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Y'0f L..! 4. v 19 ft- AY I 'Q " H I , .' E s 1 i Q, x -I FNX I I ' I I I If P 4 f l-- '-NL PX ixwt T, ..,, : ! - X A N I..- I..--" I V' I I..fI 'N LJ I If I fi' I gf. , I Q I I . -1 . I I J ' f l I I " ' .5 f I 'XI L. 1 '. I-.. IS? .. f L- if -1- I fn-I K fx I L-If J HX 2 Tff I A I I I IV I 1 .!' J 1 I XI : 5 I V I ' U, "N FW 3 I' I , , , U . L I I I, ' " - ' N I 2 E f If j :-nn-I -,SX Q In xx 6 I get K xg, I 1 . 'V' I I I ' uf Var SZXQZZZ . M Q uf S wwkwx 'x , qt! - 5: ,J 9 is .X Q. I ' Z i Q l a I- N 1 'X i Y L - L.-I s x, ,,, I j iq Q I l ' . I N k , F V 2 . ., W , ., fi, PQ U rv fi f :f T 3 W.. ,, :Q Mmm-: " 'F Q.. X. ' ' - N. X , 4 r X 2 S N I. J N . .5 X L-... l xx t ' , 3 x g SX Q ' i H 'xx w 5 2 - . 4 X' lg! i X - X l L.. L, an , if if ' X S 5 f ik -J K, X + ' i I f rx ! Q' if 1"-X E Q X ' , 5. ' '1 ' ' NK N ,X ILM kxxze RX-J! i X i"'1.'1 ...Y 4 4. x 'PP' .x 0 r .45 11 'W . , , 'F QA e NAPOLEON WASHINGTON MUSSOLINI BISMARCK TALLEYRAND EDWARD RICHELIEU,MEDlCfI MARCO POLO MARY ALEXANDER DISRAELI COLUMBUS tfsen' I YRUS NEBUCHADNEZZAR SCIPIO DIOCLETIAN CROMWELL ELIZABETH SOLOMON HAMILTON Y or ll.l.lNol NeURBA.NA l RIGHT lfK.Lclwl h-Chief Rutherford 1'Manager STX 22 FREDERICK THE GREAT CATHERINE JEANNE d'ARC GRAN SJ O JOHN MILTON GREGORY O- C U5 : E r z 3, B E Z E '4l r- O W U Z rn r' U, O Z P Z -I I O Z 4 JOHN MILTON GREGORY lJuly 6, I822-Oclober 20, I898l Regenf, I867-l880 Called by +he firsl Board of Trusfees of +he Universi+y of Illinois, John Milfon Gregory lef+ his pos+ af Ypsilan+i Normal School +o become +he firsi' Regeni' of +he youih- ful Universily. Confron+ed wi+h +he problem of con- vincing Ihe neighboring farm communily fhal' Ihe new Universiry was an indusirial school, he had overcome all obiecfions and made Ihe insfifufion an inlegral parl' of 'I'he educafional sysfem of +he S+a+e of Illinois by +he end of his Regency in I88I. 'NIY CI-IARLEMAGNE WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR G I'l'l B Z Z HI 0: P :I n S3 VWSIS p Z -1 C I' -4 us us lil ur I' Ill O Z P :U U O DDU VUA3'I1V.L CIN M ZIV I'l3I'I3HDIlI R X X 0 SELIM HOBART PEABODY Y Afier Beniemin Consfanl . , .,.. i, f , ,,.........,......... ' 'f . r,vcfWy"'if'.4.i - , 1, 1' ,LJ -. -Lgf ' WNW-9" ' .,,1ffl"v - '.: ,,- 'F ,dm we' 5.3 ' , m ,v SELIM HOBART PEABODY lAugusi 20, I829-May 26, I903l Regenf pro fempore, I880-I88I Regenf, l88l-I89l Al+hough 'rhe Universify had previously received some slighf assislance from l'he S'ra+e, il' was under fhe guid- ance of Selim Hobarl' Peabody +ha+ acfual insfruclion was given financial suppori by fhe legisla+ure of Illinois. ln addilion fo securing fhis recognifion for his school, Dr. Peabody by his own inferesf in engineering was in- sfrumenfal in elevaling +he Universily of Illinois +o il's posifion as one of 'rhe foremosi' ins'l'i+u+ions of insfruc- lion in fhaf field. Q THOMAS JONATHAN BURRILI. THOMAS JONATHAN BURRILL iApril 25, I839-April I4, l9l6i Ac'l'ing Regent l89I-IB94 Thomas Jonafhan Burrill broughi 'I'o +he office of Ac+- ing Regeni' fhe experience of his many years of service as Vice-Regenf, and a+ +he same +ime imbued 'Phe Uni- versify wi+h new spirii' and vigor. Under his guidance +he Graduaie School fool: form, +he firsi' Summer School was begun, fhe ini+ial a'Hemp1's a+ exfension service were made, and addifional appropriafions were secured 'From fhe sfafe legislafure. 0 ANDREW SLOAN DRAPER ANDREW SLOAN DRAPER lJune 2I, I848-April 27, l9I3l Presidenf, l894-l904 Inauguraror of +he execurive machinery which lived praclically in+ac+ +hroughou+ 'Phe +wo succeeding ad- minisfrafions, Presidenf Draper proved +ha+ his +alen+ was eminenfly aclminisfrafive. His incumbency is re- markable for +he sfriking regulari+y of 'rhe founding of whole new colleges and schools. Under him lhe divi- sions of Law, Medicine, Den+is+ry, Pharmacy, Music, and Library Science 'rook shape and assumed au+onomy. EDMUND JANES JAMES l f - I L . 4 A1 ' Ui.. V, L4 '. xx 1.4 1 . ,J . C ,C 5 , N., . r, -. ' .1 . . If, ' -1 lf? NW: .X ' l.L,,1 I .. I-.1 , A Iii: , .1 .Q- 1 - IL. ' ' r"-'fr r 'rf vc C"':c r fzffwf Ev-1 ., .... . L 1. load L .J2,.2l.l,2 1,.i,..+.,.vuRl5H.i clcbka-1 I L. , . EDMUND JANES JAMES A lMay 21, lass-June zz, I925l 1 ,H Presiden+, l904- I 920 .1 The keynoie of fhe presidency of Dr. James was sfeady L H growfh and expansion upon a policy of advanced in+el- Q 7 lec+ual ideals. A period marked by exfensive building 1 and an increase in fhe number of s+uden+s, 'rhe Univer- 1 sify had +l1e sfabilify +o weafher 'Phe frying vicissi+udes of +l1e 'lurmoil during 'l'l'l6 World War. i THE ILLIO OF 'I932 - DAVID KINLEY I 1 I 1 V . I . X E ,. I I I , L . ... If CRM! V., . , ,. I I ., ,., ly. V, .QQ I -evil-mrrln ry- -1:17 ,-- Vs 1:-Ffymrv 1' 'Q ' "'g"r' rj f ' rj ' 'f' If' ' I Mfi1'ijxfi,1L.P.. I.i...I,xs,teumI',uI i. XC, Iles'-'l.Ii,i,."Li. Iii! eL.I.iLL, 'I DAVID KINLEY IAugus+ 2, I86I- I Ac+ing Presidenf, I9 I 9- I 920 Presideni, I920-I930 Inspiring Ihe s'Ironges+ personal confidence, Presideni' Kinley waI'ched Ihe number of s'ruden'rs enrolled in I'he f Universify double during his years in office and carried I 2: ou+ Ihe mosr exiensive building program in i+s his+ory. ff 1 Through a conserva'I'ive ye+ progressive poIicy, he raised I -isi 5 +he Universiiy of IIIinois I'o iI's presen+ high es'Ieem. I I ' I I C . L IS DEDICATED .... . W A , 11' 'A W infill, I xl", f"3rK s ,-f ,.,. 'Q ij J using 1.-X. ' 1 :L Mini "Aoki wiki' A ami! We Q 51. ,.j ly, 1 VY - . :x'3,1f..n . 5 ,H-m K . , 1 M? 'ji' J' , , . .-f,v. 4 , " 5-i'fv ,.-1 ,gy Q A ,gs 4, Hia, e- x5"A"-'13,-f', X - V ' , gl? . NWIBURWBHIM .r N. lf: r 4. I .4 '.r,41pgc,' 4. ' -V fx H-ww., , ,. ,M ,. A -,W ,-eu 1 13.61-, .- ,Q Lx.. . F.,-5 r -48- ld ', , qksf'-I '- b-ki., . ..1- A' " Af " "' ' . .,.-v - -',-..-. , , - , 1, .-. 1 . ,-,J,.-'., A . u-.. -Y c v ' ..rL,,2f . - 'Na' ' v v"x "f'.- .:,,, - 'ij Q- f 1,112 . - - 4' f-'- Ae M, , ,Lyn .- I. ' A1-4? - ...4 1, I, ,. ,. . 1 , -1- U.--. 14.-'V V ff:-1:-T-5' ff bd f- , -, - - rn- . ,A L.,:,IL75.-3-,:.lf - ,- . 3 . - v -v' ,V.',', 0 1-y' . -M j'La5"v rv .f ,Q ,,, .. . vgf,,,-f "'.1'+' ' ,ff 'Q .--'-',fx-,331 , . J'. -2 . .,f.A,x- .TY .- .'? ndff ' A .J,J!... s-4 .- ut ,N N.-vv . V "--21.71 '-' in -. 1 -.L-ff. K 1. -.,,,,g,. ,by- -nf' . ',,',x . at ,. gui 31,p,,j3,H . ww ... ,-: 144 , -f L X915 ,...' '-V'-.. l. f-:,.,'i-., .. , .mr ' . Y, .. '- -. K'-bl wr. -. 11,1-P ..- The haze of waning days over Soufh Campus . . . a frace of frosi' in ihe air . . . roses wi+her In fhe gardens. NCOLN ROOSEVELT TRAJAN WILSON FREDERICK THE GREAT CATHERINE MOSES JUSTINIAN g , '?f'f'1,v N X ' fl, 5 g Fu vr."W i' iw. Qi . .4 mash, A UI , 4 ,ri U A If I. 5 : ,sy s 4 I fi.. Z 0 E 0 -I giv- K1 1., I :- Ill Q 4 E .I Ill .I .I ua 3 E O 2 U Z S I- Ill .I U Q D Q 5. U ID 1 4 N N lil Z O 4 I U D BiHer mornings on +he Broad Walk . . . +l1e elms wave barren arms a+ +l1e sky . . . around Uni Hall Ilwe wind howls wildly. . ,4 A 'Q . ' q . , 15,191 Ji 1 , 4 0' J 'Q 'Iv V ffl A 'v,a.?"f" 'if I . , .J A-u4'. 5 . I, , ' , ' 1 x '1. . kia.-tl," . ' 'N W- fe!! ' W l J.:-x'fv-, , -. 5,59 . . JG- .4 T 1.1 " ' ' M 1 ff. ' ' . Wa-N ' Q 4, r I -za ' '41 M Lf? ol, , . A ,I 4 W . ' l '-L' in 'J , , O , 7 1 r .5 . "'- . I Nu ---. "' . .1 9',a'?-'KF vp- g Ak L - "W" gm, - Z hvfnqlirfx, If . - 45 4 s. Yi x '9 '-" .gf-1' - grit" ,rf ... '7- L ., ', ,-vwgj. 211,--.. " ' "...f' '2- .IQ L.-442, '. .,y:,. r ,-' , - ..-7,-1 ' . I, - c-'rn 3 - 459' 1' - .. " 'fglfjw Q Q 5 'l' x- vx s-ea -'H . 1- ff E,-ffgf, 3 ,., .4 . Af - ' . ' ,',' - jg' ' kg ' , I L-.1 ' .11-' ' 1 4 vb' 'A ,:Q, -1: I S , w ,- rl - A' . 1- v .1 ...f , tag , . D, 1 4 H 4 wh. ' ff.: . .. r - ', is Y, , .,, v ". J, 1 L v .A , G , V-1 , 54- 'OV ' .1 . .. vin , 4 .3-.. - -9'ar:l.' 'f 'W FQO' in ' A. ' -Mu N. -. ,-QA ,.. .1 - -'F:I.,":I I ' 'I ', x " I, w," ' , Ir, - .I .fj . ,. 1' -' , I , 4 '. .A . '-. -," gr. 1- A-,II ' ' ' ' 'r 'Q+:...--'Sn f- . 1' , ' ' rg,-. ,-,f "W, .. " 1' " '-rf . 41. , I- V, 'Q-,FI 4 Q l V 6 4 - ' 4 ' ' Af" 1 .I ' , Q -uU..'II'I "' ,. ,II 1 'I '. , f I ' .- I . . 4 f s .. . r , 4 , I. II, , . .sn 'tts' ' . ,-,QL 1, o , I I I, - 1 . , I I ., ' I., EFKBJ, , 'ai .gi , ' x V LYI , I Q lv' . dw. , I.x, 1,44 -1.1 ' I . ' , fu. ' -. , f -if-f.' ' ' ' , .1- . . . . .. . A . . - ,. Ig .,. xx ' - " .1 5. - , IQ - A Q.. . .Lf 1'-i'1,r ff ' V nh V - ' l l 'I' ' , 5 f, X 'fi-.ffj .- .5 f r,' ' f., - -1'I,, .. K' Lis? N 1' 9 . ' f? a , . . I . ., I IIII I. ' Mir! rl -1 'L . 'h r "MW . I af I If, ' ,I I, II 'II ' I :'3-fm ' 'TV' -I I fy, , 4" . ,ge- s-.' ,3,,f. 4. I . .I V145 1 A - -' ' 4. 1 ',- - . I ,ng ,f- h- , pf, I- '-,N - , 4, - s ' 3 of W 5' r ,, 13 Q' s ' v '-v '.-Q, ll " l fx 'K II v I 'Q' I 1 A flfff' ' . f . 'I wr: -' . V, J.-. . I . I -. I ,, " , ,ay . II-,IGF I II- . . I x . - , ,.. xv , ,c-'.4,A - I ' -' v " 1-X"-Y ' 1 2 ' , ' ' s.""C 2 l ' II I. .I I .I. , , g - I,,f :I , I I , 3? ,I,- . W. I w- K Q , , ' ' 1 .bd A1 up . A - N 'I -u' , "lf ' ' oIIIr. - ,IM II ,ar I .. I, II, I :L I, f , , . I .f I II! ,f I4- VIa,I I II I KI II , II I v ,V '- , 1' 'A f- " 'A ,gufxfif , 1"'- 7721 ' . , . I I , I ,V , Ig .- I I' ,IJ 'I' . L,Ir',. , I I 5 4' I I 4 II I, 4. - if . - . -' ,Q-' . III! 4: H., f, 1 . ' ' '- f I f, - 4. If . Inn j'..I,. -' ,. AHF. . ' -"?:T3. 'Fm 'Q' . . 'l'f'f1'.."5-14: . gig H1 A 2 . Y Q 'ff . D . Q l1",:,A YP' X'-' ',c.' " ' ffm -. . .imif I I I , fagfk fsffgfx- 1-'. 'av'-f 1, .Q ,lg f..,v--,xr-QI I 'II II, II fy?:I,U. K,,IIIg zrlqh--.. .WMI f- K I ,I In- "I I. mv, 'f ,af ,. ','..'jI,:. gr . , I - VI . I' . . :I . I' IIIgQef,fIIM IIYIIIISIIII I II-If " . . "r---E' f f ' -1. e' I- 'U' Q I I I K-I 4 ' X , :I TIII :V ,IL,I.':,,: I-' , I fn f' M " - 'IIII '- . .- ff, .-f -4- 1- ..'- at -K-L I " 1 Q' 5 LG we 'f' 'fri 1, . A 4. A A , I ' k ' 2' . 'I Q? . - 5.Ll'-l'jQ5,,a' 'If 4 . Q , 3212 .' ' ,' ' ' E., gi f 1-'fi-f-" ff' 'Q .41 fm .Xl ff . W - 1 ,- ., - ,w . ' 'N - I , If Lupff' 'x , . ., :KI I f I, ,:. 1 ,J-. III: I.j - . - - , - -., -P., . ' fri" - ,. , L ff' ,, -. I 1 , 1 1 , .rv I JI' 5, .f Q I v,,.-5: f: 114.331,-0"'f - . , Ii - gg, , f A - , -- ,. , M. 4--4-'9,'.,,9' I , , ft II. .I . II . I 'II':I I n, ,II II. ,Q . LAI IIZIIII . ' , Lu- .1 u .- . I 43,5 - WA' ,I v-Q,-.zu GI. 'Rf . III' 75 , 'if Q' 7,1 Q ,I P- fd "'5Q'f, Z1 .-ff? ,1-'I - . .4 . .4 I I' f - ' .,I1 y ., ' 1',f, 'l qi- 1. -,. -. ., ,' if -3412+-.,2A?v'+4', ' ,f-if il".-vvz',,'35-"H I I I IIII . +5 II . nag - I . I IXIII II I-IZ,-if I.:I.II I , I , IIIJAJQII-IfMI,:I2I4. IIIII4 I, I N --1-- -z' V 1 . - .,.. II- . 1 4: A' 5 -.I 5 I .ff-,,,5,.4 I I MII, .- ""' . , ,, .l '. ' ' ' W7 r--lf' -1 I-ff, ' ,. -' --H . ,. 3-pl JJ., ff M- Q - . . , ' -ff'--1 i,f..Lx..8 rb. I II "vw 'F 4' 5. . " ' a 51' ' .I - 0 .Q S W- '1 j-- "Y -111' x ,L -... - F,4,3,,4,,,-15'i- ' --, - -..,--- vr 'H I.. 1. . , ' 3 .--.rg , X - E ,gh-.-A., ' . .V A . - , ' f .f . 2 , . Q 1 4,-.rfssf K . If ,. . ADMINISTRATIQN T ZF' HE UN 9 IVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1931 HARRY WOODBURN CHASE President ILLIO OF NINETEENT -If! PMLE I8 ilk I I I I I I I I I I HIRTY-TWO THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 Egg THINK +ha+ 'Ihe greaf Ihing we can do for you as s+uden+s is Io help you 'Io grow up. l do noi' believe in Ihings which lend Io prolong unduly in universiiies Ihe period of imma+uri+y. The univer- siiy is a place where people grow up menially, morally, and emofionally. I+ is, il' seems Io me. Ihe concern of a universify like ours 'Io 'I'rain people Io bear 'Iheir due pari' in Ihe affairs of adull' life. I am in 'Favor of encouraging sfudenfs 'Io assume respon- sibilify. American life needs and requires people who have habi+s of individual ini'Iia+ive and who are able Io fake and bear responsibiliiy. I hope ii' may be my good forfune 'Io con1'ribu+e +o an environmenf which will 'fosier liberally educaied people. Con- formiiy +o a paH'ern and mediocriiy are 'lhe grea'I'es+ foes wi+hin our gales fo liberalizaiion of 'rhe mind. The develop- mem' of individualiiy and a well-rounded, liberal open-minded personali+y are 'The 'Things +ha+ couni' enduringly. I l' wx Pre I ll y f'Ill 9 ' or NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO . +2-lPAcE 19 E+ mul THE U W. NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I93 GEORGE A, BARR Zllevtiny of the Board, November 16, 1931 President, Board of fl'1'ustee.v TO THE STUDENTS OF ILLINOIS W., TAKE pleasure in extending to you the greetings of the members of the Board of Trustees. You ffrf Af are fortunate in havinff the rivilefre of obtaining an education in the health environment which I f j an P o o y , X ,4s. . . . . . . . lvzgjtgjegdb exists at the Unlverslty of Ill1no1s. I congratulate the class of 1932 for continuing the custom of publishing THE ILLIO, and giving through it an intimate glimpse of the students' side of the I7':"lfJ University. Your publication, like the University, has made great progress since the first issue appeared thirty-seven years ago. I take a personal pride in THE ILLIO because, while a student at Illinois, I served as editor of the volume published by my class. In the years that have intervened, I have observed with satisfaction and pleasure the improvements that have been made year by year in the quality of this excellent book. It has kept step with the growth and improvement of the University itself. It is a credit to our Alma Mater. What our University has done in the past is history, and her sons and daughters are proud of her accom- plishments. Its growth and influence in the future rest largely on the work of those who are now students and those who shall pass through its halls in the years to come. You have an important responsibility. The Trustees extend to you their best wishes for that joy which comes from work well done, and invite your co-operation and interest both as students and later as alumni and citizens in the welfare and future President, Board of Trustees ' 1. 'FDI success of Illinois. Cunningham Hopkins Evnus Morey Blnir Grigsby OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO 1 '- f ' I L L I O 9 'ff I +2 PAGE 20 2+ YZIIIIN I ' G lI.lOlOF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I932 some cnpfwr lminlimf, Springfield, Jllismin HON- LOUIS L. EMMERSON Governor of Illinois Governor of Illinois Snperintenrlcnt of Public Instruction Hon. Louis L. Emmerson Hon. Francis G. Blair Springneld Springfeld OFFICERS OF THE BOARD George A. Barr, Joliet .................... ...... P resident Hazen S. Capron, Champaign. ..... Treasurer 119313 Harrison E. Cunningham, Urbana ................. Secretary Frank M. Gordon, Chicago... ..... Treasurer 119325 Lloyd Morey, Urbana ......................... Comptroller ELECTED MEMBERS .lames W. Armstrong Edward E. Barrett Helen M, Crigsby William L. Noble Rock Island La Grange Pittsfield Chicago George A. Barr Laura B. Evans Marjorie Robbins Hopkins Merle J. Trees Joliet Taylorville Chicago Chicago Walter W. Williams Benton l I I XVilliruns Trees Noble Bnrrett Cazpron Armstrong f W +34 PAGE 21 231- , llllll THE UNIVERSITY OFILLIN W 1 .I L if Pm 22 ic.. I Q36 DEAN MILO S. KI'I'I'0IIUM Mn.o Ssirrn Kizrcnum, '95, Dean. of the College of Engineer- ing. was born in Kezvanee, Illinois, on January 26, 1872. Since Hnishing his undergraduate work, he has been constantly con- nected with universities, except for two brief periods. ln 1897-99 he served as bridge and structural engineer for the Cillett-Herzog Manufacturing Company, and in 1903-04 was l l l w l ' w Entrance, 1z'n11inr'vrin!1 Building the war he was Assistant Director of the U. S. Government Explosives Plants in administrative charge of the construction of the Smokeless Powder Plant at Nitro, West Virginia. Be- fore assuming his present position in 1922, he served in similar capacities at the University of Colorado from 1905 to 1919, ami nt the University of Pennsylvania from 1919 to 1922. OIS ILLIO OF 'I931 with the American. Bridge Company in Kansas City. During THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING HE history of the College of Engineering is as old as that of any of the Colleges in the University of Illinois, for in May, 1867, at its second meeting, the Board of Trustees adopted the report of its Committee on Courses of Study and Faculty which provided for "Courses in Mechanical Science and Art, Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering and Metallurgy, and Architecture and Fine Arts." Instruction in Engineering began January 1, 1870, but announcements of the curricula in Engineering were not published until 1871-72, when four curricula were offered, namely: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering, and Architecture. Today the College of Engineering offers twelve curricula and has a splendidly equipped Experi- ment Station which does research work in all branches of the subject. The Engineering staff numbers 227, and the registration of students in October, 1931, was 1357, exclusive of 132 graduate students. Graduate work in engineering has developed markedly in the last few years. The several engineering departments have been strengthening their graduate courses as rapidly as their resources will permit, in an effort to stimulate interest in graduate work and research. 1 K ...lg ,vp .--4 ,-I-' ""' - -an EIl!lI'7ll't'I'1Il!I Builuiinyr LIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO LLIO THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS ILLIO or I E'ntra11c1', Clwmiutry Jmilrlirny HARRIS FRANCIS FLETCHER, Assistant Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, was born at Ypsilanti, Michigan, October 23, 1892. He left Michigan State Normal College in 1912, and received his Bachelor of Arts degree at the Uni- versity of Michigan in 1914. From the same University he received his Master of Arts degree in 1923 and his Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1926. Mr. Fletcher was superintendent ASSISTANT DEAN HARRIS F. FLETCHER of Schools at Algonac, Michigan, from 1914 to 1918, and instructed in rhetoric at the University of Michigan from 1923 to 1926. In 1926 he accepted the position of assistant professor of English at the University of Illinois. In 1931, he was appointed Assistant Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. THE COLLEGE CF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES LTHOUGH points of view regarding the securing of a liberal education have changed considerably in the past century, there is a certain persistence from one generation to another of interests peculiar to the liberal college. It has been apparent that the problems arising from those interests have been taking- a definite trend. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences reflects this trend in the wide variety of opportunities offered to undergraduates, whether in the so-called "humanities" or in the sciences. This College has been concerned chiefiy with fitting young people to meet the problems of the present age, for this purpose drawing upon the intellectual and cultural as well as the factual heritages of the past and present. The College also offers approaches to various professional schools and colleges, these approaches being in the main attempts to aid the student in finding himself both professionally and as an adult human being. . ,V lj, QQ 51. fl' is v. K I X .1 saw at 1 ,t Ya fi C1H'YI'I'iNfl'1l Building 'OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO 932 at PAGE 23 yas I N OF lo THE u .ILLIO NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 193. DEAN CHARLES M. THOMPSON CuAm,es MANrnso Tuomrson, '09, Dean of the College of Commerce and Director of the Bureau of Business Research, was born. in Fairheld, Illinois, on November 10, 1877. On completing his undergraduate work here, he went to Harvard University, where he studied in 1910-11, returning to the Uni- versity of Illinois in 1911 as an assistant in history. He con- tinued his graduate work here, receiving his Doctor of THE COLLEGE Entrance, Commerce Building Philosophy degree in 1913. Since that time he has been serv- ing continuously on the faculty, accepting his present position in 1919. In 1931 he accepted the McKinley Professorship of the Economics of Public Utilities, and in the same year he was appointed Head of the Department of Public Utilities and Transportation. OF COMMERCE LTHOUGH courses in business and commercial training were offered as early as 1902 under the supewision of Dr. David Kinley, Dean of the College of Literature and Arts, it was thirteen years later that the College of Commerce and Business Administration was organized as an independent and educational unit with a Dean and a faculty. It has grown steadily, until today the student enrollment exceeds two thousand, a little less than one-tenth of which are women. Its courses aim at the development of fundamentals, and to further this end, theories rather than practices are stressed in the classroom. Students in the College of Commerce therefore are led to know the way of what- ever they undertake. To put the matter in other words, they learn how to make tools as well as sharpen them. nf-:css "J'jT'aa s, Q, 'Sf 'x ft? - 6 Sv 5. if w e .1 lu ir I ' Q 'Q f 1 at ss ' ,Q Commerce Building OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO f +34 Pace 24 R1- IWQ h l THE uNlvERslrY or 'I-Luo ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 E1LH'IlII,0l', Olrl A11ric1tli1t1'e Bu-ilzliny Ilunaum' Wmosou MUBIFORD, Dean of the College of Agri- culture, Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station and Agricultural Extension Service, was born in Moscow, Mich- igan, February 26, 1871. He received his education at Albion College and Michigan State College, from which he was grad- uated in 1891, and from which he received the honorary de- gree of Doctor of Agriculture in 1927. Returning to his Alma DEAN I-IlCRBl4lli'l' YV. MUMFORD Mater in. 1895, he served as an instructor and assistant in the Agricultural College and Experiment Station, atttaining his full projessorship in 1899. In 1901 he was appointed Profes- sor of Animal Husbandry at the University of Illinois, and since that time has been here continuously, serving in his present capacity since 1922. THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE HE College of Agriculture serves an Illinois industry valued at three and three-quarter billion dollars. It had its beginning in 1867 with the establishment of the Illinois Industrial University, and has made rapid progress since 1895. The staff, including members in the Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension Serv- ice, now numbers approximately two hundred. Buildings, lands, laboratory equipment, and other facilities have grown from very meager beginnings to the point where the institution is among the best equipped of its kind. Enrollment in the College has increased from 50 in 1870 to 658 in 1931. Two hundred sixty-five research and experimental projects are in progress to help solve the practical and scientific problems confronting farmers and homemakers individually and collectively. Results of the research work and its practical appli- cation to farming and homemaking have added greatly to the wealth of the state, besides being of economic and social value to the nation and the world-at-large. Old Agriculture Building -OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO 932 -ttf Pace 25 E+ 'Zia , Ill t rl Q DEAN THOMAS 1-1. BENNER THOMAS ELIOT BHNNHR, Dean of the College of Education, was born in Danvers, Massachusetts, February ll, 1894. He was graduated from Harvard University in 1914, returning for graduate work in 1915 and again in 1922, and receiving his Doctor of Education degree in 1924. His experience includes THE COLLEGE Entra nee, A :lm in ix! ration Building public school work in Massachusetts, Maine, and Alabama, the chancellorship of the University of Porto Rico, and a vis- iting projessorship at Columbia University. He became Dean of the College of Education September I, 1931. OF EDUCATION HE College of Education had its origin in the creation of a chair of Pedagogics in 1893 and the selection of Dr. Frank Martin McMurry as its first occupant. The way for this action had been prepared by Charles de Carmo, Professor of Psychology, who had shown an especial interest in the study of education. ln 1900 there was established a Department of Education, which became the School of Education in 1907, and linally received its present title, the College of Education, in 1918. The major obligation of the College has been considered from the beginning to be the training of high school teachers, principals, supervisors, and superintendents. ln carrying on this work, it has had at one time or another the services of men today known everywhere for their contributions, such as William Chandler Bagley, Lotus D. Coffman, W. W. Charters, and B. R. Buckingham. The attendance at the College has increased steadily from an enrollment of 87 the first year to 1,072 in the last year, when 391 bachelor and 55 master degrees were awarded. .-l4lmini.vlralion Building ati PAGE 26 lif- , ll gg g 2 .. -.. . b. Entrance, Law Iiuildiny ALBERT ,Innes HAIINO, Dean of the College of Law, was born in Holabird, South Dakota, January 30, 1889. He was grad- uated from Dakota Wesleyan University in 1911, from which school he received the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws in 1927. In 1914 he received his Bachelor of Law degree, magna cum laude, at Yale University. He practiced in Los Angeles DEAN ALBl4lIt'1' J. HARNO ltfllll 1927, when he became Dean and Professor at Washburn College of Law in Topeka, Kansas. In 1919 he went to the University of Kansas as Professor of Law. He has served here as Professor of Law since 1921, and as Dean since 1922. This year he is serving as Provost of the University in addition to his deanship. THE COLLEGE OF LAW HE College of Law was organized and opened in September, 1897, offering a three-year course of training. In 1911, the entrance requirement was made one year of eollege work, and in 1915 it was increased to two years. Since 1929, admission has been granted only to graduates of colleges and universities of approved stand- ing and to students in the University of Illinois of senior standing, the latter being permitted to elect, courses in law for the degree of Bachelor of Arts or for the degree of Bachelor of Science. The College of Law aims to prepare students for the legal profession, but in doing so it seeks also to promote legal scholarship and research, to develop an appreciation of the highest ideals of the profession, and to inspire the consciousness of the lawyer's responsibility to society. In response to an increasing demand for specialization in the practice of law, the College of Law has adopted a curriculum which permits a student to ground himself in the fundamentals of law, and yet specialize in any particular field of law into which he wishes to go. 1 Law Building f . 1 'I i fi if mf F in if N ei if i it X n at ' tif it - K Q , v L .. .. f , t .. 1 .. ., -'El Page 27 lil'- - fart f l Wilt THE U O16 NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I93 DEAN REX FOR ID NIGWCOMB IIICXFOIID Niawcoxm. Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts, was born at Independence, Kansas, on April 24, 1386. He received his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Kansas, his Bachelor of Architecture degree and his Master of Architecture degree at the University of Illinois, and his Master of Arts degree at the University of Southern Cali- fornia. These studies were supplemented by travel in both Europe and the Orient. He was Director of the Department Entrance, Architecture Jiuilrliny of Fine and Applied Arts, Long Beach, California, Poly- technic Institute, principal of the Long Beach Evening High School for four years, and has held professorships at South- ern California, Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College, and at the University of Illinois. He has been on the faculty in Architecture at the University of Illinois for fourteen years, and Professor of History of Architecture for ten years. He was appointed to his present position in 1932. THE COLLEGE OF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS HE College of Fine and Applied Arts, springing from the amalgamation of departments of the Architecture, the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the School of Music, came into existence on the University Campus in September, 1931. The first semester found six hundred eighty-three students registered for instruction. Under the leadership of President Emeritus Kinley, the plans for this grouping were perfected in 1930, and were consummated by President Chase as one of his early tasks. Fine Arts had their inception upon the campus as early as May, 1868, when the Board of Trustees of the then struggling Illinois Industrial University instituted curricula including Architecture, Fine Arts, and Landscape Gardening. Music early made its appear- ance at the University, with the result that at the hrst commencement in 1872 the University Band furnished the music. The planning of years culminated in the formation of the present college, the early results of which promise increased attendance and support in the future. Architecture Building OF NINETEENTHIRTY TWO X x f I L L I O :ppm .1 28 HE UNIVERSITY or ILLI Entrance, Lincoln Hall AIITIIUR HII.I. DANIELS, Dean of the Graduate School, and Acting Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, was born in East Medway, Massachusetts, October 19, 1365. After receiving his Doctor of Philosophy degree from Clark Uni- versity in 1893, he came to the University of Illinois as an instructor in philosophy and was promoted to a professor- DEAN AR'l'I'IU1tI H. DANIELS College of Literature and Arts and the College of Science in 1913, he was Acting Dean of the former college. He is now for the third time serving as Acting Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Since 1919 he has been connected with the ojice of the Graduate School as Assistant Dean for one year, Acting Dean for two years, and Dean since 1921. NOIS ILLIO OF 19 ship in 1399. For a year and ll half prior to tlIe union of the THE GRADUATE SCHOOL RADUATE study began at the University of Illinois when its doors were first opened for instruction in 1868, but organized graduate instruction was first undertaken under the name "Graduate School" in 1892. In 1906, the School was reorganized, headed by a Dean and possessing a faculty appointed by the President. In its purpose to advance learning and to promote knowledge, the Graduate School provides opportunities for the training of teachers for high schools and colleges as well as for preparing investigators in the various fields of human interest and progress. Its student body last year represented three hundred and fifteen colleges and universities, forty-five states, fourteen foreign countries, and included those who were seeking preparation for careers in arts and letters, agriculture, business, engineering, the industries, and the several professions. P l I l l l Lincoln Hall X ff 'I-LI0-OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO +I PAGE 29 'ff' Ag I I F THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1932 DIRECTOR PHINEAS L. XVINDSOR Pmums LAwneNce Wmnson, Director of the University Library and the Library School, born February 21, 1871, at Chenoa, Illinois, has spent twenty-eight years in library work. He was graduated from Northwestern. University in 1895, and studied at the New York State Library School from Entrance, Library 1897 to 1899. On leaving there he began his active work as assistant in the New York State Library, but changed to the copyright ojice of the Library of Congress in 1900. In 1903 he became Librarian of the University of Texas, serving there until 1909, when he accepted his present position. ILLIO THE LIBRARY AND THE LIBRARY SCHOOL HE University Library, through the General Library and its branches, provides the books needed by students for required reading for class workg it provides books for much of the students' general reading, such as those in the Browsing Room, it provides books for graduate students, who in writing theses often must consult many uncommon volumesg and it provides books the faculty need in their investigations. Not having all the books required, especially for the two latter classes of users, it borrows more than 500 books a year from libraries in other parts of the country. The librarians organize the more than 870,000 volumes into a useable library, and give much assistance to students and faculty. The Library School is a professional school for the training of librarians, and admits only college grad- uates, because a librarianls Hrst need is a good, general education. Students come to it from every part of the country, and its graduates are in libraries similarly located. Unirwwittt of Illinois Library! OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -'31PAcr:30li+ 'l lr H. rw Eu LI if Ig :ri 1: 1 I Entrance, Univcfrsity Hall LAWRENCE WILLIAM MURPHY, Director of the School of Jour- nalism, was born in Madison, Wisconsin, on October 18, 1893. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin, his Master of Arts degree from the University of North Dakota, and has done advanced graduate work at the Universities of Wisconsin and Illinois. Prior to coming to Illinois in 1924, he was engaged in the practice of journal- vl f DIRECTOR LAWRENCE XV. MURPHY ism, military service, and the teaching of journalism. In 1924 he carne to the University of Illinois as an assistant professor from the headship of the department of journalism at the University of North Dakota. In 1925 he was made director of the work in journalism at Illinois, and in 1927, when the ichgol of .Iournalisrn was established, he was placed at its ea . THE SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM HE School of Journalism has for its chief purpose the enlargement of vision and the preliminary profes- sional training of students who show special aptitude for work in journalism and related fields. It was established as a college of the University by legislative act in 1927. Since that time it has grown ,until it is now one of the larger schools of the country. The graduating class numbers from forty to fifty students a year, and the enrollment, limited to juniors and seniors, averages well over one hundred each semester. The work of the School includes service to the press of the state through the Journalism Conference, and it has a part in the programs of the Illinois Press Association, the Illinois College Press Association, the Illinois State High School Press Association, and the state organization of high school teachers of journalism and advisors of publications. The press of the state is now working for a new building for the School in which to house the classes, work rooms, and laboratories, and to provide quarters for the Editors' Hall of Fame. University Hall ff L I! E 0 0 N H IN! EE 'im' E N H El Y M T my -, fir!-f N i' 5?fffiMlH X tg ei PAGE 31 ji' X-fif'5,r1j.w x lfrilil ",. I Baal x 'W I . X 1 1 DEAN FREDERICK B. NOYES Fnenlamck Boeue Nores, Dean of the College of Dentistry, was born in Chicago on August 22, 1872. He was graduated from Beloit Academy in 1899, received the degree of Bachelor of Arts from Johns Hopkins University in 1893, and that of Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1895 at Northwestern University. He began practicing dentistry in Chicago in 1895, specializing Entrance, Denlixlry Iiuilrliny in Orthodontia since 1909. From 1897 to 1913 Doctor Noyes was Professor of Histology and Orthodontia in the University of Illinois College of Dentistry, serving in that capacity until 1926, when he succeeded to the deanship of the College of Dentistry. THE COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY HE College of Dentistry is making every effort to supply occupants for positions in hospitals and medical schools where the need is for men with a background in dentistry who can approach intelligently the large problems in these fields. The need for dentists with both professional and technical training has led to a change in the curriculum of the College of Dentistry. The entrance requirements have been increased to sixty hours, and more courses in medicine have been included in the dental curriculum. The graduate in dentistry is now equipped to act as a consultant in problems which involve both medicine and dentistry. These afford an attractive field of investigation to the student who wants to work in a field where the unknown and the unexplored offer endless possibilities for research. A graduate course in orthodontia leading to the degree of Master of Science has been offered in the College of Dentistry since 1922. The purpose of the course was the preparation of students for research. The course has now been so reorganized and extended that it prepares the student not only for research and teaching, but for the practice of orthodontia as a specialty. ln order that highly personalized instruction may be given each registrant, the class is limited. Dentistry Building -V - .---,,....,.. ,, , V 3 ri .-, 1 Q: X F .V . N, ,. g ,T V, 4 EL' STX 13,1 ' 'ig in itd li.. ll L fi.. l. L R it ll 'Q' J W k .f-..- ,,., J- , f'fy,1'y'fi K ff!! 'It KA .iff PAGE 32 lis- l QQ? ly xi?-Z l llhl THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 E'ntra1u:e, Quint' LIIII'llI'll DAVID JOHN Davis, Dean of the College of Medicine, was born in Racine, Wisconsin, on August 10, 1875. He studied first at the Racine Academy, and later at the Universities of Wisconsin, Vienna, Frieberg, and Chicago. He served in the capacity of Pathologist at St. Luke's Hospital in 1911-13, and DEAN DAVID J. DAVIS became Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology at the Col- lege of Medicine in 1913. He has written several treatises on Bacteriology, and is the author of other medical papers. He began serving as Acting Dean in April, 1925, and succeeded to the deanship in September, 1925. 9 I-LIO THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE HE College of Medicine of the University of Illinois is the successor of the older College of Physicians and Surgeons which was founded in 1881 by a group of progressive and prominent medical men on the West Side of Chicago. In 1897 an affiliation between the College and the University of Illinois was made, and in 1913 the College of Medicine occupied the old building on the corner of South and Honore and Harrison Streets. In 1901 it was moved to the High School building at 508 South Honore Street, where it remained until this year. Last September, this building was abandoned in favor of the edifice which was erected on the corner of Polk and Lincoln Streets at a cost of 31,500,000 The present enrollment in the College of Medicine is 602 undergraduates, while in the Graduate School 125 students are registered in the various medical specialties. I 1' .Ja g Research and Educational Hospital 97 0 42 PAGE 33 C+ ff i 4 1 F Y 'OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TW 'fl D al-JE 5.JiNJlVERi5l:'Y0F ILLHNOES ll.lLlO OF DEAN XVILLIAM B. DAY WlLl.lALl BAKER DAY. Dean of the School of Pharmacy, was born in Peru, Illinois, on February 15, 1871. He attended the Chicago College of Pharmacy, where he received his Graduate Pharmacist degree in 1892. Since that time he has been on the faculty of the School of Pharmacy. He served as an in- l Entrance, Pharmacy Building structor until 1900, when he became a Professor of Histro- logical Botany, and in 1913 Professor of Botany and Materia Medica. He served as Acting Dean from 1914 to 1919, when he assumed his present position. THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY HE School of Pharmacy was incorporated as the Chicago College of Pharmacy in 1859, becoming the first school of pharmacy in the West. It established the pioneer pharmaceutical library, and published the first pharmaceutical journal west of the Alleghenies. Its members took an active part in founding the Illinois Pharmaceutical Association, which was responsible for the first pharmacy law. The college was united with the University of .Illinois on May I, 1896. In 1916, the University purchased for the School the property it now occupies. In 1925, the General Assembly appropriated 3350,000 to erect and equip an additional building. Originally the course comprised two years of study, in 1926 it was lengthened to three, and in September, 1932, it will be composed of four, with the first year administered as a course in pre-pharmacy. The title of the School will at this time be changed to the College of Pharmacy. The alumni of the School, numbering over 3,000, are chiefly engaged in the practice of pharmacy, but physicians, dentists, teachers, journalists, chemists, wholesale druggists, and salesmen are also represented. Pharmacy Building 1. 1. ll 0 CD If N ll N E 'li' E iii. N 'E' H ll R T Y - 'll' W 0 l l fkflwsxkigf i. J +31 Pics 34 En- ll -- - THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS ILI.Io OF1 13" .Ig Alma Mater Group ALBERT J. HARNO ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS OF THE UNIVERSITY ALBERT J. HARN0, B.S., LL.B., LL.D. ....................................................... Provost JAMES M. WHITE, B.S. ............ .... S upervising Architect and Superintendent of Business Operation GEORGE P. TUTTLE, B.S .............. .... .................... . . ......... ..... R e gistrar LLOYD MOREY, A.B., B.MUs., C.P.A. .... .......... Comptroller ARTHUR W. CLEVENGER, A.M. ........ .......... H igh School Visitor HARRISON E. CUNNINGHAM, A.B. .... ................... D irector of University Press JOSEF F. VVRTGHT, A.B., M.P.J. .... .... D irector of Station WILL, Director of Publicity GEORGE A. HUFF, BS. ....... . .. ....... Director of Physical Welfare It. J w r 1- 1' xx rlgm KN IIIIQ Clcvolugur Huff CIIIIIIIIIQIIIIITI 'IIIIILIB Morey 'lI.Iosor NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO +24 PAGE 35 IE'- 9 f THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I93 W DEAN MARIA LICUNAIIID Outer Office engaged in dean's work, having served as Dean of Women at Idaho State Normal College from 1910 to 1912, at Coe Cal- lege, Iowa, from 1912 to 1923, and at the University of Illinois since the latter date. Miss MAIIIA LEONARD, Dean of Women, was born in Indi- anapolis, Indiana. She was graduated from Butler College in 1906, and received her Master of Arts degree at Colorado College in 1910. Since that time she has been constantly THE OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF WOMEN HE Oflice of the Dean of Women serves in an advisory capacity for the women of the University. Students come in for help and counsel on questions pertaining to study and scholarship, finances, student loans, home problems and responsibilities, personal and health adjustments, and vocational guidance for life work. Miss Irene D. Pierson, Assistant Dean, acts as upper class advisor, meeting and conferring with house presidents. Miss Selma Olsen, who is taking Miss Mary Trenchardis place as freshman dean, advises and encour- ages first year women, helping them to become adjusted to the various phases of campus life. The interests of student life come over the threshold of the office daily through interviews and committee work reflecting personal and group matters, and it is the purpose of the office to further the development of individual and group life in the University, and to provide a desirable environment for women during the years of their college life. Olsen Pierson OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO rf .I L L I O . ti PAGE 36 ii D070 THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS II.I.Io or 1932 I fi I, Olllfft' Ojlice ACTING DEAN l"Rl'lIl H. TURNER Fnun HAROLD TuI:Ni:n, Acting Dean of Men, was born at Plzilosoplzy degree from the same institution in 1931. He Hume, Illinois, on March 22, 1900. He was graduated from became Assistant Dean of Men in 1922, and was appointed to the University of Illinois in 1922, and received his Doctor of his present position in 1931. THE OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF MEN HE Oihce of the Dean of Men is organized to advise and counsel the undergraduate men of the University. The members of the oflice staff are available at all times, and are interested in every phase of undergraduate life. The problems of individual students, of groups, large and small, and the multiplicity of unexpected situations which arise in connection with a large undergraduate body are the especial interest of the Dean and his assistants. The ofHce staff includes Dean Fred H. Turner, G. Herbert Smith, Assistant Dean of Men for Freshmen and Foreign Students, Charles R. Frederick, Assistant Dean of Men for Student Affairs, and Parker C. Livingston, Assistant to the Dean. These men are willing and anxious to assist undergraduate men to coordinate their scholastic and extra-curricular affairs. It is their hope that the office may serve as a clearing house for general information and as an aid to the men of the University. lt is their sincere desire to help every man who wishes to avail himself of the services of the ofiice. P'M'5"VF ' x'p'.ta."",- I ,Y I ,- -'IN Smith Livingston Frederick OTOFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO Q -Y' PAGE 37 ik' W . t t iffillnxw lv ...- , fu Cf" 1 '1- 'r -.1 , 1- fu f" i QMW CLASSES CAESAR XERXES HANNIBAL NAPOLEON WASHINGTON MUSSOLINI BISMARCK TALLEYRA1 Four years of joys and heariaches . . . of laughs ancl fears . . . of hopes and shafrerecl dreams . . . Four years of comradeship, and classes, and aclivi- 'ries-and sludy, foo, perhaps . . . Four years of life a+ Illinois . . . GARIBALDI VICTOR EMANUEL MARCO POI- WILLIAM HOHENZOLLERN SENIORS JMARY ALEXANDER DISRAELI COLUMBUS PAUL ARTHUR CICERO ISABELLA LORD NELSON . 'l 'Y' THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 193 va: I CD17 Zin emuriam Dr. Bessie Irving Miller February 4, l93l Professor George Pefer Dreyer February 27, l93I Professor Emerifus Julius Goebel March 28. l93l Professor Samuel Wilson Parr May I7. l93l Professor Emerifus Horace Aclelberf Hollisfer July 26, l93I Professor William Herschel Smifh Augusf 30. l93l Mr. Paul Chrisfian Luclolph Sepfember 8. l93l Dean Emerifus Charles Kendric Babcock March ll. F932 To fhe memory of fhose of fhe faculfy who have died during fhe pasf year, and fo all members of fhe Class of I932 who have been losf fo fhe Universify fhrough cleafh, fhis page is cledicafecl. OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -vllI'Acr:42 HE UNIVERSITY or II.tI NOIS ILLIO OF 1932 ROBERT XV. McGREGOR 12I'L'JIidL'llf, l:l'l'.S'f SI'IIIu.vtvI' THE CLASS OF I932 SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE WILLIABI C. BUIIINGER, Co-Chairman. JAMES G. BENNIc'I"I', Co-Chairman Rox' J. RAILSBACK, Co-Chairman Robert H. Anderson A. Kathleen Bauer Milton H. Birger Theodore T. Carr Richard G. Cisne Alice L. Douglass Jolm E. Downey Marjorie R. Ehrman John M. Elliott Robert F. Elrick Burnell J. Farnan Frank V. Flaska Harry L. Frese Dorothy J. Card Giles A. Eldred JOSEPHINE A. SMITH, Vice-Chairman Margaret H. Hendrey Ernest P. Hoerr Farrell K. Hodges Garry H. Homann Florence S. Hook Vernon D. lrish Grace L. Keiser William H. Kelly .ludilh M. Kirkman Mathew V. Liesenfelt Richard F. Locke Emil W. Morgan Andrew W. Neureuther Harriet L. Page Mary E. Patton ROGERS D. JONES Prc.ridcIIt, Second Semester llelen .l. Pesci James C. Petlee Ladd C. Prucha Francis P. Rupp Dale E. Samuell Harold M. Seago Ronald P. Smith Robert B. Sliven Wade E. Tapert Alfred E. Treen Silas Wallk ' Theodore J. Wang ROBERTS Em-le W, Wellg Chairjnan, Sanfor- Joyce Zimmerman Mcmorml Committee SENIOR INFORMAL COMMITTEE Rom-:Irs D. JONES, Co-Chairman JAMIQS H. PooI.I-1. Cv-Chairman Carol E. Johnson Albert E. Loomis Robert W. Pashby Antoinette L. Lingg Pauline L. Miethe Ilelen J. Pesci Richard H. I'leberliIIg Ernest P. Hoerr Law Lawrence N. Hansen SENIOR INVITATIONS COMMITTEE IS D. IJIIING, Co-Chairman James R. McPherson Ruth A. Meyers ' Helen M. Reynolds Julianna Karth John K. Morris Lillian C. Walling 7 Q3 PAGE 43 I:+ N I-Ll0'0F NINETEENTHRTYTWO Fill LMA-WAN-DA Robert Yale Bartholomew 0 Arthur Robert Crathorne, Jr. 0 Charles Lyman Emrich, Jr. v George Samuel Fencl 0 Harry Lloyd Frese 0 Franlc Edward Gbur 0 Keith Hampton 0 Burnham Babb Holmes - Russell Montford Horner Elbert Ball Kamp v Robert Louis Kamp 0 Philip King Lantz v Jean Edward Lattan - Richard Kelley Law ' George Albert Mills ' Donald Carl Munch Lewis Dan,Pring 0 Franlc Lawrence Purma 0 Theodore Thomas Quinn Robert Northwall Rutherford 0 Frederick Albert Schnell 0 Edgar Bertrand Smiley 0 Edward Ernest Tryban 0 Lucius Don Turner l I ll MCRTAR BOARD Dorothy Elisabeth Case 0 Alice Virginia Donahue - Bertha Marie Enger Marjorie Glassbroolc Finn - Helene Ruth Foellinger - Dorothy Josephine Garcl Charlotte Edwina Gauer v Dorothy Constance Grant 0 Isabel .lessamine l'linman v Margaret'Parlcer 0 Anna May Richardson 0 Mary Ida Robbins Elizabeth Hartley Ruslc 0 Doris Lucile Schneider v Mary Virginia Wright . Joyce Otilla Zimmermann IVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF WALTER RUSSELL AADYE ...... .... C hicago COMMERCE Accalmlaricy Sigma Pi CHARLES MAl,COI.hl ADNAIIAMSON. . . . . .Aurora MECIIANICAI. ENGINEERING HOWARD HENRY AERAM..... ....Rockford CHEMISTRY Kappa Zeta Rho lnteI'sclIolastic Circus QS, 43 VIOLETTE TIIELMA AEIIAMO .......... Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION English PlIi Sigma Sigma The Illio CBJ: S8C'l'0llll'j', I,llIl-Hi'iiHlllC Council C43 ,IOIIN ROBERT ADAMS .......... Washza, Iowa COMMERCE General Business Iowa State College 5: I I MARY KA'l'lIlilllNE ADAMS. . . . . . . . . .Monticello 5 JOURNALISM gift A 9 ClIi Omega gf T I Theta Sigma Phi: Kappa 'l'IIII Alpha: Illiola liit- ' erary Soeietyg 'l'lIe Daily IlliIII C335 J0l1l'llllilhlll 34 f I Council C43 N' CbIll'l0CtiL'lll College ' I iLiYllON FRANCIS AIlDlSON...... ....CHlIll'!Ill!l COMMERCE Accountancy - Alpha Kappa Psi: Alpha Tan Simnag l'hIIlIIIIx: Accountancy Clnbg Freshmaix Varsity '1'rIIek SIIIIIIII: Captain, University Brigade Q43 HERMAN CHRIS AIIRENS ............. Trenmn GENERAL EDUCATION German Delta Phi Alphng Der Deutsche Yerein Honors Day 12, 33 E A .ac-' .bg THE SENIO JEAN MARGARET ACIIELPOIII.. .S1. Charles, Mo. COMMERCE General Business ' Liinlenwood College JANE DIEIIIMA ACKEII .............. Rockford . FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Public. School Music Chi Omega I Gold Feathers: OI'IIIIg:1 and Blue i"0Illil0!'Si Cast, "Hansel and Gretel" 1-L3 I-IAROLD ARNOLD ACKEllMANN....... ...Sibley GENERAL AGRICULTURE Agri:-IIltural Cluhg Dairy Club: Dairy Tocliimlogy Societyg Freshman Varsity Football Squndg Dairy Products Judging Tcnin 433 .JAMES NELSON ADAMS. ........... Taylorville FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Music Mu Kappa Alpha: Second Regimental Bond C131 First Roginiental Band 12, 335 Concert Bond t-135 University Orchestra 143: Varsity Men's Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, 435 University Choral Society Honors Day tl, 2, 33 GEORGE AICIIELE ................. Shelbyville ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pig Pi MII Epsilon: lflla Kappa Nu: A.I.l'l.1'I. JAMES EDWIN AITKEN ............... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCIS History I Delta Kappa Epsilon BIIARIAN ALDRICII. . . . . . . . . .. ..... .Centralia LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Alpha Gamma Delta Pi Mu Epsilong Iota Sigma Pi MacMIIrray College for Women GRACE DOIKOTHY ALLEN .............. Aurora LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Mathematics Alpha OmiCf0ll Pi The Illio K23 Honors Day C23 Rockford College: Northwestern University R CLASS O -fi PAGE 46 R1- F THIRTY-TWO HE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF I9 V- ,. . 'X ...Z .,.v,.,r,,.,.,,,.,:t,. ,.. - - V 1 I 1 .v,,5514'gw f A Y - X E," ' . g. I I Ex -A LEAVITT ORAN ALLEN. .. . . . . . . . . . .Marion PHILIP ALBERT ANDERSON. . . . . . . . . .Rockford . I:-5 ,J i l ,i f , . 1 I. 4 . Q w LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES CIVIL ENGINEERING i - H . V ' . -' ' Higtgry Phi Kappa Tau l I C' MU' I Phi Beta Kappa: phi Em Sigma Phi Eta Sigma: Theta Tang Scahbard and Blade: , ' .. 1 ' Sophomore Football Manager: Junior Prom Com- ' O ' mittee: Captain, University Brigade Q43 - - -fl ' i 'I ' F' J A PAULINE CURTIS ALLEN. . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago RALPH CUIITIS ANDERSON. . .. ...Urbana Q -,IL ye- -I -- LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE V, Ai.. . . 9 21. Latin General Business . ffl' 7 Alpha Kappa Psi: Scubbard and Blade: Account- - 'fg,' i' 1 K. Kappa Delta am-y Club: Major, University Brigade C45 Q .15 1 . J L I , WILLIAM HENDIIY ALLEN, JR.......0ak Park ROBERT HOWARD ANDERSON.........Chicago COMMERCE CIVIL ENGINEERING .A 'K ' ' I General Business Delta Sigma Lambda ' il. 'f 4, Theta Tau: Scabbard and Blade: Cavalry Offi- 7 1 " I-ers' Cluh: Pershing Rifles: Interfraternity COIIII- Q, 4' eil C455 Major, Unlversity Brigade Q43 JOHN FREDERICK ALSTERLUND. . . . . . . . .Moline LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Entomology Augustana College l ' In Ext ggi, WILLARD CURTIS ANDERSoN..........Cobden I ' GENERAL AGRICULTURE Farm House if? SAMUEL ALTScIIuL............. ....Chicago RAYMONDQIOHN ANEN......Winzhrop Harbor COMMERCE A MECIIANICAL ENGINEERING General Business Pi Tllll Slgmlll A. S. III. E. Honors Day C35 Omicron Alpha Tau Interfraternity Council CBJ ' f EMMA EVALINE ANDERSEN. . . . . . . . .Oak Park EDWARD GEORGE API-EL. .. . . . . . . .Breese . - LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Home Economics Chemistry Phi Upsilon Omicron: Omicron Nu In f I f V 'Pg 1 'T i A V' gi Ag! "gg EDWARD MCCAR-mn ANpER50N,,,,,,,,Urbam1 HELEN LANIUS APPLEGATIE............Pl?OfiU " gd A A, 5- FINE AND APPLIED ARTS LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES , Architectural Engineering History . Q g m ,-.4 A- S- C- E- Phi Mu A' WI? ,f i Honors DUB' fl? Bradley Polytechnic Institute , v 'UNE GWTRUDE ANDERSON-H ---- --Kankakee JIZANETTE MARGARET AlllVlSTRONG.......... 'fiii I 1 FINE AND APPLIED ARTS ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Fort Dodge, Iowa X M1650 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES E K 4' 7 if i D6 iff 'i .IA L. I l Qu ' .A J V X ' x . s , 'a I T H ' . Delta Gamma ' University Choral Society '- ,. University of Oregon History Theta Phi Alpha Fort Dodge Junior College H R 'I' W +521 ,AGE 4-7131- 32 ll I E SENIOR CLASS or 1 I TY- , 'IIA 1 Will . ...,lI TI-IE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OFEI9 JosEI'II WII.soN Asusaooic. . . .. .... .Sullivan GENERAL AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho Meat Judging '1'f-am Q45 RUTII EUGENIA AsIIMoRE..Clmpvl Hill, N. C. JOIIRNALISRI Delta Gamma Shi-Ai: 'Porrapin Club: FI'9SllIlIllIl.F!'0lIC Com- mittee: Sophomore CotIllIoII Comnuttce: Junior Prom Couinnttec MILDRED LILLIAN AszIwIANN'.... ....Cl1vster AGRICULTURE Home Economics Zeta Tau Alpha Jaiues MillikiII University ROBICRT ADAMS BAGLl'1Y...... ...Marion COMMERCE Public Utilities Svabbard and Blade: Caisson Club: illinois Polo Association: Horse Show 12, 3, 43: Polo 'PPXIIII , Q3, 43: Military Council 145: Captain, Univer- sity Brigade Q43 I MARTHA BYRD BAIcEII...............Clurago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES , Sociology .1 . I Kappa Kappa Gamma Sweet Briar College fm ? .,f EA 5 ' f- " 12- ' W' 1 Ip.- MEI.VlN CIIARLES BAKEII.............LlIll'0lI1 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Bela Psi First Regimental Hand ill, -tl Lini-oln College l HELEN MARGIIE'l'IiE AIIGIISTINIIS. . . . . EDWARD WlI.I.IS BALDWIN, ,lR..... ...DeKalb , ......... ...... . . . . .. . .. .Western Springs CIVIL ENGINEERING - GENERAL EDIICATIDN Triangle 7 A physit-a1EduCati0,, SUIIIDIIIITCI and Blade: Tllll Nu Tau: A. S. C. E.: ' , . , . . , h ,V The Dai y Illini till: EYlgllI90I'lIl2' Council 445: W . Physical luducatxon Mxmors .ChIb. Iilockey. 4.37 p,,,m,i,,, Uni,.9,,Si,y B,.ig,,dt, my E W Lindenwood College: University of Wisconsin Ig ..g:i"' Q I ' I I ARCII MARION AUl.'l'........ ....Momence HERBERT EUGENE BALDwIN.... ...Tonica CORIIREIICE CGMRIERCE ACCOUNIGNCJ' General Business Beta Alpha Psi: Accountani-y Club Ciilvcr-Stockton College: Illinois State Normal University IIENRI' PORTER AN'ElI1'...........lVllI7Iillgl0ll JOUIINALISM Editor, Siren 145: Phi Alpha Chi: Pi Delta Epsilon: Illinois Magazine 425: The Daily IlliIIi 433: Siren 62, 33: Production, Staff. "Old English" C2J, "Steppin' We-st" ll-lj, "Cradle Song" Q35 J '1-" BRON CoNsTANTINI: BACEV1CH............ Chicago, lml. EDUCATION Athletic Coaching D e l t a Theta Epsilon: Phi Epsilon Kappa: 1"I'0HlIIIlllII Varsity Football Squad University of Minnesota: North Central College 'FQ ROBERT KRISTIAN BAE'rzMANN.......Chicago MECIIANICAL ENGINEERING Tau Delta Tau A. S. M. E. Armour Institute of Technology Sigma Phi Sigma BERNICE BALICKAS ...... ............Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION Art A Beta Phi Alpha Illustrators BERTUS BALDWIN BALL.................Cairo IHECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E.: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Squad C23 INEZ RUTII BALL ............ .. .Champaign COMMERCE General Business Phi Chi Theta BBTHE SENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -if PAGE 48 lif- HE sis E UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 19 RAY WINTIIROI' BALI. ........ Waukesha, Wis. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-Philosophy Sigma Mu Sigma Alpha Alpha Alpha: Alpha Delta S i g III a: GENERAL AGRICULTURE Alpha ZI-ta: Iloof and Horn Club Honors Day tl, 2, HJ Pierrots: Adelphic National Literary Frnteritilty: Iiiter-Literary Council: The Daily Illini - v Siren 135: University Convert and lintertain- ment Board UH: First Regnuental Band t3, -U University of Michigan HAROLD WESLEY BANCROET ....... Taylorville COMMERCE Banking and Finance Beta Gamma Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi? BG!!! Nu Kappa: Sigma iota Epsilon Honors Day tl, 33 CIIARLES LYNDON BANNER.. .... ......Den'ey GENERAL ACRICULTURE Entomology Second Regimental Band tl, 27 EDGAR LESLIE BANNISTER III...RiCl1lll0Htl, Va. K FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Landscape Archileclurc Phi Kappa Tau Kappa Phi Sigma: Searah: U. L. A. S. University of Pennsylvania COMMERCE General Business Delta Kappa Epsilon Skull and Crescent: Band ot' X: Tribe nt' Illini: Dolphins: Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad: Varsitv Swiinming Letter C2, ll, 43, Captain . t-tt: .lnnior Prom Committee LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Beta Theta Pi Ma-Wan-Da: Sac-hem: Skull and Crescent.: Alpha Alpha Alpha: Tribe of Illini: l"rcshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Varsity Basketball Squad 42, 3, 45: Varsity Track Squad liiterfraternity Council t4J GENERAL EDUCATION Physical Education Delta Theta Epsilon: Varsity Baseball Squad 123. Letter Q33 Nortltwestern University FREDERICK GORDON BARTIIOLORIEW. .Oak Parh- ROBERT YALE BAR'l'li0LOMliW.... ..... Peoria C21 1 ,IOSERII BARTULIS. . . . . .......... . . . .Chicago WEBSTER BERYL BARTIIEI.EIsIY.....Bridgeport Q- ga t mr' . l Q ' 'lil Til is 'N .- -L, if :ff A ' .M tif! :V NIOR CLASS O -3551? I ,A . BARBARA CECELIA BARD. . . . .. ....Donovan COMMERCE . Commercial Teaching FLORENCE GWENDOLYN BARDwELL....ClIicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ' Sociology CLIFFORD CIIARLI-LS BARRETT ......... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Pi Kappa Alpha Chief Editorial Writer, The Daily Illini HJ: Phi Alpha Chi: The Daily Illini 12, 31' ARTIIUR CIIARLES BASS..... .... Pleasant Hill LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Student Colonel, University B rig a d e t-U5 Student Council 141: Scahliard and B l.a d ei Pershing Rifles: Independent. Informal Dance Coinmittee 147: Military Council 147 HARRY PAUL BATEMAN. ...... Urbana GENERAL AGRlCUL'l'llRE Alpha Zeta CICNI-IVII-IVE NANCY BATT!-ZIITON. . . . . . . .Tallala GENERAL EDUCATION Home Economics Illinois State Normal University 94 Wei? VIRGINIA GEORGIANNA BARRETT.... .Oak Park ANNA KATRLI-:EN BAUER. . ..........Euanszon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES LIDERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES History French Theta Phi Alpha Beta Phi Alpha I1 V Orange and Blue Feathers: Gregorian Literary '- -- - '- Society it g I 'ff -if PACE 49 Ef- F THI l W 'F 9' RTY-TWO H N IVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 193 STEWART THOMAS BAUER. . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL AR'I's AND SCIENCES Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma Varsity Wrestling Squad 123: First Regimental Band 11, 29 CHARLES THOMAS BAUMCAIl'l'.... ...Chicago COMMERCE General Business Captain, University Brigade 145 .IOIIN 0'I"I'O BAURILER. . . . .. ...Chicago EDUCATION Industrial Education DOROTHY MARGUI-:RITE BEAIRD... ...Urbana COMMERCE Accountancy Theta Upsilon EDWARD KNIGHTON BEAR. . . . . . .. ...Evanston GENERAL ENGINEERING Tau Nu Tau: A. S. C. E.: First Lieutenant, University Brigade 143 Northwestern University ANNA LOUISE BI4:AT'I'v ................. Alton GENERAL EDUCATION History Alpha Omicron Pi The Illio 123 Gul! Park College li. IWEIIIIILL BEcKER.................V1Tctoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Pi Kappa Delta: Sigma Tau Delta Lombard College: Iowa State College IIIILDRED GRACE BECKER ............. Tremont LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-HLSIOFY Theta Upsilon Gold Feathers: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 149: Jamesonian Literary Society: Anonian Literary Society: First Council, Woman's League 149: Women's Glee Club 12. 49: University Choi-nl Society: Pan-Hellenic Council 14l Illinois Wesleyan University S X Q4 I til If A 'F 4sI'-, I A Nl - . av' , ,.. l ,il ' I M Q .I ,Aa , E R T H E S E N I ANNA EvELvN BEALS. ............... DeKalb GENERAL EDUCATION Art Illustrators Northern Illinois State Teachers' College FRANCES IsAIIEL BEALS ......... Clovis, N. M. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English , Zeta Tau Alpha Baylor University RICHARD BARKER BEAN............Central1a ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Scnbhard Rnd Blade: Pi Tau Pi Sigma ARTHUR PRENTICE BEAR .... .. . . . . . . .Evanston GENERAL ENGINEERING Phi Mu Della Scabbard and Blade: Tau Nu Tau: Captain, University Brigade 137 RUSSELL FREDERICK BECKER.........Tremont GENERAL AGRICULTURE Acacia Agricultural Club: Dairy Club: Dairy Technology Society: First Regimental Band 11, 2, 315 MOIl'S Glen Club 12, 31, Varsity 143 Illinois State Normal University GEORGE KENNETH BEEIIE ......... Claytonville GENERAL AGRICULTURE Delta Phi M1-at Judging Team 145: First Regimental Band 11, 23: Concert Band 13, 41 NETTIE BELITsRv ................... Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION Spanish ' Sigma Delta Pi University of Chicago CHARLES VIRCIL BELL...... ....... ..Brocton CIVIL ENGINEERING Beta Kappa Mu San: Varsity Wrestling Squad 12, 3, 43: First Lieutenant, University Brigade 143 OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO +Sl PAGE 50 1511- THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOI HARRY CLINTON BELL ............ Glen Ellyn LIRERAL ARTS AND SCII-:NCES . English Bard and Scribe Knox Collage MARIAN BELI. ........... A ........ . lll. Cllfmel LIIIERAL ARTS AND Scn-:NCES Latin De Pauw University NAOIIII ESTIIER BELL ............. lfrrnlfegan GENERAL EDIIGA'rIoN English Alpha Kappa Alpha PAIIL LEONARD BENBOW. . . . . . . . . .Hoopeszon GENERAL AGRICULTURE Farm House A vlcultu- ' ' '-v lub' Illinois A2l'il'Ul H, Inl Club, Dan, Cl . V .' luflm' 12, 37: Varsity Wrestling humid 13- 47' DMU' Judging Teuin C47 WILLIAAI GANSEL BENNETT... .. . . .. .Windsor LIIIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Botany Linnean Botany Society STANLEY URNER BENSCOTER. .Kansas City, Mo. CIVIL ENGINEERING Tau Betn Pi: Chi Epsilon: Theta Tau: A. S. C. E.: Teeltnogruplt C11 Kansas City Junior College GusTAv BIOISER BERG ......... Pittsburgh, Pa. A I LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES' Pre-Legal Sigma Chi Alpha Alpha Alpha: Cnptnin, University Bri- Irttde 147 HENRY BERG.............. .... .....Chicago IHINING ENGINEERING Delta Pi Phidelus: Mining Society: Froslnnnn Varsity Football Squad: Xlnrsity Wrestling Sqnnd 423: Engineering Council 13, 'll ILLIO .E .N , 4 I , K : ll ,f l 1 ' X l ' 21 , in I I I 5 I MI.. 4, fl f ,534 S fe'-.tfw I Z U? ' S A- L OF 1 Ffh, l I JOHN HOWARD BENJAMIN- -- ...Paxton .IOSEPIIINE PARISH BEING fMRS.l . . .Culver, Ind. LAD' LIDERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ' - 3: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 445: Fino Arts glSrll?tQ0,nmigte0 UU: Cltitirmnn, Independent Jubilee Committee I-lj: Chairman, Hobo.Purnde Committee HD: Cust, "Nadu" Gly: "Brazil Nuts" 145, "Steppin' West" 165, Lnion Minstrel 15, li, TJ FRANCIS ARNIINIIIS BENNE'rT........EDanston LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ' French Alpha Phi Alpha Honors DRY U7 l i I l l Q ' HAROLD ALBERT BENNETT ........ Champaign i GENERAL EDUCATION History l I i ' ' IAIIIES GORDON BENNETT ........ Elwood, Mo. V FINE AND APPLIED ARTS r , Landscape Architecture i . Q Sigma MII Sigma I I I M I . J I , 4 . l 'THE SEINI 0 gg U. L, A. S.: Cnisson Club: University gixgiilnlfeuln 633: First Lit-utenxtnt, University Brigude l-U ' History ' Della Gamma Indinlxu l'niversity Cl-ICIL OLIVER BERNARD ...... ....Chicago COMMERCE Inflnslrial Administration Kappa Delta Rho Alplli' Kllltim Psi: SI-nbbnrd lllld Blade: Illini Flynn-'I Club: lllmt Clminher of Conunercv: Mllituyy Ball .Committee 135: Intcrfrnternity Council 143: LIeuteIInIII.-Colonel, U Il i Y e r at i t y Brigade C33 ' Nortliwt-stern University EDWARD ALI.EN BERNDT ..... .... 0 hicago COMMERCIZ N General Business Sigma Nu GEORGE RAYMOND BI-:RRY ..... ...Carrollton COMMERCE Accountancy Qonst Artillery Club: lllirst Lieutenant, Univer- sity Brigade C-lj c I. A s s o F "l1fPAGE51iil4' THIRTY-TW 9 vw Q THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I93 I I. ARTHUR LoUIs BERT... ......... .New Athens COMMERCE Banking and Finance Alpha Kappa Psi: Alpha Alpha Alpha: Beta.Nu Kappa: Accountancy ClIIb: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 139: Men's Glee Club 12, 3, 43 Honors DIIy 11? VERNON JULIUS BERT, JR..... ....0ak Park COMMERCE General Business Delta Kappa Epsilon SINA ESTHER BEVlS.......... ...Urbana AGRICULTURE Home Economics Alpha Lambda Delta: Omicron Nu WILMOT IRvIN BIDNER ............. Bellflower GENERAL AGRICULTURE Scabbard and Blade: Farm Mechanics Club: A. S. A, E.: Cavalry Officers' Club: Horse Show 12, 3, 43: Captain, University Brigade 1-lj LEANDER WOLLER BINNA.......... . .Chicago . GENERAL EDUCATION History Lambda Chi Alpha Men's Glee Club 147 Crane College: University of Colorado K n ,, MARCUERITA IRENE BIONDI ..... ...Chicago I' A EDUCATION Q , Public School Music 4 W' , 'Q Alpha Omicron Pi A Northwestern University ' Af. ' FINE AND APPLIED ARTS General Architecture Sigma Alpha Epsilon Theta Tau: Gargoyle A RENO BIONDI.. ..... ............... C hicaga I-, Ni 4 A l MILTON HARRY BIRGER..........Cl FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Tau Delta Phi Phidelus en Carbon ,. - KAZIMIERA CONSTANCE BIELINSKI. . . . Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION Art and Design 4 Illustrators Crane College LI-:NA LENORE BICGERSTAFF. . . . . .McLeansboro GENERAL EDUCATION English McKendree College ELRERT HAROLD BILLS .............. Sheflicld GENERAL AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Club PAUL RUSSELL BINGHAM ................. West Springfield, Mass. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Aurora College . FRANCES MARY BIRKETT ......... Washington LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES I History Theta Phi Alpha Bradley Polytechnic Institute FRANCIS BAILEY BISEEE. ....East Lynn, Mass. GENERAL EDUCATION' Physical Education FRANK HENRY BISCHOFI-'...........Lockport GENERAL AGRICULTURE Chi Tau . Agricultural Club: Farm M e cha n i c s Club: A. S. A. E.: Illinois Agriculturint 145: First Rcgiinenlnl Buml 11, 23: Concert Band 13, 47 ERMA ALVIRA BIssELL ............... Chicago ' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanish Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Delta Pi Honors Day 11, 25 E SENIOR CLASS OF T -if PAGE 52 lif- HIRTY-TWO ' I A... .-' 1,505 H 'I ,R UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOI BEATIUCE ELIZABETH BITTORF. . . . . . . . .Sterling LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Alpha Gamma Delta St. Mary of the Woods College: New Rochelle f'oll0::e .l0sEI'II JOSIAII BLACKMORE....Detroit, Mich. GENERAL EDUCATION Sociology Phi Pi Phi St. Louis University EVA BELLE Bl.Alll..................DllIlUlll8 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Mathematics HELEN ALEXANDRA BLASzCzENSIcI. . . .Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Music Mu Kappa Alpha: Sarmntia Club: Der Deutsehe Verein Honors Day fl, 25 Crane College MARJORY SI'ANo LHR BLA'I'T. . . . . .Elwood JOURNALISM Kappa Delta Gold Feathers: Shi-Ai: Theta Sigma PlIi: The Daily Illini 11, 2, 31: Pan-I-lellenio Coun eil 43. 47 FRANK JOIIN BLAzINA..........Jeromc, Ariz. GENERAL EDUCATION History 0F19 3 Y 47' 4- ,. ,A . I.-,.-.v.41v. 1 W. A Z1 Y X .Ly ,-.1 WILLIAM SIIELDON BLAISIIELL. . ... ...Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Entomology HeZU1IJ09cin: interscholastic Circus 12. 3. 471 Umvermty Choral Soi-iety: Horse Show 42. 3- 45: Flrst Lieutenant, University Brigade Q43 Kappa Phi Kappa LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Phi Lambda Upsilon: A. I. C. E. Honors Day C37 Drury College ROBERT HARDING BLISS ......... Lincoln, Nob. V. 1 ,. ' i ix. T ., 1' T i i ' 'H .x -pq' I fl! L I I IV . '1 K n,. . xv ' Y " r LOIS JANETTE BLAKE. . . . . . . . . . . . .Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Sigma Kappa Cold Feathers: Shi-Ai: The Illio Cl, 23: Faculty Ileception Committee: Pon-Hellenic C O u n c Il 63. 45 ROBERT ASIILEY BLAKENEY. . . . . . . . . .Decatur ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING h' Ft Si mn' Phnlanv' Pi Tau Pi Sigma: P la H . -- . IIIt1ersclIolaStic Circus 41, 2, 3. 43? CHDUIUI. University Brigade C43 , Wll.BUll JAIIIES BLAIcEsI.EE.... ...Earlville JOURNALISM Theta Upsilon Omega ARMEN RALPII BI.ANKE.... ...Grant Park LAW Della Upsilon Phi Delta Phi: Skull and Cresr-ent: Delta Sigma Rho: Phi Delta Camino: Kappa P III S I g Ill ai Alpha Alpha Alpha: Varsity Debate '1'eaIn CEU LEONARD LINCOLN BLoME..... ...Evanston AGRICULTURE Floriculture Della Phi Ad0lDhic National Literary Fraternity: Floricul- t ulr al C lu b: C a s t, "Steppin' West" 133, "PmafOre" Q33 Carleton College RUTII ANN BLUMENKAMP. . . . . . . . . .Belleville GENERAL EDUCATION German Phi Omega Pi 'l'0f1'h1 Kamal Delta Pi: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4,33 49: Gold.Fenthers: Der Deutsche Verein: li Ir:-It Councll, NV0lllllIl'S League Q2, 37: May Fetu fl, 21 Honors Day 12, 35 WILLIAM JULIUS BOBISCII . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago CIVIL ENGINEERING Tan Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon: A. S. C. l-I. Crane College RICIIARD LEROY BOIILENZ ....... Agosto, Ohio GENERAL EDUCATION Biology Della Alpha Epsilon Kappa Phi Kappa: 1'l!'0SllllllIll l"oo1ball Squad: Fresh man Basketballl Squad: Y, lil, C. A. Cabinet C47 O 0 H rw -'Cl PAGE 53 Ef- 'ui i' THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 193 KATIIRYN MAIIY BOEIcENIIOrE........Quincy LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Kappa Delta 'L'0!'1'llQ Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta: fl o l d F C a t h e r sg Shi-Ai: Orange and. Blue IA'eathers: Pi Delta Phi: Sigma Delta PI: Le Carole Francais: El CircIIlo Literario cle Espaiiol: Univeraity Orchestra 11, 2, 33 Honors Day 11, 2, 33 VINCENT JOE BOGDANSKY... ...Christopher COMMERCE Accountancy Auvonntnncy Club WILLIAM ELVIN BoIIN..............Streator CIVIL ENGINEERING Beta Kappa 'Pau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon: Sigma '1'au: Mu San: Technograpli 113 ' Illinois College AIITIIUIK CLARENCE BONIc..... ...Pekin COMMERCE General Business University of Illinois School of Pharniavy EDWARD GEORGE BOURNE. . . . . . . . . . . .Urbana CERAMIC ENGINEERING Sigma Mu Sigma Kerainos: American Ceramic Society: First Regimental Band 11, 23 MARY ELIZABETH BOWERS...'........Freeport LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Knox College JAMES HAROLD BOYD ............ Coaltcrville GENERAL AGRICULTURE Alpha Kappa Pi Alpha Zeta: Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Club ROBERT WALKER BOYD ....... .... L ewistown COMMERCE Banking and Finance Sigma Pi ELOISE CIIUMBAUGII BONNETT ......... LeRoy LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Delta Zeta Alpha Lambda Delta: Anonian Literary Society Honors Day 113 WILLIAM DONALD BOONE. . ..Wilkinsbarg, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Tau Delta Tau Tau Beta Pi: Sigma. Tau: Eta' KIIIJDH Nu: A. I. E. E. - Carnegie Institute of Technology ALFRED WILLIAM BORG, JR .......... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Alpha Chi Rho Varsity Track Squad 12, 33: Varsity Cross- Country Squad 12, 33: First Regimental Band 12, 3, 43: Concert Band 143 . Northwestern University ESTIII-IR MAY BOTTENFIELD. . . . . . . .Champaign GENERAL EDUCATION Commerce Subjects Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 133: Gold Feathers Ilonors Day 123 WINIERED WILMA BOYD ............... Casey LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Public Speaking Kappa Sigma Tau Phi Beta: Mask and Baublo: Women's Glee Club 123: Production Staff, "Old English" 123, "Beg- gar On Horseback" 133, "QIIeen's Husband" 133, "Behold This DreaIIIer" 133, "Remote Con- trol" 143 IRENE DOROTIIY BOYER ........... Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology I Kappa Kappa Gamma MARION LUCILE BRAITIIWAITE ........ Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Shurtleff College LEONA LOUISE BRANDT ...... ....River Forest LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Alpha ClIi Omega Shi-AI: 'IRS Illio 11, 2, an OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -'Cl PAGE 54 lif- I I HE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS II.LIo or 1932 NORMA CIIARLOTTE BRAUER ........... Pekin LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Theta U silon P Anonian Literary Society: Der Deutsche Verein: Gregorian Literary Society: Le Cercle Francais: StIIdent Council, Lutheran Foundation 121 Hmmrs Day 12Q EDWARD BRAzITIs....................Herrin MEClfIANICAL ENGINEERING LANE WILLIAMS BREARTON .......... Savanna LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Phi Gamma Delta I-IIMIE EDWARD BRI-:EN........ ...Cairn COMMERCE Banking and Finance lxllmi Chamber of Commerce: Accountancy Club: lfreshman Varsity Baseball Squud Honors Day 123 HENRY HANNA BRIcHAM............Glencoe LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Beta Theta Pi Tu-Mas: Caisson Club: Interfraternity Council 135: Lieutenant-Colonel, University Brigade 145 EARL KENNETII BRIssMAN.... ....Molinc COMMERCE Accountancy Accountancy ClIIb: Meu's Glee Club 131, Varsity 143: University Choral Society 12, 45 Augustana College W1l.BUR CALVIN BROKAW...........TlSkil1lftl GENERAL ACRICULTURI: Acacia Agricultural Club: Agricultural Education Club BARBARA JEAN BROOKS .............. Clhicago GENERAL EDUCATION English Chicago Normal College V' ' I L, f l s ,Y -ai X 'IL THEODORE EMANUEL BROOKS. . . . . . . .Chicago , "A.'l . f" " 1, J .-ing. i . I l v 'QQ 4- TT' 'r-is " " i n iii : 'I fi Y t- r 'N A I ' A L 1-'J l l A 'fs 3 5' V L K 4. FRANK EDWARD BRENCE ...... ...Waukegan COMMERCE Foreign Commerce Sigma Phi Sigma Scnbbnrd and Blade: Pun Xenia: Cavalry Ohi- cers' Club MARY JOSEPIIINE BRENNAN..........Streazor GENERAL EDUCATION Spanish Alpha Chi Omega Dance Supervision Committee: Shi-Ai: Gamma Alpha Chi: Chairman, Mother's Day Reception Committee 133: Chairman, Y. W. C. A. Stunt Show Publicity Committee 131 ALAN AUGUST BRENTANO ..... Evans-ville, Ind. COMMERCE General Business Phi Epsilon Pi Evansville College CIVIL ENGINEERING llus A. S. C. E. Crane College CIIARLES MILLARII BROOM.............Alma ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING llus -I A. I. E. E.: Pershing Rifles JOIIN ALCERNON BROOM, JR.... ....Alma COMMERCE General Business lfhlllllnxl Pershing Rifles: Alpha Tau Sigma: Vlfslfy Football Squad 135: Varsity Soccer 911311111 123: First Lieutenant, U n i v e r s i t y Brigade 145 JOIIN WILLIAM BRENTLINCER ........ Chicago RALPII HERBERT BROUll.LET'l'li ....... Si, Anne COMMERCE COMMERCE , General Business General Business " 1 ' Theta Xi I -I ' Slmblmrd and Blade: Pierrots: Tau Nu Tau: If Illini Chamber of Commerce: Cust, "Steppin' Q. West," 135: Interfraternlty Council 149: , V'-'jf Captain, University Brigade 133 E SENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-1'w I +31 PACE 55 B4- THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF f , LOUISE AIIRA BROWN ............... Chicago RENICK I'IUI.L BUCKLE. ...... ...Champaign ."if"',QU GENERAL EDUCATION COMMERCE , English Banking and Finance 'T Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 43, 453 HOCICBY V33 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Beta Gamma Sigma: Senior Manager, University Concert and Entertainment Board: Beta Alpha 3 Psi: Band of X: The Daily Illini C15 PIIYLLIS MARVEL BROWN... ...Wahoo, Ncb. Honors Day ll, 2, 35 GENERAL AGRICULTURE FLOYD MELVIN BUEsINGER...... . .Tafylorville EDUCATION Public School Music Alpha Gamma Rho Pl. M Kappa Phi Kappa: Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricul- ll u I tural Club: Illini Grange: Agricultural Educa- INOIIIOIYS Glee ClIIb: University Choral Somety tion Club LIIthaI' Collage RAYMOND SIIHARIEII BROWN. . . . . . .SlIaron, Pa. CIVIL ENGINEERING Phi Mu Delta MII San: A. S. C. E. ROSEMARY ENGLISII BROwN.....Racine, Wis. GENERAL EDUCATION Education Alpha Phi Rosary College ...............Asingan, Pangasinan, P. I. COMMERCE Banking and Finance PhilippiIIe-Tlliui Club AGRICULTURE Agricultural Economics Alpha 'Pau Alpha ANACLETO NATIVIDAD BUGAYONG. . LEWIS RAYMOND BUHROw..... ....Marengo , kv. I I . ,O ' l . f vi .af ' I ljif . ai, HELEN VERONICA BUINO. . . ..........Chicaga GENERAL EDUCATION Accountancy EDWARD REIGII BULLAIID ....... . . . . . .Urbana CERAMIC ENGINEERING Scabbard and Blade: American Ceramic Society: Major, University Brigade C43 .IOSEPII GORDON BUMGARNER ........ McNabb GENERAL AGIIICULTURIC Farm House ' Alpha Zeta: Sports Editor, TlIe Daily lllini 147: Sigma Delta ClIi: Phi Alpha Chi: Agricultural Club: The Daily Illlini Q1, 2, 35 CIIARLES HEATII BUMSTEAD. . . . . . .Monticello LIBERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES Psychology Bela Theta Pi Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Kappa Phi l A MAllCEl.l.A KING BROWNSON........Plainheld - FINE AND APPLIED ARTS I Music Alpha Delta Theta SHl'lllllIZlll Club Orange and Blue Feathers: MII Kappa Alpha: Crime College Fqniveriify Choral Society: XVOIIIIIIVS Glee Club .., zz, ' Y f V, Q . EUGENE EDWIN BRULL........ ....0ak Park 1 ', F 1 - ' ' ,. COMMERCE '- W 7 " ' . 4. 4, ' il General Business A ,' ' I Theta Kappa Phi ' l I ' Alpha Kappa Psi P' Y Y. fi- GENE BRUrON....................Princezon ,ASSE CERAMIC ENGINEERING I K eraums .uv K ' 3 - ROB!-Ill'l' MURRAY BUCIIANANU... ....Peoria X CIVIL ENGINEERING , A ., A. S. Cl E. A , I' 3 b , Bradley Polytechnic Institute I gg, A ,. 1- 1.5. , .fi xappa -ia' If 'ff' T.. f f sfaillfsi I -'. ,., . ,, ' IKEI Elk -'Ei PAGE 56 Ef- . 6' ,I HIRTY-TWO HE UN HELENA DE KALB BUNDY...........DllllUill6 MARGARET SARTORI BUSIII'iE........0Hk Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES EDUCATION History Home Economics Della Gamma IVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OFI Chi Omega Torch: Shi-Ai: Orange and Blue Feathersg Phi Upsilon Omieron: Home Economics Club: The Daily Illini 41, 2, 31: Siren 1119 Chairman, Gold Feathers: C li a i r ni a n, H o In e e 0 m I n g , 31,3 .B?m-,,,f.,. V. ... I Registration Committee QU gf? W ' Q-'Ie if 1 .ga ' -r X ' JAMES IIOWARD BUNTING.............QlLiI1Cy BENJAMIN ALVIN Buss............Forrcston gffgg to LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING .L .Q ' Chemistry f D I 5-if -W xl 11111 I 9 14" ' I ' Theta Kappa Nu .niversi y o ql N? W Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 43 A "' . Ii. 'iii BENNETT BURGDDN, JR........East St. Louis FREEDA LUCINDA BYLAND....... ....AugusIa ELI-:CTIIICAL ENGINEERING AGRICULTURE , gi' - Sigma Phi Delta Home Ewfwmws 0' L I Sigma Tau: Eta Kappa Nu: Pi Delta Epsilon: Phi Upsilon Omieron 5 I A. I. E. E.: Technogruph C3, 43: Eflglneefmg Blackburn Collegg J.,,Qgjf,'Q? Council 1433 l+lngineer's Dam-e COIIIUIIIZLGG 147: 1 15:35 ,- ' E, E. Show Q41 'J g ,Q . llonors Day 13, 41 8 - If ' t' EDWARD DRAKE BUIIMEISTER......Champaign IDA ELLEN BYLAND.......... ...Jlagusta 3,51 " EDUCATION AGRICULTURE Q , I Aihzeifc Coaching Home Ewfwmws S I . , ' Delia Theta Epsilon: Varsity Football Squad Phi Upsilon Omieron - - 3.4 D, .-I Western Illinois State Teachers' College I ' 7 QI Q A N., 1:2 gk ' X 1 A. di 77 L iN 5. if li xo MARY FRANCES BURNIIAM. . . . . . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French MAIIY WINIFRED BURNS...........CarlITnville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Gregorian Literary Societyg Home Economies Club: Hockey f4Jg Rifle Team 13, 47 Blackburn College HOWARD BLAINE BURTON, JR. . . . . .Champaign CERAMIC ENGINEERING Phi Pi Phi Kerumosg American Ceramic Society: Cavalry Offieers' Clubg Illinois Polo Associationg First Tiieutenuiit, University Brigade C45 RUTII MARIAM BUSCII ............ Champaign EDUCATION Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omieron PEYTON BUCKNER BYIINE.....Bl'00k8'Uill0, Ky. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Sigma Nu Scarab FRANCISCO VILLIGNA CALABIAU. ...... .....................Aparri Cagayan, P. 1. .IOUIINALISM University of Nebraska NORMAN WATSON CAI.Low.......Park Ridge JOIJIINALISM Kappa Phi Sigina DONALD ALI-IXANDICII CAMERON ....... Chicago COMMERCE Industrial Arlministration, Phi Kappa Sigma The Daily Illini 11, 25: Men's Glue Club Cl, 25 I R CLASS OF THI -'Ei PAGE 57 121- RTY-TWO THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO MARY LOUISE CAMERON .............. Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Kappa Alpha Theta Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta . .......... Decatur MARTI-IA MAIIY CAREY .... LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Alpha Chi Omega James Millikin University . . .. .Auburn JOHN ANGELINO CARLINO. EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Delta Theta Epsilon: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Squad C23 CLYDE JOHN CARLSTRAND.....Baltimore, Md. CIVIL ENGINEERING JOHN RICIIARD CAlII'EN'I'ER. . . . . . . . . . .Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology I Alp ha Tau Sigma: Hexapoocia: Le Cercle Francais: Der Deutsche Verein: University Rifle Team 445: Captain, University Brigade Q43 Grand Rapids Junior College WILLIAM GEYER CARR ..... ...Donovan LAW Sigma Delta Kappa KATHRYN MARIE CARROLL. . . . . . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES . English 10, X.- Illinois Intercollegiate Club ,E Crane College r MARJORIE TIIELMA CARSON. . . . . . . . . . . .Philo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES OF 193 g Delta Chi lllini Flying Club Bradley Polytechnic Institute: Johns Hopkins University History . 'I iff? "- ':,,q . l . . Ti fy . GINO AMERICO CARMOLLI .......... Barre, Vt. EDWARD OTIIELLO CARTER .... .... C 'Ihicago i 5 if V' if GENERAL EDUCATION EDUCATION '.- D Physical Education ' Industrial Education s Delta Theta Epsilon: Phi Epsilon Kappa Kappa Alpha Psi ' 1 .. BERNADETTE ELIZABETH CARoN ..... Oak Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES . History Theta Phi Alpha BARRETT MANVILLE CARCTHERS. . . . . . . . . . . ..........................Kirksville, Mo. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E. Northeast Missouri State Teachers' College ' HOWARD SEWELL CARPENTER. . . . . . . . .Chicago JOURNALISM Phi Alpha Chi: The Daily Illini 11, 2, 3, 45 . .. :R ' if l WAYNE STEWART CARVER. . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Delta Alpha Epsilon First Lieutenant, University Brigade 145 DoRoTIIY ELISAEETII CASE. . . . . . . . . . .Chicago GENERAL EDUCATIoN Physical Education Mortar Board: Torch: Kappa Delta Pi: NV. A. A.: Alpha. Sigma Nu: Pi Delta Phi: Physical Education Majors' Club: Orchesis: Tcrrapin: Woman's Cosmopolitan Club AUDREY LUCILLE CASTLE. . . . . . . . . . . . .Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Women's Glue Club Q3, 43 0 '1 JI i 5' ft -if PACE 58131- SENI R cLAss or T li' Y HIRTY-TWO HE UNIVERSITY-OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 19 BRUCE WIIITLOW CA'l'LIN.'. . .Kingsburg, Calif. EDUCATION Athletic Coaching EVELYN ALICE CIIADWICK. . . . . . . . . . . .Ottawa GENERAL EDUCATION Latin Chi Omega Ilillsdule College I-IARRIET CI-IARLOTTE CIIADWICK.. GENERAL EDUCATION . . . . .Chicago .........................Chestertori, Ind. GENERAL EDUCATION Public Speaking Musk und Buubleg Independent Council 117 COMMERCE General Business Sigma Delta Rho Cnisson Club: Student.CouIIcil, Wesley Foundu- tion, 1259 Cuptuin, University Brigade 145 FINE AND API-LIED ARTS VERNON RUDOLPII CIIARLSON. . . . . . . .. . . . .. ,, A 1, ' fs ' .I if Jig, J f 1, v 1 I 1. , M 5 f ,I ff ,g til H 'J ' 1 'V' ' ' "4 I: l ,r DONALD STEWART CIIARLTON.... ...Chicago , L. . TRACE CIIRISTENSON, .IR .... ..Stoughton, Wis. I ... N .c , s Q l I Physical Education AfChiff5CfUfff s ., Alpha Delta Pi Theta XI . A The Duily Illini 1355 Soccer 185 Scarab f 1"' University of Wisr-onsin , I'IliI.EN MARGARET CIIAMEERS.......0ak Park VERNON PAUL CIIRIsTMAN......Akron, Ohio GENERAL EDUCATION COMMERCE Education Public Utilities il- Delta Zeta Sigmu Iota Epsilon A lv 'I Cliivugo Norlnul College Honors Day my I 1 ' .,,,'.bN5f. l o - , BETTY ROSA CHAMPION. .... ......0ak Park VIRGINIA CIlRIS'l'MAN........ ...Urbana if . Tk! 'HIE SENIO GENERAL EDUCATION A Mathematics Phi Omega Pi Y. IV. C. A. Cabinet 1433 Gregorian Literary Society Crane College WATTS WAGNER CHANCE.. ..... Milluille, N. J. EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Delta Alpha Epsilon Knppn Phi Siginttg Phi Epsilon Kuppug Sigma Delta Psi: Tribe of Illinig Inter-Literary, Coun- cil: Freshman Varsity Football Squudg arsity Swimming Sriuud 123: Varsity Gym Squad 123, Letter 135: nterfruternity Council 13, 49 DAVID EDWIN CHAPMAN. . . . . . . . . .Carbondale ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Southern Illinois State Normal University BLISS LIVINGSTON CHARLES. COMMERCE Foreign Commerce Phi Chi Theta: Guuuna Epsilon Pi Honors Duy 11g 2, 333 University of Illinois Scholarship Key 135 Q Guinmu E p s i l o ll PI Scholarship Cup 117 PIIILLIP NORMAN CITll0N.... ...Chicago COMMERCE General Business Zeta Beta Tau Musk und Bauble AURA FRANCES CLARK... .... ......Rockford LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History - Kappa Delta The Duily Illini 11, 233 Enterpriser 1115 Student Council, Wesley Foundation 11, 25 GUNNAR STEVEN CLASON....Worcester, Mass. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hun.tin.gton, W. Va. GICNERAL EDUCATION COMMERCE Physical Education, Accountancy Sigma Delta Rho Sigma Pi lfupiou PhivKu1Ipug1w Phli ll? pus i l on VK R p p ng Nrnrshau College 3300i Nl bfllllll , III I' S I t Y CLASS OF THI . All PACE 59 131- RTY TW THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1 CIIARl.O'I"l'I-I EI.lZABE'l'lI CLAUSSEN .... Chicago LIIIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Zeta Tau Alpha Anonian Literary Society: Orehesis HELEN ELIZABIETII CI.AYTlIN..WOSlUf!L Springs LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanish Chi Omega Siren 133 Rockford College HELEN GAIL CLEAvIf:LIN..... ...Champaign COMMERCE General Business MARGAlII1'l' ELLEN CLEM .......... Springheld LIDERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES French Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Lambd.-. Delta: Le Cercle Frauqais: El Circulo Literarin de Espiiiol A Honors Day 11, 2, 33: University of Illinois Suholarship Key 133 s OTTO HENRY COELLN, ,IR ..... ......Chicago JOUIINALISM Gamma Theta Phi' Bard and Scribe: The Daily Illini 133: Journalism Council 143: om, "The Black Flamingo" 133 Crane College BLANCIII-1 COIIEN.......... ..... ....Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION Education BERNARD NED COIIN. . . . . . . . .. ...Chicago COMMERCE Banking and F inancc Phi Epsilon Pi CAROL KERDIIT COLE ............ Mound City EDUCATION Physical Education Kappa Alpha Psi vf. 'k -. S . ' -L IRWIN ALLEN COCuRUN....... ...Urbana EDNA MAE COLE Mattoon ,Z . ' COMMERCE GENERAL EDUCATION , f Accountancy ' History , Seabbard.ang.1 Blade: Cnisson.Clubi, Accoiinlganm-yi Phi Omega Pi Q Club: Illinois Polo ASSOCIHLIDHI larsity ISIO Y' W' C. A' Cabinet My Y. W. C- A. Com. 'J' 'l Team 44, ' Cnptum' Umversny Bngnde My :aissiOa,123: Jamesouiau Iliternry Society: May 4 ,L A ete '5' I 6 ri- THE SENI JOTIN WILSON CODD. . . . . . . .. . .Chicago COMMERCE General Business HARVEY WINSER CODDINGTON. . . . . . .Princeton GENERAL EDUCATION Bacteriology Chi Tau Y, M, C, A, Cabinet 143: Caissnn Club: The lllio 113: Inn-rfraternity Council 133: Captain, University Brigade 1113 MARY COE .................... . . .Robinson AGRICULTURE Home Economics Illavklrnrn College JOHN GARM COLEMAN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pekin COMMEIICE-Banking and Finance Alpha Tau Omega Phi Eta Sigma: Skull and Crescent: Freshman Varsity Golf Squad: Varsity -Golf Squad 12, 3, 43: Interfraternity Council 13, 43 Honors Day 113: Beta Gamma Sigma Freshman Scholarship Cup KATHERINI-1 COLP....................MHfi0H FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Music Pi Beta Phi Women's Cleo Club 12, 333 University Choral Society: Cast, "French Heels" 133: Pau-Ilellenic Council HU Gulf Park College LEWIS FRED CONCKLIN .... .........0ak Park FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Ilus Theta Tau: SI-ablinrd and Blade: Cais:-Ion Club: Illinois Polo Association: 'Pea-hnograph 113: Interfraternlty Council 143: Captain, University Brigade 143 Scarab Medal OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWC -IEE PACE 60 E1- TH Q- UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOI GEORGE JAMES CONNIiII...... ....Divernon EDUCATION Physical Education KATIIRYN .IACY CONNOR .............. Toledo LIIIERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES History Sigma Kappa JuLIE'r MAIKY CONNORS......C0llLIIllJlLS, Ohio LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-History Kappa Kappa Gamma Woman's Business Manager, 'llhe Daily Ulm' 145: Shi-Ai: Sigma Delta Phi: MIl.'Bk 112111 Bauhle: National Collegiate Players: 1lIo Daily Illini Cl: 2, Ill: Illini Theatre Guild 12, :Ui Business Manager. Y. W. C. A. Stunt Show Q-372 Junior Prom Committee: Facility lteeeptlflll Committee: Chairman, Homecoming Stamp Sales Committee C37 lhllLDRED CAROL COOK ........ St. Joseph, Mo. FINE AND AI'I'l.IlCIl AR'I's Music Sigma Alpha Iota MII Kappa Alpha. University of Chicago ETIIEL FERN COSEY ................. Sterling LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English The Dany Illini 4:37 Eureka College RoEER'I' PLEASANT COTIIERN, JR..Gibson City COMMERCE Industrial Administration Phalanx: Pi Tau Pi Sigma WILLIANI BELLMAN Corr ........ Akron, Ohio CIVIL ENGINEERING Phi Mu Delta A. S. C. E. K e Il y o n College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology DONALD EUGENE Cox ............ Champaign COMMERCE Industrial Administration LLIO OF1 Kp , l . 1 '. . r .'4 'x - N ,I i ' ' .1 :lf 4 1.- -' :L-ii ' I If I v Yip I 4... . X .-. i I K -jo gf ,gif , ' -'f' ., V, v 'll st, , V ,hai ' U I V i' it Q. Tw: , - IW- , az. ff- .i - 'A , -1 . C'-A' v, 4, I, . "4 v -lr -V 'U-,I EDUCATION Home Economics Ward-Belmont Seminary ,. Li JAMES LAwLER CooMBEs..... ...Fieldon MILDIIED LORRAINE Cox..........Springheld COMMERCE LIBERAL Anrs AND SCIENCES General Business English Acliaea Blalokburn College: lllinois S tate N o r III al University FRANCES ANNE COOl'ER....... ...Bridgeport ,IOIIN ELERIDCE CRAMMONll......CNISOIL City ' E- CEDIICE WILLIS CQRNEY ............ Brimheld , ' . GENERAL AGRICULTURE X Agricultural Club: Dairy Club -I 1 Hedding Junior Colleqe . -Q' A I i Q :L- EMILY IRNO COIINWELL.......... GENERAL EDUCATION History Illinois State Normal University ,b, I 12" . . . Gritlley COMMVEIICIC General Business Accountancy Club AR'I'IIUR ROBERT CIIATIIOIINIC, Ja. .Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-Pre-Legal PlIi Kappa Sigma 'AIll'xv1lH'DHI President, lllinois Union C413 Student Council 449: Tn-Mas: Skull and Cres- I-ent: Alpha Alpha Alpha: Dolphins: l1'I'0Slllllllll Varsity Swimming Squad: Varsity Swimming Squad QBJ: General Chairman, Dad's Day C315 General Chairman, M0tlltlT'S Day till: Sopho- more Cotillion Committee: .Tnnior Prom Com- mittee: Sophomore Cap Committee: ClIll'll'IllIlll, Sgnior Hat Committee: Illinois Union Cabinet QUINTIN JEROME CIIAWF0lID.....RlDCl' Forest GENERAL ENCINEIGIIING Triangle Scabhard and Blade: Tan Nu 'l'an: Phi Alpha Lambda: Illini Flying: Club: A, S. C, ld.: "hu Daily .Illini ill: Military llall Committee 143: Major, University Brigade C43 THE SENIOR CLASS or TI-IIRIY-Iwo -HEI PACE 61 lik' 9 HE UNIVERSITY OFILLIN OIS ILLIO OF 193 HALDERT OTIs CREWS, JR ......... . .Wilmette LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES WILLIAM PORTI-IllFll'Il.ll CUTIIBERTSON.. .............................BIlJllt't'I' HIll Wx -V l Pre-Legal LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Beta Kappa English Phi Alpha Della Beta Theta Pi Alpha Alpha Alpha JULIANNA CRll'l'lN ............ . . .CiSIl8 Lyuq MAIUAN IDAIILENBURG. , I ,,,, Urbana COIVIMEIICE COMMERCE General Business Acggungangy Beta Sigma Omicron 'I'orI'lI: Gold FL-ntlters: Phi Chi 'l'll0lllQ 'l'he Daily llliIIi tl, 2, ZH: l"irst Count-il, AV0lllllll'S League, I-ll: l'nII-llellt-IIit' Count-il C-lj ROBl'Ill'l' lil-EAD CRowE. . ............. Chicago CIVIL ENGINICICRINC l'lIi Kappa Psi Phi l'Ita Signing Student Council UH: ProsideIIt, FINE AND AI'I'LIED AR'I's Architectural Engineering North Park College Junior Class: 'l'u-Mas: Skull and CI'l'St'L'lllQ Tribe of Illini: A. S. C. li.: Varsity Golf Letter 12, :Up .lunior Prom Conuuittee llouora Day tl, 127 iVlAIlY AI.IfIIA CIKOWLEY ............. Chicago GENERAL EDUCA1'IoN English Delta Delta Delta llllll'llL10 Nortuttl College DORA WINTIIPZSS DALBEY............DllllUlllt' AGRlCUl.TURE-H0mC Economics Phi Mu W. A. A.: Gold Feathers: Shi-Ai: Orange and Blue Feathers: Physical Education Majors' Club: Phi Upsilon Omierong Life-Saving Club: The Daily lllini C211 Soccer CID: Basketball 121: Q homore Cotillion Connnittee C233 May Ft-to . op , tl, 213 Pan-Hellenic Count-il Q37 SIGFRID AUGUST DAHLSTROM. . . . . . .Burlington J W r x RK ' ,AL-C T ' JEANNE LOUISE CULVER.............WilHl6ll6 HELEN JEAN DANEIc.................Cicero GENERAL EDUCATION V GENERAL EDUCATION Mathematics French Kappa Kappa Gamma ROBERT EDWARD CURRAN ............ Chicago CIVIL ENGINE!-IIIING Phi Kappa Psi A. S. C. EJ Sophomore Football Manager Honors Day 42, 35 ELIZABETH JEANETTE CURzoN tMrs.J . . . . . .. Champaign LIDERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi Phi Beta Kappag Alpha. Lambda Delta.: Omicron Nu: PlIi Upsilon Omicron: Iota Sigma Pig Anonian Literary Sm-ietyg Basketball tl, 21 Honors Day tl, 2, IU GEORGE JAMES CURZON. ...Champaign COMMERCE - Accountancy Accountancy C l ll bg F i r sta Reghnentnl Baud tl, 2, 31 Locke Manor Pi Delta Phi: Le Carole l'll'llllQl'liS Morton Junior College CIIRISTINI-1 WATSON DANIELS fMllS.l...... Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology llamilton College CARI. GUs'I'AIf DANIELsoN..... ....Chicago COMMERCE Industrial Administration Delta Alpha Epsilon lllini Chamber of Commerce: 'l'et'hnograpl1 Q13 AUCus1'INE D'ANZA. . . . . . . . . . . .Melrose Park LIaERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal 1 .ldelphiv lhfllllllllll Literary lfraterttity "THE SENIOR CLASS OF T flPACE 62 15+ HIRTY-TWO H UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OFI JESSADIE MURRELI. DARDEN .......... Chicago LIBERAL AII1'S AND SCIENCES Spanish Alpha Kappa Alpha Ig' Qercle l"raI1eais: Illinois Intercollegiate Club: lul CIFCIIIO Litorario de Espanol MAXINIE DAIINICLI.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Armington LIRI-:RAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Cliristian College CIIARI.Es ALVIN DAVIS, Jn. .............Joliet 1 MIJCIIANICAL ENGINI-IERINC Theta Alpha Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Tau Sigma: Su-tina Tau: A. S. M. IG. Honor Day fl, 2, BJ gl MAIIJOIIIII BEATRICE DAY ...... St. Louis, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Alpha Xi Delta Shi-Ai: Chi Chi Chip The Illio Q21 Honors Day fl, BJ JACK CARTER DEATLEY ....... ...Urbana AGRICULTURE Agricultural Economics Tau Delta Tau Illinois Agriculturist 11, 2, 3, 43 HAIIIIII-1'l' ALVENA DEERE .......... Long View LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geography Loki Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: Gold Feathers: Gregorian Literary Society: Basketball fl, 235 Baseball 61, 233 Soccer fl, 275 Mi-Hila Oom- Inittee C375 Chairman, Dad's Day Report Com- mittee 133: Chairman, NV. G. S. Freshman Education Committee C213 First, Second Council, l i if :fa ', 5 . -age, ', I EVA WIIEELEII DAVIS... . .. . . .Evanston Theta Sigma. Phi: AVOIIIUHVS Glee Club 13, 47 Woman's League 13, 41 ......................Huntington, W. Va. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Mu Delta Tau Beta Pig Sigma Tau: Eta Kappa Nug A, I. E. E.: The Illio 137 Honors Day Q39 Marsliall College Qi, ' f . 5 - M ,- ,. df , A I . H , . an FRANKLIN MARVIN DEERIIAKE .... - A I 4-. Q N .X . . -...,,,,.mQ In I .. lf' ., at at I . ijt? N , A ,gli . 'L .. .. fi '55 " it aa X- , kfi'..f'ff.u5g t N ,' 1 X N- 2 HOWARD MA'rTuEws DAVIs.... ...Greenville COMMERCE General Business Sigma Nu G rcenville College FRANCES LEsLA DAVIsoN. . . . . . . . . . .Kankakee GENERAL EDUCATION gf. 'ii' V' Mfr English ' ltll Circulo Litcrario do Espafiolg First Council, r ' xv0lllIUl,B League i453 Pan-Hellenic Council C49 JOIIN TIIoMsoN DAwsoN..... ...Dixon 0 -- JOURNALISM P Q Q Chi Bela G a 'Ill Ill a T h e t nl P h ig Varsity Gym Squad 62, 3, 45: Journalism Council 1473 Mcn's Glue Club fl, 2, 43 MAR.IoRIE GERALDINE DAwsoN. ..... .Macomb AGRICULTURE Home Economics 'Qs Bethany Circle . I bg: Eureka College PAULINE VIRGINIA DECAN ............ Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION History Alpha Delta Theta Jamesonian Literary Society FRED KENNETII DE GRoo'I'E.......Pecatonica COMMERCE General Business Accountancy Club: University Rifle Team Q23 ALBERT Louis DEMCREST ............ Chicago LIBERAL AII'I'S AND SCIENCES Botany llus I Freslnnuxi Varsity "llT'llL'li Squad: 'Varsity Track ?qIIa1d4g2, 3, 433 Varsity Cross-Country Squad -I 1 ELWOOD .losl-:IIII IJICIYIPSEY ......... Kankakee LIBIALRAI. ARTS AND SCIENCI-ns Pre-Legal Theta Kappa Phi Le Cert-le Francais: l"I'eslIInan Xarsity rack Sq Il adg Varsity '1'raI'k Squad 1233 'Varsity Cross-CoIIn1I'y Squad HJ, Captain, University Brigade C35 y - 'lu -tif PACE 63 lif- OF THIRTY-TW 9 32 I o ,'a, .iie jx' , at l l 1 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILL DORIS LORETTA DENMAN..........East Lynn GENERAL EDUCATION Romance Languages CATIIEIIINE DENNIS. . . . . . . . .. ...Riverside EDUCATION Home Economics Della Gamma Phi llpsilon Omirron NIALCOLIII RICIIARD DERDY...........Bazavia MECIIANICAL ENGINEERING Theta Nu Epsilon 'Fhc-ta 'l'au: Svnbbnrd and Blade: A. S. M. E.: Cmmt Artillery Club: Illini Flying Club: Snpliouinrc Baseball Manager: First Lieutenant, IllllYl'l'Slly Brigade 145 IIIISSEI. OI.DIIARI DERBY. . . .... Urbana COMMERCE-Accountanny Phi Pi Phi Mask und Buublc: Accountancy. Club: l lli ll i Chamber nf Commerce: Inter-Literary Council: 'l'hc lllio 115: Co-Chairman Hobo Parade Com- mittee 145: Commerce C o u n c il 145 g Ilhni Tlicater Guild 145: Production Staff, "The Cradle Song" 125, "BeggDr On Horseback" 125. "Behold This I,l'0lllllBI"' 135, "Holiday" 135, "Black Fla- mingo" 135, "Remote Control" 145: Second Regi- mental Band 11, 25: llIik'I'fl'lIl0I'lllLy Council 145 ISABELLA ELIZABETH DEwEY.....Camp Grove LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Beta Sigma Omicron 'l'he Illio 12, 35 ELMA WITTNAM DEY 1MRs.5 .. EDUCATION H orne Economics Blackburn College RAYMOND HARLAN DEY........ ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E. Blackburn College CLARA CATHERINE DIETRICII. . . .Minerva, Ohio GENERAL EDUCATION Botany Theta Upsilon Linnenn Botany Society: Burrill Botany Club Buttle Creek College . . .Champaign . .Champaign T It .. A X MARY RITA DERENGOWSKI. . . . . . . . . . .Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION Biology A Sarmntia Club Crane College WAYNE ALVIN DERINGER ...... Darlington, Pa. Ceramic Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma TaII Beta Pi: Sigma Tau: Keramos: American Ceramic Society - Honors Day 115 Genova College WILLIAM Joi-IN DERKSEN. . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago MECIIANICAL ENGINEERING Tau Nu Tau: A. S. M. E. JACOB Wll.I.IANI DEU'I'CII..... ....CanIon COMMERCE , General Business Phi Epsilon Pi Sigma Delta Chi: Phi Alpha Chi: 'l'hc Daily llhm 11, 2. 35: First Regimental Bnnd 11, 2, 35: Interfratcrnity Council 13, 45 SCOTT DILLON.............WUShihgl0H, D. C. CIVIL ENGINEERING Beta Kappa Chi Epsilon: Theta 'l'uu: A. S. C. E.: Star Course 125: Interfraternity Council 145 GLADYS LOUISE DOHMI-I .......... Champaign LIHICRAII ARTS AND SCIENCES I Sociology ALICE VIRGINIA DONAIIUE. . . . . . . . . . Wilmette GENERAL EDUCATION Mathematics Mortar Board: Torch: 'l'rcaEuror, W. A. A. 145: Gold Seal: Major IA: Minor IA: Gold Feathers: Orange Rnd Blue Featliers: VVoman's Cosmopoli- tnn Club: Soccer Manager 135: Chairman, Womn.n's League Publicity Committee: 13, 45: Production Stuff, "Black Flamingo" 135, "Re- mote Control" 145 FREDERICK Wll.LlADl DONNER... .... Danville A COMMERCE General Business Chi Beta THE SENIOR CLASS OF T -161 PACE 64- lif- HIRTY-TWO I T I'IE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF19 RALPII ISADORE DORFMAN.. . . . .. . ...Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Pi Chemistry Crane Collegeg Northwestern University EVELYN MAEIN DORRIS lMllS.l ............ ................West Frankfort LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Home Economics WALLACE VOICIIT Domus. . . . . West Frankfort COMMERCE-Accountancy Delta Chi lllini Board Delta Sigma: nf 'C.0Il'llll0l'l'Oi Illini Cl, 23 Council C43 gl Brigade Q45 of Control: Band of. Allillfl Alpha Tau Sigma: Illini Chanibcr Acc-onntaney Clubg '1' h e D Il 1 .1 3' Star Course Q23 3 lnterfraternlty First Lieutenant, U Il I v o r s I t y ANTIIONI' LEON DORsCII..... ....Chicago EDUCATION Athletic Coachin B' Phi Epsilon Kappa: Freshman Varsity Football WILEUR I-IARLAN DOWELL. . . . . . . . . . . . .Irving MECIIANICAL ENGINEERING Pi 'l'au Sigma: Tau Nu Tau: Sigma Iota Epsilon: A. S. M. E.: Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad fllg Varsity Wrestling Squad 1219 First Lieutenant, University Brigade C45 Honors Day 42, 37 JOIIN EDWARD DOWNEY .... .. ...Danville COMMERCE General Business Illinois Union Cabinet C853 Chairman, Junior Prom Committee: Faculty Reception Committee: Chairman, Illinois Union Celebrations Conimittee C353 Sophomore Cotillion Committee RALPII WECKEL DOWNINC. . . . . . . .Mt. Pulaski COMMERCE Public Utilities Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha Kappa Psi: Sigma Iota Epsilon: FTOSIlIHH,ll Basketball Sqnadg Varsity Basketball S qu ad 42. 43 Honors Day 137 Tl-IURLOW WEED DRAYER ..... ...Chicago EDUCATION Public School Music Acacia F- J' ' . if 6, F m. , B ! If Sfllmd Skull aIId Crescenti Men's Glee Club MJ: Concert Band tl, 2, 3, 43 FL , 4 It .,l.,t,,h-, . New .iv HAROLD KENNETII DounEr.......Hanna City IIELEN MABIiL DREW. ..... . .... Villa Grove gift , ' , GENERAL AcRICuI.'I'eREl Agniguyfumg Beta Phi Theta Home Economics ,I Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club Alcestis ' " ii ' r Bradley Polytechnic Institute Phi Upsilun Omit-ron ' 43.-'i ALICE LEE DoUCLAss..... ..... .....Danville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English First Council, XNonmn's League C433 Le Cercle Francais: Mi-Hila Cmnmittee CQJ i Honors Day 183 Y ligl Q ., '11 . .I :A ,UI K. as ,, i t M W X w .1 ', A Q I., I ,I it Iv- , 5.I1'vn":r: I V I-If li. in l fl N A G- ' I FIELDER JONES DOWDING. ........ ....Chicago MECIIANICAI. ENGINEERING A. S. M. E.: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Student Council, Episcopal Foundation C4J - RALIIII LE VEIINE DOwEI.I............Onarga ELECTRICAL ENCINEEIIINC 'I' .3 Sigma Phi Delta 'Pau Bela Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Tang Eta MAXINI1 LEILA DRY ................. Freeport LIEERAI. AR1's AND SCIENCES Sociology Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Kappa Delta: First Council, xvfllllllllli League 1455 Pan-I-lellenie Council 149 RICIIARD JARII-:s DIIIII-'IN... .... .. .... Chicago ENGINI-IEIIINC PHYSICS Triangle 'Pau Beta Pig Pi Dill lflpsilong Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Tang E II g i ll I- e r i Il g Physit-s Club: Engineering Council 1493 lfl. E. Show C23 Honors Day tl, 2, EU JOIIN HOWARD DUNKEN. . . . .. .... . Peoria CIVIL ENCINEEIIINC Theta Kappa Nu Pi Delta Epsilon: Adelphie National Literanry Kllllllil N117 A- I- E- E-I TGCIUIOL-Tmllll fill Fraternity? A. S. C. E.: 'IlL'CIlIl0H'I"lIIlIl till: Honors Day C-ll Siren C45 Bradley Polytechnic Institute H R TWO THE SENIOR CLASS or 1 I TY- - wil PAGE 65 E1- HE UN 93 IVERSITY OF I WALTER OWEN EDWARDS, JR. . . . . . . . . .Danville LUCILE ROXINE DUNN ............. St. Joseph AGRICULTURE Home Economics Alpha Gamma Delta Phi Upsilon Omiaron GEORGE 'l'IIoMAS DUIKAM ..... Scarsdale, N. LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Sigma Nu Captain, University Brigade Q43 Lehigh University LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Alpha Chi Rho Phi Delta Phi: Alpha Alpha Alpha ' ,S-L 'E I" Q ,, M121 JW- I ' .,- 4451 .Xl Y. MAR.IORlFI RUTII EHRMAN... .... Chicago , JOURNALISM Phi Sigma Sigma Gregorian Literary Society: The Daily Illini 42, 355 Pan-Hellenic Council Q89 .3 . ELLA LOUISE EIL!-IRS .... ....Pana MAIIY LUCILE DURR. . . . .. .... ,......Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Classics Eta Sigma l'hi GENERAL EDUCATION English Illinois WV0lTlll.l'l'S College KARL FRED EKLUND. . . .. .... ....River Forest FRANKLIN ,loIfIN DvoRAK. . . .........0hicago ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING MECIIANICAL ENGINEERING ' Pi '1'au Sigma: Sigma Tau: Scabbard and Blade: Beta Sigma Psi Pi 'Pau Pi Sigma: A. I. III, IG.: Captain, University Brigade 143 Tau Nu Tau: A. S. M. E.: Varsitixi Fencing Squad 12, 3, 455 Captain, University rigade 441 l I I if :l ,L "v,'1""'!.ii '," "'i 'T-fr-fi iiffi-wal fluff ' A K 1" l v i , L' I " ' A , ni I f ' ? I I THE S ENIOR CLASS OF T GILES ARTIIUR ELDRED...... ....Chicago Co1vIIvIERCE General Business Theta Delta Chi Tu-Masq Infantry Officers' Club: Senior Informal Committee: Captain, University Brigade Q23 MAYNARD MlLLING'FON EASLEY. . . . . ....Salem MECIIANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Tau ' A. S. M. E.: Technograph C45 MARGARET EASTIVIAN.. ..... .. ...Kewance COMMERCE General Business Accountancy Club: University Choral Society FRANK CHARLES ELEMAN........ .... Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Armour Institute of Technology MARY HDRTENSE ELLINGTON........lV61Ul1l!l7l GENERAL EDUCATION History Phi Mu I Sigma Delta Phi: Soccer C435 XVOIIIGIUS Glee Club Q41 illinois State Normal University SIIERRY HELEN EATON .............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanish Alpha Phi Alethenai Literary Society Honors Day Q13 ,IoIIN MAllKl,ANlD ELLIOTT. . . . . . . . . . . . .Peoria LIDERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal GENE EDWARDS .... ............Virginia MECIIANICAI. ENGINEERING Phi Gamma Delta I llinois XVesleyan University I Kappa Sigma Business ltiamiger, Illini Theatre Guild 4495 Skull and Crescent: Musk and Bauble: Freshman Varsity Golf Squad: Illini Theatre Guild 42, 333 ChuiI'nIIIn, FI'8Slllll1lll Frolio Committee I I-IIRTY-TWO -'H PACE 66 131- :HE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 19 CATHERINE ROSE ELLIS ........ Wichita, Kan. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Public Speaking Theta Phi Alpha HERl'H'1ll'l' ELLISON. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Delta Chi The lllio 415: Freshman Cap Burning Committee Armour Institute of Techliology JULIUS FRANCIS ELMAN .............. Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Pi Delta Epsilon: Technograph 42, 33 ERNA Cl-ZCELIA ELRIBERG. . . . . . . . . . ...Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Latin Eta Sigma P'hi HERBERT CHRISTIAN ENGELINIARDT.....Baldwin GENERAL AGRICULTURE Beta Sigma Psi Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Agricultural ltldueation Club: AI:ri- culture Council 445: Live Stock Judging Team 443 McKendree College BERTIIA MARIE ENGER. . .. .... ...Urbana JOURNALISM Gamma Phi Beta Mortar Board: Torch: Kappa Tau Alpha: Fea- ture Editor, The Daily llhni 445: Gold Feathers: Theta Sigma Phi: Journalism Coun- cil 4-15 Honors Day 41, 2, 35 EDWARD HENRY ENGLISH. . . . . . . . .Champaign FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Phi Kappa Sea rub CIIARLES WII.BUR ENNIS. . . . . . . .Houston, Tex. CIVIL ENGINEERING MII San: A. S. C. E. Rice Institute .E 'B .xiqt -,M ,- V. K ,.' .-I ,,. I 15. g K. I . 5, x.-A f mtg I - . I 9' I . I .,,,, , . ROBERT FRANCIS ELlIICK................Elgl:7l COMMERCE--General Business Delta Theta Phi Phalanx: Caisson Club: Adelphie National Lit- erary Fraternity: interscholastic Circus 42, 35: First LIUIIIIUIIIIIIIG, University Brigade 445 CHARLES LYMAN EMRICII, JR. .......Evanston LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-Pre-Legal Psi UpSiloII Phi Delta Phi: Ma-Wan-Da: Saehem: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Editor-in-Cliief, The Illio of 1931 435: Student Council 435: Chair- man, Dance Supervision Committee: Skull .and Ll-ION HARRISON El'S'l'ElN......Sl. Louis, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-Ellglhih Zeta Beta Tau Pi, DBH11 Phi: Kappa Phi Sigma: The Daily IllInI 41, 2, 35 , Honors Day 41, 2, 35 GILBERT HOWARD ERB ....... ...Ottawa COMMEIICE Banking and Finance Delta Upsilon Sieabbarrl and Blade: Mask and Bnuhle: Plerrots: Illini Theatre Guild 43, 45: Captain. II t .ffm '4 'A Mir. fl Crescent: Alpha Alpha Alpha: Board of Direc- tors, Y. M. C. A. 445: The Illio 41, 25 Honors Day 41, 2, 35: University of Illinois Scholarship Key 435 University Brigade 445 Armour institute of 'Pevlinology ' Xi if , ,E GEORGE WASI-IINGTON ENDICOTT. . .Villa Ridge MARY AGNES ERB. .. .... .. . . . . . . . . . . . .Joliet . . ' GENERAL AGllICl.IL'l'UIlIC LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES - , A, S, A. E.: Farm Mechanics Club: Agriculture B X J Council 435 , many Theta Upsilon Burrill Botany Club: Linnean Botany Society: The Illio 435: Archery 435 Joliet Junior College I . by . ' LAWANDA IDA ENGEI........ ...... .bhamway HERRERT ERENBERG... ............ ..ChITcago N GENERAL EDUCATION FINE AND AvI1I.IED ARTS . A " P Hi-9l0fJ' Architecture .I QS 313, Loki R. A. 1. D. V. 1-,I Cll.I'IiIlIlg'0 College he I-It - I . ,H I 'ik I '. THE SENIOR CLASS or TI-IIRIY-rw -'Ei PACE 67 iti- UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF n 4. .rv - V , ., I RUTII INCERQRC ERICKSON...........Chicago ROBERT JAMES FAIIEY. . . . .....St. Louis, Mo. . LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ..- Spanish Chemistry " l'lXHI',lIIlV0 Count-il, WoInuII's Group System t43g Kappa Theta Sigma X El UIl'l'lIl0 Lite-I':II'io dc ltlspunol . . . St. Louis University . . . . .Peoria ELECTIIICAI. ENGINEERING FREDERICK ALBERT EIIICZON. . . . . .. Beta Phi Theta A. I. E. E. Brndlcy I'oIytec'lIniI' Institute JDE Jouv ESTWANIK ....... CoIwImIERCE General Business Theta Kappa Phi . . .Canton 1 PIIILII' JAMES FAIIS.......... ...York, Pa. ' I I tl F' l EDUCATION -I I 3' Physical Education ' V ' Beta Sigma Psi l " 'Y' Cuptnin, University Brilrudc C43 F' . Sf. I IRMA JEAN FAIRCHILD ............... Chicago 4 , LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ? G, ll, '5- Sociology 5 W L- De I'n.uw University ' ' 'C' Rov IZLIAS E'rNx'RI-1. . . . . . . .. .... . . . . . .Byron EDUCATIQN-Athletic Coaching Chi Tau Satvln-In: Tribe of Illini: Cavalry Otiicers' Clubg I"l'0SllllIlllI Varsity 'l'I'lIl'k SIIIIIIIIQ Varsity 'l'rIII:k Letter 42, -t3 : I"I'I?SIIIlllI.II Vorsity Football Squudg Varsity 1+'ooth:Ill Squad 12, 335 Interfrntcrnity Count-il til, VI3: Cnptuin, University Brignde Q43 LUCY ESTIIICR Lou FAIIICIIILD... ..... Danville GENERAL EDUCATION History Corina Wesley Players Purdue University A Q In ., .vain HE SENI Cm.oE ELIzAIzETII EVANS. . . ....Parker, S. D. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical A Chi Chi Chi WAI.TER JAMES EVEIIIIAIVI' .......... Oak Park MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Triangle ' Business Mnnugcr, '1'eI-hnogruph C433 Silrmn Tun: Pi Delta Epsilon: A. S. M, E.: Techno- groph 12, 335 Engineering Council Q43 JOSEPII EVICRETT EWEIIS. .... ........Danville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Illinois W'csluyun University ISRAEL I-II-:IIMAN FAGI-IN .............. Gencseo LIRERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES I Pre-Legal 'Fun Kuppo Alpliug Varsity Debate Tcxun C-13 NOI'lIlW4'SLOI'Il University: Augustxlnu College ROBERT MANN FARIS .................. Alton LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma SI-Rbbnrd Rnd Blndeg Cuptuin, University Bri- gudc t43 Bl,lllNI-ILL JOIIN FARNAN.....ROCllCSf8l', N. Y. EDUCATION Physical Education Stmlent. Council C435 President, Independent Council 1435 Froshnnnn Vursity Sovccr Squad DOROTIIY DENTQN FARRAR .... . . . . ..Wilmer1c LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Pi Beta Phi lmku Forest Collotrv ELBERT Rl+2IllNG'l'0N FAUST .......... Euanslon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Delta Kappa Epsilon Skull Rnd Cl'0St'I'IIi.Q Frceshniun Varsity l"nDtl1Rll Squad: First Lieltfonmit, Univorsiti' Brigutle Q43 OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO +R PAGE 68 lif- TH THE SENI - E U NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF I9 HENRY ISRAEL FEINBERG .... Kansas City, Mo. LIBERAL AR'I's AND SCIENCES Cuhemical Engineering Omicron Alpha Tau Kunsus City Junior College WILLIAB1 MCDONALD FELDMAN ....... Sterling COMM!-IIICI-I Accountancy Alpha Chi Rho ACATIIA EVISLYN FEl.'I'lCR. . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago LIDEIIAI. An'rs AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Zeta Tau Alpha Orange and Blue Fentllers: Phi B1-tu: JIIIIICSOII' mn 2giitIIrury Soi-ietyg Soc-vor ill: Moy Feta GEORGE SAMIIEL FENCL...............Cicero EDUCATION-Athletic Coaching Sigma Phi Epsilon MR-Wnn-Du: Sochem: '1'rilIe of Illini: FPCSIIIIIIIII Varsity Soccer Squad: Varsity Soccer Letter QB, 3 45, Contain C431 l4'reElIInIIn Varsity Basket- hull Squad: IVRI-sity Bnnkethiill Letter C2, 3, 47: Freshnuin Varsity ISIIBCIJIIII Squad: Varsity Buse- lmll Letter f2, 3, 41 wII.LlA III RAYMOND FlCKE'l"l' . . . . . . . .Chicago CIVIL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma: Chi Epsilon: Nu Suu: A. S. C. E. SoI.wAY C. FIEREERG ........ .... C hicago EDucA1'IoN Athletic Coaching Alpha Epsilon Pi I'lTOSllllIlUl Vnrsitv Biiskotbull Squad: Varsity Bnskethnll Squutl QB. 4DI Fl'0Sh""m Vflfslly Bnsobnll Squud: Varsity Baseball Squad Q3, 47 Crane College BENJAMIN FIGLEWSKI. .. .... . . . . . . . .Chicago EI.Ec'rRIcAL ENGINEERING Beta Kappa A. I. E. E. FLORENCE BI-:R'I'IIA FII.II'I'I..... ....Chicago EnIIcA'I'I0N Physical Education Chii-ago N0l'llI1ll College v' I up 0 I . -vw- .N -5 r ' U' I. f 1 . I' 1. 1- I J, 41 '25, 1 I! ' MAIIY MAIIGAlll'1'I' FEIINIIOLE... ...Harvard JOURNALISM Alpha Omicron Pi Theta Sigma Phi: The Daily Illini QI, 23: UIIi- versity Chorul Society: FII-st Council, xv0IlllIII'B Lengno 135 DoRo'rIIY LOUISE FEIINOW... ........ Chicago LIBERAL AII1's AND SCIENCES Psychology Kappa Delta Ill'llll0 College HELEN FEIIIIAIIA..................Gary, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Le Cerclo Frnnqni:-I: Law Club: OI-chosis: lfll Circ-ulo Liternrio do Espanol: Busketlmll '11, 2, 35: Baseball HJ: Bowling C253 Swim- ming HJ NoRMAN CLARENCE I'lE'l"I'l-III ........... Quincy ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING lim Kuppn Nu: A. I. E. E.: IIEIIVIS Glue Club 135, 'IJ lirudley 1'olytechIIiI: Institute .L S. M. lu. MAIIION EI.IzAI3E'I'II FILSON. .. .... Champaign COMMERCE Foreign Comm crce Y. NV. C. A. Cabinet 133: Gold Feathers: OI-- nnge und BlIIe Fl'lILIl9l'H Counc-il: Phi Chi '1'lIet.II: IIIIIIHFSOIIIIIII liitemry Society: Production Stuff, Hllllllfk l+'lIIIniIIgn" fill, URLEIIHIIIE CoIItrol" 1-IJ DEAN KLEIN FINcII.......... ........ Amboy GENERAL AGlIlClJl.'l'URIi Alpha Gamma Rho Alphn 'llllll Alpha GI-:oIIGE RonEII'I' FINK. ..... Indianapolis. lml. FINE AND APPLIED AR'I's Architectural Engineering lllllll llcln Pi: SIIIIIIII TIIII: GIII'I:oyle SIGNOII FINK .... . ........... Pittsburg, Kan. MIiClIANlCAI. ENGINI-Il-ZIIING Kunsns Stole 'lk-:II-liors' College OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -'Sf PAGE 69 lk THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OFI GORDON FINLEY ............ .... C otlin l.uCII.I.E EVE FISLEII ........... St. Louis, Mo. COMMIBIICIC LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES General Business Economics Accountancy Club Phi Mu Chairman, Cold Feathers Finance Committee 123: Shi-Ai: Orange lllld Blue Featliers RIITII FINLEY ................ .... S parta DAVID COIIDDN FI'I'IIlAN ..... .... R ossoille AGRIClll.'l'UIlE CoIIIIvIERCE ' Home Economics Accountancy Southern Tllinois State NorIIIal University MAIIJCJIIIIQ GI.AssDRooK FINN........ChI7cago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-Sociology Theta Phi Alpha Mortar Board: Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: l'I'esidont, xV0lllll.lllS LeaI.:uo 143: Student Coun- cil 1-I3: Cllillflllllll, Gold Feathers Committee, bvflllllllllll League 133: Orange and Blue Feathers Council: Alethvnai Literary Society: Sophomore Cotillion COIIIIIIIIICCQ Junior Prom Committee Rl.l'l'll JOAN FINNEGAN.. .... ........Chicago LIBIGIIAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-Sociology Delta Delta Delta Cold I'lPillIll0I'SQ OI'RnI.:e lllld Blue Feathers: Sitrnia Delta Phi: Hockey 113: Chairman, Cold :lllCIll,ll- ers Social Connnittee 123: Chairman, llomeeoni- int: Architectural Committee 133: Chfllrlnan. "Courts and Appeals" Dance Committee 133: l"IIoulty 'lion COIIIIIIIILGCI Cast, I'ICIIlCCOIIIIIIg Stunt Show 11, 2, 3, 43, "Illini Follies" 123, H.FI'l!III'll Heels" 123, "Courts and Appeals" 1253, Union Minstrel 12, 33: May Fete 11, 23 lleta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Scabbard and Blade MAIIY JANE FITHIAN. . . . . . .. .loIIRNALIsM . . .Chicago Pi Beta Phi Cold Feathers Rockford College LINDA FI'I'z-GERALD..................Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-Spanish Pi Beta Phi Alpha llllllllltlll. Delta: Phi Kappa Epsilon: Pi Delta Phi: Sigma Delta Pi: Alethenai Literary Society: El Cireulo Literario de Espanol: Le CI-role Francais: University Choral Society: XVOIIIIIIMS Cosmopolitan Club: Basketball 113: 'l'ennis 113: Student Council, Wesley Founda- tion 143 Honors Day 11, 2, 133: University of Illinois St-liolarship Key 133 S JANET FlllCHAU.............. ....Milford COMMERCE General Business TIIELMA MARIE Fisn...............Fillmore GENERAL EDUCATION Zoology Medea University Choral Society: Tennis 133: First Council, hv0IlllIIl'S League 143: LVOIIICIIYS Glee Club 13, 43 EDWARD GEORGE FlSlIER.........Rl:1lUl' Forest ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Delta Phi Mask and Bauble: Bard and Scribe: The Daily IlliIIi 113: Illini Tlleatre Guild 123: Interfra- ternity Council 133 GLENN JOIIN FISIIER ............ Des Plaines , COMMERCE Accountancy Accountancy Club JOHN JOSEPH FITZPATRICK ........... Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture Alpha Sigma Phi Scarab: Interfraternity Council 143 Crane College RUTII EVELYN FlTZSlMONS ........ La Grange LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Alpha Xi Delta Chairman, 'Woman's League Finance Committee 1.33: Sigma Delta Phi: Mask and Bauble: Na- tional Collegiate Players: Womon's Clee Club fl. 2: 375 Senior Assistant Production Mana- gers, Illini Theatre Guild: Illini Theatre Cuild HARRY LEON FLACG ..... West Boylston, Mass. EDUCATION Physical Education Ftlii :Epsilon Kappa: Varsity Baseball Squad 'I FIELD WISTEIIIA FLANAGAN .... ....Metropolis LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanish Alpha Xi Delta Knox College OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -'Sl PAGE 70 Ef- 'I' HE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 19 ROBERT' MARTIN JosEI'II Fl.ANlGAN...CiliC!lg0 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Delta Tau Delta University of Iowa MARY EI.IzAIsETII FLANNIGAN...v.illCLCt1llSb0I'0 GENERAL EDUCATION English Zeta Tau Alpha Anoninn Literary Soeiety: The Daily Illini 113: Cust, "French Heels" 133, Union Minstrel 123 FRANK VICTOR FLASKA. . . ...........Berwyn LIBERAL AR'I's ANI: SCIENCES History Alpha Alpha Alpha: Aclelphic National Literary Fraternity: The lllio 133 Honors Day 133 Morton Junior College PATRICIA FLEMING. . . . . . . . . . . . .. ..... Amboy LIBERAL ARTS ANII SCIENCES Chemistry Tllli0D0lll'1 BARTLEY FORlll'1S..........C,liCllg0 FINE ANII AI-I-LIED ARTS Landscape Arehrfteclure Seahbard and Blade: Scarab: U. L. lA. S.: Cavalry Oilicers' Club: Fine Arts Council 1431: Military Council 143: Lieutenant-Colonel, Unz- versity Brigade 143 MARY El.lZAlllC'l'lI Fos'rER ........... Dfmwflle LIIIERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Pi Beta Phi Western College for Women WARREN ELLSWORTII Fox.... ...Princeton COMMERCE General Business Beta Theta Pi Scahbard and Blade: Const Artillery Club: Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Varsity 'llraek Squad 12, 3, 43: Major, University Brigade 143 DOMINICK ENRICO FRABON1.......Ch0mpIligll COMMERCE Foreign Commerce Pan Xenia: Italian Arts Club: Freshman Varsity 4 is al ,L R .55 Y ff my . 'li' f 7 a I I pa . 5. l i I C' Football Squad P, I I l 1 HE SENIO WINII-'RED GENEVIEVE FLINT... ....Chicago KATIIRYN ELIZABETII FRANCIS. .....0ak Park COMMERCE GENERAL EDUCATION General Business ' University of NVisconsin WILLIAM MILTON FLOYD .... ....CrcenvilIe COMMERCE Foreign Commerce Illini Flying Club: First Lieutenant, University Brigade 143 HELENE RIITII F0l'1I.LINGER..F0fl Wayne, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Mathematics Pi Beta Phi Mortar Board: Torch: Phi Beta Kappa: Pi Mu Epsilon: Alpha Lambda Delta: Woman's Editor, The Daily Illini 143: Student Council 143: Gold l1'eathers: The Daily Illini 12, 113: Tennis 113 llonors Day 11, 2, 33 , WARREN DOUGLAS FOLTZ............CiLiCllg0 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PlIi Gamma Delta lllajor, University Brigade 123 French Phi Mu llIl!AM DAVID FRANKEI., JR. . .......WiHllfClkd CERAMIC ENGINEERING lieraniosg American Ceramic Society: Engineer- ing Council 143 Northwestern University KILARI-:NCE ALBERT FRAZER, JR... ...Chicago JouRNAI.IsM Pi Kappa Phi 'Pho Daily Illini 123: Captain, University Bri- gade 143 llARllY LI.ovn FRESE. ..... ..LiHlc Rock, Ark. COMMERCE A cconntancy Sigma Alpha Epsilon M1l'NVll1l'D11l Stlvlleiut Bvta tlamnia Sigma: Phi lflta Signia: Senior Footlmll ltlaiiatrer: 'l'u-Mas: Skull and Crescent: Beta Alpha Psi: Hand ul' X.: President, Athletic Cuuna-il 143: 1llll'l'l'l'llltl!l'- nity Council 143 R CLASS OF T -All PACE 71 131- HIRTY-TWO I N THE UNIVERSITY OF ILL .AXE L 'Xl I ,121 -" OIS ILLIO OF 193 l fm qi , X' 1 I as lsAnoRI1 FIIII-:I:MAN.. .... ..... Rock lslaml CIIARI.Ics Jr:IIN GAA......... ...Chicago CI:I:ImI-:RCE COMMERCE Acaountanc-y Banking and Finance AKCCOIIIIIIIIIUY Club: The Dnily llliIIi 11, 23 Kappa 'llheta Sigma Botn Gniunm Slllllllll Bctu Alphn Psi: Account- nnvy Club Honors Duy il, 2, 33 , AIINI:I.I: RAnIoN FIIIIIIIILINC. . .....La Prairie HELEN BU-UE CHRIS- -'----------Wflulfvgllfl GENERAL EDUCATION LIIIILRAI. AII'rs ANI: SCIENCES " Pllysirral ElllLCIlll0ll Ffcnch ' .. 4 I - I W. A. A.: Gold lfentliersz Lo Cori-le Frnuquis: blgnld Blu Sigma l'Il CiI'I'ulo Litoriirio III: Espanol XVPSIOFII Illinois Stole 'Il1'lI4'llI'I'H' College CIaoIII:I1: AIITIIIIII FlIlIl'l'. .............Decatnr JOSEPH AUSTIN GALI.EN'l'lNH... ....Morrison LInIaRAI. ARTS ANI: SCIENCES COMMERCE p,.e,L,.g,,l General Business Phi BI-III Knppn: Phi Eli: Siginu: Delta Sit-run: Alpllu Chi Rilo RINPZ VHFSIIY llelllllf' lllilm W- 'l' 'll Siren C351 Sophoinorn Track Munnfze-r l.I.o:'I: OI:I:I-:N l?IlUI.AND...... ...Morris MARGARI-:'I' ELIZABETII GANcs1'An. .Monroe, La. CoMn1I':RcIc COMMERCE llanlcing anrl Finance l'hi Pi Phi .ll'l'0lIllIlllll'y ClIIl:: II:!vI'fI'IIterIIity Cnunvil Banking and Finance Phi Chi 'llllltllll AI-I-ountniiey Clul: C45 I 4:5 Qi ,rq Q ,f ' 1 " 141: ' 7: 335 l 15 fr'. .v W? 1: . dw' ,sif I 1 Q . l -Il I ai 5 1 , +5 5 , WARREN llowARI: FUEIIMANN ....... Wilmene Cc:MIIIEIICE Foreign Commerce Delta Sigma Tau Alpha: Kappa Psi: Pun Xenin: Freshman 'Varsity Cross-Country Squad: Varsity Cross-Country Squad 12, 3, -U: Freshlnun Vursity Truck Squad: Varsity 'l'rrII-k Squad 12, 3: Honors Duy Q13 l'IARI.AN S'rI:wAR'I' FI1I.I.ENwII:IaII. . . . . .Chicago COMMERCE Industrial Administration llus 'Phe lllir: CU: lntersr-liolustic Circus C253 Inter- friiternity Council UU JANET ROSAMOND FuI.I.ER ........... Chicago LIBEIIAI. AR'I's ANI: SCIENCES Public Speaking Chi Omega SIHIIHI. Dcltn Phi: Musk und Bnublc Gulf Park College l5I.IzAIII-:'I'II GRACE FUNKIIUUSEII ...... Danville LIRI-:IIAL AII'I'S ANI: SCIENCES 1 History Alpha Cznnmzi Delta MuI'MIII'I'ny Colloxzo for XVUIIIUII WII.I.IA1:I LEE GANSCHINIETZ...EdSl St. Louis MECIIANICAI. ENGINEERING Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Delta Epi-Iilon: Illini Flying Club: A. S. M. E.: Illinois Mugnzine Q23 hvllHl1lllL2'IOIl University RICIIARI: HENRY GAN1'z ............. Dc Land GENERAL AGRICULTURE Delta Alpha Epsilon ALLAN EDWARD CAREER. . . . .. ....Emden COMMERCE Accountancy Bradley Polytechnic Institute DoRo'I'IIY JOSEPIIINE CARD... .... ...Chicago LIBERAL ARTS ANI: SCIENCES Psychology Delta Delta Delta Morlnr Bourd: 'l'orch: Alpha Lnlnhdu Deltu: Shi- Ai: Signm Delta Phi: First Council, xV0llll'lIl'B League 13, 45: Chuirmun, HonIeI'oIIIing Stunt Show Q-lb: C0'CllIlIl'Il'IllIl, "Courts und Appeals" Q33 AI72,3l.55:f,gg,'3g4.- H E s E N I o R c I. A s s o F T H I l.l"'mwf.,f :sum Is:- llllll .v .1 -vi RTY-TWO H UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 I'IIIBliII'I' VERNON GARDNER ..... Mitchell, S. D. EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Delta Theta ltlpsilon: Phi Epsilon Kappa llonors Day 12, 35 DONALD DECKIER GAlIRI5'I'SON. . . . . .Springfield COMMERCE Accountancy Beta Gannna Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi: Beta Alpha Psi: Pan Xenia: Accountancy Cluh: Der Deutsrhe Verein llonors Day 11, 2, ID III'1lIIll5ll'I' LIEIIMAN GAIIRISON. . . . . . . . .Marion LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Phalanx: Alpha Tau Sigma: First Lieutenant, University Brigade 149 HAROLD W. GEUTIIEII...............Mokcna LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Entomology Tau Kappa Epsilon The Tllio 121 Beloit College MIL1'ON CAIIL GEUTIIER. . . . . . . . . . . . .Mokena GENERAL AGRICULTURE Acacia Skull and Crescent: Illinois Agricultiirist 113 LOUISE GEYEII ................... Rock Falls LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Kappa Kappa Gamma Lindenwood College 1,5 3 1 Y v 1-IAZEL MARY GARvEY......'. ,,,, Chicago GRACE KNOWLES GlI0l.SON.......Ml. Vernon JOURNALISM GENERAL EDUCATION jfif' T .E Theta Sigma Phi History ' ' Rillml CUIIUEG Kappa Delta Pi: Phi 'Pheta Kappa ' I 5 I Stephens College: University of Georgia "-,A A F' ki 'A-' , "Zi 5, if ,W F ' , I ' 1 CIIARLOTTE EDWINA GAUER. ..... ....Chicago MAIISIIALI. CLICK Gmas. . . ...Indianola ' COMMERCE-Banking and Finance EDUCATION , Delta Delta Delta Industrial Education I '. 1 Mortar Board: Chairman, WOIIIIIHIS League Elec- Captain, University Brigade 143 tions Committee 143: Gold Feathers: Shi-AI: I Orange and Blue Feathers: Alpha Alpha Alpha: I , ' Enterpriser 11, 21: Hockey 117: Basketball 117: May Fete 117: Chairman, lJad's Day Publicity I Connnittco 135: Chairman, "Courts and Appeals" Prograin Committee 131: General Business Man- ager, Mother's Day 133: Cast. "Courts and Appeals" 133: Pan-Hellenic Council 135 , 8 It Gamma Epsilon Pi Scholarship Cup 115 i EDWARD FRANK CBUR-------H ----Clliwgv RAYMOND JARv1S GIDDS.........River Forest EDUCATION COMMERCI-:-General Business Athletic Coaching Chi Psi Ma-Wan-DD: Delta Theta Epsilon: Varsity Base- Alpha Knmm psi: The Illia III: Interfmter. ball Letter 12. B. 47 nity Council 141 ' University of Arizona i EDNA VIRGINIA GEIIDI.. . . . . . . . . . . . . .EUIIIISEOII WILLIALI FIIIQIIEIIICK GIESELMANN, , , , , , , , , , LIBERAL ARTS ANU SCIENCES Louis, Mo. -H English MIQCIIANICAI. ENGINEERING Lie... Tr, R,',,:f I AIPIW Chi Omega Tau Delta Tau ',M,5v Cast, I:Courts and. Appeals" 135: Production A. S. M. jq, -WI. Staff, Black Flamingo" 133 W Il. rl! U .V ,t i Ward-Belmont Seminary M nm' on mwrm y 1 9 'S- CIIARLES ALBERT GETZ. . ..... Savanna LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry University of WVisc-onsin JOI-IN HARRY GILDY. . . .. ..... .......Chicago CICNICIIAI. AGIlICUI.'I'IlI'IIi Kappa Ihi Kappa 1 I I Q i THE SENIOR cLAss o fi -'Ei PACE 73 134- F T HIRTY-TWO UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I93 THOMAS WILLIAM GlI.I... .... ......Rockfard LIDERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma: Alphu Alphn Alphu: The Daily Illini C153 Sophomore Football Mnnnger Honors Day fl, 2, BJ University of Culifornin, Los Angeles FORIII-:ST GLENN GIMLIN...... ....Lombard AGl'lICUI.'l'URli Floricultlire Delta Alpha Epsilon Flnric'IIltIIraIl Club: Cnisson Club: First Lieuten- unt, University Brigade C45 N0l'LIlWCSLOI"Il University HOWARD GEORGE GLASS ............ Oak Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Sigma Mu Sigma JOHN SCIIANTON GLOSSINGEII. . . . . . . . .Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture I-IARRY PAUL GOLDMAN.............Chicago CIVIL ENGINEERING Tau Della Phi Cnvulry Olliccrs' Club: Illinois Polo Assoc-lution: 1'echIIOgrnplI C133 FPIYSIIIIIIIII Swimming: Squndg Polo Tenrn CB, 435 First Lieutenant, University Brxgnde Q43 ROSE LORIIAINE GOLDSTINE .......... Chicago GI-:NERAL EDUCATION English I Alpha Epsilon Phi BENEDICT JOHN GoL'rRA.............Chicago GENERAL ENGINEERING IRwIN AARON GooDIuAN.............Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Nu Betn Epsilon: Der Deutsche Vereing Illini Theatre Guild Q27 NOIIBIA SELMA GOEDDE.. ..... EDUCATION Civics Zeta Tau Alpha Butler UHIXOTSILY Siren Q45 Chicago Normnl College MERLE HENRY GoED.IEN.............Chicago ELEANOR IDA GO0DbI'I:.Iz.lJ Flucago ' .3 V A CIVIL ENGINEERING AGRICULTUIIL K , ' IIIII Sun: Pi Deltn Epsilon: A. S. C. F.: in Teclinogrnph 1193 Mi-Hilu Committee 13, 433 Home Economics Independent Council 13, 47 Gamma PIII Beta Crunc College Crune College l MYLA MOLLIE GOLDBEIIC............ChiCtlg0 Rom-RT LOUIS GOODYEAR Grange LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES MECIIANICAL ENGINLIIIING P1,,y3iCalEducali0,, Varsity Gym Sqund 12 3 45 W. A. A.: PlIysicnl Erlucntion Mujors' Club: Orvhesis Crune College HAROLD ELLIOTT GOLDEUS ........ Rock Falls HELEN PIAIIL GOOID Iazrbury LYBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES EDUCATION University of Wisconsin OF TH R TWO THE SENIOR CLASS I -'El PACE 74 R+ ...Chicago HELEN CHESIER GOODRICK Shelbyvzllc Pre-Legal Home Economic Pj Lambila Phi Home lftonmnxts Club IIIIIII Grunge Ag lbume CoIIIIIIItteu til UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO F . ,ff MAIIRICE ELLSWORTII GOSNELL. .Lawrenceville HELEN KATI-IRYN GRANCER........Clhampaign . A COMMERCE EDUCATION X N ., L Commerce and Law Public SCll.00l Mltsic ' Q. 'X I f' Kappa Sigma, Alpha OIIIICYOII Pi 'W . Business Mxinziger, Siren 1433 Siren 12, 3, 453 Mu Kappa Alpha: W0men'S Glue Club 433 5 , liutcrprieior Q23 ' I I ' EDITII LILLIAN GOTT .... .. ....... Norris City GENERAL EDUCATION English W0llll!ll'H Glen Club 143 McKc-Ildrve Collvgn NIAIICELIIINE ELIZABETII GOUGLER ..... Urbana GENERAL EDUCATION Art Beta Phi Alpha Alpha Lniululn Delta: lllustrutors llonors Dny ll, 25 DOROTIIY CONSTANCE GRANT ..... Rock Island , - 'g LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES E U Sociology .' ZA. Alpha Chi Omega! r Q-, U, Mortnr Bourd:. President, Y. NV. C. A. C473 N Student Councll C43 I rt .A- Augustnnn. College my kt ANNA LoUIsE GRAY ........ .... Oak Park - LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Botany Kappa Sigma Tau Crnne College ' fiiifk , "'i .u.'g,:,1Q1f' ALEI-:RT ALLEN GOULD...............Chicago HELEN GRAY.. .... ............Dcnver, Colo. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS ' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES W ' Architecture English I, I , Sigma D1-llu Psi: l"rI-Shrunn Vursity Soccer Delta Zeta If 'quul 4, Lx' Him wi. .,. vw P ' .TTY N,- . X1n"'?'.' I fill l kg ' A ilyfl T v JOIIN FRANCIS GRAHAM ............. Danville ,- Alpha Delta Phi Gamma Thotn Phi ALBI-Ill'l' Ross GRANER. . . . .. . . . . . .Jerseyville MARVEL DORI-:NE GRAFE'.i.............Minier MARSIIALL NEWELL GRAY...........Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION . COMMERCE History Cornmercial Teaching Varsity Cross-Country Truck Sqund 1435 M,en's Glee Club 141 Crane College Alpha Omicron Pi The Illio 633 I Illinois State Normal University FRANCES GERTRUIIE GREEN .... ...Joliet LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES EDUCATION Political Science Commercial Teaching Kappa Delta Alpha Alpha Alplux Joliet Junior College ROY KERMIT GRAIIAM .......... Granite City JOHN HALTON GREEN ........ ...Aurora COMMERCE General Business Phi Kappa Tau Second Regimental Band 43, 41 North Central College JOURNALISM ROY NATIIANIEL GREEN ..... ...Effingham EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Alpha Chi Rho Cuisson Club: First Liuiitmmxxt, University Brigade my GENERAL AGRICULTURE 0 F 1 OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TW -'El PACE 75 E'- 9 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I93 RAYIIIDND FOREST GIIEICNIG... ...Princeville LUCY ISABEL GRIFFITII .............. .Toulon CuIvIMERCI-: LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCIQS Accountancy English Accountancy Cluh Illinois State NOFIIIIII University SIDNEY LES'l'l-IR GIIEENEIELD ........... Moline FLORENCE LEWIS Gmcsav ..... ...Pittsield LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES .IOURNALISM Englisli Alpha Sigma Phi Intorfrateriiity Council 13, 43 AIIKIISIIIIIII. College ELMER ANIIIII-IW GREENLEE......Poplar Grove GENERAL ENGINEERING Theta Upsilon Omega Phi Alpha Lamhda: A. S. C. E.: Sophomore Manager, Intcrscholastic Circus: Junior Mana- gtir, Inter:-Icllolastio Circus: lnterfraternity Coun- ci C33 ALVIN EDWARD GIKEI.I.lNGICII..Mii1UdUk86, Wis. FINE AND Al"I'I.lED ARTS Architecture Tau Beta Pi: Sigma IIIIIIIQ Svarah: Gargoyle: B. A. I. D. Honors Day C33 Milwaukee State Tuaoliors' College Delta Gamma - Torch: First. CoIIIIcil, hV0lllIlIl'S League CB, 43 JOHN LUIcINs GRING.. .... ......Farrner City 1 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES .' Chemistry . Iiiterscliolastic Circus Cl, 33 . GEORGE MAURICE GROETING .......... Decatur FINE AND APPLIED ARTs Architectural Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon Scarab Honors Day C43 James Millikin University: Washington Univer' sity w. 4 PIIILIP MICIIAEI. GRENNAN.... ...... .Sterling I Kappa Theta Sigma fp ,JJ - 'V - 1 .IE 4.3 4, ,I g' I. or . .N- vf I :VM ,.'. II , . eE:,.- Iv P X l I I ' -,I-:WR-. 'WP' ,' fl li IM A I' I S t I sz ln I Q, W -'I' y 'Q' PAUL EDWARD GIIOTTS FINE AND APPLIED ARTS .......Butler LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES V French Delta Phi Alpha: Pi Delta Phi Crane College i I ' 1. HARRY RUssEI.L CRlFFlTIl............0I1L'i!iH I 4 1 FINE AND APPLIED ARTS 'El ,-- ' 1 A Landscape Architecture O KJV," I . N " 4' Alpha Lambda Tau 'I' vi? ' Kappa Phi Sigma: Scarab: Interfraternity CoIIn- :-il Q43 I . X-3 I T . A JAMES CURTIS GRIFFITII... ..... ..ClIampaign ' GENERAL AGRICULTURE t llool' and Horn Club: First Lieutenant, Univer- sity BI'iI.tIule 143 ' V 6 Illinois State Normal University QI '-E ,1 ' 4. I A Architecture ' Chemistry Honors Day Q33 Interseholastic Circus 12, 33 Bl'Wkb'U'U College St. Mai-y's College ELIzAEETII MARIE GRIESIIAEER ..... Oak Park EDWARD EVERETT CROVES .... .... Q uincy LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE General Business Phi Della Theta HARRY DENNIs0N GllOW...... ...La Grange COMMERCE General Business Theta Chi Sachem: Band of X: Sophomore Football Mana- gciri Igunior Football Manager: Coinuierve CoIIII- Ci 3 - IIUIIOTS Day Q13 . ROSE NIARY BEARNADETTA GUERINo..Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION History Crane College HE SENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -'EI PACE 76 134- HE UN ,. , MARCERY GUNN .................... Danville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Delta Gamma WILMA CAROLYN HAEGER .......... Oak Park - H LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geography Alpha Omicron Pi Mask and Bauble: Illustrators: Siren Q31 an Rx., , IVERSITY OF ILLINOIS II.LIO OFI WILLIAM RUDOLPII CUNNEIL... ...Chicago COMMERCE Banking and Finance llus Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad: Varsity Swimming Squad C2, 4l: Varsity Water Polo Squad 42, 43 CLELA GUTIIRII:....................Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Psychology Zeta Tau Alpha Monticello Seminary FREDERICK WILLIAM I'IAAKE..CillCIlf1.ILlZZ1:, Ohio MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Scabbard Imd Blade: 'l'au Nu Tau: Captain, University Brigade C43 RICHARD WARREN HAINES. . . . . . . . . .Tamaroa COMMERCE Banking and Finance Alpha Sigma Phi 'l'u-Mas: Skull and Crescent DENzIL RAY HALCOM .......... .... W eldon COMMERCE Industrial Administration Men's Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 45 ELEANOII HALL.. ....... . .... ....Bcrwyn EDUCATION Physical Education Alpha Omicron Pi W. A. A.: Oran e and Blue Feathers: Terrapin: l.'Ii"Q ' 1 "l fi lb' .....,af , we Ra' ., . nv, , L, I Swimming fl, 35: Hockey 13, 45 QL, I I, N. S vi ALLEN EDWARD I-IAIIERLE. . ..........Szcrling CIVIL ENGINEERING Phalanx: Tau Nu Tau: Captain, University Brigade C47 MAIIVIN LEROY HADAM....... ...Chicago EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Delta 'l'hol,a Epsilon: Freshman Basketball Squad: Varsity Basketball Squad 12,35 NIAIIION EVELYN I-IADLEY..... .... Osco EDUCATION Home Economics ESTIIIQR l-IAEI-'ELE. . . ..... . . . . . . . . . . .Fairficlzl LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Burrill Botany Club Illinois Stale Normal University MARY FRANCES l'lALL. . . . . . . . . . . .Champaign GENERAL EDUCATION Physical Education Major IA: MiIIor IA: W. A. A.: Physical Education Majors' Club: Terrapin: Soccer Q1, 2, 35: Volleyball 12, Ill: Baseball CBD: Chalr- man, W. A. A. Social Committee 137: Cast, "French Heels" C23 WILLIA M EDWARD HALL ...... . . .Evanston COMMERCE General Business Chi Psi Captain, University Brigade C-ll BESSIE ESTELLE HALLBERG ........... Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION History ' Theta Upsilon Crane College MIARION ELIZABETH l'IAl.I.E'l"I'. . . . . . . .Sterling LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Home Economics Minor IA.: WV. A. A.: Home l'looIIoIIIius Club: Soccer 13, 45 North Central College THE SENIOR CLASS or TI-IIRTY-Two -'El PACE 77 ili- 9 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF19 HALVOII ALMEVIC I'lALVOIISIiN ........ Chicago LIRERAI. ARTs AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Phi Sigma Kappa Scnllbitrd Rnd Blade: Illini Flying Club: Captain, University BriI.':IIdc 141 MAIIY ELIZABI-I'I'Il HAMIIROOK. . . . . . .Oak Park LIBICIIAI. ARTS AND SCII-:NCES Spanish lil' 0ll'l!Ill0 Litorzirio do Espanol: Le CI-rcle Fran- Quia OWEN WRAY HAMIiI............. ....Ashlon COMMERCE Commerce and Law Pi Kappa Alpha AIIolplIiI: National lIiteI'III'y l"rIItornity: Illini UIIIIIIIIII-r ol' U0lIIIlll'l'l'6Q Star Course 12, 31: IIIII-rfI'IIIvI'IIity Council 131 I.U'I'III-:II ELMICII I'IAMII,'I'0N.........DlL Quoin GENERAL AGRICULTURE 0llVIIll'y Ollie-ers' Club: Horse Show 13, 41: l"irsI Lim-IIII'IIIIIIt, University 1,I'If.2'lllI0 1-11 FRANK EIIWARIJ I'IANCS..........TltlSll, Okla. MECIIANICAII ENGINEERING Alpha Kappa Pi Phalanx: A. S. M. ld.: Captain, University B1'ILZ'IldU V 141 I-IAIIOLII WINFORD fIANNAlI......Whfil0 Heath GENERAL AGRICULTURE Farm House Alpha Zeta: Business BTIIDIIHGF, Illinois Agricul- IIITISIS 141: Pi Delta Epsilon: Scabbnrd and Blade: Pershing Rities: IlliIIi Grange: Agricul- tural Club: Hoof aIId Horn Club: Millini 1111: Sophomore Track Manxiger: Military Council 141: Unworsity Livestock Jlidaing Tonin 131: lnterfratemity Council 131: Major, University Brigade 141 IIOIIIIYS Day 11, 21 CLARENCE HANOVER ................ Palestine GENERAL AGRICULTURE Alpha Kappa Pi - Alpha 'I'au Alpha: Kappa Phi Kappa: Agricul- tural Club: Agricultural Education Club LAWRENCE NESS HANSEN ..... .... C hicago COMMERCE Banking and Finance Theta Alpha Kappa Phi Signm: Caisson ClI1b: Siren 111: Froslnunn Varsity Golf Squad: Varsity Golf A ni! f h nw . 5 N V .RPI Squad 121: First Lil-IItoIIaIIt, University Bri- gade 141 MAUIIICE LOWE HAMII.'I'oN. . . . . . . . . . .Chicago GENERAL ENGINEEIIINC4 Beta Kappa Crane College OSCAR ROBERT HAMLINK ...... .... A nnawan I COMMERCE Commerce and Law Theta Kappa Phi RICIIARIJ JAMES KINNE HAMMEL.....Trenton LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Pi Kappa Alpha Illini Chainher of Conunerco: The Dnilv Illini 111: Freslnnan Varsity Wrestling.: Squad: Var- sity Wrestling Squad 121: Captain, University Brigade 141 - Honors Day 111 KEITII I'IAMI'TON ............ ...Macomb COMMERCE ' General Business Phi Kappa Tau Ma-Wan-Da: SIII-hein: Band of X: Tribe -of Illini: Frosliuiau Varsity '1'rIIok Squad: Varsity fI.'l'lll'k Letter 12, 31 ESTIII-ZR JANE HARIIWICK. . .East Clhicago, Ind. , GENERAL EDUCATION English Alpha Chi Omega REGINALD ISAAC HARnv...... ...Momence COMMERCE Accountancy Wesley Players ROBERT ANDERSON HARPER. . . . . . . . . Wilmette LIIIEIIAI. ARTS ANI: SCIENCES Economics Theta Xi 4 Senior Produc-tion Manager, Illini Theater Guild: Pi ldpsilon Delta: Musk aIId Bauble FRANCIS MII.LElI HAIIIIOLI: ..... . . ......Colfax GENERAL AcRICUL'rURE Sigma Phi Epsilon Agricultural Club: A. S. A. E.: Fllrlll Mechanics ClI1b Blackbiirn College 3 OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -mil PAGE 78 131- HE UN IVERSITY OFILLINOI DOROTIIY NlAIIGUliIll'l'Ii IIAIIROWI-:I.I... EDUCATION Public School Music Alcestis Lewis Institute ,Chicago NIARY AN'I'oINI-:'I"I'E HAYES ..... .... L a Grange LIDERAL AR1's AND SCIENCES Sociology Alpha Della Pi I 'a 'adv I TIIELMA ELIZABETH HARSIIEARCER. . ...Arcola ROEERI' PAUL HAYS. .... Marissa GENERAL EDUCATION Marlhematics Bethany Circle l'luI'ekII College JAMES OWEN l'lAll'I' .............. Champaign GENERAL AGRICULTURE CASTLE J. C. HARVEY ........ Hunlington, Incl. LIDERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Geology Sigma Mu Sigma Interfraternity Council 135 Honors Day CBD LIIJERAI. All'l'S AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical lQI.I.swoR'rII MA'FlIEW IIAZZARD. . ...Chicago EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Saehemg Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Varsit Baseball Letter C2, 315 Independent Council 3,41 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E. Ohio State University EARI. RICE I-IEACOCK. . . . . . . . . . ..... .Tnscola 1 'iff' 7 X 45 A CQ' .. 4' ut I A A KU' l f' , , ti all 'i' 11211 II -A la. ' -ir ' V I- 6. 5 rl' , Q wi .ATN .3 lx 1.7 , K . S Il.Ll F1 CECILE SUSANA HARVEY ...... .... C 'liicago COMMERCE General Business Phi Omega Pi Gregorian Literary Society: University Choral Society Crane College DOUGLAS ALFRED l'lAS'l'INGS.........DCCl'flCllli MECIIANICAI. ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma: Tribe of Illini: Varsity Soccer Letter 42, 3, 43 VVILLMORE BIIOWNING HAs1'INCs. .Bloomington JoURNAI.IsM Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Delta Epsilon: Phi Alpha Chig The Daily lllini Cl, 235 Illinois Magazine il, 25: Journal- ism Counril M33 lnterfraternity Count-il 143 lVlARGAllIi'l' WINIFIIEIJ HAVEN ......... Urbana LIIIEIIAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES History Kappa Alpha Theta KATIIRYN -FAIIIIANT HI-:A'I'II ........ La Grange GENERAL EDUCATION Carman Sigma Kappa Kappa Delta Pi: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 147 Joliet Junior College RICIIARD I-IENRY l'lEBlillI.ING. . . . . . . . . . .Easton NIICCIIANICAL ENGINIZICIIINC Chi Beta Senior Iiitersr-holastio Circus and NVreslliIIg Manager: Theta Tau: Sigma ,Iota Epsilon: A. S. M. N.: Alhletir' Council 1415 Senior Informal Committee: Chairman, Holm Parade ll0lllllllllCC 4435 lnterfraternity Council til, 41 VIRCII. CATIIERINE IlECII'I'.....1lowners Grave CENERAI. EDUCATION Ellucalion Delta Della Delta Sigma Delta Phi Beloit College ARTIIUR RAY III-:DI.UND .......... Gzflrsan City COMMICIICIC Accolinlancy Della Sigma Phi H E SENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -'El PACE 79 P34- 0 O 93 lil 2 ' illl li I5 WAYNE SNYDER HEIITZ.............llrI0l7l!?llC6 E UNIVERSITY OFILLIN OIS 4 DOIKOTIIY El,lZAllE'I'lI HEICKE.....Champaign SARAH DoR0TlIv llENKI.E.... ...Urbana LIBICIKAI, ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE Lapin, General Business FRED I'lElMLICIIER. .lR....... ...ClIampai,':n HAROLD ALEXANDER l'lENRY.... ...Oblong Q ff COMMERCE COMMERCE " I ' General Business Kappa Sigma EVA ,Io llIil.BliIl .................... Rell Burl LIBEIKAL ARTS AND SCIENCE:-1 Latin Kappa Kappa Gamma Eta Sigina Phi Stephens College TIIICODOIXE CllIllS'I'lAN l'lEl.MllElCll......... .... .......CrescentCify l.IBl'2llAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Men's Glen l'luh 12, 3, 41: University Choral Society Honors Day il, 2, 31 WILIIA El.lZAllE'l'lI HENDERsoN.... ....Joliel Banking and Finance C i I, D Accountancy Cluh ,I ., . McKendree College f' ' .I WV If u Qui Q :E ,'-f ,, A 1 'il f ELSTON DAVID llEllllON ...... ...Shelbyville JOURNALISM V Alpha Kappa Lambda - T Kappa Tau Alpha.: Phi Eta Sigma: Chief News Editor, The Daily Illini C415 Sigma Delta Chi: Phi 'Alpha Chig Kappa Phi Sigma: The Daily 5 Illini fl, 2, 31: Journalism Council C41 A Honors Day il, 2, 31 1932 . W' I . H . . J . E L - . as I Lui. 'Q ' ri ' 'Q 4 1. we .ai ' ff 'Eff5i'i4'E7Fif'F . -,E DALLAS DALE l'lEllSllEY ........... Ml. Carmel CIVIL ENGINEERING Sigma Phi Delta I. , af' .E . 4 ':- , 'ffl ' A - . w A. S. C. E.: Men's Glen Club Q2, 313 Second Regimental Band fl, 21 Honors Day C11 wif' L 3.15 M, 'fi' ,752 I i ' il 1. Ji- : . iv'-" ' I.'+'if'!". ' ., F 'B' dggjw ,ii ijfkliff' ' 1. 45-V' ,af ' I . , GENERAL EDUCATION Biology Theta Upsilon Orvhesisg Jlllllilhllllllllll Literary Society Joliet Junior College MAIlGARliT HELEN l'lENDRI'1Y ......... LIBERAL ARTS AND ' French Pi Lambda Sigma SCIENCES Hellenic Council 12, 3, 41 Evanston First Council, XVOIIIIIIIVS League 1.3, 41, Pan- GENERAL EDUCATION Music Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Wesley Playeril VM'- sity Men's Glee Club 42, 3, 41 MYRDN EMANUEL HERZOG. . . . . . . . . . .Chicago CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilong A. S. C. E. Honors Day 42, 31 I ' 2,934 ' T 1'if'2ggg,3f'e 3 ilvi5f:gi'2 . -- - : ELMER l'lEllMAN l'll-1NKER...... .... ...Plano WILFRED ERNEST HEwITT.......Rzpley, N. Y. ' GENERAL AClllCUl.'l'Ulll-Z LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES .3 .. Alpha Tan Alpha: Agric-nlturnl Club Pre-Legal . VV, . ,ff .X . 4- If 43.51 A ' ' Delta Theta Phi ' "i I D Tribe of Illini: Varsity Wrestling Squad 121, .A Letter 1111, Captain Q41 fs ll I JAMAINIC DORCAS HENKES ........ ...Windsor BI-IULAII MAIKIE HPIY........ ....Dixon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES EDUCATION iq 4 English Public School Music ' ' ' De Pauw Univi-rsily Sigma Alpha Iota ' , ' , Womeu's Glue Club 12, 3, 41: lfine Artslliall Committee 11315 Chairman, Music Conninttee, In . "French Heels" Q31 ' ' NOYlllNl'8Hl0l'll University IQ. 'I 45, I L '1 -al PAGE 80 121- THE SENIOR CLASS OF T HIRTY- Two UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOI ILLIO OF I9 CIIAIILES ALFRI-:II HILL. ..... Little Rock, Ark. RUTII GENEVA I'II'I"l'. .......... .... C asey COMMERCE JOUIINALISM va Foreign Commerce Kflllllll Sigma THU 5 ' Ph' BMJ.: The l3IIilI llliIIi 427: Siren 43 : Kappa Slgma NVCIIDGISS G-lee Club 4lU ' DoRo'rIII' JEANNE HILL..' ........... Danville GENERAL EDUCATION English Beta Phi Alpha Western College for Women: Wittenberg College FRANCES HILL ................... Carbondale LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Psychology Pi Beta Phi The lllio 433 Gulf Park College: lIiIIdeIIwood College HELEN ADELE HILLIARD ........ Sz. Louis, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Alpha Delta Pi Bn ttle Creek College ELLEN SAIIAII HIx0N........Chicago Heights EIIUCATIQN Home Economics I'IlII'0Iill College: CIIIIYIILZU Norinal College f'3HIi7E?Z"" l 4T A , . , W w2I'kw 4' '7' BERTRAM WRIGlI'F I'IoAIIE .... ....Rock Island flf Q54 MECIIANICAII ENGINEERING Q. by Q SI-abhnrd and Blade: 'Pau Nu Tau: Persliiiig ill V, , .,,,. -" Riflosg A. S. M. ld.: lIIdepeIIden1: Qonncil 443: I ,lim I ,gl ljtp First Lieutenant, UnivcrsIty Bngude 443: jIj,g,1" m -wk I , SCIIIIGIIIOI' Prize 433 ' "mil x, 1 GLENITA IIOBBS. . . . .. .... ...... .... Chicago I In 4 f' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Pi Beta Phi Tor:-h: Alpha Lllllllldll Delta: General VVOTIIIUIIS CIIIIITIIIILII, I'IOIIl0i'0IllIIlg' 447: Gold Feathers: Shi-Ai: Orange and Blue lventhers: Cliairmnn, Y. VV. C. A. Doll Show Committee 433: Chair- lllllll, I'IOIIIOCOI'll'III1.I' Badge UoIIInIittee 433 wx , ..m,..,., t Staff I' .Zigi , ,-M, b. . 2 1? ' ' - . ,tfzi ., 3 A I f fl. f I ' It I fi' T fr f I l GEOIIGE DONALD HILLSTRQM... ...Chicago COMMERCE , Banking and Finance Lambda Chi Alpha Accountancy Club: Sophomore Football Mannf get: Freshman Varsity Truck Squad: Produc- tion Statf, "Behold This DI-eIInIer" 437, "The Black FIIIIIIIIIHOH 435: IIIterfroternity Council C3. 47 LOUIS EUGENE HIMELREICII. .........Chicago MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E. Crane College ISAEEL JESSAMINE HINMAN.. ........ Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Beta Sigma Omicron Mortar Bonrd: Torch: NVOIYIFIIIIS Editor, The lllio of 1932 441: Gold Feathers: Orange and Blue Featliers: Chi Chi Chi: Tile lllio 41, 2, 33 Honors Day 413 MERRY DOROTIIY HIRSCII ..... Charlotte, N. C. JOURNALISM Phi Sigma Sigma Gold Feathers: Orange and Blue l"oIItlIers: The Daily IlliIIi 413: Siren 423 FARRELL KELL l-loDCEs. . . . . . . . . .Salem COIvIIvIERCE General Business Phi Kappa Tau Board of Directors, Illinois Union 445: Facility Iicgeeption Committee: Interfraternity Uonncil 11 GLENN EDWARD HODGES. . . .... . . .Adair CIVIL ENGINEERING Phalanx: Tan NII Tau: A. S. C. E.: Qaptnin, University Brigade 445 1 EUGENE MoRToN IIOIJGSON, .III.......lIlll10Ilfk LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geography Delta Tau Della ' Sac-hem: Dance Supervision Committee: The lllio 41, 2, 35 WILLARID MAX I'IOElIN..... .......CarliIIvITlle LIBICRAL ARTS AND SCIENCI-:s Chemistry IIIIICIIIJIITII College , I CLASS OF T -'El PAGE 81 iii- HIRTY-TWO HE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS I-LLIO OF 'I9 ERNEST lllllldl' ll0lCllR, .lll .... .. .1'lItl'0lYl BljIQNlIA5I BABB IIQLMIQS ,,,,, -,,. l lfbmm , .Q COMlVlliIlCI'2 Commmfgiq V Ilanliting anrl Finanare General Business '-' ' Kappa Delta Rho Beta Tllela Pi l'lI'l'NllIlIllIl Cap lllll'lllIlLf COIIIIIIIIILPOQ SoplIoInoI'o M,,.w,,,,.D,,3 Band al' X: Tho Daily lllini tl, 31: Cav Connniltt-ez Senior Informal Ll0lllIlllllt'I'i Sgcnml I,igat0mmg,, linimrsily lgrimllc up ll0lllH't'0IlllIll.2' Stunt Show 12, Ill: Men's Glue Puwdcml Univcmitv PIII tlj lllll'Il,lIlll'I'IIllN Ll0lllll'll CID ' ' ' .II 3 " If RAYMIIND AlI'l'lIllII lloI'FMAN. . .Greeley, Cala. CDM M l-IIICIE Acaallnwnlry .Ll'l'0lIIlIIlIII'y Club llonors Ibay till Colorado Slate 'l'I-avlu-rs' College l'AnL 'l'III:oDoRI-: l'l0FIll'INKl'1....... LIDERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Gheniieal Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma Phi Eta Sigina ARLEY KERMI1' l'l0lll:lNIIOKI-IN. . . . . . . . .Geneseo Cl-INICRAI. AGRICUl.'l'UlIli Alpha Gamma Rho Pi Delta Epsilon: Agrivultnral Cluh: illinois AL:ri1'IIllIIraliRt tl, 2, ill: Az' lxagicc COIIIIIIILLOG 0 - - ' ' i il C... 31: Interl":III,I'III!y Lonni- .Ml. Olive FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Triangle S4-arab Armour Institute ol' 'l'cI'hnolo1,:y , COMMERCE Accountancy Delta Upsilon Skull and Crescent: l"l'0SIlIU1II'l Var:-:it Haskel- hall Squad: l+'reslIman Varsity Baseball Squad: Xarsxty Golf Squad till: Sopholnore Football l?'lxI3IIIIgor: Sovond lAll!lllCIlI1llL, University Brigade JOURNALISM Delta Chi tl, 2, IU: Journalism Cfounril C-lb PAUL BUEIILER l'lOl.'l'.. .... ........RiDerside IAIowARD DEERSON ll0LZMAN. . . . . .Grant Park CARRY HAASE HOMANN ....... ...Ejingham Sauheml Dance Supervision Cnnnniltee: Signm Delta Chi: Phi Alpha Chi: 'Pho Daily Illini 1 . x il CIIARLES DOUGLAS Ho1LEs.... ...Greenville COMMERCE General Business Delta Upsilon '1'u-Mas Dartmouth College JOIIN DAVID I'IoLDER.. .......... Blaamingmn COMMERCE General Business Phi Kappa Sigma Phi lflta Sigma: The Illio Q15 FLORENCE STELLA Hoox.........Grays Lake LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Beta Kappa: VVomau's Business Manager, The Illio of 1932 C453 Gold Feathers: Mask and liaublc: The Illio t2, 35 Honors Day 133 Lindenwood College FREDI-IIIICK ALBERT Hoox. . . . . ...Jacksonville COMMERCE Banking and Finance Bradley Polytechnic Institute , I '7 T.. ELIIERT RAY HoI.I.1NcswoR'rII....Rock Island Ll-JLIA ELIZABI-ITII HoI'KINs.. .... .Champaign X Q l COJIIIIIICIICIC COMMERCE . - General Business Accountancy 'ns I 5 ia- P11iKappa Sigma Ifhi Qhi lfhctnq Acc-mintaney Club: COIIIIIICTUB 'lg A Band of X: l'll'I'HllIllll.Il Varsity '1'rat'k Squad: Ummm ill ..Qf.I.5v l g Varsity 'lll'll.l'li Letter QB, 41 .f J, Allglllllllllll College wut f 4 '- M4 , L " ox FRANCIS LEROY llOI.I.OWAY. . . . . . . . . . .Forrest VIoI.A HELEN l'l0l'KINS. . . . . . . . . . .Champaign 1 ELICCTIIICAI. lflNGINl'1l'IlIlNG GENERAL EDUCATION Synton: Pi 'Pau 1'i Sigma: A. I, E. B.: Captain, Physical Eflucagion -, . lllllY1Jl'Sll,y lirigado L-17 , - Y , . Leia Tau Alpha M , leg I" ,jg W. A. A.: fll'llIll.f0 and Blue Feathers: Physival L, , i ' , i iimj ' A lildut-ation Majors' Club: JIIIIICHOIIIIIII Literary ' W V '-'fi . 1 Society: llovln-y fl, il, 419: Basketball ill: L, - . if I I 331 6, ,N , t fiifw Arullery fill: Volleylrall KSQ: llasu-ball 12, IH ff' . ' rsfgifiiii-bi' I 1. Y A 'V , THE SENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -'El PAGE 82 ii!- UNIVERSITY OF ILLIN MERL TUTTLE HoI'SoN.,.............Urbana GENERAL AGRICULTURE Sigma Nu WILLIAM HOllAK.....................CiC6l'0 CERAMIC ENGINEERING Keramos: American Ceramic Society WALTEIX LYLE HoRN................Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Chi Phi Interfrnternity Council C35 DAVID WYATT HORNER.............Kewanee LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Theta Kappa Nu Men's Glee Club 41, 2, 35 BEATRICE NELL HoUzE ...... Indianapolis, Ind, GENERAL EDUCATION Public Speaking Alpha Delta Theta Le Cerule Francais: Jamesonian Literal' SO- 1-ietyg Production Staif, "Beggar on 1-Iorsehaekn 625, "Holiday" Q25, "Black FlamIngO" 135, "Remote Control" Q45 Butler University ANNE I'IOWARD.....................ChiCllg0 GENERAL EDUCATION History Ohio State University EVERETT WATT HOWARD. . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Delta Sigma Tau First Regimental Band Cl, 2, 353 .lnterfraternity Council 135 FRANCES DELORES ltl0WARD.........L0flgUiC1lJ LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-English Loki W. A. A.: Cold Feathers: Gregorian Literary Society: First, Second Council Woman's League CB, 455 Soccer 42, 353 Buskethall 12, 85: Base- ball 11, 25 C, QP' ' y 4 , I A A H RUSSELL MON'l'FORlD HORNER. ..Lafayezte, Ind. COMMERCE . General Basiniess Chi Omega Siren C35 Milwaukee Dowmr College Kappa Sigma Ma-Wan-Dag Sauhem: Business Manager, The - Daily Illini Q453 Alpha Delta Sigmag Band. Ot Q - , X5 The Daily Illini 11, 2, 35 , if-ifli "Z . ' ANNA LILLIAN HoR'rON.....lVauwazosa, Wis. L25 V I J y LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES " English ,sk University of Wisconsin . . ' l l A HAzEL IRENE HoRToN.................Tolono Q fi J I lip, 5 ' A ' uw f--,, 5 . P' THE SENI OR Delta Delta Delta Gold Featliersg Orange llllll Blue Feathers ALLEN CAESAR HOTTES. .Grand Junction, Colo. C L LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History MECl'lANlCAL ENGINEERING Sigma Mu Sigma Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tang Sigma Phi Deltng Pi Tau Sigma: A. S. M. E. Honors Day 12, 35 'lil PAGE 83 ii'- OIS ILLI MILTON ROBFRT IIowARD Hornell, N Y Theta Chi Delta lheta Ppsxlon Sigma Delta Psi Dolphins Varsity Tiaik Squad C2 35 Varsity Water Polo Squad C25 HELEN NANCY IJOWARTII Wausau, Wie LAURTNCP ARTIIUR IIUERARD Berwyn Alpha Chi Rho Scabbarcl and Blade Cavalry Ofliurs Club . lllini hlymg Club Captain, University BrIgndL 4 EDITII WISE I-IUDNUI Champaign Phi Chi lhetu, ASS OF T LYLI RICII IIIIEE TIUCUZH NIAIIY LLIIAEEIII IIIIII- Urbana IVI-.III Ir OVFIII-ll.lll IIUIL Bloomington THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO ' ' WILLIAM LYII IIIID-,oN Fhtcago IWARTIIA FRANCES HUSIC ............ Evanston 'T ' , GENERAL EDUCATION "v,' . English gif' I Delta Delta Delta V A J t'i'M Stephens College if LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Pi Beta Phi Gold Feathers: Orange and lilue l4'oRtheI's: The lllio 11, 23 COMMERCE General Business A- Sigma Phi Sigma , Cast, FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture MARX' .IANE Hu'IToN ................ Danville WILLIAM ALBERT HUTTON. . ., ...Auburn FREDERICK TIIOMAS HYLAND. . . . . .Champaign RICIIARD EMANUEL HuL'I' ............ Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture ' Alpha Rho Chi Varsity Soccer Letter 13, 41 Crane College Lois VIRGINIA I-IIINT. . . . .. .... . ..... Decatur LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Latin Gold Featlieraq Eta SIHIIHI PIII? Gl'0F0l'l1U1 Lit' erary Som-iotyg Der Deutsche Vereing Wesley Players llonors Day 12, IU XVILLIAM ISIENDERSON llIIN1'ER. . . . . .Staunton FINE AND API-LIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Tan Nu 'l'an: A. S. C. l'I.g Captain, University Brigade 133 Kemper Military School I'Il'1lIM0lSli ,IICNNISSS IIIIIII' ............ Decatur LIBERAL AII'l'S AND SCIENCES Latin Pi Beta Phi Eta Sigma Phi: Le Ce-rc-le l+'1'IIIIgnis James Millikin University LOUISE MARY I'IYNliS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Mathematics University of Chicago MIL'I'oN REVERDI' ICLEIIART ...... Rock Island COMMERCE Accountancy Kappa Della Rho Acvoiixitaney Club Augustana College VERNON DAVID IRISII. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Clhicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Landscape Architecture Theta Kappa Nu Mask RIId lianble: Pierrotsg U. L. A. S.: Illinois Agricnltnrist 117: I'Il'0SIllllllIl Frolic Committee: Cast, "Brazil Nuts" 113, "Beggar on Horseback" 123, "Steppin' West" 133, "Black Flamingo" 135, "Cradle Song" 131: Men's Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 43: lixterfraterxlity Council 145 Honors Day 13? HARRY Huco IRVIN.......... .IJl'bll7Ill GENERAL EDUCATION Chemistry Psi Omega University oi' Illinois, College of Dentistry TH ENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -'Ci PACE 84 13+ HE UN IVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 ' Ii I I 3 ,5 V 1y,jf?'1' AS? V1 i ARLENE NAOMI JACIcsON...Kansos City, Kan. CAROL ELIZABETH JOIINsON ............... Z, Q " '!',I,, EDUCATION .................. North Muskegon, Mich. " 1, Public School Music LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES i Alpha Kappa Alpha English 2 A ' ff Alpha Phi ffl l A'f' f Torch: Chairman, Woman's League, Vocational 'li' E3 EARL ALTON JACKSON. . . . .Brirlgewater, Mass. EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Alpha Kappa Pi Freshman Varsit Football Squad: Varsity Foot- ball Squad 13, lily Interfraternity Council C37 WILLIAM ROY JACKSON ............. Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION Chemistry Kappa Alpha Psi Crane College Guides Committee 18, 437 Dance Supervision Committee: Shi-Ai: Anonian Literary Society: Senior Informal Committee EDWIN HJALMAR JOIINsON.... ...Peoria COMMERCE Industrial Administration Beta Phi Theta Accountancy Olubg A. S. M. E. Bradley Polytechnic Institute: Northwestern University JEROME AUBREY JOI-INsoN... ...Clhicago COMMERCE General Business Phi Epsilon Pi TH: SENIOR cLAss o HAROLD LEE JEI-sON..............Ringwood KENNETH JOIIN JOHNSON.............Arcola ' f'Wi'b""- "" GENERAL AGRICULTURE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A ' . 3, Alpha 7etu' Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural B t K I , M Club: Studoht Council, Wesley l'l0lllldllf.l0Il 143 e a appa Pt 9 . A. I. E. E. , fl:-M - Mount Morris College ,If wffqg F I , Z. Avai l-. ' .. I 1 ' its P Phi Mu -Alpha-Sinfoniag Phi Alpha Chip The Daily Illini 11, 2, 3bg.Siren QB, 435 Concert Band fl, 2, 3, 439 Umversit Orchestra CID: Cust, "Beggar on Horseback" C23 ' E, HELENA MATILDA JEWELL ..... Lafayette, Ind. COMMERCE Foreign Commerce Phi Mu CARL HOCKWIN JOHNSON .... .... R ockford COMMERCE Industrial Administration Sigma Iota Epsilon CARL MILTON JOHNSON .... .... T yndall, S. D. AGRICULTURE Floriculture , Pi Alpha Xi: Floricultural Club - ' Iowa State College HAROLD BENSON JEWELL ..... .... D anville MORLIN FRANK JOHNsON.... .... Elgin JOURNALISM , COMMERCE Alpha Kappa Lambda Accountancy Beta Sigma Psi ' Accountancy Clubg Freshman Basketball Squad RICIIARD LESTER JOIINSON.....Phoenix, Ariz. COMMERCE Foreign Commerce Phi Beta Kappa: Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Pan Xenia: Concert Band 11, 333 Cnet. "Remote Control" C45 Phoenix Junior College WILEURN ARTHUR JOIINSON... ...Geneva COMMERCE u General Business Kappa Delta Rho WILFRED REEVES JOIINSON... ...Tuscoia COMMERCE General Business Psi Upsilon -'El PAGE 85 13- F THIRTY-TW THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 193 FLOYD GRAY JOHNSTON ..... . . ...Wilmington MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Kappa Pi Joliet Junior College HELEN JOHNSTON...................Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Psychology Delta Gamma Converse College JAMES RODERICK JOHNSTONE. . . . . . . Winnetka ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Triangle Scabbard and Blade: Tau Nu Tau: A. I. E. E.: Illini Flying Club: Co-Chairman, Engineers' Dance Ml: President, Freshman Class: Cap- tain, University Brigade Q41 ANNE PRIOLEAU JONES ............... Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Kappa Alpha Theta ROGERS DRAPER JONES.............Belleville ' Q I LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History A F I A . Theta Xi President Senior Class: Student Council C455 Alpha Delta Sigma: The Illio 11, 2, 33: Faculty Reception Committee: Chairman, Senior Informal Committee RUTH ODETTE JONES ................ Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES , I English .lamesonian Literary Society A . 4' T wiv . . .Chicago . JULIUS P. JOSEPH ............. COMMERCE Accountancy Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Alpha is -- I Psi . Chicago EILEEN RITA JOYCE ................ LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES . History Pi Lambda Sigma I ,.. Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta: Orange Basketball 41, 23: May Fete 113 LQ, and Blue Feathers: Pi Delta Phi: Woman's li", Cosmopolitan Club "ji x l O fy , ' DOROTHY LOUISE JONES...... ....Chicago EILLEN JONES ................... Stronghurst Alpha Chi Omega ELLEN JUNE JONES ................. Rantoul Alpha Omicron Pi - Lindenwood College JAMES LEE JONES .................. Danville R C L A S S JOSEPH PETER JOYCE ................ Chicago CIVIL ENGINEERING Kappa Theta Sigma Phalanx: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: First Lieutenant, University Brigade C31 EDUCATION I Physical Education LEIE RODHOLM JUHL..........Clinton, Iowa COMMERCE General Business Delta Upsilon First Regimental Band 131 University of Iowa LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French LESTER J. KADEN ............ .... C hicago COMMERCE General Business Phi Epsilon Pi The Daily Illini fl, 2J: The Illio Q11 GENERAL EDUCATION Education EMANUEL KAHN .................... Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS CIVIL ENGINELIRING Architecture A. S. C. E.: Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad: A , Independent Council Q37 Cacia Lewis Institute Scarab -'C-I PAGE 86 E1- xl I A OF THIRTY-TWO H UN T N0 IVERSITY OF ILLI IS ILLIO MAIIGIJERITE ROSALIE KAHN ..... Tulsa, Okla. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Alpha Epsilon Phi Jamesonian Literary Society ALLAN FRANCIS KALSOW..... ....Huntley COMMERCE General Business Anubis Sophomore interscholastic Circus and Relay Carnival Manager DONALD MILTON KAMMER'r............... .....................South Haven, Mich. COMMERCE A Ccountancy Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Allahu Psi: Accountancy Club: Commerce Council Q 3 Honors Day 41, 23 ELBERT BALL KAMI' .............. Mt. Carmel COMMERCE-Banking and Finance Phi Delta Theta Ma-Wan-Da: Sachem: Student Council 443: Skull and Crescent: Band of X: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Basketball Squad: Varsity Basketball Letter C2, 33: Captain Q43 HELEN ANNE KAPLAN ............ Champaign GENERAL EDUCATION English Orange and Blue Feathers: Gregorian Literary Society: The Daily Illini C13 WILLIAM HENRY KAPPLE. . . . .. . . . . ..Chir,-ago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture Phi Kappa Sigma Siren 11, 23 SYLVA KARAsICK................ .... Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION French Sigma Delta Tau Alethenai Literary Society: Inter-Literary Coun- ci MARY KARPINSKI ................... Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION Biology Crane College ' 25.4 at ,will 1' 'A 'i : , , .I f as I I 3. I WD 1 11 1- Qlllhliq .. 4 -fl ir at I all ' 'l'l"l in THE SENIOR CLASSO ROBERT Louis KAMP.............M2. Carmel RUTI-I KARR.......................Seymour COMMERCE I GENERAL EDUCATION Banking and Finance Mathematics Phi Delta Theta Ma-Wan-Da' Band of X: Tribe of Illini: Varsity Basketball Leiter 42, s, 43 DOROTHY MILDRED KANITZ. . . . . . . . . . .Bement GENERAL EDUCATION Mathematics Delta Zeta Anqnian Literary Society: Jamesonian Literary Society Honors Day 113 LAURENCE VICTOR KANTER .... .... C hicago COMMERCE General Business Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Eta Sigma: Phidelus FRANCES MARIE KAPILLA...........Szaunton GENERAL EDUCATION Spanish El- Circulo Literario de Espanol: Le Cercle Fran- cais: Jamesonmn Literary Society Mac Murray College for Women Phi Omega Pi X ' Orange and Blue Feathers: Gregorian Literary Society ' Honors Day C13 JULIANNA KARTH............ ....Chicago EDUCATION Home Economics Kappa Delta Pi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Up- silon Omicron: Omicron Nu Honors Day tl, 2, 3, 43 MORRIS KATz ................ .... C hicago JOURNALISM The Daily Illini fl, 23: Siren't1, 43: Men's Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 43 Honors Day C23 IRVIN ADOLPLI KAUEMAN. . . . .. ...Cairo COMMERCE General Business Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Eta Sigma at PACE 87 fl'- F T HIRTY-TW TH UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1934 ROBERT THOMAS KAY ........ ...... . .Payson WILLIAM HENRY KELLY ..... ...Chicago K' Q- GENERAL AGRlCUl.'l'URE COMMERCE ' Alpha Gamma Rho General Business 4 Alpha Zeta: Phi Eta Sigma: Agricultural Club: ' Freshman Varsity 'Wrestling Squad: Varsity Theta Kappa Phi . Wrestling Squad 423: Interfrnternity Council VM'5't.y Baseball Squad 4273 Interfraternlty C45 Council 48, 43 ' Honors Day 41, 33 h ---e-,.?71f?,U' 1 . '-, sa, EVEIIDINE ANN KEATINC .............. Harvey MARGERY FRANCES KENDALL ..... ..Waukegan 'l GENERAL EDUCATION GENERAL EDUCATION M' yi, English Physical Education QQ 'FX Delta Zeta Delta Zeta t K' ' , 'Vhornlon '1'ownship Junior College Torch: Minor IA: W. A. A.: Gold Feathers: Orange and Blue Feathers: Terrapin: Physical 3' Q 1 Education Majors' Club: Soccer 41, 23: Hockey il- A X, ' - . 443: Baseball 423: Tennis 433 ,- fr A V., TRUXTON FERDINAND KEATING. . . . . . . .Urbana FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering EILEEN DOROTHY KENNEALLY. .. GENERAL EDUCATION Physical Education Theta Phi Alpha W. A. A. Soccer 413: Apparatus . . .Chicago D fu Q .xg 423 : Track GEORGE EDWIN KECK. . . . .. . . . .Chicago COMMERCE General Business Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Delta Sigma: Caisson Club: The Illio 423: 423: Volleyball 423 GENERAL EDUCATION Economics Phi Kappa Psi Varsity Football Squad 423, Letter 43, 43 Varsity Baseball Squad 423: First Lieutenant, University Brigade 443 JOHN HERBERT KENNEDY......... ...Dixon Q 5. g.. 51, H . V' l QI f l .' L.. I" . T H E S E N I 'll1i.IJ,I . It lliiul GRACE LOUISE KEISER ............... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanish V Pi Beta Phi Gold Feathers: Orange and Blue Feathers: Junior Prom Committee LEWIS ELSWORTH KEITH ...... .... F airfield . COMMERCE General Business Sigma Chi MORRIS HERMAN KELBER. . . . . . . . . .Brookheld LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Crane College GEORGE FREDERICK KELLINC........Belleville LAW PlIi Eta Sigma: Scabbard and Blade: Adelphic National Literary Fraternity: Inter-Literary Council: Cavalry Oflicers' Club: Independent Council. 443.5 Law Cane Committee: Inter- scholastic Circus 42, 8 43: Horse Show 48, 432 Major, University Brigade 423 ROBERT COOPER KENNEDY......Dayton, Olhio LIBERAL AR'rS AND SCIENCES German General Chairman, Homecoming Stunt Show 443: Chairman, Dad' Day Information Com- mittee 423: Production Staff, Union Minstrel 42, 33, "Illini Follies" 423, Homecoming Stunt Show 42, 33, "Behold This Dreamer' 433, "Black Flamingo" 433, "Queen's Husband" 423, "French Heels" 423,, "Right You Are" 433, "Remote Control" 443 WENDELL COLLINS KENNEDY ...... Springfield GENERAL EDUCATION Public Speaking Delta Phi Pi Epilson Delta: Mask and Bauble: Pierrots: The Daily Illini 413: Co-Author, "Step in' West" 433: Cast, "Dulcy" 423, "Mar The Third" 423, "Black Flamingo" 483: Second Lieutenant, University Brigade 433 DOROTHEA EDSON KENYON .......... Chicago LIBERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES English Delta Delta Delta Northwestern University ELIZABETH LOUISI-I KENYON .... ...Athens AGRICULTURE Home Economics Zeta Tau Alpha Bethany Circle: Illini Grunge James Millikin University OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO wif PACE 88 li'- H T UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOI GRACE ELEANOR KENYDN. ...........Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION Physical Education W. A. A.: Physical Education Majors' Club: Hockey 11, 2, 43: Volleyball 113 F0llllliS'l' KERMICLE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dundas GENERAL AGRICULTURE Alpha Kappa Pi MAIRX' lhlACDEllM0'l"l' KERN... ...Urbana EDUCATION Home Economics Alpha Xi Delta Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: Gold Feathers: Gregorian Literary Society: Inter-Literary Coun- cil Honors Day 11, 23 RICIIARD PETER KERN ......... ...Belleville J OURNALISM JOHN GEORGE KILAVOS. . . . . . . .Sparta, Greece GENERAL AGRICULTURE Delta Eta Pi Commercial Academy of Athens, Greece ROBERT ROY KILEY .................. Kansas LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Varsity Cheerleader 143 EILEEN FLORENCE KIMEALL. . . . . . . .Gurnee LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanish Sigma Delta Pi: El Circulo Literario de Espanol: Le Cercle Francais University of Wisconsin JAMES SIIELDON KING...........Apple River RAILWAY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Tau: Railway Club: A. I. E. E. James Millikin University LIO 'U I Of- 1 D5 . ' if u f'-i .. 1: I IJ 1: "7 it I X 3 ll-,Z ,Q 6 if 5 s , r, 1.1-,sg . In-'. , I HE SENI ' 2 DAN S.KERPAN............. ....Lincoln EIERNO KING..................TrcnIvn, Mo COMMERCE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Accountancy English Alpha Sigma Phi Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad Lincoln College ANTON KESZYCKI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION Mathematics Scabbnrd and Blade: Pershing Rifles: First Lieutenant, University Brigade 143 Crane College FRED EDWARD KEUR... ...... ...Pontiac COMMERCE Foreign Commerce WILLIAM PAUL ICIFI-'Ml-IYER. . . . . . .'.CarIyle AGRICULTURE F loriculture Floriculturul Club Illustrators Trenton Junior College JUDITII MAXINE K1RKMAN........Anica, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Zeta Tau Alpha Orange and Blue Feathers: Gamma Alpha Chl: The Illio 12, 33 EvRoN MAIIRICE KIRKPATRICK ...... .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Sigma Delta Kappa Phi Beta Kappa: Phalanx: Caisson Club: Cap- tain, University xBrignde 143 Honors Day 12, 33 WILLIAM HENIIN' KlS'l'l.l-1ll.......... ..... .Joy AGRICULTIIRE -Floricnlture Alpha Zeta: Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Alpha Xi: Mask and Bauble: I"lorieulturnl Club: Illustrators: McKinley Mimes: Star Course 1233 University Choral Society: First Regimental Band 123: Concert Band 133: Cast, "You and 1" 133, "Behold This Dreamer" 133: Production Staff, "Black Flamingo" 133, "Remote Control" 143 Honors Day 11, 2, 313: University of 'Illinois Scholarship Key 1215 OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -C-I PAGE 89 1-31- 9 'IHE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS II.LI,0 F 'I93l RICIIARD BENSON KITCH...........0ak Park FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Tau: Gargoyle: A. S. C. E.: First Regimental Band 11, 23 EDWARD WILl..lAhI KLATTE ........... Chicago CIVIL ENGINEERING Alpha Kappa Lambda Mu San: Varsity Cross-Country Squad 143: Var- sity Track Squad 12, 43 ALBERT l'lAIlM KLEEN ..... .... C hicago LAW Sigma Delta Kappa Crane College HAROLD ELLEWORTINI KLEIN ............... ....................Oklrihoma City, Okla. MECIIANICAII ENGINEERING Phi Mu Delta EVELYN VIRGINIA KLUCE ....... ...Chicago AGRICULTURE Home Economics Sigma Kappa Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 12, 8, 43: Phi Upsilon Omicron: The Daily Illini 113: First Council, Woman's League 143 Crane College ETHEL MARIE KLYVER ............... Pontiac LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Beta Sigma Omicron Le Cercle Francais Illinois Wesleyan University KATIIERINE KNARPENEEIICER ......... Macomb LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Alpha Chi Omega Gold Feathers: Illustrators Ferry Hall ROSALII-Z MARIE KNIEP. . . . . . . . .St. Louis, Mo. AGRICULTURE F loricul ture W. A. A.: Orange and Blue Feathers: Apparatus 113: Volleyball 113: Hockey 123: May Fete 113 MILTON KLEIN.....................Chicago WILLIAM ALAN KLEPPINGER. . .. 1. . . .Chicago u s .il -:fn I, .1 A, ,, ,E Q if . 4, f' E: ,,i li i k 5 rf- 3' Q. 4 41' :lm f T I I 'Tl -i .A J 'N we-7: 1 . 'l I E Alt V 5 . ,, , F' 4 is 1 l 1 ,r ,E 4 ft 4, ii i.L5fPi" ut, LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal THEODORE MARTIN KoBzA.... COMMERCE Accountancy Lambda Chi Alpha Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: ball Squad 123 Morton Junior College EDWIN FREDERICK KOENIG. . . . . . .Cicero Varsity Base- . . . .La Salle K 1, COMMERCE Banking and Finance Zeta Psi Tu-Mas: Skull and Crescent: Alpha Delta Sigma: Mask and Bauble: The Dailg Illini 123: Fresh- man Varsity Football Sana : Varsity Football Squad 183: Senior Hat ommittee EDNA LUCILE KLINE.................Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Alpha Omicron Pi Torch: Secretary, Woman's League 143: Gold Feathers: Shi-Ai: Orange and lue Feathers: Alpha Kappa Delta: Sigma Delta Phi: Illini Theatre Guild 143: First Council Woman's League 143: Chairman, Dad's Day information and Registration Committee 133: Junior Prom Con1mittee:,Cast, "Illini Follies" 123, "French Heels" 123, Union Minstrel 12, B, 43, "Courts JOURNALISM Gamma Theta Phi La Salle Peru Oglesby Junior College GERALD JOSEPH KOERNER .... . . . .Manhattan COMMERCE Accountancy Theta Kappa Phi Accountancy Club: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Commerce Council 143 - ,rii""i"1',5 .f i""I and'Appeals" 183, I-lpmecomlng Stunt Show 18, 1 it . fi 47' Remote Control 447 ELLIOTT KOHN............ ...Chicago A -,Ii " vlfgg' Honors Day 11, 2, 33 f - fi , A LAw ' 1 ' Delta Pi ,Y . H M i . , V A 1 Q tv THEODORE WILLIAM KLOPP, JR.......Chicago Nu Bam Ep ilon: The Daily mini un Fresh. r I Q 1 MECHAMCAL ENGINEERING man Varsity Soccer Squad: Varsity Soccer m 'Sl V - V V 3 X Sggiad 12, 3, 43: Senior Memorlal Committee ' 'A ' 1 'V 'Y 455 , E ll I , N. l A THE SE.NI'0R CLASS or THIRTY-rwo -if PACE 90 361- ceq I, Q . 153 Iv I - I - ,Q . I , ., i ,ay -1 4 .Vi ,A I 1 L4 :K+ aiu I Emil 1 'I 'U .LJ 'IM TH UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS EDWIN JosEPII KOLFENEACII. . .Dubuque, Iowa EDUCATION Physical Education Delta Theta Epsilon: Phi Epsilon Kappa: Fresh- man Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Letter 143: Freshman Varsity Basebal Squad Marquette University ALWIN STEINMAYER KoLM..........La Salle FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture Theta Upsilon Omega Caisson Club: Architectural Society: B. A. I. D.: First Lieutenant, University Brigade 143 Honors Day 133 PAUL VAN ARSDALE KORTKAMI' .... ...Moline COMMERCE Railwafy Administration Independent Council 143 Shurtleff College CIIARLES Ko'rEK....................Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History JULIANNA KozMA ......... East Chicago, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanish El Oirculo Literario Ile Espaiiol: YVoman's Cos- mopolitan Club Honors Day 133 ARCIIIE KRAAKEVIK .............. . . .Chicago MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Delta Alpha Pi Purdue University MILDRED KRATOVIL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION History Women's Glee Club 11, 2, 33: Production Staff, "Cradle Song" 133 WALTER CARROLL KREIDER. . .. .Chicago COMMERCE General Business ILLIO OF 'I 1, A U Beta Psi llonors Day 12, 33' Phi Kappa Alpha Kappa Psi Northwestern University ' Q -w HENRIETTA' ANNETTE KoUTNIK.......Berwyn GENERAL EDUCATION A CHARLES UDELI. KRING. .. . . . . . .. ...Urbana CIVIL ENGINEERING G French Alpha Kappa Lambda ' Gamma Alpha Chi: Le Cercle Francais: The Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: .Chi Epsilon: ' 'I DaIly Illini 12 33: Mi-Hila Committee 183: Sigma Delta PsI: Mu San:'1rIbe of Illlnl. x Women's Glee Club 18, 43 A. O. E.: Freshman Varsity Gym Sqluad: - VarsIty Gym Squad 12, 43, Letter 133: ech- , , nogruph 143: First Regimental Band 11, 2, 33 ' Honors Day 11, 2, 33 V . ' EDWARD PETER KOWERSKI ...... ...Chicago DOREEN LILLIAN KRING ......... .....Urbana 'A T 5 COMMERCE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES I J- General Business Spanish , x I, De Paul University Sigma Delta Pi: El Oirculo Literario do Espaiol 'N ff ' '. fl X N1 ' HARVEY WENDELL KRING .... . ........ Urbana GENERAL AGRICULTURE ' 5, ARTHUR WILLIAM KOWITZ ..... .. . . . .Genesee AIPI18 KHPPHh Lfgflhdg I d In I 1 ,,2 Alpha Zeta.: Pi ta ig-ma: .E itor, inois A' ' is CIVIL ENGINEERING Agriwlturist 143: Sigma Delta Chi: Phi Alpha '- Chi Beta Chi: ggma Deltarrfsib lhdelpfiic gat1tpg1alS-LIt- , . . . , I erary raternity: e ai y ini , . : Iren i' f- ghm. Tagf.?I .THB I?' flgnjff A- S- 0- E-I 42, s, 43: Illinois Agricuaurist 12, sy: Fresn- I IIPWIDI IIII ersny nga B I I man Varsity Gym Squad: Varsity Football Squad V f 633: Stophogcare Ootillion OommIttee: Ag Dance Q , K Omml tee Honors Day 11, 2, 33 it ' 3 JEAN JOSEPHINE KozELNIAK ......... Chicago NoRMA ALICE KIIULI. ............ Rock Island I ' GENERAL EDUCATION EDUCATION 4 History Physical Education 517, A 1 I W . Aeglia Jamesonian Literary Society: Physical Education 'uv QI,-1 r Snrnmtia Club Majors' Club: Orchesis: May Foto 133 Q , , 1 'Ei V' Cmne College Augustana College A I Ai. .xx . ,I THE SENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -if PAGE 91 B+ - ki! . 9 HE UNIVERSITY OFILLINOIS ALICE CIIARLOTTE KRUszCzYNsIcI.....Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION English Aeolia Sarmutiu Club: University Choral Society f'1'IlIl0 College AIITIIUR KUNGLE.. .......... Carterville, Mo. COMMERCE General Business llouurs Duy 131 Kansas State 'l'OaI'hcrs' College l,Es'I'If:R EUGENE KUNI. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Belleville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Theta Xi Snchem: Dance Supervision Committee: Cavalry Officers' Club: Sophomore Baseball Manager: Junior Baseball Manager: Manager, Horse Show 143: Captain, University Brigade Q43 GEORGE KU'I'A........ .... ...........Urbana ELECTRICAL IENGINEEIIING ELMER LORENZ LANcOHR............Chicago, FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering CECIL HAROLD LANHAM.............RlU6fi071 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A. I. E. E.: First Lieutenant, University Brigade 12, 31 PHILIP KING LAN'I'z .............. Shelbyville JOURNALISM Alpha Chi Rho Ma-Wan-Da: Sigma Delta Chi: Phi Alpha Chi: The Daily Illini 12, 33: Journalism Council Q43 Knox College FRANK JOSEPH LAPAssO.............Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS ILLIO OF 1931 A. T. E. E.: The Illio 13, 43' Production Staff, ' "Black Flamingo" 13D I Architecture Armour Institute of Tel-hnology S- 5 RAY ALBERT LAIRD......... .... . .... Milford EMMA MAE LAIlCE.................0Il7!lIll:'C0 'L GENERAL EDUCATION GENERAL EDUCATION Civics Mathematics Orchesis: Life Saving Club: First Council, V. WOIIIUHIB League 12, 41 ggi, v I .5 Honors Day 41, 23 fit I - ' . JULIUS LAKlN............... ...Chicago ARTHUR PAUL LARSON..............CilI.Cllg0 5 b gl EDUCATION MECHANICAI. ENGINEERING ' X, ' Physical Education Delta Alpha Pi . Dolphins: Varsity Swimming Letter 13, 43 Crane College Crnne College J 4 Sly' 2:51 ' viii- Q '. ' ,Q 2 KAzMER JOHN LAMRERT ............. Chicago NORMA EMMA LARsON .............. Clzif-ago ' by MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GENERAL EDUCATION X, Q: Phi Kappa History " A ' rr A. s. M. E.: siren 429 W. A. A. ' fig? Northwestern University Honors Day C33 .5 K 3 , CAROLINE AGNES LANGE ............. Chicago TIIURSTON ERIC LARSON ............. Chicago J' , LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES 'QQ if E V ' Pre-Legal Chemical Engineering 7 9' A Rockford College an 1, A Sr ' " THE SENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -wtf PAGE 92 B- I THE U NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO 0F19 JEAN EDWARD LATTAN. ............0ak Park GENERAL ENGINEERING MARY ELIZABETH LEEDS. . . . . . . . . . . . . LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIICNC Sullivan , I N, V KX isa? Ma-Wan-Da: Phi Eta Sigma: Student Colonel, History . , University Brigade 145: Student Council 145: .I Sigma Tau: Scabbard and Blade: Pi Tau PI ' Sigma: Phi Alpha Lambda: A. S. C. E.: Um- versity Choral Society: Military Ball Committee up 135, Chairman 445: Military Council 145: 'fi Men's Glee Club 12, 3, 45 :V. 'Jig J RICHARD KELLEY LAW ............. Flassmoor RAYMOND LEEPER ............. ...Ccnlralia I - , H ' QI LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES AGRICULTURE X, .Lf English Horticulture ,QI , ' ww' 32: T, EWEWWWWEWMWW Mmwmo 'P Lee lgmal 1 orfm' ie . l e - io 0 2 ,I Horticulture Club' Star Course 12 35' Board V? 1-3 'A giggegfugozlfcg, gil' ihe mm cl' 2' al' Men S of Directors, Illinois Union Q45 ' by Kill: ' Honors Day fl, 2, 35: University of Illinois Honors Day in g ,I 5 Svllolarship Key C35 EI' ', ' ,L I-fl ' , .tm ii.,- .3 f . K DALE BATEMAN LAWRENCE ........ Springfield KNUTE LEIDAL ................. ...Chicago ,V my ' - :I MECHANICAI. ENGINEERING CIVIL ENGINEERING f yt? Scabbard and Blade: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: Synton: If .N A, Captain, University Brigade C45 ' qt ff' 'MQW' , HARRY CHRIs'rIAN LAWSON, JR ....... Chicago EDWARD ALBERT LEJECK ............. Chicago 1 CIVIL ENGINEERING FINE AND APPLIED ARTS ' Pi Kappa Phi Architectural Engineering . ,.: ' :' Northwestern University A. S. C. E.: Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad: 4 ' , Varsity Tennis Squad Q85 'K b Nw' EC' N Crane College . ' kj:- l I A A K .. X' I . il was 5' I . vlax , K an F-fi: . X I' LOUIS LEAF ........................ Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Delta Pi ' First Lieutenant, University Brigade C25 Northwestern University , EDNA ALICE LEE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Champaign COMMERCE General Business ROBERT ERNEST ...... Chicago MECIIANICAL ENGINEERING Delta Alpha Epsilon Technograph 11, 25: Sophomore Cheerleader: Second Regimental Band fl, 25 University of Colorado GEORGE ALFRED LEECH ...............,... .................Cleveland Heights, Ohio EDUCATION Physical Education Sigma Delta Rho Delta Theta Epsilon: Kappa Phi Kappa: Fresh- man Varsity Baseball Squad WILHELMINA LEMEN ................. Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Public Speaking Kappa Sigma Tau JAMES BARRY LENNON ................ Dixon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma First Regimental Band tl, 2, 3, 45 ALDONA LENOH .............. West Frankfort COMMERCE Commercial Teaching Accountancy Club PAUL WARREN LEPPLA. . . . . . . . . . .Rock Island LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Pi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma: Sllll' Course C25 It THE SENIOR CLASS or TI-IIRTY-Tw -'E-f PAGE 93 13+ THE UNIVERSITY OF ll.LI NOIS ILLIO OF 193 'l lt , ,, GEORGE EDGAR LEuTwILER.....St. Louis, Mo. SIDNEY LIPsoN.....................Chicago .. MECllANlCAL ENGINEERING FINE AND APPLIED AR'rs ,L l' . . . l Sigma Alpha Epsilon Architectural Engineering v Pi Tau Sigma: Theta Tau: Sigma Iota Epsilon: A. S. C. E. le A. S. M. E.: Engineering Council 143 llonors Day 11, 23 ALEXANDER LOUIS LEVY, JR .... ......Chicago FINE AND ARPLIED ARTS Architecture A. S. C. E.: Freshman Varsity Wrestling.Squa4l: 'l'he Daily Illini 113: Captain, Universlty BrI- prndo 143 FRANCES EVELYN LEWIS. . . . .lndian,apolis, Incl. GENERAL EDUCATION Education V W. A. A.: Basketball 113: Volleyball 12, 3, 435 ll0ll'llllII 12, 3, 43 l-IARRI' RICIIARD LIRNER ............. Chicago CIVIL ENGINEERING Della Alpha Pi fV'l'llIlL! College DONALD ALMON LISENBY ............. Weldon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Alpha Tau Omega Tu-Mas NOBLE LITHERLAND, JR ........... Mr. Carmel COMMERCE Accountancy Delta Theta Phi Accountancy Club EDWARD WITTICH LlTTELL .... .... C hicago COMMERCE E Accountancy Sigma Iota Epsilong Men's Glee Club 143 ,F 'I I fo WILLIAM EI-ILERT LIEB. .............Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENICES Clhemical Engineering A. I. C. E. Crane College MA'rHEw VALENTINE LIESENEELT. . . . . . . . . . . .....................-....Chicago Heights ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Lambda Tau Kappa Phi Sigma'7 A. I. E. E.: Freshman Cap Burning Committee: Chairman, Homecoming Executive Committee 1235 Chairman, Dad's Day Registration Committee 133: Chairman, Home- coming Awards Committee 1435 Interfraternity Council 13, 43 MABLE MARIE LINDSTROM. . .. . . . . . . . .Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION History Phi Omega Pi ANTOINETTE LILLIAN LINCC .... . . .Chicago COMMERCE General Business Delta Delta Delta W. A. A.: Senior Informal Committee FLORENCE JOSEPIIINE LLEwELLYN...Belleville COMMERCE Accountancy PlIi Chi Theta: Accountancy ClIIb Honors Day 11, 23 WILLIAM THEODORE LOBLAW ..... GENERAL EDUCATION Music Sigma PlIi Sigma Scabbard and Blade: Pierrots: Concert Band fl. 2, 3, 433 University Orchestra 11, 233 Cast, "Nada" 113, "Brazil Nuts" 123, "Steppin' West" 133: Interfrnternity Council 143 ....Zion RALPH TAI-'T LOCKARD ............... Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION History Kappa Delta Rho Kappa Delta Pi: Varsity Baseball Squad 13, 43 RICHARD Foss LOCIQE, JR ......... Glen Ellyn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Alpha Chi Rho Scabbard and Bladeg mini Flying CIIIIJQ com-It Artlllery Club: First LieIItenaIIt, University Brigade 143 Illinois College OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -if PAGE 94 E+ Q' . , F H UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOI WENDELL CIIARLES LOCKE ....... River Forest LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Alpha Delta Phi RAYMOND ANTON LoIIR..... ...Cicero COMMERCE General Business Theta Upsilon Omega Accountancy Club: Pershing Riiies Morton Junior College HAROLD DALE LONG. . . ....Urbana COMMERCE General Business Accountancy Club: Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Varsity Track Squad C2, 8, 41 HAROLD RUDY LONG ............ Beecher City ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Plmlunx: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A. I. E. E.: First Lieutenant, University Brigade 141 MARTIN MARION LOVE. . . . . . . . . . . .Lewistown LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Honors Day C31 HARRY FRANCIS LOVELL. . . . . . . . . . .Lewistown CIVIL ENGINEERING Theta Upsilon Omega Sigma Tau: Cavalry Oflicers' Club: A. S. C. E.: Sophomore NVrestlin6 and Interseholastic Circus Manager: Captain, Diversity Brigade Q41 GEORGE KENNETH LOWE. ........ ...Sullivan Ceramic Engineering Alpha Kappa Pi Koramos: American Ceramic Society ROGER ALLEN LOWE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Decatur COMMERCE-Accountancy Delta Chi Accountancy Club: Varsity Men's Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 41, Business Manager Q41: Second Regi- mental Band 41, 21 Honors Day 131 , , in '- i ' I , ' ' fl V Q -J - 1 .n ' ii i l I ' 1 I xii' ' , 'Hit , , . , .tx ., 'ggi' 'll 'I 'il V, t , fjif s I ffl? I ui vi, V t A,-fi 4' ,xv .. , ,fd ,- I f . .. I g. w .I- l Jr in GORDON JAMES LONGLEY. ... . . ... . .. ...Joliet LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Geology Theta Chi Freshman Varsity Tennis S uad: Varsity Ten- nis Squad Q21: Freshman qVarsity Basketball Squad: Varsity Basketball Squad C21 ALBERT EDWARD LOOMIS, JR........Rackford ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Pi Theta '1'au.:.Scabbard and Blade: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: IllInI Flying Club: A. I. E. E.: Var- sIty Track Squad 62, 81: Varsit Soccer Squad 42, 81-: Assistant Editor, Millini 511: Senior Hat Committee: Senior Informal Committee: Captain, University Brigade C41 VIRGINIA MARIE LOOMIS .......... La Grange LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Delta Delta Delta Pi Delta Phi Northwestern University DELBERT WILLIAM Loos .............. Quincy LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Beta Psi Phi Delta Phi: The Illio Cl, 21: Production Staff, "French Heels" 421, "Beggar on Horse- back" f21: Interfraternity Council QB, 41 HARRY MCEVOY LUCAS ............. Sheridan GENERAL EDUCATION Chemistry Omega Beta Pi GERTRUDE LILLIAN LUER. . . . . .... Alton COMMERCE General Business PlIi Chi Theta Northwestern University ROLLAND JAMES LUND ......... Keasbey, N. J. EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Freshman Varsity Football Squad: 'Varsity Foot- ball Squad C2, 3, 41 MEI.VlN OSCAR LUNDAI-IL ...... ...Rockford COMMERCE Accountancy Alpha Kappa Lambda Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Accountancy Club: Varsityill Track Squad 12, 3, 41: Sophomore Football unagcr THE SENIOR CLASS +21 PAGE 95 1-31- OF THIRTY-TWO 9 l.. 32 hwwllllll 66'fJ',!lf L NOIS ILLI THE UNIVERSITY OFIL I l'lOMER VITALIS LUNDEBERG. . . . . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English University ol' Chicago LEONARD WALI,ACE LUNDIN. . . .. . . ..Rockjor1l LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES EDUCATION Industrial Education Phi Delta Kappa Enstern Illinois Stute Teachers' College MECIIANICAI. ENGINEERING JAMES ARTIIIJR MCCALL..... ...Champaign l'lAllLEY MCCANE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Sumner p,e.L,,g,,1 A. s. M. 111. Chi Beta James Millikin University CLARENCE 'l'III-:ODORE l..UNIlQI'lS'I'. . . . .Chicago WALTER LEE MCCANN. . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago COMMERCE MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A General Business Northwestern University CARL TIRIEOIDORE LYCAN......... .... Marshall GHYEIIAI. AGllZCllL'l'Ul'llC Alpha Tuu Alpha: AgI'ioultuI'ul Club: Algricul- turul lfducution Club: Student CoIIIIcil, cKin- ley Foundation 14? I'IxIst0rn Illinois State 'l'l'll1'll0l"S' College Delta Alpha Epsilon Tau Nu Tau: A. S. M. E.: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: First Lieutenant, University Brigade 125 ROBERT CLANAHAN MACCLINCIIIEH... Sl. Louis ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Theta Delta Chi PlIi Eta Sigma: Sigma Tnu: Skull and Crescent: , Sc b rd and Blade Pi Tau Pi Si ma' Illinois nb 21 9 E , Union Cabinet 131: Vice-Chairman, Junior Prom A Committee: Faculty Reception Committee: Ohair- mun, Junior Cup Committee: Interfrnternity Council 139: First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade 143 ass. ff 5 I ' I f"'I SENI IH' I truth' I '. I I I'- I "I T' ,..l-.". +.N-I Aim." X. . 9 FLOYD WILLIAM LYNCH .......... ...Tonica GENERAL EDUCATION History Sigma Phi Sigma Illustrators: Kappa Phi Knppn GROVER KENNETH LYNCH. .. ...... ....SIdell CIVIL ENGINEERING Tnu Beta Pi MARY LOD JOAN LYNOTT ................. ......................Cedar Rapids, Iowa LIEERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Kappa Delta University Oi Nebraska JOSEPH LEE MCAIJARI ............ Champaign GENERAL EDUCATION History Delta Alpha Epsilon Phi Epsilon Kappa LUCILE RUTH MCCLINTICK. . . . . . . . . . . .Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Bradley Polytovlinic- Institute FRANCES LOIS MCCONNELL .......... Evanston LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Kappa Alpha Theta Smith College HAROLD DONOVAN IVICCORMICK. . . .Carterville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Svubbard and Blumlo: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: Synton: First Lieutenuxit, University Brigade 14D Southern Illinois State Normal University ,IOIIN MARTIN MCCORMICK .......... Oakland b CERAMIC ENGINEERING Alpha Delta Sigma: Pi Tau Pi Sigma.: Synton: Keramosg The Daily Illini 123: Siren 183: Cap- tain, University Brigade 145 Honors Day 11, 21 OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO +621 PAGE 96 I-3+ fi L H UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF DARLINE VIRGINIA MCCREERY.. .... ...fiugusta LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Home Economics CIIlveI'-Stockton College NORNIA HOOD MCCREERY ............ Augusta LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Aeolia Culver-Stockton College MARX' LOUISE MCCUMBEII .... .....Lewistown LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Knox College GEORGE EDWIN MCDEVl1'1'......K90kUk, Iowa LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Al ha Alpha Alpha: Mask and Bauble: Siren I-Ig: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad QSJ: Varsity Debate Team 133: Cast, "Behold This Dreamer" CBJ, "Remote Control" C45 Regis College HOWARD SHELDON MCFARLAND. . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Chi Psi DOROTHY DILLON MCGAUGHEY ...... Mt. AGRICULTURE Home Economics Pi Beta Phi Home Economics Club James Millikin University MARCELLA SHIRLEY MCGRANE. . . . . . . . . . . .. .........................Chicago Heights . C LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Public Speaking Gregorian Literary Societg: Cast, "Remote Con- , . trol" 141, Y. W. C. A. tunt Show 137: May " Fete Cl, 23 JOAN MEEHAN MCGRATH...........Kewanee LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Theta Phi Alpha St. Mary of the Woods College Zion . ,- In 'F If Q' , as .Io lf was I CQ N. K 4- irzff' rr ' It .,. - -' ' - ' 6' g, fr xt if.: :fig X r, " T. . t. I - 5. .Trim ',f,3,iQ ' gf. f' QQ PAUL KISTLER MACDONALD. . . .. ....Danville COMMERCE , General Business Slnibbard and Blade: Major, University Brigade CHARLES FRANCIS MCEUEN...Riverside, Calif. EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Pi Kappa Phi Phi Epsilon Kappa: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad 42, BJ RICHARD STEAIINS MCEUEN .......... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Alpha Delta Phi Slgull and Crescent: Freshman Varsity Swim- ming Squad: Sophomore Interscholastic Circus Manager: Illini, Theater Guild 127 A DOROTHY AUGUSTA MACFARLAND .... Evanston LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Latin Kappa Delta ROBERT WORK MCGREGOR ........ Park Ridge LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Sigma Chi President, Senior Class: Student Council 143.1 Tu-Mas: Skull and Crescent: Illinois-Umon Cabl- net 187: Sophomore Cotillion Committee HUGH MCINTYIIE. . . . .. ..... .....Christopher MECIIANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Pi Sigma I-IESTER C01-IOON MACKECIINIE ....... Chicago ' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Xbw. C. A. Cabinet Ml: WOIIIon's Glec Club Frances Shimer School HARRY NELSON MCLAUGIILIN ..... ....Manito LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Phalanx: Alpha Tau Sigma: Student Council, McKinley Foundation 13, 45: First Isllllltilllflllli. University Brigade C45 THE SENIOR CLASS -'Cl PAGE 97 13'- OF THIRTY-TWO 9 9 N I V E R S I T Y O F I L L I N 0 I S I L L I O 0 F 'I I , I Louis ALBEIH' MGLEAN ........... Champaign EUGENE BERNARD MACGONO. .. ...Toluca , IABEIIAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE H , Pre-Legal Commerce and Law 'f l'hi Della Phi Della Phi Alpha , U - Canipus Scout Editor, The Daily Illini C43: . N Sir:-n 133 I -IC 1"'I' AR'l'lIlllK IIIANNING McLEoD....Madisan, Wis. FIN!-Z AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Sigma 'l'IIu: Gartroyleg A. S. C. E. Ilonors Day C43 Univ:-rsity of NVisconsin LVAYNIC LINTUN MCMlLl.l5N... ...De Land COMMERCE General Business Beta Ciumma Sigma: Sigma Iotu Epsilon: Con- I-4-rt Band C2, Il, 43 Illinois XVIIEII-yan University SOI. STA NTON NIACK ............ Erlwardsville COMMERCE General Business Zeta Beta Tau Phidelus: Interfraternity Council MICIIAEI. MAcIcANOs. . . . . . . . .. COMMERCE Accountancy Accountancy Club: Freshman Varsity Cross- Country Squad E1 I ....Gary, Ind. W N llAROI.D ROIIERT MGNALLY. . .. ...Summit ALBI-IIITA AHLICNII MAI:v............ ...Joliet COMMI-JRCE GENERAL EDUCATION General Business Education , First Iiieutcnunt, University Brigade C43 Joliet Junior College - ' '7' ,-. it W ' ,, A 1 I mix , 1 .,g . A. dh C VF 'Ik Q CWI-INDOLYN LULA MCNAUGlITON..... HAROLD EDMUND MADDOX..........Celllfllllll , l , N .... Kansas. City, Kan. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ' s ' GENERAL EDUCATION-English ' Pre-Medical V V' Alpha Delta Theta Eastern Illinois State Teachers' Coll:-ge 'J Gold Feathers: Jamesonian Literary Society: , Women's Glee Club C433 University Choral Society Kansas City Junior College LOLA EN-4 MCNAUCHTON- - -KUUSHS City, Kan- HAROLD KNUTE MADISON. . . . . . . . . .Kankakee .Y GENERAL EDUCATION CIvIL ENGINEERING -vi V If' X L M! 'll 7. 1 f- sf rv- V s 9 I Q. WA ' English Alpha Delta Theta Gold Feathers: Jamesonian Literary Society: Wonien's Glee Club C435 University Choral Society Kansas City Junior College JAMES ROBB MCIJIIEIISON. . . .. ...Rockford COMMERCE General Business Phi Mu Delta Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Delta Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi: Illini Chamber of Commerce: The Daily Illini Cl, 2, 33: Freshman Cap Burning Committee: Junior Cap Committee: Senior Invi- tations Committee: Intex-fraternity Council CB, 43 Honors Day C13 WILLIAM FRANK MCVAUGII, JR. ..... . .... . ..........................Penclleton, Ind. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture Sigma Alpha Epsilon Scarab: A. S. M. E.: B. A. I. D. Purdue University Sigma Delta Rho Phi Eta Sigma: Chi Epsilon: University Concert agdsjlhtertainment Board C43: Star Course Honors Day C13 JOSEPII MYRON lIrIAGNUSON......0I7'Ll1lll1, Neb. JOURNALISM Acacia Interscholastic Circus C1, 33 THOMAS MAGIIIRE. . . . . . . . . . . . .. .... Campus CERAMIC ENGINEERING Phalanx: Pi 'lfau Pi Sigma: American Ceramic Society: Captain, University Brigade C43 HE SENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -121 PAGE 98 ii'- TI-IE SENIOR THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF19 2 ROSAREL MALKIN ........... Memphis, Tenn. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanish Delta Phi Epsilon El Circulo Literario do Espanol Southwestern University LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Mathematics Pi Lamhda Sigma STELLA IWAIIY BIALONI.............M0fl6SOB MARGARE1' MARTENS. ...... GENERAL EDUCATION French 'l'hm-nlon Township Junior College COMMERCE General Business Daphne MARY OONA MARQUARDT.............Urbana I 'W 'I I gt fit ' 4. Nik 3 Q? w ' ' ' ,fn if ik NT .,' Moline G3 ' , .5 1, Illustrators: Orchesis: Accountancy Club: The Daily Illini 123 Honors Day 113 MORTON NIORDECAI MANDEL.........Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Political Science Sigma Alpha Mu First Lieutenant, University Brigade 125 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Psychology Kappa Alpha Theta Literary Society Gulf Park College BETTY iN'IANNElIlNC.... ......... .....Dccatur LIRERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Chemical Engineering A. I. C. E. Crane College Iota Sigma Pi James Millikin University U FLORENCE ELIZAEETI-I MARTIN. . . . . . . ...Joliet i I. E -I I P t Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Kappa Delta: Alethenai - JOIIN WILLIAM MARTIN. . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago A, . x ...,, . 'V I ,I ELSIE MAY MAREK .............. ...Cicero SHELBY MARLOW MARTIN. ......Shawnectown NL GENERAL EDUCATION , LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ' Physical Education Economics "1-" - Georgetown College: Southern Illinois State i Corma Normal University , W. A. A.: Hockey 1395 Basketball 1495 Appara- b .M tus 131: Volleyball 141 . Morton Junior College CLARENCE PAUL MARKLEY .... ......Bardolph GENERAL EDUCATION Agricultural Education Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Clubg Agricul- tural Education Club Western Illinois State Teachers' College CHESTER CLIFFORD MARKS. . . . . . . .Pecatonica COMMERCE Industrial Administration RUSSELL VIVION MARKS .... .......Galesburg LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Blackburn College ii CLASS or -ill PAGE 99 E1- RODERT STEI-IIEN MASON ............. Urbana ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A. I. E. E.: Illini Theatre Guild 13, 453 First Lieutenant, University Brigade 131 NAOMI WYNlNGIiR MASSEY ........... Urbana GENERAL EDUCATION English Phi Beta Kappa Honors Day 12, HJ MILTON CURTIS MATIIEW ....... .... A shland AGRICULTURE Agricultural Education Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club: lllini Grange V Illinois State Normal University THIRTY-TW THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 193 DIERRITT WEST' MATTHEWS. .. .... ....Chicago CIVIL ENGINEERING Delta Chi Phi Eta Sigma: Chi Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade: Sigma Tau: 'l'aII Nll Tau: A. S. C. E.: Major, University Brigade C43 DoRoTIIY EUNICI: MAllLlDlNG.... ...Cenzralia AGRlCUI.'l'UIIE Home Economics Linrlvnwood College ARLINGTON RlCKE'l"l'S MAll'I'l'2... ...Granville LAw Phi Alpha Delta BEULAII MAIIALVNI: MARWELL LMRS.l ..... Nashville LIBI-IIIAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Psychology GERRIT HERMAN MEMMINC. . . . . . . . . . .Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES German Der Deutsche Verein Wartburg College LILA LILLIAN MERRITT.. ...... .Arcmle, N. Y. EDUCATION Home Economics Northwestern University OLEVIA CECELIA MEYER. . . .. ... ...Champaign AGRICULTURE Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omicron: Illini Grange: University Choral Society LOUISE HESS MEYERS .......... Louisville, Ky. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Alpha Epsilon Phi V Minor IA: W. A. A.: Physical Education Majors' Club: Jnmesoman Literary Society: Life-Saving Club: Hockey Cl. 23 Varsity CBJ: Baseball ll, 29: Swimming 127: May Fete C15 I s be l , Q ' I cs H I I YI 6 1?-.3 .. li 3: X . gl I NoRA ETHEL MAYIIEW .............. Chicago Le Cercle Francais: Life-Saving cmb . ,lj I fix RALPH LESTER MAxwELL.... ....Nashuille LENABELLI-I NIIDDLEKAUFF.. Canton LAW Phi Alpha Delta GENERAL EDUCATION History hv0Ill0Il'S Glee Club 18, 45 Rockford College: University of Louisville GENERAL 'EDUCATION English PAIILINE LOUISE MIETIIE..... ...... .Danville GENERAL EDUCATION English Alpha Gamma Delta l 12, 4 ' 'ttf I if ' if l ti. I 5, , . ' I v K, x n I v .. ,R 5 . .il , 5. I V, 3. M. :C , . . is---.' " . 4 Southern Illinois State Normal University HELEN ISABEL MAYS ..,............. Lebanon FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Public School Music Sigma Alpha Iota Women's Glee Club C31 McKendree College CHARLES SUMNI-Ill MELLEN ........ Winnebago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Phi Mu Delta Illini Chamber of Commerce: Second Regimental Band Cl, 21 Kappa Delta Pi: Gold Feathers: Junior Prom Committee: Faculty Reception Committee: Senior Informal Committee: Production Staff, "Behold This Dreamer" 135. "Black Flamingo" t3J, Homecoming Stunt Show Q43 Honors Day Cl, 2, 37 PHILLIP RI-IGINALD lWll.ES..... .... Champaign MECIIANICAI, ENGINEERING Theta Chi A. S. M. E.: First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade C45 Honors Day 12, SJ FRANKLIN CLOSE MILLEII. . . . . . . .... .Chicago ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi: A. T, E. E. Crane College OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO .ef PAGE 1oo :af HE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF19 GEORGE CONRAD MILLER.. . .... ... ...Atlanta CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E. Lincoln College LAWSON' ISAAC MILLl'Ill .............. Chicago CIVIL ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha Psi A. S. C. E. RICHARD ALLEN MILLER ..,.. ...Rock Island COMMERCE Industrial Administration Augustana College WAYNE WILBUII MILLER. .. ....... ....Urbana GENERAL AGRlCUI.'l'UllI:I Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Club: Hoof and RUSSELL JACOB MINGEE ............. Danville GENERAL EDUCATION History Kappa Phi Kappa: Varsity Track Squad C23 PAULINE ANNIS MlNlER....... ...Sheldon COMMERCE General Business Phi Omega Pi Gamma Epsilon Pi Northwestern University CHARLES ARTHUR MINOT, JR....Ll1Illll'6IlCCUillC LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Phi Sigma Kappa Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad: Varsity Wrestling Squad C2, 433 First Lieutenant, University Brigade Q43 EIIWIN ELMER MITCIiELL. . . . . .. ...Delavan COMMERCE ' General Business Q f my . F' X ' ' -.uflxs is I le-u i ' . f' ?f .f , ...-. - Being ,M -:gms I 'iii . ' faith-- ' 'lhff fi Q: ,i,.I.e,I.k , .5 i-41. 5 I " 'K A " vi A A - N A tiff "-Qfrlliv . Irliiiis It t. fi I, c ni. s I m iv 4 it W D 'Qi 'it ci 115 .i iff '. f S A 4 g WI I A I JOIIN MAX MITCllELL. . . . . . . . . . . .Christopher COMMERCE General Business Horn Club u h . .' Xi A xg Q . 4 DAISYFLORENCE MILLIGAN. . . . ....Shelbyville . , N, " 5 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES '? History ' I . 1.,v"f',"LQ!3 Orange and Blue Feathers: Le Cercle FI-ungais Della Chi " ., A Delta Sigma Pi " 'll ' in at-if law, P' , gp 9 A GEORGE ALBERT MILLS.... .... . ...Waukegan COMMERCE Banking and Finance Mn.-Wan-Da: Sachemg Band of X3 Tribe .01 Illini: Accountancy Clubg Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Baseball Letter 42, 3, 43, Co-Captain C43 KENNETH WOODWARD MILLS......ClIampaign FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture Della Sigma Lambda Gargoyle: University Choral Society: B. A. I. D. 62, 3,433 Second Regimental Band fl, 23 ADELE HARRIET MINDEL. .University City, Mo. COMMERCE Accountancy Phi Mu W. A. A.: Phi Chi 'Flietag Gamma Epsilon Pi: Accountancy Clubg Soccer C135 Basketball C1, 2, 335 Baseball fl, 2, 33 WII.NIA CHARLOTTE MITTELBERG. . . . . . .Fowler AGRICULTURE Home Economics Alcestis HOWARD ALVIN MOCHEL. . . .. ...Lamont COMMERCE General Business North Central College - JOHN MATTIIEW MOELMANN.......0ak Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Theta Kappa Nu The Daily Illini 133 Northwestern University THE SENIOR CLASS OF THIRVTY-TWO -wtf PAGE 101 Elf- M THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILI.IO OF 1931 LAWRENCE ALEXANDER MONROE ....... Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi Phi Lambda Upsilon: Omega Chi Epsilon: A. I. C. E. Bradley Polytechnic Institute NORE AGATON MONSON .............. Chicago CIVIL ENGINEERING Sigma Phi Epsilon A. S. C. E.: Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad: Varsity Swimming Squad 143 Crane College RUDOLPII AGATON MONSON .......... Chicago CIVIL ENGINEERING Sigma Phi Epsilon A. S. C. E. I-IARRY WIELAND MOODY .......... Springheld .I OURNALISIII Phi Alpha Chi: The Daily Illini f2. 33: Independent Council 143 MARTIIA LOUISE MORGAN. . . . . . . . . . .Mauoon GENERAL EDUCATION Education Physical Education Majors' Club: Soccer 11, 23 Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College PARKE DAvIEs MORGAN.........W00d River MECIIANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma: Scabbard and Blade: A. S. M. E.1,Coast Artillery Club: Military Council 143: Mayor, University Brigade 143 Shurtlefl? College DOYLE ROBERT MORRIS. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Urbana GENERAL AGRICULTURE Agricultural ClIIb: A. S. A. E.: Farm Mechanics Club: Agriculture Council 143 JOIIN KENYON MORRIS. . . . . . . . . . . . ...Lanark GENERAL AGRICULTURE Sigma Nu Vice President, Illinois Union 143: Tu-Mas: Agricultural Clllbi Hoof and Horn Club: Cabi- net, Illinois Union 183: Chairman, Freshman Frolic Committee: Sophomore Cotillion CoIn- mittee: Ag Dance Committee 133: Senior Hat Committee: Senior Invitations Committee: Gen- eral Chairman, Homecoming 133: Interfraternity U I Council 133 , 'iw 353.-if ' M... 1. A wr, .M ,,, .wx 1:9 n I A 4 I -' 4 "N 5' A-tint. .: I , A " 1' ..w-'A I Q: . I Air" gy: 'I halt, .. . . 'K A rl fr I 'I' I'I E S E N I AUDREY ANITA MOORE...........Charnpaign JOURNALISM Alpha Delta Theta ' Janlesonian Literary Society: The Daily Illini 133: Women's Glee Club 12, 3, 43: University Choral Society Ferry Hall GEORGE TIIOIvIAs MOORE.......Whiting, Ind. CERAMIC ENGINEERING Keramos: American Ceramic Society Honors Day 113 BERNARD I-lORwICII MORETSKY ............ . . . . . . . . . .Hot Springs National Park, Ark. COMMERCE General Business Sigma Alpha Mu Phi Eta Sigma: Dance Supervision Committee: Alpha Delta Sigma: Pi Delta Epsilon: The Daily Illini 11, 2, 33 - Honors Day 11, 2, 33 EUII. WAYNE MORGAN ............ Mt. Vernon JOURNALISM Alpha Chi Rho Sigma Delta Chi: The Dail Illini 12, 33: Chair- man, Axe Grinders' Ball X43: Men's Glee Club 113: Second Regimental Band 11, 23 MARTIIA ADELAIDE MORRlS'. . . . . . . . . . .Loszant FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Public School Music lull Kappa Alpha: University ClIOral Society MILO JAMES MORRISON ...... ...Pecazonica COMMERCE General Business Accountancy Club JOIIN JOSEPH MORROW. .. ... . . . . . ...Eureka LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES History Eureka College DOUGLAS BYRON MORTON. . . . . . . . . . . .Berwyn CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Tau A. S. C. E. 'OR cIAss or THIRTY-TW -It-f PAGE 102 E1- O H UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOI S ILLIO ARTIIUR TIIEODORE MOSllER...... ...Urbana GENERAL AGRICULTURE Farm House Alpha Zeta: Phi Eta Sigma: President, Y. M. C. A. 145: Student Council 145: Phi Delta Gamma: Agricultural Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net 131: Varsity Debate Team 123 ADA MOSTCOVY ..................... Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION English Crane College LUCRI-l'l'IA ANN MOTT ......... Berkeley, Calif. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Mathematics Delta Gamma Pi Mu Epsilon: VV. A. A. Honors Day 135 Swarthmore College DJELAL EDDIN MOIIS1'AFA .... Ankara, Turkey CIVIL ENGINEERING Robert College, Constantinople, Turkey LIBERTY MUNDO ............... Calumet City LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES F rench El Circulo Literario de Espanol: Home Economics Club: Le Cercle Francais GERALD EMERSON MURCl'I ..... North Jay, Me. EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Alpha Kappa Pi GWENDOLYN ELIZABETH MURPEIY .......... Island, Neb. LIBRARY Library Club Grand Island College STANLEY NEWTON MURPHY .... .... E ldorado EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Phi Pi Phi Alpha Tau Sigma: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Track Squad 12, 3, 49: Captain, University Brigade 141 , ,.,1 . fi1i?'f7" " ' fm . I' ,M . A, Y . 'E iff , . .A ,A .. .. . , V Y y 'l ,ta a '21 , ' ,J gg i. " " i -L 1 . yi, :Q 2.5: AK Y V i A 1 i l ly ' I -1 'f ,' I ' , . T N K , 5. t Pi ,f . as 6" x , ,rf 3 'V 'x I S " r .. Q4 1, if ' . ' V , ,,. , if I A 'Y MALVERN WILLIAM MUELLER.......Colambia LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Mathematics Theta Chi Tau Nu Tau: Pershing Rifles: Junior Inter- scholastic Circus Manager: First Lieutenant, University Brigade 147 Bradley Polytechnic Institute MARGARET LOUISE MUETZE ...... .. .Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION English Crane College HELEN LENA MULFORD ........... Shelbyville LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Psychology Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Kappa Delta: Chairman, Woman's League Xgelgaare Committee 13, 45: University Orchestra De Pauw University ' I DONALD CARL MUNCII ...... . .......... Joliet EDUCATION--Physical Education Theta Chi Ma-Wan-Da: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad 12, 41, Letter 133: Freshman asketball Squad: Varsity Basketball Squad 125: Board of Directors, Illi- nois Union 145 ANNE CECELIA MURRAY ............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English St. Francis Xavier's College for Women CATIIARINE MYERS.. ... .. . . .. .. . .Georgetown GENERAL EDUCATION Education Alpha Chi Omega Stephens College RUTH AUCUSTA MYERS ........... Springfield LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Alpha Epsilon Phi Pan-Hellenic Council 147 Milwaukee-Downer College ARTIIUR EDWARD NACKMAN .......... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Phi Epsilon Pi Bard and Scribe Northwestern University -'Ei PAGE 103 Ek' OF THIRTY-TWO 9 LLI THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS I THOMAS IRWIN NALDAILH ..... ....MOIl'PUqlLG EDIIcA'rIoN Public School Music Student Council, McKinley Foundation 143: Men's Glee ClIIb CID: University Orchestra 43, 47: First Regimental Band tl, 2, 33: Concert Band C47 JAMES RICHARD NASEEP. . . . .. ....Kewanee CoMMERcE General Business Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Delta Sigma: The Daily Illini CU: Enter- prlser C233 Chairman, IIonIeeomIng Der-oratIqns Committee CSD: Chairman, Dad's Day Publicity Committee C473 Chairinan, Post-Exain Jubilee Publicity Committee Q25: Commerce Council 143 JOHN MAllSllAl.L NASH ............. Elizabeth ENGINEEIIING PHYSICS Tnn Beta Pi: Sigma TIIII: Phalanx: Iii Ta1I.Pi Sigma: Synton: Der Deutsche Verem: Flrst Lieutenant, University Brigade C45 Honors Day 12, 33 DoRoTIIY LOIIISE NlGll.L......Si. Joseph, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Beta Sigma Omicron St. Joseph Junior College GEORGE IIARTMUS NELSON. . . .Memphis, Tenn. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering A. I. C. E. Tennessee State Teachers' College GERALD FARRINGTON NELSON. . . .. . . .Glenview FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Landscape Arclhitecture Beta Theta Pi U. L. A. S.: Men's Glee ClIIb Q43 University of Pennsylvania KENNETII BURNLEY NELSON. . . . . .. ...Chicago ' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Sigma Alpha Epsilon Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Foot- ball SqIIad C25 DTURIEL BERNICE NELSON. . .Q ....... Oak Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Zeta Tau Alpha 'I 1 L. 1 . 4 RICIIARD S'l'l'ZPHl-IN NELLE. . . . . . . .Bloomington CIVIL ENGINEERING I Chi Epsilon: Phalanx: Tau Nu Tau: Mu San: A. S. C. E.: Varsity Track Squad C3, 47: Cap- tain, University Brigade C41 Ilonors Day CID ARTIIUR STROM NELSDN. . . . .. ...Geneva ' COMMERCE Banking and Finance Kappa Delta Rho ' Illini Chainber of Conunoree: The Daily Illini 415: Sophomore IHLYHIIIIITIII Manager: Fteshinan Varsity Basketball Squad EYl5RIiT'I' WALERED NELSON ........... Berwyn GENERAL EDUCATION Mathematics Morton Junior College CLARENCE JOHN NEuMEYER.....Jackson, Mo. COMMERCE General Business First Regimental Band C47 Southeast Missouri State Teachers' College ANDREW WilSl.l1Y NEIIREI1'rIIER..........Peru MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Delta Sigma Phi Tau Beta Ei: Pi Tau Sigma: Sigma Tau: A. S, M. Ia. LaSalle Peru Ogleshy Junior College CHRISTY NIAXWELI. NIGELY .......... Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture Delta Alpha Epsilon Tau Nu Tau: Pernhinrg Rides: A, S, C. ld.: Captain, University Brngade Q49 Crane College IRMA RUTH NIGIIOLS.. ........... .Elmwood GENERAL EDUCATION Latin Bradley Polyteehnic Institute ENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO .lg vw-Clx," i 1 A 1 GEORGE GORDON NELSON ........... Wmnezka .K 4 FINE AND APPLIED ARTS iii?-'t , gi , Architeclural Engineering 5, .3 iggf- T H E ez . . N: . '! , gl-IHIHIIQ -'Ei PAGE 104 121- 0 OF 193 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO 0F'I COIIYDON MONTGIJMERN' NICHOLSON. . .Decatur COM MICIICIC Insurance Delta Tau Delta Skull and Crescentg Interfraternity Council C45 University of California, Los Angeles ,IOIIN ALDEN NIEMEYER. . . . . . . . . .Champaign COMMERCE Commerce and Law Delta Theta Phi Adelphia National Literary Fraternity: Account- ancy Clubg Star Course Q23 ALLAN JOIIN NIEss................BellevilIe LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Theta Xi Phi Alpha Chi: Pi Delta Epsilon: Siren 11, 2, Bl VINCENT FIIEDERIC NIGIl'l'lNGAl.I'1. .. ,..Gilman COMMERCE General Business Sigma Pi lvl.-XUIIY BORIS NOVAK...............ClllC!lg0 FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering RAYMOND ELIOT NUSSPICKEL .............. York, N. Y. EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Tribe of Illini: Varsity Football Squad 125, Letter CB, 435 Varsity Baseball Letter 42, 3, 41 BOYD SI'EvENsoN OBEIILINK ....... Brownstown MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau'Sigma James Millikin University CIEIITIIUIJE LOUISE 0,BRlEN ........ Springfield JOURNALISM Theta Sigma Phi: The Daily Illini 11, 21 l l 1 - ' 'Ju lf' iifihii 'L ' fl ' .. , K ' kzfeiy. M D ' Wifi -s rl -J . -that , ll .932 .lg if. ul., I sg, l 1 E , , X ' -rf. ' I '21 ' Y L I ,TJ ., A Y '11-E 1 'aa " N rn." 'Ni- W' . W. I 4. nw J ' I 1 . Q 6 -i .,'-fglzi ' rl TI-Is 'SENIOR' cLAss l E ALBERT CIIARLES NOBLE ..... . ...Joliet GERALD MAX Oclels..............Keota, Iowa I COMMERCE EDUCATION l General Business Athletic Coaching 3 Theta Chi 5 Joliet Junior College t MERWIN NOE .... ..... ...Carlyle RALPII JosEI-II O,CONNl'1l,L..........ClllC!lg0 EDUCATION LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCEs Physical Education Sigma Alpha Pi Southern Illinois State Normal University OI.I,IVliII HAROLD NORMAN .... . . .Marion COMMERCE Accountancy Beta Kappa Pi.Tau Pi Sigma: Pershing Rifles: Major, University Brigade 443 I lllillBliR'l' MARSIlAI.L NORRIS ...... ....0swego LIBERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES Mathematics Pi Mu Epsilon: Men's Glee Club tl, 2, 3, 43g University Choral Society Honors Day '61, 2, 335 University of Illinois Scholarship Rey CSD Pre-Legal Phi Kappa Psi Phi Delta Phig Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad C211 Senior Hat Committee: Tnterfraturnity Council Q35 ROSALIE ELLIS OllilliRRON .... Vermilion Grove AGlllCUI.'l'UIIE Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omicrong llomo Economics Club BAIIEARA LOIs OIIL ................. Chicago LIBERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES Chemistry Zeta Tau Alpha lotn. Sigma Pi Crane College -'El PAGE 105 E+ OF THIRTY-TWO 9 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO DOROTHY LOUISE OLIVER.. .... ....Kewanee JOURNALISM , Pi Beta Phi Frances Shimer School FLORENCE ELISE OLSEN. .. LIBERAL ARTS AND English Kappa Delta ELIIIER CARI. OLsON........... COMMERCE Accountancy Crane College JOURNALISM Theta Sigma Phi: Kappa Tau Alpha Honors Dny fl, 33 ..........Evanston DOROTHY JANE ONKEN..........GibS07l City LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Alpha Delta Pi Lindenwood College ...Chicago JOHN ROBERT ORLANDo...... .... Chicago COMMERCE Accountancy Delta Chi Alpha Kappa Psi: Accountancy Club EI.MIRA BALL O,NEAL ........... .Champaign i FREDERIC GOLDBERG OLSON. . . . .Preston, Minn. PAULENE MELBA ORR. . . .............Pontiac COMMERCE General Business Alpha Sigma Phi St. Olaf College GENERAL EDUCATION Public Speaking Alpha Gamma Delta Illinois Wesleyan University F ra 'P I .- Y is I A Ml :G- ag JOHN DEXTER OLSON ........ . ........ Leland GENERAL AGRICULTURE. Sigma Phi Sigma JOHN LEONARD OLSON. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E. . Crane College LAWRENCE MANSPIELD OLSON. . . . . . .Rockford FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Landscape Architecture Delta Chi Varsity Football Squad Q25 JOSEPH ONDRUS ...... ........ .... B e rwyn EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Pi Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Kappa: Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad: Varsity Football Squad 12, 3, 41 MARGARET BORDNER OsaORN fMRS.l ....... Lewistown LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Delta Delta Delta Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta: Gold Feathers: Shi-Ai: Orange and .Blue Feathers: Pi Delta Phi: Alpha Kappa Delta MARY JANICE OSBORNI-1............RlLlg6flll'Vfl EDUCATION Home Economics Bethany Circle Home Economics Club: Illini Grange: Wesley Players EDWARD OSGO0D....................OhiCHg0 FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering WALTER JOHN OSINSKl......W8Slfl8ld, Mass. EDUCATION Physical Education Y. M. C. A. College OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -if PACE 106 lil'- OF 193 al 1 -it HE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOI MAMIE JOAN OsTEN...... .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Crane College RUTH EVELYN OSTENSKY. . . . . ... .Chicago EDUCATION Physical Education Chicago Normal College ROBERT LLEWELYN OwEN.............Peoria GENERAL AGRICULTURE Delta Phi Bradley Polytechnic Institute THOMAS PACEY, .IR .................... Joliet LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Theta Upsilon Omega Joliet Junior College ROBERT CARL PALMQUIST. . . . . . .Rockford COMMERCE Industrial Administration LIB PANlCHI......... .... .......Blue Island RAILWAY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Phi Delta Phalanx: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: Synton: Railway Club: A. I. E. E.: Business Manager, E. E. Show 145: Engineering Council 145: Chair- ngian, Engineers' Dance Committee C45:'Inter- fraternity Council Q3 45: Military Council Q45: Lieutenant-Colonel, Ilniversity Brigade Q45 MILDRED PARIzEK....................Cicero LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Morton Junior College CHAUNCEY HOWARD PARKER .... ..Grays Lake GENERAL ACRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho T ,, . . . lf. .1 215' Yr N.. ar' - Wi ' , ,IOSEPI-1 HAYES PADEN ............... Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma Pershing Rifles: First Lieutenant, University Brigade Q45 Honors Day Cl, 2, 35 HARRIET LEONA PACE ...... .........Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Kappa Sigma Tau Torch: The Illio 42, 35: First Council, Woman's League 145: Historian, Woman's League 445: Chairman, Woman's League Bulletin Board Com- mittee C35 Honors Day fl, 85 FRED ARNOLD PAINTER .... .......Stronghurst GENERAL ACRICULTURE Farm House Alpha Zeta: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Tau Alpha: Illini Grange: Agricultural Club: Agricultural Education Club: Senior Hat Committee Honors Day CI, 2, 35 BEN PALLER .................. .... C hicago CIVIL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon: Mu Sang A. S. C. E. Crane College HELENE ELIZABETH PARKER .......... Berwyn GENERAL EDUCATION English Morton Junior College HOWARD WILLIAM PARKER. .... La Porte, Ind. COMMERCE Banking and Finance Freshman Varsity Golf Squad: V11l'SlW Golf Squad Q45 MARGARET PARKER....................Paris LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Delta Gamma Mortar Board: Torch: Alpha -Lambda Doltlll Chairman, Woman's League SOClILl-Q0m'lTllllG99 845: Shi-Ai: Mask and Bauble: Illini 'theater uild 425: Chairman, Dad's Day Aceonnnoda- tions Committee Mll.lDRED ALICE PARKER .............. Gilman FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Public School Music Beta Sigma Omicron Gold Feathers: Orange and Blue Feathers: Anonian Literary Society: Inter-Literary Coun- cil: Jamesonian Literary SOCIBLYE Le Cercle Francais: May Fete 415: University Orchestra Cl, 25: Woiuen'S Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 453 PHD' Hellenic Council C35 HEESENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -'El PACE 107 Ef- 9 HE UNIVERSIT T YOF ILLINOIS ILLIO DoN ARCIImAI,D PAIIKHUIIST. . . . . . . .Wilmetze GENERAL ENcINEIcRINC Pi Kappa Phi Scabbard and Blade: Tau Nu Tau: Phi Alpha Lambda: A. S. C. E.: Military 'Ball Committee 133: Military Counril 143: Brigade Executive Officer 133: Major, University Brigade 143 Central Y. M. C. A. College BI:AUIvI0NT MCCALI. PARKS. . . . . . Wood River COMMERCE Industrial Adrninistralion Delta Sigma Lambda Scnbbard and Blade: lnterfraternity Council MARY ELIZADETII PATTON. .......... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-Pre-Legal Delta Zeta W. A. A.: Shi-Ai: Alpha Alpha Alpha: Mask and Bnuble: Tadpole: The Daily Illini 11, 23: '1'he Illio 113: Hockey 11, 2, 36: Basketball 11, 2, 33: Baseball 11, 2, 83: hairman, W. A. A.: Gold Feathers Committee 123: Freshman Frolic Committee: Pan-Hellenic Council 13, 43 TERLAN MARY PAUL. ................ Urbana FINE AND APPLIED ARTS-Music Sigma AIpha Iota Alpha Lambda Delta: Mu Kappa Alpha: Tennis 123: Production Staff, "Beggar on Horseback" N x 0 44- lf ' A h ' - file" X THE SENI . . . . 2,"F hHl"3,"C dlS "S, N 143: Captain, University Brigade 143 hBLholdr?ll'lfis Dggainelgy lcsj' xlllBl3ckoElfnmhfgoh. X 133: Women's Glee Club 18, 43 Honors Day 133 DORA MAIIIE PASICL lMll5.l ......... Sl. Anne EvE.LyNN PAVEY, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ' .Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Hi-Sivfy Spanish -7 Le Cercle Francais Life-Saving Club .FI 3 ' 1 University of Chicago:' De Paul University: University of Wisconsin .h Loyola University: Chicago 'Normal College: K: ,L ll Illinois State Normal University ., .:,,,,fI,Q EDO PASETTO .................. ...Bl1l'fe, Vt. FRANK PAYNE, JR ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, D anvillg GENERAL EDUCATION LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-PTE-M6diCHl - Physical Education Alpha Chi Sigma w , KHDPH Delta Pi: Delifl Thelll Epsilon Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Lambda Upsilon: Dance Q QT A Supervision Committee: Junior Prom Commit- 1 , Q L 5 tee: Interscholastic Circus 12, 3, 43: First ' A Q ., 'U H.. Regimental band 143 s.-- ' 5 .V - I " Honors Day 11, 2, 33 A . I . ROBERT WELCH PASIIBY .......... Park Ridge ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi -Sigma Kappa ' Phi Eta Sigma: Illini Board of Control: Tu-Mas: Skull and Crescent: Theta Tau: Eta Kappa Nu: Dolphins: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad: Varsity Swimming Letter 123: Freshman Varsity Water Polo Squad: 'Varsity Water Polo Letter 13, 43, Captain 143: Junior Cap Committee: Senior Informal I Committee l l RUTII ANNA PAsTOR .............. Glen Ellyn GENERAL EDUCATION History Beta Phi Alpha X 1 Crane College ELMER LAWRENCE PATELSKI... ....Aurora AGRICULTURE Floricullure Tau Kappa Epsilon Floricultural Club LEO HOUSTON PATTON .............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Kappa Alpha Psi Lewis Institute ' ll -Atl PAGE 108 l-3+ 931 ELLAMARIE PEARI.IvIAN......V.....Allica, Ind. AGRICULTURE Home Economics Phi Sigma Sigma HELEN FRANCES PEARSALL .......... Hillsdale LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Alpha Delta Theta Women's Glee ClIIb 13, 43: University Choral Society Augustana College RAY GORDON PEART.. .... .... ..Kewanee GENERAL AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho Indiana Central College ARTIIUR PELTZER ............ Palo Alto, Calif. LAw Sigma Delta Kappa l OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO 4 I l l :THE l i t l 1 l l UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOI S ILLIO OFI DOROTIIY CATHERINE PELZEIIH. ....Urbana COMMERCE General Business Phi Chi Theta: Siren 433 PIIYLLIS SAEEN PENCE....-.........GIad.stonc GENERAL EDUCATION English lIiI'e-Saving Club WARE HOLLIDAY PENDLETON. . .St. Louis, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Kappa Alpha Psi University of Knnsms VAIIENCI-I TAYLOR PENN ............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Psi Upsilon F'grsi,Iiegimentnl Band ll, 25: Concert Band GERALD I. H. PERRY. ...............Chicago MECHANICAI, ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta Tau Beta Pi: Pi 'l'uu Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma Iowa. State College ROBERT CARLISLE PERRY..............Downs ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Beta Kappa 'lfhe Illio ll, 21 l-lI-:LEN .IOSEPHINE PESCI. . . . .. ..... ..Chicugo GENERAL EDUCATION French Alpha Lambda Delta: WomRn's Cosmopolitan Club: Athenian Literary Society: Basketball tl, 2, 39: Senior Informal Committee: Wom- vn's Glee Club 11, 21: Cast, "Cradle Song" 433, "Courts and Appeals" 139 llonors Day fl, 2, 35 WILI,IAM MARCELI.US PE'l'EI-'lSH. . . . . .Virginia GENERAL AGRICULTURE Delta Sigma Phi Scabbnrd und Blade: Tribe of. Illini: Varsity Cross-Country Letter 135: Varsity Truck Letter 135: Captain, University Brigade C33 Illinois College lr. 11 l .w I , .I P ' H WMI . '- No Alcestis F . ZONA ALICE PENNELI...... ..... ......Urbana I GENERAL EDUCATION p Mathematics W ' . Women's Glee Club C43 Yi 4 W Y 'O 5, ,W ou-ug" 14" I. me - er I, vs 16' t l 4' AN' G , Q , Qc" M . 15'-4 C ,, fl - 0 R . VERNON FRANCIS PENTECOST .... .... D anuille Phi Kappa Sigma GEORGE VOLNI-:Y PENWELL. .. THOMAS WAYNE PERDUE..... ....ClIicago CLASS COMMERCE General Business . . .Pana COMMERCE General Business Phi Delta Theta Tu-Mas: Interfrnternity Council Q3, 45 EDUCATION Public School Music Cosmopolitan Club 'llribe of Illini: McKinley Mimesg Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad: Varsity Fencing Letter C33 : Student Council, McKinley Foundation C433 ?le3n's Glee Club 429: Second Regimental Band l A. S. M. MERLE ARNOLD PETERS ........ Ford City, Pa. GENERAL EDUCATION Mathematics Clarion State Normal School HOLLAND PETEIIS...........Kansas City, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Kunsus City Junior College ESTIII-:R EMILY I,li'I'IiIISON...........MUNODR GENERAL EDUCATION French MAYNAIID STANLEY PI-I'l'EllSON. .. .... .Chicago MECIIANICAI. ENGINEERING E. -All PAGE 109 ll'- 0 F T HIRTY-TWO 9 NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1931 MARY PETITTI........................Valier GENERAL EDUCATION Spanish Sigma Delta Pi JAMES CIIARLES PETTEIi...... ....Decatur COMMERCE Public Utilities Alpha Kappa Lambda Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Dance Supervision Committee: Illini Chamber of Com- Inerue: Iflnterpriser CII: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 43, 49: Junior Cap Committee DORN LEROY PE'l"l'l'I' ........... Prophetstown ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi: Pi MII Epsilon: Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nu: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A. I. E. E.: Major, University Brigade f4J Honors Day 11, 2, HJ: University of Illinois Sl'Il0I1l.I'l'iIlIIl Key UH ALFRED SCOTT PFAFE. . . . . .. ....Centralia COMMERCE Commerce and Law Tau Delta Tau Alpha DI-ltu Sigma: The Daily Illini Cl, 21 LEONARD CHARLES PIcKE'rT..........Urbana CIVIL ENGINEERING ClIi Epsilon: Sigma Tau: Mu San: A. S. C. E. GLENN LOREN PIERCE...............ClIicago ' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Entomology Hexapoecia Honors Day Q31 RUTII Env PIERCE...............Carbonflale LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Beta Phi Alpha F I I I i Y I I . The Daily Illini 63, 43: Women's Glee Club Ml: Cast, "Pinafore" 135 Southern Illinois State Normal University STANLEY HOLT PIERCE..............ClllCUg0 RAILWAY ELECTIIICAI. ENGINEERING Alpha Kappa Lambda Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Xi: Sigma Tau: Sigma Epsilon: Kappa Phi Sigma: Honors Day C1, 2, 31 Railway Club ,I ' A WARREN ARTIIUR PFLUG. . . . .. .. . .Chicago DONALD BRUCE PIETY. . . . . . . .Chicago V , COMMERCE COMMERCE EQ, . .lf General Business General Business ,Qfy I '- ph: pi ph: Crane College av ' ' CALIIOUN WILLIAM PHELI1S........Princeton MAX NOEL PIKE............ ....MonziceIlo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Chi Tau E FRANKLIN MCRAE PHILLIPS. . . . . . . . . .Chicago l Delta Chi EI.EC'rRICAL ENGINEERING ' Mask and Baublo: A. I. E. E.: The lllio 413: Illini Theatre Guild 18, 45: Captain, University Brigade C31 TIIEODORE ROOSEVELT PICKARD......CIhica,go GENERAL EDUCATION English Cosmopolitan Club Crane College COMMERCE General Business Sigma Phi Epsilon Varsity Baseball Squad C35 WILEUR BENNETT PINCS .... Carbondale, Colo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry A Acacia Phi Lambda Upsilon: Phi Eta Sigma: Illini Flying Club: The Daily Illini C21 ROBERT HENRY PINKEL .............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Delta Sigma Lambda SENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -'El PAGE 110 IS'- T I 0 H T UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOI LEE ROY PIPER....................Manzeno GENERAL AGRICULTURE Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Agri- ciiilbture Council 143: Livestock Judging Team Honors Day C33 HARIIIET REBECCA PITMAN...Logansport, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Delta Gamma Western College for Women VIOLA ANTOINETTE PITTMAN ...... Champaign GENERAL EDUCATION Public Speaking Kappa Sigma Tau Le Cercle Frangais ROBERT WILLIAM PODLESAK.........Chicago MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Delta Sigma Phi Kappa Ph-i Sigma: Cavalry Officers' Club: Major, University Brigade Q43 Honors Day C33 Crane College RAYMOND LYLE PORTER .......... Rock Island ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A. E. E.: Military Council 143: Captain, University Brigade C43 DOROTHY IRENE Posvic... .... .... B erwyn JOURNALISM Sigma Kappa Kappa Tau Alpha: Theta Sigma- Phi: Jameson- ian Literary Society: The Daily Illini 133: Journalism Council C43 Morton Junior College MAYSIE MIRIAM POWERS............Streator GENERAL EDUCATION Mathematics Illinois State Normal University ROBERT MYRON POWERS ..... ........ C hicago EDUCATION--Physical Education Phi Pi Phi Freshman Varsity Soccer Squad: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Freshman Varsity Swiniming Squad: Varsity Swimming Squad 42, 43: Freshman Varsity ater Polo Squad: Var- sity Water Polo Squad 12, 43 S II.l.IO OFT R A . ' til e A A A M, 'Q xl, W SPSS , .L ,, A 3, vs.. S1 ESTIIER RUTH POIIN .............. ..Chicago 'FW-I -A 7, Q I . fy: A 2 ,, Q- , , . . Im: P' .4 f- 'i"lg:l'u , -,W ,,,,,g.. I. I, i lv' -1 I i . i , A , I Jw 5.716 ly t 6 X w 'ii' , ,flag 1 X Q LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Psychology KENNETH JOHN PREIsEL....... ....Easton COM MERCE General Business Phi Sigma Sigma Orange and Blue Feathers: Gregorian Literary Society: The Daily Illini fl, 83: The Illio 423: May Fete C23 RUTH KAYE POHN .................. Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION English Phi Sigma Sigma Gregorian Literary Society JAMES HENRY POoLE......... ...Lovington COMMERCE General Business Sigma Nu Band of X: Senior Interscholastic Manager: Co-Chairman, Senior Informal Committee: Ath- letic Board of Control Q43 JOHN LINCOLN PORTER, JR. . . . . .Evanston LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-HiSf0fy Delta Kappa Epsilon Student Council 133: President, Junior Class: 'llu-Mas: Cavalg Otiicers' Club: Illinois Union Cabinet 643: hairman, Sophomore Cap Com- mittee: Sophomore Ootillion Committee: Junior Prom CoInmittee: Faculty Reception Commit- tee: Senior Informal Committee: Interfrater- nity Council 13, 43: Captain, University Bri- gade Q43 Theta Kappa Nu GERALD CLYDE PRIMM. . . . .. .... ..... C hicago GENERAL ENCINEERINC Theta Alpha I Scabbard and Blade: Illini Flying Club: Phi Alpha Lambda: Men's Glee Club: Second Lieu- tenant, University Brigade C33 Crane College HAROLD MAURICI-3 PRIMM. ..... .......Alhuns GENERAL AGRICULTURE Farm House Alpha Tau Alpha: Agrivultural Club: Agricul- tural Educntion Club LEONA FAY PRlNCE............ ..... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English H'E.SEiN'll0hR CLASS or TI-IIRTY-Two -'21 PACE 111 li'- 9 32 eff ,f THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLI LEwIs DAN PRINI: ............ Geneva, N. Y. COMMERCE Public Utilities Lambda Chi Alpha Ma-Wan-Da: Sacliem: Senior Baseball Manager: Alpha Kappa Psi: Athletic Council 145: Chan'- mnu, Senior Invitations Committee EDWARD BLAKESLEE PRINCLE..........Harvey ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I, E. E. Thornton Township .Tunior College CLEMENT EDWARD PRITZ ............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Pi Tau Pi Sigma: lnterseholastic Circus 12, 35: First Lieutenant, University Brigade 145 THEODORE THOMAS QUINN.... ...Carlyle JOURNALISM Ma-Wan-Da: Sachem: Managing Editor, The Daily Illini 145: Student Council 145: Sigma gelstii Chi: Phi Alpha Chig The Daily Illini 11, ROUBEN RABIN ..................... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Der Deutsche Verein: Chemical Engineering Club Crane College HENRY GILBERT RADCLIFFE ........ Champaign LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Psychology Alpha Phi Alpha NOIS ILLIO OF1932 University of Denver LADD CIIARLEB PRUCIIA. .. ..... ....Chicago COMMERCE General Business Beta Psi LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Der Deutsche Verein Crane College ETIIEL RAFELSON. . . . . . . . . .. .... ....Chicago I cy, F 0'7 .K - X A "i"' THE SENI OR FRANK LAWRENCE PURMA ..... Ellsworth, Kan. EDUCATION Athletic Coaching 4 Ma-Wan-DR: Tribe of Illini: Sigma Delta Psi: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Foot- ball Letter 145: Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Varsity Track Letter 13, 45, Captain 145 University of Kansas MARY ELIZABETH PUTMAN. . . . . . . . . . . .Canton LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Kappa Kappa Gamma Alethenni Literary Society.: The Daily Illini 135: Siren 135 Monticello Seminary ALBERT RUsII PUTNAIvI...... .... Palatine EDUCATION Plhysical Education Sigma Delta Rho Kappa Phi Kappa: Interfraternity Council 13, 45 EULA ROSE PYLE...........Jarnestown, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Bard and Scribe Butler University ROY JAMES RAILSBACK ............. Hopedale LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Phi Gamma Delta President, Interfraternity Council 145: Student Council 145: Tu-Mas: Skull and Crescent: Freshman Froliu Committee: Sophomore Cap Committee WALTER WOLEE RAINER...... ....Chicago COMMERCE General Business Accountancy Club: Der Deutsche Verein Crane College JOIIN ROCHESTER RAMEY ........ Georgetown COMMERCE Industrial Administration ' Phi Pi Phi Sigma Tau: Scubhard and Blade: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: Military Ball Committee 125: Captain, Universitv Brigade 135 ALVIN MINER RANDLES ....... ......Nokomis GENERAL EDUCATION Political Science Theta Kappa Nu lflurelca College if -all PACE 112 lif- 'Q 410 ?': i "" r I alll p :::::J Il?" .I itll! CLASS OF T HIRTY-TWO TH UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOI MAIRY GRACE RANDI,Es fMRS.J......N0k0Hll5 GENERAL EDUCATION Music Phi Beta: University Choral Society: WoInen's Glee Club 41, 23 BERNIECE KATHERINE RANKIN. . . . . . . .Urbana LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES Sociology MEIITON H. RAPP ................... Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma MAYER RASHBAUM.........KaHSdS City, Mo. COMMERCE Banking and Finance Kansas City Junior College IRENE ELIzARI-:Tn REAVY. . . . . . . . . .Springfield GENERAL EDUCATION Latin Eta Sigma Phi ' J , . RALPII BINEORD REESE ...... Kansas City, Mo, COMMERCE General Business Kansas City Junior College WALIJRON REVELL REESE. . . . A... LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Phi I-Zta Sigma INIAURICE HERMAN REID .... i ' COMMERCE i Insurance Alpha Tau Omega . . .Champaign A Men's Glee Club 12, B, 43: First Regimental Band fl, 2, 33 Denver, Colo. s 1 , . gt I I. af 'F L.v':':, - ' :Il f i y- ' i f? .-1, .ft I S ILLIO OFI I L 1 ELVIRA ANNA RAU ............... Tower Hil GENERAL EDUCATION , General Science - . Sigma Phi Beta Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College MILDIIEII LOUISI1 RAU. . . . . . . . . . . . .To GENERAL EDUCATION English Sigma Phi Beta Iflastern Illinois State 'Peachers' College wer Hill .IOIIN WALI.ACE RAUSIIENEERCER.....Danville FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Painting Delta Sigma Pi: Illustrators: Fine Arts Coun- ci 143 --. ROBERT LEE RAYMOND ........... Collinsville 1 of air '-'A I 9' '- 1 fwf " ,fl VI g ' tal. T H E s E MINING ENGINEERING A First Lieutenant, University Brigade Q43 ' University of Cincinnati l MILTON EMANUEI. REINCOLu...' .... Chicago COMMERCE Banking and Finance CARLOS LENTZ RENEREW ...... ...Urbana COMMERCE Accountancy . Delta Chi Delta Sigma Pi: Accountancy Club: Coast Artillery Club: Pershing Riiies: Freslnnan Varsity SWIIYIIIIIIIIQ' Squad: Varsity Swimming Squad C2, 3, 43: First Lieutenant, University Brigade Q43 FRANK WliII'l'I,E RENWICK, JR ........ Geneva LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal ' Sigma Chi Phi Delta Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Alpha Alpha: Senior Advisor, Skull and Crescent: Sophomore Football Managerg. Junior Prom Committee: Secretary, Illinois Union C43 HENRY EDDY RENWICK.. ........... Marengo MECIIANICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Tau: Pi Tau Sigma: A. S. M. IG. . NIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -'EE PACE 113 ii'- 9 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 193. ,IOIIN EMMERSON RENZ. . . . . . . . . . . . .Henning ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phalanx: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A. I. E. E.: Illini Glider Club: Toehnograph C33: Independent Council C3, 43: Captain, University Brigade C43 HAROLD EDWIN REPKE ...... .... C hicago COMMERCE General Business Pi Kappa Alpha DOROTHY ALICE REYNOLDS. . . . . . . . . .Chicago LIIIERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Life-Savinxz Club: The Daily Illini C1, 23: The Illio C1, 23: Bowling C1, 2, 3, 43: Swimming C23: Archery C23 Honors Day C13 Northwestern University HAROLD LANDSRERG REYNOLDS. . . . . . .Hinsdale LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Theta Xi Phi Era Sigma: VIIrsity Track Squad C23 EDGAR EUGENE RHODES ........ Ripley, W. Va. EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Chi Beta Kappa Phi Kappa: Phi Epsilon Kappa: Fresh- nisagi Basketball Squad: Interfraternity Council JEANNE LOUISE RICARDO ............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Phi Sigma Sigma Gregorian Literary Society: Le Cercle Francais: Tennis, Captain C23: The Daily Illini C1, 23: The Illio C2, 33 HELEN WILLENA ...Joliet GENERAL EDUCATION General Science Kappa Delta Joliet Junior College KEITII RICH ........................ Chicago MECIIANICAL ENGINEERING Theta Alpha Pi Tau Sigma: Theta Tau: A. S. M. E.: Inter- fraternity Council CB, 43 Honors Day C2, 33 -fv-A' :Obi nl- HELEN MARY REYNOLDS. . . . . . . . . . . .Riverside LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES French Chi Omega Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta: Mask and Bauble: The Daily Illini C1, 23: First Council, Woman's League C43 Honors Day C1, 2, 33 ARTHUR ADOLRII REZNY.......... .... Cicero GENERAL EDUCATION Public Speaking Beta Psi I Men's Glee Club C43 Morton Junior College MILDRED ELIZABETH RHOADS ......... Lincoln LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Lincoln College AARON PAYNE RHODES. . . . . . . . . .Bloomington COMMERCE Banking and Finance Phi Kappa Sigma University of Southern California ELEANOR 'BLAKELEY RICHARDS. . . . . .Riverside LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Psychology Chi Omega W. A, A.: Basketball C1, 23: Soccer C3, 43 Honors Day C33 HARRY FREDRICK RICHARDS .... ...Lake Forest EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Delta Theta Epsilon MARY RICHMOND .... ............... C hicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanish A Kappa Sigma Tau Sigma Delta Pi: El Circulo Literario de Espaiol: Le Cercle Francais - MARY ELIZABETH RICKARDS .... ...Decatur AGRICULTURE Nutrition and Dietetics Pi Beta Phi James Millikin University THE SENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO +21 PAGE 114 ll- T-H -Q G UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOI JEWETT AYRES RICKER ................. Joliet LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Phi Delta Theta Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad: Varsity Tennis Squad 133 Joliet Junior College MARION Louis R.ICKERD.4........KC0tG, Iowa EDUCATION Athletic C caching Chi Tau DOROTIIY MARIE RIERE. .............Lincoln LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanish Rockford College CLARENCE WILLIAM RIESSEN. . . .0smond, Neb. EDUCATION-Athletic Coaching Chi Tau Freshman Varsity Basketball S uad: Varsity Basketbllll Sfllllld 13, 43: Freslhman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad 12, 33: Interfraterliity Council 13, 43 CLYDE B. ROBERTS........... ...Woodbine COMMERCE Accountancy Beta Alpha Psi: Accountancy Club DOROTI-IY IRENE ROBERTS. . . . . . . . . . . .Leverett GENERAL EDUCATION Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omicron: Gregorian Literary So- ciety: Home Economics Club: Illini Grange HARMON DALE ROBERTS. . . . . .. ....Urbana EDUCATION Industrial Education Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Varsity Track Squad 13, 43: Varsity Cross-Country Squad 12, 3, 4 ' MARK OWEN ROBERTS ...... ......Springfield COMMERCE Commerce and Law Sigma Nu PfIi2gJe1ta Phi: Skull and Crescent: The Illio OF I9 I . if-1 ' File 94.4.4 I 4- :why :Suriv Q sf: -2 f:Qt5.:..p1 at lt li: 'fliixfv ' ,K ' I in f imm a sqjf- ' if l 1, V . 5 J . , . 6 I .X A., ' i WILLIAM REED RITCHIE .............. Oblong GENERAL AGRICULTURE Alpha Garama Rho Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Club: Agricul- tural Education Club BLANCHE VEIGI-I ROBBINS. . . . . . . . .Manhattan GENERAL EDUCATION Education Beta Sigma Omicron W. A. A.: Gold Feathers: Orange and Blue Feathers: Anonian Literary Society: Le Cercle Francais: Inter-Literary Council' The Daily Illini 11, 23: The Illio 11, 23: Baseball 123: Tennis 11, 23: Volleyball 133: Bowling 11, 23: May Fate 11, 23: Pan-Hellenic Council 123 Honors Day 113 MARY IDA ROBBINS..................Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Home Economics Kappa Kappa Gamma Mortar Board: Torch: Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 13, 43: Omicron Nu: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Alethenai Literary Society , CLEMENTINE CLARA ROBERTS ......... Roberts GENERAL EDUCATION History Theta Upsilon LESLIE FULTON RORISON..............Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-Pre-Legal Delta Tau Delta Tu-Mas: Freshman Baseball Squad: Sophomore Cgtilgionlw Committee: Interfratermty Council Bradley Polytechnic Institute JOHN PATRICK ROCI-IE......Forestville, Conn. CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. O. . JOSEPH NEWTON RODEIIEAVER, JR .... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma V Phi Beta Kappa: PlIi Lambda Upsilon? Phi EU! Sigma: Delta Sigma Rho: University Choral Society: Freshman Track Squad: Varsity. Track Squad 12, 8, 43: Star Course 123: Varsity De- bate Team 13, 43: Men's Glee Club 12, 3, 43 ELEANORE ROE ................... Oak Park GENERAL EDUCATION History Kappa Delta I H R TWO THE SENIOR CLASS OF T I TY- -'21 PACE 115 1-34- THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS I-LI.lO OF1 JEANNE JEWEL ROEDER... ..... ......Chicago, LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Alpha Chi Omega W. A. A.: Gold Feathers: Orange and Blue Feathers: Illiola Literary Society: The Illio 12, 35: Hockey 115: Basketball 11, 2, 85: l"3owliIl1: 125: Baseball 11, 35 LUUIS RICHARDS ROEIIM .... Terre Haute, Ind. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Theta Kappa Phi ALPHA SMITI-I ROGERS .......... Ettricks, Va. LIBRARY-Library Science Alpha Kappa Alpha Library Clllb Virginia State College MARY BEULAII ROGERS .............. Rantoul GENERAL EDUCATION English Southern Illinois State Normal University ROBERT LEE ROSBE ................. Chicago CCMMERCE-Accountancy Tau Kappa Epsilon Suchem: Alpha Alpha Alpha: Accountancy Club: Illinois Polo Association: Cuisson Clu 3 The Illio 115: Sophomore Intramural Manager: Junior Intramural Manager: Junior Prom Com- mittee: Interfraternity Council 13, 45: Major, University Brigade 145 FRANCIS JOIIN ROSE ........ Milwaukee, Wis. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Triangle Sigma Tau: Dolphins: Gargoyle: Scarab: Seab- bard and Blade: Teohnograph 145: Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad: Freshman Varsity Water Polo Squad: Military Ball Committee 125 Co-Chairman 185: Co-Chairman, Fine Arts Ball Committee 135, Chairman 145: Fine Arts Council 145: Interfraternity Council 145: Hazelton Prize Medal: Lieutenant-Colonel, University Brigade 135 WALTON WOOD ROSE. . . . . . . . . . .Parkersburg GENERAL AGRICULTURE alpha Tau Alpha: Kappa Phi Kappa: Agricultural ll ANNE RUTH ROSENBERG......... ....Pckin COMMERCE Banking and Finance The Daily Illini 115: Enterpriser 125 I Y . W gf., I 1 C5 ,',! ..:' i if K so Gi. -an - Q. H , gl N L 4 8' Li V ,,. X 1 1 'f 'fi 931 CLARENCE FLOYD ROCIER. . . . . . . . . . .Vandalia ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A. I. E. E.: Captain, University Brigade 145 Honors Day 11, 2, 35 EVELYN MARQUERITE ROGIER. . . ...Mason City A GENERAL EDUCATION French Major IA: Minor IA: W. A. A.: Le Cercle Frungais: Life-Saving! Club: Hockey 12, 45: Base all 12, 85: Bas etball 185: Archer 125: Apparatus 135: First Council, Womnn's llueague 145: Women's Glee Club 18, 45 Honors Day 125 CARMA FRANCES ROIIWEDDER. . . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Philosophy RAYMOND NEWTON ROOKs......Trenton, Mo. COMMERCE Commerce and Law Delta Kappa Epsilon Alpha Alpha Alpha Trenton Junior College JULIUS ROSENBERG........... ....Chicago COMMERCE Commerce and Law Omicron Alpha Tau The Daily Illini 115 Northwestern University MELVILLE AUGUST ROSENBERGER. . . . . Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Crane College JEROME BERNARD ROSENTHAL ........ Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Tau Delta Phi - GUY WILLIAM ROSLYN ......... ..Gibson City COMMERCE Accountancy Accountancy' Club I I l OR CLASS or THIRTY-TWUA -tl PACE 116 53+ J H T UNIVERSITY HENRY BYRON Ro'I'IIENnEaI:.. ....Chicago COMMEIKCIC Commerce and Law Alpha Epsilon Pi Phidclus: Cavalry Offir-ers' Club: First Lieu- tenant. University Brigade 145 Honors Day 123 SAMIIICI. JAMES R0'I'l ................ Chicago LIBERAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Phi Kappa Sa-ahliurd and Blade: l'll'1'NlIlIlIlII 'Prack Squad: Varsiiv 'l'raI'k Squad 125: Captain, University lirlgrzldu 185 OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF I9 P JOIIN LESLIE RUssELL........... .... Urbana GENERAL AGlIICUl.'l'URli Dairy Club: Dairy Technology Society MARGARET RUTIIEREORU. . . . . . .. ..... .Peoria LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCI-IS Pre-Legal Kappa Alpha Theta 'l'orvlI: Shi-Ai: Alpha Alpha Alpha: Mask and Blauble: Illini Theatre Guild 125 Bradley Pelyterlinio Instituto IIARRY RIIEENSTEIN. ............ Chicago ROBERT NoRTIIwAI.L Rll'I'IIEl'IFOIIll...ROCkf0l'll 1 IJIBERAI. AlI'l'S ANII SCIENCES LIBERAL AR'rs ANII SCIENCES igirii . ' , Pre-Legal Pre-Medical il- y ,gil lIllIt'IH'IllI6llL Count-il 135 Alpha Chi Sigma li - I- . ' f . . , , 7 ' ' I 9 ' 'lm' Collet-' Ma-VVan-Da: Sacheni: PhI Beta. Kappa: PIII Eta 1' ' S gy-7: JJ I Sigma: Business Manager, 'Phe Illio of 1932 145 : ', f . ,xiii . Student Council 145: The Illio 11, 2, 35: Y. M. I 'Q 3 ' H 3. A. lBcoaJrd of Directors 145: Interfraternity ' " l. . 1-3- ounci 3 ggi -..., . 'v-L-- Honors Day 11, 2, 3, 45: Omega Beta Pi " , Scholarship Cup 115 sa- 1 'l'uI1Rs'roN JAMES Ruaav. . .. .... .....Aurora CORDICN HENRY RYAN. . . . . . . . . .. .... Chicago MECIIANICAI, ICNGINHEIIING GENERAL ERIICAI-Ion rf , Sigma Delta RlIo English X fi. A Phalanx: A. s. u. E.: So-onl I'- I, t, U '- - . 1 Aw if versity In-imtar i-I5 1 1 mn mm m Della Them Ph' 6 -if ' 5 I. --I X '-4 15. I - A- , -, .. ' " . Qc ri' .ii .AL , -' 'U - 'I nu. . it ,, .,' ., it -1 . ,x ' is .Til f AQ' -1,5 t . I -""-.'. : if , wa, t ' :I ' FRANK EIIDMUND Run.. ...... ...Park Ridge LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Public Speaking Northwestern University ., . :.y-L ,h ,I I iff, .. 'Y ,AV,iiQ,,. A 1, - A . fm I, -'35 A V i 7 -'mill ,,, :yi . ' I I Q I ix FRANCIS PATRICK RUPI'...... COMMERCE General Business . . . Chicago .4 ' Av if I I , 'ri 4' L 1 . . 1 .1 .1 K 'J I Crane College 5 ,., , A D . ELIZAEETII I-IARTLEY RUsK...........Urbana ' . LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES H- . ' l German ' Mortar Board: Torch: Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha 1' X ' Lambda Delta: Gold Feathers: Alethenai Liter- f ary Society: Der Deutsche Verein: Inter- 2 ' Literary Council: University Concert and Enter- tainment Board 145: Co-Chairman, Big Sister ' 0 ,,, I Party 135: First, Second COUHCII, WoInan's .133 1 ,X Ffa-ij:. League 135: May Feta 115 ' Q-,'-9 2' i -' A gsifig Honors Day 11, 2, 35 EIIGAR DEAN RUSSELL ............ Carbondale GENERAL EDUCATION French Alpha Phi Alpha Le Cercle Frmiaais: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 145: f Clllllrlllilll. Y. . C. A. Interracial Connnission 145: Men's Glec ClIIb 145 Southern Illinois State NorInal University 'UQ E SENIOR CLASS O -'Ei PACE 117 iti- NVILLIAM BARRON RYAN ............. Chicago NIECIIANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Armour Institute of 'l'eI-hnology XVILLIS PIERCE RYAN ................. Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Phi Kappa Alpha Delta Sigma: The Daily .lllini 12, 37 Duke University IIARRY A. SAIILIN. . . . . .Benton llarbor, Mich.. CIIJINHIICIC Public Utilities Alpha Kappa Psi: Sllllllll Iota ldpsilonz Inch-A pendant Council 11, 25: First R,0LQ'lllH'llilll Band 11, 135: Concert BaIId 135 Honors Day 12, 35 Flllill WILLIAM SALUGGA ............. lh-calur FINE ANI! Al'l'l.ll-ID ARTS Archilcclarc Phi Kappa Tau Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Tau: Garaoyle: Sw-arab liouors Day 11, 35 H -TWO THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS I-LLIO OF 1931 JACK EDWARD SALTER. . .Grand Rapids, Mich. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Der Deutsche Verein Grand Rapids Junior College DALE EILEEN SAMUELI.. .... , .... .....Urhano LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Cerina Gregorian Literary Society: Wesley Players: First, Second Council, YVOIIIHHIS League 13, 432 Social Chairman, W. G, S. K-L31 Independent Informal Connnittee 143: Mi-Hilu Committee 443: Student Council, Wesley Foundation Q33 Honors Day 42, 33 Crane College EDWARD ,IOSEPII SANI3..... ...Roanoke EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Phalanx: Cavalry Ohieers' Club: Freshxnun Var- sity Track Squad: Varsity '1'I'aI'k Squad 123: Captain, University Brigade C43 . JoIIN JACOB SAND............ ....Roanoke COMMERCE Industrial Administration Phi Eta Sigma EUGENE JOHN SCHAD.............Waukegan FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Phi Delta Theta Denison University WILLARD WINSTON ScHAFER...... ...Malta GENERAL AGRICULTURE Chi Tau Ag'I'Il'llILIll'XlI Club: Hoof and Horn Club RAYMOND EDWARD SCI-IARPEN. . . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Psychology North Central College ARLENE GI'IIK'I'RUDE SCIIEIDENHELM...Mendota GENERAL EDUCATION Physical Education Torch: President, W. A. A. C43: Student Counf eil 643: Gold Seal 133: Major IA: Minor IA: XV. A. A.: Gold Feathers: Physical Education Majors' Club: Life-Saving Club: Hockey Cl, 2, 3, 43: Basketball tl, 2, 33: Apparatus tl, 2, 33: Baseball 61, 2, 33: Tennis Cl, 2, 33: Bowling 1 33 Deck Tennis Cham ion 33: Singles L 'L ,J J Q ,, m N g w 1 of! - 1 9 6, -E Cv. 2, : , I1 C 'lenms Chanipion Q33: May Fete C1, 23 w , E-1 as Q 9. X I . IX ' 'A 1 , , rv 1. , . - ,II ", ,qu ' W I I ' f. I 4 N Q it Lhlx Ll . I v 3- 'V ' . 7 4 .K iff ' ' I r fill ' ' nf? . .Q 'Q I ry , .B :Qu .x . . I V I NIARY VICTORIA SANDRETTo............Joliet ELEANOR ANNA SCIIENCIc........ .... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Philosophy A Corinu Joliet Junior College NICIIIILAS LEWIS SAPORA ................. ..................Long Island City, N. Y. COMMERCE - General Business Ohio Wesleyan University: Columbia University CLAUD WIIG SAUNDERS.........EdSl St. Louis MECHANICAL ENGINEERING WAI.'l'EI! HENRY SCIIACIIENMANH....Chicago EDUCATION Physical Education Delta Theta Epsilon: Varsity Baseball Squad 12, 33: Varsity Gym Squad 13, 43 GENERAL EDUCATION Hhysical Education Chicago Normal College Lois EVELYN SCHILDIIAMMEII...........L6l1l1 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English WILLIAM ADoI.I-II SCIILESINGER.. .... Chicago EI.EC'I'RICAL ENGINEERING Synton: A. I. E. Crane College BIARGARET CA'l'IIliIllNE SCHNAl'I'.......Ttllllllf1 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Mathematics Theta Upsilon Jzixnesonian Literary Society: Anouiuu Literary Society HE SENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO iii PACE 118 fw- L4 DORIS LUCILE SCIINEIDER.............Urbana LIBERAL Aars AND SCIENCES Chemistry Alcestis Mortar Board: Torch: President, XVOIIIYIYIIS tiroup System 445: Student Council 445: Vice- BIARVIN LLOYD SCIwE'I'z.............Warsaw GENERAL AGRICULTURE Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Education Club Carthage College -.M 'T .9 4, HE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF I9 President, XVOIIIIIIIIS League 445: Y. W. C. A- Cabinct 435: Gold Feathers Council 435: Inter- Literury Council HERMAN SCIINEIDER ................. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering l'hi Lambda Upsilon: Omega Chi Epsilon FREDERICK ALBERT SCIINELL... ....Cunton COMMERCE General Business Beta Theta Pi Ma-Wan-Da: Sachem: Senior Intramural Man- ager: President, Student Council 445: Athletic Board of Control 445: Band of X: Dolphins: Caisson Club: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Captain, University Brigade 445 AIABEL IIIIs SCIIoCI-I................Freeport LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Mathematics W. A. A.: Gold Feathers: Gregorian Literary Society' Jamesonian Literary Society: Le Cer- JOHN CLARENCE SCIIuLI.ER.... ...Stockton COMMERCE General Business First Lieutenant, University Brigade 4-I5 Ross SCIIULMAN...................Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Chi Chi Chi Crane College: University of Chicago ARTIIUII FRANK SCIIULTz..... ....Genesco EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Sigma Pi Tribe of Illini: Varsity Football Squad 42, 45, Letter 435: Varsity IVrestling Letter 435 -Q 5, .A ' as N cle Frniicais: Weslev Players: Aypparatus 425: Baseball 435: May Eete 42, 35, Iolleyball 425, Soccer 42, 3, 45: Y. W. C. A. Interracial Com- mission 43, 45: Y. XV. C. A. International Com- mission 43, 45 1-fa g, L , A . ,tt are . 4: ,ik Dah JURCENS PHILLIPIIUS SCIIOEMAN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Potchefstroom, South Africa l5'II-ICHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E. University of Pretoria, South Africa ADELE KATHRYN SCIIOLI.iIlI-IYER. . . . . . . . . .. Louis, Mo. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Alpha Gamma Delta Shi-Ai: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gamma Alpha Chi: Tadpole: The Illio 41, 25, Womnn's Advertising Manager 435: The Daily Illini 415: First Council, Woman's League 445 RALPII EUGENE SCIIOOLEY .... .... E Uinglzam JoURNALIsM Alpha Chi Rho Associate Sports Editor, The Daily Illini 445: Sigma Delta Chi: Phi Alpha Chi: The Daily Illini 41, 2, 35 FREDICRICKA SALZMAN SCIIRUMrE..Champaign COMMERCE Accountancy Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Lambda Delta: Gamma Epsilon Pi: Phi Chii'I'g1otII: Accountancy Club: Commerce Coun- CI 4 Honors Day 41, 2, 35 WIILLIAIII EDWARD SCnuI.z, .........................Memphis, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Tau Sigma Tau: A. S. C. E.: Production Staff. "Be- hold This Dreamer" 435, "Black Flamingo" 435 Southwestern University Cl-IDRIC VERRCL SCIIUMACHEII. . . . . . . . . . . . .. ........................RobertsvtlIe, Mo. ,IOURNALISM FRED HAws SCIIUMACIIER ............ Ottawa FINE AND AI'Pl.Il:2Il ARTS Lanflscape Architecture LT. L. A. S.: Men's Glee ClIIb 41, 25 Ilonors Day 42, 35 ARTIIUR IIAIIOLII SCIIUMANN. . . . . ....Chicngo ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E. Crane College oi cLAss or TI-IIRTY-rwc -DSE PACE 119 lif- THE UN 4. id-I ' " IKLI Illill ',.., 'I IVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF JOsIsI'Ii VEATCII SCIiUS'l'l'2ll. . . .... hiEClIANlCAL ENCINEERINO Beta Kappa lute-rfraiernity Council 131 JEAN ALMA SCIIWARTZENBERG ....... GENERAL EDUCATION History Gamma llIi Bela D KARL RICIIARD SCIIWARZ .... South Bend, Ind. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture Tau Delta Tau . Chicago Chicago ,IOURNALISM Phi Kappa Psi Skull and.Cresr-ent: Sigma. Delta Chi: Dolphins: Illini Flying Club: Sports Editor, The Illio of 1931 131: The Daily Illini, 11, 21 COMMERCE Public Utilities Tau Kappa Epsilon Sophomore Cotillion Committee: Chairman, Fac- ulty Reception Committee: Interfrnternity Coun- cil 141 CIVIL ENGINEERING 'l'nu Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon Honors Dny 12, 31 Scarab: B. A. T. D.: Freshiuau Informal Com- MILES SCULL, JR. . .. ....... .. . .. .Chicago l-IAROLD MILES SEAGO ........ .... J crseyville ADRAM FUNK SEARS ................ Atkinson ps tl -6 'Y ,tc mittee LIL CIIARI.Es EDWIN SCOTT ........,... Oak Park ALICE SEARS ........................ Oblong LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES LIBERAL ARTS ,AND SCIENCES Spllllfsil Botany Alpha Delta Phi Liuuean Botany Society Dance Supervision Committee: 'l'u-Mas: Inter- fruiernity Council 13, 41 if 931 JAMES AIIELBERT SCOTT ...... ...Rockford EDUCATION Industrial Education Kappa Alpha Psi MARSliAl.l. JEWI-:I.I. SCO'l"l'. ......... .Yorkville GENERAL AGRICULTURE Education Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Club: Agricul- tural Education Club: Illini Grange ROLAND FLEMING SCOTT ...... ...Oak Park COMMERCE General Business Phi Kappa Psi University of Chicago RUSSELL FRED SCOTT ......... .... R oclcforzl COMMERCE General Business Chi Bela Alpha Kappa Psi: Illini Chamber of Commerce: Sigma Iota Epsilon: Beta Nu Kappa: Caissou Club: COIIHIICYCG Council 141: Captain, Univer' sity Brigade 141 IRWIN FRANK SEDI.AcI:R ............. Berwyn LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES History Beta Kappa NO,RBER'l' JOIIN SEIDER.....SpringvI'lle, N. Y. EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Captain, University Brigade 141 VIVIAN MILDIKEIJ Sl-IIIILIIR .............. Ncoga LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Zeta Tau Alpha Le Cercle Francais Eastern Illinois State 'i'PilI'i'l1'l'S' College EDWARD IRWIN Sl-1Rl.lN.... .... ...Chicago ,IOURNALISNI Kappa. Tau Alpha: Phi Ein Sigma: Siziua Della Chi: Phi Alpha Chi: The Daily IlliIIi 11, 2, 31 D I I 5 THE SENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -'Ei PAGI-I 120 E1- H UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 19 RICIIAIID BENJAMIN SEYFARTII .... Blue Island LIEEIIAI. AIITs AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Delta 'l'lIelu I'lIi Alpha Alpha Alpha liI.I:ANoII IIAY SIIAEFFER ............. Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION lhhysical Education Phi Sigma Sigma LOCII SIEIUMAKEII ..... .. . .. ...Virrlcn COIIIIIIEIICE Commerce and Law Theta Xi Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day fl, 2, 33 PAUL I-IENIIY SIIIIIvIAN..............El Paso GENEIIAI. AGIIICULTUIIE Farm House x I I I1 All V- , HY' A I 1 4 Alpha Tau Alpha: AgFICllIiIITIII Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Agricultural Education Club: Men's Major TA: Minor IA: XV. A. A.: Pliygiral Edu- mee Club 41' '2' 3' 47 I I-ation Majors' Club: Tex-raping SXVllllIlIIIIg Cl, 3, 41: Baseball 11, 2, 3, 43: Soccer CZ, 3, 439 MHY Fate tl, 2, 31 I b VIINQINIA DALE SIIAIIII........Evarisville, lml. RoYAI. LINCOLN SIEEEEIIMAN..........Albion . ll LIIIEIIAI. AII'I's AND SCIENCES LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES N, ffm' "7 5, 1w,e,,c1, Chemistry I of ' ' . . .hw ,gym Della GLIIIIIIIZI Sigma Mu Sigma 1,,. q',,,.,.I,, I.-mnwis Eastern Illinois State 'l'I-nvlters' College f A 'QL-, Illfiillllll lfnivc-rt-Iity f ,TL 'W-sf Ill-JH SIIAYKIN. . . . . . . . . .. ..,...... Chicago CAIIMEN SYI.vA SIEGEI.. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago .4 GENERAL EDUCATION FINE AND A1'I'l-IED ARTS I ' , A F. M ath emali cs AIUSIC 5. IIIIIPIJOIIIIPIIL News Q4J Honors Day C31 E I'l'lIIII! f'llIIl'H'0 ' CTUTIO COIIUI-T0 Y Iii, . ' 5. ' I. . ' : -I ' , t L- ' 'I t A 1 . DoIto'I'IIY NIAIIGAIIET SIIEAII.....RosslyII, Va. EI.IzADE'I'II ANNE SIEGIIIST... ........ Chicago 4 1 ' 'ty V LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES LIDEIIAI. ARTS AND SCIENCI-as I ' Psychology Sociology -- - ,' f First, Second Council Woman's LCIILCIIB 13, 47: Alpha phi 9 ,' Executive Council, WOIIlI1Il'S Group System 443: , l , gt' X Co-Ohnirman, Independent, Infornml Committee rlorch' Y- IV- C- A- CIIIPIFBI C5373 W. A. AJ - ,' hir 44, Alllhu Kumm Delta: Athenmn Literary Society: Ferrnpinc Car-II, hoinut-mning Stunt Show Q45 - V -, JAMES ANDIIEw SIII'IAIIl2R..... ...Taalon JANNA MAI-1 SlLANIllGlI..... .... ...Chicago " J0IIIINAI.IsIu AcnIcUI.'rUnI-: i Beta Phi Theta Home Economics 1 - Kaplan. Tau Alpha: Gamma 'Pheta Phi: The Daily Home Economic-N Club: Varsity Archery 12, :U ' Ilhm ill: Scighonmrr- IIlI1'l"Sl'IIOIllSI.'IC Cn-cus 1ynivm.Sit,. of mmnm, I and VVrestlinIz Imager ' Honors Day 62, 3, 47 y 'Q E , RQBERT NA1-IIAN SIIEI,m', , , ,,,,,,,,Be1vi,lefe IJAWIIIQNCE l-IAIIIIY SIMICIII.........C1lIIIIllIllfgI7 5 i F I-A FINE AND APPLIED AII1's GENEIIAI. AcIIIcIII,'I'IIIIE ' i N ,- Architecture Acacia . i E Sigma Tau: Scarab: Gargoyle Alpha Zeta: lfhi Eta. Signm: Alpha 'IIIIII Alpha: ' "" Bradley Polyteclinic Institute Agr'culm""l Hull? l'11'lfI H1141 l"1ll'!'0W r g0g'of1Yi:'lD11yVCl.4E., ill: Iiiiiversity of Illinois ' ' a slip xoy I Q .IOIIN SIIEREII SIIII-'I'..... .......... Evanston Rocuo Ill-:Nav SINDEIIsoN.... ...Rockford FINE AND AIIPLIED Aars COMMERCE ' Architectural Eiiguiecring . General Business 6' ,4 Delta UPSIIOH Delta Sigma Tau Scarab Y. M. C. K. Cabinet 139' B -1 1' D' .. I University of P0IlYlSvIv1lhi:I Y. IA, I QQ: 110,-so Shgixt rgb: I0l'IllIy Loum-11 Q45 THESENIQR CLASS OF THI - -:Sl PAGE 121 E+ RTY TWC TH K' Nl' ld E U NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I9 Poxlizam' SINNOCK ........... Newcastle, Intl. COMMERCE Commerce and Law PlIi Gamma Della JUIIN JUSEPII SIRUTNAK ....... fhroop, Penn. LAW Sigma Delta Kappa I-lARoI.n WILLIAM SITTIc...Yoangstown, Ohio ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Delta Rho f'arIIeI,-:io Institute of Technology I'IEIlI'lEIIT AxEL SJOLANIJER ........ ...Ohicago LIBERAL ARTS ANI: -SCIENCES Pre-Legal Chi Phi 'l'u-Mas: Alpha Delta Sigma: The Daily Illini 12, 33: FreshIrIIIII Varsity Fencing Squad EnI:AII BERTRAND SBIILEY ..... .... C hicago COMMERCE Industrial Administration Phi Kappa Ma-Wan-Da: Saehem: Phi Eta Sigma: Senior Basketball Manager: Skull and Crescent: Band of X: Captain, University Brigade C45 CIIARLES PRENTISS SMITII. .. .. . .Urbana EDUCATION Industrial Education Ilonors Day C39 HOWARD CHARLES SMI'l'II............ClllC!lg0 FINE AND AIIIILIEII AIITS Architecture ClIi TaII Scarab INEZ ELLEN SMITIL................El7771U00!l GENERAL EDUCATION Education Phi Mu Knox College l l - ' l - I ' . I' this I ' 2 l lk I L I A 1 ' Q ' ' I ELZA hIARY SLANE ............... Princeville LIBERAL ARTS ANI: SCIENCES English H Lambda Omega Student Council, McKinley Foundation 143: Pan- Hellenic Council 147 Monmouth College ROBERT WILLIAM SLAUGIITEII. . . . .Chicago CERAMIC ENGINEERING Delta Chi - Keramos: American Ceramic Society: Freshman Varsity Soccer Squad: Varsity Soccer Squad 425 GLEN RICIIARD SLONNEGER.......WGShillgl0H MECHANICAL ENGINEEIIING Phalanx: Tau Nu Tau: A. S. M. E.: Technograph 135: First Lieutenant, University Brigade 43, 4? ELw0oIm KENNETH SLUSSER. . . . . . . . . . Urbana GENERAL EDUCATION Economics Alpha Kappa Psi: Accountancy Club: Freshman Varsity CFOHS-COIIHLTY Squad Wittenberg College JANE RIARIE SMITH ................ Oak Park LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Theta Phi Alpha Alpha Lambda Delta: Orange and Blue Feath- ers: Eta Sigma Phi: The Daily Illini 11, 25 JEAN HOLRIAN SMITH ,.............. Urbana LIBERAL ARTs AND SCIENCES English Kappa Alpha Theta JOHN DANIEL SMITH ........... Toledo, Ohio EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Kappa Alpha Psi Freshman Football Squad JosEPHINE ANDIIIETTA SMITH ........ Clhicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Alpha Delta Pi Gold Feathers: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gamma Alpha Chi: The Illio 12, 33: Siren t4Q: First Council, YVomnn's League 13, 49: Pan- Hellenic Ball Committee 133: Pan-Hellenic Council 18, 41 ' OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO .l -tif PAGE 122 lk- HE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS II.I.Io or 19 NIORRIS WALTER SMITH.... ..Kewanee NIADGE SI'ARIcs...................SlIe1bp-ville , 3' I COMMERCE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ' 4 1, A Accountancy Spanish ' . ' Theta Alpha Gamma Phi Bela -N " A,.C0,,n,,,,,cy Club cnnmmi Alpha Oni: The Daily Illini 12, :sp I Knox College aww' RONALD POTTER SMITn...... ....Cnlvin SHERMAN PAUL SPARKS..............Urbana I COMMERCE GENERAL EDUCATION QE 'I ' Chemistry ', General Business Delta Chi Sachem: Associate Business Manager, The Daily Illini 645: Alpha Delta Sigma: Band Of XZ Delta Sigma Pi: Illini Chamber 'Ot Comniercei Accountancy Club: 'lhe Daily IllInI C1, .2, 333 Interfraternity Council C-LJ: Second Reglnlentrll Band fl, 23 WAI.TEl! BARTLE SMITH.........Murphysboro COMMERCE General Business JOSEPI-I ALBERT SNEDORF... . .. ....Cicero EDUCATION Physical Education Kappa Theta Sigma Kappa Phi Kappa: Sigma. Delta Psi: Freshmen Varsity Truck Squad: Varsity Track Squad C-ll Morton Junior College - , Intersclmlastic Circus 12, 35: Men's Glee Club , 12. 3. 47 Bradley Polytechnic Institute STEPIIEN RALPH SPARKS, ........................Connersville, Ind. GENERAL EDUCATION Education Illini Flying Club: Cavalry Officers' Club: First Lieutenant, University Brigade Q43 F I .V,. 5 ' C1-A LSA NIARJORIE CRAIG SPENCE.........F0l'IIlI:llglDl'l I COMMERCE General Business 4, f ' I I I . X 6 ya 3,3 5' BARBARA LEE SNIDER............ ...Barry EDUCATION Public School Music 4 ' ' Sigma Alpha Iota ' ' University Choral Society ' ' Mac Murray College for Women -gi ' A A ALLAN BERIQ SoLOMON.....Birmingham, Ala. IAQ 5 COMMERCE ig: ,, 4 General Business Zeta Beta Tau "1" ,. The Daily Illini 113: First Lieutenant, Univer- X- ' ' sity Brigade 647 mx: EQ h , 1, I, if SXT I at eil H FRANK SPANcLER.......... ....... Woodlawn JOURNALISM Gmnma Theta Phi: The Daily Illini 133 MI-Kcndree College DONALD WlLl,lAhl SPENCER.......chllllllllligfl LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History ETIIEL SPIIAR.....,.............Clmmpaign GENERAL EDUCATION History Linnenn Botany Slwimy HENRY CECIL SPICI-:R......... ....Decazur COMMERCE Accountancy Acvniuitanvy Club , I ROBERT WlLl.lAhI SDANIER.... ....Clzicago EVELYN CAROLYN SPRING Chicano D I .......... . . , C, 3 " ffgjii ACOMMERCE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES i iw' l 5 CC0uma"C.V Pre-Medical ' ' W.: Bela Sigma PS1 A Beta Sigma Omicron val, JIM Accountancy Club: Interfratcrnxty Council 13, 49 Chi Chi Chi J," 4 4,52 Crane College M , W R CLASS or TI-IIRTY-1W -'Sf PACE 123 law THE UN IVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I 93 ALBIN VICTOR SBIINAR. . . . . .. . . . .Chicago COMMEIICI: Foreign Commerce Crane College ELOISE DIILLS SIIDRLOGK. . ..... . . . . . . .Peoria GENERAL EDllCA'I'l0N French Alpha Kappa Alpha Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 1-IJ: Pi Delta Phi Honors Day C35 ABBO'l"I' ROLAND STAII I. ........... . . Lllil-IIKAI. ARTS ANI! SCIENCES History Phi Epsilon Pi New York University SIGRID ANN STAIIL ............. GENERAL EDUCATION English Thela Upsilon Jamesonian Literary Society Crane College CLAYTON SOIIENSEN STEEI.I'I. . . . . . . . Wauconda RAILWAY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phalanx: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: Railway Club: First Lieutenant, University Brigade 145 KATIIARINE ELIZABETII STEELE.......Chicogo LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Kappa Kappa Gamma Gold Feathers: Orange and Blue Feathers: The Iilio 411: May Fate ill: Pan-Hellenic Council C45 Dairy Technology Society: Dairy Products Judg- , CWCH50 ROBERT FLAGII STEENSTIILIII. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - .... ........0dCll5C, Denmark , COMMERCE General Business Cosmopolitan Club ing Team C33 College of Commerue, Copenhagen, Denmark Chicago fit V ,J '4 5 4 ' g A ew' I ,, . , 4' fl LILLIAN SARA STEIN. ............... Chicago I LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES of French Sigma Delta Tau J L V f '-:fin-I-.I-If ' iff 1.3,.t?f 35, I , gtg' . ." tw, ff. ' U Lili? A 4 li T 1-' Iliff , ' ' 72 TWLFJI .L -'11 - I y ell 'F N gm, .. ' ff Il I I 4 i r 1 -ly : 'Qi' , 1 I , I ALDEN GEORGE STANFORD ........ Rock Island MEcIIANIcAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E. I JOHN MILTON STANFORD ........ Rock Island LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Philosophy Men's Glee Club Q49 Honors Day C35 MIJRIEL ALICE STANLEY. . . . . . . . . . . .. LIBERAL ARTS AND ScIENcI:s History Delta Delta Delta James Millikin University LEON PIIILLIP STAR ...... LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Tau Epsilon Phi Crane College TIII-:LMA ELIzABETII STEPHENS........Ufll!1IllI LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Latin Eta Sigma Phi Honors Day 123 HARVEY TIIORN STEIIIIENSON. . .. ..... Chicago CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E. Crane College Decatur FRED WERNLIII STEUEIlNAGEI.....EllSl Sz. Louis JOURNALISIYI Sigma Nu Sigma Delta Chi: Tribe of Illini: FFPSIIIIIZIII Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Lut- ter C2, 3, 41 Chicago ETIIEL STEVENS .... . . . . . . . . . . . . .... Danville LIBERAL ARTS AND ScIENcI:s Mathematics Sigma Phi Beta Honors Day Q33 L -I J THE SENIOR CLASS -'Cl PAGE 124 P34- OF THIRTY-TWO G I-Is UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS II.LIo or 19 hIlLDRED EDNA S'l'll:1BLlill...... ....Clzicag0 AGRICULTUIIIII Home Economics Phi Mu V Phi Upsilon Oinicrong 'Pho Illio fill Crane College CLARENCE ALBERT S'l'II'iGMAN..........PlIxl0ll LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemislry lioBER'I' BECRWITII STIVEN. . . . . . . . . . .Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-History Bela Theta Pi U Sc-abbard and Blade: Caisson Club: The DFHIY Illini C135 Cliairnian, 1I0lllC4'0llllllg Stunt. Show Publicity Coinniiituc C439 Cllllllllll. URW'-u'5"'y Brigade 14? ROBERT i,0'l"l'EIl STQCK. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Joliet LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Eagineerirzg Theta Upsilon Omega Concert Band 13, 43 Joliet Junior College EDWARD FRANCIS STREIT. .. LAW Sigma Delta Kappa I - . , f r a ' on . L I . . . . .Aurora I "" ,wffypi Efflfif I ggi-L . ,, -, ji 132, ff- I N' .5-Q' ' K 'ii "1 . . v , RUSSELL MARVIN S'I'RII'LIN........Piper Cizy LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Sigma Alpha Epsilon Gr -I it Phi Delta Phi: First Lieutenant, University Brigade Q45 RICIIARD LLIJYD STRORI-:I.. . . . . . . . . . . .Ransom GENERAL EDUCATION History NIAIISTON DEDRIC SEV!-IRIN!-I STRoTE..Rockford . LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Signing Wesley Players: Student CoIIn- cil, XVesley Foundation Q45 Honors Day ll, 33 N , ii. :- 1 S I 'i lu ' J -Z fa, .. f 'F' XVILIIUR HORACE STOCKING .......... Rochelle LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Public Speaking Della Kappa Epsilon I I -ii LARUY RICIIARD STOLTZ ........... Belleville MECIIANICAL ENGINEERING ' Delta Sigma Lambda S- lb d d Blade: Cavalry Oflicers' Clubg Kfaiinlii, Polo Team 13, 4l:.Horse Show ' 42, 3, 43: Captain, University Brigade Q43 ALICE ELIZABETH SToNE. . . . . .. EDUCATION I Home Economics llome I eonomics Club i'illl'k.iHl COIIOEG EDUCATION Home Economics Fairview EDWARD .i0Slil'll s'l'IlUUGAl...... ..... Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture Armour Institute of Technology iiiAllY LOIIISE S'I'RlJBlNl2EIl. . . .. ...Harry EDucA'I'IoN Home Ifconornics XVOIIICIYS Gloe Club HJ MARION LIJIIISE 5'l'UAll'l'. . . . . . . . . .Champaign GENERAL EDUCATION-Physical Education SQUTUUIFYI W- A- A 145: Gold 'Seal MJ: Major IA: .Minor IA: .W. A. A.: Signia Delta Phi: Physical lldiication Majors' Club: Mask and Baublog Orehesisg 'I'adIpole, Terruping Life- Savmg Club: Soccer ll, 2, 8,7155 Valle ball Ll, 3. 3. 435 '1'l'lH2k Cl, 235 Production gtaff, Betrlzar on IlorsebaI'k" 125, "Cradle Song" G-JJ, :IBC-hold This IJTCIIIIIOTH 4133, "Holiday" lily, Remote C0HU'0l" 143: Cast, "Black Flamingo" UD: May Foto 11, 21 FRANK M1L'l'LlN S'1'UBBLEl-'IELD ....... Hillsboro LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Sigma Mu Sigma Illinois College P , C ! I .hiAllllARE'I' IHINOR STOUTENBURG... .... Flora . fm if: ' THE SENIQR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO 'vqtw I I i . , I -'Si PAGE 125 lil- fir we '. ' NIVERSITY OF ILLI N OIS ILLIO OF193 D0lK0'l'llY ALBl'1R'l'lNA STURER... .... ...Peoria PAI:I. AN'I'IIoNY SWAlM..............UfbUIl0 LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES ELECTRICAL ENCIXEI-IRING Sociology Lambda Omega liIAIlGAllE'l' CAROLINE S'l'llI.'I'S. . . . .. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIEXCI-IS l"rench Kappa Alpha Theta Pi Deltn Phi: Junior' Prom f'tllllllllii09 Smith College JAMES ADoLI'II SIJI.I.IvAN. . . . . . . . . . . . .Quincy FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Music Beta Psi Beta Phi Theta A. l. E. E. llI'urllL-y .l'0lyl0l'lllllU institute R I g . I . . .I K, V. J . - ,ggi 2 .Winnetka Ll'IS'l'l-Ili lllCllMAN SwANI.uND........La Moille -- - 5 COMMERCE 'Q ' R gigs, Accountancy V . l'll't'SlllllIlll Varsity 'Fruvk Squad . ,Tip North UI-ntrIIl College Q- 5 . -2 Q5 -'Tig H V 'V Phi Mu Al lm-Sinfonia' Convert linnd Cl, 2, 3, Q 7 I L JJ P , 4, 53: University 0I'I-lu-stru 1, L, 1, Ll-IUNARD MAIISIIALL SiILI.IvAN ..... ...... ......DOIl'llt'l'S Grove COMM!-ZRCI-I Accaunrarzcy w GEORGE ANDREW SWANSON. .. ...Chicago CDMITIERCE General Business Phi Kappa Tau S'I'Af:Y MAIKJOIKIE SWARD ............. Chicago Q . GENERAL EDIICATIDN i English Phi Omega Pi ,- fil'L'LZfll'lllll Iritorury Society: Pan-Holleiiic Conn- - og-' 1-Il 4.3, 43 Crane College ,3 69" .. .- X .ight S 'V 1 A , R ,M "ff-1 .. ' - . Y N I . I A . ' iv. 0. I RUTH SCHNEIDER SIJMMERS .......... Urbana LIRI-:RAL ARTS AND SCIENCI:s German ' Phi llvtn Knppu: lleltn Phi Alllllll llldlllllll l'IIiverNity VIRGINIA BI.0ssoM SIIMMEIIS. . . . . . . . .Urbana FINE AND AI'I'I.II-:D Music A ARTS Alpha Phi Phi Beta Kuppn N0l'illll't'Sit'l'll University .. . . . .Villa Park l'lAIlllY CLAYTON SIITCI-I . . . .. FIN!-I AND APIILIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Theta Kappa Nu Phnlxnnxg Porslling Rifles: Horse Show UU: Mn- jor, University Brigade C42 A CI.ENIENT .loIIN SvII.ow ............. Chicago LIRERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Bela Kappa JDIIN LESTER SWARNER, JR.........Elmhursl ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phxxlnnx: Pi '1'IIu Pi Sigma: A. I. E. E.: Tech- nogrnph 13, -LJ: Independent Council 435g Illi- nois Lninn Cuhinot 133: Mi-Hilo Conunittee i331 iioyrsc Show Qlljg Cuptnin, University Brignde -I RIARY TAYI.oR SwAR'I'z. . . . . . .. ...Urbana JouRNALIsIsI CELIA SwEET................ ....Chicago CQRIMERCE Banking and Finance Delta Phi Epsilon llnsehull Cl, Ill: Bnskotbnll 125 CARI. PIIILII' SWENSON .... ..El Campo, Tex. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. T. E. E. Central Y. M. C. A. College TTHE SENIOR CLASS OF T -if Page 126 li'- HIRTY-TWO UN IVERSITY OFILLINOIS CECIL EDWARD SWINEIIART. . . . . . . .Champaign COMMERCE General Business JOHN JOSEPH SZYMARSKI ...... Ford City, Pa. GENERAL EDUCATION Physical Education Delta Theta Epsilon: Kappa Phi Kappa: VHYSUY Basketball Squad 123 JULIAN IVIARTINDEL TAYLO. . . . . . . . . . .Urbana GENERAL EDUCATION Physical Education Delta Theta Epsilon Illinois State Normal University I A , BERYL SIIENK TAYLOR. . . . . .. ...Charnpaign ' , EDUCATION , 'gf ' ' JH V I -vi I , vi f II A ' I Hi A S I , .li Athletic Coaching Cavalry Oflicers' Club JACK PATTERSON T,,B0R,,,,,, ...Joliet ROY ELMER TAYLOR, ....Normal , . COMMERCE COMMERCE ' Industrial Administration Foreign Commerce - ' . . V Theta Upsilon Omega PS' UPSIIOH ' X 5, Alpha Iqumm Psi: Sigma Iota Epsilon Fm Xenia: The Dally Illini 4133 Comniercc I 'jjj J - . 0llIlCl ' - olxet. Junior College Honors Day CU b l I RUTH TAEOIIN. ...Urbana KENNETH LA VERNE TEl.LEEN.....Clllllbl'idg8 i ff' ' 5 b AGRICULTURE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Qi I Home Economics Pfe'LeEUl 'Cl Alcestis Beta Sigma Psi 3 Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Alpha Alpha: Sophomore iii' ' Truck Manager: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 12, 335 '-5... lnterfratcrnity Counvil 13, 41 W 4 'ggi' j r I , DIARGERY BERNADINE TAIIIMEN.. .... Nokomis STANLEY EDWARD TELSER.. Cliff-,,f,0 LIBERAL ARTS ANII SCIENCES LIBERAL Am-S AND SCIENCES 1.1, , . l sh' English Pre-Medical Crane College WADE EDISON TAPI-:RT..... .... Detroit, Mich. ROBERT IAIEODEN TENNIaY.... .... ..Rockford . A A COMMERCE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ,wg Accountancy ' Cjwmislry " Wg? Theta Xi Theta Chi I l University of Michigan LOUISE ERMA 'l'AvS..... .... ........ClliClIg0 Alpha Gamma Delta Phi Beta KVII I : . -. Chig Delta Sigma Rho: Sigma Delta Phi num, PLINY OTTO TAWNEY...... ...... Clznmpaigrz Phi Lninbdn Upsilong Phi Eta Sigma ?il:'l:fll5CJAlI'IllI1 Delia Signing The Daily Illini I-IENIIY BROWNE TEllllY....... ....KcwarIec COMMERCE General Business Delta Tau Delta LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Illlll Xlpha Lambda DOIIII' Chi Chi Skull and C,.0St.Qnt: Sophomore Baseball Munn SIIAIV TliRWlI.l.lGIiR. . . . . . . . .. ....Bra1lforzl EDUCATION Agricultural Erlucazirm Alpha 'Pau Alph 5 Ar '- It . , -, tural EdIIu:ItiOII Club bruu Ural Club' Abrmul' BWNU03' Polytechnic Institute LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry 'I 'QR cLAss or TI-IIRTY-Two TI-II: SENI -'Ci PACE 127 iflv ILLIO OF19 U 32 .alla W THE UNIVERSITY OF lLl.l DORA lflS'l'llI'2R 'l'uAcRI-:R...... ...Danville EUNICE LURA TIIoMPsoN............Ponriac EDuCATIoN GENERAL EDUCATION Public School llIusI'c Phi Mu Cold Feathers: Orange und Blue Feathers: Uni- versity Chorul Society: The Illio 113: Soccer 113: Volleyball 123: Basketball 123: Bnsebnll 133: Muy Fefe 1l, 23: WoInen's Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 43: Cust, "Piuufore" 133 i'i0l'l'1 SCOTT T HALMAN .....,..... Waukegan LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Kappa Kappa Gamma CHARLES CLAIIDB TllA'I'CHEIl. . . . ..... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Delta Theta Phi Adelphiv Nutionul liiterury l"I'utoI'uity1 Inter liiterury Council Crane College - 'NOIS ILLIO OF1 Education Iiiunenn Botany Society ' ORVILLE DAvIs TIIOMPSON. . .. ...Manlias V COMMERCE F. Industrial Aflrninislrafion ' . , aff.. Beta Kappa - Illinois WI-sleynn University ELEANOIK TIIOMSI-:N. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .La Grange GENERAL EDUCATION Malhernazics Alpha Delta Pi if Phi Beta: Anoninn Literurv Society: Bard and Svribe: Life Saving Club: Terrnpin: Cust. "French Heels" 133, Y. W. C. A. Stunt Show 133 Long Bench Junior College W,-r',,1,,!j,x Lilith? L ROMAN ALEXANDER 'I'IIIEDA .......... Chicago Ll-IS'l'l'2ll HOLTII THORSON ..... ...Chicago It ., ."' -, 52' LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES COMMERCE A ' 'fi' I Pre-Legal Industrial Administration hz ' ' ,. 'I jg lsr 1, Beta Psi Crane College . W . . TQ Alphu Alpha Alphn iv 1: llonors Day 113 Sig: I I 61 Q ,IJ 'QP Y 'A X iii' f? 7 . . GEORGIA MARY TIIIEL....... ...Harvey JOSEIIII BENJAMIN TIFFANY, ........................Kansas City, Ma. CIVIL ENGINEERING EDUCATION Home Economics .ay l 5 E41 5,1-1 ., , - in .L K A i . Ia l 3 Y . 'P I Pl . g x ' ' nf - '-if I 1'- " me . I we ,745 ' 231111 . ' NL,-,l,f: 3.-'ix - ,. aa' it ff 6 4.27 Q Z fe: Delta Zeta llomc Eronomics Club 'l'lIorntoII '.l.l0WllSili? Junior College: Florida Stute College for X Omen GERALD EDWARD THOMAS. . . . . . . . . . . .Sterling CIVIL ENGINEERING GRACE JOSINA TIIOMAS. . . . . . . . . .....Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Latin Phi Beta Kappa: Eta Sigma Phi: Gold Feathers' Der Deutsche Verein: Gregorian Literary So- ciety: Wesley Players llnnors Dny 11, 2, 3, 43 RUTH TIIOMAS .................... Mahornef GENERAL EDUCATION Commercial Teaching Phi Chi Theta: Women's Glee Club 183 Mae Murray College for Women Sigma Phi Epsilon 'Pau Betn Pi: Editor. Technogrnph 143: Chi Epsilon: Them Tnu: '1'eI'hnogrRplI 133 Kuusns City .lunior College l.0lllSl-I EDITII Tu.l.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Classics Prone College CIlAlll.ES WILLIAM TIMME... ...Chicago COMMERCE General Business LEO VINCENT TOCESTEIN. . . .. ...Champaign COMMERCE A ccountancy Alpha Kuppn Psi: AI'l'0llllUlll0y Club: Scabburd and Blude: Cuisson Club: Varsity Cross-Country Sqund 12, 3, 43: Varsity Truck Squud 12, 3, 43: Cnptuin. Uiiiversity Brignde 143 3 OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -'El PAGE 128 l-3+ BARNEY GASTON TOKARSKY .......... Chicago FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: A. S. C. E. ALFRED ELDERI' TREEN. . . .. LIBERAL ARTS AND History Sigma Phi Sigma Pierrots: The Illio 11, 25 ......... SCIENCES Chicago I , .' a ' . ,K . THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 la I4 R I EDWARD BERNARD TOLES ............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Alpha Phi Alpha Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 12, 35 LEWIS RI-:NSSELAER TOLI.. .... ...Champaign COMMERCE Commercial Teaching Theta Chi Oregon State Agricultural College Lois TOLNIAN......................ClllCllg0 GENERAL EDUCATION -Physical Education. W. A. A. Advisory Board: Major IA: Minor IA: W. A. An: Gold Feathers: Orange and Blue Feathers: Pliysic-al Edlwntioxi Malors' Club: 'I'errapiII: Life-Saving Club: Swimming 11. 2. 3. 45: Baseball 135: Soccer 11, 2. 3, -UZ 'FUN' nis 13,453 Basketball 1l, 2, 3, 45 Crane College LOUIS JOIIN TRINKAUS. . . .. ,A I Chicago , LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Alpha Delta Phi University of Chicago HERMAN CHARLES TROCII ............ Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION ' - Education Pi Kappa Alpha .5 , Vnrsit Basketball Squad 12, 35: Varsity Base- ball Slliuad 12, 3, 45 WILLIAM ELLIOT TRUDE ............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-Pre-Legal Delta Sigma Lambda Phi Delta Phi: Alpha Alpha Alpha: Illini Cham- hcr of Commerce: First Regimental Band 11, 253 Concert Band 135: Interfrutornity Council 135 Honors Day 135 X .la ., FAY VANISLE TOOLEY ............... Mattoon LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma Concert Band 12, 3, 4, 55: University Orchestra 13, 4, 553 Interfraternity Council 12, 35 ALBERTA JANE TOWNSEND ....... '. .La Grange LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES . History V Chi Omega Alcthenni Literary Society Milwaukee-Downer College Ll-IWIS VERNON TRABI-:RT ...... ...Evanston COMMERCE General Business Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Iota Epsilon: Illini Chamber of Commerceg Student Council, Wes- Icy Foundation 12, 3. 422 M6n's.Vn.rsIty Glue Club 13, 453 Interfraternity Council 13, 45 LOREN ARTIIIJR 'I'RABER'r ............ Evanston CERAMIC ENGINEEIHNG Alpha Kappa Lambda Keramos: American Ceramic Societyg, Wesley Players GEORGE A'LaER'r TRULL. . . . . . ...... . . . Wayne GENERAL AGRICULTURE Alliha Zeflli Agrir-ulturnl Club Honors Day 135 EDWARD EllNl'LS'l' TRYBAN. . . .. ...Un Quoin EDUCATION Athletic Coaching MB'W3n'DllZ Sllflltlllll Tribe Of lll' " l-'---l - Varsity Bargeball. Squad: Varsity lllhlaiolmlllll,Ll:l','.2 42- 3. 4l. fflllltnlll 1353. Ullrfllllllllill 145 KENNETII ROSCOE '1'UCKER, , , , ACIucuI.'ruRI-: Horticulture . . .Paris Farm House gggilcsieltural Club: llorIivIIltIII-I- Club: Illini MARCUERITE ROBINSON TUPPER ..... Calcsburg LIBERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES French Theta Upsilon g3::1lQfiis'l'h0i1lZ Der lleutsrlic Vercing ln- 1'I-rrlc Lombard Cnllt-uc QR CLASS OF THIRTY-1'w0 'Sf PACE 129 E+ 9 H UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS I All-IRTON DURRELL TURLEY...........DCClllllf ANNA BIARIE TUvADA..............Wes1ville FINE ANI1 API'I.IEu ARTS Cl-INI-IIIAI. EDUCATl0N--ElIlll'!lfl'0ll Architectural Engineering Thela Upsilon S' . ' Kappa Delta Pi: Minor IK: W. A. AJ Fold , lgnta Alflha Epsllon l"eRthers: 'l'errRpiu: Alpha Sigma Nag' liife- S1'f""'b- A- 5- C- E- Saving: Club: WV0lIllIll'S Cosniopnlitnn Club James Millilcin University Basketball 11, 23: Volleyball 433: Baseball 123: Apparatus CZ, IU: Soueer ffl, 47 llonurs Day C23 l'lowARII WARE TURNER...............BlLll8l' HARRIS LATIMER UNIIEM ........... Oak Park 1.932 GENERAL AGRICIILTIIRE LIBERAL AIITS ANII SCIENCES Alpha Gamma Rho Hisfory l"ield and l"IIrI'0u': Seemul RL-I.:inI0IIt:Il lland 11, Phi Kappa Psi 25: First liuI.:iIIIenlIIl Band C37 I-UCIUS DUN TUllNER---'----------'Belleville ERNEST AIERIIIITH UEEAIAN... ...ChampaI'gn LIBERAL ARTS ANII SCIENCES E,,UCH-,ON Pf6'LUgHl Afhletic Coaching Bela Thfflil Pl Phi Sigma Kappa MII-XVan'IJII: SllI'il9lllI Senior 'l'I'uuk Manager' S 1 . gk H 1 C. U... t. fp.-I - II- '. Skull and CI-I-scent: Alpha Alpha Alpha: AtlI'- gi:f,.::Q.' Fm,:lb,,1lnngqmlffsf5:1 fly. lqvffrgitlg. lelie Board of Control C-lj: IIIter!'x'uteI'IIity L,.nL.r' fgj, Squad Q43 f'0llIll'li UU Wll.I.lABl KICNNI-I'l'lI TURNER... ...Eldorado TIIELAIA LuuIsE U1"I'EIInAcE..........Urbana - . I JOURNALISNI FINE ANI1 APPLIILIJ AR'I's 5 fillllllllll 'l'heI:I Phi: First Rc-giIIII-I1tIIl liaml 41, Mllsfc Q f ., . "' J' 45 Bill Kappa Alpha: University Gliorul Sm-icly 'X .' ' llonurs Day 125 5 ,, 'U 'J .. jf . :fr A I I,' ef.- Q, , 4 1 i . I Q' wh I , i 'I 'E' .ai f T H E S E N I XVILLIAM WALLACE TlIlINEll.........KC1Ul1ll6C LIIIERAL AR'I's ANI: SCIENCES ' Chemical Engineering' Alpha ClIi Sigma A. I. C. l'I,: Cavalry Offieers' Club: Captain, lfnivcrsity Brigade Q-lj CLARK TuRNEx'...... ...... Shelbyville ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: X. I, E. E. ANNIE LUIS 'l'uRNIIA1I..... ....... .. GENERAL EDUCATION English llrmors Day C11 JUIIN Wll.I,lAAI TUIINQUIST, ,IR....... CONINIERCE General BllSiIIOSS Phi Kappa Tau Chicago Chicago LAWRI-INC!-I ,IuIIN VALLERo.... ...Marseilles COMMERCE Foreign Commerce Della Phi Alpha Pau Xenia: 'VIITSHY Golf Squad QZZ, 33 JoIIN ATAUIKICE VAN ARS!!!-ILL............. .......................lnlIianapolis, Ind. LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Mathematics Theta Delta Chi I-'irst l.ieuleIIIInt, University Brigade C35 Wll.l.lAAl WlilCIlT VANIIEHKOLK ....... Chicago FINE ANI: AIIIILIED AR1's Arclzitecrural Engineering Sigma Tau GLEN N wlLI.IABI VANIxI:Iu'ooRT ..... Heyworth GENERAL AGRICULTURE Alpha' Zeta: l'IIiveI'sity Cllmral Society: Men's Glee l'lulI ill, -IJ Honors Day fill 0 R C I. A S S +3l PAGE 130 lif- OF THIRTY -TWOI TI-IE SENI HE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILI.IO OF I RONALD MARKELL VAN TUTL .... ...Chicago COIIIIIIERCE Industrial Administration Delta Chi Synton Crane College AIICCIIANICAL ENGINEERING Tau Delta Tau IllfL'l'fl'llI0l'llIlY Council Q47 Honors lilly C15 RAM DAS VARIIIA ............ Lucli-now, India ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. A. I. E. E. . . Bradley Pulyler-hnie Institute Meerut College, India: I.'IIivoI'sity of Mivhigllll GERTRIIDE ESTELLE VOIIIS ...... East Sl. L LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Bacteriology Theta Phi Alpha llurse Show 131 f'0lll'Ili'l' College HAROLD CLETIIS VAIJGIIAN. . . . . . Warrensburg NI!-ICHANICAL ENGINEERING JIIIIIES Millikin University JAMES I'IOWARD VAUGIIN. . . . . . . . . . . . .Lincoln LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma lnterfruteriiity C'ounI-il 143 Cornell University Sigma Chi PL JOHN RICIIARD VOGEL. . . . . . . . . . . .Champaign W Pi 'IIIIII Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: A. S, M. P GEORGE HENRY VOI.LE ............ Springheld I' I' ai 'ir anis A , ' JOHN WALKER VORIS ....... New York, N. Y. ' 3 Si, . TINIOTm' ROMEO VEAI.....WHSlliIlgl0Il, D. C. LIDERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES A ' Pre-Medical ' Alpha Phi Alpha ' El Circulu I.iteI'nI'io Ile Espanol: Le Ccrcle ' l"I'nIIquis r , . I l Q' sl. VERA JOSERIIINE VLCI'IK............0dlf Park LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Alpha Lnmhdu Dultn: Alpha Knppn Delta: Tho n..II,- Illini In Gulf Park f'0llI'g9 4. . ,H-' ...-- ,II ANN EI.IzABETn VOELKEL. . . . .... . . . .Tuscola GENERAL EDUCATION Public Speaking Delta Zeta Tm-I-II: Ornniro und Blue l"oI1tlIorS: The Dnily Illini 11, 233 WOmen's Vnrsity llc-hute '1'OIInI Q37 DONALD FUNK VOGEL....... ..... .Marseilles FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture I . SI-Iirnh HENRY AUGUST WACHTER.. ........ Riverside LIDERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES-Public Speaking Sigma Phi Epsilon Mnskinnd Buuhle: Cnissnn Club: Illinois Polo ANSORIIIIIOHZ The Daily lllini QI, 253 P1110 Tonm S3. 43: Cast, I'I0llI0l'0lllIIlK Stunt Show 127, BUREIIT On Horsehm-k" 123. "QIIIien's Hus- bllllll uQ3l. .UIsf1'll:0IQ'COYIETOIH 1415 Prodnt-tion Sffgff- Nggvnm Vest Isi: HIIEIIGITI This In-I-Inn. er 135. Black l"lIImingo" Q33 JOHN LAFAYETTE WADDIJLL, ,IlI........... ..........................DeCalur, Mich. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES-HiSI0l'j' Sigma Phi Epsilon SEI-hmng kssncintc I'Id'1 , Th- 111' g 95 . Silllllllllflllilllltl Blndv: biiiiulryLOlHl-ting' lhl1Iil?gi'I'liQ Illlo' fl. 2. 351 Military Bull COIIIIIIICIQC 1453 Men S Gleo f'luh IU: Home Show' 13, 4,53 CIWUIU' MCKIUI 429: Cnptnin, Uliivorsitv Bril glide Q-LJ ' ARTIIUR GRIINEAUNI WAGNEII........Chl-Ct1gO ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Tau Delta Phi Phi Eta Signing A. l. E. ld.: Till - - lnteriruternity Connvil ill, 41 U mogmph in ' DOROTHY WAKEFlPII.IJ.............LIl Grange GENERAL EDUCATION-Physical Education Phi Mu W. A. A.: Physil-:Il Education Mniors' Plnh' 6 I , , , . I H, The IIIio fill: Iimfkev fl 2 ai- .I 3 .5 b Brudh-5 1"Ol5I9IhnIc ns I u e Baseball U' 2, 33: vdnoybnll 42' :D :ofqilinlinglg fl. 352 Arvliery KU Knox College tt. ,.-. OR CLASS 0 -wif PAGE 131 IJ'- F THIRTY-TWO F' NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 193 KATIIRYN CILURCIA WAl.KI41lI... .... De Land EDUCATION Public School Music PlIi Mu Phi Hein: IVDIIII-II's film- Cluh 133: University I'Il0I'IlI Snviety RETA LARII: WALKER ............... Windsor LIRERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry Bethany Circle I':I6l'II'il AIAIIY ELI-LANDR WALI.....,.. ...... ..Chicaga LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES History Theta Phi Alpha AIAIIY ,IUSEPIIINI-I WALLACE.......Beardstown LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Spanish Alpha Phi HARRISON WALTH ER .......... Highland Park CIVIL ENGINEERING Theta Upsilon Omega Phi Eta Sigma: Cavalry Officers' ClIIb: First Lieiitennnt, University Brigade 143 JEROME WALz....... ..... ..Rochester, N. Y LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Economics Unixzersity of Rochester HENRY MUNSDN WARD .... ...Sterling LAW Sigma Alpha Epsilon Skull und Crescent University of Iowa MARY MAxINE WARD ..... Crawfordsville, Ind LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES French Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Lambda Delta De Puuw University Phi Deltn. Phi: President. Senior Law Clnss: MYRoN RAYMOND WALLENSTEIN ...... Chicago COMMERCE Commerce and Law A Phi Epsilon Pi Pierrots: Cast., "Stcppin' West" 133, Union Minstrel 123, Homecoming Stunt Show 11, 23 LILLIAN CLARA WAI.I.INc..... ....RansonI JOURNALISM Phi Omega PI Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet 13, 43: Orange and Blue Feathers: Theta Sigma Phi: Bard and Svribe: The Daily Illini 113: The Illio 11, 2, 33: Wom- IlD'8 Editor, "I" Book 143: Bowling 123: Fresh- man Frolic Committee SILAS WALLK. . .... . . . . ...... . . . . . . . .Peoria LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Sigma Alpha Mu Dolphins: Phidelus: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad: Varsity Swimming Letter 12, 33: Freshman Varsity Water Polo Squad: Varsity Water Polo Letter 12, 33 EVELYN IRENE WALTER........East St. Louis MI.RvvN HICRS WARLow............Stanford COMMERCE-Industrial Administration Phi Gamma Delta Seablmrd und Blade: Caisson Club: Illinois Polo Association: The Illio 132: Military Ball Com- mittee 143: Horse Show. 8, 43: Military Coun- I-il 143: Major, University Brigade 1-13 Illinois Wesleyan University HERBERT' CLAIR WARREN ........ Denver. Colo. COMMERCE General Business Tau Delta Tau LUCILLE FLORENCE WARREN. . .. ....Zion EDUCATION Home Economics Phi Omega Pi ANITA LUCILLE WASCIIEIK.........ChllIlIlIfllgI1 . 1 GENERAL EDUCATION GENERAL EDUCATION-Botany It ' Physical Education Alllhfl Della Them ' 2 I QV'A'A- W. A. A.: Gold FeatlierRblOrIIuge Rnd Blue . - '- ' , lfeathers: Burriil Botany ub: Der Dentsvh- f - Stephens Cnlhge ' Verein: Jainesoniun Literary Society: University? 1, Choral Society: The Dnily Illini 113: Cust. 1" "Trial By Jury" 133, "Pinafore" 133: w'0II16H'S X ' Glee ,Club 11. 2. 3, 43: Pun-Hellenic Counm-il 7 13, 4 H E S E N I O R C I. A S S O F T H I R 'I' Y - T W O -ul PACE 132 13'- GEORGIA ANNE WATSON. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Warren CAROL DOROTIIY WEBBER. . . . .. .... ..Rockton H ., l THE SENI UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOI WILLIAM TAYLOR WA1'ERlIIJIlSE........... ........................Burlington, Iowa LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Mathematics Burlington Junior College NIARSIIALI. IIAWRINS WATKINS. . . . . . .Decatur GENERAL AGIIICULTUIII-I Delta Alpha Epsilon Illinois Agriculturist Q2, 31: Men's Glee Ulllb ll, 4 JIIIIIPS Millikin University WILLIAM WALDEN WEATIIERMAN...Dana, Iml. COMMERCE Banking and Finance Beta Nu Kappa: Accountancy Club: Illini Cham- ber of Commerce JOIIN ROBERT WEBB.................GCIIBUII CIVIL ENGINEERING Theta '1'nII: Pi Delta Epsilon: Mask and Baubleg Scabbard and Blade: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A. S. C, E.: Illini Glider Club: University Choral Society: Technogrnph 125: Mi-Hila Committee CH, 47: Faculty Reception Committee: Engi- neers' Dance Committee 143: Senior Bull Cmn- mittee: Independent Council 62, 39, President MJ: Journalism Council C453 Production Staff, "Cradle Song" 139, "Black Flamingo" 135, Homecoming Stunt Show 42, El, 45: Men's Clee Club 42, 3, 43: Captain, University Bri- gade C47 S ILLIO OF I9 . -' .ji Q .fu-'g It , ,vafiliakw if, if I ff li If A r 3 'fo V I it l LIBERAL ARTS AND SCII-:NCES ' History Platteville State 'll0IlClIOI'S' College LOUISE ELIzABETII WATsON.......La Grange LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Gamma Phi Beta Rockford College GENERAL EDUCATION Biology Kappa Delta Beloit College CHARLES MADDRA WEBBER. .. LAw Delta Sigma Pi IlliIIi Chamber of Commerce: Law Club: Varsity ,. . Debate Team fill: Senior Law Cane Commit- -,, - tee Q65 . . . Urbana i, .. , xr' If ', . fr I - lil rf A ,1 , I,-Nw . , I K V . ,Icy I , f,. t 'fd - of Q kno I . I I Fo A ,U . aw. I . V AIA "-M ' V 5 ri 15, - it I ar an ' N., tx I of I i in I NINA MAE WATSON .............. Farmington LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ' English Western Illinois State Teachers' College SHIRLEY BROWNLEE WATSON. . . .North Aurora LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Adelphia National Literary Fraternity: First Regimental Band 147 North Central College ERVIN KINCAID WAX ........ ...Newman EDUCATION Athletic Coaching Tuu Kappa Epsilon Tchi slgpsilon Kappa: Varsity Football Squad WII.I.lAhI LORNE WAXLEIK. . . . . . . . . .Champaign LIEERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES Chemistry NORMAN SAMUEL WvEBER .... COMMERCE Public Utilities Alpha Lambda Tau Scnbbnrgl and Blade: Polo Team Q3, 41: Cup- tnm, Unlversity Brigade C41 . . .Chicago VIRGINIA PERRY WEBER .............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES English Zeta Tau Alpha .laniesoniun Literary Societygl Anoninn Lil,eI'nry Society: II1ter'LIterary Council Lois IAIAI-I WEBSTER .... .....Mishawaka, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Kappa Kappa Gamma ALBERT NVEIILING ......... .......... f Ihicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Delta 'l'lIeIa Phi Adelphia National Literary Fruit-rnityg l'niver- sIty Choral Soon-ty Crane College QR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -wil PAGE 133 li'- THE UNIVERSITY OFILLIN EDWARD CHARLES WEIDEMAN.... ....Elgin COMMERCE Banking and Finance Alpha Kappa Psi: Beta Nu Kappa: Illini Cham- ber of Commerce: Act-oiintnncy Club: Commerce Council 143 - SAUL SOL WEINBERG................ChlCUg0 FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Sigma Alpha Mu Armour Institute of Technology AUDREY JERALDINE WEIS.,.........Mayu'aod GENERAL EDUCATION Physical Education Delta Zeta W. A. A.: Gold Feathers: Orange and Blue Feathers: Physical Education Majors' Club: Orehesis: Life Saving Club: Anouian Literary Society: The Daily Illini 11, 23: Hockey 11: 2, 3: 43: Baseball 11: 23: Volleyball 11, 2, fl, 43 BESSIE BELLE WEISENT..........,.....Anna LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Home Economics Alcestis Gold Feathers: Gregorian Literary Society: Home Economics Club: llliui Grange EARLE WILLIAM WELLS. . ...........Chicaga MECPIANICAL ENGINEERING Beta Kappa Kappa Phi Sigma: Tau Nu Tau: Phalanx: A. S. M. E.: 'Pechnograph 113: Freshman Varsity Track Squad: University Rifle 'Peam 123: Uni- versity Pistol Team 123: Sophomore Cheer Lead- er: Engineers' Dance Committee 123: Sophomore Cotillion Committee: Military Ball Committee 123: Captain, University Brigade 123 RAYMOND GILLETTE WELLS. . . . . . . . . . . .Aleda ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E.: University Choral Society: Concert ?il:ld 11, 2, 33: Men's Glee Club 133, Varsity NORMAN ERNEST WENDT...... ....Cihicagn COMMERCE General Business IlllS Sophomore Football Manager: Freshman Foot- ball Squad: Varsity Football Squad 123: Pro- duction Stnff: "Steppin' West" 133, "Cradle Song" 133: "Holiday" 133: Interfruternity Council 143 PAUI. AI.ExANDER WENIIE. . . . . . . . .Waukegan FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Marquette University OIS ILLIO OF 193. RICHARD ALLAN WFlLCl'I ......... Rock Island COMMERCE General Business Q Phi Kappa Sigma Skull and Crescent TERESA MARIE WELCH....... ....Mattoon EDUCATION Home Economics l':I1Si8l'll Illinois State Teachers' College ALVIN WELCEIER. . . . . . . . . . . . .Cleveland, Ohio COMMERCE Business Administration ALBERT CHARLES WELCE ............. Chester LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology Beta Sigma Psi JOSEF HENRIC WESTERBEliG.........ROCkf0fd GENERAL ENGINEERING Delta Sigma Phi Phi Alpha Lambda: Engineering Council 143: A181115 Glee Club 12, 3, 47 GEORGE Fox WESTWOOD ...... ...Elgin COMMERCE General Business Alpha Kappa Pi JAY LOOMIS WIAIEPILOCK .......... Rock Falls LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Chi Phi Varsity Football Squad 123: Interfraternity Council 143 HARRY EDWIN WI-IITE.........Penrose, Colo. RAILWAY CIVIL ENGINEERING Delta Sigma Phi A. S. C. E. Western State College OR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -'H PACE 134 lif- HE UN HE SENI IVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1 I RORERT ENINIET WIIITELEY... ....Chicago CARYL DOROTHY WILKES............Chicago i s Q . .tggljf 'r Q COMMERCE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES gif fi v General Business S0Ci0l0EJ' 4" Pi Kappa Alpha Gamma Phi Beta ' A ' Illini Chamber ol' Coinniert-eg Interfraternity Frances SlIinIer School Connell telj THEODORE LEWIS WIIITIESEI.. . . . . . .Charleston COMMERCE General Business Acacia Kappa Della Pi Eastern Illinois State Teavhers' College GENEvIEvE GERALDINE WIIITNIYER..Gladstone GENERAL EDUCATION History Monmouth College FRANCES LOUISE WIIITTAKER. . . . . .Bridgeport GENERAL EDUCATION Public School Music Phi Sigma Mug University Orchestra t-U University of Cincinnati KATIHIRYN ELIzAIxE'rH WILI.ARD. . . . . . .Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES T -s Philosophy I. Alpha Chi Omega X Drake University ,I 1 WILLIABI EDWARD WILLEY.....Phoenix, Ariz. ELECTRICAL ENCINEERINC I Phi Kappa Tau l A Phi Eta Sigma: Adelphic National Literary Fraternity: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A. I. E. l'I.: W, University Rifle Team tl, 22: Captain, Uni' V-- vorsity Brigade C39 ,. Honors Day C13 'L . . . .Centralia CLARA BEAUMAN WILLIARIS. .. EDUCATION Home Economics Alpha Gamma Delta ghii Lgygsilon Omicrong Women's Glee Club tl, University of Wisconsin x I - . f r- K , U ....- DIARY WADE WIIITTINCTON...........Urbana GEORGE RKIICHAEL WICKERSIIANI. Q . . . . . . . . . RoRERT KLINKERT WILLIAhIS...KCHOS'l0, Wis. FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architectural Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sfnbbiffd fmfi HBIIUIG: Gargoyle: Pi Tan Pi Sigma, Ill-llll lheater Guild f3jg First Lien. tenant. University Brigade Q33 University of Wisconsin GENERAL EDUCATION Mathematics VIOLETTA JOSEPHINE WILLIAXIS... ...Carmi GENERAL EDUCATION ......................Wichiia, Kan. 237.1 FINE AND APPLIED ARTS History W . Architcttllflll Engineering Southern Illinois State Normal University ' Delta Alpha Pi A. S. C. E. University of 'Wichita FERN DIARGARET WIEI1LI:............Chicago All-IRWIN WALTER WILLRE.... ....M0line GENERAL EDUCATION COMMERCE Phi Omega Pi SIDNEY DEAN WILGUS, JR ..... .... R ockforzl OR C General Business University of Cincinnati ' History CHARLES EDGAR Wll.RIE'FII . . . . . . . .Champaign COMMERCE GENERAL AGRICULTURE General Business Alpha Kappa Lambda Kappa Phi Sigmll University of Wisconsin LASS OF THIRTY-TWO -'H PAGE 135 ll'- THE UN N L :ram " " IIIKV -llllll IVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I93 -w lAll'Il.I-IN ELIZARETII WILMOT ........ Waukegan GENERAL EDUCATION Physical Education Delta Delta Delta Pliysivnl EdlIl'llll0II Majors' Club: Hockey QSJ: Volleyball LID: Tennis C31 Beloit College CARL l'lERBl5ll'l' WILSON ........... Springfield GENERAL EDUCATION Physical Education EDWARD l..A'l'llVIEIl WILSON ........... Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES History Theta Xi Siginn Delta Chi: Mask' und Buutble: The Daily Illini 431: lnterfrnterulty Council Q35 l'lAROI.D EARL WILSON .... .... ....Dwight COMMERCE General Business Delta Chi Svabbnrd nIId Blade: Cuisson Club: Cnptnin, Ifiliversity Brigade C47 CIIAIILI-:S NORMAN WIsIIART..Asheville, N. C. COMMERCE General Business Theta Upsilon Omega Phrnlanx: Accountancy Club: Coast Artillery Club: Captain, University Brigade C41 N LILLA ADALINE WITIIEY. ..... .....SpringfelfI A J AGRICULTURE A Home Economics . "4 Belhany Circle c Home Economics Club U BERWYN ROGER WOIILD......... ...Chicago COMMERCE Industrial Administration Phi Sigma Kappa Crane College JOIIN GODEREY WOLTER.......St. Louis, Mo. COMMERCE Accountancy Kappa Theta Sigma Accountancy Club I 'I I. ..-V ,Ox vw , ,. I I . if JOHN MARVIN WILSON. . . . . .. HENRY EDWARD WILSON, JR..........Urbana LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Medical Phi Gamma Delta Junior Cheer Lender: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Q43 . . .Peru, Ind. COMMERCE Accountancy Mnnuliestcr College .IUANITA RUTII WILsON............Bonrlvilie LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Zoology Northwestern University ROY FRANCIS WIRTII ..... Carmel CERAMIC ENGINEERING American Ceramic Society: Men's Glee Club 42, 3, 43: Second Regimental Band CID: First Regi- mental Band 42, 33 RAY RENAULT WOOD...............'.Urbana ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phalanx: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A. I. E. E.: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 433: Production Stalf, "Remote C0Ylfl'0l", C451 Captain, 'University Brigade Q-IJ RACHEL DAURA WORTIHIEN ..... Jthaca, N. Y. LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Psyohology Delta Gamma Cornell University ADELAIDE FRANCES WRIGlI'l'.. ..... ...Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Sociology HAROLD WRIGHT .....,............. Marshall GENERAL AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Club: Agricul- tural Education Club: Agriculture Council Q43 R CLASS O -Iii PACE 136 lif- F THIRTY- TWO TH UNIVERSITY or II.I.INoIs ILI.Io ori KI-Il'I'll FI:I.'I'oN WIillZll'I'.......PlllSbIlI'g, Kan. LOUISE ARMINTA YOUNG.......L!l1Ul'CllC6Ul:lle LIDERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES GENERAL EDUCATION Economics Home Economics Kansas Slate 'll1!lll'llCl'Sl College Alpha Delta Theta Phi Upsilon Omicron: Home Economics Club: First Council, xV0lIllHl'S League L43 University of Colorado ' MARY VIRGINIA WRlGll'l'.........RIlClll8, Wis. 'Tommy RICIIARD YOUNG.............Ul'llllllll GENERAL EDUCA'I'IoN English Kappa Alpha Theta Mortar Board: 'l'orI'lI: Alphn .Lambda Delta: x7ll'9'Cllllll'lllllll, DIIIII-if Supervision Colhllllilieei Pi Delta Phi: General Clllllflllllll, Mothers Day 1155: Chairman. Y. W. C. A. Doll Show C431 Sophoniora- Uotillon Cominittcu w'Al.'l'iIIl VIC'I'oR WUELLNER. . . . . . . . . . . .Alton FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Architecture Tan Beta Pi: Sigma Tau: Gargoylel Scarab: li. A. 1. IJ.: 'l't!l'llll0g'I'llllll Q3 Honors 'Dny 12, Ill: Allerton S010 ars 1 Prizm-: Yan Dori Prize 5 l l hi 1: Ricker CARI. XVILLIAM YARCIIO ............. Lincoln LIBICIIAL AR'rs AND SCIENCES Chelnical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma A. I. C. E. lAllll'0lIl f'ollr-ge LIBERAL All'I'S AND SCIENCES Pre-M cdi cal Theta Alpha ROBERT' BEEKIRAN ZANE.....Western Springs ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta Armour Institute of Tec-linology HAZEL RYDER ZEICLER. ..............Chicago GENERAL EDUCATION English Orchesis Northern Illinois State Tencllers' College il. f N T A et 7 ,J 6 ' S r , 4, ry 1. N TORBIN Fox YATEs.......... ...Chicago WILLIAM BERNARD ZELnc......... .. Chicago COMMERCE LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES General Business A. S. M. E. Crane College LEsTER HAROLD YAvITz .............. Chicago LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Pre-Legal Omicron Alpha Tau The Daily Illini 123: Student Council, Hillel Foundation 141: Interfruternity Council 149 YEII CIIUNC YEN ........... Koctoardfo, Java 1 CoIiIIwIERcE Foreign Commerce Cosmopolitan Club Chinese Students' Club: Illustrators: Pan Xenia Albion College EUGENE JOSI-IPII YoCoM........Caspcr, Wyo. LIBERAL ARTS ANI! SCIENCES Chemical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon phi Em Sigma: Phi Alpha ldlllllldlll Phalanx: Pershing Rifles: Infantry Otlim-ers' Club: A. 1. C, E,g Der Doutsvlm A'l'l'ClllI Major, University Brigade K-U Honors Dny 41. ill University of Wyoming Pre-M cd ical Crane Collette FRANK FLORIAN ZELII'..... ...CicL.,-0 EDUCATION Physical Education KHIPDU Phi Kappa: Indo 1 t .- . Varsity Football Squad Mllem en Council K-U' f?l?:Eg:'Ig10l?gItg:Ige of Physical l'lfllll'llil0llI lvlm-im, JOYCE ZIMMERMANN. . .. .... .........0l:lmnn LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCICS-Ch8fl7ffSll'y Alcestis Mortar Board: Torch: Alpha Lannbda Delta' 3. W. C. A. Cabinet 13, 493 450111 1w,.,,lh0,.Sf MPEG Und Blue l'enthers: Gregorian Literarv Qomety: Inter-Literary Council: Iota Signm Pi.: burst. Second C0lllll"il, Nv0lllllYl'lS lin-agile UU ELIZAIIETII JANE ZINN. ..... ..........Peoria LIRERAI. ARTS AND SCIENCES History Kalllla Kappa Gamma Torch: General WoInun's Ch ' D d'- ' . C'4J: Gold Ivoitriiow Shi-Aignlgglihxigg gulf 13112. Pgxtthers: -Musk and Bauhle: The Daily Illini liggtbecilgilslflllllll, lh'I0i.ll1!l"S Day Progruin Com. I THE stanton CLASVS or rHIRTY.rw0 if PACE 137 lf'- 9 Here walk juniors, sophomores, 'Fresh- men: some nearing 'rhe end of fheir col- lege days, o+hers wi+h rhe besi' of 'Phem sfrefching before . . . May fhose who have gone on mark clear fhe pafh . . . May fhose who come af+er follow wiH1 firm and eager sfep . . . WILLIAM HOHENZOLLERN J UNDERCLASSMEN MARY ALEXANDER DISRAELI coLuMBus PAUL ARTHUR -clcERo lsABEl.LA Loan NELSON Reginald Stephen Altman 0 Warren Henry Badger 0 Harry Ashley Barber Caslon Kent.Bennett v Yorlc Kyle Bishop 0 Walter Edwin Buslcer v Paul Chervinlco 'v Earl Stafford Constant - Robert Eugene Dwyer - Eugene Warren Gessler - Donald Stearns Hoebel - Thomas Kenneth Holt - William George Karnes v Harry Dean l.itt v Charles Daniel MacMillan ' Harold Hewitt Mount Boyd William Cwen 0 Joseph Louis Puerta - Herman Robinson 0 John Raymond Sawtell -I Robert Fredrick Schutz ' Eugene Edgar Stephens Leonard William Telleen o Robert Dean Woolsey - Howard Grier Young Robert McCormick Young L , Katherine Cynthia Altorfer - Jane Beall - Julia Louise Beatty - Kathryn Elaine Bowers Lois Marie Chitty ' Dorsey Connors - Eleanor Frances Coolc - Lucille May Copper Ruth Louise Dalrymple ' Ruby Alice Ditzler - Ruth Lambert Drayer - Martha Frieda Etzbach - Helen Aleta Flaningam - Hazel Bernice Freeman - Lucile Catherine Gaetie Jean Isabelle Gerber - Wilma Ruth Gilmore - Rowena Marian Goldman - Carolyn Mae Harriman - Shirley Vane Hazard - Evelyn Helen Heinz - Virginia May Hewitt - Maude Matilde Hine - Kathleen Mary Howell - Sara Margaret Hughes - Lucille Hurn . Eleano,-e Thompson lrland ' Margaret Evelyn Jacobson - Jean Johnston - Mary Macbzrmgtf Kem Blanche Marie Kubalek - Ellen Barbara Lemlce - Catherine Geraldine Lewis - Laura Lieberman - Lorin Dorothea Ludwig - Mary Frances McKelvey - Mary Wygkgff Mag,-Q Marjorie Fisher Morrison - Dorothy Kathryn U'C0l1nor - Beth Olwin - Sarah Jane Prettyman - Ruth Ellen Sheldon - Phyllis Hofert Theiss - Maxine Juliana Traub Katherine Anne Tuach - Betty Dolores Walker 0 Doris Victorine Wise V 1 ITHE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS lI.I.IO OF 'I9 l I William A. Amsler William B. Arnold William W. Baker Bernard B. Bosley Jack L. Cohen Irma L. Culbertson Carl B. Devol IIOMER M. ADA MS I'n',vi1lf'l1I, In.r Sumnu THE CLASS OF I933 JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE I I. PRAY, Co-Chairman Helen E. Duppe Eleanor L. Evans John l'l. Holstein Betty Lou Hughes Samuel M. Keys. Jr. Alice Il. Kircher '63 Ronmm' A. Nsrsov, Theotlore G. Knap Dorothy R. Levin Robert M. Little Elma C. Patton S. Jane Prettyman Ruth Reed Qi SENIOR HAT COMMITTEE Vmm-:N1' D. CoNsnnNi:. Chairman penherger Co-CI1 airmrzn Jolm A. Spear William l'l. Stewart Ira N. Thompson Frances J. Thurston Margaret L. Westenberger Charles C. Wilson Warren E. Wingert Arthur J. Bennett Etlwartl N. Davis Donald F. Mulvihill John A. Selig Stanley C. Ilrusch Jack E. Slattery .ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO q HN .. L 32 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1932 John E. Burns Harold Il. Crost ,Ions B. NIUIKPIIY, Co-Clmirnwn William A. Amsler Victor ll. Brodt George N. Gilkerson 'Ll.lo orN CASIAIN K. BI'INNI'2'I"I' I"r'c.v1'rl4':lt, .S'm'm11l .Yl'HlL'.fft'I' THE CLASS OF I933 SENIOR JACKET COMMITTISIS Gizmuzl-: V. 'l'i:nm:r'rs, Chairman Cfilill J. Grelller James E. Herrin Ralph B, Reid Paul T. Wilson QQ? FACULTY R ECISPTION COMMI'l"l'IiE Josicwr F. AIIIIABICIIA. I.'u-Cluzirnzmi. lCI.IZAIIli'I'II Ilnxil-1, Vin'-l.'hm'rman Willard ll. Hacfelc Andrew Macllatal Elizulmelli J. Slurck Ilereen S. Kruse Daniel M. Narmlick Mary F. Tlmmu Ifllen B. Lemke Sol Porle lX'Iqprtimer lj. Wilhel. H T T w W I N E T E E N T I R Y - Q 4JlI'Acic1fli3lZ1- X O THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLI NOIS ILLIO O 9 RA IJPII li. TVA LLINE l'n'.v1'dv1lf, Firvt S'i'un'v!vr Charles C. Bllllllll Aliraliain .l. Burslein .lack R. Clements Davirl lf. Cook llowarrl Dekker liloris M. Donner YVINCI-XY .lanel ll. lieall M urge ry .l . Brown .lolin S. f.ruicksliank llowaril Dekker lil-Lfzr: IVAN D. SCITUSTEK I HAIIII ut, THE CLASS OF I934 SOPHOMORIC COTILLION COMM l'I'Tl'IlC Li-:sr.n M. Lois Eaton Kolmerl P. Gibbs Doris Ciesecke llowarml C. llarllnan liililll lleinzelman llcalrive lloffman SOPHUM OR li Ano, CII-Cl1llfl'l7l!lll Georgia lfilwarmls llenry C. lleuluack ,I0llIl W. Lellwalcl -1 ll. fimnx, Clmirman Romaine B. Hutton Alice Lemon 'llll0lIlilS P. Lynch ,l0llll C. Miller Mirialn V. Olson INFORMAL COMIVIITTIZIC I'Im.l-:N V Millard S. McGullin Louis K. Mertz Kalllleen .l. Preslmerg .ILLIO OF NINETEEN ,fl I W 4155 Pmzic lfllfl- lir- THIR Svmirrl Svnmxtvr Virginia M. Purrisll llenrielta Seaman Slcplu-n l'. SlllN'llllll'it'l Carlton S. SlI!llll Sanford Watkins William 0. West . lll-3 llAVl-IV. Cn-Clirlirrnun Leonarcl M. Hallclil llarry M. llousv William li. Stevens lillan li. 'l'ouliy TY TWO NIVERSITY OF ILLI XVALTER M. ENG ER l'rv.vidvut, First .S'r'1nc.vlr'l' Richard P. Blameusel Robert Brothersen Donald V. Dobbins Ricllurxl B. Ensign Louis E. Beckman Regina E. Elkes Lawson H. Flanagan French L. Fraker Richard B. Ensign Robert I-l. Greeley 'I-LIO o THEODORE B. DURFEE l'n'.ridm1t, Scrourl Sr'mv.vtvr THE CLASS OF I935' FRESHMAN FROLIC COMMITTEE WALTER M. Enom, Chairman D French L. Frakef H- -lflsephine Norris Frances E. Stone Elizabeth .l. Caa Russel L- Pooler Margaret J. Tyler Eleanor G. Howe James Shanken Virginia Wood Charles B. Younger FRESHMAN INFORMAL COMMITTEE DoNAl.o V. Domains. Chairman, Thomas E. Franks Frances E. Stone Homer F. Weir Ruth Hart Allen P. Stults Evelyn L. Wendt Abraham A. Marg0liIl E- Elaine Wang Virginia Wood H. Josephine Norris Louise A. Worth SOPHOMORE CAP COMMITTEE RICHARD L. CnEIGH1'oN, Chairman Howard T. Ruff LCD H. Small RICllLll'4.l H. Wiley ETEENTHIRT - NOIS ILLIO OF 1932 F N I N Y T W Q 1 .. . 9 of imma 145 :rs 5 N 7 :film ONA LE SSES LY U NT RA G ON HAMILT MON OLO S ELIZABETH ELL W M CRO DIOCLETIAN SCIPIO DNEZZAR UCI-IA EB N RUS CY Now follow personalifies who move among more scienfific 'rhings . . . Hours speni' in laborafories . . . nigl1+s of dreary s+udy . . . The will +o know, +I-we real desire +o serve . . . bonds of friendship forged by mufual in'l'eres+s . . . Le'I' memories of fhese, pasi' and presenf, ever linger pleasanfly near +l'1e hearis of you who know +l1is life . . . CHICAGO CAMPUS CAESAR XERXES HANNIBAL NAPOLEON WASHINGTON MUSSOLINI BISMARCK TALLEYRAND wg. Docfors, cienfisfs, pharmacisfs, wi+h years of bookish roil behind . . . and days of sacrifice and service in +he years ahead . . . Lei' us know you by your skill and courage and hones'I'y . . . May a common Alma Maier join us all. GARIBALDI VICTOR EMANUEL MARCO POL WILLIAM HOHENZOLLERN Z ,aa - -f Z' XJ NW if Z CHICAGO SENIORS MAQY ALEXANDER QISRAELI COLUMBUS PAUL ARTHUR CICERO ISABELLA LORD NELSON - ,ll THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I931 Gll.Bl'iIl'l' Samui' ANIJI-IIKSONI. . . . . IJIIAIIMACY Kappa Psi Nmum.As AlIllPIAN..... .... PIIARMACY Kappa Psi JAMES Auxms ARMSWORTII. PIIAIKMACY Kappa Psi LESTER WIllTli BAiRu...... MEDICINE Phi Pi Phi Phi Bum Pi ....Chicago HARRY GREGORY BECKERN... MEDICINE Phi Chi Blnvkburu Collvgrc . . .Harvey DENTISTRY Delta Sigma Delta Student Council 427 Qrnnc College .. ...Monticello GEORGE EnwARn BOROVICKA... PHARMACY Edwardsville ROBERT M. CAMPBELL. . . . . . .. DENTISTRY Psi Omega Josizvn LEROY BEIINII-Ill.. .... .. .Kampsville . . .Chicago ' ' S .' L 'U' ' ' ,lf . N , . . .Cicero . . .PorIcr, Ind. i l JOHN HENRY BAKER....... Freeport .losizru JERRY CEcu....... ...Hollywood PHARMACY PHARMACY Morton Junior College HARRY EUGENE BALDWIN- - -- ---Chicago HENRY GAMBLH CI-1lIUl.LI.... Paterson, N. J. PHARMACY DEM-151-RY New York University STAN'-liY EDMOND BMUl0---- CMC080 GEORGE NORMAN CERYAK. .. ....Clzivago PHARMACY IDHARMACY Kappa Psi EDWARD S'l'llAlI'l' BAX'l'ElI.........JlIC1x'SUl1fUlllC 1-ligmgy Ioypg ffmim ,,,,,,,,, W4,,,i0C.j, MEDICINE PIIAIIMACY Alpha Tau Omega Phi B1-ln Pig The Illio ui OR CLASS OF THIRTY-T -Gi PAGI-1 150 lif- WO UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS ILI.Io F1 DANIEL TIIoDIAs DRAcEL..... ....Chicago PIIARMACY Kappa Psi CORINNE SCIIENCIQ EDDY. . . .. ....Chicago MEDICINE Nu Sigma Phi University of Cliicugo GILBERT HAROLD EDWARDS......PfI1CkIl8yvfll8 MEDICINE Phi Chi Phi Delta filllllllllll SCIIIJDIITII .Illld Blade: 'lfrxbe of Illini: Musk lllld Bnuble: Pnerrots: Dolphmsi Varsity WIIter Polo Squad 1.43: Men's Glee Club QED: Unptnin, Univerfuty Bflgllde C43 JAIsIEs Louls FRANK. . . . . . . . .. . ...Cicero PI-IARIIIACY ARTIIDR R. GOSLIN. . . .. ...... . .Streator PHARMACY Kappa Psi CARL LAWRENCE GREEN. . . . . . . . . .Bloomzngzon DENTISTRY Delta Sigma Delta Illinois State NorIIIIIl University HENRY ARTIIUR GRENNAN..Q. ....Streazor MEDICINE Kappa Theta Sigma Phi B613 Pi DIARY ERRIA GVOZDJAK....... .... Chzcag PHARMACY Illini Pharmacist Q33 THE SENIOR Assistant Business Mnmxgerg Illini VU C L A S S SIDNEY AARON FRANxLIN..... ....Chicago PHARMACY g Circulation Muxmger, IlliIIi Plmrnmcist 147 I EARL MATTHEW FIIIESENECKER. . . . . . .Chicago PHARMACY Kappa Psi I JOHN CLIFFORD GILES. . . .. . . . . . . . .Momnouzh ' PHARMACY ' Kappa Psi BIOIIHIOIITTI College RosE LILLIAN GoRoDAzIcY.... ....Chicugo . PHARMACY Ibta Kappa Sigma Pharmacist -'Cf PACE 151 13'- O F T THE UN OF IVERSITY OF ILLINOIS I-LLIO ' ALDIN HARRY PERKINS... .... Belvidefe JOSEPH ANTON SANDA....... ....Berwyn PHARMACY PIIARMACY Kappa Psi V ' I - WII.l.IAhT JosEI'H I,E'l'ItAUSKAS ...... ..Chicago HAROLD FRANCIS SAVAGE. . ....Lincoln PHARMACY PHARMACY , . JERRY jo:1N POLACEK. . . . . . ...Berwyn ARTHUR HENRY SCIIUMACIIER. .. ...Chicago PHARMACY MEDICINE Omega Beta Pi ' Alpha Kappa Kappa: Pi Kappa Epsilon WILLIARI ESTEL POLEN. . . . . . .. ....Peoria EDWARD EDGAR PARK SEIDMON. . . . . . .Chicago PHARMACY MEDICINE .Kappa Psi 1 , Alpha Epsilon Pi 1 Phi Delta Epsilon: Delta Kappa Signing Pierrotsg Men's Glee Club 133 Lewis Institute 9 , PETERV- QUILLISIAN ....' ........ . ..Valier' JOHN STANLEY SERVINE ..... ...Moline - , PHARMACY , DENTISTRY . ' ' . - Delta Sigma Delta Auprnstuxin College ' ROBERT JAMES REIMEIIS ..... .... M oline PAUL LAWRENCE SHALLENBERCER ..... Chicago A PHARMACY . . - , MEDICINE .- 'HOWARD ll'III.I-IS ROBERTSON. DENTISTRY -Psi Omega ' Class '1'I'eusuL'er C432 Student Council Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Kappa Kuppuz C0nl'ert Bnnd Chicago RALPH HAROLD SRIIDSTAD .... - DENTISTRY Delta Sigma Delta 131 I,iI'llll0 College SAMUEL EDWARD Ross...... ....Chicago PHARMACY DENTISTRY Delta Sigma Delta Lewis Institute CARL JOIIN SCMIIIERFELD. .. 41.2. 37 . . .Chicago Forest Park lTHE SENIOR CLASS OF THIRTY-TWO -'Sf PAGE 154- lill- THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS I-I..I.IO OF WANDA FLORENTINA SPONDER... ....Chicago JOSEPH ROBERT VIL'-ANI---H ---ChiCl16'0 PHARMACY PHARMACY Luinhdu Kappa Sigma AL0YsmUg FMR TAQCH ...L-1,img0 WILLIABI HEs'rI:R WAI.'I'l5N.... ....BeIleviIle MIEDICINE I MEDICINE , Phi Kappa Omega Beta PI - I X ' - , ' , I Nu Sl2'IlIll'NllI Sophomore IlIIl'lIIIlIII'II.l. Mul1IlgP1' Alpha kappa kappa Lewis Institute . I. . ' 'I lf CECIL EARL TATE .... . ..... A MEDICINE JOHN NICHOLAS TESSITOIIE.. PHARMACY . ...Benton VAL WATT. .... ...Springheld PHARMACY . ....Chic-ago JERRY WILLIABI WEDRAL..... ...Cicero PHARMACY ' THE SENI EDGAR ADNEY TIIAcKER...... ...Danville MEDICINE Pi Kappa Alpha ' Phi Beta Pi: Sigma Xi: Tribe of Illini: Fresh- man Varsity Wrestling Squad: Varsity Wrust- line Sfmud f2l. Letter Q3 43: Class Presidf-nt ' CU: Cap and Gown Committee .I -I MARTIN HARRY TRIILLI...... ...Chicago PIIARIIIACY LEONA FELICIA URIIANOWICZ. .. .Chicago PI-IARMACY JOSEPH FRANK VAcIIA...... ....Berufyn PHARMACY Kappa Psi LORIN DIXON WTIITTAKEII .... .... B ridgcport MEDICINE Kappa Delta Rho Nu Sigma Nu: Alpha Omega Alphag Fresliniuii Varsity Basketball Squad: Ulmirmun, Invitation' Commxttve: Cum-er! Band 11, 2, 3, 45 ' WAY'Nli BERNHARD WOl.TEllS... ....Havana PHARMACY . Kappa Psi WILLIAM WILKINSCJN WRII:II1'... ...Chicago PIIAIIMACY ' I'lARUl.D EDWARD Youssl ..... ....Bamvia PHARMACY on cLAss or THIRTY-TWO -'Sf PACE 155 I-3+ 9 7'-fi if NCT r " w f 1 L. Q L M M .Q .J .. . . X L Among fhese socie+ies may fheir mem- bers find unclersfanding . . . sympafhy for +he common problems of fheir pro- fessions . . . recrearion from fhe ardors of labora+ory and library . . . +rue com- panionship among 'rheir 'fellows . . . GARIBALDI VICTOR EMANUEL MARCO POLO WILLIAM HOHENZOLLERN mf 6 CHICAGO ORGANIZATIONS MARY ALEXANDER DISRAELI COLUMBUS PAUL ARTHUR CICERO ISABELLA LORD NELSON THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1932 W. Kapernirk Adams Schilsky Ii-r-nous lim-rold Burkhart Thompson Spillcr Siglcr White Slaughter Smith PUYYIN AYIYIYISOH JIS-ROYIIDICIS Mulstrom W0ll'G Jacobs Burroughs Menke Malt-y Lemon Fruin J.Gustnfson Roth Tusch Wliustatson Wullhcist-r J.'l'. Reynolds Brctz Whittaker Gilmore XVuestenxun XVilson Conklin NU SIGMA NU FACULTY Marsh W. Alcorn, B.S., M.D. Gordon A. Granger, M.D. Oscar E. Nadeau, B.S., M.D. Joseph C. Beck, M.D. Walter C. Hammond, M.D. Vincent J. O'Conor, B.S., M.D. Samuel J. Burrows, M.D. Ford K. Hick, B.S., M.D. William F. Petersen, B.S., M.D. Frank M. Boonstra, B.S., M.D. Marcus Il. Hobart, A.B., M.D. Francis E. Senear, B.S., M.D. Henry T. Byford, A.M., M.D. Hugh A. McGuigan, B.S., Ph.D., M.D. Hiram J. Smith, M.D. Eugene Cary, B.S., M.D. Ernest S. Moore, Ph.B., M.D. Daniel K. A. Steele, M.D., LL.D. Frederick G. Dyas, M.D. Harold M. Mortimer, B.S., M.D. Charles S. Williamson, M.S., M.D. Frank B. Earle, M.D. Casey A. Wootl, A.M., M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors William E. Bretz Bernard E. Malstrom L. Myron Wallheiser Robert B. Wilson John H. Gilmore ,lohn T. Reynolds Lorin D. Whittaker Adelbert E. Wuesteman Juniors Donald D. Burroughs Wesley A. Gustafson Stephen P. Johnson, Jr. Samuel A. Purves .l. Oliver Conklin William F. .Jacobs Gus W. Neece Alhyn G. Wolfe Ralph W. Freeman Sophontores Joseph G. Gustafson Jesse F. Harrold Robert G. Lemon Joel E. Adams Willis H. Atkinson George II. Burkhart Leon T. Fruin F reslmten, William F. Maley Wilbur J. Menke John B. Roth Rudolph W. Hack Carl Ireneus John S. Kapernick James S. Reynolds John L. Schilsky Robert J. Sigler Danley P. Slaughter Clarence W. Smith l-'ouudvtl, University ot' Mirliiizan, 1882 'I'liirty'oip:l1t Active Cliaptors Eta Clinptcr Established 1892 ..,. Y South Ashlnntl lioulcvuril, Cliirfugo Adelbert L. Spiller Aloysius F. Tasch Robert C. Thompson Raymond B. White X ... ,-......-1' ,rt ' tp... 1 -r':,1 ,-.-- . ..- ltl, ' St' ' Xi 'Qfi flap ,V k.4siX.'.f.l ".-.QQ-L ----..' Q91 , 1, ' O HIRTY ' N f ' I L L I 0 F N I N E T E E N T I 'ff I . +P PAGE 158 af A T I L. TWO THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF'I XVnnsch Gccver Rye Ricketts R. Stevenson Schettler McCormack Messnunn Lnnipe Frey H, Stevenson Rhea Hnlm Dnrnnll Ellis Johnson Hnknln Dcnr1lorl't' Young Cosqgliu Brown Benford Roos 1'Ierrmnnn Pntkn Znlnr Donovan CHXVIIIOTDC Urbnnek 'Fliorlo Pllllllllllil FACULTY Frank Chauvet, M.D. NCISOD M. Percy, M.D. Floyd H. Sl ' , B.S. M,D, Percy J. DeLano, B.S., M.D. Carlos I. Reed, Ph.D. I-I. Melville gvlzfgqninn, BS., M.D. Earl E. Ewert, B.S., M.D. Oscar RICIHQF, B-S-, M.D. Frederick Tice, M.D. Frederick I-1. Falls, M.S., M.D. Harold D. Singer, M.D. Henry B. Thomas, B.S., M.D. Russell D. Herrold, B.S., M.D. Milo E. Vacin, M.D, MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior Raymond F. Donovan Juniors Harold I. Cawlhorne Ross E. Herrmann Joseph A. Patka Paul G. Thode Fred Darnail Joseph Ilrdina Reino ll. Puumala Frank E. Urhanek James C. Ellis Eric G. Johnson Fred .I. Roos joseph A. Zalar Myron C. Benford Charles E. Brown Beoda Frey Erving Ceever Jacob llahn Chester Lampe Maurice McCormack 'P Ln l 1 I I ' llmt lx. . .. n "-"M ,Pd J lovtpm 1 ,-.zum uf' ll. D Sophonmres Robert P. Coseglia Frank B. Deardorif Freshmen Lorrell Messman Keith Rhea Fred Ricketts Thorstein Rye Roherl Schettler Founded, Northwestern ' ivursily, 1890 " " y-six Ar-tivo Chnpters Bctn Chnpter Plstnlrlisln-d 1894 Laurie J. Ilakala Thomas F. Nelson Kenneth Schneider llerhcrt Stevenson Richard Slevenson Charles Wunsch Frank .I. Young TUG South Ashland Boulvvnrrl, Chivngo IlI.IO OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TW 932 0 C -12fPAcs 159 lif- I N I Q Juniors THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OFI 7 Seifert Zimout SulTield Shelly llownrd liluufuss Carter Siegfried Murphy Bowers Lehwald NViuu Seaton Rosenstiel Akkerou Geruon I,ockn'ond Bediugor Shiunll Kraft Bucher Cooper Zeitvr lluffulun Baker Ron' Anderson ldualish l"ura Miller Furby Sludek Larkin Christian Brnurh Ilersliuy Lewis Mnuzuy Walton Sliallenberirer Schumacher Kelly DuMout Finney Koniiuik Movius lbii-suvr Fleisulili Ryan ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA FACULTY lleury R. Amherson, B.S., M.D. Edward L. Ileintz, Ph.G., M.D., LL.D. L. Wade Martin, Ph.C., M.D. Hallard Beard, B.S., M.D. Julius Hess, M.D. Frank G. Murphy, B.S.. M.D. Louis N. Boelio, B.S., M.D. Henry E. Irish, M.D. William L. Noble, M.D. Amos I'. Bratrude, B.S., M.D. John R. Johnson, B.S., M.D. Bennet R. Parker, B.S., M.D. Dennis R. Crilc. B.S., M.D. Robert W. Keetou, A.B., M.S., M.D. Charles H. Phifer, M.D. Charles Davison, M.D., A.M. Jolm D. Koucky, B.S., M.D. Norval H. Pierce, M.D. William C. Doepp, B.S., M.D. Charles H. LaSage, B.S., M.D. Duane W. Propst. A.B.. B.S.. M.D. Walter R. Fischer, B.S., M.D. Richard A. Lifvendahl, B.S., M.D. Lindon Seed, M.S., M.D. Robert L. Furlry, M.D. Benjamin F. Louushury, B.L., M.D. Willard Van Hazel, A.B.. M.D. Archie Graham. B.S., M.D. Paul H. McDaniel. B.S., M.D. Leonard F. Weber. M.D. Robert B. Malcolm, M.S., M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors lloward G. Diesuer Clarence F. Kelly Alfred H. Movius Arthur H. Schumacher Murray S. DuMont Emanuel A. Koiuinik Theodore N. Rallerty Paul L. Shallenberger Howard A. Finney Armeud J. Manley Harry E. Ryan William H. Walton George H. Fleischli Charles E. Branch George F. Brooks William A. Christian Clarence S. Costigau Edward R. Anderson Edwin F. Baker Paul L. Bedinger Earl C. Bucher Arthur E. Cooper William Ga-rnon A. F. Akkeron A. Blaufuss D. E. Bowers Robert V. Carter llarlan A. English Frank J. Fara Seeley B, Fuiby Sophomores Noel J. Hershey Jolm F. Huffman Robert E. Kraft Carl J. Lehwald William W. Lockwood Freshmen J. S. Howard William N. Knudsou .lames .l. Murphy Williaiii F. Seifert Founded, Durlniouth College, IRSS Forty-eight Active Clmnters Eta Cliupter Estublislied 1899 S12 Ashland Boulevard, Chicago Leo C. Larkin Kenneth E. Lewis Harry D. Miller William R. Sladek l-leury C. Rosenstiel Charles E. Row Ralph M. Seaton Harold L. Shiuall .Iolm P. Winn Walter J. Zeiter J. Shelly J. H. Siegfried H. Suffield Raymond D. Zimont X I H X V. 1. ttf 1. - D if 9 .ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO Z'f l, -52-Q li I Q fl ACE 4' OF, IP 160l THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OFT Bnrys Morgan Soudug liulluti Beecher Steer Ash Parke Colt-man Johnson .Hose Ifundn Thomsen Culosio Bard Glenn Mathis Baxter Mohlenbrovk Grtfnnen Roberson llaverstorlc Ellis Anslinger Luwdor llurris Smith Voris lVelty Woutliorly Miller Bonnoll Tauburt Dixon M1-Queen Firth Urban Montgomery Baird Tlmcker Love Dine Cgwmmd Irvin FACULTY Alfous R. Bacon, B.S., M.D. Charles S. Bacon, Ph.t5.. M.D., D.Sc. Maurice L. Blatt, M.D., D.Sc. William H. Browne, B.S., M.D. Frank L. Bryant, B.S., M.D. Walter J. R. Camp, B.S., M.S., M.D. l'h.D. Hugo O. Deuss, B.S., M.D. Edmund Foley, B.S., M.D. Lester W. Baird William J. Copeland W. Clay Dine Claire M. Dixon Cyril J. Anslinger Ellis Bonnell Claude I. Ellis .l. Frank Harris Harrie P. Altman llzweire Bard Edward S. Baxter Alfred P. Bay Richard T. Calosio Alfred S. Ash Harold J. Barys I Merrill C. Beecher Rufus .l. Bose james T. Groot, B.S., M.D. Carl A. Hedblom, B.A., M.A., M.D., l'h.D., D.Sc. Charles E. llumistou, M.D., D.Sc. llarold I. Meyer. A.B., B.S., M.D. , George Milles. l'h.G., B.S., M.D. Tell Nelson, B.S., M.D. Rudolph J. E. Oden, A.B., M.D. M. L. Ostrom, B.S., MS., M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Franklin P. Reagan, A.B., Ph.D. Paul L. Schroeder, B.S., M.D. Frank L. Stone, M.D. Carrol W. Stuart, B.S., M.S., D.D.S., M.D. Walter ll. Theobald, B.S., M.D. Richard L. Xvebb, A.B., MS., Ph.D. Franklin Wilsciri, Ph.G., M.D. Arnold A. Zimmermann, BS., M.S., D.S4:. Seniors John O. Firth Max B. McQueen Frank R. Urban Runyon H. Irvin Burtis E. Montgomery Hurley R, Vamey Loren L. Love Edgar A. Thacker F. Ellsworth Wilson Juniors Homer L. Lawder Howard R. Miller Robert A. Smith Soplzomores Robert W. Glenn ll. Arthur Grennen Clarence l'. Holofle John ll. Mathis Freshmen Cyril M. Gallati Richard T. Haverstock John H. Johnson Emerson C. Kunda ll.Ll0.0F Clement C. Coleman - Pittsburg, 1891 l"orty-tlircv Am-tive Chap in .Quin Frank B. Voris James A. Weatherly .lack W. Welty William D. Mohlenbrock Forest C. Parker Victor Roberson Phillip Thomsen George E. Morgan .lohn Parke Roger F. Sondag Albert E. Steer Russell Taubert ' Founded, l'niv4-rsity of tors . , - Iota Cliaptvi' Estnblisllcd 1902 4 1 H9 South Ashland Boulevard, Cllivngo u,,n -'T' X 1 V 2 ' - 0 t-.,, -Sei' NNE-fl' 'xi 11 fn n I0 1. .- I , I NINETEENTHIR Ili. . , il., I TY TW 9 f - O , -ri Acts li.. I I P 161 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I9 L Reid DeLong I"nllvt'ton Kenrny Millar Iiogrue Collins lived Johnson Not-l U'Brien Albers Ilunlvy Vnil Qliirgt-rson Edwards ldndrcs St-hwcrer Spuvr Wt-rnor Lotiivr Koppu tiustnfson Snylo Lnynmn Ennis Becker Ilivkt-rson Norm-im .Intfray Hllllvl' lllllllilli llolt'4-1' Knapp Cirrinciont FACULTY flilfl 0- AlI1lfllliSl, M-ll Alexander J. Nedzel, M.D. A. L. Sawyer, M.D. Lloyd L. Arnold, A.M., A.B.. M.D. L. Pugh, MD. Carlo S. Seuderi, M.D. .lohn W.'I'l11l'l1Cd. MD. S. W. Raymond. M.D. llarry ll. Stephens, M.D. ll. ll. lllll.. M.D. C. O. Ritch. M.D. Milton J. Summerville, MD. l"1'21llk -l- -llfkily M-D' llector M. Ross, M.D. John J. Tlteolmlcl, M.D. Uawlc U- Lwtllfeff- M-11 Alben VanderKloot, MD. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors llarry G. Becker David A. Bennett Gilllert ll. Edwards Fred If. Endres Arthur L. Ennis Bruce N. Balding Paul B. Batter Alexander 0. Birger Carl .I. Gustafson Rohert C. lliekerson .loseph A. Iluhata David Jaflrzty Robert B. Collins Anthony Francona S011 DeLoss R. llanley Francis A. Girrincione Lewis M. llelfer I.IO Juniors Thadeus M. Koppa John A. Layman Jolm A. Legier Tlieodore J. Nereim Clifford A. llendricks Cletus T. Kearney Joseph L. Knapp William J. Reed Elmer A. Albers Glen C. Andersen Charles A. Billings Willis J. Bogue Mike Jordan William Kaeiser Sophontores Edward E. DeLong John W. Fricke Willard W. Fullerton Freshmen Frederick C. Noel l nnlul I iiivwsity of Illinois Collt-gre 'o 1', ot' M1-dit-ine, 1 E118 Sixty-one Artivo Chapters Upsilon Iota Chapter Established 1918 lti-I2 West .Tnckson Boulevard, CIIl4'Ilg'0 Paul M. Rice George Ronstrom William F. Sayle Walter Stark Merrill J. Werner Herman M. Schwerer Ralph E. Speer Harry F. Vail Arthur R. Weihe Kyle C. Hawkins Titus M. Johnson Walter U. Miller Paul J. O'Brien Raymond K. Reid "FQ- Jr' 'an ,. . ,0- " so 37-Jan-44 ', y .- . 'Q,.- .Jqi - e vi .mi A OFNINETEEN TI-IIRTY -'Cl PAGE 162 lf'- TWO , lll I 32 ILLIO THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OPI H-nrtleb Dellmye Cervak Mills Lohr Wolters Hook Fredrickson Friesineuker Reise-hmnnn Vonzelewski Lymunn Perkins Ardenn Mctlull Corsan Kuhn Chestn Blimstrup Dorjuhn YVirth Daly Snow Martin Biddle Adaunsnn Pape Zentner Alvey Bernnrrli Goslin Anderson Arinsworth Vat-hu Polen Svnrc Nnpivrnlski Kortnm Giles Lndigo A KAPPA PSI , A.M. George L. Webster, B.S. Elmer H. Wirth. Ph.D. Walter P. O'Grady Melvin F. Pape Alden H. Perkins William E. Polen Duane C. Shrout Joseph F. Vacha Wayne B. Wolters Joseph C. Svarc Frank J. Von Zelewski Harold D. Zenlner .o 1 FACULTY f, . ' Pl .G., B.S. W. B. Day, l'h.G., Pharm.M. Clyde M. Snow, Ph.G. ITii5itIT.IDgirTiQx,B.Si, M.S.. Ph.D. Edmund N. Galhercoal, Ph.G. Ralph E. Terry, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors 5' - d -5 John Chesta Arthur Goslin i1El'f.il2f'A?5L.'iT'm Harold R- Lloyd H- KCI-mm James A. Armsworth ROY.-L DCHIHYC Pelef Ladli!-'0 Charles B. Bernardi Daniel T- Qfagel -lxoselllj E5 L0l1r George G. Biddle Russel E. Easlhurn l'ranc1s I. Lyman Chester J. Blinstrup Earl M. Friesenecker Jack M. McCall George N. Cervak -llllm C- Giles Juniors . D ll t L. Hook Vladimir J. Napieralski ldlliiii:1AlWFrtilli'tie,kso1i Wtillihli' J. Kuhn Conrad S. Reischmann Harry H. llarlleb MGHYOY B- Mills ,-L, Founded, Medit-ul College of Q,"'71. Virginia, 1879 lf K 'Q' Forty-six Active Chapters .qx tzy .ami Chi Cllnpter Established, 1910 614 South Ashland Boulevard, Chicago .OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TW 9 f at PM 163 yn. f' Ill O THE U NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO 0F'I Sc-hwndir Gilbert Kruglick llolstoin Becker St-llcffler Bernstein Rosen Richter IVcinbc1'g Adlund Plotkin M. Rosen Sieve-rs Rust- Xitwerilu-t'g M. Cohen Gottlieb Shingzlinun Stuinler Nurodiek Krevitt Levine XVilliunis Shuguin Citron Nechtow Baker hvllllllllllll Utlcsky ldrenbnrg Iiivhts-nstein Lerner Wall Seidman Edelman Hnndlcmnn Ditkowsky Mnsor Hcnner Berkowitz Iieingluss Fleischer Friedman B. Cohen Nicdcr XVeissnntnn Stein Itnst-nlrerg lirotuiun Pl"ll DELTA EPSILON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Samuel I. Ditkowsky Milton Handleman Nathan A. Masor Edward E. Seldom Maurice I. Edelman Robert Henner Joseph S. Miller Norman M. Shure Leon M. Erenlierg David Lerner Milton M. Mosko Isadore C. Udesky Daniel Feiman Ben W. Lichtenstein .lolm W. Wall Juniors Harold C. Bernstein Nathan G. Ingbcr Albert J. Levine Maurice Stamler Melvin R. Cohen David S. Koransky Philip H. Narodick Irwin J. Waldman Samuel S. Gilbert Julius M. Krevitt David B. Radner Ernest B. Williams Abraham M. Gottlieb Jack Kruglick Willard E. Shinglman Allan J. Zimring Sophomores Norman L. Baker Mitchell J. Nechtow Ralph E. Rosen Robert M. Shagam Robert R. Citron Harry H. Nierenberg Milton M. Scheiller Albert H. Slepyan Theodore Holstein Irving B. Richter Julius Weinberg Freshmen Samuel Adland Gerson Faden Wilton Polk Leonard Schwarde Oscar J. Becker Jacob Fleischer Samuel Reinglass Jerome J. Sievers Robert Berkowitz Harold Friedman Jordan W. Rose Albert F. Stein David Brotman Samuel Nieder Milton W. Rosen Morris Walsman Bernard S. Cohen Oscar Plotkin Samuel W. Rosenberg Leonard Weissmann Founrlvd, Cornell University, 1903 ofijb Fifty At-tive Cliupters F' M Alphn Alpha Chapter Established 1918 834 South Ashland Boulevard, C'liirau.:o B RQ If in 5 or NINETEENIHIRTY-Two 7 ' - I L L I O , +3 PAGE 164 12+ . 'Ill I THE unlvsnslrv or ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 Grcenstein Silhert Suruk Klow War-ker Werbel Bernstein Turner Gordon Teton E. Kahn Sr-human Krnkower Ziedmun Lederman Fox Rosen Kleiman Berg Elster Buyer H. Kahn Bomzo Levin Cohen Piser Mukovsky Stzigmnn Miller Schwartz Steiner Lenvi tt Greenberg Appelman Berman Chorn Kepplomnn Deutsch Silvert Lnznr Fein Brill Knrcl Price Knplnn Rose PHI LAMBDA KAPPA FACULTY C -l A 1 , B,S,, M,D, Max L. Folk, M.D. Samuel Kaplan, B.S., M.D. B ' ' P L -I - BSN M.D. Lshis .IIpBIIf0dy, B.S., M.D. S. R. Forkosll, B.S., M.D. Henry R. Krasnow, M.D. LIEIBQIIIIBIIIIIITI. ISBICIIIILIBIIS., M.D. Hyman N. Brown, B.S., M.D. George S. Glassoff, M.D. Leonard Markin, M.D. Oscar B. Ragins, B.S., M.D. .Iacob Fischer, B.S., M.D. CFUFQC B- HHSSID, M.D. Herbert S. Sarnofl, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Ben Appelman Harry Berman George Coldenberg Leo J. Greenberg Arthur Bernstein Morris Buyer Bernard V. Chern .Iacob Cohen Oscar H. Comess Max Berg Edward .I. Bomze Ben B. Elster Hyman S. Cordon Irving Brill Nathan S. Deutsch M. M. Fein Ernest A. Kahn Jack Karel George Keppleman .. Q 'fgt CD!-K ., Samuel S. Leavitt Abraham Leff David A. Lemberg Albert D. Coyne Milton A. Dushkin Nathan S. Fox Bernard L. Creenslein Sophomores Harold Kahn Morris Kaplan David Kleiman Freshmen Harry Lazar Irving H. Makovsky Leonard Price Ben Rosen Irving Rosen Founded. University of Pa-nnsylrzmin, 1907 Thirty-six Active Chapters Alpha Alpha CIHIDICI' Established David L. Lerner Donald Miller Irving Neims Juniors Sidney D. Klow Irving Lederman Gabriel Rose Irving Schuman Irving Krakower Milton Levin Alfred L. Piser Fred S. Saruk H. A. Schiller David Silberl P. Silvert Manuel Slavin C. Sweilzer 1922 806 South Ashland Boulevard, Chiizngo Martin L. Rosenthal Arthur H. Schwartz .Ioseph Stagman Louis M. Steiner .Ioseph B. Teton Samuel .I. Turner Maxwell M. Wacker Ernest W. Werbel Irving Ziedman 932 llrlgfgrNINETEENTHIRTY-Two . W -'EI PACE 165 IE.. Q4 O. Wm I L. THE U I Q ILLIO NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILI.lO OF 1932 ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA I"UlIlllIl'lI, University of Illinois Cullc-5.50 of Medicine, 1002 Alphn Chapter Thirty-seven Active Clnipters Honorary Medical Fraternity MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Edward C. Bernell Emanuel A. Kominik Donald S. Miller Arthur I-I. Schwartz Rudolph Hecht David Lerner Burtis E. Montgomery Joseph Stagmun Benjamin Highman Ren W. Lichtenstein John T. Reynolds Lorin D. Whittaker David S. Jaffray ' Suhwnrtz Lerner Reynolds Lichtenstein Wlmittukvr Highmnn Hecht Stngnnln Jnffrny Miller Montgomery H1-rnell Kominik 0 F N I N E 'I' E E N 'I' H I R T Y - 'I' W O If ACE 166 if NlVERSETYOFEE.l.lNOi5 ILLEO Gi' ling? Herndon Shurtz Benda Welker Galloway Simon Hellrnng Bcpkg Founded, University of Illinois, 1898 Alpha Chapter Thirteen Active Chapters To maintain a high moral standard among the women of the Medical Profession FACULTY Barbara Benda, M.D. Florence Hart, M.D. Dorothy Welker, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Josephine M. Galloway Zelma L. Herndon Cecelia M. Hellrung Founded, Mnssnvliusetts School of Pharmacy, 1913 Gamma Chapter Thelma L. Shurtz Martha F. Simon Marie K. Bepko Corinne S. Eddy Fifty Active Chapters Woman's Honorar Medical Sociel J' MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Mary N. Barnett Rosa W. Maggio Rose E. Monaco Wanda F. Sponder Loretta B. DeTrana Juniors Sall C. Batkevich Betty I. Hartsough Eleanor D. Mioduszewski ' ' - Merle E. Bukovsky Florence M. Hatter Helen J. Pilkis Iga?gggghEl1mE2iUk Anastasia Champagne Dorothy Kemp Lucille Potuto Dorothy F. Voigt M. Rae Di Cilio Rose L' Zak 1 4... Voigt Hartsough Pilkis Kemp Mioduszewski Ross Sponder Rcnienchik Bukovsky Ilaner Bntkevich Champagne Potuto Zak DeTrana Monaco Mnggio Barnett Di Giliq I F- L l 43 F N H N E T E T K- 5.1-'glmpg!jfsi"l""ig"'7 '--' 'Y QTJ3 SQ .wg ii, NJ' Aff f ffyf:,, ' -'C-f PAGE 167 191- Qfffl "ff lx X 5-2401? Z X I mini' :"n,n:1, 'Xl y.'3f'ai ' - 'mm Now follow some fain+ hinfs of pleasures, pains. accomplishmenfs upon +l1e campus . . . Varied, swi'H'-pacecl, colorful . . . a rush of faces and evenfs . . . a round of gaiely, of sfudy, or a sane mixlure of bol'l1 . . . Lei' memories of lhese, pasl' and presenl, ever linger pleasanfly near our hearls . . . UNIVERSITY LIFE The campus safellires gleam brighrly in fheir firmamenr-by vir+ue of posirion . . . and honor gained rhrough influ- ence, polirical acumen, or hard work . . . May fhose who srruggled long find recognirion here . . . GAREB.5.E.DE VECT0FQEFv1!54Ea-JUEL MAZKCQ E1C3fE.Cf WILLIAM HOHENZOLLERN A 5 Af X fX I il CAMPUS LEADERS MARY ALEXANDER msRAzu cowmaus PAUL ARTHUR clcERo ISABELLA LORD NELSON MURIAR BOARD :u.::-ram .r':.:.-: :.1r:.. .imma 3211. Mi... Y... N 5? Hp- 44-. M- m 'IG' git. ...T I95l 3 '-5' f , L"+r"' .. - ', I A 0 'Fm-rf' 2? :fx ,an- 2,51 ll EQ .,,,v' 1 5 .:."N w ' "2 11-is x,.x I 'mf r r E N -3 EFF, WYER JACK E BO KA I .U f Ag f, aj J: .A r w1e1v01wQ. 4 - " I gi I-'!:"g,' mm! HWY VI Q f J ' ' Q ,Q - Q I ISAB EL VHxNMAN I " nv- 'ar 4 Y van.. M' N Z N 9 o b 3 I A. . X , .. .4 5727 , r W" ' M W.. ,-U., 1, ,... Y. V 'N 'I , ii If my 4' V 'IFR1 NK ,PURMAI :QW " zu, af - bi jj. QQ B MCGREGORJI- ' ' XE? 9 1 1 1 f J p Ab "?'?kgl'5 11- L P, f 6 H x '5 '14 IWALLY DORRISI !.wz."a,f2 - L. WIA. -fm' ' 1 , " P. 1' P ' V.ja3.,f .1 1 1:.1:'vi '.f3? -M9 Y-55' .- 1 5: Q- 'Q 9 ' A - fi' 2 .4 :1 r1 Wt 2 2. 1, ' . af ,P 7 i ' A w a--4,-'QM , s 3' if rfwgi' w - 41 W. N H' .1 W Ai' . JU' iv-.-i.. RGE MILLS e :ff I :IRAN TH URSTONU ,P"nA, 11, I .HM RAlLSBACKl x FYI uma mmmu aff 1-1 II, if A . 5"- A ! tf lfk . ri n 1 T 'g Ii 9' 1 . A 1. , r ,A ' Q H 2 ' wk V 5, al' ':w3v..lVAx W r 1 fs. Q, . I "lf r W V"f A "ini w ' ' L11 ,A Tk 6' . dQ,,,,5- iii: --f' , . 'fv , I ' ' ' , v,gl-"H in ' I , ' QELHERRON vw: ,- H F ,.z flSHORTY FENCLI , -.W rm mm nm: 5 EXGIQIZCIIT WUI KE Y' ,... L.. 1 C A M P U S H .quur-: CONNORS4I fp, fix, 'lmu' EARL CONSTANT I HOWIE YOUNG gl MAQ MAC MILLANAI 1 4 , : -"x .. 1 1 qw' ' .4 ,. Q , , 5 . FI Kr! 'sh' V sk, ff ' L 3 QWU" '-a f "1 ga' f"f 1 M lkx xg :WK ff! ' - 1. 4.11 lj, H Hx . N , .k.." N TELLE N J DORIS SCHNEIDER 1 f I s, IROBBIE Roemsowj ff? "n1'FJ',:! -, "'2.k'. f' '. ,YN J A ""'!'!' fix '1 JACK SAWTELLI 45, 4' H.,HNll' IARLENE SCHEIDENHELM 'M jr'-, "' -, .-9 ":' I r fc -IIQUNU' ,yw, . XR -g I , A 1 - I ' , -f . 1 - nf . ' 1 ,- WEN ar li mf uv IBOBCRATHORNE f -LM., jYQRK MSHOPI MUHAW mlm! , fH . DO ROTHY GA RQ WIFE: 1 v Ni. M' M ASH B Z' -.. "-, 1 X ' - K , :yr 'J 4. , Y f 'I mf " 'Q F' , ,Q V A y' 1-IW ' . ff" .iii-M .' ' f , ia' ,ft 'WE I4 yzqv-HLJK. ll JACK GESS p.vE R I V A ' , F t Qv. wg 2 . ' -' mf ' W ' ' ' - -lm-4' VL-' ' I L E A D E R S A fG ' f '91, Fw 'ww ' 'sfzggj 'fx ' A A 1 lr' 1-,gf '- P 4 ff ,yu wait- W "1 1 3':7 ' , ,af D O N T U R N E R li f'f45"95l'v ,,31'z2'.'frEm-: ..r -9, fu"-"i' X -.5411 , vi af--,.:u5fy:f5 Lwhg-giMg1,a2? g mv f ff 1 ! , 1- 'X ,pg 1 S 1 P vs 5? -. '17 9m i 'H 'L 5, yr ,I mf . ' X - 2? IJEAN LATTAN ILEM EMRJCHI, "f -l X' mf' 4 '7" ' Vwx' 1wPm4 M f., 9, 1 .3 ,, VFe':.,jl3f':1A " 1 ,1 luizrmflalk .. . .!-. ff' ,. . . -.... . -, .,, ..-f .-. . O - ' 1 HW. 1 Q n ' . . Lv ,R .X ,, gf 1 Q . XY 4 yu. .1 f -., A- 353 E' I Ar' ,V , 1. : fig .I . f '. 11' ',1'i: iv 5 . 4 1: ', . , v ,rl 1.' , 3 i N J A X I ii ' h ' IJOHNNX WADDELLI 1 '-J 'z 4 -wif" JJOE 'wk PU R li ur , .4 U lcAs BENNETT I I 'm Ill 1 'lfvi N K ,. 'fi-'.!:'x If 1' s4-s-vif-fQ-Q1- I A 52.411 12 5-A3131 -.Bi 5 : .n ' ,. ., 1' moaewce Hooud ? X W FY? A V ' ff' pw' ' C' ,M J E ' 'nv' is The crowded fligh+ of days . . . so filled wi'I'h reiurnings and deparfures . . . wiih classes and parades and gala holidays . . . wi+h dances and producfions and wi+h sporls evenfs . . . May fhose we picfure here be +reasured recollecfions. WILLIAM HOHENZOLLERN I 2 'W ..,..,.,.,..,,2,..,,.,,.2...2.,.. .-,W-2S.-222,222.2-22.22.222M.2,L,.2.-.22 ....M.,.,. ,. . .2 ,. 2 51212: ,-ziaizkfzislzizlz:2:2:2:fzl:Er-2-2ia,:22.I:-:i:i:i:!:1:2:2-Jz:::z1:2:::i:i:I5:1:1:l:1:Et2:222I2:5121121212:I5:15:1:2:5:2:l:2:v5:-5:2:hi::.,1g2:1:Z12z2:2:1:2:2. . 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X, 'Q f Glory EAR HANK- Campus was not the deserted place I imagined it would he when I hlew into town. Everyone seems to be back, and what with rushing obligations, the two , days before registration were pretty well filled. The frosh this year seem to he pretty much on the mine-run side, but we appear to have collected two assets at least--Gnaneially speaking-in the process. One of them is a pretty good boy, as well. Registration was the usual trihulation, although after four years one does perfect a certain technique which contributes to a little more speed and a good deal less worry. , lIIin Snphmnorzuv Wnylny Seniors After They ..4 . x 31. A b , . lvl - ,F . -',b.k ,f . . . - ,. .1-, , ' ,..'. xmlwl-s, .M..1.nJo .. . -. 's. fill' ,. W5 f I r 'g X f Vlx f' 7, ,J 5 I Nc, 0 W ' "7 : l' ' I 1' 'fi " I Qi it ' ,DG t' '1 5 ' 4 A A f CN' ' Q ' 'l s 14' X ' ' ' L f- ia' ' ' f ' f 0 -' ' , 'y , 1 Nh 5 4' " 1 an , ' V 'VI ,"'Ns i 15' -' - vt X u ' 1 X 0 ,C on 5' ' ' Q' ' ' 1 ' nl 6 N 3 I 6 s. 1 ll Q4 U Q M ' 5' v ' . ',, 'P ' 3- 'i' M L l ' ' J l M Q' 'I s 2' ' 1 , - wr I MM up I la. y GJ Tl ' ' ' I Y 5 1 I Lined Ilp for Their A. A. Hooks in the Iianmrmnt of Uni Pay Tlmir Frlw in llu' .'illIltiIllNlI'lLt'i07l. Building .1 ,V Trials of I:!t'y1istralion Synnnomnux 7'1'rm.-f: I'l1'41llr.v und Pajama Races . .Aff U-1 I rwxnh . s. 1 yi, 'B " 'mf' X 4 ' fm M' l ' , r,,..,-n I Thr Ilulm l,lIl'lltll' .lllruvlx ll Trl' u4nnnnan-+--- --'- -A ,An ,H,,,,,1,,,,v fvrm,-ll flu' ,llurningf ,lflvr ll ll4mn'4'nn1illy Nifllll li4'ful'1' 7 Y. rf I .vi 1 "NW-wwk 0 : 1 , Q vm .lv 9 L Mk' - Wo. A x vt. 1: Ai fu , 1 f,':'v -N 1 -,Q - ' '- - Y .pr ' ,' .5 '. ' Q59 . 0- ,, fy Q 1-.lib 69 iw W y Q, l t. . ., I , -Y W ' 4' y A ,, i L Ig .W vf vb Ni .All 'l' W X ' ' M I 1 KJ ' i-.i V Q- Y i,.,,,,, ,j vs. I. ' ' llnlu Irlrr 1' ,ll wa , L ,.. K, jw,,,,1.1L..,J :,y.fl .. 1 I Amin- Qiulw,N'nIi.-'nn i l.- N ,,.- z i- lnunr fr x,.i,if num WEAKLY uP FAVOR. YO-YOAFA ' .l,, vxr, p, , ,I .f, n4,.'..f-'wlw DEAN CLARK LERDS HOBQ FARM mnlu N 1 I S N llulurfrln Ixul v ilu ful ll ilu Ilmnrznnzlnrl funn: Hull Io Iln Cnlnrxl Tlll' Hum! lirr'rl.v llu' Illini fll'fl'l'V blfllllfl llwllu U1:i'.v Sf'umluISI1wl .lpprum ........ I UU have ln-:ml lny this limo ol' lllo Mivliigun alu- lnivlc lust Saturday ut ,ll0lllCt70lIllllg. lt was prolly fierce! lint l suppose tllo Alumni were almlo to tulio some consolation l'l'0lll their rmrcption by lllo oaunpus. 'llllcy -lillllllltitl llltf slrvcts for tllo Holmo Puraulo, pouroil into lllc lVlClll0l'ii1l Stuclium ut 2 olclovk, zunl p1'occcmlocl to si-ok some slight liquid conclolonuc lulor in tho aluy. We lost an Homccoining football gzuuc, untl I imagine the grads will be yolping, but us one chap sitting bchiml me on the 35-yurcl line aptly romzwkonl, Giwllill olsc are Alumni for?" Ross W, l'uIlfny1 ilu' Curl l!r'frn'r- Ilu' llnrw' .l"" " Holm p,,,.,,,1,- Ifnlry nf llrr' TIl'1'lIljl'FlIlI7'lll gllllllllll lIIIlllI'I'07lI'llIr! Ilolmuv Lnnlf lJnu'n on llu' flllIlllllIN Illllw 5 I H M , wwf a wh-ulii 1 X' , ...---:' ' X f 1' .. f' .rx . if Z 'fnnuunw Dlvlitwpgq-5' 1,111 Ilrllll ll rllnmfv Ilrl llllnll Mx. 'o 1 I x', fi f , If X Thr' .lllfhu Niyx Win I"i1'.vl l'lrn-1' ' V ,...-,. ,.,.-.. T X Q ' f K W Thr fflllllllltl l'hi.9 lV41l.'4' lfp-Aflvr' lla' lI'1rw'nIy Ywr ' law: ...Q . i lllvlllymll llnw for an Hath 'IL Poi inzur Jw I ow M ivh iymu EAR FOLKS: lt's disgrac:el'ul of me not to have written sooner, but you must have seen by the papers that the Illini Indian hasnit had rnueh to whoop about the past eouple of weeks. You didnit lose a great deal by not coming down for either Homecoming or Dadis Day, but I did hate to have Dad miss the latter. But unsuccessful as we may have been on the held of battle, we did our- selves rather proud in the way of putting up a brave front for enemies and friends alike. Hiding a broken heart beneath--welcome signs. nl l'i I'hi Upwns llrr .-lrmu as Ihr lIllllH'1'0lNl'l'1N' Huw Tlwir Ilrurlw 'in Ilrfrnl 'mtg' , I ,, A x , . V I ' "le 'L " ' ' gl., xi . ." fv..nfmn.n.v.r14-5.1 1 llphu 'unix' 111011 un la! F . i l l ."'Sq Allllllllf Chi Nha Ujfr-rx u Null' Ilurlmr--l"1n' l"riwu1lx il tt hll.-ritz: t ll lun t lr Anvl lhv lf!1ll11Nllll'll Sprll Hur Name 1 ll: I UI In-vunlv IIN ll: Iliff I I I 44 'fn- . ,vf vi f,,5Ti'f,.5Jlr.E ,JN HH- "E , Izmir Iuvlilfw u IIlll'llt!lll7l 7:5 ,ff-',Q,"rp'1:' li'umu'r -' "Jn get .ff u,,,.,.-q V' H191 Wisconsin ganne reflerts a little more glory upon Illinois than did the IN'lic'higan defeat, hut still we lost. The one-point different-e in sm-ore was a very lair indication of the strength of the two teams, I suppose--but what good did that do the Illinois fans who sat in the stands and saw the Illini once more how hefore an opponent? The hand was grand, though. I think Ray put on his best show for the Dads who came down this year. and this Illiniwek 1-hap gets better with every game. Say hello to Johnny. Love, Ross ylhing, lfvfurr Um lVi.w'unxin Ulllltl' 5K-M11 ' v . ,--.1.'-!.m.m1Uif,i!'..:. V - 1 - - ss- 4 - I l -' 1 llulli Of I fuvllllllrni or llu Iirlflrnlx HllLI'I'0,ll li'1'r:r'1'i'1'x rl 1,11-VN and f.v IIIIIUIIVKI Nun' Hu' Sirlrlmu' Jlnlnrmn I uh n lunu Inzumrl 1: .s k yw.v.,. ' n ya. ..' 7 wa -...N rxafwy r--1--v - gfvgn.-1-wg . K-1 yy-5-w f-- fir' T f 4?-. V If ggi X5 V' if r Q. I 5 - . -1 A b '11 IAA, 321 571.2 'M'em W ,MQ ,,l. .hw 58 -, :H 'xx Q Y . .x .JJ '-U4 1. ng.. 3,.:j 1' s--'-uf-9' ' o f 1 w-'4,w"j'n,1w.1'f,4f: ,f't'.L.jf-.',"'1r ,g' fl' ah - -P' N-1-1 X' V -v wwf.-I fy: sl ,.:1.xk'y2'QLj- 1-'X 5,544-fy? I I,1',,..f'yi1Ai jL...,,,i..,l . - - , '. ,- .-. Q "515,S:"AIj'1l.uQI -T-if 34531 -,HHH A542 -"W, "1 .' ', Q' E3 '. , 5 ,- , 1f,'f'gK". 'f ' nu- .l..'1','5,3-',q-H,.,1-, Z.-,Lux r" sg ',A . .. - u,:y::.,7... 1, r1v':1v,5:.x.i.,:,,.,il. '.w,,i.,W A, ,lx vx,.44.,,.fA.4!.- . -. , . I, ,.. ll. gr A N I '---" r ' N 21' ' " H 1 51'-l' ffT'T,x""v Nz, H-r----- f ', , , -F -"""" 4 A - +5 iv .. 4, J J, , A , vhrhx Q-I' N '- ' 1---. -1 - ,. ,: . 3?.1 . J: .X 'X X -. A 'Iwi -,,'- ,Ig .g ..., .-1, Eff, - , A - " XX f , J ,, X , , , , 4 , X . ,h mmm :qu , 'fy 5e,.L M- 4.4 . X , . - - jf? ff Zzdgzk ,QE 4" A X X ' .ii '. 'Uk f. UAS" ' :"x.4Yg9':-A,-.'f - ' 'x , .sv 4.41.4 Ku.. . 4, - , X X :lzC1ffYN.s:5g- L1,w53l ' ' ' ' ' ' X 'l. 'df' '-1' 1' 7: ffbh 1-,mi - '- f r . ' W5 ., I .-'qtiglif 't.!'.eg?,. 'NSKHFQV NL . ,a,,' A i,..,.-A I. 11 -I , al' I Q I I 53.72-'S if-Vg ' .rug ,1Ifl,l'l'llfIljl for Dvur 01:1 Illini" V - ,. Jn X .,,1'-2. . . me : " I - 0.1 N r- U.. -K. .1 4 ,, -- ,V "ggi--'4:,gqf lik gil,--ffg5q'j ,za,1w4K1:g'.-qg'.., . ' " " "' -" " J' A- ' 1 I .,. "Avi '1 '4 ," Nhv! .. ,- www . - 1 'sg' , 3? 1. ."r -Q. ' " :':': ' 4. V l.Iu11"y ff' lv 'imlgl ', , V, 4 5. I NZM., ' 'fl . -fllw-L ' -ga S'l:'nw llwlp. f 172 1 ls U' V Q ,- ,: b. ' W: '. , 4 ,, . wg., - , .--fn ,A,- f-- I 'V .0 .5' 'fc-Cr-if' 'K .J . ,L . Q . . '4 3 ., ', I . - . r 'O s - 6' ' -.- E Y . Y. :?!, 3' ,K .r ' 1 l- r I lu IV:'1'k-Ellrl of ,Y0l'1'nll11'l' 2-1 ,I 5,0 1 4 ' -. 4 ,w 'C F' , 111 1111111111 f111 11111111 111111 ll11l11111 nv 'V 1 qfllff I1111111v 0lI1l1l'IlP1I .fi 111-11111 1111: 111111 111 .lli1111111l11 for 1111' 0111111111 S1111111 1 I 111 0111 111v 1 Nllf' ll " l111' 111I!1'1'1'N 1z11I1'1l11111 1111' ll l1l1l1'1N 111 1111' l1Il111'jj 111111 l1r11111111l 1 5' 1... X -xxx X x X The .llllIlIIl1 F11111l111ll l1111111111'I, Cllllllljlllfflll 01111111171 C11111 'ws-fug- 11 ll 11111-S111'1' 11 f1lI1ll11l' 'll'N!n 11' 7'1'111'L', 'C1111s1' l11'1'1' SI11' U111111'.v!" UT onc thing l will promise. ancl tl1at's to ho home lo sec you in a hurry. i1lllllllliSg'lVlllg is only a week oll-and the prospect of turkoy an1l 1'ranl11-rry sauce ancl dressing is not going lo make mc want lo stay in this town any longer than l can llolp. And clon't you worry your lioacl about that foot- hall game. Dad and I will fincl some way of gelling you, cast and all, into the car and over to the held. Ncilhcr he nor I would have any fun williout you 1.0. SlI1'011I1N Carry .T1l01l-91111113 vf Slmlpnm T,,,,.,ml C11x1'111111 an 111a111-N1111111111 111111111111 I11'11111.v along. Docs that Inakc il all right? IRUNIQ 1111.11i1'x l"i1'.v1?" V111 ll'111'11 S1'111N .'11'l' S1'1l1'l'l'., - '+":f!f'.213uu.l7!,1.?f:i l x.. 1 2 4 S':'n,im' Informal in Ilia' ,Yew llynt I 7 lil ls 1 X4 lt at 5 XV. X 1 l- it NNW-il! a Ilrmciny al Hn' l'r'r'.vi1I1'I1I'N Ifrf-wplifm, lll'4'1'lIlll' f 2" '55 if ww Llylll . . . nmlbllllllnu' . . . 1ln1lSlr'wl . . . AT DARI INF fhe campus beems dxeaxy smee you ve gone But then lt may have IIlC1Lly fallen to lls old level, and the eonttabt makes lt dull Its tluly 1 dllferent plaee when you .ue hue, but how lt changes or just why IS more than I can say Or perhaps I do know why 'tht Plom, the week end, and you seem to have IH memoly '1 quallly of CYZIlldtlOH unhke anytlnnf clsf- Ive known fxeept the moments I so pleasantly ftssoclate with you 'lhey Lellalnly .ue lf.llC enough, my dear Do they evex bore you" Gzltml huunllllu-r Sllllfll funlju H1111 n Gund IIIIII' for Suu Ilrlln In YI m was e 150-ll' mu 1 l If V :ln A. If A l Q tl! lllff , -ut +' f f Nt fix xt 1 t+,1+ l f 4 - I 5 Q 11,1 pf My Xl., 'Nb QM, llllvj' flgyv lt 'M l p f,,QQl'fylff ' l pnlfH.Q xl l wi l ' -'ll Vi m f l ", . " ' XX QA, X .RMI M YGCI 1 r 1 I -lhlf, 'gf IA 5 Xlglggyvl ffl 'lie it ' t 4 235' ,- vvl ,W 13.3 13 ., ' 4 r J ' 7 I 5. f XJR. ua , ,ga -' .- w- - - t- . , Q H' . Ymix lx ,f 1 'o - -- ', , 1 .I .N -1 g ,.', H I . 'ii' Q ' fl I," ! , ' - '+--vit a y l . ' ' " ' S ' Q E .Q 'Hy I , X15 l f, -I SL. . i . , , . 1 . . W: .X K--1,13 ' '-' . '. . ' . ' . :'1 !ZT Ex ,uL7-lc, Il' ' , . . V-J YQ - lv . N . . . . . . if ' I ' I . ,I 1 I NX R, xylnlfl I . i. ' . ' . . . I M I V X, I, x xml, A, gy! - V , ' I ' l D , wt fan, .gxxlx wp-Ai. ..., . . , , .xx x ' . ' K I - - x xg, , I 3 1 . . , . , A - 'X ' ,fkiij "5--,fi . ' ll l Y l ' , ' " . riff' f', :N A I - " " ' 'U ,. . , ' l'r'1'.vi1l:'nl uml Jllw. Clmxf' lt':'1'ril'1' in llu' ll onmn v Iflllfll 1 Thw ll'nmrm.'x Ihlflflinfl ul Niuhl ' C' .Rn tl un 1 ,I 1: IIIVIHIIHI lm 1 "1',,.,,,.l" H,,!,,,,. Pluyx fur Ihr' Soplmmnrf' Ullliflilfll Anim: ff unv Our o Our llfl' f' 1' Cn-lffl Jlilkilly Cnnlfuwf, Farm mul Ilnnu' ll'm'l .-l Ifrrrilll 7'Ifi.v Yrru' . . . rm S11o1r"l"f1lH I lf HI f 5' A JN I x 2 X X Nxxx . ,XX X X Q x I. . - x x m 1 11 N s ' -.XXX il.-I -- . X X QL? -,,.1',fX""l '- x 1' .. .p j X x WAI.-,px .JI ,J VJ, X fx X .' ', "-fwl wiiiytx . I ' 4 P 3- ' 4 7' ,r .14 ,I gr' . ifggwm ...L D I 1' ' . at ' fpr.hJ,-' .7, "Q5:4',"" 2" I ' yi. . I ' M 3'--. Q- I . ' I -ff' 2 ' rf", I 1 'v,,1vl':FQxl4, , I' 1,1 F I . - ff we ,I ,V E . -:fig-f H I 1- I' 2 1 :1lr:'1'N lhlllrv' ul :Vai r. .I ' " 1:l'lllU1'll llnll 7 ' ',Ib?,1q.Q ,. xyffy-. A 6315 ti -.p A Slrwl SfIll'III Ijllfilljl Ihr' llnlialflyx ,. ' ...N .. ,... . V. I y ,5 fy, Ng 1,4 .0 5 . xx .--sb--.Li 'J '51 , VBQXQ 331, IQ " - y - f fxn' Ax M- ,- gltyx 5.14 1- N-j -1,5 x I l I 5 f' , I ' y I' ,f's3':- -xxgv , "-.N X I ' " -"' .. . tw Nb, I 1 I: - N. -. ' g V16 ,l.xf?"g'I' A 1' 'T FV' V, I -,X tat, I -I ' ff "YL 'ff 'iffy A ,' , I 'Mx K .QA 7 I if . V'-513'-1 ygsx ,xp ., , I Q., . ' ,-' 6 'f-yi -- V xg-3-TT, ,J 4 ', ' Ja. - xxx.: f- .1 . Af, . I x fp Q-'VA SEEIVI somehow to have walked off with that green ,J -Y '- ,A 2 I 3' gf . .... a Il1lIlLIkCI'CIllCf of yours. I thmk I'll kcop lt hvrc unlll 15 ' Y ,A W 5' you come again--perllalps ito rouoycry may bc ll I 1' -N IM fr J: Q greater IIICIUCCIIICIII. than my mvltutlou. 'Z X in ' - My attempts at studying for the Poli Sci exam 'pf ' f 3 ,4 I Sunday WCl'0Il,l vvry succcssfulg I kvpt thinking i. - V' somehow about that hus which carried you off curlicr 431699. , ,i ' . . gg, . . vi: A 'j' . in the afternoon. So Bill and I lukod off to an show- ' I I-. . F., and I alarmed nczu' flunkcd the exam! - ' -, V111 not so sure uhout the State F0l'lllllI, Put. But short of ll hrokcu arm, I ll hc there! .Q-1'-4 Yours, ROSS S4477 2.5. MWMWQ . ,Q i ,Veg N' lxIL5'vf35,iV'Q'1ff ,. .. W . ' ,WH Aim ' 'bi Y 1- I -1 1 ' wt on 9'o11Hl CllI7llI1IH Dllffllll Our' of Ilvr Fru' SIlIPll'NllPI'IllS Thr' Jiruml ll'nlLt on Clnfxlmux lm!! . ,. , ,,,, ,T V H w y. ., . a Q .QQ 4' -l':'j"1?'p4f-'1i"'t ?F 15 .-if ' .wt'4S.fx'F23Sf?1ii1i-Z"'.l-u-In 1 1...if3A.'4..115xi?' . . tfa' "M" V n vi? rf! . I I ' I ,, :H , ' J .2 y 1 .V ' . ' A 'W' .ma ' . 1 ,,4n.jg:xfPk?T,'f5'Q'3 A 't f an V . I 'l J-it M W! .VK , f I: QL - -1 l V L. 1 11,4 nw 'l EWQ -- K --1-'----Q-Q-.nw-.--nm K ,.--, W ' 1 , x. svlx- 1. .' 1 ., 'I 3 ,N-., vf"',f"' .W-Q .Aff f N ln' ..',w,3' '. 1- x V 1 'Rm .gif ' Q -l 1 5 4' A757' w I t " ' P' -.. A Ax 4 '51 'S I is A Vol 1' fn ivy 'F 4 1. r I l . v. ,, ,- Alan-f ' ,, 2 ,F 3437 Q21- K I5 I V J L. qs.- V ,, Jw, I . 4 mi N .' 4 - gf J . ,,f:A', , 9 - v,mi I 31 1 .1 13: an 7 I I V ' 11+ ' Ufe' . ' 7 v X I "T 'via 4 1- 'NN - ' A' 1 ' A' f ng Vi. 4 if : 5 K. fy" Hx' . Nw A 5 -'N 'V 7 5 ' 5' -, II K v . ' ' ff'r 1' 1 . f' f .O ' "w',..f x a ' A! . 2 Q 1 ,,.:. .77 pu wr " ' " , . Ifhlv lo l'if'lury Sk' W-Mit QV 2 9 scour 2 3 Aitflivll . - w' 1,-' ,' om- ' 443 4 all 'Lf LV. F1154 H Q 'M-,l aff-:aww 'N ' 'h iiw' fi' ' 5' T, l 4 u ' if 4 . . :' ' .:: ' .w Ilullfflum Fails f L .Ivan A",-4 V .. ,. ,VL-,' -any , A "ff . A K . . , ' I1 V 1 N 'I . U ., , 1 u . .a Y lu 4 -, 1' mini 7 Q' -Z!B'5-:HIT -4- ,I x H ' " 2 W .in K I I 1 . ' I ...' X " 'H 1.4- HJII f I 4 'QL W S I I I ' 1 . ' 'ff . 11.1, .",J:'I ,-,gi U Z., gi V . On . . I ILLINOIS VISITORS 3,3 sconc 32 f'--' X UU I f A I 'vc V my ' Iluliflnu-Our ,llflryziu uf Vi:'lm'y , 0 ,, I ......, 1 . -. , . INR, -X, W "r nfs ,-QS a Wr- Q Q 1'-j J, "5 ,r r, 3, ,"14 ' 15:7 1 U . l'ur1lur', ilu' f,'0IIf1'l'f'IIf'1' UIIIHHIPN, 'WU' -S K . . . 1 I 11" r,. ., IJI MJF. ' - If ..O' 3 ' A .Q , J.- , Y fa' .I -I f- - 51-.X 4 'Jw' - 'mix Th' I "-"Mr x i N, IUIIIILIIIIIIVIII Ui . zz: ff exe. 'ii . , 1,1 , lrffgk QM A"-" 'rfftl IL: QI I ery Tig, I I I sy' I ,II Rtgkyt, gf flki- Aw of , I AI? ,I I. . 5 I 'S , ,kgfHv':J,,f,.gW,3g,,' I jpvf w ' W 'f M U xv I wi? ffm" H 1 .v.,,,.,xs , , , , ,I . . I i . , . , Y ., ,. r ' , if ,:,,. 1511 " n-rm mfvxxnzww rim -A mul' wr- 'iv' AAU .xrmxh Prwhilhil 'A-Ky' nl v vi , we , 'T N ' 'G' fllnurv' llw ll'rn'l4l un Ihr' Iliyflf l'ur1lllrl.v nfllfl ll Ill I I 1 Inluvrllulru 4 fn: I ff-Ilull IX' Tin , f' 9, w-wl-.- N .mt- X A fdff' ,-.ka If f , Z , , f f I vf' ,ff f fn ff' 4 , as I mu: v Nuff: Tllvy HMI!! 5 if .pf--.1 L. s.-v' l Irv-mn In Huh J" 4 . X , - x , I 0 , , H Q. iz, . N I All HANK ou lc purfcllly rlffhl m 1 the IIIIUQQ ou KJIII rl mn .ulcl .1 wllolm, lot mon But dont you IIIIII ll I1 ucl lo steal the lmw I1 om books and the opclelll lo wnlr- thou, volununous lcltcrs WIIICII you ohum I 11Lv11 answer? It ISII L that I don l to wrllc you know that, on you woulcln l Lulu the trouble lo lmwl me out But ll sums llml m lhg man of studymg, tlus Llllk-CCI Umon KOIIIIIIIIICP, .md the Ilttlc soualmnf' I do, I lull you all Im II11IlIx1Il"' .df ' I ,,. f , 'I 1 I ' A , I ' Y , , h . I .ll 7 . 1' H X, ' ' ' 'r. . L ' .W if ' 1 ' 'L 1 s i I, I . 1 nl ' I a l . - 1 'V ' I z '2 ' ' , . I, . , D ' I . ' . 1 i. 'Y . ., 7 ' I 'I I 1 L 41 D . , cunt IIIICI the tune or the proper mood IH wluch to , . . U. I awful Ilnml S1,,,,,1 , A1111 Sn Onrv' Illnrf Ilia' Inlr'rx1'Imlnxli12 C' rm 4 .-,:,5 ' , x Q . ' ,uf , vE.,,,Iy,4 ' I L X I Wllilv' nn 'HIIVI-'1f'I!llll'Il,l.l'l"ll hpfullnrf X ,tm :tw,','ww-my ,.- wi, 5. - I ,- 1 i . , , ,1- Illillwr lnillll-V l"ir'.-fl mul Frm: S1'f'0ll'l U1 ll" 530 IH' lolun of Alzcluyun ll nm ilu' 100 lard Dual: fi arf- Quinlun of NMI- Trim' Cunquwrn in Ihr' 220 Portman of lII'INl'IHl- ll"in.v N10 100 I sglwl Z I L. . JU 5 ' ,,g.'.:.- I I Imam-Ulf, .ilufm-w l.'f-w"'N"'1ff1Ii"fm VW-"'4' ""' "4" Fiufxh of Hu' Svvlnuvl Ilval of Ihr' 220 Yurzl Run ww .mwdhnn 1. I 1 1 'O Ilujhv fo In Jalan 1 bum ANK, I can't imagine anything nicer than to spend another one of those two-week vacations with you and the woods and no one else around. Two weeks in which we could find a lake to pitch a tent beside, and hsll a bit, and lay hack beneath thc trees and the warm sun and talk over all the things which have happened to us and our minds during the past four years. I wonder how much weive changed? I wonder how much college has really given us, and what its value will be? Let me hear from you-which is more than I Tulnn nf Jlichiyan TIWIIIYH-llIl8 in Ihr! 220 Yard I jx! xx E X y x X 9 Ifyl 4'NlUH vf Miuliiyrm sn-,W .lll'llIl from Nfllllllflll .Q V 'l 5 N 5161 - I deserve. Ross t 4 , , I , , ,A : I I I I' Jnnli in Ilm Jlvrt willz lllinoix Darin!! lnl4'r.w-lrnlfmlic Thr 220 Low 11,41-,11,-N A,-,, Won by B,.m1,,,. It IM! A M J 15:9 'L 'ie- ,AQ F5515 ' i :LU , ' I Lf.". L axz z., ,A -S ' !1'.lJ ',16 I ' ' rl' .1 f 4 A ' ' 1. nm 7m "4 1 I 4 4 , ' ', , 's 1 V A 1 N ' ' an fm I 4 V ZL- I 1 V A Y v I' ' wi ' 14 9 'fm 'I I , 3335 .ff fi fifi .1 Ev F 5 4 1 . a if 6 , "1 P .. N' ' 5QT25?5?f'7i'f A 1 r ,gq 5 A -fn '. 5,1 W -...-. l ...... A, lv, . r ...... WJ, 1 M ix M ,, N - -4-A V., . .'. 1 Z7 gag. 4 5-fbi' .f-. ." .A Af- . NH S. 1 I " -1- 'wi 4 P.. Lv-V2LJj,v,'?ff?. T fi- -' -,513'as,4w1f,f' 3-4'4'5'ivi'5f':!Qlvi?' w 1' 5 '.-11' 1,4 ' .ff 7 y' ' - ' ' 2 V. 4 fa.. fa. mr' liwnvh Y .. '- ffl . ' . ..r- 179 .gs - '-1277! -"A - . ' fi - ' . f '71-'77 'f ' .- A Q ,--M' . Ly - K Y iff- ' , f tlflf l 'I FQ I ' 3 ffi f " ' " ' ff' ' ..- - .. waomvncnse T, 1. ' L' TV 'V-A ' T. . - , WJOWG-NNN 'wwvqmk ' .,m- -, , . 11 ,nt Q "N"!q.f . My ' .r-L, , 1 Q , S mi! nononavtgiawm u?"Gf-,"'f-awpqjzw , ' , N . 'bg-:IL , M rl-QP -' , mer, 1 A, i2?'4h:f 1 ,,55g,wm'f-W0 --v -' as" 3+ '1-"' ' , 'sail-fff -'-,-'Ffh -LQ. ' , 1 '-fri? ' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,'L"""',,,,,,,,,,"ff'1 0 ian? wgq gag., .stykw X, x .:'3y.AA': ,IA i 1f3:'ffi.L,if 5 5, ,EG1AnvLl.s3::::, 2 Q.. ,. jr , -2 4 . , ., 'I. . J X- '. -' ' . ' . . ..7' ' "1" ,-' ""f'.' .,'e ' . ' ' A -'an xx.. :N l :"'m : 44" f m" X "L, A , 5 .'f2f 'num""'9"5,,,ff5 "fi1f'l'-:i'1S'4"' '15 vw' 4-1.4: WL ' -N X ' 55' -M V- H V . ,- . X 1 A. 1-. xi .1.',H'.., , Ur 'V .'-4--3 .M- J -f. ' E of"'fJr1' j l -- "W 4h,f"f'::V 'A 'tr It .5555-FY ' .13 V vu .14 "fff7'gg12-,f'F1j71"x ' I ' ' I , Ji? 'a-Lf?-Yfixl' 'rg' 'r if f' .2 :f:5,f -' 24" " . -. :'- . ' v- - , ' -" - . , - ' "'- ' - N lb" . , - ft.: Y ' 1 " ' ,N . H. ,1:.1!3?5g.f ., ' A- ff i'Eii5.3Yff Jag, f .p H MJ ' --M -- 43N":Ifvf"-35' r A fgzwg fJ"'5f-zz, 1 '?"7'f' 2' X' 'J'- V f f- - ' - I ,I - v 1 , - I'-1 ,1 " , " A, 4 H2154-'QQ all I .,. ' f Y . uf. A -14.1. I 1 . gp t Ak x - ' . x , -N -. 'M' .W f -S-ev 1" 1 l , fha' ,- ,Qi 'ul F V I H-x ea: iff' ..-XM, u -M ,fe.Q?4 ff! , Jig.:-O, fR6U?3!"'!.' 5 i,z'i 'P""16'Wi rv 'Hy X xg "3Q4'x.!" Y,'E'gQ"'XX' 'l I. x 'g ' S A M ' I-5 . u . 1 . X 'xx X . 'HMT' " 'hx 1 I ' . 3 '-Ffh 01 f?Q-'gre 'G ""2'N bun .A 4.-A Q' A fif- K A-'4' Om L. n ' V 4,5 rg 27 "1 , , O '05 , .' . , f1'?.Y f f ,ft . . I , 2 1 14. 4 wuunuuqm Uv Q 'vo I Q vvaudn- 4- ' - I 1 ills... , ,im ..-. rn- , ' m-uw-wnammbwnv-L . , ,M ,- mv--an -- . I'l 4' glll'H'I1 'i y ,A ,...... .14 ' . dbg.. 29,1 ww- -, , P, .34 H, lx. , ., 'gg -,QA 4. ' HAY ' ' 'f 'rwulrfnf Cllaxw! , . 'I 4 ' 2.2-" . r-. JNL -' . f 772. '--V , 1 1 4 ,E uw,-, .W RH F, '- -. .,. , 1. 1 .K Tk N,! Y "". rf-1 2 'S-A' 'rum lnjore thc library av-m4,"""' " I Nflmlurs Walk in Hn' .llonorw Ilnlu l'1H'1Hlf' 1,,,,,,,,l,1ny Sunnnwr . . . 1'lllI'l"Il'I'll In Illinnix , , , w I .A - UQ., ,.,l','1,,! ,M-2 . E YI,-5. ,, N ,IRM ..-M, ill 3 1 w nl ai Mkislsi.-.A2lii.i'1iif'111f4v flEmEk1lILI'l!wl:" " I , Il I rllflwlriufl Con pu 4-4 1 l i Ilnnnrn'4l .lunmrx .l rf' l,'ulln':l In N1u'I11'n1'.v ll'i1l11'1ln1 THINK llic same fooling comes to all of ns, at one limo or illl0lllf'l'. I rvine-nilwr lllul, lust yczu"s grail- uulcs were SUIIICIIOW Unger L0 liml oxouscs for slaying on campus a few cluys longer lllilll licm'cssu1'y. 'lllwv liurl so many lust-minute olmligulions to wiml up. lint, cliicfly I lliinlc llloy llilll four yours of emotions to reorganize, mul pomlvr, zmcl Sloro np in IIIOIIIOYY. 'llllulis wlial I woulml like lo clo ltllllglllli ill'I'llllf!,'0 my l'0CllllfIS ulmoul. Illinois so tliut in yours lo rome llic lwuutics zmcl llie ugliness will liuvv llwir propvr Vlllll0. mln years lo como" . . . Wlmro urn lusl yvnr's seniors, :mtl lllose of lwvnty yours algo? Anil wlnwrc will we lic, in one or lwvnly yours . . . lloss ,, , .-WL-M--M - nn K , . - - lllln AN N 7 IB i vp.. Z? 1-1 I 4 naw 'x XNQ J ,, , . li N ,V I ' I M:,.,g-fy ATHLETICS THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO - ' ' ' 5'W3'5'5'5f""7f'12I"Ga"1-'I?fI5'7fflf'5' " kj .ff Y A 4 W .2 '. A. , 5 vt I -- -u-J ' -,i v 'fd fs ,, . ,. an X' I . ',, 3 5 .ru e, I. -, f , MMI'- rf I GEORGE A.HUFF Director ofAthletics . 1' OF 'I9 TY-TWO ' " ' . I L L I 0 O F N I N E T E E N T H I R Z I' if PAC!-1 2001?- ' OF I. 32 "uf-'N'j'fI.iV1rEf'R'fS '-A' '-ttfffr-,Y4i1f4t'3"' 1 9 3 2 I GEORGE A. HUFF H872 - -J .3 f V Y Huff as he appeared when play. Huff and friends watching the ing lmst-ball for lllinois Memorial Stadium take shape, George llulf was born June ll, 1872, on a farm near Champaign. Receiving his preparatory cdueation in Champaign and at En 'lewood high school in Chicago, hc came to the University of Illinois in 1889. Baseball, which has always bf-cn his favorite A l- Sport, was his first campus activity. Ile played catcher on the Varsity baseball team for four years. 1889, 1890 1891 and 1393 and was captain and manager for the last two. Ile played center on the first football team at lllinois in the fall of 1890, returning to the squad again in 1892 ln 1893 he e was a member of the football tca'n and was elected captain of thc baseball team. In 1895 he returned to the University as Assistant Director of Athletics. With thc establishing of a more extensive program of physical education and athletics in 1924, he was appointed Director of Pltysical Welfare. H Although he coached football for several years, he soon relinquished this work, but remained as baseball coach for 24 e - during which his teams won 11 championships and tied for another. y mg' Among Illinois players who won fame in the major leagues were the late .lake Stahl, manager of the World's Cham lion Boston Red Sox in 1907, and Carl Lundgren, present Varsity baseball coaeh, who was for seven years a pitcher for the Chiciago entered Dartmouth, where h Cubs. A In 1920, Mr. lluff retired from coaching. Under his administration. intramural athletics have been fostered the phyqir-al education program has been broadened and liberalized, and Illinois teams have maintained the fine spirit of sportsmanship instituted by "G" when he first came here as a player. Q , In the communities of Champaign and Urbana Mr. Huff holds a position of high respect. As a civic leader i ll 1 ont the twin communities, he maintains the same unswerving loyalty to his task that' r-liar-it-tt-rllyfll life on the gridiron or the diamond. Faithful and conscientious, he stands a monument to everything that come: timlg,-il I' 1:1-dilm hand. Hc is a leader. and yet, the servant of the people. I i HS Dm mg t problems that confr ILLINOIS FOOTBALL 'FICAM OF 1890 l ll-I.'iI0 or N'lNET-'EENTHIRT.Y-1Wo . I A I I X Q I-Q l ' I-'Sl PAGE 20181-"' 4 4. ,J .4 ,h, ,f,'. ".., ..,.q3.,,q. 4.17-igdg,-.1i,.,'y"''r'Y',4 "" 'li"t:w:flJ"'fffI""'h'i"'-"tf"'gl'fftl,k i"'. V t-f-,15"- .-.turf 5--'-V 4 ' I-.'ftg",'g I .. ,,,, , A " 1'8" " ' - ' -.'--f. ' f' I -"'r - -,' . yy 'Q ' - Y '1- .., .,.- , -' I' 'iw'-lt i. . . .- ...., - - 0 . '-- I f- 'Y' -r'-t."1.!4.'. .- gt...-,-.5'.Qt.4t,3.':,l,py,N .. 'Q - In V THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1931 CHARLES 111. BOWEN L. MICHAEL TOBIN B1t.r1'i1c.vs Manager Dircrtm' of Atlzlclia: Publicity ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BOARD or nnuzcroas William E. Clifford George llulf .lames P. Kratz Fred A. Russell Oliver A. Harker IVIEIVIBERS OF THE ATHLETIC COUNCIL Faculty Members George Hull' Fred A. Russell George NV. Goble Ray Dvorak Alumni Members W. Bert Hayes L. Michael Tobin J, Gladwyn Thomas Stzulent Members Harry L. Frese Donald C. Munch Lewis D. Pring Edgar B. Smiley Richard I-I. I-leherling .lames Il. Poole Frederick A. Schnell Donald Turner Allred C. Callen. ......... Represenlnfiue of the University of Illinois on. the faculty Board of the Western. Intercollegiate Conference Two groups-the Board of Directors of the Athletic Association and the Athletic Council--stand at the head of Illinois, great athletic plant. The Board of Directors manages the financial side of the association, while the Council has within its jurisdiction the election of student managers and cheerleaders, the awarding of Varsity letters and Freshman numerals, and similar matters dealing with athletics at the University. 55' i 4 l 1 I-lnyes lluil' Smiley Prius Poole Cullen Goble i Dvorak l"rvsv Munch Russ:-Il llelxerling Sf-hnell Turner i 1 OF NINETEEN THIRTY-'I'WOj PA l:l-1 202 iii- IQ J D I L L I 0 Of' THE UNIVERSITY or tLl.tNols lttlo or lI.l.IO - TRIBE OF ILLINI 'Y Organization of Varsity Alhleles OFFICERS lJoNAI.o C. MUNKJII ..... .................. ........ P r esirlent ERNEST M. Usmutx ..... ............... ..... I ' 'ice-President WVA'l"I'S W. CHANCE .... ,,,,,,,, S ccremfy FACULTY Louis M. Bauerle, A.B. Jerome J. Jordan, B.S. Milton H. Olander, M.S. Arthur E. Smith A.B. B S nevm M. Bullock Harold E. Kenney, B.s. Robert B. Orlovich, A.M. George T. Staffoi-d. Mfs ' ' Alvin R. Cahn, Ph.D. Glenn C. Law, B.S. Hartley D. Price, A.M. Seward C. Staley, Ph.D: Herbert W. Craig, M.S. Justa M. Lindgren, A.M. Frank E. Rokusek, B.S. Charles D. Werner B.S. Raymond F. Dvorak, B.S.. B.Mus. Carl L. Lundgren, B.S. James C. Ruby. A.B. Wendell S. Wilson: B.S. Coleman R. Griffith. Ph.D. William E. McClure, B.S. John P. Sabo, B.S. Aitken F. Young, ILS, George A, Huff, B.S. Edwin J. Manley Waldo Shumway, Ph.D. Robert C. Zuppke, Ph.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Richard F. Ader Samuel G. Alpert Frederick G. Bartholomew Robert Y. Bartholomew Caslon K. Bennett Gilbert I. Berry Joseph Brock Gilbert H. Cady. Jr. Watts W. Chance Robert H. Crowe Robert L. Emmons Roy E. Etnyre John C. Evans George S. Fencl F. Edward Gbur Julian S. Glasser Harold J. Gradman Jose M. Grey Harry H. Hall Keith K. Hampton Douglas A. Hastings Ellsworth M. Hazzard Wilfred E. Hewitt Aaron Hill Bernard E. Hult Richard E. Hult Elbert B. Kamp John H. Kott Charles U. Kring Frederick S. Lyon John F. Marshall George A. Mills Herman E. Mink Robert G. Moench Donald C. Munch Raymond E. Nusspickel W. Boyd Owen Robert W. Pashby Thomas W. Perdue William M. Petefish Louis J. Piano James B. Reston, Jr. W. Clark Root Arthur F. Schultz Fred W. Steuernagel Sam G. Trowbridge Edward E. Tryban Ernest M. Useman Silas S. Wallk Espey C. Williamson Thomas P. Wilson Robert D. Woolsey Pete J. Yanuskus Earl W. Zitzler Chance Ader Piano Enochs Hazzard Evans Martin Alpert Stenernugel R. Bartholomew Qwen Emyre Trowbridge Perdue Brock Trybnn Williamson Cady Reston Zitzlur Hewitt F. Bartholomew Mrlilroy Pashby Grodmnn WVHSOII Mlincll Mink Moeneh Mills Fencl OFNINETEENTHUR -IGI PAGE 203 213+ TY-TW 19 32 0 1 Q Wm' l THE UNIVERSITY OF ICOIIICIVI' G, MUICN .lnumr l ll.'4'rl1'mI4'l' Ii0Iil'IR'l' R. KILICY SVIIIUP' Cl!1'z'l'l1'mf1'I' CHEERLEADERS HEERLEADINC and the Illini Code ol' Sports- manship are integral parts of every athletic affair on the Campus. Varsity cheerleaders are elected by the Athletic Council. With their agile antics and leather lungs, they lead the crowds in noisy approval of the athletes on the gridiron, hardwood, or diamond. They also see that the oflicials are not scorned, at least audihly, that announcements of interest to the crowd are brought to their attention, and that the crowd conducts itself cn in accordance with the Code ol' Illini Sportsmanship. inn-nn-:x s, icnrsii Julllnr' llf4'i'rl4'4nlrr SOI'IIUMUIIl'l f'IIl'Il'2l!l.I'1.XHIGHS If: liI'II'I.f,'lIli n Knight 8 Q'- if I IloITmnn Mille-r OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO 'I " ' ' I L L I O ' asf ima.: 204 51+ QA ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1932 THE uNlvERslrv Ice Busimtbnll .Mt BE EK LICY C. MILLER .lln nuya' r SKATING RINK The new University Ice Skating Rink, which was started in March, 1931, and completed soon after school convened this fall, is one of the three largest of its kind in the world. Plans for the rink were instigated hy C. lfluff, who has long felt the need of more adequate recreational facilities for students during the winter months. It was built entirely from revenue obtained from football, and was erected at a cost of 3300,000. The rink affords 24,000 square feet of skating surface, and will accommodate 1,000 skaters. In connection with the skating area there are a lunch room, a lounge, check room, and lockers. Several ice exhibitions were given during the year under the sponsorship of Beekley Miller, manager of the rink. During the second semester, ice skating was added to the physical education curriculum under the direction of Miller and other members of the physical education department. The attendance record approx- imated 70,000 over a season of five months. NEW SKATING RINK LINOIS ILLIO OF'l OF IL 932 Exhibition Skating: 1, -- .1 .. I orNlNzrseNrHlnrv-1wQ +22 lhxcta 205 ji'- 1 4 1 1- f Willa ICQ? THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OFT , -1? , i. 'Wa LIAV ,lf v t THE ATHLETIC HE Hall of Fame was inaugurated by The lllio of 1932 to give recog- nition to those athletes who have been outstanding in their field of endeavor and who, through their ability, have brought recognition to the University. 1' ,I FRANK Punma is the campus giant. He puts the shot, throws the discus, and is captain of the Varsity track team. Beside this large assignment. he played tackle on the Varsity football teatn. lle is a mt-mhcr ol Ma-Wan-Da. Gaottct: FENCL, possessor of three letters each in baseball, basketball, and soccer, is a mem- ber of Ma-Wan-Da and Sachem. and is consid- ered the finest all-around athlete on campus. 7'- GIL Bamtv, captain-elect of the Varsity football team, dis- played a fine lighting spirit throughout a turbulent foot- ball season. As the only triple-threat man of whom the Varsity could boast, he took care of most of the running. passing, and kicking in the eight games last season. '11 ' Enola 'l'tn'aAN, a member of Sachem and Ma-Wan-Da. shares the captaincy of the Varsity baseball team with George Mills. Ile is a fast infielder, throws accurately to any corner of the diamond, and is one of the surest hitters on the team. s" - , . N 9 OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO QW fat PM 206 ttf Ill. THE UNIVERSITY or I HALL OF FAME HE selection of these men was made after much deliberation by 'four prominent members of the Illinois coaching staff. ff .,, : 1 S 5 1, A UEUIIGIC Mtt.t.s, eo-captain of the Varsitly . - baseball team and Coach Lunclgrens ---- wx Q most reliable hurler, won more games V ' during last year's season than any other Q pitcher on the staff, abetting his fine . b' 4 In lg performances on the mound with con- A tt. I ,ry sistent work at bat. V ' , 4 if, ii. . ' . I I . has -. A 1-if 'f 3, .. ,- . -1- ' f 'i -. ' 5 'ri if . ' DEAN Wootsm' cap- taineti the Va rsi ty cross-country team for two years, and doubled as the star distance runner on the cinders. He has four letters in track and cross-count try, and is a member ol Sachem. in Jos Ptmnrzt decorated himself with t national intercollegiate wrestling championship and the Big Ten title, served as co-captain of the Varsity team dur- ing the season of 1932, and was re-elected to that post for the 1933 SCEISOH. LLIN OIS ILLIO OF1 Fnan FRINK, who showed his greatest ability on the gridiron, was chosen by his team-mates as the most valuable player on the 1931 squad. lle is the only sophomore to he elected to the Hall of Fame. he 9 32 l0'0FNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -'El PAGE 20' ,Sf- tl ' Ill, Leaves 'Falling fhrough an au+umn haze . . . Slanring shadows on +he emerald furf . . . rhe roar of frenzied par'I'izan- ship . . . clash of bodies in furious op- posifion . . . All +he rhrill, suspense, and glamour of a foofball game . . . Ex 9-f-'K I FOOTBALL 'ILLIO THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OFI ,Ii pw ' if-r I' .gi i "tml 'Um -2-Q f IIOIIIIIIT C, ZUI'l'iII'I Coihfl "ZUP" VARSITY FOOTBALL HE Fighting Illini" team never more fully deserved that name than did the 1931 edition of the Illinois football squad. The Varsity, despite repeated setbacks, came into each successive game as if they had a clean slate and were battling to keep it unsullied. When Coach Bob Zuppke began to piece together his team in the spring practice, he seemed to have a combination which would click. Then, before the opening of the season, Captain Pete Yanuskus was declared ineligible for competition. This blow was a serious one to the team's morale. The.6'Dutch Masteri' was faced with the problem of building a team out of inexperienced material. As a result, he was forced to do a great deal of experimenting and shifting with his men in order to hit upon a winning combination. He seemed to have done this in the Purdue game, when the team only let up momentarily to permit their opponents to make one score. The Indians then came up against Northwestern and Michigan, and these league leaders decisively defeated the Illinois rookies. In the next game, against Wisconsin, Zup seemed to have found the winning combination, but a kick went astray and the team was forced to take a one-point defeat. Battered and bruised, the Illini ended the season by losing to Chicago and Ohio State. vansiry coiicuus Y 'Kg Slllm NVilson Bullock Rokusck Lindgren Mc Cluri- Olnndcr Zuppke -El PACE 210 lif- 9 OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TW NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OFI VARSITY FOOTBALL V, zz: Q ,Q I I., PE", ' , , I ' ' '4'!.EQ Y x ' ' 'K I F l I 1 I xi':jM .i ,Sul - MII I "H GILBERT 1. BERRY Urlplrlin-El1'L'6 BIG TEN FUOIIIBALI. STANDINGS , ' '1'o'1'.xl. oi'l'oNnN'1's' X105 LOST 'I'Il'1IJ POINTS I.'0IN'I'S I.' I'1IH7I'1N'I'.Ui1'I Northwestern . . 5 I 0 100 33 .833 Michigan .... 5 I II 99 2? .833 Purdue ..... 5 I 0 83 27 .833 Ohio Slate . . . -I4 2 0 86 42 .667 Minnesota . . . 3 2 0 81 '15 .600 Wisconsin . . . '3 3 0 I0 63 .500 Indiana .... M2 JI I 50 67 ,333 Chicago . . I I- 0 39 83 .200 Iowa ....... 0 II I 0 75 .000 ILLINOIS .............. .................... I I 6 0 I8 134 .000 "'In1Iiana crualilml with one victory for winning "Round Robin" IllUl'l1ilI1It'lII. III inois . III inois . Illinois . IIIinois . 1931 VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD -. 20 51- I-UUIS ---------..... 0 IIIinois ............... 6 NOI'lIlWCSIBl'll ... .... 32 .. 0 I'urrIue ... . T Illinois ........... .. 6 Wisconsin ... . .. 7 . .. 20 Bracliey ... .. 0 Illinuis . 6 flhicago .... ... . I3 .. 0 Michigan ... ....... 35 Illinois .... .. 0 Ohio Slate .. ... 40 VARSITY 1W0O'I'BALI, 'PICA M ILLIO' 932 Lindgren Bnilork Rokosvk Fresc Perkins Muy Kennedy Pintt Sclmlk Hyink Nnsspiukcl Schnstuk Berry Kolfvnbuuk Hcdtko Straw XVnIser O'Ncill Cook Znvvku Ijnilluy Slmyply Bodmun Murray Murrinnr Evans O'Kccfe Carson Jackson -'EI PACE 211 134- ,fl film THE UNIVERSITY or ll.LlNols lttlo ori TH: GV' HONVAR D U, YOUNG flzlriw' fllulnlgfrr IIA It RY L. FRESH rlillllllflfl' FOCTBALL MANAGERS SENIOR manager, two juniors, and a staff of soph- omore assistants handle the training equipment, trans- portation problems, and hotel reservations of the Varsity foothall squacl. Usually from twelve to fifteen men make up the sophomore staff. Their cluties are composed largely of managing the equipment and keeping a record of each player. The juniors oversee the sophomores and assign the work to them. Junior managers are elected hy competition after a year's trial experience as a member of the sophomore staff. The senior manager is chosen from the two juniors by the University Athletic Council. He travels with the team on all their trips. George Huff is largely responsible for the managerial system now used, which makes the senior manager's position one of the most covctefl on the campus. SUl'll0MORl'I MAN.Uil'lI!S 1 UGENPI E. S'l'I'IPIlI'INS Junior flluluryvr Turner Mynnrd Spyru lictnr Clnussvn Sll0lxlIlIllit'l' Robinson llnvnnn-r Harrison lit-ull l4'unIknvr Nolan NVilt l5Uyl'r Blllllltl 9 O H T TWO ' lm! 212' x I L L I 0 F N I N E T E E N T I R Y - NOIS ILLI THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLI O OF'l E CASEY STRAW played in the backfield in high school, but this fall he was used mostly at center to help bolster up the line. Casey is a versatile football player and proved valuable this fall when Zup needed a man to plug up a gap. Straw turned in his best performance in the Michigan game, in which his blocking stood out prominently. STRAW, Cerriter LIN lVlURRAY played his lirst season for the Illini, and despite his injuries he turned in a creditable showing. Lin started the season at the center post. Later, when Schultz was injured, Murray was con- verted into a fullback, because of his speed and defensive ability. lVlurray will be back next year. IMU RRAYQ cemefand Fun Beat gl IVAN SCHUSTEK, playing his hrst season for Zuppke at one of the end positions, showed up well as a defensive player since there were very few ball carriers that ever got outside of him. With Schustek and Frink back, Zuppke should feel satisfied that the end posts will be well taken care of next fall. '1 SCHUSTEK, End OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -rfl l'.