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d ' ! M- EX LIBRIS niw 1Q23ILLIO BUILD THAT STVDllM FOR FIGHTING ILLLM iSi ' " Publish edbythe JUNIOR ClASS of ike UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS O E O I C A T I o r To tkc llluiois Memorial Stacliiim and R crcatioa Field — a spot w crc vc may aclilevc flic strcit uous lift oF tliis world aad feel the serenity worlds iel l ave teea aad will be — - we deitieate tkc Niaeteea Tweatv Three lllio a pj Contents- university Classes Activiues uniYcrsityliK Atnietics oigdnizdtions Bcoasts Maylncicailraiy-TWD The chim ' a in our Library lou-er. Roberta, were giren by eifiM Kejiior clawen. They strike the hour by clockwork anil are planed by hand every Sumlau Oh, Henri, how nice they must be for Ittxrn dance ! This rock is a fountain set up by the rla ft of ' OS They thrust a gas pipe through it, as it were, and streams sufficient for Seminaritan and Learite gushed forth. Lovely ! Thiii artistic bench, in relief aoainst Univeraitu Hall, may be sat upon bu seniors alone. Why, Henri, nobody but a senif r would be ascetic enough to ait there alone. It ' s so cozy! d Here ' s the Woman ' s Building. Thi» is inhere we hold Shan Kites. Woman ' s League teas, sexcing circles, and 90 forth. Nerer- bininit. Oh, Henri, is it as pretty as that inside? Hetf, on the south of the Woman ' s Building, i$ one porch where iromen are sa r from mra ' s propinquity. There ' s nobody on it now. Do thr women eter stay Ihcref In the Armory, we hold gumkhana , track meets, artillery circuses, skating parties, baseball practice, batfketball games. Commencement. — But, Henri, don ' t you ever fights .... Lincoln Hall, the seat of s -minar. , inhab itrd by m n of alt dvgreea and women with tcigwam-shaped rollarf . Tht inmaUt o these placet hate temperament. You don ' t my! I ' d like to gee a few. This is our auditormm. which wiil seat 26l 0 pfoplf. It has a pipe organ and a picture of I ' lw st ' s sneaking home. Isn ' t it pretty I like that funny quilttcork of colored bricks. Here i« the south entrance of Smith Memorial HaU. Great place to fake music. Bobbie .... ProfesMor Ritette says every practice room is acoustically isolated. Yes, Henri, bul where is the noi e coming Jromf This is thf building vcHtre they experiment in horticulture, olericuUure, arbori ... Oh. pes. I ' re heard about it. They sent I ' ncU Ehas direc- tions for makinff buttermitk trithout clabber, cvrds. or urhey. .... and wf ' rf progrenned to the front of Smith Memoriai A fine temple for Polyhymnia. i»n ' t itT Oh. ig that what you call Mr. Stivenf Here in the Chemixtry Building, Professor H. Tuessofore propounded the theory of disjunciire nuclei in the hydrogen circle, and discovered hyperchemosynthetie — .Vtf, Henri, hotc did he etand itf Lei ' s go on. In the Law Building is Moot Court room which is used for triaU, examinations, and choir practice. Why are those ellowft who just went in carrying swagger aticksf Our mediamai looking Educaiion Building Aoiuw tht most modern Uachers ' laboratory in America. Hrre potential pupils are instructed by potential professors of the Cnirersity high school. lioic darling! .... where Professor RiTttte prepares concrete blocks to smash, or gloats over the prospect of heatirig chunks of iron to watr.h them cool. Js he the man that butlt tht Lilliputian tunnel last upringf Well, Bobbie, ive ' re bach to the Library. Yoii ' ve seen most of the principal buildings once and several of them twice. Which one ' s the prettiest ' I juM love them all? ADM1NISTRATI0N« l«rShap»n u - • _ • 3 " li °s lite ntKlmt$ i)f n r al 4( Mi Xai tt t», k ri Page 22 Board of Trustees .mi-mi ' .i:rs kx officio The Governor of Illinois Hon. I, en Smai.i. ........ Springfield The Superintendent nf Public Instruction Hon. Fr.wcis C Blair ....... Springfield KI.KCTKI) Ml.MBKRS (Term 1917-1923) William L. Abbott . . .72 West Adams St., Chicago Mary E. Busey ........ L ' rbana Otis W . Hoit ........ Geneseo (Term 191 9-1925) John M. Herbert ...... Murphysboro Cairo A. Trimble ....... Princeton M. rc;aret D. Blake . . . . 25 K. alton Place, Chicago (Term 1921-1927) Lai ra B. E ans ........ Taylorville Helen M. Grigsby ....... Pittsfield William L. oble . . . . 31 N- State St., Chicago OFFICERS OF THE BOARD 192 1 -1922 ii.i.i. . i L. . bbott, 72 West Adams St., Chicago . President Harrison E. Cunningham, Urbana .... Secretary A. M. Burke, Champaign ...... Treasurer Lloyd AIorey, Urbana ....... Comptroller Fag, Dean of Men Deax T. a. Clark The office of tlie Dean of Men was established originally because the Presi- dent of the Universit} ' , who then had in his hands all the details of discipline and personal contact with students, found that he did not have time to give to these things. The purpose of the office is still to look after the individual, to come, as far as it is humanly possible, into personal contact with him. The Dean of Men tries sincerely to know every man, or if that is impossible, to know something about him, to look after him when he is sick, to give him advice when he is in doubt, and, if he needs correction, to suggest it to him. He tries to see that the moral and social conditions surrounding the individual are as healthy as possible. His main object in living is to help the individual man to be a good student and to become a good citizen. Thom. s Arkle Clark H. B. Garmax . ' ssistant Dean Page 24 Dean of Women Tlie present Dean of W ' onu-n of tlic University of Illinois assumetl the duties of her office in September of the fresh- man year of the class of 1922. Siie undertook the responsibility, in as far as might be, of caring for the li ing conditions of women students, of main- taining ideals of scholarship and aca- demic earnestness, and of setting social and moral standards. She would take this opportunity to express her appreciation of the manner in which the women met the hysteria of the S. A. T. C. year and the influenza epidemic, of the ability they showed in the conduct of their part of the cam- paigns, of the spirit of co-operation that has characterized their attitude towards campus activities and that has done much to hasten a return to normal con- ditions and, of the high grade of scholar- ship that they have maintained through- out the four years. Ruby E. C. M.vsox Dean .Maso.n Beth Holt . ssistant I ' og,- Liberal Arts and Sciences Deax Babcock The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences sets itself to serve two large groups of students. Of its registration of 2600, approximately three-fifths are in the general liberal curriculum. The remainder are distributed among the curricula in which the student may specialize in preparation for law, medi- cine, journalism, the ministry, home economics, education, social service, eco- nomic entomology, chemistry and chem- ical engineering. Besides the students who are registered in the College, the great departments of English, mathe- matics, chemistry, modern languages, history, botany and zoology, serve large numbers of students registered in the other colleges of the University. Practi- cally every division of the University is thus debtor to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. In all the great departments no small part of the in- struction and investigation of the men of professional rank is under the general direction of the Graduate School leading up to the Masters and Doctors degrees. Kexdrick C. Babcock H. . Canter .Assistant Dean Page 26 English Seminar f Chemistry Laboratory Pagf 27 Engineering- The College of Engineering has ten departments of instruction and it offers fourteen specialized curricula, including Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Ceramic Chemistry, Ceramic Engineer- ing, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Municipal and Sanitary Engineering, General Engineering Phy- sics. Railway Civil Engineering, Railway Electrical Engineering, and Railway- Mechanical Engineering. Its physical plant is extensive and its equipment for instruction and research is in many respects unexcelled. The staff of in- struction includes a considerable number of men who are everywhere recognized as authorities in their subjects. With the exceptional facilities thus afforded, students in the College have unusual opportunities for study in the fundamental sciences and in a great variety of highly specialized applications of these sciences in various divisions of industry. Xo institution in America has done more to promote research in engineering science than the University of Illinois. herever engineering is practiced, the Engineering Experiment Station is known for its valuable contributions to knowledge. The Station has already published 126 bulletins and nine circulars; and numerous manuscripts p resenting the re- sults of investigations recently completed have already been accepted for publi- cation. Over fifty investigations are in progress at the present time. The work of this organization is a fine example of the service which the Univer- sity is rendering to the people of the state and country. C. R. Richards Deax Richards H. H. Jordan -Assistant Dean Page 2S Machine Shop Draitim. Room Pagt 20 Agriculture Tlie Agricultural College is the organ- izatiiin through which the University administers its work in the field of agri- culture and home economics. It con- ducts three lines of activity: one of instruction to the students of the Univer- sity, one of research through the organ- ization known as the Experiment Station, and one of extension, as provided in the co-operative Federal legislation known as tlie Smith Lever Act. The normal registration of students in the College of Agriculture ranges from a thousand to twelve hundred and fifty. Through the required sub- jects of the course of instruction, the student is assured a satisfactory educa- tion in technical lines, in chemistry and the biological sciences, and in English- There is a liberal proportion of free electives which may be used for strength- ening the course in any desired direction. The equipment in most lines covered by the College of Agriculture is excellent, and in some it is superior, particularly in agronomy, horticulture, and certain lines of animal and dairy husbandry. The course in home economics is one of the best in the country, whether considered from the standpoint of the house- keeper or of the one who takes the course for professional purposes. E. D.WENPORT Deax Davenport F. H. Rankin Assistant Dean ' i Page JO Stock Jidcixg mammammmiti m ' tmmi Tractor Class Pagf jt Commerce A marked development in higher education during the past five years lias been in business training. Less than a decade ago the opinion very generally prevailed that the only place in which to secure the fundamentals of business was in the school of experience. Under the stress, however, of a constantly increasing competition this idea has given away to a newer one which stands for scientific business training in which the major stress is laid on fundamentals and not details; and as a result the colleges of commerce the country over are crowded with students preparing for executive positions in business. The College of Commerce and Busi ness Administration has played a prom- inent part in this development. In 1915-1916 the total enrollment was 581. In 1919-1920 a total of 1580 was enrolled; in 1920-1921 the number was 1841; while on November 5, 1921 it was 1977. Thus, in a period of six vears the increase has been more than double the number enrolled in 1916. For convenience of administration the work is divided into curriculums; general business, commercial and civic secretaries, banking, insurance, account- ancv, railwav administration, railway transportation, commercial teachers, foreign commerce, industrial administration, and commerce and law. Enrollment in these curriculums ranges from 1329 in general business to six in commercial teachers. C. M. Thompson- Dean Thompson -A. C. Littleton Assistant Dean Pax Economics Lecture AcccuNTAXCY Practice Pas. ' ' .?.i ■•1 Law ' The College of Law is concerned M primarily with preparing students for T f the practice of law in Illinois. There- fore, it trains its students not only in the fundamental principals of Anglo- American law, which fit for practice in any state, but also in the peculiar local application and adaptation of the English common law. As in other first- class schools, the case method of study is used. ft Its facilities for law study and teach- ing are better than ever before, and are now equalled by onh ' a very few of the best known American law schools. Deax Jones The law faculty now numbers eight members, all of whom have had experi- ence in practice or on the bench, but now devote their entire time to the school. The law library numbers nearly 40,000 volumes and is one of the eight or nine largest and best-selected law school libraries in America. It contains a substantially complete collection of American and English legal literature and the bulk of the reports and statutes of Ireland, Scotland and the various British colonies. There is also an excellent collection of books on Roman Law and the modern civil law. Three years of law study preceded by two years of college work is required for graduation with the LL.B. degree. In this respect, as in all other matters, the College of Law fully complies with the recommendations of the American Bar Association as to the requirements and facilities necessary- for sound legal education. Students who devote six years or more to college work and the law course may receive the degree of Doctor of Law (J.D.) upon completion of the law course with a B average and submission of a satisfactory thesis. For this purpose there are combined six-year courses with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the College of Commerce and Business Administration. In no law school can a better training for practice in Illinois be secured. H. C. JOXES Page j!4 Law Library ' H t .- ,g 1 I ' B H l l S Law Lecture Pagf 3S Education Dean Chadsey The College of Education is under- taking to train young men and women for positions of all kinds in the educa- tional world. Normal schools and teacher ' s colleges have, as perhaps their most important duty, the training of teachers for the elementary schools of the country. The College of Educa- tion is especially interested in the proper professional training of high school teachers for administrative and super- visor}- positions in the public school systems of the United States. It also is attempting to do its share in educa- tional research whereby improved methods of instruction and increased knowledge concerning educational prob- lems may be forthcoming. C. E. Chadsey Music The School of Music of the Univer- sity of Illinois is unique among music departments in state institutions, for it is the only one in the country at which a student may obtain a thorough educa- tion in music without other financial expenditure than the usual fee which every student at the State University pays. This gives to every young person in the state a most unusual opportunity to study music. Under the supervision of members of the School of Music faculty, the Sunday esper Organ Recitals are carried on each week, as is the work of the University Choral Society of two hun- dred members, the University Orchestra, the University Men ' s Glee Club, and the series of Faculty and Student ' s Re- citals given throughout the year. F. B. Stiven Director Srn ex Pagf 56 Graduate Tlie Graduate School represents tlie organized efforts and resources of the University for the purpose of giving opportunities for the most ad anced study and the promotion of research. These two functions, however, are by no means separate; for the spirit of investigation is the life of graduate study and the ideal of graduate work is one and the same for all graduate students. Some are fitting themselves for higher teaching and administrative positions. Others are looking forward to careers in commerce, industry, engineering and the several professions. But the one great purpose of all graduate training is to educate students in the methods and materials of their subjects so that they may become not only experts but also independent investigators in their chosen fields. . . H. Daniels Deax Daxieis Library I 1 O r .-(s Director W ' ixsor The University of Illinois Library includes, strictly speaking, all of the books, pamphlets, etc., owned by the University except officer records. The Library, therefore, includes the lib- raries of the College of Medicine, College of Dentistry and the School of Phar- macy, located in Chicago, as well as the libraries on the campus in L ' rbana. These Chicago libraries number 28,442 volumes and include a good collection of the scientific sets needed for medical study and research. In Urbana the General Library and the various college and departmental libraries and reading rooms contained altogether on January i, 1922, 471,618 volumes, 5,691 pieces of music, 52.240 catalogued pamphlets, besides thousands of uncatalogucd pamphlets, a few photo- graphs, manuscripts, medals and engrav- ings. P. L. WlNSOR ' «« ' • .?7 iir CEMOR- SOOIETY LYLt CHA t DROWN GEORijt VICTOR. BUChAU N COYD VILLAR.D bULLOCK. CHAR.LE.S RDSLYN CARJvlEY MLaVlN rR.ANK GOTLS WALTLR- fIVANKLIN CR.ANGIL JOHN THOMAS OI SON R-IOHAUD JACKSON HILL LAUIiLNJet LVLR.LTTE. KLINL DONALD fUMltfl. LAfULL HMIR-Y HtNRy M CIRDY JAAALS WEAR. AAAC DONALD GOUDON nSI ' E. M GINNIS ALbLRJ WILLIAW r Ot K l .ALPH tDNAOND NAYLOKa MILTON MKR.1 IN OLANDLR. ra.ANI : ALflVLD SCHARfLNbtRO AWHUIV. AUGUH, SauiLlV. lA ' WHtNCL VILnUO VALQLIIST R.USSLLL riNLLY WHAWON HOVAUD NODIL YATtS Ik T W.i ..t ' tA«jt ■»! Senior Class Officers JEROME FI.AHERfy President ice-President Secretary Treasurer First Semester Second Semester Wesley B. Sutherland Jerome K. Flaherty Dorothy K. Hunt Anna Williams Clara Xicolet Kmily V.. Doak W. DoiGLAS McLain Leo D. Zeek Hlnt ' S«0f . f Mcl.Aix NlCOL WiLLI UIS Zeek Doak Pag,- 4 ' ' rrn-icn Pagf 42 Pagr- 4 Pogf 44 Pagr 4S Page 46 Gh }gjt- Clrhi QDewavtmenis una em feVC. George R. Abbott ' ■ Forty-niner " Foreign Trade Cliil . Charleston General Business Burl R. Abt " Monk " Chicago General Business Josephine E. Abbott Chicago ' ■ ? " Lihernl Arts ami Sciences Kappa Kappa Gamma. George F. Adamek Chicago " Blackjack " General Business Acctmntancy Club: Class Football (1); Class Baseball (1) WiLLARD H. Abney Hamsburg " Judge " " Ab " Foreign Commerce Theta Delta Pi. Freshman arsit.v Track (1 ) : Cross Countrv Squad (2); Class Football (41; Foreign Trade Club; Illinois Union Opera (3). ARiAx B. Adams " V. B. " Phi Delta Phi Philomathean. Chicago Ldic Leonard G. Abraham Watson " be " Electrical Engineerinij Electrical Engineering Society; Tcchnograph Staff. Ri-TH M. Ahlemus Chicago . , , , _ Lihtrril Art and Scitncfs Alpha CiauHiKi Delta. Rov T. Abramson Alpha Epsilon. Aericulture CJxib. Northwestern University. Wilmette Agriculture [oseph E. Aikex Benton i? ' u ni I- ,- Electrical Engineering Pi Pi Rho; Eta kappa Nu. Electrical Engineering Society; Manager of Radio, 1922 Electrical Engineering Show; Junior Smoker Committee; Cadet Hop Com- mittee (3); Homecoming Military Committee (41; Captain, I ' niversity Brigade. Pag,- 4S Roy a. Albertson Chicago A1 " Archittctural Engineering Architectural 5 ociety. Ralph K. Ammox Carnii " Ki(i " Agriculture Kami Housn. CJun and Blade; I ' . S. S, Illini; Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; HIinois Agricul- turist; Summer Hlini; V. NI. C. A. Interna- tional Committee i ' .H, (4). Louis J. Alexander Los Angeles, Cal. " LtMiie " Arckitfctural Enyinreritig Thela Delta Chi: Scarab. Architectural Society: Soph Cotillion Com- mittee; Engineering Dance Committee. Donald S. Anderson Chicago ■■Don " Of-ntral Bu«inrtis Intramural Athletics (2). A[artin B. Ai.leman Agriculture Club: Dairy Club. Peru Agriculture Harry D. Anderson ■Andy " Phi Delta Phi. Pittsfield Law Everett II. Allison East St. Louis " Ked " Mining Engineering .Mining Society. John A. Anderson Chicago " . ndy " Chemistry Chemistry Club: Intramural Basketball (1). (2); Class Soccer (2). Franklin A. Alter Davenport, la. Mvchnnical Engmerring Sigma Alpha Mu. LocDENE Anderson Creal Springs " Ludy " Journatitm Illioia; Illinois Magitzine Staff. Tenne!t. ' ce College, Pagf 49 Mae J. Anderson Women ' s Welfare Committee. Wheaton Russell E. Arnold Chicago Jouriinlisni " Arnie " Ceramic Engineering Pi Pi Rho; Keramos. Freshman ' arsity Basketball; Engineering Dance Committee (3). Paul A. C. Anderson Chicago General Business Alpha Sigma Phi. Enterpriser Staff (3), Art Editor (4). Eugenia J. Arter Danville " Gene " Liberal Arts and Scitnces Phi .Mil. Chairman Woman ' s League Poster Com- mittee (3); Chairman Y. W. C. A. Stunt Show Poster Committee (3). Howard W. Andrews Pontiac General Business Graeme Atkinson Wichita Falls, Tex. " Attic " Chftniral Engineering Sigma Chi: Gamma Pi Upsilon. Chemical Club. Lellwvn R. Anway Kalama200,Alich. " Bob " Athletic Coaching Acacia: Delta Theta Epsilon. Athletic Coacliing Club. Thelma AI. Atkinson Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences W ' m. Y. Armstrong Milwaukee, Wis. " Bill " " Army " Chemical Engineering Gamma Pi I ' psilon. Chemical Club. Earl ' . Atkison Par Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society. Page so D. B. Atwell Nacogdoches, Texas " Don " Cframic Eiitiirieering Glee Club (3); Choral Society (1). (2), (3), (4). Eldred B. Baker Riverside Commerce Alice L. Axtox Alt. Alorris Liberal Arts and ScitJtccs Bethany Circle. SopHi. B. KER Marion Liberal Arts and Sciences Ruth AI. B.ailey Los Angeles, Cal. Libtrnl Artit and Sciences Wiiman ' s Glee Club; Choral Society (2); D. A H. Beul.xh H. B. LD VIN Centralia Education Frieda Baird Jamaica Central Business Alpha Delta Pi; Gamma Epsilon Pi. Woman ' s .Athletic .