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' i Lk r « r IXUI. r» Liri S GENTLY flowing: CO ISJLLINOI N " w r % : • I • • , »•» till » msH I CHIC r H ««iti» y - ' -«« 4 rfc L»» »» ' V4 % THE PRESS O r y S »». «• v I r lorrvl 1953 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR- CLASS OP THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS - CHAMpAIGN-URBANA I " " " mflmGKflRnes eDiTOR-m-cmep ROBGRT [Tl.YounG Business mflnfloeR ILLUSTRATOR miLT nflRX ' 22 u msrPiiJGGLEFomwsr mm i and msofi iU OF SreCUUT)ON-17i2- l fiLNAUnaPlOftfillllNOlS COAL (721_, OLORijt v l l ■ h i ;j WlM ( . ) HHK 1 V 4 3 1 mOfLNlNG a ILL- INOIS (D1183C AT JACK- SONVILLE JAM 4 l83Q WS8 a j kSONiAN )m OCWCY DIGGING we ILLINOIS AND MIC+IIOAN CASJAL I 37 b OlNN- m a m states rail W3AD lSrOW, iwt OdOANllATON a W NiS , fORT VmKM MASSACUL, QDNSTI- TllTiOlAL CDNVLNTiON 1818 v ' (j3fiiv ic mil fACTORX STAE LISU D AT CHICAGO -164-7 FIRST mem c iCAooTW LINCOLN-tOUOLA5t)[ AT5 GAiO aoim Y siATt T11COS-I661AOWCUI- mt AND M WAi, M fIftST Mm ILLINOIS IND- liSmiAL UNIVERSITY- 186 IH fOUNDlNOamUNlV- lftSlTYOnLLINOlSl867 w L 1 r s f 6 ij rm u IV 1 M xA ' M m ir fi ■.VAl miH — - J A ' I I ) III .as; int CWCAGO Flll£ L 6 7 I Social lifL N ILL- INOIS, HLPUELICAN- ISM AT ] i wnta, IS ' tiO, ANIAAAL PRODUCTS Of ILll HOI FARMS, vyAT dWAY AND dOPS, Dtvaop- MLNT OF MINaAL W ALl-H, QiGAOO WOOD ' S fAlfL- 1(393 AND im RS, wm ROAD H atim] suffHAGt mits AND 1 om WM A QNTUHY OF- M new AND BLNIVOKNT PUIUfi[ 0 M mt OP LllNOlUNDM UNIVERSITY IT m fiDma mm e y T e CDMQU ST a IWi ?AST IVII fDHTIET-fl VOLUME OF M iLLio 1 mmiv m ' ' ' V m - W m 1 Mi. ' ' ' ■ " „• ' ' M. " V ' J-M r BPwf l ' Blj tJi r P -ii r 1 , Wk 11 - 1 ! i HBvi l 1 ) ' ■ II M ' 1 A ' " t . ' • w I L L 1 " V ' n O I s §4 = l Ji ' m it kJI ' ' mJ BhC ' • - - . " ■■• . -% Mil Fj • ' ; ■ppWi ' W - ' ' ' P ' » ' ' Y ' ik k Hninft. ' ' Itlt ' .-ii, t " ■ ' ' ' ' !• r N O I S = : m r t4i 1 L L I 5: N o 1 s -_m r — t I L L I N O I S imy MJlo c£ Hcneiezruju: Edward E. Barrett President, Board of Trustees To the Students of Illinois: PROBABLY no other stiulents in the history of the University have met with quite the same conditions econoniioally tliat have occurred durino; your college career. You entered the University at the beginning of a great era of economic recession and unless all signs fail, ou will be leaving the University at the beginning of a new era of progress. There will be a great opportunity for you to assist in so shaping the era of progress that the mistakes which have brought about the era of recession may never occur again. You have had to give more thought to the serious things of life than those who preceded you. Your characters have been strengthened thereby and ou will therefore be better prepared to meet the prob- lems of the future. As representing the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, I greet you as a body of students with great opportunities for distinction and one that, profiting by its four years of unusual experience, will accept the challenge and press on to greater accomplishments. I ' residciit. Board of Trustees W Bla Pagi- 20 wu LUjO Cf. N Vie e i ji Hon. Henry Horner Governor of lUinois Board of Trustees Hon. Louis I.. Emmebson Formpr Governor of Illinois Governor of Illinois Hon. Henry H. Horner Springfield Superinlendenl of Public Instruction Hon. Francis G. Blair Springfield OFFICERS OF THE BOARD Edward E. Barrett, LaGrange .... President Frank M. Gordon, Chicago ... Treasurer Harrison E. Cunningham, Urbana .... Secretary Lloyd Morey, Urbana Comptroller ELECTED MEMBERS James W. Armstrong Rock Island Orville M. Kakraker Harrisburg George A. Barr Joliet K.ARL A. Meyer Chicago Edward E. Barrett La Grange Merle J. Trees Chicago Nellie V. Freeman Mattoon Walter W. Williams Benton El V " k ' . 1 Cunningham Mo rey Armstrong Gordon Page 21 im I LLuo of. WurvsiejmJjuL MiLO Smith Ketchum, " 95, Dean of the College of Engineering, was born in Kewanee, Illinois, on January 26, 1872. Since finish- ing his undergraduate work he has been constantly connected with universities, except for two brief periods. In 1897-99 he served as bridge and structural engineer for the Gillell-Herzog Manu- facturing Company, and in 1903-04 he was with the American Bridge Company in Kansas City. During the war he was Assistant Director of the LI. S. Government Explosives Plant in adminis- trative charge of the construction of the Smokeless Powder Plant at Nitro, West Virginia. Before assuming his present position in 1922, he served in similar capacities at the University of Colorado from 1905 to 1919, and at the Universitv of Pennsylvania from 1919 to 1922. Dean Milo S. KETrnuM The CoUeg-e of Engineering THE history of the College of Engineering is as old as that of anv of the Colleges in the University, for in May, 1867, at its second meeting, the Board of Trustees adopted the report of its Committee on Courses of Sttidy and Faculty which provided for the establishment of " courses in Mechanical Science and Art. Civil En- gineering, Mining Engineering and Metallllrg , and Architecttire and Fine Arts. " Instruction in Engineering began January 1, 1870. but announcements of the curricula in Engineering were not ptib- lished until 1871-72. when four curricula were offered: nanielv. Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering, and Architecture. Toda the College of Engineering offers twelve curricula and has a splendidK equipped Experiment Station which does research work, in all branches of Engineering. Graduate work in engineering has been increasing markedK in the last lew years, and the several en- gineering departments are developing their graduate courses as rapidh as iheir resources will permit. The work of the Engineering Experiment Station, which dates from 190.3, is probably imequalled anywhere in the United States. Engineering Building Pag,- tmy MJlo Of WindjejenOuL Harris Frwcis Fletcher. AssislanI Dean of llie College of i.ilieral Ails and Sciences, was liorn al psilanti. Michigan. October 23. V»2. lie left Michigan Stale Normal College in 1912. and received his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Michigan in 1911. From the same University he received his Master of Arts degree in 1923 and his Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1926. Mr. F " letcher was superinlendeni of Schools at Algonac, Michigan, from 1911 to 1918. and instructed in rhetoric al the University of Michigan from 1923 to 1926. In 1926 he accepted the position of assistant professor of English at the University of Illinois. In 1931. he was appointed Assistant Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Assistant De n Harris F. Fletcher The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences ALTHOUGH points of view regarding the securing of a liberal education have changed considerably in the past century, there is a certain persistence from one generation to another of interests peculiar to the liberal college. It has been apparent that the prob- lems arising from those interests have been taking a definite trend. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences reflects this trend in the wide variety of opportunities offered to undergraduates, whether in the so-called " humanities ' " or in the sciences. This College has been concerned chiefly with fitting young people to meet the prob- lems of the present age, for this purpose drawing upon the intel- lectual and cultural as well as the factual heritages of the past and present. The College also offers approaches to various professional schools and colleges, these approaches being in the main attempts to aid the student in finding himself both professionally and as an adult human being. i % . Chemistry Blildinc ijmy I Ulo ct undje£nj)u: De iv Charles M, Thompson Charles Manfred Thompson, " 09, Dean of ihe College of Com- merce and Director of (he Bureau of Business Research, was born in Fairfield, Illinois, on November 10, 1877. (hi complelino; his lunlergraduale work here, he wenl lo Harvard Lniversitv, where he studied in 1910-1911. returninji to the University of INinois in 1911 as an assistant in historv. He continued his o;raduate work here, receiving his Doctor of Philosoj»hy degree in 1913. Since that time he has been serving continuously on the faculty, accepting his present position in 1912. In 1932 he accepted the McKinley Professorship of the Economics of Public Utilities, and in the same year he was appointed Head of the Department of Public L ' tililies an l Transportation. The College of Commerce ALTHOUGH courses in business and commercial training were offered as early as 1902 under the supervision of Dr. David Kinlev. Dean of the College of Literature and Arts, it was thirteen vears later that the College of Commerce and Business Adminis- tration was organized as an independent and educational unit with a Dean and a faculty. Its courses aim at the development of fundamentals, and to further this end, theories rather than practices are stressed in the classroom. Students in the College of Commerce therefore are led to know the way of whatever they undertake. To put the matter in other words, they learn how to make tools as well as sharpen them. ■I» i " -. ' =. .A Ai-is fc.. -5B iJ. " J -i i.w ni. ' ' ir %aE«l Co M M Kiic I-: H I- 1 ijji N(; Prtg,- 24 tm lluo Of iride£rujjL Herbert indsor Mimford, Dean of llu- College of Agriciilliire. Director of llie Agriculmral I ' .xperimenl Slalion and Agricullural Kxlension Service, was born in Moscow. Michigan. Felirnary 26. 1871. lie received liis edncalion al ll ion College and Michigan State College, from which lie was gradnaleil in IKOI. and from whicji he received ' the honorarv ilegrei ' of Doctor of Agricnltiirc in 1927. Hemming to his Mma Malcr in l!i " »5;. he served as an instructor and assisTant in the Agriciillnral College and I ' xperiment Station, attaining his full professorshiii in IK ' W. In 1901 he was appointed Professor d ' nimal llnshandry al ihe L ' niversity of Illinois, and since that time has heen here conlinuously. serving in his present capacity since 1922. 11khbi;ht W. Mi ' mford The College of Agriculture Till ' . College of Agriculltire .serves an Illinois industry valued at three and three-quarter billion dollars. It had its beginning in 1867 with the establishment of the Illinois Industrial University, and has made rapid progress sinee 1895. The staff, including mem- bers in the Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension Service, now ntimbcrs approximately one hundred eighty. Buildings, land. laboralor equipment, and other facilities have grown from very meager beginnings to the point where the institution is among the best equipped of its kind. iMirollment in the College has increased from 50 in 1870, to 656 in 1932. Research and experimental ] rojects are in progress to help solve the practical and scientific problems confronting farmers and homemakers individually and collectively. Something of the scope of the Agricultural Experiment Station ' s work can be judged from an annual report of approximately 270 pages. From the results of the research and experimental work, proven methods are introduced into every section of the state through the work of the agricultural and home economics extensioti services. tm-f f na sam Old Agriculture Building P«g ' - 25 mz I Ulo c unjd)ien UL I TnoM4S Eliot Benner, Dean of the College of Educalion, was born in Danvers, Massachusells, February 11, 1894. He was grad- uated from Harvard University in 1914, relurninf; for graduate work in 1015 and again in 1Q22. and receiving his Doctor of Edu- cation degree in 1924. His experience includes public school work in Massachusetts, Maine, and Alabama, the chancellorship of the Universitv of Porto Rico, and a visiting professorship at Columbia L ' niversitv. He became Dean of the College of Education Sep- tember r, 1931. De ' THf M s E. Ben kr The College of Education THE College of Educalion had its origin in the creation of a chair of Pedagogics in 1893 and the selection of Dr. Frank Martin McMurry as its first occupant. The wav for this action had been prepared by Charles de Garmo, Professor of Psvchologv. who had shown an especial interest in the studv of education. In 1 00 there was established a Department of Kducation, which became the School of l ' ]ducalion in 1907. and finallv received its present title, the College of Education, in 1QI8. The major obligation of the College has been considered from the beginning to be the training of high school teachers, principals, supervisors, and superintendents. In carrying on this work, it has had at one time or another the services of men today known everywhere for their contributions, such as William Chandler Bagley, Lotus D. Coffman. W. W. Charters, and 15. K. Buckingham. 13 i i- -SS H fTS PhJ B ES m ' M KsmLTBaaspfiw?- ' immiSi w: Administration Building Paiir 26 Wj LUjd c£ iimeiejen u: Al.HKKT .1 VMES ll RNO, Dcaii (if I lic ( ' .( llcp;c of Luw, was horn in lli laliinl. Soulli Dakota. January 30. IHK9. He was graduated from Dakota W csleyan Luivcrsity in l ' )ll. from which school he received the honorary ilef;rft ' of Doctor of Laws, in 1927. In 1914 he received his Bachelor of Laws degree, magna cum laude. at Yale L ' niversitv. He practiced in Los Angeles until 1917, when he hecame Dean and Professor at ashhurn College of Law in Topeka. Kansas. In 1919 he went to the University of Kansas as Professor of Law. He has served here as Professor of Law since 1921, and as Dean since 1922. This year he is serving as Provost of the University in addition li his deanship. The College of Law Dean Albert J. Harno THE primary purpose of the College of Law is to train students for the practice of law. But, as a diversity of types and methods of training, with varying degrees of emphasis, are included under the general title of Educ. tion, so is the situation in legal education. The faculty of the College seeks among its objectives to impress on students the value of learning to think clearly and to the point, and to inculcate in them an appreciation of the purpose of law in the social order and tiie necessity of its growth to the end that it will keep pace with the changing conditions. This process involves a stiulv of the decisions of courts: it also includes the stressing of social and economic factors as forces contributing to and influencing legal decisions and trends in the law. As an integral part of its program, the College aims to promote legal scholarship and research, to develop an appreciation of the highest ideals of the profession, and to inspire the consciousness of responsibility of the lawyer to society in furthering the wise develop- ment of law and in improving its administration. To students of high scholarship so inclined, the School offers opportunity for train- ine for law teaching. ' m Law BL■ILDl c Pa.i mj y I Uio c nirvde£n Ji Ke K)ri Newcomh. Dean of the (] )lle»;e of Fint and Applied Arts, was Imrn al Independence, Kansas, on April 24, 1886. He received his Bachelor of Science degree al (he University of Kansas, Iiis Bachelor ttf Archileclnre degree and his Master of Architecture degree al the L niversily of Illinois, and Ills Master of Arts degree al the Lniversilv »f Southern California. These studies were sup- plemented by travel in both Eurojje and the Orient. He was Director of the Department of Fine and Ap|)lied Arts of Poly- technic Institute, Long Beach. California, princijial of the Long Beach Fvening High School for four years, and has held professor- ships at Southern (California. Texas Vgricidlural and Mechanical College, and al the Lniversilv of Illinois. He has been on ihe faculty in Architecture at the L niversiiy of Illinois for fifteen years, and Professttr of History of Archileclnre for eleven years. He was appointed to his present position in 1932. Deats Rexford ISewcomb The College of Fine and Applied Arts THK College of Fine and Applied Arts which resulted from a grouping, in l )31.of the Departments of Architecture and Art. the Division of Landscape Architecture and the School of Music, is just completing the second vear of its existence as a separate ad- ministrative unit of the University. But while the College, as such, is new. the various departments comprising it have long been in existence and have contributetl hundreds of competent graduates to the professional and educational world. The College offers nine curricula in the various branches of the arts leading to appropriate degrees. Thes.e cm-ricula are so framed that the student obtains as wide a training in liberal studies as is compatible with the la ing of firm foundations in the particular art which he proposes to practice. The college enrolls some six hundred professional students an- nualh . In addition to this number should be added several hundred from other colleges of the Universit , who desire to profit b) the cultural advantages which the College offers. The courses in the appreciation of art. architecture, landscape architecture, and music are particularly popular with non-professional students. Architecture Huil,rn c Page 2S iruy I iljio c nirvde n u- Artiu R IIiLL Damels. D eaii of ihe Gradualo School, and Acting Dean of the College of Liberal rls and Sciences, was born in East Medwav, Massacbnsel Is. Oelober I ' ). I86.S. After receiving his Doctor of Philosophy degree from Clark L niversity in 1893. he came to the University of Illinois as an instructor in ])hilosophy and was i)romotcd to a professorship in lH ' )i). Kor a year and a half prior to the nnion of the College of l.iteratnre and Arts anil the College of Science in J9I3. he was Acting Dean of the former college. He is now for the fonrlh time serving as Acting Dean of the (lollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Since 1919 he has been connected with the office of the Graduate School as Assistant Dean for one vear. Acting Dean for two years, and Dean since 1921. Dean Arthur H. Damels The Graduate School GRADUATE study began at the University of Illinois when its doors were first opened for instruction in 1868 with a facitlty of four members and about fifty students. But tlie name " Graduate Scliool " was not used in any university pubhcations until 1892, wlien the Board of Trustees autliorized llie appointment of a special factiltv to have charge of graduate work. The Graduate School represents the organized effort of the University to utilize its re- sources for the preparation of advanced students for higher teaching and administrative positions, and of investigators in the various fields of human interest and progress. Its student body last year represented every state in the Union, fourteen foreign countries, and over three hundred universities and colleges. Four hundred sixtv-four Masters " , seventy-three Doctors " , and eleven professional degrees in engineering were conferred. Lincoln Hall Page 29 they I Ulo q£ injdie£nJ)J: Phineas Lawrence indsor. Director of the Lniversilv Lihrarv and the Library School, horn February 21, 1871, at Chenoa, Illinois, has spent twenty-nine years in library work. He was graduated from Northwestern Uniyersity in 1895. and studied at the New York State Library School from 1897 to 1899. On leaying there he began his actiye work as assistant in the New York State Library, but changed to the copyright office of the Library of Congress in 1900. In 1903 he became librarian of the L ' niyersity of Texas, serving there until 1909, when he accepted his present position. DiRECTOK Phine s L. Windsor The Library and the Library School TTIE University Library, through the General Library and its branches, provides the books needed by students for required reading for class work: it provides books for much of the students ' general reading, such as those in the Browsing Room; it provides books for graduate students, who in writing theses often must con- sult many uncommon volumes; and it provides books the faculty need in their investigations. Not having all the books required, especially for the two latter classes of users, it borrows more than 500 books a vear from libraries in other parts of the country. The librarians organize the more than 870.000 volumes into a useable library, and give much assistance to students and faculty. The Librarv School is a professional school for the training of librarians, and admits only college graduates, because a librarian ' s first need is a good, general education. Students come to it from every part of the country, and its graduates are in libraries similarly located. University of Illinois Libr hv Page jO mz I Ulo c nunjdiszirLijL LA«RE rE Wll.i.iVM MiRPHV. I )ircrlor of llic Scliool of journalism, was liorn in Madison, isconsin, on )ctol cr 18, 1893. He received his Bachelor of Arls degree from the llniversily of Wisconsin, his Master of Arts degree from the I niversily of North Dakota, and has done advanced graduate work at the Universities of Wis- consin and Illinois. Prior to coming to Illinois in 1924, he was engaged in the practice of journalism, military service, and the teaching of journalism. In 192 1 he came to the University of Illinois as an assistant professor from the headship of the depart- ment of journalism at the University of North Dakota. In 1925 he was made director of the work in journalism at Illinois, and in 1927, when the School of .loiirnalism was established, he was placed at its head. I)ikk»;t( k L wrence W. Murphy The School of JournaHsm THE School of Journalism approaches its sixth commencement exercises with the largest senior class in its brief history. There is reason to believe that it has not )et reached its full stature and that it may continue to grow, developing its program to be of aid not only to those seeking careers in the newspaper and magazine world but to those in the new and inviting realms of radio and television journalism, to those in talking pictures journalism and advertising, to those seeking to build success in creative writing on newspaper studv and experience, and to those interested in carrying the lessons of editorial training into all walks of life. Thirty vears ago the Lniversit offered its first course in journal- ism. Just as the program of todav differs from that of 1902. so the program developed during the coming years will differ from that in effect today. The emphasis on newspaper training as the basic discipline will not change, but the adjustments necessary to utilize inventions and recognize varying interests will bring new elements into the course of studv. ■scj si p SBRfiZiaiir r ' f ' ' :: :p ?msL? i - ' ti :w . L ' mvebsiti Hall Page 31 imy LLuo of. Wondjeznuii George A. Huff, " 92, Director of the School of Physical Education, was born June 11, 1872, in Champaign. He atteniled the Uni- versity of JIhnois from 1889 to 1893, and Dartmoulh College in 1893-94. In 1895 he returned to the University as an assistant director of athletics and as coacli of athletic teams. He coached the baseball team for twenty-four years, winning eleven champion- ships, anil tying for one other. He became Director of Athletics in 1901. Director of Physical elfare in 1924, and reached his present position in 1932. Dike , TOR Geokge A. Hlff The School of Physical Education IT IS a far cry from the School of Physical Education, which began its functions witli the present school- ear, to the vear 1914 when tlie coacli of athletics first " went to school " in the Uni- versity Summer Course in Athletic (Coaching, the first of its type. Convinced that coaches and physical directors should be edu- cated for their work just as men in other fields, instead of entering it as an after-thought. Director Muff obtained the establishment of a four-vear professional course in 1919. also the first of its kind, although the example was widely followed by other institutions. More than 400 graduates of the Illinois Course are in the field today. The School of Physical Education embraces the Departments of Physical Education for men and women, with their professional curricula in physical education, required physical education, intra- mural athletics and faculty recreation, and also mens intercolleg- iate athletics. It also includes the Department of Health Service. The degree of Bachelor of Science in Physical Education is awarded. j mfifs f.. -.r Men ' s New Gymnasium P ' -i ' - J- ' uhz I Ulo c N Vze e OsJ: Fkederick Bogie Noyes, Dean of llic f ' .olloi;!- of Denlislry, was horn in Chicago on August 22. IH72. lie was grachiatcfl from Brioil Vrailomv in 18 ' W. received llie degree of Baclielor of Arls from John Hopkins Iniversily in l!! ' ).i. and llial of Doclor of Denial Surgery in 1805 at Northwestern L ' niversity. He began praclicing denlislry in Chicago in 18 )5. specializing in Orlho- donlia since 140 ). From 1807 lo 1013 Doclor Noyes was Professor of Histology and Orlhodonlia in the Iniversily of Illinois College of Oentislrv. serving in thai capacity luitil 1026, when he suc- ceeded to liie deanshij) of the College of Denlislry. ■ I De n Frederick B. Noyes The Colleg-e of Dentistry THE need for dentists with both professional and techniral train- ing has led to a change in the I ' urriculuni of the College of Dentistry. The entrance requirements have been increased to si tv hours, and more courses in medicine have been included in the dental curriculum. The graduate in dentistry is now equipped to act as a consultant in problems which involve both medicine and tientistry. These afford an attractive field of investigation to the student who wants to work in a field where the unknown and the unexplored offer endless possibilities for research. The College of Dentistry is making everv effort to supply occupants for positions in hospitals and medical schools where (he need is for men with a medical background trained in dentistrv who can approach intelli- gently the large problems in these fields. Plans for the new building have been temporarily delayed by the depression, but it is hoped that the building will be ready for occupanc within the next few years. Dentistry Building Pag ' - ii iJnj I Ulo c N Vzefee TOsi ■ " ' .I David John Davis, Dean of the College of Medicine, was born in Racine, W isconsin. on Angiist 10, 1875. He studied first at the Racine Academy, antl later at the Universities of isconsin, Vienna, Frieberj;. and Chicago. lie served in the capacity of Pathologist at St. Luke ' s Hospital in 1911-13, and hecame Professor of Path- ology and Bacteriology at the College of Medicine in 1913. He has written several treatises on Bacteriology, and is the author of other medical papers. He began serving as Acting Dean in April, 1925, and succeeded to the deanship in September, 1925. Dt; N David J. Davts The College of Medicine ONE of the most important events in the career of the College of Medicine occurred in September. 1931, when the new build- ing at 18.S3 West Polk Street was occupied and the old building at .508 South Uonore Street was abandoned. The new building is excellenth adapted for the special purposes intended. All class and lecture rooms and the library rooms face the interior court and are not disturbed b street noises. This year ITS first year students were admitted. Most of them qualified under the new 3. .5 scholarship rule of admission. A few who applied two years ago were admitted under the old requirement. About 140 qualified applicants, all residents of the State of Illinois, still remain on the waiting list. All the units in the Research and Educational Hospital are now fully occupied. The total number of beds numbers approximatelN 350. All specialties excepting contagious disease are represented. The Out Patient Department, operated in conjunction with the Hospital, cared for about 25.000 new patients last year. itKSEARCII AND EDUCATIONAL HoSPlTAL Pi l ' - 34 tmy I ILio Cf. Wmdjejen Ji ii.i.iAM Bakkr Day, Dean of the College of Pharmacy was born in IVrn. llhnois. on February 15. 1871. lie allended the Chicago College of Pharmaev. where ' he received his Graduate Pharmacist decree in 1892. Siiice that lime he has been on the Faculty of the College of Pharmacy, lie served as an instructor until 1900, when he became a Professor of llistrological Botany, and in 1913 Professor of Bolanv and Materia Medica. He served as Acting Dean from 1914 to 1919, when he assumed his present position. Dean William B. Day The College of Pharmacy THE College of Pharmacy was incorporated as the Chicago College of Pharmacy in 185 ), and was the first school of phar- macy in the West. It establishetl the pioneer pharmaceutical library and published the first pharmaceutical journal west of the Alleghenies. Its members took an active part in founding the Illinois Pharmaceutical Association, which was responsible for the first pharmacy law. The college was united with the University of Illinois on Mav 1, 1896. becoming the School of Pharmacy of the University of Illinois. In 1916, the University purchased for the school the property it now occupies. In 1925, the General Assembly appropriated ■$350,000 to erect and equip an additional building. Originally the course comprised two years of study. In 1926 it was lengthened to three years, and in September, 1932 to four years, with the first year administered as a pre-pharniacy year. At the same time the title of the School was changed to College of Phar- macy, and the degree offered to that of Bachelor of Science in Phar- macy. The Alumni of the College, numbering over 3.000, are chiefly engaged in the practice of pharmacy. Pharmacy Building imy I Ulo Cf. Windjejen uL Albert J. Harno Administrative Officers of the University Albert J. Harno, B.S., LL.B., LL.D. .......... Provost James M. White, B.S. . . Supervising Architect and Superintendent of Business Operation George P. Tuttle, B.S. ........... Registrar Lloyd Morey, A.B., B.Mus.. C.P.A. Comptroller Arthur W. Clevenger, A.M. ......... High School J isitor Harrison E. Cunningham, A.B. . . . . Director of University Press Josef F. Wright, A.B., M.P.J. ..... Director of Station WILL, Director of Publicity George A. Huff, B.S. .......... Director of Physical W elf a re Charles S. Havens, M.S. ...... Acting Superintendent of Business Operation •Deceased Huff V ripht W hile Clinilii)i;liaiii Tuttit- Clevenfier Page j6 mj y I UjIjo of Hcne:te£n u: 3n Jllemoriam rofeggor fames idlclLaren WWt upcrbisins artftitfct, 19074933 ©ctobtv 16, 1867 = Jftfaruarp 6, 1933 P f V 57 imy I Ulo c nurudj zn ui Dean Maria Leo akd Miss Maria Leonard, Dean of omen, was liorn in Indianapolis, Indiana. She was graduated from Butler College in 1906, and received her Master of Arts degree at Colorado College in 1910. Since that time she has heen constantly engaged in dean ' s work, having served as Dean of omen at Idaho State Normal College from 1910 to 1912, at Coe College, Iowa, from 1912 to 1923, and at the University of Illinois since the latter date. The Office of The Dean of Women COUNSEL and help are always available at the office of the Dean of Women for all the University women, students, parents, chaperons, town house-mothers, and anvone interested in vouth. Presi- dents of organizations, committee chairmen, and individual students may call any hour of the school day at the office to discuss with Dean Leonard and Miss Pierson personal or group needs. Many confidential questions, such as finance, working hours, the home where each student lives, adjustment to new study environments, are considered individually as each student seeks counsel. Building toward better living conditions, fine incentives for scholarship, and intellectual living for individual students, their group and the campus in general, is the aim of the office of the Dean of Women. L Page iS iAuey I UjLo (X unjsie£rL u- DE Fred H. TuR ER Fred Harold Turner, Dean of Men, was horn al Hume, Illinois, on March 22, 1900. He was gradualetl from the University of Illinois in 1922, and received his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the same insti- tution in 1931. He became Assistant Dean in 1922, was appointed Acting Dean in 1931, and succeeded to his present position in 1932. The Office of The Dean of Men THE office of the Dean of Men is organized to advise and counsel the under graduate men of the Uni- versity. The members of the office staff are available at all times, and are interested in every phase of undergraduate life. The problems of individual students, of groups, large and small, and the multi- plicity of unexpected situations which arise in connection with a large undergraduate body are the especial interest of the Dean and his assistants. The office staff includes Dean Fred II. Turner, and Assistant Deans Charles R. Frederick. Dwight F. Bracken, and Harold S. Dawson. These men are willing and anxious to assist undergraduate men to co-ordinate their scholastic and extra-curricular affairs. It is their hope that the office may serve as a clear- ing house for general information and as an aid to the men of the Universit . It is their sincere desire to help every man who wishes to avail himself of the services of the office. ii Page 39 tmy I Ujio of Windjezn CX R. Lowell Blanch ru Prpsitlpiit. First SpntPslei Mortimer D. Wilber Presit pnt, Spcond Spmpstpr The Class of 1933 SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE I. NoRRis Thompson Julius J. Klincelhofer Joseph F. Mirabeixa Eleanor L. Evans Co-Chairman Co-Chairman Director of Committees It Oman ' s Chairman Jeannetta Appel R. Lowell Blanchard Ralph H. Blakemore Victor H. Brodt Donald Butterfield Alma H. Carson Louise C. Clow Herbert Cohen Carlvle G. Duncan-Clark Elizabeth E. Feickert LuciLE C. Gaetje S iLLiAM L. Ganschinietz Jean L Cerber Henry A. Glasstetter Max Greenberg William H. Haefele Elizabeth Haynie Marion N. Holloway Paul M. Hudblson Ward M. Karraker Norman E. Kasch Eleanor W . Klee Philip C. Kolb Milton S. Kramer Ellen B. Lemke Thomas J. Martin David Nesler Fred J. Propp RosELLA E. Ring Katherine M. Rvckman Morrow D. Schnell John G. Seanor MacRae D. Shannon Eva Steinert Myron H. W ' est Robert J. Whitesell Joseph C. Behrens Gilbert I. Berry Elliott Durand Leonard V. Finder HONORARY SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE George N. Gilkerson William H. Greenfield Dorothy Hershberg James C. Kirk George C. Lindsay ' Bernice L. Meyer Mary W. Moore Riley M. Sharp Virgil L. Sikes Duane Wall Theodore J. Wang Warren E. Wingert SENIOR INVITATIONS COMMITTEE David Nesler Cho Marshall A. Anderson Larue C. Chapman Elizabeth Glasow Marion N. Holloway Anne Lessner Kenneth W. Miles Marian L. Phillips George H. Priddle Ruth J. Reynolds Katherine M. Rvckman Robert D. Sprau Page 44 iJnj liio c nrnde TLjCX John E. Blrns Co-Chairman Senior Memorial Committee L. Moore Co-Chairman ior Memorial Committee The Class of 1933 SENIOR MEMORIAL COMMITTEE John E. Burns Helen L. Moore Cft-Chairnifin Co-Chairman Katiierine C. Altorfer Vi ILLIAM A. AmSLER Eileen J. Brydges Elmer M. Casey DoRSEY Connors ARnE B. Crawford A. Gertri ' de Dohney Frank B. Edwards Robert Vi ' . Elick Paul F. Grote Gwendolyn T. Harvey George L. Kanberg Francis V. Koval H. Samuel Kruse H. Uean Litt Harold D. McCobmick Alice K. Mast Florence E. Miller Sol Porte S. Jane Prettyman Harriet N. Purves Lee Rainey Ralph B. Reid Thomas P. Ross Marie M. Ruet Richard F. Schramm illiam H. Stewart Miriam Taylor Esther C. Uhl Artrude L. Westerheide Grace M. W illiams Howard G. Young ILLIAM A. Zei SENIOR INFORMAL COMMITTEE Joseph F. Mirabella George N. Gilkerson Jean I. Gerber Co-Chairman Co-Chairman I ire-Chairman Alma H. Carson Kenneth R. Cougill Herman R. Eckmann Eleanor L. Evans Lucile C. Gaetje Paul M. Hudelson Mary E. Jackman Norman E. Kasch H. Samuel Kruse Julius Lakin Dorothy G. McCabe George W. McCormick Alice D. Mast David Nesler Louis J. Piano Sol Porte Joseph L. Puerta Ralph B. Reid Katherine M. Ryckman Harold A. Schwanbeck MacRae D. Shannon Artrude L. esterheide Pag ' - 45 SsNWA - ?| 1932 33 WILLIAIA DUStY AaWOLD WARRE-M HtMJlY OADGER MARRY ASHLEY BARBE-B CASLON) KE-MT OEWNtTT GILBERT IRWlM DtRRY ALFRED EDGAR BODHAW WALTER EDWIW BUSKER PAUL CHERVIWKO RO ERT EUGEKiE DWYER ROBERT JOHKJ HAWVCIMS DOWALO STEARKiES HOEBEL WILLIA GEORGE KARKJES HAROLD HEWITT rY)UlOT WlLLIA n BOYD OWE-KJ JOSEPH LUIS PUERTA HER AW ROBIK SOKJ JOHM RAYMOMD SAWTEtLL MORBOW OICK Y SCHKlE-LL WILLIA A EARL SHORT LEOMARD WILLIAIA TELLEEM OTTO BE-RMARD WILLETT ROBERT DEAIvJ WOOL5EY FLOYD ERMEST WROBKE . HOWARD GRIER YOUNiO ROBERT MCCORMICK YOUMG Page 46 ma fjuan da MORTAR BOARD JULIA LOUISE BEATTY AAARTMA FRIEDA ET2BACH nAUDE mTILDA MINE LUCILLE HURN ELEANOR.E THOfAPSON IRELAND AAARGARET EVELYN JACOBSON JEAN JOHNSTON BLANCHE MARIE KUBALEK AAARY WYCKOFF AAOGRE MARJORIE FISHER MORRISON GLADYS ANNETTE NOVOTNY DOROTHY KATHRYN O ' CONNOR MARJORIE RUTH SNYDER KATHERINE ANNE TUACH ESTHER CAROLINE UHL morbar board can Page 47 i m I ILuo of [{mdjejeri u: 3n jHemoriam (!rije Senior Class bcbicates ti)ig page to iis former frtenb anb abbisor tE:f)omag rkle Clark iWap U. 1862 . . . STulP 18, 1932 mtm of diWrn, 1901 = 1932 Page 4S J ' CLflSS( l933 Thomas W .Vbhott Oak I ' lirh Ed« ' . HI Mll• l Aiirens Edwardsville Electrical KN :l EERlNC Commerce Lamhda Chi Alpha Cent-ral liusiness Pi la,, l i Si..,.,a; K.a K. ,.,.:. N„; CapCain. I „i. I ' I ' i ' l ' " vrrsilt ItrigarU- It) I ' ir,.! Htginiintal liniid (1.2.3. 4) ' I ' lltlK II Robert Martin ABELff? . . . Springfield Gerald Gervase Aimone Commerce Commerce General Business General Business Sigma Phi Epsilon ' " " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' I ' l ' University Orchestra (1, 2. 3. i) r ' Floyd Roy Abernathy Lebanon Darleen Ada Allen Oak Park Commerce Education Commerce and Law English Phi Delta Phi Kappa Ka] pa Gamma Beta Ga,.una Sigma: Phi F.ta Sigma: Alpha Kappa College of William and Mary: Stephens College Psi: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: first Lieutenant, University Brigade (1) NicoLAE MiCHAiL Adam John Trevett Allen Danville Ocna-Sibiului, Roumania Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences ' Pre-legal Chemistry Delta Tau Delia Cosmopolitan Club Uanmouth College A. I. C. E. University of Bucharest: Armour Infititiite Melba Ruth Adelman Kankakee Joseph Lloyd Allen Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Fine and Applied Arts History Architecture Sigma Delia Tau Acacia Butler University : University of W isconsin Harris ' ayne Aden Commerce Accountancy Beta Theta Pi Siren (1) Petersburg Robert Charles Altera. . . Commerce General Business Beta Psi Interfralernity Cmineil . Chicago Richard Frederick Ader . Rochester, N. Y. Physical Education Delta Theta Epsilon: Trihe of Illini: Varsity Soccer Letter (2. 3. I), Captain (1) Robert Alfred Adkins Elgin Fine and Applied Arts Music Phi Mu Alpha — Sinfonia: L ' niversity Chorus (I, 2, 3) Katherine Cynthia Altorfer Peoria Commerce General Business .Alpha Omicron Pi Torch; Phi Chi Theta Raymond Norwood Ammon Carnii General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Zela: Pi Delta Epsilon: Agricultural CUih; Hoof and Horn Club; Field and Furrow; The Illinois AgriculturiKt (1, 2, 3). Editor (1): Ag Dance Com- mittee (3); University Livestock Judging Team (I); High Individual in International Collegiate Judging Contest (I) University of Wisconsin Pagf 4C) -i SeniOR CLflSScf 1933 4 feidk: William Albert Amsler. . Sioux City. la. Commerce (jeneral Business 5igma f 1 Skull and Cresieiil; The lllio ID: Sirpn (2); Junior Pron! Committee: Faculty Reception Committee; Interfraternity Council (3, 4) Donald Gaskill Anderson Chicago Fine and Applied Arts ■Architectural Engineering Beta Kappa Freshman arsity Swimming Squad Harold Kenneth Anderson Huntley Commerce Banking and Finance Caisson ' Cluh: Swedish Cluh; First Lieutenant. L ni- versity Brigade { t) X illiam Raymond Anderson .. St. Charles Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma; Star Course (2): Mens Glee Club ll. 2. 3, 4) Honors Day (I. 2. 3) Louise Virginia Andrews El Paso Edication English Kappa Kappa (Jamma Illinois ' esleyan I ni%ersity Eugene Nathan Angell. . . Baltimore, MH. Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau Honors Day (1. 2. 3) ,F MES William Anderson. Education I Chemistry Chi Phi Crane College John Stuart Anderson Commerce General Business Pi Kappa Alpha Interfraternity C ' onncil (3. 4) . Chicago . Chicago Emma Lillian Ankele Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Chi Omega Denison L niversity Henry H. Anker ,S( ii( i Hollantl Liberal .Vrts and Sciences Chemistry Thornton Junior College; Valparaiso I ' niversity Im K! ' . Hb §} Marshall Alaine Anderson .... Ruckford Commerce .4ccountanc Banking and Finance Phi Mu Delia Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma; Accounlancv Cluh; Alpha Delta .Sigma: The Daily lllini (I. 2, 3); Senior Invitations Committee; Major, University Brigade 14) Honors Day (1. 2. 3) Sherm n C rroll . nderson Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences I Economics Alpha Sigma Phi Ward El«ood Ankrum Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Tail Kappa Epsilon abash College Jeanetta . ppel Fort IT ' ayne, Ind. Education French Northwestern I ni er-ity VivnN Martha . nderson. Education Commercial suhjecis Aljiha Xi Delia Thornton Junior College Chicago Sara Margaret Applegate. . Commerce Secretarifil Service Delta Delia Delia . . Atlanta Page j-o CmSSof 1933 KiCIIARI) FkANCIS ARMIT t;E. Mfxhanical Engineering I i Tail Sinm. ' i; V. S. M. E.; Cavalry Offirert ' C.hiU Major. I iiiver( il Rrisade I H iiii A (.hicagi) Lawrence Br vinard Askin Belvidere Con MERCK (fCnvral Business F hi Kappa Alpha Kappa Phi: lirtn Nu Kappa; Af ' i:oiintaiic (Juln Virr-Prrnident. Y. M. G. A. (4); InterschoIaHtic Circiit (1, 2. 3. !•) NnrlliwrKliTil l ' liivcr( ity Frederick Morris Armstrong . . Champaign Verl Atwood Marion Ceramic Engineering Agriculture American Ceramic Society; Concert Band (2. 3, 4) Home Economics Pi Beta Phi Stephens College i«E Louis Henry Arning Qiiincy Willard Roosevelt Auble Bartlett General Engineering Fine and Applied Arts Tail Kappa Epsilon Architecture Theta Tau; Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Alpha Rho Chi Varsity Football Squad (2. 3); Freshman Varsity " ,, .,,,., ,, r-i Track Squad; Varsitv Track Squad (2), Letter (3) Men ' s Varsity Glee Club (2, 3. 4); lm er9il Chorus (1,2) f 5 i William Busey Arnold Robinson Robert Wi Auten Princeiille .iBERAL Arts and Sciences Chemistry Phi Lambda Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day (1.2. 3) Commerce ! General Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ma-Wan-Da; President. Illinois Union (4); Student Council (4); Tu-Mas; Skull and Crescent; Bond of X; Freshman Frolic Committee; Sophomore Cotillion Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Chairman. Freshman Cap Burning Committee; Illinois Union Cabinet, Chairman Productions (3); Interfraternity Council (4) Roy SiiMUELSON . rrandale Streator William Murdoch Avery Chicago Liberal .Arts and Sciences Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Chi Epsilon Phi Lambda Lfpsilon; Sigma Tan; A. I. C. E.; L ni- versity Rifle Teant (1) Honors Day (2. 3) . ' fflHMH Elizabeth Frances Artman. . . Metropolis David Axelrod Chicago Education Education Home Economics Social Sciences Beta Sigma Omicron " " " iH Botany Clnb; Der Deutsche Verein Anoniaii Literary Soriety; Woinen ' s Glee Club (1); I nler-Literar Council ' X V Ruth Alice Arvey Chicago VSarren Henry Badg|:r Amhoy Education Liberal .Arts and Sciences History Pre-Legal , ' Crane College; Northwestern University Kappa Sigma Phi Delta Phi; Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Phi Eta Sigma; Chief News Editor. The Daily Hlini (4); Skull and Crescent; Phi Alpha Chi; The Dally Hlini (1, 2. 3) Arthur .Asche Leigh, Neb. .Fune Arthurs Baer. . . ' La Grange Fine and Applied Arts Commerce Architectural Engineering General Business Uni%er»ity of Nebraska Phi Chi Tliela Pag ' ' jl . Chicago Helen Mary Bailey Education Mathametics PhiMu Y. W. C. A. Caljinel (4) University of Wiscon-in Adelbert Benjamin Baker Grand Rapids, Mich. Education Economics Alpha Sigma Nu Yarsity Trark Squad ( i) (irand Rapids Junior College SeniOR CLflSScf 1933 William Robert Baldincer Riverside Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. Morton Junior College David Merril Baldwin Urbana Civil Engineering 4lpha Sigma Phi Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Epsilon Honors Day (1,2. 3) Howard Cecil Baldwin Pontiac Commerce General Business James Danford Baldwin Pana Journalism Delta Chi Jeannette Bii.DWlN Delavan General Education Delta Gamma W. A. A.; Terrapin Clul.; Ho. key !.) ; Baskelhall (31; Swimming (3) Mi nticello Seminary 7 Agnes Amy Baker Education Sociology Chicago Normal C«dlege . Chicago Donald Archibald Baker Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Sigma Phi Sigma Scabbard and Blade: Tau Nu Tau; Freshman Varsity Track Squad; Captain, Universil Brigade (4) Edward Homer Baker, Jr Chicago ■ Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Theta Chi Phi Beta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Cavalry Oificers ' Club; The Illio (2): Lieuten,inl-Col.)nel. UiiiversiTy Brigade (t) Harriet Josephine Baker Matioon Education Music Alpha Phi Mu Kappa Alpha; Phi Beta; Anonian Literarv Society; Women ' s (il.-.- Club (I, 2) Dorothy Kathryne B lita Elgin Commerce General Business Alpha Lambda Delta; iJainma Epsil.m Pi; El CircuU) Literario de Espaniil Honors Day U) v v l Jane Elizabeth Baker. Michigan City, Ind. Education Music Delia Gamma The Illio (.!); Iniversitv Chorus (I, 2); Women ' s (;lee Club (1, 2) Milwaukee- Downer College Gertrude Pauline Barber Joliel Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology - - Kappa Alpha Theta Gold Feathers Sullins College Benjamin Harry Balaban Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Harry Ashley Barber Auronr Meciunicai. Emjineering Phi Delia Theta Ma, ' an-Da; Sachem; President. Student Council (t); Senior Intramural Manager; .- thletic Board of Contrcd; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet It); Theta I ' au; Dolphins P ' lge j3 rT 9eniOR CLflS9c l933 Ernst Ei.lis Bareu ' ther Chicago Commerce ArroiuUaiicY Sigma Phi P ' psilon Phi Eta Sisiiia; Beta Al|)ha Pel; Sopli.iniorf Basel.all Maila;!cr lloiiiirK Day I I. 2) Otto Frederick Baumann. La Crosse, iris. Fine and Applied Arts trrhitvrttire 11 Virgil Wayne Barker. ' . . .South Bend, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture (Jargovlc; Cavalrv Officers ' Club; Captain. University Brigade (I) Vincent Dudley Barnum Sterling Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. Bradley Polyteehnie Institute Robert Edward Baumberger . .Grpi! nt)i p General Engineering Sigma Tau Greenville College Carl Edward Bartelson Gibson City Agriculture Agricultural Education Alpha Tan Alpha; Phalanx; Agricultural Club; Agri- cultural Education Cluh; Hoof and Horn Club; Caisson Club; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (1) Karl Theodore Barthelmess Dixon Civil Engineering Mu San; Phalanx; A. S. C. E.; Cavalry Officers ' Club; Freshman Varsitv Soccer Squad; Varsity Soccer Squad (2); University Rifle Team (1. 2), Letter (3, 4); First Lieutenant. University Brigade (1) Ervin Carl Bast Bonduel, Wis. Commerce Industrial Administration Anna Mary Bayne Sullivan Education History Le Cercle Fran ais Eastern Illinois State Teachers College Jane Beall Tuscola Agriculture Home Economics Phi Mti Torch; Alph a Lambda Delta; Omicron Nu; Phi Upsilon Omicron Leonard Eugene Beare Ellis Grove Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry A. I. C. E.; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) .Alan Harry Bate Belleville EIlectrical Engineering Julia Louise Bbatty JFaverly Liberal .Arts and Sciences Speech Alpha Phi Mortar Board; Torch; Alpha Lambda Delta; Student Council (I); President. Y. W. C. A. (U. Cabinet (31; Gold Feathers; Orange and Blue Feathers; Sigma Delta Phi; .Methenai Literary Society; Mask and Bauble; Sophomore Cotillion Committee Honors Da (1. 2) Dorothy Louise Becker Ravinia .Agriculture Home Economics Minor lA; W. A. A.: Home Economics Club; Der Deutsche Verein; Hockey (1. 2); Volleyball (1, 2, 3); Baseball (1. 2); Apparatus (2) Walter Garfield Batty Urbana Elton John Becker La Moille Liberal Arts and Sciences General Agriculture Speech .Agricultural Club; Hoof and Horn Cluh Pi Kappa Delta; Men ' s Glee Club (4) Illinois l ' esleyan University; Carthage College Pase S3 -T seniOR Cmssof 1933 Mk g( A =S,«| .o 4 ! ! Nathan Becker ' .. J Chipago ' Vi Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry A. I. C. E. Crane Collepe Emerson Cartmel Bebler Riverton Liberal Arts and Sciences ■ Chemiral Engineering Illinois Wesleyan University J ! Joe Charles Behrens Chicago Civil Engineering Delta Alpha Epsilon Phalanx; Tau Nu Tau; A. S. C. E.; Star Course (2); Captain, I ' niversity Brigade (4) Honors Day ( 1 ) Florence Agnes Beidelman Downers Grove Fine and Applied Arts Music Alpha Omicron Pi Torch; Gold Feathers; Orange and Blue Feathers; Mil Kappa Alpha; Alethenai Literary Society; Women ' s Glee Cluh (1, 2), Manager (4); University Chorus (I. 2); Star Course (2); Chairman, Music Committee Mother ' s Day (2. 3); Cast, " Hansel and Cretel " (3), " Pirates of Penzance " (3), ' Yeomen of the (iuard " (4 ) Honors Day (2, 3); Mu Kappa Alpha Scholarship Cup (1) AzEL Lyndon- Bell Clen EUvn Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Agricultural Cluh; IJeology Cluh Beatrice Elizabeth Bell Chicago Physical Education Alpha Kappa Alpha . Volleyball (1. 2, 3); Apparatus (1, 2) Crane College Rose Bell JTheaton Liberal Arts and Sciences History % . A. A.; Pi Kappa Delta; Le Cercle Francias; Uni- versity Chorus (1, 2); Illioi Theatre tiuihl; Women ' s Glee Club (4); Varsity Debating Team (4) llniversity of Chicagt) ici-oi HjCrris Belshaw Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Delta Theta Phi Adelphic National Literary Fraternity; F.I Circulo Literario de Espanol; The Daily Illini (1); Sophomore Football Manager; Inter-Literary Council (3k Inter- fraternity Council ( t). James Edward Belton Danville Education English Theta Xi Bard and Scribe: £1 Circulo Literario de Espanol; The Illiii (1); Siren ( t); Cast, " Beggar on Horseback " 13) Carl Ronald Bender Chicago Fine and .Applied Arts Architecture Gargoyle; B. A. I. D. Crane College Earl Ralph Benedict, Jr Oak Park Fine and Applied arts Architecture Theta LTpsilon Omega Phi Eta Sigma; First Regimental Band (1. 2. 3, 4): I niversitv Orchestra (I, 2, 3, 4); Interschoiastic Circus (K 2. 3. 4. 5) Honors Day (I. 2) i wKB Ruth Cundall Benedict Lrbana Liberal Arts and Sciences History Gamma Phi Beta Arthur James Thomas Bennett, Jr . .T ' i . . . Chicago Civil Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Theta Tau; Caisson Club; A. S. G. E; Senior Hal Committee; Interfraternity Coimcil (31. Secretary (4): First Lieu- tenant. University brigade (2) Caslon Kent Bennett Marshall Commerce General Business Beta Kappa Ma-lA ' an-Da; Sachem: Student Council (3); Tribe of Illini; President. Junior Class; Freshman Varsit.v Football Squad; Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad; Varsity Football Letter (2); Varsity Basketltall Letter (2. 3. IJ; Interfraterpity Council (3) William Earle Bell Rockford Ki ; k Frederick Bennett Lrbana General Agriculture Liberal .Arts and Sciences Sigma Mu Sigma English Agricultural Club; Agricultural Engineering Club Blackburn College. Page S4 ciQSSofm} W ii.MKH Cii VBi.ES Bennett. Chicago VlECuvNtoAi. Engineering A. S. M. K.: Cnvalry Offi.«» " Club; H ree Show (2. 3); Gaptain. rnivercily Rritiude (t) UHi.l! h Gri.BERT TR«i Bbrrv Kr i ' r. TioN Juiirnalism Phi Delia Tlieta Ma- Van-Du; Skull and Crewrent: Tribe Frenhmjin Varsil) Kuotball S«|iiafl; ' arsit .Letter (2, 3, i. hmiorary Caplaii lAU-Conferenre llalfliacik (2. I.) f.f mini: Fo..UmII (3). Caiilaiil H): Howard John Benso .n " . Chicago Civil Engineering Kappa Delta Rho L ' t Snphoniore B ia D4 A. S. C. F..; Roy Otto Lib Phalanx; A.I. Varsity Wrest Horse Sbdw gade (I) Benson. Leonard Max Bertagnolli . . . General Agriculture Delta Phi Alpha . Ben Id n . . . ' Chicago eral Arts iand Sciences Chemistry C. E.; Cavalry Officers ' Club; Freshman ling Squad; Interscholastic Circus (3, 4); (2); First Lieutenant, University Bri- Ellen Mary Bertinelli Peoria Liberal . rts and Sciences Pre-Legpl Kappa Delta Phi Beta Bradley Poly technic Institute Sanford Alfred Berg Chicago Ralph Elliott Bbvis. . Urhana Engineering Pnysics Ceramic Engineering Engineerlilg Phvsics Society; Concert Band (1. 2. 3, t); Keranios; American Ceramic Society; First Regi- Universitj- Orchestra (1. 2) menial Band (1. 2. 3, 4); Cast, Steppin West (2) Northwestern University Dominic Bergelis . . . Bulpitt Paul Stuart Bickenbach Illiopolis Raiuvay Engineering Electrical Engineering Pi Tau Pi Sigma: Sigma Epsilon; A. 1. E. E.; Railway Sigma Phi Delta Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta kappa i u; Club; Captain. University Brigade (4) A. I. E. E.; E. E. Show (3) Honors Day (1, 2. 3) Mabel Ruth Berger . Liberal . " Vrts and Sciences Economics Alpha Deka Theta University Chorus (1, 2, 3, 4) Honors Day ' Cl, 2) ?tgler Janina Bib . Chicago lELINSKI Education French Le Cerde Francais Crane College Louis Harry Berkelh.amer Chicago Herman Willl m Bieritz, Jr Yorkrille -• 1? ..„,« r- D. Electrical Engineering Ceramic Engineering ,. „. . Tau Beta Pi: Phalanx; Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Fau Pi Tau Beta Fi: Keramos Sigma; A. I. E. E.; Captain. Univ ;rsity Brieade (4) Honors Day (2. 3. 1) IkAL Garry Lee Berry . . . Colorado Springs, Colo. Frank Elliot Birkett Watseka Physical Education Liberal Arts and Sciences Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad; Varsity Wrest- Chemical Engineering ling S,,uad (2. 3); Interscholastic Circus (2, 3. 4) j j, . g_. __ Hepimental Band (1. 2); Student Council McKinley Foundation (3, 4); Mckinley Mimes; Production Staff. " The Black Flamingo " (2), " Remote Control " (3) Pog 5i r- 9eniOR Cmsscf 1933 Charles Ross Birks Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Li ' gal Delta Alpha Epsilon I ' hi Alpha Delia: The Fllio II. 21 York Kyle Bishop Greeley; Colo. Commerce General Business Phi Gamma Delta Sachem; Chairman. Dance Supervision Committee ( H; Band of X: The lllio (I. 2). Junior Manager (S): Cast, " Christmas Carol " (4). Linioii Minstrel Show (1) Herbert avne Bitting Buda Agriculture Agricultural Education Chi Phi Alpha Tau Alpha: Apricnltural Cluh: Agricultural Education Cluh: Illinois Agriculturist (2. 3); Second Regimental Band (1- 2) Donald Birdette Black Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma Phi Lamhda Upeilon; Student Council (I); President. . M. C. A. (4). Cabinet (3); The lllio (1, 2l Cecil Earl Blain Greenview Commerce Accountancy. Banking and Finance Beta Alpha Psi; Accountancv Club: I ni ersil Chorus a, 2) Honors Day (1) Ralph Blanchard ff ' aukegqn CoBIMERCE General Business Tau Kappa Epsilon Coast .Artillery Club: Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad; V arsity Tennis Squad (2. 3. 4); First Lieutenant. University Bri ' ade (4) Richard Lowell Blanchard Palmer Commerce Trade and Civics Sigma Mu Sigma President. Senior Class; Student Council ( I); Pierrots; Sophomore [nf irmal Committee; Facult Reception Coniinitlee; Cast. " Beggar on Horseback " f2). " Castles in the Air " (3). " Wolta Racket " (.3). " Illini Follies " (3), " Stunt Show ( I) " Butter and Egg Man " (4); Union .Minstrel Show (3. 4): Interfraternity Council (3) Gladys Muriel Blankley Litchfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Latin Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta: Eta Sigma Phi Honors Day (1. 2. 3) Adolph Oscar Blatter Litchfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A. I. C. E. Emily Mary Blewitt Des Plaines Liberal Arts and Sciences Latin Alpha Delta Theta Eta Sigma Phi: Jamesonian Literary Society; The lllio (2); Pan. Hellenic Council (3, 4) Honors Day ( I ) Mabel Lucille Blair Wheaton Gilbert Bartholomew Bliss Maywood Education Engineehing Physics Art Crane College First Council. Woman ' s League (4); Gold Feathers; Illustrators: . nonian Literary Society: Inter-Literary Council; Siren (I. 3) W ILLIAM Lawrence Blake Champaign Commerce General Business Thela Chi Scabbanl and Blade; Cavalry Officers ' Club: Uni- versity Polo . ssociation (3, 4); Horse Show (3, 4); Captain. L niversity Brigade (4) Ralph Harlan Blakemore. . . A arion, Ind. Commerce Accountancy. Banking and Finance Beta (fainnia Sigma; Phi Kta Sigma; Beta . lpha Psi; Accountancy Cluh; Intlependent Council (4) Honors Day (I. 2, 3) Pauline Clara Block Champaign . griculture Home Economics Chi Omega Chester LeRoy Blomberg Alpha Commerce Banking and Finance Theta Nil Epsilon Adclphic National Literar Fraternity; Varsity Track S.piad (2, 3) Pagf 56 1 fky%mO CwsScf 1933 I ' vii, IIknrv Bowman Kaston Kdiioation ( ' hemistry ' l.iiicitin College James Robert Bradford Chiragu Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Evelyn Brandeis Chicago Education English Paul Verner Brausa Sumner Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Pernhing Rifles; Tan Nu Tau; Fir t Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade (4) Ford Hugo Bi.l nck Chicagn LiHKH L Arts and Sciences ( ' .hem istry Theta Chi lpha Tau Siginn; Freshman Varsity Track Squad; Captain. Ijniverm ' ty Brigade (4) Lew Wallace Bodine Rubinson Education Public School Music Conrert Band (2, 3. 4); University Orchestra (3. 4): Men ' s Clee Cluli (3. 4) Alfred Edgar Bodman Bement General Agriculture Sigma Nu Ma- ' an-Da; Board of Directors, Illinois Union (4) ; Skull and Crescent; Varsity Football Letter (2, 3, 4) .St. Anne Marie Berthe Bonvallet, . Education Public School Music Sigma Alpha Iota Mu Kappa Alpha; University Chorus (1, 2); Women ' s Glee Club (2. 3, 4) Honors Day (1, 2, 3); Ifniversity Scholarship Key (3) Alice Clara Boon tT ' ashburn Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistnt ' Kappa Delta Der Deutsche Verein; First Council. Second Council. Woman ' s League (4) Illinois Wesleyan I ' niversitv Marjorie Louise Bredehorn . . C itrago Liberal .Arts and Sciences History Le Cercle Fran ais; Der Deutsche Verein Honors Day (I) Denison University Philip Miller Boord Danville Liberal . rts and Sciences Economics Anton Charles Brence Waukegan Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Sigma Phi Sigma GargovlK Sigma Tau;. A. S. C. E.; Interscholastic Circus (2. 3, 4) ,. Honors Day CI. 2) • Howard W illiam Borsch East St. Louis Josephine Brenner Kansas City, Mo. LiBERAL. RTS and Sciences Education Pre-Legal History Phi Sigma Sigma Kappa Delta Pi Kansas City Junior College Kathryn Elaine Bowers Elmwood LaVerne Charlotte Brenner Chicago General Education Liberal Arts and Sciences Phi .Mti Spanish Torch; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gold Feathers; Shi.. i; Gamma Alpha Chi; Commerce Council (4j Pa e ST -T eniOR CLflSScf 1933 Joseph Brock Whiting, Ind. Margaret Isabei Brown Joliet Physical Education I ' us V LibeirAl Arts and Sciences Home Eronomics Dolphins; FreBhiii;ui ir-ily Swimming uad; yar| I- Kappa Delta n ' uy Swimming LffHt-r (2, 3, 4), Captain (4)rFre8hmail Varsity Water Polo Squad; Varsity Watpr Polo Letter (2, 3, 4) i ' Michigan State College Victor Herbert Brodt Chicago RotjER illiam Brown . . Arlington Heights Education Commerce ( ■- ' German, - General Business peltal Sigma Lambda . hsM Sigma Phi Epsilon SJj " . 5. " ' ' ' F ' " " ' ' Reception tommittee; Men ' s Sophomore Manager. Illini Theater Guild Wee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Wee r. I ) ' ■ ! Marca et Irwin Bi onson Chicago Ruth Jane Brown Sparta ' , Education Education Mathehiatics Zoology Orange and Blue Feathers: The Daily Illini (1); Honors Day (3) Women ' s Glee Cluh (3, 4): University Chorus (3. t) . . fvr i c.- i i » u ■ i rj ' Chicago iNormai School of Physical iLducation; ' Washington University Norman McLeod Bronson Chicago Commerce I Accountancy. Beta Gainnia Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Accountancy Club Wesley Wilson Brooks Mason City Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Sigma Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Synt m; Technograph (2) William Henry Brown, Jr Canton Agriculture Animal Husbandry Farm House Lamhda Gamma Delta; Illinois Agriculturist (2, 3): Star Course (2); Vniversity Concert and Entertain- ment Board (3); Agricultural Cluh; Hoof and Horn Club: Dairy Club; Illini Grange: llbni 4-H Club; Men ' s Glee Club (1. 2. 4); University Livestock Judg- ing Team (3); University Dairy Judging Team (4) Byron Blue Brunbr Commerce Public Utilities Mckinley Mimes Keuanee Mildred Emma Broom . Champaign ALFRED MES ®lhrANT, Jr. ..... . Urbana Education Electrical Engineering . ' Commercial Subjects pi Tau Pi Sigma; Captain, University Brigade (4) ' A Beth Clydenb Brouse Monmouth .Agriculture Home Economics Omicron Nu; Phi Upsilon Oiiiicroii; lota Sigma Pi Honors Day (1) Monmouth College Elaine June Bryar . . . , -v . . . . . . Cleivland Heights. Ohio Liberal .4rts and Sciences French Le Cercle Francais; El Circulo Litcrario dc Espanol; Der Deutsche ' erein Western Reserve University H .Albert Brown Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Plii Sigma Kappa Tu-Mas; Skull and Crescent: Mask and Bauble; (ieneral Manager. Homecoming Stunt Show (4j Eileen Jane Brydges Elmhurst Liberal .Vrts and Sciences Spanish Zeta Tail Alpha Orange and Blue Feathers; Gamma Alpha Chi; The Dailv Illini (1, 2); The Illio (3); Hockey (1); Volley- ball (2); Y. W. C. A. Fashion Show (1); Cast, " French H«,h ' (2) .j -s Page sS f T seniOR CiQSSofmi J r • I i ; t . .l.}.. . . ' .-..Lus An % - iLA ' r Joe LEHMA ■ Hhyso Brazil, In . ' Fine vm) Applied Arts j Arrhiteiliiral Fn inpering Delia Tail Dill a geles, Calif. TjinERM. Arts and Sciences Chrm istry HoiiorB l)a (I. 21 Bi ' RTON Fredrick Buchan Chumixiign , Electrical Eivciiseering llus ; Siabbari and Blade: Pi TaU Pi Sigma; Captain, I ' niversiiy Brigade (1) Harold Kent Buchanan. ,. Crvsta hake Commerce General Business Conierl Band Ci. i) Marion June Buck.| Oak Park Education Home Economics Phi l " | $ilon Oniifron; L fe Saving Club; Student Coiineil, Episcopal Foundation ( t) Wheaton College Wilfred Gerald Buck Chicago Electrical Engineering Adelphic iNational Literary Fraternity i .:¥ P I Warren Albert Bunge River Forest Commerce General Business Alpha Kappa Pi Cavalry Offieerrt ' Chib; Varsity Soccer Sqnad (3); First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) Carmen Eugenia Bunn Flora Education French Alceslis (iregorian Literar Society; Le Cercle Fran ais Henry Caldwell Burnett Gtencoe I I Journalism Tiieta Ki Sigma Delta Cbi; Phi Alpha Chi; The Daily Illini (1, 2). News Editor i ' A); Journalisen Council (3. 4); Production Manager. " Good News " (4); Sophomore Manager, Illini Theater Guild; Production Staff, " Behold This Dreamer " (2), " The Black Flamingo " (2): Stage Manager, Union Minstrel Show (4); Interfralernity Council (4) Armour Institute of Technology John Edward Burns Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration Theta Kappa Phi; El Circulo Literario de Espanol; Ac- countancy Club; A. 1. E. E.; A. S. M. E.; Le Cercle Fran«;aiB; Senior Informal Coramittee; Senior Jacket Committee Honors Day (3) Armour Institute of Technology Wilbur Dahl Buddemeter Sidney Agriculture i jU ' Agricultural Education I f " Beta Kappa Alpha Zeta; Alpha Tau Alpha; Pi Delta Epsilon; Illinois Agriculturist (1, 2. 3j; University Dairy Judging Team (4) " -, Honors Day (1.2. 3) . Champaign GH iicE Ida Buechler Education Economics Marguerite Mary Bueschinc Fort tTayne, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciences German Alpha i Delta Gold Feathers; Shi-Ai: Orange and Blue Feathers; Mask and Bauble; Sigma Delta Phi; Der Deutsche V ' erein; The Illio f2); Sophomore Manager, Illini Theater (Juild; Pan-Hellenic Council 13); First Council. M ' oman ' s League (4); Woman ' s League Show (2. 3); Production Stall, " Behold This Dreamer " (2), " Cradle Song " (2). " Black Flamingo " (2), " Remote Control " 3). " Butter and Egg Man " It) Honors Day (1) Eloise Burritt, . p, • Education English Sigma Kappa Beloit College . Doris . Morrison Ruth Bernigb Burroughs Catlin Educ. t«jn Commercial Subjects ■ ' - ' Daphne Acconiilancv t ' .liih; First Council, Second Council. Woman ' s League (4); University Girls ' Rifle Team (4) Illinois Stiite Normal University i Mary Ulizibeth Buscher. . A(;riculture Home Economics Delta Gamnia Washington LIniversity Litchfield Page 59 -T SeniOR CLflSStf 1933 Walter Ed vin Busker Peoria Commerce Accountancy. Banking and Finance Beta Sigma Psi Ma-Wan-Da; Sarheni; Senior Bai eball Manager; Dance Supervision Conunitlee (4); Athletic Council Maryan Ruth Cameron Carlinville ' ' Agriculture Home Economics Home Economics Club; Life Savinp Club MacMurray College: Blnckburn College (4); Hand of X; Accountancy Club; (I); Interfralernily Council (3) riie Enterpriser Martha Hamilton Butcher Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences PsvrhologY Kappa Alpha Theta Ohio State University Alfred Quincy Campbell, Jr Memphis, Tenn. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Sigma Phi Sigma Perehing Rifles; Caisson Club; Major. University Brigade (1) Alabama Polytechnic Institute Lloyd Sheldon Butler Decatur Mechanical Engineering Alpha Lambda Tau Varsity Wrestling Squad (2); Captain. University- Brigade (4) University of New Mexico; Purdue University Helen Louise Campbell Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Gamma Phi Beta ILLIAM Robert Butler Sparta Mac Allen Campbell La Harpe Education General Agriculture Mathematics Sigma Mu Sigma Delta Theta Phi Alpha Zeta; Alpha Tau Alpha; Illinois Agriculturist (12) Southern Illinois State Ncirinal L niversilv ' Frank Winfield Byrns Rushville Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Beta Kappa Phi Delta Phi Charles Robert Canpield Chicago Physical Education Phi Mu Delta Freshman Varsity Foiitball Squad; Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad; Varsity Basketball S iuad (2. 3); Varsity Baseball squad (2. 3); Inlerfraternitv Coun- cil (4) Robert S illiam Cadle Oak Park Liberal .Arts and Sciences Chemistry Theta Upsilon Omega Sigma Delta Psi; Tribe of llllui; Varsity Gym Letter (3) Caroline Margaret Carlin Joliet Liberal Arts and Sciences History Chi Omega The IIHo (2); Illini Theatre Cuild (3) Sullins College . lden Gates Caldwell Bloominffon Frank Neil Carnahan Liberal Arts and Sciences Commerce Chemical Engineering Foreign Commerce Sigma Chi A. I. C. E Illinois Wesleyan University Vrbana Edith Esther Calvert Chicago Liberal jVrts and Sciences Botany Sigma Kappa Linncan Botany Society; University Chorus (2, 3); The Illio (3, 4) Crane College .Iames Slaughter Carpenter. . Milan, Tenn. Electrical Engineering Theta Upsilon Omega Scalibard and Blade; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Major. Univer- sity Brigade (4) Page 6o -Tfe SeniOR Cm jpiB IV H l mi l B (jvii. Engineerini; 18 l k B Mn Sun: A. S. t:. K. SV J0 Pauline Esther Carroll Atwood . I P g Education J ! i ■ fiW Piihlir School Music ' Aj ■ ' [ %..J l,e Cerole Franc, ' ai« Alma Harriet Carson Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences f 1. T I H ' Mathematics Phi Beta Kiippd; Pi Mu Epsilcm; Orange and Blue FeatlierK; The Daily Ilhni (I, 2); Independent News { ' i. (.); Student C mnfil. WeBlev Foundation (3, I) ta Honors Day (1. 2, 3); UniverBitv of Illinois Scholar- , 1 «I " P Key George Richmond Carter Danville . , f 1 Civil Engineering Lester Bogard Case Bluford General Agriculture ! •»© Alpha Tail Alpha; AtTi.ultural Club; Asriiultiiral ! P Eduration Cluh ■ , - Blarkliiim College F ' Gladys ]LIZABETH Cassady .. ..4ngo a, «( . • K m B Education V ' m " English ■1 - g a[ llall TeaeherK College m J flHiC Charles Gustavb Cassel. . R oorfsirfe, A ' . 1 ' . I I F Qd Physical Education ' " ' - ' FK Oella Theta Epnilon; Caisson Club; Freshman Varsity jM Football Squad; Varsity Football Squad (2); Inter- .. — ' K Biholastic Cirrus (.H; Captain, University Brigade (1) " ■ " Honors Day (1.2) Martin Leroy Cassell, ]r. . . ff ' innetka Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Btla Thcla Pi . , - Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Alpha Alpha; Captain, Pniver- L i W fiH ' • ■ Brigade (I) SSof 1933 Leon Henderson Cassity Oreanii (iENEK L Agriculture Doha Al| liu E|isil in Agrit;iilliiriil Club Mary Margaret Casto St. Josei li Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Chi Chi Chi Harold Victor Catt Jerseyville Journalism Editorial Editor. Independent News (4); Sigma Delta Chi; Caisson Club; The Daily lllini (I. 2), News Editor (3j; First Lieutenant, L!niversity Brigade (1) Harriet Charlotte Chadwick. . . Chicago Physical Education Alpha Delta Pi P. E. Majors ' Club; The Daily lllini (3); Soreer (3) University of Wisconsin Ruth Margaret Chapin t rbana Agriculture Home Economics Loki Larue Claude Chapman L rbana Agriculture Agronomy .4lpha Tau Sigma; Phalanx; Agricultural Club; Agronomy Cluii; Independent Council (1): Men ' s Glee Club (1. 2); First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade (4) Thelma Faye Chapman 4lton Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Kappa Alpha Theta W. a. a.; Alpha Alpha Alpha; May Fete (3) Stephens College Janice Mabel Chilcott Rockford F DUCATION French Kockford College Page 6i T SeniOR CLflSSc l933 IH ■ Ruth PlfixciiARD Childs. Urhonp ' Milo Albert Churchill Tuition j ™ m « Liberal Arts AND Sciences ; Qivil Engineering ' ' ' ' «»». English , BetaPsi ,„ k T- " " .■ ■ " ' ■ " ■ ' ' " ■ ' ■ B mMt, Casimir Joseph Chmielewski Cicero George Vi ' iLLiAM Chvnoweth. Jr W ' Railway Engineering Champaign | |ft , jm —J Sigma " Baus Sigma Epsilon; Railway Club; A. S. C. E. , ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ! ■ C ' Mirtoliijunior College ' ■ . ] Eta kappa Nii iV ' ' £, ] " " • Honors Dav (I) Charles Crispi Cmristense .... Elmhurst Lloyd Harold Clair Moline Commerce Education „— J I M W Banking and Finance Physical Education W jfil Delta Sigma Lambda First Lieutenam. I iiiversity Brigade (t mini Chamber of Coniinen-e: Pershinp Rifles; The T Ulio (I, 2): Production Staff. " The Church Mouse " j ' ' ' ' - (t). " Butler and Egg Man " (4); Cant. " Christmas ■. , " i.4 Carol " (4-); Interfraternity Council ( i); Second Lieu- tenant, ' University Brigade (3) Alfred Edward Christiaens. . . . Waukegan Elizabeth Loudon Clark Rantoit CoM.MERCE Liberal Arts and Sciences Mccountoncw Bankingand Finance English Siren (2); Women ' s Glee Club (2. 3. ) Knox College Harold Arnold Christiansen . Park Riilgc W illiam Pratt Clark Racine, tTis. Liberal Arts and Sciences General Engineering Bacteriology Alpha Tau Omega Delta Sigma Phi i I " ! ' ' ' ' National Literary Fraternity: Scabbard and ' _ Blade; Coast Artillery Club; Star Course (2); Captain, Freshman Varsitv Track Squad; Varailv Track Letter I ' niversily Brigade (4) (3) JP y I P , George Thomas Christie Chicago Ruth Alene Cleavelik. ...... C iam wigii jL j a B,,; Commerce Commerce J iff f Com m erce and Law General Business 7 1 |feL CLTTai. Alpha Phi fc — Caisson Club; Varsity Fuotball Squad (2j; Inter- fc. mr M: fraternity Council (4); First Lieutenant, University Fredrick W illiam Christman. Harrishiirg alter Cleland Elgin Education Commerce . Chemistrv Bankingand Finance ' .i " " IWiiversity Orchestra (2. 3. 4); MenV CIcc Club (.1, I); Accountancy Club; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta ll Kappa; University Chorns (4) Scabbard and itlade: Ca alr (.Imcer Club; Military . . ,, . Editor. The llli.i (I); Captain. lniv er irv Bricade (I) Saiiit Louis L nivcrsity ll NitL Eugene Christopher I rhana i ' Browning Clements River Forest Mechanical Engineering Liberal Arts and Sciences Theta Chi , History Tail u Tau; First Lieutenant. I niversily Brigade (1). __Gamma Phi Beta - 4 N -3 " " A ii ii " Page 62 sen I OR Cm ' k- ii Uov Bi. m;ii vim CIlevelanij Seward Kink ni Applied Arts Arch UccHi rat Engineering SSof 1933 j ; ( R V ;ye Fark Coii.e (Mrs.). . ( ' .hrimiKiifin ' ■ " f KoiiCVTION English Khirkliiirii CiillcKC Helen Alhert. CL ' illsfftvE . Rock sfareii Education French Phi ' Beta Kappa; Alpha Lainhda Delia; Pi Delia PUi; Le Cercle Frangais i {: Eugenia Marcella Clinton Polo ) Physical Education Thela Upsilon W. A. A. AJviBory Board (2, 3); Gold Seal; Major lA; Minor lA; W. A. .A.: Jamesonian Literary Society: P. E. Majors ' Cluh; Life Saving Club; Soccer (I. 2, i); llockev O); Baseball (2); Basketball (2. i. 1); Ap- paratuB |2. 3. t); Ping Pong 12,- 3); Archery (2); Deck Tennis (2); Tennis (3. 4); Track (2); Golf (I); Bowling {3, 1); May Fete (3); Manager, Individual Sports (3) Hazel Lillian Clothier. . Homeuood Commerce (General Busin ' g Th( rnli n Junitir College . ' _ i I ' ai a VlRCII. Lebot I : I I: Education Social Sciences Illinois Stale Normal University SfivhrtHtk Agnes Loretta Cole i rbana Education Geography Aeloia Gold Feathers; Gregorian I.ile ar SoeieI ; Hockey (2, 3, I) Louise Caroline Clow. . .MfeJ- ■ ■ Chlcaga Education! Sociology Delta %ta Minor lA; W. A " . . .; (iold Feathers Orange and Blue Feathers; El Cireulo de Espanol; ' lerrapni ( luh. Life Saving Club: The Daily Illini (1 2), Minor Sports Manager (4); Hockey (1); Soccer 3), Baseball (3); Volli-yliall (1. 2. 3); May Fete (1) - 1 Leonard William Coale Harvey -_, Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Plii igma Kappa Phi Eta Sigma: SktilL and Crescent; Alpha . Ipha Alpha; Sophomore Intramural Manager; Concert Band (1. 2) Henry- George Codd Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Scarab; U. A. I. D. Alex Conrad CbLE:MAN Chicago Commerce General Business Accountancy Club; The Daily Illini (I); Independent Council (4) Crane College Mary Elizabeth Cowman Mt. Carroll Liberal , rts and Sciences Economics Alpha Kappa Delta Frances Shimer iScho Franrlyn Stanford Colli.ns. .. C iiVogo Com-merce General Business Delia Alpha Pi Alpha Kappa Psi: Phalanx; Caisson Club: Men ' s Glee Club (1). Men ' s Varsity (;lee Club |2. 3. 4): Iniversitv Chorus (1. 2); Cast, " Trial bv Jurv " (2), " H. .VI. S. Pinafore " (3). " Yeomen of the Guard " ( )} First Lieutenant, I ' niversity Brigade it) " George Adrian Collins Lawrcnceville Mechanical Engineering Tau Nu Tan: Captain; Universit Brigade ( 1) Dorothy .Iuliet Cohen Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Sigraa Delia Tan W. A, A.; Gold Feathers; Sigma Delta Phi; Janiesonian Literarv Socielv; The Daily IlUni (2); Cast; V. V. C. A. Slum Show (2. 3). Homecoming Stunt Show (2, 3. -V). Luion Minstrel Show (3), Woman ' s Show ' 2 ' i " Rockford Citllege Raymond Cory Comings Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Tan Kappa Epsilon Phalanx; Cavalry Officers ' Club; Captain, Vniversily Brigade (4) X Pa e 63 - SeniOR CLflSScf 1933 Fred Howard Comstock Chicago Commerce General Business Phi Kappa Psi Skull and CrescenI; Sophomore Intraniurat Mana;. ' cr; Captain. Uni% ' er8ity Brigade ( i) Helen Elizabeth Conaway Lrbana Journalism Aeolia . Gregorian Literary Society; Orchesis; Secretary. W. G. S. (4): First Council. Second Council. Woman ' s League (.■!. 4); Independent News (3), Woman ' s News Editor (4) Elbridce Hanecy Condee Chicagi) Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad; Varsity Hasehall Squad (2, 3) Eleanor Frances Cook Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences French Gamma Phi Beta Torch; Gohl Feathers; Orange and Blue Feathers; The Daily Illini (1. 2, 3) George Edmond Cook Madison Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Delta Thela Phi Lyle Joslyn Coolidge Sycamore General Agrici lture Phalanx; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) Marjorie Louise Conley ormal Liberal Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta Illinois Wesleyan University Lucille May Copper t rbana Liberal Arts and Sciences English Torch; Gregorian Literary Society; The DaiK Illini (1,2,3) Wilson McBride Connell, Jr River Forest Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Delia Phi Scarab: Pierrots Doris Mary Connors Rockfurd Liberal Arts and Sciences History Alpha Xi Delia Rosary College Morris Daniel Coppersmith Rock Island Commerce Commerce and Laic Delta Sigma Rho; Nu Beta Epsilon; Accountancy Club; Varsity Debate Team (3, 4) James Joseph Costello Chicago Electrical Engineerini; Phi Pi Phi A. I. E. E. Crane College Dorsey Connors Chicago Liberal .4rts and Sciences English Chi Omega Torch; Shi-Ai; Alethenai Literary Society; Sigma Delta Phi; Mask and Bauble; Chairman. Gold Feathers Social Committee; Chairman. Dads ' Day Recepli m Committee (31; The lllio (1); The Daily Illini (2): Cast, llomecominc Stunt Show (1. 3. 4). I mou Minstrel Show (I. 2. 3). " Illini Follies " ll). " French Heels " (1). " Courts and Appeals " (2). " Remote Con- trol " (31. " See Naples and Die " (3). " The Butler and Egg Man " (4) Earl Stafford Constant Oklahoma City. Okla. Electrical Engineerini; Alpha Tau Omega Sachem; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; I ' hi Alpha Lambda; A. I. F,. E.; Junior Basketball Manager; Sophomore Track Manager; Second Regimental Band 11. 2) Honors Day (1. 2) Kenneth Robert Covg i. .. Anderson, hid. Fine and Applied Arts Landscape .Architecture Bela Thela Pi Scarab; U. L. A. S.; Chairman. Fine Arts Ball Com- mittee (I): Senior Informal Committer; Fine Arts Council (3). President (I) Honors Day (3) DePauw University Scott Herbert Courier Chester Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Student Council. McKinley Foumlation (4) Page 64 I OR CiQSSof 1933 . John Daniels Cocrtright Adei.ini ' : Alice Cross ' « » Kansas City, Mo. ICdiication Commerce , (General Business lllu»ira(iir»; Simi ( li iiil- ..rth Mililarv A, ademy M " .inl Morris C.,1I,-bi-: Lni .r»liv of l),n .r rden Broivn Crawford Elkhart, hid. Edward Anthony Crum K est Sairm Commerce General Agricultire irCnprul Business Alpha Tan Sigma; First Lieutenanl. I niversity Hri- Delia Clii Helta Sigma Pi; Varsity Tennis Sqtiad (3, 4) gade (4) Charles James Crawford. . . Commerce General Business Sigma Nn Men ' s Glee Cluli (3). (1) University of Southern California Eranslon Irma Louise Culbertson.. East St. Louis Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Delta Delia Delta Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Junior Prom Committee Lindenwood College John Alva Crawford Thompsonville Carl Curphey Cornlund Liberal Arts and Sciences Electrical Engineering Chemical Engineering - - - ■ Phalanx; Captain, University Brigade (4) Michael Clare Cridlebauch Rockford Ruth Curtis fTestern Springs Electrical Engineering Liberal Arts and Sciences A. I. E. E.; The Illio (2); Captain, University Bri- Political Science Gamma Phi Beta gade (4) Herbert Leroy Crisler. , . . Commerce General Business Phi Kappa P. i Captain, University Brigade (4) West Virginia University Normal Robert Edwin Dagner Sparta General Agriculture Kappa Phi Kappa Mary van Maarth Crist (Mrs.) . Chicago Lennart Nels Dahlen Rock Island Education Railway Mechanical Engineering Zoology Terrapin; P. E. Majors Club; Life Saving Cluli; Swimming (I. 2, 3. 4); Hockey (1, 2, 3. 4); Basehall (3. 4); Archery (3, 4); Independent News (3) Lewis Institute George Francis Cronan Petersburg Daniel Holland Dailey, Jr, ... Tav oraWe General Agriculture Liberal Arts and Sciences Hexapoecia; Agricultural Cluh Pre-Legal Chi Phi Pagi- 6s -T SeniOR CLflS9(f 1933 Arthur Merle Daily J . . Champaignj Electrical ' Engineering = , Tau Beta Pi; A. I, -E—JE.; Si nia Tau; -Eta Kappa iVn; Pi Tau Pi SigKu ' ; Firfel fjoiitenant. [Jniversity Bri- gade (4) Honors Dayr{2, [3, ' i) ' Jmr Ruth Lourste Dalrvmple Chicago Lij ERAL Arts and Sciences i ' J English PJii Omega Pi i Totfch; WomanV EiJitor. The Tilio (4); The Illio (2, 3); Life Saviitf; Clilh: Pan-Helleriii- Council (3. 4) Honori Day (3) INorthwestern University Joseph Danda Chicago Mechanical Engineering Sigma Iota Epsilon; A. S. M. E. .France Alice Davidson Greenville Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre- Legal Dell Gamma Waehiiigton Univer ' -ity Kenneth Donald Davidson If indsor Physical Education HorBe Show (2) Margaret Tedrick Davidson.. La Grange Liberal . ' Vrts and Sciences Psychology Kappa Delta Phi Beta Kappa; . lpha Lambda Delta; (Grange and Blue Feathern; Gamma .Alpha Chi; Alpha Kappa Delta: Gregorian Literary Society; The Daily Illini fl. 2. 3) Walter Gottfried Danielson. Champaign Alexander James Davis Champaign Commerce Fine .and .Applied Arts Industrial Administration Architectural Engineering Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Freshman Var.sity Cross Country Plii Gamma Delta Squad; Varsil.v Track S inad (3. H; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) Hvcis Joseph Darke, Jr Chicago. Electrical Engineering i | ;■ Theta Nti Epsilon ' ' Scabbard and Hhide; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Synton; Illini Flying Club; Major. University Bri£ade (4J Bessie Pauline ■DarTl TT ' ; . . . Tu sa, Okla. Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpha Epsilon Phi The Dally Illini (3) Milwankee-Downer College; University of Oklahoma Virginia Catherine Dasso (Chicago __ Liberal Arts ANb Sciences — - -r -History First and Secojld Council, Woman ' s League (3) Cecil Benjamin Davis. . Commerce Accountancy . rcountancv Club . (Champaign f Placide Daues Sf. Louis, Mo. LiBEHAi, Arts and Sciences English Phi Beta Kappa; lAlpha Lamlida Delia; (iregorian Literary .Society; Burrill Botany Club Honors Day (1, 2, 3) BENJAnilN HaddON Davenport. Harrisburg Commerce ( er eral Business Sigma Pi - ir Dorland Jones Davis Wilmette Liberal Arts and Sciences • ' Pre-Medical Beta Theta Pi Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Ela .Sigma; tlniver»il Concert and Entertainment Jioard (3, 4) ' EnwiRD Nathan Davis, s Danville IjBERAL . rTS and SCIENCES Chemical Engineering «! Theta Kappa Nu Alpha Delta Sigma: A. I. C. E.; The Daily Illini 11. 2. 3); Interfraternity Council (3. 4) •i - SeniOR CLflSS( l933 HVMEN I)A lS j ' £dBMERCE . cqpintanrY Accountaiu ' V Cluli 1 I Champaign Myrtle AkMi ABELLE Oeiin Chinijid ' COMMEHCE (,i ' iirriil Biiniiicss I ' hi Mu the Illio (3) , Susie Rvth Dav EDuciiriQj University ChoruB (3) Springfield Anthony Joseph Del Bianco Chirann Fine and Applied Arts III III jMrchiticture SaJieoyle; B. aIi. t). S.aral Medal (2) Crane College Theodore Link Davis. . Ruckford Robert Irving DeLong La Moille , General Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha eta Honor8; ' Day (3) American Societ of Agricultural KuKiueern; Agri- cultural Engineering Club; Agriculture Council (I) Kalamazoo College Herbert Summerfiei.d Day. . Des Ptaiites Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociologyi Triangle Phi Eta Sigma: . Ipha Ka[ipa Delta; Archeologia Honors Day (1, 3.) Charles Murray Demster Commerce Industrial Administration Delta Chi Freshman Varsity B;iseball Squuil . Cora I Ethel Lorena De . tlev. . Education Home Eton amies Alcestes Home Economics Club ' ' H.-4 .Metcalf Gerhard CharlE ' oepiEen I Hasbrouck Heights Physical Education Delta Theta Epsilon; Kappa Phi Kappa; Freshman Varsity Baseball .Squad: Varsity Baseball Squad (2. 3) |uCE Lorena De Bower Chicago Physical Education Beta Sigma Omicron Major- LA: Minor lA; W. A. A.: .Mpha Sigma u: Orche6i8 -I?. J£. Majors Club: P. E. Majors Circus (3)4 Hockey (1. 2. :rr: Saskelball (1. 2. 1): Volleyball (2. 3); Baseball CI- 2. 3. 4): Soccer f I): Apparatus (,3); .Archer (3, 4); Miy Fete (,3, 4) Northern Illinois State Teachers College P t S ' IDkvins .-Tuierfo Park, A. Y. Physical Education ::s-i ' n r ] Lester Frank Deditius Millstadt Myrtle Margaret Dillner. .... Dolton Liberal Arts AND Sciences Liberal Arts a nd ScrEN !ES Chemical Engineering jf , English Phi ' Eta Sigma: Illini Grange: Varsity Baseball Squad Kappa ella (2) Fpatiiers: Slli-Ai; T Southern Illinois Normal Universit) (iold Featifers; Slli-Ai; The Daily Illini (1. 2): Cast. " Castles in the .4[ir " (3) y. ' f Anthony Joseph De Filippis Chicago Fine and Applied .Arts Crane College w Architecture Ri by, Alice Ditzler Huntington Liberal . rts and Sciences Sociology ' Alpha Chi Omega Torch; Gold Feathers: Vice-President. Y. W. C. A. (4); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3. 4); Anonian Literary iociety: Mask and Bauble: Sophomore Manager, tlini Theater Guild: First Council, Woman ' s League " ; 4); Pan-Hellenic Council (3. 4) Page 67 f SeniOR CLflSScf 1933 C.4RL George DoHME Champai William Henry Duis Woodland Commerce Agriculture General Business Floriculture Kappa Sigma Farm House Chairman. Dads ' Day Program Committee (2); Alpha Zeta; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Alpha i; Floricuitiiral Vice-President. Interfraternity Council (3); Captain. Club Iniversity Brigade 1 4) Honors Day (1, 2) Margaret Elizabeth Doll Belvidere Russell Fields Duncan Moline Education . Ceramic Engineering Fine Arts Illustrators Northern Illinois State Teachers College; Rockford College Marshall M. Dollahan Champaign Glenn Morris Dunkle Urbana Commerce Fine and Applied Arts Banking and Finance Landscape Architecture Pi Tail Pi Sigma; El Circulo Literario de Espafiol: Phalanx; Illustrators; First Lieutenant. University .Student Council. McKinley Foundation, (3.4); Firat Brigade (4) Lieutenant, University Brigade ( t) George Edward Dooley Sycamore Commerce General Business Phalanx. Caisson Club; Accountancy Club; The Daily mini (1, 2, 3j; Captain, University Brigade (4) Eileen Faulds Dorman Miami, Fla. Liberal Arts and Sciences German Bard and Scribe; Der Deutsche Verein; El Circulo Literario de Espaiiol; The Daily Illini (I) Miami Universitv Elliot Durand Chicago Engineering Chi Psi Student Colonel, University Brigade (4); Student Council (4) . Chicago Bernice Durchsl-AG Education English ount I ernon Vernon Lee Douthit. } Commerce Accountancy Phi Sigma Kappa Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta . lpha Psi; Accountancy Club Honors Day (1. 2.3) Ruth Lambert Drayer. Wilmette Commerce General Business Alpha Phi Torch; Secretary. Y. W. C. A. (4); V. V. C. A. Cab- inet (3); (iold Feathers; Orange antl Blue Feathers; (iold Feathers Representative from . U. C. A.; Pilgrim Foundation Cabinet (3, 4); Associate Editor. Enterpriser (I) Carl Jens Dueser I rbana Liberal . ' rts and Sciences Pre-Legal Delia Tau Delia Editor-in-Chief, Siren (4); Alpha Tau Sigma; Siren (3); The lllio (1); Summer Prom Committee (3); Men ' s Glee Club (.3. 4); Captain, University Brigade (3) LoRAiNE Amalia Dvorak Beruyn Education French Theta Upsilon Kappa Delta Pi; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4); ' W. A. A.; Gold Iveathers; . nonian Literary Society; Jamesonian Literary Society; Le Cercle Frangais; El Circulo Literario de Espanol; Volleyball (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (4): First Council. Woman ' s League (41; Cast. " See Naples and Die " (3); Production StalT. " Castles in the Air " (3); " R. U. R. " (3). Y. W. C. A. Stunt Shtiw (3) Honors Day (1, 2. 3) Robert Eugene Dvvyeh Elgin Journalism Chi Phi Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Business Manager. The Daily Illini (4); President. Student Council (4); Alpha Delta Sigma; The Daily Illini (1. 2. 3); Journalism Council (3) John Joseph Dzielak Rockford Physical Education ' N ' arsity Baseball Squad (2) Page 6S -i 9eniOR CLflS97l933 f f r ' ' ' ' oA (;i.E N Sll) KY KvsTBi ' RN Milfoid II(»vAKi .1 AMES Elgin Ctccro Commerce Liiiei i. Arts and Sciences iiftii ' nil Htishicss Cht ' niifdl l ' ' nf inforiiifl D.lla Chi A. I. C. E. D.-lta Pi: Siahl.ard and Blade; Pi Tau Pi Morion Junior Coll,,;,. Sipnia; Arrountanry Cluli: Enlerpriser (1); FirBt Lieulrnaitt. llni%crsil Brifiade (4) Julian Harold Ecker Chicago Robert William Elich Chicago Commerce C:ommerce General Business General Business Alpha Ejisilon Pi Sigma Delta Rho Tlie Daily lllini (I, 2) Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Iota Epsiion; Scabbard and Blade; Caisson Club; Uni- versity Polo Association; Polo (3, it; Horse Show (2, 3) Interfraternity Council {4)i Second Lieutenant, Uni- versity Briga(]e (3) Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Hlinois Scholar- ship Key (3); Field Artillery Connor ' s Cup (3) Herman Ralph Eckmann Chicago Frank Flinn Elliott Little Rock, Ark. Fine and Applied Arts Commerce Landscape Architecture General Business U. L. A. S.: Independent News (3,_ 4); Independent Second Lieutenant, University Brigade (2) Council (4); Senior Informal Committee Honors Day (I, 2) William Horace Eddy Downers Grove Irene Eleonor Elson Chicago General Engineering Liberal Arts and Sciences Beta Psi Mathematics Junior College Whealon College Markwood Rea Edison. Aort i Liberty, Ind. Education Physical Education Alpha Kappa Pi Palaestra; Freshmen Varsity Wrestling Squad; Varsity Wrestling Squad (3, 4); Second Regimental Band (1, 2) Harriet Janet Ely Journalism Atlanta Soccer ( I } . Champaign LoREN Orville Edlund Chicago Carl Endres Chicago Commerce Electrical Engineering Banking and Finance Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu Delta Chi Crane College Frank Byron Edwards Chicago Journalism Alpha Delta Phi Tu-Mas; Gamma Thcla Phi; Kappa Tau Alpha William Euphrates Elder 4rthur General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Club; Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Varsit Football Squad (2. 3) Wilbur Claudius Engebretson Stanley, tf is. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Pershing Rifles; (iargoyle: A. S. C. E. Eau Claire College; University of Wisconsin ViiLLiAM Joseph Eovaldi Herrin Commerce Public Utilities Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Cavalry Oflicers ' Club; Horse Show (3); First Lieutenant. University Briga.le (4) H, norB Day (1.2) Page 6q -T SeniOR Ci ssof 1933 Rov Arnold Erikson Chicagt Electrical Engineering Delta Alpha Epsilon Kappa Phi Sigma; Inler-Literary Council; First Ke imeotal Band {I. 2) Northwestern I ni%ereity; Lewie Institute Martha Frieda Etzbach Winnetika Commerce Foreign Commerce Zeta Tan Alpha Mortar Board; Torch; General Chairman. Dads ' Day (4); Gamma Alpha Chi; Chairman, Humeconiing Accoinmodatifnis Committee (3); Junior, Senior Rep- resentative of W unan a League; Production Staff. " Castles in the Air " (3) Eleanor Evans Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Life Saving Club; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Informal Committee Moser Business College Robert Vance Far.agher Woodbury, ;V. J. Liberal .Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Alpha Delta Phi Skull and Crescent; Sophomore Footltall Manager . Niantic Madeline Frances F. ris. Education History Bethany Circle Blackburn College William Warren Faris Alton Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Alpha Rho Chi Homecoming Stunt .Show (4); Inlerscholastic Circus (1, 2, 3, 4) Mary Jane Evans Chicago Physical Education W. A. A. Advisory Board; Gold Seal; Major lA Minor IA; V. A. A.; Vice-President, W. A. A. (4) P. E. Majors ' Club; Soccer (I. 2, 3), Manager (3) Tennis (1, 2. 3). Singles Champion (3), Doubles Cham pion (2); Basketball (1, 2, 3); Apparatus (1. 2, 3) Bowling (1. 2. 3), Champion Team (3); Archery (2, 3). Baseball (1, 2, 3); Handball Champion (3); Deck Tennis (2); The IlUo (2) Harold Lloyd Ever Bloomington Commerce General Business Phi Gamma Delta Illinois Wesleyan I niversity Burlle Randal Farr Oali Park Mechanical Engineering Scabbard and Blade; Cavalry Officers ' Club: M. E.; Major. University Brigade (3) Honors Day (3) A. S. Jack Francis Feodersen Clinton, la. Commerce General Business Beta Gamma Sigma Wartburg College m .Ann Fabian Chicago Liberal . " Vrts and Sciences History Minor I. ; ' . .A. A.; Gold Feathers; Orange and Blue Feathers; The Illin (2); Archery (1. 2. 3); Ap- paratus U)-. Volleyball (2, 3); May Fete (1, 3) L ' na Claire Fehlman Education Home Economics Chicago N»»rmal College . Chicago Helen Lucile Fackler. . . . Education History Bondiille Elizabeth Edna Feickert Belleville Agriculture Home Economics Life Saving Club; Home Economics Club; Illiui Oscar Louis F. llan Evanstun Fine and .Applied -4rts Architectural Engineering Theta Upsiloii Omega Norman IIerz Feingold. . . . Commerce Accountancy Beta -Alpha Psi; Accountancy Club Northwestern t iiiversity . Chicago Page O , Sw , I OR CiQSSof 1933 f J MES Loi THAN Ketters. . . Ottumtvo. Itura ij,en Fiske Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Liberal Arts and Sciences Architecture English Sigma Uella Rho Ailelphic National Litererv Fraternil ; 1 ii l«!prnilrnt News 13): News EHilor (4): The D;nl lUiiii (3. 11; IntererholuBtic Cimis (2. 3. 4); I ndrpetHlcnl ( ,ouii. cil (3. U; Junior Prom Ciiininittee Ka|tpa Plii Si iiKi: I iitcrfraternily Council (4) Joseph Homer Field Pleasantville, N. J. Hiram Edwin Fite West Salem General Engineering Electrical Engineering Delta Alpha Delta Pi Tau Pi Sifima; Interscbolastic Circus (1, 2, 3. i) Phi Mil Alpha; A. S. C. E. University of Tulsa Pauline May Fietsam Marion Eldon James Fitzpatrick .... McLeansboro Liberal Arts and Sciences Commerce Chemistry Accountancy Banking and Finance Iota Siffina Pi Illinois Slate Normal University Florence Fifer Bloomington James Albert Fizzell. , .Kansas City, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Electrical Engineering Political Science Kansas City Junior College Pi Beta Phi Alelhenai Literary Society University of California. Los Angeles Margaret Dean Finch Boonville, tnd. Helen Aleta Flaningam Champaign Physical Education Journalism Omega Upsilon; Orchesis; W. A. A.; Life SavingClub Alpha Chi Omega Kendall College of Physical Education; Northwestern Torch; Gold Feathers; Theta Sigma Phi; Illini Board I niversity „£ Control; The Daily Illini (1, 2). Junior Woman ' s Assistant (3); Chairman. Ticket Sales. Homecoming Stunt Show (t); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4) Frank. Fisher, Jr Chicago Civil Engineering Triangle Mu San; Tau Nu Tali; Scabbard and Blade: A. S. C. E.; Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Varsity Gym Squad (1. 2); Engineering Council (4); Captain. University Brigade I I) Jane Fisher Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences History Kappa Kappa Gamma Marie Tola Fleisher Elmwood Agriculture Home Economics Pi Beta Phi Omicroii Nu; Phi Upsilon Oniicron Honors Day (2, 3) Monmouth College Dorothy Virginia Flowers Bondville Education Home Economics Phi Omega Pi Samuel Otto Chicago Dorothe.a Irene Fluck Champaign Mechanical Engineering Agriculture Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E. Home Economics Honors Day (11 Themus Home Economics Cluh Mac Murray College Crane Collepe Page 71 -7 9eniOR CwsS(f 1933 Dorothy Lee Folden Peoria Alice Mae Foster. . Harvev Journalism Orange and Blue Featliers; Aiioniaii Literary Society; Wesley Players; The Daily llliiii (1, 2); Student Council, Wesley Foundation (2. 3) Physical Ediication Alpha Delta Pi If ilmette John Thomas Foley Commerce General Business Phi Delta Thela Tu-Mas; Pierrots Willis Bronson Foote Chicago Electrical Engineering W. A. A.; Life Saving Cliili: Apparatus (3); May Fete (3) Stephens College; Thornton Junior College Mary Leona Foster Champaign Education Mathematics . Rushville Mary Lucille Foster Education English Oklahoma University; Colorado University; Omaha Municipal University; Western Illinois State Teachers College Benjamin Xacheus Forester. Chicago j Varner Fox Indianapolis, In,l. Fine and Applied Arts p, „ Applied Arts Architecture Crane College Robert Edward Forrest Decatur Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Cavalry Officers ' Club; First Lieutenant, tniversitv Brigade 14) Randall Albert Forsberg Chicago Civil Engineering Delia Alpha Epsilon Theta Tau; Mu San; Tau Nu Tau; Pershing Rifles; Kappa Phi Sigma; Terhnograph (2. 3). Editor (4); Men ' s Glee_ Club; Inter-Literary Council; First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade (3) Architectural Engineering Acacia Tau Nu Tau; Interfraternity Council (4); First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade (4) Marie Elizabeth Fox Belleville Liberal Arts and Sciences History Phi Omega Pi Illinois College; McKendree College Marcot Francis Journalism Delta Gamma Liudenwood College . Chicago WiLLYE Alita Forteberry Chicago Elizabeth North Frederick. Liberal Arts and Sciences Education Sociology Biology Crane College Mac.Vlurray College Lrhana Vincent Daniel Fortunate Chicago Theodore George Freedlund Batavia Fine and Applied Arts Commerce Architectural Engineering Accountancy Delta Chi Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; .Accountancy Freshman Varsity Football Squad Club Crane College Honors Day (I, 2. 3) Pa e 72 lOR CiQSSof 1933 C Ri. IJiciimn Kreeman Dunvillr Robkrt S n rii 1 ' hye Alta Mechamcvl Kngineering I.ikkrm. rts and Sciences Phi Mil Delia Chomiral Engiiifpriiifi ' Vim Nu I ' .iu: Thf Daily llliiii (1. 21: Caplaln, I ill- I Mlers,Fir.hi»lir Cir.iiB (2. . I) vorsitv lirisa.le (H Brailli-v Polytechnic IiiBlltutc Hazel Bernice Freeman Lrbaiia Liberal Arts and Sciences French Alcestis Torch; Dance Supervision Committee (4); Gold Feathers; Oranfie and Blue Feathers; Gregorian I-iterary Society; Chairman, . G. S. Social Com- mittee ( ); Mi-Hila Formal Committee (3); First Council, Sec«m l Council, ' oman ' s League (3, 4) Honors Day (1) Isadore Freeman Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A. I. C. E. Crane Collepe Howard Noule Fvi.i.erton . . Coulteruille Agriculture Agricultural Education Alpha Tau Alpha; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (2) Vt . Howard Fullerton Fords, IS. J. Education Mathematics Delta Sigma Lambda Delta Theta Epsilon; Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad; Varsity Basehall Squad (2) Maurene June Frby Education English Chi Omega Sullins College .Chicago Kathyrn Dorothy Gabel. . . Agriculture Home Economics Joliet Junior College . Joliet Georgianna Marguerite Neterer Fries Aurora Journalism Alpha Delta Theta Illustrators; Women ' s Glee Cluh (3); L niversitv Chorus (3. 4); The Daily Illini (I) Lucile Catherine Gaetje Glenvieic Physical Education Torch; W. A. A. Advisory Board (3); Minor lA; First Council, Woman ft League (4); Senior Informal Citmniittee: W. A. A.; Soccer (1) Douglas Van Anden Frost ... Rock-ford Priscilla Lallie Gairing Park Ridge Liberal . rts and Sciences • Commerce Chemistry Accountancy Delta Tail Delta Phi Eta Sigma; .Siren (2. 3); First Regimental Band (1. 2, 4) Phi Chi Theta; .Accountancy Club; Hockev Team (I); Volleyball (2) Honors Day ( 1 ) James William Fry Chicago Edgar Thomas Galezio Chicago Commerce Liberal Arts and Sciences Commerce and Law Chemistry Phi Kappa Tau Mask and Bauble; Business Manager. " The Butter and Egg Man " (4); Production Staff. " The Church Mouse " (4) Theodore Roosevelt Fry Shelhyville Kenneth John Galm. . . Indianapolis. Ind, Agriculture Commerce Agricultural Engineering Commerce and Law Sigma Mu Sigma; .Agricultural Club; Horti -ultural Delia Kappa Epsilon Club Page 73 T SeniOR CLflSScf 1933 f «r ' Edward Ganja. . .m Civil Engineering Central Y. M. C. A. Junior College I . Chicago Florence Mathilda Gerlich .... HoUvwood Education German Orchesis: Production Staff, lllini Follies (3) Morion Junior College Albert William Gasper Chicago jo„ Albert Gerstner Tremont Engineering Physics . Education Sigma Phi Sigma Pre-Medical Tau Nu Tau: Pierrots; Captain. University Brigade (4) Sifrma Plii Bradley Polytechnic Institute Josephine Emma Gauen CoUinsville William Edward Getman Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Commerce English General Business The Daily lllini (I); The Illio (2); lllini Theater Captain, University Brigade (4) (.udd (1) ff , Jij,j „ Military Institute LuciNDA Dorothea Gauer Chicago Commerce Banking and Finance Delta Delta Delta Louise Elaine Geidell Jllla Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Gamma Phi Beta Northwestern Ifniversity Charles James Geiser Park Ria Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa A. S. M. K. Crane College John Ravmond Gelwicks Mt. Carroll General Agriculture Apriciillural Cliih; Hoof and Horn Club Cartilage College Edwin Lawrence Getting Momence Commerce Accountancy Beta .4lpha Psi: Phalanx; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Account- ancy Club; Captain, University Brigade (4) Honors Day (2) Theodore Herman Gewecke. . . Bensenville Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Delta Sigma Lambda Men ' s Glee Club (3) Elmhurst College Robert Carl Geyer Chicago Fine and .Applied . rts Architectural Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon First Regimental Band(l, 2) Louise Daisy Ghent.; Carterville Education Home Economics Jean Isabelle Gerber Vrhana James Ernest Gibbons Danville Education Liberal .Arts and Sciences History Pre-Medical Torch; Phi Beta Kappa; .Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpli a Omega Beta Pi; Kappa Phi .Sigma Kappa Delta; Gamma Alpha Chi; Mask and Ba ' uble; The Daily lllini (2); Vice-Chairmao, Senior I formul Committee Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University Scholarship Key (3) Pas,- u CiQSSof 1933 Gibbs jodrnalism I ' hr l)ail Illilli (2) V . Puwfiaii- Jim w (m.vsskr Chitufio I.MiKKvi, Arts and Sciences Chemistry Phi l.iinilxlu UpHilon; ' IVihr of Illiiii: iirnilv livm teller (2, 3. 4), Cuplnin (1) V iLLiAM Carleton Gifford Henrv Ackert Glasstetter Highland Park Poughkpvpsie, N. . Commerce Commerce Industrial Administration Trade and Civic Secretarial Service Phi Delta Theta Sigma Mu Sigma Sciphoniore KouIIkiII Manager; First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Bripade ( t) Frank X illiam Gilbertsom. . . .Glen Ellyn Thaddeus John Glaza Chicago Commerce Fine and Applied Arts Banking and Finance Architecture Delta Upsilon Sigma Pi Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Varsity Football Scarali; Gargo le Squad (2); Senior Memorial Committee (4): Cast. Union Minstrel Show (3). " Castles in the Air " (4) Arthur Kobson Gilkerson. Journalism Theta Upsilon Omega Concert Band (3. 4) Lewis Institute .Oak Park Eileen Patricia Gleason Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History- Alpha Delta Pi Mundelein College George Nathan Gilkerson Oak Park Commerce j Commerce and Law Theta Upsilon Omega Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi; Sigma Iota Epsilon: Beta Nu Kappa; Accountancy Club; Siren (I); Co-Chairnian. Senior Informal Committee; Faculty Reception Committee; Commerce Council (4) Honors Day (I) Wilma Ruth Gilmore !... I... Gitson City Education History Alpha Omicron Pi Torch; Gold Feathers; Orange and Blue Feathers; Anonian Literary Society; Secretary. Y. W. C. A. (3); Executive Council, Y. W. C. A. (3); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3) Elizabeth Glascow East St. Louis Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology W. A. a.; Orange and Blue Feathers; Archery (1, 2. 3) Honors Day (2. 3) Margaret Louise Glass Belvidere Education French Le Cercle Fran»;ai8 Northern Illinius State Teachers College Maxwell Ernest Glicken Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Gargoyle Carolyn Ruth Goar Frankfort, Ind. Liberal .Arts and Sciences English Delta Delta Delta Gold Feathers; Alethenai Literary Society: First Council. Woman ' s League (4) Butler University Thomas Burns Godfrey. . . Louisville, Ky. Physical Education Athletic Coaching Sigma Delta Psi; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Srabhard and Blade; Pierrots; Cavalry Officers ' Club; University Polo Association; Pershing Rifles; Independent News (4); Freshman Varsity Track Squad; Varsity Soccer Squad (3); Varsity Football Squad (4); Independent Informal Ctimmtttee (3); Mi-Hila Committee (4); In lependent Council (3, 4); Student Council, Wesley Foimdation (2); Horse Show (3); Cast, Union Minstrel Show (3, 4). " Wotta Racket " (4); Major, University Brigade (4) Phalanx Freshman Award University of Louisville Earle Parke Godwin Chicago Commerce General Business Lambda Chi Alpha Alpha Kappa Psi; Coast Artillery Club; The Daily mini (I); Sophomore Track Manager; Interfraternity Council (4); Captain, University Brigade (4) Honors Day (11 Page -T SeniOR CLfl9S(f 1933 Mary Louise Goelitz Belleville Liberal Arts and Sciences History Alpha Xi Delia Gold Feathers; Orange and Blue Featherti; Mask and Bauble; Der DetilBche Verein; The Daily Illini (1); The Illio {l) Production Staff. " The Black Flamingo " (2). " Behold This Dreamer " (3), " Steppin ' West " (3). " R. I . R. " (3). " Remote Control " (3) Stillman Reese Goff Rockville, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciences Clieni istry Alpha Tail Omega DePauw I niversity Dudley Goodell Beardstown Civil Engineering Stanley Lelewer Goodfriend . . Chicago ■ Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Zeta Beta Tan University of Chicago MiTzi Gold ew York, N. Y. Milton Elias Goodman. Jr Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Economics Linnean Botany Society eta Beta Tail The Daily Illini (1. 2, 3) New York University ' illiam Goldberg Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Tau Delta Phi Nicholas Gordan Whiting, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Beta Kappa Tribe of Illini; Dolphins; Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad; Varsity Swimming Squad (3, 4), Letter t2); Freshman Varsity U ater Polo Squad Stephen Robert Golden Flora Qscar Boldt Gorenflo Buffalo, .Y. General Agriculture Electrical Engineering Phalanx; Alpha Tau Alpha; Caisson Club; Agriculture A I F F Clulj; Field and Furrow Club; First Lieutenant. Uni- .... versity Brigade (4) University of Buffalo Charles Bryan Goldstein Chicago Russell Lawrence Gorevitz Physical Education Harerhill, Mass. Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad; Varsity Baseball LiBERAL ArTS AND SCIENCES Squad (2); Freshman Varsity Soccer Squad; Varsity 17 . . ; „ Basketball Squad (2) 1 . J Economics Zela Beta Tan Harold Aaron Goldstein . Education History University of Chicago .Chicago Robert Willoughby Graham St. Louis, Mo. Fine and Applied Arts .Architectural Engineering Phi Pi Phi Scarab Eleanor Louise Goodale Barry Charles Keith Grant Highland Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Commerce Sociology Banking and Finance Cuh er-Stocklon College Thela i Page 76 - CiQSSof 1933 ■ l Winstead Grant Marion Theodore Mum rd Griesenauer. . CViirogo EllliCATlON Historv Kreshiiiaii Varsilv Baseball Squad; Varsity Baseliall :?(|ua l (2J Southern Illinois Stale Normal I niversily Commerce Banliing and Finance Sigma Pi Mask and Bauble; Adelpliie National Literary Fratern- ity; mini Chamber of Commeree; Aei-oimtanry Clul : Inter-Literary Couniil; The Daily lllini (2); Siren (2. 3) Proiluction Staff. " The Chureh Mouse " (1); General Manager. " The Butler and Egg Man " (1) Harold Maurice Gray Mattoon Erville Glenn Griffin Taylarville Education Liberal Arts and Sciences Industrial Educ ation French liulustrial Kducution Society James Norman Gray Chicago Catherine Ruth Grometer Aurora Commerce Liberal Arts .and Sciences General Business History Tribe of llliui; Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Var- Gamina Phi Bf tS ily Football Squad (2. 3); Freshman Varsity Gym Squad; Varsity Gym Letter (2, 3, 4) The Daily lllini (1) Ethel B. Green Quincy Education Public School Music Pi Delta Phi; (iregorian Literary Society; Inter-Dra- matic Society George Kenneth Green Hull Engineering Physics Theta L ' psilon Omega Tan Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Engineering Physics Society; Mili- tary Council (4); Major. University Brigade, (4) Honors Day (1, 2. 3) Robert Karl Green Litchfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A. I. C. E.; Varsity Football Squad (2, 3. 4) Herbert Grossman Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Sigma -Alpha Mil The Daily lllini (1); First Lieutenant. Iniversity Bri- gade (4J Paul Franz Grote, Jr Pittsfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Kappa Lambda Caisson Club; V. M. C. A. Cabinet (4); Varsity Soccer Squad (2) Honors Day (3, 41 . Chicago Philip Dennett Ghover . Journalism Pi Kappa Phi Phi Alpha Chi; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; lllini Flying Club; The Daily lllini (2); First Lieutenant, I ' niversitv Brigade (3) Fred Louis Greilsheim. . Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Chicago Philip Joseph GvETiZER. . Lockland. Ohio Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi; A. S. C. E. (rCorgia School of Technology; University of Cincinnati M.ARK Oscar Grenlund Poplar Grove Agriculture Animal Husbandry Alpha Gamina Rho Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Agriculture Council (4); University Livestock Judging Team (4) Thomas Woollen Guin Commerce General Business Chi Beta First Lieutenant. University Brigade (4) Knox College . Findlav Pag 77 - SeniOR Cmsscf 1933 Jesse Richard Gui.ick Urbana Eleanor Haefele Fairfield Civil Engiiveering Liberal Arts and Sciences Phalanx; A. S. C. E.; Captain- University Brigade (3) Latin Gold Feathers Honors Day (2, 3) Stanley Incward Gullberg Syramorp Richard Carlton Hagan Urbana fr 1 Journalism Kappa Tail Alpha; Gamma Theta Phi; Editor-in-Chief. Independent S ' ewe (1); Journalism Council (4); Inde- pendent Council (I); Northern Illinois State Teachers College Liberal Arts and Sciences Philosophy Sigma Mil Sigma Phi Beta Kappa; Caisson Cluh; Major- University Brigade (4) Edna Elizabeth Gurr Park Rid e Orpha Lobene Hair LeRoy Liberal Arts and Sciences Education Psychology English Delta Gamma Bethany Circle Barnard College; University of California, Los Angeles Anonian Literary Society; Inter-Literary Council Milford John Mather Gustafson Chicago Clyde Quimby Haldane General Engineering Commerce Delta . Iplia Epsilon Banking and Finance Kappa Phi Sigma; Star Course (2) Alpha Kappa Psi University of Colorado Honors Day (2) Neva Elizabeth Guthrie I ' rhana Marguerite Elizabeth Hamal. Lo Cr«n Liberal Arts and Sciences Physical Education German Kappa Delta Delia Phi Alpha; Women ' s (Jlee Club (3. 1) w. A. A.; Hockey Team (2) Illinois .State Normal University Myron David Gutmann.... Commerce General Business Phi Epsilon Pi . Chicago Evalyn Janet Hamilton. . . Education English National College of Education Oak Park Areola Burr Keith Hackleman Jandalia Paul Edwin ... Agriculture Commerce Floriculture j Accountancy . lpha Zela; Phi Eta Sigma; Floricuttural Club Si ma P ' hi Sigma Homirs Day (I. 2. 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Cuptrin. University Brigade ( t) K ey i .1 ) John Nathan Hadley . Vant ri, Ind. Jane Marguerite Hammersmith ;Syramore Commerce Commerce General Business General Business Sigma Chi Alpha Lambda Delia; Phi Chi Theta L niversily of Vi isconsin Page 7S SeniOR Cwsscf IS33 MiUr ' 1 Rt;ARET HaNDSCIIIN lllmntl joSEI ' HINK K NEIDI, II ARRm ;T )N .. f- llVa; « I jB B HjF J Journalism h;i tiCATioN f ' " - ySm I liila Sigma Phi; Crcsorian Literary Society; The IlistOry (l);Jour„alis,nC..„„ciUn Delia Delta IMla ' A W. A. A.; Sicma Delta Pi: (iiilil I ' eallierB; Orange anil 1 Blue Feathers; Sill, er (I, 21; liaxihall ( I ); ilahkethall - (I); Volleyball (2); Itowling (1, 2); Pan-llelleiii ; Council (I) Albert Robert Hanke Chicago Geneva Harrison Mattnon |M| Liberal Arts AND Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences J B Chemistry French ■ f J n Kreiihmaii Varsity Fencing Squad; Varsity Fencing West kcMluck inilu trial College VTp 9 Squad (2); Interscholastio Circus (3, 4) l_ J H P " - Jennings Hannahs Hester Louise Harrold Ridgefarm t_ m V ' . a H " ' Liverpool, Ohio General Education ' r Liberal Arts and Sciences Cosmopolitan Club _ _ Sociology fc i(b C H Sigma Mil Sigma J P HHIkl 1 Adelphic atii nal Literary Fraternity; Men ' s Glee K M L 311 1 College Harold Emil Hansen Elmhurst Raymond Ellmore Harroun. Crescent City Physical Education Commerce " ■ ' ' " ' ■ Delta Sigma Lambda General Business Alpha Sigma Phi Tu-Mas i I I Robert Leroy H arbaugh. .Gree ey, Colo. Jane Milbournehart Bloomington Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics French DeIta:Tau Delta Kap])a Kappa Gamma Freshman Varsity Track Squad (3) Illinois Wesleyan University Colorado State Teachers College ■■ ' =j Gwendolyn Trent Harvey Donald Kibler Harmeson Urbana St. Paul, Minn. Civil Engineering Liberal Arts and Sciences Ifl A Kt ' ° " ' " ' ' ' " ' ' ' ■ ' ' ■ ' Captain. University Brigade Speech Alpha Chi Omega Sigma Delta Phi; Mask and Bauble; The Illio (2); Sophomore Manager, Junior Manager. Illini Theatre Guild; .Assistant Production Manager, " The Church Mouse " (4); Production Manager, " The Butter and Egg Man " (4); General Manager. " Christmas Carol " (4); Cast, " Courts and Appeals " (2), .Minstrel Show (3), " Illini Follies " (3). " Castles in the -Air " (3), Jk L - Y. W. C. A. Stunt Show (2) S Kft Boyd Harper Belknap University of Minnesota HP r Agriculture j , j . Harvey Chicago J m " Agricultural Education Liberal Arts and Sciences H .. Alpha Zeta; Phi Eta Sigma; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4): f„„l; l, ! L. r Kappa Phi Kappa; Alpha Tau Alpha; Agricultural r.ngUsn JI|L. Education Club; Horticulture Club; IlHni Grange p; Oji,;, pl,i; Le Cercle Frangais; McKinley Mimes Honors Day P k B ' v Carolyn Mae Harriman Urbana William Albert IIasfurther. . . . C iicago f k ■ Fine and Applied Arts Civil Engineering J JmR VIB " Music Pi Kappa Phi Ukf Jb» - Sigma Alpha Iota Concert Band (3, 4) I . K f Torch; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mu Kappa Alpha; Uni- Crane College versily Orchestra (I. 2. 3. 4); University Choru8( I, 2); _ Women ' s Glee Club (I. 2, 4) Honors Day {1. 3); Mu Kappa -Alpha Scholorship Cup " (I) ' Page 70 lOR CinsSof 1933 Winifred Maxiivb Haslam Benvvn illiam John Hbaney Lake Forest Journalism Electrical Engineering Kappa Alpha Thela A. I. E. E. Kappa Tail Alpha; ' Tiieta Si ' tna Phi: Siren {3, 4); Production Staff, " R. V. R. " 13), " Illini Follies " (3); Cast, " Castles in the Air " (3) Morton Junior College Gareth Marvin Lee Hasting... CAirago Warren Blake Heaps Kewanee Liberal Arts and Sciences Education English cii ' ics Independent News {!); Co-Chairnian, Junior Prom p; Vo .,o AI. K. Cc.niniiltee; Independent Council (J) ' J ppa illplia Cast, " Illini Follies " (2), Homecoming Stunt Show (1, 2, 3, 4) Ruth Erma Havens Education Biology Gamma Phi Beta Frances Shinier School Sfnanna Beatrice Lenore Hedlund. . Gibson City Education Latin Sigma Kappa Le Cercle Franvais; The Illio (2) Ben Ralph Haverstick. Rock Island Evelyn Helen Heinz St. Charles Mechanical Engineering Physical Education Delia Tan Delia I niversity of Cincinnati Torch; Secretar , W. A. A. (4); Orchesis; Alpha Sigma Nu . Chicago Albert William Havlik. . ' Agriculture Floriculture Pi Sigma Kappa Floricultural Cluh Robert John Hawkins Kankakee Journalism Ma-Wan-Da; Sports Editor, The Daily Illini (41; Sigma Delta Chi; President, Journalism Council (4); The Daily Illini (2, 3); Men ' s Glee Cluh (1, 2, 3, 4) Mathilde Tecla Helfrich Milwaukee, ff is. Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech .Alpha Lambda Delta; Terrapin; Le Cercle Fran(;ais; El Circulo Literario de Espanol; Swimming (1); Bas- kethall (3) Charles Kutz Helfrick, Jr Chicago Heists General Education Alpha Kappa Lambda Sigma Delta Psi; Freshman Varsity Track Squad; Varsity Track Squad (2, 3, 4); Varsity Football Squad (3) Elizabeth Haynie Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences French Delta Zeta Shi-Ai; Southern Club; Le Cercle l ' " ran(;ais; Siren (3); Faculty Reception Committee; First Council, Woman ' s League (4) Clifford Henry Heller. . . .Scales Mound General . criculture John Jay Healy Springfield Commerce General Business Men ' s Glee Club (I, 2, 3, 1); First Lieutenant. I ni er- sity Hrigude (4) Honors Day (1) Walter Fredrick H ellmich C iirogo — Fine AND Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Sigma Phi Ep.silon Varsity Track Squad (2); Sophomore Cotillion Com- mittee; Sophomore Cap Committee; Second Regimen- tal Hand (2) Page So lOR CLflSScf 1933 Marion Stanley Helm Decatur Mary Bess llEiiRtCK Electhical Engineering Kdiication A. I. E. E. Erifllisli James Millikin L nivcrsity Kappa Alpha I ' llela nor CitY John Robinson Henderson. . . Rock Island Mechanical Engineering Thela Xi I ' au Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E. Honors Day (3) Aiigustana College Dorothy Anne Herron Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Theta Phi Alpha IJold Feathers; Orange and Blue Feathers; The lllio (1); The Daily Ilhni (1); Production Staff. " Castles in the Air " (3); Chairman, Homecoming Badge Com- mittee (3); Chairman, Y. W. C. A. Doll Show (3) Lasell Seminary ' elker William Henderson ... Linco n Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal . dcl|)hi National Literary Fraternity; Varsity Dehate Team (4) Lincoln College Dorothy Hershbbrg Chicago Education French Alpha Psi Omega; Le Cercle Fran ais; El Circulo Lit- erario de Espanol; Independent T Jews (3) Valparaiso University Frank Douglas Hendricks. ... fToorfsfocA: Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Sigma Phi Charles Lee Herts Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Music Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi Mu Alpha; Sinfonia; Mu Kappa Alpha; Kappa Phi Sigma; University Chorus (3. 4) Honors Day (2) m Ada Dayle Henry Effingham Fine and Applied Arts Music Mu Kappa Alpha; Women ' s Glee Club (3, l); Uni- versity Orchestra (3, 4); Student Council. Wesley Foundation (3, 4); Independent Informal Committee (3) Honors Day (2. 3) Helen Iola Henry Springfield Education Public School Music Phi Beta; University Orchestra (4) Sherwood Music School Thelma Alleen Henry- Agriculture Home Economics . Paxton Henry James Heuer Trenton Civil Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Phalanx; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Synton; A. S. C. E.; Seiiior Informal Committee; Interfraternity Council (4): Inter-Professional Fraternity Council; Captain. Uni- versity Brigade (4) George Billings Hewitt -illon Commerce Commerce and Law Delta Tau Delta Sophomore Intramural Manager; The lllio (2) United States Naval Academy; Shurlleff College Winifred Harkeb Hewitt. CurWi( a e Fine and Applied Arts Music (;ulf Park CollcBC Charles Ward Henson Urbana Ceramic Engineering Phalanx; Tau Nu Tau; Pershing Rifles; American Ceramic Society; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (3) Raymond Jay Heydecker ff ' aukegan Mechanical Engineering Scabbard and Blade; Tau Nu Tau; First Lieutenant. University Brigade (4) Page Si -7 9eniOR Cmssof 1933 Helen Harriet Hickman WestviUe Milton Edward Hlava Ciceru Education Journalism French Kappa Tau Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma: Gamma Thela Phi; Chi Omega Alpha Zeta Pi Stephens College; University of Missouri The Daily Illini (1, 2); Inler8ch.)la6tii: Circus (1) Honors Day (1, 2, 3) George Marshall High berg. .. Don uiV e John Alexander Hoblit Atlanta Commerce . General Agriculture Accountancy, Banking and Finance Psi Upsilon Honors Day (1) Walton School of Commerce Uno Theodore Hill Pontiac Mich. John R. Hodge Peekskill, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Freshman Varsity Football Squad Crane College Commerce General Business Men ' s Glee Club (2); Varsity Soccer Squad (2, 3, 4); Cast, " Castles in the Air " (3) Francis Marion Hilliard. Commerce Accountancy Delta Upsilon Accountancy Club . Chicago Ielen Elizabeth Hinckley Belleville Liberal Arts and Sciences French Le Cercle Frangais Illinois College IL Theodore Hinkel. . . Kansas City, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistrv Alpha Chi Sigma Donald Stearnes Hobbel Chicago Journalism Chi Psi Ma-Wan-Da: Sachem: Associate Business Manager, The Daily Illini (I): Skull and Crescent; The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3); Interfraternily Council ( 1) Winifred Natalie H an Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences French Helen VN|;, Kansas City Junior College RJORIE HoHENGARTEN University City, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Phi Mil Gold Feathers; W. X. A.; Gamma Alpha Chi; The Illio (1, 2, 3): First Council. Woman ' s League (i) William Wright Hinshaw. . . Bloomington Electrical Engineering Pi Tali Pi Sigma; Synton; Phalanx; A. I. E. E.; Captain, University Brigade (4) Edward Arthur Holcomb Sycamore Commerce Accountancy Delta Phi Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Iota Epsilon; Accountancy Club; Men ' s Glee Club (I, 2. 3, 4); Star Course (2) Phalanx Freshman Award Mervin Francis Hinton Fisher General Agriculture Alpha Tau Alpha; Hexapoecia Illinois State Normal University Ruby Mae Holden . . . . iioiit i Wilmington Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Lambda Omega S . A. A.; Iota Sigma Pi; The Daily Illini (I, 2); Volley ball (3) Honors Day (I, 2) Page S2 T SeniOR CmsScf 1933 llo«.VUI VI ILI.IAM HORNEY. .(irovi-r llill,()lliii Physical Education Mll.llKKI) M VHIK lloi.ic.KY Oiininn Kducation Chemistry Sigma Kappa Irtia Signiii Pi Honors n.ny (1. 2. 31 X f. Marion Nancy Holloway ChUago Vi ii.uam Marshall HoRonnz Liberal Arts and Sciences ' ' ' " " ' ' ' ' ' " ' " ' - ' ' " ' ■ History Fine and Applieo .Arts rr,, . ,T -1 , Architecture I liela Upsilon Minor lA; W. A. A.; Janiesonian Literary Society; Llelta r l Anonian Literary Society; Inter-Literary Council; Xau Beta Pi; Garfiovie; Sigma Tau; Fine Artn C iun -i) Soccer (2. 3, t);Track (2): Bowling 131; Ping Pong (3); (3, 4); Fine Arts Ball Committee (3, 4) Iniversity Chorus (3); Student Cabinet. Pilgrim Honors Day (2. 3, 4) toundatmn (3, 4J Arthur George Holstein, Jr Richard Evan Horrall Rockford Burlington. luiia Education Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Chemistry Sigma Phi Sigma Psi Upsilon Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Tau Sigma; Freshman ,. . . , . c;i 11 J - . Varsity Swimming Squad; Interfraternity Council (3); Dance Superv.s.on Committee t); Skull and Crescent; Captain, University Brigade (4) Scabbard and Blade; The Illio (1); Illinois Union h . Cabinet (3); Board of Directors, Illinois Union (4); Captain, University Brigade (4) John Herbert Holstein. Bur ington, Iowa Alice Emma Hough Mazon General Engineering Education Psi LTpsilon Mathematics Tu-Mas: Skull and Crescent; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Xi Delta President, Sophomore Class; Sophomore Intramural Janiesonian Literary Society; Life Saving Club; Manager; Junior Prom Committee; Interfraternity y._., , ,jjf| ,j, , (j, 3); The Daily Illini (2); Couiicd (4); First Lieutenant, University Brigade ( 1) y , c. A. Cabinet (3); May Fete (3) University of Denver Fred Hepworth Hookham, . . OaA- Park Ei.don Eugene Houghton Atlanta Fine and Applied Arts General Agriculture Architecture Tan Kappa Epsilon Alpha Zeta; Tribe of Illini; Palaestra; Alpha Tau Alpha; Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad; Varsity Wrestling Squad (2), Letter (3) Honors Day (2, 3) Thomas Roscoe Hopkins Champaign Irene Marie Howell Joliet Commerce Liberal Arts .4nd Sciences General Business English Delia Sigma Phi Bethany Circle The Daily Illini (1. 2); First Regimental Band (I, 2, 3) . nonian Literary Society; Hockey (3) Joliet Junior College Erwin Robert Horash Chicago Kathleen Mary Howell Champaign Commerce Liberal Arts and Sciences General Business Political Science Delta Chi Alpha Omicron Pi „ , „ ■ I- t „ o J I- u V ■. Torch- Alpha Lambda Delta; Gold Feathers; Orange Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Freshman Varsity ' j b „e ?,,a,hers; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet {3, 4) Baseball .S«iuad llonorB Day (I. 2) Wallace Richard Hornby. ...Oak Park Paul Eugene Howey Tusrolo Commerce Agriculture General Business Agricultural Education Sigma Nu Alpha Gamma Rho First Lieutenant, University Brigade (2) Alpha Tan Alpha; Agricultural Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Agricultural Kducalion Club Page S3 ( f CmsSof 1933 Mary Louise Hoy Huntley Mary Lee Hurt Liberal Arts and Sciences Education French Home Economics Alpha Phi Anunian Literar Society; The Illio (2) Lindenwood Coilese . Barry Phi L ' psilon Omicron; Home Economics Club: Studenl Council, Wesley Foundation (4) Culver-Stockton College Merle Emanuel Hubka Oak Park Robert Bohumil Hurt Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Civil Engineering History A. S. C. E. John Joseph Huck Granite City George Hampton Hyde Earlville Mechanical Engineering General Agriculture Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Xu Tau; Phalanx; Independent Chi Beta Council (2, 3); First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) Paul McClure Hudelson Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Delta Sigma Phi Pierrots; Sophomore Baseball Manager; Senior Informal Committee; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (t) Francis Edward Hyson Streator Education Industrial Education Phi Kappa Skull and Crescent; The Siren (1, 2); Freshman Cap Burning Committee Betty Lou Hughes Rockford Journalism Chi Omega Kappa Tau Alpha; Mask and Bauble; Theta Sigma Phi; Alethenai Literary Society; The Illio {!); Siren (I, 2); First Council, Woman ' s League (4); Sophomore Cotillion Committee; Junior Protu Committee; Journalism Council (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4) Bradford Acadetny Cornell Anthony Imming 4viston Commerce Banking and Finance Phalanx; Cavalry Officers ' Club; University Polo Association; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) -..fKt Sara Margaret Hughes Harvey Liberal Arts and Sciences English Kappa Kappa Gamma Torch; Phi Beta Kappa; Alethenai Literary Society; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4) Robert Clive Ingersoll Chicago Commerce Banking and Finance Hiis Sophomore Ftjotball Manager; Board " of Directors, Illinois Union (3) University of Alabama ' V Esther Willmina Hurd Pearl City Education Latin V. A. A,; Hockey (1, 4); Volleyball (1, 2) Honors Day (2, 3) John Spencer Ingles. . Lee ' s Summit. Mo. Railway ' Mechanical Engineering Railway Club; Varsity Fencing Squad (3. 4) Kansas City Junior Ci llege Lucille Hurn Olney Commerce General Business Alpha Gamma Delta Mortar Board; Torch; President of Woman ' s League (1); Student Council (4); Gold Feathers; Shi-Ai; Orange and Blue Feathers; Phi Chi Theta; Y.W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Chairman, Supervision Committee. ' . W. C. A. Doll Show (3); Chairman, Reception Committee, Y " . W. C. A. (2); Y. W. C. A. Chairman of (;„l,l Feathers (2); The Daily Illini (I, 2); Sophomore lufonnal Committee Howard Neill Inwood Chicago Electrical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi A. 1. K. E.; Technograph (2, 3); Interfratcrnity Council (4) Crane College Pagr S4 lOR CwSSof 1933 Alice Li ' CETTA Irelano Oak Park William Bahhett Jacobs Cliiraf o LiiiEKAL Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences French I ' oliliral Science Gamma Pbi Beta Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Lambda Delta; Alethenai Literary Society; The Signia Delta Chi; Phi Alpha Chi;Thc Daily IlliiiKl, 2); Daily mini l); Siren (2) Junior News Ktlitor (3); Axe Grinders Hall Com- mittee (4) Margaret Evelyn Jacobson „ , „, . Birniineham, Ala. Marion Gertrude Irrmann Chicago . . „ " Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences „ , bpeech French gig 1,3 -pa,, Gamma Phi Beta Mortar Board; Torch; Gold Feathers; Orange anil «. r . ni • 1 - -I wr ' T Ml. Kluc Feathers; Sigma Delta Phi; Pi Fpsilnn Delta; P, Delta Ph.; F.rst Council, Romans League (l); | and Bauble; Production Manager. " Castles in Siren (1,2. .i); Pan-Hcllenic Council (4) j Alr " (3); Homecoming Stunt Show (3); General lIonors Day (3) Manager, Homecoming Stunt Show (4). Women ' s League Show (4); Publicity Chairman. Homecoming Committee (3J; Corresponding Secretary. Woman ' s League (4); Cast, " Cradle Song " (2). " Behold This I Dreamer " (2), " See Naples and Die " (3). " H.II.K. ' ' (3), " Butter and Egg Man " ( 4). Union Minstrel Show Dorothy Louise Iuncerich. . . .Champaign (L 2, 3, 4) Liberal Arts and Sciences " " " " ' ' ' ' ' French Stephen James Jepfery „ , . St. Catharines, Can. Orchesis MacMiirray College ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Armour Institute of Technology Harriet Marie Iverson River Forest Arthur Ralph Jennings Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences History Chemistry Delta Delta Delta Alpha Chi Sigma Gold Feathers; Shi-Ai; Orange and Blue Feathers; Hlinois Wesleyan University; Northwestern University Chairman. Publicity Committee, Orange and Blue Feathers Adrian Johansson Cliicago Gene Clair Jackson Danville Commerce Fine and Applied Arts General Business Architectural Engineering Cavalry Officers ' Club: Illini Glider Club;Accountancy Club; El Circulo Literario de Espaiiol; Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad; Varsity Wrestling Squad (2); ' iH soMtd ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ■ ' ' First Lieutenant, University Bri- ' jgn gade (4) Helen Rubydean Jacobs OIney Liberal Arts and Sciences History Aeolia Gold Feathers; Anonian Literary Society; Women ' s Cosmopolitan Club Mamie Jacobs Chicago Education Public School Music William Jacobs South Holland Commerce Commerce and Law Kappa Delta Rho The lllio (2); Captain, University Brigade (4f Barbara Ann Johnson Champaign Education Art Kappa Alpha Theta University of Colorado Christabel Beatrice Johnson. . . Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Alpha Kappa Alpha El Circulo Literario de Espanol Dorothy Esther Johnson Oak Park Education History- Alpha Chi Omega Gold Feathers; Orange and Blue Feathers; Orchesis; The lllio (1. 2), Woman ' s Editorial Assistant (3) Page Ss =- 9eniOR CiQSSofmi Evelyn Johnson, f Chicago Alfred Hanbv Jones Robinson Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences SociologY Pre-Legal Gamma Phi Beta = Upsilon - , , t " I L?i - • i-L • r _ _ J oi Sophomore Manager, lllini Theatre Guild; arsitv trold Feathers; hl-Al; Chairman, Orange and Blue „ » " . . . - Feathers {2j; Orange and Blue Feathers Track Squad (3- ■ ' Frances Morris Johnson Chicago Jean Joy Jones Rose Hill Liberal Arts and Sciences Education English ' Industrial Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sigma Mu Sigma V.W.C.A. Cabinet (4); Chairman. Y.W.C.A. Inter- Kappa Phi Kappa; Industrial Education Sociel Racial Committee (3) Harry Russell Johnson Oak Park Ralph Breen Jones Damiile Commerce Mining Engineering Industrial Administration Sigma Mu Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma A. I. M. E. Skull and Crescent Marian Rose Johnson Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpha Kappa Alpha Illinois Stale Norinai L ' niversity H Richard Evan Jones River Forest Mechanical Engineering Delta Phi Theta Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E. Honors Day (2. 3) Marjorie Aileen Johnson Chicago Virginia Maxine Jones Streator Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences English History Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi Thelma Jean Johnson Taylorville Liberal Arts and Sciences History Byron Benjamin Josi Chicago Ceramic Engineering Phi Mu Delta Theta Tau; Keramos; American Ceramic Society; The Illio (1, 2);Techno5raph (2, 3); Sophomore Footliall Manager; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3); First Regimental Band(l. 2, 3) University of Colorad » Jean Johnston Decatur Liberal Arts and Sciences English Delta Gamma Mortar Board; Torch; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dance Supervision Committee (4): Chairman, Gold Feathers Committee (3); General Chairman, Homecoming ' Committee (4); Shi-Ai Paul LeGrand Jolley U ' aukegan Commerce General Business Delta L ' psilon Pershing Rifles; Cavalry Officers ' Cluli; I niversily Polo Association; The Illio (1); Captain, University BriBadc (4) . Waukegan Joseph Joslun Education Economics Delia Sigma Lambda Northwestern University Marion Martha Jourdan Ouk Park Liberal Arts and Sciences German Kappa Delta Der Deutsche Verein; Pan-Hellenic Council (3) Page 86 eniOR CLflSSc l933 v a?. M Ml) .1 IKJKVUJI Lincnhi ISOI CAIION Latin Major I A; Minor 1 A; Gold Feathers; Treasurer. W . A. A. (1): Vollevliall t 1, 2, 3); Arelierv (2); Baseball (1.2. :t): llatKlliall (31; Deck Tennis (2, 3): Bowling(2); llckey (2. 3. H: W . A. A. Advisory Board (3, 1); May Fete (1, 3); Chairman. May Fete Costumes Committee (3J Lela JuTTON Milwauhee, Wis. Education History . ' Vlplia Chi Omega National Ctdlege of Education Mary Alberta Kabbes Champaign Education Commercial Subjects W ii.MviH ( K( iti:E Karnes Flossmoor Commerce Bunking and Finiiiifc I ' hi Gumma Delta Ma-Wan-Da; Sarhem; Beta (rainma Siftina; Phi Kta Si ' ina; .Seeretar -TrfaBurer. Student Couni-il (l); Editor-in-Chief, the Illioof 1933 (I); Band of ; Alpha Alpha Alpha; Aecountaney Cluh; The lllio(l,2, 3) Honors Day (1, 2. 3); University of Illinois .Scholarship Key (3) Ward Milton Karraker Mmind City Commerce Bantiing and Finance Phalanx; Cavalry Officers " Cluh; Pan Xenia; Accoun- tancy Club; Independent News (3); Independent Council (3, 4); Captain, University Brigade (I) Aaron Lawrence Karrel. . Brooklyn, N. V. Physical Education Scabbard and Blade University of Arizona. University of Alabama; Ohio .Slate University, Hunter College, Lewis Institute Harold Irving Kalde St. Louis, Mo. Mechanical Engineering a. s. m. e. Central College Norman Edgar Kasch, . . Commerce . Chicago General Business Independent Council 13). Treasurer (4); Senior In- formal Committee; Feature Editor, The Independent News (3); Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2) Crane College Anita Kalis St. Joseph, Mo. Education Public School Music Delia Phi Upsilon Mu Kappa . lpba; Arepo; Life Saving Cluh; University Orchestra (2. 3, 4); Women ' s Glee Club (2) St. Joseph Junior College Henrietta Louise Kamarit Pana Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Economics Loki Kenneth Earl Keene Commerce General Business Accountancy Club . Lima Ernestine BarbaIRa " Keller . griculture Home Economics Chi Omega Urbana Robert Crane Kammerer Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 4) TiHZAH Elizabeth Kane Piackneyville . gricultcre Howe Economics Gamma Phi Beta Mary Ruth Kellev Rockford Education Speech Theta Upsilon Jamcsonian Literary Society; Le Cercle Fran ais; Bowling (3); Ping Pong (31; May Fete (3) Rockford College Joseph Roy Kempston Oak Park Civil Engineering Triangle Chi Epsilon; A. S. C. E. ; Cavalry Officers ' Cluh; University Polo Association; Technograph (2); Sopho. more Manager, Circus and Wrestling; Horse Show (2, 3, 4); Captain University Brigade (4) Page $7 CinSSof 1933 Betty Jane Kendall ;. . Education English Phi Omega Pi Gregorian Literary Society; Siren {4) University of Chicago . Chicago Kathleen King Gulden Liberal Arts and Sciences Historv Kappa Kappa Gamma Raena Alice Kendall Chicago Di dley Johnson Kingman Aeoga Education Commerce Home Economics General Business Theta Upsilon Chi Tau Gold Featliers; Orange and Blue Feathers; Jamesonian Y. M- C. A. Cabinet (4); Cavalry Officers ' Cliih; First Literary Society; The Illio (11; Siren (3) ; Soccer (3) Lieutenant. University Brigade (4) Carl Melbourne Kennedy. . A ourirf Cily Paul Donald Kinnaman Flora Liberal Arts and Sciences Physical Education Chemical Engineering Phalanx; Military Ball Committee (4); Independent Council (3); Captain, University Brigade (4) Anne Louise Kenyon Elgin Warren Kinsey Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences Commerce French General Business Phi Mil Du . rv 1. Phi Gamma Uelta (Jold Feathers; Orange and Blue Feathers; The Daily mini (1, 2) Bradley Polytechnic Institute George Gus Kerasotes Springfield Frank Ervin Kinsinger Chenoa Commerce Liberal Arts and Sciences General Business Chemistry Accountancy Club; Le Cercle Frangais; The Daily Beta Kappa mini (1) 111- . w 1 IT ■ . Illinois Wesleyan Univereity , lice Harriet Kircher. . . .St. Louis, Mo. Physical Education Kappa Alpha Theta ' . A. a. : Junior Prom Committee Lindenwood College Mabel EulaKirkpatrick. Lone Tree, loua Liberal .Arts and Sciences Sociology Gamma Phi Beta Frances Shinier School Frederic Lockwood Ketcham . . . Chicago Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Scabbard and Blade; Tau ! u Tau; A. S. C. E.; Fresh- man Varsity Baseball Squad; First Lieutenant. University Brigade (4) Crane College Samuel McKennon Keys Lincoln Commerce Banking and Finance Delta Tau Delta mini Boaril tl Control; Tu-Mas; Skull and Crescent: Chairman Sophomore Cotillion Committee; Junior Prom Committee Margaret Lorraine Kincaid. . Champaign Liberal . rts and Sciences PsYchologY Alpha Kappa Delta Stanford University Clavborne Eugene Kisner orris City Journalism Phi Alpha Chi Page SS lOR CiQSSof 1933 Mah(; het I,yi)i a Ki.ann Chicago RiTii Kot.i.ER I ' tlmna HiiYsicAi. Education Commerce ( ' hicaco N«iriiial (_ ' ... Ilepc (icnoral Business I ' hi Clii Thela a -A Julius James Klingei.hofer Chicago Ruth Violet Kopeckv Cicero CoMMEBCB Education Accountancy History Chi rhl Janiesonian Literary Society; Y. W. C. A. Cahint-t (4) Freshman Varsity Soccer Squad; Varsity Sncrer Morton Junior College Squall (2) Theodore Gaillard Knappenbercer II . Lrbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Phi Kappa Sigma Tu-Mas; First Vice-President. Illinois Union (4); General Chairman. Dad ' s Day (3), Mothers ' Day (3). Homecoming ( t); Board of Directors of Illinois Union (4); Illinois I ' nion Cabinet (3); Freshman Varsity Track Squad; Freshman Frolic Committee; Sophomore Cotillion Committee;Junior Prom Committee; Summer Prom Committee (3); Second Regimental Band (1. 2); Cast, " Remote Control " (3); Interfraternity Council (3, 4) Norma Jean Knoppel Chicago Education Geography Chicago Normal College John Henry ' Kott Chicago Physical Education Sigma Phi Epsilon Scabbard and Blade: Delta Theta Epsilon; Tribe of lUini; Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad; Varsity Baseball Squad (2); Freshman Varsity Soccer Squad; Varsity Soccer Letter (2, 3); Lieutenant-Colonel. University Brigade { tj Hazelton Prize Military Medal (1) Francis Vincent Koval. . . Boonton. A ' . J. Journalism Phi Pi Phi Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Alpha Chi; The Daily Illini (I, 2); Junior News Editor (3); Axe Grinder ' s Ball Committee (4) Russell Olyn Knudson Morris General Agriculture Independent Council (3. 4); First Lieutenant, Univer- sity Brigade (4) Anthony Pontilutious Ko anic. .Cicero Commerce Commercial Teaching Sigma Chi Sigma Freshman Varsity Soccer Squad; Varsity Soccer Squad (4); Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad; Varsity Wrestling Squad (4) Morton Junior College Orville Frank Kocour Chicago Alfred Peter Kozacik U hiting. Ind. Commerce Liberal Arts and Sciences Industrial Administration Chemistry Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad Harry Conrad Koenigsmark . . . (Toter oo Irving Hildreth Kraft Park Ridge Beta Alpha P» Commerce Acccountancy Accountancy Club Commerce Accountancy Phi Sigma Kappa Accountancy Club fMM Philip Crimmons Kolb .. Rochester, A. Commerce General Business Chi Phi Interfraternity Council (3, 4) James Leonard Kraft Commerce General Business Theta Chi Alpha Kappa Psi . ff ' ilmette Page So CiQSSof 1933 Edward Albert Kramer. . . Madison, ff is. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Psi Upsilon Freshman Var(?il Crost ' Country Squad Milton Sidney Kramer. . . Commerce Accountancy Independent Council (4) . Chicago i ' ; I Robert William Krebs Greenville Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Sipnia Tan; Der Deutsche Verein; A. I. C. E. ; Men ' s Glee Club (I, 2); University Chorus (1. 2); First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) Honors Day 1, 2 Thomas David Kruzic Cicero Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A. I. C. E. Morton Junior College Blanche Marie Kubalek Braidwood Physical Education Lambda Omega Mortar Board; Torch; President. W. A. A. (4); Student Council (4); Major lA; Minor lA; W. A. A.; P. E. Major Club; Life Saving Club; Orchesis; Track (1. 2); Baseball (2); Soccer (1.2, 3); Apparatus (1, 2, 3. 4): Volleyball (1, 2. 3. 41; Bowling (3. 4); Hockey (4); May Fete (3); Pan-Hellenic Council Max Louis Kuehnert Crystal Lake Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Sigma Alpha Epsilon Cavalry Officers ' Club; Millini (4); Freshman Var- sity Football Squad; Military Council (4); Captain, University Brigade (4), Brigade Adjutant (4) John Henry Krenkel Waynesville Education History Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Epsilon; Wesley Players; Student Council, Wesley Foundation (4 ; Interscbolastic Circus (2, 3) Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ' Fred Harold Kruger Olympia Fields Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Delta Sigma Phi Scarab Thornton Juni tr College Leslie August Krumdick. . . co.vimerce General Business Morttm Junior College . Berwvn Martin Jacob Kujala DeKalb Commerce General Business Sigma Delta Psi; Accountancy Club; Freshman Varsity Golf Squad; Varsity Baseball Squad (2. 4,) Frank Bernard Kuntz Straun Physical Education Tau Delta Tau . lpha Tau Sigma; Pershing Rifles; Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad; Varsity Baseball St|uad (2); Captain, University Brigade (4) Helen Blanche Kurt, (Mrs.). Champaign Fine and .Applied .Arts A us if Mu Kappa Alpha; Arepo; University Orchestra 1,1. 2, 3. 4); School of Music Operas (2, 3, 4) Heeren Samuel Kruse Cape Girardeau, Mo. Fine and . pplied Arts Architecture Alpha Rho Chi Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Tan Nn Tau; Bard and Scribe; B. A. I. D.; Siren (3, 4); Varsity Fencing Squad (3); Cheerleader (2. 3); Faculty Re- ception Coniniittee; Senior Informal Committee; Infraternily Council; Captain University Brigade (4) John Frank. Kruzic Cicero Electrical Engineering . I. E. E. ; Eta Kappa Psu Morton Junior College Robert Frederick La Baiin General Agriculture First Lieutenant. University Brigade (4) Ecanston Ladd CI icago Commerce Accountancy Delia Upsil on T i-Mas; ic Dai Skull v mini an (1 d Crescent; A 2) ccount ancy Club; Page QO seniOR CiQSSofmi IIkiiiiekt Sol LAK1 Chimpa iniu it I)ii.i,i n Leaslire i ' Jitimii(iiu.u _ , _ — Liberal Arts AND Sciences Commerce ( ' hemislrv CcncrnI Business I ' reBhiiiail Var!.lt) SwimmiiiB Squad; Varsity Swim- I Ofilta Tliela Flli mine Sniiad (2. 31; ImiepenHcnt Council ,(4}» Senior . , luformal Conunitt.-.. x | " ' " l ' " ' ' ' ' " ' " ' ' ) Iv I r mm Verla M arie LampeH ' J. 4lion Robert Nathan Leavitt Chiingu Education Electrical Engineering 0C History A. I. E. E. Alpha Chi Omega C " ne College Stephens _Colle{ie llP B f • ' • Vernon Otto LANDMEiER..4r ifigton Heig i s Charles Wesley Lee Champaign If J .JB General Agriculture Liberal Arts and Sciences I ' " • ' 13 Alpha Gamma Rho Philosophy Freshman ' arsit ' Cross Country Squad; Freshman Delta Tail Delta Varsity Track Squad Student Assistant Director; Wesley Foundation (4) Elmhurst College DePauw University P j Ralph Eldon Lane Lrbana Harry Quong Hong Lee Chicago W Liberal Arts and Sciences Railway Engineering ■rl Y Mathematics Tau Nu Tau; A. S. C. E.; Railway Club; Chinese Jfe_ I ,., „ I- „■ ,, c- 1 Du- IT c- I- Students ' Club; First Lieutenant, University Brig- 1. — m. - f " Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; First ■% ,, a4L I f A Regimental Band (1, 2. 3;; Men ' s Glee Club (2, I); ' " ' ' k Interscholastic Cirrus (2. 3, 4) La kl Honors William Howard Lang Smithshire T illiam Oliver Lee Chicago Commerce Commerce Industrial Administration Banking and Finance Tail Kappa Epsilon Delia Alpha Epsilon Coast Artillery Club; Major, University Brigade (4) Illini Chamber of Commerce; First Regimental Band (2, 3,); Concert Band (4) Crane College Richard Sherrard Langman . i?ocA- Island George Kapp Leisenring Springfield Civil Engineering Commerce Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Chi Epsilon; A. S. C. E. General Business r » Augusta College Sigma Chi Scabbard and Blade; Caisson Club: Major. I niversity Brigade (4) ,. Charles John Lazio Morrison Ruth Etta Leitch Bethany Liberal Arts and Sciences Education l- ' Pre-Legal English , W B|k1 ' I PP " Blackburn College ' — . Bt University of Chicago; University of Notre Dame iiLLHM Leader Chicago Ellen Barbara Lemke La Grange Fine and Applied Arts Physical Education Architectural Eneineerine, Torch; Major lA: W. A. A.; Gamma Alpha Chi; c " ¥ Crane CollCKe _ ,„ 1 L. t- Honors Day (2) Page 91 - SeniOR CLflSS(f 1933 iK l- Blanche Lentz. . .§. Carbondale Eugene Walter Libner Chicago Liberal Art AND Sciences Physical Education History Delta Sigma Pei; Fresliman Varsity Track Squad (2) Pi Beta Phi Southern Illinois State Normal University Freshman Varsity Snccer Squad; Varsity Traclv Squad (4); Varsity Soccer Squad (3) Anne Lessner Kansas City, Mo. Sidney Ben Lifschultz Chicago Education Commerce Commercial Subjects - Industrial Administration Senior Invitations Committee Tau Epsilon Phi Kansas City Junior College Dorothy Redina Levin Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpha Epsilon Phi The Daily Illini (1, 2); Siren (1); Secretary and Treas urer, Pan-Hellenic Council (2): President (3J; Junior Prom Coniniittee Evelyn Levin. . Chicago Education German Crane College George Clayton Lindsay- Eldorado Commerce General Business Delta Sigma Lambda mini Chamber of Commerce: Accountancy Club; Men 8 Glee Club (3). Secretary (4) Harold Eugene Line Gerlaiv General Agriculture Farm House Alpha Tau Alpha; Tribe of lllini; Agricultural Club; Field and Furrow; Freshman Varsity Cross Country Squad; Varsity Cross Country Letter (2. 3, l): Fresh- man Varsity Track Squad; Varsity Track Squad (2, 3) Jules Levine Chicago Education Biology Delta Theta Epsihm; Kappa Phi Kappa; Varsity Soccer Squad {3) Honors Day (1. 2) Crane College Catherine Geraldine Lewis Indianapolis, Ind. Education English Alpha Xi Delta Torch; Chairman. Woman ' s League Freshman Edu- cation Committee (3); Minor I-A; W. A. A.; Gold Feathers; Orange and Blue Feathers; Alpha Sigma Nu; Hockey Numerals (2); Production Staff, " See Naples and Die " , " R. U. R. " (3), " Church Mouse " , " Butter and Egg Man " (4) Clarence Harmon Lewis Sesser Electrical Engineering .A, I. E. E. ; Captain. University Brigade (4) Doris Alice Lisenby W ' eldon Liberal Arts and Sciences French Alpha Lambda Delta; Le Cercle Fran ais; Honors Day (1, 2, 3) Harry Dean Litt Bloomington Commerce General Business Sigma Chi Sachem; Alpha Delta Sigma; Band of X; Tu-Mas; The Illio (1, 2). Junior Manager (3); Interfraternity Council (4) Billie Nabo Little. . Evanston Education Home Economics Delta Zeta Home Economics Club; Illini Grange; Inter-Literary Council; Jamisonian Literary Society; Anonian Liter- ary Society Julia Mary Lewis Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences French Pi Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta; The Daily Illini (1); t omen ' s Glee Club llj Honors Day (1, 2. 3) . L rbana Robert Ma. well Little. . . Commerce Accountancy Beta Theta Pi Phi Eta Sigiua; President. Interfraternity Council; Tu-Mas; Skull and Crescent: Freshmen Frolic Com- mittee; Sophomore Cotillion Committee; Junior Prom Committee Page Q2 -T SeniOR CLflSSc l933 1 VRK Di ' NiiAM Littler i rhona Jevnette Kathkyn Loveless, . . . Sullivan Commerce Liiieral Arts aivd Sciences .ittounlaiicY History neln Gamma Sigma; t ' lii Ela Sigma; Beta Alpha Pei; ccnuntancy Club; Cast. " Trial by Jury " (3); Student t Mincii. Wesley J- ounilation (l); Men ' s Glee Club 1 1, 2, 3. 4) Honors Day (I, 2, 3) II Edna Doris Lively. . ' Matto Agriculture Home Economics Orange antl Blue Feathers; Home Economics Cluli Charles Elmer Logan Centralia Journalism Alpha Chi Rho Chief Editorial Writer, The Daily llhni (4); Sigma Delta Chi: JMii Alpha Chi; The Daily Illini (2. 3); Journalism Council (4); First Regimental Band (2, 3. 4) Viestern Illinois State Teachers College Margaret Fyfe Lowe. . . Education French Delta Delta Delta Women ' s Glee Club (3, 4) Beloit College Donald Verne Luby Commerce Public Utilities Alpha Sigma Phi ■tlgfintjuin . Hoopeston Im Charles Burton Long Mt. Carmel Walter Gustav Luedke Chatham Railway Engineering General Agriculture Synton; Railway Club Agricultural Club; Hoof and Horn Club Illinois College Donald .4lanson Long Peoria. Electrical Engineering A.I. E. E. Bradley Pol technie Institute F-4NNYE Mae Lurie Hammond, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology University of Chicago Le Roy Long Mt. Auburn Esther Louise Lusk Grays Lake Education Agriculture Mathematics Home Economics Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Phi Kappa; Plli Omega Pi Kappa Delta Pi ■ n I, u r» I o o 1- • r in- ..; u i Illini Grange; Home Economics Club Honors Day (1, , 3); L niversity ol Illinois Schol- arship Key (3) Lenore Jean Lorimer IT ' innetka Elmer Carl Luther Lake Forest Liberal . rts and Sciences French Beta Sigma Omicron Gold Feathers; Le Cercle Francais; The Illio (3) Commerce Accountancy Theta Nu Epsilon Harold Bhonson Louderb. ck. Commerce General Business Sigma Phi Sigma Illinois Slate Normal Tniversity Pontiac Marv Zelenda Luther Wilmington Fine and . pplied . rts Music Phi Beta; Women ' s Glee Club (2, 3, 4); University Chorus (1, 2, 3. 4); Student Council. Wesley Foun- dation (4); Cast, " H. M. S. Pinafore " (2). " Yeomen of the Guard " (4) Page 93 -T SeniOR CLASS cf 1933 Robert Henry Luther Berwvn Glady ' S Mildred McBride Penria Commerce Journalism General Business Loki Morton Junior tlollege Alceslis; The Dailj Illini ' H Bradley Polvterlinir Institute r B Albert Vern Lutton Kankakee Qxto Lloyd McBride Tulsa,Okla. - -«S ' %t ; Agriculture General Engineering ■ Economics Tan Kappa Epsilon t Acacia Theta Tau; A. I. S. C; University Polo Association l ..f Skull and Crescent; Agricultural Clul»: Interfraternity mP H , 1 Council .iM mm Donald Withers Lyddon Rockford Charles Edward McBurney, Jr. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Fine and Applied Arts Pre-Medical Architecture Chi Beta Delta Alpha Ej)silon L JT Captain, Lniversily Brigade (I) Scarab; Technograph (t) L ' Crane College JP» m I H Morgan James Lynge Lrbana Dorothy Grace McCabe Chicago r P Fine and Applied Arts Liberal Arts and Sciences fc| " 1p- ' -Architectural Engineering Speech W. IB Delta Zeta k " Kr Gold Feathers; Bard and Scrihe; The Daily Illini (1); t ■ . K . f ' " ' " Council, Woman ' s League (4); Senior Informal ■jr H Bm Committee; Faculty Keception Committee; Production W H p% H Staff; " Castles the Air " (3); Pan-Hellenic Coun- Raymond Thomas Lynge Lrbana illiam Thomas McCabe Ponliac Civil Engineering Commerce Mu San; A. S. C. E. Accountancy Purdue University Independent News (I); Independent Council (4) t . Grand Rapids College Dorothy Mae Lyon Indianapolis, Ind. William Edward McCauley .... Carlinrille General Education Agriculture Alpha Omicron Pi Entomology Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Zeta; Hexapoecia; Agricultural Club; Capta.n. l_ niversitv Brigade (i) ? " A. " " " " Lniversity jl,,_ . g, , , _. , , i.„i „»ity John Uaugherity McAdams, Jr tlton Howe Elliott McClure Decatur Journalism Liberal . rts and Sciences Delia Phi Entomology- Phi Alpha Chi; Illustrators; Interfraternity Council {.i) pj j jj .,., Kappa; Phi Sigma; Inlcrscholaalic Circus (2) ir - iX Honors Day (1, 2, 3) mk jf k r lH ' ' " ' ' AULEY Fores Park ] ow ell Roy McConnell Bedftrn hHF i|H K ' ' 1 Education Commerce ■P X ar L 4 | Bolany Commerce and Lau- K; - ItM. BV k e t3i Zela Alpha Tati Omega W " k. ■ 1 ' H Linnean Botany Society; Illinois Agriculturist (3); p Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma f ' r B H4„. H . Briculture Council (t); Agricultural Club; Aiioniau ■ m H BSj H H Literarv Society; Jaraesonian Literary Society; Horti- ' • M 1 H Grange; Page ot CmSSof 1933 George Vi ili.iam Mct oKMicK. . East St. LduU Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Lt ' gal l)» ' Ila Sipina Rho; Phi Alpha Urita; Senior Informal; arsily Debate Team til) Honors Dnj- (2, 3) k FoRENCE Vi ' lNIFRED McCoY . ■ Education 1 English ' ■ ' Alpha Xi Delta i M Park Colleee X iNiFRED Alma McCue. . Education English . Chicago Heights Mll.l.MII) SVMIEI. McGlKFlN tHilott (Commerce Hanking anil Finann- Tliola Upsiloii ()nicj;a I ' hi Kta Sif;nia; Alpha Kappa P»i; Act-oiinlaney Chih; Chairman. Jniii ir I ' rotu ( ' ommiltee; Star (lonrne (2); Sopiioinorc informal ( ioniniit Ice; Interfraternily Council ( i) Honors Day (I, 2) Mary Ellen McKee C.tmniitaign General Education Kappa Kappa Gamma . Eldorado Southern Illinois State Normal University John Ahd McCullough. . . , Commerce Accountancy Beta Alpha I ' si; Acronntancy Club llcmors Day (1, 2) . Chicago . Chicago Paul Edwin McDonald Commerce G eneral Business Phi Kappa Sigma Skull and Creseenl; Sophomore Track Manager; Interfralernity Council {U Philip Vt illiam McDowell Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Sigma Pi Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia; Varsity Track Squad (2. 3. 4); Concert Band (1, 2. 3, 4); University Orchestra (1, 2) Mildred Lucile McGraw Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences French Le CercIe ' Frangais Honors Day (2) Gerald C;arrison McGrew idair Journalism The Daily mini (2, 3); Siren (4); Summer Prom Com- mittee (3) Western Illinois State Teachers College; James fillikin I niversity MaryFrances McKelvey Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Economics Chi Omega Mask and Bauble; Aletbenai Literary Society; Phi I ' psilun Omicron; Sigma Delta Phi; Oniicron Nil; Production Manager, Illini Theatre Guild (2, 3); Production Manager. Y. W. C. A. Stunt Show (3); Representative of Mask and Bauble on Illini Cuild (4) Ward-Belmont College Richard Llewellyn McKnight. . . Oblong Commerce Accountancy Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Sigma Iota Epsilon; Accountancy Club Honors Day (1. 2, 3) Charles Daniel Macmillan. . . .Hi»is( a e Liberal Arts and Sciences History Delia Upsilon Sachem; The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3) H R McNeely Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Acacia Bradley Polytechnic Institute Ruth Ann McPueron Jerseyvilte Liberal Arts and Sciences French Gold Feathers; Le Ccrcle Franjais; F.l Cireulo Literario de Espanol; The lllio (2); Women ' s Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Production Staff. " Courts and .Appeals " (2) MacMurray College Berniece Kathryn McTaggart Champaign Education Mathematics Eastern Illinois State Teachers College Pa 95 -T SeniOR CLflSS(f 1933 Alexander Macreff Lrbana Liberal Arts and Sciences French El Circulo Liternriii lie F.epanol; Le Cercle Fran ais Cmarles Kenneth Mader Mt. I ' ernim Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. Southern IlIinoiB State Normal University LvLE Mary Mamer Lrbana Education Home Economics The Daily Tllini (1. 2, 3); Home Economics Club Daniel Joseph Manning Manhattan Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Tau Nu Tau; Phalanx; A. I. C. E. : Captain. Lniv- ersity Brigade (4) Joliet Junior College Harry Stanley Mager Tinley Park Commerce General Business Phi Mu Delia Crane College Alfred Helmlth von Manzke. . . .Chicago Education Theta Upsilon Omega Der Deutsche V ' erein Crane College; Llniversitv of Vl ' isconsin; University of Heidelberg Arthur Stephen Magner Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration Phi Pi Phi Interfraternity Council (4) Sigmund Francis Malan Chicago Electrical Engineering A. 1. E. E. Crane College Albert Emmett Marien St. Louis, Mo. Commerce Commerce and Law Delta Phi Pierrots; The Illio (2); Production Manager. Illinois Union Stunt Show (3, 4); Production Staff, " Hansel and Grelel " (3); Cast, " Steppin ' West " (2) Washington University Warren Daniel Marshall Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Chi Rho Scarab; Daubers: Siren (1, 2); Sophomore Track Manager; Freshman Frolic Committee Johanna Malandrone Herrin Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medical Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Chi Chi Chi; Phi Kappa Epsilon; Student Council, Wesley Foun- dation (3, 4) Omega Beta Pi Scholarship Cup Charles Patrick Martin Bridgeport Education Industrial Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Industrial Education Society Blackburn Cidlege Robert Frederick Maley. Education Speech . Calesburg Phi Kappa Tau Pierrots; Mask and Bauble; Kappa Phi Sigma; Cavalry Officers ' Club; Chairman. Illini Theatre Guild Board of Control (4); Cast, " Beggar on Horseback " U). Minstrel Show (1, 2, 3), Stunt Show (2), " Steppin ' West " (2), " It Never Raine " (2), " Castles in the Air " (3), Illini Follies (3); Production Staff " See Naples and Die " (3), " R. U. R. " (3), " Wotta Racket ' ; (3), " Butter and Egg Man " (4); Interfraternity Coun- cil (3, 4); First Lieutenant, University Brigade { V) Harold Henry Malottke... Commerce General Business Theta Kappa Nu Crane College .Chicago Mary Jane Martin Mason City Education English Thela L psilon Cold Feathers; Orange and Blue Feathers: The Illio (2); Inter-Literary Council; Anonian Literary Society; (iregorian Literary Society; El Circulo Literario de Espaiiol; May Fete (1. 3): Production Staff, " The Black Flamingo " (2), " Behold This Dreamer " (2), " The Cradle Song " (2), " Remote Control " (3), " R. U. K. " (3), " Castles in the Air " (3), " Wotta Racket " (3); Homecoming Stunt Show (3); Y. W, C. A. Doll Show (3) Perry .A.ndy Martinson Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Delta Chi Sophomore Track Manager; Freshman Varsity Base- ball Squad; A. I. C. E. Page q6 I OR CiQSSof 1933 Alice Dokotiiv Mast Quinry Hii.ofi ' John May Agriculture Voriciilture Home Ecimomics Dairy Husbanflrv Chi Omega Alpli;i rt;i; Dairy ' reciiiii l ;- Sor-icly Phi lipslloll Oiiiitroii; Home Kcon. mi.-9 Cluli; Illlni " " n " r» Day (1, 2. :i) (iriiMge; Woilian ' r Biisiiiess Manager. Illiniiis Agriciil- liiriHt (1); Senior Informal Coinniittee Irliiifitiiii ' ii Casper Leo Mast, Jr. . . . Quincy Donald Marion M ayne •; Pas,, General Agriculture p, E and Applied Arts Phi Ka])( a I an Architectural Engineering, Illinois ABriciilturist (2. 3); The Daily Illini (1); Uni- Alpha Rho Chi Tau Nil Tau; Thelllio (1); First Licnlenant, University Brigade ii) verBity Rifle Team (1, 2) . El Paso Illinois State Normal University Frederick William Mast Quincy Orrion Robert Mayne Fine and Applied Arts General Agriculture Architectural Engineering Alpha Gamma Rho Sigma Phi Epsilon Agricultural Club Tall Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Gargoyle; Theta Tau; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Tau Nu Tau; Star Course (2); 1 nlerfraternity Council (3); Lieu- tenant-Colonel. University Brigade (4) Gargoyle Freshman Award (IJ; Scarab Medal (3) Joseph Valentine Matella Chicago John Pitney Mead Augusta Commerce Liberal Arts and Sciences Accountancy Pre-Legal Beta Alpha Psi; Accountancy Club; Captain. Uni- pjjj JJelta Thela ersity Brigade (4) Honors Day (2, 3) Frederick Rognald Matson, Jr. . . Chicago Ceramic Engineering Lamhda Chi Alpha Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Keramos; American Ceramic Society; Archaelogia; First Regimental Band (1, 2, 3); Interfraternity Council (4) Honors Dav ( 1. 2, 3); Universitv of Hlinois Scholarship Key (3) Varsity Baseball Squad (2); Production Staff. " VCotta Racket " (4) Arthur Veness Meadors Mazon General Agriculture Sigma Mu Sigma Alpha Tall Alpha Bonita Clara MATTrfE " Ws. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Zeta Tau Alpha Gold Fctthers; The Daily Illini (1, 2); Orchesis Gregorian Literary Society Max William Matz Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Delta Pi Howard Clarence Meadors Mazon Commerce Banking and Finance Sigma Mu Sigma Accountancy Club; Captain. University Brigade (4) Ronald Wellington Meeker. ... Pon iac Education Public School Music Alpha Kappa Lambda First Regimental Band (1,2, 3, 4); Men ' s (;lee Cluh (4) Virginia Ruth Maxwell. Journalism Delta Delta Delta Woman s College of . labania .Danville Christian Daniel Mbislahn ... .Montrose Commerce Accountancy t ■ . Jlau Kappa Epsilon ' ' Accountancy Club; Sophomore Interscholastic Mana- Page 97 T SeniOR CLflSSo 1933 Gladys Emma Melboubn fT ' ilmington C ' Ril Aaron Milens Kansas City, Mo. Education Civil Engineering Mathematics A. S. C. E. I 1- . T r- 11 Kansas City Junior College Joliel Junior Collepe ' ° ffnM Francis Robert Metzdorf Chicago Arthur Parker Miles Princeton jm £j Journalism Liberal Arts and Sciences The lllio (1); Freshman Varsity Track Squad Historv J Delta Kappa Epsilon Ajk " Grinnell College Raymond Frank Meydrech Cicero Kenneth William Miles Champaign ■SaM Mechanical Engineering Liberal Arts and Sciences • 10 : »8 B ' 3 P ' Pre-Legal Adelphic National Literary Fraternity; A. S. M. E. Senior Invitations Committee; Independent Council Morton Junior College 4) Bernadine Helen Meyer Peoria Clara Marguerite Miller . . S«. Louis, Mo. Education Agriculture ' 9 iw Pi History [ Home Economics Theta Phi Alpha Alpha Chi Omega J The lllio (3, 1) V. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Home Economics Club Bradley Polytechnic Institute Lindenwood College ' I Bernice Louise Meyer Harvey Dorothy Marianne Miller Chicago ■1 HfN B Education Education W pf V English Mathematics 4 ' .W fip ' ' Circulo i.iterario de Espaiiol Kappa Delta Dallas Martin Meyer Clifton Florence Emelyn Miller. . Taylorville Commerce Education J • BB Bunking and Finance English ' - Sigma Pi Delta Zeta First Lieutenant. University Brigade (I) Gold Feathers: Gregorian Literary Society; The lllio (2) Arthur Will.ard Mielke Danville Inez Miller Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Fine and Applied Arts fc History Music i Alplia Kappa Lambda Beta Sigma Omicron Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Alpha Alpha; Fine Arts Council (3, 4); Women ' s Glee Club (1, 2, Delta Sigma Rho; Adelphic National Literary Frater- 3. I); I niversity Chorus (2, 3, 4); Cast, Hansel and ity; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4); Board of Directors (4); Gretcl " (3) Senior Adviser. Phi Eta Sigma; Varsity Debate Team (3, 4); University Chorus (4); Interfraternily Council (3, 4) Honors Day (I. 2 3) k £ .. Mildred Mies Saunemin Lawrence Frederick Miller. San Jose ■Tt ; Agriculture Liberal Arts and Sciences W k m -B JJ [ Pre- Medical ■ k V V r % •i Home Economics Tf m Sm 1. -av.- t -t r ■ ir c ■ -I 1 111- ■ Bradlev Polvteehnie Institute . R L psilon timicron: llnnie Economics Cliilt; llliiii 9 P JU Grange; Illini l-ll Cliil.; Illinois griculturi l III Page qS -7% 9eniOR CLflSScf 19331 Nicholas Miller MvHrary General Education gfc - History L - Crane Cnllefie P% Richard Froman MillerJ iArgenta Liberal Arts and Sciences 9 Chemistry I lilaikl.urn C0II..BC jflP SoNiA Maxine Miller Streator Ji Liberal Arts and Sciences I " W- 1l English - M s Delta Delta Delta Knox College J Sol Millis Chicago rma «k «. ' commerce " — -■ Accountancy Accountancy Club Northwestern University I » ' % Helen Lucile Mills Urbana _, _ m I ' Liberal Arts and Sciences ' " " » Geography Bethany Circle T " Gregorian Literary Society ' ■ ■ •- , ' , ■ , ■ , ■ • • - Joseph Francis MiraB T. . . Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences t} ' fM Pre-Legal . K President. Independent Coun.ll (1); Student Council A - y (4); Phi Alpha Delta; Independent News (3); Freshman L V Varsity Soccer Squad; Freshman Varsity Football F Squad; Chairman, Faculty Reception Committee; k Chairman, Senior Informal Committee; Independent V L Council (3. 1); Mi-Hila Committee (3,4); Co-Chairman jHIA Senior Ball Committee (4) f f Clifford Elmer Missman Dixon B I W K Civil Engineering ■ " " k " ' Delta Sigma Lambda A- ' • Theta Tau- A. S. C. E.; Interfraternity CouncU (3) JJitK David William Mitchell Fulton I B Liberal Arts and Sciences fe V Chemistry ' t Pi Kappa Alpha ' " W Concert Band (3. +) m dhm DoNii.D Stvm.kv Mitchell Commerce Foreign Commerce Sigma Phi Sigma Ettamae Elizabeth Mitchell. . A urs ia Education Public School Music Kappa Delta Phi Beta; Anonian Literary Society; University Chorus (3,4); Women ' s Glee Cluh (1, 2, 3, 1) Agnes Anna Mittelberg Fowler Agriculture Home Economics Aeolia mini Grange; Home Economics Club Western Illinois State Teachers College Jane Moberlev Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences French Jerome Bert Mockenhaupt Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Phi Kappa Scarab Robert George Moench Chicago Commerce General Business Beta Theta Pi Varsity Cheerleader (4); Band of X; Tribe ..f Jllini; Pierrots; Dolphins; Varsity Swimming Squad (2, 3), Letter (2) Dolphin Trophy (1) Dellagene Molden " . I ' roy LiBERAL Arts and Sciences , English Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4) Blackburn College Helen Louise Moore, Rushville Education En ish Alpha Gamma Delta Illinois Wesleyan University Page pp -T SeniOR CmsSff 1933 Mart Wyckoff Moore .... Chicago Heights Commerce General Business Gamma Phi Beta Mortar Board; Torch; Alpha Lambda Delta; Catnma .Alpha Chi: The Dailv Illini (1. 2, 3); Sopbomore Cotillion Committee Vernon Ezekiel Moore Martinsville Liberal Arts - nd Sciences French Alpha Sigma Phi Iribe of lllini; Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad; Varsity Basketball Letter (3) James Eli Moorehead Belvidere Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Alpha Rho Chi First Lieutenant. University Brigade (4) - Kenneth De Ford Morland Berirvn Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. Morton Junior College Genevieve Eileen Mott Broohfield Education Public School Music Sigma Alpha Iota Le Cercle Fran«;ai.s; First Counril. onian s League (4); University Chorus (1); Women ' s Glee Club (3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4) Oliver Wendell Motter Pecatonica Commerce Commercial Teaching Accountancy Club Harold Hewitt Mount Mattoon Commerce Accountancy Theta Chi Ma Wan-Da; Sachem; Band of X; Sophomore Track Manager: Junior Track Manager Honors Day (3) Frederick " illiam Moisel. . . .Champaign General Engineering Synton; A. S. C. E. Genevieve Elizabeth Morris. . Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences English Sigma Kappa Gold Feathers; Shi-Ai; Orange and Blue Feathers; First Council. Woman ' s League (4): The Daily Illini (1. 2); Production Staff. " Ca tles in the Air " ; Pan- Hellenic Council (3. 4) r Glenn Ellis Morris L ' rbana Physical Education Sigma Phi Sigma Phi Epsilon Kappa; Caisson Club; Freshman Varsitv Football Squad; Varsity Football Squad (2, 3); Varsity Baseball Squad 13); Cast. " Wotta Racket " (3); First Lieutenant, University Brigade 4) Marjorie Fisher Morrison 4tuoud Journalism Alpha Omicron Pi Mortar Board; Torch; Woman ' s £ditor. The Daily Illini (4); Student Council (4); Kappa Tau Alpha; Theta Sigma Phi; The Daily Illini (2, 3) Stephens College George Henry Morton Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Pi Kappa Phi Edna Mae Cicero Education History Sigma Kappa Minor lA; . A. A.: Jaaiesonian Literarv Society; Hockey (3): Basketball (3, 4); Production Staff, " Remote Control " (3) Morton Junior College Andrew Mrugowski Commerce General Business First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) . Chicago Joseph Henry Mueller . ... St. Louis, .Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Sigma Delia Rho Phi Alpha Delta; Caisson Club; Varsit Debating Team (2) St. Louis University . Chicago Donald Ferguson .Mulvihill. Commerce General Business Pi Kappa Phi Scabbard and Blade; Tau Nu Tan: Pi Delta Epsilon; Technograph U, 2); Siren [ . 4); Senior Hat Commit- tee; Military Council (3j; Captain, Uni%ersity Brigade (3) Page lOO I OR CwSScf 1933 Richard Allkn Munnecke Chicago Artiihh Charles Nauman Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Philosophy Delta Phi Pierrots; The Illii (I); Varsity Foolliall Squad (2); Cast, " Wotta Racket " (3) Civil Engineerin(; Sigma Phi Epsilon Theta Tau; Pi Delta Epailon; Sralil.aril and HIadc- Coast Artillery Club; A. S. C. E.; Llniyersity Kifle leain (2. 3. V); lechnocraph (2. 3. 1); Millini (3); Military Ball Cinmittee (3,1); Military Council (3, 4); Lieutenant. Colonel. University Brigade (■!) Edith Lydia Munro Commerce General Business Heyworth Louise Isabel Neadstine . . Education Latin The Daily Illini (I) Mound City Jay Wesley Murphy Eldorado Lillian Louise Neal Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences Philosophy Sociology Alpha Kappa Alpha Crane College Phi Pi Phi Pan Xenia; £1 Circulo Literario de Espaiiol Robert Raymond Murphy Centralia Physical Education Kappa Delta Pi; Dance Supervision Committee (4); Summer Prom Committee (4); Independent Council (4); Varsity Debating Team (4) Southern Illinois Stale Normal University Carl James Neer Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Theta Delta Chi Burrill Botany Club; Cast. " Castles in the Air " (3); Union Minstrel (2. 3); Men ' s Glee Club (1. 2. 3. 4); University Chorus (2) Ann Gertrude Murray. . . . Education . Champaign English Crane_College Claude Lafayette Nelson Olney General Agriculture Alpha Tau Alpha; Agricultural Education Club; Field and Furrow Cluh; Agricultural Club Sterling Emerson Myers Augusta Corless Barton Nelson Keivanee Agriculture Civil Engineering Agricultural Education Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tail Alpha; Alpha Tau Sigma; Agricultural Club; Sophomore Cap Committee; University Live- stock Judging Team {4J; Interfraternity Council {4}; First Lieutenant. University Brigade (4) William Vi allace M ytar Springfield Ethel Marie Nelson Oak Park Commerce Liberal Arts and Sciences Accountancy Spanish Accountancy Club; Independent Council (1, 2, 3) Zeta TaU Alpha The Illio (I, 2) Olga Natinchek Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Crane College Helen Virginia Nelson Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Kappa Delta Minor IA;W. A. A.; Gold Feathers; Orange and Blue Feathers; The Illio (2); Apparatus (1); Archery (1, 2, 3); Soccer (3, 4) Page lOJ -T SeniOR CLflS9(f 1933 James William Nelson Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A. I. C. E. II. Robert Axel Nelson Chicago Commerce General Business Phi Sigma Kappa Dance Supervision Committee (4); The Daily Illini (1): Co-Chairnian Junior Prom Committee; Sophomore Cotillion Committee. Sophomore Cap Committee: Interfralernitv Council (. . 4t: Homecoming Stunt Show (2. 3) Northwestern University ALTER Christian Nelson Chicago Engineering Physics phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Engineering Physice Society Honors Day (I. 2. 3); University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key (3) Katherine Irene Nietsch Fultonville, :V. ) ' . Liberal Arts and Sciences French Le Cercle Fran aise Blackliurn College Mary Josephine Noble Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology . Elgin David Lloyde Nesler Commerce General Business Delta Alpha Pi Accountancy Club: Chairman. Senior Invitations Com- mittee; Senior Informal Committee; First Lieutenant, University Brigade ( t) William Foster Newell Beniyn Commerce General Business Sigma TVlti Sigma Accountancy Cluh DuANE Smith Noecker Lrbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Phalanx; Tau Nu Tau; Men ' s Glee Club (1. 2. 3. 41: University Chorus (4); Captain. University Brigade (4) M ARTiN Norman Noling, Jr Rockford General Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi .Alpha Lambda; Junior Circus and Wrestling Man- ILMA Louise Nor bur y. .. .East St. Louis Physical Education W. a. a.: Orchesis William Charles Nicol Peoria Commerce Banking anil Finance Sigma Chi Freshman Varsitv Fencing Squad; Varsity Fenc- ing Squad 12. 31; Varsity Golf Squad (2. 3) Pablo ALaniel Nicolas Lcmag, Ilocos ISorte, Philippine Is, Liberal Arts .and Sciences Chemical Engineering A. 1. C. E.; Philippine-Illini Cluh Crane College I Florence Azalia Nordine Moline Liberal . rts and Sciences History Gamma Phi Beta -Auguetana College; University of Iowa Bertha Norinsic ....•? .., Epnc.ATioN English Chicago Normal College . Chicago Charles Edward Niehaus Lrhunn I kv Victoria Norkaitis i . Charles Liberal Arts and Sciences Journalism Chemistr ■ W. A. . Acacia James Millikin University Page 102 Cmssofmi John Harmon Norbis Education Miilltenialics (•rnrgc iiKhtiipluii I [lixereily .Effingham Uwu.wr Hwmond Oherlink. . lirnwnstown LiiiKiiAi, Arts D Sciences (Jlirmhtrv Alma Abigail Norton Education Science lolono Edmund Robert O ' Brien Tiskilwa Civil Engineering A. S. C. E.; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) Milton William Nosek Chicago Margaret Elizabeth O ' Brien Liberal Arts and Sciences Kenosha, Wis. Economics Liberal Arts and Sciences Delta Upsilon French Alpha Xi Delta Rosary College Adele Jeanne Novotnv Cicero Physical Education Minor lA; W. A. A.; Chi Sigma Kappa; Jamesonian Literary Society; Orchesis; Hockey (3); Basketball (3); Baseball (3); Soccer (4); Tennis (t) Morton Junior College Gladys Annette Novotny Beruyn Liberal Arts and Sciences French Phi Omega Pi Mortar Board; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Woman ' s Business Manager. The lUio (4); Jamesonian Literary Society; Gamma Alpha Chi; Pi Delta Phi; The Illio (2, 3) Honors Day (1, 2. 3) Gordon ' hitcomb Nugent Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Beta Theta Pi. The Illio (1) Virginia Carolyn Nussell Villa Grove Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Beta Phi Alpha lota Sigma Pi; Archaeologia Honors Day (1, 2, 3) Wenceslao Luis Obando, Jr Cochabamba, Bolivia Agriculture Dairy Husbandry Dairy Technology Society; University Dairy Products Judging Team (1) Dorothy Kathryn O ' Connor Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medical Theta Phi Alpha Mortar Board; Torch; Mask and Bauble; Chi Chi Chi; The Daily Illini (1. 2), Junior Woman ' s Assistant (3); Sophomore Manager. Illini Theatre Guild; Summer Prom Committee (2) Louise Charlotte Oehl Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences German Rockford College Will Harold Oldham, Jr Pott Arthur, Tex. Commerce General Business Sigma Chi Varsity Golf Squad ' (3, 4) South Park College Virginia Louise O ' LearV . East St. Louis Liberal Arts and Sciences English Zeta Tau Alpha Illustrators: The Daily Illini (2, 3) Washington University RGARET Simmons Olsen Evanston Liberal Arts and Sciences History Kappa Delta The Illio (2), Junior Woman ' s .Assistant (3); May Fete (1. 2) Honors Day (I, 2) Page lOJ -T SeniOR CwsSQf|933 Virginia Jane Olsen Evanston Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology ' ill Huntington James Otis. . Milwaukee, Wis. Commerce Commerce and Law Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Delta Phi; Alpha Alpha Alpha; Mask and Bauhle; Freshman Vareity Track Squad; Varsity Soccer Squad (2) Herman Robert Olson Oah Park Commerce Commerce and Law Delta Alpha Epsilon First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) Margaret Elizabeth Otis Sauuemin Physical Education Theta Upsilon Gold Seal; Major lA; Minor lA: W. A. A.; Jamesonian Literary Society; Life Saving Club; P. E. Majors ' Club; Track (2); Swimming (2); Tennis (4); Basket- ball (2. 3. 4); Hockey (2. 3. 4); Deck Tennis (2); Bowling (3); May Fete (3) College of William and Mary Beth Olwin Robinson Liberal Arts and Sciences Enejish Pi Beta Phi Torch; Dance Supervision Committee (4); Shi-Ai; Sigma Delta Phi; Chairman Orange and Blue Feathers (2); General Chairman. Mother ' s Day (3) John Hammond Owen Commerce Foreign Commerce Sis Nil Beta Gamma Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; Sigma Iota Epsilon; El Circulo Lilerario de Espaiiol; Accoun- tancy Club; Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad Honors Day (1) San Diego State College Thomas Ondrus Berwvn Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Phi " William Boyd Owen Champaign Education Chemistry Beta Theta Pi Ma-Wan-da; Sachem; Skull and Crescent; Tribe of mini; Varsitv Football Squad (2. 3). Letter (2); Var- sity Basketball Letter (2, 3, 4). Captain (4) Josephine Fruin O ' Neil Chatsivorth .Phy ' sical Education Theta Phi Alpha W. A. A.; Orchesis; Life-Saving Club; May-Fete (3) Florida State College Nellie Thompson Ozment. . . Education Home Economics Marion John Ludwig Oncemach Chicago Harvev Joseph Pack Chicago Commerce Commerce Industrial Administration Commercial Teaching Men ' s Glee Club (3); First Lieutenant, Universitv „,, » y , . Brigade (4) 1 heta Kappa Phi Accountancy Club; Intcrfraternity Council (4) jiai Glen Gibson Orth Lexington, Ky. Ruth Charlotte Pace, . . Physical Educ. tion Education Alpha Kappa Pi History . Chicago Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Theta Epsilon; Tribe of mini; Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad; Varsity Wrestling Squad (2, 4). Letter (3) Honors Day (1, 2. 3) Alpha Omicron Pi Ralph Allen SBORN .- Education English Men s Glee Club (1 ,2) Shurtleff College; Washington I ' niversity Alton Arthur John Paik Benvyn Liberal Arts . nd Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Phi Sigma Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Concert Band (3, 4} Honors Day (1, 2) Si Page 104 12j lOR CM of 1933 Demosthenes Sotirios Panagopoulos . . Joseph ,Se Peacock C.hiiafio Cbici o Commerce Commerce Banking and Finanr,- Accountancy Tlieta Xi Delta Epsilon Pi Cosmopolitan Cltiii; Accountancy Club Crane College Patroklos John Papadopulos . . . . C iiVogo Conrad Nathaniel Penington. , 7av «ni7 p Fine and Applied Arts Commerce Architecture General Business Delta Epsilon Pi Tau Nu Tau; Scarab; Gargoyle; Production Staff, " Steppin ' West " (2), " Cradle Song " (2); Captain. I ' niversity Brigade i ' i) Mildred Ruth Parkhill Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Kappa Alpha Theta Shi-Ai; Sigma. Delta Pbi; Production Manager. Home- coming Stunt Sbow (i); Cbairnian, Acconiniodatione Committee. Dad ' s Day (3); Chairman. Decorations and Awards Committee. Homecoming (3); Cbairman. Gold Feathers Finance Committee (2) Howard Moor Parkhurst Moline Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Delta Sigma Phi Scarab Florence Rebecca Penstone. . Griggsville General Education Gold Feathers; Orange and Blue Feathers; Gregorian Literary Society; Tlie Daily Illini (2); Production Staff. " Black Flamingo " (3) Bernon George Perkins Peoria General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Tribe of lllini; Agricultural Club; Freshman Varsity Football Squad (2); Varsity Football Letter (3); University Livestock Judging Team (41 Bradley Polytechnic Institute Peter Philip Passman Chicago Blanche Josephine Peterson .... C iiVago Liberal -4rts and Sciences General Education Political Science Atlanta Alpha Epsilon Pi " ■ " ' " " = " The Illio (1); Interscholastic Circus (1); Interfratcrnity Council (1) Frances P. tton Mahomet Ruth Fern Peterson Windsor Liberal .4rts and Sciences Education Speech Public School Music Alpha Chi Omega DePauw University Norton W. Payne Com.merce AfcountancY Beta Alpha Psi; Accountancy Club Honors Day (2) . Tuscola Henry Xavier Petz La Salle Liberal Arts and Sciences Philosophy La Salle-Peru Junior Cfdlege Frank William Peacock, Jr Chicago Lloyd .Albert Pfaff Xew Lenox Liberal .4rts and Sciences Civil Engineering Philosophy Phi Mil Delta Theta Chi Mu .San; A. S. C. E.; Concert Band (4) • Alpha Delta .Sigma; The Illio (1, 2, 3) Page 105 VeniOR Cmssc l933 Darius Edw kd Phebi s Pittsjield Commerce Commerce and Law Phalanx: Captain. University Brigade (4) RoLLA Darby Pollock Rock Island Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Pi Sigma; A. S. M. E.; Second Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) Peter Jacob Philhower Buda Educ tion Econom ics UniversUy of Missouri Garnette Harvey Pool Mt. Carmel General Acricilture Alpha Tau Alplia Marian Lucille Phillips Elgin Liberal Arts and Sciences German Oberlin College James Payton Phinnie Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology ' Omega Psi Phi Mabel Amelia Poore Paris Education History Phi Mu Gold Feathers: Orange and Blue Featliers: Gregorian Literary Soeietv: Le Cercle Frangais; University Chorus (2, 3, 4): The Illio (1); Volleyball (2) Edward Gustav Porst Baltimore, Md. Ceramic Engineering Acacia Keranios Johns Hopkins University John Francis Pilgrim River Forest Commerce General Business Sol Porte Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Tau Delta Phi Alpha Tau Sigma: Faculty Reception Committee: Senior Informal Committee; Interfraternity Council (3, 4); Cabinet (4): Captain. University Brigade (3) Helen Agnes Pleshar. . . . ' ' : Education -.-_ History Chi Sighra-Kappa Crane College Chicago Harold ' William Porter. . . . Commerce General Business Theta Upsilon Ooiega . Chicago Philip Eli Pofcher Boston, Mass. Salter Warren Potokar., Lyons Liberal Arts .and Sciences Civil Engineering Pre-Legal Theta Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma; Interscholastic Circus (1, 2, 4) Theta Tau: A. S. C. E.; Interfraternity Council (4) Honors Day (1, 2) Emil Morton Pollak Chicago Velma Elizabeth Pottorf Mason City Fine and .Applied Arts Liberal . rts and Sciences Architecture i Mathematics Delta Pi Vf- Qi d Feathers; Gregorian Literary Society; El Cir- ciilo Literario de E paiiol Page io6 OR CmSSof 1933 Bknjami.n I ' hanklin Powell, Jr. Commerce -tccoiintanry Aci ' oiiiiljmry CIuli Jnli.-t Jlirii,.r (JollrKO Jnlii ' i Don J ayton I ' rillaman WossiiV c Commerce Commerce ami Imw Kappa Delia Rho Beta ( anitita SiRiiia; Phi Eta Simula; AIpliii lpha Alpha; Siiphoinore Foolhall Manager John W ard Powers Chicago Joseph LuisPuerta, . . an HmtWn, A. Mpx. Commerce Journalism Commerce and Law Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Tribe of IlUni; Palaestra; , Varsity Wreatlinp Squad (2), Co-Captain (3, ]; Delta Sisnia Pi; Accountancy Club; Men s Glee Club Freshman Varsity Soccer Squad (3), Manaser (1) Honors Day (3) De Paul University Henry Carl Prange. . . . Indianapolis, Ind- Elizabeth Rose Pulley Chicago Fine and Applied Arts General Education Architectural Engineering Alpha Kappa Alpha t argoyle El Circulo Ltlerario de Espaiiol Lee Huse Pray. ..... . ' .Chula Vista, Calif. Harriet Nelle Purves Des Plaines Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences History English Theta Chi " P ' B " " " P ' " Chairman. Junior Prom Committee; Military Ball Milwaukee-Downer College Committee (3): Major. University Brigade (4) Lester Kimlin Prentiss Park Ridge Commerce I General Business Sigma Phi Epsilon Accountancy Club; Freshman Varsity Varsity Track .Squad (2. 3. 4) Honors Day (3) I ' rack Squad; Russell V. Puzey Catlin Commerce Accountancy Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Accountancy Club Honors Day (1) Willard Martin Presson Herrin Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering t Sarah Jane Prettyman Pekin Liberal Arts aivd Sciences French Kappa Kappa Gamma Torch; Financial Secretary. Woman ' s League (4); Chairman. Freshman Loyalty Committee. Woman ' s League (3); Minor lA; W. A. A. Shi-Ai; Gamma Alpha Chi; Mask and Bauble; Sophomore Informal Committee; Junior Prom Committee George Harold Priddle Litchfield Agriculture Animal Husbandry Alpha Kappa Pi Alpha Tau Alpha; Varsity Soccer Squad (3, 4); Inter- Sraternity Council (3) Leland Arkell Quindrv Chicago Commerce Accountancy Chi Phi Phi Eta Sipma: Beta Alpha Psi; Sigma Iota Epsiltm: Accountancy Clul ; The Daily Illini (1); Interschol- astic Circus (2) Honors Day (1) Kenneth John Rabe Chicago Mechanical Engineering Beta Psi A. 8. M. E. Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad; Interfraternity Council (3); First Lieutenant. University Brigade (4) Millard Erven Rada Chicago Electrical Engineering Beta Psi Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Phalanx: Pershing Rifles; Chi Sigma Kappa; A. I. E. E. ; Major, University Brigade (4) ki Page 107 T SeniOR Cmssofm William Max Racland Mattoon David Rattner Chicago Mechanical Engineering Physical Education mini Flying Club: A. S. M. E. Athletic Coaching Alpha Epsilon Pi Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad Arte Ramev Chicago Mildred Rose Rausch Muscatine, Iowa Liberal Arts and Sciences Agriculture „ „ ' " S " ' ' Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi JuANiTA Ramey Chicago Vance Adrian Ray Mundelein Liberal Arts and Sciences Civil Engineering Sociology Delta Alpha Pi Alpha Delta Pi A. S. C. E. Gamma Alpha Chi; llliola Literary Society; Arch- aeologia; Siren (2), Woman ' s Editor (3, 4); Pan- Hellenic Council (4) University of Louisville Gloria Const ancia Ramos Manati. Puerto Rico Education Spanish Sigma Delta Pi; El Circulo Literario de Espanol; Le Cercle Frangais University of Puerto Rico Jack Joseph Rapper Chicago Physical Education Delta Thela Epsilon; Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad; Varsity Basketball Squad (2); Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad John James Rea Vrbana Liberal Arts and Sciences English Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Alpha Chi; Second Regimental Band (1, 2) Lucille Emma Ke Benton Education Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omicron; Home Economics Club MacMorray College m Lois Ingabo Rash Commerce Accountancy Gamma Epsilon Pi Milton Pollard Rasmussen. Commerce General Business Phi Gamma Delta Urhana Philip Dwight Rearick Dwight Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering a. I. C. E. ; Cavalry Officers " Club; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) ■ Eranston Melton Archie Reasoner. . . Zephyr, Tex. Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Phi Gamma Delta Tribe of lllini; Freshman Varsity Track Squad Daniel Baker College Robert Carlton Ratliff Harry John Reck Oklahoma City, Okla. Commerce Commerce , General Business General Business Chi Beta Theta Chi . ' ' ' " - ' Alpha Kappa Psi Men ' s Glee Club (2, 3) Oklahoma City University . Chicago Page loS lOR CLflSStf 1933 Thomas Chandler Recto r Chicago Stam.ey Franklin Rehm Oak Park- Liberal Arts and Sciences Commekce Chemistry Crneral Business Delia Chi i Pan Xeiiiu Paul Whitehead Reddish Jerseyville General Agriculture Alpha Tail Omega Tu-M.n»: Tribe of Illini: Varsity Fencins Squad (2. 4): Letter (3), Captain (3). C.inference Champion (3) Harry August Reich Chicago Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma A. I. E. E. Armour Institute of Technology Charles Briscoe Redman Westfield Physcial Education Athletic Coaching Palaestra; Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad; Varsity Wrestling Squad (2, 3. 4) Laura Louise Reichmann Hilmette Liberal Arts and Sciences History Theta Phi Alpha Gold Feathers; The Daily Illini (1); Chairman, Social Committee, Wimiau ' s League (4); First Council. Woman ' s League (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4) Northwestern University Anita Rose Rebce Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Alpha Xi Delta Gold Feathers; Shi-Ai; Orange and Blue Feathers; Mask and Bauble; The lllio (1. 2); Production Staff, " Behold This Dreamer " (2), " Black Flamingo " (2), " Steppin ' West " (2), " See Naples and Die " (3), " Remote Control " (3), " Butter and.Egg Man " (4) Honors Day (3) Ruth Reed Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Alpha Omicron Pi Gold Feathers; Shi-Ai; I.e Cercle Frangais; Junior Prom Committee; Sophomore Informal Committee; Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3); Cast, " French Heels " (2), " Courts of Appeals " (3) Frederick Arnold Reisner. Commerce General Business Alpha Chi Rho . Chicago Lrbana Carlos Lent Renfrew Commerce Accountancy Delta Chi Delta Sigma Pi; Accountancy Club; Pershing Rifles; Coast Artillery Club; Varsity Swimming Squad (1. 2, 3, 4); Men ' s Glee Club (I); First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) Olyn " ayne Reeder Education Mathematics Carthage College . Lena Joseph Harvey Renfrew Lrbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega Honors Day (1, 2. 3); University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key (3) Edna Margaret Reese Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Phi Mil Torch; Alpha Lambda Delta; Iota Sigma Pi; The Daily Illini (1, 2) Honors Day (1. 2, 31 Lawrence John Rettinger Chicago Railway Electrical Engineering Phi Pi Phi Railway Club; A. I. E. E. Redith R. Reeves Urbana Martha Jean Reynolds. . . . ff ' ebb City, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Economics History Chi Omega Siren (3) Monlicello Seminary Page log T SeniOR Cm r Ruth Jeanivette Reynolds Chicago ■ _ fl fi EnUCATION W , V f ? ' Hume Eronomics " W fe Bela Sigma Omicron - V Gold Feathers; The Illio (1, 2). Junior Woman ' s Assis- . %Kw K, " " I (3); First Council, Woman ' s League (1) F ' Bi P Max Richard Rhine Aurora f _ ' M 1 Commerce SHi mr ' Accountancy . L 4 Delta Alpha Pi t . B 3 Alpha Kappa Psi; Phalanx; Captain. Iniversiiv Bri- i Grover Cecil Rhodes Cairo Ceramic Engineering Beta Psi jf Interfraternitv Council (4-J 4 £ 2 Richard Sanders Rhodes . . Springfield, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences ' Chemical Engineering Southwest Missouri State Teachers College ViRLON Scott Rice Rantoul Commerce General Business Alpha Delia Phi WiNTHROP Richards Keniluorth Mechanical Engineering Sigma Iota Epgilon; A. S. M. E. __ — , Honors Day (1) Hugh McAllister Richart CarterviUe Mechanical Engineering (HJ B " i Southern lIHnois Normal I ' niversitv John Herman Rickerman Ciulfrpy Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta SiRma; Pi Tau Sigma SSof 1933 Elisabeth Anne Rigge Chicago Education Latin Eta Sigma Phi; University Chorus (1) Crane College Ben Eugene Rine, Jr Petoskev. Mich. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Phi Kappa Scarab University of Cincinnati Rosella Elizabeth Ring Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Chi Sigma Kappa Corina; Gold Feathers; Life Saving Cluh; The Daily mini (1) Russell Cameron Rink Bushnell Liberal Arts and Sciences English Phi Sigma Kappa Adelphic National Literary Fraternity; The Daily III- ini (2); Varsity Fencing Squad |2(; Production Staff " Church Mouse " (1). " Yeoman of the Guard " (1); Cast. " A Christman Carol " (4) Knox College Eleanor Catherine Riordan Chicago Education English Gregorian Literary Society Chicago Normal College Dorothy Ethel Rives East St. Louis Education Le Cercle Fran(;ais ■ Charles Edwin Roberts Fairfield Commerce Banking and Finance Herman Robinson Grand Haivn. Mich. Physical Education Phi Kappa Sigma Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem: Kappa Phi Kappa: Trihe of mini; Freshman Varsity Track Squad; Varsity Track Letter (3, 4); Freshman V arsity Fotithall Squad; Big Ten Javelin Champion (3) Michigan State College Page no CLflS9cfl933 I R«l JusEPii KoESKi Kirkuuoil, M i. I.aivkbnck Bert Rosendaiil Chiiagfi Cebamic Engineering Liiiekai. Arts and Sciences t lii Kpsilnn: Tr. ' Iinoyr;i|ih; finlependent Council ( t) ( ' .Iwrntstrv I I ' M Catherine Rodgers. . Bloomington Edward Frank Ross iltoa Liberal Arts and Sciences Mechanical Engineering English Delta pj,; Kappa Delia p. ,,, __ j,.„ , . g. j. Wcsleyan Umversily Sliurtleff Colleee George XV illiam Rohkohl Chicago Thomas Prince Ross Gillespie Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Chi Phi Crane Collpse j £ e.: Scabbard and Blade: Pi Tan Pi Sigma: FreBhman Varsity Track Squad: Class Day Commit- tee (4); Interfraternity Council (3): Major. University Brigade (1) Wallace Clark Root Urbana j Hlbbard Rossiter Chicago Ceramic Engineering Sigma Nil Tribe of jllini; Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Var- sity Football Squad (2. 1); Letter (3); Freshman Var- sity Track Squa l Commerce Accountancy, Banking and Finance Theta Chi Scabbard and Blade; Perehiiig Rifles; Cavalry Officers ' Club; Military Council ( t); Interfraternity Council (3); Major, University Brigade (4) Joseph Robert Rosborough Moline Louise Sophie Roth Sew Athens Commerce Education Commerce and Law Home Economics Kappa Delta Rho ; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Home Economics Club; Illini Phi Delia Phi; Dance Supervision Committee (4); .,..■». . ., • t i- t- ■ Alpha Alpha Alpha; Alpha Kappa P i; Adelphic Southern Ilhnots Normal I niversity; Indiana Lni- National Literary Fraternity; Illini Chanil er of versily Commerce; The lllio {1. 2, 3); Interfraternity Council (t) Albert Ernest Rose. . • Arrowsmith Edna Pauline Rothwell Mt. Pulaski General Agriculture Liberal Arts and Sciences Alpha Tau Alpha; Ayriculturul Club En Hsh Blackburn College j j Omicron Pi MacMurr y College Anna Irene Rose. . .Albuquerque, . Mex. Alton Roscoe Rovve Drjden, Me. Liberal Arts and Sciences Education Bacteriology Mathematics Alpl ' a P ' " Alpha Kappa Pi University of New Mexico Interfraternity Council (3) Ruth Violet Rosblle Mooseheart Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medical Gamma Phi Beta Lindenwood College ' .— Vernon Harold Rowe Kirktcood, Mo. Agriculture Floriculture Sigma Mil Sigma Scabbard and Blade; Cavalry Officers ' Club; Flori- cultural Club: Interfraternity Council (3, -t); Fresh- man Varsity Track Squad: Captain. University Bri- gade (t) Page Til -T SeniOR CLfl99(f 1933 m M Martin Rozner Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Crane College Lewis John Rubenking Elkhart Electrical Engineering A, I. E. E.; Phalanx; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Captain, UniverRity Brigade (3) Joseph Allen Rubenstein, Jr Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Zeta Beta Tau Freshman Varsity Track Squad; Varsity Track Squad (2); Freshman Varsity Soccer Squad; Varsity Soccer Squad (2, 3) Viola Ida Ruestmann Minonl- Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics James Millikin L ' niversity Marie Magdelene Ruet Forest Park Physical Education Alpha Xi Delta W. A. A.; Orchesis; W. G. S. Stunt Show Chairman (3); W. G. S. Athletic Chairman (4); Hockey Team (3); Soccer (4); First Council, Second Council, W. G. S. Lombard College; Morton Junior College Ansel Vi ' iLLi; Rumble Edication English Henning Chicago Art Institute Charles Garman Rummel Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Chi Psi Soalihard and Blade; Tau Nu Tau; Scarab; Garcoyle; BoartI »f Directors, Illinois Union (3); Secretary, Illinois I nion (i); Interfraternity Council (3); Captain, University Brigade (4) Dorothy Myrtle Runge Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Alpha Delta Pi First Council, Woman ' s League (1); Gold Feathers; Shi-Ai; Orange and Blue Feathers; The Illio (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, t) Herman Burlingame Rupp Champaign General Agriculture Farm House Alpha Zeta; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Hoof and H orn Club; Agricultural Club; Illinois Agriculturist (2, 3); Horse Show (3); University Livestock Judging Team (3); Captain, University Brigade It) Honors Dav (1. 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key (3) Melle Kellogg Russell Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology- Pi Beta Phi Gold Feathers; Sophomore Cotillion Committee; Cast. " Courts and Appeals " (2), Homecoming Stunt Show (1, 2, 4), " Butter and Egg Man " [4), Union Minstrel Show 14); Horse Show (2, 4) University of Chicago Robert Grant Russell Chicago Ceramic Engineering Keramos The Illir (4) ; Phalanx; Tau Nu Tau; Staff Photographer. (3. 4); First Lieutenant. University Brigade Helen Elizabeth Ruther Education English . Staunton Marv Alice Ryan Education Latin Eta Sigma Phi; Le Cercle Fran ais W atseka Alpha Katherine Marietta Ryckman. . C iicago Liberal Arts and Sciences French la Xi Delta Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Delta Phi; W. A. A.; Mask and Bauble; Volleyball (1. 21; Wo- men ' s Glee Club (1. 2, 3); Sophomore Production Manager. Musk and Bauble (2); Production Staff, " Cradle Song " (2), " Behold This Dreamer " (2), " Black Flamingo " (3), " Remote Control " (3), " But- ter and Egg Man " (4); Senior Informal Committee Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University Scholarship Key (3) John Louis Ryde ■ Oak Park Engineering Physics Beta Theia Pi Phi Eta Sigma; S nlon; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Engineer- ing Physics Society; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4); The Dailv mini (2. 3); Captain, Universitv Brigade (4) Honors Dav (1. 2) John Adrian Saathoff Litchfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Page 112 ' -i SeniOR CLflSS i933 Mi. ' ii Robert Jules Salinc;er. . . Kansas City, Mu. Mechanical Engineering Zeta Beta Tau Kansas Cily Collejje K Etta Mildred Sass Streatnr Education CJipmistrY Beta Sigma Omicron S ipma Alpha lola; Illini CranBo; lliiiiie Ecnnniiiiin Club; W. A. A.; I niverwitv Orrlii-Hlra (!. 2) Illinois Wesleyan LniverBily; Knox CollcKe Lillian Levinson Salwin (Mrs.) Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Lambda Delia; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3) Honors Day (1, 2, 3): ITniversity of Illinois Scholar- ship Key (3) Carl Ernest Salzman Fort Smith, Ark. Mechanical Engineering a. s. m. e. William Mitchell Sator... Commerce General Business Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad . Chicago Meryl Sanders Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences English Kappa Kappa Gamma Honors Day (1, 2, 3) Helen Jane Sancwin Murphysboro Liberal Arts and Sciences ILMA Farrell Saul Greentoivn, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciences Botany Corina Linnean Botany Society Dorthy Madge Saunders Greenville Education English Alpha Delta Theta University Chorus (1, 2); Women ' s Glee Club (3, 4) Greenville College Kappa Delta Mathematics Gold Feathers; Shi-Ai; Orange and Blue Feather; Der Deutsche Verein; Cast. Y. W. C. A. Stunt Show (3), Homecoming Stnnt Show (3), ' ' French Heels " (1), " Courts and Appeals " (2), " Castles in the Air " (3), Union Minstrel (2, 3) Evelyn Cecilia Saunders. . Park Falls, Wis. Liberal Arts and Sciences Ecomimics Carroll College Joseph Aloysius Santi. ... Commerce Accountancy Delta Phi Alpha loluca l icile Rosetta Saunders Evanston Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology First Council, Woman ' s League (4) George Edward Sapora Long Island City, N. Y. Commerce Banking and Finance Tail Kappa Epsilon Cavalry Officers ' Club; Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) Edward Allen Sarsfield. . . Commerce General Business Beta Psi . Chicago John Raymond S. wtell Oshknsh, IT is. Commerce General Business Alpha Sigma Phi Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Band of X; Phi Eta Sigma; Senior Basketball Manager; Athletic Board of Control; Sophomore Cap Committee Honors Day (1. 2, 3) Farrington Treat Schaeffer. . . . Winnetka Commerce General Business Delta Chi Sigma Delta Pi; El Circulo de Espaiiol; Freshman Varsity Cross Country Squad; Freshman Varsity Track Squad Page IIJ Wi iSMmm CiftSSof 1933 Joseph Robert Schelstreet . St. Charles Hugo Richard Schmidt Wheaton Commerce Liberal Arts and Sciences Banking and Finance Pre-Medical Accountancy Club); The Daily Illini (1) Phi Gamma Delta Carl Vail Schermerhorn Ridgefarm Commerce Accountancy Tau Kajjpa Epsilon Phalanx; Alpha Tau Sigma; Accountancy Club; Soph- omore Football Manager; FirHl Lieutenant, Vnivereity Brigade (4) Marthe Jacqueline Schmidt. . . Riivrside Liberal Arts and Sciences Germ an Alpha Delta Pi The Daily Illini (I); Y. W. C. A. Doll Show, Individ- ual Cup (3) Charles Arthiir Schicht Chicago Stephen John Schmiedl Berwyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Mechanical Engineering Economics A. S. M. E.: Illini Flying Club Kappa Sigma Morton Junior College Tu-Man; The Illio (1) Albert Lauchlain Shick Chicago General Education Tan Kappa Epsilon Tribe of Illini; Dolphine; Vareilv Swimming Squad (1. 2), Letter (3. I-) Univereity of Minnesota Stanton Robert Schiller Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Zeta Beta Tati Paul Schminke Commerce General Business Phi Kappa Sigma Aurora David Lynn Schlansker Grafton General Education Theta Upsilon Omega Sigma Delta Psi; Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Varsity Football Squad (1); Freshman Varsity Track Squad; Varsity Track Letter (3) Dorothy Marie Schnbiter Olney Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Phi: Mask and Bauble; iSational Collegiate Players; First Council. Woman ' s League (41; The Illio (2, 3); Pan-Hellenic Ball Committee; Cast, " R. U. R. " (3) Honors Day (2, 3) Morrow Dickey Schnell Canton Ceramic Engineering Beta Theta Pi Ma-Wan-Da; keranios;.. Athletic Board of t jnlrol: Senior Circus and Wrest,ling Manager William Joseph Schlatter Irhana Richard Francis Schramm Belleiilh Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences ' Economics Economics Theta Chi Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key (3) Ernest Franklin Schmidt Chicago Elisabeth Helen Schroeder Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology German Phi Kappa Psi Coast Artillery Club; Men ' s Glee Club (2, 3, 4); University Rifle Team (2, 3); Major, Univereity Brigade (4) Ripon College Gold Feathers; Gregorian Literary Society; Inter- Literary Council Page 114 -T SeniOR CLflSScf 1933 Wll.LARI) I ' ERDINVND Scill LLM AN . . (,7i;( (l ' ( Commerce (•eneral Business First Hi-siinrntiil Blind (2. 3. t ) iNorlliM ' fsterii liiiversity • lU Til l VRIK .S :I1WARZ Sdiilli lifnd, hnl. Education Hitme Economics Alpha Xi Delta Tlonic Econoniirs CIut»; The Daily lllini (1|; Illiiioi Agrk-ulliirit t 12. ) ' v W Aline Elizabeth Schultz Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Latin Phi Bela Kappa; Eta SiRina Phi Honors Day (2, .H) Marguerite Gertrude Schulz. . , Chicago Commerce General Business Alpha Phi Production Staff. " Hansel and Crete! " (3). " IIMnois Folhes " (3) Nort ' hwestern University William Frederic John Schulz. . . . Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences History Zeta Psi First Lientenant. Lfniversity Brigade (4) Robert Frederick Schutz Elgin Commerce Accountancy Chi Phi Sachem; Tu-Mas; Band of X; The HMo (1, 2), Junior Editor (3) Joe Richard Schuyler. . .Indianapolis, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Alpha Rho Chi A. S. C. E. Harold .■Vugust Schwanbeck Chicago Mechanical Engineering Delta Alpha Epsilon Pierrots; Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E.; Technograph (1); Sophomore Track Manager; President, Freshman Class; Senior Informal Committee; Cast, " Steppin ' West " (2); Interfraternily Council {4J Northwestern University Henry Harold Schwartz Eldorado Engineering Physics Washington University; Situlhern Illinuis Normal L ni- JosEPH Joachim Scopel lienld Liberal Arts and Sciences Cliemistry Delta Phi Alpha Pasadena Junior College Beatrice Lucille Scotland Joliet Education Erag is t Pi Beta Phi Lindenwood College Rl TH Elm A Scott Casper, Ifyo. I { Fine and Applied Arts Music Pi Beta Phi Arepo; University Chorus (3, 4); Cast, " Hansel and Gretel " ' 3), " Pirates of Penzance " (3) University of Nehraska i ' ALTER Hugh Scott Bethany Physical Education George Little Scripps. Peoria Commerce Banking and Finance Phi Delta Thela Manager. University Concert and Entertainment Board (4); Band of X Dorothy Fox Scudder Chicago Education French Delta Delta Delta Northwestern Univer sity Eugene Thomas Sealey.. Soh Benito. Tex. Physical Education Brownsville Junior College Page IIS - SeniOR CLflSStf 1933 i Henrietta Louise Seames Chicago Physical Education Chicago Normal College George Preston Shallcross Chicago Electrical Engineering A. I. E.E. Crane ColIege John George Seanor Beaver Falls, Pa. Ceramics Engineering Theta Nil Epsilon American Ceramics Society Arthur Bogert Sechrist ■illentown. Pa. Physical Education Delta Theta Eppilon; Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad; Varsity Wrestling Squad (2); Interscholastic Circus (1, 2, 3) Norma Augusta Seider Broadlands Commerce Commercial Teaching Phi Chi Theta; Gregorian Literary Society Dorothy Jacqueline Shapiro Chicago Education History Northwestern University; De Paul University; Lewis Institute Merle David Sharpe Kentland, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Sigma Alpha Mu The Illio {!); Freshman Varsity Baskethall Squad Robert Countryman Shaw Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences History Sigma Nu First Lieutenant. University Brigade (4) Betty E. Seidl Chicago Joseph Emmett Sheehan Education Commerce Mathematics General Business Corina Delta Upsilon Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda ' Delta; Alpha Kappa Interfraternitv Council (2. 3) Delta; Gregorian Literary Society i Otto Sejba. . Chicago W ' Chicago John Byron Sheets Oblong Education Liberal Arts and Sciences Biology Chemistry Freshman Varsity Cross Country Squad; Varsity Sigma Alpha Epsilon Cross Country Squad (2, 3, 1); Freshman Varsity „ .„ , , ,, . tt • -. o ■ i i Track Squad; Varsity Track Squad (2, 3, 4) Coast Artillery Club; Major. Umvers.ty Brigade (4) John Arthur Selig Chicago Commerce General Business Alpha Sigma Phi The lllio (1. 2); Senior Hat Committee; Interfraternitv Council (3, 4) Ruth Ellen Sheldon St. Louis, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences History- Alpha Chi Omega Torch; Gold Feathers; Shi-Ai; Orange and Blue Fea- thers. Advisory Board 12); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3. 4); Chairman. V. W. C. A. Uoll Show Committee (4) Walter Lynn Settlemire Mt. ernon George Washington Sheppard. . . Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Journalism Pre-Legal Kappa Alpha Psi Sigma Chi The Daily lllini (1) Page Ii6 -T SeniOR CmS9(f 1933 ' ■ ■M - " I Ku:ii Ki IIkmiv Smiri-ky White Hall Mii.i)ri:i Tkittkn Simmons. , i ' .hirafifi lM l)r.ATION English Zfla Tail Alpha t Hi ion ( ioMMERCE AfcuuntancY l|iliii kiippii Pr-i: PliuLtnx; lllini (rlider Club; CaiHiHon Cliili; Art " ()tinlrtnr Club: Sophomore Circus and Wree lliiif! iManafii-r: Indepemient Council (2. 3); First LieuICMiinl. I iii Tsity Itrijrade (4) fl George Milton Shiiman Kl Pnsa Clyde F. Simms Liberal Arts and Sciences Agriculture Pre-Medical Animal Husbandry Al|)lia Chi Sigma Alpha Tau Alpha Mpm ' b Glee Club (3. i: Studenl Ci.iiniil. MiKinlcv F. iiiidaliun (3. t) ll..nors Day (1) Geraldine Faye Shuman Roodbouse Arnold Frederick Simon Erie, Pa. Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences English History Phi Bela kappa: Alpha Lambda Delia; Phi Kappa Zeta Beta Tail Epsilon; Sludeiil Council, ' esley Foundation (3. 4) Honors Day (1, 2. 3) Bernard Gross Siecel Chicago Cranford Evelyn Skiles. . Evansiille, hid. Electrical Engineering Liberal Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi French Inlerfralernily Couniil (I) Alpha Delia Pi Indiana Univer-sity Virgil Leslie Sikes Danville Kenneth Adair Skiles Gravville Liberal Arts and Sciences Commerce English General Business Delta Chi Delia Siuma Pi; Aeeountaney Club; lllini Chamber of Comnicree; The Daily lllini (1. 2); Siren (3) Elmer Wayne Siler Decatur Albin Wesley Skogler Mavwood Liberal Arts and Sciences Commerce History General Business Alpha Kappa Pi Knox College Alpha Tau Sipma; Seabbard and Blade; Kappa Phi Kappa; Archaeolo ia; Der Deutsche Verein; Freshman Varsity Track Squad; Interfraternity Council (3); Captain, l nivcrsily Brigade ( t) Honors Day (1. 2, 3) MiNOTT SiLLlMAN, Jr Toulon Adolph Charles Skortz Srheller General Agriculture Farm House Asricullural Club; llo..f and Horn Club; The Daili lllini II); V. M. C. A. Cabinet (3); President. Con- renational Sludenls ' Assoeiation (I): Agriculture Council; Interfraternity Council (3) ILLIAM BoLINGBRORE SILVERMAN Portland, Me. Ceramic Engineering Keraiuos University of Maine Mechanical Engineering Pcrshinc Kifles Southern Illinois Stale Normal University Margaret Bertha Skudstad Chicago Education Eng is i Sigma Kappa Chicago Normal College I Page 117 -T SeniOR CmSSof 1933 r i Ruth M arjorie Slater Vrbana Donald Edward Smith Vrbana Fine and Applied Arts General Agriculture Music Farm House Alpha Lamb.Ia Delia; Mu Kappa Alpha: Fine Arte Alpha Zeta: Agricultural Clul.; Hcmf and Horn Club; Ball Commiltee l3); Universitv Chorus (3); Cast Dairy Club; Caisson Club: Men 8 Glee Club (.1, i. i), " H. M. S. Pinafore " " [2 . " Hansel and Crele) " " (3) President I tl; Major. University Brigade (4) Honors Day fl. 2. 31 Honors Day (1. 2. 3) =■ H John Edward Slattery Chicago Elmer Edward Smith. Civil Engineering . Commerce Lambda Chi Alpha Accountancv . S. C.| E.: Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad; Accountancy Club Senior Hat Committee . Sidelt Robert Cannon Sloan Lrbana Commerce Public Utilities Sigma Phi Sigma Beta Nu Kappa: Sigma Iota Epsilon ' Walter Forbes Sloan , . . Netv York, N. Y. Commerce General Business Alpha Sigma Phi University of Notre Dame Charles Slobutsky Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry A. I. C. E- Crane College Helen Louise Smith Chicago Physical Education Chicago Normal College IL Helen Louise Smith Education English . Lrbana Zeta Tau - lpha The Daily Tllini (1) eySmitoT. Herschel STANLEY Sirirm7 . East St. Louis Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Meilical Omega Beta Pi; First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade (I) ART . William Howard SjiiAKtrf rr. . Oak Park General Education " Chi Tail Band of X: The lllio (2), Junior Manager 13) iO " 5MWHrJR lrbana .Agriculture Floriculture Pi Alpha XI; Floricullural Club; Concert Band (2, 3. 4) University Orchestra (1; 2): Men " 8 Glee Club (1); University Flower Judging Team (3) Honors Day (3) Clyde Samuel Smith East St. Louis Kenneth .Allen Smith Mining Engineering Commerce A. I. M. F,. Ceneral Business Illinois College j„|j , j„„;„ College Mazon Daniel ron Smith, Jr Cissna Park Lyle Jambs Smith Farmer City Liberal .Arts and Sciences Commerce Pre-Leeal General Business Delta Phi Phi Pi Phi Phi Delia Flii Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad; Va»-sity Wrestling Squad (2) Pagf iiS Iv , f MUOKIK Rl Til S VDER TllSCdltl Kl l ' c: TION Curinna Morlar lioarci; Knpii.i Oelta Hi: Sliiilenl Council (1); l ' rc ideiit. WoiiiimK (;ruup S)M !ni (1); Viie-Presiili ' iil . omair(. I,«MpiH- 111; ( reKorian Literary SiM-ietv; 1 . (;. .S. Hi|.r.Miil,,li% -. Golil FealherB (2);Chairnuiii. Kef.Mslrali »n an.l Information Committee. Dair Day {:!): V. W . C. A. Caliinct (3): Chairman. V, . ;. S. Freshman Eiliicalion Commillee ( ' ): .Student Cuuneil, Wesley Foundation (3): Production Staff. " The Cradle Sons " (2). " Behold This Dreamer " (2). " Caslles in the Air " (3) Honors Day (1, 3) .loHN SoM.4 Glen nihil Commerce General Business Sigma Delta Rho Scabbard and Blade; Caisson Club: L niversily Polo -Association; Captain. University Brigade (t) John Ely Somerville Marinette, ff ' is. Fine . nd Applied - rts Architectural Engineering Alpha Chi Rho Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma; Gargoyle L niversity of ft isconsin Jambs Francis Sommers .... ' andalia. Mo. Education Chemistry Sigma .Mil Sigma Westminister College 9eniOR CLflSScf 19331 I Mildred Lois Smith Princeton, hid. H Generm. EnrcATioN . i k! ■ Gamma Phi Bf la Horse Show f3 PxKKER Block Smith " .. Calumet City Commerce Foreign Commerce Phi Gamma Delta Pan Xenia: Commerce Council (i) Robert . lvin Smith Joppa Liberal . rts and Sciences Pre-Medical I P Tho.mas Le Roy Smith Monon, Ind. )k 1 Commerce % 1 ' Accountancy i m Kappa Sigma " - Sigma Delta Chi; The Daily lllini (2, 3); Siren (1); Chairman. -A e (irinders Ball Committee (4); Soph- omore Cheerleader W illiam Oliver Smith. .Huntington, U . I a. Electrical Encinberinc Marshall College Hf.riiRY Berdan S.mock. " ™? . . Bensenrille Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Chi Skull and Crescent: Freshman Yarsity Golf Squad; Varsity Gol| Squad (2. 3) - .;::r " - Mark Francis Smicker Tiskilua Railway Electrical Engineering Sigma Epsilon; Railway Club; .A. I. E. E.; Engin- eering Council (I) Honors Day (3) Goshen College John Kelley Snook Aurora Liberal Arts and Sciences History Delta Kappa Epsilon Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad; Freshman arsity Football .Squad; Varsity Football Squad (2. 3). let- ter (tl Irene .May Spain Chicago Education English Alpha Xi Delta Chicago Normal College Vlasta Zoibek Sp.atny Chicago Education History Chi Sigma Kappa; Women ' s Cosmopolitan Club; Episcopal Student Council 2. 3. t) JuLiis .Arthur Sta ' ack Moline .■ GRICVLTrRE Floriculture Delta Sigma Phi Pi .-Mpha Xi: Floriculture Club; Freshman Varsity G »lf Squad; Sophomore Manager. Star Course; Junior Cap Committee; Senior Jacket Committee Honors Day (1) Helen Marie Stahl Champaign Liberal . ' arts and Sciences Sociology- Gold Feathers Stephens College Page JIQ f T SeniOR Cm Lillian STA FORn Urbana v jmm M Liberal Arts AND Sciences ■ " 0 J! Psychology Phi Omega Pi JHH « " 37 (ireporian LiterarN Societv: Siren (I); ' 1 ' 1 ' e Illio (2); i Nk i ' ? Horse Slio« (2. 31 9p ' l I ' ntvertiity of California. Los Angeles Elizabeth Joanne Starck Palatine Journalism m Klbridge ' inthrop Staudt -tnna _. „ Commerce ' ■ f a J}g„l l„g nnrf Finance Adelphir National Literary Fraternity; Aeconntancy Club; Cavalry Offi ' ers ' Club; Independent Council (3, II; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (1) Janet Marguerite Stawicki Chicago HP J m Education W " Tf Puhlir School Music ■ -jM Lambda Omega tM Minor lA: W. A. A,; Orchesis; Sarmatia Club; ol- IK leyball (2. 3): Baseball (3. 4); May Fete (2); Cast. H A ' " Pirates of Penzance " (3) H L Northwestern I ' niversity % I B D WIGHT W ILSON Steele. . .Sioux City, loiia JE . _. ,1 1 nil Liberal . rts . nd Sciences §S ' r Economics v P H Cast. " Piralei of Penzance ' (3), " Yeomen of the JH Kf k J ' CK Stein Chicago S W Education IF T V ' ■ ' " " ' " ' ' Sciences ' -J, . Varsity Football Stjuad (3) r- Mf ' - Crane College llvKoLD Karl Steiner Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech i ' % " 3 K. Canii us An ( uild; First Regimental Baiul ll. 2. 3. 1); - First Lieutenant, l niversily Brigade (1) M IBB k Eva Sigrid .Steinert Chicago Heights r fl I ' liYsicAL Education «k (t J W, A. A. ; Orcbcsis: Swedish Club; Life .Saving Club " " ' ' («; Uasketball (3); Hockey (3); Tennis (3. t); -Soc- cer (4) _ Lake F »rest (College SSof 1933 Eugene Edgar Stephens Metropolis Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha Sachem; Tail Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma; Senior Foot- ball Manager; President. Athletic Council (4): Theta Tan; Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad; Board of Directors. Illinois L nion (4); Engineering Council (4) Ira Arlington Stephens Champaign Commerce General Business Scabbard and Blade; Cavalry Officers ' Club: I ' niver- sity Polo -Association: Accountancy Club: .Men ' s Glee Club (3); First Lieutenant, Lniversity Brigade (4) Robert Kirk Stephenson Chicago General Engineering Theta Nu Epsilon Phi Alpha Lambtla; A. S. M. E.; Varsity Fencing Squad (3, 4) Vivian Jane Stern Tulsa, Okla. Liberal Arts and Sciences Latin . lpha Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma Phi Sophia Newcomb College Harry Sternberg East Chicago, Ind. Liberal .iVrts and Sciences History Tau Epsilon Phi Indiana l niversity Helen Maxine Sterrett Henry Liberal . rts and Sciences French Kappa Kappa Gamma James Thomson ..Lake Forest .Mechanical Engineerini; A. S. M. E. W ii.LiAM Henry Stewart Aurora Liberxl Arts and Sciences ICconomics Alpha Chi Rho President, Sophoniure CIusb; Sophomore Cotillion Cuiiimittee; Junior Prom Committee: lllinoiei Union Cabinet (4); First Kcf-inientjl Band (I, 2); Concert Band (3. 4) Page 120 T SeniOR Cmssofmi KicMMti) Vi-i.E.N J TiCE I rbtiiui ini;iM Hi KTis Stoti.ek. l.iiiKR. i. Abts and Sciences Kducation Chemistry History I iii .Tslt C.lionis Ci. t,5); McnV Glee Clu|p(l. 2.3.5) Alpha Omicroil Pi ;ir.l-H.lin,nil C.llefre Slmilor il DdrotiIea Stiecemeyer. . Champaign Viilliam Pearson Stowe. . . Education Commerce German i Accountanry „iii.-n-« (;iee Cluli c). I) M Sigma Chi Grace Harriet Strybis Chicago General Education Chicago ! ornial College Mildred (Charlotte Stiegemeyer St. Louis, Mo. Commerce Accountancy Phi Mil ( ainina Epwilon Pi: Alplia Lambda Delia; Shi-Ai; (Camilla Alpha Chi; Accountancy Club; The Daily mini (1. 2J Honors Day (1. 2) Margaret Cecilia Stiel Oak Park Frances Marian Stubblefield. . McLean Education Liberal Arts and Sciences German Sociology Delia Zela jhe lllio (2) Der DeutBch Verein; Tennis (1. 2); Basketball (1) Mundelein College Charity IIelene Still . i rbana Journalism Phi Omega Pi Alpha Lanibila Delta: Theta Sigma Phi; Journalism Council (t): First Council, Woman ' s League ( t) Honors l a (1) Marian Svrlinga .TTtTv " Education Music Achaea Hockey (i); Women ' s Glee Club (2, 3) Crane College . Chicago Charles Henry Stinson Eldorado General Agriculture Farm House Alpha Zela: Agricultural Club; Dairy Club. Univer- sity Dairy Cattle -Judging Team (3) Makjorie Amy Stolzenburg . . . . OaA- Park Journalism Phi Omega Pi Gold Feathers. Orange and Blue Feathers; Gamma Alpha Chi; (iregorian Literary Society; The Daily mini il. 21; Bowling (3 l;Tennis (I, 2); Intcr-Literary Council Pauline W infred Stone . . Lakewood. Ohio Journalism Phi Mu . a. A.: (;old Feathers; Orange and Blue Feathers; V. Circulo Literario de Espaiiol; Life Saving Club; May Fete (2); Cast. " Courts and Appeals " i2i Ohio Stale Lniversity Eugene Frederick. S w anson. .. .Rocfc orrf Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Alpha Tau Sigma; First Lieutenant, L ' niversil Bri- gade (4) Honors Day (1) Hartvvick Merton Sweet Canton Commerce Banking and Finance Al()ha Kappa Lambda Phi Kta Sigma; .Sophomore Baseball Manager Virginia Ellen Sword . . . Education An Frances Shinier Sclntol . Milledgeville Page 121 lOR CmsSof 1933 John Griffiths Symons River Forest Elizabeth ' Kingsberv Thayer. La Grange Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences llronomics French Alpha Omicron Pi Pi Delta Phi [ DePauw University Alpha Chi Rho Phi Alpha Chi; The Dailt Illini (1, 2)j Sir (3) Alice Catherine S! Education J Accountot Delta Zeta The Daily Illini (1); The lllio (2. 3) Alyce Pauline Talbot Commerce General Business Zeta Tail Alpha James Millikin University Chicago William George Theobald Du Quoin Physical Education Alpha Sigma Phi Varsity Basketball Squad (2, 3, 1); Varsity Baseball Squad 1.2. 3, 4) Macomb Harold Arthur Thiemann Roselle Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Beta Sigma Psi Sarabelle Talbot Monmouth Mary Frances Thoma Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences I Psychology: French ThetaUpsilon " ' ' Alpha Delta Pi Le Cerele Frantais: Gregorian Literary Soeielv O " ? ' " " " lue Feathers; Faculty Reeeplion Com- ' mittee Monmouth College Margaret Aldythe Taylor Anna Doris Athalene Thomas Education Education French Public School Music . P ' ' P ' " Alpha Kappa Alpha Pi Delta Phi; Le Cercle Fran ais; El Circulo Lit- erario He Eepanol Stephens College; Southern Illinoie State Normal Uni versity --aaw . . . Chicago :-4B i»|,. Miriam Taylor Sff . . .Harrisbure Harry Robinson Thomas . „ .... .Oklahoma Citv, Okla. . Education — ■ — r. , Liberal Arts and Sciences trench Alphai Gamma Delta „■ u- f Sigma Chi Women ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3 4); Le Cere e Francais " Robert Lewis Taylor Carbondale Clarence Albert Thompson. Chumpaign Liberal .4rts AND Sciences Commerce History General Business Delta Tau Delta ph; Delta Theta Freshman ariety Swimming Squad Southern Illinois State Normal University LeonXrd illiam Telleen Cambridge Donald Thompson, Galena Liberal . rts and Sciences Liberal . rts and Sciences History Chemistry Beta Sigma Psi p j ,j,, p-j j, ,, Ma-V an-Da; Sacheni; Phi Eta Sigma; Senior Track r ii Manager; FrCHlinian Varsity Track Squad (1); Ath- Honors Day (1) lelic Council (4) University of Colorafht . n ;■ r r ■ ■ ' n Geok :k (xins I ' iiompsdn. . . . .Springfield Kathleen Martha Timm Cliirago Acinciii.TURE ED ICATlo Florictiltiirr Hislor ' Kloririilturc ( liil» Der Deuraclie Vfrrin Ikv Norms " Thompson ,;. .Laron Leo VER ' I KIIAM (iranviU Commerce Commerce Banking and Finance Accounting, Banking and Finance X W Phi Ckmrna Delta Delta Tlieta Plii 1? ill0 , Tll-Miin; Skull and CreBCCiU Phi Eta Sigma FRAN fES Isabel Thurman Yates City Earle James Tonsgard Chicago ' Physical Education Commerce Major lA: Minor lA; W. A. A.; P. E. Majors ' Cluh: General Business ApparaJus (2. 3, 4); Hockey (2. 3, 4); Baseball (2, 3, 4). _, . - . „ . . Varsityl (3); Basketball (2, 3, t); Tennis (3); Track (3) Fhl Mil Delia s y mini Chamber of Commerce Crane College A ' Homer Whitney Tice Greenview Maxine Juliana Traub Lincoln _ , Agriciilture Liberal Arts and Sciences j Animal Husbandry Psychology Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Phi Agricultural Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Horse Show Torch; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Kappa Delta; (3) Pi Delta Phi; Gold Feathers; Gold Feathers Council Illinois College (3); Orange and Blue Feathers; The Illio (1); Pro- auction Matr, Courts and Appeals g UniverBily of Winconsin i ' Henry Persson Thorston Tideman. . . . Charles Herman Trommer Chicago Chicago Electrical Engineering ' J m Fine and Applied Arts p ij Aip,, Epsilon Architecture j j; e.; Pi Tau Sigma; First Lieutenant. Lni- Tau Beta Pi; Gargoyle versity Brigade (I) L y Honors Day (1. 2. 3); Gargoyle Freshman Scholar- Honors Day (1) K » ship Award; Allerton American Travelling Scbolar- k H ship (3); Plym Prize for Sketch Problems (3) Herbert Franklin Tieman Quincy George Frank Tschappat. . Grays Lake Commerce t , l Elbctricax Engineering General Busine M fi i Delta Chi Theta Delta Chi Freshman Varsity Golf Squad; Second Lieutenant. University Brigade Crane College Kathryn Marion Tillman . Education English Pill Omega Pi . Ottawa Joseph Alfred Tills Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences PrC ' Medical J ' Lambda Chi Alpha Pershing Rifles; Captain. I niversily Brigade (4) Kathebine " Snjje Tuacjj, Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences 7 French Chi Om ga Mortar Board; Torch; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gold Feathers; Orange and Blue Feathers; Council (2); Bard and Scribe; Le Ccrcle Fran ais; The Daily Illini (1, 2), Woman ' s Junior Assistant (3) Honors Day (I, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key JosEpii Abraham Valentine Turck, Jr.. ,. W ilmette Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Sigma Nil Phi Eta Sigma; Tu-Mas; Skull and Crescent; Alpha Delta Sigma; The Daily Illini (1, 2); Sophomore Cotillion Committee; Inlerfraternily Council (4) I Page I2J r -j SeniOR CLflSScf 1933 Dorothy Turner. . Butler Miriam Adele Van Buskirk. . . . J ilia Parh V-s •b A Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Orchesis: Women ' s (ilee Club (2. 3): L ' liiversity Chorus l2. 3): Cast. V. W . C. A. .- tuul .Show (3) Freer .Albert Turner Oak Park Journalism The Dally IJIini (2. 3); Siren (3) Education English Gamma Phi Beta Frances Shiiner School Edith Doloras V.ance Champaign Physical Education Kappa Delta Major I A; Minor I A; . A. A.; Terrapin; P. E. Majors " Club; .Apparatus (1. 2. 3); Soccer (2. 3, 4): Basketball (1); Volleyball (2, 3); Bowling (2, 3); Tennis (2. 3) Russell Milton Turner Ramsey Grace Ruth Vandervoort He ■worth Mechanical Engineering griculture v. . M. K. Home Economics -McKendree College; James .Millikin L ' niversil Alre- lis Phi I psilon Oinicron; University Chorus ' D Illinois Slate Normal University Edward Sanford Tlrmpseed Atuoud Joseph . nthony VanDyke If estville Engineering Physics Liberal Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Sigma Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Vice-President. Y. M. C. A. (4); Bela Kappa Sipma Tan; Varsin Cross Country Squad (2) r- . i- ■ r- t o o i »- - x.- i ii rreshnian Varsity rootball Squall; arsity roothall Squad (4) IS ' orth Central College Dallas Ross Tyree Pax, If. la. Charles John Vanerka Cicero Commerce Mechanical Engineering Accountancy Morton Junior College Marshall College Esther Caroline Uhi Loganspurt, Ind. Joe .Albert Vanerka Education Commerce French Banking and Finance Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Sigma Phi Mortar Board; Woman ' s Business Manager, The y Daily Illini (4); ( amnia Alpha Chi; Alethenai Literary Society; The Daily Illini (2. 3); The lllio (2) (ioucher College , Cicero Pm 1. Orville Ulmer Co.m.merce Accountancy . Palmer .Alice Mae Varnum ... .1 Chicago Education Public School Music Phi Bela Northwestern I ni%ert it Howard William Ilrey. . . . ■; A- iar . Ind. [Urold James Vasconcelles 4thens Commerce Electrical Engineering (General Business A I. E. E. Lincoln Junior College Page 124 P! -T SeniOR CLflSS(f 1933 dMik Alice Esther Vaughan ' . CUurU-f. IIehschei. I :verett Wacaser Deraliir LiRBKAL Arts ani Sciences Commerce ' • ' " g ' ' " ' ' Gonanil liiisinvss IMii Beta Kappa; Alpha LaililMta Oclta lluiiiirs Dav (I, 2. H); lfni%-erftit i f IlliiioiH Scholarhliip Kry (3) iinlan.N Cliih; Fir«l Hi- rilal II I II. 2) 1 Blanche Marie Veach.?. ,-. irbaiia Physical Education Advisory Btiard. W. A. A.; Major lA; Minor lA; W. A. A. ; Soccer (1.2): Hockey (1,2,3, 4); Basketball (I, 2, 3. 4), Varaily (2, 3); Apparatus (1, 2, 3. 4), Varsilv (3); Baseliall (1, 2, 3); May Fete (1) Walter Isom Waggoner Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences ( ' hemistry Alpha Tail Omega Skull and Crescent; A. I. C. E.; Varsity Fencing Squad (2. 3,4); Glee Club (2, 3, 4) Carlos Wilbur Veach Urhana Archie Mullikin Walker Urbana Electrical Engineering Journalism Phalanx; Captain. Iniversity Brifiade (4) Alpha Kappa Pi Gamma Theta Phi; Glee Cluh (1); I nterfraternity Council (4) Paul Townsend Veale. ' y. . General Agriculture Urbana Frances Mildred Vogel Commerce Foreign Commerce Beta Gamma Sigma . •: Paso Betty Dolores Walker Shelbvville Education English Alpha Omicroii Pi Torch; (7oId Feathers; Shi-Ai; Mask and Bauble; Aletheiiai Literary Society; Business Manager, Y. W. C. A. Stunt Show (3); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3); Chairman, Woman ' s League Elections Committee (4); Chairman, Big Sister Comtnittee (3) Mary Florence Walker Gays Education Home Economirs Home Economics Cluh Virginia Esther Vogel Marseilles Liberal Arts and Sciences English Torch; Gregorian Literary Society; Y. W. C. A. Cab- inet (4); First Council, Woman ' s League (3. I); The Daily Hlini (1, 2); The Illio (2) Independent News (3. 4); Student Council, McKinley Foundation (4) Honors Day ( 1 ) Mervin Eugene Volle Mt. Pulaski Commerce Banking and Finance Acacia Accountancy Club; Captain, University Brigade (2) Lincoln Junior College Marshall allberg Chicago Mechanical Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa Warren Albert W alther Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Lawrence Christian Vork Commerce Accountancy, Bankingand Finance Accountancy Cluh: Student Counc-il. McKinley F ation (4) Gibson Citv Dorothy Brumond Wangman, (Mrs.)., ff ' aukegan Liberal Arts and Sciences Fren :h Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Delta Phi; Der Deutsche Verein Honors Day (1. 2) Page 12j lOR Cif SSof 1933 George Flori ' s Merill ard Mt.l ' ernon Frank Oscar " eber Giiman CoMiuERCE Commerce Getif ' rnl Business Foreign Commerce Sigma Alpha Epsilon Beta Psi Phalanx; Alpha Tan Sigma: Inlerfraternil y Council (3); Captain, University Brigade (4) James Albert S ares. . ' T . ™ Chicago vi alter John Weber Mehi Fine and Applied Arts Agriculture Architecture " Agricultural Educatioti Delta Phi »i u i- d- Alpha Kappa ri Tbeta Tau; Gargoyle; Pierrots; Produetion Staff, . , , . ., , , n, ■ -ir . • i i " Steppin- West " , (2). " Wotta Racket " (3), " Caetles A p ha 1 au Alpha: Kappa Phi Kappa: Aericultural inthe Air " (3), " The Church Mouse " (4), " The Butter C ' " . ' V " ! ' !. ' " " ??,-. AF " ' ;uUural Education Club; and Egg Man " (4); Inlerfraternitv Council (1) Field and Furrow; Illinois Agriculturist (3, 4): I niver- ,, _, ,„, sity Poultry Judging team (4) Honors Day (2) Harold IX aldo Waterman Dolton Je n Alice Webster Des Plaines Journalism Agriculture Independent News (3 4); Men ' s Glee Club (3, 4); ff Economics Cast, Castles in the Air (3) Thornton Junior College; University of Soutbern " l Beta r nl California Q„|d Feathers; Shi-Ai; Orange and Blue Feathers; Woman ' s League Kepresentative, Gold Feathers (3); Terrapin Club; University Concert and Entertainment Board (3, 4); Swimming (1) Edward Gordon Watson f ilniette Commerce Public Utilities Sigma Phi Sigma Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Nu Kappa; Sigma Iota Epsilon; Commerce Council (4); Interfraternity Council (4) Leslie Allen Watt Mt. Morris Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Eta Sigma: Dance Supervision Committee (4); Alpha Delta Sigma; The Daily Ilbni (1, 2), Copy Manager (3); Journalism Council (4) Honors Day (1) Margaret ' atzo. . . . T Chicago Education German Delta Phi Alpha; Der Deutsche Verein iNorthwestern University Mary Edney Weatherwax Chenoa Physical Education Kappa Kappa Gamma nois Weslcyau University Elizabeth W eaver Pittsfield Liberal Arts and Sciences History Kappa Kappa Gamma College of ' illiain and Mary Helen L DELEINE Weckel. Education Historv . Champaign Laura Violet WBGN fff " !? . Souf i Bend. Ind. Journalism Beta Sigma Omicron The Daily Ilbni (2); Pan-Hellenic Council (3) HRISTIAN Weiland Aurora Commerce Accountancy, Banking and Finance Phi Kappa Tau Phi Eta Sigma; Scahhitrd and Blade; Coast Artillery Club: Military Council (I): University Kifle Team (1, 2. 3, 4); Captaia, University Brigade (4) Honors DaV (1, 2); Phalanx Freshman Award, Paul Louis Weinman. . . Middletimn. Ohio Commerce General Business Alpha Tau Omega Glee Club (2, 3, 4); University Chorus 2) Capital University Maurice Sharkey Weintraub Chicago Physical Education Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad; Freshman arsity Baseball Squad Page 126 li " K CLflSScf 1933 il 5NALD I). WES ' Rosemary Amce Weih JTest Union Donald Education Public School Music Alcestis ' ' , Sigma Nu [■hi Beta; Mn Kappa Alpha: University Orchestra 1. 2. 3, IV; Wnman ' s Glee Club (3, 4); niversity ESTAl Commerce (rPncml Biisint ' ss w°T Fred Oliver Weirich. FTTTi Chicago Vernon Clifford Wbstberg Chicago Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; Freshman Vartiily Gym Squad (2); Concert Band ;2, 31: University Orchestra (2, 3. 1) Crane College William Ernest Weisb Peoria Margaret Louise Westenberger Commerce Springfield Accountancy, Banking and Finance Commerce Phi M.i Delta General Business Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Alpha Psi; lUini Chamber of Theta Phi Alpha Commerce: Accountancy Club Sophomore Cotillion Committee: Prom Com- Honors Day (1) mittee Saint Mary ' s of Notre Dame Ruby Monzella Welch J ' illa Grove Artrude Leona Wbsterheide Physical Education ' " ' Douglas Education • I Mathematics Corina Second Council, Woman ' s League (2): Senior Informal Committee (4) Honors Day (3) Lois Arline W elker Oak Park Marjorie Wham Carbondale Agriculture Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Economics History Achaea Pi Beta Phi Thalmus; First Council, Second Council, Woman ' s Southern Hlinois State Normal I iiiversity Lea ' ue (4): Home Economics Club; University Girl ' s Rifle Team (3. 4) Adolph Leonard ' ellander Moline Marjorie Helen Wheeland Freeport Mechanical Engineering Education Art Phi Omega Pi Gregorian Literary Society; Illustrators: ' Somen ' s Glee Club (2, 3) ' George John West Commerce General Business Phi Kappa Tau The Illio (2) .Chicago Julian Carl Wheeleb 411 ion Elbctricav- Engineering Chi Beta ' " " Phi Eta Sipma: Eta Kappa Nu; Theta Tau; Sigma Iota Epsiion: A. I. E. E.: Senior Manager. Inter- scholastic and Relay Carnival; Athletic Council ( t) Honors Day (I, 2, 3) Richard ViALLACE West Augusta Marian Ruth Wheeler Monticello Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical [-Engineering Home Economics Vluha Clli Si ' Tna Omicr m_Nu; Phi Upsilon Omicr )n A. 1. C. E. Honors Day (2, 3) Page T27 - SeniOR CiQSSof 1933 Helen Josephine X herry Daniilte Liberal Arts and Sciences •Venc i Delta Gamma The Daily Illini (2, 3); Women ' s Glee Club (1, 2); Lniversity Chorus (2) Elizabeth Ann hite L ' rhana Commerce Commerce Electra Southeast Misstmri State Teachers College Robert Con ant kite Commerce General Business Sigma Phi Sigma Inlerfraternlty Council (t) . Hilhboro Harold Harrison Wich L ' rbana Fine and Applied Arts Music Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Lambda: Mu Kappa Alpha; Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia; Star Course 12): Fine Arts Ball Committee (3): Concert Band (1. 2. 3. 4); Univer- sity Orchestra (1. 2. 3. 4); Men ' s Glee Club (2); Cast. " Steppin ' We?t " (2) Honors Day (1. 2. 3) Stanley ' Wells Widger Homer, . V. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medical Honors Day (2. 3) Palil Clifton Vi iegand. . Bur ington, Iowa Ceramic Engineering Thefa Kappa Nu A. S. C. E. ; Freshman Varsity Football Scjuad; Varsity Football Squad (2, 3) Ronald Henry hite Charleston Liberal Arts and Sciences n ' fc Vee hite Manhattan, Kan. Zeta Tati Alpha Kansas State College Education Spanish Mortimer Delno Wilber Quincv Commerce (ieneral Business President. Senior Class; President. Independent Coun- cil (4): Student Council (4); Vice-President. Illinois Union (4); Business Manager, Independent News (3); Cabinet, Illinois Union l3); Co-Chairman. Home- coming (4); Chairman, Student .Activities Commit- tee (4); Faculty Reception Committee; Chairman. Easter Informal (3); Mi-Hila Committee (3); General Chairman, Y. M. C. -A. Drive (4); Cast. " Beggar on Horseback " (I) Mildred Evelyn Wilco.x Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology- Alpha Omicron Pi Robert James hitesell Delavan Ceramic Engineering Tan Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Keramos; American CeraTnic-Society; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Captain. Univer. sity Brigade (4) ll.inors Day (1, 2. 3) Arthur Rudolph Wildhagen Palatine Journalism Phi Alpha Chi; Sigma Delta Chi; The Dailv IlUni l2, 3) . lbert NiCKERSON Whitlock Chicago Evelyn Mar ;aret ildi. Commerce Industrial Administration Kappa Delia Rho Scabbard and Blade; Pierrots: Caisson Club; Varsilv Wrestling .S.piad (2); Cast. " Steppin ' VI est " (2); Horse Show (3); Major, University Brigade Hi Highland EoucATidN Mathematics Kappa Delta Honors Day Pi (2. Jessie Primrose Vi hyte W aukegan AL rtil illett Aurora Liberal .Arts and Sciences Liberal .Arts and Sciences History Philosophy s Delta Gamma .Alpha Lambda Delta: Universilv Chttrus (2) Pag,- liS OR CmSSof 1933 f Otto Bbrn hi Willett Effinfiham Frances Liicillb Wilson . . . Journalism Agriculture Ma. Van-l);i; Mnnaginp Editor. The Daily Illini ID; Home KrontmiU ' S Stiiiirnt Cnunril It); SiBma Delia Chi; Phi Alpha Chi; the DaiU llliiii (1. 2, 3) Delu Delia Ijella JanieH Millikin I iii er8i( Ml. ' .ion Albin Lee Williams Rockeville Center, IS. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Frenrh Pi Kappa Alpha Elmer Eugene Williams Di.xon Agriculture Animal Husbandry Alpha Gamma Rho Pi Delta Ep) iton; Illini Grange; Agricultural Club Illinois Agrieulturist (1. 2. 3). Business Manager (I); University Livestoek Judging Team (4); First Lieut- enant, University Brigade (4) Grace Mills Williams Clinton Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Phi Mn Gamma James Millikin University EspEY Carrl Williamson L ' rbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Geography Thela Chi Tribe i f Illini: Dolphins; Freshiiian Varsity .Swimming Squad: Varsity Swimniinp. Letter (2, 3, 4); Freshman Varsit Water Polo Squad; Varsity Water Polo (2), Letter (3. 1), Captain (4) James David Williamson Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Historv Zeta Psi Tu-Mas; Skull and Crescent Charles Campbell S ilson Champaign Commerce Banking anil Finance Illini Chanilier of Coniriierci (3, 4); Junior Prom Conini tee; Frenhman Varsity Council (2. 3, 4) l. ' i. I); Independent News tee; Junior Cap Cuinmil- rack Squad; Independent . Maci, Paul Thomas Wilson Agriculture Agricultural Education Farm House Alpha Zeta: Agricultural Cluli: Dairy Cluh; Illini Grange; Senior Jacket Committee; University Dairy Cattle Judging Team (3, 4) Peter Klein Wilson .Aurora Liberal Arts and Sciences History Delta Kappa Epsilon Skull and Crescent Matthew Michael Wincert Chicago Physical Education Phi Kappa Scabbard and Blade; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Cavalry Officers ' Club; Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Second Lieutenant. University Brigade (3) Warren Edgar Wingert Davenport, Iowa Liberal . rts and Sciences Pre-Legal Phi Kappa Psi Tu- Mas; Skull and Crescent; Alpha Tau Sigma; Fresh- man Varsity (iolf Squad; Varsity Golf Squad (2. 3); Junior Prom Con Brigade (4) iittee; First Lieutenant. L ' niversily Lillian Margaret Winsor Education Commercial Subjects Lambda Omega First Council. Woman ' s League (3) . Chicago Bernadette Mae Wilmot. . . .Riier Forest Robert Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Legal Delta Zeta Gold Feathers; Orange and Blue Feathers; Le Cercle Francais; The Daily Illini (1); Production Staff. " Cas- ties in the Air " (3). " Church Mouse " (4). Stunt Show (4), Union Minstrel Show (4): Horse Sh.jw (2. 3. 4) Rosary College Ulney W inters Millersville General .Agriculture Phalanx; Alpha Tau .4lpha; Agricultural Engineering Club; Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Varsity Football Squad (2. 3); Captain. University Brigade (4) Dean Elme AXisleder Du Quoin Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa iSu; Synton Honors Day (3) Southern Illinois State Normal I ' niversity Page 121) - SeniOR Class cf 1933 Ivan Lee Wissmilixr Cooksville Robert Dean Woolsey Maquon CrviL Engineering Liberal Arts and Sciences Tau Beta Pi: Chi Epeilon; Mu San; A. S. C. E. Pre-Medical Honors Day (3). 2 . Phi Pi Phi Illinois Wesleyan; Uniyer: Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Phi Eta Sigma; Student Council (4); Trihe of lllini; VarRitv Cross Country, Letter (2), Captain (3, tl; Varsit) Track. Letter (2, 3) Laura Charlotte Witt. Barrington Betty Louise Work Chicago Agriculture . Education Hume Economics English Delta Zeta El Circulo Literario de Espanol; The Daily Illini (2. 3); May Fete (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (4) Crane College WiNSLOw Murray Wright Glencoe Commerce General Business Pi Kappa Alpha Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad; Var( ity Tennis Squad {2); Cast. Humeconiing Stunt Show (2). Union Minstrel Show (2) Honors Day (I) Amboy Clyde Russell Wutzke Gurnee Agriculture Horticulture Agricultural Club; Horticultural Club; Linnean Hon- orary Botany Society; Second Regimental Band (1, 2) William harton Witter, , , Rock Island General Agriculture Beet Cattle Judging Prize (2) Augustana Ctillege Marjorie Myrtle Wolcott, Agriculture Home Economi-cs Home Economics Club Cornell College ! Lawrence Lcroy Wollbnhaupt. Berwyn J ' ck A, ' ' ■ ' " ' " ■IfljUfP ■ Omaha, eb. Commerce Fine and Applied Arts General Business Architectural Engineering Men ' s Glee= Chib (3, 4) an Diego State College Morton Junior College Wf . Otto Leonard Wolter, Jr.. .St. Louis, Mo. " __ Commerce _ Industrial Engineering Sigma PhT Epsilon Kappa Theta Sigma Charles RichaIrd Woodfill, . Aurora, Mo. Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha Theta Tau; Scabbard and Blade: Tau Nu Tau; Mil- lilary Ball Committee (3); Lieutenant Colonel. L ' niver- »ily Bripade 13) Elsie NL v Woodward Berwyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science ■ Pi Beta Phi W. A, A.; Hockey (2, 3); Tennis (2, 3) -L Stephens Ci llcge Mervin S van Yaeger Princeton Education Mathematics La Salle-Perii Junior College ! v William Lee Yarger, .. ' ■■.... Bloomington GlviL EnGinbering Mu-San: A, -S. ' C, E, III inoJH W ' cslcyan UniverBily HuBEitx brcy Yarnell ITenona Commerce General Business Chi Beta Al 3ha Kappa Pei; Captain. Univert ity Brigade (4) Page ISO Cmssof 1933 film } If. Gem Gar Yuim; Seattle, fTash. KnUCATION ln(fustri(d Education CosmopoUlan Club IiidiiMlrial KiliuMMonal Society ; Chinese StudentB ' Cliili; Chinese Kiigineerinf Soi-iely Purdue Univerniiy; l ' ni t ' r»ily f Mi( souri V Tll » Y km rns (lUirafio Mechanical Enginkkrin ; Tail Bctu Pi; Freshman N ' arxiiy HuHehall Si]iiail i. ■i t t ii« Howard Grier Young. Dayton, Ohio Virginia Louise Ziecler Farmer City Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics i ' . French Beta Tlieta Pi Kappa Kappa Gamma Ma- aii-D i; Sachem; Junior Foolhall Manager Marian Magdeline Young. Education Historv Kappa Delta Joliet Jiitiior College . Joliet John Michael Zikmund Cicero Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. Morton Junior College Murrell Ellis Young Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences French Alpha Phi Pi Delta Phi; Alethenai Literary Society; EI Circulo Literario de Espanol Randolph Macon Woman ' s College Robert McCormick Young Chicago Mechanical Engineering Delta I ' psilon Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Student Council (1); Business ManaRcr. The Illio (+): Theta Tau; Illini Flying Cluh; The Illio (1, 2. 3); First Repimental Band (I, 2) Honors Day (1. 2. 3) Joseph John Zbornik Chicago Commerce Commercial Teaching Chi Signifl. " Kappa; Accountancy Club; Freshman Varsity Soccer Squad (3); Varsity Soccer, Letter (4J; Concert Band (3, 4) Morton Junior College William . lbert Zei Evanston Commerce Foreign Commerce Accountancy Club; Foreign Trade Club; The Daily Illini 11. 2) ' Leonard Christ Zimmerly, .. . o e. Ark. Education Speech Kappa Phi Kappa; Southern Club; Adelphic National Literary Fraternity; Independent Council (4); Varsity Debate Squad (3, 4) George Ellsworth Zinser Joliet Electrical Engineering Phi Mil Delta First Lieutenant. University Brigade (4) George Vernon ZiriTEh Indianapolis, Ind. Civil Engineering Kappa Sigma Mu-San; A. S. C. E.; Infantry Officers " Cluh; First Lieutenant, University Brigade fl) William Arnold Zoeller Dixon Commerce Accountancy, Banking and Finance Sigma Phi Sigma Business Manager, Siren (4); Accountancy Club; Caisson Club; Siren (1. 2. 3); First Lieutenant Uni- versity Brigade (4) Honors Day (31 y Robert Louis Zelle Chestnut Commerce Accountancy Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Accountancy Club Honors Day ft- 2, 3): University of Illinois Scholarship Key (3) Joseph Edwin Zwisler, Jr, . . Olympia Fields J - ,-- Commerce Foreign Commerce Phi Kappa Psi Sophomore Basehall Manager; X ' arsity Track S«juad (2) Thornton Township Junior College Page 131 WALTER CHARLES DORi A.. ROY CALSTOM BUSHART FEED ANDRErW CLARK DAVID FOUTS COOK ftARNEY C05NECK DEANt A LCM a COVENTRY JOHN RALPH COVINGTON GEORGE EDWARD DE60 WILLIA HOWARD E AR CH WAYNE HARRISON FOLGER FREDERICK FERDINAND FRINK ROBERT rVYRON HARCHSON HUDSON ARNOLD HELLt lCH GEORGE AL ERT HORCH RObERT EUGENE HORSLEY LAWRENCE WESLEY KANAGA HOWARD AUGUST KELLER ANN JA ES PHILIP KIRK WALTER CHARLES LECK R.O ER-T IRVING METCALF WILLIArA FREDERIC fAURRAY RUSSELL bALDWlN NELSON CHARLES TUXHORN RICHARDS IVAN DONALD SCHUSTEK WILLIA»A JOSEPH SlfAOH EDWIN RUSSELL SNAVELY STANLEY STEPHtN SPYRA GEORGE LOGAN STAUDT Page ij!4 Ichem — « I .4 J334 CHARLOTTE CAROLINE ANDERSON GENEVIEVE SARAH ANDERSON FLORENCE AGNES BEIDELMAN EVALYN I AUDENE BLOUGH HELEN RUTH BOSLEY MARY LOUISE BOWEN HARRIET JEWEL BROW N JANET I AY CAMP ELL MARTHA JANE CASTLE MARGARET LElMOCA DIX ELOCIS MARGUERITE DONNER ELEANOR ADELAIDE DUNTEMAN AL A HELENE FRESE SARAH JANE FULTON N ACY CATHERINE GORE BARBARA JANE HARRIS BETTY HATTON EDITH HEINZELMAN . MARY CONSTANCE HENLEY ELIZA ETH MO ANN MAZEL MARIE HOYLE ILDREO OEANETTE KADYK J MARIAN ANITA KUSZ i FRANCES MARGARET LAN6E I HEDVIC LENC I MARY ALICE MclNTYRE ■ JANE EUNICE fW RR 1 DORIS ALBERTA MENEELY ELIZABETH WALKER PROVINE ELIZABETH JANE MUIR i ELIZABETH HENRIETTA SCHICHT J BETTY STUART SMITH _| MARGARET HELEN SMITH , DOROTHY ANN S TANDARD ' HELEN STANTON i; x it:l Page ,, ' j- imy I Uio c ynjdejta jL Vincent J. Del Beccaro Presitlent First Semestpr John W. Hope I ' icf -President, First Semester The Class of 1934 JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE Millard S. McGuffin, Co-Chairman G. Marvin L. Hasting, Co-Chairman Edythe E. Lund, I ire-Chairman Herbert F. Auvv Fred H. Bennington Edward A. Bertram Eugene F. Bond Walter D. Boyle Mildred H. Converse Isabelle M. Donahue Allen Fisk Betty IIatton Durward O. Hein Mary C. Henley Henry G. Heubach Robert F. Hoffman Mary F. James Arthur R. Johnson Donald E. Larson James D. McCormick Leo C. Mackelden Victor Mann Thomas J. Martin Dorothy E. Oliver Tilford a. Olson Morris E. Paddick Leonard M. Raffeld Henry Rumana Lenore Scharschuc Le Vona Voigt Margaret E. Waddey Page Ij6 mz MJlo c A vdl £n JL ElGENE F. Bo D Co-Prpsident, Second Spinester Howard C. HARTMA Co-President, Second Semester The Class of 1934 Janet L. Creitz Elsie 1. Minier SENIOR HAT COMMITTEE Robert A. Gobel. Chairman Maxine B. Porter Donald B. Richaros Gennaro S. Sarli Robert M. Harrison Henry G. Helbach SENIOR JACKET COMMITTEE Kent Lane, Chairman W illiam F. Moon Lenore Scharschlc Margaret E. Waddey t 1 Page _57 i imy I Ujuo c nirvdji£ri iL Pal Moore President, First Semestf John T. Beynon President, Second Semester The Class of 1935 SOPHOMORE COTILLION COMMITTEE Edwin R. Farrar. Cn-Chairman John V. Thompson, Co-Chairman Helen M. Reuhl, i ice-Chairman Charles J. Day Fillmore W. Galaty Elizabeth J. Goby ' Martin A. Harniscii Om ve p. Kelley Clifford E. Lamplough Benjamin A. Lerner Herman Levin Helen T. McGill Rexford Newcomb, Jr. Verrea a. Nofsinger Charles E. Otto Russell M. Pershell Virginia 1. Polonis Evelyn M. Roskam Jerome M. Schulman Kenneth A. Smith Mar(;aret M. Snider FI RHV K. addington Page ijS mz MJlo x unjdejm Al.BKKT O. It HI» Prcsitlvnt. First St-mrslrr W ILl.lVM J. LlliKM Prrsitlpnf. SrtonrI Sentpstrr The Class of 1936 THE FRESHMAN FROLIC COMMITTEE John R. Hammett, Chairman G. W iLLiAivi Anderson Phyllis Boslev Robert . Brashears Robert K. Cameron William B. Dazey Helen L. Garland Phyllis M. Grant W ALTER G. HaYNES Julia M. Lake Alvin S. Lehman Thomas A. Lindley Joseph N. Madison Robert H. Paxton P ' lorine Petri Ben F. Railsback Lucille H. Ummach THE FRESHMAN INFORMAL COMMITTEE X . Clark Hyzer, Co-Chairman Albert R. Imle, Co-Chairman Robert I). Armstrong C. Philip Burman i iLLiAM J. Burns Margxret M. Casper John E. Choisser Elsie M. Clifford Mary F. Comer Lloyd G. Compton Julia V. Daniel Esther Dixon John L. East Bernice a. Fine Thomas E. Gately Joe Gartner Joe C. Gasparich John S. Gill Fredrick A. Glenn Theodore Hoffman Paul H. Jaeckel Harold G. Karstens Arthur II. Kautzman Norman C. Kent Goldie Langhorst Martha N. McClury Sarah T. Marshall Virginia I. Miller John L. Morton Frances T. Nicklevvicz Douglas F. Roebrook Florence L. Roper Henry C. Rossman Dorothy M. Schmidt Marjorie Schmitz Walker W. Sellers Eleanor G. Thomas Mandell Yosowitz THE SOPHOMORE CAP COMMITTEE John E. Slattery, Chairman Herman Berger Emerald H. Bundy Robert K. Cameron Joseph L. Franchesi Russell W. Hays E. Raymond Kaywood, Jr. Michael A. Longo VilLLIAM H. ReZANKE Harry I). Thorsen ll Page IJQ kJ RADUATE SEGOn ' ( II -i SeniOR CmsSff 1933 Joseph Henri Amifx eiv York, i . Y. Romance Langi ages Master of Arts Alpha Phi D.-lla Phi Kappa Eppilon Baclielor of ScieiH-c. L cee de ISice. France. 1920- ' of Arts. Cllegr of William anil Mar . 1930 Neal JaiAes Anderson Pa.xton Commerce General Business Act ' tmnlancv Cliiii Jack E. Chizewe . Chicago Electrical Engineering Alpha Epsilon Pi Ferne Velma (Ihupp Decatur History Master of Arts Pi Kappa Sipnia Bachelor of Arts. James Millikin Lniversili. 1929 Berneice Isabelle Besore. . . .C iam «ig i Liberal Arts and Sciences . Geography I - PI Orville Thomas Bon!nett. . [ rbana Agronomy Doctor of Philosophy Sifima Xi; Alpha Zeta; Gamma Sif. ' ma Delta; Phi Kappa Phi Bachelor of .Science. Kansas State Agricnitiiral College. 1918 Master of Science. Kansas State Agricultural College, 1927 Ethel Hollister Day Champaign Education Master of Arts Bachelor of .Arts, I ' niversity of Illinois. 1910 II-! I I Wabren William Day; Champaign I .Architecture Master of Architecture Thela Delia Chi Cosmopolitan Cluli; Scabbard an l Blade; .Arrliitertiiral Club; Pen an l Hrui! h Club Bachelor of Scienif. Iniveraity of Illinois. 1 )10 Master of Science. I niversily of Illinois, 1932 M " VPiLLiiiM Washington Buchanan, Jr. . . . ; East St. Louis Phar ' macy Kapjiia_Alpha Psi Vf William Franklin Dennem n. Park Ridg s ] Dentistry i Theta Delta Chi Delta Signi4 Delia; Student Council (2) JUMis Paul Califf Lwv - Bachelor of Laws Bachelor ' of iJcienee. I ' niversity of llliiioi?. l ' I.S2 ffilPSlCK . VrSr. . ' . . .-. .... Bloominffon ' Liberal .4rts and ' -Sciences French Le Cercle Fram ais Illinois Wesle au I niv ' Btty JoB ■ KiciiARr Carpenter I rhana Zoology faster of Scieiicr Alpha ' I ' au Sigma ' Bachelor of Arts, JUniversily of Illinois. 1932 ifTTofcLEY . . I, JUniversily John SEiVEiTTyoi LEY .. .... Lehanun Zoology Dfictor of Phihhsophv Sigma i: l lii Sifiriia: Animal Ecolofry Club Bachelor of ciene , McKeudree College. 19J0 Master of Science. L niversity of Jllinoim, 1931 ' David Edwin Chapman Curbunilulr Electrical Engineerin ; M aster of Stienre Syntoii Baclielor of ScJfeifce, University of Illinois. 1932 . ll n Dscar Drayton - Port of S iain, Trinidad Dentistry Collcfje of the City of New York; Lniversily of MichifEan Page 144 -T 9eniOR ClQSS of 1933 ' ■t NtNCY Louise Embrre i DeKali LiuERM. Arts AND Sciences j Spevi h ' ' ' Delia Zela Slii-Ai; Janicwiniiui LilerHry iioi-ielv; Firsr ., Counctl. Womaii ' H Lcaaiie (1): Cue!- " Kreiiih HiJels " , (2). " Courts and Appeals " (.1) I „H ;VBY Knooh Cinsburgh ( ' .Iiirdfiii Medicine jpha Rpsiloa Pi Bernice Lee Ernst t | . Alton Edward Frank Grable Chir Classics Master iif Arts Bachel.T of Arls. Shurlleff ColleKi;, l ' 32 ■ago Mining Engineering Beta Kappa Dolphints; Patacslra; Frcrthinaii arsily Suiiiiiiiiii!: Squad; Varsity Wrestling Squad (2. :i. 1) Dorothy AdeleFeingold. .South Bend. Ind. ,, Henry, Ejvimett Gross. Webster (iron; Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences j 1 | |i | Mining Engineering History ' i - is ■ Master of Scienre Gresorian Literary Society; The Daily Illini (2); The I ' au Beta Pi Illlo |2| Bachelor ..f S.icnic. Missouri Sch.iol ,.f Mines, 1928 St. Mary-of-lhe-Woods ; ' . ■». • Mi Leonaro Victor Finder Chicogo Kichard Ferdinand Hahn . , . . . Chicago Law Doctor of Imw Onier of ihe Coif; Delta Sifjiiia Kho: Phi Eta Sipnia; Alpha Kappa Delta; Cavalry Officers ' Club; , " -:■ Chairman. Senior Law Clasw Picture Coniniiltee H SdbeEoriof Arts, University of [lli,nois, 1930 V Gertride Brayton Fletcher. .... WH pum W. Eugene Harris. ? Education Master of Science Bachelor of Arls, Wheaton College, 1926 i 1 Law JiiK lielor of I aws Delta Alpha Kpsilon Phi Eta .Sigma; Senior Class President. College of Law; Phi Alpha Delta; .Alpha Kappa Psi; Kappa Phi Sigma; Fhi Delta Gamma; Illini Chamber of Commerce; Secretary, La v Cluh {ft) Bachelor of Science. I niversit.i of Illinois. 19. 0 . Chicago IVJechanical Engineering Crane College Hilda Mab Forrest. . , Decatur Harry Hara ky HartlebC . iss3 5,,_ English Pharmacy Master of Arts The Illio (2. .■)! Bachelor of .Arts. Western Kentucky State Teacher8 College. 1929 Master of Arts. Uniyersity of Illinois. 1931 r%. Jas es Charles Fox Port Pseches, Tex. Barker l tjDLEY Herr. lihiominglon Liberal Arts and Sciences EnIm h -- Knulish Bachelor of .Science, Northwestern " r ' ni crsitS " -. I9, t) ■ Mely-ille Vi eston Fuller Flat Rock Lenora M e Hodges Lafayette. La. Geology j I-ihr ry School Master of Arts ' Bachelor of Science Sigma i Rachejor of .Science, Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Bachelor of rl-. I niyersity of Illinois. 19.)l 1929 .fJ ' J -s; ._ :i.»i ' ! " ! Si»£ji.:i Page 145 lOR Cw SSof 1933 Mildred Llch.e Huser Salem Felix Legrand Liberal Arts AND Sciences I ilia De anire, LaBaule, France Mathematics Alpha Lamtxla Delta; Pi Mil Epsilon Romance Languages Master of irts Pi Delia Phi: Phi Kappa Epsilon; Le Cerrle Frant ais Bachehir if Arts. I niversit of Oregon, 1930 Helen Louise Kaisers: .). English Master of Kappa Delta Pi Barlielor of Ediieation. W eslern Illinois State Teachers College. 192 ' ) Canton Harriet S. Lescauski Pharmacy Lewis Institute . Chicago Norman Vt ilbvr Kalsow.. PlURMACY Huntley Robert Louis Lipschultz Pharmacy Delta Kappa Signia; Illini Pharmacist . Chicago Man Hin Kan Canton, China Andrew Pierre Lombardi Chicago Transportation Liberal Arts and Sciences Master of Science Chemistry IJ;uhelor of Science. Sun Yat Sen Universitv. China 1929 Oscar Karpf Dentistry Alpha Oniejja College of the Cit of New York Chicago Henry ' Peter Loncerich. . . East St. Louis Education ;, Chemistry- Ricii rd Benson Kitch Oak Park Civil Engineering ' Master of Science Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau: Garpnyle: A.S.C.K. Bachelor of Science. Univer6it ; of Illinois, 1932 LLlASR3WeELROY River Forest Lah Bachelor of Laivs Phi Kappa Psi Phi Delia Phi; Phi Eta Sigma: Scabhard ami Blaile Bachelor of .Sciencl?. L ' niversity of Illinois, 1931 Milton Edward Kr ft Chicago C.lar M y Mann. . Flora Chi Ta Phi Delta Bachelor Education Doctor of Philosophy 1 ati Kappa i f Science. University of Illinois. 1930 Master of Science. L ' niversit of Illinois, 1931 Shison fliiiNCLiN Lee ■Jn iicci, China Economics Doctor of Philosi)i liy Phi Kappa Kpsilon Bachelor of Arts. L ' ni ersity of Nanking. 192() Master of S, ience. I ' niversilv of Illinois. 1930 AgRICUI.TI RE Home F cotitmiics Bethany Circle Burrili Botfln CUtI): He apoecia: Home Economics ( hih; mini Grange: Illini Flying Chili: Gregorian l.ilerar Societ : % eslc Pla ers: Illinois Agricul- turalist ll. 2); Kreahnian Soccer (I): Track (I): Cast. " It Never Kains " (3): Production Staff. " Beggar of ilorsehack " (3) Frwk Arthur Palumbo Chicago Fine and Applied Arts .lrchite lure Phi Kappa Scarah: Ereshniaii arsity Cross Country Squail; J Freshman ' arsil Track Sipiail Page 14.6 Z ' 7 2£ SeniOR CLflSStf 1933 Mkki.k IU ' th Pxrkbh Creeiirillr M VTIIEMATICS Master II f Ills Uiich,-I..r ..f rls. ;r.-i-iivllle ( ;,.ll.- .e, ly:!2 % (Mi W INNIFI ED Ruth Pe sB Warrenshiirg P]diic tion Knplish Jatnt Millikin I ' niversilv I HARM(i Dale Roberts i rbana i Education Master of Science Indiittlriiil Education Sociely Bachelor of Science. l ' iii ersity nf Illinois. 19;i2 Lester Nathan Kansas City; Mo. Law Bachelor of Laivs Phi Beta Kappa; Editor. Illinois Law Review (2); Illinois Bar Jimrnal (3); Executive Council. Law Cluh (3) Bachelor of Arts. University of Illinois, 1931 f Albert Louis Seidel. . . . H 4 • • -l- Chicago Bachelor of Laics T Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Alpha Delta Bachelor of Arts. Iniversily of IllinoiB. 14.12 ' Ml I moTHV Whitzel SvvAm Benton Law Bachf ' liir of l 4iivs , Alpha Delta Phi Hhi ' Delta Phi: Alpha Alpha Alpha; Alpha Delta .Siflina; l.nw ' Cliil); Tli- !a«; .Skull and CresciMit Bachelor .if rl-. 1 nucrkil) of Illinois. I ' .ML DoNATO ARQUILIO VeSI ' A ' I oluca Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta Phi Eta Si nia; Class Secretary (4) Ned J AMES Vespa Toluca Dentistry ' Delta Sigma Delta Class Treasurer (1) Milton HeiNs ' B St. Louis, Mo. Chemistry ' Doctor of Philosophy Alpha Chi Sigma Sigma Xi; Gamma .Alpha; Phi Lamhda t psilon University Fellow 19.32-33 Bachelor of Arts, Central Wcsleyan College. 1928 Master of Arts, University of Missouri. 1930 Robert Morris Werder Mattoon Law Baihelor of Laics Pi Kap])a .4lpha Phi Eta Siflina; Alpha .Alpha Alpha Bachelor of Arts. University of Illinois. 1931 Raymond Edward Shi ltis If aukegan Fine and Applied .4rts Music Delia Chi Delia Sigma Pi; Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia; Arepo; Con- cert Band fl. 2, 3. 4, 5); University Orchestra (1. 2, 3. 4); Cast. " II. M. S. Pinafore " (3). " Hansel and Gretel " (4). " Pirates of Penzance " (t), " Yeomen of the Guard " (5) LocKWOOD Klon Vi iley Champaiffi Education Speech Theta Upsilon Omega ' ' , r Pierrots; Adelphic National Literary Fraternity fArepO; Der Deutsche Verein; Men ' s Varsity (Jlec Cltib (1. t. .5. 6); First Resiniental Band (I. 2, 3); Concert Band (4. 5. ( ); L ' niversity Orchestra (2, 6); Cast. " Begpar on Horsehack " (4). " Steppin ' West " (5). " See Naples and Die " (5). " Wotta Racket " (5), " Yeomen of the Guard " {ti) I Bachelor of Arts. University of Illinois. 1931 Bachelor of Science. University of Illinois, 1932 . lvin Dudley Simon Chicago Jo Creamer Williamson i rbana Law Law Bachelor of Laics Bachelor of Lttus Tail Epsilon Phi ..TK u ! ' , u r, , .• t i. fin ' Alpha Alpha Alpha: Dolphins; Tribe of lllini Senior Law Class Dance Committee Bachelor of Arts, University of Illinois. 1930 Bachelor of Arts, University of Illinois. 1931 Theodore Melrose Sperry Charles Edgar Wilmeth Champaign Indianapolis, luil. Horticulture Botany Master of Science Dlictor nf Philosophy Linnean Botany Society Kappa Delta Rim Bachelor of Science, University of Illinois, 1932 Sigma Xi: Phi .Sigma Biological Society FelloH in Botany 1932-33 Bachelor of Science, Butler University, 1929 Master »f Science, University of Illiliois. 1931 i Fagi- 14- iLuo c£ HineieerLjCi. The Research and Educational Hospital The three colleges which compose the Chicago Campus of the Univer- sity of Illinois. The College of Med- icine, The College of Pharmacy, and The College of Dentistry are all located within the limits of the clinical center of Chicago. Within the radius of a few hlocks are a majority of the great metropolitan hospitals and professional colleges and schools. The College of Dentistry occu- pies a five-story building at the A Medical Laboratory Corner of Harrison and Honore Streets, and a part of the new med- ical and dental laboratory building at the corner of Lincoln and Polk Streets. Both buildings have ample space for laboratories, operating rooms, clinics, amphitheatres, and classrooms. As a large part of the third and fourth year courses in the College of Dentistry is devoted to clinical dentistry, an infirmary is provided for this purpose which occupies the entire top floor of the main building. The College of Pharmacy Library Pag.- 14S mz I Ulo OL WundjezTtDji The College of Pharmacy was originally known as the Chicago College of Pharmacy, and dates back to September 5. 1859. It was the fourth school of this kind in the country, and ever since the time of its beginning, it has maintained a high standard of instruction. It was taken over by the University of Illinois in 1896 and since then has grown to be the largest of the colleges of the Chicago Campus. I ' lic College of Pharmacy build- ings include a new four story build- ing and three older brick buildings, all of which are located at the inter- section of Wood and Flourno) Streets. The College of Medicine started operations on October 14, 1881. as a proprietary Medical School known as " The College of Physicians and Siireeons of Chicago. " It became affiliated with the University of Illinois in 1897. The College has grown to such an extent that now it has available for purposes of teaching and inves- tigation, the facilities of several hospitals, clinics, dispensaries and institutes, all lying within the area bounded by Polk. Wood. Taylor, and Lincoln Streets. Foi ' rSTAIN IN THE rOURT OF Thk College of Medi :ine Page I4g mj y I ILuo c£ nbn disjsn u. i J --- jmyii Hhmi Hjj iji H - .. SfiSaSB R Nu Sigma Nu Founded University of Michigan. 1882 Thirty-eight Active Chapters ETA CHAPTER Estabhshed 1892 626 South Ashland Boulevard. Chicago Marsh W. Alcorn, B.S., M.D. Joseph C. Beck, M.D. Frank M. Boonstra, B.S., M.D. Samuel J. Burrows, M.D. Henry T. Byford. A.M.. M.D. Eugene Gary, B.S., M.D. Frederick G. Dyas, M.D. Frank B. Earle, M.D. Donald K. Burroughs J. Oliver Conklin Joel E. Ad.4ms George H. Burkhart Lucius M. Dillman Rudolph W. Hack Carl Ireneus James S. Reynolds T. Chester Coggeshall Harold B. Fuqua Frank Hickman FACULTY Gordon A. Granger, M.D. Walter C. Hammond, M.D. Ford K. Hick, B.S.. M.D. Marcus H. Hobart, A.B., M.D. Hugh A. McGuigan, B.S., Ph.D., M.D. Ernest S. Moore, Ph.B., NLD. Harold M. Mortimer, B.S., M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Oscar E. Nadeau, B.S., M.D. Vincent J. O ' Connor, B.S., M.D. W illiam F. Petersen, B.S., M.D. Francis E. Senear, B.S., M.D. Hiram J. Smith, M.D. Kenneth J. Smith, B.S., M.D. CharlesS. W illiamson, M.S., M.D. Casey A. S ood, A.M., M.D. Seniors Ralph W. Freeman- Wesley A. Gust.afson John J. Freeman Leon T. Fruin Joseph G. Gustafson li illiam F. Jacobs Bern rd E. Malstrom Juniors John L. Schilsky Robert J. Sigler Danley p. Slaughter Alfred J. Klein Jacob Knanishu Phillip Latta Jesse F. Harrold Robert G. Lemon William F. Maley Sophomores Clarence . Smith Samuel L. Sout Freshmen Fred H. Lawrence A. K. Peterson Samuel A. Purves Albyn G. Wolfe Wilbur J. Menke John B. Roth Leroy T. Telford Adelbert L. Spiller Aloysious F. Tasch Raymond B. X hite Franklin F. Premuda Oliver V. Renaud Thomas R. Young Latt;i Si ' le Smith J. Gustafi on Kenauil doling Klein Fuqiia Hack Burkhart Harroli] Purves Jacolit- Ireneus Premuda Lawrence Hickman lelford Adams liurroushs V. Gustafs.m Copgeshall Fruin Male ReviKilds Conklin Lemon Knanishu Spiller White Roth Tasch Menke PiS ' - rs- ' mz I ILio of. Honeieje i-Du: r Alpha Kappa Kappa Founded Dartniouth Collefe. 1H88 Fifty Active Chapters ETA CHAPTER Established 1899 $12 South Ashland Boulevard, Chic Henrv p. Amberson, B.S., M.D. Hallard Beard, B.S., M.D. Louis N. Boelio, B.S., M.D. Amos P. Bratrude. B.S., M.D. Dennis R. Chile. B.S., M.D. Charles Davison, A.M., M.D. William C. Doepp, B.S., M.D. ALTER R. Fischer, B.S., M.D. Robert L. Furby, M.D. Archie J. Graham, B.S., M.D. Edward L. Heintz. Ph.G., M.D., LL.D. Charles E. Branch George F. Brooks W. Arnold Christian Edward R. Anderson Edwin F. Baker Paul L. Bedinger Earl C. Bucher Armin L. Blaufoss Daniel E. Bowers Robert V. Carter Ray Bucher Edward Burns Jack Gessler FACULTY JuliusJH. Hess, M.D. Henry E. Irish, M.D. John R. Johnson, B.S.. M.D. Robert W. Keeton, A.B., M.S., M.D. John D. Koucky, B.S., M.D. Charles H. LaSage, B.S.. M.D. Richard A. Lifvendahl. B.S., M.D. Benjamin F. Lounsbury. B.L.. M.D. Paul H. McDaniel, B.S., M.D. Robert B. Malcolm, M.S., M.D. L. Wade Martin, Ph.C, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Clarence S. Costigan Seeley B. Furby Harlan A. English Frank J. Fara Arthur E. Cooper William Gernon Noel J. Hershey John F. Huffman Joseph F. Cihak Frank W. Edel John Hanson W. A. Hutchison John Keyes Leo C. Larkin Frank G. Murphy, B.S., M.D. William L. Noble, M.D. Bennet R. Parker. B.S., M.D. Charles H. Phifer, M.D. NoRVAL H. Pierce, M.D. DuANE W. Propst. A.B., B.S., M.D. C. B. Puestow, M.D. LiNDON Seed, B.A., M.S., M.D. WiLLARD Van Hazel, A.B., M.D. Leonard F. ebeb, M.D. Kenneth E. Lewis Harry D. Miller William R. Sladek Juniors Robert E. Kraft Carl J. Lehwald W . Wayne Lockwood Henry C. Rosenstiel Sophomores H. Sargent Howard William N. Knudsen Freshmen R. Kreft Edward Perella Walker Sawyer Charles F. Row Ralph M. Seaton Harold L. Shinall Walter J. Zeiter J. Joseph Murphy William F. Seifert J. Howard Seigfried Edward Schumacher C. E. W . Wade Martin J. Zeiter Kreft Keyes Wade Hanson Zeiter Burns Hutchison Perella Schuuiacher Gessler Hershev Kraft Cihak Edel Bowers Howard Carter Seifert SeiRfried Baker Blaufuss Knudsen Rosenstiel Cooper E. Bucher Row .Seaton Lockwood Bedinger Lehwald Anderson Shinall Zeiter SawTer Costigan Branch Christian Lewis Furby English Miller Sladek Larkin Huffman R. Bucher Page 153 mz I ILio q£ nlrvdejm u: Phi Beta Pi bounded University of Pittsburph. 1891 Fort -lliree Active Chapters IOTA CHAPTER Established 1902 709 South Ashlanfl Boulevard. Chicago Alfons R. Bacon, B.S.. M.D. Charles S. Bacon, Ph.B., M.D., D.Sc. Maurice L. Blatt, M.D., D.Sc. ILLIAM H. Browne, B.S., M.D. Walter J. R. Camp, B.S., M.S.. M.D., Ph.D. Hugo O. Deuss, B.S., M.D. Edmund Foley, B.S., M.D. FACULTY .Tames T. Groot, B.S.. M.D. Carl A. Hedblom, B.A., M.A., M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc. Charles E. Humiston, M.D., D.Sc. Harold I. Mever, A.B., B.S., M.D. George Milles, Ph.G., B.S., M.D. Tell Nelson, B.S., M.D. Rudolph J. Oden, A.B., M.D. Franklin P. Reagan, A.B., M.D. Paul L. Schroeder, B.S., M.D. Frank L. Stone, M.D. alter H. Theobald, B.S., M.D. Richard L. Webb, A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Franklin S. Wilson, Ph.G., M.D. Arnold A. Zimmerman, B.S., M.S., D.Sc. Cyril J. Anslinger Ellis Bonnell Claude I. Ellis Itzweire Bard Edward S. Baxter Alfred P. Bay Alfred S. Ash Harold J. Barys Merrill C. Beecher RuFus J. Bose George Ashline Emmerson McVey James F. Harris Homer L. La vder MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Howard R. Miller Robert A. Smith Richard T. Calosio Robert W . Glenn Henry A. Grennan Juniurs Clarence P. Holoffe John H. Mathis William D. Mohlenbrock Sophomures Clement C. Coleman John H. Johnson Cyril M. Gallati Emerson C. Kunda Richard T. Haverstock John Parke Fred A. Quinzer Freshmen Bernard C. Radde Frank B. Voris James A. Weatherly Jack W. Welty Forest C. Parker Victor Roberson Philip G. Thomsen Roger F. Sondac Albert E. Steer Russell Taubert Clarence i eingarten K " ' M K-- B tL ftt J aJ I k j LB ' Mf s f t if t Hj i B- ' 1 BirJ E- K ' ' - ' . F ' KT- ' H -IK ' kr M " ' ft 1 tiar Bay Anslinger Har.l Parke Ha«lde Coleman Johnson Kiinrla Hftloffe Grennan Calosie Lawder Smith Hon % einfiarten Mc ' cy Ashhne Ouinzer Beecher Gallati Tauhert Steer Sondap Aah Baxter Mohlenbrock Thomsen Glenn Malhit nell Ellis Weltv Weatherly Miller Haverstock Roherson Parker Harris Voris »—m P " S ' - 154 imy Uajo c N Vz€: 6€ wi Kappa Psi Founded Medical College of Virsinid. IKT ) Forty-nine Acti e Chapters CHI CHAPTER Established IMIO 614 South Ashlatid Boulevard. Chicago FACULTY Raymond S. Adamson, Ph.C. Pail D. Carpenter. Ph.G.. B.S. Albert H. Clark. Ph.G., B.S.. M.S. Charles " . Clarke, B.S.. M.S. High L. Davis. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. S ILLUM B. Day, Ph.G. John A. Dorjahn, Ph.G. Joseph C. Ocenasek. Ph.G. Edmund N. Gathercoal, Ph.G. Clyde M. Snow, Ph.G.. A.M. Ernest R. Kirch. Ph.C, B.S. Lawrence Templeton, B.S., M.S. Lewis E. Martin, Ph.G. Ralph E. Terry, Ph.G., B.S., M.S. Sherman W . Morrison, Ph.C., B.S., M.S. George L. ebster, Ph.G., B.S., M.S. Elmer H. Wirth, Ph.C, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Homer . Alvey Harold Carson John J. Chesta Christopher H. Aiken Harry W . Dalburg Gerald G. Edwards Harry P. Fr ank Harold P. H.agemeyer Elton . Fredrickson Harry H. Hartleb Peter J. Ladigo Francis P. Lyman Menroy B. Mills Vladimir J. Napieralski Juniors Theodore J. Hajicek Marvel L. Holstin Delbert L. Hook Frank J. Korinek Wilbur J. Kuhn Martin M. de Long Thomas A. Reed Robert H. Sommer Joseph C. Svarc Frank J. Von Zelewski Harold D. Zentner Frederick D. Strout John R. Sumner Charles W. Wright Robert I. Zeman . lvey Fredrickson II..I:-lill Zeniaii Ocenasek Von Zeleweki Reed Templeton Edwards Day de Lonp Zentn Sumner Hartleb r Mills Strout Napieralski Svarc Hook ■f " ««• ' Sj imy I iUo of Wirvsiezrujui Phi Lambda Upsilon Founded, University of Illinois, 1899 Alpha Chapter Twenty-eight Active Chapters T o promote high scholarship ami original investigation in all branches of pure and applied chemistry Roger Adams. Ph.D. John C. Bailar. Jr., Ph.D. William F. Bailey, Ph.D. C1.AIR S. BORUFF, Ph.D. Arthur M. Bus«ell, Ph.D. George L. Clark, Ph.D. Michael J. Copley, Ph.D. Vincent du Vigneaud, Ph.D. DuANE T. Englis, Ph.D. Reynold C. Fuson, Ph.D. Harry S. Grindley, D.Sc. FACULTY B. Smith Hopkins, Ph.D. Frank C. Howard, M.S. Donald B. Keyes, Ph.D. Norman W. Krase, Ph.D. JusTA M. Lindgren, A.m. WiLLARD II. Madson, Ph.D. Carl S. Marvel, Ph.D. Harold H. Mitchell, Ph.D. William B. Nevens, Ph.D. William A. Noyes, Ph.D., LL.D., Chem.D., D.Sc. Donald D. Peirce, A.M. Thomas E. Phipps, Ph.D. Frank H. Reed, Ph.D. George H. Reed. Ph.D. John II. Reedy, Ph.D. Worth H. Rodebush, Ph.D. William C. Rose, Ph.D. Ralph L. Shriner, Ph.D. George F. Smith, Ph.D. Louie H. Smith, Ph.D. Charles W. Stillwell, Ph.D. Sherlock Swann, Jr., Ph.D. GRADUATE STUDENTS Warren C. Ashley Alfred E. Badger Claire C. Balke Frank T. Barr QuENTiN R. Bartz James W. Bird Marshall H. Brown Benton A. Bull Herbert E. Carter Shih L. Chien Francis M. Clark John E. Clemens Fred E. Condo John W. Copenheaver . rden G. Deem John R. Doty Homer R. Duffey Fred A. Dykins James T. Eaton John C. Eck Ellsworth K. Ellingboe Samuel H. Eppstein roswell h. ewart Eugene D. Farley Glenn C. Finger Jared H. Ford Milton Gallagher Carlin F. Gibbs Arzy R. Gray William E. Hanford Donald F. Holmes William H. Horne Arnold O. Jackson Elmer E. Jukkola Kenneth K. Kearby Walter Klaubunde Albert E. Knauf Milford R. Lehman Ching C. Li Charles N. McCarty Richard H. McCoy Edwin T. Mertz Curtis E. Meyer Earl L. Meyers John N. Mrgudich LiNwooD A. Murray Charles R. Naeser Harlan W. Nelson Douglas G. Nicholson, John O. Page Thomas E. Parsons Wilbur I. Patterson Dennis W. Pearce James B. Reed Ernest B. Riecel Richard S. Schreiber Norman E. Searle John B. Shields Oliver C. Simpson ■William E. Sohl Virgil R. Sullivan Donald Tarvin John T. Thurston Arthur M. Van Arendonk Milton H. Wahl Charles O. Werner Donald H. W est Charles F. Woodward Roy S. Arrandale Robert W. Auten Donald B. Black MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors Reginald F. Buller Lester F. Deditius Lucius Gilman John F. Kinder Robert W. Krebs Arthur J. Paik George M. Pohler Julian Glasser Gilbert E. Goheen Juniors Daniel Hale Gordon E. Jones John F. Matuzeski Sophomore Richard H. iley - " age IS6 im I iJlo (X nl rvdejsnJ)jL Koimilfil. I iiivcrsllv (if Corrii-ll, 1886 Sigrna Xi Illinois Chapter Sixty Acllvi- (lliaplers To encourage original investigation in science, pure anil applied E. L. Broderick C. C. COMPTON S. H. Babcock J. P. Breen F. W . Brown J. H. Chesters Adams, L. A. Adams, R. Adamstone, F. B. Alexopoilos, C. J. Alleman, N. J. Almy, G. M. Ambrosius, E. E. Andersen, Paul Anderson, H. W " . Andrews, A. I. Armstrong, Beulah Babbitt, H. E. Badger, A. E. Bailar, J. C, Jr. Bailey, W. F. Baker, F. C. Balduf, W. V. Barger, E. H. Bartlett, J. H., Jr. Bartow, V. Bauer, E. E. Bauer, F. C. Bayley, W. S. Beaver, P. C. Bevier, Isabell Blair, J. C. Blanchard. W. O. boruff. c. s. Bourgin, D. G. Brannon, J. M. Bray, R. H. Bristow, L. Brooks. Morgan Brown, C. A. Brown, H. A. Brown, Rex. Bucholz, J. T. Burcy, J. H. Burlison, W. L. Cahn, a. R. Caldwell, C. T. Callen, a. C. Cameron, E. H. Card, L. E. Carman. A. P. Carmichael, R. D. Carroll, D. L. Carroll, W. E. Case, H. C. M. Chase, Harry W. Clark. F. M. Clark, G. L. Coble, A. B. Copley, M. J. Crathorne, A. R. Cross, II. Culbertson, J. A. FACULTY C. F. Fryling GRADUATE STUDENTS T. D. Foster K. J. Kadow C. F. Gibes C. E. Meyer M. T. J. Goebel p. E. Nielsen W. H. HoRNE Ching-Pong Pei R. J. PlERSOL D. G. 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Wessman, H. E. Westergaard, H. M. White, J. M. Wickwire, G. C. Wilcox. R. H. Wiley, C. C. WiLLAKD, A. C. Williams, Emily Williams, E. H. Wilson, W. M. Wilson, W . Windsor, Mrs. P. L. Woodrow, H. W. Woodruff, Sybil Woodworth. C. M. Workman, L. E. worsiiam, w. b. Wright, L. I. Young, E. G. Young, P. T. Zeleny, C. Page IS7 ILLINOIS ►(► PhOGhESS TN our attempt to make the lllio of 1933 different from volumes in the past, we have created a new section, " Illinois Progress. " Here the various phases of Illinois ' rapid progress are illustrated in pictures collected from many sources. Our theme is the " History of the Progress of Illinois " . Of course, due to the great many phases of the subject, we could only suggest the more important. We are indebted to several people and organizations for their kind and sincere co-operation in working out this theme. Professor T. C. Pease gave us valuable advice and guid- ance. Kenneth Eugene Frederick ' s pictures and assistance were almost indispensable. Other organizations which we wish to thank are: Publicity Department of the 1933 Century of Progress Exposition, Illinois Central Railroad. Northwest- ern Railroad, State Highway Bureau, University Department of Mining and the College of Agriculture, and the Devoe and Cardinell Studios. Special thanks are due the Kenneth Eugene Frederick Studios who furnished all of the Campus Leader and pictures on the Minor Division pages. (Editor ' s Note) -A KKI ' KOUUCTIUN OF FoKT Dk HBOBN. 1812. -ViKW OF DoWNTOWfN DlSTRI ;T T lGHT. [Uptitf Pholo) PROGRESS OF CHICAGO CHICAGO, ihe metropolis of the State of Illinois, second largest city in the United Stales, third largest in the world has a population of 3,500,000. In 1812 Fort Dearborn was huilt at the junction of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. The same year the settlers of this small fort were wiped out in the famous Indian Massacre. However, the geographical location was so advantageous from a stand-point of commerce and industry that the fort was rebuilt, and it became a town in 1833. Chicago ' s progress since then has been astounding. Although it is one of the youngest large cities in America, it leads the world in many industries and com- merce, and holds a commanding position in the field of art and education. Lpjt — Chicago Field MiiHeuni Rl ht — Memorial Stadium, llie World ' s Largest Stadium Below — Chicago Skyline. 1871. Sm 1.1 mi. 193.1. iilFii]i?y: iM t " " 111 " " JUili 3]nj]iinii |]!!])iini; VihV- : ■ ltiib virt— Abuvp — First State Capitol. Kaskaskia, 1818. Above — Present State Capitol. Springfield. 1933. CIWV PROGRESS ILLINOIS was founded as a State in 1818 after lon : being the scene of struKcrle between Frencb, Britisb, and American explorers and armies. After ibe American Revolution, Illinois was rapidly settled. Amont; tbe first problems of the new Slate were tbose relating; to lands and Indians wbicb resulted in tbe famous Hlackbawk ar. Tbe slavery question, bowever. was tbe problem of lasting importance. Of course, Illinois " policy was one of loyalty to tbe L nion. Today Illinois bas a population of almost seven million, second largest in tbe country. Its excellent public works, bigbwavs. railroad and river systems, convention and hotel facilities are known all over tbe world. Lr(t — The it;«aiii Convention Hall, Chicaf o. wlu ' re Alir;;hani Lincoln was nominated for Fre.- ' ideiit, 1860 Hi ght—CAiica u Stadium, where Hoover and Roosevelt were nominated in 1932. {C.urdinpU Phntn) BpIou — Old Highway Bridge. Beloiv — Modern Highway Bridge Above — First Kvilroad .St tion Chicago. Above — Union Station — One of the Largest i the Woiu.u. OF DEVELOPMENT TRANSPORTATION transportation facilities have been an imporlanl factor in the economic development of Illinois. Most of the early selllers came by the way of the Ohio River and Lake Michigan, hut soon, to facilitate commerce along the Mississippi River and Lake Michigan, the Illinois Michigan Canal was built in 1818. The (irsl railroad in the West was built in Illinois in 1812. The railroad mileage of Illinois today is 1.3,215 miles, the second largest in the I nited States. The highway system of Illinois is unexcelled; its wide concrete highwavs cover miles aiding travelers and commerce alike. Chicago is considered to be the railroad center of the country. Li ' fl — One »»f tlie (irat engines on lite Illinois Central RiiilrcKi.l Itiiiht — tMiira;:.. Airport. {Cartlillrll PIkiIo. I Below — Illi ' ois Central Station and Tracks, 1871 Beloif — Illinois Central ' I ' racks along Lake Front, l ' 4 ' yi. Kf ' : This is the Oldest Building on the Campus. ThE UNIVERSITY ' S PROGRESS THE L ' NIVP:RSITY of ILLINOIS was founiled in 1867 ihrough the L ' niled Slates land grant of 1862 as the Illinois Industrial University and received its present name in 1885: since 187 0, it has been co-edii- caliunal. The campus rapidly grew until it now inchnles 131 buildings, some of them the finest of their kind in the world. The Materials Testing Laboratory and the Armory were second to none, when they were built. In less than one generation the Llniv- ersily has grown to have an attendance in 1 929,- of over 11,000. Left — The University of Illinois Lihrary. one of the (inest in t. ' .t; country, contuiiis alinoist a inilHon vohini. B. Highl — The interior of the Material ' s Testint; Lahoratory, which in tlie second larpeet in the world. K Old and New Stadium. The Present Stadium seats 70,000 Belou -Contkast of Old and New Akmoi( ; the L it K iM» VI HEN Built. Aboip — Oki(;inal McCormick Rkxpeh. .4 »»i ' e— Typical Pbesknt Day Farm Landscape. .- i. .. ., ■:- " ■.■■ ' ■iiWh ' .. , COMMERCE AND AGRICULTURE The fcrtilily of the soil, the mineral wealth, and transportation facilities li ve given Illinois advanced economic de- velojiment. In 1930 more than seven- lentiis of the inhahitants in gainful oc- cupation were engaged in agriculture, manufactures, and trade and trans- [» )rlation. Ilisloricallv and comparatively, ag- riculture is I he most important industry. In 1930 about nine-tenths of the total lan l area was inclosed in farms. Cereals form the most important agricultural product. The two most important industries are wholesale slaughtering and packing of meats, and the manufacture of iron and steel products. f pjt — old form if placer inining. Rifilit — LarpesI roal mine in ihe worltt. loralerl in Southern Illinois Bplniv — Thb D m Across the Mississippi River at Rock Island, the Larcest of its Kind. {C.imrtrs Iff W(SN(sNippi liiipr Commission) Below — Contrast of Old and New State Highways ? - -?; Night View of the Administration Building. WORLD ' S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION, 1893 THK WORLDS ' COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION was held in Chicago during the summer and fall of 1893. I was in celehralion of the four-hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America. The great exhibit buildings of the Fair will stand unrivalled in the history of the century as the most complete archi- tectural work produced. While the structures themselves were derived from classical prototypes, the grouping was thoroughly original, and the carrying out i f the design was accomplished in a way that cannot fail to influence future architectural efforts to a remarkable degree. Lt ' Jl — Entr;ini-e iif Art Palace iitf i — Staluf »f Virtory Belott — Looking Across (inKxT Basin from tue Statue of Industry. -,si:h:NK ON iHi; Hit; li vsi . IB .,! J ljl yr WJjM, ri, g rriM t.J s ' ' ! ' - kUuK iii III 11 u -. K. ' «l» - 1- .MJOfCW EM - .- fJbi i ffl IEi5i = =- ' ' j g | |??? jte ■ K. 1 Above — Illinois Bi ' ilding. On the South Lagoon. WORLD ' S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION, 1893 The two o:real points of interest were the Court of Honor and the An building, located at op])osite ends of the " rounds. The artistic effect produced by the noble proportions of the Art Palace mirrored in the placid surface of the lagoon made a ] icture the beauty of which cannot be described in words. The contributions of American artists, whether displayed in the galleries assigned to the United States section or in the decoration of the Ixiildings, have asserted their right to be considered among the artistic achievements of the time. They are on the same high plane as the best works of our architects, as exemplified in the great exhibit buildings. liifihl — East side of the Administration Building. Lpft — Statue of Columlnie Bfloiv — South Porch Art Gallery. llelon — Looking Lakfward from thr St ti ' e of [Md ' sTR-i . Above — Agricultural Building. Above — Pylons and Bas-Relief Panels of Court of Electrical Building 1933 CENTURY OF PROGRESS EXPOSITION Lpfr — Nighl Scene of Stairway learlin to Ha Science Rifiht — Tower of ihe Hall of Science Below — Dairy Building. liflini - (i I, m:k i Motors Building. Abotv — Main Skction of Electrical Group Above — Federal Building 1933 CENTURY OF PROGRESS EXPOSITION Left — Night scene of Electrical Building Right — Night scene of the Tower of the Hall »f Science H !„,f — SioFc ViKW OF THE Administration Building Belou — Hall of Science as seen prom Island. JOHNNY COVINGTO Snav ly I OMAINE -HUTTON GEOPiOE SCPilPPS 5APl51E AhhlS -HOWIt E-MaiCK- i UTH DAUPlYMPLE fV SC-HUSTEK. Sam KtYS , Jean JoHNSTOM -HOWIE YOUN6 bob AAOBAiCH- 50 METCALP- LU -HUPlN Wayne- FOLGE-Pl DE-AN WOOLSfcY -HOWIE KErLLtHAAANN OTT WiLL TT Julia 5 atty 506 HAWKINS MAX MAPlS-HALL -HEflMAN hQblNSOl G LADY? NOVQTNY FflE-D ClAhK. MAPlTHA ETZbACH- WALT bOhMAM OEOHOE StauDT WAPiPLtN bADGtPi JANE PPitTTYMAN JOE: W?iObKt StaIm SPYPiA. Stan Johnson ♦ YQPlK blSi OP DtAN COVtNTfiY 505 MaflKON -HUDDIE -HtLLMlCIf Joe Sitvit STePMtNS bLANCHE K UbALErk VON HOtbErU PlUTH 0(iAYtPL MOfVT J lLbUPL dtp O fcN OEOdGfc HOPiC LfcN T LLttN SaNeLL bob TOflSLEiY 13ILL MiSK MfcN KAY TUA.CH- JlM KiRK CfiUCK H CHAPiD Wlly I WALT bUSK K, MAdi CAS btNNfcTT bob PWYta faEDPIE: FR.INI L-AUIlit KANAO BOb YOUNG V L TA FLANIAJGAAA PAUL C+ aV(Ni PAVe CQDJC ftOB LITTLE MAiDoaie nYou . Don BLACfC JOt MlilAE CLLA CAP DUflAnO Gil bi?i?a fAr i " D£l " OE:L BfcCCAPO ]ac05S0N £ AIiNfcY CC NtCK AcK feOPAW Bill muplfiAY SAWTeiL ESTflfcR. UHL 1 b ' « ' M ■ » ji 1. — mini Honor Sousa 2. — Registration Day — Bursar ' s Office 3. — " Hold that Line. Students! " 4. — mini Opens Season with Bradley 5. — Attention! hile Flag is Raised 6. — mini Fighting Coe-Miami Team 7. — Famous Block " I " in Formation 8. — Bradley and Illini in Scrimmage sm: imM ' .- ' m t i i »ft. ' . 1, _,. W : MWM i,_a ' :- I H I P H H j( 4 4| ' : «P» 1. — Pledge Pajama Race Sets New Styles 2. — Black Beauty Gets a Break 3. — Students " Struggle " for Charity 4. — Axe Grinder Messengers 5. — Opening Nigh I for a M ask and Bauble Play 6. — And They Call This an Activity! 7. — Mounting an Obstacle in the Turkey Run 8. — Queen — Of the Junior Prom 1. — The Snow King Takes up Headquarters at Illinois 1. — Grand March al ihe Soph Colillion 2. — Electioneering on the Big Dav 3. — The Crowd at a Basketball Game 4. — Dvorak Leads Again 5. — After the Game is Over 6. — Graduating Officers Receive Their Diplomas 7. — Rehearsal for " Good News " 8. — The omen Express Their Choice . i «jf • 4 ' A J Li ' S_ V • - s F n W ' 1 t 1 %l % IHI n Rr hhsppfll H| | 1. — Acrobats Perform at Interscholastics 2. — Torch Honors Junior W omen 3. — Orchesis Forms a Gothic Picture i. — Silhouettes from R. L. R. 5. — Phi Mu ' s Turn Spanish 6. — Scene from W. G. S. Stunt Show 7. — Three Musketeers of Hobo Day -Shadows from R.U.R. . T ' j ' ' VA ' i " f ■ ' , » - ♦■ i 1 1. — The Runner Has It 2.— S-L-I-D-E 3. — Bird ' s Eye View 4. — Anolher Queen Crowned 5.— The E. E. Show Draws a Crowd 6. — The Circle on the First Day of Spring 7. — Spring Band Concert 8.— Safe by a Mile y Uay Parade 2. — Prof. Lyber Broadcasts 3. — Varsity Gymnasts at Practice 4. — " Match Points! " 5.— The 1932 Senior Bal 6. — Sigma Chi — Sachem Sing 7.— Class of 1932 Become Alumni 8.— The Lily Pond hy Moonlight -Between Bells Outside Lincoln Hall 2. — Local Boy- Makes Good " W hat Was That Order? " 4-. — The Illio in the Making - " On with the Dance " — Park 6.— " Do You Really Mean It? " 7. — So This Is College - " By the Fireside With You " tm I Ulo c ) (Ausie£n u: GEORGE A. HUFF Director of Alhletics I ' age 204 mj Lujo c Wirvdjejen UL ALTHOUGH our athletic teams in the most popular competitive sports have not been winning as much in the last two years as they were ac- customed to win previously, the average standing of all our varsity teams is excellent. With one exception, football, the teams were above .500 per cent, which means they won more games than they lost — a good showing in the com- petition of the Big Ten Conference. We were all gratified with the spirit and courage of the football team, which never quit; in spite of a disheartening start, they came back splendidly. The support of the University, rallied by the Tribe of Illini. was an admirable feature of the football season. L have been proud of the deserved reputation for sportsmanship of the Illini students, but I am afraid it suffered somewhat during the basketball season. I believe that college men who believe in intercollegiate sport, can do much as spectators to insure its future by upholding the tradition of good sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is largely education. Let ' s see that Illinois docs not forget its Code. Page 20j tmy I lUx) of- Hinehjeruju: Charlk?; E. Howkn BusiriPss Muiiagpr L. Michael Tobin Director of Athletic Publicity Alfred C. Callen Frederic A. Russell George ' . Goble The Athletic Association BOARD OF DIRECTORS William E. Clifford George A. Huff MEMBERS OF THE ATHLETIC COUNCIL FacuItY Members George A. Huff Carl L. Lundgren James P. Kratz Frederic A. Russell W. Bert Haves Alumni Members L. Michael Tobin J. Gladwvn Thomas Harry A. Barber Morrow D. Schnell Alfred C. Callen Student Members Walter E. Busker W. Boyd Owen John R. Sawtell Eugene E. Stephens Leonard " . Telleen Julian C. Vi heeler Representative of the Lniversitv of Illinois on the faculty board of the (T estern Intercollegiate Conference THE Board of Directors of the Athletic Association, and the Athletic Council, control athletics at the University. The financial side of the association is run by the Board of Directors, while the Council has within its jurisdiction the election of student managers and cheerleaders, the awarding of Varsity letters and freshmen numerals, and the control of other student athletic affairs. Hayes Stephens Kus ell Owen Barber Lundgren Bu»ker Clifford Vt heeler Goble Telleen Callen Sawtell Page 206 tmy lLio c nunjdjtejri uL SENIOR CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS De n Woolsey Cross Country Champion Indoor Atile Run Champioi Ike Lenington Indoor Pole V ault Champto n EsPEV Williamson Captain,, Water Polo Champions Bob Emmons 126 lb. Wrestling Champion Ed Perella Saber Fencing Champion . Jack (tRTH IIS lb. Ifrestliofi Chtimpit Joe Pl erta 123 lb. InterrollegialP Wrestling Champion Bob Cadle Tumbling Champion Page 207 iJnjey I ILuO) ci. iridejenJ)u: HALL OF FAME These men were picked by a group of Illinois coaches as ihe athletes who, through the years, had stood out from the common run of players as the best in their particular sports HAROLD E. GRANGE, ' 26 Red was in all probability the greatest back of all time. His record on scoring is unequaled. Many players did once what Red Grange did often. He was elected to the All-American team three successive years. CHARLES E. CARNEY, ' 21 Chuck was one of Hlinois " most famous basket- ball players. He was captain of the team and led the Conference twice in scoring. He was also Illinois " greatest end, being selected by Walter Camp and Walter Eckersall American. All- .lAMES F. COOK, ' 03 .limmy was a great oulhelder and led the team in baiting one year. He was captain of the championship 1903 team and was a major league player after gradualion. Cook was also an oulslanding foolball player. ARTHUR H. MASON, ' 16 Mike was an exceptional distance runner. He won botli the mile anil the two mile races in the indoor (lonference meet his senior year, setting records in both. He also won the two mile run four other times in Conference meets, winning one of these after losing a shoe at the start of the race. I Page 2oS mz MUo ct HcneieAruJu: HALL OF FAME TlifSf men were pickeil liv a group of Illinois coaclies as the athletes who, through the years had stood out from liie eommon run of players as the hest in their parlieular sports GEORGE E. CLARK, ' 16 Potsy was a great field general, and one of the greatest open-field r unners in foothall. He was an all-around player, passer, and hlocker, and was quarterhaek on the championship teams of 19U and 1915. WILLIAM R. VOSBURGH, ' 13 Bill held all records in the Big Ten in his time. He swam the 100 yard, the 220 yard, the HO yard, and the relay in the Conference meet of 1913, and established records in every event. t HARRY H. McCURDY, ' 22 Mac was a first baseman, catcher, ami out- standing hitter on the 1922 Championship team of which he was captain. He is still a major league player. GARLAND STAIIL, 03 The Mighty Stahl was a great hitter both in his average and in the length of his hits. His home run with the bases loaded, rolled under the tree far out in center field on Illinois Field. He was also a great major league player. Paj i- 2og Tribe of Illini Organization of I arsily Athletes A OFFICERS TS " . Boyd Owen Robert D. Woolsey Louis J. Piano President 1 ice-President Secretary FACULTY David L Billock Alvin R. Cahn, Ph.D. Herbert W. Craig. LS. Raymond F. Dvorak, B.S., B.Mus. Coleman R. Griffith, Ph.D. George A. Huff. B.S. Jerome J. Jordan, B.S. Harold E. Kennev, B.S. Glenn C. Law, B.S. Justa M. Lindgren, A.M. Carl L. Lundgren, B.S. Edwin J. Manley Milton M. Olander Robert B. Orlovich, .A.M. Hartley- D. Price, A.M. Frank E. Rokusek, B.S. J. Craig Ruby, A.B. John P. Sabo. B.S. Waldo Shumway, Ph.D. Arthur F. Smith, A.B., B.S. George T. Stafford, M.S. Seward C. Staley, Ph.D. Charles D. Werner. B.S. Wendell S. Wilson, B.S. Aitken F. Young, B.S. Robert C. Zuppke, Ph.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY George E. Abraham Richard F. Ader Robert J. Aldrich Louis H. Arning J. Clyde Bailie Caslon K. Bennett Charles A. Bennis Gilbert I. Berry- John T. Beynon Joseph Brock Robert W. Cadle Robert C. Carroll Paul H. Carson Paul Chervinko David F. Cook Barney- Cosneck Bart A. Cummings Jacques A. Dufresne Robert L. Emmons William M. Feinberg Fred F. Frink Frank Froschauer Julian S. Glasser Nicholas Gordon Samuel Gorenstein Elbert R. Gragg J. Norman Gray Fred C. Hands Edwin R. Hayes ILLIAM A. Hedtke Hudson A. IIellmich Frank E. Hewitt Norman W. Hines Julius A. Hoeft Robert E. Hobsley Eldon E. Houghton Clifford F. Hyink John H. Kennedy John H. Kott August J. Kowalski Walter C. Leck H.W. Frederick Lindall Harold E. Line Robert D. May Robert G. Moench Dick A. 0 " Neill Glen G. Orth Walter R. Ostaszewski " . Boyd Owen Bernon G. Perkins Louis J. Piano Linden C. Piatt Joseph L. Puerta Albert L. Schick David L. Schlansker Ivan D. Schustek Frank L. Seamans Edwin R. Snavely Thomas C. Straw Joseph A. Van Dyke Herman J. Walser William O. West Espey C. W illiamson Robert D. Woolsey- Floyd E. S robke Pete J. Yanuskus John S. Yule Snavely Line J. % illiiitiison O ' Neill Feiiiherg West Gorenstein Orth Straw Ostaszewhki Piann Hayes Arning Schlansker Horsley Frink Schustek ilellmich Bennett Carroll t.lasser (irav (Gordon .Schick Brock Puerta Owen E. Williamson Pa e 210 + ofFfnAn, (WrTt QkteAUad A — QuyiUMt A senior, two juniors, and a staff of sophomores direct and encourage the enthusiasm of the crowd at every major athletic affair on the campus. Cheer The cheerleaders, with their gyrations and strong voices lead the student body in their vocal approval of the varsity on the gridiron, diamond, and hard- wood. They also see that the crowd conducts itself in accordance with the Illini Code of Sportsmanship, and that the officials are not audibly scorned. Leaders This staff by its exuberant actions sees to it that, win or lose, every Illini team which trots forth to battle is heartily supported by the stands. HlO nCi Je uML CUeJ acUi SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS Runnell Wright Henry Collet t Paf,e 211 Robert C. Zuppke Coach Varsity Football FIRED with a campus-wide revival of loyalty to the " Fighlin ' Illini " , the 1932 football squad once again made the weight of its tomahawk felt bv Big Ten opponents. A " November " eleven, as dubbed by Coach Bob Zuppke himself, became just that when, not daunted by reversals by the strong North- western and Michigan aggregations, its victory at Chicago re-established Illini tradition. Fear of losing the early games did not enter Coach Zuppke ' s program as he doggedly molded the team out of promising sophomore material, choosing only a few outstanding veterans as a nucleus. Captain Gil Berry carried the attack to his opponents with his superior ball-toting, passing, and unique ability to return punts and kick-offs. Even in the opening game against the Purple there were flashes of brilliance, but superior strength prevailed as was the case against the Wolverines the following week-end. Against the Maroons, Badgers, Hoosiers, and Buckeyes, however, the potential power of the Illini backfield materialized and a pair of victories coupled with two other gloriously close defeats was the result. Especially satisfying to future hopes was the fact that the new men on the squad were the stars in the final contests. Defensively the squad improved remarkably due to the development of the sophomore talent, and prospects for next season are brighter than at anv time during the two-year slump. To the football hall of fame must go the memory of Berry, Bodman, and Yanuskus, who established themselves in t heir final vear as valuable men for any football team. Am I i M Olander Sabo Lind ren Roku ek Page 314 44 Gilbert I. Berry Captain Varsity Football BIG TEN FOOTBALL STANDINGS Michigan . . . . Purdue W isconsin . . . Ohio State . . . Minnesota . . . Northwestern ILLINOIS . . . Chicago Indiana Iowa Total Opponents ' Won Lost Tied Points Points Percentage 6 83 6 1.000 5 1 101 20 1.000 4 1 1 105 46 .800 2 1 37 34 .667 2 3 41 36 .400 o 3 1 89 55 .400 o 1 (1 43 94 .333 1 I 27 87 .200 1 4 1 39 70 .200 5 12 129 .000 1932 VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD IlHnois IIHnois IlUnois Ilhnois 13 20 20 Coe Miami 7 Bradley Northwestern 26 IIHnois Illinois. IIHnois. IIHnois. Illinois. Ohio State Michigan 32 13 Chicago 7 12 Wisconsin 20 18 Indiana 6 »- - .IW r fillsW Froschauer Pelty Pa g,- 21 j 4 mWt ,Lu 9PYhA (U x. The entire responsibility for handling the training equipment, the transportation problems, and the hotel reservations for the Varsitv football squad falls upon a senior manager, two junior managers and a staff of sopho- mores. Football The junior managers are elected bv the Athletic Council after a Year ' s trial as members of the sophomore staff. During this time he has kept a record of each plaver, and largely managed the equipment. The senior is chosen from the two juniors, after they have spent a vear managing the sophomores, and assuming a large portion of the responsibility for the home games. Managers The senior manager travels with the team on all their trips, and manages, at home, the entire managerial staff. This position is one of the most coveted on the campus. T[PWINS,£ enicn Trappe Davis Cohrs Megan Levis Gallagher ay man Pelligrew Oneal Peg,: 2l6 CAPbOn,.4Z L o ' niai, Pail Carso ' . junior halfback, was an able reserve and the best drop kicker on the squad. lie had little call to bring his edu- cated toe into play but the time should come when it will talk. Varsity Howard Johnson, big sopho- more guard, was hampered by injuries which kept him from be- ing a regular. Howie will be at it again next fall with renewed vigor and determination. JQNnson, (MixiicL Dick O ' Niell, lanky tackle, was one of the few veteran linemen able to hold down a berth. The big " Irishman " is a hard worker and has another year to work under the " Dutch " master. Football The Freshman eleven fell before the upperclassmen in the annual fracas, 32-0. Yanuskus ac- counted for a pair of touchdowns while Berry, Frink, and Cook each scored one. Returning after a year ' s lay-off Pete Yanuskus established himself as an import- ant cog in the Varsitv machine. Beynoii Seanians Palmer Ahraliani Bennis Cravei Van Dyke Hocft an Meter Pa c 217 (j AGO. ' taciiey •siA j r U Mt MMM S ' sfly a CRAVEn, Miad, Elbert Gragg, red-headed soph- omore tackle, was transformed from a fullback to a lineman and soon bore out Coach Zuppke ' s wisdom by plugging the iioles in the right side of the wall. " Red " should be among the top-notchers this fall. Illinois Coe 13 Thomas Straw, end, after a hard fight proved his worth and nailed the regular left wing post by his work at Chicago. Casey was especially effective on defense, and few plays went around him. Straw, end Jack Craven, sophomore half- back, was one of the most elusive of the first year candidates. Craven should break into the conference lime-light at some time before he is through. Illinois Miami 20 A pair of victories was the reward for the twin-bill against Coe and Miami in the first preliminary battles. Both contests were marked with experiments by which Coach Zuppke attempted to get a line on the best combina- tion. A smooth-working aerial attack proved to be the strongest offensive weapon. Page 2lS P TTY cuuuuL ussai, inL Harold Petty, big junior guard, came along slowly, but improved until it became established that he was destined to make the team. He started his first game at Chicago and plaved in everv one alter that. Ill inois 20 Zeke Seamans, red-headed full- back, made a name for himself, as a sophomore, with his line plunging ability. Zeke siiould develop with more experience and prove a valuable man in the backfield during the next two seasons. StAIHAnS, Hunter Russell, junior end, was hampered by scholastic diffi- culties early in the season, but. after returning to the squad, soon made a place for himself and plaved well at Wisconsin and again in the Indiana game. Hunter will be available again next fall. Bradley The annual victory over Bradley Tech revealed that the team had potential power but several weak- nesses evidenced themselves. The plav through the line was encouraging. Yanuskus again led the attack with able assis- tance from Captain Herry and Forest Craven, a sophomore half- back. Page 2i() 5nook, i4 . YAnii9Kus,-4 John Snook, hard-luck fullback was hampered most of the season with a leg injury, but his chance came in the Indiana game anil he turned in some beautiful open field work. Ill inois Alfred Hodman, veteran guard, finished his career as the most outstanding lineman on the squad. " Ack " was in there on every play despite the fact that he was hampered bv a shoulder injury for the greater part of the season. ODmAU, auMcC Pete Yanuskus, returning after a vear of ineligibility, proved to be a bis factor in the baekfield and did most of the punting. " Yak " was probably the best running back on the squad al- though he was slowed by leg injuries the latter part of the campaign. Northwestern 26 Playing the Wildcats off their feet in the first half the Illini distinctly showed that they were true fighters even though the score cast the reflection of an ignominious rout. Superior weight and power off-set the ad- mirable spirit and courage of the Illinois squad which forecast better days to follow. Page 220 ♦► 7 .,H{iimm. s I iiMMiniuiiniit Ivan Schustek, a lanky blond end. performed creditabK all sea- son at tlie right wing and was usualK the first down the field under jnnits. Ive did his share of the pass receiving. Illinois Herman Walser. captain-elect, was without a doubt the deadli- est tackier on the squad, and was one of the outstanding defensive fullbacks in the conference, llerm plaved until he was out on his feet in everv game. Van Dyke, yi o Joe Van Dyke, senior guard, plaved his first and last season with considerable success and was considered one of the most reliable of the linemen. Joe could be counted on to deliver his best, and few plays went through him. Michigan 32 Again sheer strength of the op- ponents proved the undoing of the lUini as Michigan ' s dread- naught, title-bound, crushed des- perate flashes of brilliance on the part of Yanuskus, Berry, and Froschauer. Harry Newman, in- trepid Wolverine field general, led the on-slaught. Pa f 221 iiimmiiir5f -r V • • III :l.; in : •4li. mAY, Van HIeter, eW. Bob May. junior lineman, will be remembered for his stellar play in the Chicago game when he re- lieved Gragg at right tackle. May was one of the hardest working men on the squad, and still has a year in which to prove his real worth. Ill inois 13 Julie Hoeft, both a tackle and an end. proved to be one of the most valuable sophomores on a squad where sophomores pre- dominated. He was one of the most fiery men in the line and never failed to be a fighter. Vincent Van Meter, sophomore wingman, received early recog- nition as a pass receiver and was particularly successfid on offense. Viii ' s stellar performance came in the Chicago contest when he ran interference for Captain Berry ' s long run. Chicago llOEFT, Coming from behind with a dis- play of power, satisf ing even the most dubious, a true " Fight- ing Illini " eleven swept to a decisive victory over the Maroons. Captain Berry definitely became one of the Big Ten ' s outstanding open-field runners by racing 75 yards for the winning touchdown. Froschauer scored the first marker on a pass. Page 222 v BLOOm,ce ife ?mscm m,LMaci Bob Bloom, playing his first sea- son, though a junior, soon be- came a fixture at the pivot post and was a buhvariv on both defense and offense. Bloom be- came a master at backing up the line and made a specialty of intercepting flat passes. Illinois 12 George Abraham, sophomore guard, came up from the junior league ranks as a freshman full- back, but when given a chance in the line, was one of Coach Zuppke ' s most dependable guards. Abe will make good despite the fact that he weighs only 165 pounds. ABRAmm, i w Frank Froschauer, sophomore halfback, after recovering from an early season injury, grabbed the spot-light in the Chicago vic- torv and was a threat thereafter. " Frosch " is a brilliant runner and excellent pass receiver. Wisconsin 20 Grabbing an earlv lead over the Badgers with a brilliant 85 yard dash bv Berrv, and another Berry to Froschauer pass, the Illini cause seemed decided. T he Spears-coached Wisconsin eleven came back strong however, to completelv offset the early ad- vantage. Again power proved the winning factor. I„ ' ■ Page 2 3 KOWAL5ICI, mtcuuL (.t I « ) ( I I i; I iniMiHi " ;,iJ(,ji-ni;if7i-,i-.iifnUr(fi,-»liifl Cummincs, August Kowalski, sophomore guard, has the flistinction of be- ing truly an Ilhni product having never plaved football before ma- triculating at Illinois. Augie per- formed creditably until stopped bv a shoulder injur) in mid- season. Ill inois 18 Charles Bennis, center and end, is a fighter, and though one of the lighter men on the squad, is a capable understudy for Bloom. Chuck is the most determined of the new linemen, and will make a place for himself. BEnniS, centel Bart CuMMiNGS. lanky 200 pound tackle, was shifted from his fresh- man end position at the start of the season, and was at once a regular starter at tackle. Bart was probablv the most promismg of all the sophomore line candi- dates. Indiana With Jack Beynon breaking into the spotlight as quarter- back, the Illini supplied the home folks with their first taste of victorv, as the highly-touted Hoosier eleven fell before the on- rushing Illinois squad. Fros- chauer. Berrv. Snook, and Wal- ser all figured in the new back- field combination. Page 224 COOK,MLci FRINK, encC Dave Cook. 200 pound lialfback and end. was hampered by in- juries earlv in the season and spent the remainder of the (all getting; accustomed to his new- position at end. Dave is an ex- cellent pass receiver and is a swift open field runner despite his size. 1BJ J »4 n— T ' »aWBf«M .. " ai ' «» ' .SS Illinois Ja ck Beynon, sophomore quar- terback, was slow to run into form, but was the bright spot in the Indiana victory when his bullet passes and trusty toe handled the aerial assignment. BEYnon, Fred Ftiink. considered by many the best end in the Conference during his sophomore year, re- ceived a leg injury in a pre- liminarv tilt and was out for the season. " Alligator " is not dis- couraged and will be back next fall with more fight than ever. Ohio State - 3 The crowning success of the sea- son came with the defeat at the hands of Ohio ' s powerful eleven, which had but a week before humbled Northwestern 20-6. Onlv in the closing minutes were the more powerful Buckeyes able to eke out a win with a field goal. The honor of the day goes to the mini forwards who finally proved themselves. Pag 225 ,- ' - ' ..,. -c 4 s.ii a ' li ' - II H» J. Craic Ruby Coach John P. Sabo Freshman Coach Varsity Basketball DISTINCTLY a " home " team the Illinois 1932-33 basketball five ended up the year with a .500 per- centage. Only one team, Wisconsin, fell before the Illini twice, but ever opponent on the schedule, except Ohio, tasted the sting of defeat from the Illini. Even the Buckeves barelv escaped with their slate clear in Champaign, and only after an overtime battle were thev able to eke out a win. Later in the season the strong Iowa quintet, which had downed Ohio, was swept awav before the onslaught of a too-little-victorious Illini five. The season opened promisingly with a pair of brilliant victories over both Northwestern and Michigan, but a disastrous road trip a week later practically eliminated the Illini from the race when the former teams turned the tables and Ohio added another defeat. Frenzied crvs of the home spectators seemed to fire the team to its greatest heights and the best contests were staged at home. Difficultv was experienced earlv in the season with obtaining the best combination but later the five of Cas Bennett. Frank Froschauer. Huddie Hellmich. Jack Beynon. and Red Owen estab- lished itself as the winner. VAKSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Biillork Be Hon A. C. Kamni Bennett f rose IKI tier Page 22S Caslo ' K. Bennett Co-Captain Norlhwestern Ohio State . . . Michigan . . . . Iowa ILLINOIS . . . Purdue Indiana W isconsin . . . Minnesota . . . Chicago Ill inois 26 inois 24 inois 36 inois 26 inois 39 inois 27 inois 22 inois 30 inois 22 Varsity Basketball BIG TEN BASKETBALL STANDINGS W. Boyd Owen Co -Captain ITon 10 10 8 8 6 6 6 4 1 1 Lost 2 2 4 4 6 6 6 8 11 II Percentage 833 833 .667 667 .500 .500 .500 .333 .083 083 linois. I inois. linois. 1932-33 VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Bradley 21 Wabash 34 Missouri 24 North Dakota 24 Detroit 28 Northwestern 25 Michigan 17 Michigan 35 Ohio 33 27 26 38 llinois 29 llinois 26 llinois 29 llinois 28 27 44 Total Points 165 386 368 364 349 409 383 306 292 Opponents Points 335 324 296 359 309 354 370 354 404 469 Northwestern 30 St. Louis 19 Wisconsin 25 Ohio 31 luiois. linois. Minnesota Wisconsin Minnesota Iowa Iowa 22 15 30 30 16 FRESHMAN 1! . KETB.ALL SQl ' AD Duffner Braun Prire Benha Ey Abbey Coyle Cleland Kellermiinn Le Marr Page 22Q 4tl I ULl MANN, (U.TL_ MUr2f AY Ciutur Following the custom insti- tuted last vear. the basketball managerial staff for the 1932-33 season consisted of one senior manager, and two junior assis- tants: the senior manager being elected from the two juniors of the previous season. Basketball The two junior managers were chosen by the Athletic Associa- tion Council in the spring at the same time they elected the senior manager. They were elected from the sophomore managers of baseball, football, track, and in- tra-mural. miili eHwv- The managers have control of the equipment for both the var- sity and the freshmen squads. Thev also keep a record of each athlete on both squads to aid the coach in judging the persever- ance of the men. Managers The senior manager is the only one to go on trips with the team. Upon him falls the responsibility for getting transportation, secur- ing food and hotel accommoda- tions, and the handling of all the accessories and equipment need- ed bv a troupe of athletes. Page 2J0 Leaping to stardom as a soph- omore. Co-Captain Cas Bennett finished his final year of hard- wood competition as one of the Big Ten " s most consistent for- wards. He received second team mention on several All-Confer- ence teams. Varsity After two years of diligent plugging. Bill Theobald realized his ambition to earn a varsity " I " . Bill was probably the fast- est man on the squad and was noted for his ability to hit the hoop from far out on the floor but his small stature kept him from playing regulary. THeObMD, fuoAcL- After two years as one of the Big Ten ' s outstanding guards, Co-Captain Boyd " Red " Owen was kept on the side lines most of the season bv physical and scholastic difficulties. In the earlier games he was the inspira- tion of the five, especially in the opening contest against North- western in which he looped the first basket from the center of the floor. Basketball One of Coach Ruby " s most effective scoring plavs was exe- cuted bv Huddie Hellmich, elong- ated center and pivot man. It was particularly effective against Iowa on the Hawkeye ' s home court. Page 231 mmCW, Center HuddieHellmich. lanky lUini center, played one of the strong- est defensive games in the confer- ence and when called late in the season to contribute to the scor- ing column leaped into the lime- light as an offensive threat. He was chosen to captain next year ' s squad. Varsity Coke Mills carried on the tradition of his name when he took Froschauer ' s place at for- ward late in the season, and was a star against Iowa. He prom- ises to be one of the high-scoring men on the five next season. Chinn Kamm. giant guard, was an able reserve all season and plaved regular when ever there was a tall opponent with a scoring reputation. He dis- tinguished himself injthe North- western game when he tied the score in the last few minutes. Basketball Hlinois used a peculiar style of zone defense which early in the season caused it to be one of the most effective defensive fives in the conference. Joe Rieff. high scoring Northwestern forward, was held to a single field goal in the opening contest on the Illini floor. Pag,- 232 t! fftOSC-HAUa.AzaW. GIE S, JaiurtuuL Frank Froschauer. sophomore scoring sensation, kept the fans on their feet witli his nncanny one handefl shots wliich landed in the hoop so regnlarly that he led his team mates in scoring, though kept out of the last game with an ankle injury. He reach- ed his zenith in the Wisconsin game when lie scored twenty- two points. Varsity Jack Benyon, snother soph- omore, almost equalled Fros- chauer ' s offensive ability by his work as guard. He was called upon to start most of the offen- sive plavs and, despite being one of the smaller men on the five, he handled his defensive duties like a veteran. Paul Gibbs. the third sopho- more to earn his letter, filled in at both guard and forward. He is fast and handles the ball well, and should develop into a more than capable reg ular. Basketball The job of leisurely advancing the ball down the floor on offensive plavs, which style was followed despite the new rule regarding the bringing of the ball over the center line, was Jack Beynon ' s. A fast break with Froschauef and Bennett down the floor was another type of scoring game used. Page 23 j Harry L. Gill Coach Varsity Track ILLINOIS ' Outdoor Track Squad, competing in the fast Olympic qualifying Big Ten meet at Evanston. May 21. 1932, was able to place no higher than fourth in the final standings which Michigan ' s Wolver- ine headed. A few of the Illini stood out, however, to inaintain the Illini reputation. Herman Robinson, with the lone Illini first in the conference meet, proved a mainstay of the squad in the javelin. Ilellmich, Purma, and Lenington were other outstanding Illini who were consistent point- gainers throughout the outdoor season. The sprint relav squad of Arning. Hill, Carroll, and Ilellmich triumphed at both the Drake and Kansas relays. The 193.3 track team came back a little toward the form of former Gill-coached squads and copped a third, with the strong Indiana and Michigan contingents placing first and second, respectively. Ike Lenington led the indoor team, when he cleared 13 feet. 10 inches, breaking the record in the pole vault set by another Illini, Verne McDermont. Dean Woolsev barelv failed to set another new mark in the mile run when he captured the event in the fast time of 4:15.2 minutes. Dave Cook hurled the shot for another Illini win, with a toss of 46 feet, 1 and 3 inches. VARSITY TRACK SQUAD ► crner (;ill Line Bullock Carbon Leek Lenington Carroll Ostey Arning 1 ot ' ltHtein Long Nelle Johnson ■ h Cook Chrislensen Purma Elnyre Smith Knight West Hampton ' rellecn Kobinson liollings vurtli Page- 2 6 EsTEL E. Lenington Captain Varsity Track BIG TEN OUTDOOR TRACK 1932 Indiana 32 Michigan 28 ILLINOIS 20 Ohio Northwestern Iowa Purdue Wisconsin . . . Minnesota Chicago 13 5 3 3 3 2 1 BIG TEN INDOOR TRACK 1932-33 Michigan 50y Ohio 46j| Indiana 43} ILLINOIS 31H Minnesota 18V Iowa 17J Wisconsin 17 Purdue 9 Chicago 6 Northwestern FRESHMAN TRACK SQUAD f ' ' I el lee n Thomas W erner Scott Scott Eckert VanMeter Frey Kearns Demorest .Strever W aternian Jones Seely Baiighin;iii Capoot Landnieier Barnard Broeker Lipman Diifresne Caruthers Malniherg Barth Eraser Reddii Dauualder Page 2S7 N[LSOK(U.aL_ S WDN, iuMcn — Tlie Varsity Track Squad, the Freshmen Track Men. and the Cross Country Team are all man- aged hv a staff consisting of one senior, two juniors, and a large group of sophomore managers. As manv sophomores work as wish to trv out. Track In tlie fall most of their efforts are directed to the Cross Country Team: laying out the course, timing the men. and looking after the equipment. This is followed bv a slack season during which the sophomores aid in handling basketball. TauiN - ruUi Active work on Indoor Track is started in the Armory at the bcinning of the second semester. As soon as this season is over and the weather becomes suitable, the work is moved outside for the outdoor season, which keeps the managers busy for the re- mainder of the season. Managers The junior managers direct the sophomores, time the tr outs. keep the records, and direct the running of the home meets. The sophomore managers handle all the physical work such as setting up hurdles, raking pits, and tak- ing care of the general track equipment. SOPHOMORE MANACERS Stieber Enger Kirkniitrick Page 2jS E)ULLOCK,iW.z£ __ Pared bv the supreme efforts of their captain. Dean Woolsey. the mini cross-countr sextet came within an ace of toppUng its chief rival, Indiana, from its si -vear berth at the top of the Bis Ten harrier standings. Varsity The " Dean " Ied his arch enemy. Henry Brocksmith. to tlie tape in the Conference meet at Pur- due, but the best his team mates could do was to gain enough points for a second place, as the well balanced Hoosier squad again captured the coveted hon- or. Bill West. Harold Line, and Jack Dufresne, were the other VAKSnV CROSS-COUNTRV TEAM W6f riGPl Jieikman coack. mini to place among the first finishers in the final race. In the onlv other meet of the season, a three-cornered affair against Michigan and Ohio State, the Wolverines pulled a surprise to capture first ])lace, with the Illini in the runner-up position. Cross-Country Woolsev was the most out- standing man on the squad and in the Conference; his loss will be felt next season. A pair of trial meets with the freshmen revealed several promising run- ners who will be on hand to strenghten the veterans next fall. Deniore t DufreHne Lindsej VI oolney Melody Capool Page- 230 CAR.aOtL, APMnt— 4 r Bob Carroll, consistent per- former in the 100 and the 220, concentrated on these shorter distances and was a steady run- ning mate for Hellmich. Carroll often has to be content with setting the pace. Outdoor Jack Christensen, quarter- miler, was a member of the mile relav squad which turned in some spectacular times during the early season relays. The quartet placed, with his help at the conference meet. c+iwsTen [n, 440 ? Lynn Schlansker is fast be- coming one of the best utility men on the squad, and competes in both the high-jump and the pole vault. He gained points in both events and plans to try his hand in the distance runs. Track The mile relay quartet com- posed of Benninger, Hollings- worth. Leek, and Christensen, copped a first against Purdue and Indiana in the triangular meet in the Stadium, and placed third at the Conference. The Gill method of the open pass of the baton in the mile relay mav be seen below. Page 240 LiriL oio i oMfdni Harold Line, veteran iniler. was unable to get into his best shape in this his final indoor season, lie is a consistent work- er and may be expected to show- up better in the outdoor races as he is an experienced cross country man. Outdoor Walter Leck. sophomore, was a consistent performer in the 440 yard dash and a dependable member of the mile relay quartet. Wailv should be one of the main- stays of the squad with added experience. iiC[C, 40 A_ Herman Robinson, leader of a strong contingent of javelin throwers, reached his zenith at the conference meet when he copped first place. Herm is a consistent point gainer. Track Illinois again proved the su- premacy of the spring method of passing the baton for sprint relays when our teams won at Drake and Kansas. This method means the gain of a yard or two on every pass if executed correct- Iv. i Page 241 4i Amwo , 1 51 ItHR fl ' . " " • aii-Ml 4 J. V i ,aoif Lou Arning, veteran dashman, was a valuable member of the fast quarter-mile relay squad which showed its heels to all comers during the early spring season. In addition to this, Lou was an able performer in the short dashes. Outdoor Frank Purma, stellar weight- man, was a consistent point gain- er in his favorite event, the discus throw, and frequently placed high in the shot-put. Frankie placed second in both events at the Big Ten meet. m w sUf ut Bill West, courageous dis- tance runner, elects the solitary job of the two mile run and has performed consistently as a point gatherer. Track The mini squad clicked the dav of the triangular meet against Indiana and Purdue, and won the meet easily. Roy Etnyre is seen below clearing the timbers in that meet. Page 242 — 1 eTnYft£,4w , a — +IA[llpTOn, W. Roy Etnyre. hurdler, led the mini in the high and low stick events and was a consistent point getter in dual meets. Outdoor Ike LENiNGTorv, 1933 captain, steadily became better in the pole vault. He tied for second in the outdoor meet, and then in his final indoor conference meet he led all his competitors toward the sky while establishing a new indoor record. Keith Hampton, senior dash- man, was slow in getting into form for the out -door season but made the trip to the conference fracas at Kvanston to help the mile relav squad place in that event. Track mmOJOW, fxyhmu t- Indiana ' s stellar distance men proved too much for Bill West, but the pluckv lllini miler had an earlv lead when snapped in the picture below. He gave evervthing he had in the early part of the race. Pag, ' 24s H» CAPiSon, mLfnicH d. PaulCarson competed in both the javeHn and the broad-jump. He is capable of placing among the best in both events and should develop. Indoor Dave Cook, weight man. proved his colors against all comers in the Big Ten meet and tossed the 16 pound shot to the championship. Dave has been steadily improving in this event. Hudson Hpxlmich, dashman, early established himself as the mainstay of the Illini sprinters and became a strong contender for conference honors by the close of the season. Hud- die also competed in the Olympic trials at Palo Alto. Track Illinois ' brace of pole vaulters. Captain Ike Lennington and Irving Seely. proved themselves when thev placed first and second at the 1933 indoor meet. The outdoor season should offer new worlds to conquer for this pair. ,1 " ' Page 244 M DuffitSf]e,c f-c k a.SeeLY, w i-_ Jack Dufresne. pluck little two miler, was classed with the best in the Conference but was forced out by illness after qual- ifying for the finals in his favorite event at the Hig Ten meet. He will have a further chance to prove his worth this spring. Ind oor Irving Seely, flashy sophomore pole vaulter. placed second to his team mate and captain most of the season in the high-bar event, and is expected to do even better during the outdoor season. Last vear he qualified for final Olympic tryouts after a specta- cular season as a freshman. Ralph Seely was the out- standing hurdler on this year ' s squad, although his performances were over-shadowed b) such men as Kellar of Ohio and Eggle- ston of Michigan. Ilis best races were run against Notre Dame and Indiana when he captured first in the high sticks. Track Illinois ' outstanding man in the broadjump during the 1932 outdoor season was Dick Nelle. Al Adams is the best man in the event this vear; he set a new Armory record against Notre Dame during the indoor season. Page 24s Carl L. Llnd(,ren Coach Varsity Baseball A thrilling 7-6 virtorv over Wisconsin in the season ' s finale clinched a second place in the Big Ten stand- ings for the Illinois baseball squad with a record of seven wins and three defeats. Indiana, who did not meet the Illini. copped its first title since 1925. Co-Captains F]ddie Tryban and George Mills played their last conference season as did Noel Pike. Ed Wahl. Eddie Gbur, Tubbv Steuernagel, and Ray Nusspickel and will leave a big hole for Coach Lund- gren to fill for the 1933 campaign. Michigan. Northwestern, and Purdue handed the Illini their three losses, which were all administered away from the home stamping ground. Each loss was revenged with victory when the respective rivals visit- ed the home port. Chubby Chervinko, veteran catcher, was awarded the captaincy for the 1933 season. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM F ink Brown PftfTer G. Fencl Chervinko F. Fen -I Pike Siemianlkowski Mack Yule Wrohke Tonooff S ' lhiiBlek Wahl Steuernagel Tr ban Lee Kobza Depken Moyer Masek Swanson Peterson Picro Mundt Troeh Carlson Smith FlagB Pring Lundgren Jordan Mills Nusspickel Glnir Page- 34S Paul Chp:rvinko Caplfiin Varsity Baseball Indiana 6 ILLINOIS 7 Purdue 6 Iowa 3 isconsin 5 BIG TEN .750 STANDINGS Minnesota 5 5 3 5 6 7 soo .700 3 soo 600 Ohio Stale 2 ' fi6 .600 Chicago 9 ■ ' SO .555 Northwestern _ 2 22 ' ' 1932 BASEBALL RECORD III III III III III III III III III III III III III III III nois 14 nois 6 nois nois nois nois mois nois nois nois nois nois nois nois nois 5 8 1 3 5 4 7 5 6 9 3 10 Bradley Decatur Three I Decatur Three I Ohio Stale Michigan Danville Three I Norlhweslern Moline W isconsin Purdue Northwestern Chicago Michigan Purdue Wisconsin RETURMNG VETERANS Wrobke Frink Ki Page 24Q FOLG jU . MAr)S4 ALL,au,moi_ The baseball managers find work to do throughout the entire school )ear. They spend their time handling equip- ment and chasing balls. Since the success of a team depends quite heavily on its having the proper equipment at all times, there is a great deal of respon- sibility on the managers. Baseball During the fall the managers are kept busv handling the fall practice, which is not lengthv, and ushering in the Memorial Stadium. There is then a short layoff until after Christmas, when the team starts practising in the Armorv.The immense net, which will hold a full-sized infield, as well as two pitching lanes, must be lowered and raised every day, in addition to the other equip- ment. Managers When spring arrives, the base- ball managers come into their power, for then their sport is the big drawing card. The team starts outdoor practise in early March, and after this exodus from the Arm ory, continues to play until the end of the school mfi Pi, e eM Y) SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Mills Borchere Pas.,- 2,-0 SAbO, m ' trcDocL- hVOmMncA. The name of Lundgren exem- plifies tlie Illinois baseball coach- ing staff to the uninformed, but those on the inside know that a group oi most able assistants aid the veteran mentor in his vearlv task of turning out victorious J Mini diamond squads. Jerry Jordan. Win Brown, and Johnnv Sabo now handle the reins behind the scenes. Baseball Jerry Jordan is himself a vet- eran and is Limdv ' s right hand man. He has direct charge of the infielders and has helped develop many of Illinois ' best basemen. Jordan is also in charge of the freshmen squad and takes over the head coaching duties when called upon. J01 DAn -iieslmia conoL- Brownie. as the athletes around the Old (rvm know him. is the man who keeps the athletes, in the numerous sports which hold swa there, in trim, lie is head baseball trainer tluring the spring season and aids witli the grid- men in the fall. The athletes all swear by his adept method of bandaging and treating their Assistants Johnny Sabo assists in the task of picking out the future stars from the wealth of green freshman material that turns out everv spring. He aids in whip- ping these inexperienced men into a machine which can offer re- sistance to the upperclassmen in practise tilts. Page 2SI SCIiUST[K,a c6 cL Ivan Schustek. sophomore first baseman and outfielder, grabbed the spothglit early in the season as a hitter, and continued to pound the apple all season. " Ive " was groomed for the first sack, but was at the same time a dependable fielder. Varsity Paul Chervinko, veteran cat- cher, again placed himself among the leading Big Ten backstops with his impregnable work be- hind the plate. " Chinko " also led his team at bat with a .355 average and received the unani- mous acclaim of his mates when elected captain for the 1933 sea- son. WOKl, Pdcke Joe Wrobke, who shared the hurling job with Mills, and re- lieved Wahl at the third sack, early became a mainstay on the squad. " Smoky " Joe is a dan- erous hitter, and among the best right-handers in the Conference. Baseball CWim YO LoMEA Probably the greatest exhibi- tion of out-fielding was witnessed at Purdue when the Boilermakers seemingly ran miles to snare drives which ordinarily would have been chalked up as two or three baggers. The Illini turned the tables, however, when Purdue visited their camp later in the season. Page 352 mi NK. 0. YULl, Juuit hvii Fred Frink, sophomore first baseman and outfielder, was slated for the regular first sack- er " s job until he broke his right thumb in practice. " Alligator " returned to the lineup for the opening game, held down a reg- ular post in the garden, and was one of the squad ' s most danger- ous hitters. Varsity Noel Pike, swift center fielder, proved one of the trickiest hit- ters on the squad and finished his last season second in the individual standings with a .348 percentage and with a perfect fielding record. oel was also a bit unscrupulous while on the bases. Jack Yule, who returned to school after an absence of two vears. at once served notice that he was after a regular berth in the infield. He possesses the quickest throwing arm on the squad, and served at short, sec- ond, and first during the course of the season. Baseball Decatur ' s Three I league nine fell before the Illini diamond squad twice during the prelim- inary season. Practice tilts with this professional team barkened back to the days when big league teams included games with " G " Huff ' s Illinois nines on their regular spring training schedule. Page 2S3 G Uh icanc di ije Eddie Gbur. peppy second sacker. may best be recalled by bis continual stream of cbatter. which was at once the despair of opposing placers and the de- light of lUini fans. Little Eddie was lead-off man in the batting list. Varsity FredStel ' ERISAGEL, veteran left- fielder, was the most sure-fire player on the squad, and fielded 1.000 while playing in every game. " Tubby " was among the leading hitters and finished up a three vear career as the squad ' s most dependable fly-chaser. TiUlPLNAGlL.Our f TPir AN , ' aoiistop Eddie Tryban. while failing to equal bis record of the season before, finished his third year as regular shortstop in fine style. Eddie was ever a dangerous hitter, a fast man on the bases. and delighted in beating out bunts. Baseball Sweet revenge came to the Illinois team when Northwest- ern came to the campus. The Wildcats had handed the Illini a defeat at Evanston, but they were unable to repeat, as the Indians, led by Eddie Tryban ' s perfect batting, beat them out. 6-4. K ' Pagf 254 MILLS, PM.e mWl,-tUl4e George Mills, right -lianded pitching ace, again proved the nemesis of the majority of liis Big Ten opponents, and ranked among the best conlerence hurl- ers. George took up tlie first sacker " s duties when not on the mound, and continued to be one of the squad ' s surest hitters. Varsity George Fencl, speedy little outfielder, garnered his third letter in a row on the diamond to make it nine varsitv Is for his time as an Illini. " Shorty " made up for short hits by his thieving habits while on the bases. flHClOujeldjSA. Ed. Wahl, senior and regular third sacker, was one of the most dependable men in the infield, although he had rather a slow start at the plate. Kddie was noted for his accurate pegs to the first sack. Baseball The Badgers received a double whipping at the hands of Lund- gren ' s crew. At Madison, Paul Chervinko and Tubby Steuer- nagel took turns at bombarding the walls of Randall Field with long hits. tm I ILio of. niridjejerLUUL I Harold E. Ken ey Coach Joseph L. Puerta Captain Varsity Wrestling HEK Kenney ' s wrestlers, faced with the toughest schedule in many years, completed a highly satisfac- tory season with champions in two divisions and a second place in the Conference team standings. Indiana ' s powerful squad was the victor. The disappointment of the year came when Joe Puerta, co-captain, last vear ' s national champion in the lightweight division, suffered an arm injury in the dual meet against the Hoosiers, which kept him out of the ring for the remainder of the year. In an invasion of the southwest, the Illini fell hefore the strong Oklahoma A. M. squad. The Illinois men were handicapped by a long automobile trip in sub-zero weather which preceded their matches. Co-Captain Bob Emmons captured his third consecutive Conference crown in the 126 pound class, while Glen Orth, substituting for Puerta. took first place at 118 pounds. Ed Crum. heavyweight, was the surprise of the Illini squad and turned in fine work all year, though unable to wrest the title from Bob Jones, Indiana ' s stellar heavv. Slifk i Andre vp Reiiiiiaii ()rt)i Ledbetter L;iw Brown Coeneck Crum Edition Puerta Kniinons Kenney Brenner Minsker Fredericks MeDerniilh Houghton Page 25S iJhj I LLio of. Windjejen ui f Joseph Brock Captain Edwin J. Manley Coach Varsity Swimming CLIMAXIiVG their most successful season in several years with a third in the Big Ten Meet at Chicago, the IlHnois swimmers estabUshed themselves as potential threats for the various individual titles next season. Captain Joe Brock, star 440 and 200 yard dash man will be the greatest loss to the squad. The tankmen were particularly successful in dual meets, dropping only a close decision to Northwestern in the Purple tank. Chuck Flachmann. sophomore free-style 100 yard dash star, was second only to Art Highland of Northwestern in his favorite event. Ohio State. Chicago, and Iowa all felt the sting of defeat at the hands of the Illini. Frank Hewitt, Norm Hines. and John Van Tuin were outstanding in their events, and coupled with Brock and Flachmann as the nucleus of the Hlinois squad. The relav squad of Hines, Van Tuin, and Flachmann was particularly successful. Espey Williamson contributed consistently good work in the breast stroke. Van Gunten Schick Flachmann Croeby Hinee Williamson Van Tuin Gutgsel Brock Hewitt Malkin Jensen Manley Fries Gordon Pagi 3S9 m y I Ulo of. Wmdjejen ii Herbert X . Cbaic Coach Paul % ' . Reddish Captain Varsity Fencing SWEEPIIVG to its fifth consecutive Big Ten Title, the Illinois fencing squad, coached by Herb Craig, proved itself the class of the Middle West sword teams. Ed " Butch " Perella and Ralph Epstein success- fullv defended their individual titles. In the dual meets, Chicago garnered a tie with the Craigmen to place the only stain on the Illini record. St. Louis University, the St. Louis Fencers. Club, and Purdue, all fell before the slashing Illinois foilsmen, the latter taking a double beating. Perella was unable to compete with the squad in its dual contests since he was located at Chicago in the medical school, but he was in fine fettle to defend his sabres title at the Conference meet. Epstein was easilv the class of the conference with the foil. The epee was the onlv weapon in which the Illinois men were unable to gain supremacy but it is expected that new men will be developed by next season. Perella will be the only major loss to the squad due to graduation. Epstein Stern Stephenson Page 360 imy Lujo c WurudjezTL uL Richard F. Ader Capta i n Hartley D. Price Coach Varsity Soccer BACKED by the first self-supporting team in Illinois history, Captain Dick Ader and Coach Hartley Price led the 1932 soccer team through an impressive season. Plaving expert teams, several of which were semi-professional, the Pricemen won four, tied three, and lost two games. The team opened the season auspiciously by defeating Northern Baptist Seminary 2 to 1. The Illini then came up against the seasoned Decatur Soccer Club, but after two overtime periods tliev had to call the game with a no-score tie. Next they faced and defeated the Coal City Soccer Club. 3 to 2. Another over- time game, this time with the Mark Soccer Club ended in a 1 to 1 tie, and next Captain Dick Ader finished his Varsity career on the home field in a hard fought game with Morton College. This game, played in a foot of snow, ended in the only Illini defeat at home. 2 to 1. Traveling away from home to close the season, the Illinois players sacrificed their Thanksgiving vaca- tion to successfully climax the year. On three successive davs. they tied Maccabee Athletic Club, 3 to 3, defeated Northern Baptist, 5 to 0, and gained revenge while ending the season with a 6 to white-washing of Morton College. This team will be difficult for future soccer-men to equal since its roster included such stellar players as Bo Mink. Johnny Kott. and Lou Piano, all of whom had had three years of Varsity competition, in addition, the presence on the team of Freddie Lindall. former track letter-man. Captain-elect Anderson, and Captain Ader helped to make the record of 22 Illini goals to II opponents scores a difficidt mark at which to aim. Price Hodges Zhornik Rumana Brown Locke ForBlierp Ade Hayes Willig Schachtman Levine Mink Kott Anderson Dorset! Piano Priddle Carlin Page 261 rnz I Ulo OL Hmeieeruju: I Hartley D. Price Coach Julian Glasser Captain Varsity Gymnastics HANDICAPPED by the depression, the gymnastics squad was unable to maintain its high standing in apparatus circles, although the Pricemen were able to crash through with a third in the conference meet at Chicago. Captain Julian Glasser was the most outstanding man on the squad, and garnered a second place in the all-around competition. Bob Cadle was easily the class of the Big Ten in the tumbling events, while Norm Gray was a consis- tent point winner on the horizontal bars. Near the close of the season Len Wayman, a sophomore, showed promise on the parallel bars and the side horse. He should be a consistent point winner next fall. Gray, Glasser, and Cadle will graduate, leaving a big hole for Coach Hartley Price to fill next fall. Prire Torres Wheeler Temple Gray Kliiitan Glasser Bickenbaeh Cadle Whim Carhi Pase 262 wi I LLio of. Himiejen u: ESFEY C. ILLIAMSON Captain ED l J. iManley Coach Varsity Water Polo CAPTURING its fourth consecutive crown in the strenuous water basketball sport, the water polo squad finished its 1933 season with an entirely clear slate. Bill Feinberg was at once the inspiration and the high scorer of the squad. A string of victories over Ohio State, Northwestern. Chicago, and Iowa gave the water poloists the crown. Captain Espey Williamson, Larry Fries. John Van Tuin, Joe Brock, Art Malkin. Frank Hewitt, Norm Hines. and Monroe Van Gunten were able aids to Feinberg. The final game against the Hawkeyes went to the Illini by the score of 6 — 2. but the margin of victory does not suggest the fierceness of the contest, as the Hawks were undefeated up to that game and the title was to be the reward for victory. Feinberg netted four of the Illini goals. (iordon Malkin Van Tuin Flarliniann Van (runten Hines Brock Williamson Hewilt Manley Fries Page 26j mj I ILio Cf- licmieen u: Frank W. Renwick Jb. Honorary Caplain-Elpct John H. Utley Coach Varsity Golf COACH John H. Utiev ' s 1932 Varsitv golfers relaxed the hold on the Western Conference championship which the 1931 edition held, but they fought their way to a fourth place berth in the Conference. Captain Scottv Reston took third place in individual standing in the Big Ten meet. The mini opened the dual meet season on April 23 when they traveled to Columbus to drop their first dual meet in three vears, 133 to A] 2. Bob Crowe scored the only Orange and Blue victory when he downed Johnnv Florio 2 to 1. Frank Renwick gained a tie with Garvo of Ohio to garner IJ of the remain- ing points. Reston and Alpert each picked up ] point apiece to complete the scoring for Illinois. On Mav 9 the team traveled to Chicago to gain their first conference victory 11} to 6J . Sam Alpert, Illini, and former Western Junior champion, beat Smucker 3 and 2, and Frank Renwick defeated Harry Baker 9 and 7. Capt. Reston dropped a hard match to Bohnen on the eighteenth green, and Bob Crowe lost to Ed Maurmann 3 and 2. The Orange and Blue plavers again came through to win in their final dual meet by the decisive score of 16 to 2. Purdue, the victim, did not win a match. Capt. Reston, Bob Crowe, and Frank Renwick shut out their opponents to do a material part of the damage to the Boilermakers. The four first-string golfers finished their varsity careers at the conference meet on May 19 and 20, with Scotty Reston placing third and Crowe taking ninth, while Sammy Alpert and Frank Renwick trailed. The combined scores placed the Illini behind Michigan, Minnesota, and Northwestern, in fourth place. L Alpert Crow Reston Page 364 irvt I ILio of. Win tejerLuuL CoR«I . (iELWICK Coach Ei»« vKD Lkjktk Captain Varsity Tennis THE 1932 tennis season was successfully culminated in a tie with Ohio State for the Conference champ- ionship with four victories and no defeats. Captain Lejeck also won the individual championship at the Conference meet. Before the conference season started, the Varsity played six preparatorv matches. In a trip through the South during the Easter vacation they were victorious over Louisiana bv a 5 to 1 score; they then lost to Tulane. 6 to 0. to Texas, 5 to 1, and to Rice, 6 to 0. Due to inclement weather the Illini had been unable to get any outdoor practice previous to this trip. The other two practice matches were won from Washburn, 4 to 2, and from the freshmen 9 to 0. Iowa opened the Conference season here on April 28, when the Indians defeated them, 5 to 1. The team then gained victories from Crane and Indiana State Normal without the loss of a set, before they met again foes wortliv of their mettle. The next Conference match was with Chicago, and as usual the rampant Illini were victorious, 5 to 1. In quick succession the Indians then subdued Purdue and Indiana, both, 5 to 1. The Bradley team was the last dual-match victim of the Varsitv, when it was defeated. 4 to 0. This string of nine consecutive victories had onlv whetted the appetite of the Varsity as it proved by its victory at Northwestern in the Conference match, where Lejeck won the singles championship from Carl Dennison of Ohio State. 6-0, 6-3, 7-5. The doubles team of Hands and Lejeck lost in the finals to Britzion and Schener of Minnesota, 6-4, 6-4, 7-5. Crawford Hands Lejeck Gelwick Page 26s MINOR Below — The water polo passing attack WAS THE BEST IN THE CONFERENCE. tbove — Captain Dick Ader was a con- ISTENT SCORER. SPORTS Left — The Gym team was good at hand stands. Below — On gi ' ard! The fencers square OFF. Pagr 266 «! Edwin J. Manley Director Intramural D ' IRECTOR Edwin J. Manley and Senior Manager H. Ashley Barber directed the intramural activities for the past vear. They were assisted by two junior assistants, and a staff of sophomores. To insure the idea of participation in athletics for every man in the University, individual cups were given to winners in the independent divisions, and team cups and the immense Participation Trophy were offered to the fraternities as an incentive for entering into the activities. The Trophv is won bv the fraternity having most successfully competed in the greatest number of events on the program. This fraternity is given the cup to keep for a period of one year, after which it is presented to the next winner. The cup was in the possession of Delta Chi for the year 1932-1933. The task of compiling the points and of managing all the events falls upon the junior and sophomore managers. It is their dutv to get fraternities to compete and to see that fair play prevails in the events at all times. THE ARMORY Dl ' RING THE INTRAMl RAL CARNIVAL. Pas,- 2yo DfifW N,W- Intramural CHAMPIONSHIPS SPRING, 1932 Basketball, Fraternity and All- University - . Theta Chi Basketball, Independent Lniversity Place Church Basketball, " B " ' Division . Sigma I ' u Free Throw . Phi Delta Theta Swimming Beta Kappa Track Beta Theta Pi Baseball, Fraternity . . Delta Chi Baseball, Independent and All- University Flashes Golf .... Theta Chi Horseshoes, Individual Hagard Horseshoes, Doubles Klans and Schultz Tennis, Singles Tennis, Doubles Fencing Handball, Singles Handball, Doubles If ' right Rich and O ' Mailer Kaplan Dowding Dowding and Charle Managers CHAMPIONSHIPS FALL, 1932 Water Polo . . Hits Cross Country, Individual Loue Cross Country, Team Farm House Soccer .... Delta Chi Turkey Run Kappa Alpha Theta Golf, Individual Neivton Golf, Team Theta Chi Volley Ball, " A " Division Tau Delta Phi Volley Ball, " B " Division . Sigma Nu Track Beta Theta Pi Playground Ball, Fraternity Phi Sigma Kappa Independent and Hillel Foundation Lewers hewers and Stcann Dorman Playground Ball All-University Tennis, Singles Tennis, Doubles Ping-Pong mm,Se oncon SOPHOMORE MANAGERS RoBborough Fike Sindelar Boynton Kline Bennett Ray Pa» 271 Above — DiBTY WORK AT THE TURN IN THE Walking-race. INTRAMURAL Beloiv — Seaman and Heinzelman get off TO A SLOW START. Above — An athletic dog helps referee THE fencing bout. CARNIVAL Left — " What is this, a grammar-school, or a bunch of morons? " Below — The Alpha Delts won the fresh- men ' relav. Above — The football phyers are losing THE TUG OF WAR. INTRAMURAL Right — Connors and Arnold Before the RACE. Below — The men of mtgiit push the sor- ority ' WHEELBARROWS. Above — An intramural Champion is almost CROWNED. CARNIVAL Below — Paul Prehn referees the boxing finals. iSili Above — Beta Theta Pi took first place in THE BROOM HOCKEY LEAGUE. % W %J % X INTRAMURAL Below — Delta Chi booted its way- to the SOCCER championship. Above — Alpha Kappa Lambda won the relay at the fall TRACK MEET. CHAMPIONS Left — Lee Pray was the individual golf champion. Beloii — The Phi Sigm Kappa baseball TE4M rOPPF.D THE F LL CHAMPIONSHIP. Above — The Farm House team showed ITS HEELS TO THE FIELD IN CROSS-COUNTRY. Aboiv — Beta Theta Pi won both the FALL AND SPRING TRACK MEETS. INTRAMURAL Right LeWERS and Sw ANN W ERE THE FALL DOUBLES champions IN TENNIS. Below — The Theta Chi team was again VICTORIOUS IN GOLF. CHAMPIONS Below — The Ilus water polo team SPLASHED ITS WAV TO VICTORY. Interscholastic Track T?IGHT state records and one na- - ' -- ' tional record fell before the flying feet of the high school athletes in the State Interscholastics on May 20- 21, 1932. For the eleventh time a team coached by Bob Woodruff won the state title, as Oak Park led the pack in the final standing with 32 points to a second place Joliet ' s 13. The honor of establishing a na- tional record went to Herman of Oak Park, who raced 100 yards in 9.7 seconds. Marsh Miller of Maine took the most off the old marks when he ran 440 yards in 48.8 seconds; the previous record had been 50.4 seconds, almost two seconds slower. Not even the old, well established records were safe in this fast meet, as Adam Pierce showed when he broke the oldest record on the Interscholastic books bv doing a half-mile in 1:59.6. to better the former record which had stood since 1914. -.Agt Interscholastic Circus MIDST the fanfare of trumpets - ■ and the roar of the synthetic animals, the Silver Jubilee 1932 Inter- scholastic Circus started at 7:15, May 21. From the time of the grand entry march until the trophy awards at the end. the circus, held for the first time in the armory, showed itself to be a varied and skillful pro- duction. Four thousand five hundred people packed the stands as the rope-spinners, wire-walkers, ladder-walkers, rolling- globe-walkers, trampolene-tumblers, and Australian bull-whippers per- formed. A P. E. class gave a ten minute tap dance to the plaudits of the crowd; and the new rhon-rod or hoop-la wheel gained noteworthy ap- plause. The fraternity acts were the usual clever though crude productions, and Alpha Kappa Lambda house ran off with first place honors to close a verv successful circus. a mjt I Ulo oi. WifudjejtrLJu: J A COB SON Prettyman Lucille Hurn President Lucille Hurn Marjorie R. Snyder S. Jane Prettyman Woman ' s League OFFICERS President Margaret E. Jacobson . Vice-President Martha F. Etzbach Finance Secretary Sarah J. Fulton COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Sen iors Recording Secretary Senior Representative Junior Representative Jean Johnston Martha F. Etzbach Beth Olwin Laura L. Reichmann Betty D. Walker Dorothy A. Standard Roberta M. Thlirnau Junior Council Homecoming Dads Day Mother ' s Day Social Elections Big Sister Cold Feathers Alma H. Frese Orange and Blue Feathers Freshman Education Vocational (guidance Finance Freshman Loyalty Posters Historian House Citizenship All-University Parlies Church Social Social Helen S. Svilow Mary C. Henley Dorothea M. Swanson Elizabeth H. Schicht LeVona Voigt Dorothy N. Tyrrell Ann D. Stiegemeyer Lenore Scharschug Betty Hatton Janet M. Campbell Hedvic Lenc Edith Heinzelman Etzbach Frese Keichntann Schicht Walker llaltun JtihiiHlon Ileiii7.elii)un Olwin Scharschug Pag, ' 2S2 ik I ILio OL licneiejeruju: Etzbacb Fulton Mabjorik R. Snydek Vice-President Woman ' s League W ' ' OMAN ' S League is an organization of which all women of the University are members by virtue of their registration as students. The aim of the League is to represent each member in an organization of real self-government, to promote democracy among its members, and to maintain among the women the finest k ind of Illinois spirit. The Woman ' s Group System, an integral part of Woman ' s League, is devoted entirely to independent women, and organizes them into social units. Socially, the Wednesday teas are the finest things that the League gives its members. Through these teas. Group Mixers, and all- University parties, old friendships are renewed, and new ones made. Orange and Blue, and Gold Feathers promote scholarship, friendship and loyalty among the underclassmen, in addition to affording them an excellent opportunity for developing their executive ability and outstanding qualities. Homecoming. Dad ' s Day. and Mother ' s Day are sponsored by the League in co-operation with the Illinois Union. In furtherance of the ideal of responsibility toward one another, a Big Sister committee is appointed by the Y.W.C.A. and Woman ' s League, which endeavors to see that each incoming woman student has an upper- class woman who will help her throughout the year. The proceeds from the annual production given under the auspices of the League go to maintain Woman ' s League houses which operate on the co-operative plan. Swansoii Sliegemever Thurnau Svilow Standard Voigt Camphell llenlev Lenc Tyrrell Page 2S3 m I ILio OL N V2e £ T_JsJ: BlNKLEY Cox Alma H. Frese Chairman Orange and Blue Feathers Opal I. Binkley COUNCIL E. Rosemary Cox Mary Coiirtright Ruth A. Whitely Frances S. Parkinson Julia M. Lake Nadine E. Cheney E. Marcella Clifford Lois Davis Virginia L. Chadwick Dorothy E. Smith Ann Avery COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN First Semester Second Semester Social Finance Publicity Programs Alembership Social Finance Publicity Programs lyiembership ORANGE and Blue Feathers, for Freshmen Women, has a three fold purpose: to attain scholarship, to encourage activities, and to promote new friendships. Organized to further these three ideals throughout college days. Orange and Blue Feathers requires a " C " average, attendance at meetings, and a knowledge of mini traditions for initiation. By means of a loan fund, this group helps to carry its share of the welfare work of Woman ' s League. Lnk,- i;iirf„rd Cheney Chaidwirk Vi ' liitely Avery Parkinson Davis Courtright Smith Pas,- 3 4 wj y LLuo c WifudjejuT u: Oebmke Roberta Thurman Chairman Gold Feathers COUNCIL Mildred Stengl COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN First Semester JT Oman ' s League Representative Tf .A.A. Representative Finance Representative Sorority Representative Group System Representative Y. (f . C. A. Representatiiv Social Representative Membership Representative Second Semester if Oman ' s League Representative W .A.A. Representative Finance Representative Sorority Representative Group System Representative y. U . C. A. Representative Social Representative THE purpose of Gold Feathers, an organization for Sophomore Women, is to train for leadership, to foster a democratic spirit in the organization and on the campus, to further activities for the sake of the activity, and to make Gold Feathers a harmonizing factor among all campus organizations. With its Feather Loan Fund and worthy accomplishments it holds a high place in campus life. Irene Oehmke Ruth A. Ferguson Helen M. Reuhl Mary A. Arnold Virginia E. Rech Mildred C. Cornelius Frances L. Masiokus Marion Cadwell Virginia E. Johnson Annette M. Wolfram Martha H. Rusk Elizabeth J. Gaa Betty Denison Ellma M. Frantz Carol Western Catherine E. Smith Frantz Western Rusk Denison Smith Gaa Wolfram Masiokus Cornelius Arnold Johnson Rech Ferguson Reuhl Cadwell Page- 2Sj yhj y LLio c£ Hcneiejen u: Mildred K. F Rkii[Ll. Dorothy A. Herron Margaret E. Jacobson Production ManailT Business Manager General Chairman " Good News " Margaret E. Jacobson General Chairman Mildred R. Parkhill Production Manager Dorothy A. Herron Business Manager Mary C. Henley Assistant Production Manager COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Irma L. Cllbertson Dance Margaret S. Olsen Costumes M. Lucille Mathesius Costumes Helen M. Taylor Music Helen R. Bosley Scenery Regina E. Elkes Makeup Edith Heinzelman Program H. Aleta Flaningam Finance Dorothy N. Tyrrell Reports Roberta A. Thurnau Publicity ViRGINLi V. SaNDBERG Tickets Betty H. Schicht Ushers Frances M. Golrley Property Thuriiim Taylor Schicht Sandberg Olsen Tyrrell Henley Bosley Elkes Heinzelman Flaningam Culbertson Matlu Gourit Fa f 2S6 i iJhz I Ulo c nlrudt ArtZ) JL i ,! £M|i | " GOOD On February 25, 26. 1933 the Woman ' s League presented the best show of the year, under the capable direction of Miss Sever- ina Nelson. The captivating ease and speed of the play quite took the breath awav from the enthu- siastic audiences that jammed the Lincoln Hall Theatre. Such popular songs as " The Best NEWS Things in Life Are Free " . " Happy Days " , and " Varsity Drag " , will make the show a highlight in the memory of those who saw it. The most outstandingmembers of the cast were Nat Cohen as Bobby, Sallv Fulton as Connie Lane, Robert Brothersen as Tom Mar- lowe, Melle Russell as Babe O Day, and Jack Foley as Sylvester. Pagf 2S7 . W£y liio c£ WindjejerLDj: Blanche M. Kubalek President Blanche M. Kubalek M. Jane Evans Evelyn H. Heinz Maud Jurjevich Carlita Robertson Louise Freer Frances I. Thurman ZiTA H. Spradlinc Mildred J. Kadyk Blanche M. Veach Lillian V. Nelson Janet A. Brown Edith Vance S. Jane Prettyman Louise C. Clow Ellen B. Lemke Louise Worlby WiLMA L. NORBURY Dorothy J. Plunkett Maud Jurjevich Treasurer W. A. A. OFFICERS President 1 ice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor Director of Physical Education for W omen ADVISORY BOARD Hockey Soccer Tennis Basketball f olleyball Sivimminf Apparatus Boivliufi Ping Pong, Deck Tennis, Handball Basketball Archery Hiking Golf L Spra(]liiig ' " M, Prcllynian Veach Clow Vance l el80ii Kadyk Worlev Tliunnan Norbury Le ' " ' ' e Jurjevich Kuhaiek Heinz Evans Pa e iSS iJnjt I ILio ct WurvdjsjuT ui EvF.LYN Heinz Secretary M. Jane Evans lice- President W. A. A. WITH the completion of the new Woman ' s Gymnasium and the consequent increased recreational facilities, the Woman ' s Athletic Association extended its membership to include a greater number of girls by changing admission requirements. Now. participation in one sport season is the onlv prerequisite for membership in the organization. The field west of the gym is to be transformed into additional hockey and soccer fields and a tennis unit. These, plus the new games room, will supply ample equipment for the present more inclusive or- ganization. This year several new sports have also been introduced, among them, golf and fencing. The main project of W.A.A. in former years has been the establishment of a Loan Fund to aid girls who are majoring in Physical Education and find themselves financiallv unable to continue their work. While this is still an important work of W.A.A., of much interest this year has been the introduction of Intramural sports for women. Trophies are awarded to the winning group or individual. In addition to the sports sponsored by the Advisory Board, W.A.A. sponors a Plav Dav in the spring, San Souci in the fall, and sports banquets at the close of each sport season. Page sSq Wj I iJjjo ct i4usiezrujui Julia L. Beattv President R. Alice Ditzler Vice- Pres i den t Y. W. C. A. Julia L. Beatty R. Alice Ditzler Ri ' TH L. Draver Katherine C. Altorfer Doris E. Curran Jean E. Randall OFFICERS President ice-President Secretary Regional Counciler Advisor Advisor Barbara J. Harris Carmen L. Parr Frances M. Lange Helen M. Bailey- Virginia F. Sandberg Virginia E. Vogel Jane E. Marr Ethel J. Waits Anne V. Sherwin Helen R. Bosley Ruth L. Drayer Frances M. Johnson LoRAiNE A. Dvorak Ruth V. Kopecky COMMITTEE Xleetings and Membership I ocational Guidance Social Service World Friendship Finance Office and Employment Social Arts and Crafts, Posters Transfer Croup Industrial later-racial Inter-racial Dramatics Current Events CHAIRMEN Katherine C. Altorfer Elizabeth W. Provine Dorothy M. Normandin Dorothy P. Birkett Mary L. Bo«en Ruth E. Sheldon R. Alice Ditzler Yvonne Evans Marguerite Miller Dellagene Molden Cornelia Burge Hazel M. Hoyle Alice E. Hough Chairman, Freshman Leaders Freshman Leader Freshman Leader Freshman Leader Freshman Leader Doll Show Receotion and Appreciation Hours Chairman, Girl Reserivs i niivrsity High School I rbana High School Champaign High School Thornhurn Junior High School Central Junior High School Dvorak «riiianilin Hughes Birkelt Waite Marr Parr Sher in Vogel Muldeii Hough Bailey Harris Evann Bowen SheMon ( " urran l)ra er Ueatty Ditzler Ranrlall Johnson iln Ie Miller Kopecky Provine 8andlierg Page 2Q0 uhz I ILio of. [iirvdjSJtrLui. ] Helen E. Co awav Secretary Marjorie R. Snyder President Woman ' s Group System OFFICERS Marjorie R. Snyder Helen E. Conaway H. Bernice Freeman M. Gertrude S ' ishart Marie M. Ruet Mildred Stencl Dorothy N. Tyrrell LeVona Voigt Catherine R. Davis Priscilla L. Gairinc . Gladys E. Melhourn President Secretary Social Chairman Assistant Secretary Athletic Chairman Music Bulletin Board Chairman Extension Chairman Poster Chairman . Alumnae Chairman Scrapbook Chairman Opal I. Binkley Norma H. McCreery DISTRICT CHAIRMEN Marie M. Ruet Mildred Stengl Dorothy N. Turreli. LeVona Voigt Voigl Ruet Wishart Davis Tyrrell Stengl Binkle Freeman Gairing Page 2gi mzy I Ujlo of i4ud:ezrLuuL Jean Webster President Terrapin OFFICERS Jean A. ebster President M ary M. Crist I ici -President Kathleen M. Conard Secretary M 4THILDE T. Helfrich Treasurer Edith D. Vance Social Chairman HONORARY MEMBERS Louise Fr eer Ann Avery Smith MAJOR TERRAPIN Imogene Belton Ruth L. Dalrymple Mathilde T. Helfrich Edith D. Vance Marv V. Cady Elise R. Davis Clarabeth Huckins Jean A. ebster Kathleen M. Conard Jane Fauntz Margie Kanter Florence R. hyte Mary M. Crist MINOR TERRAPIN Louise C. Clow Dorothy Hawtaw Elizabeth Merriam Elizabeth M. Runkel Dorothy M. Cruise Esther M. Kriebel Elinor Nixon Martha H. Rusk Lois Davis Monica J. McConnell Dorothy S. Quinn Ethel M. Scotland Jean L. Fitzgerald Margaret McGregor Grace A. Rothwell Maryellen W helan Eunice S. Hall Julie McHale Helen A. Wolf MAJOR TERRAPIN Merriam Webster Whytc E. Duvis Ctmrail Fauntz Helfrich Smith Huckins Pagf 2Q2 imy I LLio Cf. Winsiejtn uL Ann Avery Smith Terrapin TERRAPIN is the honorary swimming organization for women. Its purpose is to promote interest in swimming among university women, and to encourage their participation in this sport. Terrapin has two divisions — Major and Minor. The same test is given to each girl, but a greater degree of proficiency in swimming and diving is required for those wishing to become Major members. Terrapin presents a pageant or exhibition each year during the week-end of Mothers ' Day. It is usually presented before a capacity crowd in the swimming pool in the Men ' s Gymnasium. MINOR TERRAPIN Davis Runkol Fitzgerald Kendall Cruige McConnell Uawtaw Rusk Quinn Eunice Hall Brenkin Ellenor Hall Page 293 4e liuo c WirvdiejerL J: White Wick Glascock Hewitt Underwood Fenne Hiiie G. Caesady I. Caesady Lehmann Mallinaon N. Gourley Eickhorn F. Gourley Howe Binklev Adams Powell Bines W lie her Slackhouse urns ireeman Laning OH a Alcestis MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Rose A. Adams A. Margaret Bell Anna E. Bines Opal I. Binkley Carmen E. Bunn Dorothea M. Bunn Marion L. Burns Helen C. Gallery Gladys E. Cassady Erma G. Cassady I. June Clark Viola E. Clark Velma M. Eickhorn Helen L. Fennell H. Bernice Freeman Margaret J. Gault JuANiTA H. Glascock Frances M. Gourley Norma M. Gourley Clara A. Hewitt Lois E. Heyer Eleanor G. Howe Ida M. Huie Olive E. Johnson Goldie Langhorst Erma L. Laning Margaret L. Lehmann Faye Mallinson Claree J. OTIair Elizabeth C. Pickels Dorothy ' Powell Mary L. Sayler Ruby M. Sidwell Mary E. Snell Helen D. Stackhouse B. Bernice Underwood Josephine M. White Vera G. Whitted Charlotte I. Wick Jewell F. ' R inter Geneva W right Virginia W. Wucher Corina MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Frances E. Betka Bernice C. Brock Ida M. Budd Violet A. Connit F. Madeline Cord A. Marian DeLong Francina M. Freehill Jean I. Gerber Elizabeth V. Hayes Rose E. LaBond Marjorie I. Lempke Or a J. Record RosELLA E. Ring Edna J. Roberts Betty E. Seidl Marjorie R. Snyder Dorothy A. Stiegman Helen V. Stine S. Elizabeth Strader Adelia C. Tuttle Nadeena T. Tuttle Dorothy N. Tyrrell Artrude L. " Westerheide f iTi It mji ' ' Sf. Record Itr.K-k Ring Lempke IleLonp Cord Strader Kreehlll Sliesman Budd Stine Roberts Lallcnid A. Tultle Tvrrell Sn iler (ierber Pajc JQ4 mz I Ulo of. ind:ejenJ)jL Kyan Makutenan Voipt Davis Mitlelberg Cole Handschin Huhl),s Perkinn Ruet Whit ford Skartvedt Jacohhi Eads StenKl Cornelius Malaiidrone McCreery O ' Donnell Slater Miller Premm Faneler White K. White Hanimer German Goddard Burrouglie Cooper Cameron Mitchel V» itshart Spencer Weaver Conaway Rine Boyd Roth Loerher Gairing Davis Chapin Briney Hamilton McBride Thonipeon Murphy Oherlink Aeolia, Electra, Iris, Loki, and Thalmus Bonnie M. Boyd Evelyn Briney Ruth B. Burroughs Maryan R. Cameron Ruth M. Chapin Agnes L. Cole Helen E. Conaway Doris Cooper Mildred C. Cornelius Catherine R. Davis Sarane W. Davis Marjorie L. Eads Leora H. Fansler MEMBERS Priscilla L. Gairing Ruth B. German Eleanor B. Goddard Ruth J. Hamilton Doris K. Hammer Margaret Handschin Emma R. Hubbs Helen R. Jacobs Helen B. Loecher Gladys M. McBride Norma H. McCreery Ann M. Makutenas IN UNIVERSITY Johanna Malandrone Mary J. Miller Eileen Mitchel Agnes A. Mittelberg Harriet C. Murphy Ivalee R. Oberlink Mabel A. O ' Donnell Mary- E. Perkins Ruth Premm Marjorie E. Rine Louise S. Roth Marie M. Ruet Janice L. Ryan Frieda H. Skartvedt Ruth M. Slater Gladys E. Spencer Mildred Stencl Frances M. Thompson LeVona Voigt D. Jean W eaver Alta M. White Katherine A. White Myra E. Whitford M. Gertrude Wishart Founded, University of Illinois, 1922 Alice E. Hough Dorothy M. Laxson Dorothy A. Bartusch Marjorie Battey Mary O. Black Marion J. Buck Dorothy M. Cruise Elsie R. Davis Elizabeth E. Feichert The Life Saving- Club To promote interest in Red Cross life saving FACULTY Ann a. Smith GRADUATE STUDENTS Melba J. Lewis Marguerite A. Stiquel MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Alice M. Foster Ellma M. Fhantz Mary E. Graham Eunice S. Hall Dorothy M. Hawtaw Rosemary J. Irish Grace Kelley Sunny Kennedy Barbara Kerch Lorraine D. Kinzell Ann Makutenas Josephine F. O ' Neil One Active Chapter Margaret O. Strudeman Mary E. Parker Kathryn T. Raby Martha H. Rusk Janice Ryder Jean Westwater Helen A. Wolf Whela KelK Clinton Cameron Hall Black Rang X ' estwater Kii k Houph Parker Makutenas Wolf H.ibhard Bartiii)ch foster Battey ThompHon Graham Page 295 I mz I Ujlo OL Wurvdjejen ui Eugenia Clinton Ellen Lemke Gold W.A.A. gives as its highest recognition of merit in the field of athletic activity the Gold Seal. It represents ver- satility of ability in athletics, for in order to earn the 2000 points necessary for the award, a girl must make the team Seal in at least one sport during each of the four sport seasons. Moreover she must possess the ability of leadership in order to adequately fulfill any man- agerial positions or major offices in W.A.A. Jane Evans Bl N(:he yEACH Edith Vance Page jqS im I ILuo OL injdje£nJ)jL Foster Weatherwax Minor " lA Mary O. Black Janet A. Bro«n Mary V. Crist Alice M. Foster Eleanor Frantz Ethel Freeman Elizabeth J. Gaa Evelyn H. Heinz Marion N. Holloh ay " Margaret Lenke Grace Meyer Adele J. Novotny Belawry O ' Hara Dorothy J. Pliinkett Jean Powers Helen Rlehl Dorothy SteigiMan Mary E. Weatherwax Helen A. olf m ' • . Vn -wl 1 1 I ' tjjjk ■ •♦ •] a Plunkett (iaa Russell Kuehl Meyer ISovotny Page 299 mj y I LLio c Irvdjizn J: Clow NORBURY Gaetje Major " lA W.A.A. awards the Major " I " to any girl who has earned 1200 points by participating in different sports during the sport seasons. The association sponsors hockey and soccer during the season that ter- minates with Thanksgiving vacation, and basketball, volleyball, and apparatus during the season which occupies the rest of the first semester. The second semester opens with a sport season which includes swimming, bowling, ping-pong, and deck tennis, closing with Easter vacation. Baseball, track, tennis, and archery engage the center of activity during the last semester. Girls making a first team in a major sport earn 100 points, those making a second team, 40 points. Minor sport positions garner 60 and 25 points for first and second teams, respectively. Points may also be earned by heads of the committees in charge of Sans Souci, Health Week, Plav Dav, and Mav Fete. Also each sport manager is awarded 100 points. When a girl has won a total of 600 points, she receives the first award, a minor " lA. " Heinz DeBower Page joo mz I Ujuo ct unjdje£nj)ui Nejdl Spradlinc Major " lA Louise C. Clo v Alice L. DeBower Lucille C. Gaetje Evelyn H. Heinz Mildred J. Kadyk Barbara Kerch Daisy V. Nejdl Lillian V. Nelson WiLMA L. NORBURY ZiTA H. Spradling Frances L Thurman Louise Worley Kkrch WoRLEY Pagf 301 BH I t « 1. — Doubles Game of Ping-Pong 2.— Don ' t They Cut a Fancy Figure? 3. — Inter -Sorority Volleyball Champs — Alpha Gamma Delta 4. — Present Styles at Fashion Show 5. — P. E. Majors Learn New Games 6. — Wedding Gowns from the Past 7. — Ping-Pong Must be Fun 8. — Handball Invades Girls " Sports :Mi 1. — Telegraphic Swim- mers Sporting in the Pool -A Modern Juliet 3. — " Swimmers Ready! Go! " 4. — The Ladies Stag It at W. G. S. Party 5. — Telegraphic Breast- stroke Competitors 6. — A Vt omans Skating Class 7. — Around the Ivories at the St. Patrick ' s Party 8. — A Singles Act in ' W ' . G. S. Stunt Show .. « Sm Mki, mi aL ' r - ' B ■ hJ J my9r -:. ,£1 m fe - v MiT ai T tm I LLio c niAi dis n uL Oscar A. Luetwiler ROMAINE B. HUTTON HIRAM T. SCOVILL Chairman The mini Board of Control BOARD OF DIRECTORS Faculty Members Hiram T. Scovill, Chairman Fred H. Turner Student Members H. Aleta Flaningam Richard T. Miskimen Frederick S. Siebert Samuel M. Keys, Jr. THE ILLIO, and all other student publications at the University of Illinois, are subsidiaries of the mini Publishing Company. Tlie latter, chartered by the State of Illinois as a corporation not for profit, has been in existence since May 11, 1911. It is controlled by a Board of Directors consisting of four faculty members selected by the Senate Committee on Student Affairs, and four students elected bv the student body. Like inanv other administrative and legislative enactments, the creation of a supervisory agencv for publication on the University of Illinois campus was partially the result of unwise practices bv those who had been entrusted with the responsibilities of editing and managing them in former years. The condition existing since 1911, with editors and managers and their chief assistants appointed bv the Board on the merit system, have resulted in obtaining a much higher level of professional competency on both the editorial and business staffs of campus publications. There has been also a continuit of policy and purpose and a safeguarding of property, as well as a full settlement of obligations each year with local creditors. Through the employment of a full-time manager, the publishing compan has been able during the last twelve years to afford a means of advising the newer members of the staff each vear. FACULTY MEMBERS Siebert Leutwiler Page Sl iJnj LUjo c injdje£nJ)J: VICTOR L. KRANNERT Manager The mini Publishing- Company Victor L. Krajnnert, Company Manager THE mini Publishing Company, which issues alj student publications at tlie University of Illinois, was organized in 1911. Its growth has been rapid; its financial success marked; its influence wide- spread. Its rapid growth we see in a plant which not only turns out a twelve-page, eight-column metropolitan newspaper carrying full Associated Press leased wire service, but which prints all student publications except The Illio. From a print shop tucked away in the basement of one of the University buildings, it has become today one of the best equipped college publishing companies in the United States. Its presses are located in the Illinois Union Building. Its success in business, made possible by a firm foundation and well-directed policies, is clearly in- dicated bv its physical expansion. Its influence is felt wherever an alumnus is found who has served The Illini Publishing Company on one of its student publications. STUDENT MEMBERS Flaningam Pag - S ' 3 Wj I Ulo c urydi £nJ)uL OTTO B. WILLETT Mrinafiing Editor ROBERT E. UWYER Business iManagpr The Daily Illini SE-MOR STAFF Warren H. Badger Charles E. Logan Robert J. Hawkins Marjorie F. Morrison Donald S. Hoebel Esther C. Uhl Clement J. Svilow . Chief News Editor Chief Editorial Writer Sports Editor JT ortten ' s Editor Asso ciate Business Manager Women s Business Manager Scout Editor Morrison lloelid Uhl Mawkin ' Uailser Svilow P " S ' - .i ' -f imy I ILio of. iiineieen-uu: KU57, WOMEN ' S EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Eleanor Duntemaiv Marian Kusz Betty Stuart Smith Helen Stanton Svilow The Daily Illini John W. Branta Fred A. Clark William L. Day NEWS EDITORS J. Wilson Gaddis Alfred L. Hollender Lawrence W. Kanaga Paul C. McMichael William S. Ricker Richard L. Roth Clark Branta Ricker (racjdis Kanaka McMichael Day Roll) Hollender PaS ' - 3 ' S imy I Ulo of injdje£ruju: Cohen Mu Staudt King Boyle BUSINESS DEPARTMENT MANAGERS George L. Staudt Circulation Manager Frances M. Horner. .- ssisfnn Circulation Manager W. Howard P. Emrich Champaign Advertising Walter D. Boyle . . . . Betty J. Muir Myron D. King Esther L. Cohen Howard G. Acker Harvey H. Acton Roberta E. Andersen Margaret F. Askren Alvin H. Berndt Elizabeth G. Collins Frank D. Deli George Bachman G. Victor B ll Mathew J. Barman Betty Bauer Dorothy J. Borchardt Jake Bradshaw OsvER P. Carmi Lois A. Clarke MiLNER A. CUMMINGS Dorothy Davis William T. Evans The Daily Illini BUSINESS STAFF Sophomores Marjorie L. Eads Robert D. Marshall Frances E. Elfstrand Charles L. Martin Robert L. Foster Louise Miller Charles P. Hawlev Helen J. Norris Thomas A. Henry Joseph W. Prenger John P. Madden Helen M. Reuhl Freshmen Loring C. Farwell Dorothy L. Fultz Helen L. Garland Mary E. Germain Mary A. Grant Bernard M. Grossman Robert E. Hallburv Martin F. Houser Albert R. Imle Harry A. Karczewski Edna M. Krows Ruth J. Kuhn Fred E. Lee Sherman Levine William B. McKinstry Joseph E. Mann Elizabeth Merriam George H. Miller Robert M. Moore Myra M. Pech Champaign Advertising Campus-Urbana Advertising Classified Advertising Copy Manager Ruth E. Reigel Donald L Roth Helen L. Russell Walter C. Strakosh Richard D. Turner Irwin R. Valenta George E. Zeller Charles F. Porter Frances E. Pride Helen B. Rathbone Robert R. Scaife Melvin R. Schwartz Dorothy G. Taylor Frank H. Teem an Marian E. Varty William F. " eber Eugene E. Vienthe Prenger Norris Keiihl Miller Madfien Riesel Roth Andersen Strakoeh Zeller Acker Pagf _J A iAi£y I ILio of. injdje£nj)ui ] 1 = Spear Mentz St. G ermain McClain Drasoo Paterson M urphy Huxtable Parsons Pour Hill Kitcher Cadwell Marion Cadwell Jean E. Dracoo Katherine U. Filson ViRGiNL M. Hill Margaret J. Barker Virginia L. Chadwick LrciLE Charles Mary F. Comer Marian V. Corliss WOMEN ' S EDITORIAL STAFF Sophomores Kathryn W. Huxtable Clare A. Mentz Elizabeth Koller Helen Murphy Ruth G. McClain June E. Parsons Elizabeth R. Madden Jean A. Paterson Freshmen Mary E. Graham Julia M. Lake Phyllis E. Gray Mary J. Leisenring Adair Hamilton Nathalene D. Nemitz Louise Hebert Elinore Nixon Charlotte A. Hepner Dorothy L. Poor Mary K. Ritcher Eleanor E. St. Germain Frances L. Spear Mary ' J. Pabst lucile k. schuessler June Snyder IsABELLE H. Stewart Winifred Valbracht The Daily Illini Samuel Ab are an el Albert J. Bertine Raymond F. Burke Marvin Cohn Richard B. Childs David Citron- Robert R. Dean Ted a. Duffield MENS EDITORIAL STAFF Sophomores Arthur F. Dries Creston J. Foster Edward LT. Erenberg Harvey P. Hudson Courts E. Ferris John H. Schacht John L. Stbohm J. Benjamin Lieberman James Thomson Freshmen Glade Haist John C. Levenson Elbert L. Herron Justin McCarthy E. Philip Hirschthal William S. Middleton James Rounds Byron P. Snyder Robert L. Tieken W. Phillips Talbot Erenberg Cohn Burke Thomson Lieberman Page- 317 mey lIuo of. Wurvdjejen J: WILLIAM G. KARNES Editur-in-Chief ROBERT M. YOUNG Business Manager The Illio of 1933 SENIOR STAFF Ruth L. Dalrymple ....... Women ' s Editor Thomas L. Smith Sports Writer Robert G. Russell Stajf Photographer Harry H. Hartleb Chicago Editor Gladys A. Novotny Women ' s Business Manager Walter Cleland Military Editor Russell Fabri Staff Photographer Jack W. Welty Chicago Editor Fahri Novotny Clelan.l Page ? cV tm I ILio c iAusii £rLj)jL Covington John John R. Covington JUNIOR EDITORS E. Stanton Johnson Charles T. Richards The Illio of 1933 JUNIOR BUSINESS MANAGERS Deane M. Coventry Robert I. Metcalf James P. Kirk Malcolm C. Todd John L. Tristler Kirk Tristler Page JIQ im I ILio c niAudis n jL Blough Campbell Honiann Gill E. Malden ' e Bloigh Alice Campbell WOMEN ' S EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Alice A. Gill Elizabe th Homann Dorothy Standard The Illio of 1933 Margaret L. Dix Virginia L. Greenwood WOMEN ' S BUSINESS ASSISTANTS Bernice Jokish Barbara Kerch Elsie I. Minier Victoria Omietanski Greenwood Jokish Oinietanski Dix Page $20 imy I Ulo OL Windjejen u: W liiteway Spires Fadum Legg Joehel F. Courtney Arthur Robert C. Evans EiGEL R. Fadum John E. Choisser Frank Fornoff, Jr. Russell W. Hays SOPHOMORE MENS EDITORIAL STAFF Lyle G. Jacobson Lloyd M. Joshel Edward H. Kann Robert L. Redfbrn FRESHMEN ASSISTANTS D. Arnold Hill W. Clark Hyzer George A. Legg Robert B. Little F. Vernon Miller Lowell A. Spires Robert E. Whiteway Ben F. Railsback Charles A. Richmann Eugene C. Robertson The Illio of 1933 Isabel Danley Shirley W. Day Dorothy Hopkins Mirian L. Fast Jeanne B. Brashears Jeannette L. Hickox WOMEN ' S EDITORIAL STAFF Sophomores Margaret G. Kramer Dorothy " L. Kerr Elizabeth W. King Helen T. McGill Freshmen Dorothy V. Manock Merry C. Norton Florine E. Petri Kirker Smith Virginia E. Rbch Kathryn M. Sellers Dorothy Stein er D. Jean Weaver Marilee Young H| H H| I H m : WT Ijm H wm H VT 1| B f Wmt m 1 K - M K ij M Hi. ' m J Hw w V r Var I H w ' ij H| 1 Hmm ■• - ■ BH Ik2 ' mi - " Bv% 11 H Ml ■ 9i g H " j H ■-v M mi m m L fWjBS m ■ Steiner Dnv Sniilh Fast Bra» ■lears Weaver King M anock K aar Sell era Hopk ns Hodge oung Mack DHon H ckox McGill K err K ech Dan ley Norton Page J2I im I Ulo of. HcmieerLUu: } Schuessler Dearlove Cureton Bailev Rice McCulloch Crook McDaniel Wynes Moorhead Louis E. Beckman Frederick S. Crook Arthur Eidman, Jr. Clark A. Bailev Charles A. Bostleman Wilbur R. Cureton Robert Darrovv SOPHOMORE BUSINESS STAFF Harry W. McCulloch Dixoin D. Moorhead John McDaniel James M. Morrow FRESHMEN ASSISTANTS GiLLARD D. Dearlove Harry L. Hyndman Thomas C. Gately Harry G. Jackson Charles H. Holt Edward T. McDavid Arthur E. Reinhold illiam a. Spence Robert A. Wynes Kermit M. Pennington Arthur L. Rice Kenneth J. Schuessler Edward J. Stack The Illio of 1933 VOMEN-S BUSINESS STAFF Elberta J. Alexander Charlotte Bartels Carmaleta Bixbey Dorothy E. Brunner Mary L. Bulpitt Joan L. Cuperton Josephine L. Cathcart Josephine L. Clayton Mary ' C. Cody ' Beulah M. Dalbey ' Julia V. Daniels Lois Davis Edna M. Edwards Frances E. Elfstrand Evelyn Ferrell Pauline P. Franzus Mary A. Gale Margaret J. Gault Louise Goldman Marjorie a. Goodwin Kathrvn M. Graham Louise H. Heidhues Adele J. HOSKINS Jewel E. Houcek Marilyn Isley Evelyn M. Laurence Isabella G. Lawton Helen L. Lyman Charlotte A. McGlade Mary E. Martin Shirley L. Moorman Margaret B. Noble Marianne Pfeffer Kate W. Priestley Josephine L. Rasmussen Margaret J. Reese Rebecca F. Ruby Elizabeth M. Runkel Catherine E. Smith Charlotte Stunkel Irene L. Tarry Frances L. Vernoeau Marie L. Walling Carol estern Mildred C. " insby Paula O. Zeiter Pfeffer DallMV Walling (irabatn X hilney Rid Martin Ferrell lleidliueB llourek Alexander :« ' ay Elfstrand Capcrton Clayton Smith DanieU Zeiter Shirk PricHtle Moorman Reese Cody Runkel Bixby Lyman Stunkel Goodwin Western Cathearl Pane jji tk I ILuo q£ Hineiejerujjr } CARL J. DIIESER Editor The Siren WILLIAM A. ZOELLER Business Manage r Adeline A. Cross James W . Davis Shirley W . Day David Eldred EDITORIAL AND ART STAFF Donald F. Mulvihill ....... Associate Editor Richard D. LaFond ....... Assistant Editor Wilfred J. Brogden ....... Office Manager JuANiTA Ramey ........ W omen ' s Editor Miriam A. Van Buskirk ....... Exchange Editor Lynn E. Pierce ......... Art Editor Jane Fauntz . . ' . Associate Art Editor Daryle M. Meskimen ...... Assistant Art Editor Assistants Winifred M. Haslam Julie McHale Betty J. Kendall Florentia E. Metzger Heeren S. Kruse Theodore D. Parmelee Evelyn O. Lantz Betty Ross Sidney Schnitzer Lillian Stanford Fredrick M. Zeiler Doris V. Frazin Elizabeth J. Goby BUSINESS STAFF Donald L. Faulkner ...... Advertising Manager Herbert H. Otten ..... Assistant Advertising Manager Wilbur J. Thompson .... Circulation and Collection Manager Murray L. Shrader ....... Copy Manager L. Elaine Geidell ........ Office Manager Assistants Seymour Hershman Edward T. McDavid Adele D. Pohl Lillian A. Saltzman A . ! 1 • A Bc ' ' fk Wp " trn J W i " A ■ 1 Ba ' BHf 1 J m ' M k % 1 By irJi u R . 1 t . ; ' ; W 1 1 l2 1 JB Larilz RoBB Eldred Frazin Day - tten Stanf(»rd Zeiler Kendall Sallziiian McHale Brogden Crort» Mulvihill Ramey Pierce Van Buskirk Faulkner «g J .S iJnzy lilio cf Winjdjejen uL RANDALL A. FORSBERG Editor ALVIN E. W ANDERER Business Manager The Technograph EDITORIAL STAFF Andrew S. Kleszewski Arthur C. Nauman Charles E. McBurney Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Art Editor William F. Barnes John H. Bradish Robert F. Hoffman Richard A. Maybury Joseph A. Pask ErWIN J. ROESEL Assistants Sidney Schnitzer Stanley S. Sheldon Robert P. Stevens Irving L. Strater Frederick E. Strouf BUSINESS STAFF Andrew S. Klezewski Jack L. Nauman Harold W. Burns Clifford M. Hathaway Business Manager, Second Semester Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Copy Manager Howard J. Caquelin Franklin A. Perkins Assistants Charles P. Royer James A. Stewart Charles M. Slaymaker George W. Svoboda Harry P. Tracy A. Nauman Tracy Roesel Sheldon Stewart Strouf StevenB Pask Royer Hathaway Caquelin Slaymaker Barnes Burns Bradish J- Nauman Page 324 mj I IIajo OL unj£te£nj)ui ) 9 THEILL1H015 T RAYMOND N. AMMOX Editor ELMER E. WILLIAMS Busiitpss Manager The Illinois Agriculturist Rlith Hubbard Catherine R. Davis John A. Mathers Homer E. Edwards Ivan W. Hieser Melvin R. Stengel Mildred Mies Martin T. Garbe Parker J. Erickson William F. Turner EDITORIAL STAFF n omen ' s Editor Assistant It omen ' s Kditor . Agronomy Editor Animal Husbandry Editor Alumni Editor Dairy Editor Girls 4H Club Editor Boys 4H Club Editor Floricultural Editor Humor Editor Ralph B. Peverly J. Lyle Tristler Menzie W. Ammon E. Charles Daily- Harold ' . NOLEN William M. Brine Maryan R. Cameron Ward L. Edwards Hubert J. Fombelle Robert M. Harrison BUSINESS STAFF Local Advertising Manager Local Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Assistant Advertising Manager Assistant Advertising Manager Assistants Sybil F. Herring Homer E. Montgomery M. Grace McAuley James M. Morrow John S. McCannon Morris E. Paddick Clara E. Mann Ruth Reed Wilbur W. Reid Betty J. Rudy Karl von Almen Myron J. Wormley -immi . 1 MHi .. v w yp ffi J ffiH w A %« iJr ' mm t mSKi Stengel Hieser (Jarbe McCannon Harrison olen von Almon Tristler Reed Mann Mies R. Ammon Daily Fomhelle Erickson Morrow Turner Reid M. Ammon W. Edwards Davis Herring Paddick H. Edwards Hulthard Williams Cameron McAuley Mathers fage S3S mz I Ulo OL Wunsiej nuuL Gerald C. Weiland President George E. Dooley f ice- Pres i den t Military Council Elliott Durand .......... Student Colonel J. H. KOTT ......... Lt. Colonel Infantry E. H. B.AKER . Lt. Colonel Cavalry, President Cavalry Officers ' Cluh R. P. C.4RLSO ........ Lt. Colonel .Artillery A. C. N. U-M. N ........ Lt. Colonel Coast .Artillery F. W. M. ST ..... Lt. Colonel Engineers, President Tan . h Tau R. T. FiTCHIE ....... Lt. Colonel Signal Corps G. C. Weil. !vd Major Brigade Staff, President Coast .Artillery Club G. K. Green ..... Major Brigade Staff, President, Pi Tau Pi Sigma G. K. Leisenring ......... Major Brigade Staff R. (). Miller ......... Major Brigade Staff J. H. Rossiter ...... Major, President Scabbard and Blade J. K. MosHER ...... Major, President Alpha Tau Sigma G. E. Dooley . Captain, President of Pbalan.x, President, Caisson Club J. SoM- ........ Captain, President Polo .Assftcintion L. E. Barenfancer ........ Captain, .Adjutant Mast Diirfind Pag( 32S imy MJlo c nurvdii n jL G. Kenneth Green Treasurer Lewis £. Barenpancer Secretary Military Council THE Military Council is the governing body of the student affairs of the R.O.T.C. It is composed of members representing each unit of the University Brigade through its organization, in the person of the Lieutenant Colonel of the Unit, through the President of its social fraternitv, and through its executive head who is a member of the Student Colonel ' s Staff. In this manner each Unit and the individuals compos- ing it are represented in every phase of the Brigade activitv. The Council is charged with the duty of insuring the coordination of the interests and activities of the Brigade. It supervises all student functions in which the Military department has an interest including all such affairs as the Military Ball, the Officer ' s Ball, the Annual Military Show, all Military Dances and the University Horse Shows. The commandant of the University keeps in intimate touch with the personnel of the Brigade through the Military Council, learning the viewpoint of the student which is a factor in his determination of pol- icies for the R.O.T.C. Miller Paf,e 329 imy I Uio OL Wundjezn ui Robert E. D« ver President. First Semester William G. Karnes Secretary-Treasurer Student Council Harry A. Barber Prpsident, Second Semester First Semester Robert E. Dwyer Julia L. Beattv William G. Karnes Robert E. Dwyer Harry A. Barber William G. Karnes Julia L. Beatty Marjorie F. Morrison Otto B. ' illett William B. Arnold Lucille Hurn Robert M. Young Robert M. Little Elliot Durand President f ice-President Secretary -Treasurer OFFICERS Second Semester Harry A. Barber Marjorie F. Morrison William G. Karnes President J ' ice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Business Manager Daily lllini Representative, Athletic Council Editor. Illio of 1933 President, Y. JT . C. A. IT Oman ' s Editor, Daily lllini Editor. Daily lllini President. Illinois Lnion President. I) onion ' s League Business Manager. Illio of 1933 President. Interfraternity Council Student Colonel Marjorie R. Snyder President, Woman ' s Group System President, W. A. A. President, Y. M. C. A. President, Independent Council Representatire Athletic Council President, 1st Sem., Senior Class President, 2nd Sent.. Senior Class Vincent J. Del Beccaro President. 1st Sem., Junior Class Howard C. Hartman President, 2nd Sem., Junior Class Eugene F. Bond President, 2nd Sem., Junior Class Blanche M. Kubaleck Donald B. Black Joseph F. Mirabella Robert D. Woolsey R. Lowell Blanchard Mortimer B. ilber COMPOSED of members of the student body selected automatically by virtue of their positions in campus activities, the Student Council is empowered to rule on all student affairs throughout the year. It is directlv responsible for the Selection of the Dance Supervision Committee, the Freshman Frolic Committee, and the first semester president of the Freshman Class. In addition to legislating upon all affairs brought before it bv direct petition or by observation of the respective members. Wilber Hartman oiiiif; II urn I!.alt Miral.clla lilaniliar.l l!,„„l Snyder Diiran.l Del Bercaru Morri( »n Willetl knhaU ' . ' k Little Woolsey Arnold Black Pagf 330 wj y I Zoo at ynjdjZ£nJ)JL William B. Arnold T. Gaillard Knappenbercer President Vice-President Illinois Union OFFICERS William B. Arnold President T. Gaillard Knappenbercer First J ice -President toRTIMER D. Wilbur Second I ice -President Charles G. Rummel Secretary Lloyd Morey ... Treasurer Edward E. St.afford Business Manager BOARD OF DIRECTORS William B. Arnold Arthur B. Mays Charles G. Rummel Eugene E. Stephens Alfred E. Bodman Lloyd Morey Hiram T. Scovill William P. Stowe Arthur G. Holstein, Jr. Milton M. Olander Mac Rae D. Shannon Fred H. Turner T. Gaillard Knappenbercer Robert Reitsch Carl Stephens Mortimer D. ilber Oscar A. Leutwiler CABINET James H. Lake ..... Produclians Herbert C. Hartman Smokers William F. Moon ... Productions Homer H. Shelby Smokers Henry " S. Joseph .... Memberships Stephen P. Shoemaker Celebrations Leo C. Mackelden Memberships Thomas P. Lynch Celebrations EL.MO B. Payne . Dances Carlton S. Smith Union H eek Arthur L. Johnson ... Dances Francis C. Fleischli Union if eek Sandford Watkins .... Dad ' s day Norman P. Jones Student Relations Melvin M. Hickman .... Elections Wayne R. Cook Student Relations Richard T. Miskimen Elections Franklin R. Miley Programs James D. McCormick .... Elections Charles W. Crain Programs BorJiiiaii Stafford Kunimel Hartman Stephens Hol»tein Stowe s 331 mz I lUo c£ Hcneiezruju: The Alumni Association THE object of the Association shall be to promote the general welfare of the University o to encourage and stimulate the interest of graduates and other former students in the L in each other: its purposes shall be limited to such as arc educational, social or charitable. of Illinois and niversitv and C. A. KiLER. ' 92 Frank H. McKelvev. ' 07 E. E. Stlilts, ' 07 Mrs. a. M. IIouser, Jr. , ' 21 Carl Stephens, ' 12 Robert Reitsch, ' 28 Glevn Goodwine, ' 23 President Immediate Past-President First i ire-President Second f ire-President Gen. Serretarv, and Kditiir of Alumni ISeivs Alumni Secretary Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Robert B. Browne, ' 22, Urbana Howard L. Cheney, ' 12, Chicago K. J. T. Ekblaw, ' () ), Oak Park Mrs. a. M. Houser, Jr.. ' 21, Oak Park Mrs. G. W. Karhaker, ' 20, St. Louis C. A. KiLER. ' 92, Champaign Benjamin Wham, ' 15, Evanston Frank II. Mc Kelvey, ' 07, Springfield Louis C. Moschel, ' 05. Pekin Dr. R. W. Morris, ' 02, Chicago Robert Reitsch. ' 28, Champaign Otto E. Seiler. ' 12, Chicago Elmer E. Stults, ' 07, Winnetka The University of Illinois Alumni Association, founded June 15, 1873. is the connecting link between the graduates and former students and their Alma Mater. The headquarters of the organization in the Illinois Union building are the center for the many activities of this association which: Publishes the Illinois Alumni News monthly: Compiles and edits, in cooperation with the University, alumni directories about every five years; Works with the secretaries of sixtv-one classes and of the Illini clubs all over the world in the effort to keep up old acquaintances, promote new ones, encourage reunions, and to engender loyalty to the University through lifelong contact with it: Keeps detailed records of the doings of all the graduates, so far as possible, and of many non-graduates; keeps on file their letters, photographs, clippings, and other biographical data: tries to obtain an up-to-date- address for every one of more than one hundred thousand alumns; Maintains and presents before high schools, Illini clubs and other meetings, " The Illini Trail, " a four reel sound moving picture of the University. Has established and maintained several loan funds for students. The Alumni Association office is an information bureau concerning not only the alumni world but many other things connected with the University. All students are urged to come in and use its information at any time, and upon graduating are cordially invited to join, in order to keep in close contact with their University. Kiler Browne Cheney McKelvev Ekiilaw StultH Houser Stepliens Reitsch Goodwine Karraker Morris Moschel Seiler Wha Page 33 Wj iLuo of. Hineie rLJu: York K. Bishop Chairman Dance Supervision Committee MEMBERS York K. Bishop, Chairman Walter E. Busker H. Bernice Freeman Arthur G. Holstein Jean Johnston ILLIAM S. McCaBE Robert M. Murphy Robert A. Nelson Beth Olwin Joseph R. Rosborouch Leslie A. Watt ORIGINALLY designed to serve in an advisory capacity, the Dance Supervision Committee has enlarged its functions so that it now manages ticket sales, helps in the preparation of budgets, and endeavors to insure the success of all the class dances. Selected by the Student Council in the Fall, the eleven seniors on this year ' s committee have materially aided in the achievements of the class committees working to provide inexpensive vet excellent entertainment for their classmates. The committee is responsible to the University officials in all its work, and it is to be congratulated for the excellent work it has performed this year. Watts Murphy Bueker Bit hop Rosborough Freeman Olwin Johnston Holstein Pagi 333 mz I Ulo (X niAudiiJtn jL Mortimer D. Wilbur Prfsiijpnl First Semester Joseph F. Mirabella President Seconii Semester Ralph H. Blakemoor Donald Butterfield Larve C. Chapman Harold Vi ' . Dickhut Carlyle G. DiircarClark Independent Council SENIOR OFFICERS Mortimer D. S ilbur ...... Presiitent First Semester Joseph F. Mirabella ..... President Second Semester William T. McCabe ........ Secretary Norman E. Kasch ......... Treasurer SENIOR COUNCILMEN William G. Eckhardt Milton S. Kramer Stanley I. Gullberg Russell O. Knudson Roy C. Hamman Sollie II. Lakin Marvin G. Hastings Gabe C. Long ard M. Karraker Kenneth . Miles JUNIOR OFFICERS Arthur Johnson ........ President Leo Malkelden ........ lice-President Fred Bennington ........ Secretary JUNIOR COUNCILMEN Robert R. Murphy Erwin J. Roesel Robert D. Sprau Elbridge W. Staudt Leonard C. Zimmerly Wendell Barclay Fred Bennington Vi ARD Black Lewis Carrol John Clancy Edward Collins Wayne Cook Charles W. Grain Vincent J. Del Deccaro Francis C. Fleischli Benson L. Friedman Robert O. Fulmer Sol Goodman James O. Harris Stanley E. Henwood Malvin M. Hickman Arthur Johnson Ulysses G. Kinsey Erwin Koval William Krawitz Herman Levin Thomas Lynch Dayton McCormick Kenneth McEwen Leo Mackelden Victor Mann William Moon Rex Nehcomb TiLFORD Olson Herbert Otten Charles Otto Russell Pritchard Raymond Satterfield Homer Shelby Richard Spitznas Kenneth Thomas John V. Thompson ' lyris Goldiiuiii ThompHon Cook Bc-nninplon McCormick Satlerlield Olten Newcomb UelBccraro Thomas Olson Falmer Cralii Frieilman Barclay Otto Siiilberp Johnson Kasch Chapman Hickman Moon Myles Roettel Murphy Kniulson ilhiir Mirahflla Karraker .Standi Long Page 334 m I lUjo at Kunjdi znJ)JL Edward S. TuRNii ' SEiiD Vice-President Y. M. C. A OFFICERS Donald B. Black Edward S. Thrnipseed John McKean Charles M. Thompson Arthur B. Mays CABINET LaRue S. Hichsmith .... C. Orville Reinhardt .... Paul A. Mosher ..... Paul F. Grote ...... Byford W. Bain ..... John F. IIohenadel ... Dudley J. Kingman ..... Vernon P. Christman .... - lbert H. Malo ...... Byron B. Josi .... Arthur W. Mielke ..... Raymond T. Ruder . . John L. Ryde ..... EXECUTIVE STAFF Montgomery I. Caldwell Rocho Sinderson Frank H. West President I ice-President Recorder Treasurer Chairman of Board Freshmen Fellowship Deputation I ocational Guidance Iitternational Friendship Inter-racial Junior Boys ' H ork Fireside Forums Fireside Forums Fmpioyment Meetings Christian 11 Hrld I ' ducation Reception Publicity Henry E. Wilson THE Y.M.C.. . is a fellowship of students and faculty who seek to make the principles of Christian living vital in all phases of campus life. The organization conducts activities which supply needs and desires of the students which are not served by other agencies. Among its many activities in campus life are the maintenance of an employment bureau, the Freshman camp, international and inter-racial friendship groups, and all-university religious services. Sindcraon t ' .riiii: Hai " llenrv Highsmilh ■r Kinsman Mifike Black Ruder Turnipseed W iU llolnnadel MrKean Malo Mosher ' " .§ ■ .l ?J iluy I Ulo of. Hineie ruji: T. Gaillard K appknberger Jean Johisston General Chairman Homecoming- COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Woman s Chairman Executive Stunt Show Charles E. Otto Margaret E. Jacobson Accommodations RoscoE L. Ball Reunion Elmo B. Payne FiLMORE W. Galaty Dorothy N. Tyrrell Betty Hatton Registration and Information Janet M. Campbell Badges John H. Fleming Mary C. Smith Harry K. Waddington Awards and Decorations PublicitY Dick B. Ensign Jane E. Marr LeVona Voigt Stamp Sales Re iorts Elizabeth W . Provine John W. Bell Lenore Scharschug HOMECOMING was begun twenty-three years ago as a means of more closelv uniting the Universitv student body with the IIHnois alumni. It is usually held over the week-end of the football game which is expected to be the seasons best in order to attract the Alumni on their return to the campus. The Homecoming Committees arrange for Alumni meetings and good entertainment, as well as provide the best service possible for the visitors. Fraternity and Sorority house decoration awards, the Stunt Show, badge and stamp sales, and Alumni registration are some of the activities sponsored by the Homecoming Committees. Tyrrell Voigt Cuiiiplieil nation Otto Jacobeen Provine Payne Ensign Galaty P " S ' ' lif mj Lujo c Wirvdjszn uL Martha F. Etzbach Sanford W ' atkins H ' omen s Chairman Dads ' Day COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN General Chairman Co ' Chairman Reports A ccom m odation s Malvin M. Hickman Herman Levin Arthur C. Dix Doris A. Meneely Theodore ■. Goldstein Executive Benjamin J. Phillips Charles C. Curry Reception Registration Alma H. Frese PubUcitv Mack C. Jones John. V Thompson Wallace M. Mulliken Dorothy A. Standard Information Programs Tags Gerhardt H. Oldsen Franklin R. Miley Harriet J. Brown Mildred Stengl Clinton O. Clark DADS ' DAY was conceived and made a reality by the late Dean Thomas A. Clark in 1919 (or the purpose of setting aside one dav in each vear on which the fathers of students might visit the University in a body and see the University in action. The day is combined with a home football game, a concert by the Men ' s Glee Club, and other forms of entertainment. Letters are sent out advising them of the event by both the Universitv and the Illinois Union. As a result of the founding of Dads ' Day, the Dads ' Associa- tion was formed, an organization which co-operates with the University and the Lnion in every enterprise. k fl! Meneely Jttne Th »nipt on Mile Phillips Hickn Page jjy wu I Uio ct WirvdjejerLUUi Robert J. IJawkins PrPsiflpTit Stanley L. Gullberg ( ice-President Journalism Council OFFICERS Robert J. Hawkins Stanley I. Gullberg Virginia W. Wucher Hblene Still President 1 ice-President Secretary-Treasurer First Semester Secretary-Treasurer Second Semester MEMBERS Harold V. Catt Robert J. Hawkins Marjorie F. Morrison Betty L. Hughes Milton E. Hlava Virginia W. Wucher Lester A. Watt Robert E. Dwyer Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Delta Chi Thela Sigma Phi Theta Sigma Phi Kappa ' Tail Alpha Kappa Tau Alpha Alpha Delta Sigma Alpha Delta Sigma Stanley I. Gullberg Frank B. Edwards Jane E. Marr William L. Day Charles E. Logan Margaret Handschin Otto B. illett Helene Still Gamma Theta Phi Gamma Theta Phi Gamma Alpha Chi Phi Alpha Chi Memher-at-large Member-at-large Member -a t-large Member-at-large THE Journalism Council represents the student body of the School of Journalism, insures co-operation of all groups in projects undertaken bv member organizations, sponsors activities for the School as a whole, and acts on matters referred to it by the students and faculty. Its membership consists of representa- tives of the journalistic fraternities and sororities and four members at large chosen bv popular vote. Wall Dwyer Calt Still Day Edwards Lopan Handuohin Morrinon Hughes Hlava Wnietl Page sjS mz uUjo c nundjejerLUj: MlNOTT Sll.I.IM N President, First Semester Raymond N. Ammon President, Second Semester Agriculture Council MEMBERS MiNOTT SiLLIMAN Raymond N. Ammon Mark O. Grenlund W ILLIAM R. Elder Melvin R. Stengel Charles H. Stinson Boyd Harper A griruhiiral Club Agricultural Club Hoof and Horn Club Hoof and Horn Club Dairy Club Dairy Club Agricultural Education Club Wendell E. Keeper Robert I. DeLonc Leon H. Cassity Grace McAuley Lawrence A. Potter WiLLLAM F. Turner Agricultural Education Club Agricultural Engineering Club Agricultural Engineering Club Horticulture Club Horticulture Club Field and Furrow Club THE An;riciiltiire Council is under tlie direction of the president of the Agricuhural Cluh, and is composed of the semester presidents of the speciaHzed agriculture chibs: Hoof and Horn. Dairy. Field and Furrow, Farm Mechanics, Horticulture, and Agricultural Education. The Council has as its purpose the promotion of better agriculture and agricultural methods, and accomplishes this end through meetings, conferences and lectures, judging contests, and other means to arouse the interest of the students of the College of Agriculture. It annually sponsors the Peanut Banquet, the Student Farmer Fair, the All-Agricultural Banquet, and other more minor activities. Through its work, it brings the agricultural students into closer contact with each other and with the field of agriculture. Turner Harper Stinson Stengel Elder DeLong McAiiIey Pagi 339 mz I ILio of Wundjezn UL George L. Sckipi-s Senior Mnnafier Ll.OVD MOBEY Chairman of the Board University Concert and Entertainment Board Howard M. Cheney Barbara J. Harris MANAGERS Senior George L. Scripps Juniors Morris E. Paddick Drusilla Aden Bruce A. Balderson John H. Baldwin Mary Chandler Hubert J. Fombelle Robert L. Foster Virginia E. Johnson Sophomores La Verne R. Kruggel Evelyn J. Mortensen Erich W. Lademann Wallace Mulliken Virginia Locke Francis H. Muns M. Maxine McVaugh Sarah A. Patterson Russell H. Miller George C. Pratt Paul Moran Robert C. Reinhardt Henrietta K. Seaman William F. Woods, Jr. Mary Ruskamp Elbert M. Smith Mary C. Smith Edward E. Varnum M. Elizabeth Vinje Carol Western F. Kenneth Worland Lloyd Morey Borland J. Davis George P. Tuttle Jean A. Webster BOARD OF ADVISORS Faculty Members Harry G. Paul Frederic B. Stiven Student Members Margaret J. McCaskill Robert P. Stevens ORGANIZED originally in 1902 as a lecture course, the Star Course grew, in response to student demand, to include the supervision and management of all concerts and entertainments given at the University bv professional artists, lecturers, orchestras, and other professional organizations. It is a non-profit organ- ization, and now. under its new name, conducts the Star Course as a series of concerts by finest obtainable talent. The University Concert and Entertainment Board consists of representative members from faculty and students, and selects the talent to appear for the year. The business staff is composed entirely of stu- dents with a Senior Manager selected by the Board, and takes care of all negotiations and production work, for the presentation of concerts. ■ Hff IHHHi mn J i nri ...,■_ ■ h um A W a] m ' li A i |ftg Jlf 1 1 ' JM % ■■ j ' a ■ ' m - Moran F( st CJirni ' y Woods Davis Sliven Wiirhin.l M. Siniih Miillik -ii L.nkt- Mm Seaman Harrin Aden Morlenson KrufjKct M(-C:iiHkill Morey Scripps Tiilile el.Hter Haldv ItiiMkunip Paul in Padduk Ki-hihardt Johnnoii Western inje It aide Stevens Pii tier son Lademann Pagi ' S40 V _ . , ._ i ' Bliss Courier McCoard V ork IVlaloni Birkett Bodine Dollalian Siiiilh Barry Harvey Ghent Sliuman Herzberp McCormirk Vogle Moore Chapin Clothier Sanniann Field McKinley Foundation To serve as a center for Preshyteridii student ' s social and religious activities on the campus STAFF J. ALTER M ALONE, Jr. . . . . Director Roy M. Smith ........ Associate Director Madge S. Sanmann ......... Counselor Jennis Barry .......... Counselor ■•i STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Earl R. Field ......... President Scott H. Courier ........ I ice-President - Earl F. Herzberg ......... Secretary Marshall M. Dollahan ....... Treasurer Wesley Foundation A church center for the religious and social activities of Methodist students STAFF Paul Burt .......... Director Charles W. Lee ........ Student Assistant Mrs. John W. Miller ........ Hostess Homer H. Waltmire ...... Area Executive STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Ada D. Henry ........ President Mark D. Littler ........ f ice-President Alma H. Carson ......... Secretary Charles C. Bloom ........ Treasurer Snyder McCreery Lee Crow Bloo Krt-iikel Henrv Crocker Caetje Littler McKnight Eirher Carson ISorcherdt Reinhiirdi .Sliunian Burt Page 34 1 mz I iwo c nLrvsbz£n jL W tsLKY SVVANSON Director Robert F. Maley Chairman W ILFRKU P. Bl RGI-l NU Tpchnicai Director mini Theatre Guild MEMBERS Mary F. McKelvey Robert F. Maley ' Donald M. Brown George P. Tuttle Harold N. Hillebrand Abner R. Kmght Margaret E. Jacobson Helen R. Bosley Representative of Mask and Bauble Representative of Pierrot Representative oj Arepo Representative of Players Club Representatiiv of LniversitY Representative of L niversitv Representative of W Oman ' s League Rejiresentatiiv of 1 . W . C .4. THE mini Theatre Guild is an organization made up of the various undergraduate dramatic societies which liave for their main function, the presentation of dramatic plays. The executive authority of the Guild is vested in its Board of Directors, made up of a representative from each of the member organiza- tions and two facultv members chosen by tiie Committee on Studen t Affairs. The members of the Guild are Mask and Bauble, Pierrots, and Arepo. The Faculty Players Club is a patron member, and the Woman ' s League and Y.W.C.A. are associate members. The Guild repertoire this vear was made up of two operettas presented by Arepo and six legitimate plavs, four of which have been Mask and Bauble presentations, and two have been all-University produc- tions presented bv the Guild. A musical revue presented by Pierrots completed the season ' s schedule. In addition, the patron member, The Players Club, presented two legitimate i)lays, and the associate members presented one production each. Last semester the Guild instituted a season subscription, which was very well received by the theatre- going public and which promises to be a popular means for insuring a season ' s entertainment of varied dramatic productions. Jiirobson McKelvey Bosley Knight Pagf 344 mz I LLio c ) ynjdjizn UL Thkimmirk II. Griksenaukb Prpsidcni. hirst Spmpsfpr Mary F. McKelvey Guild Representative Frederick Litscbel, Jr. President, Second Semester Mask and Bauble To foster campus dramatirs FACULTY ■% ILFRED P. BURCLUND, B.S. SeVERINA E. NeI,SON, A.M. Robert Henderson, A.M. GRADUATE STUDENTS Malcolm J. Gillis Mary- E. Patton Marion E. Filson Wesley Swanson, A.M. Marion L. Stuart Julia L. Beatty " Winifred F. Berry Albert Brown Marguerite M. Buesching George Coldewey, Jr. DoRSEY ' Connors RussEL O. Derby Helen E. Bennett Ernest N. Bogin Helen R. Bosley Ernest F. Budde R. Alice Ditzler Elliott Durand James W. Fry Jean I. Gerber Mary L. Goelitz MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Gwendolyn T. Harvey Betty ' L. Hughes Margaret E. Jacobson Catherine G. Lewis Mary F. McKelvey Theodore H. Griesenauer Robert F. Maley Floyd D. Cerf, Jr. Edward D. Dayies Lillian R. Gilster Mary ' J. Klingel Juniors Frederick Litschel, Jr. Thomas J. Martin Dorothy M. Normandin Dorothy ' M. Poirot Dorothy K. O ' Connor S. Jane Prettyman Anita R. Reece Katherine M. Ryckman Dorothy M. Schneiter Preston H. Tuttle Robert B. Staley Elmer H. Stonehouse Nellie M. Stuart Virginia A. Trent t;i|li Fry Staley Harvey Ryrknian Bnslev McKelvey Connors Pallon Reece Goelitz Kuchen Normandin O ' Connor (iriesenauer Schneiter Butlde Daviee Ruepching Heatty JacoliHon Prettyman " " ,? ' ■ 34S irv I ILio c nirvdjiznJj ui Richard A. Mlinkeckk Presideni Pierrots Men ' s Honorarv Dramatic Society Wilfred P. Burglind, B.S. Raymond F. Dvorak, B.S.,B.Miis. FACULTY Claf Fjelde, B.S.1 Robert Henderson GRADUATE STUDENT LocKvvooD E. Wiley MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Robert F. Maley Guild Representative Wesley S« anson, A.M. R. Bruce eirick, Ph.D. Seniors R. Lowell Bunchard Wilson M. Connell John T. Foley Milton S. Altbach Eugene F. Bond Carl C. Chase Ernest M. Bocin Thomas W. Bohmker Albert B. Gasper Thomas B. Godfrey " Vries Gravestein Burton DuVal Henry S. Joseph Harris A. Kemp Harold X. Gerber Martin Hudelson Robert A. Maley Albert E. Marien Richard A. Munnecke Juniors James J. Lewis James E. McMahon Charles W. Pflager Sophomores John F. Klepinger Robert Line Donald B. Richards Elmer H. Stonehouse James A. Wares Morris Rosen Frank ' . Swann Charles B. Younger Edgar L. Moorman John E. Sommers l " i ' ' •■ " ' ' !» ' " " Ciiiiiiell Line Pflager Bohmker Younger Klepinger Richards Wiley Altharh Joseph Marien Sommers Moorman Gasper Gerber Rosen Slonehouse DuV ' al MeMahon Bopin Munnecke Blanchard Maley Bond Hudelstm Page 346 mey I ILbo ct unjdje£rLjJ: Hlfred D. Huston Directo r Women ' ' s Debating Waldo E. Waltz Director University Dpbalinp. Varsity Debating Team MEN ' S VARSITY TEAM Ward E. Ankrum Arthur C. Dix William F. Ekstrom Helen E. Bennett Marjorie E. Berryman William S. Fishman Welker W. Henderson C. Hugo McCord Arthur W. Mielke Joseph H. Mueller WOMEN ' S VARSITY TEAM Mary ' R. Kelley Norma H. McCreery Robert R. Murphy J. Paul Reed Howard . Wilson Charlotte Southwick THE zenith in debating is reached in the contests of the Western Conference Debating League, of which the Universit) of Ilhnois is a member. The universities belonging to this forensic league are the same as those in the athletic " Big Ten, " with the exception of the L niversitv of Chicago. Two divisions of the league — one for men and one for women — promote at least six conference debates each year. Different questions are debated by the men and women teams; and. in the case of the men ' s teams, a new question is developed each semester. Ordinarily Illinois teams meet at least five or six other conference schools in contests, decided by the single critic judge. Mielke Wailz Hoed llcriclerBoii Fishman Uix Eketrom Murphy Mueller Kelley Bennelt Berryman McCreery Southwirk Hueton Pag ' - 347 " HANSEL AND GRETEL " The gracious, fairy-like music of Englebert Humperdink shimmereil lliroiigh the Little Theatre on Dec. 17. as the school of Music presented the whimsical folk opera, " Hansel and Gretel. " Under the direction of Miss Kathryn Siitherlin, the whole childish fantasy of the old German fairy story came alive. Peter, the father, played by Rav Shidlis, caroled lustily as he came home through the woods, and the mother, sung hy Inez Miller, scolded and frowned as she sent Hansel and Gretel out to gather berries. Of course everything ended happily with Hansel, sung by Helen Morgan, and Gretel, played by Virginia Merill, shoving the mean old Witch, played by Mildred Cook, into her own roasting hot oven. " THE BUTTER AND EGG MAN " The inside worlcings of Lehmae Productions, Inc. amused the aud- ience of Lincoln Hall Theatre on November 10, 11, 12, 18, and 19, 1932. Lowell Blanchard as Joe Lehman, Margaret Jacobsen as Fanny Lehman, and Dorsey Connors as the sweet, voung. beautiful secretary drew many hearty laughs from the audience. Peter Jones, played by ' ilHam Coppel is the Butler and Egg Man who comes to the financial rescue of Lehmae Productions, Inc. just as it is about to produce its best play. The play is a flop, Lehman and McCliire, Frank Swan, sell a clear title to Lehmae Inc. lo Jones, and Jones doctors up the play and makes it a success. In the end the sweet young secretary and Jones fall in love just as Lehman and McClure come to buy back an interest in Lehmae Productions, Inc. " THE CHURCH MOUSE " Mask and Bauble offered this fasl moving comedy on October 13, 14, 15, 1932. The play ileals with a steno- grapher, .Susie, secretary to Boron von Ullrich, a banker whose head is full of efficiency. Susie makes an ideal secretary for the Baron for she is " just a machine. " The Baron has a habit of discharging his secretaries and then falling in love with ihem. One nigh I Susie, to the surprise of all, including the Baron, is stunning in her new clothes. It is now Susie ' s turn to be fired and fallen in love with. The Baron was played by Walter Boyd, and Helen Bennett entranced the audience as Susie Sarhs. " A CHRISTMAS CAROL _ propriate to the Christmas sea- son, ' the Illini Thea tre Guild presented this fantasy on December 16-17, 1932, under the direction of Wesley Swanson. Scrooge was perfectly portrayed bv Robert Henderson, and the supporting cast was equally good. The play represents a revela- tion that came to Scrooge on Christ- mas Eve. Marley " s Ghost appears, and warns Scrooge to change his attitude toward his fellows. Scrooge is shown the Chrislmas ' s past, present and future by each of three spirits. When he awakens on Christmas morning, he is a new man rejoicing in the true spirit of Christmas. ■ ' iv ■ fvm Hkl l ' m HH j-grl ISPR Hkk2 - IB ,J1 BKU rS n . f K ' " a Mm jH TWfiJK ' j i I BvD Ej • ' " " ' iffv gk M tttf ' v Eml ■1 ' ' " iQi - 1 tfi ■l iH in 1 K 1 i H fev H • jl9 Hj V kI H ' l H O iXI M B J g m mm " YEOMEN OF THE GUARD " This Gilbert and Sullivan operetta was given January 11-12, 1933 by Arepo. It was under the capable direction of Miss Kathryn Sutherlin, and deals with the intrigues of the tower of London. Colonel Fairfax, played by Wayne S. Hertz, is im- prisoned in the tower. He has been the victim of a plot conceived by a cousin, who is to inherit the estate, provided the colonel dies unmarried. Fairfax marries Elsie Maynard, a strolling singer, played by ' Jeanette Keiser, to thwart the cousin. The captain of the guards then disguises Fan-fax and frees him. The man and wife, who were masked at the ceremony, then proceed to fall in love with one another. % i v MINSTREL SHOW The annual Union Minstrel Show was again a success, under the com- petent direction of Miss Severina Nelson. The show will be remem- bered because of the clever single and double specialty acts and the peppy chorus numbers. The Mills Brother II nearly stopped the show with their catchy harmony, and Stan Brasch drew a sob from the audience in the hit song of the show, " Brother Can You Spare a Dime " . Betty Lou Hughes made a clever interlocutor in the guise of Groucho Marx. The credit for the most spectacular number goes to Margaret Jacobson for her graceful silhouette dance to the music of Hall Macklin and his band. McLain also put " em in the aisles with " Willow Weep For Me. ■ " GOLD IN THE HILLS " This tense, dramatic representa- tion of the glorious triumph of virtue over villainy opened in Lincoln Hall Theatre on March 2, 1933, for three davs. The happy homefitead--Nell, the farmerV daiighter--The villain enlers--A fate worse than death— A blow for defenseless womanhood--An innocent child in the toils--In the villain ' s clutches--The escape--Beer between acts-- " Thcy ain ' t done right by our NelT ' —The villain still pursues her— The mortgage on the old home- stead--The hero reliirns--The villain is captured— Reward of Virtue. Lau- rels for direction to Wesley Swanson. " THE GREAT GOD BROWN " The curtain went up on Mask and Bauble ' s presentation of " The Great God Brown " ' on March 23. 1933. The cast, under the direction of Wesley Swanson, gave an interesting interpretation ofO ' NeilKs psycholog- ical drama. The play deals with the effect of environment on two boys who are in love with the same girl Marearet, played by Margaret Jacobson. The tragic characters are symbol- ically and strikingly presented. The air of tragedy is intensified by the use of masks, and the psychological forces involved are startlinglv pro- jected in the epilogue. Dian Aiithonv, the man who wins Margaret ' s love, is played by Preston Tut tie, while the materially successful Vf illiam Broun is played by Justin McCarthy. 1 .aipapsiaz iJnj I Ulo Ol WinjeieznJ)uL I Julius J. Klingelhofeh Co -Chairman Joseph E. Mirabella. Direclor of Committees I. NoRRis Thompson Co-Chairman Senior Ball COMMITTEE I. NoRRis Thompson Julius J. Klingelhofer Joseph F. Mirabella Eleanor L. Evans Jeannetta Appel R. Lowell Blanchard Ralph H. Blakemore Victor H. Brodt Donald Butterfield Alma H. Carson Louise C. Clow Herbert Cohen Carlyle G. Duncan-Clark Elizabeth E. Feickert Lucile C. Gaetje William L. Ganschinietz Jean L Gerber Henry A. Glasstetter Max Greenberg William H. Haefele Elizabeth Haynie Marion N. Holloway Co-Chairman Co-Chairman Director of Committees IT omen ' s Chairman Paul M. Hudelson ' ard M. Karraker Norman E. Kasch Eleanor W. Klee Philip C. Kolb Milton S. Kramer Ellen B. Lemke Thomas J. Martin David Nesler Fred J. Propp RosELLA E. Ring Katherine M. Ryckman Morrow D. Schnell John G. Seanor MacRae D. Shannon Eva Steinert Myron H. West Robert J. Whitesell EIGHT hundred senior couples, on the nights of June sixth and seventh, waltzed to the close of their active social life on this campus. The ultra-humid night could not douse the joyous spirits of the de- parting seniors. Decorations, cool and springlike, music, soft and dreamy, with formal evening gowns, new and exotic, were a relief for the swaying couples from mid-examination worries. Ganschinietz Kasch Greenberg Kolb Haynie Propp Lemke Hudelson West Glasstetter Holloway Karraker Carson Shannon Ring Gaetje Mirabella Ryckman Blanchard Evans Thompson Nesler Seanor Clow Cohen Blakemore Br Butterfield Martin Feickert Kramer Gerber Klingelhofer Klee Pa e 360 ik I Ulo of. unjde£nJ)jL Mortimer D. Wilbur President, Second Semesler Joseph Brock Vice- Pres iden t Senior Ball Eleanor L. Evans Women ' ' s Chairman HONORARY MEMBERS Mortimer D. ilbur Joseph C. Behrens Gilbert I. Berry Elliott Durand Leonard V. Finder George N. Gilkerson Vi ' iLLiAM H. Greenfield Dorothy Hershberg James C. Kirk Class President George C. Lindsay Bernice L. Meyer Mary W. Moore Riley M. Sharp Virgil L. Bikes Duane W all Theodore J. Wang Warren E. Wingert FIVE huge festooned shades, resembling many-roofed chinese pagodas, topped by Indian arrow-heads, formed with an elaborately festooned false ceiling, and many large modernistic murals in pastel colors, a most dramatic setting for the dancers. Wavne King with his superb orchestra and Dick Cisne with his equally fine band furnished the dance music for this finale of the class of ' 32. Semor Ball, June 6, 1933 Pag,- 361 imy I Ulo c£ WifudjejerLJu: Millard S. McGuffin Co-Chairmaii Marvin L. Hasting Co-Chairman Millard S. McGuffin Marvin L. Hasting Edythe E. Lund Herbert F. Auvv Fred H. Bennington Edward A. Bertram Eugene F. Bond Walter D. Boyle Junior Prom COMMITTEE Mildred H. Converse Isabelle M. Donahue Allen Fiske Betty Hatton Co-Chairman Co-Chairman } ice-Chairman DuR« ARD O. Hein Mary C. Henley Henry G. Heubach Robert F. Hoffman Mary F. James SIX hundred couples were in attendance at the Junior Prom, annual dance noted for its spectacular decorations, beautifully hued evening gowns, and splendid music. The new Men ' s Gym, highly dec- orated to represent a sub-seascape, afforded a most colorful background for the crowning of Isabelle Don- ahue, fourth Prom Queen at Illinois. Rafftlil ()Ui ii Martin Bond Hcuhach Hein Bcnninston McCorniiik Lar»cin Hoffman • Ip Auw Converge James WaHifey Voigt Oliver Henle ' Maeltelden Donahue McGufTin Lund Scliarschug Hasting Hatlon Johnson Pai,e 362 ik I lujo c nunjdj ATLDJ: John W. Hope Class President Isabella M. Donahlf Prom Quepti Junior Prom John W. Hope Arthur L. Johnson Donald E. Larson Leo C. Mackelden James D. McCohmick Victor Mann COMMITTEE Thomas J. Martin Dorothy E. Oliver TiLFORD A. Olson Morris E. Paddick Class President Leonard M. Raffeld Henry Rumana LeNORE SCHARSCHITG Le Vona Voigt Margaret E. Waddey IN the center of the marine hallrooin. three extravagantly high, green cvhnders filled with swimming, manv-colored fish, varied the usual monotony of the dance floor, and schools of fish swam leisurely to and fro beneath the green false ceiling. Opposite the extraordinarily fine orchestra of Henri Biagini, the dias of Isabelle Donahue, Prom Queen, was charmingly covered with the sea-green scales of mermaids. Spectators in the balconv marvelled at the flowing music, the gav couples, and the novel decorations. Junior Prom, December 3. 1932 Page- J6j tmy I ILio of. Hcneie£rLj u: Col. Elliott D. Durand Chairmun Military Ball TTA D Salute! The shined leather creaked as the officers saluted the flag at the end of the grand march which cli- maxed the Military Ball of 1933. It was precisely 11 o ' clock, the night of March 3, that Student Colonel Elliott D. Durand commenced the march. The Gym Annex was the setting, as the gleaming spurs, and the shined brass contrasted with the brilliant formal dresses to create the feeling of dignified gayety which prevailed. Henry Busse stirred the crowd with his soothing music, as the dancers swaved to his ecstatic rhvthms. ' - ' ' mBHHBl 1 oH S uBrvB ji 1 ■ H I HH i ■m Ib ilB i m P 1 The Gr. nd March Page- 56 ihey I ILio Of. WirvdjejerLOui Col. David L. Stone Commandant Military Ball COMMITTEE Elliott D. Durand, Chairman Richard F Armitage NoRBERT C. Garrison Roy T. Nilsen Gordon R. Bailey George K. Green Joel H. Rossiter Edward H Baker Carl M. Kennedy Elmer M. Schaudt Roland P. Carlson John H. Kott John Soma George E. DOOLEY Frederick W. Mast Gerald C. Weiland Robert G. FiTCHIE Arthur C. Nauman Albert N. Whitlock Robert B. Franks George V. Whisenand Whitlock Garrison Bailey Dooley NiUen Green Franks Kennedy Fitchie Mast Carleon Durand Kott Baker Nauman Wyland Soma Schaudt Rossiter Armitage Whisenand Page 365 iJnj y iluo of. Wundjezn uL Kenneth R. Cougill Chairman Fine Arts Ball COMMITTEE Kenneth R Cougill Chairman Charles G. Rummel i ' ice-Chairman R. Lowell Blanchard Betty L. Hughes CiLFFORD G. PeTRIE MiLBiiRN E. Carey H. Samuel Kruse Arthur E. Rigolo John W. Davis Inez Miller Ruth M. Slater Herman R. Eckman Mary V. Mills James A. Wares William M. Horowitz THE 1933 Fine Arts Ball was held March 31, 1933, in the Architecture Building. Establishing what the committee hoped would become a tradition, the Hall of Casts was used as the principal room for the costume-dance based upon the French Revolution. Beautiful murals upon which the senior architects had spend weeks of work formed the decorations, and added color to the evening which was climaxed bv a mock guillotining. Ecknian Uu III me I Davis Slater BlaiK-liard Petrie Carev Cougill Miller Kruse Wares Horowitz Pagf j66 tm I LLio c nlrvdi zri jL KuTH C. P (;b Co-Chairman Samuel M. Keys Co-Chairman Pan-Hellenic Ball COMMITTEE Samuel M. Keys Co-( ' ,luiirnian Ruth C. Page Co-Chairman William A. Amsler Margaret E. Jacobson Elizabeth W. Provine William B. Arnold T. Gaillard Knappenberger Helen J. Sangwin Malcolm D. Canterbury- H. Dean Litt John R. Sawtell George T. Christie Edvthe E. Lund W iLLiAM H. Stewart Elaine M. Cohen Millard S. McGuffin James D. W illiamson Frank B. Edwards Donald M. Mayne Peter K. Wilson Donald S. Hoebel BREAKING all tradition, the Pan-Hellenic Ball Committee voluntarily threw open its dance to all the students in the member houses, without additional cost upon the organizations. Althouo;h this destroyed the exclusiveness of the affair for the members of the Inter-Fraternity and Pan-Hellenic Councils, it made this dance one of the most hilarious and enjoyable of the year. The New Gymnasium was the scene of the dance which was held from ) o ' clock until 2 o ' clock on the night of April 7. Christie Edwards Mayne Hoehel Canterbury Sangwin Knappeniierger SawteM MciJuffin Lund Provine Amsler Cohen Keys Page Page 367 imy MJlo of. Wirvdjejm UL r Joseph F. Mirabella Chairman Senior Informal COMMI TTEE Joseph F. VllRABELLA Chuirman George N GiLKERSON Co-Uiairman Jean I. Gerber I ice-Chairman John E. Burns Norman E. Kasch Louis J. Piano Alma H. Carson H. Samuel Kruse Sol Porte Kenneth R. Cougill Julius Lakin Joseph L. Puerta Herman R. Eckman Dorothy G. McCabe Ralph B. Reid Eleanor L. Evans George W. McCormick Katherine M. Ryckman LuciLE C. Gaetje Alice D. Mast Harold A. Schwanbeck Paul M. Hudelson David Nesler MacRae D. Shannon Mary E. Jackman Artrude L. esterheide IN keeping with the spirit of tlie times, the senior informal committee wisely decided to have as econom- ical a dance as possible. With this idea in mind, the informal was held December 3, with the familiar Park Dance Hall as a background, and with By Wyman ' s orchestra furnishing the music. Through the splendid work of the committee, every one who attended the dance had an enjoyable evening, and the proceeds were brought up to the point where they more than met the budget. Eckiilun Piano Kruse Hudelson Cougill Lakin Burns Shannon Carson Westerheiile Si-hwanbeck Neater Kasch Poerra Gerber Cilkerson Rycknian Miratiella Evans Porte Pag, ' jOS mz I Ulo of- Hcmieeruju: jAME-i R. IIammett ( ' hairman Freshman Frolic COMMITTEE James R. Hammett G. W II.LIAM Anderson. Jr. Phyllis Boslev Robert X . Brashears Robert K. Cameron William B. Dazey Helen L. Garland Phyllis M. Grant Walter G. Haynes Julia M. Lake Chairman Alvin S. Lehmann , Thomas A. Lindley Dean M. Madison Robert U. Paxton Fi.oRiNE E. Petrie Mary J. Phillips Ben F. Railsback LuciLE H. Ummach 1 HE freshmen, with the assistance of many upperclassmen chaperones. celebrated at the Freshman Frohc on January 1 tth. The Gym Annex, decorated in silver and blue, formed a background very complimentarv to the impressive dignit of the members of the Frolic Committee. Husk OTIare and his Genial Gentlemen of the Air furnished the dance music which helped to make the freshmen quite pleased with their first social venture in the University. Railsback Lebman Paxlon Bosle Braehears Pbillips Cameron Garlaiifl Liiidley Dazey Haynes Lake Lniniach Hammett Page 369 imy I Uio of. WindjsjerL ui Axe-Grinders ' Ball Thomas L. Smith Chairman Dick Ader Fred Clark Bob Harrison MORRIE KrAUS Gladys Novotny Kay Altorfer El4Ine Cohen GwEN Harvey Blanche Kubalek Dotty O ' Connor Bill Arnold Esther Cohen Bob Hawkins Marion Kusz Red Owen- Warren Badger D ' Horsie Connors Betty Hatton Jimmy Lake Beth Olwin Clyde Bailey Fants Cook Edith Heinzelman Wally Leck Red Pierce Ash Barber Barney Cosneck Huddie Hellmich Hedvic Lenc Jane Prettyman Julia Beatty Dean Coventry Dotty Herron Ike Lennington Betty Provine Joe Belair Johnny Covington Don Hoebel Hal Line Joe Puerta Cas Bennett Arden Crawford Al Hollender Dean Litt Laura Lou Reichman Helen Bennett Tadpole Dalrymple Art Holstein Bob Little Chuck Richards Gil Berry Bill Day Betty Homann Chuck Logan Bill Ricker York Bishop Lenora Dix George Horch Mac McGuffin Bobby Robinson Don Black Carl Dohme Fran Horner Mary F. McKelvey Dick Roth Lowell Blanchard Bob Dorsett Watch-Fob Horsley Paul McMichael Hunt Russell Bob Bloom Eleanor Dunteman Johnny Hope Dan McMillan Jack Sawtell Maudene Blolcii Dan Durand Lu HURN Bob Maley Morrow Schnell ACK BODMAN Bob Dwyer Hut Hutton Max Marshall Van Schustek Walt Borman Bob Emmons Bill Jacobs Bob May Miles Scull Helen Ruth Boslei Howie Emrich Margaret Jacobson Mate Mayer Betty Schicht Walt Boyle Marth Etzbach Bernice Jockish Bob Metcalf George Scripps Johnny Branta Jane Fauntz Jean Johnston George Meyers Ruth Sheldon Stan Brasch Aleta Flaningam Stan Johnson Art Mielke Steve Shoemaker Nick Brenner Jack Foley Norm Jones Elsie Minier Bill Simon Joe Brock Wayne Folcer Hank Joseph Bo Mink George Slifka Al Brown Bernice Freeman Mildred Kadyk Bill Miskimen Betty Stuart Smith Hattie J. Brown Alma Frese Laurie Kanaga Bob Moench Carl Smith Hal Burnett Sparrow Frink Bill Karnes Mary Moore Tom Smith Ral Bushart Sally Fulton Howie Kellerman Zeke Moore Ed Snavely Walt Busker Willie Gaddis Jim Kirk MoRRiE Morrison Marj Snyder Alice Campbell Pat Gill Sam Keys Betty Jane Muir Johnny Snook Ki Carun Mary K. Gore My King Bill Murray Stan Spyra Ted Carr Jennie Greenwood Barbara Kirch Bob Nelson Bob Staley Paul Carson Ted Griesenauer Bud Klockner Jerry Nelson Dotty Standard Hal C tt Stan Gullberg Gay Knappenbergeb Norm Noling Bill Standard Paul Chervinko Barbara Harris [ " ' bank Koval Dot Normandin George Staudt Mildred Stengl Cotton Stephens Casey Straw Helen S. Svilow Dorothea Swanson Len Telleen Norrie Thompson Bobby Thurnau Lyle Trisler Kay Tuach Preston Tuttle Dorothy Tyrrell Esther Uhl Joe Van Dyke LeVona Voigt Betty Walker Herm Walser Jimmy Wares Sandy ' Watkins Les Watt Peck Wheeler Mort Wilbur Art Wildhagen Ott Willett Espey Williamson Dean Woolsey Louise Worley Joe Wrobke Pete Yanuskus Bob Young Howie Young Jack Yule b «.«i ' 1 . 1 " . • ' ■ • " ;■■ .. 1 mJm ' ' ' ' • •-■41 J ' ' i I 1 I K ' hSB ' " " i A k-(;rimikhs ' Ball. Dbckmbek 16. I ' )32 Pas wie I Ujjo of. WinsieArLuuL Sterling E. Myers Carl E. Bartelson Leonard M. Bertagnolli Leon H. Cassity Eldon B. Colegrove William E. Elder Mark O. Grenland Sterling E. Mykrs Chairman Ag Dance COMMITTEE Ruth A. Hubbard George H. Hyde Esther L. Lusk Grace McAuley Casper L. Mast Chairman Mildred Mies Albert E. Rose Herman B. Rupp Charles H. Stinson William F. Turner Elmer E. Williams DIGNITY, forinalitv, and stvie were cast aside for the evening of the Ag Dance at College Hall. True to rural custom, the Ag and Home Ec students donned overalls, straw hats, bandanas, and gingham dresses. True barn-dance hilaritv prevailed as the dancers dispensed with chairs and sat on the floor or on bales of hav. The gavetv and informality of the dance made it a very pleasant evening for every one who attended. WilliamB Colegrove Uiipi) Mast Rose H de Animi n McAuley Bertagnolli Lusk Elder Grenland Cassily Barteleon Stinson Turner Mvers Mies Huhhard fas 37 ' mz I lUo Of WurvdjejenOui HAROLD % ' . DlCKHl ' T Co -Chairman Lk Von Voigt Co-Cbairman Mi-Hila Ball COMMITTEE Harold W. DiCKHUT Cii-( ' .hairm in Le Voiva Voigt Cii-Chiiirman Larue C. Chapman Ada D. Henry Erwin J. Roesel Agnes L. Cole Russell 0. Knudson Marie , L Riet Mildred H. Converse Rose E. La Bond Frieda H. Skartvedt H. Bernice Freeman SoLLiE H. Lakin Elbridge ' W . Staudt Stanley I. Gullberg Gabe E. Long Dorothy N. Tyrrell Marvin L. Hastings Kenneth W. Miles Gertrude " ishart I ' HE Independent Spring Formal. Mi-Hila, was held May 5, 1933 on Robeson ' s Roof. Under a beautiful canopy of stars, with a silvery moon coining up. the independent men and women glided to the swirl- ing melodies of the orchestra. The dance is sponsored by the Independent Council, and is backed by all independent students. It is designed to give the unorganized campus people the chance to have a spring formal of their own sim- ilar lo the fraternitv dances. isharl Miraliclla Hucl Hastings llcnrv I.oiip Con% erse ChapiiKiii r rrpll kniiilson Cole Hoesil Skartvedt La Bond Miles Voigt Dickhut Snyder Gulliierg Freeman Pagf 372 ilue LLlo Cf- irvde£rLS)uL Naseef Dueser McGrew Suddes Samuels Knappenberger irrish Miirphy Morris I. Randies tllp Bn Summer Prom Robert M. Little Helen Morris COMMIl ' lEE Chairman Co-Chairman John H. Benj4mi Mildred E. Broom John R. Carpenter Carl J. Dlieser Thelma M. Fish George E. Keck T. Gaillard Knappenberger Samuel C. McGrew Robert R. Murphy James R. Naseef Virginia M. Parrish Mary G. Randles Dale E. Samuell Marjorie R. Snyder John " . Suddes Sophomore Cotillion Ed«in R. Farrar John V. Thompson Helen M. Reihl Mary C. Cady Charles J. Day F;lizabeth J. Goby FiLMORE ' . GaLATY Martin A. Harnish Olive P. Kelly Clifford E. Lamplouch Benjamin A. Lerner COMMITTEE Herman Levin RiTH G. McClain William P. MacLean Helen T. McGill Claradelle a. Mentz Rexford Newcomb, Jr. Verrea a. Nofsinger Charles E. f)TTO Cn-Chairmnn Co-Chairman J ice-Chairman Russell M. Pershell Virginia L Polonis Helen M. Reuhl Evelyn M. Roskam Jerome M. Shulman Kenneth W. Smith Margaret M. Snider Harry K. Haddington Evelyn L. Wendt Lampion:. ' !) Menu Reuhl Harni! h Galaly Kelly Snide Otlo Thompson Smith Roskam Newcomb MacLean ' agt 373 ._! imy I lujo Cf injdje£rLJui i A. Austin Harding Director University Bands Russell S. Howland President A. Austin Harding ....... Director R.WMOND F. Dvorak ....... Assistant Dirnlur Graham T. Overgard ..... Assistant Coniluttor Horace B. Ingalls .... Treasurer and Business Manager MiLBUHN E. Carey ...... Quartermaster Russell S. Howland ....... President Donald S. Mitchell ....... lice-President Harold H. Wich ........ Secretary Carlton P. Russell ........ Drum Major Melvin L. Balliett ........ Librarian WELFARE COMMITTEE Leonard L. Steimley Ray L Shawl Raymond E. Shultis Frederick M. Armstrong THE Universitv Bands ar ' made up of three organizations The Concert Band, the First Regimental Band, and Second Regimental Band. Places in these organizations are determined by examination, and service in them takes the place of the required military drill and tactics. After satisfying their military credit, members of the Concert Band and selected members of the First Regimental Band receive a scholar- ship amounting to the annual fees required from students residing in Illinois. The Concert Band is composed of selected musicians whose main purpose is to study the higher forms of music. The First and Second Regimental Bands furnish the necessary music for military ceremonies, parades, etc.. and serve to train members for the Concert Band In addition to numerous concerts on the campus, the Concert Band makes an annual tour of mid- western cities. The Universitv owns a most varied and complete instrumental equipment. The band library, w hich is one of the largest and finest band libraries in the world, includes an especially fine collection of foreign band music. To this verv large and complete collection of band literature there has been recently added the entire librarv of the Sousa Band which was bequeathed to the University of Illinois by the famous bandmaster. John Philip Sousa. The consolidation of these two band libraries makes available to the Universitv of Illinois Bands what is undoubtedly the greatest collection of music for the modern concert or symphonic band in the country. ■1 jKj f ' . .at«jj ' • ppL . mH ' Hl Page 370 irv I iwo c N Vzeijfee Oi Rv MOND F. Dvorak Direclor, First Regimentat Band Graham T. Overgard Conductor Second Rpgimpntal Bund Concert Band ROSTER, 1932-1933 B-flat Clarinets Soprano Saxnphtme Cellos Bass Trumpet Rl SSELI, S. HOVVLAND John R. Cook, Jr. Ralph E. Turner Lorraine J. Bert Curtis M. Elliott Arthur J. Pair Charles J. Slater Vernon A. Boikmght Donald S. Mitchell Melvin L. Balliett Mark F. DeLeonard Alto Saxophones Vi ILLIAM O. Lee B. Smith McDougal String Basses ILLARD E. SkIDMORe ' Richard M. Radl French Horns Richard A. Ruhling William S. Scovill Tenor Saxophones C. M. Seldomridce J ames E. Smith Kern W. Dickman Harold W. Dodd Leroy R. Schiltz Joseph J. Zbornik F. C. Goetzenberger BoHUMiL F. Shubert Marimba Rachel E. Austin Eldon J. Brons Byron B. % yman Baritone Saxophone Melvin A. Goldberg Harp W ILLARD L. PXKHARDT Joseph Schneidman George T. Austin Robert S . Pelatowski Edna A. Michael Brintel R. Newlon Bass Saxophtme Trombones Fred C. Arthur W ALTER D. Vi HITNEY Timpan i Raymond E. Shultis Robert C. KaiMmerer Louis W. Clift Sanford a. Berg Leonard K. Hays Flutes and Piccolos John M. Davies Harry K. Thrasher Phillip W . McDowell Drums Richard S. Leonard David Vi . Mitchell Richard S. Cowan Orville W. Eldred Harold A. Johnson Jack E. Anderson W esley L. Eddy Vernon ( ' .. estberg . ' Vlkred W . BORG Buckingham W. Gunn H. Karl Steiner Bass Trombones Harry Shulman Robert C. Hieronymus James W. Schrodt Jack R. Kirkpatrick Stanley M. West Cymbals Howard P. Hetzner ' LOCKWOOD E. ILEY Richard P. Caddick E-flat Flute Alfred Vi . Borg Propertyman Euphoniums La Verne D. Coolmw E-flat Clarinet L. C. Altmansberger Driver B. Lindsay Olin L. Browder, Jr. Alto Flute Lew Yi . Bodine Vernon C. " W ' estberg Cornets Alto Clarinets Graham T. () er(;ard Baritones ILLIAM H. Stewart Oboes Robert P. Bou ditch Gerald T. Borcmerdt Claude O. Hi lick Robert B. Campbell HvKOLD K. Buchanan MiLBiRN E. Carey Harvey W. Geist James A. Larsen Earl Vi . Lobenz Morton E. Cohen Robert C. P ckiiardt Harry W. Mitchell F. Vernon Miller l.-flat Basses Bnssoiins Flugel-horns Leonard L. Steimley Bass Clarinets Raymond F. Dvorak George E. Bider John F. Regan Richard H. iley Ray I. Shawl Bernard Berko«itz F nwARD J. Van Loon Rvi.pii H. Davidson Howard . W elling Fred T. Marshall Trumpets BB-flat Basses Russell E. Hackleman Samuel M. Trickey John H. Heiden Contra-Bass Clarinets John L. Ouse F. M. Armstrong Roger L Case Contra -Bass Sarrnsophone Allen Britton Harold H. Mitchell Edward Glass Robert Pekrin the 1 arsitv Band emblem. John L. Morton lndifates men who near ««.• iJnj y MUo OL HineiejerLUu. I Frederic B. Stiven Conductor University Orchestra First i iolins Arthur E. Cohen Oscar A. Kubitz Harold H. W ich Ruth M. Marsh Carolyiv Harriman Samuel M. Trickev Hermon M. Gehr Evelyn Roberts William Corbett Edward M. Burnstein Louis L. Durflinger William F. Newkirk Philip Falk Lucille Hanssen ggCnntl J iolins Helen J. Kurt Robert M. Abels Joseph " . Smith Miriam J. Savage Edna M. Flentje Rosemary A. Weir Alden H. Trickey Theodore H. Akeman Ralph M. Holmes Richard C. Hall Dorothy S. Boll Frederick W. Christm n ROSTER Frederic B. Stiven Arthur E. Cohen ( inlas LoRAiNE J. Bert Sidney }L Babcock Stanley W hite Ludwig F. Audrieth Earl R. Benedict Lew W. Bodine Ernest E. DeTurk Ada D. Henry 1932-1933 (inductor Concertmeister Piccolo Robert C. Hieronymus I iolincellos Margaret C. Sullivan Anita Kalis George L. Clark Ralph E . Turner Ruth Mosher James R. Skidmore Basses WiLLARD i;. Skidmore Elizabeth A. Bilsborrow Brintnel R. Newlon Vera G. hitted Louis E. Burlison Edwaid C. Wascher Flutes KiciivRD S. Cowan Vernon C. W estber(; Robert C. Hieronymus Oboes Milburn E. Carey Earl W. Lorenz Clarinets Russell S. Howland Melvin E. Balliett Vernon E. Bouknight Mark F. DeLeonard Bass Clarinet Vernon E. Bouknight English Horn Harold H. Vt ich Bassoons Ralph H. Davidson Russell E. Hacklemann FredT. Marshall orris C. M. Seldomridge Bernard Dickman Harold . Dodd WiLLARD Vi . EcKHART Trumpets Claude O. Hulick Walter H. Bailey Helen I. Henry Trombones Raymond E. Shultis L RIA I. Leonard Harry Shulman John M. Davies, Jr. I ' uba John H. Norton Tvmpani ' Louis W . Clift Irwin H. Krass-Kestin Buckingham W . Gunn Edmund Niklewicz Harps Edna A. Michael Grace G. Presler Organ Russell H. Miles Librarian LoRAiNE J. Bert r 1 kit Page 37S mj I LLio (X undji n Ji Frederic B. Stiven Conductor The University Chorus THE University Chorus is the largest choral organization on the campus, its membersliip numbering 150 voices. The Chorus comprises students of the University, faculty members, and singers of the community. While the student membership changes largely from year to year, there is each year a permanent group of faculty and townspeople which enables the chorus to perform major choral works each season. Three concerts were given last year. Handel ' s " Messiah " was given in December, accompanied by the University Orchestra. In February there was a performance of Sir Edward Elgar ' s " King Olaf. " In April. Saint-Saens ' opera " Sampson and Delilah " was given in concert form. The chorus was assisted in each rendition by soloists. Director Frederic B. Stiven of the School of Music is the conductor of the chorus, and Professor Sherman Schoonmaker of the faculty is the accompanist. Page 379 wvey I ILio of injdjeznj)u: Beidelman Men ' s Glee Club R YMO .D F. DvOR K First Tenor Stanley T. Beale Ralph K. Berg Carl W. Birky Charles B. Dawson Dewey M. Dvwson Relfe S. Ehret Eugene A. Fischer Randall A. Forsberg Charles W. Grahwi George L. Haggard Melville D. Hartman Warren W. Hoefer Alfred Hollender Robert D. Jacobson George C. Lindsay Vernon H. Macomber Timothy G. Miner Lym4N M. Moore Robert S. Nalbach Carl J. Neer Roy W. Otto Robert M. Panzer John W. Powers Wesley L. Reeder Arthiir B. Schottmann illiam E. Schultz Victor E. Schimvcher Everette E. Sentman Burrell F. Simons Shelby W . Simmons ViRDEN R. Waters Dirptlur Secon d Tenor Phillip S. Auten Edward R. Balchowsky Wendell F. Barclay Vi ALTER C. BeNTRUP Orrin p. Catlin Frederick ' . Christman Harry A. Cooper C RROLL G. EkSTROM Robert A. Fantus Edward Glass Buckingham W. Gunn Robert J. Hawkins Weston T. Hester Edward F. Jochen Norman C. Kasch Harold V. Martin Frank R. Mercer Newlin D. Morgan Lawrence Nelson Vi iLLARD S. Olson Henry C. Rossman William G. Ryan esley L. Schumacher Merret E. Setzekron George M. Shuman George H. Staggs W iLLiAM J. Stearns Robert P. Stevens Vi ILLIAM E. Stevens Geor(;e L. VI aters Vernon L. Vi itt Lawrence L. Vi ollenhaupt Donald E. Smith Mark D. Littler Edward A. Holcomb Edward E. Stafford George C. Lindsay Harold A. Johnson ' S ' endell F. Barclay John . Powers First Bass Leonard A. Becher LoRAiNE J. Bert Hobart L. Boyd Ernest F. Budde Joseph A. Campbell James Vi ' . Gawood Robert G. Day Harold W . Dodd Carl J. Dueser Ambrose Elliot, Jr. Herbert C. Froeschle Marion E. Gahan Philip E. Gill Sidney M. Goldman Paul J. Hannahs Dunlay ' Harrington Theodore C. Helmreich S. Francis Hoke John H. Lund J. Dayton McCormick Mahlon B. Mercer Dltane S. Noecker Charles T. Richards J. Newton Rodeheaver James W . Schrodt M. Orlando Starr Harold Vi . VIaterman Carl J. V einman LOCKWOOD E. Vi ILEY Benjamin F. illey Robert H. ilson XS iLBUR M. Young President ( ice-President I ice-President Treasurer Secretary Librarian . Assistant Librarian Manager Second Bass Frank B. Anderson Lowell B. Anderson % . Raymond Anderson Lew W. Bodine Donald M. Brown Martin P. Claussen Robert L De Long C. Hugh Enochs John F. Gabel Vincent H. Gehr Dwight C. Gott Frederic A. Brimm John J. Healy Edward A. Holcomb William W . Hudson Kenneth A. Johnson A. Albert Katt Robert . Krebs Eric M. Larson W ILLIAM J. LiTTELL James A. McHard William S. Middleton Max B. Moore John W. Neher George . Pervier Millard E. Rada Donald E. Smith James E. Smith Robert B. Snyder Michael E. Stickney Dale D. Stried Rada W. .Stevens Harringlon R. Stevens Hudson Forsberp Bodine Reeiicr Doili! Dneser Brown Hawkins llolronih Powers eher W . Anderson Boyd Gott J.. Smith M.Mercer F. Anderson H. Johnson Dvorak D. Smith Bar K. Johnson Healy ■lay Neer Page jSo tk I Ulo ci. nunjdej rtJ) Donald E. Smith President, .Wen ' s Glee Club Women ' s Glee Club Ett m e E. MiTrHELL President if omen s Glee Cluh Ettamae E. Mitchell Alma H. Frese MiRLAM Taylor First Soprano Maybelle K. Adams Harriet Baker Annette Baxter Ferne B. Blaleschki Marie B. Bonvallet Harriet E. Ferguson Georcianna N. Fries Margaret Henderson Ada D. Henry Elizabeth J. Hepburn R. Kathryn Jones Jeanette C. Keiser Eileen Kember Mary Z. Luther Alma A. McLaughlin Inez Miller Mary Miller Ettamae E. Mitchell Audrey A. Moore Mary E. Pennell Dorothy M. Saudners Anna M. Schultze OFFICERS President Inez A ( ice-President Secretary Florence A. Beidelman ROSTER Betty J. Smith Nellie M. Stuart Rosemary A. X ' eir Marjorie II. heeland Miller Rosemary A. Vi eir Nellie M. Stuart Second Soprano Betty Bauer Rose Bell WiLMA C. Bentley Jeanne B. Brashears Virginia Bridges Edith F. Buzy Charlotte A. Carlson Elizabeth L. Clark Thelma E. Clem Helen M. Dillon Dorothy T. Ellis Marion H. Gleim Helen B. Hodgson Eileen A. Jasper K. Virginia Le Neve Catherine H. McCord Kathryn E. Miller 1932-1933 Esther E. Moore Virginia K. Pappas M. Bethel Paradis Forence L. Roper KiRKER Smith Mary Svrlinga Dorothy Turner Manager Treasurer Librarian Assistant Librarian First Alto Mary E. Allen Florence A. Beidelman Mary O. Black Mary V. Cady Frances E. Conrad Joan Fedde Alma H. Frese Lois M. Gilbert Carolyn Harriman Catherine Hauberg Dorothy L. Kerr Orian G. Lemen Ruth McPheron Elizabeth A. Mosiman Mary A. Pruitt Katherine C. Smith Miriam Taylor Second Alto Florence H. Adams Elizabeth F. Artman Margaret I. Bronson Alta Cottingham Mary L. Crippin Mildred Fisher Martha V. Fleming Neva E. Guthrie Edith L. Haworth La Verne Jackson Vera R. Kriz Virginia Locke Margaret F. Lowe Helen T. McGill Winifred C. McLinn Esther V. Medley Ann D. Stiegemeyer Carolyn L. Strubinger Dillon Pennell Baxter Fedde Schulue Buzv Haubere Bauer McGill Paradis Crippin E. Moore Conrad Gilbert K. Miller Hepburn Allen Ferguson Kerr Lemen Ilodssnn Pappas Brashears Smith M. Adams Bentley F. Adams Black Medley Harriman Kei ser Guthrie " " , ' ' " , Tailor Frese Beidelman Dvorak Mitchell I. Miller Jasper Henry McPheron A. Moore We Pag! ' jSj mz I Ulo of. Hcneieeruju: UNIVERSITY Juniors Pass in Review npHE Reserve Officers ' Training Corps of the University of Illinois has for - ' - some vears maintained its position on the honor hst of the country ' s mihtary training units, and continues to furnish skilled officers, ready to drill and lead the military forces of the country. Students are offered two courses in military training. The basic course trains men in the fundamental work and fits them for the rank of sergeant or corporal in the Organized Reserves at the end of two years work. The advanced course is a continuation of the basic course. Men with certain prescribed previous military history may enter without the basic course as a prerequisite. The officers who comprise the advanced corps rank up to and include the student colonel and are given rank and advanced as rapidly as ability and diligence permit. Thk Fii;i.d Artillery P S ' - S ' 4 mj I lUo (X unjsiejirLijL BRIGADE Reviewing Stand Military Day ' I ' ' HE six branches included in the University Brigade are Infantry, Cav- alr , Field Artillery. Coast Artillery, Engineers, and Signal Corps. Men receiving military training are given thorough training in the unit to which they are attached and a brief resume of the work of other branches. The Student Officers attend a summer training session during which they are given intensive military training and are given an opportunity to put into practice the theory studied throughout the academic year. Upon the success- ful completion of the two year advanced course, the men are given commissions as second lieutenants in the Organ ized Reserves. The rise in rank may con- tinue from there, depending upon the amount of time and interest the men mav have to devote to military work. ' I ' he Cavalry ' Page icVj imy Lujo x i4ueie£rujuL Elliot Di r m) Student Colonel Student Staff THE STAFF Student Col. Elliott Durand Student Capt. Lewis E. Barenfanger Student Maj. G. Kenneth Green Student Maj. George K. Leisenring Student Maj. Roy O. Miller Student Maj. Gerald C. Weiland Student Lieut. Col. Edward H. Baker Student Lieut. Col. Arthur C. Nauman Student Lieut. Col. Frederick W. Mast Student Lieut. Col. Roland P. Carlson Student Lieut. Col. John H. Kott Student Lieut. Col. Elmer M. Schaudt Commandant Adjutant Executire Officer Executive Officer Executive Officer Executive Officer Cavalry Coast Artillery Engineers Field Artillerv Infantry Signal Corps w. of the Reserve Officers ' Training Corps, are here endeavoring to acquire a foundation for the qualities of leadership and executive ability wliich mav later be developed into a valuable factor in the event of a national need .... Clearly, the immediate benefit to us lies in the develop- ment of self-confidence, in moral discipline, and in the all important advantage of character building. . . . . I believe that each of us is entitled to ever possible safeguard in the event that we are drawn into national conflict, and that the adequate training of leaders is the greatest safeguard of all " I deem it a privilege and an honor to serve in this organization whose guiding tenet is duty, honor, and service to this University, the State and our Country. " Weiland kott (irt-en Barenfanger Diirand iNaunian Leiwenriny Mi lie Carlson Pagf 3S6 ijmy Lujo Cf. Hcneiejeruju: 1 Da id L. Stone Colonel. Infantry, V.S.A. Commandant Regular Staff THE STAFF Col. David L. Stone Maj. James A. Stevens Maj. Arthur B. Conard Maj. Charles A. Chapman Lieut. Albert G. Matthews Maj. William McCleave Lieut. Col. Stanley L. James Commandant Infantry Cavalry Coast Artillery Engineers Field Artillery Signal Corps OUR Brigade is regarded bv the Corps Area Coinmander and by the War Department as one of the best in the countrv and both are keenly interested in our progress. We shall continue to justify their faith in us. Your unit chiefs and instructors are intensely interested in your welfare and our hope is, that as part of this great Universitv. we mav aid not only in your training as leaders in time of national need but in vour development as good citizens and as executives and leaders in your work in civil life. Our reward is in our success. si--j:§v.Wu— Bryan Milan Straw n Clay KuKeriui Rogers Tahachnik Gary W eiland Lummiri Stevens Chapman James Stone McCleave Conrati Oalferes MrDcinoush Featheretone Pagi 3S7 Sl Lieutenant-Colonel John H. Kott Major Roy O. Miller Adjutant Major Boyd Stevens Executive Officer INFANTRY Summer Camp Camp Custer, Michigan • " • .t ..V X.. .■ ;.,s =; ?3 , " s?. CAVALRY Summer Camp Camp Custer, lichigan M Lieutenant-Colonel Roland P. Carlson Major Albert N. hitlock Major Georce K. Leisenring Adjutant Execiitiie Officer FIELD ARTILLERY ' Captain Thomas P. Dart Adjutant Major Millard E. Rada Executive OJJirer SIGNAL CORPS Ml Adjutant Executive Officer ENGINEER CORPS Summer Camp Camp Custer, Michigan Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur C. Nauman Captain Carl M. Kennedy Major Gerald C. Weiland Adjutant Operations Officer COAST ARTILLERY Summer Camp Fort Sheridan, Illinois -ii 1 imy I ILio ot Wi4ueie£rLjJ: ] Arthur C. Naiman Co-Chairmttn Roland P. Carlson Co-Chairman Officers ' Ball COMMITTEE Arthur C. Nauman, Co-Chnirman Roland P. Carlson, Co-Chairman Lewis E. Barenfanger George E. Dooley George K. Leisenring Roy O. Miller James K. Mosher John Soma Gerald C. Weiland THE Officers ' Ball is held under the direction of the Military Council, and is giv en in honor of the Commandant. Colonel David L. Stone, and the Regular Army Officers stationed at the University. One feature of the dance is that it is attended by officers of the army and student officers only, making it a strictly military function. About three hundred couples attended the ball, which was held at College Hall the eighth of April. The desire of the Military Council is to have this ball become an annual function, in honor of our Regular Army instructors. Moohcr Miller WeiLiiul Siiimi Leisenring Biirenfiinger Carlson Nauman Do(»ley Page 394 mjt I Ulo c unjdj An NORBEHT C. ; RKIS( Citmmandt ' r. First Semfstpr Phal Founded, University of Illinois, 1926 Maj. Charles A. Chapman Maj. Arthur B. Conard Capt. Roy L. Dalferes Capt. Lester A. Daugherty aianx Alpha Morae MEMBERS ON STAFF Lieut. Harold Engerud Maj. Herbert E. Featherstone Maj. W illlam McCleave MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors George E. Dooi.ev Cunimaniler, Secontt Semfster Three Active Chapters Harold L. Milan Norman N. Rogers JAMES A. Stevens Paul H. Weiland Capt. Capt. Maj. C PT. Carl E. Bartelson Karl T. Barthelmess Roy O. Benson Herman W. Bieritz Larue C. Chapman Raymond C. Comings LyLE J. COOLIDGE John A. Crawford Harlow W. Ades William C. Bischoff WiNFRiED C. Christopher Eldon B. Colegrove Clarence C. Dalton William D. Fooks Edwin L. Getting George E. Dooley ' Theodore R. Fetherston NoRBERT C. Garrison Stephen R. Golden Norman K. Helmrath Henry J. Heuer John " . Hope Richard E. Hussey Cornell A. Imming Francis R. Inskip Ward M. Karraker Carl M. Kennedy ' Ralph E. Koch D. niel a. Ludlow Juniors Ellington D. Golden Locke P. Miller Ardell C. Jones Carl H. Olson Max L. Kirk Millard E. Rada George A. Kolben George E. Remsen Frank J. Kriz Roy V. Righter Edwin Leslie William H. Ruskamp, Jr. George W. Miles Kenneth T. Macuire Daniel J. Manning duane s. noecker Robert G Russell Carl V. Schermerhorn Richard H. Shirley Frank O. Weber Robert U. Winters Ralph V. Schmitt John F. Schuldt Wayne G. Smith Eugene N. Steely Thomas F. Steigelman George R. Strode Robert E. Tucker Rada Russell Renihten Noecker ManninK Bieritz CoolidKe ! niniinf; Kennedy Wel.c FiMiks Righter Magiiire Winters Schuldt kriz Ruskamp Ades ;etting Steely Crawford Jones Kirk Christopher Kolbeu Oleon Hussey Steigelman E. Golden Schmitt Colegrove Smith S. Golden Barthelmess Chapman Barlelnun Comiufis Karraker Benson Shirley Dooley Garrison Fetherston Pagf 395 mzy I ILuo c nurvdis£n jL J. Hubbard Rossiter Captain John H. Kott F ' lr t Lieutenant Scabbard and Blade OFFICERS J. Hubbard Rossiter John H. Kott Albert N. Whitlock Herman B. Rupp 2nd. Lieut. Louis F. Alyea LiEUT.-CoL. Edward H. Baker, Jr. Capt. William L. Blake C.APT. Burton F. Buchan Lieut.-Col. Roland P. Carlson 2nd. Lieut. Orrin P. Catlin Capt. William P. Clark Capt. Walter Cleland 1st. Lieut. Robert J. Craner Col. Elliott Durand 1st. Lieut. Glenn S. Eastburn 2nd Lieut. Max K. Eno Capt. William J. Eovaldi Capt. Frank Fisher, Jr. Lieut. Col. Robert G. Fitchie Maj. Robert B. Franks MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Capt. Jules E. Gonseth Maj. George K. Green 2nd. Lieut. John W. Hammer Capt. Arthur G. Holstein 1st. Lieut. John H. Holstein Capt. Richard E. Horrall 2nd. Lieut. Arthur L. Johnson Lieut. Col. John H. Kott Capt. Heeren S. Kruse Maj. George K. Leisenring 2nd. Lieut. Thomas M. Logan Lieut. Col. Frederick W. Mast 1st. Lieut. Harold E. Meyer Maj. Roy O. Miller Lieut.-Col. Arthur C. Nauman Maj. Rov T. Nilsen Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Sergeant Capt. Charles T. Novak 2nd. Lieut. Theodore C. Pelikan Maj. Thomas P. Ross M j. J. Hubbard Rossiter Capt. Vernon H. Ro«e Capt. Charles G. Rummel Capt. Herman B. Rupp Lieut. Col. Elmer M. Schaudt Capt. John Soma 1st. Lieut. Leland P. Smith Capt. Henry C. Timmerman 2nd Lieut. Bodo W. Timmermans 1st. Lieut. David B. Turner 2nd. Lieut. Harold A. % allace Maj. Gerald C. Vi eiland Maj. Albert N. % hitlock Pas ' - J96 tkt I LLio oi Win iezTL uL Albert . W ' uitlock. Second Lieutenant Herman B. Rupp First Sergeant F Company, 1st Regiment Founded, University of Wisconsin, 1W4 Lieut. Charles H. Bryan Capt. Everett Busch Maj. Charles A. Chapman Maj. Arthur B. Conard Capt. Roy L. Dalferes Lieut. Edgar E. Ambrosius Capt. Harold E. Babbitt Lieut. William L. Collins Honorary Military Society MEMBERS ON STAFF Capt. Lester A. Daugherty Lieut. Harold Engerud Maj. Herbert E. Featherstone Capt. Irwin L. Lum.mis Maj. William McCleave FACULTY Capt. James J. Doland Lieut. Raymond F. Dvorak Lieut. Charles R. Frederick Seventy-eight Active Companies Capt. Harold L. Milan Capt. Norman N. Rogers Maj. James A. Stevens Capt. Christopher C. Strawn Capt. Paul H. Weiland Lieut. Orlando F. Garrett Capt. Marcus S. Goldman Capt. Tom S. Hamilton John M. Bland Roy R. Bush art Bert A. Carlson John S. Cruickshank Isaac W. Cundipf Howard Dekker Edward Duff RECRUITS Faulkner Murray C. Kroeger Lewis S. McClure Leslie N. Roberts Carlton P. Russell Leo H. Sams Olin M. Schneider Donald L Louis J. Fohr Henry G. Heubach W. Clark Hyzer Marvin O. Jeck Howard A. Kellermann Joseph W. Shamel George W. Svoboda John A. Tshcudy William S. Tuckev James M. Turner William W. Turner Scabbard and Blade Fohm l Dance Page j97 imy I ILuo c unjdejtn jL iff- -f H- ll H ff B 1 Edward H. Baker. Jr. Cavalry Officers ' Club Founded. University of Illinois, 193(1 7 ' o prouiute goofi fellowship among the cavalry cadet officers Walter Cleland I ire- Prps idem Lieut. Charles II. Bryan Maj. Arthur B. Conard MEMBERS ON STAFF Maj. Herbert E. Featherstone Capt. Norman N. Rogers Capt. Christopher C. Strawn Richard F. Armitage Edward H. Baker, Jr. Virgil W . Barker Karl T. Barthelmess WiLMER C. Bennett Rov O. Benson illiam L. Blake Louis F. Alyea Paul R. Benge Winfried C. Christopher Wayne R. Cook Robert J. Craner John S. Cruickshank Henry W. Dalton Warren A. Bcnge Walter Cleland Raymond C. Comings Elliott Durand Vi ILLIAM J. EOVALDI Robert E. Forrest Richard E. Hussey MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Cornell A. Imming Adrian Johansson E. Stanton Johnson Ward M. Karraker Dudley ' J. Kingman Robert F. Maley James E. Moorhead Howard Dekker Kenneth L. Ettenson Edward R. Hayes Robert F. Hoffman Robert R. Holland Howard A. Kellermann Juniors Floyd W. Kerr Clifford E. Lamplough John D. Latta Carl H. Olson Theodore C. Pelikan John D. Picco, Jr. Philip D. Rearick J. Hubbard Rossiter Vernon H. Rowe George E. Sapora Donald W. Smith Harold E. Sturman Olaf a. Watne Jerome B. Rosenstiel Joseph W. Shamel Floyd B. Simmen Raymond B. Steiner Allan E. S eidman Eugene J. rzesinski Eovaldi Hayes Beng Bunge Bennett Rossiter Alyea Dalton Craner Cook Lamplough Shamel Picco Ettenson Wrzesinski Weidman Simmen Holland Christopher Johnson Cleland Rosenstiel Imming Johansson Barker Maley Sapora Kerr Benson Armitage Durand Featherstone Conard Strawn Bryan Baker Comings Rowe Forrest Pag,- jgS mj y I iJjiO ct HineiejerLUu: George E. Doolev Baltpry- Commander Caisson Club Gf.obge K. Leisenring Adjutant To further the relatiimship between officers and students, to advaiue the military art in general and the Field Artillery in particular, and to improve the patriotic spirit MEMBERS ON STAFF Capt. Everett Busch Capt. Rov L. Dalferes Maj. William McCleave Lieut. Robert P. Clay Capt. Lester A. Dauchertv Capt. Paul H. Weiland MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY .Sen iors George E. Doolev David P. Hicks W illiam II. 0 " Briei Richard H. Shirley Fred L. EaglestonJr. Arthur G. Holstein, Jr. Lawrence A. Potter Daniel A. Smith, Jr. Fred R. Eiseman John . Hope Clyde E. Robb Donald E. Smith Herman E. Gardner LeRoy E. Kruggel Herman B. Rupp John Soma Norbert C. Garrison George K. Leisenring .Arthur K. Salberg Albert N. V hitlock Edwin Leslie William E. McCauley- Howard J. Marshall Harold K. Anderson Carl E. Bartelson Roland P. Carlson Charles G. Cassel Harold V. Catt Franklyn S. Collins John A. Crawford David W. Davies Steven F. Glowacki Stephen R. Golden Richard C. Hagan Burton E. Schwind Elmer E. Williams Howard B. Scoville Robert U. W inters Riley M. Sharp Hubert P. Yarnell William A. Zoeller WiLLi.AM F. Barnes, Jr. Robert J. Garr.ard William C. Bischoff Warner E. Glascock Robert O. Brendel Louis O. Carroll Orrin p. Catlin Howard M. Cheney ' Eldon B. Colecrove Carlyle W. Dillavou Charles E. Downey ' Franklin G. Emrick Max K. Eno Ellington D. Golden Marvin C. Greer James Hajek Charles E. Hart William A. Heideman Marvin M. Hickman Charles R. Hitchcock Ivan R. Miller Wirt Vi . Holsinger Elwyn E. Minard Fred W. Huebener Glenn E. Morris Juniors John Karlovich Arnold J. Kiburz, Jr. Richard E. Kinzer Murray C. Kroeger John W. Lehwald John C. Levenson, Jr. John N. Renard Howard J. Lowe Walter N. Matthias Francis L.Morrison Robert B. Staley Harold A. Myers Thomas F. Steigelman William R. Stephens, Jr. G. Orval Strode James M. Sturman John D. Tedford Francis O. Neer Kenneth L. Olson Frank P. Rauktis Frank J. Ronchetti John L. Trisler Carlton P. Russell John M. Ware Leo H. Sams Arthur A. Warford Walter P. Schindel Jack F. W ilson Ben H. Smith, Jr. Robert S. ilton Dillman F. Ziegler Paf,c 3QQ irv Mllo ot HmdjeerLUu: Founded, University of Nebraska To encou Pershing Rifles James L. Adams Peter J. Aulinskis William A. Boers Charles A. Bostelmann Frank W . Bostelmann John W . Bradish James L. Brierton Robert K. Cameron Richard J. Christmann William R. Crockett Isaac ' R " . Cundiff William B. Dazby Harold P. Echternach Wilbur C. Engebretson John A. Erikson Donald L. Faulkner Paul P. Ficnerski Warren L. Fox Loren S. Eraser 1894 rage, preserve, and develop MEMBERS Lawrence I. Fries James F. Fulton Fillmore W. Galaty Charles Gibian Max W. Goodman Clifford M. IFathaway Glen O. Howell Harry L. Hyndman Salter C. Hyzer William P. Jones Paul H. Lanphier Maurice R. Laskow Robert H. Lehmpuhl Gerald P. Lerner Albert M. Levy Theodore X . Liese illiam J. Littell Willis B. Lynch the highest ideals of the milita, IN UNIVERSITY Justin McCarthy Earl W. Melton Harold A. Messing George H. Miller, Jr. Robert H. Moats Edgar L. Moorman MiLo C. Morgan Burton Neuberger Oscar J. Nowlin Kermit M. Pennington Albert C. Pierson Robert D. Poole Robert P. Ream Robert L. Redfern W ILLIAM C. ReICHARDT Paul L. Rosengren David B. Runnells Edward F. Ross Founded, University of Illinois. 1926 Tau Nu Tau JSational Militory Fraternity for Engineers Seventeen Active Chapters profession John P. Sawyer John U. Schmid Joseph M. Schumacher James T. Severson Robert B. Shanks Marion R. Shutzbaugh Adolph C. Skortz Wayne G. Smith MiLo W. Snider James A. Stewart Edward A. Summer TS ' iLLiAM P. Talbot James A. Thetford James M. Turner Emmet M. Webb Charles O. Wedberg Wesley O. V icginton Allyn R. W reatii Four Active Chapters FACULTY Lieut. Robert K. McDonough Lieut. Albert G. Matthews Sot. Sherman Mount Merton M. Beckwith Howard C. Blue Paul V. Brausa Daniel E. Christopher Frederick P. Cole George A. Collins John W. Davis Herbert D. Diffenbaugh Frank Fisher, Jr. Randall A. Forsberg Allen V. Fox Albert W. Gasper Stanley D. Gralak MEMBERS IN Donald K. Harmenson Charles J. Harrington Edward J. Hellmich John J. Huck William Krawitz Heeren S. Kruse Thomas M. Logan Donald S. McCloskey James F. McIntosh Daniel J. Manning Frederick Vi . Mast Donald M. Mayne UNIVERSITY Augustus M. Minton Leo p. Morgan Roy T. Nilsen DuANE S. NOECKER TiLFORD A. Olson Patroklos j. Papadopulos Howard S. Pebbles Leo E. Pigi; Leslie N. Roberts Charles G. Rummel ILI.IAM II. RUSKAMP, Jr. Robert G. Russell John F. Schuldt George L. Staudt Herbert R. Stokes Savo M. Stoshitch George ( ' . Svoboda James J. Theodore Robert E. Tucker Russell H. Vandevelde Edward E. Varnum James A. Vitzthum George V. Vt hisenand Allyn R. " Wreath Page 400 Wj y I Ulo of. iiud:eArLuJ: Coast Artillery Club FACULTY Lieut. Milo G. Cary Maj. Charles A. Chapman RissELL E. Baker Lawrence C. Barden Ralph Bl nchard Lawrence T. Chaqlette WiLLL M P. Clark isvac w . cundiff Augustine D ' Anza Glenn W. Dixon Donald D. Duffy Harold P. Echternach John C. Ermentrout D. Henry Esry A. Thomas Etcheson MEMBERS IN Herbert C. Froeschle Earl P. Godwin Earl L. Greenwood John Vi . Hammer R. Harold Hansmeier Charles W. Henson Henry G. Heubach Arthur L. Johnson Ardell C. Jones Carl M. Kennedy EN dell R. Kiltz Ralph V,. Koch Clarence A. Kraft UNIVERSITY % ILLIAM II. Lang Kenneth Maguire Timothy G. Miner George E. Myers Arthur C. Nauman Herman R. Olson John L. Ongemach Charles W. Pflager, Jr. Carlos L. Renfrew, Jr. Roy V. Righter Kirk J. Ruger Ernest F. Schmidt Ralph J. Schmitt Founded, LTniversity of Wisconsin, 1925 Lieut. Harold Engerud Pi Tau Pi Sigma Gamma Chapter Honorary Military Fraternity John B. Sheets Theodore T. Shull W AVNE G. Smith Robert D. Sprau Eugene N. Steely F. Edward Todd William S. Tuckev Charles W. Tullock David E. Turner Harold A. Wallace William P. Ward Gerald C. " eiland L. W ILBERT WiESE Six Active Chapters MEMBERS ON STAFF Lieut. Col. Stanley L. James Thomas W. Abbott Floyd R. Abernathy Carl W. Bartling Dominic Bergelis Herman W. Bieritz Roland L. Bissey Alfred J. Bryant, Jr. Burton F. Buchan Raymond F. Burke Albert E. Carlson Bert A. Carlson Arthur M. Daily Marshall M. Dollahan Richard A. Duff MEMBERS Glenn S. Eastburn Albert C. Edwards Robert G. Fitchie IIlRAM E. FiTE Vl ' lLLIAM [). FOOKS Howard N. Fullerton Melvin B. Gentzel Edwin L. Getting George l . Giles Jules E. Gonseth George K. Green Philip D. Grover ILLIAM J. Hannan IN UNIVERSITY Henry J. Heuer Francis R. Inskip Richard M. King George A. Kolben John L. Leideniieimer Howard II. McCarl Thomas J. Martin George W . Miles Locke P. Miller Norbert C. Miller Jack L. Naumann Charles T. Novak RoLLA D. Pollock Millard E. Rada Thomas P. Ross John L. Ryde Elmer M. Schaudt iLLiAM I. Smith Robert . Stebbings Stuart . Thomas Edward A. Timm Henry C. Timmerman Charles H. Trommer Roy E. endahl Robert J. Whitesell RoNOLD Wild Charles P. Yates I ' agr 401 Phi Beta Kappa Founded, William and Mary College, 1776 Gamma of Illinois Chapter One Hundred Six Active Chapters John A. Appleman Edward H. Baker, Jr. Helen A. Clevenstine Margaret T. Dwidson Placide Daues To enciiurage the loiie of letters anil of sound scholarship MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors elected in March. 1932 Jean I. Gerber Ruth S. Koch John H. Krenkel Le Roy Long Arthur W. Mielke Gladys A. Novotny Gordon W. Nugent Joseph H. Renfrew Geraldine F. Shuman Marie V. Stratton Katherine a. Tuach Alice E. Vaughan Harry C. all Seniors elected in October. 1932 William R. Anderson Gladys M. Blankley Alma H. Carson Dorland J. Davis Richard C. Hagan Sara M. Hughes Jean Johnston Howe E. McClure Johanna Malandrone Frances Phillippe Dorothy Powell Katherine M. Ryckman William J. Schlatter Aline E. Schultz Seniors elected in March. 1933 Mary L. Baker Marjorie L. Bredehorn Carolyn R. Goar Mary H. Goodall John H. Hartsook Helen E. Hinckley Merle E. Hubka Leo Hughes Clifford G. Kjell Mary Alice Long Alexander Macreff Gail L. Miller Dellagene Molden I ' ai LA K. Morf Joseph H. Mueller Lillian L. Salwin Dorothy M. Schneiter XlLLIAM D. SnIVELY Harry Sternberg Maxine J. Traub Dorothy S. Wangman William N. Wittenfeld Juniors elected in March, 1933 Robert H. Bierma Walter D. Boyle Jean Bull Mildred R. Chapin Marten P. Claussen Bob J. Garrard Betty " Hatton Olive A. Kirkpatrick Frances M. Lance Carmen L. Parr John D. Picco, Jr. William M. Shafer Mildred L. Skinner Mildred Stengl Charles D. Tanzer Page 404 Kappa Delta Pi Fouiideil, rniversitv of Illinois. I ' )ll Alpha Chapter Sixly-lwi) clive Chapters ! J To enrtturage in its members a higher degree of cimserraliim to siirial serrice Thomas E. Benner, Ed.D. Marie J. Boysen, A.B MEMBERS IN. LNIVERSIT " i Initiates, April 1932 Mary L. Cameron LoRAiNE A. Dvorak James A. McCall Winifred J. Goreham Bonnie M. Boyd Josephine Brenner Clyde M. Campbell Helen A. Clevenstine Jean I. Cerber Josephine K. Harrington John H. Krenkel Le Roy Long Initiates, August 1932 Initiates, Deeemher 1932 Anna J. Scott Marjorib R. Snyder Evelyn M. Wildi Thompson UoROTHY M. Lyon Robert R. Mvrphy Helen E. Rumhi.e Elizabeth E. Seidl Jeannette M. Shepherdson Arthude L. Westerheide Olinda Vi olff • HI Pag,- 4.0s ?- Beta Gamma Sigma Founded, University of Illinois, 1913 Illinois Alpha Chapter Thirty-five Active Chapters To encourage and reuard scholarship along the lines of business activity among students and graduates of colleges of commerce and business administration FACULTY Ernest L. Bogart, Ph.D. Paul D. Converse, A.M. EssEL R. DiLLwou, A.M., J.D. Edward J. Filbey, Ph.D., C.P.A. Horace M. Gray. Ph.D. Paul M. Green, M.S. David Kinley, Ph.D., LL.D. " Simon Litman, Dr. Jur.Pub. et Rer.Cam. Ananias C. Littleton, Ph.D., C.P.A. Maurice H. Robinson, Ph.D. F ' rederic a. Russell, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Charles F. Schlatter, M.S., C.P.A. Hiram T. Scovill, A.B., C.P.A. Charles L. Stewart, Ph.D. Charles M. Thompson, Ph.D., LL.D. Nathan A. eston, Ph.D. V yi it m Floyd R. Abernathy Harris W. Aden Marshall A. Anderson Ralph H. Bl kemore Norman M. Bronson Vernon L. Douthit Robert W. Elich .Iack F. Feddersen Theodore G. Freedlund William G. Karnes Mark D. Littler Lowell R. McConnell Richard L. McKnight Alfonse T. Malinosky John H. Owen Don L. Phillaman Lois I. Rash William j. Schlatter Frances M. Vogel Robert L. Zelle Pettee MeK night Lilller i C. Schlatter Douthit BKlki-inore Filbey MrCtiniiell Owen Abernathy Freedhind W. Schlatter Brnnson Malinosky Vogel Page 406 J ' M !» ' t ' uiiiiili ' il, I.rlii ;li L ' liivcrsily, litKri Tau Beta Pi Aljilia (lliajittT Sixly-lwo Aclive Cliaptcra N I To mark in a fittinii manner those who haiv conferred honor upon their .-lima Mater by distinflfiished scholar- ship and exemplarv ihnracter us undergraduates, or by their attainments as alumni; and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the luigineering Schools of America NoRViLLE J. Alleman, M.S. Harold E. Babbitt, M.S. Alfred E. Badger, M.S. Morgan Brooks, Ph.D., M.E. 4 ILFRED P. BURGLUND, B.S. Alfred C. Callen, E.M., M.S. Albert P. Carman, D.Sc. Richard K. Cook, M.S. Franklin S. Cooper, B.S. Hardy Cross, A.B., B.S., M.C.E. Thomas J. Dolan, M.S. James J. Doland, B.S., C.E. Melvin L. Enger, M.S., C.E. Newton E. Ensign, A.M. iLLiAM N. Espy, M.S. Maurice K. Fahnestock, M.S. Max a. Fai cett, M.S., E.E. JlILIAN R. F ' ellows, B.S. Stanley G. Hall, M.S. Clarence . Ham, M.E. Harold N. H.ay ' ward, M.S. Randolph P. Hoelscher, M.S., C.E. FACULTY Whitney C. Huntington, M.S., C.E. Harvey H. .Jordan, B.S. .Albert N. Jorgensen, M.S., E.M. Charles A. Keener, M.S., E.E. MiLO S. Ketchum, C.E., D.Sc. Everett E. King, A.B.. M.C.E. Charles T. Knipp, Ph.D. Seichi Konzo, M.S. .John O. Kraehenbuehl, M.S., E.E. Reinhold F. Larson, M.S. Oscar A. Leutwiler, B.S., M.E. Kenneth C. Lyon, B.S. Herbert F. Moore, M.E., D.Sc. Newlin D. Morgan. M.S., C.E. Ellery B. Paine, M.S., E.E. George W. Pickel.s. B.C.E., C.E. .John N. Pirok, B.S. .Joseph A. Polson, B.S.. M.E. Loring H. Provine, B.S., A.E. Russell H. Reed, B.S. Herbert J. Reich, M.E., Ph.D. Ernest A. Reid, M.S., E.E. Frank E. Richart, M.S., C.E. Edward C. Schmidt, M.E. Fred B. Seely, M.S. Thomas C. Shedd, B.S., C.E. Carl E. Skroder, M.. ' . Clovde M. Smith. M.S. Ernest L. Stouffer, B.S.. M. Arch. Edward W. Suppiger, M.S. Arthur Talbot, C.E., D.Sc. DEn .. LL.D. Howard R. Thomas, C.E., 1.S Clyde L. Thompson, M.S. .Jamison Vawter. B.S., C.E. Edward H. Waldo, M.S., M.E.. E.E. Harald M. Westergaard, Ph.D., D.Eng., Dr. Techn. Herbert L. White, D.Sc B.S. Carroll C. Wiley, B.S., C.E. Arthur C. W illard, B.S. Wilbur M. Wilson, M.M.E., C.E. Arthur L. Young, M.S. Everett G. Young, M.S., M.E. John H. Armstrong W. Donald Boone Melvin M. Culp RicH.ARO J. Duffin Eugene N. Angell M. Avery- David M. Baldwin Virgil W. Barker Louis H. Berkelhamer Paul S. Bickenbach Herman W. Bieritz Lesley W. Brooks Nicholas A. Collora GRADUATE Paul B. Evans Allen C. Hottes Arthur F. Hubbard William P. Jones MEMBERS IN Warren E. Compton .Arthur M. Daily Carl Endres Harold J. Fink Charles J. Geiser George K. Green Philip J. Guenzer Marion S. Helm STUDENTS Severin p. Langhoff. Jr. Franklin C. Miller John M. Nash UNIVERSITY John R. Henderson Bernard M. Hess William M. Horowitz Richard S. Langman WiLLARD E. LiNDQUIST Frederick li . Mast Frederick R. Matson Edw.ard G. Porst Andrew W. Neureuther Merle C. Turney James F. Whisenand David E. Wiegand John H. Rickerman Guy B. Righter John E. Somerville Eugene E. Stephens Henry P. Tideman Robert J. Whitesell Dean E. Wisleder Ivan L. Wissmiller Anthony ' Zemaitis Green LiiKlguini W. Brooks Malfion Helm Compton GeiBcr ( very Baldwin Daily Tid Rickerman Mant Guenzer Henderson WiBsmiller W i«leder emu n B ick e n bae h i ier ■ I z Sumerville Barker Horowitz Anme ' I Stenhens Berkelhamer ll Ijkw i Fonndrfl. Oliii Slale I ' niversitv. 1897 Morrow Chapter Forty Active Chapters Tn pnrniirtiap inii ' iist and diLelophigh ideals and standards in the field oj agrii ultiire James L. Edmonds. B.S. John FACULTY . Lloyd, M.S. V ' .. David C. Wimer. M.S MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senio Raymond N. Ammon Ode.n E. Brown Wilbur D. Biddemeier Mac a. Campbell Theodore L. Da is William 11. Duis Clarence T. Albert Reid G. Boyle VI iLLiAM E. Elder Dalson II. ESRY Burr K. Boyd Harper HiRLO P. Hicks Elbert E. Carlson Eldon B. Colegrove Eldon E. Houghtoiv Paul E. Howey William E. McCalley ruloff j. m.ay Clarence E. Mick Juniors Homer E. ED VARDS Ray G. Peart Herman B. Rupp Don.ald E. Smith Julius A. Staack Charles H. Stinson Paul T. Wilson John A. Mathers Eugene P. hiteside Page 40S Eilmonds Runkin Duis Colegrove Campbell Hoi . Harper LI.. v. I Budilemeier Smith t, : " ' ' Whiteaiil. Sllnsoii McCaiilcy Wiiiur M;,, Davis C.irhon Wilson Ha.klenian Houphton I ' Viiiiiilt ' il. I iii (Tsil i)f Illinois, l ' ) ' 2 ' .i Phi Eta Sigma Illinois C lia| l«T TwciiU -iiinr ' li r !lia[il( ' rK Harold S. Dawson To rn iiurtit f high S( hiihtrship among first year iiicii Fatally Adviser Arthvr W. Mielke Senior Advisei MEMBEKS IN L NIVERSITY Howard G. Acker Harvey H. Acton ' Richard Ai.lyn Karl von Almen LOIIS F. Al.YEA Shepard Andalman F. CoiiRTNEV Arthur Jesse W. Ash Clyde W. Bernard Melville W. Beardslev Jack C. Bell Harrison ( ' .. Blankmeyer John II. Bolchert Rob ert P. Bowditch Olin L. Browder Howard W. Campbell Marvin Cahmack Louis O. Carroll Charles V. Champion, Jr. Harry L. Oionradt Robert H. Dadant Helmut O. D hlke Clinton F. Diekman Victor M. Dorris Theodore B. Di rfee WiLLARD L. ECKHARDT William F. Eckstrom Ward L. Edwards Leslie A. Epstein ElGIL R. Fadum John P. Faletti Phillip Falk braham W. Feldman Bernard Fried K.ARL M. Friedman William B. Gardner Robert J. Garrard RoiiERT Ghent J. Harold Glascock Norman H. Goodman Orville E. Gordon Myron D. Green Robert W. Grim Curt J. Gronneb Paul R. Halmos George M. Harding Robert J. Heggie Gardner W. Heidrick Joseph Holland Berryman R. Hurt Robert D. Jacobson HiLERD W. Jenkins Mack C. Jones RuDARD A. Jones Jack P. Jordan Lloyd M. Joshbl •i ILLIAM H. JlDY Paul J. Kaminski Wendell R. Kiltz Harold W. Ladwig John R. Larlmer Thomas F. Latzbr Nelson H. Layman Richard W. Leutwiler Jay B. Lieherman Joseph K. McLaughlin William E. Mason Carrel F. Miller Marshall E. Miller Julian D. Morgan William F. Murray Roger D. ONeal Alfonso G. Palacio Arthur A. Parquette James N. Payne Kenneth J. Pettigrew Frank T. Pi.vttner James L. Rainey Owen J. Reamer William D. Roberson ILaroi.I) G. Poettger James B. Rosborough Ranald G. Rucker Julian G. Ryan John H. Schacht Sidney Schnitzer Thomas J. Scott William L Scott Leon Seligson Robert R. Siierrill Millard ). Starr Clarence H. Stein Carl L. Stevenson James A. Stewart Savo M. Stoshitch alter C. Strakosh John L. Strom m Benjamin Tahenkix Irwin R. Valenta Edward E. Varnum Robert N. Wallace Homer F. Weir Robert E. % hiteway Richard H. Wiley Robert A. Wynes Wilbur M. Young Herbert C. Zilly I ilf 40Q Founded, University of Missouri. 1909 Kappa Tau Alph Illinois ( hapler Tu til agnize high scholaKshfp in Jnurnalii FACULTY Charles R. Frederuk. B.S. Otho C. Letter, A.B. Charles L. Alle Reiel R. Barlow, A.M. BiRRts S. DrcKiNSOx, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN Frank B. Edwards Milton K. Hlava Stanley I. Gullberi. Bettv Lou Hughes Kathryn G. Haivse Helen L. Johnson Winifred W.Haslam Mari n A. Kusz Seventeen Active Chapters LA KENCE W. Murphy, A.M. FilEnRICK S. SlEBERT, A.B., J.I). UNIVERSITY Pai L C. McMkh.aei. Jane E. Mabr M AHjuRiE F. Morrison Le:5TEb L. Robertson Richard L. Roth Ellen L. Ryniker Betty S. Smith Virginia W. Wicher Alpha Lambda Delta Founded, University of Illinois, 1924 Illinois Chapter Twentv .Active Chapters To encourage and reward high scholarship among the women of the freshman classes at the i ' niversitY of Illinois FACULTY Maria Leonard. A.M. Louise B. Di nbar, Ph.D. Rosalie M. Parr. Ph.D. Jean B. ,4lmy Margaret F. .As kren Harriet V. Bradbury ' Erma G. Cassady Hazel D. Clifford Claire I. Cormick H. Isabel Danley Betty Denison Velma .a. Denny Marvine p. Dover Edna M. Edwards Irene D. Pierson, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY iSalional President Ruth A. VSardall, .A.M. Ruth E.f Edwards Velma M. Eickhorn Frances E. Elfstrand Regina E. Elkes Ferne M. Fetters Helen E. Frost Kathryn M. Graham Janice E. Greider Charlotte A. Hatch Catherine Hesselschwbrdt Lois E. Heyer Marie F. Johnson Jean E. Koehler Edith Lytle M.argery E. McKeE Alma A. McLaughlin Grace Meier Florentia E. Metzcer Kathryn E. Miller Catherine C. Nelson June E. Parsons Ruth E. Robe Velma C. Rothenberger Helen L. Russell M.ARY V. Savage Margaret M. Schimmel Louise Schimpf Charlotte C. Smith Frances L. Spear Edith L. Spencer Helen S. Stumbauch Katherine a. ' hite Gertrude L. Yastraw Pa e 410 Class of 1932 Bronze Tablet Seniors Those senU rs nliu rank- in thr upper lliriv per cent of their class in both junior and senior years are entitled to luiiv their names inscribed on a suitable tablet George Aiciiele LEtriTT ORAN ALLE KatHRVN MaRV Bot-;ivENHOFF Remck Hull Buckles Cbkrles Heath Bujistead Elizabeth Gore CuRziON Sam0EL Paul Daykin Franklin Marvin De Arthur Andrew Euh nk G OACIE JROBERILFlt K David Gordon PithIav Helene Ruth FoelliVger Theodore August Helmreich Anne Prioleau Jones William Perry Jones Charles Katek EvRON Maurice Kirkpatrick Virginia Marie Loomis Naomi Wyninukr Massev Lucretia Ann Mott Helen Lena Mulford WiLBi. r Beni KTt Pings Frank irippi e Renivick Mahv Ida UoJibin- Dale Eileen Samuell Fredericka Salsman Schrumpf Charles Harlen Shattuck Lawrence Harry Simerl Jane Marie Smith Margaret Caroline Stults Pliw Orri) Tawney Or (;i ' , .l ' )si. V Thomas DoRin ifY itiifcFi, TnntoN ! -Vera JosEPkob .Vi.cEK Harold HarriSlin ' Wick Martha Righter W ' tLi. iAw ■ ,. ear ihis medal TTDWETRYBANbecauie the proud posseiisor ol the 1932 Conference Medat. l ac " is awarded hx the Intercollegiate Conference, through its Faculty Representative at each Conference institution, to the Senior who has been outstanding in athletics as well as proficient in scholas- tic work. During three years of Varsity playing, Try ban yon three letters in baseball and was elected Captain in his Junior Year. Most of the " Big Ten " coaches regarded him as the best shortstop in the Conference. Wj y I Ulo c niAudji n jL Index of Social Fraternities Acacia 434 Phi Delta Phi 426 Alpha Chi Rho 454 Phi Delta Theta . 422 Alpha Chi Sigma 437 Phi Epsilon Pi 463 Alpha Delta Phi . 450 Phi Gamma Delta 424 Alpha Epsilon Pi . 461 Phi Kappa 447 Alpha Gamma Rho 438 Phi Kappa Psi 431 Alpha Kappa Lambda 464 Phi Kappa Sigma 421 Alpha Rho Chi 451 Phi Kappa Tau 455 Alpha Sigma Phi 439 Phi Mu Deha 467 Alpha Tau Omega 423 Phi Pi Phi . 472 Beta Kappa 478 Phi Sigma Kappa . 443 Beta Psi 473 Pi Kappa Alpha 457 Beta Sigma Psi 477 Pi Kappa Phi 466 Beta Theta Pi 427 Psi Upsilon 444 Chi Beta 433 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 425 Chi Phi 445 Sigma Alpha Mu . 458 Chi Psi 446 Sigma Chi 419 Chi Tau 484 Sigma Delta Kappa 486 Cosmopolitan Club 490 Sigma Delta Rho . 482 Delta Alpha Epsilon 469 Sigma Mu Sigma . 481 Delta Alpha Pi 485 Sigma Nu 428 Delta Chi . 470 Sigma Phi Delta . 488 Delta Kappa Epsilon 430 Sigma Phi Epsilon 429 Delta Phi . 462 Sigma Phi Sigma . 460 Delta Phi Alpha . 489 Sigma Pi 440 Delta Pi 483 Tau Delta Phi 480 Delta Sigma Lambda 476 Tau Epsilon Phi 474 Delta Sigma Phi . 459 Tau Kappa Epsilon 448 Delta Tau Delta . 418 Theta Chi . 456 Delta Theta Piii . 479 Theta Delta Chi . 441 Delta Upsilon 432 Theta Kappa Phi 471 Farm House 452 Theta Nu Epsilon 487 llus 435 Theta Upsilon Omega 475 Kappa Delta Rho 465 Theta Xi 468 Kappa Sigma 420 Triangle 436 Lambda Chi Alpha 453 Zeta Beta Tau 449 Newman Hall 490 Zeta Psi 442 Page 416 mjey Lujo c WimijeArLuiL Interfraternity Council Established 1011 OFFICERS Robert M. Little Carl G. Dohme Arthiir J. Bennett Stanley P. Houghton Joel H. Rossiter CABINET MEMBERS Albert V. Lutton Sidney L. Port President I ice-President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-al- Irms Raymond N. Rooks Harris L. Undum Acacia Albert V. Lutton Alpha Chi Rho Kolterl A. Gopel Alpha Chi Sigma Gardner B. Ahliiilt Alpha Delta Phi John M. Hayes Alpha Epsilon Pi Leonard L. Levin Alpha Gamma Rho Sterling E. Myere Alpha Kappa Lambda Ariliur W. Mielke Alpha Kappa Pi W. Albert Bunge Alpha Lambda Tan George A. Hess Alpha Rho Chi H. Samuel Kruse Alpha Sigma Phi John R. Sawtell Alpha Tail Omega Lowell R. McConnell Anubis John F. Schuldt Beta Kappa Vi ' illiam J. Pinkerton Beta Psi George C. V an Gerpen Beta Sigma Psi Leonard W. Telleen Beta Theta Pi Dorland J. Davis Chi Beta Komaine B. Hutton MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Chi Phi Phi Epsilon Pi Philip C. Kolli Henry S. Joseph Chi Psi Donald S. Hoebel Chi Tan (Feorye T. Christie Delta Alpha Epsilon Harold A. Schwanbeck Delta Chi L. Orville Edlund Delta Kappa Epsilon Eldred B. Swift Delta Phi JarneB A. W ' aren Delta Sigma Lambda Victor H. Brodt Delta Sigma Phi Max G. Fuller Delta Tail Delta Samuel M. Keys Delta Theta Phi Georpe E. Cook Delta i psilon Huph B. Siddall Farm House Charlie Wright llus Charlei L. Silet Kappa Delta Rho Joseph R. Roehorough Kappa Sigma Cliarlew A. Sehicht Lambda Chi Alpha Frederick R. Matson Phi Delta Theta Roy Ward Phi Gamma Delta Russell H. Vandevelde, Jr. Phi Kappa Mathew M. Wingert Phi Kappa Psi Harris L. Undent Phi Kappa Sigma Paul E. McDonald Phi Kappa Tail Robert F. Maley Phi Mu Delta MiiTKhall A. Anderson Phi Pi Phi Oscar S. Magner Phi Sigma Kappa Albert Brown Pi Kappa Alpha Stewart Anderson Pi Kappa Phi Charles E. Line Psi Upsilon Arthur G. Holstein Sigma Alpha Epsilon William B. Arnold Sigma Alpha Mu Fred Shankman Sigpia Chi H. Dean Litt Sigma Delta Rho Robert W. Ellch Sigma Mu Sigma Vernon H. Rowe Sigma Nu Joseph A. Tnrck Sigma Phi Delta II. James Heuer Sigma Phi Epsilon John H. Kott Sigma Phi Sigma Robert C. White Sigma Pi William A. Amsler Tau Delta Phi Sidney L. Port Tau Epsilon Phi Harold Tucker Tau Kappa Epsilon Roland P. Carlson Theta Chi Lee H. Pray Theta Delta Chi Herbert F. Tieman Theta Kappa I u Edward N. Davis Theta Kappa Phi Harvey J. Pack Theta I u Epsilon John G. Seanor Theta Vpsilon Omega Millard S. McGuffin Theta Xi Henry C. Burnett Triangle Richard W. West Zeta Beta Tau Myer A. Lewis Zeta Psi Irwin H. Baker U.Miehtu Pag,- 417 Founded Bethany College, 1859 Seventy-five Active Chapters BETA UPSILON CHAPTER Established 1872 302 East John Street Delta Tau Delta Herbert Berg, B.S. Martin J. Prucha, Ph.D. FACULTY George F. Schwartz, A.M. Robert F. Seybolt, Ph.D. Frank R. Smith, M.S. Phineas L. Windsor, Ph.B. WiLLARD E. Jones GRADUATE STUDENTS Max M. Sappenfield John T. Allen Joe L. Bryson Ben R. Haverstick MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors George B. Hewitt Samuel M. Keys Kenneth F. Stanford Dwight B. Steele Lewis L. Taylor Robert B. Zane Marshall J. Alexander Edmund H. Beall Juniors Robert L. Beall Howard C. Blue Harold E. Coogan Bob J. Garrard Harold R. Hopkinson Gilbert A. Smith George T. Adis Paul F. Born Stuart H. Dean Sophomores Maurice R. Eastin Thomas E. Franks Elbert R. Gragg Theodore W. Liese Arthur M. McClevey Guy ' R. Sinclair, Jr. Samuel J. B ker Arnold R. Cagann Thomas C. Gately Charles F. Gibian Freshmen Phillip S. Graver Forest V. Hunter James J. Parker Austin C. Smith ehs Weidip Slaiif .r.l aiie Alli-n Steele Sappenfiehl .Sniilli U. lieull Hliie Capann Baker Aiilis GrayK B Jones Garraril Sinithers Gately Ta li I a lor Haverstick Br son Sinclair Keys Hopkinson Liese Dean Eastin McClevey Franks Graver Gibian Coogan Hunter Pag,- 41S ■A ' ; Mi.,nii I Mi .T ilv. 1855 Miu-l -lwt. Aclist ' Chapters KAl ' PA KA|-1 ' CllAPIKR F.slal li»lie.l 1881 IIO Eaal J..lin Street Sigma Chi FACULTY David H. Carnahaiv, Ph.D. Lester A. Daugherty, A.B. William A. Ganster, B.S. Harry W. Heckman, M.S. Ralph R. Martig, A.M. Clell L. Metcalf, D.Sc. John A. Ramsey, A.M. Charles G. Rowe, A.M. James B. Shaw, D.Sc. Franklin N. Carnahan J. Nathan Hadley Lawrence B. Hotchkiss George K. Leisenring MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors H. Dean Litt W ILLIAM C. NiCOL ILL H. Oldham, Jr. GiBEN D. Powers W ALTER L. SeTTLEMIRE Harry B. Smock Raymond C. Stotlar William P. Stowe Harry R. Thomas Juniors Robert C. Carlin Lloyd L. Crusius Isaac N. Coolley Charles Andrews Joseph W. Danely Donald V. Dobbins Jacques A. Dufresne Lawrence T. Allen, Jr. Foster C. Bennett John F. Ireland Edward T. McDavid Clement H. Ireland Edwin M. Jones G. Jenkins Kiedaisch O. W INTON Miller Sophurnores French L. Fraker LelandT. Goodpasture Edward M. Gurr Joseph E. Mann Charles L. Martin Jay E. Mathis Andrew C. Hutchison Dudley C. Johnson George A. Legg Freshmen Edgar II. Metcalf F. Vernon Miller Robert C. Powers Richard T. Miskimen ILBUR J. Thompson Ned J. Potter A. Robert Seass Robert H. Tucker MuN ROE B. Van Gunten Joseph W. Smith, Jr. David W. Squires Ted S. Taylor H. Warren Wehlau Litt Setlleniire Potter HutchiHon Legg C. Ireland (Juri SquireB Martin M.ol Stotlar Hadlev ;. Piiwers Coolley Johnson Mann F. Miller McDavid Slowe Sninck ' I ' humae F. Carnahan C. MfliMlf 4H(lh.ini Van Gunten Carhn Jones Tucker Dandy Dohbinri Crueiui R. Powers Kiedaisch J. Ireland Mathin Wehlau Bennett Allen O. Miller Taylor E. Metcalf Smith Page ' 41 g p 9 " NX ' I- " ' ' ,; vi Mittjj H gPip g- r ■ " - ■ - H - i m ■ ' oun ( •( University of Virginia, 1869 One Hundred Eight Active Chapters ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1891 212 East Daniel Street Kappa Sigma Charles E. Bradbiiry, M.F.A. Cecil V. Donovan, B.P., M.F.A. Walter F. Frese, A.M., C.P.A. Reynold C. Fuson, Ph.D. FACULTY Stanley W. Hall, B.S. .Albert T. Helbing, Ph.D. George A. Huff, B.S. Carl L. Lundgren, B.S. Myres S. McDoucal, A.M., B.C.L., J.S.D. Herbert F. Moore, M.E., D.Sc. Ivan Wright, Ph.D. Warren H. Badger Carl G. Dohme MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors David W. Hogan Charles A. Schicht Thomas L. Smith Jack A. Spear W. Robert Boyer ALTER D. Boyle Donald A. Garrison Everett W. Eichelkraut William E. Flack Robert P. Graham Hudson A. Hellmich Frank L. Hess, Jr. Juniors Robert E. Horsley w illiam j. kutsch Howard J. Lowe Robert S. McKinney Frederick D. Newton Lawrence E. Nilson John M. Thompson Edward W. Anger, Jr. Allen R. Bennett Walter M. Enger Charles R. Flachmann Marlin F. Haas Sopho C. William Hamilton Thomas M. Logan Carl S. Long, Jr. Jack E. Miller Chester A. Olsen MoNTFORD H. Smith William A. Summers CORTLANDT SyMONDS Donald W. Thacker Victor C. Trewyn John W. Usborne R. Wilson Voorhees James M. Douglas Loring C. Farwell Freshmen Robert M. Fighter Frederick A. Grim Charles P. Hawley William J. Michel W illiam S. Middleton William E. Spence Kulsch Hautler Farwell M. Sniilh Badger p ' laek Aiiper IJnyer OJHen Graham Hamilton Lowe liogan Frese Uawley Summers Douglas Spence ' oorhee« Garrison Haas Eiiger Tuaeli I sltorne Thacker Long Bennett Thompson Boyle Miller Trewyn Dohme T. Smith Uellmich Eichelkraut Nilson Hess Horsley Symonds Michel Fichter New-ton Flachmann " age 420 I niversily of r( ' iiii!- K Jiiiia. IK50 Tliirt) -eiphl Arli f Chwplers RHO CUAPTIiR EBlabllsheil ia »2 313 Easl Chaliiicra Slrfd W M -- " m rrm. ' S " BH V H M p M 4jS I Phi Kappa Sigma Arthur R. Crathorne, Sr., Ph.D. Charles R. Frederick, B.S. FACULTY Paul N. Landis, Ph.D. Chris S. Rhode, B.S. George E. Symons, Ph.D. Arthur C. Willard, B.S. GRADUATE STUDENT John D. Holder Edward C. Hartung Harry R. Johnson W illiam H. Kapple MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors T. Gaillard Knappenherger Harold A. Reich Paul E. McDonald George H. Rettig Herman Robinson Paul Schminke Herman F. Vallette Robert H. Bierma Harry T. Harlow, Jr. Olin M. Schneider Carleton S. Smith Juniors Eugene R. Smith LeRoy E. Sprague Robert W. Ward Matt S. Wilson Richard D. Ensign Gardner W. Heidrick Sophomores F. Ross HiLES Henry A. Hofmann John McDaniel Roy S. Pitkin George W. Remsen Edwin J. Schlenvogt Edwin M. Adams, Jr. O. William Allison John D. Amerman J. William Ballou Robert Z. Boehman Richard L. Fruin Freshmen Walter G. Haynes Ray B. Kropp George E. Phillips Robert S. Rummler Peter W . Seyl, Jr. Willard C. Van Etten Anierniaii Ailarnw Pitkin Phillips Seyl Allison Wilson McDaniel Remsen Bierma Schminke Knappenherger Hoehnian Kropp Ha nes Ballon Hofmann Ensign E. Smith Holder Hiles Heidrick C. Smith Harlow McDonald Rettig Johnson Hummler Kapple Sprague an Etten Schlenvogt Ward Schneider Ilarlung Reich Vallette Rohinson Pagi- 42J luundeil Miami University. 18 IB One Hundred Five Active Chapteri? ILLINOIS ETA CHAPTER Established 1893 309 East Chalmers Street Phi Delta Theta Neil C. Brooks, Ph.D. Harrison E. Cunivingham, A.B. FACULTY Homer A. Dennis, A.M. JUSTA M. LiNDGREN, M.S. William A. Oldfather. Ph.D. George P. Tuttle, B.S. Harry A. Barber John T. Foley MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors ■ft ' lLLIAM C. GiFFORD John P. Mead George L. Scripps Halbert F. Thomas Clarence A. Thompson Leroy G. ard Edward I. Boies David F. Cook Andrew S. Draper Norman P. Jones Harris A. Kemp Juniors James P. Kirk DoNOLD McDonald William F. Murray William S. Ricker Frank W. Swann, Jr. Harvey ' H. Acton Melville W. Beardsley Jonathan P. Booz Jean M. Burkhart Sopho Clinton O. Clark, Jr. Bart A. Cummings Robert H. Dadant Theodore B. Durfee Robert M. Kennicott N. Hall Layman Culver C. Mills Theodore D.Parmelee Silliam E. Rapp F. Lawrence Seamans Hall F. Teeman Freshmen James L. Allen- William B. Dazey Walter H. Draper Robert T. Erie Robert E. Hallberg Philip B. Haskell Urban Hipp W. Webb Johnson C. Richard Lewers John M. McAfoos C. Marshall Miller George A. Parker RoYDON W. Rice Louis A. Smith George B. Tawney Milton H. Wagner John K. X allace Robert C. Bright V V- flf. a f i$ «. v f f ..- f s. 9 Keiiii. lio,e» Arni»trong Scripp, M,.,„| |i„rl,Pr F..le% •||„„Mp»..„ W jr.l (;iff..r,i Johnson • " ■« ■ ■, A " - " ' " ; ,, ' " ■1 ' l-:i nian Uo,„, S«ann Cook Ki.ker Murray Jone.- Kice Beiird»k-v Kapp Burkhart Clark Kennicoll Teeman Mills Seamans ' Cummings Erie Parker W agner W right Wallace Smith Miller Lewere Hipp Allen Durf f Haskell Parnielee ilaliherg Page- 42i Foundtni Virginia Military InsliUite. 1865 Ninely-foiir Active Chapters GAMMA ZETA CH APTKR Estal.llshed 1845 1100 Meet PennH Ivaiiia Avenue Alpha Tau Omega FACULTY Roger Adams, Ph.D. Charles L. Allen, A.M. Arthur G. Anderson, C.E.. Ph.D. Arthur S. Colbv, Ph.D. John A. Hamilton, A.M. Arthur L. Hjortland, A.M. B. Smith Hopkins, Ph.D., D.Sc. Hale L. Newcomer, M.S., C.P.A. Nathan A. Weston, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors Richard G. Cisne W ILLIAM P. Clark Earl S. Constant Frank E. Hewitt Victor T. Hudson John M. Anderson Fred H. Byerco Richard L. Creichton Eugene R. Beak Jake Bradshaw Stuart C. Busse William M. Bvram James W. Cawood Howard M. Iber Lowell R. McConnell Paul W. Reddish Fred E. Seypried Jun iors John H. Lund Richard H. Giles Edward P. Irons Edgar E. Edwards George J. Ehni Frank H. Feutz ILLIVM R. Gause Elmo B. Payne Sophomores William N. Piper James M. Riddle Freshmen William J. Giese Stanley E. Graham George B. Guthrie Robert . Kinnear Walter I. Waggoner Paul L. Weinman W illiam M. Terry John H. Wedig Fred C. Rueckert " illiam M. Scott Bruno E. Kluge Lambert Maguire Henry Truitt Carl J. Weinman i — f 1 iffiliJiiiirii i r 1 f 1 1 t f t 9 ' f.- f f f ' - kluge Maguire tiiles C W Lund Riddle (rauste Iber Clark Waggoner inian Edwardf Ehni Creiphtnn Byram (iraham Bus e Srolt By ergo Rueckert Reddish McConnell Cawood Kinnear (inlhrie Bradshaw Piper Ander( in Payne Hewitt Constant P. Weinman Seyfried Beak Feulz Truilt (iiese edic Page 423 A .r.A. Washington and J.ffcr.s.m College. 1848 Seventy-three Active Chapters CHI IOTA CHAPTER Eatabhshed 1898 401 East John Street Phi Gamma Delta John S. Crandell, B.S., C.E. Arthur H. Daniels, Ph.D. David Kinley, Ph.D., LL.D. FACULTY Donald B. Lindsley, Ph.D. Oliver L. McCaskill, Ph.B., J.D. Fred B. Seely, M.S. James M. " White, B.S. James B. Hale, A.B. Harry W. Horn, A.B. GRADUATE STUDENTS POMEROV SiNNOCK, A.B. Kenneth C. Lyon, B.S. Robert M. Phillips, A.B. John J. Thornborrow, B.S. Harold F. Trapp, A.B. York K. Bishop Robert P. Crook A. James Davis William G. Karnes Harold L. Eyer Morris L. Fisher Richard B. Grometer ' iLLiAM S. Kinne, Jr. William J. Bengel Edwin L. Boynton MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Warren Kinsby Robert A. Linberg Milton P. Rasmussen Melton A. Reasoner Richard H. Schmidt Parker B. Smith William A. Knight Walter C. Leck Max W. Marshall Frederick S. Crook John W. Gitnnell Juniors John G. Miller Benjamin F. Oakes Carlton P. Russell Sophomores Charles E. Hughes, David B. Runnells Jr. Ira N. Thompson Russell H. Vandevelde Glenn A. Waser Ralph W. Seely Robert N. Trapp Henry H. Triebel James M. Turner Irving R. Seely George H. Shevlin, Jr. Robert J. Buswell Charles J. Eastman, Jr. Harry I. Gillogly Freshmen Philip E. Gore Clark G. McCorkle George I. Hilliard Ben F. Railsback Frederick E. Lee, Jr. Walter B. Stewart Jack C. Sweney Albert de Varennes Ch.auncey ' S. Wilkes Eyer Tiimer H. Triipii H. ' I ' riqtp Siiiilli Fi»lur Marshall Sclinii.ll (riinncll lIit ' licH I. Seelv Wilkex Hilliard McCorkle I. ' SiiiiHick Karnes Thonipson Kasinussen K. Crook Miller Bishop aser aiiilevelde Kinsey Russell Gronieler Leck Kinne Oakes K. Seely Benfiel Itunnells Boynton Shelvin F. Crook Knight Gillof!l Lee Stewart Sweney Eastman Gore Buswell Railsback tie Varennes I Page 424 hniin.M I ' nivcrsilv of Alabama. I85b One Hundred Eiglil Active Chapters ILLINOIS BETA CHAPTER Eslabliahed 1899 211 East Daniel Street Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pail M. Green, M.S. Oscar A. Leutwiler, B.S., M.E. Gaze E. Lukas, B.S., C.P.A. FACULTY Edwin T. Mertz, A.B. William C. Rose, Ph.D. Fred H. Turner, Ph.D. Paul M. Van Arsdell, M.S. Phillip H. Nye GRADUATE STUDENTS William E. Starr Russell M. Striplin ILLIAM B. Arnold Edmynd G. Dillon Theodore H. Akemann Robert L. Baker Wilford J. Brogden Fred F. Frink Francis M. Baron John A. Ericsson Walter W. Grear Albert O. Bard Harold G. Bauman Robert M. Brown MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors George L. Kanberg Max L. Kuehnert Howard N. Froyd .James H. Lake Harold A. Myers Byron J. Sheets Homer W. Tice Juniors John W. Neher Marshall H. Olson Hunter W. Russell Herbert K. Ray Kubec Henry Joe a. Campbell Lewis H. Collison Jackson C. Dillon Sophomores Richard W. Leutwiler Paul McKnight Freshmen James Marohn Albert S. Russell George F. Schnakenberg George F. Ward William W. Wright Clarence E. Soderstrom Jack M. Steinhauser Isaac N. Walker Edward E. Varnum Robert H. Wilson Bruce K. Tice Richard J. Tracy P. Gene Willits Deceased Campbell Collieon B. Tice Marohn Walker Van Aredell Soderetri ni Schnakenberg Kubec Varnum Erickson Olson Kanberg Wright Ward E. Dillon J. Dillon Tracy Baril Bauman Brown A. Russell Frink Grear McKnight Akemann Sheets Myers Baron Henry R. Leutwiler ildon Steinhauser Arnold H. Tice Baker H. Russell Starr Pag,- 42s University of Michigan. 1869 Sixty Active Chapters LANGDELL INN CHAPTER Established 1901 303 East John Street Phi Delta Phi FACULTY Charles C. Curtis, A.M., J.D. Oliver L. McCaskill, Ph.B., J.D. Francis S. Ronalds, Ph.D. JamesW. Garner, Ph.D., LL.D.,Litt.D. Myres S. McDougal, A.M., B.C.L.. J.S.D. MerrillI.Schneblv. A.B.J. D.,J.S.D. Frederick Green, A.M., LL.B. alter L. Summers, A.B., LL.B., J.D. William J. Bach Maurice M. Brigcs Junius P. Califf Harry C. Cole MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Joseph F. Diver Thomas A. Graham LoREN E. Lewis John W. McEroy Richard B. Martin William H. Maxant Paul F. Schlicher Timothy W . Swain James W. heat Alfred W. Borg Robert A. Coney C. Lyman Emrich, Jr. Charles David S. Louis A. W. Hinman Lander McLean Juniors John M. Moelmann Philip H. Nye Frank W. Renwick Russell M. Striplin Harold M. Tenney William E. Trude Floyd R. Abernathy Warren H. Badger Frank W. Byrns Henry W. Hannah Freshmen Lester M. Huffman Roger D. Jones Gaze E. Lukas Albert E. Marien H. James Otis Joseph R. Rosborough Daniel A. Smith, Jr. Lucius D. Turner iiLLiAM W. Vincent Badger Byrns llinman Ahernathy Renwick Coney Lander Striplin Emrich Nve Swain Bach Lewis Ma «nl McKlrov Otis Hannah McLean Triide Cole Martin Borfi .Smith Moelmann Brifigs Page 426 Fattndril Miami I iiivcr.ili. 1 KW Eiglny-Bcvcn Active Chapters SIGMA RHO CIIAI ' TEK EstahlisheH l ' )n2 202 East Daniel Street Beta Theta Pi FACULTY Leverett a. Adams, Ph.D. ILLIAM S. Bayley. Ph.D. Charles E. Bowen, B.S. George L. Clark, Ph.D. WlLLL M P. DiSMllKES, A.M. Robert Graham. B.S., D.V.M. Whitivey C. Huntington, M.S., Alvin L. Lang, M.S. Russell H. Miles, M. Mus. Cullen W. Parmelee, M.S. C.E. Thomas E. Savage, Ph.D. William D. Templeman, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY H. Wayne Aden Martin L. Cassell, Jr. DoRLAND J. Davis Robert M. Little Robert G. Moench Gordon W. Nugent Senio Charles J. Off ' . Boyd Owen John L. Rvde Morrow D. Schnell William E. Short Howard G. Young Juniors Bruce M. Brown Milburn E. Carey " Frederick A. Clark Wayne H. Fol(;er F. Courtney " Arthur George W. Be ch Robert P. Bowditch Olin L. Browder Neil D. Cline Sidney B. Cutright Dwight H. Doss Elsum G. Hedges Herrick Henry Frederick R. Luthy Louis F. Overgard Charles K. Ruddick Floyd B. Simmen Ivan D. Schuster Sophomores Leslie H. Groh Joseph J. Hallett Harry D. Holt Elbert L. Herrcjn Charles H. Holt Edward N. Howard Jackson R. Hutton Wallace M. Mulliken Karl V. Rohlen Freshmen Charles V. O ' Hern, Jr. Robert E. Ryde G. Bruce Tyler Thomas C. Straw Sandford Watkins Wade W. Wrenn Frederick G. Simpson Robert A. Stine William C. Ziehn Eugene E. Wenthe K. Thomas Williamson Frederick W. renn Groh Howard K ' ilhamHon (_)vergar J Mull Culripht CMne Ziehn Kohlen Arthur F. Wrenn Henry Clark Ruddick Off J. R de Nugent Aden Davis ikcn H. Holt R. Ryde Tyler O ' Hern C. Holt Doss Wenthe Hedges Stinc Beach Bov ditch Hutton Brov der .Simpson Carey W. Wrenn Folger Watkins Simmen Cassell Schnell Moench Young Little Short Page 427 f Fountlril Virginia Military Institute. 1869 Ninety-nine Artive Chapters GAMMA MU CHAPTER Eelahlished 1902 1009 Pennsylvania Avenue Sig-ma Nu LUDWIG F. AuDRIETH, Ph.D. Harry W. Chase, Ph.D., L.L.D. Henry F. Johnstone, Ph.D. FACULTY John O. Kraehenbuehl, M.S., E.E. George W. Pickels, B.C.E., C.E. Terence T. Quirke, E.M., Ph.D. Frederic A. Russell, Ph.D. GRADUATE STUDENTS John C. Sanderson MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Louis E. Barenfancer Alfred E. Bodman Charles J. Crawford Arthur E. Duram Edwin H. Becker Roger W. Coble William M. Dorman Jack E. Anderson RoscoE L. Ball Alvin H. Berndt George A. Bachman William A. Bushnell W ILLIAM E. Crocombe Robert T. Crocombe Sen iors Wallace R. Hornby Richard H. Johnson J. Milton Malmberc John H. Owen Charles G. Reasor Jedd S. Reisner Juniors Frank Getzenberger Oliver C. Miller AsHER M. Richmond Edward G. Sanderson Joseph Shamel Jack T. Beynon James W. Eaton Sophomores Madison Hunt John R. Larimer Freshmen Harvey T. Culp William W. Kincy James S. Hall William B. McKinstry Stark W. Humphreys Joseph N. Madison Robert C. Shaw Joseph A. Turck Donald D. Westall L. Newton Wylder John A. Strong Herman J. Walser Carl J. Walther John W. Short Everett E. Simonsen John W. Van Tuin Donald T. Miller E. Paul Sheridan Francis D. Vandermeer HiiniphrcjB W. Crocombe Anderson R. Crocombe McKinslry Madison Bachman .Sheridan U. Miller Vandermeer Walther Eaton Kincy ,, „ _ c , o r ■ 1 1 -. .. Hall Bushnell Simonsen Culp Ball Crawford Strong Larimer Shamel Short Hunt Dorman E. Sanderson O. Miller Walser Wvlder Cochran Berndt Beynon Coble Richmond Malniberg Reisner Shaw Barenfanger J. Sanderson Bodman Turck Hornby Owen Becker Duram Westall Reasor Johnson Pag,- 42S FoHttihd I ' nivcrsily of Kirlinmnd. 1901 Sixty-nix Active l hapters ILLINOIS ALPHA (.HAPTER F( taMi»lied l ' H)3 llOS South l- ' ourtli Street j • A: " n mmt %3i jiijli n liflmi ' ■J ri ' in iRiBI ' ■si m ' ■t jl KJ J=i " IS| Bl Sigma Phi Epsilon FACULTY Louis J. Long, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Robert M. Abels Ernst E. Bareiither Roger W . Brown Thomas A. Carroll Robert J. Fahey Robert C. Geyer Walter F. Hellmich Joseph P. Joyce John H. Kott Fred W. Mast Arthur C. Nauman Lester K. Prentiss Richard G. Redell Otto L. Wolter Roland G. Ackman John H. Bradish John W. Branta Robert A. Clark Juniors Edward J. Hellmich Richard J. Maybury Donald F. Robinson Peter G. ' uss John C. DeWolfe Harry E. Kiedinc Sophomores Robert H. Lehmpuhl Robert G. Smith William R. Stanmeyer Edward J. Bednarz Robert E. Hunter Thomas H. Jackson, Jr. Freshmen Enoch E. Olson, Jr. Merrill B. Pascoe David L. Pettigrew W ILLIAM SaRGEANT Irving L. Strader Elmer O. Weichel, Jr. ( J radish Sargeant Olson Redell Prentiss Geyer Branta Joyce E. llelhnich Carroll Ma Abele Pettigrew Hunter .Nauman Jackson Lehmpuhl W. Hellmich Long Bareiither Kieding Pascoe bmith Stanmeyer Weichel Knil Dewolfe Strader Bednarz Robinson Link Clark Wuss Fahey bury Brown Page 429 f Fou n lied Yale University, ISi ' t Forty -seven Active Chapters DELTA PI CHAPTER E»tal lislie() 1901 902 South Second Street Delta Kappa Epsilon FACULTY Maurice H. Robinson, Ph.D. GRADUATE STUDENTS R. Newton Rooks Rodger G. Carlson Kenneth J. Galm Gerald K. Brooke MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Arthur P. Miles John K. Snook Juniors Paul A. Nehring Stephen P. Shoemaker Peter K. Wilson Eldred B. Swift, Jr. Thomas M. Baker John F. Day Lawson H. Flanagan, Jr. Sophomores Howard A. Gallagher John P. Madden William C. Howell George E. Schaefer John T. Kearns ILLIAM D. ScHROEDER Jack R. Stieber Gene Willis Charles L. Bartholomew Robert J. Binford, Jr. Earl B. Chambers, Jr. Freshmen Richard I. Grier Martin H. Mark worth Elbert H. Loyd, Jr. John F. Meharry Albert M. Snook Frank E. Wilson, Jr. Flanucan Hrooki ' Carlson (Jalm Knoks P. Wilson J. Snook Swift Shoemaker Schroeder Kearn« illis Day Miles Gallagher Slieljer Baker Howell Schaefer Loyil Binford Grier Meharry Nehring Bartholomew Madden F.Wilson Chamhers A. Snook Page 4 0 Wiislilnplnii ;iii l J.-ff.Ta..n Collepe. IB Fifl Ai-Iive Cliaittcrs ILLINOIS DELTA CllAPlKU Ksialilishod IIOI t l Suuth Foiirlli Sireel Phi Kappa Psi FACULTY Robert H. Baker. Pli.n. Arthur Hamilton, Ph.D. A. Austin Harding, B.Mus. Francis S. Ronalds, Ph.D. J. Craig Ruby. A.B. Frank L. Stevens, Ph.D., D.Sc, LL.D. Fred H. Comstock Herbert L. Crisler David P. Hicks MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors John H. Kennedy Stanley R. Pierce, Jr. Ernest F. Schmidt Miles Scull, Jr. Harris L. Undum Warren E. Wingert Joseph E. Zhisler, Jr. Elliot Cassidv Arthur C. Detrich Charles A. Gallup Juniors E. W ILLIAM GuTGSELL Robert E. Jordan Gaylen P. Pierce Raymond R. Polk Charles E. Sawyer Robert H. Stevens Harvey E. Benson- George L. Bollenbacher Nathaniel H. Cohen Robert L. Delves Sopho Robert P. Heath George H. Krahl Ralph W. Lazear Roger D. 0 " Neal Walter C. Strakosh Richard H. Wiley William F. Wrath Warren G. Youngren Miles A. Zeller Alphon L. Cornet Jack Y. Hamlin Freshmen William W. Hoerter William McAllister Gene Richardson- Charles C. TlI.FORD Lawrence C. Wells ZwUIer Hicks Wingert Schmidt Undum Kennedy Polk Detrich Gallup G. Pierce Stevens Zeller O ' Neal Wiley Heath Strakosh Hoerter Cornet Tilfortl Cohen Hamlin S, Pierce Comstock Crisler S«rull Lazear Sawyer Benson Jordan Dcl es (iut Krahl ' oiinf:ren Bollenliacher Wrath X ells McAllister Richardson Pagr 4JI hountlt ' tl Williams College, 1834 Fifty-eight Active Chapters ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established 1905 312 East Armory Avenue Delta Upsilon FACULTY Ernest Bernbaum. Ph.D. Gilbert H. Cady, Ph.D. Arthur F. Dodge, A.M. Marcus S. Goldman, Ph.D. William Habbbrton, A.M. J. William Kennedy, A.B. Karl B. Lohmann, B.S., M.L.A. William Trelease, D.Sc, LL.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Abner H. Barr Frank W. Gilbertson Francis M. Hilliard Paul L. Jolley A. Hanby Jones Bruce C. Ladd Seniors Charles D. MacMillan Milton W. Nosek Ralph B. Reid Joseph E. Sheehan Frederick L. Winslow Robert M. Young Carroll T. Cox Myron D. King Selmar L. Lehmann Juniors George A. Pagels, Jr. William L. Roller Edward P. Russell Hugh B. Siddall Arthur E. Taylor Malcolm K. Twichell George A. Wentzell Roger H. Benedict Keith W. Eldridge Eigil R. Fadum Sophomores Raymond A. Johnson William G. Levis Hugh L. Ray, Jr. August J. Schwindeman William B. Ward Robert J. Wilson John S. Capps Donald J. Conners John M. Gartley Russell W. Hays Harry K. Huntoon Alfred R. Kraus Freshmen Alvin S. Lehmann Harry W. Mitchell Robert D. Poole Arthur L. Rice R. Reid Scaite Wilson Conners ' Voung CilberUon Tavhir Sheehan Nosek Siddall Levis Johnson Roller Capps Twichell Ward Ray Mitchell Fadum Scaite A. Lehmann Huntoon Poole Schwindeman Rice Pagels Ladd Hilliard Reid Jones Jolley Russell S. Lehmann King Benedict Cox MacMillan Winslow Eldridge Kraus Gartley % ' entzell Page 432 ; ' ,.11 ;i . .-, l ' lii .T il of lllin.MS. lyOd t ne Aftivf Cliaptt-r 1011 Soulli SiMli Slreet Chi Beta Thomas J. Dolan, M.S. FACULTY Frank E. Rokusek, B.S. Wendell .S. Wilson, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY William Z. Black, Jr. Thomas W. Guin Seniors George H. Hyde Donald W. Lyddon Harry J. Reck Julian C. Wheeler Hubert P. Yarnell ALTER C. Boyd Louis H. Clegg Deane M. Coventry Juniors Edward D. Davies Robert B. Engstrom Lester J. Gilgis Romaine B. Hutton Harold A. Johnson Stanley W. Rasmussen Robert C. Burr illiam M. Coppel Donald C. Geake Sophomores Robert H. Greeley . David E. Kirkpatrick Harry M. Palmer Roger M. Tarpy Sidney ' T. Trappe Bruce J. Wheeler William W. Bushnell Raymond M. Caldwell Wilbur R. Cureton Freshmen Elwood M. Eddington Harry Hill, Jr. Charles S. Galbreath, Jr. George M. Ryan Harry F. Teufert Matt Tischlbr Teuferl Cureton Tischler Ryan Clepg Eddington Hiishnetl Caldwell Galbreath Kirkpatrick Tarpy B. Wheeler Geake Palmer Greeley Coppei Burr Raemussen Hutton Engntroin t ilgit Boyd Johnson Daviea Trappe Guin Lyddon Yarnell Reck J, Wheeler Hyde Black Coventry Pag,- 433 T t •lundfd University of Michigan, 1904 Thirty Active Chapters IIETH CHAPTER Established 1906 501 East Daniel Street Acacia Pembroke H. Brown, Ph.D. William L. Burlison, Ph.D., D.Agr. George E. Ekblaw, Ph.D. Russell T. Gregg, A.M. Charles F. Hottes, Ph.D. FACULTY Ralph K. Hursh, B.S. Alonzo P. Kratz, M.S. Harry G. Paul, Ph.D. Irving L. Peterson, B.S. Francis M. Porter, M.S. Ray I. Shawl, M.S. John C. Spitler, B.S. John K. Tuthill, B.S., E.E. Robert J. West GRADUATE STUDENTS Hazen S. Whalin Theodore L. " hitesel Lloyd T. Allen, Jr. Thurlovv W. Drayer Allen V. Fox Ralph M. Fisher MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Fred W. Gartner Albert V. Lutton H. R. McNeeley Charles E. Nieh.aus Juniors John J. Gray Edward G. Porst Mervin E. Volle Carroll E. Yeast Robert S. Minsker Russell B. House Sophomores Cyril R. Laffoon George L. LaKaff George H. Milkwick Freshmen W. Blain Adams Winfred L. Fox Russell E. Hackleman Marshall Munz Decea8ed Anher Alli-n Fisher east Hackleman A. lox McNeeley MIiteBel Nieliaux Gartner Gray We«t Whalin Porst LaKaff Lutton Volle Laffoon W. Fox Munz Adams Milkwiek Minsker Page 434 Viiivcrsily of Illinois, 190 ' One Active Chapter lllSSuiith Euclid Avenue II US FACULTY J. Wayne Reitz. B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Joseph Brock Burton F. Buchan Seniors Robert C. Ingersoll Lawrence Nelson William J. Osman William H. Borst Bruce E. Graham Hollis W. Lander Juniors Milton O. Lorenz Thomas J. Martin Edwin E. Peifer Charles L. Perkins Charles L. Silet Marion R. Schutzbauch Robert W. Stewart Luis H. Vance James R. Demorest Herbert C. Gunner Edward L. Jarl Sophomores Harry K. Naoel Elbert M. Smith Albert I. Connell Eugene Dykstra Freshmen Harold G. Karstans Lester C. Mapes George V. Neill Robert H. Saunders Robert B. Shanks Martin Keitz In er soll Silel OBiiian " NaiH-c Brock eill SaiinJerw Perkins Shanks Mapes Demorest Jarl Nagel Schutzl aufih Lander Smitli Hiichan U irst ham Lorenz Peifer Stewart DykBtra Karstans Gunner Nelst n Connell PaK ' - 435 ( F„uiul,;l Universit of Illinoij , 1907 Fifteen Active Chapters ILLI OIS CHAPTER Established 1907 112 East Daniel Street Triang-le FACULTY Edward E. Bauer, M.S., C.E. Hayse H. Black, B.S. Eldred E. Cress, B.S., C.E. Ralph S. Crossman, M.S., C.E. Melvin L. Enger, M.S., C.E. Randolph P. Hoelscher, M.S., C.E. Harvev H. Jordan, B.S. Arthur N. Talbot, C.E., D.Sc, D.Eng. Arthur C. Willard, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Robert E. Baumberger II. Summerfield Day Frank Fisher. Jr. Lucius Gilman ben lors J. Roderick Johnstone Joseph R. Kempston M. Howard Sest, Jr. Carlos E. Bronson, Jr. Fred R. Cooper Juniors Burnell G. Daigh Harold A. Rigg Leslie N. Roberts Alwin E. Wanderer Pauly R. Faris Clifford M. Hathaway, Jr. Sophomores Robert F. Lindgrin Stanley C. Mader John U. Schmid Freshmen Eugene E. Marshall Charles P. Royer Charles M. Slaymaker, Jr. West Daigh KnnpKl.i Rigg Hronsim Hndelier Marshall HauMil iTBcr amlerer Hoherts Fisher Crossman SI. Ctioper Hathaway (;ilm n Faris Day y maker Schmid )!. cr Ma Icr Lindgrin Pagf 4j6 I Fniinrlpfi I ' niviTsity of Wisconsin. IM()2 Forty-nine Active Chaptert ZET CM VFTKU E ;taMisiu-.). IQOH 810 Soiilh I ' liird Street Roger Adams. Ph.D. Darrei-l Althai ' sen, Ph.D. Andrew I. Andrews, Ph.D. LUDWIG F. AlDRIETH, Ph.D. John C. Bailar. Jr., Ph.D. William F. Baii.ey, M.S. Clair S. Boriff, Ph.D. . rtiur M. Buswell, Ph.D. George L. Ci.ark, Ph.D. Michael J. Copley, Ph.D. Diane T. Englis, Ph.D. William L. Faith, Ph.D. Reynold C. Fison, Ph.D. Harry S. Gridley, D.Sc. Tom S. Hamilton, M.S. Alpha Chi Sigma FACULTY B. Smith Hopkins, Ph.D.. D.Sc. Frank C. Howard, M.S. Gordon Hughes, Ph.D. Ralph K. Hursh, B.S. Henry F. Johnstone, Ph.D. Donald B. Keyes, Ph.D. Norman W. Krase, Ph.D. JusTA M. Lindgren, M.S. Carl S. Marvel, Ph.D. William A. Noyes, Ph.D., LL.D., Chem.D., D.Sc Oliver R. Overman, Ph.D. CiiLLEN W. Parmelee, M.S. Paul E. Peters, Ph.D. Thomas E. Phipps, Ph.D. Laurence L. Quill. Ph.D. George H. Reed, Ph.D. John H. Reedy, Ph.D. Worth H. Rodebush, Ph.D. William C. Rose, Ph.D. Warren A. Ruth, Ph.D. Ralph L. Shriner, Ph.D. Wayne A. Sisson, Ph.D. George F. Smith, Ph.D. Charles W. Stillwell. Ph.D. Frederick G. Straub, M.S. Sherlock Swann, Jr., Ph.D. George E. Symons, Ph.D. Fred W. Tanner, Ph.D. George L Wallace, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors Gardner B. Abbott Merton M. Beckwith Donald B. Black Edward A. Bertram LaRue S. Hichsmith Richard J. Hickey ' Allen J. Barney John A. Churan Emil T. Hinkel Paul T. Hofhenke Charles D. Owens John J. Mullane George M. Pohler Juniors Marvin T. Schmidt Sophomores George B. Phelps Freshmen Robert W. Brashears George M. Shuman William W. Turner Richard W. West Jerome B. Swartz Richard D. Turner Martin B. Gableb Nie-holson McCarty Sisson D.ilirv .S; mon» Fallli Van Arcndonk McCiiy Ke e» Koae llii|jkii Eaton X allace Deem Loring Buswell Adams Hursh Andrews Parmelee Peters Meyers Barr Thompson Althausen Naeser Clark Beckwith Burton Ewart Brown -Shields Fearec X ' . Turner D. West Brashears Barney R. West Owens Inihoff Highsmith Phelps R. Turner Hickey Shuman Pohlei a Kcedy Clemens Klabunde Mullane Abbott Bertram Hinkel Page 437 ■ad L F ■■■ ■:__._ _J- J » 4 " . ' : -: gg-; s ssssm i, !i 1 , " n J 1 I ' Founded University of Illinois, 1908 Thirty-four Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1908 58 Gregory Drive I Sleeter Bull, M.S. Jay C. Hackleman, A.M. Horace B. [ngalls, B.S. Frederick J. Keilholz, B.S, Dale C. Kieffer, M.S. Alpha Gamma Rho FACULTY John P. McCollum, B.S. Edward R. McGovran, M.S. Fred H. Rankin, B.S. Henry P. Rusk, M.S. GRADUATE STUDENT Carl E. Haradine MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors Robert F. Sikes, M.S. Hubert J. Sloan, Ph.D. George I. Wallace, Ph.D. ' illlam H. Young Ray N. Ammon Robert I. DeLong Harold K. Doubet William E. Elder Paul R. Benge Ralph E. Graham Robert M. Harrison Fred S. Hooper. Jr. Kenneth J. Johnson Menzie W. Ammon Edmund C. Daily Parker J. Erickson W. Max Brine George B. Hooper Mark O. Grenlund Paul E. Howey Vernon O. Landmeier O. Robert Mayne Sterling E. Myers Ray G. Peart Juniors Harold F. Kennedy John A. Mathers Harold W. Nolen Morris E. Paddick Llewellyn M. Raney ' ilber ' . Reid Chester A. Ritchie Richard N. Shade Sophomores Ralph G. Finney ' Hubert J. Fombelle James M. Morrow Alfred H. Ogle Morton L. Fowler Martin T. Garbe Freshmen Charles M. Parker Bernon G. Perkins Lawrence A. Potter Elmer E. Williams Ben H. Smith, Jr. Eugene Steeley John E. Tobie John L. Trisler Robert L. Hunsaker LeRoy E. Mueller Stanley J. Zienkosky Oliver Shrader Cary F. Strang I I V v t f f I f f 1 1 f t f t Brine Duily Garlie Krii-kr f n Shade Raney Harrison F. Hiinper Poller Killer Grenlund ' »■ " • " ■per Ople Parker Hunsaker Sirang Morrow M. Amnion finnev Mueller Graham Fomhclle Kennedy Tohie Fowler lleradine J .hn»oi. Nolen Mathers Reid Sniilli Kitehie Paddick Trisler Landmeier Myers Sloan Young McGoyran K. Ammon Williams Mayne Perkins Doubet Page 43S hi Foun,M Yule I ' liivcrsily. 1845 rhirty-lhree Active Chapters ETA CHAI ' IER Estal.liahed l )08 211 East Arnii r Avenue 1 H ? ' m 1 • 1. 1 ii ! ?N]1 ' ■ f « ■! ;p ■3I ' Alpha Sigma Phi Edward C. Baldwin, Pli.D. Theodore H. Prison, Ph.D. Everett E. Kino, A.B., M.C.E. FACULTY William B. Lockling, A.M. William H. Scheick, B.Arch. Francis P. Shepard, Ph.D. Frederic B. Stiven, B.Mus., A.A.G.O. Frank W. Stubbs, Jr., M.S., C.E. GRADUATE STUDENT Ernest C. Shuman MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sherman C. Anderson David M. Baldwin Harold E. Conant Richard W. Haines Joseph H. Bei.air Francis J. Platt John . Bell Charles Bennis Elmo P. Cox G. William Anderson Harold C. Busch Seniu James R. Hansgen Raymond E. Harroun Frank D. Hendricks Donald V. Luby Vernon E. Moore Huntington J. Oti« Juniors Charles E. Pruett C.4RL F. Smith RiissEL S. Cullison Wayne F. Meents Edwin R. Snavely Sophomores Arthur A. Parquette William A. Skoglund Freshmen Horace P. Christian Keith B. Lewis John R. Sawtell Jack A. Selig W. Forbes Sloan William G. Theobald A. Maurice Utt C. Kellog Walbert Robert A. Wynes Edward A. Zecers Merr W. Peterson Harold M. Stambach R _ aunwini iHffiHJii imiim iwniffr srss tA O Sjff! u ' f -f f 4L-4. ' 4 ' 4lJ|. t f J Busch Meents Stambach Lewis Beniiie Hansgen Moore ;. Andernon Shuman Plan Skoglund Ciillieon Zegers Smith Bell Wynes X alhert L tt Snavely Peterson Parquette Belair Pruett Christian Hendricks S. Anderson Harroun D. Baldwin Sloan ScHk Luhy Sawtell Haines Conant Theohald Page 439 r Vincennet- L Ilivc ity. 1897 Thirty Active Chapters PHI CHAPTER Established 1908 402 East Armory Avenue LaForce Bailey, M.S., B.P. Abner R. Knight, M.S., E.E. William K. Maxwell, A.M. Sigrna Pi FACULTY Cyrus E. Palmer, M.S. Harrison A. Ruehe, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY John P. Sabo, B.S. Ernest L. Stoliffeb, B.S. Seniors William A. Amsler Benjamin H. Davenport Roy F. Cailey William L. Day Everett Fitzjarrald Albert C. Kamm HoBART L. Boyd John M. Davies Stuart B. Cultra Melvin W. Konopasek Benjamin Naurich Thaddeus J. Glaza Theodore H. Griesenaur Juni Alfred J. Kamm LeRoy- E. Krugcel Robert W. Lake Arnold C. Lamb W. Frederick Lindall MURVAIL C. McGuiRE Walter N. Matthias Elbert P. Maus Sophomores Ambrose Elliot, Jr. William C. Kurtz James R. Large Alvin M. Mickelson Freshmen Francis T. Niklewicz George M. Sandwell Roger J. Sharkey Floyd A. Singleton Phillip W. McDowell Dallas M. Meyer William J. Pfister Elmer J. Schultz Ernest II. Waterman Carl K. Williams Harold S. Peel William J. Stearns ILLIAM M. SwENSON Robert G. Warmbold -v n v " ' ;; " " ' ' ' ' ' f f ? 1 1 « R t t f; f tAA f illiiini8 Fitzjarrald Srhultz Glaza Kurtz Nirklewicz Maun Da Naurich Lake Itiiyd KrutzK I Stearns knopabek Swenson Davies . J. Kamm Diivciiport (Jricscnaur Mejer AiiihIcf A. C. Kamm Lanih McDowell Vlaxwell McGuire Peel aternian Larfie Cailey Cultra Pfister Warmbold Sandwell Matthias Mickelson Singleton Sharkey Page 440 Foumieti Union Collepr. 1847 TweiUy-nine Arlivt- Chapters KAPPA DEI TKROX CHAPTEK Eslahlisheil 1 J08 901 Stiuili Second Street Theta Delta Chi Alfred C. Callen, M.S., E.M. Harold S. Dawson, B.S. FACULTY ' iLLL4M McCleave, Maj. F.A. Matthew T. McClure, Ph.D. Edward M. Mueller, A.B. Warren W . Day GRADUATE STUDENTS Raymond J. Gencler Stanley R. Boughton MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors Frank J. Dvorak Carl J. Neer Herbert F. Tieman " alter C. Borman Paul H. Carson George G. Danks Juniors James W . Davls Norman J. Dinkel J. Harold Glascock Thomas B. Kennedy Robert A. McNamara Donald W. Ross W. Eugene Stevens Elmer H. Stonehouse Frederick M. Zeiler Robert T. Brazier Robert M. Byrne Sophomores Charles H. Coffin Orville ' . Eldred Richard D. Ferris Clarence H. Kavanaugh Gerhardt H. Oldsen Edward F. Schaefer Warren C. Lowrv Freshmen Edward F. Piecuch Victor Rody Piecuch Kavanaugh Schaefer Byrne Dvorak Rody Brazier Olcieen Lowry Eldred Dinkel Stonehouse Zeiler (Jlascock Dank Borman Kennedy Carson Coffin Stevens Ross eer Davis Tieman Boughton Gengler Dawson McNamara Pagr 441 Founded New York L niversity. 1847 Twenty-nine Active Chapters ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1909 201 East John Street Zeta Psi FACULTY Harland Bartholomew, C.E. GRADUATE STUDENT Morris M. Briggs i Irwin H. Baker, Jr. Edmond a. Lodge Edward A. Banner MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Drake D. Older William F. Schulz Harland B. Roney Juniors William Sivyer ill . Vincent James D. Williamson Floyd E. Wrobke Brcce a. King, Jr. Erich W. Lademann, Jr. Sophomores W iLLiAM E. Mason Will ' am Rossberger, Jr. John D. Seymour Hazor B. Smith John D. Borroff Freshmen Richard A. Calhoun Frederick J. Port, Jr. Carl " . Soderstrom V Sivyer Borroff Srhuiz King Calhoun Smith Soderaoni ( liler Rotifherger Banner Hripes ' inrent ademann Sevniour V illianison Lodg Baker Mason Port Pag,- 442 Founds MastinrliusetlH Agricultural Collepo. 1873 Fifty-one Aclivt- Cliaptcru ALPHA DEITKRON ClIAPTKK Estahlit hed WKI 1001 Soulh SecomI Street SH i!r K _ _v H B mm vy ' f UAtI ■Bjl HlllHJ jH Ih H liMBtfi ■iSii Phi Sigma Kappa John W. Albig, Ph.D. ALTER G. McAllister, Ph.D. FACULTY John A. Nicholson, Ph.D. William P. Sandford. Ph.D Clyde A. Webber, B..S. Charles T. Balcoff Albert Brown L. Vi ILLIAM COALE Vernon L. Douthit MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors William L. Ganschinietz Malcolm J. Gillis Leonard S. Hopkins Robert J. Johnston Irving H. Kraft Robert A. Nelson Russel C. Rink Richard F. Schramm T. Marshall Wallberg Jackson D. Beattv Ernest F. Budde Paul W. Dianis Merle E. Hadley Juniors John W. Hammer Raymond P. Hofferbert George W. Ledbetter Gene W. Losee Franklin R. Miley William F. Schafer Leroy C. Smallenberger Harley Stiehl Robert Stebbings Arthur S. Vance Sophomores arren W. Deethardt J. Phillip Durham Robert L. Faber Frank E. Froschauer RoY ' ' . Guttschow Wilfred F. Hoelscher Walter H. Lake Harry W. McCulloch, Jr. Paul Moran Ian T. Patterson William B. Phillips, Richard A. Ruhling William H. Solger Jim E. Stiehl Jr. Freshmen Howard J. Braun Walter J. Carlstedt John E. Choisser Eugene D. Conroy Bruce V. Doebler Norman E. Fork Robert B. Koehler Whitney ' E. Smith Charles F. Stecmeyer II Fork Carlstedt J. Slielil Froschauer Braun H. Sliehl Stegnieyer Deoliler Hc»fferhert Koehler Conroy Ledbetter Moran Choieser Solger Patterson Guttschow Ruhling Lake Phillips Deethardt Hoelscher McCulloch Uudde Beatty Losee Hammer Stehhings Miley Hadley Dianis Smallenherger Faher Durham Nelson (Jillis Doulhit Kraft Brown Wallherg Coale Hopkins Schramm ' « ' 443 I .,l,n,l,-,l Inion College. 1833 Fwenty-seven Active Chapters OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1910 313 East Armory Avenue Psi Upsilon FACULTY Frederick Green, A.M., LL.B. Fred H. Rankin, B..S. Richard B. Ainsworth GRADUATE STUDENTS Hugh J. Graham, Jr. William M. Rice MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Charles F. Cockrell James M. Hodge Seniors Arthur G. Holstein, Jr. John H. Holstein Edward A. Kramer Jerry R. Owincs Robert I. Zearing W. Howard P. Emrich, II A. Miller Fish Juniors Laurence R. Hatch J. Alex Hoblit John B. Murphy John D. Nelson John C. Newlin Paul A. Smith John H. Barth Robert W. Collett Aubrey O. Cookman, Jr. Sopho G. Henry Couchman, Jr. illiam J. Ennis Robert O. Lewis James M. Logan William R. Lyon Herbert T. Rich, Jr. Burton E. Shwind Albert ' . Worthen Bayard W . Biossat Jack H. Butridge Frank D. Hoblit John M. Holzer Robert L. Knauer illiam E. Linton Freshmen George H. Miller, Jr. Frank H. Newton Maurice J. Shroyer Merrill D. Smith, Jr. Grable B. Weber, Jr. A. Richard Williams Hodge P. .Smith Nelson Newlin Rich Ennis Couchman Shroyer Hulriilge Wrhcr Newton Linton Knauer Kramer Murpli) Owings h Lo an Cookman M. .Smith Lewis Worthen -Miller F. Hoblit Page- 444 K ■v. Priiicfioii Lniversity. 1824 riiirly -three Active Chapters SIGMA CHAPrEK Estahlished I »12 303 East Chalmers Street A Chi Phi FACULTY Lawrence W. Murphy, A.M. GRADUATE STUDENTS Laurence L. Smith Arthur W. Wupper H. Wayne Bitting Daniel H. Dailey, Jr. Robert E. Dwyer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors Julius J. Klingelhofer Phillip C. Kolb LeLAND A. QUINDRY Winthrop Richards Thomas P. Ross Robert F. Schutz Herbert H. Sjolander Clarence F. Bartelsmeyer F. Eugene Bourgoin Virgil G. Bozeman Juniors RoscoE T. Cook Theodore G. Delang William E. Doherty Donald L. Faulkner Robert F. Hoffman Leo H. Shively George L. Staudt Harold L. Andersen Fred J. Hornby Sophomores Gordon V. Muntz Frank Novotny, Jr. Frederick W.Salisbury Charles H. Wilson Victor I. Alfsen Arnold W. Arfsten Robert H. Brothersen Freshmen Robert K. Cameron Edward J. Graham. Jr. Henry F. Hansen G. Gordon Hornby George Moore Robert M. Sensbney Wesley O. Wigginton George C. Zeller J Wupper khiipelhofer Richards Kolli Daile Uwyer Smith Sjolanrler Salishiiry Bozeman Schutz K«» b H )ffman F. Hornby Staudt Doherty iSovotny Wilson Shively Andersen Muntz Faulkner Bourgoin Bartelemeyer Cameron Graham Seneeney Wigginton Brothersen Alfsen Hansen Arfsten G. Hornby Bitting Quindry Moore Page 445 Founded Union College, I8U Twenty-five Active Chapters ALPHA ZETA DELTA CHAPTER EetabliBhed 1912 912 South Second Street Chi Psi MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors William W. Baker Harold G. Bloomfield Eugene J. Dailey, Jr. Elliott Durand Charles H. Gallion Clayton S. Hexton Donald S. Hoebel Howard S. McFarland Theodore C. Pelikan Laurence J. Pickett Charles G. Rummel Reynold S. Smith Juniors George S. Bovvren Frederick B. Frederickson Fred K. Gardner Robert P. Cibbs Ernest F. Groth Wendell P. Keith William R. McGlathery Thomas T. Nickels Kirk J. Ruger Frederick B. Stresau John H. Baldwin Jack O. Cook Mardon E. Cook Sophomores Charles C. Curry, Jr. S. Julian Hexton Robert D. Marshall Kenneth J. Pettigrew Donald H. Smale Myron L. Thomas Robert J. Tuscher Robert E. Whiteway Freshmen Joseph B. Coleman Edward K. Gleason, Jr. John H. Moore David H. Patton Albert II. Reichman William K. Richards E. Francis Sammons Franklin S. Sorn McFarlaiiil (iililiw Smith Kakc MrGIalhery Stresau ;ardeiier Bowreii Richards Petliprrw Whiteway Thonias M. C.uttk Smale Baldwin Sorn SaminimH GleaHon Pi.ketl lll..oiiitiel,l Pehkaii ll„(hel Dailey Kiiger (fTfith Nickels Kiimmel DiiranrI Marshall Tuscher J. Cook S. Hextnn Keichman Moore Palloii Coleman (Million Fredrieksoii Keitb Curry Pagi- 446 lotmilfil Hrown l!|iivcrsily, 1889 Twenty-four Active Chapters HKI A CHAPTER Ksl:ililislied lt 12 310 East Chalmers Street Edwin L. Broderick, B.S. EnwiN J. Mam.ev Phi Kappa FACULTY David G. Ryan, M.S. Herman J. Schrader, B.S., M.E. Edmund F. Toth, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Lawrence B. Askin Charles J. Geiser Francis E. Hy.son C. RoBKRT DORSETT Paul H. Labus Andrew S. Kleszewski Charles J. Lazio Francis R. Metzdorf .IeROME B. MOCKENHAIPT Leo p. Morgan Juniors John W . Tassick Paul C. Tracy Thomas E. Ennett Charles P. Erlenbauch, Jr. Raymond J. Bickerman George F. Bowler Robert E. Delaney Sophomores Harold W Finneran Clyde H. Jacobs Freshmen John C. Fleming Robert B. Haynie Al F. Kerns William H. Leitner Eugene T. McMahon Edward J. Stack Frank A. Palumbo Ben E. Rine, Jr. Matthew M. Wingert William O. West F. Kenneth Worland Lester R. Wroble Harry P. Tracy William R. Watson Fred J. Wehling f 1 t-f ' t m ».f f . 4 4 ' « % rohle Erlenhaugh JacoliH W orland F nneran Miksak Ennett Fleming oods Lahus Taswick Dorsett P. Tracy West Palumho kleszewski Morkenhaiipt HvBon Morgan Rine Wingert Mulladv Metzdort Geiser Lazio Bickerman McMahon Stack Bowler Wehling Watson Haynie H. Tracy Pag.e 447 I J ■■ Fou ntlpit Dlinois WcBleyan University. 1899 Thirty-seven Active Chaptera GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1912 102 East Chalmers Street Tau Kappa Epsilon Chester R. Anderson, A.M. DuANE T. Englis, Ph.D. FACULTY CarlS. Marvel, Ph.D. Milton M. Olander, M.S. Edwin L. Theiss, Ph.D., C.P.A. Louis H. Arning Gordon R. Bailey Ralph L. Blanchard Roland P. Carlson MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Theodore R. Fetherston Lloyd G. Hire W. Howard Lang .Jack A. Ly ' ons Otto L. McBride Jack N. McConaha Christian D. Meislahn George E. Sapora Carl V. Schermerhorn Albert L. Schick Juniors Wilbur Anderson Robert W. Burke Robert C. Carrol Harry D. Chesney Raymond C. Comings Howard Dekker Melvin H. Hauser Norman W. Hines John W. Hope Eldon E. Houghton Seward C. Locke Charles D. Mack Jack L. Naumann Herbert L. Nelson Carl H. Olson Lyle L. Robertson James E. Steele Russel J. Whyte Chester S. Wiencek W. Howard Howell Frank Mercer George W. Pervier Robert B. .Siegel Sophomores Harry J. Stastny Vincent J. Vanmeter Douglas B. " aldo Arvo a. Antilla Andrew Cherry Harley R. Climpson William F. Fuller Freshmen Roy W. Funk Martin F. Hauser William E. Jones Norman C. Kent William R. Pershall William G. Pitt Fred W. Roos Ralph M. Van Zant Thomas Vlskmiskki Irving A. Zwick Pershall Marliii llauBtr Kenl !• iiller VanZanl Funk ViskniiBlcki Roos Pervier Jones Siegel Pill Cherry Anderson Chesney Carrol Mack Wieneek Mercer Naumann Roberlson Stastny Whvte llowcll Schick Hines Dekker Locke Mope Comings Melvin Hauser Olson Steele Fetherston Waldo Schermerhorn Lyons Sapora Meislahn McBride Hire Arning Carlson Blanchard Lang P ' lK ' - 44S Foil mhtl Collfjte of Cily nf New York, 189K Thirtv-foiir Active Chapters KlIO CHAPTER hrd l ' 12 Q07 8omh Fourth Street Zeta Beta Tau FACULTY Max J. Wasserman, Dr. es Sc. Econ. GRADUATE STUDENTS Myer a. Lewis, Jr. Stanley L. Goodfriend Milton E. Goodman, Jr. Russell L. Gorevitz Joseph A. Rubenstein MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Robert J. Salinger Stanton R. Schiller Arnold F. Simon Bernard M. Nachman Juniors Edwin N. Sommer Charles D. Tanzer Ted V. Baer Paul A. Barker Edward P. Berry Ernest N. Bocin Floyd D. Cerf, Jr. Sophomores X illiam B. DeLue Leslie A. Epstein Arthur Grunewald Ben C. Lewis, Jr. Jesse B. Loeb, Jr. Arthur F. Miller James E. Myers W. Richard Netzorg Arthur E. Reinhold Norman J. Siegel Jack G. Sobiloff Edward Weinstein Freshmen David Citron, Jr. Herbert Glazer Lewis E. Hirsch I. A. Kamien, Jr. Burton H. Meyer Lawrence C. Smith, Jr. Sam M. Solomon ■ " illiam W. Weisberc Clarence S. Wolf 1 Citron Kamien Smith % olf Hirsch Meyer Greengard Weisberg Netzorg B. Lewis Baer DeLue Myers Reinhold Loeb Miller Barker Cerf Epstein Grunewald Bogin Tanzer Salinger Nachman Sommer Schiller Goodman Gorevitz M. Lewis Goodfriend Simon Gla Siegel Berry Sobiloff Rubenstein Page 449 Fuu n ded Hamilton College, 1832 Twenty-seven Active Chapters ILLINOIS CHAPTER Eetabllshed 1912 310 East John Street Alpha Delta Phi FACULTY Herbert J. Barton, A.M. GRADUATE STUDENTS John Bookwalter MiLo S. Ketohum, Jr. Timothy W. Swain Harold M. Tennby Louis J. Trinkaus James W. Wheat Darwin L. Wood MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Robert F. Blaine Alonzo B. Conklin, Jr. Frank B. Edwards Russell E. Baker Leslie B. Clark, Jr. John R. Covington Harrison C. Blankmeyer Robert F. Davis Arthur Eidman, Jr. Edward J. Altorfer Carroll C. Bocgs Richard P. Caddick G. Robert Christiani Robert V. Faragher Donald H. Gratiot John M. Hay ' es Albert W. Hall John D. Handbury Robert W. Mahnke Virlon S. Rice Fred M. Robinson Juniors Wallace A. Johnson Claude H. Miller Sophomores HiLERD W. Jenkins Otis J. McCoy George C. Pratt Mark D. Disosway John L. East, Jr. John E. Irland Bruce M. Jones Donald S. Rocke Benjamin P. Schrumpf Freshmen Fred I. Reiser Thomas C. Kennett Robert B. Little Justin G. McCarthy George D. Sudlow Douglas ' . Van Petten James L. Waring Lewis T. Putman Boone A. Robinson Stewart M. Spalding Len H. Small John W. Stead Guy R. Williams D. Smith McGaughey C. Vencil Milburne Robert H. Quayle E. Sanford Verry V V- ??S? ' ' -C - ' ' " ' - ' - ' :- - y mssfmsaKsssaBmi .,_• -., " «?-- i , -• ' " .,!« .V, " -;- - - . HiF ' T " HJ - P f t f I wwi !f l S EH S % % f " " ' W? ¥ JKlt « w 1_ 1, S % A- li " ■ iImotP HifiSHF ' ft " DiBoeway Little Wheat Rice BLiinc Ccink in Mahiikc Van Petten Edwards Hayes F. Robinson Faragher Gratiot Waring Swain Trinliaus Koi-ke t-lark B. KobmBon Ilandhury Itaker Covington Spalding Hall Putman Miller Irland McCoy Jenkins htead Blankmeyer Davis Small Williams Pratt Schrumpf Boggs Quayle East Johnson tidman Christiani McCarthy Keiser Altorfer Caddick Kennett Verrv Jones Milburne Page 4S0 Fonnth ' il I ' nivertiiily of llliiii is and I ' nivcrsity of MichtRHn, 191 I Ten Aelive Ciiiipters ANTllENUOS CHAPTER Estaltliiithed 1914 1108 South First Street Alpha Rho Chi FACULTY Harhv J. Harm4n, B.S. James T. Lendrum, B.S. Frank M. Lesciier, B.S. Rexford Nevvcomb, A.m., M.Arch., A. I. A. Thomas E. O ' Donnell, M.S., M.Arch. Cyrus E. Palmer, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LoRiNG H. Provine, B.S., A.E. Otto G. Schaffer, B.S. Stanley White, B.S., M.L.A. Seniors f William W. Anderson Millard R. Auble William " . Faris F. Powell Cole X ' eldon W. Gratton John F. Bartels Arthur A. Carrara Ralph E. Koch H. Samuel Kruse Donald M. Mayne James E. Moorhead Juniors William H. Higcinbothem Kent Lane Bernard E. Hult Carl J. Haas Kenneth A. Smith Sophomores H. Kenneth Trabbr Freshmen Joseph M. Gartner Joseph R. Schuyler James F. Whisenand James F. McIntosh Roy E. Wendahl Charles O. Wedberg Louis C. Wilcox Tom J. Russell li Bartels Schuyler Moorhead Whisenand Anderson Carrara Cole Faris Kruse Wedberg Koch Mrlntoeh Auhle Harman Lendrum Lescher Palmer O ' Donnell De Leonard Rusgell Traher Haas Smith (Jratttm lligginbotheni Lane White Mayne Hult Wendahl Wilcox G artner Erikson Pagtf 4SI Founded University of Missouri. 1905 Seven Active Chapters ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established 1915 105 East Daniel Street Farm House Joseph Ackerman, M.S. Everett G. Barrett. B.S. Jacob G. Cash, B.S. Samuel X ' . Decker, M.S. FACULTY Alvin F. Kuhlman, M.S. Francis E. Loncmire, M.S. Horace M. Newell, M.S. Edwin I. Pilchard, B.S. Russell H. Reed, B.S. Henry P. Rusk, M.S. Harrv G. Russell, B.S. ILLIAM Brown William H. Duis Harold E. Line Clarence T. Albert Reid G. Bovle Vernon M. Eckert Ward L. Edwards Stanley E. Hagen Ernest B. Combs MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY .Sen iors Herman B. Rupp MiNOT SiLLIMAN, Jr. Donald E. Smith Charles H. Stinson Juniors Malcolm D. Canterbury Homer E. Edwards Sopho Ivan W. Hieser Raymond R. Irwin Kermit E. Kline Wallace P. Mills Freshmen Milner a. Cummincs Kenneth T. Hamilton Paul T. Wilson Charles Wright Warren A. Mynard C. Linden Piatt William D. Rusk Charles R. Sayre Ray H. Teal Bert McKee V 5 J.t lAJtf-f . m W. Edwards llaf;en Combs Eckert Ha KUne Hieser H. Edwards Piatt Wilson Duis Stinson lilton Ca Smith Ciimininf s Teal Nelson Russell Canterbury W . Rusk Irwin Albert Boyle Wright Rupp Brown Decker .-Vrkernian H. Rus Mynard Mills Sayre Silliman Line Page 4j2 .„in,l,;l llnsinn I iiiicrsily. 1909 Eighlv-foiir At ' live Chapters cm ZKIV CHAPTER KslaMi .ll• ' .l I91S 209 EasI Ariin»r Avenue Paul C. Beaver, M.S. Carlin F. Gibbs, M.S. Lambda Chi Alpha FACULTY Arnold R. von Lehsten, M.S. William Ted Martin, A.M. Hartley D. Price, A.M. Laurence L. Quill, Ph.D. Thomas W . Abbott Clifford R. Dammers Nicholas P. Brenner, Jr. Arthur F. Christman Roger S. Fabri William D. Fooks Victor L. Baughman Robert B. Borchers Guv Barnard James J. Butler MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors E. Parke Godwin E. William Kalb Frederick R. Matson Juniors Jules E. Gonseth Howard A. Kellermann George A. Kolben Joseph M. Korzen Frank J. Kriz Robert I. Metcalf Leo F. Mucha Philip J. Potter Sophomores Aubrey J. Brown L. Jesse Capoot Robert F. Christensen John R. Eraser Freshmen Louis H. Drenckpohl Clifford W. Gano Jack E. Slattery Joseph A. Tills John F. Schuldt H. Stanley Shott Stanley S. Spyra Glen I. Talbott Carl H. Grahl W. Wells Linder Lee Geldhof I DC A ] Slattery (;of]win rilli Dammers Kellermann Christensen Quill Fabri Korzen Gonweth Matron Abbott Kalb Binna von Lehsten Kriz Talbott Fooke Kolben Spvra Mucha Potter Christman Brenner Schuldt Metcalf Grahl Drenckpohl Borchers Linder Capoot Brown Butler Sboit Fraser Pag 453 1 r BP fccr- -. - v • K l •r n 1? M 1 wK - ' ! lfffffl • j; ? 1i SS Found fd Trinity College, 1895 Twenty-three Active Chapters PHI KAPPA CHAPTER Established 1916 311 East Armory Avenue i Alpha Chi Rho FACULTY Frank E. Schooley, B.S., M.P.J. John E. Sweet, B.S. Fred W. Tanner, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Alfred W. Borg, Jr. W. Owen Edwards, Jr. William J. Gilliland Joseph G. Holty Seniors Charles E. Logan Warren D. Marshall John J. Miller John F. Pilgrim Frederick A. Reisner Gordon H. Ryan John E. Somerville William H. Stewart John G. Symons Alan G. Arison Wilbur W. Bingaman Juniors S. Deneen Fisher Robert A. Gopel Donald F. Jackson Clarence J. Nelson Leland p. Smith George T. Austin Sophomores David W. Mathew Harold F. Stolle Raymon K. Visser Michael R. Galland Warren W. Hoefer Theodore Q. Hoffman Freshmen John B. Kuney Arnold J. Potteiger Harold B. Miller Richard M. Shelton Stephen F. Steib Harland Van Alstyne Myron L. S ormi.ey Ue GiMilunt Fisher Au8tin INelwon E lw;.r.lK 1 ' ltci{;er V Kt cr Gopel Pilprim Symons Somerville Logan Holty Hoffman H. Miller Mathew Gillian.! Shelton Worniley Arinon Bingaman J. Miller Stewart Jackson Reisner Borg M arshall Steib Van Alstyne Hoefer Kuney Smith PiS ' ' 454 I Fnumlrti Mill mi I iiivrrsit . 1906 Ki rty-fniir Active Chapler8 ZETA CHAPTER hed 1916 310 Gregory Drive Phi Kappa Tau FACULTY Burton N. Behling, Ph.D. Herbert E. Carter, A.M. Newton E. Ensign, A.M. Albert J. Harno, B.S., LL.B., LL.D. Clyde W. Kearns, B.S. Cecil A. Mover, M.S. Raymond F. Smith, M.S. Edward E. Stafford, A.B Josef F. Wright, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Edgar L. Bannister James W . Fry Robert F. Maley " Casper L. Mast, Jr. Seniors Clifford G. Petrie Daniel J. Sullivan Gerald C. Weiland George J. West William S. Budd Samuel O. Jones Juniors Donald A. Norman Edward E. Reynolds Donald B. Richards L. Allen Thomas Thomas W. Bohmker Russell H. Coe Robert W. Eichenberger George H. Ennis Louis J. Fohr Sophomores Vries Granestein A. Raymond Haskins Richard E. Kephart Frank T. Kirley R. Chelman Lewis Thomas I. Megan B. Bruce Miller Kenneth C. Peddicord John E. Richards Melvin F. Sheahan Stanley M. Snyder Joseph J. Spain William B. Tenney Lavoy K. Bopp Paul E. Cotton Freshmen John H. Eichenberger Robert T. Lyons Frederick G. Schmidt livan Sheahan Coe Tenney ' Megar Peddicord Fohr Thomas Petrie BanniBter lain (Jraveelein lla kintt Bohmker R. Kichenherger Schmidt Cotton J. Eirhenherger Lewis West Jones J. Richards Kephart Moyer Fredericks Carter Weiland Kirley Spain (iraveslein Haskins Bohmki Reynolds Budd D. Richards Norman Mast Maley Fry Behling Pag 455 I Founded Norwich University, 1856 Fifty Active Chapters RHO CHAPTER Eatahlifihed 1916 505 East Chalmers Roy L. Dalferes,Capt., F.A. Bernard L. Jefferson, Ph.D. Theta Chi FACULTY John J. Pieper, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Charles F. Schlatter, M.S., C.P.A. Irwin L. Lummis, Capt., B.S. Edward H. Baker, Jr. William L. Blake Ford II. Blunck Daniel E. Christopher R. Ralston Bushart Roisert J. Christopher Robert V. Hladik James C. Anderson John Barr Louis E. Beckman Lowden a. Hanselman Edwin H. Henderson Elton Hill John H. Howk James W. Kendrick James L. Kraft Harold II. Mount Frank W. Peacock, Jr. Fred C. Oathout Lee H. Prav Robert C. Ratliff Juniors Lyle E. Hoffman Clifton F. Hyink Marvin O. Jeck Murray C. Kroeger William K. Lawrence Sophomores Calvin E. Bode Clarence A. Burner, Jr. Thomas C. Davidson Robert C. Evans H. GoRDEN Faulkner Robert J. Hecgie Freshmen Robert B. Laciier Eugene W. Pennuto Robert E. Perrin Robert E. Pilcher Chalmer M. Price Robert L. Ray- Donald R. Schneider Frederick D. Shell J. Hubbard Rossiter William J. Schlatter Keith F. Scott EsPEY C. Williamson Philip H. Ray John W. Suddes Benjamin W. Weisicer George C. Kennedy " D. Eugene Weisiger James S. Wilkinson Albert C. Taylor W ILLIAM F. Waugh Richard G. Wilson Scott H. Zahren Oathout Kraft liluiirk W illiani»..n Pray Mount Baker Blake U. CliriBtophrr Ratliff Schlatter Scott Hladik Jeck Beckman H. W eiwiKcr Bur hart Hyink Kroeger Lawrence Hoffman Barr P. Ray U ilkinson Burner Evans Kennedy Faulkner Zahren Schnieder Hill Davidt on Heggie D. Weieiger Anderson Bode Pennine Haneelnian Pen Ta lo Laclier Waugh Howk Pilcher leggie Henderson X ilson R. Rai Shell Price Page 456 Vni rsity of Virpinui, 1868 Kipht -llircc Active Cluiptern BKTA KTA CIIAPTKK ICstuhlifihrd l ' »17 303 Easl Arinorv Avenue Pi Kappa Alpha Vi ii.i.iAM E. Britton, a.m., J.D. Robert B. Browne, M.S. FACULTY Arthur F. Deam, B.A., F.A.A.R. Essel R. Dillavou, A.M., .I.D. Ward E. Dillavou GRADUATE STUDENTS Alfred L. Sbidel Robert M. Wbrdbn .1. Stuart Anderson Robert C. Cathcart Henry L. Dean arren B. Heaps Paul S. Dittmann Donald B. Glorieux Howard C. Hartman MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Willlam S. IIodgins David W. Mitchell Edgar E. Stephens Dean E. Hev William P. Hoffman Robert C. Johnson Leslie A. Watt Albin Lee Williams Charles R. Woodfill Juniors Eugene C. Kennedy Leslie C. Lempke WiNSLow M. Wright Pete J. Yanuskus .John S. Yule Malcolm C. Todd Elmer F. Troch Stanley H. Young P. William Gibbs John J. Hatch Thomas A. Henry Sophomores C. Kent Leeper Robert C. Reimann Arndt a. Skonning William A. Spence John D. Turney Barney P. Yanuskus William E. Armes Britt Blair John E. Graney ' Walter T. Hoese Roger D. Jones Freshmen Ernest E. Orndorff Dale E. Pettibon R. Don Pettibon Richard F. Record Spence JoneH Henry D. Pellihon ArmeH 111; Lempke Pilliibury Turney B, aniiskuA .Skonning Leeper Todd Hey Hoffman Young Troch Hartman Dittmann Vt ' att P. Yanuskus Hodgine Dean Wright Woodfill Stephens ir Hecord Hoese Orndorff Glorieux Keimann Gil)l 8 Vi erden Dillav Kennedy Johnson Yule Anderson Mitchell Heaps Williams Cathcart Page 457 -y Founded College of the City of Neu York, 1909 Thirty-nine Active Chapters RHO CHAPTER Established 1918 1008 South Fifth Street Sigma Alpha Mu George Gaber Bernard H. Moretsky GRADUATE STUDENTS Fred Shankman Silas Wallk Saul S. Weinberg 11 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Bernard B. Bosley Eli a. Golin Seniors Herbert Grossman Isadore J. Mnookin Merle D. Sharpe Marvin L. Coyne William M. Gold Jerome F. Heinrich Seymour Orner Juniors Herbert D. Reinish Mortimer A. Rosecan Abram Schapfer Lloyd L. Spinner Arthur N. Freidman Theodore Goldstein Leonard A. Kagen Robert L. Paleias Sophomores Maurice H. Schy Gordon M. Terry Farold Winner Leonard Banovitz Leon J. Freedman Melvin Gimbel William Goldberg William A. Grodsky Mortimer Kaplow Melvin Kohner Burton Neiiburger Lloyd R. Rambach Freshmen Robert Schoenbrod W ALTER Schwartz SiGMUND ScHY Bernard M. Silverman Ben Sonz Harold Stengel Sidney K. Warshauer George J. Weinman Weinman hauer Schoenl,r..,l Freeilman Silverman S. S,hy Gimhel M. S,h% Neuhurger Raml.ach Kapl, K ff vf . ,, " ir Schwartz Banovi.z (;rodaky Kohner Sonz Covne Rosecan Schaffer Moretsky Bosley Grossman Mnookin Shank Kagen Paleias Freidman ( ' inner U Goldstein Kman tieinish VI allk Sharpe Spinner W einlierg Orner Heinrich I ' erry Page 4sS I ' oiintlf ' ii Collepc of the Cily . f New York, 1809 Fifty Active Chapters ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTKK Establi lie.1 IMIQ 106 East Daniel Street Delta Sigma Phi FACUI,TY Harry K. Allen, B.S. Henrv II. Bailey, A.M.. P UL H. Derr, B.S. C.P.A. Charles C. Curtis, A.M., J.D. Horatio M. Fitch. B.S. Harold D. Trimble, A.M. Evan Wheaton, M.S. Harold D. Christiansen Thomas R. Hopkins P. McClure Hudelson MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Fred H. Kruger Arthur P. McCoard How RD M. Parkhurst OsBoiiRNE B. Smith JuLirs A. Staack Joseph A. Vanerka Stanley H. Boyle Joseph D. Cobb Morgan L. Edwards Max G. Fuller Juniors George T ' . Galloway Fred C. Hands Dunlap Harrington Edwin R. Hayes Henry G. Heubach Edwin N. Johnson Eugene L. Leiter William E. Lingenfelder Donald W. O ' Malley Eugene C. Sweedler Warren C. Van Male Marshall B. Wilmot Herbert L. Cantrili. Eugene A. Fischer Jack B. Gable Sophomores William H. Gates Paul E. Minter Charles A. Run Howard F. Stinton Lance Thorson Norman A. Trost John N. Ziegele Robert W. Drallmeier Nelson K. Floreth Freshmen M. Frvnklin Hansen John T. Lovellette Frank B. Madsen RoLLiN H. Smith Robert M. Wilmot Harrinpton Hopkins Pyrkhurwl ' anerka Christiansen Staack HiKlelson Fuller Kruger O. Smith Trost Cantrili Hands Heuhaeh M. Wilmot O ' Malley Galloway Van Male MeCoard Cobb Edwards Leiter Minter Fischer Stinton Thorson (iates Madsen Ziegele Lingenfelder Floretb Drallmeier R. Wilmot Ruh Hansen R. Smith Johnson Lovellette Page 4SQ University of Pfiin- Ivania. 1908 Eighteen Active Chapters ZETA CHAPTER Estahlished 1919 308 East Armory Avenue Sigma Phi Sigma Chester R. Anderson, A.M. FACULTY Stanley G. Hall, M.S. Ethan A. Norton, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Scni Donald A. Baker Anton C. Brence Wesley Vi ' . Brooks Alfred Q. Campbell, Jr. John E. Dodds Albert W. Gasper Franklin H. Graf Paul E. H mman Richard E. Horrall Harold B. Loitderback Leslie I. Mayes Donald S. Mitchell Glenn E. Morris Arthur J. Paik Bohumil F. Schubert Murray L. Siirader Robert C. Sloan Edward A. Timm Edward S. Turnipseed E. Gordon W atson Robert C. White x illiam a. zoeller Clifford F. Bailer Carl C. Chase J. Stewart Cruickshank John F. Klepinger Oscar R. Kuehn Juniors Paul C. McMichael Ben W. Maxwell Harold E. Meyer Frank R. Wheeler Albert W. Fischer Sophomores Robert C. Reinhardt John Schoenling Sam p. Stout John M. Abbey John L. Cook Freshmen James R. Hammett Edward G. Kynoch Frederick D. Hummel Shelby W. Simmons Charles J. Zaloudek Hiiniiilcl Stout Cook Tinini Sclioenling Fischer Turnipaeed Kiiehii Dodds Zoeller Baker .Siiiiinon» Haiiiiiicll k lu.cli Alilicv Zalou.lck Hreiue Shrader Bailer McMichael Mitchell Sloan Klepinger Chase Wheeler Schubert Morris Horrall Graf White Gasper llamnian Anilirose Maxwell Louderback Brooks Reinhardt Cruickshank Meyer Campbell Paik Watson Pa e 6o Foil ruled New York I ' liivrrsity. 1913 ' r v ' nl% -one Active Chapters DKl.TA CHAPTER Kstjil.lished I»»2U 102 Gregory Drive Alpha Epsilon Pi David G. Boirgin, Ph.D. FACULTY Alvin R. Cahn. Ph.D. Harold M. Ginsbubg GRADUAT STUDENTS Leonard L. Levin Henry B. Rothenberg MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Lee E. Block Milton H. Blosten Jack E. Chizewer Sam Bergman Seniors Herbert Cohen Julian H. Ecker Bernard T. Malter Philip O. Passman Jun iors Sam a. Boorstein Herbert Goldstein Sidney L. Port David Rattner Bernard C. Siegel Morris Wax Henry Cohen Marvin S. Cohn Louis Driss Sophomores William P . Gerber Max W. Goodman Louis B. Kuhn Milton C. Robin Milton R. Schachtman Manuel H. Shein I. Sol Weinberg Paul Zide Clayton W. Bergman Freshmen, David Bernstein Herbert Keno Bernytein Zide Kenn C. Bergman Dritts Shein Goodman Blosten Herbert Cohen Boorstein Ecker Ginsbiirg Rothenherg W ax Bergman Kuhn Kohin Port Kattner Levin .Siegel Henry Colien einlterg PaHsman Cohn Gerber (Joldatein Schaehtnian Block Malter Chizewer Pagi 461 Union Clk-Re, 1827 Fifteen Active Chapters TAU CHAPTER Established 1920 1008 South Fourth Street Delta Phi William II. Ravner, C.E., M.S. FACULTY Charles L. Stewart, Ph.D. Henry B. Ward. Ph.D . D.Sc. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Wilson M. Connell, Jr. Buckingham W. Gunn Edward A. Hoi.comb Seniors Richard E Jones W. Scott Lawre nce, Jr. Henry R. Linder John D. McAdams, Jr. Albert E. M rien Richard A. Munnecke Edward F. Ross Daniel A. Smith. Jr. James A. Wares Phillip S. Bogart William L. Lavicka Juniors James E. McMahon Charles W. Pflager, Jr. William L. Rayner Howard B. Scoville W. Carl Allen Mack C. Jones John J. McNeil Sophomores Dixon D, Moorhead Edgar L. Moorman Francis H. Muns John R. Sommer Robert A. Walker CharlesB. Younger, Jr. Charles A. Bostelmann Frank W. Bostelmann John C. Jones Robert Kinderman Henry H. McAdams Freshmen John E. McMahon Donald B. Melville VoRis R. Payne Miller S. Pflager mJBWb l l Mi KMJKtK aKmmmt MkhlammimFT McNeil Melville C. Hustelniann II. MtAdanifi F. Boritelmann Kindernian J. McAdams M. Pflager J. Jones Muns Lavicku Sommer John McMahon Scoville Ross James McMahon Allen C. Pflaper Bogarl Younger Lawrence Walker Moorman Munnecke Linder R. Jones Holcomb Wares Connell Marien Gunn Page 463 houmhtl College of Cily of New York, 1902 Thirty-one Aelive Chapters PSI CIIAPTF.K Estahlisheil 1920 907 South Third Street Phi Epsilon Pi GRADUATE STUDENT Albert A. Hutler MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Myron D. Gutmann Seniors Leonard J. Hebtzberc Norman Cohn Ralph J. Epstein Henry S. Joseph Juniors Marvin L. Kaufman James J. Lewis Harry S. Stern It Howard G. Acker Irving A. Chavin Joseph I. Adler Robert R. Cohen Herbert L. Frank Harold X. Gerber Lester Glasser Sidney M. Goldman Lloyd M. Josh el Sophomores Armand Oppenheim Freshr Bernard M. Grossman William B. Hasterlik Herbert B. Hirsch Ellis P. Hirschthal Herbert B. Joseph Hyman H. Kaplan Jerome Kivovitch Seymour D. Klawans Burton B. Kohn Meyer R. Landauer Benjamin J. Phillips Donald I. Roth Sherman Lewin Byron J. Lichtenstein Lionel M. Nathan Leonard R. Scheyer Leslie Silverman II Glasser Cohen Hirsch Adler SiKernian Goldman Herbert Joseph .Nathan Hirschthal Grossnian Frank Scheyer Lewin Klawans Landauer Acker PhillipB Oppenheim Roth Chavin Joehel Kaplan Gerher Lichtenstein Kohn Henry Joseph Lewis Cohn Hutler Gntmann Stern Epstein Kivovitch Hasterlik Pagt ' 46:f Founded University of California. 1914 Nine Active Chapters GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1921 401 East Daniel Street Joseph C. Blair, D.Sc. DwiGHT F. Bracken, A.M. J. Herbert Burgy, Ph.D. Paul L. DeLargy, Ph.D. Alpha Kappa Lambda FACULTY George H. Dungan, Ph.D. Samuel S. Kistler, Ph.D., Ch.E. Charles M. Kneier, Ph.D. Lloyd Morey, A.B., B.Mus., C.P.A. Earl H. Peterson, A.M. Harley J. Van Cleave, Ph.D. Floyd R. Watson, Ph.D. Carroll C. Wiley " , B.S., C.E. I MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors Brice W. Bain Paul F. Grote Charles K. Helfrick, Jr. Charles L. Herts X ' ayne S. Hertz William B. Jacobs Ronald ' W. Meeker Arthur W. Mielke M. Norman Nolinc H. Robert Potts Hartwick M. Sweet Gerald T. Borcherdt Harold ' . Burns Howard " . Campbell Gordon E. Jones John J. McKean Jun iors M. Luther Mosher, Jr. C. Orville Reinhardt Richard L. Roth Robert B. Watson I P. Richard Allyn Edwin R. Farrar William H. Barrick Leonard A. Becker Robert C. Buehric Lewis E. Burlison Jesse W. Hofer James L. Rainey ' Sophomores William S. Scovill Freshmen Edward D Campbell William A. Finch Robert C. Gasen Robert C. Hieronymus James D. Pierce Dale D. Streid James A. Stewart John L. Strohm Harry D. Thorsen Marion L. Trabert WiLBERT D. UbBEN Fred M. Williams Farrar Hofer t asen Burlison Borcherdt Allvn Trabert Mosher McKean Finch Bain IlerlB Sweet llclfricii Nohng Jacobs Reinhardt Slrohni Rainey Mielke Meeker Watson Roth 11. Campbell Scovill E. Campbell Grote Hertz Jones Stewart Thorsen Burns Slreid Williams Hieronymus Becker Uhben Buehrig Barrick Page 464 Middlcl.ury CollcBC 1905 Nineteen Aelive Chapters ETA CHAPTER Estnlilisheil 1921 1110 Williatiidon Street HiiGH A. Brown, M.S., E.E. Robert D. Carmichael, Ph.D. EnwARn J. FiLBEY, Ph.D., C.P.A. Kappa Delta Rho FACULTY Horace M. Gray, Ph.D. Robert B. Orlovich, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors Hiram T. Scovtll, A.B., C.P.A. Theodore M. Sperry, M.S. Robert I. Anderson Artiiir J. Bennett Howard J. Benson Alexander Batchelor Robert J. Bloom Charles .1. Boorkman Bert A. Carlson ILLIAM H. BoRDWELL Clinton F. Diekman Carl W. Eckstrom John W. Farrell Charles D. Christensen Ernest C. Cohenour ILLIAM Jacobs Don L. Prillaman Juniiirs H. TSilliam Dalton John H. DeGette Max K. Eno Roy L. Hillicoss Donald S. Hoy Richard M. King George P. Muirhead Sophomores Howard R. Hannapel Ralph C. McMillan James B. Rosborough John H. Schacht C. Gordon Starrett Harold J. Jester Freshmen Richard S. Leonard Joseph R. Rosborough Stanley T. Sandell Albert N. Whitlock Charles W. Partlow Robert D. Schutt G. Orval Strode Franklin J. Vernon Lucius M. Toleman, Jr. Everett F. Wagner Robert G. Wiese Jay R. Prillaman MrMillan Farrel Bordwell Cohenour Parllow Carlson Sandell Jacobs Benson 1 Hantmp -! Bennett Jester Dalton Vernon Bin X ' iese Diekman Schacht Toleman Starrett Eck tron Bloom Muirhead King Hoy Schutt D. Prillaraan Joseph Rosborough DeGette Whitlock J. Prillaman Wagner James Rosborough Batchelor Hilligoss Anderson Christensen En Pag 465 c Voundftl College of Charleston. 190 1 Forty -one Active Chapters UPSILON CHAPTER Estahlished 1921 106 East Green Street Pi Kappa Phi FACULTY Virgil R. Fleming, B.S. Laurence J. Norton, Ph.D. William J. Putnam, M.S., E.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen io Philip D. Grover William A. Hasfurther Howard N. Inwood Fredric L. Ketcham MicHEAL Mettler George II. Morton Donald F. Mulvihill Thomas Ondrus Juniors Laurence C. Altmansberger Eugene P. Green Thomas F. Fleming Robert E. Grover Charles E. Line Ralph E. Turner Freshmen Melvin Rowen P. Gr. Rowen Turner Inwood Fleming R. Grovep Mettler Altmanaberper Leake Line Hasfnrtlier Cannon Ketcham Mulvihill B Page 466 Connecticut -slrvjin College. 1898 Seventeen Active Chapters GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER EhlaMihlieil 1921 809 West Pennsylvania Avenue Phi Mu Delta FACULTY John C. Bailar, Jr., Ph.D. Otho C. Leiter, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Marshall A. . nderson Arthur P. Bear Charles R. Canfield C. Richard Freeman- Byron B. Josi H. Stanley Mager Charles W. Nobes Henry R. Olson Llovd a. Pfaff D. Shannon Earle H. Tonsgard WlLLL4M E. WeISE George E. Zinser Farrell J. Cook Robert H. Hansmeier Pierce Manley Merril Pendleton Jim it) Gordon O. Pohl Earl H. Roller Arthur E. Serwich William C. Starrett Gus M. Groh Sophomores Lyford a. Gsell Henry J. Spitzer C. Roy Anderson Jack C. Hendricks Robert Kaddoo Freshmen Robert P. LaRocca Lester L. Lindberc Lyle M. Williams PohJ PVeeman M. Anden-on Hdnsnieier Nohe. Mager Zinwer Tonsparfl Canfield S tannon Starrett W ejee ;5ell Spiizer OJwin Jot«i Roller Cook Serwich ManI Hendricks Lindherg Groh C. Anderson LaRocca Williams P if;e 467 c Reneselaer PoI leclinic IriPtilute. 1864 Thirty-six Active Chapters ALPHA BETA Established 1922 205 East Armory Avenue Theta Xi FACULTY Martin H. Billings, M.S. Paul D. Converse, A.M. Earl W. Davidson, A.M. Frank T. Johnson Harold B. Johnston, A.B. Horace J. MacIntire, M.M.E. Waldo Shumway, Ph.D. Rogers D. Jones GRADUATE STUDENTS George B. Keck MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY James E. Belton Henry C. Burnett, III J. Erdman Ferry C. Keith Grant John R. Henderson E. Porter Larson Joseph S. Peacock Riley M. Sharp Harry T. Wahl Norman Wittenfeld E. Roy Birkicht John R. Cook, II J. Radford Ehret Relfe S. Ehret Charles F. Holman Edward H. Kann Juni L. Kenneth Mertz Robert M. Metz Robert B. Mingle Lynn E. Pierce William J. Simon Robert J. Ball John B. Bishop James L. Caulfield Arthur Buesch. II William F. Caulfield Wilbert a. Eich Sophomores Francis W. Heckler Edward H. Kniep Edwin L. McDonald John G. Metz Dorrance Nygaard Kenneth L. Olson Freshmen Harold Freiert Paul H. Jaeckel Earl Jansen Sam H. Law John P. McKenzie Robert W. Pachalv James W. O ' Neil Wesley C. Ruge Robert J. Sindelar Kenneth J. Schuessler W esley E. Stark George W. Thomson 0« ,iiu- .Scliiiejiriler CauUield Thomson Heckler R. Ehret Larson Holman Pa.haly Slurk M .Kcii i,- (IWeil Freierl .Sindelar J. t:aullielcl Uiiae liishop Kniep Ball Olson J. hhrel MiDonaW Staley Mertz R. Metz Pierre (Jrant Burnett Simon Belton ckel J. Melz Jansen Minyle Nvgaartl C i(ik Kann Henderson Feacork Page- 46S N- I ' litversity uf Illinois. 1923 Four Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER Estahlieluil I92: not) South Third Street Delta Alpha Epsilon Alfred D. Huston, A.M. Kenneth N. Lind, B.S. FACULTY Arthur B. Mays, A.M. Henry J. Miles, Ph.D. Egbert E. Nearpass. Jr., B.P MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senio Joseph C. Behrens Charles R. Birks Leon H. Cassity Roy a. Erikson Randall A. Forsberg John M. Gustafson William O. Lee Estell E. Lennington Charles E. McBurney Joseph E. McChesney Paul A. Mosher George E. Myers Herman R. Olson Harold A. Schwanbeck Donald Thompson Charles H. Trommer John R. Williams Kenneth L. Ettenson E. Donald Hanson Edward W. Johnson Juniors Lawrence W. Kanaca Edwin W. Merrick JtMES K. Mosher Robert P. Stevens Robert E. Van Sickle Ronald Wild Vernon A. Forsberg C. Robert Gairing William J. Guilbert William E. Hagenbuck Sophomores Gerald B. Hanna Gordon M. Howatt Floyd H. Hughes Carl W. Marshall Franklin A. Perkins William R. Stephens, Jr. .Joseph S. Thompson John W. Thompson Frank W. Wayman George E. Yeast Freshmen Eugene O. Heuerman Myers Scliwanheck Birks Gustafson R. Forsherp Olson iJowman ' I ' rontnier Krikson Cassity John Thompson Lee P. Mosher Wild D. Thompson Kanaga Stevens Ettenson ' illiams MeChesnev Lennington J. Mosher Stephens Cuilhert McBiirney Howatt Van Sickle Ball ' . ForsherR (iairinp Merrick Hanson Hu ' hes east Hanna Marshall Johnson Wayman Perkins Carmi Heuerman Junius Hagenhuck Joseph Thompson Page 469 Cornell L niversily. 1890 rhirty-seven Active Chapters ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established 1923 1111 South First Street Delta Chi FACULTY J. Howard Beard, A.M., M.D. Frank A. Benedetto. B.S. Charles C. DeLong, M.S. Frank G. Dickinson, Ph.D. Merlin H. Hlnter, Ph.D. Ananias C. Littleton, Ph.D., C.P.A, George W. Sanford, A.M. Charles M. Thompson, Ph.D., LL.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors James D Baldwin Arden B. Crawford Charles M. Demster L. Orville Edlund Vincent D. Fortunato Erwin R. Horash ILLIAM E. Johnson Perry A. Martinson James A. Powers Stanley F. Rehm Carlos L. Renfrew Farrington T. Schaeffer Kenneth A. Skiles George E. Tschappat Robert J. Ai.drich Robert T. Ball Orrin P. Catlin James A. Eaton Fred R. Eiseman Irving G. Jensen Juniors Chris S. Kloss LeRoy ' p. Kloss Ellis E. Pohlmann Charles T. Richards Louis A. Rittschof Bradford E. Fike Harvey B. Fritze G. Robert Gauen JuLUS A. Hoeft Fred W. Kasch Sopho August J. Kowalski Eric M. Larson, Jr. A. Verne Pi.ummer Irwin R. Valbnta Jack M. Baker John Bhogan Joel G. Douiian Freshmen S. Arlington George Robert H. King WiLBERT J. KoKES Raymond P. McCroskey NoRRis R. McGowen Albert J. Peterson Robert J. Stumpf Kenneth Thorne 0i L. KI..SB J.,lin»..ii S.ha.rr.T Mctioweil Pliininier Kowalski Larson II Alilrirh Jensen Horash Eiseman Tsrliappat McCroskey Baker C. Kloss Richards Rail I ' .alnn Eclliinil Crawford Kehni Thome Gauen rteft Rittschof Stumpf Martinson Kokes Frederick Powers Catlin Skiles Renfrew Fortunato Douhan Pohlmann Fritze George Kasch Fike Valenta Page 470 Lehi};h I nivt-rsilv. 1 19 Ten Ai ' live Chapters DELTA CHAPTEK Eslablished. 1923 206 East Green Street Theta Kappa Phi FACULTY James J. Doland, B.S., C.E. Raymond F. Dvorak, B.S., B.Mus. John J. Conlin GRADUATE STUDENTS Richard B. Martin Thomas J. Redican Raymond R. Stern MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY John E. Burns Seniors Harvey J. Pack Walter W. Potokar William J. Farrell George T. Gibson Juniors William Hartranft Lester J. Kelly James A. Long Matthew L. McBride Eugene Wrzesinski George F. Houndt Sophomores Eugene A. Kaczmarek Russell M. Pershell Thomas J. Birmingham John J. Brandlin Freshmen Robert F. Burns Nicolas Marsch, Jr. Edward Tomosaitis Pershell Dvorak Siiiilh (Gibson Pack Polokar Kelly Martin Long Farrell Karzmarek Hartranfl Houndt J. Burns Birmingham Brandhn Marech R. Biirnr« Tamosailic U ' rzesinski Page 4 1 Foiindpil Northwestern L Diversity, 1915 Twenty Active Chapters DELTA CHAPTER Established 1923 305 East Green Street 1 Phi Pi Phi FACULTY Henri J. van den Berg, A.M. Rexford Newcomb, ' A.m. M. Arch., A.I.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Edward M. Ahrens Howard B. Burton James J. Costello Russell O. Derby Francis V. Koval Arthur S. Macner Sen iors Jay W. Murphy James W. Pettyjohn, Jr. Laurence J. Rettincer Lyle J. Smith Robert D. VIooisey Thomas P. Dart George E. Grimson Roy J. Hyde Juniors John J. Linehan Chester F. Pennington, Jr. J. ESLEY FlORETH Sophomores H. Allen Holler Daniel S. Dippold Freshmen Kermit M. Pennington 1 1 1 . 1 1 i ri . 1 1 1 i I U Smith Costelh ettinger Griinnon C. Pennington Fhircth Magner Koval Ahrens Hyde Dart Linehan Pettvjohn K. Pennington Dippold Stover Page 472 I l ' iiiversit of Illinoif . 1924 Five Active Cliaplers ALPHA CHAPTER h:slal lislie l 1 )21 1105 Sinitli Firft Street , . . . A Beta Psi FACULTY Joseph L. Bisesi, B.S. W. Frank Bradlev, A.B. J. Robert Bucheit, M.S. W. Leichton Collins, M.S. Arthur V. Hoiichton, A.M. Laurence M. Larson, Ph.D.,LL.D. Frank E. Richart, M.S., C.E. Robert C. Altera MiLo A. Churchill Borden B. Cox Robert J. Craner ■% . Horace Eddy MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen ' wrs Frank D. Low Raymond F. Meydrech Herbert C. Neuman Roy T. Nilsen Kenneth J. Rabe Millard E. Rada G. Cecil Rhodes Aynsley Ross Edward A. Sarsfield John E. Simpson George C. Van Gerpen Frank O. Weber Rolf J. Berg Eugene F. Bond R. Burton Du Val Raymond K. Erhardt Jiiniorf Rudolph J. Hodal R. Donald Jacobson Brintel R. Newlon, Jr. Milton J. Orcutt Waller R. Osty Alfred H. Petschke Harry O. Ryan, Jr. J. Nelson Speer A. Herbert Stone, Jr. Kenneth E. Welton Bruce A Balderson BuELL M. Duncan Sophomores Fred J. Holdsworth Clifford E. Lamplough Roy F. Teborek Milton G. Berg Joseph B. Lanterman Karl F. Martinitz Junior M. Ruegcer Freshmen Welker W. Sellers Howard M. Swanson Martin M. Turban Stanley E. Wolkenheim Simpson Martinitz Wolkenheim fliiepsier Sellers Swannon Lanterman Tiirli Orcutt Teborek Speer Erhardt Balderiion X ' elton Laniploiiph Holdsworth Neuman Du Val Stone Bond Larson Richart Houghton Buchheit Collins Biesesi Ross SarsGeld Cox Weber Rabe Rada Van Gerpen Churchill Low Eddy ISilsen -M. Heri! lodat Meydrech .Newlon Ryan R. Berg Craner Altera Page 473 Tau Epsilon Phi Columbia L niversity, 1910 Thirty-eight Active Chapters PSl CHAPTER Established 1924 105 East Armory Avenue MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors Leonard M. Hart Sydney B. Lifschi ' ltz Erwin R. Melcher Irving L. Missner Fred J. Propp Alvin D. Simon Leon P. Star Harry M. Sternberg Harold P. Tucker Juniors Morton D. Battinus Barney ' Cosneck Bernard II. Jenks Seymour S. Price Sidney O. Simon Sophomores Arthur J. Katz James Shanken D iviEL R. Wax Freahmen Harold E. Battinus Bernard Berkovitz Milton S. Frank Edward S. Grossman Seymour Hershman Irving W. Kaufman Harold Lipman Melvin B. Meyers Robert I. Pitzele Harry Pritikin Bernard Yaffe Grossman Cohen A. bimon Co.ncik Lif».hultz Missner Tinker Hart Star Propp Melcher M. Battinus Sternherg Jenks W av S. Simon Shanken Prilikin ller»hnian Katz Priee Kaufniin Frank Grossman II. Itatliniis Pitzele Yaffe Herkci il!! Lipman Mevers Pasi- 474 t ' oundeii Intcrfrateniity Conference. 1923 Sixteen Active Chapters DELTA ALPHA CHAPTER he 1 1 23 1010 South Third Street Theta Upsilon Omega FACULTY William B. Nevens, Ph.D. Thomas E. Oliver, Ph.D. GRADUATE STUDENTS Arthir R. Gilkerson Harold B. Wishart Earl R. Benedict, Jr. Ralph K. Berg Robert S " . Cadle James S. Carpenter MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Jack W. Co«les Roland B. Douglass Oscar L. Fallan George N. Gilkerson G. Kenneth Green Donald F. Hermes Alfred H. von Manzke Charles T. Novak Harold W. Porter D. Lynn Schlansker Harrison H. Walther LocKwooD E. Wiley Frank B. Anderson Bartell E. Brandt Haviland a. Connolly J tin iors Percy C. Harnden Frank L. Konopasek, Jr. Millard S. McGi ' ffin George H. Mack Clyde J. Savage Robert N. Wallace John W. Acker Sophomores Robert L. Foster Stanley E. Grimm Donald C. Richardson Donald F. Butler Freshmen Cl rke Hyzer Arthur Kempston William F. Wernlb Carpenter Fooler Cuwles Fallan Porler Green Sehlannkcr G. (iilkerncjn Waltlier Hermes Cfinnolly Harnden Novak , evens Oliver McGiifTin Vk allai-e IJerg Cadle % inharl Kenipnlon Maek von Manzke Butler Anderson Douplass .Savage Benedict ' iley ernle Konupasek Hyzer Brandt Riehard»on Acker Page 47S f Fou n dcfi University of California. 1921 Ten Active Chapters ETA CHAPTER Established 1925 212 East Green Street Delta Sigma Lambda FACULTY Edwin G. Koch, Ph.D. Charles O. Werner, M.S. Albert P. Besancon Robert M. Besancon GRADUATE STUDENTS Kenneth NW Mills W illiam E. Trlde James O. Yeagel MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Victor H. Brodt Charles C. Christensen W. Howard Fuixerton Seniors Theodore H. Gewecke .Joseph Joslun Andrew A. Hall, Jr. George C. Lindsay Harold E. Hansen Clifford E. Missman Donald V. Smith Frederick E. Zimmermann John H. Bolchert Martin P. Claussen Juniors John F. Lindsev Emil Oelberc Frank E. ' ilmes Leonard P. Brodt Sophomores William A. Dean James R. McGowan William H. Rezanka Freshmen Scott F. Rost Phillip M. Sautier V V. Brodt ' W ' ilnies iinineriiKiii Mills Bolfhert A. Beeancon Gewecke Mii nian McGowan Yeazel Lindnev Smith Hall Ch i . ( ' Il ■n rnnlf H. Besancon Lindsay Claussen Jii-.lun Hansen Fullerlon Rost Rezanka Siiulier Dean Page 476 i University of Illinois, 1925 Six Active Chuptere ALPHA CHAPTER E. lahlishtHl 1925 52 £ai«t Armory Avenue W V tf BlJhII ■ IS M yyMglK B BBMBBM BiMr ' m ' l iin ' ' MT Beta Sigma Psi FACULTY John T. Geissendoerfer, Ph.D. GRADUATE STUDENTS Kenneth L. Telleen Arthur C. Welge Walter E. Busker Roy O. Miller MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Leonard W. Telleen Harold A. Thiemann Henry C. Timmerman David R. Cervin William A. Hedtkk John H. Heiden George A. Horch Juniors Fred W. Huebener Charles F. Jost Fred Litschel, Jr. Russell B. Paulson George C. Slifka Melvin R. Stengel Martin R. Stoeffhaas Ralph E. Wai.line Vernon L. Witt Walter L. Bailey Walter P. Brauer Sophomores Clarence C. Cohrs Robert D. Jacobson Carl E. Weidman Freshmen Karle DeWolf Fred E. Dueker Charles J. Dupre Robert J. Fick John Steinwart Carl A. Weers Chas. H. Strubenrauch, Jr. George G. Youngstrum Strubenraurh DeWolf Fick Braijer Vounpslnini Cdhrt Steinwart Dueker Dupre Wears Jacobgoo Bailev Stoeffhaas Weidman ' itt Jost Paulson % ' alline Horch Stengel Cervin Miller Litschel Hedtke K. Telleen Geissendoerfer Heiden L. Telleen Busker Nehrenz Thiemann Timmerman Welge Huebener Slifka Pase 477 Founded Hamline University. 1901 Thirty-eight Active Chaplera KAPPA CHAPTER Established 1925 305 East John Street Beta Kappa Jeff A. Anderson, M.S. FACULTY Wilbur E. Harnish, A.M. Ralph . Kluge, M.S. Hai.bert O. Crews, Jr. GRADUATE STUDENTS Vivian T. Smith Clement J. SviLOW Donald G. Anderson Caslon K. Bennett Wilbur D. Buddemeier MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Frank W. Byrns Nicholas Gordan Edward F. Grable Kenneth T. Johnson Frank Kensinger Joseph V. Schuster Irwin F. Sedlacek Joe a. Van Dyke Nicholas Alessi Russell H. Ames Jun iors Oscar J. Nowlin Ralph B. Peverly Paul S. Phillips " lLLIAM J. PiNKERTON Frank P. Rautkis Sophomores Sidney F. Smith Freshmen Russell B. Matthews nrnian Klnge Mallhews .Svilou Crewe Bennett Smith AnieH PhillipH Pinkert iiii rdan Van n ke Buddemeier Aiidereon Sedlacek Hdrnii h AleeHi Riuiiki! NowHi D. Anderson (Jrablej Page- A? Founded Cleveland Law School. 191.H Sixly-two Active Chapters n.WID DAVIS .SKNATE E I;■l■lisll.■ll 1123 1109 .Soiilli Fniirlh Street Delta Theta Phi FACULTY Leon McCarty, A.M. Paul C. Roberts, B.S., LL.B. En VAKi W. Clendemn George E. Cook GRADUATE STUDENTS John L. Franklin N. Junior Litherland Richard B. Seyfarth Robert J. Thomson MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Victor H. Belshaw W. Robert Butler Leo S. Cahill Harry O. Clendenin Gordon A. DaCosta Richard E. Hussey Arthur D. Leasure Louis J. Piano L. Vern Tinkham Ferdinand P. Borchardt Juniors Donald E. Larson Edward W. Rodgers Collins MacLean Sophomures Vasil Vasileff Freshmen H. Clendenin DaCosta Cook Hussev Dosse Borchan|t Filson Cahill MacLcan Butler Litherland I inkham Leasure Larson Kodpers Vapileff E. Clendenin Franklin Thompson Seyfartil Belshaw Pag - 4 Q Foundpd College of the City of New York, 1910 Twenty Active Chapters PI CHAPTER Established 1925 313 East John Street Tau Delta Phi FACULTY Leopold N. Judah, M.D. GRADUATE STUDENTS Harold S. Friedman Harrv I. Rubenstein MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Milton X. Bircer Arther S. Cohen Milton S. Altbach Raymond R. Auerbach Les C. Elson William Goldberg MoRRiE Krouse Juniors Melvin a. Goldberg Herbert W. Grossman E. Herman Mink Sol Porte MoRRiE Rosen- Milton E. Shurman Raymond R. Goldman Sophomores Jack B. Lieberman Barry M. Ornstein Henry H. Hurwitz Stanley Ornstein William Penn Freshmen Melvin Sader Harold H. Schwab n. Ornstein Frieilinan Urossnian Kiibenatein Auerbach M. Goldberg Mink Judah Elson Cohen Rosen Birger Altbach Porte Krouse W. Goldberg Penn Lieberman ( oMnian S. Ornstein Hurwitz Sader Schwab Page 4S0 l- ' oiin lril Tri-State CoHefie. I92I Nine Active Chapters KTA CHAPTER Etxahli hed 1P25 405 East John Street Sigrna Mu Sigma BuRRiLL R. Hall Fred H. Rankin, B.S. FACULTY Charles J. Starr John F. Wooddell, M.S. William H. Young Robert P. Cornelius GRADUATE STUDENTS Allen C. Hottes Royal L. Siefferman Frank M. Stubblefield William E. Bell R. Lowell Blanchard Richard H. Bliss Edward Carr Theodore R. Fry Norman F. Clarke Delbert E. Fiock MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Henry A. Glasstetter Richard C. Hagan Paul J. Hannahs Francis R. Inskip John F. Kausal Charles M. Lydy Jean J. Jones Ralph B. Jones Harry F. Mathews Arthur V. Meadors Juniors William A. Bitter Eugene E. Tappero Howard C. Meadors W. Foster Newell Vernon H. Rowe James F. Sommers Howard B. X addell Vi " . Byron White Frank D. Deli Richard M. Ehman SoDDiE Barkitt Sophomores Martin A. Harnisch John S. McCannon Freshmen Charles L. Cohn Harry K. Waddington Emmett L. Whitney R. Jones Waddington U ' addell Lydy Siefferman Cohn Barkitt Whitney Carr Ritter Deli H. Meadors Bell Clarke Harnii ch Fiock White J. Jones Bliss Blanchard Rowe Glastetter Sommers MrCannon Ehman Young A. Meadors Hannahs Hall Mathews Fry Newell Hottes Page 4S1 V v-i- ' ; ■ A •! ■■■ " ■: ' ' IS |.;, 1 JgiB BBBBPB HBB 3 " -,r. fcN ' 1 s U S ' - ' ' ' i w . - . , Y3 ■„«„. ,•, Miami University. 1921 Seven Active Chapters DELTA CHAPTER Established IQ26 307 East John Street William F. Hoheisel, A.M. Robert W. Elich Howard M. Cheney Harry A. Cooper Sigma Delta Rho FACULTY Edward F. Ream. .Jr., B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors James L. Fetters Donald D. Utterback, M.S. Juniors Donald K. Eckfeld D. Oliver Hein George H. La Roi, Jr. John Soma Norman J. Ream Walter P. Schindel Sophomores Louis H. Goebel Freshmen Thomas L. Fenton Douglas E. Rosebrook Hulieiscl Keaill Schinikl Goebel K.kfei.I Fenton Eliili t;oo|,er Uoselirook Fetters Clieney La Ro Page 4S2 • » " !niversil ..f llliii.iis, 1 25 One rli%«- CIiapItT 1 1 1 Easl Cliiiliiiers Street i Nlfi i im ■B m ' " ' • ' ' - ' :. II ■iT " " ' ' inuKu IS [IW iiigjfif ' Delta Pi MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY S M C. Bernstein ' W iLLiAM M. Horowitz Seniors Milton L. Kohn ' . Max Matz Emil M. Poli.ak Juniors Samuel R. Parker Leonard M. Raffeld Morris Abrams Sophomores Carl N. Foreman Ben A. Lerner Martin Pestin Joseph S. Gerber Harold Jacobs Freshmen Julian E. Kalish Louis S. Lapid Arthur Matenky Marvin B. Siecel Bernstein Foreman Gerber Sietiel Mal« LtTiier RafTeld Ahrdmii Kohn Horowitz Pollak Parke Lapid Malenky Pestine Ka ish Jae [jLb Page 4S3 ■ KS C S aii y k 1 " T " W K |F ' fcj Ki. w_vjB B M B l, H - vj ■ 1 b hI I H ' ' ' l! Duke Univereily, 1920 One Active Chapter IOTA CHAPTER Established 1927 312 East Daniel Street Chi Tau FACULTY Edward F. Potthoff, Ph.D. GRADUATE STUDENTS II. Windsor Coddington MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY David B. Anderson Earl M. Baubv Seniors George T. Christie Dudley J. Kingman Edwin Leslie Bernard L. Moech William H. Smart Olaf a. Watne William J. Backoff William E. Leuschke Juniors Robert W. Lloyd Chester A. Ragland Robert A. Sawyer Robert W. Surplice John W. Baur Richard Coddington Arthur F. Dries Lyle G. Jacobson Sophomores Lawrence N. Jensen John A. Stratton Edward W. " eber Clarence M. Anderson Gail M. Castner Freshmen T. Aldeen Duffield Donald T. Miller John C. Scott Richard A. Seaman Castner Dries Lloyd VX ' atne Leslie Scott Seaman Anderson Jensen DufTield Vi eher Miller Sawyer _ R. Coddington Leuschke Jacobson Back »fF Manning IJaur Str.Tlton Christie Potthoff Moech Buchardt H. Coddington Smart Kingman Page 4S4 f Founded Ohio Weelryaii University, 1921 Six Active Cliapters ZETA CHAPTER Established 1927 404 East John Street Delta Alpha Pi FACULTY Herbert H. Alp, B.S.A. GRADUATE STUDENTS Laddie M. Dobry David E. Wiegand MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Franklyn S. Collins David L. Nesler Seniors Vance A. Ray Max R. Rhine Francis J. Rowley John Brocko Frank J. Jonelis Juniors J. Howard Junkins John R. Kossuth Casper P. Ostermann Thomas N. Roupas Chris W. Chibucos Sophomores Charles J. Miller James F. Mitchell Joseph L. Risily Rhine Junking Rowley Jonelis Mitchell Oeterniann -Nesler Ray Collins Brocko Doh Miller Chibucos Roupas Kossuth Page 4gj Sig-ma Delta Kappa Founded University of Michigan. ' 1914 Forty Active Cliapters ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1927 112 East John Street FACULTY Harold W. Holt, S.J.D., A.B., LL.B. GRADUATE STUDENT E. Maurice Kirkpatrick MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Elden W. Brashavv Glen W. Brock Seniu John M. Connor Louis S. Gard Adam L. Smagi A. DewittTwente John O. Young A. Weber Borchers Steven E. Brondas Juniors Francis S. Feiger George W. Loveless Edward R. Griesheimer R. Curtis McBroom Ted Thompson Fresh n Joseph W. Corazza Wesley A. Eherle Russell E. Elliot Noble L. Ferguson MiLO J. Fleming Martin M. Love Paul T. Ricgle Gerald L. Sweat BrondaB Brock Uinnle I ' eiRer Eberle Kleming Coruiza McBrooin (iard Brashaw Borchers Ferguson Smagi ucat riionipHon Connor Griesheimer Young Page 4S6 „„,.. .■, Wrslfvaii I niversitv. 1870 Kiflffii Arlive Chapters PI PI CHVPTEK Ksial.lished I92K 212 Kasl C:iialtiiers Street Theta Nu Epsilon FACULTY Carl N. Challacombe, M.S. Paul H. Tracy, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senio Chester L. Blomberg Francis J. Drake, Jr. Winston L. Harwood JoHiv H. Helwig Elmer C. Lutiier Ralph A. Osborn John G. Seanor Robert K. Stephenson David Vi . Benbow Juniors George K. Lathrop John R. Leggett Edward J. Emery Sophomores Andrew E. Helwig Robert H. Scheim Freshmen Harold A. Darnell A. Winston Wells Benhow Seanor A. Helwig Luther J. Helwig Stephenson Oehorn Schweim Emery Wells Blonilierp Darnell Darke Lathrop Leggett Challaconilif Harwood Page 4S- . Founded University of Southern California, 1926 Eight Active Chapters DELTA CHAPTER Estahlished 192R 1009 West Green Street Sigma Phi Delta FACULTY Harold E. Babbitt, M.S. Donald M. Brown, B.S., A.B. John S. Crandell, B.S., C.E. Harold N. Hayvvard, M.S. Abner R. Knight, M.S., E.E. Frederick G. Straub, M.S. John K. Tuthill, B.S., E.E. Carroll C. " iley, B.S., C.E. GRADUATE STUDENTS Allen C. Hottes MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Paul S. Bickenbach Henry J. Heuer Seniors Henry P. Lessler Walter E. McMullen Frank R. Wood Harold N. Kingsbury Andrew H. Levene Juniors Locke P. Miller Herbert W. Peters Sophomores Thomas M. Rehm Edward E. Simmons Emil J. Viktora Wood Wiley Tulhill PeterB Hviier Bickenbach Kin t litiry McMullen Brown Viktora Miller Simmons Straub Lessler Hay ward Levene Page 4S I „un,l,,l I iiivirsilv .if Illinois, 1931 . IH- Artive Chapter 1008 W est Green Street Delta Phi Alpha GRADUATE STUDENTS Eugene B. Maccono Gerald G. Aimone MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Leonard M. Bertagnolli Joseph A. Santi Joseph J. Scopel Peter J. Aimone, Jr. Anton Fassero Juniors Leo G. Paulmbo Gene S. Sarli Anthony F. Serritella Paul A. Altier Sophomores Frank M. Miramonti . Abraham A. Parotti Oswald D. Vespa Joseph C. Ferina Freshmen Anthony C. Sammis Altier FaBsero Serritella Sammis P. Aimone Maccono Bertagnolli Vespa ;. Aimone Santi Sarli Ferina Palumbo Scopel Page 4S9 wvey I lUjd OL HineiejerLui N ewman Hall 1 OFFICERS Joseph F. Mirabell Thomas P. Lynch George Abraham Manuel Gruber President I ice-Presifient Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY George E. Abraham Vytant p. Aleks Ward E. Ankrum Vincent M. Ardito John S. Baima Frank M. Baron A. Frank Benedetto James D. Benner Ewald a. Berglind Louis H. Berkelhamer Charles . Bimba Leo S. Cahill E. M. Casey Harry G. Clay George Cohen Thomas H. Cook Lawrence E. Draeger John T. Duffner Robert E. Edwards Martin J. Fischer Nicholas Fluyeras Dominck E. Fraboni P. J. Fredrick Joseph N. Galli William M. Ginntoli Elbert E. Gruber Manual A. Gruber William G. Hampes Harold Herron Howard P. Hetzner William G. Karnes Anthony G. Kerasotes Preston W. Kimball Milton % . Krissman Vincent J. Labrecque Henry ' P. Lattuada Harry N. Lemperis Stephen Levitas Michael J. Lipschultz John H. Logli Joseph V. Matella W. J. Matella Theodore Meyer Leslie D. Minkus Joseph F. Mirabella Edwin II. Mohill Pal Moore Andrew Mrugowski B. J. Mulligan D. J. Mulligan Benjamin E. Neff Nicholas C. Nelson G. J. ONeil " alter R. Ostaszewski Louis N. Peterson Peter P. Phillips Perry H. Plummer William C. Reichardt Jack C. Rhodes CONSTANTINE S. RoSE Edward E. Ruther Frank Santarelli Leon Seligson Meyer Shulman Charles S. Simoldom Byron C. Snyder William N. Taylor James C. Tourek William T. Vogt Henry ' Welzien Howard F. Williams William M. Woods Cosmopolitan Club Edward C. Baldwin, Ph.D. J. Howard Beard, . .M., M.D. Henri J. van den Berg Edward Berman. Ph.D. FACULTY David H. Carnahan, Ph D. Herbert W. Craig, M.S. Thomas E. Oliver, Ph.D. George W. Sanford, A.M. William F. Schulz, B.E., E.E., Ph.B. Victor E. Shelford, Ph.D. George F. Smith, Ph.D. Edward II. Waldo, M.S., M.E., E.E. Hanse Chen Warren W. Day GRADUATE STUDENTS George Hockenyos Mariano V. Osmena Alamjit Singh Ching-Lee ' ang Shin C. Yr MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Nicholae Adam Juan Baniqued OcTAVio G. Cadaval Carlos Claure Ubaldo V. CORPUZ Arturo E. Gonzalez Howard M. Kubota Kenneth K. Lau Alfred Long V. Hugo Lopez Louis Olsman G. Salvador Pena Earnesto B. del Risco Alvaro Rodriguez A. Ivan Sarkiss Allen Schwalb John Shelford Paul Y. Shinoda Morris A. Soldinger Armando Tejada Geme G. Young ' S ' endell M. Young Day Waldo V. Shelford van den Berg Oliver Osmena Peiia Schwalb Lopes Cadaval Adam G. Young Rodriguez J. Shelford W. Young Gonzdlez Soldinger Risco Shinoda Long Wang Corpuz Lau Baniqucd Olsnian Yu Page- 4go imy I ILio c unjdj An jL Tlie ineinories that these pages will hring back are as dear to us as any part of our college education. That first lett er that came just before High School Graduation or during the summer that followed, headed by the mysterious Greek letters, marked the beginnino of the fraternity career. Then follow- ed the arrival on the train that Fall when we were greeted as long lost friends by men who were total strangers to us. How well the treated us, poor green freshmen that we were, and how thev seemed to reverence the place whose onlv mark of identification seemed to be a shiny brass plate on the door bearing a few puzzling letters! Finalh. after a few hectic da s of rushing from one place to another we were taken into some lonelv room, surrounded bv several verv serious looking men. and asked to pledge. A moment ' s hesitation, a few questions, and we came out proudly displaying the buttons on our lapels. At last school started and with it Saturday pledge duties that we would never do at home, Monday night paddling sessions, and the formation of lasting fellow- ships. The first semester ended, grades came out, and one eventful night " Hell Week " was announced. The few davs which seemed so terrible and humiliating then are now a pleasant memory. Then came the biggest event in our Fra- ternitv careers, initiation, witti its secret handclasps, impressive ritual, and the new feeling of eternal brotherhood. Fraternity life will al- wavs occupy an important part in a college education. H is a mould, a guiding element, and an unforget- able factor in the life of the college student. Paf,c 4gi trv I lUo of. [{urvdjejerLJuL Index of Social Sororities Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi . Alpha Deha Theta Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Phi . Alpha Xi Delta . Beta Phi Alpha . Beta Sigma Omicron Chi Omega Davenport House Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma McKinley Hall . Phi Mu Phi Omega Pi . Phi Sigma Sigma Pi Beta Phi Presbyterian Hall Sigma Delta Tau Sigma Ka])pa Theta Phi Alpha Theta Upsilon Zeta Tau Alpha . West Residence Hall Women ' s Residence Hall 499 506 519 510 508 504 515 501 517 522 500 523 511 502 512 507 496 518 498 526 513 505 520 497 526 521 503 509 516 514 524 525 I ' ltf.,- 494 mzy LUjo of WirvdjeznujL Pan-Hellenic Council OFFICERS Elaine M. Cohen Fredricka B. Gordon Jane Beall President I ice-President Secretary Alpha Chi Omega H. Aleta Flaiiiiigam Alpha Xi Delta Marv L. Goelitz Gamma Phi Beta Evelyn Johnson Pi Beta Phi Jean A. Webster Alpha Delta Pi Juanita Ramev Beta Phi Alpha Elizabeth F. Loeffler Kappa Alpha Theta Sarah J. Fulton Sigma Delta Tail Lillian Jacobson Alpha Delta Theta Mabel R. Berger Beta Sigma Omicron Helen T. McGill Kappa Delta Marian M. Young Sigma Kappa Dorothy M. Normandin Alpha Kpsilon Phi Maxine I. Mendelsohn Chi Omega Betty L. Hughes Kappa Kappa Gamma Jeanne P. Block Theta Phi Alpha Laura L. Reichmann Alpha Gamma Delta Jane E. Marr Delta Delta Delta Josephine K. Harrington Phi Mil Jane Beall Theta Upsilon Louise V. Andrews Alpha Omicrun Pi Ruth C. Page Delta Gamma Henrietta Seaman Phi Omega Pi Umega fi Ruth L. Dalrymple Zeta Tail Alpha Ruth H. Ingham Alpha Phi Ruth C. Johnston Delta Zeta Louise C. Clow Phi Sigma Sigma Annette V. Scheyer Alpha Kappa Alpha Dorothv M. Moore Gordon Page 4QS Founded DePauw University, 1870 Sixty-two Active Chaptere DELTA CHAPTER Established 1895 611 East Daniel Street Kappa Alpha Theta Stella M. Hague, Ph.D. FACULTY Stella R. Percival, B.Mus. Caroline F. Tupper, Ph.D. Gertrude P. Barber Thelma Chapman Winifred M. Haslam MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Mary B. Herrick Barbara A. Johnson Alice H. Kircher Katherine K. Levings Mary A. Long Mildred R. Parkhill Esther C. Uhl Marjorie J. Baeder Janet E. Eisner Jane Fauntz Katharine Foster Sarah J. Fulton LuciLE Grossarth Ellenor E. Hall Mary M. Hill Juniors Margaret W. Jones Ruth M. Martin Frances Porter Eliz abeth W. Provine Roberta Thurnau Louise Westervelt Ellen D. Westphal Elizabeth J. Gaa Ellen R. Gilmore Julia Gullett Sophomores Joan Herron Virginia E. Johnson Jean E. Koehler Ruth M. Pownall Kate W. Priestly Helen L. Russell M. Virginia Savage Dorothy Sciioll Blanche M. Waddell Mary B. Atkinson Jane E. Brenton E. Marcella Clifford Martha Dean Freshmen E. Regina Eisner Mildred Fisher Isabel A. Godman Mary .A. Grant Mary J. Kennicott Margaret MacGregor Elizabeth Merriam Frances S. Parkinson Jane M. Rose Elinor Wilson Rose Brenlon Foster Clifford R. EiMiier Pri Dean Grant Martin (Grossarth Merriam U ' estplial Scholl Savage V. Johnson Koehler Fauntz Watldell Levings Barber Chapman Kircher Haslam Parkhill ?Htly Gullett Kennicott Wilson Gaa Fisher Fulton Hill Godman Baeder MacGregor Atkinson Parkinson Jones Russell Gilmore Herron Pownall J. Eisner Provine Porter Herrick Uhl Thurnau Hall Westervelt B. Johnson Lcmg Page 496 Monmoiilli Ci ll -se 1»6 ' Sevenlv-six Active Chapter ZKTA t:il M ' lKR Kslahlish.-.l 18M:. 1005 South rifiht Street M. Lee Etheredge, M.D., D.P.H. Wii.LiA K. Garver. B.L.S. Pi Beta Phi FACULTY Maria Leonard, A.M. GRADUATE STUDENTS Elise R. Davis MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Nelle M. Signor, B.L.S. Ruth A. Wardall, A.M. Verl Atwood Blanche Lentz Beth Olwin .Iean Briggle Miriam Bichholz Florence Fifer G. Elizabeth F " ord G. June Gale Dorothy J. Carson Mary J. Chandler Margaret R. Ebert Mary A. Hewitt Ann Avery LORETTA E. FoELLINGER Mary A. Gale Harriet N. Purves Melle K. Russell Mary C. Gore Beulah a. Green Mary C. Henley Betty D. Johnston Helen E. Howe Eleanor Keith Margaret B. Noble Helen Kean Esther M. Kriebel Juniii Beatrice L. Scotland Jean A. Webster Ercilia Kiler Kathryn Leutwiler Julia Macpherson Mary J. Owen Sophomores Helen J. Norris Barbara Off Mary M. Oldham Marjorie Wham Elsie M. Woodward Frances T. Platt Elsie Y. Rinearson Virginia F. Sandberc Mary T. Stuart Ireeo Spttnsel Plor ' knijn A ery Kriehel Stuart Owen FueHinser M. (rale Pierce Howe Plait Ouindry Hewitt Macpliertioti Chandler Van Pelten Noble Eltert Green KinearHon IVorris Kean Lentz Davie Solfrani G. ;ale Off Johncton SandberB Fifer Keith Popp BripBle Oldham Leutwiler E. Scotland Buehholz Kiler Atwood Purves G ire Xoodward Olwin Wham Ford " B. Scotland RubhcII Webster Henley Page 407 c Fnunflrt Monmouth ColIeRc. 1870 Seventy Active Chapters BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER Erttahhfthed 1899 1102 South Lincoln Avenue Kappa Kappa Gamma FACULTY Harriet T. Barto, A.M. Kathryn V.A. BuR s, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Darleen a. Allen Sara L. Black Jane Fisher Sara M. Hughes Kathleen King SeFiiors Mary E. McKee S. Jane Prettvman H. Maxine Sterrett E. Elizabeth eaver Virginia Ziecler Virginia F. Best Jeanne P. Block Virginia E. Disosvvay Edith Heinzelman Ruth Metcalf Juniors Mary L. Nelson Betty Parrish Barbara Strauch Margaret G. Swanson Wanda A. Taylor Anne Ash Helen J. Harman RiTH Hart Sophomores Virginia M. Keusink Isabella G. Lawton Margery E. McKee Mary J. Matthews M. Bethel Paradis L. Elizabeth Pershall M. Christine Schindler Beverly Baker Barbara P. Bischoff E. Jane Brodkorb Patti Blirnham Mary V. Cady Freshmen Sarah E. Carnahan Betty Clark Charlotte C. Clements Rosemary E. Connors Catherine Darling Edna J. Fisher Adair Hamilton Charlotte E. Pierce Josephine L. Rasmussen Ruth Reddish Louise M. Schindler Jean B. Thompson Constance I. Wilkinson Viilkin»c,n Biirnliaiii Baktr 1!im lioff I a l„r l ' ,.r»hai: Ur...lkcirli Ih.mipM.ii L.Sohiiuller Mi-lialf Matthews Reddish t. Fisher Kasmusseii Clark Nelson Clements Darling Connors Blark Paradis Hart Margery McKee Ash Carnahan Cady Harman Swanson Best Heinzelman Strauch Keusink M. Schindler Pierce Hamilton Mary McKee Lawton Block Prettyman Ziegler Hughes J. Fisher Allen Sterrett Weaver King Disosuay Pag( 4()S Foti tided DcPaiiw I ' nivtTsity. 1885 Fifly-seven Active Chapters IOTA ClIAPTKR KsliiMisluMl 1H99 901 South Lincoln Avenue Alpha Chi Omega FACULTY Garreta H. Busey, Ph.D. DoRLEs C. Stutzman, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY R. Alice Ditzler Margaret L. Earnest H. Aleta Flaningam Seni Gwendolyn T. Harvey Dorothy E. Johnson Lela Jutton Verla M. Lampert C. Marguerite Miller Elma G. Patton Elizabeth Schumacher Ruth E. Sheldon a Juni ors Mary L. Bowen Alice Campbell Augusta I. Corzine Barbara J. Harris Betty Hatton Elizabeth Homann Irene Oehmke Marion M. Plambeck Barbara F. Rice Virginia A. Trent E. Ruth Tuthill Mary A. Arnold Mary M. Avey Betty Collins Betty Denison Jean L. Fitzgerald Mary Flanigan Virginia Hindman Marie F. Johnson Sophnmures M. Maxine McVaugh June E. Parsons Dorothy L. Poor Mary E. Radebaugh Vt inifred Rice Dorothy Stockmar Frances L. Veroneau Freshmen Mary E. Aurelius Marjorie Battey Roberta B. Elvis Mae a. Evans Dorothy M. Garrett Phyllis M. Grant Thelma G. Johnson M. Jane McGuigan Bonnie McIntosh Eleanor C. Mueller Louise M. Patelski Betty L. Thomas Mcintosh Aureliu»i Thomag Elvip (rrant T. Johnson Tuthill Patelski Arnold Poor Avey Parsons W. Rice Corzine B. Kice Uenison Homann Caniphell McVaugh Bowen Lamperl Sheldon Flaningam Ditzler Millei Collins Battey Evans Vercmeau Ilindman McGuigan Garrett Mueller Harris Hatton Trent Radebaugh Flaniheck Jutton Harvey D. J(»hnsf n Schumacher Pag,- 490 c I ,.un,lr,l lniversit of Arkjnsys, 1895 Eighty-nine Aflive Chapters OMICRON CHAPTER Eslahlished IQOO 901 South Wright Street Chi Omega FACULTY Cornelia P. Kelley, Ph.D. Clarissa Rinaker, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Pauline C. Block Caroline M. Carlin Dorsey Connors Maurine Frey Josephine E. Gauen Helen H. Hickman Betty L. Hughes Ernestine B. Keller Mary F. McKelvey Alice D. Mast Martha J. Reynolds Katherine a. Tuach Madeline J. Adams Frances Caldwell Edna M. Flentje Juniiirs Marian Flentje Virginia L. Greenwood Janeva Longworth Marjorie M. Mead Catherine M. Palandech Virginia M. Parrish Rebecca F. Ruby " Mittie R. Taylor Elberta J . Alexander Betty Brown Phyllis E. Gray Catherine Hesselschwerdt Sophomores Mary ' Jerald Mary L. Kennedy Sunny Kennedy Edith Lytle Miriam F. Noel E. Jane Owens June W. Smith June Snyder Virginia B. Toeller Elaine E. Wang Freshmen Dorothy E. Brunner Eleanor E. Capps Eleanor Erzincer Erna C. Hansen Lois Heigl Julia M. Lake Mary Leach Frances G. Mudge Marianne Pfeffer Dorothy ' M. Randall 1) Brunner M. Hi ' iUjr. Krziii-i ' r. Il;iii»en. (;r;i . .S. Keiui .-d . Lc Smith lieiKl Miidf-c Uul. E. Flentje Gappy Jerald Vt ' ang Pfeffer Farriwh ' l ' ii Kir Falatiderh Adams M. Kennedy Keller Carlin Keynoldti ( aiien lluf-Iies Connors ich. AlexaiidtT. Mead Lytic (Jreenwood oel Brown Lon McKelvey Frey i u ' orth Lake Owens Hirku I Pasf j-o K Pf CIIAPTl ' .R Kstal.lisheil I ' Mtr-, 715 West Michit ' aii Slreel Alpha Xi Delta Irene D. Piersoiv A.B. FACULTY Anne A. SiMith, A.M. Betty L. Apmadoc Marguerite M. Buesching Doris M. Connors Mary L. Goelitz MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors A. Louise Gray Alice E. Hough Catherine G. Lewis Florence W. McCoy Margaret E. O ' Brien Anita R. Reece Katherine M. Ryckman RuTH M. Sciiwarz Irene M. Spain Dorothy I. Boyd Eleanor A. Dunteman Mary A. Ferris Lillian R. Gilster Lillian B. Jaeger Bernice E. Jokisch Juniors Ruth E. Kramer Janet L. Macintire Margaret L. McGrady Helen R. Pierson Dorothy M. Poirot Ruth E. Rathert Josephine L. Cathcart Frances E. Elfstrand Annette L. Fleischbein Marjorie E. Haak Virginia B. Huff Sophomores Margaret G. Kramer Vera R. Kriz Jane K. Kummerow Jean A. Paterson Annette M. Baxter Joan E. Fedde Freshmen Anna M. Schultze L. Charlotte Stunkel Baxter Paler»on Huff Dunteman Kriz K. Kramer Gray Ryekman Lewis Schultze Kummerow FeHde Stunkel 11 Jaeger Rathert Maeintire (iilnter Poirot Sehwarz McCoy Buesching Goelitz lak Catllcart Spain Fie Jokisch Mctirady Ferris Reece Houph O ' Brien tcltlicin M. Kramer Bovfl 11. Piersno Elfstrand Connors Apmadoc Pas, ' SOI r |Hhft - I F A iiiinilfil Lewis Institute. 1874- Forly-six Active Chapters IOTA CHAPTER Established 19((6 801- South Mathews Street Delta Gamma FACULTY Alta G. Saunders, A.M. Jane E. Baker Jeannette Baldwin Betty M. Buscher MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Frances A. Davidson Margot Francis Edna E. Gurr Jean Johnston H. Josephine Vi herry Martha ' i ' iLLETT Jean Bull Marv Burdick Ruth F. Huckett Frances L. Kaar Juniors Elizabeth H. Schicht Henrietta Seaman Dorothy A. Standard Dorothy E. Stuttle Margaret F. Askren H. Isabel Danley Georgiana Fuller Lucy E. Harwi Alice V. Hodge Dorothy Hopkins Sof}liomores Vivian D. Peter Mary C. Smith Dorothy M. Steiner Sheila Stone Doris A. Tonk Carol W estern Dorothy F. Borchardt Mary S. Bulpitt Dorothy Davis Freshmen Mary E. Germain Margaret Henderson Jeanette L. Hickox Dorothy ' Manock Elizabeth E. Moore Loraine M. Nauman Adele D. Pohl Helen B. Rathbone 1 Seaman Juhncttuii tiiirr CBteni l!i ko Djivi- KathlMiiif Henderson Hopkins Borchardt Pohl Hodg tiiain Smith Standard Stone Fnller lierrv Francis Schicht Davidson !S a uman M oore Tonk St utile Uulpitt Peter Manock Kaar Danley Harwi Baldwin BuBcher Askren Bu Bull P g ' • ' (J u n drd Coll Clleso. l«7l Forty-eight Artivt- Chapters THETA CHAPTER Estahhshed 1Q06 1116 West Nevada Street Sigma Kappa MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Doris E. Burritt Edith E. Calvert Sen iors Beatrice L. Hedluisd Mildred M. Holicky Genevieve E. Morris Edna M. Mraz Marion S. Dodge Ruth E. Hunter Virginia Johnson Juniors Elizabeth A. Mraz Harriet M. Reeser Betty Murdock Virginia M. Solomon Dorothy M. Normandin Helen S. Svilow Violet A. Webb Ada ' yman Bernadine M. Dorsey Ada M. Gansz H. Jane Harrison Louise H. Heidhues Sophomores Elizabeth M. Runkel Mary E. Ruskamp M. Eleanor St. Germain Marion V. Corliss Freshmen Jewel E. Houcek Caroline B. Huey Hunter St. Germain Svilow Houcek Harrison Burritt Murdock Dodge Morris Runkel Huey Heidhues Reeser Johnson Normandin Calvert Holick Corliss Ruskamp Webb Dorsey E. A. Mraz Solomon Wyman E. M. Mraz Gansz Page 50J I Barnard College. 1897 Forty-three Active Chapters IOTA CHAPTER Estabhshei) 1911 704 South Mathews Street Alpha Omicron Pi FACULTY Frances Cottrell, M.S. Louise M. Woodroofe, B.P. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Katherine C. Altorfer Florence .A. Beidelman Dorothy M. Lyon Virginia Bairstow Beth M. Bohlen Kathryn a. Brown Janice E. Conard Marjorie E. Berryman Heloise Blatt Jean E. Dragoo Mary Courtright Helen M. Curtis Lois E. Davis Dorothy J. Edwards Catherine H. McCord Marjorie F. Morrison Ruth C. Page Ruth Reed Juniors Kathleen M. Conard Dorothy D. Cook Janet L. Creutz Sopho Ruth A. Ferguson K. thryn W. Hu. table Ruth E. English Marian A. Kusz Hedvic Lenc Nancy A. James L Verne R. Kruggel Freshmen Kathryn E. Heil Dorothy L. Henderson Evelyn L. Kreim Charlotte A. McGlade Lois Mahnke Geraldine M. Patterson E. Pauline Rothwell Virginia B. Stotler Betty D. ' Walker Mildred C. Morrison Gabrielle R. Potts Betty Ross Neoma E. Rowe . rnieta J. Meislahn Rae H. Reed Jean M. Stiven Florine E. Petri Grace A. Rothwell ViVIENNE L. Theiss ■il Lil«ur l» l ' alliT»iiii Krei.n Curtis (;. Rolhuell Davis Courtright „ , „ Henderson. Theiss, Petri. McClade. Huvtahle. Mahnke. Cook Kruggel fergnson Dragoo. Rae Reed. Bohlen Meislahn English Potts Bairstow K.Conrad Ross Rowe James Ulatt Berrvnian M.C.Morrison Brown J. Conrad Creutz. Ruth Reed. MeCord E. Rothwell Beidelman L on Altorfer Page Slotler M. F. Morrison Walker Lenc, Kusz Page S04 V Lnivirsilv of iNeliraskii. ' IVIO .Niiirlecii Ai ' li c Clmplcrs UAMM CM M ' l KU Ksi;«lu-,l lOll 713 West Ohii. .Strtcl Phi Omega Pi Cleo Fitzsimmons, B.S. RiTH C. Freeman, A.B. FACULTY Emma R. Jutton, B.L.S. Elizabeth R. Williamson, A.B. GRADUATE STUDENT Stacy M. Sward MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Rltii L. Dalrymple Dorothy V. Flowers Marie E. Fox Seniors Betty J. Kendall Gladys A. Novotny Dorothy L. Smith LiLLiAM Stanford Helene Still Marjorie a. Stolzenburg Kathyrn M. Tillman Marjorie H. Wheeland Florence H. Adams Marie E. IIandschuh Juniors Annabel F. Junce Barbara Kerch Esther L. Lusk Elsie I. Minier Mary M. Barker Dorothy M. Green Orian G. Lemen Jeanette Liljequist Sophomores Betty R. Madden Marie L. Walling Louise Worth Margaret J. Barker Freshmen Pamela F. Diemer Emily D. Kasch Audrey W. Seator orlh Lemen Liljequist Green Sward Madden Sealor Kasch Diemer Minier Adams Lusk Junge Kereh Stanford Handsehiih Smith W heeland Dalrymple Novotny Fox Still SloUenburg Flowers Tillman Kendall Pas ' - SOS iounded Wesleyan Female College, 1851 Fifly-five Active Chapters SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1912 1202 West Nevada Street Alpha Delta Pi FACULTY Louise M. Pickens, M.S. GRADUATE STUDENT Jayne W. Rodenhauser MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Alice M. Foster E. Patricia Gleason Marjorie a. Johnson Seniors Virginia M. Jones Juanita Ramey Arte Ramey Dorothy M. Runge Marthe J. Schmidt Mary F. Thoma Viola M. Beecher Isabel M. Donahue Jun iors JuneK. LowMAN Louise Nelson Maxine B. Porter Eleanor H. Gates Jeanette Helstrom Elizabeth W. King Sophomores Elinor Lourie Merry K. Norton Ruth G. McClain Sallie A. Patterson Mary A. Thomas Dorothy Wiesjohn Leryl L. Alsen Clara J. Dayton Freshmen Rosemary J. Irish Lorraine D. Kinzell Melba J. Lewis King Kinzell Lewis Vt ieejohn Irish Alsen Bee.lier Kodenliauser Dovlon Helslrom Thomas Gales Porter Donahue Nelson Lawman Pallerson MrClain Lourie A. Kaniey Gleason Jones Thoma Kunife Schmidt J. Kamey Foster Johnson .,-o6 I S r;i.MIM- I ni tr.-il . 1«7I l ' ' url -l«i» Afli c Chiiptfrs OMICUdN CIIAPI ' EU Ksl:iblis)ieH 1418 1 110 Worn INcvaila .Slreit Gamma Phi Beta Mary . Beam, B.S. Marie M. IIostetter, A.B.. B.L.S. FACULTY Anna B. Robinson, A.M. Florence L. White, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen tors Jane ' . Ames Ruth C. Benedict Helen L. Campbell Jean B. Clements Eleanor F. Cook Frances C. Baggott Katharine E. Callen Alma H. Frese Roberta E. Andersen Elizabeth Bilsborrow Josephine L. Clayton Elinor T. Davis Evelyn M. Gooding Charlotte A. Hepner Marie E. Isherwood Ruth Curtis L. Elaine Geidell Catherine R. Grometer Ruth E. Havens Alice Ireland Marion G. Irrmann Evelyn P. Johnson TiRZAH E. Kane Caroline Kirkland Juniors Ruth E. Hodsdon Frances M. Horner Elizabeth McDonald Elizabeth J. Muir Sophomores Evelyn Ferrell Louise A. Hansen Virginia M. Hill Barbara M. Knipp Frances Pride Miriam J. Savage M. Lucille Mathesius Janet M. McDeed Louise Miller Freshmen Christine R. Simmons Dorothy E. Smith Mable E. Kirkpatrick Mary W. Moore Florence A. Nordine Mildred L. Smith Miriam A. Van Buskirk Jane Mosiier Virginia Salsman Betty W. Shelley Virginia E. Rech Dorothy M. Reichardt Kathryn M. Sellers Cora L. Sisam IsABELLE H. Stewart Florence R. Whyte D. Smith Callen Kcicharch Sellers Hepner Ferrell Miller Pride X hvie MeDonald Sinani Bagfiolt Sal nian Davis Anderwen MeDeed Shelley MatheHiuB Knipp [nherwood Stewart Clayton Rech Hanwen Hilwhurrow SavaRe Muir Cook Benediet Ireland Nordine Aniee Horner Mother Havens Frese Kirkland Hill Kirkpatrick Van BuMkirk Moore Johnson Grometer M. Smith Irrmann Curtis Canipltell Kane (Seidell R (Belle Page 507 ;■ ' „„„, .■, Syracuse LlU cr il . 1W4 Forty-four Active Chapters SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1918 1106 South Lincoln Avenue Alpha Gamma Delta FACULTY Rosalie M. Parr, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Bernice a. Brinkema Margaret E. Crook Senio Marian E. Crook Lucille Hlrn Helen L. Moore Dorothy M. Schneiter Miriam Taylor WiLMA C. Bentley Jessie F. Dancey Martha C. Hills Juniors Violet I. Johnson Marian L. Langdon Jane E. Marr Mariam V. Olsen Dorothea M. Svvanson Charlotte E. Warren Audrey Z. Wendland Alrina C. Zajicek E. Rosemary Cox Lucille M. Gierz Sophomores M. Lois Henderson Marie H. Hi eglin Dorothy L. Kerr Virginia K. Pappas Velma C. Rothenberger Betty J. Smith Eloise J. Bilger Melba Cox Freshmen Eleanor M. Geiler Evelyn M. Miller Ceil.r t;ierz llurn kcrr Dan.ey Hilger llucglin M. Cox Henderson Miller Wen.lland Uenlley Zajicek E. Cox Kotlienherger Swanson Pappas Johnson Olson Langdon Hills Olsen Marr Smith Marian Crotik Margaret Crook Schneiter Brinkema Moore Taylor Page joS I ' nivirsilj of Mkhiiian. 1112 Seventeen Active Chapters BETA CHAPTER Eslahlishcd IQll lOOS VlcBt e a a Street Theta Phi Alpha MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Dorothy I. Finneran Dorothy A. Herron Dorothy F. McCole Bernadine H. Meyer Dorothy K. O ' Connor Laura L. Reichmann Josephine F. O ' Neil Margaret L. Westenberger Lucille J. Carson Juniors Katherine E. Gollings Bernadi ne Lyons Marcia K. Puckett Sophomores Marion L. Cadwell Mary- C. Cody Monica J. McConnell Josephine R. Malloy LuCRETIA M. MiCHELS Doris D. Praeger Dorothy C. Sauer Catherine E. Smith Margaret J. Watson Catherine R. Holmes Freshmen Margaret R. McDonaugh Mary J. Macan Eileen Mitchell Michels McDonaugh Holmes Cadwell Malloy McConnell Meyer O ' Connor Reichmann Magan McCole Cody Smith Westenberger Praeger Sauer Herron Lyons Puckett Carson Watson O ' Neil Gollings Pagf S09 Fonnded Barnard College. 1909 Twenly-eight Active Chapters MU CHAPTER Establishe.) 1918 904 South Third Street Alpha Epsilon Phi MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Bessie M. Davis Margierite L. Kahn Helen J. Bondi Alice E. Gross Seniors DoEOTHY R. Levin Vivian J. Stern Mildred H. Hirsh Julia E. Lewis Juniors Jane M. Mathews Fredericka Samisch Maxine J. Traub Salene Segal Beatrice N. Silver Genise Adler Henrietta E. Barlow Tybie M. Davis Estelle B. Freund Martha L. Kohn Clara A. Lato Sophomores Eleanor S. Paul EsTYR L. Seeder Evelyn A. Stern Florette M. Weiss Gertrude L. Yastrow J EAN D. Cole Louise Goldman Clare L. Goorland Freshmen Dorothy I. Hassenbusch Alice M. Lewis Lucille C. Himelblau Irma F. Oplatka Charlotte A. Stine Sylvia E. Weiss Shirley Wilhelm W illii ' lm IliiiK IKhiu Still!- (vrusb Gonrlalld Yilslrow Segal Freiind F. Weist- Mathews B. Davis V. . W liss llu.Miilmscli A. Lewis C.le Oplatka GoLliiuin Ki.hii Uonili Hirsh Seeder Barlow E. Stern Lain Paul Adler T. Davis Stern D. Levin Traub Kahn Samisch J. Lewis Page Founded Bi t«trtn University, 188S Kiplilv-threc Active Chapters DELIA PI CHAPTKR EslaMi Iie.I l ' )20 508 East Ctialntern Street Delta Delta Delta FACULTY Leah F. Trelease A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sarah M. Applecate Irma L. Ciilbertson LuciNDA D. Gauer Seniors Carolyn R. Goar Margaret F. Lowe Josephine K. Harrington Virginia R. Maxwell Harriet M. Iverson E. Virginia Morton Dorothy F. Scudder Alice Thompson Juniors Janet A. Brown Esther D. Dyer Harriet V. Bradbury Dorothy E. Coe Constance H. Filbey ' Dorothy S. Fleming Doris Giesecke Mary ' E. Klingner Sophomores Katherine U. Filson - Shirlie L. Moorman Helen V. Lane Ruth V.. Riecel Margaret J. McCaskill Margaret Schimmel Patricia Morrison Anne Steiner Mary L. Shirk Alice Stevens Dorothy Sundquist I Betty- A. Bauer Virginia L. Chadwick Miriam L. Fast Madelene E. Humm Mary J. Leisenring Freshmen Lucile K. Schuessler Dorothy G. Taylor Lucile H. LTmmach Ruth A. Whiteley Miriam E. Varty Fast Maxwell CiilberlH«n Morrimin (iaiier Sciidder Morton Thompson Applegate iverson (roar Leisenring Lane Filson Giesecke Brown Sundquist Flemins Lowe Dyer Coe Filhey Stevens Srhinimel Steiner Moorman Riegel Bradbury McCaskill L mniach Hiimni Cliadwick Schuessler U hiteley Bauer .Shirk Varty Tayl Pag.- 511 Miami University. 1M02 Fifty-nine Active Chapters ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Eslahlished l ' 21 710 West Ohio Street Delta Zeta FACULTY Florence M. Harding, A.M. Florence M. Hood GRADUATE STUDENTS Mary Patton MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Louise C. Clow Nancy L. Embreb Elizabeth Hay nie Julia M. Lewis BiLLiE N. Little M. Grace McAuley Dorothy G. McCabe Florence E. Miller Margaret C. Stiel Alice C. Sypel Bernadette M. Wilmot Betty L. Work Juniors Hazel M. Hoyle J. Marie Moreland Helen C. Lines Allegra C. Montgomery Sophomores Harriet Murphy Frances Patton Margaret M. Snider Freshmen Eleanor Keppner Goodwill ,n-l l.llll.- M„ Il„,lc 1|„„,1 gijel W il,i,„l M. P lloii McAuIcv Work Miller Ha) nie McCabe Clow Enibrci- l.cwiu Moillgoiiiiry Lines Murphy Daniel Keppner F. Patton lll.. k Pan,- jl2 I ,,iin,l.;l V -»U- Mii (.•...llfi-c. 1852 Sixty-one Aftive CliapterB DELIA HKTA CHAPTER Kslnhlishr.l 1 )2I 70(1 -sl Ohiu Street Phi Mu Elva L. Krogh, A.B., B.S. FACULTY Louise F. Lodge, A.M. Clara R. Meyer, M.S. Helen M. Bailey Jane Beall Kathryn E. Bo yers Myrtle A. Dehn MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Helen M. Hohencarten Anne L. Kenvon Dellagene Molden Mable a. Poore Edna M. Reese Mildred E. Stiebler Mildred C. Stiecemeyer Pauline W. Stone DoHOTiiv Wakefield Kathleen S. Funkhouser Elizabeth J. Hepburn B. Jane Larson Juniors M. Betty McCreary LaJune F. McIntire Doris A. Meneely Kathryn M. Sandmeybr Olga H. Senne Mildred L. Skinner Beulah M. Dalbey Sophomores Teressa Norton Jean Peabody Paula O. Zeiter Nadine E. Cheney Vera Nofftz Freshmen Geneva G. Walker Dalbey Norton Walker Peabody Dehn Senne Stiebler McIntire Larson Poore Bowers Molden Bailey Zeiter Thateher McCreary Funkhouser Hohengarten Kenyon INofftz Lotlfie Cheney Skinner Meneely Reese Wakefield Sliegemeyer Ph ' 5 ' 3 . ]L, A d l L r H m B B H Miljik Virginia State Normal. 1898 Sixty-three Active Chapters ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER Established 1921 808 West Vermont Street Eileen J. Brydces Martha F. Etzbach Eleanor L. Black Marian E. Heniken Zeta Tau Alpha FACULTY Beulah M. Armstrong, Ph.D. GRADUATE STUDENT Clela Guthrie MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors BoNiTA C. Matthews Virginia L. 0 " Leary Ethel M. Nelson Juniors Edythe E. Lund Vivian S. Pape Helen L. Smith Mildred T. Simmons Vee White Eunice L. Taylor E. Maurine Wilt Virginia Locke Sophomores Virginia I. Polonis Betty H. Blessing Helen W. Gaede Freshmen Annamarie Gentz Marian J. Gross Mildred A. Hodgen Gentz Gross Gaede Locke Pape Guthrie Wilt Black Brydges Smith Simmtms Matthews Polonis Blessing Heniken Taylor Lund O ' Learv Etzbach White Pis ' - sr-t Syracuse rnivorsily. 1872 Thirly-fivc Active Chapters BETA ALPHA CII PTEH Kst; lie.l 1022 508 East AriiHir Street Alpha Phi FACULTY Marcaret Bloom. Ph.D. Esther K. Bruhn, A.B. Ernestine K. Jenison, A.M. Lillian Marr, A.B. Jane C. Watt, A.B., B.Mus. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seni Julia Beatty RiTTH .4. Cleavelin Ruth L. Drayer Mary- L. Hoy A. Irene Rose Marguerite Schulz M. Aldythe Taylor MuRRELL E. Young Dorothy ' A. Bartusch Lilyun E. Burley Ruth A. Lyddon Rosemary O. Barnes Phyllis A. Boslby Juniors Helen R. Bosley Anne V. Sherwin Sophomores Mary A. Morgan B. Georgette Pierce Mary E. Graham Catherine Hanberg Freshmen Kathryn T. Raby Helen I. Ward Barlusch Hanberg W hitney Rally P. Bosley H. Bosley Lyddon Morgan Sherwin W ' endt Schulz Rose Drayer Beatty Hoy Barne.- Graham Kiid Pierce Keisner Ward Taylor oung Hurley Pagf 515 « 1 ■(l.-ll ■ir It 1 Jill iJ i • Foundi ' il University of California, 1 14 Twenty-six Active Chapters GAMMA CHAPTER Establii hed 1923 606 West Ohio Street Theta Upsilon FACULTY Margaret L. Gress, A.M. GRADUATE STUDENT Dorothy M. Beaird Eugenia Clinton LoRAiNE A. Dvorak MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY demurs Marion N. Holloway Mary R. Kelley Raena a. Kendall Mary J. Martin Margaret Otis Sarabelle Talbot Louise V. Andrews Verla R. Bennett Juniors Rosemary A. Brown Mary F. James Madeline H. Purcell Ruth E. Rehm Martha K. Walker Jeannette G. White Rosemary Allen Ruth H. Hettler Sophomores Olive P. Kelley Genevieve M. Shepanek Ethel M. Thomas Grace Kelley " Freshmen Frances E. Leasure Eleanor G. Thomas Shepanek Leasure JatneB Ilolloway Brown Vtliite Ethel Thomas Allen O. Kelley Talbot Kendall Martin Hettler ICleanor Thomas Rehm Bennett I ' lireell Dvorak Clinton Otis M. Kelley Andrews i ' alker G. Kelly Pag,- 516 Foiiitdi ' il I ' liivcrsity of Ciilifnrni;i. IMOQ Twrnly-scveii Actix- C.h;iptrrs BKTA CIIAI ' IKR 805 West Peiiiis l ;iiii;i A eniie mrr- jj III Beta Phi Alpha Elizabeth A. McBride, A.B. M. LooESE Ramser, B.S. FACULTY Enid Schnauber, M.S. Gertrude F. Stanton, B.S. Beata M. Armstrong GRADUATE STUDENTS Vera A. Conard Dorothy J. Hill Loretta a. Pezold MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors Gertrude A. Dohney Virginia C. Russell Harriet J. Brown Jeanette L. Gross Marie V. Klapperich Juniors Eleanor W. Klee Elizabeth F. Loeffler Lillian E. Loukota A. Isobel Milligan Lenore Scharschug Dorothy M. Temte Phyllis E. Monk Sophomores Marion A. Ridgvvay Margaret E. Tei.leen M. Elizabeth Vinje Pezold Telleen Brown Dohney Loukota Scharschiip iNus ell Monk Kidgway Groiib Stanton Ramser Klee Conrad Temte Milliean Scbnauber ArmbtronR Vinje Loeffler Klapperich Pagf S17 Foundetl Virginia State Normal College, 1897 Seventy Active Chapters SIGMA OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1923 1201 South Lincoln Avenue Kappa Delta MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Ellen M. Bertinblli Margaret I. Brown Margaret T. Davidson Myrtle M. Dillner Seniors WiLMA C. DuLiN Helen L. Lierman Marguerite E. Hamal Dorothy M. Miller Marion M. Jourdan Helen V. Nelson Margaret S. Olsen Helen J. Sangwin Edith D. Vance Marian M. Young Helen L. Anderson Helen E. Bennett Jun iors Janet M. Campbell Mary M. Hounsley Mildred J. Kadyk Dorothy I. Lindenmeyer Betty S. Smith Helen L. Bartlett Athena Boswell Sophomores Ruth Castleman Evelyn J. Mortensen Grace G. Presler Frances L. Spear Ruth L. Fehr Freshmen Betty Gardiner Margaret Klehm Carolyn J. Mountjoy Hamal l asi(lM ii Nelson liroun Duliii Lindenmeyer Kehr Jourdan Caniphell Miller Klehm Spear Olsen Sangwin Dillner Lierman Kadyk Moiinljoy Hounsley Gardiner Presler Boswell Bartlett Mortensen Castleman Smith Anderson Bertinelli Vanee Young Page- siS „„ „;.■, Transvlvaiiia Colltpe. mil) ' rwcnly-foiir Active t ' .haptfr: UKI.TA ClIAPIER Eslal.lisiie.l 1123 712 W esl Oregon Street Alpha Delta Theta FACULTY Louise B. Dunbar, Ph.D. GRADUATE STUDENT Anita L. ' ascher Mabel R. Bercer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Emily M. Blewitt Georgianna N. Fries Dorothy M. Saunders F. Alwilda Berger Juniors Kathryn G. Hansen Irene H. McKinney Sophomores Helen L. Bercer Ruth E. Fisher Freshmen Margaret D. Sorensen M. Berger H. Berger Sorensen Hansen Wascher Blewitt iMcKinney F. Berger Fries Saunders Fishe; Page S ' 9 Foundpil Hunter College. 1913 Twenty-two Active Chapters THETA CHAPTER Established 1923 1004 West Nevada Street Phi Sigma Sigma MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Josephine Brenner Elaine M. Cohen Juniors Fredrika B. Gordon Margie Kanter Charlotte J. Blair Rhea Davis Sophomores Ruth H. Goldman Martha Greenberg Edith J. Salins Annette V. Scheybr Beverly E. Waldman Hannah Breskin Freshmen Gladys J. Freed Audrey Salins Breskin Freed Greenberg E. SaliiiB (M l(lnian Brenner Waldman A. Salins Scheyer Kanler Cohen Blair Pag,- S20 „„n,l,;l tA.riull 1 ■,iv.r,il . I ' ll? Tliirtfcn ' livc tlliiiplt-rr KAPI ' A CIIAPTKK Estal ' lisheil 1426 1101 % est Neviiila Sireet Sig-ma Delta Tau MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY NIelba R. Adelman Dorothy J. Cohen Seniors Lillian Jacobson Margaret E. Jacobson Ruth L. Lapin Juniors Mildred J. Ash Alice J. Flesch Ruth Frank Beatrice Hoffman Ida Slotin Sophomores Regina E. Elkes Pauline H. Frank Jane N. Gingery Ida Greenberg Jeannette Loeb Lorraine Mark Blossom Morris Dorothy Weitzman Freshmen Frances J. Adler Bernice E. Bachrach Gertrude Bernstein Betty A. Cassell Sylvia N. Levin Ruth A. Levy Gertrude Mandel Reva Sachar Audrey F. ' einberg Greenberg Sachar Adler Bernstein Mandel Morris Weitzman Mark Levin Cassell Elkes P. Frank R. Frank Loeb Bachrach Ginpcry Weinberg Levy Lapin L. Jacobson Flesch Hoffman M. Jacobson Slotin Adelman Cohen Ash Page s t i . .-rp?; fe J J : ITPIi I " 1 T-n " ;it.«ai Founded University of Missouri 1888 Twenly-two Active Chapters ALPHA MU CHAPTER Established 1927 1106 West Oregon Street Beta Sigma Omicron GRADUATE STUDENT Dorothy I. West Elizabeth F. Artman Alice L. De Bower MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Lenore J. LoRiMER Inez Miller Ruth J. Reynolds L. Violet Wegner Sophomores Mary L. Crippin Helen T. McGill Freshmen Margaret E. Robbins Pagf 522 Davenport House FACULTY Mrs. Ida M. Staehle, A.B. GRADUATE STUDENT Merle R. Parker Irene E. Elson Eleanor L. Evans MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen inrs Mary J. Evans Doris A. Lisenby Mary Z. Luther Grace II. Strybls Edna M. Brunner Mildred H. Converse W. Evelyn Driver Frances B. Fain Beatrice Fox Lois M. Gifford Juniors Marie E. Handschuh Reece E. Joleen Eilleen B. Kember Evelyn D. Mallonee Marie M. Rowley Dorothy L. Schuster Gladys N. Becker Margie L. Fancher Mary- J. Fawcett Olive M. Jepson Sophomores Evelyn M. Roskam Josephine M. Rutelonis Dagmar L. Swanson Leonore J. Wetzig Gilda Bevilacqua June Carpenter Esther Dixon Virginia B. England - Frances M. Evans Freshmen Nannie Mae Fain Geraldine H. Janis Eileen E. Johnson Jeanette S. Johnson Eva B. Lindas Dorothy J. Masek Helen E. Regan Dorothy M. Schmidt Lillian M. Scott Phyllis Sloves Letta M. Stanley Alta M. White J J. Johnson Parker E.Johnson Masek Lisenhy Driver J Sirybis Schmidt Rowley Fancher Kember R M. Evans Joleen E. Eva; ipc i inciiKj L ' li ! JepBon Luther Uecker Dixon Convert»e N. Fain Rutelon .ioekam GifFord Staehle Schuster Swanson Mallonee Fox Elson F. Fain England Jania F. Evans White Sloves Scott Bevilacqua Brunner Handschuh Fawcett Page s 3 iruey I ILio of. Wunjd)e£rLOCX 1115 est Nevada Street West Residence Hall Lela E. Allred Winifred Burns GRADUATE STUDENTS Bernice L. Ernst Gertrude B. Fletcher Claette G. Jury Kathleen M. Lokey Jeanetta Appel Marjorie L. Bredehorn Margaret I. Bronson Ruth J. Brown- Elaine J. Bryor Mary E. Coleman Placide Daues Myra G. Allison Ruth A. Arvey Marion Baumhauer Goldie Brodsky Jessie Dancey Doris V. Frazin MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Helen Dick Pauline M. Fietsam Ethel B. Green Mary E. Jackman Mamie Jacobs Anita Kalis Evadna Kavana Norma J. Knoppel Anne Lessner Mary A. Marek Florence R. Penstone Helen E. Ruther Juniors Florence L. Gerteis Neva G. Goodbourn Elizabeth J. Hepburn Ruth E. Hodsdon Bernice a. Kamar Shirley E. Nielsen Barbara Nussbaum Dorothy E. Oliver Carmen L. Parr Suzanne Pfeiffer Mary A. Ryan Helen L. Smith Eva Steinert Virginia Sword Alyce p. Talbot Frieda Tenenbaum Kathleen M. Timm Agnes A. PsiK Kathryn M. Sandmeyer May H. Seidel Pauline M. Stewart Angeline M. Tarry Ellen E. Touhy Sophomores June L. Anderson RocHELLE Bernstein- Evelyn E. Bills Jane I. Damon Sara C. Eastman- Judith Finkel Florence Gethner Saraetta Hadawav Ruth D. IIandelsman Helen a. Hirsh Zelma V. Hopper Rochelle D. Kaden Dorothy L. Kerr Gertrude Levite Leota M. Mansbercer Claradel Mentz Dorothy P. Nelson Florence M. Rector Helen Roberts Lillian A. Saltzman Hazel Sherry Glenna a. Spenser Irene L. Tarry Dorothy L. Wiebusch Freshmen Charlotte Bartels ElOISE J. BiLGER Carmaleta Bixby Arlette M. Blum Kathryn V. Bowen Lois A. Clarke Grace Coerver Pauline R. Cohen Esther A. Deutch Jennie Diamond Isabel Edelman Dena L. Feldman Bernice A. Fine Lenice L. Fischer Bernice Frank Rhea R. Gethner Alice R. Goldsmith Dorothy M. Goldsmith Ruth M. Golk Eleanor A. Gordon Gladys L. Heinrich Mary Herman Adele J. HOSKINS Thelma G. Johnson Beatrice R. Klein Vera C. Levine Betty M. Lindas Elizabeth M. Luckhardt Charlotte A. McGlade Kay Malow- Myra Pech Virginia X ' . Prindiville Mildred Robinson- Evelyn E. Sarnoff Shirley II. Schenker Marjorie M. Schmitz Violet N. Smolensky Mildred C. Spiesman Bernice B. Tanner Shirley Turner Genevieve ' arsawsky Lenore R. Wolfe Page 5 4 imy I Ulo OL Windjezn CX 1 1 Hw ' lijll . « rfl L£=:3 Bl fiPI _tf Bl ' C .ifflS • 1 t " " ■ ■ ' • ' ' i,, ■ jjH H! S L Nhle ... : ' « Fm 4!P H P 1111 Vi esl Nevada Street Women ' s Residence Hall GRADUATE STUDENTS Martha K. Walker Jeannette G. White MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors June Baer Agnes A. Baker LaVerne C. Brenner Georgia G. Colby Marguerite E. Doll Ann Fabian Lucille C. Gaetje Elizabeth Glasow Eleanor Haefele E. Janet Hamilton Ada D. Henry Helen E. Hinckley Esther ' . Hurd Maud Jurjevich Winifred A. McCue Evelyn Mangold Gwendolyn E. Murphy Adele J. Novotny Velma E. Pottorf Etta M. Sass Elizabeth H. Schroeder Marguerite A. Stiquel Margaret O. Strudeman Juniors Maybelle K. Adams Charlotte T. Baer Edna H. Bear Margaret L. Beckman Jeannette L. Cohen Dorothy M. Cruise Jeanette a. Davidson Kathryn M. Dawson Marion E. Decker Yvonne L. Evans Esther Fleeman Helen E. Fleugge Marie D. Frank Berthyl L. Glossinger Mary E. Griswold Eileen E. Hilligoss Ruth E. Hunter Jeannette C. Keiser Maxine F. Lewy Alice A. Lindquist Olga L. Maloni Allegra C. Montgomery Helen M. Moye Kathryn R. Patrick Claribel Patterson Charlotte H. Romanus Janet G. Rowley Helen Seelmayer Cora L. Sisam Eleanor M. Sturgeon Marian L. Sullivan Eloise E. Swanson Helen M. Waldorf Louise " orley Caroline Zempel Louise R. Zerweck Sophomores Leah Augur Mary L. Brown Pearl C. Buzy Jean S. Cabeen Joan L. Caperton Lucille Charles Claire I. Cormick Mary A. Day Martha Dean Edna M. Edwards Billie E. Fay L. Bernice Gazzolo Lois M. Gilbert Maxine A. Gingerich Kathryn M. Graham Dorothy M. Green Lucille Hanssen Kathryn L. Hooker Ruth E. Kennington Almira Koeller Patricia E. Kosh Jeannette I. Liljequist Sarah II. Loring Elizabeth R. Madden Frances L. Masiokus Julia L. Moor Mary A. Pruitt Anne L. Reiter Helen M. Reuhl Helen F. Roberts Delores C. Sandry " Charlotte M. Siiith Edith L. Spencer Myrtle J. Stein Athena Terzis Louise Timberlake Helen C. Vogel Freshmen Marjorie Barr Dorothy S. Boll Jeanne B. Brashears Edith F. Buzy ' Rachel Carson Whilma a. Deliere Pamela F. Diemer Helen Dziubak Eugenia M. Hackbarth Martha M. Haupt Delores Knowles Sarah R. Marshall Louise I. Proctor Arlyne Reeves E. Viola Robinson Darwina a. Shaws KiRKER Smith Mary M. Tym P " K ' - J- ' J imy I ILuD of. WiAudejtTL jL Starrk Harvey Tompkins Osborne Mildred Chapin Margaret Chapin Rucker Johnson Weightman Clothier Vi ' atkins Stuinhaugh Swank Fetters M. Miller B, Black Summers Rigge Wood K. Miller Edwards M. Black Barbara J. Black Marv O. Black Martha H. Butcher Margaret Chapin Mildred R. Chapin Hazel L. Clothier Presbyterian Hall MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Georgia Edwards Ferne M. Fetters Janice R. Harvey M. Aileen Johnson Kathryn E. Miller Marv J. Miller Elizabeth N. Osborne Elizabeth A. Rigge Mary E. Rucker Elizabeth J. Starck H. Shirley Stumbauch Mary- M. Summers Irma L. Swank G. Gaith Tompkins Frances S. Watkins Kathleen V. Weightman Marv J. Wolford M. Helen Wood Anne J. Brittin Marion J. Bitck Marie R. Coleman Elizabeth A. Connelly Elma C. Dabler Mary M. Delich McKinley Hall MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY L. Eileen Dorman Alice L. Emmert Audrey A. Hoffman Ruth V. Kopecky Gertrude A. Leverenz Eleanor Lindeman Lorraine R. Marshall Natalie E. Murray Catherine C. Nelson Dorothea Potter Gloria Ramos Barbara L. Smith Vlasta Z. Spatny Jessie C. Wade Evelyn M. ■% ildi L. Aldene X " olk Nelson Dahler Lindeman Wolk Dclich Smith Spatny Britlin Wildi E Murray Coleman Hotter Hoffman Leverenz Marshall Connelly mmert Buck Dorman Ramus Kopecky Pag,- 526 wvey I ILio c nlnjdjiAnJ jL ' Wi . ? - " a Li V Hf 1 ■;5: J i i 1- 4 m ' J 1 m ' - " And will you please sign the enclosed card and return it to me " — the first rushing date. For three days the young unsophisticated Freshman rushes from one Sororitv to the next, listening to the same conversation over and over again, eating, smoking, and dancing, until her head is splitting and her feet ache, and yet, having the time of her life. Teas, house parties, radio dances, theatre parties keep the rushee busy until the time comes to fill out that terrible preference card. Lengthy house meetings, shrewd politicing. and under-cover black- maihng finally bring about the completion of " the list " for the Dean ' s Office. The climax of the week — Pledging — with its joys and disappointments, tears of sorrow and cries of joy, and its welcome ending to the hectic ordeal of rush- ing! That early morning occasion will never be forgotten. Formal pledging marks the beginning of the voung lad " s greatest training period. Blind dates, sneak dates, letters from the fellow back home, pledge sessions, black marks — all contribute their share in bringing about the sophisticated air of the college Co-ed. The humiliating " Curtesy Week " ends the pledge- ship, and the initiation thereafter begins a new era. The proud dis- play of HIS fraternity pin, the long hard hours of work put in for the Y. W. Stunt Show, Sunday afternoon teas, dances, quarrels, friendships, h o u s e - c I e a n i n g — all these things and many more unite to make the four years of Sororitv life indelible in the memory. Piigc- 5 7 vaom OMCl I I i !5 ' Index to Honorary and Professional Fraternities Accountancy Club .... 531 Adelphic National Literary Fraternity 545 Alpha Delta Sigma .... 545 Alpha Kappa Psi .... 532 Alpha Sigma Nu ..... 546 Alpha Tau Alpha .... 546 Alpha Tau Sigma JHHHHi WSE. 547 American Institute of Chemical Engineers 547 American Institute of Electrical Engineers 548 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 548 Anonian Literary Society 549 Arepo ....... 549 Band of X 533 Beta Alpha Psi 534 Chi Epsilon ..... 550 Delta Theta Epsilon .535 El Circulo Literario de Espanol 550 Eta Kappa Nu ..... 536 Eta Sigma Phi .... 551 Floriculture Club 551 Gamma Alpha Chi .... 552 Gamma Theia Phi .... 552 Gargoyle Society ..... 553 Gregorian Literary Society 553 Home Economics Club .... 554 mini Flying Club 554 Inter-Literary Council .... 555 Jamesonian Literary Societv . 555 Paie S30 Kappa Phi Sigma Le Cercle Fran ais Linnean Botany Society Mu Kappa Alpha Mu San National Inter-Collegiate Players Omega Beta Pi . Phi Beta Phi Chi Theta Philippine lUini Club Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoiiia Phi Upsilon ( )micron Pi Delta Phi Pi Mu Epsiloii Pi Tau Sigma Railway Club Scarab Shi-Ai . Sigma .41pha Iota Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Delta Phi Sigma Iota Epsilon Sigma Tau Skull and Crescent S nton Theta Sigma Phi . Theta Tau Tu-Mas 556 556 557 557 558 558 537 559 559 I 560 1560 561 561 538 562 562 563 539 563 540 564 564 541 542 565 565 543 544 Ponndeil, University of Illinois, 1924 Accountancy Club One Active (Chapter Til foster and maintain a sincere interest in the srienre of acvotintinfi _ FACULTY ' ITiram T. Soovill, A.B.. C.P.A. EIdwin L. Theiss, Ph.D.. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Hakkis X . AnE L. C. Altji nsbercer Mars. A. Anderson Everett Armitage C.ihrles Vi E DELI, Norbeht Dorothy Helen E. Edwin G Carl Vi . B. Aziere U. Barclay a. Baisch I. Bevird B IRD Berrvim BiRKY ILLLW C. BlSC.HOFF Cecil E. Blain Britt Blair Ralph H. Blakemore Ches. L. Blomberg Kathryn !. Bonces Merle II. Boren Norman M. Bronson C. F. Briismghan Charles Bigielski Rl ' TH B. BrRROUCHS Vi ' ALTER E. Busker Ke.nneth Camden Donald S. Carolus Chas. V. Champion H. L. Chauncey Alf. E. Christiaena Walter Cleland Ray " . K. Cochran John R. Cook, Jr. MoR. D. Coppersmith Borden B. Cox Ralph M. Davies Cecil B. Davis Frank L. Da is Hymen Davis ■ft illia.m Davitt Edmund G. Dillon Vernon L. Douthit Rupert E. Dunham Theodore B. Eddy RiciuRD M. Ehman Fred R. Eiseman Vernon E. Elder Franklin G. Emrick . lbert J. Epstein Ken. L. Ettenson Rabkrt I. Farer Fr vncis S. Feiger Norman II. Feingold Charles P. Finfgeld Ei.DO J. FlTZPATRlCK MAR ' i F. Francisco Hug hW . Frey J. ALLACE Frick Theo. (i. Friedlund Herb. ( ' .. Froeschle Allen I). Fullerton J. F. G MiEL Frank .1. Gagliardo WiLURD R. Gaiian Pris :illa L. Gairing Eugene R. Garver Edward L. Getting Fred L. Greilsiieim Cecil R. Groff Marlin Haas Omar E. Hager G. M. Harding, Jr. Edgar G. Harney- Martin A. Harnisch Herbert G. Hart Charles P. Hawley Howard A. Hazleton Ralph H. Heicke John D. Heimbauch Cath. A. Henderson Herbert K. Henry Marvin G. Herman J. F. Hilgenberg Benjamin Vi . Hill Fran. M. Hilliard Ray. a. Hoffman Edward A. Holcomb C. W. Honeywell Emma R. Hubbs Anthony P. Iagmin E. Stanton Johnson . rdei.l C. Jones Steve T. .Iurjevich Edward H. Kann X illiam G. Karnes g. R. K vv VL Kenneth E. Keene Joseph K. Kempston Le Roy P. Kloss Georgia A. Knight H. C. Koenigsmark August J. Kowalski John K. Kozak, Jr. James L. Kraft Milton .S. Kramer M RTIN J. KlJALA William J. Kutsch Walter H. Lake J. R. Laumer Wm. K. Lawrence Lehwald Leline L. Lewis J. Lierman C. Lindsay Littler John ' . John A. Horace William George Mark D. T. I ' ' . Lotzler George A. Lyerly John M. McAfoos William T. McCabe Maurice . . McCann Art. M. McClevey John A. McCullough Chas. A. McDonald W M. R. McGhthery John J. McKkan Richm. L. McKnight George G. Marriott Walter N. Mattiii s Leon A B. Meece Carrel F. Miller .Sol. Millis L. H. Mitchell H. Kendall Moore Dixon D. Moorhead Harold II. Mount Bern. J. Mulligan I)i BL J. Mulligan Laurence Nelson W. Foster Newell Eric Parson Russell B. Paulson Norton W. Payne Dale R. Peterson H RRY L. P icard Richard J. Piech Benjamin F. Powell Lester K. I ' rentiss Clarence E. Purdy Russell V. Puzey Leland a. Quindry Chester A. Ragland Walter E. Rahn Mary E. Readey Norman J. Ream Edward E. Reynolds Donald B. Richards C RL H. Rieger Edward W. Rodgers Leonard Rosenberg C.P.A. T. J. Rouchetti Ronald G. Rucker Raymond T. Ruder Howard T. Ruff Charles A. Ruh Wm. II. Ruskamp, Jr. Lillian .A. Saltzman Leo II. Sams 1 ' ,dw rd Schaeft AuRAM Schafper V iiBUR Schauer Jos. R. Schelstreet Edwin K. Sherman Ricii Hi H. Shirley Charles J. Slatf.r Elizabeth M. Smith Elmer ' E. Smith Clinton Spivey William E. Stevens Carl L. Stevenson M. (;. Stiegemeyer Robert Stuart Emmett J. Sweeny Leo V. J ' inkham Irvin H. Toelle Irwin R. Valenta R. E. Van Sickle Lawrence C. Vork Hersc. E. Wacaser Isaac N. W alker Ralph E. W alline Ralph W . Ward Billy E. W etzel William B. W hite W illiam Weise Robert S. W ilton Edward D. W imp Doris W ise Joseph J. Zbornik Robert L. Zelle 1 B 9 ' ' " ««■ S3 ' Alpha Kappa Psi FounJeil. it ' w ( rk University, 1904 Epsilon Chapter Fifty-five Active Chapters 1; To create higher business ideals, and to foster research in the fields of finance, accounting, and business administration Mairice H. Robinson, Ph.D. Frederic A. Russell, Ph.D. FACULTY UlRAM T. SCOVILL, A.B.. C.P.A. GRADUATE STUDENT Elwood K. Slusser MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Charles M. Thompson, Ph.D., LL.D. Nathan A. Weston, Ph.D. Senio Floyd R. Abernathv Robert C. Altera Walter Cleland Franklvn S. Collins George N. Gilkerson Lester J. Gilcis John W. Hammer Earl P. Godwin Clyde Q. Haldane James L. Kraft Millard S. Mc Guffin John H. Owen Russell V. Puzey Harry J. Reck Max W. Rhine Joseph R. Rosborough Juniors Donald Hoy P. Dale Huff Robert I. Metcalf Rudolph Myrna Aynsley Ross Richard H. Shirley Edward G. Watson William E. Weise Hubert P. Yarnell Walter R. Ostaszewsk Raymond T. RuderJj j James H. Mansfield Sophomores Frank P. Rauktis l .. Gilgis Manefield Owen Reck Rhirii- RauktlH Haiiuner Gilkert on Godwin Krafl Piizey Cleland Weise McGuffin Wataon Metcalf Ostazewski Slusser Haltlane ' S ' - 5.?- ' kj xn ilS Band of X Foundeil. I nivcrsilv of Illinois. I ' )2.1 One Aclivi " Oliapli-r Harris W. Aden Reginald S. Altman William B. Arnold York K. Bishop Honorary Commerce Aetirity Fraternity MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors w Walter E. Busker Arden B. Crawford iLLiAM G. Karnes Samuel M. Keys Harry D. Litt Robert M. Little Robert G. Moench Harry H. Mount John R. Sam tell Robert F. Sciiutz George L. Scripps William H. Smart Juniors David F. Cook John R. Covington W. Howard Emrich George A. Horch E. Stanton Johnson James P. Kirk James H. Lake Walter C. Leck William F. Murray Clarence J. Nelson Charles T. Richards George C. Slifka William J. Simons Clarence E. Soderstrom Karnea Leck Co int;lon Kirk Crawfi.rd Richards Murray Bueker Kmrich Johnson Horch Arnold Moench Litt Bishop -Si-hulz Cook Sodcr-troni Scripps J ' agf 5.?5 Beta Alpha Psi Founded, University of Illinois, 1919 Alpha Chapter Seventeen Active Chapters Tr promote scholarship, practicality, and sociability in the accounting profession Henry H. Bailv, A.M.. C.P.A. A. Frank Benedetto, B.S. Charles C. DeLong, M. S. ESSEL R. DiLLAVOlT, A.M., J.D. Clive F. Dunham, M.S. Edward J. Filisey, Ph.D., C.P.A. Walter F. Frese. A.M., C.P.A. Horace M. Gray, Ph.D. FACULTY Paul M. Green, M.S. Robert P. Hackett, Ph.D. WiLBERT E. Karrenbrock, Ph.D. Ananias C. Littleton. Ph.D., C.P.A. Gaze E. Lukas, B.S., C.P.A. John W. McMahan. M.S. Lloto Morev, A.B., B.Mus., C.P.A. Raymond A. Julius P. Joseph GRADUATE STUDENTS Donald M. Kammert Melvin O. Lundahl Cecil A. Moyer, M.S. 1L4LE L. Newcomer, M.S., C.P.A. Rexford C. Parmelee, M.S. AL uRiCE H. Robinson, Ph.D. Charles F. Schlatter M.S., C.P.A. Hiram T. Scovill, A.B., C.P.A. Edwin L. Theiss, Ph.D., C.P.A. Paul M. Van Arsdell, M.S. William H. Taylor Ernest E. Barenther Cecil E. Blain Ralph H. Blakemore Norman M. Bronson Vernon L. Douthit MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Norman H. Feingold Edwin L. Getting Harry ' C. Koenigsmark Mark D. Littler John A. McCullough Richard L. McKnight Alfonse T. Malinosky Joseph V. Matella Norton W. Payne Russell V. Puzey ' Leland a. Quindry William J. Schlatter William E. Weise Robert L. Zelle Juniors Kenneth L. Ettenson Herbert C. Froeschle V. Rex Glenn Howard A. Hazleton Charles A. McDonald Walter N. Matthias Raymond T. Ruder Robert E. Van Sickle Filljey C. Sfhialter Baily Kiirrenbruck ntfrht ' ' ' ' ' Moygi ' ' Zrlle Matthias MrCulloiigh Van Sickle Kitenson Getting tcinfioltj Benedetto Blain ; Piiaev Bronsmi Froeschle Douthit Blakemore W. Sthlalter McDonald Malinoeky W Payne McMaban Page S34 mn Delta Theta Epsilon ' PotihAed. 1 nivirsii of lllin. i . I I2I One Aclivo Cliapler To place Physical Education on its riglil fully iiiiilt professional plane ■ msoR W. Brown, B.S. Fred T. Burt, B.S. Herbert W. Craig. M Coleman R. Griffith. Oscar A. Hanker, B.S. George A. Huff, B.S. Chester O. Jackson. B.S Jerome J. Jordan, B.S. HiROLD E. Kenney, M.S. S. Pli.D. Glenn C. Law, M.S. Arnold R. von Lbhsten, M.S. JUSTA M. LiNDGREN, M.S. Carl L. J undgren, B.S. King J. McCristal, A.M. Edwin J. Manley Milton M. Olander, M.S. Oswald S. Orth, M.S. Harold (... Paterson, B..S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Hartley D. F hk:i . A.M. Frank E. Rokisek, B.S. James C. Ruby, A.B; John P. Sabo, B.S. Arthur F. Smith. A.B., B.S. George T. Stafford. M.S. Seward C. Staley, Ph.D. William J. Treece, M.S. Wendell S. Wilson. B.S. Senio Richard F. Ader Charles G. Cassel Gerhard C. Depken Edwin R. Haye Coyner T. Ford John H. Kott Julius Levine Gle n G. Orth Juniors J. CK J. Rapper Herbert B. Rupert Arthur B. Sechrist Arnold J. Kiburz, Jr. Cap.tell Set-lirial ' ' a? ' S3S Eta Kappa Nu ' oun3ed. University of Illinois, 1904 Alpha Chapter Twenty-three Active Chapters To bring into cM riinwn those men in the profession of Electrical Engineering, who hatv manifested a marked ability in their chosen work Morgan Brooks. Ph.B., M.E. Hugh A. Brown, M.S., E.E. Wilfred i ' . Burclund, B.S. Harold N. Hayward, M.S. Thomas W. Abbott Alan H. Bate Paul S. Bickenbach Herman W. Bieritz Wesley W. Brooks FACULTY Elmer F. Heater, B.S. Charles A. Keener, M.S., E.E Abbr R. Right, M.S.,E.E. Charles T. Knipp, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ElleryB. Paine. M.S., E.E. ! Ernest A. Reid, M.S.,E.E. Carl E. Skroder, M.S. Edward H. Waldo, M.E.,M.S.,E.E. Seniors George W. Chynoweth Earl S. Constant James J. Costello Arthur M. Daily Carl Endres Harold J. Fink M. Stanley Helm Lawrence F. Kehoe Frank G. Kraml John F. Kruzic Chester L. Teach Clarence O. Webber Vernon C. Westberg Julian C. Wheeler Dean E. Wisleder Robert O. Fulmer George H. Giles William A. Knight Juniors Thomas J. Martin Charles K. Ruddick H. Stanley Shott m » Bickenbach Vi . Knight W. Brooks Kehoe Costello Ciles Riidrtick Daily Martin Kraml " , Chynoweth Constant Wheeler Wisleder Webber Teach Bieritz ' Fulmer Helm Endres Kruzio Shott Westberg Page 5J(5 Bate Omega Beta Pi Fiiiiiiili- l. I iiiviTsilv of Illinois. l ' )| V Alpha fllui|)l T Five Aclivc Chapters ai Tti promote a more intimate relationship among Pre-Medital Stiulents Leverett A. Adams. Ph.D. Joseph H. Beard. M.D , A.M. J. Robert Buchheit. M.S. Di ANE T. Enclis. I ' h.D. Coleman R. Griffith, Ph.D. FACULTY Artihir L. IIjortland, A.M. Carl S. Mar kl, Ph.D. Robert F. Paton, Ph.D. Waldo Shumwav. Ph.D. Fred II. Turnkr, Ph.D. IIarley ,1. Van Cleave, Ph.D. George I. ai.lace, Ph.D. Henry B. Ward, I ' h.D, D.Sc.,L.L.D. Floyd R. Watson, J ' Ii.D. GRADUATE STUDENT William H. Holst MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors Ja.mes E. Gibbons Max R. Goodson H. ROLD W. Ades William G. Baker Frank C. Fleischli P. Richard Allyn Robert H. Greely John W. Gunnell Charles L. Huettb Gabe C. Long IDONALD E. McGlIIRE Earl McKeehan Juniors .Alfred J. Lepak Robert G. Lindeborg Kenneth i . McEwen M. Luther Mosher Sophomores Eugene G. Hamilton Carl S. Long Thomas F. Maher William J. Maurits Hershel S. Smith Stanley W. Widger Harry O. Ryan John M. Thompson John H. Wedig William M. Scott Sidney T. Trappb John C. Vandervort Trappe Scolf C. Long Vandevort Ofinifn Lindeborg Greely Gibbons fiuchbeit Palftn Hjortland Uuette MrEwen McKeehan Hamilton Maher All n Mosher Widger Srailh G. Long I Baker Page 37 FoiinHefi, Syracuse University, 1914 .3 ' Pi Mu Epsilon Illinois Chapter Twenty-four Chapters ' o promote scholarship in nitithernatics Harold W. Bailey, Ph.D. David G. Bourgin, Ph.D. Oliver K. Bower, Ph.D. Henry R. Brahana, Ph.D. Leonard Bristow, Ph.D. Robert D. C rmichael, Ph.D Arthur B. Coble, Ph.D. Arthur R. ( rathorne, Ph.D. FACULTY Arnold Emch. Ph.D. Olive C. Hazlett, Ph.D. Harry Levy, Ph.D. Ernest B. Lytle, Ph.D. Henry J. Miles, Ph.D. George A. Miller, Ph.D. Gerald E. Moore, Ph.D. GRADUATE STUDENTS John H. Armstrong Sherburne F. Barber Marion T. Bird Donald M. Brown Wilfred P. Burglund Josephine H. Chanler Brent G. Cl rk Alma H. Carson Byron T. Darling Vera A. Conard Richard K. Cook Franklin S. Cooper Harry E. Crull Homer A. Dennis Richard J. Duffxn Pall B. Evans James J. Gibbons, Jr. Miles C. Hartley C. A. Jacokes Gaines B. Lang John F. Locke William T. Martin cho D. Pepper, Vh Joseph TV . Peters, Ph.D. James B. Shaw, D.Sc. Daniel T. Sigley, Ph.D. Leonard L. Steimley, Ph.D. Edgar J. Townsend, Ph.D., L.L.D. ILFRID Wilson, Dr.Math. et Phys.,B.p. R. Carolyn Rogers j Mary B. Rumsby Clarence G. Schilling WilliamT. Waterhouse David E. Wiegand Frances E. Wolever Frederick L. Wood MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (rull Miller Glass Lang iMarlin lirown Dennis Siliilling Bird Moore Darling Locke Chanler Carson Waterhouse Lane Kinder Bower Page 53S IIS Shi-Ai KoiindfMl. I iiivtTsilv of i s. l ' »()7 Two ( iliuplcrs ffjW Sophomore IntvrsororitY Socictv MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Alpha Chi Omega Mary Alice Armu.o Mary L. Bovvefs Betty Denison Barbara J. Harris Ri ' Tii E. Sheldon Alpha Delta Pi [:9ABEl M. Donahue Ruth G. McClain Dorothy M. R .I CE Mary A. Thomas Alpha Gamma Delta E. Rosemary Cox Lucille Hlr Jane E. Marr Virginia K. Pappas Alpha Omicron Pi P Kathleen M. Conard Jean E. Dracoo Ruth A. Ferguson Hedvic Lenc Ruth Reed Betty D. Walker Alpha Phi Helen R. Bosley Ruth A. Lyddon Faelyn L. Wendt Alpha i Delta Marguerite M. Buesching Jane K. Kummeraw Jean A. Patterson Anita R. Reece Chi Omega Dorsey M. Connors Mary Jerald Catherine M. Palendech Elaine E. ' ang Delia Delta Delt a Harriet V. Bradbury Katherine U. Filson Doris Giesecke Harriet M. Ivbrson Delta Gamma Jean Johnston Elizabeth H. Schicht Henrietta Seaman Mary Catherine Smith Carol estern Delta Zeta Nancy L. Embree Elizabeth Haynie Hazel M. Hoyle Frances M. Fatton Margaret M. Snyder Gamma Phi Beta Alma H. Frese Virginia M. Hill Evelyn Johnson Mary W. Moore Virginia E. Regh Kappa Alpha Thela SvRAii J. Fulton IRGINIA E. Johnson Mildred R. Parkhill Helen L. Russell Roberta Thurnau Kappa Delta Janet M. Campbell Myrtle M. Dii.lner Evelyn J. MoRTE soN Frances L. Si-k, mi Knpjta Kappa Gamma , Jeanne P. Block Edith Heinzelman Isabella G. Lawton Margery E. MfKEE Sarah J. Prettyman Pi Beta Phi Mary- Jane Chandler Mary C. Gore H. Josephine Norris Beth Olwin Jean A. Webster Phi Mil Kathryn E. Bowers Beulah M. Dalbey Paula O. Zeiter Sigma Kappa Ada Mae Gansz Genevieve E. Morris Dorothy Normandin M. Eleanor St. Germain Dillner Pdlterson St. Germain ( nnor- Olwin Tliiiniiiii Gore Mortenson Falton Kech Ganez Frew RiiHAcll Walker Lenc Zeiter McCl.iiii Dnnalitie Enihree Hi( iiie Jerald Kiinge Prettyman Webster Ferguson Cox Campbell ISorniandin Didli ' -y Jolinpun Chandler IJradbury Deniiison Bowen Hoyle Snider Norris 4U ' « ' ■ 1 I ' O s FoiinJed, DePauw University, 1909 Sigma Delta Chi Illinois Chapter Forty-four Active Chapters Professional Journalism Fraternity FACULTY Charles L. Allen, A.M., M.P..F. Chester R. Anderson, A.M. Reubl R. B4rlo v, A.m., M.P.,1. Charles B. Davis, A.B. Marcus S. Goldman, Ph.D. Walter J. Graham, Ph.D. Frederick J. Keilholz, B.S. Victor L. Krannert, B.S. Frederic A. Russell, Ph.D. Frank E. Schooley, B.S., M.P.J. Frederick S. Siebert, A.B.. J.D. Carl Stephens, A.B. I BuRRUs S. Dickinson. Ph.D., M.P.J. Otho C. Leiter, A.B.. M.P.J. Louis M. Tobin Charles R. Frederick, B.S.. LP.J. Lawrence W. Murphy, A.M., M.P.J. Josef F. Wright, A.B.. M.P.J. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Henry C. Burnett Harold V. Catt Robert J. Hawkins Seniors William B. Jacobs Francis V. Koval Charles E. Logan Miles J. Scull, Jr. Thomas L. Smith Arthur R. Wildhagen OtTO B. WlLLETT Joseph H. Belair John W. Branta R. Ralston Bushart Juniors Fred A. Clark James W. Gaddis Stanley I. Gullberg Alfred L. Hollender Lawrence W. Kanaga Morris S. Kraus Paul C. McMichael George E. Myers Richard L. Roth Tf-. 1 • 1 1 ' ;|1 w 1 ► ■■- ' ■ ' • " 1 P " y ' J. ::: . -•■ Myers Gullberg Gaddis R„th Wildhagen Kanaga Howe Barlon Hollender Kraus Catt Burnett Hawkins Urania Logan f ag - S40 V S " m 4t Founded, Univrrsilv of Nebraska, I )(I4 Sigma Tau Thcla (lliapli ' r Twenty-one Active Chapters To foster the broad principles of scholarship, practicality, and sociability among engineering students Harold E. Babbitt, M.S. Rex L. Brown, M.S. John S. Crandell, B.S., C.E. Eldred E. Cress, B.S., C.E. Hardy Cross, A.B., B.S., M.C.E. Ralph S. Grossman, M.S., C.E. Melvin L. Enger, M.S., C.E. Harold N. Hayward, M.S. FACULTY Arthur F. Ui ' Bbard. B.S. Ralph K. Hursh, B.S. Harvey H. Jordan, B.S. Charles A. Keener, M.S., E.E. MiLO S. Ketchum. C.E., D.Sc. Abner R. Knight, M.S., E.E. Horace J. Macintire, M.M.E. RexfordNewcomb, A.M., M.Arch., Cyrus E. Palmer, M.S. LoRiNG H. Provinb, B.S., Fred B. Seely, M.S. Lawrence L. Smith, B.S. Frank W. Stubbs, Jr., M.S.. C-E- John K. Tuthill, B.S., E.E. Arthur C. Willard, B.S. A. LA. William D. Boone Wilfred P. Burgland Eugene N. Ancell Roy S. Arbandale William M. Avery Robert E. Ballinger Alan H. Bate Robert E. Baumberger p. ' GRADUATE STUDENTS Franklin S. Cooper Melvin M. Culp Richard J. Duffin Severin p. Langhoff MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY .Sen i«rs Stephen W. Benedict Theodore G. Delang Anton C. Brence William M. Horowitz George W. Chinn Lawrence F. Kehoe Casimir J. Chmielewski Robert W. Krebs Arthur M. Daily Richard S. Langman John M. Nash Andrew W. Neureuther I Walter C. Nelson Arthur J. Pair George M. Pohler Edward S. Turnipseed Clarence O. Webber Robert O. Fulmer George H. Giles Juniors Joel M. Glass W ayne G. Smith Kehoe Giles Wehlicf Bamnberyer H;illinger Daily Langman Bremi- NeliM n Augell Humwitz Bate Fulmer Arrumlal ? Chmieleweki Kreb Paik Avery ' " S- j4 ' Skull and Crescent Fminrled. tniversilv of isconsin. 1907 Helmet Chapter Four Active Chaplers Acacia George I.. La Kaff Alpha Delta Phi Len H. Smal Alpha Sigma I ' hi John W. Bell William A. Skoglund Alpha Tan Omega Frederkk H. Byergo iLLiAM N. Piper Beta Theta Pi Joseph F. Hallett William C Ziehn Chi Phi Fred J. Hornby Chi Psi Kenneth J. Petticrew Robert E. Whiteway Delta Kappa Pptilim Thomas M . Baker John T. Kearns Sophomore InterfraternitY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Delta I ' isiliin Keith W. Ei.nRiDCE ■ftiLLiAM G. Le vis Kappa Sigma Charles R. Flachmann Carl S. Long, Jr. Phi DelUt Theta Theodore B. Durfee Frank L. Seamans Phi Comma Delta Irving R. Seely George H. She lin. Jr. I ' hi Kappa Charles P. Erlenbaigh, Jr. Joseph A. Miksak Phi Kappa Psi Walter C. Strako Phi Ka ipa Sigma Gardner W. Heidrick F. Ross HiLES Phi Sigma Kappa Harry W. McCullock Richard A. Ruhlinc Psi I ' psilim John 11. Barth tRoiiERT O. Lewis . -7ir Alpha Epsilon Herbert K. Henry Ray ' J. KUBEC Sigma Chi Donald V. Dobbins Ned J. Potter Siffna i u Alvin H. Berndt Jack T. Beynon Sigma Pi Hobart L. Boyd Robert W. Lake Tail Kappa Epsilon Frank R. Mercer ' J ' heta Delta Chi Charles H. Coffin Gerhardt H. Oldsen Zeta Psi W. Emory ' Mason John D. Seymour m m FouiidpH, University of Minncsola, l )Ot Theta Tau Kappu (;lia] liT Twenty -four Aolive CMiaplers • wt lll To maintain a high standard of professional inlrrvst among its members, and to unili ' them in fraternal felloicship Thomas J. Dolan, M.S. James J. Doland, B.S., C.E. Albert M. Jorgensen, M.S.. K.M. FACULTY Everett E. Kim;. A.B., M.C.E. Oscar A. Leut mler. B.S., M.E . William J. Putna.m, M.S., E.E. MEMBERS IN UNrVERmTY Thomas C. Shedd. B.S.. C.E. Jamison O. Vawtkk, B.S., C.E. iLBUR M. WiLso.N. M.M.E., C.E. ' eniors Louis H. Armng H. Ashley Barber . rthir J. Bennett Randall A. Forsberg Richard £. Jones William F. Barnes John H. Bradish Robert F. Christensen Byron B. Josi Andrew S. Kleszewsk Otto L. McBride Frederick ' . MA|jr Clifford E. Missman Arthur C. Nauiian Walter S . Potoka UGENE E. StEPHENS: James A. Vi ares Julian C. Wheele Charles K . ( oodfill Robert M. Young Romaine B. Hutton Vivian G. Kaufman Gene W. Los; E. P. FRAPS Robert H. Hansmeier William P. Hoffman Sophomores Walter C. Hitchcock Robert C. Reimann John L. Naumann Gordon O. Pohl H. Stanley Shott Kaufman Wooiitrll Young Potokar Bennett K l-szew ki Forsbfrg Hoffman M. Bride Shedd King Nanman li8sman IJarl W liet- l. ' P Huttun J ' inee Aniiiig I.osee W ares Step Ik- ne ' ' ' ig ' S4i I Tu-Mas Founded, University of Illinois, 1906 Two Active Chapters Junior-Senior Interfratemity Society FACULTY IS S. Ronalds, Ph.D. Alpha Delta Phi Leslie B. Cla Frank B. Edwards Alpha Sigma Phi Raymond E. Harroun Francis J. Platt Alpha Tail Omega Richard G. Cisne Paul W. Reddish Howard M. Iber Beta Theta Pi Robert M. Little Sanford Watkins Chi Phi Robert F. Schutz Herbert A. Sjolander Donald L. Faulkner Chi Psi William W . Baker Robert P. Gibes Delta Kappa Epsilim Eldred B. S " ift Roger G. Carlson MEAfBERS IN UNIVERSITY Delta Tail Delta Samuel M. Keys ' Robert L. Beall Delta Upsilon Fred L. Winslow 1 , Bruce C. Ladd Bfc Edward P. Russell Kappa Sigma Jack A. Spear Charles A. Schicht Phi Delta Theta . John T. Foley J NoRM N P. Jones Phi Gamma Delta Ira N. Thompson Jack E. Miller Phi Kappa Psi Warren E. Wingert Charles E. Sawyer Phi Kappa Siffna T. Gaillard Knappenbercer Carlton S. Smith Phi Sif ma Kappa Albert Brown F. Richard Miley Psi Upsilon John H. Holstein Robert E. Fisher Sigma Alpha Epsilon M William B. Arnold P James H. Lake Sigma ( ' hi H. Dean Litt Richard T. AIiskimen Sigma Nu Joseph A. Turck Richard H. Johnson rheta Delta Chi Robert A. McNamara Zeta Psi James D. Williamson William Sivyer A f f Ms f ' - ' t Mukimcn Plait Swift Baker Beall Sivver Winslow Faiilkiur Wiiipen Iver Sawyer Miley Jones CarlBon Watkins Clark Red ii»h Tnrck Russell Siiiilh Hrown Edwards Spears Harroun Ladd Schutj Little Williamson Keys Thomrson Arm. Id Lill Knappenberger Foley Pige S44 imy I LLio (d. l njd zri ji Lauphery nnahs ' rimmwon Wilson Miller Craner Staudt Beamer Baldereon Blomhers Otto Mieike Leisereon Rink Clendenin Henderson Simpson Maxant Belshaw Smith JurgenH Da Costa Hollenbeck R039 Harris Johnston Wiley Meydrech Adelphic National Literary Fraternity Founded, Universily of Illinois, 1869 Illinois Chapter Two Active Chapters To foster the attainment of proficiency and originality in essay, oration, debate, and other literary ivork William F. Hoheisel, A.M. George A. Huff, B.S. Alfred D. Huston, A.M. FACULTY King J. McCristal, A.M. William P. Sandford, Ph.D. LoRADO Taft, M.L., L.H.D., LL.D. Charles M. Thompson, Ph.D., LL.D. Nathan A. W eston, Ph.D. William W. Yapp, Ph.D. L. Charles Artz Bruce A. Balderson Parker R. Beamer Victor H. Belshaw Chester L. Blomberg Wilfred G. Buck William P. Clark Edward W. Clendenin John E. Collins Robert J. Craner Gordon A. Da Costa MEMBERS IN Augustine D ' Anza Samuel P. Daykin Frank V. Flaska Theodore H. Griesenauer Paul J. Hannahs Daniel ' . Harris Winston L. Haravood Paul E. Healy X ELKER W . Henderson Fred D. Hollenbeck Harold A. Johnston UNIVERSITY Russell E. Jurgens Eugene G. Laughery Avery Leiserson Louis L. Mason William H. Maxant Ray ' F. Meydrech Arthur W. Mielke Joseph A. Milsak Marshall E. Miller Charles E. Otto Charles W. Pflager, Jr. John D. Picco, Jr. Russell C. Rink Aynsley Ross John E. Simpson Daniel A. Smith, Jr. Elbridge W. Staudt R. James Thomson Ernest M. Whitney Lockwood E. Wiley ' Howard W. Wilson Leonard C. Zimmerly Founded, University of Missouri, 1913 Alpha Delta Sigma Charles H. Dennis Chapter Professional Advertising Fraternity Twenty-two Active Chapters Victor L. Krannert, B.S. FACULTY Frederic A. Russell, Ph.D. Marshall A. Anderson Edward N. Davis Robert E. Dwyer W. Howard Emrich MEMBERS IN Roger D. Jones George E. Keck H. Dean Litt Leslie I. Mayes UNIVERSITY Bernard H. Moretsky Frank W. Peacock, Jr. Albert S. Pfaff Fred J. Propp Herbe rt H. Sjolander George L. Staudt Joseph A. Turck Leslie A. Vi ' att Turck A ndergon Davie Morelsky PoS ' ' S45 im I Ulo of. irvde£ruJu: Uuelster Johnson Kitsinj;er Roherlson Freer Gaetje % orley De Bower Lewis Heinz Alpha Sigma Nu Founded, University of Illinois, 1919 Alpha Chapter Three Active Chapters To promote scholarship and achievement in the various fields of health education Louise Freer, A.M. Laura J. Huelster, A.M. FACULTY Ione M. Johnson, A.B. Angela M. Kitzinger, A.M. Carita Robertson, A.M. Ann a. Smith, A.M. Alice L. DeBower Lucille C. Gaetje MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Evelyn H. Heinz Catherine G. Lewis Louise Worley Alpha Tau Alpha Founded, University of Illinois, 1920 Alpha Chapter To promote high standards in agricultural education Ten Active Chapters William L. Burlison, Ph.D., D. Agr. Melvin Henderson, B.S. Victor W. Kelley, Ph.D. Walton W. Rose Carl E. Bartelson H. ayne Bitting Wilbur D. Buddemeier Mac a. Campbell Lester B. Case Harold K. Doubet Charles H. Finley Howard N. Fullerton FACULTY Bi rtis C. Lahson, M.S. .4RETAS W. Nolan, Ph.D. GRADUATE STUDENTS Lloyd V. Sherwood MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Herbert J. Rucker, M.S. RoscoE R. Snapp, M.S. Cornelius A. Van Doren, M.S. August W. Sperling Philip E. Gill Stephen R. Golden Boyd Harper Hirlo p. Hicks Mervin F. Hinton Eldon E. Houghton Paul E. Howey Harold E. Line Arthur V. Meadors Wayne W. Miller Lawrence H. Mumm Sterling E. Myers Claude L. Nelson Ray G. Peart Garnette H. Pool RussEL E. Rigg Elmer L. Sauer Clyde F. Simms Melvin R. Stengel alter J. W eber Robert U. W inters McKean Budiletneier Peart Taylor Line Meadors Nolan Weber Hinton Ko e Uouhet (Jill Winters Nelson Finle BarteUon Siniins Pool Howey Munini Bitting lliiusliton Hicks Canipliell Case Golden Stengel Fullerton Henderson Pag,- 54f mz I Ulo Cf. Windjejen uL Mojiher Trickey Tiirner n. Myer Chi Cruni Bailey Kiintz Carpenter ilniiiiu eheriiierhorn Fetherston Diiser Scrwirk Kiell Founded, University of Illinois, 1931 Alpha Tau Sigma Alpha Chapter To proscribe to rules and regulations for closer contact and felloicshi i of Infantry officers FACULTY James A. Stevens MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Two Active Chapters Foster Abbott Herman W . Ades Gordon R. Bmley Thomas M. Baker John M. Bland Ford II. Bli nck I I.FRED C. Bl ' RDICK R. Ralston Blshart J. Richard Carpenter John F. Connelly Edward . ' V. Cri ' m Kenneth T. C rum Carl J. Dueser Donald L. Faulkner Theodore R. Fetherston Robert B. Franks Lyle E. Hoffman James C. Kirk Clifford G. Kjell Frank B. Kuntz Roy O. Miller James K. Mosher Albert R. Musick Harold A. Myer Sterling E. Myers Carl V. Schermerhorn Arthur E. Serwich Elmer W. Siler Leland p. Smith Eugene F. Swanson Samuel M. Trickey William F. Tiirner James M. Turner Frank O. Weber Marshall B. Wilmot Warren E. Wingert Larue C. Chapman Am Founded, University of M erican Institute of Chemical Engineers ichigan, 1922 Illinois Student Chapter Twenty-three Active Chapters To stimulate interest and promote fellowship in Chemical Engineering FACULTY Andrew I. Andrews, Ph.D. Donald B. Keyes. Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Norman W. Krase, Ph.D. NicoLAE M. Adam Kenneth C. Andrews Edward G. Appel Roy S. Arrandale Frank T. Barr Leonard B. Beare Nathan Becker Kenneth K. Bellows Roy O. Benson Frank E. Birkett Sol J. Bishov A. Oscar Blatter John H. Bolchert Kenneth Boley Theodore A. Bradbury John R. Bradford. Jr. Alden G. Caldwell Wilson E. Cline Robert W. Collett John A. Crawford EdW RD N. D v Lester F. Deditius A. Garrell Deem Lloyd E. Dimond Laddie F. Dobry ' IsADORE R. Freeman Lucius Gilman Earl A. Goff Robert K. Green Robert E. Grover Abraham L. Halpern Robert D. Herlocker Miles E. Hess Uno T. Hill Emil T. Hinkel Paul T. Hofhenke Joseph F. Houdek Allen L. Jacoby Kenneth K. Kearby Carl M. Kennedy Robert W . Krebs Thomas D. Krueic Sol H. Lakin Vasilios a. Lambros Ralph W. Larson Thurston E. Larson Boleck L. Lizak Robert Lukes John P. Madden Daniel J. Manning Perry A. Martinson Victor G. Meadors DwicHT L. Miller ' iNC F. Moy John J. Mullane Harlan W. Nelson James W. Nelson Pablo M. Nicolas Emil Oelberg Charles D. Owens Arthur J. Pair George M. Pohler W. Martin Presson Philip D. Rearick Irvin H. Rimel Norman T. Robey John A. Saathoff Arthur W. Saddincton Otto I. Schlachter Ralph J. Schmitt George F. Schnakenberg Edmund Sinden Charles Slobutsky Charles V. Smith Harry B. Smock Jerome B. Swartz John E. Tilton Emil J. Viktora Leonard E. Weeg Richard W. West Ernest M. W hitney Hill Benirton Davis Larson Madden Bishov Rohey Freeman Rearick Bradlnir Herlocker Sinden Beare Hirkett Andrews Viktora Oelberg Lambros Halpern Saathoff Miller Weeg Owens Bellows Kennedy Jacoby Keyes Arrandale Slobutsky Deditiue Houdek Schmitt Martinson Manninc West Bradford Hess Boley Nicolas Becker Presson Lakin Krel(s Kruzic Nelson Blatter «g ' ' S47 imy I ILio (X ni njd) £rLj uL American Institute of Electrical Engineers Founded, Philadelphia, 1884 Illinois Student Branch One Hundred Seven Active Chapters To promote student interest and actiritv in electrical engineering FACULTY Carl E. Skroder, M. S. Julian C. T ' heeler Paul S. Bickenbach Herman W. Bieritz Dominic Bercelis OFFICERS Chairman I ice-Chairman Treasurer Secretary American Society of Mechanical Engineers Founded, University of Illinois, 1896 One Hundred Eight Active Chapters To further student accomplishment, and to keep in touch tcith the progress of engineering FACULTY Clarence ' . Ham, M.E. Eugene N. Angell Clarence F. Bartelsmeyer E. Roy Birkicht Carlos E. Bronson Nicolas A. Collora Edward P. Dempsey Herbert D. Diffenbauch J. Laverne Dodge Walter Fink Samuel O. Fishman Winnie N. Foster Charles J. Geiser MEMBERS IN Willard C. Gillham Charles M. Gollin U illiam H. Groundwater John R. Henderson William F. Hosford John J. HucK Edward W. Johnson Richard E. Jones Harold I. Kalde Gene W. Losee Arthur P. McCoard M alter E. McMullen UNIVERSITY Charles K. Mader Leonard Peller Edward J. Piwinski RoLLA D. Pollock W ILLIAM M. RaGLAND Robert N. Richardson Edward F. Ross John W. Ruff Carl F;. Salzman Stephen J. Schmiedl Harold A. Schwanbeck Ralph W. Seely James T. Stewart Joseph B. Taylor Maxwell A. Thompson R. Milton Turner James A. Vitzhum George Q. W allace Joseph D. VIenghofer Arthur J. ronske Lawrence N. ylder Charles P. Yates John M. Zikmund balzman Jink foster ateB Wallace Wronske Kalde Pollock Peller Richardson Bronson Rasland Hosford Ham Gollin Huck Henderson Losee Bartelsmeyer Mader Stewart Schwanbeck Wvlder Groundwater Rnff Fishman Ross Schmiedl Birkicht Gillham Zikmund Turner Angell Jones Taylor E. Johnson W. Johnson Geiser Page j4S wie MJlo c£ Honeiejen u: McAuley Voigt Milfreida Jared Mildred Jared Barrett Segur Huie Howell Snider Dvorak Patterson Jacobs Hoi Iowa y Hair Goby Martin Vinje Anonian Literary Society Founded, Lniversity of Illinois, 1922 Prokope Chapter Three Active Chapters For the advancement of interest in literary and scholastic achievement, and for greater facility of expression Elizabeth F. Artman Harriett L. Barrett Helen R. Bosley M. Lenora Dix LoRAiNE A. Dvorak Marcuarite J. DvE Elizabeth J. Goby Orpha L. Hair MEMBERS Marion N. Hollowav Irene M. Howell Hazel M. Hoyle Ida M. Huie Helen R. Jacobs Mildred J. Jared Milfreida L. Jared IN UNIVERSITY Marie V. Klapperich BiLLiE N. Little Grace McAuley Ruth G. McClain Mary J. Martin Phyllis E. Monk Sarah A. Patterson Ruth E. Rehm Fredericka F. Samisch Dorothy F. Segur Margaret M. Snider Mary A. Thomas Martha E. Vinje LeVona Voigt Arepo Founded, University of Illinois, 1932 One Active Chapter To develop and foster a greater interest in the appreciation, presentation, and interpretation of operatic productions at the Lniversity of Illinois Donald M. Brown, B.S.,A.B. Wilfred P. Burclund, B.S. FACULTY Arthur E. Cohen, B.Mus. Russell H. Miles, M.Mus. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Frederic B. Stiven, B.Mus. Kathryn J. Sutherlin, A.B. Melvin L. Balliett Florence A. Beidelman Loraine J. Bert Gerald T. Borcherdt Carl C. Chase Louis W. Clift Harold ' . Dodd Maurice R. Eastin Evelyn V. Gohn Virginia L. Greenwood Carolyn M. Harriman Russell S. Howland Eileen A. Jasper Anita Kvlis Jeannette C. Keiser Helen B. Kurt Frederick Litschel, Jr. Mary ' Z. Luther Inez Miller Mary L. Reisner Ruth E. Scott Anne V. Siierwin Raymond E. Shultis Willard E. Skidmore Ruth M. Slater Samuel M. Trickey Preston H. Tuttlf Harold H. Wich Shultis Si therlin Litschel BaMietl llouland Wich Trickev Miles Chaise Luther Keiser Cohn Kalis Harriman Bert Dodd Greenwood Miller Slater Reisner Jasper Sherwin Beidelman Scott Page 549 mj I illo (X un£ie£rL UL ' ■i iL ' ti ' % ' .,f:. - - h— — — — ' i -- ' ■- ' ' gawi 1 ' 1 il Langman Epstein Koesel Kaufman Avery Wisemiller Zaioudek Reinhardt W ' iltenhorn Dobhs Olson Balrjwin Mueller Founded, University of Illinois, 1922 Harold E. Babbitt, M.S. William L. Collins, M.S. John S. Crandall, B.S., C.E. Hardy Cross, A.B.. B.S., M.C.E. Thomas J. Dolan, M.S. James J. Doland, B.S.. C.E. Melvin L. Enger, M.S., C.E. Chi Epsilon Illinois Chapter To promote the interests of Engineering education FACULTY Virgil R. Fleming, B.S. Whitney C. Huntington, M.S., C.E. MiLo 8. Ketciium, C.E., D.Sc. Wallace M. Lansford, M.S., C.E. George . Pickels, B.C.E., C.E. W illiam H. Rayner, C.E., M.S. Fred B. Seely, M.S. Vi ILLIAM M. Avery David M. Baldwin Ralph E. Bates Melvin A. Dobbs Fourteen Active Chapters Thomas C. Shedd, B.S., C.E. Frank W. Stibbs, Jr., M.S., C.E. Edward W. Siippiger, M.S. .Arthur N. Talbot, C.E., D.Sc. Jamison Vawter, B.S., C.E. Carroll C. iley, B.S., C.E. Wilbur M. Wilson, M.M.E., C.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Ralph J. Epstein Ralph W. Mueller Vivian G. Kaufam Tilford A. Olson Joseph R. Kempston Charles O. Reinhardt Richard S. Langman ErWIN J. ROESEL I. Lee W issmiller Eugene L. Wittenborn James Zaloudek El Circulo Literario Espanol Founded, University of Illinois, 1912 One Active Chapter To foster friendship and afford a place to Itecome acquainted with Spanish life, literature, and culture Joseph H. Amiel, B.S., A.B. Jose A. Balseiro Mary Dallera, A.M. Matilde .4. Ellies FACULTY Thomas T. Hamilton, A.M. George R. Hilton, A.M. Margaret Kidder, A.M. Juliana Kozma. A.B. Sarah II. Taylor. Ph.D. John Van Horne, Ph.D. Mary II. Bailey Eliz beth Baum Edward A. Crum Lorain E A. Dvorak MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Adrian Johansson Charles P. Presto Ercilia Kiler Gloria Ramos Esther M. Morris Ernesto B. del Risco Alvaro Rodriguez John R. Sch effer Jeannette M. Shepherdson ttilton hllies anll.,rne Ki.ldcr llaniilton K.iznia Balseiro Dallera Aniiei Bailey Ramos Dvorak Kiler Taylor Morris Sliepher.lson Uaum Crum Risio Preslo Roilrisuez SrhaefTer Joliansson Past- j-j-o im I LUo c£ irydejsrujii Claussen Sirnut Dalv Wit here Parr Blewilt Dunkin JohnBlon Kapp Canter Swain Hvde McKee Allen Blankley Schiiltz Ryan Eta Sigma Phi Fouiideil, University of Chicago, 1924 Alpha Kappa Chapter To stimulate scholarship and interest in classical study Forty-five Active Chapters Kathryn I. Allen, A.M. Marie J. Boysen, A.B. Howard V. Canter, Ph.D. FACULTY Paul S. Dunkin, A.M. Marcus S. Goldman, Ph.D. George E. Mylonas, Ph.D., D.Phil. GRADUATE STUDENTS Lloyd W . Daly Lois M. Hyde Harriet C. Jameson Gladys M. Blankley Emily L Blewitt Martin P. Claussen L. D. Johnston Edith C. Jones Edna B. McKee Thelma E. Stephens William A. Oldfather, Ph.D. Albert Rapp, A.M. Joseph W. Swain, Ph.D. Donald E. Strout Anne Withers MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Doris D. Fletcher Dorothy Powell Carmen L. Parr Elisabeth A. Ricce Mary A. Ryan Aline E. Schultz Vivian J. Stern Floricultural Club Founded, L niversity of Illinois, 1914 To advance floricultural knowledge and to promote good Jellotvship One Active Chapter Samuel W. Decker, M.S. Herman B. Dorner Sal . Decker FACULTY Stanley ' W. Hall, B.S. GRADUATE STUDENTS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Arnold W. Arfsten Victor Ball Harold C. Busch John R. Culbert Marjorie M. Deal William H. Duis Donald K. Eckfeld Leslie V. Elliott Parker J. Erickson Ralph M. Fisher Eleanor M. Geiler Burr K. Hackleman Charles E. Haicht Albert Havlik Robert M. Kennicott Donald E. Krick Fred H. Langford James M. Morrow Oscar J. Nowlin Alfred H. Petschke Vernon H. Rovve Charles P. Royce Paul Y. Shinoda Lynn R. Shoot Robert B. Siegel James Hutchinson Frederick F. ' einard, Ph.D. John H. Hanley John E. Simpson James E. Smith, Jr. Julius A. Staack Charles B. Sweet Roger M. Tarpy George W. Thompson William F. Weber Walter E. W ellman Logan E. Williams ■Qf nHS- " f fg ff ftf Krick Weber Langford W einard Wellman Morrow Staack Hall Busch Ball Sweet Havlik Elliott Duis Shoot Smith Eckfeld Simpson Petschke Rowe Siegel Erickson Nowlin Kennicott Royce Dorner Thompson Tarpv Geiler Hackleman Decker Fisher Culbert Pag ' - SSr im iluo OL nlrvdezn jL Stolzenburg Lemke Stiegemeyer Manley Marr Swanson Hohengarten L hl Lange Novotny Pretty man Gerber Raniey Saunders Pape Brydges elsen Bowers Gamma Alpha Chi Delia Chapter Founded, University of Missouri, 1920 Delia Chapter Eight Active Chapters To promote broader and higher interests in advertising as a profession for uornen FACULTY Alta G. Saunders, A. M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Kathrvn E. Bowers Ejleen J. Brvdges Margaret T. Davidson Martha F. Etzbach Jean S. Gerber Helen M. Hohengarten Frances M. Lange Ellen B. Lemke Betty B. Manley Jane E. Marr A. Louise Nelsen Gladys A. Novotny Vivian S. Pape S. Jane Prettyman JlANITA Ramey Mildred C. Stiegemeyer Marjorie Stolzenburg Dorothea M. Svvanson Esther C. Uhl Gamma Theta Phi Founded, LIniversity of Illinois, 1931 Alpha Chapter One Active Chapter To foster an interest in jonrnalism and to build up co-operation within the profession and its kindred fields Reuel R. Barlow, A.M. FACULTY Otho C. Leiter, A.B Lawrence . Mitrphy, A.M. Frank B. Edwards Stanley I. Gullberg MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Milton E. Hlava Morris S. Kraus George E. My ' ers Archie M. Walker Charles J. Off Harold W. W aterman Kraii8 Walker Barlow Gullberg Edwards Off ■P«« ii-= mj I Ulo c ) lrvdj zn iL Mast I fall Mi Newcnnih Hrenfe Kiiniinel (ilaza f Lescher Palmer Toth Sonierville Engebreteon Wyman O ' Donnell Bender (Jlicken Del Bianco Papadopulos Johnson Rigolo Tideman McCloskey Horowitz Barker Prange Cervin Wares Gargoyle Society Founded, Cornell University, 1916 Illinois Chapter To recoffiize and promote scholastic achievement among students FACULTY Rexford Newcomb, A.m. M.Arch., .A.I.. . F.A.A.R. Thomas E. O ' Donnell. M.S., M.Arch. Cyrus E. Palmer, M.S. James E. Branch, B.S. Arthur F. Deam, B.Arch Frank M. Lescher, B.S. Newlin D. Morgan, M.S. C.E GRADUATE STUDENTS Three Active Chapters in Architecture LoRiNG H. Provine. B.S. A.E. John E. Sweet, B.S. Ed.mund F. Toth, B.S. James M. White, B.S. Paul B. Evans Truxton F. Keating Virgil W. Barker Carl R. Bender .4nton C. Brence David R. Cervin Anthony J. Del Bianco X ilbur C. Encebretson Thaddeus J. Glaza Richard B. Kitch MEMBERS IN Maxwell E. Glicken John J. Hall William M. Horowitz Hilding N. Johnson Donald S. McCloskey Frederick W. Mast Driver B. Lindsay Joseph J. Weiler UNIVERSITY John P. Miller Kenneth " . Mills Morton A. Newcomb Patroklas J. Papadopulos Henry C. Prange Arthur E. Rigolo Greg-orian Literary Society Charles G. Rummel John E. Somerville Henry P. Tideman James A. " ares George V. Whisenand James F. Whisenand Jack A. Wyman Founded, University of Illinois, 1913 To develop to the highest degree the literary, musical, and other cultural interests FACULTY Jean M. Fielder, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Margaret J. Barker Mary M. Barker Annette Baxter Bernice C. Brock Carmen E. Bunn Dorothea M. Bunn Marion L. Burns Agnes L. Cole Helen E. Con aw ay- Violet A. CONNIT Pamela F. Diemkr Velma M. Eickhorn H. Bernice Freeman D. Mary Fruin Margaret J. Gault Frances M. Gourley Norma M. Gourley Dorothy M. Green Catherine E. Gregory ' Eunice S. Hall Margaret Handschin Lillian B. Jaeger Betty J. Kendall Evelyn M. Laurence Margaret L. Lehmann Helen L. Lyman Sara M. Mackinson Mary J. Martin Doris A. Meneely Florence E. Miller Geraldine M. Murphy One Active Chapter of its members Eleanor C. Riordan Audrey ' W. Seator Elizabeth E. Seidl Dorothy L. Smith Lillian Stanford Marjorie a. Stolzenburg Sarabelle Talbot Marie L. Walling D. Jean Weaver Marjorie H. Wheeland Connit Laurence Jaeger Burns Hall Riordan Fielder Martin Cole Walling Stanford Dietner Seator Kendall M.J. Barker M. M. Barker Green Gregory Meneely Freeman IX ' eaver Murphy Conaway C. Bunn Mackinson Gault N. Gourley Seidl Wheeland Smith Stolzenburg Miller F. Gourley D. Bunn Lehmann wuey I Ulo c ) iynjsie£n uL Roberts Herring Loecher Eickhorn Cornelius Howe La Bond Hubliarr] M. Mies Roth Sass Founded, University of Illinois, 1902 Wolf Riley Mitchell C. Mies Brothers Irwin Mattix Zimmerman Davis Whitney von Alman H. Read Perkins % ' olcott Feickert Jeisy Kern Munn Mittelburg DeAtley Cameron Lusk Home Economics Club Kipp Bryant Mien Schrov Whit ford Mamer Swearingen One Active Chapter To further the interests oj, and promote good fellowship among Home Kconomic students FACULTY Stella C. Munger, M.S. Anna K. von Alman Harriett L. Barrett Geraldine Bidwell Evelyn Briney Martha E. Brothers Margaret M. Bryant Maryan R. Cameron Doris Cooper Mildred C. Cornelius Catherine R. Davis Ethel L. DeAtley- L. Maurine DeLong Velma M. Eickhorn Mae a. Evans Betty Feickert Dorothea I. Fluck MEMBERS IN Maurine L. Hayes Sybil F. Herring Eleanor G. Howe Ruth Hubbard Mary J. Irwin AiLEEN M. Jeisy M. Aileen Johnson Mary R. Kelley Lucille A. Kern Karlene M. Kipp Rose E. La Bond Helen L. Lierman Billie N. Little Helen B. Loecher Esther L. Lusk Lyle M. Mamer UNIVERSITY Clara M. Mann Alice D. Mast Lois L. Mattix Catherine F. Mies Helen H. Mies Mildred Mies Vernette E. Mitchell Agnes A. Mittelburg Dorothy E. Oliver Mary E. Parker Mary E. Perkins Lucille E. Rea Mildred M. Read Lucille E. Riser Edna J. Roberts E. Viola Robison Louise S. Roth Etta M. Sass Christine Schroy Ruth M. Schwarz Audrey W. Seator Vera M. Seiler Lillian V. Swearingen F. Frances Van Dervort Helen M. Waldorf Lois A. Welker Myra E. Whitford Helen C. Whitmey Marjorie M. ' olcott Edith toLF Rose Wretskey Lois H. Zimmerman mini Flying Club Foundetl, LTniversity of Illinois, 1919 To promote interest in the science and progress of aviation FACULTY John S. Crandell, B.S., C.E. Maj. William McCleave, F.A. Matthew R. Riddell, B.A.,Sc. One Active Chapter James L. Adams Wesley E. Adams Leander W. Binna Robert F. Blaine Carlos E. Bronson Joseph H. Cannon MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY H. William Dalton Francis J. Darke, Jr. i iLLi M L. Ganschinietz Philip D. Grover Robert E. Grover Spenser E. Johnson Jr. MiLo S. Ketchum, John P. Mead Theodore F. Newcomb Herbert H. Otten Luther C. Paxton W ILLIAM M. RaGLAND Steven J. Schmiedl Miles Scull, Jr. David E. Turner Joseph D. enghofer Ronald W ild Robert M. Young (Ji-I.iliof Oi,,.,, Johnson . thiinH Mc-Clcave HicM,.|l Scull Cannon RaBlan.l oiin Meail Binna Schmiedl Pax Ion X enghofer J. Aclania R. Grover P. Grover Pagf jS4 « im I lUo OL Wufudjejm_j jL ] Jurpens iJa Cn ia Simpson Si ne Eriksoii tnr l Dix Hair Rehm Hoi Iowa V Dvorak Stolzenburg Smith Martin Vinje Inter-Literary Council Founded, University of Illinois, 1925 One Active Chapter To stimulate a keener interest in literary iiork.and tu j rom ite a greater co-operation among the literary societies on the campus MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Adelphic RlSSEL E. JllRGENS John E. Simpson Alethenai Esther D. Dyer Doris Giesecke Anonian M. Lenora Dix Orpha L. Hair Martha F. Vinje Gregorian Marv J. Martin Dorothy L. Smith Marjorie Stolzenburg Jamesonian Loraine a. Dvorak Marion N. Hollovvay " Ruth E. Rehm Kapf a Phi Sigma Rov A. Erikson Randall A. Forsberg Herbert E. Stone Jamesonian Literary Society Founded, University of Illinois, 1922 One Active Chapter To foster interest in literorv n ' ork and to further the spirit of good Jelloivship among the women of Illinois Emily M. Blewitt Violet V. Blodan Bernice C Brock Rosemary L. Brown Eugenia Clinton Loraine A. Dvorak K thryn G. Hansen MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Eleanor " . Holland Marian N. Holloway Hazel M. Hoyle Mary F. James Grace Kelley ' Mary R. Kelley Raena a. Kendall Ruth V. Kopecky Maxine Levi Grace McAuley Irene H. McKinney Phyllis E. Monk Margaret E. Otis Ruth E. Rehm Margaret N. Snyder Margaret E. Telleen Angeline M. Terry Martha E. Vinje Helen Wolf Blewitt Clinton M. Killev J a mes tlotlowa McKinney Blodan Hovie Terrv Snyder Rehm McAuley Dvorak Pa .- wvey I Ulo ct litneieen-UUi Erikson Forsberg Boinba Roupas Barclay Gustafson Stephens Kelly Erenberg Lieberman Myers Slone Thompson Maley Fishman Yosowitz Kappa Phi Sigrna Ten Active Chapters Founded, University of Illinois, 1867 Philomathean Chapter To demlop cogency of thought and personal poiver by public speech and contact of personalities and to stimulate cultural activities FACULTY Pembroke H. Brown, Ph.D. Marcus S. Goldman, Ph.D. Wesley Swanson, A.M. Arthur R. Crathorne, Ph.D. Charles F. Hottes, Ph.D. Max J. Wasserman, Dr. es So. Econ. Raymond F. Dvorak, B.S., B.Mus. Frederic A. Russell, Ph.D. Edgar L. Bannister Wendell F. Barclay ' James I. Bomba Eugene J. Bond Edward U. Erenberg Roy a. Erikson Founded, University of Ilhnois Kathryn I. Allen, A.M. Joseph H. Amiel, B.S., A Matilde a. Ellies, A.M. Mary E. Abernathy Rose Bell Dorothy P. Birkett Harriet V. Bradbury Carmen E. Bunn Shirley W. Day Clara J. Dayton Frederick H. Dedmond Joyce H. Dickinson M. Lenora Dix Marguerite Dolch LoRAiNE A. Dvorak MEMBERS IN James L. Fetters William S. Fishman Randall A. Forsberg James E. Gibbons John M. Gustafson UNIVERSITY Emil T. Howald Lester J. Kelly ' IsADORE I. Lieberman Robert F. Maley George E. Myers Thomas N. Roupas Luther L. Siemers William R. Stephens Herbert E. Stone John W. Thompson Mandell Yosowitz Le Cercle Francais One Active Chapter To further the knowledge of France and of the French language FACULTY George R. Hilton, A.M. Alphonse V. Roche, A.M. B. Felix LeGrand, A.B. Charles G. Rowe, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Morris M. Field Dorothy M. Garrett Neva N. Gleason Janice R. Harvey ' Bertha A. Helander Mathilde T. Helfrick Dorothy Hershberg Jean A. Houpert Lillian B. Jaeger Mary R. Kelley Lowell Kirkpatrick Barbara M. Knipp Evelyn O. Lantz Marjorie Lempke Julia M. Lewis Virginia Locke Alexander Macreff Albert H. Malo Paul Moran Genevieve E. Mott Katherine I. Nietsch Dorothy M. Ralph Gloria C. Ramos Dorothy E. Rives Mary A. Ryan Fredericka Samisch Gennaro S. Sarli Joseph P. Schierer Martha E. Shank Harry Shulman JosiE O. Slater Charles D. Tanzer Aldythe Taylor Margery V. Trickey Theodore H. Zimmerman Hcrshli. lUlph Biinn Kii M ' l.ciiipke (iurretl Nietttcli Dix Kelley Hilton Trickey Shank Dickinson Jaeger llelfriih Duy Dvorak Riv„„ Dayton Taylor Sanuech Tanzer Field Le t rand Lantz Bell Lewis Allen Bradliury tloupert rg Kirkpatriek Harvey Ka Ahernatliy Slnilinan Gleason Locke Ainiel Birkelt Helander Knipp Malo Mott s R.iclie Slater Zininiernian Sarli Schierer Knipp Dolch Dedmond Ryan MacrefT Moran Pag 556 G Hague ray Wilmeth Calvert Schupp Eigsti Kennedy Gold Bennett Wutzke Cangstad James Senne Saul MoCau ley Hottes Linnean Botany Society Founded, u niversity of Minnesota, 1927 To further the interest of Botany Two Active Chapters Stella M. Hague, Ph.D. FACULTY Charles F. HOTTES, Ph.D. GRADUATE STUDENTS W. Gansel Bennett Ora J. ElGSTI C. Edgar Wilmeth MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Edith E. Virginia MiTzi M c. B. G ILVERT Gancstad OID Louise A Mary F. Caroline Gray M. Grace McCauley [ames Wilma F. Saul G. Kennedy Alice L. Olga H. Clyde R Schupp Senne Wutzke Mu Kappa Alpha Founded, University of Illinois, 1913 McDowell Chapter To encourage scholarship and advance musical culture One Active Chapter Stella R. Percival, B.Mus. FACULTY George F. Schwartz, A.M. Frederic B. Stiven, B.Mus., A.A.G.O. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Harriet J. Baker Florence A. Beidelman Loraine J. Bert Marie B. Bonvallet Helen M. Bucher Milburn E. Carey La Von D. Coolman Alma H. Frese Carolyn Harriman Ada D. Henry Charles L. Herts Eileen A. Jasper Harold A. Johnson Anita Kalis Helen B. Kurt Mahlon B. Mercer M. Bethel Paradis W. Leon Reeder M. Virginia Savage Dorothy ' L. Schuster Ruth M. Slater Adeline E. Smith Edith L. Spencer Nellie M. Stuart Alice L. Troutt Rosemary A. Weir Harold H. Wich Wich Mercer Coolman KeecJcr Bert Carey Kalis Bonvallet Jasper Harriman Stuart Frese Spencer Schuster Paradis Beidelman Weir Troutt Page 5S7 mj I Ulo of. WindjejeruJjL hittenborn Cliurcliill Pfaff Forsberg Fisher Yarger Zinlel Lessler Ljnge Mu San Founded, University of Illinois, 1916 Alpha Gamma Chapter One Active Chapter Til mnre closelv affiliate students and faculty, and to priimote interest in Municipal and Sanitary Engineering Harold E. Babbitt, M.S. Hayse H. Bl ck. B.S. Arthur M. Bisvvell, Ph.D. ■V ILLIAM L. Collins, M.S. John S. Crandell, B.S., C.E. FACULTY James J. Doland, B.S., C.E. Melvin L. Enger, M.S., C.E. Virgil R. Fleming. B.S. WiNFRED D. GeRBER, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Edward W. Suppiger, M.S. George E. Symons, Ph.D. Arthur N. Talbot, C.E., D.Sc D.Eng., LL.D. Herbert L. W hite, B.S. Karl T. Barthelmess Robert O. Brendel Giles L. Carr MiLO A. Churchill Frank Fisher, Jr. Randall A. Forsberg Robert H. Hansmeier Robert F. Hoffman Vivian G. Kaufman Henry P. Lessler Raymond T. Lynge Paul A. Mosher Lloyd A. Pfaff William F. Schwaner Ted R. Wire Ivan L. Wissmiller Eugene L. % ittenborn, Jr. William L. Yarger George V. Zintel National Collegiate Players Founded, University of Wisconsin, 1911 Chapter One Twenty-seven Active Chapters To affiliate closelv the college grottps which are working for the betterment of the drama X ilfred p. Burglund, B.S. Lawrence W. Murphy, A.M., M.P.J. FACULTY Severina Nelson, A.M. Wesley Swanson, A.M. George P. Tuttle, B.S. DoRSEY Connors Malcolm J. Gillis MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Margaret E. Jacobson Dorothy M. Schneiter Marian L. Stuart Swanson Bnrelnnd Gillis Connurs Jacolmon Sluarl Schneiter Pag, j5cV imy I Zub c N kei e WsJ: Varnuni Henrv Luther Casey Schuster Hart Boggs Gohn Crook Phi Beta Founded, Norllivvestern University, 1912 Sigma Chapter To promote the best in music and drama Twenty-four Active Chapters Helen E. Bemvett Elizabeth F. Boggs Marguerite E. Casey Marian E. Crook Evelyn V. Gohn MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Eunice S. Hall Jane C. Hart Helen I. Henry- Mary Z. Luther Mary J. Miller Donna E. Neuman Dorothy L. Schuster Betty J. Smith Rachel A. Sponsel F. Nadine Stout Alice M. Varnum Rosemary A. Weir Phi Chi Theta Founded, Columbia University, 192 1 Twenty-one Active Chapters To foster high ideals for ivonien in business careers FACULTY Alta G. Saunders A.M. Katherine C. Altorfer June A. Baer Dorothy M. Fruin Priscilla L. Gairing MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Ruth B. German Eleanor B. Goddard Jane M. Hammersmith Ruth Roller Philomena L. Marquardt Frances L. Masiokus Leona B. Meece Elsie I. Minier Helen M. Reuhl Geneva M. Seyler Ruth E. Slidinger Dorothy L. Smith Smith German Meece Kollei Goddard Baer Fruin Altorfer Marquardt Slidinger Reuhl Gairing Masiokus Seyler Minier Hammerstnitb o? ' - JiP wie I Uio ct Winjd:ejerLUu: Calabiao Abrina Baniqued Carlock Nicola Philippine-Illini Club Founded, University of Illinois. 1918 One Active Chapter To promote fellowship among Filipinos and their friends in the university RiZAL D. Abrina Juan Baniqued MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Francisco V. Calabiao Ubaldo V. Corpuz Pablo M. Nicolas Phi Mu Alpha — Sinfonia Founded, New England Conservatory, 1901 Alpha Xi Chapter Fifty-one Active Chapters To develop fraternal spirit, the mutual uvlfare of music students, and the advancement of music in America Sidney H. Babcock, Jr., M.S. Arthur E. Cohen, B.Mus. Lanson F. Demminc, B.Mus. Raymond F. Dvorak. B.S., B.Mus. Donald A. Grossman, LL.B. LeRoy R. Hamp A. Austin Harding, B.Mus. FACULTY Ralph M. Holmes, A.M. Walter L. Roosa, A.B. Frank T. Johnson Sherman Shoonmaker, B.Mus. Norman C. Johnston George F. Schwartz, A.M., B.Mus. OsKAR A. Kubitz, Ph.D. Rav I. Shawl, M.S. Hale L. Newcomer, M.S.,C.P.A. Leonard L. Steimley, Ph.D. Robert E. Nohris, A.M. Frederic B. Stiven, B.Mus., A.A.G.O. Graham T. Overgard, B.Mus. Robert A. Adkins LoRAiNE J. Bert Gerald T. Borcherdt MiLBURN E. Carey Louis W. Clift MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Julius L. Cohen Charles L. Herts Wayne S. Hertz Russell S. Howland Driver B. Lindsay Philip W. McDowell J. Glenn Metcalf Raymond E. Shultis Samuel M. Trick ey Ralph E. Turner Lester M. Van Tress Hahold H. Wich Heriz Harilins Audrieth Miles Schoonmaker Kubitz J. Cohen .Shawl Sihwartz Johnston A. Cohen Metcalf Dvorak Johnson W i,rh Deniniina Holmes • Carey Horeherilt I urner Houlanil Bert McDowell Roosa Shultis Clift Adkins Trickey Babcock Pagf 560 iT imy I Ulo c klrvdi jm uL Zerucck Riser Hurt Brouso Buck Wolcott Mast Rea (iliissiiif-er W iildnrf Brothers An4lerniann jciinsun Beard Beall Mies Henriol Whitlork Rees Vandervoort Wheeler Chapi Roth Phi Upsilon Omicron Founded, University of Minnesota. 190 Pi Cliapler Eighteen Active Chapters 7o promote intellectual social ottd professional development and the advancement of Home Economics FACULTY Cleo Fitzsimmons, B.S. IsABELLE M. Hitchcock, M.S. Florence M. King, M.S. Clara R. Meyer, M.S. Stella C. Munger, M.S. Harriet T. Barto, A.M. Mary E. Bennett. B.S. Isabel Bevier, Ph.M.,D.Sc. Fannie M. Brooks, A.B.,R.N. Katiiryn V. BiRNS, .A.M. Elizabeth G. Curzon, A.B. Paulena Nickell, Ph.D. Anna B. Robinson, A.M. Janice M. Smith, M.S. Ruth A. Wardall, A.M. Mary C. X hitlock, A.M. Dorothy S. Andermann Jane Beall Ellen H. Beard Martha E. Brothers Beth C. Brouse Marion J. Buck Mildred R. Chapin MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Marie I. Fleisher Berthyl L. Glossinger Mildred L. Henriot Mary L. Hurt M. Aileen Johnson Mary F. McKelvey Alice D. Mast Mildred Mies Mary E. Perkins Lucille E. Rea Dorothy " D. Rees Lucille E. Riser LoiTisE S. Roth Mildred M. Shaw Pi Delta Phi Founded, L ' niversity of California, 1906 Epsilon Chapter To diffuse the French literature, language, and culture FACULTY John Alexander, . .M. Cameron C. Gullette, Ph.D. Kathryn I. . llen. A.m. Arthur Hamilton, Ph.D. David H. Carnahan, Ph.D. Paul E. Jacob, Ph.D. William P. Dismukes, A. M. Felix LeGrand, A.B. Edna M. Goggin, A.M. Regis Michaud, A.M. Frances C. Griswold, A.M. GRADUATE STUDENTS Linda Fitz-Gerald Edan M. McClelland Kathryn B. Mast Mildred E. Stiebler Grace R. Vandervoort Helen M. Waldorf Marian R. S heeler Frances L. Wilson Marjorie M. Vi olcott Louise R. Zerweck Eight Active Chapters Thomas E. Oliver, Ph.D. Angelina R. Pietrangeli, Cecil L. Rew, A.M. Alphonse V. Roche, A.M. John Van Horne, Ph.D. Samuel F. Will, Ph.D. A.M. Helen A. Clevenstine Regina H. Cochrane James C. Fox Mary H. Goodall MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Ethel B. Green Mary A. Long Janice R. Harvey Gladys A. Novotny John A. Houpert Katherine M. Ryckman Marion G. Irrmann M. Aldythe Taylor May a. Parsons Betty K. Thayer Maxine J. Traub Dorothy B. Vi angman MiiRRELL E. Young Houpert Wi Oli ' .Michaud Roche Van Home Le Grand Carnahan Fox hangman Taylor Allen Young Thayer Irrmann Goodall Harvey Green Page j6l im I ILuo c N ifz€ e 0 Jz Foster Richardson Schwanbe Rickernian Jones GoIIin Fishman Hack Carlson Linquist Pinku Shear Armitage Henderson Angell Founded, University of Illinois, 1916 Pi Tau Sigrna Alpha Chapter Thirteen Active Chapters To foster the high iHcals of the engineering profession to stimulate interest in CO ordinate departmental activities, and to promote the welfare of its members Carl H. Casberg, B.S., M.E. William N. Espy, M.S. Maurice K. Fahnestock, M.S. John A. Goff, Ph.D. FACULTY Clarence W. Ham, M.E. Alonzo p. Kratz, M.S. Oscar A. Leutwiler, B.S., M.E. Horace J. Macintire, M.M.E. Paul E. Mohn, M.S., M.E. Joseph A. Polson, M.E., B.S. William H. Severns, M.S. Arthur C. Willard, B.S. Eugene N. Angell Richard F. Armitage Bert A. Carlson Samuel O. Fishman Winnie N. Foster MEMBERS IN Vernon C. Fry Charles M. Gollin John R. Henderson John J. HucK UNIVERSITY Richard E. Jones Willard E. Lindquist Jerome R. Pinkus Robert N. Richardson John H. Rickerman Edward F. Ross Harold A. Schwanbeck Ten Eyck W. Shear Railway Club Founded, University of lUinois, 1912 One Active Chapter To form an organization ivhich ivill bring together the members of the various courses in Railtvav Engineering Everett E. King. .4.B., M.C.E. Edward C. Schmidt, M.E. FACULTY Herman J. Schrader, B.S., M.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY John K. Tuthill, B.S., E.E. Everett G. Young, M.S., M.E. Dominic Bergelis Casimir J. Chmielewski Lennart N. Dahlen BURNELL G. DaIGH Maurice R. Eastin John S. Ingles Jerry L. Jedlicka Harry Q. Lee Charles B. Long James E. McMahon Raymond R. Manion Turner L. Miller Mark B. Moore Francis L. Morrison Jack L. Naumann Lawrence J. Rettinger John F. Schuldt Mark F. Smucker Millard O. Starr William R. Stephens, Jr. Luis H. Vance Clarence O. Webber Jeilli.ka W el.l, fr Schuldl King Dahlen Starr Naumann Inpl Manion Snincker liergehs Daigh Miller McMah on Chmielewski Kelt nper Long Moore Pagf 362 iAuey Lujo c£ WmdjezTLOuL Branch Sivyer Lescher Glaza Stroupal Rine L. Morgan ParkhursI Redell Kinne Connell kruger Prov Pelrie Fuller Papadopiilos Kendrick Kupple Cougill X ' are N. Morgan iiith Ma Founded, Universitv of Illinois, 1909 Scarab Karnak Temple Professional Architectural Fraternity Thirlcen Active Chapters LaForce Bailey, M.S., B.P. James E. Branch. B.S. Claf L. Fjelde. B.S. Granville S. Keith, M.S. Frank M. Lescher, B.S. FACULTY Karl B. Lohmann, M.L.A. Cyrus E. Palmer, M.S. Newlin D. Morgan, M.S., C.E. Loring H. Provine, B.S., A.E. Rexford Newcomb, .A.m., M.Arch., A. I. A. Otto G. Schaffer, B.S. Thomas E. 0 " Donnell, M.S., M.Arch. Wilson M. Connell, Jr. Kenneth R. Cougill Max G. Fuller Thadeus J. Glaza John J. Hall Kenwood S. Hauter Wallace A. Johnson MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY W illiam H. Kapplb Louis P. Morgan John S. Kendrick Frank A. Palumbo Silliam S. Kinne Patroklos J. Papadopulos William E. Kittle Howard M. Parkhurst Fred H. Kruger Clifford G. Petrie Charles E. McBurney Richard G. Redell arren D. Marshall Ben E. Rine. Jr. Charles G. Rummel William Sivyer Walter L. Smith Edward J. Strougal John M. ' are Myron H. West Founded, L niversity of Michigan, 1903 Sigrna Alpha Iota Sigma Delta Chapter Sixty -four Active Chapters To form bodies of representative women who shall by their musiial interest uphold the highest ideals of a musical education Velma I. Kitchell, B.Mus., B.S. FACULTY Katherine J. Sutherlin, A.B. Edith Usry, A.M., B.Mus., F.A.G.O. Marie B. Bonvallet Dorothy T. Ellis Carolyn M. Harriman Eileen . Jasper MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LuELLA B. Kaiser Helen B. Kurt Anita Kalis Esther V. Medley Virginia H. Knight Genevieve E. Mott Etta M. Sass F. Nadine Stout Nellie M. Stuart A. Evangeline Tubes Kalit jasper Stuarl I sry Medley Tubtis Kurt Molt McClara Knighl Bonvallet Harriman Ellis Capool Page s6s imy I ILuo oi. liineiejerLJu: Cathciirl Jacobs. McCord Koch Parkhill Harvev Olwin Poirot Mart alaiulech McKelvev Buesching Gilster Schneiter Greenberg Lyddon Sigrna Delta Phi Founded, University of Michigan, 1918 Beatty Five Active Chapters To encourage interest in more general participation among women in activities in the art of speech. Maria Leonard, A.M. Julia Beatty Bernice a. Brinkema Marguerite M. Buesching Josephine L. Cathcart Betty Collins Dorsey Connors faculty members in university Severina E. Nelson, A.M. Lillian R. Gilster Ida Greenberg Gwendolyn T. Harvey Margaret E. Jacobson Elsa a. Koch Ruth A. Lyddon Catherine H. McCord Mary F. McKelvey Ruth M. Martin Beth Olwin Catherine M. Palandech Mildred R. Parkhill Dorothy M. Poirot Dorothy M. Schneiter Marion L. Stuart Sigma Iota Epsilon Founded, University of Illinois, 1927 To arouse a greater interest in industrial management, and to provide closer contacts hetneen students, business executives, and faculty leaders interested in management work Four Active Chapters Arthur G. Anderson, C.E.,Ph.D. Carl H. Casberg, B.S.,M.E. FACULTY Harvey W. Huegy, M.S. Oscar A. Leutvviler, B.S.,M.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Merten J. Mandeville, M.S. Frederick H. Thomas, M.S. Harold W. Bancroft Vernon P. Christman Joseph Danda Robert W. Elick Melvin E. Franks George N. Gilkerson Edward A. Holcomb John F. Klepinger Richard L. McKnight John B. Murphy John H. Owen LeLAND A. QuiNDRY Winthrop Richards Robert C. Sloan Elwood K. Slusser illiam H. Taylor Edward G. atson Julian C. Wheeler Franks GllkiTs. n McKiiicht Wlieeler Kichards Green Watson Sioan Mandeville Hue{r Slusser Page s(H wvey I Ulo of. WirvdjeArLHi ilodnar Smith Lati don Brooks Wells Vl ' isleder Cannon Ryde Chapman Maurits B. King Darke Schlesinger Fufjale Timm Skroder Founded. University of Illinois 1925 Synton Alpha Chapter National Professional Radio Fraternity Two Active Chapters David G. Bourgin, Ph.D. Hugh A. Bro«n. M.S., E.E. FACULTY Lieut. Harold Engerud, A.B. Charles T. Knipp, Ph.D. Carl E. Skroder, M.S. Joseph T. Tykocimer, E.E. David E. Chapman GRADUATE STUDENTS Paul Halmbacher Gerald H. Lovins John M. Nash MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Wesley W . Brooks Joseph H. Cannon Bert A. Carlson Norman F. Clarke Francis J. Darke, Jr. Thomas P. Dart Louis J. Fohr Payton K. Fugate Henry J. IIeuer William ' . Hinshaw Mack C. Jones Bruce A. King, Jr. Richard M. King Eugene K. Langdon Charles B. Long William J. Maurits, Jr. Edmund A. Rehvvald Walter E. Robinson John L. Ryde William A. Schlesinger " W illiam I. Smith James C. Skorcz Dan J. Sullivan Edward A. Timm Malcolm K. Twichell A. Winston Wells Dean E. Wisleder Theta Sigma Phi Founded, University of W ashington, 1909 Pi Chapter To foster interest in Journalism as a profession for iiomen Thirty-eight Active Chapters Mary L. Bowen Eleanor Dunteman H. Aleta Flanincam Margaret Handschin MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Winifred M. Haslam Ruth E. Hodsdon Betty L. Hughes Marian A. Kusz Marjorie F. Morrison Barbara F. Rice Betty S. Smith Helene Still Helen S. Svilow Virginia " . ' ucher L)untenian Hodsdon Still Smith Morrison Kusz Klaningani Bowen Page 565 mz lIuo of Wuneiezn i. INDEX OF ADVERTISING American Cabinet Company 589 American Colortype Company 579 Associated Military Stores 573 Bear Brand Hosiery Company 581 Bryant and Stratton College 577 Busey ' s State Bank 585 Cable Piano Company 585 Commonwealth Edison Company 571 Corn Products Refining Company 571 Davis and Kreeger 581 Deere and Company 589 Frame Dental Company 581 Frederick, Kenneth Eugene 577 General Electric X-Ray Corporation 585 Illinois Bell Telephone Company 585 Illinois Terminal Railroad 573 Kalamazoo Parchment Company 583 LiBBY, McNeill, and Libby 571 McQuAY AND NORRIS COMPANY 573 MoLLOY, David J., Plant 587 Ritter Dental Supply Company 569 Rogers Printing Company 591 S. S. White Dental Company 575 Weber ' s Studio 589 Page j6S wu y LLuD q£ nlrvdejsri tx THEK£ IS NO (udioL ADVICE THAN THIS F0P. ?WGIIADU; IT is senerally agreed that only a small ' minority of the population avails itself of the services of the dental profession. Some sources estimate the number to be less than twenty per cent. However, it is a well known fact that people are becoming more and more dental- minded now that they are beginning to ap- preciate the great value of modern dental service to their health and happiness. Consider, then, what a wonderful oppor- tunity is offered to you dental graduates who are beginning practice just as this demand for dental service is gaining momentum! By establishing yourselves in the right locations and equipping your offices with new Ritter equipment which will enable you to take full advantage of your skill and pro- fessional knowledge, you will be prepared to meet this growing demand for high grade dental service. Let the Ritter Architectural Department help plan your office. Start out with equip- ment that is built up to a standard ... not down to a price. Begin right . . . buy Ritter! Ritter Dental Manufacturing Company, Inc., Rochester, N. Y. BUY Pa%,e 6g iJn I uo q£ nunjd Z£nJ)jL INDEX OF PERSONS AND BOOKS Abart anel. S 317 Abbey. J. M 229. t60 Abbott. F .517 Abbott, G. B H7. 137 Abbott. T. W 49. 401. 453, 536 Abels, R. M 49. 378. 429 Abernathy, F. R 49. 401 406, 426, 532 Abernathy, Marv E 556 Abraham. G. E ' 210. 217. 223, 490 Abrams, M 483 Abrina, R. D 560 Acacia 434 Accountancy- Club 531 Acker. H. G 316, 409, 463 .Acker, J. W 475 Ackerman, J 452 Ackman, R. G 429 Activities 309 Acton. H. H 316, 409. 422 Adam, N. M 49, 490. 547 Adams, E. M.. Jr 421 Adams. Florence H 381. 505 Adams. J. E 152 Adams. J. L 400. 554 Adams, L. A 157, 427. 537 Adams, Madehne J 500 Adams, iVIaybelle K 381, 525 Adams, R 37, 156, 423 Adams, Rose A 294 Adams, W. B 434 Adams, W. E 554 Adamson, R. S 155 Adanistone. F. B 157 Adelman. Melba R 49, 521 Adctphic National Literary Fraternity 545, 555 Aden, Drusilla 340 Aden, H. W 49. 406 427. 532. 533 Ader. R. F 49. 210 261. 370. 535 Ades. H. W 395, 537, 547 Adis, G. T Adkins, R. A . . 49, 560 Adler. Frances J 521 Adler, Genise 510 Adler, J. I ■ 463 Administration 17 Administrative Officers 36 Advertisements and Index 567 Aeolia. Eleclra. Iris. Loki, and Thatmus Groups 295 Ag Dance 371 Agriculture Council 339 Ahrens. E. M 49, 472 Aichele. G 411 Aiken, C. H 155 Aimone, G. G 49, 489 Aimone, P, J. Jr 489 Ainsworth. R. B 444 Akemann, T, U 378. 425 Albert. C. T 408. 452 Alhie. J. W 443 Alcestis 294 Alcorn, M. W 152 Aleks, V. P 490 Alessi, N 478 Alethenai 555 Alexander, Elberta J 322, 500 Alexander, M.J 418 Alexopoulos. C. J 157 Alfrich. R.J 210, 470 Alfsen, V, I 445 Alleman, N. J 157, 407 Allen, C, L 410, 423, 540 Allen, Darleen A 19, 498 Allen, H. K 459 Allen, J, I 49 Allen, James L 422 Allen, Joseph L 49 Allen, J. T , 418 Allen, Kathryn 1 556 Allen, L. O 411 Allen, L. T 419 Allen, L. T.. Jr 434 Allen. Mary E 381 Allen. Rosemary 516 Allen. W. C 462 Allison, Myra G 524 Allison, O. W 421 Allred. Lela E 524 Allyn, 1 . R 409, 464, .537 Altnan, Anna K. von 354 Almen, K. von 409 Almy, G. M 157 linv. Jean B 410 1,.. Herbert 11 185 Alperl. S 264 4lpha Chi Omega 499 Alpha Chi Rho 454 Alpha Chi Sigma 437 Alpha Delta I ' hi , 450 Alpha Delta f ' i 506 Alpha Delta Sigma 545 Alpha Delta Theta 519 Alpha Epsilon I ' hi 510 Alpha Epsilon Pi 461 Alpha Comma Delta 508 Alpha Gamma Itho 438 Alpha Kappa Kappa 153 Alpha Kappa Lambda 464 Alpha Kappa Fsi 532 Alpha Lambda Delta 410 Alpha Omicron Pi 504 Alpha Phi 515 Alpha Rho Chi 451 Alpha Sigma I u 546 Alpha Tau Alpha 546 Alpha Tau Omega 423 Alpha Tau Sigma 547 Alpha i Delta 501 Alpha .eta 408 Alaen. L. L 506 Althaoh. M. S 346. 480 Altera. R. C 49. 473, 53 2 Althausen. D 437 Altier. P. A 489 Altman. R. S 533 Altmansberger, L. C 377, 466, 531 Altorfer, E, J 150 Altorfer, Katherine C 45, 49, 290 370, 504, 558 Alumni Association The 332 Alvev. H. W 155 Alvea. L. F 396, 398, 409 Amberson. II. R 153 Ambrosious. E. E 157, 397 American Institute of Chemical Engineers 547 American Institute of Electrical Engineers 548 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 548 Amernian, J. D 421 .Ames. Jane W 507 Ames. R. H 478 Aniiel. J. H 144, 547, 556 Ammon, M. W 325. 438 Amnion, R.N 49. 325 339. 408. 438 Amsler. W. A 45, 50 367, 417, 440 Andalnian, S 409 Andermann, Dorothy S 561 Andersen. 11. L 445 .Andersen. P 157 Andersen, Roberta E 316, 507 .Anderson. .A. G 423, 564 .■ nderson, Charlotte C 135 Anderson. C. R 460. 467, 540 Anderson, CM 484 Anderson, D. B 484 Anderson, D. G 50, 478 Anderson, E. R 153 Anderson, F. B 380, 475 Anderson, Genevieve S 135 Anderson, G. W. Jr 369, 439 Anderson, H. K 50, 399 .Anderson, Helen L 518 Anderson, H. W 157 . nderson, J. A 478 . nderson. J. C 456 . ' Anderson. J. E 377, 428 -Anderson, J. M 423 Anderson. J. S 50. 457 -Anderson. June L 524 -Anderson. J. W 50 Anderson. L. B 380 Anderson, M. A 44. 50. 406 417. 531, 545 .Anderson, N, J 144 -Anderson, R. I 465 .Anderson, S 417 -Anderson, S. C 50, 439 -Anderson. Vivian M 50 Anderson. W. H 261, 448 Anderson. W. R 50, 380, 404 -Anderson. W . W 451 Andrews. A. I 157. 437 Andrews. C 258. 419 .Andrews. K. C 547 Andrews. Louise V. . . .50, 495, 516 Angell, E. N 50. 407 541, 548, 562 Anger. E. V. Jr 420 -Ankele. Emma L 50 Anker. II. H 50 Ankrum. W . E 50, 347, 490 Anonian Literarv Society 549 Anslinger, C. J ' ' 154 Antilla. A. A 448 .Apraadoc. Betty L 501 .Appel. E 547 Appel. Jeanelta 44. 50. 360, 524 .Applegate. Sarah -M 50. 511 -Applenian. J. .A 404 Ardito. V. M 490 Arepo 549 Arfsten. .A. W 445 Arison. A. G 454 Armes. W. E 457 Arniitage. E 531 Armitage. R. F 51, 365, 398, 562 Armstrong, Beata M 517 Armstrong, Beulah M. . .157, 514 Armstrong. F. M 51, 376, 377 Armstrong, J. H 407, 538 Armstrong, J. W 21 Arning. L. H 51. 210 236. 242. 448 Arnold. Marv A 285. 499. 539 Arnold. W. B 46. 51. 180. 330 331. 367. 370. 417, 425, 533. 544 Arrandale. R. S 156. 541. 547 Arthur. F. C 321. 377. 409. 427 Arlman. Elizabeth F 51. 381 522, 549 Artz, L. C 545 Arvey. Ruth A 51, 524 Asche. A 51 Ash. .Anne 498 Ash, Jesse W 409 Ash, Mildred J 521 Ash. A. S 154 Ashlev. W. C 156 Ashline. G 154 Askin. L. B 51, 447 Askren. Margaret F .316, 410, 502 Athletic Association. The 206 Athletics 203 Atkinson. Mary B 496 Atwood. Verl 51, 497 Auble. W. R 51, 451 Audrieth. L. F 378, 437 Auerbach. U. R 480 Augur. Leah 525 Aulinskis. P. J 400 Aurelius. Mary E 499 Austin. G. T 377, 454 Austin. Rachel E 377 Auten. P. S 380 Auten. R. W 156 Auw. H. F 362 Averv. Ann 497 Avery. W. M 51, 407, 541 Avey, Mary M 499 Axe Grinders ' Ball 370 Axelrod. D 51 Aziere. C. B 531 B Babbitt. H. E 157, 397 407, 488,558 Babcock, S. H 157, 378, 560 Bach. W. J 426 Bachman. G. A 316, 428 Bachrach. Bernice E 521 Backoff. V. J 484 Bacon. A. R 154 Bacon. C. S 154 Bader. G. E 377 Badger. A. E 156, 157, 407 Badger, W, H 46, 51, 177 314, 370, 420, 426 Baeder, Marjorie J 496 Baer. Charlotte T 525 Baer. June A 51, 525, 558 Baer. T. W 449 Baggolt, Frances C 507 Bailar, J. C Jr . 156, 157, 437, 467 Bailer, C. F 160 Bailey. C. A 322 Bailey. C 370 Bailey. G. R .365, 448, 547 Bailey, H. W 538 Bailey. Helen M 52, 290, 513 Bailev, H. H 459, 534 Bailey, L 440,563 Bailev, Mary H 517 Bailev. W. F 156. 157, 437 Bailev. W. H 378 Bailev. W. L 477 Bailie, J. C 210 Baima. J. .S 490 Bain. Brice W 464 Bain. Byford W 335 Bairstow. Virginia 504 Baker. A. B 52 Baker. Agnes A 52 Baker. B 498 Baker. D. A 52. 460 Baker. E. H . .250. 328. 386. 389 Baker. E. H., Jr 52. 365. 396 398, 404. 456 Baker. E. F 153 Baker. F. C 157 Baker. Harriet J 52, 381, 557 Baker. I. H 417, 442 Baker. J. M 470 Baker. Jane E 52 Baker. Mary L 404 Baker. R. E 401. 450 Baker. R. H 431 Baker. R. L 428 Baker, S. J 415 Baker. T. M 430,547 Baker, W. G 537 Baker. W. W 446. 544 Balaban, B. H 52 Balchowskv. E. R 380 Balcoff. C. T 443 Balderson. B. A 340, 473, 545 Balinger, W. R 52 Balduf. W. V 157 Baldwin. D. M 52, 407. 439 Baldwin. E. C 439. 490 Baldwin. H. C 52 Baldwin, J. D 52, 470 Baldwin. Jeannette 52 Baldwin. J. H 340. 446 Balke. C. C 156 BaU. G. V 316. 469 Ball. R. J 468 Ball. R. L 336, 428 Ball, R. T 470 Balliet. M. L 376, 377, 378. 549 Ballinger. R. E 541 Ballon. J. W 421 Balseiro. J. A 5 47 Bancroft. H. W 564 Baniqued. J 490. 560 Banner. E. A 442 Bannister. E. L 455. 556 Banovitz. L 458 Barber. Gertrude P 52, 496 Barber. H. A 46, 181, 206 330, 370. 422 Barber. S. F 538 Barclay, W. F 334. 380, 531, 556 Bard. A. O 425 Bard. I 154 Barden. L. C 401 Barenfanger, L, E . . .386, 394. 428 Bareuther. E. E 53, 429, 534 Barger, E, H 157 Barker. -Margaret J 505 Barker. Mary M 505. 553 Barker. P. A 449 Barker. V. W 53, 398, 407, 553 Barkitt. S 481 Barlow. Henrietta E 510 Barlow. R. R 552 Barman, M. J 316 Barnard. C. W 237 Barnard. G 453 Barnes. Rosemary O 515 Barnes, VI . F 324. 399 Barnev. A.J 437 Barnum. V. D 5 3 Baron. F. M 425. 490 Barr. A. H 132 Barr, F. T 156. 547 Barr. G. A 20. 20 Barr, J 456 Barr, Marjorie 525 Barrett. E. E 20. 21 Barrett. E. G 452 Barrett. Harriet L 549. 554 Barrick. W. H 464 Barry. Jennis 341 Bartels, Charlotte 322. 524 Barlels. J. F 451 Bartelsmeyer. C. F 445. 548 Barlelson. C. E 53. 371 395, 399. 546 Barth. J. H 237. 444 Barlhelmess, K, T 53, 395 398, 558 Page S70 iJhje I Ulo c£ lnjdjeznJ)JX " WE ' RE LOYAL TO YOU, ILLINOIS! " THE Philco Baby Grand is ideal for the student ' s room or for the home where there is a demand for more than one radio. Commonwealth Edison Electric Shops are headcjuarters for dependable radios, and everything Electrical. E COMMONWEALTH EDISON LECTRIC SHOP S 72 West Adams Street CHICAGO Instantly . . a skin as SOFT AS VELVET MERELY dissolve half a package or more of Linit in your tub and bathe as usual. A bath in the richest cream couldn ' t be more delightful or have such effective and immediate results. LixiT is so economical that at least you should give it a trial. Let results convince j ' ou. Perfumed Linit is sold by grocery stores, drug and department stores. Un- scented Linit in the familiar blue pack- age is sold only by grocers. LINIT DELICHrFULLV PERrUMEO ' ■OR THE BATt fi THE BATHWAY TO A SOFT, SMOOTH SKIN UNI f O R THE BATH Try A LINIT BATH Tonight! rNSCENTf.T ' " Now I Know the Brand to Buy! " The tomato juice that you ' ll like best is Libby ' s . . , it ' s so rich in true to- mato flavor, in vivid color, in Vitamins A, B and C. Libby ' s Tomato Juice is made from perfect, red-ripe tomatoes by a special method — the gentle press method — which uses just a certain part of the squeezable juice. Just the choicest part. None of the bitterness from skin or seeds. And from start to finish, vitamins and flavor are carefully protected. So naturally enough, gentle press juice is finer. Yet it costs but a few cents a can! Insist on Libby ' s — then you ' ll be sure of the flavor and health values you pay your money for. Libby, McNeill Libby, Chicago, Illinois. Unseasoned except for a little salt; doctors rec- ommend it for babies P gr mj y I Uio of HcneiezruJu: Index of Persons and Books — Continued Bartholomew. C. L 130 Bartlell. Helen M 518 Bartletl, J. )I.. Jr 157 Bartlini;. C. W -1.01 Barto, Harriet T 498. 561 Barton. II. J 1.50 Bartow. V 157 Bartiiseh. Dorothy A 295, 515 Bartz. (,). R 1.56 Barvs. H.J 151 Baseball 247 Basketball ., 227 Bast. E. C 53 Batchelor. A 465 Bale. A. H 53. 536. 541 Battey. Marjorie 295, 499 Battiniis. 11. E 474 BattinuH. M. D 474 Battv. W. G 53 Bauer. Betty 316. 381. 511 Bauer, E. E 157. 436 Bauer. F. C 157 Baubv. E. M 484 Baughman. V. L 237, 453 Bamn, Elizabeth 547 Bauman. H. G 425 Bauniann. O. F 53 Baumbersier. R. E 53, 436, 541 Baumhauer, Marion .524 Baur. J. W 481 Bauseh, N. G 531 Baxter. Annette M 381. 501. 553 Baxter. E. S 15 t Bay. A. P 151 Bayley, W, S 157, 427 Bavne. .Anna M 53 Bearh. G. W 427 Beaird. Dorothy M 516, 531 Beaircl. Helen E 531 Beak. E. R 423 Beale. .S. T 380 Beall. E. H 418 Beall. Jane 53, 495. 513, 561 Beall. K. L 418, 544 Beam, Mary W 507 Beanier. P. P 545 Bear. A. P 467 Bear. Edna H 525 Beard. Ellen H 561 Beard, II 153 Beard. J. H 470, 490, 537 Beard»lev. M. W 409, 422 Beare. L. E 53, 547 Beatlv. J. D 443 Beatty. Julia L 47, 53, 176 290, 330, 345, 370, 515, 564 Beaver, P. C 157, 453 Becher. L. A 380 Beck. J. C 152 Beckenbach. P. S 262 Becker. Dorothy L 53 Becker. E. H 428 Becker. E. J 53 Becker. Gladys N 523 Becker. L. A 464 Becker. N 54, 517 Beckman, L. E 322, 456 Becknian. Margaret L 525 Beckwith. M. M 400, 437 Bedinger, P. L 153 Bednarz, E. J 429 Beecher, M. C 154 Beecher. Viola M 506 Beeler. E. C 54 Behlins. B. N 455 Behrcns. J. C 44, 54, 361, 469 Beidelnian, Florence A, . , ,54, 135 381. 504, 549, 557 Belair. J 370. 439. 540 Bell. A. 1 54 Bell. A. Margaret 294 Bell. Beatrice E 54 Bell. J. C 409 Bell. J. W 336. 439 Bell. Rose 54. 381. 556 Bell, W. E 54, 481 Bellows. K. D 547 Belshaw. V. H 54. 479, 545 Belton, Irnogene 292 Belton, J. E 54, 468 Benbow, D. W 487 Bender. C. R 54. 553 Benedcllo. F. A 170. 490. 534 Benedicl. E. R.. Jr. . . .54. 378. 475 Henedi.l. Kulh C 54, 507 Benedict. R. II 432 lleneilict. .S. W .... 54I llenge. Paul R 398, 438 liengel, W.J 424 Henhain. H. V 229 Benjamin, J. II 317, 373 Benner, J. D 490 Benner. T. E 26. 405 Bennett. A. J., Jr 54. 417, 465 Bennett. A. R 271. 120 Bennett, C. K , . . . 46, 54. 182. 210 228, 229, 231, 370. 478 Bennett, E. F 54 Bennett. F. C 419 Bennett, Helen E 345 347, 518, 558 Bennett, Mary E 561 Bennett, O.T 144 Bennett, Veria R 516 Bennett. W. C 55. 398 Bennett. W . G 557 Bennington. F. 11 136, 331. 362 Bennis. C 210. 217, 224, 439 Benson, H. E 431 Benson. H. J 55. 465 Benson. R. O 55, 395. 398, 547 Benllev, Wilma C 381,508 Bentrup, W. C 380 Berbanm, E. G - . . ,531 Berg. 11 418 Berg. II. J. van den 472, 490 Berg. M. G 473 Berg. R. J 473 Berg. R. K 380, 475 Berg, S. A 55, 377 Bergelis, D 55, 401, 548. 562 Berger. F, Alwilda 519 Berger. Helen L 519 Berger. Mabel R 55. 495, 519 Berglund. E. A 490 Bergman, C. W 461 Bergman, S 461 Berkelhamer, L. H 55, 407, 490 Berkowizt, B 377, 474 Berman. E 490 Bernard. C. W 409 Berbanm. E 432 Berndl. Alvin H 316. 428 Bernstein. D 461 Bernstein. ertrude 521 Bernstein, Rochelle 524 Bernstein, S.C 483 Berry, E. P 449 Berry. G. L 55 Berry G.I 44, 46, 55, 183 210, 212, 261, 370 Berrv. Winifred F 345 Berrvnian, Marjorie E, . . .347, 504 Bert, Loraine J 378, 380 549, 557. 560 Bertagnolli, L. M 55, 371. 489 Bertenelli. Ellen M 55, 518 Bertine. A.J 317 Bertram. E. A 136, 362, 437 Besancon. V. H 476 Besore. Bernice I 1 14 Best. Virginia F 498 Beta Alpha Psi 534 Beta (ramma Sigma 406 Beta Kappa 478 Bela Phi Alpha 517 Beta Psi 473 Beta Sifirna Otnicron 522 Beta Sifima Psi 477 Beta Tlwla Pi 427 Betka. Frances E 294 Bevier. Isabel! 157, 561 Bevilacqua, Gilda 523 Bevis, R. E 55 Beynon. J. T 210, 217 225, 228, 233, 428 Bialeschki, Feme B 381 Bickenbach. P. S 55, 407 488, 536, 548 Bickerman. R. J 447 Bidwell. (ieraldine 554 Bielinski. Janina 55 Bierilz. 11. W., Jr 55, 395 401. 407, 536, 548 Bierma. R. H 104, 421 Bilger, Eloise J 508, 524 Billings. M. H 468 Bills. F:velyn E 524 Bilsborrow, Elizabeth A . 378. 507 Bimba. C. W 490 Bines. Anna E 294 Binford. R. J., Jr 430 Bingaman, W. W 454 Binkley, Opal I 284, 291. 294 Binna. L. W 554 Biossat. B. W 444 Bird. J. W 1.36, 156 Biril. M. T 538 Birdiihl. E. R 468, 548 Birger. , 1. X 180 Birk.ll. Dorothy P 290, 5.56 Birkett, F. E 55, 547 Birks. C. R 46, 469 Birkv. C. W 380, 531 Birmingham. T. J 471 Bischoff. Barbara P 498 Bisehoff. W. C 395, 399. 531 Bisesi, J. L 473 Bishop, J. B 468 Bishop. Y. K 56, 178. 332 370, 533. 424 Bishov, S. J 517 Bissev, R. L 101 Bitting, H. W 56, 445. 516 Bixbev. Carmeleta 322. 521 Black. Barbara J 526 Black. D. B ,56. 156. 183 330, 335. 370, 437 Black. Eleanor L 514 Black. H. H 436. 558 Black. Mary O 295, 299, 381. 526 Black. Sara L 498 Black. W 334 Black. W. Z., Jr 433 Blain, C. E 56, 531, 534 Blaine, R. F 450, 554 Blair, B 446, 457. 531 Blair, Charlotte J 520 Blair, E 446 Blair, F. G 20, 21 Blair, J. C 157. 464 Blair. Mabel L 56 Blake. W. L 56, 396, 398, 456 Blakemore, R. H 44. 56, 334 360. 406, 531. 534 Blanchard. R 56. 401. 448 Blanchard. R. L 44. 56. 180. 330 346. 360. 366. 370, 481 Blanchard. W. O, , 157 Bland, J. M 397. 547 Blankley, Gladys M 56. 404 Blankmeyer. H. C 409. 450 Blatt, Heloise 504 Blatt, M. L 154 Blatter. A. O 56. 547 Blaufuss. A. L 153 Blessing. Bettv H 514 Blewitt. Emily M 56. 519, 555 Bliss, G. B 56 Bliss, R. H 481 Block, Jeanne P 495, 498, 539 Block. Katherine A 512 Block. Lee E 461 Block. Pauline C 56, 500 Blodan. Violet V 555 Bloniberg. C. L 56. 487. 531. 545 Bloom, B 370 Bloom, C. C 341 Bloom. Margaret 515 Bloom. R 212. 223. 465 Bloomfield. H. G 446 Blosten. M. H 461 Blough. E. Maudene 135, 320, 370 Blue, H. C 400. 418 Blum. Arietta M 524 Blunrk, F. H 57, 456, 547 Bode, C. E 456 Bodine. L. W ,57. 377, 378, 380 Bodman, A. E 46. 57. 181. 212 220. 331. 370. 428 Boehnian, R. Z 421 Boekenhoff, Kathryn M 411 Boelio, L. N 153 Boers, W, A 400 Bogart, E, L 406 Bogart. P. S 462 Boggs, Carroll C 450 Boggs. Elizabeth F 558 Bogin. E.N 345, 346. 449 Bohlen. Beth M 504 Bohnker, T. W 346. 455 Boies, E. I 422 Bolehert, J. H 409. 476. 547 Boley. K 517 Boll. Dorothy S 378. 525 Bollenbacher. G. L 431 Bomba. J. I 556 Bond. E. F 136. 137. 330 346. 362. 473. 556 Bondi. Helen J 510 Bonges, Kathryn M 531 Bonnell. E 154 Bonvallet. Marie B 57. 380 557, 563 Book waiter, J 150 Boon. Alice C 57 Boone. W. D 407. 541 Boonstra. F. M 152 Boi rd. P. M 57 Boorkman, C. J 465 Boorslein, S. A 461 Booz, J. P 422 Bopp. L. K 455 Borchardt. Dorothy J 316. 502 Borchardt. F. P 479 Borcherdt, G. T 377, 549, 560 Borchers. A. W 486 Borchers. R. B 250, 453, 464 Bordwell. W. H 465 Boren. M. H 531 Borg. A. W 377, 426, 454 Borman. W 177, 271, 370, 441 Born. P. F 418 Borroff, J. D 442 Borsch. H. W 57 Borst. W. H 435 Boruff. C. S 156. 157. 437 Bose, R. J 154 Bosley, B. B 458 Bosley, Helen R 135. 286. 290. 344 345. 370, 515. 539, 549 Bosley, Phyllis A 369, 515 Bostelman. C. A 322. 400. 462 Bostelniann. F. W 400. 462 Boswell. Athena 518 Bonghton. S. P 417, 441 Bouknight, V. A 377, 378 Bourgin. D. G 157. 461. 538. 565 Bourgoin, F. E 445 Bowditch. R. P 377, 409, 427 Bowen, C. E 206, 427 Bowen, Kathryn V 524 Bowen, Mary L 135, 290 499, 539, 565 Bower, O. K 538 Bowers, D. E 153 Bowers, Kathryn E 57, 513 539, 552 Bowler, G. F 447 Bowman. P. H 57 Bowren. G. S 446 Boyd. Bonnie M 295, 405 Boyd, Dorothy I 501 Boyd, H. L 380, 440 Boyd. W. C .433 Boyer. W. R 420 Boyle. R. G 408, 452 Boyle, S. H 459 Boyle, W. D 136. 316. 362 370. 404, 420 Boynton, E. L 271, 424 Boy sen, Marie J 405 Bozeman. V. G 445 Bracken. D. F 38, 464 Bradbury, C. E 420 Bradbury. Harriet V 410. 511 539, 556 Bradbury. T 547 Bradford. J. R 57 Bradford. J. R., Jr 547 Bradish. J. H 324, 400, 429 Bradley. W. F 473 Bradshaw, J 316, 423 Brahana, H. R 538 Branch. C. E 153 Branch. J. E 553, 563 Brandeis, Evelyn 57 Brandlin. J. J ' 471 Brandt, B. E 475 Brannon. J. M 157 Branta, J. W 315, 370, 429. 540 Brasch. S 370 Brashaw, E. W 486 Brashears, Jeanne B 321, 381, 525 Brashears. R. W 369, 437 Bratrude. A. P 153 Brauer. W. P 477 Braun. 11. J 229, 443 Brausa. P. V 57, 400 Brav. R. II 157 Brazier. R. T 441 Bredehorn. Marjorie L 57 404, 524 Breen. J. P 157 Brence. A. C 57, 460, 541, 553 Brcndel, R. O 399, 558 Brenner. Josephine . .57, 105, 420 Brenner. I,a Verne C 57, 525 Brenner. .N 258,370,453 Brenton. Jane E 496 Breskin. Hannah 520 Bridges, Virginia 381 Brierton. J. L 400 Briggle. Jean 497 Briggs. M. M 426, 442 Brimm. F. A 380 Brine. W. M 438 Brine, W. M 325 Briney, Evelyn 295, 554 Brinkema. Bernice A 508, 564 Bristow. L 157,538 Brillin, Anne J 526 Pag,- S72 mj y I Ujuo Ou injd:ejeriJ)JL THE ASSOCIATED MILITARY STORES Exclusive Purveyors of Quality Uniform Equipment FOR UNITED STATES ARMY OFFICERS Specializing in R.O.T.C. EQUIPMENT 19 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, 111. It would be inadvisable to mention the name of the company placing this adver- tisement in the 1933 Illio. Aspiring sophomores, perspiring juniors and ex- piring seniors from every campus in the country would be camping on our door- step. Even so, it seems a shame to spend the heavy dough for this advertisement with- out getting at least a little publicity. So the next time you have a car repaired, be sure and tell your repairman that you want McQuay-Norris Piston Rings, Pistons, Pins, Valves and other parts. RAIL TRANSPORTATION Still the Nation ' s Backbone Be the Rivers Frozen, the Air Disturbed by Wind, or the Highways Decked with Snow — RAILROAD JllINOIS TERMWAD SYSTEM RAIL TRANSPORTATION Pro- vides Dependable and On-Time Service. Page 57 s imy I IUjd of. Honeiezn-uu: Index of Persons and Books — Continued Britton, A 377 Britton. W. E 457 Brofk. Bernice C. . . .294. 553. 555 Brock. G. W 486 Brock. J 58. 210. 259 263, 361. 370. 435 Brocko, J 485 Broderick. E. L 157, 447 Brodkorli. E. Jane 498 Brodskv. Goldie 524 Brodt. L. P 476 Brodt. V. H 44. 58. 360. 417. 476 Broeker. H. J 237 Brogan. J 470 Brogden, Wilfred J 323, 425 Brondas. S. E 486 Brons. E.J 377 Bronson. C. E 436. 548. 554 Bronson. Margaret I 58. 381. 524 Bronson. N. M . .58, 406, 531, 534 Brooke. G. K 430 Brooks. Fannie M 561 Brooks. G. F 153 Brooks. M 157, 407, 536 Brooks. N. C 422 Brooks. W. W 58, 407 460, 536, 565 Broom. Mildred E 58. 373 Brothers. Martha E 554, 561 Brothersen, K. H 445 Brouse. Beth C 58. 561 Browder. O. L.. Jr .377. 409. 427 Brown, A 58. 3 15. 370 417. 443. 541 Brown. A. J 453 Brown. Betty 500 Brown. B. M 437 Brown, C. A 157 Brown, D. M 344, 380 488, 538, 549 Brown. F. W 157 Brown. H. A 536. 465. 565 Brown. Harriet J 135, 157 337. 517 Brown, Janet A 288, 299. 511 Brown. Kathryn 504 Brown. M. H 156 Brown. Margaret I 58, 518 Brown. Mary L 525 Brown. O. E 408 Brown. P. H 434. 556 Brown, R 157, 541 Brown. R. M 425 Brown. Rosemary A 516, 555 Brown, Ruth J 58, 524 Brown. R. W 58, 429 Brown. W 452 Brown. W. H.. Jr 58 Brown, W. W 248. 251 258. 261. 535 Browne, R. B 332. 457 Browne. W . II 154 Bruhn. Esther K 515 Bruner. B. B 58 Brunner. Dorothy E 322. 500 Brunner. Edna M 523 Brusnighan, C. F 531 Brvan. C. H 397. 398 Bryant. A. J.. Jr 58, 401 Brvant, Margaret M 554 Brvar, Elaine J 58, 524 Brvdges. Eileen J . 45, 58, 514, 552 Brvson. J. L 59, 418 Buchan. B. F . . 59, 396, 401. 435 Buchanan. H. K 59, 377 Buchanan. W. W 144 Uucheit. J. R 473, 537 Bucher. E. C 153 Bucher. Helen M 557 Bucher. K 153 Bucholtz. Miriam 497 Buchholz. J. T 157 Buck. Marion J .59, 295, 526, .561 Buck. W. G 59. 545 Buckles. R. H 411 Bud l. Ida M 294 Budd. W. -S .J55 Budde, E. F 345, .380, 443 Buddemeir, W. D 59, 408, 478, 546 Budelier. C. R 4.36 Buechler. Grace I 59 Buehrig. R. C 464 Buesch. A. 11 468 Buesching. Marguerite M. 59. 345 501. 539. 564 Bupiclski. C 531 Bull. U. 156 Bull. Jean nil. 502 Bull. S . 138 Bullcr. 11. !•■ -, ' ). 1,S6 Bullock. D. M 210. 214 228. 236. 239 Bulpitt. Marv L .322. 502 Bumslead. C. U 411 Bung. W. A 59. 398, 417 Bunn. Carmen E .59, 294. 553, 556 Bunn. Dorothea M 294, 553 Burdick. Mary 502 Burdick. W. C 547 Burge. Cornelia 290 Burghind. W. P 344, 345. 346. 407 538. 541. 549. 558 Burgy, J. H 157. 464 Burke. R. F 317. 401 Burke. R. W 448 Burkhardl. G. H 152 Burkhart. J. M 422 Burlev. I.ilvun E 515 BurliBon. L. E 378. 464 Burhson, W. L 157. 434. 546 Burner, C. A., Jr 456 Burnett. H. C 59. 370 417, 468. 540 Burnham. Patti 498 Burns. E 153 Burns. H. W 324. 464 Burns. J. K 45. 59. 368. 417 Burns. Kiilhrvn V 498. 561 Burns. Marion L 294. 553 Burns. Rol.erl F 471 Burns. Winifred 524 Burnstein. E. M 378 Burr. RoI.erl C 433 Burrilt. Doris E .59. 503 Burroughs. D. D 152 Burroughs. Ruth B 59. 295. 531 Burrows. S. J 152 Burt. F. T 535 Burl. Lorraine J 377. 378 Burl. Paul 341 Burton. H. B 472 Busch. E 397,399 Busch. H 439 Buscher. Betty M 502 BuBcher. Marv E ,59 Busev. (;. H 499 Bushart. R. R 370. 397 456. 540. 547 Bushnell. W. A 428. 433 Busker. W. E 46, 60, 182, 206, 271 332, 370, 531, 533. 477 BuBse, S. C 423 BuBwell. A. M 156, 437, 558 Buswell. R. J 424 Butcher. Martha H 60. 526 Butler. D. F 475 Butler. J. J 453 Butler. L. S 60 Butler. W. R 60 Biitridge. J. H 444 " Thr liiillpr and Eflg Man . . .350 Butterfield. D 44, 334, 360 Busy, Edith F 381 Buzy, Pearl C 525 Bvergo, F. H 423 Bvford. H. T 152 Bvram. V. M 423 Bvrne. R. M 441 Byrns. F. W 60. 426. 178 c Cabeen. Jean S 525 Cadaval. O. G 490 Caddick. R. P 377. 450 Cadle. R. W 60, 207. 210. 262. 475 Cadwell. Marion 285. 317. 509 Cady. G. H 132 Cady. Marv C 373 Cadv. Mary V 292. 381. 498 Cagann. A. R 418 Cahill. L. S 179. 490 Cahn. A. R 157. 210. 461 Cailev. R. F 440 Caisson Club 399 Calabio. F. V 560 Caldwell. A. G 60, 547 Caldwell. C. T 157 Caldwell. Frances 500 Caldwell. M. I 335 Caldwell. R. M 433 Calhoun. R. A 442 Califf. J. P 144, 426 Callen, A. C 157, 206, 407, 441 Callerv. Helen C 294 Callen. Kathcrine E 507 Calosio, T. T 154 Calvert. Edith E 60. 503. 557 Camhell. A. Q. Jr 60 Cantden. K 531 Cameron. E. H 157 Cameron. -Mary L , 405 Cameron. Maryan R 60. 295. 554 Cameron. R. K 369. 400. 445 Camp. W.J 154 Camphell. Alice 320, 370. 499 Campbell. A. 0- Jr 460 Campbell. CM 405 Campbell. E. D 464 Campbell. Helen L 60. 507 Campbell. H. W 409. 464 Campbell. Janet J 135 Campbell. J. A 380, 425 Campbell. Janet M 282, 283 336. 518. 539 Campbell. M. A 60. 408. 546 Campbell. Marion M 518 Campbell. R. B 377 Campus Lfadfrs 173 Canfield. C. R 60. 467 Cannon. J. H 554. 565 Canlerburv, M. D 367. 452 Cantrill. H. L 459 Caperlon. Joan L 525 Capoot. L. J 237, 239. 453 Capps. Eleanor E 500 Capps, J. S 432 Caquelin. H. J 324 Card. L. E 157 Carey. M. E 366. 376. 377 378. 427. 557. 560 Carlin. Caroline M 60. 500 Carlin. R. C 261. 262. 370. 419 Carlson, A. E 401 Carlson. B. A .397. 401 465. 562. 565 Carlson. Charlotte A 381 Carlson. E. E 248. 408 Carlson. R. G 430. 544 Carls. n. R. P 329. 365. 386. .390 394. 396. 399. 417. 448 Carlsledt. W. J 448 Carmack. M 409 Carman. A. P 157. 407 Carml. O. P 316. 469 Carmichael. R. D 157. 465. 533 Carnahan. D. H 419. 190 Carnahan. F. ' 60. 419 Carnahan. Sarah E 198 Carnev. Charles E 208 Carolu.s. D. S 531 Carpenter. J. R 144. 373 Carpenter. J. S 60, 475, 547 Carpenter. June 523 Carpenter, P. D . 155 Carr. E 481 Carr, G. L 61. 558 Carr. T 370 Carrara. . . A 451 Carrison. D. A 420 Carroll. D. L 157 Carroll, h. O 334. 399. 409 Carroll. Pauline E 61 Carroll. R. C 210, 236, 240. 448 Carroll. T. A 129 Carroll. W. E 157 Carson. Alma H . . 44, 45. 61, 341 360, 368, 404. 538 Carson. Dorothy J 497 Carson. H 15.5 Carson. Lucille J 509 Carson. P. H 210. 217. 236 211. 370. 441 Carson. Rachel 525 Carter. G. R 61 Carter. H. E 156. 455 Carter. R. V 153 Caruthers, A. E 237 Carv. E 152 Cary. M.G 101 Casherg, C. H 562. 561 Case. H. C. M 157 Case. L. B 61. 516 Case. R. M 377 Casey. E. M . 45. 490 Casey, Marguerite E 558 Cash. J. G 452 Cassadv. Erma G 294. 410 Cassadey. Gladys. E . 61. 291 Cassel. C. G 61. 399. 535 Cassell. Bettv A 521 Cassell. M. L. Jr 61. 127 Cassidy. E 131 Cassitv. L. H 61. 3.39, 371. 469 Castle. Marlha J 135 Castleman. Rurli 518 Castner. Gall . 1 484 Castro. Mary M 61 Cathcart. Josephine L 322 501. 564 Cathcart. R. C 457 Cathn. O. P 380. 396 399. 470 Call. H. V 61. 338 370. 399. 540 Caufield. J. L 468 CaulKeld. W. F 468 Cavalry 389 Cavalry Officers ' Club 398 Cawood. J. W 423 Cerf, F. D. Jr 345, 449 Cervin. D. R 477, 553 Cbadwick. Harriet C 61 Chadwick. Virginia L 284 317, 511 Chambers, E. B. Jr 430 Champion. C. V. Jr 409. 531 Chandler. Mary J 340.497.539 Chandler. Josephine H 538 Chapin. Mildred R 404.526.561 Chapin. Ruth M 61. 295. 526 Chapman. C. A 387. 395. 397. 401 Chapman, D. E 144. 565 Chapman, L. C 44. 61. 334 372. 395. 547 Chapman. Thelma F 61. 496 Chaquette. L. T 401 Charles. Lucile 317. 525 Chase. C. C 346, 460, 549 Chase. H. W 19. 157, 428 Chauncey, H. L 531 Chavin. I. A 463 Chen H 490 Cheney, H. M 332. 340 399, 482. 513 Chenev. Nadine. E 284 Cherrv. A 448 Chervinko. P 46, 183. 210 248. 249. 282, 370 Chesney, H. D 448 Chesta. J. I 155 Chesters. J. H 157 Chi Bvia 433 Chibucos. C. W 485 Chien. S. L 156 Chilcott. Janet M 61 Childs. R. B 317 Childs. RulhP 62 Chinn. G. W 541 Chi Omega 500 Chi Phi 445 Chi Psi 446 Chi Tau 484 Chizewer. J. E 144, 461 Chinielewski. Casmir Joseph . 62 541, 562 Choisser. John E 321, 443 Christensen. C. C 62, 476 Christensen. C. D 465 Christensen, R. F ..453 Christiaens. A. E .. 62 . 153 Christian. H. P .439 Christiana. A. E ..531 Christiani. G. R .450 Christiansen. C. C 236 Christiansen. H. A 62 459 Christiansen. R. C 240 Christie. G. T (i 2. 367 4 7. 484 Christman. A. F , . 453 Christman. F. W 62 3- 8. 380 Christman. V. P 3: 5. 564 Christmann. R. J 400 " Christmas Carol " 352 Christopher. D. E .( 2. 400 Christopher. D. E 456 Christopher. R.J 456 Christopher. Winifred 3 j 5.398 Chupp. Feme V III Churan. J. . . . 437 Churchill. M. A 62 V 3,558 " Church Mouse " .351 Chvnoweth. G. W. Jr 62, 536 Cihak. J. F 153 Cisne. R. G 423, 544 Cirton. D. Jr 317, 449 Clair, L. 11 62 Clancv. J 334 Clark. A. H 155 Clark. B.G 538 Clark. C. ).. Jr 337.422 Clark. Elizabclh L 62. 381. 498 Clark. F. A 176.315 370. 127. 510 Clark. F. M 156. 157 Pa? rnz Lujo c£ WinjsJjejtrtOCX E QUIPMENT nvesfmenl- Ttdcm Expense A, LppROACHiNG the pufchase of equipment with the thought that it is merely a compulsory expense, to be minimized by buying as cheaply as possible, would be equivalent to bargaining for a low-priced college course with the sole idea of saving money. Both the college course and the equipment are invest- ments, both should have capital value, both will return dividends in proportion to their quality and complete- ness. S. S. White Equipment is made and sold on this basis — on the premise that nothing can be too good as a dentist ' s investment. If he buy real estate, it should be good, if he buy bonds they should be sound, in any in- vestment he should look for permanency of value and adequate return — his equipment certainly should be a high-grade investment. Furthermore, the ofSce and the operatory are the dentist ' s daytime home — they should be conveniently and adequately equipped for his comfort and elEciency and as an inspiration for his best effort. From the patient ' s point of view the dental office should be in- viting and reassuring; it should proclaim up-to-date, competent, and reliable service. S. S. White Equipment lends itself to the perfection of these ideals. Office planning service furnished by the S. S. White Company and by the dealers who sell S. S. White Equipment, and the liberal terms of purchase enable the dentist to make his investment in equipment highly satisfactory in every consideration. CO-OPERATING WITH THE DENTAL PROFESSION SINCE Pag ' ! $75 tluey I Ulo c mrvdiz ri uL Index of Persons and Books — Continued Clark. G. E 209 Clark. C. (, 156. 157 .178. 127. 137 Clark. I. J lint- 2Q t Clark. L. B l.SO. 51 1 Clark. R. A VZ ' i Clark. T. A IS Clark. Viola E 2M I Clark. W. P 62. .396 101. 123. 5 15 Clarke. Lois A 316. 52 V Clarke. N. F 181. 565 CJasses 11 CJass oj 1932 Bronze Tablrl Spfiiors . ..Ill Class of 1933. The 11. IS Class ol 193i. The 136, 137 Class of 193S. The 138 Claure, C 490 Clausen M. P 380. 401. 476 Clav. H. G 190 Cla.v. R. P 399 Clayton. Josephine L 322. 507 Cleavelin. Ruth A 62. 515 Clagg. L. H 133 Cleland. B 229 Cleland. W 62, 318. 386 398, 531. 532 Clem. Thelma E 381 Clemens. J. E 156 Clements. Charlotte C 498 Clements. Jean B 62. 507 Clendenin, E. W 479. 515 Clendenin. Harrv O 479 Cleveland. R. B 63 Clevenger. A. W 36 Clevenstine. Helen A 63. 101, 105 Clifford. E. Marcella 281. 196 Clifford. Hazel D 110 Clift. L. W 377, 378. 519. 560 Climpson. H. R 418 Cline. N. D 427 Cline. V. E 206, 547 Clinton, Eugenia M . . .63, 298 516, 555 Clothier, Hazel L 63, 526 Clow, Louise, C 44, 63, 288 292, 300, 301, 360, 49.5, 512 Coale, L. W 63, 443 Coast Artillery 393 Coast Artillery Club 401 Cobb. Joseph D 459 Coble. A. B 157, 538 Coble. R. S 428 Cochran. R. K 531 Cockrell. C. F 141 codd. H. G : ; : 63 CoddiuRlon. H. W 181 Coddinpton. R 181 Cody. Mary C 322. 509 Coe, Dorothy E 511 Coe, R. H 455 Coerver. Grace 521 Coffin. C. H 441 Coggeshall. T. C 152 Cohen. A. A 378 Cohen. A. E 378. 519. 560 Cohen. .A. S 480 Cohen, Dorothy J 63 Cohen, Elaine M 367 370, 195. 520 Cohen. Esther L 316. 370 Cohen, G 190 Cohen, H 161 Cohen, H 44, 360. 461 Cohen. Jeannette L 525 Cohen. J. L 560 Cohen, M. E 377 Cohen, N. H 131 Cohen. Pauline R 521 Cohen. R. R 163 Cobenonr. EC 165 Cohn. CI. 181 Cohn. M. ,S 216, 317, 161 Cohn. N . 160 Cnhrs, C. C 477 Code. Gracye P. Mrs 63 Coile. V. L 63 Cloby. A. S 423 Colby, Georgia G 525 Coldewev, G. Jr 315 Cole. Agnes L 63. 245, .372, 553 Cole, F. P 151 Cole, H. C 426 Cole. J. D ;510 Colegrove, E. B 371, 395, 408 Coleman, A. C 63 Coleman, C. C [] ' l5t Coleman. J. B 4.u Coleman. Mary, E 63, 52 I C-tllene i,f inriralture 2.t Colleiie of Cotntneree. The 24 College of Dentistry 33 Collette » Etlucalion 26 Colleftf of En tineerintl. The 22 ( ' ollefic of Fine and .ipplie.l Arts. The 28 Coll-fie of Lau. The 27 (.ollefip of Liberal Arts nntl Sciences. The 23 Colle le of Meilirine. The 31 Collefie of Pharmacv. The. ... 35 Collett, R. V 211. 111. 517 Collins. Betty 499. 561 Collins. E 33 1 Collins. Elizabeth G 316 Collins, F. S 63, 399, 185, 532 Collins, G. A 63, 400 Collins, J. E 5 15 Collin, . W. L 397. 558 CoUison. L. H 425 Collora. N. A 407. 518 Combe, E. B 152 Comer, Mary F 317 Comings. R. C .6.3, 395, 398. 118 Compton. C. C 157 Compton. W. E 392. 107 Comstoek. F. H 61. 131 Conant. H. E 139 Conard. A. B 387. 395, 397. 398 Conard. Janice E 501 Conard. Kathleen M 292 293. 501. 539 Conawav. Helen E 61. 291 295. 553 Concert Band 377 Condee. E. H 61 Condo. F. E 156 Coney. R. A 126 Conklin. A. B., J 150 Conklin. J. O 152 Conley. Marjorie L 61 Conlin. J. J 471 Connell. A. 1 135 Connell. W. M. Jr 61.316 162. 563 Connelly. Elizabeth .A 526 Connelly. J. F 517 Conners, D. J 432 Connit. Violet A 291. 553 Connolly. H. . 175 Connor, J. M 186 Connors. Doris M 61. 501 Connors. Dorsev M . 15. 61. 315 370. 500. 539, 558. 561 Connors, Rosemary E 198 Conrad. Frances E 381 Conrad. Vera A 517. 538 Conroy. Eugene D 113 Constant, Earl S - 123, 536 Converse, Mildred H 136, 362 372, 523 Converse, P. D 106, 168 Coogan. H. E 118 Cook, D. F 183.210 225. 236, 244, 422. 533 Cook. Dorothy 504 Cook. Eleanor F 64. 507 Cook. F 370 Cook, F. J 167 Cook. G. E 64, 417. 479 Cook. J. F 208 Cook. J. L 160 Cook. J. 116 Cook, J. R. Jr 377, 468. 531 Cook. M. E 116 Cook. R. K 407. 538 Cook. R. T 115 Cook. T. H 190 Cook, W. R 331, 33 1. .398 Coolman, A. O. Jr 11 1 Coolidge. L. J 61. 395 Coolley. I. N uq Coolman. La Verne D 377 Coolman. La ' on D 557 Coonradt. H. L 109 Cooper. A. E 153 Cooper. Doris 295. 551 Cooper. F. R 136 Cooper. F. S 407, 538, 511 Cooper, H. A 380. 182 Copel. R. A 117 Copenheaver, J. W. . 156 Copley, M. J 156. 157. 437 Coppel. W. M 133 Copper. Lucille M 64 Coppersmith. M. D 64, 531 Corazza. J. W 486 Corbetl. W 378 Cord. F. Madeline 294 Corina 294 Corliss. Marian V 317. 503 Cormick. Claire I 110. 525 Cornelius. Mildred C 285. 295. 551 Cornelius. R. P 181 Cornelius. R. P 181 Cornet. A. L 431 Corpuz. U. V 190. 560 Corzine. .Augusta I 199 ( ' osmopolitan Club 190 Cosneck. B 181, 210 258, 370. 171 Costello, J.J 64, 472, 536 Costigan, C. S 153 Cottingham, Aha 381 Cotton, P. E 455 Cottrell. Frances 504 Couchnian. G. H. Jr 441 Cougill. K. R 45. 64, 366 368, 563 Courier, .S. H 61. 341 Courtright. J. D 65 Courtrighl. Mary 281, 504 Coventry, D. M 178, 319 370, 433 Covington. J. R 171,319 150, 533 Cowan, R. S 377. 378 Cowles. J. W 175 Cox. B. B 473. 531 Cox. C. T 132 Cox. E. P 139 Cox. E. Rosemary . .281, 508, 539 Cox, Melba 508 Coyle, P, J 229 Coyne, M. L 458 Craig, A. K 210 Craig, H, W 260, 190. 535 Crain. C. W 331. 331 Crandell. J. S 424. 188. 511. 558 Craner. R.J 396. 398. 173. 515 Crathorne. A. R 157. 121, 538. 556 Craven. J 217.218 Crawford. A. B 15. 65. 265 370. 470. 533 Crawford. C. J 65. 428 Crawford. J. A 65. 395 399. 547 Creighlon. R. L 423 Cress, E. E 436, 511 Creutz, Janet L 137, 501 Crews, H. O 478 Cridlebaugh. Michael C 65 Crile. Dennis R 153 Crippin. Mary L 381. 522 Crisler. H. L 65. 131 Crist. Mary V 65, 292, 299 Crockett. W. R 400 Crocombe. R. T 428 Crocombe. W. E 428 Cronan G. F 65 Crook. F. S 322, 424 Crook, Margaret E 508 Crook, Marian E 508, 558 Crook, R. P 421 Crosby. F 259 Cross. Adeline A 65, 323 Cross, H 157, 407, 541 Grossman, R, S 436, 541 Crow e, R 264 Cruickshank, J, S 397, 398, 460 Cruise, Dorothy M .292, 295, 525 Crull, H. E 538 Crum. E. A 65, 258, 547 Crum. K. T 547 Crusius. L. L 419 Culherlson. Irma L. . .65, 286, 511 Culbertson, J. A 157 Culler. E. A 157 Cullison. R. S 216. 1.39 Culp. H. T 128 Culp. M. M 107. 511 Cultra. .S. B 110 Cumminps. B. 210. 212. 224. 422 Cummings. M. A 316. 152 Cundiff. I. W 397. 100. 101 Cunningham, H. E 21, 36, 122 Cupertou. Joan L 322 Cnreton. V. R 322, 433 Curphev. C 65 Ciirran. Doris E 290 Curry. C. V 337, 116 Curtis, C. C 426. 4.59 Curtis. Ruth 65, 504. 507 Curzon. Elizabeth G 411, 561 Cutright, S. B 427 D Dablor, El ma C Da Costa. G. A 179. 515 Dadant. R. H 409, 422 DaiFs Oav 337 Dagner. R. E 65 Dahlen. L. N 65. 562 Dahlke. II. O 109 Daigh. B. G 406. 562 Dailey. D. IL. Jr 65. 115 Dailev. E. J.. Jr 416 Daily. A. M 66, ' 401 107, 536, 541 Daily. E. Charles 325 Dailv. Edmund C 438 Daih lllini. The 311, 315 316. 317 Dalhev. Beulah M 322. 513. 539 Dalburg. II.W 155 Dalferes. K. L 395, 397, 399. 156 Dallera. Mary 517 Dalrvmple. Ruth L 66, 171. 292 318. 370, 195. ,505 Dalton. C. C 395 Dalton. H. W 398. 165. 551 Damis. D. J 31 Dammers. O. R 153 Damon. Jane I . , 521 Dance Supervision Committee 332 Dancey. Jessie 508. .521 Danda. J 66.561 Danelt, J. W 119 Daniel. Julia V 322. 512 Daniels. A. H 29. 121 Danielson, W. G 66 Danks, G. G Ill Danley, Isabel 321, 110, 502 D ' Anza, Augustine 401, 515 Darke. F. J. Jr 66, 551, 565 Darling, B 538 Darling, Catherine 198 Darnell, H. A 187 Darrow, R 322 Dart, T. P 391, 172, 565 Dasso, Virginia C 66 Danes, Placide 66.101,521 Paughcrtv. Lester. .A 395.397 399. 119 Dauwalder, R. C 237 Davenport, B. H 66. 110 Davenport House .523 Davidson, E. W 168 Davidson. Frances A 66. 502 Davidson. Jeannette . 525 Davidson. K. D 66 Davidson, Margtret T 66, 101 518, 552 Davidson, R. H 377. 378 Davidson. T. C 1.56 Davies, D. W 399 Davies, E. D 315. 133 Davies. J. M. Jr 377, 378. 110 Davies, R. M 531 Davis. A.J 66. 121 Davis, Bessie M 510 Davis. Bessie P 66 Davis, Catherine R 29 1 . 295 325. 551 Davis, Cecil B 66, 531 Davis, C. A . 216 Davis, C. B 510 Davis, Dorland J 66, 310 404, 117, 127 Davis, Dorothy 316, 502 Davis, E :• 66. 117 515. 517 Davis, Elinor T 507 Davis, Elsie R 292, 295 Davis, F. L 531 Davis. H 67. 531 Davis, H. L 155 Davis. James W 323. HI Davis. John W 366. 100 Davis. Lois. E 281. 292 322. 501 Davis. Rhea 520 Davis, R. F 150 Davis. Sarane W 295 Davis. Susie R 67 Davis, Theodore L 67. 108 Davis. Tybie M 510 Davison, C 153 Davitt, W 531 Dawson, C. B 380 Dawson, H, S 38, 109. 441 Dawson, Kathryn M 525 Dawson, S. M 380 Dawson, W. M 157 Day, C. J 138, 373 Day, Ethel H 144 Day, H. S 67, 131 Dav, J. F 130 Pas - 576 ih y I Ulo of. nUvdjejttujui KENNETH EUGENE FREDERICK Creator of Artistic and Distinctive Portraits Winner of Salon Honors at TOKYO, JAPAN LONDON, ENGLAND NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND SEATTLE, WASHINGTON MADRID, SPAIN PHILADELPHIA, PA. Studio: Q23 EAST GREEN STREET CHAMPAIGN Telephone: TWO -TWO - SIX - EIGHT TRAIN FOR PROGRESS FOR one hundred years Chicago has been building and stands today in the front rank of world cities. The rapid growth, orderly arrangement, and massed beauty of the city show clear vision and careful planning when she was young. Will you so plan your career that your personal progress will be something to celebrate? Five years hence will you be able to congrat- ulate yourself for having had the foresight to take advantage of the intense practical training available at this school? For more than three-quarters of a century Bryant Stratton College has been placing capable young men and women in positions of responsibility and opportunity. Visit, Write or Phone Randolph 1575 for Catalog Bryaiit H tratton c 0 JJ E G E 18 SO. MICHIGAN AVE., CHICAGO, ILL. ' . Hall oj Sciencp. Century of Progrpss Exposition. Chirafto, 1933 Page 577 m£y MJlo of. nirtdjezTLJuL Day, Mary A 525 Day, R. G 380 Day. Shirley W 321. 323, 556 Day. W. W U4. 441. 490 Day. W 35. 155. 370 Day. W. L 315. 338. 440 Daykin, S. P 411. 545 Daylon. Clara J 506. 556 Dazey, W. B 369. 400. 422 Deam. A. F 457. 553 Dean. H. L 457 Dean. Martha 496, 525 Dpan of Men, Office oj 38 Dean of Women, Office oJ 39 Dean. R. R 317 Dean. S. H 418 Dean. W. A 476 Dearlove. G. D 322 DeAtley. Ethel L 67, 554 DeBower. Alice L 67, 300. 301, 522, 546 Decker, H 398 Decker, Marion E 525 Decker. S. W 452 DeditiuB, L. F 67, 156, 547 Dedniond, F. H 556 Deem. A. F 547 Deem. A. G 156 Deerhake. F. M 4U Deelhardt. W. W 443 De Filippis, A. J 67 DeGette. J. H 465 Dehn. Myrtle A 67, 513 Dekker. H 397, 448 Delaney, R. E 447 Delang. T. G 445, 541 DeLargy, P. L 464 Del Beccaro, V. J 1.36, 181 330. 334 Del Bianco. A. J 67. 553 De Leonard, M. F . .377. 378. 451 Deli. F. D 316. 481 Delich. Mary M 526 Deliere. W. A 525 DeLong. A. Marian 294 Delong. C. C 470. 534 DeLong. L. Manrine 554 DeLong. R. I 67, 339. 380. 438 Delia Alpha Epsilon 469 Delia Alpha Pi 485 Delia Chi 470 Delia Delia Delia 511 Delia Kappa Epsilon 430 Delia Phi 462 Delia Phi Alpha 489 Delia Pi 483 Delia Sigma Lambda 476 Delia Sigma Phi 459 Delia Tau Delta 418 Delia Theia Epsilon 535 Delia Thela Phi 479 Delia Vpsilon 432 Delta Zela 512 DeLue, W. B 449 Delves, R. L 431 Demming. L. F 560 Demorest. J. R 237. 239. 435 Dempsey. E. P 548 Demster. C. M 67, 470 Dcnison. Betty 286, 410, 499. 539 Denneman. W. F 144 Dennis. H. A 422. 538 Denny. Velma A 410 Depken. Gerhard C . 67. 248. 535 Derby. Russell O 345. 472 Derr. P. H 459 Detrich. A. C 431 DeTurk. E. E 157. 378 DcusB. H. O 154 Dcutch. Esther A 524 Devins. W. P 67 DeWolf. F. W 157 DcW ' olf. K 477 DeWolfe. J. C 429 Diamond. Jennie 524 Dian is, P. W 443 Dick. Helen 144. 524 Dickhut. H. W 334. 372 Dickinson. Burris .S 410. 540 Dickinson. F. G 470 Dickinson. Joyce II . 556 Dickman. B 378 Dicknian. K. W 377 Diekman. C. F 409. 465 Diemer. Pamela F . 505, 525. 553 Diffenbaugh, H. 13 400, 548 Dillavou. C. W 399 Dillavou, Essel R 406, 534, 457 Dillman, L. M 152 Dillner. Myrtle M 67, 518, 539 Dillon, E. G 425,531 Index of Persons and Books — Continued Dillon, Helen M 381 Dillon, J. C 425 Diniond. L. E 547 Dinkel. N. J 441 Dippold, D. S 472 Disinukes, W. P 427 Disosway, M. D 450 Disoswav. Virginia E 498 Dittman. P. S 457 Dilzler. R. Alice .67, 290, 345. 499 Diver. J. F 426 Dix. A. C 337. 347 Dix, M. Lenora 135, 320, 370 549, 555, 556 Dixon, Esther 523 Dixon, G. W 401 Doak. C. C 157 Dobbins. D. V 419 Dobry, L. F 485. 547 Dodd. H. W 337, 378, 380. 549 Dodds, J. E 460 Dodge. A. F 432 Dodge, J. L 548 Dodge, Marion S 503 Doebler. B. V 443 Doepp. B. V 153 Dohertv. W. E 445 Dohme. C. G 68, 370. 417. 420 Dohnev. A. Gertrude 45. 517 Dolan. T. J 407. 433 Doland. J.J 157. 397 407, 471, 558 Dolch. Marguerite 556 Doll, Marguerite E 68. 525 Dollahan. M. M 68. 341. 401 Dollev. J. S 144 Donahue. Isabelle M 136. 362 506. 539 Donner. Eloris M 135 Donovan. C. V 420 Doolev, G. E 68. 328. 365 394, 395. 399 Dcirjahn. J. A 155 Dornian. Eileen F 68 Dorman. L. Eileen 526 Dorman, W. M 428 Dorris. V. M 409 Dorsett, C. R 261. 262. 370. 447 Dorsey, Bernadine M 503 Dorsey, M. J 157 Doss. D. U 427 Dosse, W. C 479 Dotv, J. R 156 Doubet, H. K 438. 546 Douglas, J. M 420 Douglas, R. B 475 Douhan. J. G 470 Doulhit. V. L 68. 406 443, 531, 534 Dover, M. P 410 Downey. E 399 Doyle. Hazel M 539 Draeger. L. E 490 Draffin. J. O 157 Dragoo. Jean E 317. 504, 539 Drake, F. J., Jr 487 Drallnieier, R. W 459 Dramatics 343 Draper. A. S 422 Draper. W. H 422 Drayer. Ruth L 68, 179, 290, 515 Drayer, T. W 434 Drayton, A. O 144 Drenckpohl, L. H 453 Dries. A. F 317, 484 Driss, L 461 Driver. W. Evelyn 523 Dueker. F. E 477 Dueser. C. J 68, 323, 373, 380. 547 Duff. E 397 Duff. R. A 401 Duffev. H. R 156 Duffield. T. A 317, 481 Duffin. R. J 407. 538. 541 Duffner. J. T 229. 490 Duffv. D. D 401 Dufresne. J. A 210. 237 239. 245. 419 Duis. W. H 68, 408. 452 Dulin. Wilma C 518 Dunbar. Louise B 410. 519 Duncan. Buell M 473 Duncan. C. A 216 Duncan. C. G 44, 334, 360 Duncan, R. F 68 Dungan. G. H 157, 464 Dunham. C. F 534 Dunham. R. F 531 Dunkle (;. M 68 Dunteman. Eleanor A . . . . 135, 31.5 370, 501, 565 Dupre. C. J 477 Duram, A. E 428 Durand. E. D 44. 68. 183. 328 330. 345. 361. 370 386. 396. 398. 446 Durschlag, Bernice 68 Durfec. T. B 409. 422 Durflinger. L. L 378 Durham, J. P 443 DuVal. B 346. 473 Dvorak. F. J 441 Dvorak. Loraine A 68. 290. 405 516. 547. 549. 555, 556 Dvorak, R. F 210. 346. 376, 377 397. 471. 556. 560 Dwyer. Robert E 16, 6 8. 182. 330 338, 370, 445, 545 Dyas. Frederick C 152 Dye. Margarite J 549 Over. Esther D 511. 555 Dykins. F. A 156. 157 Dykstra. Eugene 435 Dzielak. John J 68 Dziuhak. Helen 525 E Eads. Marjorie L 295. 316 Eagleston. F. L.. Jr 399 Eamons. R 370 Earle. F. B 152 Earnest. Margaret L 499 East. John L.. Jr 450 Eastburn. G. S 69, 396, 401 Eastin. M. R 418, 549, 562 Eastman, C. J., Jr 421 Eastman. Sara C 524 Eaton. J. A 428. 470 Eaton. J. T 156 Eberle. W. A 486 Ehert, Margaret R 497 Echternach, H. P 400. 401 Eck. J. C 156 Ecker. J. H 69. 461 Eckert. V. M 237, 452 Eckfield, D. K 482 Eckhardt. R. C 377 Eckhardt. W. G 33 t Eckhardt. W. L 377. 409 Eckhart, W. W 378 Eckmann. H. R . .45, 69, 366, 368 Eckstrom. C. W 465 Eckstrom, W. F 409 Eddington. E. M 433 Eddy. T. B 531 Eddv. W. H 69. 473 Eddy. W. L 377 Edel. F. W 153 Edelman. Isabel 524 Edison. M. R 69. 258 Edlund. L. O 69, 417, 470 Edmonds, J. L 408 Edwards. A. C 401 Edwards. Dorothy J 504 Edwards. E. E 423 Edwards. Edna M 322. 410. 525 Edwards. F. B 45. 338. 367 410. 450, 544. 552 Edwards. Georgia 526 Edwards. G. G 155 Edwards, H. E 325. 408, 452 Edwards, M. L 459 Edwards, R. E 490 Edwards. Ruth E 410 Edwards. W.I 325, 409, 452 Edwards. W. O.. Jr 454 Ehman. R. M 262, 481. 531 Ehni. G.J 423 Ehret. J. R 46R Ehret. R. S 380, 468 Ei.b. W. A 468 Eichelkraut. E. W 420 Eichenberger. J. H 455 P]ichenberger. R. W 455 Eickhorn. Vclnia M 294. 410 553. 554 Eidman. A.. Jr 322. 450 Eigsti. OraJ 557 Eiseman. F. R 399. 470. 531 Eisner. E. Regina 496 Eisner. Janet E 496 Ekblaw. G. E 157, 434 Ekstrom, C. G 380 Ekslrom. W. F. 347 El Cirealo Lilerario Espanol . . . .547 Elder. V. E 531 Elder. W. E 69. 371. 408. 438 Eldred. D 323 Eldred, O. W 377, 441 Eldridge, K. W 432 Elfstrand. Frances E 316. 322 410. 501 Elicb. R. W 45. 69. 406 417. 482. 564 Elkes. Regina E 286. 410. 521 Ellies. Mathilde A 547. 556 Ellingboe. E. K 156 Elliot. A.. Jr 380, 440 Elliot. R. E 486 Elliott. CM 377 Elliott. F. F 69 Ellis. C. 1 154 Ellis, Dorothy T 381, 563 Elson, Irene E 69, 523 Elson, L. C 480 Elvis. Roberta B 499 Ely, Harriet J 69 Enibree. Nancy L 145, 512, 539 Emch. A 157, 538 Emery E. J 487 Eninierson. L. L 21 Emmons. R. L 207. 210. 258 Enirich. C. L.. Jr 426 Enirich, W. H 174. 316. 370 444. 533. 545 Emrick. F. G 399. 531 Endres. C 69, 407. 536 Engebretson. W. C .. 69. 400. 553 Enger. M. L 157. 407 436. 541. 558 Enger. W. M 238. 418 Engerud, H 395, 397, 401, 565 Engineer Corps 392 England, Virginia B 523 Englis, D. T .156, 157, 437, 537 English. H. A 153 English. Ruth E 504 Engstrom. R. B 433 Ennett. T. E 447 Ennis. G. H 455 Ennis. W. J 444 Eno. M. K 396, 399, 465 Enochs. C. H 380 Ensign, D. B 336 Ensign. N. E 407. 455 Ensign. R. D 421 Eovaldi. W. J 69, 396, 398 Eppstein, S. H 156 Epstein. A. J 531 Epstein, L. A 409. 449 Epstein. R. J 260. 463 Erenberg. E. U 317, 556 Erhardt. R. K 473 Erickson. J. A 425 Erickson. P. J 325. 438 Erie. R. T 422 Erikson. J. A 400. 451 Erikson. R. A 70. 469. 555. 556 Erienbaugh. C. P.. Jr 447 Ermentrout. J. C 401 Ernst. Bernice L 145, 524 Erzinger, Eleanor 500 Espv, W. N 407, 562 Esry. D. H 401, 408 Eta Kappa IWu 536 Etcheson. A. T 401 Etheredge. M. L 497 Etnyre. R 236. 243 Ettenson. K. L 398. 469 531. 534 Etzbach. Martha F 47. 70. 177 282. 283. 337. 370, 514, 552 Eubank. A. A 411 Evans. Eleanor L 44. 45. 70 360. 361. 368 Evans. Frances M 523 Evans. Mae A 499. 554 Evans. Mary J 70. 288 289. 298. 523 Evans. P. B 407. 538. 553 Evans. R. C 321. 456 Evans, W. T 316 E vans. Yvonne L 290, 525 Events of the Year 185 Ewart. R. H 156. 157 Ev. V 229 Ever. H. L 70. 424 F F Company. Isl liegimenl 397 Faber. R. L 443, 531 Fabian, Ann 70,525 Fabri, R. S 453 Fabri. R 318 P ' ' Se i S mz I lUjo Ol mjd:ejerij)u Complete Service In Printing and Direct Advertising Production PRINTING and direct advertising gain immeasurably in value and power when fully competent care and workmanship are employed in their preparation. Users find distinct advantages in entrusting this work to one completely equipped organization possessing the necessary qualities. This company has unsurpassed facilities for the carrying out of every step in the production of printing and direct advertising. American Colortype excels in its staff of skilled merchandising talent. Art, copy, and engravings are produced with expert ability. Mechanical equipment and practiced craftsmen of this large organization provide the means of producing the lai-gest job with consummate quality, precision, and smoothness. Yet even the smallest order receives equal care and attention. Ad- vertisers will profit by enlisting our aid. TALENT TO ORIGINATE SKILL TO PRODUCE American Colortype Company CPrinMna aad ' dbirect a dijertldlna NEW YORK: 208 W. 25th Street CHICAGO: 1151 Roscoe Street BERT L. WHITE Director of Creative Printing and Direct Advertising Page 5-g iJhz LLio c WindjejtrLDui Fackler. Helen L 70 Fadum. E. R 321.409,432 Fahev, R. J 429 Fahcnestock. M. K . .157. 407. 562 Fain. Frances B 523 Fain. Nannie M 523 Faith. W. L 437 Faletti. J. P 409 Falk. P 378. 409 Fallan. O. L 70, 475 Fancher. Margie L 523 Fansler. Leora H 295 Fanlus. R. A 380 Fara. F. J 153 Faragher. R. V 70. 450 Faris. Madeline F 70 Faria. P. R 436 Faris. W. W 70. 451 Farley. E. D 156 Farm House 452 Farr. B. R 70 Farrar. E. R 138, 373, 464 Farrell, J. W 465 Farrell. W. J 471 Farwell. L. C 316, 420 FaBBero. A 489 Fast. Mirian L 321. 511 Faucett. M. A 157. 407 Faulkner. D. L 323. 397, 400 445, 554, 547 Faulkner, H. G 456 Fauntz, Jane. . . .292, 323. 370. 496 Fawcett. Mary J 523 Fay. BillieE 525 Featherstone. H. E . . .395. 397. 398 Fedde. Joan E 381. 501 Feddersen. J. E 70. 406 Fehlnian. U. C 70 Fehr. Ruth L 518 Feickert. Elizabeth E 44, 70 360, 554 Feiser. F. S 486, 531 Feinherg, W. M 210 Feinpold. Dorothy A . 145 Feincold. N. H 70. 531. 534 Feldman. A. W 409 Feldman. Dena L, . . . 524 Fellows. J. R 407 Fend. F 248 Fend. G 248. 255 Fennell. Helen L 294 Fenton. T. L 482 FersuBon. Harriet E 381 Fereuflon. N. L 486 FerguBon. Rath A . . 285. 504, 539 Ferina. J. C 489 Ferrell. Evdyn 322. 507 Ferris. C. E 317 Ferris. Mary A 501 Ferris, It. D 441 Ferry, J. E 468 Fetherston. T. R 395, 448, 547 Fetters. Feme M 410. 5 6 Fetters. J. T, 71. ,482. .556 Feutz, F. H 4 3 Fiditer, R. M . . 490 Fiek. R. J 477 Firnerski. P. P 100 Fierhert. Fllzabeth E ' 05 F.V;. 4r(.7;orv 300 Fl M. F.. R 311 Fi,-ll. I, H 71 FieM. M. M 556 Fielder, Je«n M 5 ' ; ' ( Fi-isn- . Pauline M 71. 5 ' 4 I if»r. F|or-nce 71. J07 T ' lr-. R. F ! 71. 170 l il ' .ev, E. J 406. 465. ' :34 rnhv. Cnns ' inee H 5H F;i„on. T. H , . ,179 I-;l«,in, Knilirvn U .317, 511, 510 Fit, on, Marion K 315 Fit, ..!.. »Tor " qret D 71 T; ' ;ncl,. " W. A A£.i Finder J,. V ....44,145. " ; ' r;.,„ J,,, n„ll q ; ; FJn . n rnioe A 5 ' l Pinf.rel.1. r. P i;?! F:n„„ o. c . . i ' ;6 F:n ' r. C. R lI1 ■ - ' V. w. I ,..407, 55 ; F:n,r. TT7 t; (.9 Finlcd, Tn-lith 594 Finlev. C H ... " ... ' . ' i lS ' oi eran, F»orothy I e:oo ' ■ ' r.i r-in. H. W , . ' , . . .117 I.- y. R. G «» ' o- ' .. n, F ,(01 l 9- ■ er, A. w if n Fii. lipr E. E 238. 380. 1,50 Index op Persons and Books — Continued Fischer. Lenice L 524 Fischer. M. J 490 Fischer, W. R 153 Fish, A. M 444 Fish. Thelma M 373 Fisher, Edna J 498 Fisher, F.. Jr 71. 392, 396 400, 436, 558 Fisher, Jane 71, 498 Fisher, Mildred 381, 496 Fisher, M. L 424 Fisher, R. M 239, 434 Fisher. R. E 544 Fisher, Ruth E 519 Fisher, S. D 454 Fishman, S. C 71. 548, 562 Fishman, W. S 347, 556 Fiske, A 71, 136, 362 Fitch, H. M 459 Fitdiie, R. G . 329. 365. 396, 401 Fite, H E 71, 401 Fithian, D. G 411 Fitzgerald. Jean L 292, 499 Filzjarrald, E 440 Fitzpatrick, E.J 71, 531 Fitzsimmons, Cleo 505, 561 Fizzdl, J. A 71 Fjelde, C 346, 563 Flachmann, C. R 259, 263, 420 Fiack, W. E 420 Flagg, H. L 248 Flanagan. L. H.. Jr 430 Flaningam, H. A 71, 182, 286 312, 370, 495, 499, 565 Flaningam, Mary 499 FlaBka, F. V 545 Fleeman. Esther . , .525 Fleischbein. Annette L 501 FIcischli, F. C 331, 334, 537 Fleisher, Marie I 71, 561 Fleming, Dorothy S 511 Fleming, J. H 336, 447 Fleming, Martha V 381 Fleming, M. J 486 Fleming, T. F 466 Fleming, V. R 157, 466, 558 Flentje, Edna M 378, 500, 501 Flescb, Alice J 521 Fletcher, Gertrude B 145, 524 Fletcher, H. F 23 Fleugge. Helen E 525 Flint. W. P 157 Floreth. J. W 472 Floreth, N. K 459 Flowers, Dorothy V 71, 505 Fluck, Dorothea, I 71, 554 Fluyeras, N 491 Foellinger, Helene R 410 Foellinger. Loretta E 497 Fohr, L. J 397, 455, 565 Folden, Dorothy L 72 Foley, E 154 Foley, J. T, ,72. 346, 370. 422. 5 4t Folger. W. H 175, 427 Fombelle, H. J .325, 340, 438 Fooks, W. D 395, 401, 453 hootball 213, 214 Foote, W. B 72 Ford. C. T 535 Ford. G. Elizabeth 497 Ford. J. H 156 Foreman, C. N 483 Forester, B. X 72 Fork, N. E 443 Fornoff, F 321 Forrest, Hilda M 145 Forrest, R. E 72. 398 Forsberg, R. A . 72, 261, 324, 380 400, 469, 555, 556, 558 Forsberg, V. A 469 Fortberry, W. A 72 Fortunato. V. D 72. 470 Foster, Alice M. .72, 295, 299, 506 Foster, C. J 317 Foster, Katherine 496 Foster, Mary Leona 72 Foster, Mary Lucille 72 Foster, R. L 316, 340, 475 Foster, T. D 157 Foster, Winnie N 548, 562 Fowler, M. L 438 Fox. A. V 72, 400, 434 Fox, Beatrice 523 Fox, J.C 145 Fox, Marie E 72, 505 Fox, W. L 400 Fox, W. L 434 Fraboni, D. E 490 Fraker. F. L 419 Francis. Margol 72. 505 Francisco. Mary F 531 Frank, Bernice 524 Frank, H. P 155 Frank, H. L 463 Frank. Marie D 525 Frank, M. S 474 Frank, Pauline H 521 Frank, Ruth 521 Franklin, J. L 479 Franks. M. E 564 Franks. R. B 365. 396, 547 Franks, T. E 418 Frantz, Eleanor 299 Frantz, Ellma M 285, 295 Franzus, Pauline P 322 Eraser. J. R 453 Eraser. L. S 237. 400 Fraser. W.J 415, 157 Fraternities 415 Frazin. Doris V 524 Frederick. C. R 38. 397 410, 421, 540 Frederick, Elizabeth N. . . 72 Frederick. P. J 490 Fredericks, G. R . . . 258 Fredrickson, E. A , . , 155 Frederickson, F. B , . 446 Fredman. A. N 458 Freed. Gladys J 520 Freedlund. T. G . . . . 72. 406 Freedman. L. J 459 Freehill. Francina M 294 Freeman. Bernice , , , 291. 370 Freeman. C. R 73, 467 Freeman. Ethel 299 Freeman, Hazel B , , 73, 332 372, 553 Freeman. I. R .73. 547 Freeman. J.J 1.52 Freeman, Nellie V. . , 21 Freeman, R. W 152 Freeman, Ruth C. . . 505 Freer, Louise 288, 292. 546 Freiert, H 468 Frese, Alma H..135, 282. 284, 337 370. 381. .507. 5.39, 557 Frese. W. F 420, 534 Freshman Frolic 369 Freund, Estelle B . . . 510 Frey, H. W 237, 531 Frey, M.J 73. 500 Frick, J. W 531 Fried, B 409 Friedlund, T. G 531 Friedman, B. L 334 Friedman. H. S , . , 480 Friedman. K. M , 409 Fries, Georgianna M 73. 381. 519 Fries, L. I 2.59. 263 400 Frink, F 182, 210. 22.5. 248 249, 253. 370. 425 Prison, Thomas H . . . 157 Prison, Theodore H . 439 Fritze, H. B 470 Froeschle, H. C 380. 401 531 534 Froschauer. F. E 210, 212 223 228 233 443 Frost. D.V 73 Frost, Helen E 410 Froyd. H.N 425 Fruin. D. Mary 553 558 Fruin. L. T 152 Fruin. R. L 421 Fry. J. W 73 345 455 Fry. T. R 73 481 Fry. V. C 56? Frye. R. S 73 Fryling. C. F 157 Fugate, P. K 565 Fuller. Georgiana.. 502 Fuller. H.J 157 Fuller. H. 157 Fuller, M. G .417 459 ,563 Fidler M W 145 Fuller. W. F 448 Fullerton. A. D , . , . 531 Fullerton. H. N .73 401 546 Fullerton. W. H . , 73 476 Fulmer. R. O 334 541 536 Fulton, J. F 400 Fulton, Sarah J 135 282 283 370 495 496 539 Fultz, Dorothy L. . .316 Funk. R. W 448 Funkhouser. Kathleen S .513 Fuqua. H. B .152 Furby, R. L .153 Furby, S. B 153 Fuson, R. C 156 157 420 437 G Gaa. Elizabeth J 285. 299, 496 Gahd. J. F 380, 459, 531 (iabel, Kathryn D 73 Gaber, G 458 Gabler. M. B 437 Gaddis, J. W 315, 540 Gaddis, W 370 Gaede, Helen W 514 Gaetje, Lucile C 44, 45, 73, 300 301, 360, 368, 546 Gagliardo, Frank J 531 Gahan, M. E 380 Gahan, W. R 531 Gaines, W. L 157 Gairing. C. R 469 Gairing. Priscilla L 73, 291 295, 531, 558 Galaty, F. W 138, 336, 373, 400 Galbreath, C. S., Jr 433 Gale, G. June 497 Gale, Mary A 322 Gale, Mary E 497 Galezio. E. T 73 Gallagher, H. A 216, 430 Gallagher, Milton 156, 157 Galland, M. R 454 Gallati, C. M 154 Gain. J. N 490 Gallion. C. H 446 Galloway. G.W 459 Gallup. C. A 431 Galm. K. J . 73, 430 Gamma Alha Chi 552 Gamma Phi Beta 507 Gamma Theta Pi 552 Gangstad, Virginia B 557 Ganja, E 74 Gano, C. W 453 Ganscbinietz, William L . . 44, 360 443, 554 Ganster, W. A 419 Gansz, Ada M 503, 539 Garbe, Martin T 325, 438 Gard. L. S 486 Gardiner. Betty 518 Gardner, F. K 446 Gardner, H. E 399 Gardner, W. B 409 Gargoyle Society 553 Garland, Helen L 316, 369 Garner, J. W 426 Garrard Robert J 399. 404 409. 418 Garrett. Dorothy M 499. 556 Garrett. O. F 157. 397 Garrison, Norbert C.365, 395, 399 Gartley, J. M 432 Gartner. F. W 434 Gartner. J. M 451 Garver. E. R 531 Garver, Willia K 497 Gasen, R. C 464 Gasper, A. W 74, 346, 400, 460 Gately. T. C 322, 418 Gates. Eleanor H 506 Gates. W. H 459 Gathercoal. E. N ISS Gauen. G. R 470 Gauen, Josephine E 74, 500 Gauer, Lucinda D 74, 511 Gault, Margaret J . .294, 322, 553 Gause, W. R 423 Gawood, J. W.. 380 Gazzolo. L. Bernice . 525 Gbur. E 248, 254 Geake, D. C 433 Gehr, H. M 378 Gehr. V. H 380 Geidell, Louise E 74, 323, 507 Geiler, Eleanor M 508 Geiser. C.J 74, 407, 447, 548 Geissendoerfer, J. T 477 Geiat, II. W 377 Geldhof, L 453 Gelwick, C. W 265 Gelwicks. J. R -•..74 Gengler. R. J 441 Gentz, Annaniarie 514 Gentzd, M. B 401 George, S. A 470 Gerper, H. X 346, 463 Gerber, Jean I 44, 45, 74, 294, 345 360, 368, 404, 405. 552 Gerber. J. S 483 Gerber. W. D 558 Gerber. W. P 461 Gerlich. Florence M 74 Germain, Mary E 316. 502 Page So mj I ILuD (J. {unjdj £nJ)jL Telephones: Wentworth 0722-0723 Established 1886 DAVIS KREEGER 211-213 W. Sixty-Third Street Near Wentworth Avenue CHICAGO Dealers in PAINTS and WALL PAPER Decorators and Contractors in PAINTING and GLAZING The Best Equipment is the Cheapest in the End After a quarter of a century of ecjuipping dental offices there is one fact that stands out in our experience. The Best Equipment is the most economical in the long run. Ask the dentist who bought New Ritter Equipment five, ten or even twenty years ago, and he will tell you that, it functions just about as well today as when he bought it and with practically no upkeep cost in the meantime. Ritter equipment is built to last a dental lifetime — and does. The man who buys it insures himself against embarra ssing break-downs and costly delays at critical moments. No matter how cheaply an outfit has been bought it is false economy if the buyer finds it necessary to replace it a short time after its purchase. Spread over the period of its use, the cost of Ritter equipment is a minor factor when comjjared to rent or lab- oratory i:)ills. As a matter of fact, the expense is little more than that for telejihone or laundry service, and yet there is nothing, except a dentist ' s personality or skill which is apt to contribute more to his success. Ritter equip- ment enhances the operators skill. It beautifies his environment and makes his " daytime home " a happier and more pleasant place to work. Ritter users take just jiride in their offices and rightfully so as no finer or more ef- ficient eciuipment can be bought at any jirice. The cost of new Ritter equipment is no higher than any other make of comparable quality, but for those who feel that their location or financial resources do not warrant the purchase of new goods, we can usually supjily second hand or rebuilt Ritter Equipment at attractive |)rices. Whether your budget calls for an investment of three hun- dred or three thousand dollars, it will be to your advantage to consult with us. ' e will be happy to help you find a location or assist you with any of the details connected with establishing an office, no matter where you purchase your eciuipment. Our future is largeh- dependent ujjon the ability of our customers to buy teeth, gold, alloy and other consum- able supplies. Naturally, we are much more interested in your success than a concern whose sole object is to sell you equipment. Any established dentist will tell you that other things lieing equal, it will pay you to purchase from the company that you will look to for ' our daily requirements. C. L. FRAME DENTAL SUPPLY CO. 17th Floor, Mailers Bldg. Sole Distributors of Ritter Equipment in the Chicago Area 5 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago COMPLIMENTS OF THE BEAR BRAND HOSIERY CO. Page sSi ihey I Zcco c niAusiiten J. Index of Persons and Books — Continued German, Ruth B 295. 558 Gernon. W 153 Gerstner. J. A 7-1 Gerleif . Florence L 524 Gerzeiiberger, F 428 Gassier. J .153 Gethiier. Florence 524 (iethner. Rhea R 574 Gelnian, W. E 24 Getlind. E. L 74. 395 401, 531. 534 Gewecke. T. H 74, 476 Geyer. R. C 74. 429 Ghent. Louise D 74 Ghent. R 409 Gibbons. J. E 74. 537. 538. 556 Gibbs. C 75 Gibbs. C. F 156, 157, 453 Gibbs, P. Vk 228, 233, 457 Gibbs. R. P 446, 541 Gibian, C. F 400. 418 Gibson. G. T 471 Gierz. Lucille M 508 Giese. W. J 42? Giesecke. Doris 511. 539. 55 i Gifford. Lois M .523 Gilford. W. C 75. 422 Gilbert. Lois M 381.525 Gilbertsom. F. W 75. 432 Giles. G. H 401, 536, 541 Giles, R. H 423 Gilgis. L. J 433, 532 Gilkerson, A. R 75, 475 Gilkerson, G. N . -44. 45. 75, 361 368, 475, 532. 561 Gill. Alice A 320, 370 Gill, H. L 236. 239 Gill. P. E 380. 516 Gillhani. W. C 518 Gilliland. W.J 454 Gillis. M. J 345. 443. 558 Gillugly. H. I 424 Gilnian. Lucius 156. 436. 547 Gilmore. Wilma R 75 Gilster. Lillian R 345, 501, 564 Gimbel. M 458 Gingerich, Mavine A 525 Gingery, Jane N 521 Ginntoli, W. M 490 Ginsburg, H. M 461 Ginsburgh, H. E 145 Glascock, J. H 409, 441 Glascock. Juanita H 294 Glascock. W. E 399 Glascow. Elizabeth . 44. 75. 525 Glass. E 377. 380 Glass. J. M 538. 541 Glass, Margaret L 75 Glasser, J. S 75, 1.56. 210, 262 Glasser, L 463 Glasstetter, H, A. .44, 75. 360. 481 Glaza, T. J 75, 440, 553, 563 Glazer, H 449 Gleason, E. K., Jr 446 Gleason, Eileen P 75. 506 Gleason, Neva N ...... 556 Gleim, M. H 381 Glenn. R. W 154 Glenn. V. R 531 Glicfcen. M. E 75. 553 Glorieux, D. B 457 GloBsinger, Berthyl L 525, 561 Glover, V. L 157 Glowacki, S. F . . 399 Goar, Caroly n R 75, 404, 5 1 1 Goble. George W 206 Gobv, Elizabeth J 138, 323 373, 549 Goddard, Eleanor B 295, 558 Godfrey, T. B 75, 346 Godman, Isabel A . » 496 Godwin, E. P 75, 401, 453. 532 Goebel. L. 11 482 Goebel. M. T. J 157 Goelitz, Mary L ..76, 345, 495. 501 Goetzenberger, F. C 377 Golf, E. A 547 Gofr, J. A 562 Golf. S. R 76 Goheen. G. E 1.56 Gobn. Evelyn V 549. 558 Gold !■ fathers 285 " GoUl in the Hills " 355 Gold. Milzi 76. 557 Gold. W. M 458 Goldberg. M. A 377, 480 Goldberg. W 76. 458. 480 G€)lden. E. D . ' jg. ' S. 399 Golden. S. R 76, 395, 399. 546 Goldman. Louise . , 322. 510 Goldman. M. S 397. 432. 540, 556 Goldman, R. R 480 Goldman. Ruth H 520 C.l.lman. S. M 380, 463 (;..ldsmilh. Alice R 524 Goldsmith. Dorothy M 524 Goldstein. C. B 76 Goldstein. H. A 76 Goldstein. Herbert 461 Goldstein. T. W 337, 458 Golin, E. A 458 Golk. Ruth M 524 Gollin. CM 548. 562 Gollings. Katherine E 509 Gonseth. J. E 396, 401, 453 Gonzalez. A. E 490 Goodale. Eleanor L 76 (ioodall. Mary H 404 Goodbourn. N. G 524 (ioclell. D 76 (;..odfriend. S. L 76, 449 Gooding, Evelvn M 507 (i.iodman, M. E.. Jr 76, 449 Goodman. .VI. W 400. 4 61 Goodman. N. H 409 Goodman. S 334 Goo( Neus 287 Goodpasture. L. T 419 Goodson. M. R 537 Goodwin. Marjorie A 322. 512 Goodwine. G 332 Goorland. Clare L 510 Go|icl. R. A 137, 454 Gordan. N 76, 210. 263. 259, 478 Gordon. Eleanor . 524 Gordon. F. M 21 Gordon. Fredricka B 495, 520 (;..rdon, O. E 409 Gore. Marv C . 135. 370, 497, 539 Gore, P. E 424 Gorebam, VI inifred J 405 (;orenflo, O. B 76 Gorenstein. S 210 Gorevitz. R. L 76. 149 Gott. D. C 380 Gourley, Frances M ,286,294,553 Gourlev, Norma M 294, 553 Grable. E. F 145. 478 Gruduatp Orfianizafions 151 Grutluatp School. The 29 Graduate Section 141 Graduate Seniors 143 Graf. F. H 460 Gragg. E. R 210, 212, 218, 418 Graham, A. J 153 Graham, C. W 380 Graham, E. B 435 Graham. E. J.. Jr 445 Graham. H. J.. Jr 444 Graham. Kathryn M.322, 410, 525 Graham, Mary E 295, 317, 515 Graham. R. E 438 Graham. R. P 420 Graham. R. W 76, 157. 427 Graham, S. E 423 (iraham. T. A 426 Graham. W. J 540 Grahl. C. H 453 Gralak. S. D 400 Grande, H. E 208 Graney, J. E 457 Granger. G. A 152 Grant. C. K 76, 468 Grant, L. W 77 Grant, Marv A 316, 496 Grant. Phyllis M 369. 499 Gratiot. D. H 150 Gratlon. W. W 451 Graver. P. S 418 Gravestein. V 346, 455 Gray, A. Louise 501, 557 (Jray. A. R 156, 157 Grav. Harold M 77 Gray. Horace M 406, 465, 534 Gray, J. J 434 Grav. James N 77 Gray. N 210, 262 Gray, Phvlis E 317. 500 Grear, W. W 425 Great God Hroum. The 356 Greeley, R. H 433, 537 Green, Beulah A 497 Green, Dorothy M 505, 525 Green, E. P 466 Green. Ethel B 77, 521 (Jreen. F 44, 126 Green, G. K 77, 329, .365 396, 401, 407, 475 Green. M. D 409 Green. P. M 406, 425, 534 Green, R. K 77, 547 Greenberg, Ida 521, 564 (ireenberg, M 44, 360 Greenberg, Martha 520 Greenfield. W. H 44. 361 Greenlund. M. O 77, 138 Greenwood, E. L 401 Greenwood, Virginia L 320, 370 500. 549 Greer. M. C 399 Gregg. R. T 434 Gregorian Literary Society 553 Gregory. Catherine E 553 Greider. Janice E 410 Greilsheini. F. L 77, 531 Grenlund. M. O 339, 370 Grennan. H. -A 154 (iress. Margaret L 516 Grier. R. I 430 (iriesenauer. T. H 77. 345 370, 440. 545 Griesheimer. E. R 486 Griffin. E. G 77 Griffith. C. R 157, 210, 535, 537 Grim, F. A 420 Grim, R. E 15 ' Grimm. S. E 47! Crimson. G. E 471 Grin. R. W 409 Grindley. H. S 156. 437 Griswold. Mary E .525 Grodsky. W. A 458 Groff. C. R 531 Groh. (J. M 467 Grometer, Catherine R. . . .77, 507 Grometcr, R. B 424 Gronner, C. J 409 Gross. Alice E 510 Gross. H. E 145 Gross. Jeanette L 517 Gross, M.J 514 Grossarth, Lucile 496 Grossman, B. M 316, 463 Grossman, D. A 560 Grossman, E. S 174 Grossman, H. W 77, 458, 480 Grole, P. F 45, 77, 335, 164 Groth. E. F 446 Grott. J. T 154 Groundwater. W. H 548 Grover. P. D 77, 401, 466. 554 Grover. R. E 466, 547. 554 Gruber, E. E 490 Gruher, M 490 Grunewald, A 449 Gsell, L. A 167 Guenzer, P. J 77. 407 (Juilbert, W. J 469 Guin. T. W 77. 433 Gulick. J. R 78 Gullberg. S. I 78, 334, 338. 370 372. 410. 540. 552 Gullett. Julia 196 Gunn. B. W . 377, 378, 380. 162 Gunner. H. C 435 Gunnell. J. W 424. 537 Gurr. Edna E 78. 502 Gurr. E. M 419 Gurrschow, R. W 443 Gustafson, J. G 152 Gustafson. J. M 78, 469, 556 Gustafson. W. A 152 Gutgsell. E. W 259, 431 Guthrie. Clela 514 Guthrie. G. B 423 Guthrie. Neva E 78, 381 Gutmann, M. D 78, 463 H Haak, Marjorie E 501 Haas, C. J 451 Haas, M. F 216, 420, 531 Habberton, W 432 Hack, R. W 152 Hackbarth. Eugenia M 525 Uackett. R. P 534 Hackleman. B. K 78, 408 Hacklenian. J. C 438 Hacklemann. R. E.. .378, 434, 377 Ilackler. J. A 250 Hadawav. .Saretla 524 Hadlev. J. N 78, 419 Hadlev. M. E 443 Ilaefeie. Eleanor 78, 525 Ilaefelc. W. H 44, 360 llagan, R. C 78, 399, 404. 481 llagen. .S. E 452 Hagenbuck. W. E 469 Hager, O. E 531 Haggard. G. L 380 Hague. Stella M 496, 557 Hahn, R. F 145 Haines. R. W 439 Hair. Orpha L 78, 549, 555 Haist, G 317 Hajek. J 399 Hajicek. T. J 155 Haldane. CO 78. 532 Hale. D 156 Hale. J. B 424 Hall. A. A 476 Hall. A. W 450 Hall. B. R 481 Hall. Ellenor E 496 Hall. Eunice S 292, 295, 553, 558 Hall, J. J 553, 563 Hall. J. S 428 Hall. R. C 378 Hall. S. W 407, 420, 460 Hallburv, R. E 316 Hallett. J. J 427 Halmbacher, P 565 Halmos, P. R 409 Halpern. A. L 547 Ham. C W 157. 407, 548, 562 Hamal. Marguerite E 78, 518 Hamilton. A 431 Hamilton. Adair 317, 498 Hamilton. C W 420 Hamilton. E. G 537 Hamilton. Evalvn J 78, 525 Hamilton. J. A 423 Hamilton. K. T 452 Hamilton. K. T 452 Hamilton. Ruth J 295 Hamilton. T. S 157, 397, 437 Hamilton. T. T 547 Hamlin, J. Y 431 Hamman. P. E 78, 460 Hamman, R. C 334 Hammer. Doris K 295 Hammer. J. W 396. 401, 443, 532 Hammersmith. Jane M. . . .78. 558 Hammett. J. R 369, 460 Hammond. Vt . C 152 Hainp. L. R 560 Hampes. W. G 490 Hampton. K 236, 243 Hanberg. Catherine 515 Handburv. J. D 450 Handelsman. Ruth D 524 Hands. F. C 210. 265. 459 Handschin. Margaret 79. 295 338, 553, 565 Handschuh, Marie E 505, 523 Hanford. W. E 156 Hanke. A. R 79 Hanker, O. A 535 Hanna. G. B 469 Hannah. H. W 426 Hannahs. P. J 79, 380, 481, 545 Hannan. V. J 401 Hannapel. H. R 46S Hansel and Gretel 349 Hanselman. L. .A 456 Hansen. E. C 500 Hansen. H. E 79, 476 Hansen. H. F 445 Hansen. Kathryn G 410, 519, 555 Hansen. Louise 192, 507 Hansen, M. F 459 Hansgen. J. R 439 Hansnieier. R. H. . . .401, 467, 558 Hanson. E. D 469 Hanson, J 153 Hanssen, Lucille 378, 525 Haradine, C E 438 Harhaugh. R. L 79 Harch. G 271 Harding. A. A 431, 376, 560 Harding, G. M 409, 531 Hardy. V. R 157 Harirs. D. W 545 Harlow. H. T.. Jr 421 Harman. Helen J 498 Harman. 11. J 451 Harmeson. D. K 79 Harnden. P. C 475 Harnemson, D. K 400 Harney. E. G 531 Harnisch. M. A . 138, 373, 481, 531 Harnish, W. E 478 Harno. A. J 27. 36. 455 Harper. B 79. 339. 408. 546 Harriman. Carolyn M 79, 378. 381 549. 557. 563 Harrington. C J 400 Harrington, D 380, 459 Pagf sS. 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KALAMAZOO VEGETABLE PARCHMENT COMPANY Ruled Paper Division PARCHMENT MICHIGAN Page sSj wj y I Ulo c unjd:ezri u. Index of Persons and Books — Continued Harrington. Josephine K . 79, 405 M5, 511 Harris, Barbara J . . 135, 17t, 290 340, 370, 499, 539 Harris, J. F 154 Harris, J. O 334 Harris. W. E 145 Harrison. Geneva 79 Harrison. H. Jane 503 Harrison. R. M 137. 178 325, 370, 438 Harrold, H. L 79 Harrold, J. F 152 Harroun. R. E 79, 439, 544 Harl, C. E 399 Hart, H. G 531 Hart, Jane C 79, 558 Hart. L. M 474 Hart. Ruth 498 Hartleb, H. H 145, 155, 318 Hartley. M. C 538 Hartman, H. C 331 Hartman, H. C 137, 330, 457 Hartman, M. D 390 Hartranft, W 471 Hartsook, J. H 404 Hartung. E. C 421 Harvey, Gwendolyn T .45, 79, 345 370, 499, 564 Harvev, Janice R 79, 526, 556 Harwi, Lucy E 502 Ilarwood, W. L 487, 545 llasfurther. W. A 79, 466 lla,.ki-ll, P. B 422 llaskins, A. R 455 Haslani, Winifred M 80, 323 410, 496, 410, 565 Hassenhusch, Dorothy I 510 Hasterlik, W. B 463 Hasting, G. M 80 Hasting, M. L 136, 334 362, 372 Hatch, Charlotte A 410 Hatch, J. J 457 Hatch. L. R 444 Hathaway. C. M 324, 400, 436 Hatlberg,R. E 422 Hatton, Betty .135, 356, 282. 336 362, 404, 499, 570 Hauherg, Catherine 381 Ilaupl. Martha M 525 Hauser, M. F 448 HauBcr. M. H 448 Hauler. K. S 563 Havens, C. S 36 Havens. Ruth E 80, 507 Haverstick, B. R 80, 418 Haverstock, R. T 154 HavHk, A. W 80 Hawkins, R.J 46. 80. 176, 314 320, 338, 380. 540 Hawley. C. P 316, 420, 531 Haworlh, Edith L 381 Hawtaw. Dorothy M 292, 295 Hayes. B. W 206 Haves, Elizabeth V 294 Hayes, E. R 210, 261 398, 459, 535 Hayes, J. M 417, 450 Hayes, Maurine L 554 Hayes, W.P 157 Haynes, W. G 369. 421 Haynie, Ehzabeth 44. 80, 360 512, 539 Haynie. R. B 447 HavB, L. K 377 Hays, R. W 321, 432 Hayward, H. N.407, 488, 536, 541 Hazellon. H. A 531, 534 Hazlett. Olive C 157, 538 Healev. J. J 80, 380 Hcalev, P. E 545 Heanev, W. J 80 Heaps. W. B 80, 457 Healer. E. F 536 Heath, R. P 431 Herbert, Louise i ' . . . .317 Heckler, F. W •, .V 468 Heckman. H. W. 419 Hedblomb. C. A 154 Hedges. E. G 427 Hedlev. Esther V 381 Hedlund, Beatrice I, 80. 503 Hedtke. W. A 210. 477 Hegpie, R.J 409, 456 lUher, J. W 425 lleirkc. R. H 531 llcidcman, W. A 399 Heidcn, J. H 377, 477 Heidhues. Louise H 322, 503 Heidrick, G. W 409, 421 Heigel. Lois 500 Heil, Kathryn E 504 Heimbaugh, J. D 531 Hein, D. O 136, 362. 482 Heinrich. Gladys L 524 Heinrich. J. F 458 Heinta. E. L 153 Heinz, Evelyn H 80, 288. 289 299, 300. 301, 546 lleinzelman, Edith 135, 282, 286 370, 498. 539 Helander. Bertha A 556 Helbing, A. T 420 Helfrick, C. K. Jr 80. 464 Helfrick, Mathilde T. .80, 292, 556 Hellander, A 370 Heller, C. H 80 Hellniich, E. J 400. 429 Hellmich, H. A 178, 210. 228 232, 236, 244, 370, 420 Hellmich, W. F 80, 429 Helm, M. S 81, 407, 536 Helmrath, N. K 395 Helmreich, T. A 411 Helmreich, T. C 380 Helstroni. Jeanette 506 Helwig, A. E 487 Helwig. J. H 487 Henderson, Catherine A 531 Henderson. Dorothy L. ..... . .504 Henderson. E. H 456 Henderson. J. R 81, 407, 468 548, 562 Henderson, M 546 Henderson, Margaret 381, 502 Henderson, M. Lois 508 Henderson, R 345. 346 Henderson, W. W 81, 347. 545 Hendricks, F, D 81, 439 Hendricks, J 467 Heniken, Marian, E 514 Henley, Mary C 135, 136, 282 286, 362, 497 Henriot. Mildred L 561 Henry, Ada D 81, 341. 378 381, 525, 557 Henry, Helen I 81, 378. 558 Henry, H. K 425. 531 Henry, T. A 211, 316. 457 Henry, Thelma A 81 Henson, C. W 81, 401 Henwood, S. E 334 Hepburn, Elizabeth J 381 513, 524 Hepner. Charlotte A 317, 507 Herlocker, R. D 547 Herman, Mary .524 Herman, M. G 531 Hermes, D. F 475 Herr. B. D 145 Herrick, H 427 Herrick, Mary B 81, 496 Herring, Sybil F 325, 554 Herron, Dorothy A 81. 286 370, 509 Herron, E. L 317, 427 Herron, H 490 Herron, Joan 496 Hershberg, Dorothy 44. 81 361, 556 Hershey. A. E 157 Hershey. N. J 153 Hershinan, S 323, 474 Herts, C. L 81, 464, 557. 560 Hertz, W. S 464, 560 Hertzberg, L. J 463 Herzberg, E. F 341 Hess, B. M 407 Hess, F. L., Jr 420 Hess, G. A 417 Hess, J. H 153 Hess, M. E 547 Hesselscbwerdt, Catherine 410 500 Hester, W. T 380 Hettler. Ruth H 516 Hetzner. H. P 377. 490 Heubach, H. G 136, 137. 362 397, 401, 459 Heuer, H. J 81, 395, 401 417, 488, 565 Heuerman. E. O 469 Hewitt, Clara A 296 Hewitt, F. E 210. 259 263, 423 Hewitt, G. B 81, 418 Hewitt, Mary A 497 Hewitt, Winifred H 81 Hey. D. E 457 lleydecker. R.J 81 Heyer, Lois E 294, 410 Hexton, C. S 446 Hexton, J. S 446 Hick. F. K 152 Hlckey. R. J 437 Hickman. F 152 Hickman, Helen H 82,500 Hickman. M. M 331. 334. 337. 399 Hickox. Jeannette L 321. 502 Hicks. D. P 399, 431 Hicks, H. P 408, 546 Hieronvmus, R. C. . 377, 378, 464 Hieser. I. W 425, 452 Higgcnhothem, W. H 451 Highberg. G. M 82 Highsmith, L. S 335, 437 Hiles, F. R 421 Hllgenberg, J. F 531 Hill, B. H 157. 531 Hill. D. A 321 Hill. Dorothy J 517 Hill. E 456 Hill, H.. Jr 433 Hill. Mary M 496 Hill, U. T 82. 547 Hill, Virginia M 317, 507, 539 Hillebrand, H. N 344 Hllliard. Francis M 82, 432 Hllliard. Frank M 531 Hilliard. G. I 424 HilligoBs. Eileen E 525 Hilllgoss. R. L 465 Hills. Martha C 508 Hilton. G. R 547, 556 Hinielhlau, Lucille C 510 Hinckley. Helen E 404, 525 Hindman, Virginia 499 Hine, Maude M 47 Hlnes, N. W 210, 259, 448 Hlnkel, E. T 82, 437, 547 Hlnkley, Helen E 82 Hlnman, C. W 426 Hlnshaw. W. W 82. 565 Hlnton. M. F 82, 546 Hipp, U 422 Hire, L. G 448 Hires. N 263 Hirsh, HelenA 524 HirBch, H. B 463 llirsch, L. R 449 llirsh. Mildred H 510 Hlrschthal. Ellis P 317 Hlrschthal. E. Phillip 463 Hitchcock. R 399 Hitchcock, Isabelle M 561 Hjortland, A. I 157. 423, 537 HIadlk, R. V 456 HIava. M. E 82, 338. 410. 552 Hobart, M. H 152 Hobllt. F. D 444 Hoblit, J. A 82. 444 Hockenves. G 490 Hodal. R.J 473 Hodge. Alice V 502 Hodge. J. R 82, 261 Hodge, J. M 444 llodgen. Mildred A 514 llotlges. Lenora M 145 llodglns, W. S 457 Hodgson. Helen B 381 Hodson. Ruth E 507. 524. 565 Hoebel. D. S 82. 178. 314 367. 370. 417. 446 Hoefer, W. W 380. 454 Hoeft, J. A 210, 217, 222. 470 Hoelscher. W. F 443 Hoelscher. R. P 407, 436 Hoersch, V. A 157 Hoerter. W. W 431 Hoese. W. T 457 Hofer, J. W 464 HolTerber, R. P 443 Hoffman, Audrey, A 526 Hoffman, Beatrice 521 Hoffman, H. A 421 Hoffman, L. E 211, 456. 547 HofTman, R. A 531. 534 Hoffman, R. F 136. 324, 362 398. 445. 558 Hoffman, T. Q 454 Hoffman. W. P 457 Hofhcnke. P. T 437, 547 Hoga, D. W 420 Hogan, Winifred N 82 Hobeise, W. F 157. 482, 545 Hohenadel, J. F 335 Hohengarten, Helen M 82 513. 552 Hoke, S. F 380 llolcomb. E. A 82, 380, 462, 564 Holden, Ruby M 82 Holder, J. D 421 Holdswortb, F. J 473 Holicky, Mildred M 83. 503 Holland, Eleanor W 555 Holland, J 409 Holland, R. R 398 Hollenbeck. F. D 545 Hollender, A. L 315, 380, 540 Holler. H. A 472 Hollingsworth. E. R 236 Holloway, Marlon . 44. 83. 360 516, 549, 555, 299 Holman, C. F 468 Holmes, Catherine R 509 Holmes, D. F 156 Holmes. R. M 378, 560 Holoffe. C. P 154 Holslnger, W. W 399 Hoist. W. H 537 Holsteln, A. G. Jr 83, 331, 332, 370 396, 399, 417, 444 Holstein, J. H 83, 396, 444, 544 Holstin. M. L 155 Holt. C. H 322, 427 Holt. H. W 486 Holt, H. D 427 Holty, J. G 454 Holzer. J. M 444 Homann. Ehzabeth 135. 320 370, 499 Homecoming 336 Home Economics Club 554 Honeywell. C. W 531 Honorary and Professional Fraternities 529 Honors 403 Hood, Florence M 512 Hook, D. L 155 Hooker. Kathryn L 525 Hookham. F. H 83 Hooper, F. S., Jr 438 Hooper. G. B 438 Hope. J. W 136. 363, 370 395, 399, 448 Hopkins, B. S 156, 157, 423, 437 Hopkins, Dorothy 321,502 Hopkins, L. S 443 Hopkins, Marjorie R 20 Hopkins, T. R 83, 459 Hopkinson. H. R 418 Hopper. Zelraa V 524 Horash, E. R 83. 470 Horch, G. A 179, 370, 477, 533 Horn, H. W 424 Hornby. F. J 445 Hornby, G.G 445 Hornby, W. R 83. 428 Home. W. H 156. 157 Horner, Frances M . .316, 370. 507 Horner, H. H 21 Horney, H. W 83 Horowitz. W. M 83, 366, 407 483, 541, 553 Horrall, R. E 83, 396, 460 Horsfall, (Mrs.) M. A 157 Horslev. R 179. 210. 370 Huff. G. A 32, 36. 204, 205 206, 420, 535, 545 Huff. P. D 532 Horslev, R.E 420 Hosford, W. F 548 Hoskins, Adele J 322, 524 Hostetter. Marie M 507 Hotchkiss, L. B 419 Hottes, A. C 407, 488, 481 Hottes. C. F 157, 434, 556, 557 Houcek, Jewel E 322. 503 Houdek, J. F 547 Hough, Alice E . .83, 290, 295, 501 Houghton, A. V 473 Houghton, E. E 83, 210, 258 408, 448, 546 Houndt, G. F 471 Hounsley, Mary M 518 Houpert. Jean Ai 556 House. R. B 434 Houser. M. F 316 Houser, A. M. Mrs 332 Howald, E. T 556 Howard, E. N 427 Howard, F. C 156, 437 Howard. W. V 157 Howatt, G. M 469 Howe. Eleanor G 294, 554 Howe. Helen E 497 Howell. G. O 400 Howell. Irene M 83, 549 Howell. Kathaleen M 83 Howell. W. C 430 Howell. W. H 448 Howev, P. E 83, 408, 438, 546 Uowk, J. H 456 Page 584 mjey I LLio of. inshznJ)jL ACDX Dental X-Ray Unit — You will need one in your new office I.oaik ' i ' s ill the dciitMl ])nilVssiini have tlioir ciwii x-ray units. Tliov timl that iiiaUinsthcirinvn rad- iographs enal)les tliem to si cnd t heirt ime more jirof- itably and speeds their | work with greater etti- ciency anil accuracy. The fact tliat many of these ' leatlers liave chosen the CDX Dental X-Ray Unit evi- dences its su])erioritv. The CDX Dental X-Ray Unit hangs susjiended from the wall. It is lOO ' i, electrically safe. Vou and your jiatient can touch the CDX while in operation without any danger of shock. And owning a CDX is not an exjjense. A liberal monthly payment plan will enable you to pay each monthly installment from the revenues derived and still have a profit. In starting out you cannot afford to be without this important tool of your ])rofession. Write for full information Dental Department GENERAL ' _ ELECTMC X ' RAY COKPOKATION 20 1 2 Jackson Boulevard FORMERLY Victor ' i Chicago.llL.U.S.A. X-RAY CORPORATION BUSEY ' S STATE BANK Established 1868 Capital $100,000.00 GENERAL BANKING SAVINGS ACCOUNTS SECURITIES . TIME CERTIFICATES SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES Collections Given Prompt Attention Sixty-four Years of Successful Banking URBANA, ILLINOIS CONOVER PIANOS JK Music lovers find in J f the Artistic Conover hidden treasures of tone and responsiveness that its beauty of design can only suggest. It is this perfecting of the whole instru- ment that marks the Conover as one of the truly great pianos of today. CABLE Piano Company Home of the Celehraled Mason Hamlin 310 N. Hickory Champaign 301 S. Wabash Chicago TELEPHONE ME OFTEN! Mothers like to hear the voices of their sons and daughters away in college. That ' s why wise mothers make arrangements for frequent telephone calls. Out-of- town calls are easy to make, only take a minute, and the cost is always moderate — besides, a tele- phone call is the most enjoyable method of communication. Illinois Bell Telephone Company Page sSs imy Lujo c£ Wirvdjejui uL Index of Persons and Books — Continued Howland R. S 376. 377 378, 549. 560 Hoy. D 456, 532 Hoy. Mary L 84. 515 Hoyle, Hazel M 135. 290. 549. 555 Hubbard. A. F 407. 541 Hubbard. Ruth 325, 370. 554 Hubbs. Emma R 295. 531 Hubka. Merle E 84. 404 Huck. J. J 84. 400. 548. 562 Hurkell. Rulh F 502 Huckinn. Clarabeth 292 Hudelflon, P. M 44. 45. 84. 346 360. 368. 459 Hudelann. R. R 157 lIudBon. H. P 317 Hudnon. V. T 423 Huebener. F. W 399, 477 Hueclin. Marie H 508 Huegy. H. W 564 Huelson. W. A 157 Huelster. Laura J 546 Huette. C. L 537 Huev. Caroline B 503 Huff. G. A 210 Huir. Virginia B 501 Huffman. J. F 153 HufTman. L. M 426 Hughes. Betty L 84. 338. 345. 366 410, 495, 500, 565 Hughes, C. E 238, 424 Hughes. F. H 469 Hughes. G 437 Hughes. L 404 Hughes. Sara M 84, 404. 498 Huie. Ida M 294. 549 Hulick. C. O 377. 378 Huh. B. E 451 Humiston. C. E 154 Humm. Madelene E 511 Hummel, F. D 460 Humiihreys. S. W 428 Hunsaker, R. L 438 Hunt, M 428 Hunter. F. V 418 Hunter, M. H 470 Hunter. K. E 429 Hunter, Ruth E 503. 525 Huntington. W. C 157, 407, 427 Huntoon. H. K 132 Hurd. Esther W 84. 525 Hurn. Lucille 47. 84. 175. 330 370. 508. 53 ' ». 282 Hursh. R. K 157, 434, 437, 541 Hurt. B. R 409 Hurt. Mary L 84. 561 Hurt, R. B 84 Hurwitz. H. H 480 Huser. Mildred L 146 Huson. W. W ,380 Hussey. R. E 395. .398. 479 Huston. A. D 347, 469. 545 Hutehinson. W. A 153 Hutchison, A. C 419 Hutler, A. A 463 Hutton. J. R 427 Hutton. R. B 171. 312 370. 417. 433 Huxtal.le. Kathrvn W 317. 501 Hyde. G. H 84. 370. 433 Hyde. R.J 472 Hyink, ClifTord E 210. 456 Hyndnian, H. L 322, 400 Hyson. F. E 84. 447 Hyzer, W. C . . .321, 395. 400, 475 lagmin, A. P 531 Iber, H. M 423. 544 Ulini B,mr,l „f Control 312 mini hlvinu Club 554 T ie mini PubliMnn Compnny Ui Ulini Tlieatfr Guild 344 Illinois A riiullurist. The 325 Illinois Union 331 Illio. Thr 31$ Illus 435 Imle, A. R 316 Imming. C. A 84, 395. .398 InilependenI Council 3.34 Infantry .188 Ingalls. H. B 376. 438 Ingersoll. R. C 8 t. 135 Ingham. Ruth H 195 Ingles. J, S 84. .562 lnski[ . i R .395. 401. 481 Inter-Literary Council 555 Intramural 269 Inwood. H. N 84. 466 Ireland. Alice L 85, 507 Ireland, C. H 419 Ireland. Eleanore T 47 Ireland. J. F 419 Ireneus. C 152 Irish. H. E 153 Irish. Rosemary J 295. 506 Irland. J. E 450 Irons. E. P 423 Irrmann. Marion G 85. 507 Irwin. Mary J 554 Irwin. R. R 452 Isherwood. Marie E 507 Isley, Marilyn 322 lungerich, Dorothy L 85 lyerson, Harriet M 85, 511, 539 Jackman. Mary E , . . . 45, 368, 524 Jackson. . O 156 Jackson. CO 535 Jackson, D. F 454 Jackson, G. C 85 Jackson. H. G 322 Jackson. L 381 Jackson. T. H. Jr 429 Jacobs. C. H 447 Jacobs, H 483 Jacobs. Helen R 85. 295. 549 Jacobs. Mamie 85, 524 Jacobs, W 85, 370. 465 Jacobs. W. B 8.5, 152, 464. 540 Jacobson. Lillian 495. 521 Jacobson, L. G .321. 484 Jacobson, Margaret E ,47. 85. 181 282. 286. 336, 341 345. 367, 370. 521 558. 564 Jacobson. R. D. 380, 409. 473. 477 Jacoby, A. L 547 Jacokes, C. A 157. 538 Jaeckel. P. H 468 Jaeger, Lillian B 501, 553. 556 James. Mary F 136. 362 516. 555. 557 James. Nancy A 504 James. S. L 387. 401 Jamesonian Literary Society . . . 555 Janis, Geraldine H . . 523 Jansen, E 468 Jared, Mildred J 549 Jared. Milfreida L 549 Jasper. Eileen A 381, 549 447. 563 Jarl, E. L 435 Jeck. Maryin O 397, 456 Jedlicka. J. L 562 Jefferson. B. L 456 Jcffery, S. J 85 Jeisy. Aileen M 554 Jenison. Ernestine K 515 Jenkins. II. W 409. 450 Jenks. B. H 474 Jennings. A. R 85 Jensen. I. G 470 Jensen. L. N 484 Jensen. S. C 259 Jepson. Olive M 523 Jerald, Mary 500, 5.39 Jester, H. J 465 Jochen. E. F 380 Jockish. Bernice 370 Johansson. A 85. 398. 547 Johnson. A. L 331. 334 363. 396. 401 Johnson. A. R 136 Johnson. Barbara A 85, 496 John. Christabel B 85 Johnson. Dorothy E 85 Johnson. D. C 419 Johnson. E. N 4.59 Johnson. E. S 177. 319, 370 389, 398. 531. 533 Johnson. E. W 469. 548 Johnson. Eileen E 523 Johnson. Eyelyn P 86. 495 507. 539 Johnson. Frances M 86. 290 Johnson. F. T 468. 560 Johnson. H. A 380. 433, 557 Johns.. n. Helen L 410 Johnson. 11. N 553 J. hnson. 11. R 86, 421 J. hnson. I. ne M 546 J. A 236 Johnson. J. II 154 Johns., n. J. R 153 Johns. n. Jeanette S 523 J. K. A 380 Johns.,n, K.J 438. 478 Johns.m. M. Aileen 526. 554. 561 Johns. n. Marian R 86 Johnson, Marie F 410 Johnson, Marjorie A 86, 506 Johnsim, Oliye E 294 Johnson. R. A 432 Johnson, R. H 428, 544 Johnson. S. E 554 Johnson. Thelma G 499, 524 Johnson. Thelma J 86 J.)hnson. Violet I 508 Johnson. Virginia E 285, 340 496. 503. 539 Jo hnson, W. A 450. 563 Johnson, W. E 470 Johnson. W. J 419 Johnson. W. W 422 Johnston. Betty. D 497 Johnston, Dorothy E 499 Johnston, H. A 377, 468, 545, Jean 47. 86. 175. 282 332. 336. 370 404, 502, 539 Johnston, Marie F 499 Johnston. N. C 560 Johnston. P. E 157 Johnston. R. C 457 Johnston. R. J 443 Johnston. Ruth C 495 Johnstone. II. F 157. 428. 437 Johnstone. J. R 436 Jokish. Bernice 320, 501 Joleen. Reece E 523 Jollev. P. L 432 Jonelis. F. J 485 Jones. A. II 86. 432 Jones. Anne P 411 Jones. Ardell C 395, 401, 531 Jones, B. M 450 Jones. E. M 419 Jones. G. E 156, 464 Jones. Jean J 86, 481 J. nes. J. C 462 Jones. Margaret W 496 Jones, M. C 337. 409. 462. 565 Jones. N. P 331, 370, 442, 544 Jones, P. D 237 Jones, R. A 109 Jones. R. B 86. 481 Jones. R. D 426, 457, 468. 545 Jones, R. E 86, 462, 548, 562 Jones. R. Kathryn 381 Jones. .S. O 455 Jones. Virginia M 86, 506 Jones. Willard E 418 Jones. Williatn E 448 Jones. W. P 400, 407, 411 Jordan. G. L 157 Jordan. H. II 407. 436. 541 Jordan. J. J 210, 248, 251, 535 Jordan. J. P 409 Jordan. R. E 431 Jorgensen A. N 407 J.jseph. H. B 463 Joseph. II. S 346, 370, 417, 463 J. aeph, J. P 534 Joshel. L. M 321, 409, 463 Josi. B. B 86, 335, 467 Joslum, J 86, 476 Jost. C. F 477 Jourdan. M. M 86 Journalism Council 338 Joyce. J. P 429 Jiidah. L. N 480 Jiidv. W. 11 409 Jukkola. E. E 156 Junge. Annabel F 505 Junior Prom 363 Junis. J. (; 469 Junkins. J. H 485 Jnrcgns. R. E 545. 555 Jurjeyich. Maud 87, 288, 525 Jurjpvich. S. T 5.31 Jury. Claette G 524 Jiitt.,11. Emma R 505 Ji.tton. Lela 87, 499 K Kaar, Frances L. Kabbles, Mary A 87 Kaczmarek, E. A 471 Kaddoo, R 467 Kaden, R. D 524 Kadow. K.J 157 Kadyk. Mildred J 135, 288 300, 370, 518 Kagen, L. A 458 Kahn, Marguerite L . .510 K aiser. Helen L 146 Kaiser. Luella B 563 Kalb. E. W 453 Kalde. H. I 87. 548 Kahs. Anita 87. 378. 524 549. 557. 563 Kalish. J. E 483 Kalsow. N. W 146 Kaniar, Bernice A 524 Kaniarit. Henrietta L 87 Kamien, I. A.. Jr 449 Kaminski, P. J 409 Kamm. A. C 228, 232, 440 Kamni. A. J 440 Kammerer, R. C 87, 377 Kanimer, D. M . .534 Kan. M. H 146 Kanaga. L. W 182, 315 370. 469, 540 Kanberg, G. L 45, 425 Kane, T. E 87, 507 Kann. E. H 321, 468, 531 Kanter. Margie 292. 520 Kaplan. Hvman H 260, 463 Kaplow, M 458 Kappa Alpha Theta 496 Kappa Delta 518 Kappa Delta Pi 405 Kappa Delta Hho 465 Kappa Kappa Gamma 498 Kappa Phi Sigma 556 Kappa Psi 155 Kappa Sifima 420 Kappa Tau Alpha 410 Kopple. V. II 563 Karczewski. H. A 316 Karloyich, J 399 Karrenbrock, W. E 534 Karnes, W. G 46. 87. 318 330, 370, 406, 424 490, 531. 533 Karph, O 146 Karraker. G. W. (Mrs.) 332 Karraker. O. M 20, 21 Karraker, W. M 44, 87, 334 360, 395, 398 Karrel, A. L 87 Karstans. H. G 435 Kasch. Emily D 505 Kasch, F. W 470 Kasch, N. E 44, 45, 87, 334 360, 368, 380 Katek, C 411 Katt, A. A 380 Katt. A. J 474 Kaufman, I. W 474 Kaufman. M. L 463 Kaufman. Viyian G 558 Kausal. J. F 481 Kaval. Q. R 531 Kayana. Evadna 524 Kavanaugh. C. H 441 Kean. Helen 497 Kearby. K. K 156, 547 Kearns. C. W 455 Kearns. J.T 237, 430 Keating. T. F 553 Keck. G. E 373, 468, 545 Keene. K. E 87, 531 Keener. C. A . 157, 407, 536, 541 Keeper. W. E 339 Keet.jn. R. W 153 Kehoe. L. F 536, 541 Keiffer. D. C 438 Keilholz. F.J 438, 540 Keiser, F. I 450 Keiser. Jeannette C. .381, 525, 549 Keith. Eleanor 497 Keith. G. S 563 Keith. W. P 446 Keller, Ernestine B 87, 500 Kellerman, H. A 176. 229. 230 370, .397. 398. 453 Kelley, Grace 295. 516, 555 Kelley, Mary R 87. 347, 516 554, 555, 556 Kelley. Olive P 138. 373, 516 Kellev, V. W 157, 546 Kelley. Corneliz P 500 Kellev. L. J 471. 556 Eilleen B 381, 523 Kemp, Harris A 346, 422 Pase sS6 ylvey iiuo Cf- WifusiezrLJu- " Annuals on Parade " If the thousands of annuals pubUshed by universities all over the country during the past eight years were assembled all in one place, you would find a very definite majority of them parading in Molloy Made Covers. And the Illio would not be far behind, because, during the past eight years eight copies of the Illio have carried covers made by the David J. Molloy Company or its affiliate, The S. K. Smith Company. Now that the two organizations are com- bined under one roof, it can safely be said that there has been no break in the continuity of service to the Illio staff during the past eight j ears. A flexible organization, prepared to serve any annual staff in con- nection with the development of an unusual cover, regardless of the financial problem which that staff might face from the stand- point of budget, regardless of the art theme which that staff may have in mind, is prepared to work for you. Complete information and data will be furnished on request, and your cover problem will receive the personal attention of a man who has spent more years in creating and producing annual covers than any other man in the country. A. A. LUBERSKY Vice-President Sales Manager THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois Page sS? mj y I ILio c£ WineijejerLjD: Index of Persons and Books — Continued Kenipston, A 475 Kenipston. J. R 87, 436. 531 Kendall, Bettv J 88. 323 505. 553 Kendall, Raena A 88, 516, 555 Kendrick, J. W 456 Kendrick, J. S 563 Kennedv, Carl M 88, 365, 393 395, 401, 547 Kennedy, Caroline G 557 Kennedy, E. C 457 Kennedv. G. C 456 Kennedv, H. F 438 Kennedy, J. H 210, 431 Kennedy, J. W 432 Kennedv. Mary L 500 Kennedv. Sunny 295, 500 Kennedv. T. B 441 Kennett. T. C 450 Kennedy. H. E 210, 258, 535 Kennieoll, Mary J 496 Kennicott. R. M 237, 422 Kenninglon, Ruth E 525 Keno. H 461 Kensinger, F 478 Kent, N. C 448 Kenyon, Anne L 88, 513 Kephart. R. E 455 Keppner, Eleanor 512 Kerasotes. G. G 88. 490 Kerch, Barbara 295. .300 320, 370, 505 Kern, Lucille A 554 Kerns, A. F 447 Kerr, Dorothy L 321, 381 508. 524 Kerr, F. W 398 Ketcham, F. L 88, 466 Ketchum, M. S 22, 407, 541 Ketchuni, M.S.. Jr 450, 554 Ketchum, P. W 157 Keuhnert. M. L 425 Keui ink, Virginia M 498 Keyes, D. B 156, 157. 437 Keyea, J 153 Keys, S. M 88, 175. 312 367, 370, 417 418, 533, 533 Kiburz, A. J 399, 535 Kidder, Margaret 547 Kiedaisch. G. J 419 Kieding, H. E 250, 429 Kiler, C. A 332 Kiler, Eroilia 497, 547 Kiltz, W. R 401, 409 Kimball. P. W 490 Kincaid, Margaret L 88 Kincy, W 428 Kinder, J. F 156, 538 Kinderman, R 462 King, B. A., Jr 442, 565 King. E. E 407, 439, 562 King, Elizabeth W. . .321, 506, 550 King, Florence M 561 King, Kathaleen 88, 498 King, M. D 316, 370, 432 King, R. H 470 King, R. M 401, 465 Kingman, D. J . .88, 335, 398, 484 Kingsbury. H.N 488 Kinley. D 406, 424 Kinnaman, P. D 88 Kinne. W. S.. Jr 424, 563 Kinncar, R. W 423 Kinaey, U. G 334 Kinsey, W 88 , 424 Kinsinger, F. E 88 Kinzell. Lorraine D 295, 506 Kinzer. R. E 399 Kipp. Karlene M 554 Kirch. E. R 155 Kircher. Alice H 88. 496 Kirk, J. C 44, 361. 547 Kirk, J. P 180. 319 370, 422, 533 Kirk, M. L 395 Kirkland. Caroline 507 Kirkpatrick. D. E 238, 433 Kirkpalrick, E. M 411, 486 Kirkpatrick, J 377 Kirkpatrick, L 556 Kirkpatrick, Mable 88, 507 Xirkpitrick. Olive A 404 Kirley, F. T 455 Kinncr, C. E 88 Kisller. S. S 157, 464 Kitch, R. B 146, 553 Kitchcll. Velmal 563 Kittle, tt. E 563 Kitzinger, Angela M 546 Kivovttch, J 463 Kjell. C. G 404, 547 Klabunde, W 156 Klann. Margaret L 89 Klapperich. Marie V 517, 549 Klaivana. S. D 463 Klee. Eleanor W 44, 360, 517 Klehm. Margaret 518 Kleiderer. E. C 157 Klein. A. J 152 Klein. Beatrice R 524 Klepinger. J. F 346, 460, 564 Kleszewski. A. S 324, 447 Kline K. E 271, 452 Kllngel. Mary J 345 Klingelhofer, J. J. .44, 89, 360, 4-45 Klingner, Mary E. 511 Klockner, B 370 KI088, C. S 470 Klo89, L. P 470, 531 Kluge, B. E 423 Kluge. R. W 478 Knanighu. J 152 Knappenberger, T. G. .89, 331, 336 367, 370, 373, 421, 544 Knapple, W. H 421 Knauer, R. L 444 Knauf. A. E 156, 157 Kneiner, CM 464 Kniep. E. H 468 Knight. A. R 344, 440 488, 536, 541 Knight, Georgia A 531 Knight. Virginia H 563 Knight. W. A 236, 424, 536 Knipp. Barbara M 507. 556 Knipp. C. T. . . .157, 407, 536. 565 Knippel. Norma J 89, 524 KnowleB. Delores 525 Knudsen, W. N 153 KnudBon. R. 89, 372 Kobza, T. M 248 Koch. E. G 476 Koch. Elsa A 564 Koch. R. E 395, 401, 451 Koch, R. S 404 Kocour. O. F 89 Koehler, R. B 157. 443 Koehler, Jean E 496, 410 Koeller. Almira 525 Koenigsmark, H. C . . . 89, 531. 534 Kohn, B. B 463 Kohn. Martha L 510 Kohn, M. L 483 Kohner, M 458 Kokes, W. J 470 Kolb, P. C 44, 89, 360 417, 445 Kolben, G. A 395, 401, 453 Koller. Elizabeth 317 Koller. Ruth 89, 558 Konopasek. F. J.. Jr 475 Konopasek. M. W 440 Konzo. S 157. 407 Kopecky, Ruth V 89. 290 526, 555 Korinek. F. J 155 Korzen. J. M 453 Kosh. Patricia E 525 Kossuth. J. R 485 Kott. J. H 89, 261, 329. 365 386, 388, 396 417, 429, 535, 210 Koucky, J. D 153 Koval, E 334 Koval, F. V 45. 89, 370 472, 540 Kovanic. A. P 89 Kowalski, August J 210. 224 470. 531 Kozacik. A. P 89 Kozak. J. R. Jr 531 Kozma. Juliana 547 Kraehenbuehl, J. O. .157, 407, 428 Kraft. C. A 401 Kraft. I. H 89, 443 Kraft. J. L 89, 456, 531, 532 Kraft, M. E 146 Kraft. R. E 153 Krahl. G. H 431 Kramer. E. A 90. 444 Kramer. Margaret G 321, 501 Kramer, M. S 44. 90. 334 360, 531 Kramer, Ruth E 501 KramI, F. G 536 Krannert, V. L. .313, 437, 540, 545 Krase, N. W 156, 157. 334 Krass-Keatin. I. H 378 Kratz. A. P 157, 434, 562 Kratz. J. P 206 KrauB, A. R 432 KrauB. M 370. 540. 552 Krawitz. W 334. 400 Krebs. R. W 90. 156 380, 541. 547 Kreim. Evelyn L 504 Krenkel, J. H 90, 404. 405 Kriebel. Esther M 292. 497 KrisBman. M. W 490 Kriz, F. J 395. 453 Kriz. Vera R 381. 501 Kroeger, M. C 397, 399. 456 Kropp, R. B 421 Krough. Elva L 513 Krouse. G. N 157 KrouBe, M 480 Krows, Edna M 316 Kruger, F. H 90, 459, 563 Kruger. P. G 574 Kruggel. La Verne R 340. 150 Kruggel. L. E 399. 440 Krumdick. L. A 90 Kruse. H. S 45, 90, 323 366, 368. 396 400, 417, 451 Kruzic, J. F 90. 536 Kruzic. T. D 90, 547 Kubaiek, Blanche M . 47, 90. 178 288, 330. 370 Kubec. R 425 Kubitz. O. A 378. 560 Kubota. H. M 490 Kudo, R. R 157 Kuehn, O. R 460 Kuehnert, M. L 90 Kuhlman. A. F 452 Kuhn, L. B 461 Kuhn. Ruth J 316 Kuhn, W. J 155 Kujala, M. J 90, 531 Kummerow, Jane K 501. 539 Kunda, E. C 154 Kunev. J. B 454 Kuntz. F. B 90, 547 Kunz. J 157 Kurt. Helen B 90. 378 549, 557. 563 Kurtz. W. C 440 Kusz. Marian J 315. 335. 370 410. 504. 565 KutBch. W. J 420, 531 Kynoch, E. G 460 La Bahn, R. F 90 La Bond. Rose E .. . .294, 372, 554 Labrecque, V. J 490 Lahus. P. H 447 Lacher, R. B 456 Ladd, B. C 90, 432, 544 Lademan, E. W 340, 442 Ladigo, P. J 155 Ladwig. H. W 409 LalToon. C. R 434 Lafond. R. D 323 LaKaff, G. L 434 Lake, J. H 331, 370 425, 533. 544 Lake, Julia M 284. 317 369. 500 Lake. R. W 440 Lake, W. H 443. 531 Lakin, H. L 91 Lakin, J 45. 368 Lakin, S. H 334, 372. 547 Lamar, J. E 157 Lamb, A. C 440 Lambda Chi Alpha 453 LambroB. V. A 547 Lampert, Verla M 91. 499 Lamplough, C. E 138. 373 398. 473 Land. W. H 91 Landauer. M. R 463 Lander. D. S 426 Lander, H. W 435 Landis. P. N 124 Landmeier, V. O 91, 237, 438 Lane. Helen V 511 Lane, K 137, 451 Lane. R. E 91. 538 LanfhoSf, S. P 541 Lang, A. L 427 Lang, G. B 538 Lang, W. H 401, 448 Langdon. E. K 565 Langdon. Miriam L 508 Lange. Frances M 135, 290 404, 522 Langhoff, S. P 407 Langhorst. Goldie 294 Langman. R. S 91, 407, 541 Laning. Erma L 294 Laniphier. P. H 400 Lansford. W. M 157 Lanlerman, J. B 473 Lantz. Evelyn O 323, 556 Lapid. L. S 483 Lapin. Ruth L 521 Large. J. R 440 Larimer, J. R 409, 428 Larkin, L. C 153 LaRocca. R. P 467 LaRoi. G. H. Jr 482 Larsen. J. A 377 Larson, D. E 136, 363 Larson. B. Jane 513 Larson, C.J 229 Larson, D. E 479 Larson, E. P 468 Larson. E. M. Jr 470 Larson. L. M 473 Larson, R. W 547 Larson, R. F 407 Larson, T.E 547 LaSage. C. H 153 Laskow. M. R 400 Lathrop. G. E 487 Lato, Clara A 510 Latta, J. D 398 Latta, P 152 Lattuada, H. P 490 Latzner, T. F 409 Lau. K. K 490 Laughery. E. G 545 Laumer. J. R 531 Laurence, Evelyn M 322, 553 Lavicka. W. L 462 Law. G. C 210, 258, 535 Law, S. H 468 Lawder. H. L 154 Lawrence, F. H 152 Lawrence, W. S. Jr 462 Lawrence. W. K 456, 531 Law-son. B. C 546 Lawton, Isabella G . 322, 498, 539 Laxson, Dorothy M 295 Layman. N. H 216. 409, 422 Lazear, R. W 431 Lazio, C. J 91, 447 Leach, Mary 500 Leader, W 91 Leasure, A. D 91, 479 Leasure, Frances E 516 Leavitt, R. N 91 Le Cercle Francis 556 Leek. W. C 180, 210, 236 241, 370, 424. 533 Ledbetter, G. W 258, 443 Lee, C. W 91, 341 Lee. E. N 248 Lee. F. E. Jr 316, 424 Lee. H. Q 91, 562 Lee, S. C 146 Lee, W. 91. 377, 469 Lceper. C. K 457 Legg. G. A 321, 419 Leggett, J. R 487 Legrand. F 146, 556 Lehman. M. R 156 Lehmann. A. S 369, 432 Lehmann. E. W 157 Lehmann. Margaret L 294 Lehmann. S. L 432 Lehmpuhl. R. H 400, 429 Lehsten. A. R. von 453, 535 Lehwald, C. J 153 Lehwald. J. W 399, 531 Leidenheimer. J. L 401 Leighton. M. M 157 Leighton, W 473 Leisenring, G. K 91, 328. 386 390, 396. 399. 419 Leisenring, Mary J 317, 511 Leiserson, A 545 Leitch, Ruth E 91 Leiter, E. L 459 Leiter. O. C 410, 467, 540, 5S2 Leitner, W. H 447 Lejeck. E 265 Leline. J. A 531 Le Marr. J. D 229 Lemen. Orian G 381. 505 Lenike. Ellen B 44. 91, 288 298. 360 Lemon, R. G 152 Page sSS wuey I iJlo of. WindjejerLuui THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT PAYS THE LARGEST DIVIDENDS 48,000 American Cabinet owners say so. They chose wisely. FROM ONE ANVIL — TN his one-anvil blacksmith shop nearly a century ■ - ago, John Deere built the first successful steel plow. That was the beginning of the great John Deere organization which today comprises ten large factories, each specializing in the manufacture of implements and machinery which make up the John Deere full line of farm equipment. I ' or 97 years the ideals of the humble blacksmit h, whose vision, skill and industry contributed so largely toward the development of the middle west, have been preserved. The prestige that John Deere earned by building only high quality steel plows at his one anvil, today extends to every civilized country where farmers appreciate the e.xtra value of John Deere farm equipment. JOHN DEERE, Moline, Illinois u Those Who Know ' ' are photographed for the ILLIO hy WEBER on John Street Page sSq iJnJ y LUjo of. WindjejerujjL LemperiB, H. N 190 Lenipke. Ellen M 552 Lempke. L. C WT Lempke, Marjorie 29t. 556 Lenc. Hedvic 135. 282. 283 370. 501. 539 Lendrum. J. T 151 Le Neve. K. Virginia 381 Leninglon. E. E 207. 236. 237 243. 370, 469 Lenke. Margaret 299 Lentj. Blanche 92. 497 Leonard. Maria I 378, 410 497, 564 Leonard. Richard S 377, 455 Lepak. A. J 537 Lerner. Benjamin A .138. 373, 483 Lerner. G. P 400 Lescauski, Harriet L 146 Lescher. F. M 451. 553. 563 Leslie. E 395. 399. 484 Leslie. H. G 427 LeBsler. H. P 488, 558 Lessner, Anne 44, 92. 524 Leuschke, W. E 484 Leutwiler, Kalhryn 497 Leutwiler, O. A 157, 312. 331 407, 425, 562, 564 Leutwiler. R. W 409, 425 Levene. A. H 488 Levenson, J. C 317, 399 Leverenz. Gertrude A 526 Levi. Maxine 555 Levin. Dorothy R 92, 510 Levin, H 334, 337, 373 Levin. L.L 417, 461 Levin. Sylvia N 521 Levine. J 92. 261, 535 Levine. S 316 Levine. Vera C 524 Levings. katherine K 496 Levis. W. G 216, 432 Levitas, S 490 Levite. Gertrude 524 Levy. A. M 400 Lew. H 157. 538 Levy. Ruth A 521 Lewers. C. R 422 Lewin. S 463 Lewis, Alice M 510 Lewis, B.C. Jr 449 Lewis, Catherine G 92, 345 501, 546 Lewis. C. H 92 Lewis. H. L 531 Lewis. J. J 346. 463 Lewis. Julia E 510 Lewis. Julia M 92, 512. 556 Lewis, K. B 439 Lewis. K . E 1 53 Lewis. L. E 426 Lewis, Melha J 506 Lewie. M. A 417 Lewis. R. C 455 Lewis. R. O 444 Lewison. Dorothy J 295 Lewy. Maxine F 525 Libner. E. W 92 Library anil Lihrarv Schoot. The. 30 Li, Ching C 156 Liehtenstein, B. J 463 Liese, T. W 418 Lieherman. J. B 409. 480 Lieberman. 1. I 5.56 Lierman. Helen L 518. 551 Leirman. W. J 531 Liese. T. W 400 Lif - Saving CJub 295 Lifschultz. S. B 92. 474 Lifvendahl. R. A 153 Liljequist. Jeannette I. . . .505. 525 Linberg. R. A 424 Lind, K. N 469 Lindall. W. F 210. UO Lindas. Betty M 524 Lindas. Eva B 523 Lindberg. L. L 467 Lindcborg. R. G 537 Lindeman. Eleanor 526 Lindenmeyer. Dorothy I 518 Linder. H. R 462 Linder. W. W 453 Lindgren. C. L 535 Lindgren. J. M 156. 157. 210 211, 422. 137 Lindgrin. R. F 436 Lindley, T. A 359 Lind.iuist. W. E 407. .562 Lind(|uisf, Alice A 52.S Lindsay. I). H 377. 5.53. .56(1 Index of Persons and Books — Continued Lindsay. G.C 44.92,351 380, 476, 531 Lindsey. J. F 239.476 Lindsley. D. B 157. 424 Line. C. E 417. 466 Line. H. E 92,236, 239 241, 346, 370 452, 545, 210 Linehan. J. J 472 Lines. Helen C 512 Lingenfelder, W. E 459 Linnpan, Holany Society 557 Linton. W. E 444 Lipman. E. A 237 Lipman. H 474 Lipschult. R. L 146 Lipschullj. M. J 490 Lisenhv. Doris A 92, 523 Litherland. M. J 479 Litman. S 106 Litschel, F. Jr 345. 477, 549 Litt, H. D 45,92, 357 370, 417. 419 533, 544, 545 Littell. W.J 380. 400 Little. B. N 92, 512, 549, 554 Little, R.B 450 Little. R.M 92, 183.321 330. 333. 370 373. 417. 427. 544 Littler. M. D 93. 341. 380 405. 531. 534 Littleton. A. C 406, 470, 534 Lively, Edna D 93 Lizak. B. L 547 Lloyd. J. W 157, 408 Lloyd. R. W 181 Locke. J. F 538 Locke. S. C 261. 448 Locke. Virginia .340, 381. 511. 556 Lockling. W. B 139 Lockwood. W. W 153 Lodge. E. A 112 Lodge. Louise F 513 Loeb. Jeannette 521 Loeb. J. B., Jr 119 Loecher. Helen B 295. 551 Loeffler. Elizabeth F 195. 517 Logan. C.E 93.311. 338 370. 151. 510 Logan. J. M 144 Logan. T. M 396. 400. 418 Logli. J. H 490 Lohmann. K. B 432,563 Lokcv, Kathleen M 524 Lombardi, A. P 146 Long, A 490 Long. C. B 93, 562. 555 Long. C. S 420. 537 Long. D. A 93 Long. G.E 331. 372. 537 Long. H. D 236 Long. J. A 471 Long, L 93, 404, 405 Long. L.J 429 Long. Mary A 404, 496 Longerich. H. P 146 Lonpniire. F. E 452 Longworth. Janeva 500 Looniis. F. W 157 Looniis. Virginia M 411 Lopez. V. H 490 Lorenz. E. V 377.378 Lorenz. M . O 435 Loriiner. Lenore J 93. 522 Loring. Sarah H 525 Losee. G. W 443, 548 Lotzler, T. F 531 Louderback. H. B 93. 450 Loukota. Lillian E 517 Lounsbury. B. F 153 L inrie. Elinor 506 Love. M. M 486 Loveless. G. W 486 Loveless. Jeanette K 93 Lovellelle. J. T 459 Lovins. G. H .555 Low. F. n 473 Lowe. H.J 399. 120 Lowe. Margaret F 93. 381. 511 Lownian. June K 505 Lowrv. E. E 229 Lowrv. W. C Ill Lord: E. H. Jr 130 Lnbv. D. V 93. 139 Luce. W. M 157 Luckhanlt. Elizabeth M 521 Ludlow. 1). A .395 l.uedke. W. G 93 l.iikas. (;. E 125. 126. 531 I.i.kcs, R 517 Lnniniis, I. L 397. 156 Lund. Edythe E 136. 362 367. 511 Lund. J. H 380. 423 Lundahl, M. O 534 Lundgren, C. L 206. 210 247. 420 Lurie, Fannye M 93 Lusk, Esther L 93, 370 505, 554 Luther, E. C 93, 487 Luther, Mary Z 93. 381 523, 549. 558 Luther, R. H 94 Luthy, F. R 127 Lutton, A. V 94,417,434 Luttringhaus, H 157 Lyddon, D. W 94. 433 Lyddon, Ruth A 539. 564 Lvdv. C. M 481 Lverly, G. A 531 Lyman, F.P 155 Lyman, Helen L 322. 553 Lynch, T. P 331, 334, 490 Lynch, W. B 400 Lynge, M. J 94 Lvnge. R. T 94. 558 Lyon. Dorothy M 94, 405. 504 Lvon. K.C 407. 424 Lyons. Bernadine 509 Lyons, J. A 448 Lyons, R. T 455 Lyon, W. R 444 Lytle, E. B 157. 538 Ly tie, Edith 410, 500 Lzrsonk, E. M 380 M McAdams. H. H 462 McAdams. J. D. Jr 91. 162 McAfoos. J. M 122. 531 McAllister, W 131 McAllister. W. G 143 McAulev. M. Grace 94. 325 339. 370. 512 549. 555. 557 McBride, Elizabeth A 517 McBride. Gladys M 91, 295 McBride. M. L 471 McBride. O. L 94, 448 McBroom, R. C 185 McBurney. C. E. Jr " 91. 321 469. 563 McCabe. Dorothy G 45. 94 368. 512 McCabe, W. S 332 McCabe, W. T 94, 334, 531 McCall, J.A 405 McCann. M. A 531 McCannon. J. S 325. 481 McCarl. H. H 401 McCarthy J 317, 400, ISO McCarly, C. N 156 McCarty, L 479 McCaakill. Margaret J . . 340, 511 McCaskill, O. L 424. 426 McCauley, W. E 94. 399. 408 McChesney, J. E 469 McClain, Ruth G 317,373 505, 539. 519 McCleave, W 387. 395 397. 399. HI McClevey. A. M 118. 531 McCloskey. D. S 100. 553 McClure, H. E 94, 401 McClure, L. S 397 McClure. M. T 441 McCoard. A. P 459, 548 McColc. Dorothy F 509 McCollum. J. P 438 McConaha. J. N 118 McConnell. L. R 91. 105 U7, 123 McConnell. Monica J 292.509 McCord. Catherine 11 381 501. 561 McCord. C. H 317 McCorkle. C. G 121 McCormick, G. D 15 McCormick. G. W IS. 95. 358 McCormick. J. D 135.331 331. 353. 380 McCov, Florence W 95, 501 McCov.O. J 450 McCoy. R. H 156 McCrearv. M. Betty 513 McCreerv. Norma H 291 295, 347 McCristal. K. J 535, 546 McCroskev. R. P 470 McCue. Winifred A 95, 525 McCulloch. H. W.. Jr 322. 443 McCullough. J. W 95. 531. 534 McCurdv. Harry H 209 McDaniel.J 322. 421 McDaniel. P. H 153 McDavid. E. T 322. 323. 419 McDeed. Janet M 507 McDermith. H 258 McDonald. C. A 531, 534 MacDonald, D 422 McDonald. E. 1 468 McDonald, Elizabeth 507 McDonald. P. E 95. 417, 421 McDonaugh. Margaret R 509 McDonaugh, R. K 400 McDougal. B. S 377 McDougal. M. S 420, 426 McDowell, P. W 95, 377 440. 560 McElroy. J. W 146, 425 McEwen, K. W 334.537 McFarland. H. S 446 McGaughey, D. S 450 McGill. Helen T 128, 321, 373 381. 495. 522 McGlade. Charlotte A 322 504. 524 McGlatherv. W. R 445. 531 McGovran. E. R 157. 438 McGowan, J. R 476 McGowan, N. R I ' O McGrady. Margaret L 501 McGraw. Mildred L 95 MacGregor. Margaret 496, 292 McGrew. G.C 95 McGrew. S. C 373 McGuffin. M. S 95. 136 362. 357. 370 417. 475. 532 McGuigan. H. A 152 McGuigan. M. Jane 499 McGuire. D. E 537 McGuire. M. C 440 McHale. Julie 292.323 McHard. James A 380 Maclntire. H. J 468 Mclntire. Lajune F -513 Mcintosh. Bonnie 499 Mcintosh. J. F 400, 451 Mclnlvre. Mary A 135 McKean. J. J 335,464,531 McKee. B 452 McKee. Margery E .410, 498. 539 McKee. Mary E 9 - ' McKeehan. E 537 McKelvev. F. H 332 McKelvey, Mary F. . 95. 344, 345 500. 561, 564 McKenzie, J. P 468 McKinlev Fouiiflation 341 McKinlev Hall 526 McKinnev. Irene H 519, 555 McKinnev. R. S 420 McKinstrv. W. B 316. 428 McKnlght. P 425 McKnight, R. L 95,406 S31, 534. 564 McLaughlin, Alma A 381. 410 McLaughlin. J. K 409 Mac Lean. C 479 McLean. L. A 426 MacLean. W. P 373 McLinn. Winifred C 381 McMahon. E. T 447 McMahon. J. E 346, 462, 562 McMahan. J. W 534 McMichael. P. C 315,370 410, 450, 540 MacMillan. C. D 432 McMillan. D 370 McMillan. R. C 455 McMullen. W. E 488, 548 McNan.ara. R. A 441,544 McNeelev. II. R ' ' , 434 McNeil. J. J 46 McPherson. Ruth A 95, 381 Mclaggart. Bernlce K 95 McVaugh. M. Maxine 340. 499 McVey. E ] Mccono. E. B exiS? Macintire. H. J Sli ' 55; Mack. CD " -i Mack. G. II ,,A qq? Mackelden. L. C 334 " 363 Mackinson. Sarah M 553 Fflgf S90 I ik I ILio c£ Hcneieerujui ANOTHER ROGERS ' ANNUAL DISTINCTIVE There is something distinctive about a Rogers ' printed book. The clean cut ap- pearance of the cuts and type matter is the result of the skill and experience of 25 years of annual printing. We enjoy the patronage of high schools and colleges throughout the United States who want a distinctive book of the prize- winning class. Your specifications will receive our prompt and careful attention. ROGERS PRINTING COMPANY 307-309 First Street Dixon, Illinois 10 So. LaSalle Street Chicago, Illinois Page S9r mj I Ulo of. WineiejtrLUUi Index of Persons and Books — Continued Macomber, V. H 380 Macpher on, Julia 497 Macreff. A 96, 404. 556 Madden, Elizabeth R 317 505, 525 Madden. J. P 316, 430. 547 Mader, C. K 96. 548 Mader, S. C 436 Madison, D. M 369 Madison, J. N 428 Madsen. F. B 459 Madson. W. H 156 Maeshall. H. J 399 Magan, Mary J 509 Mager. II. S 96, 467 Magintire. Janet L 501 Magner. A. S 96. 472 Magner, O. S 417 Maguire. K. T 395, 401 Maguire. L 423 Maher. T. F 537 Mahnke. Lois 504 Mahnke. R. W 450 Major " I A " 301 Major " I A " 300 Makutenas, Ann M 295 Malan, S. F 96 Malandrone. Johanna 96,295 404 Malcolm. R. B 153 Maley, R. F 96, 344, 345 346, 370, 398 417, 455, 556 Malev, W. F 152 MaUnoskv. A. T 406, 534 Malkin, A 259, 263 Mallinson, Faye 294 Mallonee. Evelyn D 523 Malloy, Josephine R 509 Malmherg, J. M 428 Malinberg. R 237 Malo, A. H 335, 556 Malone, W.. Jr 341 Maloni. Olga L 525 Maloltke, H. H 96 Malow. Katherine 524 Malstroni. B. E 152 Mailer. B. T 461 Mamer. L. M 96, 554 Mandel, Gertrude 521 Mandeville, M. J 564 Mangold. Evelyn 525 Manion, R. R 562 Manley. Betty B 552 Manley, E. J 210. 259, 263 270, 447, 535 Manley, P 467 Mann, Clara M 146, 325, 554 Mann, J. E 316 419 Mann, V 136, 334, 363 Manning, D. J 96. 395 400, 547 Manock, Dorothy V 321, 502 Mansberger. Leota M 524 Mansfield, J. H 532 Manzke, A. H. yon 96, 475 Mapes, L. C 435 Marcer, F. R 380 Marek, Mary A 524 Marien, A. E 96. 346 f 426, 462 ' Jtau- Mark, Lorraine 521 Markworth, M. H 430 Marohn. J 425 Marquarcit. Philomena L 558 Marr, Jane E 135. 290, 336 ■ Wv 338, 410. 495 ' .,: 508,539,552 Marr, Lillian 515 Marriott, G. G 531 Marsch. N., Jr 471 Mareball. C. W 469 Marshall. E. E 436 Mi-i.hall. F. T 377, 378 Marfihall. Lorraine R 526 Marshall. M. W 176. 370, 424 Marshall, R. D 316, 446 Marsh, R. S 157 Marsh, Ruth M 378 Marshall, Sarah R 525 Marshall, W. D 96, 454, 563 Alarlig, R. R 419 Martin, G, L 316, 419 Martin. C. P 96 . Martin, H. V 380 MaTfin, l E. 155 Martin, L. W " . ■. .j, 153 Martin, Mary E. .-. . 322 Martin, Mafy J 96, 516 549, 553, 555 Marin,, R ' 264, 426, 471 ' Martin, Ruth M. . . .496 564 Martin, J . 44 136 345 360 363 401 535 536 Martin, W. T 453 .538 Martinitz. K. F 473 Martinson, P. A. . . , . 96 470 547 Marvel, C. S 156 157 437 537 Masek, A 248 Masek, Dorothy J . . 523 Masiofcus. Frances L 285 525 558 Mask anil Bauble. . . 345 Mason, A. H ..... . 208 Mason. L. L 545 Mason, W. E 250 409 442 Massey, Naomi W. . 411 Mast, Alice D .45. 97 368 500 554 561 Mast, C. L. Jr . ,97 370 455 Mast, D. M 400 Mast, F. W 97 328 365, 386. 392 407. 429 5.53 Matella, J. V 97 490 534 48? Mathers, J. A .125, 408. 438 Mathesius, M, Lucile 286 507 Mathew. D. W 454 Mathews. H. F 481 Mathews, Jane M. . 510 Mathis, J. E 419 Mathi8,J. H 154 Matson. F. R., Jr. . . 97, 407 417. 453 Matthews. A. G. . . . 387. 400 Matthews. Bonita C. 97 514 Matthews. Mary J. 498 Matthews. R. B. . . . 478 Matthias, W, N 399 400 .531 .534 Mattix, Lois, L . . . .554 Matuzeski. J. F . . . 1.56 Malz, M. W 97 483 Maurils, W. J 537 565 MauB, E. P 440 Ma-u ' aii ' da 46 Maxant. W. H 426 545 Maxwell. B. W 460 Maxwell. Virginia R. 97, 511 Maxwell. W, K . .. . 440 Mav. R. D 210, 222. 370 Mav. R.J 97. 408 Mayburv, R. A 324 Mavbury, R. J 429 Mayes. L. I 460, 545 Maver. M 370 Mavne. D. M 97, 367 400, 451 Mayne, Orrien R . . . . 97. 438 Mays, A. B 331, 335. 469 Mead, J. P .97, 422, .554 Mead, Marjorie M.. 500 Meadors, A. V .97, 481, 546 Meadors. H. C 97, 4«l Meadors, V. G 547 Medley. Esther V... 563 Meece, Leona B . . . . 531, 558 Meeker, R. W 97, 464 Meents, W. F 4.39 Megan. T. 1 216, 455 Meharrv. J. F 430 Meier. Grace 410 Meirken. H 238 Meislahn, Arnieta J. 504 Meislahn. CD 97, 448 Mell.ourn. Gladys E .98, 291 Melrher. E. R 474 Melody. P 239 Melton, E. W 400 Melville. D. B 462 Meiulelsohn. Maxine I 495 Meneelv. Doris A. . . 1.3 .5. 337 513. 553 Menke. W. J 1.52 Men ' s Glee Cluh 3S0 Menlz. Claradel A, . 373, 524 Mentz. Elizabeth R. 317 448 Mercer. M. B 380, 557 Merriam. Elizabeth. 292, 316, 496 Merrick, E. W 469 Merlz. E. T 156, 425 Mertz. L. K 468 Meskimen. D. M. . . . 323 Meswing. H. A 400 Metralf. C. L 157, 419 Metcalf. E. 11 419 Metcalf. J. G 560 Metcalf. R. I 175, 319 370, 453, 532 Metcalf, Ruth 498 Mettler, M 466 Metz, J. G 468 Metz, R. M 468 Mctzdorf. F. R 98. 447 Metzger. Florentia E 323. 410 Mavdrech. R. F 98, 473, 545 Mever. Bernadine H 98. 509 Meyer. Bernice L 44, 98, 361 Mever, B. H 449 Mever. C. E 156, 157 Mever, Clara R 513, 561 Meyer, D. M 98, 440 Meyer, Grace 299 Meyer, H. E 460, 396, 154 Meyer, K, A 20, 21 Meyer, T 490 Meyers, E. L 156, 157 Meyers, G 370 Meyers, M. B 474 Michael. Edna A 377, 378 Michaels, W. H 157 Michel, W. J 420 Michels. Lucretia M 509 Mick. C. E 408 Mickelson, A. M 440 Middleton, W, S 317, 420 Mieike, .Arthur W 98, 335, 347 370, 404, 409 417, 464, 545 Mies, Catherine F 554 Mies, Helen H 554 Mies, Mildred 98, 325 370, 554, 561 Mi-Hila Ball 372 Milan, H. L 395, 397 Milburne, C. V 450 Milens, C. A 98 Miles, A. P 98,430 Miles, G. W 395, 401 Miles, H. J 469, 538 Miles, K. W 44, 98 334, 372 Miles, R. H 378, 427, 549 Miley, F. R 331, 337, 443, 544 Mililary 3$3 Military- Ball 364 Milkwick, G. H 434 Miller, A. F 449 Miller. B. B 455 Miller. C. F 409, 531 Miller, C. H 211, 450 Miller, C. J 483 Miller. Clara M 98, 499 Miller. CM 422 Miller. D. L 547 Miller. Dorothy M 98. 518 Miller, D. T 438, 484 Miller, Evelyn M 508 Mdler, F. C 407 Miller, Florence E 45, 98 512, 553 Miller, Florence V. . .321, 377, 419 Miller, G. A 157, 538 Miller, Gail L 404 Miller, G. H., Jr 316, 400, 444 Miller, H. B 454 Miller, H. D 153 Miller, H. R 154 Miller, Inez 98, 366 380, 522, 549 Miller, I. R 399 Miller. J. E 420, 544 Miller. J. ; 424 Miller, J. J 454 Miller. J. P 553 Miller. J. W. Mrs 34I Miller, Kathryn E. .381, 410, 526 Miller, L. F 98 Miller, Louise 316, 507 Miller, L. P 395, 401, 488 Miller, Marguerite 290 Miller, Mary J. .295, 381, 526, 558 Miller. M. E 545 Miller, N 99 Miller, N. C 401 Miller, O. C 428 Miller, O. W 419 Miller, R. C 329. 386, 388 394, 396, 477, 547 Miller, R. F 99 Miller. R. H 340 Miller. Sonia M 99 Miller, T. L 562 Miller. W. W 546 Milles, G 154 Milligan. A. Isobel 517 Millis, S 99, 531 Mills, CO 232, 422 Mills, G. A 248, 255 Mills, K. W 476, 553 Mills, Helen L 99 Mills, M. B 155 Mills, Mary V 366 Mills, W. P 250, 452 Milsak, J. A 545 Mihini. V. G 157 Minard. E. E 399 Miner. T. G 380, 401 Mingle, R. B 468 Minier, Elsie 1 137, 320 370, 505, 558 Mink, B 370 Mink, H. E 261, 480 Minkus, L. D 490 Minor " I A " 299 Minsker, R. S 258, 434 Minstrel Show 354 Minter, P. E 459 Minton, A. M 400 Mirabella. J. F 44, 45, 99 183, 330. 334 360. 368. 490 Miramonti. F. M 489 Miskimen. W 179. 312 370, 419, 544 Missman, C. E 99, 476 Missner, I. L 474 Mitchell, D. R 157 Mitchell. D. S 99, 376, 377, 460 Mitchell, D. W 99, 377, 457 Mitchell. Eileen 295. .509 Mitchell. Eltamae E .99. .380. 381 Mitchell. 11. H 156, 157, 377 Mitchell. 11. W 377, 432 Mitchell. J. F 485 Mitchell. L. H 531 Mitchell. Vernette E 554 Mittelberg. Agnes A. . .99, 295, 554 Mnookin, 1. J 458 Moats. R. H 400 Moberlev. Jane 99 Mockenhaupt. J. B 99, 447 Moelmann. J. M 426 Moech. B. L 484 Moench, R. G 99. 175, 210 211, 370, 427, 533 Mohill. E. II 490 Mohlenbrock, W. D 154 Mohn, P. E 562 Mohr, C. O 157 Molden, Dellagene 99. 290 404, 513 Monk. Phyllis E 517, 549, 555 Monroe, W. S 157 Montgomery, AUegra C. . .512, 525 Montgomery, H. E 325 Moon. W. F 137, 331, 334 Moor, Julia L 525 Moore, Audrey A 381 Moore, Dorothy M 495 Moore, Elizabeth E 502 Moore, E. S 152 Moore, Esther E 381 Moore, G 445 Moore, G. E 538 Moore, Helen L 45, 99, 508 Moore, II. F 157, 407, 420 Moore. H. K 531 Moore. J. H 446 Moore, L. M 380 Moore. Mary W 44, 47, 100 361, 370, 507, 539 Moore, Mark B 562 Moore. Max B 380 Moore, P 490 Moore, R. M 316 Moore. V.E 100, 439 Moore. Z 370 Moorhead. D. D .322. 462. 531 Moorhead. J. E 398, 451 Moorman, E. L , 462 Moorman, Shirlie L 322, 511 Moormann. E. L 346. 400 Moran. P 340. 443, 556 Moretsky. B. H 458, 545 Morey, L 21, 36, 331 340, 464, 534 Morf, Paula K 404 Morgan. J. D 409 Morgan. Louis P 563 M.irgan. Lee P 400, 447 Morgan. Mary A 515 Morgan. M. C 400 Morgan. N. D 157,380 407, 553, 563 Morgan. W. U 157 Morland, K. D 100 Morris. Blossom 521 Morris. Esther, M 547 Morrison, F. L 399, 562 Morris, G. E 100. 460. 399 ' aSi ' ' Pasf 592 mj I Ulo c N Vze ee wji i Index of 1 ' eksons and Books (Miitiiiuvil Morri,.. (;.ii,%i,v.- V. 1110. .iO:i. : :) ' ) Mi.rri- I1.I.I1 3-:i l..rri-. H. V 3S2 l..rri-..u. M 370 M„rris„ii. M.irjoripF t7. 100. 1»2 :ll 1. 330. 33H 11(1, 50 t. .S(..S M.irri»..M. C 50V Morrison. Patricia 511 M„rri...n. ,S. W 155 M..rr..iv. J. M 322. 325. 138 i;..r(„r llnartl 17 Morlfiisfii. Evelyn J 310 518, 539 Morton, E. Virginia 511 Morton. G. II 100, t65 Morion. J. L 377 M..rliimr. 11. M 152 Mosilitl. 1.. C 332 . lo..;lliT. Jane 507 Moslier. J. K . .329, 39 t, 469, 517 Mosli.r. M. L 161. 537 Mo.h.r. P. , 335, 169, 558 1.. lHr. Kulh 378 Mosi.nan. Elizabeth A .381 Moll.tienevieveE . 100, 556, 563 Mutt. Lucretia . Ill Motter. O. W 100 Motl-Sniith. H. M 157 Moniit. H. H 46, 100 456. 531, 533 Mount. S 400 Mi untjov. Carolyn J 518 Mousil. F. W 100 Mov. V. F 517 Moye. Helen M 525 Mover, C. A 455, .531 Mover. C. E 218 Mraz. Edna M 100, 503 Mraz. Elizabeth A 503 Mrendieh. J. IN 156 MruBowski, A 100. 190 Mucha. L. F 153 Mn.lRe. Frances G 500 Mueller. Eleanor C 499 Mueller. E. M 141 Mueller. J. H 100, 347, 404 Mueller. L. E 438 Muir. Elizabeth J 135, 316 370, 507 Mnirhead. G. P 165 Mu Kappa Alpha 557 Mulfor.1. Helen L Ill Mullane. J. J 137, 517 Mulligan. B. J 190, 531 Mullisan. D.J 190. 531 Mulliken. W. M 337. 310. 127 Mulvihill. D. F 100. 323, 166 Mumfor,!. H. W 25, 157 Muinni. L. H 546 Mundl. E. E 248 Munger. .Stella C 561 Munnecke. R. A 101, 346, 462 Munro. Edith L 101 Miins. Frances H 340, 162 Muntz, G. V 145 Munz. M 131 Murdock, Bettv 503 ,Murph . F. C 153 Murphy ( eraldine M 553 Murphv. Harriet C 295, 512 Murpli . Helen 317. 525 Murpln. J. li Ill, 564 Murphy, J. J 153 Murphy, J. W 101. 172 Murphy. L. W 31, 110, 115 540, 552. 558 Murphy. R. M 332. 334 Murphy, R. R. 101, 317, 373, 105 Murray, Ann G 101 Murray, L. A 156 Murray. Natalie E 526 Murray, W 181, 230, 370 409, 422, 533 .l u .Sun 558 Music 375 Musick, A. R 547 Myers, G. E 401, -469 540, 552, 556 Myers, H. A 399, 425, 517 Myers. J. E 419 Myers, S. E 101, 371, 417 438, 546, 547 Mynard, W. A 452 Myrna. R 532 Mylar, W, W 101 N Naehnian, B. M 419 Nadeau. (). E 152 156 Napel. 11. K 435 Nalbaeh. R. S 380 Napieralski. V. J. . . . 155 Narichek. Olfta 101 Naseef J. R 373 Nash. J. M 107, 511. 565 Nathan. 1,. M 463 Nalinnal ( ' ollr tiutp Plovers 558 Nauinan. A. C 101. 321. 329. 365 386. 393. 39 1. 396. 101 129 Nauinan. J. L 321. 101. 118. 562 Nauinan. Uoraine M . 502 Neadstie. l. iiiise I. . . 101 Neal, Lillian L 101 Nearpass, E. E.. Jr. . 169 Neer, C. J Mil. 380. 111 Neer. F. O 399 Neff, B. E 490 Neher. J. W 380 Nehring. P. A 130 Neill, G. V 135 Nejdl. Daisy V 300 Nelle. R. S ?H6 Nelson. . Louise. . . 506. 552 Nelson, Catherine C, 110. 526 Nelson, C. B 101 Nelson, C. J 454, 533 Nelson, C. L 101, 546 Nelson, Dorothy P. . 521 Nelson, E. M 101. 51 1 Nelson. Helen V 101. 518 Nelson. H. L 118 Nelson. H. W 1,56, 157. 547 Nelson. J 180. 370 Nelson. J. D 111 Nelson. J. W 102. 517 Nelson, L 370, 435. 531 Nelson, Lillian V 28K. 300 Nelson, Mary L 198 .Nelson, N. C 190 Nelson. R. A 102, 332, 370. 113 Nelson. Severina E . 345, 558. 56 I Nelson, T 151 Nelson, W. C 102. 511 Neniitz, N. D 317 Nesler, D 11, 15, 102, 368. 185 Netzorg. W. R 119 Neuberger. B 400. 158 Neuman. Donna E. . 558 Nemnan. H. C 173 Neureuther. A. W . . 407. 511 Nevens. W. B 156, 157, 475 Newconib, M. A. . . . 553 Neivconib, R 28, 138, 157. 331 373, 451, 172. 541, 553. 563 Newconib. T. F 551 Newcomer. 11. L 123. 534 560 Newell. H. M IS ' Newell, W. F 102. 181 531 Newkirk, W. F . 378 Newlin, J. C 141 Newlon. B. R 377. 37H 173 IWewrnan llall 190 Newmark. N 157 Newton, F. D 120 Newton F H Nicholson. D. G 156 Nickell. Paulena .561 Nickels. T. T 146 Nicol, W. C 102 119 Nicolas, P. M 102 517 560 Niehaus. C. E 102 131 Nielsen, P. E 15f Nielsen. Shirley E. . .521 Nietsch. Katherine I 102. 5.S6 378 Niklewicz. F. T 110 Nilsen. R. T . .365. .391. 100, 178 Nilson. L. E 120 Nitzick. J 238 Nixon. Elinore 292. 3 1 7 Nobes, C. W 167 Noble. Margaret B . 322. 197 Noble. Mary J 102 Noble. W. L 153 Noecker. D. .S 102 380. 395, 100 Noel. Miriam F. 500 Nofftz, Vera 513 Nofsinger, Verrea A . .138 373 Nolan. Aretas W S16 Nolen. H. W 325 138 Nohng. M. N.. Jr 102 370 II. 1 Norburv. Wiln.a L 102 288 300 301 Nordine. Florence A .102 507 Norinsky. Bertha . 102 Norkaitis, Mary V . 102 Norman. 1 . 155 Normanilin. Dorotliv M 290. 345 3711. 495. 503. 539 Norris, Helen J 316. 197. 539 Norris. J. II 103 Norris. R. E 560 Norton. Alma A 103, 157. 160 Nortini. J. H 378. 166 Norton. Merry C 321, 506 Norton. Teressa 513 No.sek. M. W 103. 132 Novak. C. T 396. 101. 175 Movotny. Adelc J 103. 299. 525 Novotnv. F., Jr 145 Novotny, Gladys A . 47, 103. 176 318, 370, 404, 505. 552 Nowlin. O. J 400. 178 Noyes. F. B 33 Noves, W. A 156, 157, 137 Nugent, G. W 103, 101, 127 Nu Sigma Nu 152 Nussbaum. Barbara 521 Nussell. Virginia C 103 Nusspickel, R. E 248 Nye, P. H 425, 426 Nygaard. Dorrance 468 o Oakes. B. F 424 Oathout. F. C 456 Obando. W. L 103 Oberlink. D. R 103 OI.erlink. Ivalee R 295 O ' Brien. E. R 103 O ' Brien. Margaret E 103. 501 O ' Brien. W. 11 399 Ocenasek. J. C 15.S O ' Connor. Dorothy K 47. 103 345. 370. 509 O ' Connor. V. J 152 Oden. R. J 151 Oder. C. R. L 157 O ' Donnell. Mabel A 295 O ' Donnell. T. E 451, 553, 563 i:)ehl. Louise C 103 Oehnike. Irene 285. 199 Oelberg. Eniil 176. 517 Off. Barbara 197 Off. C. J 427. 552 Ogle. A. H 138 O ' Hair. Claree J 291 O ' Hara. Belawrv 299 O ' Hern. C. V.. Jr 127 Olander. M. M 210. 211. 331. 535 Older. D. D 412 Oldfatber. W. A 122 Oldham. Marv M 197 Oldham. W. II.. Jr 103. 119 Oldsen. (;. 11 337. 411 O ' Learv. Virginia L 103. 511 Oliver. Dorothy E 1.36. 363 521, 551 Oliver. T. E 175. 190 Oliver. W. A 157 Olsen. C. A 120 Olsen. Margarets 103. 518 Olsen. Marian V 286. 508 Olsen. Virginia J 101 Olsinan. L 190 Olson. C. H 395. 398. 118 Olson. E. E.. Jr 129 Olson. H. R . 101, 101. 467. 169 Olson. K.I 399. 168 Olson. M. H 125 Olson. T. A . , , . 136, 334. 363. 100 Olson. W. S 380 Olwin. Beth 101. 282. 332 370. 497. 539. 56 1 O ' Mallev. D. W 159 Omefla Beta Pi 537 Omietanski. Victoria 320 OndruB. T 104. 166 Oneal. G. N 216 O ' Neal. R. D 409, 131 O ' Neil. G. J 190 O ' Neil. Josephine F 101, 295, 509 O ' Neil. J. W 168 O ' Neill. D. A 210 Ongemach. J. L 101. 101 Oplatka. Irnia F 510 Oppenheim. A . 163 Orariftf and Itlup Feathers 281 Orcutt. M.J 173 Orfianizatinns 413 Orlovich. R. B 210. 465 Orndorff. E. E 457 Orncr. .S 458 Ornstcin. II. M 480 OriiKlein. S 480 Orili. i;. G 104, 210, 258, 535 onli. J 207 Orlli. o. .S 535 Osl.orii. li. A 104, 487 Osb. riR-. Elizaliclh N 526 Osiiian. W. J 135 Osinena. M. V 190 Ostaszcwski. W. R 210, 490, 532 Oslerman. C. P 485 Osi . X. K 2.36, 473 Olher i arsirv Sports 257 Otis. II. J 101. 126. 139 Olis. Margaret E 104, 516. 555 Ottcn. II. H 323, 331, 554 Otto, Charles E 138, 334 336, 373, 545 Otto, R. W 380 Ouse, J. L 377 Outhouse, Julia 157 iHcrgard, G. T 375, 377, 560 llvirgard, L. F 427 Ov.rinan. O. R 157, 437 Owen. J. H 104, 106, 428, .532, 564 Owen. Mary J 197 Owen, W. B 46. 101. 179. 206. 210 228, 229, 231, 370. 127 Owens. CD 437. 517 Owens. E. Jane 500 Owings. J. R Ill Ozenient, Nellie E 101 Pabst. Marv J 317 Pachalv. R. W 168 Pack. H. J 104. 117. 171 Paddick. M. E 136, 325 310, 363, 138 Page. J. L 157 Page. J. O. 156 Page. Ruth C 104. 367. 495. 504 Pagels. G. A.. Jr 432 Paik. A. J lot. 156. 377 160, 5 11, 547 Paine, E. B 157. 107. 536 Palacio. A. G -409 Palancech. Catherine M 500 539, 564 Paleeias, R. L 158 Palmer, C. E 157. 140. 151 541. 553, 563 Palmer, H. M 217. 433 Palumbo, F. A 146, 417. 563 Panagopolilos. D. S 105 Pan-Hellenic Ball 367 Pan-Hellenic Council 495 Panzer. R. M 380 Papadopulos. P. J 105, 400. 553 Pape. Vivian S 511. 552 Pappas. Virginia K 381.508.539 Paradis. M. Bethel 381, 198, 557 Park, O . 157 Park. Sunshine 157 Parke. J 151 Parke. J 151 Parker. B. R 153 Parker. Parker. C. M 138 Parker. F. C 151 Parker. G. A 422 Parker. J. J 418 Parker. Marv E 29,5,.g|4«(;- Parker. M. R 1 17. SM; Parker. S. R lS»r Parkhill. Mildred R 105. 286 496, 539. 564 , Parkhurst. H. M 105, 459 563 Parkinson. Frances S 2847 Parmelee. C. W 157, 427. Parinelee. R. C ' .y ' Parmelee. T. D 323,-122 Parotti. A. A 489 Parquette. A. A 409. 139 Parr. Carmen L 290. 401. 524 Parr. Rosalie 157, 110, 508 Parrish. Betty 198 Parrish, Virginia M , 373, 500 Parson. E 531 Parsons. June E 317. 410. 499 Parsons. T. E . 156„ Partlow. C. W IAS " ' Pasi-oe. M. B 129 I ' ask. J. A ,«. ' , (2 1 Passman, P. O , . . . H I Passmal . P. P HI ' i Patclski. Louise M I ' ly. .|ii Jft»;-. ' » -- ' «,? ' • .fP.? mz I Ulo ct WindjejerLuui Index of Persons and Books — Continued Paternon. II. C 535 PalerBoii. Jean A 317. 501. 539 Palon. K. F 157, 537 Patrick. Kalhrvn R 525 Pallersoii. Claribel 525 Patterson. Geraldine M 504- Patterson. I. T •113 Patterson. Sarah A . . .340, .506, 5 W Patterson, W. I 156 Pattern. D. H 416 Palton. Elnia G 4W Patttin. Frances M 105, 345 512, 539 Paul, Eleanor S 510 Paul. 11. (; 340, 434 Paulnilm. L. G 489 Paulson. K. B 477, 531 Paxton, L. C 554 Paxton, R. 11 369 Pavne, E. B 331, 336, 423 Pavne, J. N 409 Pavne, N. W 105, 531. 534 Payne. V. R 462 Peabodv. Jean 513 Peacock, F. W.. Jr 105. 456, 545 Peacock, J. S 105, 468 Peaff, L. A 558 Pearce, D. W 156. 157 Peart. R. G 408, 438. 546 Pease. Winifred R 147 Pebbles. II. S 400 Peck, Myra M 316, 524 Peddicord. K. C 455 Peel, H. S 440 Pei, C. P 157 Peifer. E. E 435 Peirce, D. D 156 Pelatowski. R. W 377 Pelikan. T. C 396, 398, 446 Peller. L 548 Pena, G. S 490 Pendleton, M 467 Penington, C. N 105 Penn, W 480 Pennell, Mary E 381 Pennington, C. F., Jr 472 Pennington. K. M 322. 400, 472 Pennuto, E. W 456 Penstone. Florence R 105, 524 Pepper, Echo D 157, 538 Percival, Stella R 496, 557 Perella, E 1.53, 267 Perkins, B. G 105, 210. 438 Perkins. C. L 435 Perkins, F. A 324, 469 Perkins. Mary E 295, 554, 561 Perrin, R. E 377. 456 Pershall. L. Elizabeth 498 Pershall. W. R 448 Pershell. R. M 108, 37.3, 471 Pershinn Ri lrs 400 Pervier, G. W 380, 148 Pestine, Martine 483 Peter, Vivian D 502 Peters, II. W 188 Peters, J. W 157. 538 Peters. P. E 137 Petersen, W. F 152 Peterson, A. J 470 Peterson. A. K 152 Peterson. Blanche J 105 Peterson. D. R 531 Peterson. E. H 461 Peterson. 1. L 434 Peterson. K. G 218 Peterson. L, N Kill Peterson. M. V 139 Peterson. Ruth F 105 Pclrie. C.V, 366. 455. 563 Petrie. Florine E 321, 369, 501 Petsilike, A. H 473 Pell. II 219 Peltiboii. I). E 457 Petlilion. R. D 457 Pettigrew. D. L 429 Pettigrew. K. J 216, 409, 446 Petty. II. O 212 Pettyjohn. J. W.. Jr 472 Petz, II. X 105 Peverly, R. B 325, 478 Pezold. Loretta A 517 Pfaff, A. S 545 Pfafl, L. A 105, 167 P. ' cffer, . . C 248 kfefi.r lia.ianne 322, .500 Pfeiffer. Suzanne 52 1 Ptistcr, W. J 440 Pflaper. G. W. 316. 401. 462. 545 Plittlanx ;i95 Phehiis, D. E 106 Phelps, G. H 137 Phi Belli 558 Phi Bpta Kappa 404 Phi Chi Thela 558 Phi Delia Phi 426 Phi Delia Thela 422 Phi Epsilon Pi 463 Phi Ela Sigma 409 Phifer. C. H 153 Phi Gamma Delta 424 ii Kappa 447 Phi Kappa Psi 431 Phi Kappa Sigma 421 Phi Kappa Tau . 455 Phi Lambda Upsilan 156 Philhower. P. J 106 Phillippe. Frances 404 Philippine-lllini Club 560 Phillips, B. J 337, 463 Phillips, G. E 421 Phillips. Marian L 44, 106 Phillips. Mary J 369 Philliiis, P. P 490 Phillips. P. S 478 P hillips, R. M 424 Philhps, W. B., Jr 443 Phi Mu 513 Phi Mu Alpha — Sinjonin 560 Phi Mu Delia 467 Phinnie, J. P 106 Phi Omega Pi 505 Phi Pi Phi 472 Phipps, E 156, 157, 437 Phi Sigma Kappa 443 Phi Sigma Sigma 520 Phi Upsilon Omiiron 561 Piano. L. J. .45, 261, 368, 479, 210 Piatt, C. L 210, 452 Pi liela Phi 497 Picard, H. L 531 Picco. J. D 248, 398, 404, 545 Pickels, Elizabeth C 294 Pickels, G. W 157, 407, 428 Pickens, Louise M 506 Pickett, L. J 446 Piech, R. J 531 Pieper. J. J 157, 456 Pierce, B. Georgette 515 Pierce. Charlotte E 498 Pierce. G. P 431 Pierce. J. D 461 Pierce. L. E 323, 468 Pierce, N. H 153 Pierce. J. Oretha 497 Pierce, S. R 370, 431 Pierrats 346 Piersol, R.J 157 Pierson, A. C 400 Pierson. Helen R 501 Pierson. Irene D 39, 410, 501 Pigg. L. E 400 Pi Kappa Alpha 457 Pi Kappa Phi 466 Pike. M. N 248, 253 Pilchard, E. I 452 Pilcher. R. E 4.56 Pilgrim. J. F 106, 454 Pi Mu Epsilon 538 Pings. W. B 411 Pinkerton, W. J 417, 478 Pinkus. J. R 562 Piper, W. N 423 Pirok, J. N 407 Pi Tau Pi Sigma 401 Tau Sigma 562 Pilkin. R. S 121 Hilt. W. (; 418 Pitzele. R. 1 471 Piwinski. E. J 548 Planibeek. Marion M 499 Piatt, F. J 139, 544 Piatt, Frances T 497 Plattner, F. T 109 Pleshar, Helen A 106 Plocknian. Amy T 497 Pluninier, A. V 470 Plunimer. P. H 490 Plunkett. D. J 288, 299 Hofchcr. P. E 106 P..BBi. E. M 157 Pohl. Adele D 323, 502 Pohl, G. O 467 Pohler. G. M 156, 437, 541, 5 17 Pohlmann. E. E 470 Poirot. Dorothy M . 345, 501, .564 Polk. R. R 431 Pollak. E. M 106, 483 Pollock, Rolla D 106, 401. 518 Polonis. Virginia I 138, 373, 514 Poison. J. A 157, 407, 562 Pool. Garnelle H 106, 546 Poole, R. D 400, 432 Popp, Bernice E 497 Poor. Dorothy L 317, 499 Poore. Mabel A 106, 513 Pi ret. E. G 434 Porma. F 236 Porst. E. G 106, 407 Port. F. J., Jr 442 Port, S. L 417, 461 Pone, S 45, 106, 368, 480 Porter. C. F 316 Porter, Frances 496 Porter, F. M 434 Porter. H. W 106, 475 Porter, Maxlne B 137, 506 Potokar, W. W 106. 471 Potteiger. A. J 454 Potter, Dorothea 526 Potter, L. A 339, 399, 438 Potter, N. J 419 Potter, P. J 453 Potthoff, E. F 484 Pottorf, Velma E 1 06, 525 Potts, Gabrielle R 501 Potts, R. H 464 Powell, B. F.. Jr 107, 531 Powell, Dorothy 294, 404 Powers, G. D 419 Powers, J. A 470 Powers, Jean 299 Powers, J. W 107, 380 Powers. R. C 419 Pownall. Ruth M 496 Praeger, Doris D 509 Prange, H. C 107, 553 Pratt, G. C 340, 150 Pray, L. H 107, 417, 456 Premm, Ruth 295 Premuda, F. F 152 Prenger. J. W 316 Prentiss. L. K 107, 429, 531 Presbyterian Hall 526 Presler. Grace G 378. 518 Presson, W. M 107. 547 Presto, C. P 547 Prettyman, S. Jane , 45. 107, 177 282. 288. 320 345, 498, 539. 552 Price, CM 229, 456 Price, H. D 218, 261, 262, 453, 535 Price. S. S 474 Priddle. G. H 44. 107. 261 Pride. Frances E 316,507 Priestley, Kate W 322, 496 Prillaman, D. L 107, 406. 465 Prillaman, J. R 465 Prindiville, Virginia W 524 Pring, D 248 Pritchard, R 334 Pritikin, H 474 Proctor. Louise I 52.5 Propp, F. J 44, 360, 474, 545 Propst, D. W 153 Provine, Elizabeth W 135, 290 336, 367. 370. 496 Provine, L. H 157, 407. 451 541, 553, 563 Priicha, M. J 157. 418 Pruett, C. E 439 Pruitt, Mary A 381, .525 Psi Vpsiliin . ,441 Psik, Agnes A 524 Publiralions 311 Pucketl, Marcia K .509 Puerta. J. L 45, 46. 107. 178 207, 210, 258, 368, 370 Piiestow. C. B 153 Pulley. Elizabeth R 107 Purcell. Madeline II . , 516 Purdy. C. E 531 Purina, F 2 12 Purves, Harriet N . 45, 107. 197 Piirves, S. A 152 Piitman. L. T 450 Putnam, W. J 157. 466 Puzey, R, V 107, 531, 532, .534 R Q Quavle, R. II 450 yuil ' l. L. L 157. 437. 453 Ouindry, L, A 107, 445 531, 534, 561 Quinn. Dorothy S 292 Oiiinzer. F. A 154 Quirke, T. T 157, 428 Rabe. K. J 107, 473 Raby, Kathrvn T 295. 515 Rada. M. E 107. 380, 391 395, 401, 473 Radde, B. C 154 Radebaugh. Mary E 499 Radl. R. M 377 RalTeld, L. M 136, 363, 483 Ragland. C. A 484, 531 Ragland. W. M 108, 548, 554 Rahn, W. E 531 Railshack. B. F 321. 369, 414 Railuar Club 562 Rainev. L 45, 409, 464 Ralph, Dorothy M 556 Rambach. Floyd R 458 Raniey. A 108. 506 Ramev. Juanita 108. 323 495. 506. 552 Ramos, Gloria C 108, 526 547, 556 Raniser. M. Louise 517 Ramsev. A .419 Ramsev, R. J 157 Randall. Dorothy M 500 Randall, Jean E 290 Randies, Mary G 373 Ranev, L. M 438 Rankin. F. II 438, 444, 481 Rapp, W. E 422 Rapper. J. J 108, 535 Rash, Lois I 108, 406 Rasmussen, Josephine L. ,322, 498 Rasniussen, M. P 108. 424 Rasmussen. S. V 433 Ralhbone. Helen B 316, 502 Rathert. Ruth E 501 Ratliff. R. C 108. 456 Rattner. D 108, 461 Rauktis, F. P 399, 478, 532 Rausch, Mildred R 108 Ray. H 271. 432 Ray. P. H 456 Ray, R. L 456 Ray, V. A 108. 485 Rayner, W. H 157, 452 Rea, J. J 108 Rea. Lucille E 108, 554, 561 Readev. Marv E 531 Ream. E. F., Jr 482 Ream. N. J 482, 531 Ream. R. P 400 Reamer. O. J 409 Rearick, P. D 108. 398, 549 Reasor, C. G 428 Reasoner. M. A 108. 424 Rech, Virginia E 285, 321 507, 539 Reck, H, J 108, 433. 532 Record, Ora J 294 Record, R. F 457 Rector. Florence M 524 RecL.r. T. C 109 Reddish. P. W. 109, 260, 423. 514 Reddish. Ruth 498 Reddilz. J. H 237 Rcdell. R. G 429, 563 Redfern, R. L 321, 400 Redican. T . J 471 Redman. C. B 109 Redman, Lou D 258 Reece, Anita R 109, 345, 501. 539 Reed. F. H 1.56. 157 Reed. (i. II 1.56. 437 Reed. J. B 156. 157. 347 Reed. Rac H 504 Heed. Russell H 407, 452 Reed, Ruth 109, 325, 504, 539 Reed. I ' . A 155 Reeder. O. W 109 Reeder, W. L 380, 557 Reedv. S. C, 156, 157, 437 Rees. Dorothy D 561 Rees. O. W 157 Reese. Edna M 109, 513 Reese, Margaret J 322 Reese. Harriet M 503 Reeves. Arlvne 525 Reeves. Redith R 109 Regan, F. P 154 Regan. Helen E 523 Regan. J. F 377 Rehm. Ruih E 516, 549, 555 Rehm. S. F 109. 470 Rehm. T. M 488 Rehwald, E. A 565 Reich. II. A 109. 421 Reich, H. J 157, 407 I ' ligf av me I LLuD OL WurvdjejerLuii Indkx of l ' :ns s and Books I ' .iiiitiiiiird Hri.-lijircll. l)..r..ili 1 . " .117 Krivh irtll. W . C H)l). I ' K) H -i.liiii;iii. A. II llo Koirdiiiaiin. l.jitirii L 10 1. 282 370. MS. r.l) ) Hrini.h. E. F Ul Uiiil. K. A 107. 536 H.i.l. H. II 45, 368. 132 H.i.l. W . V 325, 138 U,is l. Kiilli E 316 H.-iin.iim. H. C 157 K.iiih inll, CO 335, 161 UfinlKinll. R. C 340, 160 Ki-liilRild. A. E 322. Ut Keiiiish. II. D 1.58 KcisiuT. F. A 109, 151 Rcisner. J. S 128 Hcisiirr, Mary L 515. 519 Kciler. Anne L 525 Keilch. R 331, 332 Heilj. J. W 135 Remseii. (J. E 395 Renisen. C. W 421 Rcnard. J. N 399 Renaud. O. V 152 Renfrew. C. L 109, 401, 470 Renfrew. J. H 109, 404 Rrnwick. F. W 264, 411, 426 Reslon, J. B 264 Rettip, G. H 121 Rettinser. L. J 109. 172. 562 Rcuhl, Helen M 138, 285. 299 316. 373, 525. 558 Reynolds. E. E 455. .531 Reynolds. J. S 152 Reynolds. Mariha J 109. 500 Reynolds, Rulli J 44, 110, 522 Remolds. W. G 211 Rezanka. W. H 176 Rhine. M. R 110, 485, 532 Rhode. C. S .421 Rhodes. G. C 110, 473 Rhodes, J. C 490 Rice. A. L 322, 312 Rice, Barhara F 499, 565 Rice, R. W 422 Rice. V. S 110, 450 Rice. Winifred 199 Rice. «. M 111 Rich, H. T., Jr 444 Richards, C. T 180. 319. 370 380, 470, 533 Richards, D. B 137. 346. 455. 531 Richards. J. E 271. 455 Richards, W 110, 445, 564 Richards, W. K 446 Richardson, D. C 475 Richardson, G 431 Richardson, R.N 548, 562 Richart, F. E 157, 407, 473 Richart, H. M 110 Richmann, C. A 321 Richmond. A. M 428 Ricker, W . S 315, 370, 422 Rickcrman, H 110, 407. 562 Riddle, J. M 423 Ridgway, M. A 517 Riegel, E. B 156 Riegel, RulhE 511 Rieger, C. H 531 Rigg, H. A 136 Kigg, R. E 5,6 RigBC Elizahelh A 110, 526 Higgle. P. T 486 Righler, ;. B (07 Righter. R. V 395, IQl Rigolo. A. E 366, 553 Rimel, 1. II 547 Rinaker. Clarrissa 500 Rine. B. E.. Jr UO. 417 Rine. Marjorie E 295 Rinearson. Elsie V 497 Ring. Rosella E 44. 110, 294. 360 Rink, R. C 110. 443. 545 Riordan, Eleanor C 110.553 del Risco, E. B 490, 547 Riser. Lucille E 554. 561 Risily. J. L 485 Ritcher, Mary K 317 Ritchie. C. A 438 Rilter. W. A 481 Riltschof, L. A , . . . 470 Rohh, C. E 399 Robh. Ruth E 410 Rolihins. Margaret E 522 Robhins. .Mary I 4H Roherson. V 154 Roherson. W. D . 409 Roberts. C. E 110 Roberts. E I57 Roberts, Edna J 294, 554 Roberts. EvelMl 3711 H..l.irls. II. I) 1 17 Kol.crls. Helen F . 524 .525 Uolnrts. 1,. N .397 400 436 H..l..rl8. I . C 479 Rolicrlson. Carita . . 288 546 Hol.crtson. E. C 321 Robertson, Lester L 410 Robertson. Lvie L. . 448 Robev. N.T 547 Robin, M. C 461 Robinson. Anna B, 507 .561 Robinson. B. A . . . , 450 Robinson. D. F. , , , 429 Robinson. E. Viola .525 554 Robinson. F. M . . . . 450 Robinson. II 46 110 176 236 241 421 Robinson. Mildred 524 Robinson. M. H 406 430 532 534 370 Robinson. W. E . . . . 565 Roche, A. V 5.56 Hoikc D S H...l.bush, W. H 1.56 157 437 li.Ml.iieavcr. J. N . . 380 Ro.l.-iihauser. Javne W. . . 506 Kod;;crs. Catherine. 1 II Rodgers. E. W 479 Rodgers, N. N 397 Rodriguez, A 490 547 Rodv. V 441 Roesel. E.J 111 324 334 372 Roettger. H. G . 409 Rogers. E. M 531 Rogers. N. N . 395 398 Robgers, R. Carolyn 5.38 Rohkohl, G. W. . 111 Rohlcn. K. V 427 Rokusek, F. E 210 433 5.35 Rolfe, C. W 157 Rolfe. D 157 Roller, E. H 467 Roller, W. L 432 Roinanus, Charlotte H 525 Ronalds, Frances S. 426 431 541 Ronchetti. F. J . , . . 399 Ronev. H. B 442 Rooks. R. N 417 436 Roos, F. W 448 Roosa, W. L 560 Root. W. C . 111 Roper, Florence L , .381 Rosborough. J. B, . , 271 465 409 Roeborough, J. R. . . 111 .332 417 426, 465 532 Rosbrook. D. E 482 Rose. A. E 111 370 Rose. Anna I 111 515 Rose. Constantine S 490 Rose. Jane M 496 Rose, W. C 156 157 425 437 Rose, W. W 546 Rosecan. M. A 45R Roselle. Ruth V 111 Rosen. M 346. 480 Rosenberg. L 531 Rosendahl. L. B . 111 RoHcgren. P. L 400 Rosensteil. J. B. . . 398 Rosenliel. H. C 153 Roskan., Evelyn M 138. 373, 523 Ross. A 473, 532. 545 Ross. Betty 323, 504 Ross, D. W 441 Ross, E. F 111, 400 462, 54», 562 Ross, H. H 157 Rosa, R. C 157 Ross. T. P 45. Ill, 396, 401. 445 Rossberger, W., Jr 442 Rossiter, J. H 111 328. 365, 389 396, 398, 417, 456 Rossman, H. C. . . . 380 Roth, D. I 316, 463 Roth, J. B 157 Roth. Louise S . . , . 111, 295, .561 Roth. R. L 370, 410, 464, 540 Rollienberg, H. B Rolhenbcrgcr. Velnia 461 C 410. 508 Rothwell. Edna P 111. 504 Rothwell. Grace A. . 292, 504 Rouchelti. T. J , . . . 531 Rounds, J 317 Roupas, T. 4«5, .556 Roves, Dorothy E 556 Row, C. F 153 Rowe. A. R HI Rowe, C. G 419, 556 Rowe, Neoma E . 504 Rowe, V. H 111,396, 398, 417, 481 llowcii. M . , 166 Rowley, F. J 485 5?5 Rowley, Marie M. . . 523 Roy, N. II 157 Royer. C. P 321. 436 1 1? Rubenking. L. J . . , 112 Rubenstein. 11. 1 . . 480 Rubenstein. J. A., Jr 112 419 Ruby. J. C 210, 228, 431 535 Ruby, Rebecca F. . 322 500 Rucker. H. J . . 546 Rucker. Mary E. . , . 5M Rucker. R. G 409 .531 Ruddick, C. K 427 536 Ruder. R. T . .335, 531, 532. 534 Rudy, Betty J 325, 515 Rueckert, F. C 423 Ruegger. J. M 473 Ruebe, H. A 157 Ruestmann, Viola I 112 Ruel. Marie M , 45, 112 291. 295 372 Ruff. H. r 531 Ruir, J. w 548 Ruge, W. C 468 Ruger. K. J 401 446 Rub, C. A 4.59 531 Rnhling. R. A 377 443 Rukusek. F. E 214 Runiana. II . . 136. 261 363 Rumble. A. W 112 Rumble. Helen E 405 Rumniel, C. G 112, 331, 366 396 400, 446, 553, 563 Rummler, R. S 421 Rumsey, Mary B , 538 Runge, Dorothy M 112. 506 5.39 Runkcl, Elizabeth M 292 322 503 Runnells, David B . 211, 400 424 Rupert, H. B 535 Rupp, H. B 112 370 396 399 408 452 " R. V. R. " 348 Rusk. H. P 157 438 452 Rusk, Martha H , . . . 285 292 295 Rusk, W. D 452 Ruskainp. Mary E.. 340 503 Ruskamp. W. H.. Jr .395 400 531 Russell, A. S 425 Russell. C. P 376 .397 399 121 Russell, E. P 432 514 Russell, F. A 206 406 128 536, 540. 515 5.56 Russell, Helen L 316 410 496 539 Russell, H. G 452 Russell, Melle K . . . . 112 497 Russell, R. G 112 318 395 400 Russell, T. J 451 Russell, Virginia C. 517 Russell, W. 11 217 219 370 425 Rutelonis, Josephine M 523 Ruth, V. A 157 437 Ruther, E. E 490 Ruther. Helen E. . . 112 .524 Ryan, U. G 157, 417 Ryan, G. H 451 Ryan. G. M 433 Ryan, H. O., Jr 473. 537 Ryan. Janice L . 295 Ryan. J. G 409 Ryan. Mary A 112, 524, 5.56 Ryan. W. G 380 Ryckman. Katherine M 44, 45 112. 315, 360, 368. 404, 501 Ryde, J. L 112, 335, 401. 427, 565 Rvde, R. E 4? 7 Ryder. Janice . 295 Ryniker, Ellen L 410 s Saathoff, J. A 112, 547 Sabo, J. P 210, 211. 228 251. 440. 535 Sachar. Reva 521 Saddinglon, A. W 547 .Sader. M 480 Salbcrg, A. K 399 Salinger. R.J 113, 449 Salins. Audrey 520 Salins, Edith J 520 Salisbury, F. W 445 Salsman, Virginia 507 Salwin, L. , 147 Salwin, Lillian L (Mrs.) , . 113 323, 404, 52 1. 53 1 Salznian. C. E . . , , 113. 5 18 Samisch, Frcdericka . 510. 519. 556 Sainmons, E. F 446 Sams, L. II 397, 399, 531 Samuell, Dale E 373, 411 Sandberg. Virginia F 286, 290, -497 Sandell, S. T 465 Sanders, Meryl 113 Sanders, W. II 157 Sanderson, E. G 428 Sanderson, J. C , 428 Sandford, W. P 443, 545 Sandnieyer. Kathryn M.. 513, 524 Sandry, Delores C 525 Sandwell, G. M 440 Sanford, G. W 470. 490 Sangwin, Helen J 113, 367, 5I« Sanmann, Madge S 341 Santarelli, F 490 Santi, J. A 113, 489 Sapora. G. E 113, 398, 448 Sup,,enfield, M. M 418 Sarliel.l. E. A 473 Sargeanl. W 429 Sarkiss, A. I 490 Sarii, G. S 137, 489, 556 Sarnofr. Evelyn E 524 Sarsfield, E. A 113 Sass, Etta M . .113, 525, 554, 563 Sator, W. M 113 Satterfield. R 334 Sauer, Dorothy C 509 Saner, E. L 546 Saul, Wilma F 113, 557 Saudners, Alta G 558 Saunders. Dorothy M 113 Saunders. Evelyn C 113 Saunders, Lucile R 113 Saunders, R. H 435 Sautier. P. M 476 Savage. C. J 475 Savage. Mary V 410, 496. 557 Savage. Miriam J 378, 507 Savage, T. E 157. 427 Sawtell. J. R 46, 113, 181 206, 228, 230 367, 370, 417 439, 533 Sawyer, C. E 431, 544 Sawyer, J. P 400 Sawyer, R. A 481 Sawyer, W 1.53 Sayler, Mary L 294 Sayre, C.R 452 Srabbard and Blade 396 Scaite, R. R 316, 432 Scarab .563 .Schacht, J. H 317, 409, 465 Schachtman, M. R 261, 461 Schaefer. E. F 441 Schaefer, G. E 430 Schaeffer, F. T 113. 470 SchaeBTer. J. R 547 Schaeft. E 531 Schafer, W. F 443 Schaeffer, A 458, 531 Schaeffer, O. G 451, 563 Schanauber, Enid 517 Scharschug. Lenore . .136, 137, 282 336, 363. 517 Scbaudt. E. M 365, 386 391, 396, 401 Schauer, W 5.31 Scheick, W. H 4,H9 Scheim. R. H 487 Schelstreet, J. R 114, 531 Schenkcr, Shirley II 524 Schermerhorn, C. V 114, 395 448, 547 Scheyer, Annette, V 495, 520 Scheyer, L. R 463 Schicht, Elizabeth . 135, 282. 286 370. 502, 539 Schicht. C. A. 114, 417, 420, 544 Schick, A. L 114, 210, 259, 448 Schierer. J. P 556 Schiller. S. R 114, 419 Schilling. CO 5.38 Schilskv. J. L 152 Schlitz. L. R 377 Schimmel. Margaret M , .110, 5 ' 1 Schimpf. Louise , ' JO Schindel. W. P. .W ' A 132 Scliindenian. A. J 132 Schindler. M. Christine .; .V ... 498 Schlachter. O. I : . ' ' 517 Schlansker, D. L 111. 210 2S6, 240, 475 Schlatter. C. F 406, 456, 534 ■■■i - m Page 595 im I ILio (d. Windjejen uL [ndex of Persons and Boors — Ci)iiliiiiicil Sihlaicer William J HI. 101 406, 156, 53 I Schlcnvogl. E. J 421 Sclileaiiiger W. A 565 Schlicher. P. F 426 Schlinder. Lou se M 498 Scliniid. J. U 400, 439 Schmidt. Dorothy M 523 Schmidt. Edward C 157. 407, 562 Schmidt. E. F 114,401,431 Schmidt. F. G 455 Schmidt, H. R 114 Schmidt. Marthe J 114, 506 Schmidt. M.T 437 Schmidt. R. H 424 Schmledl. S. J 114, 548, 554 Schminke. P 114, 421 Schmitt. R.J 395. 401, 547 Schmitz, Marjorie M 524 Schnakenberg, G. F 425, 547 Schnebly, M. L 426 Schneider. B. H 157 Schneider, D. R 456 Schneider. O. M .397, 421 Schneidain. J 377 Schneiter, Dorothy M, . . .114, 404 508, 558, 564 Schnell, M D 44, 46 114, 179. 206 360, 370, 427 Schnltzer, S 323, 324. 409 Schoenbrod. R 458 Schoenling. J 460 Scholl. Doro thy 496 School of Journalism, The 31 School of Physical Education, The 32 Schooley, F. E 454. 540 Schottmann, A. B 380 Schradcr. H.J 157. 447, 562 Schramm, R. F 45, 114, 443 Schreiber, R S 156 Schrodt. J. W 380 Schroeder. Elizabeth H , 114. 525 Schroeder. P. L 154 Schroeder. W. D 430 Schrodt. J. W. 377 Schrov. Christine 554 Schrumpf, B. P 450 Schriimpf. Fredericka S 411 Schubert. B. F 460 Schudder, Dorothy F Schueaaler. K.J ' . , , 322. 468 Schuessler. Luclle K 317 Sehuldt. J. F 395. 400 417, 453. 562 Schullman. W. F 115 Schultj. Aline E 115, 404 Schu tz, Anna M 381, 501 .Schullz. E. J 440 Schu tz. W. E 380 Schulz. Marguerite G 115 Schulz, W. F 115, 157, 442, 490 Schumacher. E 153 Schumacher. Elizabeth 499 Schumacher. J. M 400 Schumacher, V. E 380 Schumacher. W. L 380 Schupp, Alice L 557 SchuBtek. I. I 174 210, 212 221, 248. 249 252. 370. 427 Schuster, Dorothy L 523 557, 558 Schuster. J. V .478 .Schull, R. D 465 Schulz. R. F 115. 445. 533. 544 S.lnilzhaush. M. K 100. 135 S,l,inler. J. R 115. 451 S,lii,al.. H. H 480 S,ln alh. A 490 Sclinalhe, W. L 157 .S.nwanbeck. H, A 45. 115, 368 417, 469, 548, 562 Schwaner, W. F 558 Schwartz, G. F 418. 557. 560 Schwartz. H. 11 115 ■Schwartz. M. R 316 Schwarz. Ruth M 115, 501, 554 Schwartz, W 458 Schwind, B. E 399 j,; ' iy. M. H 458 S-hy. S 458 .- hnciter Dorothy M 345 Si. .pel J J 115. 489 Scothinil. Beatrice L 115. 497 Scotland, Ethel M 292.497 Scott, Anna J 1-05 .Scott. F. H 476 Scon, J. • 237. 18 1 Scolt. k. F 156 Scon. L. M 523 Scott, Ruth E 115. 549 ,Scolt. R. T 237 Scott. T. J 409 Scott. W. H 115 Scott. V, M 409. 423. 537 Seovill. H. T 312. 331. 406 465. 532. 534 Scoyin. W. S 377, 464 Scoville, H. B 399, 462 Scripps. G. L 115 174, 340 370. 422. 533 Scudder, Dorothy F 511 Scull, M., Jr. . .370, 431, 540, 554 Sculnian, J. M 138 Seaman, Henrietta K 340 495. 502 Seaman, R. A 484 Seaniana, F. L. . ,210. 217, 219, 422 Seamea, Henriette L 116 Seanor, (i. J .116 Seanor. J. C . 44. 360. 417, 487 Searle, N. E 156 Sears. O. H 157 Sears. R. R 157 SeasB. A. R 419 Seaton. R. M 153 Seator Audrey W . 505, 553, 554 SeachriBt. A. B 116. 535 Sedlacek. I. F 478 Seed. L 153 Seeder. Eptyr L 510 Scelniayer. Helen 525 Sech. F. B 157, 407, 424. 541 Seely. 1 237, 245. 424 Seelv. R 245, 424, 548 .Segal. Salene 510 Segur. Dorothy F 549 Seidel. A. L 147 Seidel. May H 524 Seider. Norma A 116 Seidl. Bettv E 116. 294. 405. 553 Seiferl, W. ' F 153 Seigfried, J. H 153 Seller, O. E 332 Seller, Vera M 554 Sejba, O 116 Seldomridse, C. M 377. 378 Selig, A. J 116, 439 Sellgson, L 409, 490 Sellers. Kalhryn M 321, 507 Sellers. W. W 473 Sendelar. R. J[ 271 Senear. Francis E 152 Senior Ball 360 Senior Informal 568 Seniors 43 Senne. Olga H 513, 557 Senseney, R. M 445 Sentman, E. E 380 Serritella. A. F 489 Serwich. A. E 467.547 Settlemire. W. L 116. 419 Setsekron. . I. E 380 Seyerns. W. H 157. 562 Seyerson. J. T 400 Seyfarth. R. B 479 Seyfried. F. E 423 Seyl. P.. Jr 421 Seyler, Geneya M 558 Seymour. J. D 442 Shuniway. W 210 Siddall, H. B 417, 432 Sidwell, Ruby M 294 Siebert, F 312, 410, 51(1 Siefferman, R. L 481 Siegel. B. G 117. 161 Siegel. M. B 18! Siegel. N. J U9 Siegel. R. B 448 Siemers. L. L 556 Siemiantkowski. S. J 248 Sieybolt. R. F 418 .Sipler. R. J 152 Sigley. D. T . 157. 538 Sifimo ilfthti F.psilnn 125 Sinniti llplio lotii 5f»3 .SiVmri tlplio Ma 158 Sinmo Chi 419 Sifnni Drliri Chi 540 Si tmo hello Koppa 486 Si tmo Delta I ' hi 56 I Si lma Helta Hho 182 Sifttna Helta Too 521 SiHma lofo Kpsilon 56 1 Siftma Kiippa 503 Siittnii Ma Sinma 181 Siiwia Vi 128 Sinma I ' hi Delta 188 Sintna I ' lii h ' li iloii 129 Si [nia I ' hi Sinriia 460 Sienia Pi 1 10 Sigma Tail 5U Sinma i 157 Sittnal Corps 391 Signor. Nelle M 497 Sikes. R. F 438 Sikes. Virgil L 44, 117. 361 Siler. E. W 117, 547 Silet, C. L 417, 435 Silliman, M.. Jr 117, 339, 452 Silver, Beatrice N 510 Silverman, B. M 458 Silverman, L 463 Silverman. W. B 117 Simerl. L. H 411 Simnien. F. B 427 Simmons. Christine R 507 Simni.ins. E. E 488 Simmons. Mildred T 117, 515 SimmouB S. W 380, 460 Sinims, C. F 117. 540 Simoldoni. C. S 496 Simon. A. D 147, 470 Simon, A. F 117, 444 Simon. S. O 479 Sluuin, W. J 238, 464 Simons, B. F 388 Simons. W. J 533 Sim. nsen. E. E 428 Simpson. F. G 427 Simpson, J. E 473, 545, 555 Simpson, O. C 156 Sinclair. G. R 418 Sindelar. R. J 468 Sinden. E 547 Singelton, F. A 440 Singh, A . 490 Sinnock, P 424 Siren. The 323 Sisam. Cora L 507. 525 Sisson. W. A 437 Sivver. W 442, 544, 563 Shade. R. N 438 Shafer. W. M 404 Shallcross, G. P 116 Shamel. J. W 397. 398. 428 Shank. Martha E 556 Shanken. J 474 Shanknian. F 417, 458 Shanks. R. B 400, 435 Shannon. MacRae D. .44, 45, 331 360, 368, 467 Shapiro. Dorothy J 116 Sharp. R. M 399 Sharke . R. J 440 Sharp. R. M 44, 361. 468 Sharpe. M. D 116, 458 Shatluck, C. H 411 Shaw. J. B 157, 419, 538 Shaw, Mildred M .561 Shaw. R. C 116. 428 Shawl. R. I 376 377, 434, .560 Shaws. Darwina 525 Sheahan. M. F 455 Shear. T. W 562 Shedd. T. C 157, 407 Sheehan.J. E 116.432 Sheets. J. B 116, 401, 425 Shein. M. H 461 Shelby. H. H 331, 334 Sheldon, Ruth E 116, 290 370, 499. 539 Sheldon, S. S 324 Shclford, J 490 Sh.-lford. V. E 157. 490 Shell. F. D 456 Sh.Ilev. Betiv W 506 Shelion. R. M 454 , ' lifpanek. (Jenevive M 516 Shcpard. F. P .157. 439 Shcphcrdson. Jeannelte M . 405 547 Sheppard. G. V 116 Sheridan. E. P 428 Sherman. E. E 531 Sherrill. R. R 409 Sherry. Hazel 524 Sherwin. Anne V 290, 515, 549 Sherwood. L. V 5 16 Shevlin. G. II., Jr 424 Shi-Ai 539 Shicler. Margaret M 549 Shields. J. B 156 Sliin.ill. II. L 153 Sliinoda. P. Y 190 Shirk. Mary L 511 Shirlev. R. ' H 117. .395 399, 531, 532 ShivcK. I,. II 445 Shoemaker. S. P , . .331, 370, 430 Shoonmakcr. S 560 Short, J. V 428 Short. W. E 46. 427 Sbott, H. S 153. 536 Shrader. M. L 323. 160 Shrader, O 438 Shriner, R. L 156, 157. 437 Shroyer, M.J 444 Shubert. B. F 377 Shull. T. T 401 Shulman. H 377. 378. 556 Shulman, J. M 373. 170 Shultis, R. E 147, 376. 377 378, 549, 560 Shulz, Marguerite 515 Shuman. G. M 117, 380. 437 Shuman. Geraldine F 117. 401 Shumwav. W 157, 468, 537 Shurman. M. E 480 Shutzbaugh. Marion R 400 Shwind. B. E 444 Simon. W 180, 370 Sinderson, R 335 Sjolander, H. H 445. 544. 545 Skartvedt. Frieda H 195. 372 Skidmore. J. R 378 Skidmore, W. E 377, 378. 549 Skiles, C. Evelyn 117 Skiles. K. A 117. 470 Skinner. Mildred L 404, 513 Skogler. A. W 117 Skoglund. W. A 439 Skmmeni. F. B 398 Skonning. A. A 457 Skorez, J. C 565 Skortz, A. C 117. 400 Skroder. C. E 407. 536. 518. 565 Skidstad. Margaret B 117 Skull antl Crescent 542 Sladek. W. R 153 Slater. C.J 377, 531 Slater, Josie O 556 Slater, Ruth M 118. 295 366. 549. 557 Slattery. J. E 118, 453 Slaughter. D. P 152 Sluvniaker. C. M., Jr 324, 436 Sliiiinger, Ruth E 558 Slifka, G. G 258, 370, 477, 533 Sloan, H. J 157. 438 Sloan, R. C 118, 460, 564 Sloan, W, F 118. 139 Slobutaky, C 118. 547 Slotin. Ida 521 Sloves. Phyllis 523 Slusser. E. K 532. 564 Smagi. .-v. L 486 Smale. D. H 446 Small. L. H 450 Smallenberger. L. G 443 Smart. W. H 118. 484. 533 Smith. Adeline E 557 Smith. Anne A 292. 293 295, 501. 546 Smith. A. F 210. 535 Smith. Barbara L 526 Smith. B. H.. Jr .399. 438 Smith. Bettv J 381. 508. 558 Smith. Betty S 135. 315. 370 410. 518. 565 Smith. Catherine E. 285. 322. 509 Smith. C. S 331, 421. 54t Smith. C. F 370. 439 Smith, Charlotte C 410. 525 Smith. C. M 157. 407 Smith. C. V 547 Smith. C. W 152 Smith. C. S 118 Smith. D. A. J.. 118. 399 126. 1( 2. 5 15 Smith, D. E 118. 380 399. 408. 152 Smith, D. W 398. 476 Smith. Dorothy E 284. 507 Smith. Dorothy L 505, 553 555, 558 Smith. D. N 248 Smith, E. E 118. 531 Smith, E. N 340. 135 Smith. Elizabeth M 531 Smith. E. R 421 Smith. F. R 418 Smith. G. A 418 Smith. G. F 156, 437, 490 Smith, H 236 Smith, H. B 442 Smith. Helen L 118. 51 1. .521 Smith. H. S . 118. 537 Smith. H.J 152 Smith. J. E 118,377 Smith. Jane M 411 .Smith, Janice M 561 Pag,- sg6 imy I ILuo of. unjsieznJ)jL 1m ex of I khs s ANn Books — Cmitinwd Siiiilli. K;illi ' riii ' C (HI Sinilh. K. 118. 1:1K. If. 1 Siiiilh. K. W 152 373 Siiiilli. Kirkor 321. 381. 52. ' ; .Smiih. I,. A 1-22 .■ niilh. 1.. II l.ih. 157 Smith.].. L 511 .S.niih. 1. J 118. t72 Srnilli. 1.. I ' 396. 454. 547 Smilli. J. V 378, 419 Sinilli. Jiiiu- V 500 Siiiilh. Marsaret II 135 Siiiilli. Mari C 336.502.539 Smith. M. n.. Jr 444 Siiiitli. M. II 418 Smith. Mihlred L 119. 507 Smith. O. U 459 Smith. F. A 444 Smith. P. n 119, 424 Smith. R. A 119, 154 Smith. R. V 455 Smith. R. S 157, 446 Smith. R. r, 429 Smith. R. H 459 Smith. R. M : 341 Smith. S. F 478 Smith. T. L 119, 318 370, 420, 540 Smith. Vivian T 478 Smith. W. E 443 Smith. W. G 395, 400. 401, 541 Smith. W. I 401, 565 Smith. W. L 563 Smith. W. () 119 Smithers. A. C 418 Sm.nk. II. B 119. 419, 547 Smolenekv. Violet N 524 Smmker. M. F 119. 562 Snapp. R. R 546 Snavelv. E 174.210.370,439 Snell. Mary E 294 Snider, Margaret M 138, 373 512, 539, 555 Snider. M. W 400 Snivelv. W. D 404 Snook. A. M 430 Snook. J. K 119, 220, 370, 430 Snow, C. M 155 Snvder, B. C 317, 490 Snyder. June 317, 500 Sobiloff. J. G 449 Snyder, Marjorie R 47, 119, 183 282, 283, 294 291. 330, 370 373, 405 Snyder, R. B 380 Snyder, S. M 455 Society 359 Soderstrom. C. E 425, 533 Soderutrom. C. W 442 Sohl. W. E 156, 157 Soldinger. M. A 490 Solger, W. H 443 Solomon, S. M 449 Solomon. Virginia M 503 Soma, J 119, 365. 394 396. 399. 482 .Somerville. J. E 119, 407, 454, 553 Sonimer. E. N 449 Sommer. J. R " ' 462 Sommer. R. H 155 SommerB. James F 119, 481 Sommers. John F 346 Sondag. R. F 154 S " n2. B .;; ; . ' 458 Sophomorp Cotillion 373 Sorenson, Margaret D 519 Sororities 493 .Sorn, F, S 446 Sout, S. L ' lS2 Southwick. Charlotte 347 Spain. Irene M 1 19, 501 Spain. J. J 45,s Spalding. S. M 450 Spatny. V. Z 119. 526 Spear, Frances L 317, 410 518. 539 Spear. J. A 420. 544 Speer. J. N 473 Spence. W. A 322, 420, 457 Spencer, Edith L 410, 525, 557 .Spencer, (rladys E 295 Spenser. (Menna A 521 Sperling, A. W .546 Sperry. T. M 147 Spiesman. Mildred C 524 Spiller. A. L 152 Spinner. L. L 4.58 Spires. L. A 32 1 Spitler. J. C 157, 434 Spitzer, H.J 467 Si.ilziias. H 334 Spivc . C 531 SpoMsel. Rachel A 497. 55« Spradling. Zita H 28K. 300 Spragiie. L. E 421 Spran. R. D 44, 334, 401 Spvra, S 177, 370, 153 Squires, D. W 419 Staack, J. A 119, 408. 459 Stack. E. J 322. 447 Stackhouse. Helen D 294 Stadut. E. W 372 Staehic, Ida M. Mrs 523 Stafford, E. E 331, 380. 455 Stafford. G. T 210, 535 Slaggs, G. II 380 Stahl, Helen M 119 Stahl. G 209 Staley, R. B 345, 370. 399 Stalev, S. C 210, 535 Stambach, H. M 4.39 Standard. Dorothy A 135, 282. 283 320. 337, 370, 502 Standard, W 370 Stanford, K. F 418 Stanford. Lillian 120, 323, 505, 5.53 Stanley, Letta M 523 Stanmeyer. V. R 429 Stanton. Gertrude F 517 Star. L. P 474 Star Course 357 Stark, W. E 468 Starr, C. J 481 Starr, M. O 380, 409, 562 Starr, W. E 425 Starrett. C. G 465 Starrett. W. C 467 Stastnv. H. J 448 Staudt, E. W 120. 334, 545 Staudt, G 177, 316. 340 400, 445. 545 Stawicki, Janet M 120 Stead, J. W 450 Stearns, W. J 380. 440 Stebbings, R. W 401, 443 Steele, W. B 120. 418 Steele, J. E 48. 448 Steely. E. N 395, 401. 438 Steer. A. E 154 Stegmeyer, C. F 443 Steib. S. F 454 Steigelman, T. F 395, 399 Steigman, Dorothy 299 Steimley, L. I 157. 376 377, 538, 560 Stein, C. H 409 Stein, J 120 Stein, Myrtle 1 525 Steiner. Anne 511 Steiner, Dorothy M 502 Steiner, H. K 120, 377 Steiner, R. U 398 Steinert, Eva 44, 120, 360. 524 Steinhauser. J. M 125 Steinwart. J 477 Stengel, H 4.58 StengI, Mildred 285, 291, 295 337, 370, 404 Stengel, M. R 325, 339, 477, 546 Stephens, C 331, 332, 540 Stephens, E. E 120, 178, 206 331, 370, 407, 457 Stephens, I. A 120 Stephens. W. R.. Jr 399, 469 Stephenson. R. K . . 120, 260, 487 Stern, Evelyn A 510 Stern, H. S 260. 463 Stern, R. R 471 Stern, Vivian J 120, 510 Sternberg, H 120, 404. 471 Sterrett. Helen M 120, 498 Steurnagel. F. W 248. 254 Stevens, Alice 511 Stevens, B 388 Stevens, F. L 157, 431 Stevens, J. A .387, 395, 397, 547 Stevens, R. H 431 Stevens, R. P 324, 340, 380, 469 Stevens, W. E 380, 441, 531 Stevenson, C. L 409. .531 Stewart, C. L 406, 462 Stewart, Isabelle H 317, 507 Stewart, J. A 324, 400, 409, 464 Stewart, J. T 120, 548 Stewart, Pauline M .524 Stewart, R. tt 435 Stewart, W. B 424 Stewart, W. II 45, 120 364, 377, 454 St. Germain, Eleanor E 317 503, 539 Slice, R. A 121 Stickncv, M. E 380 Sticber. J. R 238. 420 Stiebler, Mildred E 561. 513 Sliegemeyer, Ann I) 121,282 283, 381 Stiegeineyer, Mililrcd C 121, 513 531, 552 Sliegman, Dorothy A., 294 Stiehl, II 443 StichI, J. E 443 Stiel, Margaret C 121. 512 Still, Charity 11 121 Still, Helenc .,1]. ' ,. 565 Stillwell. C. W 156, 157. 437 Stine, Charlotte A 510 Stine, Helen V 294 Stine. R. A 427 Stinson, C. H 121. 3.39 370, 404, 452 Stinton, H. F 459 Stiqnel. Marguerite A . 295, 525 Stiven, F. B 340. 378, 439 549, 557, 560 Stiven, Jean M 504 Stockman, Dorothy 499 Stoeffhaas, M. R 477 Stoevcr, H. J 157 Stokes, II. R 400 Stolle. II. F 454 Stolzenburg, Marjorie A 121, 505 552, 553, 555 Stone, D. L 365. 387 Stone. F. L 154 Stone, H. E 473. 555. 556 Stone. Pauline W 121, 513 Stone. Sheila 502 Stonehouse. E. H . 345, 346, 441 Stoshitch, S. M 400, 409 Stotlar, R. C 419 Stotler. Virginia B 121, 504 Stott. L. H 157 Stouffer. E. L 407, 440 Stout, F. Nadine 558, 563 Stout, S. P 460 Stowe, W. P 121, 331, 426 Strader. I. L 429 Strader. S.Elizabeth 294 Slrakosh, W. C 316, 409, 431 Strang. C. F 438 Strater. I. L 321 Stratton. J. A 484 Jitratton. Marie Y 404 Straub, F. G 157. 437. 488 Strauch. Barbara 498 Straw, T.C 210, 212, 218, 378, 427 Strawn, C. C 397. 398 Streaver. W. A 237 Stresau, F. B 416 Stried. D. D 380, 464 Striplin, R. M 425. 426 Strode, G. O 395. .399, 465 Strohm, J. L 409, 428, 464 Strong, J. A 428 Strouf, F. E 324 Strougal, E.J 563 Strout, F. D 155 Strubenrauch, C. H 477 Strubinger. Carolyn 1, 381 Strudenian. Margaret O 295, 525 Strvbis, Grace H 121, 523 Stuart, Marion L . , ,345, 550, 564 Stuart, Mary T 497 Stuart. .Nellie M . 345, 381, 563. 557 Stuart. R 531 Stubbs. F. W 439. 541 Stubblefield, Frances M 121 Stuhblefield, F. M 181 Student Administration 327 Student Couneil 330 Stults, E. E 332 Stults. Margaret C 411 Stumbaugb. Helen S 410. .526 Stumpf. R. J 470 Stnnkel. L. Charlelte 501. 322 .Sturgeon, Eleanor M , .525 Sturman, H. E 398 Sturman, J. M .399 Stuttle. Dorothy E 502 Slutzman, Dories C 499 Suddes, J. W 373, 456 Sudlow. (;. D 450 Sullivan. D. J 455, 565 Sullivan. Margaret C 378 .Sullivan. Marian L 525 Sullivan. V. R 156 Summer. E. A 400 Summer Prom 373 .Summers, Mary M 526 .Summers. W. L 126 Summers, V. A 420 Sumner, J, R 156 .Sundqnist, Dorothy 511 Suppigcr, E. W 407, 5.58 Surplice. R. VC 484 Sutherlin. Katherine J. . .549, 563 Sutton. J. (; 157 Svarc, J. C 155 Svil, w. C. J 314. 478 Svilow, Helen S. (Mrs.) 135,282 283. 315, 370, 503, 565 Svoboda, G. W 324, 397. 400 Svrlinga. Mary 121. 381 Swain, T. W 147. 426, 450 Swank, Irma L 526 Swann, F. W., Jr 346, 422 Swann, S.. Jr 156, 157, 437 Swanson, D. L 523 Swanson. Dorothea M . . 282. 283 370, 508, 552 Swanson, Eloise E 525 Swanson, E. F 121, 547 Swanson, H. M 473 Swanson, Margaret G 498 Swanson, O. E 248 Swanson, W 344, 345 346, 556, 558 Swartz, J. B 437, 547 Sweat, G.L 485 Swearincen. Lillian V 554 Sweedler. E. C 459 Sweeny, E. J 531 Sweet, H. M 121, 464 Sweet, J. E 454 Sweet, R. S 157 Sweney, J. C 424 Swenson. V. M -440 Swift, E. B 417, 430, 544 Sword, Virginia E 121, 524 Symonds, C 420 Symons, (;. E .157, 421, 437, 558 -Symons, J. G 122. 454 Synton 565 Sypel, Alice A 122, 512 Tabenkin. B Taft, L Talbot, A lalbot, A. N 157, 436, Talbot, AlyceP 122, Talbot, Sarabelle 122, 516, Talbot, W. P Talbott. G. I Tanner. Bernice B Tanner. F. W 437, Tanner. R. W Tanzer. CD 404, 449, Tappero. E. E Tarpy. R. M Tarry, Angeline M . , , .524, Tarry, Irene L 322, Tarvin, D 156, Tasch, A. F Tassick, J. W Taubert, R Tau Beta Pi Too Delta Phi Tau Epsilon Phi Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Nu Tau Tawney. G. B Tawney, P. O Taylor, A. C Taylor. A. E Taylor, Dorothy G 316, Taylor, Eunice L Taylor, Helen M Taylor, J. B Taylor. L. L Taylor. M. Aldythe .122, 515, Taylor, Miriam. .45, 122, 381, Taylor, Mittie R Taylor, R. L Taylor. Sarah H Taylor. T. S . . . Taylor. Wanda A Taylor. W. H 534, Taylor. Vl. Teach. C. L Teal. R. H Teborek. R. F Techn. D .. ' .V. Teehnonraph, The . Teeman, F. H . . 316. Tcjada, A . . Telford, J. D 409 545 407 558 524 553 400 453 524 454 157 555 481 433 555 524 157 152 447 154 407 480 474 448 400 422 HI l. l. 432 511 51 1 2K(, 54;. 418 556 508 500 122 547 419 498 561 490 536 4.,2 473 ■407 324 422 490 Ml ' ) » " " ge S97 imy I iujo c£ Winjdje£nJ)u- Index of Persons and Books — Cuntinued •relf..r(l. L. T 1S2 lelleen. K. L 177 Telleen, L. W 46. 122, 179 206, 236, 237, 238 239, 370. 417, 477 Telleen, Maruaret E 517, 555 Temple. H. C 262 Templeman. W. D 427 Tenipleton. L 155 Temle. Dorolhy M 517 Tenenbaum, Frieda 524 Tenney, H. M 426, 450 Tenney, W. B 455 Terrapin 292 Terry, G. M 458 Terry, R. E 155 Terry, W. M 423 Teufert, H. F 433 Terzie, Athena 525 Thacker, D. W 420 Thayer, Elizabeth K 122 Theimann. H. A 477 Theiss. E. L 534 Thei««, Vivienne L 504 Theobald, W. H 154 Theobald, W. G 122, 228, 231, 439 Theodore, J. J 400 Thna Chi 456 Thela Delia Chi 439 Thela Kappa Phi 471 Thela Nu Epsilon 487 Thela Phi Alpha 509 Thela Siilma Phi 565 Them Upsilon 516 Thela IJpsilun Omega 475 Thela i 468 Thelford, J. A 400 Thiemann. H. H 122 Thoma. Mary F 122. 506 Thomas. Betty L 499 Thomas. Doris A 122 Thomas. Eleanor G 516 Thomas, Ethel M 516 Thomas, F. H 564 Thomas, Grace J 411 Thomas, H. F 422 Thomas, Harry R 122, 157 407, 426 Thomas, J. Gladwyn 206 Thomas, K 33 I Thomas. L. A 455 Thomas. L. C 157 Thomas. L. J 157 Thomas, Mary A 506, 539, 549 Thomas, M. L 446 Thomas, R . . . 237 Thomas, S. W 401 Thompson, Alice 511 Thompson, C. M 24, 335, 406 470, 532, 545 Thompson, C. A 122, 422 Thompson, C. L 157, 407 Thompson, D 122, 469 Thompson. Frances M 295 Thompson. G. W 123 Thompson, I. Norris . .44. 123, 360 370, 424, 544 Thompson, Jean B 498 Thompson. Jean M 405 Thompson. J. M 420, 537 Thompson, J. S 469 •Th iinpson, J. V 138. 334, 337, 373 Thompson, J. W 469, 556 ' Thompson, M. A 548 Thompson, R.J 545 Thompson, T 486 Thompson, W. J 419, 323 Thomsen, P. G 154 Thomson, G. W 468 Thomson, J 317 Thomson, R.J 479 Thornborrow, J. J 424 Thorne, K 470 Thorp, F., Jr 157 Thorsen, H. D 464 Thorson, L 459 Thrasher, H. K 377 Thurman. Frances I 123, 300 301, 288 Thurnau, Roberta 282. 283. 285 286, 370, t96. 539 Thurston, J. T 156 Tice, B. K 425 Tic J. II. W 123, 425 Tide. -IP, H. P 123. 407. 553 Tiekcn, .;. L 317 Tietfian, U,,F 123. 417, 441 Tilford. C. C- . 431 Tillman. Kathrvn M 123, 505 Tills, J. A .123, 153 Tillon, J. E 517 ' Timberlake, Louise 525 Timm. E. A 401, 460, 565 Timm, Kathleen M 123, 524 Tininiermans. B. W 396 Tlnimerman. H. C. . 396, 401. 477 Timnions, Dorothy G 411 Tinkham, L. V 123, 479, 531 Timer, L. D 426 Tischler, M 433 Tobie, J. E 438 Tobin, L. M 206. 540 Tockstein, L. V 236 Todd, F. E 401 Todd, M. C 319, 457 Toelle, I. H 531 Toeller, Virginia B 500 Toleman. L. M., Jr 465 Tomoeaitis, E 471 Tompkins, G. G 526 Toncof f, J 248 Tonk, Doris A 502 Tonsgard, Earle J 123. 467 Torch 135 Torch, E. F 457 Torres, R 262 Torrey, J. P 157 Toth. E. F 447. 553 Touhy, Ellen E 524 Tourek, J. C 490 Townsend. E.J 157. 538 Traber, H. K 451 Trabert, Marion L 464 Track 235 Tracy, H. P 324. 447 Tracy. P. C 447 Tracy, P. H 157, 487 Tracy, R.J 425 Trapp. H. F 424 Trapp. R. N 424 Trappe. S. T 246, 433, 537 Traub, Maxine J 123. 404. 510 Treece. W.J 535 Trees, M. J 20, 21 Trego. Marguerite M 497 Trelease. L. F 511 Trelease. W 157, 432 Trent, Virginia A 345, 499 Trewyn, V. C 418 Triannle 436 Tribe oj mini 210 Trickey, A. 11 378 Trickey. Margery V 556 Trickey, .S. M 377, 378 547, 549, 560 399, 319, 426. Triebel, H. II Trimble, H. D Trinkaus, L. J . . . Trisler, J. L Trisler. L Tristler, J. L Troch. H. C Trommer, C. H 123, 401, Trost, N. A Troutt. Alice L. . . . Trude, W. E Triutt. H Tryban, E 248, 254, Tschappat, G. E 123, Tshcudy, J. A Tuach, Katlierine A 47, 123, 310, 404, Tubbs, A. Evangeline Tucker. H. P 417. Tucker. R. E 395, Tucker, R. II Tuckey. W. S 397. Tullock. C. W Tu-A os Tupper. Caroline F ' Turban. M. M Turck. J. A V 123, 428, 544. Turner. D. B 396, 401, Turner, Dorothy 124. Turner, F. A Turner, F. II 28. 331, 428, Turner, J. M 397. 400, 424, Turner, R. D Turner. R. E 377, 378, 466, Turner, R. M 124, Turner, R. T Turner, Shirley Turner, W. F 325, 339, 370, ' Turner, W. W 397, Turney, J. D Turney, M. C Turnipseed. E. S 124, 460, ■Tuschcr, R.J Tulhill. E. Ruth 424 459 450 438 370 325 248 469 459 557 476 423 411 470 397 180 500 563 474 400 419 401 401 544 496 473 417 547 554 381 124 312 537 517 437 560 548 316 524 547 437 .457 .407 335 541 446 .499 Tuthill. J. K 434, 488, 541, 562 Tutlle, Adelia C 294 ' Tultle. G. P 36, 340, 344. 422, 558 ' Tullle, Nadeena T 294 Tuttle, P. H 345, 370. 549 Twenle. A. D 486 Twichell, M. K 432, 565 Tykociner, J. T 157, 565 Tyler, S. B 427 ' Tvm. Mary M 525 Tvree. D. R 124 Tvrrell, Dorothy N 282. 283, 286 291, 294, 336, 370, 372 u Ubben, D 464 Uhl, Esther C 45, 47, 124. 181 314, 370, 496, 552 Ulmer, P. O 124 Ulrey. H. W 124 Umniach. Lucile H 369, 511 Vnderclassmen 133 Underwood, B. Bernice 294 Undem, H. L 417 University Bands 376 University Brigade 384 University Chorus 379 University Concert and Entertain- ment Board 340 University L,ije 171 University Orchestra 378 University ff omen 279 Usborne. J. W 250. 420 Usry. Edith 563 Utiey. J. H 264 Utt. A. M 4.39 Utterback. D. D 482 V Valbrachl. Winifred 317 Valenta. I. R . 316, 409, 470, 531 Vallette. 11. F 421 Van Alslyne, H 454 Van Arendonk, A. M 1.56 Van Arsdell. P. M 425. 534 Van Buskirk, Miriam A 124 323. 507 Vance, A. S 443 Vance. Edith 124, 288, 292 293, 298, 518 Vance. L. H 435. 562 Van Cleave. H. J . . 157, 464, 537 Vandermeer. F. D 428 Vandervoort. Grace R. . . .124. 561 Van Dervorl. F. Frances . . 55 V Vanervort. J. C 537 Vandevelde. R. H 400. 417. 424 Van Doren. C .... 546 Van Dyke, J. A 124. 210. 217 221. 370. 178 Vanerka. C. J 124 Vanerka, J. A 124. 459 Van Etten, W. C 421 Van Gerpen. George C. . - .417. 473 Van Gunlen. M, B 259, 263, 419 Van Hazel, W 150 Van Homo, J 547 Van Loon. E.J 377 VanMale. W. C 459 Van Meter. V. J 217, 222, 237. 448 Van Petten. D. W 1,50 VanPetten. Willa M 497 Van Sickle, Robert E 469 531, 534 Van Tress, L. M 560 Van Tuin, John W. . .259, 263. 428 Van Zanl. R. M 418 Varennes. A. De 124 Varnum, Alice M 124, 558 Varnuni, E. E 340, 400, 409. 425 I arsilY Baseball 247 I arsily Basketball 227 I ' arsity Debating Squad 347 t ' arsitv Fencing 26(t I arsily Coif 264 I ' arsity Gymnastics 262 I arsily Soccer 26 1 I ' arsity Sivimming 259 I nrsilY Tennis 26.5 I arsily Track 235 I ' arsity « ater Polo 263 Varsilv Wrestling 258 Varty, Miriam E 316, 511 Vasconcelles, H. J 124 Vasileff, V 479 Vaughan, Alice E 125, 404 Vawter, J 157, 407 Veach, Blanche M . 125, 288, 298 Veach, C. W 125 Veale, P. T 125 Vepa, N. J 147 Veroneau. Frances L 322, 499 Vernon, F. J 465 Verry, E. S 450 Vespa, D. A 147 Vespa, O. D 489 Vineand. V. J 156 Viktora, E. J 488, 547 Vincent, W. W 442 Vinje. Martha E 340. 517 549, 555 Vismiskki, T 448 Visser, R. K 454 Vitzthum. J. A 400, 548 VIcek, Vera J 411 Vogel, Frances M 125, 406 Vogel, Helen C 525 VogeL Virginia E 125, 290 Vogt, W. T 490 Vohen, Dorothy J 521 Voigt, LeVona 136, 282 283, 291, 295, 336 363, 370, 372, 549 Voile, M. E 125, 434 Von Almon, K 325 Von Zelewski, F. J 155 Voorhees, R. W 420 Voris. F. B 154 Vork. L. C 125, 531 Vosburgh, W. R 209 w W. A. A 288 Wacaser. H. E 125, 531 Waddell, Blanche M 496 Waddell, H. B 481 Wadden. Margaret E 363 Waddey, Margaret E 136, 137 Waddington, Harry K 138, 336 373, 481 Wade, C. E. W 153 Wade, Jessie C 526 Waggoner, Walter I 125, 423 Wagner, E. F 465 Wagner. M. H 422 Wahl. E. C 248, 255 Wahl, H. T 468 Wahl. M. H 147, 156, 157 Waits, Ethel V 290 Wakefield. Dorothy 513 Vi albert. C. K 439 Waldman. Beverly E 520 Waldo. D. B 448 Waldo. E. H 407, 490, 536 Waldorf, Helen M 525. 554, 561 Walker. A. M 125, 552 Walker, Betty D 125, 282 370, 504. 539 Walker. Geneva G 513 Walker. I. N 425. 531 Walker. Martha K 516, 525 Walker, Mary F 125 Walker. R. A 462 Wall. D 44, 361 Wall. H. C 404 Wallace. G.I 157, 437 438, 537, 548 Wallace, H. A 396. 401 Wallace. J. K 422 Wallace. R. N 409, 475 Vialli.erg. T. M 125. 443 Wulline, R. E 477, 531 W ailing, Marie L 322, 505 Wallk. S 458 Walser, H. J 210. 212 221, 370, 428 Walther. C. J 428 Wallher. H. H 475 Walther. W. A 125 Wallmire. H. H 341 Waltz. W. E 347 Wanderer. A. E 324, 436 Wang. C -WO Wang, Elaine E 500, 539 Wang, T. J 44, 361 Page sgS iJnj y I Zoo ex nunjde£nJ)JL 1ni ex of 1 ' ersons and Books— (.oHdfiHci K ' iiiigiiiaii. I t rt)lli 101 U ' .tllKiiiiin. ni rot)l It (Mrs.). . 125 WaliloB. H. K 157 War.l. Charlotte B 157 War.!. (;. F 126, 125 War.l. llflcil I 515 :ir.l, II. II 157. 462, 537 War.l. I., t; 422 ;ir.l. K 417 Wur.l. Halph W 531 Wiir.l. Rolicrt W 421 ttar.l, W . H 432 W ir.l. W. 1 401 Warclall. Kulli A 410, 497, 561 W are, J. M SW, 563 W ares, J. E 126. 346, 366 370, 417, 462, 553 W arford. A. A 399 WariiiB. J. L 450 W armholil. R. G 440 W arren. Charlotte E 508 Warsawsky, Genevieve 524 Warshauer. S. K 458 Warscher, Anita L 519 Warscher. E. C 378 Waser, G. A 424 Wassernian, M. J 556 Waterhouse. W. T 538 Waterman, E. H 440 Waterman. H. W 126. 380, 552 Waterman. J. W 237 Waters. G. L 380 Waters. V. R 380 Wat kins. Frances R 526 Walkins. S 331, 337 370. 427, 544 Watne, Olaf A 398, 484 Watson. E. G 126, 460. 532, 564 Watson, F. R 464, 537 Watson. F. T 157 Watson, Margaret J 509 Watson, R. B 464 Watson, W. R 447 Watt. Jane C 515 Watt, L. A 126. 332, 338 370, 457, 545 Watzo, Margaret 126 Waugh. W. F 456 Wax. D. R 474 Wax. M 461 Wayman. F. W 469 W ' ayman. L 262 Weatherly. J. A 154 Weatherwax, Mary E. . . . 126, 299 Weaver, E. E 126, 498 Weaver. D. J 295, 321 Webb. E. M 400 Webb, R. L 154 Webb, Violet A 503 Webber, C. A 443 Webber. CO 536, 541, 562 Weber. E. W 484 Weber, F. O 126, 395, 473, 547 Weber, G. B., Jr. . . . 444 Weber. L. F . . 153 Weber. W. F . . 316 Weber. W.J 126, 5 16 Webster, G. L 155 W ebsler. Jean A 126. 292. 340 495, 497, 539 W eckel. Helen M 126 Wedberg. CO 400 Wedig. J. H 423, 537 Weeg. L. E 547 W eers. C A 477 Wegner. L. Violet 126, 522 Wehlau. H, W 419 U ' ehling. F. J ' 447 Weichel. E. O., Jr ' 429 Vt ' eidman. A. E 398 Vi ' eidman. C. E 477 Weightman. Kathleen V. 526 Weiland. G. C 126, 365 386. 393. 394 396. 401. 455 Weiland, P. H 395, 397, 399 Weiler. J. J 157. 553 Weinard. F. F 157 W " einberg. Audrey F 521 Weinberg. I. S 461 Weinberg. S. S 458 Weingarten. C 154 Weinman, C. J 380, 423 Weinman, George J 459 Weinman, P. L 126, 423 Weinstein, E 449 Weintraub, M. S 126 Weir, H. F 409 W eir, Rosemary A 127, 378 381. 557, 558 Weirich, F. O 127 Weiri.k. H. li 3 16 W ei.iberg. W . W 1 19 Weise, W. E .127, 467, 532, 531 W eisiger, B. W 456 Weisiger. D. E . ' 456 % ' ei8S. Florette M 510 Weiss. Sylvia E 510 Weitznian. Dorothy 521 Welch. Ruby M 127 Welge. A. C 477 Welker. Lois. A 127, 554 Weiland, G. C 328 W ellander. A. L 127 Welling. H. W 377 Wells. A. W 487. 565 Wells. L. C 431 Welton. K. E 473 Welty. J. W 154. 318 Welzien, H 490 Wendahl. R. E 401. 451 Wendland. A. C 508 Wendt, Evelvn L 373, 515, 539 Wenghofer. j. D 548. 554 Wenthe, E. E 316. 427 Wentzell, G. A 432 Werden, R. M 147 Werner, C D 210, 236, 239 Werner, CO 156, 476 Wernle, W. F 475 Wessman. H. E 157 West. D. H 156 West. Dorothy 1 522 West. F. H 335 West. G.J 127. 455 West. Myron H 44, 360, 436, 563 West Residence Hall. . . . 524 West, R. J .134 West, R. W 127, 417, 437, 547 West, S. M 377 West, W. O 210. 236 239, 242, 447 Westall, D. D 127, 428 Westberg, V, C 127, 377, 378, 536 Westerberger, Margaret L 127 509 Westergaard, H. M 157. 407 Westerheide. Artrude L , , 45. 127 294, 368. 405 Western. Carol 285. 322 340, 502. 539 Westervelt. Louise 496 Weston. N. A 544. 406. 423. 532 Westphal. Ellen D 496 Westwater. Jean . . . 295 Wetzel. Billy E 531 Wetzig. Lenore J 523 Whalen. H. S .134 Wham, B 3.32 Wham. Marjorie 127, 497 Wheat, J. W 426. 450 Wheaton. E 459 Wheeland. Marjorie H 127 381, 505 Wheeler. B.J 433 Wheeler, F. R 460 Wheeler, J. C 127, 206. 262 533, 548, 564, 536 Wheeler, Marian R 127, 561 Wheeler, P 370 Whelan. Maryellen 292 Wherry. H. Josephine . 128, 502 Whisenand, G. V 365, 400. 553 Whisenand, J. F 407, 451 Whiseland, J. F 553 While, Alta M 295, 523 White, Elizabeth A 128 While. Florence R .507 White. H. L 407. 558 White. J. M 37. 157 331, 424, 553 White, Jeannetle G 516, .525 White, Josephine M 294 White, Katherine A 295, 410 White, R. B 152 White. H. C 128, 417, 460 White, R. H 128 White, S 378, 451 White, Vee 128, 514 White, W. B 481. 531 Whitelv, Ruth A 281. 511 Whitesel. T. L 44, 128. 360 401, 407, 43 I Whiteside, E. P 408 Whiteway, R. E 321, 409. 416 Whitford, Myra E . 295. 554 W hillock. A.N 128. 365, 390 396, 397, 399, 465 Whitlock, Mary C 561 Whitney, E. L 481 Whitney, E. M 262, 545, 547 Whilnev. Helen C 515, 554 . 294, Whitney, W. D Whitted, Vera G. . . liyle. Florence. . . U hvle. Jessie P W hyte. R. J Wich, H. H 128. 376. 411. 519. 557. Wick, Charlotte I Wickwire, G. C . . Widger. S. W 128, Wiebusch, Dorothy L W iegand. D. E 407, W icgand. P. C Wiegland. D. E Wiencek. C. S Wiese. L. W Wiesc, R. G Wiese. W Wiesjohn. Dorothy W igginton, W. O 400, Wilbur, M 44, 128, 179, 331, 334, 361, Wilcox. L. C Wilcox. R. H Wild. R 401, 469, Wildhagen, A. R 128. 370. Wildi, Evelyn M 128, 405. Wiley. C. C 157, 407. 464. Wiley, L. E 147. 346. 380. 475, Wiley, R. H 156, 377. 409. Wilhelm, Shirley , . Wilkes, C S Wilkinson, Constance I . . Wilkinson, J. S Willard, A. C 157, 407. 436, 541, Willett, Martha 128. Willett. O. B Willey, B. F Williams. A. L Williams, A. R Williams. C. K Williams, E. E. 46. 129. 330, 338, 370, .... ' .. 129, 129, 376, 399, Williams, Emily H Williams, F. M Williams, Grace M , . . 45, Williams, G. R Williams, H.F.. . Williams. J. R . Williams, L. M . Williams. W. W Williamson, C. S Williamson, Elizabeth R Williamson, E. C 129. 207. 259, 263, 370, Williamson, J. D 129, 367, 442, Williamson. K. T. . . . Willig, J. H Willis, G Willits, P. G Willman, Martha R Wilmes, F. E . . Wilmeth, C. E Wilmot, Bernadette M . . . 129, Wilniot, M, B 459, Wilmot. R. M Wilson, C C Wilson, C H Wilson, Elinor Wilson, Frances L 129. Wilson, F. E.. Jr 154. Wilson, H. E Wilson, H. W 347, Wilson, J. F Wilson, M. S Wilson, P. T 129. 408, Wilson, P. K 129, 367, Wilson, R. G Wilson, R. H 380, Wilson, R.J Wilson. W. S 210, 214, 433, Wilson. W 157, Wilson, W. M 157. Wilt. E. Maurine Wilton, R. S 399, Wiraer, D. C Wimp, E. D Windsor, P. L 30. Wingert, W. E 41, 431, 544, Wingert. M. M 129. 417, Winlers, R. U Winner, F Winshv. Mildred C Winslow, F. L 432. Winsor. Lillian M Winter, Jewell F 377 378 292 128 448 378 560 294 157 537 524 485 12B 538 448 401 465 531 506 445 330 370 451 157 554 540 526 488 377 545 131 510 424 498 456 421 562 502 176 540 380 457 444 440 325 438 157 464 129 450 490 469 467 21 152 505 210 456 147 544 .427 .261 230 .425 .411 .476 557 512 547 459 129 445 496 561 430 335 SIS 399 421 452 430 456 425 432 535 538 407 514 531 408 531 418 129 547 447 395 458 322 544 129 294 Winters, R. U 129, 399, 546 Wire, T. H ' ssg Wlrth, E. H 155 Wise, Doris 531 Wishart, Gertrude 291, 295, 372 Wishart. 11. B 475 Wisleder, Dean E 129, 407 n,- „ T , 536,1565 WiBsmillcr, 1. L 130, 407, 5.58 Witt. Laura C 130 Witt, V. L 380, 477 Wittenborn. E. L., Jr 558 Wittenfeld. W. N 404 468 Witter, W. W . . .130 Wolcott, Marjorie M 130 561, 554 Wolf, C. S 449 Wolf, Edith ! . !! 5.54 Wolf, Helen A 292, 295, 299 Wolfe, Lenore R. . . . 524 Wolff, Olinda !!;!;405 Wolford, Mary J 526 Wolfram, Annette M 285, 497 Wolk, L. Aldene 526 Wolkenheim, S. E 473 Wollenhaupt, L. L .130, 380 Wolter, O. L I30, 429 Wolver. Frances E 538 Wnmnns Activities 297 Woman s Group System 291 Woman ' s League 282, 283 Womany Organizations 281 Women s Clee ( ' tub 381 Women Residence Hall 525 Wood, C A 152 Wood. D. L 450 Wood, F. L :;538 Wood, F. R 488 Wood. M. Helen 526 Wooddell. J. F. . . . 481 Woodfill. C R lid, ' 457 Woodroofe, Louise M 504 Woodroiv. H. W 157 Woodruff. Sybil 157 Woods, W. F., Jr 340 Woods, W. M 490 Woodward. C. F 156 Woodward. Elsie M 130, 497 Woodworth, CM 157 Woolsey, R. D 46, 130 175, 207. 210, 236 239, 330, 370. 472 Work. Betty L 130, 512 Workman. L. E 157 Worland. E. K 340, 447 Worley, Louise 228, 300 370, 525, 5 16 Wormlev, M. J 325 Worsham. W. B 157 Worth. Louise 505 Worthcn. A. W 444 Wrath. W. F 431 Wreath. A. R 400 Wrenn. F. W 427 Wrenn, W. W 427 Wrelsky. Rose 551 Wright. C W 155, 417, 452 Wright. (Jeneva 294 Wright, J. B 211 Wright, 1 420 Wr ight, J. F 36, 455, 540 Wright. L. I 157 Wright. R. C 422 y, Wright. W. M 130,457 ' W ' Wright. W. W 425 Wrolike. F. E 46, 210, 248 249, 252. 442 Wrobke, J 177. 370 Wroble, L. R 447 Wronske. A. J 518 Wrzesinski. E. J 398. 471 Wiicher. Virginia W 338, 410, 565 W ' upper, A. W 445 WusB. P. G : 429 Wutzke, C R 130 Wydler, L. N 428, 548 Wyman, Ada 503 Wyman. B. B 377 Wvman, J. W 130. 553 Wynes, R. A 322, 409, 139 ■z ' vp ' ' : ' im I Zub ex bnjdejm J: YanuskuB. B. P 220. 157 YanuskuB. P. J 210,212.370.457 Yarger, W. L 130. 515. 558 Y ' aslraw. Gertrude L 410. 510 Yates, C. P 401. 548 Yarnell, H. P . .130, 399. 433. 532 Yeaeel, J. C 476 Yeast, Carroll E 434 Yeast, G. F, 469 . M.C. A _ 335 " pnman of The GuartT 353 Y ' oBowilz. M 556 Young, A. F 210 Young, . . L 407 Young, E. G 157, 407, 562 Young, G. G 131. 490 Young, H. G 45, 46, 131 175, 370, 427 Young, J. O 486 Young, Marian M 131, 495, 518 Y ' oung, Marilee 321 Young, Murrell E 131. 515 Young, R. M 46, 131, 157, 182 318, 330, 370, 432, 554 Index of Persons and Books — Continued Young. .S. H . . . .457 Zal.iu.lek. C. J 460 152 Zane. R. B 4IK Y ' oung. Vt ' endell M. 490 Zbornik. J. J....131, 261 377 531 Y ' oung, illiur M.. 380 409 Zearing, R. I 444 Young. W. H . 438 481 Zegers, E. A . 43 1 Y ' ounger. C. B 346 462 Zei, W. A 45 139 Y ' oungren. W. G. . . ,431 Zeigler. Virginia L 131 Y oungstruin. G . G .477 Zeilcr. F. M 323. 441 Yu. .S. C .490 Zeiter. M. J 153 Yule. J 248 249 Zeiter. Paula O 322, 513, 539 253. 370 457 Zeiler. W. J 153 y . if ' , c. A ... z 290 Zelenv, C Zelle, R. L 131,406, Zeller, G. E Zeller. M. A Zemaitis. A Zeman. R. I Zenialis. A Zempel. Caroline Zentner, 11. D 531, 316, 157 534 445 431 131 155 407 525 155 Zeruerk. Louise R 525. 561 Zeta Bfta Tau 449 Zahren, S. H 456 Zela Psi 442 Zajieek. Albina C 508 Zpta Tau Alpha 514 Zide. F 461 Ziegele, J.N 459 Ziegler. D. F 399 Ziegler, Virginia 498 Ziehn. W. C 427 Zienkoskv. S. J 438 Zikmund. J. M 131, 548 Zilly, H. C 409 Zimnierl.v. L. C 131, 334, 545 Zimmerman. A. A 154 Zimmerman. F. E 476 Zimmerman. Lois H 554 Zimmerman. T. H 556 Zinser. G. E 131.467 Zintel. G. V 131. 558 Zoeller. W. A. . .131, 323, 399. 460 Zule. J. S 210 Zuppke. R. C 210. 214 Zwick. I. A 448 Zwisler. J. E., Jr 131. 431 Page ' 6oo

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