-wie 213 "A 932 Ili . Ill 1 ss ' 1 fe MAY, Center ACKSON, although not a natural athlete, turned in a very stteeessful season at tackle on Zuppke's eleven. lle was not outstanding, hut was very consistent and a very hard worker. .lamrkson was hest adapted to crashing through the line and hringing the hall carrier down. AY NllS9l'lCKEl., who spends his spring days training with the varsity haseball squad, is one of the graduating letternlen whose ahsence from the lineup will be keenly felt next fall. Hay shouldered and pushed his way into almost every play that eatne within his territory as a guard, and even tuade it a point to step ont of that position if he saw an opportunity to lay his hairy list on the hall carrier. OB MAY, another sophomore who muscled into the spotlight during his lirst year of eotnpetition, is the brother of "llorse'i May, lanky center on the varsity haskethall leant last year. lloh played center and guard with equal faeility, and although he weighed under l90 pounds, he was one of the harde'sl driving nu-u tu the lorward wall. D SCllAl,K is another of lhc fullback division who could hurrow his way through the opposing line when there appeared to he no opening ahead of him. Ile is a native of ffhatnpaigu, and was one of the forty-odd nten who had their first taste of xarsily eontpotilion during the past season, JAC KSON, Tackle p NUSSPlCKEL,C-iuarol BODMAN, Guard SCHALK, Fun Back lr CK HODMAN won a letter last year at one of the guard posts, and repeat- ed this year. Ark. one of the hast hlocking guards on the squad. played his hest gannv of the season against Chicago, TAN JENSON. performing for his second year as a regular, was always to he seen hohhing in and out along the line of scrinunage. sans headgear. ln addition to this pcrnliarity he had a hahit of talking incess- antly and gently twitting the opposing lint-. llc was one of the lightest guards who saw servive throughout the SHZISOII. -Lum .77 JENSON, Guard KOLFEN BACH, Full Back CARSON, Half Back KEEFE is a fighter through and through. Although exceptionally small for a linesman he won a place in the center of the line. llis determination and ability overcame his stature, and he was able to penetrate consistently the heavier lilies of the opposing teams. DWARD KOLFENBACII came out for the football leant about three weeks after the practice season had started, and showed plenty of stuff by way of line smashes and plunges. After Zuppke's regular full- backs had retired to the sidelines with various injuries, Ed was given a try at the post ami performed eapably enough to gain himself a letter and recognition among tlte sports writers. ,Vg et ,tg gg ,gre K i .X K t ' 1 is - f ,- 'af ft R15 ,f AUL CARSON a sophomore halfback with a taste for track, did his best work toward the middle of tlte season. Not a flashy player, but one who could be depended upon to see his duty and do it, Carson was consistently in there fighting it out with his opponents. ICRNON PERKINS, alias number 41, is a bulking sophomore guard who eatnc up from the freshman team last year. Hud- dled between center and tackle, Perkins had small opportunity to really stand out as a star, but he played a good, steady brand of football, and could be relied upon in the pinches. s. .I t i. F- GORENSTEIN, Guard PERKINS, Guard AM COIilCNS'l'l'IlN, burly 203 pound guard, and Stan Jensen, the swashbuck- ling Swede who took care of the other guard position, were known to Zuppke as "l'otash and PCl'lITlllilCI',,, because of their utter inseparability. They were tough cus- tomers, and sometimes provcd unplt-asantly boisterous to their opponents in tlte matter of pushing and shoving. OB IIORSLEY, the man who had the smallest feet on the squad and who weighed only lfl-9 pounds, proved to all critics that he made up for his lack of avoir- dupois with tremendous qualities of staunch fighting courage. YVhen the opposing lines- tnan was not too tall to see over, llob could sling a pass directly into the hands of a receiver. I O'KEEFE,Cer1terl HO RS LEY,Quc1rJcer Back for Wu' t if RED lRlNlx elected the most. valuable man to the squad for thc season of 1931 was the backbone of the line in smite of ,fy , Q FRI K End l'ZZY EVANS, one of the four graduating lettermen on the squad, was one of the hardest tacklers in the backfield, and could easily be distinguished when he was carrying the ball by his twinkling feet and his manner of throwing back his head to survey the field before darting around end or off tackle. COTT MARRINER is another boy who was 1101 content to bask in the reflected glory of l1is big brotlter. Les Marriner, the brother in question, created quite a repu- tation as an amateur boxer while in school. and later entered the professional ring where his conquests were numerous and successful. Scott held down the end post, aml was a product of last year's promising freshman squad. rf - t K' MARRIN ER, End ar1o'Totckle 'Y' I-'V 5 K .df -. -l the fact that he played one of the wing posts. Ile received mention in several all- conference selections as one of the outstand- ing ends in the Middle West, and was one of the most popular men on the squad with the fans because of his deadly tackling and ability to pick passes out of the air with his thumb and finger. ERMIE WALSER, a sophomore, played quarterback a good deal of the time. Ile was probably the best blocker on the team, standing out on defense and his ability to rttn interference. This was espe- cially true in the Northwestern game which was his best performance of the year. llc traded with Berry on the punting assignment when both were in the game. l evAN 5, Half Back I SNAVELY, Full Back WA LS ER,Quarter Bac IJ FNAVELY, serving his first term on the varsity team, was the heaviest man in Zuppke's string of seven full-fledged full- baeks. With a plunge like a fast-moving coal wagon. he performed in spectacular fashion against Coach llauley's Wildcats, and was perhaps the only man who could pierce the center of the l'urple's powerful forward wall. AVE COOK, a surprisingly bulky person to find in a llalfback position, followed the footsteps of his father, .lim Cook. '03. when he took up the pastime of football. The elder Cook was an outstanding star of the gridiron around l900. and brought the young David up to enjoy the thrill of the game and the feel of another fellow's finger in your eye. PIATT, Guar ORDON BAILEY, a second year man on tlte squad, shared with nine others tlte burden of tlte end positions, but was only one of four to carn a letter at that post. I'Iis best playing was done during lllff early games of the season, but hc was consistently in tlte thick of things throughout. ICK O'NElLL, one of tlte two men on tlte varsity squad whose names are out- standingly Irish, was one of the "Dutch Masters" most otttstanding sophomore tack- lers. Merely a glance at his name tells one that his football playing is featured by a great. deal of fight and gusto. Ilis home town is Ottawa. 2 O'N EILL, Center IN PIATT is a sophomore on the squad and one of tlte tive men to scale over V two hundred pounds in their stocking feet. Ilis bulk proved to be an obstacle to ltard driving hacks who attempted to smash a hole through his position at guard. ENNEIJY played tackle on this year's aggregation, and proved to be most valuable on defense. llis best perform- ance was in tlte Wisconsin gatnc, in which he crashed through the line and blocked a punt. This is Kennedy's last year with tlte team. lle hails from Dixon, Illinois. I KEN N EDY, Tackle . x, . Ya, H EDTKE, Center Q t ILL IIEDTKE, a hrawny, burly sophomore who has functioned as a center ever since his sophomore year at 'l'hornt,on Town- ship Iligh School, played ltis best game in the Conference opcncr at Purdue. Weighing 197 pounds in the raw, he presents a solid resist- ance to opposing hacklield men. Lll7l7 IIYINK, 203 pounds ol' right tgmklc saw his first service on tlte varsity lasi fall, and showed many a dazed oppq. nent to what advantage a set of hot-fy hips and shoulders could hc pttt hy way of clt-at-int' a path for an ofl'-tackle smash, or stncarin: a play on the right side ol' thc linc. llylink played consistently well all year. BAILEY, End HYI N K,TuckIe ff """"'-9, """" Tel' .I 0 'W J Above-Leaving his interference behind, Gil Berry slips through the entire St. Louis lcattl for at touchdown in the season's opener in the Memorial Stadium belore a crowd of students and 4,000 Boy Scouts, who were guests ol' the Athletic Association. In this game, Dare Cook accounted lor two toueltdowns. I J' Ln " Mn .ge l Above-Esterdahl ol Bradley seurries around right end for a short gain in a non-llonlerenee eontcst with the Peoria team, won by the Illini gridders, 20-0, for their second victory of tlte season. Iierry, Evans and Snavely pushed the ball over for Illinois' touchdowns, with Walser and llorsley contributing the extra points. Above-St. Louis players and the "Fighting Illini" make a mad scramble after a loose hall which escaped the grasp of an Illini back in the opening quarter of the game. The Billikens were unable to convert this wild break into a score, and the Illini won the encounter, 20 to 6. Above-Fred Frink snares a pass trom llorsley in the Purdue game at Ross-Ade Stadium, Lafayette, lnd. This was the first Conference contest for the Illini and the second game of the season, and with a lull quota of fresh, unbattered men the Illini played one of the best games of the year against the team which later became champions of the Big Ten, holding the stalwart Purdue aggregation to 7 to 0. Left-Moss of Purdue gets out into the open for a sizeable gain in the second period. Well co-ordinated interference and clever mixing up of running plays, plunges, and passes all contributed to give Purdue a 7-0 edge over the Illinois team. Purvis pushed over the Boilermakers' lone score, and llecker added the extra point. A '5 fn?-s. null ann an -AA an msn Above-Purvis of Purdue tries a ramble around right end, liut is dropped quickly hy Fred Frink. After this encounter, Illinois was predicted to have the strongest line in the Conference by leufllllg sports writers. Ileeker, brilliant young sopllotlwfc, WHS ille Slllf lrom the Purdue angle. Above-Fuzzy Evans takes the hall and gallops away for a nice gain in the second period of the scullle with Wisconsin on lJad's Day, 'Vovunber 7, in the Memorial Stadium. Berry and Horsley lmalllcd the Badgers with a heavy barrage of passes for almost the entire encounter, hut did not succeed in tossing their way to a victory after the score stood 7-6 in favor of the Cardinals. Right-Berry f10J, star Illini half back, is shown as he was being dragged down by two Wisconsin men after he had sifted through almost the entire Badger team for a gain of 25 yards, An unsuccess- ful try for a point after touchdown spelled deft-at for the Varsity after they had fought the Badger horde on even terms throughout the game. fllwvc-Sclineller ot' Wisconsin slides off tackle and heads for the open field, making a good gain. Schneller scored Wisconsin's only touchdown, with'or making the extra point to give the lladgers the victory. Gregory Kalmat, Wisconsinhs giant guard, smeared the play that cost the lllini their point after touchdown. 41.-q ' 4.-:Lu-' Q ' ' - wi 1- 4 1'- -A :ie-:Zur '2,,:1131i5Ar ,v, L. diff:-Q ',',y. K- ,s'g?f 1: fl."ll!'i 4A'il',' 'Vi-we -. .s 'u '- -iw--'1" - 2 415 .49 Q il 4.m.-- '.tf-ST"- it aku-it mwii.. M-.4 t at . it . . . jiftffg - ,Q '-if ' 'it-2:,fg'i':f-Y.'t'i'f -' 'Q qngx bltij a 1 f-his ',111' 1.1 'W - .'7"' I 'A "".w""' '- 'N "- '- " ' ' t .,:.. ' " '-A, '.- - .Jn f' ' ,. ,, .,J,1, Jllmvc-Dave Cook, stalwart lllini half back, attempts to skirt Mich- igan's right end, but is brought down at the line of scrimmage Cook's speed was greatly cut down during most of the sunsini because of n leg injury which he received in the opening -'tune with St. Louis. D About lhe Illini line holds fast as Olsen attempts to slash through in the last half. Illinois was slow in getting started in the first period, and the powerful Northwestern machine swept over and through the shifting Illini forward wall. A determined stand was ' made in the last of the encounter, and an aerial attack by the Olange and Blue culminated in a touchdown when Frink took a pass from Berry and fell over the goal-line for Illinois' only score. - ' ' 'ft -tg .egtttg-1 521 ,ffff , 'ji V, .Q Sf-M, 'yfaffkag - - f Q I I itz- arise ' -':':7'f5'?fi!Vi- 4 . ' E -,:f5555i3333?,j2j5 4' t' " , , ,.v 1- ", ' Above No. 1353 of Michigan lugs the hall around right end for a shott gain. Berry 1I0j, Frink 1203 and Hedtke 1171 are closing in to cut him down in the Homecoming game, October 25, in the Memorial Stadium. Berry and Frink were the outstanding Illini warriors in this fray, while Fay, Heston, Kowalik and Newman aided and abetted the cause of the Wolverines. i J in e ti 5 g ',,,f xgf Above-Dave Cook, carrying the ball. makes a spectacular effort to outrun the Wolverines on a sweeping play around end. On this play the Illini interference was completely swept aside by the hard driving Michigan linesmen, and Cook was left unprotected. The larger Michigan team swept the Illini off their feet and carried home a 35 to 0 victory. I I . . ' A -r-,., , wif., .:2T?'f4tf - 5 wi! deff' 'lf nm E ,mu jffigiik I -,..L,,1 'QU EH 'IL ' Above-Murray is brought down by two Chicago men just after receiving a short lob from Bcrry. Frink and Sehustek were the outstanding players in the line, repeatedly driving the Maroons back when they attempted sallies around the ends. Zenner and Wien dominated the line for the Chicago Varsity. Left-Berry getting under way early in the second quarter for a tour around end with Herman Walser 1421 running interference. Later in the game Snavely crashed through the center of the Wildcats' line for repeated gains with Hedtke opening up sizeable holes ahead of him. This attempted march down the field was checked by an Illini fumble near the Mid-stripe. Mpftl ella, Vw'-1 . G tw 'HQ-E. .QV Y' . sl 4 V .. -Q U I X N ix Vg: I I Vx V, I X A X x- V - 5 ' 'fi Q , Vx ,. 1 x if ...N 8 N R i 1 i.,t x x N 0-wifi N'-VV 'Q "NA" -m.. V - ' ' , 4 .biz-A .Q ' ' 'gf ,Q A -, - . W 'w rn' n X A 'Nw' :Q . VJ :. U Y , - ,, .- x 1 " ina-7' A Xia' "Uk 1 Q U ta' Y' i x V 1 -1. X 1 Q P 4 I , V . - X - - 'V q.. . W 'UQ 'Iwi arg , Vw-'nu-:,, r by A v1.g, V .x 4 7.1.1 :VVQ.:3'ffA',li,f,fq.UwG!V I .', 4,. "Q f-"-' 'W , ""' ,, .Q f 77' V4 V LU an 1 V-uf . - ,L 5, - ' . V U 5 f f . I 5- ' 'f,4..1.' 'I ' 4' -A ' ' .V fa -. F 4 'ivy' -.'YFAby's.r' V-. 1, w x V Y, i-,W ' LJ- W .15 . .e N . M", ,QV p I , .- V H+. gre. .f V "'N'Qffi3' M '- W, A -M ,, :Q .. , ,,,,i,.L .. .6 4. 5 as .Q ' N A . ff- yr " Avis.. .Ami if gf-XV,-...-1. Vw, 1,,1,., .-- . V-- . V-!,,.Ir- V A - . l Y X 1 1 ' .Q 1 Q5-PM ' ' xl'-vi-W.-"2. Y iw. . my .gr . ' ',,,f:.g ' V- yi.: it 1 ' I x E L4 ' -' F . . , .fy I . , KX J k J , ' Q4 A S . 'V x -3 T 5 x Sv ,G ,y V M - 'Vw f:XV.,,1 , . .4 I gy gl V Q.- M , A ' W E 1 -. - , - . ' . ""'4+..'.t1,," . - V.,.,-,..-h---g4L.,4- .' , . ,V an ,' -Jw .L 4 ' . .' w" 1 ., f ,wh n , V. V ' +V.-1.-,.. . V, ' ' .A ff -,, v-'i:+,,1l' r l .. . 1:-' z-.wgww V+ n , . ,., 4 ' . ' - ..w,- . 1 .:-A .- 4. .' z' .. . I . .. ... u-.- - .. V . . . . . 1-". .V A . -Y" .. --F P , s..-14, - .5 ,L , . .. A". .. -1, , a , wc V- -fV ff." ,r V. V .',1," , ---, -- '- -3. A V. '-ff-f 1.fS'fQ-f-2-'7",6i5u vii' .. ... V, -g ' f--.1 1. f ,. ,- M. FJKT '-, 52 :45q3fV.k 5' 'f . m.,-,w -'A -.I ,fV.h- - 3' ' ,J 3.54 iw ff-,.'if'w , Af 5... V fn fn. '. , ...ef .., " In if ..w""'J' The shrill insisfence of fhe referee's whisfle . . . fhe swiflness of li+he bodies whirling by . . . +he hush al' 'lhe free- 1'hrow line . . . +he roar of 1'he crowd as a score is made . . . Baslcerball ai' Illi- nois . . . QR W Z WILLIAM HOHENZOLLERN vf -al N 5 52 Xifj Rf BASKETBALL MARY ALEXANDER DISRAELI COLUMBUS PAUL ARTHUR clcERo ISABELLA LORD NELSON i THE U NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I9 ILLIO VARSITY BASKETBALL P .1 yt if Y, 3 n I . I 1 . J N , , 1 K 5 Q i J. CRAIG RUBY " Courl: "CRAIG" HE 1931-32 basketball season was marked by flashes of brilliant play and by spasmodic spells of ragged basketball, which were finally overcome to land the Illini in the first division. The Rubymen lost several heartbreaking one-point games, and were only twice defeated by more than three points. ' The Orange and Blue team fully demonstrated its strength by administering the only defeat of the season to Purdue, the Conference winner. Coach Craig Ruby lJl1llI his team around three seniors, Capt. "Babe" Kamp, Bob Kamp and George Fencl, and these men, with 'LRed" Owen, "Cas" Bennett and "Huddie" Hellmich, were the mainstays of the team throughout the season. At the start of the season this aggregation looked unbeatable, but the early season injury of Capt. Kamp, and unpredictable errors of play kept the Illini from obtaining the coveted position at the top of the conference. Despite the fact that the Indians were handed five defeats, they were defeated twice by only one team, in a schedule of six home and home games. They swept their series with two teams, and split the remaining through interchanges. The Illini only dropped one game on their home floor, and that was lost by a one-point margin to Ohio. NENV UYLINASIUM. OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO 'Ziff . .z PAGE 224 if Mit I I W 32 ,V I THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS ILI.Io OF1 VARSITY BASKETBALL I is ' ELBERT B. KAMP ..BABEn Captain BIG TEN BASKETBALL STANDINGS 'IIOTAL 0PI'0Nl'lN'l'S' YVON LOST PERCENTAGE P?12ljg'1'S POQSETS Purdue ...... 11 1 917 Minnesota . . . 9 750 332 Northwestern 9 759 Michigan .... 8 661 323 'ILLINOIS ... 7 583 3 Ohio State 5 4-17 333 Indiana .... 4 -333 351 Iowa .... 3 250 338 Wisconsin ................. 3 250 280 Chicago . . . ............................. 1 083 281 1931-32 VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Illinois St. Louis 17 Illinois 29 Bradley ..... . . . Illinois Miami . . 19 Illinois 26 Ohio State . . . . . illinois Butler . .. 22 Illinois 23 Minnesota . . . . . . Illinois Cornell . . 23 Illinois 29 Michigan .. Illinois . . Ohio State 29 Illinois 26 Minnesota . . . Illinois .... Purdue . . 21 Illinois 19 Purdue . . . . Illinois .. Indiana . 22 Illinois 4.1 Chicago .. Illinois .. Michigan 28 Illinois 33 Indiana .. . Illinois . ............,.. CIUCBE0 - 20 9 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Ruby Fcncl BIITIIIOIOIIICXX' Moore Smiley Subo Bennett R. Kamp E. Knmp Owen Hollmivh ll.l.IOiOFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -IGI PAGE 225 E+ Z ' 1 IIN Y ,I f 9 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I932 EDGA Ii B. SM ILE Y Mn im tll'l' BASKETBALL MANAGERS AST spring a change was instituted in the basket- ball managerial staff. In former years the bas- ketball senior manager was the only person directly in charge of the equipment oi' the team on trips and during practice periods. Seeing the need for a more highly organized stafl' to take care of the manifold duties connected with the managing of a major team, the Athletic Association ruled that the senior manager should be assisted by two junior managers who should be selected from the sophomore managers of baseball, football, or track. JOHN R. SAWTEIIL EARL S. AN'1 Junior' 1I1fIlIll!Il'1' Junior MGIIH!Il'!' Tho Varsity Qin while shirtsb work thc ball down under the lmskct. for u short shot. 'ILLIO OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO -:El PACE 226231- THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS II.I.Io OF1 DA VIII M. 1SUl.l.Ot'K Tl'Hl'lll'f FRESHMAN VARSITY BASKETBALL . IFTEEN freshmen, selected by Coach Sabo as the .. ,. best basketball players in the freshman class, were awarded numerals in basketball this year. In their - daily practices during the season, they were taught the plays of other Big Ten teams, which they then tried out on the varsity. ln this way the frosh were a big factor in developing the Rubymen's defensive play for conference competition. Heidrick was elected by the members of the squad as the honorary captain. Freshman basketball is an important adjunct to Coach Ruby,s basketball system, J JOHN P. SABO FI'c.v1Imm1 Cnurh as it gives him an opportunity to size up and develop future varsity material. JICROMIII J. JORDAN A.vxi.vl1IIrt Coarlr Varsity and l"I'oshnn1n jump nt i'Clll1'l' to start Il mid-wc-I-I: sc-I'iInnn1I.:e. ILLIOIOFNINETEENTHIRTY-TW +35 l'AcI-: 227 22+ 9 f I IIOFFER of Ohio tossed a basket in the last minute of play to defeat the Illini I It in their opening game on the fourth of January. Bob Kamp scored six baskets and one free throw to gain high scoring honors, but Ohio took the game, 29 to 28. 1 IND: FENCL, Forward! ri ,pf N a surprising upset Illinois, on January 9, Q4 defeated Purdue 28 to 21 for their first if conference victory of the season, and for the only setback handed the winners of the conference title. The Illini held the Boiler- makers to a single basket in the first half, due in a large measure to Bob Kamp's great defensive work in guarding Wooden. 1 -"Ja"-,.' A ,.t,.,mg,,-,, BABE KAM P, Forward Yi X ,fl ICIIICAN, on January 18, handed the ixbvifli Illini their second defeat of the L' season, 28 to 16. Captain Daniels of Michigan, in a sudden return to form, led his team to victory with six baskets and four free throws to duplicate the score of the entire lllini team. ""' HE ILLINI journeyed to Bloomington on i January 11 to take their third start of the season from Indiana, 30 to 20. Fencl, assuming the injured Captain Kamp's forward post, led the lllini in scoring with four bas- kets and two free throws. w 544-41 1 HELLMICH, Center .1 :av- . I? V I , 1. I A 1 4? -g lu MOORE,Cen'terI LLINOIS defeated Chicago twice during the season. January 23 the Illini were vic- torious 30 to 20 in a raggedly played game. The Orangemen journeyed to the Windy City on March 5, and handed the Maroons a 41 to 20 setback in a game which was notable only for the 34 personal fouls called. HIO State dropped the Rubymen into the second division with a 29 to 26 score to open the second semester Play. Owen led the Illini to an early advan- lage with four baskets and one free throw, but the Buckeyes again staged a belated rally, coming from behind in the last four minutes I0 win. '95 ' . "Q, ,tr ,,t Owe N, ca as rdf I 'yu ,Af qv. V., I al. I - l t n E Rubymen traveled to Lafayette on February 29 to lose a return engagement to the Riveters, 34- to 19. Wooden made six baskets and one free throw to lead his team in a flashing attack which at no time gave the Illini a chance to threaten. " 1. All C 'e ,lljllfl i QW 'F I Isola KAMP, Guard, -Q-f""" ELLMICH scored eight baskets to lead the Illini in their 29 to 23 revenge upon Michigan on February 20 in Champaign. Coach Ruby did not find it necessary to make a substitution, as the Wol- verines secured the lead only once for a one point lead at the half. INNESOTA and Illinois split their home and home series. The Illini, at Urbana on February 15, did not permit the Gophers to make a field goal in the first 37 minutes to win, 23 to 15. On their home floor, however, Minnesota gained re- venge by taking a heartbreaking, see-saw con- test, 27 to 26. ll BEN N ETT, Forwa rd APTAIN Kamp led his team to victory against Indiana in his last inter-colle- ,giate game. After a listless first half, both teams swept into action in a flashing final period which kept the spectators in uproar until the final gun sounded with the Illini leading, 33 to 32. I BA RTN o tom EW, Forward I t .r + Spikes crunch upon 1'he cinder pafh . . . hurdles cleared, bars surmoun+ed . . . a javelin quivers in +he sod . . . speed mafched wi+h speed and brawn wifh brawn . . . The gun! and 1'he race begins . . . WILLIAM HOHENZOLLERN 5 TRACK MARY ALExANnfER DISRAELI COLUMBUS PAUL A K RTI-lun clceno ISABELLA LORD NELSON 'I' I'I E U var ' i CYMIIIN ILLIO NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I93 VARSITY TRACK IIARRY I.. GILIJ ' Coach GILL LLINOIS, outdoor track team placed second in the Big Ten Meet held at Evanston May 23, 1931. Wisconsin edged out the Illini for their first win since 1916, either the Gillmen or Michigan having won each meet since then. The indoor track team did not fare so well at the meet held at Ann Arbor on March 5, 1932, as they finished fourth. Indiana, Michigan, and Minnesota led them in the summary of points. Verne McDermont, king of the air and captain of the outdoor team, was a consistent winner, being bested only in the conference meet. The four-mile relay team composed of Gould, Carrison, Woolsey, and Evans showed their heels to everyone against whom they ran, including the con- testants in the Kansas, Drake, and Ohio State relays, and establishing a new intercollegiate record for that event. Lee Sentman also continued to his record-breaking career by tying the wor1d's record in the 120 yard high-hurdles at the conference meet. Other consistent point-getters were Woolsey, Purma, Bertlesman, and Hills. Captain Purma led the indoor team, and was aided by such able scorers as Woolsey, who added another reco1'd to his string, 1.ennington, Cook, and Etnyre. I"IilCSIIMAN VARSITY TRACK SQUAD, 1931 Q9 L. Turner Hellinich ltlnrtin Jones Kxunm Smith Boyd Piutt Snively Blunck Zahn Burnett Smiley Werner Carroll Boon Lnlloi Ostnszewski Adams Rollins Swann Lnvickn Stnrrett Seely Christen Pfister Murphy Osborn Spalding Scott Jackson Grometer J. Turner Wellhn-usen Swnnlunrl Savage Hamilton Cook Leak Lindsey llnrhnngh Peterson West Hnnnwnlt Wntlnnd Robey OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO +G! PAGE 232 E+ THE unlvsnslrv or lLLlNols lttlo or1 FRANK L. PURMA '-FRANKIE' C"P"'f" VAR S ITY TRAC K BIG TEN OUTDOOR TRACK 1931 BIG TEN INDOOR TRACK 1931-32 Wisconsin ............................... 46 Indiana ----- ----- ---------------.-...... 2 7 M5 ILLINOIS , , , ..... 39515 Michigan . . . . . . .27 Michigan .,.. ..... 3 8 Minnesota .... ,,,, 1 2 Indiana . , , ..... .... .... 1 025 Qhio State ' ' I .,,,, 27M Wisconsin .... , , , , 10 Iowa ...... ..... 2 4 Iowa ...... .... 8 Minngsgta , , ..... State .... ,,,, 7 Northwestern ..... 12 Purdue .... ,.,, 7 Chicago .... . . . 5 Chicago ------ - - . - 3 Purdue . . . ...... 3 Northwestern , , , , 0 VARSITY TRACK TEAM, 193 1 9 32 Jameson Lenington Lindall Gould Murllhb' Woolscy Benninger Line Sejlm Werner Barron Robinson Asper Purmu Hills Hampton Hollingsworth Peteiish Gill ' 'Fockstein Duncan F S GREG Senimlln McDermont Kelly Cuve C ULLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO . f 1 -421 PAGE 233 Ek- X Oz WIN THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Il.l.lO OF19 7 " ig . .lm .1 . 'V ' 4 , , ..: -. 'VW ,gt . Q, ,. EY." '- - ,Q QQ ya -. 4 Vi ".. A 1" "'f , vw, l' - V ,' ..L - .f C' ' '4 r -' ,"l"' 1" , ...QV .,. . ' V , -,.r . 6, 4 N' rv mf, X, .1 e.,v.,, N Iv ' , ,t 'V' I v 7' N r 1 v- in N' 1. . , V - ' 'V N' J " vw. il' :- TYYV. 5 yvvi . I r W 'uri' . W'- m 1.1" i ' I 1 vi N . ,, ': ' 7' Y 'Q it , 0 at 's- y W r ' I A L' u ' t A " P kr Q LEONARD W. TE LLEE N LUCIUS D. TURNER Manager TRACK MANAGERS HIC management of track is handled by approximately fifteen sophomores, two juniors, and one senior. In the fall a great deal of time is spent with the cross-country men. It is necessary for the managers to lay out the course, time the men, and look after the equipment. At the end of the cross-country season, the sophomores are drafted to the basketball court. Here they trade oft work with the soph- omores of baseball and football. At the beginning of the second semester, active work is begun in the armory on indoor track, and as soon as this season is over the outdoor festivities begin, and the man- agers are kept busy until the end of the school year. The sophomore managers handle the physical work such as setting up hurdles, raking pits, and taking care of equip- ment in general, while the Juniors direct the sophomores, time the tryouts, keep the records, and direct the running oil' of home meets. HAROLD H. MOUNT Junior llflalragfnr Junior Manager SU PHOMORE TRACK MANAGERS 'Fhorson J. Nt-lsun Cruickslmnnk Sr-hildberg Potter Lyons Simon lCll'llCllil'illlI lt. Nelson Gonscth Glnssvock ILI.lO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO V7 ffm -vi! PAC:-1 234 lie- l O. uw IO 7 J THE UNIVERSITY or ILLI 1'-sf Dow , ", vos v. , -' iklllllfl .t -. 9 J I 'Y f J r ' I Al. lu' L . ,, P ' . 'T as , f - ,,.,.,:.: .,. N., ,. -- - - rg. " ff Y A , . ,. ,Q ,.4, . .vw it -, '-'::,- fupffq -A V1 q I 'W' I ' , 1 P , I- 4 ,w . J V V m,,g k . W, - -. , . rf- ,, W., ,. -'Q' - u 5 .vw ,' 1 t 4 . T0l1ll'l.' outstanding speedstvr the Michigan team, uopping 100 ynrd dur-ih nn the CHARLES D. NVERNER I"re.vl1man Conrll VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY HE Illini cross-country team placed fourth in the Big Ten harrier meet at Iowa City, Novem- ber 23, 1931, to retain their standing in the first division of the conference. Indiana took the title for the fourth consecutive year, followed by Wis- consin, Michigan, and Illinois. The harriers opened their season Oct. 17 in a quadrangular meet at Evanston. Wisconsin was the victor, followed by Notre Dame, Illinois, and North- western, in the order named. Captain Woolsey led the Cillmen by taking fifth place, and was trailed by West, Smith, Lane, Lindall, Munnis, Tockstein, Fisher, Petersen, and Demorest. For the second consecutive year, Illinois won their triangular meet with Michigan and Ohio. Captain Woolsey again led his team across the line to take second place. Line took third, West and Munnis tied for fourth, Smith was fifth, and Lindall was sixth. VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY SQUAD Nous lttlo or19 Svllfflllltll defending' his liulrols in the high hurdle rave nguinsg Michigan M" 4 Fisher West Gill Smith Lindull '1'm-ner Tockstein Demorest Line xvgqlgpy Peterson Munnis ILLIOIOFNINETEENTHIRT -TW B 32 -'Til PAGE 235 lit' 1 F lm Y 0 ERMAN ROBINSON was a consistent point-getter for Coach Gill in the jav- elin, and placed second in the outdoor conference meet at Evanston with a toss of 176 feet, SW inches. ST, Cross Count OY ETNYRE was the premier Illini hurdler this year after the loss of Lee Sentman. Roy won a first in the Indi- ana-Illinois dual meet, and placed fourth in thc conference finals. ROBINSON Mg, SW. W9 9 if 145' . ,-43. th ,jk 'Az' . u - za, , 1- Ili. w w X .A uw.. , i g. 'SEQ , S, ' Eg- 11 5 'M 1 -'-'?Q't.?.Al.,i.l. I 1' " Wh ,Ma . .l . fy :gr-my "' ' , . ,XII . 5 'rf 2 'rm ' ' ' 1 i , l Javelinj ILL WEST won his letter in cross-country this fall. Next to Captain Woolsey, Bill was the most consistent performer for the Orange and Blue harriers. yi. V 1, .. V i 2 Nr J' QJIETNYRE, Hqgdipiies -g T-,...' VARSITY QARRISON, Relays ENRY CARRISON was a member of the famous four-mile relay team which won records at the Drake and Kansas relays. Carrison was a senior last year, and will not be available this spring. TRACK LIN E, Cross Country P lil., ROLD LINE has twice won his letter by giving needed strength to Illinois cross-country team. Line was one of the leading two-mile racers of the lndoor season. L- in WOO LS EY, Cross Cou ntry V, ,A ,, ,, .,,. t -....-.-:.T. . . E... - .3 ' S. L., M' W, ' ., ,I -T 1' 'fs . ly, ,- K f .... AVE COOK was second only to Clarence Munn of Minnesota in the shot put, and won all first places in the three meets held in the indoor seasons. His best effort was 46 feet, 8M inches. X4 U LIN DA LL , Cross Country it r "M -M' A' 1 lt?-ignite.. EAN WOOLSEY broke the Illinois in- door record in the mile when he defeated Henry Brocksmith, conference champion, in the time of 4:17.2, clipping 5.6 seconds off the time which he himself set a year ago. Woolsey was also captain of the cross-country team. .X 3 Ucoon sm Por REDDY LINDALL, who placed fourth in the half-mile at Evanston last May, was one of the better middle distance runners. Freddy was handicapped during the indoor season by an injured leg. Eli SENTMAN hrokc a score of rt-cords in the lturdle races, and was recognized as one of the best in the nation. Among Sentman's outstanding performances are his equalling of tlte world record, 14-.4 seconds, in the 120 yard high hurdles in the outdoor conference, and his establishing of a new rec- ord, 9 seconds, in the 75 yard high hurdles. ,-51 LENNtNeToN,P0nt-zvauntl t if EORCE BERTELSMAN was a con- sistent point winner for Illinois in the hroad jump. Ccorge placed third in the conference meet with a leap of 23 feet, in inches. I5 E NT M A Nszfl VIS' ',9?.li KE LENNINCTON, although handicapped with an infected foot during the indoor soa- son, was the leading Illinois vaulter. llis hest vault was 13 feet, 4- inches against ln- diana indoors. Lennington tied for fifth last May at Evanston. f I .' I' .... t J ,,. I tb-QL ff' lfg ' I A ' ' 'tc- A , K, K J' 34-,mf 1. '1 1. ' I BERTELS MAN, Broad Jump ll MuNNss,cf0Ssc0untfy VARSITY C IM MUNNIS won his letter as a member of the cross-country team. ,lim was par- ticularly adaptcd to the longer distances because of his physical strength and stamina. I 53 if QQQ5 TRACK CX Sa 5 hes IM CAVE, captain of the track team, was the leading sprint man of the Illini. His best races were at Indiana in a triangular meek when he sped 100 yards in :09.6, only One-fifth of a second more than the wor1d's record, and traveled the 220 in :21.3, a new Indiana record. MCDERMONT, Pole Vault .:,f.sB'1a- EITH HAMPTON was a member of the mile relay team, and placed in most of the Illinois meets. He is a member of Sachem and Ma-Wan-Da. ERNE MCDERMONT broke the Illinois carnival record last year, and was the only consistent rival of Tommy Warne of Northwestern. McDermont's Illinois carni- val record is 13 feet, BIA inches. Il HAM Prom, meshes ARL DUNCAN, a winner of an "I", was one of Illinois' leading broad-jumpers and placed frequently in the meets. In addition, he was a member of the relay team. Wl1i+e shirfs under a warm, May sun . . . +l1e baHer nervous, +ense . . . +l1e infield calls encouragemenf . . . 'Far our, 'rl1e grass is green and cool . . . The umpire 'I'l1rows oul' a wl1i+e, new ball . . . I , 4 nk'H-- Anhuvw .j' -"M " 5'5" 1nQ,Hf" ' 1, neon-1 ,341 .. ', 1-'I My I ' ' 3 In -.-' - .. -' -- A. .ASS-,fl 3? ,',"1-.,,:.' . ,V 43 A-by-2-1 hr! .ff " ' . ' A ' ' '-"- w-' "ww 1 ulia' qi- V . , . I--J BASEBALL THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1932 will L lt . w k 4 yN2'0, 'Sw' K li W if ?-F540 . ll CARL L. LUNDGREN ' ' V Com: -'i.UNnv" VARSITY BASEBALL ED by Captain Eddie Tryban, and George Mills, pitching ace for the Illinois team, the Illinois nine walked off with another Big Ten Conference Championship under its belt. Winning eight games and losing but two, the Illini nosed out the hard-hitting Chicago aggregation which won the same number of games as the Indians, but was defeated three times. Illinois accounted for two of the three defeats given to Chicago last season. Wisconsin, Con- ference Champions from the previous season, gave the Fighting Illini a lacing, 8 to 3. Ohio administered the Illini's other defeat, 10 to 5. Illinois retaliated with victories over both teams. Building his team around such sterling hitters as Fuzak, Tryban, Mills, and Cbur, Coach Lundgren worked his boys into shape at an early date. The Lundymen opened the Big Ten race by giving the Wildcats a I5 to 4 drubbing. This winning stride was continued until the later part of the season, when the Illinois team dropped its two conference defeats. FRESIIMAN VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD Schncklin Mnsek Morgan Hartrnnft Orr Sogolow Luetzelschwub Mundt Doherty Gilroy Russell Pfeffer Schroeder Fencl Kobzu 'Poncoff Picco Pimperl Carlson S eminntkowski Schustek Frink Metz I.IO OF NINETEEN THIRTY- -'El PACE 242 IZ'- TWO 6 ITHE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS ILI.Io or 1932 I 1 ' VARSITY BASEBALL 4 , X X - ' 1 D " Ir. uf 1 5 uf 'P' I jiri.. - - 'w i if '-I '72, 7" M 44 ,JP af. 3 5- f I Q fe 5. L.. .- I I IQDWAIID E. TIIYBAN "EDDIE" Cllfifaiu BIG TEN STANDINGS Xlgm L15-It Perccgbaigo W- . Xgon List PCFIEIEQIQC IS .... . . . . ISCOIISIH . . . . I ...... . . . 8 3 .728 Indiana . . . .. . 4 Northwestern , , , . . . 6 3 .667 Minnesota . . . . . . 2 ' 4 2 .667 Iowa .... .. 1 gliiiiggg' I Q, .......... 5 4 .555 Purdue .............. .. .... . 0 ' 1931 VARSITY BASEBALL RECORD llljnojg , , , . . 73 Mississippi A. 81 M. ...... 2 Illinois ................ 3g Purdue . . . . . Illinois . .... 65 University of Mississippi. 0 Illinois .......... .... I 0g Michigan . . . Illinois , , , .... 23 University of Alabama. . . 6 Illinois . . . . . lg Ohio . . . . . Illinois , , . . . . 59 University of Alabama.. . 6 Illinois . . . . . 3g Hosei . . Illinois ... .. 5g Mississippi A. 8: M. .... 2 Illinois . .. .. 43 Hosei ... .. Illinois , , , .... 123 Mississippi A. 81 M. .... 3 Illinois . . . . . 93 Michigan . . . Illinois . . . .... 15g Northwestern ..... ..... 4 Illinois . . . . . 59 Ohio . . . . . Illinois , , , .... 103 Bradley .......... .. . 5 Illinois . . . . . 95 Purdue . . . . . Illinois . . . .... 33 Chicago . . ........... 2 Illinois ....... . . 3g Wisconsin . . Illinois . . . .... 85 Chicago ............... 6 Illinois ........ . . 8: Wisconsin . . RESERVE TEAM RECORD Illinois . . . .... 14: Cllanute Field ......... l Illinois ........ .... 3 g Bradley . . . . Illinois ... . . .- 9g Lake Forest College .... 2 Illinois ....... .... l 0: Chanute Field Illinois . . . . . . 75 Indiana Stale .... . . . . . . I VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD S I ....... ---E Wnhl Kott Bisbee Chervinko Swanson Muck Wrobke Depken Smith Fierberg Lundgren Brown Wieso Pike Goldstein Bartulis Carr Szmngnj Rosenfeldt. Brinn Flngg Fissinger Jordon Peterson Fencl Nusspickel Fnzuk Rosenthal Witte Tryhun Hazzard Steucrnagel Troch Gbur ll.l.l0.0FNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -Il PAGE 243 A- , N .gffll I- THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLI WALTER E. BUSKER Junior Illanager Til-IWIS D. PRING zlluuayvr BASEBALL MANAGERS ASEBALL managers are kept busy throughout the school year. Soon after school starts in the fall, baseball is resumed at Illinois Held, and the team usually get in two months practice before cold weather drives them inside. The sophomore man- agers report at the first call for baseball practice, and at the end of two weeks the staff is usually complete with 12 to 15 sophomore men. One of the duties of the baseball managers is to usher at the football games held in Memorial Stadiumg the Junior baseball managers have charge of all the ushering in the stadium. For a short while during the winter months the baseball man- agers are left to enjoy their leisure, but this is a short-lived holiday for early in March the baseball team is sent outside, and from then until the end of the school year the baseball managers are kept busy every afternoon. SOPIIOMOR 111 MANAG NRS NOIS ILLIO OF19 EUGENE W. GESSLER ,lunior Manager Fivld Marshall Blunivnknmp Hobo Folger Mun-113 .ILLIO OFNINETEENTHIRTY Two 0 ml I Am-, 244 ,1- V M 4 THE UNIVERSITY OF r :Ev . .U . A , .'Lr3'..':5,-.2 Y .- J , , f in 'A ,np - 7- ' - D.. 4 g-r A111 .s,-V.-. - . nf-5,1 1 455' ..,1f.,3 .A ry qv. - ., Qr-. ,L Y, s:a,1.,-5,,ggr-.12.1'3f"+ff.'+1 f" H I' ', "-.."5iq!'r-'- ri 424. wen .'T'-27+ ff - t A :I v:..rls5tL:,,:y:.PA,,q . fi- gmwi -1 ,Q4'4,,1-,125 'u ' ' ., ,y pw' i.A ..:. il.. q M- ,3.f:i:,!':. A, . Illinois starts the season by conquering Northwestern, 154 -1 Lundgren nnd the Hosei Captain VARSITY BASEBALL ARLY in March Coach Carl Lunclgren gathered his baseball cohorts and journeyed to the south- land, where they opened the season by trouncing Mississippi A. and M., 7 to 2. The next day they repeated by a 6 to 0 score over the University of Mississippi. The Indians then moved over to the University of Alabama, where they took it on the chin in two straight games. Before returning home, they stopped long enough to defeat the Mississippi A. and M. team twice. Near the later part of the season, the Illini en- tertained the Hosei ball players of Japan. Previous to these depressing years, it has been the custom for Illinois baseball teams to travel to Japan one year and entertain a Japanese team in Champaign the following season. Two games were played last spring with the Hosei team, and the Illini had to put forth their best ball of the spring to barely nose out the Japanese crew by a one run margin in both games. H O S E I 'I' ICA M ILLINOIS ILLIO OFT NL Hosei player out on a close play at first base 9 32 0 H T T W 7 'IPAU 2451 II.I.IO FNINETEENT IR Y- Q OFWM 4 WL 0-CAPTAIN George Mills has heen the mainstay of the illinois pitching staff for the past two seasons. Coupled with his ability on the mound, he is one of the surest hitters on the squad and was consid- ered one of the most valuable players to his team in the Big Ten. As a consequence, hc was selected as pitcher on the first All-Confetv em-e team. WAHL,Thnrd Bose DDIE WAHL covered the territory adja- cent to third base and did his duty in a fashion that belied all derogatory com- ment. He played almost every position on the diamond during the early part of the season, but when Lundy found that he could jump higher, reach farther, and throw faster from third than from anv other sack, he made that l7fddie's regular herth. UBBY STEUERNAGLE, who performed in great style in the outfield last season, was one of those boys who can always he counted on for a hit or two in the proper place during every game. He swatted the ball around the park with such consistcncv that he placed among the first ten hitters in llle Conference. 1 HAZZARD, PitcherIi""' 4 s . Q, , X fx ., - e f 3- . , 1' ' ' ir? M it Mitts. Pitcher and First Base ..1-'4tLL.if:Lf...1t1, - ' L HAZZARD, a lanky right-handed twirler, turned in a creditable showing last season, despite the fact that he was ailing with a had knee and sore right arm. His best performance was in the Chicago game when he silenced the big guns of the Maroon aggregation after they had batted two other Illini pitchers out of the box. V N :-li. f fi K Q STEU ERNAGLE.Ou'tfield . , Y' in G BU R, Second Base t DDIE GBUR, after spending his first year as a substitute infielder for Capt. Try- ban, broke into the big time last season as second baseman for the Lundymen, and performed in handsome style throughout the year. Eddie had a bit of trouble with his batting eye at the opening of the season, but after he started to click he stood well up in the column. ITRYBAN, short stool "Yli7fTVFT' ALLY BRINN, a senior last year. functioned as part-time catcher, sharing this duty with Paul Cher- vin o, chunky sophomore flash. When not crouched behind the plate Wally was shoved in to hit in the pinches, where he usually came through. APTAIN Eddie Tryban, who was con- sidered the most outstanding shortlstop in thc Conference had an exceedingly successful season, last year, allowing Oni! three fast ones to slip through his fingers during the season. Besides being the ace of Rig Ten short stops, he was a deadly hitter. i 3- Ita , I FENct.,sootfaela I ' '17 ',..i . "'- IMF' BRIN N, Catcher - s. , . c- ,.,-,....--1l qn....,.,...1 Rvmxo Catcherlt 'W W t HE , M ' W -4 i'V. xiii-lS" "'l'l'i.d EORCE FENCL who doubled as an outfielder and infielder during the hulk of last year's schedule, was one of the fastest base-runners that Lundy has had for some time. One of his best exhibitions of this art camo when he stole home in the North- western encounter. N 2 .I if Ji tulmm1"al1 lBARTuL1s, Pitcher OE BARTULIS, another one of Lundy's string of pitching aces, delivered consist- ent hall all season. His outstanding per- formance was in the Purdue game when he fanned eight Boilermakers to win the game, 9 to 2. .loe was lost to the squad this year. since he is training with the pitching staff of the Chicago White Sox. AUL CHERVINKO, serving his first year on the Varsity, performed as regular hackstop throughout the season. He was considered one of the best catchers in college baseball, as was evidenced by the fact that he was mentioned on one of the All-American selections last year. fx Above-Tryban leads off with a single in the fourth inning to start the rally which carried the lllini on a wave of victory to swamp Purdue, 9 to 2. Tryban led the hitting with three singles. lle crossed the plate three timcs and drove in three teammates, account- ing for six of the nine runs scored against the Boilermakers. -sw . .r ,Q t Above-Fuzak circling the bases on a line drive that carried him around to third in the Michigan encounter. The Illini won undis- putvd lead of the Conference when they dropped the unbeaten Wol- vcrinc aggregation, 10 to 6. in this game. Fuzak and Tryban led the hitting with three blows apiece. while George Mills capably handled the relief assignment to receive credit as the winning pitcher. Above-Bartulis scampcrs home with the final run of the game in the Purdue fracas, won hy the lllini by the punishing score of 9 to 2. .loc turned in one of his finest pitching performances of the season when he held the Riveters to six scattered hits. He silenced eight of the hig guns of Purdue hy the strikeout route. -we Above-Tryban bangs out a single in the Chicago game, scoring Witte and giving the Illini an 8-6 win over the Maroons. The Varsity converted 13 hits into their eight runs, while Chicago crossed the plate six times and got 10 hits. Hazzard was the winning pitcher, having taken over the mound duties when Mills and Wiese could not manage the Maroon hatsmen. Left-Mills is shown stepping around first base on his circuit clout in the Bradley game, which lllinois won by the handy score of 10 to 5. The lllini got double value out of the eleven hits each that hoth teams scored, bunching them in the crucial moments while Bradley scattered its shots to hring them to no account. Bartulis was the winning pitcher. I '--t M ' " --X7-at Above-Mills slashes ineffectively as the third strike comes whizzing over the plate in the Chicago game. Illinois nosed out -the powerful Maroon aggregation, 8 to 6, after nine innings of furious ball. A Chicago rally in the ninth inning was safely averted after three TUIIS had been scored. 4 r-H A501 -we 3HlQ Q r .N A ,. ,.,.,.,,.. Q ,., h mv- f , z,,t' ' " " . . ,,, - ,,, 5 1-,-raw, 4 - sv- -.v --w---5-,we-.wt , . ' --ww-gi?-.-far ff.: ,.ft,,,'j'f'Z-57' ,lk--1 4 fs ' .J It " '. 3 ,. 'J' ' U..-I ,.g f, YZ x- ,. in ,-. -t .....,.. - -. N Above-Williams, hrawny Purdue slugger, nicks the hurling of Bartulis for a single in the ninth inning in a vain attempt to over- come lllinois' 9-l li-ad. Williams added the final Purdue tally which brought the score to 9 to 2. Weaver of Purdue led his teammates in hitting with three blows out nf their total six. Williams contributed two and llessinger slapped out one. Right--Fuzak romps home after a trip around the bases on a circuit clout off Kruft, Northwestern hnrler. Fuzak cracked out five hits in five times at bat for a total of 13 bases. He got a single, a double. a pair of triples. and a home run. lle carried a double assignment in this game when he played hrst base and later left fit-Id. Above-Fuzak takes a generous lead off first base in the North- western game. The Illini trimmed the claws of the Wildcats, 15 to 4, rolling up the highest and most lop-sided score of the- season on a Conference foe. Mills allowed nine hits, but kept them scattered to prevent Northwestern from making any sort of a rally. The Illini battered three Wildcat pitchers for l3 blows. Above-Fujii, star fielder of the Japanese baseball team from Hosei University of Tokyo, Japan, slides safely into first base, The Illini came from behind in the seventh inning of this scuflie to channe what first seemed to be a 2-O shutout to a 3-2 victory. Gbur Stgrtzd the rally with a single to left with Wahl and Chervinko hitting safely after him, and Rosenfeldt driving in the final and winning tally. Illinois won the second encounter of the series, 4-3, Fencers, golfers, gymnasls . . . Swim- mers, wresflers, soccer and fennis slars . . . each spor+ a world wH'l1in ilself . . . wifh skill, hard work, persisfence crowned wi+l1 failure or success . . 'WILLIAM HOHENZQLLERN OTHER VARSITY SPORTS ? JMARY ALEXANDER DISRAELI COLUMBUS PAUL ARTHUR CICERO ISABELLA LORD NELSON L Q 4, t THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1937 I P I-mnoiin i-1. ici-INNNY XX'II,l1'RI1jlJ Hiqyvypp CUUFIY Captain HE Illinois wrestling team started its season with an overwhelming 36 to 0 victory over Morton Junior College. The match was wrestled hy the reserves, who scored six falls and two time deci- sions. The next on the list of non-conference tilts was the Missouri match, in which the Illini beat the Big Six champions 24 to 8. The grapplers then traveled to Minneapolis, where Minnesota was taken into camp to the tune of 21 to Il.. In this, the first Big Ten meet, the team won five of the eight bouts. Chicago then came to the New Gym to take a firm hold on the small end of a 25 to 3 score. The Illini wound up their season undefeated with another top-heavy score, 24lf-3 to 7If3 over Iowa, and looked forward to the conference individuals tournament at Bloomington, Indiana. Three Illinois grapplers, Joe Puerta, Bob Emmons, and Barney Cosneck, won individual con- ference mat championships. Bud Dowell took second in his weight, and Houghton third. VARSITY NI'lII'iS'I'IilNii 'l'l'1AM i Kcnnvy I'Ii-bi-rlinpr Hull NV. Brown Lnw B. Brown Bcnhow Redman Cosm-rk Pin-rm Houghton Down-Il Ox-th lllnnnons .ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO K , f ? -'Sl PAGE 252 lie , or' I me B B43 THE unlvsnslrv or :Ltr 1 J, . . I I U4 I IQ: -bf' X " . ,' Ea. """ i I 'I I I '19' . I". GORDON BAII'I'IIOLOMICII' EDWIN J. MANIIIGY CRINHIH chat-It VARSITY SWIMMING INNING two out of three dual meets and placing fifth in the Big Ten Conference meet, Illinois, Varsity Swimming team turned in a creditable showing for the I93l-32 season. In their first dual meet, the Orange and Blue warriors gave Indiana a severe drubbing. Indiana only was able to take one second place, a feat accomplished by Bidinger, who placed second to Al Schick in diving. The Illini took first in all events, and piled up a score of 60 points to the Crimson's I5. The Northwestern tankmen traveled to Champaign to administer the first defeat of the season to Coach ManIey's natators. In this meet, Joe Brock set a tank record in the 4440-yard free style. Bartholomew, Moench, and Feinberg watched the meet from the sidelines because of illness. Illinois conquered Chicago the following week-end. This was an easy meet for the Illini, and they copped all but one Hrst place. On March I2, Nlichigan walked off with the Conference title at Columbus, Ohio. The com- petition in this meet was keen, as was evidenced by the breaking of three records. Brock, free style artist, scored all five of Illinois, points, placing in the 220-yard free style, and coming in third in the I00. VARSITY SWI MM ING TEA M Manlr-y Pzasliby Hanson Cndy Aifmgqm wi1li,l,,,s0n 4Ull,.il.h Hinos Fries Brock Sinnovk Sa-hi:-It Mm-in-I1 I'll'IIllHJl'g' I l I. I 0 O F N I N E T E E N T H I R T Y - 1' W 4:1 Pm-1 253 51+ M W NOIS ILLIO 0F19 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLI .ILLIO iii-ficmclrl' w, Clean: RALPH J, 1.3pSfm.3IN Coach VARSITY FENCING OR the fourth successive year, Coach Herb Craig guided his Orange and Blue fencers to a Western Conference championship, and, to bring added glory to his record, all of the members of the three-man team returned with individual championships in their three respective weapon classes during the 1932 season. Ralph Epstein was Craig's outstanding protege of the season, chalking up a remarkable record in the three dual clashes, one quadrangular contest, and the conference meet that were included on the schedule. ln the final Big Ten bouts, he went undefeated to easily seize the foils title. Butch Perrella was the outstanding sabre man, while Paul Reddish was Craig's best epee contender. The latter will lead the team as captain in 1933. The fourth member of the squad to receive a letter was Jimmy Corin, Epstein's partner at foils. Corin won five and lost one tussle in the quadrangular meet to insure himself of an award. In the opening contest of the season, the Craigmen were forced to accept a 6 to 6 tie with the Ohio State sword wielders. On the following Saturday, the lllini duelsmen started on their victory march in a sensational series of matches that brought them a 9 to 3 margin of victory. Craig's men continued their string of wins against Northwestern, Chicago, and Michigan. VARSITY FENG I NG 'l'l'IAM Brown Pvrrcllu Gorin ldpstcin Reddish Craig at PAGE 254 is 2 IQ? Nous lLl.lo OF19 QFNINETEENTI-llnrv-Two THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS ILLIo OF19 D- l GFORGI, S l,.,,,Nl,,A 1IAn'1'I,If:Y D. 1'IcIcI-1 I - CUUFIL CUPIIIIII VARSITY SOCCER OACH Hartley Price directed his team through an excellent season with four victories, one tie, and no defeats. In doing this, the hooters annexed the Middle West title for the third consecutive time. A fighting team from the German Soccer Club of Decatur aided the Illini in knocking the cover off the 1931 playing season October 3, by battling them to a 1 to 1 tie. The Orange and Blue men defeated their next opponent, Ohio State, on October 13, lo the tune of 3 to O. This Inade ten victories for the Illini out of eleven Ineetings of the two teams. The Pricemen gained revenge for their early season tie with the Decatur German Club team by defeating them, October 31, on the New Gym field. Reston and Ader were the leading lights in this battle. These men again starred, this time with two goals apiece, in defeating the Joliet Steel Workers, 4 to 1, in a night game a week later at Joliet. The rampant Illini closed their season November 14, by beating Ohio State, 2 to I, iII a tight game which was closely contested throughout. This victory cinched the title for Coach Price's hooters. VA RH l 'l'Y SOCCER TEA M R. Hull Mink B- H1111 Morse Price XVilson llastings Bert Nugent Kwint Hayes Kult l"0lN'l Piano Adi-r ILLIO UFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -IEE PAI:Ic 255 lik- V ! OF O THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1932 ,mv .' . . N , 'K 1 IIARTLEY D. PRICE EARL XV. ZITZLEI Cvllffl Captain VARSITY GYMNASTICS LLINOIS started out the season with flying colors by defeating Ohio 1083.20 to 873. Glasser, a mediocre performer until this season, was the star of this meet, he rang up three firsts and one second place in the four events in which he was entered. The Orange and Blue team took first, second, and third in the high har, parallel bar, and tumbling events. The next week-end, St. Louis Y. M. C. A. College was the victim of the Illini. Glasser was again high point man, and Wells of St. Louis turned in the best performance of the day. His performance on the still rings met with loud applause from the crowd. On March 6, the Pricemen met with stiffer opposition, but came out on top in a three-cornered meet with Michigan and Chicago. Until the final event, Chicago led hy I2 points, hut Cadle, Kring, and Gray, all Illinois men, completely outpointed Chicago in tumbling and gave Illinois a two- point margin. To wind up the 1932 Gym season, the Illinois gymnasts took third in the Big Ten Meet. Captain Olsen of Chicago defeated Hehor of Illinois and Wrighte of Chicago for the all-around championship. In this meet Cadle, Zitzler, and Rehor placed first in their events. VARSITY GYM TICAM Price Gray Glasser Kring Brown I I Rel irwl' Zitzlvr Cndlc .ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -'Sl PAGE 25619- OF' IQQU - THE UNIVERSITY OF EDWIN J. MANLEY ROBEIVI' W. PASII HY Cizfvtain Couvli VARSITY WATER POLO HE Illinois l93l-32 Varsity water polo seven, led by Captain Bob Pashby, annexed the Western Conference Championship for the fourth time in the last five years. The water poloists opened the season by t1'ouncing Indiana, ll to 0. In this game, Feinberg starred with six tallies, and Brock, besides playing a good passing game, contributed two points to the scoring column. On February 20, the Illini traveled to Northwestern to win a hard fought battle from the Wildcats to the tune of 4 to 3. The Orange and Blue scored twice in the first half, and held North- western to one point, in the second half the teams played on a par. Pashby's sterling game at guard stood out prominently in this game. Next, the Illini took on the Chicago aqua ball players, who always turn out a strong team. Winning this game meant the Conference championship, and this the Illinois boys accomplished to the tune of 3 to 2. Joe Brock was the star of this fracas, counting twice and also playing a brilliant defensive game. It was a nip and tuck battle throughout, and Brockis brilliant goal, which he scored on a throw three-quarters the length of the pool, gave victory to Illinois. Bob Pashby, Illinois guard, contributed the other point to the Orange and Blue total. VARSITY YI'A'I'I'lIi POLO 'I'l'i.IlI I Manley Hanson SIIIIIUUIC Monson .Xldrivh 1-'rii-s Feinberg Brock Panshby Williamson Him-5 ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TW +25 PAGE 257 ltr- If V' hi Q ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I9 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF T932 CORIVIN WV. GELWICK JljHN NV' MCEIJIIOY Conch C,,pmi,, VARSITY TENNIS HE 1931 edition of Coach Gelwick's Illini tennis team, led by Captain Johnny McElroy, labored through a tough conference schedule to wind up the year with a record of three con- ference games won and two lost. Besides Captain McElroy, Don Traynor, Doug Turner, and Jay Topper performed excep. tionally well for Illinois, while Paul Miller, Bob Brown, and Jim 0'Shea were not far behind. The Illini did not enjoy much success in the conference meet held May 28 in Columbus. Traynor was the only man to advance beyond the first round, and he bowed to Yutzy of Minnesota in the quarter-finals. An interesting feature of the season was a Southern trip taken early in March. Illinois played two games, losing the first to Rice Institute, 5 to 1, and winning the second from Tulane, 4 to 2. A similar jaunt was taken this spring. VARSITY '1IuNNIS TEAM Gclwir-k Trziynor Turner Fndvn Brown Mt-Iilroy Topper lilunvlmrd 0'Sheu Miller l 'ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO W 'iff' -'Ei PACE 258 12+ OF ir 4 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1932 IREIIICIIICK S. LYON JOHN II. UTIJEY Cufvfain C'om'h VARSITY GOLF APT. FRED LYON led his team of Illini golfers to their second consecutive conference team championship over the new Michigan course at the end of the playing season. This concluded a season which had run the Illinois total up to twelve encounters without a setback. Coach Utley's linksmen inaugurated the season on May 2 by defeating Wisconsin, 10 to 8. Reston and Alpert starred for the Illini. Stopping in at Northwestern on the road hack home the next day, the Indians won again, this time by a score of 14 to 4. Capt. Lyon and Crowe tied for low score for the day. Ohio State came to Urbana the following week-end only to find rain, mud, and high wind. Capt. Lyon saved this meet for the Illini with a putt on the eighteenth green which gave him a tie with Capt. Wilson of the Buckeyes, and the meet was won, I0-8. Purdue, the next victim of the invincible Illini, did not win a match while Utleyis men were defeating them, I5 to 3. Chicago came to Illinois next, and again our team acted the impolite host in beating the Maroons, 1215 to 515. Michigan managed to tie the Illini, 9 to 9, to close the dual meet season, but the Orange and Blue men came hack and defeated them by five points while they were winning the conference championship by leading the field home. VARSITY GULF 'PICA M inlay xxqinutli-1 Silt fil' ky Nfilwivk Tiniuh lnndvmun ILLIOIOFNINETEENTHIRTY-TW0 . I 1 X at I Act. 259 ,Ls X - f 'itll ww-'K nv.-,.. ' . ' -- vw-'f Above: A varsity man gels set tu smash a lnh. Above: Puerta and Emmons square off in a practice hout. Luft: The gymnusls rlo a triple hamlstaml un the parallel bars. Below: A sabre slash is sloppn-cl hy u llf'21d parry. Below: Emmons secures an ankle hold and cross- scissors right on Puerta. -a.f,,, - nr 101: lllllfl lllfl pm mm- on ilu' ho v Right: R ce ll u r do humlslanrl un the rings. lfl'IUH'.' Pllt'I'Kll gn-IQ ax half-m-lsrm mul on Ifnununs. cmu-lm lx Ulfl -1 w.g?s1m.., lv.: fr- '4 gl 'wafwws " Nlg AlllIl,'t'.' A 5IllilSIliIlf1 svrviuv in Varsily mlulllxlvs play, l1'f'1I1Hfr Corin cxcculvs a lungm- in .wixfz Find here your medium, you a1'hle1'es! . . . if baseball, choose your 'ream . . . golf, +ennis, +raclc challenges your slcill . . . play 'For 'rhe spor+ of il' . . . and a cup +o every winner! . . . ,"'s V 1 L WILLIAM HOHENZOLLERN INTRAMURAL MARY ALEXANDER DISRAELI COLUMBUS PAUL ARTHUR CICERO ISABELLA LORD NELSON Q THE UNIVERSITY OF ll-ll ICDXV l N J. MA N LEY Ilinwlm' INTRAMURAL ORKING with the idea that every man in the university should participate in athletics, Director Edwin J. Manley and Senior Manager Frederick A. Schnell directed the intramural activities for the past year. To ensure the fulfillment of this modern idea of participa- tion for all, individual cups were offered for winners in the independent divisions, and the Participation Trophy was put up as an incentive for concerted action from the Greeks. The Sophomore and Junior managers have as their duties the keep- ing of an accurate check on the points which each fraternity makes in competition. The fraternity having the largest total score at the end of the season is awarded the lntramural Participation Trophy, which it keeps in its possession for the succeeding school year. When any fraternity has won the trophy three years in succession, they are given permanent possession of the cup. and a new one is supplied. INTRAMURAI, 'l'RUl'llY 51 NTRAMURAL POINT CHART 52 S I 1 ll ltnrhcr Altman Manley OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO N ag PACE 264 ist 0 J NOIS ILLIO OF 'I9 2 F ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I9 THE UNIVERSITYO l-'Rl'llll'1l! ICK A. SCIINHLL l'iltlIHl!H'l' INTRAMURAL Cl-lAMPlONSl'llPS SPRING, 1931 Basketball, Fraternity antl All-Univer- sity Champions .......... Phi Delta Theta Basketball, lndepentlent Chain- pions .................... Blue Diatnontls Basketball, B Division..Tau Kappa Epsilon Free Throw ...................... Chi Tau Track ...................... Beta Theta Pi Hanrlball. Singles .................... . . . . . . . . .Dowfling. Delta Kappa Epsilon Handball, Doubles ................... Dowtling anil Charle. Delta Kappa Epsilon Horseslloes, lnrlivitlual ............... . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Eaton. Alpha Gamma Rho llorseshoes. Teams ...,............... . . . . . . . .llannah antl Barrett, l"armhouse Tennis, Singles ...................... Clark Tennis. Doubles ..... llomlges and Kinnamon Baseball ........ ...... S igma Delta Rho Fencing ........ ...,, I ,ambcla Chi Alpha Swimming: ........ .........., S igma Nu Golf. lntliviclual ........ Vaughan, Theta Chi Golf, Team ..... ......... ' l'heta Chi FALL, 193i Water Polo ..................... Dlglllil Nu Cross Country, lntlivitlual .......... Knight. Cross Country, Team ....,.. Callant Knights Turkey Run ........... ..... K appa Delta Football ........................ Della Chi Golf, lntlivitlual ..... Small, Delta Tau Della Golf, Team ..................... Theta Chi Soccer. Fraternity Champions ..... Sigma Pi Volley Ball, Fraternity Champions ..... Gamma Alpha Volley Ball, lntlepenflent Champions... .......,.............lllini Oil Cans Bela Theta Pi Playground Ball, Fraternity Champions ...................Alpha Epsilon Pi Track .................. . . . . Playgrounrl Ball. Independent Champions . . .... .. ......... Racketecrs Tennis, Singles. . . ............. Bailee Tennis, Doubles. . . ...Bailee anti Wright SUPHOMURIC MANAUPIRS II. ASHLEY BARBICI .lnuior il'ItllI!1!ll'l' Crnsius Biornm IIN-4-h Chrimic Blue Brooks Iiorinan Kpih.,-,,,,,,m ILLIO OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -viii Page 265 lif- A 1 'SS x k .Q ' If 5:-3'4'si'q 1 'S 5 4 1 K I .s- f J. I 1 I I E .4lm1'1'.' Prvllylllull anal Kvys lmul ul thc' ll1I'Il in lllcr Walking H j Jibnuc: The IIHIWII uf the foullxull lvum UIIIIIUHS lhut of llxc basket- lmll ICZIIII lu luke ilu- Tug of War. IL ,5, Almlrv: H115 plum-s sf-cuml in 1111- Fl'ilU'l'IliIy Mvrllvy livlay. .'1llUl'L'.' CQ1111111' 111111 Kllllllll Mlllilrl' nfl' for Ilan ITS Ill. nllill. 1 1 1 E Clow: Sllvilu Slum: saws Inn fluwly in the N1-cflh: Haute. i I P 1 r I 1 l lg ' 2 f ll HJ Above: Alpha lfpsilon lli lml Ihr- league In cop the full lmsn-hzxll trophy. 44" -, t Y ffbozw: llmlgcs and Kinnumnn run uwuy with the spring lvnnis donhles. ' I Luft: llannah anal Barr:-lt from thc Farm- house were lhv l'llilIIlplllllS in lhv llUI'St5Sll1N'! tournanwnt. 1'lo11'.' llaih-1' unml Nvright I1'Z1lllt5ll lo taker ,QQ-CIAQ 'M thc fall dnnhlcs tennis cup. - ' . - Z- l l l ' ' lgl'lUIl'.' Thu srwnrilivs fa-lv thvir CUlll'Sl'l'F al thu- 'llurkx-y llun hanqnm-I. 4 V 1 4 1ll0l,'l'f Ruih-v coppcrl tho full le-:mis singhfs KIIYISIUH. Right: l?vlmv.' .f Air I. -i ,, Almzfv: Sigma Ili-lla Ilho rfunw through Io win lho spring lHlSK'llllil 4-liuxnpionslxip. 1" fy- 1.0 Sawyer from the Chi Tau house won the imlivimhlul free throw conleil. The Clwnu,i.,,,,l1ip full gulf team came from lhc Theta Chi house. if-'H I, if' . 4, Below: 'fam Kappa Epsilon was the winnox of the B division huskclhull tournament. Now 'Follow 'rhose who add +heir loveliness 'lo Campus . . . Perhaps +hey grace a Tea or 'I'urn fheir hand +o bridge . . . or play a+ sporls, clramarics, poliiics . . . or men Le+ memories of These, pas'r and presen+, ever linger pleasan+ly near our hearfs . . B UNIVERSITY WOMEN THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1931 MARJORIE G. FINN KLINE JOHNSON I"rc.virient MARJORTE G. FINN.. DORIS L. SCHNEIDER .... EDNA L. KLINE ..... GLENTTA Hosss .... JANE Z1NN... .... .. MAIIY V. Wmcm. . . . . MAIIGAIIET PARKER. . WOMAN'S LEAG U E OFFICERS ......President ANNA M. RICHARDSON ....Vice-President CAROL E. JOHNSON. .. .......Secremry MARTHA F. ETZBACH.. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN . . . . .Homecoming .......Dad's Day . . . .Mother's Day .........Social BETTY D. WALKER .... ................ B ig Sister JEAN JOHNSTON. . .. MARY C. GORE..... CATHERINE G. LEWIS .... ....... . CAROL E. JOHNSON . ...............Gold Feathers . . . .... Orange and Blue Feathers .Freshman Education Vocational Guidance .... .Finance S. JANE PRETTYMAN. . . .. . HARRIET A. DEERE.... ..... MARCELLINE E. GOUGL MARY W. MOORE. . .. . . . . . . . . . . .Finance Secretary Senior Representative Junior Representative . . .Freshman Loyalty . . . . . .Bulletin Board ER..... .... .......Poster HARRIET L. PAGE ......,.... ............Historian ANN D. STII-ICEMEYER ............ ,............... . .Welfare MARY E. JACKMAN. ..ClassiEcation and Direction of Activities BETH OLWIN ................... ...... A ll-University Party CHARLOTTE E. GAUER ..... .... . ........ E lections Olwin Page Gnuer Gougler Stiegemeyer Lewis Jackman Prettyman 'ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO 77 I -'C+ PAGE 272 E1- I 12- ILLIO E UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I932 1.ypZ1gAC1-I 1qw11,t1glmSON DORIS L. SCIINEIDI-llc l'ir'r'-1':'4wi4lr'nI WOMAN'S LEAG U E 0lVlAN'S LEAGUE was organized to further the spirit of unity among all University women, member- ship in which is open to every girl registered in the University. The Woman's Group System, an integral part of Woman's League, organizes all the Independent women into social units. At the Woman's League teas, Group Mixers, and All-University Parties, the ties of old friendships are strengthened, and new friendships are made which grow stronger throughout college days. Orange and Blue Feathers and Cold Feathers afford opportunities for the unclerclassmen to develop executive ability and outstanding qualities. Homecoming, Dad's Day, and Motlxeris Day are sponsored by the League in co-operation with the Illinois Union, and the Big Sister movement, carried on by the Y. W. C. A. and Womanis League, aids the incoming Freshmen in the fall, the Freshmen Education Committee of the League assisting them in their work of self- orientation during the year. The Y. W. C. A. and the League also join in a Vocational Guidance movement, having a speaker each year who advises any of the women who wish to confer with her. The proceeds from the annual production given under the auspices of the Woman's League go to support three co-operative houses for girls working their way through school. Zinn Parker Hobbs Deere Moore Wright Walker Johnson 0 F N I N E T E E N T H I R T Y - T W O ' f ' -'Ei PAGE 273 211- N Os llllh , ' L- THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS II.I.lO OF1932 1 t MARY C. G ORIG Chairmzm GRANGE AND BLUE FEATHERS COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN First Semester RUTH M. POWNALI.. . . . .. .......... Social RUTH A. FERGUSON. . . . . . . . .. ..... Program I'IAlIRIIi'l' V. BRADBURY. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Publicity IIELEN L. Pmmzlx. . . . . . ,. ..... .... F inancc A JANE D. LUnw1c......... .... .............. ...Mcmberslhip Second Semester Mimv C. SMITH. ......... . ...... ..... S ocinl Vmcinu E. Jonnsow. . . .. ......Progrnm EL1zABu'rH J. GAA. . . .. ....................Publicizy ANNETTE M. Wonrrmm. . . . .. . . . . ..Fin1mce Minus L. WAI.I,INO ............................ Membership RANGE and Blue Feathers, for Freshmen women, has a threefold purpose: to attain scholar- ship, to encourage activities, and to promote new friendships. Organized to further these three ideals throughout college days, Orange and Blue Feathers requires a "C" average, attendance at meetings, and a knowledge of Illini traditions for initiation. By means of a loan fund, this group helps to carry its share of the welfare work of Woman's League. Ferguson Ludwig Pownull Walling Bradbury Wolfram Johnson Smith Parker Gan ILI.l0 OFNINETEEN THIRTY-TWO -'Sl PAGE 274 lif- Q .L , . THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS II.I.Io or I 4 .IIGAN JOHNSTUN Chairman I GOLD FEATHERS COUNCIL First Semester lllanvlc LIINC ....... W'oman's League Representative ALMA H. FIiI:sIa .................... Sorority Representative BETTY MURDOCK ..... ..... . W. A. A. Representative CIIARLOTTE C. ANDERSON ...... Croup System Representative M. Lois EATON .... ........ F inanee Representative JANE E. lVlARR ....... ..... .... Y . W. C. A. Representative y SAnAII J. FULTON ....... ............. S oeial Representative Second Semester BETTY HATTON ....... Wornarfs League Representative GENI-:vIi:vI: S. ANnI:IIsow ....... Cronp System Representative KATIILEEN M. CoNAIm ............. W. A. A. Representative NIARTIIA E. SMITII ....... ..Y. W. C. A. Representative ROBERTA M. TIIUIQNAU .... ........ F inance Representative EI.EANoI: HENRY ......... .......... S ocial Representative NIARIAN V. .... .. ..... Sorority Representative JULIA O. MACPIII-:IcsoN ..... ...Membership Representative OLD FEATHERS, for Sophomore women, has for its purpose to train for leadership, to foster a democratic spirit in the organization and on campus, to further activities for the f sake of the activity, and to make Gold Feathers a harmonizing factor among all campus organi- zations. With its Feather Loan Fund and worthy accomplishments, it holds a high place in campus life. 1 - 1 l 1 , M , I v 6 A ' I ,K X- " at -. 'K N 5 AY,-y ' . , , 2+ 5 fy ffl? fe 1 if I . X Q + .I l Fulton INIQI1-r Murder-k Ilnttmi 1-Zuton C. AlHll'l'S4lll Frcse 1If,u-lyllm-atm ' Olson G, Anderson CUlHll'll Lena: '.l'lllll'llllll Smith Henry h -lil PACIQ 275 lie L- 9 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS II.l.lO OFT DOROTHY J. GARD JXNI' IIXIN Gmrcral Chairman Busrncxvs Mnunqcr "CASTLES IN TH E AI R" OFFICERS DOROTHY J. GAnn.. RUTH J. FINNEGAN. VERA J. VLCEK WILMA C. IIAEGER DORO'l'l'IY J. COIIICN . . . .. ................. .. MARION L. STUART BETH 0l.WIN...... . ..... ....Gcncral Chairman JANE NIAIKCAICIVI' E. JACUBSON................Pf0li1lCli0Il Manager COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN MAIIY W. Mooma ,.... JEAN JOHNSTON ........ DOROTHY A. HI-IRRON ..... MARTl'IA F. ETZBACH .... ROBERTA M. THHRNAU ..... Eu-ZANORE T. IRLAND ....... ..................Reporls Olwin Vlcok Finnegan Cohen Thurnml Jnnobson Irlnnd Moore Hueger Snyder Herron Johnston Stuart Ltvbnch I.IO OF NINETEEN TH T TWO ff Y -vCfPAcE 2761? X THE UNIVERSIT I N YOF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 9 IPRANCES D. 1-IOWARD Dolcls L. SCI'INI'IIDI'IR Sl.L.,.l.m,.y 1'rv.vid1.'nt WOMAN'S GROUP SYSTEM OFFICERS Doms L. SCHNEIDER ...... ......... I 'resident FRANCES D. I-Iowunm ..... ......... S ccrczary DALE E. SAMUI-ILL ...... . . . ...... Social Chairnum HELEN E. CONAWAY .... ..........,.. A ssismnz Secretary M. MAREK ...... . ...... . ........ Allilczic Chairman IVIARJORIE R. SNYDER ..... .... F rvshnzun Erlucalion Chairman Doncrrnv POWELL ...... ....... I iullvtin Boarrl Cluzirman HELEN L. JOHNSON .... .. ................ Historian DISTRICT CHAIRIVIEN Harriet A. Deere Bernice Freeman Catherine C. Lewis Mary A. Mclnlyre Ruth I. Erickson DUTUIIIY M- Shear . K , 4' , - Y .' Y H - i I R, c., ' 1 5 5 4- 'If ' ' i' N 'x 5 IA 'Z QL.--QQ' 9 - 'N . J if 'Q 5 iv iv - x ,ll ' " ' ' f V . ,. ' J it mf f . .I I , , if. H - I K Snyder Erickson Lewis Ml'Ill1yr0 Smnnvll Johnson Conuwny Freennxn Shear Mnrek Deg,-Q Powgll P , i f I -SEI PAGE 277 IBI- Q THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO 0F1932 DOROTIIY C. GRANT l'res1'dt'l1I Dono'rIIY C. GRANT. Jorci: ZIIIIAHLIUHAN NUTII E. SIII':I.ImN .... I,I'lYl.I.lS H. THIHSS. .. EIINA M. COLE ..... DIARY 1. Ronnms ......... RUTH L. DIcAYI:It .......... KA1'III:IHNI: C. AI.'I'uItPI4:It ..... LoUIsI-: A. Bltowx ......... R. ALICE DI'I'zLI:II ......... KATIILIIEN I'l0wi:I.I. .... . BI:'I"I'Y R. CIIAMPIDN .... Ruth A. Blumenkanxp Beatrice L. lledlllncl "H" ' . Wll.NIA RANDALL CURRAN Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS . . . . . . . . . .President . . . . . . Vice-President DORIS Cl:IntAN ...... ...... MAItcAIH:'r EIIAIUNIISON. . . . .. R. CII.MoIII:. . .. ..... . .. ........ .....Secretary COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN .... . . . . . . .Membership Vocational Guidance . . . . . .Social Service . . World Fellowship ..........Meetings ...........Finance Religious Education .............Social . . . . Transfer Group M. ELIZABETII HUFF ..... MARION E. FILSON ..... LILLIAN LEVINSON .... JULIA L. BI-:ATTY ....... KATIIIIYN F. Hi:A'III ..... LORIN D. Llrnwtu ......... Es'rHt:R M. B0T1'I:Ni'H:I.II. .. MAll1'llA E. S1HI'I'H ........ EvI:LI'N V. KLUGII ........ EI.oIsI: M. SI'HuI.ocK ..... FRESHMEN LEADERS Sara M. llughes Marjorie R. Snyder Lucille llIIrn Betty D. Walker . fl dz 'Lvors . . . . .Advisor .. . . .Advisor ..............Hobbies . . . . . . . .Arts and Crafts ................Industrial . . . .Girl Reserve Chairman . . . . .University High. School ..... . . . .Urbana High School . . . . . .Champaign High School Thornlntrn Junior High School ..................lnter-racial .........lnter-racial Lillian C. Walling Mary V. Wright I r I ,I I , F las. li 1 za .-i Cole Tlowvll liolmbins Hull' Blllllllxllliilllllt Smith I Ditzler Inlzlwig Snyder B1-:Itty Slwltimx liulu-IIilvIIl CIIIUIIIYIOII Filson QII.I.Io QFNINETEENTHIRTY- f fy fw V '2'iil,AGl-12T8i15' OF Q IG70 TWO Nlvenslrv or lLLlNols ll.l.lo o JOYCE Z1MMERMAN NVILNA R. GILMORIC Vita'-1'r-r's1'r1cnt S4ffl'1'ffl"A' Y. W. C. A. We, the members of the Young Womenis Christian Association at the University of Illinois. unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing lmowlerlge of Cod. We rletermine to have a part in Iltflkllllg this life possible for all people. In this task we seek lo urtflerstaml Jesus and follow Him. HIS purpose is the foundation of our common interests, upon which we base our work to form finer friendships and to achieve a greater understanding and appreciation of our own problems and those of our world neighbors. Our purpose is realized through meetings every Thursday, followed by a social hour: the Y. W.-Y. M. partiesg and such committees as the World Fellowship, Inter-racial, Industrial, Social Service, and Religious Education. Projects such as the Doll Show, the Annual Stunt Show, Vocational Guidance Week, and Faculty Forums are held each year to supplement the work of the committees. .t.Y ..., N , . f . I . i , 6 -J "- 1 W9 t fi ,p ff i. 6. Q3 ,V 1, ,A v ' A .. V v 4:1 J 3 J, 34? f 4 I A l 4 ' , Q W. x Nfgvfrii "l,fN.,v, p 3 f , V. I l - ,fi - VV Z M y p. A ' i . :lj iii 'F ' 25 V , .H Altorfor Levinson Drnyer Hnrn Walker Hcnth Hughes Spnrloek Hedlund Wright Theiss Walling Kluge Brown OOFNINETEENTHIRT 9 Y - T W 0 1 at lim 279 lt- 9 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARLENE SCHFITDENII ELM President ILLINOIS ILLIO O LAWSON STUART W..A. A. OFFICERS Am.:-:NE ScllElnENlllcl.M . .. ANNA M. TUVADA ..... . BIARION L. STUAn1' ..... ALIC1-1 V. DUNAHUI: ..... ...... . . .President . . . . Vice-President . ..... .Secretary .................Treasurer DIARY F. LAwsoN....... ..... . ................ ...Advisor LUUISH FRHIQR. . . . .Director of Physical Eflllfffllillll for Women ADVISORY BOARD Domrruv E. CASE .... .... H ockey M. JANE EVANS ..... ..... S occcr El.l.lcN B. Iammrz ...Basketball NIAIICAIIIYI' CRAIG .... .... V olleybnll ELHANOH SIIAliI"FElI . ............. ...Swimming BLANCIIIG M. KIIBAl.IiK ................... Apparatus FIIANCI-IS I. TIIUIIMAN Br:'r1'Y G. LEVISOIIN Bl.ANclnf1 M. VI-:Acu .... NIAUD .IIIILIHVICII ...... Eurrn VANCE ............ LUCIl.l.I1I C. CAI-I'l'.lI5..... EIIGHNIA Cl.IN'l'ON.. ..... ......Ping Pong and Deck Tennis . . . . .Baseball Track Events ... . . .Tennis . . . .Archery . . . .Bowling . . . .Hiking Ilit 9 32 Idvnns Cust' In-mko Craig: Winton Kuhnlek Your-h Uuetjc Ju1'jvvivl1 Ilonuhuc sI'IIQ'IfI0lIIlC'IllI Stuart Sl1uoiTer 'PIIVIIKIII Vnm-L II.l.I0 OF NINETEENTI-IIRTY-TWO VW I ff W , -'El PAGE 280 13+ Q. nw l THE uwlvenslrv or lLLiNols lLl.lo or 19 LOUISE FREER , J TUVADA , DUNAHUL l1n'm'tw- nf I''4'ul Iiziiavalimz for H'omvn W. A.'A. ITH the completion of the new Woman's Gymnasium and the consequent increased recrea- tional facilities, the Woman's Athletic Association extended its membership to include a greater number of girls by changing admission requirements. Now, participation in one sport season is the only prerequisite for membership in the organization. The field west of the gym is to be transformed into additional hockey and soccer fields and a tennis unit. These, plus the new games room, will supply ample equipment for the more inclusive organization of this year.q The main project of W. A. A. has been the establishment of a Loan Fund to aid girls who are majoring in Physical Education and find themselves financially unable to continue their work. In addition to the sports sponsored by the Advisory Board, W. A. A. sponsors a Play Day in the spring, Sans Souci in the fall, and sports banquets at the close of each sport season. r' --un Kendall Renhl Iinnlcy Smith Crnisv Vfilir linldwin Hopkins Kndyk W'orley Lewis Prcttyninn Kc-nnvnlly Mom-i-ly Dc Bower Hivllnrzls Weiss K4-rvli Clinton l+'rceinnn 'l'hnrin:ln Gnu Gnctjc Lvnike Shin-I'!'cr Tnvndn Otis Knbnlc-k ltlvnns Svliom-li Black Olson Halllct Mott Fnbinn Scln-iiluniu-lin 1501-kvr Jnrji-vit-li Nelson Foster ILLIO OFNINETEENTI-IIRTY-TWO 71 -'Ei PACE 281 its . THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I932 TERRAPIN CLUB OFFICERS ELEANOR ll,u.l. .... ............... ....... I ' resident Lots TOLMAN ......... .. ...... Vice-President JEAN A. XVI-IBSTEII ..... .................. S ecremry Aucta L. BIIINKIEII ....... ..... T rensurer, First Semester NIATIIILDE T. lllzrrlucn .... ..... T rensurer, Seconrl Semester l'llc1.l-:N V. Dia l'lAvr:N .... ............. S ncinl Chairman HONORARY MEMBERS Louise Freer Dorothy L. Stalnner MAJOR TERRAPIN Charlotte C. Anderson Ruth L. Dalrymplo Eleanor Hall Lois Tohnan Alice L. Brinker Helen V. De Haven Mathilde T. Helfrich Edith Vance Mary M. Crist ,lane Fauntz Nlarva ll. Hough ,lean A. Webster MINOR TERRAPIN Genevieve S. Anderson Dorothy M. Cruise Mary F. llall Ethel M. Scotland Jeannette Baldwin Jean L. Fitzgerald Margery F. Kendall Eleanor Shaeffcr Patricia B. Busey Sarah J. Fulton Martha J. Leibenderfer Eleanor Thomsen Rosalie R. Casellus Ellenor llall Dorothy S. Quinn Anna V. Tuvada Kathleen M, Conztrd MA-lOll 'l'l'ilIlI.Xl'lN Ilelfrieh Crist Vance llough Brinker l-'nnntz llgtlllllllll lltllryllllllll De llnven llnll U. Anderson Count-tl Webster LIO OFNINETEENTI-IIRTY-TWO - Q I L WW O -'E l'A1:l-1 282 lif- fillllllt ' , NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I9 TERRAPIN CLUB ERRAPIN is the honorary swimming organization for women. Its purpose is to promote interest in swimming among university women, and to encourage their participation in this sport. This year Terrapin has combined its units and become one organization comprised of members of two degrees of ability, major and minor. To become a major or minor Terrapin, a girl must pass a test required for each division respectively. For those wishing to pass the major test, a greater degree of proficiency in the various swimming strokes and skill in diving are required. The emblem worn by a Terrapin corresponds to her standing in the organization, the major wearing a larger emblem than the minor. As a single unit, Terrapin presents a pageant or exhibition each year during the week-end of lVlother's Day as a part of that week's program. Last year on Saturday evening, May 7, the exhibi- tion was presented before -a capacity crowd in the swimming pool in the Menis New Gymnasium. The background was a Florida scene, with palms, sand, and beach pajamas. Form swimming to music, relays, fancy diving from both the low and the high board, and formation swimming were featured in the demonstration. MINOR 'l'l'lRIiAI'IN Baldwin Thomst-n Slim-l1'l.,. G, .Xnrlorson S4-othiml M. Hull 'l'llVlIll:1 l"ilxg4-rnld In-ilu-nrlr-ri'ur li. Hall Kendall Qllillll Fulton liusvy Uruisr ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO I sil Paola 283 E11- THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1931 Z LIFE-SAVING CLUB Foinnlt-cl, l'nivt-rsity ot' Illinois, 1921 One Active Chapter To bring together llzosc women in llzc Universily who are inlervslerl in mlvnnced swimming and life-saving technique FACULTY II. Marva Hough, M.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Nora E. Mziyht-w Evv-Lynn M. Puvvy Phyllis S. l't'm:t- Dorothy A. Reynolds Margaret E. Otis Eleanor Tliomsvn ,luniors Janice E. Conartl Ruth L. Dillfylllllit' Cfulhvrim- C. Lt-wis Josephine F. O'Nt-il Mary M. Crist Alice M. Foster Mary J. Nohh: Rosclia E. Ring Soplzomores Charlotte C. Anth-rson Dorothy I. Boyd Dorothy M. Cruiser Mary II. Smith Gt-iicviuvv S. Anth-rson Kathlvcn M. Conurtl Norma A. Krull Mary A. Summt-rhaye Dorothy A. Burtusch Frcslunen Mary O. Black liosulii- H. Cust-llus Eunicv S. Ilail Charlotte J. Slant' Muryun R. Cmnt-ron Elisulmtrth J, Cray Wihnu L. Kring ,lt-an Weslwutcr S 1.1-wis Otis Thorns:-n Nolvlu- Muyhow Conn-ron lit-ynolds lloyd ti. ,tnzln-rson tb' Xt-il Krnll Iinrtnsvli Smith J. Connrtl Ring K. Uonnrtl Hough Ilnlryniplo Ponve t',Amlt-rson Sninlnvrlinyvs Wt-stwntt-x' Kring t'x-nisu lfoatvr Pnvt-y II ill OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO ' " I I. I. I O W ' -'Ei PACE 284 13'- OF . X y .le-unm-lu' llulrlwin Dnmllmy l.. llevkcr llurriel ,l. Brown Louise Clow Dm-ntlly M. Cruise Alive l.. llc BIIXVCI' De Bnwur Sprndling Kaxdyk Karr-h XVorIcy llcinx Crnisu Kc-ndzxll lirmrn MINCR IA GIRLS llurricl A. Deere Ann lslllllilll litlmel l"rcumun lilcunm' llull Murinn li. llullm-tl lfvclyn ll. llcinz Nlilclrcrl J. Kzulyk lllz11'g11-ry l'. Kendall llurlmra Kc-rch Dnris A. Mcnccly W. fl2llll0l'lllC Nlurw-r llelen V. Nelson Lillizxn V. Nelson ff. llilclcgzmlc Olson lflnunor ll. Riulumls Zim ll. Sprurlling lmuisc Worley L, Nelson Clow Ric'h:n'ds Deere Baldwin Qlson Mmwely BIOI'l'l'l' Fl't'l'llH1!'l l"nlninn Il. Nelson licvklor I will PACIA: 285 li? THE UNIVERSITYO ILLIO - ARLENE SCHEIDENHELM ALICE DONAHI'I'Z Hold Seal Gold Seal MAJOR W. A. A. AWARDS . A. A. gives, as its highest recognition of merit in the field of athletic activity, the Cold Seal. It represents versatility of ability in athletics, for in order to earn the 2000 points necessary for the award, a girl must participate in at least one sport during each of the four sport seasons. The association sponsors hockey, soccer, and tennis during the season that terminates with Thanks- giving vacation, and swimming, basketball, volleyball, and apparatus during the season which occupies the remainder of the first semester. The second semester opens with a sport season which includes swimming, bowling, ping-pong, and deck tennis, closing with Easter vacation. Baseball, track, and archery engage the center of activity during the last quarter. The Major HI" is awarded when a girl has earned 1200 points. Girls making a first team in a major sport earn 100 points, those making a second team, 40 points. Minor sport positions garner 60 and 25 points for first and second teams, respectively. Points may also be earned by heads of the committee in charge of Sans Souci, Health Week, Play Day, and May Fete. Also, each sport manager is awarded 100 points. When a girl has won a total ol' 600 points, she receives the first award, a minor MIA? - - Scheiilcnhelm Tnvndn Cnse Walters Rogicr Vance Donahue Mnrm-k Schaeffer -ISI PAGE 286 Rf- F ILLINOIS Il.l.lO 0F19 2 OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO THEU ILLIO Q N I V E R S I T Y 0 F I L L I N O I S I I. I. I O O F 'I 9 MARION L. S'l'UAll'l' DOROTHY E. CASE Gola! Swirl Gold Saul Dorothy E. Case Alice V. Donaliue Arlene Selufitlvnlwlln Marion L. Stuart Jean M. Blanca Maud Jurjevich Evelyn M. Rogicr Anna M. Tuvuda Dorothy E. Case Blanche M. Kubalek Arlene Scheidenhelm Edith Vance Eugenia Clinton Ellen B. Lemkc Eleanor Sliaeffcr Blanche M. Vcucll Alice V' Donahue Elsie M. Marek Marion L. Stuart Evelyn Waller M, Jane Evans Margaret E. Otis Lois Tolman Audrey J. Weis Myla M. Goldberg -I , Xvcig Stuart .lurjt-vim-h lqvnns Goldberg Kulmlvk Clinton IAEIIIIHE 'I'olm:nn O F N I N E 'I' E E N T I-I I R T Y - 'I' W O ' F wil PACE 287 lic- or K M I I ' 1-. i 1' ll 1' ' " ' ' . . .f , ll, ir:r'1'.v rl Il1lllnl1'r'r'r1 .ll1.1'f'f' ll ii4EfQ.g"3Yjj'?'i'Pm 5 is fii x:?iv527iTl1l"u V- 1 W ' t 'Wu lf . ..,A ,, , if X ' I l i ,. Srlliufl lI1mn'4'nmiml lfilllfllhv .ll I USHEES staml in line to rvceivo their hicls to sororitics, formal plcclging. ancl the real business of the year starts. l7r0slnnc'n are introflucerl to w'CblIl0ll,S Athletics with Sans Souci. start their activities mlu- cation in Orange anrl Blue Fc-atlwrs. and their social life at parties givvn by this organization. I'I0lIl6l'0IIl- ing appears on the horizon. ancl plvflges ancl activz-s if 7 5 slancl on street cfornvrs. Woiit you liuy a lJaclge?' f l'orc'h. the sovrvt znnlmition of ovvry sophomorr' wonianis hvart, entertains Senior ITlOll1lN'l'S at Hal- lowuic-n. A Y.Nl.-Y.W. party oflors opportunity to froslnncn and uppcrclasslncn to flame. L fu..-.V.,. Inirh II fifrlins 1' Svnior llrmuu if n n 1 " ' Juv- ll: Q lr .ll1'lnlrr'l's of llu' lvflrsflll H1I1'l.'1 ll! , - o- ' .. -. , . 2 vi E' 4 . '5 -. -.... , Q LV! Y ' UI 4. vcx-FQJQQQQ? F S we Y' TQ fvgfg Q v 'Wffvf ,lv W 1 ' H Q 'i 5 0, nr-f', A ua 3 1 g gs:22Q5f i: , f ' W .I 7' ' 4- A ji-.--, I 1 s 1 ' , N ' A-44' :Z I Q xg, 51' ,JV fviggmfkys .- qi! ,, -- V E 'uf' 2 .. "' -. ' J "' ,Q . ' ' ', . ,.fAg" ', I l ff ' nil K 1 I, ' ': :du ' . x 'J 1. . ,4 O ' 5 3 5,5 'wi ,Lf t Yx P ii -.Ky FREE? -7 fn pf 1' '4i7'.q WX' 1 Ay. V W , mf L ',f'0S':W,,,H'4Qra1, ,N 'ik - 'K ATA-. ,, Y, m v D l ,3,::',w1A -t N A ,gt V- ,-,,.,'3,+,Ap,1i,M5x,x,, ' 1 QQ' fg,,.-Mf.Q':t5?'5Q3x,agJLL .4 ".Q.,w.?nQ1g-A1-5.-'nn J x fm 3 4 . M wp- .W ' ' A .MW .-. 4 -N l N' NYSE' 'A ?.'WWWwWW'iMf1' W' xllrv If I ls II, llrrlu 1 firlfwlx ,lr1'i:w' for Olwll llnllxw, ll'unlr'll'.v .Yew Gyn: sz. P. lu'. .llu'ur'.s' lmunyfr, H'nmnn'.s' Xrn' Gum J . . 49...-1 1 n 1 +- l'r1'4' Tlnwfl-, lI'unz1'rl'x lf1l.vI.'1'IImIl Inu nrruu Tumlzlingf, .N':-hf'i4lz'nlu'lu1 aml ftuw l'wrj'o1'n1inf1 I 1 I I " . :umwwl by Pyrumirl lnnlilulfl HE Physical Education Department declares the New Gym open. and we are entertained by a tour of the building and various athletic events. And the P. E. Majors certainly were fortunate when the Uni- versity donated them such a colorful lounge. Vve are pleasantly diverted at tea by songs presented by prin- cipals from the cast of 'aCastles in the Airf, W. A. A. announces practices for bowling, and we watch with interest while the Juniors win the basketball tourna- ment. Every Wednesday during the year we make acquaintances, eat cookies, and nod to friends at Woman's League Tea. 7 -fn f , , ..- 4 fU""'fl I':'1lf-lim' for Iinwlinyl: We l'r1':livI 11 7'r'111l1'rlJl fur ilu' Tan l'in.v in ilu' Cmuirly Tmlrnrnnr if ll:l1r'xl1'u ul ilu' l'. lf. .llujnr.s" f7irf'l1.e ilu' flI'llI'I' nnrl 0'lfrn'm nf lln' Triu' Illini Un-lvl 1 me ,,,,,,,,,,N I ml, ,mf ' The Vrnwily Vnllrylmll Twnm, will: Tuwi ,llwnflfwrs ,lliwl f 1 1 I - I 5' I i. 4l,Ill'jl Ii'nl:l1in.v I'1'f'.-firlfw nl Ilrw Y. ll'. l'r-lls ND tllis year lsometliing new uncler tlie campus sunj the P. E. Majors give a circus, with clowns, aerolmats, lltlllfl-Illlltltl animals, pop, peanuts, ancl everything. Volleyball tournaments are played, and the proufl Varsity team pauses on tlie steps of tlle Womanis Building to have its picture snapped. Matrix announees its list of lionorecl guests, and from the way lVlill'f,'C Blatt anfl Billy linger are smiling we presume llley are pleaserl witll Slierwoocl Anmler- son, novelist and newspaper eilitor. lflecztion time rolls arouncl, anal Mary Rolmlmins avts as judge at the Y. VV. Polls. 9 ., , ,. ,- :-hu., , . ' ' " ' x ,f H-ty -5- ' yn . i . - 1 ' ,1 ' -' xx r.. .1 ,W ,an-:,a. 1,11 -1 X x Af' V! W JV! , i I W. 5 vi if NUM i il 5 S I 5 I , , ' f. ,I F3'9m'?1vxf? Ggmqwqfgqp A 95 is 'L ll 'N l A lull U l f mm p fwif7 I . S' ' ' " - . ..A,.g...u..r.g, 1. , lk' 'Ip A ' 5 ik v 4 1 . 9 YH' Ihr l'IIll'il'1' Cnlls "NtriLv' Om-."' llurmyl 11 'f"""' 1 lnriml lnmmlxnlllion H, HH, Twrrupin Clll'Ilil'lll I', lf. C'lu.v.v Hires 11 Srllnnl lluy 131011, Hula Huy -1 1 i 44 Jr x x X N f xx X Su-illfrlrfllflq ,l Rwlrly lr'llr'1' in ilu' ll'1mlr'n'N Pun! ,Nz i 1 4 ram' Ifxrlulrr, Ifnlllrnnwl mv Jlrly Q""""- HH," IM-V .-lrclavry l'1'1u'lir'w in ilu I"u:'1'xl1'y .N'inylla',v f,'1m1pf'Iilinn, .l:':'lw,-J, l,'f,, 111111 rn 1 lux! 1 Y -4 Hl MU takes hrst place. and Kappa Delta second in the annual Shi-Ai Sing presented during lVlot.her,s Day week-end. Swllllllllllg is a grand sport, and when it is accompanied by palms, costumes, and an audi- ence. a clever Terrapin pageant is evolved. Crave Esdohr is elected May Queen, and here she is, snr- ronnclccl by her Mortar Board escort, watching a school day clog. Last events of the sport season in- f-lnde arc-hery, track, and hasehall. So ends the yearg hnal exams-and we return from whence we canne. , . l , W.-,f,--.x -uni-L-,' Tin- Sum nf ffm zoo-ruff: Imxlf Inn-inf, mf rw-,ff-1.4 Finals zmlfff 111.1 .xuwif-f'-Y 'If W. .1. .-1. -1 '1""f"'H 11011-"' 1101111 llifv lhf' 1'f1f"1f1 ' ', ' 3,.1,7'Af'i,,,3V,L-.1,,.1, .rlmnttn-.lY43'1."' '-' ' 1f"'v"' " ' ' H UTP' tn . . W We-. , .,, , IHS yl,dl,JllblllCf01C Cllll!-l nuts, the Y. W. QA. spon- sored its unnnul Doll Show. ,. . . the receipts accruing froln ani- niission tickets und the dolls provided hy the sororities and groups for the various exhibits were given to the Association House in Chivugo, und to thi- Ctlllltillgilillll Home. Under tht- ilireetion of Mary V. WI'igill nncl her eonnnittce, the shim presented Z1 punoranna of the proposed WfDl'lCl,S Fair. The 'l'ri-Delts took hrst plzlve fm' sororities with their quilting scene, and Aleestis won ilu- uward for the groups. Inclivizln nal dolls were Zll'l'llI1gI,Cti on ll futuristic- stage. The poster cron- test wus won hy Sara Hewitt. III in Ifurly .Inn-1'i4'1r11 li'il1-Ifrn, by .lim-.vlix Q49 fra, lnfllruluul Imllx l'lll lln' Nlugfw illurff l'. lVriyll1l, tif-nwrrz flmnnl n .1 l'l1l:n'i.vIi1' llfxfjlll ll'in,v llu' .tnnuul IMI! Nlmir' l'uxlf 1 A. ix, ,g .f +11 J? T5 7.1- I 4, 4 Q 4 at 14 ,- A VN 15 ' J . 35' . ur ' frT',', 4 IT' i I Alilflllllm - . iv Q. K N, F4 , , .g gf! If i' 3 1,6 J-- , Af if MEL! br xx? , JF' . ..., 1 19' va I gif? .. . W fl -s t..- . - .v . yn: V 1: 5 1 w AT. . Wa - J vi' 4 Q, L 'vs 3 T'i'wQ3' 5521 Now follows S+udy's greaf compelifor . . . Publicafion workers burn +l1eir midnighl' oil . . . ac'rors and choruses rehearse . . . fhe Junior Prom, fhe Senior Ball Commi++ees mee'r . . . a Council's ills are aired, discussed . . . a milifary uniform is donned . . . Lei' memories of +l1ese, pas'r and presenl, ever linger pleasanlly near our l1ear+s . . . I x WW www I NSR: ACTIVITIES , -5 O fi KX f'---x 3 if - ki! Hours spenf pounding fypewrirer keys . . . half-+one copy +o mark and cor- rec+ . . . s'l'aFF mee+ings held, a call- ciown fo 'rake . . . a prin+er's dummy +o gef in +he mail . . . a magazine, news- paper, yearbook complefed . . . WILLIAM HOHENZOLLERN 7X-, fx..-rr' X PUBLICATIONS MARY ALEXANDER DISRAELI COLUMBUS PAUL ARTHUR CICEROA ISABELLA LORD NELSON THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO 0F'I II IRA M T. SCOVILL Chairman THE ILLINI BOARD OF CONTROL BOARD OF DIRECTORS Faculty Members l'lll!AM T. SCOVILI., Chairman Oscar A. Leutwiler Fred H. Turner Fredrick S. Siebert Student Members I l"runces J. Tllursmn Robert W. Pashby Wallace V. Dorris Samuel M. Keys, Jr. HE ILLIO, and all other student publications at the University of lilinois, are subsidiaries of the Illini Publishing Company. The latter, chartered by the State of Illinois as a corporation not for profit, has been in existence since May 11, 1911. It is controlled by a Board of Directors consisting of four faculty members selected by the Senate Committee on'Student Affairs, and four students elected by the student body. Like many other administrative and legislative enactments, the creation of a supervisory agency for publication on the University of Illinois campus was partially the result of unwise practices by those who had been entrusted with the responsibilities of editing and managing them in former years. The condition existing since 1911, with editors and managers and their chief assistants appointed by the Board on the merit system, have resulted in obtaining a much higher level of professional competency on both the editorial and business staffs of campus publications. There has been also a continuity of policy and purpose and a safeguarding of property, as well as a full settlement of obligations each year with local creditors. Through the employment of a full-time manager, the publishing company has been able during the last twelve years to afford a means of advising the newer members of the staff each year. 1"AolVI.'1'Y M l'I M li l'I RS 9 i . 'l'ur r1u-i' Siebt-rt I is-l1 twiler xll.LIO OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO , -:sl vi fp..1 :soo la L THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1932 VICTOR L. KRANNERT .IIUIIKIKIFY THE ILLINI PUBLISHING COMPANY VICTOR I.. KRANNERT, Company Manager HE Illini Publishing Company, which issues all student publications at the University of Illinois, was organized in l9ll. Its growth has been rapid, its financial success marked, its influence widespread. Its rapid growth we see in a plant which not only turns out a twelve-page, eight-column metro- politan newspaper carrying full Associated Press leased wire service, but which prints all student publications except THE ILLIO. From a print shop tucked away in the basement of' one of the University buildings, it has become today one of the best equipped college publishing companies in the United States. Its presses are located in the Illinois Union Building. Its success in business, made possible by a firm foundation and well-directed policies, is clearly indicated by its physical expansion. Its influence is felt wherever an alumnus is found who has served The Illini Publishing Company on one of its student publications. ST UDIGIN 1 NI ICM BE RS Thurston PIISIIIJD' Dorris Keys ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -'Zi PAGE 301 Rf- x Stunt L- THE UNI VERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 193 'Q . 'P 4 - TN! IDAIIY ILIJNI OWU , 1 , -, . El.s'rnN D. Ill-numx. CLIF!-'OIIIJ C. BAIiIKE'I"I RnNAl.n l'. Smrru... Allllltlflfllll liflitor . . . . .... . . .News Axsocifllc Editor Bl-:n'rnA M. ENGI-:lx ..... . ..... Assistant Business Manager THE DAILY ILLINI SENIOR STAFF lluuzwlc R. Fum.l.mcr-.n .... . . . . . . . .Editorial Associate Erlimr . . . . .Feature Associate Editor R. EUGENE Srzuoolmv ..... Louis A. NICLI-IAN. ..... . .lUl.ll'I'I' Nl. CONNOIIS. . . . . . . . . . . . Wom1zn's Busirwss Manager L- , L 'l'I'Il+lOD0lH'I T. QUINN RUSSELL M. IIORNER Uu,vinv.r.v Munuycr 6 Schnolvy N , Smith Barrett Herron linger Fncllingcr Mc-Loan Buxnlegnrnur O F H -fi PAGE 302 fr- . . . ....... iVOIlIIIll.S Editor Josuvu G. Bmlmnxrzn. . . .. ..... .... ...... Sports Editor Axsocialc Sports Editor .. . . . . . . . . . .Campus Scout I I' nf I AN Connors TWO ,ffm . I 1 ILLIO THE UNIVERSITYO F ILLI NOIS ILLIO OF19 Warren H. Badger Henry C. Burnett Harold V. Catt Robert J. Hawkins r .3 Badger Hawkins Logan NEWS EDITORS Thomas K. Holt Charles E. Logan Tlioxnas L. Smith William B. Jacobs Clinton W. Loomis Arthur R. Wilclhagen Francis V. Koval Charles D. MacMillan Otto B. Willett Smith M Holt Willett G' y , Cutt Wildhagen Loomis MncMillnn -lIll'0lJS Burnett Kovnl OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -'Sl PACE 303 lif- 7' 5 0 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1932 O'0onnor Morrison Cook Tnnvh Wise Flnningnm V WOMEN'S EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS El F. C k H. Aletu Fluningam D 1' lh' K. O'C K ' Luc21mZrM. Cggper Marjorie F' Morrison oo 5 onnor Dg:?serUjew,zgeTuacl1 BUSINESS DEPARTMENT MANAGERS Romain' E. Dwvlan. .. ........... Circulation Manager DONALD S. HOEBEI. ....... .... C hampaign Advertising Es'1'm:R C. UnL ..... .... f lssistant Circulation Manager MAIISIIALL A. Anmznsow .... ..... C ampus Advertising EDWARD N. DAVIS. .. ............... Credit Manager MARY W. MOOIIE ............ .... I Jrbana Advertising Ll-:sLn: A. WATT ............ .............. C opy Manager PYODD Anderson Davis Ryde Mrnti Moore Uhl Hmybel Dwyer Il.l.lO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO Q1 PAGE 304 13+ ILLIO THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS II.I.Io oF1 l ,, Todd Payne Acton Gilbert Boyle Doras St-versoii liotlc Strakosh linnnsik Smith Stnudt X't.!l'llUll .lonos SIHIITCI' llis-lcntan Matln-ws CREDIT AND COPY DEPARTMENTS Soplzomores 'Walter D. Boyle Melvin M. llickman lloward C. Acker llarvcy H. Acton Florian .I. Banasik Alvin Iicrndt .luhn .l. Alden Dorothy I. Boyd Harriett C. Brown Esther I.. Cohen IIenry W. Dalton .lohn H. Carson Lois Clarke 'Ilyhie M. Davis Clara I. Elwell William .l. Guilherl Marian L. Langdon Calvin E. Bode TlltllllilS W. Bolnnker 'IIIIUHILIS D. Mathews llarroll li. Payne Freshmen Hohert ll. Doras ,IIIIUIIILIS E. Emmett Iiicltard C. Coddington 'l'. Arthur Ilenry John F. Day l.ilWl'CllCC N. .Iensen Coralie ,l. Slialler Gcorgt- I., Stand! llcrlmert Ottcn llenjznnin .l. Phillips .lamcs 'l'. Sevcrson Manuel Shein THE DAILY ILLINI ADVERTISING AND CIRCULATION 1Ji2PAnTMEN'rs Bessie P. Davis Elisabeth A. Edmunds William II. Emrich Reginald O. Graham Richard B. Grometer Virginia M. Keusink Robert D. Marshall Gordon V. Muntz Eleanor S. Patil S 0 phomores Robert E. Grover Eleanore W. Holland Frances M. Horner .lured W. Hurd Ifrances M. Lange Freshmen Helen M. Reuhl Donald I. Roth Helen L. Russell Lillian A. Saltzman Josephine R. Iluebsch Myra Pech Joseph W. Scott Betty B. Manley ,lohn F. Matuszeski Winifrcd H. Merson Elizabeth .l. Muir A. Louise Nelson George ll. Shevlin .lerome Smith Rose B. Steinberg Edwin W. Stewart Malcolm lf. Todd l"l'll.Illillll J. Vernon .lames C. Skorez Mountlort Smith Martin R. SIOCIl.llilllS Waltcr C. Strakosli Vivian S. Pape lfranecs Porter Christine M. Schindler Gillmert A. Smith llarhara K. Strauch Richard D. Tlll'llCl' Robert .l. Tuscltet' Edyth E. Wang George C. Zeller Winifred C. Ziegler Shcvlin Grnltttin .tltll-n Zcllur Russell Smith 'lllll'llt'l' Grover Manlvy Holland l'ltlllllllHlS Ziegler Rt-nhl Kc-nsin k Snltznlnn Boyd Elwell Ilnehscli Pape Mt-rson Strnnclt llornei' M nir Brown Nt-lscn llllllllt' Port I-r OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO 932 I 1 N 1 , PA mzia 305 131- I L THE U NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO O Smith Thomson Burke Rickcr Liebormim 11011011.101- Roth Rnsldich Ruin-soil Day Knnmza q'l,1,,.,, CAMPUS STAFF Sophomores Eli Cohen William L. Day Alfred L. Hollender Raymond F. Burke J. Benjamin Lieherman Stanley W. McNeely Joseph ll. Belair John W. Branta Alhert J. Bertine Arthur F. Dries Lawrence W. Kanaga Lester K. Olin James L. Rainey Mark D. Robeson William S. Ricker Ricliard L. Roth 1"reshmen Roherl C. Smith Irvin Schein THE DAILY ILLINI SPORTS STAFF Sophomores Fred A. Clark Harley W. D'lZath Harvey P. Hudson Carlyle W. Hamilton Evelyn B. Harvey Fresh men John H. Schacht Charles K. Rurldich Phillip D. Week Don W. Thacker James 'Thomson Sidney T. Trappe Bernard M. Nachman Gahre H. Winler, Jr. Jack Widmayer Lester R. Wroble 4 9 Widmayer I Wroblo Dries Scham-ht Bertine Hudson BUNNY BFIUIUI Clark Nachman D'Euth XVimer Qll.l.lo or NINETEENTHIRTY-Two 9fF40m .. .. I I L THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLI Nous ii.l.lo or 1932 ,Q . -5 1? -1 il K. 1 Sutherland Mt'Mic'liael 1.3,-L.,,l,,., ltnrner Iinutlinan Bushart CITY STAFF Sopliontores Roy R. Bushart Miltun li. Gnmhnan. .lr. l'aul G. McMichael Margaret G. Sutherland Russell Geist Clarence A. Burner Genevieve S. Antlersnn Juliet Barnes .lanet M. Gamphell Martha J. Castle llelen V. Dellaven lfluris M. Dimmer Anita Bernstein .lane A. Clark Beulah M. Dalhey Shirley W. Day Jean li. llratlun Regina E. lflkes Katherine V. Filsnn Beatrice Freedman llnlterl WV. l.l0ytl Orville W. lflclretl William E. Stevens F reslz men litlwartl ll. Erenherg THE DAILY ILLINI WOMENS ED1'ro1t1At. STAFF Eleanor A. lluntenian Elizabeth G. Dust Edith lleinzelntan Bertha A. llelantler Mary G, llenley Marian A. Kusz Dorothy V. Gaskill Ruth ll. Cnhhnan Kathryn M. Cflllllllll .leanette L. Gross Virginia M. Hill liunice 0. llinman Virginia B. llull' liarhara M. Knipp S01Ill0IIl0l'l3S Martha .l. Leihenclerfer .lanet L. Macintire Lyle M. Mamer Geraldine M. Murphy Virginia M. l'urrish I"resltmen lflizaheth Kuller Wilma L. Kring Ruth G. Mcfflain llelen li. Murphy M. Bethel Paratlis .lune li. Parsons .lean A. Paterson Ethel J. Waits Marshall N. Weinstein Dorothy S. Quinn Lenore Seltarselittg Betty S. Smith Helen Stanton Helen l. Xvartl Mary l.. Wilson llnrotlty L. Poor Virginia Prinrloville Dorothy M. Rcieltartlt Mary K. Ritchcr M. Eleanor St. Germain Margaret M. Snitler Dorotlty M. Steiner llelen .l. Wherry Snider Waits Anderson Kusz Smith li. Murphy Vhxrk Wnrtl Draprtm Pour Pariulis Grnhrnn Parsons Dust Mt-Plain Knipp II. Murphy Filson lh-is-lmrtlt Quinn Iieinzehnnn Donner Mnvintire llutT liiteher Kntlt-r Ht-lnndt-r Ili OOFNINETEENTHIRTY-TW N -'El PAGE 307 lit- N t - M O THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 193 - ' 1 I I ll Nil I lu X f.yqT' Il ROB Ii RT N. RUTIIICRFOIID RICHARD K. LAW Ifzlilar-in-Cllirf Bu.vim-xx .Ilunuyvr THE ILLIO OF l932 SENIORSTAFF .IOIIN L. WAIJDELL, Jn.. .. .................... ...... Associate Editor ISABEL J. I-IINMAN ....... ............. W omarfs Editor FL0nENcr: S, Home .... .... W oman's Business Manager GEORGE KU'rA ....... ......... S enior Photographer L 'Y X. 1 or I 5 71.1. Hook Kutn XVuddelI Hin llla lu .II.I.IO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO K -'CI PAGE 308 121- I- Z.. THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS lttlo or 1932 Russen Fnbri Knrnes Rosboruugh Srzhutz JUNIOR EDITORS William G. Karnes Joseph R. Rosborough Robert F. Schutz STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS Roger S. Fabri Robert C. Russell THE ILLIO OF I932 JUNIOR BUSINESS MANAGERS York K. Bishop H. Dean Litt William H. Smart Robert L. Young Harry H. Hartleb 1 l - Bishop Smnrt Hnrtleb Lift Young ILLIO OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO . +21 PAQ:-: 309 E.. THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1932 Julmson Dnlrymplv Reynolds Olgml WOMENS EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Ruth I.. Dah-ymple Dornllly If. Julmsun Margaret S. Olsen Hugh J, Reynolds THE ILLIO OF l932 WOMENS BUSINESS ASSISTANTS Gayle Du Bois Gladys A. Novulny Dorothy M. Sclmeiter Alice C. Sypel Josephine M. Calloway Novotny Gnllowny Du Bois Schneiter Sypel OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO I L L I O ' -'G PAGE 310 IZ'- l + J ILLIO NIVERSITY OF ll- LINOIS ILLIO OF1 Jackson D. Beatty John R. Covington Robert C. Evans Thomas E. Franks Lyle G. Jacobson Eleanor Black E. Maudene Blough Alice Campbell Mary-Helen Fruin Helen M. Anderson Bernice Brown Harriet l. Danley M. Lois Donaldson Geraldine P. Esdohr Howe llirlinrtls Kl'0l'L!0l' C"Vi'llUUU .loslul Whitt-way SOPHOMORE MENSS EDITORIAL STAFF Charles ll. Howe E. Stanton Johnson FRESHMAN ASSISTANTS Lloyd M. ,Ioshel .loseplt K. McLaughlin Edward ll. Kann William B. Phillips THE ILLIO OF I932 WOMEN,S EDITORIAL STAFF Alice A. Gill Elizabeth l-Iomann E. Helen McFedries Anne M. Maroney lrma C. lluber Doroth L. Kerr Y Margaret G. Kramer Mildred Landesman S 0 ph om ores Fresh men, Gwen L. Michalc Gabrielle R. Polls Harriet M. Reeser Elizabeth H. Schicht .leunette S. Loc-b llelen T. McGill Sara M. Muckinson Lorraine R. Marshall lit-dit-rn Murray C. Krueger Charles 'l'. Richards Robert L. Redfern Lowell A. Spires Robert E. Whiteway Mary ll. Smith Dorothy A. Standard Anne E. Week Ellen M. Wilt llelen T. Parker Dorothea Potter Lila G. Sherrill . . l'. Eurlee Steadman Donaldson Stcndmnn McGill Brown Kerr Sherritt Kramer Gill Frnin ' Muvkinson Potts Anderson Esclohr Blnck XVilt Miuhulc Blongh Smith Muront-y Reescr llomnnn OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -'H PAGE 311 134- THE U H 1 . All NIVERSITY OF ll-LINOIS Ill-I0 OF 19 All Mc-Culloch Ilornby XVilson Willlul' .L Thompson .lohn L. Trisler Moorhead Sommers Smith Rust lit-nsloy Cantrill Mt-Duniel '1'homns Wynas llish Kennedy Kirk 'l'hompson Metrnlt' Vorentry Ilighsmith SOPHOMORE BUSINESS STAFF Alexander Batchelor Deane M. Coventry Thomas B. Kennedy Robert l. Metcalf Frederick R. Bates lloward N. Froyd Richard M. King Carlton S. Smith Artlmr ll. Beasley Clement ll. Ireland James P. Kirk Albert C. Summers Louis E. Beekman Herbert L. Cantrill Clinton lf. Diekman Walter M. linger William l'. Gerber Louis ll. Cot-bel Louise Y. Andrews Ruth B. Austin Benita E. Bates Jane E. Baker ,Janet B. Beall Martha E. Brothers Edith E. Calvert E. Rosemary Cox Margaret L. Dix Marguerite J. Dye Georgia Edwards FRESHMEN ASSISTANTS John E. llish John A. l'lornbat'k Fred J. Ilornby William C. llowell Clarence R. Jackson llilerd W. .Jenkins Robert D. Jones Charles D. Larabee Richard l". Locke llarry W. McCulloch Jolm McDaniel Eugene li. Mason liltarles J. Miller Dixon D. Moorhead Kenneth Peddieord Darwin Rust Robert ll. Schweim THE ll.l.lO OF l932 WOMENS BUSINESS s'1'Arr Dorothy T. Ellis Alma H. Frese Arla M. Gansz Virginia L. Greenwood Grace R. Crimitt Louise A. llanseu lilinor J. .laburek Mary .lerald Ruth C. Johnston Bernice Jokish Barbara Kerch Emeline M. Lahman Frances M. Lange Isabella C. Lawton Hedvie Lene .laneva Longworth Mary B. Meflreary Margaret L. McGrady Julia O. Macpherson Marian L. Matltvsius Bernatline ll. Meyer Elsie I. Minier Bertha R. Molek Virginia L. Molter Shirley A. Moorman Mary A. Norgan Alice M. Moynihan Dorothy M. Nortnandin Margaret E. Olson llelen L. Richardson Ernest ll. Waterman Sidney F. Smith William A. Spence Roger M. Tarpy Frank R. Thomas Malts Wilson Robert A. Wynas Marion A. Ridgeway Elizabeth M. Runkel Kathryn M. Sellers Beatrice N. Silver Charlotte J. Slane Margaret C. Sutherland Dorothea M. Swanson Virginia B. Vierheller Charlotte E. Warren Maryellyn Woodfield Gertrude L. Yastrow Lange Benll Molek Pierce Macpherson .Tokish McGrady Kereh Runkel Lahmnn Dye Austin Gnnsz Meyer Normnndin Minier Calvert Iiidgt-waxy Moynilmn ' Dix Longworth Lnwton Baits Richardson YVIIFYPH Moltvr l'1llis Olson Swanson Johnston Jerald Ynstrow Grimitt Moorman Cox Leno l'Idwnrds tireenirood Silver Andrews lfrese llnnst-n Vierheller Mnthesius Sellers I Baker l.l0 OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO -'Sl PAot: 312 H+ l I TI-IE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS II.I.Io OF1 3 DONALD F. MULvIIIII.1.... DoI1uLAs V. Fnosr ...... ...-..----- CARI, J, Dmzsnn ...... Genevieve S. AIHICYSOI1 Jackson D. Beatty .lack T. Boyd Lucille M. Cole Wll.LIAhl A. ZoI-1I.I.r:II. DONALIJ BU'I"I'I:In-'II:I.n. JACK A. Lyons. Eloise Abbott Lawrence B. Askin HENRY F, AVERY MAURIOE E. GOSNELL 932 , . lidiior I?Ir.vi1u'.r.v .'lIL1ll0gL'l' IVJUUKI Ill'1Dll . . T H E S l R E N EDITORIAL AND ART STAFF . . . . .Associate Editor .IUANITA l'iAMIn'. . . .. .Assistant Editor JANI: FAUNTZ ............. ., ........ . . .Assistant Editor ,I0sIf:I'IIINI: A. SMITII . . . . . . . lVlARION G. IRRMAUN .................... . . .Tlientra Erlilor Assistants llarold B. Jewell Harvey W. Kring lleeren S. Kruse Martha K. Pence Shirley W. Day Mary J. Fithian Norma S. Coedde Elizabeth llaynie BUSINESS STAFF STANLEY SANDI-:I.I.. . . . .. .... .Assistant Advertising Manager JOIIN G. SYMONS ..... . . . . . .... . . . . . . .Advertising Manager .. . . . . .Assistant Advertising Manager J. CIIRTIS Ml'I'iIlIliI.I.. .. A ssistants Theodore l-l. Criesenauer Ralph L. Milliner Dori:-I D. Gundlach Joseph S. Peacock . . . . iVOIHIIll.S Editor . . . . . . . . . .Art Editor . . . . lfxvlrango Editor Lynn E. Pierce Kalllleell .l. Presbergg Dorothy S. Quinn Frederick M. Zeiler . . . .Collection Manager . . .CIFCILIIIIZOIL Manager .. .... .Copy Manager Martha .l. Reynolds Miriam A. Van Bnskirk Louise E. Geidell Harrieway L. Wangelin Goudde Quinn Dny Askin Mitchull Milliner Irrlnun 'Vnn Buskirlc Pence Peacock Anderson Hriesennuer Gundlnch Butterfield Smith Dneser Xhingelin Sundell Presberg Frost Krint: Rnlncy Zocllvr l":I.Ilntz OOF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO ' x AIIPAGE 813 12+ N OF pm THE UNIVERSITY OF ll-Ll NOIS ILLIO OF'I 2 JOSPIPII li. 'l'Il"l"ANY, JR. WAL'l'l'lR J. EVl'IlillAR'l' litliiur l?u.v1'm'.r.v .llnmzyvr THE TECHNOGRAPH EDITORIAL STAFF It .Jain img, X '- .lg . V Q ' N 1 .2 Q in ' f J Bmw:-:'1'1' lirltcotw. Jn. .. ..... ..... . ..Assislan1 lftlimr Jonx R. Wmm ............ .,,A,q,vi,mn11 Eflimr l"ltANClS ,l. Rust: ............. ................. A rt lizlimr flssislanls Stanley li. Bcnscnler Tliumus I". l"leming Andrew 5. Kleszewski William E. Schulz William E. Bulm tllmrles ll. lww g flllilflfff ll- Kflllg .lumes A. Stewart Ralph L. Dnwell lliomus W. l'llll'I'lS .lfglllll lt. ilielll Frederic E. Slrouf Fred C. lfeltlium llYl'0H ll- -lm' Nfllley 5f'll'1lllCl' Mutt S. Wilsnn BUSINESS S'l'Al"l" ALVIN li. WVANDI-IIN-Ill. . . .......... l.'ir1'nlu1ion Manager Al.-XYNARID M. l'1Asl.m' ........ National Al1l't'I'1l'SilIg Manager M,.3lu.l': ll. GUI'1D,II'IN. .. ...l,m'al !lIll'l'l'll'SfIlg Manager l'IAlutY B. ATKINSUN. .. ................. Copy Manager Assistants ,lnsepll D. Cobb l"runklin A. Perkins. .ll'. Andy if. Stewart George W. Svnboda Yule W. Nuset .lnlm L. Swarner .-.--....- Fleming Stewnrt Nh-szuwsxi Schulz Sclmitzer Nnsot Swurner Ilnrris Perkins Cobb NVilsun Svobodn Renz Stewart Kring Dowffll Strouf Fox l"0ltlmm Gocdjcn Burgoon XVehh NV:1mlt-rt-r Easley Josi Bohn ILLIO OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO 10 df +El PAC!-1 314 li'- OF I 2 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS I LI 932 RUTH M. SKII'IVVAIIZ.... Yumm N ANINIUY RAI. HI-IRMAY B. RIYPI' .---- WAl.'I'I-III J. Wizmzn ..... RALPH B. I,HVl'1RI.Y ..... Wu.m'n D. BI'nm:m:n:n ..... Frank II. Bischoff ' Reid G. Boyle MucAIIen A. Campbell HARVEY XV. KR ING Editor 1 .71 s L , 'DE nen- f4 .l 1 I .. . ....v I THE ILLINOIS AGRICULTURIST STAFF WII.l.IAAI Il. IIIIUWA. Horurullmal lflrlor I-Iam!-:lc E, EDWARDS. Alumni Lflztov I-IALSI-:Y L. Mn.:-Ls. .. llunmf Irlfrm . . . . . . . . . .fl-H Club I'1l1lol STAFF I'IIiIIBI'IlI'l' W. Bl'r'l'lNc: Emiizn IE. Wu.I.1AMs. Joim L. 'IIIIISIJSII ASSISTANTS Ralph 0. Dueringer Caspar L. Must Martin T. Carhe Lee A. Morrell Canterbury Puddick Rupp Ilnrrisun I nrhe Bischgn' Ducringcr Ammon Miles Brown llxumnh Schwarz Kring Buddemcier II.LIO OF NINETEEN THIR -'CI PAGE 315 III- if 1 0 y 1 N',.. Elec+ions fo supervise . . . a meefing +o call . . . speakers, and dinners +0 plan programs for . . . execufive con- ferences where Desfiny reigns . . . ,gg-..Z1" fic' fi STUDENT ADMINISTRATICN THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLI QW 951-Willy I L .IR'l'IIl7It R. CIiA'l'II01iNE, JR. I'rr.vI'rirlIt AII'I'III:II R. fIIIA'I'IIoIINI-:. .III ..................... JUIIN K. BIUIIIIIS .......................... 'ILLINOIS UNION NOIS ILLIO OF I9 JOHN K. MORRIS I" I'I'c-l'rc.vI'dI'l1t OFFICERS .President FRANK W. Rrznwnzx. .ln.... 5 .Vice-President LLOYD Momzv ....... ...... ,,,, I , I-IIIwAIIn E. S'rArronIx. .. ...... ........ . ..Businvss Manager BOARD OF DIRECTORS Farrell K. I-lodges Arthur B. Mays Robert Reitsch C 1 5 1 Raymond Leeper Irving L. Missner Hiram T. Scovill Fiiecl II?IIllfii'Irier Oscar A. Leulwiler Donald C. Munch Jame, M. White CABINET IVILLIAM B. AIINoLn ..... ...... P reductions RonI:II1' M. LITTLE ............ ,,,,, E Luggions JAcx L, Comm .,..,....... .... M emberships MAImIcs S. MULIIOLLANIJ ..... ,,,,,,,, S mol.-6,-5 AIITIIIIII G. I-IoLs1'I-:IN .......... ........ D anccs WILLIAM H. STEWAII1' ....... ,,,, 1 jelebragions T. GAILLAIID KNAvI'I:NIII:IIcI:II ..... ..... ..... D a rI's Day IRA N. 'l'IIoMI'soN .......... ,.,. 1 1,,f,,,, Week HE Illinois Union was founded in 1909 to foster all legitimate forms of student activity and to promote Illinois spirit by all possible means. Beginning with 2,000 members and practically no assets, it has enjoyed a phenomenal growth. With the growth of the student body into its present large and heterogeneous mass, an ever-growing need was felt for some central agency to co-ordinate activities of an extra-curricular nature and at the same time promote college spirit and good fellowship. The work of the Illinois Union is to bring closer to realization this unification of activities. college spirit, and good fellowship. TlH'lH'l' KIIIIIYIPUUIIOYIIW' S!0WIH'! Scovill Leutwilcr Let-per Renyviek Th0'llPN0l1 Aflmlfl SIIIIIUHI Munch Hodges Missner Ligue LIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -fl IJACF 318 Ff- Ik l UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO O I. '35, FREDERICKA S. SCHRUMPF RUSSEI1 0- DERBY l,l'l'.Ilfl 'Ht COMMERCE COUNCIL Russel. O. Dmmv .... MARY J. BRENNAN... ...... FRICDEIKICKA S. Scumlmm-' .... LELIA E. HOPKINS ...... JAMES C. I'm'1'eE .... Russel. 0. DERBY ...... E. Common XVATSON. .. OFFICERS ...............Pru.-:iflwzt JAMES R. NAslc1cF. . . . . . . . . .. Fm:m:mcxA S. Scnmmrr. . . . ......... . .St-fretary-Treasurer . . . .Calmna Alpha Chi . . . .Gamma Epsilon. Pi Phi Chi Theta Bt-la Gamma Sigma Illini Chamber of Commerce Bela Na Kappa MEMBERS Rov E. TAY1.on ..... .lures R. NAsr:Er.... GICIIALD J. Koiznmcn.. DoNAI.n M. KAIVIlIIER'l' Enwltnn C. WIJIDHMAN ..... Russum. F. SeoT'r. ..... . . . . . Vice-President . . . . . . . .Pan Xenia . .Alpha Kappa Psi Sigma Iota Epsilon I l I '..Alpha Delta Sigma .Accolmlancgv Club . . . .Beta Alpha Psi I-Imam' D. Gnow ............................... Baml of X STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS COMMITTEE OE THE COLLEGE OE COMMERCE Essel R. Dillavou Frederic A. Russell Albert T. llelbing Wilbert E. Karrenbrock I-IE Commerce Council is composed of one representative from each of the honorary and professional organizations of the College of Commerce. It has as its purposes the promotion of fellowship between the organizations represented and the advancement of more personal contacts between the students and the faculty of the college. The Council has this year sponsored a Student-Faculty Reception, a Commerce Dance, " I mi' ,Q il' I my if x. G.- -v J' 4 . and educational speeches by prominent men from varlous fields in the business world. K Q I .N ll xxx 4 M qi 5 A ' M' w Q' 5 H 5 , 4. "'.- ,Y ', ,. fmt' pf 71 f. T Qi' X f Rt g Q mt ' ' -x, h I I i ,. . I. . E., I I 1 Nusuvf XVntson Russell Brennan Smit qgmw panel, K2Hlllll"l'L Dillnvon Hopkins Taylor Wm-ide-limit Knrrcnhrock Kocrnvr ILLIO OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -:El I'Aci: 319 lif- 9 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO 0F'I JOHN K. MORRIS GLl'INI'1'A HOBBS l"l O M E C O M l N G COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN G cneral Olzairman AIICUNIHIOIIIIIIOIIS ' Greer L. Watts Martha F. Etzbach Arthur C. Holstein Registration and Intformatiun Edward G. Sanderson Elizabeth M. Setchell A Imrlls John C. Miller Mildred R. Parkhill Stamp Sales Mathew H. McKillip Louis K. Mertz Eleanore T. lrland Hobo Parade Richard H. Heberling Russel O. Derby Programs ,lack R. Clements Stunt Show William B. Arnold Dorothy J. Gard I'Vamuu '.r Cltnirlllall Reunion James H. Lake ,lean Johnston House Decorations Leo J. Voell Badge Sales Sanford Watkins Robert D. Schutt Publicity Robert C. Starr Margaret Jacobson OMECOMING was begun twenty-two years ago as a means of more closely uniting the University student body with the Illinois Alumni. It is usually held over the week-end of the football game which is expected to be the season's best in order to attract the Alumni on their return to the campus. The Home- coming Committees arrange for Alumni meetings and good entertainment, as well as provide the best service possible for the visitors. Fraternity and sorority house decoration awards, the Stunt Show, the Hobo Parade, badge and stamp sales, and Alumni registration are some of the activities sponsored by the Homecoming Committees. ll Q 9 Y 9 Arnold NVntts Derby Johnston Sctcholl Heberling Mertz Schutt Luke Juuobson Irlnnd Sanderson Holstein Gard .ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO .ffffl t at PAGE 320 13+ OF . ,, I lI.l.lO THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS ILI.Io or JANE ZINN 'l'. liiklliluklill KNAl'1'lCNl5ERfil'lli II lVoman'.r Clzrzirmruz Gf'lll'P'Hl Cl1llf1'HH1Il D A D ' S D AY COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Accommodations l'llblfCff9' RUCGPUUN Elmo B. Payne .lames l-I. Lake Howard C. llartman Richard T. Miskimen James R. Naseef .lohn C. Miller Maud M. Hinc Frances J. Thurston Dorsey Connors Reports Programs , , Henry S. Joseph ,lack R. Clements Rvsfsfffllwfl ,lean I. Gerber 7- H, Sanford Watkins D . I "PA l l Marjorie R. Snyder Edeclulvb . Ffflllklm R- Mllet' James E. Gorman Matthew l'l. McKillip Evelyn Johnson AD'S DAY was conceived and made a reality by Dean Emeritus Thomas A. Clark in 1919 for the purpose of setting aside one day in each year on which the fathers of students might visit the University in a body and see the University in action. The day is combined with a home football game, a concert by the Men's Glee Club, and other forms of entertainment. Letters are sent out advising them of the event by both the University and the Illinois Union. As a result of the founding of Dad's Day, the Dads' Association was formed, an organization which co-operates with the University and the Union in every enterprise. XVnt,kins Connors Gorman Snyder Hinc Clemgntg Milcy Hnrtnmn Joseph Nnsoof '1'Im,-sim, Mmm. OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO +24 PAGE 321 13+ 9 THE UNIVERSITYO fill F ILLINOIS ILLIo 0519 FRIIIDERICK A, SCIINELI. TIIIIIODORE T. QUINN I'fL'SIfI4'1If Sr'4'rI'tary-Tr1'a.vIIrrr OFFICERS FIIIJDIQIIICI-L A. SCIINELI. ..... .................... P resident MAII.IonII: G. FINN ......... ,,,, V ige.Presidenr '1'III:onoIII: T. QUINN ................... Secretary-Treasurer I MEMBERS FIu:nI:IncIc A. ScIINI:I.I. .... .......... I ntramural Manager ELnI:n'I' B. KAAII' ........... Representative, Athletic Council 'l'III-:ononn T. QIIINN .... ............. E rlitor, Daily Illini I-lI:I.I:NI: R. FoI:I.I.INcI:II ........ Womarfs Editor, Daily Illini MAIIJKDIIIIII G. FINN ....... ..... I 'resident, Woman's League AIITIILIII T. Mosnizn ........ . ....... President, Y. M. C. A. All'I'llUR R. CIIATIIIJIINI: ..... ...... I 'resident, Illinois Union DUIIIITIIY C. GRANT ........ .... . .Presiden,t, Y. W. C. A. RICIIAIIII K. LAW. ........ . .......... Editor, Illio of 1932 AIILILNI-1 G. SCIII-:Ini:NIII:I.M ............. President, W. A. A. RIIssI:I.I. M. I-lonnnn ......... Business Manager, Daily Illini Roniznr W. McGIII:I:oII ................................. ROIII-:IIT N. RUTIIILIIFOIIII ..... Business Manager, Illia of 1932 DORIS L. Sr:IINI:InI:II ...... President, IVon1an's Group System R. JAMES RAILSIIACK, JIl...I,I'L'SIlIl'l1I, Interlraternity Council JEAN E. I.A'I'1'AN ..... ..... S tuzlent Colonel, First Semester BUIINIZLI. J. FAIINAN ........ President, Independent Council . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President, First Semester, Senior Class Rocnns I-IoMI:II CAsl.oN D. JONES. .Presidcnt, Second Semester, Senior Class M. ADAMS.. .PFUSIIICIIL First Semester, Junior Class K. President, Second Semester, Junior Class AIITIIIIII C. BASS ....... ...Student Colonel, Second Semester OMPOSED of eighteen members of the student body selected automatically by virtue of their positions in campus activities, the Student Council is empowered to rule on all student affairs throughout the year. It is directly responsible for the selection of the Dance Supervision Committee, the Freshman Frolic Committee, and the first semester president of the Freshman Class. In addition to legislating upon all affairs brought before it by direct petition or by observation of the respective members, five members sit with the University Senate Committee oII Student Affairs for the purpose of bringing the student's point of view to the notice of that body. I' . wifi I 'Q' X' ' iii AGIHHN Sl'llll1'il1l'l' M1'UI'UL!0I' RIIthI-rford li I-nnt Lnw Flll'!l1lll Lnttnn Selivieiclviilielin fll'llilllH'llL' Rnilshnvk Foolliiigci' Finn Horner Kulnp Moslwr OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO Q I L L I o est PAGE 322iE1- I L. Nlvsnslrv or ILLINOIS ILLIO o ARTHUR C' BASS YVELDIN lf. BALDYVIN Prrsidmlt, First Srnmstvl' President, Second Semester OFFICERS ARTHUR C. BAss ..... .... ,.... P r esident, Ifirst Semester WELDIN R. BALDWIN .... ........ P resident, Second Semester WP1I.IJlN R. BALDWIN .............. Secretary, btrst Semester MAX L. KUEIINERT ....... . .... .Secretary, Second Semester JEAN E. LATTAN ..... .... S tnzlent Colonel, First Semester ARTHUR C. BASS. ........ Student Colonel, Second Semester MEMBERS JAMES F. WIIISENAND .... .......,... . ...Tau Nu Tau THEODORE B. FORBES .... ....Cavalry Officers' Club ROBERT A. BAGLEY. .... .... I llinois Polo Association HAROLD W. HANNAH .... ........ P ershing Rifles CHARLES R. WOODEILL. .. ....... Scabbarrl and Blade RAYMOND L. PORTER ..... .... P i Tau Pi Sigma Lm PANICHI ........... ................. P halanx MERVYN H. WARLOW. . .. ................Cr1isson Club DONALD F. MULvm1LL........ HERBERT L. GARRTSON. PARKE D. MOIIGAN... .Millini Publicizliolri Q i .... . . . .Alpha Tau Silglllll . . .Coast Artillery Club ILLIO HE Military Council was founded three years ago through the suggestion and help of Colonel Charles W. Weeks. It is an advisory council composed of the different military organizations on the campus. A facultv advisor is chosen from the omcers on active duty at the University, and the Student Colonel acts as a non-voting member. The chief purposes of the Council are to bring about a closer organization among the groups repre- sented by its members, and to sponsor special functions of the R. 0. T. C. Unit, such as the Military Ball, the Horse Show, and similar activities. Woodflll Bagley WHYIOW Forbes Porter Iinttnn I Mulvihill Wliixenund Hunnnh Garrison Llgrgun 1",mii-hi OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO -'EE PAGE 323 Es 9 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF I93 RIGNICK II. BUCKLES I.l.OYIl MURICY Senior .Ilnnu!lr'r Uliuirmun nf Ihr' Ifnnrfl UNIVERSITY CONCERT AND ENTERTAINMENT BOARD MANAGERS Senior R1-nick H. Buckles Juniors William II. Brown. Jr. Harold E. McConnell George L. Scripps Sophomores Florence A. Beidelman Hurry A. Cooper Florence I. Griest Millard S. McCuIiin Morris E. Paddick Milburn E. Carey Russell C. Flint Barbara J. Harris Harold E. Meyer Henrietta Seaman Howard M. Cheney Marjorie F. Fulwider Mary C. Henley Xvilliam F, Woods, Jr, BOARD OF ADVISORS Faculty Members Lloyd Morey Harry G. Paul Frederic B. Stiven George P. Tuttle Student Members Dorland J. Davis Harold K. Madison Elizabeth H. Rusk Jean A. Webster RGANIZED originally in 1902 as a lecture course, the Star Course grew, in response to student demand, to include the supervision and management of all concerts and entertainments given at the University by professional artists, lecturers, orchestras, and other professional organizations. It is a non-profit organiza- tion, and now, under its new name, conducts the Star Course as a series of concerts by the finest obtainable talent. The University Concert and Entertainment Board consists of representative members from faculty and students, and selects the talent to appear for the year. The business staff is composed entirely of students, with a Senior Manager selected by the Board, and takes care of all negotiations and production work for the presentation of concerts. I Puddigk Clit-nvy l'ui'cy Henley Meyer XVonds Mt-Guftin urivst llnri-is Flint Scripps Mm-Connell ctwvvr 1'l"lWI'h'l' B0ld"l'm"' lluvis Rusk Tuttle Stiven Patil IVOIDNIUI' BIIHIISWI lI.I.lO OF NINETEEN TI-IIRTY-TWO ' O ya? 1 ILLIO THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLI jg1qNNl1j'1"1' 'It BURcIooN, JR. SL'c'l'l'fU VS' NOIS ILLIO OF19 EDWARD W. BALDWIN, JR. l'r'r-.vizleuf ENGINEERING COUNCIL OFFICERS EDWARD W. BALDWIN, JR ........................ President BliNNIf1'I"I' T. BURGOON, JR. .... .... S ecremry XVAI.'l'l-IR J. EVERIIART ....... .................. T reasurer MEMBERS EDWARD W. BALDWIN, JR ..... .... . President, A. S. C. E. WALTPIIK J. EVILRIIARI' ....... Business Manager, Technograph GI:oRcI: E. LEUTWILEII. ...... ..... P resident, A. S. M. E. LIB PANICIII ........... ......... P resident, Railway Club BRNNILTI' T. BURCOON, JR ............ President, A. l. E. E. HENRY Blanc ......... ...... P resident, Mining Society HIRAM D. FRANK!-IL ..... ..... . .President, Ceramic Society RICIIARD J. DUFPIN ..... ...... P resident, Physics Society JosI:I-' I-I. WI1s'rI:RDmIG .... ..... P resident, C. Society IRVING L. MIssNI:n .... ..... I llinois Union Representative HE Engineering Council consists of the presidents of the various departmental societies of the College of Engineering. It has as its purposes the promotion of the general .welfare of the Engineering Societies, the management of all social functions of the College, and the selection .of men to represent the College of Engineering in other organizations Where the Engineering student body IS to be represented as a whole. The Council sponsors dinners, smokers, and dances, and alcls Ill the promotion of the Engineering Open House. Ki Berg Dufiin Leutwilur XVl'Sil'l'lNH'g' Punir-hi F,-nnkol 0 F ETEENTI-I T -rw 32 I N I N I R Y g QIPAGE 325 H+ S, I M ILLIO UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I9 2 Ihxlcrl-:Y W. Klclxu 1l,xlco1.lx WltItiH'1' l'ri'.rlzli'ul, .S'4't'nlnI .S'1'nu'.rlt'r l'r4'.rlzl4'l1l, Ifirst ,S'mm'.rlvr MEMBERS HAuoi.n Wnusirr .... ..... A grlculiurul Club III-IIKRI-1II'I' C. E501-II.IIAItIYI' ...... Agricultural Education Club l'lAuvi-:Y W. Kumi: .... ....... 1 lgrmulrurul Club AIAIISIIALI. J. bco'r'r ........... Agricullurul Erlucalion Club Li-is Rm' I,II'I-III. ..... .... I 'loaf mul Horn Club Dorm: R. RIOIIIIIS ...... . ........ Farm Mechanics Club l.I'IIL'I'UN C. Mfvrnizw .... .... I loaf urul Hum, Club FRANK H. Biscnorr .... ........ I 'arm Mechanics Club Ruin C. Bowie ....... ............... I Jzury Club Kizxxirru R. Tncxizn ...... .,.... I lorticulzurc Club PAUL T. WII,SlDN .... Dnir Club Rnmown LI-II'lI'I'1II .......... . .... Horticulture Club llowfnm W. 'l'unNi:u ........ ...... I' 'ivlrl mul Furrou' Club HE Agriculture Council is under the direction of the president of the Agricultural Club, and is composed of the semester presidents of the specialized agriculture clulis: Hoof and Horn, Dairy, Field and Furrow, Farm Mechanics, Horticulture, and Agricultural Education. The Council has as its purpose the promotion of lietter agriculture and agricultural methods, and accomplishes this end through meetings, conferences and lectures, judging contests, and other means to arouse the interest of the students of the College of Agriculture. It annually sponsors the Peanut Banquet, the Student Farmer Fair, the All-Agricultural Banquet, and other more minor activities. Through its work, it lirings the agricultural students into closer contact with each other and with the field of agriculture. l Wilson Iiixgvllianwlt St-ott Turner Mathew Ina-kt-r liisvlmll 1505-ll, 1,,.L.l,,.,- MU,-,-l, lmllwl. ff at lam 326 55+ OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO I I THE U I PI I I3 NIVERSITY or ILLINOIS ILLIO OFT PII I LI P K. LAN'I'Z SrrrrtaI'y-TrI'a.fII I-rr EI.s'I'nN D. III-:IIIioN. . 'I'III-:oIIouI: T. QIIINN IJIIILII' K. LANTZ... BILIITIIA M. ENGI-LII.. IJoIzo'I'III' I. Posvxc. jnnzs A. SIII:AIn:II.. ELMIIIA B. OQNEAI... RoIII:II1' IE. Dwvtzu.. JOURNALISM COUNCIL OFFICERS ..................Pl'0SliIIUlIl MARY K. Armms. . . . . . . .. I'IIII.II' K. LANTZ ........... ......... S vcrelary-Treasurer MEMBERS . . . .Sigma Della Chi . . . .Sigma Delta Chi .. . .Thcla Sigma Phi . . . . . . Theta Sigma Phi . . . . .Kappa Tau Alpha . . . . .Kappa Tau Alpha .. . .Alpha Delta Sigma Jonx 'I'. IMwsoN ....... w'II.I.NIKII!I'I B. I'IAS'I'INGS... I'IIiNRY C. BlIIlNII'I"I' ..... . GAIIIIY Il. IIOMANN... BIAIIJOIIY S. BI.Ar'I'. . .. EIARY K. ADAMS .... I':I.S'l'UN D. I'II'2III'ION... ICLSTON ID. II IGRRON l'I'IrxirirIIt . . . . . V lilflf-Pl't?Slillt'llI . . . . Gamma Thom Phi . . . .Pi Della Epsilon ..... .Phi Alpha Chi . . . . .Member-al-large . . . . .Member-at-large . . . .Member-at-large . . . . Member-at-large HE Journalism Council represents the student body of the School of Journalism, prevents duplication of effort in tIIe various societies, insures cooperation of aII groups in projects lIIICIGI'I2'lIiCII by Ineinber organiiza- tions, sponsors activities for the School as a whole, and acts on matters referred to it by the students and faculty. Its melnbership consists of representatives of the journalistic fraternities and sororities and four members et large chosen by popular vote. 6 . 5.