-Vssociation (3). (4); Ac- countancy Club; Baseball (2); Hockey (3): Basketball (3); Enterpriser .Staff (4); Com- merce Mixer Committee (4); Y. W. C. . Second Cabinet (4); Preliminary Honors. Grace Baldwi. Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma. .Alhenean Literary Society. K ans illc. Iiid. (ietural bustness George AI. Baird " Mai " Si(;ma Phi P psilon. Hoosier -Club; Circus Casting Team (3) Y. .M. C. . Music Committee (3). James H. B. ldwin State Leavter. Junior Extension. Urbana Education Page $1 !■■ 1 Kenneth D. H. Baldwin Peoria " Ken " " Baldy " Dairy Husbamlry Sigma Nu. Agriculture Club; Dairy Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Circulation Manager, Illinois Agriculturist (3) ; Homecoming Committee (3). William Barber •■Bill " Alpha Tau Omega. Decatur G ' -uiral Biisitit ' Ks Ann M. Bale Joliet Libtrttt Arts nnd Sciences Gamma Phi Beta. World Fellowship Committee, Y. W. C. A. (2); Finance Committee, Y. W. C. A. Lyle N. Barcume LosAngeles, Cal. " Bark " Architecture Alpha Kappa Lambda. Architectural Club. Mariam J. Bales Dana, Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences Psi Xi. Jamesonian Literar ' Society; Women ' s Cosmopolitan Club; Woman ' s Athletic Asso- ciation; Y. W. C. A.. Vice-President (4); Woman ' s League; Freshman Bowling (1); Second team, Basketball (2); Junior Hockev (3). Julius Banashek " Banny " St. Louis, Mo. Accountancy Lucille M. Barker Sparta Liberal Arts and Sciences Sigma Psi. Albert H. Barnett Chicago " Barney " Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical CUib. Clyde R. Banksox Mound City " Bank " Law Ilus; Phi Alpha Delta. Atlplphic Literary Society: Law Club; Homecoming Dance Committee (3); Senior Memorial Committee (3); Junior Smoker Committee (31; Senior Hobo Band Com- mittee (4). Irving W , Barnett Chicago " Red " General Business Zeta Psi; Lambda Tau Rho. Commerce Club; lllini Business Staff (1); Sophomore Assistant Circus Manager; Cadet Hop Committee; Senior Hobo Band Com- mittee; Major, University Brigade. Pag,- Mary L, Barnett Mattoon Lil " Arts nmt Srunrtu Alpha Kappa Alpha. 1. C. Barousse Mexico City, Mexico Architectural Enuineeriny Circiilo Espano!; Le Circle Francais; Latin American Club. Harry A. Barr Aledo ■■ Hoiidy " Law Acacia; Phi Delta Phi. Comitatus; Hot Mantis Club: Polo Club (3), (4); Class Football (4). Myrtle G. Barr Brazil, Indiana Libtritl Ar(,s and Sciences Chi OmeKa. Hoosier Club O. M. Barr, Jr. River Forest " Ollie " Ltbtral ArU and Scitncig Sigma Chi; Scarab. Skull and Crescent; Architectural Club. Isaac J . B.vrrktt Elmwood " Ike " Af riculture Pi Pi Uho. John D. B. rrick Canton " Shorty " LiUral Arts and AVic»rc« Kappa Sigma. Lake Forest College. Walter A. Barry Buffalo, . . ' . " Walt " Industrial Administration Zeta P.«i. Skull and Crescent; Commerce Club; Inter- collegiate Plving Club. Maynard T. Bartholomew Chicago " Bart " Industrini Administration Pi Kappa Phi. George J. Bartle Pinckneyville " Jakr " h ' tirtign nnmtrcv Pi Kappa Alpha. I ' o ' s ' ' .i.i Lester L. Barto Illio Staff; Enterpriser Staff. Peoria Nellie F. Bates Champaign Gtntral Busitusi Libtral Arta and Scieuf€» Frances Baskerville Joliet Liberal Aria ami Sciences Woman ' s Welfare Committee (41. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Lniiiiscnpe Gnrdiniitfj C. W. Baughman " Chuck " Scarab: l " . L. A. S. Daubers: Pierrots: Landscape Club; Illio Art Staff (2). (3). (4), Assistant Art Editor (4); Illinois Magazine Art Editor (3). (4): Siren (3), (4); " Caoutchouc " (3); " Jeanne d ' Arc " (2). Irene Bass Armstrong GeniTal Business Phi Mu. Y. W. C. A. Big Sister Committee; Calling Committee; Rural Club Committee. K. C. Baumgardner Sioux Falls, S. D. " Bummie " Liberal Arts and Scieurrs Phi Bi ' ta Kappa. Preliminary Honors. Perkins B. Bass, Jr. Evanston " Perk " Industrial Aihninistration Phi Kappa Psi. Ku Klux Klan; Siren Staff (41. Ross S. Baumunk " Ross " Sigma Nu. Comitatus; Class Baseball ( U. Champaign Bank i no Vera V. Bassett Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Kappa Kappa Gamnui. Theodore F. Bayer Louisville, Ky. " Ted " Foreign Coinintrce Theta Delta Pi. Foreign Trade Club; Le Cercle Francaia. P i - 54 Herbert G. Bayley Carmi ■ IK-rh " Afrountnticy I ' niversitv Rceiiin-nt Biuui; Acroimtunev Club. Harriet A. Beach Urbana " Hat " Lihrrnl Arts and Sciencei Bethany Circle; Mortarboard. lUioIa Literary Society; Woman ' s Athletic Association. Secretary Ci); Woman ' s Honor Commission (3), (4); Varsity Basketball (1). {2). (3); Baseball (1). (2). Ci); Varsity Hockey (1), (2). C3), Manager (4); Bowling (1). Hai.daxe W. Beax Blue Mound " Hal " Aynrullur, ' Kappa Kappa Kappa. Hoof and Horn Club; Auriculturr- Club; Captain, University Brigade (4t. First Lieu- tenant (3). Charles L. Beattv Paris Af riculture Tau Delta Tau. Ajiricidture f lub; H »of and Horn Club; Agricultural Education Club. Fran ' Cis M. Beatty Chicago " Meb " Arrountiinrif Phi Kappa Sigma. Pierrots. Thomas AI. Beaumont Kankakee Aurirultiin- Phi Kappa Sipma. Ku Klux Klan; Senior Hat Comnuttee; Senior Informal Committee. Carl Becker Jr. River Forest " Beck " Chemical Kngi ' ieeritiy Beta Delta Sigma; Phi Lambda I ' psilon: Alpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Xi. Chemical Club; Illmois Clicmist Staff (3): Homecoming Committee 12); Wrestling (2). Edmund F. Becker. Jr. Chicago " Eddie " General Busiiiesv Chi Phi. Skull and Crescent; .hinior Prum Conimil- tee. Arxold 0. Beckm. n Bloomington " Beck " ClieTnieat Etitjineiriiia Delta Upsilon; Phi Lambda I ' psilon. .Mpha Chi Sigma; Chemical Club; Marine Club; Preliminary Honors; Editor of Hlinois Chemist (4). Walter E. Beebe Chicago " Beebs " Gerurnl liiisiucsit Lambda Chi Alpha: Tribe of Illini. Dolphin Club; Senior Hat Comnuttee; Freshman Varait.v Swimming; Freshman Var- sitv Basketball; Swimming (2). Captain-elecl Ci). Dorothea J. Beeby Chicago ' Dot ' Journalism Chi Omega. mini Editorial Staff; Stadium Enthiisia =im Committee; Y. W. C. A. Social Committee. Roy M. Belnap Evanston General Business " Snapper " Phi Kappa Sigma. Ku Klux Klan; Pierrots; Commerce Club; Varsity Football (2); Class Football (3). (4); Manager. Senior Class Football (4): Home- coming Executive Committee; Chairman. " All University Revue " (4 . Arthur K. Beechler Springfield Electrical Engineering Electrical Euijineering Society. Austin H. Bennett Chicago General Business Tau Delta Tau. Le Cercle Francais; Foreign Trade Club; Sophomore Smoker Committee; Junior Smok- er Committee; Homecoming Committee (4). Charles X. Beggs " Norm " Triangle. Y. .M.C. A. Cabinet (2). St. Louis, Mo. Citil Enginetring Eugene D. Benson Baiavia Ciri7 Engineering William J. Behrens Chicago Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society. Harold G. Benson Mount Carroll General Business Phi Sigma Kappa. Senior Informal Committee. Grace Bell Gamma Epsilon Pi. Bondville John H. Benson Aloline Commerce " Olie " Mechanical Engineering Kappa Delta Rho. P " S ' - jO Edwin C. Berexdes Evansville. Ind. " Ed " Arrhiltclurt- Hlgh M. Beshers ■Brick " El Paso Citii Engiuecring Arvid H. Berg North Crjsta! Lake Chtmistry Delta Sipma Phi: .Sipnia Xi; Phi Lambda I ' p- silon: Pi Gamma rpsilon. Chemical Chib; Assistant Business Mana- ger, Illinois Chemist; Chemistn Smoker Committee, Vice-president, Pan-Hellenic. Fred S. Bii.s Waukegan Arrountancy ConcorUia. Accountancy Club; German Club. Herbert A. Berg Riverside •■ H rb " A ' iriculttirc Farm House. ARricuIture Club; Hoof and Horn Club. Richard E. Bishop Delta Tau Delta. Architectural Club. B.S., Purdue University. Urban a Lester K. Bergev Coaching Club. Colmar, Penn. Athletic Coaching John N. Black " Doc " Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Purdue University. Greenfield, Ind. ;.,.. ml fiusnnss Herbert S. Berxsteix Chicago " Bernie " Geiural Business Zeta Beta Tau. Commerce Club; Frt ' shman Smoker Com- mittee; Sophomore Smoker Committee; S ' nior Hat Committee; HomecominR Com- mittee (4). Clara Blackard Harrisburg Liberal Arts and Sciences Phi Mu. I Cercle Kranrais; V. W. C. -A... Social Committee CI), Finance Committee (4); Preliminarj ' Honors. Pag ' S7 Cyrene E. Blackman Lebanon, Ind. " Cy " Librral Arts n ul Scie?irps Purdue University; George Washington University. Walter A. Blue ' ebster City, la. " Wally " Civil Enyineeritig Pi Kappa Phi. McKendree AI. Blair Barry " Mac " Liberal Arts and Sciences Concert Band (1). (2), (3); University Orchestra (1). (2), (3). Edith S. Bluxt Urban a General Business Lov J, Blakely Kilbourne " Blake " Ayriculturv Kappa Delta Rho. Asriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Hortirulture Club; Y. M. C, A., Campus Ser- vice Committee; Class Football (3), (4). Oscar D. Bluthardt Chicago " Tubby " Chemistry Delta Upsilon; Gamma Pi Upsilon. Freshman ' arsity Football. Carl X. Blomberg Rockford " Cully " General Business Tau Kappa Epsilon. Junior Informal Committee; Stadium County Committee. Carl F. Boehme Lockport Agriculture Hoof and Horn Club; Agriculture Club; Class Football (3i ; Intra-mural Baseball Champions (3). Paul H. Bloomixgdale ' ■ Bloom " Gamma Kta Gamma. Law Club. DcKalb La le Gerhardt H. Bohn Lockport Merhan ieal Enyineeritig Pi Tau .Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. Board of Directors, Engineer ' s Co-op Store; Preliminary Honors. Ki.MiiR R. BoLLENBACH Wheeling Electrical Enfjinecrinu Irene Boller Alphn Xi Delta Chicago AgTiciilture Agriculture Club; Hi rtirulture Club; Hockey (2). Francis L. Bollixcjer Cliicago " Andy " Iiiiluttrial AilminUlration mini Chamber of Commerce; Enterpriser Staff. C. S. Booker " Uke " Alpha Phi Alpha. Washington, D. C. Mt-rfiiittirul Etitlimerint William D. Boltwell Waukcgan ..Tjjii " Jiitintnli- iii Alpha Kappa Lambda; SiRma Delta Clii; I ' l Delta Epsilon. ,,. , c- ■ Adelphie Literary ffoeiety; Wesley Founda- tion Student Council; Daily lllini Staff (D. (21. News Editor (3); Chimes Soiir Book Commit- tee; Chairman, Journalism .lamborec; Star Course Board; Y. M.C. A. Cabinet ; M C . . Board of Directors. Charles E. Bowen Delphi, Ind. " Chilly " Getteral BusinCBS BetaTheta Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi. Commerce Club; Commerce Mixer Com- mittee; Advertising Manaxer. Enterpriser (3); Junior . ' Assistant Interseholastic Mana- ger (3); Interseholastic Manager (4); Secre- tary, Athletic Board of Control (4). Donald F. Bowey Chicago .•yo„ " Chemistry Zeta Psi; Gamma Pi Upsilon. , , , „ , Skull and Crescent; Chemical Club; Fresh- man Varsity Track; Sophomore Track Assis- tant; Junior Intra-mural Manager; Senior Memorial Committee. Thomas A. Boyd Lewiston Roderick F. Bott Milwaukee, Wis. " Kcildy " Clirmixlni Delta ' Sigma I ' hi. (;:iiiiinii I ' i Ipsilon. Leonard ' . Braham New Wilmington, Pcnn. " Alcibiades " Animnl llu,h„,„lrii . gricultnre Club; Hoot and Horn Club. ' «. Wu. H. Bra-max " Biir South Bend, Ind. Ciril Engineerinu Ivan B. Braxham Urbana " Skin " Ceramic Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma; Keramos. Erwix C. Brede Collinsville ' ■ Babe " Archittrturnl Eugine -ring Lambda Chi Alpha; Tribe of Illini: Gatnma Omicron Pi. Architecture Club; Freshman ' a sity Bas- ketball ( 1) ; Freshman ' a sity Track ( 1) ; Var- sity Track (2), (31, (4): Class Basketball (2). J. F. Bredehoeft St. Louis, Mo. " Brede " Accountancy Accountancy Club; Illio Staff. Dan a. Braxigax yigma Kappa Delta. First Lieutenant, University Brigade. Northwestern University- Am boV Civil EnginvvrinQ Jesse C. Bremer " Jake " Hillsboro Civil Engineering West Chicago General Business Esther D. Brauns " Es " Alpha Omicron Pi. V. W. C. A. Second Cabinet (41: Social Committee (3); Bible Study Committee (3). James T. Brexxax, Jr. St. Louis, AIo. " Jimmie " (ienerul Business Phi Kappa. Illinois Flying Club; X " e vnian Club: Fresh- man Varsity Baseball; Soccer (21. (31. (4): Dads Day Accommodations Committee. Florence C. Brazelton Greensburg, Indiana Education John J. Bresee Mattoon " Deak " Architectural Engineering Triangle; Sigma Tau. Daubers; Architecture Club; Illio Staff (3), (4); Siren Staff (3), (4); Engineering Council. P(2 e- (xt Ellen R. Brewer Champaign " Ruth " Libtrrul Arts and Scieiins Delta GaiiiMia. Sophomore Cotillion Committee: Junior Informal Committee; Senior Informal Com- mittee. Robert S. Bristol Chicago " Rriek " Afrounlancy Alpha Sigma Phi; Beta Alpha Psi; Tribe of mini. Skull and Crescent; Aceountaney Club; Rainbow Division Illini Club; A ' arsity Golf Team (2), (3). William G. Brewster Chicago ■■Hill " General Bitaimsf! Plii Gamma Delta. Class Swimming (1); Junior Mixer Com- mittee. A. W . Breykogel Drifton, Penn. ' .. 1 " Electrical Engiiietriiiit ICta Kappa Xti; Sigma Tau. Electrical Engineering Society. Glen P. Brock Palestine " Brockie " liinluay Aftminititralion Pi Kappa Phi. Commerce Club; Railway Clvib; Ac- coimtancv Club; Director. Illini Chamber of Commerce Ci). (41; Class Basketball (I), (3); Class Soccer (3); Busiiiess Staff, Enterpriser (3); Junior Smoker Committee (3); Junior Stag Committee (3); Chairman. Shan Kive Entertainment (3). (4); Homecoming Com- mittee (4). Reuben Brookstone Chicago Accountancy L. Brickhouse Little Rock, Ark. " Brick " Liberal Arts and Sciences Phi Alpha Delta. Dixie Club; Law Club; Homecoming Com- mittee (4); Senior Smoker Committee: Shan Kive (3). (4). EiiNiCE J. Brown Divernon " Jo " Liberal Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta. Woman ' s Athletic . ssociation; Hockey (1), (2). 3): Y. W C. A. Membership Committee; Mothers Day Publicity Committee; Woman ' s Welfari- Committee (3V. Sweethearts Oi eretta Committee. Illinois Woman ' s C )llcge. John W. Bright Chicago " Willie " Ritibraii Electrical EnnineeriuQ Railway Club; Electrical Engineering .Soci- ety: Homecoming Steering Committee (4). George B. Brown Wyoming Mechanical Enyineering Delta Phi Omega; Pi Tau Sigma. ' ;s ' Ol Kenneth C. Brown Hinsdale " Ken " Mtclianical Enginetring Alpha Delta Phi: Scabbard and Blade; Pi Tau Sigma. Lyle Chase Brown DuQuoin " Bus " Gi-iuTal Buftintf i Beta Theta Pi; Ma-Wan-Da; Sachena; Alpha Kappa Psi; Tribe of Illini. Commerce Club; Varsity Tennis (2), (3); Sophomore Assistant lUio (2); Managing Editor. The 1922 Illio (3); Managing Editor. The Enterpriser (3 ; Editor. The Enter- priser (4 ; Homecoming Class Scrap Commit- tee (3);Y. M. C. A. Finance Committee (3). Richard C. Browne Carbondale Liberal Arts and Sciences Alpha Kappa Lambda. George A. Browne Carbondale " . rt " .-Iffricu Zure - lpha Kappa Lambda. Concert Band (3). (4); L ' niversitv Orchestra (3). (4); . g Glee Club (4). Nancy Browning Benton Liberal Arts and Sciences Kappa . lplia Theta. " ARREN C. Bruce St. Louis, Mo. " Cotton " Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma. Chemical Club: Gym Team (1); Circus (1;) Intra-mural " I " (2). (3); All-Round-Ath- letic " I " (11. (2). (3). (4); Manager. Soph- omore Football Team (2). Otto E. Brunkow Dubuque, la. " Brunk " Architectural Engineering Delta Phi: Gargoyle. Architecture Club; Glee Club (2); Class Track (1); Class Football (2) ; First Lieuten- ant. I ' niversity Brigade (3). Jennings M. Bryan Chicago " Jinks " General Business Sigma Chi. Pierrots. Robert B. Bryant Princeton " Bob " Agriculture Horticulture Club; . griculture Club. Leslie J. Clarion, la. " Bill " General Business Page- 62 G. V. Bt ' CHAXAX Xorwalk, Conn. " Buck " Jourrttilifini Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sipni:i Delta Chi; Pi Delta Epsilon; Ma-Wan-Da. Scribblers; Daubers; The Marine Club; Pierrots; I ' niversity Press Club; Siren Staff (I). (2), Editor (3). Contributing Editor (4); Editor. Uotist Section, 1922 Illio; Campus Scout (4): Executive Committee. Illtni Gold Star Memorial Campainn: Honiecomins Com- mittee (4); First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade 13). G. Buchanan, Jr. Highland Park " Bunny " Mininy Ungtnernnfj Alpha Delta Phi; Sachem; Tribe of lUini. Track (1). (2). (4); Mining Society. Helen I. Buckler Champaign " Bobby " " Bobs " Liberal Arts ami Scifnces Delta Delta Delta; Mortarboard; Phi Beta Kappa; Theta Sigma Phi; Sigma Delta Phi. Scribblers; Alethenai; . ' Swimming Honors (D; TelcgraDh Editor. Daily Illini (2); Con- tributing Editor. Illinois Magazine (3); Presi- dent. Woman ' s League (4i ; Constitution Com- mittee. .Sophomore Illinae; Social Chairman, Woman ' s League (3); President. Junior Illinae; Honor Commission. Secretary (3); Preliminary Honors. Boyd W. Bullock Evansville, Ind. " Cap " (ienrral Btisirtess Phi Delta Theta; Ma-Wan-Da; Scabbard and Blade. Student Council: Hoosier Illini Club; Com- merce Club; Polo Club; Military Ball Com- mittee (.3). Chairman (4); CoM-d Carnival Committee (3); Homecoming Committee (4): Ticket Supervising Committee, Illinois Union (4): Lieutenant. University Brigade (1). Captain (2 . Major (3). Colonel (4). Alice M. BuMSTEAD Colorado Springs Liheral Artx and Sciences Kappa . lt ha Theta. Senior Informal Committee. Catherine Bintin Delta CJanmia. Home Economies Club. Bushnell Home Eeoriomics K.vTHERiNE . BuRD Pcrrv " Kay " Liberal Arts and Sciences Delta Zeta. Woman ' s League; Le Cercle Francais. Olav D. Burge Wichita, Kansas " Bugs " Liberal Artx and Scieucev Pi Kappa Alpha. Scribbler ' s Club; Philomathean Literar ' Society: Managing Editor. Illinois Magazine (3); News Editor, Summer Illini (3); Siren Staff (4); " Tailor Made Man " . Oscar E. Burkiiart Kdgcrton, Ohio Chemt:ilry Gamma Pi Upsilon. Maynard B. Burwash Champaign " Pete " .4tfric« urf Theta Chi. PaRi- 63 Erma E. Cable Chicago Educitioii Woman ' s Athletic Association, Secretary (4 ; Woman ' s League Council: Hockej ' ' (2), (3): Basketball (2). (3); Baseball (2). Cap- tain (3) ; Tennis Manager (3) ; Dad ' s Day Committee (3). (4). Harold E. Cad well ■•Caddy " Delta Kappa Epsilon. Freshman Varsity Track. Rock ford General Business Chas. a. Cahill, Jr. Milwaukee, is. " Chick " Architectural Engineering Triangle. Daisy C. Camerox Gamnia Epsilon Pi. Dundee Commerce Juan D. Campos Sinait, Philippines " Ansong " Li eral Art! find Sciences Philippine lUini. Franklix a. Caxadav Homer " Stew " Agricultnre Lambda Chi Alpha. Agriculture Club; Ganuna Omicron Pi. Ruth M. Caldwell Sheldon " Babe " Banking Alpha Gamma Delta: Gamma Epsilon Pi. Woman ' s Glee Club; Woman ' s Cosmopoli- tan Club; Illiola; Commerce Mixer Commit- tee; Y. W. C. A. Doll Show (31; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2); Preliminary Honors. Ward C. Caxxox Buckley " Joe " Agriculture Alpha Zeta. Agriculture Club; Agricultural Education Club; Freshman Varsity Track; Varsity Track (2), (3), (4); Preliminary Honors. Edward J. Calta " Kellv " Class Football (2). (3). Chicago C)ri7 Engineering Herbert X. R. Carlsox Chicago Electrical Engineering Tribe of lUini. Freshman Varsitv Track; Varsity Track (3). (4). Page 64 Melvix C. Carlson Chicago General Business •Mel " Phi Kappa SiKina- Skull and Cn scont; Commerce Club; Pier- rot; Advertising Manager, Post-Exam Jubilee (3); Junior Manager. Student Opera (, ' )■, Production Manager of Operetta (3); Junior Cap Committee; Co-ed Carnival (2). (3); All University Review (4); Junior Assistant Cheer-Leader (3). R. Carnf.v M anston Li n ml .Arts (inii Sciences Charles " Chuek " i r " ' ' -I - ■• Psi Upsilon: Ma-Wan-Da : 8acheni. Freshman ' arsity Football; ' arsity Foot- ball (2). (3). (4); Freshman Varsitv Basket- ball; Varsity Basketball (2). (3), Captain (4); Freshman ' arsity Baseball; Junior Prom Committee; Ilumccdniing Committee (4). Pace. L. Carlson Lake Forest " Streteh " Civil EngineerinQ Triangle; Theta Tau. Senior Hobo Band Committee (3); Dad ' s Day Committee (3). Gace G. Carnlw Charleston A ' jriciiUuTe John W. Carrington •■Jack " Urban a Ell II cat ion Herbert D. Carter Cleveland, Ohio " N ' iek " Chnniral Eni irirrriiif I hi Kappa Tau: Phi Lambda I ' psilon; Alpha Chi Sigma; Pi Delta I ' psilon; Sigma Xi. Illinois Chemist Staff (2), Business Mana- ger (3); Preliminary Honors. Max G. Carman Charleston Lihernl Arta and Sciences Margaret Carter Jamaica " Pt ' Egy " lliirnt Economics Home Economics Club; Woman ' s Athletic Association; Woman ' s Welfare Committee (4). CiLVRLEs K. Carnahan Lead, S. D. " Carney " Law Thetn Delta Chi; Phi Delta Phi. Skull and Crescent; Senior Invitation Committee. KNA Carter Rockford " ' c " Foreign Commerce Foreign Trade Club: Student Council, Witnian ' s LeagiM ' i3 ( 1) ; Preliniinnry Honors, Pag 6-; Silas Cartland Chicago " Si " " Capt " Mechanical Engineering Scabbard and Blade. Polo Club; Major. University Brigade. George M. Carvlix Alpha Chi J ijrma. Chemical Club. Chicago Chemistry Agxes B. Cary Home Economics Club: Committee (3). (4). LaGrange Home Economics Woman ' s Welfare Annabel E. C. thcart Marissa Liber-il Arts and Sciences Choral Society; Woman ' s Glee Club; Le Cercle Francais; Gregorian. Arthur S. Chabgt ■Art " Phi Kappa Sigma. Kankakee Agriculture JoHX T. Chadwell Quincy Phi Kappa Tau; Delta Sigma Rho; Phi Alpha Delta; Aloha Aloha Alpha. Law Club; Philomathean; Manager Star Course (4i: Homecoming Committee. Law- School (4 : Junior Coxmcilman. Illinois Union ' : Pn sidenl. Board of (. rator - and Debate Walter O. Chamberlaix (4): Alternate. Varsity Debate Team (2); Illinois-Wisconsin Debate (3) ; ILinois-Min- nesota Debate (3) : Junior Hatchet Orator (3) ; Senior Hatchet Orator (4); Captain. Illinois- Iowa Debate (4); Captain, Illinois-Michigan Debate (4). Olivia D. Chamberlain ' innetka L indscape Gnniming Woman ' s Athletic Association: Woman ' s Welfare Committee; Swimming (1 ; Hockey (2); Senior Memorial Committee: Home- coming Publicity Committee (3); Y. W. C. A. Poster Committee i3), i4U Recreation Com- mittee (4): Co-ed Carnival Committee (2 ; Unit Captain (2); Student Council. Wom- an ' s League (2 . Berwyn " Chamb " Mechanical Engineering Zeta Psi; Theta Tau. Freshman ' arsity Basketball; Freshman Varsity Baseball, G. A. Chandler Kansas City, Mo. Landscape Gardening Sigma Chi: Scarab: U. L. A. S. Kansas City lUini Club: Landscape Club; Freshman Varsity Track; A ' arsity Track (3), (4 ; Homecoming Song Book Committee (3); Homecoming Decoration Committee (41. George L. Chandler ' aukegan " George " General Business Delta Upsilon: Beta Gamma Sigma: Pi Delta Epsiton; Alpha Kappa Psi. Commerce Club: Pierrots: Accountancy Club: Glee and Mandolin ll); Varsity Track (2);Intra-mural Track ' I " (3 ;Assistant Busi- ness Ianager. Enterpriser (31, Business Man- ager (4i; Chairman. Commerce Mixer Com- mittee (4): Chairman. Commerce Luncheons Committee: Senior Hobo Band Committee: Post-Exam Jubilee Cup i3i; Interscholastic Circus Clown Winner 3): Junior Mixer Cup (3): Cast. " Sweethearts " , " Caoutchouc " , PtiJ- 60 Hwui W . Chao Mongtsin, Honan, China .Mechattical Engiiiftritiu Chinese Students ' Club. TvRA M. Christensex Champaign " Christj " Libtrftl Arts and Sciences Spanish Club: Choral Society; Burrill Botany Club (3). Wei H. Chao Sui Ping Hsien, Honan, China Mechanical Engineering Chinese Student ' s Club. Chester X. Clark Champaign " Chet " Electrical Engineering KXA Kappa Xu: Sigma Tau. _ Electrical Engineering Society. Thomas F. Cheaxey East St. Louis " Duck " Electrical Engineeriny Tnu Delta Tau. Electrical Engineering Society. John E. Clark Georgetown ■ ' Vonk " Lihtrnl Arts and Sciences Iota Phi Thcta. Class Football (4). Yu C. Chen Sinyoungchow, Honan, China Hatttcay Citit Engineering Chinese Students ' Club. Railway Civil Engineering Club; Chinese Student Alliance. K. THYRN D. Clark Galesburg ' ■ Kay " Liberal Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta. Illiola Literary Society; Class Hockey Team .■!): Chairman. Y. W. C. . . Doll Show (3); Chairman. Y. W. C. A. Ejtension Com- mittee; ' ice-Presi(lent Sophomore Class; Second Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. (3). Helen II. Chesbro Peoria Home Economics Arthur D. Clausen DeKalb • _ n " AaricuHurr Delta Sigma Phi; Scabbard and Blade. Slajor. rniv Tsity BriEHde. i ' - ' - JoHx J. Clegg Chandlerville Agriculture Chi Beta. University Concert Band (1). (2), (3), (4). Helen M. Cochrane Danvil Liberal Arts nnii Scifncrs Gregorian; Spanish Chib; German Club; Le Cercle Francais; Student Council, Wom- an ' s League (4 ; Membership Committee. Y. W. C. A. Mary J. Cleveland Plymouth, Ind. Libetal Arts and Sciences Kappa Kappa Gamma; Gamma Epsilon Pi. Sirsn Editorial Staff (3); Co-ed Carnival (3); Y. W. C. A. Calling Committee (1); Y. W. C. A. Membership Committee (2). Bess A. Coffee Home Economics Club. Elgin Home Economics Edith F. Cloyes Chicago Chemistry Chi Omega Chemical Club: Woman ' s League Mixer Committee (2 . (3 ; Co-ed Carnival (3); Chem Dance (3): Chem Open House (3). AIark S. Coffman " Coffee " Delta Sigma Phi. Augusta General Business Arthur ' . Coale " King " Beta Lambda. Peoria Landscape Gardening Raphael H. Cohex Chicago " Ray " Mechanical Engineering Alpha Epsilon Pi. Menorah Society; Freshman ' arsity Swim- ming. Paul B. Cochran Wilkinsburg, Penn. Chemistry Kappa Kappa Kappa. Chemical Club. Samuel Cohx " Jonah " Chemical Club. Chicago Chemical Enginetring Page 68 Helen B. Cole Lib ml Alls and Scuncoi David B. Collings Urbana ■■ Dave " Electricnl Enffineerimj Electrical Engineering Society; Techno- graph Staff. Clarence J. Collins South Bend, Indiana " Collie " Iota Phi Theta. Littoral Arts and Scitnr Walter S. Collins Rockford iyricuUure " Happy " Delta SipniH Phi; Tribe of Ilhni. Agriculture C ' luh; Fri-shiimn Varsity Bas- ketball; Varsity Basketball 2), (3). (4); Class Football (1), (3). (4); Class Baseball (1). Russell G. Cone Sheridan, Wyoming " Rusty " Ciril Ent inrrrirta Ilu«; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau. Lniversity (ilee ( lub; (!lee and Mandolin T ' lnl); Pn-Iiniinary Honors. Champaign Foreign Commtrcc Harlan D. Conn ■H. D. " Theta Delta Pi. Foreign Tratle Club; Illini Chamber of Conmierce ; Enterpriser Staff (3) ; Assistant Business Manager (4). Clarence L. Conrad Charleston EUctrical Etiyinccrino Eta Kappa Nu; Theta Tau. Electrical Engineering Society ; Engineer- ing Co-Op Society. Vice-President (3). (4); Sophomore MixerCommittee; Interscholastic, (2); Junior Prom Committee; Engineering Dance Committee (3); Dads ' Day ( ' ommit- tee (3); Senior Invitation Committee; Home- coming Committee (4); St ident Council (3), (4); Engineering Council (41; General Mana- ger, Electrical Engineering Show (4); Presi- dent Junior Class. John W. Conr i) Charleston Accountanct Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Alpha Psi. Sophomore MixerCommittee; Homecoming Committee (3), (4); Senior Memorial Com- mittee (3); Chairman. Celebrations Commit- tee, Illinois Union (4); Class Treasurer (3); Senior Councilman, Illinois I ' nion (4). Carl F. M. Cook South Bend, Indiana Aoricutture Robert TT. Cooke lilairstown, New Jersey Civil Enifinrering Claris Football (I); Freshman ' arsity Base- ball; Class FnotbiiH ' 3), Pa r 6q Marion F. Cooley Danvil " Don " Gtneral Bu i it - Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Kii Klus Ktan: Skull and Crescent: Com- merce Club; Chairman. Sophomore Mixer Committee; Junior Cap Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Junior Informal Commit- tee; General Chairman. Stadium Homecom- ing Committee (41; Homecoming Finance Committee (3) ; Senior Informal Committee (4). Ross E. CoRNWELL Ncrgo " Irish " Merhanical Engineeriuff Pi Tau Sigma. Preliminary Honors. JoHX . CoRRiXGTOX Jacksonville " Jack " General Businegg Sigma Phi Epsilon. Accountancy Club. Illinois College. Albert W. Cooper Quincy " Coop " Mechanicai Engineering Triangle: Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma. Harriet Copley Joliet " Bill " Lihtral Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta. Woman ' s Athletic Association: Swimming (3); Basketball i31; Varsity Basketball (3); Baseball (.3) ; Slanager. Class Swimming Team (4); Dancing Manager for Woman ' s Athletic Association (4). Joy S. Cord Philo Home Economics Harold T. Coss Saunemin Ceramic Enginetring ■ Aroldo " Pi Pi Rho: Keramo? American Ceramic Societv: Technograph Staff (4); Y. M. C. A. Fraternity Addresses Committee (3). Mervin F. Cotes Peoria " Mer " " General Business Delta Tau Delta; Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Pi Delta Epsilon. Commerce Club; Daily Illini Staff (1). (2). (3). (41. Copy Manager i2i. Advertising Man- ager (3). Business Manager (4 ; Business Manager of Summer Illini (21; Homecoming PubUcity Committee (4); Mixer Committee (2); Smoker Committee (3); Dad ' s Day Com- mittee (3): Pan-Hellenic Council (3): Ad- vertising Manager, " Sweethearts " ; Student Council (4 . R. YMoxD S. Corey DeKalb " Ray " General Business Anubis. Class Scrap Committee 1V LeLAXD I. COTHEX " Jake " Delta Mu Epsilon. Mining Society. Pana Mining Engineering Pa%f 70 Erma Cottixgham Jerseyvillc " Cott " Home Economics Omirron Xu. Home Economics Club. Charles C. Couxcell Marion, Iiid. Architectural Engineering Sigma Tau; Gargoyle; Scarab. Esther L. Covvax Danville Gcntral Business First Council, Woman ' s League. RoLAXD A. CouELL Champaign " Blltrh " Athletic Coaching Sipnia Xu. Skull and Crescent. Ralph G. Crammoxd Peoria " Soup " Agriculture Phi Sigma Kappa. Skull and Crescent: . griculture Club; mini Staff (1); Homecoming Program Com- mittee (3). Hexry L. Crane Cleramont, Mo. Agriculture Hoof and Horn Club: .Agriculture Club. Walter F. Cr.axgle Onarga " .Jack " Athletic Coaching Phi Kappa: Sachem: Ma-Wan-Da: Tribe of Hlini; Delta Theta Epsilon. Varsity Football (n. (2). (.3). (4); Varsity Baseball (2). (3). (4): Freshman Varsity Basketball: Freshman Varsity Baseball: Class Treasurer (1). Charles L. Cr.w Jerseyville " Judge " Li " - Berxhard J. Croxvvell Hanover " Barney " Prf-mcdicnl V. M. C. . Friendly Relations Committee. Clarence F. Crossley St. Louis, Mo. " Cross " Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma: Phi Lambda fpsilon; Tribe of mini; Sachem. Chemical Club; Freshnuin Varsity Baseball: Varsity Ba.seball (2): Ci): 14): Freshman Var- sity Basketball; Inlra-nmral Basketball Championship Team (2), (3); All around " I " (2). r,n Edward A. Curtiss Stockton " Eddie " Agriculture Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade Agriculturist Staff ll). (2), (3): Chairman Freshman Frohn Committeo; Slajor Univer- sity Brigade (4). Captain (3). Carletox E. Daxgremond Chicago " Dang " General Business Philomathean Literary Society. AxGELiNE B. Cushman Danville " Ann " Home Economics Delta Delta Delta. De Pauw University. Gail M. Dack " Dack " Elgin LeRoy M. G. Dangremond Chicago " Biggy Dang " CiriV Engineering Adelphic Literary Society; First Lieutenant, University Brigade. Rupert S. Daniels Harvey " Shorty " Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma. Chemical Club. Agriculture Doris L. Dahlberg Galesburg Journalism Daily lUini Staff (3); Y. W. C. A. Member- ship Committee (4): Homecoming Commit- tee (3 : ' ice-President, Senior Illinae (4) ; Second Prize, Stadium Article Contest. Knox College. Chester R. Davis Saint Charles " Chet " Law Alpha Delta Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade. Mask and Bauble; Pierrots; Gun and Blade; Republican Club; Business Ianager. Mask and Bauble (2) ; Major (2), Lieutenant Colonel (3). University Brigade; Cast. " New York Idea, " Pair of Queens " , " Tailor Made Man " , Student Opera (2), " Jeanne d " Arc " . " Sweet- hearts " . A.B., Lake Forest College. Marie Dahm Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Theta Phi Alpha. Spaulding Guild; Junior Informal Com- mittee. ' ALDO E. Davis Rapatee. Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society. ' «g.- 7J Esther ' . Day •Vic " Achoth. Basketball (2). (3) Bement Liberal Arts ami Scirncfs Van a. Dexison St. Louis, Mo. " Dennie " Architectural Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Scarab. Washington University. Howard B. Day Westfield. X.J. Electrical Eugincrnug Jack J. Devore Chicago Mechanical Engineering Harold F. Dean Mendota yfechanical Engintrring Treasurer, Campus Motion Pictures (4) ; Captain, University Brigade. Clyde L. Dexter •Deck Agriculture Chib. Galva AgricuUurt Phil T. Dedmax Kansas City, Mo. " Phil " Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; .Sigma Tau. I ' niversity Glee Club 2). (3 , 4); Tcch- nograph Staff (4). Rav K. Dhein Dayton, Ohio Architectural Engineering Frederick A. Dexcer Chicago " Fred " Mining Engineering Phi Kappa Psi. Mining Society: Mathematics Chib; Chem- ical Chib; niiiiiiis Magazine Staff (2 ; Sopho- more Smoker Committee; Homecoming Committee (4i; Engineering Smoker (3). George W. Diefenderfer Chicago Animal Husbandry Delta Kappa Epsilon. Agriculturist Staff (2): Ag Dance Com- mittee (4); Cast of " Jeanne D Arc " ; Cast of " Sweet heart " . P " S ' - -.•; Ruth J. Dietrich Bremen, Indiana Liberal ArU and Scienas Alpha Xi Delta. Woman ' s Athletic Association; First Stu- dent Council (-11; Pan-Hellenic Representative (3). U); Basketball (1); Hockey (1); Sopho- more Mixer Committee: Junior Mixer Com- mittee; Freshman Commission; Historian. Sophomore IlUnae. Lela L. Dillixg Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega. Mary E. Doxahue Bellefontaine, O. ■■ Mary Don " Home Economics Club; Canterbury ' Club. om ' Economics Newman Club; Oscar Leo Doud Chatsworth ' Xat ' " Accountancy Kappa Delta Rho; Beta Alpha Psi. Adelphic Literary Society: Accountancy Club. Homecoming Accommodations Conimit- tee. Fraxces E. Dittmaxx Chicago Agriculture Alpha Xi Delta. Shi-ai; .Agriculture Club; Woman ' s Athletic - ssociation; Hockev (1); Baseball (1). (2): Basketball (1 . (2). JoHX F. Dougherty " Doc " Phi Delta Phi. Comitatus; Newman Club. Chenoa Lair Emily E. Doak Paris " Doak " " Beth " Liberal Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta. Woman ' s Athletic Association; Geneva Club: Y. W. C. A. Second Cabinet (3): Women ' s Glee Club (4); Hockev (2); Bowling (2): Basketball (U. (2 , Varsitv (2); Baseball (IK (2 ; Swimming (2 . (3). (.4). Varsity (3): Junior Prom Committee ; Vice-President Junior Illinae. Xorthwestern University. Bixette Douglas Chicago " Binny " Journalism Chi Omega. French Club: Spanish Club; Baseball (1): Siren Business Staff (3); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2); Y. W. C. A. Publicity Com- mittee (2); Co-ed Carnival Committee (3); First, Third and Foiu-th Councils, Woman ' s League. Marie E. Dohm " Dohmie " Girard Home Economics Thomas J. Douglass " Joe " Acacia. Batchtown Affriculture Ralph S. Dowei.l " Here " I-ambdii Chi Alpha Bloomington Neal Duncan Mount Carroll lidnkitifi " .Shorty " Ai riculturc Alpha Tau Alpha; Alpha Zfta. Agriculture Club; Agriculliiral Kduration Club. Florence G. Draper Divernon " Glad " General liusiueHt Woman ' s Athletic Association; Hockey (1), (2); Basketball (3). John H. Duncan Brinitield " Johnny " Meehanicai Enf ineering Pi Pi Rho. I ' liivcrsity Uefrimcnt Band (1). {2). Hymen D. Drevno Ch General business icago Marjorie a. Durham Urbana Librrnl .4r .« nrirl Scituci ' s Mary S. Dixblazier Fort Smith, Arkansas •Sib " French Club. Lihtral . r(ii and Scifiirfu AIoRRis D. Durham Urbana " Morrie " Libvral Arts ami ScieucrK Phi Kappa Tau: Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Aloha Alpha; Scabbard and H!atle. Law Club: Military Ball Committee (3): Cadet Hop Committee (3); Senior Memorial Committee (4); Concert Band (1), (2). (3); Captain, University Brigade (2), Major (3). Herman O. Dcnxax Alount ' ernon Eilucntion Beta Lambda. Burril Botaiiv Club; Enyptian Normal Club. Stanley Durst West Frankfort Eli ' clricnl EitQinetring Kta Kappa Nu. Electrical Engineering Society. ,. Paul B. Dlsenberry Henry ■■ Dusie " Cirii Engineering Theta Tau: Tau Beta Pi; Tribe of lUini. Varsity Track (2), (.3). (4): Cross-country (3). Captain (4); Preliminaiy Honors. Albert R. Eastman Rockford " od " Architectural Engineering Triangle: Scarab Concert Band; Architectural Society. Kenneth K. DuWall Decatur • Ken " Banking •Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Beta Gamma Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi: Beta Alpha Psi. Commerce Club; Sophomore Mixer Com- mittee; Junior Mixer Committee: Chairman, Junior Smoker Committee; Miser Committee, Dad ' s Day (4); Commerce Nlixer; Prelimi- narj " Honors. CoLMAN Eaton Rockford " Collie " Architectural Engineering Architectural Society; Freshman Varsity Basketball. Herbert E. Dcx Indianapolis, Ind. " Herb " Ciril Euginttring . lpba Kappa Lambda. Raymond F. Dvorak Algonquin " Ray " General fiuiin Tribe of Illini. Ulini Dolphins: Philomathean Literary Society; Concert Band U). (2). (3), (4); Uni- versitv Orchestra (I). (2), (3). (41: University Glee Club (3), U»: Ag Glee Club (3): Hobo Band Committee; Freshman Snimming; Varsitv Sn-imming (2 (3 ' ). (4); Varsitv Chimer (3). (.4); Co-ed Carnival (U; Pos ' t Exam Jubilee (31 ; " Perpetual Emotion " ; Shan-Kive Entertainments (3), (4). Donald M. Eaton Stockton " Burr " Law Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Phi: Order of the Coif. Editorial Staff. Illinois Law Bulletin. Ralph M. Eaton " Jimmie " Sigma Nu. Champaign Law Ethel G. Dyer White Hall Education Bethany Circle; Sigma Delta Phi. Woman ' s Cosmopolitan Club; Illiola; Y. W. C. A. Associated Charities Committee. George C. Ebert Iota Phi Theta; Gamma Pi I ' psilon. Chemical Club. Quincy Chemistry Pag:- 76 |. CK M. F.BERT " Jark " Philomatln-an Society. Chicago Merbfinicril Knyi ' ic ri lff Literary Society: Mcnorah Benjamin Einhorn Chicago .Verhnnical Engineering Phi Epsilon Pi. Harold C. Eckart Bloomington ..j.-ck " Mining Engineering p ' hi Gamma Delta; Delta Mu Epsilon; Theta " p ' ierrols; Mining Society; Captain, Ini- versity Brigade (2). (4); University Band (11; Manager. Post-Exam Jubilee (3); Manager. Student Opera (3); Homecoming Committee (3) (4)- Senior Smoker Committee (4); Post- Exam Jubilee Staff (21; Student Opera Staff (II. (2); Director. Student Operetta (4): Chorus Director (3). EsTELLE E. Edwards Centralia " Stillet " Liheral Arit and Sciences . lpha Gamma Delta. .Xthenean Literary Society. George E. Ekblaw Paxton ..