES W. INGRAM fmzioffr RICHARD P. GILBERT, JR. RALPH E. HERZLER ROBERT C. HUMPHREY RICHARD B. KEIGLEY JAMES W. KOPRIVA Soplaomarer WEBSTER H. GEHRING, JR. DONALD O. JOHNSON WILLIAM P. LUKENS Freflamen PHILIP D. GELVIN GORDON L. HUBERT JACK W. LOOTS L. DUANE LUNDAHI. ROBERT MORITZ FARIS K. IWIOYER OSBORNF H. PADDISON JAMES S. LEE THOMAS G. LIVELY WILLIAM B. MAcDoNAI.D JOSEPH B. POLHEMUS, JR. ROBERT C. OLSON WILLIAM K. QUINLAN GENE R. SCHELP GUS E. LUNDBERG, JR. GEORGE POWERS, JR. DON W. PRANKI2 RAY F. SMITH JOSEPH N. SMITH JOHN G. STILLI, JR. RICHARD T. TAYLOR I.. HARRISS ROBINSON BERNARD F, ROTH F. BURTON SELLERS RICHARD J. STOLZE EVERETT P. WEAVER FREDERICK H. SCHOTT DONALD G. SMITH VERNON F. VINEYARD DEAN C. THOMAS HOWARD H. WARD, III WILLIAM D. WEAVER FRED P, WORDEN Macdonald Gibbons Schott Grumley Brumbach J. Smith Moyer Weisiger Taylor Hanson E. Weaver Humphrey Graves Elzea Buschman Ingram Paddison Roth Anderson Dolch Gelvin Sellers Bentley Brummett Polhemus Gilbert Stolze Bush Blunck Stilli Robinson Worden Keigley Bass Lee Herzler Gehring Vineyard Johnson Lukens Brown Kopriva Schelp Quinlan D. Smith Dickson Powers Billick Elles Thomas Fetherston Lundahl Hubert W. Weaver Garland R. Smith Ward Pranke Lundberg Looks Page 457 'I 11 I"f,1n1H'rd llniun fivrllcgc. HH' I 11173-Ilylfz :html C,fw1p1w.f lxlplxa Duutn-mn C lmptcr lilmM1vl,,f. lvmw WPI Sffnlf' Sl I milf ,YN I ul "f'?IE"'?77w'T'I"" ' "L' "IM Q' ' 'gf'L" IA lllmfl' W P f'l5Ig'TI.', . ' , ' ' ,lv-wr-:g,fiw: A A I W I, V. . lib I I I 8 H " K., . , f, A XL ,V,, f V , V' . 1:-nf--I-.:Q ' 1 K ' Ylfggif , , 5 Q f - U f'fE2iS?55Q A f Z53Q2Fi,i3:f5 I A V, , ,iew F A C. U LT Y Amfmiu CI. CAILKN, M.S., EM, HAuo1n S. DAxx sox, B,S,, LL,B. Bl.-VITHIXX 'II Mrf'11'm'. Ph.D., I.irt.D MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seziiorf JOHN E. SANDMARK GLFN C, Sflaxx ART EARL J. SUNDIN f.HARllS R. TRACY CHARLFS A. STANKUS BRUCE J. AMACHER WILLIAM R. DEMMFRT WALI.Ar3E S. DOOLFY HARRY E. ARTHARS DUN I.. BRUBAIQFR LANDIS E. l'lURI.liY XYVILLIAM XV. Bu'1"rrRr1nI.D JAMES A, CONANT XVILIJAM R. FLIESH Di7NAI,D S. ELLIS ELMIVR E. Enlvuscm XVAYNV P. FANYU EIAVOOD KW. Knul-cs ,JOHN G, Mfifjoluw ROBlfR'I' A, CIIIJTS XY7Al.'l'IfR H. CIRIYIUFR Rox' O. HAxx'1'HoRx1i THFODORI: D. CIIIISSFNDORFIIR I llI1jUI',f S0l,7hU7lIOI'F.l' I:l'6.fl'flll61l JOHN E. GILES, JR. Smmiv V. HIETTINGFR PAUL A. JENSEN Gnicxnmf E. NEALE JOHN T, RFMICK CHARM-s R. I-Ioxx E Crnns L. JOHNSON Emv ARD P. LLIGHT IDANII-I. E. KAN1: IDONALID J. PIIERUIE RUIGFRT G, STIAPHIENS XVIII IAM H. SPITZNAS IJARI, U. SWAMUN AIIIRII D, MLISSUN AIIRI-D IE, SANNILR, JR flH'KRI.l S WI Nm' Page 458 Rcmick Neale Geissendorfcr Howe Buttcrllcld Flcsh Lcight Conant R. Giles Musson Haxrtlmrnc Fanyo Grlulqr Swansnn W'er1dt Hcttingcr J. Giles Mflfuul Brubaker Artllars Krtuger Hurley Sanncr Johnson Spltznu Stankus Sundin Tracy Dcmmcrt Kane Amnchcr Erickwn Sandmark Stephens Jensen Stewart Donlay Plume FIIIHILJBLJ Lehigh University, 1922 7 rl wily-lbrw Auliw Clmfvferr Delta Chapter Ellnlzlifbvcf, 1923 206 .Emi Glvwz SHN! C. EDGAR DALY RICHARD XV, BRUNTON JAMES W. CROWLEY FRANK J. GOODRICH XVILLIAM P. KELLY DONAI.D J. DECLEENE FACULTY JAMES J. DOLAND, M.S., C.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdmzle Sllzdefztf RORERT XV. LAYER JOHN J. OVCONNIELI. Senior! JOHN B. CAI-'III.L XVALTIZR J. KENNITDY fwziorf CLARENCE H. JANKONVSKI GFORCQF M. METZE FRANK E. LAsRos JOSEPH F. SEULLY S0lDh0Wl07'6.f HARRY W. KLOCTKER Freflafzzen ROBERT F. ERDMAN JAMES L. NovAK XVILLIAM J. SNVIEIENEY JOHN F. MARTIN ALOYSIUS H. VOGEL JOHN P. XVALSH JOHN P. POXVERS BOYCE J. SXYIEENEY Layer- O'Connell Allara Branancl Kloukcr Kennedy Brunton Scully Murphy Cahill Burns Jankowskx Hammerle Dougherty Martin XV. Sweeney B. Sweeney Walsh Laskos Mctze Daly Goodrich Verest DeCleene Landers Vogel Powers Doyle Crowley Erdman Novak Kelly Page 459 Fu nmfmf Rensseltar Pnlytctlmnit Institute, 186-I iffy-Im' .II'IzII' CZWIf7.'6!'.I' Alpha Beta Chapter 15Imhl1.Ih.vl. 1932 F A C U LT Y FRANK H. BEACH, Ph,D. l'lAROl.D B. JOHNSTON, A.B. XVILLIAM C. ROBB, A.M., J.D., LL.M, PAUL D, CONYERSE, A.M. WALTER H. LUSSKY, A,M. WALDO SHUMNVAY, Ph,D. ARTHUR B. COZZENS, Ph.D. I-IORALE J. MACINTIRE, JAMES A. SMITH, A.M. PAUL P. BIISSE, JR. GEORGE C. HARRIS, JR JACK W. HEY HIZNRY E. HEYSFR, JR. KJHARLIES B. HOFFMAN ROY CHRISTOPHERSIZN J. ROBERT GRlEIiNXY'ELL ROBERT P. GRUFNBERG NEIL M. DIXCN DC5NAI.I3 N. ELTING JAMES B. ESTAVER PAUL FINA JOHN I.. BERRY WILI.IAM M. FISCHER CHARLES L. GILLINGHAM MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdfzate Sfzzderzl JOHN V. MACHELL Selziorf EDXYARD P. HOLLMANN DAL I. KITPHART FREORICIQ W. HOXYARI3 ROBERT I.. KLINOEL ANTHONY W, HLIEIZRIQI. H. lVlARI.IN I.ANmx'EHR ROBERT C. JEAN HAROLD M. MIl.LlER WILLIAM M. JOHNSON fINZi01'.f EUGENE F. JEHLIR ROBERT G. MOYIJR ROBERT G. MOON JOHN E. NIORROW' Soplaomoref ROBERT M. FRAAS WILLIAM D, KFRXYIN ROBERT A, GII.I.INI?HA51 RICHARD H. IVIICIIAFLSFN XVII.LARD A. GUYTON, JR. JOHN E, MII.l.IiR HENRY J. HOLQUIs'I' Iireflomefi AI.AN B. HAMILTON WAI.Tl5R T. NELSON GEORGE E. HANl7'I'MANN, JR. QJSKAR C. REYNOLDS ALBERT C, MAR'I'IN DONALD H. OPEL PHILIP R. PROCTOR WILLIAM J. SHIVE KARL B. SMOYER MARVIN N. STANFORD EDWARD J. NELSON EDXVARD L. STONIiFII?I.D WILI IAM A. ROMER THOMAS A, TOBIN HERMANN F. WAGNFR BITRT J. WYUELLNER EUGENE P. SONNENBERC EDXVARD C. SPITZE WII.I,IAM D. TRUMPF Dixon Holquist Kerwin Elting Romer Tobin Stoneflcld Wuellner Fraas Guyton J. Miller Warner Estavcr Wagner Christophersen Morrow Greenwell Gruenberg Moyer Moon Jehlik Landwehr Machell Michaelsen Howard Hey Kotrba R. Gillingham E. Nelson Hueckel Kephart Opel Johnson Smoyer Proctor Hollman Heyscr Hoffman Busse Klingel Stanford Shive H. Miller Jean Martin Berry Fischer Reynolds Handtmann Hamilton C. Gillingham W. Nelson Trumpe Sonnenberg Spitze Fma Page 46U Fulfmfmf University Of Illinois, 1907 Sixfeerl Aflfiv Clmfifeixr zimfi Illinnia C.l1gIptcr Ii.Iml1li.i bud, 100' 112 limi Ihrzivl Sffuul F A C U LT Y EDNVARD E. BAUER, M.S., CE. I'lARVIZY H. JORDAN, B.S. ARTHUR N, TAI.IIO'I', CLE., RALPH S, CROSSMAN, CE., M.S. AIINIQR R. KNIGHT, M.E., M.S., E.E. D.Sc., D,Eng., LL.D, MEI.X'IN L. ENGER, M.S., CE. EDXYARD XV. SIIIJPIIQLR, M.S. I.I-ONARIJ D. XYIALKICR, MS., C.E. RANDOLPH P. HOELSCHFR, M,S., CE. ARTHUR C. XVIl.I,ARD, B.S., D.Eng., I.L.D. ROGFR P. CAMPRVIL I. THOMAS CHAPMAN JOHN E. CORDIS WILLIAM R, BrCIcrRLr RICHARD P. CHRNOWIZTH OLIVER XV. DURRANT ROBERT D. FORTH STIEXYART E. GAIL JOSEPH F. COLLINS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradfzale Slzldezll XYVINI IIfI.n I.. VVII,I.I'II'l'I' Seuiarf STERLING K. EIQIMINIQIR Rc:IxIR'I' H, KRI-IN NORMAN V. FHIRRI THOMAS M. RIORRO JOHN G. GRUIIII fmziorf CIIORGF J. KI5NNIfm' KI-IIII I., PI I7NImN'I I' XY'II.I.ARD R. NIQININLLI-R HARRY CQ. PRINVI' GIfORGE A. PERKINS l.l'N'I'IR H. SI II.I-II Sophomoref JAMFS E, IVIUITORD ROIIIRI B. SI'HMIm' Frefhfzzezz XY' IN A. HVDNON RI-In ELMIFR I.. TANIHRLP JOHN S. XY'IfNIQI'R THOMAS C. SHLDD, JR SRI-NCI-R D. STINSON XVILLIARI G. VOIGT AxIfI. F. SKOGLUNIJ JOSIPII L. STONLRURNFR, JR. ' ' Stoneburncr Scilcr Mulfnrcl Eisimingcr Sknglund Tnndrup Pfundstcin Mormw Stinson Reid Perkins Qampbcll Cordcs Bcckcrlc Grubb Wfcngcr Dun-gint Neiningci' Cllmpmiin Fchrm Crossmcm Kennedy Krein Schmidt Voigt Gail Shedd Prince Chcnnweth Forth Page 461 f .-AWA? A . 61.34 Q .- N :iii I at xx 1 W- 13.12 ,- Kiln 5 . Fozmded College of the City of New York, 1898 'l'bi1AIyfji1'e Aflife Chapleff A 1 X 3 we 756110 ISADORE A. KAMIEN MARK O. FREFDMAN PHILIP H, KASS IRWIN BRODY HARVEY E. CFIGLFR ALBERT M. DREYFUSS NATHAN EPSTFIN MARTIN L. BLOCK ROBERT I. BLOCK MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GII'L1d.7ldl6 SIfZlLllE7Zf.l' ROBERT L. INIEYFRS MAX M. GELMAN WILLIAM S. GINGOLD E. HERMAN HEIMANN, JR. KENNETH R. COWAN M. LESLIE CRUVANT ROBERT A. BORINSTEIN EUGENE V. FRANKFL JACK BOSLIZY JACK I. Du BOEE JAMES P. BUHAI ARMOND B. ETTINGER ROBERT E. BURNS MARVIN E. COBRIN NORTON R. FELDMAN ROBERT W. KLEIN Seuiorf jzmiorf S0fl7077Z0l'6J' l:1'6fl77lZ67Z AI.BERT M. IVIYERS, JR. ARTHUR JOHNSON JLILIAN B. KAIIIfMANN LEONARD T. LURVEY EDWARD S. FREIIND FRED S. KAPLAN HOWARD F. KOPEI. HERBERT H. LICHTIERMAN ALBERT M. I.OXX'LNS'I'EIN ALBERT J. RUBIENSTEIN G. MYRON SAMISCH M1 Rho Chapter E.Iff1l1fi.fbfd, 1912 907 Sozzlb 150111111 Sires! Q14 IRVING L. ROSENBERG IVIARVIN D, ROSENBERG BERNARD INIILLIER SAM J. STORTHZ H. JEROME TICK HERBERT J. MEIS MILTON PERLMAN CHARLES A. SPIELBERGER HARVEY SCHATZRIN HAROLD W. SLOSBURG ARTHUR R. ZELTER HC7N5l'ARD B. ZIMMERMAN Rubenstein Du Boll? Lovsenstgin Burns Buhai Cobrin Zimmerman Mcis Perlman Bosley Schatzkin Feldman Kaplan I.ichtc1'mRn Dreyfuss Kass Splclbcrgcr C.ruvant Frankel fleigler Cowan Gingold Borinstein Storthz Freund Hcimann Tick Huffman Epstein Kaufmann I. Rosenberg Meyers Freedman Myers Mrs. Ehrcnberg M, Block M. Rosenberg Kamien Lurvcy Miller Kopel Slnsburg Klein Ettingcr R. Block Johnson Samisch Brody Page 462 Fo lr mlm! New York University, 1847 T14 wzfy-Him' Arlinf Cbfzprwr RAYMOND P. BILOFR LORLN F. ARI-WOOD XVILLIAM T. BARRY EDWARD L. EAc,IIa CARL L, BFRNAU JOHN T. EATON ROBERT D, CARI.sON JOHN C. Cox EUGENE P. ELDRIDGE HAROLD G. NIILSON ROBLRT G. COX ELWOOD A. ERLOR WILLIAM S. MllRRIl.I. ein .IZ F A C U LT Y ROIII-RI' G. BONE, Pl1.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmfe Sifzdefzlr j. RICHARD ROYAL JOSEPH D, 'TAYLOR Sezziorf RORI-RT XV. EDWARDS HARRlfI.l. R. HOIfI-'MAN HOWARD E. GRUIIB RORFRT j. JORDAN IIIIIIUVJ Pl'Il'R E, KOVACHIC CHKSTITR XV. MI'Ic.HI.I.I. S0lf7f70Ill07'6.f JAMFS H. REUTER ,IOI-IN M. RICE EDXYIN SIHIIsI.BY WILLIAM G. NELSON ROrIIfRT T. NORRIS Ifreflwzezz JACK T. SHIITI2 LYNDON H. SIMMFRMAN MRLRIIRN 0. SIMMONS HFRRlfR'I' M. RI1IivI's ANDREW' R. RYAN Alplm Epsilon Chapter Iilfrlblllluif, 1909 201 li.1fr jffhrl Sfwe! PARKIIR W, THOMAS XVlfli5'lI:R E. LA VISTI' JACK C.. NIOTT RILHARD B. PORT CIIARLIR B. RFFD IUANIITL S. VUILCOX MARTIN P. VVILLIAMS Hl'RliIfR'l' E. WILLS RORRRT H. WIasTcO'rT FRI-D W. YONE 1. Slmutc H. Nelson Slxcllny Rcuter Wfilwx Bcrnau flarlsrrn Simmcrman Ricc Eldridge Wlilliams Eaton jorllan Bone J, Crux Simmons Barry Raul La Vcttc Iwfntt Hullmqln Aslmwmmrl Taylor Grubb Port Kovzulmir Bilger Tlmmas Engle Ry In Rccvu W. Nelson Wkstcott Morrill Norris Ekluf Yonc R. fox XVlllS Page 4 QJmZe,4-CAM? cgyzazfeznffiw Alpha Kappa Kappa. . . . . . . 465 Nu Sigma Nu ..... .... 4 66 -PhiBetaPi.... ....467 Phi Rho Sigma . . . . . . . 468 ge 464 Ffflfrzdfmf D.II'tIIIOIItII fullegc, 1888 I'ffI:JfII I I II tifliz I' C'lv41ptI'rJ HAI,I.RRD BEARD, M.D. PAUL N. BEDINGI-R, B.S., M.D. LOUIS N. BOIELIO, B.S., M.D. ARNR CHRISTIAN, B.S., M.D. CIARITNCE KIOSTIIQAN, B,S., M.D. DFNNI9 R. CRIII1, B.S., M.D. CIHARITS DAVIsoN, A.M., M.D. FRANK J. FARA, BS., M.D. FMMIYRT G, BOLRIT I.. EDMIINI7 FOSTI-R DONN R. GOSSOM XVIII.IAM L. COITHRANIT CIIARLRS XV. HlJIfIfMAN CIRANT T. JOHNSON H. THOMAS BARRETT THOMAS P. BURTON GIfORcxIs HIfNIzuAR JOSEPH F. ALLMAN SHFRWOOIJ BAKVR VIQRLIN BAvSINcsIfR ROIIIRT BROxx'NIz IDAN t'I.ARIq V M. .7114 KW W FACULTY YV.-XI.TFR R. FISCHMR, B.S., M.D. RORTRT I., FIJRIX, B.S., M.D. JI'I.IUS H. HISSS, M.D. HIZNRY E. IRISH, M.D. ROBERT XV. KI'I2'I'ON, M.S., M.D. ENANVISI. A. KOMINILK, M.D. JOHN D. KOLILKY, M.S., M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior! A. JLROMIS HlIRTIzR EDWARD XV. KUNCRIQL fmziorf ROBFRT R. JONES ELXVOOD F. KORTMRIRR ARTHUR M. LINDSAY JACK KLEIN Soplwzzzorer XYYILLIAM P. MARSHALL Freybnzezz LISROY DANREITIER FRANK E. HUNTI5 FRANK JOHNSON RICHARD XV. KARRAKER CHARLIQS KLONTZ XVIII IAM RAPP EIvxvARIr SVHIIMACH XVAI.'1'IfR Cf. MAU GVORQIJ B. MIQAOHITR HOSMVR T. NIFRRFLL 'I'HIfOIvORIa J. PASQUIQSI JACK I.AvIN DON I.IfHMAN ROIIIiRT P. LYKKEBAK GIPORLQIQ A. OI.ANIvIaR ELI C'II.Iptcr EIIIILIIIERJ. 1899 812 Smflv ARHRIIJJ Bffzfhzfml' CH Cl'i.fI,go ARI.IfS H. LASAGE, B,S., M.D. RORI-RT B. BIALCOLM, M,S,, M.D. LTON W, MARTIN, Ph.D,, M.D. CHARITS H. PHIFLR, M.D. DUANR XV. PROPST, A.B., B.S., M.D. fill.-KRLES B. PITSTOW, M.D., Ph,D. LINIION SEED, M.S., M.D. XYVIILARIJ VAN HAZEL, A.B., M.D. l'R XVILLIAM T. SHAIfI'IfR RORLRT R. SNIWLY RALPH S. TURNER XVFNDITI. P. SCOTT ERNEST I.. THOMPSON GILBIRT L. XXIRIGHAI' S. PAUL ROARK VINCLNT C. SANSONIT HAROLD F. TRAI-TON XYVALTFR ROBINSON BI.-KRTIN VAN HFRIK HARRX' K. WADDINOIC RICHARD F. VUHITLOCK CHARLES XV. YOUNG N Baker AlIman Robinson Olzmdcr BIIySingcI nm Hcrik Lavin Klunrz Lehman Dunrcitcr Karrukcr Hunts E. Johnson XY'IIiIlOck Lykkchnk Bmw nc Young Barrett Rnnrk Pzlsqucsi KIcin Trafmn MRISIIIIII Hcncgar SI1nSOnc I XVRddingtIIn 'Qlark Conhmne Muu Jones Meagher Kortmeicr Hoffman G. ,l1vhnSfm Swrt Xvflflhf I-mdidy UHUUPWU Turner Bocke Hurtcx I Schumacher SIIIIIICI Rapp GIISSOID Snivcly Emtcr lxunfktl Page Founded University of Michigan, 1882 Fowy Ar'li1'e Clmpferi JOSEPH C. BECK, M.D. SAMUEL J. BARROVCS, M.D. HENRY T. BYEORD, A.M., M.D. WARREN H. COLE, B.S., M.D. GEORGE DE TARNOXVSKY, M.D. FREDERICK G. DYAS, M.D. FRANK B. EARLF, M.D. XYIALTER C, HAMMOND, M.D. KIEITER E. FRANTZ I.EON P. GARDNER HENRY S. BERNET XVILLIAM H, BLAIQKEURN HARVEY A. EVANS DONALD L. BRUBAKIER JOHN S. CLARK JAMES T. CUNNINGHAM W. GLEN AGAMY WAI.TER C. CLOXVERS THORNTON A. DAVIS Zum FACULTY WII.LIAM M. HARSHA, B.S., A.B., M.D. JERRY J. KFARNS, B.S., M.D. SELIM W. MCARTHIIR, Ph.B., M.D. HIIGH A. MCGUIKSAN, Ph.D., M.D. ERNEST S. MOORE, Ph.B., M.D. OSCAR E. NADEAU, B.S., M.D. VINCIiNT J. Olf:ONOR, B.S., M.D. WILLIAM F. PFTERSFN, B.S., M.D. Eta Chapter Efmbliilaed, 1892 626 Solzlb Axfzlund Boulerani c'biI-Egg JOHN B. ROTH, B.S., M.D. LOUIS W. SCHULTZ, B,S., D.D,S,, M.D. FRANCIS E. SENEAR, B.S., M.D. HIRAM J. SMITH, M.D. EVERETT L. STROI-IL, M.D., M.S. THEODORE J. WACHOvc'sKI, B.S., M.D. CASEY A. XVOOD, A.M., M.D. MAJOR H. WORTHINGTON, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sezziorf JOSEPH J. HALLFTT HOW'ARD A. LOVVY fzmiorf NEMO D. GAINES LFXYIS G. MCKEEVER ROBERT D. LONVRFY THEODORE Z. POLICANORIOTES S0pZ70I7l07'8.f EARL XV. DCJNELAN ROBERT L. GRISSOM JAMES T. DONOSRY ROIIERT E, HURII2 EUGENE G. GOI-'ORTH PAUL B. MOBERI.liY Freflwzefz WILLIAM E. FARNEY GUSTAV GRAUPNER DCJNALD KING H. ROYAL MOORE ROBERT J. POLAN J. GILBERT ROGERS EDVVARD S. LUNDGREN GORDON G. SNIDER JOSEPH W. TELEORD B. FREDERICK STEIN RICHARD M. STEINBERC JULIUS J, WEINBERO ROBERT 'IIHOEMETZ ALIIERT G. WAONER THOMAS R. YOUNG Page 466 Rogers Clowers G:IineS Dnnosky Young Weinberg Steinberg McKcever Davis Brubaker Graupner Thenmetz Polan Farney Petty Moberley ,Moore King Wlagncr Goforth Donelan Cunningham Stein Hurie Agamy Whitclmead Grissom Clark Snider Pnlicandriotcs Hallett Gardner Frantz Lundgrcn Lowy Barnet Lowrcy Blackburn Telford RrvxIR'I A. BIISIII7 WII.I.IAsI E. RIrxsI'I.I. I7fIm1JI'Il J L.lIIivcI'aity uf IIttslwIIIglI, 1891 lwf.'I'!wn gh AI.If0Ns RQ, ISALIIN, ILS., M.D. lin' f..l7glf7ll'7 I' IIIIII Klmptur lilfurblzllml. 1103 UU ,Ywrlfv flIlIlI1I1Il BfI1IfuI,1r,l f.'lIfII1,Iw f ,.:, .1-, fs ,u-1 7. 'nw -NPI! I.. . I 'blk I 1, gain ' N FACULTY flHARI.F5 E. HLIMIHON, M.D., D.Su. ' HAROIIB I. MEYIZR, M,D., M.S. C.I-IARIIZS 5. HAIUN, PlI.D., M.D., Dbt. INI.-KVRICQIS I.. Bl.'X'l"I', M.D,, DSI. GI'oRIpIf, Ph,G., M.D., M.S. EI.I.Is BoxNI'I,I, M.D. 'IAI'l.I. NI-'I.sON, B.S., M.D, CiIfc.II. D. Hnoxxx, HS., M.D, RuI1oI.PII J. OIIIQN, A.B., MD. XVIIIIARI H, BROXYNY, B.S., M,D. IW.-KHLON P. PALMER, A.B., M.D. XY7Al.'l'IfR J. CARIIJ, Pl1,D., M.D. S.-KMl'IiI. Pl'I.l'SIf, M.D. HUGO O. DI'I'ss, B,5,, M.D. CIIIORGIF H, RIfzI-IK, A,B., M.D, RoIxI'R'I' XV. FINARIIS, B.S,, M,D. PAUI, L. SCHROEDER, B.S., M.D. EIIIIIUNII FoII'Y, PLS, M.D. SI'AxI.I'Y AxImIRxoN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior! IRAVID T, ffL'RTIS DI.l.HI'RT XV. Mc'KIxxI'Y PARRV H, SIAIVR, PlI.D. l.I'ROY H, SLOAN, BS., M.D. C1HARI,Is S'I'I2w'AIu', D.D.S,, M.D. FRANK I.. STUNII, M.D. HAROLD C. S'I'RI'ItK, Ph.D, XY,AI.TIfR H. TIfII'0IsAIII, Bd., M.D. RILH.-NRI! L. XYVIIKIB, Ph.D. FRANKLIN S. XVIIRIIN, PILG., M,D. ARNOIIV A. ZIMAIIRAIAN, DSL. Bcal SoIaImII- J. BARKIITI AIw0I.PII H. BAR'IUl.l, JR, LIQONARII A. BITKIR V. BI'RIwIt1TI' ADAMS I.IfxIuAI.I. D. ARc'HI'R E. XYIAIIAILI' CAvIxx LIzsI.IIs M. BoIvxAR EIIWARID S. BRINTIQN RItiIIARIm P. FRUI-IIAuIf ERXYIN CI. BAR'I'IfI.sMIrYI:R MII.IfS J. BllIl.IfK JAMIfs V. CARRIQ RoIIIfR'I' A. DIA' BORIS 'I'IIIoImRI' XV, Bkcmxxx 'I'IIcznIAs S, CI'nIMIxts RALPII D. E'I'I'INtsI-R LAXXRI-NKIIA 0. GooIvMAN l:iiN'I'lfR E. CIOSSARIH Rlfx D. HAMMOND Low I:I,I. I. HILI. RI:ssI:I.I. W. JUST FRANK P. DI-I ROSA KARI. S. ERIIARIIT J. xVAl.'l'liR HAS'I'lNliS JQIIN D. I.YNc'H, III JAMIS KI. FASH TIIRII-'I' G. HANKS llH7i0l'.f EDGAR O, HUGHIN -JOHN R. IRWIN JAMIts W. IVIARSHALL Sophomoref ROLAND W. LIPPOLD RIIssIaI,I. W. PARCHFR CI.IIf'I'oN L. REFDER Fzwfamefz RIIssIaI.I. MAYNARD WII.I IAM E. Momzow' PAUL W. POXVFLL ADRIAN R. OLI-'ui RoIII'R'I' D. ROANI' XYVILIIAM D. IWUSIMAN THOMAS XV. O'KANIf HARMON D. SI'IfI.Y ROIIVRT R. ROTH STFPHIIN KI. SCo'I"I' JOHN S. ROANII XVALTER A. SCIIIIUIQIHIIR XY"ALTItR F. SMIZAIRAI. ADRIAN I.. Sf HRl'lIlI-R GIfr:Rc:I' E, 'I'xx'I-:VI I: Romfn A. VAR A'I"IA RAYMIAIJ F. SHI-IfI'x, JR. lil!-RlllR'l' P. SIIIAN H. EIIIwI'I.I. XVLII-s'II'NI'IfI.Iu I.Avc'RINc.Ia K. TAYI.oR I.oIIIs E. Tlanmx' GIIURILIQ H. XVAI.l.IER, JR. CARI. R. S'I'I.rRIfNRIIsIfII l.lfli A. STIfxx'ARIu CI-IARI.I2s A. VIzA'I'I:IPI GAYIUN CQ. XXfll.l.IAMSON - A A . Steward H1lSflIIJJSIDC Html W'IllI,ImsuII Vcntclx DQ Rosa Smcyknl Stllflblftltl' Harris Lynch Roimc Maynartl Powell B,II'tclsmcycI' Blcluk Tclmw Brintrm Llppultl 'l'.IyluI Hmlnur HLlI11HI4lDLlRI!fll W'allcr Frculmuf Reetlcr Hill StetkcIIIIIlcI' Pnrchcr Jost Mumm' Erlnglrtlt Stott MmiInIIn AI'IlIcr l"ll1LIl1CS Slmtcts Atlnms Sloan Ettingcr Gossard O'Knnc Glmdmgln Murslmll C.IvIm XVucstcnlclLl Enxiu HC lictkcr IlIIItIs I:IIxlI Russell f.LII'IIlI1ll'!i V1InAttgI H.Inlts Sccly Dr. Dcuss Andsrson Bmwn Twcntc Bnrkctt liIIItulI Olctk Stlxrcilwcr RIIIIIIL Page 467 Founded Northwestern University, 1890 Tbirzyrzfrefl Aflire Clmfllam' WA MYRON C. BENEORD, B.S., M.D. FRANK CHAUVET, M.D. FRANK B, DEARDORFF, B.S., M.D. PERCY J. DELANO, B.S., M.D. FREDERICK H. FALLS, M.S., M.D. BERNARD FANTUS, M.S., M.D. HOWARD G. GOXVEN, Ph.D., M.D. G. WILLIAM ARENDS STEPHEN M. CHASTEN FRANK H. DICKSON, JR. JOHN A. KEYS ARMAND D. ALBRIECHT MERTON E. BURHANS ELBERT E. CARLSON WILLIAM F. BOEI-IM, JR. MILTON W. BUEHRIG FRANK J. BURNS DXVIGHT A. CALLAGAN 'ffl ES-z ,M FACULTY RUSSELL D. HERROLD, B.S., M.D. PAUL H. HOLLINGER, B.S., M.D. JOHN M. LANG, M.D. ERIC OLDBERG, M.D., Ph.D. NELSON M. PERCY, M.D. CHARLES T. POULSON, B.S., M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sezziorf ROBERT R. HERIIST MILO H. SCHOSSER jznziorf HAROLD J. KOLB LOXVELL E. MASSIE FRANCIS P. LAFATA Sophomoref EDRVARD J. GIUNTA ALLEN H. LONG JOHN R. GORDON GEORGE W. NELSON Frerlamefz HONY'ARD CARRINGTON WILLIAM F. CHAMBERS ERNEST D. GEEVER JOHN D. HARDINGER FRED L. PHILLIPS CHARLES L. PFLUEGER Beta Chapter E514 blifhed, 1804 816 Salflb Arlaland BouZe1'ard Clvimgo CARLOS I. REED, Ph.D. FREDERICK J. ROOS, M.D. HAROLD D. SINGER, M.D. STANISLOUS A. SZURFK, M.S., M.D. HENRY B. THOMAS, B.S., M.D. FREDERICK TICE, M.D. MILO E. VACIN, M.D. LADDIE XV. ZEMAN HAROLD R. ORERHILL MAX E. WEBDER TRUMAN B. SCHFRTZ HERMAN H. STONE LLOYD A. WUNSCH EUGENE J. RANKE PAUL W. SUNDERLAND WILLIAM S. THOMPSCN JACK WILLIAMS Thompson Pflueger Chambers Burns Callagan Carrington Sunderland Williams Giunta Carlson Boehm Gordon Gccver Schertz Buehrig Massie LaFata Oberhill Albrecht Nelson Hardinger Keys Long WUHSCII Kolb Zem an Arends Reed Schosser Herbst Webber Ch asten Page 468 Iwi if epv' .inf v ,A ' PFW if , . JMX-ff N L1?Q'1iu2': ,.,,,. , w . . ..,-. .v-, , 3, . . , .,., . ..QQ , , ,.. A . 4 f . , : ,.,,,,.,,.,,,, , , , 1, R f V1 ' X , ' 'LA 1" - Y ' , 4 1 f . is Q F Q K , .- e.,- f 'Kan , ' U Q - 21 iq . . 'iff 2'5sff'2' B1 'V' "HY fn! ' '3'ufil,fPif.',fQ' if Fr? ' 'filw if:pf'igf.24iQ,5?f7"'?3 I"-214 "fMw 5 'Sf' U W'1?tf'fi wi NZ' Y K ' wfg'Q 1 Qi? wwf wy' a,f'!fwg-'20 if W H lfmffw' 1 MP? iff fm.: V W , vi ' , , M V, JL., f . Q ' MM, ,ur X 'Q iff f , I G egg -53 1' . . g5,,f"q. ef :lf 1.363 if ,LKQQ5 x1":'3i.,g g 532 :2 me fl 1 gg 4 gif -I 'MM fig, . ix A 5 S pf ,4g,,gfff1f?1f+'i,,3,,f'g" ,-wi ii aff,'p,, 1 ", ' l., - 6 .11 f Q, P m y JP' V uf egl , I 5, QR ,two l M A.W.M.N M Q. I, ' -Lge f ,,.- :Q v5 if .. .zo ,, Wx nf xg Q, , . .4 ,111 .,., J QP Q Q , 5 QQ in X ' -W N2 ,X V 5 ' 1 -. 'E' QF. W ,Q , Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Chi Omega . Delta Pi . . . . Epsilon Phi . . Gamma Delta Omicron Pi . . Phi...... Xi Delta . . . Beta Phi Alpha . . . Beta Sigma Omicron Chi Omega... .. Delta Delta Delta . . Delta Gamma .... Delta Zeta . . . . Gamma Phi Beta . . . Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta . ...... . . Kappa Kappa Gamma. . . . Phi Phi Omega Pi. . . . Phi Sigma Sigma Pi Beta Phi...... Sigma Sigma Delta Tau . . . Kappa... . Theta Upsilon .... Zeta Tau Alpha . . . . Page 472 JVLJEX' 0Z0'ZSiiL6.4 474 475 476 477 478 479 480 481 482 483 484 485 486 487 488 489 490 491 492 493 494 495 496 497 498 ALEXANDER QUINLAN CUSHMAN SCHWARTZ an -gli! Memo etmct Alpha Chi Omega BETTY L. GILBERT MARGUERITE G. IMLE Alpha Delta Pi BETTY L, WILLIAMS ALDENE H. HUPP Alpha Epfilon Phi SELMA A. KUHN MARIAN GOLDSMITH Alpha Gamma Delta MURIEL E. NELSON ELIZABETH M. HIGGINS Alpha Omicton Pi VIRGINIA L. TRAPPE BETTY L. ALVEY Alpha Phi INIARY J. BALLANCE RUTH D, PITANN Alpha Xi Delta MARY J. ZAHNEN CATHERINE M, ROBE Beta Phi Alpha MARGARET A. THOMPSON LORRAINE G. MIKES Beta Sigma Omirrotz MILDRED V. HARRISON LENORA F. PERRY . ' If ' .. il' 'TS :" - I R lat. 1 XT 1 . Cowing Musselman SARA SQHWARTZ .,.. ..... CHARLOTTE S. CUSHMAN MARY J. ALEXANDER. , . . .. BETTY J QUINLAN ..... STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES OF COURT BETTY L. AI.vEY LAURA M. COE FRAN L. COWING .. . , . . .Ptefident . . . .Vile-Pruident . . . . . . . .Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . .TreaJarev' OF APPEALS HELEN E. ERIGKSON MARY M. MUSSELMAN VIRGINIA L. TRAPPE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Chi Omega VIRGINIA MCCANCE IWIARGARET ROUTH Delta Delta Delta C. PAULINE KEELER JUNE E. RUSSELL Delta Gamma JOSEPHINE F. IRELAND SARA F. POXVELL Delta Zeta ALYCE M. KUEHNE VIRGINIA LANPHAR Gamma Phi Beta MINTA J. BARTLE BETTY J. ROE Kappa Alpha Theta JEAN S. HOSRINS IVIARY J. ALEXANDER Kappa Delta RUTH M. BINGHAM BETH A. IRVINE Kappa Kappa Gamma LAURA M. COE MARY M. MUSSELMAN Phi ZVIIY MARTHA E. PILE ETHEI. L. RFICHITRT Phi Omega Pi FRAN L. COWING HELEN E. ERICKSON Phi Sigma Sigma LUCILLE P. MARCUS GIZNEVIEVE P. KLINE Pi Bela Phi JANE A. ROLLO HELEN V. SIHLER Sigma Delta Tau CHARLOTTE S. CUSHMAN SEDELLE B. SCHULZ Sigma Kappa JOSEPHINE E. STEELE DOROTHY L. COX Theta Phi Alpha EILEIZN M. KENNEY ANN J. THILMONY Theta Upfilan BOBBY J. BUMANN LOIS J. WINTERBERG Zeta Tau Alpha BETTY J, PINCH VIRGINIA V. CLARK Erickson Alvey Trappe Coe Page 473 -Y?" yn P -5. I 'ii A ,gf-, R Lf Founded Dc Pauw Unixcrsity, 1885 .Yfxly-jim' Aflfre Cb!lf7fL'1'J' Ima Clmptcr Ef1f115li.Ibvd. 1899 901 Sunfb l.ir1mIz1 !l1'I'1l11e 0111. CI' OW.. GARRKTA H. BIJSEY, Ph.D. A. ROSINA BITLLINGTCN JOAN M. ADAMS NIIRGINIA CAMPBELL -IOAN CUSHING MADELYN F. DOWNING ROsIzIvIARY BEST H. JEAN CLARK ROSAMOND I-I. CI.IfAvEs MARY M. BLAKE HI:T'IY L. CLINCH IYIARY j. KIORNS MARc'EI.LI: L. DE X7OHN PARALET ARMSTRONG D. LORRAINE BFRMAN MARKQARIET M. BI.AI:EsI.I3E DOROTHY E. COLBY F A C U LT Y DORLES C, STUTZMAN, A,M. lN1AR'lH.'X MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradzmle Slzfdezzfr Selziwxr BI-'I'IY I.. GIl.l4I2RT NORMA J. GIIIINGHAM MARY B. JUTTON fzmiofzr I.. IRENE EVANS IUOROTHY E, FISCHIER M. JANII CILIZNNAN S0lUl?07720i'Ef CAROL I.. EOE IUOROTHY E. HIIXTAIKLE MAIwIfI.YN E. I.ItITIuI.E F. JANE LYON Frerlmzezz KATHRYN CQUMMISKEY YIANIE M. FOSTER DOROTHY A. I-IOLLMAN M. EILLLN INIAYFR BI-'I"I'Y L. MfQl.AI.I.l5N RUTH E. IVIUSSI-I.MAN lX'IARClYlfRI'I'I' G. IMLE Dr:RO'I'IIY R. JU'I"I'0N LIICII-2 F. NlliHKJI.S l'lARRIlf'I"l' I., IVIARTIN MARTHA R. Nfllfl. fiA'I'HliRINl'I M. Pl'RNlfI.I. RUIII O. RTINRI. MARICHRIF A. LYON NANCY Q. NIVOLI. PATRILIA A, PARSONS J, VAUGHT, A.M. I.I7riILE HIINTINIQTON SARAH f,RNDORH: ,IANVRIN E. STRAIfssIiR C. GLORIA SuI.LIvANI MARTHA A. WOIJIMAN -IOAN M. XYIALKIIR D. JANE WHI'I'Ic ELEANOR R. WISE MARTHA A. SHAI-ER !TciRO'rHv A. VARNIIM PATRICIA V. VUAISH IXIARIIQTIA W'I'IsI'R IOAN SI.I7m'R FLORENCE L. SPIfNr'I-R INIARY j. XX7COI7XY'OI1'l'H Page 474 Purnell DCX7Ulll'1 Martin XVchcr Lcedle Wfalsh Reinkc Noel Egc Clinch j.I.yOn COrns Varnum Exans Fischer Iljuttun Nichols Best Imlc Wfhitc Glcnnan flarlc Wlalkcr Shafer I-Iuxtahlc Downing Campbell Straesser Cushing Gillingligim XVOltman M. .Iutton Gilbert Mussclmzin Maycr Sullivan McI.allsn Clcaves Oimlrrrllr AIlIms Cummislcey Armstrong Parsuns Spencer Nicoll NVOoLlw0rtlI Sluclcr XVISQ M.I.yOn Hollman Colby Foster Berman Fa 111111611 Wfcsleyan Female Knllege, 1851 Fifly-.Ii.x XII fir I' f,ll71IfffL'7',I RIVIII E. BAILEY VItRA D. BRITTON VIRA F. FANxIxG PITARL C. BOYFR BONNIE K. Fnxx MARGARII'I' A. KIIIY JANICE E. BUSIII: BLITY A. LAMPIE DCPRKJTHX' 1. ANDLRSON SHIRLEY V. BROIIERG JISAN L, BURKE Evmyx BIQRLIXGHAM cyl! A jeffd MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdmzle Smdwil fiA'I'Hl.RlNIZ j, MAK'K H. AI DI Nl, HI'PP EVIIYN M. HI"Ic'HIscIN HAIIHARII R. KFNIIAII. JOAN K. RIKCANN DUIIUIIIY j. MIc'HAIIs IXI.-NRI.-XX D. l.ISHI'R RLUIH I.. FRI IMAX INIARGARVT Hrfxxv :Inn BARBARA J. HITNTITR Ixrz M. ,IOHNSUN Selziwxr ffnziorxr Sophonzmer I:I'L'.fl7ll16lZ INIAIIY KINNI-IIX .IVAN Krwr ,IANI C. IWARSH HAYII I.. fJlkl'U'I"I' IWARY RIc'IIARm0N LII I IAx SKIHAITI IRR MARX' jouxsmx DIf1.IA PINI- LoIs M. Rlflsz Sigma Clmptcr Ifnlrzfflffhml, 1912 IJ02 IVIHI Nurrzffrl Siren! RIISIIMARY VI. Pu'I"I'ING KA'I'IIIfRIxI-' RovII7oUIar NIARIANNII M, STIIPHFNS RIARJCRIE R. SII.vI'RMAN IRMA A. SORRYLI. Bl'l"lY I.. XYVILIJAMS VIITNI- Ii. SMITH IDCRKYI HY I.. TYGRITI' MARION D. SHUT: RIARY E, XVEISS juxr E. W'II.I.IAMS AVIHRI-'Y M. XVYILI IS Lamps Ropiequet Andersrrn Buslee Bailey Fanning Smith Kennclly Putting Tygret Xvillis Lesher Sclmcfer Sorrell Kelly Mcfizmn Flynn Buyer Oilutt RIAEIIIIFIISUH Freeman Shuts Stephens Nf2ll'5l1 Hupp MIIh.Iel9 B. Vllillizlms Kendall Kent Silxermnn Hutghison Britton I XYVIIIIHIUS ReIs2 jnlmscm julImtmI Hruberg Burke Hunter Wliss Burlinglmm I'Ienvvoml Page Founded Barnard College, 1909 Twmty-,fix Arrive Chapterr Mu Chapter Eyzablhhed, 1920 904 3011117 Third Sffeel I ...JZA rf ifn My DORYS A. BLOOM HELENE C. FRANK JUDITI-I L. BAZELON ANNETTE F. BRUSSELL MINDIZLL COHEN BETTY L. ABRAHAMS MADELYN L. BERGER RUTH BRENNER ETI-IEL CCHEN GLADYS Y. ALTEELD SHIRLEY H. BERLAU BETTY J. DERS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniorr SELMA A. KUHN PATRICIA D. SAGER MURIEL I. MILLER fzmiorf MONICE M. DWORSKI KATHRYN H. MYERS M. ELAINE FREEDMAN GRACE RAMENOESKY HELEN A, LOXXVENSTEIN Sophomore! MARIAN H, GOLDSMITH AIMEE J. HERZBERG ADA S. KATZ FRANCES M. FLEISCHER ALECIA S. GLICKMAN BETTY J. ISRAEL Frefbmen ALICE M. KOOLISH FLORENCE LEVINSON JULIET I. MYERS ADELE B. KAPLAN EILEEN J. KAPLAN HARRIET L. SOLCMON SHIRLEY M. W'oLI'soN BFRNICIZ R. SAMORS ETHEL L, SILVER CARLYNE B. STRAUSS RONA M. OBERMAN INIARJORIE J. XVEITZ ANN ZEMON ELIEANOR T. NEW'MAN IVIILDRED C. RUBEL DORIS L. STERN Israel Fleischer Altfeld Debs Glickman Berger Levinson Berlau Goldsmith E. Cohen Koolish Weitz Herzberg 'Katz Abrahams Stern J. Myers Rubel Newman Brenner K. Myers Oberman E. Kaplan A. Kaplan M, Cohen Ramenofsky Lowenstein Silver Bazelon Zemon Miller Sage: Solomon Bloom Kuhn Wolfson Frank Samors Dworski Freedman Brussell Strauss Page 476 I7f,f.'11J1'1f Sylgurxss IT11ix'c1'sitx'. 1906 I'f11,'5-46.11 .'l11'11u I f1.1j11111 XV1N1rR1fn M, IS.11z1'1.AY EMILY j. Drxx H111s'1' F, E1.1.1'N H.4Rxxr5r:1u RUTH Axlvrmwx HELFN C. B1-RVHI-R ,IITANFTTF D, fiOl.TI'Al'X F1.n1z1fNc 11 E. Grmsr 1:1 14 Emrrr E. EAs1' IWIARIAN V. Ewax V. ARUTNE GR11-N I3.a1z1mRA I-511.-xxvm I'l 11 IXIARY B. Cox DoRn'1'Hv R. Clrmxc, IDOROTHY A. C11'1'1.1'R .7111 QMW. 25111. If A C U LT Y llU9Al.lIi M. PARK, Pl1.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY SUIIIKHAJ' jmx I.. jrtuxsox M.xR1.11u' A, IxlAliRI4Y 5111111 rx' D. K1 1.1111 RIVRII 1. Nmsox flffzjofir E1.1xA1x1f111 M. HIKQCYINN filR'Xll7INl l.. M111Q111 lI111m M. l.1w'1'xc,c1o1m P11x'111x R. Ibxrmmms l.KZRl'N.-X INI.4.xA1'csH I7lr1R1'N1l' li. P1111 1 ivx Sn1l7kw1m1'e.r ANx1"1"1'1f I.. KR1'Ms11'1a M. lN.'XlillII' Mmws IRIARIH.-X j. LAW' Mfxm' A. Mos11111f I:I'6'.lf71lI61I C HAR1.E17x M. FRY1i -IVAN C. Gown Ru'1'11 jrmnfxx V111cp1N1A I.. KAIHIZ l.Il.A A. l.lINlHKQRl'N lJrm11'1111 A M. M1n1x11'1 M1'1111t1. j. f,SlI-R S1111u.1'x' M. Ifmlsoxs Sigma I luptcr li.1.1!11'i1l11'1f. MIS ri X11 1 ,111f1I1.' .'l1'11f111' S111111 1 Y Ron INIARLQAR1 1' R. Z11111411. R. ,l1,axN1: So1v1'1u1RcsM A1161 CQ T1iM1'1.1f H1 1 1 x G. XY'mN1'1Q XYVII MA R. R01 M1'RQ1s1 111 H1'11fx R. S'1'ox1: Axxr Ro111:R'rs Axxi F. TARR ,lANl'l' li. Ucarx. I2I.YNLJRl' A, XY"AI.'l'lRS Green S, Parsons Rocriicrslwrger Ewan l.11w Krumsick lfzlslmgm Stonv C utlcr Mmuip jurdxn Mayes Livengood Good Sunlwstrsirn P, PJITSUIIS Mcckcr Phillips Andcimn Xwusnuk Gl11ss1mk Mllilllllllll Cultcaux Oster Higgins Barclay Zirfkcl Russ Hirwrsml Dcwlxilst Mnlurcy julinsim Keller Nelson Tcinplc Walters Bmnstatcx' Ugel Kzlulz Cirang K mx ,I41ll'T l.LlIlLlgl'Cl'l Middleton Frye Page 477 WNW W f MW' W' Amiga , Ifffmzrlr I! H.III'IIIlnl hullcgc, 189 l'f,IfyIl,x .IIHII f,lIr1jII'uI,I BVI IY I.. AINIY PHYILIS J. ANIIIIA VIRGINIA A. BAILIR AIARY E. BI.UI7I7 l5I'I'I'Y ,l. fil'RI. BIARY L, DIIMVR -IANI' A, EI,I.Is INIARY A. BL'RCQl'I'T XVIxII'RI'Iu L. DQRSVY lSl.IZANl"IlI I.. HAYI's DURUIIIY M. HUDSON DONNA I.. BIIVHM NIARIAN R. f.UOPI'R l.AVliRNlT A. Ec:c:I.I's'IoN IIIf.I Ch.Ipter lfII'I1H1.IfI:'Il. 1911 Tm Sffmb Mfrzhezw 'micron ,' FACULTY l.rmI'IxI M. XVuc1Imr4ocJI-I , B.P. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sezziwxf INIARY .l. l:ll.l.OXXS RosAI.IA I.. FRI'IwA M, -IVAN CIARDXIR IIHIIUIIY IWARY E, H: I.'I'nIAN NAS! Y ,l, lII'RI.IsIr'I' ITIIIDA S. KIcIvIIM'I'I IN 'x SIIf7l70l1Ifll'?.l' ,II'AxI-'I"I'I V. HI:x'IAIIIIf RoIsIII'IA M, ,IrmIIxs'Iox KVI I YN CQ. KII.uIIs Iv1.fxIIY E. Olioxxon lfnfrxrl s E. .IIIIIIIS RIITH M. MItYIiI1 lXlARCQAIlI'I' A. Molirtx 1:1'l',lSl7Nllf7l HIIIN VI. l"'lAMI,lN XYVII MA J. KAIsIII AlllDRIl7 F, KI'I2MIl.I.I'R VIIIUINIA G. KOIHLIR I,IoxIi M, KRI-IM ,ll'l.IANNl? R. PrARr'n EI IZAIKI-'l'H PIxI.IY Lms I.. SlSHl"I"I' PHYII.Is J, IVIURPHY lfl.AINIi O'CoNNrm MARY F. 0'IAxX'I-I.I. fJl,IX'I' L. IXIARTIN BIARGARIT H. IYICGARRY EI IzAHI5I'H A. O'I-Irnx X'II1c,IxIA L. TRAPPE EI AINI' K. LANG RI 'III M. Rl-NNICI-C RIUIII E. SMYIQAL YIIAA C. SIQI:I:I.I:s IXIARVIURIL I. SMITH M. JANET XYVAY BITH M. XVILSON Nrzm M, RAHMIQYER XYIINIFRFD I. TIMMONS l.ORR.-UNI: H. ZIIINIQR Page 478 E. O'ff0nn0r Pearce Murphy Cooper Eggleston Moeck Kilgus Timmrms Otwcll julius Rzlhmeyer Wlay Zillner Meyer Brehm Huxtahle Dorsey Burgett Hayes Smith Pixley Iludson Skcelcs Johnston Schutt IMI. O'Conn0r Wilson Martin Antilla Kitzmiller Blond Hamlin Baker Tmppc Freda O'I-Iern Alvey McGarry Fellows Gardner Kreim Curl Koehler Diemcr Smyknl Lung Ellis Hurlhut Rennick Holtzman Klopfenstem Fozmded Syracuse University, 1872 Tlairty-eigbt Artizfe Clmpterx Beta Alpha Chapter!vIi.vi9eu', 1922 508 Emi Arffzofy Street F A C U LTY MARGARET BLOOM, Ph.D. JANE C. VVA'I"I', A.B., M.Mus. JANET I.. XIUFSTON, Ph.D. MARY J. BALLANCE HARRIETT A. BLOMBERG BARBARA E. BAILEY KATHRYN E. BRIGHT ELEANOR G. ANDERSON JEANNE H. ELLISON MARY E. FISHER RUTH C. AMLING BETTE J. BACH BARBARA A. BARNEY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmte Student FLETCHER METCAI.FE SE7Zi01'J' RUTH H. BURLISON DOROTHY E. LEE MARGERY A. FLANINGAM RUTH D. PITANN fzzfziorf JAYNE M. GROBE ELIN KUDO Soplaomoref VIRGINIA L. FLANINGAM LORRAINE R. POCHERT PEGGIE L. LIVELY ELIZABETH J. SCAIFE BILLIE E. MAYER Freflamen MARGARET A. BURLISON PATRICIA L. MALONE DOROTHIE M. CUTLER ELI.A L. MENZEN MARY E. ELBEREELD MARIAN F. MILLIZEN ANNE TEMPLETON JANE M. WARRINER EVELYN E. ONKEN CAROLYN M. PALMER JI-TAN L. STANDISH ALICE J. VAN DYKE HELEN V. WRIGHT MERRY J. ORR RUTH V. SYLVAN JERRY M. THORNTON I S Scaife Anderson Van Dyke Pochert Ellison Standish V. Flaningam Mayer Malone Sylvan Elberfeld Lively Bright Palmer Onken Bailey Kudo Wright Fisher Warriner Blomberg R. Burlison Lee Templeton Ballance M. Flaningam Amling Barney Thornton Orr Millizen M. Burlison Menzen Cutler Page 479 l'fI11f1IfI ,f I.uIIIIwgIII.I Cullsgu, 1895 I-H11-w1II.' .'iI:i1I C. MARLQARIFI' H. BIIRR RII'I'H M. CouI'I'As E. LYNN FRIIfImI,I RI"I'II M. CRIJMIIIIQ IETHYI. S. FoRI.Axx VIRGINIA GRAHAM AIJANA M. GR0swI'I'c'H AIvIfI.AIIuI' N. BIRR AMY J. HAAG -IANI-'I' HQRSIMAN RUTH IXJRRINKTICIN ID!-I.0RIiS E. Dllilj NANIY J. FISHI R , I W ,,....,.,..,r.,.,..,,.,,...dr M.. ,,,. vm., .x,,,.I v-:a,,,..:.,w3..5.T:,,.i:..:75,5-qw,.5,3R-Z-,.,,T,.T,.......,.,..,.2 ,. , ,....,..-...w ,... ,. Y.. , 4 ,. W X, f . ff I A ' f I ' '17, I ' A ' . .1 .G If T3::XfgYIifff I - I -'Y - I . - 1 ' iff f .- I I I, I 'I zfsx. I? FAC U LTY IRENE D. PIERSON, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sezliorf MARYIaI.LEN GLERLIM PIQARI. R. I.Au'I'H JANF F. HOKAMP f.A'IAHIfRlNlI M. Roms fwziorf DCRQTHY G, GLINRIH. FAITH I.UciAs ARLINE P. HADDILIK HIiNRII5I'TI5 j. MciBRInIf LORRAINIQ I.. LINDEMAN VIRLZINIA j. NAKIS Soplaofzzaref ANNAI-IIiI.LE A. JOHNSON EI.I-'ANOR V. MQRLLAN IDOROTHY j. KUHNS HIIIN R. SNK I'INIfY I'vI'E5!?Ill9II LOUISE C. GRFFNWELL DORIS M. I.UNDIsI.AD JFAN M. HAAK BIITTY I.. MoRTI7NsIIN K.Ipp.I f,II.IptI:I' IfIlIIf1f1IfII'If, IWW 5 ll Im .IIIIIIIQIIII 'S'IIw, M. JANIQ ZAHNI-'N IXIARY A. Z1IfI.INsIQI jI'ANI-I'II' M. Roxvlf LOIIINI- RVSKAMP INIITRII-'I. H. ZAHN IDUNNA M. XY'HITF5IfI.I. EIwI'IH I. XVIIDLING IDUROTHY V. PVRRING MARIAN F. Roma INIARIIT E. S'IAUIII'I'z Horstmun Morgan johnson A. Berr Wlwitesell Wicdling Kulms Sweeney Haag Graham Nakis flrombie Lucas Rowe McBride Haddick Fnrlaw Gunkcl Zahn Grosspitch Cnultsls M. Bcrr Friedli Glcrum C. Robb Zahnen Ziclinski Lindeman Lauth Hokamp Iundblad Hnak Staubitz Fisher Perring Corrington Grecnwell M. Robb RuQK1mp Page 480 Ibm min! IInivcI'sity of CIIIIIOITIIII, I 741114129-Iiglnf flflizc fffmp GRAKIE E. ANDRFSEN IVIARIE C. GRYCH HIaI.IsN M. ANDERSON XVILMA L. BOR'1'01.0'I'TI BETTIE Z. BURRI5 JOSIZPHINIQ M. FARRELL EIINA N. FAIITH PATRICIA K. MATHIASEN DOROTHY H. MEYER Ii:-I.I C lI.IplcI' IiIt11bli.IlIm', 1923 fU7J' H05 ll"'I'.I1 IHIIIIIJIIAIIILI f17'L'71lI:' A A I 1 r'.A. " I"S'iT'jV?f?f'f"jffTK 3 '.-A f 1. - A I I . A I ' I ' I 'QQJLLQI al . If . . I. fIs,,A,,I"9 F A C U LT Y INIATAIJA M, BEITING, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdmzte Stmlefzl HARRIIET J. BROXVN Sezziorf ROSELLA M. HAW Kms PHYI.I.Is T. MRAZIZK fmziorf CATHERINE J, C'IIsuIzI'4QIIIsT EI.I.AMAE PUICHEII RHITA S. GRAN ZORAI.UcII.Is RAYI, LORRAINIT G. MIKES Sophomoref GRFTA C. GRINNIfI.I. DOROTHY J, ROUIIIK M. ELIZABETH IVIZY DOROTHY L. ROY FI'!5.Yl977ZE7l ELAINE D. OCKIEN ANAI.EA OHLSON MARl5ARIiT A. THOMPSON N. JEAN WARIIURG ELAINF J. SNIIII-:R BIf'I"I'I: J. STAATS IIIIQNI: D. WAKIH ANNA M. SKTHULTZ ALIDRIY L. VVITHINGTCN ELAINE V, WHITE Bortolotti Mathiascn Ccdcrquist Ivey Ockcn Grych Wluitp - Farrell l Hawkins WACII AUCICISOH Ohlsnn Meyer Gran Roy Schultz WItIIIngtIIn Grmncll Pulcher Rayl Andresen Mikes Fauth Thompson Staats Snider Wfarburg Roubik Mmzek Page 481 Rum. ffkfv Q,-, . 143 Ifnixcriity OI Missouri, 1888 I Hrflff-fI1U slrfiz J Ckajvierr am- F'f'f'ff'I"'1 Alplm Mu Llmnptcr Iir'lIIblirZvuIl, 11127 ' Iliff' Sffnflw Ifffflv .Ysruvr l.."' . . wwf efa L Wm 'maczon MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY G'll1tfll6Zf6 5177141611141 I.II.LIAN A. NIZI.SON EI.IzRIsI:'IH J. PFARCIQ Senior! C. HARRIETT BROOM F, I.IfNORA PI:RRY CA'rHIfRINIa R, ZIMIvII:R fzmior MARIANA C. BRINFR Sophomorer ROsnI.I.Iz C. BERBERICK NINA B. CRAIx'rRIzIz IXIILDRIED V. HARRISON INIARILYN J. KI'I.I.I2Y MARY J. CAINAN Page 482 XVest Crabtree Calnan Brine: Nelson Broom Zimmer Perry Harrison Pearce F011 Edu! University ol Arlcginszxs, 1895 N'f1EtJ'-tbwc .firfizv Cbuzjwtenr CORNELIA P. KEI.l.EY, Ph.D. ROEERTA M. BALDWIN BARBARA B. BATCHELOR A. BETTY Bocic JANET FLENTJE PHYLLIS L. CHALSTROM ROEERTA R. CUMMINS C. EVELYN DENNINC FRANCES J. EMBSHOFF HELEN M. ASHLEY NANCY E. HARSHMAN MARY A. HUNT CAROLYN D. ANDERSON MARGARET R. BACON ANN C. BATCHELOR J. RUTH BUCKLES DOROTHY A. DICKENSON VM,-fy. . V FACULTY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sezziorf MARLOWE E, FREEEURG MARVIORIE J. GIIZHLER PEARL E. LAWSON fzzfziorf BETTY E. Evc'AI.IJ HELEN M. JOHNSON DOROTHEA F. KAHL PATRICIA A. LAUOHLIN Sophomoref MYRA LYTLE VIRCQINIA L. MCCANCE Freflameu MARY A. GOBEN LOUISE J. GODIIREY JOANNE W. HILL JANET V. HOPKINS MARY J. KIRKPATRILIK RACHEL E. NIEHARRY MAXINE Y. OLIVER MARGARET S. ROUTH PEGGY L. LAUGHLIN MARION M. MCCOY BETTY J. MCDAVID MARION J. RICHMOND ELAINE B. ROSEN PRISCILLA E. MANN HELEN L. MORLKJCK DORIS E. PLUMMER VESTA C. STOVALL Oinitron Chapter lf.i'lIlMf.1f9r4f, 1900 907 .Youth llwrigbl Sfwet .NVA5 J . ,il I CLARISSA RINAKER, Ph.D. C. ELIZABETH SCHUYLER ELAINE B. SMITH LUCILE C. XVOODARD MARY L. MCMANUS HELliN A. OEHLER OMA D. RICHMOND GERALDINE C. WRIGHT MARGARET J. VUESTCOTT F. ROEERTA WII.sON PATRICIA A. STRICRLER BETTY J. WALLACE IVIARTHA J. WALTIvIIRE MARJORIE E. WENNIIR MAIJELYN V. ZEICLER Kahl Plummer Rosen Harshman Goben Hill Wenner Stricklcr Stovall Wallace. Wright P. A. Laughlin Embsholf Batchelor Bacon Lytlc Zeigler M. Richmond Ashley McCance Hunt Wilson Westcott McManus McDavId Ochler Johnson Woodard Cummins R1Chm0nd Weston P. L. Laughlin Bock Schuyler Smith Chalstrom Flentje Baldwin Oliver -Giehler' Mehqrry Lawson Routh Freeburg B. Butchclor Hopkins Dickenson McCoy Anderson Ewald Denning Morlock Waltmire Kirkpatrick Mann Godfrey Page 483 F0lHItl't'L1l Boston University, 1888 Ifiglvfg-iIfI'rI1 flffiw Cf741f7fL'7'.V Delta Pi Chapter EiI1lbll,ilIt'lf. 1920 508 Elm Ifluzfzflifii Xlvwl ,, A.,,, ,. ,,,.,,,.,..,. .AA. W .A f E 2 A .Y ' . f',fY5:1u V s ' if wi air . fs . . , . I ' - .fmie?f. 'V' . - fu' ' I A t..AIZ'Wf?' . - I ,f . A Rfvwrf' 1 A 1 A A fi r 1. A ' 4 , - - r I 7 f. I - . X.:y.:g. A . f - A - .f:515?51i:?Yz2f'i1f . . ' ' inWUff"Q?3fh"JI'.'Iiir .- .. . - z x Xml I ' ' I A . I . A .A A , - ,ww :age sag r ' ' w'.e.Ig,,::y7es fs M',?e,ijM 'yin 'T 'Y ' " ' T ' 23755. f3.2gws'f1w1m:wf:fqef.'X' ' f ' ' ' A -' ' I A - Bl-'l'lY B. BARRIE DORCTHY L. CULLIXAX BI.'I'I'Y J. Ct7RTIs ANNA I.. ALLEN JANET CIARMICHAITL BARBARA E. DUNHAM EI.IzARETI-I A. Ewixts JANE A. DAvIEs SHIRLEY B. HOPP MARYIORIE L. KEMP IUOROTHY J. KOENIG INIARY J, CQONDON JEAN B. DARROW' HI-I.IaNIa A. GIESI5 F A C U LT Y I.I:AH F. TRELEASI5, A.M, MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sezziorf BARBARA JINNINGS C. PAIII INIE KEFLPR NIARGARIET L. MARAs MARf'Iil.I.A E. LUKISNBILL GEORGIA F. MINIZR ANN V, NlfXXIlY Soplaomorar DORUTHY F. LAGIsRI.oE JANE E. LINUEMANN CARUIXN M. NIEAI. Freflwzefz ANNE fi, MVGORRISIQ VIIANNRY l.. MINIER G. JAFQUI IAN Mc:C2RIinII: DORRIS A. MITceHI'I.I. DORIS H. PROUTY VI:vA E. ROBINSON MARX' E. RousH HI-:I.IaN I.. NIiAI. I.oIs E. PI-III.I.IRs PHYI.IIs E. PHILLIPS MARGARET C. INIOHRING IVIARGARET C. PHIPPS PATRICIA D. MYRON RosEMARY F. SMITH EI.I1ANoR S. Svc'IaNIfY JUNE E. RUssIfI.I. DOROTHY J. SIfIuI.Acx SHIRLEY M. WAI.xIaR MARY J. PRATHIZR IDA M. PRFIHS CATHERINE J. RIEGEI. MARGARET J. SMASHIZY ICATHRYN XVATTS Lagcrluf Kemp H. Ncal Mfifrcdie Prather Davies Riegel I-lopp P. Phillips Lindemarm Prcihs Koenig Lukcnhill C. Neal Pruuty Scillack Carmichael Walker Dunham Ewing Allen Russell Newby I.. Phillips Barrie Cullinan Myron Mitchell Keeler Jennings Curtis Maras Ssxeney Roush Smith Smashey lvlohring Miner Darrow Wfatts Gicsc Phipps McGnrrisk Condon Page 484 1i0lHI1f1.'uJ Lewis Institute, 1871 Fnrlj-Bigb! flflirl' f.'Ivz1f7!w.r lil' lut.1 f.llAlPfCI' l51.w1bli,1lmf. 14106 1-'11 ' ln, lY1wzFN1zm!1f.S1r111 l dlflflflflfbd H. CORENNE PENCE, A.B. E11.1:1.N M. BALI. FRANcns E. DuRc1f12 ISAB1f1.1.E H. GEITHMAN ELI-'ANOR M. HAM11.'roN MARTHA A. HLIFF BI:VI'RLY j. BLUM I. LEE CIRUMP DORQTHY M. HfJSTl?Tl.ITR NIARY L. BACCN DctRoTm' E. BRIGHT A1.MA M. HAN1s1512 121.01513 A. CUNNINGHAM MARGUERITE A. HODGIE IYIARY F. LINCOLN FAC U LTY A111 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 56112011 Gl.Am's M. HUNT Pc:1.1.Y PIYARMAN YIOSVPIHNI- F. IR1c1.AN1m SARA F. Poxx'1a1.1. G1-URQIANNA KAI-'SVR ,lAN1i A. SK.HUI.'l'lE .Il-AN Ci. M1fRc 1fR EI.lZA1Hi'l'H F. S'1'0u1' ffnziorf B12T1Y M. MciCoxxN B171 rv j. P1aARsA1.1. MARY F. Onum -III.I. M. P1'1"1's 501027 onzoref MARIAN HA'1"1'ctN MARX' H. MtiANI.IS l.1'El.l,1'N H13Ym'r':q P01.1.Y A. PARSONS Fl'6.l'hlIlEIZ KIHARLQTTR E, I.lNDI:R JAN17 F. RUMPI7 Ro1412RTA j. MKJRRISON IOAN R. S1fARs SALLY I. RHODE MARC9ARli'l' S. S'1'o1f'1'z1-1. 'A G. SAUN1m1sRs, A.M, E. .Il-AN S'1'u1xH1fRT A11s11R'1AA G. VAN P1z'1"1'1iN -IIZANNI-' XIAN Plf'I"IAliN A111 is K. W7lII.'IX' NIARVIORH' AI. RIEITZIZ MII.l3RI-I5 F. SVHMLTIISIER NIARY M. WQL1- RAc'H1f1. M. ROFHA1 El.1fANOR j. XWIINSHIP ,IIYANNIE A. SXx'1sH1'R EMMA A. Tnomvsox B1-Rxlrir-i Youxc ..A .1 I .. ...M 14 . N 1" f'-,g"2.- McAnlis Young Hutton H2lI11llIIDD Wfvlf l.ll'1LlQI' Rnclun Bright Hzmiscc Swisher Tlmmpson Blum Ball Hostctlcr Hmlgc Otlum Pc111's.1ll Welty Stubhcrt Rcitzc I-Icyeluck Pzxrsuns Kacser Pcarman Durgee Powell Stout A. Van Pcttcn I1'cl11ntl Hull Mcrccr Hunt Schulte Gcitlxmnn Crump Lincoln Rumpf Scars Pitts Stuctzcl Bunn Sclrinucscr Clunninglnlm Rhode Ivforrison Page 485 Fazmded Miami University, 1902 Fifly-,rffzwf flvliw Chllflfffj' FACULTY Alpha Beta Cliuptcr Eiffzblifhezf, 1921 710 Wim! Ofnffu Slfwl 1 S FLORENCE M. HARDING, A.M, EVALIENE V, KRAMER, M,S. MARY M. INRSTER VIRGINIA LANPHAR FRANCES B. FORDON BETTY J. COLEMAN HELEN M. FLIEURY MARJORIE N. BRACREN BETTY A. BUSEY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmie Smdeul EUNICE C. ROBERTS Sezziorf RUTH L. SANDS HARRIFT S. SIMMS fzzfziorf Sophomoref MARLYN J. GRUNW'AI.D JUNE E. HHIELM Frefhmen JEAN E. DOuc9H'I'Y DORIS V. PALMER JUNE E. HANDSCHY R. MARY STIARWALT ALYCE M. KUEIINE GLADYS M. MAIIIK E. JEAN WELLS JANET S. RICHARDSON VIRGINIA SUTHERLAND Ki-R 2 It Page 486 Busey Doughty Marik Sutherland Shiplock Kuehne Handschy Grunwald Bracken Richardson Fleury Palmer Hjelm Simms Inkster Fordon Sands Lanphar Coleman Roberts Stiarwalt Wells Fomnfezl' Syracuse University, 1874 Forfy-uigln' Artize Clmpterr Omicron Chapter E.rtal1li5l7ed, 1913 1110 Wen Nezmffz Sheet F A C U LTY J. LITA BANE, D.Sc. ANNA B, ROBINSON, A.M. MARIE M. HOSTETTER, A.B., B.L.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sezziorr EVELYN ALLARD MINTA J. BARTLE EMILY J. CRIHEIELD ELIZABETH J. HU1'CHISON BETTY G. ANDERSON ALTHEA J. BILSBORROW' HELEN E. ELLIOTT JUNE E, GRIMSLEY ALICE W. HIBEERT BiI.I.IE M. HIGGINS BEATRICE E. ANDREWS WILMA I. BARTLE MURIIEI. V. BLOOM BETTY J. ANDERSON MARY L. CRITTON BETTY J. EBERLE HFI.EN E. FRESE RUTH M. KANE MARY E. LIMIERICK IVIARGARITI' H. LIVINGSTONE fmziorr RUTH E. HUTCHINSON MARY H. JORDAN INIARY L. LINDQUIST NOREIZN M. LINDUSRA MARGARET' J. MANN Sopbomorer MARY K. GROSSMAN MARGUERITIE I.OcKE H. JUNE MARKIERT Frerlamen ROBERTA E. HALL BETTY J, HANES MARY M. HELM ELEANOR E. HUTCHISON VIRGINIA A. LUSE R. JOSEPHINE MII.LI5R GERALDINE R. NlCKI3I.L JEANETTIZ H, MIES OI.LIE R. NANCIZ LAVERNE K. NORRIS FRANCES G. QUIRKE MARGARET S. RAYNER CAROLYNE E. MEYER MARJORIE A. MILLER DOROTHY L. JANNISON DONNA E. JORDAN SHIRLIE V. KARLSON JUNE L. MATHEWS FLORENCE L. XVHITE, A.M. HELEN D, NOVARK BETTY J. ROE DOROTHY J. SCOTT BETTY A. WOLI.IaR JANET R. ScOvII.L DOROTHY E. SHARP RUTH M. SUTHERLAND LILI.IAN P. THIESSEN MARGARET J, VANIMAN ELIZABETH N. WEBBER GWENOOLYN E. MUNTZ LOUISE STIVEN JEAN D. WOLLER VIRGINIA R. MAURER SHIRLEE E. MCLEAN DOROTHY G. QUIRKE JOANNE K. SELLERS Andrews W. Bartle Markert Grossman M. Miller Meyer Locke Stiven Rayner Webber Bilsborrow J, Woller Maurer Muntz Nance Elliott Bloom Lindquist F. Quirke Thiessen Hutchinson Vaniman Scovill M. Jordan Mann Sutherland Grimsley Mies Hibbert Norris B. G. Anderson'HiggIns Linduska Allard Crihfield Limerick J, Miller E. J. Hutchison Roe Luse B. Woller J. Bartle Livingstone Novark Kane Scott Nickellu Sharp D. Quirke Hanes Mathews D. Jordan McLean Eherle Helm Critton Frese B. J. Anderson Jannison Karlson Sellers E. E. Hutchison H1l1 Page 487 Fwnzded DePauw University, 1870 SJMJ-fbrifu rlitfrff Cbrzffleri fm . - A, - A we-A A , A ' Q ag,:w.k,1f' A P, 135. . my . ' qi Aiygfiyzgf VM:-li,iwY..4 H-Ugg, N. Y zagi: -,QA-W, 7A.Afx4NN,7N0r - XA "L I" ' A vffwialxr. ff . -f z, fr x,,jl5JQi, ,V . -Rani' ,J I .wrfffi .ff .. 'K' v T I im, ,, . 1 ' ' A ,'a,,v2i4J,.ffZfA2m, .nf -f "AX ' .uf ' In I ,..,a?,'w f mfg 2 bf , ., . .. ' f?3f?ff2s.1ii'pkff 312' ff ' - - R' IiL1'i,pRL?,??iffllxf,3:4:rg 'R if. V R T . cs, A ff ff... . if f - A Qff1?w:m'g:f1 A ' 4 wg - . . - . .vfygIf:5s.m" A smgwfh My mmf . .. . A .1 gg A-,.:w.wf1-i4f'ERiR25x :M eg V. MILDREU A. FISHER, A,B. STELLA M. HAOUE, Ph.D. MARY J, ALEXANDER MARX' F. BURKE JANE J. CHAMBERS ELITANOR J. FIRKE FRANCES T. ANGELI. LOIs I. BLUE BFVIERLIF C. BRIGGS MINNIE W. FAUCETT BARBARA A. BARTLING ELINOR E. BELL E. CATHERINE CASTLE M. JANE GULLETT JANE E. BROVFN BARBARA A. BURKE MARGARET H. HERRICK I ,J ur. . I-, . , H..-, f , AAL .-'A' Q 'f " J nl, K, fd 'I' 1 I 3 I D , YL I , ,A Y .P W I N I Q 4' r. fu fw ..- Ueltii fflmptcr E.ifiil1li.i!iid. ww 611 Emi Dfzufil .Ymiz ZZ. 24.46. F A C U LT Y STELLA R. PERcIvAL, B.Mus. CAROLINE F. TUPPFR, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sefziorf VIRGINIA O. FRANK HALLE GALHULY JEAN S. HOsRINs fzwiofzr EI.IzAIIETH I.. GIBSON HELEN L. HENRY NANCY E. JOHNSON PAULA J. M6fNAMARA S0pl90Wl0l'6J DORIS HEALY M. JANE IvEs PATRIr'IA A. KIMMEL Frexhmezz DORIs J. MCKINNEY ANN MIuITI.ETON CAROLYN E. JONES PHERE MCAOAMS BETTY J. PERRY JANE A. MOl?I.l.IiR DISIIORAII J. IXIIZXWCOMR BIETTY J. PHII.I.IPs IDOROTIIY M. SMITH EI.IzARETH P, LOHMANN MARGARET E. MIITSSIE MARY E. Mll.I.IZR MARION I. NIOIZLLIER DOROTHY A. RAUsc:H JoEI.LA F, POSTON BFTTIE J. QUINLAN SARAH T. RICHARDT JANICF H. WHITE BARBARA TRUITT DOROTHY M. TUTTI.E JANE E. WARD CONS'I'ANCE A. WILLIAMS PATRICIA K. PAPE HIiI.IiN A. PROYINE S. BETTY RIcKARns MIRIAM WHI'I'IfIlfI.I3 MARTHA W. RIc1HARnT ELEANOR A. RUssEI.I. WIDNEY A. WATSON Gullett Rickarcls Pape Lehmann Bell Bartling Provine Miller Kimmel Angell Healy Ives Whitfield Castle Tuttle White Henry Miesse Blue Truitt Briggs Williams Johnson Mueller Smith Faucett Ward McNamara Quinlan Galhuly Poston McAdams Frank Firke Alexander S. Riclmrdt Chambers Jones Perry Burke Hnskins Gibson M. Richardt Middleton Moeller Watson Rausch Herrick Burke Brown Russell McKinney Page 488 XII Ifffzfzlrlvd Xrxlly-1'1,qf1.' :ll 111 1' f,f1,1j1.'1f RUTH M. BINGHAM MARUAR1-t'1' I.. CHAPMAN RUTH E. CHFNOVl'lf'l'H CHAR1.l'N1-' A. COAUY M. XVIRIL-NIA FAL1.ox BARBARA L. ALLNUTT RUTH H. CLARKE L11.1.1AN E. 611.01412 F1.oR1zNc1: E. CONVIERSIE KATHRYN E, BICKFRS BETTY M. BOYCE BARBARA J. EASTMAN 'glnla State Normal. 189 X4 35.1. W NoL1A C. POPE M. ANN FISKE IANIVI' P. FLETCHER SUS-ANNA G1.ov1fR JAYNE N. HENDR115 Lols j. H11'CHCoc1c MILNORIQ O, H01f1. BE'1H A. IRVINE HARR1171' R. HANSCN JUNE B. HOCKFR MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Ghzdzmle Student CARA L. AN1uaRsoN Selziorf flnziorf Soplaoworef Frefhmefz MARc:AR1fT W. S1:H111.z Arm-.NA E. McCA1.1.1aY GRACE E. MU1z1.1.1:R CHARl.O'l'TIi L. N1tl.soN RUTH V. JOHNSON EI.lZAlil,'I H L. MAxoucs1AN LOUISE H. MCINTYR15 EDNA R. I.AXX'RFNCE SH1R1.1zv E. Lo1:sciH1fR Sigma Omic1on C.h.1pter 1fv1'11Mf1fwcf. WJ? P01 .Yffn.'l- l.1r11'fflu . 111 NUM LA11RA1ual.1. SCHUTT H1f1.1iN E. INIEVCISURY MARX' L. REHM H. Loumi T1c1a BFRYVI A C. TURNIR JUNV M. MORGAN J, CAROL ROGERS Evl INN H. ScHxv'A191:R V11'1'oR1A H. R1-,AGAN BARBARA j. RICH Lon j. SciHU1.z fluke Chapman Lawrence Coady filarke Hanson Blckers johnson Schwager I.. Schulz Hocker Allnutt Rich McCalley Rogers Frllon Chenoweth Mueller Newbury Fletcher Tlce Henclrie Converse Hoel lrvme I-lltchcock Manouglan Turner Loescher Eastman Amluson Mclntyre Fiske Rehm Pope M. Schulz Bingham Schutt Nelson Glover Morgan Boyce Reagan Page 489 1. Fffrmdinf Monmouth College, 1870 SUILPIIII-117716 Arfizc Clmplwx Beta I..lII1lNl.l Cliapter Efmlflirluvf, 1899 1102 South'olf1 Afefzzze I1"f'f.T'7Tf""'WfVZ5"M "'i1'f?iT75'?T9'T7'?7Z'?3f?ff2?'IW77l77Q?F'T7"?T5T3G'7sf f7 YQ "5ffi?4'??F "i""1"TnT'f'7 T'mTViWwW" A yiwaj 3 A sr' svipxjx ..f,.1.:?ii xi A "kj, 1 .-A - A . ,fr iff J.. ,JR r .. . -.AW MA Y.-Y -fi .rv A . gig .Kg.AEgQiAA,3 gg51gR,gi, 'fm gnu :r,w.g.Afff , 1' Q ' 5...-2... , ,Af fi . v ' . ' ' ' " .1 - ,. f-93fc5gv5,,.:1gZ.Q3511g.fIq:.N -RQ . I A '- A 1 A sa' I A ., , , f - f A 1. -' I , 1 . V - . I . . Jif'155' , A ' ' . .fm f A , - ' r ,,, i' V' ' . A. . ' N ., ,ue . . ., l"lARRIl1'l' T. BARTO, A.M. BARBARA K. ARMSTRONG HORTENSE BARTHOLOXX' JANIE L. BASS I.AI'RA M. COE CONs'I'ANCE L. BROWN I.l"l'l'l'lA P. I-IOLT MARY A. CLARK MARGARET COLEMAN CHARLOTTE L. CONRAD EI.sIE M. BITTINLQER jII.I. S. BOGGS JOAN FLEMING PHYI.I.Is M. GAMIIILI. MARY M. GRAN'I' NANCY A. HAI.I. FACULTY MEMBERS IN UN Selziozxf EMILY P. FRANRS KATHRYN D. FRANKS ARLINII HOI.'I' MARY A. KIMBICLI. fllllflllili CAROIYN KI. KI'NNI'Y BIARY I.. l.ARAllll1 Soplwworer MARILYN B, DOW JIiANNli'l"l'I' M. HINKIKLFY DOROTHY I.. ROBBINS F1'6.fl7IU6lI IVIARGARIUI' M. HFNNFSSY MARX' I.. HOxX'I1I.I. INIARTIE I.. LANOIS BARBARA j. NOBLE 'IITANNF N, CRSBORNE IVERSITY -JANE G. LONG JIINE MAMER I2I.IzABETH J. MCKIOY BARBARA R. MOORE NANCX' J. IVIILLS PAIZI.INIi M, MOITAT IZMILY L. RUTH ,ll'ANNli'I"I'F C. SAYAOE NANCX' PHALrN NANCY RORB fi. LYLE SCHXYABF MARGARET G. STIIMPI- BI 'I"I'IIi L. TFFTOR BIARTHA H. BHQBIQIE, A.M. DIARY H. Moss MARY M. MUssI2LMAN LoIIIsE E. RAINEY JO IE, S'I'IfvI-iNs INIARY S. S'l'l'XYIART DONNA I.. XYVALKFR JOAN D. SAVAGE MARIAN STIIMM MAROARI-'I' F. WELSH BIARY E, THOMPSON D. JOAN TLTRIZMAN XIIRIGNIA VANCE LORRAINE I. WIZST Brss B. YOsT Landis Schwabe Grant Teetor Bittinger Noble Howell Plialen Vance Hall Stumm West Fleming Tureman Osborne ,I.C.Savage Thompson Welsh Hinckley Walker Clark Conrad Stewart Kenney Ruth Dow Brown Moffat Robbins Larabce Boggs Stevens Bartholow Rainey E. Franks Armstrong Musselman Coe A. Holt McCoy Moore Long K. Franks Bass Yost J. D. Savage Mills Gambill L. Holt Robb Hennesscy Coleman Stumpe Page 490 l'ffnI1IfI If XVcSlc5.In fwllcgc, 185 1'41,!'I3-Iix .IIHII fflmjz EI.IzAIIIiTIHI A. GRUII' G. -IIINI: I,AIm Ru'I'IHI I.. AI.IaI'Rs'I'IfI"I' IVIARY F. DURST .IANIE R. DIAN ITV R. AIIYAN HI-AvI5xIiR EIARION DI AII'HNIfR M. CZI-IARI.oT'IIf DAVIS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdlfate Sfzfdefzlf IWIARY E. XYVATTLES KA'I'HIfRIxIt W, XY"HI'I'TI.E Seuiorf NANCY B. EGITR MAIIIHA E. PII.Iz fllllillllf INIAURINIZ E, HOSKINS CHARI,U'l"I'Ii I.. MARIS ALICE M. LOREY jIINIf E. MATIIIS ROSALINE J. SI5NNIsIfIf Sophomoref Frefh 711612 frli Delta Beta Chapter E.Imbfi.IlvIIIl. 1921 706 WMI Ohio SMXIII INIILDRTD K. XIUIIIIAMS E'I'III2L L. REICIIIRT ELIZABETH V. TARR XIIRGINIA M. XVAAGIZ PATRICIA J. XVEINS LIAR-IORIE E. QUIN V I Hoskins ' Aichner Mathis Hcuvcncr Wfaagc Groff Xylnttlc Mans Dewey Davis XVIIttlcs Labb Scnneff Wfilliams I.orcy 'l art Durst Albcrstett Pile Egcr Ruiuhcrt Quin Wfeins Page 491 I'r1ixcI'xity M' NI'IwI.Ixk.1. 1910 l1.I1lxI lm 194 CRIIIIIIIII 1 Imptcr liwrrblfyfrrrl. 1'1I1 lu lI1IfUf11f1 Simi, E A C U LTY firm FI'IzsIMMoNs, MS, RUTH C. FREEMAN, M.S. IEIIIRIA R. IIIIVIIIN, B,I.,S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY SKIZIOIT FAxNII' I.. Crm IM, I-IIfI.I'N II HAMILTON SI-IIRI.I'x' A. 'ICIHNSUN C.xNImc'I C, SMITII EIINA M, DANII'I.x:ux DIANIT HIIISHARID XVVIIMA I.. MI'I2NI'RoI' Hl'II'N D. STALKIIQIISI SIIIRI VY M. IDIIMI R Dr1Rru'I'HY j. ZUIERN flf1,7f0l'.1' I.I:RRAIxI' IvII Hrucur-IR RLUIII E. IXIONTGOMFRY fkHARI.I'XI' G. ROIII'R'Ix INIARIIERII' J. TAROR S0pb011101'e.I F, jI'AxI'I.a BI-RIQIR EsTHI'II M, GRAY Ac2xIsIaIII,I- JMIIINUN I5.aRIs.'xRA -I, IYIII.I.I'R HILIN E. ERIIIQSIIN GRAITF A. HAXYORTH RI"I'H CQ KIVHN AIIIII' SIFIQMIINIW I71'e.Ih111e11 jon I' I., HAI'xIII0Ifl R IXIARTHA E. CLIIFVFR DrJRO'I'Hx' A. JIJIINSIIN !NfIARu.aRIf'I' I.. IVIK.I.AITC5HI.lN I'IA7Ifl. E. CIII'I.I.III'Ru XIIRGINIA INII HYSLCP M.4xINIt H. I.IPPlR'l' IVAN E. XY'I'IsI'R Page 492 Kuhn ,lzlmicson Erickson I-Iaworth Berger Slcgmuml Miller Gray 'I'.1boI' Montgomery Hfmopcr Stacklmu Sc D miclsnn Smith Hyslup Zocrn MIEm'ruc S. johnson Diemer Cowing I'4I1IInIltun HUI5I3LlI'LI Iwichxuglxlin Baurnhufcr D. johnson Lippcrt Cfhcllhcrg ffl Roberts Quvcr W'cbcr lff1ff1.h.. llunlrr Knlluuc. 1913 lllcm C lmptu Eu',Jfll'.'wlL JV. Wifi 'l.'1lfl.'n-l.fuf',' l..','.'. 4f.1jf.'uf -' 5 3""!7'f -l"'U' Q Q f 5-ff' ,gig lf mf f? f' I i H,-xlmrrr M. Frurnxux Rum I., Culmux l:I.ORlfNfkI' Lum 1 M Hl'l.IiNlC S. Brnxmuv FSTA BIIRNWTVIN SARA fkfllliklf IIJRRAIXI ALLVN GXYl'NI3OI.YN D. Bryliicaxl' PHYx.l.Is I. livxrrlx PHYLI I9 A. QlRl'lNXX .un Sx'r.x'1.'x M. K.wr.xN MEMBERS IN UN l.L'CII LF P. M.xRCL'Q LORRAINF M. GROUPF PEARL B. COHFN Hxausx E. Gomumu RI-I.I,A L. Hommx 'lL.'I.!I1'I' F. KLFIX A. HIiI.IAN KRANSCN RIT.-K H. LATZ DOROTHY M. Lmfm Svrx'IA R. Lrvrx Swzimif fffllifzm' Sol!1hrm1ore.r 1711417111611 IVERSITY I.ll.1.1.xx 5. 'l 1 nm' FRANK IN SIUNI' Glzxrvn-vi H. Num SONYA l.l'VlN'lHAl. Axlwwx R. M,xI'1z HINITA D. I.1xx11'z RVIH R. Mfxm LN Exm R. lklrzufxx SHIRIJY D. S.-uni Hlux J, Yi'r'x1.rn DOROTHY R, TAVm'rc LUCTLLF MAru'l': SHIRLFY I. S1'Fuxsr'1-lx EI,17AxoR Vrua Im-im: SrHLAxn91R Rosrxx V. Snmxux S1-l1RI.1ax' B. SMITH BFRNADINI' H. TAVN ,IRAS A. Wrm Greenwald Kaplan Lovin Smith Sage Mercns I..1tz Slmcrnmn- llpmtcln ,Allen Klein R. M:1uuS ucstunc Lcvinthnl Bcrnsohn Cohen Bernstein Leifer Cup-lx Vfcisi Sturnstcxn Lux itz Iaull Klme Kranson . I.. Marcus Goldberg Hullcb Chnlcm XY'exler Terry Goldman I.. P, lNf.mus Friedman Vclk Stone Groupe 'Iaubcr MMU Page 493 Fonmfed lNIonmoutl1 College, 1857 Swwityflimf Kilkijll' C.b41f71ev'.r 'Y M. LEE ETHFREDGII, M.D. WILLA K. GARVER, B.L.S. ERCILIA M. KILIER RUTH E. BUCHHOLZ VIRGINIA R. CHANDLER HELEN E. DASENEROOK MARY L. DALTM MARVIORIE A. DIFHL MARY F. BRANYAN FRANCES J. FLIRRY MICHAlEI.IE M. HARNO IVIARJORIIE E. BARTON IMOGFNE M. CHANDLER MARGARET' M. CRANE BETTY FLANINGAM Illinois Zeta EfmbiiTlvT'd, 1895 1005 Sonfb W'1iglJl Stfecfl ' ef.. WA' FACULTY , Dr.P.H. MARIA LEONARD, A.M., Litt.D. NELI,E M. SIGNOR, A.B., B.L.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmte Stzfdezztf Seniorr JANE E. GIBBS SIIZANNE A. LITTLE BETTY GRADY MARGARET E. LYONS JANE HAGER JANE A. ROLLO ANITA P. KNAPP MARY E. SIHLIER fmziorf CHARLOTTE A. HERMAN .JEAN MCGINNIS BETTY M. JOHNSON HELEN V. SIHLER BARBARA R. LITTLETON S0lf7h077Z01'?J' GEORGIA A. HARRY RUTH A. MCINTosH ELIZABETH J. HINES NANCY J. NICHOLS SARA A. LIPSCOMB HELEN A. PRESCOTT BETTY J. LOVEGRFN Frerbmen ELIZABETH A. DALLENBACH -JIIAN E. LOVEUJOY LVIARGARET M. ENOCHs KATHRYN FLORENTINE MARGIERY M. LLOYD DOROTHY E. OWEN VIRCSINIA I.. POWERQ JANET S. POYFR JANET M. RAMEY MARY J. REYNOLDS JANE E. THARP EDITH XV. SQUIRFS VIRGINIA L. SWANN ROSEMARY TEMPLE ELIZABETH A. WHITING PATRICIA C. TILLMAN IsArIEL VUALCOTT FLORENCE E. WISE VIRGINIA R. ROLLO MARUJORIE E. SPENCER LORNA L. TIDEMAN JAYNE K. TIIvEsoN BETTY!! J. SAVOIE CHARLOTTE R. WARREN M. MARDELL WECKEI. Harno Barton Ramey Savoie Spencer Reynolds Furry Powers Warren Lovejoy Owen Weckel Ermchs Payer I. Chandler Mclntosh Prescott Lovegren Tideman Hines Nichols Harry V. Rollo Tuveson Lloyd M.SihlerA-Crane Temple XValcott Littleton Wise McGinnis Johnson Branyan H. Sihler Tillman Tharp Florentine Dallenbach Squires Wlxitrng Buchholz Hager Diehl Daum Lyons J. Rollo V. Chandler Swann Gibbs Dasenbrook Grady Little Knapp Page 494 FHIIIIIII If Kwmcll Unixwsily, l9III ,Yi.xII'I'1I AIIZIII Llmjvl K.Ipp.I I lI.IptcI l:I.I,Ilfl1I!fI If. I 226 II!!-I UNI II NI 1.IIlII .S'lII'I',' I Im Jaffa QM CHARLOTTE S. CIIsHRIAN IWURII-I. G. KATZFN AIuItI.I5 1. KLLBAN CAROL D. BFRNSTFIN GLORIA J. BLRGIR CAROLYN D. BIJIGMAN SHIRLIIY N. BLRGMAN ES'IliI,I.IQ R, COHN INIAR-IORII5 E. ELLRIAN .JOAN EPSTLIN ROSALYN FRII:IJI.AxOI-R MAXINE GOLIIIIITRG MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY S6'lZj0I'.!' RUTH N. MIr'I'zcI'R SARAH I. NCJN'likK ffmiorf JANICE H. POR'IIs Snl12Zw1110I'eI PEARL 1, CUHI-N SHIRLEY LIQSSIQR I:I'lf.S'f7lll6lZ EIIYTHIQ GOLDMAN H.ARRIIET GRONNIR ROSLYN INLANDIR PHYLLIS JACOIIS BI:'I"I'Y R. KALTVMAN AI.IlIfR'I'A I. POI.l.0liK IVIARILYN S. ROMM LURRAIN Ii S. MANIHIII. SIIIuIiI.IIf B. SciIII:I'1'z EILVIN C. KRIMRY BI.'I"I'Y G. I.IrH'I'IcI MII.IJRI,Iu R, PILRA ANNA I.. POI.I.01'K EI.IzAI+If'I'H A. RIILOW SARAH R. Sl'HXY'AR'I'Z ES'1lI,l.If SIIAI-IIRO C'IIARIO'I'II' N. SOI-ILE SIIIIII I Y A. TIYOI. EvI'I.YN R. SII1cII5I. PHYLIIQ M. SIMON BI.'I'II: Ii. XVOI.I'czANcI BI-I'Ix' AI. ROSIN LOIs j. SAxIL'I-Is LI'r II LI' A. SKkHOlfNI'I7I.D ZI NA Sc Hxv'AR'I'z jANIt'I B. SHIII-'MAN Rosen Z. Sc'lIw.IItA S.IIIIIILIs Grwnncr Linlmtig EIIIIIIIII Schocnfcld Guldlwcrg GOILIIIIIIII Epstein K.IufIIIIIn IUILIDLICI' Pilkx Mxmlcl S, Bergman Berger Frcinllnndcr Cohen Lusscr Schultz Sicgcl XY'OlIgqIIIg ff. Bbffllllllfjv BUIISIQIII S. Sclmutz A. I7-Illmk Klnban K.It7cII Sulvlc f.fuQlIIII.1rI R1ClZgL'I' Rfwmm NIWILIQ Pnrtix 'IIvOl Krmxky VI.ILIIhs RQIIIIW SIIIIOII Kuhn A. I.. PIIl1OLk SIIIIIIIIAII Page 495 Iwlfmfbz' !uII1yf.uIICgC, H451 I-ffr.'1-t ldv! .'I1'117t' f.fu1j7.'w 1 gm KW IYXIIYN D. GRFFNINKE fimlnr M. BANNON Cixvxx A. CLARK I5fJRO'IHY L. Cox BI'1'1x' J. FRAMPTON MAntzARr'r LANNON F A C U LTY RUTH CROSSMAN, A.B. INIEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Grzzdmzle Sfmlezzf JosEPH1x15 E. STI'IiI.E Senior! fzmiorf Ihwrlxx- IZ. LINXIF Cimm,m F. Pram' S01f7l7071I07'6.Y ELIANOR M. FRI-EMAN INIARY P, HANMIY XIIRKZINIA F. GR.-KF Fruxus B. HL"1'1'ow Frefbzmw Thur.. flmptur Evz.10I1tl'u.!. I-ffm MARTHA A. IVIAIFR MARX' M. Srrw ART INIARY D. P11 RQOI DELLA. A. Roclni IvIAR'1'HA J. Tfwscno R09 uuvxi lkafffvmfltlllftz gl! 11 .I .I. Lannon Tglpsmtt Bannon Piersol Perry Stewart Hanafin Frampton Hutton Maier Rogers Steele Kllnrk Cox Greening freeman Page 498 Folmdml G4unm.x ffhqxptcr University of California, 1914 Ifwlfzblixlml. 11123 74Il'L'71l.j-ffl? .f'I1,'!fl't' Clmfmzxr 715 Xunllv ,Ifullwzrf 3'l1'L'El QAefa M Mem I MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seuiorf Brmm' J. BLMANN GIADYS E. Roma AL11ir XV, SPI,-xI.IK 1.4114 J, XY'IN'l'lfRI4I'RG IEIYANOR D. jrxirx !ll1If0I'.Y CAMIIIIQ BVRNITT Dcmnlm' R, CRANE SOf7h0IlI07'9f I2r,I.1.x A. CLARK SARAH Ki. Kfxxr FI'6J'Z7NI6lZ IXIAURINE GRIDITR NIARGUIERITIT E, Hrlrux RUTH C. ISKUWIVH AxN1'1'1E SAUNDFRS Saundus Iskowich Gridcr Kane K Heercn Clark A jcnscn Burnett XY'intcrI-mm Bumann C mlwlw Rmbb Spmlek Page 497 Virginia SH I' Fonrlnfeu' Smte Normal School, 1893 fzry-.Iiv Aftize Clmfwwf Alpha KLlPP.lfilI1IPfCf Emzbliybtfif, 1021 808 UPEI: l'I'I'r11w1I Slftwl ein an 6114 F A C U L T Y BIZULAH M. ARMSTRONG, Ph.D. GERTRIIII MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradfmle Slndwzlf DORIS FLFMING DOROTHY L. VAN CLEAVE Senior! JIILIA L. BACON I.II.I.IAN L. HARDX' IVIARGARITT R. HORAN FRANCES M. BENSEN CARROLL B. HOLMAN VIROINIA L. JOHNSON MARGARET H. COON fzmiorf BARBARA A. BROCAW DOI.ORI5S C. HITKE RIENA E. MIEl7I.IN VIRGINIA V. CLARK SHIRLEY J. HOCKING M. ANNE MEEELEY IDORIS A, ETHERTON HELEN J. MANNON MARY F. MORRISON GRETCHEN E. FELDMANN EILIZIZN G. MASON VIRGINIA E. PORTZ Sopbomoref BETTY L. FELDMANN DOROTHY B. KOLAR JANIS E. LUTZ L. CHFRIF FENWICK GAII. A. IJNDGRIEN DONNA M. MROCH F. JEAN HYND IRMA M. LOUEEK FYEJZNIZEIZ GIERALDINIE M. BAUM BETTY J. JOHNSON MARJORIE A. KITTRIEDGE LOIS M, BOGH JIIANETTE O. KEIFFER BETTY L. IVIILLIER R. DARLEE FENWICK E L. SEYB, B.S. CLARA XV. WILLIAEIS BARBARA E. MOORE MARTHA B. MORRIsON BETTY J. PINIZH MARTHA RHOADFS BETTY J. SMITH JANE L. TEss GENEVA M. XWILLIAMQ CHARLFF XV. NIEIUNIIR RUTH E. RUSS!-'LI MARY E. XIIEKDVR ELFANOR M, ROmfRTs ADA M. XVIQHTMAN LCRRAINE M. YOUNGR ERC Page 498 Smith Roberts Loufek B. Feldmann Russell Lutz G. Feldmann Hardy Tess Lindgren Moore Veecler Holman Rhoatles C, Fenwick Bacon Mrnch Metlley Bensen Horan Kolar Mannon Medlin Hitke Niedner - M. F. Morrison Hocking M. B. Morrison Pinch V, Johnson Clark Coon Mason Hynd Bogh KeItIer Kittredge Brocaw Youngberg D. Fenwick Portz Baum INIilleI' W'ightman B. Johnson sn xg, MQW' ...ui 4.14H iii UIZO'-'I-EIIZUIN'-'ZIPCIFUO '-iZI?'1IUZL"ZI"Ul"1UZ'-' Qkzwm, 'E M A .M ,ww Milk-wwf f .Zhu Q, wk, 3 " W Wigs! ,, M, .aa x 2,4 X .K 1- A 4. M X '-2. Lg Miz-1 , ff .-ai' .J gxj. ,zxfsq L. 2 -fa - Vs.: , 512 1 gf w 1 1 , is W9 if v. , 1 ff si L ' Q at . f Q ff W 1 if X 2 5 J 1 4 Q gf,1,w .9 E? R 7 1' 'H Q 'I f ' Q S 1 , 6 'A 5 ' 1 ,, Q Y f 3 4 'E , if gf X ya H A V ,J X 5 A X .f hu Rf M22 . A 'Jw Sf? ' , , x X, , N22 ,i"i35f gf ,, ' x W www , X '31 " X van, f ,Q Q .. iw 1 my M15 e W5 H N ilzf Ffa w 1 'H . A, Q A, 1 E, .. 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TAYLOR JOSEPH VASTA The efforts of the Men's Independent District Associa- tion have been directed this year as in the past towards the establishment of better organization among the independent students on the campus. Much of the work done by M.I.D.A. was furthered by the aid of the Womanls Group System. The success of the fire and health insurance projects, the establishment of a university course in ballroom dancing, the provisions for the incorporation of low cost eating fa- cilities and a non-profit book exchange in the new Illini Union Building, and the commitment of the University to a program of dormitories for men, have all been gratifying achievements for which the organized independents on the campus feel they have been at least partially responsible. Brunaeci Ippen Corcoran Downes DeRoIna Parker Graham Barker F. Strang Singleton Anderson Yepsen Harnley Bottrell Sheehan Galloway Baughman Snyder Mawrenee Martens Proch Goldstein Plnlipson Genster Hutter Hinkley Steinberg Dickinson Frederick Siebert Hogue Norton J. Felt L. Felt Johnson Brown Downing Farr Boggess Alexander E. Barton Frazee McConathy Meyer M. Nelson Taylor Pace Filson Campbell Groshong Berman D. Barton Fave lt, Nelson Schroeder Ryan Poskin Bovec Haslem Lambeth Mahoney D. Strang Jepsen Braden Cruze Whitfield Hurt Byers Davie Krawrilski Huff Reichelderfer Bridgewater Page 502 The Independent . . R, E , E . ,,., - ' ' :sig HAROLD J. GRVSIN RUTH HAMPTON EOLIZN-I? M. WATSON RICHARD I.. GORDON ALfI'?7liJ'II14g Mamzgev' Bzzyimiry Mamxgsr A.f,l'l.tld7II Edzlar Edllof COMMITTEE OF PUBLICATION RUTH H, Aggmg BURRDS DIc.RINsoN CHARI.ns W. FII.sOw ROBFRT G. BOND BFRNIT-4 I- LUNG JosIsPH W. BAUS BIQNNETI' I. BIIRMAN DONALD E. Bovmz EDXVIN G. BRIIIQII. RIIZHARD E. CONRAD SAMUFI. W. DAVID EDITH E. IDFHNFRT KATHRYN R. DRONIZ XXfII.I.IAM R. GIfRI.liR FRIEDFRIIQK A. GRClN'lf XVINII:RIfD Hows ARTHIJR W. JOHNSON NFVIN E. KENDISLL MnRIIa B. KINGMAN IRVINO KIRSHNER HARRY J. LAMBFTH EARL W, LEXYIS XVILLARD S. LORIENZ RODTRT E. MATTHI-is PATRIIQIA D. MAxxx'FI.L JOHN T, MCCONATHY JOHN E. IVIKQGARX' M, WANIQTA MILI.IzR GIaRAI.DINI1 R. MURRAY KAI.A H. NAINIAN JOHN J. fyf.ONNEI.I. f,l.lVIf M. POLAND JOHN J. PROLH AITRIID M. RVIIIO RoIsIfR'1' W. SLHWARTZ LOUIS H. STFRN DuRwARn D. STRANIQ FRANK E. STRAND FRANIQES R. S'1'U1'zMAN ROIAIJRT J. SUGIZRMAN BARBARA TOXVNIZ I.lICII.I.E G. TURIIQLIAT' VIRIQINIA E. WALSH JANIQT A. VVIUIXJVUSON JOHN H. WIDDOWAON EI.IzAIaIzTH A. WRIIQHT Bnvcc I.cwis AICGLIFQ' Conrad Lorenz PI'm'lI GCIICI Baus- GFOYC J. XVIdd1JV'5tlD W'riglIt Stem J. I-I. XVIdd0wsOn I.gImhctlI BIDQII Burmnn INIICOnathy UMIIIQI Dghncrt INI.1xwc1l Stutzmnn Kendall Hampton XVatson Cmrd-III Crrusxn Pnrkcr Dmne XX .llsh Turlglmtto Page 503 Esquire Chapter 313 E451 john Sires! JOHN XV. BRISCOF CTROYITR L. CIACK ROBERT B. BODISUTHI VFRNON R, FORLQLJE THOMAs S. BALDWIN CHARLES M. BARNETT JAMES W. BRITE HARRY M. BYFRS Miner House MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmle Student FRRDLQRNQK W. FRANCK ,IOHN C. POISON THOMAS E. INICVAY ALBERT E. HURT ALFRED G. JANOS PAUL C. DE15M1sR, JR. PAUL G. GUBD1Ns JACK E, HAFNER Senior! f 11122011 S0lUl70I7lOI'6J' Freflmzefz XVARREN K. KLOOCK CYRII. HONSIK FRANK HONSIK, JR. CLAR11NC1z W. HUBBARD, JR. DANIEL H. ROUSE XYIILIIAM G. VUHITE XVAL'I'ER G. SCHXVAMB NIILO B. WATSON NORMAN R. P1nsDnRG12N JOHN P. RORDEL RICHARD R. RUZICKA ROBERT S, XVILSON Schwamb Bobisuthi Piesbcrgcn Clack Franck Gubbins Janos Ruzicka Hubbard Roe-del Vallaneey C. Honsik F. Honsik Wilson Hafner Wlyife Dcgmgf Briscoe Byers Baldwin Polson Rouse McV:1y Miner Hurt Barnett Bute Page 504 Gratcr Tiarks XXQJIHCF Muze Huff Uriah Allen NVIII'k Pickering xVRffCI'S A u by a :r a 9 o 1.1 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JONATHAN B. ALI.EN DXVAYNE O. HUIfl' ROBERT A. '1'IARKs GEORGE T. XVARK RALPH E. ELI.IO'I'I' RORERT O. INIAZI- ROBERT A. LIRISH WILLIAM R. XVAT'I'IiRs XVILLIAM C. GR.i'I'I'R QUFNTIN H. PII KLRING XVIIDIIR H. XXUORXVR CLAUDE D. BALDWIN HOWARD N. BALIOHER JAMES A. BERENS CHARLES A. BERNHARDT ERWIN E. BODMIER OTTO E. BRAVNSDORF JACK W. BROwN RORERT S. BROXYNI3 ANDREW' H. CAI.DXYIil.I. LEWIS H. CLAUSEN DONALD N. CORTRIOI-IT JAMES P. COYLIZ, JR. . I MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROBERT L. ELI.IO'1"I' A. EARL ERILKSON XVILLIAM E. FREDERILIJ JAMES A. FREI7K XVILLIAM S. FREEK ROLE E. FRIMANN XVAYNE L. FURTNEY HARRY M. GII.I. MYRON L. GOSSARD DONALD F. HAc:KIz'I"I' EDWARD H. I'IAMMI?RS'I'EIN LEONARD E. HAMPTON ROBERT D. HINIES DAVID M. INMAN BENJAMIN H. JANDA CHESTER W. JANIJS FRANK J. JARONIK FRANK L. KFI.I.FR ROGER M. KIRK XYIILLIAM H. KLIEPPINGER WILEORD J. KRAINIER WILLIAM R. KRAMER ALI.EN N. LASATICR CARNOT LECKINOTON CHESTER W. MAcaNI7ss, JR ROBERT J. MAHAEEAT ALBERT H. NEMOEDE RONNY V. NYSTROBI CLARENCE H. PLUM XVILLIABI A. ROBERTSON CHARLES W. SANDERS STANLEY S. SUI.zYLKI RICHARD F. TOMCZAK JAMES F. TRAIQY WILIAM F. TRACY RUSSELL S. WILCOK Klcppinger Tnnmczak Kirk Bcrcns Lasater Mugncss Sulzycki Sanders Nemocdc Browne Clausen Himcs Hampton Jamnik Brown Baugher Hammerstein Gossard Keller Frimann Elliott Bernhardt Gill Coyle Janda Plum Mahaffay W. R. Kramer XV. Tracy Furtney J. Frcck Lcrkington Nystrom W. Frcck Erickson Frederick Inman Robertson Janus Hackett W. J. Kramer Baldwin Cortright Braunsdort J. Tracy Bodmer Caldwell Page 505 Stetson Hawkins Crossland Stubhlefield Ames Mrs. Hammond Schoone Spencer Wiltamuth Little Bass Barron Ausec Owens Dryden Campbell Courtney .WL D. " ' ,,,, , w,Msgg:w3gQ ' '-"' 111 .... .. mf s " " ' efifwvaf : "r1,., . ,.g wwf WSYAWME RIM VIRGINIA L. AMES JOYCE M. AUSEC ERLENE E. BARRCN MARGARET I, BASS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLARA L. CAMPBELL EILFEN COURTNEY EDITH I. CRCSSLAND WILMA J. DRYIJEN MILDRFD L. HAXX'KINS WANOA LITTLE H. VIRGINIA OW'ENS MAGDALENE SCHOONE MIIDRED D. SPENCER A. CAROLYN STIZTSON ESTHER M. STUEELEEIELIJ DOROTHY L. WILTAMUTH ELIZANOR V. ARBANAS JUNE BAEEITT HARRIETT G. BENSON GYNATH M. BILLIETIZR MARGARET R. BRCNWN LORNA E. BRUMEIELD JEANNETTE M. BURNS HELEN J, CHILDS WAVNELLE V. COLE VIRGINIA A. COOPER MARY E, DE VORE SHIRLEY EDNVARDS GENEXVIEVE V. FISH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HELEN E. HEY LENORE J. HEY H. JANE HOOKER GLIZNNA C. HUSTON MARY L. HUTCHISGN HELENI5 C. HYNES BERNICE M. JENSEN MARTHA E. KENNEDY FRANCES J, KISNER LILLIAN D. KOPLEWSKI DORTHA J. KRI3II.ING RUTH Y. KUTNER HARRIIZTT M. LARRY L, EVELYNNE LARSON BETTE M. MACEK HELEN L. MCCLENATHAN BONNIE J. MooN CLARA E. NEUPI-'RT F. LOUISE OYKEEFE ANNE OLNICIQ ARLIE M. PARKER LoIs C. SODERSTROM THFTA A. SPCOR ROSALIE STROUP MILORED M. TELFCRD M. DoLoRES WAHL NORMA R. WEBER EILEEN M. WEILMUENSTER WILMA C. WILLIAMS EVELYNNI5 M. RASMUSSEN LUIS WILSON POLLY A. ROGERS HELEN L. ROY RUTH A. SHEARFR BETTY J. WINTERS RFNA M. WVCRK DORA G. ZALATORIS RENA M. ZEMAITIS Brumfield Moon Larry Work Larson Rasmussen Kutner Weber Wilson Williams Hooker Kisner Stroup Koplcwski L. Hey Benson Fish Roy Spoor Hynes Zemaitis Zalatoris O'Keer'e Childs Rogers Babbitt Neupert Macek Burns Kennedy Brown Cole Jensen Kreiling Soderstrom Billeter Weilmuenster Edwards Winters Cooper Huston Arbanas Shearer Wahl H. Hey McClenathan Hutchison Parker De Vore Renwifk Reeves Leaks Craig Mrs. Gracey Cwplirifz Stevenson Legris Crossland Forney Ingle Tunniclitle Hall Doersch uk Yowell Bcnham Sapurito Ribacchi A l H I VIOLET M. BIENHAM IVIILDRED CAPLING CORA D. CRAIG INIARJCRIE J. CROSSLAND JANET L. DOERSCHUK MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY PRISCILLA M. FORNFY JI'NE E. HALI. DOROTHY E. INGLI? ELIZABFTH L. LEAKE LOUISE G, LEGRIS BI:'I'TY J. REEVES GIQRTRUDE A. RENXVICK SALISKA F. RIBACCHI MARY C. SAPORITO RUTH E. STEVENSCN EvELYN M. TUNNICLIFFE VERA L. YOWELL A r ' JUJe'l'A .. .,,, ,. R JAWS W WE- I 'I'Sflv'f-fgwx. f If ROSALINE ADAMS EVELYN M. ANDERSON GERALDINE E, BACH ORELINE B. BACH GFNFVIEVE C. BARRER MATIE H. BARNARO HARRIET D. BITATTIE ANNE B. BEEBF NORMA J. BENSON EMMA M. BERGSCHNEIDER ADFLF A. BOXYMAN DOROTHY M. BROXVN ANNE M. BURNS DOROTHY L. CLARK JOYCE C. CLARK ANN M. CORNELL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JEAN M. CULVIER MARION L. EDLIZR MIRIAM G. EHLERS BEULAH P. FEATHERsTONE RUTH FCRAN JFANFTTE M. GARGULA DOROTHY M. HADDENHORST KATHRYN M. HARMON MARY J. HARMON ARLINF B. HARVEY RUTH JINKINS MARGARET E. JOHNSON XIFRNA R. JOHNSTON DOROTHY N. JONES MARY H, JOST RAc'HEI. E. KEISTITR IDELLE E. LOGAN M. ELIZABETH MANDY DOROTHY H. MAY RORERTA I. MCALLISTER MAXINE C, MCGINNIS Lois M. MCKEY MARY J. MCKIBBIZN KARIN L. MORSCH BERNICE G. MUZIKA LOIS J. NELSON EMMA XV. NOLL HELEN I, OLSON Hll.MA M. PAYNE JULIA B. PETRULIS MILORIQIB J. POLNIASZIZK ALICE L. REID HELEN L. SCHAEEER VIOLET M. SCHOEPPEL HELEN E. SHAVER DOROTHYANN SINCLAIR IVIARY K. SMILEY E. JANE SMITH LORNA H. SNYDER ANN J. STASTNY CAROL B. STECHER MARY A, STEPPE MARY A. STIPP IVIABIEL A. THOMPSON FFRN I. WENINGER MARY M, WIECZOREK GENEYIEVE A. ZACZEK PHYLLIS A. ZUKOXVSKI Polniaszek May Stecher O. Buch Barnard McKil:lmcn Burns .Iinkins Logan G. Buch Stipps Wieczorck Adams Snyder Zukovvski Culver Jost Thompson Smiley Featherstone l'ldlur Stzistny McAllister Bowman Gargulu Johnston Sinclair Mzimhy Nelson Keistcr llluzika Schaefer hlCCllIlIllS Weninger Payne Schoeppel Olson Brown Bergschneicler Shaver Cornell Beattie D. Clark Harvey Petrulis Reid Morsch Anderson Barker Jones Ehlers Johnson Xl. J. Harmon Hzuldciihorst J. Clark Benson Beebe Noll K. Harmon Steppe McKey Smith Foran Zaczek sf.-f,fA'f. ,L ""'li-KJLQTLZVVA R J, Ilfilcgf?-,EY-fl-3 3'-'Ififfgfh 5 'gil X X W 'I . .,.f,,s.L,, L -. , - . . .EIQERAQIEQQIM , , .w,.fAg!fI..gQ,R.Qe -- 'just-v2fZg:3W1f' 'I' .. , , Q Air? W ' , ,FLSA .. 1.1-Wa-'Alfie' ,:I.:N, 0 Page 507 Page 508 Dcrrieks Schneider Kunst Johsch Pearson Trulmk Calnan Stahl Foster Stonebraker Layton Case Ruth Burns Fmmlc Mannmg Reld LORRAINI' M, BURNS MARY j. fl.-KLNAN GIQRAIDINI' M. CASE BERNTDINT I.. IDLRRICKS MARYANN Fos'I'I-iR I.0Is M. Avm-RSON RIITH E. BOYD MARIKIRIIX M, DILLON BI2'I"I'Y M. DIIfIfI1I.I, ETHI-I. M. DONNFLLY BITRNIKI M. IRR.-KPFR RU'I'HMAIu' ERIORY HFITN I.. FI'HR The Randolph MEMBERS l..-XVINA M. FRAXVK BVTTI C. GRoss RI'TH M, JORSCH MARCIaI.I.A F. KOPPA EI.sIIa H. KUNST IN UNIVERSITY BONITA J. I.Ax'ToN ELTANOR I., RIANNIXG C'ATHIfRIxI- R. PEARSCN LAIIRA M. RFID E Sh awnee MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY INIARAIORIE XV. GRITNF B. VIRGINIA HALF RUTH E. HEI.fkNI7IfR JANIIJF R. Houma EI.I7AIIItTH M. HKIIT CHARLOTTF L. HI'lllR E. JI-iAN joxrs F. I.AVoxNIf MARsII GRAc'Ii Mm'AI I.Is'rrR FRANc:I4s A. INICCARTHY KATIII MEN I. INIOORIZ DCRf:'I'HY j. lXll1XY'MAN EI.FAN1:R R. NIM MAN RI.-RRY li. 0'KI'rI'r BI-'I'I'Y VI. QBLSITN XVIRCQINIA A. RI'IH EVI-'LYN M. SCHM-IIHIR IVIARTHA L. STAHI. l.czIs j. S'I'0NFIsRARIfR MARYIORIF E. TRIII.c:c'K JIAY C. PETERSON MARY D, PRIc'r VIRGINIA H. SCHMIIVI' SIlIRI.m' A. SMITII RUTH C. STARIK JANF E. XYVARRILK SYIVIA E. XX'ciIsI,o f:Al.I.YE M. XY"II.I.r:f Q Dippell Emory Draper Huber Greene Dillon Wkislo D. Newrnnn Price Y H Marsh jones McAllister Donnelly Anderson Starck Smith Olson Wfarrnck O'Keefe XX'IlloIlg Hoherg Hale Mfclllfllly' E. Newman Fuhr Boyd Peterson Hon Hclnndcr SelImIdt 3-rifzzff 1 f . 1 Shcslcr Elsner Clark Hgrlvorscn vvfigllf Allimson Hunlmtf ffrcss Mcrckcr Pitts Turigliutto Frost Morrison Pc.1rcc: Rhodes Ma IYin Msinert Alberstett Nccly Hluwctt FRANc.Es J. AIIGFRSTFTI MARX' I.. ALLANSON NANCY J. BI.Ifw'ETT ELLEN E. CLARK RIARIAN I.. KVJRFSS 1 .J ' ' 1..- .fv gan 111.1 MARTHA AOOIT VALERIE H. ALLEN BETTY N. ANNIs BEATRICI' I, BARNCARD BETTY J. BIYHRIZNDS HELEN BOF MARX' I.. f.OI.I.FNBURGl'R BETTY J. KPONRAD VVe1sh House MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DOROTHY M. ELSNFR LILLIAN A. FROST LORIINI- I.. HALVORSI'N HARRII,l'IT E. HFNHCJIfIf DOROTHY J. RIARVIN FI.ORA I.. IVIFINFRT BTTIY I.. MFRC.KI'R ELINOR I.. MORRIsON BI-'TTY J. NIzIaI.Y IOA M. PEARCF fi T I MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EI.IZAIiIf'l'H A. DAY DOROTHY J, DIICKW'OR'I'II AUORIQY D. DUDGEON CORNIZLIA E. EIRICH LAURA M. EVANS DORIS I.. FREEMAN MARX' J. JOHNSON VIfRI.lfA LONOLISY QEIEORGIA A. MOON M. CATHFRINF MOORI JL'NIf D. OVCONNOR ISAIKIEI. D. PARKS HIfI.IfN M. PARKS XVVRNA E. Rriuss BARBARA J. PI'I'Is EI IZABETH R. RIIOIWFS M. PATRICIA SHI'sI.IfR I.Ur'II.I.E G. TuRIc.I.IATTo CAROLINE M. XYVRIGHT AIIARY J. S'1'AIuI'R I.. JEAN STUBIIINS MARY A. TARIILIZ RIYRTLE I. TLYIDKJR MARY E. XVARINCQ ANNELLA J. WIsIzMAN JUNE E. YARNIfI.L V. JUNE xy.-KN Z.-KNDT Allcn Annis XVAIIITR Ruuss I. Parks BOQ V.m Zandt Stulwhins Bclrrcmfs Day Cunrgxd XY'iscrnan Dutkwurth Strligcr Dudgcun Frecm.m l'r.1I'nv.gIrd 'llulwlu Evans H. Parks FIFIASII INIOOIQ INIOOIT O'l'OnrTm Adolf Longley TLIIIOI' Jnhnson C'OllcITlwTII'gcI' Ygrrnull , -- Page 509 Page 510 BRTTR ARMSTRONG HFLl4N R. BARKER IRTNF M. BIANCHFTTA CAROLYN M. CARRELL JOAN COPIQLANO MARIANNA M. FOXYVLER El.l7ANl"l'H P. ALDERSON IRMA M. BRODIQRICK RUTH E. CRAIG KATHRYN R. DRONE DOROTHY M. FEE NAOINE H. GOGGIN GLADYQ G. GRAFF Steiner Gaydos Koontz Wfestbcrg Phares Mitchell Stnuticr Armstrong Nelson Fowler Carrell Copeland Bianchetta Smith Barker Jacobs Ryall Kcrclincr Kientzle O'Bcrt Sandall Lceman Beta House MARY M. GAYDOS MARY E. JACOBS MARION E. KLRCHNER HELIEN L. KIRNTZLE IVIARY E. KOONTZ GI:NI:vIRvIs IJEEMAN RUTH E. MITCHELL DOROTHY C. NELSON INIARTHA C. OVBERT VVVANDA L. PHARES VVar11er Hall MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RFTH M. HAMPTON FRANCIS B. HUTTON fIliI.IiSTINlZ M. KOLLAR IRMA A, LANNIZRT MARX' E. MCCARTY ALICII M. MCCLINTOCK GlRAl.lJlNE R. MURRAY BI-.RNICIs I., OLSON CDLIVE M. POLAND JIQAN K. SMITH MARIAN F. SMITH LOIS E. TANIS MARY K. RYALL MARY G. SANDALL LOIS J. SMITH MARIAN L. STAUHIER PAITLINE J. STEINER DOROTHY E. XVIESTBERG IDARLFNIZ M. VUALL IWIARY U. VUALSH VIRGINIA E. WALSH P. JACQUIELINE WEBER l'IIl.DA M. WFTZEL PALMA L. WCJODCOCK FRANCES E. ZIMMERLI Murray McClintock Drone M, Smith McCarty Martin J. Smith Alderson Fee Lannert Zimmerli V. Walsli Goggin Hampton Olson Craig Wall Tanis Hutton Wfoodcock M. WHlSll Kollar Wlebcr Broderick Poland Graf? N. Sctt Hudam F. Iuttlu 1 xum Kmmcr MgYiLk.1x Klum: B. Suit Lcslip IAUIIP XYYUIICICISIKII V:xnS4hnik Mangan Al.f.x'cig1lmvn lNI.I,1'-eiglnton Kir-kp.m'ink Pgukur Nidmnlson Bedford Fisher T. Tuttle Fvruug I .zmphcll Urquhart R, .Iohnwn lt, julmwn l.mlRI1:ul I.m'clcss Aeo 1 a Cm-'nn a Vanlig RIIIIKA F. BIIDFORD IUOROIIIY M, BROEG M. JANL CAMP RIAXIXI: M. CAMPBELL RIARY A. CTREIGHTON M. JANF CRFIGHTON IXIARY E. CRIJM DIARY I.. FISHFR H Iixm M. BFAL EDY'I'HIz S. BAIORNDAL M. I.ou1sF BOLIN MEMBERS NYIKITORY GLYNN ,IIAN I.. PIADAM Ex'r1.YN I.. JOHNSON RFTH A. VIOHNSUN ETHII. H. IQIRKPATRILK Al'RIfI.IA A. KLUIG RFTH I.. KRAMLR MARY VI, I,l'iI IIa UNIVERSITY CYNTHIA E. Loc RHART BPTH I.. I.ox'rLr-SR EDNA R. MA1H1zxx's jzassri R. IWICXYIKI-CAR DOROTHY M. NIORUAN N. JPAN NICHOLS -IVAN E. NIr'HoI,sr1N NIARTHA E. PARKER BARRARA j. SFTT NANciY G. SFTT FRANCFS N. TUTTLE THU MA j. TUTTLE I.AVoNNA M. 'URQUHART MARc9AR1f'r H. XVAN SCHOIK I.l'XYIS E, XY'UNDERI.IK.H .. 'fi ., 1. A S5953 3f?I'MxT"i1i: ' 2 25", 3, I 'VL '.f'f.fYl 'I 'I' MEMBERS IN ADr1.1i P. CRUNTOR Es'rHrR A, I"IAljPTl-I.I'ISCH Lols B. HAYS BIANCHF V. CAMPBELL Btwn: I.. HILL Hr-IFN E. CANTLIN RosA1.xNn E, DEFFLFY MARX' M, FLFMING RI.-RRY J. HINRIQI. PHY! I IS If Il 1-R UNIVERSITY RUTH E. KFrNr HELEN L. KFSNLR R. HARRIETT LAMR H. XVISFXF LANGHAM 'IOSIEPHINE E, MINDfNHAI.I. IVIARY E. MoH1.1fR SHIRLEY M. REED HrLrN' D. SHARP IXIARY A. TROMROLD BFRNYCIT E. XVPRNER NINA j. VUITHIIRIELL BARRARA E. XVYLIE H1u1DffICiSd1 V Wcrrwru Sharp Mrs. Fraker 1..1mlw Bull Mohler I Fleming Hlrzrmhl Cfgmllin Recd!mm 'I'mmb0ld H111 Kcemr XVithcrcll Bulm XVyIic Hays Page 511 1111 Wert Nevada Street MARGARET L. G. ANDERSON BERNICE E. BRADY MARION D. CEDERXVALL MARGARET E. FAIRBAIRN HELEN I. FELEKI RUTH M. GALLAGHER SHIRLEY GINSBURG RUTH O. GOLDMAN GENEVIEVE C. ALEKSIUN LUCILLE BERKSON ARSELIA M. BLOCK SHIRLEY E. BOCK L. JOY CARNES LOISJEAN CLARK WILMA E. COE DOROTHY E. DEAN FLORENCE N. ANDERSON MARGARET L. ANDERSON SHIRLEY L. BAIKOVICH JEANNE L. BAIRD MARION BERNSTEIN RAVELI R. BRODSKY MURIEL M. BULL SUZANNE COALE LILYAN Y. COHEN HAzEL B. DAMISCH DOROTHY A. EGGBRECHT XIIRGINIA M. AMES RITA BERLIANT CARROLL M. BERRY BERNICE BLATT LOIS M. CARBERRY RUTH V. CHERRY MARIAN DAVIS RUTH EPSTFIN LAVERNE M. ESSER MARY K. FAHEY BERNICE FAIR DOROTHY J. FORS Page 512 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DORIS M. GOOD RAMONA H. HICKS BETTY A. HILBERG M. JEWEL HOSFORD M. PATRICIA HUDSON JOYCE A. KISS FERN C. KREET MARIAN F. MAHER EDITH E. DEHNERT LOUISE DEUTCH RUTH V. DIXON MARY J. DONAHUE KATHLEEN FITZGERALD DOROTHY P. FOSTER ANGELINA FRASCONA ANNETTE C. GAETJE MARTHA EI-IRLICH VIRGINIA A, ESH EVELYN M. FISHMAN DOROTHY J. FRANK PHYLLIS J. GREENBLATT SYLVIA GROSS ELIZANNE HANITZ ELIZABETH F. HUDSON ESTHER R. KAPLAN AMELITA M. KJELLSTRAND MARGARET E, FOSTER BABETTE C. FRANZUS FRANCES J. FRIEDER THCRDFS J. FRIIS MILDRED H. GAIL ELAINE GAVENDA MARY F. GEORGE MIRIAM F. GRANT JUNE M. HANSON GFRALDYNE HAVLIN VERA L, HOMRIGHOUS Seniorf fzmzorf Soplaomorey Frefbmefz WANETA MILLER FLORENCE NADELHCFFER GERTRUDE R. PFEIL MARY J. PRATHER BETTIE C. RICHARD JULIA L, ROBERTSON HARRIET I. ROTH JEAN SCHULTE MAXINE M. GOLDSTEIN RUTH VON GRUENINGEN MARGARET HALL FAYE A. HOMRIGHOUS RUTH KAI-IN PHYLLIS J. MARKS RUTH E. MARSHALL MARION L. MCCAULEY NORMA KLASS J. AUDREY KLIVANS ELOISE M. KUHN FLORENCE KUSHNER INFZ E. LARSON ATHENA MASSIAS MURIEL R. MOLL LORRAINE J. MURPHY MARGARET V. PAWLICKI VIVIAN E. PETERSON ELSIE M. JACOBS MURIEL C. JANICKI ANN T. KATZ INIARY K. KELLY BERNADINE KENDLE GERTRUDE KRAEMER DOROTHY J. KRIz FLORENCE G. LARSEN DOROTHY M. MATOZ JEAN I. MACARTHUR GERTRUDE C. MCKINNFY ELEANOR SHERIDAN G. EILEEN SPARKS DOLORES C. THOMAS ROBERTA M. TUCKER MARJORIE G. WARD RUTH WEINER ELIZABETH L. WILLIAMS DORIS E. WITTMANN NEDRA M. OTT ADELE RANGE MAURINE ROBERDS MARY I. SELTZER JOANNA SOUSLEY BELVA M. STEIN PAULINE A. STRAND BETTY D. WOLCOTT FLORENCE E. SCHNITZER NAOMI SCHWARTZ NELLE SHAGAN SHIRLEY M. SHAPIRO MARY L. SUNDERLAND ELIZABETH A. WEDLOCK DOROTHY B, WEXLER EVELYN L. WHITE MIRIAN S. WIGODA ORILDA L. WILCOX DOROTHY D, WILLIAMS MARJORIE J. NORTH SYLVIA REINITZ HELEN E. RUBNITZ SYLVIA SELTZER FERNE W. SHAPLAND CARMEN R. SHUTE CAROLYN A. SIMONS FRANCES E. SWARD BARBARA M. VAN DYKE DOROTHY M. WILBOURN CATHERINE N. YOUNGER SHIRLEY F. ZAX 1115 Wen Nevada Street ALICE E. ANDERSON BETTIE S. ANDERSON DOROTHY L. ARVEY IRENE F. BAKER SHERLEE BUSCH ANNE R. COHEN LIBERTY R. DANIEL JOSEPHINE M. FORRESTER CATHERINE E. AARON ELEANOR M. ATTEBERRY E. JUNE BOYS BETTE Z. BURRIS CECILE FALSTEIN CLAIRE B. FOGELSON MINNETTE GODOW MARIE R. GOLDING RUTH J. ALESKIN MYRA J. AzEE SHIRLEY F. BASKIN JEANNE E. BOST MAEEL E. BOURNE CLAIR E. BRECRINRIDGE CAROLYN J. CRAIG YOLANDA R. DE LARCO SYLVIA ECKER MARTHA L. EDGAR EVIELYN L. ERIKSON MILDRED E. BALLOW IVA M. BERRY HELEN E, BRINKMAN BETTY J. BYERSDORE KA'FHLEEN V. CASEY ADAI-I F. ELLICOTT LOIS E. FLUEGGEE LOIS C. FULLERTON VIOLITT R. GOLUB BLOSSOM L. GOMRINER LUCY A. GREEN DOROTHEA N. GRIFFITHS MEMBERS IN UNI HELEN E. FREUDENBERG MINNIE FRIEDLANDER EVALYN GOLDSTEIN CATHERINE A. HAWORTH LORA A. KEE DOROTHY S. KLOTZ CAROL D. KNICKLEBINE EDITH GOLDSTEIN MILDRED L. GUERNSEY ELSIE L. HAUG ETHELYN E. LARNER ANN C. MARTENS MARY MILLER MARY M. MORRELL VIRGINIA M. FROYD GERALDINE E. GENDLER FRANCES E. GEHRING MIRIAM M. GOLDSTEIN DOROTHY H. HAMILTON MAXINE M. HAMMA GRACE C. HANTOVER FLORENCE M, HIRSH FFLICIA C. IIOCHMAN FRANCES E. JOHNSON ELAINE T. KABB HELEN S. GROSBERG KATHRYN HAHN EILEEN M. HARRY ROEERTA F. HAY SHIRLEY J. HENDRIX RUTH HORWITZ MARY A. JACOBS MARY K. KENNEDY ETHEL S. KRAUS MARION KREET LOIS K. LARNER Seuiorf jznzion S 0 pbomores Freffamefz VERSITY EDYTH L. LEBOVITZ BETTY J. LEGGETT ALICE J. LEVITCN ESTHER R. LILLMAN JEAN M. LOKKE WII.MA W. NEXWCOME JEANNETTE S. RASHID DOROTHY J. MUNGER MARTHA R. O'I-IAIR VEVA E. ROBINSON HANNAH E. ROLL LUCILLE M. SCHAUER ELAINE A. SCHULHOFF LEONA R. SHAPIRO CAROL A. KEATING LAURA J. LAYSON SHIRLEY J. LEVIT PEARL E. LOPATER AVIS A. MCMASTER EILFNE J. MUNCIE JANE OTTO VIRGINIA M. PIPER ELOISE ROSS CAROLYN RUTLEDGE KATHRYN M. LAUNE DORIS J. LAYSON PATRICIA A. LISSNER LORAYNE S. LOME SHIRLEY I. MARCUS HELEN M, MARTIN JUNE R. MIERVIS ELEANOR MILLER PAULINE P. PAVA PEARL A. RICHMOND LOIS L. ROGERS ESTHER I. SHEEHY GOLDIE F. SILVERZWJEIG MILDRED M. STADEL HELEN R. STARCK ALICE J. VAN DE VENTER BARBARA J. WECHTER GRACE V. XVILLOWICK JENNIE R. SIMMONS ELVERA SKUKIC ELIZABETH C. STANCIL LILLIAN STEIBER BETTY A. STEWART MILDRED F. TOMCHEK GENEVA M. WILLIAMS SARA J. WOLF PEARL SANEURG MARY J. SAUTER OLIVE P. SCH!-ELL MARYEETH SISNEY MARY E. SMITH NIVARDE M. SMITH VIX'IAN E, SUPPIES SOPHY TRACHTFNBERG RUTH WALTERS RITA C. YOUNG RUTH ZIEEREN MIRIAM SALTIITI. ROSLYN B. SHAPIRO JOSEPHINE A. SMITH JEAN K. STEINMAYER ELEANOR R. STIERER JEANNE E. SUPPE BERTHA P. THOMAS M. BETH VAN DE VENTER OPAL A. WAREIELD MARIE C. WEBER ELEANOR T. WOLF EDNA C. YOUNG Page 513 EFEIE R, EI.I.IO'I' MARIAN E. PRICE Folzmfvd University of Illinois, 1912 Alpha Chapter EII'uf1lIIf2UzI', 1912 Nine Anim Cimjvtcrr 112 Em! john Sffeet l I , , "v':,w'Ei" frggg. ,fr.sI.Q.1.f.ff.- :Q-.J sms-5 ,O . . . . A . . l I I . A .Q X I I Ag -, V, AI1:?gy,,..f fp - 'jztgzp ff-A'OPLf,if,f,:'.g.igE,1rg.Q"fQSQ?-QQQQQ. r - - I- u I ' M-A 1 -s f . . ' 'E ' ' ' - I' 1. ,ew-s..faT' f 1 K - - . - ' . A f1.i'7?Z1g -5-v u, Hsu , ,I Aw I - O . , Y ,img . - , - - . . . - , ' , , ,swszas A . 1 ' ' ' ' ' . 'I fr ' ' iw-We .Q f 1 M57ffM7'lff- Jiiffi , . , I mf I I , I 111'1cw ww 1 M ' f - -1 4, Aw -' ,, V . . Mx. . , 'y:.,', 'J Q 4- ,W 1 1, ff: f :ww -' .wr I, .w,1of,,f-1. 1 wfgw, fr I-pgs we? Tb ,. H I A f W A A wA.Am.z.fw? AVWMMA . I . EDA A. JACOIISEN, A.M. ELOISIZ C. Enru THIELMA M. GRALTF HELEN E. HOYT FARAEA G. ANDERSON XVILHIQLMINA A. IJlX'l1!.FY ERMA A. FLEMING CILADYS E. GAINIfs FACULTY MEMBERS IN UNIV Glmlzzaie Smdefztf Senior! ERSITY V. MARIE MULvANI: DOROTHY S. JAMFS ARLFNF J. MIOHFLL VORA M. MOSHTR HARRIET V. HOCIQING HAZEL M. HORTENSTINF A. LFONA JAcOIzsEN JEAN M, PII'RsON fmziarf ALICE M. JAMES MARTHA A. MALI, LOUISI: A. MANN S0plJ011z0r'e5 EvEI.vN L. BINGIIAM FREEDA B, DESHAYFS CAROL R. HAI RIIIANN M. ELIZABETH BI:cRI.IYR INIARYANN FOSTER AI.INr M. LANIQII MARGARIET E, CURRY Frerlamezz CIIERALDINE I.. COIINCIQLLOR RUTH C. MOLLFR FLORENCE L. SMITH F. NAOMI LONG I.II.I.IAN H. ROMMFL, B.S. I.II.l.IAN H. ROMMFL MADONNA E. STROLE DOROTHY WHITTON BONNIE J. IVICCRAY SHIRI.EY H. INIIGHIELI. ROITERTA R. NEW TON MAnIfLINIz SCHNAIQE INIARAIORIII STEVITNSON AMANDA TICHENOR IIHAMAY TURNER IIFLITN SNYDIIII I'IIYI.I,Is STORM l ,iii L, Storm Snyder Long Buckler founcellnr Deslmyes S. Mighcll Pierson Strole Smith Wfhitton Diveley Fdster Hocking Newton Rommel Lungcl Bingham Gaines Turner Tichcnor Anderson Moller Fleming Hackmann Jacobsen Hortcnstinc Mall Stevenson James Hoyt A. Mighcll Mosher Price Mulvane Gmue Schnake Curry Page 514 807 Sonlh Wfright Sheet D ave nport Hou se KARLENE M. DILDERICII MURIEL E. ERIKSON V. JACQUIZLINE FREELAND SIIMA M. HORN GITRTRUDE C. Baci: INIILDRED L. BUSHNICIQ BITRFNICE M. BUTLER LORRAINF C. HENNINGS ANGELA KLEENE KAREN E. ANDERSEN BEATRICE BAGNO RUTH M. BERGSTROM JANE H. CONYBEAR ALMA J. GARRETT MEMBERS ELLEN S. JACOBSEN KZOLIETA H. KNEW'ITZ BETTE L. I..OUXX'IEN INIARY T. FOLTZ IZYVIXN L. Fox IJJRRAINE A. JOHANSEN IN UNIVERSITY Sezziorf BETTY A. MILLER RACHEL '1'. PARK KATIIARINE A. PIERSON Jmziorf IJONA R. LIZXYIS JVANNIZ NICKERSON Sophomoref I"Il7I.FN O. IVIALMBERG LORENA M, INICINIILLIEN MARIE A. GUNDERSEN MARGARET A. HOGG IJTNORE G. JONES INIARY L. LEWIS INIONA M. IXICQIQAID IIl'I.lfN EIILLIER Frefhmezz I,c:IzI:I.I..'x LITTERLY DIiRf:'I'IIY MANN llI:I.ItN R. MAYR IXIAIlf.ARII'I' M. MCCARTY LUCII.I.E J. ROXVLFY IRMA S. SANCKITN DOROTHY S. ST. JOHN MARY L. STROPIZS XVINNIIIRED L. Sw IARINGEN XIFRNA R. TOMRRINIQ FTRN A. XYIHITMORE FRANCTS J. ROXYIT I.Il.I.IAN 1. SMIDT R. ELAINE MLIELLER MARY I.. NOTMAN GI:R'I'RIIm: T. OPRENHEIM INIARILYN D, PETERSON MARTI-IA J. STROPFS 5,2 Peterson Garrctt Rows Bergstrom Jones Andersen McMillan Miilmberg Mayr Conybeilr Gunilursun H. Miller M.J. Stropes Hcnnings McQunid Smidt I.. Lewis Fox Buck Nickerson Wfhitmore Tombrink Johansen Butler Foltz Bushnick Horn Louwien Freeland M. L. Stropcs B. Miller St. John Erikson Pierson Dieclerich Snnckcn Jgimbscn Rowley Park SXXC11l'IDgCH Notmnn McCarty Munn Kleene Mucllci' Hogg Oppenhcim Littcrly Biingo M. Lewis Page T .EWNQ af .V I 'Ali rm FT 23 A gi R f . I A - - Q .- WIIQ? 328+-1 .4 Q It X.3.-.gibf . ..V.. . 'J M 14 A MIL A, Y Fofmded University of Illinois, 1953 202 Emi Green Sire:-f X. ' " 1 Y- ' E- - ' MQEAY ' " W2S5,222?fX W - ME... ,.. 'fa' ' Q -j Ayn' ' ,Y-1' I 'if Wffs-tial"-fha igrgii'-j3gg.pSLv'-z.2v"' My fa. .R " " - - .. af f --. - ya - R - . Sa . A .gf - fa. ,, . , --T :v t q ff- - f--- C. RR- 5 a . - 3 ' -f -, -f - a+?MAfajgf - gg 4' A gf - ., fa A . a ye '-" - Y I , R-I 2-ws -ff . Q -SERVE? if-fa :NW RA-RQ-'ai.'aweS4vss --- -ff :- -if .. -. -'P-MG .- R - I fi . -ef - wp-Q aa -. -.-A W- eff- 1 --Q-'f WW .- . , , .. , A MRIYRA-w?H,fza:4a N ff .--244--fff,y5LS-w,. Emil , g -'Y-we -' .4 .. . ---- M ax - - - - Aa, aw M ' . .: H -'-'- - ---.-21 -- .-'.: V- 1-I-Q , .:. , f wx. Q- . -E.:-az-, -- ., E.: - -S -:. 1 .- -- " , , A J-as '1-.N Z'-a--ef.-ff -9-1 ea s A---RJ Zffw orwsfiiskwea,---1,-fm-ff:sGf7f-R ' -.5 .23-Rfagifffifef-3? I9w3Q5aZf--RZw'31v- Q' "Mis-3. 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GRAHAM ANNARELLE GRAY F A C U LT Y MARY A. MCKEE, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MANESA A. EDWARDS ELIZABETH W. FRENCH MARIAN B. GIBBS S671i0l'J PHYLLIS A. GOCDV-'IN fzmiorx DORIENE HIFSER Sophomore! KATHRX'N L, HURL R. HELEN ROMINE ELEANOR M. JONES VERNICE C. SHERMAN JOY E. LEONARD IRMA V. SHIIELDS Freflomefz KATHRX'N E. HOLMQUIST ARLFNE V. JAY MARJORIE E. KANE LAVONNI2 J. KIRCHNFR VIRGINIA L. MCBROOM GLADYS E. MCDONALD IHIAZEL E. MILLER MARY L. MYERS LORRAINE C. SHERMAN DOROTHY M. KIRKPATRICK MARY L. STOCKBARGER CATIIERINE E. SIEMEN VIRGINIA E. XVI-IITTON HELEN C. WoLIf MARIAN P. PLUMB DORIS M. TAYLOR DFLORFS E. WAGNER LEARII I. VVILLFFORD McDonald Kane Myers Holmquist Graham Finley McBroom Kirchner Fritch Taylor Wagner Gray V. Sherman Brewer Bittermann Wolf Fitton Leonard Hurl Shields jones Romine jay Miller Wfhitton H, Edwards Siemen Gibbs Bricker Plumb Willeford Stockbarger Bierman Hicser Kirkpatrick Brewer L. Sherman M. Edwards Goodwin Engelking French Page 516 l'ff1IIII!I'Il ITI1ixcIQIIy4I1 IIlinois, 1911 .IHS lfizil jffffu ,Ylrwl I INIARQIORIII I-1. BANKS VIRGINIA E. Bow IN IIFTT Y I. BRISFOIT ESTIIIR A. BUIIRIIANN ,II ANNIt DC5l'CII..ASS RIARIAN H, BANKS DOROTHY XV. BLTRKIIARIYI' ANNI: E. BURNIV1 'I' IDOROTHY E. KQHAIIIN DORIS M. BANKS H. ,IIIAN CONNITR BIARION I.. DAL'csHI'R'I Y SHIRLEY -I. I-IENDFRSIJN INIAXINE H. RIGG MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY R IITH DRAKF IIVI-IYN D. GRIININI: INIARGARITT -IAMIN RUTH KIRK'HHf'I'l' ALIc,r V, DAVIQ 15IxI'I'A A, GOAIH 5611201 fmiim 'J' IIRANFIIS G. MAYNI2 IDOROTHY L. Mc:IIuI'N MARIAN I.. PIIARsI:N XY'INIIfRI'Iv M. RANIvr1I.IfII 'J Lois M, I'I.'XRXIY M. ,IANIT Hoon-R INIARJCZRIIZ F. GRVITNING M. CYNTHIA IRR IN Sophomoref F. ELITANOR Exx INI9 EI.I7AIIF'1'II S. MrtINNI's I.I:Is R, FUIIIR IIIARGARVI' A. RIINIY LUIS L. ,IASPITR FI'6.f!911l6IZ ELIZABETH A. SARIN THITRFSA E. XIUALKFR A, CAROLINIE RAIYT IMOIBAII SIIARIA I'III.I'N N. SHIITS VIcII.A R, IIIIII-IS FRANVI N V. XXIII I I:I'I,IIIIv I'IYI.I'N N. RIIIaIR'Is BIAIRII If A, SIfuIIR I.I'f'INIvA M. XVALRIR I'IARRII11'I' SIQYI.I.l'R IXIARTHA 1.. SMALL KA'I'HI.x'N M. XVARRIIIQ BARIIARA E. NVII.I.oIIcI-Im E, Willouglihy' R'IIIt Slircti D. Banks jgispcr IILIIIKJI Ewing Sharp C'oIIIIcr IDIIUQLIICFIY Brimnc Roncy Sabin Roberts Burnctt I., Wfzilkcr Hoovc-r Davis Mguigin Bunks Burkhzirclt H.IIvcy 00.111 NI. Greening I Impin Irwin Seyllcr DIIl1gIi1SS James M:II'yoI'ic Hunks Mohicn Thcis E. Greening Bowen Pc.II'wn RQIFIKIOIPII KIIIIIIIIIII Drake Mayne Segur B. XVilI4IugIII'my XV.II'riIk Hcmlcrswn Rigg T. XYITIIICKSI' IwICInnei SITIIIII Page 517 312 Em! Dfzfzief Szfeef Stratford House FRANCES B. BIMBA I.EODA M. DOE GENEVIEVE E. BEAR DOROTHY F. DULEY LA VELLE E. DUNN NEMA FLOYD ANN L. ANDERSON HELEN M. BIMBA ANNE M. CULLERTON MARY G. GIANOTTI MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniorf MILDRED M. FERES MARY E. GOLDSBFRY ALICE GLENNON LUCILLE C. KREUZEERGRR f Zl7'Zi01'J' MARVIORIE J. FRIES LOUISE H. KFPHART ELFANORE A. FURLONG KATHERINE V. LICIILITER MADGE M. GRAGG MARGARET MORRIS Sojihomoref EMMALOU MARLIN MARGARET E. IVIUNSON KATI-IRYN M. INIARLIN Freylamefz FLORENCE E. HACKETT NORMA F. JOSEPH GARNET M. ROE E, MAXINE SIEVERS HELEN E. POLLOCK MARGARET J. REGNELL GENEvII:vI: M. WEINREICH ALICE I. SEABERT BETTY L. SHACKEL BERNICE M. POLLOCK BERFNICE M. SEXAUER K. Marlin Fnrlong Weinreich Munson E. Marlin Seabert Anderson Shackel H, Bimba Floyd Frxes Gragg H. Pollock Bear Regnell Duley Lichliter Kephart D06 Dunn Roe Sievers Fcres F. Bimba Kreuzbergcr Goldsbery Glennon M0ffiS Joseph Sexaucr Hackett B. Pollock Gianotti Cullerton Page 518 Www El Q, ff , 9 ' . 5 -A " l 1 J . ' W. 4 . . 5 A. R '-if Y KA - 1 J 2 ? f 6, A Q , f 'f ffl 1 w 3 4' :Q L. 1 .L ,' y - ' I -: ' Q A Y 1 ,. we ,, 2 Q Qs '-f'4'YffiW ' fi i lk y if 5 ' W' lgflg ' vii A , A Qiggjf fx a gg 3, 'YH f WM., f AQ: 4. R wk ya: QQ . M- A 531 e - ,SE , 7 if AS ' Q -' we g ' ' J' 2 J V yiigfss Q . v 'N H if Hr - , .,,,., X v " fi , .,:- ,Bl Qu, , I B , il' Q wwf U3 .M MA ,www .....-T., ,Ma r gi if A -'ff f' f 1 N . M ,. 1 . - Q ' f " "' ' H N O R A R Y AND P R O F E S S I N A L i5'ifgwg,g f, V 53 ef . v -'fm f. Q J -...f.... ., ..,. bc., "v , , . .. . . ,s i, M 'K 'J 35" k "ww ' , . . K 1 Al' fi' Q, f ' gwfiy' V 4 't'25?.'f'f ' - f',,,j , ,J :vu ' ' Q ' L.. 'i .f A pf . F 1 --1 1 ,Ki x . ' W tv if ' J W " ' I Jig: , xv. E32 114, mf-ff W1 Q1 1"'t!1fiB" f-wif? ' . 3 f-:Jw 1-Q-. -A1 fs' f. . - ,I .. , if g n ? ' , ' ,b . . KEN-N Xxx X F. ....., if 49-' .,,,.2fl' x r ' J ,Qygsff QE A W 2 P' ' 13 L :1J?4"". , H k Afhwffffi ' E ia S wat' ul! A 'IE R, E wi 'gli 5' , z ' fgiik 'gay it A , au,-f'::'i',5?2Fi-1 ' 4 my 53" 'V v:5f"T,y-?"5r..-f'i Q ss aff-n gf ff 5: I . 224 Ax f , 1. .- e -2 sh' 4 Mwwmfim xr. My Q w"MU,f.1 1 f"'-3Wf" T - :-:w,.f,,. ,Q fi" W. Index-Honoraries and Accountancy Club . . . Accountancy Club . . . A.I.Ch.E .... .... A.I.E.E .... ..... Alpha Kappa Psi ..... Alpha Phi Omega ..... Alpha Sigma Nu ..... A.S.M.E ..... . . . Alpha Tau Alpha ..... Band of X .... Beta Alpha Psi. . . Chi Epsilon . . . . Debating Club . . . Dolphins . . . . Eta Kappa Nu ..... Floricultural Club . . . . Gamma Theta Phi ...... Professionals 538 539 528 526 545 529 524 524 546 543 544 535 530 531 536 534 533 Gregorian Literary Society ..... . . . 527 Home Economics Club. . . Hoof and Horn Club .... Page 522 523 525 Illini History Club .... .... Keramos . . . . Mu San . . Omega Beta Pi. . . Pan Xenia . . . . Phi Alpha Chi . . . Phi Beta... .. Phi Chi Theta .... Phi Mu Alpha . . . Rifle Club . . . . Scarab . . . . Shi-Ai......... Sigma Alpha Iota. Sigma Delta Chi. . Sigma Tau . . . . Skull and Crescent .... .... Star and Scroll. . . Theta Sigma Phi. . Tomahawk . . . . Zeta Phi Eta .... 532 527 531 534 526 537 523 528 536 547 535 542 537 533 532 540 541 529 530 525 Founded, Northwestern DORIS M. BANKS IYIARY E. BLOOD QIIRALDINIE E. BONNER Phi Beta University, 1912 SIGMA CHAPTER Twenty-two Active Chapters T0 foffer the ber! in mzzrir and .rjieeclo MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DOROTHY E. CI-IAPIN SHIRLEY H, MIGHELI. I.AURABliI.I. SCHUTT ITIIZLEN J. CONNIER MARX' E. MOHLER MARIORIE Z. VEAZIE HELEN E. ERICKSON BETTY M. SCHROEDER ELAINE V. WHITE . tin i 4 li r I I af: . aa-4.. at RSE A Vcazie Schutt Conner Erickson Mohler White Banks Mighcll Blood Chapin Schroeder Home Economics Clulb GLENNA A. HENDERSON, MARION L. AHLERS BETTIE S. ANDERSON M.S. VIRGINIA V. CLARK VERA E. CLAUSSEN To ifzlerpret home economifr 012 the mfzzpzzr at the Ufziferrily of Illinois F A C U LTY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JEAN E. GRAHAM ANNABELLE GRAY THEI.MA M. ANDERSON ROSAMOND H. CLEAVE M. HOPE ANGEL GENEVIEVE M. CUFFING MARIAN H. BANKS LUCILI.E D. CORDIELL HELEN K. GRAY MARJORIE W. GREEN DOROTHY G. GUNKEI. DOROTHY M. HADDITNIIKIRST WINIERED M. BARCLAY MARJORIE J. CROSSI.AND MARY B. BERNHART ERLENE E. BARRON M. JEAN BARTLE XVILMA I. BARTLE CAROLINE R. BEALL MAXINE L. BEAVER V. MARIE BENHAM F. JUANITA BERGER HELEN L. BITTERMANN HELEN E. BOE LILLIAN K. BRAASCH ROSE E. BREWER VIOLE1' V. BREWER MILDRED L. BRICKER BETTY J. BRISCOE INIARGARET R. BROWN MARY M. BROWN M. IVIAXINE CAMPBELL M. KATHRYN CARR GERALDINE M. CASE E. LOUISE CASH GWEN A. CLARK C. LOUISE CROWLEY E. PAUI.INE CROWLEY MARY E. CRUM BETTY J. CURTIS DOROTHY F. DUNN MANESA A. EDWARDS BERNICE A. ENGELKING MARY K. FAHEY JESSIE L. FINLEY RUTH FORAN EVELYN L. FOX ELIZABETH W. FRENCH V. ELAINE FRETTE H. ROSALIA FRITCH LOIS R. FULLER LOLA F. GARDNER HELEN L. GASS OPAL CEAXVTHORP MARY M. CIAYDOS ALICE Gl.liNNC7N PHYLLIS A, GOODWIN ARLINE P. HADDICK INA F. HALL FLORENCE S. HARKNESS MARGERY M. HARKNESS ELSA C. HART HELEN L. HEDRICK LORRAINE C. HENNINCTS KATHRYN A. HERM CHARLOTTE A. HERMAN HELEN E. HFRRIKBTT DORENE HIESER HAZEL M. HORTI5NS'I'lNl2 M. PATRICIA HUDSON HELENE C. HYNES ARLENE V. JAY M. RUTH JERVIS MARJORIE E. KANIZ MARJORIE L, KEMP HELEN J. KENNEDY KATHRYN A. Kl:NXY'OR'l'HY AURELIA A. KLUEG COLETA H. KNEWITZ JOY E. LEONARD CYNTHIA E. LOCKHART VERLEA LONGLEY WII.MA F. MALONE LOUISE A. MANN DORIS M. IVIAST EDNA R. MATHEW'S DOROTHY H. MAY VIRGINIA L. MCBROOM G. ELIZABETH MCCREIGHT MAUDE E. MCDONALD LOIS M. MCKEY MARY J. MCKIIIEEN VIRGINIA R. MCKIBBIEN JESSIE R. MCVICKAR RUTH R. MEIER ARLENE J. MIGHEI.I. RUTH E. MITCHl3l.I. G. IRENE MONAHAN RUTH E. MONTGOMERY HELEN A. MORRISON VORA MOSHFR METTA V. IVIOUDY JULIET I. MYERS KATHARINE M, INIYERS INIARY L. IVIYFRS MURIEL E. NEI.SON ROBERTA R. NEWTON EMMA W. NOLI. MARJORIE J. NORTH M. JEAN OWENS RACHEL T. PARK MARTHA E. PARKER VIRGINIA M. PIPER BARIIARA J. PITTS MARIAN P. PLUMB MARY A. POPE SOPHIA A. POWELL PAULINE A. REHNER EEEIE G. RENNER CHARLOTTE A. RIEDEL W. IRENE RILEY R. HELEN ROMINE MARGARET A. RONEY MARY K. RYALL VIOLET M. SCI-IOEPPEI. MAXINE Y. SCHROTH ANNA M. SCHULTZ HELEN E. SFLLMYER BETTY J. SHADE LORRAINE C. SHERMAN XVFRNICE C. SHERMAN IRMA V. SHIELDS One Active Chapter VIEXVA B. I.OTT, B.S. CARMEN R. SHUTE CATHERINE E. SIEMEN MARTHA L. STAHL HELEN R. STARCK MARIIZ STAUBITZ VIVIAN E. SUPPES MARIORIE J. TABOR DORIS M. TAYLOR INA C. TEMPLETON MARY E. TVVEFDY MARGARIET H. VAN SCHOIK ABBIE A. VOORHEES JANE E. VOORHEES LUCINDA M. WALKER OPAL A. WAREIELD MARTHA L. WARREN LEARH I. WILLEEORD EIDDIE B. WILLIAMS PHYLLIS E. WITZEL HELEN C. WOLF KATHERYN E. WOOD E. MARIE WRILQHT l.IENX'IS E. WUNDERLICH RIITH E. XVYMAN HERNICE J. YOUNG LEONA S. ZIMMER RUTH E. ZIMMFRMAN MARGARET R. ZIRCKEL Hedrick Mighell Jervis Herman Boe Banks Starck Barron Zimmerman Frette Montgomery Tabor Hall Kennedy Crum Mfvirkar Dunn Klueg Newton Leonard McKey M. McKibben Shade M. R. Brown R. Brewer Schroth Parker May Scllmyer XVood Cash M. Harkness Bittermann Shields Campbell Stauhitz Foran Herriott McBroom Curtis Hiescr Morrison Cleave Mosher French McDonald Mitchell F. Harkness V. Clark Wriglit Rehner Shuts Longley l-I. Gray Zirckel Gaydos Herm Wunderlich Schultz Pope Gass Page 523 Founded, L'nixcrSity Of IllinOiS. MARTHA H. HIIILIHTF, A,M. LOUISE IIRFIER, A.M. LAIIRA J. l"lUFl.S'IFR, A.M, PICARI, A. LJONNIZLI. IVIARGARITI' E. FAIRIXAIRN fIHARl.O'l"l'lI HIYRMAN MARX' J, ITILJSIURD Alpha Sigma Nu l9l9 ALPHA CHAPI ER Three Artive Clmptcrs To lflmnmfe .s'a'lmfI1r.I'hi,f2 and leaderfhilb ill fllvyflmf edlmzfion FACULTY M. FLORENCE LAXYSON, M.S. ENID SLHNAUIIER, M.S.K JANIE l.AXX'YI:R, B.S, ZITA H, SPRADLINO, B.S. f.ARlTA RORERTSON, A.M. MARTHA J, VAlIL:H'I', A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY VERNA R. JOHNSTON HITLIEN I.. Sc'HAEI'I-'R BARIIARA 'lRUl'I"l' JANE C. l.AlFRIiNCF ELVERA SRUIIII. MARY M. 'ILIKSKFR VIROINIA I. I.INDlil.AD JUANNA SOUSLEY RUTH VON CIRUENINLQEN Founded, New KliNNI4I'l'Il G. ACKIERMANN RUIiIiR'l' IZ. AI.liRIGH'l' BICRTON J. AI.PORT LAWRI-NLE ANDERSON MFRRII.I. J, ANDIRSON CURTIS ASHl.l'X' DONALD N. BADCIIX' GEOROE F. BACHMAN STANLEY XV. BAKIR RORIRT A. BANLK ROBERT D. BARROXY' XVIIIIAM R. HITKIRII' HUG!! H. HI'NNINc.IR NORNIAN H, BIRIINCIIR CHARLES HR.-TCI, ARTHUR S. BROXXN JACK XV. BROXYN XVII.I.IAM H. BRUCE DUANIE J, BUEKLI'Y ERXXIN XV. IiURS'IAD'I' FRANK E. BU'l"l'I4RI'llIl.D, JR ROLIER P, fIAMl'l5ll.l. SAM J, CAIPINI Lawson Vaught Hcrnmn Huclstcr I Bugbcc Connell I.lDLll'llLlLl Laurence Vnn Grucningcn Tfultf i Skuhic Tucker Sousley Fnirbnirn Hosford Schaefer I I I I York City, 1882 LINIVERSITY OI' ILLINOIS BRANCH One Hundred and Fnurtccn T0 J'?l'lII'9 the ilzlerexf of the .rtlfdelzlf in nz lilrofeifiofzfzl bmzzrlv of their E7ZgjII667'i1lg HAROI.D W, CARLSON J. BRUCE CARROLL, JR. KEITH I.. CARTER RAYMOND CI?SALIf'l"l'I f.HARI.IES E. CHAVFZ CHARLES E. CLARK PHILIP J. CLEMENTv ROLLAND A. CLINITIT CARTFR L. COOLFX' JOHN A. COOPER THOMAS M. CROSS JOHN XV. CUNNINOHAM ROSXYFLL E. CUTLFR ALSFD L. DANIIZI.SON RORERT S. DARKE JAMES K. LDAXYSON MICHAEL DIZLICH CHARLES S. DENEEN WARREN G. DUGAN EDXYIN S. DYII, JR. WILLIAM F. EHORN STERLING K. EISMINGFR IRONALD R. ELLIOTT FACULTY FREDERICK H. 'FHOMAS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY f.HARI.FS D, ELVEOOD CARI. F. ERIKSUN CHARLICS D. EVANS NORMAN V. FI-IIRM l.I-TUNARD FIEMAN GEOROI- E. FRANKLAND ROIII-RT XV. GAINTS LTI- C. cIA'l'I'XX'lIOD ITDXYARD XV, CIFISIR XVAYNI' R. CEFRDIS JOHN A. fIll.llIiS JOHN F. CIRAX' C, IJALF fIRFl'l-'Ik KIIEURKEIE B. QIRIM FRANK A. GROOSS IIDXVIN XV. l'lAGIil.CM JACK R. I"lANSfIN DAVID XV. HARVICK XWILMER I"lliI,l,luN'!HAI. IIDXYARD E. HINf'Hc'I.II'I' JAMES M. IIOTI-'MANN MORRIS L. HUTEHENS ROGFR S. HUTTON THOMAS L. JACKSON THOMAS W. JACKSON STEPHEN JACOBS IjFl.X'IN E. KENDALL, JR. HOXYARD Q. KFSSIER RALPH J. KING HAROI.D F, KLI:LiKNI'R I.EO F. KOESTERER ROIIERT H. KREIN JOSEPH KROLL GILHFRT L. LA RUCHII IIARI. T. LARSON IIFRBITRT E. LIND ROBERT J. LINDSTROM LLOYD L. LINN IRVINO F. LITTMAN JAMES D. LOCKHART ROY V. LOHMILLER EDXVARD J. LONG ROIIIiRT R. LOYD JOHN M. MALIDE ROIILRT J. MAIIAETAY IUAVID R. MANDELSON ROIu'R'I M. MLTCIRIIARX' FRANK II. IVICKITI.X'1TY CI.ARIiNc.If D. MCKINNIY THOMAS IVIIEISFNZAIII. VUILLARD M. MILIIOURNE XVAYNE F. MIILI-R I.I'1:NARD S. MINICK l.Ol7IS C. MOHI.ER RI: HARD P. MOI.'r IHOUGIJXS C. MONTOOMIRY XYIIILI,-XM P. MOORE RONALD E. MORRIS JOI XV. IVIORRISON TIIOIXIAS M. IYIURROXY' ROIKFRI' G. MOYER KNUTIT NIl'l.Sf?N IIARVEY I. NIT7: IXALPH M. f,IlFRl.INK FRANK I.. O'FIRIEN, JR. XVILLIAM 0. f,DGERS SAM J. PARADISO A. STEPHEN PAYDON KEITH I., PEUNDSTEIN IDONALD C. PLACE QUI5N'I'IN G. PLETSLQH JOHN R. POYSFR IXIARTIN J. PRUCHA, JR. FRANK J. RASMUSSEN RICHARD G. REINHARDT ANDREW H. REID DONALD G. RICHARDS ROBERT XV. ROOSE IVIAURICF I-I. ROTTIIRSMANN DANIEL H. ROUSE JOHN H. ROY LEO SAINATI GEORGE A. SCHAUER E. JEROME SciHLIEPER LELAND C. Sc1HIIIIERT JOHN l.. SLONNIZGIER KENNETH M. SMITII PAUL B. SMITH Gaines Evans Dugan Nitz Reinhardt Grim Pnydon Hulshcns flinitc Buckley Smith StcvcnS Sorensen Gcrdes Slonncgcr Alpnrt Dcnccn McKclvey Hagblum I.fll'SlH'IfV.LlIIIIIl'IHllL+l!1l XVOQIICI XVIlli1Imson Lind IXIOntgOmSry Zwickcl Bnchman Lindstrom Plctsch Plarc Mohler Baker Cutler Tandrup Snyder McCI'cI1ry Campbell Ficnun McKinney A. Brown HKILI-HIZIH Lnlxmillcr Morrow IXI0rriSOn L.1 ROLIIQ Fclmn Plundstcin Thnmas R1ISnIuSScn Page 524 Activa fIlUIptcI'S FRl:Dl5RIfkK C. SNYDFR SAMUIII. I.. SOLA ALLAN C. SORENSLN CHARI.ES V. STEVENS WILLIAM A. STIAYART VVIIJEX' A. STONIQR ROIIERT L. Sl!THFRI.AN CARTER XV. SLTTTLE ELMER L. TANDRUP JOHN 'I'. TIPPITT FRANK G. XVALTER CLAUDE P. XVAMPLER IEDXVARD T. XVANDERE PHII.I.IP M. XYVATERM.-X KENNETH E. NVITLCH l.AXX'RFNCl'5 D. XVHALE: RICHARD A. XY7II.I.IAMF JOHN L. XWINLIE RICHARD F. XXVOIZLFFL ADAM A. XVOJCIK MARVIN T. XVOLIN YUK H. VUUNG VlfRNClN M. ZRICKER Zeta Phi Eta Founded, Northwestern University, 1893 TAU CHAPTER Eighteen Active Chapters To fllozzzlale and efzcozzrage all zoorihy Jpeeclv and rlraomlif e11!erjJriJeJ F A C U LT Y DOROTHY I. ANDERSON, A.M. INIILDRED A. FISHER, A.B. MARIA LEONARD, A-M-, I-iff-D SEVFRINA E- NELSON, Ph.D- MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROBHRTA M. BALDWIN CQERALDINIE E. GENDLER BETTE L. LOUWIEN LOIS J. SNODGRAS IJZODA M. DOE M, ROXVIZNA HUMPHREYS G. JACQUELYN MCCRFDIE JO E. STEVENS HELEN L. FUHR l"llEI.EN KIIHN DORRIS A. MITCHELL BARBARA TOWNE lSABliI.I.IZ H. GEITHMAN MARY-BAIN LEHMANN SARAH R. SCHXWARTZ JUANITA B. WEST Towne Humphreys Stevens McCredie Fuhr RVQST Snodgrass Kuhn Schwartz Gentllcr Mitchell Gcithman Baldwin Doc Louwien Founded, University of Illinois, 1910 AI.PHA CHAPTER One Active Chapter To promote fzrrllwer ifzfererl in mzzmal lazfflmzzdry and to Neale good fellowfloip among livestock men F A C U LT Y JAMES L. EDMONDS, B.S. ROSCOE R. SNAPP, Ph.D. CLYDE H. ACKERMAN ROIIERT M. ASH EARL C. BANTZ PERRY W. BEAL IVAN D. BOSSERT IRA M. BOURNE RICHARD L. BOYNTON LOUIS F. BRIGGS ROBERT L. BROWN HARLEN E. BRUER l,0XX'El.L O. BURNS MARTIN G. BURRUS RICHARD H. BURVUASH CARL BIITCHER ELLSWORTH V. CARMICHAIEL DAVID N. CARRELL HENRY CHAMBERLAIN ROIKIZRT S. CHERRY VIRCIL I.. CLODI CLEMENT J. COLGAN JOHN J. CCNROY CARLOS XV. COOK X7AII. R. CORDELI. HAROLD E. COUNCIL WIl.I.IAM R. CVIKOTA CHARLES H. DICK IJURVUARD B. DIXON ROBERT H. DOSEFF ROBERT A, DUNLAP HARRX' E. ENGIEI. ROLLIN B. EVANS ROY I. FINLEY FRED C. FRANCIS RAYMOND D. FRENCH DEAN G. FULTON RAYMOND K. GEHLIIACII WIJIISTIQR H. GFHRINC3 FRED GIEE, JR. HARVISY C. GRAVITS JOHN E. GROSEOLI. IDIZLMAR E. GURLEY ALLEN B. HAMILTON DAVID N. HARMON RAYMOND R. HARNETIAUN II, ARDFLL HEADY MEMBERS IN hVII,I.IAM R. Hl'NI.IEY FREDERICK B. HOPPIN DEAN R. HULL ALVIN G. HULTINO RALPH H. JAMES MIERLF L. JENKINS DONALD L. JOHNSON HAROLD C. JOHNSON IIHARLIIS E. JORDAN EARL I., KANIZY CARL T. KARI.I4URC2 DAVID KAUFMAN JOHN R. KINSINCER l'lIERBIiRT M. KOIILER VIAKII L. KRIDER EDXIUARD E. LAMONT PAUL F. LANVSON IJONALD S. LEICHTY RUSSELL W. LITCHEIELD IYIAURICE A. MARSHALL WILLIAM D. NIASTIERS J. RAY BIATHFRS UNIVERSITY ALVIN M. MAVIS JOSEPH R. MCDONALD ROLLAND W. MCKIE RALPH Q. MCKINNIIY FRANK J, IVIEIER HENRY A. MILI.l?R IRXVIN W. MII,I.I5R JOSEPH H. MITCHELL MYRON C. MUELLER CIIARLES L. NORTON ROBERT W. OERTEL EARL E. OERTLEY RUSSELL L. PARK IUONALD M. PEACH GEORGE S. PETERS IIARRY J. PLONSKY IXIILTON L. POKARNIZY VERNON L. PORTER IBUNALD XV. PUI.I.IAM DEAN H. QIVIN IUCNALD F. RADITR EUGENE L. RANLIQ ROBERT A. REPKE NCDRMAN H. RICHARDS RUSSEL F, RICHARDS GEORGE A, RICHTIER, JR. I.OREN K. RORINSON I.EI.AND S. ROLE ISAAC H. RONIUAND ERNEST L. SAUI-:Rs IDONALD M. SCHULTX RAYMOND E. SELTZER JOHN E. SHIELDS, JR. NOLAN H. SHIELS S. DEAN SIMS CARL R. STULL MAX M. SUMMERS FRANCIS W. SWEARINGEN WILLIAM D. TANTON RALPH J. THOMAS GERALD C. THOMPSON GORDON E. THOMPSON WILLIAM H. THOMPSON ROBERT W. TRACY D. STEVE VARNER CHARLES E. VOI.AND EVIIRETT J. WARWICK MITCHEI.L R. WARWICK FREDRICK J. SINCLAIR, JR. CHAUNCEY B. WATSON IJUGH A. SKINNIZR NICHOLAS E. SLOAN DANIEL A. SMITH DONALD G. SMITH NORMAN L. SMITH PAUL J. STAFFORD C. HERMAN WATSON RAY E. WAX ALFORD E. WELEOURNE E. G. WELSH, JR. WALTER E. WHITE RICHARD E. WOLFE EVERETT D. STERRENIIERO JAMES E. WYCKOEE JOHN S. STOUT HENRY T. YOUNGREN White Finley Oertley Stout Grosboll Stafford Watson Sterrenbcrg Evans Caruuchael Sims M. Warwick . Masters Hull Richards Gehlhach Norton E. Warwick Sinclair James M. Burrus Hulting Peach R. Burrus McKinney Jenkins Mueller Swearingen Krider Cherry Marshall Meier Doseli McKIe D. Smith - Voland R. Richards Colgan Dick Pulliam Sauers Cvikota Hunter Clodi Sloan WY0k05 Quill Bantz Miller Rcpke A Schutz Lelghty Ackerman Oertel Cordell Harmon Thompson Mathers N, Sloan French Rowand Peters N . Smlth Francis Shields Way Welch Page 525 Pan Xenia Founded, University nf Washington, 1919 UNITED STATES ZETA CHAPTER Fourteen Active Chapters T0 develop iizlereff in foreign trade and promozfe higher idealr mn! .flafzdmzir of blzfifzeu efhiar in ti'anmc!io1z.r ifzrolzfilzg interfzaliolml vommerce among i7lLli1f'f6illcllI engaged in Muir line of work f'Z7I'0!lXl70lll' Ike world E A C U LT Y SIMON LITMAN Di'.JuI-,Pub. et Rerffam. CHARLES M. THOMPSON, Ph.D,, LL.D., I.itt.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY AMSO I. AMSO FRANK A. CROXICAN E. CLARK FOciKLER ERNIF E. HIfI.I.MIl'l'I EUGENE L. LOPEZ JOHN H, RIT-DY, JR. THEODORE A. THEODOROIE FLOYD L. BENSON ROBERT R. IJOCKSON IJICIO E. CIARCIA E. EARL KANTl1NXYl'IN CHARLES E, PHILLIPS HAROLD B. SIMPSON XYIAYNIE V. 'I-HRALL ROBERT C. COLLINS I.AW'RI1NCIi S. ENGLISH EDWARD C. I'IAR'I'IER DALE B. LINDSAY ALBERT H, VUOHLISRS Hatter Thrall Hellmiuh Cronican Collins Phillips Simpson Lindsay Reedy Tlicodomtf Tllompson Wfulilcrs Fofkler AIIISO Kantcnwein Docksun Litman .I. . . Founded, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1884 'UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS STUDENT BRANCH One Hundred and Twenty Active Chapters To promole ifzlereif ifz, and to afford opjlorlzmiliei' for aftizfilief in the f7I'0f6'.f.fj01l FACULTY ERNEST A. RFID, M.S., E.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY INIERLIN J. ADAMS JOHN D. ADKINS BERTON J. ALPORT RALPH J. ANDERMANN DONALD S. ARNOI.D AMOS W. BATIEMAN OW'EN R. BERGIER HAROLD BUNTE ROGER R. BUSH STEPHEN F. BUSHMAN JOHN B. CAHILL CARL A. CARLSTEN MAURICE K. CARR ARNE CHRISTENSLN LINCOLN Z. CIPRIANO DALE L. CLINE MAX H. COGGINS NORMAN C. COLBY JOSEPH F. COLLINS JOHN W. CONWAY EARL B. Cox JOHN W. CREAOH FRED DELMAS'I'RO JAMES F. DICK ROBERT J. DIEIfEN'I'HALIfR CLIFFORD E. DYIER H. DALBERT EOLIN BERNARD EPSTIEIN C. DONALD FAHRNKAPF IQDXVARD J. FISHER WILLIAM FITZXVATIER, JR. JACK C. FOSS ROBERT M. FRAAS HAROLD W. FRASER F. BURTON GOODRICH JOSEPH W. GRATIAN RICHARD O. GRAY JAMES F. HAI.SIEY HI-RBERT D. HARBACK IINNART A. HAR'I'MAN HOMER F. HARMAN ALBERT J. HATLIH IJANIEL F. HAZIEN, JR. ILIONVARD T. HODCZITS ROBERT E. HUNT THEODORE C. HUN1'I1R GEORGE S. JFRDAN ARNOLD R. JOHNSON JOSEPH E, JOHNSON JOHN L. JONES RALPH K. JONES RAYMOND L. KEIITITER GEORGE M. KIRKPATRICK PETER KLOOA JAMES A. KI.UCKHOHN JOHN W. LEHDE FRAZER E. LESLIE BERNARD LEVIN LEONARD S. I..IOXX'INKO XIUILLARD S. LORENZ LEONARD T. LURVEY XVILLIAM D, LYON FRANK J. MARRIETT ROBERT O. MAZE I.. EDWIN MCCOWN A. DUNCAN MCRAE HAROLD M. MILLI-R HEEER J. MORRISON PERRY A. MUNRO JAMES L. MURPHY DONALD E. NELSON PETER R. NOLING M. MILBURN PEHI. GOODW'IN G. PETERSEN C. KENNETH POARCH THOMAS J. POSEY XVILLIAM S. PRICE ROBERT H. RANN LAMBIIRT N. RATIYRMANN WILI.ARD J. REID I'IOXY'ARD H. REISMAN FREDERIC A. RICHTIER LEO ROSENMAN ERNEST B. ROSNFR GLEN RUFFNER, JR. KENNETH L. SCHMIT2 THOMAS C. SHIZDD, JR. ROBERT M. SINKS FRANK W, SMITH FREDERICK W. SNAITH JOE SPENGLER PAUL G. STIIER FRANK J. THOMA HERSHEL TOOMIN .JAMIZS F. TRACY WILLIAM F. TRACY JOHN A. VASCONCFLI.OS JR ROBERT D. WALKER IBARNVIN A. WASMER GEORGE H. XVEICHSEL JOHN S. VVIENGIER BURT H. WESTON, JR. J. HUBERT WIETZIEI. RICHARD A. WIETZEL CARL E. XVILKE ROBERT J. WILLIAMSON ROBERT L. ZIERIACK PAUI. J. ZUERCHICR Petersen Prine Andermimn Bunte XY'eStOn INICCOwn XVilke Spangler J Cox Colby XVilliamsOn Adams J. Tracy Guodricli C.IrlStcn XV. Tracy Christensen Wfenger Zierjack Hodges XV. Reid Fraser Gray Posey Alport Eilhrnkzipf Wfasmcr Hfirlmck Dick Epstein Keiffer Cahill Cipriano E. Reid Bushman Lynn Diefenthaler Page 526 Ker-amos Founded, Ohio State University, 1902 ILLINOIS CHAPTER Four Active Chapters To promote .rrlaolmfhip and Elmer tiej of fI'icI1d.I'bitf1 fzumzzg iff 111embeI'.f F A C U LT Y ANDREW I. ANDRFXYS, Ph.D. CAMERON G, HARMAN, M.S. THOMAS L. HURST f,UILIfN XV. PARMFIII5, M.S., D Sc ALFRED E. BADGER, M,S. RALPH K. HURsH, B.S. BURNIAIAM W. KING. IR-I Ph-U .IUSFPH A. PASK, M5- VAN D. FRECHETTI? MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JUSTIN R. BOERER JOHN E. CORDIES VAX'I.ORI7 I.USTER HONVARD R. SWIET JOHN J. WIEISDIZR QIII.BlTRT J. CAHOON GIIORGI? B. EYIERLY JOHN l.. MORRIS FAYIZ V. TOOLEY AI.LEN YOUNG XIALICNTINIZ J. CICHOW SRI CLAYTON G. HAIfssLER FORREST W. NELSON JACK H. VEALE CARI. H, ZWERMANN Eyerly Boeker Webber Veale Morris Cichowski Luster CIIIIUOFI Swift Cordes G ' L ' 12 S ' 'C Founded, University Of Illinois, 1913 ALPHA CHAPTER One Active Chapter T0 promaie i11feI'e.rl in lIf6I'cZ7'J' 1l'0l'fe and lo fl'H'fh9l' flffe Jpirit of gfmd fellozvfhip among Ike girl! Of Illizmif F A C U LT Y BIARY A. ALLANSON BARBARA L. ALLNUTT ARSIELIA M. BLOCK FREDA S. BORDIEN HARRIET E. BRUCE BOIIRY J. BUMANN MARION D. CEDERVi'AI.L DOROTHY E. CHAPIN PEARL J. COHEN BETTY J. COLEMAN MARY J. CORNS DOROTHY L, Cox MARY L. DIEMER RUTH V. DIXON BTRXICE M. DRAPER DOROTHY F. DULEY CHERIF L. FIENXYICK GLADYS E. GAINES V. ARLENE GREEN DORLES C. STUTZMAN, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNI GRETA C. GRINNELL I.ORRAINE M. GROUPE MARYIORIE E, HALL Jl'ANNI,'I"I'E E. HARTZELL ELIYAISETH M. HOIT ELIZARETH F. HUDSON FRANCES B. HUTTON MARY J. IVES MARY IVEY SARAH C. KANE INIARGARIVI' A. KELLY HIfI.EN I.. KIENTZLE MII.DRIiI7 F, KITZMILLIER JEAN A. KLIVANS IDOROTHY J. KOENIG ALICE M. KOOLISH RUTH C. KUHN KATIIIIZRINIE V. LICHLITITR l'llI.I'N O. MALMEERG VERSITY H. JUNE MARKERT LOUISE H. MCINTYRE INIONA M. MCQUAID RACHI-I. E. MIFHARRY DOROTHY M. MORGAN JUNE M. MORGAN WINIERED E. MORGAN GRACI? E. MUIiI.I.ER PATRICIA A. MULI.IGAN EILFNI? J. MUNCIE EDITH J. MURPHY CAROI YN M. PALMER I.ORRAINE I.. PAMPIEL F. IJTNORA PERRY Cf. DOROTHY PILIQINGTON XVINIERED M. RANDOLPH IVIARY E. RICHARDSON DORO'I'HY I.. ROBBINS HELEN N. ROBERTS RACHEL M. ROIZHM KATHERINE ROPIIZQUIZT JEANETTE M. ROWE IRRIA S. SANCREN ALICE W. SPIALIZK PAULINE J. STEINER ALBERTA P. STOCRER PAULINE A. STRAND ELEANOR S. SVUENIEY ANN J. THILMONY PATRICIA C. TILLMAN MARY A, TROIvIIsOI.D MARIE E. PIVROTIITR IJILEEN M. VUEILMUIENSTFR PATRICIA J. XXKVEINS HELEN R. VUIIITFHIEAD BARBARA J. WILSON ROBERTA XVILSON LOIS J. WIN'I'I2RIIIzRc9 Borden Trotier Swcney Murphy Perry Hudson XViriteI'herg Tromhold Allzmson Rowe Ives Cux Kuhn Duley Malmberg Cohen SIIncl:en A Krwenig Murkert Bumann Green Diemer Tillman Kientzle Pampel Palmer Ropiequet XYVCIIIS MCQIILIILI XVeilmuenster KOOlIsh Page 527 Phi Chi Theta Founded, Columbia University, 1924 SIGMA CHAPTER Twenty-four Active Chapters To promote lhe mme of higher bmifzeff ednmliozz for women F A C U LT Y FRANCES M. WHITEHEAD, M.S. HONORARY MEMBERS ALTA G. SAUNDERS, A.M. CHARI.Es M. THOMPSON, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D. JANET L. WESTON, Ph.D- MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARGARET L. ANDERSON DOROTHY W. BURKHARDT ERMA A. FLIZMING MARX' M. HOTT M. EILEEN MAYER RUTH M. SAI.LADAY STEPHANIE BARBOLAK MARION D. CliDERV4'AI.L JUNE E. HALL MARY I. JOHNSON MARTHA B. MORRISON HELEN B. SEARCH HELEN C. BERCHER IVIARY E, CLARK F. EI.I.EN HARWOOD MARY B. JUTTON GRACE F. MIIELLER MII.DRED G. SHEAR LORRAIN M. BRAMEL QIOAN CUSHINC: JANE W. HAUSER MURIEL M. KRING VERA M. RUSK LILLIAN O..STANlilNIS DOROTHY M. BROEC DOROTHY J. DUCRWORTH RUTH E. I'IEI,AND1ER CHARl.OT'I'E I.. MARIS IVIARY A. 'IHOMPSON Bercher Jutton Stanionis Hall Maris Mayer Burkhardt Anderson Thompson Cushing Cederwall Clark Mueller Salladay Broeg Morrison Bramel l I I C h l I Founded, University of Michigan, 1922 ILLINOIS STUDENT CHAPTER Sixty-four Active Chapters To proozole fellozwhijl and profeffiomzl rpirib among Chemirrzl Engineering Jlzldefztf F A C U LT Y EDWARD W. COMINGS, D.Sc. H. FRASER JOHNSTONE, Ph.D. DONALD B. KEX'ES, Ph.D. A. GARRELI. DEEM, Ph.D. CHARLES H. ADAMS JEROME W. ARKIS RAPHAIEI. E. AVRAMI ROBERT B. BECKMAN RALPH W. BERC-ER FORREST H. BLANDING w,II.I,IAM S. BONNELL EDWIN F. BUSHMAN BERNARD M. CHAYES WII.I.IAM H. CI.ENDENIN CHARI.Es S. COLE JOHN C. COX VINCENT L. CRAWFORD PAUL F. FLAMM C. MAX FOWLER FRANK C. FOXVLER ROIIERT C. CQARRIETSON MEMBERS IN UNI FREDRICK R. GEIR EDWARD B. GILLER MILTON J. GOLDFARB DONALD N. HANSON LESTER P. HAYES MELVILLE J. HOLIK ROBERT C. HOLMES EARL L. HUMPHREY DURWARD R. HUTCHISON HENRY G. JACOBSON ARNOLD M. KAUFMAN JOSEPH E. KAVECKIS WILLIAM E. KENNEL JOSEPH A, KONECNY -JAMES H. LLOYD RORERT E. LOECK VERSITY LELAND R. LYONS ELROY F. MAHLBIZRG LAVURENCE F. MARSCH EVERETTE D. MARSTON FRANK MASLAN JOHN B. MCCORD ROBERT E. MCDONALD XVILLIAM L. MCGINNIS I'IOXX'ARD A. MESSMAN VICTOR H. MUNNECKER ELWOGD E. NELSON ROIIERT C. OLSON OSEORNE H. PADDISON SAM J. PARADISO HORACB PETTEE ROBERT L. PIGPORD JOHN J. PIROS JOHN C. POLSON EDWARD L. RUCKS FRANK R. SATTIZAHN FREDRICK B. SELI.ERS ROGER C. SONNEMANN IVAN H. SPOOR ADOLPH A. SRORA MARVIN W. STANFORD ROBERT F. TRANT WARD B. TRAVERS HAROLD C. WEINGARTNER JOHN A. WEFDMAN HELMUTH A. WEGNER RICHARD P. WINER WILLIAM W. WISHART HAROLD WITKIN Weedman Maslan Wegner Johnstone Crawford Pettee McDonald Holmes Marsch Witkin Adams Fowler n Loeck Blanding Clendenin McCord Weingartner Hutchison Spoof Mahlberg Cox Arkis Piros Kaufman Kaveckis Stanford Holik Garretson Keyes Paddison Goldfarb Konecny Jacobson Winer Geib Flamm Sellers Trant Olson Lyons Page 528 Theta Sigma Phi Founded, University of Xlilashington, 1909 PI CHAPTER Forty-two Active Chapters To honor ozztrfaizdiilg women in the School of fourmzlifm, io make definite confiilziflioiz lo lbe mme of belief jazzmalimz, and to affix! ilf memberf to real achie1 emeizt in ilae field of lelterf F A C U LT Y PHYLLIS J. ANTILLA BERNICE E. BRADY JEANETTE D. COLTEAUX LOUISE DEUTCH BARBARA E, DUNHAM JANE M. ELLIS NORMA J. GILLINGHAM OTHO C. LEITER, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY BIERNICE G. MUZIKA MARIE M. PARKER MARII.YN S. ROMM ANNIETTA SCHRIZCK MARY E. SIHLIIR DONNA G. SILKEY MARYELLEN GLERUM MARTHA A. MAIER PHYI.I.Is J. MARKS OLIVE I.. MARTIN WILMA L. MCENCROE BETTY L. MCLALLEN MARY C. MOORE MILDRED D. SPENCER ALBERTA P. STOCKIZR LUCILLE G. TURIGLIATTO JOAN M. WALKER EoI.ENE WATSON BETTY D. WOLCO1"F SHIRLEY M. WOLESON Sihler Glerum McEncroe Dunham Parker Spencer Ellis Turigliatto Silkey Deutch Maier Moore Martin Coltciiux Wolcott Muzika Brady Gillingham Schreck Romm Stocker Antilla Marks Founded, Lafayette College, 1925 ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER Seventy Active Chapters Natfioizfzl Seouting Service Fmlernity F A C U LT Y WILLIAM L. BURLISON, Ph. ERNEST E. DE TURK, Ph.D. LEROY E. ALLEN, A.B. GEORGE H. ADAMS JAMES R. ADAMS PAUL E. AMBROSE JAMES C. AUSTIN GEORGE C. BALES E. FREDERICK BERRY ROGER P. CAMPBELL ROBERT A. FISHER ROBERT D. FRANKS JACK B. GARNER GEORGE W. HANSON OWEN J. HAYES HFNRY C. HILL D., D.Agr. IRWIN R. HOHNER, M.S. ABNIER R. KNIGHT, M.E., E.E., M.S. HONORARY MEMBERS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY IRWIN D. HORVC'lTZ ALBERT E. HURT DWIGHT C. KERLEY DONALD A. LEE WILLIAM M. LEITNER JOHN R. LEWIS MARVIN LUDOLPH CARL B, MAST MAX E. MATHERS ARTHUR R. MATHIZSKJN ROBFRT M. MCCREARY RICHARD R, MERNER RUDOLPH G. NIRAZVK VADIM C. NEKILVIIN HARVEY I. NITZ ARTHUR H. N012 CHARLES E. NORTON VERNON W. NORTON BRENDON A. OVMARA JACK W. OSBORN JAMES R. PAISLICY GOOIDWIN G. PIETIZRSIZN JOHN M. RAAR WILLIAM E. RAUSCHFNBIERGIER CHARLES B. REED LI.OYD E. RIGLIIR GLENN C. LAW, M.S. XVENDELL S. WILSON, B.S, DR. DONALD C. DELBRIDGE, D.O. DANIEL H. ROUSE ARNOLD R. SCHENK LLOYD W. SCHOLL JACK A. SIMON IVAN H. SPOOR DONALD K. STEYENS WAI.TER M. SUTER JOSEPH C. THOMPSON GERALD F. VACULIK CHARLES M. VAUGHN KIENDALL L. VIN1'ON ABRAHAM S. WEINEERG CARL I.. WITHNER Vaculik Neklutin Matheson Suter Rmb Scholl Matlmers Nitz Hill Vaughn Austin Spoor Osborn Wlcinherg Hayes Lewis Garner Ambrose Leitner Hocner Mrazc-lc Wfithncr Berry O'Mara V. Norton McCrcary G. Adams De Turk Law Stevens Hurt Rouse Mcrner Mast Simon Campbell Thompson Page 529 Founded, University of Illinois, 1032 One Active Chapter JAMES W. ARMSEY JOSEPH M. ARNDT DONAI.D W. BARTON GEORGE R. BEAM BIZNNITTT I. BIRMAN IRVIN BLOOM HAROLD J. BROWN To pmmofe ,rffoolarufhip and avlivity lD61!'fil'jpHff0lZ among ifzdepezzdezzl freihmezz men MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EDVFIN F. BUSIIMAN WILECRD J. KRAMER PHILIP M. STONE RICHARD K. CARR RICHARD J. NELSON LORIZNCIE S. STOUT XVILRUR S. IDOXVNING ROIIERT J. O'NliII.I, FRANCIS M. TAYI.OR RORERT L. CIARRTTT THEODORE V. PIIRvIN MARTIN O. UNTERMAN CARL B. HAMILTON CIICIL H. REIEHI, ROIKVRT E. WIIITE AUBRIEY S. JArioIss WILLIAM G. RI'IfCIcIfR'r HERIIERT T. YOUNG THOMAs R, KIQLAHAN EMMFTT H. SHINTANI IIHITSTIIR J. ZIEMIIA DOROTHY I . ANDERSON, CLARENCE S. ANGELI. EDWARD H, BALDRIGE LUCILLE BERIcsoN WALTER N. BRIEYMANN JOHN W. BRYAN WILLIAM C. BURT HAROLD R. CLARK FRANK D. CONNIER JACK G. CROIESSMANN ROBERT DEANE JAMES XV. DRURX' RICHARD 'IZ DUNN Nelson Reehl Young O'Neill Kramer Berman I Rucckert Stout Purvin Arndt Beam Bushman I Zxemba Brown Unterman Armsey Barton Jacobs Downing D b ti n g C1 u b Foftering and participating in intercollegiale debating FACULTY A.M. ALFRED D. HUSTON, A.M., MEMBERS IN UNI L. ERNEST ELLISON HEI.IiN L. FUHR LOIS R. FULLER LOIS C. FULLIZRTON GERALDINE E. GENDLER CHARLES F. GOLDSTONE HAROLD C. HAI.I, NORMAN B. HANNAH LEO R. HFNRIKSON M. ROVUIENA ITIUMPHRFYS NORMA KLAss JEAN I. MACARTHUR LL.B. VERSITY DOROTHY J. MARVIN FI.ORA I., MEINERT RAY C. 0'KEEFE ROBERT L. ORIIACH OMAR G. OTTERNESS STEPHEN M. PARRISH BERNICE Y. QUINTON LOIS M. REISZ JOSEPHINE L, RIQDULIS WILLIAM M. SATTLER, A.M G. MARVIN SHUTT PAULINE STEINER CHARLES L. STEWART, JR. LAWRENCE STICKELL PATRICIA A. STRICKLER CLYDE W. SUMMERS BARBARA TOWNE MARY E. WEISS JUANITA B. WEST WILLIAM G. RUECKERT I'Il?I.FN J. WEXLER SHIRLEY M. SHAEIRO MARTIN H. SHENDER RORERT H. WHITE MARTIN B. WOLFE Clark Angell Otterness Breymann Hall Sattler Orbach Croessmann Hcnrikson Goldstone Parrish Wlmite Wolfe Drury Summers Shutt Stickell Fuller Berkson Fuhr Towne Baldrige Rueckert Huston Strickler Redulis Meinert MacArthur Reisz Weiss Gendler Wexler Steiner Klass Fullerton Humphreys Page 530 Mu San Founded, University of Illinois, 1911 ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER One Active Chapter To more rfofefy Idufflfiazfe .ffznfefzff and famlly, and I0 promote i11!er'e.s'I in mzflzifipal nm! Jalllffclfj' elzgilzeering I: A C U LT Y HAROLD E. BAl4I4I'I"I', M.S. ARTHUR M. BI1sxx'ELL, Ph,D. W. LEICHTON f.0l.I,INS, MS. JOHN S, CRANBIfLL, B.S., C.E. JAMES J. DOLAND, M.S., CE. MIiI.VIN L. ENOER, M.S., C.E. VI I B S RGII. R. FLFM Nr: XVINFRED D. GERBER, B.S., CLE. VUALLACIE M. LANSEORD, M.S., ILE. LA MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EDWARD W. SUPPIGFR, M.S. MAX SUT!-ZR, Ph.D. ARTHUR N. TAI.BO'Ii, ff.E., D.Sc., D. Eng., I.L.D. HFRISIERT L. WHITE, B.S., C.E. ' RROLI. C. XIUILYY, B.S., CE. LAURENCE W. BRIEMSIZR OTTO S. I"IAI,I.DlfN HAROLD E. NliI.SON ROBERT R. DE JONGE RALPH J. JOHNSON STITVIEN W. NICHIPOREK GEORGE E. FIIZLDHOUSE GEORGE J. KENNI-DI' GEORGE A. PERKINS JOHN T. I'IAl.I.Dl-N JAMES E. MUIIORII EIIOENE R, SHIELDS RICHARD G. THOMAS FRANK E, XNVISELY I'Il'Rlil'R'l' F. WLISTMAN J. Halld-en Nicliiporuk Shields Brcmser Nelson De Jongc Perkins O. I-Ialltlcn Wustman Kennedy D 1 h . Founded, University of Illinois, 1913 ALPHA CHAPTER Four Active Chapters To promote lhe .YPOVI of filjilllllillg F A C U LT Y A EDWIN J. MAN l.liY STANLEY W. ALCORN ROBERT A. BECKER ROBERT J. BLANKE, JR. RALPH H. BROUK FRANK J. BUREK, JR. WILLIAM O. BURGESS NORMAN V. FIEHRM JOHN B. GARNER ROBERT D. GARNX'OOD HERBERT E. GREEN WILLIAM J. GIIDCEON ROBERT R. Hl2SI.liP MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HENRY J. I'IOI.QUIS'l' ROBERT M. INGLIZ DAVID A. ISRAIEI. WILLIAM W, JONES DONALD L. KIliNI.I2N RAYMOND R. KIREILIS ALFRED Y. KIRKl.ANIW XVARRIEN K. KLOOCK GEORGE O. KORNIKIK THOMAS G. LIvEI.Y GEORGE A. LOWE ROBERT C. MAIER JOHN F. MARTIN ROBERT E. MCDONALD JACK K. MCGREGOR ROBERT O. MCKINLEY FREDRICK H. MCKINSTRY JOHN R. MFNTZ ROBERT M. MIX R. MARK NELSON DAVID A. OLSON DOUGI.AS A. PHILLIPS ROBERT B. PRING MAURIKTIE REAGAN HAROl,D C. PATERSON, B.S. SHERMAN K. REED XYJALTER A. ROTKIS CHARLES V. ROWE FREDERICK W. SILVERTHORNE ROBERT V. STIIRZER JOHN B. SUTHERLAND THEODORE B. TAYLOR MARTIN D. UNTIERMAN JOHN D. VARBLE RICHARD H. WATSON HERBERT E. WELHENER JAMES C. WOLLRAB Garwood Pring Garner Inglc Kloock Kirkland Guclgcon Fehrm McGregor SIItlIeI'lancl Lively Kienlen Mcntz Varblc Jonas Rungan Untcrman Page 531 Illini History Club Founded, University of Illinois, 1936 One Active Chapter T0 promole fellozwlaip and izzlereft in the finaly of binary F A C U LTY ROBERT G. BONE, Ph.D. 'I'HrtOImORE C. PEASE, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MAYMB J. BUNCH JOSEPH H. DUGAS LEROY H. FISCHFR ANTONIA J. FREEMAN ALZANA M. GROSSPITCH CLIFFORD H. HAGENSON ELEANOR M. HAMILTON DONN W. HAYES GEORGE P. KOTCHER GORDON L. MARKW'ART HIENRIETTE J. MCBRIDE ROBERT F. OAKS JOHN P. OVBYRNI? JOHN J. O'CONNIEl.I. CLARENCE L. ODUM A. CAROLINE RAUT MARQEUERITF A. RIZMILLARD BENJAMIN RIGIIIERG HELEN N. ROIIIERTS PAUL C, RYAN R. JFANNE SODERsTROM THOMAS W. STAN!-'IIEI.ID XVALTIZR B. STONE J, PATRICK XVALSH WALLACE R. vUINKI.FK ELIZABETH A. VUOLIJER l.l?AH A. YOUNG A Walsh Odum Stanfield Oaks Stone Hayes Fischer Dugns Woller O'C0nnell Young Hamilton Winkler Raut Roberts Bunch Remillard McBride Freeman Grosspitch Hagenson S ' I Founded, University of Nebraska, 1904 THFTA CHAPTER Twenty-four Active Chapters A I0 enroffmge and recognize Jrlaolartir arlaieffement and imlirfidzml f1flJiezfemeni,' HAROLD E. BARRITT, M.S. HARRY P. BATEMAN, B.S. EDWARD E. BAUER, M.S., C.E. REX L. BROWN, M.S. JOHN S. CRANDELL, B.S., C.E. ELDRED E. CREss, B.S., C.E. RALPH S. CROSSMAN, C.E., M.S. MELVIN L. ENGER, M.S., C.E. 4150 to form and develop profeffiomzl friendfhipy FACULTY XVHITNEY C. HUNTINGTON, M.S., C.E. RALPH K. HURSH, B.S. HARVEY H. JORDAN, B.S. CHARLES A. KEENER, M.S., E.E. AENER R. KNIGHT, M.E., M.S., E.E. DRIVER B. LINDSAY, M.S. HORACE J. MACINTIRIE, M.M.E. RIEXFORD NEWCOMII, A.M., M.Arch. CjYRI's E. PALMER, M.S. GEORGE M. PFTERSIEN, B.S. STANLEY H. PIERCE, B.S. LORING H. PROVINF, B.S., A.E. FRED B, SEELY, M.S. LAURFNCE L. SMITH, M.S. JOHN K. TUTHILL, B.S., E.E. ARTHUR C. VUILLARD, B.S., D.Eng., LL.D. HAROLD N. HAYWARD, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DONALD E. ANDERSON HENRH' D. EGLIN ALERED B. HORN HARRY C, PRINCE JACK A. BORCHARDT ROGER K. ERICSON RALPH J. JOHNSON FRANK E. RICHART JOHN T. BUNTING CLAYTON G, HAEssI.ER ROBERT E. LOECK JOE SPIENGLER ALSED L. DANIELSON XVILLARD C. HART JOHN B. PALMER JOHN M. TRIIMMIZI, EDWARD D. EBERT DAN F. HAZIZN l'lOXY.'ARD E. PHILLIPS AARON WOLE PHILLIP G. ECKERT f,SliORN C. XVORLEY Palmer Ebert Horn - Eckert Hazen Haesslcr Hurt Eglin Richart Wlorlcy Prince Trummel Phillips Ericson Loeck Page 532 Gamma Theta Phi Founded, University of Illinois AI.PIIA f.HAPTIER One Actixc Chapter To form 41 flofei' mziwz of llaofe men izztereiled in j011r1mli.rn1 and iff adjoining 'Heidi FA C U LTY Rllllfl. R. BARI.oxx', A.M. OIHO C. I.IEI'I'ITR, A.B. NIANNING D. SIQII., PLS. CIIAIILIQS FI.YNN, PLS. ROIIIRI' P. BQIERS BIAVK H. BOOZE Ii. THOMAS BOYNTON RUIINIY J. BRFNNITR JAMES F. Cox BIIRRIIN S. DICKINSON, Ph.D. l,AXY'RI2Nf.I5 W. MURPHY, A.M., I.itt.D. NEI.soN H, SHFRIE, A.B., D.D.S. IiRI5m4RIc: A. RIISNELI., Ph.D. ITIIIIIIIIIIIQIQ S. SIEIsI7II'I', A.B., JD. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY fifxlll. P. KIRONINGER RAYMc:Nn A. FISCHER JoIIN H, FoRNoIf VUIIIIAM R. GIERLIER RUIll'R'l' I., IIARDAKIER XWII.I.ARD M. HUEY WILLIAM B. HUGILL IfI.MIiR MAR'I'IN, JR, Gmncaif W. MCFFDRIISS JOHN Ii. MCGARY XVII.l.ARD W. Po'I"I'IR DEAN F. SARENA ROBERT J. SIMON XV. Sri0'I"I' 'l'Yl I R GI'Il4I.I7 XV. XY'III'I IID Sarcna Fischer Cox Booze Flynn I-Iugill McGary Martin Barlow Dickinson Boynton Gerler Simon WhitteIl Bocrs Potter S . D It C 121. . Founded, DePauw University, 1909 LAMBDA CHAPTER Forty Active Chapters To pronzaie fhe be.rli11lere.rtf of the .fchool of f0ll1'77dliJ77Z and the praferriwz of jonrfmlirm fiIIliS'I'IfR R. ANDERSON, A.M. RIzIIIfI. R. BARLOXW, A.M. BIIRRUS DICKINSON, Ph.D. CIIARLES R. FREDERICK, M.S, MARIiUs S. C'iOI.DMAN, PILD XVlII.IS B. BALLANCI5 IIwIN BLOOM MAffK H. BoozE DAVIIB R. BUSCIIMAN XX,II.l.IAM W. DENNIS JAMFS Ii. DONOVAN WAl.I.A,l'IE S. DooI.EY WAI.I'ItR J. GRAHAM, Ph.D. IIAROLD B. JOHNSTON, A.B. FRIiDI2RIC.K J. KIEILHCLZ, B.S. f,'I'IIO C. I.IfI'rIsR, A.B. . I.AXX'RlENl.Ii W. MURPHY, A.M., I.itt,D. FREDITRIKI A. RIISSELI., Ph.D. JOHN H. SCHACHT, A.M. FRANK E, SciHOoI.IfY, BS. MANNINIQ D. SEIL, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HQWARIJ S. ELLMORE I.ORIN A. EI.I.SXY'ORTH FRANKLIN E. GLASS RIciHARn I.. GORDON WILLIAM B. GRUMLEY ROIIIQRI' I., HARDAKER HARRI'I.I, I.. HO!-'I-'MAN CHRISTIAN XV. IMHOEE, JAMES XV. INGRAM QUENTIN M. LAMIIERT HARRY J. LAMBETH H. MARI.IN I.ANDXY'EHR LEO I.lMIiIiRG R. THc:I.IAs IVIAYHILI. NILSUN H. SHERE, AB., D.D.S. FRI-nRIcIc S. SIEIIERT, A.B., J.D. KARL STEPHENS, A.B. I.I:I'Is M. TOBIN jimi' F. WRILQHT, A.B. E. DUnI.EY MK'AI.l ISTIR JOSEPH B. POLHIEMIJS EUGENE T. Rrrfm' ROBERT D. SHAEIIER G. MARX'IN SHIITT RALPH J. SXVANSON FREDERICK I.. VANCE Hardaker Swanson Lambeth Grumley Reccly Landwehi' Lambert Hoffman Imhoff Bloom Shutt Mayhill Dooley Buschman Glass Ingram Ellsworth Gordon Ellmore Page 533 mega Beta FUUUJCJ. UHIVCFSIU' of IlliI10iS, 1914 ALPHA CH.-KPTFR Six Active Clmpters To pI'0llJ0f6 a belief 1111de1'5fa11di11g 111110113 We-111ed1ral ,If11a'e11fJ F A C U LTY l.IiVITRli'l'l' A. ADAMS, Ph.D. CARI. S. MARN'Fl., Ph.D. FRED H. TURNER, Ph.D. J. HOWARD BEARD, A.M., M.D. ROIIERT F. PATON, Ph.D. HARI.IZY J. VAN CLIZAVI2, Ph.D. DUANE T. ENnI.Is, Ph.D. XVAI.DO SHUMXVAY, Ph.D. CIFURGIZ I, WAI.I.AziE, Ph.D. B. XVINITNT HALL, Ph.D. FIOYD R, XWA'I'sON, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN B, BOND HAROLD CI. FIsc'HIfR MIIRYIN R. HARRIS IIIIARLEN T. MOSS, JR. HOYNTON H. BOOTH SANFORD A. FRANZIXI..-NL' HOMIIR A. HINOMAN, JR. I.Axx'RENc:It D. SI'MMIfRIfIIfI.n JAMIN H. CQRAYLNS DONALD J. GARIANO ROIIIfR'I' Cf. JUNFS EARL A. VON IRRASFK CHARLIN H. CIRFSS, JR. PHILIP A. GRItIiO S'I'IfPHIfN I.. KRATZ L. EMMIERSUN XYIARD RIc'IIARIv D. ECKHARDT XY'Il,l.ARD A. QQIIYTON GI-'OROI' P, MAI.ONIf ROIILRT G. RVAPP Guyton XVLIYLI Yapp Moss Eckhnrdt Jones Summerfield Cravens Kratz Fischer G.IrlzInd Greco Booth Founded, University of Illinois, 1914 One Active Chapter HIZRMAN B. DORNFR, M.S. FRANK M. BIEATTIE JOHN H. BONHARIJ JANE R. BRINIQ JAMES W. BRITE REX M. BUNCH RAI.PH J. BURKE CHARLES Ki. COMPTON PAUI. C. DEEMER FRANK I.. DE NESS JAMI-'s F. DONAHUE ROIIERT R. FALKIZNSTFIN To gain pe1'.I'011al r1t'qIldiIZfdlJl'5' witla fdflllfy 111e111be1'.I and 10 fffrther i1zte1'eJ! 111 fl0I'iClllf7ll'6 and 01'7Zc177267ZfL1l h01'!it'lIlf7l1'9 MEMBE DONALD H. FLETCHER RAYMOND N. FOssI.ER GEORGE E. HARMs JOHN L. HEAD WILLIAM R. HENLEY WII.I.IAM A. HOFMANN MARK H. HUBHIZI.I. CHARLES W. HUctKINs MARX' A. JACOIIS HARRY D. JICNSIZN F A C U LT Y STANLEY XV. HALL, B.S. FRELIERILIK F. WEINARD, Ph.D. RS IN UNIVERSITY R. LEE JOHNSON RALPH G. KARRFR PATSY E. PARKER R. BRAUIIORD PRING XJUILLIAM E. KEI'I'HI.EY A. CAROLINE RAUT HARRY C, KOHI. JOSEPH D. SLATIER FRANK J. LIT'rI.EEoRD WILIIUR SOIIEL PAUL LOXX"ER RAYMOND F. STIZIDL CORNELIA O. MAYIEWSKI EUGENE D. SULZIIERGER I.OUIsE H. MCINTYRE LOU B. VOIGT C1HARI.Es C. MILLS WARRIEN K. XVALKER JOSEPH MIOUX BERNYCIT E. XVERNER Page 534 Compton Littlcford Bonhard Karrer Fletcher Jensen Johnson Hall Fossler Head WCJDHI'd Keithley Huckins Hubbell Pring Dorncr Voigt Donahue Brite W DCCIUCF De Ness . Hofmann Sulzbergcr Mioux Lower Mills Sobel Kohl Falkenstem Q J Henley Brine Pgirker Jacobs Bumh W'eItner Mclntyre Majewski Scarab Fnuiitlul, Univcisity of Illinois, 1909 KARNAK CHAPTER Thirteen Active Chaptzrs To xgire a broader bfznzrledge of aI'rlvifert1n'e and to form rl bond of friemffhip with oilverpr in thif field FACULTY LA FI:RIiIz I'lAII.IiY, M.S., B.P, JAMLS BRANCH, M.S. ARTIIIIR F, IDFAM, B. Arch. MARIIIN R. IJOHBFRMAN, B.S. LVJLAII S. FJIILDE, A.M. GRANYIILI' S. KEITH, M.S. THOMAS E. BEROI-R L. COSIBY BERNARD PAUL R, CAMPAONA IRONALD D. IDICK AIXIUN R. FISHI-R FRANK M. l.IfscHI1R, B.S. KARL B. LOIIMANN, M.L.A. ELMIQR I. LOVE, M.S. NIIWLIN D. MOROAN, M.S., ILE. REXI-'ORD NIIWIOMII, A,M., M. Arch. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY SANYRY C. FULLER CH.-KRI.lIS M. IJlTl.Il'X FRANK XV. HORN IDONALD D. RI'I'I Ci. FRFD LEsc7HIaR RALPH XV. SLOAN RONALD M. PORTInI's ERR. XV. SMIIII, JR. CYRIIs IZ. I7AI.MI'R, M.S. IRVING I.. I7lf'I'liRS0N, B.S. LORINO H. PROVINIZ, B.S., A.E, O'I"I'O G. Sf'IlAl4'FIZR, B.S. WII.IIAM H. SVIIIAIIK, M.S. I.Axx RI-NIiE L, SMITH ALIIIQRI' T. SMITHSON l.AMIaIfR'I' J. SOUCFK IIIUXYARD TRAVIS l Sloan Keith Porteous Pulley Bernaid Carnpagna Morgiln Stheick Rupc Travis Smitlison Dirk Fisher I.. Smith Fuller Horn E. Smith Berger Soucck l 0 0 Founded, University of Illinois, 1922 T0 fofter HAROI.IJ E. BABBITT, M.S. EDVVARD E. BAUER, M.S., C,E. JAMES G. CLARK, B.S. W. LFIGHTON COLLINS, M.S. JOHN S. CRANDELL, B.S., CLE. 'I'HoMAs J. DDLAN, M.S. JAMEs J. IDOLAND, M.S., C.E. MELVIN L. ENGER, M.S., C.E. JACK A. BORCHARDT WILLIAM H. BRETT LFROY L. BRINK ANDREW' J. BURGHER ROEIIRT A. CHASE DClNAI.IH N, CORTRIGHT C111 EPSIIOH Fifteen Active Chapters .ffl?01dI'J'lJiP. rhazzzfler. pmrfifality. and .rorifzbilily among riri! efzgifzeery FACULTY VIRUII. R. FLIQMING, B.S. WHITNEY CI. HUN'I'INc.ToN, M.S., CLE. VERNON P, JENSEN, Ph.D. VVALLACIZ M. I.ANsEoRD, M.S., CLE. BIERNT O. LARSON, B.S. WILLIAM A. OLIVER, M.S., C.E. WILLIAM H. RAYNER, M.S., C,E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EDWARD D. EIIERT RALPH J. JOHNSON GEORGE L, FARNSWORTII, JR. ALBERT J. LOGLI EDW ARD S. FRASER. JR. GEORGE B. LYON EDWIN A. HAIT LAWRENCE R. MARCUS I.IzsLII: D. HARRISON EDWARD N. IWIAUH. FRED B. SEELY, M.S. THOMAS C. SHEDD, M.S., C.E. EDWIARD W. SUPPIGER, M.S. ARTHUR N. TAI.Ro'I', C.E., D.Sc., D.Eng., LL.D. JAMISON VAXY'TlER, M.S., C.E. CARROLL C. WILEY, B.S., C.E. WILBUR M. WII,s0N, M.M.E., CE. LEONARD S. OHIERMAN HARRY C. PRINCE Louis XV. SCI-IUMM Al.BFRT R. STARR CLARENCE B. WILLIAMS, JR. ROIIERT ZAIKOROXYSKI Mnucl Chase Farnsworth Ebert Lyrm Obcrmnn Hait Schumm Starr Harrison Burghcr ' BoI'clI:II'tlt Prince Cortright XVilliI1ms Brett Logli Page 535 Eta Kappa Nu Founded, University of Illinois, 1904 ALPHA CHAPTER Thirty Active Chapters To bind together' More with cl deep inlererf and fzzarked ability in elerlriml e11gi11ee1'i11g and lo adzzwre llae profeffion F A C U LT Y MORGAN BROOKS, Ph.B., M,E. M. STANLEY HELM, M.S. CHARLES T. KNIPP, Ph.D. ERNEST A. REID, M.S., E.E. HUGH A. BROXWN, M.S., E.E. fil-IARLIZS A. KIZIENER, M.S., E.E, ELLIZRY B. PAINI5, M.S., E,E. KQARL E. SKRODER, M.S. HAROLD N. HAYW"ARD, M.S. AIINER R. KNICHT, M.E., M.S., E.E. EDWARD H. WAI.DO, M.S., MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RAI.PH J. ANDIERMAN AMOS W. BATEMAN HAROLD BUNTE MAURICI7 K. CARR FRANK 'I'. DE w'OI.I7 NOEL E. IDILLOXY' BERNARD EPSTTIN RIVIIARI3 O. GRAY AILRIED B. HORN IVIICHAIEI. j. -IIZZEXYICZ RAYMOND L. KEIEEER CIIARLIN A. LANE XK'lI.I.IAM D. LYON I.. EDM IN Mt'fiONY'N JAMIES I.. MIIRPHY MILIIURN M. PEHL Ci. KENNETH POARCH SHANNON C. POVVFRS IRALE H. SHICK -'OSI-PII SPTNCLIQR FRANK j. TIIOMA JAMES F. TRACY JOHN S. w'fl?NGI?R VI. HlIliIiR'l' XVIE'l'Zl5I. RICHARD A. WIQTZEL ROIIERT I.. ZIVRVIACK PAUL j. ZI'IRc'HER Zierjack MCCOW'H H. Wetzel Buntc R. Wetzel Anderman Murphy Zucrcher Tracy Powers Spengler Lane Keiffer Wenger De Wolf Thoma Bateman Epstein Gray Poarch Reid Waldo Knipp Pehl jezewicz Q O O 1 u p a - 1 I1 o rl 1 a Founded, New England Conversatory, 1898 ALPHA XI CHAPTER Sixty-three Active Chapters To develop f1'51f61'7Zdl rpirit, the Illllflldl welfare of mzzric Jlndentf, and Ike 11dzfa11ee111e111f of marie in America F A C U LT Y DUANE A. BRANICAN, M.Mus. ARTHUR E. COHEN, M.Mus. LANSON F. DEMMING, B.Mus BRUCE R. FOOTE, B.Mus. LE ROY R. HAMP CLARK H. BACHMAN EDWARD G. CAMEALY ROY CHRIsTOPHERsEN WlI.I.IAM R. CLENDENIN RICHARD B. COGDAL JACK M. ELLIOTT JOIIN R. ENGSTROM WARRIEN A. FELTS AI.IaIsR'I' A. HARUING, Mus.D. MARK H. HINDSLFX', A.M. HARRX' M. KALIFFMAN, A.M. HIIIIIERT KESSLER MEMBERS RALPH FIORIYNTINI GEORGE R. FLIEXMAN FREDERICK C. GEDGIZ NORMAN A. GOLDPERC, JAMES R. GRI?I5NW'IZI.I. LOUIS A. I-IANSEN I-IAGIN P. HARPER HAROLD C. HINIES J. GLENN METCAIF, A.B., B.Mus. RUSSELL H. MILES, M.Mus. RICHARD E, ROBERTS, B.S. w'AI.1'I5R I.. ROOSA, A.B. IN UNIVERSITY WIl.IlUR j. HOEL RAI.PH W. KINISON HOGAN B. KNIGHT STEPHEN C. KRATZ BIZRNHARDT M, KUSCHEL DONALD S. MYERS DONALD L. PFOHL PIERDUIE j. POXVLFN fiI.ARIENCE E. SAw'HII.I., B.Mus. SHERMAN SCHOONMAKER, M.Mus. FRTDERIC B. STIVEN, Mus.D. KEITH L. XWILSON, B.S. HAsKELI. O. SFXTON RAI.PH E. SHANK HOXVARD G. SMART IDISAN E. SMITH GLEN C. STIEVUART JAMES K, VAN SLYKI2 ROBERT W. WORK ROIIERT G. YAPP Christopherson Flexman Hansen Sexton Cfarncnly Kinisnn Smith Powlen Wfork Engstrom Shank XVilsOn Cogdzll Hocl Elliott Kratz Greenwell Bqirhmnn Kuschel Fiorentini Van Slykc Felts Stewart Hines Page 536 Founded, University Of Miihiglln. 1005 SIGMA Dlil.TA CHAPTER Sixty-eight Active Chapters VEI.MA I. KITciHEI.I., B.Mus., MARX' J. AnAMs I.IIClI.l' E. ANDERSON IENIIH M. BEAI. EI.sIIf M. BITTINGER INIIIDRFD J. BRANNON VERA D. BRITTON RUTH-IIl5I.IiN BURI.IsON BETTY E. EW'AI.D ,IANIET l:I.I5NT,lIi To form bodies of relfirereizlalire 1l'07IZl?II who Jhall by their izzflfiezzre and their miirira! izitererf zzploald the higher! idealr of iz mizriml edifmtioiz NIEI.I.IE M. STUART, B.MIIs. MEMBER VICITORY GLYNN V. ARLENE GREEN l'lARRII.IfE E. I'll5NIIOFF ALICE L. HORNER NIARY J. JARNAGIN M. EI.IsE KASTEN f.OII,I5IZN J. KIRK lVlARY-BAIN LEHMANN BETTY M. MfffiOW'N FACULTY S IN UNIVERSITY CARoI.YNIf E. IVIFYFR MARY lVIII.I.lfR IVIARY F. OUUM EYELYN E. QJNKIZN SYI.vIA B. REc.IcI.Es SOPIIIA IZ. SANDERS El,IZAIiIZ'l'H J. SCAIFIZ I2I.IzAIsI2TII M. SctHIfIvrxEI.L RActI-IEI. I.. SMITH KA'I'HRX'N J. SU'I'IIIZRI.IN, A.B. IIIJITII M, USRY, A.M., B.Mus. MII.IvREIu M, STAUEI. LOUISE STIVEN ROEERTA M. STRONG INIARGARITT J. VANIMAN V. JUNE XIAN ZANUT IYIARVIORIIE G. WARD VIRGINIA A. WEBER PATRICIA 1. WEINS l'lliI.liN G. WOSNUK Schecldell NVel1er Wosnuk Lehmann Vanimnn Anderson Beal Jarnagin Smith Glynn McMaster W'eins Adams McC0v'n Meyer Van Zandt Henlmif Ewald Kasten Sanders Green Reckles XVard Horner Kirk Burlison Brannon Odum Scaife Strong Miller Founded, University of Illinois, WII.I.Is B. BAIIANGE GEKJRCPF R. BEAM MIIIDRIED j. BRANNON DOROTHY E. CHAPIN MARY S. CHAPMAN AI.I.AN M. CHESS MARX' I.. DoI.AN XVAI.I.ACIz S. DOOLEY MARTHA E. EI.LswoRTH DOROTIIX' A, FEHRIZNBACHFR ,IUIHITH H. QTLOVER Phi Alpha Chi To refogizize Jtifdelzlf who Lim RFNCE have Jhozwz exceptional faleiil in wriliizg FACULTY W, IVIURPHY, A.M., Litt.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RICHARD G. GORDLEY MARY M. GRANT DONN W. HAYES EVELYN M. HUFEMAN WII.I.IAM I-I. HU'I'CHINS17N INIARGARET A. KliI.I.Y MIRIAM M. KRASNICIQ MARIE M, LECLEAR DUDLEY MCALLISTFR RORERTA I. McAI.I.IsTER CARL T. RIFYITR BARBARA R. MOORE IRVIN j. MOTTI. ROSEMARY T. OYBRIFN FREDERIciIi A. POPE KIENNIWII B. POwI.Ess WII.I.IAM J. RIIINEHART I'IIiI.ITN N. RORERTS XYflI,I.IAM R. ROSE THOMAS F. RYAN, IR. AIIAN R. SciHOI.IN One Active Chapter I.AURAREI.I. SCHUTT l5I5'l"I'Y I.. SI-IACKEL 'I'HOMAs C. SHEDD, JR. GEORGE W. SEATER MARYIORIIZ I. SMITH BIf'l"l'IZ J. STAATS MARY S, STEWART J. ARTHUR STITZEI. EI.IzAIsETH W. WARNES IELIZAIIETH N. XYXERBER MlEI,liA I.. WOHLWEND Meyer Mnttl Scholin Cress Stitzcl Rhinehart Ballance Shedd Pope Le Clear Brannon D. McAllister Ryan Powless Grant Shackel Krasnick Wlebber Hayes Wlohlwend Smith Fehrenbacher Page 537 I.l45I.Il5 H. ACOX WYA'I"r ADAMS RORRRI' L. ADLIZR RAYMOND T. AKINS RIITII I.. AI,IxI2Rs'1'I7T'I' CIIEORUIZ E, AI.I.IaN BRIIc.Ia J. AMACI-IIaR FRANrtIs A. ANDERSON BIQN F. BARR HI2RIsI7R'I' D, BAKER JActK BARAIIAN ROIIFRI' E. HARD RICHARD BARDOLPH XVII.I.IAM T. BARRY XVAILACIE XV. BAss CIHAVNCIQY M. BEAGLE T. EIIIQIQNR BIEATTIE tQIIARI.I:s F. BITCK VIRGINIA I.. BIaI.I. ADI:I.AIDIz N, BIERR WILLIAM M. BFRSIIACH WAI.TIaR N. BIYRTRAM FRANCIS A. BICKIEI, AIJIIERT F. BILLINGS EDWARD R. BILLINGS is i v!lL3.L:N1lISf Q Ex' . N ff Fuundcd, L7nivcIsiry uf lllinnis, 1924 One Active Clmptcr T0 foyer am! lllzifllfzljll .1 J',71Zt'C'l'6 I1Ift27'6.If in live .I'lIfL'lII'L' nf avfoflzzfifzg Accountancy Club lfnuf .YI'111u.I1w' T. FI.I'II IIIR EI.I.Is .,...,. HAROLD E. KQIINNINIJIAM. .. DORIS M. GOOD ........ ,. MURIII. M. KRINIQ ......... OFFICERS . . Prmidzwf . .. .. . Ifife-Pze.Iidu11! . . . SHI1'eza1'y-Trffzfzzfw' . , . .YI'I'rf11If .YNIlIf.IIw' . . .JAMIQS J. BIIRNHAM ...ROIIIQRT XVINKEL ...DORIS M. GOOD Cfarwvfzorzdirzy Surr1IIIy, ......... CLYORGIT E. HUNT ROIII RI P. HA: KVI I', PII.D. . .lfarzzlzg !f'iIcr-PwI1A'w1l..RORIRI P. HAm'KI"IT, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNI RORIRI S. BI.Ac.K XXfII.I.IAM If. BLIXEN, JR. ROIIIIRI' C.. BI.UNciK CIIIORGI- tj. BODDIGIIR IZVIZLYN I, BORIQIHN IIDVUARD A. BOWIEN JONIQPH D. BRADFN XVll.1IIVIl J. BRADY LORRAINI2 M. BRAMITL MIfI.vIN B. BRIIYMANN JOIIN BRIfzINsKI GIfRAI D D. BRIGIIION Hl1NRX' M. BRITT JAMISS J. BRODIIT DOROII-IY M. BROITG IXIORRIS A. BROIINSTLIN f.ARI.'lUN R. BROVYN RI-XFORD BRLTNO JOIIN W. BRYAN RUHIVRT B. BRYANT FRANK J, BIIRIQK, JR. RILIIARD I.. BIIRKLAND JAMIZS J. BIJRNHAM RIIssIaI.I, Cf. BURNIIAM WAI.'I'IfII S. BII'I'I.I-tR VERSITY I:RANf IS XV. KJAMPIKVI I. RIIssII.I. IZ. CAMIIIIIAII. OIIN CI. fARRlI.I.0 M. RItIImiIf CIARRCLI. RUIiIiR'I' H. CIAR'l'IfR JAMIQS CIAs'I'RAI,Ia FRANK ffAlIGIIRON, JR. IXIARLSARIVI' I.. CHAPMAN JOsIfIfII J. IJIIIJRVAT JIII.Il'N M. f.llRIS'l'IfNSlfN IEONALD A. f.IARK ROIIIIRT H, fiI.l MIINIS I.llI.IAN IZ. CQLOKI2 IEUNAID KII.IIciK ROIII R'1' II. CIOLE FRIDIRIVK XV. IIOLLINS ROIIIRI' KI. COLLINS FRANK A. C.RONIcjAN HAROLD KQIINNINOIIAM XVII.I.IAM R. IIIYSIMANO CI.ARIiNc:Iz W. DAUCQHIERITX' KIINNITTII IDAVIDSON 'I'RAriY P. IUAVIDSON IiARI.Os O. DAVIIES RAI.s'I'ON H. DlZl'l-'IiNBAUGII ROY S. DII.IsRIDuIf, JR. EYIfI.YN C, IBINNING XXfII.I.IAM O. DIiRROIIc:II FRI-HBA B. DI-sIIAYI's FORRI's'r P. DIQWIJY KIINNIITII W. IDICKHIIT HAROLD A, IDIIETZ ROIIIERI' S. IDIIETZ IDOROTHY J. IDUKfKXX'OR'I'll J. IDONALD EDWARDS ROI!!-RT I.. EII IO'I"I' S. LAVI-'RNIB EII.IO'I"I' 'I', ITI.I:'I'm7IIIaR I5I.I,Is tQIII.xI'ItR IEMANIIIISON NORMAN J. EMLQIZ ROIIIRT IZNSION IYIURIFI. E. ERIKSON FRANK S. ERYIN FRANK J. Essn RORFRI' J. FAI CONIR XV. GRAN'I' FARIss S'I'ANI.IfY J. FIfINNI:R NORTON R. FIfI.DMAN CIIARI.Ias B. FII.IsItRT NATHAN V. FII.III2Y Page 538 CLARK FLIICKINGFR SAMUEL W. FLFMING HELEN M. FLEURY EDWARD FOGARTY HARDINC2 H. FOXVLER JULIA A. FRANKLIN ROBERT D. FRANKS HERISIERT K. FRAZEE THOMAS J. FREEMAN, JR RALPH FRIMANN HERISERT L. FYIE ANNIETTI2 C, GAETJE NED J. GARDNER JOSEPH C. GIANOTTI THOMAS C. GILLES WALLACE A. GILLESPIE WILI.IAM S. GINGOLD CHARI.ES N. GINOLI CLARENCE G. GLENN MIiI.VIN A. GOERS BERNARD H. GOI.D DORIS M. GOOD RICHARD G, GORDLEY JOHN E. GORMAN RAY E. GORRISON LAWRENCE W. GOUGLER JOHN H. GRAFLUND V. LEO GRAHAM DARRELL M. GRAY ROBERT E. GRIGSBY LOUIS GROSSWIRTH WILI.IAM G. GROTE JUNE E. HALL MARINE M, HAMMA ALLAN F. HAMMERSTROM MII.DRED E. HARRIS DONALD J. HASLEM CARL F. HASS WILLIAM E. HAYES RUTH E, HELANDER ROBERT R. HELM ROBERT J. HELVUIG LOIIIS J, HENKE MAURICE V. HENKHAUS FIRMAN E. HIENRICKS H, IVAN HFNRICKS RICHARD R. HIERSHMAN LAWRENCE E. HESS ROBERT C. HINUEBER R. VICTOR HIRST HOW'ARI3 G. HOEGSTIED MAR1'IN A. HOFFING JOHN M. HOI.ZER MARY M. HOTT THOMAS S. HOUGH, JR. FREDERICK W. HOW'ARD JACK A, HOWARD IUIZLOSS C. HUDDLFSTONE WALTER B, HUFY, JR. JOHN D. HUGHES WELLS HUGO-SMITH ALBERT C. HUI.ETT GI-.ORGIC E. HUNT AI.BIfR'I' E. HURT WILBUR G. IPPEN RUTH H. JACKSCN HARLJLD H. JANSSEN QHIESTIER W. JANUS WALTER E. JENKINS DONALD W. JIZNNINGS T. Fletcher Ellis James J. Burnham Robert P. Hackett Accountancy Club ARNOLD O. JOHNSON GEORGE E. JOHNSON MARVIN L. JOHNSON RUSSELL T. JOHNSON T. ROBERT JOHNSON WALTER E. JOHNSON ALVIN D. JOHNSTON EARL E. KANTIENXVEIN LOUIS KAPLAN CHESTER KARZMAR DAVID KATZ RONALD J. KELSEY WILLIAM B. KENNEDY DAL I. KEPHART JOHN R. KIDD RUTH M. KIEFER VERNON A. KIEST FRED M. KILKER AMELITA M. KJELLSTRAND NATHAN J. KLEIN WARREN K. KLOOCK BERNARD L, KOTIN VERNON W. KRAETSCH MURIEL M. KRING ARTHUR F. KRONER ALYCE M. KUEHNE ELOISE M. KUHN HOWARD W. LANUS CARL M. LARSON ESPAR E. LAW CLIFFORD G. LEVEE LEONARD LEVETON ALFRED E. LEVEY DALE B. LINDSAY ARTHUR B. LOFT MELVIN E. LONG WILI.IAM P. LUKENS WII.I.IAM S. MACDIARMID WILLIAM B. MACDONALD FLORENCE L. MADER CHARLES E. MAHA ROBERT J. MAHER EDWARD W. MANN KATHRYN M. MARI.IN ABNER J. MARTIN, JR. JOHN E. MARTIN JOHN W. MARTIN EUGENE R. MATHIS HARRY N. MAY VIRGINIA M. MCCANNA MORRIS J. MCCARTHY JOHN T. MCCONATHY JAMES R. MCCREIGHT VERNON C. MCGINTY CHARLES R. MENEl:FE ARTHUR W, MEYERS IDAVID B. MILES CHARLES R. MILLER HELEN E. MILLER BITTLES MILLS SAMUEL M. MINKUS MARLSUFRITE E. MITCIIELI. LESTER T. MOATE EVIZRETT H. MOORE WALTER T. MORI:Y lRVlNG S. MORRIS FRIED W. MOYE, JR. GORDON D. NIUIEHLHAUSFN l.IilE N. MURPHY MARGARET M. MYIZRS ORA G. MYERS WILLIAM D. NAEZIGER MAURICIIE C. NIfI.SON ROBERT J. NlElISXXf'ANl3FR CHARLES W. NEWLIN JOHN W. NEWLIN FRANK P. NYKIIEL JOHN P. O'BYRNl'5 JOHN J. O,CCNNEI.L L. DOUGLAS ODEI.L CLARENCE L. ODUM DONALD H. Olfl'IZRMAN HAROLD OI.SEN GEORGE A. OLSON DAVID L. OSTlflil.D ROLAND E. PAI.MI:R VIRGINIA I. PARRII.L HENRY PASKIN ARTHUR F. PAUTSCH GEORGE L. PAYNE F. LENORA PERRY FRANK A. PIETIZR GORDON K. PETERSEN BURTON E. PETERSON CLAYTON L. PETERSON CHARLES W. PHILLIPS JOHN W. PHILLIPS HERBERT A. PIHI. DONALD R. PINNEY JAMES W. PLATE ROBERT M. PRANGE HENRY PRESENT MAURICQE PRESS THEODORE V. PURVIN WILLIAM K. QUINLAN RALPH H. RANN GILBERT A. RAPP WILLIAM E. RAUSCHIZNBIZRGER COLIN J. REEVES CHARLES C. REHLING FRANK A. RIEICHIZLDERFER WILLIAM M. REUSS, JR. IDARRELL W. RHOADS WILLIAM E. RICHNFR ARTHUR E. ROBERTON EARNEST E. ROGERS HARRIIET I. ROTH BITTTIE ROXY'LlET'I'E WII.I.IAM G. RUFCKITRT VERA M, RUSK CHARLES W. RUTHTR PAUL C, RYAN RICHARD B. SALLADAY JOHN A. SANDIERA RICHARD S. SANDERS JOHN A. SANDSTROM MARVIN A. SCHAID GENE R. SCHICLP WII.I.IAM A. SCIIICK P. ALLEN SCHILDHAMMITR JAMES S. SCHINDLIIR IIRTD L. SCIIMID EVELYN M. SCHNEIDER RICHARD C. SCHULTIS EVITLYN H. SCHxY AGIER GEORGE D, SCOTT ROBERT E. SCOTT ALICE I. SEABERT HIlI.lEN B. SEARCH KITNNIETH L. SEARS BlE'I"I'Y l.. SHACKFI. JOHN C. SHARFR W. RIISSEL SHAW' PAUL W. SHIPLEY JOSEPH W. SIBBITT MAR'l'lN S. SIMONIAN JOSEPH C. SKALA FRANK C. SLADEK ANTHONY P. SLEDZIIZXWSKI BRACY D. SMITH CI.EM O. SMITH, JR. lDONAI.D W. SMITH JAMES E. SMITH RAYMOND W. SMITH IJAVID L. SPERRY HARRY SPYRISON JAMES G. STABLES HOWARD F. STETTLER ROBERT F. STEWART EVIZRIZTT F. STINE CHARI.ES E. STISSER JOSEPH O. STITES FRANK E. STRANG LI.OYD S. STUBBINS STANI.EY S. SULZYCKI RAI.PH A. SVUAIM HERBERT D. TABORN JOHN THISTLEVVOOD, JR. PETER J. THOMAS WII.I.IAM B. THOMAS MARY A. THOMPSON ROBERT V. THOMSEN ROBERT E. THORNHILL WAYNE V. THRALL HARRY J. TICK HOWARD W. TIEDT OSCAR M. TOLI.STAM JACK C. TREVOR SARAH L. TURNER 'IQIZRIENCE G. VANE NICHOLAS D. VASILEEE ROGER M. VEACH GUY M. VILLARS VERNON F. VINEYARD RICHARD J. WAKEMAN MONROE K. WALTER JOHN J. WATERS WII.I.IAM P. WATERS CHARLES A. WATKINS VENUS L. WEATHERFORD JOHN J. WIQBER, JR. H. WARREN WEHLAU JANET M. WEIDNFR ROBERT H. WFIK GEORGE E. WELLMAN EVIZRT E. WFRNER BURTON H. WFSSMAN Hl5I.IZN J. WEXLER RCGFR C. WIKE ARTHUR E. WILLMORE JOSEPH G. WILSON JAMES W. WINGATE ROBERT E, XVINKEL FREDERICK S. WINN SAMUEL O. WITT IDONALD N, WOOD BERT J. WUELLNER JAMES A. YOUNG ROBERT R. ZUCK Page 539 llll f gl fd .. 54 gy. Founded, University of Wfisconsin, 1907 l'I1EI.MET CHAPTI-R TWO ACUYC CUHPYCN Sophomore I7Zl6l'fI'dl6'7'1llly Skull and Crescent xlmcifz ROSS B, LFMMON A. ROSS MANNING Alpha Dvlla Phi WILLIAM O. BURGESS JOHN H. SCHNFIDEXYIND Alpha Sigfrm Phi ADRIAN W. DAVIQ FRED M. KILRER Alpha Tan Omega RICHARD B. ALLEN RALPH E. EHNI Bum Them Pi WILLIAM R. CASE ALITX WELSH Chi Phi VUILLIAM N. MEYER JOSEPH F. SMITH Chi Pii J. EARLE ESTES, JR. DIORMAN D. MALLORY FACULTY ADVISER FRED H. TURNER, PhD. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Drlm Knlwjm Epfilfnl JOHN C. DAVIS 'l'. INIILTON I'IOPXY'OGD RAYMOND M. PIERITZ Dulm 'llm Dvlm CHARLIES F. BECK WAYNI: F. MILLER RILHARD J. WILLIAMS Delia Ufrrilmz JOHN SIRICH GEORGE F. STAHMER Kufijnz Signal JAMES C. FRY IDOUGLAS A. PHILLIPS Phi Dvlm Them DIIANI: FLILTZ LAR RIzNc3Ia W. GOUGLER Phi Glzmma Dcflla JDHN E. MARTIN A. DEAN SVUIFT JAMIES C. XVOLLRAB Phi Kufrfm RDIIIERT A, CQAMPI4IfLL ROI1ItRT C. GILI. Phi Klzpjm Pri GORIHON E. MYERS VUILLIAM B. VUFLCH Phi Kappa Sigfzzzz BRIIc:Is B. NIEWMAN RICHARD K. RIZISING Phi Signm Kappa GEORGI2 S. AMSISARY RAYMOND W. HIQRRMANN Pxi Upfilfzn PARK T. BROWN CLARK Z. S'I'liXY'ARD ,Yigrmf Alpha Epfilazl JOHN K. GLOVER DEAN B. RAYMOND Sigma Clif ABNYR J. INIARTIN, JR. JAMIS PHILLIPS XVIIYIAM H. RICK? Signm N11 JAMLS S. HliMPlllI.I. INIYRUN M. KING Slgnm Pi EDXYARD XV. MANN WILI.IAM I., MCGINNIS 715111 linjzful Eplilon ROIKIYRT B. OPPICE EDGAR H. PLAGFMANN Thom Dvlm Chi IDCNALD I.. BRUITAKIYR LANDIS E. HIIRLEY Zen: Pri HAROLD G. NELSON DANIEL S. WILCOX Newman Kilker Herrmann Allen Peritz Amshary Sikich J. Phillips Fultz Oppice Schneidewind Hurley Ehni Plugemann Mann Welch Brubaker Gouglpr Case Welsh Smith A. Davis Wilcox Meyer King Hemphill Wollrab Myers Stahlner McGinnis Mallory Estes Swift Burgess J. Davis A. Martin Turner Hopwood Raising Nelson J. Martin Fry Page 540 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 'l. ' 2 aa., .V ' ,, .' ' Y- I pill'-' X ,W-Amt' IEOLITILICLI, lIIIIxcI'iiIy of Illinois, 1033 OUC AUIVC Cllillwff Alpba mf Rho ROBERT D. CRITTON FRANK W. I.INDIZR CI-IARI.IfQ L. NORTDN ALDI-N J. SCHNEIDER Alpha Kappa Lambda STANLII' B. BALBAFH FRED J. ENGLISH ROIIFRT D. PEINI5 JOHN J. RIIUTTER, JR. Chl Bffa XVALTFR T. BARTCXY' RAYMOND J. BENZIIIIR PERRY H. GRAX'FS RALPH W. ROHLEINI: Sophw110I'e I71fL'I'fVrZfE1'7Zjf,'J' Star and Scroll FACULTY ADVISER J. IIFRBFRT ISURIQY, Ph.D. IUFIIJI Chi Kappa Della Rlw WILLIAM C. BLIXEN LIfIF E. OLSEN Jus'I'IN R, BOIEKIER CHARl.I'S F. RLIQSEII. JOHN XV. DRISH ROIKFRT R. SMITH Dflza Pbi FRANK XV, BIzxIfII'ID RICHARD T. DUNN NORMAN B. HANNAH RAYMSND CI XY'OIF Della Sigama PM DONALD N, HANSCN LEDNARD XV. JOHNSKTN, JR. ROIIIZRI' W. MATTHIZXXS FRI-DI'RIc.I: A. POPE Rom-RI D. TIMPANI' XVARREN D, TIj'I'l'l.l' Lambpia Cffvi Afpba DONALD P. ARSISTIIKTXIQ HAROLD A. LOIIRITI JOHN 'I'. P: LZIN CQHARLIN H. RCNDI IN Phi Kappa Tan PIaYAI'oN H. KL'Nctr Hcxx ARD G. I.ARSl-N GORIXIN C. PENTZ P1 Kappa .fllpba RAI:-II S. CHASE CHAIII.Ifs W. ERHARDT BI'x'I'0N P. Loxvnx' EDxx ARD SMAIQIZ Pi Kappa PM sfg Sig ALLAN B. GILBERT I.l'5'll'R T. INIOATI' ma Plvi Iipfilofl GFKZRCQIA F. BR.-XFUTIGAM ERWIN G. DUIfIIINGIfR WII.I.IAM T. PASCOF RDIIERI' J. Sc:Hxx ARZ mn Pbi Sigma EDWIN O. GUI:RNsI:x' RICHARD K. SHIRI-R Guernsey Reuttur Armstrong Critton Bmcutigam Polzin Russell 'Hannah V HXVOIE Shirgr Smith n Pope Johnson Rundles Schneider Bexlield Schwarz Rnhlhng V Bcnzngcr Graves Pcmc Dunn Bxlbach TinIp,Iny Limlcr Pnsfoe Nortxn Enghsh Bhxen Bockcr Bgrtow Hanson Page 541 X. 'Sf Founded, University of Illinois, 1907 ALPHA SIGMA SIORIA CHAPTLR Two ACUVE UIHPYCYS Alpha Chi Onrrgu Affn A111 MARY J. CORNS CAROI. L. Eur M. JANI GLFNNAN MARY li. JUTTCN fl. cIl.ORlA SULLIVAN D. JANI: XVHITR lm Dvlrfx P1 JANIc.Ii E. BIISLFF KATIII-RINI' ROPIIEQuI'T JVNI CI. SMITH BI"I'IY I.. XYVILLIAMS lm Gfmimn Dalia I2ImI'I'H EASTMAN ANNIfT'I'Ia L. KRUMSITR MARLZIZIIY A. MAIIRITY I.ORIfNA MANAUGH NlLlRIliI. E. NIELSCN Alpba Ofrlirron Pi BIITTY L. ALVEY VIRCEINIA A. BAKER MARX' A. BLIRGETT ELI7AIII2'I'H L, HAH'FS RUTH E. SMYKAL BIzTH M. WILSCN To lf?7'O1lI0f6 4 lrffer frie11cf.rf9ilf1 KZIIIOIIKQ Ike 110111612 of Ike zwioflf .fomrifief Shi-A1 MEMBERS Alplm' Pb! EI.I'ANc:R U. ANDLRSUN LIARY J. IiAI.IANrIt RUTH ll. BllRl.lSUN ELIN KIIIIO LORRAINII R. P:'kc'IIIR'I' Alpbrz Xi Dufla ETHLI. S. FCRLAXV JANIQT HORSIMAN PFARI. R. I,AII'I'II Hll.l'N R. SxxI.I.NIY C111 Onlugfz BARIIARA Il. BA'lClIl'LCR NANf'X' HARSHMAN MAXINIE Y. Ol.lX'l1R MARLQARITI' J. XX,,I2S'l'CO'l"l' Dfllrl Dvllu 17111111 BARBARA E. IJUNI-IAM DOROTIIY J. KOITNIG 1VfARCl.I.l.A E. LUIQRNRILI I-lrLrN I.. Nl'AI. ELFANKTR S. Sw I1NI'Y Della Gunmm ALMA M. HANIsI5I2 JEAN CI. MIaRciItR RACI-IRL L. ROITHM IN UNIVERSITY Dilffz Zum BIETTY J. Cc.II-MAN MARLYN J. cilll'NXX'.-KID ALYCIQ M. KIrI'HNI. RUTH L. SANDS R. MARY S'I'IARxx ALT Gamma Pb! Bvlfz BETTY G. ANIuIfRS:xN MURIIQL V. BLUOM MARX' K. GRIJSSAIAN BII.LIIa M. HIOIQINS MARliARlf'l' H. l.Ix'INc9S'IOxI' GILRALITINI: R. Nlf'Kl'l.L Kappa Alpbfi 7'bmi LOIS I. BLLII2 BEVERLIIQ Ci. BRIIRQS VIRGINIA O. FRANK HALLR GAl.HUI.Y DORIS HlEAl.X' IVLARGARITT IXIHSSIT Kiippa Delux M. VIRGINIA FALLCN BETTY L. IVIANOUGIAN JUNE M. MORCQAN H. LOUISE TICIR Kizfilpiz Kappa Gamnm PM KAIHRYN D, FRANKS fiHARLOT'l'IE L. KKINRAD MARY H. Moss IDOROTHY I.. RORIIINS INIARY S. S'l'ITNX'ART fill: MARION D. AICHNIER NANCY B. Ec3I:R JLVNF E, MATI-IIS MARTHA E. PILI1 EIARJORIE E. QLIIN Pi Bum Phi RIITH E. BIIcIIHOLz BETTY J. HINIES BIfT'I'Y M. JOHNSON ANITA P. KNAPP HITLIEN A. PRIESCOTT ISARRL XVALCOTT Sigvm Kappa GWRN A. CLARK ELIZANCR M. FRIEIEMAN PAULINE E. LEXWIS Koenig Mahrcy Grunwald Smith Dunham Wescott Briggs Egc Forlaw Eastman Tice Grossman Robbins Higgins Conrad Aichner Wilsfmn XX'illiams Buslee Kruinsicpk Manougian Haycsl.ivingstoneB.Anderson Smvkal Neal Stiarwalt Horstman Fallon Healey Wliitc Harshman Johnson Burgett Prescott Hines Manaugh Blue Ropiequet Franks Lukcnbill Cfoms Walcott Sweeney Morgan Glcnnan Quin Micssc Knapp Alvey Bloom Page 542 Q I I I I , 4 I 'iitflif' If-M"I,.' in A .,, rx .44 .. 9 lfoumled, University of Illinois, 1923 One Active Chapter ROIIERT ALIRAND ROIIERT D. BAILEY JOHN A. BAIININ XW'lI.LIAM T. BARRY GVCRIQE R. tQA'I'IIf'I'I FRANK A. KHKONICAN XYIILLIAM O. IDIIRROUGH GARTH XV, IEIIWARDS J. GARTH ELZEA, JR. llIiRI3lTRT D. BAKFR ROIIERT E. HARD HERBERT XV. BVLI. H. GORDON BENsI:N XVALTER L. BENSON CHESTER M. CAMPIII.I.I. ROl3liR'I' S. CiAMI1III:I.I.' H0l10I'd7'J C'a111111erre Adizity l7mfe1'11ify Band of FACULTY PAUL M. N7AN ARSDEI.I., Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNI JAMICS R. FARRINGTON LEROY B. HISRBST, JR. Foxx,-IRD P. HOI,I,xI.-IN JOHN J. lflNSIfI.l..-X .JAMIFS A. KOCH KARL F. KRAUS CARI. A. LEUPOLIJ JAMES W. lVlCDONAIl3 Sezziorf !7!!I!U1',f lJi7NAl.I7 A. COUNT RYMAN RI:IxIfR'1' P. GRUliNIllTRL? GRovrR C. HAINITS ROIIIRT C. l"lUMPHRl'Y EIION C. JcNEs GEORGE W. KININGHAM JAMES R. NIARTIN, JR. VERSITY FREDERICK H. MCiKlNSTRY lJANI1lI. H. MEYIR IIARRY I.. lXlII.I.I'R ROBLRT C. lYlll,I,lR CHARLES G. MOREAII JAMES XV. NCITT. LLOYD F. fJI.lfSON Rn:IsIiR'I' S. PHZIR KENNETH I.. MEANS WAYNE F. MII.I,liR JOHN J. MOHAN XNIALTFR T. RIURIEY JOSEPH M. NIasTER CHARLES W. PHIl.I.IPS JAMES W, RELIIER l7liII.ll' R. PROCTOR l'lOXX'ARD J. Russian, KARL B. SMOYER RIciHARo T. TAYLOR XY"Il.I.IAM H. TYsoN JEROME XV. VAN GCJRKOR1 IIIZRIKIERT E. WELHENISR ROLAND XV. ZIMMIER XVILLIAM H. RICE RICHARD J. STOLZF JOHN THISTLEXYOOD, JR. FRI-nI'RIcIQ B. TRACY SIIINLY V. XVALKER EvIfRI:TT P, WEAx'ER LEw'Is K. VUOODWARIH Elzcu Edwards Taylor Moreau Kinsella Cronicfm Bailey McDonald Catlett Proctor W'cllIewer Russell Meyer Smoycr Hcrbst Grucnlicrg Hollnmn Ivlohan Tracy Farrington Morey Means Bell Nestor Koch Dcrrough Kiningham Whlker Miller Rice Bard Reeder Countryman H. Bcnson KW. Benson Thistlewood Campbell Page 543 ' ,iff A W' if G Founded, University of Illinois ALPHA QHAP-fm Twcmy Active Cjhapgmg T0 jifonzole Tvlwlarrlnip. lIJrfzf!imlify. and srofiabilify in the afmzzfzfiug Ifirofeffioiz ROLQIR G. ASHAMY, B.S. H. HIATON BAILY, A.M., C.P.A. PTMIIROKE H. BROWN, Ph.D. Essiil. R. DII.l.AVOU, A.M., J.D. EDWARD J. FILBEY, Ph.D., C.P,A KQHARIES J. GAA, M.S., Kf.P.A HORALE M. GRAY, Ph.D. PAIYI. M. GREEN, Ph.D. GEORGE E. ALLEN ROIIIRT I.. ASHLEY WALTER N. BERTRAM GEORLQE C. BODDIGER JAMES J. BURNHAM KENNETH M. CAI-IN Gl?ClRl3E R. CATLETT ARDEN K. CIOLBY ROBERT C. DE WOLF RICRRIS BROUNSTEIN Beta Alpha Psi FACULTY ROBlzRT P. l'I.-XCKETT, Ph.D. LOUIS M. KEssI.ER, M.S., C.P.A. ANANIAS C. LITTLETON, Ph.D., C.P.A. ROBERT K. MAUTZ, M.S. JOHN W. MCYMAHAN, M.S. LLOYD MOREY, A.B., B.Mus., CFCII. A. MOTER, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNI LEO S. EATMAN THOMAS F. ELLIS FRANK S. ERVIN NATHAN V. FILREY HERBERT L. FYIE ALIIERT W. GEBAUER A. WALLACE GILLESPIE NATHANEAL N. HILL RussELL C. BURNHAM Senior! fmziorf C.P.A., I.I..D. VERSITY HOWARD G. HOEGSTETT MAX E. HOLLENBFFK THERON R. JOHNSON MORRIS J. MCCARTHY ORA G. MYERS JOHN L. PEACOCK ROIIERT M. PRANGE MORTON D. PROUTY HALL L. NLWCOMTR, M.S., C.P.A. CHARLES F. SCI-II.A'I"I'l5R, M.S., C.P.A. HIRAM T. SCOVILI., A.B., C.P.A. KENNETH L, SMITH, M.S., C.P.A. EDWIN L. THEISS, Ph.D., C.P.A. PAUL M. VAN ARSLIELL, Ph.D. NILSON D. W'AKIiIfIELD, B.S., C.P.A. HOWARD RICE JAMES S. SCHINDLER ALITERT J. SCHNEIDER FRANK L. SENSENEY ROBERT F. STEWART JOSEPH W. TOMASESKI TERENCE G. VANE SAMUEL L. WETHERI2I.L ROBERT E. WINKEL BERNARD L. KOTIN Prnngc Schneider R. Burnham Ervin Calm Senscncy Tomaseski Gillespie Johnson Wetherell Kessler De Wolf Vane Boddigcr McCarthy Eatman Fyie Schindler J. Burnham Filbey Myers Allen Colby Prouty Ellis Moyer Rice Stewart Page 544 Founded, New York University, 1904 EESILUN CHAPTER Forty-seven Active Chapters To forfer .rfiefzlifir rerearrb ill the fieldf of Commerfe, Afcoznztf, am! Filzazzfe Alpha Kappa Psi CHESTER R. ANDERSON, A.M. H. HEATON BAILY, A.M., C.P.A. PEMEROKE H. BROXYN, Ph.D. CHARLES R. FRIEDFRICK, M.S. WALTER F. FRESE, A.M., C.P.A. ROBERT P. HACKETT, MERLIN H. I'IUNTliR, GEORGE E. ALLEN DONALD F. BARR CLARENCE W. DAUIQHI FRED J. ENGLISH W. GRANT FARISS V. LEA GRAHAM HIERBIZRT D. BAKER STANLEY B. BALRACH E. RORERT BILLINGS DONALD G. BROPHY RITXFORD E. BRUNO JOHN XV. BRYAN CHARLES E. MAIIA CHARLES R. MFNFITEE Ph.D. Ph.D. WILLIAM E. CIIRRISNT ZRITY FACULTY FRED M. JONES, Ph.D. LOUIS M. KESSLER, M.S., C.P.A. DAVID KINLEY, Ph.D., LL.D. FREDERIC E, I.I1F, Ph.D. XXfII.I.IAM B. LOLKLIXG, Ph.D. GORDON Cl, LOSLE, M.S, MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CHARLES E. HFMPHILL I.AW'RENCl2 E. HFSS NATHANAIiI. N. I'III.I. I'IOXX'ARD G. HKJIEGSTED JOSEPH B. JILRERT XVILLIAM B. KIENNFDY ROBERT H. CARTER DONALD A. CLARK LELAND J. DIEVIZRMAN FORREST P. DEXVIEY CLARK FLECRINUER DARRELL M. GRAY RORERT G. STEPHENS Senior! fmziorf Sophomoref XILRNON XV. KRAETSCH JAMES R. MCCREIGHT ROLAND E, PALMER ROIIERT L. PELLICAN COLIN J. RFEVES ITIOXVARD RICE HAROLD E. HILL RORERT C. INGALLS BERNARD L. KOTIN JOHN I.. LYNCH FRANK A. PETER RALPH F. RAU LLOYD S. STUBBINS ROBERT V. IVIITCHIELI., M.B,A. HALE L. NIZNVCOMIER, M.S., C.P.A. FRFDIERIC A. RUSSIJL, Ph.D. HIRAM T. SCOVILI., AB., C.P.A. CHARLES M. TI-IOMPbON, Ph.D., LL.D., PAUL M. VAN ARSDELI., Ph.D. CHARLES W. RUTHER JOHN K. SCHUDFR FRANK C. SLADIEK DONALD H. TEEL JOHN J. WEBER FRED E. WILLSON, JR. CHARLES C. REHLING JOSEPH C. SKALA HAROLD D. TAEORN ROBERT H. WEIK CHARLES R. WEISHAAR THOMAS G. WRIGHT ALFRED J. WULEE I I Iinglish Carter Stubbins Rehling Gray Billings Taborn Bruno Peter Menefee Brophy Bzrllmch WIIISOII Clark Lynch Maha I Jilbert I Fleckinger Baker Dewey Deverman H. Hill Ingalls Sknlzx Hoegsted Current Wright Farlss Kotm Palmer Graham Wcishzmr Wulff McCreigt Thompson Pellican Ilnthcr Babb N.I'Iill Rice Daugherity Allen Teel Schuder Krzxetsch Hemphill Slndek Reeves Newcomer Hess Page 545 FE? .qv Q' Q.. ' ,M ' 'li '45, Founded, University of Illinois, 1920 ALPHA CHAPTIER Fourteen Active Chapters joslavu B. CXORNS, Ph.D. -IOSVPH C. BLAIR, M.S., DSC. ll.-umln CI. CASE, Ph.D. Ckmlusya H. DUNQQAN, Ph.D. VUITSLITY P. FLINT, B.S. XVll.RFR J. FRAsltR, M.S. Iil'xYl.I. I.. GUN, BS. XV. I'IUI.I. IIRVD XV. ANDI-'RSON I.1fl.,xND H. ANDFRSON IZRW IN F. CIHAK WAYN15 D. finomi lilnrix A. f.RllMl' RAYMCND M. FRAKFS BRIAN M. GRANT W. PAUL Hmunm CIIELASIUS J. H1zNR1r'1c H. EUGFNE COPPIER T0 dereloji rx frffe flyzffrzul .fpirjl in Ike ffcltxhjllg of dgI'Il'1Ijf!ll'6 Alpha Tau Alpha FACULTY ARIAIIKTR E, CUILISON, M.S. ,IOHN XV. CIRFTN, M,S. ROIKIERT B. INIUSKQRAVE, M.S. HONORARY MEMBERS IIVRRLR1' M. HAMLIN, Ph.D. XVILLIAM I., ISIFRIISON, Ph.D., D.Aur. lXI1'1.x'Ix I'IlTNDI'RSON, M.S. Romur R. Humfrsox, A.M. ILMII. W. LVHMANN, BS., A.lT. ARIITAS XV, NULAN, Pl1.D. HRT j. Rr'r'KlfR, M.S, ll.fxRR1soY A. Rl'l'Hlf, Pl1.D. IIIRI MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gzmlmzle Slmfefztf ITMII. G. I'IITNRICKQ IRANIIZI. I. I'IOI.Ml'S DIIAN R. I'IUI.I. IXIARSIIALI. O. INMAN limx IRISH, JR, JAM: I.. KRIDIR IUUANIE E. KLINTY IDDNALD O. LIxmml.M WII.I.IAM H. I.UlKlIl'N Seuzorr fmzzorf MAL7Rlc1i A. INIARSI-I.'Xl.l. XVILLIAM D. MASTERS DAN R. MCCLrfLLAN1u I'IAROI.D H. MILS HARor.1w G. Nrirsox IIOMITR j. NCRFM ELDON F. OISITRLIX IDURXVARD J. PADDOCIK OR'I'HIi1.Do A. PEITH MAN IIVNRY P. RMK, M.S. l21.MrR I.. SAUVR, M.S. Roscor R. SNAPP, Ph.D. AIOHN C. Sl'Ill.l'R, B.S. BERNARD A. 'I'oML1N VUILIIAM W, YARP, Ph.D XV11I.IAM Il. YOUNG HLICII M. I.m7RHART DEAN H. QUIN ALVIN K. Ruvrzn IRL W. SMITH DIORMAN I.. SMITH RALPH J. THUMAS BIRT M. XY7Hl'l'I.OlfK BIINVIAMINE H. WITTE, JR. IJONALD E, WQMACKS RQRERT ZINN FRKDERICK A. SCHAPER Inman Whitlock Lmkhart W'irte Paddock Thomas Crump Henricks D. R. I-Iull Mies I. Smith Marshall Pcithman Nelson Kriilcr Henrirk Lindlxolm XVomacks Oberlin Lubbcn D. XV. Hull McClelland- Grunt Irish Crone Spitler Nolan Hxmlin Dungzm Quin Holmes Zinn Page 546 Huff ' - 'LM is-'S f-3--A4 :, fi' Founded, University of Illinois, 1936 ILLINOIS CHAPTER One Active Chapter MAJ. JAMES D. BROXYN ROBERT H. GILLFSPIE GRACE E. ANDRESEN DONALD C. BOVCMAN ROY R. BRIGHT JOSEPH W. COMPTON STERLING K. EISIMINGIZR ROBERT M. ASH GEORGE R. AVFRY STANLEY B. BALBACH MlI.ITORD D. BURROXVS MARY K. CARR MAURICE A. CATTANI M. ANNETTE BALL RAYMOND BENZIGER ELTON W. BERRY WILLIAM H. BLATTI JOHN E. DE WAN CHARLES S. DIPPOLD FRVDITRICK L. DROxv SIIERRILL E, EDNYARDS JAMES R. ADAMS MILDRITD E. BALLOW BERNARD S. BLAIR F. LYMAN BOTTLIZ ALBERT P. BOYSEN RICHARD J. CASSIN RAI.PH N. CLARK T0 prozzzofe rifle zzzmkfzzzafifhip fzmozzg lhe 11114161115 of the U11i1'erJity ALBERT J. FISHER, JR. ROBERT C. GARRFTSON HELEN H. HAGEN FMIRSON E. HALL IWARK CLANCY PAUL M. DEISS HAROLD A. DIFTZ JOSEPH FORGACS IIRAIG A. GILBIIRT CHARLES B. GREEN HOWARD L. FLITMING ROBERT C. FLOOD MARVIN W. FLORA EUGENE V. FRANKEI. RAYMOND C. GITSSII. PVRRY H. GRAVFS JAMES A. GREITN JAMES P. DAVIS JAMES R. DLIIKINSKI SHERMAN J. EDFLMAN ELI.I0'I 'I' JAMES C. ERWIN ENGST XVIENIDIELI. R. FISHIZI. I.Aw'RIaNCE L. GINI'S'I'RA Rifle Club MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmle Sllldefifj' Sen IJONN W. HAYES FALLS B. HERSHFX' MARY J. HOSITORIH KHFSTER C. KARZLIAR J 1111 MILTON M. HAR'fMAN PAUL K. HUTTON ROGER S. HUTTON THOMAS XV. JACKSON IILAINE K. LANG PAUL F. LAXYSON I0l'.9' ROBERT F. RTARXYILK CIDRIC L. IVTATHITR ARMCRY O. MCORF, JR. SAM J. PETTYIOHN ION IWARVIN M. LUDOI.PH PAUL M. MELCHI-'R ARTHUR R. MCIORI? MERLIN N. NIfl,SON HARVEY I. NIIZ Sophomore! FRIED T. HAMMER BERNARD S. HATTIS NAOMI M. HAW'KINS EUGENE H. HICKNIAN FRED S. KAPLAN MARK G. KNIGHT CRAIG E. LEM IS DUANE F. LILLIIT XVIILARD S. LOIIITNZ XVILLIAM J. I.IIIf'I'SrHI7R A. DUNKTAN MCTRAIZ CHARLES R. 1N'fIVNlfI'IfIZ JAMES E. IVTUIIORIH QUENTIN H. PICKIEXING Freflwieu DEXWITT R. GOCITH JAMES V. HAl.I.SITX' CHARLES T. HARVITY ROBERT J. INGALLS ROBERT E. JOLLY ELMFR KIZEBLER MARION KREET SPFNSFR LE ROY XVILLARD H. LINDISMAN THOMAS V, I.I'I"I'I.IT GEORGE B. LLOYD MURRAY G. I.YON XVILLIAM C. MAI.l.OY VVFLDON W. MEELROY FIRST LIEUT. ROBERT B. LOTHROP WILLIAM E. SCHREIEER FRANCIS S. S'I'AI.I?Y ELMFR L. TANDRUP MARGARET A. THOMPSON FRANK L. O'BRIIiN, JR. NICK POKRAYIAC IUONALD F. RADITR HUGH T. RI-YNOLDS ROBITRT N, SCHIESINGER MARCEI. N. PILLIER REONE M. RASMUSSEN ROBERT G. ROTE XVILLIAM G. RUECKERT ANNA M. SCHULTZ ALLEN I.. SHAPIN IlLLSwOR'I'II SHAXX' MELVYN H. MIEIENTS JOHN R. MII,I.I7R JAMES G. PIEARSON ERNE PFLANZ CLARENCE H. PLUM CHARLES V. PRIZVRATIL LING TUNG T. JOSEPH TOMCZYK FLOYD A. 'IYRAYNHAM ROBERT F. TURNER DW'IGHT F. ZIMMIQRMAN I.LOYD XV. SCHOLL JOHN S. SHAPLAND ROBERT A. SREELS STANTCN D. SMITH L. JEAN STUIKIIINS BETTY R. XVHITIE JOHN L. SIMMONS HOW'ARD M. SIMPSON JACK C. TREVOR BOBBIE P. VUAI.Kl?R ROBERT S. WAI.SII MATTHEW J. XVASKELO EUGENE R. VUIQIIII EARL F, RICHISON CLIFFORD E. ROBERTS ROBERT E. SFRWATKIFXIUICZ RICHARD H. STANSEIELD RICHARD TWEEDY, JR. JOHN H. XVAI.l.lIIERG JAMES R. VUFILIEPP Page 547 AND in-U' ,Q 1 , xi km! 5 W' X 4 Q ' 2, I ? Q - 1 - I!! i 7 7 , ', Q ,gf V . ' ' A ' vw X 1 ' . , H ,H - , 141 4 v-yi , , ' I Q . x 4- 5 V f 249' ' . may-ss.. 'Mann X I aN'wwa35431 l Q "s 'Q 6-"H 1' is . g 2 , pa, Q 'ff' ffh f '17 :i::x,: 2 - 2 1 mas ass' 2-x f- 5 F an 3 Page 550 Index of Advertisers ASSOCIATED MILITARY STORES . BESLY, CHARLES H. 84 CO. BRYANT 8a STRATTON COLLEGE BUSEY,S STATE BANK . CABLE PIANO CO. . . . CHICAGO MEDICAL BOOK STORE CROFOOT, NIELSEN S CO. . DEERE 8: CO. . . DUNCAN ERBER STUDIOS HOTEL ABRAHAM LINCOLN . HOTEL KANKAKEE . LA SALLE HOTEL . NORTH SHORE HOTEL .... PANTAGRAPH PRINTING AND STATIONERY CO. PONTIAC ENGRAVING AND ELFCTROTYPE CO. RUBINSTEIN DENTAL EQUIPMENT CO. . STONE-RAYMOR, PAUL . NWEBER STUDIOS . PAGE 553 553 551 561 553 557 557 555 557 565 565 565 565 565 559 561 555 561 aww Nm TU A srmm, i 44' ll II J I I I I INTE STENOGRAPHIC COURSE Sl for College Students and Graduates Puts a keen edge on academic training! Achieve dictation speed of 100 words per minute in 100 d ys-a su ed for one fee Day classes only. Register any day Thursday evemn 01 Saturday afternoon Classes begzn July 3 October 2 1939 January 2 Aprzl I 1940 Al o legular busi ess co .es-day 01 CVCDIIID B IC," Administration, Executlve S6C16taI'lElI Stenotylry, Accounting, Etc. RYAN1' s. STRATTO av I5 "'eUR9'?' C 0 L L E G E 18 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO P9 Ark1S, J. W ..... Anders, A ..... . . . A Aaron, Catherine E .... ,... . .. Abbott, L. F. ...... . Abel, J. W. ....... ...... . Abernethy, D. S ..... ......... Abney, A. L. ..... .52 332 Abraham, H. A., . , . . . . .379 Abrahams, Betty . . Abrahamson, A. . . . . . . Abramo, A. C. .... Abrams, M. M. ..... Abramson, A. H ..... ...... Acacia .... ........ .... 2 3 8 Accountancy Cluh , . ..,. .. Ackemann, H. E. .... ..... . Ackemann, R. W. ...................... . Acker, R. W ...................... 52 380, Ackerman, C. H., 52, 163, 271, 376, 382, 430, Ackerman, J .... ..................... 1 71 Ackerman, W ..... ...................... Ackermann, K. G .... 352, 417 Ackert, Edith T .... ........ Acox, L. H ...... ..51, 52 Activiliei .... . ,.,,,., , Acton, N. E .... . .52, 405 Adams, A. L ..... .... 3 36, Adams, C. H .... ..... 5 2 Adams, D. M ..... ...... Adams, E. M., Jr .... , , , . Adams, G. H. ..... ,,,. Adams, H. K ..... , , Adams, H. M. .... ,,,,,.,,,. , Adams, 1. R ..... 379 529 Adams, Joan ,..,..52 Adams, L. A .... 406 418 Adams, L. A., Jr .... 336 406 Adams, L. M. ..... ....... 3 53 Adams, M. J ..... . ..... . Adams, M. V ..... , ,, , , Adams, Mary J.... ..... Adams, R. . . . 163 408 Adams, R. P. ....... 164 344 Adams, Rosalind . . . ....... 310, Adams, V. B ...... ...,,,.. Adams, W ..... . .... 382 Adamson, R. G .,.. ,,,,, Adducci, J ..... ,,,, Adelman, J. R. .... ..........,......... . Adkins, J. D ..... ....................... Adkins, Ruth H. ...,.. 49, 52, 163, 164, 256 278, 279, 280 Adler R. L. ....... Adminiflfalion . , . .... . . . ...... . . . . .. Adminirtrative Offer af the Uniiferrityu Adolf, Martha . . . Aeolia ..... .. Agamy, W. G ..... Agatucci, G., Jr .... Ag Dance .... . . Agger, H. K.. .. Agnew, A. F ........ Agnew, D. B... ....... .. Agricultural Council . . . Agricullure, The Col lege of. . . Ahlers, F. R .... .......... Ahlers, Marion L .... Ahlf, G. W ....... A.I.Ch,E ..... ,.... . Aichner, Marion D.. . . A.I.E.E ,.... ...... Ainsworth, D. C.. . . . Akemann, R W .... Akins, R. T. ...... . 310, .52 Albade, W. L .... ................ Alberstett, Frances J ....... ........ Alberstett, Ruth L ..... .50, 51, 52, Alberts H. L .... Albig, J. W .... Albrecht, A. D .... Albright, R. E.. . .. 266 334 Alcorn, S. W ..... ....... 5 2, 226, Alderson, Elizabeth Page 552 227 P. ............... . 356 353 491 353 .52 274 268, 491 443 eneral Index 513 424 433 418 431 431 476 436 436 410 448 406 538 450 166 441 525 430 273 524 295 538 245 437 379 528 406 440 529 52 27 547 474 534 418 355 526 162 537 416 355 507 467 538 52 379 52 526 262 503 538 22 43 509 511 466 442 324 424 412 312 271 31 451 523 450 528 542 526 416 412 538 438 509 288 538 379 443 468 524 531 510 Aleksium, Genevieve C. . . . . Aleskin, Ruth J ........... Alexander, Eleanor G .... Alexander, I. H .... Alexander, John . . . Alexander, John D ..... Alexander, John W ..... Alexander M. R ...... .....164 158 336 473 .53 509 .53 166 306 .53 310, 544 310 416 Alexander, Mary J .... .... ...... 5 2 Alexander, R. T. .... ............... . Allanson, Mary L ....... 155, 281, 322 Allard, Evelyn .... ................ Alleman, N. J.... Allen, Anna L. .... ..... 1 55 Allen, D ..... . ....... ........ . Allen,E.G.... ............... Allen, G. E. ........ 53, 163 165, 538 Allen, H. K. .... ........ ........... . Allen, H. V .... . Allen, J. B .... Allen, J. C.. .. Allen, L. E ...., ......... Allen, Lorraine . . ...... .. Allen, R. B. ...... ..... 3 07 Allen, Valerie H .... ..... 5 0 Allman, F .... . .. Allnutt, Barbara L.. . .. Allsup, T. T. ..... . Allyn, Eunice G .... Alpha Chi Omega .... Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Chi Rho ..... Chi Sigma. . . Della Pi ....... Eprilon Phi .... Eprilan Pi. . , Delta Phi ...... Gamma Della .... Gamma Rho ..... Home . . Kappa Kappa ...... Kappa Lamhda ..... Kappa Pi ........ Kappa Pri ....... Lambda Delta .... Omicron Pi... . Phi .... . . Phi Omega. . . Rho Chi ..... Sigma Nu. . . Sigma Phi... Tau Alpha. . . Tau Omega .... Tau Sigma. , . Xi Delta .... Zeta..... Alport, B. J .... . .. Alstrom, W. O .... Altfeld, Gladys . . , Alumni Arraciazion .. . Alvey, Betty L ...... . . . Amacher, Bruce J ..... . . . Amaden, C. F ...... Ambrose, P. E.. . .. Amdal, R. M ....... . . Ames, Virginia L ..... Ames, Virginia M, .... Amling, Ruth C... . . Amsbary, G. S .... Amsler, D. W.. . . . Amso, A. I. ....... . Amsterdam, H. C ..... Andermann, R. J.. . . Andersen, Karen E.. . . Anderson, A. D .... Anderson, A. G, ......... .. Anderson, A. G., Jr ....... . Anderson, Alice E .... 51, 53 Anderson, Ann L .......... Anderson, Bettie S .... Anderson, Betty G .... Anderson, Betty J.. . . . Anderson, C. R ..... .... Anderson, Cara L ..... 53 489 238, f.'.'.'fi55 ....53 .53, 473 376, 381 .... .516 ss, 555 ' . . . . .296 .'.'.'ff1'55 316, 355 ......53 .....306 330, 452 238 416 524 478 458 170 310 443 .50 526 297, 172 352 357 513 487 533 512 513 336 384 502 502 352 436 488 450 527 487 172 484 271 409 545 427 416 505 416 529 493 540 509 465 527 379 169 474 407 408 475 476 410 409 477 411 507 465 412 413 545 169 478 479 529 414 524 415 546 546 380 480 171 526 167 476 269 542 538 53 529 414 506 512 479 540 526 422 454 536 189 515 207 416 354 513 518 523 542 487 545 489 n , Anderson, Carolyn . . . ...,........ .310 Anderson, D. E. ...... .. .53, 170, 414 Anderson, Dorothy I .... ............. 5 25 Anderson, Dorothy J ....... ............ Anderson, Eleanor G. .... 169 310, 336, 479 Anderson, Evelyn M ....... , . . . . , . . . . . Anderson, F. A .,..... ,..,.,,,, Anderson, F. W ...... .... 5 3, 381 Anderson, Faraba G ...... ..... 3 55 Anderson, Florence N .... ,..,., Anderson, Frances . . . .. . Anderson, Helen M ..... .. Anderson, J. D ....... , . . Anderson, K. J. .... , , , Anderson, L. A ..... . . . Anderson, L. E ..... .... Anderson, L. H ....... .... 5 3 Anderson, Lois M. .... ..... . , Anderson, Lucile E. .... , ,...... 355 Anderson, M. J .......... .,........ 5 4, 166 Anderson, Margaret Louise. .53, 282, 512 Anderson, Margaret Luella ................. Anderson, P. H ............ . . . Anderson, R. M .... ..... ..... Anderson, R. P ...... .... 5 4 Anderson, Ruth E ...., ..... Anderson, S. E .... ...... . .. Anderson, Thelma M. .... . . .. . Anderson, W. H .... .... . . ........... .. . Andresen, Edna B. ..............,..... 293 Andresen, Grace E. ....... 54, 295, 311, 355 481 Andrew, D. E .... .. .... 268, 336, 382 Andrews, A. I. ....... ....... 4 06, 408 Andrews, Beatrice E. .... .. .169, 310 Andrews, D. E ....... Andrews, J. B. .... . Andrews, J. C ..... Andrt, F. F. ...... . Angel, Margaret H. . . . Angell, C. S, ....... . Angell, Frances T. Angert, B ..... . Annis, Betty N .... . . . .280, 309, 310, ....54, 274 325 a , Anothony, P. F .... ................ 3 81 Antilla, Phyllis J.. .. . . .54 293, 294, 295 Apple, C. H. ...... .................. Apple, J. R. ..... .,.........,. 3 07 Applegate, A ..... .,.... Applegate, R. K ....... .... 3 12 Arbanas, Eleanor V. .... .... 3 10 Archer, L. B ....... .. ..... .. Archer, L. D. ...... , , , , , Arepo .... ...... , , , Arends, G. W ..... Armbruster, C. V. . . . . ....54, Armon, W. J ........ . ................ . Armsey, J. W. ................... 168, 307, Armstrong, Barbara K. .... 49, 54, 163, 164, 262, 263, 336. Armstrong, Bette .... . . ........... . . Armstrong, Beulah M. ..,. .... 1 67, Armstrong, D. P ...... . .... 433, Armstrong, H. C .... .,,.,. Armstrong, J. G. .... .... 5 4, Armstrong, L. J. ...... .... 3 74, Armstrong, M. D ..... ...... Armstrong, Paralee . . . . . . . . Arnason, V ..,.. ...... Arndt, J. M .... . .... 307, Arnold, C. G .... ...,. Arnold, D. S.... Arnold, J. M. .... ..., 3 06, Arnold, M. W. .... ......... . Arnold, R. E.-. ...... Arnold, R. W, .... ..... 3 64, 365. Aron, A. W. .... .......... . Aron,W.A ..., .... Arthars,H.E ...... Arvey, Dorothy L ..... .... 5 4, Asa, Dorothy M .... ............. Aschermann, D. M ..., ................. Ash, R. M. ......... .... 3 76, 411, 525, 483 532 530 475 542 507 538 546 514 512 53 481 414 379 457 524 546 508 537 524 528 512 167 437 502 477 467 523 431 295 357 547 415 527 487 154 171 418 381 523 530 488 422 509 529 478 418 435 307 406 506 406 467 334 468 528 54 379 530 257 490 510 498 541 355 418 420 408 474 54 530 353 526 409 168 54 382 335 353 458 513 54 451 547 COME TO CABLE'S 5 I Y E For P1ANos See and compare side-by-side all these iamous makes: Mason 6. Hamlin, Conover, Knabe, Cable, Gulbransen, Estey. GRANDS 0 CONSOLES 0 MIDGETS Allowance for Your Old Piano For PHONOGRAPH - RADIOS Many styles in Table and Console Models -RCA Victor and Magnavox. F 0 r mzcoans Victor, Bluebird, Columbia. Decca and Brunswick. CABLE PIANO CO. 310 N. Hickory St., Champaign 303 S. Wabash, Chicago I ll The Largest Assortment in Chicago of Brass, Copper and Bronze in Sheets, Rods, Wire and Tubes O INDUSTRIAL, MILL and RAILROAD SUPPLIES O Charles H. Besly and Company 118-124 N. Clinton Street Chicago, Illinois Telephone - Franklin 1222 PAUL STONE-RAYIVIOR, Ltd. 6 N O . M I C H I G A N CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Champaign Studio Six Twenty Three East Green THE ASSOCIATED MILITARY STORES Exclusive Purveyors of Q u ali ty Uniform Equipment for United States Army Otlicers 'fliomzxsou Ac-t Appointees Huy Avail 'llllClllS0lVQS of Our Spvviul t'1't-dit Terms O 1-1 Specializing in -l R. O. T. C. EQUIPMENT Nimvtve-ri Wm-st Jackson Boulevard, Cliicago Page 553 Baus, J. W ...... . . . Bedinger, P. N.. . . Ashamy, R. G .... .... 1 65. Ashby, R. c ..,. .. ..,... 171, Ashley, C ..... . . .................... . . Ashley, Helen M. ,........... 283, 310, 483, Ashley, R. L ........ 54, 184, 206, 208, 443, Ashwood, L. F .... ..................... 5 4, Asklund, C. K. ......................... . A.S.M.E ..... .. .... . . Astroth, L. I .... .. .... 189, Atherton, E. E ..... ...... .... 3 5 6, Alhlelir Administration . . . Athletic Arrariation, The ..... .... Albletirr .... .......... . . . Atkins, E. L. .......... ......... . Atteberry, Eleanor M ..... ......,...... Audrieth, L. F. ........ ..... 4 08, 422, Aurand, R. B. ....... .... 5 5, 431, Ausec, Joyce M. .... ..... 5 5, Aust, W.A .... Austin, J. C .... .......... 4 33, Austin, R. P ....... ...................... Avery, G. R ....... 313, 374, 378, 384, 431, Avrami, R, D. ...,.................... 454, Awsumb, W ..... . ..... . Aydelotte, Ann E. .... Ayer, Lucille E. .... . Azbe, Myra J ..... B Baar, R. C ,... ....... .... Babb, D. F ..... ......... ...... 5 5 Babb, M. C. .... ................... . Babbitt, H. E. .... 172, 375, 531, 532 Babbitt, June . . ................ .. Babbitt, R. K.... .. Babich, M ..... .. . Bach, Bette J .... . . . . . . . Bach, Geraldine E. ...................... . Bach, Oreline B ....,.................. 310 Bachman, C. H ...... .48, 55, 255, 336, 351 452 Bachman, G. F .... .... 5 5, 313 Bacon, A. R. .... ......... . Bacon, C. S. ....... ...... . Bacon, Julia L ..... .. .... 55 Bacon, Margaret R ..... ..... 3 10 Bacon, Mary L. .... ...... , Baczuk, Louisa . . . .... .163 Badgley, D. N. ..., ....... . Badger, A. E. .... ...... 1 72 Baer, B. F ...... ...310, 443 Bagale, J. E. ..... ..... 3 42 Baggott, J. W .... ....... Bagno, Beatrice . . . . . . . . . . Bagnuolo, W. G ....... ..... 3 10 Baikovich, Shirley L ..... ....... Bailar, J. C .... ..... ..... 4 0 8, Bailey, Barbara E .... ..... 3 08 Bailey, H. W. ...... . . . . . . . Bailey, L .... . ........ 453 Bailey, R. D .... .... 5 5, 428 Bailey, Ruth E .... ...... 5 5 Bailey, S. R ...... ..... .... Bailey, T. W. .... .. ..... .55 Baily, H. H ........ ,... 4 27, 541 Baird, B. T., Jr ..... ............ . . . . Baird, Jeanne L .... . .............. .. . Bairstow, R. R. ........... 55, 374, 378, 382 Baker, Elizabeth J. ................... .. . . Baker, H. D ............ 156, 157, 273, 405 538, 543 Baker, Irene F.... ........ ..,...55 Baker, P. C. .... .... 5 1, 55 Baker, R. H. .... Baker, S .... ............... Baker, S. W ..... . ..... 55, 166, 412 Baker, Vera A. ..... ..... ,..... 5 6 Baker, Virginia A.. . ....... 56, 478 Baker, W. S ........ .................... Balbach, S. B. ..., 268, 336, 376, 378 412, 541, 545 Baldridge, E. H ........ ..... ..... 4 5 1 Baldridge, Harriette E .... .. . .... . .1 . Balduf, W. V. ....... .. Baldwin, A. J .... ....,... Baldwin, C. D. .... .......... . Baldwin, E. C ..... . . .415, 422 Page 554 544 435 54 524 544 463 425 524 199 406 178 182 173 445 513 450 543 506 55 529 446 547 528 414 55 55 513 385 545 353 535 506 232 189 479 507 507 352 536 524 467 467 498 483 485 167 524 527 538 416 435 515 424 512 442 479 167 535 543 475 374 449 545 412 512 428 355 450 545 513 409 439 465 524 478 542 168 382 547 530 56 423 413 505 423 GENERAL INDEX-CONTINUED Baldwin Baldwin , Elizabeth G. ..... . , J. A ......... Baldwin, Mary J ...... ......... Baldwin, Roberta M .... .,... 5 6, 483 Baldwin, T. S ...... .....,.......... Bales, G. C. ..... ................. . Ball, A. J .......... .... 5 6, 374, 382, 431 Ball, M. Annette ........................ Ball, Eileen M. .................... 50, 56 Ballance, Mary J ..... 51, 56, 164, 473, 479 Ballance, W. B ..... 154, 304, 305, 418, 533 Ballard, F. P. .......................... . Ballard, J. F ......... ..... . .. Ballow, Mildred E .... .... 3 11 513 Balodimas, L. S.. .. ...... . .405 Banck, R. A ..... ..... 5 6 419 Band of X ..... ......... Bane, J. Lita ..... ..... 1 63 Bangert, D. G .... ....... Baniqued, J. F ..... . . . . . . .56 Banks, Doris M .... .............. 5 17 Banks, Marian H .... Banks, Marjorie H ....... Banner, M. H ...... Bannon, Claire M.. . Bannon, G. W ..... Bantz, E. C. .... . Bantz, L., Jr .... . Baraban, J .... Baranki, E. V... . . Barber, E. J ......,. Barber, K. C. ..... . Barbolak, Stephanie . Barbour, W. H ...... Barbre, Sibyl L. ........ . Barclay, Winifred M.. . . . Bard, R. B ............ . Barden, R, M. .... . Bardolph, R ..... . Barker, Genevieve C. Barker, Barker, Helen R .... T. H., Jr... Barkett, S. J .... .... Barlow, R. P ..... Barlow, R. R ..... Barnard, D. L. ..... . Barnard, Matie Barnard, R. F. .... . Barncard, Beatrice I. Barnes, Barnett, C. M ..... R.F .... 274, 280, 282 357 .56, 274, 290, .........240, ..........56, 381, 405, 447, Barnett, Barnett, Ba rney, E. R. ..... . R. W ....... Barbara A ..... Barnhart, Mary B... Barnhart, N. H ..... Barnhart, P. C ..... Barr, L. C. ..... . Barrett, G. B.. . . . Barrett, H. T ..... Barrie, Betty B.. . . . Barron, Erlene E.. . . . Barrow, R. D ....... Barrows, S. J ..... Barry, D. S.. .. Barry, Jennis .... . Barry, W. T. ...... . Bartelsmeyer, E. C.. Bartenstein, H .... Bartholow, Hortense Bartle, Minta J ..... Bartle, Wilma I ....... Bartling, Barbara A. Barto, Harriet T .... Bartoli, A. H .... . . . Barton, D. W. ..... 158, 267, 320, ...56, 463 ......56 ...56, 473 ....3l1 336 Barton, E. E .... . ......... . ........ . Barton, Marjorie E. . Bartow, W. T ........ Barelmll .... . Bailaetball .... . Baskin, Shirley F .... Bass, H. H ....... Bass, Jane L. .... . Bass, Margaret I.. . . Bass, W.W ..... ....168 322 517 355 .56 241 477 538 158 166 310 379 379 555 '35 506 538 164 487, 487, 502 162 419 .57 457 169 543 155 532 504 529 547 355 485 542 537 382 425 547 414 524 543 487 353 422 523 355 523 517 163 496 189 525 353 538 333 334 356 528 352 357 523 543 440 538 507 510 502 467 450 533 411 507 409 509 449 504 424 407 479 523 381 444 425 428 465 484 523 524 466 444 274 543 467 306 490 523 523 488 490 467 530 502 494 541 214 196 513 455 490 506 538 Bast, Mrs. Eleanor S Batchelor, Ann C... Batchelor, Barbara B. ...... 49, 57, 254 V. .. Batchelor, Bateman, A. W .... Bateman, H. P ..... Battle, F. L ...... Bauer, E. E .... Bauer, F. C. ...... . Baugher, H. N.. . .. Baughman, R. C... Baum, Geraldine M .... Bauman, Lois K.. . . . Bauman, P. A ,,.. ..... Baumgartner, O. L.. Baumhofer, Joyce L. Bayley, W. S ..... Baysinger, V ....... Bazelon, Judith . . . Beach, F. H ...... Beagle, C. M ..... Beahm, A. R ..... Beal, Enid M .... Beal, P. W ........ Beall, Caroline R.. . Beam, G. R ........ Bear, Genevieve E. . . . Beard, H ..... . .. . Beard, J. H ........ Beard, J. H., Jr.... Beardsley, H. L ..... Beasley, Hazel M.. . Beattie, F, M ....... Beattie, Harriet D.. Beattie, T. E ...... Beaumont, H. Beaumont, J. D .... Beaumont, R. A ..... Beaver, Maxine L.... Beck, C. F. ....... . Beck, J. C. ..... . Beckel, A. C ........ Beckemeyer, H. J.. Beckenstein, Ruth C.. . . Becker, Bettie G ..... Becker, H. J. ...... . Becker, L. A ..... Becker Becker Beckm , RYA.. . . .. le, XV. R .... ann, R. B .... Beckmeyer, G. R... Bed ford, Melba F .... Beebe, Anne B.. . . . Beebe, R. A ...... Beecher, J., Jr .... Beede, Avis E.. . .. Behling, B. N .... Behr, L. C. ....... . Behrends, Betty J. . . . Behrens, J. H., Jr.. . . Behrens, W. R .... . . Belden, T. G ..... Bell, Elinor E.. . . . Bell, H. W ...... .. Bell, Virginia L.. .. Belohlavek, F .... Belting, Natalia M.. Benard, J. H. ..... . Benard, R. H ,.... . Benbow, R. G ..... Benedict, B. W .... . Benesch, F. J. ..... . Benford, M. C .... . . Benham, Benner, Bennett, C. L ..... Bennett, C. W.. . . Violet M. . T.E ....... Bennett, R. E ....... Bennett, Bennett, V. W ...... Benninger, H. H .... Bensen, Ruth V .... Benson, B. A ....... Benson, F. L. .... .jfiiafif Frances M.. . .. 375 ........57 ....354, ....171 ....379 ....461 ...57 ....309 274, 355, 357 .. ............ 57 .......57 .307, ....422 .57 296 262 483 382 172 526 427 532 352 .57 310, 310 511 355 274 424 .57 .57 ....51, 57 . . . .189, 428 .355, .....5S, 309, 310, 466 .57 461 453 379 357 345 409 .58 171 374 530, , ..,58, ....184, 188, 597 195, .58, , 164 483 278 542 457 536 532 547 535 429 505 502 498 57 383 430 492 503 418 465 476 460 538 415 537 525 523 537 518 465 534 412 435 164 533 507 538 447 232 167 523 540 538 408 352 57 308 379 467 531 524 528 412 511 465 507 467 353 57 441 408 509 379 57 447 488 543 538 450 481 407 427 430 382 433 468 523 32 352 430 418 162 381 524 498 58 526 UALITY through the years- WHEN JOHN DEERE built his first steel plow over one hundred years ago, he chose the best materials available, and put all of his skill into shaping a plow bottom from a mill-saw blade. When complimented on the completed job, he said: "I'll never turn out a job that hasn't in it the best that is in mef' Adhering to that principle down through the years, the john Deere organization has grown from a humble blacksmith shop to twelve great factories and a sales and service organization reaching into every farming sec- tion of the world. Today, john Deere Farm Equipment has outstanding prestige due to continued growth of this long-established belief among farmers --that the john Deere way of building equip- ment insures much more than a dollar's worth of performance for every dollar of the pur- chase price. ohn Deere Moline, Illinois Page 555 Benson, H. G ...... ..... 1 54, 189, Benson, Harriett G. ............ . Benson, Norma J. ......,...... . Benson, W. L ...... 154, 306, 376, Bentley, E. L .......... 156, 376, Benz, A, R ..... .......... 3 24, Benziger, R. J ....... ........ Berbaum, E. R ......... ........ Berberick, Roselle C. ............ . Bercher, Helen C. ..... 155, 279, Berdahl, C. A. ..... . Berens, J. A.. . .. Berg, G. W .... . Berg, H. S .... ,..... Berger, F. Juanita ,... Berger, Gloria J .... . Berger, Berger, Madelyn H. W ......... L .... Berger, O. R. .... . Berger, R. W ..... Berger, T. E .......... Bergman, Carolyn D.. . . . Bergman, H. D ....... Bergman, Shirley Bergmann, H. W. .......... . Bergschneider, Emma M Bergstrom, Ruth M... . . . Berkson, Lucille . Berlau, Shirley . . . Berliant, Rita . . . N ..... 382 382 378 326 419 308 .. . .58, 312 168, 312 .5S, 355 51, Berliner, R. S .... ..... Berlinger, N. H.. . . . ....... . . . . . . Berman, A. H .... .................... Berman, B. I. ....... 51, 322, 422, 502, Berman, D. Lorraine .................. Bernard, D. E .... .... .............. Bernard, L, C ..... .156 Bernau, Bernbaum, E .... . Berner, J. R .... . Bernet, H. S .... Berngard, A .... Bernhard, J. R. ..... . Bernhardt, C. A.. . . . Bernhardt, Berns, R. G. W .... E ...... . . . Bernsen, J ..... .,.... Bernsohn, Helene S ..... Bernstein, Carol D.... Bernstein, Esta . .. .. Bernstein, Marion . . Berovitz, M. S ..... Berr, Adelaide . . . Berr, Margaret H ..... Berry, C. M .... . . . Berry, E. F ...... Berry, E. W ..... Berry, Iva M .... Berry, J. L ...... Berry, R. L ........ Bersbach, W. M.. . . . 157, 311, 405, C. L .... ................... .....184,188, .....355, 356, Bertram, W. N.... ...... 58, 165 Berutti, C. J ..... ................ Best, Rosemary ..... .. 155, 266, 278, Beta Beta Alpha Pri ,..... Gamma Sigma .... Bela Phi Alpha ........ Beta Beta Bela Bethany Circle . . Sigma Omirron .... Sigma Pri ....... Theta Pi ....... Betts, G. J ...... Bextield, F. W .... . Benyon, J. T. ....... . Bianchetta, Irene M.. .. Bickel, F. A .,.. Bickers, J. F ........ Bickers, Kathryn E... . 58, 311, Brelek, M. J. ........................ . Bierman, Venita . . .... . . . . .155, 274, Big Ten Conference Meelr. ........,.. . Bigler, Ruth E .... .... Bilger, R. P ......... ..... Bilhorn, E. Bill, H. G .......... Billeter, Gynath Page 556 437 437 382 333 541 295 477 492 .58 428 356 336 357 512 58 384 503 .58 437 163 216 192 480 . 58 406 168 439 544 279 319 555 555 426 155 555 Q53 155 553 543 506 507 543 457 334 547 163 482 528 164 505 58 448 523 495 455 476 526 528 535 495 411 495 352 507 515 530 476 512 451 524 423 530 474 308 535 463 429 221 466 448 380 505 428 342 454 493 495 493 512 454 538 480 512 529 547 513 460 58 538 538 58 288 474 544 165 481 482 417 418 514 439 541 450 510 538 416 489 467 516 207 274 463 432 429 506 GENERAL INDEX Billick, R. J ...... .. Billings, A. F .... . Billings, E. R.. . . . Bills, R. D ....... .. Bills, W. F. ...... . Bilsborrow, Althea J ..... Bilsborrow, J. D.. . . Bilyeu, H. E ..... .. Bimba, Frances B.. .. Bimba, Helen M.. . . Binfield, R. A. .... .. Bingham, Evelyn L.. Bingham, J. R. .... . Bingham, Ruth M.. . .. Bird, Ruth M ....... Birkeland, P. M ..... Bischof, C. W... .. Bisesi, J. L. ....... . Bishop, R. P. ..... . Bittermann, Helen L. Bittermann, N. G ..... Bittinger, Elsie M.. . . Bjelland, Eleanor J.. Bjorndal, Edythe S.. Black, C. S. ....... , Black, P. L ..... .. Black, R. S. .... . Black, Black, W. B. ...... . W. E. ...... . Blackard, Eleanor D. Blackburn, W. Blacker, J. R ...... Blackstock, J .... Blackwell, D. H .... Blair, B. S ........ Blair, E. D ...... Blair, H. L. .... . Blair, J. C. ...... . Blair, J. H., Jr .... . Blair, Marcella Blair, R. I.. ....... . Blaisdell, Mildred . . . Blake, Mary M ..... Blakeslee, Margaret . Blanche, E. E.. . . . . Blanding, F. H ..... Blank, R.E ....... Blanke, B. C. .... . Blanke, R. J .... .... Blankenhorn, C. F... Blasig, P. A ....... . Blatt, Bernice . . . Blatt, Blatti, M. W. H.... Bleick, E. W ...... Blewett, Nancy J.. .. Blim, W. C .... .. Blitzsten, 1. M ..... Blixen, W. C. .... . Block, Arselia M .... Block, F. L. .... . Block, J. J .... Block, M. L ..... Block, R ..... .... Blodgett, P. R .... .. Blomberg, Blomquist, C. A. ...... .. Blomquist, Vivian E. Blood, M. Elizabeth .... Blood, W. W .... . .. Bloom, Dorys A .... Bloom, E. E ....... Bloom, I ..... . . Bloom, Margaret . . . Bloom, Muriel V.. . . Blue, C. L ........ Blue Fealbevr .... . Blue, Lois I ..... . .. Bluestone, Gwendolyn . . Blum, Beverly J. ...... . Blum, C. R. ........ . Blum, F. T. ....... . Blum, J. H ........... Blumenschein, R. W .... Blunck, R. C ......... Board of Trurteer ..... 59, .....170 ....s9, .. .169, 507, 536, ... . 545, ...168,. 5118? 31,u1.63.,.171,. ff .2124 Harriett A ....... 51, 59, 288 .....305 ....283, 310 .....385, 184, 228, ........450, 1 f -CONTINUED 450 538 189 354 .59 310 405 473 293 379 312 516 325 490 .59 .59 435 310. 412 313 310 310 .59 259 307 .59 306 538 512 185 535 332 374 478, 267 530 487 488, .59 457 457 538 545 432 379 487 171 379 518 518 414 514 408 489 295 426 380 445 406 334 526 502 537 274 511 379 454 538 353 172 310 466 168 383 167 547 162 435 546 384 169 163 355 474 474 433 528 356 422 531 423 189 512 467 547 414 509 443 436 541 527 436 447 462 462 443 479 380 59 523 440 476 168 533 479 542 440 285 542 493 485 414 441 449 355 538 27 Bober, L. M ...... Bobisuthi, R. B. .... . Bock, A. Betty .... .. Bock, Shirley E. .,.. . Boddiger, G. C ..... Bodecker, G. W .... Bodine, M. E ...... Bodmer, E. E ..... Bodnar, L. M ..... Bodwin, R. E.. . .. Boe, Helen E .... Boehm, W. F.. . . Boeke, E. G... . . Boeker, J. R.. . . . Boelio, L. N .... Boers, R. P.... Bogart, E. L.. . . . Boggess, H. E ..... Boggs, J. D .... Boggs, Jill S... . . Bogh, Lois M ...... Bohnaker, W. C .... Boland, C. H ..... Boley, C. C. ...... . Bolin, M. Louise ..... Bolin, O ..... . . . Bolt, J. A .... . Bolten, Jill . . Bond, C. Bond, H. L ..... Bond, J .... Bond, J. B .... Bond, R. W.. .. Bone, R. G .... .... Bonhard, J. H.. . . Bonnell, E .... . . . Bonnell, W. S ..... . . . Bonner, Geraldine E .... Bonnett, D. N ...... Bonucci, L ..... . Boomer, Lois V ..... Bonnett, O. T ..... Booth, B. H.. . . Booth, G. M ..... Booth, R. W... . Booze, M. H. ..... .. Borchardt, J. A.. . . . Borcherdt, G. T. ..... . Borden, Freda S ...... . . . Borders, L. E. ....... 60 Boren, H. E. ...... . Borgen, Evelyn I .... Borger, H. D. .... . Borinstein, R. A .... Borman, E. R .... Borneman, H. A. .... . Bortolotti, Wilma L .... Bosley, J ...... .... Bossert, I. D .......... Bost, Jeanne E ..... .... Boswell, J ..... .60, 167 Bothwell, H. J ........ Bottrell, O. W .... Boudreau, L ..... . Boudreau, W. C .... Bourgeois, W. T .... Bourgin, D. G .... Bourne, Bourne, I. M. .... . Mabel E .... Bouten, V ..... . . Bovee, D. E.. .. Bowen, C. E... .. . Bowen, E. A. ...... . Bowen, Virginia E. . . . . Bowers, R. G ...... Bowers, Bowman, Adele A.. . .. W. E. .... . Bowman, D. C ...... Bowman, J. A.. . . Bowton, K. L. .... . Boyce, Betty M ..... Boyd, G. W.. .. Boyd, J. B .... .. Boyd, Ruth E ..... Boyer, Pearl C ..... Boynton, E. T.. .. . .49, 50, 51, 59 "ffIffS9, 441, H...378, '.'.'.'165, . . . .306, 424 .....231, . . . .463, 502 '1'6's.,. .60, 206, 209 365, 372, 374 ...'.'65' .....217 .........169 169, 240, ....48, 60 .....380, .....310, ....61, . ..... 61, . . . .154, 237, 334 1 515 sas 551 509 527 .59 565 422 408 418 .60 503 .60 334 168 164 .60 311 450 532 .60 375 378 304 306 310 382 .60 184 167 502 182 435 .60 .51, 421, .60 333 1521, 447, , 1 , 1 1 , 1 1 410 504 483 512 544 326 59 505 467 425 523 468 465 541 465 533 165 502 416 490 498 273 228 451 511 171 172 310 452 451 60 533 421 532 534 467 528 523 444 379 60 171 533 444 437 533 535 412 527 377 382 168 538 422 462 444 449 481 462 525 513 439 60 502 443 451 167 410 525 513 232 503 418 538 517 450 445 507 547 425 61 489 412 224 508 475 535 n. MEDICAL AND DENTAL Duncan EPIJSP St1.1d1OS BOOKS Ph r Ofogfaphe S The LARGEST And MOST COMPLETE Co-ed Theatre Stock ot all books ot all , Publishers Champalgn CHICAGO MEDICAL BOOK CO. A complete photographic institution at D ,,,ow,, 5,,fe5,oo,,,, the service of the Illini. Our commercial Medical 5' Dental Arts Bldg- department fully equipped to take care 185 N, Wqbqsh Ave, of group, banquet, and flash pictures. W Sd M I Sf i All negatives permanently tiled. Prompt Congress and Honore Sts. Ufte1'1li0 9' en mail Orders- Locx NOR cooK COUNTY Hosp Permanent BLUE PRINTS Blue Printing, Black Printing, Blue Line and Color Printing Blue Print Paper Drawing Materials Special Service Always--Speed and Results Big Floor Space and Equipment for Rush Orders Photo Prints CROFOOT, NIELSEN 8x CO. ENGINEERING BLDG. Branch Office 205 Wacker Drive 307 N. Michigan Ave. Tel. Randolph 3341 State 7046 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS P 557 451 -62 224 Boynton, R. L.. . . . Boys, E. June .... Boysen, A. P. ..... . Braasch, Lillian K.. . . . .447, Bracken, Marjorie N. .... Brackman, Uleta M.. . . . Brada, R, L .... .... Bradbury, C. E ..... Braden, J. D .... . Bradley, C. M.. . .. Bradley, Bradley, P. C.. .L . Bradley, Bradsher, C. K.. . . . Brady, Bernice E.. . . J. Brady, W. J .... .... Braeutigam, G. F ..... Bragg, C. E. ....... . Brahana, H. R .... .... Bramel, Lorrain Brana, Maria M ..... Branch, J. E ........ Brandly, Mrs. May. Brandt, R. F ....... Branigan, D. A.. . . . Brannon, Mildred J ..... Branstater, Barbara . Branyan, Mary F .... Brauer, H. M .... . Brauer, K. H.. . . . Braun, H. J. ...... . Braunsdorf, O. E... Brawn, R ...... . . Bray, W. T .......... Brazis, J. C. ...... . .. .. .61, 311 .....385 1 , 502 '21, 512 427 1 1 1 ....61 .....355 .....296, .....167 Breckinridge, Clair E. .... .. Breeze, Ruth L ...... Donna L .... Brehm, Bremser, L. Brennan, J. T ..,. . Brown, Brenner, M. JU.. Brenner, R ..... . Brenner, Ruth . . . Bretherick, A. P... . Brett, W. H. ...... . Breuer, Eleanor M.. Brewer, C ..... . . . Brewer, J. A ....... Brewer, M. C ...... .154, Brewer, Rose E. .... . Brewer, Violet V ..... . Breyrnann, M. B.... Breymann, W. N ..... Brezinski, J. E ..... . Bricker, Mildred L.. Bridge, R. T. ...... .. Bridgewater, F. A... Brieschke, W. G .... Briggs, Beverlie C... Briggs, C. W.. . . . Briggs, L. F. ...... . Bright, Dorothy E ..... Bright, Kathryn E ..... Bright, R. R. ..... . Brighton, G. D .... Brimm, E. O ..... Brine, Jane R. .... . Briner, Mariana C.. Brink, L. L ........ Brinker, S. W ....... Brinkman, Helen E.. Brinkman, R. V.. .. Brinton ,E. S. ..... . Browne Burns, Briscoe, Betty J.. . . . Briscoe, J. W.. . . . Bristol, R. W ..... Bristow, G. L ..... Bristow, L .... Brite, J. W.. . . . Britt, H. M.... Britton, D. E ..... Britton, J. M.. . . . Britton, J. W... . . Britton, K. G ....... Britton, Vera D ..... 61, Page 558 . ...'61, .184, 188, 194, ..51, 61, 326 .........312, 164, 240, 241 279, 286 ....61 ...168 , .... 268, 240, 334, 354, 1 1 528 293 170 357 297 157 189 199 288 310 385 476 306 313 199 516 516 .61 516 262 488 430 436 379 .61 517 325 376 52,1 426 353 475 1 , 1 , 1 1 1 , 1 1 525 513 547 523 486 61 445 432 533 439 447 416 408 408 529 538 541 524 167 538 295 535 355 444 536 537 477 494 379 445 231 505 355 354 424 513 310 478 531 442 436 533 476 226 535 61 416 440 420 523 523 538 530 533 523 379 502 432 263 542 382 525 485 479 547 538 408 534 482 535 435 513 61 467 523 504 379 412 167 534 538 444 435 444 353 537 GENERAL INDEX-CONTINUED Britton, W. E .... ..... Broadway, W. B ...... Broberg, Shirley V .... Brocaw, Barbara A .... Brockob, F. J. ...... . Brockob, W. L.. . .. Broderick, E. L ....... Broderick, Irma M .... . Brodie, J. J .... ...... Brodsky, H ,.... . . Brodsky, Raveli R .... Brodsky, W. J. .... . Brody, I ...... . . Broeg, Dorothy M.. .. Broghamer, E. D.. . . Bronze Table! . . . Brook, R. M .... Brooks, K. W .... Brooks, L. O .... . Brooks, M .... Brooks, N. C ....... Brooks, R. M ......... Broom, C. Harriett ..... Broom, R. A. ..... . Broom, W. E .... . Brophy, Brother, Brother D. G .... G. H.... Rat... Brouk, R. H. .... . Brounstein, M. . . Browder, W. B. .... . . . Browdy, A ..... ..... Brown, A. S .... .51, 62 Brown, A. T .... Brown, C. D ....... Brown, C. R. ........ . Brown, Constance L.. . . Brown, D. H. ...... . Brown, Dorothy L.. . . . Brown, Dorothy M .... Brown, E. E. ...... . Brown, E. L. ...... . Brown, Florence M .... Brown, F. R. ...... . Brown, H. A.. . . . Brown, H. J ...... Brown, Harriet J .... Brown, Irene W .... Brown, J. D... .. Brown, 1.11 ..,. J.G ..... Brown, J. S. .,..... . Brown, Jack W ..... Brown, Jane E ..... Brown, Joseph W .... Brown, L. D ........ Brown, L. G .......... Brown, Margaret R.. . . Brown, Mary M ........ Brown, P. H ........ . .. Brown, Brown, P. T. ...... 184 P. W ..... Brown, R. C ..... Brown, R. H ..... Brown, R. R ..... Brown, Rex L .... .. Brown, Robert L ..... Brown, S. F. .... . Brown, T. W ..... Brown, W. S.. . . . Brown, W. W .... Browne, R .... Browne, R. B ..... ,R.S ..... Browne, W. H... . Brownstein, S. . . Brubaker, D. L.. . .. Bruce, Harriett E... . . Bruce, W. H. ..... . Bruell, E. G ...... Bruer, H. E. .... . Brumbach, R. L.... Brumbaugh, S. L,. . .. Brumfield, Lorna E ..... Brurnmett, C. R ..... 165, 269, 302, 310, 355, ..H62,5H ....170, .........162 313, 362, 364 380 .....62 . . . .363, 372 ....363 ....405 ......62 . . . . .165, 406, 206, 209, 210, ....167 . .. .306, 458 405, 528 185 .62 172 .62 379 .62 432 538 340 374 433 .62 239 .62 375 431 240 375 420 307 506 544 446 430 240 .42 466 X11 .62 .62 264 , 1 , 1 , , 1 1 444 61 475 498 406 406 438 510 538 228 512 454 462 538 433 162 165 428 427 536 435 379 482 443 443 545 408 342 531 544 418 436 378 524 435 467 538 490 420 62 507 189 418 62 376 536 530 481 62 547 379 502 454 505 488 524 436 413 523 523 545 540 381 407 457 447 532 525 168 467 429 432 465 444 505 467 62 540 527 524 503 525 457 428 506 457 Brunacci, G. F ....... Bruninga, A. M ..... Bruninga, E. B ..... Bruno, R. E ..... .. Brunton, R. W. ...,. , Brussell, Annette F.. . . . Bryan, Dorothy C .... Bryan, J. W. ...... . Bryant, A. W .... Bryant, R. B.. . . . Brzycki, H. W ....... Buchanan, R. M .... . Bucher, Helen .... Buchholz, Ruth E .... Buchman, F. M. .... . Buck, Gertrude C .... . Buckle, R ..... .... Buckler, M. Elizabeth .... Buckles, J. Ruth ..... Buckley, D. J ..... . Buechel, J. C ..... Buehrig, M. W ..... Bugbee, Martha H .... Buhai, J. P. ....... . Buhner, G. E .......... Buhrmann, Esther A ..... Bull, Muriel M ........ ....63 1 fag. 184 .....407, 530, ..49, 63, 267, 292, 164, 290, 293. ....159, ....240, Bull, S ..... .......... ...... Bullington, A. Rosina .... Bullington, J. T. ..... . Bullock, D. M. ..... . Bumann, Bobby J .... Bunch, Mayme J... . . Bunch, R. M ...... Bunte, H .... . . Bunting, T.. . . . Burch, E. L. .... . Burch, W. N ....... Burckhalter, J. H.... Burek, F. J. ...... . Burgdorf, R. A ..... ..... Burgess, W. O. ..... . Burgett, Mary A. ...... . Burgher, A. J ..,. .. Burgman, A. H .... Burgy, Burha J. H ..... ns, M. E ...... Burke, Barbara A .,.. . Burke, Jean L. .... . Burke, Burke , R. J ...... Burke, Mary E ..... T. B ........ Burkey, O. L. ...... . Burkhardt, Dorothy . . Burkhart, B, W.. .... . . 307, .63, 241, 241, .. . .63, 151, 306, 169, 283, Burkland, R. L. ........ . Burlingham, Evelyn D ..... .... 473, 17L 409, 307, Burlrson, Margaret .... .............. Burlison, Ruth H... , ......... 63, 479, Burlison, W. L. ..... . 163, 171, Burmester, B. R.. .. ....... ... . . Burnett, Anne E.. . . . Burnett, Camille . . Burney, D. E.. . . . Burnham, J. J ...... Burnham, R. C.. .. Burns , Anne Burns, B ..... Burns, Burns Burns ,J.R ......... Burns, Jeannette Burns, B. M.... ,F.J. ..... .. Lorraine ....63, M ..... M ..... L. O ....... .. Burns, R. B ........ Burns, R. E ........ Burnstein, R. . . . . . 406, 165, 538, Burridge, Martha E ........... ........ Burris, Bette Z ..... .............. Burris, M. F ....... .64, 167, 184, 188, Burroughs, E. W .... ................. Burrows, M. D.. . . . Burrus, M. G.. . .. Burrus, R. L ..... Burstadt, E. W ..... ....382, 420, ....168, .63 538 345 538 271 384 258 494 .63 295 .63 490 321 381 273 243 381 497 171 .65 526 166 531 206 531 478 163 .63 412 284 307 -63, 5 17 , 310 537 529 171, 355, 539 538, 310, .64, 4sL 19h 448, 41L 273, 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 , 1 502 307 63 545 459 476 63 545 382 538 433 443 163 262 542 430 515 407 514 483 524 383 468 524 462 417 517 512 411 474 406 198 527 532 534 536 532 379 449 408 538 211 540 542 535 447 541 468 488 475 488 534 382 326 528 379 538 475 479 542 546 411 517 497 408 544 544 507 62 446 468 64 506 508 525 384 462 448 334 513 451 171 547 525 411 524 304 .66, Burt, P. C.. .. Burt, W. C .... Burton, T. P. .... . Burwash, R, H .... Busby, E. V ..... .. ....... . . Busch, She rlee... .... ....... Buschman, D. R ...... .48, 64, 166, 256, Busey, Betty A .... . .. Busey, Garreta H ..... Buffy Hall, Bush, C. Bush, R. R J .... ........ ....... Bush, S. R Bushart, R Bushee, C. Bushing, ,, ...., .,.374, 581, .R. .... ,.... . . D .,... . . E ..... .... . .. .... Bushman, Mrs. Betty, .............. .. Bushman, Mary .E ..... .....,.. 64, E. F .... ...... 2 64, 266, 267, Bushman, J. C .... . . ............. . , Bushman, Bushmeyer, Bushnick, Busse P Buswell A S. F. ..,. . Mildred L.. .. P M Butcher, C .... Buslee, Janice E. . . . . M Butler, Butler, G. Butler, P. Butler, T. Butler, W. Butterfield, Butterfield, Butterfield, Berenice L ..... ........... G ..., .. .334, 336, S ........ ........... F. E. .... ....... . . W.L ...... W Buttita, D. M .... Buyers, J. Byers, H. Byersdorf, Byford, H. F ...... M.. . ..... Betty J ..... T. ..... . Byles, Ruth . . . C Cadet Staj' . . . Cady, G. H ..... Cagann, A. R.. . . Cagann, F .... Cagann, L. . . Cahill, B ..... Cahn, K. M ..... .,,, Cahoon, G. J... Cairns, T. Cairron Club . . . Caldwell, Caldwell, Caldwell, Califl, J. J. S... A. H.... D. H.. W ...... Calkins, Meredith . . Callagan, D. A .... Callahan, H Callahan, J.. i i i C ..... ...... Callmer, J. P.. . . Callen, A. .64, 165, .64, 54s, .64, 306, 184, Calnan, Mary J ..... ....... Calvert, R. L. ..... .... . Camealy, E. G ..... .. .334 Camp, M. Camp, W. Campagna, Campbell Campbell, 352, Jane... ...... J .... ...... ,.... P. R. ............. 64 Blanche V .... . ..... . C. M .... .... .... 1 5 4 Clara Cottage . . Campbell, Campbell Campbell, D. T... . Campbell, F. L .... 265 268, 352, 461, 157, Campbell, H. A. ................ . Campbell, J. D. ........ 342, 343 Campbell, Maxine M ............. Campbell, R. A .... ........ .... Campbell, R. E. ............... . Campbell, R. P. ......... 65, 166 Campbell, R, S ..... ..... 1 56 Campbell, Virginia . . .... . . Campur Leadefr . . . Cannon, A. E .... Cantlin, Helen E.... Page 560 165 452 .64 262 457 271 457 528 .64 268 475 408 225 352 313 .51 379 502 459 434 384 310 237 216 172 482 554 310 445 .64 431 .64 .65 354 511 438 524 429 .65 352 355 v 2 s , f , , 4 1 274 530 465 525 425 513 304 533 486 474 512 411 526 450 457 431 207 64 530 451 526 432 515 542 460 531 525 515 429 240 354 538 524 64 458 64 447 504 513 466 51 362 429 273 273 273 526 544 527 408 381 505 172 445 416 355 468 443 218 458 407 508 167 536 511 467 535 511 543 506 506 444 538 502 435 523 540 538 529 543 474 250 354 511 GENERAL INDEX--CONTINUED Cantanzarite, S. L. .......... ....... . Capizzi, S. J. ..... .. Capling, Mildred . . . Carberry, Lois Carch, Sara .... . . Card, L. E ....... Cardiff, E, W ..... 66, .66 378 307 s Carl, H. W ...... .... 5 0, 65, 345 Carlen, R. N .... . .............. . Carlson, E. E .... .. ........ .. Carlson, E. H. ....... . Carlson, Margaret , . . Carlson, R. A ..... Carlson, R. D.... Carlson, R. O .... Carlson, W. H .... Carlson, W. L ..,. Carlson, W. M ..... Carlsten, C. A.. .. Carman, A. P .... Carman, Carmen, W. . . Carmichael, E. V .... 65 Carmichael, Ja"ct . . . D. Carmichael, R. D ..... Carmichael, W. J ..... Carnahan, D. H.. .. Carncross, R. I .... Carnes, J. G. .... .. Carnes, Lillian J .... Carney, J- J., Jr,... Carney, J. XV .... . 65, .....,...... 312, 374, 381, ......35, 163, Carper, R. J.. . ,. Carr,-A-J ..... .. . ...,, Carr, Mary K ..... ............ Carr, M. K .... .. .... 51, 65, 172 Carr, R. K. ..,... ,,,,168 Carragher, G. , Carrell, Carolyn M.. .. Carrell, D. N, .... . Carrillo, O. C ..., Carrington, H. . . Carris, J. V.. . ,. Carroll, J. B. ...,,,, , Carroll, M. R. ....... 51, 65, Carruth, Carseth, R, O ..... Beula . . Carson, B. F .... Carson, Carson, J. D .... Carson, J. R ..... Carstens, B. A .... Carter, H. E., . . Carter, K. L .... Carter, R, H .... .. Cartter, J. L. ...... . Cartwright, D. N.. . . . Casadesus, R .... . Casberg, D. H .... . Case, Geraldine . . . Case, H. C ........ Case, W. R ....... Casey, F. J., Jr.. . . . . Casey, Kathleen V.. .. Casey .R.J. ..... . .......374 374 P.W .... .... ....... 313, 313, 383, 262, 384, 380, 379, 408, Casey, W. R ..... Cash, Ethel L .... Cash, J. G. .,..,.............. . Casner, A. J ......,,,.,,,, ,,,,,, Cassell, W. W.. .48, 65, 166, 259 364, 372 Cassella, W. N .... Cassidy, E .,,. , Cassin, R. J .... . Castelo, R. E. ............ 65 Castle, E. Catherine ........ Castrale. J- .... .... Cathcart, F. M. ............ . Catlett, G. R....48, 66, 163, 252, 364, 369. 374, 381, Cattanr, M. A ........... 270, Caudle, C. J. ...... ,... . . Caughron, F., Jr.. . . Cavallo, E. S. .... .... 6 6, Cavalry .... . . . . . . . . 164 165 405 378 207 184 307, 293. 163 374 184 230 182 418 382 289 216 4 1 , , 163 405 310 .63 230 440 166 .65 .65 426 167 269 422 356 523 371 526 336 .65 426 416 385 307 352 433 166 538 166 508 171 418 .65 357 199 171 305 377 310 191 320 188 543 451 345 220 a 456 524 507 512 493 171 445 423 440 468 384 169 441 463 233 524 313 168 526 172 442 442 525 484 431 352 449 412 164 512 433 438 206 432 547 374 536 530 428 510 525 538 468 467 524 538 167 431 355 420 435 435 453 441 524 545 411 65 339 406 523 546 540 451 513 424 420 523 430 449 362 418 412 439 547 435 488 538 379 189 544 547 416 538 423 366 Cavalry Ojiferr Club. . Caveglia, J. H. ...... . Cavins, E. W ......... Cedarquist, W. B .............. . . . Cederquist, Mrs. Cathe rine Cederquist, S. G ......... Cederwall, Marion D.. Ceigler, H, E ......... Cervantes, J. R ..... Cesaletti, R ..... Chaikin, M ..... . . Chalem, Florence . . . Chalstrom, Phyllis L .... Chamberlin, H ..... . Chamberlin, W. H .... Chambers, Jane . . . Chambers, W. F .... Chambliss, G ,.... . . Chandler, Imogene . . . Chandler, L. Flizlbeth. .. Chandler, M ..... .... Chandler, Virginia R.. Chanler, Josephine H.. Chanowitz, H ..... . . . Chansky, G. H. .... .. Chapefk. R. C., Jr. ..... . J. ...... .....66, 512, 162 380 527 379 290 ....50, 66 ....66, Chapin, Dorothy E ...... 155, 156, 164, 331, 332, 334, 335. 517, 523, Chapin, J. H .......... ..........,.. Chapin, Mildred R .... ,,,, Chapman, B ..... . . ..... . . Chapman, I. T ......... Chapman, Margaret L. . . . . Chapman, Mary S.. . . Chapman, T. L ..... .....66, .....334, .66 311 184 345 302 341 527 306 172 489 357 405 382 444 1 1 4 , a 1 r 455, 333 310 .66, Chapman, W. N .... ..... 6 6, 376, Charles, T. E ..... ........... Charnes, A .... ............ Chase, R. A. .... .... 2 74, Chase, R. S .... .,.... Chasten, S. M.. .. Chauvet, F .... Chavez, C. E ..... ........ Chayes, B. M. .... .,....,.. . Checkley, D. M ..... ..51, 170, Cheefleaderir ..... . . . ....... . . . . . Chellberg, Hazel E .... . .... . Chenoweth, R. P. ..... . Chenoweth, Ruth E.. .. Cherry, B. S .......... Cherry, R. S ........ . . . Cherry, Ruth V. ...... ........ . Cherskove, D. A. ...... . ............ . . . Chessman, W. E., Jr ..... 374, 378, Chester, R ..... ..... Chew, C. F ...... Chiary, A. A.. . .. Chiasson, M. G ..... Chi Bela .... . . Chi Eprilon . . . Childers, Ann K .... Childress, H, I... . ,. Childs, Helen J., . . . Chi Omega Chi Phi . . Chi Pri . . . Chittenden, A. P.. . . Chorvat, J. J ..... Chowen, R. H .... Christensen, A. . . Christensen, D .... Christensen, J. M ..... Christensen, P. W .... . Christian, A ..... . Christian, F. J. ...... . Christiansen, D. W .... Christmann, E. W,. .. Christophersen, R .... Christy, R. H .... Chu, H .... . . . Chumley, J. T.. . . Ciccone, W. A ..... Cichowski, V. J .... Cihak, E. F ....... Cipriano, L. Z ..... 381, 66, 66, 216, ...352, .....66, 313, ....67, 466 374, .67, 383, 382 352 467 163 481 441 528 462 422 524 448 493 483 525 421 488 468 379 494 355 421 494 167 231 379 449 318 342 537 155 163 455 461 538 537 425 427 443 167 535 541 468 468 524 528 426 185 492 461 489 407 525 512 453 429 415 381 382 413 419 535 295 168 506 483 420 421 416 538 426 526 219 538 409 465 415 216 273 536 66 422 384 66 527 546 526 A TRADITION BUSEY'5 STATE BANK W URBSNA E B Celebrating E 71 R years of Banking r O G Qi Service to the University, its faculty and QQ Years Qn Campus Students Start Right . . . Start Light With a light financial burden, of course. You can do it, and have the outfit you've always planned, if you'll come to Rubin- stein. For here you'll find a floor-full of smart, modern equipment at prices that ease the burden of those first, 'difficult' years. Come in soon. Rubinstein Dental Equipment Co. Headquarters for Rebuilt Equipment 141 Fifth Avenue At 21st Street New York City P 561 Cisco, r . G. Clack, G. L.. . . . Clancy, E. S ..... Clendenin Clancy, M .... -'-- 3 74. Clapp, L. B .... --.---- Clark, A. H.. . . Clark, C. E .... -...- Clark, D ..... . ........ . Clark, D. A. ...... .... 4 40, Clark, Dorothy L.. . . . . . . . . . Clark, Ellen A.. . . . Clark, Ellen E ..... Clark, F. M.. . .. Clark, G. A ..... .... Clark, G. H. ........ . Clark, George Lewis ...... ..... Clark, George Lindenberg. . . . . . . .. . Clark, Gwen A .... ...... .... 4 9 6, Clark, H. Jean .... ....... Clark, H. R ...,. ..... Clark, J. C ..... Clark, J. G.... Clark, J. S ..,.. Clark, J. W. ..... . Clark, Joyce C ..... Clark, L. C. ..... . Clark, Loisjean . . Clark, Mary A .... Clark, Mary E.... Clark, R. L ....... Clark, R. N. ......... . Clark, Virginia V.. Clarke, Ruth Clan of 1939, Tbe. Clair of 1940, The Clan of 1941, Tbe. Clair of 1942, The. Clausen, L. H .... . Clausonthue, B. D. Claussen, Vera E.. Cleary, J. M.. . . . . Cleave, Rosamond Cleave, S. W .... . Cleavy, M. M.. . . Clement, H. Clements, L ..... Clements, R. H .... . .. .473, Clementz, P. J.. .67, 318, 362,4 1 i i H Clemons, T. R.. . .. Clendenin, W. H.. . Cleveland, C. W, Clevenger, A. W.. . Clevenger, R.V ..... cirfrofd, J. W ..... . Clifford, W. E.. . .. Clinch, Betty L.. . .. Clinfh, J. J., Jr .... cum, D. L. .... . crime, R. A .... . ciodi, V. L ..... , W. R... Cloke, Lillian E .... Clow, R. J ......... Clowers, W. C ..... Cluck, D. E.. . .. Club Erquire . . . . . . Club Paragon ...... Cluever, Martha E. Coady, Charlene A.. Coale, Suzanne. . .. Coard, E. A.. . .. Coal! Artillery , , Cobb, Fan J ..,, Cobb, T.C. . . Coble, A. B.. .. Cobrin, M. E. .... . Cocagne, A. C ..... Cocagne, P. E. .... . Cochrane, J. J.. . . . Cochrane, W. L .... Cockrell, L. .... . Cockrum, E. E ..... Cody, J. P ..... Coe, J. E ........ Coe, Laura M.. . .. Coe, Wilma E ..... Page 562 374, 355, 556, 67, 184, 374, ....306 ....306 ....163 ....374 ....307 ....67 584, 553, 538 282 355 .67 335 310 408, 523, .67, 172 282 336 .67, .67 498 307 474 406 384 412 382 .67 .67 489 225 310 295 240 352 167 378 382 345 473 5 v , 1 67 504 67 547 422 41 524 465 545 507 497 509 408 332 437 189 418 542 474 530 416 535 466 163 507 312 512 490 528 428 547 523 489 50 156 158 159 505 424 523 27 523 435 169 437 449 538 524 355 528 536 417 43 412 171 182 474 67 526 524 525 538 240 466 538 238 505 492 489 512 162 367 241 412 435 462 384 168 465 465 456 171 423 307 490 512 GENERAL INDEX-CONTINUED , 1 1 1 s 1 Coffing, Genevieve ........................ Coffing, Nina M. .................... . . . . Cogdal, R. B...67, 268, 351, 352, 354 435 Coggeshall, N. D. ....................... . Coggins, M. H ............. ........ .... Coghill, J. R .... .... 5 0 184 Cohen, A. ..... ...... 3 54 Cohen, A. E ...... .... 3 54 Cohen, Anne R .... ....... 6 7 Cohen, Ethel ...... .. .169 307 Cohen, Lilyan Y.... Cohen, Mindell .... .......... Cohen, Pearl B. .... . ...... . . . . Cohen, Pearl J. .... ..... 1 69 495 Cohen, S. ....... ........,. . Cohen, S. B. .... . . . Cohlan, H. L. ..... . . . Cohlmeyer, S. H... . . . . . Cohn, E. ........... ..... 6 8 Cohn, Estelle R ..... ..... .... Colby, A. K ......... .... 6 8 451 Colby, Dorothy ..... .307 Colby, N. C ........ ....... Colclasure, W. H ......................... Coldwell, D. I .................. .......... Cole, C. B... 229, 363, 375, 376, 381 385 Cole, C. S. .............................. . Cole, R. H. ........ ..... 6 8, 163, 165 447 Cole, W. H. ......... ................. . Cole, Wavenelle V. . ................... 68 Coleman, Betty J... .... 169, 307, 486 527 Coleman, Peggy .... ..... .................. Colgan, C. J ................... ........... Collenburger, Mary L ..... ........ Collins, F. W. ..... ... ...... .. 439 Collins, J. F. ...... . ......... 461 Collins, R. C.... ..... 68, 442, 526 Collins, R. F .... .............. Collins, R. L.. . . . . .163 165 Collins, S. A .... ...... 1 63 Collins, W. L ....... ....... 3 75 431 Colombo, H. J. .... ..................... . Colteaux, Jeanette D. .... .... 2 91, 332, 334, 477 Coltman, J. W.. . . .. . . .172 Colwell, M. R .... ...... Combs, G. F ....... .... 1 71 Comin, H. L., Jr ..... ..................... Comings, E. W. .... .................. 4 08 Commerre and Bruin The College of.. Commerce Counril . . Compton, C. C. .... . Compton, J. W .... Conant, J. A. ..... . Conard, J. W... . . Cancer! Band . . Conde, C. B.. .. Conde, H. E ..... Condit, R. M. ..... . Condon, Mary J.. . .. Cone, K. R. ....... . Confer, W. K. ..... . err Adminirtration, .........162, 163 Conferenre Medal Winner ............. Conklin, W. E ...... Conley, F. C.. . . Conn, E. ........ . Connell, Pearl A.. . . Conner, F. D ...... Conner, Helen J.. . . . Conover, Edna F.. . . Conrad, Charlotte L. Conrad, R. E. ...... . Conrey, G. A.. . . . Cnnron, C. E., Jr... . Conroy, J.J ....... Canfentr . . . . ..... Converse, Florence E. Converse, P. D.. . . . Conway, W. .... . Conybea r, Jane H.. . Cook, C. W ...... Cook, F. S ...... Cook, W. R ..... Cooke, H. G ..... Cooley, C.L .... ...68, 184, 216 274 ....50, 68, 334 ....2s4, .68 376 .68 165 221 164 383 517 490 503 352 165 413 306 405, s r y ....68, 450, 523 352 556 167 526 230 448 536 513 416 512 476 493 527 68 354 454 313 455 495 544 474 526 68 435 428 528 538 466 506 542 490 525 509 538 526 538 415 450 443 535 381 357, 529 352 439 381 428 528 30 273 534 547 458 381 352 381 408 418 484 432 418 183 449 450 455 524 530 523 355 542 509 354 428 525 16 489 460 526 515 525 452 162 408 524 Coon, Margaret H .... Coonce, W. V ..... . Cooney, T. G. .... .. Cooper, Helen M .... Cooper, J. A ..... Cooper, J. S., Jr. .... . Cooper, Marian R ..... Cooper, S. M. ..... . Cooper, T. H ..... Cooper, Virginia .... Copeland, Joan. . . Copley, Copper, H. E ..... Copper, R. R... .. M.J ..... Corbell, M. J ..... Corbett, E. J ...... Corcoran, A. J .... Cord, Dorothy C.. . . Cordell, Lucille ..... Cordell, R. J ...... Cordell, V. R.. . . . Cordes, J. E.. . . . . Cordts, Gertrude. . . . Corduan, A. E.. . . Corinna .... .. Corman, R. V. ....... . Cornelius, Beverly J .... 352 . . .69, 172, Cornell, Ann M ..... ............ Corns, J. B. ................... . Corns, Mary J. ..... 262, 283, 306, 474, Corrington, Ruth ................ Cortright, D. N. . . . Corwin, T. L. . . . . Cosby, A. B ...... .. . Cormopolitan Club. . . Coss, F. K.. ....... . Cotsirilos, P. J .... Coultas, R. M .... Coultas, Ruth M .... Coulter, W. R. ....... . Councellor, Geraldine . . ...... . . . Council, H. E ..... .............. Countryman, D. A. ...... 156, 318, Courtney, Eileen A. .............. . Cowan, K. R. .... . Cowan, R. H ....... 405 Cowing, Fannie L. .... . . .69 Cox, A. J. ........ . Cox, Dorothy L. . . . . Cox, E. B. ..... . Cox, J. F ........ Cox, J. Cantwell. . . Cox, J. Corzine ..... Cox, Mary B. .... . Cox, Monata. . . Cox, R. G ...... Coyle, J. P., Jr ..... Coyner, E. C .... . Cozzens, A. B ....... Crabb, Dorothy R ..... Crabtree, Nina B.. . . Craig Craig, , Carolyn .... Cora D .... Craig, H. W.. . . Craig, Jane T ..... Craig, Ruth E... Crain ,D. ...... . Cramer, R. A.. . .. Cramer, R. L .... Cramer Cramer, W. M.. Crandell, J. P.. . Crandell, J. S ..... . .. Crane, Margaret. Craner, F. S ........ ....169, 323 473 405 231 ,T. M ..... .......... 154, 184, 188 335, 437, 531 Crang, Dorothy R ..... ............. Crathorne, A. R ..... .......... Cravens, J. H ..... ..... 1 68, 310 Crawford, C. W .... ......... Crawford, V. L .... Crawford, W. H .... Crawford, W. K .... Creagh, J. W. . . . . Creighton, C ..... ..... Creighton, M. Jane ..... Creighton, Mary A .... 163 353 355 Lok 357 355 189 268, 361 379 527 505 .69 420, 307 405 A95 lor .69 421 463 515 379 355 167 .69 238 .69 192 346 532 306 167 424 Q55 .69 310 .69, 498 379 385 355 524 68 478 385 381 506 510 408 546 171 449 381 502 68 523 68 525 527 355 431 511 69 355 507 546 542 480 535 69 444 422 379 423 428 480 69 514 525 543 506 462 420 492 352 527 526 533 528 69 477 355 463 505 354 460 497 482 513 507 422 69 510 239 444 444 379 428 374 535 494 374 477 440 534 171 528 439 435 526 240 511 511 WCA CVE THE CD? zlawf XLLXCD X9 39 RXNTXNG ?1XN'YlXG9RPOPYX? X BND STIYYXQNERY CQ. Byoowxmcawow, mmwoxs Cremeans, Betty J.. . . Cress, A. M ....... Cress, C. H., Jr... .. Cress, E. E ...... Cress, J. M ...... Marian L .,.. Cress, Crihfield, Emily J.. .. Crihfield, R. E.. . . . Crile, D. R. ..... . . Critton, Mary L .... Critton, R. D .... Crocker, V .......... Crocssmann, J. G.... Crombie, Ruth M ..... Crone, W. D ...... Cronican, F. A ..... .... Croninger, C. P ..... .70, Cronk, H. S. .......... . Cronkhite, Sara M.. . . Crooks, J. V ........ Crosby, W. E .,.. Cross, J. M ...... Cross, T. Crossland, M. ....... . Edith 1 ..... . . Crossland, Marjorie J.. .. R.S ...... Crossman, Crossman, Ruth .... Crouse, M. L ........ Crowley, Cynthia L.. . . Crowley, Estella P.. . . . Crowley, J. W ..... .. Crum, Mary E .... Crumb, J. H ..... Crump, E. A ....... Crump, J. Lee ..... Cruvant, M. L ..... Cruze, G. J ..... . Cucci, A. M ......... Cullerton, Anne ......... Cullinan, Dorothy L ..... Cullison, A. E. ...... . Culver, Jean M.. . .. Culver, L. B.. . . . Cumming, T. S .... Cummings, J. S ...... Cummings, L. O ..... Cummins, J. S. ....... .. Cummins, Roberta R .... . Y . . . .310, . . . . .225, .69, 406, 168, 240, .69, 407, ....70, 356, ...48, 70, 255, 405, 431, 526, 229, 382, 385, .....413, .70, 264 538, 420, .70, 507, 461, 511, . . . .230, 320, . . . .163, Cummiskey, Kathryn ..... Cunningham, Eloise A.. . Cunningham, H. Edward. Cunningham, H. Eugene. Cunningham, J. L ...... . Cunningham, J. W ...... W.C ..... Cunningham, Curatolo, A. V. ...... . Curl, Betty J ..... .... Curnes, H ...... . . . Current, W. E ..... . . Curry, Margaret E.. . . . Curtis, Betty J. ..... . Curtis, C. C. ..... . Curtis, D. T. . . . . Curvin, B. A ..... Cusack, Jean M.. . . Cushing, Joan ....... Cushman, Charlotte . . . Cusick, N. W.. . . . . . Cusimano, W. R.. . .. Cuthbertson, W. H. . . . . Cutler, Dorothy A.. . .. Cutler, Dorothie M ..... . . .26, 27, 43, ....70, ....70, ....70, .......71, ....71, 323, .....167, ..... 296, Cutler, R. L ..... . . ............... .. Cutter, R. L ...... ..... 7 1, 184, 226, Cvikota, W. R. .... ........... 1 89, Cycon, R. R ..... .... ..... D Dackiewicz, E. S.... Dadant, C. C ..... ....... Dadmun, J. W ..,.. .... 7 1, Dadr Day ....... Dahl, D. V ........ Dahlem, Marijane. . . Dahm, P. A... .. Page 564 273, 381 336, .70 355, .70 171, .70, 310 435, 271, 380, 484 474 473 202 379 309 310 310 227 312 .71 237 405 163 y s v 1 274 537 534 532 241 509 487 449 465 487 541 70 530 480 546 265 543 533 440 70 441 70 379 524 506 523 532 496 70 523 523 459 523 438 546 485 462 502 352 518 484 546 507 163 467 424 240 446 483 474 485 538 446 466 52-4 411 413 478 421 545 514 523 427 467 70 71 528 495 443 538 310 477 479 524 435 525 380 424 435 439 267 71 71 164 GENERAL Dahme, R. L ..... ..... Daily Illini .... Dale, R. C .... Dallenbach, E. Anne .... Dallenbach, J. W ..... Dalrymple, D. W.. . .. Dalrymple, W. W.. . . . Dalton, J. M. . Daly, C. E ........... Damisch, Hazel B. . . . . Dammers, W. R .... Damon, S. L ........ Daniel, Liberty R .... Daniels, A. H ..... . Daniels, A. S .... Daniels, C. L ...... Danielsen, A. L. .... . . Danielson, Edna M.. . . Danley, B. R.. . . . . . Danley, P. L. ....... . Danner, Margaret J.. . . Danreiter, L ...... Darke, R. S. ...... .. Darling, W. N., Jr.. .. Darrow, Jean B .... Dasenbrook, Helen E.. . Daugherity, C. W.. . . . Daugherty, Marion L.. Daum, Mary L ........ Davenport Home . . . Davenport, W. R .... David, S Davidson, Davidson K. E. ..... .. Davidson, R. S ..... . .. Davidson, T. P .... Davie, J. D ...... Davies, C. O .... .. Davies, Jane A .... Davis, A. W... . Davis, Alice V ..... Davis, B. V ...... Davis, C. W ....... . . . Davis, M. Charlotte. . . Davis, D. J. ......... . Davis, E. E ......... Davis, Eleanor O .... Davis, G. H ..... Davis, G. J.. . . Davis, J. C .... Davis, J. E ...... Davis, J. M.. . . . Davis, J. P.. . . Davis, J. W ..... Davis, J. W ....... Davis, James W ..... Davis, Marian .... Davis, O. L ..... Davis, T. A ..... Davison, C. . . . .. Dawson, H. S.. . .. Dawson, J. K.. . .. Day, Elizabeth A .... Day, R. J ....... Day, R. S ....... Deam, Dean, Dean, Dean, A. F. .... . Dorothy E .... P. ........ . P. Deane, R ......... Deardorlf, F. B ..... Debating Club .... Debs, Betty J .... De Bord, R. A .... Decker, W. M .... De Cleene, D. J ..... Dedication ..... . . Deegan, J. J ..... Deem, A. G ...... Deemer, P. C., Jr .... De Far, D .......... Defenbaugh, W. E.. .. Deffenbaugh, R. H .... Deflley, Rosalind E .... De Haan, W. A ..... . . .W. ..... INDEX-CONTINUED ........284, ....225, 240, .......159, .....289, .....363, . . .167, .....384, .....382, 71, 166, 172, ....5o, 71, . .... 71, 376, 310, 405, 321, i ' Ska, 375, 184, 524, 385, fail Bibi 295, 538, .71, ....71, , Mrs. Mary N ..... . . .....184, .....355, 381, .71, .72, 418, 415, 357, ....158, 320, . . . . .72, 163, .40, 310, 425, 167, .......168, ....170, 414, ....72, Dehner, L. L. .......... 48, 72, 202, 184, 198, 272, 353. 444, 355, 405, 307, 408, 504, 200, 259 s 427 304 353 494 429 449 444 451 459 512 433 384 513 437 188 265 532 492 425 421 354 465 524 441 484 494 545 517 494 515 268 503 538 71 382 538 502 538 484 540 517 441 165 491 163 435 324 307 451 540 171 451 547 164 170 432 512 228 466 465 458 524 509 425 412 535 512 231 433 530 468 530 476 467 72 459 7 431 528 534 354 416 538 511 415 201 416 Dehnert, Edith E.. . .. Deiss, P. M. .... . De Jonge, R. R .... Delaney, E. S ...... Delano, P. J. ..... . De Larco, Yolanda Delbridge, D. C.. . . Delbridge, R. S .... Delebar, C. E .... Delich, M ........ Delmastro, F. ..... . De Lo Del ta Delia Della Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Phi . ....... . rimier, A. J. . . . Alpha Eprilan Chi ..... ...... Delta Della. . Gamma .... . Kappa Eprilon Sigma Pbi .... Tau Delta. . . Theta Eprilon. . . Upiilon ..... . Zela .... . . De Mar, 1. R ..... De Marco, R. J.. . .. Derner is, G. T.... Demmert, W. R.. . .. Demming, G. A ..... Demming, L. F.. .. Deneen, C. S ...... De Ness, F. L. ..... . Denning, C. Evelyn. Dennis, K. A ...... . Dennis, W. W .... R.. Denniston, A. L. ........ . Deno, N. C. ......... . Dentutry, The College af. .. De Ro ma, C .......... De Rosa, F. P. ...... . Derricks, Bernedine L. Derrough, W. O. .... . Deshayes, Freeda B... De Ta r, Delos ....... De Tarnowsky, G.. . . . De Turk, E. Detwiler, S. B., Jr.. . . . Deuss, H. O. ...... . Deutch, Louise ........ Deutschman, A. J.. .. Deverman, L. J ...... De Vohn, Marcelle L.. De Vo re, Mary E. .... . De Wan, J. E. ...... . Dewey, B. L.. . . Dewey Dewey Dewey Dewey Dewhi De De De De Wolf, Wolf , Wolf, Zurko, ,F.R ..... ,G.G ...... ,JaneR ..... . rst, Emily J. . . . R.C. ..... . Mrs. Maude Dice, Delores E. .... . Dick, C. H. ..... . Dick, D. D.. . .. Dick, Dick, H.T ..... ...... J. F. .......... . F.W ..... .. so, 72, 72, S .... Dickenson, Dorothy A. . . . . . Dicker Dicker son, G. H., Jr.. son,R.E ,... Dickhut, K. W .... Dickinson, B. .... . Dickin Dickm son, F. an, S. R ...... Dickson, F. H., Jr .... Dickson, R. K. ..... .. Dieder ich, Karlene M. . ...1s7, Diefenthaler, R. J.. . .73, Diehl, Marjorie A.. . .. Diemer, Mary L.. Diemer, Shirley M ..... Dietz, Dorothy R.. . . Dietz, Dietz, Dietz, F. C ..... H.A ..... R.S .... 184, 304 273 305 184 376 .72 374 199 166 .72 206 213 .....503 .439 363 y 236 , 236 s .72 375 236 238 238, 72 ..50, 305 432 a 326 224 381 311 333 1 172 357 439 483 421 .72 538 514 512 258 417 356 538 347 .72 418 .72 1 378 .72 554 1 s 502 282 208 254 .73 , s y 382 428 172 333 503 355 209 437 295, 478 .73. 155 355 538 1 s y 3 512 547 531 413 468 513 529 538 72 524 526 382 423 424 484 485 425 426 427 428 167 429 486 454 382 356 458 445 536 524 534 538 379 533 451 407 39 502 467 508 543 538 406 466 529 408 467 529 440 545 474 506 547 415 545 353 385 491 477 536 435 544 354 480 525 535 414 526 483 440 451 538 533 424 422 408 457 515 212 526 494 527 492 291 408 547 538 ADVICE TQ . . . ' WHENEVER IN Itinerant Illini CHICAGQ STOP AT THE LA SALLE I-ICDTEL ALWAYS 'IFOREMOST IN FRIENDLINESS Iomes Louis Smith, Ge M 0 WHENEVER IN EVANSTCDN STOP AT TF NQIQTI-I SI-ICDIQE IFICDTEL 0 WHENEVER IN KANKAKEE STO T HQTEL KANKAKEE v WHENEVER IN SPRINGFIELD STOP AT I-IQTEL ABIQAI-IAM LINCGLN You Are Corclially Invited By the Management ot Each oi the Above Hotels Page 565 Diffenderfer, John A .... Diggins, Betty V.. . . . Dillavou, E. R ...... Dillavou, S. E ...... Dippel Dillon, D ..... ....... Dlll6n, Dillon, Marjorie M.. . . R. L. ......., . Dillow, B. C. ..... . Dillow, N. E ....... . l, Betty M.. . . Education, The College of ......... . . Dippold, C. S. .... . Direrlor'.r Merrage .... Diveley, Martha M.. . .. Diveley, Wilhelmina A. Dixon, D. B. ......... . Dixon, Dixon, Ruth V. ...... . Dlesk, Dobberman, M. R ...... Dobratz, E. H. .... . Dockson, R. R... .. N. M .... ..... G. ........ 73 Doe, Janis A .... .. . . . Doe, Leoda M. .... .... Doerscheln, W. J ,,,,, , Doerschuk, Janet L ..... Doisy, E.A ........ Dolan, J. E.. . . . Dolan, Dolan, Mary L .... T. J ..... ..... Doland, J. J. ...... 172 Dolch, Dolch, J. Doll Sbaw ..... Dollear, F. G ..... Dolplainr Donahue, J. J. ..... . Donahue, Mary J.. . . Donegan, C. T... . Donelon, Doney, Donnel Donosky, E. w ..... R. J .....,.... ly, Ethel J. T ........ Donovan, C. V.. . .. Donovan, D. D. ..... . Donovan, Donovick, J. F. ...... . Mrs. Anne. . Dooley, W. S. ....... . Doran, Dorch, G. M.. . .. Vivian G .... Dore, R. M ....... Dorf, F. B. .... .. Dorner, H. B ..... Dorr, E. LQ ..... Dorsey, J. M. .... .. Dorsey, M. J ........... Dorsey, Winifred L .... Dosetf, R. H. ...... . Doughty, Jean E. . . . . Douglas, J. ....... . . Douglass, Jeanne ...... Douthitt, Frances H.... Douthitt, M. H. ..... . Dow, Marilyn . . , Dowdall, J. F.. . . Dowell, L. B.. . . . Downes, J. J ........... Downing, Downing, J. R ......... .. Mrs. Lilly v. ..73, 163, , 289, 332-,J . .73, 167, 49, 51, 73, , 262, 375, 165, 159, 172, 379, 333, . .51 331, 266, 168, 172, 459, 405, . . . .305, 458, 169, llllll 306 313 451 293 512 341 73 332 288 518 353 307 419 531 311 311 425 163 533 171 189 171 336 307 .73 189 1 1 1 .73 502 208 352 374 , 1 , Downing, Madelyn F ............. .... Downing, W. S., Jr... . ........ . .325, Downs, H. B .......... . .104, 154, 206, Doyle, Mary J. ..... ............... . Doyle, R. L. ..... .... 2 16, 220, Doyle, R. P ..... ,,,,,,,,,,, Doyle, W. P ..... ,,,,,,,. Dragoo, D. H. .... .... 7 3, Drake, G. F ..... , , Drake. J. L ..... ........... .... Drake, J. T ..... ........... ...... Drake, R. P .... . ...48, 74, 182, 217, Drake, Ruth .... ................ Drake,S.W ...... .. Dfdflldflff . . . ........ Draper, Bernice M .... Draper Drazba, Page ,E.L. ...... . P. 566 382 .73 256 .74 508 1 , 443 306 544 353 189 508 447 321 536 508 547 181 307 514 525 460 527 343 535 408 526 342 332 525 168 507 418 378 537 535 535 457 354 298 408 531 534 512 73 466 164 508 466 432 443 533 164 537 446 73 73 381 534 417 447 450 478 525 486 418 517 241 451 490 168 51 502 408 355 474 531 449 306 421 216 381 378 4 446 426 429 429 517 446 328 527 182 440 GENERAL lNDEX1CONTINUED Dremann, L. H ...... ................. Dreyfuss, A. M .... .... Driggs, R. H ..... .......... 3 53, Driscoll, W. M .... ................. Drish, J. W ...... .... 1 98, 201 424 Drogin, M. ...,...... ........... 7 4 Drone, Kathryn R .... .......... 5 03 Drow, F. L ........ ............ 4 13 Drury, J. W ......... .... 1 64, 374 383 Dryden, Wilma J ..... .... 7 4, 355 357 Dubinski, J. R ..... . ............. . DuBoff,J.I.... Du Bois, B. S. ....... ....... 3 63 Du Bois, E. L ..... ...... .... 3 7 9 385 Duckworth, Dorothy J.. . . .... 509 528 Dude, L ..... ........ ........... Dudenbostel, B. F .... ........... Dudgeon, Audrey D.. . . ...... 159 321 Dudleston, W. F .... .......... 7 4, 405, Dueringer, E. G. .... .... 1 54, 270, 451, Duerst, E. A. ..... .............., . Duff, J. C. ..... ....... . . . . Duff, J. W ..... .............. Dugan, W. G ..... .... 7 4, 172 353, Dugas, J. ...... ......... . . . . Duke, F. R. ...... ....... . Duker, G. M. ....... .. Duley, Dorothy F ..... . . .518 Duller, R. J. ...,.. ........ . Du Molin, J. W. .... .... 5 0, 74 Dunbar, Louise B .... ......... Duncan, C. W ..... .............. Duncan, D. N. .... ............ 3 10 Duncan, R. O ..... 167, 189, 199 Duncan, W. C. ...... ............. . Dundas, W. A., Jr .... .............. 3 85 Dunfee, H. H ...... ............... 2 O6 Dungan, G. H. ......... 163, 171, 262, 412 Dunham, Barbara E. .... 155, 166, 304, 305, 529 Dunham, R. ......, ..... . Dunklau, Ruth C ..... ...... Dunlap, E. E .... .,,,. 7 4 Dunlap, L. H.... ....355 Dunlap, R. A ..... ., , , , , Dunlap, R. R ..... ,,,,,,,,, Dunlop, R. G. ..... ...74 270 Dunn, Dorothy F ..... .......... 7 4 Dunn, G. H. ...... .... 1 54 217 Dunn, G. R ...... .... 3 74 378 Dunn, H. O. .......... ................ . Dunn, LaVelle E. ........................ . Dunn, R. T. ....... 154, 380, 405, 426 530 Dunn, W. L ............. 74, 364, 365 380, Dunstan, J. T. .... ...................... . Dunworth, J. J ...... ..... 7 4, 376, 378 also Durgee, Frances E .... ........... 2 90 291 Durrant, O. W ..... .... 1 66 353 Durst, Mary F. ...... ........ 7 4 Dworski, Monice M .... Dwyer, W. ....... . Dyas, F. G... . . Dye, E. S., Jr .... . Dyer, C. E ...... Dyer, W. P.. . .. Eachus, J. J. .... . Eager, Betty J.. . .. Eagle, E. L... . . Earle, F. B. ..... . Earle, F. R ........ Easterbmok, J. C. .... . Eastman, Barbara J... Eastman, C. K ....... Eastman, Edith E .... Eatman, L. S ...... Eaton, H. H .... Eaton, J. T.. . . . Eaton, R. E. .... . Ebaugh, Sarah J .... Eber, Eloise C ..... Eberle, Betty J.. . . . Ebersol, E. J ..... .... ... .310, Ebersol, E. T., Jr ..... ............ 75, 163, Ebert, E. D ....... . . ..75, 172, 437, 268 313 164 '189 199 477 405 .75 532 74 462 415 446 541 455 510 547 530 506 547 462 375 428 538 441 445 509 442 541 171 384 437 524 532 408 162 527 425 451 169 380 432 456 452 446 211 546 484 542 356 74 435 408 525 418 437 523 435 382 274 518 541 431 417 442 485 461 491 476 74 466 524 526 439 167 310 463 466 408 449 489 441 542 544 380 463 380 169 514 487 355 274 535 Ebert, Florence A.. . . Ecker, Sylvia ...... Eckert, P. G ..... Eckhardt, R. D .... Edelman, S ..... . Edgar, Martha L.. . . Edler, Marion L.. . . . Edmonds, Edmonds, J. L., Jr ..... . J. L. .... . Edmonds, ....75 J.R ..... ....... Edwards , G. E ........ ............... , G. W. ...... 75, 240, 241, 262, Edwards Edwards, H. M. .... . Edwards, Harriet J.. . . . Edwards, I. F ........ . 265, 266, 273 1 Edwards, J. Andrew .... Edwards, J. Archabald ..... . .... . Edwards, J. D. ......... .......... . Edwards, Manesa A ..... .... 7 5, 295 Edwards, Mary E .... . . . .... . . . . Edwards, Robert W. ....... ..... . Edwards, Robert William .... .... 2 40 Edwards, S. E .... ........ ...... Edwards, Shirley ..................... Edwards, W. K .... . . . .......... . . . . Ege, Carol L ...... ...... 1 69, 285, 336 Eger, Nancy B. ....... . Eggbrecht, Dorothy A .... Eggleston, LaVerna A .... Egli, E. H. ......... . Eglin, H. D .... Egly, R. S. ..... . Ehler, Nellie ........ Ehler, Winifred J .... Ehlers, Miriam G.. . . . . . .... 273 . . . .352, 1 s Ehni, R. E. ...... ...184, 188, 194, Ehorn, W. F. ...... ............... . Ehrlich, Martha ..... Eickstaedt, C. W.. . .. Eikleberry, Doris L .... Eilers, M. E ..... . . . .. Einhorn, R. ....... .... . Eirich, Cornelia E.. . . . . . . . . . Eisenstein, A. H ..... .... 1 68, Eisenstein, B. D.. . . ............ . . . . . Eisiminger, F. P. .................... .. Eisiminger, S. K. .... 75, 374, 378, 379, Eisner, H., Jr .... Ekblaw, G. E.. . . Ekblaw, K. J .... Eklof, E. A ..... . Ekstrom, V. A ..... Elarde, P. F. ....... . Elberfeld, Mary E .... Elders, G. W ..... . Eldridge, E. P ..... .... Eliot, R ..... ........... Elizabeth the Queen. . . Elles, A. A .......... Ellicott, Adah F.. . . . Ellingen, R. J.. . . Elliot, Effie R .... Elliott, D. R ..... Elliott, Helen E .... Elliott, J. Elliott, J. Elliott, R. E.. . .. Elliott, R. Elliott, s. L .... Ellis, Ellis, E. Ellis, Ja D. A ..... . neA ..... .. Ellis, T. F. ........ .... Ellison, Jeanne H.. . . Ellison, L. E ....... Ellison, R. R ..... . . . Ellman, Marjorie E .... Ellmore, H. S.. . . . .. Ellsberry, W. G. .... . Ellsworth, L. A ....... Ellsworth, Martha E.. . . . Elsner, Dorothy M .... Elsom, Harriette ..... Elting, D. N ..... .........240, 167, 184, 188, .....352 ....374 .........166 .75, 449, 538 .....76 .. . .76, 334, . .. . .184, 188, y , 313 448, 334 282 171 263 449 207 312 171 .75 381 516 241 379 474 491 307 526 416 379 .75 353 384 524 310 241 232 293 .75 .75 354 505 .75 381 478 539 310 310 380 423 .76 194 a 273 513 532 534 547 513 507 525 168 412 32 353 264 543 439 516 430 455 415 538 523 293 467 463 547 506 425 542 542 512 478 352 532 408 241 285 507 540 524 512 353 169 172 165 509 410 410 379 461 547 418 406 269 463 171 75 479 189 463 415 341 457 513 428 514 524 487 547 536 505 538 538 458 75 529 544 479 530 441 495 533 440 533 537 509 332 460 Faris, P. T. .... . Feldman, N. R. ..... . Elwood, C. D. ....................... . Elzea, J. G .... .48, 76, 2531 262, 374, 382, Emanuelson, C. E ........... .......... Embshoff, Frances J. ..... . .. Emch, A ........... .. Emch, K. A. ..... .. Emery, K. B.. . .. Emge, N. J ..... Emin, G. H... .. Emmons, J. W. .... . Emory, Ruthmary ..... Eng, W ..... ....... Engel, H. E ........... Engelking, Bernice A ......... 312 Engelman, F. C .....,.... Enger, M. L .... 28, 163, 172, 461 Engineer Corp: .... .... ....... Engineering, Tlye College of .... Englis, D. T ..................... A. R .................... English, F. J. ...... 333, 352, English, 353 English, J. P ..... .............. English, L. S ..... Englund, E., Sr.. . . . Engst, E. ............ . Engstrom, Helen E.. . . Engstrom, J. R ........ Enochs, Margaret M.. .. Ensign, N. E. ....... . Ensign, R. ........ . . Ensminger, L. E.. . . . Enters, Angna .... Epstein, Bernard .... Epstein, Joan ..... Epstein, N. ...... . Epstein, Phyllis I .... Epstein, Ruth ..... Epstein, W. F.. . .. Erdman, R. F ..... Erhardt, Erhardt, Erickson, C. W .... K, S.. . ., A. E .... Erickson, E. E. ....... . Erickson, Helen E .... Ericson, R. K. ..... . Erie, R. T. ...... . Erikson, C. F ....... Erikson, Erikson, Muriel E ..... Erlandson, Ruth M.. . . Erlenborn, W. H.. .. Evelyn L... . . Ervin, F. S ....... Ervin, H. G... .. Erzen, C ........... Esh, Virginia A ..... Eshleman, F. P .... Esko, I. I ...... . . Eskow, H. G.. . .. Espy, R. G... . . Espy, W. N ....... Esse, F. J .......... Esser, LaVerne M ..... Estaver, J. B ........ Estes, J. E., Jr ..... . Eta Kappa Nu ........ Etheredge, Maude L... . Doris A ..... Etherton, Etherton, G, H ...... Etherton, Ettinger, A. B. .... . W.C ..... ....334 263 405 352 355 311 531 412 .76 352 356 207 .....76 473 274 .76 .76 .....76 449 .....355, 273 457 354 .76 313 516 380, 532 408 405 541 355 354 310 172 164 125 206 310 444 379 405 492 412 384 515 376 538 169 .76 207 166 357 1 421 169 Ettinger, R. D. .... ....... . Eubank, L. D ,... .......... Evans, C. D. .... ,... 7 6, 166, Evans, H. A ..... . ..,.... . . Evans, 1-I. P ....... ........ Evans, H. P., Jr. ...... . .. Evans, L. J ............. . .. Evan: Hall, Laura B ..... .......... Evans, Laura M. ........ ........... . Evans, L. Irene .... ...,. 2 93, 334, Evans, R. B ...... ......... 7 6, Evans, R. D. ...... . . . Evans, R. J. ........ . . . Erenir of the Year .... . . . Evers, E. W ........ . . . 524 302 543 538 483 167 407 422 538 410 452 508 422 525 523 437 535 368 28 534 412 545 76 526 352 547 357 536 494 441 538 171 338 536 495 462 493 512 436 459 541 467 505 458 523 532 435 524 513 538 163 380 544 449 422 512 449 436 45-4 449 172 538 512 460 540 536 494 498 76 435 462 467 163 524 466 172 313 442 513 509 474 525 428 168 386 424 Evers, R. I-I ............. Evers, W, A .... Ewald, Betty E. .... . Ewan, Marian V .... Ewan, W. A. ........ . Ewing, Elizabeth A.. . . . Ewing, Frances E ..... Ewing, H. H... .. Ewing, M. E .... Ex, M. ....... . Eyerly, G. B .... GENERAL INDEX -CONTINUED . . . .289, 483 .......310 . .... 77 ...169 F Fackler, W. V ...... Fahey, Mary K ..... Fahnestock, M. K ..... Fahrnkopf, C. D. ..... . ....293 Fair, Bernice ......................... Fairbairn, Margaret E. .... 49, 77, 257, 293, 294, 295, Fairbanks, B. W. .................... . Fairbanks, D. W.. . . . Falconer, R. J. .... . . Falkenstein, R. R ..... Fallon, M. Virginia .... Falls, F. H ..... ..... Falstein, Cecile .,... Fanning, G. C.. . . Fanning, Vera F .... Fantus, B. ....... . Fanyo, W. P ..... Fara, F. J .... Fariss, W. G.. . . . Farm Home . . Farneti, N ...., . Farney, W, E. ........ . . . . .240, 374 .....77 Farnham, C. H .......... ........ , . Farnsworth, G. L., Jr. ........ 77, 311 Farr, C. R. ........... ,..... 2 06 Farrar, M. D. ................,...... . Farrell, Josephine M. ............... . Farrington, C. E ..... 77, 167, 184, 216 Farrington, J. R ........ ........... 7 7 Fash, J. C .......... .... Faucett, M. A ....... Faucett, Minnie W.. . . . Faulkner, D. W ...... Faust, E. G ......... Fauth, Edna N ..... Favo, R. T ........ Fay, R. J ........... Fear, Marjorie M. ..... . Fearn, R. F. ............ . Featherstone, Beulah P.. . .. .....77 Fee, Dorothy M. ........ ......... . Fee, R. M. ................... 77, 232 Fehrenbacher, Dorothy A ..... ........ Fehrenbacher, J. B. ........ ..... 1 62 Fehrm, N. V ........ .... .... 7 7 , 461 Feik, R. L ..... . Fein, M. W .... . Feinner, S. J. ..... . Feldmann, Betty L ...... Feldma nn, Gretchen E .... Feleki, Helen I ...... . . . Fellows, J. R ..... .. Fellows, M. Jene ..... Felt, J. H .......... Felt, L. D ...... Feltes, L. J ..... Felts, W. A ..... Feltz, G. L.. Feltz, W. A .... Fender, J. I, ..... . Fenwick, Cherie .... 1 Fenwick, Darlee .... ............... Feres, Mildred M ....... Ferguson, W. A .... Fermier, F. W ..... Ferris, H. C. . . . . . Ferris, J. R. ..... . Ferris, R. E. ....... . Fetherston, J. M ..... 77, 293, 294, .....51, 78, 512 166 262 512 171 189 489 381 .77 189 .77 428 211 219 447 310 .77 163 307 265 169 163 524 189 462 .77 .77 385 352 353 498 295 167 .316 538, 1 1 1 1 1 1 76 424 537 477 163 484 517 435 77 385 527 379 523 172 526 512 292 524 430 440 538 534 542 468 513 440 475 468 458 465 435 545 430 407 466 171 535 502 163 481 447 543 467 172 488 450 273 481 502 450 164 162 507 510 456 537 171 531 383 448 538 538 498 498 512 172 478 502 502 425 536 415 354 307 527 498 518 450 78 415 451 431 457 Fett, G. H .... Feutz, D. E .... Ficor, J. ...... . Fieber, F. A.. .. Field Arlillefy . . Field, D. A. ....... ...- 1 67 Fieldhouse, G. E .... ------- Fields, R. G. .... Fieman, L ..... .............. Filbert, C. B. .... .................. . Filbey, E. J. ...,........ 165, 264, 265 Filbey, N. V...78, 165, 252, 268, 418 File, F. W ........................... Filson, C. W. .... 48, 51, 78, 259, 262 335 Filstead, C. G ..... -.-.- Fina, L. R ...... ..i---- Fina, P ..... .... . .... 2 40 Finder, J. M. ......... ............. . Fine and Applied Arfr, The College of. . Fine, R. I. ...................,...... . Finfrock, L. J.. . . Finger, G. C .... Fink, G. R ........ Finley, Jessie L ..... Finley, R. I ..... . Finley, W. H. . . . . . Finley, Willodean .... Finn, M. T ............. Finnegan, Gertrude E.. Fiorentini, R. ........ 78 Fireman'J Flame, The. . . Firke, Eleanor ........ 334, 351, 352, Firrt Regimental Band ..... Fischer, A. J. ......... . Fischer, Dorothy E ..... Fischer, Harold C.... Fischer, L. H ...... . .. Fischer, Myrna J ........ Fischer, Raymond A ..... Fischer, W. M. ...... .. Fischer, W. Fish, Albert J.. . . Fish, Arthur G ....... Fish, Genevieve V. . . . Fishel, W. R ..... . Fisher, A. J .... Fisher, A. I.. . . . Fisher, A. R... . Fisher, C. D .... Fisher, C. I ..... Fisher, E. ...... . Fisher, E. G. ..... . Fisher, Edward J ..... Fisher, Edwin J.. . . Fisher, H. R ..... Fisher, J. H.. . . . Fisher, M ..... . . . Fisher, Mary E.. . .. Fisher, Mary L ....... Fisher, Marvin R ..... Fisher, Mildred A.. . .. Fisher, N. D. ...... . Fisher, Nancy J .... Fisher, R. A ........ .. Fisher, Reginald F ..... Fisher, Robert F. .... . Fisher, Sarah J ..... Fisher, W. H. .... . Fisher, W. M .......... Fishman, Evelyn M ..... Fishman, M ......... Fiske, M. Ann. . . Fitch, M. ........ . Fitton, Kathryn G .... Fitzgerald, Kathleen. . . FitzGerald, R. D ..... Fitzpatrick, T ...... Fitzsimmons, Cleo. . . Fitzwater, W. J .... Fjelde, O. S ......... Flachmann, J. M... . . Flagler, G. S .... 21.51, i 78, 316, ....307 ...78 ....78 .'.'.lili,'i51, '279 ...51, 79 .....333, Flamm, P. F. ......... -- Flaningam, Betty ...... .- Flaningam, Margery A. .. .. , - . Flaningam, T. C. ....... .... 7 9 163, 225, 232 .78 431, 538 273, 502 225, 241, .78 268 516 411 .78 354 .78 412 .78 .78, 445 .78 428, 381 345 310 488 456 355 353 353 163 X111 374 310 .79 380 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Page 172 444 168 171 369 240 531 441 524 538 544 544 381 316 503 451 451 460 436 34 455 440 408 172 523 525 374 78 449 326 536 347 488 353 425 474 534 532 310 533 460 465 547 437 506 547 376 436 535 381 451 436 426 526 433 436 436 454 479 511 454 525 440 480 529 356 435 279 451 379 512 434 489 436 516 512 446 423 492 526 535 432 426 528 494 479 449 567 Flaningam, Virginia Fleckinger, C. ......... .... 1 56, Fleischer, Frances M.. . . .80 Gard, W. E., Jr .... 379 Fleming, Fleming, Fleming, Fleming Fleming, Fleming , Doris. Erma A .... . H. Joan ...... Mary M ...,. . . S.W ..... .. Fleming V. R. ..... . Fleming, W.H ..... Flentje, Janet .... Flesch, L. P ..... Flesh, W. R.. . . Fletcher, Fletcher, D. H. .... . Janet P.. . . Fletemeyer, F. I.. . . . Fleury, E. R. ...... . Fleury, Helen M .... L .... ........ . . 451 .158, 283, 320 ..445 355 .....79, ..........306 Flewellmg, C. M ........ ............ Flexman, Flint, H. G. R. ........ . A ..... . . Flint, W. P ..... Flood, R. C ...... Floor Commifzee .... Flora, M. W. ....... . Florentin e, Kathryn. Floricullural Club. . . Florio, A. E ........ Floyd, Nema ..... Fluck, J. Fluegge, W ......... Lois E ..... Flynn, Bonnie K. .... Flynn, C. E. ..... . Fockler, E. C.. .. Fogarty, E. ...... . Flogel, A. Y. ...... . Fogelson, Claire B... Foley, E. ......... . . Foltz, Mary T... . . Football ....... Foote, B. Foran, Ruth .... Ford, W. D. ..... Ford, W. E. ....... . Fordon, Frances B. . . Foreman, E. H.. . . . . Forester, W. N.. . . Forgacs, J. ....... Forgue, V. R ..... Forlaw, Ethyl S ..... Forman, M. N.. . . .. Forney, Priscilla M.. Fornof, J. H. ...... . Forrester, Josephine Fors, Dorothy J ..... Forss, A. J. ..... . Forth, R. D .... Forward ....... Foss, J. C ..... Fossland, R. G ..... Fossler, G. O ..... Fossler, R. N.. . . . Foster, Foster, Foster, C. N. ...... . Dorothy P... Jane M... . .. Foster, L.E .... .... Foster, Margaret E.. . Foster, Maryann. . .. Foster, Foster, R.R ...... W. 4-H Home ....... Fourier, A. E.. . ., Fournier, J. A. . , . Foute, H. K ...... Fowler, C. M ..... Fowler, F. C.. . . Fowler, H. H. ..... . Fowler, Fox Fox Fox Evelyn L. ...... . F. X. .... . Fern E N.R ...... Fox, .... Fox, J. K ..... M Fraas, R. Frailey, I.. E., Jr.. . . Page 568 Marianna 168, 334, 354 .......363, 375 .....379 ...167 .....19. 374, iif.Q1Q' .. .....79,383, .......374, 79, 539 306 514 336 416 531 483 486 .89 379 376 384 381 184 351 332 166 405 425 507 380 480 . 79 433 378 .79 379 508 306 .79 295 515 .79 286 379 355 460, , 1 479 545 476 498 528 547 490 511 539 535 450 537 79 458 534 489 437 79 539 449 536 382 546 547 156 547 494 534 189 518 352 513 475 533 526 539 434 513 467 515 186 536 523 79 79 486 413 418 547 504 542 240 507 533 513 512 523 461 3 526 382 79 534 420 512 474 465 512 514 416 163 516 167 406 415 528 528 539 510 535 429 357 433 356 526 432 GENERAL INDEX-CONTINUED Fraker Home ........................ Frakes, R. M. ..... .. Frampton, Betty J.. . . Francescon, L. N.. . .. Francis, F. C. ..... . Franck, F. W. ..... . Franck, Lavina M .... Frank, Dorothy J ...... .......... Frank, Helene C ...... ............ Frank, J. E. ........ 184, 198, 201, Frank Frank, Virginia O ..... ...... Frankel, E. V ........... 311, Frankland, G. E.... Franklin, Julia A ..... Franks, Emily P. .... . Franks, Kathryn D.. . . . Franks, R. D ..... ..,. Frantz, K. E. ...... . Franzblau, S. A. ..... .. Franzus, Babette C. ...... . . . . Frascona, Angelina .......... Fraser, E. S....80, 163, 168 Fraser, H. W.. .. Fraser, W. D.. . . . Fraser, W. J .,., ,N. H. .................... . .80 333, 172 378 Frash, R. ......... Iiralernilier .................... Frazee, H. K. .... 50, 51, 80, 274 Frazier, J. F .................... Frazier, M. F. .................. . Freadlin, J. C ...... Frechette, V. D ................. Freda, Rosalia L. ............. .. Frederick, C. R ..... 45, 240, 268 Frederick, H. S. .... . Frederick, W. E ..... . . . Freeburg, Marlowe E. .... . . Freedman, H. D ..... . . . , Freedman, M. Elaine ..... Freedman, M. O ..... Freek, J. A. ..... . . Freek, W. S. ....... . Freeland, Virginia J.. . . . Freeman, Antonia J.. . . . Freeman, Doris L. . . . . . . Freeman, Eleanor M.. . .. Freeman, Nellie V. .... . Freeman, R .......... Freeman, Ruth C.. . . . Freeman, Ruth L ..... Freeman, T. A. ...., . 312 238 166 379 .80 .80 379 313 384 322, 272 440 .80 s , a Q 381 430 239 488 462 426 .80 490 529 164 368 433 .80 502 385 405 355 266 326 502 .80 405 .80 168 .80 496 .26 296 516 353 430 80, 355 Freeman, T. J., Jr.. . . , , , , , Freer, Louise ............ .. 292 French, Elizabeth W. .... ....,,, , French, Marion J ..... .. .......... .. French, R. D. ...... .... 2 70, 312 Frese, C. H ..... . . .......... . . Frese, Helen E .... , , , Frese, W. F. ....... . Frerlaman Council ........ Freflaman Frolic .... ............... Frerluman Froli: Committee ............ Frerbman, Vanity Track Squad, 1939... Frette, V. Elaine ..................... Frette, R. M. ......,... . Freudenberg, Helen E.. . . , , . . . Freund, E. S. .......... .,., , Freund, S. E ......... .... Fried, L. J. ......... . Frieder, Frances J .... Friedlander, Minnie .... Friedlander, Rosalyn ..... Friedli, Ellen L. ....... . Friedman, Harriet Fries, Marjorie J .... Friese, E. M ..... .... Friis, T. J.. .. Frimann, R. E.. . .. Frison, T. H .... . . . Fritch, H. Rosalia .... Froehlich, J. F.. . . Froman, J. N .... Frost, E. C.. . . . ...385 ...80 ....81 289 293 505 516 352 1 511 546 496 414 525 504 508 512 476 449 379 542 547 524 539 490 542 539 466 534 512 512 377 535 526 408 546 437 402 539 418 425 410 527 478 375 533 352 505 483 454 476 462 505 505 515 532 509 542 27 80 492 475 424 539 524 523 416 525 418 487 545 159 321 159 207 523 80 513 462 385 455 512 513 495 480 493 518 435 512 539 415 523 421 356 356 Frost, Lillian A.. . . Frothingham, J. L ..... . .... . Froyd, Virginia M.. . . . Freuhauf, R. P ....... . Fruin, Margaret M ..... Fry, J. C ............ Frye, Charleen M.. . . . Frye, R. N ......... Fryer, R. N ..... .. Frysinger, V. G .... Fuchsman, H. L.. . . . Fuelleman, R. F .... Fuermann, Betty ..... Fugate, W. O ...... Fuhr, Helen L.. . .. Fulk, N. R. ........ . Fullenwider, Lois E .... Fuller, C. W ........ Fuller, Lois R ...... Fuller, Q. R ..... . Fuller, S. C. ..... .. Fullerton, Lois C .... Fulton, D. G ..... . Fultz, D.. ..... .. Furkert, P. A ...... Furlong, E. J .... .... Furlong, Eleanor A... . Furly, R. L. ........ . Furry, Frances J.. . . Furth, S. M. ..... . Furtney, W. L ..... Fuson, R. C. .... . Futterman, S. C.. . . Fyie, H. L. ..... . Gaa, C. J ...... Gade, P. Gaebe, O. F. .... . Gaetje, Annette ...... Gail, Mildred H.. . .. Gail, S. E. ......... . Gaines, Gladys . Gaines, N. D. .... . Gaines, R. W ...... Gaines, W. L ..... . . . Gaither, Dorcas M ..... . Galaway, G. A. .... . . Galbraith, J. D.. .. Galbreath, W. W. ...... . Galhuly, Halle ..... Gallagher, E. G ..... . . . . Gallagher, Ruth M.. .. Galloway, K. H. .... . Galowitch, W. F ..... Galvin, T. J ......... Gambill, Phyllis Gamma Delta ...... Gamma Phi Bela .... Gamma Theta Phi ..... Gans, D., Jr. .... .. Gantzert, M. G.. , . Garcia, L. E ..... . Gardner, E. T .... Gardner, J. R ..... Gardner, L. P ...... Gardner, Lola F .... Gardner, M. Jean .... Gardner, N. J. ...... . Gargoyle Gargula, Jeannette ' "'irff.. ....80, ....81, sos, . . . .284, ....2si, ...81, 81, 163, 166, si, 163, 1643 si, 265, 271, "i54.'f55f ........169, ....165, Garity, R. H ........ .... 3 63, Garland, D. J. .... .,..., . Garland, F. D., Jr .... . . . , Garm, Eleanor M ..... .,,. Garner, J. B. ...... , . . , Garrels, A. ..,.,,,, Garrels, Gay ..... ,..,.,,,,,,,, Garretson, R. C.... 81, 374, 378, Garrett, Alma J ..... ............. 3 52, Garrett, Charlotte E ............ ....... Garrett, F. J...81, 229, 365, 376, 382. 381 284 432 310, 164 163 525 517 428 513 435 322 286 408 539 451 512 353 514 172 488 .81 .81 324, 381 .81 .81 438 295 378 353, .81 529, 334, 334, 382, 528 354 385, s , , , 509 449 513 467 306 540 477 383 431 379 455 171 169 408 530 443 523 168 530 428 535 530 525 540 452 444 518 465 494 436 505 432 434 544 544 441 430 539 512 461 527 466 524 171 357 81 409 443 542 424 512 502 379 444 490 273 487 533 379 376 411 526 450 426 428 466 523 478 539 170 507 382 534 457 326 531 352 354 429 547 515 295 415 Garrett, K. L. ...... 342, 346, 374, 382, Garrett, R. L. .... .... . . Garrigus, Hope ...... Garver, Willia K .... Garwood, F. D ..... Garwood, R. D ..... Gass, Helen L ..... Gast, G. G ...... Gates, A. W. ..... . Gates, Alice L.. . . . Gates, R. W. ..... . Gatewood, L. C .......... 82, 374, 384, Gause, T. E.. ,... . Gavenda, Elaine.. . . . Gavlin, F. ....... . Gavlin, G. ...... .. Gawthorp, Opal ..... Gaydos, Mary M .... Gebauer, A. W.. . . Gebbie, D. O. .... . Gedge, F. C., Jr. ..... . . Geever, E. D .,.. Gehlbach, J. R.. . . . Gehlbach, R. K.. . . Gehring, D. E. ..... . Gehring, Frances E.. . . Gehring, W. H ...... Geib, F. R ..... . . . Geisemann, A. B.. . . . Geiser, E. W ...... .... Geissendoerfer, J. Geissendorfer, T. Geister, W. W. ...... . D. .... 3, 48, 82, 258 ....82 ....189 ....82 Geisz, J. E. ......... .... . Geisz, W. H. ........ ...... . Geithman, Isabelle H. .... 82, 512' 555 ' Gelman, M. M. ...... ............. . Gelvin, P. D ...... Gendler, Geraldine E .....169, 513 Genesen, H. D. ....... . ............ . Geninatti, J. M ..... . .....,..... . Genster, C. J., Jr .... .. George, Geraldine George, J. A. ....... . George, Mary F ..... Gerber, Gerdes, W. R. .... . . . WR Gerler, . . . . . Gerson, I. .......... . Gertz, N. M ............ M Gerwig, Marjorie Gessel, R. C. ........ . Ghiselin, C. M ....... . . . Giachetto, W. P... .. Giallombardo, J. Gianotti, J. C. .... . Gianotti, Mary .... Gibb, F., Jr ....... Gibberson, W. H.. . . Gibbons, J. E .... Gibbs, Jane E ....... Gibbs, Marian B .... ..... Gibson, Elizabeth Gibson, R. S ..... . .... Giehler, Marjorie J .... Giese, Helene ....... Giesemann, A ...... Gilbert, A. B. .... . Gilbert, Betty L.. . . Gilbert, C. A ..... . Gilbert, H. W ..... Gilbert, R. P., Jr.. . . Gilbert, W. H.. . .. Gilbert, W. S .... . . . . Gildersleeve, B. T.. . . . Giles, J. E., Jr. .... . Giles, R. A.. . . Gill, H. M.. .. Gill, R. C ..... Gui, s. P ...... Gillan, J. Giiief, E. B.... Gerber, A. B ..... ..... Winfred D, . . . J. ..... 154, 184, .156, 157, 318 M ..... .... ....82, 185, 241, ....295 ....288 ....82 ....154 311, 385 312 456 418, 510 165 309 437, Q51 439 515 Q51 355 555 376 381 310, 356 503 379 310 225 244 .82 .82 355 189 .82 306 445 473 207 383 374 207, 353 438 416 456 530 293 494 430 531 523 450 421 81 451 524 352 512 379 168 523 523 544 385 352 536 468 307 525 381 513 525 528 420 524 417 458 450 82 167 525 462 457 530 436 231 378 502 82 412 512 436 531 524 533 354 410 310 547 407 428 240 416 539 518 525 432 457 494 516 489 447 483 484 420 541 474 547 443 457 312 82 452 458 458 505 540 447 407 528 GENERAL INDEX-CONTINUED Gilles, C. T ..... .................... Gillespie, A. W ..... .... 8 2, 367, Gillespie, R. H .... ........... Gillette, P. R ......... .. Gillhouse, L. E., Jr. .... .... . . Gillies, J. A., Jr. ...... .... 8 3 Gillingham, Barbara J ...... ......... Gillingham, C. L ...,. ................ Gillingham, Norma J ..... 83, 160, 163 Gillingham, R. A. .... ............. . Gillis, E. H. ......... ...269, 333 Gilmore, Sylvia C ..... Gilson, F. T. .... . Gimblett, J. R ..... Ginalick, M.. . . . Ginestra, L. L ..... Gingold, W. S ..... Ginoli, C ........... Ginsburg, Shirley. . . Giovan, N. P.. . .. Gittelson, J ..... . Guinta, E. J. ..... .. Glabman, J. ......... . Gladding, Helen M.. . . . Glass, D. B. ......... . Glass, F. E. .......... . Glass, R. I.. ............ . .. .154, 405 ...'.'.ib3 Glasscock, Florence E ................ Glassman, J. L. ......,.. 267, 311, 333 Glazebrook, R. E. .... .............. . Glazer, 1-1 ........ . Gleason, J. M.. . .. Glenn, C. G ..... Glenn, S. E. ....... . Glennan, Mary J.. . . Glennon, Alice ....... Glerum, Maryellen .... Glickman, Alecia S.. . . Glover, J. K ........ . Glover, Judith H. . . .. Glover, Sus-Anna. . . Glynn, R. C .... .... Glynn, Victory N.. . . . Gneiss, G. H ..... Goad, Benita A .... Goben, Mary A.. .. Goble, G. W .......... Godfrey, Louise J. . . . . Godow, Minnette. . . Godwin, S. E.. . .. Goers, M. Goforth, E. G ........ Goggin, Nadine H ..... Goglia, F. A. ..... . Goglia, M. J .... Gold, B. H.. .. Gold Feutlserr . . Gold, J. P. .... . Gold, J. J. ....... . Goldberg, Helen .... Goldberg, J ....... Goldberg, M .... Goldberg, Maxine. . . Goldberg, N. A.. ..... Golde, W ...... Golden, H. ...... . Goldfarb, M. J.. . . . . Golding, Goldman, B. S ...... Goldman, Edythe. . . Goldman, M. S ..... Goldman, R. N ..... Goldman, Ruth L.. . .. Goldman, Ruth O ..... Goldsbery, Mary E .... Goldsmith, Marian H .... Goldstein, B. A. ..... . Goldstein, Edith .... Goldstein, Evalyn . . Goldstein, L. E ...... Goldstein, Maxine ....... Goldstein, Miriam M. Goldstein, W ....... Goldstone, C. F ..... Marie R ..... 308 163 .......83 ...155, ....83, .....353 .....355 .....182 .82 539 162 450 253 474 342 405 462 .83 405 163 166 268 336 352 163 474 518 480 310 447 511 380 355 412 307 382 83, 207, 334 .. ..... 184 ... .83 .....375 .....292 . . .310, 336 ....167, 225, .83 351 354 185 310 455 429 405 293 .83 .83 473 264 295 240 539 544 547 163 552 524 310 460 304 529 460 418 163 438 418 310 547 539 539 512 447 455 468 448 162 408 533 441 477 455 427 238 354 539 326 542 523 529 476 540 537 489 444 537 409 517 483 502 483 513 439 539 466 510 413 413 539 283 454 436 493 448 448 495 352 536 241 444 528 513 410 495 533 448 493 512 518 476 410 513 513 502 512 513 455 530 Golf ......... . . . 230 Goltz, H. A ........ .. 410 Golub, Violet R. .......................... 513 Gombiner, Blossom L ...................... 513 Gonseth, K. M. ......... 364, 365, 374, 377, 378 383, 432 Gooch, D. R. ..... ..... 3 79, 446, 547 Good, Doris M.. .. .... 83, 512, 559 Good, G. W. ..... ..... 3 82, 435 Good, Jean C. .... .. . 310, 477 Good, R. ....... ...... 4 50 Good, R. E. ...... ........ 4 40 Goodman, J. F.. .. .... 51, 83, 424 Goodman, L. O. ...... ....,. 4 67 Goodpasture, C. R ..... .......... 3 79 Goodrich, F. B. ..... ......... 8 3, 526 Goodrich, F. J. ........ ....... 2 89 345, 459 Goodwin, Phyllis A. .... ..... 8 3, 312 516, 523 Goodwine, G. ...... ..... 2 65 268, 269 Goral, M. L ..... ........... 4 48 Gordley, R. G ..... ...165 537, 539 Gordon, A. M.. . . ...... . . 455 Gordon, F. M ..... ,,.., 2 6, 27 Gordon, H. H.... 171 Gordon, J. R ..., . .. . ...... . . 468 Gordon, M. B.. . . ............. . . 448 Gordon, R. L ..... ..... 8 3, 502 503, 533 Gore, J. S. ...... ............... 3 52 Gorman, J. 539 Gorrison, R. E.. . . ,,,, , , 539 Gosch, D. R .... 405, 417 Goss, W. H ..... ,.,. 4 08 Gossard, F. E ...... . 467 Gossard, M. L ..... . . . .. . 505 Gossman, Eclythe M. .... 310 Gossom, D. R .... ........................ 4 65 Goudy, B. H ......... ............... . 84, 381 Gougler, L. W ..... .168 310, 352, 435 539, 540 Gould, Marjorie ...............,..... 284, 306 Gowen, H. G. ........ ........ 4 68 Grace, C. T. .......... .... 1 66, 172 Graduate School, The .... ...... 3 5 Grady, Betty .......... ....... 8 4, 494 Graf, D. E ...... .... 8 4 376, 381 Graf, Virginia .... ..,,,.., 4 96 Graff, Gladys .... .... 5 10 GraHis, J. M. .... ...... 4 21 Graffis, W. H. .... .................. 3 07, 421 Graflund, J. H. ...................... .... 5 39 Gragg, G. L .... ...., s 4, 184, 206, 209 211, 428 Gragg, Madge ...................... 288, 518 Graham, Jean E. ................. 312 516, 523 Graham, R. ....... ................. 1 71, 418 Graham, V. L. ...... .... 8 4, 270, 502 539, 545 Graham, Virginia ..... ................... 4 80 Graham, W. J .... . .. 533 Gran, Rhea ...... ... 481 Granert, H. A.... ........... .. 431 Grant, A. S ..... .......... .... 4 2 5 Grant, B. M ..... ..... 8 4, 376 381, 546 Grant, F. T. ..... ............. 3 79 Grant, Mary M ...... ...... 4 90, 537 Grant, Miriam F. .... 310, 512 Grant, R. A ........ 310, 432 Grant, R. W. .... ...... 4 25 Grater, W. C. .... .. . 505 Gratain, J. W ...... 526 Graue, Thelma M. .... . .84, 514 Graupher, G ...... . . ...... 466 Graves, D ...... . . .. 189, 419 Graves, H. C ..... ......,...... 5 25 Graves, P ..... .. ............... 269 Graves, P. H. .... .... 3 85, 419 541, 547 Graves, S ........ ..,.. 8 4, 376 382, 457 Gray, Annabelle .... ....... 3 57 516, 523 Gray, D. M ...... . .. .... 539, 545 Gray, Esther M. ..,. .... 3 10, 492 Gray, H. M. ...... ...l65 431, 544 Gray, H. W ...... ........ 4 O8 Gray, Helen K... . .... .. 523 Gray, J. F. .... 555, 524 Gray, P, GH., ....... 172 Gray, R. O. ....... .... 8 4 526, 536 Gray, Sarah J. .... --..---,--..- 3 55 Greco, P. A ..... ......... . 84, 534 Green, C. B ..... .... 3 74, 378 384, 547 Page 569 V. Arlene ........ 241 Green D. M ..... Green, F. ..... .. Green, H. E ..... Green, J. A.. .. . Green, J, W. .... . Green, K. L ........ Green, Mrs. Lula ..... Green, Lucy A. ...... . Green Green , P. M. ......... Green, Green, Marjorie R.H. .... .86, 281, Greenblatt, Phyllis J. ...... . Greene, Harriet J. ..... . . , Greener, J. P. ......... . Greening, Evelyn D ..... Greening, Marjorie F ..... Greenman, F. S. ......, . Greenwald, Phyllis A.. . . . Greenwell, J. R ,,,. ,,,, Greenwell, Louise C ..... Greenwold, C. L.. .. Greenwood, B. S.... Greenwood, G. W ,.., Greffe, C. D ............. Gregor, J. F ....... ,..,,,,, Gregorian Literary Sa,-iffy, , , GFCSOTY, R ..,.......... Greider, Marjorie L, ..... Grider, Maurine, . .. Grieb, D. L. ..... . Grieder, W, H. . , . Grieser, D. J ..... Griffin, J. L.. . ,. Griffith, C. R... .. Griffith, J. S ...,.. Grifhths, Dorothea Grlgsby, R. E. ....,.. . Grim, G. B. .... . Grimm, H. F... ,. Grlmm. W. A ....... Grimsley, June E .... Grindley, H. S.. , , Grinnell, Greta . , , Griswold, B. A.., Grissom, R. L .... Groak, A. ....... . Grobe, Jayne M.. . Groff, Elizabeth A. 487 Gronner, Harriet. . Grooss, F. A. ....,.. .. Grosberg, Helen S. Grosboll, J. E.. . . Grose, G. K ...... Groshong, E, D,, , Gross, Gross, Gross, Betti C .... I R. W.. , . S. T .... Gross, Sylvia ..., Gross ,W.A. .... . Grosse, F. G. .... . Grossman, Mary K,, ,, Grosspitch, Alzana .... Grosswirth, L .... . . . GYOY6, W. G ..... Groupe, Lorraine M. ..., ,, Gfbve, F. A. ......... . Grubb, H. E ........ Grubb, J. G ................ Gruenberg, R. P, ........ 154, Gruenfeld, A. J ,,,,,,,,. Grueningen, Ruth von .... Gruensfelder, W. P, , , , , Grumley, W. B ....... Grunwald, Marlyn J .,,, Grusin, H. J .......... Grych, Marie C .,.,, Gubbins, P. G.. .. Gudgeon, W. J .... Guerin, V. C. ..........., . Guernsey, E. O .,........ 168, Guernsey, Mildred L ....... Guild, J. J .,........... Guin, R. L. ...... .. Gullaksen, G. V.. . . Page 570 310,477 508 165, 527 ....84 .....352 ....84 ...311, ..,..312, 496 460 170 170 310 .84 306 155 481 313 430 352 ....5o, 84 ....84 .306 ..85 266, 336 240,211' 420, ....85 .....227 336, 379 405 480 412 493 426 .83 264 460, .85 457 486 429 452 274 446 531 547 546 382 355 513 523 544 84 537 512 162 407 517 517 409 493 536 480 451 433 240 524 353 527 440 169 497 414 458 352 416 451 353 513 539 524 363 420 487 408 527 416 466 436 479 491 495 524 513 525 430 502 508 444 408 512 353 440 542 532 539 539 527 503 463 461 405 543 424 512 381 533 542 503 481 504 531 380 541 513 438 546 85 GENERAL INDEX-CONTINUED 444 515 523 511 169 525 85 433 534 241 242 240 225 480 431 480 384 429 505 518 545 381 411 409 409 513 511 422 523 523 532 504 420 547 441 85 532 49-4 85 524 407 85 488 445 430 513 543 535 85 508 207 421 534 85 547 530 523 381 539 295 172 512 526 490 487 452 428 534 531 531 466 547 526 452 452 509 172 165 353 439 525 530 Gumm, H. Z., Jr. .......... .......... . . Gundersen, Marie A.. .. . . . , . . . Gunkel, Dorothy G ..... ..... 4 80, Guntor, Adele P ..... .. . ......,. . . . . Gurevitz, Helen ..... ..,................ Gurley, D. E ...... . ..... 51 85, 271, 312, Gutteridge, J. W., . . ......,....... . . . . . Guy, E. J. ....... ....... Guyton, W. A.. .. .... 168, 460, Gymkanu .......... ....,.. ........., Gymkana Anivizier .............. . . . Gymnartica-Gymkana Troupe .. . Gymmutifr ............,... . . . H Haag, Amy J .... . .... . .. Haag, R. F. .... Haak, Jean M .... ,,,.,,, Haake, H. G.. . . .... .374, Habberton, W. ..... ..... 1 63, Hackett, D. F .......... ,.,.. 3 53, Hackett, Florence E. .... ....,,,, , , Hackett, R. P. ....... .... 5 38, 544, Hackleman, G. A .... ....... 3 76, Hackleman, J. C.. .. .... 171, 406, Hackley, B. M ..... ..,.... 3 10, Hackley, L. G. ...... ,.,,,., , , Hackmann, Carol R .... Hadarn, Jean L. ...,..... ,,,. . , , Hadary, G. ............... ........ . . Haddenhorst, Dorothy M. .... .... 3 10, 507, Haddick, Arline P ........ . ....... 480, Haessler, C. G. ......... .... 4 44, 527, Hafner, J. E. ........ ,....,.,, , Hafner, R. H., Jr..,. Hagan, Helen H. ..., ,..... , Hagblom, E. W.. .. ,,,,S5, Hagen, Helen H. .... ,,,, , Hagenson, C. H. .... .,,. . Hager, Jane ....... .... 8 5, Hagerstrom, R. S .,... .,,. Haglom, E. W. ..... . , . Hagman, L. W ..... .,., Hagstrom, R. A ...... .... Hague, Stella M. .... , . , , Hahn, A. J. ........ , , , , Hahn, J. L. ...... ......,. . Hahn, Kathryn ..... ........,, Haines, G. C .... . .... 405, 431, Hait, E. A. ....... ........ 8 5, Halatek, L. F ....,.. ...50, 51, Hale, B. Virginia ..., ,....,... Hale, C. S. ......... ,,,.,,,,, , Hale, H. W. ..... .... 3 32, 333, Hall, B. V. .,., .......,. . Hall, C. A .... . ......... . Hall, E. E ..... ..... 8 5, 381, Hall, H. C ..... .......... Hall, Ina F. ........... .. ..... 85, Hall, J. W. ........................,... .. Hall, June E...86, 163, 165, 293, 507, 528, Hall, Liuis F. ..........,.............. 86, Hall, M. P ..,., . .... 86, Hall, Margaret ..... ..... Hall, Marjorie E. .... ,... 8 6, Hall, Nancy A ..... . . .334, Hall, Roberta E. .... .....,..... . Hall, S. G ...... , .......... 172, Hall Sam W. .... ..... 5 0, 86, 381, Hall, Stanley W ..,. ......., 4 32, Hallclen, J. T. .... .... 8 6, Hallden, O. S.... Hallett, J. J.. . . . . . . Hallsey, J. V ..... .... Halsey, J. F .,...... .... Halterman, H ...,.... .... Halterman, Jean C. .... Halvorsen, Lorene L. . . . . . . . . Ham, C. W. .,....... ...166, Ham, W. D. ........ . . . . Hameister, R. A. ,... .... . Hamilton, A. .,..... ........ , Hamilton, A. B .,.... ..... 4 60, Hamilton, C. A. ......... . . . .. Hamilton, Dorothy H. .... .. . . 513 Hamilton, Eleanor M. .... 86, 240, 241, 355. Hamilton, G. B .... ,.... Hamilton, G. E.. . . . . Hamilton, Helen l .... .... Hamilton, J. A.. . . . . Hamilton, J. R ...... . Hamilton, Jeanne F.. . . . Hamilton, John R.. . . . . Hamilton, T. S.. . . . , . . Hamilton, W. E.. . . . . . . Hamley, J. E. ......... .. . . Hamlin, H. M. ........... ...... . Hamlin, Mrs. Helen W. ..,. , . .86, Hamm, J. K ............ ..... Hamma, Maxine M. . . .. .. Hamman, T. R ..... . . . . .. Hammar, R. A ..... .... Hammer, C., Jr.... .. Hammer, F. T. ....,. Hammerstein, E. H. ..... . . . Hammerstrom, A. F, .... . . . . Hammond, C. W. ..... . . Hammond, R. D... , . Hammond, W. C ..... ..... Hamp,G.H.,Jr... Hamp, L. R ...... .... 5 56 Hampton, A. L.. . . Hampton, J. H ......... ......... Hampton, L. E ..... .,........... Hampton, O. H ..... 86, 332, 545, Hampton, Ruth . . 381 325 Hanaiin, Mary P Hanauer, L.... ..... . ..... ...., , Hanawalt, Catherine A. ............. . Handlon, C. C. ...,...., 154, 184, 198 Handrick, R. G ...... .............. Handschy, June E .... . . . . Handtmann, G. E.. . . Hanes, Betty J,. . . . Hanisee, Alma M.. . . ....240 Hanitz, Elizanne ..... 363, 375 425 427, 293 485 382 .86 375 .86 336 424 164 513 310, 379 379 333 115 379 405 503 307 162 202 485 378 171 530 353 352 528 307 Hanks, C. F ....... Hanks, T. G ..... Hanley, J. H. .... . Hanley, Dorothy J.. . . Hanlon, F. J ...... Hanna, L. M... .. Hannah, H. W .... Hannah, L. H.. . . . Hannah, N. B.. .. Hannig, P. B ........ Hansen, Elynor S.. . .. Hansen, G. M.. . . . Hansen, J. D ..... Hansen, L. A. .... . Hansen, R. ......... . Hansen, W. H., Jr.. . .. Hanson, D. N ..... .. Hanson, G. W. ....... . Hanson, Harriet R .... Hanson, J. R ........ Hanson, J. W. ..... . Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, R. L. ........... 86, 374, Hantover, Grace C ....... ..... June M. .... ................ . K ...,, . . .................. .. 405 382, .........357 Hapac, W. J. ...... 154, 167, 184, 198, 200 202 Harback, H. D. ....... ........... 3 8, 87 Harber, J. E. ....... .....,..... 3 12, 405 Hardaker, R. L. .... .... 4 8, 87, 304, 423 Harders, H. J. .... .............., . Hardine, R. L ....... ..............., Harding, A. A .... ..... ..... 3 s 1, 352, 439 Harding, Florence M .... ............... Hardinger, J. D. .....,. . . . .. , . . .. Hardy, Lillian L ..... ..... 8 7 Hare, W. B .......... ...,.. Hargitt, G. H., Jr. ..... . . . . Harkness, Florence S.. ,. . . . . .. Harkness, Margery M .... ..... 8 7 Harless,A.E ..... Harman, C. G. .... ........ . Harman, H. F. ..... ...87, 431 Harmon, D. N ..... 334 532 422 352 492 416 406 306 422 408 417 502 546 478 450 539 435 433 163 547 505 539 408 467 466 86 536 295 353 505 445 510 496 454 340 432 422 486 460 487 542 512 381 467 433 326 379 381 430 428 541 443 86 293 383 536 86 86 541 529 489 524 407 512 419 457 513 201 449 526 430 533 452 439 536 486 468 498 269 418 523 523 411 527 526 525 Hayes, R. ...... . Harmon, Doris V. .... Harmon, Kathryn M.. . Harmon, Mary J. .... . Harmon, R. B. . . . . Harris, D ........... Harms, G. E ..... Harnetiaux, R.. . . Harnisch, W. E .... Harnish, W. M.. . . Harno, A. J. .... .. Harno, A. J., Jr. .... . Harno, Michalia Harnois, H. A.. . . . Harper, H. P. ..... Harriman, A. Grace... .87, 333, Harris, Harris, G. C., Jr..... M.R ..... .. Harris, Mildred E ..,. Harrison, L. A. ..... . Harrison, L. D. ..... . Harrison, Mildred V.. . Harrison, S. M ..... . .. Harry, Eileen M.. . .. Harry, Georgia A.. . . Harsch, D. R.. . . . . Harsha, W. M ..... Harshbarger, G. .... . Harshbarger, K. E.. . .. Harshman, Nancy E.. . Hart, Elsa C. ........ . Hart, G. F. .... . Hart, W. C.. . .. Hart, W. H.. . . Harter, E. C. .... . .. Hartley, D. K... .. Hartley, J. W.. . .. Hartley, M. C... . Hartline, J. B... .. Hartman, L. A. .... .. Hartman, M. M .... .. Hartmann, C. Lorraine. Hartzell, Jeanette E.. . . Hartzler, J. D. ..... . . . ..... ave, Harvey, Arline B ..... Harvey, Harvey, C. E.H ..... Harvey, Lois. .... . Harvey, Harvick, M. R.... D. ....379 .33, 43. 163 ........332 334 ....2s3, 336 ......s7, 170 .s7, 355, 556 381 Harwood, F. Ellen .... Harwood, M. Millicent .... ..... Hasernan, C. L ........ Haser, C. F .... .. Haslem, Hass, C. D.J .... F ........... Hassenstein, E. L .... . Hastings, J. Walter... Haswell, R. E. ...... . Hatch, A. J ........ Hatch, D. J .......... Hathaway, R. W ..... Hattis, B. S. ..... . Hatton, Marian .... Haug, Elsie L. ...... . Haugeland, J. C. ....... . Hauptlleisch, Esther A.. Hauptfleisch, L. A.. . .. Hauser, Jane W.. . . Havens, C. S ......... Havighurst, Miriam.. . Haviland, W. D ..... Havlin, Geraldyne .... Hawk, J .H.. ....... .. Hawkins, Mildred L. .. Hawkins, Naomi Hawkins, Rosella Hawkins, W. W. .... . Haworth, Catherine A.. Haworth, E. E. ..... .. Haworth, Grace A .... Hawthorne, R. ...... . Hay, R. C ..... Hay, R. T ...... . . Hay, Roberta F ..... Hayes, D. W.. . .. ...87, .......87 184, iss, ....374 270 378 417 .87 1521 379 334 340, 317 .87 168 312 473 352 .87 171 483 384 455 163 411 355 378 .87 477 502 352 352 194 378 376 273 .87 , , , i s , , , .88, 343 ....306 ....163 ....88, 532 y , v 310 346 .88 310 171 310 537 1 I 1 1 355 507 507 384 534 525 456 437 441 435 494 352 341 352 354 410 460 534 539 411 535 482 444 513 494 443 466 422 422 542 523 378 532 429 526 442 442 167 411 526 547 295 527 527 507 547 416 517 451 524 528 87 415 440 539 539 423 467 326 526 354 450 547 485 513 383 511 380 528 43 163 453 512 443 506 547 481 446 513 353 492 458 451 307 513 547 Elizabeth Hayes, L. P ........ . . Hayes, Hayes, O. J ....... . L ...... Hayes, T. Hayes, W. E.. . . . . Haymond, F. O.. . . . Hays, Lois B ..... . . Hayward, C. L ....... Hayward, H. N. ..... . Hayward Hazen, D. F.. .31 Hazleton, H. Hazlett, Olive C. . . . Head, J. L. .... . Heady, H. P. ........... . 3, 335, 374, A. ....... . Heald, R. A.. . . . Healy, Doris ..... Healy, T. B ..... Heaney, C. J .... . . . Heath, Maida M.. . . . Heaton, S. ....... . Heavener, R. Jean .... Hebron, Marion ..... Hecht, M. H ...... . Hecht, R. Heckert, L. F ...... . . . Hedden, W. A. ...... . Hedgcock, Margaret E.. . Hedlund, Hedrick, E.C ....... G. C. ...... . Hedrick, Helen L ..... Hedrick, P. L. ..... .. Heeren, F. H. ........ . Heeren, Marguerit HeFHey, E. F... ...... . Heiman, J. M.. .. Heimann, E. H .... Heimann, Emil E ..... Heindel, R. S. . . . . . Helander, Ruth E.. . . Helber, G. Z .... . .. Hellenthal, W ..... eE.... Heller, J ..... . . . Heller, Louise ..... Hellmich, E. E.. .. Helm, M. S. ...... . Helm, Mary M .... Helm, R. R .... Helman, D.. . .. Helwig, R. J.. . . . Hemp, J. L ............. GENERAL INDEX-CONTINUED .....283, 310, 478, . .... 334 157, 268, 272 ....508 ....88 583, 352, .88 172 526 .88 .88 488 385 .88 .88 375 344 289 405 528 451 172 145 168 Hemp, Mildred H. ....................... . Hemphill, C. E. ..... 88 Hemphill, J. S.. .... .. Hemphill, R. C .... . .. Hemphill, W. J.. . . .. Henderson, C. M ...... Henderson, Glenna A .... Henderson, M. ....... . Henderson, Shirley J.... Hendler, A. F. ..... . Hendren, W.P .... Hendricks, H. I.. . . Hendricks, R. J. ..... . . Hendrie, Jayne N.. . .. Hendrix, C. W ...... . Hendrix, Shirley ..... Henegar, G ........ .. Henhoff, Harrilee E .... Henke, Louis J.. . . . . . Henke, W. A ..... .. Henkhaus, M. V ..... Henley, W. R.. . .. Henline, P. W ..... .. Hennessey, G ......... Hennessy, Margaret ..... Henniges, P. B. ..... .. Hennings, Lorraine C. . . Henrick, G. J ..... .... Henricks, E. G ...... Henricks, F. E.. . . . Henricks, H. I ..... Henrikson, L. B .... Henry, Helen L.. . . 274, 356, 405, 382 ....89, ....89 ....355 ....426 ....89 .....3l0 412 450 17.1 430 164 409 281 525 163 515 381 542 528 529 88 385 539 435 511 536 532 418 532 165 167 534 525 412 542 427 438 88 443 491 453 164 412 88 380 88 171 437 523 88 355 497 345 423 410 462 167 306 539 381 524 454 163 526 536 487 539 224 539 440 88 545 540 416 416 453 523 546 517 448 546 89 274 489 168 513 465 537 539 429 539 534 408 429 490 164 523 546 546 539 539 530 488 Henry, J. F... . Hensel, H. L ...... . . . . Henwood, Margaret. .. Henwood, R ...... ...... Hepperly, J. T. .......................... . Herbst, L. B., Jr. .... 89 Herbst, R. R. ...... . Hercules, C. D. .... . . .. Herget, W. T .... Hering, H. H.. . . . Herm, A. L. ....... . Herm, Herm Herm Herm Kathryn A ....... an, Charlotte A.. . ann, R. ie, A. Hernlund, J. W.. . . . Heron, W. G. ....... . Herrick, Margaret H.. . Herriott, Helen E ..... Herrmann, R. W ..... Herrold, R. D.. . . . Hershey, F. B ..... Hershman, R. R.. . . . ....89, ....306, 376, 382, 405, 421, 155,-206, 292, 293, 297. 494, 523, .....89 ....385 ......284 .....353, 443 ....89, ....450 , 1 , 1 Hertel, D. H. ....... .... 4 39, Hertz, Evelyn M.. . . . . . . . . Herz, R. G. .......... .... 3 82, Herzberg, Aimee J. .... .... 1 69, Herzler, R. E ....... .... 3 13, Heslep, R. R ..... .......... Hesler, C. D .... ...... 8 9, 405, Hess, J. H .... ................. Hess, L. E. .... ..... 8 9, 450, 539. Hessell, D. S .... .... ............... Heter, R. T. ............. . . . Hettinger, Bernadine C .... . . . Hettinger, S. V .... . . . . . . Heubach, E. C.. .. -- - Hewitt, M. W ..... - - - Hewlett, R. G. .... - - - Hey,Helen Hey, J. W ..... .... 9 0, Hey, Lenore J ..... . . -.- -- Heyduck, LuEllen. . . ...... . - . . Heyl, R. E. ........ ............ . Heyser, H. E., Jr. .... ....... 3 74, 381. Hibbert, Alice W. .... .... 1 56, 268, 318, Hickey, Judith B. .... ....... 1 ss, 241, Hickman, E. H ..... Hicks, Ramona ....... Hicks, Raymond L .... Hicks, Russell L.... Hieser, Dorene ........ Higgins, Billie M. ..... . Higgins, Elizabeth M .... Higgins, G. F. ....... Highsmith, F. D .... Hight, C. F. ...... . Hilberg, Betty A .... Hill, Mrs. A. A.... Hill, Bettie L.. . .. Hill, G ......... Hill, H. Hill, H. E ...... Hill, J. B. ...... . Hill, Joanne W.. . . . Hill, L. I. ...... . Hill, N. N ..... Hill, T. W ..... .. Hill, W. E., Jr .... . Hillebrand, H. N... Hiller, Lucille ...... Hillman, R. E .... Hilton, G ....... Hilton, G. ..........365, 376, .155, 280, 325, 516, . .. . .155, 309, 487, . ..... 290, 473, .. . .90, .....376 ....378 .9o, 165, 381, 432 Himes, R. D. ..... . Hinchcliff, E. E ...... .... Hinckley, Jeannette ............. ....... Hindman, H. A., Jr ..... Hindsley, M. H. ....... . Hines, Betty J.. . . . Hines, H. C ..... Hinkel, Mary J.. . . Hinkley, P. P.. . . . Hineuber, R. C ..... ..........336, 326, 351, 352, 353 451 494 . . . . . . .90 . . .322, 381 Page 429 429 475 453 274 543 463 89 412 423 241 523 295 524 440 89 384 429 488 523 540 468 547 539 356 89 456 476 457 531 433 465 545 454 414 89 458 89 90 452 506 460 506 485 407 460 487 341 423 512 384 408 523 542 477 414 48 162 512 355 511 409 529 545 435 483 467 544 382 409 163 326 453 456 422 505 524 490 534 408 536 542 352 511 502 539 571 Hinze, R. N. ....... . Hirsch, D. C., Jr.. . . . Hirsch, L. J., Jr .... . Hirsch, M. W... . . Hirschberg, S. R .... Hirsh, Florence M ..... Hirsh, H. D. ....... . Hirst, R. V ..... .. Hissem, J. M .... Hitchcock, Lois .... Hites, L. P .......... Hitke, Dolores C .... Hielm, June E ..... Hlavek, R. F ..,.. . . . H. M. S. Pinafafe ..... Hoberg, Janice. .... . Hochberg, F. M.. . . . Hochberg, M. M. .... . .....90 .....9O ....405 .......310 ....381, 451 ........90 ......16s, 315 5 5 Hochman, Felicia C. ..................... . Hochschild, W. L ...... ..... 1 99, 374, Hocker, June B.. . .. Hockey .............. Hocking, Harriet V ..... Hocking, Shirley ..... Hocking W. ....... . Hodge, G. R. ........ . Hodge, Marguerite A .... Hodges, J. D. ..... Hodges, H. T ..... Hoebel, D. S.... Hoefener, P. R .... Hoefner, V. C ....... Hoegsted, H. G.. Hoegsted, L. H.... Hoel, Milnore O.. .. Hoel, W. J., Jr.... Hoelscher, R. P ..... Hoener, I. R ..... . Hocppner, F. J .... Hoff, W. A. ..... . Hofiing, M. A.. Hoffman, C. B. Hoffman, C, K HoHman, C. W.. . . Hofiman, H. L ..... Hoffman, H. R.. . . Hoffman, J. Hofmann, W. A. .... . 382 ...........296 256 .183, 188, 190, .. . .90. 539 ...........286 . .172, '2'54,' 255' 455 . .......... 90 . . . .90, 381, .........182 ....9o, 384, 433 Hogan, F. B. .,........ . Hogan, Georgianna P ..... Hogg, Margaret A. .... . Hogue, R. S ..... ...... Hohcnstein, P. C ..... Hohn, F. E ......... Hoit, Elizabeth M.. . .. Hokamp, Jane F .... Hokanson, V. A ,,.,, Holik, M. J. ....... . Hollabaugh, J. Z.. . . Holleb, Rella L .... Hollenbeck, M. E .... Hollett, G. T ...... Holley, C. E .... Holley, F. E ..,. ..... Hollinger, P, Hollingsworth, R. B Hollman, Dorothy Hollmann, E, P ,,,,, Holly, F. W. ...... . Holman, Carroll B. Holman Holmes, Holmes, J. Holmes Holmes Holmquist, Kathryn ,W.H .... D.J .... ,R.C ........ Holmstrom,J.T .....,. Holquist, H. J .....,..,. Holstrom, H. E.. .. Holt, Arline ..... Holt, E. H ........ Holt, Letitia P ..... Holty, R. S ....... Holtzman, J. A ...... Holtzman, Mary Holz, W. J ........ . Page 572 , W. E. ........ . E.. ....312, sos, 355 .....165, 344, .........405 ....91, 405, ....9l, 167 427 ....91, 163, 379 158, 226, 320, .....91 .....91 ....2s6, .....91 5 5 5 ...........3'l0, 460, Q 420 436 429 455 436 513 436 539 451 489 439 498 486 417 340 508 454 454 513 432 489 232 514 498 199 379 485 419 526 303 90 352 544 545 489 240 461 529 443 432 539 460 168 465 533 463 524 534 207 90 515 502 162 167 527 480 91 528 414 493 544 446 408 356 468 442 474 545 168 498 ,365 546 416 528 379 516 418 460 376 490 450 490 407 418 478 419 GENERAL INDEX -CONTINUED Holzer, J. M ..................... 380, 446, Holzinger. K. J. ...... ......... . . Homann, G. W ..... ...... . . . Home Ernnomicr Club. . . . . Homecoming ..... . .... Homrighous, Faye A ...... . .... 293, 295, Homorighous, Vera L.. Homs, D. M ..... . ........ .. Honorary and Pfoferrianal .... Honn, D. H ..... ..... Honoroff, A.. . .. Honsik, C. . . . . Honsik, F. ......... . Hood, J. H. .......... . Hoof and Hom Club .... Hoogstraal, H. . . . . . Hook, R. D. ...... . Hooker, Hooper, H. Jane ..... Hoover, A. M. ...... . Hoover, E. D.. . . . Hoover, Mary J .... Hope, R. Hopkins, B. S. . . . . I ..... Lorraine M.. . .. 293. ....170, .91 .....310, .....168, Hopkins, H. S ...... ........ Hopkins, Janet V ..... ...... Hopkins, L. G ...... Hopkins, T. R.. . . . Hopp, Shirley B .... .... Hoppin, C. F... . . Hoppin, F. B. ..... . . Hopps, Winifred ..................... Hopwood, T. M .... 91 184, 226, 227 405 Horan, Margaret R.. . . ...... . . . .. Horn, A. B. ........ .... 9 1, 172 Horn, F. W. .... ...... . Horn, H. W ..... . . Horn, Selma M .... . Horn, Hornaday, G. W ..... Hornbeck, R. B. .... . Horner, Alice L.. . . W. L. ....... . . Horner, H. ...... . Horning, E. C ........ Horning, Mary M ..... Hornor, M. C ....... Horstman, Janet ........ Hotenstine, Hazel M.. . Horwitz, Ruth ...... Horwitz, I. D ..... .....382 .......92 . . .240, 306 Hosek, C. J. . ..... ........... . . . . Hosford, Mary J. .... . Hoskins, Jean S. ..... . Hoskins, Maurine E ..... ..-92. 293, 294 .. . .92 Hostetler, Dorothy M ..... ,, Hostetter, Marie M.. . . . Hott, Mary M ..... . . . Hott, R. F. ........ . Hott, W. A.. . . . Hottes, C. Hotz, C. Hough, C. R. .... . Hough, T. S., Jr.. .. Hoult, T. F ........ Houston, C. W.. . . . Howard, F. W.. . . Howard, J. A.. . . . Howard, R. O ,,,. Howe, C. R.. .. 379 408 376 .91 310 256 425 .91 532 428 .91 .92 452 240 480 514 168 295 524 473 528 .92 171 ....92 .....306, 310 Howe, J. J ...... Howell, F. S. .... . Howell, Mary L... .. Hoyt, Helen ...... Hfic, J. w ......... Hubbard, C. W.. .. Hubbard, Hubbard, Jane .... E. Hubbard, J. E .... Hubbell, Hubbert, R. D ..... Hubbs, Ardis G... .. Huber, C. F. ........ . Huber, Charlotte L ..... Hubert, G. L. ....... . .92 .92 .92 171 435 310 5 5 539 429 379 523 266 512 512 409 520 414 436 504 504 168 525 431 451 506 492 445 415 517 453 416 381 483 430 427 484 449 525 503 345 540 498 536 535 437 515 420 450 433 537 27 408 355 419 542 523 513 529 92 512 547 488 491 485 487 539 419 376 406 446 164 539 207 92 460 539 445 459 438 356