- "ry- I ""' ' C 1 f I 0'N4'zII Homzxnn Dawson Pnsvir: Adxuns Enger SIII-:Irer IiIIItt IIIINIHIES Iillrllett Quinn Dwyer H T T W 9 f II.I.Io or NINETEENT IR Y- .. NI 'AQILPTIEF I 52 10,3 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1932 B U R NELL J. FARNAN l'rc'sidcut INDEPENDENT COUNCIL , OFFICERS BURNELL J. FARNAN ..... .................... P resident Menus H. Got-:DJEN ......... ..... V ice-President JAMES J. Him, .................................. Secretary COUNCILMEN E John A. Appleman Craig J. Crether William S. McCabe Daniel M, Narodick Richard F. Armitage Ward M. Karraker Joseph F. Mirabella William L. Singer Allen Fiske Russell O. Knudson William F. Moon Mortimer D, Wilhel- Thomas B. Godfrey Charles C. Wilson HE Independent Council, reorganized this year in every department, has become the governing body of the All-University Independent Association. lt consists of a cabinet of fifteen senators, representative of, and responsible to, all independent male students. The Council aids freshmen in registering and in entering campus activities, conducts bridge, billiard, and athletic tournaments, assists the intramural department in organizing independent teams, and sponsors dances, smokers, and dinners. It serves in every way possible to elevate the status of the independent man, and to bring the 4,000 independent men into contact with the activities of the University. In co-operation with the Woman's Group System, this year the Council was able to establish an independent newspaper which reaches all independent students. Kllrfllker YVillJ0r Frederick Mirahelln Nurodick MCCIIIDB Knrtknmp Gi-other Wilson Huek Moody Fnrnnn Goodjen Butterfield Fiske .ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO f M f ,Q R. . ' +Ei PAGE 328 it'- OE l 4 ILLIO I-IE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS ILLIO or 1932 I .-I RTIIUR T. MOSHER l'l'I'A'il1l9lll AII'I'IIIIII '1'. Mosurzn. .. LA winawmfz B. AsIcIN.. DONALD B. BLACK. . . . . .. I-IAIIYIJY W. Conmucro STI-:wAIzr E. Vo'rAw. .. JAMES C. PE'I"I'I:I:.... RIcIIAno L. BorsI.r:Nz.. AIITIIIJIQ W. MII:I.Icr:. .. PAUL A. .h'l0SllEll .... IlAIIoI.o B. .lI:wI:1.I.... Henry E. Wilson. Ir. Montgomery I. Colclwell Y. M. C. A. OFFICERS ...... . ..... ... .Prcsirlenz .... . . . . . . . .Vice-Presirlcnl KI:I'I'II F. WIIIcII'r ........ l'IIoIf. AIITIIUII B. IVIAYS ..... .. UIALAN lillAIlLliS M. TIIonII'soN ................... Treasurer CABINET . . . .Frcslunon Fcllozzfslzip . . . . . . . . . .l"lres1'rle Forums .. . .Life Work Counselling , ... . . . . .Junior Boys Work ..... . . .Older Boys' Work Iflzrislion World Education .....................Social .................Publicity FIIILI1 ll. LAwIIIaNcI-:... Born llAIII'IaII ........... EIIGAII D. Rossini. ...... . .AIAIIVIN ll. liu'I'IsIIAusIaII.. All0I.l'll A. Kl.All'l'SIIlI .... l'llll.ll' BooAII'I' ..... AIINOTT SILLIMAN ..... llrzuuv E. Wll,SIlN, Jn... EXECUTIVE STAFF Frank l-l. West Dwight F. Bracken LANVR ENl'l'I Il. ASKIN l'i4'r-I'rr'.vi1lv'1It ..............Kecor1ler .CIIIIITIINIII of the Boarrl International l'lI'lCllllSlll:ll Inter-Racial Commission Inter-Racial Commission . . ....... . . . ...... Reception ....... . . . .Employment . . ..ll01Ill0Ill0Tl2 Council . . . . . . . .Dcputotions . . . . . . . . .Meetings Russell E. Elliot HE Y. M. C. A. is a fellowship of students and faculty who seek to make the principles of Christian living vital in all phases of campus life. The organization conducts activities which supply needs and desires of the students which are not served by other agencies. Among its many activities in campus life are the mainte- nance of an employment bureau, the Freshman camp, international and inter-racial friendship groups, ancl all-university religious services. King Harper Miclke Elliot Rlllll0l'f0 rd Slndorson Wilson I-lnycs I'I1"I'l'0ll ' Loo Sillimnn P. Mosher Lzlwrenvc lilo:-k Hunter Tonner M1-Ienlf l'o4lIliIII.:ton Russell Wright Askm Alllyx A. Mosher Bolxlenz Volnw Pettoo OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TW Q . N . -IC AGE 329 24- X U' I My l 01361 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO 0F'I Kruso Brnshaw Elrick INTER-PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITY COUNCIL To promote the interests and general welfare of Professional- Social Fraternities on the campus of the University of Illinois OFFICERS Rom-:NT F. Euncx .... .. ,................... President El.m:N W. Bmslmw ........... .... I 'ice-President l'll':r:ur:N S. Knusrf ............ ....... .... S e cretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Alpha Chi Sigma Delta Theta Phi Sigma Delta Kappa Carl W. Yurcho Robert F. Elrick Elden W. Brashaw Donald B, Black Edward W. Clendenin Edward F. Streit Alpha Rho chi Cordon A- D11 COM .Sigma Phi Della John F. Whisenand Fflfm H014-YC Henry J. Heuer I-leeren S, Krus6 Joseph G. Bumgarner Harold N. Kingsbury Paul T. Wilson ILLINOIS DISCIPLES' FOUNDATION For social and religious work among Disciple students STUDENT CABINET OFFICERS MELVIN M. CULV ......... .......... P resident ADALINE Wrrnsv ..... ..... S ecretary W. Summon BLArsm:l.r, .... ..... I ficc-President JAMES A. WARES ..... ..... T reasurer CABINET MEMBERS Iris Chamberlain Franklin S. Cooper Erma L. Laning Clenn Murphy Vernon P. Chri:-zlman Elizabeth Kenyon Stephen R. Sparks 9 Frnnmr Uhnmbvrlznin Hofer Dawson Snyder Fisher Snyder Crnvens Cnrlovk Mvlntiro MvKonn Hnro Lowther Mnrklnnd Johnson Gordon Mvllonuld Freed p,,1,I,,.,- K1-nyon t'hristm:nn NVitln'y Culp Sparks CllllllllJ0l'lIlIll Blnisdoll Lnnning Murphy 'ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO igfw .sz PM sao ls. A THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS ILI.Io o Paul L. Benbow Gerald T. Borcherdt Harold D, Bowen Martha J. Castle Lincoln H. Cha Xl'I'ISLl'1Y FOUND.VI'ION BU l LDTNG WESLEY FOUNDATION To further the desire of the Methodist Conference of the State to promote social and religious care of the University students STAFF PAUL BURT .... . . .......... .............. D trcctor LESLIE Ancnsn ..... ..... A ssistant Director STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS L. VERNON TRABERT ...................... . ...................... President LINDA FITZ-GERALD .... . . . . . ......................... Vice-President ADA D, HENRY ........... ....... S ecretary MARSTON D. S1'no'rE ..... ..... T reasurer STUDENT COUNCIL Donald R. Crocker Linda Fitz-Gerald Dorothy L. Folden Lucille C. Caetje Ada D. Henry MEMBERS Harold L. Jepson E. Stanton Johnson Johanna Malandrone William F. Moon Ralph D. Moore C. Orville Reinhardt J. Newton Rodeheaver Geraldine F. Slluman Marston D. Strote L. Vernon Trabert Gnetje Mnlnndrone Moon Johnson C roi-kt-r Jepson Moore SIIIIIIIIIII Foldon ' Archer Strote Fitz-Gerald Trrnhvrt Henry Burt T -TW 932 W Il.l.lO OF NINETEENTHIRY X . +11 PM 331 IE I, - Jun THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I932 fw Frank E. Birkett Marshall M. Dollalian Earl R. Field Catherine H. Hall William H. Kistler MI-KINIIEY FOUNDATION BUILDING MCKINLEY FOUNDATION To serve as a center for Presbyterian students' social and religious activities on the campus J. WVALTEII MALONE, JIi....... ......... ........... . .Director ROY M. SMITII. . . . .... .. .... Associate Director NIADGE S'I'I:wAn'I' SANMAN N . . . .. JI:NNIs BAllIIY....... .... . ..... . ................. ..... . STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS IVILLIAM H. KIs'I'I.IsII ................ ............................ HARRY N. McLAIIcIII.IN. . .. Counselor .Counselor .l'resir1erIl -President RAY A. LAIRD .............. .... I 'Ire . . .... Secretory AIi'I'IIUu P. IVICCOAIIII ..................................... .... STUDENT COUNCIL Donald E. Krick Ray A. Laird Carl F. Lycan Thomas W. Perdue MEMBERS Arthur l'. McCoard Harry N. McLaughlin Thomas I. Nalbacli Elza M. Slane Treasurer Mildred I. Slllllll Clarence W. Riessen L. Albert Welding Lloyd L. Wiglitman Hagen S. Wlialin Mc-Coaird Whulin Laird Malone AIULIIIILEIIIIII Birkn-It Smith Kistlcr XVehling XViglItInIIn SIIIIIINIIIII Hull Smith Slanc Barry Riessen PUNIIIU Nnlluu-lt Field Lyvnn Drivk Dollnhnn OF NINETEEN THIRTY TWO QI L I. I o Q61 , 42 PAGE 332 34' I I A ,..-- -Q9 L. fllbllllhllll Engel lim-hlcr Bair Unis Scillc-I Bzlrtx-lsml Art nmn lx nn l LUTHERAN STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION To establish and maintain, by thc Illinois Synml of the United Lutheran Clzurcll in America, a religious and social center for Lntlieran. Students of all Synorls STAFF IJwlc:n'r I'. BAM: ....................,.,............ lhruclor STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS XVn,l.1Axl II. DUIS ..... .,................ I 'resident Ilmmrnv TURNER ..... s4,nf,,,9 El.lzAn1c'l'n F. All'I'NlfKY. .. .. ....... Vice-Prasiflenz CARI. E. BAnTlal.s0N ...... . . Trlusurlr CABINET MEMBERS William ll. Duis Elrny Kralscln Nurma E. Larson Kennelll ,llllllliillll lrmcll S lolln 1 Elizalmelll F. Artman Russell O. Knurlson Curl E. Barlelson Waller F. Weber A Ioulsr Nfl cn Earl K. Brissrnan LeRoy J. Koehler Lawrence .l. Rcllingcr La Wanda Engel May II Selclel To fllfllllil' EPISCOPAL FOUNDATION llle lllreclinn and co-orflinatian of the sturlent activities of the Episcopal llzapzl STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Cxcmusl-1 C. BITICROIICIIS .......................... I'rcsiflcnt IIIAIUUN .l. BUCK .............. . .. SlllLllllj 'IIICIILAY Xl. PAH. ............. ......,....... I fic:--I'rcsirlcnt Grammar: V. ZlN'rr:I, ............ .... I rruszmf STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES OF CONSTITUENT CUILDS Cl-:umm C. BllIIIl0IllQIlS ...... ....... l ,l'l'Sl!ll'Hf, Clmpcl Club 'FERLAN M. PAUL ........... ...... S lfltlllfj llmpll llub I'IIliI.llICR J. Dmvlnwcz .... A .... ....... T rcasurcr, Cbupcl Club WAl.lllIIlN R. Rmcsl-3 ......... ...... A :blurs lNlAm:Aln:'l' B. Al.:-:xANm':n ....... Viva-I'rcsi1lvn1, Chapel Club Vr.As'rA Z. S1'A'rNY ...... . .. Sl Mary s Alla: lurlzl DoxAl.n II. GlIA'I'IU'l' ...... ...................... . Svvvnty Wn.LIAM I.. DAY ......... . Clmnly Sflmol WIIYIFIIICD li. All-IIISUN. ...... .............. C loislcr Players MEMBERS EX-OFFICIO 'IIIIIC lIl'lYI-IIClCNIl BIOIITON CI. Sroxli.. .............. Chaplain IHHNB Colwlclz .... .. Ilmmm Wmlllr I I :Aff -xx Ji O' Mi.,-sm, III-osv Gratiot lmy s.l,,tm Pnnl I4ll1'l'1vll::l1s f'4'lllN'1' Stone All-xanulcr IM ndln -:El PAGE 333 lif- Rehearsals 'fill miclnigh+ . . . cos+umes, and scenery, and props +o prepare . . . H1e fhrill of 'rhe over+ure's opening s+rains . . . fhe cur+ain's up! . . . WILLIAM HOHENZOLLERN J!! my QM 4753523 QQ ww g DRAMATICS MARY AuzxANnER msRAEu cowmaus PAuL Ann-lun clceno ISABELLA Loan NELSON THE'UNIVERSITY OF ILALINOIS ILLIO OF 1932 YVESLEY SNVANSON l2ir't't'!aI' RICHARD L. HANI.oN ..... GILBERT I-I. ERB ....... Geonce P. TuTTI.I: ...... ABNER R. KNIGHT ........ RICHARD L. HANLON ClnII'I'mau ILLINI THEATRE GUILD MEMBERS .. . . . .Representative of Mask and Bauble ..... . . . . . . . . . . . .Representative of Picrrot . . . . .Representative of Faculty Players Club .. . .Representative of University of Illinois HAROLD N. HILLEBRAND ..... .... R epresentative of University of Illinois M. ELIZABETH HUFF.. .... ..,... R epresentative of The Y. W. C. A. EDNA L. KLINE. ..... .... f epresentative of The lVoman's League WILFRED P. BURGLAND Tvcluxical Director HE Illini Theatre Guild was organized in 1924 for the purpose of supervising all dramatic productions presented by organizations existing solely for that purpose. It aims to co-ordinate such dramatic activity on the campus, and to promote its general welfare. The membership of the Illini Theatre Guild is divided into two classes: regular and associate members. The former class is made up of those organizations purely dramatic in nature and with no other major function: Mask and Bauble, Pierrot, and The Players' Club. The associate members are Woman's League and the Y. W. C. A., organizations which, though they have other more vital interests, produce some form of stage entertainment in conjunction with their other activities. The Theatre Guild is governed by a board of directors made up of representatives from the five lYlClIllJCI' organizations, and two faculty members chosen each year by the Committee oII Student Affairs. The board of directors is headed by a chairman elected by and from the -board. The group meets every week to consider problems of finance, personnel, and general policy with regard to the dramatic productions presented under its jurisdiction. Tuttle Hillebrniul Knight Unxilon Hutt' Kline Erb . ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO 1 f at PAGE 336 5+ Ill I 4 THE UNIVERSITY or lu.l.lNols lttlo or 1932 JOHN M' ELLIOTT ROBERT A. HARPER J . ' . Business J,,,m,yl.,. I roductum Jllanaym ILLINI THEATRE GUILD THE MANAGEMENT ROBERT A. HARPER .... ........................ S enior Production Manager RUTH E' FITZSIMONS ,,,, ..... A ssistant.Produetion Manager JOHN M- ELLIOTT ..,,,,, ........ S enior Business Manager MARY F. MCKELVEY ,,,,,,, ...... I unior Production Manager GWENDOLYN T, HARVEY ..... ...... I untor Production Manager ALBERT BROWN ,,.,, ,,,,, ..... I 1 mior. Production Manager H. WAYNE ADEN ,,,,,,, , ...... Junior Business Manager ELIZABETH SETCIIELL .... ..... I unior Business Mllnflgef RUTH E. FITZSIMONS .rlrmixlunt Prarlfurtlion rllrlnayfr INCE its formation in 1924, the Guild has gradually attempted more and more difficult problems in theatrical art. The opening of the Lincoln Hall Theatre in the spring of 1930 provided a further incentive and opportunity to develop some of the'finer points in dramatic production, due both to the centralization of activity, which had hitherto been quite scattered, and to the advantage of the more modern equipment which the theatre offers. ' . . . Q u At present, the Guild has a repertoire of six major productions nyear, three of which are given by Mask and Bauble, one by Pierrot, and two by the Players' Cluh. In addition, each of the associate members make one presentation each year. The Guild hopes to 6XlCI'lCl.1lS work in the near future, so as to present an adequate program of diversified dramatic entertainment in keeping with the size and prestige of the University. First Night Audience, "See Naples arul Die" +:1PAcE 337 R+ nlllg OF NlNErsENrHlRrY-rwo 0 5 Ill 1 g I I. 'Millar I Q70 NIVERSIT YOF ILLINOIS ILLIO 0 HENRY A. YVACIITICR John H. Armstrong Winifred W. Boyd Albert Brown Marguerite M. Ruesching Phillip N. Citron .Iuliet M. Connors Russel O. Derby Elliott Durand Jeannette C. Edwards John M. Elliott Il.. Wayne Aden .Iulia L. Beatty Vernon R. Charlson George Coldewey, .Ir. Dorsey Connors Susan J. Dikeman l'n'.ridvut, First Svnzvxtur' Prtxvidvllt, Sccoud Smm'.rtvr MASK AN D BAUBLE To foster campus dramatics FACULTY Severina Nelson, A.M. Wesley Swanson, B.I.... A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Gilbert H. Erb Edward G. Fisher Ruth E. FitzSimons James W. Fry .Ianet R. Fuller Malcolm J. Gillis Richard L. Hanlon Robert A. Harper Florence S. Hook Ruby A. Ditzler Mary L. Goelitz Wilma C. Haeger Gwendolyn T. Harvey Betty L. Hughes Juniors M. Elizabeth Huff David V. Irish William H. Kistler Harold A. Low Robert Mason Edward H. McGinnis Margaret Parker Mary E. Patton Franklin M. Phillips Margaret E. Jacobson Mary .I. Klingel .Iames .l. Luneberg Mary F. McKeIvey Dorothy K. O'Connor G TLBERT H. ERB George W. Pickels William L. Pownall Helen M. Reynolds Margaret Rutherford Katherine M. Ryckman Gustav H. Stiehl Henry A. Wachter John R. Webb Edward L. Wilson E. .Iane Zinn Anita R. Reece Elizabeth Setchell Marion L. Stuart Frances J. Thurston Preston H. Tuttle Betty D. Walker Derby Kistler Erb Bowen WVIIUIIIPI' Jacobson Klingel Mr-Kult-oy Il, Connors Gillis Cyn.,-1,.,,,, Swanson NVnlkvr Fuller Hughes liver-e Got-litl Bm-svliing jlnrvm, Hook Iluvttcl' Huff lfitzsimnns PM ton Ryuklnan Boyd I 9 l.lO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TW -wif PAGE 338 lif- ILLIO NIvEIzsI1Y or ILLINOIS ILI.Io orl ROBERT F. MA LEY l'rcsI'rlrIIt P I E R R O T S Merfs Honorary Dramatic Society FACULTY Wilfred P. Burglund, B.S. Olaf Fjelde. B.S. Robert Henderson, A.M. Raymond F. Dvorak, BS., B.RIllS. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors John ll. Armstrong Gilbert l'l. Erb Lawrence L. Lehmann Ray W, Ball Vernon D. Irish William T. Loblaw John H. Benjamin Wendell C. Kennedy Hall M. Macklin John W. Brentlinger Alfred E. Kirk Robert W. Mayer Arthur E. Dillner Juniors Burdetto E. Anderson Robert F. Maley Abram Schaller Wilson M. Connell Albert E. Marien Alfred E. Treen John T. Foley GILBERT II. ERB Guild lI'I'pI'rm'1Il1Ilit'P Wesley Swanson, A.M. R. Bruce Weirick. PlI.D. William L. Pownall Harold A. Schwunbeck M. Raymond Wallenutein Lockwood lf. Wiley James A. Wares Albert N. Whitlock Btflljllllllll Foley Sc'lI:Il'fer Connell Kenncdv NVIIPCS Bull 4 DX'CYl'llk Burglxlnd Barrett Knoblovk '1',-Om, Kirk Muriel, Arrnstrong Swan L ll .bIlllL'l'S0ll Muloy Irigh E1-b XVilcv -'El l?AcI: 339 lie OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO 932 f i t I I Gio ,vw 'SILT Y J-n"'Lh. 'N 1 im Wh fx 454 Nz ,ckllik .Ii 1 WV! l . A 7' 9 W If Ja' 4 Q H 5, A t, .I , .Lg ..:.-'I tg- 5 I y .. ,w,,a,3 mf---2 " 'l " W t :Wk ' XM T QV' r. ,,., ,L rick. .--, .ggiy . -gg, , , , Mtg, Nw ,, . V. 0 531 H N , ggi? -.5 Edm, Hum- lirm11lv1l.wIx 11 lap llrlnu 1 1 . , ,. 1 Urn is A ....l-..-ili -fm XY:Altvl' mul H1-rt l2i.s-1l!!1'r'f' nn 1- 1'uIii',r1-rinil llw liirl A. jlw l1nI4l Lp in ilu' .Sluillu of lllll . i ff' ASK and Iiauhlc opened its fall Season on October 23 anti 2-14 and November 6 and 7 with nRClll0tC Control," a mystery radio thriller. Ccorgo Cohlcwcy as Waller Broken- clzilzl, thc Uprernicr radio an- nounccr of the air," brought you to VVPH, Chicago, and kept you thcrc through spiritualistic soanccs, rohhcrics, shootings, inurflcr, and tho capture of the Ghost gang, the most sensa- tional hunk bandits cvcr known in Chicago. Susan Jane Dikc- nian supported Cohlowcy in the vo-lead in ahlc fashion. fl'l1w lnnflwr nj llir Hlfnxl firing! lx t,'upl11rr'1I w 1 ,t ..g,qr,f, L.-..- Imi-tor Worlunnn ll' lfiw-,fi-,W llilv 11,.f.,,-f.., .nt rin-,1,.'r1f 'ff Wullvl' ,wr wh , t .. Fw Clinrlt-s I'rf'.w'nI.s' Onrf of His Sulf.-v Tullcs fr 1 'I' FFR. . -..i,.,,-,.. .,. . - 1nfr1f.,.- mm mc 1,, no cluccnl in Lim-oln llull 'Illic- ulrc on lllzm-li ll uncl lil mul lvlllliill lil mul 19 was llllf Hrsl Musk ancl Bumble offering of the second sculcslcr. ,ILIIIICS Lunclmcrg, as Charles Carroll, uml Dorsey Connors, playing AllIlIl?Hl? Dodge Kasag, lull llu- vusl in ll plot wovcn 1ll'0lIIltl Lliv llIlll'l'lilg.fC ol' Naincllc to ll llus- siun prinvc after lllc lullvr luis 1-oiifroiilcml licr sister willl ll lllll1Tlilllllll lllflxill.. The swift un:- lion of tlic piece left time for sullivia-nl mrl1u1'z1cl1'1' skclrliing Lo prusvnl llic lypiml Amvricun " lmxrisl cluing llllrups-. zmml llm lln'm,w liwnv :rx ,l,v,wr.v.vin1.Q . '-all M, ' K , 4- V ff "" v,, 5' v ' l f' Q' ,f Alai . ' .J .V ,4 3 ig wwf. mfg Z RJA! all 11,7 ig. ,7 . U4 r' fi., , 1+ ,wi .. 'Wi ' JJ 2 4 . 4 l .I Xml Hx llwnrrly in Ilixlrmx il0!4lll1'll1'lSlll uml cl-zfcalisl com- plvx of tliu flct'1l4lCIll llussiun 1ll'lHlUI'I'ilCy. f .NR xx - Y -.lilfz Q9 if i 9. fi.-f F' r , . 'W 4 rm -.9 'gf r '11J J lc' ,,, -'nj-if wry' ' .ll1lr'Vn'4l . . . Inm11r'ru'fl . . . lrllmplfjl .,, 1 FL, . .-if . - V nHjf'Y' f 1 4' 1 .-zliigf 5fii1lQl'3f V ifsffiiilff' Kimi rlml Vlxurlvx I'lun 7'ln'iV lflulffmrnl ln ,X'1f1,l,-N ,L f' 4 TS.. Y . 1 nd. lli1L5u 111:41 llaxsll lMNr'lr.w.v Ilr1nff.s .lflmln :J-if I 1, .s- 'ltbvfh 'F 1 y,- ,-, . xo A 'mf I I I I xii. mf X. ' H. 4.1- 05, ,Ax -N.g.A. - 2 nip.-. ' - - -'I-mf--vv .. M... .., .... A ,, l"iunr'f11ln mul H1 f' ' 'Q . v ' n 'E I 1 Q E 1: P "---M -- .V HMI. MH, A,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,-N1 ,f-,fn nn- mu..-.,-1 1:0111-.1 4 1 2 Q i - I l Tin' Nlfrlwn Tr'nllln"x l N limvluu llullrl "N""s., N NM X X-N .-l llfmh of 1lnlluml11i,s'f' Sflllvi' l'!f NIIIIIIVI'-V fNlIll'l'l'-V --ti -- fl li t lffc' ...,. LAIJLIMM,11-zunmul sul:- scription course with such stellar artists us Biflljilllllllll Gigli and llosu lluiszi, two of the most hrillizint artists sing- ing on the gruncl opera Stage, the re-orgzniixecl University Con- vert untl lintertuinniont Bourcl engugecl in unothei' of its Sue- :-esslul seasons. Other presentations were Teil SllilWIl znnfl his clanivers in an artistic unrl lllfillllllilll progrznn, uncl John Goss ancl the Lonclon singers with Z1 group of songs ably llClIl0IlSlI'ZIliIlQ' the pen- vlmnt of the olcl English for sea-vluniteys. The St. Louis Symphony Oreliestmls novel yet luniilizir program pleas- ingly rounclecl out the season. -K.,-xy l rf 1 I . 'A - Sl if-1: lfnxrr li'r1i.s'1l I' "NM ' I "1 H' fll1l.s'1'l:m1rmi'.s' NI. Imllix Slflrfflflfrnfiff lIr:'l1r'.vl1'1L Y L ,,: W .AI Tuxedos and formals in brillianf array . . . fhe Gym a gay and spacious ball- room . . . 'I'he rhy+hm of an ou1'-o'F-+own band . . . a +wo-+hir+y nigh? . . . S0 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF'I I WILLIAM G. BUDINGER JAMES G. BENNETT Co- Ch zz irntrm Co-Chuirm rt n SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE MEMBERS Jnitzs G. BENNETT, I.'o-Clmirmrzn WILLIABI G. BIEDINGER, JOSIEPIIINE A. Smrrn. Vice-Chairman Frank V. Flaska Dorothy J. Gard Merle H. Goedjen Ernest P. Hoerr Margaret H. Hcndrey Garry H. Homann Farrell K Hodfes Rohert H. Anderson A. Kathleen Bauer Milton H. Birger Theodore T. Carr Richard G. Cisne John E. Downey Marjorie R. Ehrman William H. Kelly Judith M. Kirkman Mathew V. Liesenfelt Richard F. Locke Andrew W. Neureuther Mary E. Patton Helen J. Pesci Co-Chairman .lames C. Pettee Francis P. Rupp Dale A. Samuell Ronald P. Smith Alfred L. Treene Silas Wallk Theodore .l. Wan rr m 9 1 D B Burnell J. Farnan VCITIOH D- irish Earle W. Wells HE first night of the Senior Ball, June ll, when six hundred couples gathered in a transformed New Gym, was a summer formal affair-light pink, white, and blue formals, contrasted with dark coats and white trousers, presenting a maze of color and summer brilliance. The alternating music of Phil Spitalny at one end of the spacious Gym and Art Collins at the other made the dance a sparkling battle of orchestras. .-I rl' l Irish Anderson Flusku Treene Neureuther Rupp Pcttee XVells 1101-rr Kirkinan Hodires Pest-i Kelly Goodjen Hcndrvy Locke Patton Seugo Suntnoll Bennett Smith Bndinger Gard 1-'nrnan Hamer .ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO fa I A W , -255 PACE 348 lif- or' . , 1 Ch . IL LI o o F IVI N ET EE N T H IR TY -1 w o N lv: RS Irv car l LLIIQOI s lt.Llo or 19312 ROGERS D. JONES '4 MITH JOSEPHHND S 1Jt'1'8'iIlt'7ll, Second Semester SENIOR BALL HONORARY MEMBERS Rocsns D. JONES, Class President . H L. F e Euil W. Morgan Robert B. Stiven lice Illlliigiiis Fllnlignce Srlfook Harriet L. Page Wade E. Taper! Rooilrt Elrick Grace L. Keiser Ladd C. Prucha Joyce Zimmermann POMPOUS grand march, peppy music, dreamy music, swaying forms, varied colors, oriental decorations-balloon clusters and streamers-dignity, and formality picture the second installment of the Senior Ball on June 12. With more than a thousand couples dancing beneath the gayly colored ceiling of colored balloons and bright hanging streamers to the tunes of Tweet Hogaxfs and Vern Buck's orchestras, the seniors celebrated their farewell to Illinois' society. ' - 1 h Senior Ball, June' 12. 1931 +14 P.-.ns 349 F law 'Ns X ' e ff THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF19 LEE H. PRAY ROBERT A. NELSON Cn-Clfrm mon J U N I O R P R O M COMMITTEE L1-:lc Il. PRAY. Co-Clzairnmn, Ronrlrr A. NHLS T. Caillarcl Knappenberger Dorothy R. Lcvin Elma G. Patton William ll. Stewart William B. Arnold William W. Baker Helen E. Duppe Satnuel M. Kcys, ,lr. Alice H. Kircher Co-Cllmrmu n ox, Co-Chairman I. Norris Thompson Frances J. Thurston Margaret L. Westenberger Warren E. Wingert Charles C. Wilson INE hundred couples attended the Junior Prom, the annual pageant of elaborate decoration and sparkling formal attire, on the night of December 18. With the spac iousness of the New Gym available, this year,s Prom was a notable success in color, attendance, and enjoyment. For the third year the Junior Prom was given a regal atmosphere, the crown of royalty being bestowed upon Dorsey Connors, whose Coronation preceded the Grand March. Thovnpson Dc-vol Stewart Baker Wingert Amsler Cohen Spears Patton Arnold Ilnppu Little Reid Keys Holstein XVcstr:-nbertrer XVilson Boslvy livuns Nelson Levin Adams Kirvhw-r Prnv Hughes Knalppenberger Prettymnn .ILLIO or NlNE1eeN1HlRrY rw WW 41 -'Ll Paar: 350131- or ILLIO OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWQ NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1932 HOMPIR M- ADAMS DORSI-IY coNNo1zs Clam President prom Queen JUNIOR PRGM . ., :L ,'A,' 44" COMMITTEE tw' ,J ,Mft .-,A ., Ii lv : 'K M. I-lmmn M. ADAMS, Class President uf '-J in rji? by U William A. Amsief Curl B. Devol Robert M. Little Lf' W , in Q 'L Bernard B. Bosley Eleanor L. Evans S. ,lane Prettyman . A , x, .5 , .lack L. Cohen .lohn H. Holstein Ruth Reed 'll 7 u. 1 4 Irma L. Culbertson Betty L. Hughes ,lack A. Spear ' ...Q ' L FANCIFUL ballroom, decorated in green and white streamers and topped by a false green ceiling sparkling with the thousand reflections from the many-pointed silver stars, was the setting for the prom. The dazzlingly white dais of the queen, opposite the hidden platform of Duke Ellington's orchestra, the scintillating rhythm, and the clever specialty acts were features of the dance. Spotlights from above swung their gleaming arcs on the dancers, while hundreds watched the panorama from the balcony above. , Junior Prom, December 18, 1931 +3 Pact: 351 fs. 15:4 . 'llllw .NE 71, - N N THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS ll.Llo 0:2193 COL. JEAN li. LATTAN Cn-Chairman MILITARY BALL HE sparkle ol' polished brass, the glisten of shined leather, the sharp clink of spurs, long formals flashing their brilliance, and a setting of colonial decorations portrayed the scene of the Military Ball given on February 19. The grand march, led by .lean E. Lattan, co-chairman, l and Fern Lycan, and Arthur C. Bass, co-chairman, and Frances Cline brought to a climax the annual military social function. The Gym Annex's rafters were completely hidden by the colonial decorations of red, white, and blue, and by a great picture of George Washington opposite the orchestra box. Kay Kyser and his orchestra furnished the music for the dance, and entertained particularly with their spe- cialty numbers. The Grand March Luo or NlNe1E:N THIRTY L an ii PAGE 352 ii' W0 THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS :Luo or 19 JEAN E. LATTAN, Weldin R. Baldwin Henry Brigham Quintin J. Crawford Theodore B. F0rlJ6S Harold W. Hannah COL. ARTHUR C. BASS C'o-Clmirman MILITARY BALL COMMITTEE Co-Chairman AR'rulrR C. BASS, Co-Chairman Elbert C. King C. Lynn Snyder John M. McCormick John L. Waddell Parke D. Morgan Mervyn H. Warlow Lib Panichi James F. Whisenuncl Lee H. Pray Charles R. Woodfill V Hfmllflh PNY Waddell l King MCC0l'mi1'k Wnrlow Whiscnnnd Crnwford Forbes Brigham Bnldwm Lnttnn Buss Wfwdfill Morgan Pnnichi lLI.I0 OF l- NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO X -'Cf PAGE 353 lil'- THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1932 FRANCIS J. ROSE Cltairman FINE ARTS BALL A I , Q, I' Jw-if . ,,:M':l',7x 1 hint ,F-'i I' ltr 1 Ax- .. . . r' Kx y- - 'p ' '1 , 'E .Q ' g45"yf'll'f'Qg fi FRANCIS J. Ross, Chairman 'N fy f 'eg 11 4 ' i William R. Baldwin Margaret Gabby John N. Raushenberger r X 5 '- 9. ' S I ' AQ J' , ' Mildred C. Cook Clarence B. Horowitz Fred W. Salogga 'I A '- 'MI i 4 3 1 Kenneth R. Cougill Vernon D. Irish Ruth M, Slater J ' 5 ' f r' K 5 .lane Fauntz . Paulina Jarman Evalyn N. Wachob . f 1 - John J. Fitzpatrick A. Inez Miller Hargld H, Xvich Theodore B. Forbes LL the splendor and wonders of the Arabian Nights were reproduced when five hundred University couples gathered at the Gym Annex for the annual Fine Arts Ball on March 18. All who attended wore mask disguises until the grand march, led by Francis J. Rose, Chairman, and Ann Voelkel, his partner. Converted into a Sassanian Court area like one of old Arabia, with a great arched wall over the entire dance lloor hung with huge red, white, purple, and yellow balloons, the Gym Annex was a cavern of color and brilliance. Jimmie Green and his Aragon Ballroom orchestra played as the costumed dancers frolicked to his rhythm. 1 Baldwin Gabby Rose Raushunherger IVirh Slater Cook Irish Salogga Fitzpatrick Fuuntz Wachob Horowitz Miller Forbes 'ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO WW -'El PAGE 354 lif- O. nw O THE UNIVERSITY IIARRIET Ti. PAGE OF ILLIN Co-Clmfrmall PAN-H E LLE N I C BALL COMMITTEE HARMH L- PAGE, C,,.Clmirman .IOIIN R. I'lflll'l'liIl, Co-l.'l1nirn1fm Russell O. DCI'lfY William L. Dickinson Giles A. Eldred Richard I'l . lcleherling Mary .lane Hutton john K. Morris Coyden M. Nicllolsen Don A. Parkhurst Mildred L. Rau Clarence W. Riessen Henry B. Rothenberg Dorothy M. Schneiter Anita L. Wasoher 0 I S ILLIO OFI .TOIIN R. PORTER Co-Clmirman NE hundred fifty University couples, representing every Greek house on the campus, took over Bradley Hall on March 5 for the exclusive Pan-Hellenic Ball. Brandy's Singing Band furnished the music for the aff air, which was attended by two representatives from each fraternity and sorority in the Intel'-Fraternity and Pan-Hellenic Councils. The Pan-Hel dance, like a movie version of a collegiate hop, was a push-shove-and-laugh affair to the rollicking melodies of the orchestra. 932 Derby Morris XVuseher Rothenberg Dickinson Heberlxng Page Parkllllfal Imvill Robison Ruilshaek lildred Rau Porter Svhueiter Iieigner II.I.IO OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TW 7 -cf Pm 355 rs I Of llllli l Q99 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 5 I LESLIE B. CLARK Chairman SOPHOMORE COTILLION Charles C. Bloom Eloise C. Bonnett Abraham J. Burstein .lack R. Clements David F. Cook Howard Dekker Lois Eaton Robert P. Gibbs COMMITTEE Lssun B. CLARK, Chairman Doris Giesecke Howard C. Hartman Edith Heinzelman Beatrice Hoffman Romaine B. Hutton Alice Lemon Thomas P. Lynch John G. Miller Mariam V. Olsen Virginia M. Parrish Henrietta Seaman Stephen P. Shoemaker Carlton S. Smith Sanford Watkins William O. West NDER four huge, red spheres of light dominating the delicate colonial decorations in the New Gym, six hundred sophomore couples climaxed their cotillion with the grand march, led by Ralph E. Walline, president of the class, and his partner, Florence Opalka, and Leslie B. Clark, chairman, and Rosalie La Charite. Tweet Hogan and his Drake Hotel Orchestra lent added enjoy- ment to the dance with their presentation of medleys and special numbers. Hutton Cook Gibbs Smith Hnrtmun West Miller Decker Shoemaker XVntkins Lynch Burstein Clnrk XVnlline Clements lIotTnmn Olsen Bonnett Senmnn Ht-inzclxnnn Eaton Giesevke Lemon 9 ILLIO OF NINETEENTI-IIRTY-TWO O ' -wil PAGE 356 131- ' Ili , THE L1NlvEnslrY or ILLINOIS lttlo or 1932 HAROLD S. DAXVSON Clmirmuii SUMMERPROM COMMITTEE r , 'F l'lAli0l.D S. DAWSON, Chairman " l' 1 - 'pf I ' 14 Herbert S. Arnold Robert M- Lillie 6 ' . , 5 ' ' . Mary J. flalduvell Maurice S. Mulholland ' 5. ' Paul R. Comer Dorothy K. O'Connor It ' :, AI. Julict M. Connors Mark Pcterman ' ' ' ' Zvi, ' Bernice H. C,-Huston Roger R. Sparks 5 ' A -if :vi William ll. Slenus G 5: A- D .' em e al Russell .l. Turney Geraldine Hovey Thomas E. Hughes ANCING to the music of Freddie Bergin and his Vagabonds in the summer evening coolness of Robeson's Roof, eight hundred summer students and faculty members dropped their work and found relief from the heat. The roof was converted into a colorful garden, lighted dimly with gay Japanese lanterns and decorated with bright crepe paper, topped above by the brilliance of a full moon. This was the University,s first Summer Prom, and its success promises that it will become a regular summer social function. Mulholland Sparks lnglc,-um,, swung Little llugln-s Connor. Dawson 0'C0,m,,1. 'yummy of PAGE 357 inf- ir E -A IQ l4LI.lO OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO ' , 1 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF193 up QQ JA M ICS R. MCPHICR SON Chairman COMMERCE INFORMAL COMMITTEE J. R. Mcl'iii:nsoN, Chairman NIAIIY J. BRENNAN. Vice-Chaimmn Katherine C. Altorfer Lloyd O. Fruland Antoinette L. Lingg Allele K. Selmllmeyer William B. Arnold Margaret E- GIIUSSUUI Rflbefl A- Nelson Fredericka S. Schrumpf Arthur L. Bert Donald M. Kammert S. .lane Prettyman Russell F. Semi York K. Bishop Edward G. Watson 1TH a view to promoting at more social feeling among the students of the Commerce School, the organizations belonging to the Commerce Council joined together to give the first Com- merce dance on April 15 at the Urbana-Lincoln Hotel. Dancing to the syncopated rhythm of Eloise Wismer and Her Play Girls, some hundred fifty couples made the affair, with its spring decorations of streamers and many-colored balloons, a marked success. Burt Schrninpf IEIIIIIIIIQYI, Liugi: Bishop Altorfcr Frulnnd Unngstnd Scott l'rn-ttyumn Arnold MvI'lit-rson Schollmt-yer Derby Bri-unnn Nelson Watson OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO Qi L L I o i get PAGE asa is THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS ILI.Io or1932 ROGERS D. JONES Clmirman COMMITTEE ROGERS D. JONIQS, Cliairmlnz .' . . Ell I Carol E. Johnson Robert W. McGregor Rflmerl W. l'z.lI giljjarg H-clrleghefling Antionette L. Lingg Pauline L. Miethe Helen J. Pcsciq I ly Ernest P. Hoerr Albert E. Loomis James ll. Poole O the unusual interpretations and happy, care-free rhythm of McKinney's Cotton Pickers, six hundred couples danced at the Senior Informal on December 19. The Junior Prom setting of the night before, of green and white, and sparkling, many-pointed stars, remained as decorations for the Informal, which was acclaimed as one of the most spirited dances of the year. , Lingg Hocrr Pushby IJl'lD0!'llllg' Miethe P4-st-i Poole Jones Elder Johnson ILLIO OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO -'Cl PAGE 359 R+ Q - : Elm 1 N E 9 W THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1932 XVALTER M. ENG ER Clmirmnu COMMITTEE WA1.'ri-:R M. Ewcrzn. Chairman R' l 'l P. Bla ieuser French L. Fraker Josephine Norris 1: .. 1 - Riihziiti H. Brotliersen Elizabeth J. Caa Russell L. Pooler lNii1li'l,g?::eE4:l.b'T9yiiiir Donald V. Dobbins Eleanor C. Howe .lames Shanken Virginia Wood Ridlilfll B- EnSiSl1 Charles B. Younger THOUSAND Freshmen stepped out for their social debut as a class on January 16, when they romped through an evening of rollicking dancing to the tunes of Tweet I-logan's band. The fanciful colonial decorations of the Sophomore Cotillion of the night before remained as decorations for the Frolic of the Class of 1935. Although strangers to the rather elaborate functions of the University, the Freshmen were not long in making themselves at home. They took over the floor of the New Gym and made it very much their own during this and future dances. V Shnnken Dobbins Younger Brother-sen Norris Ensign Fraker Blninousvr Tyler 'Wood Stone Howe Enger II.I.IO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO at PAGE 360 Ef- Nlvenslrv or ll.LlNols lLl.lo or 19 ROB l'1R'l' T. KAY Clulirmrut COMMITTEE llomznr 'l'. KAY, Chairman Raymond N. Ammon Mary Coe Alice Mast Lee li. Piper Paul L Benbow llelen Coold Mildred Mies Lawrence I'l. Simerl Frank I-I. Bischoff Russell O. Knudson Sterling E. Myers Paul 'l'. Wilson James ll. Boyd Harvey W. Kring Fred A. Painter Harold Wright ll.l.l0 .loseph G. Bumgarner RUE to rural custom, the Ag and Home Ec students donned the traditional overalls, straw hats, bandanas, and gingham dresses on April 8 to make things merry for the annual Ag dance held this year at College Hall. Dignity, formality, and style were cast aside for the evening, and true barn dance hilarity prevailed. Dispensing with chairs and lounges, the intermissions between dances hy Verne Parker's orchestra were spent on the floor or on bales of hay. The informality of the evening makes it one to be remembered. ' ' Wilson Simerl Ammon Myers Bnnngnrner llonhow Bischoff Boyd Piper Kay Gould Coe Mies XVright Knudson OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO ff at Plot: 361 131- O THE fy I 016 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I9 1? ' Fx-'I Kay Adams Mat Adams Bun Altman Bill Arnold Hank Avery Bob Bagly Ash Barber Gordy Bartholomew Red Bartholomew Lou Baurle Glenn Bennett Cas Bennett Cap't Gil Berry York Bishop Marj Blatt Ack Bodman Lane Brearton Mary "Toots" Brennan H. I-I. Brigham Rene Buckles Bill Budinger Wally Busker Sewell Carpenter Dot Case Paul Chervinko Jack Cohen Earl Constant Eleanor Cook Bob Crathorne Tadpole Dalrymple E. NVAYNE MORGAN P. KING LANTZ U""i""""' I'r1'nicIr'nI, ASLNIIIII Drill! Citi AXE GRINDERS' BALL Johnny Dawson Russ Derby .lay Deutch Alice Donahue Wally Dorris .lack Downey Bob Dwyer Bob Emmons Lym Emrich Billie Ellgfil' Fuzzy Evans W. .l. Everhart Barney Farnan George Fencl Fibby Fierberg Ruth Finnegan Ruth FitzSimons Helen Flaningam llelene Foellinger Harry Frese ,loe Galentine Dorothy Gard Charlotte Gauer Eddie Gbur Morrey Gosnell Jim Gray Keith Hampton Bob Hankins Hank Hannah Bob Harper Gwen Ilarvey Al Hazzard Dick Hebcrling Isabel Hinman Glcnita Hodges Duck Hodges Gene Hodgson Don Hoebel Burn Holmes Art Holstein Russ Horner Bob Howclor Lucille Hurn Eleanor lrland Marion Irrman Earl Jackson Margaret Jacobson Cotton Jensen Carol ,lolmson .lean Johnston Babe Kamp Bob Kamp Bill Karnes Sam Keys Bob Kiley E. C. King Judy Kirkman Edna Kline Gay Knappenberger Honey Koutnik C. U. Kring Les Kuni ,lean Lattan Dick Law Ray Leeper Freddy Lindall Dean Litt Bob Little Bill Loblaw Bog Lowe Dan MacMillan Bob Malley Bob McGregor Mary McKelvey .lim Mfcl'herson Art Mielke George Mills lrv Missner Peter Pan Moody Mary Moore Bernie Moretsky Gene Morris .lohnny Morris Marj Morrison Art Mosher Hal Mount Don Munch J. B. Murphy Lind Murray Al Niess Norm Noling Ray Nusspickcl Gertie O'Brien Beth Olwin Red Owen .left Paine Lib Panichi Bob Pashby Tom Perdue Bernon Perkins .lim Pettee .lim Poole Dan Pring Freddie Propp .loe Puerta Big Purina .lim Railsback Frank Renwick Scottie Reston .loe Rosborough Bob Rutherford .lohn Ryde .lack Sawtell Ed Sclmlk Arlene Scheidenhelm Paul Schlicher Doris Schneider Freddie Schnell Adele Schollmeyer Shot Gun Schultz Bob Schutz Bufiie Setchell Ed Smiley Pottie Smith Marj Snyder Fuzz Stephens Bill Stewart Pud Stowe Senator Swain Ken Telleen Bob Tenney .l. B. Tiffany Eddie Tryban Kay Tuach Don Turner Esther Uhl .lohnny Waddell Les Watt Bob Welilm ,lim Wheat Peck Wheeler Clara Williams C. R. Woodfill Dean Woolscy Mary V. Wright Bob Young Howie "Block I" Young Axe Grinders' Ball, Dccvnzber 4, 1931 OF NINETEEN THIRTY TWO j Q I L I. I o P M . . +2 PAGE 362 Ee Calm i t A THE UNIVERSITY or li.i.lNols ittlo or 1932 R MARY V. XYIIIHHT f'. LYMAN ICMRTCH I'I-t'l'-Clllll-Vlllllll Cll!lfl'lP!f1H MEMBERS NIARY Y. Wnzcirr. Vice-Clzairnirzrz C. LYMAN EBIRIIIH. lflzairnzan Mu,-V J. Brennan Garry H. lloinann Lester IC. Kuni Frank Payne, Jr. Eugene M. llodgzson. Jr. Charles lf. Scott Bernard H. Morctsky James C. Pence Can-ml li. .ltllllliittll RIGINALLY designed to serve in an advisory capacity, the Dance Supervision Committee has enlarged its function so that now it manages ticket sales, helps in the preparation of budgets, and endeavors to insure the success of all class dances. Selected hy the Student Council in the fall, the eleven seniors on this year's committee have materially aided in the achievements of the class committees working to provide inexpensive yet excellent entertainment for their classmates. At the beginning of the second semester, this connnittee was empowered hy the Student Council to supervise not only class dances, but all major University social functions. ' Scott Hodgson Emrich 110909 Kuni Il"'m"m I-,HYHU J0l"'50" Ivflglli lirennnn Moretsky I I. L I O Oi F N I N E T E E N T H I R T Y - 'I' W O 1 - . ' f S -at PAGE 363 E+ Of WIN 4 lfflq A foofball crowd marvelling af fhe band's gyrafions . . . drillings, rehears- als, and las+-minufe prac+ices . . . fall presen+a+ions and formal programs . . . a Wednesday nighf band conceri' . . . 12246 ILLINOIS ILLIO 2 THE UNIVERSITY OF OF 193 I G70 A. AUSTIN HARDTNG WILLIAM T. LOBLAXV pirgglw- l'rv.vi1Iont OFFICERS A. AUSTIN HAnmNc, Director RAYMOND F. DvonAx....., ............. .Assistant Director WILLIABI T. Loru.Aw .... . ,,,,. ,,,,Pre5iflent GIIAIIAINI T. OVI-ZRGARD. .. .............. Assistant Conductor Romznr P. STOCK. .. ..... ...... I ficc-President Hmucr: B. INGALLS. .Treasurer and Acting Business Manager Tnuntow W. DIIAYICIZ .... .. ...... .....Secretary Russiau. S. H0wI.ANn ........... . ........... Quartermaster MILBURN E. CAREY ......... ..,. A .migrant Librarian Mlctvm L. BALLIETT ......................... ....Lrbrartan CARLTON P. RUSSELL ......... ........ I hum. Major I WELFARE COMMITTEE I ', Ray I. Shawl Frank M. Lcschcr Paul O. Ritchcr james A. Sullivan I Kiwi Q . . . . Ili" 45+ 2 HE University of Illinois Concert Band is one of the few truly symphonic bands, tg" .5 Li.l X and under the baton of Professor A. A. Harding it is introducing manv of the ' i ucv r FIT, W " I lu, S A . 1 . A, better works of contemporary merican composers. An organization of the calibre - A D . ' H, ' l' of the University of Illinois Concert Band can do much toward encouraging the x ' ' ' I development of an American idiom in music, and toward this end many works which . are scored directly for symphonic bands have been included in the bandis excellent ' - and comprehensive library. 'Tilt .4 . - The rosters of the University of Illinois Bands carry the names of over 300 musicians, who are awarded their places on a competitive basis. The First and - Second Regimental Bands train men in order to develop in them the technique and A 1. l , -. x - 3 finesse required of members of the Concert Band. AJC ' From the ranks of all three bands is chosen The University Football Band. This band makes out-of-town trips with the Varsity Football Team, thrilling many an enthusiastic football crowd with the piercing brilliancy and sonorous depth of tone it produces as it goes through the intricate evolutions which have made it famous. Registration in military drill and tactics is not required of members of any of the three bands. N7 XVIIILIAM A. NEWTQN Band Concert, March 4, 1932 I.lO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO 1 f Q I L I .ct PAGE 366134- O. lima L THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 RAYMOND F. DVORAK Director, Final 1iil',flilIlf'llllll Band B-flat Clarinets Russell S. Howland' Curtis M. Elliott' Courtney S. Tucker' Charles J. Slater' Paul F. Cundy' Vernon A. Bouknight' Frank M. Lescher' Donald S. Mitchell' Raymond G. Wells' Wayne L. McMillen' Robert P. Stock' Thurlow W. Drayer' Melvin L. Balliett' Brintel R. Newlon' Robert C. Kammerer' Leonard K. Hays' Harry K. Thrasher' Fred C. Arthur Harold A. Johnson Sisto Fassero Byron B. Wyman GRAHAM T. OVERGARD Comliietor, Serum! Regimental Baud CONCERT BAND E-flat Clarinet Olin L. Browder, Jr. Alto Clarinets William H. Stewart' Harold K. Buchanan Milton P. Grabow' Morton E. Cohen Basset Horn Frank M. Lescher' Bass Clarinets Frank H. Bischoff Richard H. Wiley John H. Waxler Carl J. Henning' Contra-Bass Clarinet Roger M. Case Soprano Saxophone John R. Cook Flutes and Piccolos lk ROSTER, 1931-1932 Alto Flute Harold B. Jewell' Oboes James A. Sullivan' Milburn E. Carey' Earl W. Lorenz James E. Myers Oboe D'Amour Milburn E. Carey' English Horn Harold H. Wich' Warren F. Benson ' H eckel phone George E. Lathrop Bassoons Raymond F. Dvorak Ray I. Shawl' It Ralph H. Davidson James N. Adams' Phillip W. Mcnowell- Fred T- Marshall Alta Saxophones BOlllllllll F. Schubert Lloyd A. Pfaff' Baritone Saxophone George K. Beebc' Bass Saxophone Walter D. Whitney' Contra Bassoon James N. Adams' Contra-Bass Sarrusophone John J. Alden Cellos Ralph E. Turner' Arthur J. Paik String Basses Willard E. Skidmore' Richard M. Radl ' U Lawrence L. Lehman' Marimba Fay V. Tooley' Hall V. Macklin' Comets Curl R. Wood' William T. Loblaw' Graham T. d' Overgar 9 Jack E. Anderson 'Harold B. Jewell' Carl J. Kleyensteuber Richard S. Cowan' Varence T. Penn' Harp CAIWPON P. Eldon J' Bums John C. Stock' at William O. Lee Edna A. Michael RUSSEM' David W. Mitchell Vernon C- Weslbefg Joseph 5- Bafflum' Bell Lyra William E. Anderle' Joseph J. Zbornik E-fill! Flllle Tenor Sflx0ph0nCS Hall M. Macklin' Gerald T. Borcherdt Alfred W. Borg Alfred W. Borg Frank C. Goetzenberger' Fay V. Tooley' Donald E. James 'Indicates Wearers of Varsity Emblem. Owing to lack of space, all members cannot be listetl. F 4 "Hail to the 0range."' II.I.IO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TW -lil PAGE 367 ilk- S . lm ll Q it S 11-is UNIVERSITY or 1LL1No1s lttlo 01119 Fin-Luainc B. STIVEN ..... First Violins Oskar A. Kubitz Lida Berline Arthur E. Cohen Phillip Falk Carolyn M. Harriman Fred .l. Huber Mrs. Ruth M. Marsh Mrs. Evelyn M. Roberts Samuel M. Trickey lrving I. Weinstein Harold H. Wich Second Violins llelen .l. Kurt Robert M. Abels Frederick W. Chrislman Myron A. Elliott Ada A. Henry Ralph M. Holmes joseph A. E. Kania Mrs. Edna S. Pearce Bohumil F. Schubert Rosemary A. Weir Frances L. Whittaker .M l"Rl'lIll'IRIf' R. STIVICN COI1!illl'f!Il' UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA ROSTER, 1931-1932 . . . . . . . .Comlzzctor Violas Earl R. Benedict Lorraine .l. Bert Lew W. Bodine John H. Heiden Stanley M. White Callus Mrs. Margaret Sullivan Katherine M. Boekenhofl' George L. Clark Waldo E. Frohardt Anita Kalis .lames R. Skidmore Ralph E. Turner Basses Willard E. Skidmore John H. Baldwin Elizabeth A. Rilshorrow Brintel R. Newlon Edward C. Wascher Vera C. Whitted OsKAn A. Kuairz .... Flutes Richard S. Cowan Vernon C. Westberg Patricia B. Busey Piccolo Patricia B. Busey Oboes Milbu1'n E. Carey James A. Sullivan Clarinets - Russell S. Howland Melvin L. Balliett Bassoons James A. Adams Fred T. Marshall Horns Richard A. Ruhling Charles M. Seldomridge Lihero V. Monachesi Willard L. Eckhardt . . . ........ Concertmeister Trumpets Gerald T. Borcherdt Carl R. Wood Harold W. Dodd Warren Ambrose Trombones Thomas I. Nalhach Raymond E. Shultis James T. Lenoir Harry Shulman Tuba John F. Regan Percussion Louis W. 'Clift Orville Eldred Buckingham VV. Gunn Fay V. Tooley Harp Edna A. Michael Librarian Lorraine J. Bert OF NlNETEEN'l'HIR'TY TWO I ' I L L I O 'ffl , PM sos E II.l.l0 THE UNIVERSITY or ll.LlNols lttlo or1 FREDERIC B. STIVEN Conductor THE UNIVERSITY CHORUS HE University Chorus is the largest choral organization on the campus, its membership con- sisting of 175 voices. Membership in this chorus is open to students of the University, to faculty people, and to the singers of the community. While the number of students changes largely from year to year, there is always'a permanent group of faculty and townspeople which enables the chorus to do major choral performances each year. Three concerts were given during the past year. During the Christmas season, a concert of Christmas carols and orchestra selections was given in conjunction with the University Orchestra, in which a portion of Handel's Messiah was performed. In February, lVlendelssohn's great oratorio Elijah was presented by the chorus, the orchestra, and four soloists chosen from the faculty. In April a gala concert of music from the music-dramas of Richard Wagner was given in the Lincoln Hall Theater. This concert was accompanied by the University Orchestra, and the chorus was assisted by four soloists, one of them being a prominent Chicago singer. Director Frederic B. Stiven of the School of Music is the conductor of both the chorus and the orchestra. In the course of the past ten years, the chorus has sung a long list of oratorios and operas in concert form. 932 or N'lNETEENTl-IIRTY-TWO ' f -131 PAGE 369 134- Z t THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I9 .Y RAYMOND I". DVORAK WACIIOB LOXVE Ilirvrlor MEN'S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS RAYMOND F. Dvonmc, Director Gm-:NN E. Blf:NNta't"l' .... ..... . ..President EDWARD E. Smrronn .... ,,,,, 1 'fyasuref Miunncrz H. Rmn... ..... Vice-President BlaN,lA1nlN F. WVILLI-IY.... ,,., ,Librarian IYJUNALII E. Sntrrn. .. ........ becretory Rom-Jn A. Lowi: ..... ,,,, fllmmggr First Tenor Russell F. Becker Glenn E. Bennett Arthur L. Bert Franklin S. Collins Buckingham W. Gunn Vernon D. Irish Richard L. Johnson George C. Lindsay Mark D. Littler Roger A. Lowe Carl .I. Neer John YV. Powers Vlfesley L. Reeder ' Arthur A. Rezny Kenneth E. Tripp Raymond G. Wells Waller C. Zehr Second Tenor Willard R. Auble Edward S. Baker Malcolm P. Bowman john T. Dawson Frank F. Elliott Robert .I. Hawkins Wayne S. Hertz Graham E. Park Charles T. Richards Marcellus E. Senne Paul ll. Shnman Lewis V. Trabert Robert N. Wallace Lockwood E. Wiley First Bass Earl K. Brissman Victor H. Brodt George G. Burrou Norman C. Fetter David R. Halcom. Harry ll. Hall ghs Theodore A. Helmreich Samuel F. Hoke .lean E. Lattan Edward W. Littell John H. Lund Herbert M. Norris Maurice ll. Reid joseph N. Rodeheaver, J Sherman P. Sparks Glenn W. Vandervoort Second Hass James N. Adams William R. Anderson Lew W. Bodine Donald M. Brown David J. Brumley Milburn E. Carey Edward A. Holcomb Harold A. Johnson Morris Katz Ervin Salak Donald E. Smith Lunn C. Snyder Robert B. Snyder r. Paul L. Weinman Josef H. Westerberg Benjamin F. Willey Roy F. Wirth Hubert P. Yarnell I I - Kntv Sulak Carrey llnll L. Snyder R. Snyder liownmn Iiolu- linker Irish Horny 'I'rahert Liltlor Lund Anble Bert Slllllllilil lif'1'lif'l' Wirth ltivlmrtls IIllI'I'HllQ.'fIIS Undinv R. Johnson Park Brown llortz Ih-id lll'llIH'll Dvorak Lowv Smith ll. Johnson Iirninlvy Hi-issni an 'ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIR 'IZ' V -:Cl 1',n:r1 370111- OF N 'TY-TWO THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS II.I.Io o GLENN 1.3, B1gNN1q'1'T CLARA B. WILLIAMS Prcsillmll Mm-N mga Club Presidenl, ll'on11'n'x filwf Club WOMEN'S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS CII.AIm B. WILLIAIIIS. .. 1'lliNRlET'l'A A. KOUTNIK. . .. .. ..... ETTA M AI: E. BIITCH I-:LL First Soprano Jane E. Baker Marie B. Bonvallet Edna M. Brunner Eleanor H. Ferguson Helen Granger Ada D. Henry Eileen B. Kemher Henrietta A. Koutnik Mary E. Luther Audrey A. Moore Mildred A. Parker Helen M. Pearsall Mary E. Pennell Helen .l. Pesci Geraldine F. Shuman Betty J. Smith Nellie M. Stuart Evalyn N. Wachob Anita L. Wascher Rosemary A. Weir Rnixtonu F. DvonAIc, Director .. . . . . . . .President IN1sz MILLP1R.... .. .Vice-President TERLAN M. PAUL .......... .................... Secretary EILEI-IN A. .lAsPI:It ...... EVALYN WACHOB ................................ Manager ROSTER, 1931-1932 Marjorie H. Wheeland Dorothy R. Ellis Clara B. Williams Inez A. Miller First Alto Lilah D. Brown Second Soprano Janet B. Beall Amanda Bell Audrey L. Castle Elizabeth L. Clark Edith L. Gott Virginia M. Hill Jeannette C. Keiser Bernice R. Larson Orian Lemen Mary 1. Miller Ettamae E. Mitchell Virginia K. Pappas Bethel M. Paradis Ruth E. Pierce Helen P. Robbins Mary E. Allen Mildred C. Becker Florence A. Beidelman Mary O. Black Elsye L. Blakeslee Marcella Brownson Geraldine E. David Mary H. Ellington Alma H. Frese Virginia Gill Esther M. Gunderson Dorothy L. Kerr Ruth A. McPherson Genevieve E. Mott Mary L. Reisner Evelyn M. Rogier Rose B. Steinberg Miriam Taylor ...........Treasurer .............Librarian . . . .Assistant Librarian Ruth Thomas Dorothy Tipler Bertha M. Treimble Alice Troutt Evelyn M. Wrede Second Alto Elizabeth F. Artman Margaret l. Bronson Neva E. Guthrie Madeline Heckler Virginia Locke Margaret Lowe Gwendolyn McNaughton Lola McNaughton Hester C. MacKechnie May A. Parsons Zona A. Pennell Ann D. Stiegemeyer Mary L. Strubinger Helen C. Westerman lI.LIO Bronson Pnrndis Brown Honvnliet Ellis Mott Keiser Brunner Robbins 'l'iIIIer l'10!'LfllS0H Hoc-klcr lluntington Henry David bVl'Stt'Y'lllZlll Strtihiriger Sntith Treiinblu Brownson Castle Artmnn Stuart Locke GU!lf1l'l'N0ll 'l':Iylor Blllt'1i0t'lllllC Kerr Slltllllflll l1lll.lll'l' xV1ll'llillIlt1 Tltonms Gutltrie Mom-v A1.Bll'Nilll2'lll0Il Silt'!t'llll'j't'l' M.MiIlI-I' l4l'Illl'lt Weir Poarsnll Benll IG. Bll'Nllll2'lllllli Ellington Trowa XlU1?1ll!l'S0l1 Pumms M. PI-nnull Hlntlk Sit-inherg V gmt 1236,-4-e yV,,g,-h,-,- Nit,.h,.lI I, Miller Kontntk Dvorak N1lllllllllS XVlH'll0lD fit'ilIlL2'0l' Z. Pt-nnoll BI-ll Becker 1f0tlllHJl' or N'INETEENTHlRTY-TW 932 Q . . of llllt - Boo'rs shined, insignia gliH'ering . . . dufies and larks a+ summer camp . . . freshman and sophomore charges +o drill . . . Friday afiernoon OfFicer's Call . . . "AH'en1'ion!" . . . """""0 jf-4-ff' fy XX? f f'f X if X ff I OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 THE UNIVERS TY ,af MIN ,.:FWj'W'v"'1'rmf -f' '- fr S. REVIEYVING STAND, MILITARY DAY N February 28, 1867, the land on which the campus is now situated was accepted by the State. Later in the same year the Board of Trustees adopted a plan for the Military Department and said in its report, "while the effects of this Department will be to scatter through the State a body of men, so far advanced in Military work, that, in case of war, they will furnish skilled officers, ready to drill and lead the Military forces of the country, it is the opinion of many experienced educators that the introduction of Military drill and discipline is of positive value for their educating influence. They will materially assist in the Government of the Institution, and tend to form those habits of order and punctuality, for want of which so many educated men fail of usefulness and success." THE ARMORY UNIVERSITY i 9 OF NINETEEN THIR"l'Y-TWO -'Rf PAGE 374 lif- BRIGADE , .,, ,.. . 7- rv vm -v 7 ' r y V' "'1 " W f ' 1- i " 3 " 1 ' L7 l I ' 9 , . L E L MA J 5 MJ - ... .- il J u t. s, L .,. L L "PA SS IN REVIENV l" HE Military curriculum for the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, as it now stands, was promulgated soon after the World War, after having been adopted by the University Senate and approved by the Board of Trustees. The value of student participation to the nation and the University in a military program of this kind is becoming more and more obvious. It is to the advantage of the Nation and State that future officers are being trained here in a civilian atmosphere. Its advantage to the University may be seen in the light of the impression made upon the people at large that the University is endeavoring to train its men along this, as well as other, lines of public service, and in the interest that they take in the activities of the University in consequence. Its value as to character development of the student cannot be over-estimated, and moreover, the study of Mathematics and Engineering from a military point of view is truly an educational experience. OFFICERS' CA LL I L L I o o if N a N E T E E N if is-a a Q 1 -. 1' W 52211if22t'iff'qWfQ qi .4vN,,..g,, gVi!:!f',,,ft .,'! 1 X' . i 'ffl V. . M -,gf PAGE 375 lif- lifts ' , ,is fry? Uiffll THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS II.LIo or1 JEAN E. LATTAN ARTHUR C. BASS Slndrnt Colonel, First Svrnuslcr Nlurlvnl Culnnrl, Nwvnml SPIIIFNYZI' CADET STAFF THE STAFF CADET COL. JEAN E. LAr1'AN...Commamlant, First Semester CAnI2'r COL. ARTHUR C. BASS. .C0lIll71fllfIIl1lIlK, Second Semester CAnI:'I' CAI"r. MAX L. KUI:IINI':IrI' .................. Adjutant CADET MAJOR WELIJIN R. BALDWIN ........ Executive Officer CAnI2'r LIIEUT. Cor.. TIIIcononI-: B. Fonnlas .........,.. Cavalry CAni:1' LIEUI' CAIN-IT Lmur . Cm.. HENRY I-I. PRIGIIAN ....... Field Artillerv CAnIa1' LIEUT. CAIJET LIEUT. CAnI:T LIIQUT. Cor.. CIIARLIQS R. WOODFILL ...... ..Engineers Cor.. Cnssrsn L. SNYDER .,........... Infantry CoL. LIB PANICIII ............... Signal Corps Col.. Euzsnr C. KINr: .... .... C oust Artillery 9 ILLIO LTHOUCH the training of men to become officers for the Organized Reserve, who in time of war would furnish a nucleus of trained leaders, is the primary purpose of the Reserve Officers, Training Corps, it has a scarcely less important place in the development of those qualities which make for civil as well as military leadership. Both require initiative, dependability, courtesy, and obedience to orders--the aims of this organization. They are accomplished through the media of military fraternal organizations and teams. The competitive benefits derived from 1'iHe and pistol teams, polo teams, the Horse Show, and Pershing Rifles all make for an invaluable Esprit rle Corps. THE STUDENT STAFF BI'ighaIIn IIIIIIIIIIII Tilll'lHll'l'i McCormick Buss King Baldwin XVoodfilI OF NlNE'l'EEN'l'HIR"l'Y-TWO ' -'El PACE 376 Ef- THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLI II.Ll0 COLONEL CHARLES NV. WVEEKS Col. Inf. U. S. A. Commanduut THE STAFF CoL. CHARLES W. WEEKS .... ..... C ommandanz lllAJ. WILI.lAhI C. LEMEN ...... ........ E ngineers CAPT. JOEL R. BUENEY ...... ....... A djutanz MAJ. WILLIARI MCCLEAVE ....... ........ F ield Artillery MAJ. JAMES A. STEVENS ..... ..... I nfantry LIEUT. COL. ALBERT L. RHOADES .............. Signal Corps MAJ. ARTHUR CONARD ..... ...... C rivalry MAJ. CHARLES H. CHAPMAN. ......... Coast Artillery Corps INCE, in time of war, every citizen is subject to call by his country, it should be the duty of every citizen to aid in preparation, in time of peace, for service in time of need." This assistance takes its form in both Hnance and personnel. Since its establishment in 1868, the growth of the Military Department has been proportional to that of the University. In training the pick of our young men in the University Brigade, the University has shown itself to be squarely behind the government in its policy of national defense. The soldierly appearance and manly conduct of these young men are sources of great pride to those who have the privilege of being identified with them. . Lee Busch Milan Matthews Engerud Patterson Cury Bryan Innis Daugherty Dulfnres Burney Featherstone McBride Weilund Kellogg Rogers Lemen Connrd Rhondes Weeks McClenve Stevens Chapman -'Cl PACE 377 its NOIS ILLIO OF 'I932 or N'lNETEEN'l'HlRTY-TWO Q I A a 7 5 6 5 fs. .1f'? , lf.: 4-" Y.: ' -, ,J : "r .4 u A '-1, if 1 pc it . 7q A I, 7 f4 W.- Q E2 -jing s ' 3 62 ,'-9: , "' fQy.1:f'v-f 4 ' Q2 g igguhizq sz '- ' ' 'V z N X f . 5.31. 4- -, .P wi ,' "W" + ,Z N . , f ' 1 . I: ',' - H IH-. .1' If ff , , 1141' 'H ' Inv- -Ak' 'Y " K 5 . 'D X' ' . I X I, v ' ' X y- , W .. 11... ai' , +1113-'Y'-W-., A . .. - ' ' aww--4 ' f. , . 1: f- -. , 4 Gai.. 3 ,fu ' . ,- -, ' . 5' .5941 W 1. I' . x .. ., :V 1 .' g- , LII"l"l'lCN.X N'I'-UOLUX I-II, FII I-'Y'I'l" It I Summer Camp Fort Slzerizlan. Illinois in Wi :A PLL' . .,.-on , . ,, . ... 1-um-Y-. .,. A ,- 1-uv f ., Y ' fi f A I ' I x , . . K .f I ' . , , hx ' " I,TICl"l'I-INAX'I'-C'0I,0Xl-II. SNYDICR ??Q'Q1.f-ff' ,iff X v LL 1, 'A .1 I. ,dl , :SV ""'13t 'ax' ' 1 1 -N '52 ' "ff . , V f . J X i , ga 'M ' X: 5, ,. fi its Q H inv- , 5 ... nun-,xc , -,.,, Poi ' vig' if - Ur , :gf "A wg . i . s' but J, LA , , . .ig r 'Ms 1. -1.3, .. I , P I 5 ' 115, v4 Y W!! 31 fr. ..., -A -'JP' I .. H , ,Y if n- W 4 ' x . . 1...Q A. .R . - few- f -,A ,. .-Asad 9-P -vw , ., f , .,v . ' ., ' W val: il ifm. fm 1 ,., , NK gli Yrs' FW Y- U H qw ' 7 gg., up . , ,-.. . -Q' V QL" ' 5 HA. uh ' , H " - ' " . Q . .mf 'Wg if f HV Q ,favna . :wx ' Azy, K i ,,v3::ILi iw Y.-rprxl A, 4, , A V. .m WA AM E'?d5"Hf:5' -'x'?isi-11 2,--ff 1 1 f '7f3"" "i, 1n- 'Hl.iR., A mwwi' '-Wi'-fli'-L1 1' ' N V lf' X'.'1f:- N ,ir .1301 :HM 7, , gzip.-X ,L .ul ,l Jn. -N--.:,,'4-:.,,r-.-V , - , , , .,..-41. 412' :J -1 51-5' f 3- fsA-,41:.yw.X5?gP+fwfqQ :pam - N .ff - A+ 'Q H Jnlaw wnah W 'K ,,, Q .v ,.,. uf-H ' -f A W... ' .- ,. -,,.f:' Q,fFWl-: - .f MN ', 'R ., , .' ' ' ,',. , " 'L' f?-EVN". -!'- . . ' ,L I," . W .1-f., J .. -14' Q, . -' ', . W '4 -, anmfc. ' ' V.,-H , . nf. 4 - ,..'-w.,..A .. - A ,. ,,.. , ,- x , N.. .J Aff-5 5, - ,Za Q .5 ,f"3"11 jljq. v 'i ' A 'I . 451 4 ' . A A I ' 'f-. 4u...... -. ' ' V , , ' it . 1, 'f v 1' ',g+1r - 1'. f x kf7'5k?tzf'1. 5 1. 'n ,, , ix ,. l..' -., N , - -- -'f.-pm' ,Ax , ,- ,I . I W if eg, - ., ,. X,-. A . 5 Y' 15 , 9 , ' A I ,,, - sl ' uv? , - ,F 1NI1'.XN'l'IIYC'.XI1l'I'I'0l1'l1'l1'I-IRS Q, ., - Lg. ' Q-,CJ , . , -- KJNI' 'L fa -' 'lg' 1-' '5w':""'.. 4" W-" "7 T.: . '.. 4. -gn..-, -, .1-v ' ' -. -A 'ji '75 '1"'i..'!A-.- ' -'f.'f".'ff.S-"fl'vMx7'f', , Wt' Tasfizf, f H Y K ' , mmf. ,f K, ,'m1"' 'ffl mi: vw , -A .M if ,Ja-I1 " '151f 1-1..m .-YATW'--2i 'bw-. - 25i'5:f7'7 ' - js' ' '- ' 1 W-La ,Eff-1 w'N-i-'max' ' vm. - N "' ' 7 .. ., -"""' ' -'F'- "?i-f-'T5i7?"4r? SHT" A,lw:f3-fmzrgm,HimQ X . '.,e .-.Li-2253:'fifzrva,1. ITII ll N XXI 1'Ul.0Nl'fI, I"0I!lll'IS '- 4' "V X X '?1 ' 1 X -4 -'w or i 5, I ff' I -fi ml wa -L 'M "" ,,,,U' - . ,, . - A. I. . . L 1, , .Q . .MQW 34' A N ,,.ff?fQ5 , Jim- 5 V V . 4 l A 2 ... -. il 'sux- Q x. 1 ,. ,4. ,nf " --.: .MJ , f,Q,.. ands gk fx, . vu " X., - :hr 1 , ,. ' r A ' Fil n.u , 11 X -.n x , .nag Y L V .,.n, I' -nl A. .' -, A, .. J' uw M, .'s.'- - ,....4. . nl F .. Yay . ,Q f, .rw fit 4 3 ' 'Zilla .,'." 4 N 5 A .fs v xuim. , ,., . it ,, 421 'n .Ant A I x e 1 , msg F' , ' ' ' Lb A. ,.. A -. ' ,, A , ,1..u,4:. . ,- .4 ,VK , ,VM III'Il"l'I'IN.XN'I'-f'OI,0NI'II. 'I'lII-IUIJOIHC ln. I Summer Camp Camp Custer, Michigan -'OIUSIC X-A Q . I A -W . .H-'Q 'L1u.. 1. A.. K IPA' A7911 '? v V-V .. w' . -,' 4 1-. mg ' -. EM Lf bs" ,911 '. Ng 'H' 'Y 1 t. :La ' Y 1 : x SLI' E If f 1 v . 1 41? . '1 Q N y t. t w 'bs r r A r 5' fe 'H f f f ln, . - 4"f.g.v -1 J4Vg:. xk'vY.,IxJ.-',1 ,Vik .lj A In-1 f'1'r3xAx'1'.g0 Q Nm PANN HT 1" Ti L11-:U'1'l41NAxN'1'-r'm,oNm, LTI! v.xNIc'ul V "" -X N ' Summer Camp Fort Shcriclan, Illinois 1 , 0 . ' ' T' V ' mnnww ' A -7 WJ, f V , A- I.'uuIQIIIlll+-j- -. " f 'YW5' ' ' " '..ul- 5, .,.4W.. W- u .. M X ,-- . .. 3 u ,fl gi .wut '- V' 1-45 thx , ,. '1' , ' 'rn' we . Lf .51 .afar 1.1, -1-1: A, - '- 'a--.4 " A we ' '- ' ' '- 'i-L-.7-,.gi51.:l-'13 -'-Eff" " , fy fi. '. L' " - 4-. N, H- it, ,,,,Ag-,fag Q A,.,5.jf,f,,QR.,,,,,:41d7,,gTf-.1 ,N .,,. 'FIS E . ,lx -,ful 41, N .fl a A Q all l' 1. J lexjl.- .f SUJNAI. C'0liI'H f'.XI?l'I'l' HI"l"lf'l4IlIS 1 xi 2.71 , L3 . , H, 11- ' 3 , .- ., Z . J -ax :nh 'Laps rg .gg TM fi? 3 iq.. ig! -1 : r-af i ni.. , . , . 1 . pm- ' LIEUTENAN'1'-COLONEL KING v.. x' 4 3,111 Lf, , L' -.,, . J df-f"5'? LIIQU'I'ENANT-COLONEL ELBERT C. KING Summer Camp Fort Sheridan, Illinois 1' " YY as ,,.- ' ,, 4 U. 'un' . '. ." ,.-,' "-1. , ."f '-, . 9-1'-:QL -32.24 , , ' V , - , -I - 4 -- . , .. -A ,. 'P ---w.i..1 .Qf4 L 4 COAST .XIi'l'II.LI'IliY 0.-XlJl'I'l' Olfl-'ICERS gittio WWA THE NIVER I U S TY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I9 2 A. I CHARLES R. XVOODFILL Captain V p p M JF COMPANY-:S+ REGIMENT Lieut. Capt. Capt. Maj. Maj. Capt. Lieul. Capt. Lieul. Charles I-l. Bryan .loel R. Burney Everett Busch Charles A. Chapman Arthur B. Conard Roy L. Dalferes Edgar E. Ambrosius llarold E. Babbitt William L. Collins Lieut. Kenneth lf. Corrigan William l". Clark Walter Cleland Robert W. Elich William .l. Eovaldi Frank Fisher, Jr. Jules E. Conseth Honorary Military Society MEMBERS ON STAFF Capt. Lester A. Daugherty Lieut. Harold Engerud Maj. Herbert E. Featherstone Lieut. David W. Grilhths Lieut. Maj. Capt. Maj. Capt. Carl M. lnnis Capt. Capt. Paul V. Kello Capt. FACULTY Capt. James .l. Doland Lieut. Lieut. Raymond F. Dvorak Capt. Lieut. Charles R. Frederick Capt. Arthur G. Holstein ,Iohn H. Holstein Richard E. l-lorrall Arthur W. .lacobs Hueren S. Kruse RECRUITS Fay W. Lee William C. Lemen Robert W. McBride William McCleave Harold L. Milan Lawrence Patterson Orlando F. Garrett Marcus Goldman Tom S. Hamilton Stanley N. Murphy Roy T. Nilsen Charles T. Novak Robert F. Preston Elmer W. Siler ARTHUR C. BASS First I.ivtmruaut Serenity-eiglit At-tive Companies Lieut. Col. Albert L. Rhoades Capt. Norman N. Rogers Maj. James A. Stevens Capt. Christopher C. Strawn Col. Charles W. Weeks Capt. Paul H. Weiland Maj. Waldo Shumway Capt. Frank W. Stubbs, .lr. Lieut. Charles M. Thompson Capt. .lamison Vawter john Soma Edward A. Timm Henry C. Timmerman David li. Turner Albert N. Whitlock Mathew M. Wingert OF.NINETEEN'I'HIR'I'Y TWO 'Uni THE UNIVERSITY OF ll-I-I NOIS ILLIO OF 'I9 STANLEY H. CROW QUINTIN J. CRAWFORD Second Li,..u,,.,,,,,,t First Scrgzrrzut OFFICERS - .......,.................... Captain Mmtvrw H. WAm.ow ...... First Lieutenant, Second S-neszer RR:gbRSCR.BX2?i,.JJFF ...... First Lieutenant, First Semester S'rANI.Ex' H. Cnom' ..................... Second LiehJenant ' QIJINTIN J. Ctuwronn ...... .............. 1' 'irst Sergeant MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ' ' I A d - Elliott Durand Anton R. Keszycki Thomas P. Ross Anldgsdjt? Glenn S. Eastburn Fredrick L. Ketcham Joel H. Rossiter William Anderson Fred K. Eklund John H. Kott Samuel J. Roti Robert A- Bagley Gilbert H. Erb Ross V. Lahr Charles G. Rummel Donald A. Baker Robert W. Faris Jean E. Lattan Herman B. Rupp Edward H. Baker, Jr, Burlle R. Farr Dale B. Lawrence Elmer M. Schandt Weldin R. Baldwin Arthur C. Bass Richard B. Bean Howard P. Beirl Wilmot I. Bidner William L. Blake Frank E. Brence Roger P. Carlson James S. Carpenter Irwin A. Cochrun Quintin J. Cr8Wf0fd Stanley H. Cropp Francis J. Darke, Jr. Malcolm R. Derby David G. Fithian Theodore B. Forbes Warren E. Fox Arthur P. Geuss Thomas B. Godfrey George K. Green Frederick W. Hartke Andrew A. Hall, Jr. Harold W. Hannah Raymond J. Heydecker Bertram W. Hoare Laurence A. Hubbard Kenneth Johnson ,James R. Johnstone Geor ge K. Leisenring William T. Loblaw Richard F. Locke, Jr Albert E. Loomis Robert MacClinchie Harold D. McCormick Paul K. MacDonald Gordon M. Marshall Frederick W. Mast Merritt W. Matthews Parke D. Morgan Donald F. Mulvihill William M. Petefish Gerald C. Primm C. Lynn Snyder Robert B. Snyder Roger T. Steers lra A. Stephens Robert E. Stewart, Jr. Gustave H. Stiehl, Jr. Robert. B. Stiven Leo V. Tockstcin John L. Wumltlell, Jr. Mervyn H. Warlow Gerald C. Weiland Robert K. Williams Harold E. Wilson Charles R. Woodfill t. .. Scabbard and Blade Formal Dance 1 OOF NINETEEN THIRTY-TW +C-I PAGE 385 E+ ff Q THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLI i. I Olwnlw MILLARD E. RADA Livutcnnnt-Commander Founded, University of Illinois, 1926 Col. Charles W. Weeks Lt. Col. Albert L. Rhoades NOIS ILLIO OF 1931 LIB PANICHI Commander Albhn Morne Five At-tivo Chapters Honorary Military Fraternity OFFICERS LIB PANICHI ........ ................... ............. C a mmander MILLARD E. Rum ..... ............... .... L i eulenant-Commander Rom-:RT F. ELRICK ................................................ Adjutant RAY R. Woou ............................................. Finance Officer MEMBERS ON STAFF Maj. James A. Stevens Capt. Roy L. Dalferes Capt, Harold L, Milan Maj. Herbert E. Featherstone Capt. Paul H. Weilancl Capt. Christopher C. Strawn Capt. Joel R. Burney Capt. Lawrence Patterson Lieut. Charles H. Bryan Maj. William C. Lemen Maj. William McCleave Maj. Charles A. Chapman Maj.Arthur B. Cunard Maj. Waldo Lieut..Ioseph C. Behrens Lieut. Frank E. Hangs Lieut. Thomas Maguire Capt. Carl M. Innis Capt. Paul V. Kellogg Capt. Capt. Norman N. Rogers Robert W. McBride Capt. Lester A. Daugherty Capt. Everett Busch FACULTY Shumway Lieut. Edward W. Suppiger Lieut, MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Lieut. Robert M. Scherer Lieut. Harry C. Sutch Lieut. Vladimer C. Sekera Lieut. Charles V. Wallrat Lieut. David W. Griffiths Lieut. Fay W. Lee Lieut. Harold Engerud Alfred D. Huston Lieut. Earle W. Wells Lieut. David E. Wiegand Lieut. Charles F. Winters Llo OF-NINETEENTHIRTY Two 'til PACE 386 E1- TJHE UNIVERSITY 1 ROBERT F. ELRICK Adjutant Pliney A. Adams Myron F. Addison Harlow W. Ades David E. Aldrich Carl E. Bartelson Karl T. Barthelmess Roy O. Benson Willis B. Bercaw Herman W. Bieritz Robert A. Blakeney John A. Broom, .lr- Cornelius F. Brusnigllam Edwin F. Buckholdt Larue C. Chapman Franklyn S. Collins Raymond C. Comings Lyle J. Coolidge Robert P. Cothern, Jr- John A. Crawford Harold N. Cunningham George E. Dooley Glenn M. Dunkle or ILLINOIS Ittlo o P H A L A N X MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Robert F. Elrick Theodore R. Fetherston Herbert L. Garrison Norbert C. Garrison Jesse R. Gulick Allen E. Haberle Jean M. Hefner Norman K. Helmrath Charles W. Henson Henry J. Heuer William W. Hinshaw Glenn E. Hodges Frederick S. Hooper, Jr. John W. Hope .John J. Huck Richard E. Hussey Cornel A. lmming Francis R. Inskip William P. Jones Joseph P. Joyce. Jr. Ward M. Karraker Carl M. Kennedy Evron M. Kirkpatrick Ralph E. Koch Joseph F. Kulas Harold R. Long Daniel A. Ludlow Thomas T. Lundberg Harry N. McLaughlin Kenneth Maguire Daniel J. Manning Harry F. Mathews John M. Nash Richard S. Nelle Duane S. Noecker Robert J. 0'Neill Lib Panichi Darine E. Phebus Joseph 0. Pokorny Millard E. Rada John E. Renz Max V. Rhine William A. Ritter ' -'Q' RAY R. XVOOD Fiizanfc Officer Lewis J. Rubenking Thurston J. Ruddy Robert G. Russell Edward J. Sand Carl V. Schermerhorn Richard H. Shirley Glen R. Slonneger Clayton S. Steele John L. Swarner Robert E. Tucker George Ursin, Jr. Carlos W. Veach Milan Vydareny Frank O. Weber Roy E. Wendahl George V. Whisenand James F. Whisenand Alexander W. Wilson Edward D. Wimp Charles N. Wishart Ray R. Wood Eugene J. Yocom lttlo or NKINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -'Cf PAGE 387 1-3- 932 f 7 Us IQQ THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 W. Founded, University of Nebraska, 1892 Six Active Chapters REGULAR OFFICERS Cul. Charles W. Weeks Capt. Carl M. lnnis CADET OFFICERS Capt. Arthur C. Bass First Lieut. Robert B. Rutherford Second Lieut. Cornelius F. Brusnigham Second Lieut. Warren E. Compton First Louis F. Alyea Vincent M. Ardito Bruce Balderson Paul H. Balding Edward Banner Lawrence C. Burden Alfred Betar Howard E. Black Ernest M. Bogin Frank B. Bostelman John A. Broom Paul V. Brausa Byron L. Connell Vincent J. Del Becca Jack T. Dunn T0 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Harold Echternach William H. Emrich Donald L. Faulkner Prezemslau F icnerski Lawrence l. Fries Joseph F. Galli George H. Giles Melvin A. Goldberg Milton E. Goodman Robert H. Hansmeier Howard H. Heyman Gene Hirschberg Charles E. Hughes Marvin L. Kauffman Anton Keszycki Jolm L. Leidenheimer Roland M. Levisahn Edwin J. Levy Spencer D. Lorton Robert D. Macintyre Frank M. Marrow Dixon Moorhead Bernard M. Nackman Oscar J. Nowlin Seymour B. Price William C. Reichardt William D. Roberson David B. Runnells Sgt. James M. Turner Ervin Salak Leo H. Sams Charles E. Sawyer Homer H. Shelby Kenneth A. Smith William G. Smith Savo Stoshitch William I. Turner Herbert Vallette Clarence Wepner Charles O. Wedberg Robert L. Weinstock Ted R. Wire Allyn R. Wreath 9 OF NINETEENTHIR"I'Y-TWO V H - Q I L L I o . y +2 Ima: aaa 52+ f 'fmt I THE UNIVERSITY OFILLIN i- ILLl0 OIS ILLIO OF'I Founded' University of Illinois' 1925 Four Active Chapters I If v,lu:xr 1: 1 A fl .ra 4 -1- Nazi - i rv. l l FACULTY Lieut. David W. Griffiths Maj. William C. Lemen, B.S. Col William W. Anderson Donald A. Baker Weldin R. Baldwin Edward K. Bear Merton M. Beckwith Howard P. Bein Paul V. Brausa Daniel E. Christopher George A. Collins, Jr. Quinlin J. Crawford John W. Davis William J. Derksen William A. DeVan Wilbur H. Dowell K. Fred Eklund MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Frank Fisher, Jr. Randall A. Forsberg Allen V. Fox Winfred E. Frankenfeld Carl R. Freeman Albert W. Gasper Irving F. Gerdel Louis J. Crib Frederick W. Haake Allen E. Haberle Donald K. Harmeson Charles W. Henson Raymond J. Heydecker Bertram W. Hoare Glen E. Hodges John J. Huck Arthur W. Jacobs James R. Johnstone Frederic L. Ketcham Heesen S. Kruse Joseph F. Kulas Harry Q. H. Lee Donald S. McCloskey James F. Mclntosh Daniel J. Manning Frederick W. Mast Donald M. Mayne Augustus M. Minton . Charles W. Weeks, B.S. Donald F. Mulvihill Richard S. Nelle Christy M. Nicely Roy T. Nilsen Patroklos J. Papadopulos Charles G. Rummel Robert G. Russell Glen R. Slonneger Gustav H. Stiehl, Jr. Robert E. Tucker Edward E. Varnum George V. Whisenand James F. Whisenand Charles R. Woodfill 1 OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TW 932 77 Q 1 .. +3 PAGE 389 16+ K O THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO 0F'I 4 L David E. Aldrich Philip A. Anderson Russell E. Baker Willis B. Bercaw COAST ARTILLERY CLUB FACULTY Maj. Charles A. Chapman Capt. Robert W. McBride, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Malcolm R. Derby Carl M. Kennedy Parke D. Morgan Dalson H, Esry Elbert C. King George E. Myers Jacob E. Evitts Warren E. Fox Ralph E. Koch Ralph E. Lane George R. Berry Adelbert W. Godfrey Richard F. Locke, Jr. Ralph P. Blanchard Earl P. Godwin Kenneth Maguire Lawrence T. Chaquette Robert H. Hansmeier Gerald J. Marfleet William P. Clark Lieut. Thomas A. Abbott Floyd R. Abernathy Richard B. Bean Charles V. Bell Dominic D. Bergelis Robert A. Blakeney Burton F. Buchan James S. Carpenter Walter Cope. Jr. Robert P. Cothern, Jr. Arthur M. Daily M. M. Dallahan Walter C. Danielson Francis J. Darke Frank J. Dvorak Carl M. Johnson Phillip R. Miles Armin K. Ochsner Herman R. Olson John L. Ongemach Gordon 0. Pohl Robert L. Raymond Carlos L. Renfrew PI TAU PI SIGMA Donald A. Fay Robert G. Fitchie Melvin B. Gentzel Edwin L. Getting Arthur P. Geuss George K. Green Philip D. Grover Henry J. Heuer Talbert J. Hill FACULTY Harold E. Engerud Lieut. Col. Albert L. Rhoades Col. Charles MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Arthur W. Kowitz Ross V. Lahr Cecil H. Lanham Jean E. Lattan Dale B. Lawrence Walter S. Lawrence Harold R. Long Albert E. Loomis Frank D. Low William W. Hinshaw Thomas T. Lundberg Francis L. Holloway Harold E. McConnell Francis R. Inskip Harold D. McCormick' Kenneth A. L. Johnson John M. McCormick Joseph P. Joyce, Jr. Hugh Mclntyre Thomas Maguire Gordon M. Marshall Robert S. Mason Locke P. Miller .John M. Nash Oliver H. Norman Charles T. Novak Lib Panichi Bernhard K. Peters Don L. Pettit Raymond L. Porter Clement E. Pritz Millard E. Rada John R. Ramey Kirk J. Ruger Ernest F. Schmidt John C. Schuller John B. Sheets David E. Turner Gerald C. Weiland Charles N. Wishart Chester E. Wojdygo W. Weeks John E. Renz William A. Ritter Clarence F. Rogier Thomas P. Ross Lewis J. Rubenking Elmer M. Schaudt Clayton S. Steele Robert E. Stewart John L. Swarner Henry C. Timmerman Charles H. Trommer John R. Webh Robert K. Williams Alexander W. Wilson Ray R. Wood 932 Luo or NINETEEN THIRPTY-TWO g K -'Cl PAGE 390 13+ tt-IE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS ILLIO oFI ILLI i- John A. Appleman Richard F. Armitage Raymond L. Arnold Harry B. Atkinson Edward H. Baker Howard C. Baldwin Virgil W. Barber Karl F. Barthelmess Wilmer C. Bennett Roy O. Benson Wilmot I. Bidner William S. Blaisdell William L. Blake Frank E. Brence Warren A. Bunge Pliny A. Adams Harold K. Anderson Robert A. Bagley Carl E. Bartelson Edwin F. Buckholdt Alfred O. Campbell Roland P. Carlson Charles G. Cassel Harold V. Catt George T. Christie Robert M. Christie Lloyd H. Clair Irwin A. Cochrun H. Winser Coddington Franklyn S. Collins John A. Crawford Harold N. Cunningham David W. Davies Samuel P. Daykin George E. Dooley CAVALRY OFFICERS' CLUB MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Howard B. Burton William H. Greenfield Gilbert H. Cady Ralph M. Gunderson Walter Cleland Thomas K. Cline Andrew A. Hall Luther E. Hamilton Raymond C. Comings Jean M. Hefner Elliott Durand Louis Eovaldi William Eovaldi Roy E. Etnyre Robert M. Faris Burlle R. Farr Theodore B. Forbes Robert E. Forrest Thomas B. Godfrey Harry P. Goldman lra C. Hochstrasser Howard D. Holzman Anthony M. Horn Laurence A. Hubbard Richard E. Hussey Cornel A. Imming Adrian Johansson E. Stanton Johnson Paul L. Jolley Ward M. Karraker Joseph R. Kempston Dudley J. Kingman Max L. Kuehnert Lester E. Kuni Arthur B. Levan Harry F. Lovell William M. McConnell Robert F. Maley Dixon Moorehead Robert W. Podlesak George D. Pring George R. Pritchard Vernon H. Rance Philip D. Rearich Joel ll. Rossiter C AI S S 0 N C L U B MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Ralph O. Dueringer len M Dunkle G . ' Fred L. Eagleston, Jr. Fred R. Eiseman, Jr. Robert W. Elich Robert F. Elrick Gilbert H. Erb Phillip J. Fahs Paul A. Fernald David G. Fithian William M. Floyd Herman E. Gardner Norbert C. Garrison Steven F. Glowacki Stephen R. Golden John J. Gray Roy N. Green George A. Gregor Patti F. Grote. Jr. Richard C. Hagan Laurence N. Hansen l-loward C. Hartman Frank C. Hawkins Wendell T. Hegg David P. Hicks Arthur G. Holstein, Jr. John W. Hope George E. Keck Eltron M. Kirk patrick Syndney F. Knapp Alwin Kolm George K. Leisenring Edwin Leslie William E. McCauley Paul K. MacDonald Howard .l. Marshall Charles A. Minot Glenn li. Morris John F. Mowat Jasper L. Ogle Raymond J. O'Neill Thomas R. Parker Darius E. Phebus Joseph O. Pokorny Lawrence A. Potter Max V. Rhine Clyde lf. Robb Robert L. Rosbe Herman B. Rupp Arthur K. Salberg lrwin Schein Fred A. Schnell Russell F. Scott Howard B. Scoville Harold M. Seago Riley M. Sharp Richard ll. Shirley lleury B. Rotltberg Sinclair Russell, .lr. Edward J. Sand George E. Sapora Norbert J. Seider Donald W. Smith Stephen R. Sparks Elbridge W. Standt Harold E. Sturman William W. Turner JoIIn L. Waddell. Jr. Harrison B. Walther Olaf A. Watne Mlllllew M. Wingert William L. Singer Daniel A. Smith, Jr. Donald E. Smith Herschel S. Smith Osborne B. Smith Reynold S. Smith .lolm Soma Roger T. Steers Robert B. Stiven Maurice M. Strung Leo V. Tockstein Sam G. Trowbridge Henry A. Wachter Albert N. Whitlock Elmer E. Williams Robert U. Winters, Jr. Paul C. Worden l'l. Percy Yarnell William A. Zoellcr c OOF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO 932 W at PAGE 391 lil- Z Z Nighfs spenf over an open book . . . desk li+'rerecl wifh papers and leciure no'res . . . "A" finals, reading slips, +erm reporrs . . . fhen, recognifion . . . WILLIAM HOHENZOLLERN HONORS MARY ALEXANDER DISRAELI coLuMBus PAUL ARTHUR clcERo ISABELLA LORD NELSON PHI BETA KAPPA Bounded Wnllmm and Mary College 1746 Gamma of Illmols Chapter One Hundred and Svc Actxve Chapters Leavltt O Allen Kathryn M Boekenhoff Charles H Bumstead Elxzabeth .I Curzon Mary L Cameron Evron M Klrkpatrxck Frank Payne .Ir John F Alsterlund Brxce W Bam Regma H Cochrane Samuel P Daykln Arthur A Eubank Lmda Fitz Gerald Clyde Getz Helen C Goodrlck Florence S Hook John A Appleman Edward H Baker, Jr Helen A Clevenstme Margaret T Davidson Placlde Daues x! -sslnap..-X -J To encourage the love o letters and o sound scholarshtp MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senzors elected tn March 1931 C Lyman Emrlch Jr Anne P Jones Helene R Foellmger Naomi W Massey George A Fruit Frank W Renwick Jr Sentors elected tn November 1931 Merton H Rapp Helen M Reynolds Sentors Loxs V Hunt Hermoxse J Hupp Rlchard L Johnson Charles Kotek Edna L Kllne Ralph E Lane Rxchard K Law Vxrgxma M Loomis Ehzabeth H Rusk Robert N Rutherford elected m March 1932 Betty Mannermg Charles R Mlchaud Lucretxa A Mott Helen L Mulford Wllbur B Pmgs Mary E Putman Waldron R Reese Frank E Relcm Juntors elected m March, 1932 .leanl Gerber Arthur W Mlelke Ruth S Koch Gladys A Novotny John H. Krenkel Gordon W Nugent LeRoy Long Joseph H Renfrew Maryl Robbins Charles H Shattuck Loulse E Tavs Dorothy S Wheeler Ruth S Summers Grace J Thomas Asa D Twente Dale E Samuell Harland B Roney .lane M Smith Madge Sparks Margaret C Stults Dorothy G Tnmmons Vera .I Vlcek Josephine .I Whltfield Geraldine F Shuman Marne V. Stratton Katherine A Tuach Allce E. Vaughan Harry C. Wall , . . ' ,, . . . , . , L . I, , 'Q' WA' 'FT . : 1. Q A 'A ' . 1 3 .-, ..,,.-W: . - - , , 1: V I -as 4. , fi J , .xg E -,3 2 : I I f f ' 1 . . , . . , ' . . . , , , 9 e - . . , 9 ' J . . 7 D . t . . , Jr. . . . A . . . . . . . , . . . -'Sl PAGE 394 H+ KAPPA DELTA Pl To encourage ln its members a higher degree o consecratzon to social service FACULTY Thomas E Benner EdD Mane .I Boysen AB MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY . Initiates' April, 1931 Ruth A. Blumenkamp Dorothy E. Case Julianna Karth Ralph J. Lockard Initiat 'Ruby L. Crume Frances L. Davison Omer M. Fisher Paul W. Gerhard Thelma E. Harshbarger Kathryn F. Heath William T. Jaques es December, Pauline L. Miethe Glenn G. Orth Edo Pasetto 1931 Frances M. Kapilla Lena M. Lees Helen J. Pesci Helen W. Rice Anna M. Richardson Louise E. Till Anna M. Tuvada Founded Umversny of Iumoxg 1911 Alpha Chapter Sixty two Active Chapters . , . . I . , - a -'H PAGE 395 E+ BETA GAMMA SIGMA lonmlmd lnnuslis of Illinois 01 IIIIYIOIS Alpha fhuptcr Ixxcntv SIX Actlxe bhupters To uzcourage ann' reward scholarshzp along the lmcs of buszness dfllblfl among slurlents and grafluales o colleges o commerce and busmess aclmzmvtralzon FACULTY lfrne L L Bogut Ph D Snnon Inman Dr of ,lur Pub et Rel I'lCllCl'1C A Rusaell PhD Lsbel R Dnllavou AM JD Animas C Lnttlelon PhD CP A Ihram T Scovlll A B CPA Lflmucl J Fllbey Ph D C P A Niaurme H Robinson Ph D I harles M Thompson Ph D LL D Horace M Cray Ph D 'X llhan A Weston Ph D GRADUATE STUDENTS Kenyon D Bowes I lenn H Breen Ralph O Imulle MFMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Harold W Bancroft flmrles J Gal .IIIIILIS P .logeph Melvm 0 Lundahl Remck H Buckles Donald D Garlerenn Donald M Kammert Wayne L McM1Ilen Duvncl G Ihtlnan Charles A Jackson Edward W Lntell lames C Pettee Harry L Frese Wllham M Rice Fxthmn Potter! Carrot-non Q onll Dxllrnou Schlntter Bancroft Breen Kummnrt Lunclnhl C un Bunkles McM1lle.n 1' -. ' ',1..:3 ' ' '. I ' I 1,-. - IT' Sl ul I I ,L 13' il ' 1 l I , ' . ' , ' 1 ' ' ' c 7" V' 1 Paul D. Converse, A.M. Cam. Lharles F. Schlatter, M.S., C.P.A. L: . v ,..,.. I, Q, . ,..,... . , .' ' . :, .. 9 , .., .. , ' ' .!. 1 , . . A5 - , . . ' " . I . . .' " w . 1 . , J '. ' -' Y' ' . z ' . Q ' . h 1 . . . ' ' . 1 .. It' " ' ' , x Q 1 . ' . -'El PAGE 396 lif- TAU BETA PI 138 Xlphn Chapter Stxtx one Mttxt thnpttrs Founded Iohlgh Lnn ISIIY -1 To mark zu a ttzng manner those engzneers who have con erred honor upon thetr Alma Mater by a hzgh, grade of scholarshtp as undergraduates or by thztr altarnments as alumm Norvxlle .I Alleman M S Harold E Babbttt M S Morgan Brooks Ph B Alfred C Cullen EM MS Albert P Carman D Sc Hardy Cross AB BS MCE Thomas J Dolan B S James J Doland BS C Ii. Melvm I En er MS CE Newton E Enslg,n AB B S Wllltam N Espy MS Maurice K Fahnestock MS Maw A Faucett MS EE Julian R Fellow-1 BS Stanley C Hall M S Clarenre W Ham ME Ha Rmdolph P Iloelscher MS C Whttney C Huntlngton MS Harvey H Jordan BS Stanley R lottluu MS E FACULTY Albert N Jorgenson MS L M Charles A Keener MS F E Mtlo S Ketchum C E DSc Everett E Kmg A B MCI Charles T Kmpp Ph D Sercln Komo M S John O Kraehenbuehl MS El Alonzo P Kratz M S Remhold F Larson MS Oscar A Leutwxler BS M L Joseph G Lowther MS Herbert F Moore ME DSc Newlln D Morgan MS CE Ellery B Paine MS EE George W Pncltels B C E C E Joseph A Polson BS M E Russel H Reed B S Herbert .I Relch M E Ph D Lrneet A Reid MS EF Frank If. Rrchart MS C I' Edward C SCIIIIIICII ME Ralph L Scorah BS Fred B Seely M S farl F Sltroder M S Cloyde M Smnth M S Ernest L Stouffer MAu.h Edward W Supptger BS Arthur N Talbot f F DSL DI:.n LL D Howard R Thomas C L MS Clyde L Thompson M S Iamtqon Vawler B S C E Etlwatd II Waldo MS ML Harald M Westergaatcl D Sc Dr Ing., Dr 'Ieeh llcnbert L Wlnte BS lames M Whxte BS Arthur C Wlllard BS Wtlbux M Wtlson MMI I Arthur I Young, M S Fverett C Young M S 'XII PhD George Alchele Stanley U Benscotet W1ll1am.I Bobtsch Wllltam E Bohn Wxlhun D Boone Charles A Davls Franklin M Deerltake RalphI Dowell Wayne. A Dcrlngcr MEMBERS IN UNIVLRSI TY Richard ,I Duffln I eorge R Ftnk Alvm E Crelhnger Joseph C Griffith Allen C Hottes Iaul G Jones Wllham P Jones Charle U Krmg C rover K Ly nch lranklm C Millet Iohn M Nash Andtewt W Ncureuther Ben Pallet Cetaltll H Perry Dorn L Pettit Stanley H Pnexce John II Rlolterntan Clarence I Roger Edward R Sanuet Abram I' Stars Io-.eph B 'l1Hany MerleC lutney lame-sl Wlnsenancl Russell C Williams Waller V Wuellnel 3 -Ianni" H l M J tus 0 toe 'NOIIILIIIIIEII Bc Illqlll Jovt ell Bohn llttnny C relltngex Mthcle Pu ry 'Bonner Imrmgm- I ,mph kung Next Rteltexutnn BIIIILI Pluto 1 allu lutnu XX hx-unund kink Dt rhnkc Xtuc llnu Duthn Nash Pettit Rope: ' A . , . 'ctw J Q - 6 5 -., ' i , - ., -1 - Q fifaev 1 . . .t. . , , . ., . . . . , .. . . 1 1 1 . , l . , . ., .J . . , , . .. ME. . , . ., . . . .. ' , '. . . 1 . 1 . , . 1, .. . 1, .., ...L. . , . , .ti . . . - I , . . . . ' , . ' ' . . , . ., . ., . . . . , . . . , . . ' . r ' . 1 ' 9 Nl' Q ' 1 "-'1 - J' Q , J. A., . ., . Q . ' , . ., . . . , . . Q . . . - 1 1 1 .. g, .., .. . , .. . ., .'., .. . . 1 1 . v . . . . , . ., . . . , . ., . . . . , . . . , . . . , - 1 . . , .L ., . ', . ' , 1 N Q b 4 1 1 1 1 . 1 . , , . .. ,..,.. . ,..,... . ,..., ,, . 1, . . . , . ., '.'. . ',, . ' . 1 . I 1 M I . 1 1. , 1 - . , . . ., . . . , .t . ' . , . , . . . . , . ., . . .H . , . . -rold N. Hayward. M.S. Lormg H. Provme, B.S., A.E. Carroll C. Wnley, B.S.. C.IL. 5 . . . , . ., .V . . , .1 . a. , . . . . 1 . . . . 1 1 . 1 .. . .. .. C.E. 1 . ' . . .. . . . , : .'.., ' . , -- - ' . . , . ., . 1. ... ', .. . . ' ' - ' ' ' 4 1 ' f 4' J , , , .. . . , . ., .. . , , ,. , ...., t .,. .. . , . . t . , . t. . ' ': . I . f , 1 , . ' I 4 . I E . . J ' 4 ' E, r' A ' - - . - ' .. Q ' , . , 5 . . t . ' . ' ' , '. 1. ' , ' ' . . ' ', ,ww 1 , ' . 1 . . ,, ' ' . ' ' ' - 1 . n ' ' . I 1-I 4. l 4 1 m ' in ' 1, v u 4. . a . t. . -.' ,.. J t ' ' ' m- . . - W i 1 I- 9 11 , . - .L . . - I -l fl I . , - ,Z . 3 I 'I 1 1 f , , X -.4-h a . X! .5 ,, E. Q' ' ' M. It'A.' Hg. .' -- .- .t'.- 1 V V 3 . ' - , '- 1- - , I I ' A . . ",- " - we :' 'H X' ' N, tj fw- -til Pmzti 397 E1- ALPHA ZETA Founded Ohio State Unwerslty 1897 Morrow Chfllvter Thlrty exght A uve Chapters To encourage znteresz and to develop hzgh 1.416015 and standards an the eld o agrzculture FACULTY James L Edmonds BS Wllham B Nevens PhD Davld C Wxmer M S Webster B Barthelemy Harry P Bateman James H Boyd Joseph G Bumgarner Wllbur D Buddemeler William H Duns Boyd Harper MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Harold W Hannah Elmer H Henker Harold L Jepson Robert T Kay Lowell S Johnson Ruloff J May Senzors Wnllxam H Klstler Harvey W Krmg Arthur T Mosher Juniors Herman B Rupp Donald E Smlth Fred A Pamter Lawrence H Slmerl George A Trull Glenn W Vandervoort Charles H Stmson Paul T Wllson btmson Jepson Budtlemexer Johnsmn Iustler May Boyd Henker Bumgarner Iumg, Hannah Rupp Trull Nioaher Pmntex Barthelemy Bateman Vanden oort Wxlson I ' b . . . V ' A . U .r C . R fl . -ii' h Q T , .L 4 . . . X . F f . l I - L r l I 'N ' ' 1 ' 1 I ' va A l , ' ' A ' . ' Sim:-rl r ' ' -'Ci PAGE 398 lik- Fonndvd, University of Illinois, Mary L Baker ,lullet Barnes Janet B Beall Dorothy P Burkett Mary L Bowen Pearl C Bromley Mtrlam Buchholz ,lean Bull Mildred R Chapln Eather L Cohen Odesaa L Cohen Flossle M Corcl Eileen S Dale C Elwalmeth lfortl ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA 1024 Illinois l'l1:1l1f1"' 'l'wt-nty Autive Chapters 'NH 7 To encourage and reward hzgh scholarslup among the women o the reshman classes at the Unwersrly o Illmozs FACULTY ' L AM Louise B Dunbar, Ih D Mana eonartl Irene D Pierson, A B Ruth A Wardal MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Alma H Frese Mary L F rum Sarah .l Fulton Allce A 1 Barbara ,I Harms Betty Hatton Eleanor W Holland Ida M Huze Eileen A Jasper Helen L ,lohneon Margaret W Jones Camllle E Kung V1rg,ln1a M Klplxa Marcella M Koollsh Marzan A Kunz F rancea M Lange Elaine Lom- Elualulh If Ioelller Mary A Long Johanna Malandrone Plnlomf-na L Marquarcll Jane E Marr Carmen l Parr Vlrglma M Purxnah Franves Plnlltppe Frances Porter I A Mary L Pucu Marlon L Sehmult Dorothy M Scllnetter Betty E Sendl 'Wlltlred L Sklnner Ida Sloun Mxltlred Stengl Dorothy A Suegman Dorothea M Swanson IeVona Vrng,L Helenl Ward Louise A Worley Alhlna C Zajncek Caroltne lempel '+"rl,,, XX nrtl lit ornls x x lnsptx x 1 Nu un at 'S ut r ll tru IH Nl xrqu u dt Burnt s Purrtsh B xll Nlllllll till llntton lortu lxnv S4 lnnldt jlllli. Stn np.,l that n l ulton K o 1 H uL,man Boxun te ollmd f uwtl H' I 1 Nlorlq lrnm 111 lortllen .I 1 , A ,- YPQ1 LY ..', f ' '5 1, V. ' 1 n - n ' q n n . . . . , .M. , , . - , ' . ,' l . . D I . '. . - A. ' l . , -. h . ' i I ., . , , ' . . G11 l , , , ' . . ' . ' I W. . 1 ' ' 1 l u g I ' : . A . A . , , ' 1 . . . . . 1 Q ' . . A . . .4 4. . 'r . . Y- a . 1 - . . ' 'I , . 1 . L I. - 4 A i 4 1 , ' ' . V 1 ' 'i L ur, M... . . '1 1 4 -L n. -, - ,X - ' 4 ' - L: nxt: . .' - ' Bi 'lc 'tt .J ' .' rn .l ' z A : z ' 'J f-z Q' ' '7 l'1 Parr ' ' " ." " ' - S - f Y pi V Pl. I l 1-n 31' . , , I H Znj' ,uk 11 4 Hs- - IH- son 1.1-on: rd 14' 'csv ' -- Um w 4 171.4 A . - .- -:il lhmla 399221- PHI ETA SIGMA rrrdr rl I r H1015 ill urn ru Ch rrrr Shepard Andalmzrrr Howard B Baal Robert H Brerma Charle f Bloom .lolrn H Bolclrert Gerald l Borclrerdt Walter D Boyle Roy R Bu-lrarl Howard W I ampbell Ioure O Carroll 4 lrarle-. V Lhampron Jr Martrrr P Llaueeen Deane M Coventry Myron A Ellrott Prarrklrrr C l mrrcla Ralph l Fpstern Plrrlrp l'alk Edwrn R Farrar Jack Frrednrrn llerberr C Froeeclrle Bob J barrrrrcl To encourage lzrglr scholnrslrzp among rrst year men MEMBERS 1N UNIVERSITY C eorge ll L rles .l Harold Clawcock loel M Claes 'Nfelvrn A f oldberg Orvrlle F lorrlon Edgar G Harney Clrrretoplrer D llercules Robert Ilrckman Allan B Hrrschtrck Joseph llolland Ceorge A Horelr Plrrlrp D lluff Gerald W Ilull Cordon E Jonee James D Kelley Lowell Krrlxpalrrrlx Alfred J Klern Wrllram A Knrglrt Joseph I Low W McNerl Lowry Mrllarfl S McGrrflirr John McKean Jr Paul C McMrchael Walter N Mattlrruw .lolrn l' Matueveslxr Elbert P Mans .lulran D Morgan Wrllram I' Murray Adelbert G Mutrmer C larenee .I Nelson lame: F Nrclrols John D Prcco Jr Jerome R Prrrlrus Walter Rakowekr Clarence 'I' Raemuwen Robert C Retherford Charles T Rrclrarrls Harold A Rrgg Arthur E Rrgolo Irrrn I-I Rrmel Larl W Roberta Leeter L Robert-ron Norman I' Rolrey Rrclrard L Roth Charles K Rrrdrlrclx Stanley A Sankus Harold S Shott Paul A Smrtlr Robert R Snrvely Rrclrard I-I Sprtlnas Wrllranr E Stevens Charles D Fanver Maurrce E Taylor Leo V Trnlxllarn Lharlee W Tullocl. Robert N Wallace Ralph E Wallrne Sanford Watkrne Harold A We-rebaum Wrllram L Wrese l l For 1 . 'rrivovsiry or' lllinris, 154215 Ill' " Hlrlvl' Tw- 5-nir - ltr-tivo I : ers O , . . If 4 , . ' ' I '. Y' ' . " . ' . . : ,. , . ., . . . , I . 1 ' . . . . r S 1. r ' . l . . . . . 1 . . . . 4. 1 . ' r ' ' . ' Waller' C. Borrrran George J. Heideman Gail L. Miller William M. Shafer' 1 , 4 - . I l ' .1 K ' I .- - - A , . I . ' . - , "A".l.2 ':' .I D ' 1 . ' .. J ' . 4' Q . . . . ' . . I - r v , ' . K -'Il PAcr-1 400 CLASS OF I93I BRONZE TABLET SENIORS Those senzors who rank m the upper three per cent o thetr class zn both juntor and senzor years are entztlezl to have thetr names mscrzbed on a suztable lablet John Henry Armstron Ehzubeth Ann Bement Franklin Stewart Brown Wllfred Paul Burglund Nlargaret Lucy farnahan John C lark Faye Cohen Melvin Mark Culp Arden Carrell Deem Paul Bowman Evans Dwlglll Prescott Flanders Rose lzallne Freldlln Hugh Joseph Graham Robert Paul Honold Garnet Luclle Jeffrey lrene Folda Kertes luhan Krause Kmpp Arnold Leroy Lxppelt Pearl Vxola Meyer Donald Peter Mor s Ralph Edwm Petermg Carl Henry Rapp Paul Osborn Rxtcher Ethan Maurnce Stnfle Dewey Bernard quit Reva Margaret Volle Ruth Emma Waddell Charlotte Wmnwrxght Robert James West Dorothy Marre Whyte El 10 Frederlcka lelle EE H SENTMAN was the 1931 wlnner of the Blg Ten Conference medal Thls medal lb awarded annually by the Intercolleglate Conference through 1ts Faculty Representatlve at each Confe1ence lllQl1Itl1t1Oll, to the memhel of the graduatmg class who has attalned the greatest proficlency m dLl1l6lIlCS and scholastlc work At one t1me or another whlle Sentman was an under graduate, he held the W01ld s record ln the 50 yard, 60 yard 70 yatd, and 75 yard hlgh hurdles, and he t1ed the would s record ln the 75 yard low hurdles Scholastlcally Lee mamtamed a B avelage whlle he was ln the UIIIVCTSILY X.-I-I Ill H gl Nix THF COVPFRPNCL MFDAL I 1 R .' 5 ll ' 1 g . 'iid . . '. THE CONFERENCE MEDAL Xi- N N 'li'-. V 5 fs . ' ug I ,-if: ..4:."'.1,xN I " 1 J' ' +35 P.-xclg 401 lif- :Lf . A4 ,, J s I. 'f 3' Q S A 1- v it xt . L, ' r I . 7"""T 1 -, X A it x V .l v f. fi ,V QRGANIZATIQN fa Pledges +o supervise, or dufies +o do . . . bull-sessions la+e in a broH1er's room . . . squabbles +o iron ou1', a quarrel fo pafch up . . . firm friend- ships cemenfed, +rue comrades found. WILLIAM HOHENZQLLERN Z2 GX ,wmu,,,,,mm- 'T' j X FRATERNITIES MARY ALEXANDER DLSRAELL COLUMBUS PAUL Amnun clceno ISABELLA LORD NELSON THE UNIVERSITY OF II.LINOIS ILLIO OF1 ff INDEX OF SOCIAL FRATERNITIES Acacia Alpha Chi Rho Alpha Chi S ma Alpha Delta Phi. . . Alpha Epsilon Pi .... Alpha Gamma Rho. . Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Kappa Pi .... Alpha Lambda Tau. . Alpha Rho Chi ...... Alpha Sigma Phi .... Alpha Tau Omega. . . Anubis ............. Beta Kappa .... Beta Phi Theta .... Beta Psi ....... Beta Sigma Psi .... Beta Theta Pi ..... Chi Beta ..... Chi Phi .... Chi Psi . . .... . . Chi Tau ........... Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Pi ....- Delta Chi .......... Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Phi .......... Delta Pi ........... Delta Sigma Lambda Delta Sigma Phi .... Delta Sigma Tau . Delta Tau Delta. . . Delta Theta Phi ..... Delta Upsilon .... Farm House ..... Ilus .............. Kappa Delta Rho .... Kappa Sigma ....... Kappa Theta Sigma. . Lambda Chi Alpha.. Omicron Alpha Tau. 424 Phi Delta Phi . .. 444 Phi Delta Theta . .. 427 Phi Epsilon Pi ...... 440 Phi Gamma Delta. . . 452 Phi Kappa ....,... 428 Phi Kappa Psi .... 456 Phi Kappa Sigma . .. 488 Phi Kappa Tau .... 483 Phi Mu Delta .... 441 Phi Pi Phi ....... 429 Phi Sigma Kappa .... 413 Pi Kappa Alpha . .. 4-47 Pi Kappa Phi ..... 472 Psi Upsilon ......... 487 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 467 Sigma Alpha Mu .. 471 Sigma Chi ......... 417 Sigma Delta Kappa . 423 Sigma Delta Rho . .. 435 Sigma Mu Sigma. . . 436 Sigma Nu ......... 479 Sigma Phi Delta . .. 462 Sigma Phi Epsilon .. 481 Sigma Phi Sigma . .. 463 Sigma Pi ..... 420 Tau Delta Phi . .. 453 Tau Delta Tau . . 478 Tau Epsilon Phi .... 470 Tau Kappa Epsilon.. 450 Theta Alpha .... 466 Theta Chi ....... 408 Theta Delta Chi .... 473 Theta Kappa Nu .. 422 Theta Kappa Phi 442 Theta Nu Epsilon .... 425 Theta.Upsilon Omega ..... 457 Theta Xi ., ....... 410 Triangle .... 486 Zeta Beta Tau. . 443 Zeta Psi .... 480 + 4 37 9 or NINETEEN THIRCTY-TWO H f , I I. I. I 0 A 7 Pttca 406 2+ imllllr' if Y I O70 Q, THE UNIVERSITY OFILLINOIS IL INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS HM' J. lh1l.sBAcK, Ju..... ISAIIIIICI. K. Ifloooi-:s...... .Inn-Ls li. AICIDIIIAIIISUN... .lsrzon W. Di:l:'1'c:n ..... CAsi.oN K. Biciwi-:'l'1'. .. MEMBERS Della Tau Delta Chi Phi Corydon M, Nil-holson Sigma Chi lfrnnk W. Ronwirk, Jr. Kappa Sigma Russell M. Horner Phi Kappa Sigma Richard A. NVvli-ll Phi Della Theta Uoorgc V. Pnnwell Alpha Tau Omega John li. Colomnn Phi Gamma Della Pomeroy Sinnork Sigma Alpha Epsilon Hurry L. Frvxc Beta Theta Pi Robert Y. Bartholomew Sigma Na. John K. Morris Phi Kappa Psi Robert. II. Crowe Delta Kappa Epsilon John li. Portur Della Upsilon Joseph 141. Slu-4-lmn Theta Della Chi Giles A. Eldrod Zela Psi XVillinm M. Drummond Phi Sigma Kappa ' Robort NV. Pnshby Psi Iipsilon C. Lyman l'hnri1-h Alpha Della Phi Clmrlus Ii, Svott Chi Psi Raymond J. Gibbs Joy L. Whcelovk Alpha Sigma Phi .lnlm J. l1'ilzpi1t.rii-lc Acaeia Wilbur B. Pings Sigma Pi Jumus ll. Reston, Jr. Tau Kappa Epsilon Robert ll. Rosbc Phi Kappa Francis '1'. Sheehy Theta Chi Donald C. Munvh Alpha Chi Rho Philip K. Lnnlz Della Chi Robert J. Smith Alpha Gamma Rho Robert '1'. Kay Sigma Phi Epsilon Richard G. Redvll Pi Kappa Alpha J. Stuart Anderson Phi Kappa Tau Fnrrc-l K. Hodgi-s Sigma Phi Sigma XVilIi:1ln 'I'. Lobluw llus Norman li. XV:-ndt Della Phi John D. lxIt'AdIlIIIS, Jr Chi lfeta RIl'I'llll'lI Il. Iloburling Thela Xi John XV. llrentlingi-r Delta Sigma Phi Joseph ll, Wm-slorbnrg l E 2 1 . . . . . . . . .Presirlenl . . . . Vi1'e-Presirlenl . . . . . .SCf'l't'l1Il'j' . . . . . . . . .Treasurer . . .Sergeant-al-Arms IN UNIVERSITY Lambda Chi Alpha Goorgo D. llillstrom Alpha Rho Chi Rielmrd E. Ilult Triangle J. lioderivk Johnstone Kappa Delta Rho Cueil 0. Bernard l"arm llouse Jose-ph G. IilllllH'ill'Ilt'l' Anubis Robert M. Cliristiv Pi Kappa Phi Don A. Pmlcluirst Alpha Kappa Lamhrla L. Vernon 'Probert Tali Della Tall Ramon F. Vogel Thela llpsiloa Omega Wnltur J. Cope Phi Pi Phi Russell 0. Darby llela Kappa Smit Dillon Theta Kappa Phi William Il. Km-lly Bela Sigma Psi Kunnvth L. Tollnen Della Alpha Epsilon NVnIts W. Ulizxm-e Theta Kappa NII V4-rnon D. Irish Thela Alpha Km-ith Rim-h Phi illli Delta Jzllnvs R. him-Plierson Alpha Chi Sigma Arthur M. Plmlps Thela Nu Epsilon Curl A. Erickson Della Sigma Tau Ruvho ll. Sindun-son Chi Tau. f'IIlI'6lll'l' NV. Ili:-,esen Bela Psi Robert C. AIl.l'l'll Sigma Mu Sigma file-nn li. Bm-nncll Della Sigma Lambda lin-nnmonl M. Pnrlcs Alpha Lamlula Tau Nornmn S. NVi'bs-r Zela Bela Tau Philip N. Citron Phi Epsilon. Pi Irvin A. Knnfmnn Sigma Alpha Mu lim-rnnrd H. More-tsky Tall Epsilon Phi Irving ll. Missnvr Sigma Della Rho Albert ll. Pntnnm Tau Della Phi Tlleodoro J. Coops-r 0mir'ron Alpha Tau Snmuell Altsvhnl Alpha Epsilon. Pi lla-nry ll, R0fIII'llIlIll'g' Bela Phi Thela James A. Slit-:uri-r Sigma Phi Della Lib Pnnin-hi Della Thela Phi hldwurrl NV. Clondvnin Alpha Kappa Pi G. Kennvth Lows- Bennett lll'Plu-rson Ruilsbnm-k Hodges Denteh LIO OF 1 lLI.IO OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TW 9 IV' -vii PAGE 407 H+ X ' OF --f - iw - , lul' L. ALPHA BETA GAMMA, DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA E 3 Z C E W X 1 4 I- O 5 3 5 Z o 2 z - 'i' U, I 4 W l 5 5 is Zone Terry Flnnignn Hodgson Stover Bennett Anderson Robinson Perry Bryson Nicholson Stewart Smith M. Alexander Hnrliaugh Blue Steele Bushee Dueser Allen Munz Hewitt R. Benll Cutbirtli Grngg Liese Born Retlt-lu-r E. Benll Noxon Mt-Ahren Hopkinson Small U, 4 Tyrrell Donn Pooler H. Alexander McClevey Cash Franks Ettstin 6 E xv 4 DELTA TAU DELTA 0 -4 FACULTY P C E, Kendric C. Babcock, Ph.D., LL.D. Martin J. Prucha, Ph.D. George F. Schwartz. A.M., B.Mus. Charles W. Weeks. B.S. gl Granville S. Keith, M.S. Robert F. Seybolt, Ph.D. Edgar J. Townsend, Ph.D., LL.D. Phineas L. Windsor, Ph.B C Q . 'U U5 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY F I O 5- Seniors Z 4 Robert M. Flanigan Gerald H. Perry Dwight B. Steel H B T Eugene M. Hodgson Leslie F. Robinson Frank C. Stovere Rglrggt 23,2 'U 4 Corydon M. Nicholson I l 2 Juniors O E John T. Allen Carl J. Dueser Robert L. Harbau l 5 l M. K O James A. Anderson, Jr. Douglas V. Frost George B. Hewitt gl Cirgrlgiz F. Kr2l:?r-Ir. E Joe L' BVYSOY' Charles E. Small I- Sophomores 'D W UD nl Marshall J. Alexander Kinney R. Bushee Charles W. Manz Gilbert A, Smith '- Robert L. Beall H. Clayton Cash .lack P. Reilly Edwin W. Stewart -, Howard C. Blue O : , F1 eshmen 3 U In Howard L. Alexander Stewart H. Dean Harold R. H k'1. Cl l A, N -I Edmund H. Beall, Jr. Maurice R. Eastin Theodore W.01I1iQl20n Ragga? L, Pocglgp Q I Paul F. Born, Jr. Thomas E. Franks Willard C. McAhren Rglph J, Redeker Q, Jack P. Cutbirth Elbert R. Gragg Arthur M. McClevey Phillip E, Tyrrell P Z r- o V 'U 1' 55 an S W In : Founded, 1.etlt:tny College, 1859 t -1 . .. . . 1- 4 evvnty-six Avtive Clmpters .ln t Botti Upsilon Clutpter listnlilislied 1872 Q 4 2' I2 East Jolm Street 5 0 3 F, P 2 A 2 I2 ' 5 EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl P +21 PAGE 408 lif- PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU Vaughn Keith Ganster Baird Wham Renwick Stowe lth-Groyror R. Thompson Hotchkiss Slaughter Litt Nicol Settlulnire Fnrst Anderson Collins Hadley Thomas Stnovk Stotlar Lt-isenring Gilmore Oldham RIIHICIIIIUII Logg Carlin Larson Snively McNeill Jones Short, Coollvy Gall Carnahan Potter 'Pucker Dnnely Dobbins Yan Guntcn Mau-klin tinrr Crnsins Johnson Hutt-bison FACULTY David ll. Carnahan, Ph.D. Lester A. Daugherty, A.B. William A. Ganster, B.S. Harry W. Heckman, A.B. James B. Shaw, D.Sc. Laurence B. Hotchkiss Lewis E. Keith Robert W. McGregor Sigward A. Anderson Frank N. Carnahan Steven J. Collins Robert C. Carlin Isaac N. Coolley, Jr. Edwin M. Jones Lloyd L. Crusius Joseph W. Danely Donald V. Dobbins GRADUATE STUDENT Glen E. Baird MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Hall M. Macklin Frank W. Renwick, Jr. Jack F. Furst William R. Gilmore John N. Hadley Edgar M. Larsen David A. McNeill, Jr. William M. Gull Edward M. Gurr Andrew C. Hutchison N': ' 'nit tv 1855 :?Q I nxntlrd, .ltinn L ,, l'Iit:hty-ninv Active Ulntptcrs Kappa Kappa Ultzlptt-r l'lstablish4-d x . 4 - -- X' "-u . ygxj blip 1881 blast. Joint Sire ' Seniors Juniors Raymond C. Stollar William P. Stowe George K. Leisenring Harry D. Litt William C. Nicol Sophomores Freshmen Richard T. Miskimen Will H. Oldham, Jr. Dudley C. Johnson G. Jenkins Kiedaisch George A. Legg Ralph M. Thompson James H. Vaughn Walter L. Settlemire Harry B. Smock Harry R. Thomas Charles F. Short, Jr. Robert R. Snively Wilbur J. Thompson Ned J. Potter Robert H. Tucker Munroe ll. Van Gunten QUT 1 EPSILON ZETA ETAV THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI +25 PAGE 409 E1- P r- 'U I P W rn -I P Q D 3 3 P U rn r- -I P H1 'U ut F O Z N ffl -l P Ill -I P -l I In -I P 5 -I D K P 'U T P I- P 3 W U WD IIN IX NOIIDIWO Id HU O SIS VW ITVI. dn NO1lS Hd HD ISd W0 V9 V d1 VH 138 V V9 W VW V.L1!CI P I- 'U I P MU ETA ZETA ON EPSIL TA DEL MA GAM A ET A H LP A GA OM PS CH PH ON UPSIL U TA SIGMA O RH Carrison l"lm-hmunn Haas Hess Lowe Boyer J. Thompson Nilson Bennett Voorhees Collier Badger Flavk Olsen Smith Hogan Eiclu-lkraut Gm-bring Kutsrh Mt'Kinney Boyle I'Ing'er Dolittle Spear Murphy Loomis Hill Suhivht Horner Elliott McLaughlin Hollmiuh Ilorsloy R. Thompson Bolt-r Jones Brown Long Usborne Uetman Thacker Gosnell KAPPA SIGMA FACULTY Charles F. Behrensmeyer, B.S. Walter F. Frese, A.M.. C.P.A. Stanley W. Hall, B.S. Charles E. Bradbury, M.F.A. Reynold C. Fuson, Ph.D. Albert T. Helbing, Ph.D. Cecil V. Donovan, B.P., M.F.A. Jolm M. Elliott Maurice E. Gosnell Warren H. Badger Carl G. Dohme William E. Flack W. Robert Boyer Walter D. Boyle Donald A. Carrison John T. Collier Allen R. Bennett Robert K. Boler Robert P. Brown Walter M. Eager Charles R. Flachma Il ll MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Fred Ileimlicher, Jr. Charles A. Hill William E. Cetman George E. Cuehring Seniors Juniors Soplzomores Everett W. Eichelkraut Hudson A. Hellmich Roy F. Hess Frank M. Gosnell Marlin Haas William Hamilton Roger D. Jones Freshmen EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI +ClP.4cE 4103-3+ Russell M. Ilorner David W. Hogan Clinton W. Loomis Robert E. Horsley William J. Kutsch lloward J. Lowe Kenneth Lierman Carl S. Long ' Jack E. Miller Chester A. Olsen Fonndm-il, L'nivc-rsity of Virginia, 1869 Une Hundred Eight At-tive Chapters George A. Huff, B.S. Herbert F. Moore, M.E., D.Sc. Ivan Wright, Ph.D. Louis A. McLaughlin Charles A. Schicht O. Stuart Murphy Thomas L. Smith ,lack A. Spear Robert S. McKinney Lawrence E. Nilson John M. Thompson Donald W. Thacker Robert A. Thompson James W. Tuach Jolm W. Usborne R. Wilson Voorhees Alpha Gamma Chapter Estalvlislled 1891 A ' 2212 East Daniel Street I .,, y3P5L'r1 ' 5' s?-"sf ' Rfsf fs f A 4 t t n OMICRON PI W In 'E P Q P 3 3 P U In I- 'I P nl T ul I: Q Z N rn 'E P rn 'I P 'I I rn 'E P 5 'E P x P 'U 'U P I' P 3 .w U WP DN IX NOIDIWO ld HU O IS 9 VW V.l I1 dfl NO1lS Hd HD ISd WO V9 V d1 VH 1.39 V WV9 VW 130 V.l ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU XVilliams Hiles Erpenbeek lilotngrvn Renisen Sturtcvant Sclih-nvogt. Ensign Sc-ltniinko Sm-lim-irlur AIOIUIUIIII Cash Biernla Smith XVard XVIIHOII Taylor Mt-Killip llarlow 0'Malloy la-wis McDonald I-Iartung Pengra Freeman Crnthorno Knappcnherger Rvtlitt R1-it-lt Vnlloite Knpple Cameron Farrell XVclch Rhodes Pentecost llollingsworth lioldn-1' FACULTY Arthur R. Crathorne, Sr.. Ph.D. Charles R. l"rederit'k. BB., M.l'.J. Patil N. Landis, Pb.D. Chris S. Rhode, I3.S. Leland L. Sage, A.M. Arthur C. Willard. B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY I . Senzors Judd S. Brown Donald A. Cameron Arthur R. Crathorne, Robert T. Farrell .Iames C. Fox Wendel R. Freeman Robert H. Bierma Wilbur .I. Cash Harry T. Harlow Gordon H. Blomgren Raymond H. Collin Dick B. Ensign Founded, l'nivc-rsily of Pennsylvania John D. Holder Flbert R llollin Sworth . . ' g. Jr. William H. Kapple Juniors Edward C. llartung T. Caillard Knappenberger Soplzomores BI. Harrison McKillip Donald C. Mongeau Shelby L. Lewis Marshall ll. Pengru Paul E. Mcllonald Robert A. 0'Malley Carlton S. Smith J. Earl Taylor George YV. Remsen William J. Ribbentrop Edwin J. Schlenvogt Vernon F. Penleco Aaron P. Rhodes Richard A. Welch Ceorgc l'I. Rettig Paul Schminkc Robert W. Ward Matt S. NVilson Ollie Schneider .lack L. Sturtevant llarry C. Williams Freshmen Douglas J. Erpenbeck Gardner W. Heiclrick F. Ross Hiles I I f 1850 Thirty-eight Active Cltnptors Rho Chapter Established 1892 313 East Chalmers Street l 1 sl EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl -'E PAGE 411 lif- P P 'U I P W rn 'I P Q P 3 3 P U nl I- "I P In 'U U5 F' 0 Z N rn -I P' In "I P 'I I rn 'I P 5 -1 P X P 'U 'U P I- P 3 W U WP IIN IX NOIDIWO ld HEI 0 VWSIS I'lV.I. dn NOTIS Hd HJ ISd W0 V9 V d1 VH L38 V WV9 VW 130 V.L ETA MU ETA Z ON EPSIL TA DEL MA GAM ETA A H LP A EGA OM V PSI, CH PH UPSILON U TA A GM SI 0 RH Kirk TVatts Swann Nelson Barber Tlloinpson Johnson XV. Rin-ker Armstrong l'lspensrheid Schnd Ward Foley Mead Kemp Si-ripps Hickman Groves l'l.Knmp Illflllllll Ponwoll J,liic-km-r Gifford NVoodwnrd Berry Tlionms Draper Taylor lloies Booz Mills Furst Burkhart Durfoo Kunnirott Acton Tel-man Murray Bs-nrdslvy Lyon Jones Rnpp Heinz Layman Ilofmnnn Se-:nnans Alvis Clark PHI DELTA THETA FACULTY Neil C. Brooks, Ph.D. Harrison E. Cunningham, A.B. Homer A. Dennis, A.M. .lusla M. Lindgren, A.M. William A. Oldfalher, Ph.D. George P. Tuttle, B,S, MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Edward E. Groves Frank S. Hickman Elbert B. Kamp Harry A. Barber Gilbert I. Berry John S. Espenscheid Edward I. Boies David F. Cook Andrew S. Draper Richard D. Johnson Harvey H. Acton Waller P. Alvis Melville W. Beardsle Jonathan P. Booz Jean M. Burkhart Clinton 0. Clark, Jr. Y Robert L. Kamp George V. Penwell John T. Foley William C. Gifford Harris A. Kemp James P. Kirk Kenneth Loulon Bart A. Cummings Theodore B. Durfee George A. Fnrst William H. Heinz Henry A. Hofmann Juniors Soplwmores Freshmen Merton H. Rapp .l. Ayres Ricker John P. Mead George L. Scripps Donald McDonald William F. Murray Russel B. Nelson Norman P. Jones Robert M. Kennicotl N. Hall Layman ' .lolm P. Lyon Culver Mills :V as . ...h1"!.'f9!sL,, .. , Eugene J. Schad Halbert F. Thomas Clarence A. Thompson Leroy G. Ward .Iolm C. Woodward William S. Ricker Frank W. Swann Greer L. Watts Theodore O. Parmelee William E. Rapp F. Lawrence Seamans Roger R. Taylor, ,Ir Hall Teeman lonndcd AIlllllll Unucrsllx 1818 Illinois Em Chapter Estnblislied 1893 309 East CIl"lIlllLlb Str at ' ' 4 ' " A . 1 s One Hundred Two Artive Cliapters , " .ae , , .H ,.. 'SQDI EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA I IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON Pl -'Sl PAGE 412 R+ P r' T I P W rn 'I P Q P 3 3 ,P U nl I- "I P In 'U U5 I: 0 Z N rn -I P In 'E P 'I I nl 'I P 5 'I P X P 'U 'U P r- P 3 W U WP TIN IX W0 ID N0 Id Hll O VWSIS DVI. dn NOTIS Hd HD ISd W0 V9 VHd1V 138 V WV9 VW 130 V.l. EPSILON ZETA ETA MU OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA PSI CHI UPSILON PHI U TA A GM SI RHO In 'U In F O Z R.Ogg XVedig Piper Terry Riddle Cook Iber Byrum Rneckt-rt Byergo .l. Anderson Smith Strickland Klein Irons Nipliolg Uoltlinnn Hewitt Constant Clark Payne De Lorenzo Iludson Potter Weinman Monroe Motionnell O. Ogg St-yfried Reddish Schweer Vonght Coleman Booth Webb Reid Iiisenhy Wngproner Roger Adams. Ph.D. Charles L. Allen, A.M. Walter B. Booth John G. Coleman Richard G. Cisne William P. Clark Earl S. Constant Burton F. Goldman Frank E. Hewitt John M. Anderson Frederick H. Byergo M. William Byram Arthur C. Arthur S. ALPHA TAU OMEGA FACULTY Anderson, C.E., Ph.D. Arthur L. Hjortland. A.M. Colby, Ph.D. B. Smith Hopkins, Ph.D., D.Sc MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Frank C. Gale Donald A. Lisenby Francis C. De Lorenzo Lowell R. McConnell John W. Monroe Victor T. Hudson Howard M. Iber George R. Cook Edward P. Irons James C. Klein Seniors funiors Sophomores Freshmen Oscar J. Ogg Maurice ll. Reid Homer B. Potter Paul W. Reddish Theodore A. Schweer Donald E. Nichols Elmo B. Payne Robert S. Ogg William N. Piper Hale L. Newcomer, M.S., C.P.A. . Nathan A. Weston, Pl1.D. Allen L. Vought Emmet M. Webb Frederick E. Seyfried Walter I. Waggener Paul L. Weinman William M. Terry John H. Wedig James M. Riddle Fredrick C. Rueckert Ralph M. Strickland lt IC 0 U1 indtd X rginm RIIIIIIIW In titnte. F f umnm loin fhuptei l stnblwhul IHDS llltlt XX est lnnnsxlxunii IXGIIIIC . ...AQ Q Fm I ' .i 7. . ..: .I S I O 0 , , 18 Q' U l 6003! -.q . 'I' P auf , ,V Q Ninety-four Active Chapters T3 Q ' .' . Q 3 .'a 2. '.- i,n,.. I . .4: .i I I f - . ., .. . -. . I I 0- r I ' '. ' ' ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA 'LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -vii Pixma 413 12+ P P 'U I P W In 'I P Q P 3 3 P U In I- 'I P rn 'U U, F Q Z N rn -1 P In 'l P 'I I rn 'I P 5 "I P x P 5 'U P I- P 3 T U WP I'IN IX NOIDIWO Id O 9IS VW V.I. I1 Sdn 'll N0 IHd IHJ Sd W0 V9 VHd1V .L38 V V9 W VW V.I.13CI EPSILON ZETA ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA Lane W. Brearton A. James Davis Gene Edwards York K. Bishop Robert P. Crook Warren Kinsey L. Morris Fisher Bonham M. Fox James C. Corin CHI Edward Banner William J. Bengel Edwin L. Boynten Fred Crook UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU Richard B. Grometer Brynn Ih-nsonvr Vnndevoldo Wilson Kinsey Rasmnssvn Bishop R. Crook Tliompson Lyons Murshnll Rutherford NVnsor Rrnlz Konuie Trupp Sinnorlc Foltz Grolnett-r XVnrlou' Davis Rnilsbnck Knight Laing liorin lmtck Russell Smith 'l'ut'nor Fislu-r Unkvs Hughes R. Sealy Gunncll Boynton Runnt-ls Bengal Hnlnilton I". Crook Slults I, Sv:-ly PHI GAMMA DELTA FACULTY John S. Cranclell, B.S., C.E. David Kinley, I'l1.D., LL.D. Oliver L. McCaskill, Ph.B., J.D. Fredrick B. Seeley, M.S. James M. GRADUATE STUDENTS Gordon D. Bryan Kenneth Lyons MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Warren D. Foltz W. Martin Kralz Milton P. Rasmussen Milton A. Reasoner William S. Kinnc Walter C. Leek Jack G. Miller Robert E. Flynn Jolm W. Gunnell Philip A. Hamilton Charles E. Hughes Seniors Roy J. Railshack Pomeroy Siunock Juniors Robert B. Rutherford l. Norris Thompson Sophomores B. Franklin Oakes Carlton P. Russell ' Ralph W. Seely Freshmen E William S. Kennie William A. Knight John A. Laing Max W. Marshall Founded, XVnshington and Jefferson College, 1848 Seventy-one At-tive Chapters Chi Iotn Chapter listnhlislivd 1898 awun 401 East John Street Flynn Shevlin White, B.S. John J. Thornhorrow Mervin I-I. Warlow Henry E. Wilson Russell Il. Vandevelde Glen A. Waser Harvey Il. Smith Robert N. Trapp James M. Turner David B. Runnels Irving R. Seely George Il. Shevlin Allen P. Stults EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI af PAGE 414 12+ OMICRON PI P I- 1 I P W rn 'I P Q P 3 3 ,P U rn I- 'I P rn 'U U5 I: 0 Z N rn 'I P rn -I P 'E I rn 'I P 5 "I P K P 'U 'U P I- P 3 T U WP ITN IX NOUDIWO Id O VWSIS I1V.L 1ISdI1 NO IHd IHD Sd W0 V9 V d'I VH .L39 V WV9 VW 130 VI. ETA MU EPSILON ZETA PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA CHI UPSILON PHI U TA SIGMA 0 RH In 1 U5 F O Z N rn -1 P Wilson lioodenough Huge McConnell R. Lvutwiler l"isi-lu-r Mrllunmon Kon-1.51-l .lohuson Grcur Froyd Stun.. Rohr l-'ulmu-r l"rink lh-ckwitll li. Bliss Luki- 'I'icc Erickson Case Ifri-so Yollz Sod:-rslrom XVnrd Arnold Russell Knnhorpg Butz linker Stn-inlmusor Yun Arsilcll Morgan Mertz Buvklcs Yoder Ki. hcutwilcr Williams Mi-Vungh liroi-ting Nelson Nye Kilhorn Slripliu Kay 'l'. Blish FACULTY Paul M. Green. M.S. Oscar A. Leulwiler. B.S., M.l'I. lidwin 'l'. Merlz. A.B. Fred ll. Turner. l'h.D. Carl M. lnnis. B.S. Gaze lu. Lukas, Bb., C..l'.A. Nvllllillll ff. Rose. l'll.l3. Pull M. Van Arsdell, MS. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Reno .l. Biondi Renick ll. Buckles Harry L. Frese J. Waller Gladders William B. Arnold Thomas A. Bliss George L. Kanherg Rohert L. Baker Rohert R. Bliss Fred .l. Butz, Jr. .Iohn ll. Beckwith Roger M. Case john A. Erickson John A. Fischer 'Q f-- J! ,I 4,-, V gill ,' AE . gli J 1 . 1:77. ' '..U'lif'4J 1-d,lniu1itx1f illhinii 18 I Une llundre-il Six Active Clmplcrs I-'ound llliuoi ETA George E. Leulwiler William F. McVaugh. Jr. Kenneth B. Nelson Phillip I'l. Nye G. Maury Croeling Thomas E. llughes Fred IJ. Kay William D. Kilhorn juniors William M. Mcflonnell William E. Russell Ralph W. Morgan joseph A. Sundherg Sophomores Edmund C. Dillon lloward N. Froyd Fred F. Frink James ll. Lake Freslznzen Charles R. lfulmer Rohert S. johnson Jerome D. Gage John ll. Koegel Bradford A. Coodcnough Richard W. Leulwiler, Jr. Waller W. Crear Roherl l'. McManmou Delmar A. Sandherg: Russell M. Stripliu Roherl K. Williams Rohert M. Yoder llomer W. 'llice George F. Ward Clarence lf. Soderstrom .lack M. Slcinhauser lidward M. Rohr Frank I... Stone. Jr. Lulher M. Vollz Rolberl ll. NVilsou NB tifhiit 1 l tllili h d INN THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -'El PACE 415 1-21- za I' 'U I za W HI -I za cw zo 3 3 za U l1'l I" -I za In 'U 'L' I' 0 z N l'l'I -I za lfl "I za -I I l'l'l 'I za 5 -I za K za 'U 'U zo F za 3 W U wb ITN IX NOUDIWO ld HU 0 SIS VW VI. I1 'IISdI1 NO IHd IHD Sd W0 V9 V d'I VH V138 WV9 VW 130 V.I. EPSILON ZETA ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU Baden Bookwulter Edwards Striplin Nye Dowell Haight O'C0nnell Bitch Diver Grulmui Culiff St-hlichvr Maxuut Mt-Lean Roberts Briggs Swain Carson Mt-Idlroy Rupp Dunning Martin Corbett Howard Ruemcr Ward Crandall Blunke Benjamin FACULTY James W. Garner, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D. Frederic L. Kirgis. A.B., J.D. Merrill I. Schnebly, A.B., J.D., J.S.D. Frederick Green, A.M., LL.B. Oliver L. McCaskill, Ph.B., J.D. Walter L. Summers, A.B., LL.B.. J.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors John H. Benjamin Armen R. Blanke Elbert W. Butler William J. Bach Maurice M. Briggs Junius P. Caliii' Harry C. Cole Louis C. Baden Jolm M. Bookwalter Harold C. Dowell James D. Dunning Walter 0. Edwards, Jr. Carrol E. Corbett John P. Crandall Joseph F. Diver Thomas A. Graham William B. Huie C. Lyman Emrich, Jr. Samuel J. Haight Robert W. McGregor Louis A. McLean juniors Freshmen George W. Howard, Fred W. Potter, Jr. John W. McElroy Richard B. Martin William H. Maxant Richard B. Martin Philip I-I. Nye ' Ralph J. O'Connell Merton H. Rapp Jr. Clifford M. Raemer Henry M. Ward Paul F. Schlicher Timothy W. Swain James H. Wheat Robert M. Yoder Frank W. Renwick, Jr. Mark O. Roberts Russell M. Striplin Harold M. Tenney William E. Trude lfnumloxl, University of Mic-liipxun, 1869 Sixty Active Chapters 4-ll lun Cliuptvr Estublis 1901 803 lflnst John Street had EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI -'C-I PAGE 416 lill- P I' 'U I P T rn 'I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- -I P rn 'U ul I: 0 Z N rn -I P In 'E P -I I In 'I P 5 'l P x P 'U 'U P I- P 3 W U WP HN IX NOIDIWO Id HH 0 9lS VW DVI. 1ISdn N0 lHd IHD Sd WO V9 d1VJ VH HH V V9 W VW V113 CI ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA : E ' 3 E A B B 4 Z 4 c 'G E 4 I- rs 2 3 Z 3 O -I Z :Ts 9- 'o ul - 4 II V' I Q 1 O la Rust Crosby NVeir NValdrip Hutton Beach Stine Hallett Rohlen Simpson Arthur Browder Bowditch Wright Sclmaiter Owen Lott Kerr Luthy Carey Ruddick Clark Folger Sinuncn Watkins Ryde Aden Wrvnn Cassell Sliortle M. St-hm-II Off Straw Nugent Henry Moench cn 4 Davis Fox Holmes Cuthhortson Turner Bartholomew F. Svhnoll Brigham lxlllllSl1'lld Stiven Little Young 5 3: B E TA T H E TA P I 1' 'I 4 FACULTY E I- Leverett A. Adams, Ph.D. George L. Clark, Ph.D. Whitney C. Huntington, MS., C.h. Cullen W. Purmelee, M.S. Ill Louis M. Bauerle, A.B. William P. Dismukes, A.M. Alvin L. Lang, Mb. G. Herbert Smith, A.M. Q William S. Bayley, Ph.D. Rohert Graham. B.S., D.V.M. Russell H. Miles, M.Mus. Thomas E. Savage, l'h.D. C Charles E. Bowen, B.S. Marion B. Harland, B.S. Xvilliayn D, Temlgemun, PILD. 3 Q - I' E MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Q -J Z 1 Seniors Robert Y. Bartholomew William l'. Cuthbertson Burnham B. Holmes Robert B, Stiven 'U 4 Henry H. Brigham Warren L. Fox Frederick A. Schnell L. Don Turner I 0 Charles H. Bumstead J I 1 u UTLLOTS H. wayne Aden Robert M. Little Charles J. off M D. s 1 ll U S Martin L. Cassell Robert T. Lott William B. Owen GQJFEZVE, Slfoglli I Dorland J. Davis Rohert G. Moench John L. Ryde Wade W. Wrenn -' Herrick Henry Gordon W. Nugent J. Russ Schnaiter Howard C. Young M 2 Sophomores 3 Bruce M. Brown Donald N. Dick Frederick R. Luthy Floyd B. Simmen - Milburn E. Carey Wayne H. Folger Charles K. Ruddick Thomas C, Straw E Frederick A. Clark Kmgdon Kerr Sanford Watkins O U Freshmen 3 F. Courtney Arthur Frank H. Crosby 5 Darwin L. R t W'll' l W I ' In E George W. Beach Joseph J. Hallett Frederick G.uBimpson Htlmglsnlfj .Weidrlp E 1 Robert P. Bowditch Jackson R. Hutton Robert A. Stine Stephen A. Wright Olm Browder Karl V- Rflhlen William C. Ziehn Z P I" 0 I 1 'U -I - ' I r 5 --Q xv g ' " ...wfl l - w : , Founded, Miami University, 1839 Tl 4 in I41ip:hty-seven Am-tivo Chapters P I- ,5 , 1 Sigma Rho Clmptor lrlstnhlishcd 1902 Q 'A ' 202 East Daniel Street 4 F P Q 3 an D O , ' E ii " ' 5 E m ' 'I EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl P -'Z-1 PAGE 417 lin- ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA CHI UPSILON PHI RH0 SIGMA TAU Short Creswell Strong Carter A. Berndt Aurelius Crnwfm-ll Van Tuin Jones Scott Beynon Griggs Melville Meliuchrnn Dormnn Sanderson Miller Wnlser Shnmel Richmond Goble Schildberg Johnson Wylder Bodmnn Reisner Ilornby Diehl Barenfnnger Worden Becker A. Durnm Turvk Owen Shnw Roberts Hopson Byrne Morris Stouernngel Poole G. Duram E, B1-rndt Davis FACULTY Harry W. Chase, Ph.D., LL.D. Henry F. Johnstone, Ph.D. John O. Kraehenbuehl, M.S., E.E. George W. Pickels, B.C.E., Frederic A. Russell, Pl1.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Edward A. Berndt Peyton B. Byrne Howard M. Davis Louis E. Barenfanger Edwin H. Becker Alfred E. Bodman Jolm D. Courtright Charles J. Crawford Roger W. Coble William M. Dorman Kenneth W. McEachr William A. Aurelius Alvin Berndt .Iohn Beynon George T. Duram Meri T. Hopson an Asher M. Richmond John K. Morris James I-l. Poole Juniors John R. Creswell Wallace R. Hornby Henry C. Diehl, Jr. Richard H. Jolmson Arthur E. Duram J0hn H. Owen Frank C. Goetzenberger Charles G. Reasor Sophomores Ross C. Melville Edward G. Sanderson Oliver C. Miller, Jr. ' Paul Schildlmerg Freshmen A George W. Carter T. Bennett Griggs, Jr. Arthur Hesse . """k"'?1-... EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON -'El PACE 418 lit- Parmalee D. Jones John R. Larimer Foundvrl, Virginia Military Institutt Ninety-eight Active Chapters Gummn Mu Chapter Established 190 1009 We-st Pennsylvania Avenue Mark O. Roberts W. Clark Root Fred W. Steuernagel Jedd S. Reisner Robert C. Shaw Joseph A. Turck. Jr. Paul C. Worden L. Newton Wylder, Jr. Joseph W. Shamel John A. Strong Herman J. Walser Robert T. Scott John W. Short John Van Tuin J . .- NA ., Q - ,X 1 P F 'U I P W rn 'I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- -1 P rn 'U U5 I: 0 Z N rn -1 P nl -l P 'I I rn 'I P 5 'I P x P 'U T P I- P 3 W U WP IIN IX NOIIJIWO Id HEI O SIS VW fIV.L 1ISdI'l NO IHd IHD Sd W0 V9 V d1 VH .LBS V WV9 VW 'lid V.l. GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU EPSILON ZETA . Seanor Tiffany R, Monson NVnddell Pike Redell N. Monson Hnrpole Prentiss Hensley Must Fredriksen Ackmnn Mny Bnreuther Hellmicli Huber Brnntu Kott lirown Tenhoeff Jordan Stull Lehmpuhl Rowland Lindberg Abels Vnrnum Morrison Brooker Kieding DeNVolfe Stnnlneyer Allen Geyer Yonun Smith Ritclmrdson Sh-wart FACULTY Coleman R. Griffith, Ph.D. Louis J. Long, M.A. Sherman Schoonmaker, B.Mus. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors George S. Fencl Francis M. Harpole William L. Huber Robert M. Abels Ernst E. Bareuther Roland G. Ackman .Iohn W. Branta Robert E. Fredriksen William H. Allen John H. Bradish Herman J. Broeker John C. DeWolfe, Jr. Nore A. Monson Rudolph A. Monson M. Noel Pike Roger W. Brown Robert L. Geyer Edward M. Hensley Robert D. May T. Harold Jordan Harry E. Kieding Robert H. Lehmpuhl Charles S. Lindberg Founded, University of Richmond, 1901 Sixty-seven Active Chapters Illinois Alpha Chapter Established 1903 1005 South Fourth Street Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Richard G. Redell Harry F. Seanor Walter F. Hellmich John H. Kolt Howard Morrison Harley P. Ritchardson Joseph S. Rowland Robert Q. Smith William R. Slamnvyer Joseph B. Tidany, Jr. Henry A. Wachter John L. Waddell, Jr. Fredrick W. Mast Lester K. Prentiss Kenneth H. Stall Leroy W. Stewart Frederick D. Stanton Harold L. Tenhoeff Edward E. Varnum William D. Yonan ll, ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -'Il PAGE 419 lif- P I- T I P W rn 'I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- 'I P rn T U5 I: Q Z N rn 'I P rn -I P 'I I rn -1 P 5 -I P x P 'U 'U P I- P 3 W U WP IIN IX NOIDIWO Id HU 0 SIS VW V.I. I1 dI'l N01IS Hd IHD Sd W0 V9 V d'l VH L39 V V9 W VW 'li V.L GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU i i Bert Cnrlson Porter Protenn FIIIISI, Snook Stocking Burtholomcw Wilson Churle Brooke Bntes Shoemaker Hooks Berthold Bnswell Jordan Cooper Gnlm Swift lth-uns NVillis Stieher Howell Smith Milos Flnnngnn Dny Boker Brown Kearns FACULTY James E. Aitken Fred C. Bartholomew Vernon J. Bert Robert R. Buswell Roger C. Carlson Fred R. Bates Charles C. Berthold Thomas M. Baker Robert J. Brown, Jr. Paul I-I. Cooper Maurice H. Robinson, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Elbert R. Faust John L. Porter William W. Charle Gerald K. Brooke Ellison H. Means John F. Day Lawson H. Flanaga William C. Howell Seniors Juniors Sophomores Fresh men n, Jr. Arthur J. Proleau R. Newton Rooks Kenneth J. Calm Stephen P. Shoemaker Charles W. Jordan john T. Kearns Mark D. Robeson l-'ounili-d, Yule lfnivvrsilv NH Fortybsix A4-tivo Clmptors Dvltn Pi Flniplvi' listxilmlisliucl HHH 902 South Sec-ond Street EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI +El PAGE 420 E+ John K. Snook Wilbur H. Stocking Arthur P. Miles Peter K. Wilson .Iohn H. Smith Eldred B. Swift. Jr. .lack R, Sticbcr Robert V. Turner Eugene Willis .is U iN'Qfi' OMICRON P I' 1 I P W ll'l -I P Q P 3 3 P U H1 I- -1 D HI 'U cn F 0 Z N l'l1 -1 P Ill -I D -I I ffl -1 P 5 -I D K P 'U 1 P :- D 3 In U WD IIN IX NOIDIWO Id HU 0 SIS VW I'IV.I. dn NOTIS Hd HJ Sd WO V9 V d1 VH 1.39 V WV9 VW 130 V.L ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 3 3 5 E z 4 c I- W X C 4 l- O llnl N E O 2 3 O .I Z 7: G u 1' 1 5 : 5 3 I Cnrrnn S.-nll S. Piurt-e Kiessellmch Undeln Kennedy Scott O'Connell Crowe Zwisler Hicks G. Pic-rr-e Reilly Welch A. Horn Comstot-k Crisler Zeller Heath Dt-ti-it-h .lordun Gntzsell Fa rrur Stevens Sawyer Polk O. Horn UI 4 XVrnth Ritchie Leytze Bellenbnt-ker Wiley Vunclonberg Strnkosh Krnhl 0'Nenl Youngren 6 5 1: 5 P H I KA P PA P S I -I 4 FACULTY Z E Robert H. Baker, Ph.D. Arthur Hamilton, Ph.D. A. Austin Harding, B.Mus. Q James J. Lenoir, A.M. Francis S. Ronalds, Ph.D. J. Craig Ruby, A.B. Frank L. Stevens, Ph.D., D.Sc., LL.D. C 'U U5 4 1 1 I IVIEMBLRS IN UNIVERSITY 5 D. : Seniors z Robert H. Crowe John H. Kennedy St I R. P' ' M'l 5 4 Robert E. Curran Ralph J. O'ConnelI RSITIIFKEI F. Sciglse Il:igSisI:.I1?JnJcIem E o Anthony M. Horn - E Juniors n Fred H. Comstock Theodore J. Kiessellt wh K tl B. W 1 l W- ' t ' I O David P. Hicks Jack J. Reilly I in mme 1 e Cl JOgggf1nEl?'Zv5?gli?rl 1 B Sophomores 3 Herbert L. Crlsler William E. Cutzsell C l P. P' .' Cl -1 . ' - Igetlrich Robert E. Jordan Rzyerll, Pollflce RSEQSSIE' 0 I 5 a ra U Freshmen E George L. Bollenbacher Rudolph A. Leytze Walter C. Strako h W'l1' 19 W. Q E Robert P. Heath Roger D. O'Neul' Milton J. Vandetfberg NVI1r1iIelJ G..YoI1lllli'el1 b A gic,::g:eEi.IIrIIm3lglll Robert M. Ritchie Richard H. Wiley Nfiles A, Zeller P Z :- Q 'U 1 D W ,Www 'gh' Fonmlt-il, Xl :mslnnuton :und .lel't'ex-son ffl . ,' 1352 -I : K A I lltt tn A1-tive Clllllllt'l'S P 5 1. D 'F' lllln 1' IM-lin Vitamin-1' l'Ist:ublisln-fl Q -I,--jj-. 190.1 E I ., flll S nth l"1lllI'lll Str:-et 5 9 I E GD Q l . U I rn 9' 'li EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl P -'El PAGE 421 lif- . Armen R. Blanke za I' 'U I P U l'l'l -I :a co zo 3 3 za U IH I' 'I za l'll 'U U5 F- o z N HI -I za IH -I za -I I HI -I zo 5 -I za K za 'U 'U za MU ETA ETA Z ON SIL EP ELTA MA GAM ETA A H I.P AA Eldridge ltny Artliu J. William Kennedy, A.B. W 1 I G ilbertson Blunke Budinger Young Shepard Sheehan Shift' Holzmnn Hoiles Erb Ladd Hillinrd Jones Nosek Mm-Million Jolley Nolan Schweim Lehmann Siddnl Board Altman Wilkinson XVnrd Levis Johnson Robinson Press VVoodwnrd Barr Gartley Tannlcr DELTA UPSILON FACULTY Ernest Bernbaum, Ph.D. Gilbert H. Cady, Ph.D. r F. Dodge, A.M. Marcus S. Goldman, Ph.D. William Ha Karl B. Lohmann, B.S., M.L.A. Gail F. Moullen, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gilbert H. Erb Frank W. Gilbertson Seniors C. Douglas Hoiles Howard D. Holzman William Trelease, D.Sc., LL.D John S. Shiff Bruce M. Shepard William G. Budinger PSI OMEG Juniors Charles D. MacMiIIian Milton W. Nosek Paul L. Jolley A. Hanby Jones, Jr. Bruce C. Ladd Joseph E. Sheehan Robert M. Young Nathan W. Wilkinson Reginald S. Altman Abner H. Barr Francis M. Hilliard Sophomores - Hugli B. Siddal CHI Robert R. Board Herbert F. Nolan Ernest J. Tannler Selmar L. Lehmann Freshmen I UPSILON PHI Robert H. Schweim William B. Ward Leon A. Woodward Hugh Ray, Jr. Thomas Robinson. Jr. William G. Levis Jack H. Press Keith W. Eldridge John M. Gartley Raymond A. Johnson lfounded, YVilliams College, 183-I Fifty-Seven Active IIIIIIIIIIUFS TAU Illinois Chapter Estnblisliud 1905 1212 East Armory Avenue A GM Sl RHO l'll 'U us F O Z N HI -1 P Ti D -I I ll'l -1 P 5 -1 P 5 '53 SP 35 3 ul U P 3 C Z C E OMICRON PI r- P 3 W U WP ITN IX W0 NOIDI ld HEI O SIS VW V.l I1 :IIT NOTIS IHd HD lSd W0 V9 V d1 VH V139 WV9 VW 130 V.l ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA CHI UPSILON PHI U TA A GM SI 0 RH rn 'U U5 F U Z N rn -1 P I B. Wheeler Parkhill Greeley Atkinson Burr Tnrpy Pulaski Coppel Palmer Geake Kirkpatrick Gaston Boyd Engstrom Hutton Coventry Rasmussen Liggctt. Gilgis Davies Preston J. Wheeler Guin Reck Lyddon Hegg Hyde Cook Johnson Ynrnell Roland Lundin Heberling Kowitz Rhodes Dawson Donner Scott Black FACULTY Thomas J, Dolan. B.S, Frank E. Rokusek, B.S. Wendell S. Wilson, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors .lolm T. Dawson Fred W. Donner William Z. Black Thomas W. Guin Walter C. Boyd Deane M. Coventry Edward D. Davies .lames T. Atkinson Robert W. Burr Chester A. Cook William M. Coppel ,4-"xt X Q Xtau 0 IX, 1- a X Q 0 a 0 uv Q lg ,wr C Richard H. Heherling Arthur W. Kowitz Wendell T. Hegg George l-l. Hyde Rohert B. Engstrom Horace .l. Gaston Donald C. Geake Rohert H. Greeley David E. Kirkpatrick lfonnrlvd, l'nivs-rsity of Illinois, 1906 One .Xvtive f'l1:l11tcr 1011 South Sixth Street Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Leonard W. Lundin Edgar E. Rhodes Donald W. Lyddon Harry J. Reck Lester .l. Gilgis Romaine B. Hutton Eugene I. Liggett Harry M. Palmer Chester V. Parkhill .lolm R. Roland, Jr. Russell F. Scott .lulian C. Wheeler Huhert P. Yarnell Harold A. .lohnson Robert F. Preston Stanley W. Rasmus C. Louis Polaski Roger M. Tarpy Bruce .l. Wheeler Sen ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -'El PACE 423 li'- P :- 1 I P W I'l'l -1 P Q b 3 3 D U l'fl I"" -1 P l'l'l 'U us F O Z N l'l'l -I P l'l'l -I P -I I HI -I P 5 -I D K D 1 'U D I" D 3 Us U WD DN IX NOIDIWO ld HU O SIS VW V.l fl Sdn 1l N0 IHd IH3 ISd WO V9 V d"l VH V139 V9 W VW 130 V.I. ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 2 3 s z i C E i IU I X 4 I- 0 ll-I N E 9 Z o 0 z :." ID 2 2 4 2 5- LL. I Q l ' . O ul Porst Simcrl Whalin Gunther Yeast Lutton Fisher Q Niehnns Brokaw Magnuson Drnyer Pings .Tones Becker La Nall' Settles Whitescl Ursin Fox NVatcrbnry Volle Farr Gray Peters cn 4 5 E no 4 ACAC IA 49 -u FACULTY P C E Pelmhroke H. Brown, Ph.D. Charles F. Hottes, Ph.D. Joseph A. Morrow Francis M. Porter, M.S. ll-I William L. Burlison, Ph.D., D.Agr. Ralph K. I-lnrsh, B.S. Harry G. Paul, Ph.D. Ray I. Shawl, M.S. C Q Georgia E. IgkblawiAP1lZ.D. Alonzo P. Kratz. M.S. Irving B. Peterson, B.S. .lohn C. Spitler. B.S. .U Russel T- rests. . , John K. Tuthill, B.S., E.E. u, 4 F I O 5 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 2 4 Seniors 1 4 Russell F. Becker Milton C. Geuther Wilbur B. Pings Hazen S, Whalin E Q Wilbur C. Brokaw James L. .lones Lawrence H. Simerl Theodore L. Whitesel E Thurlow W. Drayer J. Myron Magnuson Clarence L. Waterbury Carrol E. Yeast 6 I O Juniors "' ,- Leo W. Farr George L. La Kali' Earl E. Peters George Ursin, Jr. 'U 2 ?llenJV.GFox Albert V. Lntton Edward G. Porst Mervin E. Volle Ui om . ray 1 - Sophomores I :: ' O Q Ralph M. Fisher Charles E. Niehans Z ffl E Freshman S 1 Fred L. Settles E E E 5 S T In F 1 1,11 '-.--mg f Mn-iw: , 1904 "I 3 mm'l'Rfniitliioig.glil Lhflivo Elllalliltrs P I' llvlh Cliaptvr Established 19015 Q 501 East Daniel Street 4 E gp 3 - za an 0 I 2 E R ':. EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl P +3 PAGE 424 li'- ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA : 3 5 z 4 c 5 x 4 E 0 N E Z 9 Q O :nl Z sn 5 2 4 I 7' N... I " o 3 J. Hefner Dillncr Gunner Fullonwidcr NVendt Evitts Bron-lc Brooks Lander Buchan Gehm Borst Muon- Broom Martin Silct A. llvnlorvst Smith Cons-kliu XVintcr Fail Berthold Nznrdi Ostorfclt Nagel J. lloinorr-st, X. llofnci' .Im-l in 4 - Q E 3 3 I L U S 3' -I GRADUATE STUDENTS P 1 C E Arthur E. Dillner Paul H. Moore 3 C 'U 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 2 I 5 1 Seniors -I Z 4 Theodore E. Brooks Lewis F. Concklin Harlan S. Fullenwider William R. Gunner Charles M. Broom A. Louis Demorest Kenneth K. Cehm Norman E. Wendt 'U 5 5 Ill Juniors O 5 Joseph Brock Jacob E. Evills .lean M. llefner Hqllis W, Landel- I Burton F. Buchan Charles L. Siler " i 'D V' S 1 A op zomores 2 William I'l. .Borst Thomas J. Marlin Marion Schulzhaugh Howard L. Winter E Frank J. Fail, Jr. O U 3 F 1 m E V93 llllefl S Edward E. Berthold Norman L. Hefner Harry K. N l R b G. .- 1 James R. Demorest Edward L. Jarl, .Ir. Edgar W. liigsli Eiibcfril M. griiliiiinelt 2 B 9 H T g -Z P D . W IH : -CNW "' 4 l"nundvd, l'niv1-rsity ul' Illinois, 1907 P H X One Active f'lmpt1-r ith l'luc'lid Sll'l'l't 4 2 E 3 9 5 GD 0 U EE 2 ' -I EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON Pl P I I -'GI PAGE 4-25 lif- ETA MU OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA PSI CHI UPSILON PHI U TA A GM SI 0 RH fll 'U Ui F O Z N I'l'I -I zo I'l'l -I P -l :: l'll -I za 5 -I P 7: ...P if 51 HP 5.- 'za 3 W u b 3 4: Z c E Y Gilman Atkinson Benedict Dutlin Johnstone Rose Baldwin Everhnrt Fisher Crawford West Duigh C, Bronson Wanderer Bnttey Allen Kempston Cooper G, Bronson Nowlin 'l'wir-hell Roberts Howell Faris Heinkcl Stewart Reiclmrdt Fieroh Hathaway FACULTY Edward E. Bauer, M.S., C.E. Hayse H. Black, B.S. Eldred E. Cress. B.S.. C.E. Ralph S. Crossman, C.E., M.S. Melvin L. Enger, M.S., C.E. Randolph P. I-loelsclier, MS., C.l'I. Harvey H. Jordan, B.S. Arthur N. Talbot, C.E., D.Sc., D.Eng., Arthur C. Willard, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Edward W. Baldwin, .lr. Quintin .l. Crawford Harry B. Atkinson S. Webster Benedict Uzerne W. Allen. .Ir. Frederick T. Battey Carlos li. Bronson, Jr. Pauly R. Faris Robert F. Fieroli Richard ,I. Dufiin Walter .l. Everliurt Juniors Herbert S. Day Frank Fisher, Jr. Sophoinores George A. Bronson Fred R. Cooper Freshmen Clifford M llatliuwa r. .' ' . ' 'y, .l Harold H. Heinkel Paul B. Holt Lucius Gilman Burnell C. Daigli llussell D. Nowlin Harry A. llowell William C. Reicliu rd! l4'ounded, University of Illinois, 1907 l"it't.een Active Chapters Illinois Vliuiiter Established 15107 ll" l"-1't Dunn l .. uh J. Roderick Johnstone Francis J. Rose .losepli R. Kempston M. Howard West, Jr. Malcolm K. Twicliell Alvin E. Wanderer Leslie N. Roberts Andy C. Stewart OMICRON PI P F T I P W fn -I P Q P 3 3 P U fn M -1 P fn 'U un F 0 Z N m -1 P H' -4 P -I I fn -1 P 5 -1 P x P T 'U P ? P 3 ul U WP IIN IX NOIDIWO Id HU 0 SIS VW I'IV.I. dn N01lS IHd HD ISd W0 V9 V d1 VH 139 V WV9 VW 130 V.I. ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 2 3 ' ,,,, nf. -.-.. , Z C 4 In 1 W X 4 P- O lull N E 0 2 3 0 z nl M if u P. 4 Z I- I E A O Q Bohle Klnhundc D. West Du Vignenud Reedy Lehman Keyes Meints Clemens Loring' Peirce XVallace Meyers llursh Althausen Barr McCoy Finger ldwnrt Sisson Huglws Van Art-ndouk Dohry Snow Robbins Pearce Shields Nneser McCarty Brown Hale Goebel Henry Burton Mvllluhon Fisher Stoughton T 4 Hofhenke Benzing VViekliiTc G. Phelps Owens llighsmith Swartz Hickey Budde Schott. Poole Collings ll E R. Turner Pohlor Mullnne Beckwith lt. XVcst Bertram Shumnn Churnn Linclbevk Sa-hlentz Selooluridlrc Q E 'Poolcy Dvringer Pnden Rodchcavcr W. Turner Bauer Rutherford Voris Lennon Ynrvho A. Phelps 3 D 4 ALPHA CHISIGMA 0 FACULTY S' 4 Roger Adams, Ph.D. Reynold C. Fuson, Ph.D. Carl S. Marvel. Ph.D. William li. Rose, Ph.D. C '- Andrew I. Andrews, Ph.D. Harry Grindley, D,Sc, William A. Noyes, Ph.D., LL.D., Warren A. Ruth, Ph.D. m John C. Bailar, Jr., Ph.D. 'rom s. Hamilton, M.s. c:1.em.o.. DSC' livereu. J. Shaw, Ph.D. Q Clair S. Borull, Ph.D. B. Smith Hopkins, Ph.D., D.Sc. Oliver R. Overman, Ph.Di. Ralph L. Shriner, Ph.D. C Dana Burks, Jr., Ph.D. Frank C. Howard, M.S. Cullen W. Parmelee, Mb. George F. Smith, Ph.D. 'u Arthur M. Buswell, Ph.D. Gordon Hughes, Ph.D. Donald D. Peirce. A-M- Rffilefl D- SHOW, Ph.D. U5 Q George L. Clark, Ph.D. Ralph K. Hursh, B.S. Paul E. Peters, Ph.D. lfrederick C. Strauh, M.S. " I Michael J- C0pl6y, Ph.D. Henry F. Johnstone, Ph.D. Thomas E. Phipps. Ph.D. Charles W. Slillwell, Ph.D. '- an Kenneth E. Corrigan, M.S. Donald B. Keyes, Ph.D. George H- Reed. l'h-D- Shefimfk SWUIIII, .lr-, Ph.D. O -g Vincent DuVigneaud, Ph.D Norman W. Kruse, Ph.D. J0l1n ll- Reelly, Ph.D. Fred W. Tanner, Ph.D. Z 4 Duane T. Englis, Ph.D. Jusla M. Lindgren, A.M. Worth H. Rodehush, Ph.D. George I. Wallace, Ph.D. William L. Faith, Ph.D. 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY E 0 Seniors - lu Stewart T. Bauer Paul T, llofheuke Frank Payne, Jr. Rohert N. Rutherford William W. Turner 6 E Wayne A. Deringer J. Barry Lennon J. Newton Rodeheaver, Jr. Fay V. Tuoley J. Walker Voris I Q Robert M. Faris Joseph ll. Paflen Carl W. Yareho .- Juniors -I Merton M. Beckwith John A. Ghuran George M. Pohlcr George M. Shuman Richard W. West. 'U gg gamuel G. Benzing John J. Mullane J. Frederick Robbins Joseph Soflrauko Fred M. Wlecke U5 onald B. Black " Sophomores E Edward A. Bertram Carl D. Cunningham Wendell A. Lindheck Charles D. Owens llarold J. Schlentz O Q Ernst F. Budde LaRue S. Highsmith Jerome B. Swartz 3 Freshmen rn - Marion F. Collings George B. Phelps Stewart E. Poole Charles M. Seloomridge Richard D. Turner Q I Richard J. Hickey Lawrence G. Wicklifle P 1 2 B Q . -u VI ' N :' A 5 1 D 2 lfoundcd, University of Nh. -in in -T 2 1902. Su P P- l'orty-seven Ac-tlvc Chapters Q Xl Chnpt 4 1004 South l1'ourth Street 5 B A J 3 gn J P 0 U I rn -2 A : EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI P -:H PAGE 427 JE'- PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU Zienkosky Potter M. Ammon Fombollc Fries Ewuld McGuire Kennedy Erickson Main Finney Smith tirvnlund Buesingvr Mntnmcrt 'Prisler McCollum Graham Lnndmcier Scott Harrison Mathers Nolcn Pnddick Bcnge Bills Ftrang Hooper li. Ammon Howey Elder Myers Williams Shade Ritchie Finrh Parker I Sleeter Bull, M.S. David 0. Carter, M.S. Jay C. Hackleman, A.M. Horace B. Ingalls, B.S. Frederick J. Keilholz, B.S. Joseph W. Ashbrook Elbert H. Bills Floyd M. Buesinger Dean K. Finch Ray N. Ammon Paul R. Benge Robert I. DeLong William E. Elder Ralph E. Graham Robert M. Harrison Harold F. Kennedy Menzie W. Ammon .Iohn II. Carson Parker .I. Erickson 'cart Iloln-nhokvn Carter Kay Young Sikes Ashbrook Mathew Wright ALPHA GAMMA RHO Dale C. Kieffer, M.S. Alden E. Orr, B.S. John P. McCollum, B.S. Lawrence A. Peck, B.S. Edward R. McGovern, M.S. Fred H. Rankin, B.S. Fred C. Olson, M.S. Henry P. Rusk. M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Arley K. Hohenboken Robert T. Kay Milton C. Mathew Mark O. Grenlund Fred S. Hooper, .Ir. Paul E. Howey .Iohn A. Mathers W. Carroll Mummert William L. Ewald Ralph G. Finney Hubert J. Fombelle Chauncey I'I. Parker Ray G. Peart William R. Ritchie Vernon O. Landmeier Sterling E. Myers Bernon G. Perkins Harold W. Nolen Morris E. Patldick Robert V. Fries Marlin 'l'. Carbe Robert F. Sikes, M.S. Hubert J. Sloan, Ph.D. George I. Wallace, Pl1.D. William H. Young Marshall J. Scott Howard W. Turner llarold Wright Lawrence A. Potter Richard N. Shade Maurice M. Strang Elmer E. Williams Ben H. Smith, Jr. Eugene N. Steely John Lyle Trisler William A. McGuire William T. Main Stanley .I. Zienkosky Founded, l'niversity ol' Illinois, 1908 'l'hirty-thrt-c .It-tivo Chapters Alpha Chapter lustablislit-d 59 Gregory Drive IIIUH Miisiff EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI P I- 1 I P W In -I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- 'I P rn 'U U5 I: 0 Z N rn -I P nl -I P 'I I nl -I P 5 'I P K P 'U T P I' P 3 T U WP TIN IX WO NOIIDI Id HH 0 SIS VW I'lV.l dn N01IS Hd H3 ISd WO V9 VHd1V 139 V WV9 VW 130 VI. ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA E 3 C E 'Mis Z C E W X I 4 I- O "' 3 N .. 6 5 3 .4 Z K' tu 1' 1 5 l- I -' T o In Il, Baldwin Meents Bell Snnvely Burke Marshall Utt Schneider Hendricks Q Tunnne Maeser Otis Moore Patton Stark Platt Suwtell Belair Selig Luby Kerpun Olson Lundeen Fitzpatrick Greenfield Haines Anderson Pimpcrl Harroun U, Manning Wynn-s Sloan Nnve Teas Ryan Hintz Cnllison Skogllllld llnnnllnn an E as 5 1: 3 ALPHASIC-BMA PHI -I P FACULTY 4 C T' Edward C. Baldwin, Ph.D. Everett E. King, A.B., M.C.E. William B. Lockling, A.M. Francis P. Shepard, Ph.D. Ill Q Theodore H. Frison, Ph.D. Herman Kramer, B.S. William H. Scheick, B.Arch. Fredric B. Stiven, B.Mus., A.A.G.O. C David W. Griffiths Frank W. Stubbs, Jr., B.S., C.E. 'U CD 4 F I MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY O Q. 2' Seniors z Dfwifl M- Baldwin John J. Fitzpatrick Richard W. Haines Thomas A. Lundeen 'U Harold E. Conant Sidney L. Greenfield Dan S. Kerpan Frederick G. Olson : 3 Howard C. Dunbar 1 Juniors ll-I E Sherman C. Anderson Raymond E. Harroun Vernon E. Moore Jack A. Selig Q Q Eugene S. Cole Frank D. Hendricks Huntington .l. Otis W. Forbes Sloan 1 Alan D. Erwin Richard M. Huston John R. Sawtell William C. Theobald James R. Hansgen Don V. Luby C. Kellog Wullmert .U i m op LOYHOFCS 1 'D s 1 vw Joseph l'l. Belair Robert W. Maeser Mathias Pimperl Edwin R. Snavely - Charles W. Burke John F. Marshall Francis J. Platt Monroe L. Stark O 5 Harvey P. Hintz John B. Patton Theodore A. Schneider A. Maurice Utt 3 Freshmen 3 E ,lgohn YSBEJIHI gayne liglecnlsl Ryax Sk I d tRicl1f1rd Y. Tannne P usse . .u ison .lar es . ave, . r. i iam . og un fart 1 C. T - A John L- Manning Robert A. Wines z 5 Q 'D -I I 17: P 1 3 on D 4.L'3'u:A is i' I-'onndr-nl. Yale L'nivc1'sily. 18-I5 ug 4 Thirty-tliree Active Chapters I- 54' 3 . 112 Q ,V Eta Cllflllllfl' Estailwlislit-41 1905 Q , 211 East Al'lll01'j' Avenue P E ,f , g 0 ' 3 G P 0 U ffl 5 l : EPSILON- ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl P -'Li PACE 429 E1- PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU Walter R. Aabye Robert W. Boyd Clyde F. Carroll Bliss L. Charles William A. Amsler Benjamin H. Davenport Roy F. Cailey Winston H. Cultra Joseph M. Davis William I.. Day CHI UPSILON PHI Hobart, L. Boyd Benjamin I-I. Denton LeRoy J. Kreeh U TA SIGMA 0 RH ffl 'U U5 F o z N HI 'I za H1 -I zu 'I I In -I za 5 'I zo 7: r 'U 'U r I- xa 3 W U za 3 C z C E o E O 5 o z I Siotnc-ring Nuurick Mcllowoll Sullivun Amslor Day Gricscnuunr Krtiggol Davenport YVntcrinun Johnson Cultrn Smith A. J. Knmm Wojdyiro Dillnrd Cuiloy Judy McGuirg Rigkmml A. C. Kumm Chnrlos A. I". Schultz Evans Reston Nightingale XVolgaist Aubyo Loomis Carroll R. Bord Klaus Fitzjxrrrnld 1III.llIllH'l'I.I Mi-yur Kubota II. Boyd Danton Lamb Kurtz Trusdcll h SIGMA PI FACULTY La Force Bailey. MS., BP. Almer R. Knight. NLE., ALS., E,E, Cyrus lf. Palmer. MS. Harrison A. Ruehe. Ph.D. -liyhn MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Richard A. Dancey John C. Evans Seniors 'I'heodore ll. Griesenuuer Cass A. Lamb Juniors ll. W. Frederick Lindall Robert N. Dillard Everett Fitzjarralcl Herman F. ,lohnson Duane J. .Indy Ray Kubec William C. Kurtz Robert W. Lake Sophontores Freshmen -'Cl PAGE 430 I-3+ .loseph Klaus Albert E. Loomis Vincent F. Nightingale Philip W. McDowell Albert C. Kamm Alfred .l. Kamm Murvail C. McGuire .lames R. Large Robert E. Malmberg Benjamin Naurick Luke Pfister P. Salm, B.S. James B. Reston Artlmr F. Schultz Robert .l. Wolgast Dallas M. Meyer Daniel J. Sullivan William .l. Pfister Winford Rickman Ernest H. Waterman Chester E. Wojdygo Elmer .l. Schultz Robert M. Smith Richard V. Trusdell Founmlod, Vincennes L'nivc1'sity, 1897 5 ' Thirty Active Chapters Q' vj Phi Clmpter Iistublished 1908 g,Q'lg,i,,:,1:R 4012 Must Armory Avenue 'J if --Tl-'li Q'---K .- .. litem: ...Q 0535! :o I- 'U I za U IH -I r as zu 3 3 zo U P' -I za HI 'U U! F o z N l'l'l -I za HI -I za -I I l'l'l -I zo 5 -I za 74 za 'U 'U zu I' r 3 W U wr IIN IX NOUDIWO Id HU 0 VWSIS nV.l dn NO1IS Hd HD lSd W0 V9 V d1 VH 139 V WV9 VW CI 'I3 V.I. ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA :a 3 E 5 4 I- W x - 4 " O H 3 S Z o 0 ul Z 1 'ei' 1 I-ll n 4 Z 5 C E E : lu 4 Q Stonehousc D. Eldred Ss-hnefcr Oldsvn Byrne Hruedigunl Collin Kavnnngh O Stevens Glnscouk II. G. Smith P. Carson Dinkel McNnnmrn Bornntn Hunks 4 Lnvwn Houghton II. L. Smith Mni-Clinvhie G. l'lldr0d 'frnfolet U. Carson Pownall Tieninn th E 2 5 xv 5 THETA DELTA CHI FACULTY S. 4 C U' Alfred T. Blomquist, B.S., M.S. Alfred C. Cullen, E.M., M.S. Ill m William Mcfileave, .lr., FA. Matthew T. McClure. Pl1.D. Edward M. Mueller, A.M. C 'U U5 E MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY F 5 S . 2 enl0fS 4 Chester M. Carson Roller! C. MacClinchie Ilerlrerl L. Smith Raymgnd IQ, Tfafelet so 4 Giles A. Eldred William I.. Pownall john M, Van Argdell : 0 . ' lg ,lunzors G 5 Stanley R- Bollgllllill Frank J. Dvorak Herbert F. Tieman : -' Sophornores 1 GD CD 1 Walter C. Borman Norman J. Dinkel Thomas B. Kennedy Harry G, Smith - Paul ll. Carson J. Harold C-luscock Harry W. Larsen W, Eugene Stevens E George G. Danks Clifton F. Hyink Rolnert A. McNamara Frederick M. Zeiler O U 3 Freshmen 5 - I Norman T. Bruedigam Charles H. Coffin Clarence H. Kavanagh. Jr. El 'l C. S l f D Q- Robert M. Byrne David 0. Eldred Gerhardl ll. Oldsen Elnllili'Hl'l. Slocnizlliimgge 2 B 9 QE - 'D ' P 1 : W I A , l"ound1-tl, Unit n 4' ll - f -, 184' nl : -QA-.b Thirty A1-tlive Iljlizilliia-l's A E " ' L F L Q A 5 Knppa Deutoron Clmptw-x' listnhlished - n 4' ' mos Q L ,I 4 I' 901 South Sevnnd Str:-vt b 0 3 5 P O - A U E 52 'I P EPSILON ZETA. ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl acl PACE 431 E+ ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 3 3 E z i C E i Ill X ' Q 4 '-5 S N - S 2 o O A Z :Ts 23 2 E do e S E -ee E E -I m , . ,. . , 0 Q Ixleppmger Srhulz Madden Drummond Betty Nl IIIHHNSOII Vincent Sivyer Voell Bnrtholomeu Roney Older Baker Lodge Hess Fowler Seymour Savage Rossbergzcr Ludemunn Phu-lps Heurliu U5 4 5 E Z E TA P s n " 5 'I FACULTY 3' 4 C :I Harland Bartholomew, C.E. Q C 'D U5 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY F I O E Seniors Z A. Iiftllyg I William A. Kleppinger C. William Madden William W. Vincent v 1 lam . rummonc 4 E 2 Juniors 6 5 Irwin H. Baker Drake D. Older Harland B. Roney William F. Schulz E Edmund A. Lodge james D, Williamson - 'U 2 Sophomores 2 Herbert Bartholomew Frederick W. Hess Richard M. Phe' is William Sivyer E William C. Fowler Leo J, voen, Jr, 3 U HI Freshmen Q T . I Qonald C. Heurlin Emory E. Mason William Rossberger, Tom E. Savage P Q. lzric W. Lademann, Jr. john D, Seymgur E E ...I I 5 P 1 D , . . . I . , f -f fn' l' 'lllllKIl'lll: Sew Xork I nivorsity, lS'll 0. ',..l.' ' , Q : Ilnrty .M-tire Cl1:1ptm's v 5' P 4 '.G E- ,Xlnhu Epsilon I-Zsruhlisllccl L" gm., Q 4 2431 Exist John Street lf errno: S 2 5 0 W D U E F "I EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON P rv 'Id I PACE 432 15'- GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU OMEGA ALPHA BETA PSI CHI UPSILON PHI RH0 SIGMA TAU ester Patterson Deetlnirdt Hish Solger Guttseliow Dorns Finch Ruhling Hoelscher Schroeder Beatty Gilmore K McCulloch Piper Faber Stevens R. XV. Downing Vance E. Gnnsr-hinietz Luke Phlllllis Bnlcoff Durhnni NV0hld Cnmeron Snyder Serra Beasley Boon I-Innlnler Losee Dinnis Snlnllcnberger Conlu Hopkins Rink Krnft Mason Schrulnm Osterlnnn XVnllberg Nelson Hadley llonthit XV. Gnnsvhinietz Low Ren Useninn Hastings llnlvorsen Gillis 1'1lSl1l1l' 'JUIIUSIUU R- H- DOWHIIH: FACULTY John W. Albig, Ph.D. James M. DePue, M.S., M.D. Walter G. McAllister, Ph.D. John A. Nicholson, Ph.D. William P. Sandford. Ph.D. Clyde A. Webber, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Charles T. Balcoff Ralph W. Downing Richard H. Downing William L. Ganschinietz Albert Brown L. William Coale Vernon L. Douthil Arthur H. Beasley Jackson D. Beatty C. Franklin Boon Robert E. Cameron Warren W. Deethardt Robert H. Doras J. Phillip Durham Robert L. Faber Walter E. Finch Malcolm J. Gillis Halvor A. Halvorsen Willmore B. Hastings Robert J. Johnston Harold A. Low Robert S. Mason Charles A. Minot Robert A. Nelson Harry W. Osterman Russell C. Rink Gene W. Losee John H. Schroeder .lames .l. Serra Wilfrid F. Hoelscher Walter H. Lake Harry W. McCulloch, Jr. lan T. Patterson Robert W. Pashby John J. Rea Ernest M. Useman Clark Webber Richard F. Schramm Marshall T. Wallberg Berwyn R. Wohld Leroy C. Smallcnbcrger Robert J. Snyder Robert W. Stebbings Arthur Vance William B. Phillips George A. Piper Richard A. Ruhling William H. Solger Daniel L. Stevens juniors Leonard S. Hopkins Henry A. Kester Irving H. Kraft Sophomores Paul W. Dianis Merle E. Hadley John W. Hammer Freshmen Eugene E. Ganschinietz Stanley W. Gilmore Roy W. Guttschow .lohn E. Hish ll Founded, M ur-iso 1-hnscl ls Agrif-ul tural if . . "exft- 'J42 'J ' D' og. College, 1873 Forty-nine As-tive Chapters Alplnt Deuteron' Chapter Established 1910 1004 South S4-1-ond Sn-get EPSILON ZETA ETAI THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -'El PACE 433 Elv- zo I" 'U I za W l'l'l -I za as r 3 3 zo U Ill I' -I za I'l'l 'U CD F o z N l"l'l -I r ffl 'I za 'I I ffl 'I zo 5 -I za K za 1 'U za I' r 3 T U wr IIN IX NOEDIWO Id HU O SIS VW IIV.l. NO'lISdI1 IHd HD Sd W0 V9 V d1 VH 139 V V9 W VW V.I.1 ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA CHI UPSILON PHI RH0 SIGMA TAU Clements Newlin Johnson Cockrell Rice L. Emrich Penn R. Tnylor Owings Hodge Miller Smith Fisher H. Emi-ich Otis Shaffer Murphy J. Holstein A. Holstein Calhoun Duhlberg Lyon Bernot Lewis Forroy J. Hutch Nelson G. Tnylor COIIUIIIIIIUI Cookmun Hnnse L. Hntch Kramer Fish Rich Ilcbnrd I-Ioblit Ennis Zeuring Lognn Bnrth XVorthen FACULTY Frederick Green. A.M., LL.B. Fred H. Rankin. BS. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Charles F. Cockrell C. Lyman Emrich, Jr. Francis H. Bernet Richard D. Calhoun Alvin H. Haase John V. Clements Wilfred R. Johnson mes M Hod e Ja '. . g Arthur C. Holstein. Jr John I-I. Holstein Robert E. Fisher, Jr. Andrew V. Dahlberg, Jr. Kenneth J. Forrei' W. Howard P. Emrich II Lawrence R- HHICII A. Miller Fish John H. Barth William J. Ennis Aubrey 0. Cookman, Jr. John J. l'l2ltClI G. Henry Couchman, Jr. Juniors Sophomores Freshmen EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI -'Cl PACE 434 li- Varence T. Penn Edward A. Kramer Richard E. Otis Jerry R. Owings .l. Alex lloblit William R. Lyon Rohert J. Miller Gene F. llebard Robert O. Lewis l"oninlt-cl, Union College, 1832! 'l'u'n-ntyvsuvun Avtive Clinpters Umivron Vhnptur Established 1910 Ill!! linst Arinnry Avenue William M. Rice Roy E. Taylor, Jr. Roger A. Shaffer George E. Taylor Robert l. Zearing John B. Murphy John D. Nelson John C. Newlin Paul A. Smith James M. Logan Herbert T. Rich, Jr. Albert W. Worthen ""' IIS . 1 Elko!! I T OMICRON PI P r- 1 I P W l'l'l -1 D Q P 3 3 D U HI I- -I P HI 1 ur F 0 Z N ffl -1 P H1 -1 P -I I H1 -1 P 5 -I P K D 'U 'U P I' P 3 ul U WP TIN IX NOHDIWO Id HH 0 IS 9 VW ITV1. 1ISdn N0 Hd IHJ ISd WO V9 V d1 VH .L39 V WV9 VW 'HCI V.L L ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 5 J 3 E Y ' w.-IKTIII-'IIQXC . ' Z C 4 I- ""' X - 4 l- O 'vb' z 5 Z O o -1 Z 7: on m 1' 1 5 I' I E A 0 Q Sjolnnder Dwyer Horn Duiley Wheelock Schutz Johnson Wheeler Hnll Berry Kolb Tebbetts Green Novotny Brothersen Faulkner Hex-da, Brown Prussing Bourgoin Walker Klingelhofer Stnudt Wilson Lindoerfer Converse Hornby Salisbury Muntz Sykes Soverson Duniord Huusler Ill 4 1 E 2 5 za 5 c I-I I P H I "I 4 FACULTY E :I Lawrence W. Murphy, A.M., M.P.J. Q C 'U U5 E MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY F 0 5 Seniors Z 4 Jolm R. Berry Walter L. Horn Herbert H. Sjolander Robert E. Wheeler Alvin W. Hall Edward H. McGinnis Jay L. Wheelock E 4 0 - '- ,Iunzors lull E Daniel H. Dailey, Jr. Robert B. Johnson Phillip C. Kolb Lindley P. Murray Q O Robert E. Dwyer Julius J. Klingelhofer Robert F. Schutz - 5 Sophomores 22 n' F. Eugene Bourgoin Arnold L. Green Gordon D. Reynolds George V. Tebbetts - Donald L. Faulkner Edward L. Herda George L. Staudt L. James Walker - I O U Freshmen E - Robert H. Brothersen Martin W. Hausler Gordon V. Muntz Fredrick W. Salisbury Q I Stanley Brown Fred J. Hornby Frank Novotny, Jr. Jack T. Severson b Q. Joseph I. Converse George R. Lindoerfer H. Jack Prussing, Jr. John E. Sykes Frank W- D8Hf0rd Charles H. Wilson Z B 0 1 -I ' 1 I l sn P Q. D I w : 5 -'I " , lfounded, Princeton University, 1824 -I 4 21 , f Tliirty-two Active Chapters P I- i, ff R23 Sigma Chapter' Eslnlvlishvd 1912 Q 4 " i 303 Exist Chalmers Street b E ,..,, ,',,',.g 3 9 v 5 an 0 U I rn 'E 5 EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl P +21 PAGE 435 li'- P I- 'U I P MU ETA Z ETA SILON EP TA DEL MMA GA ETA HA LP A GA OM PHI CHI PSI ON UPSIL U TA A GM SI 0 RH liurnmel Hoebel Durand Dickinson Pcliknn R. J. Gibbs McFarland Hnll U Stresuu McGlathery R. P. Gibbs Breidert Smith C. Hexton Pickett Baker M. Cook S, Hcxton Sorgenfrei Bowren Schwab Nickles Groth Keith 1'Ioft'er Fredrickson Baldwin Bremer Inghnm Rogers Smale J. Cook Pettigrew IVhitewny Curry Tuscher Thomas Marshall Rice 0. Dean Ames William L. Dickinson William W. Baker Elliot Durand George S. Bowren Berton H. Breidert Fred B. Fredrickson Robert P. Gibbs ,Iohn ll. Baldwin ,lack T. Bremer Jack O. Cook Martlon E. Cook CHI PSI MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Raymond .l. Gibbs Clayton S. Hexton Donald S. Hoebel Ernest F. Groth James J. Holfer, Jr. Wendall P. Keith Charles C. Curry, Jr. Sayre J. Hexton George K. Ingham Robert D. Marshall Seniors Juniors Sopltomores Freshmen William E. Hall, Jr. Lawrence J. Pickett William R. McGlatl1ery Thomas T. Nickles Raymond J. Schwab Kenneth J. Pettigrew Robert L. Rice Sterling J. Rogers Fonmlvd, Union College, 18-11 '1'wn-nty-five Active Chapters Alpha Zeta Delta Chapter Estaililisliutl 1912 912 South Sn-rontl Street Howard S. McFarland Theodore C. Pelikan Charles G. Rummel Reynold S. Smith Norman F. Sorgenfrei Fred B. Stresau Richard W. Vernon Donald I-I. Smale Myron L. Thomas Robert J. Tuscher Robert E. Whiteway 'F ' on- ' 1,3 1-:QV A 'fla -'g'3'Oo gtg '95 :Tia -4.2! EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI 'El PAGE 436 liv- W rn -1 P Q P 3 3 P U rn I'- 'I P In 'U CD F 0 Z N rn -I P rn -I P 'I I rn -I P 5 'I P X P 'U 'U P I- P 3 W U WP IIN IX NOHDIWO ld HU O SIS VW I'IV.L NO1ISdI"l IHd IHD lSd WO V9 VHd'IV 138 V WV9 VW 130 V.L OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU PSI CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU 1 Metzdorf Schildgen Gillen Jnhnke Morgan Considine Hyson Mitchell Tussick Ruehle Lazio Kreider Smiley W. P. Ryan Lambert W. B. Ryan Rine Roti Fissinger Wingert Palumbo Kleszewski Moekenhnnpc Dorsett Miksnk Dickson Evkhurdt Wroble Jneohs Gay Worlnnd Deho Lnbus Finnerun FACULTY Edwin L. Broderick, B.S. Edwin S. Manley David C. Ryan, M.S. Herman I. SCllFUClCl'. B-S.. M.E. Edmund F. Toth, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Lawrence B. Askin Edward H. English Paul C. Fissinger Walter C. Kreider Vincent D. Considine Charles J. Geyser Joseph I. Cillen George E. Debo C. Robert Dorsett Paul H. Labus Paul F. Dickson William .I. Eckhardt Charles P. Erlenbaug h Kazmer J. Lambert Benjamin E. Rine Louis F. Rischhar Francis E. Hyson Paul B. Juhnke, Jr. Andrew S. Kleszewski Daniel .I. Mitchell Richard A. Ruehle Harold W. Finneran Daniel T. Gay .QQ K. v I , .4-' A1 Founded, Brown Lnlverslty, 1889 '7lTllU'q'A Twenty-four Active Chapters - ,Aff . . .-'NX ' :Thing mrllki. Beta Chapter Established 1912 'Qiv .gl 310 Iunst Chalmers Street Juniors Samuel I. Roti William B. Ryan Willis P. Ryan Charles J. Lazio Frank R. Metzdorf Sophomores Freshmen Arthur W. Schildgen .lack W. Tassick Clyde H. Jacobs Joseph A. Miksak Francis T. Sheehy Edgar B. Smiley Matthew M. Wingert .Ierome B. Mockenhaupt Leo P. Morgan Frank A. Palumbo William O. West William F. Woods, Jr. Kenneth Worland Lester R. Wroble IIN!! vla- is EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -'Cl PACE 437 Ef- 1: I' 1 I zo U l'l'l -I za Q za 3 3 za U ffl I- 'I za l'l'l 1 Ui F o z N H1 "I za ffl -I za -I I ffl 'I 1: 5 -I za K za 'U 1 za I' za 3 W U wr IIN IX NOHDIWO ld HU O SIS VW V.I. fl 'IlSdfl N0 Hd IHJ Sd VSBWO V d1 VH 139 V V9 W VW V.l'l3CI ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 3 3 E A 2 C E "' E 4 '-5 3 N - fi F Z o O :, z 2 -u m 1 4 Z I- . rr L , I El A O Q Tippy Bresee Sutton Roos Barrick Mercer Carlson Arning Siegel Borchers Dnlrymple Howell Lyons Suhermerhorn Lindgren Nelson Svoboda Waldo Gorman Anderson Od,-on Robertson Dekker Meislahn Hines Emmel Devol Blanchard Cummings Lang Fetherston Steele CD 4 Sapora Kevk Huff Gill Rosbe Parker Wax Patelski Seago 6 4 TAU KAPPA EPSILON P 49 -e FACULTY IE IS Chester R. Anderson, A.M. . Duane T. Englis, Ph.D. 3 Edward L. Major, A.M. Carl S. Marvel, Ph.D. Milton M. Olander, M.S. Edwin L. Theiss, Ph.D., C.P.A. C 1 UI g MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY F O Q, . Seniors Z -I 4 Thomas W, Gill Thomas R. Parker Robert L. Rosbe Harold M. Seago Lyle R, Huff Elmer L. Patelski George E. Sapora Ervin K. Wax E 4 George E. Keck - QD Juniors Ill E Louis H. Arning Carl B. Devel .lack Lyons . Carl V. Scllermerhorn 6 O Gordon R. Bailey Lloyd G. Hire Christian D. Meislahn Charles Shick : galphdPl3 Bganehard W. Howard Lang Herbert L. Nelson George W. Svoboda - o an . ar son 5 Sophonmres 3 n' Wilbur H. Anderson Dwight L. Emmel ' Norman W. Hines Gilbert H. Lindgren - Frank K. Dalrymple Theodore R. Fetherston Howard A. Howell Lyle L, Robensgn E Howard Dekker Martin A. Gorman James E. Steele O U Freshmen ' E 1 Lewis E. Barrick Raymond Cummings Edward Odron Vernon W. Sutton Q I Robert B. Borchers Frank R. Mercer Frederick W. Roos Martin L. Tippy b Q Charles M. Bresee Charles W. Morris Robert B. Siegel Douglas Waldo P Z r' o 'D .I I T5 P Q- 3 w Founded, Illinois Wesleyan. Univer- ' Tl. D " Q" p sity, 1899 A- 4 Thirty-six Active Chapters '- M Gamma Chapter Established 1912 QB Q 4 102 East Chalmers Street 5- b 9 E GD Y . ' -I EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl P 'lil PAGE 438 ffl' ELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU Bogin Leslie Epstein De Lne Salinger Barker Siegel Myers Loeb Cerf Netzorg Grunewnld Ben- Nnchman Sobilotf Bishop Rosen Harris Bomnsh 'Panzer Weinstouk Miller B. Lewis Reinhold Y Simon Nntkin Solomon Schiller M. Lewis Citron Muck Roskoph Leon Epstein Rubenstein Gorevitz OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA D Phillip N. Citron Leon II. Epstein Carl L. Bomash Milton E. Goodman PSI Allen H. Bishop Stanley F. Harris CHI I Paul A. Barker Edward P. Berry Ernest M. Bogin Floyd D. Cerf, Jr. UPSILON PHI U TA A GM SI O Ill 'U us F- O Z N In -1 P . ' D fr' Q A'-1 P4 .. B. ABT .aff ". .i ' . .- mf - Y in ETA TH ETA IOTA ZETA BETA TAU FACULTY Max .l. Wasserman, Ph.D., D.Sc. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sol S. Mack Russell L. Corevitz Raymond A. Rosen Myer A. Lewis William De Lue Leslie A. Epstein Arthur Cruncwalrl Ben C. Lewis, jr. Foumlc-cl., College of the City of New York, 1898 Thirty-two Active Chapters Rho Clmptel' Estnblisltod 1911! 907 South Fourth Street Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Bertram M. Natkin .Ioseph A. Rubenstein, Robert J. Salinger Bernard M. Nachman Jesse B. Loeb, Jr. Arthur F. Miller .Iames E. Myers J Morton S. Roskoph Allan B. Solomon Stanton R. Schiller Arnold F. Simon .Iacob G. Sobiloff Charles D. Tanzer Richard W. Netzorg Arthur E. Reinhold Norman Siegel Robert L. Weinstock - 1 gx KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI +21 PAGE 439 Fr P I- 'U I P T rn -t P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- 'I P In 'U U5 I: Q Z N rn. 'I P rn -I P 'I I rn 'I P 5 "I P X P 1 'U P I- P 3 W U WP ITN IX NOUDIWO Id HEI 0 SIS VW I'IV.l dn 'IIS N0 Hd IH3 Sd VSZWO V d'I VH 1.39 V V9 W VW V.l13Cl PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU CHI UPSILON PHI U TA A GM SI 0 RH Ill "U 'L' I' O z N ffl -I zo Ill -I r -I I l'l'l -I r 5 -I zo an r 'U 'U za I' za 3 U U za 3 C z C E i Locke Trinlcuns Mcllluen Scott Lyon Wood tlrnhnni Rodger J. Robinson Furngher Conklin Sndlow Hayes Edwards Muhnke Waring Adxnns Gratiot Kroiter Baker Rico Rocku Miller Covington B. Robinson Clark Hull Gilliqk Stl-ad Jenkins Johnson Setuhell Dnrnull l"vrg.:nson'Atllnnd Pratt Phillips NVilliams Smnll FACULTY Jolm M. Bookwalter John F. Graham Wendell C. Locke Homer M. Adams Alonzo B. Conklin, Jr. Robert V. Faragher Russell E. Baker Leslie B. Clark John R. Covington Harley C. Darnall, Jr. Alex H. Ferguson-Adi John F. Gillick and Herbert J. Barton, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Frederick S. Lyon Richard S. McEuen Donald H. Gratiot John M. Hayes, Jr. Frank B. Edwards Albert W. Hall Claude H. Miller Hilerd W. Jenkins Lowell R. Johnson Ralph W. Kreiter Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen 44 PAGE 440 131- Louis S. Rodger Charles E. Scott Robert W. Mahnke Virlon S. Rice Boone Robinson Donald S. Rocke F. Wright Phillips George C. Pratt James F. Setchell Founded, Hamilton College, 183 'l'w0llty-seven Avtivc Chapters Illinois Cliuptvr Estnblislwd 191 ZHO East John Strevt Louis J. Trinkaus Darwin L. Wood John F. Robinson James L. Waring Stewart M. Spalding George D. Sudlow Douglas W. VanPetten Len H. Small John W. Stead Guy R. Williams X ., fi 2 1832 OMICRON P I- 'U I P W l'l'l -1 P Q D 3 3 P U ffl I" -I P H1 1 ul F 0 Z N ffl -4 D HI -I D -1 I IH -1 D 5 -4 D K D 'U 'U D I' D 3 ul U WP DN IX NOIDIWO Id HU 0 SIS VW .I. DV dfl NOTIS Hd IH9 lSd W0 V9 V d1 VH 1.39 V V9 W VW 130 V.I. OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU H Laurence W. Anderson William W. Anderson William W. Faris Reginald W. Fitschen PSI CHI John B. Abbott F. Powell Cole William H. Higginboth UPSILON PHI Dwight E. Manley RHO SIGMA TAU lI.,.I .prix . -frlsyx - . I J, L . , ,. l"V' ' Moorhead NVhisennnd McIntosh Faris Auble Schuyler L.Anders0n Koch Wendohl Burk Moyne Stehr Kruse B.IIult R.Hult Mitchell White Newcomb Leseher O'Donnel1 Provine Palmer Lendruin Harman Baldwin lligginbotlnnn lhlenfeldt XV. Anderson Trulmt-r Manley Smith lNTY0"S Allllfllt Filsvhvn Laine Summerfield Cole Mains ALPHA RHO CHI FACULTY Harry J. Harman, B.S. James T. Lendrum, B.A. Frank M. Lescher, B.S. Robert B. Mitchell, B.S. . Rercford Newcomb, AAI.. M.Areh., A.l.A. Thomas E. O'Donnell, M.S., M.Arch. Cyrus E. Palmer. M.S. Loring ll. Provme, B.S.. A.E. Stanley White, B.S., M.L.A. H Ill MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Willard R. Auble Weldin R. Baldwin Bernard E. Ilult Ralph E. Koch William L. llorstman Bruce Ihlenfeldt Kenneth A. Smith Founded, University of Illinois, University of Mivliignn, 1914 Ten A 1-tive Chapters Anthemios Chapter Established 1914 1103 South First Street Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Chauncey M. Buck Richard E. Hult Heeren S. Kruse Donald M. Mayne Kent Lane .lames F. Mclntosh Ralph M. Summerfield Reginald W. Stehr James F. Whisenand .lames E. Moorhead .loseph R. Schuyler Ben G. Mains Russell E. Myers Roy E. Wendahl H. Kenneth Traher EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI 421 PAGE 441 lil'- D I' 'U I P W H1 -1 P Q b 3 3 P U ffl I- -l P l'l'l 'U ur F O Z N Ill -1 P ffl -I D -1 I Ill -1 D 5 -I D K D 1 'U P I' P 3 ul U WD TIN IX W0 ID NO Id HU O VWSIS V.L I1 dn NO1IS Hd HJ Sd VSEWO V d1 VH H9 V V9 W VW V113 CI EPSILON ZETA ETA MU OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA Jacob G. Cash, B.S. Willard C. Anderson Paul L. Benbow Joseph G. Bumgarner William H. Brown, Jr. William H. Duis Lowell S. Johnson PSI CHI Reid G. Boyle N PHI Vernon M. Eckert Samuel W. Decker, M.S. l Decker Newell Shoot Russell Barrett Kleckner Boyle Hieser Morrell Eckert WV. Edwards ll. Edwards Canterbury Mynard Smith Rupp Sillimun Brown Duis Pi-ing Wilson Miles Stinson Wright Shumnn Anderson Primm Bcnhow Bumgarner Hannah Painter FARM HOUSE FACULTY Alvin F. Kuhlman, M.S. Edwin I. Pilchard, B.S. Horace M. Newell, M.S. Henry P. Rusk, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Harold W. Hannah Arthur T. Mosher Halsey L. Miles George D. Pring Herman B. Rupp Seniors Juniors S o phornores Malcolm D. Canterbury Ward L. Edwards Freshmen UPSILO RHO SIGMA TAU I Fred A. Painter Harold M. Primm Minott Silliman, Jr. Donald E. Smith llomer E. Edwards Ivan W. Ilieser Tucker Mosher Johnson Harry G. Russell, B.S. Lyle F. Shoot, M.S. Paul H. Shuman Kenneth R. Tucker Charles H. Stinson Paul T. Wilson Charles Wright Warren A. Mynard Lee A. Morrell lfonndud, University of Missouri, 1905 l Sow-n Active Clmpte-rs Illinois Clmplor Idstznlrlislieml 1915 105 lllnst Daniel Strvel EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON rl PAGE 4-42 l-3+ xv I' 1 I r U lfl -I za Q za 3 3 za U UI I' 'I za I'l1 'U U! F o z N l'!'l 'I za lfl 'I za -I I HI -I za 5 -I za x xa 'U 'U za I' za 3 W U wr ITN IX NOUDIWO Id HEI 0 VWSIS I1V.I. 1ISdI'l NO IHd IHD Sd W0 V9 VHd1V 1.38 V V9 W VW V.I.13CI ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA E 3 I ii z C 4 'G X - E .U O N 3 H Z 5 0 2 d 'E IH 2 4 I " I E o Holt Pritz Kobzn Pring Hillstroin Wolmn Binnn von Lt-listen Q Vnclm Kalb Tills Deming Mntson Fnbri Blackstone Godwin Metcalf Dummers Brenner Spyrn Komarek Hartke Potter Hnnawnlt Christman Gonseth Kellcrninnn Christensen l'crrclln U1 4 Rubien Butler Frazer Grahl Atkins Fi-iedlnnder Stevens Linder Cnpoot Stnudt 5 5 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA P -I FACULTY P 4 C :I Arnold R. von Lellstcn, B.S. Hartley D. Price, A.M. Q C 'U 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 2 I r- n- Sem' urs O H Z 4 Leander W. Binna Theodore M. Kobza Lewis D. Pi-ing Clement E, Prim George D. Hillstrom Lester J. Wolma ,u 4 ' juniors I 0 1 III Thomas W. Abbott Robert O. Deming E. Parke Godwin E, William Kalb E Arthur E. Blackstone Roger S. Fabri Thomas K. Holt Frederick R. Matson fi O Clifford R. Dammers Joseph A, Tjlls' : - Sophomores 1 en Nicholas P. Brenner Robert F. I-Ianawalt Robert I. Metcalf Philip J. Potter 3 or Robert F. Christensen Robert E. Hartke Armin K. Ochsner Stanley S. Spyra - Arthur F. Christman l-loward A. Kellermann Edward J. Pcrrclla Charles G. Tilgner E Jules E. Conseth K. Richard Komarek Charles I-I. Vachu O U . I' reshmen E - Frank E. Atkins, Jr. John R. Fraser Carl I-l. Grahl j, 0 'll R b' Q E James Jj Bcutler, Jr. Max L. Friedlander Walter W. Linder Henizfl PS Siitulclp b Lowell - 8P0ot Roy W. Stevens Z P o S :' I gl' ' P D 5 -' W . 0 J.: kr M : V g.,3:d,k Founded, University ot' Boston, 1909 "I ' ."'- l'Iiglity-four At-tivo Clinptt-rs P ,E f at A -' TT Chi Chapter Estnlilislnotl 1915 Q E V1KJx:.'!:" ' 209 East Armory Avenue E 0 I I 3 Sl V O E E EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON Pl g +3 PAGE 443 B+ P I- 1 I P MU ETA ETA Z EPSILON ELTA D MA GAM BETA HA LP A GA OM PHI CHI PSI PSILON U U TA A GM SI 0 RH ll. Iioclcc Pigritn Dwyer liorg R. Schooley lluenergurdt lievper Lautz Hubbard Feldman Gallentine Marshall Green Stewart Irloffnuin Holty Logan Newbill Davis Reisner Somerville Symons Miller liothtrl-Im Jackson XV. Buchanan Ia-eslvy Rydquist. Wisnasky Visser P. Locke XVylie E. Buchanan Nelson Arison McGrude Alfred W. Borg, Jr. Louis T. Dwyer, Jr. W. Owen Edwards, Jr. William M. Feldman William Davis Rohert E. Hoffman Joseph G. llolty John L. Kreitzer Alan G. Arison William W. Bingainan W. l'aul Buchanan Earl U. Buchanan William D. Dial ALPHA CHI RHO FACULTY Frank E. Schooley, B.S., M.P..I. John E. Sweet, B.S. Fred W. Tanner, I'h.D. Joseph E. Vaile, GRADUATE STUDENTS Fred W. Binnewies Carlton W. Johnson MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Joseph A. Gallentine Roy N. Green Laurence A. llubbard Charles E. Logan John J. Miller, Jr. Thomas .l. Newhill Rohert A. Copel Donald F. Jackson Philip F. Locke Charles W. Peterson Seniors Juniors Sopllomores Freshmen A Otto K. lluenergardt P. King Lantz Raymond Leeper Jolm F. Pilgrim F. Arnold Reisner John ll. Rothgeh Roger S. Leesley Edward W. Mcflrade Bradley M. Rhoades Raymond Visser M S Founded, 'l'x'inity College, 1895 'Fwenty-one .M-tive Chapters Richard F. Locke, Jr. Warren D. Marshall E. Wayne Morgan R. Eugene Schooley John E. Somerville William H. Stewart John G. Symons C. Jerome Nelson C. Richard Rydquist Warren O. Wisnasky Tliompson M. Wylie Phi Kappa Chapter Extablished HH 5 811 East Armory Avenue A1-I A. a 4 TF Th' ...v-4542.5 9 ., u EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI rf PAGE 444- la- W In -I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- "I P Ill 'U U5 I: Q Z N rn "E P nl -I P -l I rn 'I P -5 'I P 7: P 'U 'U P I' P 3 W U WP TIN IX NOIIDIWO Id Hll O SIS VW fIV.l dn TIS NO IHd IH3 Sd W0 V9 V d1 VH 139 V V9 W VW 130 V.I. ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 3 3 E C C E E Ill E 4 I- W O N E G z W O o -I Z Q 2 1 Ill 1 1 3 I' I 11 'P O Q Nm-mlm Spain Megan Fohr linlinilcer Reidy Tenney Kirley C. Thomas Snyder R. Kephurt J. Ric-hnrds Budd O'Neill McGinnis West Russell Petrie livylmlds W- K0Dh11l'i Bllldwill L.Thomus Gorman D. Riclmrds Anderson Bannister lirnst Sulogga Weiluntl Easley Mast Green Fry Mulholland Vnn Schoick Mnley Si-hulz cn 4 I-Iumpton Behling Moyer Turnquist Swanson Hodges NV1lley Wvflghf Ensign Stafford Smith McClellan 5 5 1: 4 P H I K A P PA TA U 0 "I FACULTY P C E Burton N. Behling, Ph.D. Herbert E. Carter, A.B. ul Newton E. Ensign, A.B., B.S. Albert J. Harno, B.S., LL.B., LL.D. William H. Horne, B.S. m George B. McClellan, A.M. Cecil A. Moyer, B.S. Raymond F. Smith, M.S. Josef F. Wright, A.B., M.P.,I. S U5 4 . 1 I' E MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 0 .I 2 4 Seniors Philip A. Anderson Keith llanipton Fred W. Salogga J, W, Tumquisl Jr 'U 4 Edger L. Bannister Farrell K. Hodges William E. Schulz Kenneth Van Scihoigk I o giffizynit-rdCM. Easley Clifford G. Petrie George A. Swanson William E. Willey " ul o in . ,reen E Juniors , E O Stanley W. Baldwin Wayne Kephart Casper L. Mast Gerald C. Weiland - Harold E. Ernst Rohert F. Maley Maurice S. Mulholland George ji West - James W. Fry .U 2 Sophomores 2 William S. Budd Harry C. NIcGinnis Edward E. Reynolds 01' M . E James E. Gorman J. Robert C'Neill Donald B. Richards Lultiliedl' Al Fiiririils O U Freshmen E Tl W. B l k Drnall C. Kirley Thoma J. R 'd - Q E l,elWilsaJ. Fohro lm er Tliomas Q. Megan John Richezirdis -WiBiJdinJBSl'?f:x,,e P Q. Richard E. Kephart Donald A. Norman Stanley M. Snyder Clifford J..Th0muZ P 5 S "' 5 GD D. D B.. - .I - . T J Oli., ffl : ,Q ., I"ound4-d, Miami L'nivc-rsity, 1906 -4 4 ', bi" Fortyvfoui- Active Chapters N b I- n Q. , l It Zeta Chapter Established 1911i Q 4 RQ Q uT'..QX, .I10 l-regory Drive b 5 P 2 .2 9' 5 EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl P -'El PAGE 445 R1- PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU l Tvnney Oathout Howard Noble Mownt Pray Miles Peacock Lorglf-y f-lunch Grow M. Mueller Sawyer ll.XVeisi,':ur linker linshart Grohne Kroeger Johnson Blnnck Mount Blake lJ.Christo1-hor Gessler Srheel Kraft Williamson Schlntter ll,Christopher Rntlifl' Scovill Lawrence Ray D.Weisinger Faulkner Evans liulaw Burr Zimmcrly I-Ilndik Hoffman C.Mueller Burner Wilkinson Jeck Suddes Bode Coombe Kennedy Davidson lleggie 'Ponzalin Beckman Cobb Anderson Frederick l.. Kirgis, A. 'larry D. Grow Milton R. Howard Cordon L. -nngley Edward Ll. Baker, Jr. William l. Blake l'ord .l. Blnnck Daniel E. Christopher R. Ralston Bushart Robert J. Christopher Frederick W. Grohne Robert V. llladik James C. Ai:-.ierson John Barr Louis E. Beckman, Jr. Calvin E. Bode Adolph Bulaw THETA CHI FACULTY Roy L. Dallares, Capt., F.A. Bernard L. .lCll'C1'S0li, I B., J.D. Parker C. Livingston, AB. John J. Pieper. Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Philip R. Miles Malvern W. Mueller Euifne W. Gesslcr R. Melvin Johnson James L. Kraft Harold H. Mount Lyle E. Hoffman Marvin O. .leck Murray C. Krueger Juniors Sophomores Freslzmen Clarence A. Burner, .lr. Herbert E. Cobb Donald P. Coombe Thomas C. Davidson Dmtald C. Munch Albert C. Noble John E. Mowal Frank W. Peacock Lee H. Pray William K. Lawrence Clyde W. Mueller Philip H. Ray Robert C. Evans ll. Cordon Faulkner Robert J. I-leggie Ceorge C. Kennedy 'h.D. Charles F. Schlatter. MS.. C.P.A. C. Frederick Oathout Robert I. Tenney Robert C. Ratlifl' P. Walker Sawyer William J. Schlatter Espey C. Williamson Leland C. Scheel Jolm W. Suddes John D. Swauficld Benjamin W. Weisiger William S. Scovill Allan G. Touzalin D. Eugene Weisiger James S. Wilkinson Wayne I. Zimmerly l-'oundc-d, Norwich University, 1856 Forty-nine Ar-tire Chapters Rho Chapter ldstnblislicd 1916 505 East Chalmers Street EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI -'Cl PAGE 446 E4- P I- 'U I P W rn 'I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- "I P rn 'U U5 F 0 Z N rn -I P rn 'I P '1 I rn 'I P 5 'I P x P 'U T P I- P 3 W U WP DN IX NOIDIWO Id HU 0 SIS VW .l DV dfl NO1IS Hd H3 ISd WO V9 VHd1V 138 V WV9 VW 'IBC V.I. ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMTTDA , w a E W z E C "' 5 EPSILON ETA Id NOIDIWO Z A H U' - , I m 4: o Knlsow Christie ' Peterson Fooks Slattery Schuldt ' Q Shott Kolben Brizzolaru Weiss Kriz 'I'ulbott U5 - GAMMA DVI VW9 ANUBIS GRADUATE STUDENT Richard F. Peterson HA BETA 01ISdfl MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 5 Seniors Z 4 Robert M. Christie Allan F. Kalsow -U 4 E 0 . lu lurunr n E Jack E. Slattery E - 1 2 Soplzomores 2 William D. Fooks Frank J. Kriz John F. Schuldt I-Iafold 5, Shcn E George A. Kolben Ernest P. Reklis Glen 1. Talbot! O u 3 HI E Freshmen Q Q. Lawrence J. Brizzolara LeRoy Weiss z I -, ,E 0 ......- -u :' I sn P 1 : W 1 13" ' 2 3 I I undorl, University of Illinois, 191 P 5 f x One Active Chapter K A E' 110 Exist L-'llIlll1l0I'S Street Q 2 s Q 3 sn P o A U I " In 3 5 EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IQTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI P -'Sl PACE 447 l-3+ Q P I- 'U I P MU ETA Z ETA ON ll. S EP ELTA D MA GAM ETA A H LP A EGA OM PS CH PH UPSILON U TA A GM Sl RHO -'- ' Ventura Young 'Furney Koessler Gibbs Mayo Nelson G.Ross Henry B. Yunuskus Dillavou Wolvott 'l'odd Svidul llcy Watt Nur-iucf Vt-rry Yule' l'l.'1'roL'h Parsons D. Ross Underwood Hofl'lnnu Glorivux Mitchell Stephens XVehb Wright Dean Barrett Long Hartman Morgan Kennedy Woodtlll Ilodgius lluinnicl P. Yanuskus Hamel Anderson Ileups XVhitelcy Druc-vk XVerdcn Repko H,'1'rot-h PI KAPPA ALPHA FACULTY William E. Britton, A.M., J.D. Robert B. Browne, MS. ' Essel R. Dillavou, A.M., J.D. John T. Fain, A.M. Joe M. Parker, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Clillorcl C. Barrett Warren B. Heaps Harold E. Repke Wallace W. Drueck J. Curtis Long Alfred L. Seidel Owen W. Hamel James R. Naseef H. Charles Troch Richard K. Hammcl Juniors J. Stuart Anderson David W. Mitchell T. Roderic Verry Henry L. Dean Edgar E. Stephens Leslie A. Watt William S. Hodgins J. Cash Underwood Sophomores Howard C. Hartman Dean E. Hey William P. Hollman Paul W. Gibbs Donald B. Glorieux T. Arthur llenry Eugene C. Kennedy John E. Koessler Gilbert H. Morgan Leslie C. Lempke Malcolm J. Mayo S. Call Nelson Freshmen Ray D. Parsons 'Duncan N. Ross Malcolm C. Todd Donald J. Peacock Cordon R. Ross Jolm D. Turney Founded, University of Virginia, 1868 Eighty-two At-live Chapters Beta Eta Chapter Established 1917 303 Fast 'xl'Ill0l"V Avenue Robert M. Werden Robert E. Whiteley Pete J. Yanuskus Charles R. Woodfill Winslow M. Wright John S. Yule Elmer F. Troch Selden E. Wolcott Stanley H. Young James W. Venters R. Edwin Webb Barney P. Yanuskus EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON +31 PACE 4-48 P32- W In 'I za cw zo 3 3 za U HI I' -I zo Ill 'U U5 F o z N HI -I za H1 'I za -I I H1 -I za 5 -I xv x 1: 1 'U :- I' za 3 W U wr FIN IX NOEIDIWO Id HH O 'DIS VW DVI. dn NOTIS Hd H3 lSd WO V9 V d1 VH 139 V WV9 VW 130 V.l ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 3 A A 3 E 2 E 'U X 4 'G O 3 N 1 9 E o .I Z 1 1' u 1' 1 2 I- I Ei' A O a Kagvn NVinns-r Sharpe Goldstein Heinrich Bronstein Adams yvnllk ' ' lgmfhggt Roses-on Wcinman Simons V Terry Cassell Reinish Shnnkman Nierman Am-rbac-lx Weinbcl'E5 Olllilfkn B0Sl03' ' Gill-'OI' llflllllflfil in 4 Moretsky Gold Cnynig Spinner Ornc-r Srhafier Grossman Mnvokin 5 4 SIGMA ALPHA MU 3' 0 ' H ' GRADUATE STUDENT P 4 . C E Alvin B. Auerbach Q C 'U 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Q F I , , . S, U 0 Q, enzors z i 4 George Gaber Sidney NI, Niel-man Fred Shunkman Saul S. Weinberg Morton M. Mandel William E. Oplatka 511115 Wllllk Harry M- Weinmiln Bernard H. Morelsky , - -U 4 E 0 . lu Juniors n E Bernard B. Bosley lsadore J. Mnvokin Abram Schaffer Merle D. Sharpe I O Herbert Grossman ' '- Zi Sophomores ' 3 Arthur L. Cassell William M. Gold SCYIIIOUF OITICF Morton A. Rosecon - - Marvin L. Coyne Jerome F. Heinrich Herbert D- ReiIliSll Lloyd S. Spinner O I . U E Freshmen Q E Maurice V. Adams Theodore W. Goldstein Bernard L. Simons Cordon M. Terry P Q. Jerome M. Bronstein Leonard A. Kagen Farrell I. Winner P z I A .- O 1 . 'U d l I sn P ll- 1 : W F dd,Cll-f fn C't'of Will!! P Nl , .::.i:...:s 'D mr g 4 Thirty-seven Active Chapters I- Rho Chaptcr Established 1918 Q 4 1008 South Fifth Struct D Q 3 ua P 0 A U I 1 rn 2 , : EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI P -if PAGE 449 Elf- P I- 'U I P MU ETA ETA NZ SILO EP ELTA GAMMA ETA ALPHA GA OM PS Howard P. Bein Arthur R. Hedlund Harold A. Christiansen Ralph O. Dueringer Stanley Il. Boyle Virgil J. Chessen William l". Eich CHI N PHI John W. Borland Ilerlvert I.. Cantrill, Jr. BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA Westerberg Monroe Hedlnnd Nenreuther Fitch P odlesnk Bein Petetish White Hndelxon Dueringer Got-rwitz Purkhurst Vnn Mule Gnllnwny Thorson Chessen Eich Stuuck Christiansen I-Inrrington McCou.rd Young Minter Borland Trost Fischer Boyle McKinley Widmuyer Goble Leveronz Gates Cnntrill Wilmot DELTA SIGMA PHI FACULTY A llenry H. Baily, A.M., C.P.A. Charles C. Curtis, A.M.. Paul H. Derr, B.S. llorutio M. Fitch. B.S. llarold D. Trimble. A.M. Evan Wheaton, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Lawrence A. Monroe Seniors Andrew W. Neureuther McClure Iludelson Arthur P. McCoard George W. Callaway .lohn E. Coerwilz Dunlap Harrington Eugene A. Fischer .lack B. Gable Juniors Sophomores Freshmen UPSILO N. SIGMA TAU 1. 'i'iiu'in 555 t 'I William M. Petefish Robert W. Podlesak I lowu rd M. Parkhurst John A. Leverenz Gilbert L. McKinley Lance C. Thorson William H. Cates Founded, College of the City of New York, 1899 Josef H. Westerberg Harry E. White Julius A. Smack Joseph A. Vanerka Norman A. Trost Warren C. Van Male Marshall B. Wilmot Paul E. Minter Jack Widixiayer 1 Fifty-two Active CIIXLDICFR I I 3 Alpha Alpha Chnptor Estaxlrlislted 1919 ll ln' 106 Exist Dnnicl Street WI 6 B A , I I ' it . ,v t I i- 1. , no , I lb . In I in. -- TEE' . 31.5 " nr q :H A. . . . - . RHO EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -'tl PAGE 450 li'- I- P 3 W U WP I'IN IX NOIDIWO ld HH O VWSIS DVI. dfl N01IS Hd H3 ISd WO V9 V d1 VH 138 V WV9 VW 130 V1 P I- 'U I P MU ETA Z ETA ON II. EPS El.TA D MA GAM ETA HA l.P A EGA OM PSI CH PH ON UPSII. U TA BETA GAMMA DELTA f -ug 'CIS -11... tml 4,-J-,rpqq Silva. Leonard Reinhardt Schubert Roberson Morris Pitcher Alberts Shruder Meyer White Boiler D. Mitchell Sloan Oruickshnnk Klepinger Gnsper Wheeler MeMichtw1 Dodds Zoeller Chose Watson Nason Sebek Hnmmun Turnipseed Puik Graf Campbell Horrall Baldwin Baker Treen Loblnw Hutton Mayes Lynch Olson J. Mitchell FACULTY Chester R. Anderson, A.M. Stanley G. Hall, M.S. Ethan A. Norton, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Donald A. Baker H. Eugene Baldwin Richard E. Horrall Joseph O. Alberts Alfred Q. Campbell, Carl C. Chase .lohn E. Dodds, Jr. Albert W. Casper Franklin H. Graf Clifford F. Bailer Francis J. Cavanagh Louis A. Pitcher, Jr. Jr William A. Hutton l-larry W. Leonard Paul E. Hamman Ivan E. Hoover Donald S. Mitchell J. Curtis Mitchell Glenn E. Morris J. Stewart Cruicksliank John F. Klepinger Robert C. Reinhardt Founded, University of Pennsylvania , O 1908 1.1 A ltliprhlcen At-tivo Chapters P90 Juniors S 0 phom ores Freshmen William T. Loblaw Floyd W. Lynch Edgar F. Nason Arthur J. Paik Bohumil F. Schubert Laddie J. Sebek Murray L. Shrader Oscar R. Kuehn Paul C. McMichael William D. Roberson Leslie I. Mayes John D. Olson Alfred E. Treen Joseph M. Silva Robert C. Sloan Edward S. Turnipseed E. Gordon Watson Robert C. White William A. Zoeller Harold E. Meyer Frank R. Wheeler .Iohn Schoenling ll . 'tr Til! 'I 0 . Zetu Chapter Established 1919 308 lflnst Armory Avenue RH0 SIGMA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI X -nil PACE 451 lit'- HI 'U UI F 0 z N ITI -I za ffl -I za 'I I HI -I xv 5 "I za 7: za 1 'D za I' za 3 W U wr HN IX WO ID NO ld HU 0 SIS VW DVI. dfl 0'llS N IHd H3 ISd W0 V9 V d'l VH 139 V WV9 VW 130 V.I. ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 2 3 E me Z C E W X ! 4 I- O "' z N - 9 5 o .I Z - ID Si E 4 5 I- I ft l 0 Q Sultzmnn H. Fnntus I. Chizewer Lewis Brnginsky Robin Weisskopf R. Fnntns Cohn Erlich Boorstein Friedmnn Reingold Shein Port Schachtmnn Lipman Gerber N Tnrrson Hirst-htick Fierberg Levite Burstein Ecker J. Chizewer Goldstein Rnmenofsky Block Knplnn A U5 4 Levin Wolfson Epstein White Rothenberg Motel Polncek Siegel Alpert 5 E . A za 4 ALPHA EPSILCNBPI 9 -n 4 FACULTY E E David G. Bourgin, Ph.D. Alvin R. Cahn, Ph.D. Julius White, A.M., Ph.D. Q C 'U ' U5 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY F I O 9' Seniors Z ul 4 Samuel G. Alpert Leonard Levin William G. Motel Henry B. Rothenberg Solway C. Fierberg Leonard D. Levite Milton E. Reingold Lester Wolfson 'U 4 E 9' Juniors E ,Lee E. Block Julian H. Ecker Fred Polacek David Rattner Q O Jack Chizewer Albert A. Epstein Sidney L. Port Bernard G. Siegel - 5 , A Sophomores 3 1 Abraham J. Burstein Allan B. Hirschtick ' Abraham S. Ramenofsky George Saltzman - Herbert Goldstein Joseph H. Kaplan I Sidney A, Tarrsgn nu . , O I Q. Freshmen N 3 fl Meyer I. Bloom . Marvin S. Cohn Junior A. Friedman Milton Robin Q E Samuel A. Boorstem Herbert Erlich William P. Gerber Milton R. Schachtman b Lawrence Braginsky Herbert R. Fanlus Harold Lewis Manuel Shein nl Irving Chizewer Robert A. Fantus Eli A. Lipman Raymond H. Weisskopf P 5 as .l I Q ug P 1 3 w U V lil : Fohndetl, New York University, 1913 E 4 'l'wcnty'onu .M-tive Chapters hr , Dcltu Chalplor Estublished 15120 Q 4 J ' Y Q02 Gregory Drive b 0 3 5 P S E N 5 EPSILCN ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl P -'Tl PAGE 452 H+ EPSILON ZETA ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA CHI UPSILON PHI U TA SIGMA 0 RH rn 'U UI F O Z N rn 'I P In 'I P -I I In -I P la y L. Pooler Brown Moorhead Rose Moornlnn Connell Sonnnvr Mt-Neil M. Jones Baal Marion ML,Mnhon Younger Ilnvigku McAdams Blolno Scovillo Ii. -Tunes Smith NVnrcs NVnlkcr Bogart Tripp Linder Beebe Holcomb Owen Fisllcr Lawrence Chesley McGuire Gunn FACULTY Russel O. Deeter William H. Rayner, C.E., M.S. Charles L. Stewart, Ph.D. Henry B. Ward, Ph.D., D.Sc. C. Kenneth Beebe Leonard L. Blome Harr E.f'hesle Jr Y f yv ' Wilson M. Connell, Jr. Buckingham W. Gunn Edward A. Holcomb Howard B. Baal Philip S. Bogart Mack Jones John J. McNeil Dixon D. Moorhead GRADUATE STUDENT Kenneth E. Tripp MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Edward C. Fisher Richard E. Jones Henry R. Linder John D. McAdams, Robert S. Brown William L. Lavicka Edgar L. Moorman Vernon G. Rose f Found:-tl, I'nion Uolh-gre, 1827 'Y Fifteen Af-tivo Chapters J' 1, ,.'. "xi-7S.1,.' 'IQ-, 4:- .hu f A.,-ft. 'GTA' A ii J A. ' ' g I-4. :av-w'. '-L'i:t"f:I'x A- ' 'Paul Clmptur l'lst:ilrl1slu'd 1920 11108 Sonlth Fourth Street Seniors Juniors I r. Sophomores Freshmen Wendell C. Kennedy Donald E. McGuire Earl lVifcKeehan Albert E. Marien James E. McMahon. Ji. John R. Sommer Russell F. Stewart W. Scott Lawrence Robert L. Owen John V. Pooler Edward F. Ross Daniel A. Smith, Jr. James A. Wares William L. Rayner Howard B. Scoville Robert A. Walker Charles B. Younger, Jr. - 1 OTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI -:El PAC:-: 4-53 lif- P I- 7 I P W rn 'I P Q P 3 3 P U rn r- 'I P In 'U LD i: C Z N rn -I P rn -I P 'I I rn 'I P 5 'I P X P 'U T P I- P 3 W U WP TIN IX NOIDIWO ld Hll 0 SIS VW I'lV.I. Sdn 1l N0 lHd H3 lSd W0 V9 V d1 VH 1.39 V WV9 VW 130 V.l P r- 'U I P MU ETA ETA Z SILON EP ELTA MA GAM A ET A H LP A OMEGA PS CH PH ON IL PS U U TA A GM SI RHO 1 Acker NVeinstein Phillips Chntkaw Chavin Oppcnheirn Schultz Levy Feigen Roth Joshgl Ellison Zinnar Joseph M. Kaufman Franklin N. Cohn Epstein Stern Alschuler XVel1mnn Mnnhcin Gntxnann Wachter Fisher Lewis Hertzberg Wall Gluuck Olin Brentuno Wnllenstein Kardon Kanter I. Kaufman Ilentrh B. Cohn Johnson Stahl Nnckmun FACULTY Alan A. Brentano Bernard N. Cohn Jacob W. Deutch Morlon B. Feigen Edward B. Alschuler Norman Cohn Robert E. Ellison Ralph J. Epstein Howard G. Acker Irving A. Chavin Rupert I. Chutkaw Morris l'I. Sogolow. B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY .lerome A. Johnson Lester .l. Kaden Myron D. Cutmann William M. Fisher Morton .I. Franklin Samuel A. Glueck Henry S. Joseph Lloyd M. .Ioshel Maurice L. Levy Armand Oppenheim Seniors Juniors Laurence V. Kanter Irvin A. Kaufman Leonard J. Hertzherg Sophomores F reslzmen Marvin L. Kaufman James J. Lewis I-leyman J. Manhein Benjamin .I. Phillips Donald I. Roth Founded, f'ollvy.:e of tho Cin. of New York, 1902 I rlrwaxltysix Active Chapters Psi Chapter Estnlrlisllecl 1920 907 South Third Street EPSILON ZETA ETA TI'IETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl QMICRQN -'Cl Pixma 4454- II'- Arlhur E. Nackman Abbott R. Stahl M. Raymond Wallenstein Harry C. Wall Lester K. Olin Harry S. Stern Alvin F. Wechter Henry W. Zinner Chester H. Schultz Marshall N. Weinstein Lester R. Wellman T In 'I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I' 'I P In 'U UI F O Z N rn 'I P In 'I P -I I nl 'I P 5 -1 P x P 'U U P r' P 3 W U WP ITN IX W0 NOIIDI Id HU O IS 9 VW I'IV.I. dn NOTIS Hd IHD Sd W0 V9 V d'I VH H8 V WV9 VW 130 V.I. ETA MU DELTA EPSILON ZETA M J. Ross H. Anderson lVurner Strcuer Shivoly ' x Norwood Niedrin haue Kni ht Jackson Hanson Stem Lax' g . g , Quindry Hitting: Sibley Stiehl T. Ross Knntz Rossiter Swartz PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA FACULTY Chester 0. Jackson, B.S. Abner R. Knight, M.E., lVI.S., E.E. Seniors Jack C. DcAtley William F. Cieselmunn Robert K. Baetzmann Joseph S. Bartlum W. Donald Boone Juniors Frank B. Kuntz Leland A. Quindry James W. Anderson H. Wuyne Bitting Robert F. Hoffman Sophomores Clarence F. Bartelsmeyer Jolm 0. Hanson CHI Freshmen N PHI Harold Anderson Kenneth S. Norwood Wilford W. Niedringhaus Bartlum Warren Pfufl' Gieselninn Vogel DoAl.ley Suhworz Harold N. Hayward, M.S. Robert Henderson, Glenn C. Law, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Alfred S. Pfaff Karl R. Schwarz Thomas P. Ross J. Hubbard Rossiter Robert C. Hey John S. Ross Hoy J. Anderson Hoffman Bartelsnleyer Boone Bnetzmunn A.M. Charles D. Werner, B.S. John R. Vogel H. Clair Warren Frank G. Sibley G. H. Stiehl, Jr. Jack C. Swartz Leo H. Shively Clarence H. Stein John H. Streuer UPSILO - I JH RHO SIGMA TAU Founded, University of lllinois, 1920 Ono Active Clinpfur 202 Host firccn Strout gms' 'II I-I . . EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU -'if PAGE 455 lil'- Xl OMICRON Pl P I- 'U I P W rn 'I P 0 P Z 3 P U rn I- 'I P nl 'U U5 I: 0 Z N rn -1 P rn -I P "I I rn 'I P 5 -I P X P U T P I- P 3 T U WP TIN IX NOIDIWO ld HEI 0 'DIS VW .L l"IV N0'IlSdI'I IHd IH9 lSd W0 V9 V d'I VH 1.38 V V9 W VW V.L'I3CI PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU W . Jewell Baker Klutte Hertz L. A. Truhert C. Kring Noling Herron Sweet Potts Meeker II. Kring: Helfrick L. V. Trnburt Pierce Lunduhl Pettee Vain Tress YVilgus Watson Reinhardt Fnrrnr Mielke Roth Mack Cmnpbell Mosher Borcherdt Jacobs H01-is Kas:-li Kriegsman Hofcr Jones Kennedy Gulnty Sawyer Allyn Strohm Winn FACULTY Kendric C. Babcock, Ph.D., LL.D. Paul L. DeLargy, Ph.D. I Gem-ge H. Dungan, PIIIDI Lloyd Morey, AB.. B.Mus., C.P.A. llurley J. Van Cleave, Ph.D. l'loyd R. Watson, Ph.D. ' Carroll C. Wiley, ILS., C.E MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Elston D. Herron Wayne S. Hertz Harold B. Jewell Edward W. Klutte C. Udell Kring Harvey W. Kring Melvin O. Lundahl Juniors Edward S. Baker William B. Jacobs Charles K. Helfrick, ,Ir Norman E. Kasch Charles L. Herts Robert M. Kennedy Sophomoresl Gerald T. Borcherdt Gordon E. Jones lloward W. Campbell John C. Kriegsman Edwin R. Farrar Freshmen P. Richard Allyn Jesse W. Hofer Filmore W. Galaty -177 T James C. Pettee Stanley H. Pierce Loren A. Trubert George H. Mack, Jr. Ronald W. Meeker Arthur W. Mielke M. 'Luther Mosher, Jr, C. Orville Reinhardt John P. Sawyer L. Vernon Trabert Lester M. Van Tress Sidney D. Wilgus, Jr. M. Norman Noling H. Robert Potts Hartwick M. Sweet Richard L. Roth Robert B. Watson Jolm L. Strolim C. Wilbur Winn Founded, Universitv of California ' I 1914 l Nino Artiwe Clinptms I Q rf - V . .:'n45i"',- ' ' :2'Afo:'sg' ufful.-11, '13 Gmvum Clmmvr Iasmillisilcd 192l -101 Exist Daniel Sn-get EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -if PAGE 456 El'- P I' 'U I P W rn 'I P Q P 3 3 P U nl I- -1 P nl 'U UU I: O Z N rn 'I P In 'E P 'I I rn 'I P 5 'I P x P 'U 'U P I- P 3 W U WP IIN IX NOIDIWO ld HEI O SIS VW DVI. dn 1IS NO lHd HD lSd W0 V9 V d1 VH 138 V V9 W VW V.l.'I3Cl If I' 1: I P w l'I'l -I If MU ETA ETA Z ON IL S EP DELTA GAMMA ETA HA ALP GA OM PS CH PHI PSILON U TAU A GM SI 0 RH l 1 ll l Vernon Hilligoss Mundt Hoy Bloom King Schutt Carlson Borah J. R. ltosborongh Diekman Jacobs Christensen Day Jensen Anderson C. Partlow Johnson Hoerr Iglehnrt Nelson Sittig Bernard Loekard Armstrong Pierce Bordwell XVagner Wiese Tolrnan Schacht J. B. Rosborough li. Partlow Robert D. Carmichael Cecil O. Bernard Ernest P. Hoerr, Jr. Robert I. Anderson Arthur J. Bennett, Jr. Howard J. Benson Alvah C. Borah Robert J. Bloom Charles J. Boorkman Bert A. Carlson William H. Bordwell Clinton F. Diekman Howard R. Hannapel Ralph C. McMillan KAPPA DELTA RHO FACULTY Hugh A. Brown, M.S., E.E. Edward J. Filbey, Ph.D., C.P.A. Earl N. Lockard, A.M. , Ph.D. Horace M. Gray, Ph.D. , Robert B. Orlovich, A.M. ,GRADUATE STUDENT John H. Armstrong MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Milton R. lglehart Wilburn A. Johnson Charles D. Christensen Sherwood M. Day William Jacobs H. William Dalton Roy L. Hilligoss Thomas D. Mathews Charles J. Miller Robert D. Partlow Founded, Middlebury College, 1905 -0.1 J. Lia Chapter Established 1921 -Tneteen Active Chapters I'-"Xi-nl." 'i , , I. ,:.O::. ,. ,, . .4-4.4, 1110 South Williamson Street Seniors juniors Sophomores Freshmen Ralph T. Lockard J. Edmund Jensen Charles W. Partlow Don L. Prillaman Donald S. Hoy Richard M. King C. Frank Pierce James B. Rosborough John H. Schaeht Dnlton Snndell Benson Bennett Whitlock Mathews Boorkmnn Prillnmnn Miller llamnnpcl McMillan Hiram T. Scovill, A.B., C.P.A Theodore M. Sperry, M.S. Arthur S. Nelson Harold W. Sittig Joseph R. Rosborough Stanley J. Sandell Albert N. Whitlock Elmer E. Mundt Robert D. Schutt Franklin J. Vernon Lucuis M. Tolman, Jr. Everett F. Wagner Robert G. Wiese I EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -if PAGE 457 IU- Q P 3 3 P U rn I- 'I P rn 'U U5 I: O Z N rn 'I P nl -I P 'I I In 'I P 5 -I P X P 'U T P P P 3 W U WP ITN IX NOIDIWO Id HEI O SIS VW I'IV.I. N0'IlSdI1 Hd H3 Sd W0 V9 V cI'I VH .HH V V9 VWW 130 V.I. ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 2 .1 2 C 4 I 'ai I 5 4 O 'G E N n 5 Z 2 O d ID Q, 2 Ill 5 ff H 5 -I I . - v , 7 , II G R. Grover T. Ondrus Lme 2 E Iemmg, , vokelpom J' ??'dw.:u P. Cgrcxaer .Tiiglms Mm-ttler Turner Thnisen Mulvlhln Inwood Ulaml E Pnrkhurst G Bodwell Ketchum Lnwson Frazer Haight J. Ondrus LGDDIU- Mc uen ' 2 " 2 E If 5 P I K A P PA P H I 0 5' FACULTY C 4 v' 'IR FI ' as All 'VL Bruner. BS., M.D. H lfgl - emlng. . . 1 E l,am-ence ,I.ulQIcIrt0n, Pl1.D. Wllllam .I. Putnam, M.S., M.lL. C Q 'U GRADUATE STUDENT 2 4 I' I Samuel J. Haight IV O g, Z nl 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY E 4 Seniors - Q . m 1 1 Ili . C. Lawson, J,-, Lllurles In McEuen Joseph Ondrus 6 E gfiiifcl-"AP'if:iI', Jr. pisyw, Leppla Michael Mettler Don A. Parkhurst : O Fred L, Ketcllam 3 Juniors 'U " ll z I N, l ' I Donald F. Mulvihill Ralph E. Turner UI ig Igwcggegqell A3355 W. jggslxc ' 'I'l1nmas Ondrus Herbert W. Wishart - Sopholnores O - 5 Tllomu-4 F Fleming Eugene P. Green Rnllerl E' Cffwef Charles E' Line E Q Freshmen b Q E Lawremge f' Allmunslrerger Lawrence E. House llenry C. Vogelpolll P Z 5 0 I A . 1 P gg A -- D : I , W 3 'Wux i If 1'If'g '-EE Fnnmlod. Collclxe nf Charleston, 19114 2 D U w -jiri -5-.Ibis U . . : mv 1"m'ty-one Avlivo Chapters P 4 . IJ: " 1 I ' IFIJ ' 'L 1 H t 'I M SEI -74lII'I"5 'Il L In I K . Vpsilnn C'lmpt4-1' Eslnhlislwd 10121 Q Q , Q 1. -:Q"4..,, I, h " P 1 A - ' I -4 'vl' 'JI -Q N 106 East Green Struct b WI FII, .I - , 'if fl? ,NL , -II ,t. ' lj 'ffl I" 54 I, E L5 ,In :Tv-:VIII -.IIIII-zIIIIII22'lIvfCT'ffle2n.lg-,'I.?1l iafieawr. - P 1 5 A A 1 ' A . wa wr? E7 2 ig.a6:FZ:'t'P i- A24 A X rj, . J - A .u ,L A . l 1 - , r M E M : -haw-H P 'I :V A K . . . . l - , -.jgzxi I-fs o I ' U A rn E I '-T4 EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl P nf PAGE 458 IB? ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU i Mulligan Kuvlurk Pfnif Zinser Gsell Serwich Pratt Henry M. Anderson Oundy Josi Hnnsmeier B. Anderson Weise McPherson Gott Brown Canfield Freeman Klein Benr Deerhnke Mellen Spitzer Starrett Winter Shannon Munley Tonsgard Cook Dunn Burrell Arthur P. Bear Raymond S. Brown Burdette E. Anderson Marshall A. Anderson Charles R. Canfield Lyford A. Cecil Robert L. Henry Marshall W. Burrell P I'I I M U D E LTA GRADUATE STUDENT Paul F. Cundy MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY William B. Colt F. Marvin Deerhake C. Richard Freeman Robert H. Hunsmeier Byron B. Josi Pierce Manley John M. Mulligan Farrell J. Cook Foumled, Uonnevlivul We-slr-yan College, 1898 lfliglltt-on Avtive Cllnptt-rs I V I t unnm lillllllllll Ulmpter ldslziblisilctl 1fl"t O Q 0 G 9' Sufi NVm-st l'ennsylvnnin Aw-nnv, I .QQ f -' .1 , Ft ft 2' Urlmnu. Seniors Charles J. Kavlock James R. McPherson Harold E. Klein C. Sumner Mellen Juniors Lloyd A. Pfaff Earle .I. Tonsgard Eugene M. Pratt William E. Weise Mac Rae Shannon George E. Zinser Sophomores Arthur E. Serwich William C. Starrett Cahre H. Winter, Jr. Freshmen Jack T. Dunn Henry J. Spitzer lt EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -'Ei PAGE 459 ik- P I' 'U I P W rn 'I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- 'I P In 'U UI I: 0 Z N rn 'I P rn 'I P 'I I rn 'I P 5 'I P X P U 'U P I- P 3 W U WP ITN IX NOUDIWO Id HEI O SIS VW I'IV.l dn 1IS N0 lHd H3 Sd W0 V9 VHd1V .HH V V9 W VW V.l1!G OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU PSI CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU 1 I Rich Young A Primm ' Kruger ' Hansen R Reisse M M. Smith Davis Kidder Linder Hudson 0'Mnlley Cobb Buge Hcuhuch Kruus Herrmann Bruley Tobey Charles A. Davis Lawrence N. Hansen Edward W. Buge Joseph D. Cobb F. Curville Hands John B. Bruley THETA ALPHA MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Tliomus R. Hopkins Graham E. Park Fred H. Kruger Henry G. Heubach LeVerne D. Hudson Ricluird J. Herrmann Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Gerald C. Primm Keith Rich Fred C. Reisse Edwin N. Johnson Herbert E. Kidder Robert R. Kraus unzm Cliuplor Esmblis 'Y 4'. 4 1-'uuurled Syrucuse lfnig-0,-sity' 1909 .l"ml1' Active ClI1l.Dl,0l'5 Johnson Hands Morris W. Smith Tommy R. Young Osborne B. Smith John M. Lindner Donald W. O'Malley Robert H. Tobey 1.1. ., 1, -1-1.. Last Gr:-en Strm-vt , .-IC" .--'L :A 'YQX 7' A-'EJ 9, ff EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON -'El PAGE 460 Ef- zo F 1 I r W HI -'I za cr r 3 3 xv U l'l'I I' -I r l'l'l 1 Ui F o z N l'l'l -I za lfl 'I za -I I ffl 'I zo 5 'I za K za 'U 'U za I' P 3 W U wx: TIN IX NOHDIWO Id HH 0 SIS VW DVI. 1ISdfI N0 lHd IH9 ISd W0 V9 V d1 VH 139 V V9 W VW V.L'I3Cl EPSILON ZETA ETA MU ELTA i I 4 Bizzell Trappe Heckler Kniep McDonald Coxe Olson Ruge Bishop Pierce Kann Simon Mertz R. Ehret lilnmenknmp J. Ehret Alden ' Caulfield Holman Belton Sharp Moyer Wahl Kuni Staley Hall Seitz Hubert Peacock Christonson Harper Tnpert Christensen Ferry Jones Brentlingor Shunmlcer G-rant Wilson Nil-ss PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA D John W. Brentlinger Martin C. Christensen Trace Christensen, Jr. John E. Ferry James E. Belton Henry C. Burnett III C. Keith Grant John J. Alden E. Roy Birkicht Walter H. Blumenkamp Relfe S. Ehret CHI UPSILON PHI Kenneth P. Bieber John B. Bishop Isaac Rizzell THETA XI FACULTY Martin H. Billings, M.S. Paul D. Conve1'se, A.M. Frank T. Johnson Harold B. Johnston, A.B. Horace J. Maclntire, M.M.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Harry H. Hall Robcrt A. Harper Rogers D. Jones Alois J. Hubert E. Porter Larson J. Radford Ehret Charles F. Holman Edward H. Kann James L. Caulfield Robert E. Coxe Francis W. Heckler 5144 Jonnded I n selami Polytechnic TAU M in , vii I nil 1 Islablislied 1922 J "Ji his.. 1 l1'8bl - ' - nstitute. 'V fli,.5X A' 'l'hirty-three .tctive Chapters ge. X'o,,s4 4 5 'MAL - I .E .1 -' All I: 'Bd :I Pin Iv- G. . . 0.1 RHO SIGMA Q ' Inns! .lrinory Avenue Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Lester E. Kuni Allan J. Niess Harold L. Reynolds Joseph S. Peacock Werner W. Seitz L. Kenneth Merlz Robert M. Metz Carlisle E. Moyer Edward H. Kniep Edwin L. McDonald Kenneth L. Olson Loch Shumaker Wade E. Tapert Edward L. Wilson Riley M. Sharp Harry T. Wahl Lynn E. Pierce William J. Simon Robert B. Staley James W. O'Neil Wesley C. Ruge Sidney T. Trappe EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON Pl if PAGE 11461 P34- P I- 1 I P W rn 'I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- 'I P In 1 U5 I: O Z N rn 'I P rn -I P -I I rn "1 P 5 'I P K P 'U T P I- P 3 W U WP TIN IX W0 NOUDI Id HU 0 SIS VW I'lV.l Sdfl 'll N0 Hd IHD Sd W0 V9 V d'I VH 139 V WV9 VW 'HCI V.l. ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA CHI UPSILON PHI RH0 SIGMA TAU l Hanson Carver Kendrick Lcnington Stewart Bowman Howatt Schwanbock Watkins Gum, Chance Hahn McBurney Gustafson Trommer Lee Behrens Nicely R. Forsberg Wvillianig Guilbcrt McCl1csney Flint W. Lee Stephens Lockwood Gillmnn Johnson Hanson Carlson Danielson Andree XVnymnn Tessier Horowitz Dennis G-airing Caldwell V. Forsberg I-Ingenbuck Perkins FACULTY Alfred D. Huston, A.M. Henry MacNeill Arthur B. Mays, A.M. Henry J. Miles, Ph.D. Egbert E. Nearpass, R.P. Richard L. Boblenz Wayne S. Carver Watts W. Chance .loseph C. Behrens Malcolm P. Bowman Randall A. Forsberg Charles A. Cillman John M. Gustafson William H. Anclree Stanton M. Dennis .lack D. Caldwell Vincent A. Carlson Vernon A. Forsberg GRADUATE STUDENT Richard F. Hahn MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Carl C. Danielson Robert E. Lee Richard H. Cantz Walter L. McCann juniors Ralph R. Hansen Estel E. Lenington E. Donald Hanson William F. Lockwood John S. Kendrick Charles E. McBurney William O. Lee Joseph E. McChesney Sophomores f Russell C. Flint Clarence B. Horowitz William J. Guilbert Q Freshmen C. Robert Gairing William E. Hagenbuck EPslLoN zum ETA Tl-:ETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA Mu NU xi QMICRQN pi "iIfPAGE 4629- Raymond Haskins Gordon M. Howalt Christy M. Nicely Marshall H. Watkins Harold A. Schwanbeck Robert E. Stewart Charles H. Trommer .Iohn R. Williams William R. Stephens Frank W. Wayman Marshall S. .lohnson Franklin A. Perkins Robert L. Tessier i"oundcd, University of illinois, 19211 '57 Four Active Chapters r- ? . ' 5? Alpha Chapter lfzsnibiisima 1923 Q 1106 South 'l'hird Sty-oct N 43: P r' 'U I P W rn 'I P 0 P 3 3 P U m I- '1 P In 'U U5 F 0 Z N rn 'I P rn -I P 'I I rn 'I P 5 "I P x P 'U 'U P I- P 3 W U WP ITN IX W0 NOUDI Id HU 0 SIS VW IIV.I. 'IISdI'I N0 IHd H3 ISd W0 V9 V d1 VH 139 V V9 W VW V.l13G ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 2 J 3 , 3 Z i C E "' E 4 5 o N E 9 5 Q Z ii D. 'U lu 1 5 4 . .V oss I 5' . Q ul Tschappat SchaolTer L. Kloss Gaueu Ritsehoff II. Wilson Edlund Anderson Crawford Rohm Ilorush Curlstrand a Eaton Klose Orlando Larson Kowalski Greenholt Renfrew Matthews Martinson Phillips Olson A. Wilson Hoeft Fortunate J. Slaughter Eiseman Aldrich Jonson Ellison Milligan Mitt-hell Skiles Johnson Lowe Powers 'Knswh QD 4 Ball Fike Murphy Van Tuyl R. Slaughter C.Kloss Godfrey Smith Eastburn Richards Slifka Plummer Burroughs Baldwin 5 E P 5 D E LTA C H I -I 4 FACULTY E l"" Ralph H. Abbas, B.S. J. Howard Beard, A.M., Ph.D. 'al Charles C. DeLong, M.S. Frank G. Dickinson, Ph.D. Merlin H. Hunter, Ph.D. C Ananias C. Littleton, Ph.D., C.P.A. George W. Sanford, A.M. Merrill I. Schnebly, A.B.. J.D., J.S.D. Charles M. Thompson, Pl1.D. 'U U5 4 ' F I ' O A MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Z 2 Seniors Clyde J. Carlstrand Rodger A. Lowe John R. Orlando James A. Slaughter, Jr. E Q L. Orville Edlund Merritt W. Matthews Franklin M. Phillips Robert W. Slaughter -, Q Herbert Ellison Lawrence M. Olson Carlos L. Renfrew Ronald P. Smith ul Garry H. Homann Harold E. Wilson E Juniors - Q O Robert W. Anderson James A. Eaton Perry A. Martinson Stanley F. Rehm '- James D. Baldwin Vincent D. Fortunate Jennings B. Murphy Farrington T. Schaeffer gfden grawgford Edwin R. Horash James A. Powers Kenneth A. Skiles .U - enn . ast urn George F. Tschappat cn U5 So homores - g, P Robert T. Aldrich Adelberl W. Godfrey Chris S. Kloss Louis A. Ritschoff - Robert T. Ball Irvin G. Jensen Lee P. Kloss George C. Slifka O : Fred R. Eiseman William E. Johnson Charles T. Richards Alex J. Wilson 3 U rn Freshmen Q 1 Bradford E. Fike Julius A. Hoeft Ernest C. Klose Erie M. Larson D I G. Robert Gauen Fred W. Kasch August J. R. Kowalski Marion L. Milligan 1 Stanley A. Greenholt A, Verne Plummer ' P Z l"' O 1 1 -I I 5 P Q- : W In Founded, Cornell University, 18510 ii 2 Y Tliiriy-Soren Active Chapters W Illinois Chapter l'Islul1lisl1e4l 1923 Q 1111 South First Street b E 5 0 - P ID 0 S I I- 2 -I P 'EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON Pl 'PEI Paola 4163 E1- ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 2 I 3 Z C 4 lr. x E o "" 3 N - S 2 O 0 z :.' sn 'D 2-I .- 5 4 I. 2 I -I J . I I , I . , . . O la Pnck I Brull I Roehm Kocrner Kelly Gibson I Ginger I Jon-him Estxrnnik Dempsey Martin Long Pnlmer Rutliowski Potokur Farrell Hnrtranft Hnmlixnk Burns Houndt Stern Brown Kiley Eiclgenberg A 1'm-slim-ll Pilip 1 Baden H I Strzenek gn 4 ' ' I I ' ' I 5 5 THETA KAPPA PHI 3' 0 -I FACULTY D C E James J. Doland, B.S., C.E. RaYm0nd F- DV0l'i1k, B-S., B.Mus. Clarence E. Ireland, M.S. Ill Q . . 'U MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 2 E - 5 a- Senzors z 2' Louis C, Baden Joseph J. Estwenik William H. Kelly Richard B. Martin Eugene E. Brull Oscar R. Hamlmk Gerald J. Koerner Louis R, Rgehm Elwood J. Dempsey ' Raymond R. Stern .E 4 .- 2 juniors n E John E. Burns Harvey J. Pack Peter Pilip Waller W. Polokar I O Edward F- Ginger Henry A. Ruthowski "' 'U E Sophomores Ui Richard C. Eickenberg George T. Gibson George F. Houmlt Paul T, P 1 . . . . a mer - William J. Farrell William Hartranft .lames Long Alfred W, Strzepek 0 I 3 u . y -H, Freshmen Q "' za E John P. Brown William J. Kiley Russell M, Persht-,11 P I' 5 .. .I I 5 P 1 D ul IH : , Founded, Lehigh L'nix'ersity, 1919 , . .1 -I 4 Nine Avtivc Chapters I P E- . . . X 'na 'A Delta Gimme- 1-zmiiiisliedtisizzz "XV 5 Q 4 sofa Eng: G1-Qc-ll Srrffet ' lip' ' y E 3 gp 3 5 P O . . U E 2 -I EPSILCN ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI P -:ef PAGE 464 lik- ' ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA : 3 E 2 E "' 5 4 I- n 2 Fi Z :U 0 S 53' D. m 2 4 I I I' I E I I O Q van den Berg Squires Burton Pilug Powers S. Murphy Derby llnmcy Newcomb Frulnnd Snnner Kovnl Mugner Jay Murphy Linehnn Costello Rettinger Finley Pcttyjohn 4 W. Murphy XVettuu' Hyde Grinison Floreth John Murphy Holler Kinnison Pennington Dart Adams In 1 E 3 5 zu 5 P H I P I P H I 'I 4 FACULTY E E Henri J. van den Berg, A.M. Rexford Newcomb, A.M., M.Arch., A.l.A. Q s . U5 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY F E o -I Seniors Z 4 Joseph J. Blackmore Stanley N. Murphy Robert M. Powers Edward A. Sanner Howard B. Burton Warren A. Pflug Jolm R. Ramey Lyle J. Smith 'U 4 I-I0Y4I O- Ffulafld Henry W. Squires I 0 - E Juniors A n O James J. Costello Francis V. Koval Jay W. Murphy Lawrence J. Retlinger I Russel O. Derby Arthur S. Magnet James W. Pettyjohn II Robert D. Woolsey '- .Iames C. Finley 1 'D 22 Q- Sophomores '- - Thomas P. Dart Roy J. Hyde Jolm J. Linehan John R, Murphy : George E. Crimson Henry D. Wettaw g U Freshmen 5 1 I Alfred O. Adams H. Allen Holler M. Thiell Kinnison William A. Murphy P nl J- WCSICY Flofelh Chester F. Pennington, J z B O I 1 J I 'U 1' 5 Ii' I 3 ou Founded, NOTLllXl'f5Si0Tll University, 2 D g,e.v.i,4.f1, 1 9 1 5 P E Twenty Ac-tive Chapters 1 Q J -- -1' 1 I Delta Chapter Established 1923 Q 4 I A 305 Exist Green Street. 5 E z cn l P 0 I :c 2 9' 5 EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI P I -'EI PAGE 465 IS'- UP I' T I P W In -1 P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- "I P rn 'U ul F 0 Z N rn -I P rn -I P -I I rn -I P -5 -1 P X P U 'U P I- P 3 T U WP E lx! 2 Z- I z E C - Lf 4 EPSILON ZET Id NOIDIWO D TA HEI HA BETA GAMMA EL 52 -Z 2 524. -c 551 ' - N E L 55' L' ess' U 'TJ ""' 5 If ' 5 Q '11 tn :U UP :H Ls O " 55' fi E G3 -' te rs g Z3 Jr F '55 -I E 4 C if 23? rv 55 r 5: ,, . E ' NG: P 'Ef- Q 55 Q- 0'IISdl'l flV.l VWSIS 0 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 5 Seniors z 4 Warren H. Fuermunn Everett W. Howard Rocho H. Sinderson 'U 5 E ul llmiors E Charles R. Birks Paul A. Mosher Herman R. Olson Donald Thom son Q 0 James K. Mosher George E. Myers Sherman H. Stetson Ronolcl Wild p '- ' 'U 'D CD 9- Sophornores - E Bingiilxbianaga Iiohert P. Stevens John W. Thompson Robert E. Van Sickle O u ' 3 ffl -I Freshmen Q : P an Ronald W. Hiatt Gene llirschherg Arnclt Skonnin P Z :- O I , 1 sn P 1 3 ul ffl : I ois, 19225 p E 4 Ono Avlivc Chapter ' 9' . 112 liusl John Struct Q RHO SIGMA V.l13CI VWWV EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON Pl -'EI PAGE 466 1-3- ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 3 J 3 E J S it Si iii . Z P , C 4 I' W X - 4 U' O Ill N E ff 2 3 0 z -I 2 2 m 2 1 2 I' I E I O Q Snrsfield Simpson Osty Lnmplough I. Nilsen Driscoll Ryan I-Iodal Stone Galli Holdsworth Bond Crnner Van Gerpen Rube R. Nilsen Low Eddy Du Val Newlon Nebock Duncan Schreiner Neuman But-hheit Smith Houghton Ric-hurt Bradley Bisesi Machutn. Berg in 4 Rndn Rezny Sullivan Pruclm Heath Altera Kotek Rhodes Uhlir Thieda Gunderson Ross 5 4 B E TA P S I 3' 0 -I FACULTY P 4 C I- Joseph L. Bisesi, B.S. W. Frank Bradley, A.B. J. Robert Buchheit, B.S. g Arthur V. Houghton, B.S. Laurence M. Larson, Ph.D., LL.D. Frank E. Richart, M.S., C.E. Roger W. Stoughton, M.S. C GRADUATE STUDENT 3 4 J F I Vance M. Smith O Us 2' MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Z Seniors 1 4 Robert C. Altera Charles Kotek, Jr. Arthur A. Rezny James A. Sullivan E Q Melvin C. Baker Delbert W. Loos C. Cecil Rhodes Roman A. Thieda lil Arthur E. Heath Ladd C. Prucha Otto V. Uhlir 6 O juniors W I - Robert J. Craner Andrew Machata Kenneth J. Rahe Edward A. Sarsfield - Ralph M. Gunderson Herbert Neuman Millard E. Rada John E. Simpson nu U, Frank D. Low Roy T. Nilsen Aynsley Ross George C. Van Gerpen U, 1 - Sophomores - Rolf J. Berg W. Horace Eddy Edward A. Nebeck Wallace R. Osty O I Eugene F. Bond Melvin E. Franks Brintel R. Newlon, Jr. Harry O. Ryan, Jr, Q gangs J. Dgsctgll Rudolf J. Hodal Irving R. Nilsen A. Herbert Stone, Jr. 3 . urton u a '11 - Freshmen Q E IIEAQQIIMIB lgurii:-an Fred J. Holdsworth Q Clifford E. Lamplough Robert C. Schreiner P s pl . a I P Z r- O lt 'U :' Sygelgfmtiifa.. , I ra I in , 2 ,fi-"JK, f 'f' ff ' '- P 1 , Q . ff-5. ,.,, ,lf im? fy N' ' D ,A , -,k--...HM ,pl.i,I.,,f:l!tL kg .3 jpg w - .,. 1 AA--QW: sq-'if'-N, 5 In ' Mr , ' p - m : 1 Founded, University of Illinois, 1924 -xr if--,fi g X F"5f1L ' Five Active Chapters i Q' N fi' Y, ' i 2' ,- . V v 'I fi if w-.XD i :Q I' f-' I , - , , ., Alpha Chapter Established 1924 fryghli, M V M ' . - N -. V I ' flf' Q 4 1105 South First Street 'fr' 4 .',. 4 .. Q ' N fIIjlI,,,L?g lY Sllhy ' I. I A VV H-. K A b E Y ' " if A : ' Hiiigff if 3 3 A , ' Q , lg- I 'Sim 2,5 I -I 'liar, 1-5125. 'A ,1.,'.f,,L Q , 3, J' tg QQ.-,.,L.,. ' faq! fat 313 ' 11 134' I' 5.Q5f,..:i1:, LSA' 3 tn -1 ' iii?-F.: t . 5-2, 'E --Q' 1 P w w. . . ,.. ' ' af I. I I 'ii 1- -4 .f Q ... , . . 5 E I2 -I EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI P -il-I PAGE ll-67 134- ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU l l Gctncr Ahrnms J. Cohen Sntin A. Simon Missncr Lifsuhultz Snmuvls Propp Moyer Price Cosnut-k lflpstcin N. Horn S. Simon Stair Bcrkowitz ll. Cohen ll. Tut-km' Ncwnmn Lovisultn Kntz Stone Gordon Miller Brown Levy Jenks D, 'Fuvkcr Glick Krclstcin Wnx Shnnken Goldman Rosenthal Mnrgolin Smith Sneidor Oscar E. Ahrams lrving L. Missner S. Isadore Berkowitz Bernard S. Cohen Jack I.. Cohen Maurice S. Brown Bartley Cosneck Theodore M. Epstein Alvin l'l. Horn Arthur Katz llarold Krelstein 'l TAU EPSILON PHI MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY John H. Satin Hcrman L. Getncr Nathan Click Paul Cordon Sol Goldman Nathan Horn Bernard ll. .lenks Allraltam A. Marg Eli Miller Alvin Rosenthal olin Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freslzmen, fn Alvin D. Simon Sidney B. Lifsclmltz Fred J. Propp Roland M. Levisalm Richard J. Levy Stuart C. Meyer James Slianken .lerry S. Smith Founded, Columbia University, 1910 'l'l1irty-tllrce Active Clmptcrs Psi Clmptvr l'1stnl:lished 192.1 105 East Armory Avcnut' Leon P. Star Judson A. Samuels Dan D. Tucker Harold Tucker Irwin H. Newman Seymour S. Price Sidney O. Simon Milton J. Sneider Sol Stone Dan R. Wax Q1.3.1,1.sjp.1 G. Y A- i 3 fi1's'1'9'1 '11 f' P EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON +21 PAGE 468 R1- P P 1 I P ul HT -I P Q P 3 3 P U 2 -l P 1 1: un F 0 Z N ffl -c P M -I P -I I nl -1 P 5 -I P x P 'U 1 P I- P 3 w U WP TIN IX NOIIDIWO Id HH O SIS VW I'IV.I. dfl N01IS Hd H3 lSd WO V9 VHd1V L39 V WV9 VW 130 V.L ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU CHI UPSILON PHI RH0 SIGMA TAU Qu l-l. Cl X cs I Larkin VVisltart Lohr Tabor Blttkeslee R. Stock Ptwey Gilkvrson Kohn Harnden Suhlnnsker Hermes Cope Cowles Novak Connolly C. Stock Berg Anderggn Douglass Wulluve Croxcn Rudi Fnllun Lovell Ligprott Carpenter XVnlther Greenlee Trowbridge Colby Mvlluflin Moniot Foster Porter Von Munzke Walker Cndle FACULTY Max D. Engelhart, M.S. William B. Nevens, Ph.D. Thomas E. Oliver, Ph.D. GRADUATE STUDENTS Paul O. Rilcher h .l. Curtis Stock R. Vaughn Walker MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Wilbur J. Blakeslee Walter Cope, Jr. Elmer A. Greenlee Alwin S. Kolm Ralph K. Berg Robert W. Cadle James S. Carpenter Fred W. Colby Frank B. Anderson Haviland A. Connolly E. Tyrus Larkin Robert E. Lee Melvin R. Liggett ,lack W. Cowles Oscar L. Fallan George N. Gilkerson G. Kenneth Green E. Leslie Croxen Roland B. Douglass l"ounded, Interfrnternit y Comfort-no X 1923 Sixteen Active Clmpters Us-lla: Alpha Vlittptm-1' Established 1923 1010 South Third Street Juniors Sopholnores Freshman Robert L. Foster Raymond A. Lohr H. Francis Lovell Thomas Pacey Donald F. Hermes Alfred R. Von Manzke Charles T. Novak Percy C. Harnden Millard S. McGullin Robert P. Stock .lack P. Tabor H. Harrison Walther Charles N. Wishart Harold W. Porter Richard M. Radl D. Lynn Schlansker Sam G. Trowbridge Irwin Moniot Robert N. Wallace lt EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON Pl -xii PAC!-3 469 Ef- I- D Z W U WP ITN IX NOUJIWO ld HH O SIS VW V.l I1 dfl N01IS Hd H3 ISd WO V9 V d1 VH 139 V V9 W VW 130 V.I. P F 1 I P MU ETA ETA Z SILON EP DELTA MA GAM ETA HA LP A GA OM PS CH PH ON UPSIL U TA A GM SI 0 pr.-. , . 996 l 1 Anderson Gcwcvke Missnnin Hull Triulo Shevulier Stoltz Mills Parks Bcsnnrron Hnnsvn NVilines Christensen D. Smith V, Hrutlt Zimmermann Joslnn A. Smith Coleman Clnnsscn Donn Cline L. Iirodt Novnk Mi-llownn Pinkel FACULTY Edwin C. Koch, A.B. Charles O. Werner, M.S. GRADUATE STUDENT J Albert l. Besancon MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Robert H. Anderson Kenneth W. Mills Beaumont M. Parks Andrew A. l-lall, Jr. Clifford E. Missman Robert H. Pinkel Juniors Victor H. Brodt Harold E. Hansen George C. Lindsay Charles C. Christensen Joseph Joslun Sophomores Martin P. Claussen Millard R. Coleman Dix C. Shevalier A. D. Cline Theodore H. Cewecke Freshmen Leonard P. Brodt William A. Dean James R. McGowan Laroy R. Stoltz William E. Trude Donald W. Smith F. Elmer Zimmermann A. Tanner Smith Frank E. Wilmes Henry J. Novak Q Q 1 Q Q V --I 1921 ,QF QQ 'l'0n Avtivo Cllzlptcrs T Y' ,UV 1'tn Chapter l'stnhlishid 00' . f U ,f 'nf .' ' . -D ' 212 I'1:'t. s tt ' --t 'Sgr EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON -ill PAGE 47013- W l'l'l -I za Q r 3 3 r U ffl I' 'I za ffl 'U Ui F 0 z N ffl 'I za ffl -I zo -I I ffl 'I zo 5 -I za x za 1 'U za I' za 3 W U wr ITN IX NOUDIWO Id HH 0 SIS VW .L ITV 1lSdfI NO Hd IHD Sd V93W0 V d1 VH 138 V V9 W VW V.L13Cl ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU l .lnvulnmtn Dum-rkop Bniley StoutThnus Litsvhel Heiden Jost Meinhr-it Lum-dke Stcngel llnnnnond Zillmun Zeiter Ilorch Tinnnerxnnn Witt Querl Busker Miller Huebener Herltke Senne Moeller Wnlline Thienlnnn L. 'Pells-en Johnson EllL':l'llllII'l,II lbvornk W A-lpzc K. 'Felh-on Fuhs Spnnior Stelter Geissondoerfer FACULTY John T. Geissendoerfer, Ph.D. Herbert. F. W. Moeller, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Franklin .I. Dvorak Herbert C. Engelbardt Walter E. Busker George Coldewey, Jr. Walter C. Luedke William A. Hedtke John I-I. Ileiden George A. Horch Walter L. Bailey Fred P. Duerkop, Jr. geg rem. 55.2511 -:fee . .Lu v Q35 QQ? F01 Philip J. Falls, Jr. Merlin F. Johnson Roy O. Miller Sieving W. Querl Marcellus E. Serine Fred W. l'luebener Charles F. Jost Victor W. llanmnond lnded, University of lllinois, 1925 l-'ive At-tivo Uliaiplers Alpha Chapter lflslublisln-rl 1925 52 Exist Armory Avenue juniors Sophomores F reslunen Robert W. Spanier Harold P. Stelter Leonard W. Telleen Fred Litscllel, Jr. Fred O. Meinheit Robert D. Jacobson Kenneth L. Telleen Albert C. Welge Harold A. Thlemunn Henry C. Timmerman Martin .l. Zeiter Melvin R. Slengel Ralph E. Wulline Vernon L. Will Martin R. Sloeifliuas .Iohn C. Zillmun EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -til PAM: 471 lif- r I" 'U :: xo W ffl -I za Q r .3 3 zo U H1 I'- -I za IH 1 2 I' o z N ffl -I zo In "I ze 'I I ffl 'I 1: 5 'I xv x za 1 'U zo F za 3 W U wr ITN IX NOIDIWO ld HEI 0 SIS VW I'lV.I. dn NOTIS Hd IHD lSd W0 V9 V d1 VH 1.38 V WV9 VW 130 V.l P I- 'U I P MU ETA ETA Z SILON EP TA. EL MA GAM ETA HA LP A GA OM PS PHI CHI ON IL PS U U TA A GM SI O llarnish V, Smith R. Pinkerton Klugc .l. Anderson liarnhart ll. Anderson Mortara Morgan S. Smith Lcppu. Ames Phillips G rib Byrns B1-nnott Povvrly NV. Pinkerton Henderson Nowlin Kinsinger Johnson Schuster Basford Wells Boll Shclford li. Anderson Buddeincicr Hickey llrablv Gordon lfiglcwski Bohn Parry Dillon Norman Crows 'Phoinpson llaniilton Sedlat-ck FAC ULT Y .leff A. Anderson. M.S. Winfield S. Angus, B.S. Wilbur E. llarnish, A.M. Ralph W. Kluge, M.S. Vivian T. Smith, A.M. Lyle Barnhart Paul R. Basford C. Virgil Bell William E. Bohn Donald C. Anderson Caslon K. Bennett Russel H. Ames Louis .l. Crib Myron .l. Henderson Lowell B. Anderson GRADUATE STUDENT R. Donald Pinkerton MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Halbert O. Crews, Jr. Scott Dillon Benjamin Figlewski Maurice L. llamilton Wilber D. Buddemeier Frank W. Byrns Edward J. Leppa Lester F. Nixon Criss A. Morgan Seniors Juniors Soplmnwres Freslmten 'ff' Kenneth J. Johnson Frank E. Kinsinger Oliver H. Norman Robert C. Perry Nicholas A. Cordon Edward F. Grable Oscar .l. Nowlin Ralph B. Peverly Daniel F. Mortara Founded, Halnl Tliirty-five Active Chapters Kappa Chapter Established 1925 1105 Rust John Str:-et ine University, 1901 Joseph V. Schuster Irvin F. Sedlacek Orville D. Thompson Earle W. Wells Edward .l. Hickey .lolm V. Shel ford Paul S. Phillips William J. Pinkerton Sidney F. Smith F! CP 0 QP .ogiffa Iafnlgr EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON al Pact: 472 lif U l'l'l -1 za cw zo 3 3 za U I'l'l I' 'I za HI 'U UI F o z N ITI 'I za ll -I za -I I H1 -I za 5 -I za x za 'U 'U za I' za 3 W U wr ITN IX NOUDIWO ld Hll O SIS VW I'lV.L dn TIS NO Hd IHD ISd W0 V9 V d1 VH 138 V V9 W VW V.I.13Cl BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU ALPHA PSI OMEGA CHI UPSILON PHI U TA SIGMA 0 RH III 'U ul I: O Z N In -I P Buldim: Barrett Islllhllill. Kuknu IIIINSUJ' lnxsur lIlllXllt'Il0l' N4-lson Vnsilt-IT Cooper Rodgers Leiser III-lxhuw Iloweler Mnchvaln Borvltnrrlt .ll. Ulvndenin 'llllllilllllll Nm-kcldt-I1 Du Uostn Cook Lnrson Roberts Longrwoll l'I. l'l4'nrlI-nin St-yfnrtli Thomson Nll'IllI'yI'l' ldlrivk Litlmrlnml FACULTY Leon McCarty, A.M. Paul C. Roherls, LL.lI., B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Etlwartl W. Clenclenin George E. Cook Robert F. Elrick Frank V. Flaska Victor I-l. Belshaw Ferdinand P. Borehardt Paul ll. Baltling Milton Kukac John L. Franklin Willis E. I-lewitt N. Junior Litherlantl Hurry 0. Clenclenin Clark R. Coehonour Donald E. Larson Earl J. Leiser Stephen R. Barrett I'l0llIlIIl'lI, CII-vm-lnntl Low School, 19115 x S1'Vt'llIj"Sl'Yl'II Avtive Chapters 5 A!! lmvitl Davis Senate l'INtnhlislIvd 1925 1109 South Fourtli Street Joseph P. Longwell Charles O. Nelson John A. Niemeyer Richard B. Seyfarth Clmrles C. Thatcher Roherl J. Tliomson Juniors Arthur E. Cooper Robert E. lloweler Cordon A. Du Costa Ricllurcl E. llussey Sophomores Leo C. Mackeltlen litlwurtl W. Rodgers Colins MacLean, Jr. La Verne Tinkhum Freshmen llerhert Lasar Vasie Vusilell' l ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -'Cl PACE 473 lif- P I' 'U I P T III -I P Q P 3 3 P U In I'- -I P In 'U U5 I: 0 Z N In -I P In -l P -I I III -I P 5 'I P X P 1 T P I' P 3 W U WP IIN IX NOEDIWO Id HEI O SIS VW I'IV.L dn 1IS N0 IHd IHD Sd W0 V9 V d'I VH L39 V V9 W VW 130 V.I. ETA MU OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA PSI CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU Birger Goldnlnn Auerbach Wagner Young Rubenstein Porte Cooper Mnndolson Mink Shurmnn Samuels M. Goldberg Kraus Rogan tlrossnmn W. Goldberg Ornstein Browdy Lesser Altbncli FACULTY Milton H. Birger Leslie C. Elson William Goldberg Milton S. Allbach Raymond Auerbach Edward J. Iirowdy Leopold N. Judah, M.D. GRADUATE STUDENTS Theodore J. Cooper Harry I. Rubenstein MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Harry P. Goldman Morris S. Kraus Juniors Irving R. Mandelson Herman E. Mink Sopltomores A Melvin A. Goldberg Morris Rosen Herbert W. Grossman Milton E. Shurman Freshmen Abe S. Lesser Barry M. Ornstein Foul lded, College of the New York, 1910 Nineteen Avtive Chuptu Pi Cltnptor Hstublislu-11 Il 313 Exist John Street Cits of Arthur C. Wagner Sol Porte Arthur M. Samuels F. Raymond Weinberger Earle M. Young Q Q6 4. 6' 2? .. 4- ' lt- Q" . wZQTAfnd3e . -IQ. .Qi-"' 'iggr T7 EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON +El PAGE 474 li'- za F 'U : zo U Ill -I ze Q za 3 3 za U lfl I' 'I za HI 'U UI F 0 z N ffl 'I zo HI -I r -I I UI -I za 5 -I za x zo 'U 'U zo F' za 3 W U wr FIN IX NOIDIWO ld HU 0 SIS VW V.L fl dn 'IIS NO lHd IHD ISd WO V9 V d1 VH H8 V WV9 VW 130 V.l ETA MU BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA PSI OMEGA AlPHA CHI UPSILON PHI TAU A GM SI RHO nl 'U U, I: 0 Z N m 'I P E l Hornlnwk Thomas Cornelius Wilkins 'Fnppero Conder Ehmnn Iinndborg Deli Clnrke Glick Armstrong Kuusnl Simpson Mossey J. Jones Rowe Ritter Bliss Mathews Glusstetta-1' R. Jones Fry XVooddeIl Hnll Hottvs Iinll Bennett Harvey Frnehling Sieffernnin Stubhleliold Gloss Stnrr FACULTY John A. Clement, Ph.D. Burrill R. Hall Fred H. Rankin, B.S. Charles .l. Starr JOIHI F- Wnmlllelli M-S- William H- YOUUS GRADUATE STUDENTS Everett E. Conder Robert P. Cornelius MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Ray W. Ball Howard G. Class Allen C. Hottes Earl S. Perrine J. Gordon Bennett Arnold R. Fruehling Richard H. Bliss Theodore R. Fry Henry A. Classtetter W. Paul Armstrong Norman F. Clarke Frank D. Deli Richard M. Ehman Q O v", qagqjoig- 0 ETA TH ETA IOTA Castle J. Harvey Richard C. Hagan Francis R. Inskip S. Monroe Click .lohn F. Kausal .lohn A. Hornlmack William F. Landbo Founded, Tri-Stute College, 1921 Nine Active Chapters Em Chnptcr Jistnhlished 1925 405 Exist John Struct. YS Gerard A. Nelson Royal L. Siefferman Frank M. Sluliblefield I uniors .lean J. Jones Hurry F. Mathews Ralph B. Jones Vernon Il. Rowe Sophomores J. Lloyd Mossey Eugene E. Tuppero William A. Ritter Lyle K. Wilkins Freshmen Rex R. Simpson Harold E. Thomas Charles E. Twadell I , KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl -nil PACE 475 lif- ze F 'U I xv W H1 -I zo aw za 3 3 za U HI I- -I za HI 'U Ui F 0 z N HI -I za HI -I za -I I l'l'l 'I r 5 'I za K za 'U 'U za I' za 3 W U wr I'IN IX NOEDIWO Id HU 0 SIS VW I'lV.l dI"l NOTIS IHd H3 ISd WO V9 V d'I VH 138 V V9 W VW 130 V.I. ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA .I. Howard Bunting David W. Horner Vernon D. Irish Bradford H. Chambers Edward N. Davis D. Elmo Cox Donald R. Crocker CHI N PHI Robert H. Griffith Tom M. Logan Mulottke Crocker Ilornur Maher Salberg Wyatt Moore Johnston Newcomb Bunting Wiegnnd Lmnhright Moclmann Krenkel Davis Charles Stewart Irish Suu-li TH ETA KAPPA NU Harold E. Babbitt, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Elmer C. Maher John M. Moelmann John H. Krenkel Howard M. Curtis Harry A. Johnston Rcxforcl Newcomb, Jr. UPSILO RHO SIGMA TAU I" o Donald C. Moore Kenneth .I. Preisel Harold H. Malottkc John S. Lambright C. Edward Stewart, Jr. undvd, Drury Collage, 1924 I"ifty-one .Ivtivv Chap Illinois Iivta Estalllishvd .212 East Chalmers Street t 01' Harry C. Sutch C. Victor Wallrat Paul C. Wiegand William O. Wyatt Eugene E. Mason Arthur K. Salberg Charles. E. Stewart s x 6. s " 'Q' T 1 'f X Q I af we EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON za I' 1 I r U IH -I za as zo 3 3 za U 2 'I za H1 'U UI F- 0 z N l'l'l 'I 1, HI -I za -I I HI -I za 5 'I zo K za 'U 1 za I' r 3 W U wr ITN IX WO ID N0 ld O VWSIS fIV.I. Sdn 'II NO IHd HD lSd W0 V9 V d1 VH V138 WV9 VW 13 V1 PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU CHI UPSILON PHI TAU SIGMA 0 RH rn 'U CD I: 0 Z N rn 'I P rn -I P 'I I rn 'I P 5 'I P Ft-More Ruddy Madison Idlit-h Leech Knapp Plllfltllll Clason Adams Soma Rehor Iteins Frederick Iflvkfeld II. Ream Cart-k St-hindel N. Ream Charlton Goodwin XV. Havfc-lv La Roi Ubent-y Uoopt-r Goebel Smith Szilvasy Montvid SIGMA DELTA RHO MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Donald S. Charlton James L. Fetters George A. Leech Gunnar S. Glason .I. Lynn llaefele Harold K. Madison Juniors Pliny A. Adams Willard H. Haefele Sydney F. Knapp Robert W. Elicb Sophomorcs Frank G. Garek, Jr. Donald K. Eckfeld George II. La Roi Howard M. Cheney William P. Goodwin Norman J. Ream Harry A. Cooper Freshmen George W. Frederick Arthur A. Montvid Iloward .I. Ream Louis ll. Goebel tu In ' 1. . ' 'J , an LW: Agzgut., .nn I: dj ' at '49 ta :-'-vt. "ff-1' .. ' Ltf. wwf' ,QQ - 1' 'U . Albert R. Putnam Thurston .I. Ruddy Everett G. Leins John Soma joseph Rebor, Jr. Walter P. Scbindel Glenn S. Smith Frank A. Szilvasy - 1 I'llIIll14I0d, Miami University, 1921 ta light .tc-tive Chapters t'haptt-r I-Istablishvd ll I 301 Insist John Street +21 PAGE 477 Ef- KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI P I- 'U I P W rn 'I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- 'I P In 'U 2 I- 0 Z N rn 'I P rn -1 P -I I rn 'I P 5 -I P X P 'U 'U P I- P 3 W U WP I'IN IX WO NOUDI Id HEI 0 IS 9 VW I'IV.l dn NOTIS Hd H3 lSd WO V9 V d1 VH 139 V V9 W VW 130 V.L U P F 'U I P T In -I P 0 P 3 3 ,P U nl I' 'I P rn 'U UI I: 0 Z N rn 'I P rn -I P 'I I rn 'I P 5 'I P X P T 'U P I' P 3 W U WP M IIN ETA IX ON ZETA NOIDIWO A EPSIQ U Id A GAMMA DELT :sf S Ef- ES 9 ge 25 E' 5, O E E5 'S F' 2 ES M :rl '45 D :ru 2 5 '1 Q Evra 92 2 UQ .. is E D- FI 3 E55 l 5 i D 5 flV.l VWSIS OH DELTA PI 5 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY "' S Seniors Ui 4 F I Henry Berg Ralph I. Dorfman Elliott Kohn Milton L, Kohn 0 Q. Sam C. Bernstein Louis Leaf Z H 4 'U 4 Juniors E 0 William M. Feinberg Maxwell W. Matz Samuel R. Parker Emil M, Pgllak E William M. Horowitz fj Q E .5 Sophomores 1 sn U5 an Elias Buchman Gilbert C. Lahid Leonard M. Raffeld '- CHI W0 I.0N PHI , T3 2 9 r 55. ww l aw I 3 5 1 an 95? '4 I Q2 L 5 2 5-D ra 2. 5 51 'I 2 15' S W as 5 E7 3 I 2 O '1 ZZ!! U N 5' :I 311 W UI? E N FT' 'C I'ItI1V V93 UPSI 9 V :D " 'iq xr 4 t Founded, University of Illinois, 1925 ,Q ul .-. One Active Chapter si HA 111 Enst Chalmers Street 1' ly 0 0 fl Q - 1 , T Y .W 2 A E 0 3 U m P 0 I I U HI gnu UI F o z N l'l'l -I r l'l'l -I r -I : IH -I r 5 -I r x r 'U 1 P I" n 3 W U b 3 C z c E 0 E O U o z 'E vu :ii 'U an ca m fi oo ZF EPSILON ZETA ETA MU GAMMA DELTA OMEGA ALPHA BETA Frank H. Bischoff Harvey W. Coddington Roy E. Etnyre David B. Anderson George T. Christie PSI CHI .Iohn W. Baur James A. Christie UPSILON PHI Richard C. Coddington Arthur F. Dries Lyle G. Jacobson U TA A GM SI RHO In 'U U5 I: 0 Z N In 'I P ,gf , f- Dlju 'if 17 A ,, 4, 'f"" .',. . .fl "ru Q, 1' fs' In . . F""!'5:.- L Miller Bunr NVehor Ragland Stratton R. Coddington Lloyd McDaniel Jacobson Jenson Surplico J. Christie Smart Anderson G. Christie Wutne Pottho ff Bum-khnrdt Kraft Sitford World Swanson Sawyer ' ' ' - ' ' Q' ' ' S -h f H. Coddin ton Morton D'Enth Kingman Snnth Blsnhoh Rickard Phelps Ltng ru ISICSSCD c at er g CHI TAU FACULTY Edward F. Potthoff. Ph.D. Henry L. Buckardt, M.S. GRADUATE STUDENT Robert H. Sifferd MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Bernard L. Moeck Douglas B. Morton Dudley .l. Kingman Edwin Leslie Ilarley W. D'Ealh Lawrence N. .lensen .Iohn McDaniel If'ound0d, Duke University, 1020 Ono Active Clinptox' rtu Chapter lflstuhlisllcd 1927 312 East Daniel Stn-ut Seniors juniors S 0 pholnores Freshmen Calhoun W. Phelps Mason L. Rickerd Ivan M. Lindblade William II. Smart Robert W. Lloyd Donald Miller Lyle W. Minks Clarence W. Riessen Willard W. Schafer Howard C. Smith Archie E. Swanson Olaf A. Walne Robert A. Sawyer Robert W. Surplice Chester A. Ragland .lohn A. Stratton Edward W. Weber ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI -'El PAGE 479 134- P r' 'U I P W rn 'I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- 'I P rn 'U IL' F O Z N rn 'I P rn -I P -E I rn 'I P 5 'I P X P 'U T P I- P 3 W U WP DN IX NOIIJIWO Id HU 0 9lS VW I'IV.I. NO1lSdfI IHd H9 Sd W0 3 V9 V d1 VH 139 V V9 W VW V.L1!CI ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU ld NOHDIWO IX TIN W TA HU .. 51 '1 e E' 5 Zi A1 5? ::.5 gg: E. : '51 Fr 2. '4 s: vs-jf. E '1 1: 5 E -. 0. 1' '55 E E P5- :E fri 51" Z : '1 ar 1 71 E. QF -12 o: Z2 ": F if :' -.. :CJ E2 :Q -'TE ... ': .-- U1 E 55' E1 W OMICRON ALPHA TAU E MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Q C Seniors 3 4 1 I Samuel P. Allschul Louis Kalzman Julius Rosenberg Lester H. Yavitz 5 1 Henry I. Feinberg 2. z 'U 4 fun iors I ! B Irwin Becker Harold H. Crest Abraham Gosenpul Clarence H. Ziff E Arthur E. Brandt 6 Q E 5 Sophomores 3 n' George Bush g Milton W. Krissman U .Ierome Il. Pinkus Louis Rubenstein - Leo H. Goldstein Melvin A. LeV1ne f Leonard Wirtll PHI CHI VSBWO Freshmen Oscar J. Finkel Arthur H. Froliman Melvin R. Marks UPSILON 9 VHd1V 13' IH : Founded, Cornell University, 1012 -I 4 Twenty-three Ac-tive Chapters P F Pi Chapter Established 1927 Q 4 410 East Green Street b RHO SIGM V.I.1!G, VWW EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI -'Ci PAGE 4,80 E4- M ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 5 3 E A z C E x Ill 4 E O N 5 9 2 o 0 z 3 :Ts G 'D ul 1 W E :: - I o ul Silling Wahl liunsc Kraukevik Q Dom-y Wagner Webb Rowley Anderson Ncsler Larson NVir:kurshnm Richards Collins Bcnyn NVivg:nrd Libner Ray Oswrmmm in 4 W. Bncheldor Simko Rhine Junkins Berry Therien J. Bacheldor lg 2 2 E P 3 DELTA ALPHA Pl -I FACULTY E 4 ll: llerhert H. Alp, B.S.A. Oscar E. Wagner, Jr. A.M. Q C GRADUATE STUDENTS 3 4 Luddie M. Dohry David E. Wiegard F 5 o A 2 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 'U 4 Seniors E S Archie Kraakevik Harry P. Libner J. Leslie Richards Edward C. Wahl E Arthur P. Larson Vance A. Ray George M. Silling George M. Wickersham Q Q E Juniors 1 John F. Bacheldor Franklyn S. Collins Max V. Rhine Harry M. Rouse 'U 2 William T. Bacheldor Dave Nesler Francis C, Rowley, jr, 2 - Sophornores 0 5 Arnold E. Anderson .l. Howard Junkins Caspar P. Ostermann James F. Webb 2 John A. Benya In - Y Q I 1' reshmen F Q, Francis J. Berry John A. Simko C. Edward Therien P 5 ' 5 .I I 5 P S W . , Founrlecl, Ohio 'Wi-sloyan University rn D 5" 'mb' 1001 -4 fd ' X.. Six Active Chapters P 5 if , , n'Wf5..45"'i Zeta Chapter Established 1927 Q 4 4011 Iflust John Street D 5 I I 3 9 5 ID O o U 5 or m .. -I EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI P -'Cl PAGE 481 lif- P I' 'U I P MU ETA ZETA ON SIL EP ELTA MA GAM ETA A H LP A OMEGA PS CH PH ON UPSIL U TA A GM SI 0 RH Elliott Coruzzu Hnnutin Kirkpatrick Riggle McBroom Lursou Pierson Aydelott Bowen Cofer Brock Brushnw Connor Sejnost Gnrd Szinngnj Young Middleton Kuhicn Curr Sander Sirotnak Holt Streit Peltzer Kleen McCollum FACULTY William C. Carr Albert H. Kleen Elden W. Brasliaw Glen W. Brock John M. Connor Curl .L Aydelott Edgar C. Bowen Alton B. Cofer Harold W. Holt, A.B., L.L.B., S.,I.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Fred McCollum, Jr. Arthur Peltzer Louis S. Gard Frank P. Hanafin Joseph W. Corazza Russel E. Elliott E. Maurice Kirkpa trick Seniors Juniors Freshmen EPSILCN ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA NIU NU Xl ONIICRON -'Sf PAGE 482 R1- Ricllarcl G. Sander London C. Middleton Frank R. Sejnost John .L Kubica Richard Larson .Iohn J. Sirotnak Edward F. Streit Adam L. Szmagaj .Iohn O. Young R. Curtis McBroom Arthur C. Pierson Paul T. Riggle Founded, University of Micliignri, 1914 K' if Thirty-tliree Ac-tive Chapters 1 If if: f 3 Alpha Alplin Clinpter Plstnhlishcd 1927 'IF f 4"T 700 South Second Street r -. 'Ove- W In -I P Q P 3 3 P U 'F 'I P rn 'U ul I: O Z N rn -I P In 'l P "I I rn -I P 5 'I P x P 'U 'U P I' P 3 W U WP TIN IX NOIIDIWO Id HH O SIS VW I1V.I. 1ISdI'I N0 lHd H3 ISd W0 V9 V d1 VH H8 V V9 W VW 13 V.l. ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA ETA MU EPSILON ZETA PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA -l Cook F. Wilson V. Wilson Benttie Eck Rupp E. Wilson Moore Hess Butler Liesenfelt Mnrshnll Weber Colemnn ALPHA LAMBDA TAU FACULTY GRADUATE STUDENTS Arnold O. Jackson Oliver L. Rapp MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Lloyd S. Butler H. Russell Griffith Mathew V. Liesenfelt Juniors Lester N. Eck George A. Hess Howard J. Marshall Sophomores Marvin M. Cook CHI Andrew G. Barla Butler Beattie Freshmen UPSILON PHI Russell Jensen Harold L. McGinnis Ferris C, Wilson Founded, Oglethorpe University 1911 Seventeen Active Chapters eng ' -A -36 . .s, I.: 9 ,553 T71 E' H? cn OS' an O UI: 3: 5:1 To '1 Zn.. QL2 OV! off EE U29 .-. Cf Ss:- D 'Cf E oo I MA OSI RH '..4 . ' Ernest C. Coleman, A.M. Wilbert E. Karrenbrock, M.S. 1 -lt M... Q. v. Jackson Burln Bnntz Grillitlx Norman S. Weber Harold R. Moore Earl J. Wilson Vernis M. Wilson Us . EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON -'H PAGE 483 Q31- L 0 'I P X P 1: 1: P I- P Z an U WP IIN IX NOIDIWO ld HEI 0 SIS VW I'lV.L 1ISdI'l N0 IHcI IHD ISd V93W0 V d'I VH 139 V V9 W VW V113 CI ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 5 I 3 5 z C E, " E 4 TA EPSILON ZET HU Id OIDIWO -' 1 I o W ' - - - I 1 C - s Q Derby Iurxekson Ixellcr Alt wr Ox ennor Chullncombo Kilirm Gregor J. Helwig Dux-ke Whittaker Stephenson Bcnhow Snlnk NVIIIIZII Dnhnlnel Blmnberg A. llelwig Nalson MA WSIS M -I I m -I J' Z C m 'U cn I- O Z V HA BETA GA K-3 5 Z Q E. '3 Q. 5' -1 -1 52 3' V' E 5 fe 5 'C 5 FU 17 2 f: -T3 B Q E 5 01ISdn nV.L MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 5 Seniors Z Malcom R. Derby Carl A. Erickson 1 4 EE C9 Lu Juniors n E K'Illl3Ill R. Cox George A. Gregor Elmer C. L tl R b K. S I . : O Ifanivlis J. Darke. Jr. Richarcl T. Keller John C. Seiinoir Ellmzitff. Wliitlllzallfeiqon - 5 'U n. I 'L' S 0 pholno res David W. Benbow John Il. Helwig Rfllz 'l B. N lr E ' A, S l k E Chester L. Blomberg W ul e sun rwm a a Q U rn -. Fresh men Q I P Q, Vernon W. Duhznnel Andrew E. llelwig Lawrence A. Wana! 5 A E I :: UPSIL 9 V 5 D Founded, Wesleyan University, 1870 K P 4 Fifteen Active Chnptn-rs .t 5- 1 In Even . Pi Pi Clmmer lcsmblislwd 1929 "L Q 4 201 Iinst Green Street OV H- b E O 01' 3 RHO SIG V.L1!Cl VW EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl -'CI PAGE 484 13+ ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA E 3 Z ,, ,..,-,,t,i. V. I rs A at C -,ef .gi 4 'G 2 N .aa R Z 3 O ul -W Z 1 'L' m 2 Q I 5' I E A O Q Lib Panic-hi Tuthill Straub Brown Hayward Heuer Wood Hershey Hottes Bickenbuch Lcssler Mitchell Peters 4 Snnkus Fuss Lee Punichi Kingsbury Dowell Burgoon Ngggt in E Q 2 5 5 SIGMA PHI DELTA -I FACULTY P 4 C E Harold E. Babbitt, M.S. john S. Crandell, B.S., C.E. Abner R. Knight, M.E.. M.S., E.E. .lohn K. Tutliill, B.S., E.E. Q Donald M. Brown. A.B., B.S. Harold N. Hayward, M.S. Frederick G. Straub, M.S., Met.E. Carrol C. Wiley B.S., C.E. C 'U 1 - GRADUATE STUDENT 2 E Samuel P. Mitchell 5 al Z MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY -U eIll0rS g S . E Ill E Bennet Burgoon, Jr. A Dallas D. Hershey Allen C. Hottes Lib Panichi 6 O Ralph L. Dowell I Juniors 1 , - au E Paul S. Bickenbach Henry J. Heuer Frank J. Stenzel Frank R. Wood ug - S o phomores O 5 llglaralgllrlgyl. Iliglgigglmury Yale W. Naset Ilerbert W. Peters Stanley A. Sankus E E Freshman S nl Frank N. Fuss Z P I- O ll 'U ul 6 - - I E P W D E Fonlnclt-rl,CLH1fivet'kily1Kg1frScn1tl1erli 2 - Y, - an ornm, . 21 4 -Dey " X Seven Active Chapters P I- 6:37 gg cp t fy V7 F' v ' 4., AX , 1, Donn Ch pw- mini,-1 a was Q 4 gpg 1009 :Melt Ci1'ebiilETi'eet b 9 5 ID O U I rn M 5 EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl P 11 -'El PAGE 485 PJ'- UP f' 'U I P UI ffl -I P Q P 3 3 P U ffl I -I P H' 'U cn F 0 Z N m -l P nl -1 P -I I m -I P 5 -1 P x P 'U 'U P I- P 3 U1 U WP E U it z 4 c: I' H' x 4 EPSILON ZET ld NOHDIWO A ll I- , , 7 I m' A 1- o Q Clark Gun Willinms Cnrroll Neff Scnnliu Ames Joyce Snedorf Wolter- Arnold Link Jaeger Mruzek Shinnick Brazier Grennnn Wuss Fahey MA WSIS M X P 'U 'U J' -I I m -I J' if CD Z J, V 4 0 -I P E MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY C Ill M S . C enl0fS lu 4 Robert J. Fahey Phillip M. Grennan Sutton F. Scanlin Lewis F. Williams 2 I Charles J. Gaa Joseph P. Joyce, Jr. Joseph A. Snedorf, Jr. John G. E. Wolter 6 D- .: Z 4 . 1 4 Juniors I G Raymond L. Arnold, Jr. Joseph Barbian Thomas A. Carroll OME IHD "' S 0 phomores 'U gg . n. 'L' ESQ 3.9 'aw ,Qs -1 2 Vu" f-4 2 5 D Gu D 63 D '1 ? 9 2 D K4 3 ID 2 CD :R -U Q af V1 ETP S I: 3 RH V113 HI E Freshmen 3 1 Robert T. Brazier Joseph L. Link Frank S. Mrazek Edward E, Shinnick Z ,- 2 is 2 - 'er' i. if .. on M f P n' 'I gif: D in M I Aj' h Z w If I gl HX: I-.111 .fill xl" . -Jin' m A -. - Ab' ,,f:L- .H IQ h ' ' JN Founded, LJIIIVOTSIIQ' of Illinois, 1929 'Qu'-gg '. -. : Q ..'-, . N H i' , U' or 4 1, ELNL if 5 1' . I 42 ' fri Two Active Clmptt-rs U b P .J 41 . .... ...,,l:'-"'3vgu,-P '1 "fl ,- , . isa- , - , l fjg 1 ' I 29,-gA V. f'.jfQ?gE-' f,I1 i i d Wang, x- a d' I Alphu Clmptor lustnblishcd 1929 Q 4 ir.: ,s gg: iz iv vt A I :Z 407 Exist Dnniel Street V X ' . b I ii ' ' ,A 11.1- 'tai ,, iq.,-Lg .-.. if-V 5 e 1 1.3.3 - as-, ,f A 1, gt f , 3 . V U I .--r, ,QI-,J U 1 , , mls. . .- 1 -' ,,.:,A 3., .47 15.11 f- . I r.. '.- ,, -.' 0 'Q iii... r """":fl" '..'. .rf 1 A.. I-P 3 - - J- 9- vp -- f- wf, .,,z'- . . I , . J: in V, KA fu xggy iqk..- -,, ...ffQ s I. HL b mf- .. f .f-i,,,A, mtg ,T .. , 'Q-12-' 0 4 . :Y1Lzi'z: Jef-. 11.111 'm isss 7 U EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI +21 PAGE 486 13+ l EPSILON ZETA ETA MU l l DELTA Erhnrdt Speer Churchill Janus Brons Jackson Weber Swnim Ericzon Shearer Buswell Thrush 0'Neill Donbet 'I' 'borek Buncllman Budge XVyckoIl' Cox Jacobson Engstrom e GAMMA B ETA PHI TH ETA FACULTY PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA Arthur M. Buswoll, Pl1.D. GRADUATE STUDENTS Albert C. Fries Robert E. Thrush MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors I-Iarold K. Doubet Edwin Il. Johnson James A. Shearer Frederick A. Ericzon Juniors Eldell .I. Brons Milo A. Cliurchill Borden B. Cox L. Paul Buncliman Sophomores CHI Ra mond I Bud e r. Y ' .- Q , .I Eugene Il. Jackson R. Donald Jacobson Raymond K. Erhardt RHO SIGMA TAU UPSILON PHI Freshmen Edward R. Engstrom Raymond E. Janus Roy F. Teborek In .,- , , ,,, O'QQ7"h Founded, Milwzinkoe State 'l'e:ichers' T ' College, 192-1 Six Active Chapters + QI' Epsilon Chapter Established 1030 ..d,QL.i!ff 210 East John Street l , r Paul A. Swaim Raymond J. 0'Neill Frank O. Weber J. Nelson Speer Robert C. Wyckoff EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -'Sf PAGE 487 131- 1. P I' 'U I P W nl -I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- '1 P In U U5 I: O Z N rn -I P rn -I P -I I rn 'I P 5 "I D X P 'U U P I- P 3 W U WP ITN IX NOIDIWO ld HU 0 SIS VW ITV1 dn 1lS NO IHd IHD ISd W0 V9 V d'I VH 1.39 V WV9 VW 130 V.I. ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 2 3 A z T C E "' A E 4 D- O 'H s N .- 9 Z o 0 z -I T 'D 1: 25 - F E cc : ul Hangs Johnston Krsek E. Jackson G. K. Lowe 'l'recve Mm-Cristal Crossvnnn O. Orth Hnnover Q Bunge Rowe Weber Edison Siler Akin Currnn Rockwell Hunsnker Mnrch Boyd .Tedlink R. Jackson Logge Horton Brownlee Lehwnld Piech XV:1lker Kerlnicle XVestwood in 4 Spivey Turigllnlto P. G. Lowe Mnrlrenn Shenhnn Becker G. Orth '3 2 3 E P 4 ALPHA KAPPA PI 0 -4 FACULTY E E Ralph S. Grossman, M.S., C.E. King J. Mcflristal. A.M. lg Oswald S. Orlh, B.S. William J. Treece, B.S. C T 4 GRADUATE STUDENT 2 I" : Franklin S. Hunsaker O 9' Z -I 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1 I 4 Seniors - B James H. Boyd Earl A. Jackson Forrest S. Kermicle C, Kenneth Lowe E Frank E. Hangs l'loyd G. Johnston Alols Krsek Gerald E. Murch G O Clarence Hanover I ' Gegrge F, Westwood I unzors - Warren A. Bunge Daniel J. Manning Philip S. Rockwell Elmer W. Siler .U 5 Vincent J. Curran Glen G. Orth Alton R. Rowe Archie M. Walker in A Markwood R. Edison Benjamin F. Powell Waller J, Weber - S 0 phonzores E hlffinnctlh gkin I lgloaerl Viwzickionk galul Iljeiggell P41111 G, Lowe g om . rown ee l iam . e in om . elwa R' d J, P' l Q Ellsworth Dorton I C lc mr 'ec I 3 F res :men - I Jesse W. Ash William P. MacLean Melvin F. Sheehan Clinton Spivey b D. Charles F. Becker Louis E. Turigliano P Z r- o E 'U 2-' 5 ID Q- : lb n E Founded, Newark College of .' ',,g. , E : l'1np.:inevrinp:, 1921 7 ff' 1, P 4 Ninctcvn Active Clmpters p.. . rv, Sllllllll fdlillllvl' 4 4 rf LL- Q 4 1-zsmlllmlf-.1 1931 ' A., -1 b E 309 Rust John Street Y- . " 2 V . o . Q 3 5 l 1' O T W . U I 2 2 -I EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI P -421 PAGE 488 E'- and the mystic strength of Greek vows of hrotherhood-these, as much as the time Xgrayed grandeur of great halls and the endless echo of hurrying feet, have their honored place among those traditions which combine to mold the fire of youth and the peace of learning into the living thing that is our University. For, as those student multitudes go through the daily grind of study and in- struction, it is to the great homes dotting Our misshapen Fraternity Row that the col- lege world looks for much of its color. Good fraternities-yes. Poor fraterni- lies-yesg poor in the eyes of a disinter- ested populace, or under the veneer-pierc- stifle- L l i 2 K J . ',., - .' 'X' 1 , , Ariz,--' -.f e S ",.,lff'r -,, , gt: 5 .Q QQ 9+ , .I ' I . w l H .i W f N, . E3 A ' inf' f .tv at ,U - k ,ts V. VJ.. ti' 7 'Q ri ing scrutiny of university administrators. But good or had, there lingers forever the comfort and the goodness of men who can clasp the hand of a one-time stranger, and call him 5'Brother.,, Nor is this queer Creek brotherhood a mere society of reckless youths from here and there. For Within the walls ol' fraterni- ties oceur the quarrels, the secrets, the hours of' converse which can arise only from men who are more than associates. So through the years will endure the rc- sounding whack of oaken paddles, the man- tled majesty of sacred rites, the joyousness of college play. Together they form that indescribable institution which men have termed-the Creek Fraternity. 4 Pledge duries, sneak da+es, acfivify poinrs . . . "Who borrowed my 'Fur coar? ". . . +he ecsfasy of iniriafion . . . srudy hours and house averages . . forry "sis+ers" in one house . . . WILLIAM HOHENZOLLERN ij xx 2 SORQRITIES 'MARY AL:xANosR msRAEu cowmsus PAUL ARTHUR clczno ISABELLA LORD NELSON rl-le UNIVERSITY or lLLlNols lLl.lo or1 INDEX OF SOCIAL SORORITIES Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi ..... Alpha Delta Theta .. Alpha Epsilon Phi... Alpha Gamma Delta.. Alpha Omicron Pi... Alpha Phi ...... Alpha Xi Delta .... Beta Phi Alpha ...... Beta Sigma Omicron. Bethany Circle ....... Chi Omega ........ Davenport House ..... Delta Delta Delta .... Delta Gamma ..... Delta Phi Epsilon .... Delta Zeta ........ Gamma Phi Beta .... Kappa Alpha Theta. . Kappa Delta ....... Kappa Kappa Gamma .... Kappa Sigma Tau.. . Lambda Omega ...... Phi Mu ...... Phi Omega Pi ..... Phi Sigma Sigma .... Pi Beta Phi ....... Pi Lambda Sigma Presbyterian Hall .... Sigma Alpha Iota .... Sigma Delta Tau .... Sigma Kappa . . . Sigma Phi Beta Theta Phi Alpha ..... Theta Upsilon ...... Zeta Tau Alpha ..... West Residence Hall. Women's Residence Hall ..... TV' 5 + 9 OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TW 0 PAGE ll-92 li'- THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Z- ILLIO Kappa Alpha Theta Mildred R. Parkhill Virginia M. Sherman Pi Beta Phi Mary Jane Hutton Harriet N. Purves Kappa Kappa Gamma Irene D. Boyer Eva Jo Helber Alpha Chi Omega R. Alice Ditzler H. Aleta Flaningam Chi Omega Helen M. Reynolds Jane Townsend Alpha Xi Delta PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS . . . . . . .President . . . . . . . Vice-President . . . .Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy R. Levin .... Ruth A. Myers .... Violette Abrams. . . Alpha Delta Pi Dorothy M. Runge Josephine A. Smith Gamma Phi Beta Maxine L. Dry Evelyn Johnson Alpha Gamma Delta Dorothy M. Sclmeiter Adele K. Suhollmeyer Delta Delta Delta Irma Culbertson Dorothy J. Gard Phi Omega Pi Ruth A. Blumenkamp Stacy M. Sward Marguerite M. Buesching Marjorie B. Day Sigma Kappa Marion S. Dodge Genevieve E. Morris Delta Gamma Florence L. Grigshy Margaret Parker Alpha Omicron Pi Wilma C. Hneger Ruth Reed Delta Zeta Mary E. Patton Evelyn M. YVarren Theta Phi Alpha Catherine R. Ellis Marjorie G. Finn Zeta Tau Alpha Mary E. Flnnnigan Virginia L. O'Lenry Alpha Epsilon Phi Dorothy R. Levin Ruth A. Myers Phi Sigma Sigma Violette Abrams Marjorie R. Ehrman Phi Ma Jane Beall Kathryn E. Francis Kappa Delta Marion M. .Tourdan Helen J. Sangwin Alpha Phi Sherry H. Eaton Frances J. '1'hurston Theta U psilon Mildred G. Becker Rnena A. Kendall Beta Phi Alpha Frances A. Davidson Dorothy M. Koehler Lambda Omega Blanche M. Kubalel: Elzn M. Slane ILLIO OF I Alpha Delta Theta Emily M. Blewitt Gwendolyn Mr-Naughton Beta Sigma Omicron Julianna Crippin L. Violet Wegner Kappa Sigma Tau Edith E. Gilster Harriet L. Page Sigma Alpha Iota Genevieve E. Mott Evalyn N. Vlachob Pi Lambda Sigma Margaret H. Hendrey Julia. M. Lewis Sigma Delta Tau. Sylva Karasick Judith Soboroff Delta Phi Epsilon Anita Knlis Celia Sweet . Sigma Phi Beta Helen M. Borchers Mildred L. Rau Abrams MYCPS Levin f e0FNINETEENTHIRTY-TW 9 Q . N . ti PAGE 4-9313+ llllli ALPHA BETA GAMMA, DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 2 3 R z C E W X 1 4 I- O "' z N - G 5 3 :-. z 'ni' .H 'E 4 Z I- I -' i i o n Hevrun Levings Russell Gilmore Xtnddcll Xlolfurd Herron Scholl Hull M. A. Rnilsbm-k Stone Westervclt Busey Pownnll Eisner Fnuntz Porter Koehler La Chnrite Johnson Kircher I-Iasluin Chapman Provine M. Jones Long Barber McConnell Condit Stults Fulton Lemon Schulze Uhl Tlmrnau Hardy LII 4 Miller Rutherford A, Jones NVheeler llnven Smith WVrig ht Sherman M. F. Railslmck Richardson Martin Cameron 6 4 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 3' 0 -e FACULTY P C E Stella M. Hague, Ph.D. Stella R. Percival, B.Mus. Caroline F. Tupper, Pli.D. Q C 'U 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 2 I- I S ' O A efll0fS 'J M. Louise Cameron Anne P. Jones Anna May Richardson Jean H, Smith Z 4 Mary L. Condit Frances McConnell Margaret Rutherford Margaret C. Stults Jane Hardy Florence E. Martin Virginia M. Sherman Dgrolhy S, Wheeler 'U 4 Winifred M. Haven Grace E. Miller Mary V. Wright I - Q . Juniors Ill . . G Gertrude P. Barber Mary B. Herrick Mary Alice L M' ' A, R 'Ish k E Thelma F. Chapman Alice H. Kircher Mildred R. Pgilighill Eligliggi- E, Sgllrilzzc E Winifred M. Haslam Katherine K. Levings Margaret F. Railshack Esther C, Uhl - 'D gn Sophomores u, n' Janet E. Eisner Ellenor E. Hall , Alice Lemon Elizabeth W. Provine - Jane Fauntz Margaret W. .lones Frances Porter Roberta M, Thurnau E Sarah J- Fulton M. Louise Westervelt O U Freshmen 2 Patricia B..Busey Virginia E. Johnson Ruth M. Pownall Dorothy Scholl I5 ,-, Ellen R. Gilmore ,lean E. Koehler Helen L. Russell Frances E. Stone I Joan Herron Rosalie A. La Charite M. Virginia Savage Blanche Waddell P al Helen Hevran Mary J' Wolford P Z r- o E 1 I' 5,15 . ' 5, 33115 ' 5 n- it . 1 : ' J." -"3"'? .' X ,fe ' il iz' ' . ,f w HI Founded, De Pau ' U ' ' s't,', 1870 A ' -. '-E 3 Sixty Amigo ClllihTilol1'si x P ,, Qs e Delta Clinpter Established 1895 ' -' Q 4 611 Rust Daniel Street 5 0 3 F, P 2 2 I2 5 EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl P , al PAGE 494 liv- P I- 'U I P MU A ET ETA Z ON EPSIL TA DEL MA GAM ETA HA LP A GA OM PS CH PH ON UPSIL U TA A GM Sl O Baldwin Norris Gale B.OIT Flinu M. Smith XVham Carson Duppe E.Scotlund Quindry Briggle Hewitt lV0lfrani Leutwilcr Ebert M.Hff Swanton Chandler Fifcr Noble Macpherson Ludwig Buchholz Kiler Oldham B. Scotland Atwood Brinker Woodward E. Smith Olwin Gore Edwards Purves Ford Wilson Turner Oliver Hutton Colp Hobbs Foellinger Foster Farrar Fitz-Gerald Keiser Hill NVebstor Willia K. Carver, B.L.S. Katherine Colp Dorothy D. Farrar Mary J. Fithian Verl Atwood Helen E. Duppe Winifred H. Hewitt ' Jean Briggle Alice L. Brinker Miriam Buchholz Ruth M. Baldwin Dorothy J. Carson Mary .lane Chandler Margaret R. Ebert Florence Fifer Pl BETA PHI FACULTY Ruth A. Ardall, A.M. M. Lee Etheredge, M.D., D.P.ll. Maria Leonard, A.M. Nelle M. Signor, B.L.S, y MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ' Seniors Linda Fitz-Gerald llelene H. Foellinger Mary E. Foster Beth Olwin Harriet N. Purves Jeannette C. Edwards G. Elizabeth Ford G. June Cale Marion P. Flinn Eleanor Keith .lane D. Ludwig Margaret B. Noble f-.P , hx l-'onndvrl, Monmouth College, 18437 I .. ., - ., N A I I 7"1J'Q"- ff-E133-'I-'f-9-ff" Sz-venty-six .Lt-tivo Chapters 'I rl ir 1 , , . 1 ' 4 I .1 1 ' ' Lt' I ' l feta. Fhipttl lstthllehtd 1895 1005 South 'Wright Struct Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Frances Hill Glenita Hobbs Beatrice L. Scotland Emily R. Smith M. Catherine Gore Ercilia C. Kiler Julia O. Macpherson Helen J. Norris Barbara E. Off Margaret F. OH' Mary M. Oldham E. Lucile Welch. A.M. Mary J. llutton Grace L. Keisor Dorothy L. Oliver .lean A. Webster Marjorie Wham Elsie M. Woodward Elizabeth A. Richards .l0y E. Turner llfary L. Xvilsun Germaine C. Quindry Ethel M. Scotland Margaret L. Smith Pearl M. Swanton Annette M. Wolfram EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -'31 PAGE 4-95 R+ W rn 'I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- 'I P rn 1 UU I: O 2 N rn '1 P nl -I P -I I rn -I P 5 'I P X P 'U 'U P I- P 3 W U WP ITN IX WO NOUJI ld HU O SIS VW nV.L Sdn 'll NO lHd IHJ Sd WO V9 V d'l VH 139 V V9 W VW 'HCI V.L ALPHA BETA GAMMA, DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDQ D E y muw MVAVR I "' ' U 'ff' f"" 2 4 I: 0 -- x r' ,J 1 E o N F z Q 0 z :' ID g, - 'U w I W 4 P., I - I o ul Keusink Margery McKee Dighton Pence Pickett Hurt Closson S1-hindler Lawton Shaw Bnttey Curthey Ash Abbott D Kirchner Gruhmn Swanson Heinzelnmn Wiley R. Ziegler Shaffer Strnuvh Funsler Disoswny Block Best Sterrett Fisher Mary McKee Setchell King V. Ziegler Hughes Harter Prettymnn Pettigrew QD 4 Robbins Sanders Putman Zinn Steele Helber Connors Culver Tlmlnmn Webster Baker Geyer 5 E KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 1' -I 3 FACULTY E S Harriet T. Barto, A.M. Kathryn V. A. Burns, A.M. Ill C Q 'U MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY U' E 5 Seniors 9- Z '. Martha B. Baker Louise Geyer Mary I- R0iJbiI1S Hoipe S. Thalman 4 Irene D. Boyer Eva J. Helber Meryl Sanders Lois Webster Juliet M. Connors Mary E. Putman Katharine E- Steele Jane Zinn 'E Ieanne L. Culver 4 ' - - Jumors 0 lu Jeanne P. Block Elizabeth A. Harter Mary E. McKee Elizabeth Setchell Q E Sarah D. Dighton Sara M. Hughes Jean E. Pettigrew Maxine H. Sterrett : 0 Jane Fisher Kathleen King S. Jane Prettyman Virginia L. Ziegler I Sophomores 'U - , Ui Q Virginia F, Best Jane Fansler Coralie J. Shaffer Margaret Cx Swanson -' Helen L, Clusson Edith Heinzelman ' Barbara R. Strauch Donna J. Wiley Virginia E. Disosway L. Dorothy Kirchner , Ruth E. Ziegler O 1 5 Freshmen E El ' Ahh NI ' ' G h Isabella G. Lawton Ruth C. P' k tt 1 AXLZGASII on i1:tlii01iiZrl ra am Margery E. McKee Christine gchindler 2 : E. Muriel Battey Virginia M. Keusink Martha K. Pence Ella G. Shaw nn Marjorie L. Carthey Z if ' 'U O , L, . -I I ' P 'L' D U Founded, Monmouth College. 1870 T1 D Sixty-se-vm-n ,tm-tivo Olinptcrs P 4 ' f w' 11..-'s-1.- I Beta Lzuulnln LPIIIIDICI' Estnblislied 'XV 1 5. Q . . - , D 4 1102 South Lincoln Axenne 3 g E l o I g I ' '- Z -I EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON Pl P -'Cl PAGE 496 ILP- E P r' 'U I MU ETA ETA Z ON IL S EP DELTA GAMMA BETA HA LP A GA OM PS CH PH ON UPSIL U TA SIGMA O RH rn 'U in I: 0 Z N rn 'I P M. Jolmson Fitzgerald Poor Arnold Dennison W. Rico Mut'Alpine .Parsons Greenwood Hindman. Rudebungh Donaldson Bowen Oehinke Campbell Trent Allen Harris B. Rice Morgan Greist Stoutenborough McVaugh Hull Wood Flaningam Sheldon D.Johnson Patton Irland Earnest Harvey Gill Miller Lampert, Jutton Gerdl Myers Jones Mulford Knnppenberger Roeder Grunt Brandt Moore Ilnrtlwick Brennan Ditzler ALPHA CHI OMEGA FACULTY Carrera H. Busey, Ph.D. Josephine E. Miller, A.M. Dorles C. Stulzman, A.B. Leona L. Brandt Mary J. Brennan Virginia Gerdl R. Alice Ditzler Margaret L. Earnest H. Aleta Flaningam Eloise E. Allen Mary Louise Bowen Alice Campbell Mary Alice Arnold Betty Dennison M. Lois Donaldson Jean L. Fitzgerald MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Dorothy C. Grant Esther J. Hardwick M. Eileen Jones Gwendolyn T. Harvey Eleanorc T. Irland Dorothy E. Johnson Virginia Gill Barbara J. Harris Betty Hatton Margaret Greenwood Miriam Greist .layne C. Hall Virginia llindman - I+'onnd0d, Ile Paxuw University, 1885 Q Vt' i '- A 'tive Chu wters 'gl 93 9 fy, . Q. 'Q 'o. Q ' I I. izg-ilu: ,1 A ,,. ,-9' "4. ll 13 stun t 1 Iota Chapter Established 1899 90-I South Linvoln Avenue Seniors Juniors Katherine Knappenberger Margaret .l. Moore Helen L. Mulford Lela .Iutton Verla M. Lampert Marguerite Miller Sophomores Jane Morgan Irenc Oehmke Mary E. Radebaugh Freshmen Marie F. Jolmson .lean C. MacAlpine Maxine McVaugh Catharine Myers Jeanne J. Roeder M. Maxine Ward Elma G. Patton Elizabeth Schumacher Ruth Ellen Sheldon Barbara E. Rice Betty Lou Stoutenborough Virginia A. Trent June E. Parsons Dorothy L. Poor Winifred Rice Virginia Wood ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -tif PACE 497 J-3+ P U rn 'I P 0 D 3 3 P U In I- -I D rn 1 UI F O Z N rn -I P rn -I P -I I rn -I P 5 -I P K P 'U 1 P I- D 3 W U WP ITN IX NOUDIWO ld HEI O SIS VW I'IV.I. dfl NO'IIS Hd HD Sd V9!WO V d1 VH 139 V V9 W VW V113 Cl P I- 1 I P MU ETA ETA Z SILON EP ELTA GAMMA ETA LPHA A GA OM PS PHI CHI ON IL PS U RH0 SIGMA TAU Jerald Noel Moynihan Maxwell Wang Caldwell Owens Kennedy Bolstnd Harper F. Adams 'Punch M. Reynolds Brown Simons Carlin Moore Frey Smith Buckles Keller Block Hughes Connors McKelvey Durand Palandech Taylor Parrish Barnes Townsend lvl-cor Weinberg Gustin Bushee Clayton Howarth H. Reynolds Clindwivk Lindsay Fuller M, Adams Richards FACULTY Cornelia P. Kelley, Ph.D. Clarissa Rinaker, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Jane D. Acker Mary K. Adams Margaret S. Bushee Evelyn A. Chadwick Pauline C. Block Dorsey Connors ,Juliet Barnes Dorothy D. Bolstad Maxine B. Buckles Florence I. Adams Betty Brown Mary Jerald Helen E. Clayton Janet R. Fuller Marjorie A. Gustin Maurene J. Frey Betty Lou Hughes Frances Caldwell Caroline M. Carlin Mary L. Kennedy Maxine Maxwell Maryan M. Moore Juniors Helen N. Howarth Mary C. Lindsay Helen M. Reynolds Ernestine B. Keller Mary F. McKelvey Sophomores Freshmen 1. Eleanor Durand H. Lorayne Harper Alice M. Moynihan Miriam F. Noel lf. .lane Owens Eleanor B. Richards .lane Townsend Katherine L. Weinberg Martha J. Reynolds Katherine A. Tuach Catherine M. Palandech Virginia M. Parrish Mittie R. Taylor Grace K. Simons Jane M. Smith E. Elaine Wang Founili-d, University of Arkansas, 1805 T 1-3 Eitclnty-nine A1-tive Clmpters ', 'i Umieron fllllllllkl Lstnlzlishod liltlll "" 907 South Wright Street EPSII.ON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON +2f PAGE 498 E4- 6 . '-599641 T rn -I P Q P 3 3 P U In I- 'I P In 'U U5 I: O Z N m 'I P In 'l P 'I I rn "I P 5 "I P X P 'U 'U P I- P 3 T U WP IIN IX NOUDIWO Id HEI 0 VWSIS I1V.l dh NOTIS Hd H3 ISd WO V9 V d1 VH 138 V WV9 VW 'IEC V.l ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMB EPSILON ZETA ETA MU ELTA Bnnmgnrtnor Overtnrf Gray Kriz Prouty Kummerow Paterson Wells Sol JT r Mncintire Ferris Vnlbrncllt McFedries J. F. Johnson McGnnlcy Brown Hough McCoy me e Apmndoe Dixon Flnnngnn Reece Goelitz Bncsc-hung Dny Kern Fltz Slmons PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA D Marjorie B. Day Betty L. Apmadoc Margery J. Brown Joyce F. Johnson CHI Miriam R. Baumgartner Marian E. Cavanaugh Elizabeth .I . Gray UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU - :Q-1? """ H" , 571391. I JQEAQ Marguerite M. Buesching ALPHA XI DELTA MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Wistaria F. Flanagan Mildred E. Dixon Mary Louise Goelitz Vera R. Kriz Jane K. Kummerow Doris L. Overturf lfounded, Lombard College, 1893 Fiftyftwo Active Clmpters Kappa Clmptcr Established 1905 715 XVest Michigan Avenue Seniors juniors S 0 plwm ores Freshmen Ruth E. Fitz Simons Alice E. Hough Jessie M. Johnson E. Helen McFeclries .lean A. Paterson Phyllis A. Prouty Mary M. Kern Florence W. McCoy Anita Rose Reece Elemore J. McCauley Janet L. Macinlire Suzanne Schaeffer S. Ruth Valhracllt lr. EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON Pl +21 PAGE 499 Hif- U WD IIN IX NOIDIWO Id HU 0 SIS VW TIV.I. dfl 1IS NO IHd IHD ISd W0 V9 V d'I VH 139 V WV9 VW 'HCI V.l. EPSILON ZETA ETA MU GAMMA DELTA OMEGA ALPHA BETA PSI CHI UPSILON PHI RH0 SIGMA TAU Steiner Michael Tyler Stone Fuller Ziegler Askren Brown H. Johnston Wherry Francis Baldwin Dencer Krueger Cramer Dnnley Smith Western Beard Holiday Seaman Burdick Bull Willett Crouse Huckctt J. Johnston Hine Standard Schieht Baker Worthun Temple Anderson Ashmore Gunn Bundy Grigsby Dennis M. Parker Pitman Mott Sharp FACULTY lone G. Anderson Ruth E. Ashmore Helena D. Bundy .lane E. Baker Jeannette Baldwin A. Louise Beard Maybelle Brown Jean Bull Margaret F. Askren Elizabeth C. Cramer H. Isabel Danley Marjorie B. Dencer Alta G. Saunders, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Catherine Dennis Florence L. Crigsby Margery Gunn Margaret C. Crouse Margot Francis Mary Burdick Harriet E. Holiday Georginna D. Fuller .lane D. Krueger Elizabeth Michael Seniors Juniors S 0 phomo res Freshmen Helen E. Johnston Lucretia A. Mott Margaret Parker Maude M. Hine .lean Johnston Ruth F. Huckett Elizabeth H. Schicht Helen L. Parker Mary C. Smith Dorothy M. Steiner Founded, Lewis Institute, 1874 Forty-five At-tivo Chapters Iota Chnptt-r Estnhlislied 1906 Hott South Mathews Strong Harriet R. Pitman Virginia D. Sharp Rachel D. Worthen Mary L. Temple Martha Willett Henrietta Seaman Dorothy A. Standard H. Josephine Wherry Sheila R. Stone Margaret J. Tyler Carol Western Winifred C. Ziegler 'ff V 1 EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI at PAGE 500 IIS'- P F 'U I P W rn 'I P 0 P 3 3 AP U rn I- 'I P rn 'U U' I: 0 Z N rn -1 P rn -I P -I I rn -I P 5 "I P x P 'U 'U P I- P 3 T U WP ITN IX NOUDIWO Id HH O VWSIS .l HV 1ISdI1 NO IHd H3 Sd W0 V9 V d'I VH 138 V V9 W VW V.l.'I ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU CHI Blanca Stanton Dodge Kluge Blake Reoser Luster Morris Hedluud Hansen Henry Wyman Normundin Connor Fulwider H th . . '1il?,ps Culvert Mrnz Brown St. G ormnm Harrison Gnnsz Murdock Lois J. Blake .Ioan M. Blance Edith E. Calvert Marion S. Dodge Marjorie Fulwider Eleanor M. Henry SIGMA KAPPA FACULTY Fannie M. Brooks, A.B., R.N. Josie B. I-Iouchens, A.M., B.L.S. GRADUATE STUDENT Gertrude M. Hansen MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Kathryn .I. Connor Kathryn F. Heath ' Juniors Beatrice L. Hedlund Genevieve E. Morris Helen J. Luster Betty Murdock Sophornores Dorothy M. Normandin Harriet M. Reeser Evelyn V. Kluge Edna M. Mraz Maryellyn Woodfield Helen C. Stanton Luella J. Tipps Ada M. Wyman Freshmen UPSILON PHI Bernice Brown Ada Mae Gunsz H. .lane Harrison M. Eleanor St. Germain l .U Founded, Colby Collvgo, 1874 Forty-four Active Chapters RH0 SIGMA TAU 010 Q xo 0 0 9 Q Q" Q, Q QQ flea Theta Chapter Estnblisllcml 1906 1116 We-st Ncvuda Street EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA -.IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -'Ei PAGE 501 E4- P D 3 W U WP DN IX NOIDIWO Id HEI 0 EJIS VW I'IV.L dn 'IIS N0 IHd IHJ Sd WO V9 V :I1 VH 1.38 V V9 W VW V.L1!G EPSILON ZETA ETA MU OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA PSI CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU Dragon Potts Bohlen Kruggel Esdohr Roost Hyde Anderson Press Stiven Meislahn RueReed Ferguson Purcell Deming J.Conard Molloy Zerweck English Krueger Croutz Schminko Beidclmnn Xvigehgurt Stumpf Gore K-Comma Lenc Kusz Alton-fer Howell McCord Stotler Page Morrison Lyon Gilmore Burnham RuthReed Seibert Neunuebel XVnlker Beatty Hook Wilcox Hneger Graff Fei-nholz Jones Kline Hull Allen Biondi Bissell Granger Sc-hrumpf ALPHA OMICRON PI Grace D. Allen Anna L. Beatty Marguerita I. Biondi Erma A. Bissell Katherine C. Altorfer Wilma R. Gilmore Kathleen M. Howell Florence A. Beidelman Beth M. Bohlen Janice Conard Kathleen M, Conard Helen L. Anderson Phileta E. Burnham Betty Deming .lean E. Dragon FACULTY Frances B. Cottrell, M.S. H. Marva Hough, A.M. L0 GRADUATE STUDENT Dorothy J. Fogwell MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Mary M. Fernholz Marvel D. Graff Helen K. Granger Dorothy M. Lyon Catherine H. McCord Marjorie F. Morrison Janet L. Creutz Ruth E. English Marjorie D. Core Mary F. Krueger Geraldine P. Esdohr Ruth A. Ferguson Elizabeth M. Hyde La Verne R. Kruggel Seniors Wilma C. Haeger Eleanor E. Hall Florence S. Hook Juniors Ruth C. Page Ruth Reed Mary A. Seibert S 0 pholnores Marian A. Kusz Hedvic Lene Gladys B. Neunuebel Freshmen Arnieta J. Meislahn Helen M. Molloy Elizabeth A. Press Louise M. Purcell uise M. Woodroofe, B.P. Ellen .l. .lones Edna L. Kline Fredericka S. Schruinpf Mildred E. Wilcox Virginia B. Sloller Betty D. Walker E. Josephine Zerweck Gabrielle R. Potts Charlotte M. Schminke Mary I. Stumpf Frances E. Wiseheart Rae H. Reed Dorothea E. Roost Jean W. Sliven Virginia E. Underwood l"ounrl1-il, Bni'nu1'd College, 1897 Q 1 Forty-two Active Chapters lotn Chapter Established 1911 T04 South lifnthows Street EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI +Gl PAGE 502 E+ - s9'!?"s. -sie 4' 17,-. ' g .5995--1 fb ' 6. 'kim ' '4- "Q 91519 lik , ,egg-9' 1 Aa 9 fo D r- 'U I P W l'l'l -1 P 0 D 3 Z P U ffl I- -I P l'll 'U us F 0 Z N ffl -I D H1 -1 P -1 I H1 -I P 5 -1 P K D 'U 'U P :- D 3 ml U WP TIN IX NOIDIWO Id HU 0 SIS VW I1V.l Sdn 'Il N0 IHd IH3 Sd W0 V9 V d1 VH 139 V V9 W VW V.L1 ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 2 3 -- Z 'Y E C W X - 4 I- O "' z N .. 6 Z Z o O .l Z :Tr an .U 1' Q W l- I E O Q M. Smith M. Walling Chamberlain E. Minier Michale Lusk Edlund Creamer Junge Worth Schmitt Lemen Barker L. King Still MacDonald Flowers Dalrymplo M. King D. Smith Novotny Fox Tillman Stanford Wheelund Champion Karr Cole L. Walling Warren Blumenkam p P. Minier Lindstrom Swnrd Harvey Stolzenhurg in 4 5 E zo 4 P H I O M E G A P I I-9 -e 4 FACULTY E " Cleo Fitzsimmons, B.S. Ruth C. Freeman, M.S. 3 Emma R. Jutton, B.L.S. Elizabeth R. Williamson, A.B. C T CD 4 1 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY l" I 0 E Seniors Z R l X Bl k Cecile S. Harvey Ifauline A. Minier Lillian C. W ll' BgtttylRII,Cl1al:1:TJtl2i1aml, Ruth Karr Stacy M. Sward Lucille F. Wgrxfelx? E 5 Edna Mae Cole Mable M. Lindstrom Fern M, Wiehle - Ill . E Juniors 0 A . . I I I L. D l l Lois R. Kung Dorothy L. Smith M ' ' A. St l'. I 0 IffQ.1,y VflpEl3I:,,1l Helen L. MacDonald Lillian Stanford Kgl11IlI?,fI1eM, TiIl,f,f,f,m'g - - Marie E. Fox Gladys A. Novotny llelene Still Marjorie ll. Wheeland 1 gn Mary Elizabeth King ui n' . Sopholnores - -n Q L Cl I 1 'n Vernece A. Edlund Esther Lusk Elsie I. M'n'e I RlIlIleCrezll1nnet3er al Annabel l". .lunge Gwendolyn L. Michale Martha E.lSlmllth g U ffl Freshmen Q - E Mary Mama Barker Eleanor M. Schmitt Marie L. Walling Louise A. Worth b Orian Lemen P Z :- O 1 'U -I I I Q an P Q. D ,--rs"-1-v : 5, R . I-'oundr-rl, University of Nellrnska, 1910 2 4 'S Nineteen Ar-live Chnptl-rs P F Elf' x .23 fun.. tiannma Clmptvr listalmlislu-rl 1911 Q 4 713 XVes1, Ohio Sire-vt b E . 9 5 0 F5 D 0 . U I P 3 -1 EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl P -'EI PAGE 503 lif- GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA CHI UPSILON PHI RH0 SIGMA TAU Foster Brooks Mutousck Fuger Stoelting Patterson Thncher Gntes MvCluin Wnngolin Gundlach Vnrnum Tliomns King Lourie Pm-ter L, Johnson Donnhue J. Rnmey Thomn Schmidt Oetting' Lowman Thomsen Runge Jones A. Rainey M. Johnson Smith Onken Hilliurd I-Inyes FACULTY Louise M. Pickens, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Mary A. Hayes Dorothy J. Onken Josephine A. S 'tl El T1 Helen A. Hilliard m' I mor 'Omen Juniors Alice M. Foster Marjorie A. Johnson .luanila R Ph ll' H. ' Eileen P. Gleason Virginia M. ,loncs Dorothy hzinghnge MaIryI?'. Tlriloeiifs Doris D. Gundlach Arte Ramey Marthe J. Schmidt Alice M, Vamum Sophomores Isabelle M. Donahue June K. Lowman - Louise Nelson Clara Oetting M. Louise Johnson Maxine B' porter Freshmen Virginia Brooks Elizabeth W. King Eleanor A, Matousek Winefred S, Thacker Alice G. Eager Eleanor Lourie Sarah A. Patterson Mary A. Thomas Eleanor H. Cates Ruth G. McClain Kathryn I-I. Stoelting Harrieway L. Wangelin Founded, YVesleyun Female College. 1851 ,y f . Fiftyvseven Avtive Chapters rigli, . .1 ' 1, If -I I Sigma Chapter Iistnblislicrl 1912 ' . Qu 1202 NVest Nevudn Street EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON -'Cf PACE 504 EY- ' P F 'U I P W nl -1 P Q P 3 3 P U ffl f -4 P In .11 cn F 0 Z N M -1 P In -I P -I I M -l P 5 -l P x P 'U 'U P '- P 3 uu U WP I'IN IX NOIIJIWO Id HU 0 SIS VW I'IV.L dn NOTIS Hd IH3 Sd WO V9 V d1 VH 139 V V9 W VW V11 ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA CHI UPSILON PHI RH9 SIGMA TAU Hansen Sellers Elwell Reichardt Miller Rech Bilsborrow Williams Clayton Davis Brubaker Hill Wernli DeHnven Witlierel Mosher Frose Hyde G-riest M. M. Smith Vierheller Muir Andersen Mathesius Ireland Clements Kane Cook Roselle Grometer M.L. Smith Johnson Kirkland Waldrip Bt-nt-diet VanBuskirk Havens Irrmaun Watson Wilkes Sehwartzenberg Sparks Dry Eager Campbell Goodspeed Nordine Curtis Moore GAMMA PHI BETA FACULTY Mary W. Beam, B.S. Marie M. l-lostelter, A.B., B.L.S. Anna B. Robinson, A.M. Florence M MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Maxine L. Dry Bertha M. Enger Helen L. Campbell Jean B. Clements A Eleanor F. Cook Ruth Curtis Catherine R. Grometer Ruth C. Benedict Helen V. DeHaven Alma H. F rese Roberta E. Andersen Elizabeth A. Bilsborrow Virginia A. Brubaker Josephine L. Clayton Q Eleanor I. Goodspeed Jean A. Sehwartzenberg Juniors Ruth E. Havens Alice L. lreland Marion G. Irrmaun Evelyn P. Johnson Sophomores Florence l. Griest Frances M. Horner Echo E. Hyde Freshmen Elinor T. Davis Clara l. Elwell Louise A. Hansen Virginia M. Hill Madge Sparks Tirzah E. Kane Caroline F. Kirkland Mary W. Moore Florence A. Nordine L. Jane Mosher Elizabeth J. Muir Barbara M. Knipp M. Lucille Mathesius Louise M. Miller . Roy, A.M. E. Louise Watson Caryl D. Wilkes Ruth V. .Roselle Mildred L. Smith Martha J. Waldrip Miriam Van Buskirk Marjorie M. Smith W. Jane Wernli Jean L. Witherel Virginia E. Rech Dorothy M. Reichardt Kathryn M. Sellers Mary E. Williams I 5 Founded, Syracuse University, 1874 'U , Forty Ar-tive Chapters ogfq 3 Omir-ron Chapter Established 1913 fir" 'J Pfifffii. t Qs" 4- ' - At- .ra ab' -6- 34 1110 West Nevada Street EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA NIU NU XI OMICRON PI -134 Paola 505 Rf- P l- 'U I P W In -I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- 'I P rn T U5 I: 0 Z N m -I D rn -I P 'I I rn -I P 5 -I P X P 7 'U P I- P 3 T U WP TIN IX IDIWO N0 Id HH O SIS VW I1V.l dI1 N0'IlS Hd HD Sd W0 V9 V d'l VH 138 V WV9 VW 130 V.I. P I- 'U I P MU ETA ETA Z ON IL S EP DELTA MA GAM ETA HA LP A EGA OM PS CH PH UPSILON U TA SIGMA 0 RH t 1 NVnrren Nelson Rothcnbergcr Olson Stiehl Wedig Henderson Langdon M. Olsen Zajicek Fuermnnn B. Smith Wendland I-Iills Mnriun Crook Murprurot Crook Swanson Purcell Murr A. Smith Sc-hneiter Tuvs Funkhouser Miethe V. Olsen Schnllmoyer Henrtt Williams Dunn Aldrich Bittorf Hurn FACULTY Marion Aldrich Beatrice E. Bittorf Lucile R. Dunn Margaret E. Crook Martha C. Hills Marion L. Langdon Jane E. Marr Isabel V. Nelson Marjorie L. Fuermann Rosalie M. Parr, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Elizabeth G. Funkhouser Margaret E. Heartt Marian E. Crook Marian V. Olsen Margaret E. Olson Evelyn Purcell M. Lois Ilenclerson Juniors Sophomore Freshmen Louise P. Miethe Vivienne M. Olsen Lucille Hurn A. Eleanor Smith Wyoma Stiehl Dorothea M. Swan SOII Velma C. Rothenherger lfountled, Syracuse University, 1904 Forty-four Avtivo Chupters Sigma Chnptor Established 1918 1106 South Lincoln Avenue Adele K. Schollmeyer Louise E. Tavs Clara B. Williams Dorothy Schneiter Charlotte E. Warren Harriet M. Wedig Audrey Z. Wendland Alhina C. Zajicek Betty .l. Smith PO' 'ffn ,rl ...fl- 1 .. ,a. : L' VL, rx 15" EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON -'H PAGE 506 lif- W N .ff" v w Vvwn A l1'l ' -I P . Q D 3 3 P U HI I" -I P HI 'U us F 0 Z N l'l"l -1 P H1 -I D -I I fll -1 P 5 -I If R P 1: 'U P :- D 3 S TI P IX NOIDIWO Id HEI 0 'BIS VW I'IV.l. dI"I TIS N0 Hd IHD Sd WO V9 VHd'IV 1.38 V V9 W VW V.L13CI .l ETA MU DELTA EPSILON ZETA Cody Gollings Puckett McConnell M. E. Westenbergor M. Mulligun E. Mulligan Lutke C. Smith Barnes Meyer O'Neil Knochel Finnernn Mc-Knin M. L. Westenbcrger Herron Reiclimnnn 0'Connor Donner 'Finn Caron J. Smith Kcnnenlly Voris Ellis Wall Armstrong McGrath Barrett, Birkett PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA TH ETA PHI ALPHA FACULTY Alice H. Sullivan, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Bernadette E. Caron Eileen D. Kenneally Catherine R. Ellis Joan M. McGrath Marjorie G. Finn - Jeanette M. Armstrong Virginia G. Barrett Frances M. Birkett Juniors osefa M McKain Doroth K 0'C0nnor Dorothy I. Finneran J J I - y - Bernaclme H. Meyer Josephine F. O'Neil Dorothy A. Herron Catherine A. Knochel S 0 ph om ores Jane M. Smith Gertrude E. Voris Eleanor M. Wall Laura L. Relichmann Margaret L. Westenberger Eloris M. Donner Katherine E. Gollings Marcia K, Puckett CHI F reslun en UPSILON PHI Eileen A. Mulligan Ellen M. Barnes Catherine A. Lutke Mary M. Mulligan Mary C. Cody Monica J. McConnell ll ,Y , Founded, U11ivm'sity of Micltitrnn, 1912 TAU Scvuntt-on Active Clinptt-rs Beta Chapter lislnlmlisliuml 1915! 1005 Nevada Strvct Lt ' ' 'V' RHO SIGMA Catherine E. Smith Mary E. Westenbergel . EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI +3 PAGE 507 IJ'- P I' 'U I P T nl -I P Q P 3 3 P U rn 5 P In 'U U, I: O Z N In -I P In -l P 'I I rn 'I P 5 'I P X P 'U 'U P I' P 3 T U WP flN IX NOUDIWO Id O 9lS VW V.l I1 dfl N01IS Hd H3 lSd W0 V9 V cl'l VH 139 V V9 W VW 130 V.l ALPHA BETA GAMMA, DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 3 J 3 2 EEEEE as Z C E . W X Q 4 ll -' 2 N - G 2 :U 0 S :' ID 1 'U u 1 4 Z I- so I -I .1 1 .. Q E Weiss Knrlin Weintraub Samisch Kohn Mathews Yastrow VVolff Ein-ich T. Davis Metzger E. Stern Eliscu Rosenthal M. Cohen Adler Lato Seedor B. Dnvis Obernmn Presberg Sornberg Paul Freund Lundauer Mendelsohn Bauman Silver Goldstinc L. Meyers Kuhn Levin Tranb R. Myers V. Stern Sax Lewis Hirsch in 4 5 4 ALPHA EPSILON PHI 3' 0 -e P 5 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY C HI Q . C Seniors Ig g Rose L. Goldstine Louise H. Meyers Ruth A. Myers F 0 9- z ul 4 Juniors Bessie P. Davis Dorothy R. Levin Vivian .l. Stern Maxine J. Traub E 4 Helen A. Eliscu ,- 0 "" n E Sophomores I O Henrietta E. Bauman Elaine Lewis Maxine l. Mendelsohn Fredericka F. Samisch .- Mildred H. Hirsch Jane Mathews Evelyn G. Oherman Marion J. Sax 5 Mafguefile Kahn Beatrice N. Silver 3 m I 1 A Freshmen O I Genise Adler Sylvia L. Karlin Eleanor S. Paul Evelyn A. Stern 3 Q Cora C. Cohen Martha L. Kohn Kathleen J. Presberg Rosalind Stern '11 Marian R. Cohen Josephine Landauer Blossom Rosenthal Diana R. Weintraub Q 1 Tybie M. Davis . Clara A. Lato Esther L. Seeder Florette M. Weiss b I Hortense LL Ehrich Janice Metzger Zerline L. Somberg Pearl A. Wolff Q, Estelle B- Freund Gertrude L. Yastrow P Z I- O 'U .I I F, P S W In D lilotinderl, 'Barnm-d College, 1909 W it 4 in entp-sex en Avtne Chapters - J 5--- 1 '- Wigw- Mu Chapter Established 1918 -ink- ...... . - Q 4 904 South Third Street b 0 3 5 P 2 Ei or 5 EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU -NU Xl OMICRQN Pl P -'tl PAGE 508 lk- - ' 1 : xl ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU CHI UPSILON PHI TAU F11 Finnegan Kenyon Gunn C. Guuer Wniss Lingg Huse Horton Loomis Iverson Gord Scudder L. Gnuer Culbertson Hurrington David . Applegate Morton Silcott. Schimmel Raney Brown Wnllncc Jnburuk Giesecke Steiner Crawley Leibenderfer Morrison Dyer Filson Hale Mnhnn Thompson Sundquist Stevens Moorman Bradbury Filbey Russell Ruth J. Finnegan Dorothy J. Gard Charlotte E. Gauer Helen M. Gunn Sarah M. Applegate Geraldine F. Blaylock Irma S. Culbertson Janet A. Brown Esther D. Dyer Harriet V. Bradbury Constance II. Filbey Katherine V. 'x Filson DELTA DELTA DELTA FACULTY Mary Dallera, A.M. Leah F. Trelease, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Hazel I. I-lorton M. Frances Huse Dorothea E. Kenyon Geraldine E. David Lucinda D. Gauer Doris Giesecke Elinor .l. Jalxurek llelen M. Hale llolen Mahan unflul B iti 1 Q xcntt foul X lil flinptois Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Antoinette Lingg Virginia M. Loomis Esther S. McAnulty Josephine K. Harrington Harriet M. Iverson Martha J. Leibenderfer Patricia Morrison Shirlie A. Moorman Margaret M. Schimmel Dorothy F. Scudder Helen H. Silcott Marion Waiss E. Virginia Morton Ruth E. Russell Anne B. Steiner Ruth Raney Alice Thompson Alice Stevens Dorothy L. Sundquist Madelyn R. Wallace A Fo - , oston l'nivl-rs' HHH Vfm'.7t .e' '.vt"2 ' li I, ' L.. - ,f Aw D1-lin Pi Cllaptvr l'Ist:tlvlisl1e4l19211 Wm lf 508 Nast Vlmlinurs Street RHO SIGMA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -'El PACE 509 E1- h N ffl -I za HI 'I zo -I I lfl 'I zo 5 -I ze x za 1 'U zo I' za 3 W U wr TIN IX NOZDIWO Id HEI 0 'DIS VW I'IV.L dn 1IS N0 IHd IH3 Sd WO V9 V d'I VH .L39 V WV9 VW 130 V.L ALPHA BETA GAMMA, DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 3 3 2 E-- Z C E -' 5 4 I- ns S 5 F 5 2 54 Q. m 2 4 3 I- I E O Q Snider Nofsinger Moltor Wright Bowman Rothenbergcr Clcnver Work Osborn Pem-od McAuley Clow Eiilbroe VVnrren Patton Gray Smith Little Hoyle Kendall Thiel Kunitz liicrverunn I-Inynio Weis Bonnctt Clinntbers Keating un 5 'S 4 D E LTA Z E TA 3' 0 -a FACULTY P 4 C l- Florence M. Harding, A.M. Blanche Penrocl, A.B. Ill 4' GRADUATE STUDENTS S U5 4 I-Icrtha L. Bowman Helen Cleaver F I 0 5 z 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 'D 4 Seniors I - 0 Eloise C. Bonnett Everdine A. Keating Margaret E. Osborn Lillian C. Smith ul Helen M. Chambers Margery F. Kendall Mary E. Patton Georgia M. Thiel rs E Helen Cray Mildred C. Mercereau Ruth Rothenberger Ann E. Voelkel I 0 Dorothy M. Kanitz Audrey J. Weis ,- Juniors -' 'U GD Louise C. Clow Elizabeth Haynie Billie N. Little Grace McAuley U5 Q. Nancy Embree , Elizabeth L. Work '- - ' Sophomores O 5 Hazel Marie l-loyle Evelyn M. Warren Winifrecl F. Wright 2 l'1'I E Freshmen Q Q- Virginia L. Molter Vcrrea A. Nolsinger Nlargaret ll. Snider P 5 5 :I L I ua P S w 'll D l"nnnd0d, Miami l' ' 1 P 4 Fifty-vizlit At-tive Cliaiptors I' Alphn Betn. Chapter Estaxblished 1921 Q 4 810 South 'l'hir4l Street b 0 3 - xo sn 0 y U E -'E 'I EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl P -'If PACE 510 lif- ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LA LPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU 4 Us ..,,qnn- Q99 Meneely Gilmore Peabody Zeiter B. Stiebler Franke Cullison Skinner B. Dulbey Mclntire Richardson Austin Wilson Reese Bowers Poore Beall Stiegemeyer Hohengnrten Kenyon Wakefield Jaycox Jewell G,-gen M. Stieblex' Mindel Fisler Francis Ellington '1'hm'ker D. Dnlbey Applegate lVulker Smith PHI MU FACULTY Clara R. Meyer, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors PSI OMEGA A CHI UPSILON PHI U TA SIGMA 0 lfl 'U ul F O Z N HI -1 P m, -1 D -I I HI -I P 5 -1 P Helen L. Applegate D. Wintress Dalbey Mary H. Ellington Helen Mary Bailey Jane Beall Kathryn E. Bowers Ruth B. Austin Dorothy C. Franke Marjorie L. Gilmore Margaret L. Cullison Lucille E. Fisler Kathryn E. Francis Bernice I. Green Helen M. Hohengarlen Anne Louise Kenyon Maxine A. .Iaycox Marian E. Lumpitt Beulah M. Dalbey Founded, Wesleyan College, 1852 Fifty-nine .M-tive Clmpters lleltu Bt-lu Cliuptvr Estublished 1921 Tllli Wt-st Ohio Street 'ei Juniors Helena M. Jewell Adele H. Mindel Inez E. Smith Mable A. Poore Edna M. Reese Sophornores Freshmen La .Iune F. Mclntire Doris A. Meneely Jean F. Peabody Mildred E. Stiebler Dora E. Thacker Kathryn C. Walker Mildred C. Stiegemeyer Dorothy Wakefield Florence V. Wilson Helen Louise Richardson Mildred L. Skinner Bernice A. Stiehler O. Paula Zeiler KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON -'EI PAGE 511 E+ 3 ul U WP IIN IX W0 ID N0 ld Hll 0 SIS VW V.I. I1 dn 'IIS N0 lHd HD ISd W0 V9 V d'I VH 1.38 V V9 W VW V.l13CI PI ALPHA BETA GAMMA, DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA CHI UPSILON PHI RH0 SIGMA TAU Carlson Lund Peterson Hagel Zinnm-x-man Clark Hammond Polonis Black Locke Wilt Ingham Pape Murphy White Etzbach Ludwig Matthews E. Nelson 0'Lenry Goedde M. Nelson Weber Clnussen Guthrie Felter Brydges 4 Flunnignn Kirkmnn Beals Smith FACULTY Frances I. Beals Charlotte E. Claussen Agatha E. Felter Eileen J. Brydges Martha F. Etzbach Eleanor L. Black Anne L. Hagel Ruth H. Ingham Charlotte A. Carlson Eugenia M. Clark Beulah M. Armstrong, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Mary E. Flannigan Norma S. Coedde Lorin D. Ludwig Bonita C. Matthews Edythe E. Lund Mary I. Murphy Phyllis Hammond Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Q Clela Guthrie Judith M. Kirkman Ethel M. Nelson Virginia L. O'Leary Vivian S. Pape Marjorie A. Peterson Virginia Locke Founderl, Virginia State Normal, 1898 Sixty-three Active Chapters Alpha Kappa Chapter Established 1921 808 Wvst Vermont Street Muriel B. Nelson Barhara L. Ohl Virginia P. Weber I-lelen L. Smith Vee White E. Maurine Wilt MonteLee Zimmerman Virginia I. Polonis 4-Clue -.Q fr' ev Mfr' ',,. ,gfhgvhy 'gmgefaiffls f ' xtpgqhgi OMICRON EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl rf PAGE 512,+:+ ' 3 tn U WP ITN IX NOIIDIWO ld HH O 'DIS VW fIV.I. 1ISdl'I NO lHd IH3 Sd W0 V9 d'IV VH 1.38 V V9 W VW V.l13G PI GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU Mo,-mm Lyddon Sherwin Schulz Johnston Stendmnn Taylor Larson Piorce Wendt Drnyer M. Eaton Hoy Yonnrr Carlson IC. Brown Bosley Beatty 'Thurston R. Brown S. Enton Johnson Sivgrist NVullnt-e Harms FACULTY Margaret Bloom, Pl1.D. Esther K. Brulm, A.B. Ernestine jenison, A,M. , MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Harriet J. Baker Rosemary E. Brown Julia L. Beatty Ruth L. Drayer Helen R. Bosley Eva L. Brown Virginia R. Carlson Ruth A. Lyddon Sherry H. Eaton Wilhelminc D. Harms Mary L. Hoy Ruth C. .Iolmston BI. Lois Eaton Georgette B. Pierce " l Qjnt-. Founded, Syracuse University, 1872 Thirty-one Active Chapters it st v, 151 VA' ' I' ibglf' Beta Alphn Chapter Estnhlishf-ml 1922 1'-w g ! V7 508 Exist Armory Street, Carol E. .lolmson Elizabeth A. Siegrist Mary .l. Wallace Juniors NIBTQUCTIIC SCIIIIIZ Francegi J. Thu!-St Aldfylhe Taylor Murrell E. Youngon S 0 phomores Bernice R. Larson Mary A. Morgan Anne V. Sherwin Freshmen F. Earlec Steadman Evelyn L, Wendt ll EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI -'Ci PAGE 513 131- P W 1: I P W M -1 P Q P 3 3 P U ffl P -1 P fn 'U ul F 0 Z N fn -1 P M -1 P -I I m -I P 5 -1 P X P 1 T P F P 3 w U WP IIN IX IDIWO N0 ld HH 0 SIS VW I'IV.I. 1ISdfI N0 lHd IHD Sd VSIWO V d1 VH L38 V V9 W VW V.L'I3G ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA ETA MU PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA CHI UPSILON PHI RH9 SIGMA TAU ell' ll ll Tuvada Henderson Stahl lilrb Dietrich Rob erts Benird Hallberg Sehnapp Becker Bruner Otis Fox Kendall Metzger Clinton Holloway Martin Andrews Dvorak James Rohlling Kelley Rohm Bennett We ck Brown Shepanek Leasnre Allen FACULTY Margaret L. Gross, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Dorothy M. Beaird C. Catherine Dietrich Mildred G. Becker Mary Erb Norma C. Braner Bessie E. Ilallberg Juniors Eugenia Clinton ,lean I. Gerber Loraine A. Dvorak Marion N. Holloway Florence W. Fox Sophontores Louise V. Andrews Rosemary L. Brown Verla R. Bennett Mary F. James Freshmen Rosemary Allen Frances E. Leasure .4-wwfsefmg W. Elizabeth Henderson Clementine C. Roberts Raena A. Kendall Mary .l. Martin Mary R. Kelley Ruth E. Rehm Genevieve M. Shepanek Margaret C. Schnapp Sigrid A. Stahl Anna M. Tuvada Mary A. Metzger Margaret E. Otis Virginia C. Rohlfing Ann E. Week Founded, University of California 1914 J-'23 Twenty-two Active Chapters Nd:-L5-5 'SJ 1? Gamma Clinpter Estnblislied 19211 ff? ooo west ohio street 1 EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON -'II PAGE 514 13+ Ill 1: ur F 0 Z N HI -1 P HI -1 P -I I l'l'l -1 P '5 -1 P K D 'U 'U D I' P 3 In U WP TIN IX NOIDIWO Id O VWSIS l'lV.I. 1ISdn N0 Hd IHD ISd W0 V9 VHd1V 138 V WV9 VW 13 V.L EPSILON ZETA ETA MU GAMMA DELTA PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA HI l Gross Ilill Loukotn Craig Scharschug Pastor Koehler Salmon Gunderson Hetherington Monk Phillips Molek Bcnll Nussell Stanton Rnmser Conurd Pierre Ridgwny 'Pellecn S,.hmmb0,- 11. C,B1-own Klee Bnlickns MrCurthy Batter Davison Vinje II. J. Brown Loelllt-r Klttpperich Bernice Balickas A. Kathleen Bauer Margaret Craig Janet B. Beall Harriett C. Brown Harriet .l. Brown BETA PHI ALPHA FACULTY Elizabeth A. McBride, A.B M. Louese Ratnser. B.S. Enid Sclinauher, M.S. Olga Zwcrtnann. lNl.S. u GRADUATE STUDENTS Margaret E. McCarthy Loretta A. Pezold MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Frances L. Davison Seniors Bfarcelline E. Gougler Esther M. Gunderson Jeanette L. Gross Marie V. Klapperich Dorothy M. Koehler Juniors Sophomores Dorothy .l. l-lill Eleanor W. Klee Elizabeth F. Loelller Lillian E. Loukota C Freshmen UPSILON PHI M. Louise Hetherington Phyllis E. Monk Marion A. Ridgway Bertha R. Molek , Founded, University nf California, 1 Q-:', 1909 Q I 9 "Q, 'l'wr'nty-svvt-n Avtive Chapters :JB A , rx. iv- RHO SIGMA TAU zz" -Q, 0 Beta Chapter Established 1923 S05 XVt-st: Pennsylvania Avenue Ruth A. Pastor Ruth E. Pierce Virginia C. Nussell Helen A. Phillips Edna J. Salmon Lenore Scharschug Margaret E. Telleen Martha E. Vinje EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON PI n -'Cl PAGE 515 li'- P I' 'U I P T In -I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- 'I P In 'U U5 I: 0 Z N rn 'I P rn 'I P "I I In -I P 5 "I P X P 'U T P r' P 3 T U WP TIN IX NOIDIWO ld HU 0 SIS VW I'IV.l. dfl N0'llS IHd HD Sd W0 V9 V d1 VH 1.38 V V9 W VW V.I.'l3G ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 2 3 ,7 I Z C E 'U X - 4 F' O Ill N E O Z , N 0 0 :I Z ID 3 1 4 I 5 i. :t: 2 Calhoun Knudson MacFm-lnncl Spear Bennett Cnntlon Koller G. Frazier Hnnml O Anderson J. Campbell A. Jun:-dun Sunpgwin .laclcs Batterton Bartlett Knclyk L. Frazier Young lgertinem Hallett Vance M. Jonrdnn Denby Gnhby Llernmn Miller Dillner Mitchell M. Olsen Lang U, 4 F. Olsen Allen Boekenhoff Green Blntt Clark Rice ll. Cnntphell Webber Fernow Roe 5 5 za 4 K A P PA D E LTA 0 -'I P 5 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY C Ill Q Seniors C . T P l' C. Alle Dorothea G. Camplmell Frances C. Cree - UI 4 Mirlrjllls' S. Blatll Aura F- Cluik DOTOIIIY A. MacEarland IEIltjlsllll0lv,B Rllimfe F : Kathryn M. Boekenhoff Dorothy l.. l'ernow Florence Olsen Carol D Webber O Q' . -I Z 4 Iuniors v 4 Ell M. Bertinelli Marion M. .Inurclan Ellulnae E. Nl't I ll - : Q Myillle M. Dillner Helen L. Lierntan Margaret lOlste:1e ilyasgggwm - E Elizabeth H. Hallett D0F0lllY M- Miller Marian M. Young 6 0 I ! Sophornores Q -. - 1. - . 'U ID 1-I l L. Anderson Lonnte Cf. lwazten Madg AMI k 1 , W Q- H2122 Bennett Margaret Calmhy Annexe L. Tfmidan Eorralge llfnudson 2 Janet M. Campbell Marguertle E. Humal Mildred J. Kadyk e ,Y ' 0 er -, Margaret L. Denhy Luclle M' Lang 1 0 U 3 Freshmen 3 ! - M, K l ' C I Y I Eflliqmelglt Rfllftgilllltoutt at mn am on Ruth Cablleman Qeorgil' H' Frazier P nl 1' runces L. Spear Z P I' 0 1: -I t I -Z' xv 5 A 1"onnds-d, Virginia State Normal 2 College, 1897 ."- ' - ' -I D . .H n, 4 Seventy Actxve Chapters in' 'g, P I- .422 'q. Sllflllll Omll'l'0ll lfglggmter Established 9.5" Q 4 0 D A. 0 ,v b l-U4 South Ltncoln Avenue LOQ ,I E '73 3 no tr' g - ID P :: S 'z HETA 5 EPslLoN ZETA ETA T tom KAPPA LAMBDA Mu NU Xl oNucR0N PI 1, -'Sl PAGE 516 Rf- ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 5 L 3 5 A z 4 c I- LON ZETA E NOHDIWO IX MMA DELTA EPSI 3 EI 3 U? 2 S 5 C F8 2 a E' I .. 22 Z fe TD P1 Z 5 5 E 5 9. E. .. 23 Z 5 UQ m Q 2 : D- : E Q - E 2 1 A 5 Qs 5 O 5 2 Q: 2 if l 9 G' 0 210 3 Q '1 VWSIS OH!! ld 4 LA M B D A O M E G A 49 -1 4 FACULTY E ll: Sunshine E. Park, Jessie A. Slrang, B.S. Lucille R. Wehher, B.S. Q C 'U 'L' EGA ALPHA 51 3 2 SE M 5 E f' ef, 'JU UD fn ,. Q 2 3' 1: M 2 S 2 s ei 9 so Y as P -1 Q -4 3 IHd N01 5 ::: Q - Juniors I- 'D th Sophie G. Brzenk M. Alberta Kahbes julia M. Simonsen Mary E. Sullivan gg Q, Priscilla L. Gairing Blanche M. Kuhalek Janet M. Stawicki Lillian M. Winsor 1 HI FU E. Q S I O E S O U rn - Sophomores Q I . P Q, Lois F. Shelford Virginia L. Spangler June W. Waser Mildred E. Woodruff P Z , I- - 'U UPSILO 8 VH ffl " Founded, University of Cnlifol -1 D ,. 1915 Q ' liight Active Clmlxtcrs n- ' Y i . 4 3 , . . .Q 36. , ' , Bs-tu Chapter Plstnblisllml 19 Q 4 ' " if A 1008 West Green Street 5 1 P ID H0 V.I.'l!Cl gn Ui F o z N l1'l -I za IH -i zo -I I l'l'I -I zo 5 'I r ae r 'U 'U za I' za 3 W U r 3 C z C E o E 0 I o z 2 -'Sl PAGE 517 li' A ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA A ETA MU O IX TINW 'G N E 9 Z I o 2 z 25 TA EP HU ld w 'E' 2 VZ pq P-l 2:1 gg E. 5 'K Z 4 2 :Z E 91" E :ff Q 0 W w 2 E 5 '175 ev? '1 2 li' -a '1 "' CR TD '1 ... :' is 2:1 ZF :E' II' fi Q '1 '1 U1 0 Z1 'I 5. E F1 ii e D S ii FR 'N :ff-'I 0: U: R 3 3 321 .-Q 52.53 SQQ Elf: Qs .IL ':. C B ID Q an 'rj 1'3. EUKD E2 U' D '1 MA W9 M P r- 1: I P U m I- -I P -I I m "I P V HABETAGA S F' E2-ew? -H Qmeg amy'-1 5525 551 O1ISdnI'lV.l LP N 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 'U 4 Seniors E E Mareella K. Brownson ESTCIQIOIIBGH MICNHUEIHOH Aiulrey Moore Helen F. Pearsall E Pauline V. Degan 0 H C HHS 11011 VIVIHH MUTLCUSCII Anita L. Wascher Q 0 Beatrice N. Houze Louise A. Young : ! Juniors E Mabel R. Berger Emily M. Blewitt Ceorgiunna M. Fries .E Sophombres O 5 Kathryn G. Hansen lrene Il. McKinney 3 ' H1 - Freshmen Q E Alwida Berger Helen L. Berger Ruth E. Fisher Margaret D' Sorensen P Z r I- UPSILO 9 VHd In : Founded, 'Transylvania College, 1919 ..,C'v,, E 4 Twenty-two Active Chapters Q, n ,Y Y ,I A y P , I :fic D4-lln Chapter Established 1923 Q 6 Q 4 409 Ernst Daniel Street af E .3 b E r5T0'.s77f0'.9f3ef. 2 RHO SIG V.L13G VW EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl -'21 PAGE 518 131- l OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU PSI CHI UPSILON PHI TAU A GM SI 0 Ill 'U ur F 0 Z N HI -I P Ill -1 P -I I IH -I P 5 -I P 1 Bernstein Chulock Choyke Goldstein M. Cohen Brenner Rubin Rusky Yublong Levin Hclfenbein Dnvis Feldman C. Blair 'Pnlender Fox Goldman Wuldmnn E. Cohen Bnchrach Scheyer Abrams R. Pohn J. Bluir IG. Pohn Ehrman Shueffer Ricardo Hirsch Imrya Gordon Violette Abrams Marjorie R. Ehrman Jeanette Blair Rochelle Bernstein Charlotte Blair ,lane M. Choyke .lane Chulock Mildred X. Cohen I '-5 .'L.,',, ',-'n- ,T sf 'I fx'-rr ' - -.T ,. PHI SIGMA SIGMA MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors M. Dorothy Hirsch Esther R. Pohn Ellamarie Pearlman Ruth K. Pohn Juniors Ethlyn Bachrach Josephine Brenner Sophonzores Elaine M. Cohen Fredrica B. Gordon Freshmen Rhea Davis Ruth Feldman Lillis Fox Ruth H. Goldman Founded, Hunter College, 1913 Twenty Active Chapters Them Chupter Established 1923 1004 West Nevada Struct Gladys Goldstein Rosalind E. Helfenb Muriel .l. Levin Ruthann Rubin ein Jeannie L. Ricardo Eleanor Shaelifer Dorothy Lurya Alita B. Rusky Annette V. Scheyer Jean R. Talender Beverly E. Waldman Agatha Yablong KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON Pl -'Sl PAGE 519 E+ P I' 'U I P W rn -1 P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- 'I P rn 'U U5 I: U Z N rn 'I P rn -I P 'I I rn 'l P 5 'I P X P 'U 'U P I' P 3 T U WP IIN IX NOIDIWO Id 0 VWSIS .I. I"IV dn 'IIS N0 IHd IHJ ISd W0 V9 V d'I VH H8 V WV9 VW 130 V.I. ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA E 3 B z C E "' Lf 4 E S 5 z V I 0 O :I Z ID D- m 'E 4 I I' I i m I 0 Q Rntlic-rt 0'l5ricn Ryckinnn L. Gilster Poirot Lnlnb Connors Duntvmnn Herring Pittman Pierson Boyd Hitt, Anderson Grny Hunk Richmond E. Gilster Pugn Lemon Kyle Kramer Ui 2 2 4 KAPPA SIGMA TAU 3' 0 -I FACULTY E E Irene D. Pierson, A.B. Ill -' S 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 2 I- I . o el' Seniors Z 4 Winifred Boyd R..GeneYa lrgilt Harriet L. Page Viola A. Pittman 4 A. Louise Gray Wilhelmma Jemen Mary L. Richmond .E Q - E UJIIOTS n O Vivian M. Anderson Edith E. Gilster Margaret E. O'Brien Katherine M. Ryckman E Doris M, Connors V - 'U 2 Sophomores Q Eleanor A. Dunteman S bil F. Herring ' Genev'e L. K l D ' E Lillian R. Gilster Rillh E. Kramer HelenlRiiePiersoyne R3llilIE,i Egtlijecilmt Q U HI - Freshmen if E Marjorie E. l-Iaak Eunice R. Lamb 2 .E O 1 2 I an P S lfonndc-il, Northwm-stern University, 2 3 1921 Q3 y Four ,Xa-tive Fliupters , -I ,f I- 'is Bctn chapter 1-zsmblisiwfi 1924 Q 4 S06 South Fifth Stn-et 'jg P 2 z Q 3 sn P 0 U I l"I'l 9' 'fa EPSILQN ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI P -'Ci PAGE 520 E1- OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU Bell Snider Kathryn Amanda I'I. Bell Mildred C. Cook Marcia C. Capoot PSI Eileen A. Jasper Rosemary Johnson CHI UPSILON PHI MA TAU Kitchell Delinncy Palmer Suthex-lin Newcomb Usry Van den Berg Zygmunt Jasper Medley Johnson Knight McClnra Ellis Cook Iley Wavhob Mott. Capoot Mays SIGMA ALPHA IGTA FACULTY Dorothy G. DeLaney, B.Mus. Velma I. Kitchell. B.Mus., BS. J. Sutherlin, A.B. Edith M. Usry, A.M., B.Mus., l".A.C.O. . MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Beulah M. I'ley Helen l. Mays Carolyn M. Harriman Virginia I'l. Knight Dorothy T. Ellis Founded University of Mic-higan 1903 0 I v H Q. Sixty-three Active Chapters Sigma Delta Chapter Established 192-L 1102 IVest Nevada Street Seniors Juniors Virginia F. Merrill Terlan M. Paul Barbara L. Snider Genevieve E. Mott Evalyn N. Wachoh Sophornores Freshmen Esther V. Medley Valentine M. Zygmunt li. Alberta MoClara P I' T I P W rn 'I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- 'I P rn 'U U5 I: 0 Z N rn -I P rn -E P -I I rn "I P 5 -I P K P T 'U P r' P 3 T U WP IIN IX NOIDIWO Id HU 0 SIS VW DVI. 'IISdI'I N0 IHd IH3 ISd W0 V9 V d1 VH 139 V V9 WW RHO SIG V.I.'I3CI V EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI ONIICRON PI -'Sl PAGE 521 lt'- ALPHA BETA GAMMA, DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 3 J 3 E s z C E ul X 4 li O N E G Z au 0 2 :' ID D. 'U u 1 W E -EE S E Us ::: e T- 0 Q llissnmn Weitznlun Mum I., Jacobson Lipsey R. Frunk Loeb Klein M. Wnrd Elkes Korshuk P. Frank Morris Reich Las snr A. Ash Gingery Lessner R. Ward Seumun Koolish Flesch M. Ash Rosenberg Lang Soboroff Hoffman Letaw Ch 4 Burnett M. Jin-obson Adselmnn Kurusick Stein Slotin Cohen Spivnk 5 E P 4 SIGMA DELTA TAU C9 -1 GRADUATE STUDENT E E Miriam B. Reich, B.A. 2 c: T MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 2 E 5 g Seniors A Z 4 Sylva Karasick Lillian S. Stein E g Juniors - ll-I Melha R. Adelman Dorothy J. Cohen Lillian Jacobson Margaret E. Jacobson 6 E PllylllS BEIFIICII Anne Leggnef : Q I- Sophornores 5 Mildred J. Ash Marcella Koolish Miriam Mazo Ida Slotin 3 Q- Alice J. Flesch Belle E. Korshuk Reva Rosenberg Eleanor B. Spivak 1 Ruth .Frank Fun-nie G. Lang Beulah J. Seaman Judith Sobgrgff - Beatrice Hoffman Yetlve L. Letaw I Rosalyn Ward O I U Freshmen 4 E E axnietleEL.SlSl1 Jane NS Claigery lrfildreil Iiipsgy llgieahlegze Rtissman Q egnnu '. ' 'es ' e en . ein . eanne e . oe ' Q, Pauline H. Frank Bernice R. Lassar Blossom Morris Dcllgsly Jlirweitzman P Z r' Q r 'u -.2 I gg P 5 W H1 : bounded, Cornell University, 1917 P 4 Thirteen Active Chapters I' Knppn Chapter Established 1926 Q 4 110-1 West Nevndn Street F Q 3 ,D P O J i u E 2 "I EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON Pl P -'Cf PAGE 522 P3- ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 5 T 3 5 E z C 4 '-T1 i x DELTA EPSILON ZETA Ol-Ill ld NOUDIWO Abramson Bloomfield Sul tznmn Glicksberg I-Iuebsuh Rice Kulis Kraus Mnlkin Morrison S t MMA VWEJIS 4 DELTA PHI EPSILON 0 -I P 4 C 5- MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY S c - 'U Senzors u, E 'Rosaliel Malkin Celia Y. Sweet 5 EGA ALP J IHd N Juniors Anita Kalis Minnie Morrison 5 :l: O - - Sophomores lu ID U5 1 Sophie Kraus Adeline M. Rice - 1 O 5 3 lfl Freshmen 0 I Elizabeth R. Abramson Florence Glicksberg Josephine R. Hueliscll Lillian A. Salmnun b 1 Helen Bloomfield Daisy D. Seilin P Z r' TAU UPSILO V139 VI-ld F ldN YkU t ll T ty At Chpt 0 SIGMA CI VWWV9 Rh Chpt ltblld19 71l XV tOh St t I In 1 P EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU XI OMICRON Pl g -'Cf PAGE 523 lil'- ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 5 3 5 o ' z C 4 I' LON ZETA E NOUDIWO IX 'Z' ... 2 A HH BETA GAMMA DELT F 52 52, 55 :'4 2: 'EU E 3 F.. :-1' if 52. 5 2. 55 3? EE m1 35 '1 z Z- its ES SF, : E. Z D 52 I is O E. EU 5 2- 0 I1 I"lV.l. VWSIS 0 BETA SIGMA OMICRCN GRADUATE STUDENT Dorothy West HA 01ISd MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 5 Seniors z 4 Julianna Crippin Isabel J. Hinman Dorothy L. Neill Blanche V. Robbins Isabella E. Dewey Ethel M. Klyver Mildred A. Parker Evelyn C. Spring 7 4 E 9 E Juniors Q O Elizabeth F. Artman Alice L. DeBower Inez Miller Ruth J. Reynolds E Ruth L. Beale Lenore J. Larimer Margaret I. Paullin L. Violet Wegner SI Sd Q A 1 Sophomores E Benilu E. Bails Martha J. Caslle' E. Eugenia Duncan 3 U I 5 E Freshmen 3 nr Mary L. Crippin Eunice O. I-linman Helen T. McGill Z r' O 'U - I fr ' ff I T ' ' ' R. ' , in . :JW wtill . gg , ii, P 'Q --V I ' ', E N 'f' ' S M ,V ff, ,gy JM v ,f x fb .I A I I ' , .25 ff X" W I I f . fil.-N-4,,Xl5,g' V AL. Jia. ,.., V, A :rf wi, -I ,sv I : ,' ,-.. l, 'ZH' ,FFT 1Q,1Ig,,f',.? 'Q ' Founded, University of Missouri, 1888 4 1 Sf'S:l4.iY-I ' ?,j.:.2-'Q ,Qi ' ,.,. X Twenty-two Active Chapters P 1 . - - - f tl I I- 'Q V' I --A I f 3' I2- . , x -4 'f I ' f. " .ff I r "KF W ' .945 "4 'll "fl ed" 5- 'I' 'iff Alpha Mu Chapter Established 1927 Q 4 ru.: 3 fiwg , f mfff 1, -RTQ,-' flu, 'N :"'v--:ek 1106 West Oregon Street b . Viv 35. 1 I' 5-I' "'4'- ',..:L-1 """4f , "' ' Ig ' H ' ,w': Q1 ij" ., '-. 'TI 'L .1114-A - T55 -E . L : ' ' , , 1. -, ..1. ' 5' -A ' E " f,-get . J T1 ,P Ea IV? g Q "jig .,,"1"Qg' f. . -V in A -l 5. ': h.Lj-5. , '- . 3 m , '- Aj' r HT , 4j l V mfg u 1 ' V ,:' A . g ' P 'f'Ti"1"f'i" :-my " ' 1 n -1. " . ' .A " ' :M -.-4 O " A '+ T'1 "'..g'F,mn??x-"" ' ....,.. U I - lil R V.L'I EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI ' +21 PAGE 524 R+ . UP I- 'U I P W In -I P Q P 3 3 P U rn I- 'I P In T U5 I: O Z N rn -I P In -I P 'I I rn 'I P 5 -I P K P T T P I- P 3 T U WP E I PPPPP Z 4 c I- ""' X 4 LTA EPSILON ZET OHZI Id NOIDIWO l Ill I l , Q Sypel 0'Brten Evans Hendroy Lewis lllnrqnnrdt P ordon Wilmot Walsh Joyce Wuollner Farrell Muilnbe Moreland A GAMMA nV.l VWSIS Pl LAMBDA SIGMA E MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY D C S . 'U 4 enwrs ug I Margaret H. letemlfey Eileen R. Joyce Mary 0. Marquurmlt 5 1 .I Z 4 U 'U 4 lunzors I - 2 Virginia C. Dasso Dorothy G. McCabe Alice C. Sypel Bernadette M. Wilmot E Julia M. Lewis Mabel F. O'Brien Edna M. Wuellner G Q E 1 , T ig bophomores 2 Dorothy I. Evans Leona R. Forclon .I. Marie Moreland Evelyn C. Walsh LON PHI CHI 9 I E Hd1V VSBWO Freshman UPSI 8 V . HI .O O , . Q : 'U fi Founded, Boston I,'lllVOI'SlI, , 10 1 P 4 R illjf 1 Five Active Clmpta-rs ll I' -ifh. 3 :Q an IM-ltu Cltnptvr Estnhlislwd 1923 Q 4 hu ,u 708 South Mntltows Street y 5. E 5 Q ID 7 RH V113 EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI +2l PACE 525 E1- ALPHA BETA GAMMA, DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 5 E 3 E he z C E "' E EPSILON ZETA ld NOIDIWO TA HH GAMMA DEL ID JE? VD 'C W 9. ga 92 E .L VWQIS 0 SIGMA PHI BETA P 4 C E Q C 'U Seniors 2 4 I- I Grace H. Beagley Mary E. Glynn Elvira A. Rau Mildred L. Rau O 1 Helen M. Borchers Ethel Stevens Z J 4 'D OMEGA :H 3 E B :Ha IH 5 'U B' Myrtle L. Fleming Martha E. Shank Dolores F. Smith 2 E f - O PHI C V93W SILON VHd1V D. 3 w I' d a L n 1 C If 2 D 1910 I, .5,!K3,. P 4 Ch 1 '27, "ff I' f'QiQBli1 p r f bl 1 11J-9 li"f Q 4 O9 1: n ci 1 s t " E RHO SIG 130 VW , 1 EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON PI +9fPAcE526l3o- Q V1 MU P :- 'U I P W HI -I P 0 b 3 3 P U H1 I- -I P ffl 'U ur F 0 Z N ffl -1 P ffl -I D -1 I H1 -I P 5 -4 P X P 'U 'U D I' D Z S I'IN WD EPSILON ZETA ETA ld NOIDIWO IX hi S' -.Q WO ITM C' D 'S UQ Q '1 5. 5. Q Z 'T' O 'S 5 H Q .1 2' E. vii :LE 7 .. rf 2 E. 5 "::E p4 3621 P: G :il 'ei EQ? ,Ei 5? :Li GZ PT' O '1 F E Z 5 Q .5 v-15 Ea. 2 E E 'e 2 I T2 E Q5 BETHANY CIRCLE FACULTY :I Edu A. Jacobsen, A.M. Q C GRADUATE STUDENTS 3 E M. Inez Clem E. Violet llalnillon 5 Q- an Z MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 1 I 4 Seniors - 0 lull E Marjorie C. Dawson lilizalmelll L. Kenyon Mary J. Osborne Ruta L. Walker 6 0 Thelma E. llarsllbarger Clara M. Mann L. Adalino Willuey E 5 Juniors ,U A Frances B. Blankenlmeker Madeline I". Faris Orplia L. Hair Lucile l'l. Mills 2 E Sophomores O Q Marlliu E. Brothers Margaret A. Cox Mary J. Irwin E Freshman Q PHI V Frances E. Conrad N 'IV 2 Z :Tm P a. u '49 9 IH . -I ' X! I D .iw 'AN 4 ix Follmlm-li. University of lllinuis, 131 P H ' .lf Oni: Active Chapter G08 South Mntliews Sli t 4 X 2 SIGM VWW g nl-no Ui F o z N lfl -I za l'l'l -I za -I I I'l'I -I r 5 'I za K r 'U 'U r I' P 3 W U za Z C z C E o E O I o z 2 vnaa -'Li PAGE 527 E'- ALPHA BETA GAMMA. DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA 3 A 3 E E e z 4 c P' H' x 4 ET 0 DELTA EPSILON Z OH!! ld NOUDIW Turnham Osborne Starck Harvey Wood. Rigge Edwards Chapin Snyder Clothier Kozmn. Olson Huntington Sutherland Fotters Johnson Dillon Hallett MMA 'U T m cn ou -4 'I m T 3' Z I J, I- r" VWSIS 4 G -I P E MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY C Ill m Seniors C 3 4 Marion E. Hallett Julianna Kozma A. Lois Turnham F LPH NO EGA A I 2 fl. fl ... 2 Eff 2 at an E. 3 F5 III m 2 -2 in C Z ?u Q Cf E E. 5 5 ?' 5? rn cm cn E 5. U' 2. .- 5" CD E 3 77' D IHCI 0 E - Sophomores 1 E Mildred R. Chapin Georgia Edwards M. Aileen Johnson Margaret C. Sutherland 2 Marion D. Dillon Eva D. Huntington ' C. Hildegarde Olson M. Helen Wood E i 0 u Z IH 0 PHI 11 R in E' Z S V Ferne M. Fetters Elizabeth N. Osborne Pauline C. Snyder SILON VHd1V D. : w Tl : X . I 1 I In .n. P 4 bounded, University of Illinois, 191 5 5 One Active Chapter 805 South Fifth Street l Q RHO SIGM V.I.13CI VWW EPSILON ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl -wif PACE 528 13+ . - PSI OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON ZETA ETA MU CHI UPSILON PHI RHO SIGMA TAU l Kcmber Brunner Lisenby Fawcett Hardies 4 Becker Force Zimmerman Shumnn Smith Jepson Luther Fain Converse E. Evans Rutelonis Gifford Schuster Mrs. Staehle Douglass Gubris Karth Larson Wctzig Elson Swanson Rowley M. Evans Cox Schmidt Westermnn Hnndschuh Swatek Hawley Joleen D. Nelson A. Nelson Rosknm Grossman Goldthorpe Anderson DAVENPORT HOUSE Emma E. Anderson Mary E. Bowers Irene E. Elson Eleanor L. Evans Edna Mae Brunner Mildred H. Converse W. Evelyn Driver Frances B. Fain Gladys N. Becker E. Rosemary Cox Mary J. Fawcett Muriel R. Goldthorpe Le Claire M. Grant MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Alice L. Douglass Helen B. Gabris Mary J. Evans Evangeline C. Force Lois M. GiH'ord Marie E. Handschuh Dorothy W. Hawley Yanita S. Grossman Bernice E. Hardies Erma L. Hiteman Olive M. Jepson 807 South Wright Street Martin Hiteman Seniors Julianna Karth Norma E. Larson Mary L. McCumber Juniors Doris A. Lisenby Dorothy M. Nelson Mary Z. Luther Geraldine F. Shuman Sophomores I Reece E. .Ioleen Marie M. Rowley Eileen B. Kemher Marion L, Schmidt Catherine E. Martin Dorothy L. Schuster Betty S. Smith Freshmen Alice L. Nelson Dogmar L, Swanson MHTY L- Reisner Jane P. Swatek Evelyn M. Roskam Helen C. Weslerman Josephine M. Rulelonis Leonore J. Wetzig Lois H. Zimmerman ll EPSILON 'ZETA ETA THETA IOTA KAPPA LAMBDA MU NU Xl OMICRON Pl +2-f PAGE 529 E'- P ? 'U I P W In -I P Q P 3 3 P U m W -I P fn T Us I: O Z N m -1 P m -1 P -l I m -I P 5 -I P x P T 'U P r- P 3 ul U WP ITN IX NOUDIWO Id O SIS VW I'lV.l dn 1IS NO lHd IHD lSd W0 V9 V d1 VH 138 V V9 W VW 13 V.I. THE UNIVERSITY OF ff H. Elizabeth Allen Helen A. Blaszezenski M. Lucile Brailhwaite Erna Elmberg Kathryn D. Gabel Grace K. Gholson Esther lelaefele .lune A. Baer Dorothy L. Becker LaVerne C. Brenner Jeannette Cohen Margaret 'l'. Davidson Marguerite E. Doll Ann Fabian Patricia llerdolt Harriet, E. Bortel Josephine 0. Chittick Dorotlu I Cruise Alif' fav s Ma . li -lfer Esateu' Flec ' Doris V. Fra: z Ethel Freetn in Florence N. Anderson Leah A. Augur Barbara L. Blasig Sarah E. Bouska Mary L. Brown Pearl C. Buzy Lucile Charles Claire I. Cornick Helen A. Cummins Frances L. Dukey Harriet S. Easley E. Mae Edwards I.LLINOlS ILLIO OF'l WClv1AN'S RESIDENCE HALL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors M. Elizabeth I latnbrook Louise M. llynes Marie M. Jensen Frances M. Kapilla Everdine A. Keating Stella M. Maloni Marianne D. Fanuko Lucile C. Caetje Elizabeth Glasow Bcrthvl L. Glossiuger E' ' Haefele llenry Incl Hinckley Eileen E. llilligoss Eleanor W. llol' ind Lillian B. .lace ' Bernice ,Iokisch Vivian S. .IDIICS Jeannette C. Keiser Barbara Kerch Vera R. Kriz Elizabeth W. Fay Elizabeth .I. Caa Lois M. Gilbert Maxine A. Gingerich Kathryn M. Graham Louise Il. lleidhues Kathryn L. llooker Vivian A. .Iames Ruth E. Kennington Mildred Klecka Ahnira Koeller Estelle P. Kosh ffmiors Gwendolyn E. Murphy J. Mamie Osten Helen .l. Pesci Mary Petitti Maysie M. Powers Evelyn M. Rogier Mildred M. Holicky Esther W. Hurd Maud Jurjevich Ellen B. Lemke Mildred L. McGraw Evelyn E. Mangold S 0 phomores Freshmen Frances M. Lange Bessie Lapinski Alice A. Lindquist Pearl R. Lockhart Mary B. McCreary Margaret L. McGradv Irene H. McKinnf Doris J. Massman Catherine D. Landl Elizabeth R. Madden Frances L. Masiokus Grace Meier .Iulia L. Moor Helen E. Murphy Verrea A. Nolsinger Mary A. Pruitt .I ean Pyatt Anne L. Reiter llelen M. Reuhl 1111 West Nevada Street Arlene Scheidenhelm Eleanor A. Schenck Vivian M. Seidler .Ianna M. Silander Lois Tohnan Teresa M. Welch Helen V. Nelson Velma E. Pottorf Dorothy M. Saunders Elizabeth ll. Schroeder Helen F. Steele Frances M. Stubblelield Mary L. Wheeler Fuller M. 0'Malley Genevieve V. Shepley Marian L. Sullivan Mary A. Summerhayes Helen M. Waldorf Helen I. Ward Louise Worley Caroline Zempel Helen F. Roberts Dolores C. Sandry Suzanne Schaeffer Edith L. Spencer Athena Terzis Ethel M. Thomas Agnes B. Ulrich Helen C. Vogel Eva M. Wilmet'g Leota Wirsch Anne P. Yesulis Louise R. Zerwcck 9 OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO f gl I. L I o , at PAcra 5302+ mls NIVERSIT Louise A. Brown Emily I. Cornell Eva W. Davis Doris L. Denman Margaret Eastman Florence B. Filippi .leanetta Appel Nettie Belitsky Mabel R. Berger Frances B. Blankenheker Marie B. Bonvallet Marjorie L. Bredehorn Margaret I. Bronson Lilah D. Brown Mary E. Abernathy Florence H. Adams Marion Baumhauer Dorothy P. Birkett Margaret H. Doak Florence L. Gerteis Frances A. Gerteis Janet M. Gerteis Marian R. Gill .Iune L. Anderson Miriam M. Antonow, Irene M. Banner Alwilda Berger Helen L. Berger Evelyn E. Bills Marjorie E. Corder lane I. Damon Isabella M. Dickhaut S. Catherine Eastman Irma E. Eisen Frances E. Elfstrand YOF ILLINOIS WEST RESIDENCE HALL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Hazel M. Garvey Lois V. Hunt Mary E. Jackman Grace E. Kenyon Eileen F. Kimball Ruth J. Brown Mary E. Bryar Mary E. Coleman Myrtle A. Delm Helen Dick Elizabeth E. Feiekert Pauline M. Fietsam Elfriede Horst Neva G. Goodbourn Bernice E. Gringer Alice M. Hackmann Bertha A. Helander Sybil F. Herring Mary W. Hoyne ie Jacobs ce A. Kamar Florence Gethner Lucille M. Gierz Flora Gordon Dorothy D. Hall Ruth D. Handelsman .lane C. Hart Jeanette H. Helstrom Helen A. Hirsh Rochelle D. Kaden Dorothy L. Kerr Gertrude Levite 1115 West Nevada Street Seniors Juniors Henrietta A. Koutnik Mildred O. Kratovil Hester C. MacKechnie Betty Mannering Lenabelle Middlekauff A. Lillian Horton Evadna Kavano Mary E. Kean Lillian Levinson Florence E. Miller Ruth N. Moore Barbara H. Mow Florence R. Pf- Sophomores Freshmen Sarah F. Kaplan Barbara Nussbaum Sarah . . Ohean Dorot'1y E. Oliver Victoria Omietanski Carmen L. Parr Suzanne Pfeiffer Virginia F. Sandberg Alma A. McLaughlin Kathryn M. Mahan Ann M. Makutenas Leota M. Mansberger Margaret M. Menaugh Clare A. Mentz Dorothy J. Miller Dorothy P. Nelson Rachel Pankey M. Bethel Paradis Jennie Plavnik ILLIO OF 'I Irene E. Reavy Lois E. Schildhannner Mabel l. Schoch Grace J. Thomas Eunice L. Thompson Margaret Watzo Helen A. Pleshar Helen E. Rather Mary A. Ryan Eva S. Steinert Virginia E. Sword Alyoe P. Talbot Miriam Taylor Kathleen M. Timm Dorothy A. Schultz May l-1. Seidel Olga H. Senne Mary L. Sw " Ellen li. 'l' -t... Hilda M. :sit Margar vVadtIc, Kathryn -. Webster Faye H. Weiss Bernice E. Popp Florence M. Rector Erla M. Rest .Ianet M. Ritchey Hedwig F. Racks Winifred M. Ruger Elizabeth M. Runkel Eleanor M. Schmitt Minna M. Schweitzer Rose B. Steinberg Dorothy L. Wiebusch Dorothy E. B. Wiesjah wr qtvv X 'iw 'V l"' D 932 IILLIO OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO . X, -x'ElPAcE531l3+ ' OF lil Teas, and par+ies, and social evenfs . . . sporfs, and 'reams, and afhlefic mee+s . . . dances, 'Fall and spring . . . a common bond of in+eres1' . . . K N' , ,W f- ...'.u'.c.,'i..i- Lbs", kglj A 6 WILLIAM HOHENZOLLERN QQQX f WCMAN'S GROUPS 0 MARY ALEXANDER DISRAELI coLuMaus PAUL ARTHUR clceRo ISABELLA LORD NELSON ILLIO THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1932 Rose A. Adams Ellen I-I. Beard Anna E. Bines Opal I. Binkley Pearl C. Bromley Carmen E. Bunn Dorothea M. Bunn Marian L. Burns Jessie L. Conard Pauline Conard Elizabeth A. Daut Hazel I. Davis Helen M. Drew Alice ll. Dunn Dorothy S. Andermann Marguerite W. Baker Mildred E. Broom Elizahcth C. Dust Opal A. Eagleton Smith Schneider Wick White Zimmer-nmnn Davis Janssen Fennell Adams Weisent Sherritt Irnlnnan Z. Pvnnell Sidwell Binkley Pickels Mittolhurug Burns Ilt-yet' Bines Yuntlorvoort WVueher Grainger .l, Oonard P. Conard D. Bunn Freeman Dr:-xv M. Pennell ICIIKIUIUII SL'IIOIIlJ0l'2 C.Bunn M. Miller XVeir Laning C. Miller Gonrlcb' fXl.C:EiS'IIS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Adda E. Eagleton Velma M. Eickhorn Helen L. Fennell Ruth S. Fenrer Bernice Freeman Frances M. Gourley Constance Grainger Evelyn B. Harvey Lois E. Ileyer Eleanor G. Howe Ilene Janssen Emeline M. Lahman Erma L. Laning Mary A. Mclntyre Catherine M. Miller Mary J. Miller Wilma C. Mittelherg Mary E. Pennell Zona A. Pennell Elizaheth C. Piekels Dorothy Powell B. Lucille Richards Elizabeth L. Rowland Elizabeth II. Rusk Sarah Sehenherg Doris L. Schneider AT I. A N TA GRADUATE STUDENT Mary L. Irvin MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Harriet J. Ely Helen M. Jervis Dorothy M. Fruin 'Marie I. Leonard Mary L. Fruin C. Pauline Munns Arda M. llerrin Martha ,I.,Parker L. Gene Slterrilt Ruhy M. Sidwell Margaret Il. Smith Edna Tahorn B. Bernice Underwood Grace R. Vandervoort Rosemary A. Ti .air Bessie B. Weisent Josephine M. White Vera G. Whitted Charlotte I. Wick .Iewell F. Winter Virginia W. Wucher Joyce C. Zimmermann Leona J. Pelle Blanche Peterson Alice J. Scott Mildred I. Smith LeVona Voigt 35- QS- Voigt Eugleton Smith Dust Andvrmnnn Leonard Parker Baker Munns D. Fruin Peterson Broom P.-ite Ely Irvin Herrin Jervis Scott M. Fruin 36- 'Hf OF'NINETEENTHIRTY- fl T AM AW +21 PAGE 534 E1- TWO ILLIO THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 Cord Rankin I"1'euliill Millet' Mrlntire Wosterlwide Stiopgman Seidel Sundretto l"nir4'ltiltl Iluyes Aliny Mnttix A. Tuttle Lu Bond Slllllllvll N, Tuttle Tyrrt-Il Snyder Ilotka Slrader Marek .lean B. Almy Frances E. Betka Rosalie R. Casellas F. Madeline Cord Lucy E Fairchild Mary A. Freehill Elizabeth V. Ilayes Ruth M. Appleman Charlotte W. Beard K. ,lane Bridges Margaret E. Brown Agnes L. Cole llelen IC. Conaway Mildred C. Corneliu Catherine R. Davis S CORINA IVIEIVIBERS IN UNIVERSITY Rose IC. La Bond Lucille Mclntire lflsie M. Marek Lois L. Matrix Martha l'. Miller lflossie M. Myers Wilma li. Rankin Dale Ii. Samuell Mary V. Sandretto Miriam C. Seidel Dolores Smith Marjorie R. Snyder IO AND AEOLIA MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Eleanor H. Ferguson Margaret llandschin lrcne M. Howell .lean J. Kozelniak Doreen L. Kring Wilma L. Kring Alice lf. Kruszezynsk Lorene W. Lytle llarline V. McCreery Norma ll. Moflreery Alice D. Mast Gladys E. Melhourn Ifl. Geraldine North Georgia Parker Dorothy A. Stiegulan S. Elizabeth Strader Adelia C. Tuttle Nadeena T. Tuttle Dorothy N. Tyrrell Artrude L. Westerhe Catherine G. Parks Mary if. Perkins Sarah M. Potter Catherine E. Riggs Audrey J. Sidener Ruth E. Snow Olive lf. Walker Evelyn M. Wrede ide Potter North Handsr-ltin Colo Perkins Kozt-lniuk D. Kring Brown Wrc-do Melbourn N. Mvflreery Lytle Kruszuzynski Conuwuy Howell W, Kring: Parker Pnrks Cornelius llnvis Beard OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TW 9 o 1 Q . -f3lPAtnc 535lB'- A I OF I THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILI.IO OF 1932 Dover Hurt Glmllzllo Frllntl Slidingigr Donovan Huie Kosinski Novotny Knot Bnrtnsqh I R I S MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Dorothy A. Bartusch Elhna M. Frantz Mary L. Hurt Adele J. Novotny Marguerite A. Donovan Eleanor L. Goodale Wanda F. Kosinski Marie M, Ru,-,I Marvine P. Dover lda M. Huie Ruth E. Slidinger L 0 K I MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Ruth M. Chapin Leora I-I. Fansler - Frieda E. Lewis Thelma E. Stephens Wilma L. Daugherty Louise G. Ferry L. Faye McCollom Frances M. Thompson Marjorie M. Deal Frances D. Howard Mabel A. O'Donnell Marietta Thornburgh Harriet A. Deere Helen L. Johnson E. Lucille Rea A. Evangeline Tubbs La Wanda Engel . I - ' ' ff? 'Q K F - ,zwcs-5 a6'f'+f?GYiPf'Q . 'I Daugherty MI-Collmn 'Howard Deere Cllilpill Engel Ferry Johnson Tlionipson OF N ETEENTHIRTY-TWO Q I L I. I o I N f +34 Pm: 53610- j I O21 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OFI ILLIO tg Fruin Corbin Boon G. Anderson ' Mnukinson Shear Sr-hnrtT Dnsso Quinn C. Anderson Blake Cnsoy Lnpinski WARNER HALL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Charlotte C. Anderson Marguerite E. Casey Betty J. Kendall Genevieve S. Anderson Anna M. Corbin .lean A. Lapinski Frances ,I. Blake Virginia C. Dasso Sarah M. Mackinson Alice C. Boon Mary-Helen Fruin Kathryn R. Patrick Dorothy S. Quinn .Ioyce O. Scharll' Dorothy M. Shear ACHAEA, DAPHNE, ECHO, ELECTRA, LOCKE MANOR Wilma C. Bentley I. Martha Brooks Martha E. Brothers Letha M. Cummins Ruth B. German Eleanor B. Goddard Gwendolyn F. Hammer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Evelyn H. Heinz M. Sophia Immele Mary .I. Irwin Sara E. Kiel Esther Lambert Edith Lytle A. Bernadine McLaughlin Maxine McLaughlin Margaret Martens Margaret A. Middagh Mary A. Minear Isabel L. Minsker Mary E. Parker Louise S. Roth Mollie F. Sacks Frieda I-I. Skartvedt Mildred Stengl H. Shirley Stumhaugh Helen M. Taylor Gladys M. Warlord C. Geraldine Willialiis Innnulo Minonr Hummer M. Mclntughlin Cunnnins A. Mc-Laughlin Lntnbcrt Martens Brothers Irwin Sttnnbuugh German Pnrker Heinz Taylor Godtlurd XVillinnis Stongl Middugh BOHUCY Brooks Roth Kiel Suvks Wnrford Minsker Lytlc Sknrtvt-dt OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TW 9 f Q . H ' +3 PM 537 ta f ll . CAESAR XERXES I-IANNIBAL NAPOLEON WASHINGTON MUSSOLINI BISMARCK TALLEYRAND 'Q Mfwfg v A ' 4 X .sf 5f Xqlf. . A -' .f' ,I n wil "I x r " . . ,, , 1' -. 22' . 'HL' 14. r f A warfig ,,-4, gl Almos+ a hundred campus socie+ies . . . boasiing here of iheir fhousands of members . . . bringing +oge+her coun+less in+eres+s . . . +agging each wi+h a key or pin . . . GARIBALDI VICTOR EMANUEL MARCO POLO X if 413- X. HONORARY AND PROFESSIQNAL HONORARY AND PROFESSIQNAL FRATERNITIES Accountancy Club Adelph1c Nattonal Llterary Fratermty Alethenai L1terary Soctety Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Delta Slgma Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha S1gma Nu Alpha Tau Alpha American Ceramtc Soclety Amer1can IHSIIIUIC of Electr1cal Engmeers Amerrcan Soc1ety of CIVII Engineers American Society of Mechan1cal Engmeers Anontan L1terary SOCICIY Band of X Beta Alpha sn Beta Nu Kappa Chr C h1 Chl Ch1 Epsilon Chinese Students Club Delta Theta Ups1lon Der Deutsche Verem El Clrculo L1terar1o de Espanol Eta Kappa Nu Eta Stgma Ph1 Field and Furrow Flor1culture Club Gamma Alpha Ch1 Gamma Epsilon P1 Gamma Theta Phi Fargoyle SOCICIY Gregorran Lxterary SOCICIY Hexopoecta Home Economtcs Club Hoof and Horn Club lll1n1 Chamber of Commerce Illlnl Flying Club Illustrators Inter L1terary Counc1l Iota Slgma P1 .lamesoman L1terary Soctety Kappa Phi Kappa Kappa Ph1 Srgma Kappa Tau Alpha Keramos Le Cercle Fran9a1s Mu Kappa Alpha Mu San Pan Xenla 1 Alpha Chl 1 Alpha Lambda 1 Beta 1 Ch1 Theta 1 Epsllon Kappa 1 Lambda Upsllon Ph1l1pp1ne lll1n1 Club Ph1 Mu Alpha Ph1 Upsllon Om1cron Delta Epstlon Delta Phr Eps1lon Delta Tau Sngma Ra1lway Club Scarab Sh1 A1 S1gma Delta C 1 Stgma Delta P 1 S1gma Delta P S1gma Delta P51 S1gma Iota Epstlon Sigma Tau Skull and Crescent Synton Tl1eta S1gma Il Theta Tau Tu Mas Un1vers1ty Landscape Architectural Society Wesley Players 5 4 ' ' ' ' .......... 560 ' ,, ' ' ' ...............,.... 560 ' ' ' .......................... 561 ........... ' ............................ 54-3 ' ............................ 561 1 ' ' ' .................... 562 ' ,,,,, ' ' ' ' ..... 562 Ph' ' ' " ' .......... 563 Ph' ,, ' ' ' ' . .... 563 Ph' ....... ' ' ' ................ .... 5 64 Ph' ' P' .............................. 564 Ph' ' , ' ,' ' ................................. 565 ' ,,,,, , ' ' ...............,. ' ,.............. 546 ' ' - ' ' ....................... 566 Pi ' ' ......................... 566 Pi ' ....... ' ............... ' .......... 567 Pi ' ,,,, Dolphins .........................,......... 547 Pi Mu Epsilon ...... - ' ' ' .......... .... 5 67 Pi - ,,,, - .............................. 548 ' ,,,,,,, ' ' .............................. 568 ............ . -- ............................ 568 ............. ' ...... ' ...................... 569 ' h' ..,, ' ........................... 569 ' h' ' ' ' .......................... 570 ' ' ..,.........,.............. 570 ' , ' ........... ........ ........ 5 7 1 " - H ' ' ' .................... 571 ' .....,, ,, . ' ................................. 572 1 ,, ' ....................... 572 ............. ' ' P1-..., " .................. 549 ......,, , " ' ........................... 573 - .......... .. .' 2 ' ........................ 574 ,,,,,, ' ' ............................... 575 'V' +61 PAGE 540 R+ Founded L nn ersrty ACCGUNTANCY CLUB of Illinois 1324 One MEN Chapter To osler and mamtam a smcere mterest In the sozence of accountmg Walter R Aabye Myron F Addrson Ralph C Anderson Arch M Ault Arthur L Bert Robert W Boyd Hlmey E Breen Earl K Brrssman John E Crammond George J Curzon Hyman M Davxs Fred K De Groote Wxlham T Bacheldor Charles D Baldwxn Dorothy M Bealrd Cec1lE Blaln Ralph H Blakemore V1ncentJ Bogdansky Malcolm P Bowman Norman M Bronson Mlldred IL Broom Cornellus F Brusmghan Rolandf' Ackman Frank B Anderson Everett Armitage Don D Baer Charles R Bash Wllham C Bxschoff Franklyn S Collms John R Cook Jr Borden B Cox Charles W Cram Ralph M Davies Sam Bergman Marvln M Cook Wllllam Davltt Royce H Foley Myron J llcnderson MEMBERS IN UN IVERSITX Wallace V Dorrls Margaret Eastman Gordon Fmley Janet Itrrchaw Glen J F lsher David G Flthlan Lloyd 0 F ruland Charles J Gaa Margaret E Gangstad Donald D Garretson Roy N Green Regmaldl Hardy Alfred E Chrxsnaens Irw1nA Coehrun Russel O Derby PaulW Dlams Vernon L Doulh1t Norman H Feingold EldonJ Fntzpatuck Prnscxlla L Galrmg George N Gllkerson Abraham Goeenput George E Dooley Albert J Epstein John C Ermc-ntraut Kenneth L Ettenson Robert B Franks J Wallace Frlck Robert G Frnedlern Herbert C F roeschle Eugene R Carver Leon B Genthman Norman E Kasch Chrlstlan S Kloss LeRoy P Kloss Mark D Llttler Senzors Arthur R Hedlund Harold A Henry Raymond A Hoffman Howard D Holzman Lelna E Hopkms Donald M Kammcrt Dan S Kerpan Cerald J Koernor Aldona Lenok Noble J Lrtherland Edward W Llttell ,Iumors Fred Grellsherm Myron D Gutmann Charles A Jackson Edwin H Johnson Kenneth J Johnson William G Karnes Harry C Koenlgsmark Irvlng H Kraft Mrlton S Kramer John A McCullough Rrchard L MCKIllglll S 0 phom ores J Harold Glascock Vlctor R Clenn Dunlap Harrmgton Durward 0 Hem Robert R Holland Donald Hoy Fred W Huebener E Stanton Johnson Rlchard W Jones Georgla A Knight Freshmen Harold Maddls Carl W Merkle Wxlbam J Pfister Benjamin F Powell Jr FlorenceJ Llewellyn Raymond A Lohr Roger A Lowe Melvm O Lundahl J Max Mltchell M110 J Morrlson John R Orlando Howard W Parker Ralph B Reese Carlos L Renfrew Clyde B Roberts Robert L Rosbe Joseph V Matella Adele H Mmdel Davxd Nesler HarveyJ l c Joseph S Peacock Lawrence-J Pnekett Russell V Puzey Max V Rhme Clyde P Robb Carl V Schermerhorn Paul G Krexhnr, Robert A Lake John W Lehwald Millard S Mel uflin Mary A Mclntyre John.l McKean Jr Walter W Matthlas Elbert? Maus Rudolph Myrna Hunt1ngtonJ Ons John W Powers Mary E Readcy Albln W Skogler Morrrs W Smlth Guy W Roslyn Carrol M San er Frederrcka S Sehrumpf Lllwood K Slusser Ira A Stephens Jack P Tabor Leo V Tockstem Wrlham W Weatherman Edward C Weldeman Robert L Wllll8mS0ll Charles N Wlshart Jolm G Wolter Allen Schwalb Edward Serpless Clifford S Sims Elmer E Smxth MOFFIS A Soldmger Robert W Spamer Elbrldge W Staudt lIe1schelF Wacaser Dorls V Wwe Carl A Peterson Paul S Phillips Charles T Rlchards Paul O Sehrnber Marcellus L Senne Margaret Il Smlth Robert E Van Snckle Allan E Wexdman Alex J Wllson Jac-k F Wxlson Edward D Wlmp Wrlham ll Smder Basll W Sparks Leroy W Stewart Maurxce Wax Henry D Wfttaw r 't ' . ' ' 4- lr ' tb , , . f xl u I VI u X 1 ' , . , ,, , V .r - 'V as u ' I V 1 ,, Y . , . x I , ' , . U ' u I ' I , ' . - - ' , In u 7 I F ' . . ' ' ' l ' I 4 l . . ' , ' ' x I , ' . X 1 Q 1 ' . V . . . ' , ' ' . w . . , - 1 ' l I , . 1 . . , -. . f ' . ' I ' , ' ' ' , A .'ak ' . ' , H . . . , . . . -, - , - , . . Eugene C. Sweedler u ' R I- 1 'I ' , ' , 1. J. , , . .. T . I . . . 7 . - ' . . I , 1 1 1 . . , . ' . 1 . ' 1 I 1 1 41 .. ' . . . , . .. 3 g ,r J. . , . . . - 'I ' . a I I J ' . . . . . A . . l ' I l . , . . .' . + -'Eli PAGE 541 l-3+ ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA Founded, University of Illinois, 1919 Alilhfl Uhllpfel' One Agfivg Chapter L g li l I To promote better fellowship among pre-legal students FACULTY Albert J. Harno, B.S., LL.B., LL.D. Frederic L. Kirgis, A.B., J.D, Charles M. Kneier, Ph.D. George B. Weisiger, B.S., LL.B., J.D. Raymond W. Ball Robert Y. Bartholomew Gustav M. Berg Arthur L. Bert Howard W. Campbell Martin L. Cassell, Jr. Thelma F. Chapman Leonard W. Coale A. Robert Cruthorne, Jr. William P. Cuthhertson ,lohn W. Davis Walter Q. Edwards, Jr. C. Lyman Emrich, Jr. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Frank V. Flaska Milo J. Fleming Howard W. Frick Charlotte E. Gauer Thomas W. Gill Robert A. Gopel George J. Heidem-an Robert L. Henry Lyle R. Huff William B. Huie William G. Karnes Loren E. Lewis George E. McDevitt Walter E. McMullen William H. Maxant Arthur W. Mielke John B. Murphy Jerome W. Nelson Huntington J. Otis Mary E. Patton Eugene M. Pratt Don L. Prillaman . Frank W. Renwick, Jr. R. Newton Rooks Robert L. Rosbe Joseph R. Rosborough Margaret Rutherford Richard B. Seyfarth Daniel A. Smith, Jr. Timothy W. Swain Kenneth L. Telleen Roman A. Thieda Lucius D. Turner Robert M. Werden James H. Wheat Jo C. Williamson Gopel Roshorough Williamson Renwick Emricli Otis McDevitt Rocks Lewis Crnthorne Tellcvn Mnxnnt Campbell Smith. Mielke Fleming Bull Flaska Tliiedu Swnin Gill Patton Gauer Rutherford Chapman Bert. Murphy Soyfnrth 12-f PAGE 542 R+ Foundml, New York University, 190-1 Epsilon Chapter FifW'f0lll' Af'fiV0 Chnlltefs I ."'f1 nf' ml iff. Nfl ,',, 5 -"7 fill. if v- ' l 535141. To create higher business ideals, and to foster research in the fields of fnance, accounting, and business administration H FACULTY' Maurice H. Robinson, Ph.D. Frederic A. Russell, Pl1.D. V Hiram T. Scovill. A.B.. C.P.A. Charles M. Thompson, Ph.D., LL.D. Nathan A, Weston, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Myron F. Addison Ralph C. Anderson Lawrence B. Askin Harold W. Bancroft Cecil O. Bernard Arthur L. Bert Waller Cleland Franklyn S. Collins George N. Gilkerson Eugene E. Brull Richard W. Downing Warren I-I. Fuermann Donald D. Carretson Raymond J. Gibbs Robert L. Hyde Walter C. Kreider Russell V. Puzey Juniors James R. McPherson John R. Orlando , .lohn H. Owen Lewis D. Pring Hurry A. Sahlin Harry J. Reck Max V. Rhine Joseph R. Rosborough Clyde Q. Haldane S 0 phomores Jol1n,W. Hammer Millard S. McGuH-in Robert I. Metcalf Philip D. Huff Russell F. Scott Elwood K. Slusser .lack P. Tabor Leo V. Tockstein Edward C. Weideman Louis F. Williams ,, Y Richard H. Shirley Edward G. Watson William E. Weise Rudolf Myrna Scott Watson Gilkerson Puzey Anderson Bernard Cleland Brull Weldemnn Haldane Bancroft Downing Tockstein Addison Tabor Metcalf Hyde Williams Collins Rack McPherson Suhlin Fuermnnn f Weiss Shirley Huff Myrna Roslmrouglx Kreider Bert Rhine Slusser rl PAGE 543 P31- ALPHA TAU ALPHA Foundrd Unnusltx of Illmol 1 AIDIHI CIHIPWY' tigzoftof To promote lugh standards In agricultural eclucalzon FACULTY Ilenly L Buekarclt MS John H Evans BS Melvin Henrlexsun B S Vnctor W Kelley Ph D Bums Kenneth A Potter B S Herbert J Rucker M S Iames II Boyd Wilbur C Brokaw Floyd M Bueslnger Lewxe R Buhrow llerbert C Engelhanlt Dean K Fmch Mllton C' Geuther Boyd Hal per MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY John H Gnlby Clarence Hanover Elmer II Henker Harold L Jepson C arl T Lycan Norman B McClure Clarence P Markley Mervm F Ilmton Senzors Junzors Milton C Mathew Wayne W' Mnller Otho T Mmer Fred A Pamter Harold M Primm Wlllxam R Ritchie Joseph Mucrl C Luwqon MS hlght Actrve Chapters Walton W Rose Marvm L Schuetz Paul H Shuman Marshall .I Scott Lawrence H Slmerl Shaw Tewxlllger Harold Wrlght Frnest A Roee .ILXVIIIILJI Schuotr Scott Rose Gouther Bus kurdt Gxlby Mnrkle5 Mnler Pmnter 'tIm.CIuro Henkor Rltchlo Brokaw Buhrow Hmton Shumnn lynch Bnesmger Bowl Englehnrdt: Srmexl Uuthew Jepson Wmght Lycnu f , g ' 's, 921 1 " ' A 1 fl? 'S l A . n nl, 1 they ' ' I 1 - ' . - ' t , .e. . :, . .. " , . . - , . . .' 4. . , . . Aretas W. Nolan, Ph.D. . , . . . , .. . Cornelius A. Van Doren, M.S. ' 1 ' ' . - ' . ' 4. ' . . . . . . '. . 1. 4 v I ' 'H ' ' v 1 - , I 5 ' v ' - AW , . . . I, I -wil PAGE 544 lie - A Founded lfuiversity of Illinois. 1923 . U One Active Clmpter A I A i 'r f ii 1" I Jw ' iii. I I . Honorary Commerce Activity Fraternity ' I MEMBERS IN UNIVFIRSITY Seniors Frederick C. Burtliolomew l-larry-D. Grow A Russell M. Horner James ll. Poole W X Renick H. Buckles Ixeith Hampton Q Elbert B. Kamp Frederick A. Schncll - Wallace V. Dorris ' Elbert R. Hollingsworth Robert L. Kamp Edgar B. Smiley Harry L. Frese Burnham B. Holmes George A. Mills Ronald P. Smith Jzmjors Harris W. Arlen Waller E. Busker Harry D. Litt ' .lohn R. Suyvtell Reginald S. Altman William W. Charle Robert M. Little Robert F. Schulz William B. Arnold William G. Karnes Robert G. Moench George L. 'Scripps York K. Bishop Samuel M. Keys Harold H. Mount William H. Smart - , TF Little , Busker Sf-ripps Smurf Horner Buckles Litt Dorris Suwtall Hollingsworth Poole Arnold l'l. Knmp Bishop Smith Holmes Frcreo Hxtruploli li. Klllllll S1-llutz i +15 PAM-3 545 I CHI EPSILON Ioumled UlllNklSlty of llllnols 19 IUIHOIB Cllllhter Ileven Xctne Chapters llarold E Bubbltt M S Wxlham L Colhns BS John S Crandell B S C E Hardy Cross A B B S M C E Thomas J Dolan B S James J Doland B S C E Melvm L Enger M S C E Melvin M Culp LeRoy Tucker Stanley U Benscoter W1ll1am.l Bobnsch Wrlham E Bohn Svott Dlllon Wllllam M Avery David M Baldwin r ,IF Kg Honorary Cwrl Engmeerzng Fralernzty FACULTY Wlutney C Hunungton M S C E Milo S Ketchum C E DSC Ralph W Kluge MS Wallace M Lansford M S C E George W Pxclxels B C E C E Wllllam H Ravner C E MS Fred B Seely MS Thomas C Shedd BS C E Frank W Stubbs Jr B S C E Edward W Supplger B S Arthur N Talbot C E D Sc D Eng LL D Kenneth C Tlppy MS .lamlson Vawter B S C E Carroll C Wxley B S C E GRADUATE STUDENTS W I 0 5 Ketchum .l Robert B Monrman MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Semors Glenn Murphy Ben Puller Wllham R Frcketl Harold K Madnson 'llylon E Herzog Merr1ttW Matthewe Charles U Kring Rnchard S Nelle funzors Leonard C Prekett Abram F Sears Joseph B Tiffany .Ir lvan L Wlssmlller George W Chmn Guy B Rlghter Vlvlan G Kaufman James Laloudek -nun In Bnldwlu Clnnn Moorman W nn-mnller Welle Kaufman Boblsvh Rlghter luloudek Sears lrffnny NIIIKIISOII Pxekett Benstoter ivory Drllon Herzog Bohn 1 xckctt Puller lxrmg 1' , ' 22 ' ' -' G X - SAP ff? A . E 51' 1:4115 . , . y , ' s I . ' , Ht. . v . . , . ., . . . Z ., . ., . . . , . . . , . ., . . . , . . - 1 - In - - - 1 - v . , . ., . ., . ., , . -n - -, . .'. u . l , . -, . . . . W . , . . ' . , . . ., . . ' . , . . ,. ,..,.. .4,..,.. ,,,,,,, ' . h, . ., . . . . . . . , l , , ,, , , Vlfgll R. Fleming, B.S. : , . ., . . Wllbur M. Wllson, M.M.E., C.E. ' . ' 1I'l '. ' , r. . . . wh A ' : i . . M . , , , . u 1 V V I . ' V f' 4 1 , . . 44 AA dai-' :JAC C, I . , .. . X . . ,A L, ,,. A . .- , I . ,.. , , . - +21 PAGE 546 I-3+ DOLPHINS Iounded Uniwersiiv of Illinois 19 2 Three Active Lhullwfl Honorary Swzmmmg Fraternity FACULTY Raymond F Dvorak BS BMus Parker C Livingston AB Edwin J Manley lluroldi Paterson BS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gilbert H Cad .l ROIJCFI W PHSMJY Arthur R Crat orne Jr Nichola-1 Gordon Fdward F Grable Julius Lakin Reginald S Altman Harry A Barber Joseph E Brock Seniors Jumo rs Pomeroy Smnock Peter P Leppa Robert G Moench Joseph C Williamson James H Wheat Abraham Sehaifer Espey C Williamson Paul C Worden Bortholomuv Schaffer Pnshby Hon ard Synnog 14 Wo,-den 13,-oak G01-don Altmnn Moench I nkm Cady 1 NY mllmmson Wullk C rnthorne Srhnell d a V A Frederick G. Bartholomew Milton R. Howard Frederick Schnell Silas Wallk ' , I K, r. - 1 ' - . ' ' I -'Sl PAGE 547 lik- undzd I 4 Illmc If A lph 1 C hnpta r KAPPA 'lu entv three Xctu e I h xptexs lo brmg mio closer umon those men rn the pro esaaou of Electrzcal Lngzneermg who have mana ealed a marked abzlzly Ln thezr chosen work FACULTY Morgan Brook Ph B 'NI L Lhuu I llulter B S Hugh A Brown H9 EI: Ntnnley R Jordan M9 Wnlfred P Bur lund BS fhuxle A lxeener MS EE llurolfl N llzlyumd M N Abner lx Knight M IL MQ EE C'eorf.,e Anchele William D Boone Bennett Burgoon .lx Franklin M Deerhnke Thomas W Abbott Alan ll Bute Paul S BlCkLlllJZlCll Flllillti l Kmpp PhD Ellery B Paine MS EE Frnest A Reid M S E E Furl E bkroder M S Eduard H Waldo ME XI Q I L MEMBFRS IN UNIVERSITY Ralph L Dowell Norman C Petter Darnell Iflumm lleuuun W Blerrlz Wesley W Brooks Senmrs lrankhn C Muller Robert W Pashhy Dorn L Pettit fumors Arthur M Dally Carl Endres Boyd bteven Merle C Turner Ceorge ll Volle I hester I Teach Clarence O Webber lulmn C' Wheeler L- C1 .Q C5 Brooks Fndrew Whevla r Ir ru h XX ebber Dmly Stevens Burgoon Muller U h att Bu kcnbzuh Bute Deerhake Fettcr Hmmm Boonc Tun ncx In hole Pg-nn +21 PAGE 548 I-C+ ILLINI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ml L, L ,ln 0 I mg 1 Om. htne Clmpter lo collaborate ruth the lllmozs Chamber o Commerce, and lo promote pro esswnal mtlresls rn lrafle and cwzc secretarial actwmes among students o the UlllU6l'Slly 0 Illmozs I eerl O Bernard Wrllram f Black 'llaleolm P Bowman Charleef' Chnstensen A D re Arthur L Cooper Deane M Foventr Corrluu A DaC0sta Carl C' Damelson llenryl Dean Rum:-I 0 Derby FACULIY lhor W Bruve A M aul D Converse A M ze F Illkllfl BS CPA Charles M fhomp MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Wallace V Dorrrs farl A Errckson Robert B Franks C ll8I'lf'i A Crllmann Ted H Frresenauer Owen W Hamel Richard K Hummel l' Donald Hanson l'.1rl lf llerrberg Melvm M Hrckman Royl llyde Kermrt .l lohneon Wllham O Lee I eorgc C Lmd-may F Sumner Mellen Flarence J Nelson Gerald A Nelson Beaumont M Parks fheqter N Pennlngtor James L Pettee loseph R Rusborough 1 on PhD LLD Russelll beott Arthur E Serwrr-h Henry W SQUIFCG Fddre J Tonsgard Lewrs V Trabert William F Trucle Wrllmm W Weathexman Ldward C' Werdeman Wlllldln E Welse Robert L Whrteley Charlee f' Wilson lhrmurd 1 ettro lrubut C' Nlolhon Mal huson u WVOILE Senulh Roslromollglr Dnnmlnon G Nnlnon Blank Ilnnson lolnwnn Brom lrankfa llerrberg XX rl on lumln1,.ton lloumnn 1 lllmnnn u-nn nu C mpcr llnle Found , lrivlru' Q f llin '., 920 - ' 1 ' ' ' 1 fl " D . , . . . P . " , . . G11 . .. . .. ., A. . . . ' ' J . H . . ., . . . , i, Q . . , N. , . . . 1 ' , -. ' 1 .. ..' . . Himey E. Breen Robert ln. Frederrcksen James R. McPherson Lerdy W. Stewart ' - N ' I .. . 1 r. . . . . Clil - f A A - ' - , . , . . . .. ' ' V . ' ' -, ' ' ' . . ' . 'A y . 4. ' 4 L . ' J. ,, , . N - . . , , .. L' . - ' . ' . ' A, ' . I , .' 1 ' 7. h N , , , A. ' A ' . 4. ' l . " ' f " " f. . , ' IN-rlny 1" '- Lx' ' " C ' "1 I - r A ' A l 3 . - I i . -, 31 . -l . " N 1- ' f ' a' ur'-. rl 1- Jr - 5 eEl PAGE 54-9 lik- KAPPA PHI SIGMA bounded Unnersxty ol Illmms 1867 Ph1l0mnthenn Chapter Fen Aetna Chapters To develop cogency 0 thought and personal power by publtc speech and contact o Pembroke H Brown PhD Thomas A Clark B L L1ttD Arthur R Crathorne PhD Watts W Chance Leon H Epstem Randall A Forsberg Edgar L Banmster Eugene F Bond Norman W Callow Harley W D Eath personalzues and to stzmulate cultural actwztzes FACULTY Marcus S Goldman PhD Charles F Hottes Ph D Frederlc A Russell Ph D Raymond F Dvorak BS BMus Wesley Swanson A M Max J Wasserman Dr es Sc Econ James M White BS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY H Russell Grxlllth Lawrence N Hansen lames L Fetters James E Glbbons I harles A Glllmann John M Gustafson Senzors .luntors Sophomores Elston D Herron Mathew V Lxesenfelt Charles L Herts Wllllam F Lo k d c woo Robert F Maley Herbert A Stone Robert C Wells Sldney D Wnlgus George E Myers Stanley H Plerce Robert W Podlesak Alfred A Young Forsberg D'Eath Bond Wells Stone Podlesak Herron Wxlgus Lxesenfelt Gnllmunn Pierce Chance Myers 1 .' . . . ' - 1 D., , v v . W.. .k':,f,, ' 1 tu are , 1" '.4 r"'a V .. . . .. 5 , , . , . . 1 , - 1, . . , , . ' ' Q . , . ., . . . , . . , , , , , - 1 ' v . - 9 - - . , . . . , . . . - . , . . . . , . . - . , . - . , ' , . . 4 . . , 1 . . . , -if PAGE 550 lil' PHI LAMBDA UPSILON Founded Unnumh 1 111 N mu Xlphn thuptm 'lnenty ugh! X tue Cltaplew To promote lnglt scholarshzp and ortgmal znuestttgatton zn all branches o pure and applzecl clzemzstry Roger Adams Ph D Iohn C Batlar .Ir PhD Clalr S Bmull PhD Arthur M Buswell PhD George L f lark Ph D Mlchael ,I C o :Ie Ph D I Y Wmcent duV1gneu1rcl Ph D Duane T I ugh- llt D Reynold C Fuson I 1 Harry S Crmdley D bc B Smlth Hopkms Ph D lfrank C Howard MS Donald B Keyes Ph D Norman W Krase Ph D Jueta M I ll'ldl,1CTl A M FACULTY Curl S Marvel Ph D Ilarold H Mttcltell PhD Wllllam B New-n-. PhD Wtlllam A Noyes Ph D LLD I hem D D Sc' Donald D Pence AM Thomas E Phtpps PhD Wlllard ll Madson Ph D Ceor e H Reed Ph D GRADUATE STUDENTS John II Rcedy I Worth H Rodehush 1' Wllham C Rose P Ralph L bhrmet Ph D Geox' e I' Snnth PhD Lou1e II Smith PhD Charles W bltllwcll Ph D Sherlock Swann ,lr PhD Pau1R AllSllll Alfred E Bad er Wtlhaml Batley Bxunnerf Booker Alfred T Blomqutet Chester W Bradley Roger II Bray Marshall ll Brown Benton A Bull Clyde I' Caldwell Herbert I Cartel Tse T Chu .lI'lllCl5 M f lark Iohn E flemens Howard D Conan bred F C ondo Kenneth I iorugun laul P Cundy Robert H Blu Laurence A Monroe Arden C Deem John DeVr1ee John R Doty Homer R Duflfey lred A Dyklns ,lame-sl Eaton Ellfxwoltll K Ellm Glenn f Pmger Charles II Fwher Kenneth R Frtch Mtlton Gallagher Clllllll 1 Clbbe Max I' Goebel Roland H Coshorn Arly R C ray Io-,eph B Hale Velnul R Ilurfly Jrwqe Ilatmon toe Wtlllaml llenry Arnold J llolfman Judson H Ilolloway Wtlltam ll llorne Cordon llug.,luw Arnold O Itukson Ilmer E .lukkola Ervtn f' Kleulexet WIIIIHHIP KIIlll,Clll06f61 Albert P Knauf Ldwm G Koolt Milford R leltman Hubert 9 Iortn Richard ll Moi oy Edward M MeMahon Allan H lIIacMtll'tn Ralph E Mttnte J Ertoh Mettlner I arl L Meyers Albert I Monark John N M1t,lttllCI1 lloward E Munro l1nwoodA Mutiny Jr Harlan W Nelson lohn O Page Fltolna-z E larsonfs Wtlburl Pulttrson Dennis W Pcaroe Ilenry Ranch Orm W Rees Ernest B R1eg.el Call E Sflllll Robert A Srott Robert R Sealock MFIVIBERS IN UNIVFRQITY Sentors Norman F Searle Iolm B Shtelde Paul R Sluldneck Olxvetl Sunpson Alamjnt D btngh Wayne A Qtsson Wlllmm L Sohl Dewey B Stull Ceorge I Symons Donald Ialvm 1 nl D 'lltompeon lnul W lhompson Milton ll Wahl Challe-t O Werner Iamea M Wlme Lu one H Woodtull C Iutrlt-. I' Woodward Ilan K uan rldllk Pay ne Jr Jostpll N Rodehcavu llernnm Sohneuler Wilbur B Pmgq Plml' 0 rlalftllel Junzor Robert W Auten Penne Bmlu NW nhl IIODRIIINI Nh lson Ht nrt Mc C03 P 1 hompson I hu I' ugh-4 btoughton Hardy Xlunts Clenunx, Rltgel t oahotn Sezttlt Monroe Brndlt V Shields I watt Laldnt ll Harmon t Ulm Xt ox nt 1 Oundy I tu-mm. lnwmy I ll na B S 1 nyno Qtenlml linuth lloffnntn Holloway C ruv hu Brook Stn-ton Broun C IIIOIIIIJHUII 1 o1,an Jnkkolu Mtverv- I ortng, Stott Dykms Nxcholson Sohl , l v . .,,' . 'v 1 -K 4 ' ',..'.lU', i1ris,',l.l 4 I , ' '1' - f A I . I I :L . - . . . I' .Q .r . - f ' ' 4 4 , . 1 ' , 21 D 1 -, . . ' A- , ,ILD- ,- , . " , I' ' -- D , , , . , I1.D. - - . u ' ' , , , ' ' . - , 3, , , .' , h.D. " ' , ' ' Q ' . . 4 ' ' . ' ', I ,' . . . . . . . . ., . ., - 9 ' ' 1 v, , . . - If , . . .4 .. ., I 1- .m!- i b a I .J , .. V- 'An f' ' A-I 1 ' ' , ""',,,' " . " , -' .Nj 7- , .. . -r, -- A - Y- I ', ' . lf, . . "1 9 - ' 1 L' ' 1' 9 ' ' 5' ' V " "' 4 , . . , l.- . f . - ' , . . I . . I Q1 . . W ..- . a '. .7 . " , ,.. ll ' . I. '11 'f 7 , -' , ' f ,.r ' ' . . IV " I an ' ! , - , , ., 7 . . . , . ' l x - . 1 ' ' nl P ' " ' ' , . '. , . . D . . ' . N Frank H. Brock Roswell Il. Ewart Walter Iklubuncle Douglas C. Ntoholson Roger W. Qtoughton . ' 4' 1 ' A 1' ,' ' . , ,' . L I . '. ". - ' I. ' f ', r. ' . ..' . 5' . V5- , " 5 , L - ' . I I rw 1 . 0 AL l 0 ' ' I , I . r ' - ' ' 2' ' ' '- e -. It' . ' ' 4 'l P. I . . . .4 J ' K - ' . ' . I ' ' - ' rm - ' '- . - ' - -- - 1 " 'S '. ' , I .' . . . .' .Z 4 . ., , . ' ii V- ' 7 4 I ,Qu , I ' '.' Tl. Y ... . . A .. . . -i, .. -A .4 1- A1 Ll' I' . .5 1 ' . r A, . .3 . I Y v V f 1 1 u ' 'I . ..- . ' ,. v , ' I A ,.. 1 f . . vw . I I '. ' ' ' ..t' . - ' 'H' l ., ' , 'x . -, s' -A ' I- ..- rt, '-1' , J -. .- 'lt ' I "t . IIS, 7 I 'i ' ' ' , ' I lt , C 'Ii -vil Ilfttzn 551 lif- PI MU EPSILON bounded Sxxacu 0 lnnexmty lfilt Ilhnow Chnpnr Tn nt tno Xctxvr Chxpters Harold W Bailey PhD Davld G Bourgm Ph D Ohver K Bower Ph D Henry R Brahana Ph D Leonard Brlstow Ph D John H Armstrong, Sherhurne F Barber Alfred T Blomquxst Irene E Bremer Donald M Brown Wxlfred P Burglund losephme Chanler Howard D Cogan GBOIEL Alchele Vfaruon Aldnch To promote scholarshzp EIL mathematzcs Robert D Carmnchael PhD Arthur B Coble Ph D Arthur R Crathorne PhD Arnold Emch Ph D Olive f' Hazlelt Ph D FACUL 1' Y Hurry Levy Ph D Ernest B Lytle Ph D Henry J Miles Ph D Ceorge A Muller Ph D GRADUATE STUDENT S Vera A Coxmrcl R1cl1u1dK Cook Ellis C Cram Harry F Crull Tdllll M Dans Homer A Dennls Paul B Evans lamcsl Glhbom Jr Henry A Hanson Mnlee. C Hartley I A Jacokeq Gaines B Lang John 1' Locke Wnlllam T Martm Fenrg,e B McClellan R llph E Memts MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senzors Rrthard J Duilin Lncretua Ann Mott Helene R Foelhnger Sophomore Byron T Darllng Gerald l' Nloore PhD Echo D Pepper PhD .loseph W Peters PhD lamea B Sham DSC Edgax .l Townqend Ph Robert L Nome Ellls R Ott Damel T Slglex David E Wlegand Frances E Wolever Frederlvlx L Wood Henry Rauch Mary B Rum ey llelbext NI Norms Dorn L Pettlt DIID Dnffxn Oogun Ott Nitmts fool S lnlhng Broun Cxnll Stennley Bon or Lung Norris Dennis Bard Mmtm Pettit Wood Sugley Darling Moore Chonlex Foollunger Kuhf-Io Locke Connrd Mott Aldrich v ' vt, , S ' ' . ..' v' I I ' - -I I I .0 Y, . I . ' E : , . - ' ' , - - - ' . . . , . . Z. - , . . ' . . - . . , . . ' ' . ' , . . . , . . - ', - - . . , . . . , . . . J, . . . ' . . . . , . . 1 l . , , . , ' , ', , , y ' ' 1' 9 - ' ' . . , . ., 4 J. - 1 - ' ' ' - 1 4 ' . ' , F. ' ". . ' ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' .. ' ',f , Marion T. Bird ' lfrunklin S. Cooper Clarence E. Ireland Clarence G. Schilling . ' . I. . . ' , -W f - D - 1 ' . - I ' . ' - 4 . . ' N. . z . ' . S 1 V 1 ' rx ' ' - ' . . . , . ' ' I ' . 4 - 1 , . - - -1- -f -V - , ' r . v 1 Q sl- ' ' ' - ,- ' -:Il PAGE 552 E1- PI TAU SIGMA Founded llllXU!"llLW of lllxnrm 101 l nous Alphx Thur x dw Min UNI' Carl Il fdsberg, B S Jolm A Goff PhD Noxvllle Q Alleman Mauuce K Falmeetock Raymondl Anen Charles A D8VlQ .Ir Wlllmr H Dowell lxarl F Elxlund osler the hzgh :deals 0 the Meehanzcal lzngmeerlng pro esszon FACUI TY I0 eplx A Polson B S M b. C Iureme W llam M II Oscar A l eutwller B S Ml Alonzo P Klutz M S Horace I Macmnre MMI GRADUA1 L STUDEN fq I eul M Carclmer Clyde Y Mc'Cown Warren 9 llarrls MLMBB RS IN UNIVFRSIIY Senzors Doubla A llaetmge Andrew W Neureuther Allen C. Hotte:-, Boyd 9 Oherlmlx leolge L Leutwxler feraldl H Pelry Parke D Morgan I unzors Eu ene N Angell Rnclmrd E Iones John II RlClxCTlTl8Il Altllm C Wlllural BS Robert Il Newell Ralplll bcolull llemy li. Renwmk kenh Rxch Iolm R Vogel Ru fell C Wllllillll'i Jones Hottes Noureuther Eklund Ilnstmgs lhch Perry OlJG1lll'llx lfspx Xugull Don 4-Il Vogel Rlulrerumu D wxs ll Luutwllcr Morgan: Auen Ronxvlclr , ,' ' ' .' Q ' ' l',, .. 5 lli : I llvl' 'FV' 'E I "w: .I l.0l'S 6, - Ap xl ca. . . ! ff 'x - 2 'x , I AXE, Mn I . X -4 I To f - . f 1 I , f .- .J Y, .. I - .' . .'. . .J -'.,'..'., 1.2. V. . William N. Espy, M.S. 2 . ' 3, ' .f. ' , , . . , . . f.. Wlllxam ll. Severns, Mb. , , , , ' ' . , .4,. -- 1 . , .. " C. fi" .J ' T' '. ,' 1 ' 'I ' . ' . ' - . .' I. -4- W ' -. . , - 1 A .J . N ' K' ' -1 ' w N . 1 K Q V I I . J ' '. , J .. . ' . . , H . . . ' ' g . ' . . '- I ' 1' -:SI PML!-1 553 23,1- SHI Al mm H, log, Ino utrxe Chupt 1 Alpha Chr Omrga Mary L Bowen Ieona L Brandt Maryj Brennan BarbaraJ Harrro Ruth E Sheldon Alpha Della Pr lsabelle M Donahue C lara Oettrng Dorothy M Runge fllpha l amma Dalia Margaret L Ileartt Luerlle Hurn lane I: Marr Adele K Scholhneyer A Lleanor Btnrth Alpha Omrcron I L Kathleen M lon nd Edna L Klrne lledvrt' Leno Ruth Reed Betty D Walker Alpha Ph! llarrret .l Baker Ilelen R Bo-ley M Lots Eaton Wrlhelrnrne D Harms Carol E John on Alpha X1 Delta Matarrerrte M Bueschrng, Marjorre B Day loyce F Johnston l'lenore J McCauley Anrtr R Reeve MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Chr Omega Margaret 5 Buehee Dorsey Connors Catherrne M Palandech Vrrgrnra M Parrtsh Delta Delta Delta Geraldme E Davrd Dorothy J Gard fharlotte E Gauer Done Gresecke Harrret M Iverson ElrnorJ Jaburek lhlta Gamma Ruth L Ashmore Jean Johnston Mar aret ar er Ehlabeth II Schrvht llenrretta Seaman Della Nancy lzntbree I lrlabeth Haynre llazel M Hoyle Mary F Parrott Evelyn M Warren l amma Ph: Beta llelen V DeHaven Alma ll l'rese Evelyn Johnson Mary W Moore Kappa Alpha Theta Sarah J Ful Mrldred R Parkhr Margaret Rutherford Roberta M Thnrneau Kappa Delta Margaret L Denby Myrtle M Drllner Janet M Campbell Helen J Sliflgwlll Kappa Kappa Gamma Jeanne P Block Jul1etM Connors Edtth Hernzelman qarah J Prettyman Ehzabeth Setchell .lane Zrnn Pr Beta Phr Alrce L Brinker Mary C Core f lenrta Hobbs Beth Olwln Jean A Webster Phr Mu Ruth B Austin Kathryn L Bowers Dora W Dalbey Maxrne Jaycox Mrldred C Sue meyer ,ma Kappa Lore Blake Eleanor Henry Genevrewe E Moms Dorothy M Normandm Palnndu-h Marr lrese Olwin 'lubnrek D. Lonnors betchell l'nnr-r Harris Denby lent I. Johnson Iurkhill Svhicht David Ihurnouu lore Smith Bm-rlr'e Norrnundin Sheldon Reed Lnmpbell Walker Diltner Connrd Parrish Fulton Hum Hoinzelnmn Blork Sennnrn Brinker Donnlhne Henry Bowen .TennJoIrnston Prettymnn YVebster Moore .. lod, I'nivor'sity of l'nois, . " 'l ' 1 Sophomore lntersorority Society nw n rn 1 I u ' ' 1 '. ' I' l I 1 . v u ' .. ' . r 4' ' . 1 V 1 . F . ' 7 L u , g P k . . ' . T 1 ' I ' ' i, , I . f 1. " .1 C ' ' I. Y I N 1 ' I u ' n g , ., . I K. - , sin " " . X . ton '- . . S ' . 'll - 1 1 1 . l . I 1 F l r ' I c 2 " s ' 1- r ' +35 PACE 554 EZ'- SIGMA DELTA CHI Founded De Pnuw UIIIVQYSIIY 1900 Illmms Lhnpter lmtx four X Liu bIizllWU'B Charles L Allen A M M P J Fhester R Anderson A M Charles B Davis A B Burrus S Dickinson Ph D M P J Charles R Frederick B S M P ,I FACULTY 'Vlarcus S Goldman P1 Walterj Graham PhD .I Russell Henman B .I M PJ Frederick .I Kellholz B S Victor L Krannert B S Otho C Leiter A B M P I Frederic A Rusecll I Frank E Schooley B S M l' I Carl Stephens A B Louis M Tobin me F Wu Ill AB Ml' I0-eph G Bumgarner Jacob W Deutch Elston D Herron Garry H Homann Henry F Burnett llaiold V Catt Rohert J Hawklns Lawrence W Murphy A M M P .I MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Harvey W Kring P King, Lantz .loeeph M Magnuson lhomas K Holt William B Jacobs Ifrancis V Koval Seniors juniors Emil W Mmgun 'lheodore T Quinn R lu ene Smhooley Fharles F Logan Clinton W Loomis 'Vlilesl Sr ull Ldward I Serlm Fred W Sleuernagcl Edward L Wil'-on Thnmael Smith Arthur R Wildhagen Otto B Willett Wilson -IIICOIYS ,Mflxnuson . Steuernugvl Morgan Herron Quinn Homnnn Bumgarncr Duntich linnfz Siehert Serlin K1-ini! Burnett R. Schooloy Svull Outta Logan Willett Smith Hawkins Kovnl Wildhugen I .x- ' K - -.1 Q..-, xl.'v5' u II I V R ' ' , "9 mv. 'v- I . ., Professional Journalism raternily " . , . ., . . . I . , l.D. ' " . , 'ILD- J . - f . . . I ' - s. I 9 H -v - -- - Reuel R. Barlow, A.M., M.P..I. . ' I, . ., . . . Frederick S. Siehert, A.B., .l.D. . , . ., . .. . , . . . , . ',..,... .',.., J.if. 'g..-.'--.I- . , . ., . . . . Q 1 . - .I I I l Y . X Q i -T v D' I ' . ' . . 2 g 2 1 - -'El PAGE 555 SIGMA TAU Founalul Lnnttwuty nt Xthtu k Wt! '1'IH'U1 Chlllml' IWUWY WIJIW Umptefs To osler the broad prmczples o scholarshzp, practzcalzty and socxabzlzty among engmeerzng students Harold E Bahlult M S Rex L Brown MS John S Crandell BS L In Eldred F Crees BS C E Hardy Cross AB BS MCE Ralph S Croseman MS f F 'VIelv1nI Enger 'NIS Ch Harold N Haywt nd M S RYIHTLII I' Burgluml Wtllxum L Bohn Wrlham D Boone Bennett Burgoon Jr Clturles A Davis Franklm M Deerhake Wayne A Derrmger Ralphl Dowell Ru hard I Duffin Wtlham Avery Stephen W Benedict FACULTY Arthur I' Hubbard BS Ralph K Hursh B S Harvey H Jordan BS Charles A Keener M S E E Mllo S Ketchum C E D Sc Abner R Kmght M E M S E E Horace J Maclntlre M M E Rexford Newcomb A M M Arch AIA GRADUATE STUDENTS I tunkltn I ooper Melvm M Culp MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Fred K Eklund Walter J Everhart Cenrge R Flnk Frank F Cale Alvin E Grellmger Allen C Hottes Rxchard B Kltch Arthur M Dally More A Monson Senwrs Iunzors Jean E Lattan Drrver B Lindsay Harry 1' Lovell Arthur M McLeod Robert MacCImchte Merritt W Matthews John M Nash Walter C Nelson Andrew W Neureuther Cyrus E Palmer MS Lormg H Provme BS Ah Fred B Seely MS Laurence L Smrth BS FrankW Stubbs Jr BS CF John K Tuthlll BS EE Arthur C Wlllard BS Severm I' Lan hoff Stanley H Pxerce LawrenceJ Puckett John N Prrnk Henry E Renwick Fred W Salogga Wlllxam E Schull Jr Robert N Sheley Walter V Wuellner Edward S Turmpseed Wllham W Vanderkolk tx ex 3 Bnrglund Grelhngmr Bohn Beuedtrt Daily Nush hd-sun Neux euther NVIIUIIIIPI Hottes Snloggn Puckett Turmpseerl Boone Eklund Duhin Dee,-bak e llmu-Il Los ull Lturgoon MncChnrIne Iuxerhult Duvlq kmh . -, '.'-'stu .t. f ' 1 "" ff" ' I, 1 . f , f . , , . I I . W - . , . . . , . . . , . . b , . . . . ' . '. . - , . - Q 9 f -1 ' ' . . .-.., 4. . f , -s - v 1 ' ' 4. t , . ., . . - 9 . -1 . ' . . y - - .4 . . .. .- ., . . . . , . ., . . - 4 -1 - '1 -1' 4' r . 4 . , .-.., I. 4. . , . ., . ., . . - 1 - 'Q ' ' . 1 . . - . J. . 1 .-., .. . . , . . . -. - - - . 'L ' , .. . , . ., . ., I' 1 . V- ' ' I ' . . Q ' . g ' 1 . 1 - , . 1 . . - . . ,. . - y J . J ' . . - ' , u 4 I ' '7 ' 4: J J u n u O ,. . . - . . J J J I 5 1 Schulz Vunderkulk Sheluy Lindsay Matthews I I A I' - . . -'24 I'.u:r: 556 1:5 Acacia Ralph M Fisher Alpha Delta Pht Russell P Baker Alpha .Szbma Pht Francis l Pa Alfred M Utt Alpha Tau Omega Francie C DeLorenLo Horner B Potter Beta Theta Pt Thomae C Straw Sanford Watkins Flu Phr Donald L Faulkner Gordon D Reynolds I hr Pst Robert P Gibbs Wendell P Kerth Delta Kappa Epsilon Stephen P Shoemaker Eldred B Swift .lr Delta Tau Della Howard C. Blue .lack P. Reilly SKULL AND CRESCENT Sophomore Inter raterntly Socrely FACULTY Fred H Turner PhD MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Delta Upszlon Selmar L lehmann Herbert I' Nolan Kappa Qrgma Hudson A Hellmrch Roy F Hees Phz Delta lhtta David I' Cook William S Rrcker Phr lfllllfllll Delta James f' Form lohn C Mrller Phr Kappa Charles R Dorsett Wrllram O West Phi Kappa Psa Arthur f' Detrrch lwlwurd W Gutzell Phi Kappa Sigma Robert H Brerma Justus L Taylor Jr Phu Sigma Kappa Gene W. Losee Franklin R Miley Psr Upsrlon lack R Clements William H hmrrch Srgma Alpha Fpsrlon James H lake Clarence Il Soderetrom ,ma Chr. David A McNerll llrchard T Mrsknnen Srgma Nu Herman .I Wtrlser Stgma PL William L Day llerman I' lohnf-on I aa Kappa Fpsrlon Wmlber H Anderson Norman W Hines Thzia Della Chr Norman l Dunkel Thomas B Kennedy 71111 Pwr William Sivyer Leo I Voell Jr. Sivyer Voell Clernvrrts, llnrriclr Watkins Swift Boker Keys Losee Dinkel Plfllif Dlly 4l0l1I1N0Y1 Gul-Zell fiibbs Clnrk Kr-nnody Hollruim-lt Sodcrs1'rorn Keith Faulkner Blue Lehmann Nolrur Bierrnn Taylor Hyson NVost ,Hines Reynolds Dotrich Gorin Luke Miller Ilcss 'Frrrnor Slroenntker Little Arnold Fisher' Anderson Founded University of Wisworrsirr, 1907 Helmet Chapter Foul' AUUWL- UHllll0l'S lf ' ' K ' ,. Q xl ,, ' . . , . . 1 ' '. 'l L 4 . 4 . A e -N . . , , I . f . . . - , r , , ., . . , Leslie B. Clark , - . . . .4 . I an - - L ' ,. K . " .. l tt . ,. ,, , I , - I - bLrr - T I , - I Au 1 . . 1 I 1 1 I A . Y 4. 4 . l. ' -4 j I - : '. '. - ' - . , . 4 0 A I 9 +3 PACE 557 li:- THETA TAU rounded Lnnexslty of Mlnnesotn 1004 Kappa Chapter Twenty Four Achve Chapters ,o It s UML! XI To mamtam a hugh standard o pro esszonal znterest among tts members and to unzle them m raternal ellowshzp FACULTY Thomas J Dolan BS Eserett E Kmg AB MCE Thomas C Shedd BS CE James J Doland BS CE Oscar A Leutwnler BS ME Jamxson O Vawter BS CE Albert M Jorgensen MS EM Wnlllam J Putnam MS ME Wxlbur M Wllson MME CE Phnhp A Anderson Robert H Anderson Stanley U Benscoter Reno J Bl0Ddl Malcolm R Derby Arthur J Bennett Jr Andrew S Kleszewskl MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Scott Dnllon Rlchard H Heberlmg Thomas E Hughes Fred D Kay James S Kmg Frederxck W Mast Senlors ,lunzors Arthur W Kowltz George E Leutwxler Albert E Loom1s Harold A Low Robert W Pashby Eugene E Stephens Kelth Rlch Delmer A Sandberg Joseph B Tlffany Jr John R Webb Charles R Woodfill James A Wares Juhan C Wheeler Tlffnny Derby Pushby lxleszeu sk: Bennett P Anderson Benscoter R Anderson Pwh Wares W heeler Dolun Stephens Dillon Lou Woodilll Loomis J lung II:-berlxng Kms 117 G Loutmler 1 v - , , - - , 1 . . ' ' , J . . , . . 'S r. ,, .. ,X iv. .1 ,-.qi . as ," - : N 5 ' 1 ' , . , . . . I, . ., . . . . , . ., . . . , - -Q - - M. I - , Q 1, . . . y - ., . - . , - -, - - . , . ., . . . , . . ., . . . . . ,t , , . . . . . . . , . . . , . . . . I "- . +C-I PAGE 558 Ef- TU MAS Foundul LIIIYLINIIQ ot Illxnuu 1001 Two XCUVG f-fhilliwfs Alpha Delta Phi, Homer M Adams Jr Louxs S Rodger Charles E Scott Alpha Szgma Phr Rlchard W Hames Alpha Tau 0mc,,a Rlcllard G Clsne Donald A Llsenby Beta Theta PL Henry H Bri ham Robert M Llttle Chl Phu Lmdley P Murray Robert F Schulz Herbert A Sjolander Chl' Psa Wnlham W Baker Wllllam L Dlcklnson Delta Kappa Fpszlon Wxlham W Charle John L Porter "A, Q ,lunzor Senzor Inter raternzty Soczety FACULTY G Herbert Smlth AM MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Delta Tau Delta Samuel M Keys Jr Leshe F Robmson Delta U pszlon, Reginald S Altman C Douglai Holles Kappa Szgma Charles A SChlC'llI Jack A Spear Phz Delta Theta George V Penwell Phz famma Delta R James Rallshaclx l l NOPFIS Thompson Phz Kappa Psz Robert H Crowe Warren E Wmgert Pht Kappa Szgma Phu Szgma Kappa Albert Brown Robert W Pasllby Psp U pstlon John H Holetem Mark B Swanson Str, ma Alpha Epulon Harry L Frese Wllllam B Arnold Stgma Chl Wllllam R Cllm0l6 Robert W Mcfre or Stgma N u John K V Morne Joseph A Turelx Theta Della Flu Glles A Eldrecl Harry W Lalsen Zeta P91 Robert Crathorne Jr Wlllxam A Kleppmger Gaullard Knappenberger James D Wnlllamson Baker Murray Slolander Sm1th Dtckmson Pnshby Schutz Clmrle Wllhnmson XX mga rt Schxcht Fhompson Adams Robinson lxleppmgn Holstein I nrsen 1 1ttle Brrghunx Ke ya Arnold Cron e Spear -'El PACE 559 151- THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILI.l0 OF 1931 M smut loflwlw ILLIO Rink McLaughlin NVutson Healy Wehling Clendenin Fluskn Henderson Pflnger Miksnk Patrick Jurprens Niemeyer lielshnw Thomson Griesennuer Elrick Rose Dolen Mason Murphy XVhituey D'Auzu Bull Cooper Du Costa Mielke Thutchet' I"llIlIItIl'tI, Vniversity of Illinois, 1869 Illinois Clntpter Two At-tive f'h:tpters To further forensic. literary. and artistic activities I FACULTY William I". lloheisel. A.M. Alfred D. Huston, A.M. William P. Sandford. l'h.D. Nathan A. Weston, Ph.D. George A. Hufl, B.S. Ray W. Ball Victor H. Belshaw Leonard L. Blome Wilford C. Buck William P. Clark Edward W. Clendenin Artlmr E. Cooper Cordon A. Da Costa King J. McCristal, A.M. Charles M. Thompson, Ph.D.. LL.D. William W. Yapp. Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Augustine D'Anza Samuel P. Daykin Virgil ll. Dolen Robert F. Elrick Frank V. Flaska Theodore H. Criesenauer Paul E. Healy Welker W. Henderson 5 p , ,. y .7ALETHENAILITERARY socnarv Julia L. Beatty Miriam Buchholz Dorsey Connors Esther D. Dyer Slit-rry ll. Eaton F Russel E. .Iurgens Harvey W. Kring Robert T. Lott Joseph K. McLaugl Eugene E. Mason William H. Maxant Arthur W. Mielke Min Chapter llin Joseph A. Miksak Jennings B. Murphy John A. Niemeyer Robert W. Patrick Charles W. Pflager, Jr. William L. Pownall Russel C. Rink To stimulate forensic eloquence FACULTY Clarissa Rinaker, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Marjorie G. Finn Wilhelmine D. Harms Linda Fitz-Gerald G. Elizabeth Ford Alma H. Frese Harriet Ejlloliday Betty Lou Hughes Jean Johnston Dorothy J. Gard Caroline F. Kirkland Mary F. McKelvey Mary W. Moore E. Virginia Morton Elizabeth J. Muir Beth Olwin Mary E. Putman Joseph R. Roshorough Vernon G. Rose Charles C. Thatcher Robert J. Thomson Shirley Watson L. Albert Wehling, Jr. Earnest M. Whitney Leonard C. Zimmerly Fon r Active Ch n pters Mary I. Robbins Elizabeth H. Rusk Jane Townsend Betty D. Walker Murrell E. Young: Young Beatty Robbins Rusk Mcliolvcy Olwin Frcse Hughes Morton Eaton Dyer Holiday Johnston Moore Xvnlkgy- Q or NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -'Il PAGE 560 R+ UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1932 Smith Turuk Wyutt Ryu n 1'l'ul'l' M1-l'orluivl: Mayes lborris Duvis Kluppingvr Dwyi-r NVnll Anderson Propp Jones Nu:-reef Tonnvy Horner Bull - More-Islay Ms-Pln-rson l"oun4li-rl, l'nivn-rsity of Missouri. 1913 Churlvs Henry Dennis Plinplnr 'l'xvvnly Arlivu Chapters Professional Advertising Fraternity FACULTY Victor L. Krannert, B.S. Frederic A. Russell, l'l1.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Marshall A. Anderson Rogers D. Jones Leslie I. Mayes Ilerlrerl H. Sjolunder Ray W. Ball George E. Keck Bernard H. lilorelsky Ronald P. Smith Edward N. Davis William A. Kleppinger James R. Naseef Robert I. Tenney Wallace V. Dorris Harry D. Litl Alfred S. Pfufl' Joseph A. Turck Robert E. Dwyer John M. McCormick Fred J. Propp Leslie A. Walt Russell M. Horner James R. McPherson Willis P. Ryan William 0. Wyatt Founde-fl. University ot' Illinois, 1919 Alplxu Chupler 'l'lircc Ac-tivv 1'liupters To promote scholarship anal achievemenl in the various helcls of health educalion ' FACULTY Louise Freer, A.M. Laura .l. I'IllClSl6I'. B.S.. A.M. lone M. Johnson, A.B. Angela M. Kilzinger, A.B. Curita Rolxerlsou. A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Dorolliv E. Case ffulllerine C. Lewis Evelyn M. Rogicr Anna M. Tuvudu Alice V. Donahue Johnson Kitzinger From- Robertson Tuvudu Lewis Donullue Rogicr OF H T TW -ul PAc.L 561 lr ff V F 'Li.lo NINETEENT IR Y- . . .fl , L Illlll THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 193 Maguire Burks Bullard -Iosi Bevis WVhitesell Swartz '1'urnnuer Trahert Boyle Slaughter Burton Matson Henson Armstrong Borkelhamer Andrews Enoch Bourne Sun Alessi Brewer Deringer Bruton Edward Bourne l"itzpat.rit:k Moore Ilorak Frankel Pettyjohn Lowe I'Irhardt Newconih Sherrill Williams Wirth McKenna-y Grigg Stevens Cohen Silverman AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY Founded, Ohio State University, X914 Illinois Chapter Fourteen At-tivo Chapters To create good will and professional spirit among the students of Ceramics FACULTY Andrew I. Andrews. Ph.D. Enoch G. Bourne Ralph K. Hursh, B.S. Cullen W. Parmelee, M.S. Alfred E. Badger, M.S. GRADUATE STUDENT I-laas Turnauer Clyde L. Thompson, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Nicholas Alessi Edward R. Bullard Paul E. Grigg Frederick M. Armstrong Edmund E. Burks Charles W. Henson Louis .I'I. Berkelhamer Howard B. Burton William Horak Ralph E. Bevis Jolm A. Churan Cornelius R. .Jackson Edwin P. Bolin Barney Cohen Byron B. Josi Edward G. Bourne Wayne A. Deringer C. Kenneth Keller Stanley H. Boyle Raymond K. Erhardt Harry R. Lamb Kenneth .l. Bray George J. Fitzpatrick Melvin R. Liggett Floyd E. Brewer Hiram D. Frankel George K. Lowe Gene Britton ' C. Fred Gibson Warren I-I. McKenney Thomas Maguire Frederick R. Matson George T. Moore Rexford Newcomb James W. Pettyjohn Robert G. Russell Robert R. Sherrill William B. Silverman Burrell F. Simons Robert W. Slaughter Robert P. Stevens James M. Sturman Chang Nsu Sun Jerome C. Swartz Lewis A. Trabert Robert J. Whitesell Arthur E. Williams Roy F. Wirth AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS l"ountlt-tl, Pltilzttlelpltixt, 11-GSI Illinois Student Brant-h One Hundred Nino At-tivo Clntnters To promote student interest in electrical engineering FACULTY Carl E. Skrocler, M.S. OFFICERS Bennett Burgoon. .Ir .... ..... Chairman Ray R. Wtrtitl ..... ..... T reasnrer Ralph L. Dowell. .... ..... V ice-Chairman Dorn L. Pettit ..... ..... S ecretary OF NINETEENTH.IR'I'Y-TW I L'L I O u if I W -'Cl PACE 562 Ia U g E UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OFT 9 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Founded, University of Illinois, 1852 Illinois Chapter Ninety-four Active Ulniptcrs For the promotion of Civil Engineering and the betterment of rnankinfl OFFICERS First Semester Edward W. Baldwin, Jr .,.............. ........ P resident Quintin J. Crawford .... . ..Vicc-President William W. Anderson.. . .... Vice-President William J. Bobisch .... ....... S ecretary William R. Fickett ...................... .. . . .Treasurer Second Semester Charles W. Ennis ............... ...... . . ...... President Elmer A. Greenlee .... .. .Vice-President Joe R. Schuyler .... . . .Vice-President Merle H. Coe-djen .... ....... William Secretary . . . .Treasurer R. Ficketl ........... .................. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Founded, University of Illinois, 1896 One Hundred Eight Active Clnlpters To further student accomplishment, and to keep in touch with the progress of engineering FACULTY Clarence W. Ham, M.E. OFFICERS George E. Leutwiler .... ............. ...... P r esizient Parke D. Morgan ..... .. . Vice-President Charles A. Davis.. ...... Secretary Allen C. Hottes .... ..... T reasurer Rnglnnd Brown NGllf0llill0f McConrd Dowding hue Klopp Scliwnnbeclc Riclialrils Stoltz Goodyear Slonnogcr Holtcs Carlson Anrlrescn Mander Hall Anon Snlzmnn Easley Gnnsohinictz Everllnrt. Bnetzmnn Ulllslon Hull Ri:-I1 Renwick Stnnford Slcwnrln Vogel Giesclmnnn D ' Uolemnn Siflnnieill Zllillllllld lirierton erksen llonrc .l5lll0l'S0ll Fink lirnzitis let:-rson Angell Greenshields Cnnlollo R.Leul,wilor Kudolln Blow-k Mi-lntyre Holi' Moydrocli 1 Murlin O'Ncnl Yonnt Davis Morgan G.Lcutwilo' "fl.l.lo OFNINETEENT O me 563 5+ l l Ag F K HIRTY-TW 'H' THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO O Llrauer Ilevker Voigt Tlionwon McAult-y St-linnpp Klnppcric-h Martin Little Pnrkn-r Kunitz Jloylc Dyi- Dvornk Artmnn NVohor llobllins Ilnir Bonus-tt l"onndo-al, Vniversity of Illinois, 1022 Prokopc Chnpter Three .ls-tivo Chapters For the advancement of interest in literary and scholastic achievement. and for greater facility in expression FACULTY Leah F. Trelease. A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Elizabeth F. Artman Margaret Craig Marion N. Holloway Grace McAuley Margaret C. Sclmapp Mildred G. Becker Margaret L. Dix Hazel Marie Hoyle Mary Jane Marlin Eleanor Thomsen Eloise C. Bonnett Loraine A. Dvorak Dorothy M. Kanitz Mildred A. Parker LeV0na Voigt Helen R. Bosley Marguerite J. Dye Marie V. Klapperich Marion E. Partlow Virginia P. Weber Norma C. Bruner Orpha L. llair Billie N. Little Blanche V. Robbins I+'ound4-cl, l'nix't-rsity of Illinois, 19151 Alpha Chapter Fam-teen At-tive Ulmptei-5 Honorary Accountancy Fraternity FACULTY Henry H. Baily. A.M., C.l'.A. A. Frank Benedetto, B.S. Essel R. Dillavou, A.M., J.D. Clive F. Dunham, M.S. Edward J. Filbey, Ph.D., C.l' Walter F. Frese. A.M.. C.l'.A. Horace M. Gray. Ph.D. Paul M. Green, M.S. Robert P. Hackett, M.S. Wilbert E. Karrenbrock, M.S. Ananias C. Littleton, I'h.D., C.l'.A. Gaze E. Lukas, B.S., C.P.A. John W. McMahan, BS. Lloyd Morey, A.B., B.Mus.. C.l'.A. Cecil A. Moyer, BS. Hale L. Newcomer, M.S., C.l'.A. Rexford C. Parmelee, M.S. Maurice H. Robinson, Ph.D. Charles F. Schlatter, M.S.. C.P.A. Hiram T. Scovill, A.B., C.l'.A. Edwin L. Theiss, Ph.D.. C.P.A. Paul M. Van Arsdell, MS. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Arch M. Ault David C. Filhian Charles A. Jackson Edward W. Littell Ralph ll. Blakemore Harry L. Frese Julius P. Joseph Mark D. Littler Norman M. Bronson Charles J. Caa Donald M. Kammert Melvin O. Lundahl Renick ll. Buckles Donald D. Garrelson Harry C. Koenigsmark Richard L. McKnight Vernon I.. Douthit Joseph V. Matella Russell V. Puzey Clyde B. Roberts Robert L. Williamson Blakemore Moyer Williamson McKnight Knrronbrock Gnrrutson Yan Arsdell Littlcr Mutt-lla 'Phoiss Schlattor Littell Lundnhl Roberts NV. Frost' Lukas Bronson Ault Km-niggmm-k Puzey Mvliuhnn Benedetto Buckles II, Frvao Knmnn-rt Jackson Fithiun lmuthig ljnntmm F 193 or NINETEENTHYIRTY-TWO gl I. L I o y Willis !,lK -'Cl PAGE 564 liv- 4 ILLIO lTI-IE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO 0F'I Scott Cleland Sloan Bancroft Gilkerson xV1'llIlli'l'IIHIIl NVUIIIOIIIIIII NV:1tson Founzle-rl. Ifnivorsity of Illinois, 192-I One Active Chnpter To perfect the curricula of Banking arul Finance, and to bring the students of banking in closer contact with bankers and business men FACULTY Horace M. Gray, Ph.D. Paul M. Green, M.S. Gaze E. Lukas, B.S., C.l'.A. Hale l.. Newcomer, M.S., C.I'.A. Maurice ll. Robinson, Pl1.D. Nathan A. Weston, Ph.D. Ivan Wright, l'l1.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Lawrence B. Askin Walter Cleland Robert C. Sloan Edward G. Watson Harold W. Bancroft George N. Gilkerson Jack P. Tabor William W. WCRIIICIIHLIII Arthur L. Bert Russel F. Scott Edward C. Weirleman l-'ounrln-tl, University of Illinois, 1929 Alpha Cllapter One Active Ulmptcr To promote interest in the profession of Medicine FACULTY , Maude L. Etheredge, M.D., D.P.l'l. Maria Leonard, A.M. ' May l. Millhrook, MD. Selma M. Olson, A.M. Marjorie M. Smarzo, M.D. Virgil G. Wheeler, B.S., MD. - MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Irene G. Basla Chloe E. Evans Isabel J. Hinman Evelyn C. Spring Wilma L. Daugherty Leona R. Fordon Elfriede Horst Louise E. Tavs Marjorie B. Day June R. Geller Johanna Malandrone Dorothy L. Wiebusch l-larriet S. Easley Dorothy D. Hall Janet M. Ritchey Dorothy E. B. Wiesjahn Irma E. Eisen 932 Tavs Hull Horst Sr-liulnnxn Hinlnun Spring XVIUIJIISCII Bnstn Fordon NVicsjnlin Mnlundrono Evans Geller OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TW . i ww -'C+ PAGE 565 Hi- AW . OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS II-I-I0 0 Y. Chu C. P. Leo Y. XVII C. Tsuo C. Liu King Kun Chen 'I' Chu Swen Chai Yon Chien Ynun Owng' C. Sun Toni U, Loo Ulm R. Wu Tino Kai Hsius Pao CHINESE STUDENTS' CLUB Founded, University of Illinois, 1911 0110 Active UINIDIUY' Lincoln Il. Cha Feng Y. Chai Feng Y. Chai CMrs.l Chi Chang Hanse Chau Thelwall H. Chen Shih L. Chien Tse T. Chu Yu L. Chu l'ei Y. Dzu Young K. Fong Cheng K. Hsia Cheng K. Hsia iMrs.J Jefferson C. Hsias Yung C. Kai Man H. Kan Hsi .I. King Chien P. Lee Harry Q. H. Lee John C. D. Lee Sio C. Lee To advance knowledge and thought, to promote friendship, and to cultivate the spirit of associated life MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Shison C. Lee Ching C. Li Peter T. Li Chuan S. Liu Shu H. Liu Yu F. Ma Park J. Mark Yuan C. Owng Ting Pao Chang H. Sun Daisy T. F. Sun Su W. Sun Su W. Sun iMrs.l Moses S. D. Swen Pen C. Tiao Harry H. Tom Chi H. Tsao Chi H. Tsao lMissl Tsung T. Tsui Ching H. Wang Ching Wang Ting H. Wang John Y. C. Watt Hong F. Wong Liu S. Wu Pearl C. Wu Ru K. Wu Ying Wu Yeh C. Yen Ging G. Young Han C. Yuan DELTA THETA EPSILON Foumlvcl, l'niv4-rsity of Illinois, 1020 Alplm Chapter One Active Chapter Honorary Professional Physical Education and Athletic Coaching Fraternity GRADUATE STUDENTS Walter H. Ehlert Clayton M. Hadley, Jr. Victor C. Hadley MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Richard F. Adel' Joe Bai-tulis Edward D. Burmeister Gino A. Carmolli John A. Carlino Gerhard C. Depken Milton R. Howard Coyer T. Ford Edwin J. Kolfenhacll Hubert V. Gardner John H. Kott Eddie Gbur , George A. Leech Harold J. Gradman Glen G. Orth Edward Pasetto Harry F. Richards Walter H. Schachenman Frank G. Sibley John J. Szymarski Charles C. Cassel Marvin L. Hadam Julian M. Taylo 9 32 I , ,,,,,, l RICIHIVKIS F0l'll Szynmrski Howard K'urinolli llonknor 0. Urth llndley Unssol Sililvy Burnicistcr Kott M4-Cristal Tnylo Privc Paisvtto .lder Ss'lmt'l1vnnnm Ii. Ortll Dx-pken Carling .ILLIO or NINETEEN 1HlRrY.1wO WW My , -'El PAGE 566 lil- or' 4 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Herman C. Ahrens NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF19 2 Gehrt Boon Blunienkamp Vulbrnvht Zeiter Nash von YVisdinghuusen Oniietnnski Wutzo 1+'itzSimons Goelitz Rusk Gerlivh Alrrens Harrer Thomas Hunt Knnnnerow Quinn Fleming Fcurer' Founded, University of Illinois, 18911 One A4-live Ullnpter To acquaint students with the German tongue and German culture, and to provide activities in drarnatics FACULTY Albert W. Aron, Ph.D. Neil C. Brooks, Ph.D. ll.I.I0 Reuben A. Baumgartner Helen A. Blaszezenski Ruth A. Blumenkamp Alice C. Boon Marjorie L. Bredehorn Ernest F. Budde Marguerite M. Buesching Ann Edea Ruth S. Feurer Ruth E. FitzSimons Patricia Fleming Alma H. Frese Albert .l. Gehrt Edith E. Cilster Mary L. Coelitz Helen M. Harrer Ralph H. Heimrolh Robert C. Hey Lois V. Hunt Lucile M. Lang J. Benjamin Lieberman Haus Luttringhans Norman A. McQuown Benham Melford Gerrit Memming ,Iulia L. Moor John M. Nash Mildred A. Norval Victoria M. Omietunski Marian L. Phillips Joseph O. Pokorny Dorothy S. Quinn William D. Roberson Mervin Rosenberg Elizabeth l-l. Rusk Albert C. Scherer George A. Scherer Thomas A. Skeels Louise E. Stiegemeyer Sarah C. Thomas Marguerite R. Tupper Max O. Urhahn Margaret Watzo Rudolph E. von Wisdinghausen Olga P. Zeiter EL 'CKIBCULO LITERARIO DE ESPAIQIOL g To foster friendship and ajord a place to become acquainted with Spanish life, literature, and culture MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY V Dorothy K. Balita ,Iessadie M. Darden Alice Haskmann Wilma L. Kring Gloria Ramos Victor H. Belshaw Marshall M. Dollahan Mary Hayne Bessie Lapinski Mary L. Richmond Kathryn M. Boekenhofi' Loraine A. Dvorak Charles H. Howe Lorin D. Ludwig Ernest B. del Risco Rosalie R. Casellas Linda Fitz-Gerald Mary E. Kean Rosabel Malkin Alvaro Rodriguez Emilio Cofresi Elisabeth .l. Cray Ercilia Kiler M. Lucille Mathesius Madge Sparks Mildred H. Converse Marian Criest ,lulianna Kozma C. Regis Michaud Fred A. Stoifel Arthur E. Cooper John H. Hartsook Doreen Kring Muysie M. Powers Arthur D. Young Cordon A. Da Costa Lee F. Zimmerman M nkutenos Sparks Bockenhoff J. You ng Belshnw Hilton llowe Cofresi f h Tluyne Hnskmnnn Griest .lin litat K eau Zilnniernmn Lodge Mulkin Darden Ramos Converse D. Kring NV. Kring Dvoruk Fisher A. Young Urny Dollnhun Aviles Risen Rivhlnond Cooper Koztnu Ellies Vun Horne Bnlseiro Cusellus OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO -'Sl PAGE 567 lk f THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF'I P1 fvf. ar ir' , .lonvs Meyer Rupp Strom lilvlicv Smith llnpp lit-:ivy 'Vhoinu Ilnni Founded, llnivt-rsity of Chicago, 1924 Alpha Kappa Chapter Forty-five Activa Clmplurs To stimulate interest in classical study, and to promote closer fraternal relations among students who are interested in classical studies FACULTY Howard V. Canter. Ph.D. Marcus S. Goldman, I'h.D. George E. Mylonas. D.Phil., l'h.D. Paul S. Dunkin, A.M. GRADUATE STUDENTS Chauncey E. Finch Edith C. Jones Edna B. McKee Ruth M. Healy Irene G. Kertes Pearl V. Meyer Harriet C. Jameson MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gladys M. Blankley Lois V. Hunt Irene E. Reavy Mary L. Durr Hermoise J. Hupp .lime M. Smith Erna C. Elmherg 9 A HFIIELD AND FURROW CLUB Alhert Rupp, A.M. Mary M. Sauer Donald E. Sli-out Thelma E. Stephens Grace J. Thomas Louise E. Till Ono Active Clxnptvr To promote interest in Agronomy, and to foster a- closer understanding between the students and faculty engaged in its study FACULTY William L. Burlison, Ph.D., D.Agr. George H. Dungan, Ph.D. .lolm J. Pieper, l'h.D. GRADUATE STUDENT David O. Carter MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Ray N. Ammon Earl W. Clement George E. Lathrop Herbert F. Norton Leonard M. Bertagnolli Eldon B. Colegrove Harold E. Linef Morris E. Paddick James H. Boyd Donald W. Hopkins Timothy G. Miner Wayne M. Rich Mac Allen Campbell Cyril R. Lalloon Milo C. Morgan I Lawrence I-I. Simerl George A. Trull Howard W. Turner William F. Turner Walter J. Weber 937 Pix-por W.'1'nrnui' Bertugnolli Campbell Lathrop Ammon Carter Simerl Morgan Colugrovc H, 'lmrmtr Rich Trull XVGIYCI' ltinc l'nddick Minor Hopkins .ILLIO OF NINETEENTI-lIR1'Y.1'WO 2 W Z!! Q 9 - a V -v.iIAci-.568lt+ O. u w . 1 J THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF'I Sparks Bri-nnnn Svluollmuyor llowors ldtxlmt-It ltomlto Kirkniun .lont-s Prottymtln Manley Moon- tlorlrvr Konlnik Foomlvul, University of Missouri, 1920 Delta Ulunplor liiprlila At-tivo Illlilllltlfhl To prolnote broader and higher interests in advertising as a profession for nfoznen FACULTY Kathryn E. Bowers Mary .l. Brennan Margaret T. Davidson Martha F. Etzhach .lean I. Gerber Helen M. Hohengarten Alta G. Saunders, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY .lean Johnston Vivian S. Jones .ludith M. Kirkman Henrietta A. Koutnik Ellen B. Lemke Betty B. Manley .lane E. Marr Mary W. Moore A. Louise Nelsen S. .lane Prettyman FLORICULTURAL CLUB .l uunita Rainey Adele K. Schollmey or ,losephine A. Smith Madge Sparks Mildred C. Stiegemeyer Esther C. llhl lfonntlvtl. University ot' Illinois, 1914 Uno .It-tivo Uhnpto To advance floricnllural knowledge and to prornote good fellowslzip FACULTY Samuel W. Decker, M.S. Herman B. Dorner, B.S. Stanley W. Hall, B.S. James Hutchinson Frederick F. Weinard. l'h.D. GRADUATE STUDENTS Wilhert W. Crimer John ll. llanley MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Leonard L. Blome Ralph M. Fisher Joseph Klaus Alfred ll. Petschke Lynn R. Shoot Winston H. Cultra Burr K. Hackleman Rosalie M. Kniep George D. Pring John E. Simpson Jolm W. Davis Harlan R. Hamilton Donald E. Krick Roy V. Righter James E. Smith. .lr. Marjorie M. Deal Albert W. Havlik Fred E. Langford Charles W. Rolll Robert. l. Snyders William H. Duis Carl M. Johnson Roger S. Leesley Vernon H. Rowe Julius A. Staack Lester N. Ech Robert M. Kennicotl Oscar J. B. Nowlin Paul C. Schildberg Charles B. Sweet Donald K. Eckfeld William P. Killmeyer Elmer S. Patelski llarold J. Schlentz George W. Tliompson Parker .l. Erickson William H. Kistler ILLIO Walter E. Wellman Langford Johnson Kiffmeyor Hutt-hinson Hanley Rowe Pring ' Grimcr Thompson Ilnvlik lllukfoltl Erickson Kistlor lit-h Decker Simpson Denl Knit-p Ilnll llornor Klaus Wellman Smith Har-klemun Krit-k Duis Weinnrd Nowlin OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO 932 W at PAc1c 569 lt A Z I f 9 ' t 01101115 t i Fl THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1931 gil.l.lo Zi OH , ,,,,,,, , 1 Minier Rogers Bull Hr-hrunipt' Rush Mindel Christnmn l"onndi-il, University of Illinois, 1918 Alphn Chupter l'1igl1leunAvtivc Chuplcrs National Honorary Commerce and Business Organization Sorority FACULTY Alta G. Saunders, A.M. GRADUATE STUDENTS Bessie M. Ball Della M. Rogers MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Virginia Chrislman Pauline A. Minier Lois I. Rash Fredericka S. Schrumpf Adele ll. Minriel l"onndo4l, Univvrsily of Illinois, 15130 Alphn Plniptc-r One Active Chapter To foster inlerest in the profession of Journalism FACULTY Reuel R. Barlow, A.M. Otho C. Leiter, A.B. Lawrence W. Murphy, A.M., M.I'..l. GRADUATE STUDENT Samuel E. Wilhite MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Ollv II. CUCIIII. .lr. Edwin F. Koenig 1 Cedric E. Schumacher Frank Spangler ,lohn 'l'. Dawson John C. Moore James A. Shearer William K. Turner Roy K. Graham Q Q Coelln 'l'urm-r SI'IlIlIIIllt'IlL'I' Murphy Leiter KUVIIILZ Hruhnm Spangler Shenrer Wilhim OVF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO f W 'Ci PACE 570 3' IO w D I A Q, HE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 Mast NVIIIIHIIIS McLeod Kay Miller Barker XVarus Bri-nro Fink Evans Tidemun tirellinger W'n0lIner Iiorowitt Shcloy Mills Biondi Toth hescher Salogga Palmer Kitt-h Founded, Cornell University, 1902 Beta Olnnpter I Four Avtivc Chapters To encourage scholarship and to reward prohciency in Architecture FACULTY Frank M. Lescher, B.S. Rexford Newcomb, A.M., M. Arch. Loring H. Provine, B.S., A.E. Edmund F. Tolh, B.S. Newlin D. Morgan, M.S., C.E. Cyrus E. Palmer, M.S. John E. Sweet, B.S. James M. While, B.S. GRADUATE STUDENTS James E. Branch Robert O. Deeter Paul B. Evans John N. Pirok MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Virgil W. Barker William M. Horowitz Kenneth A. Mills Henry P. Tideman Reno J. Biondi Fred D. Kay Francis J. Rose James A. Wares Anton C. Brence Richard B. Kitch Fred W. Salogga George V. Whisenand George R. Fink Arthur M. McLeod Robert N. Sheley James F. Whisenand Max Greenberg Fredrick W. Mast .Iohn E. Somerville Robert K. Williams Alvin E. Grellinger .Iohn P. 'Miller Walter V. Wuellner GREGORIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Ifonndvd, University of Illinois, 1918 To develop to the highest degree the mentality and the reasoning ability of its ntentbers FACULTY .lean M. Fielder, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY One Active UIIIIIIIUI' Charlotte C. Anderson Eleanor A. Dunleman Cecile S. Harvey Doris A. Meneely Margaret, H. Smith Genevieve S. Anderson Ilelen L. Fennell Lois V. Hunt Lucille Mille Martha E. Smith Mary M. Barker Bernice Freeman Ilene Janssen Mary J. Miller Marjorie R. Snyder Carmen E. Bunn Eugenia L. Freemon Margaret W. Jones Velma E. Pottorf Lillian Stanford Mary W. Burns Mary Helen Fruin Mary M. Kern Dale E. Samuell Marjorie A. Stolzenberg M. Elizabeth Buscher Jean I. Gerber Mary E. King Elsie L. Schaefer Stacy M. Sward Agnes L. Cole Frances M. Gourley Eunice R. Lamb Mabel L. Schoch Grace J. Thomas Helen E. Conaway Eunice S. Hall Sara M. Mackinson Elizabeth H. Schroeder Marie L. Walling Violet A. Connit Margaret Handschin Mary J. Martin Dorothy L. Smith Katherine J. Wells Frances A. Davidson Y- Poltorf I"ru1-mon Schovh Mat-kinson Fruin King Lamb Dunteman llnsvlim' Hunt Davidson Polo Ilunrlsrhin Janssen Fennell Monvely Ilall C.Anderson Schaefer G.Andurson Ilarvoy Fielder ILSIIIIIII 'I'hoinas Swnrtl Stanford Stolzenbt-rg Kern IVOIIs Sannu-II Snyder M.1I.S1nitI1 M. I'I.S1nitl1 Barker Walling: Ilnrns Ifrcoaian S4-Iiros-df-r Martin Miller llnnn Gonrlvy OOF NINETEEN THIRTY-TW 932 f M Q . .. . 9 si PA mzls 571 IE1- I '17 S , I Ofllllll I L rn: u 'IL I Zffmlllll NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO O I Geuthcr Kzirlovirh Park Li Kntvhku Townsend Ross Oronnn Pierce Alsturiund Kearns Banner Carpenter Hayes Mctiovrnn lllnistlell Mvillnre Burks Mu nn McCauley Motralf Bulduf I"onn4l1-il. l'nivu-rsily ot' Illinois, 1912 H E X A P O E C Ono At-tivo Clntptur Student and Faculty Entomological Club FACULTY Walter Y. Balduf, Ph.D. William P. Hayes, Ph.D. Cordon M. Kutchka, B.S. Vern G. Milum, Ph.D. Milton D. Farrar, M.S. Clyde W. Kearns, B.S. Clell L. Metcalf. D.Sc. Carl O. Mohr, A.M. Pressley A. Glenn. A.M. 1 X Herbert H. Ross, M.S. GRADUATE STUDENTS John D. DeCoursey Edward R. McCovran Andrew R. Park Paul 0. Ritcher Peter T. Li Lee H. Townsend MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY John F. Alslerlund .l. Richard Carpenter .lohn K. Karlovich Clara M. Mann Charles L. Banner George F. Cronan William E. McCauley Lester W. Neeves William S. Blaisdell Harold W. Geuther Harold E. McClure Randall L. Nelson Barnard D. Bnrks Glenn L. Pierce Founded, University Home EcoNoMics CLUB One Active Clmptt-r To further the inlerests of mul to promote good fellowship among Home Economics students Dorothy S. Andermann Emma E. Andersen Elizabeth F. Artman Mary M. Barker Minnie E. Basting Martha Brothers Charlotte A. Carlson Ruth Davis Ethel L. DeAtley Imogene W. Ford Helen P. Coold FACULTY Stella C. Munger, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Marion E. Hallet Lyle M. Mamer Dora E. Rayburn Mary E. Heath Alice D. Mast Lucille Rea Sybil F. Herring Lois L. Mattix Mildred M. Read Eva D. Huntington Mildred Mies Dorothy I. Roberts Mary .I. Irwin C. Marguerite Miller Ruth Rothert Olive M. Jepson Rosalie E. O'I'Ierron Ruth M. Schwarz Helen M. Jervis C. Hildgarde Olson Janna M. Silander Aleen Johnson Mary J. Osborne Pauline G. Snyder Billie N. Little Catharine C. Parks Virginia L. Spangler E. Doris Lively Mary E. Perkins Georgia M. Thiel Esther I.. Lusk Dorothy L. Poor Voda K. Ulfers Helen M. Waldorf M. Florence Walker Marie L. Walling Estward A. Ward Kathryn A. Wehsler Bessie B. Weisent Lois A. Welker L. Adaline Withey .Louise A. Young Lois H. Zimmerman I Barker NVnlling Nvnlker Poor Olson Rayburn Schwarz Rea Waldorf XVebster Perkins Manger XVeis0nt Roberts Mamcr Parks Lusk Silundor Artmun Herring Rothert Irwin Bunting Brothers Ulfers Davis Mies NVithev Young Little Dt-.Xtley Ward llnllet Huntington Snyder Gould Zinnnermun Jepson Lively ltlnnix Thivl I 9 LIO OF NINETEENTHI-RTY-TWO Z E -'Cl PAGE 572 li'- L. NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OFI Myers McGuire llyde I'Illl.CI0llll.l'lIl Hlllllllllll Ammon Piper Edrminds llunnuh Mynnrd Mathew Donhvt U. VVright Rose .IN-lefisll Bnmgatrncr linppe linodke Shnnrun Brown IiIlI'lIIOI1'lllX Ilohenboken Elder Williams 'Frisler Mathers I". Wriglit l"onncled, University of Illinois, l9I0 One Active Uhuptt-r Raymond N. Ammon Arthur R. Armstrong Webster B. Barthelemy Carl E. Bartleson Elton J. Becker Elbert H. Bills William H. Brown, Jr. Joseph G. Bumgarner Eldon B. Colegrove l"onn4lvd. Vniversity ol' lllin Cecil 0. Bernard Vernon J. Bert Carlos E. Bronson, Jr. George A. Bronson Clyde J. Carlstrand Quintin J. Crawford To create good-fellowship among livestock men FACULTY James L. Edmonds, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Harold K. Doubet William R. Elder Herbert C. Englehardt William Ewald Howard R. Finley Marki Grenlund Harold W. Hannah Arley K. Hohenhoken George ll. Hyde Raymond A. Kirkpatrick Russell O. Knudson Selmar L. Lehman Walter G. Luedke William A. McGuire John A. Mathers Milton C. Mathew Sterling E. Myers Warren A. Mynard Ray G. Peart William M. Petelish Ralph B. Peverly Lee R. Piper Walton W. Rose Herman B. Ruppe Willard W. Schafer Paul H. Shuman I ILLINI FLYING CLUB ons, 1919 To promote interest in the science and progress of Avrhtion FACULTY John S. Crandell, B.S., C.E. Matthew R. Riddell, B.A.Sc. GRADUATE STUDENTS Charles L. Binna Milo S. Ketchum, Jr. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY llenry W. Dalton I-Ialvon A. Halvorsen Clinton W. Loomis Francis J. Darke. Jr. Lawrence A. Hubbard Thomas J. Newbill Malcolm R. Derby William M. Floyd Daniel L. Humm Carl M. Johnson William L. Ganschinietz Spencer E. Johnson Philip D. Grover Richard F. Locke, Jr. Theodore F. Newco Minolt Silliman, Jr. Donald E. Smith Lyle E. Snyder Maurice N. Strung Homer W. Tice John L. Tris-ler Elmer E. Williams Charlie Wright F. Vern Wright One Active Cliuplcr Miles J. Scull. Jr. Stephen R. Sparks mb David E. Turner William M. Ragland Ronald Wild Robert E. Sailors Harold B. Wishart Robert M. Young Ganschinietz Derby C. Johnson Grover llulvorsen Newcotnh Binna - Darke Dalton Wild Riddell S. Johnson linglnnd Bernard Iiooniis OOF NINETEEN TI-IIRTY-TWO j 'D El PACE 573 lit- Al 932 77 TH E UIUIVE RSIIWY or I LLIBIOIS lLLlo or 1 Ilughos Port:-r Meskiincu lloyd Coons Newcomb Gillniann Yen Mossey Ilodaon Rauslicnherger XVaits Zeiler Gougler Fries Brudlniry Beals Martens Ifaantz But-hholz Prcshcrg King IVhet-land Wiehla Chamberlain Bartusch Sword Steele Earliest Uttt-rbat'k'khart llawley Rosknm Doll Bennett Iinlickas Greenwood Baldwin Harvey Cross Jarman lilavk Knappcnhergvr Bowen Nicholson Dnnklc Ncarpass Chase Short McAdams Ht-witt llesscllhvrtli Cunningham Foundvd, University oi' Illinois, A. Marie Anderson, A.M. Charles E. Bradbury, M.F.A. Bernice Balickas Anna E. Beals K. Constance Bielinski Harold D. Bowen Carl C. Chase Caroline E. Cox H. Neal Cunningham Virginia F. Dolan ILLUSTRATORS Honorary Art Fraternity FACULTY Cecil V. Donovan, B.P., M.F.A. Edward J. Lake, B.S. 19.57 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY E. Pauline Freed Georgianna M. Fries Marjorie Fulwider Charles A. Gillmann Marcelline E. Gougler Virginia L. Greenwood Wilma C. Haeger Dorothy W. Hawley Sara F. Hewitt Robert E. Jansen Katherine Knappenberger Floyd W. Lynch John D. McAdams, Jr. Gordon N. Marshall R AINIER-LITERARY councn. One Active Clmptet' Egbert E. Nearpass, B.P. Alfred Nicholson, A.M. Margaret Martens Irwin Moniot J. Lloyd Mossey John W. Raushenberger Russel E. Sparks Glen L. Utterback Yeh C. Yen One Active Chapter Illinois To consolidate the interests of the literary societies at the University of Aflvlphifr Ray W. Ball Theodore H. Griesenauer Charles C. Thatcher Alctthenai Julia L. Beatty Sara M. Hughes Elizabeth H. Rusk MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY flnonian Gregorian Helen R. Bosley Eleanor A. Dunteman Mildred A. Parker Mary M. Kern Blanche V. Robbins Dorothy L. Smith Virginia P. Weber J ant esonian. Loraine A. Dvorak Marion N. Holloway Billie N. Little Pliilonzathean. Watts W. Chance Randall A. Forsberg Sidney D. Wilgus 9 32 CIHIIIPU Ball liriosenanvr Tltatvhcr Cooper l"0l'SlPl'1't! lllltrlws Parker Boslvy Duntcnlan Rusk Wilgug Holloway Little Dvorak Robbins Smith Korn Beatty XVeIJer ll.l.lo or NINETEENTI-lltRrY-rwo ff! I Q40 h -13 PAGE 574lE1- or' 1.1 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO 0 tII.l.IO ZIIIIIIIGTIIIIIHU Holden Mannering Bronse Hayden Bundles Bartow Tuttle Tsao Keith Ohl Clayton Hardy Aldrich Mai-lt-nn Chang Pezold Founded, University of California, 1900 Iodine Chapter Twenty Active Chapters To stimulate personal accomplishment, foster mutual advancement, and promote interest in Chemistry among women students FACULTY Virginia Bartow, Ph.D. Mary H. Keith, A.M. Rosalie M. Parr, Ph.D. Janice M. Smith, A.B. .Iessie R. Beaclles, B.S. Clara R. Meyer, M.S. Louise M. Pickens, M.S. Sybil Woodruff, l'h.D. Hortense H. Hiinig, M.S. GRADUATE STUDENTS Mary E. Bennett Dorothea Haas Sylvia K. Hick Pauline W. Robertson Chin Chang Zella M. Hardy Marion E. Maclean Florence M. Roy Ines E. Clayton Henrietta S. Hayden Margaret A. Pezolcl Chien Yu Tsao Vera A. Conard ' MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Marion Aldrich Elizabeth C. Curzon Betty Mannering Nadeena T. Tuttle Beth C. Brouse Ruby M. Holden Barbara L. Ohl Ioyce C. Zimmermann Founded, University of Illinois, 1922 One Ac-tive Chapter To foster interest in literary work, and to further the spirit of good fellowship among the women of Illinois , MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ' Rosemary Allen Pauline V. Degan Frances M. Kapilla Margaret L. McGrady Ruth E. Rehm Mildred G. Becker Loraine A. Dvorak Mary Ruth Kelley Phyllis E. Monk Fredericka F. Salnisoh Emily M. Blewitt W. Elizabeth Henderson Raena A. Kendall Edna M. Mraz Margaret C. Schnapp Dorothy I. Boyd Eleanor W. Holland Marie V. Klapperich Alma A. Norton Mabel I. Schoch Harriet J. Brown Marion N. Holloway Ruth V. Kopecky Adele J. Novotny Sigricl A. Stahl Rosemary E. Brown Hazel Marie Hoyle Norma A. Krull Evelyn G. Oherman Mary E. Sullivan Eugenia Clinton Mary F. James Billie N. Little Margaret E. Otis Martha E. Vinje Margaret Craig Ruth E. Jones Grace McAuley Jeanette Randolph Anita L. Wascher Shirley W. Day Dorothy M. Kanitz Doris V. Wise ll Little Boyd Clinton James Allen Kelley Rohm Kendall A Blewitt Degan Jones Kanitz McAuley Stahl Otis Suhnapp Henderson Klapperich Dvorak H. Brown Day VVnscl1er Craig Hoyle Becker Holloway NVise OFNlNE'I'EENTI'IIR,'I'Y-TW -'tZiPAca575l5f- F 1932 1 r ' 4 I 3 I Chilli THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS II.I.IO OF 'I932' Q 4 I wx ,if .mmm Robinson SZXIIIIIFNIII Rhodes lluvonport Putnam Leech lluddon Simon tiilby Zimnu-rly Bunisteud X1-lip Cluson Rose Buesingcr Minzuv Sturt' Boblonz Snvdort' Lynch lfounde-tl, llurtmoutli College, 1922 Alphn Nu Clmptor Forty-two Active Chapters To promote the cause of education by encouraging men of sound moral character and recognized abilily lo engage in llle study of its principles and problems FACULTY Francis C. Davenport, A.M. Oskar A. Kubitz, l'h.D. Arthur B. Mays, A.M. tflmrles .l. Starr Oscar F. Weber. l'h.D. Lewis W. Williams. Ph.D. John F. Wootlllcll. MS. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Frank J. Blazina Robert E. Dagner Russell J. Mingee Walton W. Rose Richard L. Boblenz john H. Gilby .losepll Ondrus Ernest J. Simon Floyd M. Buesinger Clarence Hanover Albert R. Putnam Joseph A. Snedorf Charles H. Bumstead Boyd Harper Edgar E. Rhodes John .I. Szymarski Gunnar S. Clason George A. Leech Herman Robinson Frank F. Zelip Robert P. Cornelius Floyd W. Lynch Leonard C. Zimmerly lfoumlotl. l'nivi-rsity of Missouri, 1909 Illinois Chapter S1-va-iitvvii Active Chapters To promote high scholarship in. journalism FACULTY Charles L. Allen. A.M., M.P.J. Charles R. Fredrick. B.S., M.P.,I. Otho C. Leiter. A.B.. M.P.,I. Reuel R. Barlow. A.M., M.P.J. .Iolm R. Heitman, BJ., M.P.J. Lawrence W. Murphy. A.M., M.l'..I. Burrus S. Dickinson, Ph.D., M.P..I. Frederick S. Siebert. A.B.. .I.D. MEMBERS IN- UNIVERSITY Mary K. Adams Milton E. Hlava 1 Marjorie F. Morrison Dorothy I. Posvic Bertha M. Engel' Betty L. Hughes Elmira B. 0'Neul Edward I. Serlin Elston D. llerron james A, Shearer SerliIT lllnvu Allen Adonis I Morrison - 0'Neul Iluzhvs She-urs-r linger Posrit i girtio OFANINTETEENTHIRTY-TWO ,- f i . +C-I PAGE 57613- 0. NIVERSITY OF I LLINOIS ILLIO O ' u Whitesell Andrews Enoch Bourne Matson Deringer McCormick Burton Frankel Lowe Trabert Britton Edward Bourne Slaughter Moore Horak Founded, University of Illinois, 1914 KERAMOS Alpha Chapter To promote professional fellowship among students FACULTY in Ceramics Two Activc Chapters Andrew I. Andrews, Ph.D. Ralph K. Hursh, B.S. William R. Morgan, B.S. Alfred E. Badger, M.S. Kenneth C. Lyon, B.S. Cullen W. Parmelee, M.S. Enoch G. Bourne Albert J. Monack, M.S. Clyde I.. Thompson, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Edward G. Bourne H. David Frankel John M. McCormick Robert W. Slaughter Gene Bruton William Horak Fredrick R. Matson, Jr. Lorin A. Trabert Howard B. Burton G. Kenneth Lowe George T. Moore Robert J. Whitesell Wayne A. Deringer Founded, University of Illinois U One Active Chapter To further the knowledge of France and of the French Language FACULTY Joseph H. Amiel, A.B. George R. Hilton, A.M. Felix Legrand, A.B. Alphonse V. Roche, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY . Margaret L. Arnott Harley W. D'Eath Beatrice N. Houze Alexander Macreff Evelyn M. Rogier Jeanne R. Bedard Helen Dick Hermoise J. Hupp Albert H. Malo Edgar D. Russell Kathryn M. Boekenhoff Loraine A. Dvorak Harriet V. Bradbury Martha J. Castle Margaret E. Clem Helen A. Clevenstine Odessa L. Cohen Shirley W. Day Helen J. Danek Marguerite J. Dye Linda Fitz-Gerald Margaret L. Glass Harold W. Johnson Dayne H. Kennedy Ethel M. Klyver Walter C. Kreider Mary E. Hambrook Bessie Lapinski Beatrice L. Hedlund Doris A. Lisenby Elizabeth Homann Lenore J. Lorimer Stella M. Maloni Frances L. Masiokus Edna A. Michael C. Regis Michaud, Jr. Dora M. Pasel Sarah A. Patterson Ruth Reed Mary A. Ryan Dorothy F. Scudder Virginia D. Sharp Marie V. Stratton Mary A. Thomas Frazier R. Turrentinc Ruthetta M. Vetter Anne P. Yesulis 'LLIO - Allen Field Russell Gullette Legrnnd Roche Johnson Hilton Macreff Masiokus Yesulis Lapinski Vetter Stratton Cohen Bedard Fisher Fitz-Gerald Richmond Boekenhofi Hupp Gerlich Ralph Glass Bradbury Kline Houze Mnloni Michnud Clevenstine Malo Dye Pasel Reed Hedlund Dvorak OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO -'El Pact: 577 E+ 9 f I THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 - Q I L Win Bert Hnrriinun Carey Reeder Adams Wich Kalis Beidelmun Cook Kurt Brownson Bucher Utterback Jasper Schuster Bluszczenski Granger Slater Henry Weir Paul Fonmlod, University of Illinois, 1913 MncDowell Chapter One Active Chapter To encourage scholarship, and to advance music culture FACULTY Stella R. Percival, B.Mus. George F. Schwartz, A.M., B.Mus. Frederic B. Stiven, B.Mus.. A.A.G.O. James N. Adams Harriet J. Baker Florence A. Beidelman Loraine J. Bert Helen A. Blaszczenski Marcella K. Brownson GRADUATE STUDENTS Rhea V. Crews Hall M. Macklin MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Helen M. Bucher Milburn E. Carey Mildred C. Cook Helen K. Granger Carolyn M. Harriman Ada D. Henry M Charles L. Herts Eileen A. Jasper Anita Kalis Helen J. Kurt Martha A. Morris Terlan M. Paul U SAN W. Leon Reeder Dorothy L. Schuster Ruth M. Slater Thelma L. Utterback Rosemary A. Weir Harold H. Wicli Founded, University of Illinois, 1911 Alpha Gnmuin Chapter One Active Chapter To more closely affiliate students and faculty, and to promote interest in Municipal and Sanitary Engineering FACULTY Harold E. Babbitt, M.S. James J. Doland, B.S., C.E. Edward W. Suppiger. B.S. Arthur M. Buswell, Ph.D. Melvin L. Enger, M.S., C.E. George E. Symons, M.S. W. Leighton Collins, B.S. Virgil R. Fleming, B.S. Arthur N. Talbot, C.E.. D.Sc., D.Eng., LL.D. John S. Crandell, B.S., C.E. Winfred D. Gerber, B.S. Gilbert C. Unger, Jr., B.S. GRADUATE STUDENT Robert B. Moorman MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY C. Virgil Bell Charles W. Ennis ' Edward W. Klatte Ben Paller William E. Bohn William R. Fickett Charles U. Kring Leonard C. Pickett Raymond F. Brown Merle H. Goedjen Raymond T. Lynge Donald G. Radcliffe Bernard Dickman Vivian G. Kaufman Richard S. Nelle Harry L. Wingfield Ennis Bohn Lynge Puller Gocdjen Dickman Pickett Kring Kaufman Brown Rndclitlfe Nelle Bell Fickett 93I' Llo or NINETEEN rl-IIRTY-TWO +61 Pace 578 liv- 1 H E l ILLI I NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 Fuernmnn Murphy Vallero Stnnks Karraker Yen Rohm Taylor Johnson Bronco , Smith Fraboni Founded, University of Washington, 1920 Zeta Chapter Fourteen At-tive Chapters To develop interest in foreign trade and to promote higher ideals and business ethics Simon Litman, Dr. Jur. Pub. ct Rer. Cam. George W. Sanford, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Frank E. Brence Donald D. Garretson Jay W. Murphy Stanley A. Stanks Victor H. Brodt Richard L. Johnson Stanley F. Rehm Roy E. Taylor Dominick E. Fraboni Warren H. Fuermann Founded, University of Henry P. Avery Warren H. Badger ' Clifford C. Barrett Wilbur J. Blakeslee John W. Branta .Ioseph G. Bumgarner Henry C. Burnett Ralston R. Bushart Howard S. Carpenter Arthur E. Cooper William L. Day Ward M. Karraker Parker A. Smith Illinois, 1930 Alpha Chapter General Journalism Fraternity Otho C. Leiter, A.B., M.P.J. I Lawrence W. Murphy, A.M., MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Jacob W. Deutch Charles Gibbs Dwight C. Gott Philip D. Grover Elston D. Herron Robert C. Hey Alfred L. Hollender Thomas K. Holt Garry H. Homann William B. Jacobs Harold B. Jewell Lawrence W. Kanaga Clayborne E. Kisner Francis V. Koval Harvey W. Kring Richard D. La Fond P. King Lantz Charles E. Logan Clinton W. Loomis .lohn D. McAdams. Jr. Charles D. MacMillan 1I.P.J. Lawrence J. Vallero Yeh C. Yen One Active Chapter Harry W. Moody Allan J. Niess Theodore T. Quinn John J. Rea George H. Rettig William G. Ryan R. Eugene Schooley Edward I. Serlin .lohn G. Symons Arthur R. Wildhagen Otto B. Willett 932 I Ren Mt-Atlums Deutc-h Grover Burnett Niess Kovnl Kisnnr Ryan Bumgarner Kring Willett Wildhagon Jewell Gott Hollender Herron Moody Brantn Kannga Day Bushart Logan Carpenter W +24 PAGE 579 13+ OOF NINETTEN THIRTY-TWO . THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1931 Yocom Parkhurst Westerberg Greenlee Noling Stephenson Constant Crawford Founded, University of lllinois, 1925 One Active Chapter General Engineering Honorary F raternity FACULTY Harvey H. Jordan, B.S. Frank W. Stubbs, Jr., B.S., C.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Earl S. Constant Jean E. Lattan Don A. Parkhurst Robert K. Stephenson Quintin J. Crawford Martin N. Noling Gerald C. Primm Josef H. Westerberg Elmer A. Greenlee Eugene J. Yocom Founded, Northwestern University, 1912 Sigma Chapter Twenty Active Chapters To bring girls of similar interests closer together, and to stimulate the professional side of music and dramalics MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Harriet J. Baker Evelyn V. Colm Maryan Moore Alice M. Varnun Helen Bennett Helen I. Henry Mary I. Murphy Kathryn G. Walker Elizabeth F. Boggs R. Geneva Hitt Donna E. Neuman Evelyn M. Warren Winifred W. Boyd Lucile M. Lang Mary Grace Randles Rosemary A. Weir M. Kathryn Cantlon Mary J. Miller ' Virginia B. Summers Mary Wylde Marian E. Crook Ettamae E. Mitchell Eleanor Thomsen Monte Lee Zimmerman Eugenia Maude Clark , Cl'00k BWUWN Clmtlml LMI! Wylde Neuman Vurnuu Gohu Johnson Warren Rnndles Walker Thomsen Clllrk M001-9 Mitchell Summers B0yd Hitt Henry Baker Weir Miller Murphy Ziinniernmn ILLIO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO 0 rl Pm seo gt f 'l l NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I9 Hurn Mindel Filson Llewellyn Seider Gangstnd Pelzer Gairing Altorfer Koller Schrumpf Crippiu Ball Hopkins Hudnut Hanimerslnith Seyler Founded, Columbia University, 1924 Sigma Chapter Twenty-four Active Chapters To promote the cause of higher business education and training for all women, to foster high ideals for women in business careers, and to encoura e raternit and co-0 eration anion women re arin or such careers P P P 3 FACULTY Alta C. Saunders, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Katherine C. Altorfer Priscilla L. Gairing Lucille Hurn Dorothy C. Pelzer Ruth Ball Margaret E. Gangstad Ruth Koller Fredericka S. Schrumpf Virginia Christman Jane M. Hammersmith Florence J. Llewellyn Norma A. Seider Julianna Crippin Lelia E . Hopkins Gertrude L. Luer Geneva M. Seyler Marian E. Filson Edith W. Hudnut Adele Mindel Ruth Thomas Founded, Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union, 1913 Rho Chapter Twenty-four Active Chapters To elevate the standards, idea-ls, and ethics for professionals engaged in teaching Physical Education FACULTY Hartley D. Price, A.M. Charles D. Werner, B.S. I GRADUATE STUDENTS Winfield S. Angus Theodore J. Echternacht Walter H. Ehlert MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Bron C. Bacevich Hubert V. Gardner A Joseph L. McAdams Harold E. Reesman Watts W. Chance Thomas B. Godfrey Charles F. McEuen Edgar E. Rhodes Gunner S. Clason Lloyd G. Hire Anthony J. Maffia Anthony F. Serritella Anthony L. Dorsch Lester T. Knifke Glenn E. Morris Merville E. Somers Harry L. Flagg Edwin J. Kolfenbach Herbert L. Nelson Erwin K. Wax Joseph D. Friend Frank B. Kuntz Mathew M. Wingert Gardner Bacevich Chalice Godfrey ' - McAdams McEuen Morris Rhodes Wax Somers Kolfenbach Friend Cluson Flngg Dorsch O F H T - T W -vII-fPAcE581l- as F 32 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1932 I nf i Nicolas llaelto Calabiao Abrina Uncanny llugnyong Aspiras Sison Founded, University of Illinois, 1918 One Active Chapter To promote fellowship among Filipinos and friends in the University MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Rizal D. Abrina Francisco V. Calabiao Marciano R. Daelto Catalino M. Orencia Juan O. Aspiras Jose O. Dacanay Pablo M. Nicolas Urbano V. Orencia Anacleto N. Bugayong Ceferion P. Sison Founded, New England Conservatory, 1901 Alpha Xi Chapter Fifty-one Active Chapters To develop fraternal spirit, the mutual welfare of music students, and the advancement of music in America FACULTY Arthur E. Cohen, B.Mus. Ralph M. Holmes, A.M. Walter L. Roosa, A.B. Lanson F. Demming, B.Mus. Oskar A. Kubitz, Ph.D. Sherman Schoonmaker, B.Mus. Raymond F. Dvorak, B.S., B.Mus. Hale L. Newcomer, M.S., C.P.A. George F. Schwartz, A.M., B.Mus. Donald A. Grossman LL.B. Robert E. Norris, A.M. Ray I. Shawl, M.S. LeRoy Hamp Graham T. Overgard, B.Mus. Leonard L. Steimley, Ph.D. A. Austin Harding, B.Mus. Frederic B. Stiven, B.Mus., A.A.C.O. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Loraine J. Bert Charles L. Herts u Driver B. Lindsay James A. Sullivan Louis W. Clift Wayne S. Hertz f Philip W. McDowell Ralph E. Turner Julius L. Cohen Harold B. Jewell Hall M. Macklin Lester M. Van Tress Paul F. Cundy Harold H. Wich kllbltl Mettalf Stn en XX ood Marcus Carey qleimlgx IIN,-ding Howland Cnndv 5lllllIlS Marklin IICTII A Cohen Sulhxan Ox ergard Shanl Demmmg Bert Hump 1111 HCI' Clif! Nl ull NIeDou ell Jen ell Holmes -nf PAGE 58211- OF 'ILLIO OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO i f I A 1 illlli IQ JL ILLIO THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF1 Robbins Karth Dunn Whitlock Busch Dalbey F. Byhind I. Bylnnd Meyer Bushee Drew 0'I'I8l'l'0l1 Williams Roberts Anderson Young Butler Founclvd, University of Minnesota, 1009 Pi Chapter Twenty-three Active Chabters To promote intellectual, social, and professional development and the advancement of home economics FACULTY Harriet T. Barto, A.M. Kathryn V. A. Burns, A.M. Florence M. King, M.S. Janice M. Smith, A.B. Mary E. Bennett, B.S. Cleo Fitzsimmons, B.S. Clara R. Meyer, M.S. Ruth A. Wardall, A.M. Isabel Bevier, Ph.M., D.Sc. Isabelle M. Hitchcock, M.S. Anna B. Robinson, A.M. Lucille R. Webber, B.S. Fannie M. Brooks, A.B., R.N. Hortense H. Hiinig, M.S. Florence M. Roy, A.M. Mary C. Whitlock, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Emma E. Andersen Ida E. Byland Lucile R. Dunn Rosalie E. O'Herron Ruth M. Busch Elizabeth G. Curzon Julia A. Karth Mary L. Robbins Margaret S. Bushee Wintress Dalbey Evelyn V. Kluge Dorothy I. Roberts Vera M. Butler Catherine Dennis Olivia C. Meyer Clara B. Williams Freda L. Byland Helen M. Drew Virginia O'Donnell Louise A. Young Founded, Syracuse University, 1909 Illinois Chapter Forty-three Active ChuDf61'S To foster and encourage collegiate journalism, and to promote inter-publication good will FACULTY Reuel R. Barlow, A.M., M.P.J. Thomas A. Clark, B.L., Litt.D. Lawrence W. Murphy, A.M., M.P.J. Charles E. Bradbury, M.F.A. Frederick J. Keilholz, B.S. Hiram T. Scovill, A.B., C.P.A. A William L. Burlison, Ph.D., D.Agr. Victor L. Krannert, B.S. Fred H. Turner, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Raymond N. Ammon Julius F. Elman Harold W. Hannah Allan J. Niess James E. Belton Walter J. Everhart Willmore B. Hastings John L. Swarner Wilbur D. Buddemeier Thomas F. Fleming Arley K. Hohenboken Alwin E. Wanderer Bennett Burgoon William L. Ganschinietz J. Curtis Mitchell John R. Webb Ralph C. Dueringer Merle H. Coedjen Bernard H. Moretsky Elmer E. Williams Carl J. Dueser Theodore H. Griesenauer Donald F. Mulvihill Alfred D. Young John H. Dunker H Fleming Gnnschinietz Goedjcn Griesenauer Dueser Wanderer Ammon Mitchell Swarner Belton ' Dueringer Mulvihill Hohenboken Webb Everhurt Niess Elmun Williams -'El PAGE 583 R+ 9 OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO f L ' THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Il.l.IO OF 1932 Kvill Cnrnnliun Min-linud, Sr. Roche Rew Gullette Michnud, Jr. Allen XYIIHSOII Spurlock Danek :Huff Fitz-Gerald Jones Bockenlioif Loomis G1-iesymber Founded, University of ChiL'IlLC0. 1906 Ellsilfm Chllllfvl' Eight Acgivc Chapters To improve scholarship, and to promote an interest in the held of French language and literature FACULTY J l Al d , A.M. Frances C. Griswold, A.M. Felix Legrand, A.B. C 'l L. R , A,M, lgalhrynefaglliern, A.M. Cameron C. Gullette, Ph.D. C. Regis Michaud, Sr., A.M. Aliihonse NiwRoche A,M, David H. Carnahan, Ph.D. Arthur Hamilton, Ph.D. Angelina R. Pietrangeli, A.M. John Van Horne, li'h.D, Edna M. Coggin, A.M. Paul E. Jacob, Ph.D. Samuel F. Will, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY K th M. Boekenhoff Elizabeth M. Grieshaber C. Regis Michaud, Jr. El' b tl S h 'd Dgrolllyl E. Case Elizabeth Huff Dxcie A. Moore EliE:eelVl!. Sciaurirlocltr Helen J. Danek Anne Jones I May. A. Parsons Margaret C. Smhs Leon H. Epstein Virginia M. Loomis Eunice Schmidt June Whitson Linda Fitz-Gerald Ednamae McClelland Mary V. Wright Founded. UniV9rSify Of wisconsin- 1911 Chapter one Twenty-seven Active Clmhters To awliate closely the college groups which are working for the betterment of the drama FACULTY Wilfred P. Burglund, B.S. Lawrence W. Murphy, A.M., M.P.J. Severina E. Nelson, A.M. Wesley Swanson, A.M. George P. Tuttle, B.S. GRADUATE STUDENTS Wendell C. Kennedy Lee C. Savage, Jr. Elizabeth V. Stoolman Jung Whitson MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Juliet M. Connors Ruth E- Fi!15iHl0I'lS Malcolm J. Gillis, Jr. Rqbert A. Harper Murphy Harper Savage Macklin Swanson Whitson Connors 1-'itzSimons Gillis .lttlo OFQNINETEEN Tl-ll'RrY-1w0 0 +31 PAGE 584 Ev- MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY NIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO O Schuldt Steele J. King .Iedlicka IIC. King I-Isiao Paniehi McMahon Smnvker Long 'l'ut.hilI Nauntann Svohotla Dalllvn Miller Daiglt Young licrgelis .Ingles Moore Fonndod, University of Illinois, 1912 One Active Chapter To form an organization which will bring together the members of the various courses in Railway Engineering FACULTY Everett E. King, A.B., M.C.E. Edward C. Schmidt, M.E. Herman J. Schrader, B.S., M.E. John K. Tulhill, B.S., E.E. Evt-rf-tt C. Young. M.S., M.E. F 'I ILLIO Dominic Bergelis William J. Brazitis James T. Chinlund Casimir Chmielewski Carlos A. Claure Lennart N. Dahlen Burnell G. Daigh Arthur J. Dore Founded, University of Edgar L. Bannister Lewis E. Barenfanger Forrest E. Boucher Trace Christensen, Jr. Henry G. Codd Kenneth R. Cougill Robert W. Duryee Ralph S. Ellifrit Edward H. English John J. Fitzpatrick Theodore B. Forbes Illinois, 1909 Jolm S. Ingles Jerry L. Jedlicka James S. King Harry Q. Lee Charles B. Long James E. McMahon Turner L. Miller Mark B. Moore Francis L. Morrison Jack L. Naumann Lib Panichi Stanley H. Pierce Emil C. Reimann Lawrence J. Rettinger Theodore F. Riddell Karnak Temple Chapter Professional Architectural Fraternity MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Alvin E. Grellinger H. Russell Griffith George M. Groeting Ralph R. Hansen John M. Hart Wendell T. Hegg Paul B. Holt James L. Jones .lohn S. Kendrick Willis F. Lockwood William F. McVaugh, Jr. Warren D. Marshall Oscar J. Ogg Patvoklos J. Papadopulos Howard M. Parkhurst Richard C. Redell Ben E. Rine Louis F. Rischbar Francis J. Rose Charles G. Rummel Charles E. McBurney John F. Schuldt Vascoe J. Smith Mark F. Smucker Millard 0. Starr Clayton S. Steele William R. Stephens George W. Svohoda Harry E. White Twelve Active Chapters Fred W. Salogga Karl R. Schwarz Robert N. Sheley John S. Shiff Howard C. Smith Frank C. Stover Merton D. Turley Donald F. Vogel Myron H. West Nathan Wilkinson Walter V. Wuellner West Ogg English Turley McVaugh Barcnfangor Schwarz Stover Rose Bona-her Jones Bannister Palmer Forbes Fitzpatrick Rine Vogel Grt-llingcr Grot-ting XVnellner Salogga Smith Lovkwood Sheley Rummel Morgan Parkhurst Papadopulos Ilart Codd Grimth Hansen Kendrick Mt-Burney Ellifrit OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO 932 1 -'C-I PAGE 585 PB- I4 it i. 000 THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS lttlo or 1932 X in l Finnegnn D. Connors Setcliell J Jacobson FitzSimons Schneitcr Cohen Dikemun Beatty Buesching E Mclqelvt-y Olxvin J. Connors Harvey Tuvs Fuller i SIGMA DELTA PHI l Founded, University of Mit-liirzlllh 1913 Beta Chapter Five Active Chapters l l To encourage interest in more general participation among women in activities of the art of speech l ' FACULTY Maria Leonard, A.M. Severinu E. Nelson, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Julia L. Beatty Mary H. Ellington Cyvendolyn T. Harvey Mary F. McKelvey Marguerite M. Bueschiug Ruth J. Finnegan Virgil C. Hecht Beth Olwin Dorothy J. Cohen Ruth E. F1tzS1mous Margaret E.. Jacobson Mildred R, Parkhill Dorsey Connors Janet Fuller Edna Kline Dorothy M. Schneiter Juliet M. Connors Dorothy J. Card Catherine H. McCord Elizabeth Setchell Susan J. Dikeman Louise E. Tavs l Founded, University of Culifornin, 1919 Lambda Chnhter Fifteen Ai-tive Chapters l To promote recognition and advancement of Hispanic studies and culture g FACULTY Ralph H. Abbas, B.S. David I-l. Carnahan, Ph.D. Margaret Kidder, A.M. Frank L. Stevens. Ph.D., D.Sc., LL.D. Kathryn Allen, A.M. Mary DUIICTEI, A-M- Louise F- I-Odget A.M. John H. Utley, A.M. Luis Aviles, Jr., A.M. Matilde Ellies. A.M. Evelyn McLain, A.M. John Van Horne, Ph.D. Jose A. Balseiro, LL.B. Cameron C. Gullette, Ph.D. James B. Shaw, D.Sc. Edith L. Welch, A.M. Jarvis B. Burner, Ph.D. Arthur Hamilton, Ph.D. Q john R, Ygungy A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Erma Bissel Linda Fitz-Gerald Mary Petitti Mary Richmond Kathryn M. Boekenhoff ' Eunice M. Schmitt l l 1 4 i Hutnilton Airbus Guiiette Curnuhun Q Bulseiro Shaw Yun Horne Young Aviles l Mrs. Hamilton Lodge Allen Kidder Fitz-Gerald Bot-keuhotf Rirhniond Dnllern orNlNe1eeNTH'ln1Y- I. I. I 0 - inet sae ta i f 'Uh - rwO THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO 0F.'I Sncdorf Burt Hankuer Howard Mc-Cristal Price Staley Rehor De Van Helfrick Il. Kring Schlansker Peirce Boarts Florio Cadle Chance Godfrey C. Kring Kraus Taylor NV1-st Carroll Founded, Indiana University, 1912 Illinois Chapter Forty-six Active Chapters To encourage moral, physical, and mental development anll training among college students FACULTY Fred T. Burt, B.S. Coleman R. Griffith, Ph.D. George A. Huff, B.S. Hartley D. Price, A.M. Frank G. Dickinson, Ph.D. Oscar A. I-lankner, B.S. King J. McCristal, A.M. Seward C. Staley, Ph.D. Harry L. Gill Charles D. Werner, B.S. GRADUATE STUDENT Anthony M. Van Dyke MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ' Charles O. Boarts William A. De Van Milton R. Howard Harvey W. Kring David L. Schlansker Robert W. Cadle Aurelio E. Florio Gordon E. Jones Frank C. Kwinn Joseph A. Snedorf, Jr. Robert C. Carroll Thomas B. Godfrey Morris S. Kraus Alan S. Peirce Justus E. Taylor Watts W. Chance Charles K. Helfrick, Jr. Charles U. Kring Joseph J. Rehor, Jr. William O. West Founded, University of Illinois, 1927 Four Active Chapters To arouse a greater interest in industrial management, and to provide closer contacts between students, business executives, and factory leaders interested in management work FACULTY , Merten J. Mandeville, M.S. Arthur G. Anderson, C.E., Ph.D. Oscar A. Leutwiler, B.S., M.E. Carl H. Casherg, B.S. Frederick H. Thomas, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Harold W. Bancroft Robert W. Elich Edward W. Littell Robert C. Sloan Vernon P. Christman George N. Gilkerson Richard L. McKnight Jack P. Tabor Walter Cleland 4Richarcl H. Heberling Leland A. Quindry William H. Taylor Wilvur H. Dowell 'Carl H. Johnson Harry A. Sahlin Lewis V. Trabert Ralph W. Downing George E. Leutwiler Russell F. Scott Edward G. Watson Richard H. Downing Julian C. Wheeler .1 Scott Cleland Tabor XVli0i-lvr 1 Mt-Knight Littcll Christinaa Gilkerson Sloan Quindry Sahlin Bancroft Watson Leutwilvr Johnson Mandeville ILLIO OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO +3 PAGE 587 ltr 932 pr fa r , t M THE UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS II.LIo OF19 2 - I 1 - - - Riddle Nash Fuss Twichell Moyer Lorton Andris hfornn Ryde Clarke J. McCormick H. McCormick Holloway Tlllllll Silling Burns Hinshaw Pnnichi Rockwell Long Dart Chinn Brooks Read Heller Knipp Tykociner Darke McConnell Svlilesinger Rhoades Brown Foundvil, University of Illinois, 1925 Alpha Chapter Two Active Chapters National Professional Radio Fraternity FACULTY David G, Bourgin, Ph.D. Harold Engerud, A.B. Lloyd P. Morris. BS. Carl E. Skroder, M.S. Hugh A. Brown, M.S., E.E. Charles T. Knipp, Ph.D. Albert L. Rhoades Joseph T. Tykociner, E.E. Adam E. Abel Peter Andris George L. Bodwell Wesley W. Brooks Harold W. Burns Joseph H. Cannon Bert A. Carlson Donald A. Carrison David E. Chapman George W. Chinn Founded, University n Katherine M. Adams Murjory S. Blatt Eva W. Davis Bertha M. Enger MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Norman F. Clarke John W. Crews Francis J. Darke, Jr. Thomas P. Dart Louis J. Fohr Frank Fuss Jose M. Grey Henry J. Heuer William W. Hinshaw Francis L. Holloway Richard M. King Charles B. Long Harold E. McConnell Harold D. McCormick John M. McCormick William J. Mauritz Paul Moran John M. Nash Lib Panichi Harold J. Read James M. Riddle Philip S. Rockwell John L. Ryde William A. Schlesinger George M. Silling Edward A. Timm Malcolm K. Twichell David E. Wiegand f ivilellllilfiflllv 1909 Pi Clwvivr '1'nmy-eight Active Clialitr-rs To foster interest in Journalism as a profession for women MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY H. Alera Flaningam - Mary E. K' El ' 0' Mary M. Fernholz Marjorie Finliiorrison Doriidiliy Iivgeimhvic Hazel M. Garvey fGertrude L. O'Brien Helene Siill BCUY L- Flashes Lillian C. Walling 0'B1-ien O'Ncnl Davis Adams Blatt Walling Posvie Garvey Still Hughes Eager Morrison Flaningaru King .ILLIO OQF NINETEEN TH'lRTY-TWO , -'Ci PAGE 588l-21- V WZ, l ILLIO THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILL'IO OFT Nelson Bennett White Ellifrit Peterson Lohmunn Schaffer Boucher Lehmann Schumacher Irish Forbes Eckmnnn Griffith Cougill UNIVERSITY LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY Founded, University of Illinois, 1913 Illinois Chapter Three Active Chapters For the promotion of scholarship and goodfellowsliip FACULTY Karl B. Lohmann, M.L.A. Robert B. Mitchell, B.S. Irving L. Peterson, B.S. Otto C. Schaffer, B.S. Stanley H. White, B.S., M.L.A. E. Leslie Bannister J. Gordon Bennett F. Eugene Boucher Founded, University of Illinois, David J. Brumle Mildred H. Converse Donald R. Crocker Lucy E. Fairchild Dorothy L. Folden Reginald I. Hardy MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Kenneth R. Cougill Theodore B. Forbes Herman R. Eckmann H. Russell Griffith Ralph S. Ellifrit Vernon D. Irish WESLEY PLAYE-RS 1922 To promote the Alpha Chapter drama in religious education MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Orrin J. Henbest William L. Hudson Lois V. Hunt E. Stanton Johnson Nelson H. Kingsbury John H. Krenkel Ralph D. Moore Mary J. Osborne William A. Rossiter Dale E. Samuell Mabel I. Schoch Laurence L. Lehmann Gerald F. Nelson Fred H. Schumacher Ten Active Chapters Marjorie R. Snyder Mildred Stengl Marston D. Slrote Grace J. Thomas Robert E. Watson Ronald H. White ' A Hunt Stengl Converse Slocum Folden Schoch Tlloxnns Brumle Samuell Fairchild Trubert Osborne Moore Strote Snyder Hardy YVutson Crocker Johnson Hudson Kingsbury Krenkel Henbest XVhite OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO 932 -'J-I PAGE 589 E+ Z y Ofllviii 1 mite Here are lisfed +he 'rhousands of names of 'Faces . . . which pass up and down +he Broad Walk . . . aHend our classes, go 'I'o dances, meei' in con'Fec'rioneries . . . and fill The lllio . . . ,K . iv wr. X ,..f- 6 WILLIAM HOHENZOLLERN DONT LET? IT GET YQU 5 VII ADVERTISEMENTS AND INDEX LNIARY ALEXANDER DISRAELI COLUMBUS PAUL ARTHUR CICERO ISABELLA LORD NELSON I! X THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS American Cabinet!-Co .... ' American Colortype Co. . . . Associated Military: Stores. . . Beich Candy Co ........... Besly, C. H., Co. .......... . Bryant and Stratton College. Busey's State Bank, ....... Cable Piano Co ......... Champion Coated Paper Co.. Chappel Bros., Inc. ....... . Chicago Clean Towel Service. . . , , , , Clancy, Rockwell F., Co.. . . Commonwealth Edison Co. .. Consumers C04 ............ Corn Products -Refining Co.. Davis 81 Kreeger ........... Dearborn Chemical Co... Deere 8: Co. ......... . Frame Dental Co.' ...... . Frederick, Kenneth Eugene. Frick Co. ............. . Gastholl, E. W., Co ......... General Electric X-Ray Corp. ..... .... . Georgian Hotel .......... .. Hartman Printing Co.. . Highway Materials Co.. . . Illini Club of chicago ...... Illinois Bell Telephone Co... INDEX OF ADVERTISERS lttlo 0:1 Illinois Commercial College . . Illinois State Fair ........ Illinois Terminal Railroad. Kalamazoo Vegetable Parch ment Co..... Kennaway, Inc. ...... Kewanee Boiler Corp. ..... . Keystone Steel Sz Wire Co.. . .. Laidlaw, W. A., Co. ..... . Libby, McNeill 81 Libby .............. ,,,,, M 81 L Typesetting 81 Electrotyping Co. .... ,,,, , Manz Corporation.,..... ..... Material Service Corp. ...... . Mid-West Concrete Pipe Co.. . . . Molloy, David J., Co, .... . , Moss, T. .l., Tie Co.. . . . National Stone Co. ..... . Nestor Johnson Mfg. Co.. .. Neumode Hosiery Shops ........... ,,,,, North American Light S1 Pow CI' O'Gara Coal Co. ................. ,,,, , Preston General -Agency Co.. . Raymor, Paul Stone, Ltd. .... . Ritter Dental Co. ....... . Seymour, Maurice, Studio. . Weber Studio ........ Western Brick Co.. . . . White Dental Co.. . . 4 4 9 lI.I.lO ODF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO +:+ PM 592 is P -.1 -. - T IV EIRS IT Y o F IL Ll N 0 IS I LL lc: o F HE UN hat a value this is! I More than sliced pineapple . .A . the center slices at ' no extra cost 4.11. - 0 1 ,wif Ja ji' . M V-V Ll B Sliced Hawaiian Pineapple-every single can of it-brings you just the center slices! Not ordinary sliced pine- apple, but just the slices that are loveliest in color, richest in flavor, most uniform in size and shape. Packed in a syrup of pure pineapple juice and cane sugar, they reach you with all their extra goodness held. Yetthey cost you no more! Insist on getting this extra value. Your grocer has Libby's Sliced Hawaiian Pineapple or he can get it for you easily. Ask forCrushed , too Libby's Crushed Pineapple is tangy-sweetg lusciousg most convenient for pies, puddings, fritters, shortcakes. And just try spreading it over your break- fast grapefruit! Libby, M?Neill 8: Libby, Honolulu, Hawaii. .-V ,..., A, 6 mx ,I WH , C., 9 O lgwaitiuf' ice Pineapple et?-1 O Center slices are packed in 4 different sized cans pineapple prices are the lowest in years ONE OF THE EXTRA VALUES IN LIBBY'S FAMOUS 100 FOODS ILLIO OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO 'El PAGE 593 13+ 932 Will Archer, 1.. 233 THE U NIVERSITY Anbye, XV. li.. . . . .46, 430, 5-13 Abbas, R. H .... ..... 4 63, 586 Abbott, Eloise. . . ......... 496 Abbott, J. B.... ....... 41 Abbott, 'I.'. XV. ...... 390, 443, 550 Abel, A. E. ................ 588 Abels, R. M. ........... 368, 419 Abernathy, 11'. R. ...... .... 1 190 Abernathy, Mary H... .... 531 Ahrahainson, U. M... . . .46 Abram, H. ll ..... . . . 46 Abrams, M. ....... . . .... 478 Abrams, U. l-L. ........ .... 4 68 Abrams, Violette T.. .46, 493, 519 Abramson, Elizabeth R. ...... 523 Abrinn, R. IJ. .......... . . .532 Acacia ............. . . .424 Aeeoanlanep Club . . . .... 543 Aehwa ................... 541 Aehelpohl, Jenn M. ......... 46 Acker, 11. G. .......... 305,454 Aeker, Jane D.. .. . . .46, 498 Aekermnnn, H. A. . . ...... 46 Ackman, R. G. .... .. .419, 543 Aeliviliex ..... . ...... 297 Acton, II. ll. ...., ...305, 412 Adams, A. 0 ........ ...... 4 65 Adams, D. ll ......... .... 2 32 Adams, Florence ll ......... 531 Adams, Florence l .......... 498 Adams, H. M ...... 142,322,351 362, 440, 559 Adams, J. A ............... 368 Adams. J. N .... 46, 367, 370, 57:1 Adams, J. E ............... 158 Adams, J. R ..... ......... 4 6 Adams, L. A .............. 417 Adams, Mary K ..... 46, 327, 362 498, 576, 583 Adams, M. X'. . . .......... 449 Adams, P. A ......,.... 391,477 Adams, R ......... 413,427,553 Adams, Rose A. ............ 534 Addison, M. F ...... 46, 543, 545 Adelman, Melba R .......... 522 Adelphia National Lilerarp Fraternity ............... 560 Aden, ll. W...337.331-1,417,547 Ader, R. I" ........ 203, 255, 566 Arlland, S ................ 164 Adler, Genise ............. 503 Allminiulralian ........ . . 17 Arlminivlralim- Ollievrx of Ihr Ulllllffxlill ......... 35 1Ill'llP7'HNl'1ill"Il1hk' aarl lmlruv .... 591 Ag Danre ................. 361 Aarieallural Club .......... Aaricullilre, Cnllvpe of ...... Ahrens, H. C. .......... 46. Aiehele, G. ...... 46,397,550 Aitken. J. E ...... ...... 4 6, Akin, K ......... ...... AlberS, IC. A. .... . . Alberts, J. 0 .... . . Albig, J. W.. .. .. Alevsliw ...... . . . . . Alcorn. M. XV. . . . . . . Alden,' J. J ........ 305, Aldrich, D, 141 .,,..,,,.. Aldrich, Marian ........ 3 iii, .46, 552. Aldrich, R. J ...... 253, 257, Alessi. N .... ............. Alellienal LiIr'ra1'p Society. . . Alexander, ll. L ............ Alexander, J .............. Alexander, Margaret B. . Alexander, M. J ............ Alleman, N. J. ......... 397, Allen, C. L ........ 413, 555, Allen, Elizabeth ll ......... Allen, l'Iloise IC ............ Allen, Graco ll .... .. .46. Allen, J. '1' ......... ...... Allen, Katherine I ...... 584, Allen, L. 0 ....... ...47, Allen, Mary 141 .... ..... Allen, Pauline C .... ...47, Allen, Rosemary. . . . .514, Allen, U. XV .,... ...... Allen, XV. H ...... ...47, Allyn, P. R ......... ..... Alma Maier llraup. . . . . . Almquist, C. 0 .... . . . Almy, Jenn B .... . . . Alp, H. H ........ ..... Al n rt S. G ........ . .203, 1' . Alpha Alpha Alpha. .. Alpha Chi Omega. Alpha Chi Rho. .. Alpha. Chi Sipma. Alpha Delta Phi. . . Alpha Della Pi. . . Alpha Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi. . . Alpha Della Theta. . . Alpha Epsilon Pi ..... Alpha llamrna Della. .. ILLIO 326 25 567 552 0 fiiii 162 451 433 538 158 461 390 506 575 463 562 560 408 584 333 408 553 576 530 497 502 403 586 396 371 516 '7F 126 419 456 35 162 535 481 452 544 497 444 427 4411 504 561 508 518 452 543 OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 1931 INDEX OF BOOKS AND PERSONS w .-Upha Gamma Rho. .. . . .428 Alpha Kappa Kappa. . . . . . 160 Alpha Kappa Lamhau .... . . .456 Alpha Kappa Pi ...... ...-188 Alpha. Kappa Pai ...... . . .545 Alpha Lambda Della .... . . .399 Alpha Larnhrlav Tau. . . . . 483 Alpha Omepa Alpha. . . . . .166 Alpha lhnicrnn Pi. . . . . .502 Alpha Phi ......... . . .513 Alpha Rho Chi. . . . . .-141 Alpha Sigma Aa. . . .. .561 Alpha Sipma Phi. . . . . .429 Alpha Tau Alpha. .. .. .546 Alpha Tau Umrpa. .. .. .413 Alpha Zeta ........ . . .398 Alpha Xi Delia .... ....... 4 99 Alsehulmer, l'I. B .......... 454 Alsterlund, J. I" .... 47, 396, 572 Altbach, M. S .... ... ... 474 Altera, ll. C .... . . . . . . 407 Althnnsen. 17... ..... . . . 427 Altman, H. 1' ......... .. . 161 Altman, R. S ...... 140, 204, 362 422. 547, 549, 559 Altinansherger, I.. C. .. . .. 458 Altorfer, Katherine C .... 141, 278 271l,358, 502, 581 Altsehul, S ....,.... 47,407 4so Alvey, 11. W .,............ 163 Alvis. W. 1' ..... .,.... 4 12 Alyeu, L. F ........ ..... 1 188 Aniberson, ll. R .... ...... 1 60 Ambrose, W. A. ........ 367 368 Amhrosins, IC. E .......... 384 Anlerieall Cvramie Sn1'i1'ly . . . 562 r1lIlI'I'lt'llIl lnxliiuh' of Hlrelrieal Ilnainrvrw ...... 562 Ameriran Sorielp of Civil Baffin:-erv .............. 563 American Sneivlp of Jlerhanieal Ell1lllll'l'l'N .... 563 Ames, G. C ............ .. 436 Ames, 0. D. ......... . . 436 Ames. R. ll .... . . 472 Amiel. J. ll .... ....... 5 77 Ammon, M. XV ..... ..... . . .428 Ammon, R. N ...... 314 361 428 568, 573 583 Amsler. XV. A ...... 142, 351 430 Anderle, W. li ............ 367 Andermann. llorotlw S ..... 572 Andersen, Emma l'l ...... 47 529 572 583 Andersen, G. C ............ 162 Andersen, Roberta E ........ 505 Anderson, A. IC ........... 41-11 Anderson. A. G ........ 413 587 Anderson. A. Marie.. . ..... 574 Anderson. B. IC ........ 339,459 Anderson, C. C ......... 275, 282 284, 537 573 Anderson, C. R .... 438, 451 555 Anderson. ll. B ........... 479 Anderson, ll. G ........... 472 Anderson, IC. M ..... ..... 4 7 Anderson, E. R ........... 160 Anderson, I". B ........ 469 543 Anderson, Florence N ...... 530 Anderson. Genevieve S. .275, 282 283, 284. 307,313 537, 573 Anderson. G. S. ........ 150 163 Anderson. H ,.,........... 455 Anderson, ll. K ..,......... 391 Anderson, llelen L ..... 502 516 Anderson, Ilelen M .' ....... 311 Anderson, lone G ....... 47, 500 Anderson. J. A ..... . . .408, 472 Anderson, J. C. .. ..... 446 Anderson, J. 111. .. . .. 367 Anderson. J. M .... ..... 4 13 Anderson, J. .. . . .407 443 Anderson, J. XV. . . . . . 455 Anderson. June I.. . . . . 531 Anderson, L. B ,..,.,. 472 Anderson, L. XV ....... . . . 441 Anderson, Louise X'. ., , . . 312 Anderson, M. A .... 304 459, 561 Anderson. P. A ......... 47 390 445 558 Anderson, R. C ..... 47.543 545 Anderson. R. Il ......... 47, 348 470, 558 Anderson R. 1... ...... 457 Anderson, R. XV ..... . . . 463 Anderson, S. A ....,... . . . 409 Anderson. S. C .... ....... 4 29 Anderson, Vivien M ....... 520 Anderson, XV. C. ........ 47,442 Anderson, XV. ll ..,..... 438, 557 Anderson, XV. 1? .......... 370 Anderson. XV. XV. . .389, 441, 563 Andree, XX'. ll' ............. 462 Andresen, H. l'. .....,..... 565 Andrews. A. I ..... 427, 562, 577 Andrews. Louise X' ........ 514 Andris, 1' ..............., 588 Anen. R. J ......... 47. 553, 565 Angell, E. N. .......... 553, Angus, W. S ....... 472, 566, Anonian Literary Society. . . . Anslinger, C. J ........ Antonow, Miriam M .... Anubis ............. Apmadoc, Betty L.. Appel, l'1. G. ..... . Appel, Jeanetta .... Appeanan, B ....... Apple, C. . . Applegate, H.-lea 1..f I I f Sarah M .... 328. Applegate, Appleman, J. A .... Appleman, Ruth M. Ardnll, Ruth A .... Ardenn, N ...... Ardito, V. M. .. G .... Arison, A. Armitage, E ...... Armitage, R. 1" ........ Armstrong, A. R ...... Armstrong, Beulah M.. Armstronir, F. M. .... . Armstrong, J. II ....... Armstrong, J. W ...... Armstrong, Jeanette M. Armstrong, XV. P ...... Armsworth, J. A ...... Arning, I.. 11 ..... Arnold, 11. S. .. Arnold, L. L ...... . . . Arnold, Mary A ....... Arnold, R. L., Jr.. . . . . . Arnold, XV. B. . 142, 318 353, 362, 415 Arnott Margaret L ..... Aron, A. XX' .......... Arthur, l". C ..... ..... Artinnn, lilizabeth I". . . 524 Ash, A. S... Ash, Anne. . . Ash, Annette L. . Ash, J. XV ........ Ash. ASI1 Ash Ask Mildred J .... . . . brook, J. W ....... more. Ruth l'1....48 in, L. B. . .329, 437 Askren, Mn rga ret 11' fini 391 156 32:3 367 'rss I-ii 156 ixiii 320 547 366 333 51:4 his soo 545 V 565 583 564 161 531 447 499 47 531. 165 165 511 509 396 535 331 495 163 388 44-1 543 391 573 512 562 339 552 21 507 475 163 438 357 162 497 486 350 559 577 567 417 371 572 161 496 522 488 522 428 554 565 500 Asper, O. W .....,.... . . . 233 Aspiras. J. O ......... . . . 582 Aszumnn, Mildred I.. . . . . 48 Athlrlie 4,-lxuoeialion .... . . 202 rltlzleiirx ........... . . . 199 Atkins, F. E., Jr .... ... ... 443 Atkins, K. D ......... . .. 427 Atkinson, H. B .... 315 391 426 Atkinson, J. T ........ . .. 423 Atkinson, XV. 1-1. . . .. . . . 158 Atwood, Verl. . . . . . . . 495 Auble, XV. R ...... . . 370 441 Auerbach, A. B .... . . . 449 Auerbach. R .......... . . . 474 Augur, Leah A ........ . . . 530 Auzustinus. Helen M. . . . . . 48 Ault. A. M ......... 48 543 564 Aurelius. XV. A ........ . . . 418 Austin, P. R .... ... ... 553 Austin, Ruth B ....... 511 554 A ulum n .................. 12 Avery, ll. P . . .41-1, 313, 362 579 Avery, XV. M ......... . . . 556 Aviles, L., Jr ....,..... 567, 586 Axe fiTl1lllI'TN'. .. .. . .. 362 Aydelott. C. J .... , . . . 482 Baal, H. B. ............ 400. 453 Babbitt, Il. E. ...... 384, 397, 476 485, 548, 556, 578 Babcock, Keudrie Charles. . . .42 408, 456 Bacevich, B. C. ........ .48, 583 Bach, XV. J. ..... ..... 4 16 Bacholdor, J. I".. . . . . . . . 481 Bacheldor. XV. T. .... .. 481, 543 Bachrnch, lithlyn . . . ..... 519 Bacon, A. R. ...... ...... 1 61 Bacon, C. S .... . ........ 161 Baden, L. C. .. .... 416, 464 Bader, G. E. ..... ......... 3 67 Badger. A. E.. . . .553, 562, 577 Badger, XV. H. ...... 140, 181, 303 362. 410, 579 Baer, D. TD. ................ 543 Baer, June A. ............. 530 Baotzmann, R. K.. . .48, 455, 565 Ba2ley, R. A.. . .-18, 323, 362 391 Bailar, J. C.. Jr. ....... 427, 553 Bailey, G. R. ...... 211. 217,438 Bailey, I-I. XV ..... .......... 5 52 Bailey. Helen Mt ........... 511 Bailey. 1'mI"o1-ee .. ... 430. 585 Bailey, W. l".. .. .... 427, 553 Bailey, W. L... ........ .471 Bally, H. H.. .. .... 450, 56-1 Bain, B. W... . ...... .396 Bair, D. 1'. .... .... 3 33 Baird. G. E .... ....... 4 09 Baird, L. XV. .... . .. 150, 161 Baits, Benito l'l.. . . . . 312, 524 Baker, D. A. .......... 389,451 Baker, E. I". ................ 160 Baker, E. 1-I., Jr.. . .391 396. 446 Baker, B. S. ........... 370,456 Baker, llarriet J. ...... 513,554 578, 580 Baker, I. H. .... .......... 4 32 Baker, Jane l'1. ..... 312 371,500 Baker, J. 11. ................ 150 Baker, Martini B. ...... .-18, 496 Baker, M. C. ...... ........ 4 8 Baker, Mary L.. . . . . 301, 399 Baker, N. L .... .......... 1 64 Baker, R. 11... ...... .... 4 21 Baker, R. .. .. .390, 440, 557 Baker, R. L. ................ 415 Baker, T. M ..... ............ 4 20 Baker. XV. XV.. . 142, 350,436,559 Balcoff, C. T. ............... 433 Balderson, B. A. ............ 388 Balding, B. N .... . ....... 162 Balding, 1'. 11 .... .. 473, 388 Balduf, W. V.. .. .. 466,572 Baldwin, C. D. .... ...... 5 43 Baldwin, D. M. .... ...... 4 29 Baldwin, E. C ..... .......... 4 29 Baldwin, 1'l. XV., Jr ..... .48, 325 426, 563 Baldwin. II. o. ............. 391 Baldwin, ll. E ....... 48 150, 451 Baldwin, J. ll. ............. 463 Baldwin, Jeannette .... 281, 282 283 285, 500 Baldwin, J. H. ......... 368, 436 Baldwin, S. W. ............. 445 Baldwin, W. R. .... 323, 353, 354 I 376, 389, 441 Buhckns, Berniee .... 48, 515, 574 Balita, Dorothy K. ........... 567 Ball, B. B. ....... ..... 4 8,565 Ball, Bessie M... ..... .570 Ball, Inez R. ............. 48, 581 Ball, R. T. .................. 463 Ball, R. XV. ......... 49 339,475 544, 560, 561, 574 Balliett, bl. L ....... 366 367, 368 Balsoiro, J. A. ......... 567,586 Banasik, F. J. ............... 305 Bancroft, ll. XV. ....... .49, 398 545, 565, 587 Band of X ..... .... .... 5 4 7 Banner, C. L. .... ..... 4 9,572 Banner, E. ........... 388, 414 Banner, Irene M. ............ 531 Bannister, E. L..49, 552 585, 589 Bannister, R. L ......... ..... 4 45 Barber, Gertrude 1'. ......... 494 Barber, 1-1. A. ...... 140, 179, 264 362, 412, 549 Barber, S. F. .... .......... 5 52 Bnrbian. J. ...... ... .. . .486 Bard, Barbara C... . . . .49 Bard, I. J. ........ .... 1 61 Burden, L. C. ........ ...... 1 188 Bardo, S. E. ................ 150 Bardwell, Florence G, ......... 49 Barenfanxrer, L. E. ...... 418, 585 Bareuther, E. 111. ............ 419 Barker, Mary M ..... 503, 572, 573 Barker, P. A.. .. ........ ..-139 Barker, V. W.. .. .... 391,571 Barla, A. G. ................ 483 Barlow, R. R.. .555, 570 576, 583 Barnes, Ellen .............. 507 Barnes, Juliet ..... 307, 399, 498 Barnett, E. E ......... ....... 2 32 Barnett, Mary N. ....... .... 1 67 Barnett, Phyllis M.. .. .... 522 Burnhart, I.. ....... .... 4 72 Barnofsky, 1. ..... .... 4 78 Barr. A. I-l.... .... 422 Barr, F. T .... .... 4 27 Barr, G. A.... ..20,21 Barr, J. ....... .... .... 4 4 6 Barrett, C. C. ............ 49, 302 362, 448, 579 Barrett, E. E ..... ............ 2 1 Barrett, S. R. ............... 473 Barrett, Virginia G. ...... 49, 507 Barrick, L. E. ...... 438 Barron, 0. D ........ .. .233 Bartelsmeyer, C. F.. . . . . . .455 Bartelson, C. E. ....... 333,391 Barth, J. H. ................ 434 Barthelemy, W. B.. .-49, 398, 573 Barthelmess. K. T. .......... 391 Bartholomew, F. G. ....... 49, 203 420, 547, 549 Bartholomew, llarland ...... 432 Bartholomew, Herbert ....... 432 OF NlNETEEN'l'H,IR'l'Y-TWO 1 " PAGE 594 '1- 4 1. L E U ILLINOIS ILLIO OF'I N I V E R S I T Y O F l Let Electricity I I I Serve I YO11 ff I I I . Q For Information,Telephonc Randolph 1200 Local 535 ECOMMONWEALTH EDISON S LECTRIC SHOP 72 West Adams Street and Branches CHICAGO N ILLINOIS " Jf Of ellclous F U G E ecslly and qulckly mode Every candy lover enjoys good tasty Fudge espe clally so when made wlth Karo Syrup Follow slmple reclpe below and you wlll be dellghted wlth results pd pf limi WP B l suga Kato a d water together t ll nt forms a ha d mass ln c ld water Beat wh t s of eggs very at if a d beat ID the ts and ra s ns Pour on the hot syr p be tmg all the tlme When mlxture wlll st nd alone dro f om tea p n o t plat s well olle to pre e t st ckl g CORN PRODUCTS REFINING COMPANY I7 Boll yPloce NewY kCty N f . .Z . . D . . . . . ' , . . . ' I'------'--""'-"""'I I 33 cup Kara 2 oz. chop c 'nuts I I I3 cu ho. water 2 oz. c I0 cr 'raisins I I 2 eggs iwhites only! 1 teaspoon 'vanilla I I 2 c s sugar I oi r, n i I I ' r ' 0 . I I i e i , n ' I I nu i i . u , I at . . I . . I I a , II: r s oo n 0 I I e , ' v n i 'n . I er or i XXI ILLIO OF NINETEENT +24 PAGE 595 B+ EXPRESS REGARD WITH TASTE! . DELIGHTFULCAN- DIES FAMOUS FOR , THEIR GOODNESS " ...SINCE1854 . . . BEICH CANDIES HIRTY-TWO 9 7 , f l Bohlen. Beth M... . . Bines, Anna E. ..... . ...... . Bartow, Virginia .... ... ..49 .496 455, Bauman, Henrietta E. . . . . . . . Blain, Boukni ht V. A . Behr Sig THE UfNlVERSlTY OF I Bartholomew, R. Y.. . .44, 49, 225, 362, 407, Bartleson, C. E.. . .... .. 417 Bartlett, Helen 'L.. . . ..... . . Bartlow, Marion E.. ........ Barto, Harriet T... . . .. 367 Bartlum, J. S. ........ .. .496 Barton, H. J. .... ...... . Bartulis, J... . . .49, 243, Bartusch. Dorothy A ..... 247 284 Barys, H. J. ........ . ..... . Baseball .......... Baseball Squad . . . Basford, P. R.. .. Bash, C. R. .............. .. Basketball ............ Buss, A. C. ..... 49,177, 353, 384, :Bee :ses Basta, Irene ..... . . . . . . . Basting, Minnie E. ........ . Batchelor, A. ...... . Bats, A. H. ....... .. Bateman, H. P. ........ . Bates, F. R. .......... .. .49 312 Batkevich, Sally C. ........ . Batterton, Genevieve N. .... . Battey, E. Muriel ........... Battey, F. T. .............. . Bauer, A. Kathleen ....... 49 Bauer, E. E. ........ Bauer, P. B. ...... ..... . . Bauer, S. T ..... ........ Bauerle, L. M. ...... 203, .50 362 Baumgart. C. T. ......... .. Baumgartner. Miriam R ..... Baumgartner. R. A. ....... .. Baumhauer, Marion ........ Baumler, J. 0. ...... .. Baur, J. W. ....... ...... . Baxter, E. S. .... Bay, A. P. ..... . . . . Beach, G. NV ..... . . . . . 150 Beadles, J. R. ............. . Beagley, Grace H. ......... . Beaird, Dorothy M.. .50, 514 Beale, Ruth L.. ........... . Beall, E. H .... ............. Beall, Jane ........ 141, 493 Beall, Janet B. .......,. 144 . . 371, :ma Beall, R. L. ............ 212 Beals, Anna E. ........... 50 Beals, Frances I... . . . .50 Beam, Mary W.. .. .... Bean, R.. B..- .... . . .50 Bear, A. P .... . .... 50 Bear, E. K ..... ....50 Beard, Alice L. ...... . . .. Beard, Charlotte W.. . . 203 , 544 573 .516 .564 ,455 , 583 .440 .575 566 ,' 5:16 161 .241 .243 .472 .543 .223 ,323 ,ami .565 572 312 550 398 420 167 .426 515 1 .426 162 ,D427 417 508 .50 499 :567 531 . .50 .479 161 161 .417 .575 .526 ,543 .524 .408 , 511 , 312 515 :408 574 512 505 390 :459 389 500 535 Beard, H. .......... . .. 160 Beard, J. H. ..... .... 4 63 Beard, Ellen H. ..... ...... 5 114 Beardsley, M. W. .......... 412 Beasley, A. H. .......... 312 433 Beattie, B. ........ . ....... 483 Beatty, Anna L. .......... 50 502 Beatty, J. D. ....... 311, 313 433 Beatty, Julia L .... .141, 278, 338 513, 560, 574, 586 Beck, J. C. ................ 158 Becker, B. C. .... ....... . .. 553 Becker, C. F ....... ........ 4 88 Becker, Dorothy L..28l, 285 530 Becker, E. H. ........ ...... 4 18 Becker, E. J. ........... 573 Becker, F. M. .... .50 Becker, Gladvs .. ...... 529 Becker, H. G. ..... .... 1 50.162 Becker, I. .................. 480 Becker, Mildred G.. .50, 371, 493 514, 564, 575 Becker, O. J. .............. 164 Becker, R. F ........ 50, 370 424 Beckman, L. E. ..... 145, 312 446 Beckwith, J. H. ........ . . . 415 Beckwith. M. M ..... .... l 189 427 Bedard, Jeanne R. .......... 577 Bedinger. P. L. ............ 160 Beebe. G. K ..... ..50, 367 453 Beecher, M. C. ...... ....... 1 61 Behling, B. N. ............. 445 Behrens, J. C. ............... 462 Behrensmeyer, C. F. ......... 410 Beidelman, Florence A.. .324, 371 502, 578 Bein. H. P. ............. 389, 450 Belair, J. H. ..... b .... 3 06, 429 Belitsky, Nettie ... ...150 531 Bell, A. H. ....... ...... 3 71 521 Bell. C. A. .................. 252 Bell, C. V ....... 50, 390, 472, 578 Bell. H. C .... .............. 5 1 Bell. J. WV. ..... .. J .. . . . .429 Bell, Marian ............... .51 Bell. Naomi E. ............. .51 Belshaw. V. H. ..... 473, 560,567 Belton, J. E. ............ 461, 583 Bement. Elizabeth A ...... . . . 403 LLINOIS ILLIO 0F'I INDEX or Books Asn Psasons-continued Benbow, D. NV. ..... . ...... . Benbow, P. L ............ 51 331, 361 Bendu, Barbara. . . . . . .. Benedetto, A. F... . ..... ... Benedict, E. R. ...... .... . . Benedict, Ruth C ..... .. .... Benedict, S. VV. ...... .. Benford, Myron C. .... . Benge, P. R. .......... . Bengel, W. J. ......... . Benjamin, J. H. ..... 51, Benner, T. E. ........ .. Bennett, A. J ...... 142, Bennett, A. R. .... . . . . Bennett, C. K. ..... 140, 322,-362, Bennett, D. A. .... .... Bennett, I". A. ..... .... Bennett, G. E. ..... 362, Bennett, H. A. .... . . . . Bennett, Helen ........ Bennett, J. G.. . .51 348, Bennett, Mary E. ...... . Bennett, Verla R.. .... Bennett, W. C. ..... .. Bennett, XV. G. .... . . . . Benninger, K. T.. . . . . . Benscoter, S. U..51, 315, Benson, H. J. ......... . Benson, R. O. ....... . Benson, XV. F.. . . Bentley, NV. C .... Benya, J. A ...... Benzing, S. G... . .. Bepko, Marie K.. . . . Bercaw, NV. B.. . . . 426 339 .26 457 203 407 370 .5.1.6'. 475 575 'aidi Berdolt, Patricia ..... . Berg, Berg, H. ........... 51, G.M ............ .51, 325 Berg, Josephine P. ........ . . Berg, M. .: ....... . . . Berg, R. Ix ..... . . Berg, -S. A. ...... . Bergehs, D. D. .... Berger, Alwilda . . . .190 518 Berger, Helen L. .... 22518 Berger, Mabel R.. .. .. 518 Bergman, S. . ....... . . Borkclhamer, L. H.. . . Berkowitz, R. ..... . Berkowitz, S. I ..... Berline, Lilla .... . . Berman, H. .... . Bernard, C. 0. ...... 51, 545, 407 551 Bernard. C. B.. .. .... .. . .. Bernbnum, E. Berndt, A. .... . . . Berndt, E. A. .... .. Bernell, E. C .... .... 305 .51 166 Bernot, F. H ..... ...... Bernier, J. L.. . . . Bernstein, A ...... Bernstei Bernstei Bernstei Bernstei n, Anita .... n, H. C. .... . n. Rochelle n. S. C. ..... . Berry, E. P. ..... .. Berry, F. J. ........... . Berry, G. I... .... 175, 211, Berry, G. R.. . .... . . . eozi 362 .51 Berry. J. R ..... . . . Bert, A. L. .......... 52, 543, 544, Bert, Lorraine J .... 1168, Bert, V. Bertagnolli, L. M.. J.......5.Z, Bertelsman. G. A.. Berthold, C. C ..... . . Berthold, Bertine, B. B.... 255, ...... A. J. ........ . Bertinelli, Ellen M.. Bertram, E. A ..... Besancon, A. P.. .. Best, Virginia Beta Alpha Psi . . . Beta Gamma. Sigma. Betar, A. Betka. Frances E.. Hem. Knprm. ...... Beta Nu Kappa. . . . 358 545 578 420 v . v . Beta Phi Alpha. ..... Bela Phi Theta ..... Beta. Sigma Omicron. . . mn Pai. . . . . Beta Theta Pi ....... Beta Psi ........ Bethany! Circle . . . Betty, P. A. ...... . Bevier, Isabel . . . Bevis, R. E. .... . Bevis, Sina E. .... .. 212, Beynon, J. Bickenhar-h, P, S. ...... . Biddle, G. G. ....... ..... . Bidner, VV. I. ........... . Bieber. K. P. ........... . Bielinski. K. Constance.. 485, .52, sri' 484 252 442 167 564 368 505 556 159 428 414 3 452 558 410 225 472 162 .51 427 .. 1 580 589 583 514 391 Q35 ZZ? 391 367 537 481 33 390 530 233 .51 165 469 367 585 531 531 531 543 562 164 468 368 5 163 573 163 422 113 1 401 43 150 165 321 1 519 478 439 481 206 412 3 292 370 565 582 573 568 238 420 425 306 516 127 ' 70 496 564 396 388 535 472 565 515 486 524 471 417 A67 528 432 583 562 .52 418 550 ' 1 53" 461 574 Blerltz, H. XV. ............. . . Bierma, R. H. ...... 400, 411, Biggerstaff, Lena L. ...... .. Billings, C. A. ........ . Billings, M. 1-1. ...... . . .' .' ' " Bills, E. H ....... ...52, ies, Bills, Evelyn E. ........... . Bilsborrow, Elizabeth A.. 368, 550 557 .52 162 461 573 531 505 534 Boeli, L. N. .... . Bogart, E. L. .... . Bogart, P. S. ....... . . . Bogdansky, V. J..Q ..... . Boggs, Elizabeth B.. Bogin, E. M. ..... . Bogue, W. J... . .. Bohle, E. H. .... . Bingaman, W. W. ............ 444 Bingham, P. R.. . . . Binkley, Opal I.. . .. Binna, C. L ...... Binna, L. W. ......... . Binnewies, F. W... ... .. . Biondi, Marguerita I... . Biondi, R. J. .... 52, 415 Bird, 11.11-io.. T. ........ '. Birger, M. H. ....... 52 Birgerson, A. 0. ........ y . Birkett, Dorothy P.. . . . Birkett, Frances Birkett, F. E. ...... . Birkicht, E. R... ... Birks, C. R ..... . M ..... 1 ......52 .....534 ......573 .52,443 ....444 .52,502 558,571 ....552 348,474 ....162 399,531 .52,507 ....332 ......461 .........466 Bohmker, T. W. ....... .. Bohn, W. E. ........ 54, 472, Bones, E. I. ............... . Bolcherdt, G. T.. . . . . . Bolchert. J. H .... Boler, R. K. ..... . Bolin, E. P. ...... . Bollenbacher, G. L .... Bolstad, Dorothy D.. . . Bomash, C. L. ...... . Bomze, E. J.. . .. Bond, E. F. ..... . Bonk, A. C. ...... . Bonnell, Ellis ............. Bennett, Eloise C. ...... . Bonvallet Marie B Bookwaltkr, J. M. Boon, Alice C. ......... . Boon, C. F. ............ . Boone, W. D.. . . . Boonstra, F. M. .... . Boorkman, C. J... . Boorstein, S. A.. . .. Booth, W. B. ..... . Bisbee, F. B. ............ 52,243 Bischoff, F. H ...... .52, 314, 826 361, 367, 479 Bischoff, XV. C ..... .......... 5 43 Bishop, A. H. .............. 439 Bishop, J. B. ............... 461 Bishop, Y. K. ...... 140, 178,309 358, 362, 414, 547 Bissel, Erma ........ 52, 502, 586 Bitting, H. W ..... ...... 3 14, 455 Bittorf, Beatrice E. .... .53,506 Bizzell, I. .................. 461 Black, D. 13 ....... .:i2o, 3:10, 4.27 Black, Eleanor L. ............ 512 Black lf'la'mi11yo, The. . . .... 340 Black, H. H ........... ...... 4 26 .388 Black, H. E ............. Black Mary 0 ..... .281 Black: VV. Z. ......... . . Blackmore, J. J. ..... .. Blackstone. A. E .... C. E ..... .... Blair, Charlotte Blair, Blair. F. G ...... ....... Blair. Jeanette . Blaisdeli, w. . haf 2sE1'o',' midi, 371 .423, 551 .53, 465 . . . .443 . . . 543 ...:519 Eva B ......... ........ 5 3 . .20, 21 . . . .519 391, 572 Blake, Frances J. . . . ......... 537 Blake, Lois ......... 53, Blake. W. L. .......... . Blakemore. R. H... . . . .. Blakeney, R. A.. 501, 554 391, 446 543, 564 .53, 390 Blakeslee, Elsye . ..... 371 Blakesiee. W. J. ...... 53, 469, 579 Blameuser, R. P. ........ 145, 360 Blance, Jean M. ........ 287, 501 Blanchard, R. P ..... 258, 390, 438 Blanke, A. R. ........ 53, 416, 422 Blankenbeker, Frances B.527, 531 Blankley. Gladys M ........... 568 Blasig, Barbara L. ........... 530 Blaszczenski, Helen A.. . .'.53, 530 ' 567, 578 Blatt, Marjory S. ......... 53, 327 362, 516, 588 Blatt, M. L. ................. 161 Blaylock, Geraldine F. ........ 509 Blnzina, F. J. ............ 53, 576 Blewitt, Emily M... .493, 518, 575 Blinstrup. C. J. ............. 163 Bliss, R. H. ..... .... . 53,475 Bliss, R. R. ..... ...... 4 15 Bliss, T. A. ...... ...... 4 15 Block, Jeanne P.. .. ...496, 554 Block, L. E. ..... ........ 4 52 Block. 0. C. ......... ...... 5 65 Block. Pauline C ....... .... 4 98 Blombere. C. -L. ............ 484 Blume, L. L. .... 53, 453, 560, 569 Blomgren. G. H .............. 411 Blomquist, A. T. ........ 427, 431 552, 553 Bloom, C. C. ....... 144, 356, 400 Bloom, Margaret ............ 513 Bloom, M. 1. ..... . . . . Bloom. R. J. ..... .. Bloomfield Helen . ....452 .....457 ......523 Blougli. E.lMaudene:: ........ 311 Blue, H. C. ............. 408,557 Blumenkamp, Ruth A.. . .53, 278 395. 493, 503, 567 Blumenkamp. W. H. ......... 461 Blunck. F. H. ......... 232,446 Board of Truslres. The. .....21 422 Board, R. R. .............. .. Boarts, C. 0. ................ 587 Bohisch, W. J. ....... 571, 397, 563 Boblenz. R. L.. .53, 329, 462, 576 Bode. C. E. ........... 305,446 Bodine, L. YV. ...... 367, 368, 370 Bodman. A. E..21l, 214, 362, 418 Bodwell, G. L .......... 458, 588 Bodwell, J. VV. .............. 458 Boekenhoff, Kathryn M. .54, 368 396, 516, 567, 577 584, 586 Booz. J. P. .... . Borah, A. C. .... . Borchardt, F. P.. .. ..... Borcherdt, G. T ........ Borchers. R. B. .... 438 Bordwell, NV. H. .......... . Borg, A. W. ......... 54 Borland, J. W. .... ...... . . .400 Borman, W. C. .... .... Born, P. F. ........ . .. Bortel, Harriet E .... ....... Boruff, Clair S.... Borovicka, G. E ..... ......... Bose, R. J. ............. . 142 Bosley, B. B. ...... . Bosley, Helen R ........ Bostelmnnn, F. W. .... ...... . Bottenfield, Esther M.. . Boucher, F. E. .... . . . .. Boughton, S. R... . . g , Bour. Anna C ..... . ......160 ........398 329,453 .54,543 .580 388,439 ......162 .427 .... 502 305,445 315,397 556.578 .412 ....400 ....400 ....410 ....562 ....421 ....498 ....439 ....165 ....552 .....54 .161 .54,354 510,564 371,531 416,440 537,567 232,433 .54,397 550,556 .158 457 ....452 ....413 ....412 ...,457 .473 331,367 368,456 ,493,526 .457 367,444 .450 ,431 ....408 .530 427,553 150 ....161 351,449 513,554 564,574 388 .54,278 585,589 .431 ....367 Bourgin, D. G. ..... 348 588 Bourgoin, F. E ............. 435 Bourne, Edward G...54 562,577 Bourne, Enoch G ....... 562,577 Bousku. Sarah E. ......... ..530 Bowditch. R. P. ........ 367,417 Bowen, C. E ....... .... 2 02,417 Bowen, E. C. ............... 482 Bowen, H. D. ...... 331 337,574 Bowen, Mary L. .... 399 497,554 Bower, 0. K. ................ 552 Bowers, Kathryn E ..... 141, 511 554, 569 Bowers, Mary E. ...... . .54, 529 Bowman, I-Ierthn L ..... ..... 5 10 Bowman, M. l"..370, 462 543,551 Bowren. G. S. ............... 436 Boyd, Dorothy I.. . .284 305,575 Boyd. H. L. ................. 430 Boyd, J. T. ..... .... 2 32,313 Boyd, J. H ..... . . .54 361, 398 488 546, 568 Boyd, R. YV. ........ 54 430, 543 Boyd, W. C. ................ 423 Boyd, Winifred W. ..... .54, 338 520, 580 Boyer, Irene D. ...... 54 493, 496 Boyer, W. R. ........... 212,410 Boyle, R. G.. . . . . .314 326, 442 Boyle, S. H. ........... 450, 562 Boyle, W. D ........ 305 400,410 Boynten, E. L. .............. 414 Boysen, Marie J. ............ 395 Bracken, D. F. .............. 328 Bradbury, C. E. .... 410, 574, 583 Bradbury, Harriet V ........ 274 . 509, 577 Bradish, J. H. ........ ...... 4 19 Bradley, C. W.. .. ...... 553 Braginaky, L. .............. 452 Brahana, H. R ....... . . .466, 552 Braithwaite, Lucile M. .... 54, 530 Brnley, J. B. ............... 460 Branch, C. E. .............. 160 Branch, J. E. ...... .. .. . . . .571 Brandt. A. E ..... ....... 4 80 Brandt, Leona L. .... 54 , dfiif Brantn, J. YV .... ...306,419, Brashaw, E. W.. .. . . .. Brasch, S. C. ............. .. .330, 554 579 142 482 9 OF NINETEENTHIRTY TWO 1 H f I 1. I. I o -I - B y +2 Pace 590 as 1540111 ' I 11 32 '4 ILLIO UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I932 The 80th Annual ILLINOIS STATE FAIR - The practical application of scientific IDFIDCIIDICS a review 'Of the de velopment that four score years of competltlve exhIb1t1Ons has st1mu lated In the agrlcultural lndustrlal and domestlc arts and education at SPRINGFIELD, August Zozb to 27:11, 1932 POWER I I l I 9 THE KEYSTONE OF THE NATION'S GROWTH f FUR more +I'Ian Ihree decades Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas have been in 'rhe Iorefronl' of Middle Wes+ern commercial, agricuII'uraI and indusfrial development Much of Their progress has been due Io +I1e availabiliiy o'F ade- qua+e, economical uI'iIiI'y service, supplied by subsidiaries of Norih American LigI'II 8: Power Company fo more +I1an 800 communifies in Ihe sI'a'res named. NORTH AMERICAN LIGHT at POWER COMPANY GENERAL OFFICES- 231 SOUTH LA SALLE STREET CHICAGO, ILLINOIS OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TW was f WWII I T M I L Burrell, M. XV. ............ . THE U N I V E Bratrade, A. P. ...... .. Brauer, Norma C. .... 55, Brausa, 1'. V. ........ . Bray, K. J. ..... .... . Bray, R. 11. ..... .. Brazier, R. T.. . . Brazitis, E. .......... . N RSITY OF ILLI 514, ..188, .55, Brazitis, W. J. ............. Breurton, L. W. ..... 55, 362, Bredehorn, Margorie L..531, Breen, H. E. ........ 55, 543, Breidert., B. H. ........... . . Bremer. J. T .... .. Brence, A. C. ....... Brenee, F. B. ........ 55, 391, Brennan, Mary J.. . .55, 319, 358, 362, 363, -197, Brenner, Josephine ......... Brenner, N.1'. ............. . Brenner, L. C. .... . . . Brentano, A. A... . .55, Brentlinger, J. W... .. .55, 407, Bresee, C. M... . .. .. . Brew, W. E ..... ...... Brewer, I". E. ..... . . . . Brewer, Irene E.. . . . . . Bridges, K. Jane. .. .... Brierton, J. L ..... .......... Briggle, Jean ............... Briggs, M. M. .............. . Brigham, H. H., Jr.. .55, 353, , 376, 380, 417, Brill, I. ................... . Brinker, Alice L.. . .282, 495, Brian, W. E. .......... 243, Brissman, E. K..55, 333 370, Bristow, L. ............... . Britton, W. E. ............. . Brizzolara, L. J.. .. .. .. Broek, I". I-I.... Brock. G. XV.... Brock, J. ..... ...... 2 03, 257, 425, Broderick, E. L. .......... .. Brodt. L. P. ............ . . Brodt. V. H. ....... 370,470, Brody, L. J. .... ......... . Brooker, H. J. ......... . . . . .. Brokaw. W. C. ...... 55 424, Bromley, Pearl C. ....... 399, Brons, E. J. ............ 367, Bronson, C. E., Jr... .426 Bronson, G. A. ..... . .426, Bronson, Margaret I.. . . 371, Bronson. N. M. ......... 543, Bronstein, J. M ..... ........ Bronze Tablet Seniors . . , , , Brooke, G. K. ............. . Brooks, Barbara J. ....., ,. Brooks. Fannie M. ..... 501, Brooks, G. F. ....,,,. ,,,,, , Brooks. 1. Martha .......... Brooks, M. ........... 397 Brooks, N. 0. ..... 412, Brooks. T. E ..... . . . ....55, Brooks. Virzinia ........... Brooks. W. 1V. .... 550, Broom. C. M. ....... .. .55, Broom. J. A., Jr. ....... .55, Broom. Mildred E. ......... . Brothers, Martha E. .... 312, 528, 537, Brotherson. R. H...145, 360 Bfetmnn, D. .............. ' Brouillette, R, H, ,,,,,,,, H Brouse, Beth C. ....... .. Browder. O. L. ....... . Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown. Brown, Brown, Brown. Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, A. ..... 337, 338, n.M, ..... 367, 433, 252, Bernice ... ...... . . . Betty... n. M. ...... 370, F H 455, 4. .... ......... Eva L... F Q . r........... H. A .... ...457, 550, H. N. ......... .. Harriett C ..... . Harriet J .... 285: 305, 515. Ja net A. ..... . .... . J. P. ........... . J. S. ......... . Lilnh D. .... , . Louise A.56, 278,- Margaret E.. . . . Mareery J.. . . . 371. 279. 535, 144 M. H. ......... 1:4271 M. S. ..... ..... . Marv L .... . . Maybelle N.A ..... ........... P. H, .......... 424, Phyllis M. ......... . R. J., Jr. ....... R. L. ............. . R. P. ........ . Raymond S. . .56, Robert S ......... 455, 258, 160 564 389 562 553 486 565 585 414 567 551 436 436 571 579 354 569 519 443 530 454 339 461 438 158 562 552 535 565 495 416 362 559 165 554 247 543 552 448 447 553 482 253 549 437 470 579 165 419 546 534 487 573 573 531 564 449 401 420 .55 583 160 537 550 567 425 504 588 425 388 543 527 572 435 164 .55 575 417 559 417 501 498 159 552 474 513 403 588 165 515 575 509 464 411 531 531 539 499 553 468 530 500 565 552 .56 420 556 410 578 453 I INDEX or Books Asa 1 rzasoss-continued R. W. ........ . . Brown, Brown, Rosemary B. . . 56, Brown, Rosemary L.. . . . Brown, Ruth J. ....... . Brown, S. ........... . Brown, NV. H.. .314,1l24, 7 Brown, NV. XV.. .243, 1.52, Browne, R. .... ...... . . Browne, W. 11. ........ . Brownlee, J. ll. ....... . Brownson, Marcella K.. . . Brubaker, Virginia A .... Bruce, T. W. .... ...... . Bruedigam, N. T ....... 513, 445, 256, 56 518: Bruhn, Esther K. .......... . Brull, E. E ..... ..... 5 6, Bramley, D. J.. .. .... Bruner, A. M. ...... . Brunner, l'ldna M. ..... . Brusnighan, C. I" ,.... . . . Bruton, G. ......... 56 404, 370, "':i7i, ass, 502, Bryan, G. D.. . .. Bryant. I". L. .... .. Bryar, Mary E.. . . . Brydges, Eileen J.. . . Bryson, J. L. ....... . . 419 575 514 531 435 573 566 448 161 488 371 578 505 551 431 513 545 591 458 529 543 577 414 161. 531 512 408 Brzenk, Sophie G. .......... 517 Buchan, B. ............ 390, 425 Buchanan. E. U. .... ...... 4 44 Buchanan, ll. K. .... .... 3 67 Buchanan. R. M. .... .56 Buchanan. W. P... ........ 444 Bueher, B. C. ............... 160 Bucher, Helen M. ........... 578 Buchholz, Miriam . .399, 495, 560 1-luclnnan, l'I. .............. 478 Buck, C. M. ...... ....... 4 41 Buck, Marion J.. .. ..... 333 Burk, W. G. ...... ...... 5 60 Bnekardt, H. L. ........ 479,546 Buekholdt. F. ............ 391 Buckles, Maxine B. CMrs.J .... 498 Buckles, R. H ....... 56, 176, 324 362, 398, 415, 547, 564 Budd. XV. S. ................ 445 Budde. l'l. l". ....... 212, 427, 567 Buddemeier, W. D ....... 314,398 472, 583 Badge, R. J., Jr. ............ 487 Budinger. XV. G. .... 348. 362, 422 Buesching, Marguerite M. .... 338 . 493, 499, 554, 567, 586 B110S11l2l'1', F. M ....... . . .56, 428 546, 576 Bugnynng. A. ...50, 582 Buge, E. W. ..... ...., 4 60 Buhrow. L. R. .... ...56, 546 Buino, Helen 1' .... .... . 56 Bukovskv, Marie li.. . .... 167 Bulnw. A. ....... ..... 4 46 Ball, B. A. ..... ....... 5 53 Bull, Jean ... .... 300, 500 Ball, S. .................... 428 Bullard, E. R. ........... 56,562 Bullock. D. M..203, 210, 211, 227 Bumznrnm-, J. G. .... 56,302,330 361, 362, 398, 407 442, 555, 573, 579 Bnmstead, C. H..56, 396, 417, 576 Banehman. L. P. ............ 487 Bundy, Helena D. ........ 57,500 Buaxrc. W. A. .......... 391,488 Bunn, Carmen E .... .... 5 34,573 Bunn. Dorothea M. .......... 534 Bunting, J. 11. ...... 57, 367, 476 Burdick. Mary ............. 500 Bllfglund, W. P....33o, 403, 550 552,556,584 Bursroon, B.. Jr. ..... 57 315. 325 485, 550, 556 562, 583 Burke, C. W. ............... 429 Burke. R. F. .......... .... 3 06 Burklmrt. G. H.. . . .. .158 Burkhart. J. M.... ,...412 Burks, B. D. ..... .......... 5 72 Burks, D., Jr ....... ... . . . .427 Burks, B. E ..... ........... 5 62 Bnrlison. 1V. L. ..... 424 568, 583 Burmeister. E. D. ...... .57,566 Burner, C. A. ......... 307, 446 Burner. J. 11. ............... 586 Burnett, 11. 0. ...... 303 327, 362 461, 555, 579 Burney. J. R .... ....... 3 77. 384 Burnham, Marv F. .......... .57 Burnham. Phileta E. ....... 502 Barns. H. W .... ..... .... 5 8 8 Burns, J. B ..... .... ....... 4 6 4 Burns, Kathryn V. ...... 496, 583 Burns, Burns, Mary XV... Burr. Marian L.... .57, R. NV. ............. . Burrill. Thomas Jonathan Burroughs, D. D ...... .. Burroughs, G. G. ...... . Burrows, S. J. ............ . Burstein, A. J. ..... 144 Burt, F. T. ........... .. ll.I.I0 OF Nl .333, , 356, 566, 534 573 423 459 . .6 158 370 158 452 587 OIS Burt, P. ........ ...331 Burton, A. A. ............... 427 Burton, 11. B., Jr. ........ 57, 391 465, 562, 577 Busch, E. ............ 384, 391 Busch, Ruth M. .......... 57, 583 Buscher, M. Elizabeth ........ 573 Busey, Garreta H. ..... ..... 4 97 Basey, Patricia B ....... 28162, 36 , Bush, G. ................... 450 Bushart, R. R..307,'400, 446, 579 Bushee. K. R. .............. 408 Bushee, Margaret S ....... 57, 498 554, 583 Busker, W. E. .......... 140,174 362, 471, 547 Buss, B. A. ...... . ........... 57 Boswell, A. M..427, 487, 553, 578 Boswell, R. R ....... ....... . 420 Butler, 1-I. W. ......... ...416 Butler, J. J.. . . . . .443 Butler, L. S. .... .. .483 Butler, Yera M. .... . . .583 Butterfield, D. . . . . . .313 Butz, F. J. ..... ...415 Butz, L. W .... ...427 Buyer, Morris . . . . .165 Buzy. Pearl C.. . . ..... 530 Byergo, F. H .... .... ...... 4 1 3 Byford, Henry T ......... .... 1 58 Byland, Freeda .... ..... 5 7, 583 Byland, Ida E... ..... 57, 583 Byranl, M. W... ...... 413 Byran, C. H... . .... .384 Byrne, R. M.. . . ..... .431 Byrne, 1'. B... . . . .57, 418 Byrns. I". W. .... ..... 4 72 Cadle, R. W ....... 256, 469, 587 Cady, G. H. ........... 203,253 391 422, 549 Cahn, A. R ..... ...... 2 03, 452 Cailey, R. I" ..... ......... 4 30 Calabiao, F. V. . . . . .57, 582 Caldwell, C. T... .... 553 Caldwell, F. T .... . . .498 Caldwell, J. D ...... . . .462 Caldwell, Mary J ...... ...357 Calhoun, Elizabeth M. . . . . . 516 Calhoun, R. D ....... .... 4 34 Cali11', J. 1' ........... .... 4 16 Callen. A. C .... . .202 397, 431 Callow, N. W. .. ..... .57, 552 Calosio, R. T ..... .. .... 161 Calvert, Edith IC ....... .... 5 01 Cameron, D. A ........ .57, 411 Cameron, Mary L .... 58 396, 494 Cameron, Maryan R. . . .... 284 Cameron, R. l'l ........ .... 4 33 Camp, XV. J. R ........ .... 1 61 Campbell. A. Q ....... . 391,451 Campbell, Alice ....... 311,497 Campbell, Dorothea G. . . . . .516 Campbell, Helen L ..... .... 5 05 Campbell, H. XV .... 400, 456, 544 Campbell, Janet M. .307 516, 554 Campbell, M. A ....... 314, 568 Campbell, R. D. . . .... .... 1 50 Campus Lrmlrrx. . ..,, 171 Cnmpux Stuff .... . . .306 Canfield, C. R .... .. .459 Cannon, J. H .... . . .588 Cantello. T. J .... .... 5 65 Canter. H. V ....... . .... 568 Canterbury. M. D ...... 314,442 Cantlon, M. Kathryn . . . 516, 580 Cantrill, H. L. ...,..... .... 4 50 Capoot. L. J ........ .... 4 43 Capoot, Marvin C ...... .... 5 21 Capron, H. S ......... .... 2 1 Carek. F. C.. Jr ....... ..,. 4 77 Carey, M. E ....... 324 366, 367 368. 370 417, 578 Carey. Martha M ...... .... 5 8 Carlin, Caroline M ..... .... 4 98 Carlin. R. C .......... .... 4 09 Carlino, J. A ......... .58.566 Carlson, A. J ................ 242 Carlson, B. A ...... 457 565, 588 Carlson, Charlotte A .... 512, 572 Carlson, R. G ......... .... 4 20 Carlson, R. P ..... .. 391. 438 Carlson, V. A ......... .... 4 62 Carlson, Virginia R .... .... 5 13 Carlstranfl. C. J ..... 58 463, 573 Carman. A. P ......... .... 3 97 Carmiehael. R. D ....... 457, 552 Carmolli. G. A ........ .58,566 Carnahan, D. l-I .... 409 584, 586 Carnahan, F. N ....... .... 4 09 Carnahan, Margaret L.. .... 401 Caron. Bernadette E. . . .58, 507 Carothers, B. M. ....... . .. .58 Carpenter, H. S ....... .58, 579 Carpenter. J. R .... ..... 5 8, 572 Carnenter. J. S. . . . . 390. 469 Carr, T. T. ...... ' . .243, 348 NETEENT +C-I PAGE 598 13'- LLIO 0 Carr, W. G ...... .58, Carrison, D. A .... 410, Carrison, H, C .... . . 233, Carroll, C. F ........ .... Carroll, Kathryn M. . . . . . Carroll, L. O ........ .... Carroll, R. C ..... 232, Carroll, T. A ..... .... Carson, C. M ...... .... Carson, Dorothy J. . . . . . . Carson, J. H ....... 305, Carson, Marjorie T.. . . . . . Carson, P. H ...... 211, 215, Carter, D. 0 .... .. 428, Carter, E. U .... . . . . Carter, G. W ...... .... Carter, 11. ld ........ .... Carter, H. G .............. Carthey, Marjorie L ......... Carver, W. S ........... 58, Cary, E ................... Cas n.-rg, C. I1 .......... 553, Case, Dorothy E. .45, 58, 180, 286, 287, 362, 395, 561, Case R. M ............. 367, Casellas, Rosalie R ...... 282, 539, Casey, Marguerite E ........ Cash, H. C ............ 367, Cash, J. G ......... ...... Cash,W.J... Cassel, C. G.. . . .391, Cassell, A. L .... ..... Cassell, M. L .... . . .417, Castle, Andrey L. .. .... 58, Castle, Martha J ....... 307, 524, Castleman, Rath ..... ...... Cnatlrx in the Air .... .... Cathout, C. F .............. Catlin, B. W ............... Catt. H. V .... 303, 362, 391, Caulfield, J. L ......... Cavalry! ............... Cavalry 091120 rx' Club ....... F 482 588 236 430 58 400 587 486 431 495 428 58 431 568 58 418 553 445 496 462 158 587 280 584 415 284 567 537 408 442 411 566 449 544 371 331 577 516 295 446 59 557 461 379 391 Cavanaugh, Marian E. ....... 499 Cave. J. A ............ 233,239 Cawthorne, 11. J .... .... 1 59 Cech, J. J ......... .... 1 50 Cerf, F. D ....... .... 4 39 Cerulli, H. G. . . . . . .150 Cervak, G. N. ....... ...... 1 50 Cha, L. H ............. 331, 566 Chadwick, Evelyn A ..... 59, 498 Chadwick, Harriet C ......... 59 Chai. F. Y. tMrs.1 ..... .... 5 66 Challacomhe, C. N ..... .... 4 84 Chamberlain, Garnet ........ 503 Chamberlain. Helen 1. . . . . .330 Chambers, B. H ............ 476 Chambers, Helen M .... 59, 510 Champagne, Anastasia. . .... 167 Champion, Bettv R.. .59 278, 503 Champion, C. V ............ 400 Chance, W. W. .59, 203 407. 462 552, 574 583, 587 Chandler. Mary J ...... .... 4 95 Chang, C .......... . .566, 575 Chanler, Josephine H ........ 552 Chapin, Mildred R ...... 399, 528 Chapin. Ruth M ............ 536 Chapman, C. A ......... 384, 390 Chapman, D. E ........ 393, 588 Chapman, Thelma 1" ..... 494, 544 Chaquette. L. 'I' ............ 390 Charle, 1V. W ...... 420, 547, 559 Charles, B. L. . . ....... 59, 430 Charles. Lneile. . . ........ 530 Charlson, V. R .... . . .59, 338 0lll'l1'11011, D. S. .. .... 59, 477 Chase. C. C ..... .... 4 51, 574 Chase. H. XV .... . .18, 19, 418 Chasten. S. M . . . ........ 232 Chau, H ....... ,..... 5 66 Chauvet, 1" ..... .,.. 1 59 Chavin. 1. A .... ....454 Chen, T. 11 ..-. . .... .. .566 Cheney, 11. M .......... 324, 477 Chern. B. V. .... . ....... 165 Chervinko. P.. .1-10. 243, 247. 362 Chesley, H. 16 .............. 453 Cha-ssen. V. J .............. 450 Chesta, J ..... . ....... 163 Chi Behr .............. 407, 423 Chirago Campus ............ 147 Clzir-arm Ormmizationn ....... 157 Chicano Srniorn ....... . . .149 Chi Chi Chi ........ .... 5 65 Chien. S. L ..... ... M566 Chi Epsilon. ................ 548 Chinrxr Slmlrnfn' Cluh ...... 566 Chinlund, J. T .............. 585 Chinn. G. NV ......... .. .588 Chi Ornegn ...... .. .498 Chi Phi ......... . . .... 435 Chi Psi ............. .... 4 36 Chi Tim .................. 479 Chittick. Josephine 0 ...,.... 530 Chitty. Lois M ....... .... 1 41 Chizewer, T ......... . . .452 Chizewer, J. . . . . .452 9 HIRTY-TWO U ILLIO ERSITY OF ILLI l . . q . o -S r ' 1 1 P p ' R'r om- . 0. . .- 7955, . . Q . . .' . st ed K s l'ttle s 81400.00 1:0 ie eo 'Q 'e '. 'oil' ' ' ' P sae t' o 'ee ' . . I - ' Zz. ', g ' 4 ' ' .R'ghn:R' M de 'rn X-R v ' . : R' r ' 'ze ' t ' 'tt sso . -xworth the Difference To you, young man, about to start your professional career, the choice of dental equipment is a matter to be carefully considered You will want equipment that is modern in design, utility and construction, equipment that will save you many tiring steps and needless effort, equipment that will convince your patients that you are capable and progressive Dont handicap yourself at the start with poor equipment Talce advantage ol' Ritter s forty-two years of - - experience compare the values and you will see why Ritter is Worth the Difference' Ritter Dental Mfg Co , lnc , Rochester, New Yorlc OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TW NOIS ILLIO OF 1932 W Q 1 .. E P X , sag PM 599 me W THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 'I9 2 Chmielewski, C. J .... .... 5 85 Choyke, Jane M .... ...... 5 19 Christensen, C. C ....... 470, 551 Christensen, C. D. . . ...... 457 Christensen, M. C .......... 461 Christensen, R. F ........... 443 Christensen, T., Jr. . .59, 461, 584 Christiuens, A. E ........... 543 Christian, W. A ............ 160 Christiansen, .11. A .......... 450 Christie, G. T .............. 479 Christie, J. A .............. 479 Christie, R. M ..... 1191, 407, 447 Christman, A. F ............ 443 Christxnan, F. W ........... 1168 Christman, V. 1' .... .59, 330, 587 Christman, Vl1'l.L'11lIll. .59, 570, 581 Christopher, D. E ....... 389, 446 Christopher, R. J ........... 440 Chu, '1'. 'r ........ 553, 566 Chu, Y. L ..,... ... 566 Chuloek, Jane. . . ....., 519 Churan, J. A ..... .... 4 27,562 Churchill, M. A .... ...... 4 87 Chutkaw, R. I. . . . ....... .454 Cirrincione, F. A ........... 162 Cisne, R. G ........ 348 413,559 Citron, P. N .... 59,338 407,439 Citron, R. R. ........... .. .164 Clair, L. H ................ 391 Clark, A. 11 ...... .... 1 63 Clark, Aura F ..... .59,516 Clark, C. O., Jr .............. 412 Clark, Elizabeth L .......... 371 Clark, Eugenia M ...... 512, 580 Can-k, F. A ........,.. 306,417 Clark, F. M ........... 427,553 Clark, G. L .... 368. 417 427, 5511 Clark, Jane A .............. 307 Clark, J .................. 4011 Clark, L. B .... 144, 356, 440, 557 Clark, R. A ............... 486 Clark, T. A ............ 552, 583 Clark, YV. P. . .384, 390, 413, 560 Clarke, Lois ............... 305 Clarke, N. F ............ 475, 588 Clason, G. S .... 59,477 576, 533 Classes .................... 39 Claure, C. A ............... 585 Cluussen, Charlotte l'1 .... 60, 512 Claussen, M. 1' ..... 212,400,470 Clayton, Helen E ........ 60,498 Clayton, Ines IG ............ 575 Clayton, Josephine L ........ 505 Cleuvelin, Helen G .......... 60 Cleaver, Helen ............. 510 Cleland, W. ............ 384, 391 545 565, 587 Clem. M. Inez .............. 527 Clem, Margaret E ........ 60, 577 Clemens, J. E .......... 427, 5511 Clement, E. NV .... ...... 5 68 Clement, J. A .............. 475 Clements, Jenn B ........... 505 Clements, J. R ......... 144,320 1121, 356, 557 Clements, J. V ............. 4114 Clendenin, E. NV ....... .l30, 407 473, 560 Clendenin, H. O. . . ...... 4711 Clevenger, A. NV ............ 35 Clevenstine, Helen A .... 396, 577 Clifford, XV. E .............. 202 Clilt, L. NV ........ 367. 368, 582 Cline, A. D ................ 551 Cline, T. K ................ 1191 Clinton, Eugenia ....... 280,281 287 514, 575 Closson, Helen L. ........... 496 Clothier, Hazel .... ,....... 5 28 Clow, Louise C ......... 285, 510 Coale, L. YV ........... 433, 544 Coast Arlillery ............. 383 Const Artillery Club ......... 390 Cnhb, H. E ................ 446 Cobb, J. D ........ .... 3 15, 460 Cohle, A. B .... ...... 5 52 Cohle, R. W ................ 418 Coehonour, C. R ............ 473 Cochrane, Regina H. fMrs.1. .396 Cochran, I. A ....... 60, 391, 543 Coekrell, C. F ..... ........ 4 34 Codd, 1-I. G ........ ...... 5 B5 Codd, J. W ................ 60 Coddington, H. W ....... 60, 329 391, 470 Coddinzton, R. C ....,.. 805, 479 Cody, Mary C ..... ...... 5 07 Coe, Mary ......... . . .60, 361 Coelln, O. H., Jr... .. .60, 570 Cofer, A. B ....... .... 4 82 Coffin, C. H ..... . . .... 431 Cotresi, E ..... ........ 5 67 Cozan, H. D. .. .... 552, 553 Cohen, A. E... .... 368, 582 Cohen, B ......... .... 4 68, 562 Cohen, B. S ....... ..... . 164 Cohen, Blanche E .......... 60 Cohen, Corn G ............. 508 Cohen, Dorothy J.. .276, 522, 586 ILLIO if O INDEX or Booss Asa Pnasoss-continued Cohen, E .................. 306 Cohen, Elaine M. .. ..... .419 Cohen, Esther L. . ...11051399 Cohen, Faye ............... 403 Cohen, J ................. .165 Cohen, J. L ........ 142, 318, 351 362, 468, 582 Cohen, Jeannette .......... 530 Cohen, M. E ......... . . . 367 Cohen, M. R ........ . . . 164 Cohen, Marian R .... ..... 5 08 Cohen, Mildred X .......... 519 Cohen, Odessa L. . . . . .1199, 577 Cohen, S. S ...... ..... 4 78 Cohn, 14. N .... . .60 454 Cohn, M. S. . . . . . 452 Cohn, N .... . . 454 Colhy, A. S. .. . .. 411.1 Colby, F. W. . . . . . . 469 Coldewey, G. . . . . 338, 471 Coldwell, M. 1 . . . . . . . 1129 Cole, Agnes L .... .... 5 35 5711 Cole, C. K ............ . . . 60 Cole, lfldna M ....... 60, 278, 503 Cole, E. S ..... .... . . . 429 Cole, F. 1' ....... . . . . 441 Cole, Il. C ......,. . . . 416 Cole, Lueile M .... . .. . 11111 Colegrove, E. B .... ..568 573 Coleman, A. R .... . . . . 565 Coleman, C. C ......... . . . 161 Coleman, E. C ......... . . . 4811 Coleman, J. G . . .60, 259, 407, 4111 Coleman, M. R ........ . . . 470 Coleman. Mary 1-1. . . . . . 5111 Collier, J. 'I' ..... . . 410 Collin, R. 11. .. .. 411 Collina, R. I1 .... . . . 162 Collings, M. F. . .... .. . 427 Collins, F. S .......... 1170, 1191 481, 543, 5115 Collins, G. A .......... . . . 1189 Collins, S. J .......... . . . 409 Collins, NV. L ...... 1184, 548, 578 Colp, Katherine I1 ..... .60, 495 Comer, P. R .......... . . . 1157 Comess, O. ll ....... ,. 1115 Comintrs, R. C ....... . . 1191 Commeren, College aj. . . . . 24 Commrrrre Cormeil .... .. 1119 ClI'IYL'IILlP'l'6H llonee .... . . 358 Compton, XV. li ........ . . . 388 Conant. H. l'1. . ..... . .. 429 Conard, A. 11 ....., 1177, 184,391 Conard, Jauiee l'l ....... 284. 502 Conard, Jessie L ........... 534 Conard, Kathleen M .... 275, 282 28-1. 502. 554 Conard, Pauline ........ 5114, 5118 Conurd, Vern A ........ 552, 575 Conaway, llelen l'1. .277, 535, 5711 Com-rrl Bum! ............. 1167 Concklin, L. F. .. .... 60, 425 Conder, E. E ....... 475 Condit. Mary L ...... . . 494 Condo, F. l'l ........... . . 553 ClI'Ilf!'l'l'II1Cl' Illerlol, Tile. . . . . 403 Conklin, A. 11., Jr .... .. 440 Conklin, J. 0 ....... . . . 158 Connell, B. L ...., ..... 1 188 Connell, NV. M., Jr ...... 11119, 453 Conner, G. J ...... ..... 1 11 Connit, Violet A. . . . . . 573 Connolly, H. A ............ 469 Connor, J. M ............. 482 Connor, Kathryn J ...... 61, 501 Connors, Dorsey. . . 141, 174, 321 338, 351, 302, 498, 554, 560, 586 Connors, Doris M ......... 520 Connors, Juliet M .... 61, 176, 338 357, 362, 496, 554, 584, 586 Conrad Frances lil ......... 527 Considine, V. D ........ 142,437 Constant, E. S ..... 140,176 226 362,413 580 Constoek, F. H ............ 421. Converse, J. I ............. 435 Converse, Mildred H ....... 529 567, 591 Converse, P. D ..... 398, 461, 551 Cook, C. A ............... 423 C00k, D, F .... 144, 211, 216, 232 237, 356, 412, 557 Cook, Eleanor F ....... 141, 304 362, 505 Cook, F. J ...... ..... 4 59 Cook, G. E.. .. ... 473 Cook, G. R... ..... 413 Cook, J. 0 .... ...... 4 36 Cook, J. R ...... . . .367, 543 Cook, M. M ....... .. .483, 543 Cook, Mildred C. .. ...61, 354 521, 578 Cook, R. K ........ . ...... 552 Cookman, Aubrey O ....... 434 Coolley, I. N ......... . . 409 Coolman, L. D ...... . . .367 Coombe, D. P .... . . .446 Coombes, J. L. . . . 61 FNIN1 Cooper, A. E ...... 160, 473, 551 560, 567, 579 Cooper, Frances A ......... 61 Cooper, F. R ............... 426 Cooper, F. S ....... 330, 552, 556 Cooper, 11. A ..... .... . 324, 477 Cooper, P. H .............. 420 Cooper, '.l'. J ........... 407, 474 Cope, W., Jr ...... 390, 407,469 Copeland, W. J ............ 161 Copley, M J ........... 427,553 Coppel, XV. M .............. 423 Copper, 'Lucille M. ..... 141, 304 Corazza, J. W ..... ...... 4 82 Corhett, C. E ..... .... 4 16 Corbin, Anna M. . . ...... 537 Cord, F. Madeline ...... 1199, 535 Corder, Marjorie E. . . ..... 531 Corina .............. . . . 539 Cornelius, Mildred C ........ 535 Cornelius, R. 1' ........ 543, 576 Cornwell, Emily l ........ 61, 531 Ct11'lll'y, G. NV .............. 61 Corniek, Claire l ............ 5110 Corrigan, K. l'I ..... 384, 427,553 Corsan, ll. R ......... ..... 1 611 Coseglia, R. 1' .... . . ....... 159 Cosey, Ethel F. . . . . . 61 Cosneck, I1 ...... 252, 468 Costello, J. J ...... .... 4 65 Costigan, C. S ....... ...... 1 60 Cothern, VR. P., Jr. . . . . .61, 390 Cott, WV. 13 ....... . . .61, 459 Cottrell, F. B .... ......... 5 02 Couehman, G. 11 ............ 434 Cougill, K. R ...... 354, 585, 589 Cooper, Irene .............. 3311 Courtritrht. J. 11 ....... ..... 4 18 Coventry, D. M.1112, 400, 423,551 Covington, J. R ....,... 311,440 Cowan, R. S ........... 367, 368 Cowles, J. W .... ....... 4 69 Cox, B. 11 ....... ...487, 543 Cox, Caroline E... ...... 574 Cox, D. 1'1 ....... .... t 11,476 Cox, Emily R .... ...... 5 29 Cox, K. R ........ .... 4 84 Cox, Martznret A. . . . . .527 Cox, Mildred L. . . . . . 61 Coxe, R. E ..... . . .461 Coyne, A. 11. . . .. . 165 Coyne, M. L ..... . .... 449 Craig, Margaret. ........ 280. 281 515, 564, 575 Crain, C. 11' ............... 543 Cram, E. G ........... .... 5 52 Cramer, Elizabeth C ......... 500 Crammoud, J. E ......... 111, 5411 Crandall, J. 1' .............. 416 Crandall, J. S ...... 414, 485, 548 556, 573, 578 Cranston, Bernice H ........ 357 Crathorne, A. R.. Jr. .44, 61, 178 1115, 322, 362,411 544, 549, 552, 559 Crawford, A. B ............. 463 Crawford, C. J .... ....... 4 18 Crawford, J. A .............. 391 Crawford, Q. J ...... 61, 3511, 389 426, 568, 573, 580 Creamer, Ruth ... ........... 503 Creighton, R. L. . . ....... 145 Cress, E. E ....... .. .426, 556 Creswell, J. R ..... ..... 4 18 Creutz, Janet L. . . ...... 502 Crews, H. O., Jr. . . . . .62, 472 Crews, J. W .... .... 5 88 Cribl1,' Helen I .... .... 1 50 Crile D. R .......... ...... 1 60 Crippin, Julianna ........ 62, 493 . 524, 581 Crippin, Mary L. . . ...... 524 Crisler, II. L ..... ........ 4 21 Crist, Mary M .......... 282, 284 Crocker, D, R ..... 3111, 476, 591 Cronan G. F .............. 572 Crook, F ................. 414 Crook, Margaret E. . . ..... 506 Crook, Marian E.. . .. .506, 580 Crook, R. P ............... 414 Crosby, F. 1-I ............... 417 Cross, H. .......... 397, 548, 556 Cross-Country Team ......... 235 Crossman R. S ..... 426, 488, 556 Crost, H. H. .............. 480 Crouse, Margaret C. ......... 500 Crowe, R. 1-1 ........ 62, 203, 259 407, 421, 559 Crowley, Mary A. ........... 62 Croxen, E. L .............. 469 Cruickshank, J. S .... . . 144, 234 Cruise, Dorothy M ...... 281, 282 283, 284, 285, 530 Crull, H. E. ......... ..... . 552 Crume, Ruby L ............ 395 Crusius, L. L .... ...... 4 09 Culbertson, Irma ....... 142, 351 4911, 509 Cullison, Margaret 'L ........ 511 Cullison, R. S .............. 429 Culp, M. M ........ 1130, 403, 556 Cultra, W. H .......... 430,569 Culver, Jeanne L ........ 62, 496 Cunnnings, B. A .... ..... 4 12 Cummings, R. ...... .... 4 38 Cummins, Helen A .......... Cummins, Letha M .......... Candy, P. F. . .367, 459, Cunningham, C. D .......... 553, 530 537 582 427 Cunningham, 11. E.20, 21, 35, 412 Cunningham, 11. N ...... 391, 574 Curran, Doris .............. 278 Curran, R. E .... .... 1 12,421 Curran, V. J .... ...... 4 88 Curry, C. C. .. . . . .436 Curtis, C. C ..... . . .450 Curtis, H. M ...... ..... 4 76 Curtis, Ruth ........ ...... 5 05 Curzon, Elizalietli G ...... 62,396 575. 583 Curzon, G. J ....... .... 6 2, 543 Cnsie, J. W. .. . ...... .427 Cutbirth, J. 1' .............. 408 Cnlhhertson, W. P. . .62, 417, 544 Daeanay, J. 0. .............. 582 Da Costa, G. A ....... . . .330, 473 551, 550, 567 Da1l's Dau ................ 321 Daelto, M. R. .... .......... 5 82 Dazner, R. E.. . . . . .576 Dahlherg, A. V. .... .. .434 Dahlen, L. N. ....... .. 585 Dahlenhnrg, L. M ..... ...... 6 2 Dahlstrom, S. A. .... ....... 6 2 Daigh, li. G. .......... 426,585 Dailey, D. 1-1. .............. 435 Daily, A. M. ....... 390,550,556 Daily Illini, The. . . .302, 303, 304 305,306,307 Dalhey, Beulah M. ...... 307, 511 Dalbey, Dora 1V.62, 506, 554, 5811 Dale, Eileen S. .............. 399 Dalferes, R. li.. . . .384, 391, 446 Dallahan, M. M ....... ....... 3 90 Dallera, Mary 11 .... 509, 567, 586 Dalrymple, F. K ............. 438 Dalrymple, Ruth L. ..... 141, 282 284, 310, 362, 503 Dalton, 11. NV. ..... 305, 457, 573 Dammers, C. R. ............. 443 Damon, June 1. .............. 531 Dance SILP81"I5f-V1071 C0lIL1ILiHl'8.363 Dancey, R. A ..... .......... 4 30 Danek, llelen J ..... .62, 577, 584 Danely, J. YV ..... .......... 4 09 Danford, F. W ..... ......... 4 35 Daniels, A. 11. ........ ....... 2 9 Daniels, Christine XV. CMrs.1 . . 62 Danielson, C. G ..... .62, 462, 551 Danielson, NV. G. ............ 390 Danks, G. G. ............... 431 Danley, 11. 1sahel...281, 1111, 500 D'Anza, A. L. ........... 62,560 Daphne .................. 541 Darden, Jessadie M ...... 63, 567 Darke, F. J., Jr.390, 484, 573, 588 Darling, B. T. ............... 552 Darnall, F. ................. 159 Darnall, 11. C. ...... ...... 4 40 Darnell, Maxine .............. 63 Dart, T. P ..... ......... 4 65, 588 Dasso, Virginia, C ..... . .525, 537 Danes, Placido . ............ 396 Daugherty, L. A.. . .1l84, 1191, 409 Daugherty, Wilma L. .... 536,565 Daut, Elizabeth A ........ .... 5 34 Davenport, B. Il.. . . . . . . .430 Davenport, F. G. ............ 576 Davenport House .......... 529 David, Geraldine E..1171, 509, 554 Davidson, Frances A ..... 493, 573 Davidson, Margaret T. ...... 396 530, 569 Davidson, R. 11. ............. 367 Davidson, T. C.. . . . . . . .446 Davies, D. NV.... ....391 Davies, E. D.... .....423 Davies, R. M... . .....543 Davis, A. J. ................ 414 Davis, Alice J .... ........... 5 30 Davis, Bessie P. ........ 305, 508 Davis, C. A. .... 63, 397, 460, 553 556, 561, 563, 565 Davis, C. B. ................. 555 Davis, Catherine R. .......... 535 Davis, David J ..... .......... 3 3 Davis, Dorland J .... .... 3 24,417 Davis, E. N.. . .142, 304, 476, 561 Davis, Edith M. .............. 552 Davis, Elinor T. ............. 505 Davis, Eva W ....... 63, 531, 588 Davis, Hazel I.. . . ....... . .534 Davis, H. L. ..... ........ 1 63 Davis, H. M. ....... .... 6 3, 418 Davis, Hymen M.. . . ..... .543 ETEEN TI-lI.R1'Y-TWO -'if PAGE 600 111'- l l , l HE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILI.IO OF 1932, l l l A. E. DEGERMAN, Mgr. l l "An Address of Distinction" I DAVIS at HINMAN EVANSTON, ILL. 1 l l List of Institutions List of Sororities 0 I ' and Fraternities University of Illinois . Ijliiiversity A'lTIlTm1ElTsilcfF,Pi University of Chicago P 3 c In wtf' University of Missouri Alvlm Epsllon P111 University of Minnesota Alpha Ifmbdn Tau University of Wfisconsin Chl1Beta l University of Montana Chl PSl Illinois Wesleyan Uni- Chi Omega Pi versity Bloomington Delta Sigma Tau Annes SCO!! C0llfS'! Delta Sigma Lambda llll-mid. Gd- Delta Phi Omega Redlands University Delta Kappa Rf'f"f"'df- Cel- Delta Phi Epsilon Syracuse University Nu Phi Bch V Syracuse, N. Y. O B t 'P. ' Kansas State University nggn cg. I l Lau'rcricc,Kan. 3 , mem .I Sherwood Music School I h' Slgma i Chicago ' I i'PPi' p, 1-, Cr 3 , Cl -s A, P' Delta Pia , Gsm. ssaxsfzfgsugrsf' lp ll A N 0 S PIPTIMQI s h' r ' t. Valparaiso Universitylmbo ' gigmllq P21 1 Vf1lf'fl7f'i50'l'1d- Displayed here are the names of only a few of the many Sigma Delta Kappa V Greater Wesleyars Con- . . . . . Sigma Phi Epgilon l servatory Mafor1,Ga. hundreds of prominent Institutions, Fraternities, and So- Sigma Dem Tm, , M0"""gs'dfigfflf3Sf ,UM rorities that have purchased the Conover Piano. Discrimi- Them Phi Alvlm I ' 7' . b . . h I . I b d . Tau Kappa Epsilon i nating uyers mvaria y c oose tus ce e rate lnstrument 1 because in it they Hnd artistic beauty of the highest order combined with a remarkable durability. Home of the Celebrated Maxon C? Hamlin 41 Main Street-Champaign 301 S. Wabaslm at Jackson-CHICAGO l . . ll II where Celebrities are Talten .. r ' When they want the best pictures, radio, band, stage and screen stars make an appointment at the Maurice Seymour , Studio . . . here must be a reason . . . During the past six months, Maurice Seymour has photographed several hundred l national celebrities, among them: X JUDITH ANDERSON EARL BURTNETT GENE AND GLENN HERBIE KAY FLORENCE REED JULIUS TANNEN l AMOS 'N' ANDY COON-SANDERS ANN GREENWAY GUY LOMBARDO "BUDDY" ROGERS RUDY VALLEE GUS ARNHEIM RICHY CRAIG, JR. HUSK O'HARE MYRT AND MARGE LILLIAN ROTH TED WEEMS MILDRED BAILEY KARL DANE ISHAM JONES KARYL NORMAN DORIS ROBBINS PAUL WHITEMAN BEN BERNIE MORTON DOWNEY WAYNE KING GEORGE OLSON GEORGE E. STONE TONY WONS and yet . . . the cost ol the superior Maurice Seymour Studio work is not unreasonable . . . It is less than you will be asked to pay for inferior photographs at unknown studios. 162 E- Ohio Street - 'l"l'- St. Clair Hotel Roof, Chic-990, Ill. Maunce Seymour M Phones, SUPerior 4660 V l II.I.IO OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO S . ii +3 Pace 601l3'- 'I . or nw - THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Il.l.IO OF 'I9 Davis, J. M.. . . ............ 430 Duvis, J. W .... '. . .1lB9, 542. 569 Dnvis, lihvu .... .......... 5 l9 Davis, Ruth .... ...,.... 5 72 Davis, Tyhic M .... ...2!05, 508 Dnvis. W. ..,............... 444 Davison, C. .................. I,60 Davison, Frances I... 63, 395, 515 Dnvitt, XV. ................. 543 Duwson, ll. S. ............... ZK57 Dnwson. J. 'l'. ....... till, 327. H62 370, 4253, 570 Dawson, Murjoriv G ...... 63, 527 Dny, G. A. .,................ 857 Duy, II. S. ........ ..... 4 L26 Duy, J. I". ........ ..... Z 805, -120 Dny, Mu1'jol'ic 13. ......... 623, 493 499, 554, G05 Dny, S. M. .................. 457 Dny, Shirh-y WJHJ7, Zilli, 575, 577 Day, YV. li ....... ........ 1 !4, 163 Dlly, YV. I1.1!4Jti,1HHl, 430, 557, 579 Duykin, S. P ....... 391, 396, 500 Duul, Marjorie M. ....... 536, 569 Dunn, H. ll. ............ 448, 55l Duun, S. H. ................. 408 Dann of Mfn, The Oliva of .... 37 Demi, of Women, Tim Uiirw uf. 156 Deun, WV. A ..... ............ 4 70 Deurdorff, I". B .............. 159 D'Eatl1, H. YVH306, 479, 552, 577 DeAtley, Ethul L ..... ........ 5 72 DeAtlcy, J. U. ............ 6.3, 455 Dubo, G. IG. ................. 423 De Bower. Alice L.. .281, 285, 524 Decker, Marion E ....... ..... 5 30 Decker, S, W, ........... 442, 569 DcCoursuy, J. D. ............ 572 Doom, A. G. ........ 403, 427, 553 Deere, Hnrrivt A. .... 1553, 272, 273 277, 285, 536 Deerhnke, F. M ..... ...... 6 15,397 459, 550, 556 Doeter, R. 0. ........... 453, 571 Doethurdt. W. W. ..... ' ....... 4 33 Degan, Pauline Y. .... 63, 518, 575 Dc Groom, I". K. .......... 63, 543 Delluven, Helen V. ..... 144,282 307, 505, 554 Dohn, Myrtlu A. ........ . Dekker, H. ........ I44, 356, 5.11 438 r-rl Delmncy, Dorothy G ......... .r.. DuLnno, Percy J ..... .... DoLnrgy, P. L. ....... .. Del Beccuro, V. J. ..... . Dnlhayu, R.. J. ..... . Deli, F. D. ...... . DeLong, G. C.. .. DeLong, E. IC.. . . DeLong, R. I. ....... .. Do Lorenzo, F. C ...... . . . Della Alpha Epuilon .... Delta Alpha Pi ......., Della Chi .......... Delta Delta Delta. .. Delta Gamma ...... Della, Ifllffllllf Epxilon . . Della Phi .......... Delta Phi Epnilnn' . . . Delta Pi .............. Delta Simrm Lambda . . . Della Sigma Phi ..... Delta Sigma. Tau . . . . . .' DPIIH Tum Dfltn..-Z. . Delta Della Della Dvlln 'DeLu Tlllfll Ellxiliffl . M ....I59 iii," 456 .388 103 ...,.475 ...463 .....162 428 ii:E,'557 ....4n2 . . . .481 . ..4-'53 .. .509 ...500 . H420 ...453 .523 ...478 . ..470 ...450 ...460 ....408 ......566 Thrill Phi. . . '. . .e.'f.,,.473 Up.vilo'n .....' . . .. Zen: ...... 0. XV. .... . Deming, Betty .... Deming, R. O ..... Demming, T.. F.. . . .... .. .DOIll0l'0St, A. L ....... tilt, Donmrost, J. R ..... . . . . . . Dempsey, E. J... .,.. Danby, Mnrlruret L ..... .. 'M MEM. 422 .... ..5l0 ......439 502 ........44fl ....582 235, 425 . . . .425 .63, 464 516, 554 Dancer, Mmginrio B. .......... 500 Denman, Doris L ...... ...li4, 5551 Dennis, Catherine .. .6-L, 500. 583 Dennis, H. A. .......... 412, 552 Dennis, S. M. ..... , ....... 462 Dennison, Betty ..... ..... 4 97 Iilmtiartry. Cullayf of .......... 32 Denton, B. II. ....... ....... 430 Depken, G. C. ..... .. 32411, 566 DeI'ue, J. M. .... ........ - .433 Derby, M. R. ............ 64, 390 484, 558, 5715 Derby. R. 0 ..... 64, 1119, 320, 3118 355, 362, 401465, 543, 551 Der Dvutmrlm Vervin ........ 567 Dura-ngowski, Mnry R ...... ...64 Duringer, W. A. ..... 04, 397, 427 556, 562, 577 Derkson. XV. J ...... JM, 389, 565 Derr, P. II. ................. 450 Du Trunn, Loretta B. ........ 167 Dctrlcll, A. C. ....... . . .421, 557 Douns, H. 0 ..... ......1Gl Il.l.I0 I INDEX or Books AND Punsoxs--canzinucrl Duutch, J. W ........ 68,361 454, 555, Deutsch, N. S. .............. . DoVun, NV. A. ....... .. 389, Duvol, C. B ........ I42, 1151, I,l5Vl'i0S, J. ............ 427, Dewey, lsnbcllu E. ....... 64, Dewolfv, J. C ..... . . . 1 . . . . .. Dey, Elnm W. lMrs.J ....... Dey, R. H. ......... , . . . . . Dial, XV. Il. ..... . Diunis, P. W ..... ....... 4 33, Dirk, D. N. ........... . . .. Dick, HL-lon .......... 5251, Dicklmut, lsubullu M. ...... .. Diukinsnn, li. S .... ..... 5554 Dickinson, I". G. ........ 4,63, Dickinson, W. L. .... 355, 4156, Diukmun, Bernard .......... Dickson. 1'. F. ............. . Diehl, H. C., Jr ..... ......... Diokmnn, C. F. ........ 312, Diusuer, H. G. .......... Dietrich, C. Catherine-.. .64, Dighton, Surah D ..... ....... Ili Gilio, M. Rue ............. Dikeuum, Susan J... . . . Dillard R. N. .... . 1538, Dflluvoix, E. R..319:Ei2Jl3,448, Dlllner, A. IC.. ...... 3.59, Dillner, Myrtle M. ...... 516, Dillin, E. G. ............... . Dillon, Mnriun D ...... ....... Dillon, S. ...... 64, 401472, Dine, XV. C. ................ . Dinkrel, N. J ..... ....... 4 lil, Dismukes, NV. P. ............ . Dir-mswny, Virginia E.. . . . . . . . Ditzler, R. Alice ....... 'HB 141, 493, Diver, J. F ...... .......... Dix, hIIlI'lIIll'L'l L... .. 312, Dixon, Claire M. ............ . Dixon, Mildred E.. ....... . .. Dunk, Murpzuret I-I. ..... . . . . . Dobbins, D. V. ..... 145, 360, Dohry, L. F. ....... . . . . 427, Dodd, H. W. .... ......... Dodds, J. E., Jl'.... Dodge, A. F.. ..... ....... Dodge, Marion S ......... 493, Dm-pp, XV. C. ..... ...... . Doherty, W. ............... . Dohme, C. G. .............. . Dohme, Gladys L. .......... . Dolan, T. J ..... 30, 423, 548, Dolan, Yirginin F. .......... . Dolnnd, J. J. ....... 384, . 548, 397, 558, Dolan. V. H.. .395 ......... . . 'E Doll Mnr 'un-rite , 1, . ..... ,... . Dollnhnn, M. M. .... .. 332, Doll Sha lv, Thr ....... Dolphinx Donahue, Alice v.. . . .4s,'6A,' 281,286,281 362, Donahue, Isabelle M. .... 504, Donaldson, M. Lois ..... 311, Donner, Elnein M. . .144, 307, Donner, F. W. ........ . . .64, Donovnn, C. V. ........ 410, Douovnn. Mnrgucritsr A.. . . . . . Donovan, R. F.. .......... .. Dooley, G. E. .... .. Durus, R, II. .... .. Doro, A. J. ........ ..... . Durfmnn, R. I. .... .. . .. 391, 305, .65, Dorman, XV. M .............. Dnrner, H. B .............. Dorris, Evelyn M. CMN-s.J .... Dorris, XV. V. ....... 65, 174, 301, 362, 547, 551, Dnrsch, A. I. ........,.. .65, Dorsott, 0. R.... .... 437. Dm-ton, E. ..... ......... . Duty, J. R. ........... . Dnuhet, 11. K. ...... cnfifiif' Douglass, Alien L .... 65, Douglass, R. B ..... . . . 349: Douthit, V. L. ...... 41132 Dovvr, Murvinc P ..... . .... . Dowd, C. R. .............. . Dowding, I". J. ..... 65, 333, Dnwc-ll. H. ...... 252, Dowell, R. L. ........ 65, 397, 550, 556, Dnwoll, XV. Il.. .65, 389, 553, Downey, J. E ..... . . . 05 348 Downing, R. II... .. .4Zl8:545: Downing. R. W ...... 65, 433, Drngul, D. T. ......... . Drmzoo, Jenn E ..... . . . Drnmnticn .. ......... .151, .307, Drnpcr, Andruw Sloan ........ Draper, A. S. ............... . Drnyvr, Ruth L.141, 278, 279, Drnyer. T. NV.. . .65, 366, 367, Dr:-yur, Gm-urge Peter ......... Drew, Helen M. ..... 65, 534, Drives. A. F.. . ......... 306, 407 579 IGS 587 438 553 524 419 .64 . G4 444 543 417, 577 531 576 587 559 578 437 418 457 160 514 496 167 586 430 504 425 554 252 558 161 557 417 406 278 497 416 564 Ilil 499 5111 409 481 368 451 422 501 160 242 410 .64 558 574 464 578 560 530 567 294 549 280 561 554 497 507 423 574 536 159 543 433 585 478 418 569 .65 300 561 583 557 488 553 578 520 469 564 536 543 565 416 485 562 587 362 587 587 163 502 3115 . .7 412 5111 424 .42 583 470 Driver, W. Evelyn ........... Drueck, W. W. ............. . Drummond, XV. M. ...... 407, Dry, Maxima L. ...... 65, 4911, DuBois, Gayle .............. Dueringnr, IL. 0. .... 1191 450, Duerkop, F. P. ............. . Dueser, C. J. ....... 311408, Duffey,1l.R.... .... Duffin, R. J .... .... 1 55, 325, 426, 552, Duhnmol, V. W. ............ . Duis, W. ll.. . .1l1l:l, 398, 442, Dukey, Fruncus L. ......... . DuM0nt, M. S. ............. . Dunbar, II. C. ............. . Dunlmr, Louise li. ...... 1599, Dunuun, Pl. Plugoniu .......... Duncan, IC. J. ...... ..233, Ilungun, G. H ..... .... 4 56, Dunhnm, C. 1+'.... Dunkor, J. ll.. . . . . . 65, Dunkin, P. S .... ..... Dunkle, G. M. ..... ....... . Dunn, Alice H. ........... . Dunn, J. 'l'. ............ 388, Dunn, Lucille R. ...... 66, 506, Dunning, J. Tl. ............ . Duntcmun, Eleanor A .... 307, 573, Duppe, IIL-lon E.. . . 142, 1150, Durnm, A. E. .............. . Durnm. G. 'l'., ........... 60, Durand, E. ........ 11438, 391, Durand, Eleanor ........... Durfee, T. B. .......... 145, Durham. J. I' ..... ...... Durr, Mary L.. .. .. Duryce, R. W.. .. .66, Dushkin. M. A. .... . . . . Dust, EliZHll1'lll C. .......... . DuVignm-nud. V. ....... 427, Dvorak, I". J.. . . 66, 390, 431, Dvorak, Loraine A. ..... 514, 567, 574 575, Dvorak, R. F. ..... 202 203, 366, 1167, 370, 464, 549, 552, Dwyer, T.. T.. Jr. ......... .. Dwyer, R. PI. ..... 140, 1713, 327, 362 435, D'ns F. C' 5 - . .......... . Dyv, 1wlll"lI:ll'1'it0 J.. .1112, Dyur, Esthor D. ........ . Dykins. If. A. .... 'Edd' 509: 529 448 432 505 313 58' 471 583 553 397 556 484 569 530 133 4 518 524 239 568 564 583 568 391 534 459 583 416 520 534 4 5 418 418 436 498 412 433 568 585 165 1107 553 471 564 573 33 384 582 444 304 565 15 F77 g60 553 Dzu, P. X. ......... .... 5 66 Emrlvstnu. F. L ...... . . .391 Engleton, Addu E .... . . .5114 Earle, F. Il ................ 158 Enrnest, Mnrgurut I. .,,,,,., 497 Elwley, Ilnrri.-m S ....... 530, 565 Emaluy, M. M .... 66, 3515, 445, 565 Ifiunthurn. G. S ............. 463 Euntburn, R. IC ............. 161! Enntin, M. R ............... 408 Enstnmn, Murgure-I. . 156,531,543 Enstmnn, S. Cnthn-rim' ...... 531 Euston, J. A ............... 463 Enwn. J. 'l' ............ 427, 553 Eaton, M. Lois ......... 144, 275 356, 513, 554 Eaton, Sherry H ........ 66, 493 513, 560 Ebert, Margaret R .......... 495 Eclm .............. .... 5 41 Echternnch. H. P .... ...... 3 88 EChffEl"!l!ll'llf.. T. J ........... 5811 lick, L. N ........ ...483, 569 Eckur, J. H ..... ...... 4 52 Eckort, V. M .... ....., 4 42 Eckfeld, D. K... ...477. 569 Ecklmrdt, W. J. . . ...... 437 Eckhurdt, W. L. .. ...... 368 Ecknumn, H. R ............ 589 Eddy, Cnrrinne S ....... 151, 167 Edu-n, Ann ....... ...... 5 67 Edelman, M. I. .. . . . .164 Ellison, M. R ...... . . .488 Edlund, L. 0 ...,,,,, ,, ,463 Edlund, Vernuce A .......... 503 Edmunds, Elisabeth A ....... 305 Edmunds, J. L ......... 398, 573 Erllu-ation, 'College of ........ 26 Edwards, E. Mm' ..... .... 5 30 Edwards, F. Il ...... ...... 4 40 Edwards, Gene .... . , . 66, 414 Edwnrds, George. . . ...... . 144 Edwurds, Georgia ....... 1112, 528 Edwards, G. H .......... 151, 162 Edwards, H, IC. '. . rl- .... 1114, 442 Edwards, Jeannette C ....... 495 Edwards, XV. L ............. 442 Edwards, NV. 0. .66, 416, 444, 544 l'Jhlc-rt, W. H ........... 566, 583 Ehmnn, R. M .............. 475 Ehrvt. J. R ..... ' .... 461 Ehret, R. S .......... .... 4 61 Ehrich, Hurtensc L .......... 508 Ehrman, Marjorie R ..... 66, 348 493, 519 Eich, W. F ................ 450 Eichelkruut, E. XV ...... 284, 410 Eickhorn, Velma M ........ .534 Eickenburg, R. C .... ..... 4 64 Eilers, Ella L ..... ...... 6 6 Eisemnn, F. R., Jr ...... 391, 463 Eisen, lrmn E .......... 531, 565 Eisner, Jnnut E ............ 494 Ekhlaw, G. PI. .............. 424 Eklund, K. 11' .... GG, 389, 553, 556 El Oirculo Literaria Enpaiat. .567 Elder, W. E ................ 428 Elder, W. R ............... 573 Eldred, D. 0. .. ......... 431 Eldred, G. A .... ...66, 355. 359 407, 431, 559 Eldred, 0. W ...... 1107, 367, 368 Eldridge, K. XV ............ 422 Electra ..................... 541 Elemun, F. C ............... 66 Elfstrand, Frances Pl ........ 531 Elich, R. W .... 384, 391, 477, 587 Eliscu, Helen A ............ 508 Elkes, Regina E .... 145, 307, 522 Ellies, Mntilde A ....... 567, 586 Ellifrit. R. S ........... 585, 589 Ellingboe, IC. K ..... ...... 5 53 Ellington, Mary ll ....... 156,171 511, 586 Elliott, C. M ..... ....... I 467 Elliot, F. F ................ 1170 Elliott, J. M. ........ 66, 173, 337 338,341 362, 410 Elliott, NI. A ........... 368, 400 Elliott. R. 111 ........... 329,482 Ellis, C. I ................. 161 Ellis, Catherine R. . . 67, 493, 507 Ellis, Dorothy T ........ 371, 521 Ellis, J. C ....... ....... 1 59 Ellison, H ...... . . .67, 463 Ellison, R. E.. ....... 454 Elman, J. lf' .... ...... 6 7, 583 Elmberg, Erlm ...... 07, 5110, 568 Elrick, R. F ............ 67, 11110 349, 4711, 560 Elson, In-nv E ............. 529 Elson, L. f' ..... ......... 4 74 Elster, B. B ..... ....... 1 65 Elwell, Clnrn I. . . . . .305. 505 Enxbree, Nancy. . . . . .510, 554 Eluch, A. ....... ...... 5 52 Enamel. D. L .... ....... 4 38 Emmerson, I.. L ............ 21 IQIUIIOIIN, R. L ..... 203, 252, 362 Emrich C. L., Jr. .44, 67, 180, 362 368, 396, 407, 416, 434, 544 Emrich, W. H 305, 388, 4114, 557 Emrick, I". G .............. 400 Endicott, G. W ............. 67 Endres, C ........ ....... 5 50 Endres, F. C ............... 162 Engel, Ln Wanda I. .67, 3315, 536 Engelhnrdt, H. C ......... 67, 1126 471, 546, 573 Engelhnrt, M. D ............. 469 Enger, Bertha M. .-15, 67, 179,302 327,361 505, 576, 588 Enger M. L ............ 399, 426 548, 556, 578 Euger, XV. M. . .145, 312, 360, 410 Enzerud, H ....... 384, 390, 588 Engineeriml, College of ....... 22 llnyinver Corps ............. 382 Enyinferiny Counvil ........ 325 Englis, D. T. ....... 427, 438, 553 English, E. H ....... 67,41i7, 585 English, H. A ............,. 160 English, Ruth E. . . ....... 502 Engstrom, E. R. .. . . .487 Engstrom, R. B. .. ...423 Ennett, T. E ..... ....... I 105 Ennis, A L ..... .......... 1 62 Ennis, C. W .... ...4i7.5G1!,57l-I Ennis, XV. J ................ 434 Ensign, R. B ....... 145, 360, 411 Ensign, N. ld .... ...... I 397, 445 Eovaldi, L ...,............. 1191 Eovnldi, W. J ........ .... I H-I4 Epixcopnl I-'ounrlnlion .... . . .333 Epstein, A. A ........ . . .452 Epstein, A. J ........... ,. . .-543 Epstein, L. A .............. 439 Epstein, L. Il. . .67, 439, 552, 584 Epstein, R. J. .......... 400, 454 Epstein, T. M .............. 468 Erb, G. H .... .... I 57, 336, 338 339, 391, 422 Erb, Mary ..... ....... fi 7, 514 E1-unberg, E. U. . . ......... 307 Era-nberg. ll ..... .... 6 6 Erunberg. L. M ............ 164 Erhnrdt, R. K ......... 487, 562 Erickson, C. A ..... 407, 484, 551 Erickson, J. A .......,..... 415 Erickson. P. J . . . ..... 428. 569 OF NINETEEN THIRTY-TWO Z, I -WHPAG1-: 602 3+ W ,.. .L . - 4 U ILLIO NIVERSIT YOF ILLINOIS ILLIO OFI l l W ' 7btt8I'tflllfLffl8D038Ii'u II . . II Certified SAHARA COAL for Hotter Heat . . . . . There's economical comfort in "Certified" SAHARA COAL- that , good coal which comes from the famous No. 5 Seam in Saline County, where every pound is paclced with heat. "Certified" SAHARA COAL is clean coal, carefully sized for every type of heating plant, and thoroughly dependable for uniformly satisfactory results. O'GARA COAL COM PANY Sales and Executive Offices: 332 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVE., CHICAGO, ILL. Saint Louis Office: 408 PINE STREET Minneapolis Office: 428 PLYMOUTH BLDG. ,N , - A CDX Dental X-Ray 0 o Unit '-you wlll need one in your new oH'ice EADERS in the dental pro- fession have their own x-ray units. They find that making lf their own radiographs enables ' them to spend their time more profitably and speeds their work A H F l E with gieatfr effilfiency andfaclcur- ouse 0 emlca nglneefs iffaeff T..3Z'Zh1Ze'Ia'1T.fE15SZ in Service to lndustry Since 1887 gjf:gLyX'RaY Uni' evidences in SU Specializing on improvement of Boiler ,1:gegg33qf2f:t1cXQEHy V Wafer 5'-'PPll95- l-Ubflcaflonv Ruff Pre' electrically safe. You and your patient vention and allied problems in industry. can touch the CDX wfhile in operation without any danger o shock. And owning a CDX is not an expense. Our lib- eral monthly payment plan will enable you to pay R9be"l,F- CU' Ge?"9e R3 Car' each monthly installment from the revenues derived "'e"de"' VM' P""d"" and still have a profit. In starting out you cannot General Office at 3l0 S. Michigan Avenue afford to be without this important tool of your C H I C A G O profession. Write for full information. GENERAL Q ELECTRIC Q XfRAY CORPORATION fs , 2 20121-ek-annaulavnd ChIcago,lII.,U.S.A. tm-mum-mn onMenr.v VICTOIS- x-luv conronn-row orNrNErtEN1Hrrzrv-rw 932 1:1 Pact: 603lE1- , IQ 'M 0 ouise . .280, 281, 282, THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 19321 Erickson, Rath I .... . . .68, 277 Ericzon, F. A ..... . . .68, 487 Erlenbangh, C. 1' .... ..... 4 37 Erlich, Il. J. ..... . . .452 Ermentraut, J. C .... .. .541 Ernst, 1-I. E ....... . . .445 Erponbeck, D. J ..... ..... 4 11 Erwin, A. D ............... 429 Esdohr, Geraldine I' .... 311, 502 Espenscheid, J. S ........... 412 Espy, W. N ............ 397, 553 Esry, D. II ....... ...... I 390 Estwanik, J. J .... .. .68, 464 Eta, Kappa .I'u ...... ...... 5 50 Eta. Sigma Phi ............. 568 Etheredge, Maude I. ..... 495, 565 Etnyre, R. E .......... .687 203 236,391,479 Ettenson, K. L ............ 541 Etzbach, Martha I". .141, 272, 273 276, 320, 512, 569 Eubank, A. A .............. 396 Evans, Chloe E .......... 68, 565 Evans, Dorothy I ........... 525 Evans, Eleanor L. . . 142, 351, 529 Evans, J. C ............ 203,211 216, 430, 546 Evans, Laura B .......... 20, 21 Evans, Mary J. .280, 281, 287, 529 Evans, P. B. . .2Zl3, 403, 552, 571 Evans, R. C. .......... 311, 446 Events of the Yam' .......... 183 Everhart, W. J ...... 08, 315, 325 426, 556, 565, 583 Evitts, J. E ............ 390, 425 Ewnld, W. I. ........... 42s, 573 Ewart, R. 11. .. ...427, 553 Ewers, J. E. . . .... . . 68 Ewert, E. E ...... ..... 1 59 Faber, R. L ............... 433 Fabian, Ann. .. . .281, 285, 530 Fabri, R. S. . . ..... 309, 443 Faden, G ...... .... 1 64, 258 Fagan, I. ll ..... ..... 6 8 Fager, Aliee G. .. ........ 504 Fahey, R. J ............. 68. 435 Fahnestock, M. K ....... 397, 553 Fuhs, P. J .......... os, 391,471 Fail, F. J., Jr .... ......... 4 25 Fain, Frances li. . . ....... 529 Fain, J. T ........ .. .. .448 Fairchilcl, Irma J ........... 68 Fairchild, Lucy L .... 68, 539, 591 Faith, W. L ...... ......... 4 27 Falk, P ....... . . .36P'l, 400 Fallan, 0. L. .... ...... 4 69 Falls, F. ll ....... ..... 1 59 Fanslcr, Jane ....... . . .496 Fnnsler, Leora II . . . . . .536 Fantus, II. R ........ .. .452 Fantus, R. A .......... . . .452 Fanuko, Marianne Il. . . . . .530 Fara, F. J ........... . . .160 Faragher, R. I' .... . . . . .440 Faris, Madeline F .......... 527 Faris, P. R ................ 426 Faris, R. M ......... 68, 391. 427 Faris, W. IV. . . ......... 44-1 Farmhouua . . . ...... .442 Farnan, B. J... ...... 68, 179 322, 328, .148 Farr, B. R ................. 391 Farr, L. W .......... ..... 4 24 Farrar, C. 0 ............... 421 Farrar, Dorothy D ....... 68, 495 Farrar, E. R ........... 400, 456 Farrar, M. D ..... ...... 5 72 Farrell, R. 'l' ..... ..... 4 11 Farrell, IV. J. . . . . . .464 Fassoro S ....... ..... I I67 Faucett, M. A .... ...... I 197 Faulkner, D. L. .. . . .2l2, 388 435, 557 Faulkner. II. G ............. 446 Fauntz, Jane . .282, 313, 354, 494 Faust, E. R ............. 68, 420 Fawcett, M. J ....... . ...... 529 Fay, D. A ........ ..... Z 190 Fay, E. IV ................. 530 Featherstone, H. E ..... 384, 391 Feickort. ll. E ....... . . . .531 Feifn, M. I1 .... . ..... 454 Feiman, D ...... ...... 1 64 Fein, M. M ....... ....... 1 65 Feinberg, ll. I .......... 69, 480 Feinberg, W. M .... 253, 257, 478 Feingold, N. II .... ....... 5 43 Feldman, Ruth .... ...... 5 19 Feldman, W. M .... . . .69, 444 Fellows, J. R ....... ..... I 197 Felter, Agatha E ........ 69, 512 Foltman. Fred G., Jr ........ 315 Fencl, F. .................. 242 Fencl, G. S. ..... 44, 69, 176, 203 206, 225, 243, 247, 255, 419 Iaoex or Books Aan Pizasoas Fcnnell, I-Ielen L ....... 534, 573 Ferguson, Eleanor II. . . 371, 539 Ferguson, Ruth A ..... 274, 504 Ferguson-Adland, A H. .... 440 Fernald, F. A ......... .... 3 91 Fernholz, Mary M .... 69 502, 588 Fernow, Dorothy L. . . . . 69, 516 Ferrara, Helen ........ .... 6 9 Ferry, J. E ....... . . .461 Ferry, Louise G ....... .... 5 36 Fctherston, T. R ....... .... 4 38 Fetter, N. C ........ 69 370, 550 Fetters, Ferne M ....... .... 5 28 Fetters, J. L ..... .... 4 77, 552 Feurer, Ruth S ........ 534, 567 Ficketl, IV. R ....... 69 563, 578 Ficncrski, P. 1' ....... .... 7 588 Field, E. R ...... .. .... 332 Field A rtillcry .... .... .... I I 80 Fielder, Jen n M ....... I .... 573 Fierburg, S. C ...... 69 243, 452 Fieroh, R. F .......... .... 4 26 Fietsaln, Pauline M ..... .... 5 31 Fiier, Florence .... .... 4 95 Figlewski. I! ...... . .69, 472 Fike, B. E ............ .... 4 63 Filbey, Constance ll ......... 509 Filbey, E. J ........ 1198, 457, 564 Filippi, Florence I3 ..... .69, 531 Filson, Katherine I' ..... 307, 509 Filson, Marion E .... 69, 278, 581 Finch, C. E ........... .... 5 68 Finch, D. K ........ 69 428, 546 Finch, W. E .......... .... 4 33 Finn and Applied A rlx, College of .......... .... 2 8 Fine Arh: Bull ......... .... I I54 Finger, G. C ........... 427, 553 Fink, G. R ..... 69,397 556, 571 Fink, S ..... .... .... . I I9, 565 Finkel, 0. J. . . ...... . . . .480 Finley, G ..... . . .70, 543 Finley, H. R .... ....... 5 73 Finley, J. C ................ 465 Finley, Ruth ............... 70 Finn, Marjorie G ...... 45, 70. 272 322, 493, 507, 560 Finnegan, Ruth J ....... 70. 276, 362, 509, 586 Finneran, Dorothy 1. .. .... 507 Finneran, ll. IV ....... .... 4 37 Finney, H. A ........ ...... 1 60 Finney, R. G .... . . .... 428 Firchaw, Janet. . . . . . 70, 543 Firth, J. 0 ...... . .... 161 Fischer, E. A .... .... 4 50 Fischer, J ..... . . . . 165 Fischer, J. A .... .... 4 15 Fischer, IV. R .... . . .160 Fish, A. M ....... . .... 434 Fish, Thelma M. . . ....... . . 70 Fisher, C. ll .... ..... 4 27,553 Fisher, E. G ........ 70 338, 453 Fisher, F., Jr ...... 384 389, 426 Fisher, G. J ..... ..... . 70, 543 Fisher, Jano .... . . . .... 496 Fisher, L. M .... .... 4 14 Fisher, 0. M ..... . . . .... 395 Fisher, R. E .......... .... 4 34 Fisher, Rath E. ....... .... 5 18 Fisher, R. M. . .235, 424, 557, 569 Fisher, IV. M .......... .... 4 54 Fiske, A ............. .... I 128 Fisler, Lucille E ....... .70, 511 Fissinger, P. C., Jr. .... 243, 437 Fitch, H. M ......... . .... 450 Fitch, K. R ........... 427, 553 Fitchio, R. G., Jr ..... . .... 390 Fithitln, D. G ......... .70, 391 398, 543, 564 Fithian, Mary J ...... 70 313, 495 Fitschen, R. IV ........ .... 4 41 Fitzgerald, Jean L. .282, 283, 497 Fitz-Gerald, Linda. . .70, 331, 396 495, 560, 567, 577, 584, 586 Fitzjarrald l'l. ......... .... 4 30 Fitzpatrick, E. J. .. . . .... 543 Fitzpatrick, G. J ....... .... 5 62 Fitzpatrick, J. 'J ...... .70, 354 407, 429, 585 Fitzsimmons. Cleo ..,.. 503, 583 FitzSimons, Ruth E. .70, 337, 338 362, 499, 567, 584, 586 Fjelde, O ............. 339,585 Flaclnnann. C. R ....... .... 4 10 Flack, IV. E ................ 410 Flagg, H. I. ........ 70, 243, 583 Flanagan, F. IV ....... .70, 499 Flanagan, L. H., Jr .... 145, 420 Flanders, D. P ........ .... 4 03 Flanigan, R. M ........... 71, 408 Flaningam, Helen A. . . 141, 304 362, 493 497, 588 Flannigan, Mary E. .71, 493, 512 Flaska, F. V .......... .71, 348 473, 544, 560 Fleeman, Esther ............ 530 Fleischer. J ...... ......... 1 64 Fleischli, G. II .... . . .160 Fleming, -continued M. J ............. Fleming, Myrtle I. ......... Fleming, Patricia ........ 71, Fleming, T. F ...... 315, 458, Fleming, V. R ...... 458, 548, Flesch, Alice J ............ Fletcher, H. F... Flinn, Marian P. . Flint, R. C ...... Flint, IVinifred G. . . Floreth, J. W... Flnricultural Club. . . Florio, A. E ........ Flowers, Dorothy V. . . .ll24, Floyd, IV. M ........ 71, 391, Flynn, R. E ........ Focllingar, llelcne R. .45, 71, 1 S96 302, 322. 362, Fogwell, Dorothy J. Fohr, L. .I ....... . Folden, Dorothy L. Foley, E. ...... . . . Foley, J. T ....... Foley, R. H. . . Folger, IV. 11 .... Folk, M. L. .. Foltz, IV. D ,..... Fnmbolle, II. J. . . Fong, Y. K ....... Fooks. IV. D ...... Football .......... Forbes, T. B .... 71 376, 379, :. ', 495. ....:i:x1, ...3..l9, ....71, 'iieisf ahiaf :m1, 535, Force, Evangeline U.. . . . . . . . Ford, C. T. ...... . . Ford, G. Elizabeth. .399, 495, Ford, Imogene, II'. . Fordon, Leona R.. Forkosh, S. R ..... Forrest, R. E ..... Forre' K I 3, . . ....... Forsbcrg, R. A. .389, Forsberg, I'. A ..... Fortunato, V. D, , . Foster, Alice M.. . ....525, 462, 552, 544 526 567 583 578 522 23 495 462 71 465 569 587 503 573 414 180 552 502 588 591 161 412 543 417 165 414 428 566 447 209 354 589 529 566 560 572 565 165 391 434 574 ........462 .463 .. .284, Foster, Mary E. . . ..., 71, Foster, Mary L. . . . . . . Foster, R. Il .... Fowler, IV. C. . . Fox, A. V ..... . . . 389, 504 495 281 469 432 424 Fox, 414 Fox, C. H.. . . . . . 315 Fox, F. IV... ....514 Fox, J. C .... .... 4 11 Fox, Lillian .... . . . 519 Fox, Marie E . . . ....... 503 Fox, N. S .... ........... 1 65 Fox, IV. E ..... .... 7 1, 390, 417 Fraboni, D. E ..... Fraker, F. L ...... . . . . .71, 145 Francis, Kathryn IG. 493: Francis, Margot. . . Francona A ...... Frank, J. L ....... Frank, Pauline H. . Frank, Rath ...... Franke, Dorothy C. Frankel, H. D. . .71, Frankenfeld, IV. E. Franklin, J. L ..,.. Franklin, M. J. . . Fra.nklin, S. A. . . Franks, R. ll .... . . 579 360 511 500 162 151 522 522 511 325, 562, 577 ........389 . ..... 473 . . . . 454 . . . .543, Franks, T. E ....... 145, 311, Frantz, Ellma M .... Fraser, J. R ..... Idraternitim ...... Frazer, C, A., Jr... Frazier, Georgia II. . Frazier, Louise G. . . Frazin, Doris V .... . .. .405, . . .. .71, Frederick, C. R ...... 37, 384, Frederick, G. W. .. Frederickson, E. A. Frederickson, F. B. 445, 555, "miie Fredricksen , R. E ....... Freed, E. Pauline. . Freedman, Beatrice. Freehill, Mary A .... 1 Freeman, Freeman Freeman Freeman Freeman Freeman Freeman Freer, L , Hazel B ........... , Ruth C. ....... .. , IV. R. ........... . , Eugenia L ......... Bernice ..277, 534, , C. R. ......... 459, ,Ethel ..... 281, 285, Freidlin, Rose E.. . . Frese, Alma ll him' 'ziii 399,'505,.554: 560: Frese, H. L.. . . . .44, 71, 177, 211, 212, 349, 362, 407, 415, 547, 559, .410, Frese, IV. F. .......... . 1f're.vhm1m Baxeball Freshman Frolic .... Freund, Estelle B... Frey, B. ...... .. . . 151 551 408 536 443 489 458 516 516 530 411 576 .477 163 436 551 574 307 539 573 589 530 141 503 411 573 561 403 371 567 202 398 564 564 242 360 508 159 Frey, Manrene J. . . . Frick, H. Fricke, J. Friedlander, M. L.. . Friedlein, R. G.. .. Friedman, ll. .. Friedman, 1. .. Friedman. J. Friedman. J. A... .. Friend, J. D ..... .. Fries, A. C. ....,........ . Fries, Georgianna M ..... IV. ......... . . sii' w. ...... ........ ' 162, S. 253, 257, Fries, L. 1. ....... . Fries, R. V. ............. .. Friesenecker, E. M. ..... 151, Frink, F. F... .207, 216, 242, Frison, T. 1-1. ............... . Froeschle, ll. C. ........ 400, Frohardt, II'. Frohman, A. H .... ........ Frost, D. I'. ..... .... 3 13, Froyd, H. N. ..... ...... . Fruehling, A. R... . ....72, Fruin, L. T. ...... ...... . Fruin, Mary II .... .... 5 37, Fruin, Mary L. ............ . Fruit, G. A. ............. 72, Fruland, L. O.. .72, 358, 465, Fry, J. W. .............. 338, Fry, T. R. ................. . Fuermann, Marjorie L ....... . Fuermann, IV. H ......... 72, 545, Fullenwidar, H. S ..... . . .72, Fuller, Georgiana D. ....... . Fuller, Janet .. .72, 338, Fullerton, IV. IV. .......... . 498, 498 544 543 443 543 164 .72 400 452 583 487 574 388 428 163 415 429 543 368 480 408 415 475 158 573 399 396 543 445 475 506 466 579 425 500 586 162 Fullner, C. R. .............. 415 Fulton, Sarah J ......... 275, 282 283, 399, 494, 554 Falwider, Mariorie F.32-1. 501, 574 Funkhouser, Elizabeth G..72, 506 Furby, R. L. ................ 160 Furby, S. B. ................ 160 Furst, G. A... ......... 412 Furst, J. F. .... ........... 4 09 Fuson, R. C.... ...4I0,427,553 Fuss, F. N. ...... ...... 4 85, 588 Fuzak, IV. G. ..... ......... 2 43 Gan, C. J.. .72, 398, 486, 543, 564 Gaa, Elizabeth J ....... . .145, 274 281, 360, 530 Gabby, Margaret ........ 354, 516 Gabel, Kathryn D. .......... 530 Gaber, G. ........,. ...... 4 49 Gable, J. B. ....... ........ 4 50 Gabris, Helen ........... 72,529 Gaotje, Lucilo C ......... 141, 280 281, 331, 530 Gage, J. C. .............. . .. 233 Gage, J. D .................. 415 Gairing, C. R. ............. 462 Gairing, Priscilla L..517, 541, 581 Galaty. F. IV ........... ...... 4 56 Gale, F. C. ........ .... 4 13,556 Gale, G. June .... ....... 4 95 Gall, IV. M. ....... ....... 4 09 Gallagher. H. M. ........ 427,553 Gallati, C. M. ..... ......... 1 61 Gallaway. G. IV. ............ 450 Gallentine, J. A. ..... 72, 362, 444 Galli, J. F. .......... . ....... 388 Galloway, Josephine M.. .167, 310 Galm, K. J ..... .......... . . .420 Gamma Alpha Chi ........... 569 Gamma. Epuilrm Pi. . . . . . .570 Gamma Phi Beta ........... 505 Gamma Theta Phi .......... 570 Gangstad, Margaret E. .... 72, 358 543, 581 Ganschinietz, E. E .... ........ 4 33 Ganschinietz, IV. L. ...... 72, 433 565, 583, 673 Ganster, IV. A. .............. 409 Gansz, Ada M... . ....... . .501 Gantz, R. I-I.. . . ...72, 462 Garbe, M. T ..... .... 3 14, 428 Garber, A. E ............ .... . 72 Gard, Dorothy J ...... 45. 72, 179 276, 320, 348, 362 493, 509, 554, 560, 586 Gard. L. S. ................. 482 Gardiner, C. M. .............. 553 Gardner, H. E. ............. 391 Gardner, H. V. ...... 73, 566, 583 Garyoyle Society ........... 571 Garner, J. IV. ............ . .416 Garrard. B. .I. ............... 400 Garretson, D. D. .... 73, 398, 543 545, 564, 579 Garrett, O. F. ............... 384 Garrison, H. L.. . . ..... 73, 823 Garrison, N. C ..... ...... 3 91 Gartley, J. M.. . . . . . 422 Garver, E. R. ..... .... 5 43 Garver, IVillia K .... .... 4 95 OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO it L L I o I , I 'U2PAGE604-fl" I I A THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OFI We manufacture all lypes and szzes of plazn and remforcecl concrete pzpe for sewers luqhway and razlroad calverls and alraznaqe. Where lhe szze of the work Jaslzfzes we bazld the pzpe on the , job asmg local labor and malerzals MID WEST CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY Franklm Park IIIIIIOIS SALES OFFICE ILLINOIS CONCRETE SALLS CO FRANK NovoTNY P .1 228 N LA SALLE STREET Phone Central 6726 CHICAGO 9 W O 9 .. ' . 9 . . . , . . , ' o O l O 9 O U 4' . ,resient OF NINETEENTHIRTY-TWO . X, +EfPAcla 605 B+ pf L Oli O, Im 32 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ILLIO OF 19 Garvey, Hazel M. .... 73,531,588 Gaskill, Dorotliy Y. .......... 307 Gasper, A. XV. .......... 389,451 Gaston H. J. ........ ...... 4 23 . Gates, Eleanor H.. Gates, NV. ll. ..... . Gathercoal. E. N.. . Ganen, G. R.... Gauer, Charlotte '1if.'.'.'45.'79 504 450 163 463 176 272, 362, 509, 544: 554 Gauer, Lucinda D. ....... . . Gay, D. T. ............... .. Ghur, I". E. .......... 44, 73 203, 243, 246, 362 Geake, Il. C. .............. . Geever, E. ................ . Gelnn, K. K ..... .... 1 . . . Gehrt, A. J. ........... . Geissendoerfer, J. T.. . . . Geist, R. ........... . Geitlnnan, L. B. .... . Geller, J. R.. . .. Gelwiek, C. XV.. . . Gentzel, M. li. .... .. Gerber, Jean l.. . . ..i41Q92i 514,569 Gerber, NV. P. ........... 312 Gerber, XVinfred D.. . . . Gerdel, I. F .... Gerdl, Edna V .... -. Gerhard, P. XV ..... Rath ll.. German, Gernon, XV. . . . . . . Gertels, Floren ee L .962 Gerteis, Frances A ......... . Gerteis, Janet M ............ Gessler, E. XV ...... 140 179 Gethner, Florence .......... German, W. E. . . ..... . . .. Getner, 11. L... .. . Getting, E. L. . . Getz, C. .... . Getz, C. A .... . . Geuss, A. P .... ........ Geather, Il. W... ...... .73 . . . 73, 424 Gl'lllIll'l'. M. C .... Geweeke, T. H . . . Geyer, Louise . 1 Geyer, R. L ..... Geyser, C. J ...... IIIIIIISUII, G1-are K. Gibbons, J. E .... Gibbs, C. l". . . Gibbs, M. G ....... Gibbs, Gibbs, R. J... Gibbs, R. l'. . . Gibso Gibson, G. T.. I'. XV. . .73 .73 .553 1I79'407' .1441 356: n, C. I" ....... 496 436 242 Gierz, Lucille M.. . ... . . . Gieseeke, Doris ........ 144 509 Giesehnann. W. F .... 73, 455 GiiTord, Lois M .... Gifford, XV. C .... Gilbert, Lois M... Gilbert, S. S ...... Gilbertson, F. NV.. Gilby, J. H ....... Giles, G. Il ....... Giles, J. C ...... Gilgis, L. J ...... Gilkerson, G. N. . ..4.l U546, '388 1 'I469 545 565 Gill, Alive A ............ 311 Gill, H. L ......... 233,235 Gill, Marian R .... ........ Gill, T. W ........... 74,435 Gill Virginia .... ..... 3 71 Gillen, J. J ....... Gillick, J. 1' ..... Gillis, M. J ....... ':1':i'8,'4:i:i Gillman, C. A..462, 551 552 Gilman, L. ....... ....... . Gilmore, E. R .......... . .. Gilmore, J. A ...... . . . . . Gihnore, Marjorie L. . . . . . . Gilmore, S. XV ..... . ..... . Gilmore, XV. R .......... 409 Giunore, hvlllllll R. .... 141 279 Gilster, Edith E .... 493, 520 Gralrk. E Gilster, Lillian R.. Gimlin, F. G ...... Ginger, F lf' 1. .......... . Gingerich. Maxine A.. . Ginzery, Jane N ......... Gladders, J. NV .......... Glaseock. J. H. .234. 400, Glasow, Elizabeth ....... Glass, ll. G ............. Glass, J. M ......... 491 .'74 Glass, Margaret L... ... Glasser. J. S ...... .. Glassoff, G. S ....... Glnsstotter. H. A .... Gleason, Eileen P. . . Glenn, P. A ....... Glenn, R. W. . . .. Glenn, V. R .... ILLIO .203 v v 509 437 181 566 423 159 425 567 471 307 543 565 258 390 396 573 452 578 389 497 395 537 160 531 531 531 446 531 410 468 390 396 73 390 572 546 470 496 419 437 530 552 579 73 448 545 557 322 531 356 554 565 529 412 530 164 422 576 400 151 423 543 587 399 587 531 544 497 437 440 584 574 426 494 158 511 433 559 278 502 567 520 74 464 530 522 415 543 530 475 400 577 256 165 475 504 572 161 543 INDEX or Books AND PERSONS-C0fllillll8d Glick, N. .......... . Glick, S. M ......... Glieksbe1'1.:, Florence . Glurieux, Il. B ......... Glussinger, Berthyl L .... Glossinger, J. S ........ Glowaeki, S. F ....... Glueek, S. A ...... Glynn, Mary E ...... Goble, G. XV ............ Goddard, Eleanor B ..... Godfrey, A. W .......... Godfrey, T. ll. .328, 391, Godwin, E. P .......... Goebel, Julius ......... Goebel, L. II ........... Goebel. M. T. Goedde, Norma S .... 74, Goedjen, M. H ....... 74. 348, 563, Goelitz, Mary L ..... 338, Goerwitz, J. E .......... Goetzeaberger, F. C ..... Goff, J. A ........... . Guggin, Edna M. . . Gohn, Evelyn V ........ Gold, NV. M ............ Goldberg, M. A.367, 388, Goldberg, Myla M ...... Goldberg, W. ......... . Golden, S. R ..... Goldenberg, G. Goldfus, ll. E .... ..... Goldman, B. F ......... Goldman, H. P ...... 74, Goldman, M. S ......... 552, Goldman, Rowena M .... Goldman, Ruth H ...... Goldman, S. ........ . Goldstein, C. li ...... Goldstein, Gladys .... Goldstein, H. ..... . Goldstein, L. H ...... Goldstein, T. NV ......... Goldstine. Rose L ...... Goldthurpe, Muriel R .... Gollings, Katherine E. . . Gultra, B. J ............ Gonseth, J. E ....... 234, Goodale, Eleanor L ..... Goodbourn, Neva G ..... Goodenongh, B. A ...... Goodman, I. A ......... Goodman, M. E ..... 307, Goodriek, Helen C ...... Goodspeed, Eleanor 1. . . Goodwin, NV. P ......... Goodyear, R. L ......... Goold, Helen P ...... 74, Gopel, R. A ........ Flora .... Gordon, Gordon, Fredrica B ..... Gordon, H. S ........... Gordon, Gordon. O. E ...... .. N'.A ...... Gordon. P. ........... . Gore, Marjorie D. .. Gore. Mary C. .272, 274, Gorenstein, S. Goreritz, R. L. ............. Gorin, J. Gorman, Gorman. Gorodazk y, Rose L. . . . . Gosenput, Goshorn, GOSIIII, A. ....... . Gosnell, F. M ...... C ..... J. E .... M. A ..... A. ..... . R. H ..... Gosnell, M. E .... 75, . ., Gottlieb, Gott, D. C ......... A. M ........... Gott, Edith L ........... Goagler, Mareelliae Gould, A. A ....... Gould, H. D ..... Gourley, F. M .... Grable, E. F ..... Grabow, M. P .... . . Gradman, H. J... .. Grrulunte Srhnol .. Graf, F. H ....... Graff, Marvel D .... .. .R ...... .. Graham, A. ........ . Graham ,I-l. J.. Jr .... .. Graham, J. I" ........... Graham, Kathryn M ..... Graham, Marjorie .. . . . Graham, R. ....... . Graham, Graham, Graham, Graham, Graham Grahl, Grainger. Graner, Granger, 1 .... .. R. K... .. R. 0 .... T. A .... W. J ...... H ......... Constance . . . A. R ........ G. A ...... Granger, Helen K. . . . .75 502: Grant. C. lx ................ Grant. Dorothy C ..... 45, 75, 278, 322, 362, Grant, Le Claire M .......... Gratiot. D. H ......... .333 ...468 ...475 ..529 ...448 ...590 ... 74 ...991 ...454 .....526 .....202 .....587 .990.469 583 587 390,443 ..... 42 .912,477 .427,553 313,512 915,928 578,583 499,567 .....45o 367 418 .....559 .....584 .....58o .....449 400,474 74,287 .....474 .....991 ... 165 .... 74 .... 413 391 474 984 422 555 568 ... 141 307 519 .... 468 ... 243 .. 519 .. 452 ... 480 .... 449 .74 508 .... 529 ... 507 ..... 74 384 443 .... 536 .... 531 ... 415 .... 74 988 439 .74 996 .74 505 ... 477 .74 565 361,572 444,544 .... 531 ... 519 .... 165 .472 549 .... 400 .... 468 502 495,554 215 .439 414,557 921 445 ..... 438 ....151 480 548 553 163 ....410 362,410 ... 164 579 .75 371 .75 272 515 574 75 233 534 573 472 549 ... 367 203 566 .... 29 .... 451 .75,502 ....408 ... 160 ....409 .75,44o 307 530 ... 496 ....417 ....42B .75,570 ....9o5 ...416 .. 555 ...449 ...594 ... 75 ...15S Gray, Anna L ..... ...... 7 5, Gray, A. R .................. Gray, Elisabeth J. . .284, 499, Gray, Helen ............. 75, Gray, H. M .... 398, 457, 564, Gray, J. J .............. 391, Gray, J. N .............. 256, Gray, M. N ..... ....... Grear, W. W ..... ......... Greeley, R. H .... ..... 1 45, Green, A. L ........ ....... Green, Bernice I. . . . , . , , , Green. C. L ...... ....... Green, E. P ................. Green, F. .............. 416, Green, Frances G ........ 75, Green. G. K ............ 390, Green, J. H .............. 75, Green, P. M ........ 415, 564, Green, R. N .... 75, 391, 444, Greenber L J .......... II. . Greenberg, M. Greene, R. F .... ..,,,,, Greenfield, S. L .......... 76, Greenfield, W. H ....,,,,,, ,, Greenholt, S. A .......... , Greenlee, E. A. .76, 469, 569, Greenshields, R. J .....,, Greenstein, B. L ............. 371 578 461 172 497 529 440 520 553 567 510 565 424 362 75 415 423 435 511 151 458 434 516 469 445 565 543 165 571 76 429 391 463 580 565 165 Greenwood, Margaret ........ 497 Greenwood, Virginia L. . .312, 574 Gregg, R. T ................. 424 Gregor. G. A ............ 391,484 Gfeyorinn Lilernryl Society .... 573 Gregory, John Milton ........ 4 Grellsllf-im. F. .. ............ 549 Greist, Miriam .............. 497 Grellinger, A. E ........ .76, 397 556. 571. 585 Grenlund, M. 0 ......... 428, 573 Grennan. P. M .... .... . 76, 486 Grennen, H. A ..... .. 151,161 Gress, Margaret L ........... 514 Grether, C. J ....... ....... 3 28 Grey, J. M ........ .... 2 03, 588 Grill. L. J .............. 389,472 Grlesenauer, T. H ....... 430, 551 , . 560, 574, 583 Grwslmlwr. Elizabeth M..76, 584 Griest, Florence I ....... 324 505 gi-agp, M. ................. '.567 rii1h.CL R...203,419, 6 Griffith. H. 11 .......... 7761289 5 2. . Griffith, J. C .... ...?...55i.53Z Griffith. J. G ..... ......... 3 97 Griffith. Lacy I. .. .,,,,,, ,, 76 Griffith, R. H ............... 476 Griffiths, D. XV ...... 384. 389, 429 Grigg. P. E ................. 562 Grgggs. T. B.. Jr ............ 418 Grlgsby, F. L ........ 76, 493, 500 Grlgsby. Helen M ......... 20 21 Grimmer, W. W ............. l 569 Grimmitt, Grace R .... ...... 3 12 Grimson. G. E ...... ,.... . ..-165 Griadley. H. S ......... 427, 553 Grinlr. J. L ................. 76 Grinlrer. Bernice E .......... 531 Griswold, Frances C ..,,,,,,, 534 Groetilllz. G. M ...... 76, 415, 585 Grnhne, F. 'XV .............. .446 Grometer, Catherine R .....,, 505 Gremvter. R. B ..... 232, 305, 414 Groot, J. 'I' .................. 161 Gross, Jeanette L ....... 307, 515 Grossman. D. A ............. 582 Grossman, H. .......... 449, 474 Grossman. Yanita S .......... 529 Grote. P. F., Jr ....... ...... 3 91 Groth, E. F ........ ..., 4 36 Grotts, P. E. .. ,,, 76 Grove, C. T ................. 543 Grove, F. .... ' ............... 543 Grover, P. D. . .390, 458, 573, 579 Grover, R. E ............ 305, 458 Groves, E. E ............. 76, 412 Grow, H. D ..... 76, 319, 446, 547 Grunewald. A. .............. 439 Gsell, L. A .................. 459 Guehrinn. G. E ..... ....... 4 10 Guerino, Rose M ............. 76 Guilbert, WV. J .......... 305,462 Guin. T. XV .................. 423 ouafaa ........... 584,586 Gunderson, Esther M .... 371, 515 Gunderson, R. M ...... . ..... 391 Gundlaeh, Doris D ........... 504 Gllnn, B. XV., .367, 368, 370, 453 Gunn, Helen M .............. 509 Gunn, Margery . . . ...... 77. 500 Gunnell, J. W ..... ...... 4 14 Gunner, XV. R .... .... 7 7,425 Gurr. E. M ...... Gustafson, C. J .... Gustafson, J. G .... Gustafson, J. M ......... Gustafson, Gustin N , Iiarjorie A ..... Guthrie. Clela NV. A.. Guthrie, Neva '... Gutmann, M. D ...... Guttschow, R. XV.. Gutzsell, W. E .... .'.'.'.'.':'42i '462,' .. .... 77 '454' Gvozdjak, Mary E .......... H 409 162 158 552 158 493 512 371 543 433 557 151 Hank, Marjorie E. . . . ,,,, 520 Haake, F. W ...... . . .77, 389 Haas, Dorothea. .. .... 575 Hmm. M ........ .. 410 Hlmse. A. 11. .... .... 4 34 Habberton, W.. . . ..... 422 Haberle. A. E .... ...77, 389 Hack, R. W ...... .... 1 58 Hackett, R. P ....... . . 564 Hackleman, B. K .... .... 5 69 Hackleman. J. C ........... 428 Hackmann, Alice M ........ 531 Hadam, M. L ........... 77, 566 Hadley, C. M., Jr .... ..... 5 66 Hadley, J. N ...... .... 4 09 Hadley, M. E ....... .. 433 Hadley, Marion E .... .. 77 Hadley, V. C ....... .. 566 Haefele Eleanor. . . . . , 530 Haefele, Esther .... . . 77, 530 Haefele. J. L. ............. 477 Haefele, W. H. ............ 477 Haeger, Wilma C .... 77.276, 338 493, 502, 574 Hagan, R. C ........... 391,475 Hagel, Anne L .............. 512 Hagenbuek, W. E .... , , , 462 Hague, Stella M. . . , , , 494 Hahn, J. ........ ...... 1 59 Hulm. R. F .... ........ 4 62 Haight, S. J ........... 416,458 Haines. R. W ....... 77, 429, 559 Hair, Orpha L ......... 527, 564 Hakala. Lanrie J .......... 159 Halcom, D. R ..... ...77, 370 Haldane. C. Q .... .... 5 45 Hamemnm R.S... .... 259 Hale, Helen M .... ,,,,, 5 O9 Hale, J. B ....... ...427, 553 Hall, A. A ........ . ..391, 470 Hall, Albert W ............ 440 Hull. Alvin W ............. 435 Hall, B. R ..... ..... ...... 4 7 5 Hall, Catherine H. tMrs.7 . .. 332 Hall, Dorothy D ........... 531 Hall, Eleanor ....... 77, 282, 502 Hall, Ellenor ....... 282, 283, 494 Hall, Eunice S ......... 284,573 Hall, H. H ........ 203, 370,461 Hall, Jayne C ............. 497 Hall, Mary F ........ 77,282 283 Hall, S. G ..... 397, 410, 451, 569 Hall, W. E ............. 77, 436 Hallberg, Bessie E ....... 77,514 Hallett, Elizabeth I-I .... 516 Hallett. J. J ......... . .. 417 Hallett, Marion E ...... .77, 281 528, 572 Halvorsen. H. A ..... 78 433, 573 Ham, C. YV ........ 397 553, 561 563, 565 Ilamal. Marguerite E. .. ... 516 Hambruok, M. Elizabeth .78, 530 577 Hamel. O. W ....... 78 448, 551 Hamilton. A ....... 421 584 586 liannhon, c. xv ....... ...'sos lhmMw.E.wmm .... H.5m H9nHH0n.11 R ........ 232 569 Hamilton, L. E .... , ,78 391 Hamilton, M. L. .. , ,78, 472 Hamilton, P. A... , ,,,' 414 Hamilton, T. S .... . . 384 427 Hamilton, W. .... .. ...V 410 Hamlink, 0. R .,,,,, ,, .78 464 Halfllllllll. P. E ............ X451 Hummel. R. J. K .... 78 448,551 Hammer, Gwendolyn F. 537 Hammer. J. W ..... 212 433, 545 Hammersmith, Jane M.. ... 581 Hammond. Phyllis .... '. 512 Hammond. V. W ...... 471 Hammond, W, C ,,,,,,. , . I 158 Hump. L ............. 582 Hampton. .345 78, 179, 203 ..: . , ..9. , 962, , Ham-nn. F. P ......... if 233 Hamlwult. R. F ........ 292 443 Handelsman, Rath D. , . , , l 531 Handlcman. M ......, 164 Hands. F. G .......,,, 460 Haadschin, Afargargg. H 535 573 Handsehuh, Marie E. . . . . .I 529 OFNINETEENTHIRTY-TWO +61 Pace 6061-31' i A1 U N u lvsaslrv or ll.LlNols :Lilo oF1 Knowing PRICE and VALUE The majority fire PI-IOTOGRAPI-IED 35553232.13 America s F zrst Tubular Skate The first pair of Tubular Skates made in the United States or Canada were made in Chicago and by Nestor Johnson. The fundamental principles of JOHNSON skates have remained the same since the original pair were finished. Their ALL STEEL-FULL TUBULAR CONSTRUCTION has won fame all over the world. There is only one IOHNSON skate. Look for the full name NESTOR IOHNSON on every pair. NESTOR JOHNSON MFG CO 1900-1922 N Springfield Ave Chicago Illinois N I J TRADE MARK nsca. u. s. PAT. oFF. I O , I 1 . . . . . Y THE FIRST AMERICAN PLOW STEEL At the mill oHice of Jones 86 Quiggs, in 1846, John Deere presented specifications for steel for his plows. I-Ie had traveled from Moline, Illinois, to Pitts- burgh to see what could be done about getting domestic steel, rolled to his exacting specifica- tions, instead of having the material shipped all the way from England. Coat off, sleeves rolled up, his manner marked him the hardy pioneer and man of action. I-Ie was forceful, direct. An uninterrupted supply of steel was needed to meet the demand for plows for the thousands of land-seekers who were pouring into the prairie lands of the New West to lay out farms. New tides of settlers would be calling for more and more plows of steel. john Deere plows would be sold all the way to the Pacific. The success of the plow-maker's mission has been recorded by the industrial historian: The fir!! :lab of plow steel ever rolled in Ihr Uniled Slater was rolled by William Waodr, at the .rieel Work: of loner 61 Quiggs, in 1846, and shipped to john Deere, Moline, Illinois, under whore direction it wa: made. From "Iron in All Ages", By Jmvuss SWANK Less than ten years before, john Deere, as a frontier blacksmith, had drawn from his forge his first steel plow-a plow fashioned from an old mill-saw and the hrst to scour successfully in the rich, black soil of the great prairie region. A few years later he had brought the manufacture of steel plows to the front rank of industry when he had arranged for importa- tion from England of special sizes of steel. Now he had opened the way to unlimited production of his plows, and ultimately to the great John Deere organization of today serving agriculture in all parts of the world with farm implements bearing his name as their guarantee. JOHN DEERE me TRADE mmiuoi' QUXLIN M 0 L I N E 9 MADE Fmous av Gooo IMPLEMENTS ILLINOIS RY-TWO 932 ll.l.lO OFNINETEENTHIRT ' My O -'El Pam-: 607 Ef- W Hardies, LLI THE UNIVERSITY OF I NOIS ll.I.IO OF 'I9 W. Hangs, F. E ..... .... 8. Hankner, 0. A. . . .... 566, Hanley, D. R .............. Hanley, J. Il .............. Hanlon, R. L. ,....... .336. Hannah, H. W. .78. 314. 323. 362, 398, 442, 573, Hannapel, H. R ........... ' . Hanover, C ..... 78, 488, 546, Hansen, Gertrude M ........ Hansen, H. E .............. Hansen, J ............. 253, Hansen, Kathryn G ......... Hansen, L. N'. . .78, 391, 460, Hansen, Louise A ..,........ Hansen, R. R .......... 462, llansgen, J. R ............. Hansmeier, R. H. . .388, 390. Hanson, E. D .......... 462, Hanson, H. A .... ........ Hanson, J. O .............. Harbaagh, R. I. ........ 232. Bernice E Zaiiiii Harding, A. A .... . -1 i Harding, Florence Al ........ Hardwick, l'lstln'r J ...... 78, Hardy, Jane ............,.. 543 Hardy, R. I ........ 78. Hardy, V. R ..... Hardy, Zella M. . . Harker, 0. A .... Harland, M. B. . . Harlow, H. T. . . Harman, J. J .... Harmeson, D. K..... Harmon, Harms, WIVIIIIOIIIIIIIC D. . . 513, Hnrnden, P. C ....., ..... Harned, J. NV .... . Harney, E. G .............. Harnish, W. E ........... .- Harno,- A. J. ......... 27. 35. Harper, B ..... 329, 398, 546, Harper, H. Lorayne. 1. . . . Harper, R. A. . .78, 1 15, Harpole, F. M .......... 78. Harrer, Helen M ........... Harriman, Carolyn M .... 141, 521, Harrington, D .... . .Il67. 450. Harrington, Josephine Ix ..... Harris, Barbara J ...... Harris, J. F ..... . Harris, S. F .... Harris, T. XV ........ Harris, W. S .......... Harrison, H. Jane ...... Harrison, R. M .... 212, Harrold, J. F .......... Harroun, R. E ......... Harrowell, Dorothy M. . . Harshbarger, Thelma E. . Hart, Florence ........ :ii-i, .79, 488 587 162 569 338 353 583 457 576 501 470 257 518 552 505 585 429 459 551 552 455 408 529 582 510 497 494 589 553 575 202 417 411 441 389 553 554 560 469 163 400 472 445 576 498 338 584 419 567 368 578 543 509 399 554 161 439 315 553 501 428 158 429 .79 395 527 167 585 .79 531 496 496 309 443 552 356 448 Hart, J. M ..... - .- Hart, J. 0 ....,. - - - - Hart, Jane C ....... ........ Hart, Ruth ............ 145, Harter, Elizabeth A ........ Hartleb, H. H .......... 163. Hartke, R. E ............. Hartley, M. C ............. Hartman, H. C .... 144, 321, 391, Hartranft, W ....... . . .242, 464 567 Hartsook. J. H ......... Hartsough, Betty I .......... Hartung, E. C .......... Harvey, C. J ........... Harvey, Cecile S ..... 79, Harvey, Evelyn B ...... Harvey, Gwendolyn ..... Harvey, Janice R .... . Haskins, R ........... Haskmann, Alice ....... Haslam, Winifred M .... Hasse, A .............. Hassin, G. B ........... Hastings, D. A ...... 79, Hastings, W. B ...... 79, Hatch, J. J ...... .... Hatch, L. R ........... Hathaway, C. M ........ Hatter, Florence M ...... Hatton, Betty ...... 275, .79, 503, 5:37, 497, 265 255, 433 fssisi, Hau sler, M. W ............. Haven, Margaret W ..... Havens, Ruth E ..... . Haverstoek, R. T .... Havlik, A. W ...... Hawkins, F. C ......... Hawkins, K. C ......... Hawkins, R. J.303, 362, Hawley, Dorothy W ..... .79, 576 529, . 167 411 475 573 534 338 586 528 462 567 494 418 165 553 327 583 434 434 426 167 497 435 494 505 161 569 391 162 555 574 Inaax or Books AND Psnsoxs-corztznued Hayden, Henrietta S. . . . . 575 Hercules, C. D ,..... . . .400 Hayes, Elizabeth V .... . . 535 Herda, E. L ..... . . .435 Hayes, F. X ....... .. 255 Hermes, D. F -.... ...469 Hayes, J. M., Jr. . . . . . 440 Herndon, ZCIIIIII L. . . . . . . . .167 Hayes, Mary A .... . .79, 504 Herrick, Mary li .........., 494 Hayes, VV. B .... .... . . . 202 Herring, Sybil F .... 520, 531, 572 Hayes, W. 1' .......... 572 Herrmann, R. J ............ 460 Hayne, Mary ......... . .. 567 Herrmann, Rose E .......... 159 Haynie, Elizabeth . . . 313, 510, 554 Herrold, R. D .............. 159 Hays, L. K. .......... . . . 367 Herron, Dorothy A ...... 276, 507 Hays, R. 1' ........... . . . .79 Herron. E. D. . .80, 176, 302, 327 Hayward, H. N .... 397, 455, 485 362, 456, 552, 555, 576, 579 550, 556 Herron, Joan .............. 494 Hazard, Shirley V ..... . . . 141 Hershey, D. D .......... 80, 485 Hazlett, Olive C ....... 552 Hershey. N. J .............. 160 Hazzard, E. M ...... 79, 203, 243 Herts, C. L .... 456, 552, 578,582 246, 262 Hertz, NV. S .... 80, 370, 456,582 Heacock, E. R .... .. . . . . 79 Hertzberg, L. J ......... . . . .454 Healy, P. E ..... . .. 560 Herzberg, E. F ............. 551 Healy, Ruth M ..... . . 568 Herzog, M. E. . . . . 80 Heaps, W. B ......... ... 448 Hess, F. W. .. ,,,432 Heartt. Margaret Ii.. .. 506. 554 Hess, G. A... ...... . . . . .483 Heater, E. F .......... . . . 550 Hess, J ................... 160 Heatll, Kathryn F. . . .79, 278, 279 Hess, R. F ............ 410, 557 395, 501 Hetherington, M. Louise ..... 515 Heath, Mary E ........ .... 5 72 Heuback, H. G ............. 144 Heath, R. 1' .......... .... 4 21 Heuer, ll. J. . .330, 390, 485, 588 Hebard, G. F. ......... .... 4 34 Hem-lin, D. 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