£[.■• Geoloyy Acacia; Phi Beta Kappa. „ ■■ ■ Adplphic; Geology Club; Preliminary Honors. Dorothy L. Elder Champaign ll ' tmt Economics Dot " . Kappa Kappa Gamma; Omicron Nu. First Cabinet Y. W. C. A.; Social Service CommitU ' C (3). (4l. Marshall H. Edwards Jerscyville ' ■ l h " IjOW ThHaChi; Phi . lpha Delta; Pi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Alpha Alpha. Adelphic Society; Law Club. Dailv mini Staff (1). (21. (3). (•»): U: ' " " ' ? " tion Manager. Daily Illini (2).- 3). (4); Fresh- man Smoker Committee; Men a Honor Lorn- mission (4). Blrr S. Eichelman Downers Grove ..|..|j.||-- .4r riru (ure Agriculture Club; Dairy Club. Samuel AI. Ellman Chicago Railuati Elrctrirnl Engineering Electrical Engineering Society; Railway Club; Technograph Staff: All-Eiigineering Smoker (3). John I. Emrick ■Mack " " Psi I ' psilon. Freshman Baseball. Aiedo General Business I r- Herman S.Exgelbrecht Libertyville Geturni Bustnf s Xellie E. Ernest Urbana Libtrat Art$ nmi Stirnces Library Club. Henry A. Engelhardt Elkhart. Ind. Gencrnl Bu ' t ' ir i»- Erickson Moline Mechanical Enginetring Ralph E. Ericksox Chicago " Eric " Ci ri7 Eugineering Triangle; Sigma Tau. Paul H. Esslinger Rushville ' ■ Ess " Prr-Medical Sigma Phi Epsilon; Psi Xi; Omega Beta Pi; Tribe of lUini. Adelphic: Band i ), {2 ■. Freshman Var- sity Football: Freshman ' arsity Wrestling Team; Varsity Football (4); Varsity Wrest- ling (2), (3 . Captain (4); Chairman. Tra- ditions Committee; Chairman. Freshman Cap Burning Committee; Homecoming Slixer Committee; Senior Councilman; Vice- President. Tribe of mini (4); Conference Iiddleweight Wrestling Championship (2), (3). Hexry H. Evaxs Aurora " Hank " Geitt-r i Businets Psi I ' psilon. Skull and Crescent: Ku Klux Klan; Illio Staff (1), (2); Commerce Dance Committee. A ' iLLiAM H. Evans South Bend, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciences IIus. Dewey A. Ericsox Chicago " Swede " Architectural Enginetring Alpha Tau Omega. Lexore L. Eversole Champaign Geology Gamma Phi Beta. HIioIa Literary Society. President (3). Deax M. Ewixg Baldwin " Deanatured " Educntiim Gun and Blade; Anieriraii Lff ion. Agricul- ture Club; Agricultural Education Club. Dorothy A. Evcleshymer Xiles, Michigan Grnerai Business Pi Bt-ta Phi; Gamma Kpsilon Pi. Florenxe L. Fair Chrisman Lthfrnl Artx nml SrUiicfs. George Fai.kenberg Chicago " Red " AgricnUurt Farm Hoiuw: Scabbard and Blade; Tribe of mini; Lambda Tau Rho. Dolphin; Hortirulture Chib; AKnruUure Club: Freshman Varsity Swiuiminp: Var- sity SttimminR (2l. (3), (4); Apple Show Committee; Captain, University Brigade. E. KiTCHEL Farraxd Griggsville " Bill " General Business Sijrinft Phi Sigma; . lpha Kappa Psi. f ' .iMimercc Club; Student Couneil (4) Mf-n ' s Hunor Coniniis. ' -ion (X), Chairman (4); Freshman Varsity Basketball: Ulini Board of Trustees (3), (4); Homecoming Committee (3). (4). William J. Farrell, Jr. Chicago " Bill " Chemicnl Enaituirinu Chemical Club; American Chemical Society. Lee 0. Fexckex Buckley " Fat " AccouKl ' tiictj Accountancy Club; University Band (2), (3). (4). George P. Fexn Berwyn " Gyp " Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon. Illini Staff (2); Circulation ManaRer, Siren (3). MiLTOx A. Feuer Chicago Insurance Phi Epsilon Pi. David ' . Fields Bloomfield, Ind. " Dave " Lihcrai Arln and Sciences Sijrma Pi. Freshman Varsity Track; arsity Track (3), (41. Pagf 79 Frank F. Filut Ch " Frank " Accountancy Accountancy Club; Xewman Club. ampaign Mildred D. Fleming Sullivan Woman ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Welfare Committee. ISADORE FiXKELSTEIX Chicago Chemif!try Chemical Club; Menorah Society. Richard S. Fisher " Dick Pi Pi Rho; Alpha Chi Sigma Phi Beta Kappa Band: Gym Team (3), (4 ; Preliminary Honors. Champaign Chemistry Peebles. Ohio Morgan L. Fitch ' ■ Mugzy " Journalism Phi Kappa Tau; Pi Delta Epsilon. Philomathean Literary Society; Siren, Ad- vertising Manager i3); Business Manager (4); Manager. Shakespeare Festival (3 ; Star Course Board of Trustees (3), (4). Jerome K. Flaherty Hubbard oods " Jerry " General Business Beta Theta Pi. Commerce Club; Siren Staff (2 ; Chairman, Junior Cap Committee: Senior Hat Commit- tee; Junior Prom Committee, Chairman. Senior Informal Committee; Homecoming Committee (3); Homecoming Executive Committee (41: Union Celebrations Com- mittee (3 : Chairman Union Dance Commit- t ' e (4); Dad ' s Day Committee (3 ; Junior Councilman; Senior Councilman. Clare E, Flesher " Rip " Pi Pi Rho. Taylorville pre- Laic Martixiaxo Floro Meycauayan, Philippines . ftch(in7cal Engineering Victor A. Flostrom Morrison " Vic " Foreign Commerce Tribe of Illini. Varsity Wrestling (2), (3). (4 ; Hobo Band Committee. Rose J. Fogelsox Chicago General Busine i Rho Beta Iota. Singles and Doubles Tennis Championship (2); Singles Championship (3). Kenneth A. Ford Chicago ' ■ Ken " . tiricuUure Alpha Gainiiiu Hho; Alpha Zi-ta; Pi Delta Kptsiton. Hoof and Horn Club: HorticuUuro Club; Aericulturc Club; Hlinois Agriculturist (1). (2). Managinie Kciitor CM. Etiitor-in-chief (41; Agricultural Dance Coinniittee; Ap Hound- I ' p Comniittee; .Student Council; Preliminary Honors. Sydney P. Foster Milwaukee, Wis. " Syd " Cfiemicil Engineering Gamma Pi Upsilon. Chemical Club; Class Football. L ' lric C. Foster Apple Ri -cr Eltctrical Engineering Frances A. Forker L ' rbana " Jack " Home Eeonomics Home Economics Club. Helen L. Frantz Lafayette, Ind. H o m e Eco n o m ics Phi Mu. Home Economics Club. Charles W. Fornoff Phi Beta Kappa. Preliminary Honors. Alfhild Foster Omicron Nu. Home Economics Clu b. Pana Pre- Legal Cliicago Economics Grace M. Foster Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Preliminary Honors. Clarence H. Freark Champaign ' Free " Accountancu .Sigma Phi Epsilon; Beta Alpha Psi. Adelphic Literarv t ocietv; Daily Hlini, Telegraph Editor (3). John B. Frederickson Oklahoma City, Oklalioma Liberal Arta and Sciences Sigma Chi. Ku Klux Klan; Golf Team (3 . Captain (4); Homeeoming Committee (4): Senior Invita- tion Committee. Page Si Helen B. Freeman Urbana Liberal Arts ami . ' Sciences Alpha Chi Omega. Xelda Freitag Chicago Liberal Arts nri ' l Sciences Pearl E. Frier Benton Home Economics Delta Zeta. Home Economics Club; Woman ' s Athletic Association: Hockey (1); Basketball (1); Pre- liminary Honors. Marjorie F. Frith Kankakee " Marge " Home Economics First Cabinet Y. W. C. A. V. W. C. A. Membership Committee; Woman ' s League Council; Woman ' s Welfare Committee. James E. Fritts Cowden " Fritz " Chrmisfri Ilus; Gamma Pi Up.silon. Chemical Club; Senior Memorial Com- mittee. Oscar Frost Huron, South Dakota " Jack " Ciiil EngutecrinQ Grace B. Fry Champaign Home Economics Homo Economics Club; ? tudent Council, Woman ' s League; Hockey (1). Constance H. Fuller Tuscola " Connie " Liberal Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma. Woman ' s Athletic Association; Senior Chimes Committee. Zelda H. Fulton LaGrange Liberal Arts and Sciences Psi Xi. Woman ' s Athletic Association; Le Cercle Francais; El Centre Literario Espanol; Jamesonian; Hockey (1), (2), (3); Basketball (I). Agnes M. Gallion Champaign H«mt: Economics Hethany Circle. ' «;,■ S2 Richard H. Gansbergen Chicago " Slim " ' (lenrral Business kssist nt Manager, Illinois I ' nion (3); Junior Mixer Committee; Junior Stag Com- mittee; Secretary, Illinois I ' liion. ' iRGiMA G. Gayle St. Louis, Mo. " Ginger " Architecture Woman ' s Athletic Association; Architec- tural Society. Secretary and Treasurer (3); First Student Council (3); Hockey (1), (2). (3). (4); Baseball (U. (2); Co-ed Carnival Committee (2); Secretar - Junior Class (3). Horace B. Garmax I ' rbana Cecil E. Gates Tuscola " Cec " Animal Husbandry Farm House; Alpha Zeta. Agricultural Club. President (4); Hoof and Horn Club, Secretary- (3); Dad ' s Day Com- mittee (4): Stock Judging Contest (3) Fred F. Geiss ■■ Freddie " Kiippa Sigma: Sachem Alpha Kappa Psi. Skull and Crescent; Business Staff. 1921 Illio; Business Manager, 1922 Illio; Senior Informal Committee. Harvey Gcntral Busintss Pi Delta Epsilon; Karl M. Gibbon Pi Kappa Phi. Arthur Pre-Liaal Sara L. Gay Rockport Home Economics " Lettie " Gamma Phi Beta; Shi-Ai. Illiola; Woman ' s Pan-Hellenic (3 , (4); Woman ' s Athletic Association; Class Hockey Team (1).(2),( ); Homecoming Com- mittee (3); Senior Informal Dance Com- mittee President, Junior lUinae. Elsey J. Gayer Monmouth Liberal Arts and Hciences Alpha Oraicron Pi; Shi Ai. Homecoming Committee (3). Eugenia L. Giberson " LeOne " Alton Education John T. Gibson Muskogee, Okla. Gemrtil Business Phi Ganinia Delta; Beta Gamma Sigma; Ma- Wan-Da; Sachem; Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi. Law Club; Commerce Club; Athletic Editor Illio (3); Junior Assistant Track Manager (3); Union Elections Commit t ' c (3). (4); Dad ' s Dav Conmiittee (3); Board of Directors, Y. M. C. A. (4), Recorder Mi; Manager of Fifth Indoor Ilelay Carnival. Pagf 83 Florence Gidixghagen Kansas City, Missouri Liberal ArU •imi Scitnces University Orchestra (3). (4); Y. W. C. A Second Cabinet (4). Da ID ' . GiPSON Floriculture Club Am boy FloricuUurt Myrvex F. Gift " Myn " Kappa f igma. Peoria General Business George G. Gilbert, Jr. Mt. ' ernon " Gus " Lnu- Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi: Delta Sigma Rho. Eg ' ptian Club; Assistant Sports Editor, Dailj ' lUini (2); Student Editor. Illinois Law- Quarterly (4); Manager. Oratory and Debate (4); Homecoming Committee 4): Yarsiiv Debate t2). (3). (4). Captain (31. (4). H elex G. Gilbert Mt. ' ernon Lthenil Arl t nnd Sciences Pi Beta Phi. lethenai Literary Society; Business Mana- ger of " Sweethearts " ; Secretarj " . Women ' s Welfare Committee (3) ; First Student Coun- cil (4). Mildred J. Gillex Berwyn Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega; Shi-.Ai. Women ' s Athletic Association; Bowling (2), Captain (31: Sophomore Mixer Commit- tee; Big Sister Committee; Senio r Memorial Committee: Secretary lUinae (2). Abraham L. Glaser Chicago ' ■ Pat " Floriculture Alpha Epsilon Pi. Horticulture Club; Floriculture Club; Menorah Society, Vice-President (3), Presi- dent (4). Harold M. Glexx Urbana ' Kansas " Journalism Sachem; Pi Delta Epsilon: Sigma Delta Chi. Daily lUini Staff (2),Xews Editor (3). Sport Editor (4 . Doxald F " Don " Alpha Glos Wayne Mechanical Enffineeritig jigma Phi. S. Mi ' EL P. Gluskoter Chicago Mechanical Engineering Page 84 Elizabeth Goddard Monmouth ' ■ Betty " Lihtral Arts and Scicjicfi Alpha Delta Pi. Athenian (31, Serretary (4)l Woman ' s Athletie Association; Y. W. C. A. Recreation Committee (4). Fred S. Goetz Chicago General Business " Fritl " iKma Phi Epsilon. Aviatii)n Club; Freshman Varsity Basket- ball; Varsity Football Stiuad (2); Board of Directors, American Legion. Albert H. Goodrich Oak Park " Herb " " Skipper " Intluslrial Admiuistratiou Sipma Phi Epsilon. r. S. S. mini; Intercollegiate FlyinE Club; American Order of the Great )Var: Ceiitro I.iterarin Espanol; Chairman. MidWeek Con- cert Committee. V. M. C. A.: Executive Com- mittee, Illinois Fraternity Union; Command- er, Past Commander, of American Legion. U. of I. Post; Vice Commander. Commander U. S. S. IlHni; Commander M. O. G. W. Grace L. Goodyear Delta Zeta. Home Economics Club. Morton Ecoiwmiat Samuel IL Colb Chicago Ciril Engineering Lieutenant. University Brigade (.3); Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers; American Association of Engineers. " . II. Gordon Urbana Central B« ) i« Digs E. Golden Agriculture Club. Champaign William P. Gossett Xorris City Agronomy " Hill " Liberal Artit and Scitncca Samuel Goldsholl Chicago " Goldie " CiriV Engineering Crane Junior College: Soccer (3). (4). Ronald C. Graham Athens Agriculture Tau Kappa Epsilon. Freshman Varsity Football: Ag Glee Club. Pagf Aj- Algirdas a. Graicunas Chicago " Andy " Agriculture Hoof and Horn Club; Dairy Club; Agricul- ture Club; Agricultural Education Club. Graduated in 3 ' 2 years. Howard ' . Gray Lerna Accountancy Orin B. Grant •0. B. " Gamma Pi Upsiloii. Chemical Club; Staff Photographer. 1021 lUio; Illinois Magazine Staff. Chicago Heights Chemistri Sidney J. Gray Princeton " Stretch " AuncnUure Phi Kappa Tau. Agriculture Club; Agronomy Club; Ag Glee Club. Samuel Grant Chicago " Slim " Chemical Engineering Chemical Club. John R. Green Chicago " Johnny " Cerumic EnfftneeTing Beta Theta Pi; Keramos; Theta Tau. Ku Klux Klan; Engineering Council (4); mini Staff (1), (3); Sophomore .Assistant Track Manager; Preliminary Honors. Earl K. Gray " Doc " 0 ' neral Business Joliet Amy E. Greexhalgh Hillsboro Libtrol Arts and Sriencts Horace A1. Gray Lerna Accountfincy Kappa Delta Rho; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. Junior Stag Commit tee; Pan-Hellenic Coun- eil (3). 14). Helen R. Gregory New Berlin Liberal Arts and Scirnas Everett M. Grikfith W ashington, Iowa Lihernl Arts ami Scienees Sieina Phi Ensilon. CoiiCTTt Band (St. (4 ; I niversity C.loc Club (3 . (4 . Fredarica M. Grylich Champaign .. f(ip " Liiiernl Artu and Scieytrrs Delta Zcta, GrcBorinn Literary iMieioty; 1. v . . .a.. Stunt Show Committee (31. Myron G. Grigg Sparta G-ntral Biigiiifss Beta llihn P.-i. Locis H. Guenther LaSalle .. I niiie " Lihernl Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Tau: Scabbard » " ; ' ladf- Mihtarv Ball Committee (21, (3): Cadet Hon Committee (2): Major, I iiiversity Bri- gade. Robert . . Grobexgieser Altamont ••Bob " f;..„.r„ «i...,-K,., Concordia. Sanford J. GuLLEY Urbaiia ..j-j ,, " Eleelriral Etiomreniiu Acaeia: Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau: Eta Kiipiia Nil. RoscoE C, Groeger Chicago •■Greg " Electrical Enainrcrmu Electrical Engineering Society. fX RMAN I,.Gltfreund St.Louis,Mo. •■Cloudy " Lihrral Arts and Scirncea 7,rU Beta Tau. t- i; . n,.,„ Menorah Society. Frchlinian Frolic (. om- Waldorf W. Grote Wlieaton ■■Wallv " Meclianirnl Ennui ' -cnniJ CniverT-ity Glee- Club. . ni)RE v B. GwiNN ChampaiK ' H .. n„rk ' Lihrral Arts and Scicncea Kappa Sigma Margaret H. Hadley Winnetka " Had " Liberal Arts and Sciences Gregorian Literary Society: Chemical Club. Louis G. Hall Hoof and Horn Club. Decatur, Mich. Agriculture Alta R. Hahx Springfield Journolifim Phi Beta Kappa; Theta Zeta Tau Alpha Sigma Phi. Athenian Literary Society; Daily Illini (3) (4 ; Preliminary Honors. Charles J. Haller Stuttgart. Ark. " Jake " Electrical Engiiteerinu Tau Delta Tau. Electrical Engineering Society. William F. Hahxe Chicago " Bill " General Business Chi Phi: Sachem: Alpha Kappa Psi. Ku KIus Klan: Commerce Club; Junior . s.sistant Football Manager: Basketball Manager; Preliminary Honors. IsADORE M. Halperix Chicago Rniltray Electrical Engineering Alpha Epsiion Pi. Railway Club; Menorab Society. Arthlr J. Hai Greenville Lau " Arf Phi Delta Phi. Gun and Blade; Student Editorial Board. Law Bulletin. Arxold O. Halvorsex Chicago " Hal " Cirr7 Engineering JosEPHixE M. Haley Areola " Jo " Liberal Arts and Sciences Woman ' s Welfare Committee (3), (4); Woman ' s League Council (4). Eastern Illinois Teachers ' College. Albert E. Hammersteix St. Louis, Mo. " Hammy " Ciril Engineering Kappa Sigma: Theta Tau. Ku Klux Klau; Freshman Varsity Track; Homecoming Finance Committee l4). Asaph C. Hammond Warsaw Agriculture Ham " Alpha Tau Alpha. AKriculture Club: Agriouhural Education Club. Everett J. Hansen Brookston, Ind. " Oly " Mechanical Erifjineiring Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma. Bertraxd T. Hammond Hubbard Woods " Bert " Horticulture Phi Kappa Sigma. Horticulture Club; Track (U. (2). Northwestern University. Y. M. C. A. Col- lege. Howard H. Handlev Alma, Mich. Getttral Business Choral Society. XoRMAN A. Hansen Alpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Xi. Chicago i ' hemiatry Maurine L. Hanson Galva Education Kappa Delta Pi. Glee Club (3). (4h V. AV. C A. Finance Committee (3). Knox College. Theodor M. H. nft Xew Athens " Ted " Dairy Manufacturing Agriculture Club; Dairy Club. James E, Harden Shelbyville " Jimmie " C ' nV Engineering Lillian . Hannam Oneida Education Kappa Delta Pi. Finance Committee, Y. W. C. A. (3). Knox College. Richard A. Harewood Chicago " Kich " Liberal ArtK and HcienctH Alpha Phi Alpha. Le Circle Francais; El Circulo Espancl. Pag 8q Amond M. Harlix Del Rio, Texas " Chick " Banking Phi Kaopa Tau; Scabbard and Blade. Republican Club; Tumbling Club; Ail- Around " I " (21: Major, I ' niversity Brigade; Junior Assistant Cheerleader. Carl F. Harms Chicago " E eac ' " Mechaiiiral Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma. Sophomore Football Manager. Howard V. Harmax Peoria CiViV Engineering ■Mike " Beta Theta Pi. Berxard W. H.VRRIXGTOX Phi Alpha Delta. Freshman Varsity Baseball. Champaign Lav Ruth M. Harmax Sidell Liberal ArU and Sciences Sigma Kappa. Henry C. Harmelixg Paducah, Ky. " Heintz " H-iilirny Elfctrical Engineerina Ilu . University Glee Club; Military Band (D. (2); Concert Band 3 ; Dixie Club; Electrical Engineering Society; Railway Club; Techno- graph Staff; Director. Engineers ' Co-op Store. Earl C. Harrington Phi -Vlpha Delta. Donald A. Harris Tau Kappa Epsilon. Champaign Laic Windsor, ' t. CiriV Engineering Faxxie R. Harmon " Fan " Zoologj- Club. achapreague, a. Lxbernl Arts and Sciencfi Frank C. Harris Coffeen Landscape Gardening Agriculture Club; Landscape Club. Pagf go John E. Harris Coffcen ' Ed ' Aoriculturr Agricuilure Club: Hoof and Horn Club. Mt. ' ernon Clifford W. Harvey Agriculture Chairman. Y. M. C. A. Ri-cruitine Com- mittee; Southern Hlinois State Normal Uni- versity. Frieda I. Harshbarger Ivesdale Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi. Home Economics Club; V. W. C. A. Doll Show (2). Robert C. Hayes Urbana " Bob " Liberal Arts and Sciences Delta Upsilon. mini Staff (1); Philomathean literary Society; Star Course Board. Marion M. Hart Benton " Deuce " Z citr Phi Delta Theta: Phi Delta Phi: Ma-Wan-Da. Comitatus; Egj-ptian Club; Skull and Cres- cent; Ku KIux Klan; Pan-Hellenic; Daily mini Staff; Business ManaEcr-elect (4); Hlio Staff (1). (2); Business Manager Siren (4); Homecoming Executive Committee. Edward C. " Cedy " Hayes Mari n, Gvncrai Bttsir Ind. Siegfried P. Harter Pana Liberal Artii and Scimces Phi Beta Kappa: Pigma Xi. Preliminary Honors. Cecil R. Hazen Champaign " Cece " Aorioilturc Beta Delta Sigma; Alpha T:iu Alpha. University Band: Dairy Club; Agricultural Club: Agricultural Education Club; Summer Festival Committee; Campus Service Com- mittee. George A. Hartung Chicago " Red " Genial Bu tiiieiiti Phi Kappa Sigma; Lambda Tau Uho. Pierrots; Hlio Staff (2); Gvmnastic Team (1); Student Opera (31. Nathan B. Hazen Delta Sigma Phi; Gargoyle. Peoria .■lrrAi( c urc ( i ' ' ; Raymond L. Heaton " Peaches " Delta Sigma Phi. Agriculture Club. Hoopeston Agriculture Henry M. Heberer East St. Louis " Heb " Liberal Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Tau. Concert Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Mask and Bauble; Pierrots; Cast, " Bunker Bean " , " Our Children " ; Student Opera (3). Robert M. Heixrichs Chicago ■ Bob " Mining Engineiring IIus; Delta Mu Epsilon; Theta Tau. Philomathtan; Mining Society; Illinois Union Book Exchange (3), (4); Sophomore iSmoker; Junior Prom; Homecoming Program Committee (3); Accommodations Committee (4); Dad ' s Day Finance Committee; House Committee, Illinois Union; Lieuterant. Uni- versity Brigade (2): Illinois Union Cabinet (3). ' erx.v M. Helm Aletropolis Pat " Home Economics Freshman Commission; Illiola; Y. W. C. A. Slembership Committee (1). R.A.LPH E. Hedgcock Augusta " Hedge " Ciril Engintirii ' n Sigma Pi. Lieutenant, University Brigade. Elva a. Helms " Judge " Attica, Ind. Frc-Legal Otto H. Hedrich Chicago Mechan ical Engineering Donald E. Henn Park Ridge - Engineering Arthur G. Heideman Elgin ' Chemistry Concordia, Chemical Club; Junior Manager, Intra- mural . thlctics; ilajor, University Brigade. James L. Henneberry Rankin Mtclianical Engineering Page Q2 William C. Henry Crawfordsville, lad. " Cap " Gt-neral Business Phi Kappa Psi: Tau Kappa Alpha. Intercollegiate Flying Club; Froslinian ' a - sity Traek. Wabash College. Dorothy H. Hill Urbana ■■ D- H " Liberal Arts and Sciericts Woman ' s Cosmopolitan Club. Scribbler ' s Club; Woman ' s Welfare Com- mittee Ci): Publicity Committer, Y. W. C. A. (2): Thatcher Rowland Guild Prize (11; Pre- liminary Honors: Author, " Katrina " . Frank R. Hesser Beta Alpha Psi. Urbana Accountiiicy Richard J. Hill •■Dii-k-- Detroit, Mich. Dirk " F»rt?iijti Commrrcfr KaopaSipma; Ma-Wan-Da; . lpha Kappa Psi. Commerce Club; .Assistant Manager, Illi- nois L ' nion (21. Manager (3); Sophomore Co- tillion Committee: Homecoming Committee (■ )■. Class Scrap (4 : Commerce Dance (3): Chairman, Summer Prom ' 21; ' arsity Cheer Leader. Reox D. Hicks Agrictilture Club. Macomb A{ riculture LiTA K. HiNDMAN Anna liomn Economics Oniicron Nu. Home Economics Club: Egyptian Xormal Club. Vivian K. Hicks Columbia, Mo. " Viv " Lihernl Arts and Sciences Alpha Kappa . lpha. Delmak H. HiKTii Quincy " Del " A{ i iculture Agriculture Club; Hoof und Horn Club. Ani I.. Hi Millersville Liberal Artj ami Scimc: H. RRY B. HoiiM.w ' andalia Aijrirulturt- . lnha Kappa Lambda. Hoof and Horn Chib; . Krieulture Club; Business Staff, Illinois Agriculturist. Page 93 Josephine F. Hoffman Spring ' alley Liberal Arts and Sciences Alpha i Delta. Alethenai; Shi-Ai; Mepabership Committee of Y. W. C. A. (2); Senior Memorial Com- mittee. c LACDE E. He Universitv Band (2). (3). (4); Club: Hoof and Horn Club. Lin den wood Agriculture Agriculture Leland J. HoGCE Monmouth " Lee " Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society. Lu S. Holler Marshall Agriculture Alpha Dflta Phi. Ku K!ux Klan; Circulation Manager. Hli- nois Agriculturist (3) ; Junior Circus Manager: Homecoming Executive Committee (4); Senior Smoker Committee; Iemorial Tree Planting Committee. Mildred M. Holmes Chicago " Mid " " Bob " Liberal Arts and Sciences Alpha Omicron Pi. Woman ' s Athletic Association: Swimming (1), (2), Captain (3). Manaeer (41: Hockey (1), (2K (3 , Captain (41; Baseball (2 . (3); Bowling (3); Y. W. C. A. Doll Show ( ). 2 : Woman ' s Welfare Committee (2); Freshman Commission; Homecoming Button Commit- tee: Pow Wow Committee. Lester H. Holt " Les " Chi Phi. Commerce Club. Genei Wheaton al Business Thomas E. Hollingshead Zion City " Tom " Chemistry Chemical Club; I ' niversity Glee Club; Choral Society. DeNZIL L HOLLINGSWORTH St. Louis, Mo. " Holly " Ciri7 Engineering Kappa Sigma; Theta Tau. Civil Engineering Club; Freshman ' arsity Baseball: Varsity Swimming(3); Senior Hat Committee; Junior Cap Committee. E. rl V. Homan Kansas City, Mo. " Hank " Architectural Engineering Sigma . lpha Epsilon: Scarab: Gargoyle. Daubers: .Architecture Club; Siren Staflf (3), (4). LARV A. Hopkins Peoria Journalism " Mollv Hop " Alpha Delta Pt. lUiola; Hlini Staff (3 ; Siren Staff (3). (4) Page 94 Robert H. Horxback Greenview " Bob " EUctricnl Enginetring Tau Kappa Epsilon. Electriral Engineering Jwcieiy: Engineers ' Co-op. Daniel 0. Howard Champaign " Hnnipv " General Busiutsu Alpha Chi Rho; Tribe of Illini. Freshman Varsitv Football; ' arsitv Foot- ball 12), (3); Varsity Track 2). Edwin A. Horner Kewanee " Ed " Arcftitertural Engineering Gargoyle. Architecture Club; Summer Honor Com- mission (3). John C Howard Champaign Electrical Engineering Alpha Chi Rho. Eleclrieal Engineering Soeiety. Otha I. Horning Urbana Hoiut Economicn Mabelle L, Howard LeRoy Liiu(i»cQpt ' Architecture W. W. L. A..S.; Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion; Woman ' s Welfare Committee (3), (4); Bowling (1). (31; Tennis (2). Robert " . Horsfield Topeka, Kan. Bob " Banking Washburn College. Carleton G. Howe " Carl " Phi Delta Theta. Architecture Club. Dorset, Vt. Architecture Leatha L. Houghtox Peoria Liheral Artg and Sciences Eleanor Howe Home wood Home Econumics Oniicron Nu. Home Eronomics Club: V(»nmn s Welfare Committee; Preliminary Honors. Pagf 95 John L. Howie, Jr. Chicago Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Xii. Electrical Engineering Society. James R. Hudson " Jiramie " Tau Delta Tau. Agriculture Club; Hi Dairy Club. Springfield AgricuUurf of and Horn Club; Wellington S. Hsu Shanghai, China AgricuUurf Chinese Students Club; Agriculture Club. Paul H. Hubbard Lincohi " Tiny " Journalism Sigma Delta Chi; Pi Delta Epsilon. University Press Club; Daily IHini Staff (2). News Editor t3). Managing Editor (4); Chairman, Publicity Committee, Stadium " Plus " Drive- Kathrvn H. Hughes Dowagiac, Mich. " Katie " Music Alpha Omicron Pi, Athenian; Glee Club; Choral Society; Wom- an ' s Athletic Association; Basketball (1); Swimming (1), (21; Woman ' s Welfare Com- mittee (3), {41. Champaign General Business Morris X. Hughes ' ■ Morrv " Delta Tau Delta. Pierrots; Spanish Clvib; Cast, " Perpetual Emotion (2). Edward L. Hubbell Davenport, la. " Senator " Architecture Phi Gamma Delta; Sigma Tau; Scarab. Architectural Society: Editor, Architectural Year Book C-t); Stage Art Director " Caout- chouc " . Scenery for " French Village " , Inter- scholastic Circus (31. Thomas C. Hull Wheaton al Business ■ ' Kink " Psi Upsilon. Freshman ' arsity Track; Varsity Track (2); Senior Smoker Committee. Elsia a. Hudgens Johnston City Home Economics Gretchen R. Hulsebus Peoria " Gretch ' " Liberal Arts and Sciences Alpha Omicron Pi. Homecoming Committee (3); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (.4 . Page- o6 Dorothy K. Hunt Oshkosh, Wis. " Dot " Liberal Aria and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega. Illiola l-itorarv Society (2). (3), (4); First Student Council (3); Third Student Council (4 : Woman ' s Welfare Committee (3): Wom- an ' s Homecoming Committee (4); Class ' ice-Prcsident (4). Kenneth L. Hunt Roodhouse Aiirirulturt ' Agriculture Club; Hoof aiid Horn Club; All Around ' 1 " (4); Intra-mural Basketball C2); Intra-mural Baseball (3); Lieutenant, I ' ni- vcrsity Brigade (3). Erwin F. Hl rt Oak Park " Eddie " General Butfiness Freshman Varsity Track; Varsity Track (2). (3 , (41; Senior Memorial Committee; Junior Mixer Committee; Class President (2); Student Council (2). Manchester, X. H. Lihtral Arts and Sciencts Esther Huse " Easter " Chi Omega. Siren Business Staff (3); Social Committee V. W. C. A. (3), (4). Eugene H. Hltton Charleston Affricullure Leonard G. Hunt Springfield " Len " Industrial A ' lininistration Sigma Chi. Skull and Crescent; Pierrots; (4); Student Opera Staff 12), Manager (3), Manager (4). Siren Staff Production Charles J. Huxel Granite City ■■ Ilux " Agriculture Xgriculture Club; Agricultural Education Club. Christine B. Hyland Oscar Hunter H. A. Huntington Kappa Delta Pi. Siiawnee, Okla. Banking Urban a Education Education " Peggy " Education Gamma Phi Beta; . lpha Sigma Nu. Woman ' s . thletic Association; Secretary (2)- President (3); Alethcnai; Baseball (1), (2); Bowling (I): Basketball (1), (2); Swim- ming (2); Hockey (1), (2); Captain (3); Junior Prom Committee; Social Chairman, Women ' s I.eague; Song Book Committee; Doll Show Committee; Secretary Fri ' shman Commission; Vice-I ' resident Sophomore lllinae; Chorus Director ' Sneethearts " ; Dancer, May Fete r i. i3i Page 97 Kexyon Hvle White Hall Arthur J. Ixgold. Jr. Appleton, Wis. Chemistry " Art " Mechnnual Engineering Sigma Tau: Pi Tau Sigma. Engineering Council (3), (4); Homecoming Publicity Committee (3). Richard Ibex, Jr. Peoria " Dick " ArchiUctural Engineering Architectural Society. Philip A. Ingwersex •Gob- Psi Upsilon. Illinois Agriculturist Staff (2). (3) Chicago Agriculture Carl ' S S. Icexogle Tlieta Chi; Phi Alpha Delta. Concert Band ; Law Club ; Majesty Bunker Bean " . Mattoon Law Cast, " His Howard E. Iravix " Howie " Phi Kappa Sigma. Quincy Architecture Agxes D. Ide Creston, Iowa Lihirol Arlii and Sciettces ' Cherie " Phi Epsilon. Daughter of American Revolution; Wom- an ' s Welfare Committee (4); First and Third Council. Woman ' s League (4); Y. W. C. A. House Committee i.-i). Elmer S. Jack adsworth Agriculture Agriculture Club; Agricultural Education Club: Honor Division, All-. round Athletic Competition (1). George H. Iftxer " King " Alpha Gamma Rho. Pittsfield Agriculture John M. Jack ' arsity Wrestling (2), (4). Wadsworth Ciril Engineering Pagt qS Carl C. Jacobsox Chicago " Jake " Mechanical Enyintcring Soccer (1 , (2). (3), (4 . Haxs C. Johnsex Chicago Ctrl ' Engineering Kappa Alpha Pi. David X. Jamisox Burlington, la. " Dave " Jiiurnalism Elmer A. Johxsox Rock Island " Gigs " Ciril Engineering Forrest H. Jexxixgs Mason City, Iowa " Fory " Landscape Architecture Landscape Club. University of Iowa. Edgar J. Johxsox Orion " Johnny " Foreign Commerce Le Crrcle Francais; Foreign Trade Club; Cadet Hop Committee (3); Major. University Brigade (3); Lieutenant Colonel (4); French Play (3). Moris Howard Joffe Chicago " General " Chemical Engineering Phi Lambda Upsilon. Chemical Club; Circulation Manager, Illinois Chemist. EvELYx C. B. JoHXSON Chicago " Johnny " Liberal Arts anti Sciences Preliminary Honors Chicago Junior College. Harold B. Johxs Oak Park Chemical Engineering Florexce I. Johxsox Chicago " Hubby " Liberal Art» and Sciences Cainma Phi Beta. Atlu-ninn Literary Society. PiiK ' - 09 Harry E. Johnson Omaha, Xeb. " Steam " Mechanical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon. Clarence L. Johnson Champaign Agriculture Sigma Phi Epsilon. Agriculture Club. HjALMAR . Johnson JoHet " Swede " Mining Engineering Pi Kappa Phi: Delta Mu Epsilon. Mining Society. Robert J. Johnston Pontiac Ai riculture Katherine H. Johnson Galesburg Liberal .4 ' - ' - -»■ " Sciences . lpha Chi Omega. Carl D. Jones Midland City Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho. Agriculture Club; University Orchestra (2). Russell H. Johnson " Russ " Moline Education Mary E. Jones Amboy Liberal Arts and Sciences Gregorian Literarj ' Society; Woman ' s Welfare Committee (4); Student Council, Woman ' s League (3), (it. Warren H. Johnson Kendallville. Ind. " Petite " " Johnnie " Floriculture Farm House. Agriculture Club; Floriculture Club. Maurice L. Jones " Shorty " Johnson City Journalism Page lOo Ralph C. Jones Fairfield Ornrrnl Business Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. Commerce C!ub; Preliminary Honors. James E. Judson Bristol, Ind. ■■Judge " Eihtcation Alpha Tail Alpha. Horticulture Club: V. M. C. A. Social Ser- vice Committee. Indiana Tniversity; Purdue fniversity. Vivian M. Jones Aurora " V " Liberal Arls ami Sciences Iota Sigma Pi. Chemical Club: . thenean. " IOLA E. Judy Potomac ••Polly " Liberal Arls and Sciences Mathematics Club: Jamesonian Literary Society. Walter S. Jones Chicago Mechanical EnyincerinQ David J. Kadyk Fulton ■ ' Dave " Lau- . cacia: Phi Delta Phi. Philomathcan; Star Course (2), (3). Byron H. Jordan Elkhart, Ind. timrrnl Husiitf. : John C. Kadyk " Si m " Acacia. Accountancy Club. Fultc Gt ' tterul Buminess Glenn H. Joseph Tuscola " Joe " Chrmicil Enginetring Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Gamma Pi I ' psilon. Chemical Club: Advcrti.-sinK Manapcr, Illi- nois Chemist (4); Frfshninn Stag Committee (2). Laigh M. K t;Y Salem Lilnrol Arts und Sciences Phi Heta Kappa. Atlelphic Literary Society; Law Club; Choral Society; Preliminary Honors. Pagt ' lOr James G. Kallas Tripolis, Greece Agriculture Tribe of lUini. Varsity Wrestling (2). (3). (4). Elaine J. Kellogg Chicago " Kelly " Libt-ral Arts and Sciences hake Forest College. Clarence Kammermaxx Forrest " Kummy " Law Law Club; Freshman Varsity Basketball; Freshman Varsitv Football; Varsity Baseball (2). Charles H. Kellev Bryan, Ohio " Buck " Industrial Admmi. ' ftration Sigma Phi Sigma. Concert Band. Financial Secretary (4); Uni- versity Orchestra; Freshman " arsity Foot- ball; Class Football i (4). Stanley L. Kaufman Champaign " Stan " ' Libi-rat Arts and Sciences Zeta Beta Tau. Joe S. Kelly Watseka General Business Pi Kappa Alpha: Comitatus. Commerce Club; Sophomore Miser Com- mittee; Sophomore Smoker Committee; Junior Prom Committee ; Senior Hat Committee ; Homecoming Committee (41. George E. Keller Jonesboro " Phoeb " Chemical Engineering Sigma Phi Sigma; Gamma Pi Upsilon; Phi Lambda Upsilon. Chemical Chib; Mathematics Club; Chem Open House Committee: Preliminary Honors. Katharine Kemp Paxton " Kay " Education Kappa Alpha Theta. Shi-Ai; Woman ' s Welfare Committee (3); First Student Council, Woman ' s I-eague; Orchestra (1); Freshman Frolic Committee. Fannie Kelley Marion Liberal Art and Sciences Henry ¥. Kennev Xicholasville, Ky. Landscape Gardening Beta Lambda. Landscape Gardening Club; Dixie Club. Pagf I02 Russell M. Kerchner BclelviUe ' Kerch " Elrctriml Enyirttering Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau. Preliminary Honors. Adolph Ketzler Chicago Getieral Buitincss " Kotz " Chi Phi. Froshman Varsity Baseball; Freshman ar sity Basketball. Dorothea E. Kern Champaign " Boots " Lnudscapr G ' lrdminu Illiola; Landscape Club; Woman ' s Athletic Association, Treasurer (4); Winner of Gold Seal (3); Hockey (1), Captain (2), Manager (3 ; Bowling Captain (1). (2). (3): Basketball (3); Baseball (U. (2). (3); Dance Committee. Woman ' s League (3). Lucille F. Kile hesdale Liberal Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi. 8hi-Ai; Y. W. C. A. Social Committee (2); Homecoming Committee (3) ; Senior Memorial Committee (3); Dance Committee, Woman ' s League (2); Senior Informal Committee; Class Secretary (3). Arthur D. Kerns Taylorville " Charley " Electrical Engineering Electrical EngineerinR Society. Hiram K. Kincaid Kansas Cit " , Mo. ■ Kinky " Acacia. Basketball (P Geittrul Buainegs Joseph A. Kerrixs Chatswortl •Joe " Arctmntnncy Phi Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. Skull and Crescent; Commerce Club; Ac- countancy Club; Interscholastic Committee (2); Commerce Dance; Homecoming Execu- tive Committee; Preliminary Honors. Glenwood H. Kershaw Kankakee I idu.ttriiil Ad mi nigral ion igma; Lambda Tau Hlio. ' Red " Phi Kappa Intercollegiate Flving Club; Class Football (1). (2), (3). Indianapolis, Ind. Leo F. King " King " FoTfiyn Cornn Theta Delta Pi; Phi I ambdn Pi. Le Cercle Francais; Foreign Trade Club. L rbana Elsie Kirkpatrick " Tucker " Chemistry Chi Omega; Phi Beta Kappa; Mortarboard; lota Signui Pi. Shi-. i: Aletheiiai; V. W. C. A. Stunt Show. Advertising Manager i3U Senior Memorial Committee; Woman ' s Welfare Committee (4); Woman ' s Honor Commission (3). Chair- man (4); Secretary. Woman ' s League (4). Pagf 103 Stanley B. Kitch Benvyn " Stitch " Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau. Military Band (1). (2): Concert Band (3). (4 : Eneineering Homecoming Committee (4); Preliminar - Honors. Eunice E. Klotzsche Cornell Home Economics Home Economics Club. WiLLi.AM O. Klaproth Chicago " Bill " Railuay Electrical Engineering Railway Club. Harlev L. Knacer DuQuoin " Doc " Chemirnl Engineering Sigma Phi Sigma; Gamma Pi Upsilon. Chemical Club; Business Manager. Illinois Chemist; Sophomore Cap Committee. Delmar C. H. Klenze Chicago " Del " Accountancy Accountancy Club; lUini Chamber of Com- merce. Charles M. Kneier " Chuck " Alpha Alpha Alpha. Keycsport Pre-Law Lavrexce E. Kline Chicago " Laurie " Foreign Commerce Delta Kappa Epsilon; Beta Gamma Sigma; . lpha Kappa Psi; Sachem; Ma-Wan-Da. Athletic Board of Control; Commerce Club; Manager. Football (4t; Junior Miser Com- mittee (3 ; Dad ' s Day Mixer Committee (4); PreUmJnary Honors. Hubert W. Knight Somanauk •• Hubie ' Electrical Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda. Electrical Engineering Society: Freshman Varsity Gym Team; Assistant Electrical Ianager, Student Opera (3 . William J. Klingberg Spring ' alley • ' Bill " Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma: Sigma Tau. Technograph Staff (3 . (4); Engineering Homecoming Committee (4); Preliminary Honors. Elmer C. Koch " Cookie " Alton Central Business Pagf 104 Elsa E. Kolpal Crown Point, Ind. " Blimp " Libf-rdl Artt anit Scifrictii Helen M. Koupal Crown Point, Ind. ' Kewp " Liberal Arts (ind Scit icts Anna L. Kraft Bloomington Lxbintl Arts and Sciencti Knppji Kiippa Ganinia. Elmer G. Krause Belleville EUctTicnl Enginifrinu Pi Kappn Phi; Sigma Tiiu; Kta Kappa Nu. Elfctriral EngineeririR Society; Mathc- matitrs Club; Homecoming Accommodations Committee (3); Preliminary Honors; Assistant Chii ' f Kiigineer, E. E. Show (3). Clarence M. Kretchmer Chicago ' ■ KretcJi " Gcueral Bu»itifss SiKmn Pi; Hcta Gamma Simula. Uiisincss Staff, Siren (3); liusineBS Staff, Enterpriser (4); Shan Kivt Committee (4). Gerald A. Krueger Chicago " Reg " AiiricuUure Agriculture Club; Glee and Mandolin Club; Educational Chib. Edwin C. Kuehl Davenport, Iowa ■ " Cliris " Civil Enginetrmq Triangle. Freshman Varsity Baseball; Class Football (1); Gym Team CJ). Carl W. Kuehne Chicago Chemistry Chemistry Club; Mathematics Club. Frances B. Kiny Decatur •■ Fritz " Librral Arts and Sciences i ' i H -t!i Phi. Irwin T. Landhv Chicago Electrical Eru inecriny Tail Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu. Preliminary Honors. Page los Thyge O. Larsex Chicago Ciril Engineering Concert Band. Helen A. Lawrence Chicago Commerce Etta L. Larson Gamma Epsilon Pi. Woman ' s Glee Club. DeKalb Gineral Business James R. Lawrence " RoUie " Ch ampaign Clarence R. Lash Big Rock " Cap " Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho. Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; . g Round Up; Ag Dance; Ag Open House. XoRBERT E. Lawrence Denver, Colorado " Xorb " GentTat Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Purdue University. foHN S. Lathrop Chicago ' ' Chubbie ' ' Cera m ice Engineering Pi Kappa Phi. Keramos: Rainbow Division Veteran ' s Society; Soccer (1), (2). ' iLBUR A. Lazier Chemical Club. Rochelle Chemistry William A. Leary El Paso " Bill " General Business Sigma Chi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi. Carl R. Latowskv Lrbana " Lat " Foreign Commerce Concert Band; Symphony Orchestra. Commerce Club: Interscholastic Manager (2), (3); Senior Memorial Committee; Senior Hat Committee; Homecoming Committee (4); Preliminary Honors Pu-- (■■ " Malrice LeBosquet, Jr. Chicago Winston " Bos " Mechanical Enyineering " Bill " Golf Club: Golf Tfam (2 . (3). (4); Univer- sity Golf Clmmpion 1921 ; Preliminary Honors. B. Leeds Mt. Carmel Journalism Eugene D. Lebowiuh Oregon " Leb " Grnrrnl Businctts Sophomore Cotillion Committee; Chair- man, Sophomore moker Committee; Jimior Prom Committne; Senior Hat Committee; Senior Hobo Band Committee; Stadium Fxeculive Committee: Homeeoming Finance Commitlt-e; Direetor, Hlinois Union (3). (4). Mascn S. Leeming Chicago " Mare " Railwiy Electrical Enginffririy Sitrma Chi; Theta Tan. Railway Club; lUini Business Staff (1). Alfred E. Lee Champaign " Al " Grnrrnl Husinryy University Choral Club; Y. M. C A Cam- pus Service Committee (4). Frkd G. Lehmann Chicago ChrmiMry ' Duckii ' " Iota Phi Theta. Chemical Club: University Symphony Or chestra (1), (2). (3), (4). Jack Lee Chinese Students Club. Portland, Oregon (irntral Bunintss Leona LeMay Kappa Delta Pi. Olncy Edtiratioti John P. Lee Alpha Zeta. Hoof and Horn Club, Peoria .4(7rici( (irf ,i) XKD H. Lenane Quincy Mechanical Engineering Page 107 Leo F. Lextz Anna Agriculture Edward P. Leonard La Grange " Pat " Journalism Chi Phi; Sigma Delta Chi. Adelphic Literarv Societv; Daily Illiui Staff (2). Ethel M. Lewis Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi: Psi Xi. Y. W. C. A. Social Committee (3 ; Cunning- ham Home Committee (4); Operetta (3): Y. W. C. A. Stunt Show (3); Second Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. (4). Harold . Lewis " Bud " Gun and Blade. Quincy General Business Ralph F. Lesemaxx Xashville " Doc " Pre-Legal Law Club; Preliminarj " Honors. James L Lewis heaton ■■Jim " Mechanical Enginaring Delta Upsilon; Theta Tau. Skull and Crescent; Homecoming Com- mittee (.4). Henry K. Levy Chicago Electrical Engineering ' HK " Zeta Beta Tau. Dad ' s Day Committee (3) ; Lieutenant University Brigade (2). Hsiang K. Li Weihwei, China Mechanical Engineering Chinese Students Club. Asiatic Society ; Soccer Team (3 . (4) ; Daily mini Staff; Y. M. C. A. Committee. Dana . Lewis Camp Point Agriculture Alpha Tau .Alpha. Agriculture Club; .Agricultural Education Club. Samuel B. Lieb Chicago " Sam " Chemical Engineering Chemical Club. Page loS Thora II. LiNDBERG DcKalb Home Economic. " Kanpa Kapp:i Ciainiiut. Woman ' s Welfare Committee (3). Mary X. Little Kansas City, Mo. Lihcrnl Arts nnd Sciences Le Ccrcle I ' rancais; Spaiiisli Club; Choral Society. fAMES R. LiNDLEY Marshall " Liii " " J. R. " Electrical Engineer in a Tau Delta Tau; Eta Kappa Nu; .Scabbard and Blade. Second Lieutenant. I ' niversity BriK;ade (2), First Lieutenant (3). Major (4); Manager. Engineer ' s Co-Operative Society (4); Display Manager. Electrical Show (2); Smoker Com- mittee (3 , (41. Adrian H. Lindsey Bryan, Ohio " Ade " Farm Manngement Band (1), (2). (3). Shu M. Ling Ping Kiang, Hunan, China General Business Chinefle Student ' s Club. College of Pacific: Leiand Stanford Junior University; University of Chicago, Madge Lixke Seymour, Ind. Home Economics . lpha Delta Pi. Home Economics Club; First Student Council; Sophomore Mixer Commiltee; Doll Show (3); Secretarv of Cla s (2). Edwin R. Littman St. Louis, Mo. ■ ' Lit " Chemistry . lpha Epsilon Pi. Gym Team (.3). (4 ; Fre-ihman Swimming Team. Ogdex Li ermore Evanston " Steve " Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Rho Chemical Club. H RVEV L. Long Ml. Morris Liberal Sipma Xi. Y M C A. Cabinet (4) Arts and Sciences Belle Loxgboxs Marion Mu Kappa Alpha. I ' niversitv Orchestra (2), Glee Club (41. (3). Music (4); Woman ' s Pagf lOQ Elizabeth Loxgboxs Alarion Liberal Arts and Sciences Iota Sigma Pi. Chemical Club. Alexander W . T. Lo eless Indianapolis, Ind. f ' ht tnir il E ' t}inr, ritiij La Carl Loxgexotti St. Louis, Mo. General Business Phi Lambda Pi. Ma-RIe E. Lo ell Kaneville " Ree " Lihrrai ,4 - .f ami Scitncn Le Cercle Francais. Reba Loxgmax Lacon Ho m t Eco n o m ics Alpha Gamma Delta. Home Economics Club. Helen H. Lowes Chicago Agriculture Hoof and Horn Club; Horticulture Club; Agriculture Club. Oliver K. Loomis Makanda " O. K. " Agriculture Beta LambcJa: . lpha Zeta. Agriculture Club; Horticulture Club. L Elizabeth Lowes Chicago " Betty " L f " ' - ' il Art nud Sciences John J. Lo e " Shorty " Newton Electrical Engineering Roy E. Lowraxce Robinson " Red " Crr-imic Enginetrtng Alpha Chi Sigma. Keramos. Page no Samuel S. Lubelsky Chicago Milling Engineering Stuart W. Lyon Chicago ' Stew " Mechanical Engineering Soccer (1). (2 , (3). (4). Gladys E. Lundy Chicago Ilvmr Econom ics Florence M. Lytle L rbana Gfneral Buitiness Carl W. Lutz Evansville, Indiana Aecountancj mini Chamber of CoinnnTcc; Accountancy Club; Enti-rpriser Staff { ' .i); Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade 2). Hi). Captain (4 ' . James R. McCaee Des Aloines, la. •■Mar ' - Kttyinciriny Allene Lyle Chicago " Lisley " Journalism Chi Omeua. Illio Staff (1). (2). Dramatic Editor (3); Woman ' s Welfare Committee (3); Senior Memorial Committee. Franklin A. McCann Quincy " Mac " Chfmiittry Chemical Club; Illinois Chemist Staff (2), Advertising Manager (3). Bernard A. Lyman Champaign " Cap " General BusinesH Phi Kappa. Illinoi McCaskill Champaign ' Noi " ihtmr Erunomici Woman ' s Athletic Association: Home Economics Club; Hockey 2). (.3). (4), Yarsity (3). (4); Bowling (3). Pagf lit Valdex M. McCaskill Cha mpaign Agriculture Mildred McCormick Delaven " Mid " Liberal Arts aiid Scit-nceii Delta ClanuiKi- Ralph L. McClellaxd estern Springs " Mac " Induiitrial Ad mint stmt iou Alpha Chi Rho; Theta Tau; Pi Delta Epsilon. Illinois Flying Club: Illinois Magazine, Ad- vertising Manager [2); Business Manager (3): Mardi Gras Committee (2); Captain, Univer- sity Brigade (3). Robert S. McCormick Normal " Bob " Agriculture Psi I ' psilon; Alpha Zeta. Class Football (21. Leslie I. McCord Blue Island General Business " Les " Tau Kappa Epsilon. Skull and Crescent; Sophomore Smoker Committee; Sophomore Mixer Committee; Junior Prom Committee: Hobo Parade Com- mittee; Homecoming Accommodations Com- mittee (3). Harry H. McCirdv Urbana " Mac " Athletic Coaching Zeta Psi; Ma-Wan-Da: Delta Theta Ep- silon; Tribe of Illini. Athletic Coaching Club; Football (U: Class Football (2) , (3) ; Basketball ( 1 ) : Varsity Base- ball (2). (3), Captain (4); All-Conference First Baseman, 1921 ; AU-Ainerican First Baseman, 1921. Lois H. McCord Oxford, Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta. Carol R. McDoxald Arthur Pi Kappa Phi. Mft ' hnnjcol Engtntering Kexxeth T. McCormick Milwaukee, Wis. " Mac ' Chemicat Engineering Gamma Pi I ' psilon. Chemistry Club; Class Football (4). E.ARL G. McDoN. LD Chicago " Oilley " Chemistry Ilus: Gamma Pi Vpsilon. Pierrots; Student Opera (2), (3). Pa r ' 113 James J. McDonald Clinton, Ind. " Mac " Elfctricnl Enginfmnn Concert Band (1). (2). i ' A). (4); Electrical Engineering Society, Spaulding Guiid. ' iLFREi:) M. McFarlaxd ' incennes, Ind. ••Bill " LaiL- Sigma Xu; Phi Delta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi. Comitatus; Freshman Law Scholarship. Prize. 1919. Ella M. McDougle Humbt)ldt Landscape Gardruinu Donald C, McGinnis Aurora " Don " General Business Alpha Sigma Phi. Ku Klux Klan: Commerce Club; Home- coming Committee (4). Homer I. McEldowney Chicago Heights " Mac " General Business Phi Kappa Psi; Alpha Kappa Psi. Scribblers; Commerce Club; Junior Inform- al Committee; Commerce Dance Committee. Cecil R. McEwen McComb, Miss. fiaiUvny Mechanical Enginerrino Chi Beta; Theta Tau. Comitatus; Railway Club; Dixie Club. Gordon F. McGinnis Aurora " Mac " Geology Kappa Sigma; Ma-Wan-Da; Tribe of lUini. Skull and Crescent: Geology Club; Student Council. Illinois I ' nion (4); Freshman Varsity Track (1); Varsity Track (3). (41; Daily Itlini Staff (3); Sophomore Smoker Committee; Sophomore Mlxi ' r Committee; Junior Mixer Committee; Chairman, Dad ' s Day Com- mittee (4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4). Thomas McKeever Chicago " Tom " General Business Delta Tau Delta. Commerce Club; Business Staff. 1921 Illio; .Assistant Business Manager, 1922 Illio. Charles L. McFarland West Chicago " Chuek " Agriculture Kappa Delta Hho. Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Homecoming . cconiodation. i Committee (3). Thomas S. McKeown Hubbard Woods " Tommie " Gt-ntml Btixiut - ' S Psi I ' psilon. I ' agf 7 7.; Ira a. AIcKinney Champaign M u s ic Elizabeth B. McKixstry Grant Park Liberal Arts a id Sciences Hayward T. AIcIMurray Divernon " H. T. " Agriculture Adelphif; Mask and Bauble; Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn; Ag Glee Club (3); Board of Oratory and Debate (-4); Dailv lUini StatT (1); Illinois Agriculturist Staff (4); ' Inter- society Declamation Contest (3); Cast, " His Majesty, Bunker Bean " . Harold G. McQueen Missouri alley, Iowa ■Mac " Scarab; Gargoyle. Architecture William D. McLain Springfield Insuraftcc " Doug " Delta Cpsilon. Skull and Crescent; Class Swimming (1), (2), (3); Intra-mural " I " , Swimming and Track; Dad ' s Day Finance Committee; Class Treasurer (4). Bettie AIacDoxald Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta; Gamma Epsilon Pi. First Student Council, Woman ' s League (3t; Pan-Hellenic Council, President (3); Senior Invitation Committee. Alfred D, AIcLarty Harvey " Al " Liberal Arts and Sciences [ames W. Macdonald Evanston " .linmiie " Mechanical Engintering Phi Delta Theta; Ma-Wan-Da; Theta Tau. Ku Klux Klan; Skull and Crescent; Junior Mixer Committee: Homecoming Committee l3) ; Senior Hat Committee; Social Committee, Illinois Union (3); President, Illinois Union (4). Alice E. McLeax Jewell City, Kan. " Mac " " John " Home Economics Home Economics Club. [erome K. AIachamer W hcaton " Jerry " Mining Engineering Kappa Sigma; Delta Mu Epsilon; Theta Tau. Intercollegiate Flying Club; Pierrots; Min- ing Society; " Sweethearts " ; " Caoutchouc " ; Manager, Post-Exam Jubilee (4). Pay,t- 114 Howard II. Main -Fat ■ Rockford Ciril Enginceriny Dayle G. ] Ialoxe Palmyra " Tommy " Mcchanicnl Engineeritiy Tjui Kappa Epsiloii. Frank G. Makepeace Kansas City, Mo. AgricuUttrf Asriculture Club: Ag Glee Club; Varsity Glet Club; Ag Round-L " p Committee. Mary F. Mann Sullivan, Indiana Hume Economics Robert J. Malcolmsox Urbana " Bob " Rnilxrtiu EUrtricnl Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon; Sigma Tau. Elerlriral Engineering Society; Railway Club; Editor. Illinois Sing Song Book;Campua Motion Pictures; Home-coming Committee; Dad ' s Day Conmiittee; Union Elertions Com- mittee; Chairman. Student Council; Junior Cabinetman; Vice-President. Illinois Union; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3). A ' iLLiAM L. Manny Urbana " Bill " Mechanical Enginefring Philomathean Literary Society; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2) ; Board of Oratory and Debate (4). Edward B. Mallers Chicago " Eddie " Liberal Arta and Sciences Sigma Nu. Ku Klux Klan; Homecoming Committee (4) Russell Mansfield Chicago " Hubs " Industrial Adminislration Delta I ' psilon. Civil Engineering Club; Truck (3). John B. Mailers Chicago " Torch " Liberal Arte and Sciences Sigma Xu; Scarab. Ku Khix Klan; Skull and Crescent: Illinois Flying Club; Sophomore Cotillion Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Soi)homore Mixer Committee; Lieutenant, University Brigade. Maria C. Maramha y Garcia Philippine Islands " Concha " Ilomt- Economics Omicron Xu. Woman ' s Cosmopolitan Club; Philippine mini; Home Economics Club; Newman ' s Club. Pa f 115 A ' iLLiAM F. Marshall Belknap Agronomy David H. Mason Chicago " P. B. " Electr ical Bnginrrring Eta Kappa Xu: Gamma Rho. Electrical Engineering Society. AvA E. Martin Odin " Gene " Home Economics Alpba Delta Pi. Home Economics Club; Woman ' s Editor, niinois Agriculturist; Woman ' s Welfare Com- mittee; Student Council, Woman ' s League. Helen Mathew Anderson. Indiana Home Economics Omicron Xu. Home Economics Club. Everett K. Martin Oak Park " Ev " Gt-rieral Businrgi- Alpha Delta Phi. Skull and Crescent. Elmer W. Marx Chicago " Link " Architeet e Delta Upsilon; Scarab. Skull and Crescent: Ku Klux Klan; Daub- ers; Business StafiF. 1920 lUio: -Vrt Staff, 1920. 1921. 1922 Illios. ' allace B. Mathews Fulton. Missouri " Matty " Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma. Business Staff, Technograph. Douglas I. Maxwell Myra, Texas " Red " Chimical Engineering Phi Delta Theta; Chi Rho Delta. Editorial Staff. Ilhnois Chemist (4). Milton R. Marx Chicago " Milt " Landscape Gardening U. L. A S. Daubers: Landscape Club; Hho Art Staff (1). (2K Art Editor i3). (4); Siren 3). (4): Illinois ilagaziue Art Editor t2 ; Chainnan, Stadium Arts Committee; Chairman Home- coming Decorations Committee. Myers M. Mayberry Farmington. Missouri Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma. Pagf Ii6 William K. Meier Urban a Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club. Clarence C. Meyer Chicago A{ ricuUure Agricultural Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Freshman Frolic Committee. Arnold Menaker Chicago " Min " Chrmical Engineering Chemical Club: Menorah Society. Russell A. Merz Omaha, Neb. ■ Russ " MiTiino Engineering Beta Delta J ipma; Theta Tau; Scabbard and Blade. Philomathean: Class Soccer (2). (3): Class Track Ci): Terhnograph Staff (3). (41; Junior Smoker Committee (31 ; HomecominR Pro- gram Committee (41; First Lieutenant. I ' ni- versity Brigade (3). Captain (4) ; Winner. I ' ni- versity Gold Modal (3) ; Director, Engineering Co-op Store (4). J. Harold Meyer " Tubby " Sigma Alpha Mu. Louisville, Ky. chemistry Albert T. Mighell Aurora ■ Al " Agriculture Farm House. Agricultural Club; Preliminary Honors. Earle p. Messinger Xevv Canaan, Conn. Mechanical Engineering Military Band. Katherine F. Miller Centralia Liberal Arts und Sciences Sigma Delta Phi. Frederick T. Mewes Urbana " Ted " Ciril Engineering Pi Kappa Phi. PreUminary Honors. Lovis J. Miller Sigma Alpha Mu. Chicago Ciril Engineering Page 11- Maude M. Miller St. Louis. Mo. Dale J. Missimer Champaign Home Economics Mechanical Enigintrring Oliver D. Miller Princeton " Red " Agriculture .Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club, LeOX MlTELMAX Ch Mtchnuical Engineering icago ILLI. M J- Miller Jacksonville " Bill " Agriculture T.-iu Delta Tau. . gricuiture Club: Hoof and Horn Club. Illinois College. arrex Moffet Modesto " Moffet " Agriculture . griculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club; Class Football (11: .Kg Dance (41. Alfred L. Mii.lsom Macomb " .Shortie " Liberal Arts antl Sciences Phi Gamma Delta. Edgar H. Mohax Chicago " Herb " Liberal Arts and Sciences Varsity Fencing Team (21. (3). (4): Bov ' s Work Committee. Y. M. C. A. (21, (3), (4). Locise E. Mixxis Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Albert " . T. Mohr Chicago " . r ' Industrial Administration Delta Kappa Epsilon; Sachem; Ma-Wan-Da; Tribe of Illini. Skull and Crescent; Commerce Club; Var- sity Football (1). (21. (3), (41. Pagf llS Donald A. Monro Fort Smith, Ark. " Don " Mechanical Engineering Tan Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; Eta Kanpa Nu. Technograph Staff (3). (4); Preliminao ' Honors. George . Morgan Elgin FloricuUure Alpha Gamma Rho. Florirulture Club: Ag Glee Club: Illinois Agricultvirist; Agriculture Open House. Arthlr M. Montzheimer Joliet " Monty " Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma. Chi miral Club: Daily Illini (ll. (21; Junior Prom Committee; Dad ' s Day Committee (3): Senior Mixer Committee; Homeeoming Com- mittee (3). (4); Shan-Kive Executive Commit- tee (3). Chairman (4); Chem Dance Com- mittee (31; Sophomore Smoker. Chairman; Hobo Rand Committee (4); Junior and Senior Councilman, Illinois Union. Irving B. Morgan Buffalo. N. Y. ■■ Chet " Chemical Enninecring Alpha Chi Sigma: Scabbard and Blade. Scalp and Blade; Chemical Club; Editorial Staff. Illinois Chemist (3); Homecoming Com- mittee (3 ; Junior Prom Committee (3): Chem Dance (3h Captain, University Brigade (3), Major (4). Laura A. ooRE Otterbein, Ind. Uomr Ecimomirf Home Economics Club: Indiana Illini Club. Illinois Women ' s College. I ' A E. Morgan ienna Liberal Arts and Sciences Robert F. Moore Springfield, Mo. " Bob " Ciril Engineering Kappa Alpha: Sigma Tau. JuANiTA Morgan Elgin " Johnny " Libtral .4r j and Sciences Northwestern University. Grace . More Mu Kappa Alpha. Collegiate Chapter of D. A. li Urbana MiRiEi, Morgan Granite City LibrrnI Arts ami Srirncfx Pagf 119 Rosalie B. Moser Chicago ' ■ Bud " Liberal Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta. Woman ' s Athletic Association; Mathe- matics Club: Hockey (1). (2). (3); Baseball (1). (2). Bert K. Mlrphy Stockton ■ ' Murph " (jfiaral Business and Banking Alph a Delta Phi. Class Treasurer (1); Class Football (2); Minor " I " , Rifle Team. Clema G. Mover Alattoon Education Walter A. Mceller Chicago " Skeeter " " Walt " Liberal Arts and Sciencts Scabbard and Blade. University Brigade, Captain (3). Major (4): Assistant Business Manager, Techno- graph (3). Business Manager (4): Dad ' s Day -Xccommodations Committee (4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3); President of Y. M. C. A. (4). Minnie L. Mulberry East St. Louis Delta Gamma. Secretarj-, 1922 Staff (3): Y. W. C. General Business Illio (3); mini Busiuess A. Booster Committee (2K Arthur R. Ml RPHY Milwaukee, is. " Mike " Chdtiical Engineering Gamma Pi Upsilon. Chemical Club. Mildred T. Murphy Watseka " Mick " Liberal Arts and Sciences Illiola, Junior Representative, Woman ' s League; Freshman Commission; Woman ' s Athletic - association ; Hockev (l); Baseball (2); Tennis (3), (4), Manager (4t; Y. W. C. A. Stunt Show Committee (3); Senior Memo- rial Committee; Junior Mixer Committee; Sophomore Cotillion Committee; Summer Honor Commission (3). Donald B. Mirray Springfield, Mass. Sigma Xu. Skull and Crescent. (ienernl Business Martha L. Murray Centralia Liberal Arts and Sciences Le Cercle Francais; Gregorian. Edwin L. Myers Chemical Club. Glen Ellyn Education Pagf 120 Harold B. Myers Decatur Accountancy Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. Mathematics Club. Frank U. Xaicjhton Champaign Ayrononiy Tribe of Illini. Freshman ' ar8ity Track; Varsity Track (2), (3). (4); Sophomore Smoker Committee; Senior Memorial Chime.s Committee; Honor Commission; Junior Councilman, Illinois Union. Kenneth H. Myers " Ken " Alpha Kappa Lambda. Agriculture Club. Mendon Awicuiture Perry 1. Xagle Chicago Heights Mirhnnical Engincrriny Phi Sigma Kappa; Pi Tau .Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Tribe of Hlini. Freshman Varsity Trark: Trark (2). (3); Preliminary Honors. Ralph E. Naylor Chicago " Spike " Ciril Engintcriuy Chi Beta; Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau; Pi Delta Kp.- ilon. Daily Ulini Staff (It; Sophomore Assistant 1921 lilio (2): Editor-in-chief 1922 lUio (3); Senior Editor 1923 Illio (4t: Union Elections Committee (3). (4); V. M. C. A. Cabinet (4); President Engineers Co-Operative Society (3) ; General Chairman. Stadium " Plus " Cam- paign (4); Homecoming Publicity Committee (3); Homecoming Executive Committee (4); Illinois L ' nion Delegate, Intercollegiate Con- ference. Boston, Mass. (3). Alfred A. Needha.m " Al " Rockford Aoriculture Milton O. Xaramore. Jr. E anston " Nary " Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Sigma. Pierrots; Smoker Committee (3); Cast, " Sweethearts " ; Student Opera (3). Lowell Q. Xeedler Chicago " Jack " Gtneral Business Alpha Delta Phi; Tribe of IlHni. Skull and Crescent: Commerce Club; Golf (2). (3). (4): Illio Staff (1), (2); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3). Leroy J. Nations Shawnee, Okla. Literal Arts ami Sciences Scott R. Xeglev Farmington " Tuba " Electrical Engineering Beta Theta Pi: Theta Tau. Concert Band (1). (2). (3), President (4). Pa f 131 w ANDALIXE E. Xeiswaxger ashington, Iowa Liberal Arts and Seiencfs Chi Omepa. Alethenai Litt rary Society: Choral Society (2); Woman ' s Athletic Association (2 , (3), (4); Classical Club (3). i4 ; Basketball (2): Doll Show Committee (21; Chairman, Mili- tary Re • le (4); Class Secretary (31; " Sweet- hearts " (31; Orchestra Director. Y. W. C. A. Stunt Show (3 . Arthur E. Xelsox Springfield Mrchanical Engineerino Eaton. Ohio JoHX H. Xeth Iri ' itistrial Adminislratiun Phi Delta Theta; Beta Gamma Sigma. Maybex p. Xewby Kansas City, Mo. General Business Kansas Citv lUini Club; Business Manager, " Y ' s Indian " (3). (4i. Earl L. Xelsox Rockford EUclrical Engineeriny Electrical Engineering Society. Cl.xrexce " . Xewmax Liberal Arts and Sciences Geologj- Club. Joseph A. Xelsox Chicago " Joe " Arehilectural Engineering Triangle: Scarab. Pierrots: . rchitecture Club: Class Swim- ming (1). (2). (31. (4): Varsitv Swimming (3». (4); Student Opera (3). Ho v.A.RD E. Xewmax Urbana General Business Emil C. Xemitz Chicago Leslie Xeavport Hillsboro " Xemo " Chemical Engineering Agriculture Chemical Club. Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club. Pc;: ij Esther I. Nichols Elmwood " Es " Education University Women ' s Glee Club; First Student Council, Woman ' s League (3): Home Economics Club: Sophomore Miser Com- mittee. Walter L. Nobilixg Kewance .Mjiniy Agriculture Agriculture Club: Agriculturist Staff (4); Agriculture Open House Committee (-1). I A P. Nichols Green ' alley Home Econnm im Home Economics Club: First Council, Woman ' s League; Third Council, Woman ' s League . Lena M. Noble Home Economics Club. Aledo Home Economics Robert N. Nichols Momence " Bob " Architectural Engineering Theta Chi: Scarab. Architectural Society; Freshman Varsity Track (1): First Lieutenant. University Bri- gade. WiLMONT E. Niemann Mi. Olive EUrtrical Engineering Electric:il EngincprinB Srxiety. Ann E. Nilsox Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi. Shi-.Ai : Athcnean : Baseball (2) : Hockey (3); Homcroiiiing Finance Committee (3); Homecoming Kx " cutive Committce(4);Sopho- mon Mixer Conmiittee: Junior Prom Com- mittee; S(-nir)r Chimes Committee; Woman ' s Executive Chairnuin. " Plus " Stadium Cam- paign; Woman ' ! Wclfarf Committer: Student Council, Wonian ' t l-eaguc. ' ice-President (3), Financial Secretary (4). William L. Noelle Chicago " Line " General Business Alpha Tau Omega. Ku Klux Klan: Skull and Crescent: Sopho- more Cotillion Committee; Homecoming Finance Committee (4). c LARENCE M . XOETHLIXG Ch icago Hailway Railu-ay Civil E Club. ngttieering c HARLES W . XOFSINGER Kansas Citv, Mo. •■ Chunk " Alpha Gpsiloti; Mt ' cliiitnc ' jl £ Pi Tau .Sigma. nginerr " U Page 131 Francis B. Norton Flat Rock AgricuUiire Agriculture Club; Agricultural Education Club; Marine Club; Eastern State Normal School Club. Roger R. O ' Connor Chicago Electrical Euoineering Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau. Preliminary Honors. Marc C. Norton " Nort " Champaign Banking Milton M. F. Olander Rockford " Mill " C " trj7 Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon; Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Sigma Tau; Tribe of Illini. Skull and Crescent ; Honor Commission (3). (4): Varsity Football (1), (2), (3). (4): Freshman Varsity Track. AIaurice p. Novy ' Chemical Club. Novak Chicago Chemical Engineering Irma E. Olson Jamesonian. Northwestern University. Chicago Journalism ' erner B. Olson Chicago Ciril Engineering Class Swimming (3). George A. Noxon St. Louis, Mo, " Queenie " Industrial Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. Junieur D. " Don " Oakes Champaign General Business Waukegan Journalism Mortarboard; Theta Rose J. Oltlskv " Romeo " Alpha Epsilon Phi Sigma Phi. Athenean: Woman ' s Athletic Association; Hockey (1). (2); Basketball (1); Base- ball (1). i2); Daily Hlini (l). (2). So- ciety Editor (31. Woman ' s Editor (4); Woman ' s Welfare Committee {2). (3); Y. W. C. A. Stunt Show Committee (2); First Stu- dent Council (2). (3). (4); Pow-Wow Commit- tee; Stadium Executive Committee; Home- coming Executive Committee; Co-ed Carnival Committee; Pan-Hellenic; Cast. " Jeanne D ' Arc " ; Winner-Stadium Song. Page- 134 WiLLARD C. Oppenheim Rockford " Oppy " General Busine i Phi Epsilon Pi. Griffith H. Parker Champaign •Griff " Psychology Adelphic Literair Society: Class Swimming (1). Harold M. Osborne Butler Osie " Agriculture Kappa Delta Rho; Sachem: Tribe of lUini. Hoof and Horn Club: Agriculture Club: Freshman ' arsit v Track : ' arsity Cross Coun- try (2l: Varsity track (2). (3), (4). Helene B. Parker Decatur Liberal Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega. Centro I.iterario Espanol: Le Cercle hran- cais: Woman ' s Athletic .Association 4) : Wom- an ' s I,eague Council (4): Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee, .lames Milliken University. Arthur B. Palmer Ml. Pleasant. la. Ciri7 Engineering Scabbard and Blade. JOHN H. Parker Lincoln ilechanicnl Emlineering Business Staff, Daily Ulini (2). Grace R. Palmer Omaha. Xeb. Home Economics Ethel M. P.vrkinsox ■■ Parky ' Ccnlralia Peter Park " Liberal Arts and Sciences Phi Beta Kappa. Choral Society: Glee Club. Margaret W. Palmer Mt. Pleasant, la. Liberal Artt and Sciences Pi Beta Phi. Iowa Wesleyan. Helen C. Parkinson Lafayette, Ind. ■ Parky " Liberal Arts and Sciences . lpha Omicron Pi. Pag - ;- i John E. Parks Elgin " Johnnie " Electrical Engincerinfj Electrical Engineering Society; First Lieu- tenant, Brigade. Thomas Pasternak Chicago Liberal Arts nud Sciences Chemical Chib. Lucille Parr Cisco LiWral Arts and Sciences Achoth; Psi Xi. Hockey (1); Class Secretary (2). Bernice a. Patterson ' Patsy ' LeRoy Liberal Arts and Sciences Ruth Parrett Preliniinarv Honors. St. Joseph Home Economies Buthen B. Patterson Houston, Texas " ■ Pat " " Tex " General Business Thc-ta Delta Chi; Tribe of Hlini. Freshman Varsitv Track; Varsity Cross Country ( ' .i), (4); Varsity Track (3), (4). Mary W. Parsons Riverton Liberal Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta; Sigma Delta Phi. Shi-Ai; AlethenaJ; Mask and Bauble; Cast, " Jeanne D ' Arc " , " Sweethearts " , " Cinderel- la " , May Fete (3); University Orchestra CI)- Jennie M. Patton Charleston ■■Jo " Hui if Economics Delta Delta Delta. Wilbur A. Partridge Freeport " Bert " Agriculture University of Wiseon iii. Joseph R. Patton, Jr. Atlanta " Joe " Industrial Administration Beta Theta Pi. Pierrots; Varsity Track (2); Senior Stag Committee; Homecoming Committee (4); Student Opera (31. Pa r 126 Leigh X. Patton Mt. Carroll " Pat " Aiiririiit ' ire Apriculturu Club; Agriiniltvirsil PJduc-ntion Club. Maurixe Payne Champaign Liberal Arta and Sciences Bethany Circle. Woman ' s Glee Club. P.vuL L. Payton Taylorvillc " Pete " Foreign Trade . Ipha Sinma Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma. CrminuTce Club; Foreign Trade Chib. Margaret C. Pearce Chicago Lihrrnl Artx and Sciences SiKiiia Xi. El Cireiilo I.iterario Espunol; Poetry Soci- ety; Cast. Spanish Play (2). (3). Ri_Tn S. Pkarce Howcn Liberal Arts and ScieJices CoRixxK R. Pearson Dcs Plains Cfiimiatri Grace Pearson Thornton, Ind. Lilirral Arl and Sciences Achoth. Irving F. Pearson Rockford ' ■ Irv " Education .Mpliji Kappa T-ambdn; Phi Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi, Philomatheaii l.iti-rary Society; First Uegi- mcnt Maud; Pan-lli-lienie Council. Esther AI. Perkins Mendota Liberal Arts and Sciences Wayne E. Perkins Mendota " Bud " General Business Chi Skull and Cresc-cnt; Commerce Club. ' " ,s ' i ' 7 Alma S. Perrott Champaign " Polly " Music University Woman ' s Glee Club (P. (2 , (3). (4): First and Second Student Council, Woman ' s League (2), (3) ; Jamesonian ; Choral Society: ' i ' . W. C. A. Calling Committee (3). Music (2); Woman ' s Welfare Committee (3) Benito A. Put Philippine Islands " Xito " Cirtt Enffinetring Philippine lUini Club. Arthur E. Petersen- Evanston " Pete " Liberal Arts and Sciences Chi Phi- WiLBUR F. Pilgrim Beta Alpha Psi. Accountancy Club. Chicago General Business Maurice W . Peterson Champaign " Pete " Athletic Coaching . thletic Coaching Club; Class Football (2). (3). (4). Albert J. Pirie " At " Accountancy Club. Chicago General Business Ruth M. Peterson Chicago Home Economics •Pete " Omicron Nu. Home Economics Club: Woman ' s League Council: Woman ' s Welfare Committee. Eugene M. Poirot " Blatz " Belleville AffTiculture Helen ' . Picknell Muskogee, Okla. " Pick " Liberal Art and Science Achoth. Athenian Literan. ' Society; Woman ' s Cos- mopolitan Club; Woman ' s Welfare Commit- tee (3), (4): Y. W. C. A. World Fellowship Committee (4); Recreation Committee (3 ; Finance Committee (4 ; Homecoming Song Committee (4 . Robert L. Pollard Springfield ' Bob " ■ Etectrical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon. Adelphic; Electrical Engineering Society. Paz.- 12 Barbara L. Porter Urban a ' Bob " Ai riculture Alpha Omicron Pi; Gamma Pi Alpha. Agriculture Club; Horticulture Club; Ag Dance Committee. William J. Powell Chicago Electrical Enoineering Alpha Phi Alpha. Electrical Engineering Society; Le Circle Francais; Gun and Club. [esse C. Porter Martinsville " Jess " Electrical Eutjirierring Acacia; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau. Concert Band (1), (2). (3), (4); University Orchestra (3), (4). Dorothy B. Potter Champaign " Dot " Librral Arts and Sciencrs First Student Council. Woman ' s League; First Place, Beginners Swimming C )nt» ' i i:tt ; Special Honors. lampaign FoTfigti Commercr Francis M. Potts CI " Potsv " Theta Delta Pi. Foreign Trade Club: Centre Literario Es- panol. Weldon Powell Logansport, Ind. " Don " Accountancy Kappa Delta Rho: Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Pf i. Comroeree Club; Accountancy Club. Ray L. Powers " Duty " Kappa Sigma. Meryle K. Pr.vtt Barrington General Business Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Kappa Kappa Gamma. Woman ' s Editor, 1922 Illio; Subscription Manager, Illinois Magazine (3t: Y. W. C. A. Extension Committee (1). (2U Student Elec- tions Committee (3); Co-chairman, Teams Committee. Plus Stadium Drive (4) ; Woman ' s League Mixer Committee (4). Walter B. Preston ■opi,. " . cacia; Phi Delta Phi. Skull and Crescent: Philomathean; Law Club: Sophomore Smoker Coniniittee; Senior Hat Committee. Pekin tail- George Preucil Oak Park " Dcac " Grnrnil Bugincsi ' Lambda Chi . lpha; Tribe oi Illini. Commerce Club; Varsity Trnni.s (.2). Cap- tain (3). (4): Junior Cap Committee: CiM ' d Carnival Conunittce; Junior Mixer Commit- tee ;Homecoming. rrommodationsCominil tee; Senior Smoker Cuminittee; Clas Tn ' asurer (2). P-K Hettie Justine Pritchard Indianapolis, Ind. " Juddy " Lihti ' tii Arts and Sciences Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mortarboard; Sigma Delta Phi. Women ' s Cosmopolitan Club; Woman ' s Athletic Association; lUioIa; Lake Geneva Club; Le Circle Fraiicais; El Centro Literario Espanol; Hockey Team (2); Hike Manager (3); Siren Staff (3); Manager, " Sweethearts " (3); Co-ed Carnival Committee (3); Home- coming Button Committee (21: Junior In- formal Committee ; Senior Memorial Com- mittee; Woman ' s Welfare Committee (31 ; Class " ice-Pre5ident (3); Y. W. C. A. Second Cabinet (3); Freshman Commission Council (2); President, Freshman Commission ( 1); Census Committee Woman ' s League (4); First Student Council (-4); Cast, " Le Voyage de M. Porrichon " (1); Executive Committee, Student Stadium Drive t3); Senior Informal Committee (4). Charles H. Pri-itt Orange, Cal " Brick " Education Pi Kappa Phi. Josephine C. Quixlax Ltbernl Art s Pesotum ind Sciences Mayxard H. Raggio Chicago " Rags " Liberal Arts and Sciences Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Mask and Bauble; Business Marager of Mask and Bauble (4). Agxes M. Rahx Omicron X ' u. Home Economics Club. Thortnon Economics Rcthford K. Purl Carrollton Education Edwix y. Raich " Lol " w arsaw r ri7 Enginttring ' aldo E. Pursell Urbana Accountancy Lloyd J. Qu aid Downs " Jerry " Electrical Euginetring Phi Kappa; Sigma Tau; Eta Kappa X ' u. JoHx C. Ralstox, Jr. Caledonia ■Johnnv " AgricuHuTC Phi Delta Theta. AsricuUure Club; Aviation Club; Comita- tus; Tramp Day Committee (31. Page T30 Charles K. Randolph Onarga " Chuck " .i, ricullure Zeus. Agriculture Chilt; L ' rifultural Kduratlon Club; Band. Chicago Mechati icdl Engineering Gordon Reed " Gurdir " Pi Tun Sigma. Teihiiograpli Staff; Freshman Smoker Com mittee. Harley L. Rankin Pekin " I.cs " Industrial Aihniuitttrntiun Phi Sigma Kappa. Skull and Crescent; Sophomore Mixer Committee; Junior Cap Committee; Junior Mixer Committee; Senior Invitation Commit- tee; Class Treasurer (3). J. Lowell Reed Eldorado Philoniathean. John X. Rarick Urban a A!jrirulttirt .Agriculture Club; Y. M. C. A. Heeruitini! Committee (3), (4). H ERBERT L. RaCCH St. Lou is, Mo. " Herbie ■ Delta Phi Omega; Delia M itnntj ErigiJi Mu Kpsiloii. rnng C LYDE W. Reading Oa k Park " Pinkv " InfiuKtrial AfImiiii»tratioii Chi Phi; Scubburcl and Hlade. InUTColU-Kiato FlyinK Club; Major, Uni- versity Brigade (3). {4). University of Wtaconain. Robert T. Reed Indianapolis, Ind. ■■ Bob " Chcmititry Gamma Pi I ' psilon. Cbeniieal Club, Y ' s Indian Staff. William R. Reich •■Rill " C ' lit ' iiiical Club. Cliampaign ( ' hi ' itiif:try Wendell R. Reiciii.e Reason " Dirk " (it-neral Huitiness Phi Kappa SiKina; Sachi-ni; Tribe of Illini. rrcsliman Vari ity Ko )tball; ' ar.sity Foot- ball {2), (lU Eri ' shinaii Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basi-ball (2). (4). k- ,• George . Reid Harvard Liberal Arts anil Sciences ELMA G. Riddle LeRov Home Economics Kappa Kappa Gamma: Omicron Nu. Ei Circulo Espanol; Senior Invitation Com- mittee. George D. Reyxertsox Chicago Architectural Engineering Architectural Society. Edith E. Riegel Galatia ' ' Edo ' ' Home Econom ic8 Country Life Club: Home Economics Club; Gregorian Literary Society. Ruth M. Rhoades Kansas City, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta. Illiola: 2nd Cabinet. Y. W. C. A. DoRTHY S. Ripley Chicago General Business Alpha Chi Omega; Gamma Epsilon Pi. Shi-- i: Alethenai; Woman ' s Athletic .Asso- ciation; Bowling (li. (2 : Senior Invitation Committee: Chairman. Y. W. C. A. Doll Show (2). Barxett R. Richardsox Oswego " Richie ■■ Mechanical Engineering Robert B. Robertsox Chicago ■ ' Bedo J ' rt ' Medical Omega Beta Pi. James H. Richardson Rentchler ' Jimmie " , " Rich " Civil Engineering Clyde X. Robixsox Joliet " Robbie " Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society. Pagf 132 HoBART C. Robinson Kansas " Bob " . " Jack " Agrieuiture Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club. LiEUELLEx D. RoMiG Urbana Indu:ftrial Administration Mildred N. Rock Kansas Ciiy, Mo. " Millie " Home Economics KaDpa Kappa Gamma. Y. W. C. A. Social Ser ' ice. RcssELL W. Root I. aw Club; Class Football (2), Morris Law Esther F. Rode Granite Citv Home Ecotiomtcit Hcini - Econoniics Club; Choral Society (3); Student Council. Woman ' s Leafcue (4); Woman ' s Welfare Committee i3). Charles I. Rose St. Louis, Mo. Chrmical Engineering Phi Lambda I ' psilon, Chemical Club; Sophomore Smoker Com- mittee; Chemical Open House; Captain, Uni- versity Brigade. William H. Rodgers Monmouth " Harry " EUrtnml Enginerritig Delta I ' psilon; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Kappa Alpha; Siftnia Tau. Ir ing H. Roseman Chicago " Red " Gtnrrnl Business Zeta Beta Tau. Rav H. Roll Mason City Agricullure .Mpha Tau Alpha. AKriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Agricultural Education Club. Alex Rosenberg " Al " Menorah Society. Bayonne, N. J. Journalism P S 33 hi Harald D. Rosexdale Chicago " Rosie " Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sipma: Sigma Tau. Glee and Mandolin Club (2), (3 : Engineer- ing Council ; Technograph .Staff (3 : Pre- liminao ' Honors. Herbert A. Rlhl Davenport, la, " Mike " Grnrral Business Delta Kappa Epsilon: Lamb la Tau Rho. Ku KJus Klan: Commerce Club; Commerce Dance Committee (3 ; Hobo Parade Commit- tee 4). Fuller F. Ross Kansas City, Mo. Chemical Engineering Gamma Pi Upsilon. I ' niversitv Glee and Mandolin Club; Chem- ical Club: Kansas City Illini Club: Editorial Staff. Y s Indian C3); Editorial Board. Illinois Chemist (i); Homecoming Committee (41: Y. M. C. A. Publicity Committee (3 . Harriet E. Rumsey Alton " Hat ■ Liberal Arts and Sciences Choral Society; Glee Club; Le Cercle Fran- cais; Woman ' s Welfare Committee: Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee. Harriet M. Rlsh Detroit Home Economics ' Harry " Delta Zeta. Woman ' s Athletic , ssociation ; Baseball ( l : Class Leader (1): Woman ' s Welfare Committee ; Sophomore Miser Committee ; Junior Informal Committee; Freshman Com- mission. Lloyd M. Rovelstad Elgin Paul Rowatt " Rowdy " General Business Cartenille Accountancy Sarat K. Roy Krishnager, India " Shara " Liberal Arts and Sciences Geologj ' Club; Hindusthan Club. Helen " M. Russell Champaign Journalism Kappa Alpha Theta. Daily Illini Staff (3i; Society Editor (4); Woman ' s Editor, Summer llUni (3); Sopho- more Mixer Committee. William B. Russell JoHet " Pete " Mechanical Engineering Sigma Nu; Theta Tau. Ku Klux Klan; SkuU and Crescent; Class Football (li, on (4 : Class Baseball ill; . ssistant Manager, Post Exam Jubilee (21; Homecoming Executive Committee iA): Sta- dium Executive Committee t4t; Class Presi- dent (3); Student Council (3). Pagr 134 Louis E. Rlst Agrieuiture Agricultural Club: Y. M.C. A. Cabinet (3); Wesley Foundation Student Council (4). Sibley Gladys E. Sager Belvidere Home Economics Home Economics Club: Illiola Literary Society; First Cabinet Y. W " . C. A. (31. (4). LlLL X RfZICKA Chicago Commerce Marjorie M. Salter Chicago " Mary " Liberal Arts and Sciftices Clarence W. Ryan East Alton AffricuUure Agriculture Club: Chairman. Souhomore Cap Committee; Lieutenant, University Brigade. P. Sabo South Bend, Ind, I GUN " Johnny " Athletic Coaching Sigma Pi: Delta Theta Epsilon. Tribe of Illini; Freshman Varsity Basket- ball; Fresh tnan ' arsitv Baseball; Varsity Football Cit. (4); Varsity Basketball (3t. (4); Sophomore Cap Committee; Freshman Cap Burning Committee. Mary K. Safford Monmouth Liberal Arts and Scirncrs Delta Gamma; Sigma Delta Phi; Ma k and Bauble. Alethenai Literary Society; Woman ' s Ath- letic . Bsociation (3). (4); Siren Staff; Chair- man. Homecoming Accommodations Commit- tee; Cast. " The New York Idea " . " O Pampinia " , " Suppre. ised Desires " . Lor AIXE A. S AMMOXS Huntington, N. Y. " Sammy " Liberal Arts and Sciences Delta Gamma; Psi Xi; Mortarboard; Alethe- nai. Shi-Ai; Woman ' s Athletic Association; S nio Memorial Committee; Woman ' s Honor Commission; Sophomore Mixer Committee; Junior Mixer Committee; Vice-President, Woman ' s League. AzEL L. R. Sanders Moorhead, Minn. " Sandy " Sigma Tau. Engineering Council (4). CirW Engineering Pall T. Sanders " Sandy " Alpha Sigma Phi. V M r f:,t.ii,. 1 Champaign Agriculture Agriculture Club. P ' S SS Frank H. Sandholm Sycamore " Sandy " Gemral Business Beta Delta .Sigma. Mariiif Club; Sophomore Cap Committee; Captain, University Brigade. Frederick ' . Schaub Decatur Liberal Arts and Sciences Cosmopolitan Club. Captain, University Brigade. Eleanor E. Sandusky Catlin Home Economics Home Economics Club; First Council, Wonian ' s League (4K Fred V. Scheineman Urbana Civil Engineering Pi Delta Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Business Manager, Technograph (3). Clarence E. Scanlan Freeport " Scan " General Business Benjamin Schenker Chicago Mechanical Engineering Menorah Society. Frank A. Scharfenberg Streator " Scharf " General Business Clii Beta; Ma-Wan-Da: Sachem; Beta Gam- ma Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi. Commerce Club; Varsity Baseball Manager (4 ) ; Junior Assistant Manager (3) ; Junior Informal Committee (3); President, Athletic Board of Control (4) ; Student Council, Illinois Union (4); Treasurer, Pan-Hellenic Council Karl R. Scharfenberg Streator General Business ' Babe " Chi Beta Senior In itation Conmiittee. Herbert E. Schimmel Faribault, IVIinn. •Herb " General Business Fred H. Schlapprizz ,zi St. Louis, Mo. " Schlapp " Accouutancif Sigma Phi Epsilon; Beta Alpha Psi; Tribe of mini. Commerce Club; Accountancy Club; Fresh- man " a sity Track; Varsity Track (2), (3), (.4); Junior Cap Committee; Junior Smoker Committee; Senior Hat Committee; Senior Memorial Committee. Past ' Ij6 Harold J. Schllter Aloline " Dutch " " Iniln. lnnl A ' hn in istraliun Theta Delta Chi. Irene K. Schujahn Champaign " Hnrtiic " Liberal Arts and Sciencfs Phi Beta Kappa. CiLTiiian C ' onvtT.sation Club; Choral Soc iety. George W. Schhtils St. Louis, AIo. " Schlitz " Arcfiilirlurnl Etunnfcriiiy Architecture Chib, George Louis Schuler Dixon " Chub " Mectittrnrnl Enyiiifcring Chi Phi: Lambda Tau Rho; Theta Tau. Skull and Crescent ; Freshman arsity Foot- ball: class Football (4): Junior Informal Com- mittee: Chairman. Hobo Parade, (4); Home- coming Committee (4). Clarence H. Schooley Effingham •Hersh ' GcfifT ' jl Busintsa Edward C. Scin EiTZER, Jr. Wilmette " Ed " Imlustridl Administrutioii Triangle. Sophomore Smoker Conmiittee; Junior Smoker Committee: HnmeeominR Commit- tee (4). Lucile K. SciiRoEDER Gcncseo Lihfrrttl Art» and Sciences Woman ' s VVelfari ' Committee (3), (4). Elwood E. Schwenk Rock Falls Architerlurtil Kiinititerinn . rchiteetnr ' Club; . rc-hit - tural Year Book Staff. Ralph M. Schroeder Dccalur Cirr7 EnoirtfiTinu John Q. Scott " Scottie " Wapella At ricuUrtre Page 137 Li Marvin J. Scott AccoiintaiU ' v Club. Grayville General Business Mary Seright Tlicta Phi Alpha. - thenian. I,i6f Chatsworth 11 Arl) and Sciences Margaret D. Sears Urbana L ' lndscape Gardening Pi Beta Phi; Gamma Pi Alpha. Mask and Bauble; . letherai; D. A. R.; Geneva Club: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (2). (31, (4 ; Woman " .s League Council {31, (4); IlHo Art Staff (11. (3), (4): Y. W. C. A. Secretary (31; Senior Iember, Woman ' s League Advis- ory Board; Delegate Des Moines Student Conference (2 ; Delegate Woman ' s Federated Clubs Convention (3). Gilbert S. Seversox Champaign Agriculture •C-V " Theta Chi . griculture Club; Agricultural Education Club, IxA Secor Carrollton Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Club; Y ' . W. C. A. House Committee. Russell Seymour Oakwood " Russ " ArchHeclnr-jl Engineering Pi Pi Rho. . rchiteeture Society; Architectural Year Book .Staff (4) ; Major, L niversity Brigade (3). Lester Seelig Chicago [€cflllnicf l Engineering Edith Shaw Marshall Education Kapj a . lpha Thcta. Y. W. C. . . Doll Show Committee. William J. Seidensticker Oak Park " Seidie " Chemistry Phi Lambda Pi. Chemical Club. Lucille Shepard Roachdale, Ind. Journalism " Shep " Achoth. Student Council. Woman ' s League (3), (4) Page isS Harry A. Shewhart New Canton Librrnl Aria and Sciences Daily mini Staff (2); Y. M. C. A, (3). dra L. Shutt Champaign •■Local " •■.Add- - " " » " • ' (jlec Club (3). (4); Choral Society CD. (2): D A R.: First Student Council. W oman s IjfJague (4); I ' nit Captain. Ruth Shirley Pans •• Shirley " Liberal Arts and Sciences Phi Epsilon. . t- „ i-t . Bethany Circle; Hockey Second Team (3). Northwestern University. Allen A. Simmon " Tom " Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Skull and Crescent. Moline eral BuKJncge Mary A. Showalter Danville. Ind. " Mary Ak " Libiral Arts :ind Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta. , „ , _ , Le Ccrcle Francais; Le Cercle Espanol. Laurance p. Simpson Chicago larry " ■ " " ' Beta Delta Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta. Audrey M. Shuev Charleston Liberal Arlt and Sciences Kappa Beta Pi: Psi Xi Junior Second Tennis Team; Hockey (3). Y. XV. C. - . .Social Committee (4). Merrill W. Simpson " Molly " . ccountancy Club. Rockford .-lrroun(GHCW Helen M. Shultz Shipman Home Economics First Student Council (4»: Social WeKure Committee (3). Edith E. Skemp Maywood " Skempie " Liberal Arts and Sciences Woman ' s Cosmopolitan Club; Phi Beta Kap- pa French Club; Woman ' s Welfare (31. ' ,.. James E. Skidmore Chicago Farm House: Alpha Zeta Agriculture Club. Affriculturf Earl W. Skiles Gra - -ille General Business Leroy E. Slaght Chicago Heights ■■ Major " Industrial Administration Delta Sigma Phi. . rchitecture Club; Lieutenant, L ' niversity Brigade. David C. Slagle Chicago Physics Ralph G. Sl.ater Aurora -.Slat.s- Delta Phi. Agriculture Harvey L. Slaughter Denver, Colo. ' ■ Har - ' General Bufiness Alpha Sigma Phi. Skull and Crescent : Sophomore Mixer Com- mittee; Junior Smoker Committee; Senior Informal Committee; Senior Councilman, Illinois Union. Arthur . Sloan Urban a Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Lambda Upsilon : Sigma Xi. Agxes E. Smalley Carlinville Liberal Arts and Seiencfs Woman ' s Athletic . ssociation (4 ; Philo- mathean Literarv Societv: Hockev (3 : Bible Study Class. Y. W. C. A. (3). Blackburn College. Richard Smejkal Chicago ■ Dick ' ' Industrial Admin istration Lambda Chi . .lpha: Scabbard and Blade. Mililarj ' Editor. 1922 Ulio; Junior Chimes Committee: Mid-Summer Frolic Committee (3 ; Militar - Ball Committee 3K 4): Chair- man, Dad ' s Day Accommodations Comjnittee (4); Captain. Cniversity Brigade C2k Major (3 . Lieutenant Colonel t4i; Chorus. " Sweet- hearts " (3). Charles C. Smith Decatur Liberal Arts and Scienct9 Alpha Epsilon. James Milikin University. Pagf 140 Dorothy M. Smith Brownsville, Tenn. .. Dq, " Liberal Arts nnd Sciences First Council, Woman ' s League W. ( ' » ' • Daily Illini Reporter ll), l21; W oman s Wel- fare foinniitlfe f3t. U). Eleanor Smith Chicago Liberal Aria aiul Sciencet Freshman Commission; Hockey (I). Marjorie L. Smith " Marj " Maybelle p. Smith Rantoul Bankino Dixon ,.jjy(j " Chemistry Home Economics Club; Chemical Club. EvAUGHX H. Smith Otterbein, Ind. Liberal Arts and Scitnces Student Council. Woman ' s League (3). (4); Woman ' s Glee Club. Northwestern I nivirsHy. Xiles B. Smith " Smithy " Phi Delta Theta. Cairo Engineering James R. Smith " Jim " Chemical Club. Omaha. Xeb. Chemistry Rlth H. Smith Northwestern University. Amboy General Business Lloyd L. Smith McComb, Miss. •.Smitly " Railu-au .Uechanical Engineering ' ComYtatus; Railway Club; Dixie Club. Stuyvesant C. Smith Evanston " Stivie " Industrial Admintslratwn Delta Kappa Epsilon. o„.l,.. Commerce Club: Freshman arsity Basket- ball; Varsity F. " .lbiill ' - ' i. Pap- 141 Thurstox Smith " Smitty " Phi Kappa Tau. John L. Smysor Albion Banliiny W indsor Agricultun Herbert T. Sowers Streator ■ " Herb " " Herbip " " Tag " Liberal Arts and Sciences Theta Delta Chi. Skull and Crescent; Ku Klux Klan; Pier- rots; Mask and Bauble; Adelphir; Concert Band (IK (2). (3). (4); Daily Illini Staff (1); Student Opera (2 . (3); Cast. " The New York Idea " . Gertrude M. Sxell Oak Park " Gert " Liberal Arts and Sciencity Kappa Kappa Gamma. Shi-Ai; Woman ' s Welfare Committee (1); Doll Show Committee (2). William K. Spexce Chicago " Bill " Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma; Theta Tau. Skull and Crescent; Alternate. Junior Athletic Manager (3); Senior Informal Com- mittee; Engineering Committee. Homecom- ing (4). My ROX A. Sxell Oak Park Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma. Chemical Club; Assistant Editor, Illinois Chemist (3): Freshman Smoker Committee; Captain, L ' niversity Brigade (3); Junior Councilman. Illinois Union. Edward 0. Southard Elgin " Suds " Foreign Commerce Beta Delta Sigma. Foreign Commerce Club; Freshman Varsity Basketball; Class Football (1); Senior Hobo Band Committee; Assistant Athletic Trainer (3). (4). Grace G. Spencer Payson Chemical Enginetring Iiita Sigma Pi. Jamesonian Literarv Societv; Chemical Club: Choral Societv; Chemistry Club Tea (3), (4). Mable a. Spencer Payson Chemistry Jamesonian Literary Society; Choral Soci- ety; Chemical Club. Ralph F. Spicer Joliet " Spice " Architectural Engineering Phi Gamma Delta; Sigma Tau; Scarab. Architeetural Society; Engineering Council. Pagr 142 George S. Spil er Chicago Chemistry Phi Lambda I ' psilon. ChemiralCIub; Mathematics Club; Fencing Team (2); Officer I ' niversity Brigade; Pre- liminary Honors. Malora M. Staxberry Charleston flt.nit Economics i ' microu Nu. Home Economics CUib. Leo Spira Chicago " Pope " Liberal Arts and iicienccs Menorah Society; Chemical Club; Soccer (2 , (3), (4); All-star Soccer Team (2), (3). Mabel J. Staneord ' ■ Manob " Home Economics Club. Forrest Home Economics Alice C. Sprague Lockport Home Economics " Al " Delta Gamma. Homf Economics Club; Secretary-Trean- urer, Pan-Hellenic Council i4); Woman ' s Athletic AsKociation, Advisory Board (4) ; Bas- ketball (I), (a). Mnnajier (4); Hockey Team (2). (31; Baseball (1); Tennis (11; Woman ' s Athletic Editor. 1922 Hlio; V. W. C. A. Finance Committee (1). (4). Publicity Com- mittee (3); Homeeoming Decorations Com- mittee (3). Arthur A. Squier Rock ford " Art " . ftchanical F.tnii Alpha Tuu Omega; Ma-Wan-Da. Track Manager (4). Cecil N. Stahl Alton Foreion Commerce Foreign Trade Club; Gym Team (3). George R. Stege, Jr. Oak Park Lihtral Arls ami Sciences Chi Beta. Siren Business Staff; Chairman. Chem Smoker Committee; Chem Mixer Committee. Gladys Stegexga Mu Kappa Alpha. Girl ' s Glee Club (3). Thornton Music Herm.w W. Steix Chicago ' ■ Hcnii " Ciril Enfjineermu Delta Ep iloii; Tau Beta Pi. Illinuis Magazine Staff (2); Chairman. Col- lege Committee, Hnniecoming (4); Prelim- inary Honors. Pagr 7 .9 ' iLLiAM A. Steixhauser Berwvn Architfcturnl Engineering Charles E. Stexicka, Jr. Omaha, Neb. " Sten " Electrical Enginetring Phi Kappa: Eta Kappa Xu; Sigma Tau. Lowell H. Stormoxt Indianapolis, Ind. " Monty " General Business Sigma Chi. Athletic Board of Control: Circus Manager (4): Siren Staff (4): Co-ed Carnival Commit- tee (3): Stage Manager. Post Exam Jubilee (2). (3). Archie A. Straxe " Arch " Triangle: Sigma Tau. Champaign Civil Engineering George W " . Stoxe Intercollegiate Filing Club. Urbana Agriculture Evan B. Strauss Gibson City General Business Sigma Chi. Freshman Cap Burning Committee. Harry F. Stoxe Danville " Pt ' hble " Farm Organization and Manngrnitnf Country Life Club; Agriculture Club; Choral Society (2); Field Artillerv Officer ' s CUib (3). (4): Y. M. C. A. CabinetUl. Margaret I. Strohm Lovington " Peggy " Libtral Arts and Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha. Le Cercle Francais; Spanish Club. B. Wade Storer Centralia " Slats " Liberal Arts and Sciences Pi Tau Sigma; Tennis (4). Roxie Stuart Quincy Liberal Arts and Sciences Gamnui Phi Beta. Woman ' s Athletic Association; Hockey (1), (2); Y. W. C. A. Stunt Show Committee (2). «? " 144 Louis F. Stlebe Daa ' il Cfn iniral Engineering " T-oiiit " Delta Phi; Phi Lambda I ' psilon; Gninnia Pi Upsilun; Scabbard aiul Blade; Tribe of lllini. Chemical Club; ' arsity Fencing (3). (4); 1st Lieutenant, t ' niversity Brigade (3); Major (•4). WippERT A. Stcmpf Elgin " Whip " Accountancy Beta Alpha Psi. I ' niversity Band (I); Accountancy Club; Enterpriser Business Staff (3). Margaret E. Sturgeox Fislicr " Pt ' KSy " Liberal Arts and Sciencts Elmer A. Swaxscx Chicago Mecfiniiical Euyineering Leah F. Swaxson Theta Phi Alpha. Alason City. lioiuf Economii R. E. SwAxsox Prophetstown " Swanie " Liberal Aria and Siimces Acacia; Alpha AI]iha Alpha; Tribe of lllini. Philomathean I itorarv Society; Freshman Varsity Track; Varsity Track (2), (3); Cross Country (2). (3). Ctraduatcd in Three Years. George C, Sullivax Highland Park " Sully " Mechanical Engineeriny Phi Kappa. S()phonii)re Mixer Committee, Wesley B. Sltherlaxd Sioux City, Iowa " Rcd " _ Bankiny Phi Sipma Kappa; Lambda Tau Uho. Ku Klux Kla[i: Coninurcc Club; Board of Director? . lllini Chamber of ConimiTcc; Clastt Swimming (2), (3); Homecoming Committee (4); CIoMH President (4 ; Student Council (4): Concert Band (I). (2t. (3); Advertising Mana- ger of Band (3). Lawrexce H. Sward Chicago (icneral Business Beta Dflta Sigma. Law Club; Class Baseball (1); Class Basket- ball II); Intra-mural Soccer (2). 3). (4); All Illinois Soccer Team (3). (4); Intra-mural Soc- cer Manager (4) ; Sopliomore Smoker Commit- tee. Cecil A. Swart Wilhamsfield Hoof and Horn Club; Agriculture Club; U. S. S. mini; Sophomore Smoker Committee. P V i- J j Clair W Swearixgen Champaign " Short " Municipai and Sanitary Engineering Charles E. Swixehart Stuart, la. " Swiney " Landscape Gardening Landscape Club. Hubert B. Tabor Sullivan Agriculture Alpha Zcta. Freshman Varsity Football; Freshman Var- sity Basketball: Varsitv Football (4i; Varsity Basketball (2), (3). Albert Taxexbaum Chicago Chemical Engineering Sigma Xi. Menorah Society; Chemical Club. Georgia M. Tapscott Owensboro, Ky. Delta Zeta. University of Kentucky. Home Economics Carl A. Taubert Casselton, X. Dak, " Taub " Landscape Gardening Phi Delta Theta; Scarab. Landscape Club; Freshman Varsity Foot- ball. Berexice L. Taylor Princeville Liberal Arts and Sciences Tau . lpha Theta. Woman ' s Welfare Committee. Elbert W . A. T.wlor Litchfield " Deacon " Electrical Engineering George X. Taxikawa Hiroshima, Japan " Tany " Liberal Arts and Sciences Cosmopolitan Club. Asiatic Society; Japanese Students ' Club; Soccer (2), (3). JoHX B. Taylor Peoria Chemical Engineering Gamma Pi Upsilon. Chemical Club; Class Football (3). (4). Page 146 Donovan L. Taze East Moline " Don " Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta; Theta Tau. Comitatus; Pierrots; Illio Editorial Staff (1), (2); Assistant Manacer. " Perpetual Emo- tion " (2); Sophomore Miser Committee; Uni- versity Review Committee (4); Senior Smoker Committi ' f ' : Assisljint C ' hef-rN ' adfr i.Sl. Ethalinda B. Teeters Auburn Nome Economics Home Economics Club; Gregorian Literary Society. Lauren E.Teghtmeyer Bremen, Ind. " Teck " Ciril Engineering Preliminar " Honors. Albert W. Thompson Harvey " Brainy " Liberal Arts and Sciencts Phi Beta Kappa. Le Cerrle Francais: Centro Literario Es- panol; French Play (2), (3); Spanish Play (3); Preliminar ' Honors. Guy H. Thompson Fayetteville, Pa. " Tommy " Education Phi Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi. Pennsylvania Illini Club. Aurora Civil Engineering John P. Thompson " Jack " Chi Psi; Sipma Tau. Ku KIux Klan; Skull and Crescent; Chair- man, Sophomore Cap Committee; Dad ' s Day Committee; President, Engineers Co-opera- tive Society. John S. Texdick Canton " Sam " Thela Chi. Freshman ' arsity S (uad (2). Grncrnl BunincifS Basketball; Varsity C HARLES [. ThIEI, Chicago " Chuck " " Dor " Ctumigtrtf Phi Lambda Pi. Chemi«tr - Smokor Commiltte; Shan-Kivc Committee (3). (4); Chemical Chib; Spaulding Guild: N ' euman Club, Champaign County Radio Association. fuLiA M. Thompson Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta. Woman ' s Athletic Association; Basketball (2). (3); Baseball (3); Daily mini Staff (4); Siren Staff (4); Social Committee. Woman ' s League. Robert G. Thompson Berwyn Banking •Bob " Alpha Chi Hho. Philomathean; Dir ' ctor, Illini Chamber of Commerce; Commerce Club; Cliairman, Senior Invitations Committee; Chairman, Senior Memorial Committee; Cliairman, Homecoininir Publicity Committ e (41; Soph- omore Cotillion Committee; Junior Informal Comniilii f. Pa r 147 Andrew R. Thorxtox Elgin " Andy " Education Alpha Tail Alpha. Agricultural Education Club. Berxice E. Tracy Chicago Liberal Art s and Sciences Country Life Club. Lloyd L. Thrasher Wheatland, Wyo. " Butts " _ Account-incy Sigma Phi Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. . ccountancy Club; Foreign Trade Club; Class Football (4 : Senior Invitations Com- mittee: Preliminary Honors. Alfred W. Thl ' rstox Champaign " Thursty " Liberal Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Epsilon. Geologj Club. Gladys . Tracer Loda Home Economics Zeta Tau Alpha. Home Economics Club; Woman ' s Welfare Committee l.3 , (.41- Donald A. Tripp Elgin " Don " Insurance Delta Phi: Scabbard and Blade. Pierrot?: Adelphic: Accountancy Club: Spanish Club; Ini rscholastic Casting Team (1). (2). (3); Freshman Smoker Committee: Junior Informal Committee: Cadet Hop Com- mittee; Homecoming Program Committee (4): Hobo Band Committee (4 : Cast. " A Tailor Made Man " ; Chorus " Perpetual Emo- tion (2 . " Caoutchouc " (3 : Lieutenant, University Brigade (2), (3). Captain (4). Geneva A. Ticen Calfax, Ind. " Gen " Liberal Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta. Depauw University. Lois B. Trogdon A ' ermilion Liberal Arts ntui Sciences Bethany Circle; Mathematics Club. RoscoE J. Todd " Banker " Acacia. Elgin General Business Rachel Truex Mt. ' ernon " Ray " Liberal Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta. Choral Society (4). ' .,_ ir Gerald T. Tucker Decatur General Business Xellie M. TiRNER Urbana Home Economics Home Economics Club; Agriculture Club. Thomas H. Tilly Elmwood " Tom " ' Tully " Chemistry First Lieutenant. L ' nivi-rsiiy Brigade (3), Captain (4). Stephen G. Tlrner Charleston At riciiUure Farm House. . griculture Club; Acricultur:»l E lucation Club. Shu D. Tung Honan, China Chinese Students Club. Chinese Engineering Society. Jeax Ulbright Benton Harbor, Mich. Accountancy Fred H. Turner Tuscola ' ■ Ffi ' ddie " Pre-Medical .Sigma Alpha Epf ilon; Omega Beta Pi, Secretar ' . Summer Honor Commission (4); Preliminar ' Honors. Charles W . ail, Jr. Springfield " Win " Law Alpha Delta Phi; Ma-Wan-Da: Tribe of Illini: Phi Delta Phi; Gamma Omicron Pi. Polo Club; Varsity Basketball (2), (3). Captain (4). John P. Turner Tuscola " J. p. " Architecture Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gargoyle; Scarab. Edwin E. ' alentine Green Bay, A is. " Val " Architfct ' irnl En{ inerring Triangle; Scarab; Signta Tau; Gargoyle; Tau Beta Pi. Architectural Societv: Technograph Staff (4): Architectural Year Book d), (4): Plym Pri«e 1921. Pagr I4Q Florence X ' alextixe Mt. ' ernon Liberal Arts and Science; Woman ' s League Council (3) : Woman ' s Welfare Committee (4); V. W. C. A. Asso- ciated Charities Committee (4) ; Finance Com- mittee (4). McKendree College Dorothy " . arxey Kansas City. Mo. " Dot " Liberal Arts and Sciences Jamesonian Literary Society. Justin D. ' allier " VaUeyV Eta Kappa Nu. Electrical Engineering Society Orchestra i3). i4i. Champaign Electrical Engineering University Monroe F. awter Hillsboro ■ Rodo " General Businofs Accountancy Club: Second Lieutenant. University Brigade (3). Fern L. ' anderhevden Stockton " andy " Liberal Arts and Scitnces Constance M. B. ercoe ' Connie " Gamma Phi Beta. Woman ' s Athletic Association Highland Park Liberal Artj! and Sciences Fentox R. ANDEVEXTER Mount Sterling " Van " Agriculture Zeta Psi; Alpha Zeta. Ruth M. ' axDevexter Springfield Agriculture Gamma Pi Alpha. Horticulture Club; Agriculture Club: Chem- ical Club: Daily Iltini Staff: Illinois Agricul- turist Staff; Publicity Committee. Ag Open House (3): Vocational Guidance Committee, Woman ' s League. Edmuxd E. ' ial La Grange " Eddie " Agriculture Alpha Zeta Hoof and Horn Club; Agriculture Club; Ag Round-Up Committee; Illinois Judging Contest Committee ; Homecoming Commit- tee; Preliminary " Honors. Rhoda E. Viall Manteno ■Revy " Home Economicg Home Economics Club: Lake Geneva Club. Pax ISO May a. ' isixeau Murphysboro Liberal ArU and Sciences Theta Phi Alpha. Le Cercle Francats; Woman ' s Pan-Hellenic. Benjamin D. Waldie Chicago " Ben " Af riculture Tail Delia Tau. Hoof and Horn Club; Agriculture Club; Ag Dance Committee (3). Mrs. Ruby M. ' oorhees Hamilton Chtmistrt Chemical Club. Agnes Vrooman Kokomo, Ind. " Ag " Liberal ArU and Sciences Delta Delta Delta. Scribblers: Siren Staff (4). Harold W. Walker La Grange " Jumbo " General Business Phi Kappa Psi. Commerce Club; Adelphlc Literary Society; Freshman Varsity Swimming; Class Swim- ming (1), (2); Chairman. Junior Prom Com- mittee; Homecoming Committee (4); Sopho- more Mixer Committee; Senior Informal Com- mittee. Hazel L. Walker Gays Liberal Arts and Sciences John R. Wagenseller Fairbury Agriculture C-Lokryas. Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club. Joseph C. Walker Moline " Joe " Grrtrral Business Phi Delta Theta. Illio StafT (I): Illini Business Staff (2): Sophomore Assistant Interscholastic Mana- ger. Edward M. Wagner Accountaii ' r " ! ' i ' La Salle Accountancy Laura Walker Delta Delta Delta Clinton Home Economics Pagf rsi Sarah ' ' alker " Sal " Delta Delta Delta. Clinton Home Economics Lella M. W ' arfel Xew Philadelphia " Peggy " Liberal Arts and ! ciencts Iota Sigma Pi. Chemical Club. Lawrexce W. LQU!ST Rockford " Laurie " General Bu: iness Tau Kappa Eosilon: Ma-Wan-Da: Sachem; Alpha Kappa Psi; Tribe of Illini. Commerce Club; Varsity Football (I), (2), (3). Captain (4); Freshman Varsitv Basket- ball; Varsity Basketball (2). (3 . (4): Sopho- more Cap Committee: Homecoming Com- mittee U : Class President (3). RcTH Warren St. Louis, Mo. ' Roda " Liberal Arts and Sciences Gamma Phi Beta: Mortarboard. Chairman, Woman ' s Welfare Committee (4): Homecoming Committee (3 : Y. W. C. A. First Cabinet i4): Second Cabinet (3 : Senior Memorial Committee: Social Committee. Woman ' s I. ague 3t : Treasurer, Junior Illinae: Manager. Operetta " Sari " Alora T. Ward Greenup " Al " Liberil Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta: Theta Sigma Phi. Scribblers Club: Student Council (4 ; Editorial Staff. