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NISTVQATIQN SE N I Q QS U N DEVQCLASSNEN SCNCDLASWC l-JCDNQVQS EVENTS QF TNQ YEAR UNIVERSITY Ns ff N? K W ffl 51 Y , . V: A , , . . -.vnu +-f M :- Q ,H 4 ' 4. X f " 1 -x " A, 1. , -, ---'- ' --" '5"f.,f1- ,nv--.-H- ., f ,-.-. -.,1...,g+f.u,!,H,, "' V, ' ' ' 'Siam , "' A . . , ,!'.7f5L.i-iff-f-11,,.. wumawn , A .A---if -1 'x:1' r.g. mug. , n liar. Q3-L , in . . Y. F ,-'-'---'-- 1' 1-'1.,j:1.-Q-1,4-, . ,, -, - . . ,Egg Eff J-, - -1 2r'i'f?"f1-- 1 . A ' ' ' ' ' """-""'-f- WF:-4 " , f1g ,A.,,, .,--.s, . "' ' -re r'-Nl. ASEE-N . ,- . 4, . 15+ ,.cs.,,-::.3r z ,, -W -.5.e.,x -, '-'v-i. ,.'- '-- A' 1 . H., ,. I , U 4,--vs-nnnngpnns.-..-.1--, -- i-5- wx - A - -f- gg-, - .- ,, h.. ff lJ.11-,.- -A .- a--,,, ' . All1WIIllTISTIl14fIllllT , -- 415 wwf an LXRTH UR CUTTS XVILLARD Pl'F5idF7lf 1 75641, ZlfLi4 6446 6 Unless our educated classes, whether they have specialized in the arts, literature, or Sciences have also an interest in, and an intelligent appreciation of, the social, political, and economic problems of the society in which they must live their lives, they may have received an education which they may not use effectively. The approach to these problems through the development of interest and appreciation therein depends on a sense of personal responsibility to the community and the state. In other words, we must develop a sense of citizenship if there is to be a well ordered society in which to live and enjoy a richer life. Briefly stated, we have developed during the past decade or so, as a result of our amazingly rapid advances in technological and other fields, a highly specialized atti- tude toward education on the part of the students and faculty in many of our uni- versities. Many are thinking only in terms of education for individual competence, with the result that breadth of learning, background subjects, and even cultural ideals are being sacrificed in the rush for utilitarian knowledge which is so much in demand, especially in the professional fields and in the professional schools. The fact that social and economic trends might seriously impair the usefulness of such highly specialized knowledge has received scant consideration. Economic stability and social harmony have been taken for granted-government would solve all such problems as might arise, relieving the individual of any responsibility save to himself and his own career. It is a proper function, therefore, of our state universities today to read-iust the balance between education for individual competence alone, and education for breadth, for background, for cultural development, and for citizenship, in order to promote the best interests of the community in which we live. The University of Illinois expects to meet this situation with frankness and deal with it without sacrificing any of those fundamental values which our educational experience has taught us apply equally well in any situation-including the present. It is, in my opinion, equally mandatory on the University to produce men and women, who, when face to face with life in a world that is far from perfect, in a world that measures Success too often by material success regardless of the means employed, will use their knowledge for the common welfare of their fellow men. Prfsia'f'nt, l7nifvm'sify of Illinois ru rf T0 Tlllf SfllIllflll'IS llf II.I.IlllllIS: lin iii Mori x Pl 111,599 l' 1Y Op X G Q-'sw at ff 'Nw 351- i N D X 77 7.7 VJ S X OQXR Q6 X. T5 D I 1' . ' f '4gii:':Li"l'L'fv, fu Z i f fy, 37 S2 g " f N X if ol 4 if I WALTER W. WILLIAMS President, Board of Truxlces It is a pleasure to present to you greetings from the Board of Trustees and to congratulate you upon the decision which you have made to take advantage of the opportunity that is yours to secure an education at our great University. Through the years, the rapid progress that has been made hy the University of Illinois, I am sure, has been due to a great extent to the ever-growing host of young men and women of whom our student body and alumni are composed. The Board of Trustees, in advancing the welfare and reputation of the institution in every Way possible, needs the continued interest and support of the public, alumni, faculty and stall, and the entire student body. I am sure that we may continue to rely upon you now as students to do your part, and also later when you have joined the ranks of our alumni. Prfsiflefzt, Board of Trustrrx Liam lxl.-KY!-ZR XVIEL-KNIT Luvrsiixarnm ii.f?, wf 1 0' ff-2-"N 'L f-556. q JY fu ,,., MT' ' 0 klgfxW 'N -15 if Z 2 lm, -lf. , , ca D 'j.l-X-ALQQ 53" 5 fl, ,lf ff! ' V - ' , II X Y H C-.Kg f Q I viii-Q' IIIIAIHII Ill: 'IIHUSTEES HON. PIENRY HORNRR Cofurrnor of Illirzoix Grzifwzloz' of Illinois S1fPl,,'j'ffl"lflI'1ff of Pzzffffu lmfrzrufiffzz HON. HENRX' HORNER HON. JOHN A. XVIELAND Spz'f21gf1'f1l Sfv'ir1gj91'frf UFFICERS OI" THE BOARD XXV.-ALTER VV. YVILLIAMS, Benton , l'1-miflrzzr ORVILLE M. KARRAKER, Harrisburg, . Prfsiflwzf-1-Ivfr HARRISON E. CUNNINGHAM, Urlnmn , .O Suv-wfm-y FRANK M. GORDON, Chicago Trfwumv- LLOYD MOREY, Urbana . Cfnnpfmllwr I ELECTED MEMBERS CQFOROF A. BARR ORVILLE M. Ii.-KRR.-XKl'Il MRS. NI.-XRIF C. l'1L'xuc J nfivf I1111'rfxf1141'g l,'f5fu1Lgn EDWARD E. Il.-xRRVrT KESCAR U. NI.-XY!-'R If.-KRUI D .-X. l'Oc.l r La Cmugf' Fi'.lll.Yl0ll Drmlur NIRF. NFI.I.IP1 V. FRI-ZPYXIAN li.-RRI. A. IVIFYFR XVXITI-R VV. XVII 1 I-XXI flllzffnnu l,'11im1gn lffflflllf K.-xRR,-xl-:ER BARR I'um'L FR:-1-M.-xw 'Nlumlx' Nh H R l'. I' vi . 53 YXVEEE 1 I 1 Q'f,ixNG6.l Q 51 -31 4 Yo Q s .S'5flTfLi" 19 1. Z Y, 55" O 3 1 fly G X f ' W x QS' 11.iff3,Rgf 74 'f 5 X-sgqjii Q AIRTERED I" 0 1111, l'llE 0 ll.EGE E ENGINEERING Established in lvlay 1867, when the Board of Trustees adopted the report of its committee on Courses of Study and Faculty, the College of Engineering is one of the oldest on the campus. The report of the committee recommended that the University "provide courses in Mechanical Science and Art, Civil Engineering, lVlining Engineering and lVletallurgy, and Architecture and Fine Artsf' instruction in the College of Engineering began on -izuinary 1, 18711. Since 1871-72, when the four curricula of lViechani- cal Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mining Engineer- ing, and Architecture were first announced, the College has grown steadily and rapidly. At present, the College of Engineering offers thirteen curricula administered di- rectly hy the College, and in addition the curriculum of Chemical Engineering, administered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 'llhe Dean of the College of Engineering is also the Ili 1917, the sirious congestion in all ol' the lahoiatories of the Engineering College led to the appropriation of S5llll,Ullll by the General Assemhlv for the erection ol a Materials Testing Laboratory. The Materials Testing Laboratory, completed in 1919, is of Georgian archi- ttcturc and the chiel feature of the huilding is the large crane hav which contains the testing machines. The bay is 147 feet in length, -ll feet in xxidth and the crane has a lilt of ill feet. The pit for the i,lIlIll,1HIO pound testing machine extends fifteen feet he-low the crane bar, or basement floor, The weight of this machine and inundation, not including the specimen in the machine is l8ll,ollll pounds. In addition to housing the testing machine, the building contains the offices, classrooms, and lahoratoiies of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, as uell as spate for some of the uoik in Civil llllrl Highnai Fngineering. l i l i DEAN MELUN L. ENGER Director of the Engineering Experiment Station, the purpose of which is Hto conduct investigations and make studies of importance to the engineering, manufacturing, railway, mining, and other industrial interests of the statef' The work of the Station includes research by all departments of the College of Engineering and also the Department of Industrial Chemistry. While a num- ber of the investigations are made in cooperation with industries or engineering societies, a large portion of the research carried on consists of independent study. The results of the numerous researches completed by the Experiment Station from December 8, 19113, the date of its founding, to the present have been published in two hundred eighty bulletins. Occasionally the Sta- tion has published circulars, totaling twenty-five in all, containing articles of timely interest, information of importance, and material not readily accessible in other sources. 1 - ' lNlr.t.v1N L. ktstrhk, Dean of the College of Engineering, will complete his thiitieth year on the University faculty this spring. He was born in Decorah, Iowa, in 1884. He began his undergraduate work at the University of Minnesota and later transferred to the University of Illinois, receiving three degrees from the University, the Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1906, the professional degree of Civil Engineering in 1911, and the Master of Science degree in 1919. XYhen Professor A. N. Talbot retired as the head of the Department of 'Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in 1929, Professor Enger succeeded him in this position. Later when Acting Dean VVillard was appointed President of the University in 1914, Professor linger was nominated to head the College nf Engineer- ing. Many engineering honorary societies and fraternities are among his activities, including the American Societv of Civil 1-Ingieers, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, Sigma Xi, Sigma Tau, and Mu-San. In many of these he has held prominent positions. Q .Q Dv.-xx IMI,-Yl"IAlll-XX' 'I'. hdcfi tfirr The largest college in the University attained its present status in 1913, when the College of Literature and Arts and the College of Sciences were combined to form the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with the late Kendric C. Babcock as Dean. Since then the Col- lege has endeavored to integrate instruction in both the humanities and the sciences. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has two particular functions. First, it enrolls students in special- ized and pre-professional curricula, for instance, pre- medical, pre-law, pre-journalism, chemistry, and chemi- cal engineering. Second, it provides the resources for a "liberal" education. 'lI,iberal," means a program lead- ing to a vvell-rounded personal development, that is, a program in which the studies emphasize factors that contribute to a general knowledge and interpretation of the forces, tendencies, conflicts, and problems of life, M.-K'I"l'IlI-.XX 'I'HtrNII'M1N INIL'CIl'Rl-., Ilean of the Coll-gr ol' Iiibeial ,Xits ani' Sciences, uas horn at Spottsforrl, Virginia, April IT, llitli. A bathelor's rlegret was awarded hinr at Uashinigton and Lee University in l'llH, xthrre he did his under- graduate uork, fl niaster's degree .lt the Universitt of Virginia in IVUT, and a cloctnr's degree at Columbia in l'!l2. Before coming lo Illinois, Mr. McClure was .rn instructor in Pllllosophi at Columbia and from lllli to 1921 :r Professor of Philosophy' at 'I'ul:rne. ll: began hiS Career Ill Illinois in Ivll as Associate Ptufesslli in Philosophv. In IUII he became Professor ot Philosophy and ni lvjo he was appointed head of that depart- ment. The deanship nas :rwarwletl hlni in IVE-I after seriing a rear as Acting Dean of the College nf Liberal Arts and Scnners. Dean McClure ls rr menrber of Phi Beta Kappa, the .-'xrrreritarr Philosophical Assoclalloli, and other honor ox organizations. I flllo II , rwa. Qs st, ef? sf-'bn -. gyffxgtl ilif -I viz i f 2 R - . X VJ N ' 5' fi Q Rx Ofgf gg -- or Q ARTERED I" 41111, Tlllf lllllffilf lllllf AI. TS AIU SCIENCES rather than lead to a specific individual career. Because of the wide range of interests thus encountered in so large a student body, the College necessarily offers many fundamental courses of other colleges as electives. In- struction in rhetoric, romance languages, social sciences, and mathematics for students in other colleges in the University is also provided. So great has this burden become that now slightly more than half of the total energy of the teaching staff has been devoted to the in- struction of students enrolled in other colleges. 'Iihe College is at present considering means of offer- ing greater opportunities and fewer obstacles to the bet- ter student, and more help and guidance to the student who has not yet found himself. 'Ilo allow the better students to advance as rapidly as they wish, the "tutorial system" has been put into use. Under this system the student studies alone with the help of an adviser, and takes an examination when he has covered the material. Ihe orrgnral purpose in builrlrrv' Lintoln llall urns to eonsrrrrtr ,I I-uihlrn" of B I- the same tipc as L'nivt'rs1tr Hall. 'Iibls building urs to lraxt bein .rn addition to lllrlversity Hall, but it uas soon setn that it inipiaeticablt to nrrkr sutli an addition to the forty-Year-old stiutture. 'Ihe new plans called for a building just south of tht lXonran's llurldrng ulritlr uas to be nained New Unirtrsitx llall, but during tht tonstrnction, tht nanrr uas changed to Abrzihain Lllltlilll Hall. 'lille cornrr stone uas laid Setrtlirrbrr Ill, IVIU and in it ueit placed nrani dotunients llltllltllllll 'l'li. lllmi' of that datt, illli .ilnum.1.- Qnartfrly, and details nl Ihr future plans or the University. l'hr struttin- built at that tirne nas only hall ol the present Iantoln llallg tht uthtr halt not bring built until IVJN. The later .olrlitron intln-led the Iattlf lhertfr .rnd tht west section. The Little Theater, hornr of the Illini 'l'lreatre Guild, Prtriots, and Arepo, is uell equipped for the IYIUNIIIILIIIIPII ol plais and nrusical productions, har- ing ll large stage uell supplird urth sctntri .ind lighting tatrlltirs. A l'." Tzu' i I llll0,o 'll OF .1 014' ait'9st Q Qz. 'vw Zi i sa' 0 :D it -- X l' 1 X q' f M N ' BQ' f 4 ' Q - X ll X I a- 4Q ' QB '- s Timm I ,'0Jlll1,, Tlllf lllllflilf lWllWllfllClf Alllll llllSIllllfSS ilIllIlIlllISfIRA'IIlllll As a separate unit, the College of Commerce and Business Administration dates from 1914. However, courses in business and commercial training were offered as early as 1902 under the jurisdiction of Dr. David Kinley, Dean of the College of Literature and Arts. Until 1926, when the present Commerce Building was dedicated, this unit occupied the east Wing of what is now the Administration Building. The College of Commerce and Business Administra- tion offers training in the principles underlying busi- ness With special training for particular business callings. It does not attempt to prepare students for clerical or similar occupations as employees, but to lay a founda- tion upon which successful careers in managerial and administrative positions may be built. To further this end, the development of fundamental theories rather Although the College of Connneice was not made a separate unit until 191-1, the Legislatuit granted an appropriation of Sl2i,ll1l0 in 1911 for the erection of a Coiiiriit-ice Building which nas completed and occupied in 1913. That building is now the east ning of the Administration Building. The enrollment in the College of Commerce increased until the need for larger quarters necessitated the construction of the present Commerce Building, which uas completed in 1926 at a cost of approximately i50ll,lltl0 including equipment. It is an imposing structure in Georgian architecture, veiv similar in appearance to the New Agriculture Building which faces it. Although the plans included a Com- nnrte Reading Room they wtie abandoned since the library is nearby. The Offices of the College of Connnerce and a large lecture room are located on the nest side of the building, Following the modern trend, the classrooms are small with tln, titctption of tuo accounting laboratoiits and the lecture room. 'ia A f A , ' jan , 'os-, ' f .i fr- , fllifll 4 'N' ,. . i - 9 Ill m , ff gg ' '5 ' " fic? ,ea flag: s W gm- 1. it 1-"digg 1 f E Al 1 li.,-, agygjlltml I it '1 V A , U, ,.,. ff' jk ff' If? 1-"refs 1.15 "VY , 1, ' 'Q ' l"2 ,.,.,., f , " m tl ll - -4eg',,,'17f.u1 - 1 . t i-A -riltfetlial ku ,, 1 Q, I 'ilfj ,,' ggi .3fa.I!k, . " 1 , . , f V, ...Am fr, -, - ., .. ,' "J Tv4j1le':'z'nzr' ' f r f" ' ' 'i --7 .ga 111 ' llllllf 4' .' 'i .1 Q2 it Q rum, 5: H tl I HI f B it W , . v3t.,3-JTQ, ,v ws 1 5. 1'.,,- 'iv . E W -. f A 'AI ,.VV. D' V A '-if Vw .ff I 3 2' ' . ,f,.4 ' 165 DEAN CHARLES M. '1iH01V11'SON than practices are taught in the classroom. Also, the curricula of the College are so arranged as to furnish an orderly progress in the student's development from the time he enters as a freshman until he is graduated at the end of the senior year. The work is divided into two departments: Economics and Business Organization and Gperation. The former includes foreign and domestic commerce, labor and statistics, public and private Enance, banking and in- surance, theory and history of economics, public utilities, and transportation. Business Qrganization and Operation includes accountancy, business law, business writing, and industrial administration. In addition to these commercial courses, the student is required to include in his curri- culum elective courses in social science, natural science, literature, language, mathematics, and law. L'ltARI.t.s MAN!-'Ri-n '1i1lUX1I'SUN, '09, Dean of the College of Commerce and Director of the Bureau of Business Research, was horn in Fairfield, Illinois, on November 10, 1877. Receiving his A.B. and A.M. degrees here in 1909 and 1910, respectively, he went to Harvard University to continue his study. In 1911 he returned to the University of Illinois to continue his graduate study. He received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1913 from the University of Illinois and has since that time served continuously on the faculty. Promotions followed rapidly and in 1919 he was elevated to the rank of professor and at the same time was appointed Dean of the College of Commerce. The Bureau of Busi- ness Research was established in 1921, and llean Thompson was made Director. In 1911 he accepted the McKinley Professorship of the Economics of Puhlic Utili' ties and Transportation. Too honorary degrees, a LL.D. from Muskingum College and a Litt.D. from McKendree College were bestowed upon him. The Urbana Association of Commerce conferred upon him its Distinguished Citizenship Award in 1934. DEAN HERBERT W. MUh1FORD Agriculture has always been one of the chief indus- tries of the State of Illinois. The College of Agricul- ture, which had its beginning in 1867 with the estab- lishment of the Illinois Industrial University, has the duty and privilege of serving this industry. As we become farther removed from a frontier type of farming, it becomes increasingly evident that in order to have a permanent agriculture, we must have intelli- gent agricultural planning. Such planning requires men with a broad liberal education, thoroughly trained in the newest and best methods of agriculture. The Col- lege of Agriculture offers just this kind of an educa- tion. The curriculum in agriculture aims to fit the stu- dent for the profession of farming, for technical posi- tions in industries closely allied to agriculture, for pub- lic service or extension service relating to agriculture, or for the teaching of agriculture. HERBIiRT XKIYIJSUR Mtxrroun, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Dr- rector of the Agricultural Fxperirnrnt Station and Agricultural Fxtensron Service, was born in lNlttscUW, ltlichigan, February 26, IHTI. Albion K'iillt'gc was the first college attended bv Mr. lNlunil'ord. From this, ht- transferred to the Michigan State College uhere he received his llachelor of Science degree. This college also bestowed upon him the honorari degree uf Doctor of Agriculture in 1927. Re- turning to his Alina Mater in IKV5, he strvt-tl :is an instructor :intl assistant in the Agricultural and Fxperrrntntal Station, attaining his full proft-ssorship in IWW. Professor of Anirnal llushzrndry and fhitf of tht- Anirnal lluslranrlrr Fxperirrrerrtal Station were his tirst positions at Illinois. He r't-ceivt-rl the dt-anship in 1922. lle has written numerous articles and too books on agritulrure and ls a rntrnhtr' til' many scientific and agricultural organizations. One of his most noted positions was that of rnembrrship in the Anrtriczni Stutlv Coninrissron for tierrnan .-Xgrrtulture in 1928. Illia- I" OFTPX Qu ?-'mlflg lv ff , YQ, ,,,,, ,,,' ' -.70 tr s -ffe -1 O 2 z i Z' ,sw N l r r- r sy 2 D -Wy - X x 0 r ,,' x gf ,t 0421 i ' Q5 I' 5- TERED ,l' 'OIIIIII 'Illlf lilllflili Ill: !llillIClll'I IKE The afiiliation, effected in l8S8, of the .-Xgricultrrral Experiment Station with the College of Agriculture enables the University to support a larger faculty and permits a higher degree of specialization than would otherwise be possible. The research projects of the Sta- tion not only help solve the practical and scientific prob- lems confronting the farmers individually and col- lectively, but also serve to increase the body of facts and principles which form the basis of our agricultural teaching. It is through the Agricultural Extension Ser- vice that the College is able to offer to the people of the state the results of its investigations in agriculture and home economics. The aim of the College is to make available, through instruction, the discoveries of science and the experience of the best farmers of all time. The new facts discovered by experimental research are put into teachable form for the benefit of students and farmers. The Old Agriculture Huilding nas the first building afttr llnivtrsrti' ll.rll In be located on the Quadrangle. It nas realli more luck than tort-sight that this building was located there to give a basis for the location of the other buildings, Presicleiit Draper made the following statement concerning the sllt' .intl lrurltlrng. "Frm-ct a group ol' agricultural buildings to the south and east of University ll.tll. . . The architecture of this group of buildings should be srrnrnetrical and picturistgut-, and all of the interior niav he inatlc, and should be rnade, attrattrre, nhtn corn- pleterl, the agricultural group should be proven crtn nrorr l':isctn.tting to tht slu- dents and visitors than other Urirversiti' buildings," The Old Agriculture Huilrlirig nas dedtcatr-d ln l'lllll ,intl uas tht niuin lrurltling ol the College of Agriculture until 1915 nhen the New Agriculture liurltlrng uns completed. Although the offices of the L'nlIt-ge were rnoved to tht- ntn building, the offices of the Departriu-nts of Agronornx, Dani llusbantlri, .intl tht llnrttd States Dc-partnient of Agriculture Soil Frosion Sc-rxice are still located rn 'l'ht Old Agriculture Building. lblfftr T11-fvitr-fe A 1lllI0,. ll' OF .1 ', , 9940, fl If . Jlff +R Q N i t 9. 3 f WI ffm N ff ii' S X f' 0' Of, 2,6 ,v' XRTERED I I' o"IIllll, TIIIZ Illllflilf UCATIO 'lihe origin of the College of Education dates hack to ISQX, when the influence of Charles tle Garmo, Pro- fessor of Psychology, who had shown a special interest in education, resulted in the creation of a chair of Peda- gogics and the selection of Dr. Frank Martin lWclVlurray as its First occupant. The chair expanded in IQIIII into the Ilepartment of Education, which, in turn, hecame the School of Education in l9lI7, and at length, in 1918, received its present title, the College of Educa- tion. .-Xt the same time, the Bureau of Educational Re- search was estahlished for the specific purpose of con- ducting research investigations in the field of education. From its heginning the ma-ior ohligation of the Col- lege has heen the training of high school teachers, princi- pals, supervisors, and superintendents. Illinois, heing the third state in population, has a puhlic school system en- rolling one and one-half million pupils who are taught hy forty-eight thousand teachers. Also, there has heen 'Ihr ,Xdnnnisttation Ilullding, last, ullith nas tht Old Vtunintitt Iilllltllllll, was dfdltatid on tht tutnts-tiist ul' Mat, l'JI2. 'liht Illllltllllg uas nrigtnallt inttntltd for 'he ust of the Lolltgt of komineitt, and nas used as such until th- tnnstiuttion ot tht' neu Lonnntitt Iiuilding. In I'lIi, the lloaid of 'Iitustees madt an approtniation for an addition In tht Old CIUIIIIIIUICL Building to he used lot adnvliilsli.ttl"' Iltllltlrsts, 'Ihr' addition IIlLllltIL'tI a IWLIIIIIIIII1 to the west, of the sana sin and saint' plans as the fast huilding, and a fottl tnnnecting thttn, with I-thus lldlllilllll it, lot thi ust of tht Rtgistial, In llllo, the name was changed ffonx Uld L'oinirt-rt: Illlllllllltf lu .tttltninlstiation Iluilding, Fast. Ihf olilttts ol' the Plesidtnt, tht Iltan ol Yxltn, the Business tltltlllllllellls, Lllll- , . . iftsitt I'14ss, and thi Ihtsltal I'lalit alt' lntatvd ln the ut-st Ixulltllng. It ls the dutx ol the Phtsltal Plant otntt lo direct tht mainttntnct- ol' all Universltt huilds ings .nal ytotlliils and In t.ll'l't on all nnploxtnnnts. 'I'ht Reglsllilfs otlice, locate! in tht .oonftting toxii, hanll-s all int-wining students and their unit't'isitt trcdits, uhilf th' lluts.o's ornu handlts all tht ftts and dtpostts ieteiyetl llllllllll it,g1sti.ltlotl I IMAX Tnoat.-ts E. III-'ssl-'iz a steady increase in the preparation required of teachers for the increasingly complex demands made upon them, particularly at the junior and senior high school levels. These facts account, in a large part, for the rapid growth of the College of Education. However, a large pro- portion of recent graduates of the College have entered into teaching ol education in other colleffes and uni- C D X versities. V The main curriculum of the College is, of course, general education. ln addition, there are special curri- cula ofjfered in agricultural education, industrial educa- tion, and home economics education. The laboratory work of the college centers around the work of the University High School, with its limited enrollment of two hundred Fifty students. The courses in educational practice are conducted hy the instructors of the high school, in connection with the teaching of the customary curricula. 'Ar- 'lnoxisxs limi lilrssmz, Dean of tht Qolltge of Education, was horn in Ilanvtrs, Massachusetts, Feluuart ll, INV-I. lI.ll'Yfll'tl University confei'i'etl upon him his first rlegrtt in IUI4 and tht- degree of Doctor of Education in 1924. After leaving Haivartl, he held many varied positions connected with education, including statistitian and editor for tht Alabatna State Department of Education, Dean of tht Colltge of Fducation ol' the Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Chancelltn of the Unlvttsitt' of Pluto Rico, and visiting Ptnllessor at Colunilna. In IUII he was appointed Dt-an of the Colltge of Education at the Univer- sltt' of Illinois. The Dean has also been a memhei' of a senate committee of tducational policy and a state legislature committee which investigated vocational tducation in Illinois, Ainong his attitities .nrt Phi Delta Kappa, Kappa Phi, and the Nation-tl Ftlutanon Assotlatloti. Drtax Ar rover bl. Hartwn Prior to 191111, preparation for the bar through ap- prenticeship in a lawyer's office was common. ln that year the Association of American Law Schools was formed. The Illinois Law School was represented and became a charter member. ln 1921, the American Bar Association adopted standards bearing on legal education and expressed the opinion that every candidate for the bar should present evidence of graduation from a law school complying with those standards. Two years later, the Council on Legal Education of that Association, acting as a standardizing agency, approved a small num- ber of law schools, including Illinois in the first group. In training students for the practice of law, the Col- lege of Law attempts to impress upon the student the purpose of law in the social order and the necessity of its growth as conditions change. This necessarily in- xr ,1lIl9,o 'ff OF .1 Q' 4' YANG 61. fx 1 4 I 0' fr9lf'grQQ.'g K,,l fo 9 s S: f- O z Z f 'WSJ' O D 7 fy X X' fffgf ,f ' Q6 X okfg Quanta I I 0, I Tlllf lllllflilf lAWY volves studying court decisions and stressing the social and economic factors influencing the decisions and trends in the lavv. 'lihe instructional methods used by members of the faculty are designed to teach the student to think clearly and to the point. 'lihroughout its program, the College aims to promote legal scholarship and research, to develop an appreciation of the highest ideals of the profession, and to inspire the consciousness of the re- sponsibility of the lawyer to society in improving the administration of law and in furthering its wise de- velopment. A student wishing to enter the College of Law must be a graduate of a college or university of approved standing. However, a student of senior standing is per- mitted to elect courses in law for the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, provided he has an aver- age of C in his undergraduate work. The University of Illinois law school first occupied three roorns in Urnyersm Hall. In these rneager quarttrs, tht lau school r,,,,U,,,,,.,r rrrrrrl rhr- rorrsrrrrcrrorr nf a ntyy chemical laboratory Xtlls tonrplrted. An .ir-rrropiiatiorr uas their rnade lu the Legislature for the remodeling ot the old thenntal laboratory, affording surtgrlrlr- quarters for the lawlschool, The departrnent funttloned in that building until 1923 yyhin tht old Lihrary nas ti.inslorrned into our rrrrsr-nt l,.ru llurlrling 'Ihe present building is Rornanesque in style, and is constructed or Minnesota sandstone. Un the main Hoor art tuo large reading roorns .icconrrrrodatrrig tuo hundred persons, a faculty reading roorn, and the olhtr or the Colltge of I,rryy, Orr this sarne floor is the library delivery roorn, yyhrth ls nrt-rr tl' ills' root, grrrrl ls , A l lighted through a dorne ot colored glass. The laru llurldlng ls assigrrerl principally to the College of Lau, but the south yilltg ls herng ortupied hx Ihr llrprrrrrrrrrr ol Mathernatlcs. ALI!!-.RT ,IAKIKS HARNU, Dean of the College of Lau and Provost of 'thx University, was born in Holabird, South Dakota, january W, 18489. He rust attended Dakota Vllsleyan University from which he yyas graduated in l'l11. In 1914 he received his Bachelor of Layvs degree, Magna Quin Liude, from Yale University. Dakota Wesleyan University also conferred upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws in 1927. After practicing lau in Los Angeles until 1917, he became Dean of the VVashburn College of Law in 'l'opel::i, Kansas, For two years he was Professor of Law at the University of Kansas, and frorn that school he carrie to Illinois as Professor of Lau. After one year ,rs Professor ol Law he was appointed Dean of the College. In addition to his deanshrp, he uas appointed Provost of the Universitt' in 1950. Dean Harnn is also an honorary ruenrher of Phi Beta Kappa. I'r 'l'- of I lIll0,o f Y o '- ff-91 F f -. -3 L40 f if O - H 1 2 Q' NGA -if ff VJ E ' 6114, Q6 I' TE RED I "4vlll'I Tlilf lllllflilf Ill: AMI! rll'I'l.IlfIl A .-X provision for training in Fine Arts was included, by the first Regent lpresidentj Dr. John htlilton Gre- gory, in the original plans made for the University. Consequently, courses in drawing and architecture were offered early in the history of the institution. lVlusic also appeared early, and by 1897 it had been organized as a separate school. Landscape Architecture was first offered in the College of Agriculture. Thus, the Fine .-Xrts teaching facilities of the University developed scattered among four separate administrative divisions of the University. Although for a number of years it was felt that the Fine Arts interests on the campus should be brought into closer relationship, it was not possible to do so until 1927, when the Building for Architecture and Kind- red Snbjects was completed. Then plans moved rapidly. The Departments of Art and Architecture were re- Ilr-: lllilt Ur,-rrtlrrrr hrrrrth Mtnrrrrrzrl Building nas rrgrnred in horror trf the de- trasttl wife of faptarn 'lhorrras j. bnrith, and constructed from funds, the greater part ol' xxhith ufrr- dorratrd hi kltptzrrrr brnlth. Captain Srrrith, who Hits a nrenrher' i i of thu, lioarr. ol' 'lrustres nl' tht lrrtrtrsiti and a Chgrrrrpargrr lauier, laid the cur- lr rsttrnt' in l'1lT. 'I'hf building rs .nrrstrirttttl nl' ltlllli .ind lirrrrgstotre uhile the interitri' is bc-:iutiA fully lirrlshrd in the stile nl thu Italian Rttrg.rss.rrrte. On the trutsitle of the lltllltllllll arr- srl-ral talrltts in totrrurerrrnration trl the git-,tt conrpnseis. On the rrist rl-ror, 1rr tht cvrrttr :rl the building, is .t large Rttltal Hall which is ttiurppf d with .r litre stays, orgair, and has :r large seating tzrpatitv. There are spftizrl proxislrrris in tht Hall to tontrrrl tht dlrlrrr-ntrg in the rate of vibration taustrl bi thi xarrarrte in the rrurnbri of people in tht roonr, thus wrnrlttitrr clear P ts iull ton-s 'Ihr Music Ltlrrarx on thi third floor ls one of the rrrost complete Irlriarirs ol rrrirslt ptrssvssffl hi .ini college tn tht totrrrtri. i , 1 0' il ' C O y . f 5, X, V N D 'ij' T77 "' P s 2,ff!, y. y Fl N 1' 'f f K 0-X, f, ,l I FINE Il 'I S DEAN REXFORD Nmvcorvt B moved from the College of Engineering, and the Di- vision of Landscape Architecture from the College of Agriculture. All three were combined with the School of Music, and in 1931 the College of Fine and Ap- plied Arts was established. This unifying of interests made possible a better development of professional en- deavor and artistic appreciation. The College enrolls annually in excess of five hun- dred professional students in nine curricula. Each curri- culum is so framed that each student obtains as wide training in liberal studies as possible, yet laying firm foundations in his particular art. In addition, almost an equal number of students from other colleges in the Uni- versity annually avail themselves of the cultural ad- vantages Which the College affords. The courses in his- tory and appreciation of art, architecture, landscape architecture, and music are particularly popular with the non-professional students. . .ft-af" r r l l l -gg , lk gr REX!-'ORD Nrweoniiz, Dean nf the College of Fine and Applied Arts, is the tirst head nf this college which uns organized ir: 1931. He was born :rt Inde' pentlence, Kansas and received his prelrrrrinary college training at the University of Karrsas. Fronr there he trzirrsterred to the University' of Czrlifnrirrrr where he received the tlegree of Master' of Arts. Next the Dean czrrrre to Illinois and uhtained the tleyiees of llachelor :rrrd Master of .'5.1'chiteCtur'e. His :rcadenric studies were suppletrrtrrtf d lrv wide trnel in both Iiurnpe and the Orient. Before returning to Illrrrtris in WIN, he strxed nn the faculties of the University of Southern Cali- lrrrnia and the Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College, holding piufesstrrships .rt hnth. For live ytzrrs IM-an Nenctrrrrb strxetl as Director' nf the Departrrrerrt of l I-'rrre and Applied Arts :rt Long lleach Polvtechnic tCalifnr'rriaD and for four' vears as lbirw,-ctnr' nf Adult Fdtrczrtiorr and Principal of the Long Beach Everrirrg High Sthool. Dian Neuxtorrrb has written nrarrry nrzigazirre articles and some eleven books torrcerrrirrg architetture. DE.AN RITBFRT D. CARMICHAEL Facilities for advanced study and research in various lines were provided by the University as early as 1872. but organized instruction under the name "Graduate Schooln was not undertaken until 1892. In 1906 a sep- arate faculty was organized for graduate instruction. By action of the Board of Trustees of the University the teaching faculty of the School now includes all members of the University faculty who give instruction in approved graduate courses. The affairs of the School are administered by the Executive Faculty. The principle aim of graduate study is the develop- ment of the power and the promotion of the spirit of investigation. ln such work there is close cooperation and fellowship between instructor and student, for both are striving toward the same goal, the enrichment of human experience through the increase of precise knowl- l Rorzrzrvr D.-mrrir. C.-xmrrerrsrir., the Derrrr of the tirxrrlurue htliuol, rrrrs horn in Gooflwater, Alabama, March l, 15479. He reteivetl his bachelor"s degree lllllll Lineville College in 11498 and his Drrtror of Philosophy tlegree lronr 1'rrneerorr University' irr 1911. Before coming to Illinois hc taught at Alabama Presbyterian College, l'rinceton University, Indiana University, zrntl, during the summer ol' 1915, at the University of Chicago. In Septernber' of 1915 he carrie to Illinois as Assisrzurt Pror'tssor' ol Mathematics, becorning associate professor in 1918, anrl professor rrr lllfll. llrarl of the Department ol Mathrrnaties was his next position, xrhieh he :rttarnetl rn 1929. In 1933 he appointed Acting Dean of the Graduate Stlrool arrtl rr-ceiverl the tleanship in 1934. He is the author of huntlreds of nragazrne :rrtrtles :rrrrl numerous volumes on nrathematical, scientific, and philosophical subjects. '1'uo or his mathematical books have been republished in French translations. ,Illia a" TY OF if Q- G N 4' eff. if 9254, . N 155 2 1 Zi . f - y O D f w 4 G N i Q X ff f' 6' ' 'I 43 1' 'l-IIIE IHAIIIJATIZ SClIO0I. edge. 'lihe student Wlio pursues an extended course is expected to obtain a wide knowledge of his subject and ot related fields ot investigation, and also to acquire and begin to use the power of extending the range of what is known. A number of scholarships and fellowships, established by the University Board of 'l'rustees, are available to graduate students of exceptional ability and promise. University Service liellowships are awarded on condi- tion that their holders shall be available for teaching, research, and other University services not to exceed one-quarter time in each case. Nominations to Honorary Fellowships are made on grounds of worthiness of character, scholastic achievements, and promise of suc- cess in the principle line of study or research to which the candidate proposes to devote himself. The Chtrnlstrr building is ol the slow burning ripe ol torrstruttrorr ,orrl shaped like the letter E. ln the center' is a large ltcturr hall stating WU pt-oplt and in each ning there are large laboratories and classroorns, rrrclutlrnrg spatial roorns lor itstarch uorls. ln the bastnrerrt .ire roorns lull assrrxrrrg, rrrrnt.rllurgrt.rl work, and ample storage spate. It was thought at the time ol construction ol' the utstern stttion of tlrr Chenristrv building, which nas built in 111111, that rt xroulrl br large rrrouglr Tri accomodate the increase in eritollrrrtrrt for the next tutntx Xtals. llourxtr, rlrr increase rn enrollment rar surpassed all expectations .urrl rr nas rr-trssrtrx, rrr 1014, to build an atlrlitron to the building, 'Iihrs adtlrtron, tht rastrin stclron of tlr building, is of the same stile of architecture but rs of trrnrplrttlr hr-prrrot ton struction. 'lhe completed building is the shape ol a struarr. 'llrrrr rs more tloor space devoted to tht' fL'ClCillll1.I of Chernistri at Illinois than ,rrriulrrle tlst irr llrt' uollrl. Page Tlrrr! v-our Illll0,. uf' OF X .. iA1N?! 4. l Q - 355'7f.lZ i?6? 2 Q , 110 s w or fda: 6' 5 6l'l - 1 - I Timm 1 'ill illlf l.IlflIHAlHY AMI! lIllIlAlHY Slflllllll. I The University Library, through the General Li- hrary and its branches, provides the hooks needed by stu- dents for required reading for class work, many of which are kept on reserve in the North and South Re- serve Reading Rooms, it provides hooks for much of the students' general reading, such as those in the Brows- ing Room, it provides hooks for graduate students, who in writing theses often must consult many uncommon volumes, and it provides hooks the faculty need in their investigations. Not having on hand all of the hooks required, especially for theses and investigation, the Uni- versity Library borrows more than Sllll hooks Z1 year from libraries in other parts of the country, and also buys from European libraries photographic copies of a few manuscripts and rare hooks that are too expensive to purchase. In addition the Library loans about l50il hooks annually to other American lihraries for the use of research workers. At the present time, the University The University Library was located in what is now the Law Building until 1928 when the New Library was completed. The New Library is constructed in the Georgian style of architecture which was chosen as it is generally accepted as an early American style, This tvpe of architecture has also stood the test of time, which is an important feature if an architectural style is to be used for a per- inaneiit group oi buildings. lt ls easily distinguished from the rest of the buildings, chiefiy because of the slLe of the windows, and bt-cause of its definite provisions for expansion. It is inttfrtsting to note that the bonkstacks were built in advance of the surrounding ualls and braced within themselves so as to transmit all the wind pressure from the west wall through the bookstacks to the ground. A temporary system of carry- ing hooks from one Hoot to another is in use at present. W'hen the next addi- tion ls rniicle, a hook carrier systrni in conjunction with a pneumatic tube system will he installed, l I J Drai-c'ron Prtrxrzas L. Wrxnsort i Lihrary hookstacks contain more than one million volumes. However, provision has been made for ex- panding to an ultimate stack capacity of five million volumes. The Library School is a professional school for the training of librarians, and admits only college graduates since a librarian's first need is a thorough general educa- tion. Students come to it from every part of the coun- try, and its graduates are in libraries similarly located. The instruction in the first year in the Library School covers methods and practice in library work, students who complete this year of work are prepared for posi- tions in library service. In the second year, now trans- ferred to the Graduate School, historical and comparative methods of treatment are emphasized, new subjects and research methods are introduced to give the student the outlook and equipment for responsible positions in large libraries where hihliographic exactness is required. PuiNaAs LAWRENCE Wtrvrwsotz, Director of the University Library and the Library School, has completed twenty-seven years of libl'!'ll'y work at the Uni- versity of Illinois, having left the University of Texas, where he was Librarian for six years, to accept his present position in 1909. He is :t native of Illinois, born February 21, 1871, :tt Chenoa, Illinois. Mr. Windsor was graduated from Northwestern University in 1894 and studied at the New York State Library School from 1897 to 1899. On leaving there he began his active work as assistant in the New York State Library, but changed to the copyright office of the Library of Congress in 1900. In 1903 he hecame Librarian of the University of Texas, serving there until 1909 In 1909 he accepted his present position at the Univer- sity oi Illinois. Since accepting tht: directorship of the Univtrsity of Illinois Library, he has servetl on the council of the American Library Association and has belonged to the Bibliographic Society of America. DIREC'AI'tlll Lawrcrxcls YV. Nltirzifrix' In l9ll2, Dr. Frank VV. Scott, Professor Harry G. Paul, antl the late Dean Thomas Arkle Clark, with the Support of Dean Davitl Kinley, introtlucetl a two-hour course in etlitorial practices, listed under the Depart- ment of Rhetoric and Oratory. Classroom stntlj' of journalism at the University of Illinois has heen con- tinuous since that time. In the years that followetl, a series of courses was tlevelopetl into a Division of glour- nalism and a pre-professional curriculum was estahlislretl. College rank and the title of School of journalism were conferretl upon the Division in l927, as a step in com- pliance with a law that a College of journalism he es- tahlishetl at the University. The courses in journalism were at that time transferred from the Department of English to the new atlministrative antl educational unit, and a professional program in journalism was estahlishetl. The School offers three curricula in journalism: gen- eral program in news antl editorial stutliesg a special and 1lllll,o ,ff OF .1 I 9' x G 6. if ' Y1 tr r l S ll a with I If fo Q Q Z z L f," o D -we iw- ri! s X Q ! ,Il sr W e rr Tram ul' 'vlzlll TIIE SCIl00l I0 IllAI.ISlll critical curriculum, antl a curricum in atlvertisirig antl puhlishing. These sequences otler- sttrtlents an oppor- tunity to prepare for various types of wot'k in jour'rral- ism antl relatetl fieltls. Alumni maj' he fountl in the following work: reporting, etliting, general atlrertising, management, critical writing antl reviewing, political ctrrrespontlence, financial journalism, etlitorial writing, tratle journalism, country journalism, science journalism, agricultural journalism, home economics journalism, magazine work, retail atlvertising, puhlicity, newspaper accounting, feature writing, antl the teaching of journalism. 'lihis year the School of journalisin, now the secontl largest in the country, put into ellect a gratle-point sy s- tem of computing progress of the stutlents towartl gratlua- tion. The regulation places the Illinois School among the leatlers rn the exacting character of its retjrrrr'ernt-rits as well as in size antl faculty strength. llrnxersiti' llall, pres-,nt honie or the Sthool or lorrrnrlrsrn, nas trtttrrl rri val l L.-uint-Qrsctg WrriiAxt Alt'kl'm, Director or' the Sthool til' -lr.trr'rr:rlisrrr, mrs born in Madison, Wisconsin, on October IN, ISSN. Ile rectivetl his llachelor ui Arts degree from the Utriversitx of XYisconsnr, his Nlastcl' of .Kits tltgrrt rrrrnr the University nf North Dakota, and later tlitl .ul-rgirrcerl grzttluzite uork rn jorrrnalrsrn, social sciences, and littr'attrr'e at the Llniversitres of Illinois :intl Vlrsforrsnr. lltfrrre coming to the Universiti of Illirrois in 1924 he nas trrgrrgt-tl rrr tht 1-ratntt or journalism, rnilitari service, :intl teaching. He came to the Urriversitv of Illinois from the hearlship oli the rltpzrrtrntnt or journalism at the Universitv of North Dakota, In IUZS he nas,' rlrrcctor' of the courses in journalism at Illinois, and in IUZT, when the School of jotrrrralisirr was establish:-tl, he was placed at its l"rL'iltl. In WH lilzirtjuette L'rrrvtrsiti eon- ferred rm hint the tlegree of Doctor of Letters. In WN he nas rr.rnrt-tl ptrnr.rrr-nt chairman of the N.ition.rl Council on Ftlrreition for vlotrraritlisrrr. 131:-, tive years after the opening ol the Urrrv-rsrtx. In that r..rr tht titrrtrai Asstnrhlv nrarle its first provision for work nr jourrrrlisrrr .tt tht l'rrirtrsrtr lu ,rpprwrrrrating Sillll to nrrante and establish in .r L'nri'trsrtr lrtrrltlnry, ir print shoj' for thc stutlent paper. .-Xt that tinre thtre ntrt lrtrt trio lllllltlllltjs on th: txrrrrrrtrs. The print shop was given space in the othtr liullrling .rnrl lor turntx mars th' sturlerrts urote, nranzrgetl, :intl set txprg there, The lrurliling nas rltstroretl hr' trrr. III HW? :intl Iirnn that tinrc to the prrserit ninth of tht' utrrk in jotrrn.ilisnr lreen carrietl on in Urrivcr-itv H.rll. lYhen forrrral class .rrrrl l.tlrrrr.rtorx uork rr. journaltsni nas lregtrn hr the faculty thrrti-four rears ago the xirrrk nas t.rrrrt-l or. in L'ntrersiti' ll.rll. This lruiltling has hotrseil tht htarltpttrtrrs unit or the lllllsltllr of 'lotrrnalisrn srnte that tirne. The School til' ilorrrjmljcm otctrpies Init xt portion til' the llall, othtr' rlrpartnrents hating sp.rt'rr on ,tier-rfrl Horns. Thr otlrtts nf tht Ftlriivrl are lotgrrirl on tlrirtl floor. l'. TW: 1111150 'ff OF .1 1140 s. X l x f wg' '70 r 5 I 1" ' I 1 ws' f 5 o x I ,W ,pls I '- X 1 ff! V' s. i Tins I' 'OIII Tlllf SCll00l ill: l'lIYSICflI. lflllllfilfllllll Rt-organized from the Department of Physical VVel- fare in 1932, the School of Physical Education is now rounding out its fourth year. rllhe School is composed of the three departments, Health Service, Physical Edu- cation for 1Vomen, and Physical Education for hlen. The Department of Health conducts the hygiene courses, hoth required and elective. It also offers medi- cal examinations and advice to entering students, candi- dates for all athletic teams, and students in poor physi- cal condition. Control of campus sanitation and control of contagious diseases are also delegated to the Health Service. The Department of Physical Education for VVomen consists of the required work for freshmen and sopho- mores, the professional courses for those who wish to major in physical education, faculty recreation, and in- tramural sport. The M--n's Nur tixinnasiuin is a brick anil stone tirepinof struttuie of the G-,oigian stile ol architecture. 'I'he lust unit, trecttil 1924-25, contains a large glllillllellllll Hoof with a balcony on thine sides containing permanent seating for approxnnately 3,900 ptople. For baskttl all gain-s, teinpoiary bleachers are erected which ltlllltl the total sfating tapacitr up to 7,llflll. This unit also contains the ofticfs, clissiooins, anil minor ivreise looius or the tlepartinent of Physical Etlu- tzltloli lor Min. 'lln st-enml unit, or south wing, completed in 1926, contains a swimming pool, Z2 fftt bi 75 fret, with a minimum fltpth of T13 feet. The water in the ntw pool ls ktpt at an evtn temperature anil ls fvttitniitlv treated to insure its sanita- tion, .-'ibove the swnnining pool is a giinnasium, with auxiliary rooms for cor- rectiie work, ln atlilition, there are several baslcttball, hantlball, antl squash courts, The lniildiiig ls so constructed that it is possible to snake :in atlilition on the north snle .it .ini tiznf. 4 I , , ...Q . . .,..,..,.,.,.-.wv-Mp r lJiizrc'i'nR Usoizor A. I'1lJ1'F The Department of Physical Education for hlen consists of the four-year professional course in physical education, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science, the required work for freshmen and sophomores, intra- mural athletics, faculty recreation, and intercollegiate athletics. The four-year course in athletic coaching was es- tablished by Director Huff in 1919 and was the first of its type. lt is similar to the summer courses in athletic coaching which he originated in 191-1. Both courses had their inception in Director Hulfs sincere conviction that coaches should he educated for their work, just as men in other fields. The present curricula in athletic coaching are designed to give students the opportunity to specialize in physical education courses, while at the same time they carry other academic subjects. Griokor A. Herr, ,92, Director of the School of Phvsical Education, was born june ll, 1872. The University of Illinois has always been his home, tor he was born in Champaign, took his untlergracluate work at the University of Illinois, and was a member of its football and baseball teams. The only time he left the campus was from 1893 to 1894, during which time he attended Dartmouth College. He returned to Illinois as Assistant Director of Athletics and Coach, becoming Director of Athletics in 1901. As a baseball coach he was unusually successiul, turning out eleven championships and tying for one other in twenty-four years. In 192-1 he became Director of Physical Vi'elfare, and when this department was reorganized in 1952, as the School of Phvsical Education, he assumed his present position. "G" Huff saw till! of his dreams come lille with the erection ot the new lNlemo.ial btatlinin in 1922 :incl the University Ice Rink in 1930. Dt-pax FRFDFRICK B. Noves The College of Dentistry of the University of Illi- nois is located opposite the Cook County Hospital in the clinical center of Chicago. The College is located in one of the poorest districts in Chicago as this is neces- sary in order to have a plentiful supply of practical cases. Here many people live who would not be able to pay for dentistry but who will allow the students, under the supervision of the staff members, to do their work, since the students charge only for the materials. Tn this man- ner both the school and the people in the surrounding dis- trict are benefited. The College of Dentistry is the overgrowth of the Illinois School of Dentistry, formerly the Columbian Dental College, organized after the Fair of 1893. Alfi- liation with the University was effected in 1901 and re- sulted in a complete reorganization of the school. 4 - lIll0,. 'fl OF .1 f' Q' 13:13 gl it 9 x Q, lv, ,O N S ' ""' si'P Z' N Z 1 if- 57 Q D e' fffl . 5,- m 1 1- i R E V Q 2 fo Timm I' "l1lll Tlllf lllllfiif. ill: llIflllTIS'l'llY To meet the need for dentists with both professional and technical training, the entrance requirements of the College of Dentistry have been increased to sixty hours and more medical courses have been included in the dental curriculum. The graduate in dentistry is now equipped to act as a consultant in problems which involve both medicine and dentistry. Since 1922 the College has offered a graduate course in orthodontia leading to the degree of Mastei' of Science. The course has now been so reorganized and extended that it prepares the student not only for research and teaching, but for the practice of orthodontia as a spec- ialty. This affords an attractive field for the student who Wants to Work where the unknown and the unex- plored offer endless possibilities for research. The old building of the College of Physicians and Suigtons was itbuilt .uid remodeled aftti' being partially destroyed by nie in the sunnnti of llllll. ln th-Q same year, the Illinois Sthool of llentistiv htcanii. at'til1.ettd with the l'i.ii.ii-itx' Of Illinois, and was moved from its old xlLl.t1ItI's .tt L'l.t1k and Yan liuitn btiiits into tht newly reniodeled building. The Legislature failed to app1'opri:tte rnonev Iini' the ient of the building in 1912, and the College uas V11llliIll'1l1'll1' closed until the fall of 1913. Sin.: that time the oiigiiial building has been extensiitli iniiiiovtd and niodtinizid. 'llie facilities will be gitzitlv incieased by tht neu ! .ind Dental l,.tboz'.itoty in connection xiith the Rtstaith and Fducpitional llospital, ns f 1' tt i th x t s t r 'intl e t onoine i n .s 7 V 1 . , '. ,i. ie: i n iltt fu t 'Vit nonnicte Boots N its Dewi t h College or Den is ii x ii lcago on Augu t '77 18 After gr:tdu1 int, ti im L lm Acwdttny in 1559 attended johns Hnpkln Uilveisity where he iectiitd the tltgrte of Bachtloi t S ir 1893 cl bu but ein Llniier IU uhtit ht obttined the tlttitt of Doe ut D ntal Surgery' ' Wi. .t 'ie ' etan .cticing cenIivl1Y Y C icago. C ntinuing his ,tudies he received the diploma of the Angle School of r odontia ' 19 8 1 Q c en is ' i' et '. '1 'ee ii '11 orthwestern 6111 claimed hi. 1 ' ices from 1396 to .. 'i Lx. ' ' 'V- tology. L :tying there he came t, the Uni'ersity of Illinois C llege of Dtnti,t1'v Professor of Dental listology and Oi' hodnntia. 1-1 ha: ' et :. Poi .. Orthodontics since 1921 at l s eeeded to the d'aish'p f the C llege ' 1 - . e- Fl, ,, sums- PV" "' Pit- T Q 't 0 II, ,Jett I' 'YY Op - Il SX x Q" lli1F'tdff"'Q s S '95 "2" ' if 5 s i il'l1'3ft 55 x c t 0 X 91 X 1551 'Iwi 5611! Tinian ,l' 'Oilily fllf lllllflilf lIllfIlICIllllf 'llhe College of Medicine epened in 1881 as a pro- prietory medical school known as "The College of Phy- sicians and Surgeons of Chicago." It first became afiili- ated with the University of Illinois in 1897 and in 1913 all of the property and the entire issue of stock in the old institution were transferred to the University. ln two years the University placed all the laboratory branches of the school on a university basis, but funds were not available to do the same for the clinical branches until 19211. At that time the General Assembly appro- priated f1,llllll,lll.ll,l to the Department of Public VVelfare and bE3lllJ,lllll.l to the University ot' Illinois for the specific purpose of constructing research and educational hospitals in Chicago. A plan of joint co-operation was immediately lht Rtseaich and l'tlttc.tf1otial lllrspltltl Hits opened in 1925 through the co- opiiation of the State IJ-,partnient of XYeltare and the University of Illinois. The building is located in one ot' the poorest districts. in Chicago since such a location iurnishrs a pltntilul supply of patients, who cannot attoid to pax for the service illrtst p:-titnts niust prove their inability to obtain proper medical care before the rloctols .intl adi.anced stuilents uill treat theni. Students in co-operation with th- Dtpaitiiieiit ot Welfare treat more than 121,000 patients a year. The Lhiltlien's Hospital and the Obstetrics Department occupy the entire sreontl Hooi, Hn tlie third Hour the students and stan nrenibers receive the patients, and stlvtl tht nioit- serious cases for observation and treatment at the hospital, While the othris .tit treated and sent to their honies. Surgical rooms with balconies for olistiiatlon .tic lotatlll on the fourth Floor. Here the stutletits watch the different operations and gain ninth practical experience. I'. Iwi Dt-t.-xx Davin J. IDAVIS drawn up whereby the administration of hospitals and schools was to be handled by the Department of Public lVelfare, while the professional teaching and research work was to be turned over to the University medical start. ln this way the social work in the state is closely correlated with the medical work. Since the time of its organization the entrance re- quirements have steadily been raised. ln spite of the high requirements the number of applicants for admission have greatly exceeded the capacity of the school and the needs of the profession. A long waiting list has been created, made up of young men and women specially qualified by rigid pre-medical training and all with scholastic averages well up in the upper half of their college and university classes. 1331117 Joris? D.-WIS, Dean of the College of Medicine, spent many years in study and research before coming to Illinois. He was born in Racine, XVisconsin, on August 10, 1875, and studied lirst at the Racine Acadetny, Front the University ot Wisconsin he received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1898 and his M.D. degree from Rush Medical College. In Europe he continued to study at Vienna and Freiberg, and then returned to the United States to carrv out his research uoik :tt the McCormick Institute for Infectious Diseases. Before coming to Illinois he served as pathologist at St. Luke-'s Hospital. In 1913 he came to the College of Medicine of the University ot' Illinois as Protessor of Pathology and Bacteriology. He has viritten several treatises on llacteriology and is the author of several other nietlical papers. He began serving as .Xcting Dean in April, 1915, and succeeded to the deansbip in Septetnbeiy 1925 Dizxw XVii.i.i.ui B. DAY The College of Pharmacy was originally the Chicago College of Pharmacy. It was incorporated under that name in 1859, when a group of prominent Chicago phar- macists formed an association for "cultivating, improv- ing, and making known a knowledge of pharmacy and its collateral branches of sciencef' At that time no such courses were offered at any college or university in the VVest. The early activities of the college included the formulating of a code of ethics for pharmacies, the establishment of a pharmaceutical library and museum, and the publication of a journal known as The Pfzarnzafinf. The College was formerly united with the University on May l, 1896, becoming then the School of Pharmacy of the University of Illinois, and moving from State Street to Michigan Boulevard and Twelfth Street. In 1925 the course of study was lengthened to three years, 1l""". rf" OF X X93 4 5 5 Iwi "m""4"'o ,lg T N t l w ill :TW G X 'X " I . Z ' t I o.25 1' X 0071- I Q TERED X '011ll1, illlf Clllllflilf I: PIIAIHNIACY and again in 1932 to four years, with the first year administered as a pre-pharmacy year. At the same time the title of the School was changed to "The College of Pharmacyn and the degree offered was changed to that of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. The equipment of the College now includes laboratories accommodat- ing more than seven hundred students at one time, and a library containing more than six thousand volumes, including many rare books and complete files of all the leading pharmaceutical journals. The chief aim of the College is to prepare young men and women for the practice of pharmacy as retail phar- macists or for positions in pharmaceutical laboratories. Its alumni, now numbering over 3,5lil1l, are largely en- gaged in retail pharmacy, and not a few are practicing as pharmaceutical chemists, hospital pharmacists, and manufacturing pharmacists. Wrtriaixr lhxican D.-xv, Dean of the College of Phannatv, is one of the oltltst members of the entire University, having entered his forty-fourth year of service to the College and his fortieth year in the University. He tins horn in Peru. Illinois, February 15, 1871. Dean Day attended the Chicago College of Pharmacy, where he received his Graduate Pharmacist degree in 1892. In the fall of that year he became an instructor in the University ol' Illinois College of Pharmacy. In 1898 he was made Professor of Histological Botany arnl then Professor of Botanr and Material Medica in 1913. He servetl from 1914 to 1919 as acting dean of the College and then became tltan. Dean Day has been active in pharmaceutical organizations :mtl at various timts president and general secretary of the American Pharmaceutical Association anti member of its council for two decades. The Pliilatlelphia College of Plnninatx honored him uith the degree of Pharm. M. in 1917. The first builtling usetl by the School of Pharmacv, aftt r it btcame attiliatetl with the University of Illinois, was located at 463 South State Street. A short time later the University obtained a tive-year lease on a building on the northnest corner of Michigan Boulevard antl Roosevelt Roatl. At tht ttrmination ol' the lease, the University gave up the First floor and retained the upper floors. In 1912 the University purchased, for the use of the Sthool, too brick lvuiltlings at the southeast corner of XN'ood and Flournev Streets. The building occupied hi the Institute of juvenile Research at 721 South V1'ootl Street nas turnetl over lu tht School in 1926, and in 1927 the General Assembly matle an appropriation ut 5350.000 for :i rnotlern, well-equipped atltlition. The stutlcnts of pharmacy also get much practical txperientt in the drug tlt- partinent of the Medical anti Dental Laboratoiv, vlhere thu make up prescriptions antl hamlle drugs for the cases from the hospital. L . '. .p-A10 I' :iff Thr- In I 111100. I' YYY OF 'x Qizwml A 44 Q 9 f' Set?-t i K'-0 f' 2 e D , 'ful 5 E 'y' fi!! S R , if g X 4 ' - I Q9 Q9 in pl ' Tim-LD T "4r1lll Tlllf IIIWISIIIIU UIUIWEIHSITY IZXTEIIISIQDIII Correspondence courses are administered by the Divi- sion of University Extension, under regulations adopted by the Board of Trustees when the Division was estab- lished, in Qctober, 1933. The extension service was started for the purpose of increasing the University's educational service to the state. A large number of high school graduates, who, because of economic conditions were unable to enter college last fall, have had, through this extension service, the opportunity of continuing their education. These courses are prepared and conducted by members of the faculties of the colleges and schools of the Uni- versity, not by a separate staff. They are equivalent to the courses given to undergraduates in residence at the University. The instruction is individualized to meet the needs of each student and the rate of brogress is not L'nix-,rsity llall ls one of the oldest buildings on the eanipus, and has one of the inost interesting histories. On April 20, l87l, the Board of Trustees of the Illinois Industiial College, as the University was then called, let the contract for t building that was to cost 543,Tltlt. The corner stone was laid September 13 by Vl. li. 'Iurnri and it was txpetttd that the building would be ready for use the following fall, During the Christmas vacation of that year two attempts were niafle by unknown ptitits to set the building on hit. The hist attempt was a toitipltte failure, but the sttond would have been disastrous had it not been tllseuytieil and quickly LXtinguisbed. The work tltitgged on lhiotigh the IieXl year and on january 2, IHT3, the contractor refused to proceed because of the un- precfdfnteil ilse in building inatliial and labor. VVoilc was not continued until the following Septtniber when the Legislature appropriated 344,000 for the cum- pletion of the structure. Finallv, on liter-nibtr ltr, 1873, the dedication ceremonies were held, and the building was ready for use. ,ft 'f fdlilt- lvfrf IDIRECTUR IQUBERT B. Baowxi-: fixed. Normally, a course must be completed within twelve months and may not be completed in less than six weeks. Enrollments may be made at any time of the year, and are open to applicants who can meet the University entrance requirements, and also to persons eighteen or over whose applications are approved by the Director of the Division. The Division is proving very useful and effective in that it serves to expand the Universityls sphere of influ- ence, making possible the creation of a state-wide cam- pus. It enables students whose circumstances prevent the pursuit of studies in residence to continue in systematic fashion their efforts for self improvement. Besides this, it is a type of study which attracts a relatively high pro- portion of superior students. The reception of the Uni- versity'S offerings has been favorable and the work of the Division is expanding steadily. 2. -Mg iglA, W Roi:Ht'I' lllll, llttowxi-, was Ltpptillited Acting Director of the Division of Uni- xtisiti lexttn ion it tte tiine ul its inauguration Ill IVII, and was niade Director of the Division in 1934. Ile was born in Oshkosh, VVisconsin, on july IS, 1894, the son of a college professor. After attending the Southern Illinois State Teach- ers College, he tnteieil the Univtrsity of Illinois, but his education was interrupted bv service in the United States Arinv. After the Xyorld X'l'ar, he returned to the Univtrsity and was graduated in IUILZ. llis hrst work was as a teacher in 3 boy's stlirurl in North Carolina. For a nunibei' of years before returning to the campus as an instructor in Fdueation, he was a high school principal and city school superintendent. His gi.nlu,ite degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy' were conftrred upon hiin by the University of Illinois. Ilis held of major interest has htln that of the philosophy of education and he is enthusiastic over the possiailitits ot' adult education, J. HARNO .ALBERT J. HARNO, B.S., LL.B., LL.D GEORGE P. TLI'I"I'LE, B.S. A , . . A . . LLOYD MOREY, A.B., B.Mus., C.P.A. . . ARTHUR YV. CLEVENGER, .-X.M. , . , HARRISON E. CUNNINGHAM, A.B. , , .IOSEF F. WRIGHT, A.B., M.P.J. , , . 11,1111 Ill gifc 32? 5 '- if jg x x 0 - Am Qc TERED I 111111, 6 ' Q' ,. 9 Ml! f if S X Ny f b 5 w X ,f MX Q I. I "4 E X ff M X , A ,o All1WlI1lTlSillf4'IIWli illzfllllflls Ill: flllf URTIVIIHSITY .,,,,. Com frollfr , . ,High S111 ml Vzsztor , . , .Dirfcfor of Um lfilfl Press . A , . . . O A , A . R . Director of Pulffic Ifzformatimz and Dirfcfor of Smtmz TVILL GEORGE A. HUFF, B.S. O , , Dirffmr of Plzyfz 11 U tl are CHARLES S. HAVENS, NTS. , . , Dfrfvtor of Pfzyfiuzf Pfam' Dc zlltmfnt QR TUTTLE NIOREY C1 rx: xm R XVRIGHT L 'wxlvzuaxu ll illlf llffllllf ill: -Illlf IIEANT I: 1W0lWlIflll Presidents of org:1ni7z1tions, committee chziirmen, :uid individuzil students innv cull :it :mv hour of the school dziv :it the ofhce to discuss with Leonzird or her zissistzints, Nliss lrene Pierson, :ind hliss Czitherine Nelson, hrliss Nl uit IJ:-:As Nlutilx Lroxemim personzil or group needs. Counsel :ind help :ire :ilwnvs zivziilzihle for students, parents, eh:iperones, town house-mothers, :ind :invone interested in vouth. Klzinv confidential questions, such :is hnxtnce, working hours, the home where ezich student lives, :uid zidjustinent to new studv-environments :ire considered individuzillv us eztch student seeks counsel. Building tOVV1ll'Ll hetter living MISS M-WH LPUNARD 11215 50111 511 Imllfm' . . , . . . . . . . . . . . :ipolis Indiainzi, and received her high school conditions, fine incentive tor schol:1rship,z1nd intellectual living for individual 'n W I A education there. Alter grnduzition from Butler students, their groups, :uid the cxunpus in general, is the :lim of the Office ol' Cullum' She m,,i,,uCd hm. gmduiltc Mrk in tht IDL-gm ,if XVUINL-H. Culofiltlo College from vvhich institution she received her Nlgister of Arts degree in 1910. In the sgune yegu' she .iccepted the position :is 'l'h- llezin dir -ct. th' irohlems of un -ni il 1 fin 'nt for th- w m 'n on th' , L L S L l V L l ll L L ll L k of NVonien and l'rotessor of Nlllfllti- ezunpus, making direct contzict hetween employer :uid employee, :ind making mlitifs .ir Itiliho some NlDl'l1lill, Albion, Idgilm. certsiin th:1t the girls forced to work hzive proper living quzirters :ind will not she lm l'l:'l"' U' tffums Dm "t W Umm and . , , I I I A l,l'UfL'SS1b!' of Matliemntics :it Coe College in hzive undue demzinds mzide upon their time. Living conditions for women , . S Ledqr Rapids, Iovvn, vvhere she served from ure under her direction :uid she personzillv inspects :ill houses in which non- 1912 to 1923. since 1923 slit- has serwtl as . . ,, ' r . s ' ' V ' ' '-U Mn.Hl.lU, 211.18 rooln. lJL.lI1 of Wonnn .lt tht Lnlvtititi ot Illinois v 2 ln l92-l-, Nliss Leonard tounded the 1lllllOI1Ill scholastic honoi':u'v society tor freshmen xvonien 1 'l'he llezinls olliee :ilso keeps the grades of the Universitv women, and UP, Lmb Iptltl f 1:1 . 1 d.i ' .. rissemhles the sororitv :ind group ztverziges. ln ziddition hfliss Leonzird assists the Universitv vvomen in their extrzi-curriculzu' orgnnizzitions and zictivities. . L llllla,. ,I WY op '-. f 5 NG I x YD L l K 0 69 q 'P Q AUQIRE f 1 I o' ' 6 uf -tiil ,lf, 7 Q E .ii 9,511- s 5 iwfg ,2 N f X 'X' , X 65' MAX! ol ,, , 1, It l.irv Ni-Lsos: Pirusox DEAN FRED H. TURNER FRED HAROLD TURN!-iR, Dean of Nlen, vias born in Hume, Illinois, on March 22, 1900. He was made assistant to Thomas Arkle Clark, Dean of Men, after graduating from the Uni- versity of Illinois in 1922. In 1931 he re- ceived the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in education. His thesis may be found in the Library, and it is considered one of the most authoritative accounts ever made of the Illinois Industrial University. In 1932 he vs as avvarded the full title of Dean of Men after serving as Acting Dean during the preceding year. In recent years several of his surveys of student life at the University have appeared in cur- rent magazines. Dean Turner is intensely in- terested in student organizations on the campus, and is a member of both the Illini Board of Control and the Illinois Union Board of Directors. .gb Fnnmziucx 'IIIIE llflzlflf Ill: Tlllf IIEARI Ill: Dllflll The oflice of Dean of Undergraduates was created in 191.12 hy the late Thomas Arkle Clark for the purpose of aiding the President in the super- vision of student affairs. In 1909, Dean Clarkls title was changed to that of Dean of Men, the first such ofhce in any university. Through the pro- gressive years of Dean Clarkis administration, functions of the Dean! office widened tremendously, and now include interests in every phase of under- graduate life. At present, the Office of the Dean of Nlen is a service organization for the men of the University in bringing about closer relations between the students and the University authorities. The problems of individual students, of groups, large and small, and the multiplicity of unexpected situations which arise in connection with a large undergraduate body are the especial interest of the Dean and his assistants. The present staff is composed of Dean Fred H. Turner, Assistant Deans Charles R. Frederick and Dwight F. Bracken, and Assistant to the Dean, David lvl. Larrahee. Dean Turner devotes his tinle primarily to students who wish to see him personally. Nlr. Frederick is in charge of student or- ganizations and activities, while Nlr. Larrahee aids and advises freshmen and foreign students. An employment bureau is maintained hy the Office of the Dean ot' Klen, under the direction of lylr. Bracken. The purpose of this bureau is to aid worthy students, both men and women, in securing part-time employment during the school year and full-time employment in the summer. X IIIIIIOOQ XTY OF gf Q' ,ANG 4. 4 if Ft' -iiffiv '-i- 1 .-.. 4 It 9 I 's o- ft., I O 1, Z e-typ' o D 2 1 'ffly G s ff! O fa 1" 1" 67311, BRACKEN LARRABHQ I, fx ,H V!! I W5 I 4, X 2 -A V. 'Lu 1... - -1 Q41-X l 91,45-4..,Q5., 4 1, 1 ... - ., .. ,..- -.: , -----5' .4 -:fa t arf" ' -U .5..'.:, .!,"'3'ff:'.-,xgf-"-'-'R 'aff' 'll r 'hah .1 '1w'if'- " " ' '!'7f'?,,5. ':'3. 'N 5 -I - I I 1--41 4 +3 --. ,- .' -- i -F i - '- "Hd , fn ' - Q EP' uf.: -- ' -" ' v ,':', -, , W -M. , - - ,,:.i1L - ,. . ,. f-5-k7Y'f ,- - -- -' 'fir-S :- , V- - gr: -. 2-fame: k 4 ' ' - - ....-,, "'-'11-v.f .' ' W 4-:z'nnnnns.s.1E V Q. .3,-1:,-...-:.,- , Q2- sz.. l, 4' -lit- SlflUI0llS NIA-WYAN-ll!! EDWARD JAMES ALTORF EREDERIC EDXVARD LEE, JR. ARVO .ALEXANDER LERUY LINDBERG CLAARK A, MCMILLEN GUY CLA CYHERN THEODO AKUTINSKY JOHN THOM RAILSBACK ARTHUR EDXV WILLIAM REAM CHARLES SCOTT G T STEVENS RUMMLER EDXVARD FRANCIS GRYROS H JAMES SCHUESSLER ELSUM GROVE HEDGES CHARLES GLEN SWVIKLE I3L1sERT LEROY HERRON WILLIAM PHILLIPS TALBOT EDWARD NPQXVRLL HOXVARD MYRON LINCOLN XVQRMLEY I ' FII:-ly-fmn' MARY LIANVI' COUR'lARIGH'1' IiLIiANCJR IIRAX KIIIAQLKI: ESTHER A MILDRIQD MARY ALI JULIA MII EVELYN IX MARY Jn MARY .IANl', MCGUIGAN X lxlklg lI'l'C HI-,LL UR PICTRI NX PRICE N RICLQYPQS Q'l'AYI,CJR HN SNIITH ICR SMITH I P ,,,,,,-, XYIILIABI B. IXICKINSTRY DOROTHY G. TAYLOR flllf CIJQSS Ill: l956 OFFICERS XVILLIAIVI B. IMICIQINSTRY Prrsiflmzt, First Srmrsfrr EIIIQENE C. ROBERTSON . I'fm'-Prvsiflwzt, Firft Srnzrsfw' E.x'u'1fffQz'U C0lllIIlIff1'1' Sfmflff Sl'H1l'.fft'7' J IDONALD F. MQMILLEN DORI m'1' HY G. 'LAYLOR CHARLES B. XYOUNGER SENIOR INFORMAL COMMITTEE RIEHARD S. VANINGER .,A Gr zzf' ral Chairman HELEN I. KIRK . . . . . . . .II,0NI!I7l,S Clmirmfm YVILLIAM B. .ADAMS XVILLIAM GCJIIDBERG IJOROTHY M. RANDALL XVILLIAM H. BARRIQR LOVVDEN A. HANSELMAN BERNICE E. REAVY BERNARD BERKOVITZ JAMES D. HEINLEIN LIRBAN HIPP IXIARY G. KERVEX' BARBARA P. BISQHOFF EDITH F. BUZY RUTH L. FEHR JOSEPH E. MANN GEORGE C. OSXNVALD HENRY' YV. PARKE HELEN XV. GAEIJE SENIOR INVITATIONS COMMITTEE NIILDRED C. SPIESMAN LEVVIS D. SPLITTGERBER STEPHEN A. UCHEREK SHERVVOOD E. YVISE LORRAINE WOOLLEY RUIIERT H. QVAYLE . . . Clllllbtlllflll IDOROTHY G. BIM NIERLE IRUTH A. HACBZLEX' VERNETTE E. IVIITCHELL ROBERT T. CROCUMBE TOSEPH B. LANTERMAN DIXON D. MOORHEAD BETHEL R. FRANCE GEORGE XVELLNER SENIOR CAP AND GOXVN COMMITTEE RODERT M. DERROUOH. .......,....,.. Clmirmrm LEE M. BURKEY INORIVIAN C. KENT AUDREY A. SALINS HERBERT L. FRANK .IERRIAN YV. REAM SALVATORE SANTORO KIARION C. FRAN R HOWARD VV. VVILSON L'IIARIIfS B. XYULTNGIK IJONALD F. IVICIVIILLEN illlf CILASS ill: l956 SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE EDWARD ALTOREER . .Clmirmfm CLARK A. BAILEY MARY I. COURTRIGHT CHARLES V. O'HERN, ,IR WILLIAM H. BARRICK VERNETTE E. IVIITCHELL LOUISE M. PATELSRI CHARLES VV. CASEY DIXON D. NIOORHEAD ETERRIAN YV. REAM SENIOR MEMORIAL COMMITTEE C. JAMES LARSON . , . .Co-Cfznfrnzzm ELEANOR INTIELKE , . ,L,L, . . .Co-Clmirmfw MARX' C. XANGELL ROBERT D. ARMS'I'RONG BERNARD BERKOVITZ ESTHER A. DEUTCH MILDRED A. FISHER WILLIAM S. FISHMAN HERBERT L. FRANK ROGER FRUIN C. RICHARD FULMER IJOROTHY M. GARRETT PHILIP E. GORE ELBERT L. HERRON EUNICE O. HINMAN URBAN HIPP CAROLINE B. HUEY NIARGARET L. LEHMANN SARAH R. NI.-XRSHALL IJAVID H. PATTON GERALD E. PETERS BEN F. RAIL?-BACK INIARGARET J. REESE I-ARLYNE L. REEVES MYRON L. IVORMLEY SENIOR CLASS DAY COMMITTEE DAVID L. PE'I"I'IGREVV. . . ...,......... Clmirzmm ALBERT O. BARD JOHN C. BROGAN MARY A. GRANT K. LYLE GLTSTAFSON EVERETT L. HOLLIS VTVLIA M. LAKE XVILLIAM S. IXIIDDLETON NIERLE XV. MYERS MARY A. PRICE IEUUENE C. ROBERTSON ROBERT S. RUMMLER LUCILE B. SCHIIESSLER IDOROTHY E. SMITH IAIOXVARD XV. XVILSON its - 4 will., Tllli Illlll Slflllllllls xlniix XI1 1 x iw ,Maur V ....... ...lfaif Ijffllfxl L'11xixi1-ntl ff1'111'r'.vf l'fn1.'irl111 51g11.1 l'hi Sigma ilillk' Daily Illini lll5 l'il'k'4llIl1.lll Variity l3.1Nlqetla1ll 51Ill.IklQ Variity ll.14lQetla.1ll Sqtiaal ill lnmx iv X11 I x II 1 1-' .-Xnuix, FI14. ....... l,111H1'v l.11111ax1 .XRTS .axn Skll'NkrK 1'fff1'l,'111f .Mfrfltr llhi lNl.l1"l'.l Qigma ljIL'll'f1lX. I11111-11 l'1'11n1 l111111111ttt-t-5 ll11n1e- 4 . i - . 7 1 t1-nnny k111111111tt1'e ll I, St.1rL1111r1e ll, .., Ala flier, 'Vliyg' '51ik,1ri11," "Um-tl Nlwrning, Dear- i1:", l'11i1-11 xllIlNlIL'l Slmw fl, U5 l'1't,1tl11e- ti11nSt1Ti, "Il'.1gli.1t'qi"5L'11i1111St1111tSl111xs C537 l'f:'r111 it .X11 uw ............. . . .l1'f1ir.1gf1 Cnxixiriu 1- ffwlfimzf lu'1111i111 11 Phi Xin l'l1i Chi ilil1t'l.lL ilillk' l"illlL'l'Pl'li1'l' l..l: Orange 7 .intl lllne l:e:1tl1ers5 U11-g111'i.111 l,ite1'.1ry S11- tiety l71,1115i xt 1 lk!-YI-K .X1-,mix .......... .'llr1v1I!.1-Hn I,11:11u1. .Xwri .xxn Srirwerx Frzgffifl Chi Oinega lj.!Il'llL'lll'lliC L'111111cil5 Orange :1ntl Blue l'it'1llllt"'il Chill l'iL'.IIllL'I'9Q Cut, uC1ll'I11L'IlH Ilimxtif xl xxi-'r .X111 11: ............, tf'!fj1,1gf1 1,lHl'lC.'Kl jxliilib AYD SL'll'Nk'l-N Nui fnfngy Sigana Delta iliau llv1111ec111111115e C1111in11ttee5 Orange anti lllne l7e.1tl1e1'Q5 Lfixt, "LI4111tl News," "lD1111tl Nlnrii- ing, De.1rie," "Hit the Deck" IX-11tl1x1t'-te1'11 l nix ersltv klmrlwi lIiXIXh AXUI1-lc ..... ...ll n1111'M'.1 Ctmixii nt 1- f,'1'v11'f'.1l Hillliflz l'l1i lip-il11n l'i l,lL'I'l'HiX. l'111tl11tti1111 Statl, ufil't'l'l1 Uiwm th-A l,il,1Cx," "lim-tl xlUl'HlllA!, lJL'.lI'lL'H llnnf-rl Dax' 11,11 l..xx11zi xti XV1111v .Xr,NHw. . . . ...Nfrir1gfivl.f CUKIAIPHK 1- .l1'rnr111!1Ir11 V lXet111111t.111ty L llll'n Sp1'i11gtiel1l -Iiiniwr Cnllege li111.1151 P-xim-11 .Xiieiiimx ....... 1111. 1'111.1vkf -I111'11wA1 ini .l.fz'11fi1,'rllg .uni l'nf1f1'1ffir1g .Xlpha Sigma l'l1i l,i11u1l11 Chllegc iq 1 1 I ' 1- A 5 fa! I 5 ':.-:ri it fda LA 'T' 'F Q 'Q' l'iRXl-ST VVILLIAM Axrxuwx .... ,..Elgi1z Cimxil-.Reg C0ll1llIt'lLiU ami Law Sigma Delta Kappa l:l'L'SllDlHI'l Varsity Tennis Sqllfltlg Varsity Ten- nii Squatl C25 325 Second Regimental Band fl, 27 V1'TAxT PIUS .-X1.rxs ...........,.. Rurkfuni Fmt-1 AND ,'xl'l'I,I1-iD Aivrr .'1rrf1il1'1'l1r1'1.' Scarab Belnit Cnllege V.'1i.1,1e.M liifiusi-'wr ,-X11wx,xxnu14 ...... Lirzuoln 1,1121-lRAI, .'l.vTs AND Scissors Cff1'1l.'fXfltX' Alplm Delta Phi Lilliulll C4vllt'gC lll-'r'rx' CULT A1 mx .............. Ijlcllfield L1Br11:A1. .ARTS ASD SCIENCES Sf74'z't'!l Delta Gamma C'l1riStian College xl uns L. A1.1.EN ........... . . .Dtlrwille Ctirxixii-'ner Geneltzl l1'n.vi11es5 1'l1i Delta Theta Ilantl of X5 Skull and Crescentg Tll-NISSQ Homecoming Committee C25 325 Dads Day C0l1lIUlttCC CZ, D5 Interfraternity Cnuncil Q15 Illinnis Union Cabinet C35 I,,xwR1axCE THORII'SllN ALLEN, JR. .... Dizrzville Coaixngnci Commerrl' 111111' Law Sigma Cl1i XV11.1 iam llaxzxiuxim ALLEN ......... Dulawzn LIBHR.-xl. Ann Axn SCIENCES ' Grnfugy Sigma Phi Epsilon Scalwlaard and Blatle5 Cavalry' Officers' Clul15 l'1'11tluctic1r1 Staff, "Tales of Hoffman" Ol,.'Xk' XVILL .ALLISON .............. Danville LIBER.-XI. Aivrs AND Selrxeria PIA'-flfflffff l'l1i Kappa Sigma l:l'l3SllIllIlI1 Varsity Fencing Squad5 Menls Glee Club Q-ll 6 Z 'px s LQ ' I PAUL .ALLISON ................. flflason City CODIMERCE General B'zz5ine.rJ Delta Alpha Epsilon Illinois Wesleyan University EDNVARD JANIES ALTORFER ..... .... P eoria COMNIERCE General Bn.rirzc.v5 Alpha Delta Phi Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Band of X5 Alpha Kappa Psig junior Intramural Manager MARIAN MAL!ND.A ANDERMANN ..... Hinxifalv LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Horrle' Economist Electra DAVID RAI' ANDERSIIN .............. Chicago PHYSICAL EDUCATION Sigma Pi Delta Theta Epsilong Freshman Varsity Foot- ball Squadg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Var- sity Baseball Squad KZ, 3, 415 A. P. E. A. Honors Day FRANCIS WILLIAM ANDERSON. .. .... Darzrille COMMERCE Acroinznzrzcy Alpha Tau Sigmag Accountancy Clubg Nlajor, University Brigade Honors Day QZJ JACK EDYVARD ANDERSON ....., . . .Rorkforil COIMMIQRCE General lmhzsirzvsr Sigma Nu Accountancy Clubg Concert Band fl, 25 VIVIAN VALERIE ANDERSON ....... Good Hope .AGRICULTURE , Ge21e'n1i Home Economic.: Lokig Achaea MARY CAROLINE ANGELL. . .......... Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology PI Beta Phi Alpha Kappa Delta Lyons Township junior College lllIllllfTlf.lflll TIIIIHTY-SIX T kg? Y gi A , Q if L- inch hm, 51 X ill: II.lIlll0I S liowxan WILl.l.1lN1 ANGER, -IR. ....... Chiraga ENGINEERING Gitfllfflll E7lgiIIt'L'fiI1g Kappa Sigma Scabhard and Blatleg Polo Associationg Cym- nasticag Caisson Club3 The Illio ffljg Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Gym S-iuatlg Var- sity Gym Squad f2, 355 Varsity Polo Letter f3J, Captain C4-D3 Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Officers' Ball Committeeg Military Ball Committeeg Majrrr, University Brigatleg Mili- tary Council .ARVO ALEXANDER ANTILLA ..... lVl1iIir1g, Ind. PIIx'sIc'AI,. EDUcATIoxI Zeta Psi Nia-Wan-Dag Sachemg Tribe of Illinig Fresh- man Varsity Football Squatlg Varsity Football Letter fl, 3, 43 PnorIaE jouxsox ARDEN ...,....... Elmhurst LIBI-QR.-XL ,ARTS AND SCI!-,NCI-25 Hnf.lr1y Linnean Botany Society Elmhurst College .'XRNoI,D Wll.l.l.4ht ARIEsTEN. .. .. . Chirago AGRICULTURE I"lf11'fi'1lf!11ru Floricultural Clubg Varsity Football Squad 6254 Varsity VVrestling Squad ffl, 33 .ANNA CATHERINE ARMBRUSTER ..... Chicago .AIGRICUI.'I'URE Cmlnuzf 1107118 Erorlovlfrs Phi Upsilon Omicron .ARTHUR Rl"I'lil'llP'IlIlIJ ARxIsTRoNG .... Tnsrola AraRIex'l.'rI'RE Ci'r1I'rI1i xlgfiruflzuf Farm House Alpha 'l'au Signing Agricultural Clubg Hoof Illlkl Horn Cluly Agriculture Council Q4-lg Illini 4-H Clubg First Lieutenant, University Brigade I.x'oA lVlAr ,'xRMb'l'IlUNG .,........... Clzirngo Lllllfli.-XI. IAHT5 AND Selaxcvs Ellvfhfll Chi Omego The Illio QZM Dads Day Committee fllg Cold Feathers Northwestern University Roni-'RT Dum EY .AllNlb'I'IiUYti ...... .llouwnnlh Ac.RIeI'l,'rUI.I' C'i'f1I'1.1i jiglfillfflllt' lfarm House Alpha Zetag llhi lfta Sigmag Presitlerit, Stu- dent Alumni Association C-Hg Stutlent Senate fl, -Hg Agricultural Cluhg Sophomore Foot- hall ihlIlllIlj1L'I'Q Freshman iIllilll'I1l.ll Committeei lnterfraternity Council Ci, -ll Honors Day ill Page Forty-ni rr Tlllf Il.lI0 SlflllIOIlS I'Il-'LPN SXLYI.-X 1XR5TiiIN ....... ...Cffiragn ,IuL'RNALI:Ix1 .XIUCIX milf Effilorial Literary Iitlitur, 'lihe Daily Illini3 The Daily Illini 12, 33 LI,nI'Ii CIIRRI Ifs IXRTI ............. Gilltxflmrg LIIHII-IRM. AR'rs Asn SQILNLLS 1fr1gli,ff1 Adi-Ipliic I.llt'I'.II'j' Suciuty J.-IMI-s HI-'NRI' JXSIIRRUOK ,..... ...Chiragn CUAIMERCIQ I-lrrnznztuilry, Hizuking and Firzarzu' Accuuntaxicy Club Ii.-'STIIRYN ARNOLD ASIIBY. . . . .... Spfiugffi-l.f LIBFR.-XI. Aivrs AND SCIENCES Sppprfz Cenacleg Lu Ccrclc I'iI'zIIIc:Iisg Prutluction Staff, "The C2mItlu1icI's," "Nu More Fl'0I'lllPl'n ci!-iNFYll'Yl-1 SYIINFY IXUI-R ........... Dvrizlxif LIIIIRAI. .'XR'I's ANI: SCII-:Ncm Fzzglisfz Kappa Alpha 'IillCt2l Business Maiiagcr, The Siren C475 The Daily Illini lllg Gold Fcathcrsg University Concert and I':Illt'l'l.llI'lIl1L'llt Buartl fl -Hg Pmtliictinii Staff, "Hit the Deckf' "Bn-yriIId the IIm'i7:-II," "Tales uf lIutlnI.In," Wlllle lNlad llopesl' janics Millilcin Unixersityg L'nix'ersity of VViscUnsin GI-nRf,I-. 'liiiuixms rxl'5'l'lN ............. .Salwm LIBI-RAI, IXHTS AND SCIFNCI-'B K,'f1i'u1iI'.1l F71gf7It':'I'jVIg Alpha Chi Rlm EIlglIlCL'l'lI1g Council C-1-19 A. I. C. E.g The Siren KIM Iiirst Regimental Band fllg Con- cert Band fl, 3, 49 jtfux IJRARI .'XI's'I'IN ..,...... Higllltlllrl Park juL'RN.-xI,Ism .Yrfzs .wif Eifflorial Alpha Sigma Phi Sigma Delta Chit fiilllllllll 'Ilheta Phii The Daily Illini U19 Varsity Soccer Squad C31 Lake I"m'L-st Cullt-gc I,HIl Il' Sum rs .'XI'I'IRN ...... .... 0 al-J Park lihltikil-CRCE lnfiuvfrinl xlfivzirziflfatiorz Delta Upsilnu Mask and Bauhlug llomecriming Committee ffllg Dads Day Committee 1295 Charity Ball CDlT1Il1llfCL' ff, 335 Cast, "You Never Can 'lielluq I'I'mlIIctimI Manager, "Whistling iII the Dark," "Riddle Me 'l'his"g Men's Glue Club ll, 2, 'll IlunrwI's Day Ill Fijzy M., 4- SAL, CARLTON .IERVIS AYIJELOTTE .... Omaha, Neb. COINIAIERCE General B!l,VflIC.Y.Y Alpha Tau Omega 1"" Varsity Golf Squad U, 4D Uxiiversity of Missouri CIALE BENTQN Ax'DuI.oTTIs ...... Omaha, Nab. CoMMIaRcnt Tnznsporlalion Band of X9 Phalanxg Caisson Clubg Ac- cuuntancy Clubg Military Ball Committeeg Of- licers' Ball Committeeg Lieutenant-Colonel, L'niversity Brigade-3 Military Council RRYAIUNIJ I-IONV.-XRD BACIIMAN ..... Tiskilwa ENGINEERING Elvflriuzl Ez1gim'frfng St-cuml Regimental Band fl, 27 , X . GEORGE ADAM B.-KCIITVI,-KSN ............ Salem IV ' , LIBERAL IXRTS AND SCIENCES - ' Pri'-I.acU Sivma Wu Qs I I an R A L .ful R ' 1 5 i x 'fb ti Dui URI-Q5 :IDI-LLINE BAGOZZI ..... Garden Prairie EDLIQATIUN Spanish QQ ,gi V Blackburn Cullege if -mr L, CLARK :XLLISUN BAILIAY ..... ...Chicago I i CuMIxIIaRt'i1 Baufeizzg and l"i11I1r1rr 5' Y. Phi Delta Theta ,H Ma-XVan-Dag Sachemg Tomaliawkg Band of A - 1,7 Xg Scabbard and Bladcg Accountancy Clubg Caissun Clubg Military Ball Committeeg Of- ficers' Ball Cummittecg The Illio fl, 2, 315 Majur, l.'niveI'sity Brigadcg Military Council Bi YI- RLY Bonn BAKER .... . .. . . ..1K't'CL't1IZEE EDUC.-XTIUN ' Frwlfb .1 Kappa Kappa Czunina .1- I'iDXY.-KRD SIL.-is BAKER ........ Slillman Valley FINE AND APIILIIQD .ARTS Public S6110 of fllnxfc Alpha Kappa Lambda i Men's Clee Club fl, 2, 3, 415 University Churus 12, 3, 4-jg Cast, UH. M. S. Pina- fnI'e," "Carmen" Lal. lllIWlfllSI'l- Ill: I lllIllllfl'Iflflll 'IIIIIYIY-SIX I ' J BEN ANDRIW BARN!-'S ........ . . .Nfwirrgfivilf . . ' C i . 1 '43 EVELYN BAKER .............. Lfxuzglorz, Ly. V, -1 iibilxliijiix . II I Il' LIBERAL ARTF PD SUENCES " 9 V , . Sprixiglieltl illllllil' College, lJcl'auw Cni- Cbenzzflry ' .f ' ' ,Q Venn ' Alpha Epsilon Phi L, ,I If I V Pan-Hellenic Council C4-J ' . University of Kentucky 1 X , I hifi - 5 i WALTER HERBERT BAKER .... ...Oak Park liIm'.aRD .IOSIVII IEARSES ........ Hzmfcrr llill COMMERCE Gfrzvml Buxirzess Sigma Phi Epsilon First Regimental Band C3, 4-D Bradley Polytechnic Institute C 3. 11 GEORGE VICTOR BALI. ............ Glen Ellyn AGRICULTLTRE Fforirzziflirv Delta Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Xig Floricultural Club, Cavalry Of- ficers' Clubg The Daily Illini Cl, QQ, Fresh- man Varsity VVrestling Squad, First Lieuten- ant, University Brigade VIRGINIA GEORGIA BARIBAS ...... Dm Plaimxt EDUCATION Hiffory Nlorton Junior Cullege , N , ' 6 is W f I C 'af ALBERT OSC:XR BARD .........,..... Cfmwzgn LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIEYCES EI'01zu111it'.f Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3 President, Freshman Class, Skull and Cres- ' lb' 1' a,. .Af.RlCL'LTURI-T UI'1zI'1'IIf .'1gl'fl'Il!fIIl'z' Alpha 'l'au Alpha, :xgl'lClIlfllI'lll Cluh, Agri- cultural Etluca'iinI Cluh, Y- M. C. A. Cahi- net C215 Cnix'eI'Sity Chorus CU Blackburn College filitlllfjli D.-XI.I A5 HARNI-S, . ....,.. .lllzrrixfznrg LIBERAL .'XR'I'S .-IND SCI!-,NCI-'S P1 1'-lam' Kappa Sigma Phi Delta Phig ilill-NIZISQ Scahhard and Blade, Caissun Cluhg IlIlL'l'fl'lltCl'l'lIty Council C3, -ll, ,. . ,. Captain, L1llNL'l'SllV In'If.5aIle CIIiN'eI'sity 4-I Nlissnuri .VXI I AN ,IINNINQS BARNI-I' ....... 1't'lruliI1, Pa LII!!-KAI. .SXRTs AND SCIr.xCI-S l,'f1r111Iil1'y .Xlpha Chi Sigma IX.I.Cl' CI Brigade C MARX' El I1AI1I"I'II BARNS ..... ....fnliv! I':I7L'C.-XTION C.iliZ'fL,i' centg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C33 :W 3 -C, ' '3' INIARGARET JANE BARKER .......,... Cfzimgu E . VVIIII.-nz llrxm IZAIQRICR .... .xififlflhlll Valley LIBERAL :ARTS AND SCIENCES i 'Ii' LIB!-'IL-XI. .ARTS AND SCIENCI-S I'i1'v1zrf1 ' , Pu'-Ltzfc' Phi Omega Pi , ig, -"' 3 Alpha Kappa Lamhtla Sigma Delta Phi, The Daily Illini Cljq juniur I - 'I Intersclwlastic Manager C2, 37, Senior In Prom Committee, Sophomore Cotillion Com- ', furmal Cl1l1Il11llfL'Ci Charity Ball Cnmmittct mitteeg Homecoming Committee C2, SJ, Dads ' Clla lntt-rfraternity Council C3, -ll Day Committee CZ, 35, Star Course C215 .'.' 1 -, Cast, "Green Grow the Lilacs", Prntluctimm P ':" if Staff, "Whistling in the Dark" , WVINNIFRED IXIIARY BAR!-CFR ........ Hrnlifrille iii C"AR' 'lim' ANNA BW1'H5--- "'i'iC'C'1'g" , LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES CUMMPRU Sodolozv Pillffjgll l.'rn1.I11.w'f'n' ii Phi Chi Iitag Acccuxntancy Cluh, The Illio Cl, 27. juni:-r Pruiii Committeeg Nli-llila -'Q '39 i' Qt- i Dance LiHl1lI1IlltL'L' Cils Charity Rall Commit- ' W tee Cila Dads Day Committee Cll, Y. VV. C .-X. Dull Shim Committee CID, Cast, "COOL Murning, Dearie," "Hit the Deck," "NO, No .4 Nanctte" GUY CLAYTON B.-XRXARD ...... . . .chftklgll .UU-.CN CHC-'1'Ay1.y H,yp,'1'1p'1"1' ..,,.,,, Iffffuygq CQMMHRCH FIN!-. AND .'xl'l'lll-ll :XRT5 C71'f11'f'f11B1ffif1-eff Pnlfln' x.,o,,.,f .llniiu Lambda Chi AIPPH S 1 Alpha Kappa .Xlpha Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Senior Basketball Man- It I 5 VV,lmCn'5 Glu- Club agerg Football Manager C225 Interfraternity C 'J ' DQ Kalb guts NU,-,,,,,1 L',,,,,,,.5,,,. Council C3, 43 if? ' 1 Purdue University H I i K Illllllll I S Pfgf l'i.'f!x'-if i., 'zissun Cluh, Captain, L'nix'eI'sity flllf Ill.I0 Slflllllllls MARKIIIRII Eli'-XNLIIL II.-X'I'Tl-'Y ...... La Grange Ac.RIeIII,TIIRE Cf'I1t'1'.1l Ilnmr' Errnloifziti Alpha Chi Omega Orange rllltl Blue Featliersg Gold Feathersg Univ-I1 lNIiustI'el Slum' 1255 PI'uductiun Staff, "Hit the Deck" txllflf IiIIfAIzI-,TII ISAVIIR ........... Urlmna LIIaIfRAL ARTs AND SUENCES H If Im' Ft'nz1fm1fr,I Delta Delta Delta Creguriail Literary Sucietyg The Daily Illini fl, 219 Orange :Intl Blue Feathersg Gold FC.lfllCl'SQ XxYlDl11L'Ili9 Glue Cluh fl, 3, 47 IAUTH CARUI, IRAIIIRMIELD. . . . ...Clzicagn EDUCATION Euglirh Chi Omega Dads Day Committee f-l-I Lake I'iHl'L'SI College 43 I SA-L, L.1.MuvNIe IDALH BEARDRN ........ Tayiorvillc LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chc'lIIi.Vf!'j' Phi Lambda Upsilong Phi Eta Sigmag First Regimental Band fl, 23 Hunnrs Day Cl, 2, 313 L'niversity of Illinois Schularship Key ' T 5' , I-'IDRA J,-mia BI5AsLI-'x' ......... Farr Sl. Louis EDUCATION ' fllnric 7:1 6. Delta Delta Delta , Cast, "Nu, No, Nanette"5 WLin1CHiS Glec 'Iv if ., qt- Q37 Klub f-l-I Greenville Cullegeg Carthage College 4 I L ' NI.-KKK IILTI-ZBTER IZRALIBIRN ........ VVaIzkegan LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Lau' Phi Gamma Delta Cast, "The Nlad Hopes" Culgate l'IIiversityg N0l'tl1XXCStCl'l1 University IIAROI D CPIIIIGI IIAUIXI.-KN ...... ...Decatur EMU-y LUUSE BEIISHAW ,.,,.,,,. C,Q,wZpaign CnIxIIxIrRcI-3 " AAGRICULTLIRE HIIIIMIIAQ nuff Fizzruzrv C,,,L',,,11 Hump El-0,1gwjf5 Slgfmil Alpllll IIPSIIUII 1 Phi Llpgilfyn Ol1jiC1'q,3n Tu-Masq Cavalry Oliicurs' Clubg First Lieu- . tenaIIt, Ifniversity Brigarle it 75 .liimk gif' A IVAN VIHIIORI-XS BAIIMAN ....... ...Ffzrfrm NA-I-AIKIA NIAREE BRLTING ,...,. . . . ,Urbana CUllWlFHL'F JOURNALISIXI l24'IIr'I'171 lz'nriI1I'I.r I A'V,-gg-5 gm! Erlimfilzl IllLlL'Pk'l1klL'11t Council fffig Y. Nl. C. A. Buard , 6 X lg Bela Ilhi Alpha nf Din-ctnrs flla Accnurrtaixcy Club Y' iff 1 si Kappa Tau Alphag Snplmrnnre Informal Com- IIIIIIHIY Day ill ' eg.: mitteeg Grcgrwiziri Literzlry Suciety Intliana l'IIix'U,-gity A" f ' ' Hrimu-5 Day QU I 4 Cue Cullege x ...ff ? CI.IfN I3At'III.I-i IigXllRIANN ........ fill. Pnfrirki RICHARD GORDON BHXFERIAING. . ' . . . -P5056 H-IQUURNM 'EM V Q i 'X FINIQ AND AI'I'I,IED ARTS lflrfvrfrllrlrig mmf Illbllifllllg I A.1nlj,j,A.L.1-,Hui EHgjm.L,,.l:Hg , ' r mt' , X, 7 B33 SU-mf! 151 ', ', J Phi Sigma kappa The Daily IlliIIi CZJQ l'I'utlIIctiuI1 Staff, "Ama- cu," "Tire GnIItlnlieI's," "'I'he Little Clay Cart,' "Riddle Nle This" VIe'I'uR IIIIN I3AI'AIGxRTNI-LR .... Nam t1 Irfzzbo , J FINI. .-XYD AI'I-LIFD ARTS :IrIWilt'I'f11re SIIIARNIAN IIIINN IIIMAN. ,.HnnIIIf Hzunk, N. 1, IIIYI- :XVII rXI'l'l Il-'D .ARTS .IItflflrIl1fI'I1f 11'1IgiI1I'I'1'f11g fi,II'gm'leg A. S. C. If. 1'IIf-f-IIN-I 0 'Sl wg. . FV? 6 ff Scarahg A. S. C. E. X 118. P F V Bradley Polytechnic Institute "A , . ' flirwrf X Rum R IIARRIS BIQNI-1DIcT. . . . . . . . . . . .Urbana , ENGINEERING f1Iut'hI1IIft'1z1 ElIgf7IL'1'l'f7Ig Delta Upsilon Pi Tau Sigmng A. S. M. E.g Business Man- I xaf' ., J I , 17 I ager, The Teclrnngraphg Engineering Council M, I 1-Hg Interscholastic Circus C25 'tai 3 4 4. J" STIQPIIEN WEBSTEIK BIQNEDICT. . . . .Springfield ENGINEERING i Civil Erzginrerirzg 'tar fs, Triangle td Chi Epsilong Sigma Tang Mu-Sang A. S. -Q, C. E.5 Interfraternity Council Q3, 45 ll University of Arizona lil I W li ll Q I TY 5 s Z L . PIAROLD VINCENT BRNHAM. . . . ..flIar11ruu EDUCATION Chvmislry Theta Delta Chi Tomahawkg Phalanxg Coast Artillery Club: Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Varsity Basketball Letter 13, 42, Squad QZJQ Captain, Cniyersity Brigade JAMES DANIEL BENNI-'R .... ..!Llvmpl1ix, Twin. Ll0B1IVIl-IRCF xlrfanrzlmlry Club5 Pi Sigma Phig junior Prom Commit- teeg Independent Council CHQ Captain, Uni- versity Brigatleg Military Council EDNVARD CROSBY BI-1xNr:'r'r, JR.. .DL'l1'Z'z'l', Colo. CONIIXIFRCI-I Cwzunzl Hzrxfmxvx Sigma Chi University of Colorado 1 FOSTER Crrmg ISI-Lxxmrx' ...... .. .lflfirago ENGINEERING Erlgiflrrlillg Plzyxftif Sigma Chi Dolphinsg Tribe of Illinig Freshnman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Water Polo Letter 12, 3, 4-I, Captain Q4-lg First Regimental Band fl, 2, 35 HELI-LN IlHxxr1'r'I' .................. Drrnfnz Af.RIeuI,TuRi-: Gemfral Hume Frnrznuzirx Accountancy Clubg The Illio C274 Cf-ld Feathers lVIacMurray College lllIllllf-Ilflflll flllIHTY-SIX Alpha Tau Sigmag Phalanxq Accuuntancy :Y 'iq' ' r.. I X JOHN WI-ixmzrr, I3r.I'Ico ............. Clfiuagff 3 - I..lBl-ill.-KI. :ARTS Asn Selrxeris , Zfl fllllgx' if . 4' rl Scimita,-5 Varsity 111-ncing Squad 12, 3, -Hg 6 wg, u X Varsity Rifle 'llL'1II1l Cl, -l-J A ' A , V I 1 ,-': 1 . X ' ARTHUR Banu:-R ................... Chitaga ' LIBI'-LR.-XI. ARTS AND SCI:-ixers Cflrllzlrlfy The Daily Illini C35 , w-ra, K 'fx' Crane junior Cnllegeg Central Y. NI. C. A. 5, College I ...j "egg-- V 1 A X' 1 A I'IERlVI.-KN IIl'Ilh!"l4 ........... .. .Chiragn LQURINII-QRCE .'I1'I'n1n1fIH14'y Accountancy Club r 'j gf, Honors Day Cl, 2, 359 Cniyersity uf Illinois I Scholarship Key ll: Il.lIlll0I 5 ISRRNARD BuRRoyI'rA ................. Joliet LIBERAL ART? Axim Stn-zxer-,s Pm'-lazrc' 'l'au Epsilon Phi Sachenig Phi Eta Sigmag The Daily Illini fl, 2, 313 Interfraternity Cuuncil Q-Hg Concert Band fl, 2, 3, 4-D Hnnurs Day fl, 23 Mawr W,ll,HPiI.NIIY.-X Iiruxw.. .... Chicago 1AGliICLIL'I'L'lLE l,'I'm'1.1f Ifomu Egnurnzzfrr llhi Cpsilun Omicrung Ilume lfcunnmics Cluh Cnixersity of Chicago Clin ua Iii-.y1IAeouA ................. Nclrau LIB!-'RAL Alers ANI: Seliwxei-s flume Frnrznflliw Suplnnnure Cnlillinn Cmnmitteeg Orange anal Blue Feathers Il.-ul JAM:-s IIIIIII. ju. ............ Dtzrz-ville L11-IFR.-xl. .ARTS ANI: Selkxel-s l,'!n'mfrl1'y Captain, Cniyersity llrigaele NV.-xI'l'r'R ll.-xRuI,II Illcyczl-'R ........ Ffzyflrv, fllo. ENGINEERING F1e'1'Ilfi'IlIEh'gf21 t'l' ling Syntun. A. I. Ii. E4 Intlepentlent Council Q35 Iiayette Central College DH I'llI-X PM I Ixr llmw. ., ....... llzrnsriffu LIRIRAI. ART- Awu Seuixcss Ilfffllll Alpha tlannna Delta Phi Iietag Mutlit-rs Day Cnminittee CIM Dads Day Cunnnittee C239 Clultl I-ieatliersg Stutlent Alumni Association lluzwrs Day ll, U I.ii1-lenxynml College llr'1"1'x' Lou Illini ........... ...bfflrago lini'eA'Iluw Ifugfifli Alpha Delta Pi Chicago Normal Cvvllvgt' CHAR: rr XVxI'1 IAK IIIRIHA ..... .... I ,'flfI.1go lixnlwriurxc. .'llf'IL'I1ilfI.lf l"v1girlr.'11'rlg A. S. M. li. Pig' l":f!p-171-.. Tlllf IllI0 Slflllllllls B111 NIFR1L CM1120 ART9 axn QUENCFS Spf' h 6 11111 N C ll'lllt'I1 C1 C111 Cart" D1 R111 111 C11 OR! 11 11B1R1L N11 I1 'lI'l1l B'lLll5l1 R11l1ll1 NIE flux fl1e Llttle tlcs 1n t e B11 ARD XX -'III A11 111 Chnzgo LIB1-R11 r axn S1111x11 FLU7l0l7lfL5 l l I Q-1 'N S, y .aiu WrII,I,I.iBI HOXX'ELL BLACKBURN .... Oak Park ENGINEERING Electrical Engineering Theta Chi Pistol Team 13, 45 Purdue L'11ix'e1'sity WILLIAM IIENRY BLA1-QE .... Terre Haute, Ind. EDUCATION Hi5l01'1' Phi Sigma Kappa Knox College 11r1RaI1111x 111 0119 Pzrfw L11111-RAL XRT1 Axis 9111x115 I1 I 11 lx 11111 C 1111 1 111 ll IT 1 1 H 1 C 1 ur 1117111 ' . ' '11111111i ' 35 Home C1111111' . 111 A 11111 '111 LC . ' W S 11 11 tt j D1lQ D11 1t11 7 1 111111 irbt T 1 1 111 Cuun 11111111 Ll ll 1 1116 I1 S 1 lJL'1l-Q ll 1 1 1 II 11111111 f N I I 1 Ill! 1 1 ll 1111 III l 1 l1 1 L1111111 x 1 I11xP1 1-s -xx11S111-N111 HH! LllHfIll1lL All llllll L ll 111 lllllll 11 1 11111111 KL 1 1 I 11111c111111111 111111111tl11 Ll Vllllkl Il llllll Ici IL kli I HH mf Pnffff hifi rv 5,4 IHXQ-X XXI 111 171 BI R111 1 1 N I ll IN ll 1 1 Ixr 1 1 1 K' wi N ' 1 , , , 1 N 1 1 Ill, N I 'A vu JI-XMI-QS Ill.'SSELL BLAKI-BIORE ........ Chicago CUMMERCE xlmoznzlfrzlcy, Emzfeirzg amf Finance Beta Gamma Sigmag Beta Alpha Psig Account- Zllliff' Clubg Concert Band ffl, 31 IIr111111's Day IZ, KJ l711ixe1'sity of Kentucky CZ111111 11 I-'R.1.N1'1f I31.Ax1c1wsH11', VIR. ...........................flInrphy1boro COBIMERCE Bizzzhirzg mm' Firmurc Ac1111111t:111cy Club Sr1utl1c1'11 Illinois State Normal I.'nive1'sity BETTY II1'x'1'ER BLEsv1xG .... . . .Chicago I2D1f1'.-1'1'111x Ezzglixh Zeta Tau Alpha IIo111cc11111i11g C11m111ittcC fl, 325 Dads Day C11111111ittcc QQ, 319 P1111-Ilullenic Council C253 Orange and Blue FC.llllUl'SQ Gold Feathers R11B1RT Ll-1E BL1111a1 ............ B1u1r1fs1ou'n LIB!-'RAL .ARTS AND Sc1ExcES !,'l11'u1i1n1l Eugfzzvarirzg Cl1i Beta A. I. C. E. I-'11Ax1'1s I,V111.1.11A1 BL11m1Q1'1sT .... St. Charles C11 M M F R1' F CJUIIUIJI Hllxfvflw Sigma Delta RI111 Accr11111ta111y Club rxllgllililllfl Cullcgc I'Q1111'111111 AI.-xv B1,1111A1 ........... Ch1zv1p1zIgn ,I11L'RxA1.1rx1 A'1'1:1y1 111111' Fifflnrinl Sigma Dvlta Chig Mu Pi Sigmag The Daily Illini IU L'Ii.IllC -I1111i111' Cullcgc' A A Ihy l-1111 1 IIIIWEIHSIT MILDREIJ KATHRYN BI.ooM . . . . . . . .Harvey EIJUCATIQN French Thornton Junior College ARLETTE NIAURINE BLUM ........... .'M1n'z'oo FINE AND APPLIED .ARTS fllnsic Cast, "The Contloliers"g University Chorus fl, 2, 3, 4-jg VVnmen's Glee Club C25 JOSEPH BLUIVIBI-.RG ............ . . .Olfacclz ' CIIMMIQRQE Gwzrrfll BIlIfI1t'XJ Sigma Alpha Mu La Salle-Peru Juniur College THOMAS PIIILIPS Bruno ....... Cazzgrrfx Pafk LIBERAL ,ARTS AND SCIFNCIE Pxywlzofogy Delta Upsilun Lyons TIm'nship Junior College JOIIN WILI.l,ARI Bunyan ...... Ruubvrfzr, N. Y. ENGINEERING Elfullicrzl Er1gfr1m'rizzg Scabbard and Bladeg Pi Tau Pi Sigmag A. I. E. E.5 Pistol Team U, 4-lg Rifle Team UM Captain, Unixersity Brigade I l l , l l 'I I I I l if l i ROBEILT Zlucic BoIiImIEx .... . . .Rorlsfuml CIINIAIIIICIT G'4'1zI'rI1l B'nxizzu,rx Phi Kappa Sigma Alpha Kappa Psig Tu-Nlasg SuplmIno1'e Intra- mural Manager HELEN X7lRGlNlA Bono ......,.,.... fflfielxgo LIBERAI. AR'l'S axu SeII'xcEs Sf7I'c'I'fl Alpha Xi Delta Frances Shimer Sclmnly linux Cullege Joi-IN SWANK Buiuaxn ......... .... P .zrix .-XGRI-gL'I.TI'IzI' Gfzzwlzl slgrirlzflnra Alpha Phi Omegay Scimitarg Agricultural Clubg Varsity Fencing Squad CK, -Hg First Regimental Band Cl, 2, 3, -lj 6 lllIllllfl'lilflll 'IIIIIHTY-SIX J z. N LR ' X ' 1' AQ. 15. l .,,. . i nf, 4. , PI Is- R I ff I. .1 4 57,1 X mf. ' ' G i f , . N x , mb! 5- 5 ,a bv 4, ft' Ill: Il.l.Illl0IS lil-ll'l'H PRI-'STUN Bums .,.... .... I flnzwpaign EDUCATION Ilistorx' Freshman Varsity Golf Squadg Varsity G b3-t Squad Q-H5 Men's Glue Clu Q , J lfniversity of Wichita olf DuImTIIr SADIE BOII. ............... Quimy FINLQ AND API-I,II'Ir ARTS Public Srhool fllnvif Eta Sigma Phig Mu Kappa Alphag L'niveI' sity Orchestra fl, 2, 3, -Hg Orchesis KZ, 3J Hunors Day tl, 25 lJm:u'rnx DIANE BuI.5'ran. .,.... ...Joliet ' J OURN.-Kl.l5Kl I I Effzlruflzf .N uct .I zu! Chi Omega The Daily Illini fl, 215 Orange ant l'e.Itl lCl'53 Uulti Feathers Limleiixxmmtl Cullege l Blue J.mII.r llr xax' BOLT ........ ...t.'MfI1go Cum Nl I nt' I Grrzenzl l5'm1'r1rf.I LI.yul.I Unixersityg De Paul L'nixer5ity lJuuu'I'1Ix' JANE l5oILt'II.1Iun'I' .... . ..... tffflidgn LIBPRAI JXRTD AND SCI!-YC!-S Gm Hlllll Delta Uarnma Shi-Aig Spanish Cluhg Der Deutsche Verein, The Daily Illini Cl, lla ,luniur Prmn Com mitteeg Hiunetulniilg Curnmittee tl, 273 Da 3 'J Day Cumlnittee tl, -lg Nluthers Day Cunl mittee tllg Orange and Blue l"eathers9 Gu 7 l"eatiIersq Cast, "Hit the De-ik' JIIIIN FII IX Humax ........... ...tfuuion C .'x.GRlCl' l,'rI'uI' f1I'r1I'rI:l :lgrfi llfflll 1' usmupulitan Club Der Deutsche Vereing Alpha Tau .-Xlphag Ag ricultural Clubg llurticulture Cluhg .-Xgrici tural Lduuatiun Cluhg llliCl'4CllHl.I9flC Circ K3, -l-l Junw lp.-XXl'Nl'Uli'I' Bllliliill-lf .......... 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Rmfc lffamf l'iNGlN14i-RIN1. f.'f'i'il Ezlgfalrrfflfg A. S. L. 11. IK' United States Naval Arailemy Axri.-x Axxr. liuxn ..... , .. ...... 1,0-cifzgfofz LIBPRAI. .ARTS ,xxn Serexcus lllrllhwfzizlfi r Gamma Phi Beta Orclnesis C3, -l-J y Q jouiw lNIARel,'s limi-R ............ Clmzwjmfgu Lrmicaii Ain- Axn Stl!-QXCI-.S 1'of."fii.1f .N'rf1'r1u' Alpha Kappa Delta, Second Lieutenant, L'ni- versity Brigade Hmuwrs Day Czl av--v l:vm.x'N llui-ui'ii:.xxr ....,......... I-'rfiluirg lanruu. .Xmas axn Selk.YCl-,e Eflglhfl First Cf-umil, Xvllllhlllib League C315 Y. VV. C. A. Cahinet Cl, -ll, Doll Show Committee CIM la' fertle liraueais Southern llliuois State Normal Unixersity Mm Illk i Nl: uf lliuxni-xm'Rr. ...... fllaflrfmz lint Q'-X'I'lUY 1'ffx'il'i .lf Fifm .Hin ri l'ilt'SlIIIl.lI1 Varsity lfoothall Squad, lfreshn'ian P3 1 Varsity llasehall Squad I'i2lSlt'I'Il Illinois State ,lik'.lCllL'l'S College d fem? .55 A L. --or ul sl! . .slr BYRON PETER BRANDENBURGER ...... Sullivan JOURNALISM News ani! Edilorial Sigma Delta Chig Gamma Theta Phi -IoHN Josx-len BR,-KNDLIN ..... .... A lgonquin COlX1lX'1ERL'Ii Commerce ami Law Theta Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma, President, Student Senate, Vice-President, I-'reshman Class, Homecoming Committee C215 Chairman, Sophomore Cotil- lion, Student Alumni Association C41 Honors Day Clj BERNIQE SYLYIA BRANDT. . . . . . . . . . .Chirago LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCLS Soriulogy HUWARD JOHN BR.iLlN. . . . . . ...Belleville liouefvriox Plzyriml Eilnraliou Phi Sigma Kappa Sachemg Student Senate C315 Tribe of Illini, Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad, Varsity Basketball Letter CZ, 3, 4-Q, Honorary Captain C415 Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad, Varsity Tennis Squad C2, 3, -l-J Rum- RT OI IYI-QR BRRNIJI-QI. ...... Earl St. Louis lixoixuuurxc Civil EIiglllz'z'l'flIg Mu-San, A. S. C. E., Independent Councilg Captain L'nix'ersity Brigade Nlakcrs Vlvron BRliXYS'lil"R ..... . . .Plano JUL'RNAl.lSAI Nero: ami Elfflorial Delta Alpha Epsilon Editor, The Siren, The Daily Illini CD George VVashington University NVILII.-KAI lNlAxxx'ri,r. BRINH ...... Champaign i .XGRIQULTURE Gwzvnzl I1gI'iL'!IlfIlI'.'3 Alpha Gamma Rho Illinois Agriculturist Cl, Z7 jams Ku-1Nr.N BRINKI-.Rlllll-F. .. .... Dudley ENGINR1-.RING Effrlriclzil Ez1gim'rriug Tau Nu Tau, A. I. E. Ii., First Lieutenant, University Brigade UlllIWlfllSI'l' Pagf lflfty-fix' Q I v - FLORENCE ETHEL BRISTONV .... . , .Oak Park 1' EDUCATION Ar! D 42' ,Q Illustrators l V 'G Honors Day CID .mifi Wheaton College 5 ' 2 ' ' -ndvf-'JE JOHN CLINTON BROGAN ............. .-1 nlzorlf LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES 1 Pre-Law 5 Delta Chi Scabbard and Bladeg Varsity Football Squad f 64,5 Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Var- ' sity Soccer Squad Q2, 315 Captain, Cnixersity Brigade I EDITH GERTRUIJl11 l3RooIc.. ...... Sfltlllgbllllf : LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENEM I Erzgfixlz A Alpha Lamha Delta ' Honors Day fl, 2, 3jg Cniyersity of Illinois . Scholarship Key GEORGE BERDINE BROWN ..... ...l'fIv.m.1 EDUCATION Frvzzfh Pi Delta Phig Coast Artillery Cluhg Le Ccrclt- Francaisg Captain, University Brigade ,av 4 l l V li ri :i S l l I f i lllIllllfilflflll TIIIIH-IY-SIX L 4.1 -2, 'fi iv QS., Lv!! 2 dv Honors Day QD ' ,Q . fi l , IZI-LYI. lhflrtlilli BRUXVN ........ .... C 'Inf-11:1 V C0lX'IR'll"RCl'Q Gf'z1I'rf1f lfnxirzcxx 1. - Phi Chi Thctag University WKJIIIZIIHYS Ritic K gr gl. 'fgamg ACCuuntancy Club I Q' , i , A t fm, NIARY ELLEN llrunyx ................ Qnimy X LIIIER.-II. ARTS AND ScIENcLs . -V Sorfufogy Delta Gamma p 12, - 5, ' Alpha Kappa Delta if 4 Stephens College i 3' ' I 5 , mf.. . 4 -1 V - ,, ROBEli'F lvl.-XRIUN llRowN ...... llbifirzg, Iuif. CUIVIIVIERCE flrrnznlfilrlry Sigma Alpha Epsilon IQ 57K .9 f 1 YVILLIAAI EDWARD BIll,'BAKlflR...l1IlAl M. Lmux PHYSIQAI. EDUCATION Alpha Kappa Pi Caisson Cluhg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Varsity Basketball Squad U15 Cap- tain, University Brigade g S : l, l: I I. I. I lil 'D I 5' Ii' .55 S RIIBI-:RT HATQII BRuNsIxIAN ...... Grecrztduzu LIBERAI. All'l'b AND Sui-xt Es Pofillinlf Sr livin 1' Phi Beta Kappag llhalanxg Independent Coun- cil 13, -l-lg Captain, Cnixersity Brigade llrJIIrIrs Day fl, 21 l,Ul4U'l'llY llII.rI N lllil"l'L'lIl-li...E4I,Vl Sf. Loaf: 1CnI'L'.aTIoN Eugffffz Delta Zeta l'an-Hellenic Council NlIlCDfllll'l'.ll' Cullcgt' ORRIs Ury lliu xvr ......... .,..'llI'fz'm .sXc,RIt'I l'l'l'Rlf Urllwnlf jlgllflllflilz' Alpha 'l'au .Xlphag l'il'UblIlll.lll Varsity hVl'CSlllllg Sqiiadg Varsity hVl'L'SlllIlg Squad Q-H lJoRu'I'IIx' lX'lAlilUfN littix ....... 111111 SI. Louis ,'XGlllL'l'I,'ll'lil' C1'wzI'1'I1f Ilumr Fi 1111111111 Collvpc ' , . r, ., ,lt-IIN lui Allfk lhtit ......,...... llcilllflfflttlul IQNDINNRING fffvff E11gjm'r1l'11g Kappa Dclta Rho Chi Epsilon. X. S. C. li.. liItI'IwIlnfl,ustif Cii- cns fll AflII.DRl-ID KYIIIRIN lit lb .... .......... I jill!- Llljlallll. ARTs AND Stlrvti-N l'1v-.'llI'.l1m Indiana State ilit'.lCllt'l'S Collegi- lixii-R.xI.Iw llrxkx llL'XDY..lllifI'.lIl.lf'U!'w', lml. Ll0KlAlFRCl-' CI'm'1.If Hnvir1I'n Acuiuntaiicy Cluh Cnivcrsity of VViscI-nsin , . V - lhll PRI-D L llAMl'l,-HN BI Klilklx ..... lx'ffIf:,1f1f.l l'lNC.lXFl1RlNfi f.'lz'if Eugin I'I' rirzg .L S. C. lf.g Captain, Cnixcrsity llrigatlc Ihr' l':'Iy-I Tlllf II.lI0 SEIUIIIIHS CuRxHI.I.a BCRGI-Q ............. . ..... Urlmmz LIBIRAI. Awrs Asn Scirxcrif I"f:'P1L!I 'lillffllt Pi Delta Illiig Alplin Sigma N113 YV. A. A.g Major Ig First Council, NVoman's League C-lflg Y. VV. C. A. C.1binet fl, 2, 35 Hunurs lblly ill J.-XKIF5 l'iDXY.-KRD Ilrizraih 5s ........... Riz'1'ui.fI' lfwnlvi- I RING Fl1'1'rri1'II1 EllgflIz':'lfIIg ELI Kappa N115 A. I. IS. E. Hurifws D.1y Q33 LIIIQIQAINI-' LII I mx li1'IcI,1I11nIwT ....... lfffiruga I,IniRAI Aiwa ANI: S1'I1-Nuff Frmlifl LC Ccrclc I"I'.1IIc.1isg SP.lI1lSll Clubg llrunccmn- ing Stunt Sli'-xx Cuminittcc lllg Iixccutivc Llllllllfll, VV. fi. S. fiultl l'lC:lllICI'Sg XVII- nIcn's C711-c Club 131, L'nix1-rsity Llllllflli Q21 lluiims lJ.Iy KU rlillflllltllll -luninx' Culluyv Vrixxux AI BI-ART l31'I1iIu1' .... ...C'!1iIuzgfv Ll1lK!X!I-RCI-1 . , , C1'r1fr.rf IBIIXJIIVI' Rinxiuwn AAIIIIQIIII. ll1'RIQI-. .. . . .lfnfnlwrIu.1ii LIBPIQXI Airiw Axn Scii-xus AWIHII SI. Vl.lIrnl' Cullt-gc LII- xll-lXlI,Il-' li11:Icrx', Alu. ......... Tnrilnvz LIIaI'IuI .'xR'I'r Axlv S111 vui- P1.--I I" 'l'llL'l.l D1-It.: Clii Skull .lllkl Crciccxitz 'l'lI': Illi-I fl, IM lntur- . . , . , fl'.'lfL'!'Illlj' lifuzicil 613 Rui-:I-III' l'I:1.N1'Ip lhizwf ............ Ifffirizgn FINI Axn .'xl'l'Ill'U Aims xllfi IIHJ ljilfllffllg 'l'l11-t.I Kappa l'lIi lllii Ift.1 Sigrnaq llllI4ll'.llHl'iQ SliL'lCll Clubg llmiiccfuniiig Crmnnittvc fl, 239 lJ.I1ls Day Cvuninittvi- Cl, ll. IIIt1'I'liI'.1t1-I'IIity Cfuuicil f-ll llvriww lhy Cl, 21 XXIIIIXNI ,liL'lxNHY H1 lex- ......... f.IHluHlIH1 l.Ilil-Ii-XI, .XIIIN axis Survi- Philo-Injrffx' .Xlplm li.1pp.1 l,.Imb1l.l SfvplwIIIv1I'1' Cutilliun QllIIllI11lllL'l'3 lntcrfrn- fL'I'IIlfj' cllllllfll fi, -Hg X. Nl. K. A. Cnblllvt llfilluif lily fl, 31 PIM- ffm-, infix C Q - ll.-XROLD CARI. BUSCH ............ Champaign lxGRlCLTI,TURE Florirullzrrt' Pi .Xlplin Xi RIIBI-'RT FREDERICK B1'scH ....... Cliimzpaign Commrinciz G1-rzvral Hn.IirI1'.v.f ACcu11nt:IIICy Club .lunx CIINRAD B1'sIIM.-xx .....,...... Chzrago LIBERAL .ARTS AND SQIIQNCIQS Snrinlngy .Xlplm Kappa Deltnq L'nix'crsity Orcliestrn U, -H llnix eiwity of Michigan XVILI I.-XXI XVIETTIG B1'fIIxII.I.. .. . . .Chicago Cmixirkni Cmlvfulf Hm.'.'I1'1t l 2' ' Clli lletzl llumivr j,mI11s lluswi-31.1. .... .. ...... Urbana LIIsIiR.a1. Aiwa AND Scirixci-15 f.'ht'7ilf5fl'y f'W,ff A I'lIi cillllllllll Deltxl Frcslinmn Varsity r1lI'1lCli Sq1I:11lg Varsity Track 5 Sinizid CZ. 37. Varsity Cruss Cuuntry Squad - 'Z' 5' fl n ,. 5l.LBl'VJ-N .xt in , IQIIITII Fimxcris Bum' .............. Iflziuago ' N ' ' .A PI-IYSICAI. EDL'C.-XTIUN , -1 I - XV, A. A.. NV. A. A. Numcrnlsg Senior Infor- -Q 93 9 I'll.ll Cumniittccg Independent Informal Com- V ' ff A Inittceg Cast, "Omni News," ullflilvtl Nlorning, as Dc:1rie," Cniwn Minstrel Slmw U35 Produc- . 'V tiun Stuff, "'I'lIc GuIItlulic1's," "Tales of Hotf- V X INIIIIHQ xVHITlCI1lS U11-e CI1Ib Cl, 2, 473 Uni- V' X xcrsity Clam-us Q-Hg Orcliusis Cl, lj P14 AIII, CLARA Bum' ......... ...Cflirago , EDUcA'I'I4w .'lII1IM'1mIfi111 LQ Ccrclc FI'.lIl'ClllSi CIIi1'uI'sity Clmrus Q3, -H llltll,-XRD PIIRT1 R CAIunI1'K .... . . . . . ..Q1Iim'y Lliauui, Aims AYD Suirxci-'s Pri'-.'lIv.fi1's 1' Alblin Dultai lllli I Q llTtCl'll'llfL'l'X'llff' Council f-llg Lunccrt Band fl, . mrs Dziy Q33 lllIWlfllSI'IY ' i lllIllllf'l'lilflll 'l'lllll'l'Y-SIX W ROBERT ELMO CAMERQN ............. Peoria COMMERCE Indrzrlrial xlliminirlralion Phi Sigma Kappa Tu-Masg Accountancy Clubg Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg lnterfraternity Council CD5 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet UJ5 Production Staff, "You Never Can Tell" JOSEPH ARKELI. CAMPBELI.. . . . .East llloline LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law I Sigma Alpha Epsilon Junior lnterscholastics Managerg Stunt Show Q4-D5 Union Minstrel Show fl, 2, 3, 415 Cast, "Good Ncxxsng Men's Glee Club Cl, 25 ROBERT BRUCE CAMI-BELL. .. . . .Freeport I COKIN!!-ZRCE . E I rl cvonI1fi1rzcy l ', . Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' Phi Mu Alphag Accountancy Clubg Concert . X, , 1 A Bancl fl, 2, 3, 47 1 ' I, THOMAS JAIXIES CANIPBELL, JR.. . .Rock I,vI.zuIi ' ENGINEFRING fllruhrzzfnll Ezzgizzvrlizrg Saint Amhrose Col lege ROBERT CHRISTIAN CAxAoAx' .... . . .Danrville CIIMMERCE ' Public Ulifilirx Caisson Cluh5 Captain, University Brigade .yi . l l I V P I I 'I l L - l I I I V I I I 4 V I I l LEOLA MAY CARLSON .........,.... Rockford LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pryrfzology Chi Omega The Illio C255 Uolcl Feathers f l If nr I if 1 Rockford College l OSYER PAUL CARMI .....,.......... Chicago LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES lmfiruz Delta Alpha Epsilon Mask and Bauhleg The Daily Illini fljg Star K 7 Course C235 Cast, 'The Adding Machine,' 1: -if "The Little Clay Cartwg Production Staff, "No Nlnre Frontfcr," "Riddle Nle 'lihisng Union Nlinstrel Show f-l-I LENVIS HEFFNIIR C.-XRNAIIAN. . . . .... fllizrumb JoIIRNAI.IS1xI Nrfrr nuff Eififorfal QQ Western Illinois State Teachers College ....., III: II.I.IlllllIS SALLY ELIZABETII CARNAIIAN. . . . . . . .Urbana LIBERAL ARTS Axn SCIENCES Frfnrh Kappa Kappa Gamma Pi Delta Phi DONALD STROCK CAROLUS. . . . . .Slerling CUMMERCE Gfnfrtzl RllfflIc',V5 Accountancy Club lil-.NNI-'Tll IiL'oLxI1 CARI-ENTIR. . .IVNI Union EllL'CA'l'ILIN Pflyxirlzf EII'1rraIion Palaestrag Caisson Cluh3 A. P. E. A.g Tribe of Illinii Freshman Varsity VVrestling Squadg Varsity NVreStling Letter fl, 3, 4-jg Captain. L'nix'ersity lirigatle 'ISHEIKIA lJAxxrR CARI-Ex'rI'R ........ Conlon LIRERAI, :ARTS AKD SCI!-NC!-'S Sodology' Bethany Circle Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lainhcla Deltag Alpha Kappa Deltag junior Council, Womanls League llonors Day fl, 2, D5 University of Illinois Scholarfliip Key UI-'oRc,E JXRCIH-R CARRL"rnrRS... ,..l.'!1ir.zgo lixolxrrnrv, G'I'11v1'I1l Frzgirr I'f' ring Kappa Alpha Psi CIIARI I-'S XVILBER CASEY ............,. Lacon LII-SFR.-KI. :XRTR AND SCI!-NL'l'5 Cvbflllfjffj' Scahhartl and Blznleg Coast Artillery Clubg Pershing Ritlesg First Lieutenant, University lirigatle Nl.-RRY Nl.-XRGARl"l' Q'.'X5l'l' I4 .... ... .lf'fU.zII.'jv.1igrx LIIIFRAI. :XIVIW Avo Stl!-XVI-'S I'll'lIl fi' '1illCt.l Phi Alpha XVII I IXNI LRAYKIN L AVI lfll-I I1 ....... I.fI:..1go Lllitll,-Xl .ARTS Avi Sclrxrrs l.'f"I'II1fIlII' 'lillL'iIl Xi A. S. C. li.: Alpha l'hi Orncgag C.Ix'.Ilry Oth! cc-rs' Cluh. Sopliorwlit' illll.I!1llIl'.ll ixl.lIl.lgCl'l Captain, L' nix t-rsity Brig .Itlc Psp I.-'11-v Tllli Illlll SIZIKIIIIIHS .ala llruknr ITAIRBANKS C.-XL'5l-QY ...,.. lflzilw.-jurigrz Fixx AND AI'I'I.IED ARTS . ANDREXN' CHERRY .................. Coccden I,m1Jft'.1,fu' .'lH'!llfz't'1llfc' PM K1 X Pi COIVIINIERCE . 1 s PP Cnmmvrcv and Lnfc 'I'au Kappa Epsilon Captain, University Brigade .--:r ' - ,,..4,.m JUHN CHQLUVIQI' ' 'Q """"' ' ' 'RMU Will' -' X RIL'H.ARD BAi1.1-ix' CHILDS ........ ...Urbana MMMPMQI4' x , I I ,IOURNALISINI 5 U 'i1UnU"m"ly 1 ,,, P ' Q I , Nvcvs am! Edilorial Beta Alpha' lug Scabhaxtl ' antl lllailcg Ac- A 1 14 Sigma Delta L-his rl-Umdhawks The Daily coluntancy Lltuhg Coast .'XlllllL'lj' Klum Kap- - h Illini my 2, D, ASSOCIMC Editorial Editor tain, Lnixuraity Brigade C43 Dunn CIlANIBlzRI,IN .......... .. ....i11fuf.1 Riciiaxn JAINIFS Cmus'rMAN ..... .Harrisburg AGRICl'I.Tl'KF " K2 Liurznm. AR-rs AND Scxsxcsb Ilwznuzf Ilumt' EL'UI1flIlIiitf gy? Clfcrlziilry Alpha 0llllCl'1PIl Pi 3 5 mu fx it Phi Eta Sigmag Tau Nu Tang Pershing Riflesg Cnixt-rsity uf Califurnia .V .H ,I IVIa'ur, University Bri atleg Men's Glee Club ,V ,, uhh J g 1' 3. r 'w 45 I-Q U, Ava, M Hnuurs Day fl, 25 f Et prix N g'4,N,'1-Aykp CHAMBFR5. . , ...l',l,,,,,,, Cir.-miie lvl.-XRSIlAl.L Cnu1sTx' .... . . .Trizioli gXGIlILl'l'IiL'RI-1 AGRICULTURE Cwzrnzl flgrir1zllu1'e Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Clubg Hoof 0mif,A.,,1 Nu and Hum Cluhg Illinois Agriculturist 1415 Crlzrltzl flnwr Etlllllllllfqt Zcta 'l'au Alpha tw l1V1lSl1ll12:l1u1 l'niu'rsityg Suutlmcstcrn Cui- ,M Ffcfllmiln Vflfsltl' Vvfcstllng S'lUf'd versity MMU' Fl lfAHP'ItH CH-HNHI PIR- -- --.- I1'!lfH1,L"f ix. tlrrinmz W.-wma CHURCHILL. .. . . .Elliwille 1iUl'CATl0'4 ' AGR1c'Ul.Tuiua -'lff 'ag G'f'm'rI1f flgrirnflnre Clllfillln Nl"'mA'l C"ll"Hl' KN Alpha illilll Alphag Ilunf and Hnrn Cluhg Ag- ricultural Econnnlics Cluhg Agricultural Cluhg Agricultural Council fl, -H IVI.-Hifi.-NRI-'IA NIM Cu-wiv .......,... .9'nU1t'. .ll-ROINIF llU'I'Ii CHURCIIRIAN ....... Sp1'ir1gfie'Id lilmlf-+I AIVIF ANI' SUPYCPS LIBERAI. .ARTS AND S011-ixcriu I1'1'tf'f'l' Et'rnznwit'5 Phi BVU' Knllllili Alpha ,: . ' -4 : 4 3, ' K Alpha 'l'au Umcga Pllf' IXUPII-l Di' A Springfield junior College Ilrlli-ws Day fl, 2, IJQ l'uixt'rsity nl- Illinnie ' Sclu-Iaisliip lit-I' VVH 1 IXNI Pat: Cliaulwxxlrlt...I,'1.n1fft' flllilj' Fuaxx juarru CIHULK.-x ........ .... B erccyn EYGINI-I'ILlNG JOURNALD-AI f.'1'1.1H1ftf , A'rcc'.v ami Efffllfriill A'm"'lK"'l ffl'-111159 5"fll'U'i liltmlllll-'ll V-'Vtlll' Q Q . lm P Sigma Delta Chit Cavalry Officers' Clubg The l'i"'vth.Ill Squad ll. l Daily Illini Cl, Zlg Varsity Soccer Squad H05 linux l' -llug' Second Livutcnant, University Brigade Murtnn junior College NADA, 15, ,,1,xH,,.,-H CMM Y" U-'f',',A, PWA, - ' IJAYIIJ CITRIIN, ju. ...... ..... .... I . 'lzicago .'Xf,uIt'1'1 'rl lar , ILDUFATION ffrmzuf Ifnmt' hltlllllllllftt H'5l0'y PM Mu . ' Zeta Beta Tau Shi-.Kit Ilumwnming L-,,,mnmL.L. U' 3' gh H The Daily Illini fl, Zlg Varsity Succur Squad Oraugt' aml lllut' l'It'.lIllCl'5Q Clulsl l'lt'LlIl1t'l'NQ w-. C33 4,5 -lumml prum Lommlttee Stal' Cfiuiwt' ill UIIIIWEIHSII' QA HARRX' lVlURR.-XY CLARK. . . , . . . . . . . . .P'oria ChI'111i.I!ry Cast, "The Ciondoliers 5 Men s Glue Club 4 Bradley Polytechnic Institute RuBI'R'r WlI.I.IAM CI.IxI-i ...... . . .1 vofia LN! IN!-ill R ff' f 'f1111'I1 ".u eta " .yn II - .'AxllL'I'lCllll Ceramic o- yg lxeramm' ' ' 'I'L'CllI ngrapl Blackburn Cul egc ,PX lllIllllf'l'fflll -IIIIIHFIY-SIX L I l I , IN. LIBERAL ARTSANDVSCIENCES E 5 ' I ll R PM Q ttily. fp S 1 N ,, , K 5 P tItt ' N,l'lhL I I Q'-lj ' E JANIS CLARK. . . . . . ....... . . . . . . . .Rmironl AGRICULTURE Gcfncml Home Euozzonzics W.XYNE OSBLIIIN CLARK .... ... . ..Ca1lirI AGRICULTURE Cf'm'1'a1 i1gI'fL'N,fllI'zJ Sigma PlIi Epsilon Agricultural Cluhg Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day fl, lj JQHN JACOB CLEMENS, JR. .... ...foliar EDIICATIQN Phyxiftil Eff11rI1f1'0n Theta Chi Delta Theta Epsilong Cymnasticag A. P. E. A.g Freshman Varsity NVrestling Squadg Var- sity Wrestling Squad HJ Joliet junior College CHARLOTTE CARTI-iR CI.EMvN'rs ...... Du1zz'iUe LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Erlglirb Kappa Kappa Cannna Orange and Blue l:L'illllC!'Q FRAXCFS LE,-III CI IFFURI7, . . . . ,.,O1f.1q4-11 EnUCA'I'InN Frzgfixh KATIIIIRIXE LnuIsE CLINE ......... Calmfmrg LIBI-'RAL AIITS Asn SCIFNCI-is Polifiml .S'rimIuv NEIL DFxII'sI-Lx' CLINE ....... . . .rllarzlicallo COMINIERCE Crrzvmzl l7"IIXfIlt'.Y5 Beta Theta Pi Tu-Masg Illini Board of Control Il. fi ,.. I , J er ' fp A A in- 'L P arf. -uv -agp' 5 ,' Rv r R A 6 ,If I lil I lil OISE MABI,PT LlUk'IiNAN. . . . . . . . . . . . .Ulifa LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIIaNCIfs Sf7I'n'i'fl La Salle-Peru juniur College xl.-RRG.-KR!-'.'I' lvl.-XXINP CSLJCHILAN.........'1Hf0I'd LIBPRAL .ARTS Axn SCIPNCES I"1i'11I'f1 Louisiana State L'IIix'ersity GRACE Nl.-RRY Cui-iRx'I-1R. . . . .. . ..SlI1nr1lon .'XcIRIeI'I,'I'IIRIa Orrzvlal Ilrnm' FI'r1I1nIf1iI'5 Alpha llannna Delta Phi Upsilnn Ol1llCl'llI1Q Shi-Aig Dads Day Cmnmittec C215 Pan-Ilellenic Cf-uncil Q-Hg l-'irSt Cuunfil, YVnInaII's League f-Hg Gold lfeathersg hvHI11L'll,S Ulee Club ffl PxI'I.IxI lll'BY CIIIII-,N ....... .... l flfitnzgo 1iIvue.1I'I'IuN S.l74'1l'fl Phi Alpha Chi ICI IZAIIITII AHIGAII. Cnr EAN. .. ....Pizza nee .'xf1RlL'UI.'I'UliE Gwrlrfirf 11111116 Et Illlllllliff Phi Upsilnn Oinicrun hVill'Ll-BCll1lfbIlt Schrml NIARII-' lllllil-2R'I'.-X CIIII-ixIAY .......... Clzitngo LIBER.-KI. JXRTS ,axn SCIENCES Srlffulugj' Zeta 'l'au Alpha Pan-Hellenic Cuuiicil Q-Hg First Cuuntil, XVo- l1l2ll1'S League Q-H III-I I-N LUL'l5F L01 LINS ....,.. ...Unk Park IiDUCATIuN Pofflfrtzf .N'I'iv1II'z' Alpha Xi Delta llnIneCuIning Stunt Shun fUIl1llllllt'YS Q'lIic.Ign NI-rnial College IHS.. s ma, Tlllf II.lI0 SlflllIOIlS DIARY I'-RANCP5 CoaIrjR .......... Chnmltmfgrz AI0L'RNAI,I51XI .41!'I'f!'fliYh71g milf Puhlifhirzg ' Kappa Alpha 'I'he: Torch, Kappa 'I'au Alpha, Alpha Lambda I E Deltag The Daily Illini , .. Honors Day fl, 2, fl, Cniversity of Illinoi. Scholarship Key l'-Ill-IDRIC lIIlI,I,,-IND CoIxIsTuc'x joI'RxALIsM Sf i'i' inf ami Crilituzl Alpha 'Ihlll Omega Sigma Delta chi, Polo Association lfll Southern Illinois State Normal Cnixersity 5 5' 2 A 4 77 I M 'I IXIARI.-KY I.L'klI I I CIINXIHQR .... ...Sflrfiforz Iirvt'cATIoN Erzglirh Delta Omicron - fi- 'QF ' ,I Illini-is XVesle-yan l'niI'eI'sity ' , QW" . . -F, , I FRIQIII-RIcK CIUUK ................,.. .lloliuu LIB!-R.-XI. Aivrs .axn Scuixcrs l,'hI'f11l't'I1f ElIgiI1L'1'ffl1g Alpha Chi Sigma KIIIRARII Cook .... ......, ......... .I,h1I'.Ign -Qin .lHL'IlN.-XLISIXI Y ' Nrrff will Eililoriaf N Sigma Delta Chi, 'l'he Dads Illini QU, Cast, s 1' "'I'he Nlikaclo' M X Y I? .c if Drury College lilnfs'-fe' " K , JL'AwxI'I"I'I-i kIosI-,I-IIIxI- Coox ......,.. fllflllll LIBI RAI. ,ARTS AND Seuaxcias - Ilfafllfj' 5'-, Achaea , NIJCNIIIIAIHII' College K - a. an . I 'Amo - . I ir 'luoams IIINRY CIJUK .,............ l.'h1t'.1g LIIII-RAI. .ARTS AND Sell-'Sci-,s Cflrfzhrlly' ' Interscholastic Circus fl, 2, 3, 45 7 H 1 'I ,iq Ilunors Day ll, U ' Q, . 't , ,:. pi' X . in E , I'.-ILI -Ioux Cooicr ................. f,'h1'I'agu I.IIsIR,xI. IXR'rs AND Sciixcias lfugfifh s Phi Beta Kappag Sarmatia Clulag Spanish f Q I, Clubs Le Cercle Francais Armour Institute A-E CHARLES EDWARD CooI'ER .... .... P eoria COMMERCE CUIIFHII Business Cast, "Tales of HoH'man"5 Menls Glee Club UIQ Accountancy Club Bradley Polytechnic Institute III-'IIN IVIIRIANI CooI'r1R .......... Bridgeport LIBERAL ARTS Asn SQII-txcrts Frwlch XVarner Hall NVilliam Woods College flair CosaRT CORLI-LY .,...... ...Herrick :XGRICL'L'I'L'RI-i Gvrlvnlll .'lgrfI'11ll14rI' Cavalry Officers, Clubg Agricultural Clubg Captain, I.'niveI'sity Brigade SIIINLI' CIIRUSH ............. . . .Chicago CoIxIMI-1Rci2 .'lcu01n1fI1r1t'y .-Xccountancy Club NoI'tlm'esteI'n University ,IAMI-'s HENRY COULTER, JR., ,.L01zfr-rifle, Ky. ENGINI-:IQRING flIm'ha11fcI1l Ezzgizzrwifzg .-X. S, M. Ii., Scabbard and Bladeg Theta Taug Caxalry Officers' Clulwg Pistol Team U, 4-I, Captain C354 Major, University Brigade Ilonors Dav CID MARY -IAYRT COURTRIGIIT .......... Chicago LIBERAL .ARTS AND Seiuxcus French Alpha Omicron Pi Mortar Board, Torchi Alpha Lambda Delta, Womanls League Representative U, 4-jg Shi- Ai, Pl Delta Phig Homecoming Committee 13, -Hg Publicity Chairman, Woman's League Shoug I':m-Hellenic Council C-H, Executive Council, Women's League C3, -Hg First Council, VVoman's League 13, 'Hg Chair- man, junior Council, Woman's League C355 Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers llonurs Day QI, 25 llllljl-RT EIvIIwIETT Cox .............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND Scii-iwcias Chvuzicaf Engirlvvrirlg ljnixersity of Chicago Ruin- KT IIIHOMAS CROCOIXIBI-I ......... Chicago LIBI-'RAL IARTS Asn SCIENCES blL'0Il0IlIiL'.Y Sigma Nu Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, Varsity Baseball Squad 12, 3, -l-J, Senior Cap and Umx n Committee UIIIIWIEIHSIT Pal, Suri-tu-o HELEN lvl.-XRIE CURTIS ...... ...Polo I EDUCATION I Gerlfraf SI'fw1a'C I The Daily Illini Clj l Honors Day l I l I l I ,,'7'!' IUIIUITIIEEIU 'l-lllllif-SIX L . ' l B.-KRBAR.-X CL'T'I'l',R ..............,.... l'won'.z . ' f IIIIYSIUAI. l'iImI't'A'I'IoN NVILLIARI EDXVARD CROCLIMBE, JR. .... Clzzcnga KUHP1 Kqppq Uqmmn LIBERAL ARTS ANID SCIENCES I N 'IiL'l'l'IlPll1 ffl, U5 'l'elegr:IplIic SxIiInmiIIg Team ECOIIOIIIICI ' I -I 'N V, U Sigma Nu -' U Ml P Y Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Freshman I'vP 5 w- ' N Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Baseball ' ' Squad C31 4 A5 ' I f 'fix .Q f:'iJi" l'lP5TER 'l'IIoIxIAs IJAILY ........... Kizrlkizkfu l PAUL WILLIABI CRUIvII,IsII. . .. ....l1'ilmettu l N ENGINEERING fllecfznzzimf Eflgizlvurizlg 5, I Phi Kappa Psi Varsity Rifle Team Q3, 45 Nortliwestern University ' ARTHUR EDISON CULLISON ...... Lfzwrfrzrr-z'1HI' .AGRICULTURE AIIIJIIHI H14.r!1arII1'r3' Phi Kappa Phig Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Zetag ' Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Council, Presi- ' dent ffl-Q Honors Day fl, 2, D5 University of Illinois ' Scholarship Key STUART BLAINE CULTRA ....... . . .Omzrga CoIxInIERCE 061191111 Rzzrirzfyf Sigma Pi Accountancy Clubg Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad Eastern Illinois State Teachers College ITELEN MAY CUNNINGH.-KAI ..... Eiffmf-IfIz'il!c LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES Soufofogy Blackburn College I I I I l I I I I I I I I I I I l I I l I l I II: i LIIIERAI. ,ARTS ANII SeIINt'Is Pri'-I,af:' Sigma Delta Kappag Cast, "Whistling in the Dark," "The Little Clay Cart," "Riddle Nle This'g l,l'l'JLlllCIl0Il Statl, "No More I'il'tPIlIlCl'V Illinois State Normal L'IIiversity, St. Viator College IQENNITII lp.-KRIIT7 .............. 1111. Vunzon ENGINIIRING Ci:-il Ifllgirzwurjllg SlItllllt'l'll Illinois State Nornial Ciiirersity l'llel,FN Lorisii DANUI- Y ....... ...Pufzlmf .'xGRlQ'L'If'l'l'Rl- UI'I1f'1.If Ifnfm' FIIIVIUIII I Alpha Uanima Delta Iona State College IllfI.I-'N lJUIiI5 lJANlIrI,S ...... I,'!mu1go Ilviglflr EDL'L'A'I'ItIN Iliyfnry Delt.I Zeta Homecomiiig Cominittee UBI I,llH'llL'llClllC .S Y Council I-Hg First Countil, XVoIII.III's League f-ll Stephens College RUTH CUIIRENs ............. .... I 'llaromlz I, -5--yy XVILBVR FIIFDRIC IJAXIPLSUN ........ .llaffrzv EDUCATIIIN I LIHI-QR.-KI .ARTS ANII SeIINt'Is slr! f I PII'-Ltzft' Delta Gamma G' 1 Kappa Sigma In. Phi Delta llhig Cnion Nliiistrel Shoxs KU t Ig AugIIst:IIIa College ! I , Alpha Omicron Pi University of VVisconsin OTIS IJANTI' ................ ISUIKII III, Ark. EIII'cA'I'IoN I'iI1gf1'.Ifl Ka pa Delta l'iI First Council, VVoIIIaII's 3 P League fell llonors Day UD ,Xrkaiisas IjtIlj'IL'ClIlllC College M xl X I... I JEANNE NIARIE CU-N-FR '.... 'mcmmgo XVIII. SULLIVAN D,-u'IF: ........... .1lIII:IoI1.f EDUCATION A ENIIINEERING 51,-I xi fllurfzzzzzitril E1lg1'Izwf1'rIg Zeta Tau Alpha 3 7 in " Y. 'theta Xi Northwestern L'niveI'sity I ' " A- S- M- E- pi Central Y. M. C. A. College If IlI.Illl0lS Ilzgt- Savtlx-MII, I illli Il.lI0 Slflllllllls ,'f'2'-as xml.. DoRo'I'nY DAVIS ............. Gzmwley, Colo. J PINE 'lNDA?'m,'l'IED ARTS xl.-XRY JANE DEARING ............... Urbana Delta Camma NHL 11 'Qs ' 'ik q AGRICULTURE . Colurxtln State Teachers College I - - Glimiml. Home ESUHGUHU ' M' ' 2,-Y 5 ", Plu Upsilon OU1lC1'Oll5 Omlcron Nu Honors Day CZ, 31 4 A , University of Minnesota N ' YQ . iii IELYA ll,-XRXVFLI, IDAYIS .......... Fulton, Ky. LIBERAI, .ARTS AND Scxrxeris Iffxtury Dt-lta Gamma LllIl'lSll-Ill College fill.l.-XRD IDONALD Dbl.-KRI.LlX'E. .. .... Elgin Coaf1Mr1RCI5 flrcalnzlmzcy Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi Eta Sigmag Accountancy ClulJ5 Coast Ar- tillery Clubg The Illio U15 Major, University Brigade l'IUIlUl'S Day fl, 21 llIRxIxw lNlARI4w Davis .,.... ....G'rt'Uf1np lv" ' I-'Ui FRANK Draw AK ---- -'-Chifdgo .'XGRIL'l'l 'rt'RI-i U'MMP7lW'i gf,-,,,,L,j A.fg,jL-,,j,,,,E K Hxlflklllg ami Fimznfe QQN lrlrst Lieutenant, University Brigade te I Q 1 sg, LMS IMU5-H IDA.. ..'.. .A1,,,,,j, XVHILIXIA ALLEAH DI-ZLIIQRE... ...lllamencl LIB!-lt.-U. ,ARTS awn Scllaxcl-is Ilftfllljl EDUc.ATIoN Biology Alpha Oinitrun Pi G' Tllcm I-lllsllfm lNlaslc :intl llauhleg Lhlllllllll Alpha Chig Terra- Botany Clubg Orchesis CZ, 315 Homecoming ping 'I'ht- Illio fl, 2, 31a lxlUtlll'l'S Day Com- 5, Committee UPS Flfit Council, Womanls mittee llls Dads D.1y Connnittee 1319 Hume- League C41 coming Committee f-lflg Charity llall Com- if 9? mittee 1313 Orange and Blue Ft-atliersq Uoltl I --1,3-fgr sah Featllers, Cast, Hfinltl in the IllllS," 'lllnocl PQFI' - 'S-i iNloI'ning, l1e.u'ic"4 Protluction Staff, "You I Num. yum 'I'L.ll'u II'1-AIDS nf Hutfmgmyn nfl-he .ALBERT JAMES DE Mayo ...... ....Ca1fo CQMMIMLRCE Atltling NI2lClIlIlL'li Unixersity uf XViscunsiu till,-UCI Is Iluari-i l1.xu'suN ........ ..Ct1rroll1nr1 LII:rR,u AR'I's .awry SCI!-'NCI-'S Fllyflill Alpha lxappa Lamhtla Fl'L'SllIll.lll lfrnlic Cruninitteeg Cast, i'C:lrnIen"g lNlt'n's Ulee Cluh fl, 2, 3, 41 Clntlhi hlawl- D xvrnx .... . .... ...Chuuzjuzigrz I.lBl-Iiltl. AR'I's Axn Sclraxclis frltllllih Alpha Delta Pi Ilonfrrs Day fl, 31 Al In ISABI-I I lf IDR.-xl, ........... S'pri1Igflvl.f I,IIil1 Ru. AIi'l'S .-xxn St'IIfNc'Iis Ilirrfuy Kappa Alpha Theta Ciult Parli College Rlllilrllli IQAIPII DFAN ......... ...xlvhlrnz .lourwal Iam Avftar ilrlif lilrfffnfftll Sigma Dt-lt.1 Chig 'l'omahaukg Alpha Phi Onwgag The Daily Illini fl, 2, 31, Chief Lihrarian I-I-1 l'1 - I'1rI'0InzIam'y Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, 21 jaxrrs RoBItRTsoN lJRaIoRI:sT. . . . . .Chicago IinucATIoN Zeta Psi Hrlologt' N' Pershing Rifiesg Freshman Varsity Cross Country Squadg Varsity Cross Country Squad CZ, 415 Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Var- sity Track Squad Q215 Varsity Soccer Squad C-Hg Homecoming Committee fl, 215 Dads Day Committee fl, 21 .laaixas LANVRENCE DIil'I.ER ........ Lewistown - CLJMMERCE .flfromzlancy Alpha Kappa Lambda Sigma Iota Iipsilong Beta Alpha Psig Ac- countancy Clubg The Illio C219 Second Regi- mental Band fl, 21 Honors Day Cl, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key VV.aI.I,.-ICE AxDRIaw Diem' ........ Arrouuvmiib ENGINEERING Elrclrirrzl Efzghzvvrirzg Phi Kappa Phig Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nug Syntong A. I. E. 12.3 Sigma Xi5 The Techno- graph Q-l'1 Illinois State NoI'mal University lllIWliIlSIi I: I N? ROBERT MILLER DERROUGI-I ...... Champaign COMIWERCE Banking amz' Finance Kappa Sigma Student Senate C4-D5 Band of X5 Caisson Clubg The Illio Cl, Zlg Homecoming Committee C215 Dads Day Committee CZJg Chairman, Cap :md Gown Committeeg Co-Chairman, Senior Jacket Committeeg Student Alumni Associationg First Lieutenant, University Brigade ESTHER AVELIN DEL:'I'CH ....... .. .Canlorz JOURNALISM News mn! Effilorinl Mortar Boardg Torchg Woman's Editor, The Daily Illinig Student Senate C-l-Jg Kappa Tau Alphag Theta Sigma Phig Journalism Coun- cil C4-D ALBERT DEVARENNES, JR. ..... .... E zuzrzxlon CnMIxIERcr1 Cerzfrnl B11.rim'S.v PlIi Gamma Delta I Skull and Crescentg Sophomore Football Mana- gerg Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad LYLE XIINSON DE NVVIAT .... Crawl Cily, filo. FINE AND Al'l'I.lED .ARTS Z.ll'Chfft'L'fllII7l Ezzgizlvezizlg A. S. C. E. Alahama Polytechnic Institute EDNVIN WILLI.AhI DIr:'r'rERLE. . . .... Rolfsrls ENGINEERING CFfdll1fC E71gi7I4'c'l'f7Ig Phalanxg American Ceramic Societyg Coast Artillery Cluhg Varsity Ritie Team C-l-jg Cap- tain, UIllX'C'l'Silj' Brigade VIRGINIA ELIZABETII DILLE. . . . . . . ,Joliet Comix-IERCE Cefzrrnl Brzxzrzvrr Alpha Chi Omega Joliet Junior College DANIEL STUBBS DIl'l'OLD ........ Friccurris-z'ifle ENGINEERING Civil ElIgflIt'Fl'flIg Phi Pi Phi Interfraternity Council C4Jg Captain, Univer- sity Brigade MARK DEEh'IS IDISDSNV.-XY, JR.. .Des llluinrr, Ia. ENGINEERING Elcffrfnzl Engirzreffng Alpha Delta Phi Sachemg Sigma 'Faug Junior Track lvlanager Honors Day Cl, .YJ lliIllllfilflflll 'IIIIIHTY-SIX '47 aiu. I 54 I 5-. t , , WK. . -r, ., iq' x i t .I- GJ G0 -'H sr- . ga, ,, 1 Q58 2 Q -me 1 WERQIW -ef xx ? '-Z .vy. I sf T? if -cz' I.l.Illl0I LIaIzoY NVll.l,I.-XXI DI'I"I'xI.xNNI. .. ...Chirngn ENraINriiI4ING Ci-vii Erlgirzrwrifzg First Lieutellant, Unixcrsity llrign-le DUN VVII.I.I.-in Dixov ....... ...Urlmna Cmmrari-'Iwri Cf'm'r'r1l lflrifmwr Caisson Cluhg Fl'L'SlllI1llIl Varsity Basketball Squadg Freshman Varsity 'l'racl-C Squadg In- dependent Council C3, -Hg Captain, University Brigade Nl.x'I"I'IIFw P. DUBIKIXIC ....... Taylor Springs EDt:t'AI'Iuw Physical Fifmizrfon FI't'Slll1lIlI1 Varsity Football S-juadg First Lieu- tenant, University Ihigrule lfiuxrc lwFRlil'XY linux we ..... . . .Cl1iw1p.1ign Q:lblKIlXIl'illCE Crrxwrnf Huiirzvvx Delta Alpha Epsilon lXl.KRY lil I7.-XI-XI-'l'H Donn ..... ...Girard 1irn't'.x'I'mN Biology lllackhurn College lNlARc,I3I-'RITI-i lJoI.cII ..,............. Urbana FINE AND ,'XI'I'l.ll-.D Awcrs lizfrzlirfg Orchcsis C3, -l-jg Cast, "Green Crow the Lilacsn lJwIr,II'I' ll.-UXIIl.'I'UN DUNS ......... AIOIIIICIEICO LIBI-RAI. .'xR'l'S .-mn Suu-.Nces Plz'-lnlrc' licta Tllctzl Pi lllfCI'il'.ltL'l'lllfy Council C-H Jnri, CUNNI-It lJuL'II,xN ......... Lake Forest lfNc.INI-rRINcI Elvrirrrrzi Engru i'f' ring Delta Chi A. I. E. If.g Fl'L'SllIN.lI1 Varsity Track Squadg Varsity Track Squad Cl, U5 Freshman Var- sity Cross Country Skllhlxli Varsity Cross Coun- try Squad C21 Crane Jnninr College Prgf Sixty-five 'flllf Ill.I0 Slflllllllks YVA1.'1'1-R lI1'A1ir,w DRA1-1-in .......... Urlmna L11s1-ZR.-xi. Artis AND Scivxcfs Slpr-4-111 Phi Delta 'llieta Mask and liauhleg Arepnt Cast, 'l'l'he Silent Woman," "PatienCe,', "Green Grim the Lilacsf' "The Miltatlfif' "Aniaco"g Produc- tion Statl, "I Pagli.1cci"g Homecoming Stunt Show fi, 43 AR'1'11L1a I-R1-D1'1t1t'1q IJRII-'S ....., ...Clfirngo -IUURN.-x1,1Sa1 .lYz'fL'X mmf Eif1'lu1'ff1l Phi Sigma Kappa The Daily Illini fl, Zlg Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad RILli.ifiI7 Ii. lJiun'1'R .,........... Hizrrfrzglnrz I'-INF Aviv .'Xl'l'I IFI7 Aivrs .'ll't'fl1'ff'1'll1lf' Scarab EDXVARD FRANK IJL'I!l 1-Y, JR. ....... Oak Puff: Exmwi-'1-'K1NG Cwrzrlilf Ei1g1'm'1'1f11g Denison L'11ixc1'sityQ Armour Institute Fierrvisiciq Iilwwaitiw D11 KI-R.. ...Rui Bin! CUIXIRIPIQCI-' .l11'uf1f1r,1m'y Beta Sigma Psi Coast Artillery Cluhg Accuuntancy Cluhg In' terfraternity Council UM Il'l'ULlllCtlU11 Stall, "The Crt-at Coil Hriixxiif' ufil'L'L'Il Clrmx the Lilacsw Ililil-'LJDORlf A: nrfxv lJL'l-I-Il-LD. .... lfhizrixpizigrl ,loUKwA1.1sa1 Aiifzi .wif lflififlllfrlj Phi Sigma Kappa lVla-XVan-Dag Saclicrna Swrts Iitlitiw, 'l'he l Daily Illini fllg 'llhe Daily Illini fl A' ' . -, 33. Sigma Delta Chia Skull antl QlI'L'SCL'I1I jeux 'llllUIX'I.-Xb D111-N114 ........ 1111'k,m:m'iUv limfu.-x'1'1uN 1'f1y"f1'1ll Fiflrullfnil Phi Kappa lvI.l-xxx!!!-IDIIQ Saclit-ing X7lCL'-Il'l'L'SlQlC1li, junior Classy Ill'L'SlklC'lll, 'l'rih1' uf Illinig Fresliman Varsity lfuotlwgill Siiugitlg lfrcsliinaii Varsity Bas- ketlmll Squatlg Varsity llaskethzill Siluzitl Cllg Fl'l'SllI11.IIl Varsity li.1sulH.lll Squatlg Varsity llase- hall Lc'ttt'r ll, I, -l-J, Captain I-l-lg junior Prmn Cninniittucg Sopliuinnw Cotillion Com- mittvcg Il1lCllI'IlIL'l'l1l'y Council f-ll XVII 1 imi VVi KVI-R Dvkrs ....... Dngg1'r,lr11f. Iiwniwiliiilxu l.'i:'1f !1llIgflll't'll'Ilg 'lliilnglc Chi lfrisiliiii, ' A. S. C. If. Page Sf 1 lr- 1 'Qin C5 it X11 ' 'n ,.x.,. u i 111 . G. ua v A Q ev ii 1 , 1 G- A . ,rw fi vw '11, 'fu l - , -A t - spa. ' ', suv- x" ' A G.. .silt RICli.ARD ARNo'1' DUNCAN ............ Alexis ENGINEERING .'1gV'fL'llIflH'l1l Er1gir1f'f'1'i1zg A. S. A. E.q First Lieutenant, University Bri- gadeq Agricultural Council Hunnrs Day ffl IIUNXA INIAI-Q Duwiiaixi .......... New Salem .AGRICULTURE Gmzsml H111111' Erozzomitxv Bethany Circle Phi Cpsilun Omicrrin Lincoln junior College Ii'1'11r'1. NIAY DUNL-xr ..,.... ...La Grange IiDUUA'r1oN Fl'L'!It'fI Beta Phi Alpha Le Cercle Francaisg Social Committee, Wom- an's League C37 Lyons Township junior College VV11,1,1Aa1 L1-iwis DUNN, jR..I.a!cr Village, Ark. LIBER,-11. ARTS AND SCIENCES Chz'111f.v!l'y Phi Beta Kappag Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day fl, 2, 335 Cniversity of Illinois Scholarship Key NV11,1,1A1x1 RAY DUNN ....... ...Farzzzingian .AGRICULTURE Crzicfuzl .'1grirz111nn' Phalanxg Agricultural Clubg Ag Dance Com- mittee f3Jg Captain, University Brigade Honors Day M11,BURx CARL Eeiiuusrixoixi ...... Champaign CONINIERCE Cr111'1'17l 15'11.vi11e.tJ Accountanfy Club Rouravr C. Ecxii.-xitm' .....,... .... D e Kalb .AGRICULTURE Cl'7Il'l'17l flgriczzlluru Alpha Zetag Phi Eta Sigmag Agricultural Clubg Field and FLIITUNA Clubg Illinois Agriculturist U25 Concert Band fl, 2, 3, -l-J Honors Day tl, 2, 333 L'nix'ersity of Illinois Scholarship Key VVr3s1.1,x' Lrxxrg linux' ........ Duruzurr Grove Iixoixu-iiaixc Elr1'lrfi'1z! EPIgfl1L'l'l'fIIg Phi Eta Sigmag Phi Alpha chit Adelphic Lit- erary Societyg Syntong A. I. E. E.g Concert Band fl, 2, 3, LH Honors Day fll UIUIWEIHSII' ssl MORGAN L. EDWARDS, JR. ..... Sl. Louis, Ilia. ENGINEERING Elcflrical Enginecring Delta Sigma Phi A. I. E. E. HORTENSE LOUISE EHRICI-I .... Evansville, Ind. LIBER.-IL .ARTS AND SCIENCES Prychology ' Alpha Epsilon Phi ' The Siren C3, 41 ,X R IUIIUETEEIII fllIll'l'Y-SIX f 6 5, Fl:- ' I 'Q EVERETT KETCHLVRI EICKSTAFDT ..... Harvard "ii LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES , Prr-1,4120 K , Sigma Delta Kappa, Varsity Wrestling Squad 1 .L 21 U, 4-lg Cast, "Amaco" ,Q .1 L W Illinois College mg. A l EDITH REGIN.A EISNER ....... .,.. C hrmzpaign ff LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES x Hff!a1'y I A g ' 3 Kappa Alpha Theta fa' Horse Show CZ, 3, 4-I 1 A i ARCHER 'I'IIoxI,as ELLIOTT ..,...... Ewznxlorz ENGINEERING Civil Engizzcerirzg Armour Institute V l I I l l l I I 1 5 A if WILLIAM IVIORRIS ELKII-ill. .. .... Rochelle X CUMMERCE 4 .-Irrazzziffzmy 3 Lyons Township Junior College K ,' I , Q I E :es-.. ' RQBERTA BusEY EI.x'Is .............. Urbana FINE .AND .APPLIED .ARTS Pzljllfillg ' f Alpha Chi Qmcga 1, 4. N3 5 Illustrators, Fine Arts Council ffl, 3, -ll Honors Day fl, 35 E ,Q Q GEORGE HARRIsoN ICNNIS. .. ...Cbfrfzgo :xGRICL'LTL'RI-2 Cflzvnll :lgrir14l.fn1'e Phi Kappa Tau The Daily Illini QI, Polo Association CU ll: II.lIlllllI S RIlEU.i LILLI.-KN ENsIGN. . . . .. .. Jllayfcooli ICIwL'cATIoN English Zeta Tau Alpha Northern Illinois State Teachers College, State L'nix'eI'sity of Iona CI-ioRGE Pifuiu' ENTILFKIN. . .. ...Crrrnfield ENGINEERING Efvrlririll Eflgfllfflillg Eta Kappa Nu, fl.. I. E. Ii., Railway Club, I'irst Regimental llantl fl, 2, 3, 43 Honors Day Cl, 2, 31, L'nivcI'sity of Illinois Scholarship Key EI FANUR XYIX HN ICRVINGI-R. ., . . .Sileis ICDLTCATIUN .'llI1fffrf11I1ffI'.c Chi Omega Mask Illlkl Banhlc, Orange and Blur: I'iL'ZllllCl'5 5 Gold Fvatlicrsg I,I'4PLllICllUll Stall, "The Yellow Jackn-t," "'I'h0 Niall linpcsf' "Tales of Iloff- man," Ullitltllt' Mr This" lNI.axINI-1 Iixiaxs ................. ll'hf1e Hall lCDi'txx'1'IoN Pfyrfznfngy Lincoln Junior L ollvgc XXIILI..-XRD I'ARRI'R EVANS. .... .... E runxflon .'xGRIL'L'I 'I'k'RI'a lifurlffnzf .algliizrllzifv 'l'ht-ta Delta Chi Skull anti Lll'L'5CL'IlI, 'lin-Nlas, Illinois Agri- culturist Q l, ll RUBY lNI,aRG.1.RIfI' FAIIR. . . .. . . . , Cairo EDL'L'.-YI'llIX l,'uum1ufr1'.1I Slllljirffsl Alpha Uamrna IDI-Ita .-Xccoinltancy Clnh Stephens College, No1'thxxt-stern l'nix'crs' ay DIARY IKITA II.-XRLIY. .... ...... . . . . .Aurora I.IBIR,xI, .-XRI5 AND St'IENCI'S Plllflffill Naffllfn' Kappa Alpha Theta fnllvgt' of SI. 'l'CI'L'S.l XVILII.-XXI III-RBlaR'l' I-'ARRIIIUND ..... Hrhluz-ill: Iiortxxi lox .lII1!f1I'v.'lI!l'I'J Alpha Kappa Ili Phalanx, Caisson Clnh, .'XI'I1L'l'lCilll Cc1'.Imic So- cietys 'I'hc 'l't-clinograph llj, Varsity YVrcst- ling Squad ill, lfirst Lirutcnzint, University Brigatlc In, S1115-r KVI I Tlllf Il.lI0 SlflUIOIlS 1 FA Y .I'll.I1'K'Ir1.1f:' g 'hi Il1eIll111 l ll 'l'l1e Siren 1 1111 Imninntttt Q ll.ll'llj' lizill Int 1111 1l Ciwniinitteeg 1 I L zitliurs xx ....'lIHll71 tv ll 1 ll tlll.Il B.lllxl IIP1 I-uxx C'ullf111z'ilIa I 1 .Unis Puff: is X1 llminurniing Qainnntttt Il 25. l,.l1lS l lllue l'e:1tl1- Cl J. Prn- N11, Nil!!- Nn lvlull' . .I"I1ff,UI'l,l S ll'Sl l,11'11- I I I I1x1 xx ..!,'l1f1'.Ign INK flfflg l'I1NI'y lil xxn S QFS llfufc' NIH URIIWIZIHSI H6513 ll.1R11I.D OTT11 l71c1ITE ............. Oak Park LIBIQR.-Xl. .ARTS Axn SeIENcEs Pri'-1,1170 lletzi Sigma Psi Szichemg Phi Eta Signing Student Senate 12, ll, Vice-President ffljg Sigma Delta Kappag l,L'l'Slllllg Ritlesg The Daily Illini fl, 2, 335 l'll'L'SllD1J!lI Varsity Snccer Sq11:11l5 Summer Prom clUl11l1'llll.CtI Q33 ll11m11's Day fl, 25 Nlll'lllXXC'FtCl'1l Cnix'e1'Sity CII.-UH I-5 RCIBYTRT l'lII.lI'l'I ..... . . .Chicago ExGINEI-:RING C1'l'tll1If1' EIIgiIlt'l'l'iIIg 'llllll Kappa Epsilon Pie1'1'11Is1 Cast, "Gund Murniiig, DE2ll'lCl, ClCIlll'Jll Y. M. C. A. -I1111iI11' College Ili Rwlev .ALDHLLI-I FINE .............. Chimgo LIBERAL .ARTS ANI1 SCIENCES Pxyrlmlogy Signm Della 'l':I1I llamina Alpha Chig 'I'he lllio fl, Zjg Fresh- n1.1n I-'nilic Connnitteeg Homecoming Commit- tee 129. Y. W. C. A. Doll Show Committee C235 Dzitls Day Comniittee C115 Mothe1's lyily Cumniittee C175 l'11n-Hellenic Council K-Hg First Cnuncil, WIIlllJlIl7S League Q-H5 Cast, ttllit the Deck, "No, Nu, Nzinettel llf111411's D.1y fll CH,-1RI.I-5 PAUL FINI4 r11fI.n .... .. .Arcola LlUR1IXIF RC!-Z C'r1II'11If Hlzifrlvyx .'xCCHlIIll.ll1Cj' Club Ru xmxn FIN1-GFLD ......... . . .I,r'XiIIg10ll C11MI1'II-'RCE GL'l1A'I'lIl l1'n.1fIIt'.v5 .-Xcc111II1t1II1Cy Club lfl.Il:XBF'l'H RLITII lf1:cI1ER ........... Olmfva LIB!-il-i.-XL JXRTS ANI1 SCIENCES Fr1'1I1'f1 Kappa Kappa Gziininzi Il1x1II.'I'uw RLIDELL FISIIBACIQ, JR. ..... Cfzimgo LIBERAL AR'I'S AND SCIENCES P1-1'-lllmiifs Omega Beta Pig llllllllilllllkklii Scimitarg Fresh- I11.Ill Varsity Fencing S1111:11l5 Varsity Fencing S1111.1tl ffl, -lj .X1:'1111'11 lznwlv l'If11rR ....... ...Ctznlrafl AGRICULTURE Cl'lIt'l'tl1 .'lg1'i1'11llnfI' l'l.lI'l11 House Nl.1-Vlfziii-D113 Phi Eta Signing Alpha Zetag llyniiixisticng Agricultiirzil Cluhg 'l'I'ihe of Illinig Varsity Gym Letter U, -lj, Captain Qljg Uyinkhaina f3, -H ll11n111's Dziy Qll 6 1 Y I l X- LFXVIS THOMEN FIsnIiR ......... . ..Urbam1 COMMERCE Commerce and Law Sigma Iota Epsilon, Accountancy Club Honors Day fill MILDRED :XLEEN FIMIER. .... . . . . .Chrzmpaigu L1BIaR.-xr. ARTS AND Selrzxex-is Spefth Kappa Alpha Theta IVIert:1I' Board, Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Woman's Leagueg Student Senate Q3, 4-D5 Sigma Delta Phi, Mask and Bauble, Moth- ers Day Committee fZJg Pan-Hellenic Council U55 Executive Council, W. G. S. C-lj, First Council, Woman's League Q3, HH, Junior Coun- cil, Woman's League C315 Orange and Blue Feathers, Cold Feathers, Star Course KZ, 35, V - Cast, "The Yellow Jacket," "Good News," "Hit the Deck," "No, No, Nanetteng Wom- en's Glee Cluh Q2, 3, -lj, Manager QD, Presi- I dent fill , fl H ' z f "C 4 onols D15 flj WILLI,-XM S.-xaxum. Flsnxx.-IN. ..Priucflon, lull. '- " LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Polilicaf St'iI'7lL'tf S Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, 'IiOfllZlll3NXKi ii Delta Sigma Rho, Kappa Phi Sigma, Men's Varsity Dehating Team fl, 2, 3, 'l-D Honors Day Cl, 2, D5 University of Illinois Scholarship Key FRANI-1 WILBUIK FISK ............... Cfzirago LIBERAL ARTS .-IND Sclxxciis Enlomofogy Alpha Kappa Lambda EDWARD joux FLI-'1xIING. . . . .Kimmx Cily, fllo. lllIllllf'IIflflll TIIIIHTY-SIX L ,.! , s . I.. HI-:LI-LN FLYNN ............ llnrlingwz, Texas FINE AND AI'I'I,Iro AR'I's fllfmfc Theta Upsilon Home-conming Committee UD, Pan-Ilellenic Council til, University Chorus Uj llrenau College Loan-"I"I'A I2S'l'llImR lstlltl l,lNf1l-ill , Fuzz ll'I1ym',InJ. LIBrRAI. AR'rf Avo Stl:-New hiorfnfngj' . , . N -.,. l'1 lieta lylll ,Q .Xlpha Lamhtla Delta, Alpha Kappa Delta, 'sq A. A., I,Il:l'llL'llt'IliC Council Q3, -l-jg l'IIst Council, xXUll'nZlIliS League f-l-ls Orange and Blue Ifeathers Honors Day' fl, 2, Xl, I'nix't-rsity of Illinois Scholarsliip Key VII:r.IxIA GR.-ter For ll-'I'l'lil Ixo. . .f,'ffu1v.'1uzfgr1 Lim RAI. Arch Aviv Sen xt I - Spt-mf: Kappa Delta Shi-Ai, Maile and l3.Iulwle, 'l'he Daily Illini 123, Dads Day Committee UQ, First Council, NVoman's League C-ll, Orange and Blue Feath- ers, Goltl Feathersg I'roduction Stall, "The Ilflad Hopes," "Good lNIorning, Dt'ill'lk',il "Rid- dle INle 'l'hiS'l5 fait, "You Never Can 'l'ell" FRANK III-NUIAMIY IIIII t KI-Nl!-Il ........ Hu-:zen LIBI-ik.-XI. ARTS AND Swivel,- t.'0rf1.'fvf1 y Lwillitllllgk' College Sigma Xi Purdue University, Crane Junior College KENNETH LFE FLAKE' ' ' . . . ,UVJU Frcaxx AILTXIUR Fouxom-' ......... .llf. t.'IIfn1rI AGR,C,,LTL,RE ii LIIIPRAI. I-2'lP'I': nxlr SCll'Nk'hb G A ,Z A If ,C , lt'IlllXf!j' Nlonmmlth gum IH . ,, r Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Lamb- ' l da Upsllong Phi .lfta Sigma, ,lillL' Illio Qlj, L Y. NI. C. A. Cabinet Q-lj, Second Regimental v " if R Band tl, 25 'i .fx Ilonors Day fl, 2, D3 L'nixeI'rity of Illinois 1- ' W ' ' Scholarship Key 'W iff' 1 NV.xI.'I'I-'R I-'osI'I-ZR. . . . . , . . . . . . . .Cf1.m.'ji.1igrz LII-Ir RAI. QXRTS Axim SCIIA xt I 5 COMMI-QRCH v . . A A . , Lffuffizrilf lfllglllalllllg Fr1n1g1zC.nm111t'rt Y X I C E Phi Delta Theta 2 -Q5 p ' ' ' Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad, Y. M. C. A. 5- Cabinet QU, Union Nlinstrel Show CD, Cast, "No, No, Nanette" C33 "" Kansas City junior College AA V V , I .. 1 J ' C wk 4 . I i ' -"' . -. ' 's 5 vs ......... . . .Cl RUTII FLINT ................... Chnmpizigu I I HORHR hu lull 1 Hmm JOURYM-I H ' V ,'x1'1RlCi,l.'lL RI-. . . N bi . . Ct'r1f'r.1f :lgrfI'.'ffln1r xiii". f JP!!! . . . ' 1 Flllflllt an l1?Ifll71g ka ,. 1 Q . First Regimental Band tl, 2, 3, -lj ' 'I ' Ht-nors Day Qlj , 51:1 -.fiffgifin '-i- ' 5:21-:fix-.2iE'tX1' - . 1 P - f I - Y V., , ROL.-xxn ERIC FI.oRIN ...... , ....... Chimgo llikxiiku Dill' lli'll'lR """' "N Hou LIBERAL ARTQ AWD Sui-'vers 4 l""'A"i'l'N Chglnivkln C 'A A if 1'f'y.vfI'.1lH.f1IrI1liurz Honors Di, cz, A y , Y, , Fl'k'5lll1lIll1 Varsity B.lsketh.lll Squad - S, - i, ' " 4 I -I, 6 La Crosse Norlnal School ot l'hrsir.1l Iitlu- Crane junior College t, ' ' ' ca lull Q W!" Ill: IlI.Illl0I S Pigf N. I flllf. Illlll BETIIII. RUTH FRANCE ............ Ffesparl LIBI-'RAL .ARTS AKD SCIENCES English Pi Beta Phi Rockford College IQATIII-'RIYF LEE FRANCE ..... .... F reeporl EDL'CA'rIoN flrf Phi Beta Phi Rmvclifrmlll Q ullege DoRoTHx' JEANFTTF FRANCIs. . ....O.1k Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Erzglfxb Orange and Blue Featherss Cold Feathers HIfRBER'I' Louis FRANK ........ .... C flziiuzgo ENGINEERING Civil Efzgizzrwirzg Phi Epsilon Pi Sachemg A S. C. EJ The Illio Q2, 355 Inter- fraternity Council CHQ First Lieutenant, Uni- xersity Brigade SlilllIOIlS if i -3 U 3-A . , We , l NIARIUN CATHERINE FRANK ...... Ji1i'k.vo1Iz'iHa LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES y Erzglixb , .K Kappa Alpha Theta , The Siren H-ls ,Iuniur Prom Committee K A IlllI11IlS College ' "' ' L ARCIIIE NVALDON FRANZIIN ..... Kankuk, Iocva mme' FINE AND AI'I1I,II-:D ,ARTS r1rr!f1'fui'1w-t- I . ., 'A CHTgl,1y'lC N ' 9 , K S 7 State L'niI'ersity of Iuwa 'X A. v B .ai x.2l.iQ XXIII-'Y :xl,liX.-RNIB!-'R FRI-il-TNI.-KN ........ Cfzirago jf? LIBI-,RAL IXRTS AND SCIENCES 'W Prt'-Luft' Phi lipsilun Pi xv M , I Nu Beta Fpsilung Der Deutsche Vereing Fresh- f f L man Varsity Basketball S4lLlIlLlQ FreslIman Var- A T sitv Biselvill S1 Atl A i B' ,ms ',..,- .: . ilu-ERII' LFIINARD FRII-D ............ Chicago LIHIARAI. Ali'I'S AND Scipxt-E5 Pfllflftill Si'fc'7ZCF Phi lipsilun Pi Varsity Fencing Squad fl 3, 1-l-jg Dads Day Cmnmittee f-lj Ifnixersity of Chicago lhffji' SI :w film .EVELYN SUE FRIEDLAND ............ Chicago LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Sociology Alpha Kappa Delta Honors Day C31 Crane junior College NI.-IURICE Pl.-XROLD FRIEDMAN .... ...Chicago EDUCATILJN Pfzyriral Eiinfafion Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Tumbling Squad C355 Star Course QZQ5 Uni- versity Orchestra C45 Crane junior College JACK :ARNOLD FRITZLEN .......... Waukegan JOURNALISBI fliizierfixirzg and Publishing Alpha Delta Sigmag Gamma Theta Phi Butler University HELEN ELIZABETH FROST. . . . . . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chenzirfry Alpha Lambda Deltag A. I. C. E. lvl.-XRY Luis FRUIN .,............... Gilman LIBI-'RAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Home Erozzomius Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Delta3 Phi Upsilon Omicrong Omicron Nug Home Eco- nomics Clubg Der Deutsche Vere-in Honors Day fl, 2, 355 University of Illinois Scholarship Key ROGPIR josEPII FRUIN .............. El Paso LIBFR,-XL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law The Illio Qllg The Daily Illini 41233 Mi-Hila Dance Committee Qfljg Independent Council C235 Cast, "Amaco,,' "The Little Clay Cart" LEE EDXVARD FRYE ........ Kamal' City, Mo. LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Chwzzifal Elzgizzwriizg Sigma Alpha Epsilon A. S. C. Ii. Kansas City Junior College .ALLEN IJXVIGHT FULLERTuN. . . . . . .SL Anne CORIRIERCE Gfllvnzf Business Accountancy Club lllIWlfllSI'l' lllIlllfIlfflll IIIIIHIY-SIX A I V BrT'rx' LIARDIXLR ......... .... I Junliac ii ' REI LE MARGUERITE FuLI,ERToN.S1. Louis, illo. , MNH- RL I , GH1e'1'I1l lfnifm I LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES , 3 .1 lxappa Delta 5 Eliglllh Tl IH, cl 7, ' Pi Beta Phi K 'U ' " JW fl 3 ... ' .125 .ff IJUIUITIIY lhlAIlll.YY ClARRr'r'1.l.'f.1-:zfo1if, N. J. CHARLES RICHARD FULMER ...... . . .Urbmzrz LIBERAL ARTs ANI: SCIENc'Es I,IRrR1u. :XRTB no Seri-NCI-s ' PIT-Ltlfl' Sflflilflrlgy President, Illinois Union fell, President, In- ' dependent Council UQ, Student Senate C-H, Freshman Varsity Easketball Squad, Home- hy QQ , coming Committee 125, Mi-Ilila Dance Com- mittee f2, fil, Chairman, Dance Supervision til, First Council, YVom.un's League QD, , Committee GH, Summer Entertainment Com- '. mittee f2l, Student Alumni Association UD, Blue Feathers, Cold Featlrers, Y. VV. C. A. i' Cast, "No, No, Nanettef' "Good Morning, ' l Cabinet CS, -ll, Production Stalt, "No, NO, Dearlef' "Hit the Deck", Union Nlinstrel Alplio Chi Omega 1 ev I President, Y. W. C. A. C-ll, Student Senate I-ll, Shi-Ai, The Illio Cl J, YV. A. A., Dads ri!! Day Committee ill, l'.in-llellenic Council junior Council, xfVlllll.IlllS League, Orange and Nanette" Show 121 Q Y p Q li.-XRI I-is Rx FORD ll.-xuulors .......... fllafxon I,iRrI:AI, .'XR'li5 ANU Scrrxcrs . IIELEN WILIIELMINA CAEDE ..... Dm Plaines iflilnfj' ' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIFYCES Sfldfcfl Zeta Tau Alpha jacket," ",XIn.uco," "'I'l1e Little Clay Cart The Illio fll, Junior Prom Committee, Pan- ' Hellenic Council UD, Production Staff, "No More Frontier" ll.:xlClJl.D LIr5l.ll-' UARuIum,. ...... Nluuizzglon CHARLES SCOTT CIALBRFATH, JR.......Tll.Yl'0Ir1 PHYSICAL FDIICATION Af'RlCl'l-TUi1'i Ct'l1c'lIIl :Igr'iI'1rllnrI' Chi Beta Farm House Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, A. P. E. A., Tribe of Illinis Freshman VarsitY Football Snluad, Var- Illinois A8"lCultmiiit lil -ill 'x?Vifl'llU"-ll Coun- sity Football Letter fl, 3, 45, Captain fell, Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, Freshman ' Varsity Wrestling Squad, Varsity Wrestling Squad CZD cil Q-ll, Field and Furrou Club 'liixoams Coxox IE R ciAll1lY .......... Cflzirago MICIIAEL ROBERT CIALLAND. . . . . . . . .Urlmmz PHYSICAL EDUCATION LIRIRAI. :XRTS ANII Sclrxcr-s E, nI1nrH.'iI 3. Lambda Chi Alpha Cavalry Officers' Club, Der Deutsche Verein, Tribe of Illini, Freshman Varsity Track li! Delta 'liau Delta Skull and Crescent, Ylillk' Illio fl, 233 ,lunior Squad, Varsity Track Squad fl, -ll, Freshman Prom Committees Sophomore Cotillion Com- Varsity Cross Country Squad, Varsity Cross mittee, Interfraternity Council ti, -ll, Illi- Country Letter ffl, ell, Captain C-ll, Captain, University Brigade, University Chorus Cll nois Union Board nf Directors Q-l-D Nl.-XRGARI-'I' xIANNr'r'rI-' fiXl'l.T. . . ..... Urbana GEORGE WIl,LI.ihl C.-xI.I,owAx', ...... Drmfur ENGINEFRIVG L1BrRAr, :XRT4 ANU SCIENCIS lllrrfmuzral Eizgiufvfifzg j1,,,,,,. F,.,,,,,,,,..v.'A., Delta Sigma Phi Alplia Omicron Pi , Plii Alplia Chi, VVomen's tllee Club Q3, Alfj, ...D Interary Society x,,' STANLEY XV.-XI.'I'FR CAWIN ....... ...llhirago li l I I i l l l l l ll l l Cast, "The Clreat God Broun," "'l'lie Yellow ,Y A l r l l l l l i K MARY ELOISE CEANN ........ . . .Broofeporl g " 1 EDUCATION LIBFRXI. Aurs ANII Stn-Nc-is French l,'f'I'ff.'1'i'.1:l Er1gff1i'f'f,'f1g Phi Mu Q H.. il A. I. C. Ia. . ,r 'er Q Q W' FRANK Louis CANNON ...... .... C Xzirago llARoro XVIYCFNT lLrBuAR'1'. .. ...Elgin EDUCATION L'llRlRIl-Rkili Lambda Chi Alpha ,-lrrfifrrzfilrzry North Central College ,lx Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, Accountancy Club lliinurs Day ll, 2, 335 Lnixersity of Illinois "' Scliolahiliip Key ll I: I I. I. I Ill 0 I S Prgf Suri.-:Irv-ons Tlllf IlI.I0 SEIUIBIR II.-KRUID lhrl.-XKYIX llruxi .............. ljclll , FIX!-1 .avi .'xl'l'llkIl ART: :IgriIfffl11r.1f Ff1gfr1t'vrfr1g Carguylc in Y. 7 - vf H fi. Y- , , I 1 La Sallu-l'cru .Iuniur College 6 A ' ' Ham rx XVII Bun llrisr ...... ...Iinrom CuxIxIrlctr. .li I flllllflllli Vx' Phi Kappa Phi. Hut.: fl.lI'I1l'llIl Sigmag Phi Eta Sigmag Beta Alpha lkig Phi Mu Alphag AccrIuIIt.nnty Cluhg l7ruslnn.u1I Varsity Tennis Squatlg Varsity 'lknnis la-ttcr flj, Squad 13,5 LlUIlCL'l'f lhntl fl, 2, 3, -ll lfwiwrs llay ll, 2, ll. l'11ixcrsity of Illinois Sclt:-larslup lxvy Crfium lxlll I lfli lirnx-xxn. ....... Ilunptxvlrnl lixr.IwH-Rlxc, filffillfulf lt'f1gir1I'I'1i11g P.-wt. XVII I IXXI Clinics Liuruffz -J: CIIMHIPIKKW' Pi Kappa Alpha 'R' 51, Band of Xg 'l'rihc nf lllini5 Fl'L'SllI11.lIl Var- A ,V sity Fcmthall S-luzulg Varsity Fcmthall Squad "f i "'9' f2, 3, -Hg FI't'SllI11.lll Varsity llaskuthall Squatlg 1-'V Varsity l3.uskt'th.ull I,t'ttcr fll, Squad ffl, 45 f ' I , if If Ri-sump. RAYRIIINII fallil-'IN ................ .. ............,. Giant! fnrzrliull, Calif. liIvI't'A'IIiN If, n1IOU.'fi I Kappa Delta l'i Clrantl sluxictiwn Juiiinr Cullt-gc JANL SIYI-I-R'I' Cin lil MIA ......... LII Crmzgt' .Q IfIuIJcA'I'IuN ' I lfugfiifl I. - Chi Omcgn ' is , I'.In-llvllvnic Cwuntil f-lj 1' 5 fl., lllll -It-IIN SARSIIIIII K-II.I. ...... ...Lbzragn lCIvI't'A'I'nN Ilfxlory . 'lihcta Kappa l'hi Q Kappa Phi Signing Alpha l'hi Ol1lL'g.IQ Fresh- man Varsity 'l'r.ul: Squatlg Varsity Track any Squzul ffl, 3, -Hg fIll.Ill'll1.lI1, juniur Proln NJ, C'rmIInittccg Sffplmxiiuri' Cutilliun Cnrnmittccg li.:-ls Day Ciuiilwlill-JI' fl, lla llnmccmning K'f+Inn1ittt'i' lily L'ln.u'ity liall Cmninittce C235 lfrcslnn in lnlluin Il l'fmIII1ittt-c' Intvrfrit1:l'nity C lfllllkll fl, -ll 45 t , , J,-uns NI-Iv clIlll'Nl'II ...Vimzzziz vi' K c'llNlNIl-IMI my lx . v 6 f,'.'I1f1.17 lfniin I lvt- Vi i AI'Ifu1I1t.rmy Clulw i , V . -Q. I as + it D0xAI.D EDWARII GREGLERX' Gmissco .... Urbana LIBERAL AR'1's Axn SCIENCES Cwhflllifcll E7Jgf7It'l'l'iIlg Pllill2lI1X3 A. I. C. E.g Pistol Team Q3, 4D5 lNIajur, University Brigade D. IIPRBERT CILAZI-.R .............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Prv-l,fIfu Zeta Beta Tau Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Football Squatlg Varsity Football Squad fl, 31, Let- ter C-U RUBIRT CI..-xY'ruN GLOSS .......... fllt. llflorris JUURNALISM' .Nvccs ami Etiilorial Alpha Delta Sigmag lVlcn's Clcc Club QZ, 3, 49 Mt. Morris College EI.IZ.-XHliTH FISIII-:R GOBLE .... . ..Urlm1m EDUCATIUN Erzglfxh University Orchestra Q, -l-J Gl'Cl'llX'lllC XVllI1l1l11,S College Isuzu, UUIN ............... .... D nhlgren ,'XGRICUI.TL'RE Gemvlzl Howl' Ei'0llllIIlfL'I VVilliam VVOU-ls Cullcgu .lI'.xNI'I'A Univ ................... Dalflgrrrl, LIBERAL ARTs ANI: StIrxCEs Sfwfuh Phi Buta VVilli:lm Wumls Cullcgc lhl.-XRTIN KIULIDBI-'L'K, .IR...,KIzu,v.z,r Cily, filo. LIBER.-II, ARTS .-xxn Sun-.xcrgs Chwzirnl Ezzgifzrrrfng . A. I. L. E. Kansas City Junior Cnllcgc XVILIIABI -IACIIB c:Ol.DBlxRG ......... Chirngo LIBIRAI- ARTs AND Scuzxcris History Sigma Alpha lNlu Freshman Varsity Basketball Squatlg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Freshman Varsity Soc- cer S-luatlg junior Prom Cummittceg Sopho- nmrc Cutillion Cmnmittccg Freshman Frolic Cmnmittccg Intcrfrzxternity Council Q3, 423 Student Alumni Associatiuix Q25 UIUIWEIH II' I'u" St--I. mlm-Yrf fi Ill: Ill 7. L t'. Born FRASER GoLDswoR'I'I-IY .....,.. Elizabeth LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Sigma Delta Kappa Cast, "Amaco,l' "The Little Clay Cart" ANDREXV Grzoumc CTORCZYCA ......... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cbf'm,7,vl1'y Lewis Institute PHILIP EDXYIN CLINE ......... LatL'l'wzt'a1'iUe LIBICR.-'KL ARTS AND SQIENCES ChL'llIiXfl'y Phi Gamma Delta Vice-President, Illinois Cniong Student Senate C415 Tu-Masg Chairman, Dads Day Commit- tee C413 Interfraternity Council C3, 415 Illi- nois Union Cabinet C315 Illinois Union Board of Directors C415 Star Course C21 SPENCER HAROLD GORE ..........,.. Venice LIBERAL ARTS AND SeIENeEs ll1at.0m11affI'x Alpha Kappa Lambda Menls Glee Club C3, 415 University Chorus Knox College MARGARET HELEN GoR'roN ..,.....,.. Cfrern LIB!-.R.-Xl. ARTS AND SeIENeIts Sociology Alpha Delta Pi Dads Day Committee C215 Gold Feathersg Y. W- C. A. Cabinet C315 University Chorus Cl1 State Cnixersity of Iowa NCRAI,-K MAI- GouRI.I Y. .. . .. .. .Urbana EDUCATION Gerlmlu Torchg Delta Phi Alphag Gregorian Literary Soeietyg Der Deutsche Vereing Dads Day Committee C215 Mothers Day Committee C215 Executive Council, W G. S. C-l-15 Gold Feath- ers5 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C315 Second Council, Woman's League C2, 31g Production Staff, "Good News," 'tHit the Decl-:Pg Y W. C. A. Doll Show Committee CLIFTON Il. CIR.-XII.-XR! ,.............. Prom: ENGINEERING fllerhlzrzirlzl Erzgirzerriilg Alpha Tau Omega Pi Tau Sigmag A. S. M. E. Bradley Polytechnic Institute IVIARY ALlk'l-Z fill.-XN'I' ......... Sf. Lnnif, lllo. EDucATIos: Englixh Kappa Alpha Theta Nlortar Boarda Torchg The Daily Illini Cl, 2, 315 Homecoming Stunt Show Committee C415 Orange and Blue I-'eathersg Gold Feathers 9 IUIIWIETEIZIII TIlIlliY-SIX 1 Q- -5 'QV X. 4 X 'ti' in ,sh '5 X Illlll JB lJoN CUYI-ZL GRIEN. . . . .. .......... Urban.: PI-IYsIcAL IioI'eATIoN Alpha Kappa Pi lil-QYI-RI,Y LoRRAINI: GRLIQNI-,. .. ..... Clrfrizgo FINE AND .AI'l'I.Il-D :XRTS slrrhilwrlfnuzl l1'ugir1m'1'ivg A.. S. C. E.g Cenacle Sur. lilLtlXY.-XR GRI-'INGARD ..... . .,t,'!1fI.:go Lillllhll-QIICI-I HI1r1lcir1g mn! I"1'm1f1re Zeta Beta Tau IILIZABETI-I GRE'rIII1,R. . ..... . . .... I5 will ,IIILRNAI IAXI Nrrvx mm' lfriflofiul Kappa Kappa Ciamma Rox' IHAUI. ciltllf I-IY ......... ...Riwxu-y Conrxrriwr CTzl7Ic'HIl H11xiz1I'r,r Alpha Kappa P-iq .-Xccouiitauey Cluh L'lIixeI'sity of Colorado tlL'f'I'.-WI-t lNIII.'roN c1RUlI..... . ..l.'f11'II1go CiURIlXlERCli Givlvrfzl l3,llVf71l'XV ,Q Phi Mu Delta Accountancy Clubg Fl't'SllIIlLlII Varsity XVrest- ling Squad. Interfrateruity Council C315 Stu- dent Alumni Assoeiatioii Ci, 41 De Paul Liuxersitv SII-XI-. GIIIRGE C-RouAR ..... ...Loikjvoft ICIiI'L'x'I'IoN 1'uf1f:i'.I.l .N'rii'11II' Phi Nlu Delta l"reshman Varsity lfoothall Squad Illinois State Normal I'nixersityg Northern Illinois leachvrs Collt-gt-3 LIIINCIWIII' ut Ala- hama Arl.'XRX' -Ioaw Gators .......... . ..l'I1ff: Ridge L1IsIRxl .XR'I's Axim Stirxers Hrlfm' I1'.vfmn.'i.,r ga Zeta Tau Alpha I S The lllio Cl, .313 Orfhesis Cl, 2, 31. Sopho- more Cotillion Committee Pig-1 Suri. nip-Ill: T 4 SAL. illli llllll SIEIIIIQDIHS Ili RNIRD lNIoI1'roN CTROSSRI.-KN. .. . . .fllolirze COINIINIERCF COHIIJIPNI' IZIZIII Lutz' Phi Epsilon Pi 3 The Siren CID. The Daily Illini fl, Sly Pros duction Staff, "VVhistling in the Dark,I' "The Nlarl Hopes," "The CIHIII.l1IllCl'S,l' ".-Xrnacrf' C XRI. JXIIAAI CROTII ........... .. .Joliet ENGINE!-'RING flltrfltlzzifilf EIIg1'I1m'1fI1g Sigma Alpha Epsilon I Q '1'l1c-ta Taug Varsity Swimming Squatl CII L, ,It-liet Junior College 44 sv' 'H IIDXV.-XRD FRAYCIS CRYRIIQICI .......... Hmzlorz PHYSICAL EnL'CATIoN Sigma Chi Ma-XVan-Dag Sachemg Trilae of Illinig Fresh- 1 man Varsity Football Squatlg Varsity Football Letter 12, 3, -H, Most Valuahle Player f-Hg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad I,YFoIzD AI,BIiR'I' CIS!-lI.I, ............ Rurkfomf 'i JOURNAI Isxi Aifverlisirzg milf Pnlrfixfzfug Phi Mu Delta The Illio UIQ Interfraternity Council fl 459 ' First Regimental Rand fllg Concert Iiantl C33 KI-'NNI-TII LYII1 Cus'I'AIfsov. .. ...dftwfa EDLICATIQN Cflwazftlly Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Phi Orm-gag Vice- Y Presitlent, Y. INI. C. A. f-I-lg Y. IW. Q X C nh inet II, 4M X. NI. C. .-X. Iloaril nf Directors fi, -Hg Inilepentlent Counfil fl, 3, -ll Ilfnors Day KID KIAKIMINO DI' III-l4NAI4Iwo flummw.. . . . . . . . . . . . . .H1'11I1.'I1II'y, Ijilflgililill LIBFRAL ARTS AYD SLSII-'VCI-' P0I.iliI'f7I .N'I'z'I'I1Im' Cosmopolitan Cluh Philippine Illini Cluh Crane Junior College 5? 'J 5 Q .Q -'V' DINAI D RIIBVRT IIXAKF. . . . . .. ...Puffin ENGINIHQIYK, fllirlfvg I1'r1g,7I1rI'1ir1g Iheta RI s-II I lim, in IIACKI I NIAY .... ,,,U1l1.zn,1 CoxIxII4Iu'I' C'I'IIf'II1f RIIIIIHUYY Acacia - Q fu .Xlpha Phi Omegag The Illio Cllg Homecom- lII,! f4'lIllNlfll'L' Ill. Lnion Minstrel Show - 1 2 lllg fHIlC!'lt Ihntl fl, 2, 3, I-lj .SIA -, uf, RUTH :XDEIIYF IIACIQLEY ......... Oak Park LIBERAL IXRTS AND SCIENCES Eugfffh Kappa Kappa Gamma Lake Forest College RLWTII .ALICF HAEDIKE. ..... . . . .Chicago EDUCATION Hirlory Theta Cpsilon Delta Phi Alphag Der Deutsche Vereing Home- coming Committee C233 Summer Social Com- mittee CII Iielrvil College EVEIAN .ANNA I'I.-XERTING ........ fllascoutah EDUCATION Spurcll Production Staff, UNO More Frontier," "Car- menu McKendree College GL.-KDE F. HAIsT ............... Table Grove kIOL'RNAI.ISM Nvfcpv arzif Eifilorial Delta Alpha Epsilon Phalanx. Alpha Tau Sigmag Alpha Phi Ome- gag The Daily Illini Cl, 2, 335 Captain, Uni- versity Brigatleg lVIen's Glee Club C4-I ELINICE ST-XNPURD I'IAI.I. ............ Urbana LIB!-'RAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spvfrfi Phi Betag Mask and Baubleg TeI'I'apin5 Gre- gorian Literary Societyg W. A. A.g Orchesis fl, 2 ,3 lg Production Staff, "The Gondoliersf' '4Amaco," "The Little Clay Cart," UNO More FI'oI'ItieI'," hllidtlle IWC Thisl' III-RNRY RR,-XDI-SURD HALL ..... . , .fllarshall CoIxmIERCE CU77l!l.'L'f'L'l' HIII1, I1afl' Indiana State Teachers College jonx RCIBPRT II.-KLL ..........., Springfield LIB!-'RAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cffemixfry Springfield Junior College IQUBERT Exiuasox IIALLBERG ........ E-zuznslon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Erzgliih Phi Delta Theta Skull and Cresccntg The Daily Illini fljg Sophomore Intramural Manager Rutgers College IIIUIWEIRSI fY I: I QI lllllllfffflll fllIIlTY-SIX L '.' ,,- MARTHA HALLIBLIRTON ..... Jllontircllo, Ark. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englirfl Mrinticello Agricultural and lVIeclIanical University STANLEY DEAN HAMMAN .... ...La Roy COBIAIERCE Gr-neral Hnsinvrx Phi Gamma Delta Illinois Wesleyan University JAMES RICHARD HAMIIETT. . . . . . . . . 7'urrol.z LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Speech Sigma Phi Sigma Student Senate C-l-lg President, Sophomore Class5 Chairman, Freshman Frolic Committeeg Sophomore Cotillion Committeeg Junior Prom Ccmmitteeg Dads Day Committee fl, 255 Homecoming Committee fllg Interfraternity Council Q21 HERM.AN FREDERICK ll.-UNIPY ....Peorii1 EDUCATION llllfffi Acacia Men'S Glee Club C235 First Regimental Band C21 Bradley Polytechnic Institute Pl-IYLLIS EILEEN I-IANNAIHI ...... Wflfle Hmllz AGRICULTURE Geizernl flnnze EL'0lI0l7Zif5 Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home Economics Club MaclVIurray College LOXVDEN ANTIS l'I.-KNSELIXIAN. COIVIIXIERCE General Bzzrin Theta Chi Scimitarg Freshman Varsity Varsity Fencing Squad ffljg Committeeg Senior Informal terfraternity Council QD .Y .I . .. ,..C!1irI1go Fencing Squatlg Junior Informal Committeeg In- XVILLARD MOSES HARLAN .... ...Dunlap EDUCATION Mdfh6'l71dfjL'.Y Illinois State Normal University NUEL BURTON HARIvIEsoN. ..... . . . .illalloon FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Archileflure w ,Ahh W'- -A X ,F io wi., lx at R I. 7 VK , . .iz f I X, Iv 'cr r 'S fl it as-5,1 nf nw .'17,3' .Tix CI ll.Illl0I S ALFRED .ALONZLJ HARNEY. . .. .... Sjwfrigfield CIIRIAIERCE I11.fn.rI1'irIl .-1Ifwi11f.rlf'iIliu1z Q Springneltl Junior College ALICE MAE HARRIv,ToN. . . ...Clmlsuorfh EDUCATION Ifllizffzvviiilffr Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Deltag Electra Honors Day fl, 2, 353 University of Illinois Scliolarship Key IJ.-KYID KENT HARRIS ....... Rvrbitvfrr, IV. Y. ENGINEI-iRIxG fllvrhlzfziral Ifllgizzeiarizlg Triangle Tau Beta Pig Pi Tau Signing A. S. Nl. 12.5 The 'llt'ClIIIUgl'1lPlI 1335 St. Pat's Ball Com- mittee Q-H3 Interfraternity Council Gig En- gineering Council C-ll Honors Day Cl, 2, Hg l.'niI'ersity of Illinois Scholarship Key IQUGI-:NI-1 D. T. A. HARRIS ..,. ...Chirnga liDL'c'ATIoN Ezzgilirfi Pi Kappa Phi Gamma Theta Phig The Daily IlliIIi C355 The Siren Iil1lClil'5lll'I1 College FRANK CIIARLIS HARRISUN .... ...Rfrzgccood .AGRICULTURE CI'III'l'III :lgrirnllnra Alpha Zetag Alpha Tau Sigmag Agricultural Cluhg Captain, L'nix'ersity Brigatle Honors Day fl, Zi DIARY El.IZABl'.'l'I1 ll.-XRILISON ....... .llnfnion :XGRlL'L'I,Tl'RI-Q GI'fII'rI1l Ilona' 1ft'u1111mirg: Phi Kappa Pliig Alpha LaInlnl.I Delt.IQ Omi- cron Nui Corinna Honors Day QI, 2, 339 L'niverSity of Illinois Scholarship Key CATHERINE NI-grsox HARRoI', .. . ..GrI1rII'il1e FDL'CA'rIox Ilirlofy La Salle-Peru junior College HARRY Poi I ARD HART- ...... ..,I'f1.If-n Lllllllll-CRCE Urrzvzill HII.vi11el.f IXCCOHIIIQIIICQ' Club Illinois College I' Ig, Srzvrlly- fini: Tllf Il.lI0 Slflllllllls Intel: E-XRI. llAl4'1'A1,xw ....... I"ffuf9lug, N. Y. LIIEPRYXI. Awrf Axis Sciuvciia Englixh 4, ' Cast "Nix Ninn' l"1'iwr1ticl'7, I ' I P as , NIAIC-Illllll' Rural- llaivinixmw ........ G'rlz11z'i Lint-nxt. :XRD ANI- Suiuxcks Ilirlnry C-we Cullt-gc, I..1 Salle-Peiu blllllllll' Cullege , np- Iliciiaun I'A1'I'i-umm IlAR'I'NI.X.Y ..... l',h1fz1ficl.l :xf1RlL'L'l'I'l'Rl-. Urzzrrtrf :lgfltuffnf-' Alvita Zeta, .Xgricultural Cluhg Dairy Clnh, Illini-is .-Xgi'it'ultut'ist Q-ll liuiifirs Dax' til C,x'1'ur1:lxi Di xxxmxx lin i:ricc,.Ru. Q IJ.u1.i Luci-lui. .-Xian Avis Scikxci-u f1't'Ulrfxqy .Xlplma Phi Arcpn, Olxlilhigc' and lllut' l'it'.lIllCI'SQ Gultl FL'.lIllt'l'4, Y. VV. C. IX. Kfuhinet 433, Cast, Q "'l'ht' Nlik.itlu," "'l'alt-s nt llutlm.un," "The li? Uumlnlit-1'4"g l'1'mliictin1i Stall, uf.ll'Illt'llHQ , IyV4PlllL'lliS tilt-v Cluh fl, 2, 3, -lla Cnixeisity Clnvrui il, 1, i, -ll A C.-XIII l'ii4r1w141f't if llxt'-ru. . . , .... l.ilt'f1.fii'l.f C'tm1NIH4c'i- f,'f'1n'1.I1 lflllfllfii 'l'.ut liappa lipailun XXl.lSllllllIIHll l'nix t't'Sity -lmxii-x lzmx um limit.. ...... .... I .hltaga Cmixiiuurz flivlrriif lt' Alpha Kappa Pi Iniivpen-lt'nt Cmlnfil ffll Cwxrl ut i- lim 1 ii liar ....l. ...Dr Kalb Altitirzxai I-M :l.f:-lflf3'r1g illlif l'11f2fi,wl1'l1g liappa lJt'll.l K.ipp.l 'lftn .Xlplva Nl.:tNlui'i,ui' C1-llcyvt Nuitlwin Illinois SLIM' 'l't'.u,lu'1's Cnllt-ge JUIIN Rui lll'I!l3lfRti ......... . . .Kv:cu1r1t': .Xr,1t1t'l'l'1'l'1cr l,'r11ff.1f ,lllfllltllfflllf Aglitultulril Cluhg Dairy Ilmtluitx Judging 'l't'.mi C39 I' .Lf S. , 1 fnly-il R -sv IUIWEIHSI .nit ELSUM Gaovis llrimcms ...... ...Decaluf CoMMERC1: r1t't'o1n1ft1z1t'V Beta Theta Pi lNIa-VVzin-Dag Sachemg Skull and Crescent, blur-iur Foothzlll Manager I"lt1l1lYl'S Day Cl, 1, 33, Ifniversity of Illinois Scimlarsliip Kei Ilaaur OMAN llrinxl-ik ........ East Sl. Louis I..lBER,-XL Anrs Asn Sen-:Ncns lffzrrzzfflry Alpha Chi Sigma Varsity VVl'eStling Squad CZ, 3, 43 Luis lim ........... .... B urnham EDUC.-'k'I'lHN Hirfory Chi Omega XVILII,-UNI iEDXV,-XRD Ill-1NDRlCKbEN ..... Chicago ENGINE!-ZIRING Civil blI1gIIlrL'liIlg Triangle Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma, Editor, The Tcchnographg A. S. C. 12.5 Tau Nu Tang Engineering Council K-l-jg Captain, University Brigade Hunnrs Day fl, 2, U, University of Illinois Sclnwlarship Kay Ci-.nun I-'Run-gR1t'x H1-3NNicxE...Oa!e Park EDUC.-xTloN German Delta Phi Alpha, Arepog Production Staff, "The Mikado," "Tales uf Hoffman," "The Gondolic-rs" jonw Lxesrl-:ic Iliambix' ........... Taylowillz Af,n1eUi.TuRa General .igrifullure Agricultural Club Illinois State Normal l'nix'ersity5 Indiana State Teachers College JAIHI-,S PVILLIAAI lll-,iutxxc,'1'uN.1'lle'v1ph1':, Tenn. ENGINEERING Avlfiflllllfftll Erzgincering Pi Tau Sigma, A. S. M. E., Phalanxg Tau Nu Tau, Pershing Riilesg Captain, University Brigade Eu-sum' LERQY lieimux ......... Shelbyville JoURNAI.IsM News anll Eififorial Beta Theta Pi Mn-Wan-Dag Sacliemg Iiditor-in-Chief, The Daily Illini, President, Student Senate Q4-J, Kappa Tau Alpha, Skull and Crescent, Sigma Delta Chi, Interfraternity Council Q31 Honors Day Cl, 2, 35, l'niversity of Illinois Scholarship Key TY li? :A lllIllllf'l'lflflll TIIIIHIY-SIX It I 'l't,I.RERT -I. llII,I.. .............. l.'fI.1I11jI.Ifgn l i ' LIHI-'RAL .ARTS AND SLII-NCI-s ' DIILES EDWARD IIESS ............. ..C1lICdg0 Prt'-l,IIfu LIBERAL 'Evers :AND SCIENCES ju Pi 'linu Pi Sigma, Intlupcntlt-nt Council flj, ""'I'r'l'y C':Ipt.Iin L'nixt-rsitv Iirignl- A. I. C. E., Cavalry Officers' Club, First Lieu- m,m.Q7l3',,. my j, LL l tenant, University Brigade ' ' ' , WESTON 'I'x'LER IIILSTI-ili ...,.. .... P c'0!'frl FRANK lkllblll llII.l'l'Ii'I' ........... lVifIIIt'lL'I1 1 ENGINEERING IIIAIIAII Aurs AND Sc'Ir,N1'I-'s ll Cl'I'!IlIIiL',V l"!I3-fiofugy l Alpha Kzlppn L1!l'l1l.'MlIl xl Men's Clec Cluh tl, 2, U Czxrlt-ton College l l l l l l '. lI't'II I- CI AIRE IIIRII-I lil..-KU ......... Clffrulgo ........Ch1tI1go , HOXVARD PAUL HETZNEIR. . . . , i LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES i lflhufl' I"m'A""N ,Xlphzt Epsilon Phi ChClIIi.Y1l'1' , , l Phi Cqlmnrl Dclm ' OI'CllC5IQ tl, 2, 3, 4-lg P. E. lNI.IjoI's Club, W Phi Kqpipa Phi- Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta .X. A., Horse Show fl, -H, junior Pron Y Committees I'il'CSl1I1l.ll1 Frolic Comniittee, Sigmng A. I. C. E., Sigma Xi, Production Staff, "The Yellow jacket", Concert Band Cl, 2, 3, 45 Honors Day fl, 2, 355 University of Illinois , Schol:Irship Key l , Hold l"iC.lllIt'I'Qg Cust, "Ol 'I'lR't- I Sing' ,ic-ciuning fHl11ll1lIIL'L' tl, ffl, IJ.lLlS Dzly ff'I11lT1lttL'C 12, 3, -ll, lfirst Council, xV0ll12ll'liS Langue ti, -ll, Orange :Intl lilut' I'it'1ltllC1'S5 3 RUTH ELIZABETH Ill-ZYI. ........... Waterloo mix HH", "" 1 """"A "'J"""a l LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES L"MMl"'iCE Hibvrnryy U , i Pit'-1,11-:U Women's Glee Club f-Hg Star Course f-U SQ' ,alll Dtlv Ilwtli, 1 I A Elmhurst Cuucge Qi NJ lvlll I'.t.I Slglllilqi Y Ice-l I'1'SlLll'llf, Inlcrfr.IturnIty .I f' Lg, gt? 2? louncil Q-ll, Skull 1IIlLl.Ql'CSCCllt5 hand of X, ' I .Xccountzincy Club, Senior Informal Commit- -'0 tccg Ilolnucuming Committee ill, Dads Day , , gg at Committee ill, Illinois Lillltlll Board of Di- ' ' TW Q. a1"".,' A rt-ctuI's I-ll, Y. KI. C. A. Bonlrtl of Direc- l IIIYS JE.-KNNETTE LESIII-A IIICKUX ........ E-zwzuvlarx IIIIIWS PHY UD LIBERAL ARTS AND SCI:-:NCI-is XXALIER CoRxxIx Ililtutotk ........ .... ' Iliflofy l, Delta Cnmnm , C oAIAIr'RCI-' .. Imffzvlffrlf xlffu.1I1.'I!1.If.InI1 Sigma Phi Epsilon lht-t.: l.Iua Pershing liitlcs Purtluc l'IIix'el'sity r I' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11II,ff2I'fIfu'fc Ilrfgfzfr, A . J I ROBERT CRAXVFORD IIIIRDNYAIUS ...... UI'l7IllII1 ELLA III AVACVR ........... ...f.'!n.'.Igo L ENGINEERING IiI1l'CA'I'ION i Civil Engizzrerirzg l Alpha Kappa Lzxmbcln , lictzi Sigma Omicrun l Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma, Chi Epsilon, 'j Pun-llcllt-nfr Council C-ll, I'ill'5lCUllllCll,XVHl11 Phi Mu Alpha, Arc-po, Concert Band fl, 2, 3, 4-H5 University Orchestra flj Honors Day fl, 2, 353 Unixersity of Illinois fi Ntwtlixxt-stt'I'II l'nixrrsity Scholarship Key EL'I'ON EYERl'1'T HILL. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Urfmrm .IANF II ATI llil D lloIIxR'I' ..... . .... li:-.mtfor LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES LIBERAL ART- AND Suri wus Prf'-fllfrffci Eng lj rl! Scahbnrd Illlil Blade, Caisson Club, Der Dultl Giimvnzi Deutsche Vereing Tribe of Illini, Freshman Varsity Golf Squndg Varsity Golf Letter ffl, 3, 4-D, Captain OH, Captain, University Bri- gade, Military Council I nixcrsity ut Okl.IlIonI.I r11H0RI.-XS Il.-KYMOND IIILI.. . . . . . . .Olrafuz COMMERCE AfzRIt'L'I 'Il RI -. , I , ', . . A.1L.L.mHIm,,m, I . -W ' . Cf In 1.1. :lAgfl.,Iff.I1. Ln Salle-Peru junior College is lisl' Llisllnn X . P I 5 V f V.ll'Slly Ilulu Silllllnl U' 5 Ill: II.lIlll0IS - I'ill.XXK IJOWNIY llom Il' ...... ...'l!l.lIII.1 'z s TIIE IllI0 SIEIKIIIIIHS DENNIS .-X'rwooD IIUCKING ...... ...sllhion AGRICULTURE Gelzvml flgrirullzirc Alpha Tau Alphaa Agricultural Club EDWIN RLVESPLI. Honor-is ............. Urhmza LIBERAL ARTS AND SCI!-LNCFS Polilirnl Nrfrnru President, ImlepcIItleIIt Councilg Student Sen- ate U, -Hg Presitlent, junior Classg Illini Board of Cuiitiwil fl, -l-lg Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squatlg Varsity VVrestling Squad 1215 Prmliiction Stall, 'LYIIII Neyer Can Tell" IRWIN Rxvruoxn HIII-'NI-R ..... Sf. Louis, Zllo. JXGRICULTURE Glfllflilf Ilgrfrfrffzxrf' Alpha Phi Oniegag Alpha Tau Sigmag Nlili- tary Hall Cimiinitteei Officers, Ball Commit- teeg Lieiitenaiit Cwlfint-l, L'niI'ersity Brigadeg Military Council XvVlISlllI1gIfIll CIIix'I'rsity AUIIREY IXDRII-'NNI-2 lloi-IEMAN ........ Chfmgo LIB!-kh.XI. ,ARTS AND SCIENCES Snriulogy Phi Sigma Sigma Orchesis fl, 33g P.III-llc-llenic Dance Commit- tee I-Hg P.In-Hcllf,-nic Council C-I-J EVI-IYN FII7.-IIEIITII IIIIIII-'MAN ....,. Delight FI7L'L'A'I'IUN Ilfxfnry Illinois State Nornizil l'niveI'sity I"lAROl,D ,'xR'I'HlYR IIIIIII-WI.-IN. . . . .Bloomington CoxIxIERCE :lI'Innr1f.1I1I'y lVI.-IRI' ANN Illblll-RYAN ....... ...DrNfiI'lJ liIII't'A'I'IIIN Ilnmi' Frozzowfrr lllackhurn College him LoI'ISI-1 Illblll-Y,-Xlblfl. ..,........ I,'h1'ri1go LIIII-RAI. .ARTS AND SCIENCI-S Cvluzilfz Kappa Delta Dell.: Phi Alpha: YV. A. A4 llmnecriiiiiiig Cf'lUlUlfI'JC flla Dads Day Committee C415 Mr-tht-rs Day tfvfiiiiiiittce fl, 355 Cold Fqath- CVS3 Y. VV. C. A. QHIIWIIICI fl, 3, l,VIm1c11'5 CICS' fllllll Ula l,'IIix'I-1'-.ity Chorus ffl Ifloiinrs Day Qlj N.IrtlIxII'stI'I'II l'IIiI'I'rwity Palm S. :If nfs-right 'Q 1 . ,J We wg II - Btxx , , M J . I uibl L-4 -Q I 'A' l. 55 'L-" 9' 'I' G w 'S ...fl SAL EVERETT Lorrus FIOLLIS ..... .. .Danville CIIMMERCE General Busincsr Beta Gamma SignIa3 Summer Entertainment Committeeg Varsity Debate Squad UU Honors Day fl, 2, 335 University of Illinois Scholarship Key CATHERINE RUTII HOLMES .......... Chicago LIBERAL JXP rs AND SCIENCES Spanish Theta Phi Alpha Sigma Delta Pig The Daily Illini QID3 The Illio C135 Orange and Blue Feathers ,Im-IN OTIS HONNLDLD, JR. ........... Kama: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Prf'-Law Alpha Kappa Lamhda Phi Kappa Phig Phi Beta Kappag Phi Eta Sigmag Delta Sigma Rhog Phi Kappa Epsiloni Men's Glec Club QQ, 3, 455 lVIen's Varsity Debate Team QQ, 3, 4-jg University Chorus CZ, 3, 45 Honors Day fl, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key FREDERICK JIISTUS HQIIPE ..... .... C icero COIVIIXIERCE Gmwral Bfzxizzess Morton Junior College DONALD ERNEST Hoi-wooo .... . . .Athens COMINIERCE .-Irroznzmzzry Accountancy Club Springrield junior College III-INRY .IIISEI-II IIORACFK ........... Chicago LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Delta Cpsilon Gymnasticag Freshman Varsity Gym Squad IRVING ISAAC HIIRWICH ............ Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cfzfuzfxtly Cast, "Phe Gomloliers," "Carmen"g First Regimental Band fl, 2, 3, 4-jg University Chorus Q-Hg Ifiiiversity Orchestra fel-J DIIROTIIY ELIZABIQTII IIIISRINS .... ....'1a'air ,AGRICULTURE G'1'm'r..f 1101115 Ecozzonzirs lic-thany Circle UIUIWEIRSI 'IY I: I llllllllffflflflll 'IIIIIHTY-SIX LAVVRENCE EIXHWERSON l'IOlJSE ...... Naxheille AGRICULTURE Grrzfral :lgrlrullfrre St. Louis University EDXVARD NEXX'ELL l'lOXVARD ......... VVilme11e LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES EL'0I10flllC5 Beta Theta Pi Ma-Wan-Dag Sachem, Senior Track Manager, Athletic Council Q41 CLAUDE LESTER IlOXVl-1l.l. ..,. ...Kirzmnmly FDL'CATIoN P0llllt'Hl Sflillfd Drake L'nix't-rsityg Southern Illinois State Normal University EDXV,-XRD LLoYD HowELL ...... .... C Mirage ENGINEERING llI4'rbf1r1fI'I1l Er1glr1m'1'i11g Phi Sigma Kappa Freshman Varsity 1-'oothall Squadg Varsity Foot- ball Squad fff, 3, 4,5 Freshman Varsity NVl'CSt- ling Squad, Varsity xVl'EStlll'lg' Squad Q., 3, 4-jg First Regimental Band fl, 2, 3, 41 MABEL LoIs IHIUBB.-XRD ......... Rizw' Forest LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Ezzglixll Chi Omega ' Production Staff, NNI! More Fl'UIlllCl',, 'liransylvania College, Leuis Institute MARGARET lg.-XTIIRYN HUECKEL .,... B'clle'a'ill: EDUCATION English Delta Delta Delta Womenls Glee Club 13, 41 SOllfl1Cl'll Illinois State Normal University 2 CAROLINE BURRY HUEY .............. Jolie: LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES Psychology Sigma Kappa Torch, Shi-Ai, W. A. A., Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil UD, First Council, Woman's League 645i Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathersg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet U, -H CATHRYN JEAN HUGIII-'s. . . . .. . ..Poz11iac .AGRICULTURE Crllrrtzl Howl' Et'nuo111lt'.t 'Own' DEI.BEll'I' CIl.RRl.l,S IILGIIIS ......... Dungaltz LIBERAL .-XR'rs AND SLII-,Nets l.'l1I'11.'.iIf1'y IIIin.,i5 CUI1.-gt RoIxIaRT XV.-XRD lILfGIIr5 .......... Lake Villa AGRICULTURE Grrlflill xlgffulrlfzrrd Farm House Alpha Zeta, .-Xgricultural Club, Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squatl, Varsity xVl'L'StllI'Ig Squad ff, 3, 43, Captain, Liliiversity Ilrigatle Honors Day flj ISRLTE LPI- Ill lsr ................. ClflJ'CL'lZ ENGINEERING ElI't'frlt'11l E1fg1'f1I'I'ffug 'liheta Lipsilon Omega IIItcI'fI'aternity Council l-l-J La Salle-Ileru junior College BI RNARII IQUGILXF llI'LT ..., . . ... ..Cif1lClIg0 FINE AND ,'xI'l'I Il-ll .ARTS I'l1'tl1Ilwt'l11mzl E71gllIA'l1l'lIIg Alpha Rho Chi '51 'liribe of Illiniz Fl'L'5lll1l.IIl Varsity Soccer Squad, Varsity Soccer Letter f-l-J, Squad ffl, 33 FR.-XNCIHS blo:I4I'IIINI llt YXII.. .. ...lllllrlvoro l':I7l'C.'X'I'llIN Fllglliifl Bethany Circle Illackburn Cullegeq XVL-stern Illinois State Teachers College, Illinois State Normal Uni- versity l"l.-XRRII-'I' 'l'oxx'NI,I-x' l'lL'YTl'll ........ Dlzurille LIBFR.-XI- .XRTS AND Stir-NCI-s Soufolngy Kappa Kappa Uznnma -lAxIEs CIUKDUY IlL'X'l'lfR .... . ........ Quinny LIBIQRAI. .-XR'Is AND SCIINCI-s Cl'.'1lxlI'.1l l'Tf1gl11I't'lff1g llhi Gamma Delta 3 . . . . , , 3 NKll'lllXNL'SItlll CIIIIL-rsltyg LIIIIXUYSIII' ul Colo- ' l'Iltlr1 -I.-XRED XVrsI rx llL'RIv ....... ...lfflmrza Home Economics Club, Ag Dance Commit- tee C3J . I.I.IlllllI S IXGRICVI 'l'L'liF Dilllj' Ilfftlwfrlfy The Daily Illini CID, lfreshman Varsity Gym Squad, Union Nlinstrel Show QQ, 39 Pagf Snrvrtfx I Tlllf IlI.I0 SIZIKIIIIIH Imax jwsm-u Ilvrcmxsox ......... IIIIYJYIJ LIBFRAI. ARTS AYD Scuzwms 1'rr-,llfffifr f .Xlpha Kappa Lznmluln -Q, 5. Plll Beta Kappag Plmi Ifta Sigma. Omcga Ruta K Pig INl:ljur, L'nlx'crSity Bl'lg.lLlL' llc-mlrs Day Il, 2, llg I.'nixu1'Qity of Illinuis ,f SCllfxl.ll'SlIlp Kvy XV1.nHEx CLARK lIl"I'L'HIN0Y ....... f,'l1.m.ffw.1ig11 I':Xf.IYPl'RlN!. I.'rf.1f11.7l' Fngiu 1'.' HN ,X1m'x'ic.xn CUIXIIUIC Sfvficty Y D x llxmqx' I.l'5Il"R llxwl-xnxx, IR. .... Spfivzgflrffl 1,131-lux, Alu: Aww Savvy:-'S f.'!l:'I!.'fffl V A Ilerelming Rillcm '1'.uu N11 'lfmg Scalvlwalxl and 45 lllallcg A. I. C. If.g 'ilu' Illiu fl, llg Frcslu- L 5 man Varsity SUCCCI' Sqn nlg I.icutcn:mt Cwlemcl, if -or- l'11ixf-mity' Illigmlrg Nlilitary L'fwuncil I .Xl nr R 1' Rum li'l lun s- ..,..... ...'lllnM.1H IJ 5 .'XraR1c1'1'1'1fn1- K,'l'm'fl1f gfgrflllflzln' " Slmlcnt Sunatug I'1'csillc11t, Suplmmnrmlv Classg I 5' Q' E TUI117lll.INXlig 'l'l1c Daily Illini fl, 259 Hrmle- ' coming L'mnn1iIKL'c fllg Dads Day Commit- tov fl, 215 Nlotllc-rs Day Cummittcc: Ill. llama SIIIWCFKISIHII Cummittcc Q3jg Chairman, 'W l"1usl1m.m Infurmal Cfmmxltlecg Imlcpcndent Qxllllllfll Cl. .fly Stmlunt .Xlumni JXSQHCIJIIHII IZ, 33g Ifrmimx Nlinxtrul Slum fl, 23 I llsmfxixixw' BIIXY Inu-11 ............. Cffinign IABHNI ,xlllb Axn SCI!-NUI-.S lllllfufj' Sv ,Xlplm Delta Pi , SIN-.Xlg Ol'.II1lQ'L' illlll Blum' I"L':ltl1L'1'ig Cul-1 l"c'.ntl1c1'n Star l'rw11l'Q1' ffl WINIIX Iflm ann IRI Axn ....... . . .Oak Pall: Clmrxxmuw' lllllllllllql' .'.KlPll.l IM-lta Phi Q1 SHPIHIIIIIWL' Ifwmllwrlll Nlanngcrg lNlcn's Cla-c ' Club fl, 431 K'.1g't.nln, l'1.ix'ur'Qity Ilrlgadvs fmt, "l'.ntir11cv" 'K IIHIIIJIN Day Il, 23 -K 'Nlxrzlx x xx I-I 1-Y .....,..,.. . . ..,l'f'-131011 I2IlI'L'.-YI'IllV Illvlflll-X' .Xlplm Omiwum Pi E fi Q II' nvvri Day Ill J 5 I W ll xmu' KIUKIIUN AI xvxwx, ju... .... ffjlilxlgll . lfxmwl-rlclxr. .'llf'lf1.1r1,f..1f Fnyfu .'l' ring I lx. s. Nr. rg. liailuay vm U W-ru .sill lIrix.EN FRANCFS -IACKNN ........ Chnuzpaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hixfory Honors Day ffl Spriugflcld Junior College Rf-1 Pu Bmw pI.-XCKHDN ........ .lflnovziuglon I'Iwr9lw1f'l4k1Nfs lfflllfflaf lfllgfllvrffrlg .-X. I. li. li. Illinuis XVcSlm-ygul fnix L-rsity XVILI IABI Rl'ID jACxsmN. . . . .. ...Toulon I':NGIYl-FRIYG FIVIIIIUII ffrlgfwlrrlivlg ICLIIAHFTII :XIII-I 1- DIAMIM. . .. ...Clmufplzigrz I'InucA'1'nw Plym ll Clml Omvga Kappa IJCltIl Pig L0 Cerclc FYZIIICIIISQ Der llcutichc Vcrcin Ilwlifuri Day' fl, ZH NIYRA li11fAm11'u Sl.-X1XIIfS..... ...Obfong I1DUcA'1'mN Fugfixh Bctlmxmy Clrflc NVOIHCIIIS Ulcc Clula Ii.uQtL-rn Illinwis State Tcqnclucrs College josrivll 'I'1mA1As :IANA .... . ........ .Berwyn LIB!-RAI. ,ARTS Axn Svllaxuxas 1'rf-fllmfilw rlilllitll Kappa Plui Kappa Plmi Slglllilg Dar Dcutsclmc Vcrcing Honwmnming Cummittcc fl, 315 Dads Day Cmmnittee fl, U5 Charity Ball Committee C315 I!1tf'l'fl'flfCI'l'llfy Cmmcil UQ Nl!lltllX'l'QtL'l'll l'11ix'c'rsity AIUIIY Ixvn If, DIR. .......... . ..C1cer0 Cuxmxl-.iacr Crrlrzulf l1'1r.virn'x.r glccuuntzlnuy Clulwg I'hl'k'SlllNilI1 Varsity Soccer 5-iuml IQDXXAKID I.l-UYAIXD -IAR1. ............ Chiungo L1m'R.Al. ARTS AND Scngxcn-Qs Cjflllflgy Zeta Psi UIUIWIEIH I'IY l'fg. lwyfflv l: I ' lllIllllfTlfflll illlllfi'-SIX sf EDXVARD JOSEPH -IASINSKI ............ Chicago ENGINEERING llflinirzg Engizzccrirzg Pi Tau Pi Sigmag Minerzll Industries So- cietyg Captain, University Brigade LAXVRENCE NtlRh1.iN JENSEN .... .... C hicago COMRIERCE Gmzcml Bnsinrsx Phi Sigma Kappa Cavalry Oflicers' Clubg Interfraternity Coun- cil Q, 4-D5 Captain, University Brigade RUSSELL S. JENSEN ........... ...Seneca K ""'i-", ENGINEERING ' Elecrrirai Ezzgimnviug . Eta Kappa Nug A. I. E. E. Q T'-i 5 4 is .f - ' Ev 4 -.,.WW x N QEORDON LUTZ JEPPESFN ....... . . .Joliet ENGINEERING Ci-vii E1lg'iIIt'CI'i7Zg Phi Kappa Phig Tau Beta Pig Theta Taug A. S. C. E.3 The Technograph Q4-D Honors Day U2 - G, Crane junior College NORRI,AN LLYTAZ JEI-PESEN ...... .. .folivt ENGINEERING Civil Erzginvvring Theta Taug A. S. C. E. Crane Junior College KENNETII EIVIMETT JERDON ....... Brockport JOURNALISINI News ami Eiiitorial Spanish Club Southern Illinois State Normal University IIELEN CAROLYN JILEK. . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sfvauixh 'iii EILEEN ESTHER JOHNSON ........... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Gregorian Literary Societyg University Chorus 2 . .3 f2, 415 Telegraphic Swimming Team K3, 45 l.lIlll0IS lin IIARoI.D ARTHUR jouNsoN. .. ....lJ.w1l.1p Coairuvuci-. .-lirnfuzfizury Accountancy Cluh Bradley Polytechnic Institute llr-'IEN CllRl5TINl-2 ,IouNSoN ...... lllilliuglnn AGRICULTURE G1'Il1'f:1i Ilnmp Ifrollnnzirv First Council, XNVOIIITITUS League U, -H3 junior Council, XlV4J11llllliS League Northern Illinois State 'I't'.lclnt'1's College LFZSTFR ALGI-:R JOHNSON ............ Cfzirngo ENGINEFRIYG Eir'rfrit'ai FlIgil1l'A'liIIg Alpha Kappa Pi . Interfraternity Council fl, -H 'lllll-'LNIA Cil-ZRALDINE JUIINSHN ....... Chicago LIB:-'RAI. ARTS AND Stu-QNCES Soriolugy Alpha Chi Omega VIEIIORSTEN NV.-Kl.l.Nl-QR -louNSoN. .. .. .I?l1la1'ia ENGINHRING Eil't'I1'irI:iEf1gi11 i'1' ljflg A. I. E. E4 Dads Day Committee QM Mi- Hila Dance Committee fljg Intlcpcntlcnt Coun- cil C3, -lj Augustana College XUKGINI,-K El.IZABF'I'H jouNSoN ........ Paxian LIIIER.-IL zXR'l'S ANI: SCIENCES Iiixfvry Kappa Alpha Theta xv.-XYNE GARDINEII FIKHINSON. . . .. .La Grange ICNGINI-IRRING f1It'rf1I111itu1i 1i'r1g."11f't'r.if1g Alpha Kappa Lamhtla Tau Beta Pig A. S. IXI. li. Honors Day UD Lyons Ioxxuship ,Iuuior College 1' 'j"I 6 EVEA INGRISTINE ,IouNs'roN ...... ll'.3m IIVII IiDl'C.XTl0N li' ug fir fl Illinois State Noruv' lfiiivcrsity Pig- F-jilfi r Tlllf Illlll Slfllllllils Bntrri lxl.-XRSIL-XI.I. just-5 ............ 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Lirsrrur. ARTS AND Sun-:NCES English Delta Uzunma Dui' Deutsche Vereing Le Ccrclc Francaisg The qs. Siren C215 Gold lfcatlicrsg Y. W. C. A. Cabi- nutg Wunicnls Ulm' Club Q3, 42 llunurs Day UD Olrin XfVL'Slt'y1lIl Cnixcrsity :r'Zf..a::xz-in '. -4 Maavix Iuvixa K.-mx ............. Chicago 1.rin,rz.u. Arz'1'a AND SCIENCES Pr:-Law 'l'zlu Epsilun Phi Intcrfratcrnity Council C3, -1-jg Cast, "Hit the Deck," "Nu, Nu, Nanettcug Union Minstrel Slum' fill llnnors Day fl, 31 3, f 1 'ii . Crane: junior College 'R Riyim.-mn .'xR'l'.-XB.-XX jimi....I11ili.1r1i1pu1ii, Imf. A, ' IHDURE flRT'WR KAMIFN' JR" ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' FINP' AND AI,l,I.H-D ARTS 'h ....................... Clt'-zvftzrzif, flliss. A4n.f,m,L,,,HLIl Igngmwrmg ' V 1.1131-'RAL Arws Asn Sclx-irvci-is Phi Eta Signing Caryuyleg Scarahg A. S. C. 5 1 Q, V H 1'ff-Lfffl' Eg Cast, "l'ir.1tt-Q ul l'i'117:i11ct-"5 NIc'n's Ulu' K N3 40m BL'tl1,11"1 l i '- Club 42' 3, 4,9 5 M Phi-Beta lxappag Phi lata Srgmag Interfra- H,,nm.S DM, Q17 tcrnity Cnuncil 13, -l-I ' X , Hnnurs Day fl, 2, U5 Unixcrsity of Illinois D Sclmlarsliip Key 1 ., ,, Lrrru Ewrrr 1 r jrwrr .............. rllulifn- lliwuv NIICHAPI. Kaiut .... . . .Chicago Lmriur. .'Xu'1N .xxn Strrwus Cummiincrt rlI.1ll1wu1.1!i.'r .1rt'o1nztar1t'y .'sAllIIllQlIlI1Il College 6' lit-ta Alpha Psig Accuuntancy Club ' Crane junior College-5 Nurthwcstern Uni- versity Bunn Nl.-XXIYI-2 juuluw .......... crllallllfhlfgll liaru x Dmairrux Kascu ,........... Chicago AIut'nNA1.Inr ' LIBULAL QXRTS AND SCIENCES .Yuizr .mil Frfilurfrzf .Yfmrlffh ,Q ' Phi Omega Pi C llrt-grn'izln Litcrxiry Sucivstyg Der Deutsche Vere- Q. Q.. ing Spaniih Clulwi Orange and Blue Feathers if A' ' X 4 M WY 0' U P ,ll-unix ........... Cbrlmjuzfgn .-Xc.u1t1'r'l'L'xi-, ff.'m'1.1f flnmr Ifrorluwliiir 1' .Lu I wflirfr-rn .. W' U lzr.x1r,i Kyiv .............,... Omf-za, Japan EnucA'r1oN Phyxifill Eifurnlinn Dcltci 'l'hut.t Hpsilmmg A. P. E. A.g The Daily Illini ill llnnors Day CU lUIWlillSIf O' lllIllllf1'lflflll TIIIIHTY-SIX Z ADOLPIi EDNVARD li.-K'I'R,-K. . , . ..... . . .Burfrylz LIBERAL ARTs AND Scllsxclss . Q 1 flfalhvrmzllrx Phi Mu Epsilong Le Cercle Francais JU' Honors Day .AUGUST :XLBEIIT KA'r'r ....... . . . . .lligblauil ENGINliliRING fllcrhlrzirfll Efzgizzuwizlg A. S. M. 15.9 First Regimental Band fl, 2, 'J 3,3 lVlen's Glce Club QQ, 35 MILTON AVVILKINHUN lil".-KCI! . . . . ,. CoxmIr:Rt'R Forcfgn CUIlI!Ilt'lL't' Phi Gamma Delta Alpha Tau Sigmag Accountancy tain, University Brigade Knox College LOIS KHENH. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SL Louis, Illu. P1Ix'sIcAL El'lLlk':K'I'lON W. A. A. Washirmgtoil Unixvrsilyg University of Mis- souri NATALIE Kmsxa .............. Sf. Lonitr, lilo. Washington Univcrsityg University of Mis- K. ,, 62'- EDUCATION Aff souri ARTHUIi WRIGHT KEITH. . . . . . . . .Chirago ENGINEERING Civil Engimwrizlg Mu-Sam A. S. C. E. GENE EIKIANUEI. KI:LI.I-'R ......... Prirrtwvillz ENGINI-:ILRING Ccmval E7lgfIlt't'I'l.VIg A. S. C. E. Honors Day UD LETHA Ixsz KIILLEY ......... lllrzmf, Okla. EDUCATION flame Et'0710ll.'fL'5 Alpha Chi Omega University of Oklahoma Illllll I CATlll-'KINIL Awxr Kiwi.-xii.. . Joi RxA1 IXXI Sfvwiilf nuff lffllfrizl Dclta Dclt.1 Delta Phi Alpha Chi. 'l'l1t-ta Signm Phi C 5, L ill 2 ' lnion lVllIlSlI'L'l Shim Staff, UNo, No, Nancttcn jamvs Millikin L'nixt-rsity RLTII EI.IzAm.'rII KI-wxIwc,ToN. l.IIn-'R,xI, Awrs AND Stir .1l.ll1if'I1.uIlf1' Urchvsis 625 N4llLN1,'XN L'IIARl,Is lil-NT .... . fllllllfllltgl l"iIJL'C,-X'I'IUN Biology 'l au Rapp.: Epsilon Freshman Frolic LiIllllll1lilt'k'Q lllltl lltlll y Council ffl, -I-J l'lIIY'lIIl'S LL'CIl.I,l-1 :XXI-.'l"l'k1 KI-Rx ..... twin: AGRlL'L'I 'l'L'Rl-. Cz'l1z'l'iII flown' Eiounmt Jossrn l,l"I'ER IQPIYP.-KN .... lincoln Qoxixll-RU-1 fltt'rmr1l.1r1ry Alpha Sigma Phi Lincoln Collcgc XVIILARU llomns KIfRR.... . 071011 Com All-,RQ If .1Irn1n1tiIfII'y, Blinking milf I'lr1 Delta Phi Beta Gamma Sigmag Bcta Alphi s, countancy Cluh Honors Day Cl, 2, .UQ lfiiixcrs f lllm I1 Scholarship KL-y ih'lARY C.-K'I'llluRINl-' Krusn.-xw... 11 I 1' LIBERAL :XRTS ANI: San-'sus Iffflulj' Phi Omega Pi Gregorian Literary Society Lilidcilxxooti liollcgv NIARY fill.-Kli.-KAI Kimi r ...... I az 14 LIB!-'R.Xl. .ARTS ANI- SKI!-Xa!-5 fffflurj' Pi Beta Phi Slll'I'll1lL'l' Prom L'-II1III1ittt'cg Dad Du mittee C25 Stvplwns Collvgc 4 TIIIZ IlI.I0 SlflllI0lHS JCNE ELEANOR KETI-ZI, ........... Btzrrmglon .AGRICULTURE Gazzvral Ilnwc Erozzonzifs Knox College HAI. PIERCE KIBBEY ..... Klzumr Cify, Illo, ENGINEERING Civil Efzgirzlwziazg A. S. C. E.g Chi Epsilon Kansas City Juniur Cullege IQLIY.-XB!-'Ill LL'ClI.I.E IQIENTZLE ...... Pfltsjlvltf AGRICULTURE Gwzvml Ilume Ernuonzfts Phi Epsilon Oinicrong Curin.I3 First Council, XVuInan'S League Ii.-RRI. liFNNk'Q'I'li KING ........ .. .Pclcin ENGINEERING C1-wil Engfzzcerirzg Chi Epsilong A. S. C. E. Park College VVIrI,I.1.IxI SP.-'xUl.DlNG KINNE, JR. .,...... . ........,...............fl1IIIfifon, IVII. FINE AND API'I,IIfn :XRTS .'l1cM!er1f11'c Phi Ganima Delta Phi Eta Sigma. Seal abg Cargoyle3 The Illio tl, 235 Fine Arts Council f-l-J Huilurs Day fl 31 l'IIix'ersity of NViscmIsin 'Wimm EI,Iz.aBr'I'II KlNNlfY. .. ....C'!1irngo EIwIICATIuN lffrfory Gamma Phi Beta University of Michigan KAltI.ENh lVl,1.RjoRIE KIPI' ......... zflrzfzllcwzrz EIIUCATION Cfmvlll 11117115 Efoxzonzirr Phi Upeilon Ornicwmg Omicrr-n Nug Alcestis Crfwupg llmne Ecuiiuinics Club lluiiffrs Day fill lliirw AIANI- KIRK .......... ...flloline EDUCATION llumu Fcnzzomffs Gamma Phi Beta The Illio Qjg junior Prom Cuminitteeg Home- cuming Committee C353 Co-Chairman, Senior Iufurmzil Cmmnitteeg First Council, Woman's lmzigiie ml: Altinitii' Cnuncil, XVOI1l3l1iS Leagueg Guld l'iL'fIlllt'I'S3 Sficial Crunmittee, Womanls League flla Union lNlinQtrel Show f3jg Pro- cluctirlii Stall, "No, NG, Namttd' lW:ItMIIrr:Iy Cullm-ge I'-tg-' P 131113 -fuur ' I . 1 fi . I ., 9: ' Q' -. Gv "T 1 41 ' "?'c f A x A U'-ai2'ii, Q I' 7:77 . xl. 5.1 .f"a,.. 'I -33 'S .3 : 4 -J Q. W 5 1 1.4 .GIFT 4 BAL JEDXYIN' QXLLAN KITCI-I ..... ...Oak Park COMMERCE IUXIIVIZIZCE Alpha Tau Omega Cavalry Officers' Cluhg Captain, University Brigade Honors Day fl, 25 Bl.-KXINE LENORE KI'I'TPlRMAN.Olflllilfld, Iowa LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Science Alpha Xi Delta Ottumwa Heights Junior College IJ!-,LORES KNuwI,Es .......... . . .Peoria EDUCATION Hisfory .LXIJIIRA EMELIA KIIELLER. .. , . ,lllokena EDUCA'I'IuN Elllgilifh MELVIN KOHNER ..,....,....... Libf'rtyfuille ENGINEERING Electrical EllgiI1t'1'l'ilIg Sigma Alpha MII A. I. E. E.5 Interfraternity Cuuucil ffl, 4D LI-.ox RGBERT KuI.uvsIQY ...... . . .Chicago ENGINEERING Csrafzzffx American Ceramic Societyg A. I. C. E. Crane Junior College FRANK RIUBERT KONIUSLX' ............. Joliet LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chrzlzisfry A. I. C. E.g Sarmatizxg American Chemical Society Juliet Junior College jour: KREBS, JR. ........... . . .Chicago EDUCATION fllalhwzafics Crane Junior College lllllIWlfll II- I V 5 ii I KARL FREDERICK KREI-Is ............ Lflmmz ' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES P1'L'-flrlzhfffi Phi Beta Kappag Phi Eta Sigmag Sigma Xi, i International Relations Club, Cast, "The Mikado," "Tales of Hoffman," "Patience-,'l T "The Gondoliersng First Regimental Band ,f wx rw . . . . ,I Honors Day fl, 2, 355 Cnixersity of Illinois I Scholarship Key : EVELYN LURRAINE KREIBI .... .... D ixofz i EDUCATION I SOI'frll SI'it'1lCc' Alpha Omicron Pi I li ' l I I l FRANK AN'I'oN KREML, -IR. ........ Riverside l AGRICULTURE , General flgriruflure 5 Phi Eta Sigma 5 Honors Day fl, 31 DONALD EDNVARD KRUESCII . .. . . .Joliet lf COMBIERCE Banking and Finanre Accountancy Club Joliet Junior College l il V . I li EDNA MAE KROWS. . .. ........ ..ClZampaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Home Economics I WAUNETTA EVELYN KRUSE. . . . . . . . . .Tuscola LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hixlory ALBERT HENRY' KRUsEIxIARK ....... Frankfort LIBERAL AR'I'S AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Theta Chi Joliet Junior College JOHN IlRI'eE KEN:-Y ..............,. :Imam LIBERAL AR'liS AND SQIENCES Hislury Alpha Chi Rho Interfraternity Council ffl, 3, 45 IUIIUETEEIU 'IIIIIHI-Y-SIX le fl? ' 'NO I 'S' 4o- ., I .3 f -' lie 5... I L, I gi ...I . 01: II.lllll0I 1' Waefn. in Q PAUL JOSEPH IQUNZI-,R ......., .... C 'hf'.-ago ENGINEERING Civil Erlgirlvwrfify Tau Nu Tau, A. S. C. Ii., First, University Brigade XIINCENT jostirn I,AIsIfItUt'i. .... . . .l,'f1:..1go LIBERAL .'XR'I's AYIJ Stir New l,'f1t'n.'fItlf Fr1g111i'i'11'r1y llhi Kappa A. I. C In. JULIA INIILDRED LAKE ........... C.'!1.oup.zign LIBERAL AARTS AND SeILNeEs Spffffl Chi Omega Mortar Board, 'l'oreh Q-lj, Student Senate QI, -l-J, Mask and llauhleg Sigma Delta l'hi5 Shi- Ai, Daily Illini fl, lj, Freshman Frolic Com- mittee Q-Hg Homecoming Committee fl, ffl, Dads Day Committee QB, Charity Ball Com- mittee Clk, Pan-Hellenic Council Q-H, First Council, C3, -l-j, Junior Council, xvulll-H175 League, Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathersg Cast, Mliold in the Hills," "'l'xxeltth Niglitf' "The Nlad Hopes", llomeconiing Stunt Shou tl, 2, IJ, Cnion Nlinstrel Shoxx ll, 2, 39 Honors Day Qlj LUCILE INIETA LANG ........... Rlitwl' Iffoigvz FINE AND AI'I'I lkll tlllilih Illntitr Kappa Delta Phi Beta, Homecoming Committee Ill, Dads Day Committee IZJ, Pan-Hellenic Council C4-J, First Council, NVoman's League Q-Hg Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold lfeatliers, Women's Glee Clulw ll, 27, University Chorus fl, ill, Ilroduction Staff, "l'iratt's of IICIIYZIIICCU bl.-Xhllib lxlAR'l'IN I..-1.NKilf..,.... ...LJ Ufizffgi' Comxii Rei' Urrlwizf Hziiifzvvf Lyons Township -lunior College RouER'r l'lRl'D LANr.E .......... ..,r,f7fI.1go ENGINI-ERINIQ EIc't'!riI'i1lEr1gl'11 t'i' :lug Ia Kappa Nug A. I. Ii. Ii. Armour Institute IIARAUI U DEAN L.-XNCIIIAAI. .. ...tfmlffiifftl Coxixii-'Rei Gl'!lr'I'41! H1z,vi11I'5,I' Pi Sigma Phi, Ilhalanxg 'I'het.I Oniega l'hi, Caisson Club, Accountancy Club, 'l'he Daily Illini QU, Freshman Varsity Soto-I S-load, Captain, Cnixersity llrigade PAUL Ili-NRI' LANVIIII-R ...... ..,lI.rfloou lfNc.INI-I-RIN4. Erlgfrlrrfirlg Plzyffi I ' Rdles' A. I. E. li., Iiugineeriiig Physics gg A Bk Scabbard and liladeg I'i 'l'au l'i Sigma, Pcrsli- S Ing I , Society, Captain, Cnixersity llrigadt- Honors Day fl, 23 1'.' F1 'ici Q . I-'If lll.Ifl SlilllI0llS ,Li B I In I V . N i .ii-L, -loft rn .limi v .,ax'i+iui.1.x. . . ... ,mcuin .V ef ? Cimmii-Nev it aah til IVXH .Y NI . ,. L . . .. ,1 I on Ahwwmlm-X . x, ,LARkc.AR+pX ,siuaiexeg-..I.-.v.w.Fi rms r g A-Xlp-ha Sigma Phi Q IBkRM'B1 ,ffl-vi .A7D YL hxk is Stutlent Senate f-Hg SC.1l'll'l.lI'xl .intl Blade, Tn- A-'11 'A U lv GV Salina og3 Nlacg fcntl .'Xi'tillei'y Cluhg .-Xccfiiiiitaiiev Cliihg " wy ' pm Jmmi, L 3 . . . , ' , V , .--vs! Mortar Bnartlg lorchg Phi Beta Kappag Al- Sopliiiiimix' l'--:itlmll Nl.lll.lgt'lA3 l'i'cshman Y .n- ,,,, ,JV Xhvl Lllmbh Din? W ma 1,5 B Siness Mana- Sitv B.iQkn'th.1ll S-luatlg lfiiwt l.ieuten.1nt, L'niA I ' ,A LA QL 4, . O. I .U . b Q. I ger, Phe Illnig Shi-Ang Social Committee, xerim BHHAIJLI 'jk's League C255 Y. W. C. A. Doll Shim Committee f2l5 Pan-Hellenic Council clit Orange and Blue Feathers' Gold RW'YX' UPU LAXT' """"""" fAi!'i'i"g" I-'eathersg Pmtluctinn Staff, "Hit the,Deck"5 IAN LAB AN-.I IH, ART! NVviinen's Clee Club fl, 33 N 4"""""'-H Hhmirs Day fl, 2, 33. Unixersity of Illinois lllllSll'.!l'llgQ rlhc Siren ill Sk.hU1m.ShiP KG, Ciiine ,Iiiinur College Nl XRTH.-X XVIRGIXIA L.-iw. . . . ..Ofc'm1eco 4 Enl'c.1.'I'1ox gy- ' 1 Ellglfffl X il' Lf. Alpha Phi fl X K L4 XV.iShhurn College Hi-1 ix ihIAllGAIiFT LANH. .. ...f.'!1ii.1gn EDL,CA,I.HN ' Saxiri-I, HAIll3I,D llinuv .......... All. Carroll Ildfm uixtmmzciz umm, Junior C-Hllggc Q I C't'r1fmf lfnsxmxvx 'l'heta Xi Student Senate U29 Band of X5 Sophomore Cntillinit Committeeg Interfraternity Council U95 Dance Superxisinn Committee -IATKIFS Rnnimox L.aRc.i' ........... Rffikfnn! lfimvei-s"1'u Li-QASURE .,... Champaign Inniimi, Arif .avi Stnxtw LIBI-,RAL .ARTS AND Sussex: flfxfury Sigma Pi Varsity Soccer Squad Q47 KQIIARI is JAMN Laurnw, ., . . .lx'wf4'i1izrw Cuiurxliiui C'i'm'n11 Hllllllz ' Theta Chi Scahhartl :intl Blatleg Band nl' X. C:ix'ali'y CllllN The- Daily Illini fl, lla l-'reshinan Varsity Bfixkethall Sqiiatlg Varsity Bzisliethall Squad ffl. Oflirt-ri, Ball k'nniinittet'g Nlilitary' Ball Ciiminitteeg lN'l:iivu', laiixeiwity Brigailcg Nlilitary Council lli iam IVI lflil llklk' Laiuox. .. .... I,'ff1'iu1gn L'4itx1A1i-:wr K,i"1fr,1f Hninz Chi Pxi .'xCC11lI1ll.lllIy Cleihg l'1'utliittifm Statl, 4'Bey+inil the liilfllllllu Ciuiin- llunim' College Ru wixn ,-XL'c,1's1' Lausux, .. ...NL Ifffmlf-X Uiixtaii-Iwi f,'r11f',u1f Hill!-ll i Sigma Delta Rh., ll1lL'l'fI'.lll'l'I1lIj' Council CU Jxllsfl IIli.lll.I C fillvze l',Ill'Ill lu1'1'x l,1.-ox ......... ...fflziftigu ltnlc.-x'11ux Hffafll-,QV Pap, I hfy-'xx UIUIWIEIHSI Fnglixll 'l'heta Upsilon 'l'he Illio fl, 233 Orange and Blue Feathers .llzmiilw lil.-mnin l,l-,AYIIST ........... Ogden Lluriml. Aims AND Senixei-'s Pl'r'-.1Ic'fffL'tt 'lfiu Epsilon Phi Phi Eta Sigmag Omega Beta Pig Der Deutsche Vereing Interfratei'nity Council L31 llivmwi DAN' fl, Fu xweis Lan i-1 LKAWTT. . . . . . .. .... Chirago Lisiiui. .AARTS Axim Seivxei-'s .N'ui'fnIngy , . ,. p ,. ' ,ag 2 l'lll Slgl1l.l.blgIlLl Liam- Junior Qnllege fl.-XRIIJI-'l. Li-11-1 ...................... Olney IJIBFRAI. :ARTS AND Seiifxeits lfzzglixh 5 J 'Phi Kappa Phig Phi Beta Kappag Alpha , Liinhtla Deltag Delta Phi Alpha A ' .. 1. l!.nnu's Day Cl, 2, U5 L'nixei'sity uf Illinois Q ' E Schnl.ii'Sl1ip Key 5' "1 .I V i , on lfsu niiait' liimuium LH, Ju. .......... Urbana 'f' Limiui. :ARTS AND Seiixci-:s Eprfrzrllllifs Phi Gamma Delta Nl.:-Wan-Dag Business Manager, The Daily Illinig Alpha Delta Sigmag Homecoming Com- mittee Qlj - l TY 6 lllIlllli'Ilflflll TIIIIHTY-SIX HELEN LOUISE LEE ............. Harrisburg FINE AND AI'PI.lEID ARTS flluric Alpha Chi Omega Cast, "Tales of Hoffmann, Production Statl, "The Gondoliersn, Womenls Glee Club C3, 41. Manager C41 Stephens College RZIBHRT '1-'ERRELL LEE ............. Sul!!-zum ENGINEERING Me't'h.f1I1iI'rzf Engizzrfring Pi Tau Sigma, A. S. M. E. Virginia Polytechnic IllSflIllIC .ALVIN SMITII LI-1IIIyI.-xxx ...... Plmxarzl Plniui AfiRlCLJI.TLlRE Gr'm'ml xlgrifnffurf' Delta lfpsilon Agricultural Cluh, Hoof and Horn Club, Freshman Frolic Committee, Dads Day Com- mittee C21, Interfraternity Council C31, Livestock Judging Team C41 TVIARGARHT Louisrt I.rIIIxmNx ........ Uffmuiz LIBERAI. Arers AND Sciuxeias P0lflfI'rII SI'i4'Nr'f' Torch, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lamhda Delta, Secretary, Woman's League C41, Mothers Day Committee C315 Independent Informal Committee C31, Homecoming Committee C31, Executive Council, W. G. S. C31, First Council, Woman's League C415 Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Production Stall, "Good News," "Hit the Declan, Cast, "The Mikado", University Chorus Cl, 21 Honors Day Cl, 2, 31, Liiiiyersity of Illinois Scholarship Key ALICE CATIII-LRINI-: I..Ell'l1l.D. .. ...C'irt'1'o Em'c'A'I'Iox fllrIlf1r'vmIfrf Iris lVlorton Junior College M.-uu' DIANE Lrgisrxiuxo ......... Npffngflwlil 5lUURN.-Xl.ISlVl A'I'fr'.r and Frfilorirrl Delta Delta Delta MOl'tHf Board, Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, Student Senate C41, Theta Sigma Phi, Kappa Tau Alpha, Shi-Ai, The Daily Illini Cl, 2, 31, Dads Day Committee C213 Homecoming Committee C21, Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Journalism Council C41 Honors Day Cl, 2, 31, l'nix'ersity of Illinois Scholarship Key JOHN D. LE Mana ......... .... I -Ilvizigrizirz CoMMI-titer tlcronzrffzrzcy Accountancy Club, Freshman Varsity Football Squad, Varsity Football Squad C21, Varsity Basketball Squad C21, Freshman Varsity Track Squad, junior Prom Committee, Independent Council C41 HENRIETTA LI-zxrniqri ....., ...Rurhells I'fIxLic'A'rIoN flrf Delta Zeta Northern Illinois State Teachers College , .5 if ,. t I k g ,av I 73 -x C 4 af: 'fe ie:-fi .0 . f :I ' . 8 ,. if is . 251 .f .Qfw J m. s V. llIc'IIAIzD SAI!-1 LI- oxano. . . . , . . .lun 1I,1 '. FINE Axn 1xl'I'l.ll'D :Xiu 1 fllrisir . St l' t S- .t -lf , Pl' IN ,- y ,Q 16- uttn cna e C 1a ll lu Xltha Xre o V, i CHIICCFI Bllncl Cl, .., 3, frjlxgrbry ' ,VNI fp tra-af.. qi, 2, 3, 41 CII.xItI.I-s -losrI-II LI-Itxi-Il ........ C l!f70ll1,11l6 LIIIIAIQAI. Awrs Avo Sexrxcrs C,'hI'11.'it'tll E7lgfIlt'z'ff7Ig . Tau Delta Phi I ' A Sigma Tau, Phalanx, Interfraternity Coun I, .4-A C-l'1, Second Lieutenant, Lmyersity Brlga c Criaxirs Roisrwl' Lrsrlr ........ D R115 I QlUNIfX1l-,ILCI-1 G'rm'raI Huvirzrss M Kappa Delta Rho M, 7 Northern Illinois State Teachers C lltet 1 "1 , .Ax ,im K R VV 'I' L 'PNYII I-'11, 5 It C 01 I 2 ,.f1 It Irwin AI. I- it l-.l'l ,. . ' lixoixrrrzixo C J Sigma Alpha Epsilon Zh wt wr flfvrhrlzlfrtlf Ezlgirlrrrirlg F Tau Beta Pi, Phi Iita Sigma, Pi lIu Sig Theta Tau, A. S. NI. Ii. Honors Day Cl, 31 Ions: C'II.1.RI,Es LI-yrxsox, Jie... C111 :ga Scholarship Key LIBEER.-KI, Aims axo Sc'IEwcIs C!1I'IllIL'rI! Efrgrrlwvrirlg Caisson Cluh, A. I. C. If., The I I InI Cl, 21, First Lieutenant, LllllNL'I'SlIl Brig! e University ot Chicago Martens WP.5'l'Fillb'PI.lJ IJ-QYY ..... C111 :go FINE Axn .'xl"I'l.IhD Aivr :I 1 I'f1ilI't'f11n' Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma Qugoy e Tau Nu Tau, lnterscholastic Circ First Lieutenant, l'niversity Briga c Honors Day Cl, 2, 31, University of Illin CII.aI:LIfs RICIIIKIID Lifwr Rs. .Kaur Clly o Con KI I-i IWE l H'72'l'lI't' Foreign lf I ,. - Phi Delta Theta Band of X, Pan Xenia, l'l't'Slll1l'lIl X ll Tennis Squad, Varsity Tennis Le Honol s Day 1 ' Charity Ball Committee C319 Lnirn Stl t Show C31, IllICl'Il'.lI.L'I'IllIy Counci Kansas City' lunior College -xR1oItII- IoIII ll-VIS ........ llfz ll n Bkli-Xl Xcrs axo Scirxcrs .A u . lil Ornicrr ' Y' 5 ' Ieatr n Ci ek e .Xi 1 lll: Il.l.Illl0IS t'r1tf1 1 ROBEIKT ComI'ToN LEXVIS ..,....... lVhvn1oIz lvvlrat ENGINEERING .' G'w1fr.1l Ellgflliffillg X l Phi Cainma Delta ' fs Dartmouth Cfvllegeg xVl1CfllOI1 College ,F i' Walk 1 LESTI' R LE Rox' LINDBI-QRG .......... Lorkparl PIIYSICAL EDUCATION Phi Mu Delta Ma-VVan-Da, Sachemg Gymnasticag A. P. E. A., Tribe of Illini5 Freshman Varsity Foot- ball Squad, Varsity Football Letter ffl, 3, 45, Most Valuable Player C355 Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Varsity Basketball Squad QZ, 355 Varsity Baseball Squad C35 ELEANDR x7l"Nl'l'A LINDEZRIAN. .C0mzn1'11g, illicb. EDUC.-XTION Biology Production Stall, "No More l"rontier", VVO- FHCIIVS Clee Club ff., 35 W1l.I,I.AhI EI.mIJS LINToN ........... Tnxtoliz LIRI-RAI, x'xIL'l'S AND SCIENCES Cfffvllfrlry Psi Cpsilun Interfr.1teI'IIity Council C3, 45 RLITII JXXRFS Lll'StUlX1B ............. Dumlzrr LIIII-'RAL XXRTS AND SCIENCES Srfffufugy Delta fi.llll!ll.l lN'loIItict'llII SeIIIiII.Iry BERNARD XVII I IAM l,I'I'x'EN. . . . . . . . . .Clzimgo I.lHlfIlAl, JXNTS AND SCIENCES P1 I'-Lizcu Phi Beta Delta IIllCI'fI'lllUI'IlllQ' CI-until PAI I,INI-: lin lZ.Xlil"I'll LIVENGIIDD ...... fllrcooil .IXf.I4ICUI.'I'L?RE !,'t'r1I'f,1f flume Erozlomfcs Phi Upsilon OIIIicI'rI1I5 llome Economies Clubg WUlllCll,S tllee Club Q45 lNl.ItlNlurI'.1y College CIIARI he CIIRISTUI-IIIR LIVINGSTUN. .SL Joirph lil-I5CA'I'IoN filrlgliih SI'v:oIIrl lSl'ljlllll'lll.ll llannl fl, 2, 35 PW- I-I III ,III 64 fir A ' Lf It gel- ss - Tre V. ,Q R '1-"y ,, , -wilt PEARL RETA LocIcnART ............ Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Delta Zeta lllustratorsg Le Cercle Francaisg Der Deutsche Vereing The Daily Illini U55 W. A. A.5 W. A. A. Numerals 1355 Orange and Blue Feathers llELEN BERTHA LDECIIER ........ New fllhens AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: Phi Upsilon Omicron5 Omicron Nu5 Home Economics Club Honors Day fl, 2, 355 University of Illinois Scholarship Key PAUL JOHN LOEHR ............... Carlinville AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Agricultural Economics Club Blackburn College HI-QLEN lVlARIE LouIvIAN ..... Warrenlon Mo. COIYIMERCE Grnertzl Buriness Warner Hall5 Phi Chi Theta5 Accountancy Club Central WVeSleyan College 1 CARL SAIXIUEL LONG, -IR. ............ Newman LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pl'c'-flIL'tflCS Kappa Sigma Skull and Crescentg Omega Beta Pi5 Freshman Varsity Football Squad5 Varsity Football Squad C255 Summer Prom Committee 4455 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C255 Cast, "No More l:l'OllflC1',, S.-Hirkll LIUUSTON LoRING ........... Rushville JQURNALISM IVUCUS ami Eifilorial Alpha Phi First Council, Woman'S League C45 Nortllwestern University -I.-ICI-c LoRTz .............. Kanms Cily, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hislory Pershing Ritles5 Phalanxg Alpha Tau Sigmag Second Lieutenant, University Brigade Kansas City Junior College VVILLI.-IM CHARLES LUBY ........... Rockford LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Alpha Tau Omega Homecoming Committee Q355 Second Regimen- tal Band C35 Columbia College UlllIWlfllSI'I' ELIZ,-IBIi'rH MARY LUCKHARDT ....... Cbifago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Carman Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Phi Alpha, Der Deutsche Vereing The Daily Illini f2, 3,5 First Council, Womanls League C353 Star Course C23 Honors Day fl, 31 RlL'll.4lilJ H.-IRRY LUDHRS ...... .. .Oak Park COMMERCE Illzfllfffftll zlifnzfflisfrairiorz Kappa Delta Rho .Ions CARsoN LUMBATTIS ........ Zllf. Vernon LIBERAL AIKTS AND SCIXNCI-is Pre-l.I1fU Sigma Alpha Epsilon Scabbard and Blade, Coast Artillery Club, Freshman Varsity Soccer Squad, Military Ball Committee, Oflicers' Ball Committee, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet CD5 Captain, Cnixersity Bri- gade, Military Council DIVA RAPIIAEL LuoNoo ...,. Chftuzgo Hiiglffs EDLIC,-XTIUN Freurh Theta Upsilon Kappa Delta Pig Pi Delta Phi, Le Cercle Francais, Spanish ClIIb Honors Day fl, 31 Thornton Junior College EARL Nlk'l.X'lN Luiz ......... . . .SI7IIlf0i'I1I AGRICuI.TuRI2 Ge1If'1'al :lgrirrlllzrrg Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha, Agricultural Club Hrnmrs Day HI-.LLLN LoLIIsE LYMAN ....... .... Il larva EDUCATION Alpha Gamma Delta Phi Betag Gl'CgfJl'l1lI1 Literary Society, The Illio fl, 255 Dads Day Committee fill, Char- ity Ball Committee KZ, 33, l-lomecoming CoIn- mittee QD, Mothers Day Committee QD, Social Chairman, Woman's League K4-jg First Council, Womanls League ffl, HU, Junior Council, WVoman's League, Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Y. W. C. A. Cabi- net QQ R.n'MoNn l,A'I'l4lCK LYNCH .... , .. ...Ioilcl ENGINEERING fllrrhaflirnl Engifzeerirzg Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi Tau Sigmag A. S. M. E. Joliet Junior College ALBLIVI' Wrsmix' MCCALI.IsTLR. . . ...Canm CoMMERCE C'owwI'rrf' .wif Law llllllllfflilflll TIIIIHTY-SIX li' 9 , -J l A 1 Q we VE" Illia If lt Y 9 -2. G., '23 Z gi is .- .jf , ,M . ra Q9 "L At 'ffm Q-. Q '-hi 'Q' .":-'- .T ,M , fe h ' 4? .ra A ip, sg: ri 3 :Zh 56,1 i T -., 'sv 1 -cg l '33 Ill: ll.lIlll0IS DoRo'rIIY IRINE BICCARI xrox. .,..., Rai me ml AGRICUI,'I-URI. Crrrenll Ilfwn' Feormn t Achaea DORIS lVlARIJI4,LI,I5 MCCANN ........ . LIBI-RAI, 1xll'I'S Axim Selrszers Ill,-lilly Alpha Xi Delta Culx'eI'-Stockton College ELIIABI-'l'1i Jaxx lNleCaR'I'x'. . , . . . . .. LIIIIIRAI, .ARTS AND SCll:NCl-.5 Surfolugy Kappa Delta Cniversity of Chicago ARIIIL R PM r N lNleCo.1.RD .... ... lfNCilNl-.l-.RING Flvllriuilf EllgfIll'L'l'fIIg Delta Sigma llhi A. S. Nl. li., A. I. E. E. Bl'lglI.lI11 Young L'IIiI'eI'Sity ll.kY31UNlJ l'Rr,s'I'ox NlCCRosKIiY. . . . . ENIIINI- I-RIM. Eli-I friixlf Elzgfalrul rug Delta Chi .flllllozz D.IfIz'ille . . C'i'fl'.1g0 . ClllfII!g0 lnterfraternity Council 13, -lj, Star Course l fl lj Q2, 32, Second llL'gll1lCHl2ll Bam , .. l'lliXX'.-XRD 'l'Inm1I'sox lNlClJ.u'In, .IR...I1IH,I!20l0 LIIIFRAI. .-XKT: Axim SCIIANCIA I- .- Polrflrizl bc1I'III'e Sigma Chi 4 1 'l'he lllio flj, IIIteI'tr.IterIIity Cltrllllxll CJ, 49 CARRH lluaer. lxlL'lJUXXl-I.l ...l'fh.zrI.1 lfIII'e.A'I'IIIx Erzglixh Delta Zeta SlIi-Ai Xl.lCxllIl'l'.lf College Suu. ,lxxr Melixi-I ......,.,.. ...1J...Il1If LIIIIRAI, .XR'rr .xxiw Seulxtr ftingfjilf Kappa Alpha Theta l.'IIixeI'sitI' ut XVisconsin P13 E:5fIiI' .51 f in Tlllf Il.lI0 Slflllllllls 3-xx S1111 lNlc1lAu1,111-1' ......... 1111. Zion 1,1111-'11A1. :XRTS Axn SLSIFNCES Pm'-I,11C1' .Xlplm 111-11.1 P111 11111-1111'1'1'1 .Xl wmv N11'11l,A111 .......... . .. ... ... ............ 11:1ll111.1, Canal Zone 151111.-xT111w kwllglllill :X1pl1.1 111111011111 Pi Stlident S1-1111t1' 1-111 111111111111 .-Xlp11a C1115 P111 .Klpl1a C1115 T110 111111 11, 215 Jllllllbl' P10111 C1 11111111tt1'1'q U1'.111ge 111111 111lIL' 1'.t'Jl11lL'l'S3 1111111 1'il'Hf1lCl'S V.-11 1- X'1IXl' 111 N1 111e'1' 1N1c'i111w1v. . . .Chituzgn M M IQNGINHRING Ff1'1'f1'.71'111 Ef1gir11'1'ff11g C111111' .11111i111' C11ll1-gc A111' .IANF 1Nr1Ccil'IG.-KN ........... Fzuzrzslnrz L1B111.a1. ,XRTS AND Sui-txcrs P.1y1'boIogy Alpha C111 Omega nrtar 1111.11'11, 'IiUl'CllQ Alpha I,Zll1l1'7L11l Delta, The Daily 1111111 11, 2, 315 1,1111-11C11CIl1C C1'11111cil 1-1115 l"11'st C111111cil, VV111111111's I.t'IlglIL' 1-1-1 Or 1 11111 11111 11111 1 5 any- . e 'nt ex 1111114111 11.1j' 11, XV.-11 '11 ll 1111111 11'1' N1C1iF.-V.. .. .. .Chfuvgn Ac 111 C11x1a1111er .11'1'11u11l11111'y Delta P111 C111111t.111Q' Clnlw lNli.11111 Lvll1Xl'l'S1lj' ll'1' Nl11111'N lN1CKFI11...... ...L11 R1111' ixGRICL71.'l'l'RIf C'1'u1'rz11 .-lgfiwzflnrc 15111111 l11111se ,'Xgl'lCll11lll'.ll Clulag Dairy C111l15 111111f H1111 1141111 11111111 S11pl111111+11'e'1'1'.1ck N1LlIlIlgCl'3 Dairy Cattle Al1111g111g 11-.1111 13, -11 111 -x111' 1111 1 1' 1N1cK1w1.1a11'. .l111fi11z111p111i1, 11111. l'1w1- AND A1'1'1.1111 JXRTB .111 f1f1'1'1'!1n'.11 F11gfr11'1'ri11g 11a1'g11yl1's .-X. S. C. lf. 1111111111 l1.11' 11, 31 ,1'111x Kx11111- N11KIxxr1' ...... SIHIINIIY, Pa. P11 C11a1a11111'1- f,'1'111'1'1lf lf111if11'1,1 '1l11'1.1 X1 1 1111.1 S1g111.15 P111 .'x1Pll.I C1115 11LlllL1 of X 111 1111 11, '71 111111. 41 M 111- 1-4-. -1 ,.,. 1 Itt, 1- 5, . WX 1 Q , ,N . 1' , 13 4 -azz? 55, ., M? 1 1 11. ff- 'W 55.1 4-ai 1 JJ' 4 .1 . I a Nfl: 1 ' '14, 1 1 , A 'V -1' il A -Q, ,Fi w 11 ,, -3 1 5,1 U1lllWlfllSI XVILLIANI 1311111 NICIQINSTRY, JR. ..... Chicago C111v1MeRcE C1'm'r11I 11'n.1ir11'.15 Sigma N11 President, Senior Classg Student Senate 13, 415 Skull and Crescentg T11-Masg Band of X5 Coast Artillery Clllbg T11e Daily Illini 1115 S11pl111r11o1'e Cntillion Committeeg Senior In- formal C11111111itteeg I11te1'f1'aterr1ity Council 13, 415 Captain, University Brigade KFNT CQRT1-'1.1'111' NIk'KYlGll'f. . . . . .Oblong C11x1x111-inn: Banking 111111 Fi111z111'c P111 Eta Sigmag Alpha Kappa Psi, Indepen- dent Council 13, -1-1 11111111115 Day 11, 21 -1.111115 1-'11Ax1c11v lN1lAcL1iAN ........... Peru L11z1-'11-11. :XRTS 1-15:11 SCIFYCES f1l1zll11'1v111fi111 'lyllftil Cpsilun Omega C1111ce1't 11111111 131 L11 S:11lu4Pe1'11 .1llll1lll' Cullege 1.1'L Il li Nlaxixa 1V1CN1.-Xll.-KN... ...VVarsa:c1 C111x1M11'RC1Q C1'r11'r111 1z'nsi111'1f ci.ll't1lIlgC College 011.1111 1i1.1.,a lNleMA11oN ........ f1lar1izz:z'ille AG111c1'1.TU111-L C1'1z1'f11l Howl' I'f1'r1110mf1's P111 L'psil1111 Ol1l1Cl'11I13 I11ta Sigma P15 Aeoliag O111ic1'1111 Nu 1111111115 Day 11, 21 j1111x lzlnwaim fXleMA1111N ..... ...Chicago ENGINEERING f1lvch1111i1'1zI EIlgilIL't'l'fI1g Delta P111 Pi Ta11 Sigmag A. S. M. E.5 The Daily Illini 1115 Tribe 11f Illinig Varsity Soccer Letter 12, 31, C11-Captain 1315 Star Course 121 D11x.111.n 1-'1mNc'1s lNleM11.1.1N ..... Chillicothe ,AGRICUl.TURE C1'r11'r11l 1'1g1'f1'l41ll11'u Alplia Camr11a R110 N13-Will!-IDZIQ Sacl1en15 P111 Kappa P1115 Alpha Zetag P111 Eta S1glllfl3 The Illio 11, 2, 315 Illinois Ag'1'ic11lt111'ist 11, 215 Interfraternity Dance C11r11n1ittee 1-11 11111101-s Day 11, 2, 315 C1111'e1'sity of Illinois Scl111la1'sl1ip Key K1 xx1:'r11 R1:c,1xA1.n 1w1L'N.iRI.X1l.K. .Grayslake Cl1AllK1ERL'li .11'1'u1111111111'y .1XcCo1111t:111cy cilllb Lake F1111-st College TY I: I l10BFRT LOXVRIE NICNEIL. . . ..... llflason City LIBERAL IARTS AND SCIENCES Pofilirnl Sfffllfc? WILBUR LLOYD MCNEIL ......... lilnson Cily ENGINEERING Civil Erzgizzccring Captain, University Brigade MALCOLBI HEDLEX' NICXCICKAR... ...Snnnzrr .AGRICULTURE General flgrimllzzre Alpha Zetag Alpha Tau AlphzI5 Phi Kappa Epsilon, Agricultural Club, Agricultural Edu- cation Cluhg Agricultural Economics Club5 Illinois Agriculturist C3, 41 Honors Day Cl, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key DORAN CHARLES lvl.-'KBRY ......... IVI-,rf Pain! AGRICULTURE General .flgzirfrflzrrv Agricultural Club MARG.ARET Is.-IBELLE NIADDEN ..... Sprfrzgjirlli LIBERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCI-'s fllzzlhczzzfzlirr Delta Gamma Secretary, Woman's League C315 The Daily Illini C215 Homecoming Committee C315 Pan- Hellenic Council C3, 415 First Council, Wo- man's League C415 Junior Council, Woman's League5 Gold Feathersg University Orchestra C2, 31 Springfield Jun'or College Nusox WArxE MAIII-:R. . ...... . . . . I4 Iwvrly LIBERAL AR'1'S AND SCII-:NCI-is Cbvfuisfry DORIS lvl.-XRIE lvl,-XDSI-ZX ...... .... Chicago AGRICLVLTLYICE General Home Ec0I1n111fI'5 Phi Upsilon OmiCron5 Home Economics Cluh 'l'lIornton junior College NIARY JANE MAGAN ................ Chirizgu SIOURNALISRI f1II'1'erlf.rir1g ami' Pul1I'i,vhif1g Theta Phi Alpha Phi Alpha Chi5 Gamma Alpha Chi, 'l'he lllio Cl, 2, 315 Junior Prom Committeeg Co-Chair- man, Sophomore Informal ComnIittee5 Home- coming Committee Cl, 215 Dads Day Com- mittee Cl, 215 Mothers Day Committee C215 Y. W. C. A. Doll Show Cl, 215 Social Committee, Woman's League C215 Pan- Hellenic Council C415 First Council, Woman's League C415 Orange and Blue Feathers llllllllfflflflll 'l-IIIIHTY-SIX 'Q . I.. Suri nox NlAGllJSON ................ Cfhicugu LIBERAI, i'hR'l'5 AND SCIENCES C,'f1I'rIIffI1l Ifllgirzvfrfrlg Zeta Beta 'l'au A.. I. C. E.5 Fl'CSlllll.lIl X arsity 'lirack Squad l.'nix'eI'sity of Southern California Kr.vNI1,'I'II lh'lAGL'lRl-, ........ . . . . .ffizmpru ENGINII-FIQING Cffrff Ezzgfzzrrrfflg 5 Q5 Phalanxg Rifle Team CZ, 315 C.Ipt.uiu, Uni- xersity Brigade .XRA LEE Nl.aI..xeII .......... .... D Lian Iiot:eA'I'Iox I"1'I'r1rh .Xlpha Delta Pi Le Cercle l"il'llllCillS Nlouut St. Clare College Q i ll, gy Y 55, t, linmpwo LI I4 Nl.-Xl,l-'C ........ . , .Clfirlzgo I':IICCA'l'lllY .llfllllurzzilllirz inors Day 3 lix I I YN D.-xRI rixr NlAll.l1Nl4li... .. .fllafiien I'iIlL'C.-XTILINI J'lIII!l1.'v:.1lII'5 Nl.leNluI'r:Iy College FR xxx NlleH,1.I-I. 'NIA1 oxr Y, . .. .... l.'11iI.Igo Coxlxwaer. .lm rfllfllilrlry -5- , Aeeouiitalicy Cluh N1Il'llIXXL'Stt'l'l1 l'IIixeI'sit5'Q Qil.ll1L' junior 'I ege AIANII-S O'liARA NlAIoNm'..lx'.If1.v.Ir ffify, 110. LIBERAL .-XR'I's Avo Sell-'vers Cllwfzfinlf 1','r1gl:1I'I'Ifr1g l'l'L'9llIll.lI1 Vasu ' lenx IS S- ll.lxl 'ansas 'ity Q i ' 'Il ege I.I.IlllllIS Io-tru EIIXYAIQII Nlaxw .......,...., Dr..Imr I.lBl'Ii,-Xl .XIVIS Axim Stlrxtrs IJII'-LIITL' Sigma ClIi 'Fu-Nlasg 'l'he Daily lllini Cl, 21g lntertI.l- ternity Council CI1, First l,ieuten.Iut, Cui- versity Brigade 1'.'g.- Nm. tx I Painting flllf IlI-I DDROTIIY VANEssA Nl.-XNOCK. .Fort Eriv, Crm. LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES Hiflory Delta Gamma The Illio fl, 2,55 Orange and Blue Feathersg 0 SIZIIIIIIIRS SAL. EUGENE EDWARD NIARSHALL. . . ...Cairo COMMERCE dcuoznztancy Accountancy Cluhg Independent Council QZQ Honors Day Q31 NIARY CAROLYN NIARSHALL. . . . . .Vam1'alia EDUCATION ilflathemafirx lVlCKendI'ee College SARAI-I RUSSELL lVlARSHALL ..... .... C lzicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS 5 .' Gold Feathers ' A E' RICHARD DALE MANsIfIEI.D. .. ...Elgin CDMIIIERCE if . Cvic'!1f'I'I1l Bzzsfzlfsv Q V, 2 Tau Kappa Epsilon flea.: N5 Cavalry Ofliccrsl Cluhq Polo Association5 First sr! 1 ty I..lC'lltl'Il.llIt, L'niIe1'sity Brigade . fi V 'ff' MX . iir- , A ag: AX i WII,1I.AAI KENT lxlAN:1'lEI.D ........ Rorkfaftl ffw, ' B Cox1AIERCE ' , Gurlrfill lfzzffllt i . 'l'.Iu Kappa Epsilon N , '15- Acgnxtfritgtilgyilfluln 1, if I t on o egc '4"5 . f FRANK ELIGENPZ lxl.-XPLE ......... . . .Puffin , LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCE ' Chfnziffry D ' Bradley Polyteclinic Institute F 9. 4? I -r , ' 'fl ' ' fi "ii I DoNAI.D CLRTI5 IVIAHBLI- ......... LII Grunge ENGINEERING Flt'tf1'it'tIl Er1gl11vt'f'ir1g Delta Upsilon 4 . . 4, u R ,ga-C..1s A K 'af fs, , w DoRo'IIII' IR!-.XF lNlARI,A'I"I'. . ........ Dtzucillv LIBPICAI. .ARTS AND SCIENCES Gfflllllll HERMAN lVIoNRoE NlARl.LlNY. . . .... lxiiuwlnzfly :xGRlL'LTI.TURl-l C't'rJt'1'I1l flgffrlfllzfft' lVIAI,t'oI M lfxixxt Pl lx'lAR5ll ........ C,'l11'mg0 LllI'X1AH-Rfl-. Qlrtffirrzlilrzry, Hawking will Flaltlrztt' Beta Alpha l'sig Alpha Kappa Psig Account- anty Cluhg The Daily Illini fflg l'I'otlucti0n Stall, Ufimul Morning, Dcariel' llmiors Day Ciziin' junior College Page Ninety-1IL'o .Fi . ' I I.. fg...Z.A.-f ff "4-JE n .x ff.-if' I 1' -1-f Nov' ta Q. 16 57.7" 64 U I Alpha Lambda Deltag Illustratorsg Junior Prom Committeeg Sophomore Cotillion Com- mitteeg Homecoming Committee fljg Dads Day Committee ffljg Mothers Day Committee Qllg Freshman Informal Comrnitteeg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Honors Day fl, 27 IIAROLD VANDERS.AND MARTIN .... Carrollton EDUCATION History Scabbard and Bladeg Coast Artillery Clubg Pershing Riflesg Captain, University Brigadeg lVIen's Glee Club QI, 2, 3, 4Jg University Chorus C25 li.-IRL FIsCIIER Nl,-XR'l'INlTZ .......... Chicago VIOURNALISM fitlzlerzirizzg ami Publishing Pi Kappa Phi The Illio fl, 255 Intertraternity Council Q31 Northwestern University ISAY :ARTHUR M.'XSbZK ............... Chicago CoMMERCE Industrial xiflfzzinfxlralio 71 Varsity Polo Squad 12, 313 Second Lieuten- ant, University Brigade ALBERTA NoRMA MAsIcA ...... . . .Cicero EDUCATION English Phi Mu lvltlftltll Junior College IJAYID XVIIII-. Nl.-X'l'Hl1.VK'. .... . .. Ullorrisan ENGINEERING Canmzic Erzgizzfvrirzg Alpha Chi Rho Knox College IUIWEIHSIT 2 I I 1. 'r I ,t I l 2'iF:Ti i- l, l IA. ' l 5 l l l i I li I l. J l I I P l: I Z SDH GLENN xv,-ETKXNS lvl.-KTHIS ..... . . .America EDUCATION General Science Concert Band Q3, 43 Southern Illinois State Teachers College RUSSELL Bx'RoN lVlATTHENVS. . . . . . . . .Chicago ENGINEERING Efrcfrical Engineering FI.oRENCE ANGELINE MAUL. . . . . .Chicago COIXUWERCE Commercial Teaching Accountancy Club Thornton Junior College IJON.-NLD XVINCENT lvl.-KXFIELD ....... Centralia COMMERCE zlccountancy Accountancy Club, Calvary Ofhcers' Clubg First Lieutenant, University Brigade LEONARD IMI.-XRRY lvl.-XYFIELD ......... Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Archilecmre Delta Tau Delta Scarab Armour Institute IVIARY XVALERIE lvl.-'KYOROS ..... .... W estivillz AGRICULTURE General Home Economic: Phi Upsilon Omicron Jonx MARCUS NIE.-KD. . . . . . . .l'Vrsrvrn Springs LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry JOHN FREDERICK TVIEHARRY. . . ....... Tolono AGRICULTURE General Agriczzllurc Delta Kappa Epsilon Freshman Frolic Committee, Interfraternity Council 1415 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet CZJQ Star Course C31 llllllllfflflflll TIIIIHTY-SIX 101' . .L V IIS' if 'nz-.-ze 69 ,Vf 1 u-,Ie s '-!'1 6 4Q5, ii hifi? 5 ,ge i 1 Q' . ., ef Q - cz' -Z- xi! ggi 3 1 .W FQ' T it Ni 4 'fr' I 3 f --.: ,., I - fe sw S- llllllllls IVIARJORIE ELLEN MI- Ixxrga .... ...IH-aria 1iIIUCA'I'IoN Hixfory Delta Delta Delta Gulf Park College IJON.-XLD HURT-IN Nlhl Xll.l li .... I,uniI.'ilfI', Ky. LII3I-'RAL :ARTS ANTI Serifwtis C.'f1I'u1f,Ilry Delta Phi Phi Lambda Upsilon, Hornecfwiiiing Cvimmittt-e CU, Dads Day Committee flj 'I Honors Day fl, .., 313 University ol Illinois Scholarship Key RAI A-IIIND ll.-XRULD lNlI-.NIaIfEIc. . . . . .RI1 ENGINEICRING Civil Frzgfrzfnirzg Sigma Nu Chi Epsilon Miami L'IIiI'ersity ulnul INIAII Lox lil-1R'l'tlN M E RCI-' R ........ Clfizmj-Iiigrz FINE AND :Xl'l'Lll-1D Auvr- flluriir Mu Kappa Alpha, Concert Band tl, 3, -Hg lylenls Glee Club fl, 2, 3, -Hg I'rotlIIction Staff, UTlIC' Yellow Jacket," "Riddle hfle This" WII.L,4RD ARENIIIS lhfllfllll-T ....... . ENGINEERING Ceramic Ez1g1'r1I'I'rir1g Phi Sigma Kappa . ...'llI'lI'1r1 Alpha T:Iu Sigma, Theta Tau, American Ceramic Society, First Lieutenant, l'uiv Brigade Kemper Military Academy EI,IAA1II-'TII IDF!-' lXflFRRlAAI .... EIIUQ.-X'I'lIIY Engfirlf Kappa Alpha Theta Torch, Shi-Ai, Terraping The Daily fl, 25, I'IOl'l1CC0l1llI'lg Comniittee fllg Day Committee fl, 21, lklothers Day mittee fllg Orange :Intl Blue Featliersg Feathersg Y. W. C. A. Cahinet C33 DIARY EI.IzAI5E'rII lhl!4IlRII.I. .......,,. .-l LIBERAL AR'I's AND Stir-Nurs Pfycflulrlkgy Delta Gamma Lawrence College ...til ersity hugo Illini Dads Com- Gold lllllfa BI'R'I'IIN HARRIS TXIEYI-Ii ........... C'l1frI1ga LIBIERAI, .ARTS AND SCIIINCES 1'n.7ifiI'.Il SrfI'rII'v Zeta llc-ta Tau Fresliman Varsity Fencing Sllllilkli Iuterfra- teruity Council Q-lj Ihre" Xb: H-Ihnn Tlllf lI.lI0 Slflllllllls , 'I'IIoMAS AGATIND NIICAII .......... Cflirizgo LIRIRAI. .ARTS AND SCIENCES Pm'-I,afII Phi Kappa Epsilon Honors Day ffil Crane junior College XVII I I.-KAI SANIVI-I. IXIIIPIBI I-TON .... Gibran Cily NIIICRNAI HRK LYNIII .wif Effflnff.If Kappa Sigma Chit-f News litliloig The Daily Illini C-Hg The Daily Illini fl, 2, 314 Skull and Crescentg Caissun Cluhg Captain, L'IIix'crSity Brigade IiI,I-:ANoR JEAN IXIILLKF ............ Dirrziiffi' LIB!-Il.-XI .'XRTb AND SCI!-'NCES ffiifury Nfortar Bnartlg 'l'orClig Alpha Lamhtla Deltag First Council, XVUITIIIIIIS League f-ila Coltl Feathersg Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet ll, 3, -ll Honors Day fl, 23 CATIIRINI-1 FHINI4' MIPS ............ Ponffuu :XGRICl'l,'I'l'Rl-' Cwrlufull 1101115 Frriiloflzifs Alpha Gamina Delta Phi Cpsilon Omicrona Home Economics Club IILLI-,N JXIXII-'IIA MIIS ....... ..... I, Irlnzmr :XGRlk'LTI.'1'L'Rl-I Gcrzrrill Hnfm' Frozinnzirf Alpha Delta Pi Home Economics Clulwg The Daily Illini f2, 33g Illinois Agriculturist CQ, 355 The Siren f-Hg First Council, VVoinan'S League C4-Q5 U-Iltl FL'llIilL'l"S CI- VII. .xR'I'liL'R MII.I.I',R. . . . . . ...fllaron EDUCATIUN fffilnfy Southern Illinois State Normal Ciiiversity ETIIIEI. BIRII. IVIILLI-,R ..,....... fllunmi City I'iImL'CA'I'IuN Rjfllllgy Beta Sigma Omicron Ifiiiversity Orcliestra fi, -Hg Cniversity Chorus fri-I Southern Illinois State N1-1'm.Il Cniversity FRANK X71-RYUY fNlII.IFR ............ Cfiirago LIIIERAI, ARTS AND SCII- NCES Ilirlnry Sigma Clii Skull and Cresceiitg illllk' Illiog fl, 2,3 Con- tert Banil Q l J Puff .Yzfifly-fum' if I .SA-L. HARoI,D Bi-'N'roN IVIILLER ........... Chicago LIBI-iR,-XL .ARTS AND SCIENCES Sariufogy Alpha Chi Rho Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Interscholas- tic Circus Q53 Varsity Gym Squad QU JEANNE FRANCES lN'III.I.I-:R ,.,. ...... C hicago LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES P!'C-Al:'IiILiX Q ,Q Q St. Xavier's College NANNETTE LAURA MILLER ............ Cairo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bizrluriology Pi Beta Phi University of Arkansas x'IRGINI.-X BENNETT IXWIILLER ......... Danfuille LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Freizrfz Grays Harbor Junior College H i I, f---. VIRGINIA IRENE IVIILLIQR .......... Hillsboro A LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ,I Sparzixh Bethany Circle Q , .,,' ' Orchesis ffl, 333 Freshman Frolic Committee r i WENDP1I.L EARL BIIILLICR ......... Piper City , ENGINEERING Elvrlriral Engfrzuuzing 0 Eta Kappa Nug A. I. E. E. f 8 fi we I Blackburn College X 5 FRANK NIARION IVIIRARIONTI. . . . . .Herrin ENGINEERING Eferfririll Erzgffivvrirzg Pi 'I'au Pi Sigmag First Lieutenant, University Brigade Southern Illinois State Normal University LESLIE IJALI-Q NIITCIIEI. ........ .... fl Iuncie AGRICULTURE Gmzrnzl rigrirullure Agricultural Clubg Hoof and Horn Club UlllIVlfllSI'I lllllllfiflilll illllniv-six Rt5BERT VICTOR MITCHELL .... ...Oblong COMMERCE General Hzrrimxrs Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigmag Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Club, Concert Band C2, 3, 45 Honors Day C35 Eastern Illinois State Teachers College VERNETTE Emnriiri lVI1'I'Cli1iLL... . . .dlliiorz AGRICULTURE General Hofzle EC0ll0l1IfL'I Mortar Board, Torch, Home Economics Club, W. A. A., Mi-Hila Dance Committee C359 Independent Informal Committee C35, Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet C3, 45 ROBERT HUGus NIOAT5 ........ ...rllaynon AGRICLll,TL'RFI General flgrirnflure Farm House Alpha Zetag Phalanxg Caisson Club, Pershing Riflesg Officers' Ball Committee, Military Ball Committee, Lieutenant Colonel, Cnixer- sity Brigade Honors Day C2, 35 GRACE DE IXTLEY NIOFFIQTT. .. .... Oakfurif EDUCATIoN Hfrfory Bethany Circle EDWIN HENRY lNIoI-IILL ....... . ..t,'biri1g0 Coxmu-LRCI-1 Gc'Ilt'f!1l Burirzfxr Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Junior Prom Committee, Student Alumni Association C3, 45 Honors Day C15 CLEMENT STERLING lVlUK5T.-KD ....... Chiragu LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Erarzonzius Joliet junior Collegeg Crane Junior College, Central Y. M. C. A. College Joi-L Zi-3LLERs DIOLI. .............. C'hI1wpa1'grz joURx.-xLIsM .Yrfw and Eifilurfal Varsity Tennis Letter C2, 3, 45, Captain C35 HOR'IER ELDRIDGE MoN'rGoIuERY. . .Grewzvivfzi AGRICULTURE General Agriculture Editor, Illinois Agriculturistg Alpha Zetag In- dependent Council C3, 455 Agriculture Council C3, 453 First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day C15 .'xl.l'Rl'l7 Aeiiirii-s Moonr ........, l'urfu:'zllu if ' Ay jotruwarismr l ,yxvbfti mmf Illaffffllfrll gg 6 y Sigma Delta Chi, The Daily Illini Cl, 35 -W' L, l'ls'rur-it l"iIll:XliIVl'll Mooiar ........... 1'lfNflt'f liiwr ,xxn .xl'l'lll-Il Airi- ,llni'."i' Delta Cianima Mu Kappa Alpha, .Xrepo, lfine .Xrts Ball W0 Committee Cl, 3, 41. lfiue Arts Council C3, 4-59 Orange and Blue 1-leathers, Cold lfeath- ers, Cast, "The Mikado," "The Gondoliersvg Production Statl, "Tales of lIotlman"g VVom- en's Cllee Club Cl, 25, Cnixersity Chorus C25 Aww lloxxauo Rorarivr Nloour ..... ...qlnrnm 5 Cox11x1rReE C,'t'm'1.1f Hfnirzurr M 2 Alpha Chi Rho 'A North Central College -.s Lxaiax NlAl'KlCl' Nltuzkl-, ...... ...t,'flfI.1go l'lNr.INrrRING L't'1I1mfr I:'i1gim't'1'ir1g American Ceramic Society, 'l'au Nu 'l'aug Freshman Varsity NVrestling Squad, Indepen- dent Council C355 Men's Cllee Club Cl, 25, Captain, Cnixersity Brigade Manor- Iii MAB'-'1'II Mooni- ....... ll'l1i1l1'rIg!or1 LIBIRAI. :Xli'l'5 ANU SCIENCI-.5 Sorfufngy Homecoming Committee C355 Dads Day Com- mittee C355 VVoman's League Social Com- mittee MaclNIurray College lilCllAliD lioxrix Mooiti-, ...... ...l,.1 t,'f.Ingv Comm:-RCE C'f'v1i'fiIl Hznirltyrr Lyons Toxxnship junior College Drxox lJUl?hllTY Mooiuirav. .. ...Bvi't'1Jrrt' Conair RCE tfvrzrfrzl H1I.vir.u'fs C Delta Phi ' t i Scablvard and Bladeg Cavalry Otlieers' Club, ba The Illio Cl, 2, 35, luterfraternity Council -, " C3, 45, Y. Nl. C. .-X. Calairiet C-ll Nlii o Cal x is Nlortoxw. .. .... l'.1.x.fon ll: II.lIlll0IS Ctixlxll- Rt I- Cemvrzf Hniiririi Independent Council Cl, 35, Vice-President C-l-55 Student Senate C3, -l-5, Band of X, Pershing' Rifles, Accountancy Cluh, Inde- pendent Informal Committee C35, Chairman C455 Nli-llila Committee C353 Charity Ball Committeeg Illinois Lnion Board of Direc- tors 445, Y. Nl. C. .Y Cabinet C25, Nlajor, Unixersity Brigade I' ,I 5 XMI 'Illlf IllI0 SlflllIOIlS Rom RTA. JI NF NlURRIS. ......... , . .Decatur LIBERAL :ARTS AND SCIENCES Ilirfory Pi Beta Pl1i l.11111'Q xllllllilll l11Ix'erQ1tV lJ1-14111111 Sxrm- ll MoRT1II,AND. . . . . . . . . . . .. . ..,.... . . . . . . . . .. .... H.1vmzo11.f, I11II'. Lrrzruu JXRTQ AND SVIENCFS llixfory l71.111ct-H Sllll1'lt'l' School loux Luth NlUR'I'0N ....... .... C i'l1Imzf1z1igzz Coxrxtr RCP xl I'rr11n1l.zrlI'y Sigma Phi Sigma Acer ll, Day lllIll.lllCy Cluhg llolnt-Co1niI1g Committee lla l'il'L'Slllllflll Informal Committeeg Dads C4tll1l11lllL'C fllg Union llvlinstrel Show fllg lilllflll Stunt Show fllg Concert Band 1 v - - ll, 2, 5. 439 l111vt-1-s1tv 0rcl1estI'.1 fll R1 'ru ANN Nllielllill ................ I 117117111 I,IRrR.-11- .'XRTb AN11 SCI1- Nurs Ilorm' Erozfuwirf Rt-tl1.111y Circle ,Xlpl 1.1 Lrunhtla Dt-ltag Pl1i lfpsilon Omicrong LvIllNL'l'9ltj' Ol'Cllk'StI'H fl, 2, 33 llo11111'Q D.'1v fl, 33 XX ll I lKNl Rtsai-I I, Nloss .... ...Clzirllgo COMMI- RCI- Cz'lIr'l'xII Hn1l'111',1f l l1t't.1 Delta L l11 No1'tl1xwQtt'1'11 l'11iverQity l 111111 1 N V1 RN lhl0L'Y'l IUY .......... flllmzla l,lIXSlL'.-XI. FIWCATION li.1pp.1 Dt-lt:1 lla lllt' liftllltlllllffi Cluhg The Daily Illini C255 7 Soccur Manager' f-Hg Vl. A. A.g First Coun- cil, XVHI1lIllliF League CRM Orange and Blue l'it'.lllll'l'4L floltl l'iC.IflIt'I'Q liluv I A Xlalkllf NlIi1IxIrRT .... . . .slrloria lfnUCA'I'IoN flfsfory' hVK'4li'l'Il Illinois State 'liL'IlCllCI'S College XVII IIXTXI Ci.XRllUl,l. lh'lUfXllXlFliT. . . .. .flfforfa .Xr.RIC1'I 'l'l'RE CI'7It'I1I! xlgrirnlllzrrf fXlpl1.1 'l'.1u Alphag Agritultural Clubg Illinois L' ' C D .Xl'l'lt'IIlllll'lSl l Paw Ilmfty-rlr 'Q ol 1. 'il , 'il f Z P' 3 2, fag .M fllllal in . k ,..w,-N 1 'nf fwaf' ' 4 'V A uu- Q2 3 .A ' 'f R 417 ng z El 4 .5 JZ 1 ' Q. 4 "A. V :V lflv '55 l -Q ug.: A X 'IR Q-E :iii 1. SAL. XVAYA VIEDA AIUNSON ........... Stefuanlson joURNAI.IsIvI News arm' Eifilorial Phi Alpha Chig Le Cerclc Francais XVILLI.-llVI BRUCE MUNSON ............ Savoy LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES HI.v1nry1 Honors Day C13 Illinois College Nl.-XRSHALL TliEtlDORE MUNZ. Jllilcciarzleee, Wir. FINE AND AI'I'I.IED ARTS f11'chih'l'f1H'e Acacia CVRALDINE lVlARIE lhrlURl'HY... ..... Chimgo JOURNAI.Ibhl IVUCEJ llllrf Elfiforitzl Pl1i Omega Pi Gregorian Literary Societyg Le Cercle Fran- caisg The Daily Illini fl, 225 Pan-Hellenic Council C-H5 First Council, Woman's League C45 RuBERT IVIURPHY .......,..... Lacc'rf'm'evilIe COIIIMERCR Grmvizl Huxizzfss Pi Kappa Alpha Tu-Masg Band of X3 Caisson Club5 Home- coming Committee 12, D3 Dads Day Com- mittee fl, 335 Interfraternity Council Q3, -Hg First Lieutenant, University Brigade IQURI-'RT BURNS NIUSGRAYE ....... Ilulronfuille AGRICULTURE GFIIEIYZZ Agrifnllure Alpha Zetag Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Clubg Agricultural Education Clubg Field and Furrow Club Honors Day llLTBERT l"lAMB1ILL MX'P1liS ........... Homer ENGINEERING Agficnltzzral E71gf71PEfi7lg .IUNE MYERS ............... . . .Danville EDUCATION Lalin Alpha Gamma Delta DePauw University lIlllIWIfllSI1' ill: I NZ MERLE WENTXVORTH MX'ERS ........ Roxeville COMMERCE Foreign Commerre Alpha Chi Rho Beta Gamma Sigmag Phi Eta Sigmag Editor, The Dads Illini Honors Day fl, 2, 313 University of Illinois Scholarship Key ADELE PAULINE MYLASHUS ........ La Salle LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES Lalin La Salle-Peru Junior College HARRY KOLB NAGEL .......... Paducah, Ky. ENGINEERING fWm'hmziral Erzginffrizzg Zeta Psi Scabbard and Bladeg A. S. M. E.3 Coast Artillery Clubg Oiiicers' Ball Committeeg Mili- tary Ball Committee-5 Lieutenant Colonel, Uni- versity Brigadeg Military Council HOWARD JAMES N.iGI,E .......... lVillow Hill ENGINEERING Ele'4'lrit'1zl Erigirzfrrirzg Pi Tau Pi Sigmag Pershing Riflesg A. I. E. E.3 First Lieutenant, University Brigadeg Sec- ond Regimental Band fl, 23 BENNY NAURICII ............. , ...... Circro LIBI-:RAL ARTs ANII SCIENCES Pre-Law Sigma Pi Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad Q, 37 FERN BERNICE NPil.SL5N ............. Urbana LIBERAL .ARTS .AND SCIENCES Speech Sigma Delta Phig Delta Sigma Rhog Cast, "The Little Clay Cart," 'KNO More Frontierug Won1en's Varsity Debate Team GR.KCE MARIAN NELsoN ..... . . .Chimgo EDUCATIUN Geneml Srierzre Delta Delta Delta North Park junior College OSCAR NELSON .............,.... Springfield FINE AND API-LIED ARTS flrcllileflunzl Engineering Bradley Polytechnic Institute i lllIllllf'l'lflflll 'l-IIIIHTY-SIX 'K Feliz S64 Q!! PHI' if '95, t... .7 I ' N We 1 gfst. We 5' .I I .I ' . Q .Q . NU' .' , 'S A I I in V f I.l.Illl0lS OSL'.KR OlNIiIl. Nwsuw, ............ Clfimgn LIIIIRAI. AR'I's ,aww Stnxws f.'fli'v1ifflYx' A. I. C. E. .'hl'l1lOlll' lnstitiutc llulil-ZR'I' CARI IfToN NIfI.SoN. . ..... ..OI1lc Park JOURNAI Isxi Newt ami F.lifnri.1l Gamma Theta Phi' uninr Prnni Committee 7 E D Indepcritlviit C'ounCil f-ll DI.-X'l'lI.-Xl ENE DURIITIII' Nifrurrv. . . .Chamjuzigrx .louRNAI,IsM Nvf4'v ami Fiiiluriul 'lihc Daily Illini fllg Pmtluctioil Stall, "The Nlatl llrvllf-'Yi' Uillllif firvlIIl0liz'!'S'l RI xI'uRn NIWCIAIB, JR. . . . . . . .. . .lirluma ENr.I NI I RING Cvfmuic Frzgirzrurirzg ill1lllI2lllilXXliQ faissmi Clubg Arepog l'icx'rnts, Scabbartl and llladcg .'XlllL'l'lClIll Ccrainic So cictyg Vice-Presitieiit, Illinois Union Q-llg The C ln I 'liCClll'l0gI'IlPll l3, -l-lg I'IIlglIlL'L'l'll1g' Council 4 v lmiepelideiit tlUllIlCll C-, 3, 43, lI't'sitlc'nt f3J, Senior Ball Cnminittet-5 Suplioniorc Cfvtillion cz? 4,Y Cummitteeg llmnecoiniiig Cumniittce , Dads Day Conimittce UM Chairman, St Patls Ball Committee 1455 Mi-Hila Dance Committee Q-l-lg Illinois Union Board of Di 'r rectors C423 Student Alumni Association I. C J, Captain, Unixersity Brigatlcg Cast "Gold in H y N1 thc Hills," "Hit tht- Deck, "No, No Iivttt-'l 4 LoRI'T'I'A EI I1AEI'I'II NI2x'I.uN. . . . . . . Gillespie EIIIILATIIN Ilirfnry Beta Phi Alpha . , . l,.lIl-IICIICIIIC Luuncil f-H Blackburn College l.I,nNARD KAIIIN NITZ. . . . .. ...E-:'Im.rlon CuwIxII'Rt'I Ilnirirlriill ,'l.I'u1i11ifl1i1linfl Alpha Kappa Lambda l5I'cslIn1aII Varsity 'l'rack Squatlg Varsity Rifle 'l its Bri Team fl, .., 3, -Hg Captain, l.vlllX'CI'S. U' gatle KIIIIIN lIRuwI'I'cz NURQI' ...... . . .Clfirngo ENQINI I RING Iii-z'fl Friginrrrizlg Dnlphins5 Mu-San SI'I,x'I.a NI.-NRI!-' NoR'I'IIN .... ...Riz'ur Glove liiwtixrifw Frlgliffz XNVIDIIICINS Clce Club KIM Cast, "Of 'I'ht'c I Singl' Nrirthn estern lfnix vrsity Para ,Yinavx I 1' Tllli Ill.I0 SlflllI0ll'S ROSE CLARE OlCONNOR ..... ...Calumrl Cify W. A. A.q First Council, Woman'S League A Ball State 'I't-.icliers College .- A V IiDUCATIoN Phyxituzl Etfzzcafion Q-lflg Secontl Council, XVUIDQIIINS League Q-lj RUssEI,L TURNER ODELL. . . . .. . ..Pinri1 AGRICULTURE Gnzvnzl :lgrftzzllurr Alpha Zeta Shurtleff College CH.-KRLFS XIINCI-QNT OlHERN, -IR. ...... Paoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Prr-Law Beta Theta Pi lVIa-Wan-Dag Sachcmq Phi Eta Sigmag Senior Intramural lVl:magc-rg Dolphinsg Men's Varsity Debate Team C439 Second Regimental Bantl fl, 23 Honors Day fl, 25 EVAN Iiucarxit OLIVISTE.-XD ......... Rockford ENGINI-I-'RING Railcuzy Elvrtrfral Engirzfcrirzg Pi Tau Pi Sigmag Sigma Taug Sigma Epsilong A. I. E .E.5 Captain, University Brigade CUNRAD ALBIN OLSIIN. .. .... Chimgo CoIvIaIERc'I Cfvzrrlzl l1'n,rir1t5: Beta Sigma Psi Accountancy Cluhg Intc'rfI'.Iternity Council 1455 Production Statli, "AnIaco', North Park junior College WIl.LARD SIDNEY OININ .... .... Il Iiuoolca L'lllX1RlFRCli Cuwmvrrt' I1:1.l' Law Alpha Kappa Lamhtla Y. M. C. A. QiillIlIlL'l C-Hg AccouIItancy Cluhg Men's Glue Cluh fl, 2, 33, President DlPRX!'IN IZUND O'NE,-II, ..... .. ..... Rfmfoul LIHFRAII ,ARTS AND SCII-,NCI-'s CJt'0gl'llf7!1X' IVIARGARFT BAIRD ....... Champaign LIIIERAI, :ARTS AND SCI!-'NCES .hifi t'z' ffl Sigma Delta Phig Mask anti Bauhleg Pro- duction Stalf, lL.'xIIlIlCl1,H "The Gondoliersf' "The Little Clay Cart" Pafgf Ninwty-riglll UIUIWIEIISI it RETA BOND OlNEAL ............ Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology RKIBERT MCDANIEL ORR ......... Springfield LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Erovzomici' Alpha Sigma Phi Springfield Junior College XVERN HELLYER ORUIN1 ........... . .Carthage AGRICULTURE General Agriculture FARNUM C-. OSTER ........... .. .... Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Philosophy Bradley Polytechnic Institute HELEN OsTERI3UR ............... Ridgeoille LIBERAL .ALRTS AND SCIENCES Ifomc Euoizomifs Torchi Home Economics Club3 Atlantag Achaeag The Daily Illini QIJ5 Mi-Hila Dance Committee U15 First Council, Woman'S League f2, 3, 435 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Q3, 42 Honors Day flj ALBERT STANLEY OSTRANDER. .. .... Chicago CUIXIRIERCE General Bfl5l7ZL'.YI Accountancy Cluhg Interscholastic Circus flj GroRt.I-3 CHARLES OSNVALD ....... Spfingjield JOURNALISIXI Spftlzll 67111, Cwfififlll Delta Chi Sigma Delta Chi EVA LUCILE ONVEN ............. Blue Ixland JOURNALISIXI lidzwrtixizzg amz' Publishing Theta Sigma Phig The Daily Illini 13, Thornton Junior College 'IY I l V I tg a Z s L . LOWELL VERNON OZlX4ENT ........ HI1rri,vlmrg CUTWIVIERCE Gmzrnzl Buriness Pi Kappa Alpha First Vice-President, Illinois Uniong Omega Beta Pig Band of X5 MII Pi Sigmas Co- Chairman, Dads Day Committee C3Ja Co- Chairman, Homecoming Committee C-l-J 5 I DURWARD JOAQUIN PADDOCIQ. .. .... Damirz I .AGRICULTURE I General flgrirlrflurr g Alpha Zetag Agricultural Cluhg Hoot and Q Horn Clubg Dairy Club I Honors Day C32 l C PETRU PoMI-Er PANA .... Bnrharexl, Rozmamzia L AGRIeULTURE : Cerzvml xlgrifnlinre l I i I I ROBERT MlI.l.ER PANZER... ...Cum e I COMMERCE I Crrlrrfil Bmirzttfr ' Accountancy Clubg Men's Clee Club Cl, 2, KJ l I l I HENRY WELLINGS PARIQE... .... Gfmuz CuIxIMEReE General Bnrizzass Alpha Chi Rho Accountancy Clubg Freshman Varsity Basket- ball Squad3 Varsity Soccer Squad C3, -H CATHERINE COLEEN IDARKS. ..,.... Bellfloczw AGl4Ik'L'I.TLlRE General Hovza Economics Home Economics Cluhg Irisg Homecoming Committee C255 First Council, VVoman's League C215 junior Council, WIHHIIIIIYS League SAMUEL IQLUSLIAN PARKS ............ Joliet LIBERAL ARTS ANU Sen NCES Pft'-flIt'IffI'5 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Omega Beta Pi5 Mask and Baublea Cast, "Mad Hopes," "Amaco," "The Little Clay Cart,'l "Riddle Nle 'l'lIis"g Protltiction Statl, "Whistling in the Darling Union Minstrel Show CD5 Men's Glee Club C3, -U Joliet Junior College RALPH BFRN.-KRD PARLIIQR ..... .... I J f'.'. :mr AGRICULTURE Gerzcml Agrfculizzrf: Agricultural Cluhg Dairy Products Judging Team C4D llllllllffl-lflflll 'IIIIIHTY-SIX gi, sk - T 9 I fafgl LOUISE Nl.-KY llA'I'I-IAKI ...... ....-lnronz lCnUCATIuN Engfisfz Alpha Chi Omega V x0 Star Course CZ, 31, Associate Manager C413 Y-,-f Shi-Aig 'l'lIe lllio Cllg Clultl Feathersg Y. T 'K W, C. A. Ciihim-t C39 D.-KYID l'IAl,IIXNl1l I. IXWITIDN ......... t,'lf1'c.1gn LIIIIJRAI, .ARTS AND Scnxtrr I PSI 9, Stal' Course Nlnnager C-HQ Star Course CZ, avg-j-' U5 Stutlent Senate C-Hg Skull .lllti Crescent 'H Em AXUR XVIRUI NIA l'A'I'1 xmx .... Huckley liImL'eATIoN Erzglfrfz BlLIClil7lIl'll College af'- 3 wr, v V pf i fi 13:1 :XUIIRL liII1xBr"I'II P.-XXVIJLKI. ..'lIanI'r1fu, fllich. .eXGRIeL'I.TeRIa Cwzvrlll flume EFUIZIJIIZIL Cl'.lIlkl Rapids Alllllitvl' College GI-IIRGI, l'iR,-XNCIS PAWI Iva ..., . , .Danciillu LIBERAL :XRT5 ANU SeIINcEs Zrmlngy Phalanxg Cavalry Oilicers' Cluha Cast, "Good Nexxsn , . 3- vm 'E , O I i'I.-KRRII-.'l'I'E lhlleR'I'l-N PI-I-I. .......... Chicago LIBERAL .ARTS lawn SUI-:vers FVVYII fl Pi Beta PlIi Smith College EI,IlABr'rII Jon xxvfx PIE INTxIfR. .,..Qjv.1rl.1rId EDUCATIIIY Hi,v!0ry' 3 Alpha Xi Delta Bradley Polytechnic Institute cilfllllfil-f Rureawn lllflliflf ....... EIlu.1fJ.wr'll: ENGINIIIR RlNG Efwfffrtzl fl7lgf7Iz'z'lIiVlg ll: Ill.llll0IS Pig. .Yzrxsfv SA-L, 'l-llf II.lIll SlflllIllllS 1 ,pw ' i Iyllllll' .XIILN l,kILLkR.. ......... lllryccoo. FINE AND :xl'l'I.IFI! .ARTS .'ll'I'llfIr't'fll7'4ll FrIg.5m'I'f'i11g .x. s. L. I,. -za. x qi lil-RMIT lxlPI.YlN PENNINc,ToN. ..Bll7IA'r'f Hill Com M E li CE lrzflzlxffflzl flflfulzlixlmlinfz ' ',, . i "L.-Ja 4, 'vas- 15" 1 ' Phil'il'l1i A get if. A Phalanx, Cavalry Officers' Club, Chi Epsilon, i Pershing Rifles, Accountanfy Clubs 'l'ln- Illio fl, .UQ IlllL'l'fl'.llt'l'Illty Council ' , 4 if DIARY IoTA PFI'l'rKlllNF ........... ffhiturgn JW. - tl LIBICRAI. ARTS ANI: SCIENCIS lfnlimy , Linnean Botany Society, VV. A. A., XVIIIIIZIICS , Ritlc 'I'f:.Im C-l-Q J Q NllI'lllNXL'SlL'l'1l lvlllXl'I'Sllj' A . ' , XVIKGINI.-K DoRIs PIf'RKINs ......... Oak Park FINE AND .'AI'l'I.lI-'D :ARTS lllmir Alpha Omicron Pi 1. First Council, VVoman's League Q-lj, Cast, "Tales of HoflnIan"g XVIil11L'Il'S Cleo Club my HH ,Q .- lumixcrsitx' of Nlinnt 1.1 4 ' RU'I'lI ANN PIRIEI-' ..... ......... R orlcfofil H, IAGRICULTURE Ct'm'1'IIl Ilowf El'll7l017l c Bethany Circle lllackhurn College R1lliP'R'I' xl.-XXINIIII.-XY PIERIMAN ...... C'hfI'.1go LIRERAI. ARTs ANII SCII-ZNCPS CM'f11lvlf'y lvIllNCl'5lll' of lllichigan I as f' -13: , f 'V fe g of-' K. l f'iIfoRf.I' XVII PS PPRVII-.R. .. .... 1'fz'.n1vron , . 'V HmICA'rIoN 3 A S ,ST lifxlnly U 1 I V- 'lou Kappa Epsilon - Q- 0 ,Q Scabharil anti Blade, Coast Artlllcry Club, 4, ' 'f lfrt-shvnznn Varsity xVI't'Slllllg S-Iuadg Nlilitary -- 'J Rall Committee, Ofhccrs' Ball Committee, ln- V I ygts l1'I'lI.llL'l'IllU' Countil f-ll, Liciitcnailt Colonel, I ,l v!-. . V .V ' l'IIiII'1'siII llI'ig.I.lI'I fNlI'n's Ulm' Club 123 f mit . '. CII IIN l'Ill I-IRICR ill' I I- In ...Paflc Rillgr' fm, J, Coxmii- RCI- "0" 5 Hlzrfkirzg null I"ir1.m 'l'.Iu Kappa lfpsilon .lg ni' Phalanx, Accountancy Club, C.Ix':1lry Officers' 5 ' Club, First Lit'III4'n:IIII, l'niu'I'sity llI'lg':ltlc' Pura Ona Ilwrolr nl STUART PAUL PETERSON .......... Cnlesburg JOURNALISZVI .-lrlrfrlisirzg ami' Publishing 'I'au Kappa Epsilon Sigma Delta Chi, Pi Sigma Phi, Phalanx, Caisson Club, Captain, University Brigade Knox College FIORINIC ICI.INoR Pl-ZTRI ...... .... B elleville EDUC.-xTIoN Englixh Alpha Omicron Pi Mortar Board, Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, Woman's Editor, The Illio, Shi-Ai, Gamma Alpha Chi, Sophomore Cotillion Committeeg Freshman Frolic Committee, Homecoming Committee fl, Zjg Dads Day Committee fl, 29, Mothers Day Committee fl, ZH, Y. W. C. A. Doll Show Committee fl, 2,5 Pan- Hellenic Council KZ, 325 Orange and Blue Feathers, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet GM Cast, Hfiuutl News," "Hit the Deck", Junior Prom Queen Honors Day fl, 3J IJAYID LLHNVELLYN PETTlCiRENK'...Ptlfk Ridge LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES SP:'1't'h Sigma Phi Epsilon Student Senate Q4-D5 Mask and Baubleg Pier- rotsg Chairman, Board of Directors, The Illini Theater Guild Q-I-J, Freshman Varsity Swimming Squadg Interfraternity Council QQ Honors Day flj IRENE ADELE Pl-ITZ .............. La Salle LIBERAL :ARTS AND SCIENCES Clfcmixlry RI- Y.-K'I'A Louise PEEIL ...... Chicago Height: EDUCATION Englixh Sigma Delta Phi, Delta Sigma Rhog Varsity Debate Team C3, 45 'Ill10l'I1lOI1 Junior College DrllI.IFR Sl.t!CL'lN1 PELAQER ......... Efurzruion ENGINEERING Cir-il Ellglwzfrrirlg Delta Phi A. S. C. E., Centaur, Tribe of Illini, Fresh- man Varsity Soccer Squad, Varsity Soccer Letter CZ, 3, -H, Captain C4-J, Varsity Golf Squad Q31 BETTI-L PIIARES .............. .... I ,e Roy EDLICATIIIN English Pi Beta Phi Knox College VVILLIAAI ANIIRI-iw PHILLIPS. . .Empire, lllich. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Blackburn College lllIWlflHSII' F A I , SJ' lllIlllliililflll I JAIMES DONALD PIERCE ........... Efanxron LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES 1 Pre-flledics Alpha Kappa Lambda Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Varsity Track Squad ffl, 31 LC., 0 fslflvif ' If Li 9siQK'IQ?g..i..f" l 1 BEATRICE JANE PIERSON. . . ....... . .lfcmfut LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Erzglixh Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Delta , R. lik sf- oaf? 7-R' .N M 13 S, 4' Honors Day fl, 2, 355 University of Illinois Scholarship Key amy KJ .Iii 'K I IIA vi . ROBERT EDXV.-KRD PILCIHII-:R. ,.......... Joliet LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics A I Theta chi 'Q g The Illio KZ, S WILLIAM CIOL.-KN' PINSLEI' .......... Chirago .Im I COINIMERCE C0w1uzf'rt'u and Law X Phi Epsilon Pi V 1 Pierrotsg Accountancy Cluhg NII Beta Epsilong ' The IIIIO fly - Honors Day C25 g 1 J' V iii ROBERT CAIIIIIBELL PITNI-:Y. . . . . .Urlmntz I J,--iq ,Q 5, if . ENGINEERING -R 4 D V- Elvtlriczzl EIIgiI1t'F!'fllg I A Theta Xi ' Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nu 'ati rf 4, 5' Honors Day C31 . ' Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute i WILLIAIVI CLARENCE PITTAIAN ..... Shelbyville ENGINEERING Ceramic Engimneiriug Keramosg First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade MELX'IN JEROME PITZELE ........... Chirago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law The Daily Illini fljg Independent Council fl, 3,9 Second Regimental Band fl, 25 ROBERT IRVING PITZELE ............ Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law Tau Epsilon Phi Interfraternity Council C4-J lll: Il.I.Illl 'A-T I Gu. 'V A inf' ui I 1' .A tiff'-I A fe-is I 5' X . ,R Vf'1h ' S M- . F' ii 1 . I S I-IIIIYIY Lll.1.Rl-'NCI' RIIIIIRI' PI INRINII LQUXIKI If RCI Imluffrilzl .I.lu1ir1 III: lfllfl lleta Clznnina Signing Varsity lmithlll KZJQ l"iI'USllI1lIll1 Varsity NVl't'StlIIlg N 7 sity WVrestling Stlllllkl fflg Varsltx SI C-H3 NI.ljtJl', L'nixt-rsity llI'ig.IIlI '1 lInnnrs Day fl, -, U5 fn Selmlzllsliip Key ixt llinf ERNIST CIIARI Is PI In IINVIA ClifXlX1I-lll'I- ' I Crrlwrirl Hn vim I Sigma Chi Northxxesteril I'IIixI'I'Sity CI lI'l'llRIl .-XI's'I'IN PI LKIXIPR I I I LIB!-.RAl. .ARTS AND C17I'rr1iI'IIf Fngiu Delta Alpha Epsilon .-X. I. C. 15.5 The Siren f-H St II Nt l'l'llH Lyons VlxlIXXIISl1lP ,Innior Collt PIRRI' IIASRI-'I,I. llI.l'KlXIl-R, VIR Rauf oft! LIBERAL ,ARTS AND Pr,--Inzft' SIIINLIS Phi Eta Sigmag Phi Beta Klltl II Sigma PlIi llonors Day fl, 2, 339 LllllXLI ItI I SclInl:II'SlIip Key lj.-XLII.. Ll-.NYIS Illllllkfli. . . . .. .AGR ICU I,'l'L' R I-1 CJt'l1t'l'II! flgfitllllflll Phi Eta Signing Alpha Zeta Honors Day fl, 2, 353 LIIIINLIS llllno Scholarship Key HELEN J.-XXIII' IIUYIVPR .... liImUCA'I'InN .'lI.1MI'n.II1tiI Pi Mu Epsilnng l'nix'ursity X CI Illinois State Normal LIIIINQ 11051-KT IJAYID ljU0l,E . . . .. CUNIRII-'Ilk'ii G'I'uI'f'I1l ffnrlm' Delta L'psilIIII Scahhard and Blatlt-5 liantl of Y Sk Crescent g Can .lll'f' Otlicers' Rirlesg Polo .'X'4iuKlllIlUIl5 l'ltNl1 'l'1'.Ick Squatlg Varsity 'lll'IlCli Stllll Day CIIINITIIIIUL' fllg Militai' Otliccrs' Ball L'InnIIIitteeg Int V eil C-Hg l,ieuten4Int C:-lmwl, LllIXk gadeg Nlilitary Ll1'llI1fll ,. . 7 p lIIImIAS lu loI'I4 ......... IJ lfNr.IxI1IRINc. l.'1'I'if 1t'I1g1'r1t'I'1'fr lllIL'l'SCllHl.IiIlC QIIKIIS fl, Zig X S L I, First llt'glll1CHI2ll liantl tl, .il P:,g'f7 H I 10 CII LII Tlllf II.lI0 SIEIUIDIHS FRI-DIIRICK -IAZXIES PURT, JR. ,....... Kincaid LIBERAL .ARTS AND Sc1rxcEs Chvmirrll Ellgi7It't'fi?1g Zeta Psi Phi Lambda Upsilona Phi Eta Sigma, Skull and Crescent, A. I. C. E., Interfraternity Council C35 Honors Day Cl, 2, 35, lfnixersity of Illinois Scholarship Key EDGAR AI'f.UST PosT ,........... O1I!.zrio1'iile ENGIYI-'I-'RING Ei f'i' Iritili Erzgirlvfring Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Tau Pi Sigma, A. I. E. E., Alpha Phi Omega, Oflicers' Ball Committee, Military Ball Committee, Lieutenant Colonel, Uni- versity Brigade, lNIilit.iry Council Honors Day Cl, 2, 3, University of Illinois Scholarship Key VVII,I.IAIu GroRr,I-3 PoTS'rocIc ....,.... Chiiuzgn LIHFRAI. .ARTS AYD Servxers Hoimzy Tau Kappa Epsilon lnterfraternity Council C35, First Lieutenant, University Brigade Central Y. NI. C. A. College ARN0l.D .lAc'on PoTTrIr,I-,R .......... .'iIII'0l1 LIBERAL ARTS AND S511-iyqgg Pri'-ffmrmlfirw Alpha Chi Rho The Daily Illini Cl, 2. 35 ELEANUR Sot'IfIfR.-,IN PoTTER. .. .... Clfiraga EDL'CATIoN Soriuingy Alpha Gamma Delta Earlham College RL'5SE1.L ELDRIDf.I-' IYUTTINGHR ......... Peru LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES C'ht'n1irl1'y 'I'au Kappa Epsilon Coe College HEXRY XVILLI.-RRI Po'r'rS ..... ...G'nm1z'iila EDUC.-KTIUN ffiflora' Greenville College, Lincoln College Doxoxxax EARL PR.-IIT ........... C'h.w1p.'zigr1 I.IIirRAI, .ARTS AND SCIENCES English Honors Day C15 Pup: flnw llfmtlr. I1 Tivo I Us-'Kip' Nl s,.. , . 3 , U - , 5 NJ K r 'F-'R I V . 1 5 9 an . 'V , . he T7 6 e fi yurf. ,Jn X109 Nal- sxi A 41 Xu , . I IE .nh EDNA NIAE PRATT .............. Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Honors Day C2, 35 CHALNKER MORGAN PRICE ......... Kewanee LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Theta Chi Cavalry Oflicers' Club, Freshman Varsity Bas- ketball Squad, Varsity Basketball Squad C2, 35, Varsity Baseball Squad C2, 35, Second Lieu- tenant, University Brigade NI.-KRY ANN PRICE ................. Broclon LIBERAL :ARTS AND SCIENCES Engiirh Pi Beta PlIi Mortar Board, Torch, President, W. A. A., Student Senate C45, Alpha Sigma Nu, The Illio C25, Dads Day Committee C35, Gold Feathers FRANCES BLAIR PRIDE .,......... Springfield JQURNALISM IVQIWI ami Eiiilorirzi Gamma Phi Beta Gamma Alpha Chi, Shi-Ai, The Illio CZ, 35, The Daily Illini Cl5, W. A. A., Homecoming Committee Cl, 25, Dads Day Committee Cl, 25, Mothers Day Committee C25, Pan- Hellenic Council C-l-5, Orange and Blue Feath- ers, Cold Feathers, Y. W. C. A. Doll Show Committee C25 R.iLI'H BLAINE PRIESTLEY ........... Chicago FINE AND APPLIED .ARTS .'1rhitc'rIure Alpha Rho Chi Armour Institute -lax' ROBERT PRILLAAIAN .......... Rorsville JOURNALISM IVHUI' ami Etiiforirll Kappa Delta Rho Sigma Delta Chi, Scabbard and Blade, Cavalry Ofhcersl Club, Sophomore Track Manager, Junior Prom Committee, Dads Day Committee, Sophomore Informal Committee, Military Ball Committee, Officers' Ball Committee, Inter- fraternity Council C3, 45, Journalism Coun- cil C35, Captain, University Brigade, Military Council ARLEEN PRITCHARD. . . ....... . . .Chirago EDUCATIQN Erlgiirh Crane Junior College HARRY PI.-XNLEX' PRITIRIN ..... ...Chicago EDUCATION Phyrical Eduralion Sigma Delta Psi, A. P. E. H., Freshman Var- sity Basketball Squad, Varsity Basketball Squad C3, 45, Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, Varsity Track Squad C4-5, Mi-Hila Dance Com- mittee University of VVisconsin UIUIWEIHSI TY ' llllllllfflilflll 'l'llIllI'Y-SIX A , GEORGE POND PROCTOR . . . . . . . . . .Lewistown LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES xfVlLl.I.-UW DIQLIXIAR IQAIJD.-X'l'Z.. .,... f.'0iI'I1go ENKIINPI-IKINK' flII'r!mI1it'aI lfw7lAQf?It't'lli71g Sigma NII P",'L"w Coast Artillery Cluh, Varsity Football Squad Q-art, UQ, Freshman Varsity Track Squsulg Varsity Track Squad 12, 3, 4-Q, First l.ieutenaIIt, Uni- versity Brigade 4' LOUISE IREYE PRoCToR ...... .... C hiraga BIN FRIII-BE RAII.sI:AcIc ........... Ilofmlale EDUCATION LIBERAL ARTs ANII St-Iigwers Af! Phffornpfly Delta Delta Delta Pi Delta Phi, Homecoming Committee QU, Mothers Day Committee C255 Co-Chairman, Dads Day Committee Q4-J, Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil Q4-J, First Council, Woman,s League Q3, 4-Q, Junior Council, Woman's League, Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet UD Honors Day CID CHARLES URI PROUT ............ Harrisburg ENGINEERING Civil Ifrzgirzeurirzg Phi Sigma Kappa Tau Nu Tau, A. S. C. E., Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad, Varsity Wrestling Squad CZ, 3, 41, Captain, University Brigade CAREY LEE PRUITT ........... .... C hicago ENGINEERING lllining Engineering Mineral Industries Society, Tau Nu Tau, First Lieutenant, University Brigade Armour Institute GRACE LUCILLE PUTNAM .... . . .Gtzlesburg EDUCATION General Hofzzt' EL'0IZ0lIlItY Phi Omega Pi Home Economics Club Western Illinois State Teachers College ROBERT LIARXVOOD QU.-KYLE ...... River Forest LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Alpha Delta Phi President, Interfraternity Council, Student Senate 141, Tu-Mas, Skull and Crescent, Sophomore Baseball Manager, Freshman Var- sity Tennis Squad, Chairman, Senior Invita- tions Committee JESSE JOSEPH QUROLLO, JR..IrIIieprrIIie:II-r, Ala. ENGINEERING EIf'flrfc11l Engfvmerfrzg Eta Kappa Nu, A. I. E. E. Kansas City Junior College 1, Cv ' ,T gn-on A as-.' pt A :J 3 'Q' HX 5 N.'b1:f?:!. Phi Gamma Delta Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Phi Eta Sigma, Editor- in-Chief, TlIe Illio, Student Senate Q-I-D, Skull .Ind Crescent, I'iI'l'SiIl1I2lIl lirolic Committee, Chairman, Dance Superxision Committee QU, Y. M. C. A. Board of Directors U, 43 Honors Day fl, 2, BJ, University of Illinois Scholarship Key NI.-RRY HELEN R.-'tlb'I'RIL'l'C .... ftrzlzrslorwz, N. Y. LIUlXlIX1I-IIQCH Igtlllkjllg amz' I"i1IIIr1I'e Phi Chi Theta, Accountancy Cluh, The Il- lin University of Rochester JIIIEIN CLARK RALI-:IGII ........ .... C hicago ENGINPFRIYG Ci-Dil Efzgizzwrirzg .-X. S. C. E., Pi Sigma Phi Lewis Institute FLOYD ROBERT RAMBACII ........ Tfzylorrille LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCI-'s 1'syt'llofngy Sigma Alpha Mu Cast, 'tGold in the Hillsl' LILLIAN RUTII R.AIx1I1NoIfsIcI' ....... 1,11 Salle LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Hllflflinlugy Women's Clee Cluh fl, 37 La Salle-Peru junior College RL'vSEI.I. MARTIN RAMP ........... AiVt"IL'Il11I71 ENJGINFFRING .'lgl'fI'!4IfI1fIIl Frzgirz I'I' ring Jxgfiflllfllflli Engineering Cluh ICATHRYN THOlNIl'5tlN RABY. .PhilaIlclphia, Pa. Q' DLIRKWTIIX' lvl.-'ARIE RAND.RI.l. ..,... ...Profil LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES I I I LIHERAI. .ARTS AND Sen-.Nurs fllrllheuzaffcs I I F'i""l'l' Alpha Phi X 3 !I"Q! 4 CU 0111053 t Homecoming Committee fl, 21, Dads Day Q, I The Illio ills DNS DUB' C"'11llHfff0 illi Committee QZJ, Charity B311 Committee C253 ., fi' WG Q, junior Informal ComIIIitteL'3 Y' XV- C- A- Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers A ' 5 Cahinet QD, I,l'UtlLlCllUll Statf, "'l'he Gondo- ,I 'tj "" liers", Union Minstrel Shox, QSJ, Homecom- ' I ing Stunt Show Q3, -H Page Om' H'IrI.fI ul Thrre Tlllf IlI.I0 Slflllllllls XVII 1 IANI jonw Raxm 1-S ......... llvtlffllllilll .-Xc.1c1e1'1 'l4l'Rl-' ' ,. A l,'1'11w1.zf :lgffl'nll1n'1' 4 -Q ' r Sigma l'l1i lipsilwn ' "' . Alpha 'l'.111 .-Xlpliag .'Xj1I'lKl1lllll'.ll Cluhg A ri- ' ' g , 4 CUllllI'.ll lid11c.1ti1111 Cluhq Illinois Agriful- Q Q turiet 1-11 x - W 4 lll.1clth111'11 College f ' m x W + v 1 ' ' T IA Kal ll Xl 1-1 Y Nix 1 R.1x11o1,1'11. .... . .fffzirago l'11w1t'11 li11L'CaT1oN P. li. Nlajois Cluh, YV. A. A. Q , f . . ' . .W Do1ur1'111' l,L'L'll I,l-1 R.-xv-5. . . . . . . .f11i'lc1011L'1He - , . .-XrsR1eLf1,TL1R1e I ff1'1I1'r'i1.7 Ifnrm' l:'.f11m11,-I.-1 'I .' llli11oi4 College VJ Q 5 , v ' A I2 , .f'7f,.1 --12551, ,ig In . Iwi 1'111x1- I.111'1a1' RAs111'fa1 Y. , . . ..Ez'1111.1!o1z I.111114,111 .-XRTS Avi: Seri-Nurs P11't'hr:lng1' Kappa Kappa 111111111111 'I'111m as Pau. IlA'l'AY. . . . . . . . . . .Chicago Com 11 1-' 11 L' 1-3 C1'u1'nIf 1:'111f1l1'.1r I ..i"' Pi Sigma Phi, .-Xccrxtiiitaiicy Cluh, S31-mafia X De Paul lvlllXL'l'illj' H1 x1111-'11'1 1 R11-111x11 Ru 'rrxz-11146. . . . . . . .......................I'f9il.11fi'lphi11,Pa. C11x1x111:t'1 1"f11'vfg11 f,'u11,'H11'l1 'L'- K1- xv- 1 ll Ili-1,t'11 R XNX'IlNS0N..I'iUl1f Cify, Pa. l'i111't'A'I'111N 1'01'1i111.' Ffflrrillfufz Delta 'l'lIL'l.l lipxilrnig l"1't-5111111111 Varsity 'I1l'.IClC - y - f - . Slllltlllg lar-1ty lratk S11u.111 121 1 . ,lrrnixx XXIIIIXXI R1 111 ..... ..,C'f1.'ri1go A1111 1:x.11 ini .l1l1'1'f!f1!f1-g .mf l'nf1f1'1fW1lg Sigma Phi Sigma Nl.l'XV.Ill-lJ.l, Stutleimt St'11.1tm' 1-111, Scahhartl and lllade, .xll1lI.l Delta Sigma, Alpha Tau Sllllll-IQ l,l'l'SllllllQ llitleu ililll' Daily lllini 12, -N , . I , 311 Illlt'IAlI'.llt'llllll' Couiicil ll, -H, lNI11j0r, llllttl 1t1 lillLILlt IN11rt11 l,,1l'lx A111111-11' tnllegi- 1211, fa.. 111.,1111,.1 M11- ,, -, , sw pi I , .- 1 5 -1 Q P- ' tele L . T,L 5, 'mfs - A 1"- hgw9LeS1l. 'USL-2 ?" '27 UIIIIVEIISI - all Brnxici-3 E1.1zaBE'ru REAVY ........ Ln Salle EDUCATION Couzmcrcial Subfecls Sigma Kappa Accountancy Cluhq Senior Informal Commit- tee, Pan-Hellenic Council f-ll La Salle-Peru Jlllllfrl' Cullegeg University of Chicago Uuawx Are'rHUR R1-im-,B.-1L'c,1-1 ........... B1m':z LIBERAL .ARTS AND SUENCES Pre-Iam' Theta Delta Chi ,ll-bbl-I Parr. REED ................. Zllalloon L1B1a1zA1. ARTS AND SCIENCES English Der Deutsche Verein, Delta Sigma Rhog Var- sity Debate Team Cl, 33 Eastern Illinois State Teachers College jonx P1111.11- REEDY ............ Springfield Coxrmmics flcrunrzlmzry Accountancy Club Springfield Junior College IVIARGARET JOSEPHINE Rumi-t .............. Joreph, Mich. EDUC,-'KTION xpi-1-1-h Delta Delta Delta 'li1ll'Cll5 Gamma Alpha Chi, Mask and Baubleg The Illia fl, 2, 315 l"lOl1lCCl1l11lI'lg Stunt Show Committee lhljg Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet f3Dg -IUlll'I11!llSl'Il Council f-ll, P1'11ductim1 Manager, XAv70TD1Il1iS League 1-1-lg Productioii Stall, "I Pagliaccif' "Hit the Deck," "Beyond the ll111'izo11." "You Never Can Telll, Dari' V1e'1'111t Ill-PTI-.R. .......... .. .Urbana Linriui. .ARTS AND Skll1NL'FS lQ'ht-wixrry Aiuvxs L11,1,1Ax R121,x'1:s.. ...... . . . Vizmialia Puvsrc,-xr. Epuc.-1T1oN llflortar Board, Torch, President, Woman's Group System, Vice-President, Woman's League, Student Senate 13, 4-jg The Daily Illini CU, W. A. A., Numerals 121, Major I UD, I"I0ll1ECl1l'l1ll1g C1,11nn1ittee CU, Mothers Day Con1n1ittee Q15 Dads Day Committee 1.21, Chai1'n1an, Independent Informal QD, Mi-Hila C315 Executive Council, W. G. S. Q-ll, First Council, Womz1n's League Q3, 415 Junior Council, XVOITIZUIIS League, Orange and Blue Feathers, Cold Feathers, Second Coun- cil, Won1an's League 121, Dance Supervision Cm11n1ittee Q-lj ISLLBI-'RT Rrilcniu.-1NN ......... . . .l'ViI1nclte Excixmiuxs Civil EI1gfI1t'l'l'f7lg Cl1i Psi Theta Tau, Captain, Uiiiversity Brigade -IY I: I L lllIllllfTlflflll fllIlliY-SIX EDXVIN WRIGllT Rl-ZID. . . . . . . . . ..ChI1mpIzign I I XVII I I,-XM lII-RRY IAPYAXKA, ... ..,.C'!I1'mgo CInIxII.Rc'Ii CYUIIUIIII Hffulirzwi CIIIIIMERCE ' 5 3 iv Bazzkirzg ami Ffuinlrs RORERT CHARLES REINIQE ........... Cfzfuugo LIBERAI. AIKTS AND SClEXL'l-LS Pl?-1ll'IL'IffI'5 Delta Chi MARY Louisa REISNFR. . . . . . . .... . . .lVI1rrcfI LIBERAL ,ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Phi Arepog Procluctiun Staff, "'l'lIu ClY1llkllIllCl'5,,, "Whistling in the Dark", Cast, 'KGFCCII Crow the Lilacs", L'IIivcI'sity Clwrus Cl, 2, 3, CH5 Delta Sigma I.Jll11lMl.l llltL'l'll'1llCl'Illlj' CI-uiicil ll, -lj, Atcomiiilaiicv Club .fXI.lL'Ii C.-xRuI.x'N RIM-i .............. l'o1u111I1c LIIIIRAI. .ARTS Axn Sc-II-xti-5 f flume liliullnznfm gf' I 5 Illpha L:IInhIl.I Dulta, Phi Llllillull OllllCl'fJll " llonurs Daw ill if f ' wg:-H I E .'XR'I'IIL'R LIIII1 RIII ......... . . .lVilwr1re 1 xi Sj1e'I'I'f1 WOU16fl,S Clue Club fl, 22 I . CEIIRGE WILl.I.iRI REMsrN. .. ...... Rwkfrnii LIBERAI. .ARTS AND SCIILNQES Sprvtvl Phi Kappa Sigma CIIxIxIIIIc'Is Irzilzztflllill .lII'mif1fIfr.zlfznI Delta Upsilun Skull antl L'I'cQccIIt, 'l'u-Nlasg 'l'lIc Illio fl, Ill, Dads Daly L'uIIIInittcc CZJ, Y. M. C. A. f.ll7ll1L'f itll CIIARLIAS DIAY lllL'F ............... Tffnwliz LII-IIRAI. ARTE Axn SQII-'xuiis Pffffffixzf .VI'iI'r1I'H ot 'l'.III Kappa lipsilon Phalanx, Alpha Tau Sigmag II1lL'I'l:l'lll1L'l'llllj' Eureka College Council Q-l-D, Captain, L'nix'c'I'sity Brig.ulc MARIE ELIZARIJIII Ruxz. ..,....... Cffinrgo fm L- CHRRAII RILF -----.- ----.. l TVN!-1f1.'I',fiI'l.! LIBERAL ARTS AND Sclvxcus v ff Ac.RIcuI.'I'L'RIt P,IyI'h0fUgy y 6417147171 Hrfffn' L'.f1f1W1'II The Illio ffl, Homccoining Cumrnitcc czli 46 'Q-. n PI llctzi Phi Dads Day Cmnmittee QQ, 3lg Gold Feathers, 6. it HHIDC ECUIlHl1llCF Cluh Social Committee, WOl1l3ll'5 League Ula ,... g , Lffmlwfll Ulllvgv Homecoming Stunt Show Q53 Union Minstrel . Show QZD, Cast, HGuoIl Nloriiing, Dczirit-," "Hit the Deck" ADRIAN llltli.-XRD RI-:I'EI.I. .......... Chicizgo ' u l'il,IlAHl-T11 ,Xxx Iliipupfiib ,,.,.,,,,, l',!1,m,, LIB!-IRAI, .ARTS AND Scligxcifs X. V X 5 I:,y,.- Av, -.x,.,.,,H, AR.,-5 Sf""V!f N i ull xllnfft' Phi Kappa Sigma my ig - III Iam l'l1i Mask and Bauhlcg Arcpua PicI'I'uts, Cllif, .' NVumI-n's Ulu- Clulw QI, +I "Good Morning, DI-uric," "Hit thu Deck," , "No, No, NHllL'ftC,7, Wflic Little Clay Cart", . ff Q' 'Union lNfllIlQll'L'l Shun' fllg L'IIiun Stunt W A Y-1, Show I-l-J . X 5, .2111 Loyola Ul1lX'Cl'Sllj', Nm'tlIxxcstc1'II L'nixcI'sity 1 ,' ' Q 2','f JOHN ROBERT 121-IYNUIDS ........... I,oml1.IrIl 'F' Luls XVII III-I NIIXI- RIIIII-I II.xI'I'II .... GfI1ffm.f JUURNAIISAI 1Yv':c'.I mmf Eififoriul .- Student Senate QD, Gannnn 'I'lIct.I Phig Mi- Hila Dance Committee, Iiidc-pcmlcxit Council 13. 47 3'- C-- 'F v ROBER'I' BI-LAQIN REi'xoI.Ds. . . . . . . .Tiikifcm ENGINEFRING Civil Erzgizzvwirzg A. S. C. E. Illinois YVcslcyzIn University lI.Illl l'.IrI'cA'I'IIm CorlI'lI,'I'rI.'.1f Nrifljitmli 1 llI':IIllI-y llulytt-cliiiic Illqlllllt' U' 'Q' RI 'I ll 11KlNI,-X lillf xII NSYIIIFR. . ..,Mf11:f1I1.11I.f: Lk A It ull , rl IJIIX lXll'llIL'l'll Illin li Statv 'I'I'.IclII-rs C'-Illvgc SRF -4:4 G I , In V ln' lln.: .1 liz" Tlllf Illlll SlflllIOIlS IYIARJURIE FI,I7ABPTII RINE ..... Villa Crowe FINP AND .APPLIED ARTS Illmic Bethany Circle Phi Bctag Criiyersity Chorus Cl, 213 Uni- versity Orchestra C3, -Us IVomen's Clee Club C35 INIALRITZ EMANUE1 RINGQCIST ,...... fllolinr ENGINI-'l-'RING fllf'rf1IIr1f.u1l EIlgf7Ir't'fl'Ilg A. S. M. EJ Tribe uf Illini, Freshman Var- sity Football Squatlg Varsity Football Squad CZ, 35: Varsity lrack Letter C33 JOSEPH LANX'RliNCIi RISIIY ......,.... Cllirizgn PI-IYSICAL EDIICATIUN Dolphins, Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad, Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, Varsity Baseball Squad CZ, 45g Varsity Suimming Squad C4-J ORDIE AMEIIA Roni-'RTS ...,........ C'f1fI'.1gn PIIs'sIc'AL EIYCLLATIUY Alpha Kappa Alpha W. A. A., Numerals CDI Major I C355 Vol- leyball Manager C-H OSCAR DAVIS RIIBERTS ,....... .. .Hrzrzwy IiDt'CA'rIoN Zoology Kappa Delta Rho Thornton junior College EUGENE CORIFY RIIBI-'RTsoN ,........ Cffzragn ENGINE!-'RING fllinirzg E11gi11I'I'1'1'11g Tau Beta Pi, Vice-President, Senior Classg Nlask and Bauble, lvllllC'l'lll Industries Society, The Illio CID, Engineering Council CU, Cap- tain, University Brigade Honors Day Cl, 2, 33, Cnixersity uf Illinois Scholarship Key 'FH0lVIAb IDUNALD RoIeIRTSoN ..... lVir1uI'!mgn LIBPRAI. ARTS AND SCIFNCI-S Clfvrzliftry Alpha Chi Sigma Nlranr NIURRISIIN RUBINSIIN...I,az1ixz'fllr, Ky. I:INF AND EXPPLIED .ARTS fI1'L'hfI!'CfI1fZ l'.IgI' flu Hifhli ul hx 'f. 'Cc-FX r Q ' Y ,A ff' X Q i , , f I, ' is if e 79 , ,, ff I .wafgffi-I ' I I A 1 ia 5' xv N' 5 S- 3 5- 1 ' 'E'-1' UIUIWEIHSI , . :LI .SAIL ELSIE VIOLA ROBISON ............... lllorlon AGRICULTURE Gmzvrizl Home Economic: Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home Economics Club, Illinois Agricultur- ist CZ, 35 Honors Day Cl, 25 FLORENCE EDITH Roi-IRER .......... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pryrhology The Illio CEI, Dads Day Committee CZ, 3,5 Homecoming Committee CD, Charity Ball Committee C235 First Council, Woman's' League C339 junior Council, Woman's Leagueg Gold Feathers, Co-Chairman, Social Com- mittee, Woman's League C359 Union Stunt Show CZJ, Union Minstrel Show C215 Cast, "Hit the Deck", Production Staff, "Good Morning, Dearie" Northwestern University '7 FREDERICK WILL.ARD Roos ....... Forest Park COMMERCE General Bzzrffzesr Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Kappa Psi, Accountancy Club, Sopho- more Intramural Manager, Freshman Varsity Football Squad, Interscholastic Circus C3, 4,5 Interfraternity Council Cell FLIIRENCE LORRAINE ROPER ....... Champaign EDUCATION Illafbcmiztifx Accountancy Club, Women's Glee Club Cl, 3, 45 Honors Day RENATO IoNACIo ROSIALDO-HERNIANDEZ. . . . . .... ............MexiI'o Cily, Mexico LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spmzish Cosmopolitan Club Sigma Delta Pi, Le Cercle Francaisg Spanish Club Morton Junior College DOUGLAS EUGENE ROSEBROOK ...... Oak Park FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Painting Pi Kappa Phi Illustrators, The Illio C115 Interfraternity Council C395 Star Course C29 ISABELLE SARA ROSEN .............. Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS llflurir Sigma Alpha Iota, Arepog Cast, "I Pag1iacci," "The Mikadof' "Tales of Hoffman," 'KThe Gondoliersvg Women's Glee Club C31 Crane Junior College HENRY' CLAY ROSSMAN, JR. ......... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Law junior Prom Committee, Sophomore Cotillion Committee, Freshman Frolic Committee, Homecoming Committee Cfljg Freshman In- formal Committee, Chairman, Sophomore In- formal Committee, Independent Informal Com- mitee CU, Men's Clee Club Cl, 2, 3, 41, Manager C-H, University Chorus C3, 4-lg In- dependent Council Cl, 2, 3, 415 Cast "Hit the Deck," "The Mikado," "Tales of Hoff- man", First Regimental Band Cl, 23 Honors Day C11 fY ' s,"7-9 lllIllllf'l'lflflll TIIIIITY-SIX SCOTT FRANK RosT ....... .... .... C A it-ago I l COINIRIERCE ff. Ccrifml I?u,vinc.v.f ta Delta Sigma Lambda I 3 , GRACE ANGLINE ROTHWALL ...... Zllf. Prrltzrki EDUCATION , Englixh E Alpha Omicron Pi Q i I 3 HOXVARD ROX'ELST,XD ............... . . .Elgin LIBERAL :ARTS AND SCIENCES Efigliih I Le Cercle Francais Q3, 4-D3 Men's Glee Club Q cs, 45 Honors Day fly 1. :I FLORENCE LEON,-'I Rozm ........ . . .Chiraga U. .. l .AGRICULTURE ' , ' X General Home Economic: ' ,, 1 Home Economics Clubg Executive Council, W. 29 l ' 7 V G. S. C455 Cast, "I Pagliaccif' "The Mikado," Q ,Q , A 5 "Tales of HoHman" I - r I ' N' If I 4 I "JJ "Na: l h ' ' i l LEON CHARLES RUEIN ....... ...Gilman ' COIVINIERCE :1ccozmt.f1m'y Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day UD INIARY ELIZABETH RUCRER ......... I-lrgannz LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES flame Economicf Phi Upsilon Omicrong Presbyterian Halli First Council, Woman's League Honors Day CZJ .s ,X PEGGY RUDDY.... . ........ ....Aurom LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCH-'NCFS Chvzziixlfy Aurora College 5 S' BETTY JANE RUDY ........... .... . 'llanoon AGRICULTURE General figflifllllllft' Alpha Phi Illinois Agriculturist Cl, 2, 31, Business Man- ager C4-Q3 Agricultural Clubg Ag Dance Com- mittee Ulg Summer Prom Committee f4jg Orange and Blue Feathers If Illllllllls liaIILY JOSEIIIIINE .ISDH ........... Effingbrzm LIBERAL AR'I's AND Scnxeis Gvograjilzy Delta Delta Delta Stephens Collegeg Eastern Illinois State 'Ilt'ZlCllCl'S College JUNIOR MQXVIIINNEY RL:-r,faIR ..... lliglflaml QlUfX1NIFlLL'E Infnrrzfzre Alpha Sigma l'lIi lnterfraternity Council Q-lj CJYID GEURGE RUIIMANN ........,. ls't'llI'wIle LIBFRAL .ARTS AND ScIExeIs l.'lfI'u11'mzl Erzgirz I'i' ring Alpha Kappa I'i A. I. C. Ii.g Freshman Varsity XVrestling Squad ROBERT STEVI-ixs RL'5lBlI FR. .. ...Clziungo CLDNIHIP RCE Gvrzfrrli Hrrfillufr Phi Kappa Sigma lVIa-NVIII1-Dag Sachemg Senior Baseball Man- agerg Skull and Crescenti Band of X5 The Illio Qllg I-'reshman Varsity Swimming Squadg Homecoming Committee Qljg Interfraternity Council Q-H IJAYID BENTON RVNNI-iI LS ...... Griffey, Colo. FINE AND AIIIILIED IXRTS fI1'rl1flI'IsfzzrIzl Erzgirzfcrizzg Phi Gamma Delta Scarabg Pershing Ritlcsg A. I. C. Ii.5 Sopho- more Cheerleader EDWARD ISVI-:RI-'TT 1lUTHliR. . . ....S1IIlHIf0ll CLIRIMERCE Gfrzunzl I5'1z5irII'.v.v IIELEN Cl-,L' RLI'I'Iib'liFLlllD .... .. .Gimnl EIJCC.-KTION llfrlory Blackburn College SYLYIA CILADINE RUTZ ....... ...IJ r'I'. :fur AGRICIIITL RE Gvfzvnzl flnwxr' Itiinrmvsirf Phi Upsilrin OI11lCI'lll1Q Home licniwiiiits Club Honors Day QU Ing. mf 1lr...1. 11 .Q ia., Q . 'Illlf Il.I.Ill SIZIIIIIIIR , R.-xI.I'1I .ARNOLD lll'l'lI. ,..... ...Cflfmgu Co:xIaIrRc'I-1 CI'm'r.1f Hlw1'v1f'.f.f Pi Kappa Phi Scahhartl antl lllatlcg Lfxiswxi Cluhg Varsity Polo Squad UIQ IIItci'fI'.iturIIily Council K-Hg Majfvr, Lniixcrxity llrigatlvg Nlililary Council Cranc junior K'ullc.uv. Cvntrnl Y. Nl. C. A. Collc-gc AGXIU fNlxkc.xlu-'I' RIAY ..,... M. Idlftli, lla. LIIIIIMI. ,'Xlc'I'f 'IND Scii-Nui-5 .Yfliffffrfgy Alpha Xi Delta Xxlllilllllgfllll I'IIixc1'sity DLJRQJTIIX' NI.-RBI' I. RYAN. ..... . . . C.'f1.11z.-fv.11'gn liDI'c'A'I'Iux Ilnmf' Frnnnnxft Phi Epsilon Omici-on AL'IDI4P Y .Xlxrl I- F SAI Iwf. , . . .. ...... Clzitnzgo LIHI-IMI. Awis Avi, Scirxcis Smfufngy Phi Sigma Sigma Junior Prom Cuiiiiiiittt-ug fjlllllgk' :Intl Blue Fcatlicrsg Uultl l7c'.ItlIt-Iwg Cut, "Hit thc Deck" ML kan I. Dax ID SANDI-'ks ,....... . . . .Dixon I,IIsIkAI. AII'I'5 AND Sci:-.Nurs l1'11g!f'.v,l1 Honors Day fll SAI,x'A'ruIIr SAN'I'lll4H ....... ll'.Ilwflmfy, Conn. 1iDL'cA'I'Iow Sfhlllfill Sigma Dc-lta Pig Spanish Cluhi Junior In- formal Curnriiittcc. IIIIlc-pciitlciit Council Q-Hg Cast, 'H-XuIacu," "Ol 'I'hcc I Singvg Union Miiixtrcl Slum' C45 Iii lll Vx I"iS'l'lll-ll SAIIMII-If .... ...Ulfiuizgu I'lIlL'k'.'1.'I'IuN f.-'ungfilpfly INIIIIIAAI klrawi-'r'rr S.xxAr.I'. . . . . . . . . . .L-'1lv.In.1 LII!! neu. Aiviw AND Sclrxcrg l'l1j.luiujvby llarnina Phi Bula Phi llcta Kappa. LvlllXl'l'NlIj' Oixllm-Qtr.: fl, 2, 3, -ll lloiiurs Day fl, 2, 333 Ifriixuiwity of Illinois Sclmlaiwhip Key Pay. Une Iluf1.frf.l Fi-iff!! Q A e. nl.. DIARY LoL'IsI-3 SAYLER ,.......... Springfield EDUCATION Biology Le Cc-rcle Francaisg The Daily Illini fljg The Sircn Q45 Rumzicr Ill-1ID Sc'AIIIt ....... ...Springfield QIOININIERLAI-1 ,'IIL'0lHIldIlIj' Delta Upsilun Scabbard and Blatleg Caisson Cluhg Accountancy Clubg The Daily Illini fl, Zjg Captain, Uni- versity Brigade XVARIKI-'Y :lI.BliR'I' SCHAPI-QR. . . . . .Clirzfan CoIvIMI:Rc'Is Gezifzaf BllSIi!1t'JJ Phi Ganuna Delta Illinois Wesleyan L'IIix'c'rsity -I' 'IAN' RL'IfI-Nun SCIII-'xcic .,.......... Geneva LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES C!It'1IliXff3' ,. . , , 'Q 'Q 7 r ,Qu Freshman Varsity Frack Squad " Honors Day QZJ 1' . ' I if Q Ira, LI-:Ii Rox' SCHILTZ...................f1urora LIBERAL ARTS AND SCII-:NCES , Cht'IIII.Vffj' Phi lVIu Alpha ff V 1,4 ' Q CARI, l"IzFIIIvRIc'Ic SCIIAIIUT...A'c1IIJ11J Cily, 1910. CDMMI-inca Imlnxtrial .-Iifuziuiflrnfion Sigma Phi Epsilon Mask and Baubleg Production Staff, "Yellow jacket," "Beyond thc Horizonvg Mc-n's C-lee Club fill Kansas City Junior College RIUIARD ALBERT SCIINI-iIDI-:R ...... Kankakee LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pn'-Law Varsity Fencing Squzitl 13, 45 St. Viator Collc-gc Q- .N 4 sag -sr... af. DDNALD Il.-XYXIUND SCHNIEDER ...... Kankakee Coixiiviunca Barzfciug and Flillllllfi' Theta Chi Sigma Iota Epsilong Accountancy Clubg Sopho- A more Track Manager UIUIWIZIH If i I S . N? l . IIDHOINIAS FRANCIS Senor:-5. .. ...Springfield ENGIYI-Ql'.RlNG Civil E1Igi11vI'1'ing Triangle Chi Epsilong Mu-Sang A. S. C. E.g The Technograph C455 St. Pat's Ball Committee CD3 Charity Ball Committee C215 Interfra- ternity Council C-l-jg Illinois Union Board of Directors f4lg Engineering Council Q4-Q5 In- terscholastic Circus Q2, 3, 4j Springfield junior College KENNETH CII.-xRI.Es SeIIRAL"r. . . . . . .Hillxboro LIBERAL ARTS AND SCII',NCES flIafht'1m1liI'5 Pi Mu Epsilong Production Statf, Hflreen Crow the Lilacs" Honors Day fl, QD ERNEST EDXVARD ScIIRoIJ'r .... . . ..'lI1. Carmel COMB'IIiRL'li Gmlfral H11,ri111'f.r Accountancy Clubg Second Regimental Band fl 37 Southern Illinois State Normal University ALBERT EUGENE ScHL'I:ER'r.KI1u.m.v Ciry, Ala. LIBERAL ARTS AND SeIENCI's Cheazzfrirl I'fr1gfrzvI'rir1g Triangle Omega Chi Epsilon Kansas City Junior College KENNETH .IAINIES ScHL'EssI.I'R ...... Hvllevillf LIBERAL .ARTS Axo Sc-Irxel-s Pm'-Iain' Theta Xi Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Business Manager, The Illioq Interfraternity Council C-H LUCILE Koen Senna-'ssI.I-,R.. . .... Chicago ErwUeATIoN Hixlory Delta Delta Delta The Daily Illini fl, 235 Dads Day Commit- tee C255 Pan-Hellenic Council U39 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Rox' Josrrn Seuurfrz ...... ...Colfizzxfdllr CYURINIFRCH Gurlvluzi Bllfilltflf Accountancy Cluhg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad St. Louis Cniversity ANNA IVIARIE ScIIU1.'I':fIf ............. Chirizgu LIBERAI. :XRTS AND SL'll'1NL'ES Sf71'n't'h Y. YV. C. A. Cahinet f-U3 VVomen's Clee Cluh Cl, 2, 3, -H lllIllllfflflflll fllIIlTY-SIX 4, 'Q "".,:" R fi Q' .. 4, J, 2 In T A ,WI J, Q!" gr ,391 3 If Il.lIlll0IS cilR'l'kl'lPI-. ,lxxr Sem Xlrll ...... l,.I flrafigc I..IHl-'RAL .'Xl4'I': ANI: Stir-xeis PWI'fl1ilnyX' Alpha Delta Pi Lyons 'Iiounship .Iunior College XVILI I.-XXI Stun An, plat .... ...... I ffm' .llufuili IiIxL't'A'I'Iox Hlifllllgy Alpha Phi Omt-gag 'l'he Daily Illini fljg I'II't'F-lllllilll Varsity 'lirack Squad Iona State College CIIRIs'I'INI. 'loom SLIIXX.-XRTZ ........... Julie! I,HXrlt'XI. 1iDLlCA'l'ItlN Sigma Kappa Alpha Sigma Nlli 'I'eI'raping Life Saving Corpsg VV. A. A. Joliet junior College llARoII1 .XI MRI Sk'IlXYAli'I'Z. . .. ...l.urIgz'ie'w IiNf,IxI.rRING I. v1'I1v11I'5 IlllZll.lllYQ Captain, Cnixersity Brigade -IAAII-s IJUYAID SCLVICI ...... ...lluline Coxixxiitcr lzzifnflzfizl .lIfwir1fxlf.1!iuI1 Delta 'I'au Delta Augustana College Rom-RT NIARsuAI.I. SCOTT ......... Roxszvllz IIHYSIIQAL IinL'eA'I'IoN Dolphinsg Freshman Varsity Foothall Squadg Varsity Foothall Squad QZQ3 Freshman Var- sity 'Ilrack Squadg Varsity VVrestling Squad U13 Varsity Swimming Squad Q-Hg Mt-n's tllee Cluh fl, XJ NIARY .IosII'IIINI. Seox'IlI .... ........ I zlmrm LIBPRAI, :ARTS AND St lrxci-s IIN flft' f1iIlH1rnl.','I',f ci.lI1lI1l.l Phi llc-ta Phi Cpsilon Oniicrong 'llhe Daily Illini fl, Kia First Council, XVUITLIIIYS League KIM .lu- nior Council, NVom.1n's Leagues tloltl lfeathers XVartl-lielniont School Cilll I I-'l"I'r ,XIII-l I, Seul IA' ..... .... I l.Ir:w'y ,'XcaRIeuITIfRE Civfllflilf Ilomt' ltifnrzooi T Phi Cpsilon Cinicron lhornton .llllllul Kollege Pig' Un. ll-.oiv-i Vina Tlllf II.lI0 Slfllllillls Iumxm BPNJANIIN S1-AR foiiff l lxippa Il ll Epsilong -HRX l Sr 1.11 bmlon nxt: :tx v 4- Women S Glcc XRI S c al iirugo Pink Doll Cluh Pun.: r am it N dueiox Sriuacu Chimp liilill N c ix: PX Sl-IIHVXIRIDGF 'llxllonu 1 lc and f ills L umun"g l I o NIYIL 'Am- nd fl, tri fl 7 I -Us -Kltlll-X X 3 lil Zi! or ff.. z,i ff Q Y I A 5 . 'ii am i J Q'- 4 uw' l xx 0 F I E xi' " X XX '3 , UIUIWEIISI .nit EVERETTE EDGAR SENTMAN ..... . ..Cl1icago .IOURNALISM Nexus ami Editorial Sigma Delta Chig Phi Mu Alphag Arepog The Daily Illini C2, 3,9 Independent Council QJ5 Cast, "Patience of Penzance," "I Pagliaccif' "The Mikadong Production Staff, Wliales of I"Iolfman"5 Men's Glen Club QZJ Drake University 'lui-' Iloxxiaan Sruxmyicu ..... .... P eoria Cum M I-iRc'r1 Cvrrvrtzl H14.fir1i',U Phalanxg Cavalry Officers' Cluh5 Major, Uni- xersity Brigade C1,.-Nucl-i LERUY SHABINLH ..... . . .Wilmeite Comaniiwrz sl cron nramy Theta Xi Phi Kappa Phig Beta Gamma Sigmag Beta Alpha Psig Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, 2, 3,5 University uf Illinois Scholarship Key Armour Institute GR.ACPI IIOLDEN SHANKS. . . . . . . . ..Chf1u1pnigu L1Bt-:RAL Arvrs AND Scif-'xcrs HUVIIL' Ecnnofflfcx XAXILLIAINI JOHN SuANNoN ............. Jolzet LIBERAL Aivrs .-mo Suri-'wcrs I:flE'7HiXf!'y Joliet Junior College Roma juris Suaiuci-.x' ........... Kmzkakee Amcicuinuiug Gunvrizl Agrirullzife Sigma Pi Curio SuAw ............... ...Pilfxfelfi AcR1cL'1.TL'1aE Gmzvml .lgrirulmrr Sigma Chi Eureka College lfrulsi-Q lVIolzGAN SHAXV .............. Peoria I'nYslc.AL limfcAT1oN Sigma Kappa Alpha Sigma Nug P. E. Majors' Cluhg W. A. A. Illinois Wesleyan University fY Ill: I IIIIIUEI-lflflll I-IIIIHTY SIX I HELEN SHAVV ............... St. Louis, Ella. FINE ANI: APPLIED ARTS Painting Mask and Baubleg Cast, "The Yellow Jacket," "The Adding Machine"g Production Stall, "You Never Can Tell," "Amaco" Harris College KATHRX'N JANE SHANV ...... .... L lrbamz EDUCATION English Alcestisg W. A. A.g Numerals C315 Major I K4-jg Executive Council, W. G. S. CZDQ First Council, Woman'S League Ulg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers MARGARET SCHIIVIIVIEL SH.-UV ....... Pitlsfvliz' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Delta Delta Delta Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Deltaq The Daily Illini fllg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Honors Day Cl, 2, 3lg University of Illinois Scholarship Key BLANCHE LUCILLE SHEESLEY ..... lw'afring1orz EDUCATION flow: Economitiv Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home Economics Club Northern Illinois State Teachers College ROBERT PHILIP SHIIXIMIN, JR. ....... Urban.: ENGINEERING Mfchanit'al E7lgf7lI't'fi7Ig Delta Chi A. S. M. E. University of Arizona SARAH ELIZABETH SHINN .......... fllalloou LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Delta Delta Delta Gregorian Literary Societyg Cold Feathers EDNA BRADBURY SIIovE ............. U1-lmfm LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englixb WILLIAM SAMUEL SILBEREERG ...... Chirngn FINE AND AI-IILIED ARTS Arfhilccture Phi Beta Delta Men's Glee Club fllg Cast, l'The Mikado," "Tales of I-Ioffmanng Union Minstrel Show CZJ Crane junior College l.I.IlllllI MABk.L ECNICI: SILKXVUUD. Llnfsroplz r EDUCATION Erzyllffl Alpha Gamma Delta Southern Illinois State 'Init 'll IS Le.:I,Ir SII,x'I-RAIAN ......,. ffm ISNGIYIAIAIAINK fllrrfmvlft .If lfnglr ll Ig Phi Epsilon I'hi Tau Beta Pig Pi Tau Sigma IIII au, Mu Epsilong Scimitarg A. S 'NI M.g FFCSIIIIIIIII Varsity Cro S Lountrx Sluad Freshman Varsity Fencing, S n L IIS Fencing Squad fl, 3, -ll Honors Day ff., Ilg L'nixtISIti 1 Illini Scholarship Key EDXVARD GIIRIIUN SIAIIINS.. liNf.INrrRIxc Lfrvf hllglflfellll Phi Epsilon Pi hflu-bang A. S. C. I'i.3 III llllllll XII Itx Football Squad FRANK ALIJRI-'Im SIxII'SoN. ,. fi In fazgn CLIAIAIIQRL I- Comzlzwrc mmf I 1 I Phi Delta Theta IiA'I'lil-RIN? SITII-Sox ,.... I 1 r ll IH lim tA'I'IoN lnzlirz clllllllilll Phi III-ta Kappa Delta Pi Limluiixxootl O-llcgit' hVlLLI.-XIII lNlcIIwRA'rII SI xii 1 fe IiNr.INIIARINc Crurlrzl Fugfu 1 5 Alpha Chi Rho A. S. C. Eg Fl'CSIll1l-lll Vars Sllllhi Freshman Varsity Tracl: Silu XX rc t ling Squad ill LIIIIRAI. ,ARTS AN Phi Kappa Q IplIoIIniI'e LIIICUI' Lt-.itler versity FRANK joux Sl'llBl-llhl-li. lf Il K PII'-I..1fu 'Q NfJl'lIlNKL'Slk'l'11 l'IIixt-I'Sity St Xu nr H ISIII-'Y LLICIIII SRIIINIAN I Iwi .'hGRlk'L'l TI' ffI'11I'r.1f llouzt' L num Kappa Kappa ciilllllllll I.iIItleIIxImvtl College Pig illli IllI0 SIZIUIQIIHS .ala DIARY XVIxIIIRIIw SRINNER... ...pfirzrelon ii ICIILW.-I'I'IIN H1 I II.-xRoI.D WINSTIIN SBIITH . . . . . . . . .Urbana . V P. B U N. S tXGRICUI.TURE I C I ll Kappa Dt-lta Pig Nlaik antl Ilaulwlcg Illuitra- tnrsg Sketch Clulu L'.IQt, "Child in thc Hills," "I l'agliacci"g l'rI1tlI1ctiIm Stall, "'l'lIt' ,Xtltling INl.ItlIiIIL'," "'lilIL' Niall Ilvipcaf' "Gmini NIHVII- ing, IJL'Ill'IL'H IIIIIIIIIN Day til -I.-XIXIFS CIIARII4 SKORCZ ..., .... I QIIIITIXIZ liwr,IvI-IIIINII lfil :'.' final Ifillgilfl f'4' ring SC.ll5l'l.ll'Ll and lllatle, Pi 'Ihlll Pi Sigmag Syn' twng A. I. Ii. IC.g '1'lit- 'I'cclInIvgI'aplI fl, -Hg Captain, Varsity Pistul 'l'vam I-Hg Chairman, Military Ball l'4vInI1Iittct'g OlTIfL'l'Si Ball Com- Inittcug Llt'lIlL'Il.l!ll Culuiicl, l'niycrsity Bri- gatlcg lNIilitaI'y Cfiuncil :XXXL SLIFKA.. ...... ...Hvrzt-yn .-XGRICVI 'I'l'Rl-Q Gc'l1r'l41I Iluvxf' FI nnurzz v Murtiirl -IIIIIIIII' College RICII.-IRD LIIRIMI SI,n'I"I'I'R ..,......,. Pvnrlz LIBERAL IXRTH Asn SCIINCI-'N l.'l1mufI'I1l Frzgfzzrfrfrzg Theta Kappa Nu A. I. C. Eg IIItt'rSclI4IlaStic Circui Ii, -H III'.ltlley Pulytt-clinic Inatitutc .TXIIIII IA FI I KNIIR SMITII. .. ...Y'.lVI'furz'illf IinI'C.a'I'IIIx Alpha Gannna D' . Phi Bctag Shi-Aig The Daily Illini fl, 255 Cast, "The Little Clay l'aI't"g l'rIHlIIctiInI Statii, "The Black Fl1IIniIIgII," "'l'lIc Nlatl IIfIpI'S," "VVhiStling in tht' Dark," "Nu Nlurc Ifi'fIntic'r" hill,-XIII Er XVII I I.-IIII SMITH ...... Pfr.1v.II11 Ilill I':DL't'A'l'I1IY Hfnfogy C'.Ii+sIIn Clulag Nlajor, I.'IIix'vI-Qity I " :I ' DriImTIIY I'.III-N SKIVIII ..,... I'1:r1.I'lurz, Inil. I.IHI4R.1.I TXRTS Axim Sclrwcw Ilfrlury fi.lIYII11.l Phi IIct.I NIIIIt.Ir IIfI.II'tl9 'liwrclig YVrfIn.nI'i Iitxiiilvw Klan- agcr, The Daily Illini, ShiffXig Iluriiucuiiliiig C'IIInIIIittcI' fl, 235 Da-,ls Day Ciwliliiiittvt' Ill, Social C4Il'lIllllllL'4', W1lI1l.lll,S I,c'.IguC C254 Pan- III-lle-nic Cwiimil U25 Uraiigu :Intl Iiluc Feath- vrig tmltl I't'.ItliI'I'Q linux I'iI'!.l-YP SxII'I'II. ..... ....1lnmiI', lull. COYIRII- :III f Uf'1IU1.1l lflzriflrff Rall Statv ,Iit'JClll'l'S College Pap.: Un: Hun 11.1 TIf"I:f .G 'Q G-' Gfnernl ,'1gI'fL'IlIf!ll'! Alpha Zctag First Regimental Band fl, 2,5 Mcn's Glee Club ffl, 335 Dairy Producti -Iutlging Team I4-J Ilnnnrs Day CSI KIRIQIR SM1'l"l1 .................. Whealon LIRI-RAI, ART: AND SCIENCES FIi07IflllIit'.V Kappa Delta V , Mfirtar lluardg Tnrclig Alpha Lambda Deltag Mask and Bauhlcg Gamma Alpha Cliig Wom- I-n's Glee Club ll, 253 The Illio fl, 2, 3,5 The Daily Illini fllg Dads Day Committee 1215 Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feath- crsg Prnduction Staff, "The Yellow Jacket," "Yun Never Can Tell," Ulieyond the Hori- 7un," "Riddle NIC This" Ilumws Day ll, 23 IVI.-XRYSMITIl............... ....Carmi IiImI'c.a'I'IImN .'llIIlhl'zm1l1'I',r Dt-I' Deutsche Vcreing The Illio Q35 Gold I'iC1ltllL'l'53 Piwitliirtis-I1 Statf, "Whistling in the Dark" Rm uv IIIx'I'Irs SIIIITH ............ Chicago CIIMAIERCE Comn1i'rrf Inu! Law Delta Sigma Phi Beta Alpha Psi Iluiwrs Day fill RLlShPiI.I. Mins SYVIITH ..... Plainfuille, Conn. IZNGINEI-iRING Gl'lIl'l'I1I Elzgfflrrfirzg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad IQUTH XIIRGINIA SMITH ........... Belleville LIBI-KRAI, ,ARTS AND SCIENCES Hixlory ' . Alpha Xi Delta I 1 6. Maryville College N VV.-xx Max I-'iwxx SIXIITH, JR.. . .SL Louis, Mo. EDUCATIUN flirtory Kappa Alpha Psi XVIIIYNI-Y ELAII-'R SMITH ........... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS ANI: SCIENCES Prr-1,1160 Phi Sigma Kappa Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity - .. Fnolliall Squad C-7' l NIIWEIRSITY I ' 5 sf , , K . l AUSTIN C.-XRl'EXTE1R SMITII ERS ...... l'Vilwvfrr COIXIMERCE Generaf HIISIIIUJX Delta Tau Delta Skull and Crescentg Soplmmore Football Mam- ager IUIIUETEERI TllIllTY.SlX CHARLES josEI'H SR'1l'Ii'I'K.-XNIP. . . . . .Parix ' ENGINEERING Elrflricnl Engineering - l 'Tau NII Taug A. I. E. E.3 First Lieiltenant, Q -Ly University Brigade 9 n l r X I . ' H5 lXfI.-xx DONALD SNIDEII ............. Roluzzxnn A ' . JOURNALISBI i T I Nctvx mm' EIl'fI0riIzl l First Lieutenant, University Brigade , 'Q I ' -H W If I X i A 'fi' 1 5 ALBERT IXlEl,X'II.l.l-I SNIIIIK ..,........ :Inrora LIBERAL ARTS ANII SCIENCES SPEFEA Delta Kappa Epsilon Skull and Cresccntg Fl'CSlll1llll1 Varsity Foot- ball Squadg Varsity I-'ootlwall Squad U53 Junior Prom Committeeg IIIterfI':IteI'rIity Council f-H Honors Day CU I.oIIisiaIIa State l'niveI'Sity BERT l"IIII.u SNow ..,............. Frvvpnrl COIXIIIXTERCE X C011:111I'wI'e fun! Law , Beta Alpha Psig Caisson Clubg Accountancy qi Clubg Captain, University Brigade i I Honors Day fl, 2, U5 University of Illinois Sclmlarsluip Key W x lil Il-IIar.'I'II SNYIIIQII. . . ...De Kalb EIIUCATIIIN English Chi Omega Dads Day Committee C355 Pl'0LlllCti0Il Staff, "The Mad Hopes" Northern Illinois State Teaclaers College MIL'roN SUIAIIXIUN. . .New York Cify, N. Y. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Cht'lllfSfI'X' Alpha Epsilon Pi V Purdue Univcrsityg New York University RUTH El.lZABE'l'I'l Sommi-I4 ........... Peoria , LIBERAL ART: ANI: SCIENCES C'hUllli,ifl'AX' Iota Sigma Pi Bradley Polytechnic Institute If IllIlll0 3 6 .A .2 il' 4 IS . in I'Ii'I'IfII ANTIIINI' Sus'I.IK ..,.. . . .C'1fIiI'ngo CIIAIAIIPIICE CI'I1I'1I1f Hmiflf ' Accountancy Club lloIIoI's Day ff, 31 CIIxIz1.II'r'I'F Lot ISP SoI'I'IIxIIt'I: .,.., SI1n.l:'Iich LIBIQIIAI. JXILTS ANII SCI:-'NCI-.5 l.'1II'1l.'fIllj' Iota Sigma Pig XV:IrIIcI' llallg XVoIIIen's De- lwate Team fllg XiIllXt'l'illV ClIoI'IIs fl, 2, U llonors Day fl, XVII Xlll II llaluu' SI-ANc.I FII ..... ...l'f.1f'ufII'lIl ENQINIEEIIINII FlL'I'Il'fI'1Il Eflgizl I'I' ring lita Kappa Nug A. I. li. lf. llulllrri llly XVII I lui A. 5l'l'Yk I ............. Kllrlfojmlzs 14lBl-'R.-XI, AII'I's XNII SCIIINCIES 1'f1ff1IIIIfvf'fy Pi Kappa Alplia 'l'lIe Illio fl, 25 XVII I IAXI EXIIIIEIIN Sl'l'Xk'l- ...... f.'f1ImIjI.Iign IAIIEIIAI. AII'I's ANII SCII-NCEE FL40f1Uf1Iil',Y Kappa Sigma Cavalry Officers' Clulwg Soplmoixuort' lirumtlvzlll lxrlIl1lIlgL'I'g First'lltl'l1.lIll, l'IIix'I'I'sity Brigade AI.IfIII Il llI- NNI' Sl'l4NtIl-ZX1,-XV... .. .l.'!1iI.Igo CImInIEIICI-1 flI'I'unf1tIIr1I'X' AccoIIIIt.IIIcy Club Crane -Iunior College lil-IIIIGI5 .AN-Xlllll Slwulcx , .... . ..lllI llffl, "cn lim cw lox Sorinf SIiI'uIw lllii clllllllllil Delta Delta illllvlll Epsilon lXlILIw.III ki.'X'l'lll-KIXI' 5I'IIsxI xN.lI'IooHyf.I, ,Xl Y. l'IIYslI'AI. l'illl'L'X'I'lUN Alplizl Xi Delta 'litlfillg AlplIa LanIlMl.I lleltaq Shi-.Xig l'. li. lXlZljUl'5 Clulwg XV. A. A.g ,lllIllHli l'I'oIII Com- mitteeg 0l'llllg't' Zllltl Blue I-iI'.Itl1eI'Sa Star LlUlll'SC5 l'I'oIlIIctiIIII Stall, "'l'III' Little Clay Cart" llivnors Day ll, 23 PII, rn lI.fI' I' l'fI.I1. I Tlllf Il.lI0 Slillllllll LowIEI,I. AI BI-iiz'r Smurf .... .. .DI'Iu1fnr ENCQINIIRING C'i'ri1v1fI' Erlgi11i'11'f11g Tomahaxxkg Keralnosg Cavalry Officers' Clubg The lllio fl, 2, 334 First Lieutenant, Cni- versity Brigade Honors Day fill I , , Ll-iXX'Ii lin ID S1'l.I'I"l'GFRBFR... .. .Pelvis Coamiriiacr CI'r1i'1'i1l Hll,N'flIi'YY - Mxisk and Baubleg Pierrotsg Arepog Production ' 15- J 5 Declin 5 Statl, "Amaeo," "The Little Clay Cart"3 Union Minstrel Show C239 Cast, 'tllit the Tiioams NlL'llHl..X5 Sm i4I:oN, .. . .I'lI.1yrcou.t Conan- Rt E CI'11i'f'I1f HI1Yf7li'iV Elmhurst College CIIAIII rs M uuov Sou wer. .. ..Cf1fuI1go ENGINI-'rRINr. flli'li1Hnrgii'iIf Fizgfiluuffrzg Tau Nu Tang Mu Pi Signing Theta Tang 2. 'Q Mineral Industries Societyq 'l'he Daily Illini tzlg The Technograpli l-Hg Freshman Var- A sity Soccer Squatlg lnterscholastic Circus C3, A5 .. . , . . . 4 'ty -Us l'll'Ft Lieutenant, linversity Brigade f' - fmt, -- 1. ,fi lNIAur E. S'I'ANmu. .. ........ Cylllzlllll, .Yeh I,Inriu.I, .XIVIK ANI: Selrxcrs Efltflfifi Phi OIllt'g'Al Pi C13 3- .l Der Deutsche Vt-ruin l.'IIiNL'rsity of Nebraslca - Q MAiqoicI14 lil IlAIer'I'II ST.-XYIPY..,lIA671YfIl!lC'ljfY EnI'c'.1.'I'IoN Fzzgffifl IM-thtfl Xxilbllhlllli College ' 10+ VVIHM' ISIUXYIY S'I'AnIi ..... .... t ,'fffI.igfi X Coamiricer ff'-' V CfI'1o'1t1f fllllafllfxx 'l'liL'ta Xi i 'M ' KI llantl nl X3 Accountancy Clubg Junior Base- rf. A 1 ball lNIan.igvrg Sophomore Cotillion Commit- ' tL'L' I1' ' ' nxoif.. 11' Ill -KIHN foo rlgx . HN. L 'I V' , lllY"S ' lion' flu. lIoo.l,.-il Fozuffcn EI.EANoR EsTHER STEGE ..... . . .Chicago COEVIZXIERCI-Z :1ff011nfar1t'y Phi Chi Theta3 Alpha Sigma Nug Accountancy Clubg Electrag The Illio CD5 W. A. A. Honors Day QQ, 32 S'I'IErEN FRANK STEIB ....... ..,-lzzrofa Coivimi-iueE Banking milf Fiflarzrc Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad U15 Captain, University Bri- gatle VI.-RAKES IIKNRY STFIN ...... . ,... Urbana ENGINEERING Efvrlrirfzl EIlgfIIL'L'l'illg Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nug The Technograph Q-l-jg Interscholastic Circus Cl, 2, 3, 4-J Honors Day Cl, 2, 313 University of Illinois Scholarship Key AN'I'oNIN NIEssENnEv, SIERBA. .. .. . Chifago ENGINEERING Civil Erlgimwrirfg A. S. C. E. Northwestern University jonx BLAINI-2 STEVENS. . . . . .. . . . .Rio ENGINEERING Cumrzzfc Eugirzucrfrzg Keramosg American Ceramic Society li.-X'I'Iil-'RISE lvl.-XXINK S'rIENz. . . . . . . . Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SQIENCES N0t'l:Ul'0gy Alpha Kappa Deltag VVomen's Glee Club QQ Antioch College VVII,I.I.aM .I.1.sIfI-R STIGALI., JR.. . . . .Chirago EDL'c.x'rIoN English Cosmopolitan Club Mask and Baubleg Production Staff, "Whistling in the Dark," "The Little Clay Cart," "No More Frontier,l' "Carmen" University of Alabama FRED RICE STITII, jk. ........... Kankakee LIBEIQAI. ARTS .-IND SCIENCES Pm'-lnlfz' St. Viator College I: I SARAH Euzani-1'ru S'rl'r11 ..... . . .lx'aukakn Ar9RlcuLTum: G't'm'nll Ilomv Eiuzzufuirx Phi Epsilon Omicrnn Park Collegt- THOMAS l'vIILi1s STQDDEIQT ..... . . .Chaflusrwz ENGINEERING Elm'rrii'al EIlgill1'l'fi7Ig Eta Kappa Nug A. I. E. Eastern Illinois State 'I'cacht-rs Cullugc GERTRUDE IVIAXINIL STQLL .......... Ciflifdgll LIB:-ian. ARTS Asn Scxrixcis Bflrlurirffogy Pi Beta Phi Beloit Cnllcgc HELEN KA'1'imx'N S'1'nu'1'i-.xisavulwuczu. .lllarulz Enucarxux Englfxh Alpha Chi Omcga Alpha Sigma Nug Kappa Delta Pig Vice- Presideut, XV. A. A. M3CMlll'l'2ly' Cullcgc LUDWIG 'I'Hb1tmuou4v: S'rm'Kri ,.... .... C ijlifllgfl ENGIYFERIXG Cf-vi! EIlgfIlr'L'l'iI1g Mu-Sang Tau Nu 'I'au JUHN IVILLI.-XM S'I'Ii.-Xlllxll ..... .. .HjlI1l,Ib1ll'!l EDUCATIUN Hillary Eastern Illinnis State 'I'caclivrs College EURY E1,sTux S'ru.axor: ........ ....11ill,vburu Lmlia,-xL ARTS awp Scirxci-'s l.'0r111iml E11gir1u'f'ir1g Acacia Concert Band fl, 3, '-lla Nlcnls Ulcc Clulw IZ, 3l DAL:-3 lluwxi-Y S'rnr-in ...,... ...f:!lt'll0l ENGIYFI-IRING illuhflrliulf Fr1gim't'1'ir1g Alpha Kappa Lambda Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma. A. S. M. 12.5 The Technugraph Cl, ll. Mc-n's Glcc Club fl, 3, 3l Honors Day fl, 2, 3l9 I.'nix'c1'Sity of Illinois Scholarship Key I.I. I Ill llIIlllIf'l-Iflflll -I-IIIIHIY-SIX .Imax 'I'1mA1-Xa S' ,.,.. .,.l,l.u rl 0 , I.ll-:1-lc.-xl .Kiwis xxx- Si II' xi: 'L f.'.0i'lf.'l'i.1f fi llkL'!ll: I 1111 -, 5 A, Acacia ii E IllICl'II'lltl'l'l1IIj' Cnuncil CU ' 5 Kvinpvi' Nlilitary ,Xcath-nu I T' fllf h 6 th. XZ 1 .Laila Om bv , 'ST I nan .V . asf IDIS L. 'nun x N I,l's'1i I r S'1'wti:ixm-lc.... ,... lfarm ,.x Iam li.-XI. 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IIIUSIILIII Q Nlililary Council, -IlYlll'll.IlISlll L-'until li, -ll IIuiwrs llax' Il, ff, Ili Iuixvi-:tv 1 Illini 1 Scluilarsliip Kcy l'- 'ff- lI.r1'i fl. lN'Iu Kappa .Xlpliag l'nix'eI'sity Cliuriis C35 ' 7 'Iflllff QIILJLJIQD' SilfNUlllllHl!i Illwie l'.u I l I I I- If l -Xl1i'l'I"I' .......... ,..I'ufnmII I'fNr,IwI'I'uIwG Irfiwifxfi Fr1giI1I'I'1'f1zg l l7I't-sliinan Varsity 'lll'2ICli Squatlg Varsity 'l'I'.Ick Q Squatl Ilia l'il'L'ilIl1'lIlII Varsity Crfrss Cuuntry Squatlg Varsity Crnss Country Squad fl, 339 6 Captain, l'nix -'rsity Ilrigatle GIIIIIIII lit 'IX 'lux NIY ..... .......Urlmm1 l.II!l-ICKI .XIVIS .avi SCIFYCI-I5 Englfrff l'lIi Delta 'llit-ra Q St-unit! Rvgiineiital llantl fl, 21 4 ,-XI.BII:'I' L I I I Y lu I Inc. . . .. ., . .kI'4:I.In QIllNlNll'RL'F Crrzufivf Hntliilf rr 'I'lIet.I Chi l I Iiantl nl' X, Suplwiiiuict' Intraniiiral Mansiger lluutri IIY til- ual IIINI' 'l'Ax'I.uR .... Nprizzgfelif I,II:IAII.1.I. AIVIS AND SL'IIiYCI'.b Nfnrfrffflgj' Delta Delta Delta INIIUYIJI' Iluartlg 'l'urchg Flllllllflill Secretary, XNVOIIIIIIIX Leagueg Alpha Kappa Deltag Shi-Aig The Daily Illini flip First Council, Wuman's League I-lla ,Iuninr Cnuncil, Wuman's League I I, lg Orange LlIILl Blue Feathersg Cold I'CQllllL'l'5Z I. XV. C. IX. Cahinet C335 Star 7 CHUVQC Student Alumni Association C239 X. XX. K. ,X. Dull Shun Qnmnnttee U1 IJIIIIIVI III l,I'II'I'I1. 'lfu I uk. .. ...fllnflnnzz EDl'L'A'I'IllN Iliflury Delta lit-Ita Delta XT' l I 5 , Or I 1- on 5 , Cmltl Ieitliers 5 Sivpllvns Cullt-get 15.lNlL'l'lI Illinuis State liL'.lCllL'I'Q Cullege I.-XXII-5 Dux XI I1 'lfu I mul ,,,., ,,,Sp,j,,g.6,'l,f FNGINII Ieiwr. Cfznif FI1gfr1I'I'riI1g llll'l.Illi1lL' l'au Beta Pig Phi Iit.I Signing Clii Iipsilung X. S. C. Ii. lI"ll"l'Q Dill' il, 1, Us l'IIiIeI'sity .II Illinuis 9clml.II'sliip Key Lui I-I 'I Villlli ................ I'1'llII f,'fuz'I' liINI- .IXII ,xl'1'I.IlI1 ,'xI4'l'?- fllmir lInIInI's Day fl, M. lls Unixersity of Illinois SclIul.II'slIIII lxwr , I . XVII I IMI lxxl l'll IAI I mt ,,,, , . , ,I-',1jf1-ff 4 .-Xmalt l'l 'I'L'Ill- Urlltmlf .'lgl'iI1ffll11'I' 'Xgl'lflIlllll'.Il Cluhg Iluuli Illltl llnrn Cluhg .lg- l'ICllltlll.Il licnnfiiiiirs Cluhg I-Xtlelpliic I,iter:II'v Iutlging 'li-.nn lil XVl'4ll'llI lllinnis State 'Il1'.lkllK'I'Q Cnlltvlgg l'I" In llfulfiif Nlxlfwll S.-cietya lllinuis .'Xgl'lL'lllllll'l9t Q-Hg Puultri' 6 - .. . Ali' ' , gfffffge stem, ' 'C G1 ,at en' v, A JFL F GR. I O. --tQZiX'?."f' D3 IJ NU li '57 k l XHRGINIA LUCILLI5 'FEXDICK ...... Crvrfzjieltl AGRICLILTLIRE Gancnzl flown: Erorlomfilf Blzickhurn College I7IIII-,DIIICII VV. THIfII.M.1.NN .............. . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Sft'fI1hI1gI'n, Germany ENGINEERING flII'cf1aniI'al E7Igl11I'e1'f1zg IX. S. INI. I2.g lVIen's Glee Club Q25 Leuis Institute INIAIIGLvrRI'rE Nlriuir 'I'IIIaIs ........ fllftfhell I,IIeI-in,-II. ARTs AND SCIENCES English Southern Illinois State Normal Universityg XVashington University Brzrrr Lutvlsu Trumus ............. Urbana LIBI-'RAL ARTS AND SCIENQI-35 Hirfory 1 Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Lambda Delta5 Orange Illlkl Blue FC'L1IllL'l'i Ilfmfws Day fl, 2, 359 University nf Illinois Scliularsliip Key INIAIIY ,AUGUSTA 'I'HuMAs ........... Ezfarzston FINI-1 AND .APPLIED ARTS Painting Alpha Delta Pi Anrinian Literary Sucietyg Illustratorsg Shi- Aig Pan-Ilellenic Council CD5 Orange and Blue Feathers University of Minnesota CECI-:I,I.a EI.I.Izw VFIIUIVISEN .... .. .Dalian fxGRICUI.TURE GmII'rIzI Home Ecofzonzfrs Home lfcullnniics Club TlIurntnII .Iuniur Cullege KENXE.'I'lI Lili.-UlI.lfS TIIURNI-i. . . . . .De Kalb CImIMI-ikci-i Guzvral Hlfsifzusr Delta Chi SuplIuInuI'e Fouthall lNfIll1lflgCl'Q InteI'fI'aternity Cuuncil C-H Ilfnwrs Day Cl, 2, D5 University of Illinois Schul.II'slIip Key Ilitrcri li.-XRL 'FICE .............. Crcczlview ENGINIQI-:RING 1'1gl'iL'll,f!ll'IZI E?IgiIZt'8ff71g Sigma Alpha Epsilon Agricultural Engineers Society If Il, Si II 1f 1 A lllIllllfilflflll TIIIIRTY-SIX Z SX' RUSSEI.L JOHN TINKHAM..lfVa5hinglor1, D. C. l I Fixi-1 AND APPLIED ARTS l firclzfteclzzre Alpha Delta Phi Scarahg A. S. C. E. University of Oregon l l Il.-KYBURN Root-:R 'I'Il'1'Y ........... Cirrtsf-z'fHv '. 'i me Enue.-ITION 1 .5 Zoology E 5 K Southern Illinois State Normal L'nixersity 3 A, I , 9 -A Q. 1 R- . CEORGE EILT TOBEN ......... .... R 055115 AGRICULTURE Gczzrnzl flgrirzlllnrc ' Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Cluhg Hoof and Horn Clubg Adelphic Literary Societyg Poultry Judging Team QQ jot-:N .ADOLPH 'I'ocics'rE1N . . . .. . .,Cf1fc'Ilg0 COMMERCE flccourztmzcy Alpha Kappa Pi Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club5 Interfra- ternity Council Q31 Crane junior Collegeg Central College MARIUN LEONARD 'l'n.aBERT... .... E-z'mz.f11n1 EDUCATION Physical Etfzfcaliarz Alpha Kappa Lambda Cymnasticag Delta Theta Epsilong Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Track Squatlg Fresh- man Varsity Gym Squadg Varsity Gym Letter C315 Interscholastic Circus QZ, 3, -lj ls 'ww' HERBERT MoR'r1n1ER '.lqRULL. ..Nfz.vhz'ilIe, Tenn. JOURNALISM News and Ediforiuf Beta Theta Pi F Vanderbilt University MARIETT.-X BESSE FLUCKER ........... Quincy FINE AND APPLIED ARTS flflusic Arepog Ifniversity Orchestra CZ, 3, -Hg Wom- en's Glee Club HM Cast, 'tTa1es of Hon'- man," "The Gondoliersf' "Carmen" William Woods College Donirrux' ELYS.-KBkl'1'H 'l'L'RNEu. . . . . .Chicago EDUCATION Civics 1 Cenacle 'K Lewis Institute Ul:IllI1W0I Q' , mln' ' x la S .ii Ruin VVILSON 'IXRNLI4 ............ .llafmfin LIBPK.-KL QXIVIKS AND Scirus- l.'M'o.'1'i.1f Fugim rrffzg A. I. C. li. . ,. ,4 SIIIRII-Y Lorirlf lL'I4Yl"'li ......., Long lam! Linricxr .Xmw Amo Scirxtr- Iulflvll Theta Upsilon Orchesis 13, 4-jg Lv Cercle Francaisr Social Committee, VVoman's League Q-I-la l'.m-llel- lenic Council Q-H3 First Council, XVoman's League fill Honors llay fl, KJ lhrl-XRIF lil IIAHI-'l'II 'lan 1-iz ..... ...H1.1u:'1'flr li1ml'c'A'I'ioN Engffrh Le Ccrcle Francaisg VV. A. A4 .Xll-L'nixersity Sports Manager, VV. A. A. C-H Macfylurray College WILBI-l4'I' Dos.-xi o Lxmv ..... .... I 'ufwz EDl'ea'r1oN Ililffllly' Alpha Kappa Lamhtla lVIen's Glee Cluh U, -l-lg Cast, uC.ll'INk'llU S'I'El'IIlf N ,'XN'ruoxx' l.vL'lll' Rr rc. .. .... Cfffrago Coariui-'kcri Gwrlumf lfllafll t'iI cv Alpha 'l'au Omega Plmalanxg Caisson Cluhg .-Xccountancy Cluhg Ili Sigma Phig Mi-Hila Dance Committeeg Senior Invitations Comniitteeg Sophomore ln- tormal Committeeg junior Informal Comlilit- teeg Nlaior, L'nixersity llrigatlez Military Council Purtlue lfnixersity Noimmx lllfll.-ULD L'RoL'ri.xk'I'. .. .... l,."mf1f11 Acmicri 'rI'ur1 :lnfnmf Iflmfnrfliflx' Alpha Zetag Alpha 'l'au Alphaq .Xtlt-Iphic Liter- ary Societyg Agricultural Cluh: lloof and Horn Cluhg Agricultural Education Cluhg Illi- nois Agriculturist ffl, 3, -ll Honors Day fl, 2, 335 Lvl1lXL'l'4lIl' uf Illinois Scholarship Key IRES!-1 NI-joi ,fx V,-xxivrixisi-'lui .... .. .Dulfurl IinucA'rioN Islllfflrfl University of Cliicagog Thornton 'luuior fol- lege IW.-Inn' lll'lll V,-xxoruniu 1' .......... If ",f mayo IJIBI-RAI. ART: ,-xxo Scum:- lliffofy Alpha Xi Delta l'an-Hellenic Council Q-ll VVarcl-llelmont School 1'. In ll.f,r' Tlllf Ill.I0 SlflllI0lH l'1l'WU1l' Iluux VAN L-uw ........ ..D.1r1z'1'llr Lim-irul. .-Xivrf ,xxn St-1+ xt-if Cjfc'll.lfl'fl'j' Kappa l'l1i Kappa 1 M 1 X wi I, as E ff 1 f, . . ,, what . 1'F'Za ::' L ' ""T:1.,gj?i'g?1iF?' , .X ' '-,zgfl . ,N J. just Waluui' VAN Nl-Nr ........... I,'l1ii'.1gn I'lXI-' Aviv ,xl'l'lll'I1 ,-X1c'1's .'llif1flui'!n1.7l l"r1g1'r1f'.'1f11g I'l1i Dt-lta 'l'l1t-ta lnuguylva Scarzllws A. S. Q. In. 5, Inna Stall' Cullugc nc, .fv- Klluviux lliu:'r14xx+ Vax 5lL'kll-' ...... I"i.vhr1 f--Q 1 I lixi .-xxu .'X1'1-1.1rn .Xian fllnm' l'l1i lwtag W-linens lllvu Club fl, 3, -l-D5 4- gf l'i1ixm'slty' Cliurus IU l'-,J -' Uttn'1'lu'in Cullt-gc ' 9 i "x XVIIAGIXIK XV.-XIKI-ll V.-ul-x ........ Xfvlfllgflflil IAHHHI, :XRD Aviv Sglilwcbs Fuyfbfl lllli 1311111111 l'i Springlivltl juniui' Cullcgu ' ,A Lxrnx NIARY X7liY'l'Rl-SC.-X .... l'l'w,ilv111 Nprfzlgx " R' -16" LIU!-RAI, .AXIVIB .xwn SCI!-'NCI-5 Ffrmh l'i Dclta l'l1i. I.c Ct-rclc I'lI'llllC.llSQ Spanieh Clulwg l'1iixc1'QiIy Clnlru: I-lj 6- as In J' Lyuni 'l'i-xxmliip -Iuniur Cullt-gp 5' "' QT:-' ' 5, lim Nu xluv ru Viumt K ......... . . ,f.'ff1't.1gn I,lHl4R.4.I, .-Xu? Axn Srlixcu-N lilf'z'l11lilIy' Q I IIll.ll.lIlXQ Caissun Clulwg A. I. C, jing Vklrsiu, K, SUCYVI' 5'll11'1l ll, Us l"i1'St I.i1'utcn:mt, Cui- UQ . Xl'l'illl' llrigaalc llumuf Yrwx ............... ...Spf-irzgfirfif l'Ixr.1xnuixra Fl.-.ffi..1l lfr1g1'11f'i'r111X 39" 6. XIII nm lv Viv: ru 5 .......... . ..l,'!1fi.1gu - 1, lim cviiux I ll!-Nflllx I ' - llfunmulning Curninittvi' 123. Dailx Day Cum- 9 1 Inittvc ll, ily lntlupcinlunt Inlurmal Cum- ' Q mittvn' Ill. KDIIIIIQK' .lllll lllut' l'it'.ltln'l's I 1-I'.Illl' BIIIIIIHIA Cullugt- ' -'QQ ' gf l'f- in llwwlifil l'1'lf!. 11 W .sat XVIILIAKI 'lamixlxe VuQT ,,.. ...Danville CUMIVIERCE Cvrlrral Blfximxvtv l'l1i Sigma Pllig Plialanxg Caissnn Cluhg Ac- cuuntancy Clulwg Theta Omega Pliig Captain, l'nivcrsity Brigade IIunu1's Day fl, 2, 355 Unixcrsity of Illinois Sclmlarsliip Key lfnxxx Cu.1uu.r.s Vox.-xr .......... .ilgunquiu l'uYsIcA1. EDUCATION lh-ta Sigma llsi Dulplminsg 'l'rilvc of Illinig Varsity Swimming l,uttur fill, Squad C-H Xlurtun ,luniur Cullcgc Ifx'vl:r'1"1'l-' Mlcll-ui. ...... illl. Pulaski ISYGINFERING Civil Engin i'L' ring Acacia l'l1i Iita Signing A. S. C. 15.5 Mu-Sang First Lieutenant, Ll11lYCl'SlQ' Brigade llunurs Day fl, ANNA K.a'1'mu1Nv: vim ALMEN. .. .... Olucy I-Im'c.aTnw f:L'Ilz'l'1l! flaws Eforlnrzziff Delta Delta Delta l'lmi Beta Kappag Omicrnn Nui Alplia Lamb- tla Dultag I'l1i Upsilun Omicrun llunurs Day fl, 2, ll. L'niXcrsity uf Illinois Sclnvlarsliip Roy QIl.AllI".NClf XIRUIKGINIJI-.XVl'QY .... .... I izfuro Commrincii Cf'm'1'.1l li'11.vfm'x.f Urantl Rapids Junirn' Cullcgm: XVII I IAM Cuxu-it YVAGGUNI-LR, JR. ..... Clliulgo Comm!-1RcE :I If n 11 11141 my Dclta Cpsilun .Xccuuntancy Clubg Freshman Varsity. Swim- ming Squzulg Varsity Swimming Squad IZJ5 Dads Day Committee C235 Inte1'f1':1ternity Cuuncil 4313 Pruductiun Staff, "Beyond the llnrimnf' "Yiwu Never Can Tell," L"I'lic Mad llnpcsf' "Whistling in tlie Dark" Culumlaia Unixersity lfuaxcu'rr: ..... l.ifn'r-Iyville LIBFRAI. .ARTS AND Sun-ixcrs Ilixlnry Dclta Zeta Lake I'Ifll'CSt College llrxrxxx KIHIIALDINE WALIQ1-:R ...... Di' Land JOURNALISIXI .Yarns ami Ififilnrinf lllli Mu Shi-Aig 'l'l1u Daily Illini fllg First Cuuncil, XVuman's League CHQ junior Council, Wom- an's Lcagucg Orange and Blue Feather-sg Cold l-'catln-rsg Can, 'Kfluutl Nt-ws"g NVumcn's Glce Cluli I-ll lfll I-I L I I i I 1 I . - ,'7 lllIllllf-IIfIflll -l-lllilii'-SIX Q -Ionw ,IAM1-5 XfVA'r'r, -IR. .......... .Sfrf,Ff1.g-firlil 1 ROBEZIIT GLEN W.-XLKER ..... . . .Colm'vn Q PHl:"hl' lim K li""'N , EDUCATION , l'resl1man Varsity llgm-hall Squatlg Yarxitz' .-lrfuznzfaflry 'Qi ax Q 1, lhschilll Sqlmll iii Kappa Phi Kappa - it Ui. Southern Illinois State Normal University ' . l . ff' ,f l 1 WILLI.-XA1 CUIINELILYS NV.-KLKER .... . ..C'h1'rngo AGRICULTLVRE l Gencral rlgrirnffnrt? Alpha Zetag Agricultural Club Honors Day UD Central Y. M. C. A. Junior College Ya' EDGAR SANFORD WV.-Xl,LliR. . . . . . .Chiruga , CORIRIERCIE I l Theta Xi Culver Stockton College Cvzzvrnl Hlrrifztxrs CHARLES JOSlil'li NV.aL'rLRs. . . . . . ...illzinu CoArAiERcE . .. .' 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I Vafsaka CoMarr1Rc'E Cvlzvmll Ifzrrizzcrx Kappa Alpha Theta Pan-Hellenic Council H-lg First an's League C-H Sweet Briar College Council, NVum- 1139 llonrecoinlng kHHll'IllttL'l' i-li Charity A' Ball Committee fllg Orange antl Blue Feath- ,Y ersg Gold lfeathersg Cast, ufirmltl in the Hills 3 Production Statl, Homecoming Stunt Show KIM Union TNlinQtrel Show fl H -. i KVA: Tlrli Ll-sl Ii-' VVr ui 14, DIR.. .I1imuilmI, fllo. Fixx-1 Axis iXl'l'I.ll-Ib :XRT5 :lrt'f11'fNfI111fIf ltirlyirzwuffrlg 5: Sigma Alpha lzpsxlon if llannihal La Grange junior College WILDA IRENE W.ilKRlCK. . . .. . . . . . Urlmmz , y EDUCATION ll I 'l 1 1 111 W. Cerina! Ilowv Erouazzzirs AQ , NA Alcestisg Home Economics Cluh A F., A:Y,',,x, tml! l:,,j,jf,,j,, S tina Pln SILINI in Deltn 1 ni t 1 ie .IV ..' .'.'L' ' . . .lll" RICH.-mu Al.BP1ll'lA Waaz. .... . . . . . . , . .Circro LIBERAL .ARTS ANU Sc1Excr-is C!lFflIiCHI E11-girlccrirzg WIl.l.I.AlN1 IQUIHQRT YVATSON... . .... Pvnria CUNINII-'RCI-' lI1i!,I!Xfl'ft1l :l.fmfr1i.rl1'l1l1'u11 Phi Kappa Band of X5 Skull and Crescentg Cymnasticag Cavalry Officers' Clubg Senior Interscholastic Circus Managerg Homecoming Committee fllg First Lieutenant, University Brigade or llllivol Nuruiaw Nlouuh YVHU. ....... .,.. . .Elgin Lllil-RAI. :XIVIE xxn Suri-xtrx l.'flc11.'frlfY Qi- 0 XVlIC.ltlVll College K- f 1 l',mt'x'1rox V. l'fl-rrliraf l'f.lnf.1f.fofJ i Kappa e ui ., Sririatig l'reSlrman X .IINIIY l3.ul4eth.1ll Srluati. ' 'iitv illlhlcli S- unit Varvitr 'lirack Letter Q3, -H, Squad QLD l': fl' ll.o: i Xu. if '. Rl YI f lfuxw ' XYEINLIIIQIIQ. .. . . . .' lf'1k fl CUMIIIFILCIH: . ICOIIIIIIIIIQ' ' uut. icy C nf 'Q . H. . 9 SAI.. XhlI.l.I.-RRI Fuznauiuic XVERNLE ...... Chirago lZDI'c.aTIuN gflllfffl 'l'het:I Lipsilun Omega Siglllll Dflta Pi- Freshman arsity Football fiuadg lntcI'1'atcI'IIity Cuunci , - Captain, 'nixcrsity liriga Q C 5 Tllli Il.lI0 gflxlufns if l Lx I lx ' ' ff H H Bora Kl.lIllHl.l Sigiiuag Ili-ta Alpha Psig AC- Q1 3' un ll luh , O A Hu ll Un fl 1 'll Av I K O 7 V SI f 1 UP, l ' d ll11IIrIsDlX Cl ll CARI, .IIIIIN XVPINNIXY ...., .llfIfIHI'II1:cI1, Ofziu LII:II4xI .XR'l'- xwu SVIINQI-5 fI1lr1II.'fff1fgj' .-Xlplnl 'llzm Oiiwga Phi liL't.l K.Ipp.Ia Sigma Xi IIHIIIIIAQ Day fl, U LII LIAN Cxum. XVIIfIXuI'I4 . .. ...Clffmrgu liImIfcA'rIuN ll'iz'iu,v NUl'tllXNl'Ql1'l'll l'IIix'crQi!y BI-1A'I'I4II'I lll'IFXl-1 XVI Ibxl- xisuux, . . ..'lIi1yfz'0o.l LIIII IKXI. Awrs Asn SCIHNCI-is Sociology Uxiixuriity of lhlklllgilll 111-LORGI ,IIIIIN XVr.LI.NII4 ,... ..i'V.Ipr1'z'iffv Comixiakcl-3 Urrzcnzf Bzzsfrzuyy Sigma Nu llsuud nf X5 Suuiur lIlXlf.ItlllIl4 Cummittcc North Cm'IItI'.Il Cullugn' - I llIA'I'IcIII- l'.I1I'IlI WII'I'ux... ...ll'IInkrg.zrI CImIxIIIu'r I,'I'uf1.Il Hlllfllr ix Alpha Xi Di-Ita AccuIIIIt.II1cv Cluha Y. XV. C. ,L Cahiuct Q-lj l..IliI' lim wt Cullvgn' XVII I IXXI Rum III XVIIQ1 x . .. ...Hlmfmy l'll?l'CA'TIIlY l'f7I'i1'I.1f Fifzfiuzffufl l'll'CSllIll.lIl h'.lI'Slll' Um-h.Ill Slllhlklg Varsity RllSL'l'W.Ill S-III.I-l CH HUIIIIIN Day fll RIIJQIIIII NI iulli-uv N1iI4fIXlil 'I' Il IXI XYrxIII ll ..... Avffl' IIUIILIIIII l.II:II'xI .XIVIN xxn SCIIINCPB Sm finfnxg I' .-Xlplxa UIIIICIMII l'I SiL'I'lI1'Ila Cffllmjui' Im, f,,,, II,..I. I 'Iwf.,,fI tk v , .5 i, 'cy 'vi ' 'v,. i '17 ff? I mv I N I . ., ..,, ... ,. I , lllllil- If I A Lui lsr YY l-,551-.I ....... . . .Peoria lim QNIIIN Ilirlury Uamma Phi Ruta liiwullvy Pulytuchuic Institute I.IvI'IsIi AI.BIiI1'I'.A VVI-is'I'IiRBEEK .... Champaign CIIMMIQRQIL .'lI'I'Im11lI1IlI'y l'hi Chi 'l'lu'tag .-Xfcwmlitancy Cluh ll'-IIIIIQ Day fl, 21 lllllklli.-XS Fnxxus VVIIALIIN, JR. ...... Chicago Exc.IwIiEIz1NG Cvmmlf F7Igilll'Fl'i7lg Dclta Chi .'xl'l11Ulll' Institut? XVII I IXNI R.aII,1c.II WVHEELER ....... Darwille LIBEIQ.-II, IXRTS AND SCIENCES Cfzculiulf ElIgi71t'l'l'ilIg Alpha Chi Sigma Scquhhard and lllallcg Caisson Cluhg A. I. C. li.. Captain, l'uiu'I'sitI' Brigade IAH5 KA'I'IIIaIaIxI3 NVIIITIC ........ ...h't"Sl'1ZlIKE LIBIQRAI, Aivrf ANI: Sclrvcias Hiyfnry Chi Omega 1 The Illiu Qfllg lluIIn-cmiiilig' CCPl11l11lltCC f2Dg Cold FC2ltllC'l'S Gulf Park Cullvgm' Mum l':I.I'l4I.-X XVIII'I+uIm ........ .. .Clayfon LlUlX1lVIlf-'RCE Co::1fm'1I'i11l Tvfzflfiug ' Phi Omega Pi Accuuntancy Club. Hume Economics Clulng Executive Council, NVuman's Group System f2lg Gold FL'ZltllL'l'Sg Xsytllllflllli League Social Committee ffl HH I N NIAIQY NVIIITI INK ..... .. .HoHyu'oo1l' l'lIll'CATl0N lfllgliill Alpha Xi Delta .pfhllllftlflll Staff, "Bl-yoml the Horizon" l'I1ix'cI'sity of YVisc4mQiI1 lllllliflfll ITY I I F ff- lllllllfifflll Sl-IIIIH-IY-SIX s L . Y K liI.IzAIsI-'I'II VVILI,I-I4'I'ox ......,... . . .I,'!11'It1ga ,i GERALD Nil-ISSNER WIIITIII.-IN ...... Yales Ciiy LIB!-IL,-Xl. .-KRT: ANII Stn Xml-B lj LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES I-A Snrinlugy Chvfzzistry a Zeta 'l'au Alplia ll Phi Beta Kappag Phi Eta Sigmag Sigma Xi ix 6, lloinecoining Coinrnittw IZII DMN Day CIIIII I Honors Day fl, 2, 31, University of Illinois Y mittee CID, Pan-llcllenic L'IIIIIItil KU Scholarship Key Rfickfiml Collcgu i 711' I 42 fpli l I I LEE WHYTE ..................... Alrzxhzvlle I LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES l ' Cflcmislry l First Lieutenant, University Brigade "' II Honors Day Clj I JEAN INGLIS WVIDGER ............ Chnrlcslazz , LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES Bacteriology I First Council, Woman's League filly Junior Council, Woman's Leagueg Womcn's Glee Club Eastern Illinois State rl-iC'ZlCllC'l'S College WAYNE EUGENE WIER. . . . . .. . . . .Lnrou AGRICULTURE Cvzzrrnl 1igl'if1zIlzzr'c ' .ID XVIIIIAxIf ........ Arun I1 AIc'I'III'R llli. II KI FINI, AND .AXI'I'I,IIII .VXIVIN .'ll'I'f1flf'I'fl1II' Psi L peilun Gargoyle, Scarab lluiiurs Day C31 JIIIIN RAx'NI4fI-IIIIII NVILI IAAIA ..... ...CiI'l71ZI1Z LIBIRAL .-XRIE AND Sgiixtrs Cunlogy K Cast, "The Silent xvlllllllllfi "Hit the Deck," l I MIARX' ELLEN VVILBRAIIAM ..... .. .Oak Park G ' :XGRICULTURE C General HUJIIE EL'07l0ll2liL'5 ' Kappa Delta N' 1 , Northwestern University '14 1 ' I if .. R ' LEXVIS CLARENCE WILCOX ........ Champaign FINE AND APPLIED .ARTS .'1fC.hflEL'flH'IlI Enginrcrirzg Alpha Rho Chi Q Scahbard and Blade, Tau Mu Tau, Captain, - University Brigade 4, . Y ELLEN HEX1lIE'l'T,A XVILKE ........... Chirago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES lllafhcmalics Crane junior College, Lewis Institute Q CoNsTAxCE Is.aBEL WILRINAIN ...... E-zwzfzfzorz LIBERAL .ARTS AND SCIENCES Hisfory Kappa Kappa Gamma Il: lI.lIlll0I S "AIn:Ico", PI'utlIIcti1III Stall, "Clin,-l Nuns" lNlARIoN .IXIICI-1 XVILLIAAIE .....,.. C'fmwfII1igf1 LIHPIK.-Xl, AR'1'a ANI: SCIINLM Fri' I1 I' ff Bethany Circle f Pi Delta Pllig AI'caILli.I, Star CIIIIIM: Honors Day C37 Principia College iNlAL'I:IL'I-. JACK 'WII.I.IAIxIs...KI'fm1'.1, IV. lin CoMA1I'RCI1 :lt'I'01zIIlI121I'y .'XccIIuIIt.IIIcy Club Nlillillilll College XVALTI- IL -II-I XVILI 5 ....... ...l'fI:u'1' Ili .AGRIL l'l '1'L lil-, CI'm'r.1l flgfiilrflfffi' Plii Kappa Plug ,fXlplI.I Lum. .hgl'lCLllllIl'lll Cluhg Field Zlllkl lfI:I'I'Im Vlulw lilackh llUXV.-XIII' urn College XVIIIIIIJIIIII XYII5.Ix ..... HIIIIIIII' lfflk l'il1l'k'A'I'I1hY .Nfn'I'I'f1 'l'omzIlIavIkg lNl.IQk :Intl li.llll'7ll'i Delta Slgllll Rim, :Xtlelphic Literary Socivtys Lnion lNlin strel Slum' filg NleII's Varsity Dclmiting 'lil'.Illl fl, Zlq Cast, "Gold in tliv llillN," "ilillL' .Mlt ing lNl2lClllIll',i, "No, No, Nam-tts," u.xlN.ICU Illinois State N1lltl1l.ll Linixt-INIII' GIIIILCIQ NICCELIAN XVIIT ....... ,l1.wII.y, PII lim t XTIIIY Pffyiflaf f','.l,u..1,',7III1 '.lillk'lSl Xi llIc Daily Illini fl, 31 K ll'llt'ElL' lnititute ol' 'l'mlIII1Il-lux ' C 11.5,-on III. I 'If HI II Tlllf IlI.I 5liIRIl-QY YVINsBrRca ........... ll'fff!if1g, Imf. l'IIx'sIe.aI. I'iDR'L'.-X'I'IUY 'l'erI',IpiII, XV. A. A. Cnixersity nf XVisconsing IIItli.In.I Cui- xersity SIII-Rxxiuiii ICI I Iivr XXVISI-i ...... . ...... Ulfnzfm Ilnxsleu IilVl'L'A'I'IUX Senior Cheer Leaderg Illustrators, Cymnasticag A. I". lf. .Lg The Daily IlliIIi fl, ll, Fresh- man Varsity lfuotbzill Squzrtlg I:l'L'SlllNlIIl Var- sity l3.Isketb.Ill Squad, Fl'L'SllI'lIllII Varsity Gym YIILHIINQ Varsity Gym 'I'eam fl, 3, Ml-lg Simplifi- Inore IIIliIll'Illill Committee, Senior Il1fHI'I'll.ll CIiIIIIIIittee, Intlepentleut Council ff., 3 ls Lillllill Nlinstrel Slum fl, ll, Cast, "Hit the Deck", Illlk'I'SClI1Il.ISllk' Circus fl, 2, 35 I',IiI'rII Illl NI XXVIII I1 ......... . . . .CIIIIIIIII Ac.R1t'I'I TL'RIi CI llflill I1rII11I' FI nl1uH.'fIt lletliany Circle Phi Upsilwn Olnieriin, llume licuimiiiiis Club, I'.lL'Cl l'.l NIl'IiIll.X llIfI:s.I XVIII It ,........ C'IIlnwI'f Cfly I'IDL'c.x'I'IuN f,'!l1'lllfYfl'y l'nixeI'sity Orchestra ill Nlarsh Ill College , I , J XilIlNHN I,IsIII1.WoII1INIm ..... ...lim I JxGRILI'I.'IAl'I4li Cwlerizf flglfrffllnfi' Alpha CiLl!UI1lII Rho .xgflfllllllllll Club, Suplii-IIIIII1' 'l'r:Itk Nlanager llratllev lliilytetliim' Institute IIlAl1llIlb I,IiL'1s XVUI IANNI-il. .. ...filfltulgll FNGINIIRING EfI't'f1ffIIl Ellgfll i'i' llillg I,ll.llllllXQ l'i ilillll Pi Sigma, Interselirilastie Circus fi, -ll, Secontl I,ieuten.IIIt, University lirigatlt' Q llllll' -IIIIIIIII' L rrlluue Mu lll4IIN' NVIINI. ........ Nfftrffgfftli, fiillfllil Cumxirictu UI'r1I'1'III ISIN!!! i'i, I XV4IlIIl'lIlS Cusrimpiilitxlii Club, .-Xctwuntzlncy Club, flllI1L'Sk' Stutlent Club, XNilIIlll'lliS filet' Club 6-I-J liiiixersity ffl Sli.IIIglI,Ii -Irs-II I'iS'lHl'Ii VVIRIII ....... ...Riufiunri I'il'l'L'.-X'I'lUN Fllflliffl Ihe Daily Illini I-ll, VV. A. .Lg I'll'Sl Loun- til, NViiIII.uII's League fi, -lla flultl lieatliersg Y. VV. C. .L Cabinet I-l-I li.IstI-ru Illinois State illt'llLllk'l'i College, In- IlI.Ill.l State ll'.lkillk'l'i Qullefw h 7'If. flue IIiIu.lI',w1 Tzfwnli-trfu 0 SIZIUIIIIHS EDXY.-KRD FI.I-:'re1IER WoonMANsEE..Springfield AGRICULTURE General flgriczzftnre R Springiield Junior College G+ RLTTI'I JANET Woonw.ARD ........... Berwyn LIBKR.-KL ARTS AND SCIENCES Englixfz Pi Beta Phi Franfes Shimer Scliuol LURRAINL WlDU1,l,EiX' .............. Carlin-ville .AGRICULTURE CerIt'1'I1I Home Eruwzovzifx Alpha Gamma Delta Phi Kappa I'lIig Senior Informal Committee Blackburn College IJURUTIIY CHA-KRI.U'I"I'E WUoI.sux'. . .I'Vi1lamxj'ield EDUCATIIIN Home Evrzrzorazirr Phi Omega Pi Hmm' Ecmlmiiies Club Western Illinois State 'llC2lCllC1'S College IVIYRUN LINQIILN WURR1I.EX' ..... ...Oxwego .AGRICULTURE Gl'lll'I'11l .'IgffL'llI1I!l'K Alpha Chi Rho Ma-Wan-Da, Sachemg Alpha Zetag Senior Football Manager, Student Senate Oljg Illi- nois Agriculturist Cl, Zig President, Athletic Council l"IImm's Day jaex WRICIHT. .... .. . . . . .Hof Springx, Ark. . LIBIRAI. TARTS ANI: SCIENCES Chwzzixfry I F Varsity Tennis Squad ffl, 3, -ll -'Y . ' I L'niveI'sity uf Louisiana r IlUBER'l" CLII-'Tow VVRIGIIT .... . . .Roadhouse A ' EDUCATION ' Pffysiml Eiflaetlfion -, gs 8 I w Ilhi Delta ilil-Ieta N I Iribe uf Illini, Freshman Varsity Football " Squad, Varsity Football Letter OH, Squad I ffl, fllg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg A 4Q2S':,K Varsity Basketball Sqtiaduffllg Freshman Var- -'.3 I 'IJMfQf'fxX'Jij,. sity Track Squad, Varsity Track Squad QZ, AA I f.. 5' v'f'w' ffW.' 3' ' Y NEIL KING YARrsII'I,I, ......... .... W enona ENGINRRRING , Eft'd1'itIIl Ezlgizlverirzg A QV' Chi Beta V5 Illinois Wesleyan University U IUIWEIHSI In Ill: I . jg, KENNETH EYERETT XIATES. . . . . . Hur-lslry EDL'c.x1'1oN Hixlory Blackburn College ANNE PATR1cl.a Yrsurrs .,.... Alnlf-no' Park l'IDL'C.x'r1ow Ilirrnry Zeta Tau Alpha Oak Park junior College AUDllP1X' Elazarzl-"ru YoDER. ......... ..Prrn LIBERAL AR'rs AND Sc'rENcrzs Ezzgfixh Le Cercle Francaisg Der Deutsche Vcreing Uni- versity Chorus C45 La Salle-Peru junior College llll.-XRILFE Yoursm ............... 1111. Carmvl FINE AND JXVPLIFD .ARTS Painting Kappa Delta The Illin Cl, 253 Summer Entertaimnent Committee CHARLES llaxptruix Youwmiu ........ Chiragn LIBERAL ARTS AND Scmxcrs Pofflfcul Scimzru Delta Phi President, Y. NI. C. A. C-l-D3 Student Senate C455 Pierrotsg The Illio C155 Freshman Frolic Committeeg Homecoming Committee C153 In- terfraternity Council C315 Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net C3lg Y .lVl. C. A. Board of Directors C435 Cast, "Wotta Racket," L'Coml Morning, Dearie " Crtoacsri ciUSTAV YoUNf:s'rRUM. , . .... Chiragn ENGINEERING Gz'7It'l'17I F.'1gir1r'rr'fv1g Beta Sigma Psi Senior Interscholastic Mauagerg Alpha Phi Omega LILLIAN llrirvw Yuvcazu ........... lfhiragn LIBER.-xr. QXRTS Axim Sclrixcrs English Crane junior College. Central Y. Nl. C. A. Junior College CH.-Xlll.l"S Josrivu Z.a1,oi'm-irc. .. .... Cirvfo CoM1x1r'Rur-7 Cfrlvraf l1' Sigma Phi Sigma Cavalry Olicers' Cluhg The Daily Illini C253 Freshman Varsity NVrc-stling Squatlg Freshman Informal Committt-eg First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade Honors Day C25 ll lllIllllfTlflflll illIll1'Y-SIX IZDNYAIKIY .Xi rrx Z1-fil-Ita ...... ,..lf0,f.ago 1 .bl Llurimi ,Mfrs axo mn-str. K l - Fi flf1VIH.'jiW Q F' I Alpha Sigma Phi 5' H C" 4' ' lfreslnnau Varsity 'l'ratl4 Squailg Vai-.ity Track I K Squad Cl, lj K, 233 6' ,' fl, f xr ll A 'ks .. ' . . 7 1 'fi Illl I E N llruwuum Li: I I ...... ...l,!1wi!r1.u. C Coxrxlr RCI- ' Cfrzlrlflf ffnifllm 6 Accountancy Cluh Lincoln College LraoNARn llrxizx Zlr HM .... . . .I,'!1fr.1gu C4-x1urRcr Cirriufrlf Hniirl it Kappa Delta Rho Scahhartl antl Blatleg llershing Ritlesg Caisson Cluhg Bam! of X3 'l'ht- Daily Illini CIM ln- terfraternity Council Cllg Nlajor, Cniit-rsirv iz,-igmit' ' ,M.u1ti 1 'rr Hll Uim'1'.1l flkgllitilllflllr' - Q Lorlsr CII.-XKlU'l"lil-, ZIIINIIARXIXN ..... Tiifcfffzrz Z ' LltlN1XlI'RtI' " Uurlrfilll Huifizrm 'qi llcta Sigma Omicron . llhi Chi 'l'hetag Cnixcrsity Chorus Cl, 35 Clary junior College , lQETlll'RlNl-1 .Xxxr Z1 'r'ri uxrr-1-'rr R.l,.1 Iffaugf I.lBl-Il.-Xl. :XICIE axo Sclrxers 1,f'K",,4l'C E g lluta llhi Alpha Cnixersity Chorus C-ll Lyons 'lioxtnship vluuior Collegi- 1 Q iVlll,Dlll'Il LiA'l'ill-RlXl- Zxxru....ll'!1ifinrU. Imf. I,11-:rR.Al. ,'XR'rs Axim Swivel-s Fuqffiff K lflcctrag lfirst Council, xhillllklllli laxlggm' C-lla an junior Council, XVon1an's Iaxrgnu' aes- Valparaiso Cnixersity IILYIYG Al BrR'1' ZurtiQ....I"off ll'.:x'f1r, Intl. LIBFRXI. rxIi'l5 Axo Seri-Nurs Pin-I,.1-':' nf-C' P.-bg' ff- Ilmf- f 'l':f f- i fl ,laura ZIXIPI, .....,.........,.. Rurff lffami Liv-,iz Vs',.j:-:' J.. 'S Q, a-. L+ ,- ,- .. . f L., -4, Q1 I, , r, Q ,- '-- A. .- - --f-nf -.,,:..,-fr..!' ' . R , .M ,,,. 231 , L --..-f -f. ws-,f nv if ' '-"'-'g .rg ' 34 5 ' . - ' L+-4-.1'. -,.- . v- V iq, Q --.,-.. 'I - ' - -f:-M -:-t-- lf- '- - ' ' T A - .,,... 75? .Q- - - A.,-f , , -. .fx-1,-f, - ,7 -. .W - - d.".ef,.-ngw 1 'px , ' -4- '--, ff, 4:7- Y - .'F: V. . . " " ' ' ' t ' 5.411----2.5.3 .sz ' af '-T on-55. l- U1lTIlIflHCl1lSS1WllillT A ll If III XVILLI.-XM HOXVARD CARSON JAMES FRANKLIN MAYNARD HARRY AUSTIN co RICHARD RR. XVILLIAM RORLRI' I IQUGIQNL GLORGL XVIIQLI EAM HAROLD MURRAY I' VERNON THIERS HAMMAN HENRY FRED HANSI-:N ALRRLIJ CHI XVILBUR if JOHN XVILLI.-XM KLUBERG MATTHEW' MIINKII ow NEIDHARDT NELSON RASMESSEN IAM RIEGEL ILIAN ROCHI: RT CARL ROOS OLLINS SAYRE LEROY STOLL STQTLER, JR. UR SWANSON WIILLING WILLIAM GEORGE XVHYTE NORMAN ROBERT LIEBLING JOHN RICHARD YOUNG I O H I' T IH ll PEARL HEL CAROLYN GERALD BETTY EVELYNE B FLORENCE GAIL IRENE GEORGIALEE BU MARY EDNA COLBH 'I I I A MARJORIE BUENAS 6 ROSS ADELAIDE ROSEMALY D DOROTHY BELLE D ALICE SPOTTSYVOO BETH LOUISE FOVVLER 1"L ANT IARIE KUNZ ENDAHL HTBODY R LOWRY E MEIXNER E MERRINER IIIDDLETON EMARY MILLER ES DIANE MOORE ICOL MORSE IZABETH NICOLL VIRGINIA PALEREY ' IIARDING PARKER ' IIVEARLJORIE LENORE REISZ . wma V, , L. gy JANE ELIZABETH HADDENQ, 1 FRANCES ROBINSON FRANCES ARLENE HO s t gig f'- 5 .IIQ ,Q 4 ,E,I 3 JEANNE LOIS SCARRATT I , 'I I.. - ZI. f ,T , , " 1 r - lvg t E 3 It ELAINE HOOD M K tm , I I Ir ABETH SQ HVVARZ HELEN MARGARET JES I .EIA IV I hf,i,5 QV GARET LOUISE SCOTT f l A A 'A S, FANNY LA VERNA JONES DOROTHY EMILY SOUKUP MARION ADA KAESER VIRGINIA LEE SXVANN RUTH FELPS XVEAKLY P O Ilill 'IIIE ClASS ill: IQ57 .ALLEN Ii. IERLIBARFR E. FRANLLXE l'.FIiYHUI.'I'X PrI'.rII7'e71I, Fifi! Smrzmlvr VfI'B-I"rp.I1'ffrf1f, I"jf,If SI'111I',III'1' OFFICERS :XLLEN E. BRUBAKER . . PI'l'Xil!l'7lf, First Sfnlfsfcr E. FRANCIS FERNHOLTZ VIN-P1'1'IIfff'11f, First Sl7Hl6'5fL'l' JUNIOR PROM COMMI'l"I'EE ERNEST B. KELLY CllI1i7'IlIH7l PERLE H. :XDLER HELEN D. .-XLEKSIUN VI.-XIVIES C. RACKS ROBERT K. B.-XUERLE IQRLINO R. BERG IR.-I KI. BI,I'I'zs'I'EN Ri.-XRY I". BRANOI' -I.-XNVI' H. BU'1'I.ER lil-1' l"1 Y .-X. BYERS .AXR'I'HI'R B. COI,LINs I' U llmfx J 'I'w,ff1I 'I HUGH I". IVOWLER CLARAIIELLE MQKINLAY GERAIOIJ IQ. NIARURAVE RqARY Ii. NIQOLL NIOLLY R. CDNYEN ROBERT D. PARILOW XVILLIAM R. PERSHALL. MICHELLE RESNIOK JACK Rl'liIf4 IVIARGARET L. SCOIII' A. JANE SEAMAN Rf1ARGUERI'I'E C. SHERIDAN IVIATHILDA C. SIMPSON NIARY M. SOLON :XLBERT STERN .ALBERT TRIEBEL, JR. CHARLES F. ,TUXHORN HENRY M. WILSON, JR. IJENE XV. ZAHN, JR. illlf C1Ass of 1951 IRA M. BLITZSTEN LEROY HAYMAN ROBERT' L. HICKS BE'l"1'Y -I. PROUTY MARGARET E. BAKER MARJORIE M. BOE If '- WP A A' I R-w , .qxk""fHl'P"" MARY M. SOLON RIIBIERT D. P.xR'1'1.Ow Vim-Prfsi4h'111,Suuornf Svfzzvster l'f'uvJliur1l, .Sumzni Svuzrxfvr OFFICERS ROBERT D. PARTLOXV. . . . . . PI'l'XIff6'llf, SCFOIIKI Srzzzrsffr IXIARY IVI. SOLON. . . .,.. Virr-Prfsiflwzf, Srcomf Sf'n1rm'r SENIOR JACKET COMMITTEE PERLE H. EXDLER. . . , . . C'0-Clmif-mfm CARROLL E. SNYDER. . , . . ,Co-Clmirnmu IVIOLLY R. OWEN IVIATHILDA C. SIMPSON IVIARGARET L. SCOTT RO1.aER'1' L. STEELE HARRIET B. VVH1'1'E ILLINOIS UNION BENEFIT DANCE J zffl ior Ex fff-1 lffiff' Cf 11111 nirmf JAIVIES C. BAGG . , . , Clmirmfm EVGENE G. YOUNG Tfckrz' Connfziffre XVAL'I'ER C. BROWN ARTHVR D. IVIAXYKINSON NAOMI R. ERICKSON D. ROBERT ROSENTHAL .ALEXANDER L. HACQLUND Pzgf- fm ll 1' T ry r -3' EXLBERT H. BITZER Ross YV. SMITH 'Illlf 111.1455 ill: 1958 Prufhffzzf, Ffrfl Srvzfffer Prafhffrzl, Svromz' Sevzexter O F F IC E R S ALBERT' H. BITZER. .... Presfflvzzf, First Svzzzrstm' JACK C. NELSON, . , . , . Vife-Presiflfnf, First Sfmestar ROSS VV. SMITH . , . ...... Presidwzf, Sfcwzzl Srnzcyter VV. STUART POTTER . . ,View-Pzfyiflwzf, Sffoml Swzzesfcr SOPHOMORE COTILLION COMMITTEE LAWRENCE A. KERNS, , 4,.4.....,A..A Clmirmfm BURTON L. BASKIN YVILLIAM J. BOWEN INEZ CAUDERA HELEN M. DAY JEAN D. DONALDSON DEAN C. CSARVEY NELL R. GERE LAWRENCE O. GOODMAN DE LORIS E. HENDRIX GAYLE HUBBARD JOHN D. HYSON SYBILLA KEELER CHARLES S. KENNEDY DORIS G. KREVIS DWIGHT VV. LANOHAM MARY' M. LEASE ELEANOR E. MCCARTY JACK C. NELSON MARJORIE E. NEWKIRK JOHN C. f3,BYRNE ILLINOIS UNION BENEFIT DANCE Sojvlzozlzwn' Exfclzfiifr Cozzznzittff MARTHA H. PEACOCK EDITH G. SILVER RICHARD S. SIMPSON JOSEPH TARRE XVILLIAM R. TODD TVENDELL W. TURNER BABETTE TWAITE JOSEPH VASTA ROY M. WILKINS, JR. ROBERT E. XVOOLDRIDOE HARLAND D. XVARREN. . Y ,........... Chairman LYNN VV. RENNE LOIS T. RIGOE Tickft Cozzzzzzftfve TRUTH Ii. CLARK DORINE L. DIEHL EDITH ROPIEQUET TRAETON YV. IJENNIS :XNITA D. PEARSON RI'I'A E. ROSIN I f ll 11,-!Tfmlv XVILLIAM B. PEORAM F' Tllf. CI.ASS ill: 1959 V A , O rx? . p 'fig .Ls GEORGE W. IQININGHAM RIQHARD V. 'lInL'SDII.1., Jlx P f-1-,v1'. I 1'f1 1, S.'.'fm.i S A'f11,4A nf P1-.ami 1-f1 f,Fff.IlNI'n1I'I!I'f OFFICERS RICHARD V. rIIRUSDELL, JR. . . . .Pr-vsiflmzf, Fi:-If Sfmrmv- GEORGE YV. KININGHAM . . . , . Prexiflauf, Sfmml Swmzmfr JAMES IA. KOCH . . . ,Vim-P1'mIrfrf1f, Svfrnlff Srzlnxvfrz' FRESHMAN FROLIC COIVIMITTEE CHARLES VV. SIGERSON ..,.,.,. Gwzrrnf Cfznzlrnmxz BETTY L. ALVEY LOIS H. HANLON PAULINE A. INEXVIUN EILEEN M. BALL IVIERLE A. HUNTER HOWARD J. RUSSELL PAUL J. BAUMAN ROBERT P. IQAISER IJORIS R. SCHMELzLE MARY F. BEIFUSS IQARL F. KRAUS ANITA C. SHERIDAN 'III-IURL C. BOWERMASTER EUGENE P. LIERMAN JANET D. SIMPSON HELEN C. DASENBROOK CIIHOIVIAS H. IAf'ICCAR'l'Y HOWARD E. SLIIIEQK JAMES DU MOLIN LOUIS G. IVIABEE VIRGINIA A. SNORF JOSEPH GOLDBERG STEWART G. MORRISON GLENN E. VVILSUN IVRESHMAN DAY COMMI'l"IIEE RICHARD V. TRLISIJELL, JR. . . . Gfnrrnf Cfznirnnnz BARBARA K. .'ARMS'I'RONCi LENORE R. GOODMAN R. JOSEPHINE :AIIl.I.ER BEVERLY BRANNIN ROBERT E. JOHNSON IDAULINE A. NEWTON J. GARTH ELZEA :ANITA P. KNAPP GERALDINE R. INICKELI AVALLACE A. GILLESPIE EUGENE P. LIERMAN CHARLES XV. SIOERSON JOSEPH GOLDEERG IIIRIC VV. SMITH, JR. ILLINOIS UNION BENEFIT DANCE FI'l'.fl1?11H7l Exffzzffiw' Cvfllllllllufffl' STEWART G. IAIORRISON . . . Cflmirzmuz PAUL J. BAUIVIAN BILLIE IJ.-XI.I-LY Tifkft Cwfllllllljfffl' BETTY L. :ALVEY L. LOI'ISE LARSON GLEN AI. SI.I'SSI,R IVIAURICE L. EDGAR EILEEN IXIAYER JOHN AVOGT PAULINE A. INEWTON lu- ff-I n 1 1 Y Qs sf - ' ' 'us .-hex f' ' . " Ov-,A 2 , y fi 4- -K 9' ' v , u Q -. 5' 4, ,v 1 ' ,, H Si-'.:5:614.w.4--., ,. - - - N I -y-3, .1 . Nqat lu H'-'-x5S- .-, I '- -s- 4 - - .- -'P-nr, '- .-:,. ..- . , - , , 1 .- , . M . 1 7 -. Q I Q,-sxiffww, -. 51010- '! it . .1 ,, 4- efwe. .,-nq., ' 1 '.f','s-H ..- , - -.,,,-.,---P- A 5 .,.1-- - -.....,-, W HSL VL- K4 - VV- . .,.V ' f'f-x:...-,Wg " ' f .,,,, ' -1, .. -1i"4d"'-ir.. V.. 4 . fx-" ..-: .. N X SCIIIIIJQSTIC Illllvlllls ll 1 Q l 44' Qhk . I . X ll" IHI ll llfl fil IIF' ll" ZQK ll" IHI ll N p,gQ 'XT I 1.7 ISQJLIIIQICLI, University Of Nlaine, 1897 i Fifty Active Chapters X i I ILLINOIS CHAPTER 5 Q f 1 0 3 H0lI0l'Il1Sf flu' lzfglwsf ,wfzofnryfzip F AC U LTY Rumba FXDAAIE, Ph.lJ., ID.Sc. IQUBI-KT D. C.-XRMICIII.-Nfl, Ph.D. .XH'l'HL'R R. fRATIIURNl-, PILIJ. XVIIIIXKI A. FOSTER, B..-XITII., A.E., A.I.A. ENIII YV. IJFHKIANX, HC., ILE., A.E. GRADUATE FRANCI: U. Alun, JN. OTTO K. HI HRI-'Nb DON,-xl D M. IIROWN YVEQLM' S. CHI-I LI!l1'I'lI! flrfx nuff S RIk'lIXllI1 .XLI YN NI.-XRGARFT M. CH.-XPIY JEANS XV. CLEAIINT EIJNA M. EIIWAIIII5 VVIILI.-RRI S. FIEHMAX Ffuxxc J. FORNO1-E RICHARD C. II.-XII. IImx'.xuD P. HI'I'fxl-I: JOHN O. Huxxuln, Ju. Is.-IDORE A. IQARIII-QY, Ju. Luwmwcr. NV. LASAOI CI.ARIIzFI. LIE YVIIRIA V. RICIIHIIII- L1-Ulf I'IAxlIzH'K, Ju. CLAIM K. SIIYI.-KY Nlwmw I.. Whit. CdHgwqfPMvmn I'.I1xx'.x1:I1 ,Iam IINX Al ISIMII' K.. Klxr, RILIIAHD K. C ermv K Vmmx, D. CLIVE-AR XVILI 1.-mx R. CI'R'1'1f LLOYD VV. Dam' CITATIONS ' IVIARI.-X LEOS.-mn, A.M. NI.-XTTIH-XV 'l'. NIQCLUIIE, P W'II.LIAnI A. OLn1f,xTHI'R, PILD., LL.D. HERBERT J. RFIQH, PILD., M.E :ARTHUR C. XVILI..-XRD, BS., D.Eng., LL.D. SC H O OL' P. G.xKH1ca1': INIIERRILI, C. QIAY XVILLI.-nt E. IIANFORD EL'GIiNI-1 II. HVFEMAY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY t'1f'11u'5 Coffrgf of Ezzgfzzrwrffzg :XLBPRT BITTI-IR ROBERT P. IgHXYl3l'I'k'I'I RLBI-RT P. CARTHI XVAI.I..arE A. IJ!-Al'l' CORIIIN L. Jr'I'l'vrx JOHN: W. LL'cF ISLWBPRT C. RETIIFIH-Orw III-'XJAIXIIN 'I'. SEMI VVALTIR C. STRAIQHNH - w f. L I'RTIs C.. I XI Ht-T CYUIXFQQK' of LIITL' C.-X5XYIfl,l, J. CMI:- Hman H. Lum .Y Lj!'l'Ill'.I' Sfflffffl LHN'IXN'llNl l..KO1f.xlx1 ki ISIIXX xrl- If. Vu HDR I f llww . l'f.ff1x-fm. IIIHIII' J. Swv- Coffrgr of Efllllxllfiffll XVIII..-XNDF E. CLETENGER NIILDRFD M. FI-:I,nxlAN :ALICE M. IIARRINOTON PHILLII- R. IQASIK CATH.-XRIYE P. Mt'IvI'x'Rr ISIQNATA L. IIPI-.IL BLANCHI-2 M. Rmxux MI- LYINA E. XVAY , . CU!!t'gl' of flgl'lL'1I!flll'U .ARTHUR E. CUI.I.ISUN M. ELIZ,-XBE'IH Ilmzulsuw IJUNALD F. MQMILIIN Ii.-XTHFRIXE A. XVHITF VV.-ILTER J. XVILLS LUPRATYF Xx7UUI,I,I5Y CUHf'g1' of Filll' fffff IQUBERTA B. ELVIS Nluzctx XV. LIN' YVAIJIAEIQ U. Juuxfux NORMAN C. 1..aEI-I-'nz NI.-XRLIX T. LI-i1f1fI.Fu STEXV.-KRT L. 'I't'cKI'v Coffrgf' of Cfm1n11'rrP HARVET' XV. CI-'HT THL7BI.AS R. I'ilI.I. ROBERT B. JI-:Nmxs JOHN R. L.-HTIMI-:R FREDERICK L. IVIILLI-'R ROBERT V. INII'I'L'HELl. RIERLE W. MYERS CLARKE L. SHABINO Coffagf of .wnfirizzr DU.-INE D. D.'XRI.INfi IHIOXV.-XRD E. DORTON EYFRFTT Omixxcx Sffzool of JUIIIVZIIXIXIII JUNE E. PARSONS P.iL'L L. STR!-'IT JOSEPH H. SLAIAIERS VV. PHII I Il'5 'I'A1,EO'I' ,. 1 'A ' 'I' E Q12 A J : 1 '7"'9 .' E ECW?-455 I: . . A 5 5 . -W ri gd, 3.37. ISABEL L. JXD.-RMS WARREN AMBROSE JEAN ARMSTRONG HARRX' BANOEF MARS' L. BROXVN IVIARGARET M. CI-IAPIN JAMES W. CLEMENT VIOL.-A R. DUNB.-KR PETER G. DUNCAN WILLIAM L. DUNN IVIILDRED VV. EAsTON EDITH G. BROOK ROBERT H. BRUNSMAN PAUL J. COOKE TXHEODORI-I L. AGNEXV, PHOEBE J. .ARDEN DONALD G. BOTTERON MARY E. BROXVN LOUISE B. FENOGLIO H.HROLD O. FICHTE FRANK VV. FISK NORMA FLOYD WILLIALI R. FORSYTHE BELLE M. FULLERTON PIII lllf'l'.4 KAI' Founded, WIIIIRIII :Ind IVIRIJ' One Hundred Twenty-tWO A Collvgc, 1776 Ctivc Chapters GAMMA OF ILLINOIS CHAPTER To jrromofzf scfzofrzrxfzip nm! ffifillfi 111111 g'7'fIIflHIf1'5 of AIIZEVIFIII O F F I C E R S EDXVARD H. CAIWERON, Ph.D. .. ,..... Presiffmzz GUY A. VF.-XXVNEY, PILD. . . . . . .Vife-Prfsificrzr .ANNA L. NEUBER, A.M. . ..... Serrezmy JASPER O. IDRAFFIN, M.S. . . .. .Trm.rnrvr HONORARY MEMBER .ALBERT J. PI.-KRNO, ILS., LL.B., LL.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY IWvn1f2z'1'5 elertnf in I7Wf1rf1'1, 1935 FRANK FORNOI-'E RICH.ARD C. H.iLL .ALICE IVI. I'I.-KRRINGTON LIOXVARD P. LII-iTZNER JOHN O. LIONNULD JOHN HUTCIIIYSON IS.-XDURE A. Ii.-XXIII-iN Ii.-IRL F. KREI-Is LAUR.-KNCE VV. LAS.-XGE EVELYN M. LAURENCE CLARIBI-QI. LEE MARGARET L. LEHMANN .ALTA H. LEWIS WII.hI.A V. NICBRIDE LIRACE Nil-IIER LUCRETIA M. NIICHELS NIARSHALL E. MILI..ER AI.LEGR.A C. NIONTGORIERY BE.-XTRICE PIERSON EDXV.-KRD B. PI..-KTTNI-'R PERRY H. PLUIXIMER, JR. -Wl'Il1I1f,7'5 rfffizvl in Ocfofuv, 1935 THELIIIA E. IJ.-INNER MAUIIE NI. DiJ1..AN .Www If IRUSAR IO A. GAzIANO CL.ARENCE J. CIOODNIGIIT MARJORIE R. IIARTMAN JULIA J. HENDERSON ELSA L. HOHENADEL HELEN F. JACKSON .ANNA L. JENSEN CLAYTON KIRRIIATRICK, NI.-XXINE L. IQITTFRM.-KN WILLIAM S. FISHIIIAN MARY L. FRUIN wry 6ll'CfFIl in Iwzzrffz, 1936 NIARY M. KOORS LEONARD S. liR:XL'5li :ALBERT II. IQRUSI-RI.-ARK FLIIOIXIAS A. RIICALI IRUTH MO:III4R XVILLIAAI B. RIUNNHN DONOYAN PRATT JR. ERIORY K. RMS NANCY F. RII.k'X' hip anmzzg sfznfwzts 1 Coffrgvs INIIRIABI SAVAGE IVIAURICIC C. SCHEXYE CLARA K. SILYIAN ALBERT SIMON DIARY C. SMITH MARION C. SI-IYEY W. 1-,HII.1.lI'S rr.-XIBIV1' ANNA K. VON ALAIEI- CARL J. WEINAIAN RI.-XRIAN L. WOOD IDICK II. XVOODS EDNA M. PR.-K'I"I' NI.-XRGARPIT S. SHAW CJFRALD KI. XXYIIITXIXY ROBERT ROGI-Rs IRICII.-XRD A. SCIINI-IIIII. XVILLIAKI SIIAXXUY IKIRKFR SMITH IRLJTH SOAIAIIR Ii,-XRI. XV. rrli0K1.-X MARION A. XVII I IIAI YV.-ALTER S. YVORAINI-R .'xL'DREY IQ. XIUDI R PA IH' If-I il-.uw I T9I.-I:I.- 's ,o lllfi!-I GANIDIA SIGIWIA N Founded, University of Illinois, 1913 Thirty-Eve Active Chapters ILLINOIS ALPHA CHAPTER To mzcozzrngf and 7'l"ZL'1Il'll yrlzoffzmlzip nfwzg the Huff of ffzzsfufss nffi-vffy among 51111191115 and grrlflllntfs of coffegfs of l'0lllNl6'I'fl? and business l?f17Ili7li5f7'flfi07l .ANTIILR Cl. JXYDFREON, C.E., PILD. ERNEST L. BUG.-KRT, PILD. W1LL11.1x1 Ii. BRTTTDN, A.M., j.D. PEMRRDRT-1 ll. BROXYN, I'li.D. Im.-XII. IJ. CUNYPLNSI-T, A.M. Lasm. R. IJll.l,.-XYUU, A.M., j.D Il.1.x'muxD EINHORN, 13.5. FRANK A. I'iI-TTER, I'h.D., LL.D FAC ULTY IFIORACE M. CRAY, Pl1.D. IQIOXVARD A. I"IAZLIiTUN, B.S. Louis M. KEss1.ER, B.S. DAVID IQINLEY, Ph.D., LL.D. EDVJARD C. KONCHAL, B.S. .ARTHUR LINCICOME, B.S., C.P.A. Simox LITMAN, Dl'.JUT-1lUb.CtRCT.C3H1. ANAx1As C. LITTLETON, Ph.D., C.P.A. I Ol gm S I x .0 L I ...f ii I' 2 fl ,,. X I HALE L. IQEXVCUM1-LR, M.S., C.P.A. IVIAURICE H. RoB1NsoN, I'l1.D. FKEDERIC A. RUSSELL, Ph.D. ALTA G. SAUNDERS, A.M. CHARLES F. SCHLATTER, M.S., C.I".A. HIRAM T. SCOVILI., A.B., C.P.A. CHARLES L. STEWART, Ph.D. CHARLEs M. rI'H01Wl'SON, Ph.D., LL.D., EDWARD -I. FTLBEY, PILD., C.l'.A. JOHN YV. IVICMAHAN, M.S. Litt.D. CH.-KRLFS J. GAA, 13.3. CHARLES M. XVHITLO, M.S. GRADUATE STUDENTS EARL XV. IRAYIS HERBERT YV. DLSTIN CLARENCE R. PLANKENHDRN 11.-XNALD G. RUCKER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Srnfors J1'5Pl'li I- ADI-ER, JR- .IARIES L. DEI'I.ER EVERETT L. HOLLIS ROBERT V. MITCHELL 'I-KNEE R. BLAKEIXIORE HAROLD V. GEBHART WILL.iRD H. KERR IVIERLE W. MYERS XVIIIIARI C. BERT H.XRX'EH' YV. GEIST C.-XRLYLE F. WEINBERGER Jzmiorx Hxgiigx 1ZmRs'rRix XVILLIAIXI A. PARRISH HENRX' N. PIEPER PAUL A. SMITH ,ISHN VV. KIl'HP'RC, Pzgr fm-1 ll-.riff I Tflfffv--'lx Il NORYILLE J. ALLEMAN, M.S. HAROLD E. BABBITT, M.S. ALI-'RED E. BADGER, M.S. MORGAN BROOKS, Ph.B., M.E. ALFRED C. CALLEN, M.S., E.M. ALBERT P. CARINIEN, D.Sc. RICHARD K. COOK, Ph.D. HARDX' CROSS, A.B., B.S., M.C.E., D.Sc. BYRON T. ID.-XRLING, B.S. THOMAS J. DOLAN, M.S. MELVIN L. ENGER, M.S., C.E. NEWTON E. ENSIGN, M.A. WILLIAM N. ESPY, M.S. MAURICE K. FAHNESTOCK, M.S. MAX A. FAUCETT, M.S., E.E. JULIAN R. FELLOVVS, M.S. GEORGE R. FINK, B.S. GEORGE K. GREEN, M.S. STANLEY G. HALL, M.S. CLARENCE VV. HAM, M.E. HAROLD N. HAYWARD, M.S. RANDOLPH P. HOELSCHER, M.S., C.E. JOHN S. CUNNINGHAM MILTON E. ELIOT EDGAR J. LUETZELSCHWAB All BETA Founded, Lehigh University, 1885 Sixty-Seven Active Chapters ILLINOIS ALPHA C HAPTER To mark in a ffifllg manner those who have conffrrffl honor on their Alma Mater by flisfingzzisherl scholarship ami exenzpfnry clzaracfer as zmdergradzzaffs, or by tlzfir atfaimnents as alumni, and to foster a fpirit of liberal cufturf in fha e'nginr1'ri1zg sclzoofs of .ffznfrica FACULTY WHIT'NEX' C. HUNTINGTON, M.S., C.E. TT.-XRYEY H. JORDAN, B.S. ALBERT JORGENSEN, M.S., E.M. CHARLES A. KEENER, M.S., E.E. EVERETT E. KING, M.S., M.C.E. ABNER R. KNIGHT, M.E., M.S., E.E. CHARLES T. KNIPP, Ph.D. SEICHI KONZO, M.S. JOHN O. IQR.-KEHNBUEHL, M.S., E.E. REINHOLD F. LARSON, M.S. OSCAR A. LEUTWILER, B.S., M.E. HERBERT F. MOORE, M.E., D.Sc. NENV'L1N D. MORG.AN, M.S., C.E. JOHN M. NASH, M.S. ELLERY B. PAINE, M.S., E.E. GEORGE W. PICKELS, B.C.E., C.E. JOSEPH A. POLSON, B.S., M.E. LORING H. PROVINE, B.S., A.E., A.I.A. RUSSELL H. REED, B.S. HERBERT J. REICII, Ph.D., M.E. ERNEST A. REID, M.S., E.E. FRANK E. RICH.ART, M.S., C.E. GRADUATE STUDENTS TILEORD A. OLSON EMORX' G. RLITHERFORD EDWARD C. SCIIMIOT, M.E. FRED B. SEELY, M.S. THOMAS C. SHEDO, M.S., C.E. CARL E. SRRODER, M.S. CLOYDE M. SNIITH, E.M., Ph.D. ERNEST I. STOUFFER, M.Arch. EDWARD W. SUPPIGER, M.S. .ARTHUR N. TALBOT, C.E., D.Sc I' D.Eng., LL.D. HOWARD R. TIHUIVIAS, C.E., M.S. CLYDE L. THOMPSON, M.S. JAMISON XI.-KXVTER, M.S., C.E. EDWARD H. WALDO, M.S., C.E. H.AROLD M. XVESTERGAARIB, I'lI.D Dr.IrIg., Dr.Techn., D.Sc. HERBERT L. WHITE, B.S. CARROLL C. WILEY, B.S., C.E. .ARTHUR LL.D. C. WII.I.ARD, B.S., D.Eng WILBL'R M. WILSON, M.M.E., C.E. :XRTHUR L. YOUNG, M.S. EVERETT G. XYOUNG, M.S., M.E. FR.-XZ!-QR R. TL'RRI-'NTINE FENNER II. WVHITLEY, JR. ALBERT E. BITTER WINSTON E. BLACK ELBERT P. CARTER ROBERT VV. CLINE WALLACE A. DEEP FRANKLIN H. DUBSKY GEORGE P. ENTRERIN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLIFFORD B. CTR.-XHAIYI PAUL G. GRAY D.-KYID K. H.iRRIS YVILLIAM E. HENDRICRSEN ROBER'F C. HIERONYMUS GORDON I. JEPPESEN XV.-XYNE G. JOHNSON IQAYRIOND J. KOWALSIQI CTI-IURGE IQRAIXIBLES RICH.-XRD W. LEUTXVILER JOHN W. LUCE CLARENCE A. PIPPIN ROBERT C. PITNEY EDGAR A. POST EUGENE C. ROBERTSON NORMAN SCHOEPPEL BkXJ.-XBIIX T. SPAR LESLIE SII.I'ERIxI.-YN HERBERT SPR!-.Nfl-I J.-KIWES H. STEIN D.-XLE D. STREID CURTIS G. TALBOT JAMES D. 'IIAYIUR XVI NSTON J. VV.-I Y NF PQ. OHL' Hursfv'-1 I ICA I' PPA lllflfk Ifuiiiiclcnl, University of I11inois, 1911 Ninety-four Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER To 1'111'o11r11g1' in its 111111111205 I7 fziglzer degree of 1101106011 fu Joffuf .fI'l'I'it'l' ffy C175 fosfrrizzg high f11f1'fl1f1'f1111f 117111 jv1'r51n111f 5f11111f11rffx Iillfillg the prriofz' of lJ7'l'I7l17'HfI07l for ft'IIL'lIi7lg, 11ml 1113 l'l'1'0glliZi7lg Olffifflllfliilg ,vc1'iJi1'11 Ciiaiai is Xl. AX: i rw xvll xiiia O. .Xi :'i'iwM O1 .Ai R, B1 URIQll1:'I' Nleuu' II. IIULFY NVALKI-'R E. QV.-XR1l'Bl-'IL 7 IAUIIXI E. Ciixvrgmw Axxfx L. 11u'r'I'iwi-11111, fl.-UL 13m'x'1'ux CI..-KRICF I. 13i11mix1Ax Bi..-my xiii L I ixii XVILIIARI R. Umim Iimmxi II. L'4wll4'1'Rlr.11T Cl new Ii E. IJ,u'1w1w Iwi VH '1'. Cimnxi Li sri ua J. llimxi lluwui' P. Gun r ix M AI Am' K. Ihvrx .lui NI. IIiiuux1.i.ix PQ U11 ll-.ff1f.i I'f11i!1'-fzgfrl in flzf frld of ljfjlffatiofl MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 11111111113 ,MIl'1' 1935 Oil-'F fNI.Ax XV. Davin CUXSTANCH H. F11,Bi.x jusEP11 S. c1FRBliR IJIYA R. Luuxmi J PI.-'KROLD E. INI.aL'ru-:R S. Sus.-xv IVIITCHELL Vmcaixie. L. NLIBLE -Il-1.-KNNI-"1'l'E NKJRTON INIICIIAIPL .-X. Rum Ifziffzzfrs, ff11g11Jf, 193 5 Viuoixu C. Foyrvu Luo H. KZRAHAINI IXIARY E. H.aMI1.T1w II.aim1.D L. Huxnu lumix. INI. Ii.-KTZ XVI-'RXUN XV. lil-'I ix Illifj x7lfR.X R. IIIQKEY 11111, DI't'l'7l Ccmniie A. K.-xxwxmgiii R .lhxcri C. I.iii'ui,u FI1XY.XRl'! L. NI.-KIHC AUGUSTA Kiuviz WVARRFN VV. IQRUGHOFF IEDXVIN E. Luxc Fnmxciis R. Mom-1 Miskiu G. NIUURE c1l,IFl'0l4D F. Ram , - lfwr, 19.33 'I'u1,urmRE A. Niimx l'i.XTIll-LRIXIQ SIKIVSUN Pun I is Swxnru NI,-UCAIURIP E. STAx1.m' ll A 3 - , E 5, 4- . W' ' :",' .1v- f , ', Vu ?'fSMZ"? s.-C: 1 " 2' if lx' 7. 1. U BLAXQHE M. RAMUX fNI.xr4Y XV. SKINNER Mmuox VAN Siciqug NIELYIXA E. WAY CARQIJNE E. NVELLES I'.aL'L1xE M. Illlilbl-.I,B.-KUCH :XLBIIRA RuBm1'rsuN NIAE SCHLIQHTMAN NETTIE F. VAN f1lLDlfR Durcorux' F. Vasu E. GER'i'RuDii XVY 1.1.5 HELEN K. S'I'UL"IIl'.NHHIQUCGH Rox' VV. Swixmiu. NI.-XRIE E. 'I'x'1.r3R .XNXA K. vox Aimux , QQ an ll- -I ROBERT D. .-XRAIS'I'ROxG 'WINIFRPZIB K. BURRETT ARTHUR E. CULLISON ROBERT C. ECKI-IARDT ARTHUR E. FISHER FRANK C. PI.-XRRISON KENXE'I'll R. BExxE'I"r BERNARD B. BOIIREN JANIES C. BRUNER .4l.l'll llf-IA Founded, Uhio Stutc University, 1897 Forty-one Active Chapters MORROW CHAPTER National Hwzorrzry ffgriczzffzzrnf F7'lIf1'7'1lif'1' FACULTY LH-'URGI-Z H. IDUNG.-KN, Ph.D. EAIIL XV. LEHx1Axx, ILS., HI-Q., .LE W'I1,I.IAu VV. XVJXPV, I'h.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY IRICHARD P. Ii.-XRTM.-XY IQOBFRT W. LIUGHES EARL M. LUTZ DONALD F. NIC'NIILl.EN NI.-XI.COL1X1 H. RIICXHCK.-XR ROB1-1RT R. COPPER DUN.-KLD B. FERGUSON Seniors ROBERT H. NIO.-YI'5 HOMI-:R E. NIONTGOIYIERY ROBERT B. RIUSGRAYE RL'SSEI.L T. ODELL DURWARD J. PADDOCK fzmiorx CIi.iRLE5 K. LANE WPIRNER L. NELSON 1'AL'L L. 1'OIRO'I' ILAROLD WV. SMITH RIURINI.-XN R. LVRQIQH.-KRT xv.-XI,'I'l-.R XVILI S NYRON L. VVIIRAII rx' IRLIY.-Xl.D T. RANSOR XVILLI.-XXI C. XVALRIR NIAX KI. NVuR'I'I1ING'I'uw Cullisnn Odell Bohr:-n Fc1'guSOn Eckh.11'dt Bumcll VVO1'lhiIlgIOYl Coppur Al'I1lSll'0Ilg MuSg1'uvc HnrriSOn McVicku1' llulkett Bxumr RIOI'lfg0Hli'l'Y Lane NelSOn IXIUIIIS Pwfialuck Urquhart Puimr Run-on Smith XN':Ilkcr NYIHS Lutz Hzlrtmzm FiShrI' Ps' H- fl-.-.IH I Thirty-nmc PIII If-l-A I"OIImlcd, Univcrsity of Illiuuis, SIGIWI 1923 Thirty-six Active Chapters ILLINOIS CHAPTER To r11m1z1'zIg1? fzigfl .fflzofzzzwfzijw among fl'6'5ll77ZF7l IJ.-'KVID NI. LARRABL E, ADVISE RS LB. . ... NV. PHILI ll'5 L.-Kl,B1r'l' ..... .. IIAROI D 0. FICIITIE.. .. XAIILLI.-KAI .L AORERAIAN MALIRILII: V. :XDABIS H.KRlIl.D F. ALLARD GEORGE E. :'XI.'I'ZX1.-KNSBFRGER Louis JXXELROD FRANCIS H. BACHIXI.-KN ROBlfll'l' P. BEAR RICI1.iliD O. BEITEL FRANK BELL EUGENE BLAIR WILl.I.ANI B. BROWDI-QR WINETIIN E. BLLLINGTON JOHN V. BURKE XVAYI..-AND B. CEDAROLIHT ABI-L CIIARNES DANIFI. K. CIIINLUND BERTRAM R. CUHEN ARNIII D L. CQIIIN R. HAROLD COLVIN WARRI-'N K. CONI-'ER JOE V. CRABTRFE HARLAN C. CRAIG JAMES H. IJAVITT MILES S. DUWE MEMBERS HAROLD R. EKROTH HANS R. FADLIM JOE B. FEHRENBACHI-'R WII.Ll.iR1 M. FOLGER FREDERICK YV. FRANLIK HAROLD E. GOI-:RE LANVRENCE O. CIOODMAN STANLEY L. GOODMAN KENNETH M. GORDON NIURRIS L. LTR!-ZEN J. ILUBFRT GREGORY IQERMIT C. KIREGURY IFIAROLD F. HAILMAN IIAMILTON HALL MAX E. HOLLENBECIQ ALLEN C. HREJSA LIARRY F. HYND li.-XRL D. JAHNIQE RLlBF1RT E. JEFFRIF5 LIKORGE L. JOHNSON ROBPQRT L. JOHNSON PAUL H. JONES WlLLI.AlXl R. JONES I'Il-'RBI-'RT D. Ii.-'kS'I'IluN Iflrfzllty f1Ifz'i,rer .Nlxrzior .'1Ji'i,vrr .fnufor .1II1'E'i5er IN UNIVERSITY XVILLI.-UU B. KATZ KENNETH E. KETZEL THOMAS B. K1RKI'A'I'RICK JAKE L. KRIDER IDONALD E. LARIAIORE CARL W. LOESEKE MONTIE IVIAGREE HOWARD A. IXTESSIXIAN JOSEI-H P. IXKIURR.-KY .ALI-iXANIll-'R INIOXVATT THOMAS A. MURI-HY ALFRED M. NEISON PLINY NIJRCIKOSS JOI-IN C. OIBYRNE MICHAEL C. ORLllX'lCH KIEURGE M. OLIDYN NORIMAN A. PERRY .ANTHONY S. POLITO KENNETH B. PUXVLESS IRVING R. ROBBINS JAIKIPQS M. ROBERTNIN C. GORDON ROBINSON PHILIP B. S.-'KDTLER ALLAN K. SCHNEIDI-'R 11 1 1 1 Q 0 X I LEONARD M. SCHOBER AI VIN SILT7ER DALE H. SHICK .ARTHUR P. SIDXVELL JOSI-:I-H C. SINDELAR EDWIN H. SONNECKEN LOU R. SPENCE XVILLIAM M. SPURGEON CRUNDX' STEINER ROBERT T. STICKLIZR Il.-XLPH E. SDDOES EDWIN M. SYVENGEL LOUIS A. TER VEEN RALI-H S. 'IIHORPE JEROME C. TROWE IVIILTON P. VORE RICIi.iRD B. WALKER PHILIP M. WAL'l'ERS JAY J. NVELCH ROBERT E. WOOLDRIDGE HERNIAN E. WUESTENFELD JESSE N. YOUNG ROBERT ZABOROVVSKI JOHN W. ZSEHOCHE Mqmw I I,rII'Inlwu R. jwhn-un IIZIIIIIIHII Sxwngnl Orlnvlch 'Talbot Knsticn Kclzcl Altixmrisbwgci' Tar Vw.-I1 Zfchuche Cuhvu Craig COIIfIr lxlngrcc Spurgvnn Schiwiilci' Lnrimore Krialer Fichtc Hrcjsa llyml Ouilyn Inhnkc Fiuiiuk VV:Ilkcr J. Grrgory VV. Joncs Messman M0l'l'3y RIINIIIIN Smltlcz' SUIIIILTRLII llcll Duwe Robertson Fzidum K. Gregory Pun lufs Gordon Gnckc Cohn Bzichmnn G. johnson Nelson Beitel Polito Sirlwcll Ekroth Shick Yore VVelch Kirkpatrick VVuesIenfeld VK'OOldridge Allard Srltzcr Culvin Young Nlnwzntt I,m-wks Fulgcr O'IIJIIlt' Aclaimu Suzlrles Dnvitt Fchixiihnchur Page Om- ll:m.z' Fm-ly . !lI.l3llA ILIQIWIIIII EI.-IA Foundctl, UIIIX'L'I.SItJv Of Iilintiis, 192-I Twenty-nine Active Chapters A LPHA C HAPTER To wzmzznfgr mmf re'4z4.'1Ir1f fzigfz stwllofarsfzfjv znnozzg thc 'wmmvz of tfzf fl'l'5lZNl117l CIIIXS of thc Ifzzivwsif-v of lflizmix ADVISERS IVIARIA LEONARD, A.M. ..... .. ,Xilriofzfzl Pnriticuf ELIZ.-ABI-ZTH M. LUGRIIARDT. .. . . . .Savior :1IivivI'r FAC U LTY LOUISE B. DUNBAR, PlI.D. ROSALIE M. PARR. PlI.D. IRES!-1 D. I'IEI:sON, .-LB. CATHERINE C. NELSON, A.B. IlUTll A. VV.-kRDAI.L, AGI. MARY .ALDSIT PORTIA M. IALLYN ROSE ALPERT PHYLLIS ARMSTRONG IVIILDRED M. BASS RUTH V. BENNETT GENEYIEYE P. BEST HERTA S. BREITER DOROTHY M. BROEG HELEN T. BURGLUND MARY E. CARD MARGARET E. CARLSON INES CAUDERA DOROTHY L. COLE IVIARGARET M. DAVIS MARY K. DEARTII BARBARA DIRHI- JEAN E. FAIR BETTY Fr-.Els DOROTHY I. FENNELL ROS.iLY'N GENDLFR MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY H. MANINE LII..-'ADDING SHIRLEY L. GOODMAN CAROLINE L. CIREI-'N H.ARRIET J. GREENE ELGENIA E. GURSKIS .ARDETH E. HANN.ilI CENE HARNEY MARY L. I'I.-KRRINGTON DOROTHY E. IIIENRY LUCILE HIESER NIARJORIE H. INNES DOROTHY J. JEN:EN JUNE N. JOHNSON CHARLOTTE H. JOHNSTON ESTHER M. KNUTZ ELEAINOR L. KRUGHOI-E IMI.-KRGARIQT R. KUNZ RLITI1 H. L.-ADD OLIVE L. LAUTERBACII NI.-KRY B. LEIIIX1.-ANN JXXITA LOAIE F. HELEN LONGAIIRE ARIETA M. IX'ICCURXlIL'K NIARG.-XPFT L. INICIQI-il,YI-Y BEULA V. IVICKEY S. EDITII MCKINSTRY JEAN Ih'ICPHFRbON HELEN M. KI.-All-iK JEAN E. NIANN ELSIE M. IhfII'I'L'liFI.I, LII.I.I.-KN F. Moss IVIARG.-XR!-'T .-X. NP1NX'L'L!KIB INI.-XRJURIE H. O'KEI-iEI-1 IVIARIAN B. PIPSPI-'ll .ALICE L. PITTS NI.-RRY M. PIILK NI.-XRY E. RENNIUR NVILNIA A. RlL'H.RI!D BUBBYE M. SCHRIIIHT LOUISE A. SI ITI-'R DIIRIA E. QI Nc.sI'OL'I4 VERNILE XV. QIIIIIE EDITH G. SIIYER HELEN D. SAIITH NIIIDI-if-QD E. Sl'ITI.I"R QDEORGIA A. STANLII-c M. RUTII STEYENEON R. HELEN SUTTON JANE E. 'EIL-Xlil' BILLIE M. IIYH.-XXVI FY INIARG.-XRICT XYAY IIURNI-1 JANET VPiRNlHNI EDWINA R. Xylkfill. SHIRLEY R. NV,-UI ALI-. PEARL NV. XNVARD SHIRLEY E. xv.-X'I'lll-XX'UI4'l'll II!-il.I:1N C. XVELIE LURAIXIA WIP.SbI EILEEN C. WILNYY IMI.-ARI.-ARI F. XIFPH-Y I. .- .....,-..-. -L f 1 " I . . Mn"'?'?d..rALtr2,'y,.:..'al11'v.,:-.1'f'. ,A -' L.. i . . ,..fn Y . I Yepsen Virgil Mitchell Diehl Ladd Armstrong Lauterbnch VS'nI'tl Vernon jtnscn Thgiip Pitper III-ng Chnilltr Sutton Goodman Van Horne McKey Wkittleworth Malek VVIISOII Pitts Silver Alpert Hzinnnh Bust Ulillgicc Minn Ntwwnih FQIICI' SLIIRILI lI,IInIv LWII-If-I-I Smith Fair Krughoff VVrlls Johnston Scngstock Burglund Stevenson Carlson Henry Spitlur Moss I.-Inginire Rt-nnitk Haningtnn llicstr IXICKIIINIIY I.IIqklIgIIIlt Davis Innes Bass Fenncll Btnnrtt McPherson Denrth Kunz Pirrrnn LwII1II'ti PIIII' Ntlmn Dtinhnr .Inhnwn :X4iNll Hun Richiitl Knut: titun Nl I I Pig' fm' llvl It f I Fnvly-our I 1. 1 Q I s su f A R fi 0 Y I. If ...S - I"uumlqd, Cornell Univwsity, 1902 X 'I'hrcc Activa: CIIIIPILTS X fo l'r'L'OglII'Z!' am! jvronmff xffzofrixfzr IIt'lIll'i.'FlllL'71f nnzouy 1 4 .Vfllljfllfi II! l1I'L'!Zlf1c'fl!I'l' If AC U LTY bl.-XIXIPS E. Hruxuu, NLS. Cwws E. I'Ar,Mr1c, NLS. Au'rm'u If. Dr ul, B..-Xrclm., lf..'X..AX.R. Lmuwc H. I'Rm'lwr1, B.S., .-ME., A.I..-X. PRAY!! NL Llercnru, B.S. Erzxl-i5T L. S'ruL'l-WVR, NI..-Xrch. Nuvuv D. Nlmmaw, NLS., LIE. junx E. SWEET, B.S. Rvxbulcn Nnwumxs, .-LM., M.fXrch., EDKIUND F. 'l'u'ru, NLS A.I..fX. ,I -XNIFS G. VAN IJr,Rl'o0l,, B..'X1'cl1. IINIIUNIAS E. O'lDuwxH.r., INLA1'ch., .,X.I.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Smziors Sliuuvxw IL lb xx I. I'u4xl-' Rmlu PALAI, L1 I'IXI.'I'HN XXII 1 Lux S. lxxxvr, ju. NIAkuL'S WV. L1-Vx' IIFNRY R. NICKINLEX' .Munir VV. Fu.-xwnw IIAIUVI n NL Ur nu jun-5. Ill! Y ll I-fi,-I mum .-X. hmm 'Inns VV. VAN NESS XV.-XLTER L. NVEAVRR, ju. 'NL lhvuu ,XRTIIVR R. XVlr.L1.u1s ICAPPA Ifilll All3llA Founded, University of llflissouri, 1909 Seventeen Active Chapters ILLINOIS CHAPTER To recognize high .vclzofnrxlzip in the jozwmzfziynz .frlzoof FAC U LTY CHARLES L. IXLLEN, A.M. PAUL C. MCMICHAEL, B.S. NEIAON H. SIIIRF, ILE., li.D.S. BURRUS S. DlCKIiiStJN, PlI.D. LAWRENCE YV. MLIRI-IIY, .-LN., Litt.D. FRI-DIilL'K S. SIEIerI:'I', ILE., j.D. OTIAIO C. LEITIQII, .-LB. Seniors N.A'F.iLIA M. BELTING EsTHER A. DEUTCX1 ELBERT L. liFRRON PAUL L. STRIIT NIARY F. COMER CONSTANCE E. HAY lvl.-XRY -I. LEISEXRING XV. l'IIII,I,II-s TAI Iftrr fmziori R. FlliLD BEAM RCJBERT L. MCGUIRI-1 AUGLISI' C. SISCO .EDXXIY L. STOLL ROLLIN P. KING PAUL W. NEIIIARDT LYALL F. SMITH ROY VV. ili.-KYLUR GRACE L. LIESENDAHL XYIRGINIA PALFREY LoL'lsE TRIAIBI li llllllllllli I'Alll.lf'I Students who show sustained excellence in scholarsliip during then' junior and senior years are awarded University Honors and have their names permanently recorded on bronze tablets in the main hall of the University Library. Originally the tablets were in the Administration Building, but during the past year their location was changed. These students are given special recognition on Honors Day for their high scholarship. RICHARD ALLYN XVILBUR YV. BETTS ROBERT P. BOWDITCII GLIN L. BROVVDER JAMES XV. CLEMENT HARRX' L. COONRADT FLOSSIE M. CORD HELIVIUT O. DAHLKE VELMA A. DENNY VIOLA R. IDUNBAR MILDRED VV. EASTON EDNA M. EDVVARDS XVILLIAM F. EKSTROIVI LESLIE A. .EPSTEIN EIGIL R. FADUM FERNE M. FETTERS HARRY L. FREDERICK -IANICE E. GREIDER ROBERT XV. GRIM BERRYMAN R. HI'R'r LLOYD M. IOSHEL VVILLIAIVI H. JUDY LOUIS M. KESSLER ROBERT H. liINDERMAN LOWELL KIRRII.-x'I'RICR HAROLD H. KREFEI' LAIIRANCE XV. l..-XSALQE ALTA H. LEwIs QXLIVIA A. iXlCl,.-XIVLQHLIN NORMAN .-X. KlCQL'lbXX'N STANLEY C. XIADER CARREL I". iXlILLER ROBERT B. iXlINGLE .-XRTHIIR l". LRRDAS l'ilVlIVIE'l"l' li. LDRMISTUN CJVVEN sl. REAMER XVILLIAM L. REESF ROBERT C. RE'I'IIERI'oRD HAROLD G. RoE'I"I'c.ER RANALD G. RUCRER LoI'IsE XV. SClll'l3FR'l' LEON SELICQSON GRACE P. SNYDI-IR XVALTER C. S'I'R.IICosII JXLFRFD S. Xvlflll-iCK PI'-fh1.'ll.v-.lf IF TTY 7 Y is s' xx f W6 f xv!!! X, ., .-.V -',a.n-. Lv. -.-X:- .,, . - .,.,A,3.5.11'..,g,5, "I 44' ' -..V ., 4. -fx 1? .w ,..,,,., ,f ,.-S-6,-'wx In -V ',,:....-.,.',--1,-w 'Wir 7373-4- f ':'. 5 "Sr . .1.v1,:. ,.-L mf, .Qi ' " At-j.,,, 52- 556, ., . --. -L- V- : , f . ., , , - F 4. " '- ,-:aft-9-Q' ' - ' Ng Y-: .:-ZZT1---,3,-,'g ' ,-- L --.M-.,- . ' li-if -- , -- ' ' " 5""'-"-- 43,1-5. "R"-'-' 3' . '- , 2 A v -- ffsgz' ' ' 'T -'iff-. A--. .f . ., . . " 2---Armf j s , :-g , .2-f v-"'T 1Lnw4E ' ' f7eg'..y V ' W- - - ,v V- -,- ff :,'....,, M3 V 'G' 'E -, fvfmis llf flllf YEAR .,,.Y -3. 3251 9 'V 1 45 e Our llrmdrml Fuvly-I lfWlflll'l'S Ill: 'Illlf YEAR SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER Golden rule days again-"Hi, Bill," "Howya been, kid?" as upperclassmen meet, freshmen are rushed, be- wildered, and pledged. Frosh listen to words of wisdom in the Auditorium, and then join the Greeks a few days later for their Hrst real taste of University social life at the Interfraternity Dance. The Library becomes the most popular spot on campus as all rush to register in that favorite course. And then the glorious football season. The Illini enthusiasm runs wild as students "mob" the station to welcome the gridtlers after their dazzling l9-O victory over Southern California. Dads are kings for the day and feted at a huge Dads Day dance, although Iowa mars the celebration somewhat by running over the lllini, 19-O. Pep meetings and even a street dance mark Illini pep throughout the season. Pledges run for the honor of their houses in the tradi- tional Skull and Crescent Pajama Race. J I Y Q W N v t ll Dg."Q: 4 x ff 4 L " -nf nf G Q "gift ,Qt , '93 ll I X -, u EWEIUTS 0E 'l-IIE YEAIH NQVEIVIBIQR--DECEWIBER Forward, and the YVorld,s Greatest College Band reaches new heights in formations as they march down the gridiron. The huge bonhre flares as students cheer-on the team for a Homecoming victory. And the team comes through the next day for a 3-O win over lvlichigan as Spurgeon kicks a beautiful field goal from far out. The Block "I" loyally boosts the Illini onward. The football season wanes, and wrestling and basketball hold the spot- light. Hour exams and term papers Suddenly demand attention, but they are soon forgotten in the whirl of social activity. Clarabelle lVIcKinley is crowned Junior Prom Queen at one of the most colorful dances of the year. Greeks again dance together at the second Inter- fraternity, and Independents meet at the Independent Informal. A brief time out for Thanksgiving, and students return thinking of that certain one back home and marking time for the Christmas vacation. T 6' -1 V-fftffs 4.5 2 2 4. in if wie 7 F9 , Q ,fg gf L fi 'f .1 Frfry ,, Q, 7 lj X 5 M ll 5, NNY --N ...,...l--.-. ' -1 5 Ax afwii. ' -. ,ew-Qf,,,g, ' f . fskgiw lfiflflllis IDI: Tllf Ylfflll JANUARY-FEBRUARY 'iThe hardest winter in years," they say, and students donlt doubt the words of such sages as they struggle through snowdrifts to their final exams with the mer- cury hovering around 20 below. But winter doesn't end with the finals. Another new snow storm heralds registration day as students wheedle the clerks for change slips and spend Dadls hard-earned money for fees. Pledges get a break as University oliicials oust the ancient "Hell Week,', and fraternities initiate under the new "Fraternity Daysn plan. Politicians polish up the red apple and pull out that box of last year's cigars as an enthusiastic crowd expresses its opinion at the polls. Skaters put on a sparkling exhibition at the annual Ice Carnival in the skating rink, and the Union sponsors another of its ever-popular popularity contests. For the sophomores the Cotillion was the bright spot of these two months, but the Minstrel Show and "Of Thee I Sing" hit the top with many others. ,-18, Illia.,-......,.. X if ,i 'Q-5. z ,R L: 4 K Q i if I'. I H It 1 AJ? gffkfl I 2 O IH f' n. vw 1 lf17lflll'l'S Ill: -Illlf YEAR MARCH-APRIL With the first touch of spring, the social season really Swings into prominence. Males undergo a real threat but most emerge "unhooked', as the co-eds take the initi- ative and entertain their dates at a leap year dance in Bradley Hall. Hanleyls, the social center of the campus, opens up an annex in the basement and officially christens it "The Chatter Boxf, VVoman's League entertains with another of its teas, and Greeks dance at another Interfraternity function. The VVorldls Greatest College Band again gains the spotlight as it presents its annual concert before a crowd that packs the Auditorium. As the last of the Winter sports, fencing and indoor track, fade out, baseball rears its head, and again comes the hard Ucrackn of wood against leather on Illinois Field. The engineers startle the spectators with their brilliant Electrical Engineering Show. The Illio staff works overtime to check the last of the printer,s copy before Easter. -'ff 'iii ax 'L' 9 f lx ll -11 X 1, EVENTS 0E 'l'lIE YEAII MAY-JUNE lt's spring again, and thoughts turn, not entirely to thoughts of love, but to those fateful days ahead for the seniors and for the activity students. In the interim Mothers are honored at hanquets, plays, and meetings, and the high school students are given a whirl of col- lege life during the annual lnterscholastic Week-end. Track and baseball again come to the fore, and the thinclads burn up the cinders for Illinois. Then in rapid order come the pledging of Sachem and Torch, election to Mortar Board, and the placing of the Ma- Wan-Da plaque on the historic elm. Fraternities and sororities match voices and harmony in the annual Sachem and Shi-Ai sings as the seniors plan for their grand exit. The May Queen is crowned, and superior students are feted at the annual Honors Day. Com- mencement and the last social function for the class of 1936, the Senior Ball, wind up the year. Good luck, grads! 1 Z-: , 1 39 A QVWWW11 F' 1 Q fm? i ,. . 2 . af - 2, 11 if 2.1, '9 ills: ' ' ' M",-14 A-I." A ' ni. , 4, ,s 1 X. ii., A za, ERE. ,hh if fl .LI ,. , , I fl ' lwwf' fi 'fn' ? Q H - , . ,, 'ff 1fl.ll"9fQf.V.5-3fL?5Z'i.s,.,"s A at L ' 5 ' Q figs. .' ',,.- ' 5 , .-vga..- U,-vw ' 9 M A N' TXET-VT - , -"' Q9 ,I f E 1-TQ T ..,. . - -A, ji EI YfV!f ...,.... Y! ....,. , ,.- H-w,,,,...m-. Q l z Qs lf, 9G:.I,,N ff-.::i:2!25algE." I mm. T- Q'-- -T f ,fy - 'ff ix X Q ' 5 F-:Q X .E ,,,Q,,.., . Q 3, ZJEEX fy ,A 'f C ff ,---" -:QSFEU I' - 1--. - f Qi if 1, :q , ff ,Zz- , -lf X , 'mx E r i , T fr , E -Tf'-Jf,f,,.fSX, wJ? 6 2 7 FP ' "i Ai 5 4 ? -w . i X ,X 1 Z 1 .1 'I ic: W 'ff , T M E fi f '! XE X -' ll wh.: I 3 ,wiv-'17, f , 135,44 v- p -1 4, I! 1 F 5 s. g w9.f'4W w ' ,Q 2' 1, ' ' ff .. MW ' D E: --' v" 11, 4' Q xl 10513. ' Wx N L ' x- . "W M Q. WY'-" f : JY Q07 :nun I ' sg " W, il . 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THE ILLINOI S ATHLETIC SEASON AUMEWCADWNBWMWQN KGQTBALL BASKETBALL TQACK QASEBALL CDWJEQXWAQSWYSHXDQTS INTQAMUQAL W ,M www X My lj W '54 RAW Q QV Fw ,wig M Wren wk 5, ,Sv , ltggwgylgw ,Rafi 'ia J fgjgg we 4 M?':, 'J 'L ? 11 ' v '," 'W ' " , QM' ' 'N f' '- K M Y L! H. - N' I - 5- if ,N VV' . H AQ, W4 dl'fi'1?! 'V .21 mi, 'W aw, M , 4 W , A V. . ,fr ,, 'Q ja' v,. .., , .- il- 3 if .Qi 4 1 4 ' N ,ANN yf ' 3 15,3 ,g 'WL , jj. N T X' I , '- 'Ax w , Q A- ' ' . .,, ' . H s , W, M . U55 ' . 3 . A ! M : J., Hffw A -5, I .1 , , ,. V V A.,-C Y W A H H -gnu l ., . M X Q . 1: i, k Q A A- Mi ip f 5 'M QQ, ww -A 1 gg vm. M -5,1 ,wg -0 411 .- A-'A 4- ., wi- " - 'ff 'f 21 'mv fa 1. ,z u r '-'tix-J? 45- ,Mu A WT nw V7 1 I V 11.45. 1g. EL A kv ' L .,v- 'gi Q, ' ,.,v V .I A ., - V , 'Q V ' ' ' .,,,,,A-. I. I IFR' , 1 ' ':ef4f 2 . ff . f f X " 'X w ff N ,fx , 1 5 1 -W QE' E If 45 - X X 1 1 5 R f' ' 6f ffZ, f L' ,- ff! ff X A. 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HUFF 66 97 9 Q .4 eeiemqe T I It is the hope of the University of Illinois Athletic Department that its teams may enjoy the reputation of exemplifying in their play, all that is implied in the Word "sportsmanship" The realization of this desire will be greatly aided if those in attendance at the games will display their appreciation of good manners on the field and Hoor. The members of the athletic staff trust that no one in the stands will in any way disregard the ideals upon which the athletic program is founded, and act in a manner that is unbefitting a crowd representing an educational institution. Athletics in a university can only be justified if those taking part develop a leadership, personality, and character that make them better men. With practically no exceptions the men who represent Illinois in athletics con- duct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. The sportsmanship of Illinois crowds has been famed, but recently there have been disquieting signs that we are not maintaining our previous standard. Let us make sure that Illinois, both on the field and in the stands, displays the best of sportsmanship. dawg? P O II1 gf CHARLES E. BOWL v l'lllf A'lfllI.lfTIC ASSOCIAiIOIU L. IVIICHAEI, TOBIN BIIIIVIIIN .'Ummgf'r Dfrvflor of flffllvlff Publffily BOARD OF DIRECTORS ALFRED C. CALLEN GEORQEE A. HUFF JAMES P. KRA'I'Z XXVILLIAIVI E. CLIFFORD FREDERIC A. RUSSELL MEMBERS OF THE ATHLETIC COUNCIL Fafzrfty 1Wr111bm's OEOROE VV. GORLE GEORGE A. HLIFF EDVVIN L. IDRAPER GUY C. BARNARD JOHN T. IJUFFNER EDVVARD N. HOWARD 4 Q A la' AN I ' A f ' 523-4 , L I' V f 5. E.. QE- 9, , r-Z., .k', dk, R, 'D' ...,- 3 UOBL1-i Ovlil-ICN x'UL'NG:TRL'A! I In ll'.f,1,.I Mfr 1 FREDERIC A. RUSSELL A111111 ni IMl'lll!76'l'5 LI. GLADWYN THOMAS Sfuflwzt 1Ml'lIl!Il'7'5 CHARLES V. 0,HERN, JR. ROBERT S. RUMMLER HAROLD E. KENNEY L. NIICHAEL TOBIN VVILLIAM R. VVATSON IVIYRON L. VVORMLEY GEORGE G. SYOUNGSTRUM f . . , . 'I' THOMAS RUSSEI I IDR.-KVI-'R lil-ZNNEY BARNARD Ruxrxu L R HOWARD xVURfXlI.I'- s XVATSUN DUE:-'NER .aw X .. ig? i f 3, A . . ---44 s me Q" .Eff , F4 ,ij .f 1 r 1 1EN 5 1-4 'M ' 'el 'A A ' .X ly 1 ww . -H M f V f f... .hw tf"'.- ,. . . 1 ' F 1 A ' ' wr f . - , Y. 4 4, 1-ff: H, .' A ,.,f,,.1-.. . . x xi i , I W fl' .1 iii i' i , , i 1 . - R . 1 1 -i v sa, 1 u 3 ' if 5 ' yNA,G,.. 3 I ' .1 ,we Q Y , OS ' f f R 5 A Zmtygiw..-un " 'X W of ,h if - , ,.vnf,,, "' t 'x ' 1' ' ,nj .Q W 1 - e ' "", iyugigf - ' ' ' N. if au,-. 5' i f .ith-:iwu-.y . , Env' P 1, 1 Q CONFERENCE IVIEDAL WINNER, 1935 The 1935 winner of the Conference Medal, awarded each year to the Illinois athlete who is adjudged to best combine the traits of scholastic excellence and athletic prowess, was IRV SEELY, pole vaulter and captain of the track team. In his freshman year, Seely vaulted 13'1O" in the N. C. A. A. Meet. This qualified him for the Olympic 3. Coivrlinliivcli wlivivlin . luvlwcs R. Sri-,Lx tryouts in 1932. It was in the spring of 193-1 that he was unanimously elected captain of the varsity track team. During his years of Big Ten competition he placed high in all meets and scored many points for the Illini. In addition he made high grades while enrolled in the mechanical engineering curriculum. He is the son of Professor and Mrs. Fred B. Seely. lilllsf Yfillllliillllf flllll-liliill l'lAYlfllS LES LINDBERG-Most Valuable Player of the 1934 Illinois football eleven-and EDDIE GRYBOSKI, given the same distinction by his teammates of the 1935 team, are the two outstanding gridders of the past two years. Lindberg played every minute of every conference game in the 1934 season, during which time he gained more than twice as much ground as any other backfield man of the Illini team. He as the "forgotten was a junior when chosen as the Most Valu- able Player of the Illini. Gryboski, known man of Illinois line," LESTER L. Lixmsiaac 193-1 X "'-1919" because of the way in which he was under- rated the year before, was judged the Most Valuable Player of the past season. As guard, he gave more than his share of the support of the strong Illini line and broke up many plays back of the line of scrimmage. He was men- tioned on several all-conference and all- midwest teams in 1935 in addition to being honored by his own teammates. 35 lfmyaun fiRXlZU5k1 11124 P.' fm lla N 1 'im- Tllllllf Ill.I K' ' IIANM N :'.VfIIc'7If .XI I'IIPl 5 NI. JINNINGN, II .X.fXI., ILS. Iwurw XX. IX.Xbk'II, ILS. III AIYI- XV. .Xlmxlf -4 I III NII Y S. IXIIIRTIIN S.'I'rrr.1ry FACULTY IIIIIIII E. Krwxmy NIS. CIII'xN Q. I..-IW, NLS. Iinwlx J. IXIANII Y MEMBERS ,IIIIIN T. DUIINIAII EIIIIARII XX'. .Xv.III, II. I',I'f.I-NI' R. IJX'Kb'I'R.-X .-XIIVII IX. :XVIII I A ,IIIIIN IIARII IIXIIIII II X'. IIINIIANI CASIIW Ii. III-xwI-'I'T FII-'I'I-Iv. C. III-xxI'I'T IIIIXIARII NI. IIIHI. .IIIIIN R. IEIIINI-II II. RIIIIIIVI' IIIIIIRI KIYIIXII. R. I3IIAIII.I-Y IIIIIIZ-IIIII DI. IIN.-IIN I'I.AxcI, R. L',XY'l'XX'FI.I IXIITIIVIL E. FIFIII-R NIIIII A. I"I.IIIam IXII RRAX' ISR.-XNKI IY UIIIIIGI-' R. I"IzI-1IIIIzIfIi IIAIIRY E. GAINI-'f CIIAIII IH: S. CAI HIIFATH, INIIyII.1.I'I. R. CAI I AND II I,Al'I. XV. XIII-ilir new 'I' XV. UI ISI' IIIRHIIVI' CII,-XYFH um RT S. fIRIIiX'I-. IiI4YNIfI'II E. CAIcI'IN'IFIc I'II1XX'.-XRD I". CIIIYBII-KI IIIIWXIIII NI. LIXRNHX IIINIIX' I". IIANSIN XVIIIIUI XV. CIIII-Ialx XX'IIIaI'R I.. Ihxm' II-XX'If'I"I' Cum: I.I'IxIw E. IIII,I. IIXIIIIY .-X. LIUNIBI-5 IJI ANI .-X. CU LIN.-KN I'.:XRl. AI.-XNSFN IIIN C. QIUNES IDIII'c.I,As R. IXIILLS, I3.S. C. IDIIIfr.I,As IVIUNSSON, BS II.-nun' M. PALIXIER. B.S. UNIVERSITY IIIIIN P. KANIISKY XVII BFRT xl. KIIKF: CI,1nIIIzII XV. KLIIIN LI-bTPR L. LINDBI-'RG Iacx C. Mullvox' ,IIIIIN E. IXfIuNIAIIIIN IIINIIY S. IXIIIIUIRN Ii!-LNYITII I. NPIAIIN FIIANQIS T. INIIKLFXVICZ IIIIIN J. 0'Coxxr'I,I. XV.-IRIeI'N C. fjX'l-IRIXI.-XN PITIII A. II.-XKETIYSKX' IXIILII-R S. I'H,Ar.IR I'AL'I. S. IIRATIIIQII. IHIFIIIIIE A. RI-'INIIAIQT IIIAINI' DI. RIDI-'uL'T XV.-XYNI-. L. IRIDI-'LIFT RIIHI-'IIT XV. R11-'c.II. I'2lX'IN C. S.-XYRE rw"- .., 'ix e .Q- '1 . W - xxx' l .4 1 .4 A "1" I - , s , I f ' ' ' . 'lr' ' ti '- ., " - , f ' .V ' 1' , N . -' M4 'EW' 1 A- if Em..- AIIII-IN T. IJL'I-'IJNFII PI'I'.rfIfI'11l IIAIITI,I1x' D. IIRICF, A.M. Dux C. SIQATIIN, B.S. WIENDKLI. S. XVILSON, B.S R.-ILI-II S. SII.vI-.I4sI'I-11N WAIIIII-ix II. SAIITII Iii-,NNI-'TH R. SPI-.FR LilXX'IfI.I. SI-LYRGEIIN -I.+IxIIfs XIV. ST.-IRRITT II.-XROLD A. SWAMIIN CIIAIILIQS G. SXYIKLE WII.1.I.iRI R. 'I1EIXll'l.I-1 VIIIIIN A. TIIIIQODOIKE IVIATHEXX' TIfcHI,ER LI'-'UNAI-IIB 'IRIIAI-T MIIIIIN 'IIIINCIIIAF I'lI,I.:wIIIITH G. VAN ORRIQN FII.-INK C. XIUK.-XC EDXXH-XRD VV. XVI-'BER FIU-in J. VVFIILING Iism' C. XArIII.I,I.-XNISON 'I'IIImIAs P. XVIISLIN RIIBFRT C. XVRIGHT Oo Ike ! I I Q I IlI,I.!lII fJI.IzII' .-XIIIIlI:I lJxkstI.I F1-IIII. IS. RIIIIIIIII 'l'IsuhIn-I' I-'Irmiuikk Ilcrt RI-iIIh1II't XILIII KRIIIILIII Mcllvrmy IEIIIII-I' CIIII IIIIIIM fIIllIMN K:IIIfINkI XX'IIght SxI.IIIrvIII Koku XIKYICLIC FI:IIIkIIII SIIIrI's!cIII juIIIIIIIyN ,IIIIINI II IIIPIII CIIIIIIIIIII XX chling Nlkly-uid XX'LhcI' Sxxiklu flcist .A.II.IIll5 IXIIII IIIII III .lLlll SIIIIIII XX IINIIII 'ILhuIcI1II'c ,IIIIIIJS Spucl' Crirvc flll'PL'llICl' XY. RIIII-III! FINII- I bmw f2.IlI.IIII1 fi.IlhIL'1IIII I7llIYfIIL'l' Pflilgtl' H:III5cII Anger Hill ll I I Xfxlvffwv Clllflfll I.lfilIllfIl FV' S1-izizwoon E. Wise ,y Seniar Cheerleader 6 X STANLEY H. ARTHUR Cniasrriiz H. ELDHR Junior Checrfvailur Junior f,'l1vurft't1Ji'r Each year the Athletic Council elects one they may be able to handle any crowd situation Senior, two juniors, and 21 group Of sophomores that may arise, whether in keeping the crowd as cheerleaders. They not only lead cheering, "1'dQflYv Of when mflb PhYCh"l"gY may lend U9 but they Organize rallies, pep meetings, Snake dangers in unexpected eventualities. dances, and take Charge of the Homecoming ln addition to their activities at home, the b H Th f St d S rtsm Shi Amd cheerleaders travel with the football team, their on re. e 0 er oo o an . . . . , . Y g P p purpose being to create a sense ot friendliness il direct the Illini enthusiasm and spirit into oi'- ganized cheering and singing. This handful of men must have an intimate knowledge of crowd psychology, and be able to use it effectively so that the team will be backed by cheers even though it is losingg and so that and good feeling among the schools. They act as ambassadors of good will, and represent the student body when the team is away. Illinois crowds have become noted for their courtesy to visiting teams largely through the efforts of these men. KELSO KUTNER OLSEN F.-mais Fiscuifn Page S Xxx il n 4 1. N . f Sixty X 1 I I , -X A . 7 , if 1 N . vi Vrrx V , Q JL, f f 1' Vf- X hx '-xbfir Q ,jj 7' XX if X . I f 1 X611 ' j Y , Qt WX. , J ,, 5 XX f 5 f , f V , ' iff A ' fa W X XJ ,ff X, ik f f ff jyvy' ,.Q,, :ff , f X Ns if VYYVVY Rfxx Z Q .- ig f,24 ? Xi Aff ,S X Y , , f j ZJF72- 1 Af f ff: X, N Q ' P111 M' 4 . ' N lhliasik, fl " 46' , , ,E P? .T I J' fir! 4 Y 1 W, ff , KW Il , lvwi, fs XXX -,If X ,'fQ,,'Fy I ff? If . KK ',f" !, !lff G ,xx x If , , f,f f : f .1 ffm? ,.- 11,5 , - ,,v , SX, , X, f . hw f ff f , 1 7' .M ' A " Q Aff fd , ' X if . ' X ll fy' 42V 1116 I Z37 N X SX .V N 'GX-... 2 L W . ff ff: f ff gegyx vi, V ':.,l,'y'e,.. biz, 'Ml 0 I 'Nbilmk 5 'ik 5 ,,4. Kp ff ffrxjllf-IW! 5'-' 'v,"l1j,, J x"'9 1, Po X XK ffm m H Y' 12 ff f W f 'T X X f 'af J 'ff 1 f ff U ,- wf 1 1 . - if f '2!,77V" QQ 62 SQQYNWM f Wm 'ff . 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"" " ' 'I'.'1, ' L.4. 1:-f " " 4 "1""f"T'f'..'f',i ,hu .3 N - A ":' ""N"- "M" 6 is , ,pw Qijlijq-ri:---J QL 7 Ll? j fi xf i f 9?fi!L2:f'jf-'- ' k ' """ ' " "HM f uel? Q7 . . ,.--f'--g,'i'2i'2'?i'7: 5gli:kFf, ,Z Q 4 ,V 1 I A 1 I L, ff--f:.4i1f1..:.T. "' """L'3L1'- .-.f A Y " -' V k 1.2 1-ew---, . ' 'W' 5- il fx"'1'5"'5'f'?J!"':7' -i?T1""' Y ..,-..,.g..,. F -D L- '- "17':1'r.vvn,-1 -r - ' fllllfllllll "' 33 -1 sg'i""N4.-Q 7""'.,"Y'h'n I X g , 'r77 r 'H I I, Q k c I 1 s 2 ' I' r ' I 0 fs J ,I I Q I I: lnliff I ' x " ,. N' ' J 19.- 5 4 X qw 3- I I ,Ifo-"wl- . is V' .,-, ZL'l'1'xr , ffuin 1" QI.-KLBRI-QATH, Ctlpltzirz The Illinois football team of 1935 was the most unfortunate in point of injuries to key men in my long coaching experience. Starting with the injury to Les Lindberg in the opening game and following with the disability of such men as Spurgeon, Sayre, Nelson, and Theodore, we were never able to put our full strength in the field. These things come by cycles. VV'e may go for years without a similar succession of accidents. It is probable that this had luck meant the difference between success and failure. In point of games won, our season was unsuc- cessful. But the team will always be renowned for being the first from Illinois to play on the Pacific Coast, where its victory over Southern California was accomplished in brilliant style. The defeat of Nlichigan after the YVolverines had beaten Columbia and Penn was gratifying as it was regarded as an upset. But the Hne game against Ohio State in which our eleven players played throughout was perhaps the greatest achieve- ment. VVe lost to Ohio State by a single touchdown but the stand of the Illini VVZIS worthy of our best traditions. Our boys were small but game. They lacked reserve power. They were in the running in every game. The only decisive defeat was by Iowa, but we had our chance to win this one. The type of squad we had had to play perfect football to win and that is seldom done by any team, however Strong. It is fine that the Illinois student body and alumni realized our limitations and appreciated that the boys were giving the best they had. I shall always be proud of them. K XYozinlev Lindgren Theodore Henry Bullock VV. VVilson Say ie Cantu ell Dy kstra K-moskx Nelson Spurgeon Cole Burner Grieve Jansen Cilazer Frederick Tischler T. Wilson Kuhn llrallley Aniilla Gryboski Lindberg Galhreath Van Ornian Cano XVright Zuppkc I llo. I Vxlj-i.'A'hI WA ll S l'IY fllllflllill. 'Kiel IVIAYNARD RASMESSEN fulzlor Mfilzfigfr Junior flflrlllzlgrff 'R . Y Illinois 19 Illinois 0 Illinois 3 Ohio State Minnesota Purdue . Chicago . Indiana ILLINOIS CONFERENCE SCORES Southern California O Illinois 3 .....,. C Michigan 0 ....,..,.,..Iowal9 Illinois OH., rOhio6 . , . Northwestern 10 Illinois 6 .,.. . Chicago 7 BIG TEN FOOTBALL RATINGS FOR 1935 W. L. T. PCT. PCT. . . . . .5 0 O 1000 lVlichigan . 4110 A A . , .5 O 0 1000 Northwestern . 400 , , ,3 3 O .500 Iowa .i,.,. 333 .MZ 2 U .500 ILLINOIS . .. 2017 . , .2 2 1 ,500 VVisconsin I Zllll Rivns IVIAGNUSON Siifwrn .ARNOLD Camo F.-mum SINDELAR S.-mi. SCHLTETTE ST.-UAFURD , 3 U. if fa , I v 1 I sf! -K Y X 1 4 Sy ?2 o Y fl ' I-Q it --1 U. f 1- Sl Ill.Illl0IS 19 ,,,...M-w4.,, S Coach Bob Zuppke led his hand of Illinois foot- hall players to Los Angeles to meet Southern Cali- fornia in the first hig game of the 1935 season. To the surprise of a California crowd of 5ll,fllllil, the Illini 'cFlea Circusl' played a hrilliant game against a much heavier California team and marched hack to the Nliddle VVest with a 19 to ll victory, due chiefly to a great passing attack that completely haffled the Trojan secondary defense. Then too, the running of Lowell Spurgeon and jewett Cole, the punting of Ken Nelson, and the speed of the Illinois forward line played an im- portant part in the great victory. The first Illini score came in the second period when the entire Orange and Blue line hroke through and hlocked Pappas's punt and took the hall on Southern California's -ll! yard line. After a line play and an incompleted pass, Spurgeon dropped hack and threw a long pass to XVih Henry, which the Illini quarterhack ran to the lll yard line 409' marker. Spurgeon threw another pass to Henry who was stopped one foot short of the goal. On the next play, Henry sneaked through the line to score. A few minutes later, Nelson hlocked another Trojan punt on the Southern California 45 yard line and sprinted for another touchdown. The third score came in the third period when Henry threw a long pass, after a series of laterals, from the Trojan -1-5 yard line to Spurgeon who re- ceived the pass on the 12 yard stripe and sprinted to within a few inches of the goal line. Henry scored on the next play hy sneaking through the Trojan line. This time, after two previous fail- ures, Spurgeon succeeded in kicking the point after touchdown, completing the Illini scoring. Southern California threatened to score in the fourth period hut Captain Galhreath recovered a fumble hy Bill Howard on the Illini 7 yard line and Nelson kicked the hall out of danger. ol ' Brnxra A-QTILLA LINDBHRG GRX'B05Kl Trlfkli' TL1L'fx'If3 fldffbllfk Gllllftf 1 o if 11i,,,i1i,.i .s',-ii,-.ay .4 ..-1 , E Q FE ,gas j x 2 4 ' - s 'L 11' - N ' TX! i- V I ks' X , 'I rtepkx 'lj' ! i ' ' ' ...vy-....... Led hy two of the three outstanding visiting football players seen on the lVlemorial Field turf during the 1935 season, the University of Iowa defeated the Illini, 19 to O, to mar the annual Dads Day celehration, in the first Conference game of the season. With Crayne doing most of the hlocking and Simmons flashing his brilliant runs, the Iowans held the upper hand from the start of the game. The margin of victory does not indicate the in- tensity of the contest, however, as two Hawkeye touchdowns were results of futile forward passing efforts on the part of the Illini in the closing stages of the game. The first Iowa touchdown was scored early in the second quarter as Simmons hroke through the right side of the Illinois line hehind good inter- ference and hroke for the far corner of the grid- iron. The Negro flash side-stepped, swing-hipped, and changed his pace to get hy the Illinois secondary and score after a run of 71 yards. Lamhfs try for the extra point was good and Iowa led, 7 to U, at the end of the half. Witli two minutes remaining in the third quar- ter, Henry's pass to Grieve was intercepted hy Ted Qsmaloski on the Iowa 48 yard line. On second down Simmons hroke through for 3-1 yards to the Illinois 10 where he was forced out of hounds hy Spurgeon. Bowlin made five yards for Iowa through the line as the third period ended. Sim- mons lost seven yards on the first play of the fourth quarter hut Czzie was roughed up and Illinois was penalized 15 yards to the two yard line from where Crayne plunged over the goal line to score. Iowals third touchdown came soon after. The outstanding Illinois players were Spurgeon, who was the only offensive weapon that could make any headway, Lindherg, whose punts kept the Hawkeyes from further scoring, and Sayre, who played a great game at center. H81 NG? 'Vi Y' 1 HENRX' Kaxosicx' Qrmrlerlzaclc Hglflmfk C.-xxTwi3i.t. Krnw Eml Uii.1f.!' Page Ons ll'.ru,lf..l Sw: ly c IBYWA 9 lI.lI1l10IS 0 F Ill. ll. l0 II.lIlll0IS 5 64 76 fl! . i X- ' i , 1 v v I R 19, 3511 A Northwestern, under the tutelage of its new coach, Lynn VValdorf, had too much power for Illinois in their meeting at Evanston, and the final score was IO to 3 with the VVildcats on the top side, due to a great offensive showing in the second half. This was the third successive year the Illini played Northwestern at Evanston. Illinois scored in the second quarter when Lowell Spurgeon kicked a field goal. Henry attempted a long pass to Dykstra which was knocked up in the air hy Steve Toth on the Northwestern five yard line and then caught hy Don Heap who was downed immediately. Toth then attempted to kick, but the hall skidded off the side of his foot and went out of bounds on the Northwestern 12 yard line. Henry attempted to pass but was smeared for a 15 yard loss hy Longfellow and Kavatch, the VVilcat ends. Spurgeon carried the hall to the lil yard line, and Henry,s pass was knocked down in the end zone by Heap. It was intended for Dykstra. Spurgeon, with Henry 3 WRIGHT Tnrionoai-1 Hflfffmrk Fufffmck P 1' Un- IIm1.lriwl Sfxwzly-two holding the ball, dropped hack to kick a perfect field goal from a difficult angle. Shortly after the start of the fourth quarter Heap punted, and the ball grazed the leg of Bobby Grieve. Northwestern recovered on the Illinois 27 yard marker. After making a first down and then being set back by a penalty, the Wildcats tied the score as Hugh Duvall dropped back to the 32 yard line and, with Heap holding, kicked a field goal. Spurgeon kicked off for Illinois, and Wally Cruice, Purple co-captain, took the hall back to the Illini 47 yard stripe. Northwestern tried two plays after which Heap took the ball through the left side of the Illinois line on a double reverse play and sprinted 43 yards to score. Duvall con- verted the extra point with Heap holding the ball. Illinois was superior in two departments, pass- ing and punting, but these advantages were not enough to offset the tremendous power that North- western displayed in the second half. fswx. '135 51" Qual x. -N-an-4 DYKSTRA S.-KYRE End Cenler Although the 'score does not indicate the fact that Illinois gave Michigan one of the worst heat- ings that a VVolverine team has taken in years, the statistics do prove that point. The score was 3 to O in favor of Illinois, due to a great held goal by sophomore Lowell Spurgeon from the 31 yard line. It was Homecoming and, despite the rainy weather, a crowd of 25,000 turned out to see the Michigan team, fresh from victories over Colum- bia and Cornell and undefeated in the Confer- ence, held in their own territory for all hut two minutes of the game. The VVolves, boasting a pass attack led by Cap- tain Bill Renner, never got far enough into Illinois territory to use the aerial game and the two passes that they did try were incomplete. Further than that, lVlichigan made but one hrst down and that by the penalty method as Illinois linesmen roughed the lVIichigan punter, Cedric Sweet. hlichigan gained a total of 10 yards throughout the game, which shows what a great defensive game the l M f .Q Q' I V Q l- . N .f .,j,ii is I of it 'GY ..,,...... .... lllICllIli!llll Illini played. Altogether, the Illini made eleven first downs but the attack bogged down every time they got within scoring range. Spurgeon also made several long gains in addition to kicking his second field goal in two weeks. The Illinois score came in the second quarter. Spurgeon took Sweet,s punt on his own 49 yard line and returned the ball to the hlichigan 33. He then lost 12 yards on a reverse play, hut Henryls pass to W1'ight was good for 7 yards and Spurgeon's pass to Henry was good for 12 yards. Henry knifed off tackle for three yards and a first down on the lVlichigan 22 yard line. After two incomplete passes, Spurgeon dropped back to the 31 yard stripe and, with Henry holding, booted the soggy hall squarely between the uprights 41 yards away. The ball barely cleared the crosshar as it dropped. Michigan never seriously threatened the Illinois goal throughout the game, due to great line play by Eddie Gryboski and hy George Frederick, who was substituted for the in-iured Fl Sayre at center. .T 1 GX, J' Yr' G-f M.- 'QU' VAN ORMAN Tiscurrix FIIHINICIC fflfilrqf 'Qin its Ni-iisow Q11 i7I-li Fifi! Fu! IH Iii- ll.':' II-I.IlllllIS 5 ll ll liil li QIllQl.ldiJllll!i Il ' ?V"'Q Z 1 A . Mew,-.,v,?.-'.1 :,fy"14c,y.,4 X pf, A, ,.u.L 3 ,x,.Msg37Aig.iUg-Y 94.1531 .IVY .31 '7 ..A'.v.,Q, . .J - 1, .. 4, zz, we . ,. 1, . S- 'P K' fiff' in ' I 1. I' ky. , , P 5 f? 'fi '-l5?5"'f'f'ff Qi. A I i Huw-' . 3 1 .1 N f I Q , vlwgf 43 6 Y. . 5 If "" Q25 1? 'f ew' ff, .1 M"'1.?l' 1 Q-,. wgq,ak eww, f I Bi 1' ' 732' ..,., Aggie'-gay., A++' 'Q- sg V5 t5.x'3',:1-y , ,Nt eq Fi ,- -x Y- I Y., -P 21 .., i n Illinois lost a hard fought game to Ohio State at Columbus, but the 6 to O score does not tell of the splendid game played by the Illini. Prior to the game, the question was just how badly would Ohio defeat Illinois, but the Fighting Illini fought to the last whistle, and although outweighed tre- mendously, they came through in great style by playing one of the greatest defensive games of the season. Coach Francis Schmidt remembered the Illinois game of 1934, when Coach Bob Zuppke's midget team had displayed a tricky forward-lateral pass attack to build up a half time lead that the Buckeyes could not overcome. The Ohio State touchdown was scored in the hrst period. After Heekin kicked to .Iewett Cole on the six yard line, the Illini quick-kicked with John Kanosky booting the hall from the goal line to Tippy Dye on the Illinois -1-9 yard marker. Dye started to the left, ran back to his own 49 yard mark, reversed his field and followed the rapidly .f ,.ze- Kliuryri XVII sow lfilfffmrk Fzrflfmrfc P 11, llvfwlol .iivwfffi-frilly' forming interference to the goal line without an Illinois man touching him. Busick attempted to place kick the point after touchdown but the kick was wide. The greatness of the Illinois team burst forth in the final period when the tired but plucky line stopped two scoring threats of the Buckeyes. The first stand came early in the last period when Stan Pincura completed a pass to Jumping Joe VVilliams on the Illinois 5 yard line. On two line smashes the Bucks lost Eve yards, and then the Illini second- ary batted down two passes to stop the drive. The other defensive stand by the Illini followed immediately. VVilliams took Kanoskyls kick on the Illinois 45 yard line, and Antenucci and Bet- tridge started a march toward the goal. Dye com- pleted a pass to Cuminsky, who was pushed out of bounds by Henry on the 4 yard line for a first down. The Illini line held for four downs to prevent the Bucks from scoring. Sl'l'RGl4UN CKHLI-I Ilizlflmpk Ilalfhutk Jay Berwanger, Chicago All-American, took things into his own hands in the last game on the Illinois schedule when he scored a touchdown and kicked the extra point that gave the lVlaroons a 7 to 6 win over the Illini. For two years Berwanger had seen Illinois defeat his team by a slim margin, but in his final intercollegiate game he evened the score. ln the game Berwanger gained enough yardage to complete his goal of gaining one mile during his three years of competition. He needed 33 yards and gained 145 yards to complete a total of l,872 yards. Illinois scored first, late in the second quarter. After Berwanger kicked out of bounds at mid- field, Les Lindberg tossed three passes. The first to Gene Dykstra was incomplete as the ball soared out of bounds, the second, intended for Ken Nel- son, was also incomplete. The third, however, sailed true to Bobby Grieve who took the ball on the Chicago 19 yard line and sprinted the remaining distance to the goal. Bill Charle held the ball for 'ii' -4-lg BRADLEY FR!-'DFRICK H1'lf!717l4k Cvrzlvr' 9 a i i I x i i'l we, 'Q gig if , 5g E' Lindbergls placement, which was not good. Berwanger showed his stuff late in the third period. Lindberg punted from the goal line, after Illinois had been penalized for holding, then Ber- wanger took the ball at midfield and Zig-zagged down the west sideline, dodging at least five men, until he was tripped by Nelson on the l yard line. Skoning, who had been puncturing the lllinois line all afternoon, twice tried to score from this point but was unable to gain an inch. Berwanger took the ball on third down and hurdled the line for the touchdown. Fare-ed held the hall as Berwanger calmly kicked a perfect placement to win the game. Illinois nearly scored again in the second quar- ter. Nelson intercepted a lateral intended for Berwanger and ran 27 yards to the 2 yard line where he fumbled. The ball bounced into the end zone and was recovered by Chicago. After a lengthly discussion whether Nelson had stepped out of bounds, the play was termed a touchback and Chicago took the hall on the Zll yard line. L . 1 .,, fn-It lk 'G' 'QQ ' -..i,. if I A KI.-xxsi-N flKXu flilfffmtfc ' V, ff Hn: CIIICAGII 7 IllIlll0IS 6 X, , H- 'X 5 f X C f fy , X Q X. .Q f LJ+Ngj'2"T:Xx Q jf V X,-fix X ff? ixf f ,f W 7 X flyffxxx X ' ff f X kk ,lyk R ,Lili J! U V7 B XX X X I . X' 'f' y 7c7?R , ' , Xf ' , I ' ' gl , X Ax 'f my , fpfvff 'X ' f-1 ,, " 5 xof' ' ff ' ' xl ., , 'uf "f -DSX' -7i! Q QXSX, yfffc x f 4 f ff my S x 1 xxx lx , ff,.f:fff J f X f fff xx' 1 Q X ,,ff:Z,' 4 ' ff. ,,of,j , f Z J A XX W Q 663 .ffm 'IQ fig W1 RJJ QG'-.A X Jff XX f fz X r' K 1 X 'f fllbflvr f ' QW X --51 , 1 'X 'Qin LW X6 4' W 'cf 7"911'2'Q1f '? f X 1 Q lx f fp , ' ' , A ' ' .,fff'g,z'i, fb . fx Y N if fb 1' ' ' ff 4 , ' S's'5'x y fff 'l'Q'f1.lfi'.'z1fH.f' M700 111 vV'1j'w7v X x, ff 1, ,G X I , rv Al 5jU,,,- I 1. -,A M .7 ., J X I I, - VA jf fwf A 1,14 4?M::,j'nG'r. 1454! ,Qi . f fu! ,V , if ' 1 7' 52 xxkgx Q H W ,alll sy I ff' U .e'-4. ,A ' f '-1 WI: 9-1 11- 315' F1 -N X. 7 A , -H '4', f..1z fly? WZ. P .M f F 4' 2.-7 mam KF- A 22, x 1-"W . I 1 fmQ'2"ffjjfiIf' ' f ' f 'J ,.J'5-7'Vf'.."5f' 'I' M yf, ' -T '4A!,f'f?g'ffnA.,: f.,. , TJ' X W' ,m,Z'.,1x,Ufi,1S 3.405374 ' .MG X H ' "QW '14, .I if I Vf. .. "f'.--',f'-" "-"gfvl,.5k-i- 9 W -X f M '-S' :'Sf- .-V X .- , - fl 4- F f WAV! fy f ffl -,- O rfv- r -'n.ff'4,,, fx? 2' i ix- - "G1.C1'lwQ?QSl."': 1- ff, ,Mr 4. ,WW . Agn! V. if -:JDS ,fn X ' 1 my N ' lan- 1 ff ,,' I ', -D -'xfgi ,,, ',,,1v.- l I 'ff fwff f 1,f"' f 'Qf ' 'NNI ".'1?"'4ff.W ' ' 'Cf' 'fy 'g'!1!Al-' LANL J' X-' f , 9 4, , . ,, ww Q' CW' ,f 4 f JM 4,54-fef,"'sf+., - . 1' -6 " L ' -" 1. .'-gf?" 4 ' 54 K ff .gif 7 1 ii X an lygjfl , -.Kauai vyjsitrf. twin 4ul:iZ1F,ly?::4Zv I ' f -Ifl ,,,W ff.-'Z ' pad' ' "fi ' ? -:- A F , f f' X145 -'QT' QJ'Zsi!'4 Ui! .EW ' 'A' M 'i 'Ks' 7 'W 'af 'I ff'5I"-5131?eAJ',"'?,' "' 4- ,if 'ff I I Zffij' I fy '. 4912311 ,fr ww f ,.1',M'1f.,. 24, efffw ia- fb, fmgfs fwlfw- ,111 :"'w wff-' -'-In ..ff:.5-fi51'S57.f::-"IsHf.""W5 -difgff Mix- - ?f,J'1 MEQN " "7" ' f , f, Af? f,f'P"',l', :E-E5'l'45fig4Y 'QM f "1 L",f'.j,-Qffg inDffiggiiiii'!ri'af,'Af :f,fEf 43.72 F4 iff'-' " you 716322: .-"- 'Uf.'f'Q,'SV' Q 3:T5 'f,Y is Y'-xlfgum, fa ,V 'p'f,'.',:2- JJ 'ig "1 W. X Xsvifll T,:,Q-'L 4' ',-' ll..1 -,"f",:,'1" 17'-f . 'Qi -' 'IE f -i ai- 1 ff 1 5- as-f1':"'!'!? .- s Zffqg. 4,,'w"V,-ff -5- N-wi. - ,L E zzw ,115 U? ix gg '14 lifififi .., uw eff' isiiif-A 1, -' ' 'E s,'7,.-'1,1il:2+-if? - , 2 ,llmu -f 5 Ha' I." V: -- tr' " " 5 ' 2 " " - - ii .2 'I " dw .... ,,,, if ' 5"' "T JM ,H SEP- lkiya 41555-f-libg gggsfzf 5:5 52-'J D ,zgiigigiirgi fy .Jef 5 f-.1v,17' f- 2-'lug-3 E J 5 L34 Eg-2 L xx, ya' yr ,515 ,... 'f1g:fg -F51-f:f ,.Vf' 'f-xg' : -:Cf -Ky " lgwywi eg ig-ng ss-sl 5 E. 2 fm if 'fag 1 N " W 2125 . V "' ' Q - "' "' h""'- 42 V:-i"r::"a 5 lT .... f..rQ.f .f "f??iigmm, Rwxsmmi .9 N.. ' wamxmw bw -' MJ . 4. :mmm - ,' f , -- x-5x:, 5..g' ,- I 1 ' -- .suv-,,x,,., , . m b r --rfjgug-14 v,::l.w-N. . - ,,, .,.,,-,,f,.-,.A.,'.,' ' - -"".tuf.':1"' 'TM ,51f2?iff'fe 1.ff- - W , A f fi: 'M UN i 3!J..M? LH, I4 ,,,..-, , - . ,AU . N"-7 ,,. ...ljvui-Us:-,g- A neuvv lnk-LI:-'-L-W " ' 'is...g...i,,A NN ' . ,W-,V-.-,hh .- -. - j - - Y- 41, M.:,,, - if'L""Y'9" ""?'-'tif' i1QIx7f'.a5Tff?i:' Y z .- - , A XE A "' """ ""'0"-wnww-uw-ra 44-rrfivf E Q- Q7 .Q 522711 ' - ar-N-,.n.w-,-f33i1wuf-fam?-vfloffyl-j .1-I-.L.v,.',.' Y A A I JL' Vjwumlvnh H L . ""M""M?-'?T':fi'fgi'ff:-"-1394: 52- J, L .. ...l- ! 'M ! .l '1'fiMiA! -i h.,f ff? -- iw.:. - - -sfi...i ,,.,,,- , :N 1 ' -' lfBflSIiIf'Ill1lI.l --A -Q- 4 """"" ,anim ul f W A IH S I f Y llASlilffllRI.I. Rcisv, Coarlz ISR.-XL'N, Ilnuufarv Cizpfizjfz 'I'he 19.55-.36 Illinois Varsity Basketball Team made a record which was unusual in many respects. 'llhe veteran team developed early and swept through the pre-conference schedule with ease, frequently demioralizing their less-experienced op- ponents. But when the Conference schedule was begun, the sophomore players of the opposing teams had improved more than Illinois. The three outstanding non-conference games, Ile Paul, California, and Notre Dame, resulted in two victories and one defeat. Illinois won a thrill- ing two point game from De Paul in the Chicago Stadium and proceeded to run away from Cali- fornia ten days later. Notre Dame won one of the cleanest yet hardest fought games ever played in the Field House at South Bend. In Conference play double victories were scored over Minnesota and VVisconsin but lVIichigan suc- ceeded in taking both games from Illinois. The two game series with Iowa, Northwestern, and Ohio were divided. The 1936 team duplicated the record of the team of last year in committing the fewest number of personal fouls in Conference play. But this clean play did not interfere with the defensive play of the team as indicated by the fact that only Indiana accomplished a better defensive average in the Conference season. Although this team was known as a poor free- throwing team in Hlost games, three of the seven Conference victories were won on free throws. The final ranking in the Conference probably indicates the real strength of the 1936 team. In- diana and Purdue had a better man power and deserved the co-championship, While Illinois had about the same strength as lVIichigan and North- western. e Ze? 1 vm .. 1 1 ..-.. IAENH.-XXI BARN.-KRD B1.ouT Miri s SWANSON lvlaaicwoivrii RUBY lgkwv Ihxnv Rirmzc Voriexa Comnizs lhyf Um llonilifil .Vfz-fnly-riglzl N '-2 --an ,Q wav if W jlggjbzilrinotiit J XVHIJ i-. gui T! 1 f i liaiwmzo .Smifnr AIi'Il1L1gL'!' BIG TEN BASKETBALL STANDINGS CUNFBRILNCIQ GAMES SCORILS Purdue , . . Indiana . . . ILLINOIS Northwestern llflicliignn . , Ghio State . Iowa ...,4 Wisconsin . Minnesota , Chicago 1. VV. L. PCT. 917 917 583 583 58.3 417 417 333 250 0110 Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Iuwil fllinnusotn Ivisconsin fjhiu Stills Noi'tliv.'ustc:'1i Iovvzi VVisConsin IYUI'tl1VVL'51IL'I'I1 Alinncsotzi illicliignn fIl1io Stiltt lllicliignn 'qj 1 :Hwy vi-ANU, 1. - Iibbgmggg 1 ww K ,iv BQ 1 S QQ 2 5 ul A ROETTGER L.-xs.aTi-:R BILLINGS SADTLER Coorm' IIART Pam: man SOTOS GRABB Assume C.-KSTFLLO BOIQDRI-1.-KU SCH.-XCK If.wi4iv.'iw-N XVxv4i-i i- T' O H f'g'?'P',,i 2" I ra """ .t....ulp, . -A--. f-'F' :P . .M -. Y X' 'lsr' -9 . x f I 'E ' , In jf, " I --ax? ' ' .nj , 1 fi i ,Q , l Sxxqxsiiy llisitv Ili-xiiaxi Vovieka l,',',11,-r Kj1f.1f.f Fox'-:tizfif Furfcrzrif WAlHSI'l'Y lElRSIilfI'llAI.I. 'lihe V755 basketball team played a very weird and yet senational season. Boasting a veteran team which had six men, all seemingly of the same caliber, Illinois opened the season in great style, winning six non-con- ference games without too much trouble, only to hit a snag with the opening of the Conference schedule, when they fell behind the leaders and never gained the top throughout the entire season. YVinning seven games and losing five, the lllini hnished in a three way tie for third place with Northwestern and Michigan. 'liwo seniors, Howie Braun and Howie Benham, and four juniors, Harry Combes, Bob Riegel, YVilbur Henry and ,lim Vopicka, formed the six-man team. All were equally good and until the end of the hrst semester, when lienham became ineligible, they were all used, each one seeing service at least half of every game. All but Vopicka were letter winners from the year before. 'lihere was no captain for the l935 team because Coach Ruby, at the time for the election last year, believed that neither Benham or Braun might be a regular on this yearls squad. At the close of the past season, Braun was unanimously elected as the leader of the team. The squad was one of the fastest in the Conference, but the inaccurate foul shooting and erratic goal shoot- ing cost them several games by close margins, which, if the games had been won, would have made the team a championship contender. Bob Riegel played a great game at center, but he was not up to his form of the year before as a point maker, although his defensive work was better. Harry Combes, one of the flashiest players ever to perform for the Illini, alternated at guard and forward during the season and played both positions well. His llfllel points in twelve Conference games led the Illini scorers and also placed him tenth among Conference sharpshooters. YVilhur Henry, handicapped by a football injury, had a hard time getting started this past season and his scoring punch was greatly missed in the early games of the Conference schedule. However, he came back to- ward the close of the season to play his characteristic U 3- i ,X P 5 - i .I ,lol it so' ,' I I'. fo, flint!-, I Fi im, .,,, , ,Is r- I ,fy .4 yy. 1, X Q5 ,gi '- ' ' " I of , -r ,fy 7 Y ,532 ,, 1 ' i Q 'ie ' J ., l31.oL'T R11-GH. NI.xiucwoi:'rii Ciikilirs I'vurf5'411'lf f.'L'I1li'l f,'z'!1fi'I' Fnlitillif VARSITY llASIiIfTllAll.l good game at guard. Braun, one of the smallest, smart- est, and scrappiest players in the Big Ten, played a great game all year. His scoring improved, and his speed en- abled him to intercept numerous passes, to recover fum- bled balls, and to be a fundamental part of the fast break offense used by Coach Ruby this past season. He was one of the standouts in the team's success. Howie Benham, in his one semester of competition, was one of the best scorers on the squad. Not a very good starter, be was almost always on the bench as the game began, but he was a good, fast, accurate man when he did get into action. He was greatly missed during the second semester. ,lim Vopicka, an all-state perform- er in high school, was the only non-letterman to be a regular at the start of the season. Last year he played a substitute guard position but this year was shifted to forward. VVith the continual shifting of the Illinois lineup during the early part of the schedule, he was at guard and also at center. lvlarty lVIarkworth, a man who played three years as a substitute, was a third senior to receive a letter for his diligence and ellort. rlqwu other juniors received letters during the past season, play- ing most of their time during the latter part ul! the schedule. They were Hale Swanson and Hy lilout. Both are good men and have excellent prospects In break into the lineup next season. Perhaps the outstanding event of the past season was the resignation of Coach Craig Ruby, who resigned to enter business after fourteen years as head coach of Illini teams. He leaves a commendable record as his teams hold an advantage of games won over every team in the Conference with the exceptions of Purdue and Indiana. VVhoever the new coach may be, he will have a hard time equaling the coaching record, personality, and ideals of Coach Craig Ruby. In the past, Illinois teams have played their best games at home, but this year they lost three games at home and two on foreign floors. Michigan was the only team to win both games from Illinois, while the lllini defeated VVisconsin and hlinnesota twice. vsp . Y ' 1: .5233 We let? 691 Q ,Kar 7 ' AQ' l 1' "i lln. if ' uullllfiefw n 'rk A , i 1 r K- X X f X X1 f, I X , ,, , ff , XR H f, 'Qfvf'jhj'T, JT! wx VJ! X X ,V '+ X12 ffm 1 xy , 5 f YVKKV i - J f X T1 , Q7 - , ff,-.1172 N X XQX-17" ,cf M ,-, A CZK XX X ff 4 'ff' ff f 4 XX K .5 ffl, 5 A ,lf 1 if JZ, f X I yi y' X fx? , ' 'ETS 1Xr jixxi ' Mn X A 5,-wig.: ...1 I F . ..- An f.-. .L Q I x .,..-153.451,-Lg-..'- --.4- ': . fn'-2'-F15 + ...,...-x "Mfg V 'W 5- f K' .J x, rf gn -v 1 , - ,ge-fgh-vf,:"' :'-1: 14 1 r T.-. -'if if'-I 1.-f.:"f1'-2'g' -f-l x " ' Y , ., ,, - .M I vv '..A,fN. "--"-'W'-wnvvswhl-Kfwi-!f5,?APfA-33115-f-P1144 w nv- .--" "': -r- . .- -..1..-1-f,E-,z-nf-11x-Fc' 3 5'ff'If'f':ffZAXfTi'S.'.'L fi" .g'.'.'.'ffF"'+----'-' -'- -'wee-'-mf' 'hrs-,i " -1' wi 3 3 ,. ' - .-N-18,1 ..:2Hf52?":?fg-Agggejvi ....,,. Tl-.pus-.. -ies-.. usx, - .. , 1..- :515 s.f.:n-Lv ,ny . 1 I g- . x-:u.ip3,A,1f,.,-,,',,' - . 452,92 :afar-f 'f fs.. 1 . 1' " , J. n-gvqnl' ' , Y Y--B55-A-0-. Lilian-.-. V 1 . :nv--.....-. ' ' ' ,'1"'f-.f'f:1fr'f-13--. rx- ',f4'fx - ""-'f- --. -- ,....g.-, r- .., H.. . ,. . . 'iiYf- ' -I U H f "E-E'-2.2. .-Q, - 41 ilfHACIi . 4 . QWN . . tfgl Li, QQ.. ' i L: -xt , i f f af , 'Iii l Si-1-x'roN, Coach S1-.rLY, Ctzpmirz Graduation of eight lettermen from the cham- pionship team of l934, the loss of twenty-one track men through ineligihility, and the inahility of Eckert, Dufresne, Van Meter, and Adams lwin- ners of fifteen points in the 1934 Conference Met-tl to compete hecause of injury hrought Illi- nois one of its poorest seasons in many years. The Illini won hut one dual meet of the sched- uled six, placed fifth in the Conference Indoor Meet and seventh in the Outdoor Meet. The in- door season was marked hy the rise of three un- heralded sophomores, Duane Cullinan in the hur- dles, Chuck Pollensky, high jumper, and Al Miti- Zia, pole vaulter. Captain Irv Seely estahlished him- self as one of the greatest of Illinois vaulters of all time hy winning the Conference for the third consecutive time and setting new records at the Armour Tech and Butler relays. The outdoor season gave promise of an im- proved team, with the return of Grieve for the dashes and the availahility of lioh Riegel for the WAlHSIfY flHACIi high jump, hut Indiana won a close meet hy cap- turing the mile relay. Michigan, with one of the three strongest teams in the United States, took the Illini in stride. Illinois Went to Lafayette the next week and defeated Purdue for the only dual win of the season, with firsts hy Pete Cromer and Kenny Speer. In spite of the hard luck which pursued the squad the men kept their spirits up and most of the men entered in the Conference lvleet outdid themselves. Captain Seely won the pole vault again and Riegel tied for first in the high jump with a leap of 6 feet, 3 5-8 inches. Grieve ran the hundred in 9.5 seconds and the 220 in 20.9, estahlishing Illinois records in hoth. f I Srarosi WW ui ING IQIXGQL ISI' RIPGFI, Girl, Mixes CAi.i.AxD ll-Xl'!vHlXI-KN Fifi-Y FLIIQIPII.-UX1 Cimvvw Sl-PI Y EUKPRT Rui-mow .ADAMS Sen-if lfiusii: Poisski Ct 1 i was VV:-:Tu CRI:-'YE 'I'HoM.As lm,.l Flvfili-I SJ LIEBUNG IVIENKE Junior fllazmger Junior fllamzgrr OUTDOOR 1935 35th ANNUAL VVESTERN CONFERENCE IYIEET NIichigan A , i 33 YViscon5in . . , i 3151 Indiana ,4,, i 25,34 ILLINOIS . . . , , Iijfji Iowa L... L , , ll? If3 Ohio State . . A.L, A 10 Chicago ..... ..,L 9 5f12 Northwestern . 4 , , . . 8 Minnesota i I . , T5 Purdue . ,, . I 2 ii X X Iiow.-um .N','f1frff' i1liII.'if'Qi'l INDOOR 1936 BIG TEN INDOOR TRACK MEET Michigan , Ohio State VVisconsin Indiana , Northwestern Iowa , A i ILLINOIS Purdue . , IVIinnesota Chicago 48 435 295 2413 211 I9 185 ll IU 1 xii AST .'xL'I'B1ANbBk1RGl-'R Vv'AINsco'rT llxitiuc ii F WXLLING SHAPIRO KVM 1-crm Ixrxxox lwqixrii I ll I 5 Q? XNQ., ' X 1 x- i 1 i ll, X X X 1f'r4llSI'l-Y ilkrllfli Nuxx SCHNEIDER BROXVN HUNTLEY' Doucl..-is BURLING Svuaoizox LI-ZHNIAN IVICQZRAXV Rimioui' ORLOVICH GRAGG GARRisoN CONDIT Kizimfa IQIMIVIEL Ri-uxi-:HART FRASIER MCCLURE 'lille 19.35 track team was hut a shell of the team which, the previous year, had scored a great upset by winning the Conference outdoor championship. Coach Don Cash Seaton had few lettermen left from his title winning team hut with new material moulded around the few remaining lettermen he developed a team which won one of three dual outdoor meets and scored ISV3 points in the Big Ten Meet, to capture seventh place. Captain Irv Seely, a great pole vaulter, Vin Van Meter, a javelin artist, Verne Eckert, a 220 dash man, and a very few others were the nucleus of the squad which first reported for practice. There were several promising sophomores, including Roh Riegel in the high jump, Boh Grieve in the sprints, and Duane Cullinan in the hurdle events, and a senior, Fritz VVehling, in the broad jump. The season hegan with the Kansas Relays, in which there were four Illinois entries. Cullinan was entered in the high hurdle race, Grieve in the 100-yard dash, Seely in the pole vault, and Van Meter in the javelin. :Xt the completion of the meet, Grieve, Van Meter, and Seely all gained second places, but Cullinan failed to show in the hurdle event, which was won by Sam Allen of Kansas. Fifteen men were entered in the Drake Relays. The -H-O-yard relay team and Grieve won their respective heats in the preliminary races the hrst day of the meet. However, in the finals Grieve and the 440 group gained fourth places, Seely tied for second in the pole vault, and Van Meter took fourth in the javelin. The dual meet season hegan with a home engagement against Indiana, and the Hoosiers won, 69 to 62. Don Lash of Indiana ran the two-mile race in 93293. In the meet Illinois won five events: Grieve won the 100- .Q km Romssox NlI'I'lll x IIIIIAIIVX l'u.'t' lfmfl IH! I1-f l!,ff.1f,l l'1liJ', K Cel LIN.-KN O'CoNNi-:LL llfmflt-5 Tico lllile BARTH FREN' CR,-wi-LN Fzmsrx Dui-'ixriswz Foam-IAM BAUGHMAN Seam' Runxoxx VAN lNfIif:Ti'i: yard dash, Seely the pole vault, Riegel the high jump, Van Meter the javelin throw, and Fordham and Adams tied for first in the broad jump. Speer finished third in the 100 while Grieve and VVeith finished second and third in the 220. Frey won third in the 440, Ruhnow third in the 880, Baughman third in the mile, and Gal- land third in the two-mile. Cullinan and VVright took second and third in the high hurdles, lvlitizia and Thomas tied for second in the pole vault, Ringquist gained third in the shot put, Avery and Boroil tied for third in the high jump, Polasky took third in the discus, Mitizia and VValler won second and third in the javelin, and Jansen took third in the broad jump. Illinois won the meet at Purdue by a 75-to-56 score. Illinois won eight of the fifteen events and took a ma- jority of the second and third places to gain a big ad- vantage in the final score. Grieve won the l00-yard is! I WAIlSll'Y iIHACli dash as well as the 220. VVeith finished third in the 100 and second in the 220. The Orange and Blue swept both the -1-40 and the javelin. ln the former, Ken Speer led Frey and Smith to the tape and in the latter Van lVleter paced VValler and Mitizia. lllinois won the mile relay with Craven, Speer, Smith, and Barth run- ning. Cromer won the low hurdles with Cullinan third, Riegel won the high jump with Avery third, Sealy won the pole vault with Thomas second, while Ruhnow and Baughman placed second and third in the 880, Baughman third in the mile, Galland third in the two-mile Cullinan and VVright second and third in the high hurdles, Adams and Fordham second and third in the hroad jump, and Ringquist second in the discus and third in the shot put. Grieve hettered one record and tied another as Michi- gan defeated the Illini, 81 to 45. Bud lfvans' mark , I 2'-,i K ff'T'Tq i 41 " ' ,, Q r Q ,Q .end-. , g uv A L no A V . ,Q J-1 -. ,,, " J l SPURLOCK Cru. NVRIGHT Riitmfi Hfevffif JHHIP Ilzzrifffs flzznflrr llfgff fnwjr P11 U' limi' fF:jlily-feiwrl I Q JK x',' I X -I J., .hi X ... ,,1.., , ., ' 59+ f hx' 'a nn ,f jx, lvvb ,I A H j 1 A-W Q! . VL. 4 Q V j,..fBj'i7 21: .,4.:" "', . 'Y A , i 5: I ' we I Y A ,, 1 Qlij 3 -gzip. , - -r fy 4 tri V. 3 . F - A s,fA,15V ' -, , ' " A 5 "" Q Q i..- ...Q .1 ...... wi- .-:::. .. 3 am Q VX I, 4 V X 3 , ..-Hua--.s-,nrug j I 3 ,. f' s ' f - wwf Q... "' . ' M I 1 ,Q .. ,. .41 , . 1 'I "P f- " ' - . 'W""""' i , f fe , S" rl X 8 A--1' Q,,a-:",f1g f?9itr' ,. "jj fl I ',v' Q,M333a15.i7gk.-,,1w. uso?T:R9v. 2 ,ww-" ,...:'1"ie'-6' , ,if 1 'fisfik xiii'-III-'357 f . . ' e fi " K i. 'fiff I' 2' 'B 'f'A" 'K I IR A 1: K V1.v.1 it :" ' J of 2119.8 was tied hy Grieve in the 11111-yard dash and Evans' record of 121.3 was lowered two-tenths of a sec- ond hy Grieve. Illinois scored three other firsts as Riegel won the high jump, Van Meter the javelin, and Seely the pole vault. 'liwelve men were taken to the Conference Meet at Ann Arhor. Unly two men qualified in the prelimi- naries. In the finals Illinois scored 185 points as Grieve finished second to jesse Owens in the 11110-yard dash. Seely won the pole vault with a leap uf 13 feet, 6 inches. Riegel tied for first in the high jump, and Grieve took third in the 2211. 'lihe mile relay team took lourth place. At the close ot the year no captain was elected for the 19.36 season. Three dual meets were listed on the Illinois indoor track schedule for 1936. As in the outdoor meet of the year he fore, the Illini won one of the three. Indiana and Notre Dame showed their heels to Coach Seatonls men, while Illinois whipped Ohio State. The first meet was against Indiana in the Armory with the Hoosiers on the long side of a 56 to 48 score. Lowell Spurgeon was the Illinois star as he won the high jump and hroad jump. Illinois also won four other events as Rohinson, Huntley, and Brunton, and YVright, Gill, and Brunton scored clean sweeps in the high and low hurdle races. Grieve won the 60-yard dash and :Xl Mitizia won the pole vault. The Illinois relay team forfeited the mile race to the Hoosiers as the meet was already lost when that event came up. The Illinois win over Ohio State was somewhat ex- pected as the Buckeyes were without the services of jesse Owens. Two marks were hung up by Illinois participants in the meet. A world's record in the 320- yard shuttle high hurdle relay was set hy the Illinois xc- Vg, I an .EF ERN fl .fr ,java-, ,ji .E-j. 'Qt 0 HZWFQ 1.1 ,jj I-' M1-rf ' Ai' Q- . ,L I Ng --1452 ii I I Wx 1 Hisiiix Cliciixi llxtki'r'i liizewrox Ilfifiiff lhiiluv Puff lamfl lfnnlif .fnwji I'X .mai Q Q89 team of Cullinan, Gill, Huntley, and Robinson. Illinois Won the mile run, 60-yard dash, 70-yard high hurdles, broad jump, 75-yard low hurdles, two-mile run, and the pole vault. Albritton, Buckeye colored high jumper, equaled the Ohio State high jump record with a leap of 6 feet, SM inches. McGraw won the mile for Illinois. Spurlock took second in the high jump, Grieve and lVIcClure took first and second in the 60- yard dash, Frary and Mitizia took second and third in the shot put, Speer took third in the 4-1-0, Huntley and Robinson took first and second in the high hurdles, Brunton and Spurlock took first and third in the broad jump, Harry Gaines was second in the 880, Cullinan, Gill, and Wright swept the low hurdles, 0'Connell won the two-mile, and Mitizia and Hackett took first and third in the pole vault for Illinois points. The rec- Q SPEER SPURGEON 440 High Jump ba' WAllSI'l'Y 'IIHACIK ord breaking shuttle relay was run as an exhibition. Illinois gained grand slams in the high jump and 60- yard high hurdles, but to no avail, as Notre Dame took the final indoor dual meet, run at South Bend, by a 54 to 50 score. If the Illini had won the final mile relay, they could have taken the meet, but the Irish quartet tied the Notre Dame record to win the race and the meet. Illinois won six Hrst places. Illinois scored ISM points to take fourth in the Con- ference Meet at Chicago. Grieve won the 60-yard dash in :06.2, jack Robinson took third in the high hurdles, Spurlock tied for second in the high jump, and Hackett tied for fourth in the pole vault. Huntley in the high hurdles, O'Connell in the two-mile race, and the mile relay team, all placed fifth, thus to complete the Illini scoring. 48 .:.i .QW A Riwcouxsr Vu Nl:-tri it S1101 Pu! .l.1:-ulin I'fl!ilFI F r x N -.X 1 X- 'X K X , 1 y W ' ED, X X Q- f W X 5 xx gf-Z5 X N 6 flfff, J' w X xx fx r' fit, 1 Q7 ,iff X ff f V, 'K J ' Ry, ffl? ,YYY t,1',' f X K' l ' Jqifah ff f ifyfffxfx f fgfilg? rg Y' ff ' 'fff 'fri Q'-V 'X 75' ' , , " ,F- f fx - f y X' xg XX gg Thxxx' f , , , , , ,f',f,f f v 'IA J . , RX' N X S xl ffl f nf a X - f X X x Q , LX? f-fx Q M hx Q YQ, ' X My ,f ff, , K 1 '- N- XXX , ff W ff .- sw W V J X f ix ,Qf If, IZ? Z 1 fgff A Ai, Z! T41 Zh 1 xfrrx .N " f 57" , 5 37 , ' f ff ' 1, f .1 Q -HW-'15 7 ' 'Mu-fm Q iglaiwffx I WM 4 ,, , ,,'- lm?'iuxN A M .rl 14,3-an h m xmfgfyllvv Q Jrgi fa' W Z fuk ! hyr gpfffgq--iw, fgiihw I 5,2212 LULWA , 'I I , ', 1111! . I, , 'C,!.'Vy, ':,,"-fl' N 'E 1 'ifg Apgffrl' ,',' 'Di I xx X- ,' ffae it 'SQYWWW ff W an. 9:1 "'f:.73rf"f 960 ff ,.'.1 '0':f,1fW"'5 9.5-9 'ZR f -1 7? . 1 19TW l'fi'1 1 W1 4 "". . 'ffx "ffl, '- I' 'AX '5f'Y'?'!E E f ,UO . "rn--, 1 ,Nj 1 , ll' .1A"" '-'XX' ,y 4 f ""'5'. JN' "-759,79 P N..- ll, Ll " 2 - ' 0 7 Q 'Z I 461 ' ,Maxi 'r,,v7 llf7 if! 1. '.4l:L?7-rj-3Tx:l'T4'J 1,22 ,L 3'.j',4v - 0 lr 1 25 I Q, W f ff,,, 145 41' , ' 'm f xi yq f ,L fw' MQW I X, 6 , lil f:r.',l"," 6f,.E!," "Ju, 'Tx L I -fn" Igfzux, .fl v .I Mf ,,f if ff ' aw A .. ff . .fn , f f' -2- A P U ,' ' ', w 1','. F3 , n- I," ,,,- ' wb fff m4d19' Q Y ,4 Q f ' 4 'J .ix 'U"':, I 1' 13f14fC.,, 'E+-' H1571 f kwa at-'WfY"'-Y '?' ' ' !,1fa,+"f::f. 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The Conference season opened at home when Illinois won from Ohio State, 5-2, by excellent pitching and fielding. In this game, his Hrst start in Conference baseball, Swanson struck out fifteen men and allowed but three hits. The Illini then took to the road for three games, winning a double- header at VVisconsin but losing to Ohio State when the Buckeyes went on a hitting spree. Pershell,s pitching was a feature of a non-con- ference interlude at home against Notre Dame, al- though the Illini lost 2-1. After beating Purdue here, the Illini journeyed to llflichigan, where Swanson pitched another fine game, shutting out the lVolverines, 1-ll. Swikle at A.. W ,, ,P 9470! . -1- , INDI S for 'll ,,,..g, sq' sy, r lyhilld VVUI0 I 3,1-IU01 N . Q QQQ. ,Q A 0 KA, ,. 1 f '- J ll1i"4f' " it of V v ,xy A A 1- n i , f FXQ- X Y J X Sv 6. 1 WAIH SI -I Y fi llASlf.llAll drove in the only run. Back on Illinois Field, our championship hopes were jolted when Chicago had a five-run inning and won, 7-4. Illinois had a good day with the bat at North- western, winning decisively, but the return game here could not be played. To stay in the cham- pionship race Illinois won the Interscholastic game from Michigan handily, much to the satisfaction and enjoyment of a fine crowd. After this came the unsuccessful invasion of Purdue. To summarize the season, the team enjoyed fine pitching from Swanson and Berg in practically all the games. The team also fielded Well, but its hitting was not effective in crucial games. L1 19 llurtheis Palmer Hotthkins Anrlerson Thomas VVelty Cherry Reinhart Combes Roettger Hlnze Henrv Humbracht Swanson Russell Franklin Melino McDonald Xllher Ihrg Perahcll lklover Lewis Kowalski Sxrikle Kasch Duffuei' If-' Uv llmiilff-il .' 5 5 if .ih- 'T ROCHE I'IL.-KVACEK Jwifw Ala ,zfz ggf Junior filmmgi-,W RL MMI Hi sr,,i,,, ,il A,,,L ,yo ILLINOIS RECORD, CONFERENCE FINAL STANDINGS, 1935 SEASON GAMES w. i.. rar. Illinois . , . , . 5 Ohio State . 2 Minnesota , S S .727 Illinois . . , , . . 4 VViseonsin , 0 ILLINOIS 7 3 ,IIJU Illinois . . , . . , lfl XViseonsin , I 5 Chicago , 7 5 jim Illinois . . . . . . 6 Ohio State , 12 Ohio State 7 .3 .YUM Illinois A , . . 4 7 Purdue I . , . 3 Michigan 6 5 ,545 Illinois , , . . l Michigan . , . O XViseonsin 5 6 ,455 Illinois . , , , 2 4 Chicago 2 7 Indiana . 4 6 --NIU Illinois , , . . , 12 Northwestern 2 Iowa , I I 3 7 .3110 Illinois I I , , S lVIiehigan . I 4 Northwestern , .3 S .273 Illinois . , . 2 Purdue I S Purdue .3 9 .250 CONFERENCE GAMES Team Batting Average 1.i. 2636 Team Fielding Average ,..i .9520 Q 'C' SEAY Corman COHEN Masrox Lorki, Ki :sox Si-:NG llxxlvxlil ii PH-In ll I lx . 43' Illllllills 5 if f NIUYLR Koualsxi Ililfrf 1"1'4'fif ffillrffuf Illinois opened the l9.l5 Conference hasehall season with a 5 to 2 victory over Ohio State, as Hale Swanson, sophomore pitcher, allowed three hits and struck out 15. 'lihe Illini victory was its sixth straight, since Illinois lVesleyan and Illinois College had heen heaten two and three games respectively. It was a well-played hall game from an Illinois standpoint, as there were no errors chalked up against the Illini, whereas fjliio State was guilty of three mis- cues. 'lihese were largely responsihle for their defeat, as no Illinois runs were earned. Stormy Swikle led the attack for Illinois with two hase hits, while Prosenjak marked up two of the three hlows made off Swanson,s delivery. Prosenjakls home run over the right field fence was responsihle for hoth Ohio State runs. This homer was the first to clear the right field harrier in four years. Prior to the start of the game, there was a minute of silence in reverence to the memory of Carl Lundgren, 0llI0 2 PliRSHl"l,I, l'i1t-ffm veteran coach, who died the preceding summer. Athletic Director George Huff and Coach VVallie Roettger led the trihute. There was no score in the hall game until the last half of the fifth inning, when the Illini garnered three runs. VVith one out, Swanson was safe on Captain Alex Clowson's error. Moyer struck out. Wih Henry hit to the pitcher for the third time, hut the blow was too hard for the pitcher to handle, and all runners were safe. Freddie Reinhart singled to right to score Swanson, Henry taking third and Reinhart reaching second on the throw-in to the plate. Red Durlner singled past third to score hoth runners and complete the scoring for that inning. The final tally of the game came in the eighth when Captain Ben Lewis doubled to left, took third on a passed hall, and scored as Swikle heat out a hunt down the first hase line. , s l JN " ii- ng. r ' lhp, Inf HW! I Yimfi .fum IlI.Illl0IS l2 NO UO 2 Rossi: 1.1. fTHfL'bUl' Coach Roettger's men turned in one of the largest scores of the year when they defeated Northwestern hy a one-sided score of 12 to 2. The Grange and Blue scored in every frame but the first and fourth. Illinois collected a total of fifteen hits, and these combined with ten VVildcat errors were more than enough to win the game. Swanson, pitching for Illinois, allowed hut five blows, three of which were combined in the third inning to produce two runs. VVilhur Henry was the batting star of the Illini attack, collecting four hits, one a long triple. Captain Ben Lewis singled in the fifth and followed with two more base hits. After Northwestern scored two runs in the third in- ning, Illinois came back with two more scores in the fifth. These runs were the product of singles by Lewis, Henry, and Swikle, and an error hy Northwestern. ln the sixth, Swikle singled after Henry was safe on an O Bran Su xxsox Pilrher l'i!rlfef error. Dulfnerys single and Move-rls iielder's choice comhined with another error gave Illinois three more runs with one out. Pederson was taken from the lvox and his successor forced a douhle play, to end the inning. XVith but three more innings to play, Roettger hegan to suhstitute in the lineup. 'lihe scoring continued, how- ever, as two runs were scored in the seventh and one each in the eighth and ninth. At this Stage of the race for the title, Illinois NVIIS tied at the top with Chicago, each having a rating of six wins and two defeats. The second game with North- western was rained out. As the schedule later turned out, this canceled game might have decided the cham- pionship. If Illinois had won, they would have had a percentage great enough to top that of Minnesota, despite the fact that the Gophers had lost hut two games as com- pared with three Illinois losses. ,li "g,.Q.ff - N e, . 1 ' , 4. 'A "ae 4' " ' Pi, no llio Ii :' Y.-ri' Ri- ixii.-xRT Leff Fivlif FRANKLIN Stfflllif Hilxi 'llhe annual game with hlichigan on the Saturday of the lnterscholastic week-end was another victory for the lllini, as Swanson turned in another fine pitching performance to defeat the VVolverine ace, Berger Lar- son. The score was S to 4, and the victory put the lllini back in first place, a spot they had lost two weeks previous in the Chicago setback. Swanson did not have his fast hall and curve working as well as usual but he was good in the pinches. VVith a six run uprising in the seventh hy his team- mates, he pulled through to win. The seventh inning bombardment saw the finish of Larson on the mound. There were two batters hit by pitched halls, four base hits, and two errors in the seventh and deciding inning. lllinois had three errors as compared with Michiganls two, but they were not so disastrous, since all hlichigan runs were earned. Both hurlers gave eight hits. Lar- son struck out six batters as compared with two for Swanson. RQ llllixiols 9 ' MICIIIGAN4 WVEBER Svroml' Bare Michigan scored first with a first inning tally. ln the fifth the Illini pushed two runs across the plate. lVloyer walked and took second as Larson threw out Henry. Swikle hit to right field for two bases, scoring Moyer. Then Frank Russell got his first hit of the year, a single to center, which scored Swikle. The six run rally in the seventh inning was the final scoring for lllinois. Larson hit Henry with a pitch, Swikle sacrinced, Larson hit Russell with a pitched ball, and Swanson knocked a Texas leaguer to center, scoring Henry. Reinhart hit a drive to right, scoring Russellg then VVeber connected for a single, Swanson stopping at third and Reinhart at second to fill the bases. Duffner was safe on an error and Swanson scored. Rudness dropped Lewis, fly ball and Reinhart scored. Weber scored after Rudness caught Moyer's high Hy. Henry then grounded past first base for two bases, scoring Duff- ner. hffichigan came back in the ninth to push over three runs, but this rally was not enough to overcome the lllini lead. Ln.. 'hx' IH' ln, ll'iri..'.' I Xonix 1 'Qs PUIHIIUE 5 Illllllllls 2 SNVIKLE Sliorlxlop Coach Wallie Roettger lost his chance for a Confer- ence championship in his first year of coaching at Illinois by losing to Purdue at Lafayette by a score of 5 to 2. Illinois had beaten the Boilermakers easily earlier in the season, but Paul Elrod, mediocre Purdue hurler, had his slow ball working to perfection and although he did not strike out one Illinois batter and did allow nine hits, he was great in the pinches and thus carried away a win and the Orange and Blue hopes for the title. Swanson, who had been beaten once before by Ohio State, pitched for Illinois and was relieved later in the game by Howie Berg. Both the Illinois batters and pitchers looked better than those Purdue had to offer, but the Illini downfall came in their failure to hit in the pinches. Illinois out-hit Purdue, but left eleven men stranded on the bases, while only three were left on base by the Riveters. Besides the weakness in hitting, Illi- nois contributed enough errors to give Purdue the four 4 HoTcHK1N llrwiu' Righr Field lCftt'0r Fielif runs which were the deciding margin. Duffner had three hits, including a home run, and Henry also collected three blows. The other seven mem- bers of the team collected just three hits among them. Illinois scored in the first inning when Red Duffner connected with a fast ball and batted it over Hoaglandls head in left field for a home run. The other Illinois tally came in the eighth inning when Henry beat out an infield hit and took second on an overthrow. lNIcDonald batted for Russell and singled to center to score Henry. This made the sixth time that lVIcDonald had pinch-batted for some other player during the season. The first five times, he had walked. Swanson worked at a good pace throughout the game, striking out seven Purdue batters. This was the final game of the season and Nfinnesota won the title by defeating Purdue the following week. , Y, i ' Q '-f N I . f V, l - ' Y x' , .1 ' TQQI, . ' at A QW' l l 1 u , P. UH' ll'.r...ii,.f ,Nvidi- x X Q ,f J P '5 f :1 f1 iw V , f f' ff fffxfd 'i'!4',1f,f'-Vfxaf' ' , 'xx ' f ' 'X' X 1 f 7 - N 1 A f f fi N X ,Xl T K Nf fffff, " ,Y J ip. fe-f X N ff kg? X , ,f flfxx' fy!! - 3 371 Q K X V. 1421?-164 f 7 4 XX.. ., ff bfigpxfyf, ff 2 X1 ,f, ruff I f ' fffriffd It S ,Lib Y!!,',' ',f fjjif ffl-4, 'fR7'9 h fx xx N fff , f wffff fff - ff . f - A x 'fx ,ff AX , g ..j I ff 1 . x I .x X .A j X , ffyffmw 4" f!1Hga, 671 ,nu , ly , M X--X X332 '7 V .BN A f k M, N X ' 1'-if L sf .1 1f"1"' 0 -'M 0 P fwfffff xl, W WV 4 4 44 I 0. Mgfyxdld-Lip fQ':fu..lll, .llffwgl IJ lv' 4 ary rffy, ,WuI, .WV 4' - . 'r,f..'l..1.1.'f ,4.p'.?., xQwh,,,1v 1' ga. ,W y,1,,j2-QLUM7 Q -xQf- fl' W 'nb' zrflf Agn jf " L3 1 'VWH--7 MHWQ U1 - 294, x A X - f f 'I '1.W-fl! " ff '-11.1.-19 -E I ui- ff:-f.' , . 1 x xx X QW 4, . 1,44wl' f ,f V- 4 , if 1.1 ,..q.w.1,M . up- g jW'.v 99g'.wi?5 gif' , . Wrv,f 55g1-, We Wf -' if f 'fi A' 1.39 'f a'?6'?"7lfxJff'f Ll' ' .4347 tfaf xl 'y'Q'f7y:iAff H 2-J 'If iv ' N, ' 7, QW Ijyff. A , 'xfd lf, ',,H,,f,f?ff??,1h I , A lfifiif' in ' N" ff W f-3 1, W1 Q f Kf WJ'--. xl-d1"T'-'?Z7f"" If 71' " Sf!-' -fm 4213! 'J"ff7.?'1f' ,' ,2, W, If I N BT- X V '. f fm, 'Q i 'NQJL JW" KJ "'f f-A 1. 1 iQ 22 A-."Q!K,,2f' 4 'f f ?'W'1'I 39" 5347 -- I1 Q' 7 'ix 234'-"7f5"' 'il x' ,' - ' "f!?'4f'fWl? UW ' WCW' "' f"ff,TQ,. .M WWI, , iff Q I",-27fJfflf,'Yxpzfg-" ,, ' ' 2'ff'-Mifij, if ' In-.'L.'x", ff A7'W f" '.21 -.-"U" ' NL?--'1"i3,f '?-T, ff - 2'?'W"f ' ff' XM- 4-xvfmvw W Z -WWI? 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' - 'L' A "'Yf't"f'53':'f"52 ' Q,g'T?1,'f.: ' , -4--- Y iv-:.,.. 31513, , nu-....., I-Vx -..- - 0ilIIfll vAIHSIfY SIPQIIHIQS 4- 'EE"?F...... I Ki xxx, !'fmr!1 P. I'-x K L"I'lY5K y, Cizpfiiiu ,i z VARSITY WIRE -l'I.Illlli Hel: Kenney, producer of excellent wrestling teams at Illinois for many years, had another splendid squad in the 1936 season of competition. Topped by the champion of champions, Ralph "Rudy" Silverstein, na- tional intercollegiate title-holder at 175 pounds, who alternated between that weight and the unlimited class all season, the squad split up its wins and losses, but turned in outstanding performances in every meet. The team opened its season against Iowa State, where it won easily, losing only one match and drawing one. The next night, while the team was still on the road, it encountered the powerful Cornell College squad. The Cornell wrestlers trimmed the Illini by a slight margin, and came to Champaign-Urbana two weeks later for a return bout. This time Coach Kenney shifted his lineup so that his better wrestlers faced tougher opponents. The Illini won revenge by beating the Cornell team, Kenny Carpenter and Charley Prout starring for Illinois. The Illini opened their Conference season at Ohio State, where they trimmed the Buckeyes, 36 to 20. Coach Billy Thom,s Indiana matmen, who always fight it out year after year with Illinois for the Big Ten title, next came to the New Gym, and defeated the Illini, although Silverstein remained unbeaten by Whip- ping Charley lX'IcDaniel, national champion, who outweighed Ruffy by 30 pounds. Pete Pakutinsky lost for the first time in his collegiate career when he choked, after being hit hard early in his match, and was unable to continue. To end their home season the Illini won from Chicago, with a top- heavy score of 22 to lil. They were without the service of Ken Car- penter, who severely injured his arm earlier in the week in practice. 5wi'zi-r Yan Mulltin Huty Simpson Rasche Hrvzint NV, Carpenter Leemon X uint tiuin Iifkstai ill Hughes O'Reillv Mullen Ginn Clements HIUNYII U'hiIe lx nu- w I-. Pzzkuiiuski' Gloss P. Pakutinskv Silyerstelll K. C1lI'PL'Illt'l' Sapora Prout Law R, Hong llollenhtck Poxxless Illuin Hong George Hastings Kagen I I II n,Ii.J WAllSIfY liYlWllllt4Sl'ICS Finishing in third place in the Big Ten, the gymnastic team, cham- pions in 1935, concluded a successful but somewhat disappointing season. It was disappointing because a championship seemed certain when the sea- son began. But ineligibilities and injuries soon made these hopes mere dreams. Joe Rehor, Howie Kaplan, and Marv Monk, all stars, were the ineligibilities who gave the team its biggest blow. Then, midway in the season, Paul Prather, Clarence Hale, and Bob Sapora suffered injuries which, although they did not put them out for the year, handicapped them greatly. Only four seniors will be lost to Coach Hartley Price by graduation this year. They are Captain Art Fisher, Mel Sader, Clarence Hale, and Bud Trabert. Fisher, a good example of an athlete who knew very little about tumbling when he started as a freshman, was a Big Ten champion for two years before he was graduated. Trabert was a performer on the flying rings, one of the events in which the Illini were exceedingly strong this year. lvlel Sader won his points with competent exhibitions on the high and parallel bars. Hale, one of the most determined and gamest men on the team, performed on the side horse. Starting the year against Nebraska, the Illini conquered them, 679 to 569. Then they met Turner College and Southern Illinois Teachers in a triangular meet, winning easily. Invading Penn State at Philadelphia, the Illini won again, this time by a close margin. Starting Big Ten compe- tition, lVIinnesota gave Illinois its first defeat, beating them by nine points. The Illini then whipped Iowa, and Nlorton Junior College of Cicero to end the year. Two meets were won from Chicago by forfeit. In the Big Ten meet llflinnesota Won, with Chicago second and Illinois third. -'99 PRICE, Inn ff X5 XX va, 3 f F1514 r R, l.'.1fvf.z,w1 I 1 4 ' x 4 :E ,A ,v I-i try HIS Q, Price Sapiua Hughes simon 1 i.,u.o' ima-.,i. Intuit Fifti lui ill Szultr " 14 - 'o 4 1i , u I" T- it ll :H M Avi i- Y, Cuarll Q Q ll.aNsr.N, lfizpmin VARSITY SIWIIWIIIIIIKTIS YVith Chuck lilachmann, sensational star of the year before, lost by graduation, the hopes of the Illinois swimming team were based largely on a crew of sophomores, and these youngsters came through in fine style, although lack of experience showed at times, and possibly caused the poor performances of the team as a whole. In the opening meet of the season, with the Purdue natators as op- ponents, Illinois won, 57 to 27, taking eight out of nine events. Captain Paul Vernor garnered the only win for the visitors when he splashed through an inch ahead of the favored Captain Hank Hansen of Illinois in the SH-yard crawl event. Norm Lewis, sensational sophomore from Oak Park, swimming his lirst meet for Illinois, led the lVIanleymen in scoring by winning the 100 and 220-yard crawl races, and anchoring the 4-HI-yard crawl relay team to an easy victory. Failure of the crawl swimmers to come up to previous hopes in the Chicago meet, however, cost the Illini a victory, as Hansen lost the oil-yard crawl and was third in the 100-yard crawl. Illinois lost to a powerful Iowa team in the Hawkeye pool, although Norm Lewis won the lllll-yard crawl. In the next meet the Northwestern tankmen stayed on even terms with the Illini until the VVildcats took first and second in the dives. From then on it was a rout. The Illinois free style relay team claimed a new Conference record in the meet in negotiating the distance in 3239.6 as compared with the Big Ten record of 3:-HILI, set by the Illinois team of Chuck Flachmann, Butch Overman, Hank Hansen, and Jim Hickey in 1935. N1 ul x hllvtiuiiiu Uyeiumu Morton Yolzac Scott Lewis Hllllsvll Mautk Il xx III Hogoiml Miller jones Kiull Aiiiifisoii Ryan Hhs Deutschnizui Hiouk McElveen I I ll I I Tito vAllSII'Y Ivflflfll ljlllll Conquering five consecutive Conference opponents by top-heavy scores, Coach Ed lNrlanley's water poloists swept through an undefeated season and emerged with the Hrst Big Ten Championship of the year for Illinois. Captain Foss Bennett and his mates opened the season auspiciously by swamping Purdue. Norm Lewis led the scoring with two goals, one in each period, while Johnny Erwin scored the third marker. Chicago, Iowa, Northwestern, and lVlinnesota then fell in rapid succession before the furious onslaught of the Illini. The Illini forward wall, composed of three sophomores, Norm Lewis, Johnny Erwin, and Johnny Brouk, proved more than capable of encountering foes of Big Ten calibre in their first year of Conference competition. Hank Hansen, Butch Qverman, and Chuck VViniarski provided an impenetrable defense that gave opposing forwards few shots at the Illini goal. Captain Bennett as goalie effectively stopped what few attempts did happen to come his way. The eHicient Illinois scoring machine rolled up 24 points in their five encounters while holding their opponents to ll. The crowning achieve- ment of the season was the 8 to 5 licking administered to Chicago, last year's Big Ten title holders, in the second meet of the Season. Coach lVIanley's proteges scored seven goals in the first half of this fray, an average of almost a goal a minute. Coach lVIanley failed to make a single substitution in his championship aggregation all season. Among this year's seven only Bennett, Hansen, anod Wiiiiarski are seniors, and Overman and the three sophomores will be back to form the nucleus of another strong squad next year. Q DS wifi . 3 lf I l alu,hi i 1 Nfl.-XXI i Y, Ifmn 11 Hr vxi 'r'1', tmp! Manley Erwin Bennett Hans If . L A - tu Mort ni Xlill x VV1n1urski Mzuitk Kioll Iii.-uk Lt-mis IJ ut hh ui li i' -t i. lu, 1 ll 1 Lg- Nlt flclsl' xi , 1,'o.1i ff Rl' lt A D IH-i Am- R, llzpmirl .pg F' vAIlSIl'Y SQDCCEIH The Illinois soccer team enjoyed a moderately successful season dur- ing the fall of 1935, winding up the season with a .500 standing, win- ning three and losing three. Three new teams, VVheaton College, Ohio State University, and the Decatur Soccer Club, appeared on the schedule. The Illini were ahle to down the first two of these teams in closely con- tested encounters, hut were unahle to cope with the more experienced hooters from Decatur and lost two 1 to U thrillers to them in a home series. Especially gratifying to the local squad was a hard-earned win over the Buckeyes of Uhio State at Columhus. The game was a nip and tuck overtime battle which finally ended 1 to O, in favor of the Orange and Blue. The score was made in the last few minutes of an overtime period. Among the outstanding players on the Illinois squad were Captain Dan Pflager, who directed the team from his right fullback position, Jack llflacferran, who paired up at the other fullback post, Dan Brown and George Sterha, operating at right and center halves respectively, UNails', Florio, inside right, Ray Costahile, right wing, and Ed Yeaton, goalie. A unique idea conceived hy Coach King James lVlcCristal and mem- hers of Centaur, honorary soccer society, provided an interesting research phase to the soccer season. It came in the form of an indoor game, the first ever to be played in the Armory. Two teams, made up of the varsity players, foreign stars now enrolled in the University, and other chosen players on the campus, engaged in the unprecedented type of contest and provided enlightened entertainment for the interested hand of spectators. The rules were modified to conform to the playing conditions and re- sulted in a speedy and high scoring game. ii M C5 I ,ga 1. K. YQ"" 'TEN' .. ffl Mtlrisral Paike l'Hager Y. I-Qaron Huh Castle Brown Turner A llroii Vlliunl Cost ilxile Florin Sreiha Macferran Large l'.1tjf Tu-1, llimdnil Four VARSITY l:lflllCIlllli Illinois fencers, faced with a season schedule of nine bouts and six of these away from home, came through with a record of five victories and four defeats. The final Conference standings showed Illinois in second place, behind the undefeated University of Chicago squad. The standings this year were decided on the outcome of the dual meets dur- ing the season, not on the results of the Big Ten Conference Meet which has been the deciding factor in the past. The lllini defeated Purdue and Wisccinsiii in Con ference competition while losing to Ohio State, Chicago, and Northwestern. For individual honors, three lllini fencers traveled to Chicago for the Conference meet after the regular season had been completed. Cap- tain Bill Chiprin, competing in the foils, was defending the Conference title he won last year, while John Boland in the epee and Hy Kaplan in the sabers were competing in their first conference meets. Chiprin and Jack Wiiiters of Chicago fought it out for foils honors after each had won five bouts apiece and with the count 5 and 5, VVinters won the next touch and the championship. Hy Kaplan lost only two of his six bouts and also took second place, while Boland tied for third with two of his rivals. This is only the second time in eight years that Illinois has not won the Conference title. The team, under the guidance of Coach Herb Craig, Won the title from 1928 through l933, dropped down to second in 1934, went back up to first in l935, and then fell to second again this season. Bill Chiprin, captaining the team, although only a junior, lost but one bout all year, that to Herschel Greenburg of Northwestern. He is going to New York in June for a tryout for a berth on the U. S. Olympic team. RXIC I 1 iff, 3. A is f C1111-RIN, K'.1p1.1 I1 jackson Ketzel Katz Greene Golriniaii Sinai! filasei Sin nhi lx ig lin Moll Lucier Bepko Chiprin Craig Silveiiiixin Holgiinl Pi lil i L IH I I1 1 I I- X Loi i, l,o.n'1 Nora, Q lfilfwlflfrz P Y WAIlSI'IY lilllll The sport of society, polo, has two entirely different seasons at Illinois, and each has its own :et of rules and, to some extent, fans. The outdoor season in the spring of 1935 was particularly disastrous for Illinois. lNIissouri started it-hy living up to expectations and outplaying the less-experienced Illini in the opener, ll to 2. Frank lVlerce1', Ivan Kovaeic, Ed Anger, Captain Hall Teeman, and Art Douglas were mem- hers of the Illinois team. Then Uhio State and Iowa State defeated the Illini riders hy scores of l5 to 2 and 6 to l, respectively. Despite the poor showing, it was felt hy the coaches that the Illini had showed considerahle improvement, and since only one regular was graduating, prospects for 1936 looked good. Two early season indoor games at lVliehigan were hoth disastrous fol' Illinois as the VVolverine riders were victorious in both games. VVhen the regular season hegan in the second semester, Gene Bauer and Ed Anger were ineligible, hut prospects hrightened as the Illini rallied in their first regular match to whip Ohio State, 13 to Mike Gordon revealed himself as a new star hy scoring eight goals, and duplicated this numher of scores in the second game as the Kenyon College team heat Illinois, ZZIQ to llllfx. Not much hope was held for a good showing against the Blackhorse troop of Chicago, hut the Illini played hrilliant polo to defeat the oflicers. Acting Captain Fred VVright starred in these games with smart defense play, while Mike Gordon continued to he the offensive star. The poloists then defeated the crack Third Artillery trio from Ft. Sheridan. If Wright Huiioughs I ndoii 1 I ii 1 Xusriii Haufr Anger Hobllt Cole Clax I llll li lx XILI lliek Init I I H il ISU. o so 'o : 1 ia "sf 'llioiiipkiii WflIlSIiY 'Ili lll IUI S After losing their opening meet of the season to the eventual Con- ference champions--Chicago-and tying their second start with North- western, 3 to 3, the Illinois tennis players continued through the rest of the 1935 season by rolling up four straight shut-out victories, during the course of which only three sets were lost hy Illini players. Captain Joe Moll was the only Illinois man to score a victory as Chi- cago defeated the Illinois team, 5 to 1, in the first meet. Nelsan Mclninch, Illinois player, received an unexpected setback from Trevor Wtliss in one match, and Bruce Hicks, making his first Big Ten start, showed up well but also lost. In the Northwestern meet the next day, lV1cIninch upset the great VVildcat star, George Ball, while Captain Moll beat Russell Ball, brother of George, in another singles match. The doubles team of Dick Lewers and Bruce Hicks was also triumphant for Illinois. Opening the home season, Illinois defeated Indiana, 6 to U, hreezing through four singles victories and two doubles wins without being pushed. Iowa was the next victim, losing, 6 to ll, as -lack VVright, playing in his first Big Ten match, lost one set for the only Illini reversal of the en- gagement. The Illini won every set in defeating Purdue, 6 to ll, in the next meet. VVhile Bruce Hicks was pushed slightly, there was no trouble for the other three Illinois men-lVIcIninch, Moll, and VVright-as the Illini closed their dual meet season by toppling Notre Dame, 7 to U. Chicago won the Big Ten meet with the Illini ranking third. The doubles team of Bruce Hicks and Dick Lewers got through the semi- final round, but failed to win in the finals. During the winter of 1935-36 Casper Nannes of New York was appointed to succeed Gerald Huff as Illinois coach for the 1936 season. Dick Lewers was elected Captain for the remainder of the season. A2 l 1 4, N.-xwvr 5, I.'rn1.'ff 9 1 Liiwras, I.'ufir.u'n . AN , QC , .fy I fi -5 ' ',. if W V ff. ' .Q ' , x 5 ., .gm r, . Quia' . I J Q in ' V . , 1:- 1 , Y ,, f 1' 0 v Q , 1 l f A as If S ' - ' .. ' -r Moll Hicks Hered Leu Haight Fleming Rich Malou x l'. In., llwl , 5, -X 3 ' I X 'X if I 1 y J Vf N X -gin X7 7 X . ix M' 1 J ,ff 'ff 1 , J X142 . f Kwfl 5 Q' 4275, X fl VP,',,f!f'f K X!!7ijjj- 35-5,17 I V,r'2f,?,fl-I, ,LL In L -I , ,J '---xx , I jxx- V ,fw f f 1 X X-, Vgvfjij V 4,117 3 "X xg!! J RY -QN- ,, ,jffff 'YVV A ,V ,nj N , .521 1 52,6 A W Xcxg 5 N .V ,fzff1".Vf V f fgfiff LXXVSQ' ' ' f' .ci ff -'T f' f'f-.T . 4'-nf." ff iff' X X M, ff. 1 ,L ff ffkjff QQ' Q fkxfx riff?-'f, 113- lf! ," .fjff 11- dj' " f V A ,V ,wi lf.. ,-,rf W rf!! ,. f f ,f f ,f4, A 1 x, , W "ff 'EH l"f'7 ff xx-5"'x5y" .lj""1 - jf -N X '22"f"f5 VX171! If 1 ff! ffglflf 'UWB ' X blllklrv g I ,Ty X-.ixbxx 'x 'LY N ,fwv 55,1 4, - I F.. I. 1 17 X! :SX .ir-x -.X.JiN fgf-5,70-,f,11 -1, mf. . gf .. 1 412 ' '- 4' 5.1, 2,7 Ng- N -A f,.,,- A , I f ff - 1 7- 'Nf WC!! fy LllJ 4gf,2:Kf , no 0418017 Ilnfjczw Dx llxmgywq lvl ,RNS Aslypw. ,wr Vf .. wf-',' V2 ,vw-'f ff .41 FW 1 S., V- ,. 3,1427 W . 1' 71' "ll ,wir .ily 'rdf' .- '.lf"'.'f.1-if! '.i4'4 j".f111'-'Q ggi" - All 'LXU AWA , .bfi , W , X 11 jnyf .-.'Yv'i. .It I- -I mf VJ , A 2'..4f3.+4f1Qfjfz.2,,N 1 ,H gh F LQD1 . yw ,.V1fqL.r,. W 1- 'W QQ WQQw.Q'WigW f 111- .-- , ' 1-'irsf' ' ,"'1'-Liffff '15 x ',ui"1'. an, ' .,' 'I' 1-.V - " 1 ., V M -, l ' - . . i , . 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'11 L .Ji -mV i n Ji 4 .. .r.:fAfa1:535-A'-1'-542:-:F:: .M1ff I' vx1i41,1l . 1:5 is 2. E E i n xl L 22. 52 1, 315 11: aailg- S :j1SQQfvf'i xlffllvjl :1 1. 5 1 sus 11 Qu 1P"'+2s1'-wzgsgx wg I gps' E aariflf - Q I Xzw- Ii' -T -1 I .ur ,,,,, , Pr! , ,Q DHS. 53-.. -1' Q2-ag.-f .1 ff 5-:aaa 25:1 15 lgii fr :--Lv - : - Lffsf' '14 5:1112 'X A 515-J T? 711'-ii-i'?-'-1' EJ I , : I-I' f 5? E- S5 PHL? ,W lffliagg 111' -1 "-1'5- -Q Q 5. ,.fy,,Qi E,g,,'35gg 2-25, 5311 ,V-E: 1Ffu:V.:z'E1" X-':iq ,' w,.., 1 X - " ' if 1 "1 . k. gmv ff ' Z-1 .I'.?T"ff' 'Ff'l'ffY -Tmf'zmmT"' 'f M 15" fig K"T:I1ffKS1wQ Q7,1'wnxww8SilNuw.. ' x. -- ku -Q.'S.'A3kxkw V- X V x. VVV- - 5 4 - N -- A mm. ww - 1 .4 .RQ- ' -X , A fQ:if1'f'N"-WP' V- .X j'.,f2?f7Q5ST,1? 1 iff . """"'V'j ' ' Sifl' " " --'I"'-----f-'-"?El':3'f'g" -----43" im ' Mm Y ,K-1?-U I- pf --,Faq-1 . -V ,,, ,. J -.annmf " n-xv a1-.nhl . f """"""- B - - .. , , , ,, ' ,, 'T' ,S ag H v ' .- ,f 1. :-. .'g ,V2J'f"'2: ""v.2:y' 'H ""+'f'1""'2"'vwz1- ,., I ' ' "lf: '.-Zi: QQ,-A'-y-. . :V .1:.-Lzfgffi. . P- . N - L ' :' "" , - '1 1:f- -a:,:.-.'. ' . 55-Iwi,-.1 , " ""' """"'WwfW4'a1i-ffffar-vei-9 efuif 34 . x-25.7" ' A , ---.-J-w-m-V--fi-V1-f'rf'f'f :1':f3fx':.-.'.'1 Sw-Q , . . ,Y In H I' K ' ...Bw-iv.-i---VN ,gk-RL.-L-T.. v uw.,yE2v53., -1 , . ,Y-,..,..., ,,:r:A?5.'Y- mt, h . 1 - , I-ltgz , 27 ' A N-:nu-......... - A-, aff!,j1"'a:-5g.,.,-4.7.- ..... .- Lf,- - . 'lvl -if - 'i1' IlWflHANIUIHAl 1-2. 'lb 'vm lil-xx ix BI. Maxi 1- x' flfrtlfuf' 'lihe University of Illinois intramural system, which has heen copied hy major universities and col- leges all over the United States, enjoyed another fine season in l935-.36 under the direction of E. Manley, Director of Intramural Athletics. Chuck U'Hern served as senior manager, assisted hy a staff of two -iunior inanagers and a numher of sophomores. Dick Crook served as one of the juniors all year, while Boh Roos resigned after one semester and was succeeded hy Derrick Brewster, who rounded out lille yL'ZlI'. lfraternities again dominated the spotlight in intra- mural competition as the independents failed to take advantage of equal opportunities for competition. Sports in which over two thousand men students at the University competed during the school year were: hasehall haskethall howling soccer ice hockey volley- 1 i R v 5 1 7 1 hall, track, handhall, golf, cross country, swimming, tennis wrestling hoxing horseshoe water iolo and 3 kv ka 3 l y ping pong. XVith such a variety of sports, it is thus Illl'l'llfllWlllJll Al possihle for practically every male student to find some athletic activity in which he is interested and may compete. The Illini intramural system, inaugurated by "GH Huff, athletic director, and built up by Mr. Manley, swimming coach and Director of Intramural, di- vides competition into two classes, fraternity and in- dependent. The organized houses compete for a particip-ation cup trophy, while the independents strive for individual awards. Champions in the two divisions play for all-University championships in many of the sports. In sports where students enter and play as individ- uals, there is no distinction made hetween independ- ents and fraternity men, hut memhers of organized houses have any points they may Win added to their house records. lee hockey, started last year, had another successful season this year as playing times were shortened and scoring rules revised to make the game more attractive. UE IH llfoilnl 'lan . ' lv I M W, 'fini IN'i'n.-xiviiiRA1. Oi-'illcri lfiiffiig Cuouic Runs fnnzor A111 :lager Jn izfn r fllamzgvr INTRAMURAL FRATERNITY STANDINGS Sigma Nu . Beta Theta Pi ,...A, Tau Kappa Epsilon ,,.. Zeta Psi i.,.V...i. Phi Delta Theta, . Phi Kappa Sigma . , Delta Chi , 1 1 , Sigma Pi . Theta Xi. , A 1 Zeta Beta Tau , , Phi Sigma Kappa, . . if 19 VANU-i Kiivl' 350 280 zszyg 186 174 153 145 142LQ 141 12013 11111 'WO' E fjylll-KN Senior fllarzizlg . .-XXX N1 1 li.-xl11a1a'I'T H111sM.-xv lXflCl'1l.Yl-PY ll ZXX Xl lv I I ll H FI' I . rl Q w.Qfffae'aeWw2af Illl'l'lHi4lWllJIl,4I. SECOND SEMESTER 1934-35 Basketball "A" Team 4.A. Basketball "B" Team .,.,. University Intramural Title. . . Swimming i.....,......, Handball .... Free Throw .,,, Spring Baseball. . . Spring Track. . i , , . . Horseshoe Singles ,.,.. Spring Tennis Singles. . . Spring Tennis Doubles ,.., Spring Golf Individual .,.. Spring Golf Team ..,. l-Alpha Gamma Rho, , . 2-Phi Delta Theta .,,. 3-Sigma Nu .,i.. 4-Kahl ..,... 5-Hedges .......... 6-Tau Kappa Epsilon . . 7-Clark ,........... . . . . . . . .Sigma fflplza Epsilon . , . . , . . . .Alpha Gamma- Rho . Champaign- Urbana Blues .i....,..s.,....SigmaNu ,.......,Dykstra ............Clark . . . .Phi Sigma Kappa . . .Phi Delta Theta ....,,..Saunders .,...,,.......Dehner . . ,Hodges aaa' Baymiller .........,......Kahl . 4 . .Alpha Sigma Phi . , . . .Basketball , . . .Spring Track . , . .lfffafer Polo .......G0lf ...,.,.G0lf .,.,.,.,..Track , . . . ,Free Throw lTllIi1l 4 Lufl 5 Right 1 Rzglzr 6 Hrfofl' CIIADIIFIIIIUS FIRST SEMESTER 1935-36 Soccer ...............................,.. Sigma Pi Softball ......... Fall Track Team ..,.. Water Polo ...... Tennis Doubles A.... Fall Golf ...... Turkey Run .... Bowling ...... 8-Saunders ....... 9-Galland and Coates .... 10-Dykstra ........ ll-Crook and Sweney. 12-Sigma Pi ........... 13-Phi Kappa Sigma. 14-Sigma Nu ,...,. .....,....Sigma N11 Tau Kappa Ejbsifon ............SigmaNu . . . . .Crook and S-wcufry i...,.i.i.,,Hnlgr5 Gallzmfl and Coafcs ..i......,SigmaNu . . .H0l'56'5ll0US . . .Turkey Run . , . .Hnfzzlfiall . . , .Tennis . . .Socczfr . . 4 .Bnsflmll . . ,Bowling 12 Bottom 10 Left ll Right J d I1l1TIlfl1WlllIl,lI. CRIHNTIYHQI. Out of a potpourri of pigs, parasols, whee1harrow jockeys, canes, seamstresses, runners, wrestlers, and hoxers, one new ath1etic carnival record emerged when the annual 1ntramura1 show for 1935 was presented to 1,2110 spectators in the Armory. Marion McKenzie, a persuasive Phi Qmega Pi, hy a suceessfu1 combination of coaxing and jahhing from the rear, made a husky porker think the finishing line was a feeding trough, so she hrought home the hacon in the hogglv-wogglv raee in 211 seconds. This time set a new carnival record, smashing Hettie Seamaifs 1933 performance hy 7 6-111 seconds. XVith the exception of the hogglv-wogglv event, the hoxing events were the most interesting on the night's bill. 1N'1ost exciting of all was the fight which saw Tiny 1N1orris ra11v to win a e1ose decision from Hank Bruder in the heavyweight division. Bruder, a gridder, was fatally injured last summer while serving as a forest ranger in the Rocky mountains. The most finished exhihition of all came in the 118 pound fight, in which Jimmy Po1os pummeled John 1Vhitnev so hard that Referee Paul Prehn had to stop the show in the third round. Fast, clever, coo1-Polos had everything his wav from the start. Tom Urhas, a winner from the year he-fore, punched out a close decision over Jake Ne1son in the cruiser- weight division to he the on1v man in the hoxing or wrestling ranks to repeat. Red Gragg again demonstrated his supremacy in the wheelbarrow pushing field hv shoving Adelaide Dadant to an easy first p1ace in this event. 1n 19.54 Gragg was high man in a similar raee. I I ll' il 1'-writing GYDIIKIIAIWR A capacity crowd witnessed what can approximately he called one of the most wholesome and successful en- tertainments ever to he presented on the Illinois campus when the second annual Gymkhana was staged in l935. Every seat in the Old Gym was occupied with spectators who enthusiastically expressed their approval after every event. Before the regular show started, Coach Hartley Price was introduced to the audience. He presented a cup, the Delta Theta Upsilon QP. E. fraternityj award, to Johnny Fischer, fullhack on the Illinois foothall squad. The trophy is awarded annually to the student in the School of Physical Education whom the judges deem most likely to succeed in his Held. The judges were Chet Jackson, YVeenie VVilson, and Coach Price. The show did not consist only of the feats indicative of hody control, as one might surmise, hut also of novel- ties: comedy, classical entertainment, and frolicky danc- ing. For the comedy of the affair, Fred Baum presented a unique arrangement of clever dancing which, coupled with his antics of a drunken sailor, entertained the crowd. Prohahly the most astounding performance of the evening was John Grimekls hody muscle control act. Standing on a ten-foot pedestal, this massive structure of rippling muscles showed complete control of almost every muscle in his body. The grand finale of the show consisted of the entire gym team performing ground pyramids. A college song was sung and the show was over. However, it wasnlt over in the minds of those who witnessed it, for they beheld a group of performers who had worked hard for their entertainment. The Gymkhana troupe made sev- eral tours prior to this final performance on the Illinois campus, appearing hefore high school and municpal groups in many towns in the state. l':: Yfg, Huw I' Ill11-EIR-SCll0liflSl'IC 'flkiillli Rockford's Bob Packard and Dave Denny led their high school track team to a championship before 1,500 lnterscholastic onlookers in the 41st Annual Track and Field Nleet, run off in lllinois 1V1emorial Stadium in Nlay, 1935. The Northern Illinois team rolled up 21 points as Packard won the 100 and 220-yard dashes while his teammate Denny took the 120-yard high hurdles and placed fourth in the 220-yard low hurdles. Five new records were set up during the preliminaries and the finals of the two-day event. lV1cLeod of Glen- hard established a new mark in the 220-yard low hurdles, VValt David of Chrisman hurled the javelin 190 feet for a new record, and Yorkls half-mile relay team ran to an unprecedented time during the finals. ln the pre- liminaries Packard set a new record time of 21 seconds in the 220-yard dash and Tony Corso of Hillsboro hurled the shot 53 feet, inch, for a new mark. After Rockford came New Trier with 16 points, York with 13 3-5 points, and Glenbard with 12 points. The mile run proved to be so gruelling a race that one contestant dropped out in each of the two heats because of exhaustion. Bordeau of Tilden won this event. Roh- ling, Arlington 1-leightls entrant, took the half-mile by opening up on the stretch. VVaterbury of Centralia failed to come close to Lowell Spurgeon's record high jump in winning this event. Tom Charles, Beardstown pole vaulter, won with a leap of 12 feet, 4 inches, but failed in his attempts to break an old record of 12 feet, 7 inches. Only fair performances were recorded in the re- maining events on the program. 1-lahnfeldt of Palestine hurled the discus 135 feet, 1 inch to win, and Beeler of Granite City was credited with a 22 feet, 8 inch victory in the broad jump. 15 --Slim"-Q-1 I I flwiJrfJ Sixteen llllfflilk-SCll0liflSI'IC CIRCUS The 28th Interscholastic Circus, the last for Director Chet Jackson, by his own wish, after many years of ser- vice, thrilled a capacity crowd in the ,-Xrmory in the spring of 1935. From the opening event, when Mark Hindsley conducted the University of Illinois hand in the first number, to the time that the last flare died on the pyramid which concluded the great show, the visi- tors, students, and townspeople who came to witness the great spectacle remained engrossed in the sights and en- tertainment which were presented before them. Clowns, '4human" animals, and various side events were constantly making the rounds ot' the long track surrounding the center stage where the main attractions were unfolded. The circus stunts took place on the equipment set up at one end of the vast Armory. Paul Prather, member of the conference championship gym- nastics team, broke his own previous record by making 81 turns on the high trapeze in his muscle grind. Francis Preve and T. H. Cook thrilled the crowd with daring aerial maneuvers, Preve providing the high spot of the evening by going through a routine blind folded. The retiring director, Chet Jackson, was presented with a gold watch by the University of Illinois Athletic Association, while the circus managers gave him a cameo ring in appreciation of his splendid direction of the color- ful event. Don Brown was given an engraved silver desk set as a mark of appreciation for his ten years of service as a top man for the aerialists. K. A. Ekiss accomplished the difficult feat ot' spinning a 60-foot rope. Preve's iron-man :let found him swing- ing above the crowd for two minutes while hanging by his teeth. .: A Z 11' lhggj fi. ll-.v i X, 5 fn' Q- 1 Q H 'A 1 'Y A' Zqgxximg' I 4 I I ,AI Ti 'V :Q 'ff . WWQW A If IM 2: ?Z'fi"ff7: 1. 0 ' ' 1 I' Vi! f VV Jw Z:f5'2II.iJifW ' ' 9771qL,..5. - " ffl ,E I M mm 0 EXTRA-CURRICULAR STUDENT ACTIVITIES CAMDUS LEADEVQS STUDENT ADMIIXHSTVQATICDN SQCIETY UNIVEVQSITY WCMEN DUBILICATIONS DVQAMATICS MUSIC MILITAVQY flCI'IWIiIlfS I .f Q ,g V' I Zz -f 1 ff xv fifvj X X fy I n .ff ff 2 5 v AX 9 J yy - ,-xi . i HN.-X J I ij 1,151 .wk L, I 2 f if f2c, u V - v M Z .ss .,--f' In f I F 'ti ,X F XZ, ? -ff A r -1:41 1'-1 o lIl ff? F V Y.-31 ., ,.,d'mI.,,,,..- " ............,.,,...'a.. . ..--.???"-,------ . www - - "4 Gz'?"' . . f -4 , -5, -gf -"A 'we-J'2 ' K - .- - ' if-.5 -?gg.Ta5,qqf,5gfg,f99s:'7 -'4 f'?'..u4- . L -- -. -' ' ' -. . . ' '.- --,.!,14-- ,.-y- - - -g,',,-- uf .-"-L " ' 3""'f' .-41. ... 345,-ht -f2g13.q.'-C-fr.gL-.'ff.:9?-J ' ,- --zpsisnlu-aw-aww,LQ3. ' -' . - ,,,- . - mi- mf- . .L-1:-" -nf-an ,..,.-.----- -Amus- --.. 0. --- -1,-u4u.1.:,. gy..-....... -1 .-.1-.--l,., -- g..,. -......-.-i1...... - -1.11-. -i -.. - .nr -..- - ng...-4.. .. CANIPUS llflllllflls ... I " I ' uni' """' ' - , ' ' IC 'I' IC IC N Ars ,-'Cx ' 0- , I ' W I I' If ll S I T Y If Xl ll If I 5, "'T'!"?"'J" . I A 99' ,,', ll 'I' 'W i 4 95,1 'Q I llll-'I'Y-SIX 'Q' 0 I7 I I. I- I IU ll I 9 15.5, I H I I I 1 1' 1 ' Yl4"ll I N A 1 J AA I fl IWI I' ll S 0,0 r O,' Ot' o,' 0 fb, I 1 Ill I 1" I IR 9 I I 1' I I Il I .i Tzmnl I IZAIDEIHS 'PHI R 'I' Y-Sl X Y 'bv Q-'Z' 0 I: I I. l l Ill ll l S P 'I IIT f C A Nl P ll S Nfzrv V -, . if lf. vig A I A lf: 'r IC lf: N A Y 84' ..,. O Qs -5.4 mw 'n me 1418010 I Ill I W li ll 9 I T Y I I ll I I 'I' 1 If fl Il If Il if l' ll l R 'l' Y-Sl X v . ll 0 I: I l l I IU 0 I 6 S, Tara Hur fflfy-'Q' K K, ff 4 'V' ' Q if Y ff 2 N- x,-Q f" I fc! Z .ff L Vi . . x i 2 V Q f ff' '9- ' ,N-, V X,-'X n x, X I f f'll"K,qtK I , f 524. 1 , ' ' 5 ', ' v- .4 ,4 4 . ', I3 UH' X i ff f-Z 2 ,L Y ,f X Nggml f o all u .. r Ylfl , .. .M m.:.Ae.u4.:.:oq.ns.:,.n - Y,., ,. , 12. ,,.- N... W ' ' A-.,.,.,,..-,.J.:'2isvx,'6i864'.'2dfB-4. ,,,,,??v:."9'?ff.---'- ,. x..,.-. ., , Q - -' , 1 ,,.- I .-N gk' I ' , .,JJ' 1.4. , . , , .M . 61,73-..--, . .v' 3 . .- 2'K"i1'T+'flEf?".":':fF5f :Z - 1 aj jf - 4 - ,. - .Y -' 1- -SA ' " fi" "'- '.1z"1- if - ff jff-f-ffffvsrf r. i-2,W'4v,-.Af-1515454-ff.PQ.f " -'-.L Vw H 1 , -- - .,- ' '.,-'--- 1-'. 11-EC'. ' ,wr 3,q,' .- x " 'K' """-'- l ' .utr ' 5.1, 1 -W. ri -aa--Q:1.'-552:-325.-ff-" ,. -. xhl. ,-4-15g.,,.b,av -'A .rpgf --ff, , WM, . ..fs:ls4f:fvQb'., :,f.,q -Ab 1- 'if-f kg? , f 9 cd' W: ,dff,,.",-fn:-ff" wblguwsnmnuw-.. ,..4.1..--n-- hilt'-I -4 ml y- ' .-GQ.-.-....-.. .....u..m-uv-c:.:-...-..T uv , V , nw., .. .. ff - .. . V -a--Q,.. i..........---.' ' TQ.-.":::. - - Q1.....?" .....1- J Q' ' Sflllllflvi 14lIllWlIllTISflHAfI01U .. . ...,- ' if joIIN J. ISR.-XNDLIN Pl'L'YfIf4'lIf, F1151 Sefzzesler LI.-KROLD O. FICIITE I'iI'u-l'1-vsidczzl, Fifi! Semester sf 'STEAM I !iflflUQll lfliiflf Si lfI!J!lt1f If FACULTY ADVISERS UI-,oRc.I, W. fiUBLE, A.B., LL.B. CIIARLIs S. Hx'NI.IvIAN, PlI.D. EGBERT E. Nh.Alil OFFICERS, FIRST SEMESTER juiix AI. BR ANDLIN .... IIARIII D 0. FICIITE. . .. INIIARY -I. LI-'IsENRINo. . .. EDWIN R. Hoooiss. . . .. PIIILII' GIIRE. . . MEMBERS Rom-'RT IJ. IXRIXIBTRONG MARf..-xRLT E. Ii.-XKPR EDGAR E. BARTIIN .AIBI-'RT H. BITYFR joIIN J. BRANDLIN IDI-.RRICK L. BREXV5'1'ER U. C.-UVII-1Rt7N BRIIWN :XLLFN E. BRLIBAKER RLlBbiRT M. DERRoLIoH G. wVII.I.l.-XTX! EAs'rERI-IRooIc KIANE B. ENGEI. II.-KRULD O. FICIITE IVIILDRI-'D A. FISHER C. RICHARD FULMER IDIIRUTHY M. QI.-KRRI-.TT PHILIP E. fi0RE RUTH W. HALL AI.-KINII-'S R. HAAIAIETT ELBI-:RT L. III-IRRON EDWIN R. IIODGES fiEllRGIi A. Ii.-XI-15IiR JULIA M. LAKE JOSEPH B. LANTERMAN MARY J. LICISPINRING IRICHARD S. LEoNARn WII.I.I.AM J. LIFRIVIAN CHARLOTTE A. INICQILADE S. EDITH MCKINSTRX' WILLIAM B. IVICKINSTRY IVIILO C. MTIRGAN .ALBFRT D. MLILLIKEN FRANCIS T. NIKl.P1XX'1L'Z IJ.-KYID H. PATTIIN LIB!-'RTX' B. PI-:TRU IJ.-AVID L. I,ET'I'IGRliXV . . . . . .lJfl'Si4!t'lIl . . . I Ire-l"rI',vfIfa'11l . . . . . .Sz'Cl'4'Irlfy . . . Trrrzmrer . . . .Pnblirffy FIRST SEMESTER KIRBY F. PosT MARX' A. PRICE BETTY J. PROUTY ROBERT H. QU.-KYLE BEN F. RAILSBACK JERRIAN W. REAM ARLYNE L. REEYES BENJAMIN RIFKEN THoMAs A. STREET W. PHILLIPS ,TALBOT RICHARD V. TRUSIPELL, JR RUTH H. WADE CHARLES O. WEDBERG JUNIUS P. WHITEHURsT WlLLI.'XM G. WHX'TE MYRoN L. Wt3liMI.EX' EUGEIQI-i G. YIIUNG CHARLEs B. YVOUNGER 'Ass, B P Transition from an over-sized body with few powers to a compact, effi- eient, and strong organization was accomplished this year by the Student Senate. Under the leadership of John Brandlin during the first semester and Elbert L. Herron the second semester, the Senate worked out its own destiny in revising the year-old constitution and eo-operated with the University Senate Committee on Student AfTairs in setting up a Co-ordinate system of control over student affairs. During the class election period of the first semester, the Student Affairs Committee ruled that the Senate in its existing form would be abolished at the end of that semester and that the students might devise a new body of not more than 25 members. I "Iv I A- Hodges Trusdell Post Mulliken Talbot Morgan VVhyte Brubaker Brewster Goble Ihon Il Rifken L:IIIteI'III:u1 Bitzer BI'andIiII LieI'IIIaII Aiinslrong Young Gore Patton Worinley Heiion Petru Hall Prouty Reeves Baker McGlade E. McKinsII'y Fisher Lake Railsback Fichte P Iliunfrw-I Tfiirgy Q "'-U' J ur.. Railsback Whyte Brandlin Patton Brewster Fichte Wormley Brown Talbot Morgan Armstrong Gustafson ' Goble Price Reeves Baker Prouty Herron McK1nstry Deutch Flsher Like FACULTY ADVISERS y, GEORGE W. GOBLE, A.B., LL.B. CHARLES S. HYNEMAN, Ph.D. 7 WILLIABI D. ,IlEhl1'LEhIAN,Ph.D. QFFICERS, SECOND SEMESTER ELBERT L. HERRON ...... . ....... . . . . . . .. .... ..l'rf'iiJf-111 W. PHILLII's TALBOT. .. NIARY J. LEISENRING .... DAX'ID H. PATTON. .. . . . . l'in'-Prfxirfeflt . . . . .Sefrvlary . . . Treasurer MEMBERS, SECOND SEMESTER ROBERT D. ARBISTRONG MARGARET E. BAKER EDGAR E. BARTON JOHN J. BRANDLIN DERRICK L. BRENVSTER G. CAMERON BRONVN ESTHER A. DEUTCH C. WILLIAM EASTERBROOK HAROLD O. FICHTE NIILDRED A. FISHER K. LYLE GUSTAFSON ELBERT L. HERRON JULIA M. LAKE MARY L1-1lsENR1NG S. EDITH MCKINSTRY MILO C. MORGAN DAX'ID H. PATTON lvl.-RRY A. PRICE BETTY J. PROOTY BEN F. Il.-KILSBACK ARLYNE L. REEvEs W. PHILLIPS 'FALBOT WII.Ll.RhI G. WHX'TE NIYRON L. WORMLEY Elbert L. Herron was appointed chairman of a committee tO revise the constitution. The existing document provided for a Senate of 54 members, including four class officers, eight college representatives, eight representa- tives each from sophomore, junior, and senior classes, and eighteen activity heads chosen ex-officio. Because of its large size there was a great deal of delay and diHiculty in passing any legislationg consequently, the group was not granted many powers by the Student Affairs Committee. After several weeks of consideration the revision committee drew up a constitution providing for a Senate of 24 members, 12 to be popularly elected and 12 to be activity heads. This document was adopted by the Senate with certain changes and later was approved by the Student Affairs Committee. The new system went into effect at the beginning of the second semester and immediately proved to be far more capable in its operation than the body it superseded. A council of six members was selected by the Senate to co- operate with the Student Affairs Committee in the administration of student affairs. The development of the Senate was regarded by many faculty members and students as evidence of increased student interest in campus activities and the willingness to co-operate with the faculty in promoting the general wel- fare Of the University and the student body. EI,1si-'RT L. IEIFRIKUN Pl'urifft'l1l, Su nuff Su11.'vili'1' PlllI.l.lI'5 TA: nor lztt'-Prwirfrrzt, Srrofzrz' Swv.-mt r Page Twfl lla fs. C. Ricimizo FUMHI C,'fmf1n,'I1r1, Fifi I .Nrlfzurlt I RPN In RAII.s1zAcR .,' . f. llillflliilll, bel H71 f .SI fm All I inf' caan in A DANCE SUl'lfIHWISI0lU C0lWllWlI'I1'lfIf MEMBERS Firxf Sl'llll'5fI'l' Semin! S1'111e5fz'r C. RICHARD FULMER, Clmirmfm BEN F. RAII.sB.xcI4, Clmirmzm G. CAMERON BRowN RoIsER'I' D. ARMs'1'RoNG G. XVILLIAM EAs'1'ERERooI4 G. CAMERON BROVVN :XRLYNE L. REEVES G. WILLIAM EAs'rERBRooK BENJAMIN RIEKEN ARLYNE L. REEvEs Student administration and faculty administration of University social functions were equalized during the past school year by the passage of the rules concerning social functions. These rules divide the functions into those dealing with general University functions and those having to do with organization functions. To administer the general or University social functions, a joint com- mittee, consisting of the University Senate Sub-Committee on Social Events and the Student Senate Dance Supervision Committee of five members, functioned during the past year. The rules specify that the Chairman of the Dance Supervision Committee shall head the Joint Committee. Richard Fulmer, '36, was chairman of the Dance Supervison Committee the first semester, While Ben Railsback, '36, held the position beginning with the second semester, when the rules Went into effect. Along with the sub-committee, the supervisory group approves bids on decorations, orchestras, and programs. It sanctions patron lists for all Uni- versity social functions. The joint body has direct authority over any dance committee appointed by class, council, or other organization to have charge of major functions. The printing, issuing, and auditing of tickets, and the distribution of invitations, and all matters dealing with complimentary tickets fall under the Joint Committee's supervision. -fh- Yi 3 """' YQ' llllr Rex Iiasi Emziioox Biiowx :XRMSTRUNG REEVES I fin Ilzmfrfl Tffli-ly Tum Olson Randolph Coldwell Meek Fornoff Weber Moorhead Good Johnson Lauber V Ridge Talbot Little Dmffm Mays Younger HIPP Snell Y. Nl. C. fl. CABINET MEMBERS CHARLES B. YOUNGER .A,....... ....A...... .... P r esirient K. LYLE GUSTAFSON. . .Vive-Pfffiflmi DAVID F. MEEK ..... ..,. R e'c0ffl0f y VV, JACKSON BURNS. , , . ,.D6Pllf!lff07l5 '- f. rvli 'f.'.'7?L, 1 DIXON D. MOORHEAD. , . ,........... .Meetings 6 ' E 4 GTIS W. RANDOLPH. . . . . .Frerlznmn Fellofzurlzip V. FRANK FORNOFF. . . .Junior Boys Ufork i ROBERT R. LAUBER. . ..... Fireside Forums pm WILLIAM F. WEBER. WILLARD S. GLSON.. THOMAS L. RIDGE., . . Vocational Guiflrmce ......,..Rccejn'i0n ""'9!Y . ,...........,,. Socml J. RAYMOND SNELL. . . , . .lnterfzzztiomzl Frienffsfzip ROBERT O. Goon., .......,...., Publzezry An organization which seeks to bring Christian principles into campus life, the Young Menis Christian Association is an inter-denominational religious organization, having both students and members of the faculty as members. . . W Membership is open to any student or faculty member on the campus. .. ' ' 4 Each member is eligible to participate in any of the Y. M. C. A. activities, which range from work with pupils in Twin City grade schools to a dinner given for all fraternity pledges. Twin City business men and members of the faculty offered their services as counselors in the annual Vocational Guidance program carried on by the A organization last year. Any student may enter into conferences on vocation- al topics with any of the counselors. Tn the comfortable lounge of the Y. M. C. A. a great number of publica- tions are provided for all students who care to use the room. At the begin- ning of the year, incoming students enjoy the Y's freshman camp near De- catur, and at the same time hear discussions by student leaders and faculty Crewes B. Youxoiia . . . . . . . 1' A.-I pi., men dealing with all phases of University life. The All-Pledge Dinner I I IH brings together fraternity pledges from all houses. K' LYLE c'UbT'mUN Viet'-Pf'u.if,lw1t Page T111-I Hum! 1 l C. RlL'lI.ARID FL'1.M1aR Prtwfifuzlf Lowuri. V. OZM 1-2 NT I'ft'i'-P1't'.vfift'11f ' f J. f'-2-49 "K IllINT0lS IIIIIIIIIII OFFICERS C. RICHARD I'iULMl:ZR.. .,..A.,.4.A A..... P resident LOWELL V. CJZMENT, . ,..,..., Vice-President PHILIP E. GORE, . . . . ,Svconrl Vice-President URBAN I-IIPP ..A,. ........... S ecretary EDVVARD BI. FILBEY. ........ Treasurer EDVVARD E. S'1'AFFoRD. i . . .Business Mfzrrager ILLINOIS UNION CABINET :XLEXANDER L. HAGLUND. , . . Hwlzuconzing Stunt Show RoisER'1' D. PAR'1'Low .,,., ...,.,..,.... P rograms :XLLEN E. BRURAKER. , . . ,Minstrel Show CARROLL E. SNYDER. . . ,..... Brndfey :XLBERT EISRIEBEL, JR.. . , . ,Charity Ball GORDON F. 'l1YRRELL. . . . . Pep .Meetings XVILLIAM LIERMAN, i . . ,Clzrisfmas Parry :ALBERT STERN ,....,D ..Prcsidem:'s Ball Organized for the promotion of Illinois spirit and loyalty by all possible means and to foster student activities, the Illinois Union occupies a leading position in campus affairs. Its membership is open to all undergraduate men students. Headed by C. Richard Fulmer, presidentg Lowell Ozment, first vice- presidentg and Philip E. Gore, second vice-president, the Union promoted and directed events of interest to the entire student body during the school year. Directly under the officers is the junior cabinet of eight men, who act as committee heads and directors of the events. Committees are chosen from the freshman-sophomore council, which was developed this year. Student control over the Union is provided through the Board of Di- rectors, to which a representative is elected from each of the major colleges in the University. Other members of the board include three faculty members, a representative of the Alumni Association, and three executive ofli- cers of the Union. firm 'zur 'E' """' SNYIJI-QR STERN TRIEBEL LIERMAN PARTLOXV HAGLUND BRUBAKER P gr Tum llfuiJn'J Thirty-four B f . Y Q , -5 ' ', i STEPHENS PALMER FILBEY DOLAND TURNER SCOVU-L GATELEY HIPP 'IPXYERDAHL SCHOLES NTURGAN Puri- Rs IllIlll0IS UlllI0lll ILLINOIS UNION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Faculty ROBERT B. BROVVNE YVILLIAM G. PALMER JAMES DOLAND HIRAM T. SCOVILL EDWARD J. FILBEY CARL STEPHENS FRED H. TURNER Stzzfleizts C. RICHARD FULMER MILO C. MORCSAN THOMAS C. GA'I'ELY LOWELL V. QZMEN'I' PHILIP E. GORE GERALD E. PETERS URBAN HIPP THOMAS F. SCHOLES THOMAS C. TWERDAH L The Board of Directors determines and carries out the general policies of the Union, and elects the officers and members of the junior cabinet. A new service put into effect this year was a guide service directed by Josef F. Wright, Director of Public Information for the University. lVlem- bers of the freshman-sophomore council were trained by Mr. VVright to conduct visitors around the campus and to explain the significance and back- ground of the various points of interest. The advent of the leap year brought Illinois co-eds a new Slant on dates as they escorted amused men to the Union Leap Year Dance. The tables were turned and it was the women who paid and paid. Homecoming, Dads Day, and lylothers Day activities were carried on with the co-operation of the YVoman's League. The Union was behind the Illini in full force last fall, Sponsoring pep meetings before every home game and holding a huge mass celebration for the team when it returned from the victorious Southern California trip. The annual Union Week with tournaments in ping-pong, bridge, bowling, and billiards was an outstanding event of the spring for the hundreds of students who participated. f R im4R'l' ll. lluoxyxi- lJn'i1.f4'11!, Hllilfif of 121-lzkffll brtuflif l1t't'fl'rt'-1.ft'r1l l rzwrz Puri ii' la. fntblile Page Two 1l:.u.lml H ,aj qi a -qv- Lowr I.l. OZh1FNT fllefzft C'hLliI'!7I1III ARY LlUl7RTRlGH'l' . , , . li' Ulllell .I LhI1Il'Illrll1 ll 0 lll If C 0 IIII lllli COMMITTEE CH.-XIRMEN LowELL CJZMENT. . , . , . ,.Wfu'5 Clmirman IXIARY CoUR'1'RIcsH'1' . , .lVon1z'u,5 Cfzrzirnzan Ro1:ERT M. IVIITCHELL , . Badger. .PERLE H. IAIDLER LARRY A. KERNs. . . . Palwlit-ity . . .,... .IXKIOLLY R. OWEN INIENNETH D. IXKIALICK, fiwnrflt and Dm-of-fzrinm. ,CHRISTINE M. MORSE RALPH IQ. SUDDES ..Rl'gf5f7'IIfiO7llHlflIIIIf0I'l1lI1fiU7l .,... LOIS If. DAVIS CHARLES F. STANsIaERRY ,Ah-mmmodafiwz , lVIARGARE'I' L. SCOTT GUY S. PE'I'I'l'-CLERC. , . . . .Rvzmimr . . . . .JEAN S. SHEPARD K. BAKER HoRN1Nts .... . . ,Rl'f70I'f5. . ...... VVANDA L. SPENCER XVILLIAM gl. CAREY, JR.. , , .Balloom .,... IQATHERINE J. LIGHTBODY House decorations, pep meetings, football game, banquets, reunions-all combined to make the twenty-sixth Illinois Homecoming an outstanding event of the first semester. Eighty-six fraternities, sororities, and organized groups added a festive spirit to their houses for the returning alumni. Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Chi Qmega, and Stratford House won first place honors in their respective groups. Despite the intervention of rain, the week-end was enjoyed by the thou- sands of alumni who came from other parts of the country as well as the lVIiddle VVest to join the celebration. lVIary Courtright and Lowell Ozment took general charge of the activities of the week-end for the YVom- an's League and the Illinois Union, respectively. Fifteen hundred couples, one of the largest crowds ever to attend a dance on the campus, heard the music of the late Earl Burtnett and his orchestra at the annual Student Alumni Association Homecoming Dance in the New Gym. The Tribe of Illini acted in co-operation with the Association. lVIortar Board, the YVoman,s Group System, and other campus organiza- tions held receptions for their alumni members. The Theatre Guild play, "Riddle hfle Thisf' was presented before large audiences both Friday and Saturday nights. it 6 6' D-' E' Ki Rxs On 14 N ST xxsul- RRY Sin l'.-Xlili SK'U'I"I' Pl-'I'I'I'-k'I,l4 RC AIIIJ- R NI1l'c'llEI.I. lg I lv 1 Ilonxixr, MoRsi-. DAY1s SVLNCER INIIALICK SUDDES 6 Q.. , if I I ' Y' f f 2- X A K ' rf' E T K S - ...kt XF.- .1 6 'J' A 'G -4 is . 6' ' 1 73 5 nf . - . A K SIMON MOORE REISZ DEEM ZOLLER TODD BAUERsFELD ELLIOT COMMITTEE PHILIP E. GORE ,... .... M mfs Clmirmfm LoUIsE I. PROCTOR. , . . . ..I.. IVomrn't Clmirmrm RUTH C. BAUERSFELD GAIL I. BOYER MARJORIE B. GRoss CLARK O. DEEM EDWARD O. ELLIOT F. JANE MOORE JOSEPH P. IVIORRAY MARJORIE L. REIsz IDAVID R. ROSEN'I'HAL PHILIP D. SIMON VVILLIAM R. TODD CHRISTINE ZOLLER Three thousand Illini Dads crowded the campus October 26 to take part in the fifteenth annual Illinois Dads Day celebration, which was a success despite the loss of the football game to Iowa. The week-end pro- gram was directed by Louise Proctor '36 and Philip E. Gore '36, represent- ing the Woman's League and the Illinois Union, respectively. A feature of the program was the Theatre Guild play, "No More Frontier," which was presented Friday and Saturday nights before appre- ciative audiences in the Lincoln Hall Theatre. On Saturday morning the Dads were taken on a tour through the Uni- versity buildings, beginning and ending at the Student Center. Many stu- dents and parents attended the Cavalry Club horse show in the Stock Pavilion and saw Lloyd McDaniel win the senior jumping contest, while Natalie Keene carried off the honors in the co-ed class. Maurice Shroyer and Al- berta Shroyer were victorious in the mixed jumping competition. After the disappointing, though spectacular football game, the Chicago Blackhawks played an exhibition hockey game in the Skating Rink. Fratern- ities and sororities then held their annual dinners for the Dads. The Menis Glee Club gave an entertaining concert Saturday evening under the direction of LeRoy Hamp. The program included two num- bers arranged in the style of Fred Waririg. Five hundred couples danced to the music of the Noble-Donnellyis "Gold Coaster" orchestra at the an- nual Dads Day dance sponsored by the Student Alumni Association. 6 , Q K f R0 BOYER CROSS 'PQI -qs- Il.l1' E. lloiu-1 m1'.v l.'lmfrfr.u1r1 I.0l'lsl-' l. l'noc'l'4R ll HU1r'l1,.Y ffdrlfllllilll Page Two Hmzilnwl Thirty 4v'4Dv. " , 5 sl A I. ',l A .MPV 5. - W e - -.xr ' , W I I " SfllIllilU'l' Ill.IJlWlllII ASSIICIIQI-Illlll , V' OFFICERS if ROBERT D. :XRMSTRONG . ,.,A,..,... I . . .President I .X EDVVIN H. lVIoI-IILL , ,. . I . View-Prfsiflfnt iv. .1 JOHN UI. BRANDLIN A,.,. .4, , S ecretary """""' -i ROBERT M. DERRQJLIQLH. , . , ,Treasurer , ADVISERS CHARLEs R. FREDERICK CARL S'rEPHENs GLEYN GOODWINE Till!!!-RT D. ARMsTRoNG 11,-mf.-,Ii BOARD OF DIRECTORS ALLEN E. BRUIIAKER HARLAN A. HASHBARGER XVILLIAM C. BURT CONRAD F. HLAVACEK FRANCIS R. CAN'l'XR'ELL CHARLES E. MEYERS CHARLES E. DALY FRANCIS T. NIKLEWICZ CHEs'rER H. ELDER GEORGE A. O,CONNELL FREDERICK J. FALE'l"l'I JORDAN TRUITT The Student Alumni Association, an organization for promoting a better understanding between the alumni, the undergraduates, and the prospective students of the University of Illinois, is closing its fourth year of ex- istence. Its rise has been rapid since its founding in 1932, but the past year has been one of the most successful and pro- ductive in its short career. One of the most extensive programs for furthering University interests in Illinois communities was launched in February under the leader- ship of President Robert Armstrong. Under this plan the Association is fostering the organization of Illinois county and community groups of undergraduate stu- dents to carry on directly the work of the Association in their own home communities. Organizations repre- senting thirty-seven Illinois communities are being formed this year and a much larger number will be completed next year. The major activities of the Association on the campus are embodied in its social program. Student Alumni dances were attended by large crowds on Dads Day and Homecoming, between semesters, and during the Inter- scholastic week-end in May. This social program serves to entertain University students, and to finance the Association,S promotional work. The Student Alumni Association is affiiliated with the Alumni Association, and shares the Alumni Associa- tion office in the Student Center. Through its oH'icers, advisers, board of directors, and the members of the sophomore and junior boards, the Association carries on its work on the campus and in the state at large. 3 , L , t -H . I l DERRour,II ISRUHARI-R DALY HURT CANTwE1.L NIKlIP'XX'Ik'Z MI-ivi-iRs H,xsIIIsARGIaR ELDER FALI-1'rTI Ml5IIlI.I. BRANDLIN O1CllNNELI, I"Il.AVACEK 'I'RUITT Piliff Two llfnnlivil Tffirly-rigflt l ALUMNI 1lSS0CI!1l'Illlll OFFICERS KARL EKBLAVV .....,. .........,,.. A....,........ P 1 'esiffenf WILFRED C. ROPIEQUET ,.A.. . .I7IINllYlilIfl' Past Prrsiflefzt MRS. ALICE BROADDUS CLARK. . . . ,... First Vice-Prcsiflenf CHARLES WHAM .......,....,..,.....A.,.... Second Vice-Presiflent CARL STEPHENS ..,.. . . ,General Secretary and Editor Hlmzmi News GLEYN GOODWINE. . . ..,........,L...........,.. Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE RODNEY L. BELL DR. C. L. IDANIELS I C I RALPH CHAPMAN lhfIRS. GUY W. KARRAKER KARLPiL,diiBl'AW HOVSVARD L. CHENEY CHARLES H. MO'I"I'IER i GEORGE CLARK GLENN G. PAXTON ALBERT TRIEBEL The Alumni Association acts as the connecting link between the huge body of 110,000 graduates and for- mer students of the University of Illinois and the present student body and faculty. In its offices in the Student Center are located ex- tensive files of information about each graduate and former student of the University. A force of stenog- raphers and clerks keeps the files constantly up to date. The Association publishes the Illinois zflumni Ne-wr, a monthly magazine, under the editorship of Carl Stephens, General Secretary of the Association. This magazine, which is distributed to all members of the Association, contains communications from the secre- taries of each of the sixty-four graduating classes of the University, news items about former students and graduates, and other information of interest to alumni of the University. In addition, the News stresses the present time, and includes a wide variety of campus news, all of which helps to keep the bond strong be- tween students and former students. An outstanding accomplishment of the Association this year is the completion of the organization of the University of Illinois Foundation. This foundation, which has grown out of the Alumni Association's Alumni Fund organization, is now a complete and separate function, occupying quarters in the general Alumni Ofiice. For the purpose of keeping the University alive in the hearts of former students, and to keep them in- formed on University affairs, the Alumni Association has operated continuously since 1873. Q.. 'Ui TRIEBEL PAXTON DANIIQLS BELL STEPHENS CLARK lloonwirvif ROPIEQUET CLARK MOTTIEIK IQARRAKFR WHAM Cniawiav CHAPMAN Pilgf' 'l'zr'n llmiiln-fl Tlrfrly-nun' REXFORD NEwCoMB Presiderzt 1.1.1.uI E. Ilexluzicxsi-'N Vice-Presiilenl ENGINEERING COUNClI. MEMBERS REXFORD NEWCOME, PRESIDENT ,..A....,..A. ...,............... . . , . , , , . . . . , . . . . . .Student Branrh of 14N1f'7'iCII7l Ceramic Society VVILLIAM E. HENDRICKSEN, VICE-PRESIDENT. . .Edimr, The Technograph THoMAs F. SCHOLES, SECRETARY-TREASURER ..,..,..... Illinois Union .loHN S. LANGVVILL .,A...,,...,.......A...................... . , , . . . . .ffnzerinzzz Institute of Illining and IWrtnIIurgimI Engineers DAVID K. HARRIS .......,., I4Nlt7'iLYZ7L Society of Illefhzznimi Engineers ALBERT E. BITTER, . ,..., zfmerimn Society of Civil Engineers ROGER H. BENEDICT, ., ....,. Business M0llIlgFl', The Technograph GEORGE T. IXUSTIN. . , , , ,ffnierifan Institute of Chemical Engineers CURTIS G. TALBO'I'. . . . .fimericrzn Institute of Eleetricni Engineers The Engineering Council consists of those engineering students who have been elected as presidents of their departmental engineering so- cieties, the Editor and the Business lVlanager of The Technograjrh, and a representative from the Illinois Union. The purpose of the Council is to encourage the participation of engineer- ing students in extra-curricular activities on the campus, and to sponser such student engineering activities as the All-Engineering Smoker, St. Pat,s Ball, Illinois Student Engineering Exhibit QEngineering Qpen Housej, and to assist in the production of the Electrical Engineering Show. The President of the Council acts as Chairman of the St. Pat's Ball and the other members of the organization make up the Committee. The Technograplz acts as the official organ of the Council and announces, pub- licizes, and directs student activities and achievements on the engineering campus. With the abandonment of the engineering exhibit a few years ago, the Council fell into a complacent lethargy, but with the reintroduction of the exhibit last year, the Council again sprang into prominence and is to-day the leading organization on the engineering campus. The E. E. Show, which is held every other year, alternating with the Engineering Open House, is the outstanding concern of the Council this year. Through its displays, it has attained national prominence, and the Council has done much to aid in its success. 'l'AI,Bo'r LANGWILI. BENEDICT Hrxbklcicsi-iN AUSTIN IDULAND BITTER Scnouss NEwcoMB Hfmnrs CRANIJELI. P I ll lrrsl Forty ARTHUR E. CULLISON. .flgricziftznwl ElfI1CI?fi0lL ,..,.A. VV. RAY IJUNN 5 BIXBI' VETFRANE SIIARKEY ECKHARDT T.-IYLOR YOUNG DUNN JONES cd.-KRXYOOD CHURCHILL NIONTGOINIERY NIYERS ZIMEL LEIIMANN OFF IC E RS Firrt Semester Second Semester V 3 Q., , .. . -1 .- 1 . . - -.wif ROBERT C. TLCKHARDT Pres., Akgrzculfurf Comm! ARTHUR E. CULL1soN 5. . . - tg" , ' G. VVAYNE CHURCHILL f1gl'ZCIl!flll'Ill Economies .,4. VV. RALPH 'I AYLOR -I ARTHUR R. ARMSTRONG .4.. Hoof and Horn HAROLD L. GARXNOOD ,.... Fivfrl and Flzrrofw IACK ZIMEL T....,, . . .H02'tit'1zlI111'z', . . ALFONSO VETERANE ,..... Dairy Tecfmofogj I HUBERT H. MYERS ..,. 14g7'iC'lllfIll'IIl Elzgineerzzz HOMER E. lXf1ON'I'GOMERY. .Dairy PI'0flIlt'fi07l ALVIN S. LEHMANN HAROLD L. GARWOOD . . . . .DEAN YV. 'loNEs .ROGER J. SHARKEY , .VVILLARD H. BIXBY .EUGENE G. XVOUNG The Agriculture Council consists of the presidents of all the specialized student clubs in the College of Agriculture, and of any members of the Agriculture Club who hold a National Agricultural Council office. The nine clubs whose presidents make up the Council are Field and Furrow, Horticulture Club, Agricultural Engineering Club, Hoof and Horn, Dairy Technology Club, Agricultural Economics Club, Dairy Production Club, Agricultural Education Club, the Agriculture Club. The presidents are elected every semester by popular vote of the respective clubs. The Council sponsors and supervises all student activities in the College of Agriculture, meeting at least twice a semester to assist the specialized clubs in preparing and carrying out their programs and in regulating their finances. It also aids the President of the Agriculture Club, who acts as Chairman of the Council, in planning meetings for his club. The Council votes on amendments to the clubs, constitutions or by-laws before they are submitted to the faculty. The Work of the Council is synchronized with the student-faculty ad- visory committee of the College. The Council is organized to further the development of agriculture and kindred sciences and to bring about a closer understanding between technical and professional agriculture. 'Alai' -I xy' O35 Rom i4'I' C. lime Pruriifrril, Firifl N I f :xR'l'HL'R Ii. Ct I ir ix 1'n'.t.'iifu1f, .N't'.of1,l N Ig, 1 ff 1 lfl J .44 cnxiuv V. llllllrlil-Il R. ' . RICHARD V. 'IQRUSDELLA A A GECJRLLE XV. KIxINoHAMA A CHARI.Es VV. SIUERSON A BARBARA K. .'xRNlS'I'RUNCi .IOSEPHINE AlIL.l.l-1R BEVERLY BRANNIN bl. CJARTH ISLZEA VVAIJLACE A. GILL.ESPIE EIOSEPH GQILDIEERQQ LEoNoRE R. GooDMAN RoIsER'r E. .IoHNsoN RICHARD BAR RARA K. ARivIs'1'Rt me FIHESIIDIART Cllllllllfll OFFICERS A A A Cfzfzirmrm, Firsf S1'nzz'5irr Cllllliflllllll, Sfrfnzfl Swzzcstel' A A A A A AAAA , AVIE1'-Clzrzirnzrm Sfvrfffzz'y-T1'va51o'H', First Srnzestfr' A Sn'n'fr1ry-Tn'f1511rz'r, Srmzfff Srnzestfr MEMBERS V. TR 'lin promote the general welfare of .ANITA P. KNAIAIJ EL'oENE P. LIERMAN .IosEPHINE lVlILI.ER PAVLINE A. NE'vK"l'L3N GERfXL.DINE R. NICKELL CHARLES XV. SIGERSON ERIC XV. SMI'rH, JR. I'sDELL, IR. the Freshman Class and to help sponsor heneficial activities, the Freshman Council was begun the first semester as the first organization of its kind at the University. The Council sprang from the aims of Richard Trusdell, President of the Class during the first semester. Shortly after he had assumed his office, he presented to memhers of the Student governing hody for first-year students. APfairs Committee an idea for a Under 'l'rusdell's leadership, the Council, during the first semester, drafted a constitution. Besides the President of the Class, who is Chairman during the first semester, the group was made up of fourteen freshmen who are selected hy petition by rA'fi.m,,Ai.m, I'lllXI As',4w.ff.',A the President of the Class along with the advisory hoard, consisting of UHW, W KNVHW the Assistant Dean of VVomen, the Assistant Dean of Men in charge of ,,,.,,,,,,,,, g,,,,,,,f 5,-,,,,.,l, student affairs, and the Assistant to the Dean of Nlen in charge of freshmen. and the new The same fourteen memhers, the first semester president, iresident George Kiningham-acting as Chairman-com irised the Council l 1 c c c l for the second semester. Inaugurating its program for the year, the body sponsored Freshman Day, Friday, January 10, in Smith lVlemorial Hall. This program was an innovation in University administrative aliairs for aiding particular classes. -Ioussox Sxirrn LII-RXIXY Nlll Liu EIAZI-'A ciIl.LESl'll-I UoI.oBrARG SIGERSUN Ksxi-1' liimxsis Nicxri L 'l'Ri'siwii L NExvTos Auxisiuoso Goorixmx P I Il iii I flour: Burst Pulliam Castle Daily Crane Kipp Munfon H rnnold Bnkcr Snyder Primm Scliruy Lowry Aluxnndcr Curbly Smith Brnuntig, m Burt Hurringtrnx Ritcher lNIcM:rh0n Gulrlsnorlhy Shaw Anderson Miller wfS'.lfY l:0UlxlDIQI-I0lxl 1 ffzlfrffz fmztrr for tha rfffgfony and jovial z1c!l'Uffff.v of .wfflzoffisf .vfzfflmzfx STAFF PAUL BURT ..,4....,. l,.,,.,l . . ,1Ji7'f'L'I'OI' MRS. JOHN W. IYIILLER ,......,....4,..,.l...,.... Hoxrrfy STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS BOYD F. CQOLDSVVORTHY ,..,. . . , , ,..l,. Prexiflvuf GRACE E. INICMAHON. . . . . .Vick-Pzfsiffwzt ELOISE M. SI-IAW .,l,.. ,,.,. S vcrfmry ARTHUR E. RITCHER. . ,,...4..,, Treasurw- DONALD F. IXNDERSON, , , . , .FI7lIl7lc'il!! Szfvrrtzrry MCKIlllllfY f0Ulllll14iI0lXl 14 cczzrrr jrrowiflffl by P7't'5!7yf6'l'IfI7l5 for slnrlzfut social ana' rffigious nffivlfim on Ifzf' 51171117115 STAFF J. xVAL'l'ER MALONE, -IR. l..,l.... R..4..,,.. D nwrw ROY M. SMITH ,...l.... . . ffssociaiz'-Diwffoz JENNIS BARRY ...,. . . .coznzsffoz MADOE S. SANMANN ..,,....l,....,..........4,. Coznzsrloz STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS DALE D. STREID ...., ...... P rfsiflmf WESTON T. HESTER. , . . . . Vicf-Presiffmr IDA M. WARREN. , . ..... Sfwnftrzri JOHN F. HAWK ,,....,..., . . ..,... . , , . Trmszzru Smith Gnrriguf Eickstnedt Peirce Snmllz Panzer Corley Ruckur Bodnmn Cnrclis Kinney Barry Hester Conner Strcid Chapin VS'nrren Snyder Sfxnmnnn Samuel Hunlil 'l hfnnpwn L! I I 5 1 1 V f .K 5 ,,' 4. V ' x' YJQ7 I ky 'xx , 4 ' ' ffhs f ff f 4' Y I J ' i 4' P Al! V X f X xii! 9 'QL ,f gg f V ,Lg P JJ XV v x, ' 4 V 1:1 8, I! xg - X ,ffifi 4 ,4 X I ,f 'K' K' iff!! I M s X C ff' 'W 113' L v 2' L ' f 2 X RO-Y I O I L r Q I P , . ...4.....N-fflg., v.--,ur ............,'A Q-' ...,. W... .. n 1 -- - 4. , - -5- :,. " I . .',-+,.- ' v -J- " -ijilg ' . V I -Q' f-f.? N'gifff, 1 ':i"" '14 ' 34:-"Q-1 5,-L.I.-V 7 .I viii.: U :V 1 in it .E-gfg3f5,fg4,f:..Qg1,.i,.5- I 1 1 Y- as ' I ,'-1 fiupg-15: .Q-'fi ,. L V x A k ' A A ' ' " i ' f - 'ii' s5 ViQ1-i'f,IgA::i'.1-ff" , , , T ,. . clsgfvewr- i'.fwi ..wT - 'Lg . . A , y VA-lk,-. . ' ..-.---f x -' w X X Y Y A ' ........ - - - i ' -.-.-m...4.,.. 1 .........-n...- hu... ... N .-yn.-.--,.,.-, . ' 4, .,. . w A -.....-.mA.u4-an-.x....,. . ... .- ' - . ':mE?f. Q -.......-,, , --- i - 1 F SOCIIfiY ,, .,- - f--- 4? .is f E Ed' cr' :Ph 'S' kfxsix li-XII 1-v Baiekick NIOORHEAD Cot I4'I'RIGH'I' .Xl 'rokki it l'.1.'1'i-i -ki REAM 5 li Ill I 0 R ll A l I. , Climaxing their campus social life, the Class of Nineteen Hundred Thirty-hve ushered in Senior , ,fif Q XVeek with the annual Senior Ball. The spring atmos- fi xg ll phere of 'lune 3, the dance music of Freddie Martin Q and his orchestra, and the formal garden decorations, ' K XX - t :ill had their share in making this dance the highlight of the 1934-.35 social season. The New Gym was decorated to resemble a for- mal garden, the walls being covered with lattice work, vines, and smilax. Paper drapes of pale blue and pink hung from the ceiling, and soft liquid lights played on the dancers from above. The color- ful, luxurious gowns of the women and the dignified black and white of the menls attire provided a pleasing contrast to the pale delicate color scheme of the decorations. The band shell was a brilliant white color, which brought to mind many scenes from .-X Century of Progress, the lighting and design being much the same as those viewed on the Chicago lake front during the lvorlmlls l'l1llI'. ,lille area to the south and east of the Gym was enclosed with a canvas and furnished with chairs and benches to resemble a Japanese garden. This garden, dimly lighted with ,lapanese lanterns, provided an ideal escape from the warmer temperatures inside the Gym. Here the couples Could relax during intermissions and quench their thirst with cooling punch. ln keeping with the formal decorations, the programs consisted of soft, white leather covers tied with a blue cord. The seal of the University was stamped in gtulil upon the leather, while the first page carried an ink sketch of the newly-decfirated Student Center, making an effective and original proffram. l'. 'I 'i !I.i,.' lf- !x- NIITCHELL Enxv.ARD J. .'X1.'1'oRl-'Fic Cfiizirmii ll Doxarn F. lh'lClhIlI.I.ll x E.x'rrnlf1'c C'1m:i11.illt'e CHARi.i2s B. Youxoisa Exffrzzlfre Conmiiflee DOROTIIX' G. TAYLOR E.x'er11If1'f Coufuzfllee Slfllllllll llxflll SENIOR BALL COM MI'l"1'1LIi Emvaan ul. :XLTURFI-.R. .. . . .fdflilfllllilfl CLARK A. B.-xlrigv Maav -I. CoLu'i'RioH'1' Cnxizi is V. O'Hiiw, ja. llVlI,I.I.-XXVI H. B.-uznlcic XIFKNI-LT'1'I4. E. Mircurri, Loeisif M. I'ATii,si4i CHARLES NV. CASEY Dixux IJ. fNlooani-ian ,Iiiaiuaw XV. Riaxi Freddie lwartin and his internationally famous orchestra added distinction to the affair with their smooth rhythm and original novelty numbers. The hand, making its first appearance at a midwest college dance, made a decided hit with the crowd by introducing the steel guitar, an instrument seldom used by dance orchestras. Clad in white formal jackets and seated in their hril- liantly lighted modernistic band shell, they presented an impressive picture to those attending the Ball. lVluch of the formality of the affair was omitted, and the ceremonies surrounding the coronation of the Queen of the Ball were carried out in a simple fashion. The Queen, Genevieve Anderson, had heen previously chosen at the Queen's Ball two weeks prior to the dance. She was escorted to an improvised throne at the south end of the floor accompanied by her maids of honor, Anne Ash, hlary 'lane Chandler, Betty Nlurdock, lllargaret Ramsey, and the memhers of the committee. Here she was presented with a huge houquet of flowers While the dancers applauded enthusiastically. As she was seated thus, surrounded hy her maids of honor, she was indeed a picture of regal heauty. Freddie Martin and the orchestra again assumed the spotlight, and the dancing continued until early morning. This affair, the most anticipated social event of the year, marked the close of the second semester. The friendly crowd, simple but impressive decorations, and the fine music and entertainment of Freddie Nlartin and his orchestra comhined to make the Senior Ball a fitting farewell to campus activities. The dance will not soon he forgotten hy the graduating class of Nineteen l-lundred and 'llhirty-five. P.1g: Tico lIw:,i':.1 Fosij' ri Blitzsten Margrave Halson Fernholz Rubin Ilagg Tuxhorn Pershall Zahn Fowler Berg Brubaker Collins Nicoll Resnick Simpson Owen lklcliinlav Bauerle Triebel Stern Scott Adler Brandt Solon Kelly Sheridan Seanmn Butler Aleksiun lJlllIOIl l'Il0lWl A bit of "Jolly linglandll was introduced into the Old Gym Annex on the evening of December the sixth, as the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Thirty- seven presented the annual Junior Prom. The music I .GA .gf . xx L --- Mit A K V -. 1 was furnished by Jack Hylton and his celebrated English orchestra, which had just completed a tour of the East. hlaking their first appearance at a college prom, they created a sensation with their novel ar- rangements and entertaining specialties. Even the damp weather failed to mar the festive spirit of the occasion, for the crowd made the evening a gala affair in spite of the elements. Not only was there a capacity crowd of dancers, but the balconies were likewise filled with spectators wishing to share in the color and glamour of the affair. The ceiling of the Gym Annex was hung with black and gold paper drapes, giving the dance floor a subdued lighting effect and creating an atmosphere of regal splendor. The bandstand was decorated in the same color scheme, with glistening gold musical notes upon a background of black. Inserted between these notes, also in gold, appeared the letters l'.', The soft, pastel shades of the crepe and chiffon gowns and the brilliant hues of the prints and talfetas offered a direct contrast to the classic somber black and gold decorations. Couples wishing to smoke or fest re- treated to the east wing of the Annex, which was elaborately furnished to resemble a fraternity living-room. The programs were entirely in accord with the formal decorations, the black and gold cover featuring the sil- houettes of a formally attired couple, seen through a celluloid outer cover. 17111.-' Tar-o llmnlnrl Forty-fight .ALLEN E. likes.-xxek Pr linmisa' ll. Kr rm' Cbllfllll-771 effr1'euf I"1'f,f! Seflzl-,vie , llIlllI0lH I'll0lWl ERxE PERLE H. .ADLER HELEN D. ALE1csrL'N JABQES C. B.-'KGG RLBBERT K. BAU E RLE ERL1xG R. BERG IRA M. BLITZSTEN M.AllX' F. BRANDT JANET M. BUTLER BETTY A. BvERs ARTHL'R B. COLLINS COMMITTEE :T B. Kk1l,liX' ...,...... .. TTUGH F. FoxvLER CL.-KR.-XBELLE NICIQIXLAY CTERAID E. NIARGRAYE NIARY E. NicoLL NTOLLY R. OXYEN RoBERT D. P.-KRTLUXY VV1LL1.n1 R. PERSHALL TXTICHFLLE Riisxlcx JACK Remy f . . .... Cfnlfrimuz I 'I INIARGARI-"r L. SeoTT 1 V L-X. Jaxrg SEAMAN lvl,-UlGLIERl'I'l-i C. SHI-'Rinax A NI.a'rH1Ln.x C. Siarvsox 1 ,- NIARY M. SoLoN :XLBI-.RT STERN ALBERT TRIEBEL, JR. . CHARLES F. TTUXHORN HPTNIKX' M. WILSON, JR. kl.AIi.-XBlfl.Il- Meliiwl xx DENE VV. ZAHN, JR. Prim: Qnfivz President of the Class, and their escorts, terminated Entering into the spirit of the affair, Jack Hylton and his band of entertainers presented a novel revue for the dancers. Pat O'lVlalley, the Irish tenor, and Freddie Schweitzer, who presented instrumental novelties, kept the dancers in a jovial mood and caused the evening to pass only too quickly. Near the end of the program, Jack responded to the many re- quests for his own original arrangement of "Just a Gigolof' This number, featuring the inimitable style of Alec Templeton, blind pianist and special arranger for the band, was a great success. Throughout the evening the orchestra displayed the same rhythm and versatility which had marked it an outstanding favorite upon the European continent. There, its unusual presentation of its famous "Con- tinental Revue" gained the favor and acclaim of the European royalty. The impressive grand march led by Ernest Kelly, Chairman of the Prom Committee, Scott Brubaker, at the foot of the band stand. It was here that Miss Clarabelle lVIcKinlay, Kappa Kappa Gamma, who had been selected by the popular vote of those present, was formally pronounced Queen of the Prom. Fol- lowed by her maids of honor, Perle Adler, Ruth Large, Ann Noel, and lVlathilda Simpson, she was escorted through a narrow aisle, formed by the dancers, to the throne constructed for the occasion. There she was presented with a royal scepter and a golden crown was placed upon her head. Jack Hylton was one of the first to step forward and extend his congratulations. The festive spirit continued throughout the eve- ning, and as the afgfair drew to a close, the dancers found it difficult to say good-hye, The intimate at- mosphere and the fine music of Jack Hylton and "his boysn will remain as a permanent memory in the minds of those who attended the Prom. Pile. Tzfo Illini' il f ri- vw Q 47' Ilaskin H'oold1'idge xYilk1ns Todd Iiitzer Turner Coo:l111:u1 Nelson 'I'1111'e Keeler Hxson K!CV1N O'Ryr11e Nc-xxkirk 511111151111 li11hb:11'1i Vasta Dax' Txxaite Lease Mcllutx' Kerns Clllltlfllt D1-1111I1Iso11 Hendrix Peaiock 216. ja.-5 l, xxx lu Nei- .X. KP lzxs ffhdlf 111.111 COMMIT' l.xxx141xx 1 .X. liricxs.. l3111'1'ow I,. llx-mx lJ1- Lolel- li. H1 XIPVIX XVIIIIXKI J. lllxxrx clXXIl-' lltleisxuiw lxis Q'xl'11111x ,louw IJ. Ilxsox ll1fII'Y Nl. llxx' Sx1y:111,x KH1111 .li xx IJ. Dos 111 w-1+ Y CHAIN is S. K1-xxi-11x llrxx' O. ilxicxrx' lloicis Cl. R141-X'Ib XVPII. 14.121111 lJxx1o11'r XV. Lxxmixxi I.x1x111x1'1- O. l.11o11x1 xx The class of Niiietet-11 ll11111lred 'lihirty-eight made its llflfllllll dt-hut on vlillllllllf' 17 with one of the most hril- liant social events of the winter Season. The dance owed no Slllllll 111e11s111'e of its success to blot- Sanders' eelel1r11te1l "Nigl1tl1:1wks," who '1'11rnisl1ed the music for the oee11sio11. lgL'C2lllNL' of the suh-zero weather which 1111-x':1il1'1l at the time, the Gym Annex possessed an added ft-eling of wzirmth and eoziness. Glistening e1'yst:1ls and hlue and gold SU'CIllTlL'I'S were hung ahoye the hezuls ull the six hundred Hfty formally drt-sst-1l couples who attended. The orchestra was set off with ll dark blue l31lk'ligI'l1llI1ll on which the white 11,1 121.1 111..,11.1 1111, 0l'll0lWl0llIf 0TIl.lI0lll .-X1.B1411T H. 131111-AR Pwfiffvllf, F1111 S1'1111',1!1'1' 1'Ii If . .,.f.Z'1111r1,1111 Nlxnx' NI. L1..xs1 IllL'H.-XRD S. 81x11-sox lilixwox lf. NltC.x111x' 10553141 'l',x11111f Alxeic C. Nrlsow NV11.1,1.xA1 R. 'I'oD11 NI.xR,1111z1r li. N1 xvielixxc XV1-w111i1.1, VV. 'l'1'11w1'11 joux C. O'Ilx'11x1' l3.x1arTT1' 'I'xx:x1T1 NI.x11111.x ll. l'1-.xeotx klosrvii V.xsT.x l".I1l'I'lI lu. 511x111 Rox' NI. XV11,1xlws, DI11. Ro11111'1' H. XV11111 111111111 letters HS. C." appeared. The program carried Ollt the sflic-me of the decorations with Il blue Cover a11d an in- side leaf of gold. Due to the illnessiof the "Old Left Hander," the or- chestra was lcd hy Jack Swift, ex-lllinus and vocalist of the orchestra. The popularity of the hand was clearly shown hy the enthusiastic: reception of the dancers. The dancing was interrupted only long enough for the Grand lxlarch, led hy Al Bitzer, Class President, and Larry Kems, Chairman. The combination of excellent music and impressive decorations stamped the Sophomore Cotillion as one of the most successful social functions of the year. IZIHESIINIART l:ll0lIC COMMITTEE CHARLES VV. SIc.ERsox .... ...Swirl-.11 Clhdffllltlfl BETTY L. .ALY1-TY J.-KNIFE M. DLI MoI.IN EILEEN M. BALL LIOSEPH GULDBHRCJ PAUL B.-IUMAN Lois H. IHIAXLOX MARY F. BE1Ifuss lx'IERI.E A. HUNTER TI-IURL C. BONVERINI.-X5'I'ER ROBERT R. K.AISER HE!.EN E. TDASENBROOK KARL F. KRAL's As a fitting Climax to a successful Freshman VVeek, the Class of Nineteen Hundred Thirty-nine presented the Freshman Frolie on the evening of January 18th. Joe Sanders, Nighthawks, whose melodies had thrilled the sophomores the previous night, were back . on hand to enliven the spirit of the dance. The Class proved its originality by choosing from among its members the most beautiful freshman S girl and the most handsome freshman boy. The winners, M Frances Douthitt and Jimmy St. Cerny, 5,53 ' were presented to the RICHARD V. TRUSDELL PI't'5fIit'III EUGENE P. LII-1R1I.-KN ID-mrs R. SCHXII-L71 I-1 VFIIOBI.-K5 N. MeC.-IRTI' .XxIT.1. C. SIIIItIn,1.x LEWIS C. MABEE j.-xxET D. SIKIIBUN STI-ZXVART RIIORRISUN Hoxvaizn E. Sl.Ilil-'CK PALLINE A. TY!-QXYTON XVIRGINIA A. Swim CTLENN VVII.sox Howmx D J. Rvssi' I. L twelve hundred dancers late in the evening. The programs Carried out the originality of the dance. The Cover consisted of a gold page steneiled with the letter, "F,,' and an inner leaf of green on which the words, "Freshman Frolicf' were placed so as to appear through the steneiling. The bandstand was also decorated in the class colors of green and gold. The Frolic marked the close of the so- cial functions for the first semester, a semester outstanding for its brilliant dances and enjoyable affairs. CII.xaI,Es XV. Sitzrasow lffnzfrmilrl an 'rf -4 Russell Morrisoii McCarty Sigeison 'I'I'IIsI1ell Bainnan Kaiser Mahee Ball Slihecl: Liernian Ilasenhrnok Du Molin Goldheig Snorf Newton Simpson Sheridan Hanlon Alvey Hunter Schnivlzli Il., Two If'.v.:l . I' FNYI- viz , 1 I 1 I 1 11 3 . 1 vw RICHARD S. V1-KNINCEPQR Gwlrriil f.'f1.1ff1m11I VV. BI.-UNE 1-Xlmxxs XV1I,IIn1 11. IBARRIKK 11r14NA1111 111-RKIWITZ 11-11zBA11,A I'. Rise 111111- 11.111111 1'. 11171' Rl'I'lI I.. F1-H11 Randall I3e1'kf1vitz Fehr Hipp Spies111:111 Mann U'is1 Reavy' B:111'ick Kirk Oswald Buzy Slf1l1I0ll I1l1f0lH1Wlfll COMMITTEE R1e1IARI1 S. XV.-kNIXC1kR... .,.. G1'r1I'rI1I Chizizmizrz HPI FN -1. KIRK. . . -- . . . .1V0w117z'f Cflafrmizn 1111 PY NV. G.-11iI1E VV11 1 IANI L1Ul mal- RG Low11EN A. H.-114511 -1.1111 E D. 11liINLl-.IN Umux H11-11 IXIAY NIARY G. IQERYI-'Y JosE1'11 E. Maxx -J 127' V HELEN Kimi W70lIId7Z,.Y Chainmnz BERNICI-I E. RE.-KYY 1V1II,DRliD C. SPIESIXIAN C1:o11oE C. Orw.x1,D LEWIS D. SI"1.1'1'TGERBI'11 H1 Nm' VV. PARK!-I STEPHEN A. LYCHEREK 1Jo11oT1I1' M. R.11x11A1I. S1IIf11w11oD E. WISE LORRAINE XVOOLLFY The foothall spirit prevailetl over the New Gym 011 the L'YL'I11I1g of NUYL'I'1l13CI' twenty-thi1'11 w11e11 the Senior Class 11e1t1 its 11111111111 Senior Informal Dance. The music for the oee:1sio11 was supplied by Harry Sosnik and his Eclgewater Beach Hotel o1'e11est1'a, whose har- 111o11ies:11111 CI1tL'l'tI111l111g specialties kept t11e seven 1111nc1rec1 Couples i11 high spirits t111'0l1g11Ol1t the evening. As fl highlight of the tlanee, the gfillllliltlllg Illini football stars were 1l1tl'Ul1l1CL'C1 to t11e i12IIlCL'I'S from the 11an11sta1111. 'llhe 11eeo1':1tio11s were done entirely i11 1712lC1iIlI1L1 white, 111111 though simple, they created :1 very pleasing effect. 15:11 'l'2'1 HMII1 J' l.'fI1ff:'f1 A w11ite gauze ceiling was hung over the dancers, and an inverted hlaek triangle on which t11e white letter USv was i11se1'i11e11 formed a IHOC1CI'I11St1C baekgrountl for the orchestra. In striking Contrast to t11e decorations were the wine-eolorecl programs on which a dancing Couple was silhouetted i11 Silver. The inside page was of a eo1'responc1i11g shade of red. The simplicity and 1I1fOI'Il1Z'l11ty of the dance gained it t11e 1Ina11i111o11s approval of the attending students and visitors. PART-llEllElUIC Brill. COMMITTEE W'1L1.1.u1 ll. NlcKlxs'ri4v. .... Cd'iIfl'UJ17 KATHIQYN Ii. Nlwsu ..... .. ,lfu-C,'f1.u'rm in CTEURGE D. B.-vases lfizicsuiza' L. Fruwix NI,-XRY C. lhIkjLTllRNIItlx Lom'r'r.x Ii. Nino RL'TH I. Biavxox LvRBAN Him- MAN' J. fNI,xc,,xx .-Xi,m,RT C. 'lfxvioia JANE B. Exon. Nlemv R. Vxxm iu:1i'r The exclusive Pan-Hellenic Ball was held on the night of lWarch Zl, 1936, in the beautiful hallroom of the Urbana-Lincoln Hotel. The favored few who were allowed to attend this unique affair were the 53.531 K.aT1iRvN E. MARSH representatives of the sororities and frater- nities in the Pan- Hellenic and Inter- fraternity Councils. The strictly formal attire of the men and women gave the dance a distinctive and Sophisticated at- mosphere. The 250 couples attending the Ball danced to the rhvth- 1nic tunes of Tiny Hill and his orchestra. Tinv, who weighs nearly 300 pounds, kept the crowd in a jovial mood throughout the evening hy his clever wit and mannerisms. The "Paul XVhiteman of the XVest," as he is commonly termed, was originally from New York, hut came here on a recent tour of the hlliddle VVest. The eveningls enter- tainment consisted of several novelty num- hers hv Tinv and his orchestra. These, comhined with the fine atmosphere and excellent music, help- ed to win for the dance the approhation of all present. l.'u-Cfzilirrzzmz nl i I I McCormick Barnes Frank Magan Vanderbilt Tavlor Ney lon Marsh' B. XVIIIIXNI l3. hlclilxsl K. l.'.I.'! 115.111 l 9- x x Fngel vnon Kltliinit-5 l'.' T: ll.: 1' on ' i . 1 'if 1 .Q Clos fiourlu' Ostcilvur Crain Hendrix Floyd Hillcr Hooll Fulinsi BLllgl'I.lII Morgan Shmiiflxln Cloollnian Bl'llL'Ilflgfl'll B1 umiiiaii Lon ry' S.lIllUl o Mitchell Nui uomb Prouty SAI x'ATonr SAx'roRo lWlI lIII.!l llflll Vruxrrrri E. lVlITcH1-LII, ffflxll-7'l7.HIIl Ifn-I,'f1lIfr111lI11 COMM I'1"l'EIi S.-x1.x'.-xToK1-' S.-xvroko .... X71-RNFT'l'I4 E. Nliruiri i... EYI-l xx Bu.xi4x'rir.u1 Noium Froxn Romivr ll. lixrxfxrxw C. Rluimkn l"1'1.x1rn I.oim.a1xf I.. l31'iu,iuiur1' L.AwiwiwcE O. CiUODM.-KN Bl-HNARIY C. CHAIN Noiui.-x Nl. ci0L'RI.l' Y K. Lim: GL's'1'AFsos: Nlmzjoucil-3 ll. Ciuw Dow XV. Dlxow fi!-ll.-XID VV. III-'A'I'll .-Xmill colorful spring surroundings and an atmosphere of Indian litk- and customs, thc lmlupcmlunts prcscntcd thcir annual spring formal in the Skating Rink on the uvcning of May l. 'llliis mlancc, sponsorccl jointly hy thu liulcpumlunt Council anal thu VVUl1l2lIl,S Group Sys- tc1n,truli livul upto its Inllian nainc, uhli-Hila,U which IHCIIIIS spring fcstival. Thu cx'cniiig's L-nturtainnicnt was Cappcnl hy thc for- mal plulging of ,IxUIll2lll2lVVk, an organization honoring sopliomoru imlcpc-nclcnt mcn who arc promincnt in activi- tics, anml lu' spectacular Coronation of thu Qun-cn of the lar. lv.. lf1..,.1i,z filo-iw . . .Cfmirllzlllz . . .CVO-Cihmlflfllxlll Dr Louis E. Hi-iwrwix Miro C. MoRGAN E. LL'c1i,l,L HILLPR Ill-'Xl-'URD NEXYCUB1B, JR. El..-KINH Hoon Hr:i.r1N O:Ti-iklsuu 'l'liuRr'l'l-N VV. JL,HNroN Bgrfy Pp,UL"ry C.uzoLrN S. Lowm' fNIARGL'uRl'1'i1 C. Snriuinfxx Howuzn VV. Vlfirsox lnalcpcndcnts. Ilnprcssivc ceremonies, retaining many of thc rituals used by thc Indians, accompanied the plcclging of thcsc incn and also thc crowning of the Queen. Louis Panicols well-known orchcstra furnished the music for the dancing, his Hswingl' rhythm proving very popular with the dancers. As a special feature the band played thc numhcr it has inaclc famous-"The YVabash Blucsf' Mi-Hila, climaxing a highly successful social Season for thc Indcpcmln-nts, provcd one of the most Colorful danccs of thc Spring sc-Incstcr. LTER.-XLDINE Axmiizsox Roiaaiu' H. Bac xsxux ETi-11-:L BIJRGESS EDITH F. Buzx' Bi-'nvaan C. Crum IIlIlllfl'lfllIIllfIlI'I Illllzlliklllfll. COMMITTEE Miro C. NIYJRGKY. .. Aixjoixiig R. Lima,- XVILBUR bl. DAHN DON NV. Dixov NURMA Froxn K. Limit flL'5TAl-SIN The Independents made their debut of the Campus social season on the night of December 7, 1935, with the Fifth Annual Independent Informal. This popular social function was held in the Gym Annex, which still retained the classical black and gold decorations used ,- M,-mjoaia B. Caoss C0-Chaifuzim by the Junior Prom the preceding night. The unusual combi- nation thus formed by the formal deco- rations and the in- formal attire of those present, gave the af- fair a new distinc- tion. The music was furnished by Lloyd Auer and his four- teen Virginians, who lived up to their i . . . .f4'A'tIjl'lHiIIl . . .I.'n-ffffilff 711.171 Iiiaixr Hoon Lfxiiiinixi- X. Pri-iw '1'uoas'rrx VV. 'liili?xriwX Birix bl. llRi+l'1'X XVI-'RNETTIL E. iNrll'l'kHl"l.I. llo'.x.xiiiw XV. XV11sox Ill-.LPQN OSTI-QRHLWQ likxisi' V. XVixixf,: name, "The Unique Hand of the South.'7 The novel orchestrations and unusual personalities presented by the band received the hearty acclaim of the three hundred couples present. This dance, sponsored jointly by the XVoman's Group System and the In- dependent Council, again proved to be one of the most en- joyable social func- tions of the year. The rapid increase in the popularity of this 'D dance is no doubt due to the intimate and informal atmosphere, which has become one of the prevail- ing cbaracteristics of the affair. Miro C. Nloko.-xx Cfliliz 1714171 L if Hodges Floyd Xvinings Burgess Crain Hood Brunsnian Mitchell Dahn Pepin johnson Osterbui' U'ilson Buzy Dixon Anderson Morgan Cribs Gustafson Prouty if., ix-i 11,-ii.: fm. Ixlthlillen M1111tg11111c1'y' Muue Pzirks Ramson Ffkhnrdt Copper Dunn Churchill '1':11'lo1' Arrnstmng Garwood Smith Rudy Smggs Hifxsrr Christy Live11goori Zimel Snviier C. NIM:-11.111, L'H111sT1' l.'b.1f111:.111 AG DANCE ARTHUR E. CVJLLISON P11'fl'1f1'nl, :lgri1'11fl111'8 Coznzfil C O M M I'I"1'E I-Q U. NI.xi1s11x1 1, L'11111s'1 13 .. ...l.'Z'.1j111 if .X1-:'1111 Il R. .Xi-:x1s11-nov. II.111111.D L. fl.1.11xx11o11 Hoxrrin Ii. fNIox'1'C111x11f111' ii.-XRULD XV. SMITH ll. XV11x1 C111 111 11:11 I.u'11.1a 11113111 AIo11N K. Pniexs L11.1.1.xN M. SXYDI-ilt Ro11111'1' R. C111-1-111 I'.w1.1v12 E. Livifvooon Roxsru T. Rawsox Cronm. 11. Srarios W. Ru' Drwx 1JlJY.-KLD F. 1NIuNI11.1 iw BETTY J. R1 111' XV. RALI'Il 'lfxxiok R11111111' C. licixiixiurx' 0111-.N C. fN1.xl'F J wx Zrxrigr. Rugged o1'er:111s, glllllli' suck tails, 111111 gz11111y giI1g1iJlH1 cirusses 11-nt :1 l'llI'!l1 :1t111osp11e1'e tu the Slciting Rink on the night of 1-Xpril 17, for ht-re Illlliti 1321168 of hziy, corn- st:11ks, 111111 ke1'ose11e 1:111te1'ns, the Ag School FCLIPCC1 its 1111n11:11 11:11'vest of 1.1111 111111 1'1'ix'o1ity. Charlie Straight 111111 his X'L'I'S1lti1L' 11111111-st1'11, direct from the Gold Const R1111111 4114 the Iylfliit' Hott-1 in Chicago, flII'IiiS1lCL1 t11e music for this g:11:1 ocC:1si1111. 1'1:11'11' in the L'YL'IliIlg the Queen of Ag1'ic111t11re, se- 11-ct1'11 froin Zllllflllg the 5tlll1L'1lIS of the Home Econornics 171-p:11't1111-11t, was 1111-se11tcc1 with :1 si1ver loving cup, and 1519- TU llwuff I I-1111-11x froin her throne of hz11ed hay she ruled over t11e one t11o11s:1n11 llgI'ZIIAi2IIlS who :1ttc1111ec1. The Queen se1ected for this occasion was :11so to preside over t11e Spring Blossom FestiV:11. As Z1 c1in1:1X to the cvening,s enter- tainment, the Queen :1w:1rdcd the most appropriately dresst-11 Couple with :1 1'o11ing pin and n corncob pipe. Taking the p1:1cc of the CllSfOlIlfll'y grand march VVZIS :111 o111-time square dance. As the evening progressed, the dancers forgot 2111 for111:11ity and dignity and engaged in exciting hay hntties. The Ag D:1nCe has become one of t11e most unique dances of the spring semester. SIJIWIIIIEIR lflll'IlfIl'IflIllllWllfllliS COMMITTEES IVIARION L. STUART ........................ ,.,.Cw1vral Chiiirunzrz III-gl.!-iN IIARM.-KN... ...CIFPIVMII l.'fmiru1t1n, Nzmzmrr Pfam , , buff Lvllfllflllfll LIOBART L. I3oYD ....... ...flflzzxic mul' Dnmmlir Eufermirzment Ci-:Nm'lFvL1 M. :XHRAMS ..,...... f.'u-f.'hafrn.ul11, lllixur-12i1r1ir Pllfgllllll 'IENNINGS B. Muni-uv... ...Crf-Clftlirmmz, fIfIi.ver-Dmzrr Program MARIE' C. IIrN1i'l4N ...,... Cu-l.'!, Ijfipliruiw limfgt' Y'u14n1.mAfn1 Y blunts: I. IIANAI-'IN. .. .... Cn-lffmirrmzrl, Dlzjzliffzfe Hriffge Tourmzmerlt S11 nz mer Pro 711 C0 111 nziffm' IVIAURINH A. BLooMsTEa HARoLo O. Ficwru IVIARY U. Ki-:Rviv C.-nu. S. Loren, ju. Ilow.-um IC. SIA.-XRS GLENN C. Bowuus MARGARET E. IBLEY SAIVIUI-QI. H. LAW l':I.I7.-KH!-.'I'lI -I. Rum' RAI vu E. Sunnis IJUKINE L. IJIEHL MARGUHRITE C. HEMVEN liAuiT'i'L1 'l'xx'A1'1'L1 Summer Session L'11fl'7'fl1Il1Ill1'Ilf C'UlllIllifI'l'I' Bunxici-1 G. ILXD.-XINIS WlI.lI.ih1 VV. lj.-XYHNl'UR'l' Duuwmzo U. jrm' ,Ions LLXRR lwl-Xl'lIllNG ilronmz II. S'1'Ar.css E. cTRl?'l'CIll-iN Bl,OUlXl5'IAhlR ANNA O. Esvl-,vlk INIARY M. Krux Roz-nfrvr R. Muni-uv NI.-XRY STAYIII1 ic IVIARJORIR IE. Ckoss Ev:-'R1vrT L. IIULLIS Weekly' mixer-dances and open-air concerts again proved the most popular social events of the summer session. The committee, however, was not satisned with just the usual affairs. As an added feature, an All-University Dance was held July 26 in the Skating Rink, with Isham Jones and his nation- ally known Colum- hia Broadcasting Or- chestra providing the music. For those of a more serious na- ture the committee PIELEN J. LIARRIAN SIHIIHIUI' Prom Clztlifvzmrl IJAN P. You K presented the Slaviansky Russian Chorus in a stir- ring concert given in the University Auditorium on August l. The crowning of Mary Holme as queen proved the highlight of the Sum- mer Prom, held on Rohesonls Roof the evening of August 2. The ideal weather and fine dance music of Allyn VViese and his orchestra stamped the prom as a ht- 4"N U ,g.3:.'5i,. 'ha' '::n' 'IJ'-:":5 ,Laughlin fffvtr' ,v'-.. 'GBR ting climax to a very en-ioyahle summer. Nlmuox L. S'I'L'A1cT Urlzimlf l,'f1.r1'1111t1u 1 2 f f V a .3 2 5. f 1. x .xi I Law Twaite Sears Sudsles Abrams Davenport Hamann Kern Stnggs C. Hlooiuster Yulli Cross Maulding Kervfy Hollis Ixlaigueuitt Htuipeu I-'irhte M, liluoinstcl' j. Munphx Bowers Isley R. Mulphx' Rudi Bmd Ilarunui Long Manu Ill mp. u l'L1j.- Tun."..! I-urs Y .ll- , A, V' A Y ff 2 N- Kas? X VW V ' K , - X X db H AJ ' X Lx, Q7 7 ! y f ' Y fx ,-' ,L ' IX, Q HN "tx 0 w' QQ 1 V 7 Z f fg 'ff pl Nu ,L M3 . X' fx X! 1, s J Y' Vx. J - r FM A-ii A ir o 1+ ,V D1 'J' ' "L" ir All 0 1-'N 2' xx T- i', ' i , Tf W f I '. L47 Ti-fl f v . Y . Sv i ' ' j . .Q - .' K"7' . ....,...v-.N Af. , , HF? , - EL V ', f xi umm u I . P wi I "ij Af,N,,.,,,- , '-cqlzfs - , .,..-, -u .,,,. - 1 - . i?g,.5i:.i..f,,1,,- mesa,-... ,,,w,+,g,g wwf Q. -gf, .:...f1u '- -'V' '-2 H .i ',-3::,3'3gj':' 15355: -- v-'ili-,5. ' " 4':',r.,g.1.-,., ,T-, . -"Y-', 19141-'f 2 k-,'Q,Q:,'fg.A, lf. 1,-.. ,g . 'ff - -14 - ,-fiTfg,,g-,Q . Ji.- r '.,,.i.,ry Kg 5. -HA , H, .3q.-01,-rf 'J .-.-.. ., - ,I , , .., M- ,. ,, .. . - , "' - ff " , 1 ,.:,,,----.-'.-..- ' ","!5.l',' . seigflj, .1 -7 r'.gs:.1 M- f' A -I A, ,1a..-Xfwx.nQ'- - Ae-'YJ' 4+ Af f.I.K'3 fi1 ?T. . ,....- -W, 1u tIZ7 - :I-17 ....,-,....,, if.. ...Am- ..............,.......-.n,-wlr.-A.-.. ....-1--.-.-......, -....--.-...,. --1--....., V ----l.. - -.1-1 ga S .-'I A . UllTIvElHSII'Y Wl70lWlIilU .. '4 -V 415- WYIIIIIAIKPS I. EA G II If OFFIC E RS NIILDRED A. FISHER , President JXRLYNE L. REEvEs . Vice-Presidmzt MARGARET L. LEHMANN Ret-ording Secretary IJOROTHY G. TAYLQR . .Financial Secretary MARY COURTRIGHT . Senior Rfpresefztatieff PERLE I'l. ADLER Junior Rxprfxmztati-iff SENIOR COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN KI.-XRY CQDlVR'lARIiiH'l' , . .IIUH11'c'0NIIIIg LoU1sE I. PROCTOR , . .Dads Day PATTI BURNHAM . .Mothers Day HELEN L. LYMAN ,, .Social BARBARA P. BIscHoEF , Elm-firm VVoman's League stands for the woman power of the University of Illinois. It is the most influential and active of the feminine groups on campus. Not only does it foster a spirit of unity among its 3,000 members, but it also offers opportunities for self-government and upholds the democratic ideals which are well in keeping with Illini tradition. Un YVednesday of every week the League provides a social hour for the meeting of old friends and the making of new ones. Membership is open to all, registration in the Uni- versity automatically makes a place for every girl. VVoman's League, in conjunction with the Y. W. C. A., extends a welcoming hand each year to prospective students through the Campus Sister movement whereby the newcomer secures a "Big Sister" to advise and help her in any problems of campus life. The First Council of WlJIH3I1,S League is the central governing body of the League, and its completely repre- sentative membership makes it possible for every woman on the campus to know the policies, affairs, and an- nouncements pertaining to the League. X' i XF' x Soritri' Lmraw Commi Kao ii 'Nlclxixi -xx Arxrxi IH" 'lffif llmilfil Sfrli QI A M ARl.X'NPl L. IQERYI-.E I In'-l"ruwJt'r1l M.-xkv J. CouRT1zIGu'r Senior Rfpn'scz1lalii'e .PPQRLE H. Avlis: Junior Repn'st'11!i1IiUu i z 6 2' , 'I X fi FOWLER llfkli JEAN F. RoI:INsoN. . t GEORCJIALEE BULL. . Umm JEAN S. SHEPARD ,.A 4 , IQATHERINE J. LIoH'rIsouv l Q BETH L. FOVVLER . JXLICE S. Do VAL., e F. :XRLENE HODCQSKBN CHARLO'l"l'E L. MILLERM CAROLYN S. LOVVRY, MAR-JORIE B. Crzoss . 'QV' tem, Gold Feathers, and Urange The VVomanlS Group System, an 1l'0lWlAlll'S Ulf JUNIOR COMMI'I"1'EIi CHAIRMEN , G0!dFmrl1fr5 gf mul Bfmf Fzfntlzers Frflvfznzzzzz Lldlll'I?fl.07l V0t'f1tfm1f1f Glffflzzrzfv , .CVIIIIIPIIS Sisfer Fimzml' Hfftorian , .Publicity , . ,C!Illfl'll , Hnuff Cfmznzittfrr VVoman,s League inelutles the YVoman's Group Sys- ancl Blue Feathers. integral part of the League, organizes the independent Women into social grou S. Orange and Blue Feathers anal Gold Feathers M. L , the freshman anal sophomore organizations, respectively, untlerclasswomen. It also provides talents. houses, Alpha, Beta, and Campbell T A ' r 'T "1 promote scholarship, friendship, and loyalty among the excellent opportunity for them to develop executive ability anal intlivinlual The VVomanls League sponsors three eo-operative Cottage. 'lille pro- ceeds from the annual spring theatrical production of the League go to maintain these houses. ln atltlition Io the above the League, working in close harmony with the Illinois Union, helps to plan anal manage Home- coming, Datls Day, anal hlothers Day celebrations. The one eminent purpose of XVoman's League is to further a spirit of unity among University VVomen. Q4 Y X Q.. Eff DUVAL SHEIIARD Lou RY Honosors LICMITHLIIVN Iii t ii in PI' TIL' ll'.v:.i'i. 0175 5' -1 -we G 0 I. ll f If A 1' ll If OFFICERS ,IEAN F. RUISINSUN , JEAN FQ. IIUEHEL HELEN D. S1v11'1'H CO M M I'l"1'Eli CHAIRM FIN Firrf Sl'lHl'5fl'I' S. li1J1'1'H lhlL'KINS'I'RX' .. Sofia! XVANDA L. SPENCER. . . Prngrrmz SHIRLEY R. XV,xLL,xcE l7lfIl'llIl11'7'A'!Iif7 lXlARY K. -IoHNsoN , . . . . . Sll7'fll'if'1'Rl'l57'Z'Xl'7lfIlfiTll' LILLIAN F. Moss . .Publicity RUTH H. SU'I"l'UN Fimmvv Swami!! Sum IJURUTHY IDURHAIVI F. HELEN LONUMIRE.. l3oRRvE M. SCHMIU1' ISARRARA IJIEHI, . IRS . Cfmirnzrm Cuznzcil . .Cuzmcil 7. . .. Social . Program .'W1'm!1fr5l1ifw , ...... Sorrnify Rl'f77'l'X1'7lfllfi'UI? CAROLINE CALLOVVAY ..,. Publicity XVILMA F. GRfXN'1' ,, . Firmnce After he-ing introduced to campus life through Orange and Blue Feathers during their freshman year, sophomore Women have the opportunity of con- tinuing and furthering activity work in Gold Feathers. Gold Feathers strengthens the ideals of loyalty and democracy, and advances the principles of friendliness, co-operation, and scholarship. lvlemhers of Gold Feathers are given every o Jortunity to develo and L . Pl . demonstrate their individual ahilities. Among their many activities is serving at the XVoman's League teas which allows the souhomore ffirls to hecome hetter G 3 l b acquainted with other University women. They also attend weekly meetings, where they have the opportunity to hear prominent speakers. Scholarship and activity points are of the greatest importance in hecoming a 1nemher of this organization. The latter requirement encourages participation in other campus activities and makes them feel that they are taking an active part in YVoman,s League. Thus it serves as a hond of unity hetween Gold Feathers and other campus activities. Irax F. Roumsox 4 N ' L MV' l,'f1.1i1m.1i1 3' E 1 KI: xx li. lloiml I ffonmlf V iq I ll:-irx IJ.Su1iu fiflllllnfl I I Il I I Mui! K 3- t L ' 51 'r'roN Sl'l-fYk'l'I4 XVM user. NIVIQINSTRX' SCHMIDT CFRANT LlINf,XIlIil l'.Ex1.1 oxyxxv ljllzlll. IJURH.-UXI JOHNSON Moss IIIHANTGE Alllll lll.IJlf I: lf A i ll If Il S OFFICERS GEORCSIALEE BULL.. ,aillllfflllllll JEAN E, PXAIR ,,,, , , Cmnzcif MARY I. Aosrit . , Cmmril COlVllVlI'l'TEli CHAIRMILN First S1'mz'5fer Sfvrnzrl S1'2m'5f1'r RUTH li. BURKE . , . , Fimuzvf RUTH E. l3ucHHoLz . Fizmnew DORO'I'HX' GCJDDARD . iwwnfwrxlzip NoRiv1A.l.G1Li,1xuHAM iwwmlfrrrlzip JEAN NV. LAWRENCE ,,,. Pnbfivify lVlAR'l'HA B. lVlORRISON , Pnfflieify HALLE GALHULY .. R , . .SOLTIII Bi::'r'i'Y L. ALVEY , . . ,Serial JEAN ScHUL'1'E , , . ,191-ug:-11111 GERALDINE R. N1cKELi, Pmgrnm Grange and Blue Feathers is an organization which aims to acquaint fresh- men women with the traditions of the campus and to promote friendship, Scholarship, and activities. Throughout the year the organization sponsors weekly meetings at which faculty members and leaders in campus activities speak. A play, "The Trial of Peg Fairfax," which dramatizes the value of activities, is presented to the members each year. Two parties with Gold Feathers and two meetings de- voted entirely to entertainment are scheduled on the program. Requirements for initiation are a UC" average, attendance at two-thirds of the meetings, and a passing grade on an examination which covers all phases of activities. Through financial drives which are held each semester, money is obtained for the VVoman,s League and for the purchase of trophies to award the members who have had perfect attendance and who have made highest grades on the final examination. SCHULTE .ALYFY Gonimxn Cai HULX' 1,Awp,i.xt+ BUCHHOLZ NICKEll.L Moiauisox llii,i.1xc,HAxi RURG Yo WO Co Ao UFIVICERS DoRo'rHY M. CSARRETT. . , . .A..... ..... P resident Louise M. ScH1NDL12R, . . , .Ififv-Prmiflgnr ELsA L. HOHENADEL . ,,., ..., Secretary MRs. LEo'1'A M. B1oLER ,.,..A , . , ......,,. .. . . ,Gmzwvzl Secretary CABINET MEMBERS E1.EANoR bl. MIELKE ....,.,.. SYLVIA G. Kfrrz. . . ,... Lunch , ...,. .Mulllfrr-111-Large F. JANE lVIOORE. . . .Rz'4'c'1rti07z -IENNIE L. MoNRoE ..Mf'111Iw-rlzip JEAN S. SHEPARD ..,. .,... S aria! FANNY L. .loNEs , . ,Sm-ia! Sw-trim MARJQJRIE L. REISZ .,... Transfer .ANNA M. ScHLu.'rzE ..,, , . lVlARoARE'r R. KUNZ ,..,,. Forums . . . , . . . ffff-lllzi-tfz'1'sit.1' Ser-Ufff'5 RENNETTE E. SCI-IPUK, ,Recreation BEATRICE E. VVEL'roN ,Tn'n,rzn'm' The purpose of the Y. VV. C. A. is to give women with a similar purpose and an intellectual outlook the opportunity to work together. It is very eHective in helping them to think through their religious problems and to grow spiritually. By heing a member of such an organization each girl comes to feel that she is part of a world-wide fellowship. The Y. VV. C. A. provides many com- mittees and activities which fulfill the interests and needs of the campus woman. Each girl on the cabinet, which is the policy-forming hody of the association, has a genuine interest in the Y. YV. C. A. as a whole, and a specific interest in her own department as a committee chairman, Girl Reserve Leader, or Freshman Discussion Group Leader. ln this way she develops her own individuality, character, and leadership. Not only does she become particularly active in her chosen field, hut she also becomes interested in all phases of Christian work. Often the training 21 Uni- versity woman receives in this activity encourages her to carry into her later life the ideals and standards for which the Y. VV. C. A. strives. 'Y' 'Q .'s if .19- 4 I . gg' - Wk., 15. Q A as-. A '3 F-C' 5 "' Q Q3 I 4' If 2 . 'v' 0' . I X 1 4 V Q g. A x as ua as -v v T' 5 I own v Mn-:Linz Kmasvin joNi-is Hl'l,'li7Ie, Nl.-KRSH.-11.1. Sui-'x'.-ian lXflClqINLAY 'Na xx com is A. KUNZ Nlooizr KLOOS Y. YW. C. A. CABINET MEMBERS LOUISE M. SCHINDLER ,.,, Finance CLARABELLE MCKINLAX' ...E..EA ALYCE E. KLOOS ......... Hostess , .A..s,,..,.. Uforlfl Fellowship MILLICEN'l' E. MARSHALL, . . . A . ,Training Group Freshman Discussion Learlers ELEANOR MIELKE. . .Clzfzir-man GAIL I. BUYER MARGARET M. KAHLER EVELYN BRAENTIGAM ANNAMARIE KUNZ GLORIA CRAWFORD VIRGINIA R. MERRINER MARION A. KAESER VERNETTE E. MI'I'CHELL RENN ETTE E. SCHPOK Girl Reserve lfflifijfff ELSA L. HOHENADEL MARGARE'I' E. MClN'l'IRE CAROLYN S. LOWRY MARGARE'l' A. NEWCOME Annually since 1906, the Y. W. C. A. has sponsored a Doll Show for the benefit of charity. Dolls dressed and contributed by sororities, group houses, and individual women are entered in this show and displayed for two days. After prizes have been awarded to the best displays, the dolls are sent to charitable organizations for distribution among poor families and for use as toys in recreation centers. Another project this group stresses each spring is the Style Show. Many University women participate in the shows, either by serving on the committees or by modeling smart spring costumes. This show provides an opportunity for an appreciative audience of townspeople and students to see how the typical Illinois co-ed furnishes her spring wardrobe. Discussion group meetings are held each Monday and Tuesday at the Y. W. C. A. in order that freshman women will be able to proht by discussions concerning the problems of a freshman at college. In these groups the in- fluence of the Y. W. C. A. on the University women is begun. if W, , ,Q . 2 1 .2 5A X r Qi if fs-I 5 -" s i , i t J' - f I f 5 Y ' i -.A 5 '. V J ' i if 5 . Qs wma.. , 11 tn. V A we- Q 1 Q I1 . W ,. ,A 1 . ' . ' . , x ew. Q' 5 Q . QQ l li' ' lb '53, A ' .gig Q5 il L if X I A --Uv, A 'j if. I A fy ' . """' ,I 'I ' ,W-.yillw 5521551-'izsiz I ,L.--. ll WELTON MONROE BUYER Rl-'ISZ SCHPOK CRAWFORD M. KUNZ Nl!-'RRINER KAHLER MCINTIRE MITCHELL BRAENTIGAIM ar-A .W Elsa L. Hour NAI its. Ll4ll'I'A bi't'l'r' fi My M. lilc ii Crtlltlrlf M't'lI'!i1f I Pug Tau llnu 1 S is I "xvE'4'3 'N .. .N INIARY ANN PRICI-L l'1'wfIft'11f lui olsr M. S1'Il'L'I1 SHAW :ry WI. fl. A. OFFICERS IYIARY A. PRICE A . , . . ..... President HELEN K. S'I'oII'I'ENIsoRoUoH . . .lfiff-P7'FXidF7lf ELOISE M. SHAVV .. . Secretary CHRIs'1'INE SCHwAR'I'z. . . Treasurer ADVISORY BOARD NIARY A. PRICE ..,....,. , . . , President HELEN K. S'l'OU'l'ENBOROUGH C . , Vice-President I5I.oIsE M. SHAVV .. ..Srcretary CHRIs'rINE SCHwAR'rz, . . . , . . , .Treasurer CJIRACE Ii. FISH , I1zf1'rI'las5 Mavzagfr' HELEN M. ,IESKE . ,Iuff'rlzo1m' Mnrzagrr .ALICE E. SMITH ,,I, . . . .fffl-Uiziwvrxify Mnrzagcr PHYLLIS P. VAN VLEE1' I,.I,I,.,..I,,,4,..R..,,,.....,..,4. Adviser LOUISE FREER, . , . Hfwl 0fIJ1'jvf1l'f1111'1zf of Pll1j',FiL'II! EIll1t'IIfI07L for I'V0men The VVoman's Athletic Association is an organization of nation-Wide scope. The associations of the various recognized universities and colleges are federated through the Athletic Federation of College VVomen. This Federation forms a central office for the VVoman's Athletic Associations of the various recognized schools, and its purpose is to unify ideals and establish standards of athletics for college women. The purpose of the WOIN3H,S Athletic Association is to further athletic inter- ests and activities for the Women of the University of Illinois, and hy so doing to promote ideals of wholesome living on campus. The VV.A.A. affords the opportunity for all women of the University, disregarding skill, social rank, and nationality, to have access, free of charge, to the equipment, observa- tion, and instruction of the W.A.A. Through the services of the competent coaches and instructors of the University of Illinois VVoman's Physical Educa- tion Department, our W.A.A. participants are given correct methods and train- ing in every individual and team sport, and are governed in competitive play in a truly non-partisan fashion. lVlemhership is open to every undergraduate woman on campus who completes the requirements of one sport season. lg 5'l'crl 'ri N Huuoimii I l llwrrlf il .Ynli 11. SH-XXV X jusxig SNIITH SCHXV.-KR'I'Z PRICE WY. A. A. SPORT MANAGERS CAROLYN V. lVlOUN'l'-IOY A... Saccfr CHRISTINE BUCHHOLZ Swimming MILDRED C. SPIESMAN ,... Ilmvlery SHIRLEY YVINSEERG . . Bafvimll ORDIE A. RoEERTs. . . , Ifallt-yimll LOIS KEENE ,4...E.. . , .Twmix CORNELIA BURQE. .. . .Basketball F. ELIZABETH BooTH ,.,. firvlzery IENNIE L. MONRQDE ,....,..,.. lVlARGARE'I' L. SCO'l"I'. , . Golf Ping-Pong, Hzzrzflluzfl, 117111 Tfzzikoit EOLYNE Y' NICHOLS ...bbv 4.'V' VIRGINIA L. RUSH ,,.,. lu' Skating ...... H07',fF!70l'fC Riding Cfzzlf ANITA A. BOYD. . . . .Onflzvtis The scope of the YVoman's Athletic Association is not limited to athletics alone. Orchesis, a national honorary interpretive dancing organization, is under the supervision of VV. A. A., and presented two dance programs to the public this year. The Association also sponsors the Riding Club, which pre- sented its first public show last fall with great success. The ice-skating season, recently established, has met with great favor, as shown by the large number of girls participating. At the Homecoming football game this year, VV. A. A. sponsored the sale of three thousand orange and blue balloons at the stadium. It was the first time the project had ever been tried at the University of Illinois and the en- thusiasm with which it was met no doubt necessitates its continuance. In the fall YV. A. A. gives a Sans Souci party to welcome the new women to the University. The program of the organization is explained, its leaders are introduced, and the membership is encouraged. The May Festival, promoted by W. A. A., climaxes with the crowning of the popularly elected May Queen in front of the Auditorium. The main activities of the VVoman's Athletic Association, however, are concerned with the wide variety of sports afforded to its members. It is in these that W. A. A. is able to present its ideals of good sportsmanship, keen competition, and physical well-being. 'VS aw A-nv ,fx ff 1 X3 gi ly l'T1iI.l-IN K. STIiIi'I'EwBoRoI'GiI VXI?-P1'I',tfifi'r1! Cn RISTI N I: Sc ii w.xR'I'z T1'I'i1m1 er Rice A, A.S1nith Stoutenborough Shepard Lighlbody Uiegner Kugler Nichols jt-Hers E. Shaw Shune-son Roult-t Ktpp Ixtu llliiil ntor Burge Peres A. Sniith K.5haw Schwurm XYinsbe1'g Carlson jeske Keys Clow Randolph Slept' Ulsnn Ttniplt Vvright Vkkitts Booth Price O'Conuor Hunier Cooke Meixuer Mcfiaan Lamb Monroe Orsingti Cans-ui S-bei' I" TU ll " ' N -ii .ni . DIAIQIIH I ik, is .QL 1 -5 5louu:iihoi'ough Randolph Shaw Burge Price Smith Sehwartz Kantor CoRNE1,1A BURQQE MARY A. PRIQE .ARLYNE L. REEVES 1121.018-E M. SHAW GRfXCE Ii. FISH K,x'ru,iEEEN N. R.AiNuo1.PH fDRDIE A. RoisER'rs AFXLICE A. SMITH lis'rHER KAN'I'tJR The highest awaril given in XV. A. A. is tht- orangc chenille letter ul", which can he carnt-tl 2 upon tht- completion of twelve sport seasons. At the Annual Spring Banquet, given in hflay, the Major Vs are awaralul to tht- new winners hy tht Presitlciit of the Association. The VV. A. A., for corivciiit-rice anal eolicrency, has tliviclt-tl the school ealenclar into tour sport seasons. No mt-mher can rect-ive more than tour , . . . sport seasons Crt-clit, anal to accomplish this she must participate in some one sport each season. The XVoman's Athletic Association of the Uni- versity of Illinois promotes two athletic programs- tht- intt-rclass anal inter-organizatiein. In the inter- class progrzun, several teams are sclcetetl within the same class anal they play the teams of another Class. ll every' pllftlflpllllt llIlflllS tllt' I'L'qllll'L'XnL'IltS of l'ijf' Trim llfm.Iri.l .Nnli-izgglrt HELEN K. S'roU'rENBORoUGH the sport lllilllllgtl' for that special sport, she is made a memher of a team, regarmllcss of her skill, and is eligihle for interclass play. Each season is com- pleted with competitive intcrclass games or incli- vitlual matches following a period of strenuous practice. These matches stir up keen rivalry among the participants, winning,comhinations heing anx- iously picked ancl held together from year to year in an cflort to win the coveted championship. The team sports for inter-organization play, listecl in ortler of thc season oljferecl are swimming, haskethall, vollcyhall, anal hast-hall. VVinning teams and teams participating in the tournament receive points. At the end of the year a plaque is awarded to the house having the most points. Pi Beta Phi is now in possession of this plaque. 117. A. Ill. lllUlWllfll.4I.S A. A. Smith Rite Wright Price Kanlnr CORNELIA BURGE BEULA bl. CARSON MARLSARET R. COOKE GRACE FISH TEMPLE G. HAYWARD VELMA K. JEFFERS HELEN M. JEsKE ESTHER K.fXN'l'OR The YV. A. participation in A . s llaynard jerks Jeffers Stoutrnhoiough Kllgltl Randolph F. Shan XX iegner K. Sham sehu ai tz XX nisbeig Robe: is Hurge A. L. Nnith 0'k'onner L'-ioke hflelxiiti' C.ii'snii Siege LoIs KEENE VIRGINIA L. IQUGLER ,IosEPHINE P. NIEIXNER JENNIE L. RXIONROE QJAROLYN V. lhflUUN'l'JOY RosE C. CD,CONNER MARcsARE'r A. CJLSEN lhflARY A. PRICE the four sport seasons. Any mem- svstem of awards is hased on INZATHALEEN N. RANDOLPH ALICE A. SMITH :XRLYNE L. REEvEs HfX'l"I'IE E. RICE CVJRDIE A. RoIaER'1's VIRGINIA L. RUoH CHRIS'l'INE ScHwAR'rz ELOISE M. SHAW' IQATHRYN il. SHAW' the heginning I bers of the orifanization earning six sport seasons, C1 credit receives years, numerals championship te the skilled playe her class numerals. In previous were awarded to all members of ams, hut this plan permitted only rs to earn them, and the large group ANNA L. SivII'i'H lhflILDRED C. SPIESMAN LLEANIJR E. S'rEoE HELEN K. S'i'oIi'rENHoRoiu H .ARLENE J. XVIELPNER SHIRLEY VVINsiaERo VIRGINIA A. XVRIoH'r it sCl1ool until the middle of lNo vemher, includes the team sports of hockty 1 I soccer, and the individual sports or tennis, volt, and horsehack riding. The second sport seas in w gins immediately after the first and is usually ton- cluded with the semester. It includes the team Sport of volleyhall and the individual sport of ping-pong. Season three includes the team sports of mediocre participators had little opportunity to of swimming and haskethall, and the individual ohtain this award. Under the new system, however, sports of handhall, tenikoit, and ice skating. Sea- these numerals are a reward for faithful and con- son four hegins with the middle of the second tinuous effort and are presented hy the president of semester and lasts until the end of the school Near, the Association at the tea following the completion of each sport season. and includes the teani sport ul hasehall, and the individual sports mil-:ll'Cl1t'I'N', golf, tennis, and liorw- . A The first sport season, which usually lasts from hack riding. no., y 44 'A 'W- 'if K ui lS'I'INlf lit enu in 7 l'frT1i1i'r1f 'X' . Tr- wi Ji xx lu. l 'A llfulifffwf I I ll l,.l N. ri. uri -IIEIRIHAIFITU OFFICERS CHRISTINE BUCHHLJLZ .P7'l'5iIfl'llf CHRISTINE T. SCHVVARTZ . . ..,., . . ..I,., , . ,View-Prryiflwzt lVlARlUN L. NTCINEENZIE. Sen-wfary JEAN E. PARKS e .E.. Trcfmn-fr FACULTY MEMBERS LOUISE FREER, A.M. PHYLLIS P. VAN VLEET, B.S. TDURUTHY IC. lVlUHN, B.S. JOSEPHINE E. RENSHAVV, M.S. CHRISTINE BUCH HOLZ MARY V. CADY KTARION L. NTCIQENZIE MAJOR TERRAPIN ELIZABETH D. NTERRIAM IJOROTHY H. BLUM NTEDORA M. CLow BARBARA CIVIVIAER LoIS E. TJAVIS lVlARJORIE A. TDIFHL JUNE H. OoRLE RUTH B. HIN'I'ZE SHIRLEY JAMESoN JEAN E. PARKS HELEN E. PLATT CHRISTINE T. SCHVVARTZ LAURA SUMMERS MARGARET 'FHIEL MINOR TERR A PIN lVlAR'I'HA B. MoRRISoN MARGARET A. OLSEN CATHERINE L. PUTMAN VIRGINIA L. RUGH ANITA C. SHERIDAN lVTARGUERI'l'E C. SHERIDAN :ANNA L. SMITH JOYCE E. SVVANSON SHIRLEY VVINSBERG Terrapin Club, founded in 1923, strives to further interest and eHicienCy in Swimming, diving, and life Saving, and to promote a Spirit of good sports- manship and friendship among its members. The memberShip of Terrapin is limited to Skilled swimmers who have passed perfectly a vigorous test in swimming, diving, and life saving. This test is so difficult that never more than ten girls have become memberS during a Single year. Of this group, the most proficient swimmers in the University are members of hilajor Terrapin. lVIinor Terrapin, which iS an outgrowth of the old Tadpole Club, has been formed to prepare other Swimmers for the requirements of the major club. Terrapin presents an annual water carnival on Mothers Day. The pageant iS presented in the pool of the lVIen'S Gymnasium, because the larger Space permits a more elaborate presentation. The object of this carnival is to pre- sent in the most beautiful way possible the arts of swimming and diving. . . U llI'lYklg l'uln.on Snulli .-X. Sbtlidznn Mniiison Su Anson Mohn J,unn-Son llintze Olstn Rugh Dlihl Clow Q I Ii Thiel Seliwailz llutliliolz McKenzie M. Shtiidzun Sununei' Renshmv RUTH E. BUCHHOLZ 'l'lfl.lflilflAl3llIC SIWININIIIUG Nllflff OFFICE RS MARX' V. CADY AA.AA . . Cffzpnziu MARION L. NICKENZIE, fiozim-Xllgr. CHRISTINE SCHWARTZ, Senior Illgr. TOSEPHINE RENSHAVV, ,,., Conch CHRISTINE BUCHHOLZ ....... lV.Af.fl. S-wimmiug nm! Trfvgrnpfzie .Wmmgrr M E M B E RS M. JANE CJESTERLINKQ MARY V. CADY RosANNA GARRISON JULE L. HALL MAR'l'HA B. IVIORRISON LAURA SUIVIMERS VIRIIINIA R. RAcI.IN VIRIIINIA L. RUIQH CHRIs'I'INE SCHWARTZ :XNITA C. SHERIIIAN Telegraphic swimming for college women was organized at the University of Illinois in l93U for competition hetween Big Ten Schools. Now it includes colleges and universities throughout the United States and is known as the National Intercollegiate Telegraphic Swimming Meet. It is the only sport in which Illinois women may enter intercollegiate competition. Entries are limited to colleges and universities having certified sixty or SCVCI1 - VC 'oo OO S. IIC 11166 S HFC C' L Z1 E SC JZIYZI C SC 100 S Zllll IC TC- tyi ftplll t hllrth I t I 1, lrl sults of each meet are telegraphed to the Regional Sponsors. They in turn telegraph the first ten places in each event to the National Sponsor. rldhe Na- tional Sponsor for this year is VVayne University in Detroit. The team is made up of the fastest swimmers in the University, the maxi- mum number on the team being fifteen. No one may enter more than three of the six possible events: the crawl, the hack crawl, and the hreast stroke, at the forty and one hundred yard distances. The team was coached this year for the first time by Miss Josephine Renshaw of the Physical Education De- partment. Two practice meets were held, and those with the hest records were chosen for the Telegraphic Team. Clow Ri. liuehhulz Summers Rugh Hall Cuiuutt Moriison Diehl Lyons Hiller Olsen Shi,-Iiilm C. Buchholz Schwartz Carly McKenzie Smith jameson l' Q94 is ,lf If M ,J-. f VV 45 I 531- Manx V. C-xux' ffiltlifilffl Aniox L. NIT Ki Xlll ll Ili or ,'ll.111.:gi1 C uni. llN 1 lil elllltll 1 X:zfff.'o.f.ff1g .'ll.m.1I 1 IU' l':eo llwul-,I X I 5' WWINIARPS lliiililllf Slllliv JULIA M. LAKE .,,.. , . .General Clmirnmn lX'lARtiARE'I' REESE. . . . Prorlurfimz fllzznager lJoRo'rHY G. T.-xYLoR . . . .Bnxinrss ,Manager The well-known Pulitzer Prize play, "Of Thee I Singf, was pre- sented by the YVoman,s League on February 21 and 22. This play, prob- ably the most pretentious offered in a long list of successful shows, was well received by the campus audiences. The story follows fofm P. lLIi7lfFI'gl't'l'll,5 campaign for the presidency of the United States until his triumphant election on the slogan, "Put Love in the XVhite Housef, lVi7lfI'I'gg'7't'l'lL was effectively played by Howard YVilson, a well-known actor to campus theatre-goers. It is decided that lI!ilII't'l'gI't'l'll shall fall in love with the winner of a nation-wide beauty contest, the winner of Which, Diana Dv-vermzz, cleverly protrayed by Rachel Collins, is ultimately .iilted by the President in favor of the pretty and demure fllary Tzzrnrr, convincingly played by Betty lVIoore. All of this causes international complications, particularly with France. The pom- pous .-Xmhassador of France was very cleverly enacted by Fillmore Sherman. 'UNK s 'Gif IVIIA M. I,Ai-cr' Gi in mf f,'f1.1f'rff,u xicoxiair KI. lil-PW' llflillliffllll ,lli1z1.1gf'1 lliuoiiix' ll. 'lu Hmfrlrfi fllilmlgrz I 1 I ll Ifil .Sizwulit alll: l-lllff I SIlllli'9 coMM1TTEEs AND CHAIRMEN "" 9 CLARABELLE MCKINLAY. ,Tickers KATHRYN bl. LIGHTBODY A.....,, ..,...Sce11c Pamfmg HARRIET B. XVHITE ...... Report.: PERLE H. ADLER ....... Programs ELLEN M. SCHNEBLY A.......,. . . . Pvrmvzfzf Projbfrfy lhlARGARE'l' VAN HKJRNE ,,,. . . . . . , . , . Sfagz' Projwrrfy CAROLYN S. Lowiu' . . . Llfljflllllfj INES CAUDERA .,,. . . .Publicity HELEN L. LYMAN . . .Makeup I". XXRLENE HODGSON Home fllgr. LUCILE C. HIMEL13LAU ,,,, Dame RosEMARY STEUBER .L,,, Dram-ff Interwoven throughout the play are the comic adventures of fl!I'IIUlKZl'I' Tlzrottlebortom, the insignificant Vice-President who is always seeking recognition. lValter Draper handled this roll with professional ease and filled it with innumerable laughs. Sarah Schwartz, a newcomer to the campus, delighted the audiences with her contagious smile and clever dancing. The minor roles were particularly well handled. Edward S. Baker as the chivalrous Southern politician, Moe Bergman as the excitable Jewish politician, Usver Carmi, Charles Dawson, and Gar Heads-all turned in commendable performances. ,lane Dick, as the dumb hotel maid, added humor to the play with her dry wit, and Charles Romine gave a youthful zest to his role as the Presidentls secretary. "Of Thee I Sing," 'lWi1ite1'green for Presidentf' "Love is Sweeping the Country," and "Who Cares" were the popular hits in this modern comedy written by George Gershwin. 19 -C G' l "Y gh A i gi S KA iw I . , . K U SX 5' L v Honosi-N llmrrl HI NL LOWRY NILKINI xx .Km I Ii Cirrus x STF-l'l II I.ic.uinom SCHXIII VAN lloux Lxxixx XVHVI1-' P." T- Hn. iw - -A.:-M N - .. , rj-5-sex-vv -'V f' - 'H Q ' , "' -f.1f-- ',., ul.. lp , , 5,3743-vvnfisynrfevv' 'NN ' nf xg f W.-ww vita"-1 'Y .. Q-waf- .QM Q , gif ,fl si. gl F is-,Ti , ,. ,.. 5. :4 -M V 'gfifg fat Y ' 'J' Q ll-fit? Q - mfg it X it 'F ,NJ 1'f"e1 P 1- --'-' ,i on 2 -1"-'s llllll Slllliv The magical theme, "Enchanted Fairy Tales," was beautifully and artistically carried out in thirty-four scenes of the 30th Annual Doll Show. The chairman, Virginia fllerriner, admirably fulfilled the two-fold objective of furnishing Settlement House children with lovely dolls and of arousing a responsive campus to the activities of the Y. XV. C. A. "The Princess and the Peaf' an intricate setting of splendor, won first place in the sorority division for Theta Upsilon. Second place went to the delicate 4'Snow Drop" of Delta Zeta and honorable mention was given to Sigma Kappa for its delightful "Alice Through the Looking Glassl' scene. Davenport House captured hrst place in the YVoman's Group System division with the royal beauty, "The Snow Queen," while second place went to Corinna for the stately "Six Swans," and honorable mention to Alpha House for its wistful UPeter Pan." The ever-lovely "Cinderella,' won first place for Lois Hackmann in the individual entries. Helen Mies received honorable mention in this division. lVIembers of local civic organizations were hosts to many children of the Twin Cities at the show. The little girls were dazzled by the splendor of the costumes and intricate surroundings in each scene. Small boys enjoyed especially "The Qld Shoemakerl' and his shop. Miniature tools and scraps of leather effectively carried out this theme for Kappa Alpha Theta. Pg Il , Page Two Hundred Seventy-jour 5 'T' :gf- " .1 'M -Q .,....aih. . ,l STUTT VP-is WY. Al. A. r4lC'IIWI'l'llfS The scope of the VV.A.A.,s activities embraces a large field of sports, and almost every girl is able to find some sport which she particularly enjoys. The Riding Club, under the direction of Miss Phyllis Van Vleet, was formed last spring. Horses from Troop E of the National Guard in Urbana are used for the be- ginning, intermediate, and advanced classes as well as for breakfast and supper rides. After many requests, ice skat- ing was also introduced this winter. Miss Carita Robertson consented to coach this sport. Special arrangements were made to use the University Skating Rink two afternoons each week during the season, and many girls took advan- tage of this opportunity. Hockey has long been one of the most popular inter- class sports sponsored by the VV..-LA. At the end of every season an honorary team is chosen composed of the best players from class teams. This fall hockey players from the University of Illinois competed in a Play Day at Normal University. Terrapin presents its annual water carnival on Mothers Day. This carnival features graceful diving and swimming formations, to the delight of the many mothers who attend. Tennis and archery are two sports offered during the spring season. Each season consists of a practice period climaxed by a tournament. Lois Keene was the winner of this year,s tennis tournament, and Effie Frye captured the archery honors. F ,,,. l l l l 1 l Pagz T X' - f 124 4 V' I ,ff -f ff 2 M X-,N-7 1 4- .7 O , -JJ, I' ,J 4 JJ ff: Z Q ' X v . , X XZ!! ,ds 5 v , 4 Q f-NN j Y liz: I , Z Z .1 X' 2 f f I 121 fx.. J if .' Z . V M - L7 Ji 'P -UQ' , 4 -2 . f , Z2 ' 2 : 0 f " ,-If fx U-XZIO .AE T153 """" U 'n??K, Ei3i:g15e5',.."Ai..,---- -....,.,,,,,.,. - Y- ' " """' M' 4mfsi:8ii9MvfP' i': ,Q 1.43. . - ,-'n-:wif-'11-5' f"' '--. in ,. -- ,,.. ..,. --keg '- -' g',,.,,2-..,.-Q , It . .1 A K A, " ' ' -'if "wi ,ri ' -: , , - -. 4fif?'?'ff1'J-'4??1':P51--:Lf .. ff2-- fffifi-+G -m-1 f' . ' ' ':.:. ' 'lv , ,,,- ' '.-' -F --..:-if 11-'-2' ' 5-N . ful- ,'f,Y1..' 3 ' ' ' ' ""' """" 4 , i f1,'-'rig-xx 453151213-f?: 1.-if.2?7'5F':- - -.fax-rs.r:fx's5'-gi-gpfg,4, K '.J-v- 1, - -f H-Ffssg A A , Riff- DDQ.- guru.- - A -----1-.4Awuv.asns-. ...-... ,,,,...----- ,-nu.. 4,-.,...,. - ...-....... ... ' ch.-...--.- -.ig-.Q-...., -.Q-al-..,. i.....-T1.....--........ . ,. -W--- . ii ilu.. --mn' l'Ulll.IC1l'II01US Y -- W- . ,, . I I , ---f is I Illlf I IIIIZIIRII ill: C01llIIROI. I. I. I 111 I XVII,I,I.-UNI E. Ba1TTox, Chairuzarz BOARD OF DIRECTORS XVILLI.-KAI E. BRITTON, Chilfllf III Facufly Illembcrs OSCAR A. LEUTWILEP. Farnraicx S. SIPBERT Sm. N1-ill, D. CLINE IQUBFRT O. Coon Student-faculty co-operation in the government of campus publications is provided through the Illini Board of Control, made up of four faculty members and four students. 1Vhile the heads of the individual publications have control of their own activities, the Board exercises fundamental supervision in the determination of finan- cial policies and the affairs of the lllini Publishing Coni- pany as a whole. ,-Xnother important function of the Board is the elec- tion of the publication heads, which takes place each -. 1511.1-I1 H. TURNER ffm' Av1f3lll.Lt'f5 1'1IlXYlY R. llonm-is lJoi.oREs 12. NAGUDA year in the spring. Each member of the Board inter- views the candidates and votes according to his decision for the best interests of the publications. The Board of Control, set up in 1911 to remove several undesirable elements in the operation of the publications, was modified in 1922 with the addition of' a fourth faculty member. The system as operated since 1911 has led to con- tinuity in policy and the development of great efficiency in the management of publication affairs. Cr we Narsonsx Coon Hoomss Sli-2Buz'l' 'liL'RNER Lanrrwirha Page T110 llwrffif-I Srzwnti lit 'K DONALD S. HOEBEL Campmzy fllarzagcr Dos.-un S. HOEBEL. . . . Chartered lylay 11, 1911 by the State of Illinois as a corporation not for profit, the Illini Publishing Com- pany has since issued and supervised all student publica- tions at the University. Controlled by a student-faculty board of directors and administered by an expert professional staff, the com- pany has developed into one of the leading college pub- lishing companies in the country. It has served as the model for other universities in their eilorts to co-ordinate and control the operation of student journalistic en- deavors. A business manager, who is in charge of the business ofhces and advises the publication managers, I ll If I I. I. I lil I I'IJllI.ISIIIlllli C0lWlI3illllY . . .Company lllamzger aids in carrying out the policies of the Illini Board of Control. The company has grown in the twenty-five years of its existence until it maintains a plant valued at more than QESQOOO. It controls Tlzr Daily Illini, student newspaper which serves the entire county as a morning paper, The Illia, one of the leading college annuals in the country, and The Siren, Tlzc Twrlizzograjwlz, the Illinois ffgriczrlfzzrirf, and smaller campus publications. The company has maintained a high credit standing from year to year and by its eflicient management has enabled student publications on the campus to advance to increasingly high levels. THE Coixrvosmo Room OF THE ILLINI PUBLISHING COIWPANY I Yh C la ,e 9 , -, 'Ali Page Treo llanlf.-.i S.:wi!,v i xr ELBI-'RT L. HERRUN Editor-in-Chief 7 I 4' I ,p , l 152' 8' DLLITQII DEAN DLYFFIELD SENIOR STAFF E1 Iil'R'I' L. Ihnsww.. .... E.Iilor-in-Clziuf XVILLIAM S. M1DImI.uTnx. .. FRTIIERIK' E. LI-'I-', -In... ...Blffirzuvr fllmmgvr RIk'Ii.ARD B. CHILDS. . . . . . ESTHLR .-X. 1Jl'l"I'L'H. ..... ... .IVuv.u1r1's Efiifur VFIIBODORE A. DL'FP'IlQl.D. . .. IVDUIMVIIII E. SKIITH .. ...U'uw.121'5 Ihrxirzuxs Alflllflgfl' RCPBPiRT R, DEAN. . . . .. . V P in X' V ' K9 At- A if , - W I . ff f .- cf 1 Sf' X X N' an ai ,Z v 15' ' x HOFF NEIDH.ARDT VVELLING BEAM STOLI. xVlLT Page Two ll:m.lr1.l Ezghfy flllf IIAIIY Illlllll Chief News Editor Ediloriai Associate Editor . . . . . . . . . .Sports Editor SPERLING RI-LDFERN Librarian 'l-lllf llAIl.Y II.I.IllII R FIELD BEAM I -4-my 'if lflbl-RIL' li. LI-lf, JR. Hff.vj11w.m .llmmgrr i INIIDDLETON CHILDS SMITH JUNIOR NEVVS EDITORS PAUL W. NEIDH.-KRDT Gun:-'um' S1-ERLIXG lu. IJAUU C. XVELLIYG , , DAXID O. HOFF RICHARD K. REDFEHN EDWIN L. STULI. EDXVIN L. CORNELL, JR DEAN W. BOHLEN ...... .. CARLYN P. REINEBERG .... . .. JUNIOR BUSINESS MANAGERS . . . .Copy .'llI1m1gL'r . . . . ....C1'L'Jit fllamzguf slssisrafzl Crmfii fllnmzgvr FI,-XROLD O. F1CuTE .... ...Cfzffzpm-L'rb.zz1.z .iI1z'L'rli.viz1g RCTEPKIKT NV. DE WOLF. . . Champaign .-Lirfrzisfrzg IJAVID F. MLLK. .. IQATIIRYN E. MARSH. AULLAIDL R. DADANT Lruvu F. OLESON .... IROSIQAIARY IVIILLIER. .. -H+ sf- ir L I ' -HI..:IA", H 'I ' ... .. f G -. , ik if , ,. 'lx N fs. . . 1' W A W - A., , .aa j X, N - W ' 1 I I - R' in -. DE WOLF FICHTE DAD.-KNT OLESUN IVIARSH MEEK CORNELL REINEBERG BQHLLN IVIILLER Rum 141' N. XVILT . , . .l,L'.1r1.'ju1.'gr1 d.f1'5r'I15111g . . . .ffhflrzzpufgrz :11fi'f'f'Iixfrzg . . . .Cf.1.uf'75mf .'llaf1.1gur .. . . . . . . . .l.'1'1I11fI1l1bnr1 .II.1r1.1gfr . .,.. .'lf.f1'.Yf.1lll lfffulffulfrfrl .'lIm1.Ig 1 Inca, . 1 Q '5 a 1515. Iwo 1l:m.lwJ' fzrjfxfg-mx 5 I ,I -Y. 53 K If gf 'Illlf llAIlY II.I.I f4""' i 7 DOROTHX' B. IDLTLAXY RQBERT B. AI-I'LI-iIIANs BETSY L. BARIQILR MARY R. BARTIJ-'l'T josEIfHIxI-1 C. BIYILACQUA WlI.l.l.-XXI A. BRIiARI.EY BIIBBY J. I'SLxIAxw RIIBIRT I. l3I'Rs'I'I-IN xVlLI.I.-X31 YV. CAfsELL RusAxIfwIv H. CI EAI I, BERTR.-XXI R. Lilllll-Y JAMES li. CURBl'l"l' Nan T. IJ-XYIS ELA!!-SR R. 1,1-'LKI R ADI,.iR R. IJIXUN GFIIRGL L. l7ARxrwIIRTII jusrl-II C. l"I:EAIwLIN La E' IALFREY LIIi:ENDAHL IJUL.-ANY JUNIOR XVOMEN EDITQRS GR ALI L. LIESENDAIII. VIllGINI.-A PALFREY SOPHQMORE-FRESHIVIAN BUSINESS IQICII.-XRD N. FRYI: RlQ'H.illD -I. CI..iSElSliLJlIK BARBARA NV. QELENN RRLLI-3 GREEN KFRNIIT C. CIR!-IGORY 'I'IIImIAs D. GINNING XV. LxxI'IzIINL'If HARYI-'Y lZI'RwARII fl.-Xr'I'l'RI IK NIARJIIRIE A. HILL lv.-XTIIANIFL N. HILL -IIIHN H. ILIBIKII-IL liLxIIfR IiL'l MAX DIIRIITIIY All-QNSI-IN .'XI.Bl-SRT L. .IIIHNSIJN TNIXRY K. ,IIIIINSIIN RIIIII-RT li. QIIIIIXSAN .IEROIVIE S. li.-XTSIN XVILLI.-X31 L. KIICH XIHRNON W. IQR.-XETSCH MARY LABIBERT IXIIARGAIKIVI' LIYIxnsTuxE RIIEINE EI. LIDEB RIIBIIRT L. lhrlL'.'XI.IbTI-ZR 'IHIIUAIAS C. NIADDEN' SIDYI-'Y bl. NlA'I'ZNER ,Il-1.-KN C. NIIJRLIR Irlll-LDERICK A. lhfIlLI.I-1R ISHRMIEN R. RIIYERS RJ,-XIIG.-All!-QT M. OI.DH.4hI PAUL H. PAYNE :ELINORE L. I,0XX'l-QRS XHRGINI.-X R. RALQLIN fl' xr XVEAKLY RUTH F. WE.-KKLX' STAFF GEORGE RHlNEH.iRT MARGARET VV. SCHULZ S. .ALLEN SEIBPZRT BERNICE P. SIIEA JOSEPH E. SHERRI.-KN' EDITH G. SILVER LIAROLD SIINNENBERG QILURI.-X C. SLLLIYAN CARL SLINDSTROM -IQHN D. XV.-'KRBLE FRANCIS L. WARHI-:RG H.ARRlET R. xv.-KYL.-AND WILLIAIII F. WENDT Rox' K. XVILLI.-UX15 ELEANOR Youxc BEN-IARIIN ZURE 5 2 I I Y l N, llIll jnnwn Zukc M, Hill Koch Oldham Harvey Bevilacqun Hnstcrlik ShcrIII:III Mlllur Blllllilllll SuIIIiaII'4IIII M. johnson Davis Locb Applehnns Brearley lhllllllltl' XX llllllllh Schulz Rhimhznrt Y--ung F.IrII5wnrth Glenn Glascbrovk Clenve VVendt Pagz' Tito llvm1'r ml Flglrfvv-tIf'a illllllll' 1 Caller XVhitehOu5e Slcimr Grant Riggs Ormzm Inginni Florin Gordon Boddigcr Griirnley Clancy Dix Fnlgsr Tm lor Scholin F. Ynncc Rnhinsnn Mnblsy Connolly 'I1hUtl'lllL'l' Myers Mcllnnnlil SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN MEN'S EDITORIAL STAFF PERRY W. BLAIN GEORGE C. BODDIGER ROBERT VV. BOOTH ROBERT CLANCY MICHAEL J. CUNNOLLY JABIES E. Dlx HOWARD S. ELLIKIORE NELIO A. FLURIO WlLl.I.i3I M. FOLGER ELBRIDGE A. FORT XVIl.l.I,-XXI QTALLER SIDNEY UOLDSTEIN RICHARD GORDON PIOXVARD GRANT WlLl.I.AM B. CTRUMLEY OIQVILLE H. fl.-KMPTON J. XVOODRONV INGRAINI OGDFfN JOHNSON, JR. H. NI.-KRLIX LANDWFIIR SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN BETTY ROCK MARY M. BR.-XDNEY MARGARET H. BUCK INES CAIIDERA RUTH E. CLARK NI.-XRY E. CUZ.-XD FRANCEs S. CUTRIGHT MURIEI. H. DAY CIXVENDOLYN E. DENTINGER GLADYS M. DEWOLEE JANE DICK BARBARA DIEHL DOROTIIY DURH.-KM ANNA M. FOSTER , J 1 XIIRGIXIA FRANK IJOROTHY J. KTERH.-XRDT RIURMA CTILLINGH.-UNI RIT.-KRI.-KN CTL.-XSSER JUNE H. CTOBLE LORRAINE COLDMAN SHIRLEY L. CIOODMAN FRANCES E. QTRANT .ALICE W. HAMILTON IVIIRIABI VV. HOLINER JEAN S. FTUSKINS RLWFH M. Ii.-XNE Ig.-XTHRYN M. KIIQKHLBFF XVOMEIVS EDIT JOHN C. LILSSEL LFROY VV. NICIJUN.-XI.D JOHN A. NI.-XBLFY IZLLSXYORTH H. INIIYERS DAVID J. ORRI.KN J. PHll.I.ll"I'E RICHEY FRED XV. RIOG5 C. KTORDUNI IROBINSUN .'xl.l.AN R. SCIIOLIN Pl-QARL H. MARKOYITZ VIRGINIA NIAYFR R. JOEI-I-IIINE iXfIIl.lI-ill IlL'TH M. IXrIIl.l.l-IR EI.sIE M. INIITCHELL LORRAINE M. MURPHY ALICE L. PITTS XVSUBEL J. l,0li'1'l-'R HALLIE J. IRIYI-S li.-'KTIII-RINF. IRUVII-QL'l-'T NI.-KRX' J. RYAN Il,-XTRICIA D. SAGI-'R IQLTTH SCHEI-IHER CRIAL RICll.ARD L. SIZER LEWIS B. SI-IYAR GRENDY STFINIER MARYIN TANIENHAUS FRANCIS M. 'IJAYLOR ANOL's M. 'IQIIUFRMER FRED VANCE IRUBI-IRT K. XVANCE XVIl.I.I.-All A. XVHITEHOUSE PAUL XVUUDS S T A F F LAURABELI. SCHUTT BLUSSUBI SIIDI-:L RIITH C. SLIAIOUR JANET D. SIMI-SON ELIZABI-iTH L. SMITH CLAIRI-1 S'rADLKFR ROsEMARY STI CHI-iR E. JEAN S'I'L'I:BIR'I' LILLI.-XX D. 'I'IDliM.-KN IXLBI-ILT.-K U. VAN PI-:TTEN SHIRLEY R. XXII.-51.1.-RCE EOLI-NI-i NV.-X'l'bllN SHIRLIY M. XVOLI-SON JFQIF E. XVOOD 9' Glasser Tidemnn Diehl Clark IV:Illnce lXI:II'ko'.'itz Scillcl Pitts Buck finblu Stubhert Sager Goldman Goodman XX'olfson Holinei' Bock XYOOCI lXIiILhL-ll Dick Ropiuqiinr Scheffer Kirkhoff Gerhardt Gillingham Coznd Schutt Drntingux' Run Ixlnu-I' Suiilui' Cutright Seymour Rives Day Durham Cnudcra Grant R. M. Miller DcWolfe Simpson :-Inith PQI TIP' Il-.r:f'..f F::'7,!II z I." .'? N , 1, fffxrrd 4ll"""' BEN F. ll.-KI1SB.-KKK Emffluf-ffl-l,'hir-f 'rw -l-lllf lI.I.Ill lll: 1956 SENIOR STAFF Bvx F. ll.-XILSB-XCR. ,. . . .Elfifor-in-Chief Khxxmm Suu rm r uc . . .Hufizzcxx illmmger 4 sf, 'Q FLURIXE E. I'E'1'r:1 .. .. .... IVommz's Edilor ': WU Lf " 'i EVELXN NI. LAUREYU . . . . .H'num11',v Bl1.Vf7IL'.V5 Illfzrmger if gl josm-11 'lamlzs ..,.. . ...Sfajf Phofogmpher I .. xx FLuR1Nh E. Prfrkl I1Y0U1LI71,j Elfiruf' fi- - tr N, 5 i . , Y 5 Z A A x - , . ' ' ' x 'W 5 f DCR P- ' STUTLER Fowuin fi.-KMNIAN H.kDDEN BOOTH KLUBERG NIIDDLETON VFARRE Page Tun Hzmdnul Eighty-fuur 4909 ,juz 'Illlf Ill.I0 Ill: 1956 as KIQNNLTII J. SLAIILI-:ssl I-R Hmim'xJ fllamzgrr JUNIOR EDITURS F. ELIZABETH BIIUTII jxxz E. IMI.-XDDI-ZX juux NV. KLUIIIIIG BETH L. FUWILR V. '1'IIII-QRS I'iAK1lI.-KN ELIZABETH J. MIIIIILETON 5 IIOIVAIID A. STIJT1 FR, DIR. 3 IUN R BUSINESS MANAGERS I. IO BETTY M. BLAIR Ii.-XTHRYN H. Kuuxsx SI-IIRLEY M. OYEN OLGA M. CIl.STPll FRFDFRICK WV. Lovn GORDON F. '1'x'nIIEI.L ALFRED C. Hvxmxc JOHN R. YIILING .3 EVI-:I,YN M. LAURHNQE H'uwm1'5 Bruin 'Z gr, J 5 fig fllfzrlager r:L, 4 guy 'fx ,Q I IGF " nf SQ HENNING BLAIR YOUNG OVEN KUHNEN LOYD GILSTER TYRRELL l':gf Tico - Q T Hun lrsf Frtgflfx II 1 . I I I I J . I , MARY J. .ALI-QXAYIH-'R LOREN F. .ASIIXVOOD JOHN A. BALDYYIN MARX' J. BALLANCE WINIL RI-' D M. BARCLAY HORTP1NbPQ B.-KR'I'HOI.UXV BARBARA B. BAT! ll li LOR BEYERLY A. BliLYl'.-'K RICH.'ARD O. BEITIL JOHN L. BI.-KKK BETTY L. .AIYI-'Y PHYLLIS J. IAILIX1:'I'RONG FRANQIS H. B.-XCIIIXI.-KN WII.I.I.AlN1 T. BARRY RALI'II S. BING CHARLES JULIA BULLINGTON L. BLUE CAROLINE CALLOYYAY LIERBERT YV. CARL JANI-'I' L. CIIADWIEK lvl.-XRY K. WII.I,l.AlNI CLIIAFORD R. CRIENNELL Ilrxrclzny Yuxnmm Scngstoik Pcxubun Mobs MrI'shInIeI' Alexander Belyea Buchholz. Jutlnn Slihcck Longmlre Ruclvuah Blllfllllll Brown Knapp Kuhn VVells Hubs-In Suttnn Bnlthclur XYollcI' Grcwn F. Mount K. Mount Robb Bnllance Illguk llL1IIlIIgIUIl Vcillu AVfl1'1L'I'l VVI'Ight Franks Bcitrl Snorf Baldwin Bnrtholow I Il If I I. I. I 0 l 9 SOPHOMORE-FRESHIIAN EDITORIAL STAFF BEVERLY BRANNIN 'FIIOBIAS O. BROWN RLTH E. BCCHHULZ DAYID NI. CHECKLPY RIJISERT M. E.-xfI'AI.IN IQAIHRYN D. FRANRN IRUl'll"kR'F L. LJILKI-S lXflARJURll-2 NV. LIKE!-Y MARJORIL E. HALL NIA!! Y L. HARRINrrI'ON lxrl.-RRG-'lRl'T A. HUBSON IJXYIGIII' E. JLNRINS EDBIDND C. JOHN5ON NlARY B. JL"I"I'ON XVII I.I.-KAI C. KIDD ANITA P. KNAl'l' lll-'IIAY KVIIN F. HIILI-N LONOMIRE NI.-YRf.ARI'I' lf. LYON5 JLNE MERNIIIMER LILLIAN F. NIOES FRANCES E. MOLNT IQATHIQRINE I. NlUL'NT FRANK J. NlUEI.l,ER Nl.-KKYIN N. NAEHAIAN NlI'RIEI. E. NEl,51bN XVILIXIA VV. NEYYCORIB Nl.-RRY K. PADIN .ANITA D. PI-:AREON ROBERT S. PITZER CII..-KDYS E. ROBB LIENRY RLIEBUSH NVILLIAIXI H. SCHULZKE, JR. DORIs E. SEYGSTOCK CARL G. SIICBERT HOYYARD E. SLIBECK SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN BUSINESS STAFF GIRALDINE IJUNAPIIER HAROLD A. DLIXVNING JAMES DU NIOIIN RUTH E. DUNIIAM MANEEA A. .EDNVARD5 EDWARD O. ELLIOTT LTR.-KCI-I ELLIS FRANK S. ERYIN PIIILII' Nl. FAIJQETT JANET FLENTJE EARL FOLK FRID C. CDFDGE FRANQI-'s S. CIYTRIGIIT K. ELIZ.-RBI-TH GLEIEI-'R DOROTHY l A. DELTRIAN lil-IYNP'I'l'I CONHTII JOHN L. CIRABLE VVILIIIA F. LTR.-ANT .ALIVE ll.-XNCIICK FLORINCE C. HANsON RIARY IIARIXIUN Nl.-RRY L. LIAYFS ERRIA-TANF IIIQBLI-R VLIIUIXI.-K5 A. JAMI-25 JAN!-.T M. JOHNSON JUNE JOHNSON RIIISPIZT' E. JOHNSON J.-XXII-S NV. L.-KNTZ lyk-.ARL R. LALITH C. RICHARD LLJYD Dx. Bl-,TTR L. LOLIWIEN EUGENI-Z P. LLINDELN EDWARD J. LYONS, JR. ELIZABETH E. RIICCARTY TIIORIAS H. MQCARTY IRICH.-XRD T. RJCCRIQ.-KRY JOHN NI.-XBFIE Nl.-ARG!-IRY NIABREY .ALVIN A. lVIANSUN SALLY B. NIULLEN' PALIL R. NELSON JIJHEUDURE S. PABsT .ALICE E. PULCHI-ER llmu-'R A. REID VI-,RNE RLJHRS EDITH ROPIEQLIET llL"l'lI M. SETHNESS JANET D. SIMPSON .NICHOLAS W. lVlARCl'lL'CK KARL B. SNIOYI-QR EILEIN lxlAYER BARBARA A. RIIILLI-'R li.-XTHRYN E. NIURGAN NVILLIIKIXI J. NIURSE :ALBERTA STOCKFR NIARY STIARWALT SHIRLEY I. STILL EARL SUNDIN f I XAIRGINIA A. SNORF R. Hl41I.EN SUTTON RICHARD T. TAYLOR JOHN E. VELDE, JR. JANET VERNON PATRICIA A. WARREN HELEN C. WELLS JAMES R. WEISIGER BETTY WOLLER AKVILLIARI J. WRIGHT KITTY W. THOMPSON lvl.-XRTHA J. TORRENCE VVILLIAIKI H. TYSON Nl.-RRY J. VAN HOESEN BETTY J. WAONER LLOYD W. W.RLKER IJERXYOOD XVALTERS, JR IJUROTHY WEAVER NLIGENT XVEDDING ScOTT E. WELLER PHILII- WILIZS C.-RRI. H. ZAMZOW CHARLES E. ZELENY l , . E , Jamcs Blue Luntlt-tn Carl Fnucctt T. 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MEMBERS V ...... . ...... . . . .Rrpf1'f1'11l.Il1'z'1' uf I'r1!t'1'f,1ify of lflfizufx .Maxim R. lxx1r,11'1' ..... II11411111 IX. llll 1 r 1:1ux11. .. ,..R1'p1'eu'11t11!iz-1' nf LlIIfZ'z'l.Iffy lIf1Hf7I7lf.V IJAXID L. I'1'1"1'11.1c1x1 .,.. ...R1'pf'1'11'v1lt1lit'u of flltuk mmf Htmlwlt' .L lllfll H411 RH 11 1 . .... . . .Re,111'1'.11'11l11lf:'1' uf .-lrujvn Lox V. llUli'1'l' 14, .. . .... . .R1'pf'1'11'1l!11l1'i'1' of I,lt'l'IlIf,x . x.. f11o1cl.1 l. ll'1"l'1 1 . , .... Rrpr'1'.wr1t.1lfz'4' uf 1'f1lyt'l'5 Club -I1 1 111 Nl. I,11c1.,. .. ,. ..., .., ..., . ..R1'j111'11'11r11lf-:'1' uf IIIYIIIIIYIILY L1'11gn1' Since l92-I the Illini 'llheatre Guild has presented undergraduate dramatics at tl1e University of Illinois. The Guild controls the activities of its member org:111izations and co-ordinates them in such a way that all of them may have the benefits of each other's resources. lVIask and Bauble, Pierrots, and Arepo are the major undergraduate members, while the Faculty Players Club is a patron member Zlllll the VVIIIIIZIIRS League an associate member. The management of tl1e 'llheatre Guild is under a Board of Directors composed of members from each of the five meinber organizations. They are assisted by two faculty members appointed each year by the President. Professor H. N. Hillebrand and Professor A. R. Knight have contributed their interest and experience to this service in their capacities as the University representatives since the Guildls inception. 'Ilhe Guildls repertoire for the 1935-36 season included five plays by Mask a11d Bauble, and an opera a11d a light opera by Arepo. In addition there was a musical comedy, HUT' Thee I Singfl given by the YVoman's League, two plays by tl1e Players Club, lllltl a revue by llierrots. llll 1 1n14.1.wu I'o1zT1g1z KNIGIIT 'l'1'1'1'114 I..-Xlill RHVELL Pl-LTTIGREXV I. I f ll'111l1 I ,Nn11I1fI:' , V use M ., Lllllll 455 -11' J. VVus1.1-ix' Suxxxsox I Dann L. ll-'I"I'IGRl-XY R1c11x1411 H. HAD111' X 1 jx' I. I N -. LIawIs D. SPLITTGERBER LoN V. PORTER A. RICHARD REVELL Ng x I I I I gg ' vow I lm! I f uf.. I QMEIIQ I six Cv if I I I joerger Lynch Long Ycldc Nuxcuumh Schmidt Pm III' HItIhII+.k !i1.I-5 RI-ll.II:I! I'IIk- I. RI-Im SIHIIIII Pinslcv AIIIQI' INII-I'cuI' Hulr Rnhm J. RIIlu,ItfI-II U IIhI .XII 'mx SIIIII-I I Rcvcll bhiptwn H:1I'tIII:III XIII lm' M055 RIranII'w1I'g KI: I: SIIKIWDI :IDI P I If Il Il 0 l' OFFICERS I.I'.XYlb D. 5l'l I'r'I'c.IIIIsI'II ............. ...... I 'II ,Huff ul A. IQICH.-XRD IzliYI"I,l.. .. ....... IVII'-1Hui.II'II1 Lux V. l'wII'I'IR .... ................. C fml.l R.'fvI x.'f If.If.Vr. 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'US 1' 6 :II I,-.'IIII:II'II RIIIIIIINIII Horn Ich R IIIIII 4I1.Ix S 'I Iulnrid If L N U M CHARLES IVI. SELDUMIIIDGE Rm-Il ju' Igf,-I RHI.. IINIIII li.IkII GIIIIW. Kalb Slxlirmm-I'bII1' Kline N'..IIIN-III .-XILIIIIN IZIIIIIIIIL IAIIIIIIIIII RQIXIIII 1,IghIhIIdv lIL.l'.IIli.Q IIJIIIIQ' A. RICHARD REYELL 'II IIIIIII K.I:III XIIIIII IIIIIIKIIII IM HIIIII RIN11 l,iA.I.HIu.v I SUTHFRIIY Jw- 1III,,.1I.-.1 Nm ry-your 'rv' EDWA RD CIL.-XSS IDAVID L. PI5I"I'IGREw M ARG.-XR I-'T j. REESI3 I If I Z 'I ' Vilxffh B 1 - SQA 41 I- S f 'I BXAXAQW li! Parks Pstligrcw Mikmak Daily XVIl3on Lynch Robertmn Nnah film, Schmidt Stigull X'K'l'1IIfV- jocI'g1r N05 Hadley Rosenberg Draper Splittgcrbcr Swanson CIIIIIII Sel1lf1nII'I11ge AuI1:n HIIIIIYQII Ifllllll Erzingcr Shvpard Reese Fibher Lake Schnebly Solon RI-Isncr H1111 H1,1I1I1IgI111I Umm Illlh Smith BflllIf0I'd Davis O'Nu1I1 Merle Guin LighIb1i11lv L'nI'snII IWIASIK AIU llAUllllf OFFICERS EDWARD CI.ArS ...... ...,.. P 1'I'1i.lwIf IXIARGARET Rmfa. .. ....... Vf1'v-Pr.'1i,!I'.1I1 DAVID L. PETTIGILHXV. . ..f711i1.l R131-f'I'1.'fIl.Ifiz-r FAC U LT Y IRICIIARD H. HADLEY, IXLS. RKIBEIQT HI5xDRRs11x, A.XI. AI. XXYESI I-'I' Swxwsux, B L -X N1 SEVERINA E. NIiI.s1IN, I-LM. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY IXIARIAN L. BRADI-'oRD DoRo'I'IIx' j. CARSON PIIILII' S. :xU'l'EN OSVIQR P. CARMI 'FHONIA5 U. IJ.-XILY LoIs E. DIKYIS W.-xI,'rIeR H. IDR.-'KPER ELIZANDR V. ERZINGER IXIILDRED A. FISIIIQR XVIRGINIA C. FoERsTI'RI.ING EDWARD GLASS IDI-f.-KN W. BIIHLEN IXIARTPIA E. BURRIDGE I. CARIILYN IIIgIxIINGwAY JAKIES G. LYNCH EARL C. Moss, JR. Graflzmff' Sfllllfllfj CARRIIII. 'I'. Cox ,IIN-I-II ,X. YXIIIQAIQ Senfory ,ll,'ANI'I'A GIIIN' C.-XRI. lf. SVIIAIII-'I' ELIxIcI-: S. II.-XI.I. JULIA IXI. LARI-3 III-Ll rx SIIAXX' D0Ro'I'IIY B. IXIILRII IXI,-XIQY XV. SRINRI R . 7 1 , R I , I I . MIRI ARPI I1 ON!-KL IXIIIRII. 8111111 KIJJSAIAN IIARKS Ll-XXIr D. 5l'II'I'I'l-I-Ill DAVID L. Pl-T'I'IfiIlkXX' IXIIARGARI-'T J. RIQIISI-' C.-Xlil. .X. 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It had a Board of Advisers consisting of the Director of the School of Music, the Comptroller, a member of the faculty selected by the Council of Administration with a view to acting in an advisory capacity concerning dramatic attractions, and two members elected annually by the Philomathean and the Adelphic Literary Societies. The Comptroller was selected to he ex-omcio chairman of the Board, and the faculty members were to serve for two years. The managers were selected from the literary societies for each seasonls course. In 1931 the University Concert and Entertainment Board was created to take over the Star Course and its related activities. The function of this Board was to supervise all concerts and public entertainments given in University buildings by professional artists and organizations. The membership of the Board was to consist of four faculty members and four students. This Board was also to act in electing a senior student manager for each year and such junior managers and sophomore assistants as it was considered desirable. In 1933 the Board began the custom of electing a senior woman to assist as associate manager. The University Concert and Entertainment Board has brought the very finest of cultural entertainment to the campus. VVe are indeed fortunate in having such an organization to bring to us these world famous artists at a price within the reach of almost every student. 4 Bagg Little Morrow Clark Autr Morey Fowler Shaul SI- D.-IVID H. PATTON RICHARD R. LITTLE CHRISTINE M. MLJRSE MILIIRED M. BASS JOHN B. BENNETT NVILLIAAI B. BROXVDER PHYLLIS BURNs WILLI.AhI J. CAREY THOMAS S. CHECKLEY NIARION E. CORLLL MARY A. DORNER JEAN E. FAIR LEON GUTTERRIAN MANAGERS Sflzfor Iwzlrzzzgfrs JIUILOI' IMIZ1llIg!'7'5 BI.-XRY F.. NICOLL ARTHUR A. P.-XRQUIQTTI-' Sopfzom Ores RUTH W. LL-XLI, GILBERT H. HI-1NNI:ssLY EDXYIN F. LII-LYNVOOD EYIELYN R. li.-KTZIX1.-NNN NI.-KRION KoRsIxIo RUTH H. LADD NL-RRY M. LEASE NI.-RRY B. LEHINIANN ROSINE J. Loss A. ELIZABETH LUETSCHFK PAUL R. NI-QLSON LULHI: M. PATRLSRI QYIIARIJ-,S L. Il.-XBE KL-XRG.-XRL-"I' A. WANDIQRLZR MULLIIZ M. I'HI'LI's NV. STUART POTTER LAURIQNCI5 H. Illil-UNI RICHARD A. RINK RUTH J. RUYCE BI-JNJAMIN F. STI-QIN HLLI-iN D. SRIITH NI.-XRIAN LYRB.-KN Rm' M. WILKINS LAURA E. NVRIGIIT Fnir Hall Corn-ll Phelpf Chncklcy Ruvcc -Burns Luetscher Slain Hu-nnsssey Lthlllllllll Rehm Bugs Lease Rmk Ladd VVright XVIlkiIIs Cnrcv Bl'UXYIiL'l' Dmmxcr Nelson Morse Rube VVnIIdsI'cI' Pnttnn Pntcleki Litllc Nicol! DA YIIB H. PATTUN ,"lI4111.Igwl' L'IfI-i M. PA'I'l' LSKI '1xxnI'i.1lu .1IIIm1gI'r l'. IH- ll.v X I f ff?" ' .f ,,-- I I flinlf ,I ,Nm lx .1 11 STAR UIHSE The tradition of high quality entertainment ob- ligated this yearls management of the Star Course to offer a varied program of world renowned ar- tists. The season opened on Qctoher 23rd with ,lascha Heifetz, whose name will remain immor- tal as one of the world's greatest violinists. On November 13th the Don Cossack Russian Male Chorus presented an unusual and varied program of lovely folk songs, Russian church music, and stirring Cossack songs. .lose Iturhi, who is con- sidered one of the great pianists of our day, gave proof of his genius with a concert on January 15th. Lovers of the dance were entertained on Feb- ruary oth hy the -looss European Ballet, famous throughout the entire world of theatre. The dance was given a new meaning, projecting impressions of the fantastic and often sardonic commentaries upon people and events. The outstanding feature of the program was the presentation of "The Green Table," which won first prize at the ln- ternational Congress of the Dance held in Paris in 1932. By popular request the St. Louis Symphony Gr- chestra appeared on February 18th with Vladimir Golschmann conducting. As has heen the custom in former years, a matinee performance was pre- sented for the school children of the county. 5 i A ll v p C 0 U R S li Helen Jepson, lVIetropolitan Opera soprano, concluded the regular Course on lVlarch 2-ith. Pos- sessor of a rare voice of beautiful color, along with a most pleasing and glamorous personality, she is truly a magnetic artist. As added features this season, the Star Course presented the St. Olaf Lutheran Choir, America's foremost a capella choir, under the direction of F. Meliils Chrfstiansen, and the Philadelphia Sym- phony Orchestra, the most exciting event of the year. The latter, faultless in content, leadership, ,Q -N ,' , A' ' , .W and performance, was a fitting close to the season. 1 A, 5 yil T. I, Prestige and popularity have wrought great changes ,QQ I fii' y A with this great organization. ln 1900 it carried ' i ,, ,,,,,,,ej 85 men and gave six concerts. Today 106 men 1 ' 'V ' 4'f,t Au.:- make up the orchestra and an average of 75 con- 1 457. certs are given during the year. H ' i i Bringing music to people all over the country, in 1 Sa 5 i f'i2'f'i every Walk of life, has been the goal for which 'j Leopold Stokowski, conductor of the Philadephia ii"'w Symphony Orchestra, has heen striving for all his , life. It was indeed a privilege for the University 1' ' to have this famous conductor and his orchestra X ' ii' A, present a concert on this campus. His coming is ,Ryf rkx ample proof of the endeavors of Star Course to f' W . , ,,,, mm bring to the campus the finest in cultural enter- 1- , ye? 135- M.: tainment. K "ik - ll ,, 1 -1, 2 X f 7 i ,fn ! 1.4 , li, I y - f- f V A Page Two llumlrcd Nh X, 4. .v.. . ,IJ - .lx f X j f fxiik Af 'i1 N , W-, x ' klxi ,f-.V I-X Nz f-X cf S gf 1 ,-a . f 1 ,rf I., I ff .,.', . ,, ,-fff4'p 27 H.- fx ef' 5 IV 'l'H , lluihliil ANIAC Un March 29 and Sli, 1935, the Lincoln Hall 'liheatre resounded with the rhythmic pulsations of Martin Flavin's Pulitzer Prize play, "Amaco." This industrial play, presented hy lV1ask and Bau- hle under the auspices of the Illini Theatre Guild, struck a new tone in the impressionistic theatre. 1Ve-slev Swanson directed the play, employing the principle of ''constructivism,'l one of the newer methods in stage craft which uses three dimensional forms, stripped of non-essentials, in symbolizing the life of the modern industrial worker. The story involves the life of two workers: one involved in 1AxIH2lCOlS industrial system, and the other, a strike agitator. The set used for the play was a tremendous structure which filled the entire stage. Un various levels of the structure took place the action of seven scenes that depicted the progress of this great factory from 19111 down to the depression of 1933. Behind the action through- out this plav, hoomed forth the metrononiic throh that represented the heartbeat of "Amacon which quickened with each episode. Don Bishop, as the strike agitator, and Joseph hfliksak as fznnm Burke, the man who would have owned the world and called it .-Xmaco had he had the chance, did the Ulost outstanding pieces of acting. 'IIIE GQIIITIIIIIIEIHS The Illini Theatre Guild,s presentation on April 12 and 13, 1935, of "The Gondoliersn marks another of Arepo's series of successful light operas. This production, under the direction of Kathryn Janie Sutherlin, was notable for its uniformly ex- cellent singing and deft interpretation of comedy. With its flashing Gilbert and Sullivan wit, this comic opera gave the local theatre-goers so much pleasant enjoyment that a third performance in the Lincoln Hall Theatre on April l7, was neces- sary in addition to the regular performances. The singing of the principals left little to be desired. Ted Hoffman and Nat Cohen gave great performances as Don Alllznmfirn and The Duke of Plnzo-Toro. The singing of Betty lVloore and Helen Burt as Trim and Cianrfta was outstanding, as wasthe comedy of Alfred Georges and George lVIiller as fllfzrm and Gzzisffpjm. blames Douglass made an excellent Luiz and Mary Bain Lehmannls lovely contralto was particularly pleasant in the role of the Dzzffzfrs of Plrzzo-Toro. Sir Arthur Sullivanls famous music was con- ducted by Lanson Demming and the technical effects were achieved under the direction of Richard Hadley. As light entertainment at its best, "The Gondoliers" was a charming invitation to the con- tinuation of the Gilbert and Sullivan tradition. Mtg, A aff' i ,flqbzfxgw -gm . new ,J 1 1 wi fi X X A UI 1 ff, F' X ll 'im i 4 'UZWY' y q.Z-f if? , . xqxtr ,. Jlodfgi, 'l'-af lyffx fwyl' i . 5' --4?.'i -- Clgglifff naw., , ln:-'.'l -.- 5Q'T4l4"i ri -- ii Y. qlldt lv-XL? yt WFS, my , f ' Y , if XXX H . w i t ,' V1 XE' J li 'ii Xl he i' A Pzgjt ll: e H'.'x1"'.f Ona 'Illlf I.Ii'l-I-If CLAY CAIIHI' On lVIay lil, ll, 17, and l8, 19.35, Mask and Bauble presented the last production of its 24th season, "The Little Clay Cart." Produced in the Classic Hindu manner, the play proved to be an unusual type of entertainment. Supposedly writ- ten by the Hindu, King Cudraka of Vidica, about the sixth century A. D., it was presented from a new translation of the original Sanskrit made especially for the Illini Theatre Guild by Revilo Oliver. An ambitious and artistic experiment, it aimed at the charm of the No efforts as technically recapture of part of the mood and ancient Hindu theatre. were spared to make the production expert as possible. Tn addition to the correctness of set and costume, the actors were thoroughly schooled in the symbolical technique of the Hindu art. The scenery as designed by Fred Joerger and Robert Barrick was little short of ex- quisite and the especially designed costumes were authentic and picturesque. Howard YVilson and Alta Lewis as the Brahman merchant and his mistress, and Richard Revell as Srzzrzstfznzznkfz, the Kingls villainous brother-in-law, turned in excellent performances. To Edward Glass, as Cnr-vilnkfr, the pedantic thief, goes the credit for the most charming bit of pure entertain- ment in the show. lllll lWl0lHIi flllllllfllfik The lllini Theatre Guildls first production of the l935-36 season was Talbot Jennings' play, "No More Frontierf, The action of this rather elaborate production progresses in its nine scenes through the early days of the YVest up to the pres- ent. It is the story of the changes in the life of Flint Bailey, who as an ambitious young pioneer, leaves his Indiana home to try his fortune on the VVestern frontier. He establishes himself as a cattle-rancher in ldaho. Here he marries his ln- diana sweetheart and settles down to await the passing of the years. The frontier changesg he is beset by the improvements of civilization. He sees the ambitious generation grow up about him, rest- less and eager, even as was he himself. At the end he learns toleranceg he knows the frontier has passed, and he is reconciled. David Pettigrew gave an excellent characteriza- tion of the older Flin! Baiffy in his struggle to adapt himself to the changing conditions of the VVL-st. Virginia Lounsbury presented a convincing por- trayal of the woman whose love for her husband triumphs over her hate of the loneliness of the rugged frontier. Louis Hartmanls voice and his swagger were perfect in the role of Colonel Pfrdzmz, the Eastern dandy. Of the four large and complete sets, the oltl VVestern saloon scene with its fantastically deco- rated bar caused the most favorable comment. Lighting and other technical details were well car- ried out. - Lg,,,.,.,.-Lfawo Inmf 'wsu LT' llIIlllI.lf DIE 'IIIIS The success of last year's production, "VVhistling in the Darkf' encouraged the Guild to include another detective play in their repertoire for this year. The play chosen was Daniel Ruhin's "Riddle Me Thisf' the Illini Theatre Guild's presentation of Novemher 8, 9, and 16, l935. Having an unusually clever plot, the production did not fol- low the common trend of a mystery play. Instead, the audience saw the murder committed in the first act and the evidence accordingly arranged to entrap an innocent man. A humorous and always 'isnappyn dialogue made the play particularly adaptable for campus entertainment. Mahlon Mercer did excellent work as Dr. ylfllflflf, the physician who murders his unfaithful wife and tries to fasten the guilt for his crime on her lover. Klusman Parks as Kirk, the wise-crack- ing reporter whose efforts finally supply the solu- tion to the tangled evidence, and Thomas Daily as his friend, the hard boiled sleuth, Detective Captain rMt'lfillfFJ', capahly portrayed the major roles. To Lon Porter and Dorothy Birn lvferle as fade and fulin Reed, a stony-faced gambler and his caustic-tongued wife, goes the credit for the most humorous hits in the show. Expert staging and lighting of its five scenes made "Riddle Me Thisl' excellent entertainment. It definitely proved the Guild,s ability to present popular plays in a highly competent manner. CAIHNIEIU Arepo's presentation of Bizefs famous"Carmen,' came to this campus on Decemher 13 and 14, LlI1ClCI' the auspices of the Illini Theatre Guild. It represented Arepo's third grand opera venture in as many years. The show, directed hy Kathryn Janie Sutherlin, was characterized hy unusual vigor and freshness. Merimee's thrilling story with its romantic gypsy hackground was played to its exciting finish in a setting possessed of an im- mense Wealth of color and a heauty of scenery. The singing under the personal direction of Miss Sutherlin was a hne example of student voices in operatic roles. The roles of Carnzfu and D011 Joie, taken hy Florence Adams and James Doug- lass, respectively, were commendahly sung. VVilson Dornaus, as Captain Zzmiga, and Helen Burt, as flliczzelu, did hrilliant work in supporting parts. Exfzznziflo, the Toreador, was admirahly sung hy Charles Seldomridge. The choruses were of pro- fessional caliher, and Lanson Demming on the con- ductor's stand, assisted hy Glenn Metcalf, gave an excellent interpretation of liizetls magnificent music. Costuming was authentic and lavish, and the technical effects, handled hy Richard Hadley, were novel and adequate. The exotic and picturesque scenery, the work of Edward Glass, Buck I-luhhard, and Fred Joerger, hlended into a splendid hack- ground. md? 1 1 t l- rl, , Y-ix x 2, '.,. :R T 'Q Y M , t- - .1,.'fi, Q ' : I ii 2' 'h Q . i i , - y F, y by A . , , up 3 . . ' 6 " Xr 9 , 5 f s if e..- u 1 . Fgxla AA ,' eigh t .4 l n., I ' 1 ' V. ' U. ., - i"- X . " 'H 'ravi Q-if -a f 7 .X wr af I X Page Tift: II1.vi5,l F J ,. pw v ' v l ie 'Qgf3i,fs- . gli Y! ,M ff 55,2 A,,M,,. fue ATEN sein lv Qfikiia Eigsfar ll L , 1 I'-: Y. T l 1 'T' L1 , lv ,, 1? Aff, " Q9 , ,QfYYW?aMQgXHHSg ' ' 'f Q' If ,L 144. 5" 'WEL ii e Z Qu, f vga is . lf. s wg . ,4:, ' -'2',g? ,. - ' in V WT ' u- 1- a v . 59' .yt nw. , z, a1,,,,.1?5 5 .t,,n,4,,A -2 .14,-A A . e,.-1, VZ, wfji- sf, Q 'WJ '15 V 7 3 -6 ,X 42 s , 1 ll' Iliivifwl Xie llllYllllf NIAIHCIIES lil Un February 3 and 4, registration days of the second semester, Pierrots presented its silver anni- versary show, "Rhyme lVIarches Onf, This pro- duction was unique in that it had an all male cast, the womenls roles being taken by men, and in that it was an intimate revue, a type of production seldom seen on this campus. The show was composed of a series of blackout skits by such famous authors as George Kaufmann and Ring Lardner and a sprinkling of musical numbers, under the direction of Sol Cohen. Sev- eral of the skits were exceptionally well done. "Two ldles of the Kingf' a ventriloquist act by Klusman Parks and Grover Shipton, was enthu- siastically received. The women who attended will not soon forget the skit, "If lVlen Played Cards As lVomen Do," which reached a climax when Dick Revell began shaving at the card table. Others in line for Commendation are Dave Pettigrew, Lon Porter, and Tom Daily. The show was a decided success and gave to Pierrots its former place in the list of campus dra- matic organizations. It was due to the efforts of Richard Hadley, who directed the show, that this fast moving revue was presented to campus theatre- goers. The memory of "Rhyme lVlarches Onn will continue to march for some time. lWlAlll fllllll 'l'lIlf NIASSES Nlask and Baublels "lVlan and the lVlasses', came as a very worthwhile experiment in the social drama. Its dramatic presentation of the struggle between man as an individual and man as a mem- ber of the mass is truly an artistic creation. rlfhree elemental forces fight for mastery. The ,Wan fthe husbandj stands for the stern fascism of the Stateg against him is The .7V!IIIlc'f1'55 Our fighting for ruthless revolutiong and between them stands the tragic Hgure of The IVOIIIIIII, symbol of hu- manity. Her fate is the tragedy of the idealist torn between her hatred for the relentless cruelty of the State and her belief in the sacredness of human life. The excellent presentation by a cast of Zllll represented a great personal satisfaction to Director VVesley Swanson. Nlary Bain Lehmann was ex- ceptionally outstanding in her role of The llrfllllllll. Klusman Parks as The XVIIIIIUIFSJ' One and David Pettigrew as The fllzzzz gave brilliant portrayals. There were also good bits from Richard Revell, Fern Nelson, and Helen Porter. The play employed a modern style of produc- tion which added greatly to its interest. Under the technical direction of Richard Hadley the lighting was used to strengthen and interpret the succession of ideas and moods. The tremendous sweep of the set, designed by Edward Glass and Fred Joerger for the Auditorium stage, was ex- ceptionally impressive. VVeird organ preludes were especially composed and played by John Glenn lVletcalf. 'rw ,fx AN '- l'. W. lla: - , i-5 X yr fx. ,-X 1.x f-- ,-X. . , f' - If V X5 4 Nf' I V 1 wr- X- KJL7 4 f 'K ,J MX YQ L, 4 V . X V s 2 4,,,fffk I .D V I K ,, 1, A---1X J f-'X f , XQQ, ,D ,' , if Qlnux "tx 19 K' V ' P7 4 W' f ', ff 01-113' mx x. , 2 XZ 1 gl " 2.rla.f I xi, viz' O'l IO! 1 . IA Q" """' 1, .,,.g1s',:m1m:..nmf,,W'gyg5x9:, .,,..., 2 .Y,.. .-,:.. .1-1-A-' 9,93- - 'L -su-4 .- " ."'V"'T".-U- ,. , ,, . . , fsQM"f - il f'-52 EQK 4: .nn ,,fg .Qaf-., , ,- ,Q ',, I V . 4 --- , . eg,-H. l ,- -L--T .-J. -79,5 FLAA,-, -- :Y - 1 -' 1 - -. Nw - ' A '--ff - JI Q.:4, ix',vrm.AiC,4,nct1',.x.- Y:Q1.i-3,1-ig:-1q'AL-Q, .PF-' . .fs ,fsS1'TF"'l'Qe'v'l. Q'f? ,,.-+w?"' ug? -M-bf 1-, . ,gym f -- iigh-Q-Hiuluvla. . . .,.. -W .. , ,.......,-..-...-... 77,11-U M M, .agen-... ., -- . N--Q,-, . . -........-.-.Q-.5--..q,v14u1u-.-wh, . . .,, . ----1,....-.................., ..---...i.....""".-., ,.1..--.i....,.. wQ..,-,,.- , - . .... i -1-f IWIUSIC . " --f 'ls UIKIIWEIHSITY IIAIIIIIS Ilie IIlinuis IIIIIILIS XIII' Inzule up of tliree nnits: tlie Concert Iizlnal, tlle I'lIl'NI Reginientzll Ilzintl, :Intl tlIe Secuml Reginientnl BLIIIII. Plates in tllese lmnmls :Ire Ileterinineil lui' exxnniiizltiuns, :Intl service in tlieni takes the place nf tlie I".'qllIl'L'kl militziri alrill :intl tzieties. 'lilmse wlin enntinue in the Cun- k'L'I'f Bllllll itil' IUHII' Illllll IXYU X'L'IlI'S ITCCIYL' l'l'L'L' tllltlllll IIS CUIDPCIISLIUOII IUI' tlien' seiwiees. 'I'lIe Cnneert Iizind is emiipnstxl uf selected musicizins wlmse nmin pur- Iiuse is tu stmlx llllll pt-I'fm'III :Is Inneli of tlie higher fmms nt music :Is Is . L linssilwle. 'IllIis lizmnml gives nninermis emIeeI'ts on cznnpus :Intl ln'u:IIICz1sts every Nlimclzn' :IfteI'mIfiII Iwer the Unix'eI'sitI' 1'zIIliIwstzItioII, XV I L L. . 'I'lie influence of tlie L'nIIeeI't Iizintl is felt :wer tlie entire Colllltlj' be- A. .-XL's'I'Iw Ilxiumivy Dirftfor OIVIVICILRS X. .XI -:rx Ilxiizillv... ......... Ijjlffffll' NI wie II. IIIxIwsI IX . .. ...pIii1'fl.Ir11 DIIFCIYII CLIIAII ui 'I'. Ox I- Ilfvillli. . . ...... ..... . Ifximzfzf f.'nr1.l11flrf1' IIIIIIMI ll. IXIAI I s.. ...llfI'IIvfrI'f .mil Hnflfz t'i. I ,ill-IllIlgI'l' KI- I I ll I.. XVII sux, ,. .... ............ I .1'f1f.1fi.If1 . . . . . .l,l'L'.Yl.L!dIIf 1lIL'II:XRD S. LEONARD.. .... CII wi If Nl. SI I ITOMRIDGE. .. ...I'iI'I-l'rpfi,lt'r11 IQIHBERT C. III!-IQIIYYIKILW.. .,.,. SI'I'rI'fI1ry I'IlTXY.XKII UI ass ........ ...... Q I11mlI'rwI1.rfI-r Ifiu Iv XV. 'XVI sTI'II.-II.. .. ....lf.fiffm1I l.f!3mri.zf1 XVLLIVA R I1 C O M M ITT E L Ru' I- SHAWI. Lim wi, I.. ST!-'INII IY CONCERT BAND RIISIER, 19.3 5-36 XVI--III' I.. I'.IlIH -IIIIIN I.. INIIIIITIN If-flu! fflilll-IIHIY f5'L'.xIzI, IIARTIITT i:'Kl'l'l'li L. XVIISIN fi-XIII-' A. PAIIUTTI 'NIAIIIQ I". IJIA LI-uxuzim 'IIXVISIIN L. livin' XVII I IXII Il. IIUII, CII.-xRI.I-5 If. III-'xx'I'I'T 'LXIINIII F. LAI-I AI.II- R. SL'IIII.'Itl II1.IwI Iv S. IIIIUIN IiwuI'I"1' S. OI Iwi: 'TIIII R. S'I'm'II4 NURRIAY El-I-X:'I'IFIX VIII!!-If XV. XVI-s'II'IIAI ':P,lHXFl'lI INI. RIIBHIN: rllfo l.'l.1fi11I'l.I "I,AL'I. II. Hixrs RAI VII IIIIIRI- x'rINI RnIII.IcT L. INII-k'I'C.-KI If Nlmiuizs SCFIICKIXIAN iliviwx II. XVYM.-KN 'IIuw.1.Iv.I1 P. IIITYNI-.R 'I'IIIm.xs E. llarsi- i?RIk'II.illID XV. NoR'I'nx GI:nRc,I' II. IxIIl.KNYIL'K 1- s . lI'RI-'DIRICK L. Il.-xL'I-R "CARI, XV. INIIIRTI-Qwsux Mnukis F. INIlI,I.lKiAN l1'.z,v.m! Harm SAM Ii. LI'x'Is IIITRANK M. LLSCHI-'R " UI LIRGF 'I'. L'AI1RoI.I. 'IIIIGAN IZ. KN1Gli'I' "CIQoIzGI-3 ,IQROLTTT 1:'RIlI3P'RT VV. III-QI..-K'l'0XVSKI IIEDXV.-XRD VAN Lmm XVII I.I.uI R. XVIIITI-' -I-RIIBFILT bl. Ill4UTHFR H.1r.I C'fIIr.711I'lx RKTBIAIKT V. INIITCIIELL NlC1.IiNsI XV. MATIIIS ,SE Y .Muni I . 'I'li ll ,f. I, I' I' 'I I. l 5 I i I l l N' K 2. li ,. 2 5. UNIVERSITY BAND Cause Ot' its cu-Opcrzitiun with thu Nlusic lfclilczituis Nzitimizil CUIlliL'I'L'l1CL', .md with thc Nzitiunzil :mal Stats High Schuul lizmil .Xssucizitium in pix-wiitiiig CliHiCS fur hniHlI'f1:1stc1'S. The First :mal Sucuiid RcgimL-Htznl linmls furnish music for military ccrcinunius :mtl zithlctic cvt-Htx in zulmlitiuii tu studying :1 certain ZIIHULIIH Of Concert music. Thcsc twu hzuitls st-rvc tu train plziyvrs for promotion to thc Concert liziml. The 'KFuOth:ill Bzimll' Of gihuut lfll musicizms is cliusun from rliwt- thru units. Ir performs :it :ill humu gzuncs :xml usuzillx' 1U2lliL'5 Om- ur twu trips each yczir. This hzmnl prcscnts spcctziculzir furinzitiuns, stirring music, :uid a uzppvlla singing. It is drilled hy Mr. Mark H. HiIHlNlcI', ,Xssistziiit Diructui GRAHAM T. OYERGARD of Bands. .flxxixlizzlt Co uifuctor Co ntr'a-Ban C'1arim'f.f 'EDWARD GLASS .NIAHLON B. NIFRCI-'R L. WII.Ll.A1Ni Bucci Flulex ami P1rrnlo.v 'RC3BP'RT C. HIFRONYMLS FRED C. Gramm-. 'Lil-lRBER'I' PAssIN "PI-IILLIP A. SIDELI, CLARENCE H. BACIINI.-KN ,BEN A. BARN!-'S LUMIR S. PALR1.-K JAMES YV. DAvIs E-flat Flute 'WILLIAIH B. BROXYDER Oboe: ,HARVEY' C. ZORN 'EDWARD C. KALB ,WILLIAM W. L.-KNGFBARTEI, JOHN F. RICHARDSON English Horny KERMIT R. VVESTEREI-:LD JAMES R. WEISIGER Heckelphone ROBERT C. ECKH.-XRDT Tenor Saffuxophone TROBERT M. 'I'IBIaETTs Q ROSTER lCtJIltlIllIt'kll .Jim Sixxophone Drum Alajnr Frrmh flurns Blur Tfumhoufxv ,KENNETH D. DIALICK ARDEN D. Wil!.SlYN 4+g', M, 51.,H,i,MR11.q,E GORDON K. ciH!ISE Tenor Saxophone flarp ROBERT G. YAM, JUDY M. DDKER 'GENE D. Wl.IsIoER KEDN.-X A. lhllfll.-RFI. ,WIIAI-IAANI E' DE .HRX Euplmniwm Harilom' Saxophone flflarimlm A 'Ruin-'R'r B. LQATWPBI-I L TJOI-IN P. RIC:-IEY Bax.: Saxophone 'l'ANTI-IONY YN. IJUFCKIQL TRUSSELL T. 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KZIIRI . ,. .,.. l.,f!If.If ll RILIIAIJII S. HI I1fIIN,. .......... .i..ffIfufI.1fI RIKIIAIQIP S. S'I'.xI-2. .. .,w,'.m.f .1IIf1If.'jI.II1 I ...U.'AfwI!IIf .XI,BIR'I' A. KRIID HIIwAI4:D F. S+ IRS KIIIHN C. NLLGRI-W UIIIIYIII Ii. 5IIIl'TIIN EDWIN C. I'I.AT'I'I: IIIIWARII G. SRIARI' -IIIIIN R. RIIINI-IIART -IIIIIN XV. S'I'R'XlII'-R -I 5 2. .. i . .9-Q , Y s ,. -A it By : g . '.""' , fum- - ,, 'FF K' . XVII LARD S. OIsoN HINRI' C. RINAIAN Pfmhfcrzf .1l.1n.zgur ? . I Q s i 4.. A, Smith Hudffm j.IIIcw !I:IrI1IIIr XYIINIIII 'llmplu Mcrcrr Agnux Kclux HIIIIIIIIIII IIII lu Glow SL-:Ilya Pilrllww time INILIIIHI RuraIII.III Stullu NIIIIIIIIII I., Iv. JIM I fav . w Y .K - -f r C -f ff 2 N- kai? F.-N3 f .x f, 5 ' X 1 X Z v . X ,ff 'QP yk 2 Y vi 1' .xxx gp I v D J I In Q-Nikita 0 K' ,ff A Q V. L, A I '- W jflxgf 2 ,L 2' ff ff' ,-' E'-Of! If-O l..1 2 Yip- -'W-" " -'vfv 'mwww--w-- ......-,.,...-4..,-!i'vf .. , ,-,..- ,. Q . 9, P H- , ., - , , - - 1-7515-?tW.aLQqi4. ,, ,.-'M f.-'Q.fK-S5-Jii5"i'g:"3' as ,gi :fa , J .- A A 1 - 4- '- - " -ff ---- 1 4 ,q, , , . , . 4- . , 1-1 f. -- - .f1g:1.g,.4.-' . -!,fr,' .. 1 -'1f4f4..-r-' N., - ---1 QQ ' "'- Qfxqvhgnk , x-"' .-. ' ' '- X11-""v"".!1" ' .ln ,.,,..1...---f.... -.4l'Ql:sen-an-.r-... usp.-. ... ... 4,--..- . - -aww...--mNu4vg.-1.1. :,......,, -Q -1-.1...... H1-11-.... 1.....--1........i.......,-- R ,,, .,.-.-.-. -Q ilu.. .lf 1WlIlITAllY ' --- l- UlUIWlfllSI'IY BIHIGAIDE tl -.f 0 W :wifi is L!.l,l.l' X diiiiiiv W The lllorrill Land Grant Act of IS67 forms the basis for military instruction at the University of Illinois. This act of Congress provided for donations of public land by the Federal Government to the several States for the endowment, maintenance, and support of colleges of agriculture and the mechanical arts on the condition that military training be a required course. In the same year, the act was accepted by the State of Illinois and a plan for military training was adopted by the University Board o f Trustees. if TH 1-1 Rl-QYII-'XYING STAND From a single unit, the University of Illinois Reserve Uflict-r,s Training Corps has grown to a reinforced bri- gade containing nearly all branches of the service. The six regiments of the Cadet Brigade include Infantry, Cavalry, Field Artillery, Coast Artillery, Engineers, and Signal Corps. Each of these units is fully equipped to give the students both practical and theoretical train- ing. Students in each branch of the service are given instruction in the functions and equipment of the other branches. Ingw Tlimu llunilnil Flgfitun 'llllli Fix-'i n :XRTII L1-iuv UNIVERSITY IIIRIGAIIE THE COLORS PASS Two COllI'S6S are offered covering four consecutive years of work. The required basic course trains a man in the fundamental Work and prepares him to be a cor- poral or sergeant in the Organized Reserves at the end of his two years' work. The advanced course is a con- tinuation of the basic course. The cadet officers who comprise the Advanced Corps are given the rank of cadet second lieutenants and then advanced in rank as rapidly as ability and diligence permit. lg., x Ej rig.-gf? L!,l,l,l" X " af e Wuvnii af In the summer, the student officers attend a six-week training session at camp, during which time they are given intensive practical training and an opportunity to apply the theory studied throughout the academic year. Upon completion of the two years' work, the cadet ofhcers are commissioned by the government as second lieutenants in the Qrganized Reserves. Further rise in rank depends upon the amount of time and the interest they devote to their military work. PASSING ix Review' lu., in i llimw 1 x.,-if I I , I -D 8 SEK ? 1 .I s - 5 'a3I,I.III' , Wi A, X Iliiiliii W CAIIEI' SiAl:l: X" Im' ' W' U"f"'1' L'AIII'I' CHI. XV, IIl1IIlIl'r ....... ... ...Cn f1.' I1:.1I1.!III1l 0.1 ffl Iofriiluf CXIPIVI' LIII 'I'. Cel. I7wIaI'Ic'1' IJ. I' srzm I I . .. ....... l,'.1:-NIM L'xIII'I' LII l'I'. Coi. IIxI4::x L. Hxxnxiaw ...... ..... If Vlgjll L'L' 1' ffu,-pi KIXIIII LIl'l I. L'oI Iux R. XVII I IXXI ...lst N I'r1. -Iwlrr, .Signal ffffff' KIWVI' MAJ- CIHHI If XV. L-A-I-X . ., ..... .. .. ....'IIfjHlIII1l CxIII'I LII-I 'I'. Col. I,Ivc.xII .X. I'IIs'1'. .. fm! .NX fI,'.' fm, Nfgfml Ifwf' LIXIWT NIU- XVII I 1-UI Il. L'RotItI'I"I .... Iff SI'mI'IlI'1', Ex I'I' ntizm' Offirrr yu., rl- LH , 1. QU, H ,X R, I1l,,X,.,,, ,,, ,.,...., lI'If.UlflX LAXIPI-'I' NI yi. CI Img A. Ban II .... .... . .. .... Hrigtzifu Sfaff KIXIII I LII I I. CHI. CIAII II, .Min-I o'I"I'I' .. ...I",If.! ,IIf1.'lI'II KWIIFT MAJ- RUHHVI' ,I. 3'I'IIsIxAI . .. ...Inf .N'I'v1I'IrI'r, FxI'rnlZt'u Offfvr Qiilll-'I' LII-I 'I'. fill. RoIsIII'I II. NIo1.'I's. .. ., .,.1".'IlJ :Ir1I'I'I.'fy LIAIWI NIIKI. L'I.II'I'ow XV. UANII., ......... .... li' rfginfr Slajf L'IIII4'I' LIII"1'. QIUI win K, Nun-I ., ...fiflilif .iflflfwfy lffffjiy CKDFT INIAJ. -Ioiiw YV. IIIIINAR. .. ..., Im! Sun. III, t fur, Hrfgaifu Slajf f . , Ihe LaIIet Staff is the stuilent executive hotly of the Uiiiversfti Iirigzule. It is em-Inposud of the BI'IgZllIL' Staff, the Cadet Colonel, llIlQI the Cadet Lieutenant , . LoIoneI ot each of the six hranehes of service. Iht- Iiriuade Staff consists of the Cadet Colonel, representing the unit of which he is :I Ineniher, and the Cadet Majors Inent of two cadet lieutenant colonels, hoth of whom are nieinhers of the Cadet Staff. The functions of the Cadet Staff are, for the most . . . , , , part, to execute official orders and to provide information of military activities. The Executive Ofiicer is the senior ofiheer of the Brigade Staff, while the Adjutant is re- sponsible for issuing all orders, and for other adminis- of each ot the other five units, representinff their re- spective hranehes of service. This year the great increase in L'I'lI'lIIIlUL'Ilt in I'iieIII Artillery' neeessitatt-II the appoint- D trative eIeriezII work. The eHiCiency of the entire hri- gade is dependent upon the harmonious functioning of this staigf. ka- I Ilailtx Cronkttl Steiskal Gango Hoener Moms Nagel Asiltloitt 'I .Ilhul XX illiains Poole Hyndnian IH I-' limi I 'IU :III IR fn ? 1 ss 5 v If 2 ,572 32.1 um' K Wiiiilll W ,M if A lui I7 R. lllcoyvw ffrrfrlrf, l11f41i.'ff'x', S. :1. l,'ougog,zr1if.liyf COL, FRED Ill Ilkoxvx ......... ..,l.'own.f.111ifim! Lii VT. Col.. ,hairs A. Simixs.. ,.... .lrilauffx , ,, , LII-1L'T. Col.. llama .X. l"11x'r... ..,,... I illklllfl. LIEUT. Col. ST.-XXI I- x I.. bl,-XMI-25. .. ... U..-N gfldf flfllfl-1 Y MAJ. RAY L. Bvawrli ..,... ...I',wl,l qlfnlfiri LII-fL'T. Col. fli.-RRI bs A. LYI4.-Xl'XI.-XY. .. .... I.'ff.1if .-lfffllify !,'f1f-pf L-APT. A, BP RT G' MH, HHH- .Uk-,,L,,NH! UNI, Inasmuch as practically all ahle-hodied male students have taken military training since the founding of this institution in 1868, as the Illinois Industrial University, the lVlilitary Department provides a point of interest common to a larger percentage of students than any other department on the campus. From the heginning, the growth of the lVlilitary Department has paralleled that of the University. The R.O.T.C. as we know it today, had its inception in the National Defense Act of 1916, amended in 19241. The President of the University not only advocated hut was instrumental in framing the part of that Act which applies to Land Grant Colleges. The records of the lVlilitary Department and the previous forty-two volumes of 'lllzf Ilfio show the changes through the years of the uniforms, availahle facilities, and enrollment. The Commandant and staff are proud of the fllilitary Department and the numher and high quality of the Reserve Officers graduated annually, May the present cadets, in glancing through these pages in future years, derive as much pleasure therefrom as we have, in our work with them, during our assignment at the University of Illinois. , Q- Y - . -X it ,,,. . . Q., . . N , . . ,,, . vi Q 1 v.', ,Q " , - McDonough Milan Cary fireutr Cole hliiliheus Uollnrni Hiiau Filet Mari Dalieres Stovall Huruell 'l'1ih'lchnik Stevens janies Chapuian Fllut Routhtziu Luuuuis Quiglix K lax 11,-i . '11 - XV. l,Hll.l Il'r TAI Burr Pfi'i1.l'f'f1f YV. lxllll I ll'b 'lfu i:o'i' .... ........,...... L 'ulurzvl RllliPll'f D. l' svmm I.l' .... ....... I Jrnl. Cnfnrzrl, l.'az'i1lry limuzx' K. NAQH ..,., ...l,1'1'11l. l.'nlnm'l, Croix! .irlfllcry llaluu' L. llvsnxmx .... ..... I Jrnf. ffulufirl, Efzgifierrr CAI r B. .Xi m,1,o'r'lr . .. .. .l.ii'nl. lfuluurl, Fit-Iii .irlillury Roi-HRT ll. NloA'l's .... ...l.irnl. lfnlnrnl, Field' .irlilfrry lkxvlx R. lloiwix .... ................. I Juni. lfzflrnirl, lnfmilry Aloux R. XVII i ini-. .. ,... Lflnf. I.'olffm'f, Signal Ifurpv, lil Nvfzzrflrr' Military Council provides a crystallized statement of student opinion on all Military Department matters for the Professors of lVlilitary Science and Tactics. Thus, the studentls viewpoint is considered in the determina- tion of the policies for the R. rf. C. In addition, the Council is the governing and coordinating hody of the several units and organizations. The Council is composed of twenty-three memhersg the Cadet Colonel, the Brigade Stall, the Cadet Lieuten- lWlII.Il'.4lllY U9 xgivlf - S Qi " 'Wg' 32: llllll' 3 '52-'gif' , VS f'f X dllwnii W U IU C I I. l"iIi0AR A. llosl' ...... .... I Jeni. Ifuluzirf, Signal Curpx, lmf Smfzrsler Ciiaiziis VV. C,-xsm ......,,. ., .... fllizjur, Iliff-lllxlllf, Hrigiziiv Slaff xVlI.l.I.-XIVI R. Q'R0L'Kl'i'IA'l', jk.. .... fllnjnr, Ex f'i' nliiw, Brigade Slaf Ciaxiue .-X. B.-XILI-X .... . ..,.. .... , Uafor, Hrigadv Staff RoBr.RT STr.isx.Ai,.. .... Jllrzjor, Brigade Slaff"roN W. Gaxo.. ...Aldj-0I', Hrigmlv Sraff joux NV. Bonxan. .. ..,......... fllizfor, Brigade Sfaj' C. JAM!-'r Leuasov. .. .. Jlflajur, Rup., Srablmrif ami lffmfc ant Colonels of each of the units, and representatives of each of the military organizations. The representa- tives of the organizations are elected each semester, while the others are automatically mernhers of the Coun- cil as long as they keep their rank. There is also a faculty adviser chosen from the regular officers on duty at the University. XVirh such an organization the Council is fully prepared to govern the various groups. 7' L' 'Gs v S'i' L'iiizis'i'ixi.-ui PRII,l,.-KM.-KN Baniv Pooua Ruun la xiiaxiiis Uwo lil-XXI'-R Cnocxi-'T'r Mom-s Ucui-.RFK .-M DELOTTI-3 l': Wow, llwiilvui' Txffurx-Irv., gi 5 V f 2'-I-i f-'5.'Y2 335461 1 1.i7,..' if ' mm- 9, -xg-...fn 3 is dlfiqiixx W 'MH' Cimkiis YV. CAM-Y Si'rn'li11'y- T11 4Ii'Ill'c'f STEPHEN A. Ucniturgx. .. .............. Xllajor, Prmfiivzzl, Phizlanx -I. Caasox LL'MB.1.'rT1s ..... Ifilfvlirirz, l'1'i'r-1'ri'mlruf, l,'m1.i1 .-lflillffy Chili JAY R. PRILLAMAN. .. .. .l.'upluir1, l'n'.viil'sr1l, Caiwzlry Officers' C1115 sl.-xxiliis D. HFNN1-R. ..... ....... I .lill7liIfI1, Pr,-ihlrrif, :lljilm Tim Sigma STUART P. I'ETsRsoN. .. .............. Captain, Rep., Caismfz Club PAUL H. L.-xxx-1-iiisu ....,........ Cizpmin, Prrxiifmzl, Pi Tim Pi Sigma THoMAs S. -IOHANSR-QN .... Captain, Pruxiilvrzr, Tau .Vu Tim, lst Svuzmtcr FRED C. Hi-time ........ Cnpnzivz, Pnxviifrrzr, Tim Nu Tan, Zmf Swuivxfrf- This year the Council has investigated and recom- mended a new award to be given to the outstanding sophomore in Pershing Rifles. As an added function, the Military Council will for the first time in five years pub- lish the fllillini for Military Day. The fllilfizzi will con- tain a statement of the Military Department and the program for Military Day. In addition to their other duties, the Military Council RlL'H.ARD CliRISTM:XN .... Ifilpmiu, Rep., Purxlxiug Rifles, lil Sifuuxfrr RQJBPZRT 1. JOHNSON ........ fllfzfur, Rep., Prrxfzifig Rfffri, Zmf St'7l1t'XfL'I' RA1.1'n A. Rm n ...... .. .... .... , illiijnr, Rep., Puff, .'l,U'lI1'l1IlllIlI fiRABl.E B. Wi mic, ju.. .. ...l.'i1pl.1z'f1, Rep., Puff: A-Ifwiiilfinfz supervises the student functions of the Military De- partment such as the Officers, Ball, the Military Ball, and the annual hlilitary Show. All profits from these functions are turned over to the Military Special Unit Fund for administration hy the University Comman- dant. This fund is used for purchasing new equipment and for making improvements not provided for hy the state and federal governments. 'F 'J PFTERSON llrwmiax llonwau XVH-:rx W'11,i.lAMs Hoi-Nea llrixm Lausox Gil' I -Mm . G T G. C G J - 4 , - S ,. I Lax 1' n 1 i ix l7osT .Ioiiwsow -lonawsrv Nami ', l'f....'..: Tw i I1-:x11x R. llnrxrn , v v f,'f,'1,'fI1.l1l! 111411111 .X- -1L111u1 H1111 ix 1111111 11'.1ini11g pp1'i1111 ix gimn 1111g .X111.1111'u11 Cwurw IIN 111' 111C 1111-.llllff .11 C.1111p C11-1c1', 11.lII1c Creek, 1g.1n, u.11'11 f11111n1u1'. S1L1x1C111N 11111111 111u L'11i1'urNi1iu, of ,. . . , . . w 111i11111X, V11-11111-111, 111111 1V1lL'11l:Q.ll1 .11111 N1lL'11lg.1I1 b1l11C, K l1r1X 111 Ti ring 1, 111111, 111. 111 given 1Ll.l11f' .11111 Ripon Co11cguN .111u1111 111if c.1111p. C p1'i111.1r1' 1'u.1111rux 01' 111uir i11N11'111'1i1111 is 111c 110111.11 of .111 wc.1po11f uwd 111' 1115 111f.1111111', 1l1C1L1C1111g 111u .1111o111.11ic rit1c, 111.1c11inu gun, g111111111111ic pis1o1, N127 gun, .11111 111c II'Cl1C1l 1n11rt.1r. 'I'11c ftudcnti .1rc 411:11 111c uppur1L111i1j' 111 41pp1y pri11cip1cs 1111111011 111 116- uxuim-iwi11g u1111111.11111 during 1'.11'in11- 11ri11s, firingg, 111.111u111'urf, 411111 cgunp 1111111i11ix11'.11ir,1n. During 111C cgnnp .1 pr.1c1icc 111.1rc11 with 1111 1n'ur11ig111 1wi1'o1111c .11111 .1 nig111 L11- 1.1614 PVO1W1CIN ix given. "l'11ur-J .1ru two p.11'.111cN c.1c11 wuck, iwpu-1io11Q awry S.1111r11.11' 11111r11i11g, .11111 one 1'or111.11 11.1ncc, 11 111k "Pri 1 N K1 rI'.11'urn' i11 1'1.11t11- Lrcuk, on 1111: Four111-of- FAN 1 L11 11 -1, f A 'f"'. fl 3 1? 1 ., 1 ,41 111 14 . A V , ., .1 , ., 1. X . V1 H .,A. " . , ' .a ' f,,,..ff,,3 M .1 .1 1' " 1 if ' ,, - ,i 5 1' f wa I ' 'WW' " " ' 1 " 1- 'wIs.4 ,2!,- 'f fiYQ 2',iv.5fs - '- ,E ppm' , V' aj " ' ,- I , V an ' ' . , f , " . . '1-my-3 - .-,'vw if 1 ,V 1 , .W , , .. Q" 'W' mf Y I, ' 4 My ' A .. A".,..4...,""".,- M 'SH . we-1-. 'f'- l'1'w Tin., llwili .I Trwnrx-f11f1f CAWAI. l Gb llwm-lvl' ll. l'41m-li l,:r111,11.1111 !.'111l111111l The summer c.unp ol' the Cavalry Unit is held .it C.unp Custer, Battle Creek, Nlicliiggin. The purpose of this six week training period is to give the student'tit.1l ex- perience :is to the use .llltl liunttion of the dillierent .irin-, and to give the student gin opportunity to put into practice the theory studied during the school hlucli attention is devoted to etluitation .ind the mire ol horses :ind equipment. Fznniliaritv with the use of special weapons with which the various units are .irrned is oh- tnincd hy constant practive. For example, tonsidergihle time is given to inqirltmnnship with the service rille, the R. O. 'lf C. firing the course laid down forthe regul.irg1rinv. Every elfort is made to impart instruction on the practical life of an ollicer in command of .1 platoon of his hrzinuli. It is felt that here lies the greatest value to the student and to the Government, which provides this training period. .J 1-' f ., , v l L 4 . ,. . 1'- . Q , - 1 f ' 1 :ll 'XZ 01:7 is X451 .. 'ii ffl ,mf , ff 'Ns if I'.:g Thu, ll'.11:'1,1' Tr' 'ali-'Fla .41- Q 1 Gam B. .'XXDl-l,0'I"I'l-' RoHH:T H. Molws l,ir'nff'r1.lf1t C'ulum'l l,h'l1fur1.lr1r ffulorlff The funnner ruining period for the Field .-Xrtillery .-Xdvnnced Course students is held at Cgunp lWcCoy. Here tlie xtudents from the UniversitieQ of lllinois and Chicago :ire organized into .1 Buttery of Field Artillery and function .is such in .idininistrgition and training. The purpose of the caunp is to supplement wirh actual practice tlie theory triuglit here git the University' and equip the student for the duties of Ll second lieutenant. Service practice, mounted work, and actual field exercises are the innin futures of the work. Tlirouglioiit the period the students perform all the offices from battery coinmginder to private, each performing the various oH'ices for Ll period of tllrcc dzljr. Strict discipline :ind gilwsolute negltness of tlie camp is nuintnined by daily inspection. Any infraction of these rules is punisligxlvle by .in eXtr.i liour of duty improving the c.nnp fire. 1 l:IliI.Il I'Il.l.IfIlY -'ht-.fs Q14 k ,rv pi Q' 5' 5 YN fl A 1 N J' il Xxx ,f fl ,' XX' If wfx-WRX " ' 91 ,ff IH l"'w r lliinfr, I 'I':f mi- lx x ix-. ..- Sllillliil 0Ill'S HX .innu- -.l , diff! if Y. ' I "- 4 , . V ..,,.. '- 56" ' L- T." ,-2 .i ',, ,ai .ig ,, , ,igggs sv Iiivcmlz A. I'os'r -Ions R. VVII 1 :aus l,jl'IIfz'lIal71f ffnfuzzrl l,1'cnl1'r1.1r1l ffnfnmf .Yn'fH1,f Nt'111i'.x!i'1' Fiflif Nrfaniler' The Advanced Course students of the Signal Corps from the Universities of Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio State, attend summer camp at Fort Sheridan. Here the men are organized into a company corresponding to a Division Signal Company. They carry on all the duties of camp life, including kitchen police, fatigue work, and guard duty. The purpose of the camp is to give the students practical instruction in communication equipment, in the use of the pistol, and in the duties of company orlicers. Field proh- lems designed to employ all communication equipment under practical conditions are also used in construction. lfach student has his turn during the camp to carry out the duties of the company ollices. This preparatory training is for the final week, when the students from each school set up a communication prolwlem and act as otlicers while the students from the other schools act as privates and non-commissioned olhcers. lfach day a different school presents and carries out its prolwlem. W - Ji.. , 9 ,, . . l ., 3. f kc uf- at ' "x wx f . W ., - , Q., 1 - zjiau- ,E . Wi' .t - ,A W' f ig ,Q,Qf4i,w5'fJt'aJ26b:vy,4gc X ,,.N.,,gQ 3 ' ,, WI K F 9 2:6 uf -5, .V Q - wr Wiagzevw-wg-ws, W? ,g M 'f'tf",,5 ' - V f- '- aid 'I - M ' ',,',, 1 ,wLf1.t.' ss' s '- ' I te r ug f " . , , , f , ZH- -' s ri A , X s ff- f,7i",f?'4.,. ' -" Zfi:,g, gg: '--'R'1'h"' V , ' L ra: i-1-k,gfl,,g,qfjfs.jgc5g f- ' hpmgg 1,-'-fw' '29 fv,,,.5gmw"Y'E1,tg "s.. - ' ' Y. .. .. -5 'lit if .fav Q Z55K:.,.,g:- in rate, .sv qs,-.W M t . fs1..L , -1-.f -f 'ggwg .pgs 3 1 :Q . ' 3, -'-- .' , A- 1' '1 V- 'f1"' .-wffv? w. f- .M '... f.'?Ms,f:Sw1s'vS' of if milf- '-fn V7 2- "1e.v-.. .. . W. ,Qi ii IT, IV' !I.f.. , I'-' -fi 131 S . i ta: T 'I' ENGINEER cours llwkx L. lhwnxmx ,,lz'Ilf."7frIIlf f,lllNl1a'1 Members in the first year of the .'Xdvanced Course of the lfngineers Unit attend a summer camp of six weeks at Camp Custer, lX'Iichigan. The purpose of the camp is to gixe the students experience in those military engineering activities which they are unable to get during the school year because of lack of space, equipment, and time. These involve riding, bridge building, both over land and water, tiring the rifle and the pistol, construction of temporary fortilications, and handling and using explosives. ln addition to these, the usual parades and drills are held each day. The social and athletic aspects are taken care of by dancing, swimming, boxing, and playing baseball and tennis. Ill? l'i:jf 'l'l1wf llfmlrnl 'l':wn1v-figlil COAS'I AIliIlI.lfIlY xg farce. ll li l ' lsr: fl fl X ,f K 4 Kg llxltnx' K. N tm l. l,1t1iff :mul It nlmzf .l The Coast Artillery runnner camp ix located at Fort Sheridan, lllinoif, on the shore of l,alte Michigan in the midst of the "Gold Cont" of the North Shore xuliurlwan district of Chicago. The principal purpose of the camp ix to provide for the actual firing of all arms used lay the unit, including the 155 1n.m. gun, anti-aircraft gun, machine gun, rifle, and pistol. llflarlcsrnanship in the latter IWO weaponx ix Ntreued, and the students devote much of their time to rifle and pistol practice. Another feature is the practical application of commands. The men are instructed in the duties of all ofhces of the hattery and are fitted for the duties of second lieutenant. The great strides made in aviation in the la-t few years have clearly indicated that the Air Service in anv future war will he a powerful factorg thus, the stu- dents are given practice in tiring at targetc towed lay air- planes. ,uv Ci! Page Tlrwf lI'.u.1v,-.J 'l':wu1i C1111-r Cm.. VV. P1111.1,11's 'I'.x1.B11T Clf.1ir1zmf1 QQ? ,M-gf ee we ff 2'4" -r E '. W - F5 -' ,JIIIIII 2 .:,..::ff fig . 011161111 W 1WlIl.I'l'AIlY ll14I-I. COMMITTEE VV. I'1111.1 Il'b 'I'A11:uT .... , . .Cfmfrfn III 0,111 B. A1111-11.11T'11. -Inns XV. BUDNAR C1.11fTuN XV. C.-xxo Ikxxix R. H111-ixlak L'1.ARK A. H.a11.1iY CH.x111.1-4 XV. CAbFY 17111-:D C. HI-TINIG HARRY L. HYNDMAN ,IAA11 5 D. Bhxxr R The 11111111111 Military 131111 with its LISLIZI1 1'Dll1IitlIL1C of 1'esp1e11dent 1111iforms :md its 11121111111 z1t111osp11ere, was held in militnristic setting i11 the New GyIIlI11lS1L1ID, Ap1'i1 26, 1935. The largest t11r111111t in umiiy years we1c11med t11e i11iti111 ZlppL'2lI'IlIlCC on the campus of Kay Kyser 111111 his 111'c11est1':1, as 12511 co11p1es th1'1111ged t11e dzmce 11111111 Rum-iRT J. Jo H NSON Two z111ti-ziircrzift guns :md armed guards Comman- deered the e11t1':111ce to the New Gymnasiiim, while the main CI1tI'ZlIlCL' was f1:1nked hy two large mi1it:1ry em- blems, reziching to the hnlcmiy :md bridged across the top hy Five shouldei' st:11's. 011 the south Wz111 was the co11ve11ti1111a1 Amei-icz111 eagle s11rro1111ded hy waving Hzigs which czist deep purple shadows on the silver hack- 1h1I!.lT.-XRY B.-Xl.I , A1-1111. 26, 1913 IH 'I'h11. llimli ,Z Tlyfify xx Q3 i O - x ' W W ? :E-' ff .4 liillllll Q "2v.::f' 5 Wlwmw llllI.I-IRIHY lllflll CHL. lim-'o R. lluowx f.'f1mw.H1il.1r1l C O M M I'l"l'lj B PAUL H. LAN1'n1r2R Roni-in H. lhltl.-KT5 RoBi.iz'r D. Pool ri RUBPWI xl. S'i'i-1-HAI il. CARSON LL'3lH.XT'I'Ir HARRY K. NAGEL EDGAR A. l'osT Srri-ni-Y A. L'en1-'uric C. JAMES Lsmsox STLART P. l'FTrRsox lu' R. Pun curxw flour: r ll. NVim'ia, ju. ground. Flood lights and huge fans were used to lend mandant, Colonel Fred R. Brown. color to the martial atmosphere. The oficers, lounge, . The Xlilitary Ball is held under the auspices ot' tht located at the north end, was marked off by groupings lllilitarx' Council, with the Cadet Colonel as chairman. of various unit guidons and stacks of rifles. The climax of the evening was reached when at Y ten-thirty the U,l.,1mI much led bv Cqdct Collmcl MX men, and a few outstanding civilians on the campus, 3 b 1 4 , 1 1 A , S E. Lawson and Cadet Lieutcmmt Colonel THINGS C. the Nlilitary Ball is considered one of the most im- Skorcz, passed in review before the R.O.T.C. Com- portant dances of the social season. ill? llll .lllil lllll l I l ll.. l il V Prilliunzlu Cano Lkxulbgittis Lziiuphitl lltlliig Ptltisoii Uthti' llotfiviz Cznsty Steiskfil Uchtirk jolmson I,.iisoii liailev llviini 1' Post Hoener Anielvlte 'lalbot Nagil Hxnlzuoi Mons lmilt V ii. flnii- ' i Because of the policy of limiting attendance to military if lluuu L. llx'NlmiAw, Alia. -loux R. VVl1,1.1.m1 I.'f1fl.'L'i1f1 111.111 ffu-f.'f1.lf1 11:11 Il D' E. M - , sl ng 52 ll, 4 J llllll 11' Z 'V'-,f'f1 S x ' ' Q7 COMMITTEE llxmcx L. llw xnxmw, -lu., .. . . .CO-C'!111fflh't7lI 'lonw R. XVII I lui: ..... .. .Co-l,'11i1fr111.m ilu r ll. .XXIYI-Ill'I"l'l-' Ci ii-'row XV. Gfxxo join C. LL'xiBATT1s Lll.ARK J.. Bail rx lkwlx R. Hui-.NI-'R Rom-'HT H. Nlo.-rrs -I un-5 D. lhxxrk 'l'uoM.A5 5. Jtlli.-XX:l'Y IIARRX K. N,-ml-LL fll.-NRI I 5 VV, Cum PAN. H. I..-KYl'Hll'R STVART I'. l'rT1-insow Ru 14.-um xl. fHRl5'l'NI.XX L'. QIAMIA- L.-xRSox Rom-111' D. l'ooi.If XVII I IHXXI R. Cnot Kl'l'I', -IH. 'lihe fourth :uinunl Officers' Bull, given in honor of Colonel Frecl R. Brown :ind the Regular Arlny Oflicers stntionetl ut the University, was helcl February 8, l936. Unmler the direction of the lWilitz1ry Council, Qflicers, Bull wziw presented thiu yezir exclusively for the oflicers 1 l dlliiiw 1 UFIZICEIHS' ll.4l.l ,Ian R. PRII.I..-KAI.-KN Rarru A. RUUD RoBxRT j. S'ri-.1:KAL VV. P1-u1.1.1x's 'If-x1.BoT STE1'i1i.v A. LVCHLQRF of the Regular Army :ind the student officers The Gym Annex wus decorated in the cu5tom1ry military style, including stnmlarcls, colors, guns 'in other equipment. The music was furnished hx Ally YViese and his orchestra. l fl Chr ixrurui Casey Lziupliitr Benner Lumhallib Cano Prillzunan I'tu1-on Crocktlr Srtibkgil Aydclotte Larson Bailey Ucherek Ruud llof mr Poole VVilli:uns Talbot Hynclmnn Nagel Monks liigg 'l'l111f l11.u.I11.l Thirty-!:L'o , 1 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY I Q N X61 'QF' Q 555 3 IA X R f xg iw I 7 wi 1 W' in 'lg-.I,,,:f E J , I Wliiiw W PEIHSIIIIUG Ifllfs CHARLES XV. CASEY IIAJLRY L. HYNDXIAN, JR. Vim'-P1'I'fiIff'rIl Founded, l'IIiIuI'sIty Of Ncbrzxskzn, 189+ '1'uL-my-:ix .Actin- T0 fNl'f!lt'I' n1."liI.7ry I'If11I'I1lI'fnI in ffm' .u'z'.'f'.If I'nHI'g.'.I by Illl im'1'I'II,II'If kr1uf4'1u.fgI' of viifilary Ifrilf MEMBERS OF STAFF C.-KI'T. .ALBERT G. NI.-X'I"l'lIFXX'5 C.-XPT. EDWARD A. ROL'-IAIIEAI' Nl RALPH W. ACRER! IVIORRIS V. AD.-AXIS FRANCIS H. BACHNIAN JAMES C. BAGG STANLEY R. BAILEY BENJAMIN T. BAIRD RICHARD R. BAIRSTOXY HAROLD G. BAKER FELIx P. BE.-KDAI., JR. RICHARD H. BECK!-IR BRUCE XV. BENEDICT AUBRI-:Y T. BENNETT JAMES E. BICKERTON GEORGE I. BLANRSTI-:N FRED M. BLIx, JR. LAINIAR E. BORDERS CHARLES E. BRAGG IVIARK S. BROIIN RExI-'ORD E. BRUNO ROBERT J. CALLAHAN ALBERT I. CARAIONA CHARLES W. CASEY STANLEY A. CHAPMAN VVII.I.l,-KM N. CHAI-MAN VVILLIAM W. CHII-RIN RICHARD J. CHRISTAIAN JAINIE5 L. COCKRELI. CHASE C. COFEI-.Y ARDEN K. COLBY PAUL M. CORBETT JOHN F. CRUNIN KERAIIT K. CIJNNINGHAM VVILLIAM J. CIINNINGHARI ROBERT L. DAHAII-1 RAY O. DANIELSON S.AN'II'l'.l. W. DAYID DOUGLAS 5. DAVIS GERALD W. DAYIS JAMES H. DAYITT JOHN D. DAYTON ELMER A. DIxON STEPHI-iN S. DOHERTY ff.-ARL H. DRAGOO ALBERT L, DUNN NIILILS 5. DLIVIE HOWARD H. EATON STERLING K. EISIAIINGER EDIYARD O. EI.LIOTT DONALD S. ELLIS HAROLD W. ELLISUN YVILLIAINI A. EIYAN VVILLIAM H. FARNLAI HAROI.D O. FICIITE EDWARD S. FRASER, JR. INIORRELL P. FRAZIER ROBERT M. FRITTIER KENNETH L. GARRILTT ROBERT C. GARRETSON EDWIN G. GARY!-ZR U'AI.l.ACE A. GILI.I-QSPIE KENNETH M. GONSETH J. ROBERT GREGORY DELMAR E. GURLI-.Y HOXVARD G. HAARE DONALD L. HAIL Y. J.-KXIES HAMI-TON FRA NCISCINS R. H ARRISUN LESLIE A. HARRISON AYILI..-XRD C. H,-KRT JOHN M. HI-.IEI-QR HENRY F. HEYSLR STERLING L. HILL HAROLD HINDS PAL'I. R. HOEFENI-QR EDVVARD J. HOLLAND, JR. VY.-ARREN J. HOLz HARRY L. HYNDMAN, JR, ITBEN J. IRISH, JR, THEODORE J. JAKIAI FDD ARD W. JAMES RICHARD R. JOHNSON GALE H. JONES HENRY M. JORDAN ALFRI-.D J. JORGENSEN FREDERICK J. KARLII VVALTILR G. KEII. RAYMOND G. KENT GEORGE W. KININGIIAAI GEORGE F. LESCIIER WII.I.IS F. LEWIS DONALD O. LINDHIJI xx ROBERT L. LI.OYD AI.Bl-IRT J. LOGLI VYII.l.IANl H. LONGIEY JACK B. LURTZ ORYAI. W. LKCIIER FRANCIS X. LCIQTH JAB11-QS F. MCCOI I IM GEORGE E. INICCIII I.OI'I.II NOEL A. IWCPHERSUN XV. ALLEN MADDOX HAROLD V. INI.-XRTIN HARRY E. MAST FRANK R. INIASTUN J. U'II.I.I.-XXI INII-,ARA VERNON F. NI!-.EER HOXYARD G. INIINCII CHARLES P. MOILAI4 DIx0N D. IXIIIIIRIIIF.-XII C. F. IWL'IiI.llI-QR HOXYARD J. NAGII- FLOYD A. NECRROSI4 ELRII-'R NLEIY DON.-XID F. NI.AII'I2 JOSEPH J. NI,I'O'I'I LLOYD F. OLIQSUN f'il.Ml-IR H. OISON ECGI-ZNI-. D. O':YI.4llKJNP.Y' THOMAS G. Pl-..-XRSE KERAIIT M. PPQNNINf,'I'IlN AI..-KN PERRY JOHN B. PIIERIGO, JR. I'fL'GENE H, PIETSCII RICIIARD B. PORI' ROBERT M. PRANOI. YYILII.-KAI J. PRILJI' JACK C. RI-.INHARDT 'IIHEIJIIIIRE H. RFINIKINIY FRED W. REITER FUGENI-Q H. RINNICR YY.-XRREN R, RICHARDSON THUA1.-KS L. RIDGE CHARLES R. ROCROEII JOHN A. 5.-KNIJBERCI ROBERT' N. SCHNI-QIIIIN HERI-:I'R'I' F. SCIILIYR ROBERT W. IJAI RYxII-LE 1'rI'w'II'I'I1l CIIJIIIICIY U. .XURAIIAAI 'I ADM IINIR I.AI'RrNLI. II. mum Xl L UPN!-.IDlL"1' 'll SCIIII AR RORYRI' N. SIIAI-'ER HARXI-.Y SIH'.XXXIAlxl'R DAII- H. SIIICR XIILIIANI H. SIxIxIOxS IIER.-U15 J. SKIBBINS IKILIIAXI H. SRRYNYNY I'1l'GP.NI'. R. SAIYIII .AIFREID M. SDRODIIS FRANCIS S, STAIII MARYIN N. ST.-XXI-ORD ."xIBl'.R'I' R. STARR VIHOXIAS A. STARRI-I"I' ROY C. STYII F. NURXIAN SIIANSYROH W. PHII I II'S TAI IIIVI' HI-QRS.-RRI! Z. T.-XIIUR ANGIS M. 'l'III'rRxIIR UURDUN K. 'l'O'I'TI-N ARTHLR Z. V.-XRI.-AND Q.-XRI H. YOGI' ROBI-.RI F. XIAIIALI UI-.ORGI-. D. H AI RAIIN, JR IJIIBI-.RT A. IIASLIIIR HI.RI:IR'I' I-'. VXI-IIIIYIR RICHARD P. IXICROAN JOHN J. VK II I I.-NAIS DUN.-XIII T. YXINSIHN XYAYNI- A. WISP DON.-II II Y. WOI Fl I I AI BI-RI' M. XX UUIHX .-NRI' CH.-XRI E5 F. II RIGII1' ROI AND W. ZIxIxIIR ,Y-ISI I'H W. ZIxIxIIRxIAx Y 5 ' ,. f "' . , "M N M ,R . , A L . y. . f X ..-.3f' 'R .' x 1-.Q 'l'lII, 1I'...Iw.I Iv.. A I. ja gg S V f sg-, I, it '-r . la' 1 in X WIIUIII fn - S3451 -igulf !,.l!,l" f I7 SCAIIBAIHII AIU lllAlllf ,Imax R. XVIIII,uIf XV. l'IIII.I.II's I.-XI,BII'I' lllfvf., Ifjfll .M'u.'ml,1 lfupl., .NI'I'm1.f .N'I'zm',cl1'r O If F IC E R 9 . -IIIIIN R. XVII I mms. . . . .C.'.1jvf.1ir1, Ifjrxl Srfzzrflzr XX'. I'IIII.1 Il'5 'I'AI.BoT. .. ...... Cfllplaifz, Sffomf SA'l11t',Yf1'I' IIHUM.-Xb S. -lun ANHIN. . . . .Firxl l,1'f'nlrmznf, Fin! Swzzvrlur CII.-IRI Is XV. LI.-X?l'X'. . . .Ffrll l,iI'uIm1.1r1l, Suforlff Smfzuslrr C. J,-xmas Lmqmw. . . ....... . ..... S.'I'm1.i l,iw.1rf1.1r11 XXVILLI.-XXI Il. AI IIN. . ...Firfl Sl'l'gL'IIIIf . - . v . . , - . IXILIXIBILRB IN UNIVILRSIIX IMI I xx lf. .XQIII nan Il K.XRl.P' IDI XVIII I- C. ,IAMIS LARELIN lfnxrvx' C. .'xllAKIb XV!I.I.I.-XYX1 H. ALIIN AIUIIN D. .-Xxlrktxmx RI FSPII L. IARFXIKIVR ,I-IMI: C. Ihof, CIAIIK JX. B:XII.lfX' llrulmr D. II,-mxre jmw XV. Bunx.-ua ,lunx C. Bunn,-IN XX'AI'I'II4 N. IIIIIIIIN IIFXICUI Il XV. IIMQII NIIIIIIAN R. C.-wmv CIIARIIM VV. C,-I:-I x' MII I Ann Ii. C.-WTI I- -IIIIIN CH4I"I"I'I Cllihl- C. CIIIMHY Sun PI N. IJAYII-IN lm.-Xl'l. H. Fxuxlrx XX'.-IYNIH .-X. F.fXRl,l-X' F. .IArK FUI-Iza'I'I Rl INC -IAN XI. Ulww VVII I I.-XA1 D. UI INN HARLAN A. Il.-x:I1IIAuf.I-.R .-XIBI RT XV. Hma EIJXXIN Ii. IIIII. EDXXH-XRD Huxrs H.-Inns' L. IIYNIYXI.-XY 'IIIIUMAS S. JIIIIANHHN RIDBFR1' Al. LIIIIINNIN H. .Inns RlbBk,li'I' II. .Imran-xv I'.u'I, H. LfXNl'I'll'R jun- l'H B. I..1Ix'I'I RRI.-XY .J Rl3BP.RT R. I4:Xl'Bl-R RIQIIARD R. LIT'I'I.I-1 Omiar, XV. LL'CIl-'R AI. CARSQN LL'IxInA'I'TIf Luwn L. IVICIJAXIPI. IIIQRMAN M. lvl.-XRI.lIXX' IlAImI,D V. NIARTIN Rum-iRT E. MII I.: IJIXUN D. NIQIURIIIAII R.-Xl.l'Ii S. IVIURG.-XY IIUXXIXRD J. N.-Inu: I'AI'I. W. NIIDIIAIIIYF 'I' II I-.umm Ia XV. I1:Xbb.-X ll..-Al EIIWARD T. I'I'II-us RKDBPIRT D. IIUULI-. ROBIQPT H. IIRICI' C1 ju' R. I'RII,I..nI.-xx ,Il-,RRIAN W. RI-,AAI RlL'H.ARD K. RI-'nm-nu: R.iI.I'H A. Rutn RIJBI-ZRT R. Sc.-III-'Ii Iluwmzn P. ScHAI'IaT WALTER LI. SILNTI-'Rs CII.uzI.I-Ls M. SI.Ax'xI.1.IcI I4 W.aI.Tv:k C. STILL KENNETH C. SLIIR XV. I'IIII.I.II-s 'I'.aI.I5uT EDGAR F. XIV.-xI.Boux XVII.I.I.-IM R. WHP.P,I,k,K LI.xI'Is C. WII.cIIx jnIIN R. XVII.I.I.-nfs LYON.-XRD H. ZIEHBI QIFURGI-I H. ZIXK I liuwln F.I.k1f I' Still SIIII1 IN ,MII IIIrrII Pliu' IXIUIUZXH PLI:r.Iil:I1gum' l!I'mI'II I.:Iul'wI' .-Xchg-Ilhzxcll I Nuff Kl,I.kl.IIII1 1.uIIIb.IIIIx RLIIIII ll IQIN lI.I:hb1IIguI Fu- I'slLI'liIIg Rcrlfe-III Cnsllu linlluv Rrflm Dc XXIII! I.IIIInr lhyvlw ?.l.IIIIII 5l1IIIImkv,r jun l1III Nm-illlnzlult Cuffm' lSI'IIg.III B:IIIIL-5 Litllc XX'l'Iu'lcI' PIIll.III1.III NIIIMIIIII LLIIMIII flllli fIllIIlI XIIIIUIII' f:llXllll .XIIIIIIIIIIII L:IIIphiL'IA Mguluw XX':Ilb1v1'n AllIll1lS joIIf.'S IZIIIIIILII' Plmll, !Ifl.II1 fXI+IIIIh:':IIl l..II-IIII LIIIIIIIIIIII I.ImIIII.III XXIlll1IIIIs Cnbcx NzIg.u HI'IIIlIII:III Cclutti .-Xllmn Hung l'. l'l.v llwlff .I 'l'!I1flI-fff. A? S Q' ' I a z J W W R 1 A' V " 14' X Waww W SCAIIIIAIHII AIUII l2llAIllf CHARLES W. CASEY Firxt I,iI'urrm1r1l SrI'urIIf Sw11r.III'r FwIIIIdcd, l'nlu-rsity of XViscnnsiII, 1904 Eighty CoL. FRI-.D R. BRONN'N CAPT. CHARLES H. BRYAN LT. Cor.. CHARLES A. CHAPIHAN CAPT. Rm' L, ID.-XI.l-'FRF5 LIELIT. EDGAR E. AIxIIaRufIL1s CAPT. I'iAROI.D E. BABBITT LIELT. LVILLIATK1 L. CIILLINS BPNJAMIN T. BAIRD DIHNALD F. BARIcI.Ex' EUGENE C. BAUER LIERBERT L. CIII-'SSMAN A.U5'I'IN A. Dvmw ffonofary Aiflflary Sr1I'1'f'ly IWEMBERS OF STAFF CAI"r. LESLIE M. LIRENER CAIVI. RIQIIARI1 S. Ni.-RRR LT. CIIL. STANLEY L. JAMES CAPT. Ii.-KRULD L. IVJILAN MAJ. IRWIN L. LL'MIxIIs C.-Kl'T. JAMEs J. IJUI..-XND LIIaL"I'. CHARIES R. FREDERIQK XVILI IAM H. FIYLII' JIIHN V. HINTI R JARYIS C. HLIRD FRANUR X. LLLTII LNAPT. EDXVARDS M. QUIGLEY FACULTY LIIIT. ORIMKNDO F. GARRI-:TT CAI"I. N1ARL'US S. LJOLDMAN RECRUITS MARX'lN E. Muxx JAN1FS F. NI.-'KYNARD JosEIfII W. PIINDER RAXTWOND C. PERL 'FIIIIMAE S. JuIIAxNIx Fin! f,II'ul4'rII1nt FIN! .Yf'n.'.'uIf'r -lxx In Active Chapters LT. CUI.. JAAILS .-X. STL x'I.Ns CAI-'In KLNRIHTII S. STILL CAI-'I'. VIIINIY NV. wvIDR'I'N1.AN CAI"I'. 'Fmu S. HAuII.TuN I'RoI-'. Sx'IINRN1nRN Junxsux CIIARLI-s R. RIRAIQIIEI I. DUNALD C. SXIITII EDXYARD li. XVAN 1,1-QR Hun NI!-RIIN H. NVIIIIIIIIIII F SCABBARD AND BLADE DANCE l'.- l"' ll.'. . I Ai A SI'II'III-N A. LIIIIIIIIX XV. IIUBII-R SwI'I'zII4 1'1I'I1.fm11 I lu'-PI'I'.IlIfI'1If K 7 I S xx qu S1 Q- K ICN! if 5 J. i 441' . ' f If fy., X, W 9 R '.. I I ,ig-f" p5:5 1, ll A IIIIIIDIXN If l'llAlAlUX C.aI"I. AI HI-RT C. IVI.-K'I"I'I'll-QNV5 CAI-T. I'IfXRUl.D L. MII..-xx b AMI: A. STI-Lvrixs H.AROI.D A. ScIIxI'AII'I'z JOE H. SERKOXVICH W. HIIMAR SXVITZI-'R STI-LPHI-ZN A. L'cIII1RI:Ic FIIIIIIIIUJ, lIIIxcI'sIty uf IIIIIIIIIS, I L5 FI-III' Actixc ClI1IpteI'S AI I-IIA Nl-IRAI CII xl"I'I II Tu ff.'Iff1I'r lnuflffrlfnmf nf IIJ-z'.1r1Iw.f mjffrrlfx' .flzzrfvulf F A C U LTY U-I. FIIIII R. Bmmw LT, LIIII.. ST.-XNIFY L. J.-IAII-5 LI. CIII. CIIIIII If A. CH.-Xl'RI.-KN I'IIRrT L'I'. RIIBIIIT K. MI'lJIIwIIL'GII 'aI"I'. Rm L. IMI I-I-III1: LI. Cm.. I MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Swzfors tl.IIIf IZ. .XxIIII,o'r'rIe DIIx.xIII E. CI.a::cII CII.1IIIIIf.f j. LII4xIII Il,aImI,II Y. ISIxII.mI GI..aI1Ie I". IIAIYI' JACK B. Lmvrz I.nII1s D. BIANNIAII FI1I.n C. HIINIG I'AI'I. B. NI!-YI-.R RuIaI.II'I' H, BRI'xfnI.aN xlAIN1l-'b W. HFIIIIINGTUN RIIIII-ZRT H. INIO.-K'I'S llnw.-IRI1 EI. C.-IQVII IN Rum RT xl. HIII- I-'I-'I IGI-R lil-ZRINIIT H. I'HNNINc.'I'ux XVILI I.-XXI R. L'IIuI'I.I'T'I', IYXYIN XV. IJIP 'I"I'I- IILE XVII LIAR1 R. IJINN IINITT IILAIR S,III.v.-ITIIIII IJ. LI-XIIFND0 RIIIIILIQT Nl. I,Ul,lf Ru I'II II. l'lYm'I'IIImI xxx Iahxcr' F. UINSIIVRG NIIUIIAII, vl. Clnknux III Iwx C. IIAYDNL'Hl'lI AMI.: If. IIIII I IIWAY IRXVIY R. HIII-wuz FRANK R. KL'B1L'K lIAIzAI'I.n D. L.AxGHAM CI.AIIIw H. ll.IIII:nI.n, ju NIICHAP1. MI. HI-IIIID XVIIIIANI B. IIINUTI- FIILII A. LINN HAIIYI-Y D. IVIkkCL'I.I.UNI fI.IvI'nx M. NIL'KEilXX'N DIIwAI,Ir F. NI.1.IIa'I'IIx I fzmiorf -IR. C.-II.vIw F. PI Tina S'I'IIART P. III-'TI' R-Im slual- I'II M. ScIII'nIAcIII R ,ImII'II J. NI-KRT-XY IJLJNALD F, Nl-.K1IT7 Lili.-KRI.liS VI. NII.5bllN CIIAIIIES D. IIIERKIYFUN FII.xxcIs F. I,Ul'I'l-NBl'RC NVII,I.IAxI II.RII-'11 .'xR'I'HL'R L. SQHIQK S E. CII-.URGI-Z VAN ORM.iN BRINII AI. VERBIZQK WILl.I.AhI T. VKDGT RUBPIRT M. WHHBLR Joi A. SIII'I.MIsTII.-Is E. Rnx SMYTII GHRIIAIID R. SPIIIQNGLING KURT SI-RHxGI.INc LYNN G. THIIMI-soN RIIHIIIT A. 'I'IzI'NIcI.E 'I'HAImnI:I's L. XVoI.TANsKI Goknox Z1-QI.I I' 7 I - X IJIIIIIIIII Xulh SQ-Ik-mxch I'1IIIIiIIgIIIII 'Frm-I-klc SNXIIZLT Herd H:IIsI Ginsburg Lnrtz Rifc Nemitz IIIIIIIIU Ik'IIIII'r C.IquvlIII Nilsaon BIIIII C.SPYL'llgIlllg Schumacher Ywvgr Engstrom Langham Mmrs Dunn HI-rrIIIgImI kwrksrr Hzrxndxchuh Auislutu- HI-IIhnIn Wullzxnaki K.5prcIIglIng Martan Linn IxICKL'lJXYI1 Th4sIIIpsIIII Harrold Poppy-IIbIIIg Suhxulc PI-rkIII-IIII YIIIIUIIIIIII PCILIISOH Glrusacu Ucbcrsk Y-crbrck Cnliundo Schwartz Illcrrcrls Hnencr I3ruIIsInaII PIII. Thr., llImlIw.l 'I'fIII'ly-III f N 214:61 Sv! 52. 1 'O CAWAIL I: f IC If Cl CAPT. V.-KNCE W. BATCHELOR CAPT. CHARLES H. BRYAN WILLIAM H. ALLEN JOHN D. AMERMAN HAROLD G. BAUMAN WlLl.lAhl F. CAULEIELD GALE C. CORLEY LELAND W. CRAMER NOBLE R. DUNCAN NIICHAEL R. QIALLAND NIILES E. HESS EDWIN R. HUDGES R. LAWRENCE IARNKOUR JAMES C. BAGG VICTOR BALL FREDERICK VV. BALIM WILLIAM NV. CHIPRIN FRANK CIBLILKA BERNARD C. CRAIN WILLIAM J. CLINNINGHAM CIARRET DEZKKER 3' - N M Y. " ,5 , a1:'.,4? 1.1 l,l.,I!.l' 1 miwiw 5 9 JOHN D. .AXMERMAN xlxx R. PRILI.-KM Vim'-Pn'IiJL'71! f'n'I1'If.'f1t FOuIILicd, Unixersity Of Illinuis, 1930 One Active Cflaptcr Tu PIUIIIUN' guuff frlfurzxvffiff Ilillllflg ffm' I.'.Iz'.Ilry IIIIINI offiferx MEMBERS ON STAFF CAI' LII-u'I'. COL. FIARRY A. FLINT CAI' MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sruiors LAWRENCE N. 'IENEEN JOHN U. JUNIUS EDXYIN A. KITCH C. JANIES LARSON ROBERT B. LITTLE LLOYD L. IVICIJANIEL RICHARD D. M.ANSP'lPQLD HI-'RMAN M. IVIARLUXV JOHN C. IVIAULDING CHI-isTI-'R H. ELDER Il.-XROLD O. FICHTE GORDON R. FUEHRER LLOID A. LIUDING :xii-'Rl-1D C. IIENNING CONRAD F. HLAVACIEK JARVIS C. LIURD -IAWIFS L. JACKSON DON V. NI.-'IXFIELD IJIXUN D. MOORHEAD IJURXV.-XRD J. PADDOCK QI!-ZURGI-Q F. PAXVLING ISL!-RNIIT M. PI-QNNINGTUN RI.-KIYIN F. PETERS ROIII-:RT D. POOLE CII.-xI.IxIIA:I: M. PRICI -IAY R. PRILLAIKL-KN .IHIILOT5 VI.-'ABIPS C. li.-XNDAR-X5 BEN D. KININGIIAAI I,L'TIII'R F. LONG NI.-XRYIN E. IVIONK, ju. PAUL E. IVIURDOCK P.-KUI. VV. NEIDHARlD'f RIH.-XRI Is A. NEXN'LlN CIIARIIN D. PFRIQINSON 'I'. I.I4fI,II M. GRENER I'. AIIIIIVI' S. STUYALL FIIISIVII H. SIJRIQIIWICII INIAIIRILI- .I. SIIILOIIII IQFITII S. SMITII XVIII IRNI Ii. SI-I-.NLE LUXVkl.I. .-X. SPIRIS NV. I'IIII I.II's 'I'AI,HO'I' xVIl.I.l.-'IM R. XV.-KTSLIN URAIII I H. NVIHIR, ju CH.-IRI.I-N XI. ZAIIII IIIR XVII.l.IAX1 R. l'I-RrII1.II HOWARD P. SL IIAI ll'I' -IOP, A. SIIIII xIIs'IRA- RAI I-II S. SII Xl I:vIIIx LINN G. 'FIIIIXII--ON WL-IITEII C. XVIII If LIIIYII YoI'Nr,IIe, FIIJ. UIORc.I H. ZIXK Baum jackson Peters Schuudt Pennington Serkmxich Mansfield XAYZHSOII Baumaxn MIIIIIOLR Hun! Curley IMIII' Pcnhnll Drkkm A mvur ll ' H I YOuIIgn'I M.Iu1I III Moorhead Larson Hodges ShulmIsIr:Is CIDUIRH Long Ncidhnrdt Bugg HcIIIIIIIg L'hIpIiII Mon I: SmII Dum.III LIIIK Ih Cllrmingham GOdIIIg Ajunius 'IWIOIIIIINOII Pm-rkimon Elder Kininghfun Spin-s Iwlgulmx SIlvLIbIciII li.Ill FILIIIL' Nuulm K.IIIII.II.Is PIILIII VVebeI PIIce KIlch Mzlxhrlzl jrnfrn Hlavmrk Puulc 'l':IlbOl PIIIIIIIIIQIII AIIIIIIIIIIII Alllu HI-A CIIIIIIIIA MQILIIIILI BI-rr I lfagr Thur Il1IvI.I'v PN , J N 1 E .-5 miiisw if ' - X 2. , l.l.,l!,l' " X '17 A I. I' ll A -I A U SIGIWI -lun-f D. lhxxru Lil.-NDI-. F. II.-HST Pnwilfrrzt Vile'-PrL'f1'.ff'11t Founded, University of Illinois, 1916 Four Active Chapters MAJ. IRWIN I.. LUMMIS FRANCIS VV. ANDaRsuN .ARTHUR R. ARMSTRONG .IAMES D. BENNER FRANK L. BROWN ll. jnsx-.PH CAQUEUN :ARTHUR R. UAULT CHARLES W. DAVIS IIAUL ll. FIACIKLEI F. JACK FOKRSTERLING Emnmv M. CLICK .ALPHA LIHAPTI-.R Tu nl. unmgl' gonif fwlfuff-vlzip lilllllilg Infantry nziffl UH-iL'Ff5 arm' Io pramale flour felalnansbip between oficen and .students MEMBERS ON STAFF CART. HAROLD L. MILAN MAJ. ABRAHAM TABACHNII I.xrU'r. CoL. JAMIS A. Snsvtns MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RUSARLO A. CAZl.RNO IDLADL-A F. HALST FRANK C. HARRLSUN JXLBI-iR'I' W. H.-ha w'II.l,l.RM H. IIINUTL ,IAC K B. LORTZ QJKYAL VV. LUQILIR PAUL NV. MCKIIY SUHIOFS ROBERT J. HUEFILIGER IRXVIN R. HOHNER IVIXLTON W. KEAUH FRANK R. KLYBICK NV11 1 ARD A. M1-:RLE .fmziors PAUL B. MEYER CHARLES -I. N1LssoN Cloner: A. RICHNER ROBERT E. MILLS AIERRIAN W. Rl:AM josam-1 M. SCHUMACHRR IRUBFRT J. STEISKAL l-'RANK L. STONE VV. HUMER SVIITZER DONALD C. SMITH :XNGUS M. IIIHUIRMIR RKDBERT D. UPF ORVILLE H. WARFEL Lucler Fackler Gllck YVarfcl Richncr Lortz Mdicy Upp Duvlr Nrlsfun INIL-ur Smith hllxxlgll Mcllu Ilnuiiyi' Switzer SIL-vim mlxuxiizuldci llunxicr lInL'fHigcr Hillllhllll 'I'hucxlnL'i Fuvxftcilillg Mills Gazinno Ream Cnquelin Huis! lirnwn Kench Hass Armstrong llinntc Kublck Anderson Page Three llumlred Thirty-eight of Nair! ? .-' a 1 1, 4 W 7, 'I' S WIWJW W LT. ROBERT K. NICIDONOUGH WINSTON E. BLACK JAMES W. BOYD JOHN K. BRINKI-ZRHUI-'F ARTHUR A. CARRARA RICHARD J. CI-IRIsTMAN SAMUEL N. D.-KNXEII.S PAULY R. F.-IRIS WAYNE A. FARLEY ROBERT K. BAUERLE JAMES R. BINGHAM CARL E. CAMPBELL NORMAN S. EILERTSON WILLIAM R. ELDEN, JR. HARRY' D. EVANS WAYNE X. PAY 4 - X x 2: 5 v -,'-'wifi I A ' 4024. 1 , W ' 9 -a--, f 3 X- W If gf L FREDERIQR C. Lil-IINIG P1 I'f1'.I'I'11!, Nun ml SI'v14'IlI'1 FOumlI-Ii, University nf Illinuis, 1026 Fuur Active To fuftfr .1 vpfrfl uf fnzfurrzify aurong in n1w11bI'r.v, I ILI INUIS CIIAI-TER expr!! If: forfw 'llfffllxll ffld corps MEMBERS ON STAFF CAPT. ALBERT G. NIATTHENVS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY FREDERICK C. HEINXG XNVILLIAIVI E. HENDRICKSEN J.-UVIICS W. HERRING1'0N HARRY L. HYNDMAN, JR. THOMAS S. JOI-IANSEN ROBERT JOHNSON P.-XUI. J. KUNZER JOSEPH J. GIBBERIVI.-KN IJ.-XVID D. GODFREX' VINHI-ILYDORE N. IMI.-XCKETT IVIICHAEL HEREII CLAYTON E. JOHNSON GALE H. JONES .-XRTIIIIR J. KUSH Seniors MARCUS W. LEYY LTAIAN M. NIOORE CLARENCE B. NAMENSRI CAREY L. PRUITT XVILLIANI G. REYNOLDS xv.-XRRI-.N R. RICHARDSON CHARLIQE P. ROYER fmziors MAX E. LAMB KEITH LINDLEY QSEURGF H. LOGAN FRFD IVIARICH ELINIPR H. OLSON FRANCIS F. POIII-ENBURG .'xI.I,IiN K. PORTER Chapters xml an 'l'HUAiAa S. J OHANsIeN l'n'IiIfI'r1f, Fin! Sfzzzmn 51.1. SIIIARMAN H. NIuI'N'I' NVA1 'ILI-R J. SENT!-,RS CIIARLI-5 M. SI.-XYBIAKPR CII.-XRLI-5 J. SMlT'I'K.-KMP LI'nwIO NV. S'I'Ox'RE EU-RI41'I"I'E M. VOI.l.Li QJH.-RRI Es O. VVIAIIHI-,RO Lune C. XVIICOE RAYMOND C. IJLIRL XV.-XLTER .-X. IRFNNPR Rlllil-'RT B. SIIANIQ IL-XRRYI"1.SKlNNI'R BRIKI-. K. SIONNLOLR XVUUIYIUIXX' XV.-KI sn IRHBI-RT XV. XVIII DON Johansen Senters Porter Shanks Elden Hcndrickacn Bnuerlc Eilcrtson R.JOhn5On Wcrlbug Iluclu-It Hum! JOIRE Ixlnunx Hyndman Godfrey Cjohnson Lindley Fay Rover Srnitlknmp Boyd RIchnrd:.On Wnlfh Umm RL-rmcr XMIIIOII timmy Levy Herrington Faris Gibbcrmnn Skinner Farlcv Bxugharn Wxlcnx Logan Purl Lnmb KIIIILI-I CIIIIEIIILIII Rtynolds Pruitt Campbell Namcnpky Black Poppcnburg Qarmru Kuah Slunncgcx BrInkf.IIIOI1 3.1OOrc SI-Okv. P.IA1f. Thru' llInI.1rr.f lfxll 'IQQIJ 139426 CA " . V 5 ' X I, 2- F5 F2 57 11? I I W4 Z 'B-,451 S if sg ' 7...' X Wlwaw W I S S Clll li.-III li. .'Xx'uIIIIT'1'I xVII.I.IAl'NI 'I'. Vucrr Pfiwilrlzl l'iI'I'-Pr1'.IiIff'r1I lfliiiziilwl, L'uixcIsity uf Illinois, IUZ3 'I'l1iI'Iy Active Chapters To jvumnlw frlluczzillfjv .mmug lbw Iwlifrl affirms of flu' Fi.-III nail, .uni tu vrzuaurage interell in all nzilifary affaifx MEMBERS ON STAFF INIAJ. ILM' L. BURNI-.LI CAPT. Roy L. DALFERES CAPT. ROBERT P. CLAY CAPT. RICHARD S. NIARR MAJ. CIIEI-IIRD II. COLE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior.: GALE B. Avui-'LOTTE CLARK A. BAILEY CII-i0RGE D. BARNEs .AlI..-KN B.-IRNEY WILLARIJ H. Bixav NVILLIANI E. BRUBAKER RQBERT C. CANADAY Rom-:RT M. DERROLICSII Dos: YV. DIxuN -IIIIIN txN'I'UNCliIL'K IIRITT ISI.-IIR Dux.-II,Iu G. BUTT!-.RUN lIARnI.n W. BUSCH IIERBIQRT L. CHEssMAN Russ E. CLARK RI'5:I-.LL D. Cook IIONVARD IJ. IJUDGE RALPH II. ENGsTR0M IiRNI-ST NI. ELBANES YVILI.I.uI II. FARRIIIIIIND IJIINAID E. LIL.-XSSCO FRANK C. IIANIJEQIIUH ELTIIN E. IIILL 'IHIEIJDIIRE A. KIERSCH DIJNAN C. KIRLEX' ll.-IRIIULIJ D. LANGHAM RVILII.-UH S. lVI1DIxLE'roN RUBERT H. NIOAT5 WII.l.l.RN1 H. FINLEY DUN.-ILL: W. FRANKLIN l,L'IlW'.-KRD M. LIE!-R I..-IWRENQI, E. LIINEBURKQ INIICHAEI, J. CURIRIN WILLI.-IM IJ. CIUYNN xlllHN V. HUNTER RIlBb'R'Ii S. IIFTCIII-INS IIARIIIII QI. JI-ZRTIR AIUHN I.. Ll-STI-R STUART Il. PETERSON R.-ILI-H A. RUUD RUBERT R. SCAIFE CHARLES W. SMITH BI-'RT P. SNow PAUL T. 'ISALBOT KENNETH L. TREEE-Tzs DUN M. 'I'R0LL .IIHIIUFX FR.-KNCIS X. LUETH CLINTON B. ML'KI-QIIWN JOHN F. NI.-KRTENS IJUANE A. IVIURRAY I'E'I'E A. NEPO'FE C. ROBERT OTTII LF.Vl-.TT A. PETERS RVILLI.-UNI H. RIFE ,IIIHN R. Roma RoEIfPT C. Roos Arlillny CAPT. EDNVARDS M. QUIGLEY CAPT. EuwARn A. ROUTIIRAU STEPHEN A. LICHERFK ELLSXVORTH U. VAN ORLTAN BRUNO VERBECK WILLIAM T. XIDGT EDGAR F. WALBORN .Inu-:PII A. W.4NDERSCliEID RUBERT M. WI-ZBBER WILLIAM R. WIIEELFR LEIINARD H. ZIEHIH JXRTHUR L. SCHICK REX SMYTH Iii-QNNETH R. SPEFR LE!-QRHARD R. SPRENGLING KLIRT SPRENGLING A. CORNELIUS SVIGOON RUBERT C. VI-iRKLIiR I'uRTL's M. WHEELER C.-IRI. IJ. WILI-'IING Uunrmx ZELLE , Y, -.3i,.ff X . X: wimrli Robb IEIIIIIIIII Hur lluulci' vL'l'l'ilLl' K.5plLIlglIIlg Llmk Hilfmig ln-:ter Spun' Nepnre Busch Finley Zcllc Vklheeler Lestcr Franklin lXIUll'LAY 5IhILk 'llelbot Burns: liarncy Kirlcy Lucth fimnshury Guvnn Qihbbhlllllll Otto Antonchick Bollcron Blair Peters Hutchcns Monts Riff' MarlrnS McKcown Ki. Sprcnglmg Uchurck Lnnghznm Zirlum Dixon Hzimlachuh Dodgc Svigoon liailuy Bixby Vogt Clark Brubaker Aydelortc Fnrrimwnil Carmiluy XV:-bher Vvrhcck Ruud lllll Scuifc lilzls-co Smxth Kicrsch Engstrom Eubrlnks VV:Ilborn Whrclcr Troll Pqgu '!'hf.I' llumlflul Forty J fx-jj xsivf Q 2:-, ga ., I B R mm 2 7' A " ggjllllll- Z '51-. ,gh g X aw 1,1 WIIIIIIIN 4' CIIIQSI' AIl'III.I.lill Cl CAPT. MILO HAROLD V. BI-:NHAM GEORGE B. BRONYN ROBERT H. BRUNSB1.-KN NORMAN R. CARSON CHARLES W. CASEY JOHN CERUTTI DON W. COLLINS KENNETH C. ANDERSON BEN T. BAIRD PHILLIP H. BAKER BYRON B. BLOUT WALTER N. BRONVN CHASE C. COFFEY ROBERT R. COPPER BENJAMIN F. CUMMINGS ROBERT W. DRALLMEIER ORVILLE J. EILERS WILLIAM R. FORSYTI-IE J. CARSON LUMBATTIS Vicf-Prrsidenl Founded, University Of Illinois, l93ll One Actlxc Chapter ALPHA CHAPTER To devcfup high ifffals of Ihr' mililary pfuflxvsiull in MC Ufliiwrriry MEMBERS ON STAFF Cv. CARY LIEUT. COL. CHARLES A. CHAPMAN MEMBERS GILLARD D. IJEARLOVE W. FRANK IJEBELAK EDXVIN W. DIETTERLE FRI-:DERICK E. DUEKER .ARTHUR E. FISCHER MARTIN FISCHER HARLAN A. Fi.-XSHBARGER FRI-.D L. HELLER J. EDWARD HOLLOWAX' JOHN D. KIBLER ROBERT A. KLOCK.RU DONALD E. LAWRENCE EARL W. LIMBERG RICHARD F. LORI-:Nz IMI,-KRYEY D. MCCOLLUM, JR. XvII.l.l.-UNI R. MEAD l'lRl'1D W. MI-LYI-1R IN UNIVERSITY Seniors EARL I.. fTvREFNWO0D JOSEI-II B. LANTERMAN CHARLES J. LERNI-:R WII.I.I.iNl LII-ZRMAN J. CARsON LUMBATT1s l'l.-XROLD V. MARTIN fzmiors JOHN W. lVlIl.l-.S DONALD F. NFMITZ PI-IILII' F. ORTMAN EDWARD T. PFI-IPl.FS JUS!-il'lI NV. PUNDER lROBFR'l' l'. l,JVK'l-ill? PAUL S. PR.-XTIII-ill IRICII.-XRD K. RI-'DLERN GEORGE F. RIIsER'I's CI-IARLI-'S R. llUL'KXVl-ll HARRX K. NAGII I"1rf1'Ilf nl CAPT. VOl,NP1' VV. NVORTIIIAN Wll.lIAK1 ll. MCKINNTRY llOAIrR li. lNrlUN'I'hl!R1PRY ll,-XRRY K. NAOEI, xrvll l,I.-KN! li. RADDATZ RICIIARD S. SHI-,I.ll0N GORDON U. XV,-KRDFIQ LTLHNN C. xVlI.l.lAMr WIl.l.IAh1 J. SAN1llFl.5 NlAURlL'l- H. SCHALIDT -JOHN W. SUHRIHER lil-'NNI-'FH SIIDDON l'xRl-'DI-'RICK VV. SMART l'lllXYlN L. STULL IQUBI-RT A. 'FRIENRLIH' IRYIN .-X. X7l"'l'l'bNlK XVILI I.-XXI VV. YVATNON l'AIII, S. XVI-lNiiAl'H VVAYNI .-X. VVIAI Lnwrence Vetesnik Ponder Powers VV. Brown Dmllmeier llnkun Miles FOIEI the XMIINOII Klvwknu Cuff:-I Seddon Copper Smart Rockwell Mever Filcrs Hnllowzu' LllIll'lt'l'g Suhribur Rm-Ilfn-I'II 'llftllkll' Sltvll Szunuuls Rnhmls Klum Cummings Anderson Kibler Ortnmn Schnudl VVINC Collins LZllllCl'l1lIlll 1.IcrII1:III Vk'illl:IIIIs 1,OrIIIz firm-uIIuOO.l li. Iimun W4-Irrrnuh II M. Fischer Debelak Lerner Benham Sheldon A. Fischer McKInEn'y Camwn Nagel L':Iacv lh-nrlnve I,UllIl'lfllll5 1NIOIIIgOInI-ry Wnrdvr Brunanmu R rum P.1g. Thu, llm:I".-I l Il r Q99 Xx X Eg ff 25 3 M - 5 '. I I -5 '5 2 3 5 ,452 fwf 'JIIIIIIUW' ? Alf-.,::ff Z 01 wnxx fn PI TRU PI SIGIIIA PAUL H. LANPIIIER EVAN E,O1,M5'rEAD Prvsiflent Vice-President FIIIIIIIIUII, L'nivcI'sity uf WVISLIIIISIII, 1925 Eight Active Chapters KIIIIIN XV. Bunxmz XVII I IANI R. CIIIICI-:FTT, -IR. XVII I IAM R. FAIINPSTIIQK XV. HI HAIIIIIII VV. BIND RIIIIIIVI C.. L I .-xx' fIAMMA CIIAI-TI II .'VnlfIn1.Il flmznmry ami 1"fnfv,I.viuI1aI Sigmzf Cnfpx Fraternity MEMBERS ON STAFF LIILIT. Cm. STANLEY L. VIAMES CAIIT. KLNNETH S. STICK MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Smziors PAUL H. LANPIIIER FRANK M. MIRAIxIoN'rI IIIIIIAIID AI. NAGLE NIIILIQ LI.'XNS5l'.N XVII I IAM H. IIPAN ' ' A. ARIIIVR IJYSUN IEVAN E. OI.M5TEAD FIJGAR A. Pos'r VIIIIADDEUS L. WOLTANSKI flzzziury IJIIs:.aI.n Ii. LAUB FRFD A. LINN JOHN R. WILLIAMS .ALEXANDER W. WILSON EDMUND C. ZAVVISTANOVVICZ .IIISEPII MARTAN HAROLD D. 'FONVNSEND HIIIII1 U ilmn Dyson M:1It:III j:IIIII,-5 Slice Lillll Crockett Clay OIIIISICIICI lJ11III MILIIIIIIIIII jzIIIsaI'II LzIIIphivr VK'illi:InIs. Znwistanuu icz Nagle Townsend W0lI3nSkl POS! II 'ffl f llIuI.1I,wl IHIIH'-lII'o 'X 1 ffiiffzfiY'Vlill11'll 2.577 L, .X vi- g.. This lWlIl.ITAllY REVIEWS Once each year the University R.0.T.C. is inspected by the commanding ollicer of the Sixth Corps Area, or by his staff, and special awards are conferred on the cadets whose military work throughout the year has been outstanding. ln honor of the occasion, the University takes a holiday while the entire reinforced brigade passes in review before the oflicials of the Regular Army, the President of the Uni- versity and a host of visitors. The University of Illinois R.O.T.C. is the largest and one of the finest student military organizations in the country, so Nlilitary Day is naturally a gala event on the University calendar. A review is held every odd year for inspection by the members of the Appropriations Committees of both houses of the General Assembly. Last spring nearly 3700 mem- bers of the R.O.T.C. passed in review before these men and they were greatly impressed by both the excellence and the size of the Brigade. l ff Y ,. ' - ..' 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' 'E V 4 ' 1 lf - N x'S1?',QQf' Q Q NMCJ41 1- I ' xx'-L KZ UNIVERSITY URGANIZATICDN5 PVQATEIQNITIES SQVQQQVTIES rm DE DE N DE rw QQQAN IZATIGNS MQNQVQLXVQY AND IQUVQQFESSIQNAL ADVEQTVSVNQ AND INDEX Iv 'D S5 Q 1 p I aff 1 Q 17? qw x 7- s 'IL I' wtf'- +-.' '1 - VL . ,Y -,Tb - ' . - ' 1 J 4 il: 'M L . . . XT, . - -. 4 fu.. I N15 ' 'T '.-" ' 0 .. .sf . , ,R , sf : 1' , ' v , ,.'x Y . , B - I -I ' ' ' -. 5 4 1- -- . -.1 I lv' 4 S fl 4 ., . -f ' :- 'F 1.4! ' 1 ' ,, I Q ' .lv -I I, I., ' ' . 51- I' " L ' 51. N: i II- n N. "," J.- , J . g . .v - . . 'IX fx' U V . 2, sf - . , f ' ' -. mf ' ,P- . ,fl . - '- ' li lx 1. 'wx' . 5 - I' . ' . y' 2. Y ." f ' - A . . - I . I ,, ,N v , I . ' A I" is-1 f-! 1. I -W E! :Q -f. -A f ' "'-iz K .. J ' gi' V-A ' -. U, 4 ' J Q vs f 4, A , ,' 5 f N'-1 Q , .Ay .X ,. , 4 h xlx ' xl . I . -N I v . ' I J , I 1 f Xa I V 'fr -'f VV Qvf 1w U , ., U ' 5 ff. ' , 5 I . . ,, G 0IlGAlUIlAfl0 .Jig -xx! 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Phi Phi Phi Phi Kappa Sigma Kappa Tau. . Mu Delta. . Sigma Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi . . Psi Upsilon i,.i . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu SigmaChi.. Sigma Delta Kappa Sigma Nu ,,.i. . Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Sigma. Sigma Pi ...i. Tau Delta Phi. . Tau Epsilon Phi. Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi ..,... Theta Delta Chi. Theta Kappa Phi Theta Theta Xi. . Triangle . . . Zeta Beta Tau . Zeta Psi . Upsilon Omega Alpha Kappa Kappa Nu Sigma Nu . . Phi Beta Pi sez:-' -an 12" 'Z 0l"Y l.'llB,-XY HII-I' WILIIAM B. McKINs'1'Rx' Ki!-XJRGF D. B.-KRNIAS JIDHY U. JIINIUB IG' IIUTEIK- FIHATEIKIUITY CIIIJIUCII. l'i,I'fIIPii.Yflc'Ii, RIIHFRT H. QIIATI If. URBAN IIIPI' ...,........ XVII I.I.-IRI B. ML'KINf'I'RI'. .. AIPORGF IJ. B.-KRNIQ ...... . JOIIN G. JUNIIIS .... OF I-'IC Ii RS . . . . . .PruI1'Ilu11l . . , . l'iI'I'-l'reIiIl.'rIt . . . . .Sucralary . . .frnzfiirer . . . .. .Sergeant CA BINIYI' MEM BER5 ROB!-'RT D. :xRlXl5'l'RUNG ll.-XRULD Cl. BAIIIOAN JAMI A I.. JOIINNON XVII I IAM li. LINTUY MEMBERS IN UNIVER .'II'.1I'1a XVII.I IARI B. .ADAMS WAI.l..-RCF CROa5 .-llpha Chi Rho IQUN.-Xl.D F. BARKLEY ARNOLD J. l'OT'I'EIGIzR :lipha Della Phi IQICHARD P. CADDICK LJARYVOOD F. HEADS .-Upha Epfilon. Pi EDXVARD A. 'IPARG PAUL S. WEINRAUB xilpha Gamma Rho VERNON F. GLAESER GERALD E. PETERS .1 lpha Kappa Lambda WILLIAIII H. BARRICK PAUL L. MOSCHEL flipha Kappa Pi LESTER A. JOHNSON JOIIN A. 'IJOCKSTEIN .dlpha Rho Chi DON A. REED .ARDEN D. WILSON flipha Sigma Phi ERLING R. BERG JUNIOR M. RUEGGER fllpha Tau Omega JAKE BRADSIAIAW TJHOMAS A. STREET, JR. Hela Sigma Psi CONRAD A. OLSON CARL A. WEERS Bela Theta Pi IJXVIGHT H. D055 JOHN H. LANGLEY Chi Bela CI-IARLES S. GALBREATH, JR. KIURDUN U. XXI.-KRDER Chi Phi lil-.NNI-QTII R. COVVAN JOIIN B. CR.-XXVI-'ORD l'hi Pfi .XI BI- RT RIAIOIIMANN XVARRIAN H. SIXIITII Drfla .-ilpha Epvilun N. PALII. UERDI-'N JOIIN U. JUNIUS Dvfla Chi IRISH.-KRD E. KZAUEN lil-.NNI-.'I'll C. 'l'IIORNE Dwffa Kappa Epxiinrl NL-XR'l'IN H. NL-KRKXVORTII :XLUI-Rl' M. SNUUK Drlla Phi JAN V. KZUNN DIXUN D. N1UORl-QIIFAD Urila Sigma i.amhIia JARIN U. IQANIF.-XR.-K5 NVII I IAM H. RIZANRA Drila Sigma Phi JAMES C. B.-ACG ROBERT W. IRR.-H,LlNil-JIER Delta Tau Drila FRANK L. BROWN JAMES L. JOIINBON Drila Upxilon Wll.LI.AM D. fiUYNN ROBERT D. POOLE Farm House ROBERT D. .ARMSTRONG EUGENE U. YOUNG Kappa Della Rho ROBERT D. PARTLOW LEONARD H. ZIEIIM Kappa Sigma KIELURGE D. BARNES IROBERT K. BAUERLE LambIia Chi Alpha GUY C. BARNARD CHARLES N. WAGNER Phi Baia Della BERNARD W. LITVEN Nl.-KRYIN B. SIEGEL Phi Drlla Them DERRIQK L. BRENVSTER URBAN HII-'P Phi Epyiion Pi RIUIIARD H. QJUTSTADT HY'B1AN H. KAPLAN Phi Gamma Della l'IIII.II- E. KZURE .XLB1-'RT 'l1RIl'1BEL, JR. Phi Kappa JOIIN 'l'. IJIIIJFNER RIIBI- RT L. STEELE Phi Kappa Psi WAI TIER C. BROWN FRANK J. MIII-,I LPN Phi Kapfa Sigma IQUHI-RT S. RI MMI I-R XVII I IAM KI. VVIIITI Ph." Kappa Tan l'AI'I Ii. K'U'I"IUN JOIIN IL. KOIII I-'Il Phi .1114 Dwlra LJIIARIFN li. MIYIRA PIIII II- B. 5.-KIXTI ER Phi Sigma Kappa IIIIODORI A. l,l'l-l'lhl.D HIIXVAILID C. NVIIfI-. Pi Kappa .ilpha RI-Br R'I' MI RI'IIY '37 Br' aio-F' ROBIIVI' H. QIATII SITY PIi Upalnn NVII I IAM If. LINTON SII 131 N. 'lullll-MAN Sigma .-llpha 1t'p,Iiion HAROI Il U. BAUAIAN IZEORGI, A. KAIAI-R Sigma :llpha Ala WII.I.IAM fi0I,DBERG NIARSIIALI. L. LEVINSON Sigma Chi KJHURGE W. EAb'I'liKBRllUK EDWARD 'lf NIODAYID .Yignia Nu ROBERT S. BOYNTON WVIIIIAIII B. MQKINSTRI' Sigma Phi Epiiia n RODMAN A. CANNON W.AX'NP1 O. CLARR Sigma Phi Sigma IJARLAN A. f'I."ISliB.-Ulfilfll JI-RRI.-KN W. RI-iAIxI Sigma Pi JAMES G. KOSTKA Ri1GF1R J. SIIARKEII' Tan Della Phi LAWRENQI' E. CINRBIIRG liARUI,D H. SOIIWAB 'fan 1fp.Iiiur1 Phi BERNARD BERROVITZ DAVID R. RONENTIIAI. Tau Kappa Fpxiion KHQURGE W. PERYIER FREDI-'RICK VV. ROO5 'I'hI'l.i Chi LOWDTN A. Ii.-ANN-lfX1.'XN KJ!-IIRGP YVFBIR Thrla Dwifa lfhi XVII I I.-XRD l'. EVANS JAME: D. x,AN IDORIN Thrla Kappa Phi ROBIRT F. BURNS CIIIOROI- A. O'CONNI4I,I. Thrra l'pI1iOrI UmI'gI1 .XRTIILR H. lJOIc.I.AN HRKK I- I.. HI If-I 'llhwla .YI RIIIIAIJII Nl. IKUIUI-XIII-NIJ KI NNI III sflll IABI PR Ylfidflhglylv 5IIl'lIl-X NV BINII-IOI' RIvIIARO H. CZAIIR Zrla Hwla Tau INAIIORE A. KAAIIFN, JR. HIAMIIIN H. N11-IIR Zrlfl PII. CIIARII- H. RII'I'I1 IJFNI' NV. ZAIIN Pa-gf Thru' llIuI.l'rr,i Fort? Iilngnl 'QR-A ' 1-.Xu Ill fi ' A . W1 x xrvlll li, .- m' ' 3 X GZ vb ' " "f I 'M - ' 5 Mriifg-, VW ' i'i,ul'q , X , , , .u C. ,Im lfliksuw Hmm nc NV. Blmxu ADAMS R1'ssFl,I. E. IfiACKLE1xmN IHRMAN F. HAMVY XVAI.I,ACF J. Cams DUNALU M. lJuNr.c.uuP. lim-fx-'RT W. HURS11 L ummm I . liricxriw. Nl. Rwx lhnmclixwrmr llmarfrvl' H. Cl Hx1rx'1s KI.-uw .X. l'.lll'RNll'R Alxxuw XV. M1-an 4 .ki 5' aw Q av- Q Q5f,:V,.c f.'Q'c'i"' R Hukur Fllllllilrl Muni hluescn Smith Clrnn-nl: Smdux H, Yullc Nirlscn E. Vullc Nivld Hnmpv AlLhL'I 'liltuxml' lhlgmhm-ids: Lluul R. Huvah Maur Dnnughur Knourrk Sundrrman C1055 Milkwick YV:wt Mo5hvr Sllllllgl' Munz Lnfimm Aalnms. Hlfihgtl' Scgn-rr Hucklcmau johnson Krndrick Rcifsteck ACACIA FACULTY I.U'I'lil1R R. .ARCI-IER, M.S., CHARLI-Qs F. HQTTPS, I'h.D. l'l-NIHRUKF H. Bpwww, I'l1.D.,l'H K. Huksu, BS XVII 1 mm I.. Bmuflsux, Pl1.D., D.Agr. A1 uxzu P. KR.-xTz, M.S. l1r1mr.r' E. EKHIAW, Ph.D. HARRY G. ll:'Kl'I., Ph.D. Rn'-Xu: 'I'. QLREGG, I'h.D. Irzvwc, L. I'u.'r1-insurv, B.S. M PQM BERS IN UNIVIQ RSITY Grazfzmfr' Sfllllfflfi CNNII ll.l.1.H1mx Nlxnznmll 'lf Muxz C. Rlumlzu Ilv.1rs'r1-'fx FRI-'hhRlCK K. jouxsox f,XV1aN C. M.-xul-3 RUMRT Nl. KNUURI-'K FIAMPS H. Ll,m'Iw Hmm .wb O. Nun sl- N l"ff1m.lf .I l'NlXl-If'NI'I'X ml Nluulnxx, IWW ,lvNXt'llIj"Nl'X cn .Mlix 1' l'h.lpI4'l's . . . V.: l ll.l,IfNUIN KHNI Il,R ..,....,...,........ I-Qwulwlielu-.l, 17136 NUI l'lQt lJ.mivI Mlm-I Page Thu: llumlred' Fifty Sfniors Cl vm ID. Sl-GNPIL L+ sTr R 'lf Su.-un' fmziors Urmmr H. NIIIKXYIKK XVIIIIANI vl. SL1Nlml-'RMAN Sojrlmmores .IUHN U. Nlosumx MIfLX'IN N. NIEI.D F rm 11 nz Nz KILI- ww M. S1.uan.R FR.-xNv1s M. Pmvrsu, M.S. IQAY I. Slmxvl., M.S. klmm C. Sl'1'I'1.1i:n, BS. AIUHN K. 'l'UTHIl.l, ILS., 12.1 Rum-RT j. W1-rr, M.S. Euvnun S. KENDRICK li. ELSTON STRANGE JOHN T. STRINGER EVERETT M. VOLLE Il.-KRRY N. 'I'A'roML11 IiENRY Vonuz, JR. .ALLEN V. SAPQRA RUB!-'RT W. SAI-ORA llormcxf A. SMITH I". Cl..-XY'l UN SNYDER Tzlnner Parke Miller Truat QYIAIIIUII Iizllklry NL-lawn INImmI'I' D'Amb1'OsIO Linrllcv Tuckvr Dzcnlux Lznuh Ijnuvimlmn llamvia SIR-llfm llultrv Austin Simpson Kuuey Pnlleigcr Schmid Xkknxnlrv Mulhux INIYI-If Koenig Cherry Zamzow Montgorm ry Smithron Phillipg IIAQIWIILIII Ly Ilr Huunr .21 AIPIIA CIII IIIIO Wm. FACULTY J '- FRANK E. SCHOOLEY, B.S. -JOHN E. SWEET, B.S. FRED W. TANNER, PI1.D. LQ.,'.5.i IN I M10 S5 59 I Ig, x gs XI I M U H, . MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Students J. WILLIAM LINDLEY C. JEROME NELSON Seniors GEORGE T. AUSTIN II.-KROLD B. MILLER IHIENRY W. PARKE RlCIl.iRD M. Sl-I!iI.'I'0N JOHN B. KUNEY, JR. HOWARD R. IVIOORE ILIARNOLD J. POTTEIGER X'VII.I.I.-RBI M. SIAIIIHIN DAVID W. MATHEW MERLE W. MYERS JOHN U. SCHIWID IVIYRON L. NVORMLEY Juniors DONALD F. BARKLEY JAMES J. D'AMROsIO ROBERT S. HOLTY JOHN R. TROST JAMES H. CRITTON BYRON B. DREssLER DON.-QLD E. LAUB ORN'ILLK H. WARI-'EL JOHN E. CULLERTON Sophomore: FRANCIS H. BACHMAN JOHN R. DAVIDSLJN ROBERT R. PHILLIPS FRED WV. fly.-KNNER, JR. THOMAS J. BOONE KENNETH E. IJAVIS ROBERT E. SELI.s ERNEST I-I. 'I'uuRER Freshmen ROBERT S. CHERRY Z. CHI-QSTIAR Kill-,NIG ,L A. EDINIUND l.Y'I'Ir- D. CLAY TON NIUNTGOINIERY .-XIHIRT I. SMI'I'IIsIwN, JR. CARI II. Zullmx' . V, .- -4' , .hu 'J -, -4 Q I 'gr - . . l-'W bg: g.,v-Mfg. 'Q .T' f"1m11.ff'.f 'I'RIxI1Y fblll I rm, ISN? UIIU'-IXNH .XIIIXV K'II.ll'II'I ' PIII lx,-Xl'I'.K CII XI"l'I'QR ,.,..... .....,.,, I '.RI.IIvIiRI1-'II I PIO Ill I'..INI .XIIIIHIV ,Xxm'I1m' PJ-gr Tint: llIIn.J'r:.f PHU If F. Qlark Snrrrtt fixing Rcsdv Audru-th Hopkins Bnrncy Spence Kcvcs Cos Smith Clurnrna Gxoss johnslunc Englis Pohlcr Fierke: P. 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Tom S. HAMILTUN, M.S. NI.-XRK H. HIND5I.m', A.M. ll. SIXIITH Hnl-RISE, PILD., D.Sc. FRANK C. HIIWARD, M.S. RAII-I1 K. HUREH, B.S. Q H. I-NRAEER ,lmINyI'nNE, ll1.D. M IL M B E R S IN Gnnlzzzm' CIARINQE li. Drxnnx NVILI IATVI A. FEESLER SCHLURING FIERKE GLENN C. FINGER HENRX' D. Fns'rIR ,IUHN L. KLRING SII-.r.I-RILD 'II Uunss FRI-III-RICK Camry IIXKRY 0. HI-HxIR If-I1 I XV. lil-,Nl INR IVNIYI NXl'lY nn- Wmnvnx, V102 lwltv .Mllxv K'lI.IptuIx , . ,V-1 Al. l ,X lll.XI ll.R .................... . .lwt.Ilwl1xln-Il, IUIIB IHU4 XVUNI 'Nix lli.l Sllvvt PJZ: Tins: Fifty-Iwo FAC U LTY DQINALD B. KEYES, Ph.D. .ALBERT E. KNAUF, Pl1.D. NLJRM.iN W. KRASE, Ph.D. ,IUSTA M. LINDGREN, A.M. CARI. S. R'1ARYEI., Ph.D. IJHUGI..-XS Cl. NIx'HOI.S1bN, Ph.lJ. NVILLIAIVI A. NllX'ES, I'h.D., LL.D., LYIICIILIJ., D.Sc. LJLIVY-.R R. OYERMAN, Ph.D. CI'I.I.I-LN VV. PARIWELEF, M.S. VIQIIUIW.-XS li. PHIPI's, l'h.D. FRANK H. REED, PILD. CEI-.URGE H. RI-QED, Ph.D. UNIVERSITY Sflldfllfj P.-XUI. 11. C,RnT'Is EUr.ENI-1 H. 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CRANER EDWARD C. DEH.RAN PAUL W. IDUMSER ELMER A. ECKERT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Grndzzntf' Sizzflfnf JAAII-is R. H,axsc.If'N Seniors JOSEPH B. LANTERNIAN IQOBI-'RT M. ORR OLIN'FR P. LUETSCI-IER, JR. JUNIOR M. RLIEGGI-lR Juniors WILLIAM L. MQCARTHY .'XRTlll'R A. PARQUETTE KENNETH C. IVIEYER IJIINALD C. PLATT S 015110111 offs FRED fl. PRUFTT Dux.-u D D. STUTSMAN FRFD M. GILMORE NIFLYIN S. GROVE Frrsfz zu rn W,XIiREN NV. GALLAGHER VIc'I'oR C. REIc1II-'RT JACK C. CREGORX' WALTER G. KEN. EDXY.-XRD G. LEUFGEN 'l'HI-1oDoRE W. REINII-QING CIEORGE F, SCHEIB IQUBI-RT E. STEINFIIRT PIIILLII' I.. 'IRI'I'TI'R Il-Kl,I'H VVMIDARII EDWARII .X. ZIP nr Rr ELVIS C. SAYRI-1 Nl.1.R'I'Iw NI. 'l'L Rsxx IIAKRY XV. VAN IHIUUK Lqll.-XRI IN R. XrVAl.5ll, JR. L'l'lARll-5 F. XVAGNI-R lyymyrmrm B. XVALTI-RS, JR. 1lIL'llARlb P. XVIQRMAN RDRFRT F. 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CIHARLI-C5 Ii. HARVEY, HS. XVHITNFY C. HLYNTINGTON, M.S., C.E. GI-DROP L. CLARK, PlI.D. XI.-Xl.EN'I'INE JOBST, PlI.D. ELSLIM li. HFDOI-S ELBFRT L. HERRON XVIILIAKI R. FUR5YTlll-I LEROY .-X. HALIIERO JIISII-II lf. IIIXDKIAY JDIIN A. I'lllI'1'7Nl-XX QIARI, ll. FRI-rv J.IcI-Q R. CIRINIXI -JLIHN A. l'lOBART Rlk'lI,4RII P. JENNINOS EDWARD F. KFLIY Iyllll I.lP IMI. FAI'L'If'T'r NATHAN V. FII.I:IfY IRIUHARD O. fIl4l-INF lm! NIIAXII L'NIx I-R:l'l'X, lX3Ll liiglIty-wx un .Xntix c QIll.lPlL'l'9 ALVIN L. LANG, lNl.S. INIIZNIBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sfniors IRI.-XRRY D. HOLT EDXV,-XRD N. HOWARD fzuzfors Sopfm ARBI-SR JOHNSON JOHN W. KILBI-'RG JOHY H. I..ANGl.l-'Y 72107175 LIHARLH5 S. KRNNEDI' J. KIRAIIABI LYNLSH JOHN A. lNlABI,I-Sv LUCAS L. NIQHOI- Fresh mfn: KINNIATH M. JOHNSON ROBERT F. IVICIJUNALD H. XVIILIAYI RIENOW RUSSELL H. IVIILES, M.Mns. CULLEN VV. PARMELEE, M THOMAS E. SAVAGE, PlI.D. NVILLIAM D. TEMIALEMAN, .S. Ph.D CHARLES V. OIHFRN, JR. H. NIURTIMER 'FRLILL IVI.-KL'RlL'E L. QUINN EDXYIN L. STOLI. NVILLIARI I. XVALDRIP JOHN R. BIOUXG PLINY NORCROSS JOHN T. ROBINSON ROBERT J. SAAL XVILLIAIVI C. WPZTHERBEE CHARLES M. WILSON FREDERICK C. STICREL DLIN.-KI,D B. 'I'oEI'rEN JULIUS J. NVEIXBI-LRG IROBERT C. YAIII' ! SIQINIIX RHO L ll.'Xl'll'.R .................. LSt:IhlIslIed, lllll' 2112 EAS! IJ.IlllL'l Street Pug: Thru llnn.lrf.l Nrvlxftrro I II THOMAS J. DQLAN, IV ROBILRT L. BLOHM ROBERT VV. BURR FRANK T. C.-XNTRILL WILBUR R. CURETON ROBERT A. B.-XNCK JOHN L. BLACK CHARLES F. CONNELL Gunnirson Koehnemnnn Messinger Stout Ni:-burger Tourtillott Lundberg R.Paln1er Funkhnuser Holz Sigerson Macldmc Strong Roberts Kirkpatrick Black McLuckie Whiz Bnnck B. Rldcout XV. Ridcoul Connell Healy Trapp: Graser Bluhm Curelon Yami-ll Bushnell Gnlbrenlh Dnlnn H, Pnlrnrr Burr Towsend VV:1rder Cnntrill CIII lllf'l'A FACULTY I.S. IMI,-XRRY M. PALMER, B.S. XVENDELL S. WILSON, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY XVILLI.-XXI NV. BUSHNELL DONALD C. GRARE GLEN S. ROBERTS XVILLI.-xxx C. l"lFAI.Y Tll0lXI.AS B. IQIRKP.-XTRICK REN.ARD IQOEHNEBIANN HERSCHEL R. FuNKHousER .ALBERT J. LUNDBERG CLIFFORD B. GUNNERSON NV. .ALLEN Muonox WARREN J. HoLz Srniofi CHARLES S. GALBREATH, JR. Juniors R. PHILFNION STOUT ll,aRm.D D. TONN'NSEND Soplzomores IJON.-NLD MQLUCKIE AI. BLAINR RIDElJLIT F rar 11 nz en jonx P. A'lFS5INGl'R HERBERT C. N11-'BURGER ROLAND E. IFALMRR 445 rr mrli RQBPRT C. CTRASFR Nur. K. XY.-XRNELL Cn,xRl,Fs ll. Vllli.-'ll"I'E ilmumw G. XV.-XRD!-R L. XVAYNE Rmrm'T XYICTOR A. VVALZ L'H.xRl.1-.r NV. S161-Rfox lJAVID A. STRUXG junx S. 'lIUL'll'I'Ill1Vl'T . Q4 DD., f I us- . Q' Q Q . 0 O Fon mffnf L'N1vERs1Tx' or llllXUl', l'll'fw One .Xctiw Clmqrpxr-r lllll Soutlx Slxtll Struvt I R J Qwllm jg, ' ' , - L4 L ,x I I , l,1,r ll I' ' A Plz' 'IW'-,f llmlfvi Sfx't1'-rflffr ' x ll,4, l IME l! K X 'P' I ' bf. 1 lf 11 I H by Lil i.: - - . ' 11' a i m - ll V L' ,1 'Q ' 'v . Ill - l l l , S, Y , " , ll l . l X Snlwl 'll XVII 1 l,-XN1 H. Br-i.-xuxmw Ktxxvrli R. Claw.-xx juux B. CRAWRURD, -IR. .IAMPR AI. 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Stewart Lawson Horsley Melville Carmichael Mclvlahon Kerr Younger Fisher Pflager Gunn Lnubcr Moorhead Hicks Lundeen Van Denberg Lavicka Stotz Munnrckf- Iverson Chowen Campbell Frankland Payne Checkley Myers Zzmger Tmynham Rayner Plnmbcck Q X lllflfrfl PIII " " WF? f -- I L , M 4 FACULTY ,K+ Q1 . U CHARLES L. STEXV.-KRT, PlI.D. EJENRY B. XVARD, Ph.D., LL.D. Q1 -tbl-5 Hath MEMBER JOHN E. N1CMAli0N DQINALD B. MEI.X'lLLE JAN V. C-UNN ROBERT L. IIICKS EUGENE P. LUNDEEN LAURENCE H. REHM DAVID H. LAVICKA VICTOR H. MUNNECKE, JR. ELLSWORTI-I H. MYERS S IN UNIVERSITY Seniors DIXON D. MIIQRIIEAD MILLER S. PFLAGFR fzmiorf JACK IIORSLEY JOHN C. JINFS S 0 phomores WILLIAM D. ST!-LNV.-KRT, C. VVARRI-iN STONE Frerlz men EDWIN J. PAYNE, JR. KENNETH K. PLAMBECK CIIARLES A. RICRITTS CIIARLES R. XVOUNGER RUIIERT R. LxL'IaIfIz RIIRERT C. I.xwSIIN CIIARII-'S H. S'I'tITz l':liXV.XRD F. VAN DEN LESTER P. RAINLR HI-sHf I-'I,m'D A. TRAYNIIAAI, JR. .SXRMIN C. ZANGE R Q? 1 J' 4? ggggg r' ' 'u U 5 1 A 1"u.''.f LVNIUN Ctm1.II-'t.I', ISQ' Fifteen .Xctivc Clmptvmx FAU CHAPIILR ...................,..... lx-LIN' ' 1008 Scvutlm I-'ttrrrtlr N11-1-K I' I" Ww- ' "' ' t-- f J 0 ,ang 'I' Kandnrns Allsn Norman Clark Ron Clnussen Handley Reznnkm Krnmrr X'Ville Blum Chriatns Mundhcnk Vhuch Nulson v' Ar' . ,I NNI L41 ! A - 2 '.' Ksll Q If ix' WL' I .- 9 v IEW n . 74 , u,- J ME'W1f 'fin I ' ialvqq Z ffjl I uf. llliI.I'A SIGDIA IJQDIIIIIA ff' D., R xi I pa w- 1 E' if A FACULTY jnnx XV. CLARK, A.B. MAR'r1N P. CLAUSSEN, A.M. VAN C. NQRMAN, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY SI'7li0f5 ERNPST E. :ELLEN XVIl,I,!A1X'I H. R1-'7ANx.a SCQTT F. Rail' fzmiors GEORGE F. HAxnLu' -Inns G. fiAXDARAS Sojhlzonzorfs DnN.u.n L. NELSLJN EDWARD R. XV.-KCI! PARKS XV1LLl-: Freflzmen FRN: T. BLUM HARRY G. CnR1s1'us .ARTHUR F. IQRAMER .ALBERT F. IXIUNDHENK 'K A ' F u v M ' M. M IM. W' Fr11uz.ff'.f L1XIX'i'I4:I'I'Y nr L'A1l1f..Rx1a, I IH mgm Elm-xl-n .htivc Clmxptvre E'l'.X t'H.XI"1WliR ........................, Emt.lhliSl1u'l, 19.25 Ill E.1st QxIl.lll1lL'!'5 Strcct Pzgr lfnwr llwu.If,'.l S.-twrlly Gates Drallmeiers McCo:1rd Williams Edwards Larson Gcullowny F. Chapman L. Hudson Smith Hunter Speer Morgan Prall Lippold Maslon VV. Hudson Rasmessen Bagg R. Huxmzmn Fowler Rich Brooks Renne Russell Nvhitehouse Rcicherls Christiansen Lindsten Tompkins Reisse Bragg McCullough Meisenznhl Gornnson Evans VV. Chapman P. Huxmrmn ' w I 3 I SL ' swim' fl. f K,-,lil V i I lllfl-IA SIGIWIA PIII -I Ha f . , FACULTY ,I I ' A MAX G. FULLER, B.F.A. ,ALFRED LARSON, A.M. H.AROLD D. TRIIKIBl.E, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors FRED M. Cl-IAPAIAN MORGAN L. EDXVARD5, JR. JAMES C. BAGG ARTHUR E. BERNGEN WILLIAIW F. FOWLER, JR. WILLIAM H. GATES LEROY O. BROOKS DONALD W. CHRISTIANSEN WALTER R. BERNGEN CHARLES E. BRAGG WILLIAM N. CHAPMAN GEORGE W. CIALLOVVAY LEVERNE D. HUDSON W.-KX'NE D. HUDSON JOHN V. HUNTER RICHARD F. HUXMANN IVIELYILLE C. LINDsTEN ROBERT W. DRALLMEIERS XVILLIAM M. MORGAN C. DURNVOOD EVANS ROBERT W. GoRANsor-I ARTHLR P. IXICCOARD fzmiors JOHN A. LIIIPULD FRANK R. NI.-XSTON PHIL W. PRALL Sojnlzomores ELDER R. REICHERTS WlLLl.Kh1 D. RICH Freshmen PAUL V. HUXBI.ANN QIEDRGE E. NICCULLOUGH 'K 1 A fa ROLLEN H. SMITH GLENN C. XNVILLIAINIS EDNV.-XRD B. R.-ISMESSEN, JR LYNN W. RENNE IRAYNIOND RL'SSELL KENNETII R. SIIEER CEKYRCQE C. TOAIPKINS NVILLI.-X51 A. RVHITEHOUSE IIIHUBI.-XS INIEISENZAHL IRON.-NLD H. REISSE A Tx in R 3 I"o1u1.f.'.f W YURIQ L'xIx'ERfI'I'x', IXUS? Fifty-tive Active ClI.IptI-rs ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER .............. Estalwligllcd, 1919 106 E.ISt lJ.IIIIcl Slrcut I' Ig. TII "rf Il 1uI.lw.l Sxzwrxi I fzmiors 1- ts ' 'I' ' "'rf...i' I is, kxb s .Q Hjfi 3, H - ng ' ,fLf J ,- -. Il S s- QEQNI if .1 1' ' U iigi .B .J l!!El1qPqIgiE!Lg Wi- "iAT.l'1'l'I g3WQ!H'AsMiii!!' FREDERICK J. FALLTTI 'Fl-IOMAS C. LTATELY FRANK L. BRUXVN .VXLLEK Ii. RRL'BAKi'R NVILLI.-NRI 0. CLARK JOHN V. COYNER LARRY F. DtINIAGXl L L. CEOROP .XLLEN RICHARD .L CAGANN RICHARD R. BAIRSTUXV 'IIHOMAS E. Br-:RGER JOHN L. BROADY ALLEN C. BRUOKS, JR. JOSEPH YV. BROWN HERBERT BLRf,Ess IQICHARD L. CLARK iiifg . "X 3 ALT AJ i- iv 'ftfx g,,- 'T N.. Orr Nelson Scott Brubaker Taylor Gnrrnrd Ponder Mullikcn J. Johnson Steiner Mayfield Pu-ples Fay Gardner A. Smithers Frazier F, Broun Farris K. Smithers Morse Coyne-r Wooldridge Manchester Lloyd Hroxidy Reeves R. Clark Farnsworth Bairstow A. Vlillinms Nilson C. Jensen Domngall Faletti Theodore Berger Brooks Hopf Steinfori R. Williams Horn J. Jensen W, Clark J, Brown VVhitlock E. Johnson Xlltltcr lNl:ixxwll !NIcCrvn1'y Sundstrorn Omen Vlkilkn-1' Rmnine ill lEll.1f AL 1f Al ll FACULTY , XIARTIN J. l'RL'cHx, Pl1.lJ. ROBERT F. SFXBOLT, PILD. KIFOROE F. SL'HwAR'rf, B.lVIus., .-LM. FRANK SMITH, D.Sc. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmflrnzff Sfzrffvnfs XX ll.l Lux F. Iirtmxs Seniors JAMES L. JOHNQON LEONARD H. INIAYFIELD CHARLI-'S C. FARRIS HRADLFY C. CTARDNFR, CARL P. cz.-KRYER EDWARD A. LJUHNKUN .XIHFRT D. xIl.'l.I.lKliN RICll.XIlI1 B. Fw DONAID C. FRAXIFR GEORGE L. F.-Xl4XSXYUR'I'll ALTON R. FIHIFR SAXIUI-'L XV. HALL EDWARD G. Hui-rf FRANK NV. ITURX CARL M. JEYSEN . Hg Hr-l' LUI,I.hf.l-., lon Scvctity-Iivu Active Cliziptm-rs BE'I'.-X LPSILON CHAPTFR ...... ........ I' Qskihlished, 1813 fw Rig" Tffww llfmlf .I .fc 1 A ,oz L.d JHLH Suwm IQHNNI-LTH J. N1-:LsON HAROLD N. NILSON XVARRFN D. ORR EDXVAKD T. PEE!-LES BJUSl'I"H YV. IIONDFR Soplzom ores ROBERT R. IRI.-XNCllFSTEIK TVILII,-X11 J. NIQHRSE Fmflz 171611 JAY XV. JrxsEN ROBrRT L. LLOYD C. clH:KRI.lf5 LOCKHART RICHARD T. NICCREARY J. IMRVEY NI.-XXVVI-'I.I. KFl'Fll OWEN, JR. Hall Fisher Wright IIPIE ILIIT GEORGE A. STEINER, A. PHINEAS L. YVINDSOR, P ROBERT ci-XRRARD J. DOKALD SCOTT .XUSTIN C. SMITHERS K. AMES SMITHERS FIODGE S. TAYLOR JOHN A. THEODORE RALPH C. VVALTER ROBERT E. w7OOl.DliIDGE RODNEY WHITLOCK JOHN A. XVRIGHT XVILLIABI Q. REEVES CHARLES W. ROMINE .ROBERT E. STEINEORT CARL C. SUNDSTROBI LLOYD W. W.KLKER .ALFRFD T. WII.LlAMS Rm' K. xVll.l.I.-UVI5 Al M. i1.B Folk Wanzenberg Huntoon Dondanville Moreau Andrews Delano I-lensel Sin-bert Chessman Margrave Capps Guynn Fadum Tisch Larson Benedict Cochrane Kern Anderson Potter Elliott Kimball Bercher I-Iennessey Bevis Hosking Poole Scaife Rice Board Auten Marble XV. Xvaggoner Lehmann Ross johnson Nelson Baker Siddall Fox Gregory Kinsella Swaim Bauer Dallenbach Garrctson A. Xvaggom-r ' I QI 1 XID IllfI.'l-A l3SIl0IlI Q M" ...QQ-, , Lk-ga I' 1 F AC U LTY 5 ERNEST BERNBAUM, Ph.D. MARcL's S. GOLDRIAN, Ph.D. li.-'XRL B. Louauxx, M.L.A. INF AQ il GILBERT H. CADY, PII.D. VVILLIAM HABBERTON, Ph.D. XVILLIAIXI TRELEASI-i, D.Sc., LI..D , 1 J. XVIII I.-XM KENNEDY A.B. .'Q'l'.I-1 ' u-:bnul'N PHILIP S. AUTEN ROGER H. BENEDICT THOMAS P. BOARD JOE VV. .ALLEN BRUCE W. BENEDICT JOHN S. CAPPS HERBERT L. CHESSIVIAN RALPH F. ANDERSON WILLIAIXI S. BERCHER JOSEPH D. BEYIS EDWIN H. ANDREXk'S HAROLD G. BAKER FREDERICK BAUER JOHN W. DALLENBACH FLOYD DONDANYILLE ef. :wi . , gf PIN ' 'fe I IAIENRX' HIIRACEK .ALVIN S. LEIIMANN XVILLI.-XXI L. COEHRANE JAY R. DELANO IXIII PTUS L. Fl..-XXINGAIXI, EDXX1-XRD O. ELLIDTT H-xxs R. FADUIXI KI-RMIT C. LIRICGORY EARL S. FOLK FRANK X. Fox ROBERT C. CI.-XRRETSON H.XRX'EX' L. HENSEL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sffziorr DoNALD C. NI.-XRBLIZ Rom RT D. IIUUIE fn niors XVIILIAAI D. GLYXR II.-XRRX' Ii. L'IL'Y'I'UUY IIRISTUN K. Jouxsox, AJR. Soplzom ores F1 GII.BF'RT II. IIExxIsfrY RIk'lI.4RD 'I'. Hosxlxo, JR 'frlz mfn JOHN J. IQINSI-QLLA CHARLES G. IVIORE.-KU R.AX'KIOND 'I'. NELSON XX'II I I.-XXI S. SIDD.-XLL i I .XRTIII R L. Rue: Rom RT R. SQAITE XX'I1 I IAAI LI XX'Ac.f,o II'rxYARD II. IQLI-LX -'HHN L.XR:0N SFR, XIFR,-XI.D Ii. IXI 1.Rc.RAYI-1 l.IoRf.E XX. R---G. JR lI:Xl'I. E. INLIXIH.-XII. XV. STUART IRITTIR XX'.xIDu XX'. IIIINLII CARI, QQ. SIIHIIXI' RALI-II SXY.-XIXI :XLYA IXI. XX'1.c.c.oxIR IIESRY C. XX'Aw1I RIIIRG RI'-sI'I.I. 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IVIOATS STEWART S. IXIONTOOTH Eucuxu G. Yuuxc. LRE A. RUDGERS BxRnx D. THIFR HOWARD E. SLIBRCK NIIRMAN L. SMITH alfa' OK ii qv Qs. it '19- 1. Thomas Harman Pherigo Ball Franks Lasaler Darke Buell Kaiser Kidd F. Vernon J. Hynd H. Hynd J. Vernon Flora Locke Mitchell Haag Aurand Hoogslrrlal Jester Buck Strawn Hoy Roberts Ziehm Prillaman Leslie Luderb Partlow Roesch Cronican Dunn Tesar Campbell Hallam Ford lyk.. Qi 2 IKRPPR lllfl'l-A Illlll B ELLA" YZIQC- 1 . -0 1' -1 ' X FACULTY EJ 1' 'A . , J -xv :Y ' ,-' HUGH A. BROXVN, M.S., E.E. EDXVARD J. FILBEY, Ph.D., C.P.A. RLDBERT B. Ouuwrcu, .-LM. ! IN ROBERT D. CARBIICHAEL, Pl1.D. HORACE M. GRAY, Ph.D. HlR.iM T. Scox'lLL, A.B., C.l'..X. 1 ,girl 6 ' A EDWARD C. EBERSPACHER, JR. JOHN E. BUCK CHARLES R. LESLIE CH.4RLE5 R. BUELL JOHN L. HYXD, JR. ROBERT E. .AURAXD HARRX' M. FLOR.-X ARLEX' BALL, JR. CHESTER M. C.-KRIPBI-LLL FRANK A. CRONICAN ROBERT S. DARKE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DON.iLD S. Hoi' RICH.iRD H. LUDER5 JAY R. PRILL.-KAI.-KN Ll.-KROLD JESTER RLJBPiRT D. PARTLOXV CHARLES B. FORD V. WVILBFRT HAAG XVILBLR L. DUNN, JR XVALTPR W. FRANRS XVILLIAIVK E. HALLAM Graduate Stzzdents Seniors OSQAR D. RDBE R'I'b fzuzi0r5 Romiwr R1lP1SC'H Sopfzom orer HARRY Ilmms'rR.AAL l"l.-XRRY F. llx'xD F1-wi: men IHILIMFR F. IIARMAN RUHERT P. IYLAISFR XVII I I.-UNI C. KIDD FRANRLN J. XIERNON EUGENE L. STRAWN LEUNARD H. ZH-QHRI PARKER XV. 'I'Hm1As Juux T. Vrkwvx XVIILIARI XV. Loom' RHHERT Nl. NIITEHLLL HARRY .L LA5A'rrR Juiix B. PHERIGD. JR. l"R xxx J. 'l'rfAR rm X .I . ' i ' ' J ' SX 1 mn W-'ff f ngf-li' u- I"ff'.wf..! N11 llll-HLIQY Loliim, l"'l ls N , .H-'tv ii Xrt.xu L:m,1i-Ivxx lpl.'X Cll.'Xl'1l',R ............., ......... l 1 illwlr-SR-rr, 1021 lllll XX illmmwzu Ntxvcl Pig- ffwvzll- W- f,fv--ive x' 'P' - A14 I ', j'4i ' I, N sr lil ,s'.- ' i'4r Ml :T Ki s l I, 1 H .T If '71 in ,- iv ,f5i- m r,f fl 1 QI' . . 'I K' l QQ-gb Nl ii T lilo 121,11 wil' IV VVAl'r'rn IJ. BUYLIQ ElhVYARll VV. ANGLR, ju. Grimm:-3 D. BARNPS ja. K 0. Brisow Ruhr l4'l' K. BAUERI 1-1 -IU:Fl'li E. Coorfsn Emvwn L. CORNELL, tlrz. SIEQIIIINI1 A. IEIAQI-csToxr FI. 'Imax Iiuotx Yr-v.-vw R. ErL'nsTA1frlT JAx1is T. BLRHY IVIARYIN S. BRAND INIAxFmm IDARNIALI. jA:lrr:N XV. Davis Jaxrr- I.. LIINN few, 50 Q O Hill Ojnhnson Knar Turgeon Farrin Bovle Trcleaven Hardinger Tuach Morgan Brouk Cornell French Ham McTaggart Cooper Bnuerle Loomis Velde Eichstaedt Cullinnn R. johnson Blackstone Ward Layer Healy Plaisance Finn Derrough 5Ullllll'.'lS Smith Long Daniulxon Middleton Barnes Lncher Anger Spence Toncoff Talbot! Bisson Dnrnull jnuch Hurry Davis McGuire McConnell Volker VVilkinSon SI.CernyGonseth Stout Brand Kincaid IKAPPA SIGIWI C C ' , f'!'A ' -I I . rs 1 IRON Plifvcili FACULTY CHAH1 I-.5 BRAIvHLru', NI.F.A. Rr:YNoLn C. FUSON, Pl1.D. XVINSUR VV. Bkowx, B.S. STANLEY W. HALL, B.S. Curr. V. Illwnvxw, B.I'., NI.F..fX. :XLBFRT T. HELBING, I"h.D. Criofzor-3 A. HUFF, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Mimi ur, II. FAHKIN XVII BLR I". 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VELDE, JR. jAMEs C. VV.-mn PAUL E. SToL'T RICHARD W. ,IIRELEAVEN ROBERT D. TuRcEoN SIDNEY V. SRI.-KI.KER, -IR. XVILLIAM XVILKINSOX -nu" nr 'I L w- r--- Il- ,...- 1 i 7 l Burdsall Wagner Gannon Cano Barnard Faust Wrzosek Sandusky Simpson 331. Ji- f 'DF- Ittner Stcrba Walker Welch Malick Galland Heslcr Mulcar Konopas k Crennell Nlccum Fraser Ericksen VVlll Radl Livesay Gleason Krolicki Hoffman Marquart Rybicki Reynolds Foss Vesely Dean Kl'ZNZOH5kl ,:.- - lAlIlllIl,4l CIII Rl.l'llR fwmml ww I L -M :' 4 F AC ULTY ' I IIERBFRT E. CARTER, l'h.D. II.-lli'I'IlfY D. IHQICF, All. IN' :N tx , If g"'lul.f EWKIYN Gm' C. BARNARD Lmzov K. FAUST EMM!-.QT W. BCRDSALL DUDLEY W. GLEASON, -IR. xv1LLI.-UNI C. Lrvris.-xv KENNETH D. NIALICK XXVILLIAIVI R. CRENNELL PAUL H. DEAN HERMAN A. ERICKSEN Jo:-xx C. Foss MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY NIICHAEL R. CIAI.l.AND RUBHVI' VV. KUNUPASEK :XRTHCR P. Slim-sox, -IR. Ilfvu' L. RAM EDXYARD S. FRASER, ju. CHARLES D. Husu-LR, -IR. J.-XZVIES M. HOFFMANN 'I-IH.-XDDI-1L'S O. KROLICKI Graduate Student Rosrarvr T. ITTNER Sfniors Flux K L. Cxxxux Juniors GEUKQIA S'I'l-'RH.-X, blk. S0f7ll077l0l't'X Rom RT Il. Sxxnufxx' F I'F51ZII1l'7l -lol-1 N Kxzvzmvrxl RULAND C. NI.f'lRQL'AR'l' CHARIES P. xIUI.C.-XR l CLIETUX XV. llnxu CYHII. I.. YVR7u9rx Clrxxzl 1-r N. XYu.xr rc 'full-5 .X. XXII 1. ,lux XY. XYAI Klk Inux L. Hyun llnxlrk li.N1lu'xr G1 rxw E. Rl-'x'Nm.1rs, JR. Vlvll-XI1Ill"L'5 Nl. RYBICK1 CH wr +5 Vrsrl Y . I F 1 ! ' 1 . I ix, x u Fur. v,-. inf' li-1-'14-x LIXIXIAHNVIX, llllill hx llIy'II'lll Xclixl' L'l1.1ptclQ Llll IP I X CH XI"I'lill ......... ......., I -.Nl r: 21111 luv! .xllllwll .Xxvrlllw l' l'l Il.- . Sojrlzomorcs 9 1 1 X H Gnllcr Ross Matz Gans Tross Gurman Graff Moise Shaymun Lnulerslein Pinzur Greenberg Horelick Rifken Margolis Cahn Knliin Burslein Tuber Silberbrrg Litvin Goldberg Litven Jacobs Siegel Simon Tan:-nhxnus Simons v 'V' A,- 4 2 S w AN! iv.. Mlllll ' tl :ATI il " nf. -,xl ,,4, ,. if . ,?.1.i1, Al t., ,135 L: v . .V :U 119-325 q J " -' I "lil 1 lfg. ' V Jfillfl' ., l, . l J'lQ,j11. 1 -,,W":f Graa'1mfe Student SEAMAN TANENHAUS Seniors Lao G. COLDBERG IIAROID H. JACOBS BFRNARD NV. LITYEN fzmiors MARVIN B. Sugoi-.L MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Rural-r:'i' I. Bi'Qs'1'Hx Ji-.imma S. Gray:-,xi-runs Knxxiru M. Cum XVILI I.-KAI Rosuvr -I. flaws Bruxmrw Gnxifi- ff J Ky' I J Ulu A1 H+ RT LITVIN il.-XYBIUND 'I'. CL"1'MAN ,lL'l.1L': Hour-.LIQK ,Il-'RORIF S. KATIIN .X1'ram-Y Xl. L.xL'rHe:'1' 1111! Lin 1 XILIX I xiii-lwiix, lllll '1xwx1ty-r1Em- .Xrtix 1- k'lx.npt"14 .'Xl,I'll X lx.Xl'l'.-X L'H.Xl'1l',R .......,,...... lzxtzililliliui, lib-l Nlll Qillltll 'lluiril Slrtvt Pug-' Tlnif' H1411 frxf Sflwrllj'-tiglll BENJAMIN A. Ru- KEN Frfxvfz 211 Fil Iuviwc, H. MARGnL1s ,lux NIATY NIARVIN J. NIOHE lluuu' PINZHR PIII BETA llIfl.'l'.l XVILLIAINI S. SILBERBERG IXIORTON Slmoxs PAUL SIMON Imoonrz j. Ross HARRY I. SH.u'm.-xx IRx'1xG TRUSS lluxxxaxn F. TL'BFR Barnes Allen Kinderman Hansgen Strawn Kelsey Redfern Galvin XX'right Hatch Sanders Couchmnn Smith Danielson Borchers Barth Sale Kuehn Layman Eberspncher Dickinson Williams Vernon Eisemnn Duifec Barr Ruff Cox Farrin Boyle Hall Knnppenberger Swann VX'omis Small Clark XX'nring Sneed Robinson Bennett Lewis Brown Hoffmnn Leach Faris Kuhfuss X'X'iIIter Arnold I ' - I Q In . A . -'Q I' 1, IUIII lllfI.'I'.l IPIII Vi ,II U 1 4 f jx Fi 1 ix' FACULTX it 44 I ' -A JAMES W. CIARNER, PlI.D., LL.D., OLIVI-:R A. Hr-IRRER, A.M., LL.D. MERRILL I. SQIINEBLLY, .-MB., -I.D., Litt.D. OLIX'P'R L. MCCASRILL, PILB., j.D. -I.S.D. FREDERICK CREF.N, A.IXI., LL.B. XV.-XLTER L. SUMMERS, A.B., I.L.B., ID MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors WILLIAM B. .ARNOLD CASLON K. BENNETT WALTER D. BUYLE ROBERT S. BRQWN CARROL T. Cox HARRH' H. F.-XRIS JOHN BARR Joi-IN I-I. BARTII CLINTON O. CLARK G. HENRY COUCHNIAN JOHN T. DICRINSON LAwRExcE T. .ALLEN GEORGE D. BARNES ROBERT B. BORCHER5 NIICH.-NEI. H. F,-IRRIN HARQLD II. KL,'IIF'L'55 ALBERT W. IIALL BERNARD F. IIIIEIJAI,-xx SHFLTON B. LEAQII XVARREN KI. Lifwif RERTICI. E. joxsox XX'IL1.IAM L. NRI-Tzc.IR T. C.xILI..aRD IQN.-Xl'l'ENBIiRGFR FRI-'ru-'RIC M. Rurzixfim Juniors '1'HItonoRE B. IDURFI-QE RJBI-QRT H. IQINDI-'RMI-KN EDWARD C. EBERM-ACHIHR, JR. CDSC.-XR R. Kriviiw FRED R. Ijisifixteix N. IIALL L.u'AI.xN -IAIIES R. HANSGI-iw IIIIIYARD T. RIII-' .Im-ix S. HATQH frmfi H1011 WIl,BL'R F. D.axIrI,suN RIIIIFIIT L. IRFDI-I-.RN II.-IRIILIJ II.-XLXIN XX'II l.I:XKI .-X. Ruin-I XVILLARD XI. lil-'I.Sl"Y Ruiwivr SANDERS CARI. IJ. Sxifrp I-'RANK XV. SWANN JAMES L. XVARING IXIIIRTIML-R ID. XVII Bl-'R IRUBI-ART L. XX'Iw'I'I-'R XX'iLLI.nI F. XXVUUIUS EIJXYIN XV. SALI-1 CIIARI,Ifw F. SIIIWRT LI-N II. SRIALI., III I'1RANKl.IY KI. XIIRNIIN Klux' R. XVILI turf Ruin S. SAIIIII Iftnrxi- L. S'II:,xxx'x -lniix II. XXIRII-ll'I' 1 Fffw !..f LNIII-ItX1'Ix lil' XlItIIIt.xx, INN' Sixty -IIIIL' .Xtlix I' K I1 IIXIVI A l..XXQlIJELL INN k'Il.Xl"ll.R .........,... lwtil-Ili.lII-.l, 1901 303 Edit Jollll SlI't't'f P.:Jr Tl'.I:: I1'.f.I:l' S :':f.fy-ninl lu lg- 1 s I . fl I F- -' I' Ii - '4JfEkiN l'..2s2 'lf I II XJDU' I nf' " Porter Moore W. C. johnson Pitzer Kell Slrauch Grossarth Lamz Bowen Perry Smith Hickman Wardley Reock Burling Baldwin LICICIICI' Carson Urearley C. E, Keller INIc'tk Stotler Snyder Menke VVebb Miller A. Brown Nelson Schultz Ward Or-hmke DI-aring C.1.Kell-er Maynard Bailey Fleming Lewers Simpson Allen Hipp Draper Wright G.A.Tawney Hallberg Gund Cogdnl MuKinnIy Koch Mcliclvey SL-thncss Ravmnnd Reichardt Benitz Branch Brinker Edwards Rasmussen X" 'Il' RTNII - K, 4' A . xi ff 2 Q 1 F V DQ MW CLINTON O. CLARK, jR. THFLWDIIRE B. DIIRFI-'I-1 JABII-A L. ALI.I-:N CLARK A. BAILEY Ihv,-KI.'1'lfR H. DR.-xI'ER DERRIQIQ L. BREVVSTFR DANII-'I. P. BROWN GFOROF B. DEARING ROHIRT O. CIOQD JOHN .L B.-xI.DxxIN HENRY L. BEARDSLI-,V RCIBIIVI' W. BERCHFR XVILI Ian J. BOWEN FRANK NI. BENITZ RAE XY. BRANCH SIDNII' W. BRINRER RICHARD B. COODAL JOHN ,X. IfIvxV.-KRD: JOSIVII VV. IIILRNIAY 175 I YWJH X. -, --,.I. - of '. fm- -. IXIIXXII I' PIII IllfI.'l-A 'l'lllf'l'I4 FACULTY ROB: RI C. .'xbHBY, Ph.IJ. SVEINBJURN JOHNSON, A.lNI., LL.ll., NIII, C. IIRUUK5, Ph.D. LL.D. .'XR'I'HL'R B. COBLI4, Ph.D., LL.D. JLb'l'.-X M. LINDGRFN, A.NI. HARRIHIN E. CUNNINGIIAAI, A.B. IDR-INK XV. DLQXXVKILPP, BS. IXILNIBHRS IN UNIVERSITY Grnzfzmfe Students XV. XVI III: JOHNSON N. HALL LAYBIAN Smziors If. .IOIIN FLEXIING CII,-IRI I-,s I. KVI I IR L IIHTIR L. lxII LPR KI.-IMIS I". IXI.-XXNKRD RUB!-'RT Ii. HAI I BI RIG VVILIIARI A. BRIARLI Y ANDREW 'If BROWN IIIIILII' BLRLINI. -IOSEI-II R. CARsON YVAI 'I'I-R C. JOIINSON AIAIIIIS .L KONI FRANKLIN II. NIQKI' C. IJAYID NIQKINNI Y IIARRY L. :XIII I PR RINBFI4'I I.. NIOORI ifI1.f1.fI.! xlx I lvl'l I, IS-IX Um' IIIIIIIIII I Nix .MIMO LII.Iptx'I's LYPY ILLINOIS lull. LIIXPILR ............... Izstnhlishcd, 1893 XII" I II Llv,llmn'Is Strurt llwviif I lfffffv LIRB.-KN IFIIPP C. RICH.RRD LEWLRS fzmiors DAVID F. NIELK DONALD NI. MENKF C. MCDONALD OE HIXIKE Sophom Orff AI BERT KIRUESARTII F. FLETCHER HLihXK'llLlD RAYMOND W. KFIL Freslzm rn IiDxIL'ND G. NELHIN ROBERT S. PITZER ROBEZRT D. PORT!-LR IVIELVIN H. RASMUSSEN MORT-JN H. RAYMOND HAROLD G. REICIIARDT wr ,fl 1 ,i1...-I..-i-.-,,.i , , NVILLIAM A. OLDI-'ATHI'R, Ph. LL.D. XXI.-KRREN A. RUTH, Ph.D. GUY A. TIAXVNEY, Ph.D. GEORGE P. TUTTLE, B.S. XNIILLI.-'AM E. RAI'I' FRANK VV. SVV.-NNN FRANK A. SIBIPSON GEORGE B. 'I'AwNEv ROBERT C. WRIGHT CARROLL E. SNYDER HOWARD A. STOTLER, -IR. ROBP'RT WEBB JAMES VV. LANTZ, EIR. WILLI.-XIII H. PERRY A. LOXVELL SPLTRGEUN ROBERT A. STRAUCH JOHN H. REOcIc RICHARD C. ScHI'I,Tz EDWARD D. SETHNI-155 ERIC W. SMITH, -IR. L. EEXIERSON W.4RD GEORGE P. WV.-kRDI.l',X, JR. 'FW I-rf 4.. D , Seniors Q fair: ' a ........J 1 Hastcrlik Hochbaum Cherry Dernburg Gershenow Gonzoff Krigel Friesem Cohn Holtz Nnkulin PICLISRII Nachman Rubnitz Bauer Hirsch Cohen Fisher VVeil Teller Korner Gordon Browdy Finder Millstone Mayer c,!.I Freeman Newmark Pinsley Gutstadt Barman Fried Blitzsten Franklin Ehrlich Rubin Silverman Adler Kaplan Frank Klnwnns Grossman Simons Kohn I I PIII lfPSIl.0 PI gllllfwfl " NFS? ,' .3 , . T .4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY -Q et, 1 11,4 I . Graduate Student U f. IDX SIMON S. IXIEXVMARK Sf. -1 JOSEPH I. ADLER, JR. HERBERT L. FRANK ALLEN A. FREEMAN MATTHEXV J. BARMAN IRA M. BLITZSTEN AI.vIN BROWDI' BERTRAM R. COIIEN HERBERT R. FISHER CARL A. BAUER LEONARD COIIN CARL I. DERNBURG JERRY M. FINDER JEFFREY L. FRIED BERNARD M. CIROSSIXI.-KN HYM.KN H. KAPLIAN IRVING CIIERRI' IJ.-XXIEL EHRLIEH GUSTAVE D. FRIESITBI LEON J. GONZOFF NIYRON M. GORDON DANIEL C. HIRSCH, JR. RICHARD E. HOCHB.iL'BI EDWIN H. HOI.TZ LEONARD H. CERSIIENOW SEYMOUR D. IQLAXV.-XN5 BURTON R. KOHN Juniors RIURR.-XY A. FRANKLIN RICHARD H. GUTST.ADT Sophomores BERNARD PI.-KSTERLIK LFSTER J. KOMER Freshmen MARXVIN KATZ MELVIN E. KRIGEI, ROBERT J. IVIAYER STANFORD XV. NIILLSTONE XVILLIAAI G. PIN:LI-LY LESLIE E. SIINERMAN EDWARD ll. SIMOYS NORMAN R. LII-'BLING RIILTHY REI-:IN RI.-XRXIY N. NACIIMAN HARRY R. XVEIL VIIIIEUDORE H. N.-KKUTIN BURTON H. PRE.-XSKIL XV.-XRREN V. RUBNITZ IJONALD H. 'InEl.I.FR 23 l"fI.w1.!.'.I' CUI,I.I'iGE UF Tlll-I CITY OI- NI xx YORK. I W 'l'lIiltx tlirre .Xltixu Lil :yu-:Q PSI CHAIY1 LR ........................., lwrnhli 'I 1 UU- Smllil liIIl.l NIV "'l I' 'I"I III. I I' -V RQZII I UNL :QA if Flqfi 5 X ' v,y.H -I - .-I g sm A, I J If 'A , L Q , K I I . I W J.-NBII' 5 XV. CLI RILNT RKIBEQIKT' J. BLSWIHI L AI I-IFRT DEXVARENNFS, JR PIIIIII' li. LIURE ST.fIxI.i:x' D. I'lAIx4IxfiAN IIIIWARII P. HI-QTZNI-'It VV. DHNALD BILHUII IIUXY.-XRD W. LILENII-QNT FJ!-,XVI-,T'I' COLL CIILBERT F. C.-KNIPBEI.L Num '1'. DAVIS Rl'l5El4'I' D. FAST Nttnxmv AC'IAtIN, JR. xvll LIABI R. BARR RIIBLRI' W. BIIHTH Lee Railsbnck Lewis Buswell Runm-lls Talbot Hetzner J.Clement drVnrennes H.Gi11ugly Sweney Gore Sfhuizkc 'I'Iirbc-1 Smith Little Hoff Crunk H. Clement Dungey Bishop Hadley Cole Kuhn Hcrriott Keith Simpson Cninphcll Davis Fast Tirdwmctnn Mormy Lnmmrring Fish Jacoby Barr Booth BI'.It1huI'y Patton I-fzistmziii Rzindznhl F. Gillogly Vance Sutheriand Stoetzrl Ebert Grdge Acton Charles CIIARIIS E. RR AIIBIIRY, JR. 'l'Ht-AI ax R. CH.-XRl.PS l x X . 'xx , x fID.1'fA.X awfiv, lllll PIII Iiilllllll lllfl-IA FACULTY Junx S. CRANDELI., B.S., C.E. DAVID KINIIZY, Ph.D., LL.D. .-XRTIILR H. D.-xxii-2Ls, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY BI- RN,-iRII F. Hui- I xi.-ix Janus C. IIUNTI-iR NIII,TtIx NV. IQEACH XVILLI.-RBI S. KINNI-3, JR. FRIDI-RIC E. LLI-', JR. ILICHARD B. CROUK J. NVILLARD DUNGLY l'II1x1iR L. I'IADI.liY .-XRTIILR C. FISH IIARRY I. fi1lLt'lGLY, JR Dawn L. IQEITH VV1.'I'I's C. CLITTLR RIIIIIRT Ni. E.afTM.aN Frm:-inn D. EBERT FRIIIIRIQIQ C. Uvnoa I I, FI ,f.'.I' XV,x:IIIxr,'I'tm ANI: JIRI1I'I,R5tIx CHI I Im, IX-IIS SL'Yt'I1fJ'-IiIi'L'L' Ihtix U Ci1.lJItk'I'5 III II" f I I I.X tH.XI Hull ............,...,,, Iwt.Ih1IQlIud, 189, -Wi I..Ift Jtfhn Pfff TJIIII' llwfiifmtf Figflfy-Irwn SII'L'L'l Graa'zmIe Sfzzflenfs SHILTIIN B. LF.-ICH Scniors RHBI- RT C. Lewis Biax F. RiILsB.-WK IJAYID B. RLINNLQLLS XVARREN A. SCHAFER .fzmiors D.RX'lD C. IHIUI-F CLIMHRD W. KLIHx Sojllzomores J. RUSSELL I..-'KRIINIERIXG JOSEPH P. MoRR.n' Freslzmnl FRI-iDI3RIcIc D. CZILLOGLY IJALTL E. HERRIt1TT, JR. IFIARRY E. JACOBY, JR. WVILBLIR C. PATTHN OLIX'ER L. AICC.-XSKILL, FRED B. SRELY, MS. IIARRY R. STIix'Exs CELIRGE. A. SIILRRV JAcIc C. Swixizx' XV. PHILLIPS TALBQT JOHN G. LVILCOX LHWELL P. LITTLE F. NI.-XRSHALL SBIITH .ALBERT TRIEBEL, JR. RICHARD S. SIMPSON Ph :XRTHLTR H. SI-EAKER, JR EDXYIN L. TILDEAI.-xxx JLALIUS O. RANDAHI, XVILLIAIVI H. SCHULZKE, JR R.KLl'li S. STOETZLI., JR. Jfxiuas E. SUTHRRL.-ixn FRI-'DI-'RICK L. V.axcE Ii, X I' J 1 Q - N "fi 41 'Rv Q ' , K - Q'-4 F iff. 2, ' -a -- - ... . ..,,,'15.' ,wsu ' , bf? ' A 'L' xnxx- . gff..'3 1 . V . . CO EDVVIX L. BRQDERICK, M EDWIN J. M.-xxLI-:Y JOHN T. DUFP'XER VINCENT J. L.-KBRECQUE WILLl.AfX1 J. ECRHARDT THDM.-xs E. ENNETT MICl!.REL CONNOLLY EDNVARD F. GERRETY JEROME J. HowE WILLIAM! C. .AHEARN STEPHEN E. BURKE, JR. ROBERT C. CLANCY : R Q- .gang Prosser Burke O'Brien Schlenk Gerrety Quan Rooney Ke-nt O'Conner Wustman 9? McGeough Ahearn Connolly Howe V'JninscoIt Reedy Seng Hyson Eckhnrdt Steele Ennett Hutchison Wnxson Sitzberger Wehling Woods Labrecque Duffner l ill ll ilC.Al.l I' Al QQYQM QJQS I L .-u 1 4 FACULTY 5 , .S. D.-KYID C. RY.-xx, M.S., M.E. HERMAN J. SCIIRADER, BS., NI.E. f'NT N lx EDMUND F. TOTH, M.S. :Il ,gtk MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY "3'H9I"X Seniors VIQHORI.-K5 M. Lvxux FRANK J. SITZBERGER DL'RXX'.4RD R. IHILATCHISON Jon-IN D. Hvsox ARTHUR F. O,CONNOR EDWARD R. FIIGARTY ROBER'f V. KENT ROBERT G. PRossER XVILLIAIK1 R. NVATSIIN fzmiors JIIHN J. NICCEEOUGH Sophomore: EUGENE T. RFEDX' GERALD W. SENG Fresh men XV.-NLT!-.R J. PRZYBYLSRI XVILLIAINI P. QUAN FRED J. XVI-1IIIING XVILIIABI F. XVOODS, JR IEDXYARD F. OYBRIEN RIIBERT L. STEELE Joux I'. XV,AINsCoTT XXVOODRUXY XVAI.sI4I I3LRxARn XV. RUQNEY E. BARRVVI' SUILENK I"IERBl'R'I' F. XVL':TIx1Aw 4 "3..f J fn. f If I .A 'Ewa '--" . 1 1 " vr',,p'if' .ffy 4 4 Yszqlii 5 kgs? , - ., wi. ,-. ,-i'4'f4. . . ' - ' ',,,,. , .V ,I A , .. !u,.....1 fa-it-3'ATG'.1.'gQ . 'fr .. - ' ff- 'f',1,J'. '.' ' Exe 45135: f , . . . '-93" f: ff' 'Qf' 1.21 214' Y J fi.. f i:-59" ' ' 'tweihl 1' 5 251 -J. -. f "-"- 'E-'42 iw F.-1. A '- Y .J-xf ,p -' .f -:f-'T-.12- ig3-qi:-'IZ . :A "' ' ZR? -'-. ide 1' ' ' fLs'f-F'...- . "1 R"Jf"', 'c ' sf-W-'1"?E'f 74.5 JJ - 45:11- E1 IT ' iii r ' 'ijlff 'I . 1 15 ,. ,P IPL- . T., ffg--fl ,I 4 -T'--L-..- 1, --....,. + ,153 A-W-.' up I. v- : 3 - j 4- '. - . .:' - -- j ...-14.43 1.1.41 ' -- u - ' 3 N 1,5 , wif-"ffm: 6-I ' ,ff?!15'uE:..f.wsf ... .. .. 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CK.XXYlFtlRl'3 CRAIG IJIVISIIN RIIIII'R'I lf. fIlYTP.R vv"""'k. :Qi in .f I R: . . ' 'wwf' E. johnson Brown Finlayson White I. Twist Crumlish Lnpe Skog Hum Neincyer Benson Gulgsell Olnfsson Gibson Krnhl Tucker Schaefer jones Bolin Crebs Dyer Van Ness Nelson Howard Hutchifon Mojrmnier Rush Mueller VViley Gintcr Ballard Cnrsnn Marr Kennedy G. Twist Swnnncll Rossi Boswell Crawford R. johnson PIII IKAPPA PSI FACULTY R11BPR'lA H. BAKER, PlI.lJ. A. .AUSTIN HIRIIING, B.NIus. .-XRTIIIR II,xxIII'ruN, I'lI.lJ. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY L1.XrNYl- I.I, AI. CRI- IIS ITICI. VV. CRCAII ISII KLImRf.E H. KRAIIL NI. RIIHIIRT UL'I'cIfI'I.I. 5. Limb Nrftxri-YIR kI.1.xIEs R. joxr S IJAYID M. INIIIBIINNII' R FLIIYII L. Cizxiixxi XVII.I.I.uI C. IIIIWARII IIENRY VV. IIINT Fnnuz II. IILUFCIIISON NK I-IIIv.'Iw+N .xml .II I- I-I I.-Rim Q-II I I-,f.F, ISI! Fifty-tum Actix C CII.IptL'I's ll,l,lXUlS lJlil.'l'.X CH .Xl'II'.R ............ I:Qt.IIIlIsiICd, I9 -if flii SIIIIIII I lllfll Strvut Inf. If. 11.,...I. I nw. I Graffzmtv Students Swziors I-XI,IwNZI,I F. LAVE fu rzfors Puri, O. Ol..-XFSCIIN IRI F. TWIET Sojbhonzorfs Fvmxrc J. NIIJIQLII-1R Parr. R. NI I,-IIN Frfsfz 771171 EIIWARD A. ,IIIIIYSIIN RIIBERT E. AIIIHNSIIN .XI BERT N. KFNNEDY IIIIIN E. NIARR ,wh FRANCIS S. RONALDS, Ph.D j. CRAIG RCBY, A.B. XVII.I.I.mI F. WR.ATH RIL'Ii.RRD W. 'IEUCKER LACRENCE C. WELLS Ioiix B. NVHITE RtNBP'RT K. WILEY HARRY NI. RUSH C.aI.vIx F. SCHAEFER FREDERICK H. VAN NEss FRANK REHLING, JR. FIENRY D. Rossl Lunwrc Sxoc, FREDERICK SNVANNELL, JR GILTNER TWIST 11:- 1 'U' Richey Blue Pedersen Holmes Fitzgibbons Huisman Bell Koehler Smart Patterson Frary Mcllvoy Tyrrell Donnelly Swanson Harlmnn Harriss Stansberry Knight Ellsberry Todd XK'hyIe Frederick Gillespie Talbot Revell Adams Rummler Boehmnn Remsen Knappenberger Ferguson Allison James Chambers McClure Hippee McCfInce Ormsby Sprague Egger Morrison PIII ICAIPPA SIGIWI FACULTY ARTHUR R. CR.-KTHORXE, PlI.D. PAUL N. LAYDIS, I'lI.D. VIQURYI-QR H. TRIRIBLE, A.M. CHARLES R. FREDERICK, M.S. CHRIS S. RHUDP1, B.S. ARTHUR C. Wll.I..ARD, BS., D.l2rIg EDXVIN M. AD.iNIS, JR. OLAF NV. ALLISON ROBERT Z. BOEHMEN RAX'hIOXD O. DANIELSON WILLI.-XII C. ELLSBERRI' FRANK E. BI-iLI., JR. CHARLES L. BLUE Joi-IN T. FITZGIBBONS O. DAX'ID FRARI' WlLLI.A1I F. GRIITH CHARLES F. CHAMBERS E. JDSEPH DLbNNELI.X' HARTM,-IN D. EGGER - S MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Grrznlzmie Stzmfent T. CI.-KILL.-XRD KNAIAIAFNBERGER ROBERT S. GlLLESI'IE GEORGE VV. RI-:MSEN R.iLPH E. FERGUSON JACK C. MCILVDY J. HARPE I-I.-XRRISS WILLIAM J. HARTMAN K. LYLE HOI.MES JIIHN E. HUISMAN ARNOLD N. FAIRBAINR G. BENTON HIPI-EE THOMAS A. JAMES Seniors A. RICll.AllD REX'ELL RIIBFRT S. IQUMRILER Juniors XV.-XI.Tb R E. SWANSDN Sophomores JOHN W. KYIKQIIT CARL H. KDEIILER 11.-KYIXIOND L. PATTERSUN JAMES K. 1,1-iDFR5EN Frfxfz 111 Fil PIENRY M. NICCANCE JOHN R. IVICCLURE, JR. RDBERT H. MEINHARDT I LiX1Xlf Fuirlwnirk Mcinharcll .ww ' ska' .3 I 'TRI Ax! lx, tx .IQ-lgli OLIN Nl. SLIINIIIIIR CURTIS G. 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FRINR EDNVARD E. X7ARNURI Seniors :QLLBI-'RT O. BARD RHDIRT B. CAA1I'BI'I.L RICH.ARD W. LEUTWILER KLUSMAN PARKS HARDLD C. BALIIHAN LH' E. FRYI-E JOHN C. LUMBATTIS ROBERT SANDERS PIERCE BIRKHOFF .XI HIRT M. CDI DDE IRAYINIOND P. LYNCH BRUCE K. TICE RDBERT M. BRUWN CARI, IX. GRUTH XVILLIAM R. NEHER XVALTER L. WE.KX'ER, JR. JOSEPH A. CAIHPREIL Jzzmors JOHN V. ,ANDERSON JACRSIIN C. IDILIAJN W.4RREN E, GLOX'PiR DONALD H. MORRISON ROBERT P. BL.-KTC1-ll.l-Y :XRTHCR V. ESSINGTON, JR. GEORGF A. Ii.-XFSI-QR ROBERT H. PRICE FRANCIS R. CANTXVILLL EI DIRT F. FITCH IIFYRY V. IVIOORI-Q JUIIN A. STEWART GEORGE T. CARROLL Sojnfzomorcs DURWARD C. JLDY CEURGE A. MAc.NU:UN ILEUNAIQD M. SCHUBIR GROVER E. SHIIITON VVALTER H. KNLVPQBPL CASH IRAIIFY, JR. ROLAND G. XLAGER F7'F5l17llf7Z R-JEERT E. CUS'IEI.LU JAKILS R. F.-xRRINf,'I'UN ITRED KARCII JAMES X. NOEL JDHN F. CRUNIN CLRTIS II. FRLSII RICHARD W. IQARRAKI-QR RUSSELL PARRISH LRURDON R. IJUNCAN TINIUTIIY O. IIUI Cams RICHARD L. LLOXD HOWARD J. RUSSELL CHARI IS F. FARRINGTIN JAVXLBUR D. SIGIITS X "" .- A B I X' 5 ,, ,Q ' 1 , if '21, ,r V' " I 4031' 4:-ff x g.. 3'5" QW' If?-'. . rgggg 1. fn, . 1:1 w T fz ,. 1"-f... f Xi I , f X Y fmI1,I'f.I I.'NIxI-RSII'x' UI' JXIAIZATXIA, lSS6 Ona- IIIIIIIIIQII 'Ikn .Xutixc Cllziptcrs ILLINOIS IIIYIQX CII.XI"l'IiR ............. Estnblislred, IS99 '5 f-5' l1f.,II.I .xml I . -ll I' wt D.llllLI Stu-ur f Black E. Feldman Berkson Fisher Zarbin Loeb Nodell Snlins Chiprin Lewis VV. Goldberg Rambach Kohner W. Feldman Schpok Shinderman Friedman Novy Present Katzmann Levinson J. Goldberg White Matross Marcus Blumbcrg Goldman Schuckman Sager Kagen Gore Romain Goldblatt Homel Klein Rhein Reinish A Q, 2 eww fl ' Ln: QIGIWIA flll'llR NIU sw ,' L. QA MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LI-.l.4I.. iiiblfx Seniors JOSEPH BLUMBERG XVILLIABI J. GOLDEERG VVILLIAM W. CHIPRIN KENNETH BERKSON WYILLIAM J. FELDMAN JOSEPH GOLDBERO ROBERT L. GOLDRLATT SIDNEY BLACK EDWARD FELDMAN HERBERT E. FISHER LOUIS M. GOLDMAN MELYIN KOHNER BERNARD I-'RIEDMAN GEORGE J. GORE RAX'L1OND CIR.-XWOIG LEONARD H. HOMEI. TVIARYIN S. K.AGEN FRANK A. KATZMANN HERMAN L. LOEB GALE L. MARCUS , f s .. . 73 I 1 NORMAN A. LEWIS funiors Sojrlzo NIARSHALL L. LEYINSON 772 OTE! HOWARD S. KLEIN MELX'IN J. MATROSS JOSEPH NODELI. CARL L. REINISH Freshmen NIARX'lN NOYY HENRY PRESENT FLOYD R. ILABIBACH xl.-KRYIN R. SCHPUK XVILLI.-X11 SIIINDI RMAN IRIING D. RIIEIN ILAROLD ROB1.4lN LXIASLJN Nl. SAGER LE:1,lE XV. XVHITE PRESTON S.-KLINS NIEYERS SCHUCKMAN NIFLYIX ZARBIN 3 DG' 1' I 'Q " I div A31 lg '3.9'Q'?f F0l17lIft'J COLLEGE UF TIIE CITY OF NEW YORK, 01 ll 'I'lIiI'ty-nine ACtiYc CIILIFIUYS RHO CHAPTER ......................... Establi Smith Fifth Street Pigs Tllmn' lffnl 7 N y flftl L. 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LIFVIQNDAIIL, B.S., M.D. ROBLRT B. IXIALCULINI, M.S., M.D. LEON VV. MARTIN, Ph.C., M.D. CHARLI-'S H. P1111-'I-LR, M.D. IJIQAXE W. PROIIST, A.B., B.S., M.D. CHARLES B. IYIIHSTOW, M.D., Ph.D. LINDON SEI-.D, M.S., M.D. NVILI.-XRD XVAY HAZEI., A.B., M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EUGIQNL: W. GESSLI-iR JOHN 0. H ANSON I-'RANZ K. FLEISCHLI EARL G. HAIx1II.TON LOWELL E. KANNARI-'L VIQTOR M. DORRIS ROBI-iRT D. H.ART AIAIR T. H.ASKlNr DONN R. GLNSKIRI NORTON R. GROTII A. JI-'RUKIE HLRTIR Riix L. ILER Seniors WILLI ni A. IIUTCHISON AI,1fRI-:D -I. lik!-il-'T Juniors VV.-XI.Tl-ZR C. KINSER HENRY P. LATTU.-'RDA CRABF E. LONG Sojrfzoflzozws GI-iOR0I-1 O'NEII. XVIIIIAAI N. PII-I R F reslz 111 eu CIR.-XNT 'l'. JOHNSON EDWARD VV. IQLTNCRI-'L C. RllBk'R'F IXIFXYRI,-XY NVILLIANI E. Rwi' I,RI"4'I'0X VV. SAXYYVR LIIIPSTI-R E. YVAIII, l3IrRI.ii B. NIAOISON EIJXVARIJ J. NAOOIIA Du I MAN I-'. Zum IR ROIIIRT E. Rxmn VVILLIARI F. Suu.:-'NT LIST!-'R L. SNIITII XVILII.-XXI 'l'. Suxl-FFR Ilkll-El-QRT R. SYIYI-I Y IRA! PII S. '11 RYPR XVARRFX A. Yiwu Turner Hurtcr Ilur Shairhi' limb Anderson Fellych Groth GOSSOIII Snivcii' Rupp Kulickvl Piper Hfiskim Haut O'Nui1 Surgcizt ChriSIi1In Ryde Smith IJunriS Cuhmnuui' Flcischli Lfing Nngodn H.llHIilUII Madison Dick Davis Kziiiiiuprl Lznltumizi Biddlucnini I Hutchison Bucher Kreft Sawyer GI-SSIQI' Bunn Ulnie Hzinsnn Pigs FOR V f if nz. IIN Hlflxlf Furry-tu rr .-Xclix u Um lull LH.XI'lIzR. .,....,........... . 7 SAXILPI. KI. l3L'RRmx'r, NLD. NTU SIGNIA LvYIYkRb1'1'X' or NIIEHIH,-XX ISK' 6 6 Srvlxlh Aillllllld Bmv'11CY1lI'LI, Llllxl rm f'flf'Q' Y. N Zi! PM ' EI'-Rifl9flf . . . . . ,Est1lb1iSl1ed, 1391 A - Q --5?l'59X':E5' ' x IUU If A C U L TY CDSC-XR E. N,XlJF.iL', BS., NLD. I'1RFDl-'RICK G. Dxxxs, NI.IJ. XVINUI-NT J. O'L'uwwR, B.S., M.D. Foxn K. HIQK, HS., NLD, xVII.l IAM F. l'1P,TI-Rav Y, PLS., M.D. Hum A. NICL:L'Ifi.-KN, l'l1.D., NLD. I-'ruxuf E. Srxxaw, HS., M.D. Huw-a'1' S. Nlumu-', PILR., Nl.D. Uruxmri rw 'I'xRmm':-KY, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY S1'7ljfl!'5 joux S. K.wr-uxux Fun H. Ihuxmxu, Ollwu Y. Rrvuvn I-'ruxus -I. YOLNG Au-urn VI. K1 1-'lx .'XR'IAIll'R K. l'V1'Hmw 'lwmxwx' R. Yurv: fzmiors W1111, H, ,XTKINSUN l1A,4,U O, Rx 4. Rom-wx' H. S'1'u'n-wx Russian. G. 'I'RL'x1mn. HUWARD li. Hr-'HR Sopfm 111 Ul'l'5 C1-,mum-. VV. C.1.R1.lN xv,-XI,'I'lfR U. Ii.-wxvr Run-ll. il. NAIPRRI-'I' Furmnucu G. Simi-wx RICIIARII L. Faux NIL'llkl!..45 V. Iuvra JUNK VV- Sill-'Af-Rl-Y JOHN K- W-411-.4L'Pi jusrru -I. IIXII!-TT Fl'z'51'1n11'u Ill-.NMAN P. L'-wsrrxs Lum P. C1.m4x:xrK Hu'.x'ARD .-X. l,.uxm' l':DXKARU 5, Lrxlwmu-N KHHPR Ii, Ffuvl-Z IRA C. xNVH!'l'liIIl-'AD Pwr lf!-.V llm.lf.l lun' XX'hiu'h1,-gui Lowy NY.n1ln:u ShL'1lgl'k'Il Run Plum Q Lllllffflltll I-'ruin Hnlhtt Stcvms Iuppgm Hun 1' Flnntz Mu :ct Carlin Simpwn 'l'x'ummcl lxlvin Rf xnnud lktvzwxm 'II Young F. Young I1flU'l'l'llCL ,fy 1"uumi.'.l ,sn-o. 5Y.g35' LNIVI-'IIsI'I'x' In-' I'lTTfI-IURr,II, 1891 Forty-eiglmt .Xftixc Cllglptvrs I 'mffixggg' I0'I'A I'IIAI"1'ER ..................,..... Ic.I.Ih1..I..-.i, 1902 IIN SIIIIIII :xil1I.lI1.I BIIulI'x:I1'.l, Clliurgn PIII Illf-Ill I'I FACULTY CARL B.-ICQN, ILS., NLD. 'I'r,I.1. NI-Imx, ILS., NLD. CHARLES S. Bfxcox, I'h.B., NLD., D.Sc. MAIJIIICE L. BL.-KTT, NLD., D.Sc. PADI- L. Scmzorznma, B.S., I',-xnxrz H. SIAII-in, Ph.D. FRANK L. STIINI-1, NLD, NNIILLIAIXI H. Buuwxrz, M.D., B.S. W.-XL'1'ER CAMP, IVLD., Ph.D. Huco O. DI-ivss, B.S., NLD. R. E. EDWAIIDS, NLD. EDMUND FoI.I-iv, B.S., IVLD. CHARLES E. I'IL'NlIS'I'0N, D.Sc., NLD. H.iROI.D I. IVIEYER, Nl.S., NLD. GEORGE IVI1I.I.I-is, PILU., NLS., NLD. IlL'DOLi'H ODI-IN, A.B., NI.D. NIAHLOX P. II.-XLNIER, A.FI., NLD. CECIL D. BROWN, ILS., NLD. SAKIUEL I'I2I.L'sE, ILS., NI.D. LD. NNr.-KLTER H. IFHEUH.-Xl.D, B.S., NLD. RICH.-XRD L. WI-ZBB, I'h.D. IIRANKLIN S. Wuwx, PILC., NI.D. :XRYULD .-X. ZIAIAII-'IIxIAxv, D.S:. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors H,iRRIF' P. ALTAI.-xx Crunugv H. Asnuxri EAII- RSUN K. NIcVm' JIIIIIOVS Luo J. Bnowx Rom-:RT D. Brnclfix' CLARI-NCI-' C. LIUHR5 CLI1-'FQRD W. :XTH I-' RTUX Joux W. BALLOL' FRI-:D L. EAGI.IisTox JAMES C. FASH BURDETTF .ADAMS STANLEY Axnnasux LENDALL D. ARCHF1R Sonnua J. BARRETT .ADOLPH B.-XRTOLI IIUBERT I". Dr.AIIBuIIx RICHARD E. IQINZI-'R Rom-iIIT E. LIIGSDIN IIICH.-XRD G. FORT EDXY.-XRD II. IRON? KARITIIN H. KI III' Ilosrgwl' .-X. BIQI-LBP: LI-ioxAuIm BI,AxI'sI.rx' 'I'I-IIDDIIIII-1 W. Bkuwx 'IHIIMAS S. CUMMING IJ.-XYID T. CURTIS CI,1If1-'IIRD H. I'k2'I'kiRs II.-XYL Q. I'I-'Triusox SOPIIU Ill arm CARIJ-iTuN W. Luvukuxz STAvI.IiY NI.-XNKONY5 HAIIIIY D. NI-'SAIIIII Fraslznzffz Illllil-lR'I' B. ExcI:'I'IImI DIINALD IU-1xoGI.l-'. IDI-iLBFRT W. NIcKIxxI- Y NVILLIAAI D. NIUSINI.-XY Rum-iRT D. RIIANI 2. 9 K FRI' Il A. Quriwzr II VVAXNI P. SIRLI-5 VVILIIAAI E. STI-IYER .IANII-'S II. NNI.-II.I.I1R WI-isI.m' I'rI.TzI'II 'IIIHY R. TAYIIIR -lmix V. 'IIIIIIAIININ KI'vNIf'I'II DI. VVINTI-R. NVILIIAAI E. Ilkbil-LL :KDRIAY I.. SQIIRI-IBER GI-imzm 'IIXYFNTE IIUGI-'R .-X. VAN ATT.-X IIUAII-Ia F. WIIII Mosiman Icenogle Roauxe- McKinney Erxgstrum Ruffell 'I'xwnIe AIIIII-Ismm CIIIIis Adunf YnIIAIm In-Ihr Auhu VVeir Becker Atherton Nlnxxkowski L:-verenz XYiIIIuI's Nusmith Fzxrh lS1II'kI'II ISIIII-Ili Sylxmilxx' Ill.IkIalu' Dezlrborn Thompson Kemp Taylor Peltzvsr Ironf Iiznlluu Imgsdl-II FIIII F.1glcft-III 'l', limxux flllllvlllllil L. Brown Burley Sirles Cohrs McVey Qunnzrr Pctulsun Altmzm Avhlme XXEIIIII' Suixwx IHIIIN KIIILI IH' I".f'If- Il I 1 I I Q HQ. -, S - -. , -S ,5 'Fig i +4 'kj 4? X v Q Kr s is 'I v S as DD AU V .4 4-I y f.,,.,:,, ,T .- H A .fa .- is SOIH0lHIfIlfS .1,, - --- -Iam I IWIIEX 'Ill SIICIAI. SOIl0lHIiIlfS ,Xlpha Chi Oiiwga Alpha Dt-lta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Oinicmii Pia . 1 Alpha Phi . , Alpha Xi Dclta ,, livta Phi Alpha 2 Bt-ta Sigma Omicmn Chi Omega 1 . . A , Ut-lta Delta Delta . 1 Dt-lta Gamma Dt-lta Zeta 1 Gamma Phi Bt-ta . Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Dulta , . KW Kfliiiw Phi Mu ,., ., Phi Omega Pi . Phi Sigma Sigma Pi Buta Phi 1 Sigma Dt-lta Tau Sigma Kappa Thcta Phi Alpha 'l'ht-ta Upsilim fcta Tau 1-Xlpha 418 419 420 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 4411 441 442 443 Iaxr II. FYGI-'I. E.-KNNE L. Sc.-III II.x'I"I' QIIIRII-iv L. 'I'URxFIz QIFUNLFII- llllEllQlglEI!JlIlI EIINI. II. 1"INGP.I.... .IP xxm- L. SqII:Iu'I'I. SIIIRII-'Y L. 'rURYIiIl... .Hplm Iffff f,ll.':'g.1 'Ninn' I. IXIIcCI'IGAv Klum' Ii. NIIIIII .IIIIILI IJ.'Jf.1 Pi IJIIIzII'I'IIY NI. LIIIINES .Xxvx M. SuII.wH'Iz :IHIMI lfwflfijllll Pflf LI I'II I' C. IIINII-il.BL.-KU SXIYIJI KL'Iz'I'7IIN .'IffIf1.1 Iixllllllhl DJJ.: iluuur M. CIIIiIzx'IfIx ICI IlXHlf'l'lI J. INIIIIDLETON :IHIHJ 0II1fI'l'0Il Pi XIAIII' J. CLIURTRIGIIT XVIRGIYI.-X D. IIHIAKINS :IlfI7I.z PM l'.xIIoI,INI CAI I Im xx' SAIIIIII II. LIIIIING :IfjII'IIz .If Drlm li a'I'IIIu'N E. NI.-XRSH NIAIII R. V.1IxIIIIIHII,T lim PM :IfjIf1.l RIIII I. Brvxox I,IlI4I"I"lIX Ii. NI x'InIN l1'I!.I NIgI1.I.z Umfffrurz IiI Ie. III .-XY.-XL'l'.K I'.xLII,IXI-' NI. SI,FI'IyK.-I llVlJIlIlflllL UFFIQHRS l'I"lI ,,.I.II'l'II IIfIIrI .,II!.I1I-l1I.1I,II r , . 1.111 UII.'I'Ky.I l'IJ1 III!! Ivy S. III! III I:'I' K-HI NI. I xxm 11 Drffn 17I'flII III'fl.I LIIIINI-. I. I'IIIIuIuIIz NIAIIIIIIKX C. SIAIVSIN .XIIIIIIIII X. NIA-IX XIxI:IIIx -I. NIIINNIII III Un:-'g.1 I'-' VAILXIXI I- I I I. IIN UIIIII IHIXI- NI. 'XII Iv ' I DI'fl.1 IIIIIIIIMI :Xxx L. CIIIIIII-IIIIII NIAIaI,IIcI'I' I. NIIIIIIIIN PJ, DI'I'1.1 Zn.: IJIIIuI'IIIIx H. IIHL'I'kHI'l Ilrmix ID. IJXNIFLS S C.lIIJI1.'II Pflf BNI! I"IuxI'I- II. I'IIIIII- XVIIUIIXIX If. Ru Il -I-'I K I .IjIjI.I Iiffvm lIIu1.l VII:r.IxIx Ii. AlIIIIxwN I III'I'I'x Al. XVIIIIII-Y k.IpfI.z DflI.I 7. VIIu.IxIx ll. l5IIIIwI'I-IIIINI. I.I'I'III' XI. I.xxr. A. . . .lfIfI.I K.lfIfI.I f,.III.'I I Z! IMIIIIIIII I'. III-IIIIIIII L'IIxvIIxII I. XVIII4lxxIIx I.' .NIKQIIJII .NIxgII,.I xxLlIJl4l-.X .X. IIIIII xx xx I.II.I xv Y. Oxxrm HI 1.1 PIII LIIIII4 I'I'I It. IAIIII I Ixc PF i.IxIx'IIxI C.. I.IxxI gum! UI'I7f.1 f.I:I III RXILII .'X. IfIxI RIMII I N N. 'IRI NI Xl IIII,'.1 A .IfIfI.1 III RXICI' Ii. RI .xx I' LIIIIIIVIAIXI- XIII I I- li . ,II - fum III: .HjII'.I 'IINH NI. I,xIIxx YIIIII YI. XIxI.xx III I.: I fmm II Il IIIII4IxsI NI. klIIIIx x NIIII I I-I I.. IIIIXII ..I ffm . II'jIf.'.I XIX!-'Il' R. K-II I uw XIxI:IIIx X. XIlII'lI 1'. FII. ,fl I y L lr X gs. A N. -4 P ,, NIARJORIE E. B.-K'I"l'lf I' VIRGINI,-K E. IJILLE ROBERTA B. ELVIS NIARY H. BECK MARY V. BRINTUN A. RosINA BLTLLINGTON MARJLIRIE H. CARLSON I QL. 514.94 .7 s " nf' . ' F I , :WH- 23.25 'iggvrv' 1 Ogg, F011 mfnf DPQII.-XL W L'NII'ERsITx , ISS? Fifty-seven Active Chapters IOI.-X LH.-XPIER ................,....... Established 1899 L I0-I South Linruln Axcnuc Al.I'llA CIII IINIEGA FAC ULTY CI.-XRRI-.TA H. BUSEYI l'lI.D. IJURLEE C. STL"l'lIXI.-KN, .-LM MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Srniors DURUTIII M. LI.-KRRETT HELEN L. LIE VI1liIwIfX'l,X G. .IUHNSIIN FANNI' L. JIINIS F. EI.-NNE MOORE DIILURI-is E. N.-XGIIDA CARHLTN E. BURAII NIARGARET E. BoL'DRI .IULIA V. BLLLINGTUN HH I-N M. IJAY IRURHTIIY IJENTUN EI I- RNURIQ F. FUIIR XYIHUIYI.-X L. BI-QNSUN j.ANE'r BURGEEUN XYIRGINIA CAMI-BELL ' I-. RHSAMIINII H. Cl.E.-XY!-' NI. KIANI NICCIVIG.-XY fzmiors NI.-RRY E. NICOLL VIRGINIA J. SMUYER EETHER H. STL"I'TI.l-1 S Oplz 0 Ill Ores F me BARBARA W. GLENN RI TH L. KIUFBLL I-'R-xNcEs E. EIR.-'INT R. EIIZABI-TH LEE MIRGARIT E. IVICBRIIII-I 711871 11 M ARI' E. Coz.-In BARBARA E.-KSTERDAY BITTY L. GILBERT NI-XRY B. -IUTTQN LOUISE M. PATELSRI IIELEN K. STOUTENBOROUGH BETTY L. Il-IIIDINIAS LOUISE VIIRIBIBLI-1 JERUINIA L. WALL.-RCE DoRnTI-II' R. ZERNVECK RL'Tli M. IVIILLER HELEN D. PORTER ELSIE H. QLIENTIN IVIARY SALINDERS R. HELEN SUTTON L. LoUIsE VAN ETTA JANE NI. LANQSTON MARGARET B. MILLS RLTTH E. MUSSELMAN PAULINE A. NEWTON . O 9 , Q.. L. 4 M 1573 'Nitin' llmgwfum IIIIIWIII F11-tufinv Bmzuh k':m1phL-ll I.:mgNtvn1 NL-ummm juttrwn IVILBSCIIIIIIYI Mills Bunwn Sutton Cuznd Cnrlsnn " I ' ' ' IIIIIIII ' km I un 1.1-dui 1.111111 lhrurmm Qu:-mln 1- L' Dm' Ixlclirxdc Millur j. Bullington Porter Snmunrirrs A. Bullington R I -I f'w'Ill! ltrxxn-,II Almm' jmnw Sturm Trimblc Beck Smuvcr Nicnll Nngmln Z1 funk H. he Dillu -Ivlhnwn Ihmx fXILfimg:m Czxrxmtl Flvif Thomas Pnnlakl XYnllncc Plgf IMI ll'Ir1ffL.Z E1V3f:!I.n v " .,.,,Q'9.' 0' ,9.' ' ' A . . I YVIasI.IiYAw I"-I-XIAII CIII,I,s1f.F, lSil Fifty-sight :Xctlx c kil'lIlPIL'I'S SIGMA CHAPTER .........,............ Established, 1912 lfflll VVL-st Nuxxltln Struct BETTY L. BILLS CL.-IR.-I DAYTON LOIS M. ANDILIISIIN IVIARJDRII-L R. ANDI-iusux SARA BANNISTER CHRISTINE J. Baocx ANNE M. BURNS INI.-XRGARET S. BUSEY JE.-IN E. G.KTE5 MILDRED R. JAN.-IT,-I GER.-xI.nINL: M. CORNI-QLI. DOROTHY A. DFLITM,-IN AIPIIA Ifl.iA PI FAC ULTY LOUISE M. PICKFNS, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITX MARG.ARLt'I' H. CZIIII'I'IIN ROSI-'AIARY IIIISII NI.-nu' E. BURNS VIIIQINIA E. Bussrs I'IliI,IiN E. GOLK ELI: INIIR A. GIISSHTT NI.-Im' L. McKI'N1II: NI.-xu'I'II.-I II. IIFAL'uL'K XYIRGINI.-X E. jIaxfI-:N Sf77ll.0l'5 :KIM I.. Mu AQII III-I,FY .L xIlFS frzniwpc IJoIIu'I HX NI. LIIIINI-'S NIARJIIIIII .X. II,-KRNIIQI Y NIARJURII- I.. Ill-'I57 ,XNNA M. SLIIALLLII S0jPl1fmIm'4'.I' NIIII l.Il-' NI. PIILI rs I":lVl'l'H RIll'IFQL'I-iT EI I1AIaI'I'II I. SIIIIIILII. 1711171 XVIKGINIA NI.-XLRI5'l'I4UAX KATIIIJIIINIL RIII-IFQLII-'T Cornell IVI. Burns Mnlrlch ,IIIINIII MIIIIIINIIVIIII SIIIIILIIJ I,L'Lll'I1III Bannister Pnrmely XY:IIIIlcI't-I' Bmtk Smith fiuu., Il bktlwn Q IIIIMI K. lw Schuyler Thomas CoI'tIIII M. AIIIlk'I'N1Vl"l I.-Ihnw RI XSL Il'lSll Mu Busey Janata Phelps PI,-.Imclc NLKIIIZIL' bIIII't'll ILIIIN F. RI-pic ,I I iii' f lillllllf NIL Q lI.Xl"l'P1R ALPIIA EPSILO Ex r l YN BAK!-,R lll-I 1 x Kun IY BILI lp' 5. I'.liIihIlMAY Hmmm r NI. 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BREHHI NIARY j. :XDSIT RUTH M. BATEIIIAN MARGARET H. BUCK PAULA CIHIATTIN ELAINE CRImIxI'I5LL LAURA D. .ALLEN WINIFRED M. BARCLAI' R. ELIZABETH BOYS FACULTY RUS.AI.lE NI. P.-ARR, l'1I.IJ. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY PII-:LEX L. DANCEY RUBY M. F.-EHR EI'IfI.I'x M. LAURENCE HRLIQN E. BURT NIARTH.-K ERLT M. B'IAL'R1iNE FELL DIIRI5 NI. HAXS CII..-XDY5 NI. DF.W,UI.PPI Rl'TH W. HALL NI.-XRY L. IIAYIS NI-XRGARI-T A. liurssux EMILY IJ!-QXVHXRST MARX' L. II.-KRRIS Jaxx L. jmaxsox Grnrfnzm' Sfzzzlrnf JFFXIF F. IJ,-Ixux' Smziors HIILPN L. LYMAN CATHRIXF F. NIIE5 HI IZANQR S. PIITTLR fznziors EII-AXIIR V. Hm'T Cl..-XR.-X F. NICLIIYTY X7IRGIYI.-X R. NI!-RRIYI-R I'1I.IZAHl-i'I'll J. MIIIDLI Tux Soplm 111 off! Lousy S. KRL'IfGIiR EI.IZ.-XBIVTII J. NI.-XRRlOT'I' l"I,IIRI-'Nur' .-X. NIUIAC NI.-RRG.-XRI-'I' M. Ol.l7ll.ibI MARIA M. PIIIR Fr-R511 men IVI.-KRGFRY .L IXIABRI-Y IVIURII-.I, li. NIQLSQN KVI-iI.Yx L. STm,7Ig -Q ... t 4 L 4 K' OU ' in '-K. nf' NIAIILI. ln. MIIQWIRIII ,X. FII-1.AxuR SAIITII I.. LIIRRAINI1 XVIIIII I I I' .IIAN I.. Ilililxi J. BARBARA l"IIII.III':oN NIARIIIN D. RLIQIJI-R VIRc.IxIA NI. X7I:SI'1R -ls... 'X f , 1 ll:- V43-JN, MEN? M 9 CY :..- 'f 1 EQ- -J, .' , I. Y gf: ' A I I I.sr06:f'.- A I. YA N3""i' I , 1 Q- ln' Nclsnn Oldham Hayes Boys Barclay Allcn Dewhirst Stolze Mabrt-y Dt-XVolfe Hall ,IQIIIIMIII Hlllllg Hans Burt Brehm Eret Polk Crornwell Buck Bateman Chattin Marriott Mulfnc KIung1I' .-Mbit llnlwwrx Phillipson Braun Hoyt Middleton Blair Boyer Visser FI-ll Mcrrincr Parks Mt filmtv RI I lit-I' J. Dancey Smith Fnhr Silkwood Lnurcmc Cocrvc-I' H. Dnncty Potter Biggs Blzllk L1ll1.lIl Bllnx P456 Fun' 11:.v:I". 1' T11 'nfy-out -2 .1O'9l' A' 1 RQ: x iii: J. o ' 0 slag 1' I tvs. ...I '- 21 :.a-.Aw-4.v.'f , , an 4 . 1 f'r'-eff B no Fan rzifeil BAIINARII C4II,I.EGI', 189' I'rIrty-three .-Xctixc Chapters I0l.X LHIXPIER .....,..,............... Established 706 S-ruth Martin-ns Street AILPIIA Illllll Pl Darius CIlAN1Bl'ILI IN MARY J. L'Ul,'Il'I'l4IGH'I' HELEN NI. CLIQTIS Lois E. IJAVIN NIARGARIT E. BAIQI-If :XIJCIE S. IJUX7.-KI. JFXN C. I"uR:'rIII --1 FACULTY LuL'IsE M. NVIIUIIROUI-E, B.P. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY NI1.Rc.AIufr J. CJ.-KULT M.xItII.YN IsI,EY Evvi YN I.. KRPIXI BI-tru L. FtwwLI-ix JEAN L. LIOUGLER LI.-XTHI-'RIYI-1 M. IQYLES Mun' M. BRAIINEY l'IIsI.LIs L. BVKN5 NIAXINE Cmcmovr NIAIII' L. IIARRINGTIIN IJIIIIIS G. Iii-LFYIS BI'I"ri' L. ,'XI,x'Ex' XVIRGINI.-X A. Ihxr-Lx RLITII E. BURG RIISALIA L. FREDA Smziors MAIIJUIIIE L. Lrwis CHARLQTTI-1 A. IX'IC'GI,.4DE XVIILGINIA ID. PI-QRKINS Juniors EIIITII K. LANG MAIIJOIQII-i N. Lrvwiu' S 0 ph om ores F. HELEN LONGIXIIRE JUNE INIERSHIRIER JANE E. NIQIQEY NIT.i D. POTTER Mmm' E. RENNICK Frerfzmcn NI. .ll-.-XY GARDNER NVIIIIA J. K.-xI:EI1 LL'L'Il.LP. E. KREIIII MII,IwEErJ LENC FLIIIQINE E. PETRI LIRACE A. ROTIIWELL JANE M. XXVI-QNDELL CA'rIII-1I1INE E. VAN GI-:RPEN DOROTHX' WILSON DUEIITHY E. XYFTTER EILEEN J. SCRANTON PIII-LEE SELLS J.-INET H. SI-IUTE HELI-EN M. TURNER BI-"r'I'x' J. W.RGNER NIAEG.-IRET H. MCGARRY X7IRGINI,-K L. TRAPPE HELEN J. WELLS JEAN E. WOOD Cnr-lriur Frccln Lvnc Burg Kniwr XXI-IIQ Scranton Nick:-V Alvsv L. Kruin McG:IIIy Shutc Sells Menhimer Harrington Turner V. linker Longmirc Rcmiick Potter Burns Wagner Cosgrove Vim Gcrprn Kvlcs M. Hnkcr Yetter 1..uIg Krc-vis Luwrv Forster DuV:Il Bmdney Curtis Imuis Wknriell Rothw-,ll Isley Courtright Perkins Krnim Petri McClndc Davis Chamberlin Page Four llwifu-Il Tiurnly-tue ng, .' Fon mlvrf SYRACUSE LVNIYEREITY, 1872 Thirty-six Active Chapters BETA ALPHA CHAPTER ................ Established, 508 East Armory :XI'cIIIIe MARGARET BLOOINI, Ph.D. FRANCES L. HITCH CATHERINE D. H.iUBERG M. VIRGINIA LAW JANE B. ENGEI. CAROLINE C. CALLONVAY RUTH E. CLARK JEAN E. GR.ABLE RUTH H. BURI.Isox R AV im, -ff AI.I'IIA PIII FACULTY JANE C. VV.-ITT, A.NI., NI.Mus. JANET L. XVPFION, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY SARAH H. LORING li.-'KTHRYN T. RABY JEANxE L. SC.-XRRATT ALICE B. IIERBST VIRGINIA IIOLLAND Grrzflzmie' Stzzflcnts FSTIII-QR E. Mclir NIIE Swziorx All.-XRY L. RI-'ISNER Bl-ZTTY J. Rrm' EYELYN L. XVUOD fzmiors JEAN M. SOUCI A-4 -- sn.. 5 I ' .. . t 'J Ag Soplzonzores - A 5 ' C nf RUTH C. SI-:I'MouR ' ' NI.-RRY J. IVAN IIOESI-IN Ji gga - . . Lu'RA E. XVRIGHT K, X921 1' '11 Frexhmen IVII-'RIE A. HUNTI-R Am Hitch Calloway Scnrratt Souci Stymour H.IubcI'g Gmblc MQKQILII: Law Rudy Rcisner Loring Ruby' X'K'ood Clark Yan Hot-sen Hunter Burlison NVright HI-rbst Fngtl I'..kjf Ftmr H'.'I.f-.1 Tzyfff rr c 6 - .' Ginny .9959 I"unmfuf Luxluxuln L'nlIFm', 1503 L' .Xftix U L'll.lP!L'l'S lx.Xl'l',X L'H.Xl"l I-.R .,.................,.. l'.StLll'Hl15l1c'd, J IW VVL-it Michigan Stfvvt AI.l'IlA Xl lfl.'IA FRANCES E. E1 FSTRAND Ill-I rx V. Boon Hrxrs L. Cu1.1.1Ns M. Lvxurug KI'I"I'kRAI,RN jAxr'1' M. BUTLER Ou..-x M. LEILSTER F. .Marv-3 Houusux lllll Ill. W5-'RU x nf ' M If X FACULTY IRPNF IJ. Plxwusox, A.l3. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gnzrfzmff Sfzzzlrnts Seniors limus M. MLCANN .Xnxrs M. Ryxx l'QlI7A11r.'l'lI j, IHINTNFR Mlumvn C. S1-HSMAN fznziors U. llmmwlx' lluuixmx Illul H N. RvXAl.KIS'l'RUNI Uk.-ur: E. Alunxsux K.-x'rl1HYN li. NIARSH .-Xxfr.x G. AIUKIDCH Iiwlxx L. NlL'Rl'liY Q'-XI'lII'IsINP KIIPY 5XRABlfl, l'l-Allsx-nvnw S 017110 nz ores IJUFHVIIIX l,l'RHANI IQNID li. Klwru If1,r-.-xwmu liklyxsux RI.-XNRIIP Nlwxn LLXRRIIVI' E. Gllwloiu. Iilalr M. RII'l'CHl'l.I. IJUIUVILIIY AIFYH-N Mxujmur. Ii. BI!-XYKIIQK F!'l,511ll1l'7l RLTH IZ. Il,1.wxl,aNN Pr nu R. I..-XLITII KR'I'llllXY K. KaL'nA1AN ,ll-ll-Y j.Nlrw1u' C151 IH- klxr M. RUHH Ax x r'1"1'x-. L. Fl.li1bL'liBEIN Mun' R. XV,-XNI1liRHll.T lil-I lax M. YVHITIAK K Mxm' K. Rmxmnu ,IVAN S. SHN-Ann Rl'l'H V. SMITH 'LI1ll.l1A F. 'I'+x1mlcK lh'r'1'x' bl. PHII l.ll'S Pram' C. SBIITH LQHARI u'1"l'1a STuNxl-,r. IQLTII H. 'l'L'TT1.F Rosy.-x1.1xm Rll'I'li CONSTANCE R. VVr ms Pfgf Four,J Twrnzy-four Lzlutlu Mitchnll Philiilu Nkgg Muffin x Mnlmslrmn Ruth Hllll'-Illilllll Robb Kllllfflllilli Mnero Vluhnwn Rockhold Kilry Slunkrl flilrnmv P, Smith Num kirk jcnsvn Pvnnhrlmm Hodgson jokisch R xmith Gilatcr llnrfmgm Iiurlm r Nlurphv Mglrxh Shqnml Cullius McCann Hogg Spin'-mcm P1 inlm 1' Yun-M rbilt Rum Killumnn U'hiIImk 'O 'Ar 5 I . 0 . G, J Ah I gal 1 .9 Fvznzduf I.'N1x'l-:Rs1'1'Y UF C.-'4l.lFlJRNIA, Twenty-six Active Clmptcrs BETA CHAPTER ....................... lzstalwllslwd, 1923 S05 YVcSt Pcx1nSylx'.mif1 .XNISIIIIU m ml. 1909 lllf'l-A PIII flI.l'llfl NIARCELUNE E. GOUOI.P'R, B.S. NATALLA M. BELTING ETHEL M. DUNLAP RUTH I. BEYNON FLORENCE C. NI.-KTTOON JANE L. Dowxras Loxs M. BERZINSKY FACULTY ELIZABETH A. NICBRIDF, A.B. Nlmzxr-' I.. Il.-XAISER, BS. Iixm SCIINAL mn, NLS. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Grfzflzmff Students DQROTHY I'IllL I'.l.Il:XBl-'III F. Lm'H-'LHR Seniors CA'I'll!-ZRINF E. MARTIN Lum-'1"1'A Ii. Nmmux Kyrnnuv- A, fy-I-'ry,m1Hg1pp, fzmiors SHIRLEY M. Ovuw lluruwllx' E. Snuxu' ., ' .- -.... N d ' H. Racism PARKPR NIAn'1'11.a O. Wusxuk - Z .',.N 9' . :J .' , :I A I "S 'ff Soplzomores 3 f P Q :XLICE E. I'LrLCHrLk IIAYI-QL M. 'l' ' . ' . , , - . 1 , 1 'Hr 'A ' Imam M. SMDLIX . . . x Ne, .g-' - F1 5511772671 Qbjwmg, RUTH E. DUNHAM NI.-uqlmlrz A. IIILL KQf Dnkwrnx' E. GL'LBR.axDsrix Pulchcr Soukup Tlmlnnma Dunlap Loefflur Couglcr Puxkcr Zuth-lmcislcl' Martin D. Hill Oycn Gulbranrlscn Iierzinsky Iirlting Nr-ylon lirynon M, Hill Hlsnnx P.:g r IL-:Ir fl:.r:,1'l..A I:1.rx!g-fart L 2 'N'-N Sfivff. I 4 ,X 'I M n Fan rlifnf L'x1wns1'1'x' UF Missouri, 1888 Tnerlty-fuiil' Active Ciixrptcrs A1Jwii NIU CILXVFER .................. Esmbhdwd 1927 212 East Clizilmers Stl' n'L' t lllfiil SIGDIA QIIIIICIHIDIW Rvrn 'I. Kizuusu IVIARJORII-1 .-X. Imxnswnss IVIARIE B. ENc,sTR,xwn ELLA II1,u'AcHc lllli Ill 331 ui TIIIIMIIIII w , , ' esussfli N We wi? FACULTY Lrimm P. Km-inn, MS. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Lll,l 1 xx XV. NHLSEN Iiimi 1, B. NIIL!,ifR Ri-.uxxniwr 0. Ihrru.-xxx XVIRGINIA Ii. FosTi R CARY A. Bi-.curv C. II.-XRRIICTT Hmmm Graflzmff' Sfuzlwzts IJORUTHY I. YVEST Svuiors LENA li. Riu-iinsnx fuuiors NI.xnc.,xnr-QT C. JOHNSTON S 0 plzomores M mv E. C.-KRD Fresh 7111171 IIYPQLYN I. Pnlui-' Vina M. XVicxs l'.aULlxr: M. SLI-IPICKA Luuxsii C. ZIMNIERIWAN Gi uTRL'm3 P. PRICE NI.-XRGARKT E. SQCIRI-ZS CAROLINE W. SCHICK .IUNE V. UNDERWOOD 231 YY fs , M' , , is Page Fuuf llzmlnuf Tzwvffv-ii.: ,.-...av I at Mwst Squires Schick E. Price Foster Underwood Kneer Lamisness Wicks Bechly Millet Card Johnston Nielsen Baumann Hlzivucigk Zimmerman Slfspickn G. Price Roberson Engstrand 1 . . I. 5- .4 I f it 'iw Af? 6, f I ik Fon rltfctf LVNIVI-lR:l'l'Y UI- ARKANSAS, lS'J5 Eighty-nine Active Clmptt-rs OMICRON CHAPTER .............,...... Estnlwlislwtl, lfllflll 90' Suutlm VVrlgl1t Strt-vt FLORENCE I. :XDAM5 LYDA M. ARBISTRONG R. CAROL B.-XUERSFFLD MARI.AN ,ANDERSON MARY' F. BRANIJT MARY E. LAMBERT ROBERTA M. BALDXVIN ALICE L. B.ARRETT JANE T. DICK JANET FLENTJE BETSY L. BARRER BARBARA B. BATCHELOR VIRGINIA L. DoI.E MARJORIE GIEHl.ER 1- . H CIII Dllflifl FACULTY CURNI-IIA P. IQELLEY, I'lI.D. CLARISSA IRIN.-XKER, PlI.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors LEULA Nl. CARLSUN I':I.E.-KNOR V. ERZINIQIR JANE S. CIILBI-'RT LTER.-KIDIYE H. LARKIN IRINIA' P. Ll-QYIS GAY L. LARRIN ELIZAIIETH E. IVICCARTY CATHERINE L. PUTNABI IDA M. RICHMOND MARIAN E. SNYDI-:R Lois ll. HANLON JEAN W. L.-XXVRENCE RACIII-ir. E. IVIEHARRY Ii.-X'l'liI-TRINE I. MOUNT LUIS I. HEIGI I':I,I7AI3l-TH .-X. JAINII-'S Jt'I.IA M. LAKE .lmziors KATII I- RISE I.,lC1liAIB0DY Duma M. IEUTNAIXI S 011110 111 ores XV.-XNDA L. SPENCER JUNE B. TURNER NI.-IRI.-KN 'URBAN NI.-RRY E. WHITE Fresh mf' 71 IVIAXINE Y. CJLIYI-Ill CARULYN J. SMECK IVIARY J. 'IIENNISON XXDELE V. WEHCIIPKIM IJURUTHY M. IZ.-RNIB.-XI,L I'Hx'I.I IS E. SNYIIER LUIS K. WlllTF NIAIQIE A. ScIIL'ER:x1AN I":YELYN D. SYDOXV LTAII. Nl. VANCE A. --n... 4 - ,A 'iw Batchelor Barker Smeck Lawrence Giehler Oliv-:I Mcharry' Tunnisun Hamlun Flvntjc Mnunt NX't'l1chuin1 Sydow Lambert Antlurson C. Putnrun Schucrnmn U rbnn 'l urntr 5DCIICc'l' Richnmntl liznltlu In Dole lhtk Levis G. H. Larkin M. VVhite G, L. Larkin Lightbotly D, Putnam M. Snydur Brandt Barn tt Munir MfC.IIIx Bauersfeld Gilbert P. Snyder Jzuncs Adrunn R1Ind,uII Inks Cnrlwn lltlgl lxzxngu L, KN mn .ftlnnftrlwrxg my Rm ll-.n.l' .I Im.. H, 1 . . U . M. X1 .V :E 6 : - .. . f f L I 5 I L. h ' A I . s""-., ' .- ' 3'332:2Q7" Xp 1 no Wt mfr.. 5-J 'f-If" 5 I 3- K A l X 1 . ,QQQEY .JN A il V A .J Fofnnfrll' Bosrox L'x1x'uRs1Tx', 1885 liigllt-Suu-11 ,Xctixc Clmzlptvw lJl'.Ll.X l'l Lll.'Xl'llzR .................... Itxtallwlmilxul, If QUN li.:-t flllllllllli Struvt IE lgflffll IE IQIITFIL IE lQflf!ll FACULTY , . . 3,0 'Slam' E. INILINGNFR, :LIL Lani I". 'l'm31.r:.AsE, ILM. fXlIilXlBIiRS IN UNIVERSITY Sruiorx A. 1i1.1zAm'I'l1 BAUHQ C.-X'I'llPRlNF A. KPND.-xl L I,ul'Ifr I. l'RuL'1'oR NIAru..xicr'l' 5. SHAW If. blaxr, B1-i.-uuix' jflxm' L. CLAR1-: Mmmm L. FAST NI,'1' K. IIKECK1-L R.NL'IlEQI. M. Cum lxs ljnrufrux B. DULANY A1 rw Ilum-z1.soN Vnmx F. Jvxerw 'nnM 7 1555 5' I llllil fl- al ' l ,ng 4 'I' - III.-XRY LhI:rNRxNG IX'I.'XR,IlYRll" E. NIEIXYI-Il Gunn- M. Nl-'I.':llY RL"I'll L. M.A1.AN .lU5Pl'HINl-Q P. NI!-IXSLR KIHARI oT'1'r1 L. M11 LHR KIAII li. li,-xlusnuk Klum .-X. lluxxrk L.'XL'll.-X L. Ummm: l:l,17,uan11'r1 L-ur1ra H Bl-'l'I'X KI. L'l'r:1'1: II.-UUHI-'l' AI. I:-KRKII I+ '--uqvu .1 fNl,wc,,aru"x' -I. Rm-:rg I",NllI.Y Al. RUE LL cu 1- H. ScI1L'1-551.1-,za fmziors CIARUI Rm PH lJmw'1'1n .-X. Rm 11 xI.X'l'HIl lm C. Slxlrmx Soplzonz oral' XVILRIA F. LLHAY1' LI.-XYIJ-' HL BB.-XRD Nleuzx' K. -luuxsux lil ww: tl. III-Tlll-'I-Q Freshmen .Xllcl-. I. lhxulnhi II.-KIKB.-KR.-X ,ll-.NNINIA :,r Q -gg - 5.-XR.-KH 1-1. SHINN lJmmTHx' G. 'If-u'1.u11 llmuwlnx' L. 'I'.1n'Lmz E11 1-Lx C. ST1c,.u.I. Lux: M. 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BUNCH.-XIPIYI' Ninn' E. Bkmvx RUTH CURRFN5 BE'1'Tx' L. .x.RI5L'CKIF MARY D. Rau. RUTH A. BUFFINGTON CJEORGIALFE BULL III-II.l'X -I. IUUNALDSON Dolurrn Y G. LIUNDIZRNJN NI,wcnnu'1' R. Kuxz EILIZIZN M. BALI. BETTY L. BUSHFIHLD FRANCES H. DUUTHITT ISABELLE H. QIFITHM.-XY'rnA A. Ilrn' lil-IA GANINIA FACULTY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY IDuimT1lY IDAYIN I'.r.v.x H. DAX'Ir .Ir.xwxrT"I'1 I... Illclin JXYX L. Cnnnunn Manx' Ii. FLETCHER ,XNw.u1.x!-'lr' KLNZ Dnuls II. INIASON jrxxx ll. MUNRO Nlxnx' J.. R.wscnERT ful..-XIlYr NI. IIIINT jnsrix-nlxf F. Imfrhxxn .IRAN C. IX'IERL'liI! K.xTnnx'v F. YNImzr,ax W . .Swzzors -Iavr H. Ilunuvl' xI.'XIify-XR! T NI. Karim. Rvrn .X. I-1l'wnx1rs fmzimrf L'nnI:'1'1wr Nl. Xlmafli Rnrrxluzx' O,NP'lI.I. IIYYIAII-'IITA C. Prxux Sojvfzwzzorvs - 1 IJ.lsm'1nY !'..5xx11n1-,.X.l..'I' I. M mm-N 1. IJnrw'1'n'. V. Nlxxm K Ityrn r I4 In. Nlwnn 1- Ana S1-.xnxx IYI. IVIAn-Tnrzlbi Snxkl- BARBARA F. 'l1L"I'I'I F IIARR11fT B, XVn1'1'l- .RUTH J. 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IT.-KRROD Ill-LSR!!-'l"I.-X J. LEIKIBKE l'i-ART. R. LQNKIIART F1.oRi Nm, C. DUDENBAQH NLbRl'l.R A. BARTS BHS L. Gunn!-1Y LA Vbnu. FR15ic Jimxxixu M. LA TEP'R G7'1IfllIlIfl' Sflllllfllfi Seniors CARRIE CL. Mg Ijnwi Ll fzzniors Sojrlzomorex EYELYN R. lg,-XTZINIANN NT.-XRYBFI Lrg Tnumvsox Freslzzzzfn NTARY STl.aRwA1.T 1-'I oiwwca NI. PI.-KRDING, H,iRRIYZT NI. LYONS RLl5EKI.XRX' E. ROBERTS FRANCES C. XV.-KLDO HvxR1rgTT.a 1. S.-KLTSMAN EILEEN C. VVILSUN Dl5R4J'l'H Y J. Worm BETTY L. THUMAS HELEN M. TV,-XRNFR A.M Pzgi Fwn' Hrmlfni Tflzrfv McDnxull Thompson Snltsmnn Rozlcnbnch Dnnin-ls Appcll VVilsnn Kntzmzmn Rohn rts Frixk XX'm1n Stizirwnlt Lu Trax' Hlilfio Barts Lcmbke X , as ,wg 3, 55 A -.l- --.f,6.. A lI!e"',4 .zu 69: -6- 2 ri I"u11m!fJ Sx R.-xcL'sE LINIYI- urn x, IS'-I' Furty-six Actix L- L'l1.uptf-rs ONIICRON CHAPTER .................... I".bI.lbIl5llC'xI, 101 N 1110 VVuSt Nm :ul.1 Stu-vt GAIWINIA IFIII IIIZIA NIARY VV. BE,-KB1, M.S. AXl'14,i A. Bovn HEI.EN J. KIRK BARBARA M. KN1r'1' NIARGARICT NI!-'RRIAIVI F. ELM.-xxx-:TR BOOTH M.xR'1'H.x S. CALL!-LN .ADI-TL.-KIDE R. DADANT PHYLLIS ARMWRUNG JUNE M. BEARE RUTH M. DAVIS M.RRJORIEl W. GREEN SUSETTE F. HALTSbLER M. JEAN MARY R. Exmu' J. DOROTHX' BARTLE BARTLETT CRHAIFIELD M. GODDARD FACULTY Nluur NI. IIUSTETTI-QR, A.B., B.L.S. .Xxxx B. Rumxsox, .LNI MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Lousy M. M111 ER FRANCES H. Plum-3 VIRGIXIA E. Rruu IJURUTHY NI. l" I.oL'ler1 FLURA Hmmm ,L K-xrrrrz NI-xRjuR1r J. IILJHN NIARIUN KIDRSRIO Grnrlzmff' Slndent Iix uvx M. Gmmxxo SFIIIOIZY NIIRIAM -I. SAx'.u.E NIARY nl. SCUXILL IQ.-X'I'IH-RIN? Slnl-sux fmziors -II",-XYNIQ I". Raxm-.R jx-Ax F. RCIBINNIN 'NIaRr.,-xRF'1' L. Sunvr Sojvlmmores :XDA NI. Ruff ,IL xl-1 j. SQUTT M.-xRc.ARE'r ,-X. NIfXY'k'l5INIU RUTH LIRII-. LIBERTY B. PETRU A. RIARIE QUERL FLQRENCE C. Hfxxsox RUTH M. KANE M,-xRc..xRE'1' H. LIVIXGSTUNE Cl-RALDINE R. NIL'KE.LL IIFLFN D. NL!X',KRK SHIKI Fx' R. W',A1.LAn'1f Freslzmmz BETTY j. Rm: IJURUTHY bl. Suflur JUNE M. 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JACQUETTA FEAYYEAR MARIAN L. BAKER PRISCILLA S. BORGEIKSPTN BETSY BURD SAxoN V. ELDRIDGE HELEN E. GUTI-IRIE RUTH M. BINGH.-X51 MARY J. ICENNEDY ICAPPA lflili FACULTY MARGARET lN'IIDDI.I-LTIIN, BS. DOROTHX' E. SIEm,NBL'Rf., BS. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CQNSTANQI-1 E. HAY ELSA L. HIIIIENADLI, LLICILE M. LANG I. CAROLYN HFIYIINGXY.-YY ELIZABETH IsENB.1IRm'R IIARBARA K. HOXX'k1I.I. lvl.-RRY HLIBLER ELAINE G. Joi-INSIIN SYBILLA KEELER CTEORGIAN L. LAXYRI-iNL'E Grnflzmff Sfzrflmzfx Smziors E. JANE MQCARTY CARoI.YN V. lNlI1L'NTjm' Juniors C.-UXIILLE F. JENSEN IJORIS I.. OX'FRTL'RY' Sojflzomores RUTII MIIRRIS FRANCES E. MouN'I' IEIYRTIJQ R.iTH KATIII-iRINE F. SIIIIHY lh'lARCi.-XR!-fl' L. XVITTF F1-all man A lvl.-XRY M. lx'IACc:Al.I.l.-KRD LAI'RA1sEI.I. SL'llL"I'T JUANITA D. PHILI' IVIARGARI-'T W. SCHLILZ Fl.ORl-iNCli M. XI.-KN lltmx I'lXl-IYN J. NIuR'I'INrI'N KIRKPIK SINIITII Nl.-RRY E. YVII,BRAII.1.YI NI.-'KRIIJ-il-, YIILNG JusII'IIINIi S'I'RoKI4It HELEN J. 'IHIIIAINIIN NIARY li. VIQIIUXIMXN .R ...... p ' ' flaw 7' mv I QIZIISE YYIIIS Bingham Eldridge Howell l'I.'I1l10I1lSUIl Fcnvycnx' M.1cC:IIli:II'd Yrm Hunk Schulz Schutt Philp filllllllt' lilllIl Rlth Stmksi Lawrence M.Thnmson Mount Boa Fallon OVCl'IUl'f ISt'lll7ZlI'gt'1' Junsrn Hemingway Shelby' Huhler Keeler Mmiis jnhminm llivigtiuxi lS.Il.II Bauer Young F0eI'SterliIIg Mountjoy Hay Fehr Lung Hohcunclcl Smith lXlcC:II'lY lxllbl IK'llNl'Il xlilll5l.ll1.ll1l P135 flwru' llurI.I'I..I' Tlfwfx-Illnr : I i 0' I :..' . -6, I 4 is 4 . I ,fri 5 ', , - ' uwzrsgg Y' l ff, iff. I- in A , - IK .- LA fly X X .uni V ' If M ' Nix T, 'H ' ' -' . ll!!! rf' ,,r A AA., 1' ',: L F0nu.fvIf XIuNx1uL"xu COLI.l'.Gl-i, ISTII QCXCIIIQ'-NHL' Active CI111ptcrS I3If'IRA LAINIBDA CIIAIYIIER .,.....,...... ESILlbIImI1CCI, 11112 Suutlm Lincoln Ax cnuc ICAPPA IKAPPA GAIWIDIA II.-XIIRIIVI' I. B.-Ul'Ikl1, All. BHHQLY II. BAK:-.R I3.uu:AuA I'. Iilfrmvrlf SALIY E. L'Auxumx L'HARI,U'IR'l'I-. C. L'l.b1x1rv'r5 EIIIABI-i'I'li M. BABBITT Lu-xxr1,1Yx B.-XIRI1 EISIP M. Hulwls IXI.-XRKIURIE Nl. BYLK5 , 27' MEMBER Ii.-xraxux,-x L'L"I'Tr li E11z.un'1'u R. I-'minrx M. E11fxmTu QIRI-THI-'R Ill'IH A. IIAIX1 1-'Y IJURUTIIY NI. CI..-YRK II.-XRRIIVI' M. CUKGHP work INIARGARIT A. Hm T CI A1-mum LP NILTIQINI..-KX NIARTHA ,I. CII.-XPMAN NI.-XRY J. GRIFFIN Bl-ETTY A. ,IUHNSUN NIARY A. KIMBELL IIuR'1'Fx:F BAR'I'HUl.UXY li1.1zAm,'ru li. CRIDHY EMILY P. Fruxxa FACULTY S IN UNIVERSITY Smziors IIA1:R1r'1'r 'I'. IILNTER Alosrl-urxri L. RAfA1L's:fx BI.-XNCY F. IQILI- Y Louisa M. Scnxxmkik fznzfors A. xl.-KYF NIAYG.-xs IJHRUTHY' H. PARKER CATH!-RISF R. III-'R5H.-XI,l. IlL'TH V. Rr-nnlfu Snfvh 0 111 Offs ,Laxri A. IXIICKIHIBIQRRY I.ILIl.-KN F. Musa NI.-RRY E. SVH.-Xl'l-'R IMOGENE E. STURGI-:ox M. El.IZ.-XBFTH 'I'R1FBr1, Freshmfn K.-x'rnRYx IJ. FR.-KYK5 IDURUTHY bl. I'Il-N1If-NNY.-XY jrxn Nlmxrk K.x'1'mzYx V. Ihxxs, A.M E1 1 rx SKILI MAN CUNST.-'INCH I.XV11.x1wsux JEAN E. XVIISUN M. LIES!-YIFYF Rlxx NIILLICENT B. IIIR.-XCY JANE Ii. WV1-11.15 RLTI1 II. XV.-KDF IQATHERINE WHEIYAT NANCY XXIII!-'I-I.FR LURAMA XVII-:sr NI.-XRY II. NIurS Lurm-3 E. RAINEY XIIRGINI.-K A. Sxmuf -M43 . .1 .. Civ,- hluthnr Luttnx I P.,f. lfuf lluv:-I' .' Tfmlx-I. Uhv.-:ll Hull Snfvrf Ilnrxlmlrsxx' 'l',r1vbvl .Iwhnwu M.YXIww R.uim'Y Clark Mnngzus I"Il'l1lLIIXlllX Gxiftin IYITHIIUI' Crusbv E.FrankS K. Franks CI.:Ipm.un Whwlnr Kimball Schnhr Mnckcltwuv Stuxgwn 1..1NIu-5 Bnbhltl Uknlu LAIYUIIIICIIIIIII' Bun McKinlJy Baird Parker Tracy Pershnll Bnldus Lnku Knrrxxxafpzx linklu' lhfchurf XX'1lk11m,n 5klIII!l1ll1 bCI!lHlIIL'I Carnahan Fifchcr Reddiah XY:-lls PxUlHl11,L'ii NV1-1s1.1eY.aN COLLEGF, 1852 Sixty Active Chapters DELTA BETA CHAPTER ................ Established, 1921 706 XVcst Ohio Street ELVA L. KROGH, A.M. NADINE E, CHENEY NIARY E. FLERUNG NIARGARET E. NICIN NAOYMI K. BREINIER MARX' F. DURST NANCY EGFR TIRE PIII NIU FACULTY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY NI.-RRY E. GANN Ei,lz.xB1a'r1-1 M. Osxmx H1-QLEN NI. GILLESME ELIZABETH A. GRO!-'F MARY F. COODALL Grnflzmfe SfIlf!67lZ NIFTA A. SH.-XXV Seniors :5xLBERTA N. fNIA:KA fzmiors IVIARY W'L1zr1RG S 0 plzom ores ELIZABETH F. NIORROXV NIARION j. PVIOSSER Freshmen ELYERA K. R.AFFEL '64 af' - Kp. :V x fl Luum: F. Lurmm-', .-XM. Cbiwlav.-x G. VVAIJQI-.R RUTH L. xAr'HITl,0CK -' n .' ff . :..' :.A 1.6, 1 I I 1 1 i Cheney VV:xlker Gunn Mclntire Mnskn IXIUSSCI Sham' Osman Kmgh Lodge Whitlock Weherg Fleming Murrow Croff Goodall Rnffel Egcr Brenn-r Glllt-apic Duff! 17.15. I'-im Il:u:.i".,:' Tfufrx a PIII IIIEGR I'I FACULTY Crum I-'1'11N1xlAmxf, NIA. RLTH C. FRI-I-MXN, NLS. Ifxixu R. ,IL'T'IllY, B.L.S. NIEIXIBIQRS IN UNIVERSITY I G7'I1l!I!Uf4' Sflldfllf OMAN U. Ll-'Aww Srufors'l' KI. II.-XIIhIR NIAM' C. Ii!-RNHXXY CIR.-Nfl" L. I'L'l'x AM QAllXIill4'I'.-X I. Rum Urnunxxr NI. NILR1'lu' NI.-XRY E. ST.-XYDPR lun x IJ. Karyn IRPYI- .X. I'r'1v XVIRGINIA NV. XI.-Kel-.Y fznzfora' lung V. lhs11a XVIHMIXIX If. Ilumxrm n Ew.m'x F, jmnwsux rv- Itielliul K Sojrlzolizonic ' Il' Lwlf I". 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SL'lIRlFl.ZI.Ii Sv Mmm Hamm Rlhn Schnzclzlc Uhnlsey XVchbur Churchill Putnam Pclz Fnirhcld IILIIIIIIIHIIIIUN I.vnxun FIXIIIILIIIII Fl-vrrn Mclicnzic Rudicnn Knuth Dunne.-Ily NVhitfnrd Smmicr KLINCII Uliavlx Murphy Iliiby KN hcclnnd jnhnsnn Vnsuy Kershaw I f' F-'Iv ll-uflffd I'l11rtx--11' Barker Li I w 2 rf A . .-L4. Frm flffmf l HL'XTkli Cu1.Lumi, H13 'IIwel1ty-three .-Xctix U Clmplcrs 'IHLIA CHAI"l'IzR .............. ,......, I zstnhlnshed, 1913 lllw South Ituclld Street 1 "7'f"'f""+ PIII SIGIWI SIG .AUDREY A. IIOFI-RI.-KN PAULINE BRENNHR MIRIIAAI C. FEDHRGRHEN JOYCE L. FRIEDMAN EDYTHE H1ax'M,AN JUANITA BERGER ANNA S. B1.AcxER RUTH L. BURTON Mmm.-xM Comm MARJORY L. Coormz SHIRLEY DOPPELT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY FRANCES L. Lr.u'1'1'T JUNE B. LEHNE MARJORIE L. Novacx EVELYN F.-un: REEV.-x j. Cousux .ADELAIDE L1e.u'1'rT NI.-NRG.-XRET S. L11-sm jvnrru NIARCV: Smziorx fnniors S 0 plzomorvs SARA L. INUV.-xclc LILI.-xx V. OKNFR Fl'F51Z77ZU7l Lx'c1Lx.xa J. 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I FuIrr1IluIi AIIlYMllL"l'H CuI.I.Ec.E, 186' Sex cIIty-nine Actixc ClInptsI's ZETA CIlAP'I'I'IR ...,..........,......... Established, 1895 HHH South YVI'ig?It Street jl'll l llf1fI!L lP'llJl FACULTY M. ERCILIA KII.ER, AJR. NIARIA LEIINARD, A.M. NELLE M. SXGNOR, A.B., B.L.S. RUTH A. XV.-XRD.-KI.L, A.M. IWEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Swziorx ELIZABETH A. RICHARDS MARX' W. SKINNI-LR MARX' C. IQERVEY HARRIE'l'TE' M. PEI-.L Ii.-KTHI-QRINE L. I-ARANEI-' BELLE M. FI'I.I.I'RTIIN RIIARY A. GALE MARY A. PRIQE RL'TH j. XVIIODWARD fzmiors CEPNI-.YIEYE G. LI-:WIS VIRGINIA L. RLVGH CATHERINE F. NICCEORR.-XY IVIILDRICD L. MELLENCAAII- Mm LI' R. OWEN QELORIA CRAXVFURD M. ELIZ.-'kHliTH FRIEND JANE E. Il.-KDDFY A. VIRGINIA KINAEY KATHERINE P. SIMI-SON FAY I. SI'I.I.IvAN ANNE SNVANSON Snplzonzorrx K-RAQI-, hu I.I5 BETTY L. l'iPQRZ HELEN M. BEI.I,mxs C. I'iFLENE BENNI-TT JANE CHAPECK CHARLOTTE H. .IQHNSTUN BARBARA A. MILI HR MARGARET VAN HIIRNE .Il-LAN E. FAIR EI.IzABI-"III -I. FARIS DIIRIITHY A. CLARK NHLL R. CEPR!-' DIIROTHY M. CIIRIAIING5 NI.-XRIF C. fl!-.NRI-ZL PATRICIA A. WARREN R'I.-XRLIORIE EIIWARIR IiELI-IN C. VVEI.I.s F1-faflz mmz BEYI-'RI.x' B. BFLYI-'A YNIARI' L. IDAl Nl JXNITA P. IQNAPI' RL7'I'll E. BL'cIIIIuI.z MAR-IIIRII-' A. DIEIII. SVZANNE A. LlT'I'l.l-I XVIRGINIA R. CIIANIII ER -IANE If-XG!-gli MARGARET E. LVIINS HrI.I-'N E. IJA:INHR4mR RIJSEMARY 'lil-'AII'l.E Ilflu,-QI Il.w-IIhImIk 'linrplt Lxttlu Htxz Dilhl R.liuchh-Ilz IXILIIII Cnhw-II L'h:IIIdIcI' Knapp Hngux' Lvnns Simpson Ibm' XXIIIA LIIIIIIIIIIIIN I!uIIIvtt AIIIPIIIAIIIII xx.lI!L'Il Ht-Ixkn-l litllmu Fllia Mc-llIIIc1IIIIp Cluxk Chzlpvck Fail' L III kfvlgthl 5u1IIIsnII Ii.II'I-I-I H.I.1IlIII NIIIIIAII Cl':Ixxt'uI'Ii LH Buchhull HI:IIII:III FIIQIIA KIIINU' Rugh Fzlfie Own Lvula I'rI,I, K.FI'1uIItI RIIh.IIIlN Angt-ll I-'uullllxgtr Skillnnr XY.mdWIlI'd Ktrvcx H.FI:IIIct Ptrl Fullcrtlm fYIEf:0I'lLlX l'Iv I'-rw llwnl' I' 'I'!II :I IIHII . ,.l., FUllllllI'1I' CIIRNELL IJNIYIZRSITY, 1917 'l'1III'tccII Active C1I:IptcI's INAPPA CIIAIVIER ...................... Estnblislmcd, 1926 110+ West Ncvndn Street QIGIIIA IllfI.'l'A 'IAU FRANCES -I. AD1.PfIi PERLE H. IADLICR Ml,1RL L. BERNSTI-.IN SIIIRLEY R. BARINII El..-UNE R. CIALABIBA HORTENSP1 QIOLDSTFIN .ANNE R. CROSSBIAN RI-:GINA BERBI.-KN CHARLOTTE CUSIIMAN HARRIET M. FRIEDMAN FAI' GIBBFRIXIAN MARION COLDBERG ETIIFL R. GuLImIAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MILDREII CLIEIN NIURIFI. Ii.-XTZEN JANE E. KORSIIAK IVIILDRED L. LEVIN LILRTRIQDE G. IIREENBFRG A. JANE IQLEBAN FRII-:DA MIIRGAN NIAXINE S. NFll'Bl'RGER MIIRIAL PETERS .ALBERTA I. IHwI.I,ucK ELAINE IJ. RPIDKPI Seniors fzmiors GRACE A. FEINBERG S 0 P110 111 offs EDITH MURG.-IN RI1'.R E. RosIN ESTELLA SHAPIRU F1-wh mm: NI.-XRILYN S. Rumxi INIAOMI C. SOBLE JANE 'III-ZLLER PIIYLLIS AI. rIIL'CHBI.-KN ELAINE C. WEQISS EI.-ANI-'T XV.-XBLONG BIRNIQE A. FINE j0IIAN.A HIII-'EAIAN Lola C. Lows HELEN D. SMIIII RusELYN N. VII,-ll RIADGI' IRFNF A. ZAIILI-'R LILLIAY ZIrxm1I-RMAN A- . Q.-. ,Af ' 1 1:3 n IQ 3 ' 6:32-. . Ei' RAR ll ww. pf f. 4 A-n...' seam., Q v "'!f'V Pollock F'I'ieflI1I:1II G:I1:IIIIb:1 Suhlc 'I'uchIII1III Rmusxn Klvhzln PL-turf Tullu' Nf:II1IIII'grI' GI-IIIIIILIII Upiss Y.I1u1Img IZIIIILIII Gih1NeI'III:III Znhlm' Luuls C1C1l1 KZIIZCH GIIINNIIIIIII F.Murg.III Shznpim SIIIIIII G4vlIl1wI'g F,N1UIglHI Lum LIINPIIIIJII C.IwII1v-'Ig 'I'.I1Innzige Cold-tain Korshznk Harish Hvrffnmn Fcinbug !NlI's.1-'uf1u1 FIIIL- F.AIi1vI' BLAIIINIQIII I'..M1lu'RIIAIlI!,IIIl1lIxIH1.lII P., ffm ll.-:I 5 l'I:IJ' I '. K ll. 'N of . he W- '. Y. I I A 1 4. ' ' .I 'PF--.m.7 A- I gg .'oT I Ifs Q9 . I. I :I ' -L ,. L f. X - Xu Rt my IXI' H. H11 Y ITH lf. Blrli Y L. Fl.tHli.-XXVI-Q V1 I ly .1 EW - nm- w :'T "W nf' hggkv. K an are 36399000.19 Frznvzffnf Lxlll BY Cum I-'Cyl-', IS'-P Ifmhtv-cight Actixc Clmptcrs 'I'fHf'Ix.X CH.-XPTER ...............,...... E5tflbll had 0 1116 'XVLNI Nvx.ld.1 Struct SIGIIIA IKAPPA FACULTY Ifxxxlr M. Brumxs, .'X.B., R.N. juris 13. Ilurcnxxs, B.L.S., All MEM lhkxlur li. Rlaswx' fNI.xRx' lhuxms. Al NRI- IL. lXl.Ul1s Vmmwm M. BAKER E1 IIAHPT11 B1.L'1-'mmf -I ANVI' NI. jmixrmw BIQRS IN UNIVERSITY Swzfors CHR1:T1x1-. T. SCIIXYXRTZ fmziors KA'1'11Rx'w H. KL'IiYP1N 8015110 nz Orff E1 umm C. CH1x.TuN jaw- B. HN-Y F res 11 nz f' 71 SAI I Y B. NIULLFN lzl mer NI. Sli.-XXX' HELEN D. SMITH CHRISTINE ZULLFR HELEN M. SHAILIZR MARY H. WIiIT'li I3.aRBArc.a B. Sxrxxin ,gr--. x I - fm! fldffllffx' PWM lflf-l':4xuu, S.hxm1lz Klum C. Huvv Shaw Rrzlvv l'i1u'n1rm Xwllnr Kuhmn XX hill' Shnilnl' Blucxnkc Chilton Hulk Smith link. 1' j. Hum' Skinml Mullrn juhnenn f "' it , .. I I N 1 I '4 4, if v , 7 x X. kt" cf 2 A, si rv., Foznnied 'UNIVERSITY OF IVIICHIGAX, 1912 Seventeen Active Chapters BETA CHAPTER ........................ Established, 1919 1005 West Nevada Street 'l-lllfl-A PIII AI.I'llA M. MARGARET CASPER MARY P. CUNNINOIIAM RITA J. HAOEI. MARY K. CLIFFORD AGNES M. BOLTON JEAN M. CUSACK GENEVIEVE B. DUNNE FACULTY BERNADINE H. DIEYER, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CATHERINE R. HOLRQES ELIZABETH M. KILROY EIU.-XLYNE E. KNOLL JANE A. HOLMES DOROTHY M. HIITCI-IINSON S67Zi07'5 Juniors JUNE M. LYONS Sophomores DOROTHX' M. DUNNE Freshmen MARY MORRISON ELIZABETH PURTELL IXNTOINETTE Russo NIARX' J. MAO.-xx M.-IRY C. NICCORNHCK C.-ITIIERIXI-3 M. IVIALLUY s is 0 mf i M Hutchinson C. Dunne Bolton Cusack Purtell Morrison Holmes Russo Knoll Hagel Clifford D. Dunne Mnllov Casper Hnlnres Mngnn lklcfnrinick Cunningham Lwnz- P.1gf lfwiv' ll:nfl'IIuz' fmII-- ' x . ..-. N ' .' l . ' K7 ' . 'A A , 15, ' 1 I 'I . ,. :IZ?-- ' ', '5 , I svauswkjv. it 4 gtg' X 130' 53, f i Wtng, .- xx "ac" A f is , :- I .104 "ry Q' jgj V x "',,.' P. X o fg I ,J is :QP 'I Nunn a C. BRAUER F0nm1'nf LTNIVERSITY OF C.-XI.II-XIRYIA, 191-I' Thirty-two A-:tive Clmptcrs GAMMA CHAPTER ..................... Estzlblxshed 1973 606 West Ohiw Street 'IIlIf'l'A lJl'SIl.ll1lT FACULTY SUNSHINE PARK, M.S. NTEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradzmfr Sfzzflenfs Smziors XVHIIM1. A. DELIERI-i RI TH A. Ii.-U-.DIKI-. FRANCES E. LEASURI-1 III-If-.X FIYNJN Juniors HI .IusI'I'IIINI C. BEYILACQUA FI,llRl:'NL'P. M. JOHNSON N if If . .- , ,I Q- ' s Nad ' , 97' Frfshmrzz fa' Baum' tl. BL'M.AwN QILADY5 E. Russ .M ,. Qi . I 'll . Z-I EI.nIfI: E. LOGAN DIVA R. Lroxoo SIIIRLI-Lx' L. rI'URNl-QR SALI.IIi KELI.E1X' LUIS VI. xVIN'I'FRBP.RG I".I-gr fum ll'm.lvf,l I-'mtv-1 Park Cox VVlHlL'l'hl'I'g Kelley Luongn Leusure Pnttcnon Burlmnn Dcliere Ihedike Turner Leach Rnhb Logan jIIhII5uII Bcvilncqun FIVIIII -f ,agar 06,0 I: , T QI 'lf - qw ,' fZUAQ.o' .f96,uL5 Fu1Ir1Ifz'If VlIlGlNI.A STATE NIIRAIAI., 1898 Sixty-four Active C1IilPICl'S ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER .............. Established, 1921 X08 West V0I'munt Street llf'l'.4l TRU All'll.4 BETTY H. BLESSING EVELYN C. CHAMBERS IVIARIE R. CQLEMAN BURNICE G. ADAMS VIX'I.'XN M. ETTEI.soN PEGGIE M. EDSON SABINA M. BUDZBAN GRETCHEN E. FELDBIANN K. ELIZABETH GI.kiISER GRACE A. JOHNSON FACULTY BEULAII M. ARMSTRONG, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JEANNE M. CL7'I'I.ER RHEUA L. ENSIGN IMIELEN W. GAEDE1 li.-XTHARINE M. ITORAX ELEANOR E. RHtN.ADE5 VIRGINIA L. JOHNSON MARION D. KINGSLEX' M. ANNE MEFELEY Seniors IVIARION GRLDSS MAXINE M. JACKSON fzmiors HELEN C-. JIINES Sojblzom ores Frfslz men IVIARY B. SI-.ATON BETTY W'1I.I.I-QRTIIN ANNE P. XVI-SL'I.I5 NIARION V. VII I IMI-'R .A .. ..... , a ' MILDRED E. SI'ITI.IaR x g ' , U , .4 z ' 3 . A.. . F , 'Br 1 4 - . IVIARTHA B. INIURRISON J 5 ' J BETTY PINuII 11 1555 '.n 'Q J. DURQTHY SMITH ' DLJROTHX' L. VAN L'I,I-'AVE -5 ev a' fmQ Clcivrl' Kingsley G.johnson Mcfflex Fcldmznnn Adznnf Smith Iittulwn Edson Pnwh VJ hn n Villigcr HOITIII XYillcItnn Spillcx' Yun Clczwu Junea Rhoauics HU41ZhZlIl IXIHIIINUII Blessing Gross Seaton Cutler Gnede Cultxmn Armawmg Fnfign Yt-NIIIIN ns -II IH fv. IIN II I f'NIII-r7Iw 9 1 , f 1 . 1. 'n -' B U Q c lv ',, v-,w S S3' Q 'S-' c , x 'Y . Z' '4 5 'Ks 'pi xv 'VXI xXXxx xg N f-Njxx -Q, ...- x C xqxv- g Q' N NNN Xx --1... .N A. , .,,,., M ,JQI . ' M . 2 an jiji' -1 . V ,f-. '-' ' ' f - - , 'N' 'f'-'7 IQ:-I"-:::i",-Q ' 1 , ' f' 2: :ig ,UT ' VME- " ' ' I ,--., I 'Q L-- -'Fl f'7'- .. . , vv.-. 1. I IUII If P EIU Il limi 0llGA1UIlAfI0lUS . ...L- - ---N 43- in ' Q :uv EDWIN R. HODGES Pfc'5fIfUI1f MILO C. MORGAN Vice-Prrsidmzt llPlflP'lfPII IlfNU IJFHIQIII lg SENIOR OFFICERS EDWIN R. HODGM. . ..,... Pn'Ii.fnIl IYIILO C. NIORG.-IN ..... . , .Ivifv-P1'.'xfIfI'r1l ,ISHURSTFN XV. JOHNSON. . . . .N.'.'n'l.1fY C. IRICII.-XRD I:L'I,lIl- R. . . .Trua.-:nrvr SENIOR COUNCILMEN ROBERT H. BRUNSRIAN K. LYIE KTUSTAFSON DON XV. IJIXON IIOIXIER E. NIONTGOIVIERY V. HARRY :XIJRUVMIE EDGAR E. BARTON INIORT BUDINI-1, JR. SAAILEL L. IIOGURAD RLXBlfQRT O. BRENDEL Fi.-XRULD A. C.-XN1l'BELL ll.-XYINIUNIJ M. CAREY W. JOHN CAREY, JR. R. II.-'KROLD COLYIN BERNARD C. CRAIN JOHN C. CRO!-QSSEIVIANN WII.l,l.A1N1 J. CUNNINGHAIXI YVILBUR DAHN LEONARD B. IJOXVELL ROBERT B. FLOYD NENN'ELI. K. FUGELBERG MKDRRELL P. FRAZIER L.-KXVRENCE O. KEOODMAN ALEXANDER L. PIAGLUND RUSSELL W. II.-XYES S.-KI.V.-YI'ORE SANTORO JUNIOR COUNCILIVI LEROY HAYIYIAN CIE-QRALD W. lull-1.-KTH MYER H. HECHT QIEURGE I. HILLIARD JOHN H. IIOPPIN BR.-XCHTER H. HUSCHEN PHILIP KASS lf.-KRL F. KRALIS M. WILLI.Ahi LEICIISENRING JOHN D. LE MARR EUGENE P. LIERIYIAN KENT C. IVICIQNIGHT ROBERT E. NIAHR 'ISI-IOIMAS A. MURPHY' RIHBERT C. NELSON LLOYD OLESON VAN R. PARKER CARL G. PRTREY DAVID C. PLAYER EN FRANCIS F. POI-I-ENBURG KIRBX' F. POST JOHN R. REYNOLDS HENRH' R. RICE KEENE A. ROADMAN EUGENE C. ROBERTSON HENRY C. ROSSMAN JOHN M. SCHOEIELD ROSS W. SZNIITH PAUL SNYDER LEXVIS D. SIALITTGERBER .ALBERT STERN R.ALPH E. SUDDES GEORGE E. TROUTT EDGAR F. WALBORN JACKSON H. WELLS ROY M. WILKINS, JR. HONVARD W. WILSON ERNEST V. WININGS SHERWOOD E. WISE I I I I IIIIIWJWI I 3 IW . 4,-...,,.,.. Stun 'III-utt NEISOII JOhnSun Lim-I'IIInII Kicv Goodman Post VS'IIklIIS K I:lIII KLISS Klaus Q-UIIIIIIIHFIIKIH Hzlglund VVISe Petrcy Poppnnburg Bunn-Isl Luiuhscnring HHIIINIIIIIII Murphy VV:-lls Hoppin Huschcn Hilliard Snrntmu Plnur Suhurivlrl RL-UIOIIIS Fulmcr Hudgvs lklnrgam Ole-Sun Fl'ilZit'l' Admunlie z fum' llru:.1n-.l Fmly-511' IVIDNIAIIPS GIHQIIJI' SYSTEDI ARLYNE L. REEVES ...... .,.. P resilient M. ELIZABFTII Haiuxisox. .. ,. .rifcizrifx LORRAINE L. BURGIHIARDT .....,.... Serrumry NilL.i E. ARXLILD ....... ...Rvpnrlx GERALDINE Axoansox ....., Dfrlrir! Cfzrziruzvm L'oRxI-'Lu BURGF. . . . . .illfffvfiizf MARJKJRIE B. Cxoss. .. .... Dirlrirt Clmirmim HELEN M. jliskri ..... ...Pnlvfirily NORIYIA M. GOURLEY' ...... Di.vlr1'rl Chairman CATHERINE A. PEPIN. .. .... Exfnzriuu ELAINE Hoon ........ .... D ixfrirt Chrzzrmarz IHIELEN OsTERBuR ..... ...... . -llzfmni ISDN.-X KOLLER. . . . . .I-Irxfxtfzzzt Serrclary EVELYN BRAEXTIGARI ..... . . .Y. W". C. I-1. MARY M. ILEs. . . . . ........ Illusic XVERNETTE E. NIITCHELL. . . ...... Soriizl The Group System endeavors to give to the Independent women oppor- tunities to become better acquainted with one another and with activities on the campus, and thus they may enjoy the same opportunities that the members of organized houses do. Through this organization the Independent women and the sorority women work together. This was the first organiza- tion of its kind on any campus. Each fall a personal invitation to become a member of some group is sent to every University woman not living in an organized house. The Twin Cities are divided into geographical sections, and the Independent women in each section comprise a group. Each group has its own parties, meetings, dances, teas, and dinners. In addition the Wonianls Group System has a combined party every month for all the group members. Nlembership is voluntary and one may terminate or transfer membership at any time. The Womanls Group System also upholds scholarship and furthers its attainment among Independent women by presenting a scholarship cup to that group having the highest scholastic average each semester. ...S I 47" ARLYNE L. Ruin-s Pn'5i11'w1Z Loaimixc L. BL'RoIIARI.T s .5 I re fizry GOURLEY ANDERSON .ARNOLD Cuogg OSTERBUQ llrs HARRISON HOOD KOLLER Bcaoia jrzsxz Mrremi L P451 Four lI:IrI,I'i.n! F V I IIUI IDU Xx Hd 0 40' QW .si- an .v f juh11wn Runs Mlllrl Ilutthisnn Ziclin:-ki Hxncfn-lc VYhltn-:ull VK'nIlacv: Nucl Pruutv XXnl1i1'fmp Gucltig Alherslntt Lowry V'.'a1'1'en Rigge Alkkkxulm Y:-1gL Schnnl Ssgur Rccvub S-xuthuick Luhmzmn Cooper IWAIHIUEIH llAll. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gfllfjlillfl' Sfzzflmzf I. -IVAN SUIMFFR Sflllflfi IIv1.1-N NI. c.I00l'I-R II11rN NI. Lu111x1AwN IJmm'1'11Y F. Sl-'GLYR NI.-xRf..x1u'1' L. IIxL'H1.1-3 :XRLXN1 L. R11-V1: CHARI.0'I'Tl-i L. SuL'T11W1CK fznziors C1u1z1w'r1'1 L. UL'1'1'1'1r. NI.a1zj1m11- L. NICC.-XL'I.I-lY BPTTY J. I'RuL'Tx' C,x1m1x'v S. 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MADELINE CRAYYLEY ELIZABETH O. CREIGIITON NI.-RRY A. CREIGHTUN MARJORIE B. CROSS I A I 0 0 ll III III A MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LIEORGIA E. I-'ARxYELL NIILDRED IVI. FI-TLDNIAN SHIRLEY G. FELDMAN EYELYN S. FRIEIJLAND IJULURIE CIREI-QNINIAN M. ELIZABETH HARRISON Rl'TH J. I'IAR'I'LliY IVIIRIAIX4 W. IIOLINAII ROWENA HLMIIIIRI-.YS LILLI.-IN ING.-KLI5 JXXNE JARNITSRY I"lI,IZABl-QTH L. Iill-ZNTZLI-. K. JEANNE MLIIRAI J. EDNA IQOHLHR NI.-RRY M. KLIURS JANE C. L.-XL'Ri' NCI-1 LILADYS L. LEAAIAN NIARCIA R. MARTENS NKll..i C. NIASSII-Q IQACHI-lL N. NI!-QANS 11:11-EANUR J. MII-.LRE HELEN M. INIUTFXKU ILAI.-K A. IQICHAIQD IFABI-l,Il-1 S. ROSIN Ii.-XTHRYY Ii. l?.II'I'IIIR'I' I'I.ORINL'E L. ROYIN LYII YY E. SARNOIE I.ll,1I.-XY B. SIEGIL SARA A. SQLIRPS IJURIS E. VANLE .XLICI-1 O. XVIIALON ILYI-LX N M. NVIIIIII-1 CICI I.lfY llI4I.l. F0llIItIC'LI, 1913 SHI SOIIIII VVI'IglIt Strcct HARRIET E. BAILEY SIBYL L. BARBRE FRANCES E. BROOKS MARX' IZ. CLARK VIRGINIA A. CORNELL MARION L. EDLER HELEN FALAT BEULAI-I FE.-'k'l'Hl'lRSTONE DOROTHY D. FIELDS LUCILLE FOGEL INEZ E. GIESERING ELISE S. GROSSE JULE L. IHIALL RUTH E. HFX'l. FRANCES L. HOWARD MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY :XNNA B. Hucx HELENA JARONSRI NIARY K. JONES LETIIA E. JONTZ RUTH G. KATZ SYLVIA G. KATZ NI.-RRY J. KIENTZI,P1 IVIARION E. KJELL MLTREL G. LANG FERN M. L.-'KRSON IJURIS LESIINER ELEANOR V. LINDERIAN ELSIE LOZAR CLARA A. NICCL'I.LUL'GH NIARGARI-fl' J. NIANN NIll.I.ICEN'I' E. INIARSHALI. NIARGARET L. MAYOOX NI,-RRY V. NI.-XYORIS ELEANOR J. IVIIELHI-, XII-IRNETTE E. IVIITOIII-iI.L NIARY W. IVIORRIS HELEN R. OL.-XNIJPiR CATHERINE A. PEPIN GEORGIA PITNER NI.-XRION G. PITNER CONCETTA J. POLITO XMOLET S. R.ABP1R ALICE ROXS'.iND R1 TIIIA B. RI EE RI'TII L. SANDS IVAND.-K E. SAUNDERS XVIOLET M. Sfllkll-kl'l'l-il. IIILDA SP.l.'I'll-'R I'Il'I.l-N Ii. Sli.-KYPR IIARB.-KR.-X L. SAIIIII GEORGIA .-X. STANQIR Fl-il ICI.-X M. STI-'RLISG HELEN STEVENS RLTII 'TNYEPIDY CII.-XRIAJTTI-i A. CI-I' NIARGARICT E. XVI-'IIRING BE A'I'RIcE II. VVE ISSI NHORN Iv.-Xllhil L. ZIYIXII-RIY Ruff Smncik GIOSSI- Hcvl fiIcSvk1IIg ti. Pitmr HOYIIIIII XYriSScIIhOI'II 51lIltI5 F.Il1II FIEIII' Kjnll Ii.IIlIv Cornell POIIIO Kicnlllr Rmxznlui M. PIIIIEI' Pepin JIII'OIISki ZIIIIIII'AI'ly JOIIYS Fug-,I Hpmlk- l.:IlSOII Hmk XMhkIIIg Clark Stevens Olander Mitchell 5:IuIIdcI'S Bnrbrv JOIIIz Upp 'I'wruIv Smith IXIIINOX SILIIII' SIIWOIIIVII Scltzcr Luzar Rnbcr Murshzxll Fe:1thcI'St0IIe R. Knrz LcShncr M:IvOI'iS 1NI.L'I1ll-mgh IXILIIIII NIHIIIS S. Kzuz I .I ll-.nw I I,-If. .. NIARI.-KN L. CONNER FAITH M. BAFR LoIs E. BYCTZER -IF,-KN R. BRAND ELIZABETH M. CLOXV M.ARTll.A FITCH AUIIRI-Y L. CAULT 1VIAR-IIIRIE H. BANKS Es'I'III-iR A. BUHRRIANN E:TELI.A E. FoRD FRANCF5 R. c1ROVE 1'1'I'HPlI. C. HAwI,I'x' PIHESIIY-IlfIlIA1l1 IlAI.l F01n1.fL'If L'IIiI'eI'sity of Illimfis, 1911 405 East john Street 1N11Q1N1BERS IN UNIVERSITY Sffziorx FVILBI.-K H. KINNEI 1V1ARGARE'l' F. IRXVIN ELIZABETH LOUUKS FIORA L. HOERR LII.I.I.-IN RIYEKS ANITA D. PEARSON SIIIRLEI' D. lil-lLl.l-.R JUNE D. KI-1RR RUTH IQIRCHHOI-LF IDORUTHY E. LAIIB Juniors DORKBTHX' MULAUGHLIN SELIWA T. SEIBERT Sojffzomores IQATHERINE L. QEILLIN M. LOUISE RUCIQER Frm III m If fl L. LOUISE LARsox RUTH A. MILLER ELEANUR R. NEWAIAS EYHLYN E. ONKFN NI.-RRY E. RUUI-:ER HELEN L. VTROLLIHT ALICE E. VAx IDI-TC.-XR DKIRLDTHX' A. 'I'uxII-KISS ELEANUR L. XVEBBI-ZR FRANCES V. YVILLUUGHIA' A. CARQLINE RAUT QIERTRUDE NI. REU: JANE A. ROLLO FI,oRExcE H. STONE IHJV- Iwen' II'm.lI-,.i Fzffy-two Knut Kclltr MIIILI' timvc NCXXIIIZIII H.miL'v HuhI'I1I:1IIII Lnmh Onkcn Stone Rt-ed Kerr Kirchhnff Rollo Furd Punk: Wilh-ughhx' Hut-II' Iklyrrs Scihrzt 1-'Itch tinult XYL'17bLl' M.L.RuckcI' Tmnpkilxs Quillin Clow Pt'Zll'!0l1 Lurann lmllit-t Hrsmmi Yam Dt-1:.Ir 1X1KL1l1lg1l11I1 Kinney M. E. Rucker Conner Retzu' Irvin Luucks Baer .4WlfIlTl'0llT ll 0 U S If GILDA S. BEYILACQIJA DOROTHX' M. BUCK IVIARY A. DONXELI. EDNA F. BERGSTRONI :LDA M. Bucx EILEEN A. BUSH DEA L. DEXIORE INIARGARET BGWRER MARG.kRET E. CARLSON IVIARI.-KN E. JOHNSON XIXRGINI.-K M. BENOIST IC.-XRLENE M. DIEDRICII VIRGINIA J. FRELAND VIRGINI.A L. HEss S07 South YVI'IgI1t Street FAC ULTY IDA M. STAEHLF, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Grnffzmfz' Stzzffwzt EDN.-X SHENTON , . bwzzom' EILEEN E. JOHNSON HELEN PONDER Sx'LvIA M. NORTE N GRACE C. IHIURTUN VIRGINI,-A M. -IARIXI.-KN JEAN E. KENDALL MILDRED H. IQINDNYALL Dc ROTHY L. RANLS fznziori FAY V. INIELYILLIE ILOSEB1.-RRY IVIILLER LEONE P. INIILXY.-XRD NI.-XRY I. PULYFR Soplzo 111 orfx ELIZABETH I. NI.-XCCIIXCHIE H.5LLIE Rlvlis MELYA M. IVIERI-LDITH NI.-RRY RYAN F1-ml: 111611 JEAN E. KENT LYCILLE J. ILUXVLEY COLETA H. KNEwITz DOROTHY S. ST. JGIIN BETTE L. LOUWIEN IRMA S. SANCKEN LUIS YV. RII7P.LB.XL'CIi NI.-XRJORIF E. S'I'.-xNI,EY JANE l'. Sxx'A'rI-'K II.-KTTII-Q E. RILE LUCILI!-2 D. SI-iNE ELOISE L. XVII KIYS XVIRGINI.-K A. XYRIr,II'I' .-X5'I'.x C. SAI IIVI' ELLEN I7. SUI -I Iv CH.-RRI UTIL AI. SL IIAYLINI NIARCARET E. SIII'NLsuN I'IAr4RIkiT E. ,IH-'kI"I' IVIARTHA YFURRI-NCI-f Bowker DeVore Rowley Bcvilucqun lmuuit-II Puntim-I' Milicr Milwnui Rnneg Hnrlnn Cznlwu Kumlzmll Torrance St.john Smidt Swnlek Donncll Ryan Shuncsnn jnrnmn Kilxdwull Diudcrich Ridelbzxuch Shuxtnn XYIIIQIID Hess Pulvcr Rives Rice Bt'I'gSfl0Hl Smuhlc Wrighr Frrlnnd Kun! E. jnhrxwn 'lltfr A. Iiutk D, Buck Norten Sene Bufh M:IcClmchic Knruirz Schnv-me Mrlxillr Snnckcn Stannltx ZXI. ,I-IVIIINIIII I-.5 llwz. I I-'mix' '34 15- II - 1 1 xxA C. .'XRxIIz:IIvI'II4 MAN E. Ihnaxf XIQI ITTI NI. III I'xI IJIIRIIIIII S. BIIII IXATIIMN V. BIIIII-N IIIVIII G. lilwmx PI AIII C. IIIVI' IIII IAN IJ. .XI I ksll x I,IzABI.TII F. IiArIII x RI 'I'II ,-X. III Iuiqvlwl' IAM-' .-X. CARRIIIII NIII URI-I5 O. CIARRUII NIAIII L. CIII-Axm RI III CI HRX VI-IwxII'.A NI. IIAIQIQ IIAIQI-:ARA III-I I, RI"I'II Ii. IIIIIQI.: IIIIIvx I. IIIIcc.IIxIv NfIAIIIIw IJ. CII-.ITP IIIIAI I. NIAIIY bl. CIIIIK IJIIKIITIIN II. IDAxIIwII IJIIIIINP L. IDIIIII 'NIxIII.AIzI'I' L. ANIJI-Ia-wx IIII'I-I I. .N-III I x um RTA L. .XI I,I'I4 III'I"I'Y Bm IQ I IvI'I'II C411-l'NI xx IIAxvII 5 S. CI"I'IIIr.II'I IINI ICI-xrlc Vrru If. I"AxwIxr, IIIWIIEIII9 IHESIIIEIKICE llllll llll XVI-St Ncx.II,.,I Sturt NI EMBILRS IN UNIVERSITY NIARI IC. CIIAxImI III fXI.IuI NI. CIIII.I mm, KATIII IIINI L. CI Ixr NIAIIIA Crmxxlm' INALLII IIIIAILKI I'IYI2I,x'N A. IIAI1II'1'INc, RIHIII Ii. IiIwNI':r4'I'Iw III ANcIII- I. CIAKI I-I4 VVAXNI ,-X. IJAVIR IIIIINI Ii. IJLIIIIQ NAIIAII R. l":RICI'i5UN LFNICI- L. FISIIIIII NVI-'RDIP II. fI:XI.HI4k A'I'II v . X IXIXN II. l.IIwI+I.I IJILIIIIIN Ii. III-AIIIIIX. GI-'IIIu.IA L. IIuI+c.I-s VIIII.IwIA NI. IIIIIIAN IIII-xv C. IQIIYACII OI III' L. I..AI"1'IaIua,AuII I'IURI-NCI' I. LITTIII III-IINIII N. Ifrlnxrxx CIIAIIIIVVII- L. I-'IIyI'II QA IIAIIHAIIA NICIIIII- IIN Swzziorx l'Yl- Ii. Iii-Tl-I. R.-XH R. IN'I.-Kkbliil I ,. LI uII.I-1 Owrgx XI ICI-I .-X. IXNIIKPIR 'NCDRP Ii. I'AxI'I.IuxI NIARI' I. I'II'I'I1IzImIxI fn fziorg Iim"I'u C. IIAKES IIFLI-Y L. IIAL'GII'I'1w INIAIcImFI.I,I-1 NI. IIIr.r. If1ANx I 'T'I IJ A. Hun-I ,I CIIRRI: NI. IIImIHxIAxw NWI.-XRY ID. IIIAI SUIIXIUIIIUITX .IPAN NIcI'IIIIIfIm II.-XBI-.T'l I' NIAIITINIIAI I- RIINIII' xl. NIAL'IeI'I+ IINI Ii. NII'I4RIII RII5AI II- L. INIII I FR N. ,ll-XXII NIIIBIIAI II' Fl'1'.Ill 711171 NIAIU I'. III'ImIw II.-XLIIXI-, C. KEI-I In III-'Nll'l I. U. IIAMI AIID mY IY CIII.-XkIU'I"1IIf E. UxI:I4I1'I' IIIIIK. L, KFSNI-R RUTII II. GINSHIWQI. IJIIIw'I'III' S. KI.II'I'7 xl.-XY? II. UIIIf.IIIu' -II'AxI'I'rP IX. KIIIQNIAY III-l'I"I'Y NI. II.-KAN!-I. FIRN C. IQKI'-l"I' NIAIII-I I I I.. IIIIIIx'vI'IIx I,I!R'I'lI-X DI, KIIIII Iv. ARI If!-N I'RI'1'uII,ARII NIIRY II. R.-UNTRICK III-11.1-iN C. RVTIII-iIuImIum IRIMINCIII' L. SIIHLSLM' IKVTH Ii. SmIr.II-'R KATIII-RINI-3 M. STIFNZ NIAIIGVIIIITI. NI. 'I'III-115 NIHVA II. AIHII.-XYYIUNIPI III-'Ll-N II. Ii.-KTZNIANN NIIRGINIA L. KUGIIII IIITII B. L.ARF..AL'X -II-'NNII' L. N'IuxHIIr -IINF IJ. PII I ITT NIIHIQII K. INIYI-Ziff NIAIIQAIQIT .-X. Olel-N IJIIRIYI HX NI. I'I.I'I'I IIDINI-' NIIRGINIA NI. SL-HAIIII RITH AI. SCHNIIKFI. MARY M. SMITII NIIIIIRIII NI. S'I'AIH-I NI.-XRGARI-'I' L. INIAI4Af NI. YVAxIwTA INIII I Hz NIARY II. 0'CuNxInc SARA If. IIIJXVPI I. XII-'AY Sum I.'I'I'. KIANI-iT ID. SIMP:-IIN NIARGAIQI-T NI. SIIxr,I+ UI4II.AIIvIxI' I-'. 'I'II4mII'sox NIAIcII,T'1'A B. 'I'L'L.'Kl-.R INIARII-2 E. 'IIYLER LAI'IaA NI. NVLNTRLSC.-X LIl.l mx C. NVEISKOYF III-'A'rIaILI1 E. Wrmfrox NIM' H. NVING NVANDA C. I'IaIxc,I,I1 NIARY LI. RuIsIiIzTS NIIRGINI.-X L. SVBIII LoI'IsI-1 M. SIQNI' ,ANNA R. VAN INfII1'rI.II ,Il-ESIE E. VVIMID .IIIANITA F. NVHIGIIT NI. Rl'TIl STI-'x'I-1xfIm RI'TI-I V. S'rI:IvIIIxI RF1BEk'L'.4 A. 'I'.AYI.Im IJIIRIITIIY A. VIRININI B.ARBARA L. NV.-XRYI-R IJOROTIIY E. WARRIX II.-XRRHT NNI.-XTT5 IIl'I.I-'N R. XVI-issEI.5 RIISFAIAIII' I". SNIITII Ss'I,vIA H. SImI.mIIw IDI-,I.IIIzI,s C. VIIHUNI.-X5 NIAIIGARIQT A. 'I'HoA'II'sow VIIAN XV. WAIzBL'uG ,IAXI-'T WARD Dmqlr Ii. NV1'l"I'IX1.-ANN Im II I fIjz,-jun Iiflisl' IHESIIIIEIUCE IlAll 1115 West Nevada Street HELEN E. AUSTIN EYELYN A. BECHER CHARLOTTE A. BART!-QLS DOROTHY G. BIM MERLE BERNICE S. BR.-KNDT EDITH F. BUZY PAULINE R. COHEN OTIS DANTE MARTHA R. BARNES SUZANNE BIERY MARIAN J. BQRLICK THELBIA L. BROOK ELINOR C. CI-IILTDN GRACE M. FRANCIS DOROTHY M. GUODBIAN MARY M. GLIGGENHEIM ROSE ALPERT RHEE B. CHIDEKEL WINIFRED P. DRYSDALE WANDA H. DUBAS PEGGIE M. EDSON ROSALYN GENDLER EDNA M. ALPERT BARBARA K. ARA'ISTli0NG SYLVIA BAGNO Jov F. BAKER MAXINE L. BEAVER MARYBELLE BECK FRANCES M. BENSEN ROSELLA L. BERLOXVITZ MARCELLE BERNSTEIN JANE E. BEST LIARRIETT A. BLOMBERG LOIS V. BOOMER RoSE L. BRONVN BOBBY J. BUMANN 7? MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gfllflllllft' SfI!f!6'7lf5 HELEN M. COOPER IVIARGUERITE J. HLYEBNER ESTHER A. DELITCH MARY' E. DDHM DOROTHX' H. GRANDE' CATHERINE N. I'I.-XRROP ELIZABETH M. LUCRHARDT WINIERED D. IHIIGGINSON IRENE JAcoBSoN ELIZABETH F. JOHNS MARIE L. KAEDER STELLA KAMAROUSK SARAH IQATZ SARA KLASS .ANNE IQOYAND.-K JERALDINE I. KEPNER MARY M. LH.-RSE GERALDINE E. MAURER DOROTPIX' J. NESS IVIIRIAM REIZNER SI-IERLEE BUSCH JANE M. CURNUTT BILLIE DALEY DI.-XNE L. IJ.-XVIDSON NANCX' EGER MARGARET E. FAIRBAIRN MINNIE FRIEDLANDER GER.4LDINE CJIESE IVIARJORIE GOODMAN MILDR1-:D L. GLIERNSEX' SYLYIA I. I"IECl-ITNIAN LILLIAN HDEEING NI.-RRY J. HDSFURD ALI.FNE R. JEANE5 DUNA B. Pr TERSIIN Seniors IJORUTHY I. NIARLATT FLORENCE A. MALIL VIRGINIA B. IVIILLER IJORUTHY S. INIORTHLAND IRI-QNE A. I'ETz fznziorf HELEN R. LOCKHART IXIARJORII-1 E. LYNN LUELLA R. IVICCURIN-1IL'K JDYCE V. MALIITT DQJROTHS' G. INIILLER IVIAY A. IVIIQRRAY PEARL RIRIT Soplzom ores JE.-XNLTTE RHEIN CEERTRUDE RUSENFELD EYELYN M. IRUSIENSXYI-TIG REYA R. S.-'KNDLER RUTH SCHEFFI-ik Fl'6'5!I NI F72 IVIARJURII-i B. JI'I.IL'S DORIS B. IQ.-KLLIN ELK.-KNOR L. Ii.-KUL LUIS Ii.-XYF JEAN E. IQ!iI.I.MURRAY BERNICE M. LHYITON J.-XCQUELYN IXIICCREDIIC MARY M. MAHER PEARL H. NI.-KRKUYITZ HARRIET L. MISINSKI JEAN!-ITTE E. MURRISIIN PHYLLIS 'I'. IVIRAZEK IVIARGARET OBERBI.-XX'PR EILEEN P. IAXAN EI.I:ANuR G. XVARNI-R I,lI.I.IAN R. Il.-xNIIaNUI-'SKY IVIICHI'I.I.Ii ISFBNICK RIITH E. RII-'MFNSNIDER ELI-1ANoR M. SI-QLBAEII SHIRLEY WIYSBF'RCi ISABIEI. SIIQGIEI. LuL'I:E H. S'I'I-PARNZS NIARJORIE L. STIIRBS CJ!-.R'I'Rl'DF R. 'FIIREZYNSRI SARA J. TKRI-'TI.-KK PEARL VV. XVIII-ATIIN IDOROTHY M. XVIISUY LEONA II. NVINTLRAILYIR IiYrI,xN SI I"I'lRx NIIRRIA R. 'I'IR MARJIIRII-A L. XYAY XNVORNII-'R Rum-iRTA A. W'IGII'rAIAN NI.-XRIF F. NVILKIY NIIRIAXI R. XVIIIENS IIRII-111.-X II. RAXIIS JF.-XNNFTTI' S. RASIIIII MAL'RINI- Rum-'RDS ISVGFNIX J. Rum BI.oSSmI Sl-IDI-I, ISLSIE M. 'FIIIIAIAS -JAY!" M. YVARRINI-R BARBARA J. XVI-PL'H'l'l-li Pl-'ARI R. XVlfl,I.l'R ISPRYYCI-Q Ii. NVrRNI R III-QLFN J. XVYXI IR JANE E. XVIIRL LHIACI- V. XVII I mx wx NI.-XRY J. ZAIININ P15 I-hw ll'.v:I' I F I I I .,,,. X x HH fl BHRXICE A. BLAcIc 'TliPII.lI.-K Ii. DANNLR Hoxw.-I M. IDUNH.-'IM DtDRll'I'liX' E. Iirmskws NUIA E. .XRNIILD lix'II.x'N R. BLNSIIN lJuIm'r1HIx' L. Buxwrfl TIIIA A. BVI-'R LLLY Cox EMMA M. IJIRKS EI.oIfI-1 C. EBI-'R ELLIQN M. FIRIQE DQRIITIIY JAMES If.-XC U L'I'Y lllfl-IIIQIIIY Cllllflf qfgwft X Ffwflrffwf L'11ix't'1's1ty of Illinuis, 1912 Nine Actixc Chapters S! 1 .-Xlplm Chapter Established, 1912 lfill XVt-st Oufgnn Street EDA A. J.-XL'UBblf.N, A.M. .-XAILLIA KRIEG, B.L.S., AAI. M LM BLRS IN UNIVERSITY Gffllllillfl' Sflzffwzts XVILITUIQI-X B. .Xl'l'IH Nl,xI1cIL'In1T1-. A. Ilwxmiax LILIT11 Smzforr F1zAxcL's pl. HLAIL NIYR.-K E. bl.-KRIES EBIILY R. juxas XIIKGINIA I. M11 I In fznzims Lmf HALKAIANN L:wL'1:1e IIALKMANN L E1 IZABFTII A. H11 Ls L. II.-KRRIF'l' Husxlxs Sojrfzom nrrx 1'II.Ii.-XXKIR L. KRUIIIIIFI-' 1J11RLr'1'I1x' I. Sxxmk Frfsfzzzzrfz MARGL1-Ic1'r1? E. 1X1l'I'L'HF.I.I. E. SoL'TI1c,ATL xIARJORIE E. RISE ljonornx' F. SEGUR NIARION A. WILLIAINIS ITIJIIH I. WOLF chi.-RCE D. MLIIIIITT RUTH NICHHER Rl"l'PI A. PERLIQE D1-'LIA B. R.AND.ill IJIJIIIITHI' V. OPOLDUS M.-nu' L. RANDALL Vrrzus M. SPROUT L111s H. XIHSCHER DIJROTHX' M. IRXYIN IN1.-RRY B. Ig.-Xl-LRIUHI-R OPAL I. KREIG JANE TOMLINSON LoL'1sA M. W1LLI.AMS NI.-IRG.-1Rli'l' E. VAN LANIIINGIIAM CHAR,-0-1-TE V, YOUNG Vuru NIWIII-'R :XLTA M. PADFIELD NI.-XRI.-KN E. PRICE BLINIII KILIIJ H111-1 L. 11115141115 Yisschtr D. Ilomkim Louise H:IckI11:111I1 Opuldus Scgur Dirks l'f1lw 1501111 L-Il lmrmuvzuu M. Rgrmlznll MIHLI' Price D. jzmws V.I1I LnI11iiI1gh:I111 Firkc Du11h:11I1 Black D. Randall V. Mushcr Ilxlls K:u'1'ichc1 Sprwut MIIHL-tl Young R. Mufhcr Fber Arnold 'IIIDIIIIIHNVII lJ.111I1tr S11-vdtr Huml M. 1:11111-A Lok H:IckIImIII1 Cue Uhlf I.. XV1111llIll5 M. XVillin1I1s l'.Ign Fum' lI11rI.lf'r.l l"1,!ty-111' SlWl0I'0lI'IIfllll Clllll In Foznnini lfnixersity Of VViscOnsin, l9lI3 Twenty Active Chapters Illinois Chapter Established, IUHI 605 East Daniel Street L IJIDXYIG F. ALDRIETH, PlI.D. E. CHAUNCEY BALDWIN, Ph.D. J. HOXX'ARD BEARD, A.M., M.D. EDXVARD BERAI.-KN, Pl1.D. DI-KVID H. CARNAHAN, l'lI.D. ARNE P. ARNASON HUNGTI CHU HExRx' H. DEN NIALCOLBI S. FLRGLSON ..-, FACULTY HERBERT W. CRAIG, M.S. LEEURGE R. Huxrox, A.M. D.-kN'1D M. LARRABI-iii, A.B. ITHOIXIAS E. O1.1vrR, PlI.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gl'H!11IHft' Sfllllfjllff NORRI.-KN A. MCQLOWN Yosnux NISHI Svnlorr RIZAL D. ABRINA NIAXINIINO B. DE Cuzm,-IN PETRU P. IEAN.-X I. CHRISTIAN ARNE HHRI3r.R'r M. P.-KSZUTT.-K funiors JOHN R. HAHIILTON CHARLES E. Hum L. THOMAS KXVONG KENNETH E. PI.-KRSHB.-IRGER INT.-KCI ISKENDER BERNARE M. N.A'.'ARlltl JOHN BORON Soplzo nz offs RICH.iRD LUBBEN FRANCIS M. M.RIR IRIIX IO F I ft F1-ml: 711571 NOL'B.iR :AKSHJIAN R.RX'R'ltJND C. PENFIELD C R Arne Hilton Huie Tzu Rnsaldo-Hcrnanrlez Kwong Nirhi de Guzmln Huang Ashjian Dun Chu Pnrzttta kIcQuOu n Snifcr Ab ini Arnnsnn Ferguson Mail' Larrnbue Oliver lialtlxx in Luhhrn H arshlwaugti S ill nt Hamilton Obmcna Pcria Valentin Nararm Patacfil I ktnt I In 'VO l5g.. , E at 4 l ' lgigsiiiiiii? : - ' KTEEEE - - ' 5 Tiif 5,1 4? .3 , I' 4 ,',xQ O! 'A v K no fl .. I .I-.Y , IIQIIUQIIHAIHY ANTI! I?ll0ffSSI01UAl I , gi, , I -- l- I V g g' ' ' " IRTIIIEX 'Ill ll01U0lHAllY Alllll IFIHIIIZESSIIIRTRI. 0llG141llIlflfI01llS Accountancy Cluh Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Pi Delta .. Alpha Sigma Nu. , Alpha Tau Alpha l.,., , . . 4 American Institute of Chemical Engineers ,..t American Institute of Electrical Engineers 8 A American Society of Civil Engineers American Society of lhleehanical lingineeis .,.. Band of X, ...,... , . Beta Alpha Psi, . , Chi Epsilon Dolphins ...,. Eta Kappa Nu, . A Floriculture Cluh ..,,.. . Gamma Alpha Chi Alpha Gamma Theta Phil , , . Gregorian Literary Society Cvymnastica,.,,. Home Economics Cluhl, Mineral Industries Society N111 Kappa Alpha ....l , Omega Beta Pi, , , Phi Alpha Chi Phi Beta. , . , Phi Chi Theta A , , Phi N111 Alpha-Sinfonia Phi Upsilon Umicron Pi Mu lfpsilon Pi Tau Sigma Polo Association . Searah Shi-Ai Sigma Alpha Iota . Sigma Delta Phi , Skull antl Crescent . . . Synton . 'Pheta Sigma Phi Tu-hilas P F ll Delta Sigma 461-463 484 485 487 471 478 476 4711 475 468 464 474 473 476 485 481 481 479 465 486 477 482 478 480 482 484 483 486 487 475 472 474 467 483 479 466 477 480 469 C FRANCIS O. ADAMS, JR. LANVRENCE W. .AGNEXV HELEN D. :XLEKSIUN JOE W. ALLEN FRANCIS W. ANDERSON JACK E. .ANDERSON J. LLOYD .ANDERSON ALDO E. ANZZOLIN CARL B. ARCHIBALD ROBERT E. .AURAND CARLTON J. AYDELOTTE GALE B. AYDELOTTE VIRGIL O. BAD!-QR FAITH M. BAER WALTER G. BAILEY BEN A. BARNES HERBERT M. BARTON ALFRED J. BARTIISCH RICHARD H. BECKER CLARENCE H. BEHN PETER M. BELOW' HARVEY D. BENDER JAMES D. BENNER ALBERT W. BENNETT HEI.EN BENNETT DON.-KLD E. BERB.-RUN! FOLIIILICCI, University Of IIIIIIOIS, 1924- CJIICIXCIIVCCIIIZIPICI' 9.L,GN,0,S! 1 ' "AIP '-I To foxtrr nm! nzaintain II yzzzurrf zfzfcrfyr lil the .SN N I sfimzrr of IlL'C'UH7lfl7lg OFFICERS IMI.-XRYEY W. GEIST. . . ....'nl GALE B. AYDELOTTE. . . . . . .Vice-PrI'IiIiu111 ELIZABETH R. GYORX'. . . . .. .Ssrrvfary-Trsnxurar ELEANOR E. STEGI-'. .. . . . C'rI1'1'I'.fpf1r1Ifff1g SI'fn'fII1'y MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RLHBERT W. BERCIIER HERMAN BERGER WIl,Ll.A3I E. BERRY JOHN G. BERTOOLIO WILLIAM D. BISHOP JACK O. BISSON BRITT BLAIR EUGENE BLAIR JANIFS R. BLAKEMORE LIROYER F. BLANKINSHII' PAUL BLASS ADONA F. BOOHER HENRY G. BORDEN ROBERT A. BOXVI-IN HIEMI E. BREEN DOROTHH' M. BROEG R. FRED BROWN ROBERT M. BROWN RAY P. RRUHNKE ALLEN BRYDEN YVINSTON E. BULLINGTON CHARLES H. BURNHAM HX'IXIEN BURSTIHIN WIl.LI.ABI C. BL'RT ROBERT B. CAMI-BELL IRON,-NLD S. CAROLUS CIFIURGE V. CARR.-ACID TFHOMAS W. CASI-ER GFIORGE S. CERNY JOHN CERIITTI FRANK CI-IARVAT IVIARY L. CHE.-'KNEY PHILIP C. CHERRY ROSS E. CLARK ALVIN J. CLAVIN R. HAROLD COLVIN T. GORDON CONAGHAN MAX E. COOI-ER ELFFTHERIOS COTSIRILOS JOHN V. COYNER BERNARD C. CRAIN PHILIP A. CRIHEIELD Bl-INJAIWIN F. CUMIWING5 WILLI.-KIXi CUNNINGHAM WILBUR R. CURETON BLANCHE I. CZAKLIER VVILLIAM XV. DAVENI-ORT CHARLES W. DAVIS CIILLARD D. IDE.-KRLOVF JOSEPH T. DEICHMAN CE.-KRRET IDEKKFR .ALBERT J. DE MAYO JAIIIIS I.. LJ!-I'l.l-R VI-'RIE G. DOLLAH.-IN LEONARD B. DOwI1I,I. NI.-KKK J. DROBNICK FRED DUEKIR FRANCIS J. IJUFI-'Y JACK T. DUNN FII-.RBI-'RT VV. IJLSTIN IVIILES S. DIAVE JAMES 0. EATON HARRIS XV. EHLI-IR xy!-QRNON R. EICHSTAEDT Il.-XYYXIUND EINHORN KENNETH C. ERISS H. W.-KRD EILISON WILLI.ANI M. EIMIR JOHN J. EbI'I,IN NOAH Fl-'TTI-'R RKJBER'F XV. FH-I.D FRANK G. FlI.II'l'I XVILLIAM C. ISOSSI-T'l' FRANK J. FRI-.CH, JR. DOROTHY F. FREESE CARI H. FRESH EOMUND J. FREIN AI LEN D. FI'I I I- RTON l'Ig.' F I.: IIIOIV .1 S :x r . S- DR. ILDWIN I.. IHPIS I".1I'nl1y .-IIfz'.7 CHART ES j. ci.-KA MIUHN K. UAIYI-'S VIRIIIR P. CL-KI.BR1i,-XTII HUxxARn H. LEA:-AXV.-XY HARUID V. KHVBH.-KRT RUTH KT XV. GI HRIYG II.-KRXI-f'1' VV. LH-FIST Rum RT F. 1111.1 HUCEF RIQHARII bl. QM ASIBRUUK MI-1I,vIN S. GU1,LmIAxI NI.-XRYIN S. KIUUDXYINI- IRYING L. Uu'I'TI,1I'I: l.IIw1S A. LHJTTLIEB VINQINT L. CERAH.-HAI HARRIS L. URISGG IJINALIA K. CLRIFFITH FRF!! YV. URUHNI-i IEMURI' C. KHQYNN XVIIJI.-UNI IJ. QECYNN FI.Iz.-IBLTH R. LEYURY LUIS HAcxAIAxw RUHIZRT L. HAM VVII I.Bl'R'I' D. HAH CIIARLF5 S. HAAIAI S'IzIwI,Lx' D. HAAIAIAN V. 'FHIIHRS llANlNlAN CQFURGF F. HANDLI-'Y FRANK C. HANDSCHLH 'IullFI,31.-X M. HANSUN II.-XRRX P. HART FEI' -a-7' W xxx x Xxxx ll R QQ I d I 'Ib ffl.. fi 555551: I 'f:l" fo 'H .. lr ix 1' fi .If-:I X ,Ali I, 'I I F 1 2 C.-XIII. F. PI.-XUSER c:FRAI.D NV. HI-iATH DUNALD A. IiENRY FnA1L'ND V. HLXRY cz!-QNE F. HILDLAIAN XIAAIIQS VV. fill I, U.-ARL IIII,I.FBIl-QYFR VIL-TOR H. l'iIY7I-. bIUHN A. IIUIJ.-KRT NIII.AY N. Honors IQUBI-'RT R. Ho1,UIw HIANI E. HoI,IIavI5I1L'Ic IJHY.-XLD E. Hulwxoun KIUHN jAwm'Ic, JR. IRXYIGHT F. ,IPNKIN5 IJAN ,IE'I'T lf.-KRUI,D A. JllHXrI!N jUSIM.I'H C. AIUIINSUR PRESTUV K. ,IIHINNHN RAYAIUNII I.. KIUNLS IJCRXV.-KRD G. jrm' lil-TITH L. KALLIN: DINALII M. li.-RRR SARAH IQATZ lil-Il-,N H. li.-YIZAIAXN NIILTON W. lqli,-ACH CHARLES S. KLNNRIW MILYIV F. KHRR XVILI..-XRD H. KI-:RR LUUIS M. KLSSLLR PR1-iSTox XV. IQIIKIBALL EIIWARU sl. IKLIRKH.-XXI ILUBERT C. IQIRKPATRICK SARA KIASS LQORDUN R. IQNOBLICH FDXA KUI II R HIIWARD C. IQUNCIIAI, .-XRTHL' R IQRACLIXY IRVING G. IYLRI-ilbl-.l. ILARLJLD D. L.-KNGHAM ,IUHN A. LARSUN JHSHPH B. LANTIRAIAN XVILLIARI K. L.-XXYRI-NCE RUSSELL YV. LAYILR l'IDw,ARD C. LIQQHNIR HI-RAIAN Ln' .XII-Rru li. LI-IxIwmR E.-RRI. VV. LIAIBLRG MARVIN T. LINDSAY XVII LIAA1 VV. Locxri HI-'II-ix M. LUHMANN FRANK LLRLS, JR. liI'm1NIQ P. LUNDFZIQN VFHUM.-KS M. LYMAN FRAXCIS E. LYNCH II.-RRY!-QY D. NICCUI.I.l'INI, -IAAIIZS VV. N1CIJON.-NLD -IACIQ B. NICFARLAYD .IUHN W. McCIxxIS WY-xI,TI-AR R. NICIQFAG JOHN W. RICNIAHAN KI-xxIaTH R. NICIQAIW.-KR.-A C. RLY'I'H NIUNARY FRANK M. NIALONEY xVUODROXY NV. MANN WILLI.-KIX4 K. M.ANSFIEl,D RI.-XLCOLNI E. M.AR5H Eumaxxi E. NIARSH.-1l.L -IUHN NV. NI.-ARTIN HARRY NI.-KST WILLIAYN1 AI. MAURITS Dew V. YVIANFXFLD KP'NNE'fll C. NIAYIQS ROBERT L. NIERIXVI-ZTHER IJUROTHY G. MIl.I,ER Ii.-XRRY J. NIODFLI. IQICH.-XRD E. NIIJORE ELIZABR-'TH NI. IVIORRONV RI'nUI.I-II NICBI Ii.-XRL A. NICENCH 'FHOAIAS .L ML'RI'Hv EDXYISI W. NIURR.-KY MI-QRLR K. M3'ERS IJONALD F. NLAIITZ CHARLES A. NENX'l.lN L. CLYDI-1 NIDIFFER MP1LX'lN M. NIELD CH.-KRLFS j. NILSSON STUART B. NURDQUIST 'FABOR R. Nov.-xx Ing, ll..,..1..1 MI.-ff... JOHN C. O'LI-'ARY LLOYD F. OI.ESl7N GEORGE H. OLSEN CONRAD A. OLSON STANLEY E. OLSZEWSKI EUGENE W. OSBORN WILLIAIXI A. PARRISH CLARENCE E. PARTEE PAUL F. PATTENGALE lil-LRINIIT NI. PENNINGTON PIENRY N. PIEIAER ERNEST C. PI,EscHNER WILLIAM P. PORCH ELINORE L. IHJNVERS GEORGYANXA POXVERS KENNETH B. PONVLESS CHARLES D. PRI-.SCOTT WALTER PRZYBYLSKI OTIS W. ll.-XNDOLPH EDXVARD B. Il.-KSMESSI-ZX EMMA M. RASMLISSEN THOMAS P. Il.-KTAY MARGARET L. RIALWCH LESTER P. RAX'NbIR RICHARD RE.iLYGH BERNICE E. REAVY JOHN P. REEDY LAURENCE H. REHM ELDER R. REICHERTS HlJB1ER A. RI-AID GEORGE R. REIIINTILK EUGENE H. RINNIEIQ NVILLI.-NNI N. Russ CHARLES A. RIOIIMANN FRED E. RllP'DC3FR FREDI-iRIcIc VV. ROO4 FLORFNCF L. ROVER R.KLl'Ii YV. RO'I'H LEON C. RUBIN EDWARD E. RL'YHPPK IJ!-1l.BFR'I M. RVTHIREORD ENIURY G. RITHEREORD RIQHARD C. RX'YIKF'R XV.-XLT!-QR T. RzEczROWsRI FDXVARD N. SAAD Nil-' J. SAUNDI-Rr CALVIN F. SQHAEEER EDWARD SCIIAEEER I. -II-'AN SCHAEER .ARTHUR B. SQHOTTMAN BENJAMIN P. SOHRLMIAE JOSEPH NI. SCHLIIACHER 'YYM F. SEAT' CLARKE L. SH.-KBINU XVILLIAM A. SHRUYI-'R JOE A. SHLIMISTRAE LEROY V. SIMMONs PALI. SIMON RIUHARD S. SIMIQON NIARV A. SRIDMORE ARVI-ix' YV. QEEIST l"fI'I1'IfI'IIl CH ARLE5 P. SI..-YIAFR FREDERIQR XV. SBI.-KRT' NI.-XRY M. SMITH PAUL A. SMITII XV.-XRREN H. SBIITII K. AMES SMI'I'IIERa RIIIGFRT E. SNIVHLY CI-IIRGE V. SVFNOH, .AI.l'RFD H. SVENGE MAN LOL IS xl. SI'INEI.I,I HIIIN D. S'I'AcI:IIOI'5I-1 CHARLES F. ST,-INfHI RRY RIQHARD C. STARF ELEANOR E. STEGE ROBERT J. STETTNER xVlI.I.IAM 'I'. STITT li0XV-XRD VV. STORI-E NORMAN F. STOIJI' PALI. L. SUGIR IJAXII-.L D. SETI R LEO C. SWINEHART EDxIL'ND L. SZABIOXVSKI DAI E A. IIQANXFR LIWIE TANNI-'R .ARLENE M. '1'ARx'IN ROBERT VI. 'FHEDE EDWARD -I. THELIN - 5, 4. wg 'Qi fl,-XI,l-Q H. .XYIIEIOTII Liu'-l"I.'IfIfI1I! 'NIA VI IIIAI AI. 'LIX1 MON- OIIN A. VIRUCKVI IE IX IJUHUTHX 'I'OMI'RIN: .XI I.I RI 'l'RII IIII I ROMI- il. 'LROW I1 CIIURGI- E. Xyl'I'I1lX I I I I XXII I IAM I. X DOI' IOIIN R. VORR XVI! I IAM C. Xx'.5.fvf,HXb ROHI-iR'I' U. XVAI NIR XVII I I-XXI XV. XVAIEON Lqilillll- F. XVIINBIROII RILIIARD L. XVIVISEPXIH FRANIIE AI. VVIIEII l!I-A'I'RIrI- F. AVP I TON ELOI-Nr F. XVI-X'I'HF I..lll'I?F A. XVERTEREII-R STP WART XV H I'l'l-I II NII 5 P. VN IIITI III R-I XVAl,Tl-Ii IJ. YVIIITNII ,IUIIY L. XVII-R Li.-RRI, D. VVIIIONO ROY NI. XVILRINE 'ACK XVII I IAMS B!-Nj.-XNIIN NV. VVIEE AVILI IKM -I. XXVIII E ROBERT E. XNYLIUIDF LAXNRENCI-I NI. Tlll1Xil'S4DY HAI, H. XVUUDSIIH- LYNN C. 'I'HOMI'sIIN LIUHUUY ZII I I' SAMUEL H. VIPHUDIPSUN XVII l.I.-XXI Ii. ZI xII'II l'.I .L .I ll.I: I BETA .QI-I'lIfll'SI . ,.r.-3 ,7"Q..,4 . ' Q' . flzffm .v III-XRY H. II.-XII Y, .X.NI., L.I'..X. LMI-I, R. DIII.-xx'oL', ,-MINI., LD. I':DXVARD -I. I"II.IaI-iv, PlI.D., C Lili.-XRI.I'.S AI. CAA, BS. IIIIIIAQI-1 M. LIR.-KY, PII.D. RIIBFRT P. II.-XCKFTT, PII.IJ. I"Iz.awIc IIIGGINBUTH.-XXI, NLS. In IIXX JAMES R. BI..xxI.Mom3 .IIIIIN CFIIKTTI A. JAKIPF DI: INIAYII ,IAAII-'S L. IDFPIFR Hxrmlh V. GPBH.-HIT IIAIIVI I' VV. CIHINI' IJIDYRIII XI. Kwn IJAILAS F. .XQIIIXIHIH IVIAX E. CIIIWFR CII,aRI,I's XV. DMI: -IMI: L. FFNYIF IIIIIIIIAII, I.TIlIYCI'SIII' of IIIIIIIIIS, 1919 Sixteen Active Chapters :XLPHA C HAPTER To fvrrmmff' Iflzf1frIz'xfIif1, jvr11I'ii6fIfif.I', fllld xofinfrillfy in ffm ncvolulfifzg If :X C U LT Y XVII ISIJIT E. K.-IIIIQLNBRIIQIQ, PlI.l LIILIS NI. KI'ffI.I-LII, B.S. roffxffon J. LIPICII. A. Mm rin, MS. IIAIE L. IXIEXYCUBIER, NLS., C.P..-X. I'-:L IXNANIAS C. I.IT'I'I.P3'I'oN, Ph.D., C.P.A. INI.1II'RIcI. II. Romxsux, Ph.D. CH.1IRI.I's A. INICIJIINALD, B.S. CIIARI.I1s F. SCIILATTI R, M.S., C.P.A QlnIIx XV. NMNIAIIAN, MS. LIIR.-XM T. Scuv1I.I., Ali., CP..-X. I,I,m'D Nlnmzv, A.B., B.MIIs., C.P.A., EDWIN L. THPZISS, PlI.D., C.P..-X. LL.D. Pau. NI. VAN JXRSDI-'I.L, PlI.D. Gfflllllllfl' Stzzflrzzfs ARI? C. KuxrII.aI. Cl.-XRFNCI-1 E. PARTEI: MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY , . ISPIIIUIQC XVII.I.ARD H. KIRR MAI.cnI.IxI E. INIARSH Lsux C. Rrmx EDXV.-XRD ScII.u2I-'FR CI.ARIcI-1 L. SIIAHIND RDI I Iv H. SXIITII fzmiary IIIIHIN K. GAINI-gs EINIORY C. GUYNN WIIIBURT D. HAM WII I.I.uI .-X. PARIIISII BI.Ie'r P. SNOW LII-ZORGI-I V. SPINGEL INIATTHHXV 'IIIIXIMUNS JOHN A. TOCKSTEIN CARLYLE F. WI-iINBIfLRGI-1R III-ixjsnxlx YV. WISE IILNRY N. PII1I'I.R P. WILLI.4IN1 PORCH LIiwIs 'IIANNIZR FREDERICK E. Woou IJ. M.Im rim PIIIIII Kuwlur SIILIIWIIIU KI rr ISI-In-I' MQDIIIIIIIII Ubud Rubin 'l IIIIIIIIIIIN Pnl tw 'l'fIckNluIII P1IIII5h Dcplur MuINI:Ih:In I 1-I f..I1II-, XX I'IIIlwI-IDI I ILIIII KIIIIIIII CLI utzi Karr Illnkg-IImI'c Marsh P., I 1I...I-.1 I... I A I'7oIInded, University of Illinois, 1934 Une Active Chziptur 1? To jrronmfr fzzfrrfff In g'1'71l7lII5fICX nf ffm Uzziiwrfify of Iffifzofs WINSOR W. Bnmvx, B. GEORGE A. HLFF, BS. ALI-H.-I M. ji-Nwiwas, JOHN CLEAIIENS, JR. ARTHUR E. FISHER HI-QNRX' IIORACI-'K LESTER L. LINDHI-RG S.-UVIUEL M. I3IRDzELL CL.-XRENCKC E. HAI E EDWARD j. HAVI IK EDGAR C. IILJGHI-'S HlJXX'.4RD H. KFIW .ARTHCR A. CARRAR.-K JOHN R. CDGHILI, CIERALD W. ID.-XYI5 ROBERT VV. EDWARDS JOHN A. CII-XBRGF IVIICHAEI. D. LEIUKARIS LEE C. GIILDHERI. Ixus: BDSWELL Rm' BuCHAx.xx LENNART H. BIFRGESON HARDLD R. COHEN IVIILTUN J. CEOLDFARB JOHN C. LIRIIVIIEK CH.-XRLI-L5 KI. Hom-1 FAC ULTY S. Riva bl. McCIzIsTAI., A.M. C. IJUCGLA5 Muxssox, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors L. I.E5'I'FR RILI-' MELVIN S.-RDI-ER IRON.-XLD C. SH.-Xl-FR JIHIIOWJ IARTHCR KIBH CLARENCE W. MIES MARVIN E. Maxx, JR. M.-xx B. INIICI-1l.I.FR Sojvlzrmmrvs SAAILI I. A. QIINTDKI.-XY SCNIKII-.Rl-IEID V. HIRIwI,D CRANE M. IIURNOR IIDWARD C. IQAPLAY CH.-KRLI-'S R. liuxiacic FRED E. NDNNEAI.-xx F7'f,Yllll1l'7l DE-xx IIIQGHI-'S -IDHN H. JONAK Dixox B. Kvrsvu DDL GLAD C. NI.-XR:HAl I, CLYDE A. IXIILLS fll.-XRI.l-'S II. IVIOIK.-Xl: iz as UW. 9 2 ,ivy AN as as K I iii '.f'! fs, I I'IAR'I'll-,X IJ. PRIU-. .LM SI-'xx ARD C. STAI I-Y, l'lI.IJ WI-NDI-LI. S. XVIIMIN, ILS HARIII D D. 'llm xri xr' NIARIIN L. 'I'RAuI-,u'I' Siirmxuurx Ii. VVISI LAIJDII-' 'I'. l'.1.vI'I-NIR IRICII-XRD I,UT'IPl4 P.-xL'I. S. I'R.x'I'HIR ,IIIIIN A. SNXDI-'R XVIIIIRNI Ki. Yiwu I'3I3XY.-XIII! E. IIARKHI IDT XVII I I.-XXI J. I'iixxI-inc: sl.-XlXlI'5 A. RYAN RIJBPIVIA XV. S-Xl'lJIL.-X U.-xixm YV. SXIITII AImI,I'H -I. STIIIANI Ramn-xv sl. S'I'l'PHXIl-R Al.Ix.1.NDii: AI. 01 sliixviix QI!-.llknll Scrum IJNVIGHT A. Simxiv jmix II. 'IIIIINI IMIIDXXARIW If. 'IIHIR RDIIIILI' 41. Vixw EINARII R. XVMII bt Davis Cnhvn Brian I ll 'I'InbcI'I Mulcin I Hugh:-N Horricsk Thuiif Yum Miva l.indhnig Cluxnriix Ui Im- L: Burgcson Cilffillil Schein Golilhcrg Shanks Knplain HAIL I2-il-II.1i!i PZlI'khUfSI Sinclar Kcin Fishsi Eniufilmls Cu-:gif RIII Hi-kv Im, I. 1I.' . Sliilll III CIHESCEIU I-HIIIIIIIQII, UnII'c1'5ItI' of IVIRQIIIIQIII, 19117 HELMET CHAPTER If 'QW lv . I S., . .I..I...1 KIAAIIE H. LLQYII RIIIXIY NI. NIELD .'1lf'l?',I IIVIIJ Pflf RILIIARII YV. KERLH XIARK R. XVOLIDXY.-KRD ,'UfIf1.z N1tgv1.1 PM HARR1' XV. VAX HUUK C. Rm' VVAISII, jR. Jlfffhz Tan Uwfga 121.1-'xx EIINI Rav-: XN:UN HJ.: Thul.: P! NVII.II.mI M. FULGFR jxcx lIRIR1NI flu' PM Flllll' Active Chnptus Sf!P!I01lJUI'l' 111frrfr11fw'11Ify IfACUL'I'Y ADVISER I-'RID H. 'l'IRxIiR, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY D.11.1 fvfvdffffz Iixv R. F-IDEM XV.-XI Im 'I'I:uH Kffffnz .Yzkg ':f. ' .1 juux Al. IIIIUEK RL EEIII. R. L.-KXILR PM Dufla Y'f1f'l.1 -IAAIIS VV. LANTZ LIIWII I. SIWRGEIIN PM Dull.: .ImIfI'II P. NIIIRR.-xx' Emxlx L. 'LIEIIEIIIANN Phi K.1ffu1 NIIQIIAI-E xl. CQNSQLLY VIIIIIN D. linux XX'II.I.I.xx1 1. McEI.x'I,I'x IfxIRI'I"1I I'Ru:5ER, JR LM PM AIIIIIN I. QLXRR lfruxx I". l'uR'IrR D.lm lkfzpfml Fpxffafz LQL-IRI-I O. IJEIM JI-QR C. I-l'5EIiL Dtfm Tau Dwfm LI I. Cl. AIIEN Dux-I1 II C. FRAIII R Pfff Knfvjm PM H,fxImI I7 F. .'XI.1,ARD IfR.axx AI. RrIL'FI,l,ER Pflx' Kapjm Nfgvnl Ifumxx E. BEII, JR. -IIIHN E. IIEIEMAN XVILI IAM U. VVIIYTE l'fUf .N'fgI1:II lx'.Ij1pI1 IIARIII Iv F. II.-XII ALAN XVILI I.uI KLXY P.: Llfmfurz NURAIAN B. Ll-.XYIS Roy bl. Sm Fl:BL'RG .Yf'gw.1 .ilplnz Epffluzz IJURXYARID G. jum' CIRUYI-IR E. SIIII-Tox .5lgIf.'I1 l.f1l U. W'II.LI.m1 Ii.1.r'I'I-LRERUUIC L. MILTIN NIQCLLRE PIIIIIIII D. SIAIIIN .51gf.'1.1 An DEx'rER R. BARRETT NIORRIS L. LIRH1-LN .Yfgvza Pi HARUI D E. GIIIRE XVI-1NDFI.I, VV. rIIl'l4Xl',R Tau Kappa Epfifon J. -11111-'5 H.axI1"rox T!1r1.z Duff.: Cfzi KARL D. J.-KHNKE joux E. 'I'HRocIuIuRToN Zffxl RICH.fXRD O. BPITEL CH.-XRL1-Lb H. RII-I-E 'l'III I Il.f-1' I 1 mr Lluul V1III Hunk I.llYxl Splllgkllll Tisch L:IIIIz ShIpIuII PmII'!L'I' Allan! Fulgcl' MwII.Iv HQIIIRIIII Llmnulls HIIIIL It Fhui Gnu-II CSIIIIIIII NIL-ld Gm-kr Bmuk Mueller K1,IIh HUIFIUIIII llxwn NICLQIIIYL' 'I IuiIIIIzIIIn IA-Earl Simfm Ensurhrmuk X'VhI tc jnhnke VS'Imm1xx :IIII Rxppc licilul FLIIILIIII HIIIIIIIIIIII McElvcvII Brll judx' Prosser IILIIIIILII UIIiI'cI'5ity of Illinois, 1907 Two -Xctixw Cliziptuix 3. Q ALPIIA SIGMA SIc.IvI.I CH..xIfIIER noni zz frzzwz' f7'I4'7lIf5lIIf7 1117101157 ffzf' 'IL'UHIl'I1 of ffif' I'fll'IUH,f wzvfrififpv .-Iffvfm Chi fjllllgd IJIIRQTIII M. Li.-XRRETT Ifiuxcra E. Giuxr I".-INNI' L. josh NIAIIY E. NICIILI. Lnrisu M. Il.-XT!-'I.:KI III-LHN D. I"oIz'I'I3Iz .-1lpb.z IMI.. Pi jipax E. CI.-XTF.S IROSEBI.-RRY J. IIlIrII IJIIRIJTIII' M. LLIIINL5 EIIITII RuI'IFQL'I'r A fplm Cawu.'.1 Dull.: MARY DI. :SLDSIT BIQITY M. BLAIR LIN.-KCI-, NI. Col-.RVIQR CILADYS M. DI-'WULI-'Ii .EYPQLYN M. LAUIIFNCIZ XIIRGINIA R. MI-iRRIxIaIz I 17.1 Owffroiz Pi -Hp IIHXLLIS L. Bums NI.-KRY bl. CuL'IITRIc,IIT :XLICE S. DU VAL All-'AN L. UIwL'GI.I,R Maru' L. IIARRINGTON I'iI.0R1Nli E. PETRI .-1lph.z Pffi C.-KROLINIQ RIITH E. CL.-IRIQ J.-Img B. ENGLL IEANNI: L. SC.-RRR.-XTT ,Ifpm .iv 0.11.1 IDOROTHY JFNSI-'N .ALTA U. JOKISCH EI,sII-3 M. NIITCHI-'I.L -IVAN S. SIIIEIHIIID MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY IXIII IIIII I1 C. SI-Iuxlax L'IIAI4III'r'rI. 5'I'l xxri. 1711 Ozzsvgn NIARI' I-'. BR.-Ixirr ,IL'I.I.-I M. LAKI, IIIA M. Riuiixmxb Wkxrm L. SVINQIQR DI fm Dufm Dull.: XVILNL-K F. Uiuvr .XI Iwi IIL'DEI,SlJN NI.-XKY -I. LI,I:I.wRIxG IJORIITIII' A. RIITII IJURI: Ii. SIZNCQTIILIQ IJIIRIITIII' U. 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A1'rc111141-'R 0.11.11 B. :XYDI-'I.O'l'TE Lil.-KKK A. BA11,13Y .X1 LAN J. BRYDEN R111a1s1cT M. DERROUGH .,X1.B1-RT 111- VARENNES, JR. P. XV11.L1.u1 11111115 sl.-XIII-YN D. H11x1,1-1151 LVREAN llII'I' IJ1AN XV. 1311111 PN D1-,R1a1c1f L. l31a1x1':T1R IILIG11 F. Fmx'1.1'1z LQUYR.-XD F. Il1..u'.xCEK NV11.11AM AI. I,11'1u1AN IHU1. A. L1G11T and , IQ ll MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY SFIIIOTS jawn L. j1111xs11w j11s1'1-H B. LANT111m1.xx C. xl.-XXII-5 Lmmw SAMVEL. H. LAW C. R1c11ARD L1-iwkkx -l.n11is j. lVIcK1xN1:Y XVILI I.-RBI B. lNIcK1xsT1u' Dux.x1.D I. lNrlII.I.ER Nlllll C. Nlmmax Rum-RT NIL'R1'11x' L1m'11 F. O11s11w fmziors IJAY111 lf. Klux lJ1mA111 NI. lXl1w1c1- XIAILYIY E. lNI1-w1i,.IR. .fX111111T D. fNI1'11f11Q1x R11111-1:'1' IJ. lx.-Ui'IEI11XX' .A , so no C2153 Lm1'111 V. 01x11 x'1' RLDBERT D. IN11111, RilBE'Ii'IE S. IQLXIKII PR J. DUNALI1 Sc11'1'T K11Nx1T11 R. 51-1111 NV1.s11:1' E. ST.-xxx :XI.BliRT C. T.u'1.oR ST1-111111-'N A. L'L'1H11'1u14 WlI.LI.XIXI R. xkf,-XTNIN C1auRG1i bl. 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IIRLB.-IKER -IIIIIN V. CIWNER ,IAMLS L. jmINsoN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Della Upsilwi XRIILBI-'RT G. CUCHRANE ARTIILR L. RIQE Kappa Sigma Lil-'URGE D. BARNES RIIHERT K. BAUERLE Phi DUIIII Thfffil JAINIES L. .A.l.I.l-'N CAPRQLL E. SNYDER Phi Kappa Pxi W.-il.TxliR C. BRONVN P.-xI'L O. OI wssuw Phi Kappa Sigma RliBPiRT Z. BIIIRIIAII-'N GIIRDIIN F. 'IN RRIELL Phi Sigma Kappa RIDBPR'T E. CATXIFROX IfIIxx31.Rn C. VVILNE Pi Kappa .iiphiz XVILLI.-XM j. LIIRMAN ROBERT NILRI-III' PII Llflfllllll NlJRRi.4N H. Lmxls SELINI N. TIm'xL1.N Sigma Alpha Epxflfm II.-IRULD U. B.-xI'xI.1.N GEURGPQ A. K.iPbFIi Sigma Ifhi -IIISEI-II E. IVIANY PHII I II- IJ.Sm1w Mgvla An ROBb.RT C. ENTIRRI..-IRD XA7II.l,I.-XXI II. NIKAIQINSTRY Thara Dvim Chi NVILLARD I'. Ifxiaws JAMIE D. VAN IJIIRLN ZUIIZ Rox' WV. 'I'AYI,uI: FRIII Ii. XVINTYI- I4 IXIQU Cnyllsr 'l':IylnI' IIrIIb1Ik:.'I' Iizuuu lu Olxxfsmn Hun mug INICC1ll'IIlQ Bnrnrs HIIIIIIIZIII Muxphy 'l'xIIrll Young Hua L Lux 11.1.2 X'ViIItzcI' Siumu C'uIm:1IIn Fvnm K.u':rI' IM 1' llmu II ' f . 1 AIWIEIHICAIU CIE'l'Y CIWII. EIUGIIUEEIIS FOIIIIIICII, LIIi'.cI'Sity III llllllivli, lklll One Humlrrd LYXIYB H:I'IA OI- II I INUIS S'I I'IvI-.NT CH.-xI"II-'R To IIIf.w.I.'Ir,' Inn !w,fII1.' 5: ffl' Mn ff.1..':I.IIl pf7.II.'r nf I'1':'.'f z'l1gIllz'z'lTlIg I111.f In fuglrr frillrfrlill ,I FAC U LTY JIMIS J. TJULAXD, M.S., C.I'.. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Txxclve Active Clinptcrs 'frirff Izmorzg uirif frzgizzvcrirzg Imifwzls. CHRISTIAN I. ARNI-' LOREN F. IXSIIXYHUIJ IT-XRRY XV. .ATKINSON :XRLLY BALL, JR. TJHNALD A. BASS!-'I'T SHERMAN H. BI ANL TSICH.-ARD G. IgF.l.5'l'I'iRIlYG STEPHEN W. BI-:NI-DICT SIDNEY BERIWAN CARL E. BILLINGS :ALBERT E. BITTI-'R XNYALTER BLACK WINSTON E. BLAIR VICTOR P. BONUCCHI .ALFRED B. BOURGO NVIILIAM C. BUNXI-.RS ROBERT O. BRI-QNDEL JAMES L. BRIERTUN LEROY L. BRINK JOSE PH J. BRISTOII' WlI.I.l.4M L. BRUCKUH JOHN E. BUCK WIX.FRPiD C. BURDICR ROBERT E. BURNS ISA T. CHAPMAN TTIVI C. CHOU BI-.HT D. COGHII I. IJONALD W. COLLINS VVILLIAINI R. LJRFNYFI KENNETH TB.-'kR1l'l'Z TDANIEI. C. DAYIIY JOHN C. DI-'ISI-ZNROTH ROBERT R. DE JORGE 'FHIINIAS P. DI-'WIAN LYLE V. DIVVITT DANIEI S. lJlPl'UI.D IJFRUY VV. DIVIMANN JAX!!-'S J. DOLANIY XVII SON L. TJURNAL5 XVII I IAM YV. lJL'Kl-S TJUNAID L. DLNLAP TSDXYARD D. EBI RT .ARCHFR T. ELI IUTT ROY H. l:Al.ll-DF xv.-KYNE A. FARLI-.Y GEORGE L. F.-XRYSNYURTH XVILLIARI S. FI-AGAN HERBERT L. FRANK JOHN A. FOLRNIER TRICHARD H. RTADF RICll.ARD VV. CT.-'KRDNI-'R LEE C. UATEWOOII CHARLES D. KTACDIU MICHELL E. RTI.-XNGL7IN'l'0 EDXYIN F. RTL!-'b3lANN TT.-KRULD E. CTU!-.KI-I LEONARD Nl. QIURDDY BEVERLY L. QIREFZNI-L NELWIN C. RTRIXINI TQARI. E. CROHNI-1 JOHN T. HAI LDPY OTTO S. HAI LIIEN JOHN R. l'lAMI1'I'llN RUB!-RT F. ll.-XSTISGS ll.-AVID HI-'LMAN FRANK B. HENDERSON xVII.I.I.-UN1 E. HENDRICRSEN ROB!-'RT C. HIERONYMVS TJLII l'H TTUKE LFXYFRNI-. D. HLDSON xVll.I.lAN1 F. TTCTH TSICHARD F. TTLTXMAN YIN-KANG HWANG VI S. HYLI JLIIIN IYASKA THPODORI JAKIII CTURDUN I.. J!-I'l'l-SI-N NORDON L. JI-il'l'l-.Sl-N TSLDARD A. JONES ROBERT B. JORDAN SHIN-MIN JUQ PAUL H. li.-KAR WII.I.I.iAI G. Ti.-NHL ARTHER VV. KIITH CTI'-TORO!-Q E. Til-1I.l.l-R HAL P. TKIBBFY IK.-NRL K. KING PAO-CHENG KING DEAN S. TQINGINIAN CHI-QSTFR A. KNAI-I' EDXVIN KOKOSRA LOUIS H. IQRISTUF ALBERT A. IQRIYU PAUL J. KUNZER SIMON Y. KL'RKL'l.iN Bl-QRNT O. LARSON JOSEPH A. LEAIIABRAND LEO T. LEBRON 12.-KYIXIUND I. LELANII CTUPDUN M. LEON.-KRD HARRY A. LIEBERMAN Rl'S5E'I.I, J. LINRHAM HI'I S. LII' JAMES B. LI.I-:wi-'I LYN JAMIE: H. LLOYD OKlF'H J. LONG YVILLIAAI C. LIJTZ HENRY' B. NIL'KlNl.FX' XVILBLTR L. NICZNII-ill. lil-ENNI-TH NI.-KGL'IRl-' LAXYRI-IWC!-. R. lNlARCl'S l'T'!'IY.-XRI1 A. INIARVLSSFN JOSEPH J. IVIARTIY Nll-'RL G. MAI I-'R RAYMOND H. lxfll- YF I-'I-ZE lj.-XYIFI, H. lvl!-'Yl-.R FRI-.II G. NIUURFQ Tll-.XYLIN D. MORGAN, JR EUGENE IVTORONI THOIRIAS Nl. MLYRROXY' JAMES W. NIUE!-1 DANIEL J. NACHT ELMER 'NEELY HOWARD O. NIELSEN JOHN H. NORSE ELYXIER H. OLSON E. KRFlM ORHKJN PETE A. PARETINSRY PHILIP A. PELLER NTILLHR S. PI-'LAGER ANDREW V. PLLTINIAIER 'FHUMAS F. POPE CHARLES POPPE KEITH W. PORTER CHARI1-.S C. PRUYT JOHN C. RALEIGH ROBERT L. RAY ALBERT REICHMANN AAVAITER A. RENNER Rl7BF'R1' B. REX'NllLDS XVII LI.-KM U. REYNOI DS EBIC RII.EX' RTCY E. TSOBBINS JAMES M. ROBERTSON JOHN T. ROBINSON Nl!-'ADI-. M. ROBINSON FRANK R. ROSNER, JR. FRANCIS RLE TJ.-KYID B. RLNNI-'LS PHILIP B. SAIITIFR LOUIS E. S.-KLCH CHARLES D. SANCLIO CI-ORGI-' S. SANSBURN HARVEY A. SC.-XNIAHORN' HENRY A. SCHIXIIELAU 'FHOMAS F. SCHULILS ll!-QRRIAN SCHRADER JOSEPH F. SCULLY BENJAMIN T. SEAR EDWARD G. SIMONS XVILLIAIN1 M. SIBIPSON HARRY E. SRINNER CHARLES M. SMITH .ANTUNIN M. STERBA JOXVELL H. STEYENSON CHARLES W. STONE LUDVVIG T. STOYKE W.AI.l.ACE H. STUMM RLISSELL W. STUMPF EIMXL C. SZPAR JOSEPH D. TAYLOR GLENN R. THOMAS TTENRY TILL EMMKNT A. 'ISIMA1 RUSSELL 'l-NINKH.-XM CHING K. TSAO EUGENE TU FRANCIS 'FYTUS .ANTHONY VAN BREDA JACK W. VAN NESS EYI-TRETTF1 M. VOLLE HENRY C. WANZENBURG CLYDE H. WEBB FRANK E. WlSEI.X' AMBROSE P. Wl'Yk'Z.-KK CHARLES J. WITT CIIAU VVOO OSBORN C. WORLEX' WII.I,1.-NBII W. WRIGHT ROBERT ZABOROWSRI ERNEST VV. ZELNICK XVI-RYOY M. ZXVICKER -, ',- ,SMU Q f-S.,-,, .,,,A., ...Sf J . . .-,., w. .g,'.v-,Y-S Sy A-.v ' .N Vw f.-1-v- ff W, ,Q -.- A--.-,,,Q.' 7 N- ,,..' I j..., A , -?"",',5'5s'.+vfi' Q' . M- -4 . . fy."1.f-Q,N'iP'.H""'- -Q P' x'x -f-' f 44... -I ... ,I 1 . . .P .. . B.. , f'- . V, I n NA Q-,,3uC,s..x.. ' - .P-4. B. vchvsq Riu: LIIBIOII IZIISIOYI 'l'iIIIIII llL'llllL'I'5l7Il Kiblui' TllC1'l7lNlllLl5 Ixlciu-fue Maguire Schuh-S Scar VV.Bl:1ck Crwke S'IIIclI-I hkiIIIIuI' RUIIHLI' Aim- li:ISSctt Dullur liL'Ill'IllCl RuIIIIclS Linkhnm FI-:ignn Brriidcl Keith Hokc Robertson my I. 11-...If ,I .LS .,. lxgihl IIIIIIIIIIRIII ffIL'L'llC Pvllui' M, RUl'lTllN4lll KIISIOI Ilippfrlil PIIkutIIISkI' LL'IlLlSll3l1lllll Ucblw Snlch BOweI'S StuIIIIII W. Revnnlds N-IISI. llL'llIlllCliSl'll 'l'.IIlIII fimlu DCXYJII G. Juppn--vii Stciliii N. Jcppn-Scn DcU'itl MCNI.-il R. Rcynulds Elliot XX Iighl K. King NY. li. Blnck Buck IJOIIIIIII Bittci' JOIR-S PIOIII BrlStcIliIIg Pnpu Collins L:II'SoII AI.I'llA 'fflll Iillillfl FOIIIuIca1, University Of Illinois, 1924? FOI1I'tL-cn .Xctivc ClI:IptL-IN JOSEPH C. BLAIR, D.Sc. HENRY' L. BLICKARIIT, Ph.D. WILLIAR1 L. BIQRLISON, Ph.D. H.ARiJLD C. CASE, PILD. HPiRBERT R. 13.-KIVIISCH, NLS. EDWARD BARNES ORRIS G. BRYANT CHARLES M. CHRISTY GELJRGE W. CHL'RuHILL ARTHUR E. CULLISON MERRITT E. DONEOHUE WILLIAM R. IDUNN IXLPHA CHAPTER To jvronlofr high Jfznzzfflrfls in f1gI'iL'll!fIII'lI! Effzfmffwz FAC ULTY QIEORGE H. IRLTNG.-KN, I'h.D. NIELYIN HFNIJERSON, M.S. , D.Agl'. ROBERT R. HUDLLSIIN, .-LM. XVICTUR W. lil-ZLLEY, l'h.D EAIIL VV. LIHAIANN, ILS., E.E., .-ME. HI NRI P. Rl SR, NLS. FXRETAS W. IQOI..-KN, PILD. HERBERT J. RVQCKER, MS. HARRISON A. RL'l1HE, PILD. HONORARY MEMBER RL'SSEI,L L. CLIN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Grnflzzrlfv Sflldfilf JOHN W. KIRK-TI-'N ERNIAN L. DUTCHLR JOSEPH B. QIRAHABI IJENNIS A. HOCKING FIOXYARD S. HL'S5EY' KENNETH R. IBTIG KENNETH M. JOHNSON EARL E. LUTZ JOHN BORON Sf '7ll0I'5 NI.-KLCOLKI H. NICXVICKAR WILLIAM C. IVILWNIBII-'RT ROBERT B. NIUbGR.-RYE WILLI.AIN1 RANDLES GEORGk. R. REII-'STEQR XIERNE S. REIIA'S'I'EcIc fmzfors MAX J. VVORTIIINGION NORMAN R. 1' RQL' H A LI Ml-R I.. Sskl Ill, NIA. ROSCOI R. SNAII, l'TI.lJ LNURNI-I ll S A. VIN IJLIH XVILI IAM XV. X'XI'l', PII ll -wiv R. SXXKP, JR. LLOYD V. SPI-RXXOIIII KIIQOROL, H. S'I'Af.c.S JOHN A. S'I'RATTIIN BREQI' l'. SxxINLORO GI-,OROI1 E. 'IHIRIN Burlison Ruchc Blair Duugun Guin Suggs 15.1 l'IlL'5 Nolan Cullison Rucker Sffilllllll INIUIYIIIIEIW MuSgI':Ivc U I'qllhLlI'I ShIl'xm.IIi IXICYIIKLII' XX .IIIhIIIgtOII Lulz Tnbcn Churchill Dutchrx' fflllhillll Ilxxnnt H IISSI-I lim -In Iwmg b.nIIkS Dunn V. Rcifsteck ChI'iSty Swinfuxfi Dlmcghuc kzmlllm-S YIIIIIIISIIII llOLkII1g rl RI IISII Lk l'. F . ll,-. N I R 'I' P0l.0 ASS CIAfI0 I"m1mIcml, University of Illimmis, 1933 Ons Active Chapter Tw fvrunlotr ffmrfszmzmfzijv 111111 lI0l'.fl'IllI17lX!lif7 nuff to ffviwlffjw Il -zfrzrfity jmfo fnzm, zrllfvnlfrllfff' ,Imax II. CIIIIDRFSS XVAXYI-Q D. Crmxrz 1:1-UROI' A. Ulmuw lim-.Ivy C. lhrru S11-Rl.1xr. A. Ih.Ack:'1wwr1 lhuw-mn A. Bmvamm XVU I M r M. BL mam mis RICHARD R. B.-xlnsmxx' Ilnmiuxxs I-'. Banu ANU Cnmmrs E. Blum. LIARI. P. CRUNINM-R llunrm' C. UAruu'ls1w I-'nawx Al. c:'kRI4If'l'I' MEMBERS ON STAFF IRHBFRI P. LLM, Kxlpt., IMA. Lulu M. lnuwl-.R, Clpt., L.1v. Lllrrmcn II. Lum, HS., M aj., I'.A. I'.nv.'.1.Rnf M. QL'1C.1.rx', BS., Capt., PA. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY E1m'AR1v XV. A3401-,1z, ju. XIICHAI-I -I. Umumx Rnm.k'r VV. Kuxorxasrx Rumlvl' K.'RY Suwr Y Cmuv XV11,1,1.n1 II. EICHEI xuv Cuvrux R. Iiunmrnz Rum-'KT L. jnrlxf-uw Sfuiors I-'sux K D. IIua1.1T fmziorx V -Iusvivu B. INIuL'x'l',1m' 'l'n1emDum. VN. SUI.-Xl'FNER Exwhsr NI. R.AL'scHFxBrRf,1-iR Sl-QLIKI N. 'l'1m11.aN, JR. Axim M. Scliuriw-'R CHAR! I- N. YYAINI-LR Soffw In 0l'l'5 Lr I-1 A. Rulmrus .'xR'l'Hl R P. Suu-ww, ju. Rufus Y. Kwrxrik BIURM.-KY B. L1-iwls FRANK lf. l'm1Tr1n Ummm' C. 'llmxlws l'AIIII3l-RMK VVRlr.1i'l' F1'r,vlz1111'21 IQENNI-,TH L. Ueuuu-.1"1' Ilmxmzxm A. TNI.1.Rn:L+ww Kuxxlfru A. Sc1w1.1' BL'RTuN G. IIANGF 'I'umms III!-ISZEXZAIII. Fluxx L. Ssxsvxm' DAN C. Hmscu, JR. Urukczri A. NIUBCRII' CEPR.-NLD tl. SKIBBIYS Llnxl-11. NI. IIIRSCH, JR. xVII.I,I.-KIX1 li. N1-i1,suN -'HHN S. W.-lI.KP1R Grow.:-i E. NIcCL'1.1.uUc,H Rusx-'LL W. P.-KRRISII IHIHNRY C. WAZFNBERG cl.-H14 I.. 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SQUTT fzmiors ROIIERT C. Roos Soplzom ora' GEORGE H. OLSEN RICH.XRD R. PRESTIIN EUGENE T. REIQDI' JosEI'II L. RISILX' IIARIII ID C. l'x'rERsoN I' , JAMIE NV. ST.-RRR! 'VI' Eam-Y C. XVII I I-XXISUY IRXIY A. VLTESNIK FRANK C. Vox.-IC .lui-I. NI. SILNRAIAY Rox' SOLFISI-3L'llti RLlBEIl'f G. 'VI-'NN CASIIIIR XVINIAR-RI Vetesnik Dekker Roos Bennett Erwin Mnuck Silvcrinqm O'HIIn Olsen Voknc Scott Jansen Murtnn Dt'UfSCI1IIlf4I1 Slrirrctt jpnnrzin Kinll lug I, uni- I To fasler LA FORCE BAIIIY, MS., 13.11. il.-XNIES Ii. IIRANUI, MS. ARTHUR F. DEAN, B..-Xrc1I,F.A. 1V1.xRx'Is R. DIIIIBERIHAN, BS OI..i1- S. FjI'I,III', I-LM. XIYT.-NNT P. AIIKS ,ImEI'II Ii. B.-XKFR R1l'H.KRD U. Bl-'ISTFRLING MAR VV. liissux BFRX.-KRD II. BR.-IDIIY Rl1BEli'I' I. CIi.KNII'1llN JIIsIaI'II H. CRAMINIPR BIXIIICII 'I'IIIkh:IIn KIIIIILI VV, jom-5 Vnn N255 vV1111IllII: Pl'1IV1llL' Fjcldc BI':IIIlcI Ah-ka Little Stevens Smith Truttcr Huddlcslon Lcscher fl'llII1I11L'I' Runnclla R. jonrs Kern Vkhei' KIIQL: Kils Sch:-ick Bclstcrling FIIIIm1ed, L'IIixersity of Illinois, 19119 Tliirteen Active Chapters IQARNAK CH,aI"I'IfR frI'nI.fIf1.fp .NIJ fooparalfon avznng :1rI'l1ifrI'I5, .'1rI'l11'fuI'lnr.11 Er1gir1rI'r.v, mul I,.1n.f.fI'.1pI' :1rI'l1i1I'I'1x XVILI Iui I-X. UANETER, A.M. CIR.-KNYII.l.k S. KEITH, M.S. FRANK M. LI-'ECI-II-'R, ILS. IK.-XRI. B. LIIIIMANN, M.L..-X. EIAIPR I. LIIYE, NLS. NIENIBERS IN RICH.-XRD Ii. DRIIVI-'R SAM L. IILIDDLESTIIN Rl'D.AllD A. EIINES NVILEY T. -IDNRS, -IR HDWARIJ II. KERN IDRFD KILI-1 VVII.II.nI S. KIXNF, FACULTY NHXVIIY D. IVIURGAN, M IRI-ZX!-'ORD IQFXVCOMB, A.M. .-LI..-X. CIRLIS Ii. IMLMI-'R, M.S UNIVERSLFY :XII-RED Ii. KIRK RIIBI-'RT B. LITTLE LEIINARII H. NIAI'FIIfI.D IJAYID B. RI NNFLLS W.KI.TPkR H. Siquxxlwc F. MAREHALI. SMITII IRYING L. PETERSON, B.S. LIIRING H. PROVINE, B.S., A.E., A.I.A. OTTQ G. SCH.-IFFER, B.S. WILLI.-KM H. SQHEICK, B.Arch. DQNALD P. STEVENS R.AX'MOND STU!-.IRMER RUSSELI. J. VFINKHAIVI PHILLIP TRLITTER JACK YV. VAN NESS GRABLE B. WEBER, -IR. A. Rlk'H,iRD WILLl.'XMS C To 11XIHIll1 Ii. 11II:HI'I"I', NIS. I . I'.IlXY.1.1'Il 12. 1. XI I- R, NIA., L.1',. XVII I IXNI 1.. L1U111Nb, NLS. 1IIIIx S. LI:xxDIAII, ILS., l.1' 11,xIIIII' Qvlllb-My IL13., BS., NI.L.1, DSI. KI-xv-'I'II F. .XXIII-II-uw S'1'll'lI1-N XV. 15IxI IIIQT .XI In IIT IC. HI'I'II-IQ .IIIIIN If. 1lI'I'K KIRI 1JXXII'I'l l'If. INIII IIIIIIIMI .N - 'III-IMI ii" """-snnngir Y A XX ,- "" IX KIIhl D1InIiIz Kihbu 11lL'l'IlIUIl11IN Skinnci Ruff IIIIIQI' 1,1IVIIlI1L1 BULK RK,'I1l'1L'I Ilukf.-N King TIIIIIII' H-gII.-dict SLhIIlIgx 1X1tIlL'ft'L' FIIIIIIIII-Ii, LvI11NCl'i11y' III IlliIIIIis, 1922 'I11III'IL'CII .'Xctive,C1I:IptcI's HIL' IIf1fIf.11ffflfI, I'f1.1l'I1flI'r, fIrI1I.'."I'I1fily, IIIIII wfI'I.1fiIy Ilusurlg I'1'z'if I'I1gir1I'I'rfr1g .fflnfrrllf '1'IIIIxIh 1J1II.-XX, NIS. -IANII-S J. 1,131 AND, Mb., LE. NIIIVINJ 1.. 1'IxcaI'R, VIRc.II. R. FIPYXIING, 11.8. XVIIIINII' C. 11L'vrIxc.'I'Iw, NIS., L'.1i. NIFNIBFRS IN IJINII-I S. IJIIIIIIIIII XVIIII.-KAI VV. DVRI-5 RIIHI4 RT C. IIIIJRLINYIIIN XVIIII.-XXI U. lq.-XIII. Hu 1'. KIHMII' FACULTY YVxI I ILL NI. Lxx-IIIRII, KIIIIRQI. XV. 1,1k'K1-Lb, 13.L.I',., 1.12. XVILLIANI II. RAYNIR, LF., NLS. FRIED 13. SLI-'I,Y, 1N1.S. 'IXIIIIAIM C. SHI'-DD, MS. TNRANK XV. S'I'I'IIIs5, MS. UNIVERSLFY KARL K. Krwc RAYAIIND 11. WI!-'YI-I-Fl' XV.-KITFR A. RIxwI-'II FR-Ixus Rl'1-' , LE. 1'IImxI'ARD YV. SIgIfI'If.FR, NIS. .ARTHUR N. 'IL-XLBOT, CE., D.Sc., D.1fI1g., LL.D. jAIxII:IIN XV.-KXVTER, MS., CE. CARRDLI. C. XVILICY, B.S.. CE. VVIIIILIR M. XVILSON, M.M.E., C.E 'I'IImIAs F. SL-IIoI.IfS BENKIAMIY T. SPAR IIARRY F. SRINNI-'II -IAAII-'S 17. 'I'.u'I,oR XV.-XLT!-'R Ii. YVII.I..aRD 1 Theilmnnn Roglis Davies HurSh lNIclXflahOn Luce jackson Tnrplcy Silverman Nagel Lynch Graham Seddon Johnson Yee Lee He:1'ringtOn Harris Shimmin Kat! Bimbn Elliott VV:llm:uI Herrick Cnullsr Gallagher D:1niclSOn Syxcrscn Strcid Gmth Campbell ROBERT A. BASCK ROGER H. BENEDICT CHARLES W. BIMBA ANDREW BOVICH ROBERT C. CALDXX'EL TPIOMAS J. CAMPBELL RAYMOND M. CAREY IHIAROLD W. CARLSON DAYID H. COLE LEWIS H. COLLISOX JAMES H. COL7I.'l'bIR PAUL W. CRUMLISH LLOYD C. DANIELSON WILL S. DAYIES RALPH E. DONNELLY DONALD R. ELLIOTT ADIEIHICAIU CIE'l'Y 0 lllECll.llllIC.4l EIUGIIUEEIHS Founded, University Of IllinOis, 19119 One Hundred Fifteen Actixc Chziptcrs LINIVERSI'I'Y UF ILLINOIS BRANCH Safure Ihr: iIIf6'l'A'.ll of fha .rlmivrzfx in I1 profwsiorzal hfdllfll of their vrigizzuurirzg FACULTY CARL H. CASBERG, B.S., M.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HERMAN A. ERICKSEN PAUL CJ.-KLLAGHER GEORGE VV. Cv.-ILLOXVAY CLIFTON B. CTRAHAINI CARL A. GROTH PAUL GUNZBLIRGER DAVID K. HARRIS FRED C. HEINIG THOMAS I'Il-'RRICK JAMES W. IHIERRINGTON ROBERT W. INIURSH HARRY G. JACKSON WAX'NE G. JOHNSON AUGUST A. IK.-ATT JOHN P. KROLISE ELC-ENE F. LANNI-'RT ROBERT T. Llil-2 GEORGE H. LOOAN JOHN W. LUQE IR.-KYMOND P. LYNCH IJONALD W. MQCAEPERTY XVILMER M. MOCOWN JOHN E. MUIVIAHON FRED NIARIQH HARRY K. N.AGk'I. W.iRRFN W. III-QT!-'RS IJZMIL PlliTRANGEI.I FRANK J. IZASIVILISSEN IXIIAURITZ E. RINGQL'I5T VVILLIAM A. ROGLIS HOWARD O. SL-HOLL lil-QNNI-QTH SEDDON ROBERT P. SHIXINIIY LESLIE SILYERMAN ID.-ALI-1 D. STRICID H.AROLD K. SYVERSFN CHESTER A. TTTARNOXXEKI CLARENCE E. 'I'ARI'LI-.Y JOHN A. 'ISI-ilBl-'R FRIEDERICH IITHI-'ll,NI.-KSN A. L. WIQIS EDHV.-KRD J. XVII IAIAN MATT S. VVILSON JOHN M. WllI.EBPQN FREDERICK T. TIER CARL H. CASBERG, KS., M.Ii. WILLI.AhI N. ESI-Y, M.S. MAURICE K. FAIINESTOCK, MS. JOHN A. Guin-, PILD. ROGER H. RENI-:DIET LEw1S H. COLLISON FRANK B. FUSTPR CLIFTON B. CTR.-KH.-XIII THEODORE N. II.-KCKETT Graham R. Lcutwiler Herrington Lee Linuh INI.lYlllIll4' Brncllict Silverman Luce Mclxlnhon H.lEkL-tl Herrick COlliSOn Spalding Rub: ll,:I1IS FOIIIIIIOLI, L'IIiveI'Sity Of Illin-liS, 1913 Fiftccn Active CIl1lPtL'l'S II,I INUI5 AI I-HA CII.-XI'TFR To prolnofl' .wif 4!4'Z'L'lllf7 ffm' .111'nf.'.I,v1'12r1 of f11I'l'fl.1f11'I.1I w1g1'11.'f'f,711Lf FAC U LT Y CI.ARl-.YCI-1 VV. IIAAI, lNI.I-I. I"IOR.-ACF J. N1AL'iN'r1RE, NI.TNl.IC. XVIIIIATI ll. Sl-unix., 'Xl N .AKLUYZU P. IKR.-XTZ, MS. PALL E. IXIUIIY, NIS., .SxR'l4lll'I4 C. XVIII Al-ID, 17 OSUAR .-X. Ll-l'TXYllI-FR, HS., 51.12. JOSEPH A. IIUISUY, IRS., NLF. I.I..19. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DAYID K. IIARRIS 'Til-IUAIAS J. III-IKRICK JAMES VV. III-'RRINOTON ROBERT T. LI-'E RICHARD XV. LI'-'L'TXYII I CTEUROH H. LOOAN JOHN W. I,l'K'F RAYMOND P. LYNUI JOHN E. TNIOTNIAHON R, JR. CH.-XRILS L. RARE .XI I-NAND: li Sli AR xx I,rSI1r S11 I I-Ru xx J. XVI-Sl I-Y Suu mv. Ia: xm QX. In xx I- XVINSTUN J, XYIINI P, ll.'.i Y R.u'xIIrxn H. IIAQIIIIIAV QiI,.mc.I F. II.-ISI-cf linwrsx' L. IIIIININGUI XVILTIII H. BIGGFR JIIIIN K. BIIINIQIJIIHOI-If W.xLI,AcI-, A. DI:I'I' Wrsux L. linm' NIIrIff.Ax I.. IQDXYARDN I'AI'I. R. EGM RT Vrxx I. I'fxII:IL'II Q91 H uhnn jnckwn Ter Vern Burning:-r Parnell Hrrringtnn Ernrich Pitney Bigger Depp Post Stein Stoddart L. juhmuxx Sxnittkznnp Rmvsenbcrg Edwards Hunks Matthew: Eddv Lane Spangler Vicklund Fgbell vxlkllfllllbki Kowalski Brinkcrhoff Qumlln Vnllclte Skm cz Miller Talbot IJVTIILIICI' Huchnmn Orr Jensen T. johnson IWIEIHICAIU IIIS-Il-I 'IE ElECI'lllCfll EIIIGIIIIEEIHS Fuunded, I'hil:IdclplIi.I, 133-I One Humired Nine .-Xctiw Chapters II.I.INOIs STL'mNT BR.-INQH Tu pruwolf' .Ilznfrrzl ir1II'n'.If in cI4'I'friIu1I uzgirzvrfirzg III EINI IILRS IN UNIVERSITY Cl.-KRFXCF G. Ihnnlten XVII.I,Iaxr I'. IIIIIIAN R.iI.l'li B. J.-xcxsuw RLSSEI I. Jfvsxx LI-isrI-'R A. Jonwsox 'I'!IOR5'I'I-Y VV. Jonxmx Il.-XXINIIIND J. Knw,xLsIcI CIIAIIII-5 A. LANI 'IRIN RI'rsI-II IS. M.K'I'1'HFXN'b :XLLI-N K. IVI1l.l.l-QR xv.-KRREN D. ORR Jonas C. I7.-KRNELI, R151-.II'I' C. PITNI-'Y EDGAR A. Pon' J. Jilhl-QI'II QL'IIoI.I.u II.-mmm j. IIUSENBERG J.-LXII-S C. Sxoncz CII.-IIIIIHS J. SMITTK.-XINIII' XVII Mun H. SI-ASLI I-'R J.-IMI-is H. STPIN ,FHIIIVIAS IVI. S'I'uDnI-QIIT CI'R'rIs G. rr.-Xl.BUT Lows A. 'PER VI-'IIN CHARLFS T. XI.-1II.F'I'TI-Q WAYNI-1 L. X7lL'Kl.l'ND EDWAIID W.iGNPiR 'I'II.um1-its L. Wunfmxfxl I I I I I X. .1 I 5 I Pvfiut StIII1dIIt Qumlln QI'IllIIIIR'I'IZllII Fgbrlt Duh5kI' Orr 1 tI'II1llllI MIIIII' FIIII1-kIII Krcck Kowalski Lungs Iiurgcas 'I nlhnx Pxtnny :tc-In PIM Ilrpp SPLHIQIKI' junfcn E -I A K A I' P R IU U FIIIIIIIICII, L1IIIXL'I'SIIj' -If Illinnis, lllll-I VIXNUIIIJ'-f4Illl'.'xCtINL'CI11lPIL'I'5 AI I'IIA Lili.-Xl'lI'R fu llllllg iulu I'fnf.'r IHII-fill, ffm !l,'HfllII1 .fn'21.'fIf rfzmz Sflllfljilg I nnlIlI1I1If1ug 1'I1fI'l'I',I! Ilmf Izfufjly U1 fflflhf I'ffnII'I1 fIrf1fI,II1'fn1 nf e'lz'Ifl'lI'Il! II1g1,rII'.'r."rIg FAC U LIY IIIr.II W.. Iiunxxx, NIA., I'..I'.. .XIIXIII R. IxxIc.II'I', Nl.Iz., NLS., I"..Iz. I'.IIII-xx II. I'.-UNF, NLS L I' IIJIIIIII I- N. IIMIIIIIII, NLS. CII,-IIIII-5 'If KNII'l', I'II.IJ. IiIIx:r'I' .L ILPID, NLS., I' I CIIIIIIIX A. Kmwrn, NLS., I',.I.. KIIIIXIBIQRS IN UNIVIQRSIIY JXXIPN If. III Iam-I CDI-IIIu.I P. IiN'I'IcIxIN RIIHI-III' I-'. LANG!- I'.Inr.xIc C. CIIAAIIII-III AIN CIII1IIf.If NI. GIIIxAxn XVI-.NIIFII Ii. MII IIII VVAI I an X. IDI I-I' RI':sIfI,I, S. JI-.N5l'N W'AIIIw'N IJ. Ona Ifuxxhl IN II. IDI Izxxx' Il-KYNIIIND J. IQUNY.-XI.5KI RIIBIRT C. I'I'I'wIx' I,-XII R. I'.r.I:III'I' Ju-II-II .-X. KIu'I.I-Q IfIIr.AII A. I'IIvI4 l'. I . Il.vIlI..1 X.:'.vIIx CIIII IQ. SIQIIIIIIIII, NLS. IQIIXIIIIII H. XVIIIIII, NLS I' E J. JmIfI'II f2L'IlOl,I0 YVIIIIAAI II. SI'ANGI.IfIz ,JANII-15 II. STPIN IIQIIONI.-XS M. SIUDMIIT CI :ern U. 'I'.aI,IsuT .-f" DAVID G. BOLIIGIN, Ph.D. HUGII A. BROWN, M.S., E.E. W.flLTER H. BIGGER D.4NIEL K. CHINLUND ROBERT W. CLINE RLJBEIQT S. DAIIKI qs DO 415. Krcck Chinlund Dennis Huugh Cline Skorcz McSkinIin Bigger Fuundcd, L'IIiveI'sity Of Illinois, 1925 Tun Active Chapters ALP I-I A C H AI-Ti-in To prnmnlr I1 fcvrrzur iI1tI'1'I'.I1 fri My Iffrzlcu of mffio 4 f FAC ULT Y STANLEY L. EI,-UNIFS, A.B. CII.-IP.I.Ifs 'I'. KNII-I', I'lI.D. CARI. E. SIQROIIIII, NLS. IOEIVII 'II 'I'x'I4IwIxII4, I I MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY J.-KIXIES L. DENNIS XVALLACE A. IDEPI' XVEsLEx' L. EDDY HARIIY M. FLOIIA ELDRED NV. HOLGH XAVILLIAIXI B. KATZ JOSEPH A. KIICEIQ FRED A. LINN III.IzIIEI:'I' xl. INIISIQIAIN XIVI I.l Lui sl. NIM RIT: JAAII- 5 C. Sxuizuz HI IIIII IIT VI. SPIII xr.I,I, NYnol1ey Shcrnirin lluttfiinlcy Ouhlri' BOIIIIILIII Hanks Cziliuim Nichnlf-III VI Ililt-I' Mitchell Tnpp TIIHI ,Iafinski Bailey Rftninit' Ltftui' RIIIuI'twII Smith Bunttiu Spotli Meyer IX!cCI'cuI'y Pruitt Lnnguill Squnitx Knlyic Hiikt- IUIIIIILICJ, Ciiixcrsity of Illinwfs, 1015 FIIIIY-SL'XL'I1 :Xctixc Cfinptcrs An :IfIIIi.Itcti Sucicty :It thc .'X.I.fNI.M.E. Tu fvfnmult' Ilfllllllg ilu: II.w'rI.'hI'f.f .I Irff-IrI11gfff lr:.'f'r.II,!I1g kfiufzliufgi' nf mffzfrlg .wif II,'I'li1fI'In'gfI.If I'IIg.'I1I'.'I.'I1g ,III .IH iff lvfilfzrhif EAC U LTY J- ARTHVR BUT'I'lI3II.IX DAVID INI. LAIIIAAIJEI, IIIGII P. Nifiiiiifnx, XLS., ERI. QQIUXIII- Xl. NXIIIII, I'..NI WI ID ,ALFRFD C. CALIIX, NLS., EJNI. IJAYID R. MI'I'uIIvI.L, NLS., E.M. 'I'ERINt'I 'l'. IQLIRKI-, EBI., I'li.IJ. .-XI:TIII Ii ll. xx-ll In II, IDA MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ERNEST C. ADAMS DOxAI.D R. HA-IIQI-' HI-inxixw E. XI.-KICK ,luux .X. SNIIIIII .ARNOLD VV. ASMAN QSM.-XRI.I-,S HOKE IFRIEDFIQILIQ XV. TXIIII Il .XIII III SI'II'I"II ORIIINT T. BARIII-iTT CHARLES VV. BE.-XTTIE CHARLES C. ROLI-ii' DONALD C. Bownuw JOHN L. BROWN .AMZI G. Goss,-xx I3 EUXY.-XRD J-XSIXSKI Lrwip R. IQURYI-C AIOIIN S. LANGWILL -IOIIN L. LESTER Luxx'ELL II. MCCRI-'I-. LAK!-Y I.. I'IIL'IT'I' NI.x'I'III'xI' RITONIII' EVGI-NI: C. ISOBI-ll'l 7 juris: W. SIIEQILH.-KN II.IRI..1.N E. OIIIIIII CII,xIII IN NI. S-,II wtx PII I In I Iri- I.A RI I VIII! I I I ww Lruxxieiv 'IRIII1 XVII I IINI D. XVIII-I I I x IH P .I Il'.vIi'I X 4 Schuhn-It Kring- XX. Fmtcr J4IhIIsIuIIe LEVLIIEIIII VXI-:Ir PcnIIcI' J-mes Cosby Cook :XLIEIIII H:Ishb:IIgLI' H. FIIRILI' HIISIEII 'I'III'IIcr Sloltcr PIIII Clafiin Borst I. ll, Huntrr XVIIIIZL-I' H11-hm HcII'iutl DIIIIIIIILI Guldhrck PIUININKIA Ikluhlmnn Curqwilz I1IIIgh1IIII Rmln 5chw.1I'Lz Mzxlumx BIIIIIEI' Nulmu NIchII!wII Kolnr Klein Muhl KIIIIIIIECI' CochI'I1II fizmin J. fi. HIIIIIL-I' Smut Fne L1I'grIII Frubt Parker Glnsscu Fnumicd, L'IIixI-rsity uf Nlichignn, 1912 Tn fvnn.'ufI' flI.1II1r1l .1I'yn.1fI1f.1r1I':'f FRANK C. HIIWARII, GFfLIRfIP' T. AUSTIN Al,L.-KN J. BARNEY JOHN R. BINGIIAIII ROBFli'F L. BLLII-IM IEYLE B. BURST ANTIIIINI' R. BLZLAT M.S. III-RRY F LLIIYII E. llmmxn ANTHIWY J. DZIDZ DQNAIII K. CANAD.-W IRONALD N. CLAFLIN LA Rl'li CLEVELAND JOHN R. CIIEIIRAN FREDI-RICK Cumi Jonx N. CIRBY HFNRY D. FUSTER XXI.-KLTER FLNTER HELEN E. FRosT STANLI I' S. FRY LI-I-. E. FRYI- STANLEI' VV. CAWIN DuxAI.II E. CIA:scII IVIARTIN CuI.D14I-EI-C, JR. JERIIMI- KICRIQXYITZ HARL.-INA.H.-xsIIBARr.ER ANIEIHICAIY 1lIS'l'I'IlI-Ili ill: CIIIZIWIICAI. EIUGIIUEEIHS L'NIvI.R:I'I'x' or ILIINIIIS CHAPTER 'I'l1i1-ry-5gy-gn A-xctiye Chapters mul InI'i.1l Izml prrIlfI's.Ifrn1I1l I'rnI!I1I'ff amfnig .v11fIifuI.v, ltll lfn' jfI'fIf,I nf f.'flI'uIf.Il1'y Ilmf l.'f1I'v1fI'.1f Erlgirlvwfrzg FACULTY JIIIIN:'I'I,IxI-, I'lI.D. IRUNALD li. KI-YI-is, PILD. MEMBERS IN I'I.l.RI.,-XY G. IAIA:TERT DKIX.-KLIJL.IIEINTZIN1.-KN CILENNHERBAHLSHEIAIER P.-Xl'L E. HI- RRIoTT,JR. FIKVXYARD I'. HLTZNER JAAII 5 R. HLNTER J.-uns G. IICNTER ELImx NI. JONI-is OTTII C. KLEIN I-'RANK J. KlII.AR FRAXYK R. KINILXCY x7INCFN'I'J.L.-'ABRECQLTE UNIVERSITY LOLTISCLL.-KNDFNBERGFR IRAYIXIUNIJ L.-KRGENT Jmxx C. LEvExsuN JAME: O. MAIIINI-ix' FRANK W. NI.-'Isl-IK GI-,IIRGE L. NIFQHL HIIWARD A. NIEESM.-IN JOHN VV. INILIIIIIXI.-KN EDNY.-KRD G. MIIRGAN OSCIAR O. NEI.sIIN CLIEEIIRIIT.NICHIILSIIN ARTIIUR J. II.-'HK NKIRB1 AN VV. XHSRNUN G. PARKER R-u'IxIoxn G. PENNER CLII-'EIIRIJ A. PLLIAIMER ANTIIIJNY S. POLITO FREDERICKJ.PoRT,JR. FRANK J. R.iDA CLYDE L. REED H.-IIRRISIIN E. RIIMINE .ALBERT E. SQHUBERT FRANCIS SCI-IXVARTZ EDGAR D. SHIPIIEE fI1I'1Ifly Im' 71, amz' 121 I' II pro mfrzent IXRASE, Ph.D. XVERXE L. SIMRIL RIL'H.AIlD L. SLOTTER GEIIRGE STERBA, JR. PHILAIXIEON E. S-mu-r EURY E. STRANGE RIHIEA VV. TURNER JERROLD D. WEAR WII,LIAM R. WHEELER GLENN C. WILLIAMS FRED E. WINTZER FRED A. XYEOMAN RAY R. 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L-III':III l'ImI11I' M. fXII111'IaI-II R1Icl:uI' Milfs Shrcslcv XYIIH R1'1III AIIIIhI'u5ruI' Rum S1I1h Ruhiwn 131-lshzm II1lIlII1lII G. AII1IcIs1III wan AIIIICII NIuIIIIIIcI'1 II1:IIII 51mk1,1 NIcNI.1hIII1 KIIIII NIIIII-1'II f1l.11III'1: 1.111-1114111111 I-'u1ImI1'II, L'I1i11-rsity of NIII1IIcsII1.I, IUIW VIIXXUIIIN'-IIIIC .-Xctiw Chapters PI CII.-WTI-'I1 To l':lIIlI.'f1l1 .'f1lI'III'1!II1lf, 1u1'f.II', mmf fIr'rIfrI1fnzII1l If1'I'f'InfmJ1'r1l, 177I1lfA1' 11.fz'1111I'1'n.'1'r1l nf Ifomr If1'orInf1.'i1,r If NC ULT Y II.1IzI1III 'If II1Ic'III, .X.NI. IHNNII NI. RIumK5,A.I3., R.N. FIURINCI NI. KING, NI.S. NIAI111-X. NILKIF, .-YB. R1'TI1 .-X. NVARDAII., A. I 1IIII III1II-Ia, I'II.NI., D811 K1TIII41'w V. I31'I1wN, .-X.NI. DIII11I'1H1' IJ. NIVCALIIIIII-'13 IIS. ANNA II. IlUBIN5UN, .X NI1I11' C. NVHITIUCK, NIIQNIBIQRB IN UNIVERSI I'Y I IIz1I IIIx1- .XNIIIAINN ICI I7.1I1I4'I'II A. C111 I-AN KAI11 IYI-' NI. KII'I' Ill'TIl NIIISIII-I1 NIAR1' VI. Scu1'II,I, '1I1I:f.1I1I I .XQIII-Imax NIAI11' VI. 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ARAISTRIING, I' HAROLD W. BAILEY, 1'lI.D. D.-KX'ID G. BDIIRCIN, PILD. OLIX'EIl K- BOXYER, PILD. HENRY R. BR,-KI-IANA, PILD. LEONARD BRISTQW, Pl1.lJ. ROBERT D. C.aRMICIIAIiL, P HOXN'.iRD G. BERGM.xwx DON,-XLD M. BROXVN ALBERT C. BuRDI.'r'rI' BYRUN T. IJ.-KRLING ELBERT P. CAR'I'rR SPENCER H. GORE ALICE M. I'I.-KRRINGTON ALPHA CHAIITI-.R To prumole p!?y.vimf sifzziuztlorz Imif .whufurship Immrzg rin' girly of fha U11:'z'I'rIf1N' FAC ULTY Iowl-1 IW. JDHNSIIY, NLS. NIARY If. L.-IWSUN, I"II.B. CXRIAIA Ruin-Ic1ruY, .-LM. LAURA I"IUELS'l'l-'ll, .-LINI. ltxin St'HNAl III-R, NIA. GRADUATE STUDENTS Kx'I'urRIxr .X. xVIll'l I- MENIBERS IN UNIVERSITY CIIRIVIIYI5 T. SCIIWARTZ Einmlsi- M. SH-xxx' I'iIl-AYUR Ii. S'I'rc,I-' III'-,I I-'x li. Sn-I 'I I win-RUCGH PI IWIII lfl'SIl.0IlI L Ifuuiidcd, Syrxxcuse Unix crsity, I 91+ VIIXXCIIU'-CIgIIt Active Chapters w I1.I.IxIwIf :x.I,l'H.-X Liu.:-'I'I:R To fftllllflfc' xI'f1nf.I1'Ifl1'p, fnrfllfzlfilffy In r1.'.1l17I'v,'.111'I'.f FACULTY h.D. ju5I,I'HINE H. CHAxI.I-1R, l'h.D. ILD. AR'I'IIul: B. CIIBLI-t, PlI.D., LL.D. IRICH.-KRD K. Comic, PILD, :XRTHUR R. CRATIIDRNI5, PILD. .ARNOLD EAICH, Ph.D. INIILL-l5 C. HARTLEY, I'h.D. GRADUATE .I.nII's XI. llosrzlu IIULLY C. FRY!-'R IIR.-XNK C. LIRXTRY NV.xI.,TLR P. Ilrixznuw MEMBERS IN AI.-RRY IIIALL AImI,I'I-I E. IYRATRI-X :KLICE C. 1,1-II'm.D OLIVIQ C. HAZII-'I'T, I'lI.D. HARRY LI-NY, l'h.lJ. ERNEST B. LYII Ii, l'h.D. IIHNRY MILI-s, I'h.D. GI-ioRr,F, A. MlI.I.l-R, PILD UI,RA1.II E. Moour, PILD. STUDENTS QIL'THBl'R'I' C. IIKRD juries R. Karr XIIKLIIAI.-K INIuI.nI'I'r MILIIRFII A. NIIRIAL UNIVERSITY HIiI,I'N xl. I'oxIvIR I'-R-XYCIN NI. l'In1Ixx Huwin NI. NIUII'-SXIIIII, l'I1.D IQCIIU ll. I'rI'l'rR, PILIJ. AImIA.l'II XV. l'r'IrRN, l'lI.D. LIRIINARII L. ST!-INII I Y, I'II.IJ. HI,NRII'I'1'.x P. 'l'IRm', I'lI.IJ. XVIII-R117 XX'IIwx, ILS., IJLNIIIII vt Phys. NXILIIP Ia. l'Ix I Mun' H. R1 xI-II Rui-:r,R'I' Nl. 'liurxiv Iilfll,-XIII? Ii. XYx'lwx KIXXI-Ill C. Sglilixl I I.l4NI ll' Rll I I Ru xx Hmliif-RI I. SI-Iaz xi II lr I If-..f Q--4 551 ,-',ff" A m S i ,.-, N.. , .3 I ,X Q S xg . 3: 'S -, x T 1- g:i x S as sb SP' Qi Q? 3 r K sus' 54 'I v sl '44 'Pg vu XXNX 4 I, xxxXX x x xx -N H xxxxv- y '1":-::l- rg . Q. .- ww RM ' :. ' ""' 7:51 .:1x,7,i, i XNNXx " ' - .-HQZ-f.,yej1.,sf-,. 4- ,,.. " "HJ fig-41 '. ' ' -. --f1'.-v:v -a-,.'f-- .- 'Hr-4 ' AllvfllfISI1UG ANTI! IIUIIEX ... "' f---qua. IRTIIIEX ill: 1lllWlfIH'l-ISIZIH AXsm1g1A1E1J XI1LrrARx'S1moREs,'IH1E BRYAN1'K SWRATTON COLLEGE . BUSEYYS S'l'A'lAE HANK C.'kl3I,F PIANQ CUMPANY CUMMUNWFALTH HDHNN COMPANY IDFERE K Cmm4PAxY I7RExvERYs lynx, 19HE GEwmngG.FETTmQCoMPANL'fHE Ll R.C3RvnH K C1m1uaNY ILLIXKHQ ISELI. 1'ELEPlUlNE CQUNHAANY SFLLE!hHYELRY CQMAPANY S FL Smrru Ccm1uxNY,'fHE PAUL STNNE-RAYMUR, LTD. jkUANUN fXMLwEMENT CQMPANY XVEHERE Srvnum S 503 491 499 503 503 493 499 505 SHI 497 SHS 497 497 495 499 X x Q f 1 I Sk BRYANT ' X -, rp md S , X sf STRATTDN f ,JT course if' Willa WAN -M , l J i nil Q U I X K L EE' mill,jN':f . u success ll ' 1 dh lsr... x : CDLLEGE STUDENTS GRADUATES L1 Intensive Stenographic Course for college men and Women. Puts a working edge on your academic training. A quick way to income. 100 Words a Minute in 100 Days Assured for One Fee Trains you speedily for a preferred position of good pay and prof vides employment opportunity amongst thousands of successful alumni and other thousands of business men who helieve in Bryant E6 Stratton. Day classes only. Enroll now. Classes begin quarterly: july 13. 1936g0ct. ll, 1936112111 ll, 1937:April lil, 1937. Summer Classesa Day and Evening in all regular suhjeets including: Busi- ness Adniinistration, Executive Secretarial, Accounting, C.l'.A. PI'CPLlI'.l' tion, Comptometry and Business lviachinc Operation, Stenotypy, etc. Regular Fall Term Starts Sept. 8, l936 Visit, write or phone Ran. 1575 BRYANT 8a STRATTCN C 0 L L E G E 18 S. Michigan Avenue Chicago, Ill lilfllllflllll IIIIIIEX A Ahl-ey, j. Nl. .... ... .... 48, 398, Abbott, j. 11. ......,. ........ . . Alarams, A. j., jr. ....,. .... .Al2rI'.1ll1i, Cienexiex e NI. .. 237, Alarina, R. D. ...... .... :I..1ri.1 .......... . . . . J1.u111lf.1r1ry' fffnfv . . .... .. IACIICHIALIII1, ID. Ii. .. . . .33-1, Atlier, R. YV. .... ..... . !ACliL'l'l11.lIl, F. A. .. .... :ACliL'l'l11.l1l, j. ..... .... .'xCliCl'lI1.lI1, XV. A. .. , . . . Acton, N. I., jr. . .... Adam, F. O., jr. .. .... Adams, B. VV. ... .... Adams Burdette ..... .... Adams, Burnice ll. .. .... 257, Adams, E. C. ..... ...... 3 34 Adams, E. AI., jr. . .... 48 293 Adams, Esther . .. ...... .... Adams, IV. O. ....... .......... . Adams, Florence I. .. .. .-48, 294, Adams, Isabel L. .. ...... . . . Adams, j. B. . . ...... . . . Adams, L. A. .. . .. 362, Adams, NI. V. .. .... 1411 Adams, P. A. .. ........ .... Adams, R. ..... ...... l 34 332 Adams, VV. B. ..... .... 4 6, 252, 349 Adler, Frances j. ..... ......... . 48 Adler, j. I., jr. ........... -l-8, 136 293 Adler, Perle H. ..., 127, 128, 129, 236, 249, 2611, 261, 273 -1-39 .'11f111i11f.f!r11Iin11 ....................... 1i1f111i21ivI1'11li-iw' Ojfirers nf 1111- Ulii-zwvily. Adroumie, V. II. .................... . Adsit, Iylary j. .......... 141, 263 421 .411-z'1'1'li.1i11g 111111 111.1121 .............. . :Ig Dtllltr' ........... ............ . Agnew, Carolyn j. .. . . .127 432 Agnew, L. VV. ........ ....... 4 13 Agnew, 'I'. L., jr. ........ ...l33, 315 :IgrfrnIl1rr1', f.'ufl1'g1' of .... .......... 1-Igrir11fll1f'1' lfufnlrff .,... . . . . Agruss, Ida M. ... ... Ahearn, XV. C. .. . .. .. Ainsworth, R. C. .. .... Aitchison, R. S. ... ...-18, Aitken, C. S. .... Aliemann, E. VV. . . . ....-l-8 Akin, C. lf. ..... . . .2Sll, Akin, M. E. ...... .... . . Allwerstett, Ruth L. .. .... 312, Allwig, j. VV. ..... ...... Albrecht, A. ..... .... Aldridge, NI. R. .. ... ....... Aleks, V. P. ...... .......,. . 48, Aleltsiun, llelen li. . . . . . 123, 2-1-X 249 461 481 .AIC7tlIlltlL'l', Nlary j. .. ..... 286 287 Alexander, XV. Il. . ..... 48 .AllSon, C. .... ....... . . Allara, NI. .... .......... . . Allard, II. I". .. ..., l-I-ll, 384 Alleman, N. j. .. ....... .... .xnea,.1aa 31, .. , isa, Allen, Betty C. .. .. .-l-8, Allen, C. I.. ... . . . 1-1-3 Allen, C. Nl. ., .... Alle11, If. If. .. . . .. Alle11, 1-Ill. .. 2831 .Anea, .. .,,..... ..... Allen, I.. .. .... 413, 3811, -168 .AlIL'l1, VV. .. .... 373, Allen, I.. tl. ..... 372 .XHen,Ih'l.j... .... 4X,Z'9 .Allt'll, Laura lb. . . . ... . . . . . Allen, Valerie ll. .. .......... . . .. Allen, VV. ll. .. .... 48, 334, 337 Allison, 0. XV. . ..,,....,,. -113 .xlllNIPl1, P. ...... ..,....... 4 U Allyn, Portia NI. .. .... 141, 312, Allyn, R. ...... ....... l 3-1-, Alpert, I-ldna NI. .. ,,.,,,, , ,, Alwwe Rau-j... ....141 .iff-fl.: 1.717 Um, 11.1, 1 11.-1 1. .1 If-.1111-..1 ,y.,..n.1 468 408 179 431 437 330 461 464 333 361 37-1- 140 382 461 164 413 4-1-3 -l-77 383 .48 134 427 133 184 478 333 390 360 330 439 381 248 479 .19 .39 4-1-6 467 489 236 467 -161 336 .27 2-1-1 313 383 391 339 368 393 333 313 448 388 478 481 47-1- 434 484 432 333 37-1- +115 466 137 486 -1-29 360 138 370 3.4 1611 -169 461 466 39+ 421 -1311 U17 383 366 4-19 I-13 433 -135 -l-18 xllphz .ifplnl :Ilpla slflfrlm .-11137111 .iff-611 slffvba .ilpfm Jlffvfnl .-llpfm .-111.1111 slffha :Ifpba .ilfflld .Al fplm .J lffm :I flbhd .1lpf1.z .-Ilphiz fllplm :I lpha .,- C,f1'A' Rfn ,... lfflf Nigrmul. . . Della P712 . . . Della Pi . . . Drfla Nfgvzir. Ep.1'ifr1r1 PM . Epxllun P1 .. G1l1u1u.1 D1'If.1 C11u1u1.l Rfzu Aiilfptl lXi4I,D,l711 K.1f'jv.1 lnlzzzfnf Kappa Pi .. . K.1pp11 P11 .. 121111211711 Defld C2IlI::L'l'll7l Pi . P111 ....... PI' D1-lm . Rho CM' .. . Siglllfl Ain . . Sigllltl PM . Tim :Upha . . :Ifpha T1111 Omega . .-Ilplm T11 .-Ilpfm Aii ilfpfla Zn' Alstrom, Altman, ll .8igw17 . Dell.: . . lil ..... XV. O. Il.I'. ...... Altmanslwerger, C. E. ......... 140, 183, Altorfer, E. j. ,........ 44, 47, 49, 246, .-1111111111: .-l.f,m1'i11ffr111 331 +ox, Alxey, Betty L. ..... 131, 231, 263, 286, .iu.'111'0 . . Amherg, Ambrose, Amhrosiu :I 1111'1'ir11r1 :I merirflrl dl H1 erica Pl :I 1.1.1 erica II Amerman VV. A. .. s, F.. Im. ....... .. Iuxfifzrfe of C.'hen1i1'111 E11g1'z1e1'r.r. . lllifflllfi' nf Elf.-rrir-111 Ellgirlems. . Nuriely of Cieif E7Ig7IIt't'I'.Y ...... .N'ori1'ly of flI1'eff1111fr11I Er1gfm'1'r.v. ,,1.1J. Amling, W. Andermax Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson A11de1'son Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Andrew , nl, Marian , A. li. .. , Amelia L ,t1 R... ,DI ,D.R... ,IJ.WV.... , Elmor A ,F.NV... ,J.e. ,J.1:. ,,1.o. ,,1. V.. .14 e. .. ,L. .... . , Lois , Margaret , Margaret , Ivlllflilll ...., , INlarjurie ,R.F. ..... . ,R.N. .. , Ruth H. , Stanley . 7' ' 7 , X lYl.I11 X . .. ,W. L. .. F.VV. Andrew s, A. I. Andrews, lf.. II. Andrew s, VV. C. .. Geraldine. . 127, 2 ...361, ....-1-9, .....l36, ...398, -102, ......2-l-3, ...-19, 192, ........ffff4b,'ii2 33,289,442 ........3l3, ...+9,19Q ...3-11, ....-19, Andrews, W. II. .. ......... ... Angell, Mary C. .. ........... 47, -1-9, Anger, lf. XV., jr. . 41 164, 2116, 3-6, Anshel, j. L. ..................... Antilla, A. A. .... 44, 49, 164, 168, 1.0, Antonchiek, j. .......... . Annolin, Appell, All A. li. cej. Apple, Victoria B. .. Applehans, R. B. .. ...282, Arhuckle, Betty L. .. ,.... Arclier, L. B. .... .xl'El1L'1', I.. D. ... .. . .. Al'cl1il'1ald, C. B. .... ....... . Arden, Phoebe j. .. .... 49, 331 332 333 419 481 -1-20 334 421 333 411 336 337 48-l 141 422 423 483 338 487 339 -1-71 360 338 424 139 138 413 39-1- 247 484 239 422 300 367 133 333 478 476 470 -173 337 483 430 360 430 484 311 399 -1-11 449 461 486 333 -1-61 390 392 -1-74 461 418 486 45+ 427 419 373 483 313 -l-13 +511 397 313 332 373 478 404 438 472 334 4111 340 -1-61 430 -l-36 368 429 330 413 461 133 xllepu ............ . Arfsten, A. VV. ..... . :Al'l'lll'7l'llS1Cl', Anna C. . , . . Armour, R. L. ........ . Armstrong, A. R. ..... 49 Armstrong, Barlnara Ii. .. Armstrong, Beulah Nl. .. Armstrong, Phyllis Armstrong, R. D. . Arnason, A. P. .. Arne, I. C. ..... . Arnold, Nola E. Alnuld, R. T. Arnold, NV. B. . . . A1 nold, VV. R. . . . . Arnstein, Helen S. Aron, Ilse .. .... . A1-111111-, s. H., 11. .. Artz, L. C. ..... . Ashbaugh, A. F. .. ASl'1la1'uok, H. . . . Ashby, Kath ryn A. Ashby, R. C. .... . Aslajian, N. ..,. . Ashley, C. R. .... . Ashley, Louise j. .. Ashley, R. L. Ashline, G. H. .. . Ashwood, L. F. Asman, A. W. ,.,....... ......... . Athertfm, C. W. . ........294 ......+9,+s5 ......+9,+5+,4s6 ..........33+,337 ,2-1-1, 236, 338, 374 ......131,242,-155 ..........4-13,487 ...........-19,427 Armstrong, Lyda Nl. . . . . 1. .... 141, 286, 431, 467 .....-l-7, 49, 139, 224, 230 231, 232, 238, 349, 374 .. ..... 457, 470 ....4-1-7, 456 .......352 ....379 ....169 ...50 ....3l2 ....165 ...50 ....3S6 ...50 . ...50 ....380 ....457 ....-110 ....-154 ..........388 ....2S6, 410, 470 477 ....4l3 flfhferie .'11l111fr1i.1Ira1io11, The. . .... 159 .'IlhI1'!f.' .'I,r.vnei11fin11, T622 . ..... 162 Atkinson, H. YV. ............. 470 Audrieth, L. F. ..... ........... 3 52, 396 Auer, Genevieve E. . . . . .50, 287, 296, 432 Augur, Roberta L. . .. ............. .454 Aurand, R. E. .. . ........ . . .375, 4-61 Austin, G. T. .... .... 5 0, 240, 352, 478 Austin, Helen E. .. .............. 455 Austin, j. D. .... . Austin, R. P. . . Auten, P. S. . . . Axelrod, L. . . . Aydelott, A. L. .. Aydelotte, C. j. Baar, Ruth B. . Balwbit, Elizabeth M Bal'1l'1itt, H. E. ..... ....... I 37, 335, Bachman, C. H. .. Bachman, F. H. . Baehman, R. H. Bachmann, G. A. .. Bacon, C. ...... . Bacon, C. S. .. Bader, V. O. .. Badger, A. E. .. . . Baer, Faith M. Baer, Pauline M. ....... ., ..,. 128,129 Bagley, Marcia L. . Bagno, Sylvia ..... Bagnolia, Lucille .... ....S0, 359, 481 ..........206 ...50, 295, 373 ..........14o ...................50,461 320, 322, 326, 331 Aydelotte, G. B. ..... 50, 332, 336, 340, 461, 468 ..........-485 ...........-134 474 .........511,312,398 140, 286, 333, 351 ............. .476 ...S0, 396 .....413 ........-413 ...312, 461 ........137 ' 461 ............. 432, 2-18, 249, 296, 333 334, 337, 349, 371 ....-155 .....450- Bagozzi, Dolores A. .. . ........... 50, 448 Bailar, john C., jr. .............. 352, 387 1Lany,t1 A. .... 44,47,30,246,2+7,32Q 322,331 332 53+,3+o,3s0,46s Bailey, H. W. .... ............. 4 87 Bailey, Ilarriet Ii. ............. 457 Bailey, L. ......... .... 3 99, 474 Bzziley, R. . . .. Bailey, VV. G. .. Baily, H. II. . Bain, C. C. .. Bllll', G. W. . . . Baird, B. T. .... . Baird, Llewellyn Bairstow, R. R. ... . Baker, Beverly B. . . Baker, E. S. Baker, Evelyn .......533 ........461 ....+6+,4s+ .............357 .............313 315, 315, 341, 336 .............43+ ....333,372,472 ........5o,+34 ...30,294,3S6 ......3l, -1-20' Moving Back a Frontier T NV.-XS the spring of 1837. O O The frontier village of Grand Detour hummed with activity. ln little knots, the settlers gathered around the general store, at the sawmill, at the shop of Grand Detour's blacksmith, John Deere. No stage coach, bringing word of the folks back eastg no breathless rider, carrying tidings of ln- dian warfare, had created this stir. Far deeper than these was the force that set the small village humming that morning in I837- for here was the genesis of a new ideag the be- ginning of a new hope that was to stir a great nation from its formative growing pains. O0 For weeks, now, there had been talk of a new plow, a plow that would shed the rich prairie Soil in the years after the virgin sod was turned. There was talk of a man with vision enough to conceive a new ideag with foresight snliieient to carry it through to realization. Almost daily, the pioneer villagers had seen the JOHN DEERE voting blacksmith carrying his plow into the tieldg had watched him return, disappointed, but not discouraged. Thcv had heard the rhvthmic beaf of his hammer far into the night as he worked to perfect the great idea. "No plow will work in this gluev bottom land," said the skeptics. "-lohn Deere had better use his time tak'ng care of his shop. Whv play with .1 steel plow, anyway? There! plentv of timber land to be cleared, where the plows we have will work." "xIohn's got the right idea. If his steel plow will do the work, this rich prairie soil will feed tht world." O O Today, nearly a centurv later, the story of th.. great idea that pushed back the frontier, and the vision and foresight of the man who conceived it, are known wherever civilized man tills the soil. It is reflected in the ten great -Iohn Deere Fac- tories where skilled workmen carry on in the tradition of the founderfthat no obstacle to progress is insurmountable where skill and per- sistence are combined with vision and foresight. Moline, Illinois 1-is A, H.-1 v Baker, ' ' lnlv... Bal-zer, H. U. .. .... 333, Baker, J. E. .... ..,.. ...... . Baker, Jwy F. .... ............... . Baker, Margaret E. .. . . . 129, 230 231, Baker, Margaret G. . ... ........ Baker, Nlarian L. .... 433, Bake1', Nlary J. ... ....... Baker, P. C. . .. .... Baker, P. ll. Baker, R. ll. ..... .... Baker, Virginia A. .. ... . Baker, Virginia M. . .... Baker, VV. ll. ..... . .31 Baltluf, VV. V. .... .. . . Baltlus, Elsie Nl. .. .... Baltlnin, E. C. ..., .... . Baltlwin, J. A. ........ ..286, Baltlnin, Roberta Nl. ... ..... ..... Ball, A., Jr. ...... ,...... 3 75, Ball, Eileen NI. .... 131, 251, Ball, Mary D. .. ........ . . . Ball, R. L. ..... ............ . Ball, V. ........... ...51, 337, 366 Ballance, Nlary J. .. .......... . . . Ballard, F. P. ........ . ...... .. Ballard, Gloria L. lNl .... Ballard, J. F. ........ .... Ballon, J. W. ...... . . .. Balsey, J. D. ........ .... . Bambas, Virginia G. .. .... . . . Banck, R. A. ....... .... 3 63, Iftzzzff of A' ....... ..... Bandy, E. F., Jr. .. . . . . Banks, C. F. ....... .... Banks, Marjorie H. . . .. Bannister, Sara J. .. .. .. Banoff, H. ....... . . . . Barber, Nlargaret . . . . . . . . Barbour, Gail E. . .. ... . .. Barbre, Sihyl L. .... .... 3 14 Barclay, VVinifretl M. .. . ....... 286 Bard, A. O. ......... .... 4 7 51, Barish, Shirley R. .. ...... ... Barker, Betsy L. , , , Q82, Barker, J. L. ...... ...... . Barker, lN1argaret J. ,.51 -1436 Barker, Winnifretl M ,,,,,,, Baikett, Sadtlie J. .... ...,.... . Barkley, D. F. .... ..335, 349, Barlantl, R. F. ....... . .... Barlow, Mi11ette ll. .. ... Ba1'lox1', R. R. .......... ......... . Barinan, M. J. .............,....... . Barnartl, G. C. ...... 44 51, 162, 1-8, 227 349, Barnes, B. A. .. .. .. ..51 311, Barnes, li. J. .. ................ 51, Barnes, Cl. D. .... 51, 253, 334, 3-1-ll, 376, 379, Barnes, Nlartha R. ... ..... ..... Barnes, R. R. . .. ,....... ..... Barney, A. J. .... ..5l, 340 352, Barns, Mary E. .. ........ .51, Baron, F. M. .. ......, Barr, U. A. .... .......... . . Barr, J. .......... .... 1 64 379, Barr, Veronica M. ... .... ... . . Barr, W. R. ...... ...... . Barrett, Alice L. .. ... . . . . . . Barrett, D. R. . .. . . .211 396 Barrett,E.E... Barrett, O. T. . .. ............. . . . . . Barrick, VV. H. ...... 4' 51, 146, 2-l-6, 252, 349, Barry, Jennis . . .. ..... ... .. Barry, W. T. ......... .. .243, 286 Bartels, Cliarlutte A. .. ..51 455, Bartelt, Doris 0. ... .... . .. Barth, H. ..... .,,. 1 87 Barth, S. ........ ..... . Bartholoinexx, H. . . ,... Bartllolow, Hortense .... 286, Bartle, Minta J. .. ... 313, Bartlett, C. .... ..... . Bartlett, Nlarian .... ...... Bartlett, Mary R. . .. ..282, Bartlow, R. D. .... ,.,,. , Barto, Harriet T. ........ .... 4 34, Pzgi fum- .Yinrfy-fuur JF! -1-1 Vx 3 -F4 455 422 451 467 432 353 341 384 422 440 397 366 434 359 380 427 470 429 429 396 485 286 384 436 368 413 485 .51 475 468 404 476 452 419 135 438 428 451 421 392 439 427 365 479 .51 413 351 472 420 481 381 179 377 461 471 349 469 455 364 478 454 392 .23 403 454 382 427 466 .23 477 247 356 243 410 484 448 379 354 410 434 431 311 .51 431 349 486 GENERAL INDF2X?CON'I'INL1ED Bartoli, A. Barton, E. lf. . . . Barttin, H. M. .. .. Barts. Norma A. Bartuscli, A. J., Jr. . l:'.m'Iv.zH ........... '7 ....30, Bashen, Eli7alwetl1 F. .. . . . Htukrllnzfl . ..... .. Baskin, B. L. .... . Bass, lNliltlretl M. . Bassett, D. A. . . . . . B.1st.1, Elsie V. . . . . Batchelor, Barbara B Batchelor, V. B. . .. Bateman, Ruth M. . Battaglia, F. P. . Battey, Battinus, H. E. .. Marjorie Bauer, Alice E. . .. Bauer, C. A. Bauer, Charlotte .. Bauer, E. C. . . . . Bauer, E. E. . . ...130, ...141, ..206, 335, Bauer, F. .... . . . ..... . .......... Bauerle, R. K. Bauersfeltl, Ruth C. Baughman, R. C. .. Baum, F. W. . . .. Bauman, H. C. . . . . Bauman, I. T. .. Billl1'11I11"l, P. J. .. Bauman, W. U. Baumann, Bernadine Baumann, C. B. .. Baumgartner, V. J. Bayley, W. S. .... . Bayliss, Hester L. . Beach, P. G., Jr. . . Beaclal, F. P., Jr. . Beam, Mary W. .. Beam, R. F. . . . . Bean, S. H. . .. Bear, R. P. .... . Beartl, H. ...... . Beard, J. H., Jr. .. Bearden, L. D. .. Beardsley, H. .. . . Beare, J1111e M. .. Beasley, l'lora J. .. Beattie, C. W. .. Beatty, U. E. . . .. Beaulvien, Nl. H. .. Beauman, YV. H. .. Beauinunt, Cathilene Bt-ax er, Maxine L. . Becher, Evelyn A. . Bechly, Cary A. .. Beck, Mary H. .. Beck, Marybelle .. Becker, C. F. .. Becker, R. H. Beckman, Gretchen Beckxyith, NI. M. . Betlinger, P. N. .. Beelve, R. A. .. . Behling, B. N. . . Behling, R. A. .. Behn, C. H. . . .. Behrens, O. K. .. Beifuss, Mary F. .. Beitel, R. O. ... Bell, Barlwara . Bell, F. E. ...... . Bell, Rachel P. . . Bell, R. L. ...... . Bellows, Helen M. Below, P. M. .... . .128, 248, 249, ga ...52, 337, 349 ....l43, 280 Belshawx, Emily L. Belsterling, R. G. . Belting, Natalia M. Belyea, Beverly A. . .. Bender, H. D. . . .. Benedict, B. W. Benedict, R. H. . .52, 2411, 287, 373 Benedict, S. W. ........... 12, 408, Benham, Benham, Violet M. 11. v. .. 53, 164,178, 231 185 454, i 2311, ag- 4.1, 286, 337 4- .52 367 408 311, 339, 376 237 184, 392, 251' 431 281 '7 .5.., 3 1 ...:2, 142, 387 ggi, -Qi. . ' 3901. .'.'.'337' ...1+11, 286 410, ........-.l4.U.,.igg. .. 42, 388, 4711, .. .... 52, 143, ......286, ' 474 ' 470 181, 341 1 413 446 461 430 461 191 486 177 409 314 470 436 427 403 421 389 418 401 428 381. 433 472 474 393 349 469 427 187 337 469 .52 407 .52 426 361 .52 362 450 362 333 486 480 470 140 411 478 .52 380 431 428 477 399 .52 364 486 455 455 426 418 455 350 461 432 352 411 413 386 367 461 134 251 466 454 466 312 239 438 461 486 474 425 438 461 373 475 474 336 404 486 Benitz, lf. M. ......... Benner, D. .... 53, 322, 331, Benner, T. E. . . . Bennett, A. T. . . . 203, Bennett, A. W. .. Bennett C. K. . . .. Bennett Claire H. . . ..... . Bennett E. C., Jr. .......... . Bennett F. C. . . . ..53, 164, Bennett, Helen . Bennett, J. B. . . . Bennett, K. R. . .. Bennett, N. W. .. Bennett, Ruth V. .. Bennis, W. ........ . Benoist, Virginia M. .. Bensen, Frances ..... Benson, Evelyn R. . . . Benson, H. ........ . Benson, Virginia L. . . . Bepko, W. ...... . Berbauni, D. E. . . . Bercher, R. W. . . . . . Bercher, W. S. . . . ..... . . . . . Berg, E. R. .... . . .128, 248, Berg, H. M. .... ......... . Bergbom, S. C. . . ... . . . . Berger, A. . . . . Berger, H. . . . . Berger, J11anita .. Berger, T. E. .... . Bergman, H. D. Bergquist, Ruth A. . . Bergschneider, M. R. Bergstrom, Edna F. ......... . Berkovitz, B. . .46, 47, Berkowitz, G. . . . Berkowitz, Jean . . Berkson, K. . . . . Berliner, R. ...... . Berlowitz, Rosella L. Berman, R. ....... . Berman, Regina Berman, S. ..... . Bernbaum, E. .... . Bernds, Marie XV. . . . Berner, J. R. .... . Berngen, A. E. .. 53, 252, ' '. 11154. Berngen, W. .... . Berninger, E. L. .. Bernstein, Marcelle . . Bernstein, Murl L. .. Berrent, J. ...... . Berry, J. T. .... . Berry, VV. E. . . . . Bertoglio, J. G. .. Bertoni, lxflI11'lC A. . .. Berzinsky, Lois M. . . Best, Genevieve . . . Best, Jane E. . Hrfa .ilphu Pri .... l'z't'l1l Carlzvltz Siglllrl . H1711 PM Alpha . . . Bela Sigma Offsfcroll Hola Sigma Pri . . lfrm TVA-1.1 Pi . Betts, Betzer, Lois E. . .. Bevier, Isabel .... Bevilacqua, Gilda . .. W. XV. . . . . Bevilacqua, Josephine Bev1s, J. D. ...... . . Beynon, Ruth l. . .. . . Bickel, J. W. . . . Bickerton, E. . .. Biddlecombe, D. . . . Bidle, P. J. ..... . Bielek, M. .. . Bierer, F. P. . . . Biery, Suzanne .. . Bigger, W. H. . .. Biggs, Delphia P. .. Bigler, Leota M. . .. Bigler, Ruth E. . . Bilger, R. P. .. Billian, B. . . .. Billings, C. li. . .. Bills, Betty L. 332, 338, .I.61t., . 394, n 7 .53, 297, .139, ...s3, . '.3.8.0.. 249, 13-49-- 164 192 . . .' -1.5.3. . 331' 313 454 453' 311, 349, 168, 170 f f f f1'41' ' . . . 282, 442, 2E3Q'41':" .. .S.3., .53 476 421 .....264 449 .53, 3 380 336 461 .28 333 461 379 438 .53 473 461 396 355 356 486 359 453 455 456 384 418 205 461 461 373 359 195 367 .53 461 437 372 487 486 350 479 401 287 457 393 406 455 366 439 470 373 486 359 371 371 476 455 439 354 376 461 461 314 425 314 455 464 136 425 426 361 362 143 486 486 453 479 373 425 397 333 411 .53 357 374 455 477 482 265 485 410 401 470 419 QW flfafzma!! cjamana ,afzfnfzm - - - - fedtuirling JIKJHOVLZZZ clmana 61466 VLALC Youth is at home at Aragon and Trianon. The atmosphere of friendliness and Congeniality . . . of refined magnifi- cence . . . assures you always of a perfect evening of dancing. Fun swings along to the suave rhythms of AmeriCa's most famous orchestras. There's a new thrill to dancing on the remarkably resilient, spacious dance floor . . . 'midst surroundings that have been ac' claimed by the nation's dancers. Inexpensive . . . an evening spent at either of the "worlds wonder ballroomsu is a treat in more ways than one. ,Q ,i . ,MG , xg- lx . xx ,,. my 'll"Rllfl.NON and ARAGON ln Chicago Biinba, C. XV. ........ . Bim Merle, Dorothy C.. .... 46, 34, Binder, R. XV. ....... . Bing, R. S. ...... . Bingham, 51. R. ..... . Bingh. un, Ruth M. Blossat, B. VV. . . . . rsiitizoi, s. M. H. . 1:11-kh..11', P. ...... 1:11-kv, c. W. .... . B1scho11, Barbara P. Bisesi, J. L. .. Bishop, 11. . . . . 131Sl1r1p, XV. .. Bisson, bl. O. ..... . Bisson, M. XV. Bitter, A. E. .... 54 Bitzer, A. H. ..... . Bixby, Carmaleta I. Bixby, XV. H. .... Bixler, M. E. .. Bjorseth, R. LI. .. Black, Barbara J. . . Black, Bernice A. . Buck, J. L. .... . Black, P. .. Black, S. .. Black, XV. .... . Black, XV. E. Blackburn, W. H. . Blacker, Anne S. .. Blackford, Blackstock, Mary K. Flora E. Blackstone, S. A. .. Blaha, R. A. . . . .. Blain, P. XV. Blair, B. ........ . Blair, Betty BI. E. .. Blair, IL. ........ . Blair, -I. C. .. .. Blair, XV. E. ... Blake, W. H. ... Blakemore, J. R. ... Blakesley, L. .... . Blum, ID. .,....... ... .115 y. .2.q.2.,. 41 ', .33 294, 286 339 .:+, 5611 434, 7 38-, 376 470 H+, 137, 2+1i, 30 , 1311, 2. ......54,417, ......33 Blankinship, Cl. F., tlr. .. Blanksten, U. . Blass, P. Blatchley, R. .. Blatt, M. L. .... Blazek, Exelyne Blcssing, Betty H. Bleuer, L. '1'. .... . Bliss, Patty Ii. .. Blitzsteu, I. M. ..... . Blix, I". Nl., -lr. Blohm, R. L. ........,. . Blomberg, llarriet Blomquist, F. VV. Blomquist, O. R. .. Bloom, E. A. . . . . Bloom, Margaret .. . A. . Bloom, Mildred K. Bloomster, A. Maurine . Blomster, E. Gretchen Blout, B. B. ..... . Blue, C. L. ...... . Bluc-jacket, F. W. .. Bluemke, Elizabeth . Blum, Arlette M. .. Bl um, Blum, 12o1'otl1y H. . . . F. ........ . Blombt-rg, -1. .... . Blomenshine, D. M. Huarlf of 7vVll.1f4'l'.1. . Board, 'l'. P. . . . . Bock, Betty ..... Boddiger, G. C. . . . Bodenbacli, Florence Bodine, M. ...... . Bod ma Bodnar, j. XV. ..W3 n, L.VV. Boe, Marjorie M. . Boehm Boeke, en, R. Z. Ii. U. Boelio, L. N. .. Bogart, 11. L. Bogg, Helen X". , 322, . 1- ..:4,13., ...206, 12., 283, - 1 .3-4, 116, 129, 248, . ..34, I-. 78, 1811, ....35, 321, 331, 6. Page I-Noir llonilrril Ninety-tix .5s,314w, 250 436, 241, .34, .34 286 339 -'fy 316, 3411 421, 140 356, +61 .E+ 1.9. j. ....., A+ j+f1 4 363, 341 '7 313, 2711 33 qs, 'T ...83, 43311 243, 1 3 . 34, 129, +6o, ,33, a 9 s v -sd v v 413 435 399 41111 478 433 391 465 392 315 261 467 3911 461 360 461 474 474 36s 479 3411 332 481 421 456 363 400 393 4711 470 .54 437 4146 431 472 396 283 461 467 -161 471 368 -14 464 413 461 333 461 478 413 12' 443 361 479 381 333 478 451 54 138 54 423 33 237 237 339 385 394 4411 434 21111 432 370 393 389 .23 3.13 434 283 486 446 112 342 433 484 411 411 136 424 GENERAL INDEXLCONTINUED Boggs, L. VV. ............. ..... 3 13, 3613 Boggs,W.L.... ........311 Bogorad, S.L. . . ........... 2112, 446 Bohlen, D. VV. .. . .281, 293, 353, 468 Bohren, B. B. . . . .............. 139 Boland, 51. S. ... ...33 2113 Boley, C. C. .... ..397, 477 Boley, Blary H. .. ......... 138 Bolin, K. P. ...... . . .33, 313, 384 Boll, Dr11'uIl1y S. ..... . 53, 434, Bo1S1I1Cl, Dorotlly D. . . ...... 55 Bolt, H. ......... ...53 Bolton, Agnes M. .. .... 441 Boman, H. F. .... 317 imma, H. W. .... 342 Bone, R. C. ..... .... 4 10 Bonhard, J. 11. .... .... 4 83 Bonucclii, V. ........ .... 4 70 Bonwell, Dorothy L. .. .... 436 Boodee, C. V. ...... .... 4 113 Booher, Adona 17. . . .... 461 Boomer, Lois V. .. .... 435 Boone, T. hl. .. . .. ......... .351 Boorstein, S. ........ ............. 3 54 Booth, Florence E. . .12f, 267, 284, 285, 431 Booth, R. W. .................... 283 382 Booze, M. H. ...... ...... 3 96 Borah, Carolyn F. .. . ....... .418 Borchardt, Dorothy -1. . . .33 429 467 Borchers, R. B. ..... .... 1 92 379 Borden, H. G. ...... ....... 4 61 Borders, L. E. ....... 333 Borgersen, Priscilla S. . ..... 433 Borgcson, Janet E. .......... 418 Boron, ......... ...53, 437 471 Borri, P. R. ...,. ..... 1 64 4117 Borring, J. R. .. ....... 368 Borroif, D. . . . . . 55 4113 Borst, L. B. ..... ...243, 478 Boruck, 1XfIarian J. ..... 453 Bosley, J. H. ...... ....... + 09 Boswell, J. .......... ..384, 463 Bottenfield, Anna L. ... ........ 138 Botteron, D. U. ..... .... 1 33 3411 Bottomley, A. ... .... 477 Bottomley, 1Xf1. B. .. ......... 53 Boudreau, L. ......., ..... 1 79, 388 Boudrye, Margaret 15. .. . .29-4, 418 479 Bc-ula, J. A. ........ ...... 3 37, 399 Bourgin, D. G. . .... 334 477 487 Bourgo, A. B. . . . .......... 4711 Bootin, V. ... ........ .36 Bouzeos, 'I'. P. .. ...... 4113 Borich, A. .... ...... 3 6, 473 Boward, B. A. .. ........ 391 472 Bowditch, R. ..... .... 1 34 143 362 Bowen, C. E. .... ..... 1 62, 362 Bow eu, Kathryn V. ...36, 454 479 Bowen, R. A. .... ...... 4 61, 484 Bowen, W. j. .... .... 1 311 2511, 3811 Bower, IJ. A. .. . ......... .315 Bower, O. K. ...... .......... 4 87 Bowt'1'mJl5te1', 'If C. . .. . 131, 231, 389 Bowers, G. C. ..... ........... 2 57 Bowers, W. C. ...... 56, 4711 Bowers, W. E. ....... .... 3 911 Bowker, Margaret E. ........ 453 Bowman, D. C. .... ....... 3 63 477 Boyd, Anita A. ... ...36 267 431 Boyd, Helen M. . ......... 449 Boyd, H. L. .... .... 2 57 Boyd, Ida 1311. . . . . . ..... . . 449 Raya, J. W. .. .. ..... 339 +08 Boyer, Gail I. . 127, 237, 263, 421 Boyer, L. . .... ........ 3 64 Boyer, J. M. .. .... .36 Boyer, P. .... ...... 1 42 Boyle, W. n. .. ...376, 3711 Boynton, Gail .. ....... 138 Boynton, R. S. . .. . . .3-49, 396 Boys, Lucy C. .. .... 486 Boys, Ruby Fl. ..... .. 421 Boreman, V. F., Jr .... 364 Bracken, D. F. ...... ..... 4 1 356 Bradbury, C. B., '11 . . .376, 382 Braden, A. ........ ...... 3 56 Bradford, Marian I.. .. .............. 293 Bradley, B. ll. ...... ............... 4- 74 Bradley, K. R. . . . 164, 168, 173, 360 Bradley, XV. F. .... ...... . Bradney, Mary M. . .... 283, Bradshaw, J. .... ......... 3 49, Brady, Addie T. . . ........... . . . Braentigan, B1 elyn. . . .... 36, 243, 254, 4-1-7, Bragg, C. E. ..... ..... 3 3, 371, Brahanrl, H. R. . . . .... . . . . . Branch, J. E. . . . . . 142, Branch, R.W. Brand, Jean R. . .. . . . . Brand, M. S. ....... . . . . Brandenburg, M. M. ................. . Brandenburger, B. P. .............. 56, Brandlin, J. bl.. .36, 224, 2311, 231, 238, Brandt, Bernice S. ................ 56, Brandt, Mary F. ...128, 2-1-8, 249, 427, Brannin, Bexerly ....... 131, 242, 286, Brannon, Velma ...... ............... Branyan, Nancy M. .................. . Brauer, Norma C. ................... . Braun, H. bl. ....... 56, 164, 178, 223, Braun, Patricia M. .............. 421, Brearley, W. A. ....... .. .282, Breckenridge, Ina M. . . .. . . . . Breen, H. E. ....... . . . . Brefeld, B. V. . . . .. . . . Brehm, Nancy L. . . .... . . . Breiter, Herta ...... .... 1 41, Bremer, Naomi K. . ....... . . Brendel, julia E. .. ....... . . . Brendel, R. O. . .. .... 36 446, Brennen, XV. T. . . . ..... . . . . . Brenner, Pauline . . . .. . . . . Bresee, Mrs. -I. -1. ................... . Brewer, Rose ........................ Brewster, D. L. .... 230, 231, 349, 380, Brewster, M. V. ............. 56, 287, Brierton, J. L. . . . . ........ . . . . . Briggs, Roth E. .. . . . . Brin, S. ........ .... . Brine, W. M. .. .... 56, Brink, L. L. ..... ....... . Brinker, S. VV. . .. ..... . . . . . Brinkerhoff, -I. K. .. ..... 56, 339, Brinton, Mary V. .. .... 294, 418, Bristow, Florence 15. . . ......... . . . Bristow, -1. -1. ..... . . . . Bristow, L. ....... ......... . Britton, Vera D. .. .......... . . . Britton, XV. E. . .... 136 278, 1z1.....1,', J. L. .... . Brock, Christine QI. . Brockob, XV. L. Broderick, E. I.. . . . .. Brodman, Clarice 1. .. . . . . . Brodt, R. D. ...... ........... . Broeg, Dorothy M. . . . ......... .14l, Brogan, J. C. ...... .. .47, 57, 334, Brnnm' Tlrlrfut .... ............ . l31'ook, Edilll G. . . . .... 57, Brook, Thelma L. . . ...... 455, Brooks, A. C., jr. Brooks, Fannie M. Brooks, Frances E. Brooks, L. O. . . . Brooks, M. . . . . Brooks, N. C. .. I3l'll0liS, Y Broom, Clara H. . . . .... 14.03 . W.V1f. .. ................ 352 422 360 313 265 450 472 487 474 380 452 376 .56 481 4-05 455 467 432 44-9 438 442 388 482 380 449 461 407 421 449 435 451 470 396 437 313 486 468 366 470 454 409 355 470 380 476 482 .57 470 487 312 389 372 419 470 383 138 315 461 367 143 454 479 372 486 457 371 137 380 398 426 Brouk, J. bl. ....... 2112, 2113, 376, 473 Browder, 0. L., jr. .................. 145 Browder, XV. B. ........ 1411, 297, 311, 362 Brow dy, A. . .. ............ . .381 Brown, A. T. . .... 380 Brown, C. D. .. ................ 413 Brown, D. bl. .. ................. 204 Brown, D. 1X1. .. ....... 134, 313, 315, 487 Brown, D. P. ....................... 380 Brown, Mrs. Donald M. ............. 313 Brown, F. L. ................... 338, 372 Brown, F. R. ..... 321, 331, 335, 336, 461 Brown, Frank L. .................... 349 Brown, Cf. B. .. .............. 57, 341 Brown, G. C. .. .... 230, 231, 232, 391 Brown, H. A. ....... 375, 476, 477 Brown, Izeyl M. . .. ...... 57, 484 Brown, j. 11. . . . ..... . .186 Brown, I. L. . . . .... 398, 477 Telephone Tour Boy At School DLIRING the school year, "visit" your children away at school by telephone. Long Distance telephone service offers you an opportunity to keep in close touch with their school activities. If you prefer, have the children telephone home regularly and reverse the charges so that they will appear on your home telephone bill. A telephone tall takes but a few minutes away from feverish school programs and the cost of the call is always moderate. Bell System lines reach everywhere. ILLINOIS BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY l V l MOLLOV MADE COVERS cover this boolc just as theylve covered lllios since 'l9'l8. O S. K. Smith Co. - David J. Molloy plant 9857 North Western Ave. Chicago A i erik ' "fe X, . v -lv' 1 '.A.i PAUL STONE 0'cl'wil'4 0fj5z.ifz,1ffz0,. 'A' For those who desire and appreciate that subtle quality ol distinction in a photograph . . . 'A' Portraits by Paul Stone-Raymor, Ltd. carry that distinctive attractiveness and naturalness vvhich set them apart as a vvorlc ol art . .. if lhe passing ol the years render them more valuable.. . PAUL STON E - RAYMOR, Ltd. OPPOSITE TRIBUNE Towisn s FOUR-Tl-IIRTY NORTH MICHIGAN AVE. 1-lirf'-lf E ENTIRE FOURTH FLOOR Cl-lICA60,ILLINOIS 0 Champaign Studio Six Twenty Three East Green I l I J Capps, S. ......... . Broun, VV. .. .... 372 Broun, L. J. ..... .413 Broun, M. S. ....... 333 Broun, Mary E. ... ..57 135 429 Brown, Mary L. . . . .......... . .135 Brow n, P. ll. ... . . .136 350 -184 Broun, P. L. ......... .394 Broun, R. M. .. .57 392 461 Broun, R. S. .. ....... 379 Broun, Rose L. .. ..... 455 Broun, 'lf O. .... . ......... 286 4-03 Broun, 'l'. W. ....................... 413 Broun, W. C. ..... 129, 287, 349 384- 469 Broun, NV. N. ... .. .... 334 34-1 485 Broun, W. W. . .. ....... 376 465 Browne, R. B. .. .... 38 234 389 Browne, W. H. . ... .......... . . .413 Browrlstein, S. ....................... 401 Brubaker, A. E. .... 128, 310, 234 238 248 372 469 Brubaker, W. E. .. .57 340 357 Bruce, 'I'. VV. ...... ....... 3 97 Bruening, J. H. ... .... .396 Bruhnke, R. P. .. .... 461 Brumbach, R. L. ... . . . .403 Bruner, J. C. .... ...... .... 1 3 9 Bflllltl, R. .... .........,.... 3 33 Brunsman, R. H. .. .... 57, 135 254 255 336 341 Brunton, R. NV. ..... ......... 1 88 387 Brutcher, Dorothy E. . . .... 57 417 430 Bryan, C. H. ........ ....... 3 35 337 Bryant, O. li. ..... .... 5 7 200 471 Bryden, A. J. .. ...... 461 468 Buchan, R. B. .. ..... 368 Buchanan, R. .... .... 4 65 Buchanan, R. E. ... ... ..... . . . .368 Bucher, R. E. ..... ................. 4 11 Buchholz, Christine ...267, 270 271 438 Buchholz, Rlllll E. .. ...263, 271 286 438 Buchman, F. M. ... ....,......... 374 Buck, Ada M. ..... ............ 4 53 Buck, Dorothy M. .. .... 57 453 486 Buck, Edith E. .. ............. 440 Buck, J. E. ....,... ..57, 375 470 474 Buck, Margaret H. .. ......... 283 421 Buckardt, H. L. .... ............ 4 71 Budzban, Sabina M. . .... 443 Buell, C. R. ....... .... 3 75 Buer, Thea A. ...,. .... 4 56 Buffington, Ruth A. . .... 429 Buhrmann, Esther .. ....... 452 Buis, Mildred K. .. .. ..,.... 57 449 Bulat, A. R. .... .............. 4 78 Bull, Ueorgialee ........ 127, 261 2.63 429 B11ll, S. ............................. 355 Bullington, An11a R. ... . ...... . . . .418 B11llington, Julia .... ....... 2 86 418 Bullington, W. E. .. .... 140 407 461 Bullock, M. ....... ............ 1 68 Bumann, Bobby . . .. .282, 442 455 Bundy, E. H. ...... .. ....... 57 Bundy, R. S. .... .... 3 56 Burch, B. S. ... . . . .387 Burd, Betsy ..... ..... 4 33 Burdette, A. C. . .. ..... . .487 Burdick, W. C. .. .... 57 470 Burdsall, E. W. . .. . ........ .377 Burg, Illlth E. ................... 263 422 Burge, Cornelia .... 58, 267, 268, 269, 447, 449, 487 Burgeson, L. B. ... ... . .465 Burgess, Ethel . . . .... 255 Burgess, H. .... . ......... 372 Burgess, J. E. .. .... ....... 5 8 476 Burghardt, Lorraine L. . .... 58, 254 447 Burglund, llelen ..... ...... 1 41 454 Burgy, ll. . ...... ...356 Burhop, V. A. .. .... .58 Burke, J. V. ,,,,l4-0 Burke, R. ....... , , , 58 Burke, S. E., Jr. . . ....... 383 Burkett, W. K. ... ,,.,,,,, , ,139 Burkey, L. M., Jr. . ...-1-6, 58, 4-04 Burley, R. D. .... ......... 4 13 Burling, P. ....... ..., 1 86, 380 Burlinson, W. L. .. ,,,, 350 471 Burlison, L. E. .... ..,,,,, 3 ll Burlisori, R11tl1 ll. ... .... 423 485 Pug, Pour llm1Jr1J .Vmrfy-frgfil GENERAL Burnell, R. L. Burnham, C. H. .. B11rnham, Patti . Burns, Anne . . . Burns, E. M. .... . INDEX CONTINUED 340, .........461 368 321, .... .260 ......4l9 ........4l1 Cannon, R. A. ... . . .. Cantrill, F. T. ...... . Cantwell, F. R. .... 164, Caquelin, H. J. Caraghan, T. G. Card, Mary E. Carey, R. M. .... . .. Carey, W. J., Jr. . Carl, H. W. .... . Carlin, G. W. Carlson, C. B. . . .. Carlson, Esther . . Carlson, H. . . .. Carlson, H. W. . .. Carlson, Leola M. Carlson, Margaret E. .. Carlson, Marjorie H. .. Carlson, W. C. .... . Carmen ........... Carmen, A. P. . . Carmi, O. P. .. . Burns, Kathryn V. . .... 434, 486 Burns, Mary E. ..... . ......... 419 Burns, Phyllis L. .... 297, 422, 467 Burns, R. E. ....... ......... 4 70 Burns, R. F. ......... .58, 349, 405 Burns, William Jackson .58, 233, 356 Burns, William Joseph . . ......... 389 Burow, E. F. ........ ........ 3 94 Burr, R. W. ........ ..... 3 63 Burridge, Martha E. .. ........ 295 Burris, Nl. F. ....... .......... 3 97 Burroughs, W. ... .... 206 403, 472 Burrows, S. .. ...----- 412 1il1lStClI'l, H. .. ...136, 461 Burstein, R. I. .. . . .282, 378 Burt, Helen E. .. ....... 4-21, 482 Bllft, P. ...... ....... .... 2 4 3 Burt, W. C. .... 136, 238, 461 Burton, Ruth L. .. Burwash, R. H. .. Busch, H. C. . . .. BllSCll, H. W. .. Busch, R. F. Busch, Sherlee .... Buschman, D. R. Busey, C-arreta H. .. Busey, Margaret S. .. Bush, Eileen A. .. Bushart, R. R. . Bushlield, Betty . . . Bushnell, W. NV. . Busse, P. P. Busse, Virginia . .. Buswell, A. M. .. Buswell, R. .. Butcher, J. L. . . . . Butler, Janet M. .. Butridge, H. ... Butters, Mary P. . . .. ...........58, .........437 .........398 485 366 ........58, 340, 334, ........45S 403 ......4l8 ....58, .....419 .....453 .....403 ........429 363 ......407 ....58, ......419 ........352 382 128, 248, 249, 424 Buzy, Edith F. ...... 46, 58, 252, 255, 455 Buzy, Pearl C. ................... 58, 454 Byers, Betty A. ........ 128, 249, 432, 467 Byers, Marjorie J. ............... 434, 479 Cabeen, Rebecca M. ......... 438 Caddick, R. P. ... .. .58, 349, 353 Cade! Smjj .... Cady, C. H. . . . Cady, Mary V. .. Cagann, R. A. . Cahn, K. M. .. Caisson Club . . . Calamaras, .... . Caldwell, R. C. Caliendo, S. D. .. Call, Mary L. .. .. Callahan, E. Callahan, R. J. .. Lallen, A. C ......... . Callen, Martha S. . Callender, j. .... . . ......... 320 ........373 271 ......372 ...270, .....378 ...340 .....387 .....475 ......336 ...287, 432 13 7,162, 367 404, 474 .........364 Calloway, Caroline .... 262, 286, 417 423, 467 Camealy, E. C. . ........ 312 . Cameron, E. H. ... ....... . .135 Cameron, R. E. .... .59, 388, 469 Cam'-. W. J. ....... ......... 4 13 Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, C. M. .. Campbell, G. F. .. Campbell, H. A. .. Blanche V. .. ........449 369 ......375 ...339, .....382 .........446 Campbell, J. A. ...... .......... 5 9, 392 Campbell, R. Bordner ...3l1 392, 461, 483 Campbell, R. Bruce Campbell, R. W. Campbell, T. . .. Campbell, Virginia .. Campbell, W. E. .. Campus Leaders Canady, D. K. .. Canady, R. C. .. Canavan, T. J. .. ........352 475 ......4l8 ....59, .....l38 .....22l ......478 340 .....402 ....59, Carmichael, E. V. .. Carmichael, R. D. ..... . A. ..... . Carmona, Carnahan, D. H. .. Carnahan, L. H. Carnahan, Sally D. E. ff'.. Carncross, Carolus, D. S. ...... Carpenter, K. E. .... . Carpenter, Thelma D. Carpenter, W. W. .... . Carpentier, J. G. . . . Carr, J. I. ..... . Carracio, G. V. .. Carrara, A. A. ... Carrier, Jane A. . . . Carroll, E. M. . . .. Carroll, G. T. ..... . Carroll, Mildred O. Carson, Beula J. . . .. Carson, Dorothy Carson, H. M. . . .. Carson, R. . .. Carson, N. R. . . Carson, W. A. .. Carson, W. H. . . Carstens, H. P. .. 349 168, 236 171, 238 .336, 338 -v 297, 141 446 360 286 L40 .59, .31, 134, ....59, .59 267 . .2551 . .3.7.S., .59 1.5.9. 164, . . .3.6.S., 339, 358 Carter, E. P. .. 134 Carter, H. E. .... .. . Carter, Mary J. . 294 Cary, M. G. .... ..... . Casberg, C. H. .. ... Case, H. C. .............. . Case, M. F. ............ . Casey, C. W. ...47, 59, 243 323, 331, 33 333 Casey, F. J., Jr. ........... . Casey, S. H. . ...... .. Cash, H. Cash, J. G. .... .. Caspar, C. R. ..... . Caspar, M. Margar.t 209, 3.1.1. 454, 267 334, . .341 137, 313, 2-1-7, 33-1, 312 377 314, 320 335, .59 . . . . .2.8.2., Casper, T. W. .... . Cassell, W. W. . . . Castello, R. E. . . . . . . .. Castle, M. E. .... . . .211-1-, Casto, Florence M. .. Casto, Wanda J. . .. Cathey, E. J. .. . Catlett, G. R. . . . . . . . Catlin, Helen ...... Caudera, Ines ...... 130 Caulfield, W. F. . . . . Causey, G. F. ...... . Cavalry .............. Cavalry Officers Club . Cawood, W. .... . Cedarquist, W. ...... . Cederwall, Marion D. . Cerny, C. S. ........ . Cerutti, ......... 60 Chadwick, Janet L. . . . Chamberlain, E. C. . .. Chamberlin, Doris . . . Chamberlin, W. H. . Chambers, C. F. . . . . Chambers, Evelyn C. . . . 141, 334 . . . . .3343 243, 250, 273 .s9, 337 iibfsss, 541,461 286,449 ..,..2ii .60, 1 3 Webef Studio UNIVERSITY of ILLINOIS on John St. BUSEY'S STATE BANK Located in Urbana in zorh Year 1853 on campus THE GROWTH OF THESE TWO IN- STITUTIONS IS INDICATIVE OF THE SERVICES THEY HAVE RENDERED an assurance of exceptional 'S I nsu Nk"1+f, .Sm , P KQ, s5,oog?' Q 5 .::::::.S Nga IXZN avg:-czxgnf gf 'S' if Q xx g-X1 ability , L TZVLLM .W "" f"IiMff'! E ff If-I I. . ff DREWRYS ALE THE DREWRYS LTD., U. S. A. 180 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill. l':I' 143 Clement, gl. VV. ....... . 432 474 365 454 438 138 487 438 243 4119 341 371 4711 434 239 333 365 371 .611 368 382 1411 461 411 421 461 369 391 165 454 239 467 4112 381 461 351 399 373 363 455 474 472 281 455 477 427 364 393 365 4711 369 411 411 371 339 3711 471 471 436 3611 337 355 2114 4119 387 478 3611 383 239 399 380 434 438 352 362 315 4117 362 3711 428 .61 451 449 461 372 467 397 47 Chambers, ,lane ... ...287, Champion, R. L. .-.- - Chandler, M. ....... ..... . Chandler, Mary E. ..... .... 6 11, Chandler, Virginia . .. ..... Changnon, Pauline 13. .. ... Chanler, Josephine H. .. ... ...... .. Chapeck, jane ...... .............. Chapin, Margaret M. ,... 611, 134, 135, Chapman, 13. bl. .... ............... . Chapman, C. A. ...32l, 335, 336. Chapman, F. M. . .. ......... . . . .. Chapman, I. 'l'. ...... Chapman, Martha Al. .. --- Chapman, R. ....... --- Chapman, S. A. .... -- - -- Chapman, VV. D. . . ---- - -- Chapman, VV. N. .. . . .333. Charbonnier, W. P. .. --- Cliarle, VV. ....... -- Charles, '13, R. .. -- Charnes, A. .... - -- Charyat, F. -1. .. --- Chasten, S. ...... ---- - Chattin, Paula ... . . . . . . .- Cheaney, Mary L. .. . . . . .4541 Checkley, D. M. ... ...286. Checkley, T. S. . .. . 297, f.lfl1':'r LMI 7:75 . ,.... ---- - Chellberg, Alice M. . ...... .. Cheney, H. L. ..... ....,..... . Cheney, Nadine E. . .... 611 435, Cherry, A. ....... ..... 6 11, Cherry, 1. ...,. .. . 192. Cherry, P. C. .. . . . . . Cherry, R. S. .... .... 2 89, Cherskove, R. R. . . ......... . . . Chessman, H. L. . . . .. . 335 3411, Chi Bela ........ ....,.,... Chidekel, Rhee B. . . . .. . Chi Epsilon ...... . . . . . . Childress, Al. H. . ........ .. Childs, R. B. ..... .... 6 11 2811, Chilton, Elinor C. . ...... 4411, Chin111nd, D. K. .. ..... 1411, 62,11 Omega ..... ....... . . . . . . Clif P717 ,....... ................... Chiprin, W. W. ..,. 164, 2115, 333 337, Chi Pri ...... ....... . . . . . . Chou, H. C. . . . . . . Chovten, R. H. .. .. Christian, A. ...... ... Christian, H. P. ......... ... ... Christiansen, D. W. ............... . Christman, R. J. .... 611, 322, 332, 333, Christos, H. G. ..................... . Christy, C. M. . ,. ....., 611, 256 289, Churchill, G. W. .. .... 611, 241 256, Churchill, Lois F. . . ........... . . . Churchman, bl. R. . . .. .. . . ,611, Cibulka, F. j. . .... 611, Cihak, E. F. . ... .. Citron, A. F. . . . . . . . . Citron, D., jr. .... 611, Claeboe, A. M. .. ..... Clatlin, D. N. .. ... Clanalian, B. L. .. .. . . .. Clancy. R. C. .. ...283, Clark, Alice B. . . ..... Clark, C. F. .... ...... . cl...-11, cm 0., jf. . ...279, Clllrli, ljtlfollly . ..... . Clark, Dorothy A. .. . ... ... Clark, F. Nl. . . . ....... . . . . . . Clark, G. L. .. ..239, 296, 352, Clark, H. M. .. .. ..... .6l, Clark, 13. . . . . . . . . Clark, S. . . . . .2l2, el...-11, 1. w. .... ... Clark, janet L. . Clark, -Ianis ..... .... . Clark, Mary li. ..... ...314, ei...-11, Mi1.1.-1-.1 M. . ,.... Clark, R. li. ...... . . . ..... 3411, Clark, R. L. . . ............ . . . . Clark, Ruth li. ... ...1311, 283, 423, Clank, W. 0. .... ..,. 6 1, 349, 372, 111.16 ..f 11116, wo- .. .... ...+6, 61.1.1 nf 11117, rf.. .. . . . 128, Payr l"11'r lllmilrrd 129 GENERAL INDEX-CONTINUED Clava of 1938, The . C.'l11,-rx of 1939, The . Claussen, M. P. .. Claussen, W. F. Clavin, A. ... Clay, R. C. ... Clay, R. P. ...... . Clayton, W. A. .... . . Cleaxe, Rosamonl H. Clein, Mildred ..,.. Clemens, j. j., jr. . Clement, H. XV. Clemen Clemen Cleyela Clex ela ts, Charlotte ts, R. H. .. nd, C. VV. . . nd, L. ..... . C Clryenger, A. W. ..... . Cleveuger, Yolanda Clifford, Mary K. . Clifford, W. E. . . . . Cline, Blanche ..... Cline, Katherine L. Cline, N. D. .... . Cline, R. W. . Clow, Elizabeth M. w Clow, Medora M. .. Cloycl, Ida M. . Cluver, E. P. . .. Coates, C. ....... . Cfmxf Artillery .... Coax! xirlillvry Club Coble, A. B. ..... . Cobrin, S. ........ . Cochran, Eloise M. Cochran, R. . . .. Cochran, Margaret M. .. Cochrane, W. G. .. Cochrane, W. L. Cockrell, L. .. Coe, Lucy ...... C oe, W. S. .... . Coerver, Grace M. .. Colley, C. C. .... Coffman, A. R. . . Coffman, Edith . .., J. '11 Cogdal, R. B. . . . Cogdal, Ruth E. .. Coghi1l,B. D. .. e1.gh111,J. R. .. Cohen, A. E. .. Cohen, B. R. . Cohen, H. R. .. Cohen, j. B. .. Cohen, jessica . . . Cohen, Miriam .... Cohen, Pauline R. . Cohen, R. R. .... . Cohen, S. ...... . Cohen, S. B. .. .. Cohenour, R. E. . Cohn, A. L. Cohn, E. Cohn, 1.. 1. . Cohn, Zelda . Cohrs, C. C. Colberg, S. A. 313 2116 340 282 4113 .61 21111 286 .61 362 288 267 271 61, 352, 134, 135, 6,5 .2.7.8.. 61,137 ....2.7.O.. .ffffii-1 61, 417 .......333 311, 313 311 . . . .l.4.0,,. 1133 213 380 333 352 421 334 482 3811 2611 315 282 41111 .61 294 Colby, A. K. . eoiby, A. s. ...... .. Colby, Mary E. .. ... Cole, L. B. ..... ..2116 Cole, D. 11. ...... .. Cole, Dorothy L. ... .. . . . . .. Cole, Irma L. .... ......... . Cole, -I. .............. 164, 168 Colean, Elizabeth A. ....... . Coleman, Marie R. .......... 61 Collins, A. 13. ..... 128, 248 Collins, D. W. . . . . Collil1S, E. . . . . Collins, Helen L. . Collins, Rachel ... Collins, W. F. .. Collison, L. H. . . Colombo, Celeste . Colvin, R. H. ... Combes, H. A. . 126 341 140 164 333 3411 174 .61 417 249 389 .61 335 446 178 192 130 131 3711 315 461 342 472 351 418 439 465 382 382 434 3511 361 478 .39 134 441 162 138 454 469 477 452 449 4511 361 4111 329 341 487 4119 .61 478 .61 469 373 402 456 467 486 341 483 454 138 438 438 470 465 312 381 465 294 420 437 455 401 472 483 411 140 401 381 437 413 366 4116 3611 127 472 475 141 451 382 486 443 365 4711 365 424 428 474 475 4811 461 180 397 Combs, M. M. ....... ..3l5 Comeford, -1. . . .......... 364 Comer, Mary F. .. .......... 62, 143, 432 Commerce and Euxiners Allministralion, College of ........ ................... 2 6 Comstock, F. H. . . ....... 62 360 Conaghan, T. G. .. ......... 461 Conard, A. B. . .... 193 353 Condee, R. W. ... ..... . .353 Condit, W. .. .... 186 Condon, D. .... ...... 3 94 f7UPlf8fr'7lCl' llleilal . . ....... 163 Confer, H. S. .... .... 3 12 313 Coufer, W. K. .. . .... 140 362 Conley, F. C. . .. ....... . .396 Connell, C. F. ...... ............ 3 63 Conner, Marian L. .... 62 243 452 Connolly, M. ... .... 283 383 466 Conover, Edna F. . .. ........ ..313 Conran, M. R. .... ......... 3 64 Converse, P. D. . . ...... 136 407 Cook, F. ...... .... 6 2 352 478 Cook, C. .... ........... 6 2 Cook, Jeanette . ..... 62 450 Cook, Mary -I. .. ......... 454 Cook, R. D. . . . ...... 340 410 Cook, R. K. . .. .134 137 487 Cook, R. W. ..... .......... 3 62 Cook, T. H. ....... .......... 6 2 Cooke, Margaret R. . .. .... 267 269 Cooke, P. ....... .... 6 2 135 Cooke, R. W. ..... ...... 3 Cooke, T. C. .... ...... 4 02 Cooley, C. L. ........ ......... 1 79 Coon, Margaret M. . .... 311, 312 Coonradt, H. L. . . . ..... . . .65 Cooper, C. E. ....... .......... 6 2 Cooper, Helen Margaret .... 312, 455 Cooper, Helen Miriam .... 62, 448 Cooper, E. ......... .......... 3 76 Cooper, Marjory .... ....... 3 13 437 Cooper, M. E. . .. .... 359, 461 464 Copley, M. .. ............. 352 Copper, R. R. . 139, 256, 289 341 Corbett, P. M. . .. ............ .333 Corbitt, E. .. .... 282 Cord, 181. F. ....143 Cordis, Mary E. . ......... 243 Cordis, W. R. ..... ............ 1 38 Corell, Marion E. .. ...297 314, 483 Corley, G. C. ........ .... 6 2, 243 337 Cornell, E. L., jr. ...... ...... 2 81 376 Cornell, Geraldine M. . . . ....... . .419 Cornell, Virginia A. . .. . . . .451 Cornet, Kathleen M. . .. . . . .448 Coros, P. ......... .... 3 96 Corush, S. .. . . . . . . . .62 Cosby, N. ......... ...... 4 78 Cosgrove, Maxine E. .. ....... 422 Costabile, R. C. ..... . . .204, 357 Costello, R. E. . ...... 392 Costigan, C. .........41l Cotsirilos, E. . . ............. 461 Cotton, P. E. .......... 313, 315, 349, 386 Couchman, G. H. .................... 279 Coughenour, Harriet M. ....... 434 Coulter, H., jr. ..... .... 6 2 475 Coulter, Mary M. .......... ......... 4 48 Courtright, B. H. .................... 138 Courtright, Mary . . .45, 47, 62, 226, 236, 246, 247, 2611, 261, 417, 422 467 Cover, V. D. .... . .. ........... . .134 Cowan, C. . .. ....... . .352 Cowan, K. R. . . .... 349 364 Cox, C. T. ........ .... 2 95 379 Cox, Dorothea .. . .... 312 482 Cox, K. S. ..... .......... 3 89 Cox, R. E. ..... .............. 6 2 Coyne1', V. .... .... 3 72, 461, 469 Cozad, Mary E. .. ....... 283 418 Crabtree, V. . . ............. 140 Craig, Ellen I. .. ................ 450 Craig, H. C. .. ..... 140, 169, 205, 394 Craig, H. W. ........................ 205 Crain, B. C. ...... 254, 255, 337 446, 461 Cramer, L. W. .. .................... 337 Crammer, J. H. . . . ....... . .474 Crandell, J. S. ..... .... 2 40, 474 Crane, Margaret A. . . ....... 486 1 14,1 -21315152 1 -Ii' 'PZ I I, ,:. ,A, ..., '-:1g:,j::11:i2JfJ 1,:1. "1:I:5:1,:.fg'1i -1:55:55-1155: ff' -.111-:.., 3,11 -1:-:5':' 1' I I .1 -'l1g V 1 -.3 1 III! E? '55'Ef,151 ' 1 1 ,:..- 1, ',:: :,!I:5 ' 1 mmmmm QEQEV . A131'-13 12 i1I5g:q:I:,11115:jggg - :I:':,1f1EE 1 "':g1.:1'1!2:'I1I::-I ....:' . 111.: 1 .1 1-1:1 If iff: M1111 1 ,"2:-211:E:r:f::11:E I 1 - I,-h I,-. .1.,,,.., 1g.'1,1..1 -111,.1- -1:::-1 1,,11-11. 1':1'112qf,I'f!If,,. lf' XMI. .. .4-...,.g, ,'1,1-I, 1 11 -i,. ,NIH-gg. fH,,'::1.1f1111l,ff:'f' 'I' -1'.1." I" 111' 'IH' 1.1-. H111 -5' .!Il"11.'I1g11.1" , "111I'!1f-'.1:::.1!5'1-I!1.:1.1""'.1!, '1 -.141 1,,.1,:1-1, gn! EWUiIWWRmKf ERI ' 15 .... . wIII?1 I ' ' I 11111 92 , I7 ,i as 111111151 IAIJJ ,,,,,, L ' , 1 V- , . ' W " I ' .111 1 WQ4, ',fi2111X kmy ,IW W. Vo ,,,,,, 11 ' 1 . .. , 11 1 . 1 ,M a... . 1 1 III' U' I' ,pl HI ,' I I 1' X 1 HJ., :1, p 'f1 I " 11 IEWII IV gf':'mM!hHyL 'w I1 I' yr' H: I' '1,' 'lf 5IIII1QF, H111 11: 11: J :f1:r: F,1n I 11 111' I175M1M11 "1 fWM WMI Imwimr ":'W WH1 P'1 UW W gpMg5qH1mn1HIwz M 'III1 1 1 Ill' 1 ', r I' 151555 I I " I' a11I?'1:11'.1if1 2451-'ffl III 1 1 I1 If 1 5155555 1 1 1 1 IIIQP' "f'MIIH1P "PEHWWMMiWE 1-- I 1' 1' fgifffff 1 PP I F IwV'?'p 111ww5w1 ,1mmwwmwwm1P 1 1 ,, ff ,11 11155 I 1 P :ii1!1:fy'A51'I-11111f,1,yf,1a11 P 1nwn1wwMw1Vmw1WWU 1 1: 11 1' f' 1' 1 1 '1111 I I r p PI IP 111:11-'f 'IA P ll II 555:55 W f F ,JMHEHHMWIHIH f H gT,IF H I1I5EE?51 I-11355 11 1121 111wMmv11 111Iw ' 1' 11 1 g- A 1 EEEIII5 ' " '1 1 r I. 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RX QX SEIIIIIEIII - 111.1.,1111 I X f fp-qXf,7 ,5. lZ W falw ' 6' Q?U04ZZQV72Q4 y ,- 1 11111 ' W f 1 A' A YEARS OF SUCCESSFUL EXPERIENCE AND SOUND PROGRESSIVE MANAGE- MENT HAVE BEEN MAJOR FACTORS t IN OUR BEING CHOSEN ---ENGRAVERS OF THE 1936 ILLIO, 'k EPPQISBAIBESEZIIO. iQAlZlfTd7l2f, glZH'l0t4.t 'A' 'K qt t 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' i' GRUB Craner, F. S. Crathorne, A. R. Craven, F. I. Cranford, Gloria . Cram ford, 13, ... Crawford, WL H. .... . Crawley, L. Mzideline . Crebs, C. ...... . Creighton, Elizabeth Creighton, Mary A. Crennell, W. R. Crews, E. L. ..... . Crihiield, Emily J. Crihlield, P. A. Lrile, D. R. ...... . Crockett, W. R., Crocombe, R. T. .. . . Crocombe, VV. E., Jr Croessemann, J. G. Crofford, Ann L. .. Cromwell, Elaine Crone, W. D. Cronican, F. A. Cronin, F. . . .. Cronin, J. M. ....... . Croninger, C. P. . .. Critton, H. ....... . Jr. Crook, R. B. ..126, 211, 212 253, Crookshank, Martha Crosby, Elizabeth 13. Cross, H. ............ . Cross, Marjorie I3...127, Cross, W. .... . Crossman, R. S. .. Crovsley, Maria .. Crumlish, P. VV. . . Cullerton, J. E. ... Cullinan, D. A. ...... . Cullison, A. E.. .63, Cultra, S. B. .... . Cumming, T. S. .. Cu mmi ngs, B. F. ....... Cummings, Dorothy Cunningham, H. E. Cunningham, Helen Cunningham, S. Cunningham, K. K. .. Cunningham, Mary Cunningham, W. J. Cureton, W. Curl, Phyllis M. .. Curnes, H. Curnes, T. W. .... Curnutt, Jane M. Curran, Kathryn M. .. Diehl, Dorine L. .. Currens, Ruth Curry, Ruth . . . .. Curtis Betty .. Curtis, D. F. .... Curtis, Helen M. . W. R. Dallx Day ........ Curtis, Cusack, Jean M. .. Cushman, Charlotte Cutler, Jeanne M. Cutright, Frances S Cutter, Barbara . .. Cutter, VV. ...... . Cutter, W. W. Czakler, l3lanche I. Dadant, Adelaide R. Daggett, F. D. Dahlke, H. O. .. Dahme, R. .... . Dahn, W. J. .. Daily, Daily, Daily, I'. C. Daley, Dalferes, R. L. .. Dallenbach, W. H. T. 1.13. 1 Billie ..... Dalrymple, R. .... . Daly, C. E. .... Daly, L. W. .... DlAmbrosio, J. . Pura Pro Hurnlrfil Two 237 260 164 139 M. .. ivifif. . . .3.3.3.,. -4 127, n 134,' 349, 2156, 3.8.4, .2.6.S., 3 64, '134, 3.7.7, 394, 320, ..46, 322, 336, 62, .63, 417, 243, 333, 213, 314, 382, 261, 137, 233, 447, 349, 337, .63, 384, 184, 241, 186, 256, 341, .,23, 39, 137, 333, 337, 363, 446, 461, 271, .63, 454, .63, 283, .63, .63, 286, 270, 454, 281, 461, 431, 225, .63, 455, . .....,.. 131, 335, 336, 340, 315, 238, 359 487 184 438 469 384 451 384 451 451 470 398 431 461 411 351 332 342 396 396 446 429 421 472 375 392 389 472 473 450 434 474 257 451 350 408 454 475 351 376 471 .63 413 461 438 380 .63 398 403 441 461 484 486 406 406 455 450 429 486 428 413 422 134 441 439 443 454 434 382 126 484 467 237 404 143 333 446 395 395 295 485 403 373 333 405 134 351 GENERAL INDEX Damgard, Louise L. Damisch, Dorothy 13. Damisch, H. R. ... Damitz, K. ..... . Danaher, Geraldin: Darzfc Superzirio I1 Dancey, Helen L. . . ...63, .........286, . . . .'.i3'1'4' 470 287 Cillvllillffll' . . ...... . . ....63 Dancey, Jessie .... Daniel, Julia V. .. Daniels, A. H. . Daniels, C. L. ... . Daniels, Helen D. . Daniels, S. N. .... .. Danielson, L. C. .. Danielson, R. O. Danielson, W. F. Danner, Thelma E. Dante, O. ........ . Darke, R. S. .... . Darling, Darling, Darnall, Dasenbrook, Helen .. B. T. . D. D. ..... . M. ......... . Daum, Mary L. .... . Davenport, W. W. David, D. C. .... . David, M. YV. .. David, S. W. .. David, W. F. ..... . 417 339 .63, 334, . .63, 376 .......135 .63, 138 .....375 ...137 131, 251 . Davidson, C. E. .. Davidson, Diane L. Davidson, J. R. .. Davidson, T. C. .. Davies, W. H., Jr. . .......... 315 Davies, W. S. .... .... . ...63, 407 Davis, C. W. .... 338, 4-61, 464, Davis, D. G. .. ............. .. . Davis,D. .. Davis, Dorothy . .... 64 Davis, D.S. Davis, Eleanor . ..... . Davis, Elxa ll. .. ....64 Davis, E. S. Davis, E. YV. .. ..... . .. Davis, C. NV. . .. ...333 Davis, H. A. .. .. . . . Davis, H. M. .. Davis, J. H. .. Davis, J. W. .... ........ . ..3ll, Davis, K. E. ............. ........ . Davis, Lois E...64, 235, 270, 295, 422 Davis, Margaret M. ....... ........ . Davis, N. T. .... .. .282 Davis, Ruth M. .. . . . . . . Davis, T. A. . .. ... .. Davis,W.A.... Davison, C. .... .... 3 84 Davitt, H. ... Dawson, C. l3. . . Dawson, H. S. . . . Day, Helen M. .. Day, Muriel ll. .. .....140 13. .... . Day, W. Dayton, Clara J. .. Dayton, D. . . . ...64, 315 I1I1i30,"2'4'0" .h ..... J64.. Deal, Alice I. ... ........... ...64 Deam, A. F. ............... 142, 389 D.-fm of fllwn, Offirf' of lhe ......... Dum of 1Vnu1i'71, Ofiri' of Ihr . . . . . . . . Dean, P. H. .............. ....... . Dean,R. R... .. ....64 lfean, W. H. Dearborn, R. F. . . ..... . . . Dearing, C. B. ....... .287 Dearing, Mary ... ........ ...64 Dearlove, G. D. ... ...64, 341, 356 Dearth, Mary K. ... ......... .... . Debelak, NV. F. . . ........ .64 Decker, E. E. .... .282 Decker, R. F. .. .......... .. . Deem, C. O. .. .... 237, 368, DeHaan, E. .... .......... . Deichman, J. T. .. .... . Deisenroth, J. C. ... ......... ..... De Jonge, R. R. .. ............. . . . Dekker, C. ...... .... 3 37, 402, 461, Delano, R. .... ............... . DeLargy, P. L. .... ............. . De Leonard, M. F. .... 311, 315, -CONTINUED 432 454 471 474 436 232 421 421 467 382 239 430 386 475 385 379 456 455 477 487 134 376 438 438 461 470 138 333 396 138 455 351 403 390 475 484 396 .36 529 333 449 429 411 136 465 399 .64 374 376 351 481 141 382 431 364 454 411 333 356 404 418 283 .37 419 333 432 474 .41 .40 377 280 342 413 380 486 461 141 341 403 478 466 359 461 470 470 473 373 356 358 Deliere, Whilma A. .. Della Alpha Epsilon . Delta Chi ......... Della Della Dvlld . . Delta Gamma ....... Delta Kappa Epxilna . Delta Phi ........ . Della Sigma I.aml2ifa . Della Sigma Phi . . . Dalia Tau Dflln . . Delta Upxilon .. Delta Zeta ...... De Mayo, A. J. .. Demmert, W. R. . . Demming, L. F. . Demorest, J. R. . . . DeMunn, M. F. .. Den, H. H. ..... . Deneen, Frances A. Dennis, L. .... . Dennis, W. T. Denninston, A. L. . Denny, Velma A. . . . D.noon, C. E. .... Dentinger, Cvvendoly nE. Drntisiry, College' of .. Denton, Dorothy . . . Deobler, B. V. . . . . Depler, C. ..... . Depler, L. . ...... 64, 136, Depp, W. A. .... 64, Dernburg, C. I. 134, 137, Derrough, R. M. ...46, 65, DeTurk, E. E. .. DeTurk, W. E. .. Deuss, H. O. .... . Deutch, Esther A. .... 45, 47, Deutman, Dorothy A Deutschman, V. T. De Varennes, A., Jr. DeVore, Dea L. . .. De Wan, T. P. . .. Dewey, R. H. .... . Dewhirst, Emily J. . De Win, L. V. DeWolf, F. T. .. Dt-Wolf, F. W. . . De Wolf, K. .... . De Wolf, R. W. .. DeWolfe, Gladys M. Dick, D. E. ...... . Dick, Jane ...... Dickinson, B. S. .. Dickinson, F. G. . .. Dickinson, H. L. .. Dickinson, T. . . . Dickman, K. W. .... . Diederich, Karlens M. Diehl, Barbara .... 141 Diehl, Marjorie A. . Dietterle, E. W. . . . Dietz, R. ...... . D llavou, E. R. ... Dille, Virginia E. .. Dillon, Dorothy . . . Dillon, E. ........ . Dillon, J. C. .... . Dilxvorth, Eleanor Dimond, L. E. .... Dippold, D. S. . . .. Dirks, Emma M. .. Dismukes, W. P. . . G.. . Disosway, M. D., Jr. . Dittmann, L. W. . . .. Dix, J. E. .......... . 231 262, ...64, Q 64, 462, I .l.....'.2.94.,. .....64, ....2s9, 3 36, 461,' 288, 476, 230, '2'3'8',' 376, 311, '3'.'2',' .65 .l4.3.,. 2:30, 455, 286, 287, 202, 203, .63, 382, 126, 281, 283, 421, '.'.'.'.'2's'3, ....143, 204, '3'1'1',' 313, 453, 283, 432, 130, 257, 270, 271, .63, 336, 1 36, '3's'9',' .......63, . .'.'.'3'9'2',' f 63, 470., i Dixon, A. R. .. ........ ... Dixon, D. W. ...... 65, 254, Dixon,E.A.... Lutie N. .. Dixon, Doan, Analou Dobberman, M. R. .. Dobbie, J. M. .... . Dobrinic, M. P. Dobyns, F. P. ........ . Dodds, Winifred G. . .. Dodge, H. D. ...... . 65, 65, .....34.0.,. 255, . .6.5., . . . .3.4.0., . 442 366 367 428 429 368 369 370 371 372 373 430 464 404 314 410 374 457 450 477 130 397 143 352 283 .35 418 388 391 464 477 381 340 468 312 362 413 222 480 419 473 468 453 470 359 421 470 362 380 361 362 467 411 427 481 367 399 379 483 485 467 454 438 341 457 464 418 448 396 478 313 478 474 456 362 353 470 283 282 446 333 313 450 474 487 .65 366 313 365 THE ASSOCIATED MILITARY STORES f i .. .3 Ev .-.,.. . , X yt I Q. --Q X --.- " sl- A 8 J UNIFORM EQUIPMENT FOR U. S. ARMY OFFICERS AND R. O. T. C. U N I T S 19 XY. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, Ill. It's SeIle's for Diamonds Nowhere ,..i,. lx10Sl 'Slillill will yoll Qffgvv Diamonds han find K Q I8 facetsor 3 I 3- 5 faces larger pf ' X ll f All sein- mimi Selection Diamonds havt of Diamonds 39? T 9' 58 fH1'0fS Diamond Ring as illustrated 3 1 0 0 Selle Jewelry Co. sos OLIVE STREET St. Louis, Mo. "Home of 58 facet Diamonds" CABLES for Pianos No matter whether it be a S40 Upright for your Practice Room, a Midget Piano at S17-L50 for the small apartment, or a Mason LY Hamlin Grand for the Music Room-at Cable's you will End the widest selection in the city at prices lowest in twenty year l CABLE Piano Company - 310 N. Hickory, Champaign Wabash 8: Jackson, Chicago Headquarters for all these Famous Makes MASON BLHAMLIN CONOVER KNABE CABLE FISCHER ESTEY CULBRANSEN Better Sight Lamps Are Certified wav ,g 'iid' Better Sight Lamps are on display at COMMONWEALTH EDISON . Q ISQN Electrlc Shops 72 WEST ADAMS STREET CHICAGO, ILL. I P I 1 4 Drvl1Cl'ty, . - --- Dohm, Mary E. .. ...... 63, Dolan, Maude H. .. ... ..... ....... 12111.1I1, ili. J. .............. 363, D1.1.1nd, J. J.. . .234, 240, 333, -1-115, 4711, Dolch, C.1t11erin" .. ... .... .312, Dolch, Eleanor .--- D1-lcli, E. NV. . 1 - - - Dolch, J. P. .... Dolfh, N121I'gll.'I'i1.' .. .... D1-le, R. M. ... . . .2871 Dole, Virginia L. .. ... Dull Shaft' ...... ..-. Dol1.1han, V. G. . ...-161, Dflffvflfrzr .,...... - - - D1-m.1g.1ll, L. ...... ... Donahue, J. F., . Donaldson, Helen J. .. ...... Donaldson, Jean D. .. . . . 130. Dondanxille, F. .... .... Doneghue, D. M. ... .....- Doneghue, M. E. ..... ...333, Donnell, Mary A. ...... .... Donnelley, Je.1n.tte M. ... ... Donnelly, E. J. ....... Donnelly, R. E. . ... ..- Donman, C. V. ..,.... ... Donoxan, J. F. ........ ... D1:nox.1n, Muguerite A. ... ... llowlitlle, R. VV. ...... Doppelt, Shirley . ..- D1-rnaus, VV. L. .. .. ....- Dorner, H. 11. .... ........ , Dorner, Mary A. ... 297, -1'-fi. Dorris, V. M. ... .... ..... Dorsey, M. J. . ... .... llfvrtwli, H. lf. .. ..... . . . Doss, D. H. . . .61 3-I-9, Douhet, L. XV. .. ... .... D1-ugall, J. ....... .... . Douglas, A. H., . . ..... 3441, Douglas, U. E. .... .......... . Douglas, J. A. .. 1116 313, Douglass, J. 'l'. .... ....... . Douhan, J. U. ....... .... 6 3, Douthitt, 1'71'.l1lCU.- H. .. ..... IJ.-61-11, L. 14. ..... . ...H-6. Dowling, J. K. .. .... ..- 131-mics, Jan: L. .. ...-12:1 Downing, H. A. .. .--203. Drafhn, J. O. ... ... .... Dragon, D. H. ..... .....-. . Drallmeiers, R. XV. . 341, 349, Df11u111lf1' 1'fu17111ffnr15 ........ Dr111m1lr1'5 ...,.... . . - - - - . Draper, 12. L. ...... .. .. .. Draper, Franjes H. .. ... ... .... Draper, VV. H. .... ...66, 294 295, Dressler, 13. 13. ... ... ....... Dries, A. F. .... .... 6 6, Drohniek, Nl. J. Droxer, R. li. ... ...66, Dry, S. ............ .... Dryden, VVilm:1 J. .... . . Drysdale, NVini1red 11. .. ..... Duhas, VVan.1.1 ,....... ....... Duhslcy, F. H. ...... . . . 137, Dudek, Helene li. . .... Dudleston, YV. 17. . . . . . . . . . Dudley, E. F., Jr. . ..,. . . . . Dueker, F. E. L. .............. 66, 361, Du11, Jane C. ................... 341, Duffield, '1'. A.. . .44, 66, 226 280, 349, Du11ner, 713. ...... 44, 66, 162, 164, 223, 349, Duf1y,F.J. .. ............. Dugan, R. F. . ..... Dugan, YV. U. . ........... .. Duker, G. M. ..... ........... 3 11, Dukes, W. NV. .......... 66 408, 470, DuLnny, Dorothy B. .... 127 282, 428, Du Molin, .......... 131 251, 286, Dumser, P. W. .. Dunbar, H. .... Dunbar, Louise 11. Dunbar, Viola R. Duncan, U. 13. .... Duncan, N. R. ... Duntan, 11. G. .. l'1gf- fzzw H'111-lr- 11 P our 135, 333 355 135 474 474 479 485 212 312 .65 336 427 274 48-1 473 372 391 429 250 372 350 471 453 -1-36 384 ,. .4-fw 376 1 368 456 485 437 4711 41-2 485 411 393 13-1- 361 334 3911 4216 4.16 362 313 367 429 431 389 11' 451 361 135 333 371 272 291 162 313 381 351 388 461 47-1- 351. 314 452 455 476 434 387 .66 461 449 388 192 383 431 313 313 315 474 480 397 359 388 141 143 292 337 135 1 Ehrich, Hortcnse L. Ehrlich, D. ...... . Ehrlich, E. .... . Eichelman, NV. . . . Eichstaedt, C. . . . . Eichstaedt, V. R. . Eickstaedt, E. K. .. Eiferman, W. D. .. Eilers, o. 1. .... . Eilertsen, N. S. .. Einhorn, R. . . .. Eiseman, F. G. Eisimingcr, S. K. . Eisner, Eisner, E. Regina Jun: ..... Eistenstcfn, N. . Ekblaw, G. E. . . Ekblaw, K. .. Ekiss, K. C. Ekroth, H. R... Ekstrom, W. F. .. Elder, C. H., Jr. . Eldred, O. W. Eldridge, S. ..... . Eifslrand, Fran:cs E Eliot, M. E. .... . Elliott, Eil,ott, Elliott, A. T. .. D. R. E.O. Ellis, D. S. .. Ellis, E. A. .. Ellis, Grace .... Ellison, H. VV. Ellmore, H. S. Ellsberry, WV. C. Elman, Elmer, M. ..... . W. M. Elvis, Roberta B. . E12ea, G. Enich, A. . . .. Emrich, V. F. . . . Engel, Jane B. . .. Enger, M. L. Er1gir7e'frC0rp5 . . .. Erzgirzerrfzzg, Coflvgu Engilzuerirlg Crm 71511 Englis, D. T- Engstrand, Marie 13. Engstrom, Helen E. Engstrom, R. B. . Engstrom, R. H. . .. Ennett, T. E. Ennis, G. H. .. Ensign, N. E. . Ensign, Rheua .. Entrekin, G. P. . Epstein, J. . . . . Epstein, L. A. .. . . Epstein, S. A. Erdmann, Ruth M. Eret, Martha ..... Ericksen, H. A. .. Erickson, Erickson, Erickson, Erickson, Ervin, F. Ervxin, Elcanore H. .... . Naomi R. S. ..... . R. .... . Erzinger, Eleanor V. Espevik, Anna O. Esplin, ..... . Espy, VV. N. .... . Essington, A. V., Jr Essington, J. XV. . Estergard, R. C. . . Eta Kappa Nu Etheredge, M. Lee Ettelson, Ettington, Eubanks, Vivian M. P. .... . E. M. .. GENERAL IND111X1CON'FINUED Duncan, R. A. .. .......... . .66 Dungan, G. H. .... 139, 356, 471 Dungey, J. W. ...... ........... 3 82 Dunham, Honna M. .. .. .66 476, 486 Dunham, Ruth E. . .. ..... 286, 425 Dunlap, D. L. ..... ....... 4 70 Dunlap, Ethel 1171. ... ...66, 425 Dunn, A. L. ...... ..... 3 33 Dunn, J. T. ......... ...... 4 61 Dunn, William L., Jr. . ......... 63 135 Dunn, VVilbur L. .................... 374 Dunn, W. R. ...... 66, 2-I-1 256 336 471 Dunne, Gensviexe B. ................. 441 Dunne, Dorothy M. ... ... ...... . .441 Dunseth, J. R. .... ..... 3 74 Durand, H. VV. . .. ........ .311 Durfee, T. B. . . ....... 350 379 Durt1inger, L. L. .. .... 312, 482 483 Durham, Dorothy .. . .262 283 424 Durin, R. J. ..... ......... 3 91 Durst, Mary F. .. .... 312 435 Dustin, H. VV. .. .... .... 1 36 461 Dutcher, E. L. . .. ........... . .471 Du Val, Alice S. ...... 127 261 -1-22, 467 Duvxe, fV1. S. ..... .... 1 40 333 461 Dyas, F. G. .... ............. 4 12 Dye, R. E. .... .................. 3 94 Dyer, W. P. .. ................... 384 Dykstra, E. . . . .126 16-1-, 168 172 212 213 410 Dyson, A. A. R. .. ....... 342 Dzidr, A. ...... ....335 E Eagle, li. L. ..... ..... . .. ....410 lzagleston, l'. L. ... .............. . .413 1L1iStt'1'1'H1'ou1i, G. VV. .... 126, 2311, 349, 394, 466 1'.asterh1'ook, L. J., Jr. ............... 179 Easterday, Barlwara .... ....... 4 18 1z.1stman, R. M. .... ..-86 382 Easton, Mildred VV. . .... 135 143 Eaton, C. L. ..... ..... 3 68 Eaton, H. .. .... 333 Eaton, J. O. .. .... 461 Eaton, J. W. .. .... 396 Ehhert, E. E. .. .... 366 Eher, Eloise C. . .... 436 Eherle, W. A. .. ....... 395 Eliert, E. D. ....... 382 470 15661-5.11, E. 'r., .11-. ...... .313 Eherspacher, E. C., Jr. .... 375 379 Eck, Mable A. ..... .... 4 49 486 Eck, Myrtle A. .... .... 4 49 486 lzcker, Nora ....... ....... 4 49 lickerstroni, M. C. . ........ 66 lucliert, E. A. .... ....... .... 1 8 4 339 Eclifeltl, D. K. .................. 390 485 Fckliardt, R. C. .... 66, 139 241 256 311 Eckhardt, XV. J. . . .................. 383 Eekhardt, W. L. .. .................. 311 15.111,-, e. R. .... ................... 3 13 Eddy, W. L. .. .... 66, 3111 311 4 6 477 lzdgar, M. L. .. ....,.............. 131 Edler, M. L. ........ ........ . 431 1311161.11116 1. R. .... ........ 3 S6 Edson, Peggie M. .. .. 443 455 E1f111'11linz1, l.'u1l1'g1' uf ........ 28 Edwards, Edna M. . .... 134 143 Edxxards, J. A. ..... .... 3 11 380 Edwards, M. ...... ......... 3 60 Edwards, M. L., Jr. .. .. .67 371 476 Edwards, Manesa A. ..... 285 486 Edwards, Marjorie . ......... 438 Edwards, R. .. ............. 413 Edwards, R. VV. .. .... 201, 410, 465 Egbert, P. R. .. ........... 476 Eger, Nancy .. .... 435, 455 Eger, R. F. ...... .485 Egger, H. D. .....385 Eggert, Betty B. .. .... 314 Ehart, R. J. .... .... 3 S3 Ehlcr, H. W. .. .... 461 Ehler, N. Marian .. .... 486 Ehler, Virginia R. .. ..... 449 Ehlers, V. E. .... ....... 3 12 Ehni, G. ....360, 466 Evans, C. D. Evans, Evalyn B. . Evans, H. D. Evans, Evans, Evans, Ev ans, E-zfentx Ewald, Nl. E. .. . . Maxine . . . W. P. .. of lhe year R. M. . -1 ....61, 4-20 381 . ...2-13, 376 .......67, 339, ...l36, 379, . .'....3.l.l.,. ...1 65, 238, 337, .311 . . . ...'.'6.7.,. .237, 285, 289, 333, . .'.'2's'6',' . . ,333, ....67, 134, ...l3l, 242, .230,. .2-513,34-17,3 421' ' 24, 137, 408, af... ...,. . 1 1 iii, 4'0'z',' . .. '. '.3.3.6., . I .. . . .137, . . . . . . .67, ....67, 137 n ......'...l.2.9., . ...286, 315, ...203, 473 ... .67, 295, . .. . 137, '.'.'.3.9.6., . .'.'.'.'.443', 67, 67, 349, 407, 469 145 367 4-72 200 461 395 354 34-1 361 461 388 333 432 454 354 350 239 461 14-0 14-3 339 407 4-33 424 l3'7 470 475 373 333 202 438 461 283 385 354- 461 418 403 487 476 467 474 328 .24 24-0 478 4-26 450 413 34-0 383 386 386 44-3 476 354 143 400 436 420 475 407 424 377 454 394 478 427 257 461 475 392 368 4-69 4-76 4-38 479 142 34-0 271 339 402 387 4-01 448 . . . . .'.'.'.'.2.l.l.,.407 i BEAUTY ,rf J, X A of X Q S 3 QQ Y As? 9 7 Q, , Deliglwts and Clwarms you in lretter annuals, welcoming you to tlwe pages, giving distinction to your poolc And it typilies tl'ie Fetter spirit... a spirit ol helpfulness and pleasure in worlcing vvitln you year alter year to produce better annuals. Quo, or tq1iERiAgDcoM DA W 4'lO-MQ-414 West lkllain Street, Louisville, Kentucky 222 ...43, 47, 69, Ewan, VV. A. ,... .. Ewers, Carolyn L. ... liyman, Helen L. ... Fackler, P. H. . Fadum, E. R. 334 Fadum, H. R. .... l-10, 169, 373 ragn, 11. N. ....., ......... 3 42, Fahnestock, M. K. ......... ..... 1 37, Fahr, Ruby ...,...,.....,....... 67 Fair, Jean E. ..... 263, 297, 438, Fairhairn, Margaret E. ............... . Fairhzink, A. ............. ......,. . 1-airtield, Virginia F. - - - - Falat, Helen J. ..... --.--f - 1..161.16,1z. 11. .... lfaletti, 111. ..... 238, Falk, Evelyn ..... -.------- Fallon, Jean M. .. ..... 433, Fanning, Vera F. . -"-- - ' Fara, F. J. ..,.... '---- - Faragher, XV. A. .. -- . - - - f Faris, Betty .,... ...141. Faris, H. H. .. ---- -- Faris, P. R. ..... ..---- 3 39 Farley, Mary R. ... ....... ..67, Farley, W. A. ... .--334' 339 Farm H1111.rf' ..... . . . Farmer, Harriet J. .. Farnswortli, G. L. .. Farnum, VV. H. Farrimond, VV. ll. .. Farrin, M. H. .... Farrington, C. E. . Farrington, J. R. .. Farr' C. G. 12 arris, W. L. .. Farwell, Georgia . Fash, J. C. ..... . Fast, Miricun L. Fast, R. D. .... . Faucett, Nl. A. . .. Faucett, P. M. .. Faulkner, D. VJ. . Faust, L. .... . Fay, R. Fay, W. Feagan, Featherstone Beul' B. ... 1 ...282, ....67 372 333 340 376 179 165 .68, 287, 428 185 286 .68 .68 Flesor, G. ...... . , .1.1 Feavyear, Jacquetta . ..... 433 Federgreen, Miriam C. ..... ...... . Fehlau, C. E. ...................... . Fehr, Ruth L. ........ 46, 68, 252, 433 Fehrenhacher, J. B. ................. . Feiger, F. S. ........ ... . . . .68 Feinberg, Grace A. ... ... .. . . . . . .. Felhey, Constance H. ,,............ . Felhey, E. J. ..... 136, 234, 375 Feldman, Bernice N. .. ... .. . Feldman, E. ........ ... Feldman, Feldman, Feld ma n, Mildred M Shirley Cl. M. A. ..... . Feldman, WV. .... . Feldmann, Gretclien Fell, Marjorie M. .. rt-11664, 1. 11. Feltych, A. ...... . Fennell, Dorothy I. l'Cl1lllC, J. L. ..... . Fenoglio, Louise B. ... lferdinand, A. B. . .. Ferdinand, H. R. .. . Feres, Vlasta ..... Ferguson, D. B. Ferguson, R. D. Ferguson, R. E. .. Fernholz, E. F. .. Fessler, W. A. .. Fetter, F. A. ....68 134 .68 139 .68 ...128 248 Fetter, N. ......................... . Fetters, Fern: M. ................... . Fichte, H. O.. . .68, 126, 135, 140, 230, 257, 281, 333, 337, 361 Field firtilffry ...................... Field, R. W. ....... .. .. Fields, Dorothy D. .. ..,, Pay- l'1r-. llm1.lr1.I Six 333 432 313 338 143 466 354 475 421 467 455 385 436 451 470 372 437 467 454 411 353 438 379 408 432 470 374 428 470 386 357 379 392 392 372 355 451 413 480 382 137 362 396 377 372 339 470 451 480 437 361 467 140 395 439 138 464 454 393 354 451 451 393 443 420 137 411 141 464 135 388 388 267 374 395 385 388 352 136 461 143 231 395 326 461 451 GENERAL INDEX1CON'I'INUED Fierke, S. S. .... . Fiesser, E. ..... . Fifield, Jeanne R. ... . . Fahey, N. v. .... ...... . Filippi, C. R. .. .. .68, Filippi, F. G. .............. 402, Finder, J. ........ . Fine and Applied flrtr, College of Fine, Bernice A. ............. 68, Finfgeld, C. P. ............... . Finfgeld, R. .... Finger, C. C. .. Fink, G. R. . . . . Fink, R. M. ...... . Finlayson, M. H. .. Finlay, W. H. . . .. Finn, L. .... . Fiorentini, R. . . .. Firke, Ellen M. . .. Fischer, A. E. .... . Fischer, C. ....... . Fischer, Fischer, L. L. . . .. Fischer, M. Fischer, Elizabeth R. W. R. . . . Fish, A. G. . . . . Fish, Grace E. .... . Fishback, H. R. .... 266 ..........68, Fisher, A. E. .... 44, 66, 139, 164 Fisher, A. R. . .. Fisher, E. G. Fisher, F. E. . . . Fisher, H. . .. Fisher, H. R. Fisher, L. 'l'. ..... . Fisher, Mildred A. . 231, Fishkin, M. ...... . Fishman, W. S. .. Fisk, F. W. .. Fiske, C. C. .. Fitch, E. ..... . Fitch, Martha .... Fitzgibbons, T. . Fitzsimmons, Cleo . Fjeme, 0. s. ..... . Flake, K. L. ..... . Flanegin, Dorothy M Flaningan, M. L., Jr. Flannigan, T. C. .. Fleischbein, Annette Fleischli, F. K. Fleming, E. . . . Fleming, Mary E. . Fleming, M. .. Fleming, V. R. . . Flentje, Janet . Fletcher, Mary E. .. Flint, A. H., Jr. .. Flint, H. A. Flint, Ruth .. Flora, H. 1V1. .. Flora, Louise ...... Florance, Amy L. . Floren, Virginia R. . Floriczdmn' C1116 . . . Florin, R. E. . . . . Florio, N. A. Floyd, Norma .. Floyd, R. B. ...... . Flynn, Helen ..... Foellinger, Loretta E 235 293 461 417 335 .68 268, 205, 201 374 165 260, 295, 314, 432 ......47, 69, ...,69, 134 135 452 ..293, 358 ...69, 207 435 390 286 321 375 440 ....164, ....135 2114 254 ..'.'69,' Foersterling, F. ........... 334, Foersterling, Virginia G. .... . Fogarty, E. R. . . . Fogel, Lucille ... Fogelberg, N. E. . . Fohr, Eleanore .... Folckemer, F. B. . . Foley, E. ...... . Folger, W. M. .. Folk, E. S. Football ..... Foote, B. R. . .. Ford, c. B. .... . Ford, Estella E. . 69, .69 417 338 295 433 ..'.'.'14'o','i36,' Q1f1i94.' 362, 286, .3.6.8., . 352 406 450 362 402 484 381 .30 439 .68 .68 352 137 315 384 340 376 311 456 341 368 434 454 341 411 382 269 478 341 465 372 369 410 393 381 .69 230 479 354 135 356 403 392 485 385 436 474 .69 431 373 394 424 411 380 467 395 474 427 402 429 396 337 .69 477 431 467 436 485 .69 238 255 446 442 438 407 417 467 383 451 446 418 .69 413 466 373 167 483 375 452 Fordham, 0. A. .. Fornoff, F. J. . .. Forst, E. ....... . Forster, Jean C. . . Forsyth, Helen . . Forsythe, W. R. . . Fort, A. C. . .. Fort, E. A. . . Fort, R. G. .. Foss, J. C. . .. Fosset, W. C. . . . . Foster, Anna M. . Foster, Charlotte L. . Foster, F. B. . . . . 69, 134, 135, . ...314, 450 ...13s, 341 fffi3s,' 479 Foster, H. D. ... ...... . .352 Foster, L., Jr. .... .. .403, 411 Foster, Virginia E. ........ 138 Foster, W. ....... .... 6 9, 134 Fournier, A. . . ,,,,,, 350 Fouts, H. K. . . .......... . . . Fowler, B. D. .... ............... . Fowler, Beth L. . .... 127, 261, 284, 296 Fowler, H. F. .......... 128, 249, 399, Fowler, W. F., Jr. .. ........... Fox, F. X. ....... ............ . France, Bethel R. .. . .46, 70 France, Katherine L. ...... 70, Francis, Dorothy .... 70, Francis, Grace M. ,, ,313 Franck, F. NV. ..................... . Frank, Helene .... ......... 2 87, Frank, H. L. .... 46, 47, 70 253, 381, Frank, J., Jr. . ........... ....... . Frank, Marion .. .1 0, 146, Frank, Virginia . ..... 283, Frankel, D. B. .... Frankland, G. E. .. Franklin, D. W. . . Franklin, M. ..... . Franklin, R. J. . . . . Franks, Emily P. . . Franks, Kathryn D. Franks, VV. W. .... . Frantz, K. E. .... Franzen, A. W. Frary, O. D. . . .. Fraser, E. S., Jr. .. Fraser, J. R. .... Frasier, F. E. . . . Fraferniliex .... Frazier, D. C. .. Frazier, M. P. . Freadlin, C. . Frech, F. J., Jr. .. Freda, Rosalia L. .. Frederick, C. R. . .. Frederick, G. R. .. Frederick, H. L. .. Fredrickson, R. . Fredman, Billie S. . . Freedman, M. O. .. Freeman, A. A. .. .. Freeman, Nellie V. . Freeman, Ruth C. .. Freer, Louise ..... Freese, Dorothv F. . Freland, Virginia French, Ann L. .... . French, G. D. .... . Frese, C. ll. ..... . Ffcrhwarz Colulcif . . . F'l'A'JlI7II11!1 Ffulic .. Frey, R. D. Frifk, J. W. ..... . Fried, J. L. ...... . Friedland, Evelyn S. Fricdlander, Minnie Friedman, B. J. . . . Friedman, B. S. .... . Friedman, Gertrude .... Friedman, Goldie J. Friedman, H. A. ..... . Friedman, Harriet M Friedman, Joyce L. Friedman M. H. .. Friend, M. Elizabeth Friesem, G. D. . . . . 136 164,192,196 .'.'.'.'.'2's'6', ...333 ...372 ...333, ...282 .....461, Frede, R. H. .............. . 41 238, 335, 385 164, 168 ... f .iid 266' 270, . . . . . .461 ..'.i1's'5' .. .362 1 ....184, 187, .3 .i.'7i0i, ....70 .l.'.....7.0., Geer, D. M. .... . Friesner, G. J. .. . - - - - Friess, J. E. Frink, F. F. Frisk, La Verlu .. .--- - - Frison, T. H. . . .--- - - - Fiittier, R. M. ..... .. .333, Fritzlen, J. A. ...... .... 7 0, Froeming, Crystal D. . . . .. .. Frohman, D. S. ..... ........ . Froman, G. E. .... .......... . Frost, Helen E. .. .... 70, 450, Fruin,E.J.... ....... Fruin, Ma1'y L. . . ..... 70, 135, Fruin, R. ..... . . .47, 70, Frush, C. B. .. ...... Fry, S. S. .... -------- - Frye, L. E. ..... . . .70, 392. Frye, R. N.... Fryer, H. C. .. ---- -- Fryling, C. F.... Fuehrer, G. R. .. ..... 3371 Fuller, M. G.... Fullerton, A. D. .. ............. 70, Fullerton, Belle M. ............ 71, 135 Fulmer, C. R. .... 47, 71, 225, 230, 232 254, Funkhouser, H. R. .......,.......... . Furley, R. L. ,....... ...--- . Fuson, R. C. ........... . . .352, G Gaa, C. J. ...... 136 397,461 Gabel, A. K. . . ........... . . . Gabriel, A. F. ....... .... . Gade, R. H. ............ 288 349, 408 Gaede, Helen W. ..... 45, 71, 252, 443 Gage, Gladys M. ................... . Gage, Myrtle E. . . .... . . . Gaines, H. E. ..... ........ . Gaines, J. K. ...... ..... 4 61, Galamba, Elaine R. ... ......... . . . .. Galbraith, Dorothy J. ............... . Galbreath, C. S., Jr. .... 44, 71, 164. 222, 349 Galbreath, Verdie P. . .. Giehler, Marjorie .. .....454, Gale, Mary A. ...... ---.-- - Galhuly, Halle ...... ..... 2 63. Galinsky, Bernice M. .. . -- - - - - Gallagher, P. ....................... . Gallagher, W. ...................... . Galland, M. R. . .71, 164, 184, 213, 337 Galler, W. ..................... 181, Galloway, G. W. . .. .......... 71, 371 Galvin, H. J. --.- Galvin, T. J. ...... -. -. Gamma Alpha Clzi . . . ...- Gamma Phi Bela .. -- . - - Gamma Thela PM . . . ....... . . . . Gann, Mary E. .... . . .71, 435 Gannaway, Alice C. ......... . .....313 Gannon, F. ...................... 71, Guno, C. WV. .... 168, 175, 320, 322, 332, Cans,R.J.... .............. Ganster, WV. A. .... . . .394 Gantzert, M. G. .. ...... Gardiner, Betty ... . .71, Gardner, B. C., Jr. .. . . .. Gardner, L. P. .... .. . . . . . Gardner, M. JCIII1 ........... Gardner, R. XV. . . . .. .31 5, 394, Gargoyle ........ ........... Garner,J. Garrard, R. J. ...... Garretson. P. C. ..... 333, 373, Garrett, Charlotte . . . ........... . . . . Garrett, Dorothy M. .... 47, 71, 223, 264, 418, Garrett, F. J. .... .......... . Garrett, K. L. .... 333, 402, Garrett,O. F. ..... Garrigus, C. B. .... .... 7 1, Garrigus, XV. P. ... ...... Garrison, L. ..... . . . . Garrison, Rosanna . . .... . . Garver, C. P. ..... ...... . Garver, E. G. ..... ..... 3 33, Garver, Willia K. .. . ....... . . . . . Garvey, D. C. ..... .... 1 30, 250, 390 315 392 430 359 402 481 449 409 315 478 461 486 412 392 478 478 282 487 352 407 371 461 438 234 446 363 411 376 464 352 366 470 482 313 313 164 464 439 450 168 363 461 438 432 420 475 359 377 378 475 379 389 481 431 481 483 314 377 331 377 378 474 289 433 372 412 422 470 142 379 372 472 454 230 467 472 472 335 243 134 186 271 372 389 438 368 GENERAL INDEX-CON'l'INUED, 11. L. ...., 71, 241, 256, 289, Gasaway, H. H. ..................... . Gately, T. C. ... . Gates, F. ..... . Gates, Jean E. . . Gates, R. W. . . . Gates, W. H. ... Gatewood, L. C. .. Gaudio, C. D. .. Gauen, L. O. .. Ga11en, R. E. .... . Gault, A. R. ..... . Gault, Audrey L. .. . .,71,234, 235, lid ..ii24bi Gault, Margaret .. .. Gause, T. E. ....... . . .. Gawin, S. W. .... . Gay, M. C. ..... .. Gaziano, R. A. ................. . Geake, D. C. .................. . Gebhart, H. V. ..... 71, Gedge, F. C. .... ...... . Gedge, Laura L Gehlbach, M. P. .. Gehm, H. M. Gehr, V. H. ...... . Gehring, R. NV. .... Geissendoerfer, T. Geist, H. XV. ....... 2, Geithman, Isabelle H. . Gendler, Rosalyn Gentry, F. C. .... . George, J. A. .. George, Vivian .. . Georges, A. 13. Gerber, S. .... . Gerden, N. P. M. .. Gere, Nell R. ..... . Gerhardt, Dorothy Gernard, G. M. . . .. Gerrety, E. F. Gershenow, L. .. Gessler, E. W. .. Getty, V. ...... . Gianquinto, M. .. Gibberman, Fay . . . Gibberman, J. .. Gibbs, P. W. .... Gibson, C. L. Gibson, Dorothy .. Gibson, G. A. . . . . Giese, Geraldin: Gieseking, Inez E. .. Giffin, R. R. Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert, Jean ll. . Gilkes, Betty L. Jan: S. .. R. L. .. Gill, S. .... . Gillespie, ll:l:n Gillespie, N. .. Gillespie, R. S. Gillespie, Gillhouse, R. F. Gillingham, Nornta J Gi11..g:y, F. D. Gillogly, li. I., Jr. . Gilmore, F. M. Gilmore, ll l1'1'1Cl E. . Gilster, A. H. Gilster, Olga M. .. NV.A. Ginny, J. Ginsburg, li. ll. Ginsburg, L. li. .. Ginsburg, Ruth . Ginter, R. E. ..... . Ginther, Garnet Ginto, Grace ...... Giokaris, M. D. .... Gladding, ll Maxin- Glaeser, V. F. ...... . Glascock, J. Il. Glasebrook, R. Glaser, H. A. ......... . Glass, E. ......... . 136, 461, .....28Q ..ii22 134, 136, 461, 'idi .71, 311, .71, .l.3.S., Eat 311, 142, 315, 16h 46h 116 QHQ 551 346 zsa -.....72, ..72, 164 ...72, .72, 184, . i.i.i.i1i31, .iffibi 336, 340, 294, 295, 'isa .jgg 412 Rgi 212 .291 285, 545, its bei 205, 310, Glassco, D. E. G. ........ 72, 336, 340, Glasser, Marian J. ... ..... ..... 374 461 372 485 467 397 371 470 470 367 481 338 452 422 315 478 134 338 363 484 382 428 340 281 406 449 461 361 311 483 429 455 487 465 454 315 138 366 438 293 476 383 381 411 405 470 439 339 468 480 450 472 427 455 451 .72 418 427 314 286 405 435 .72 385 333 461 480 382 382 359 424 361 424 2110 409 400 454 384 450 486 465 141 355 404 461 361 311 478 283 -1 Glaze1', ll. .......... .., Gleason, D. W., Jr. Gleiser, Katlieriiie li. .. Glenn, Barbara W. .. Glennon, Alice Glesmann, E. lf. .. Glick, E. M. Gloss, R. C. Glover, J. L. .. .. Glover, W. E. Goble, Elizabeth F. .. Goble, G. W. .... . Goble, June H. Goddard, Dorothy .. Godfrey, D. D. .. Goding, L. A. Goebel, L. H. .. Goebel, R. A. .. Goebel, Ruth .. Goedde, A. M. .. Goeke, H. E. ....... 140 Goers, M. J. ..... Goetsch, Elizabeth . Goff, J. Goin, Isa A. .... . bel .. 1r.+, mx, .ifibb 11251 ... i. i, 33.7 ""if2AQfkbU 1.1, 286, 'Nfl ..- ..., "7 .f.., 311 230 211, +n iso 466 7 1 1 Goin, Juanita .. 2, Q9-1. 1132 G0I1fF1'1llhn'f.1 .... , , - . . l Goldbeck, M., Jr. . ,, ,Tl Goldberg, .... ...242, Goldberg, L. C. ,, U. Goldberg, L. G. .. H, Goldberg, Marion ..... ,,,, Goldberg, O. J. .. ........ . . .131 Goldberg, W. ....... 46, 72, 252, 349 Goldblntt, R. L. .. ........ ...... Golden, Recva J. .. ..... .... Goldenberg, C.l3. . , , , Goldfarb, Nl. ....... ,,,, Goldman, Ethel R. .. .... ... Goldman, L. M., Jr. . ....... .. Goldma11, Lorraine .. ...,283 4211 Goldman, M. ..... .... 2 87 409 Goldman, M. .. ...... 335, Goldstein, Hortense .... Go1dstei11, S. ........ ....... . Goldstein, Sonia ll. .. ... .... Goldsworthy, B. F. . . H ,73, 243 Golinkin, G. I3., Jr. . ...... .. Golk, Helen E. ... .. . . .. Goltz, H. ....... .....88 G0111!'0fiers, Tin- . . ......... . . Gonseth, K. . .. ...286 333 Gonzoff, L. J. ...... Good, R. O. ....... ...233, 278, Goodall, Mary F. ... ...... ..... Goode, Gaylia M. ... .... ..... Gooding, Evelyn M. ... . . .295 Goodman, Dorothy Nl. ....... . . . . . . Goodman, Gertrude ..,............... Goodman, Leonore R. .... 131, 242, 28' Goodman, Lillian .................... Goodman, L. O. .... 130 141, 250 254 Goodman, M. W. .................... . Goodman, lV1ilTJI1l'lt' . .,... . Goodman, S. A. ...... ...... . . Goodman, Shirley L. .. ...... 141, Goodman, L. ..... .... l 40, 287, Goodnight, C. J. ..... ... .... Goodwin, Phyllis A. .. ... Goodu ine, G. ...... ..2 38, Goodxxine, M. F. .. ...239 Goranson, R. .... ..... . Gorczyca, A. G. .. ,,,, Gordon, F. M. . .. .. . Gordon, K. M. .. ..... Gordon, L. M. ... ....... ..... Gordon, M. ... ....... . .... Gordon, M. ... ...206, 336, 3-1-ll Gordon, R. ....... . Gore, G. J. .. ........... Gore, P. E. .. 1 227, 230, 234, 235, 349, Gore, S. H. ....... ...i'3, 315, 356, Gorton, Margaret 11. .. ...... .73, Goscicki, Isabel ..... ... Goss, H. ....... . Gossard, A. ....... . Gossett, Eleanor A. . . , Gossom, D. R. .... . P., raft. limi. 1 4110 lf' 441 -Hx +86 -V11 118 Us 482 W2 .72 211 2:42 41411 119 485 3011 470 -H14 W2 -Vo 31? 428 474 -5 1x2 262 1?x 251 465 378 439 391 391 393 437 154 465 439 393 -1811 461 371 439 281 420 394 4811 419 354 2111 3-fm 381 38Il -Us 4211 411 458 4211 4211 +20 446 244 -Hi 464 IN! 41111 ll: 2841 110 461 VI 'Q .21 141! 4-11 381 -V2 281 201 217 382 487 419 454 190 +-- 419 411 .......356 Gottlieb, l. . . . . fi1vIIllCl7, rx. . . Bess L. .... . Goudey, Gougler, Jean L. . .... . ....f4a9f .....430 422,462 Gongler, Marcelline E. .. ...... . .. Gould, Marjorie .......,............. Gourley, Norma M. . . .73, 254, 447, 449 Grahlw, L. E. ...... ........,...... . Grahle, J. L. .... ...286, Grahlc, Jean E. .. ..... Cftliflrilfl' .Nmiflnrll . . . . . . . Graff, B. ...... . . . . .. Gragg, G. ..... ............ . Graham, C. B. ... . .73, 137, 3611, Graham, F. L. ... . . .... Graham, J. B. . . . . . Graham, L. H. ... .. Graham, R. ..... .. Graham, V. L. ... .. Grandell, J. S. .. ..... ... Grandy, Dorothy .. .,.,... . . Grant, Fran:es E. .. ..283, 418, Grant, H. ....... ........ . Grant, L. J. ..... ......,...... . Grant, Mary A. . . . .45, 47, 73, Grant, Wilma F. .. ..262, 286, 428, Graser, R. C. .... . ... ..... Graves, H. A. ... . .. Graves, S. ........ . .. Graxes, VV. C., Jr. .. ... ... Graxxoig, R. ...... .... . .. Giay, H. M. ..... .... l 36, 375 Gray, P. G. ...... . .. ... Gray, YV. E. ........ . . - Gleathouse, A. B., Jr. . Green, B. ....,.... . Green, Caroline L. .. Green, D. C. ..... . Green, F. ..... . Green, G. F. .. Green, G. K. .. Green, J. W. .. .... Green, Lulu . . ...,.. . . Green, M. L. ...... 140, Green, Marjorie NV. Greenberg, Gertrude G. . Greenberg, J. S. ..... . Greene, Beverly L. .. Greene, Harriet .. Gleene, R. O. .... . Greene, Roslyn J. .. Greengard, S. B. . Greenman, Doloris Greenm Green w an, F. ood, E. L. .. Greer, E. L. 2114, Gregg, H. L. ...... Gregg, R. T. ........... . Cff'gllfFA1ll l,i!rr11ry Nurirly Grego1'y, Jane H. ....... . Giegory, J. C .. Gregory Gregory, ,-1. R. lx. L. .. Greider, Janice l:,. Grener, L. M. ........ . Grether, M. liliiaheth .. C. . irner, H. G. .............. . Grieve, R. S. ...16-1-, 168, Griffin, Mary J. ...... . Griffin, R. P. .... .... . Griffis, W. Griffith, C. R. .. Griffith, D. K. .. Grim, R. W. .. Grimek, J. C. .. Grimm, J. ... Grimm, N. C. Grimmer, E. F. .. Grindley, H. S. .. Gring, J. L. ....... . Groff, Elizabeth A. .. Groh, G. M. ..... . Grohar, S. G. .... Grohme, F. W. .. Grohne, K. .... . Gronemeier, Beth Grosholl, Nancy li. .. Grose, G. K. ..... . Gross, N. .. Pngf Flor llmnlv-e.i Fight 174 ...73 ...379 w ...13f, ....390, 396,466 ....2sm .1337 .ffff3, ....451, ffif14hf 14n,2x2, 3gg,.igi. .....73, 184, 188, .73,138, ...397 0 ....3.6.2., . ...435, ....73, ....73 ...403, ....362, 1 1 1 461 461 467 480 425 420 479 179 391 423 .31 378 186 475 384 471 138 362 461 382 455 467 283 138 432 467 363 403 403 352 393 464 137 41713 394 282 141 357 391 4113 406 471 313 480 431 439 313 470 141 362 420 -1-119 480 353 341 289 461 350 479 454 359 333 373 143 472 434 406 376 434 484 365 478 461 143 465 466 470 485 352 352 467 387 387 462 470 449 289 311 409 G ENERAL INDEX Gross, K. D. Gross, Marion J. .. . Gross, M. L. .... . Gross, S. T. . . .. Grossarth, A. .... . Grosse, Elise ........ Grossman, Anne R. Grossman, B. M. Grossman, D. A. ..... Grossman, Mary K. . .. Grote, P. F., Jr. .. . ..294, CONTINUED 311, 312,483 .....73, 443 ..200, 409 .....352 ....380 ...,451 .....439 381 ....313 ...74, ....313 Hale, C. .. . . Hale, H. W. .. Hall, A. W. .. Hall, B. R. Hall, Cleo A. .. Hall, D. L. Hall, Eunice S. . .. Hall, H. ...... . Hall, H. B. .. Hall, Ina F. .. Grote, VV. ...... ........ . Groth, C. A. .. .74, 392 Groth, N. R. . . .... . . . Gioth, W. F. .. .. . Grotts, C. ...... .... . Glotts, P. E. ..... ..... . Grove, Frances R. . .. .... 452 Grove, M. S. ..... ...... . Grover, R. ln. ... ..... Giuhh, P. D. . .................... . .. Grumley, W. B. ..................... . Gryboski, E. .... 44, 74, 163, 164, 168, 225, Gsell, L. A. ........ .. .74 Guck, H. L. ......... .... . Gueltig, Charlotte L. .. . . .294, Guernsey, Mildred ..... Guggenheim, Mary M. Gugler, A. ............ . w Gulhrandsen, Dorothy E. ... .. . . . . . Gunderson, Dorothy G. .. .... 4-9, Gunn, J. V. ......... .334, 349 Gunnerson, C. B. .. Gunning, T. D. . .. Gunzhurger, P. . . Gurewitz, ..... . Gurley, D. E. ......... . ifi.282 ....2x9 Gurskis, Eugenia E. ................. . Gustafson, K. L. .... 47, 74, 231, 233, 255, Gutgsell, R. . .......... .. Guthier, R. E. .. .... 311, 312, Guthrie, G. B. . Helen li. .. Guthrie, Gutman, R. ... . .. Gutstadt, R. H. .. C iutterman, L. Guynn, li. C. ... .... Guynn, W. D. ....... 334 B. de . .. Guzman, M. Gywvzaffira . . . . . . . . Gyory, Elizaheth R. ..... . ll Haag, V. VV. .. ... . Haake, D. R. .. Haake, H. G. .. Haaker, A. L. .... . Haanel, Betty M. .. Halwherton, Ida B. .. Hahherton, W. .. .. Hackett, R. P. .. . Hackett, T. N. .... .. Hackleman, C. .. Harkleman, R. E. .. Hackley, Ruth A. ... Hackmann, Lois .. . .... Hackmann, Louise .. . .... Hadden, Jane E. .... 127, Haddlesay, Betty M. . . . . Hadley, H. L. ........ . Hadley, R. H. ..... .. Haedike Ruth A. .... . Haefele, Margaret L. .. Haerting, Evelyn A. .. Hagel, Rita J. .... . Hagen, I. B. ..... . Hagenbuck, H. D. . .. Hager, Jane ..... Haglund, A. L. .. Hague, Stella M. .. Hahn, L. ..... . Hailman, H. F. . .. Haist, G. F .... Haist, G. G. .... .. Hakes, Edyth C. .. . Halherg, L. A. . 340,349,373 ffff4id ff54f463 .........464, 188, 339, 408 ......46, 6, 281-, ..85, ...74, 311, 74, 438 .292, 293, 294 .74 ..,,,i4 .fff366 129, 234 .........289 315 140, 388, , 336, . . . .349, 297, 462, 462, 313 1 1 1 466, 338. 356 475 411 385 352 352 486 359 390 410 283 170 394 387 407 448 455 455 399 425 480 369 363 403 475 478 333 141 254 446 384 483 360 433 378 381 400 464 462 457 465 462 375 477 333 402 454 313 373 484 475 356 3511 434 484 456 467 449 382 295 442 448 454 441 374 481 438 446 432 374 478 366 .74 454 362 Hall, R. .... . J Hall, ule L. ..... . Hall, Marjorie E. .. Hall, R. C. ..... . Hall, Ruth W. . . . . Hall, Samuel NV. . . Hall, S. G. ..... . Hall, S. lx. ...... . Hall, Stanley NV. Hall Hall 21 21 m,G.O. m, W. E. .. Hallberg. R. E. .. Halden, T. . .. Hallden, O. S. . .. Hallett, J. 1. .... . Halliburton, Martha Halpert, I. ..... . Ham, C. W Ham, R. L. .. Ham, W. D. .... . Hamilton, A. ..... . Hamilton, Alice YV. Hamilton, E. G. Hamilton, A. .. Hamilton, R. . . .. Hamilton, Mary E. .. Hamilton, Ruth .. Hamilton, T. S. .. ...293 ....74 .iii34f . ...23Q ....376, 462 1 1 201 315 295 140 271 135 297 137 376 .74, 137 457 1 3 Hamm, C. S. .... ........... . Hamman, S. D. ............... 75 Hamman, V. T. ..... 126, 283, 284 Hammer, Gwendolyn F. ........ . Hammett, J. R. ......... . . . Hamp, G. H. Hamphill, C. E. .. Hampton, O. H. .. Hampton, V. J. . . Hampy, H. F. .. Hanafin, P. .. Hanavialt, C. F. Hanawalt, Catherine Hancock, Alice Handley, G. F. A. 11f2S3 335, 382, 403 .75 315 ...333, 402 ltlandschuh, F. C. .... 193, 336, 340 Hanes, V. E. .. .. Haney, W. .. .. Hanford, W. E. .. Hange, B. G. ... Hanley, J. H. . .. Hanlon, Lois H. Hannah, Ardetll IZ. .. 1 .3.1 Hannah, Phyllis E. ... .. Hannigan, H. Hans, Doris M. ....... . ....... . Hanselman, L. A. ..... 46, 75, 252, Hansen, H. F. . .126 164, 202, 203 Hansen, Mary K. .............. . Hansgen, J. R. . . .. Hanson, Florence C. Hanson, J. O. .... . Hanson, R. A. . . .. Hanson, R. L. ..... . Hanson, Thelma M. Harding, A. A. .. .. .75 286, 370 360 251 fii 349 364 3.5.93 . 286 360, 310 Harding, Florence M. .. .. Hardinger, D. .... Harker, O. A. .. . . Harlan, W. M. ... Harman, H. F. .. Harman, H. J. Harm:-son, N. B. .. Harmon, Mary .... Harmon, P. J. ... Harms, C. C. .. Harney, A. A. .. Harney, G. Harno, A. . Harper, D. R .. l 1 1 1 J Harmon, Helen .. ....... .. . 286, 440, ....29,39, 135, 465 365 379 402 450 333 482 388 .74 450 .74 451 286 312 421 372 398 364 485 315 375 380 470 470 412 .75 401 475 462 484 384 283 411 360 470 138 449 352 462 462 462 486 230 355 315 390 466 350 257 449 313 428 462 462 394 289 134 472 485 427 141 486 405 421 403 473 138 379 431 411 466 403 462 384 430 376 379 .75 375 358 .75 257 480 394 407 .75 141 386 367 391 2116, Harrington, Alice M. . . . Harrington, Mary L. . . . . Harris, D. K. ...... 75 Harris, E. D. .... .. Harris, G. C., Jr. . . Harris, Mary L. .. Harris, W. A. .... . Harrison, B. B. . . . Harrison, F. C. .. Harrison, Franciscins .. . Harrison, L. A. .,.... . Harrison, M. Hari-iss, J. Harrod, Mary E. . . . Elizabeth H. ...... . Harrold, C., Jr. ..... . Harrop, Catherine N. .. Harry, F. ....... . Hart, H. P. .. . . . Hart, R. D. . .. Hart, W. C. . . . Hart, W. E. . .. Harter, E. C. . . . Hartley, M. C. . . Hartley, Ruth J. .. Hartman, E. D. . . . Hartman, L. E. . . . Hartma11, L. O. . . . . Hartman, L. W. ...... . Hartman, Marjorie R. . Hartman, R. P. ..... . Hartman, W. ..... . Thy1'a L. . . Hartong, Hartranft, W. L. . . . Harvey, W. L. .... . ...75, .75, 134, 135, 243, 450, 141, 286, 422, 137, 240, 408, ..........75, ...f5, 139, ..75 ...75 .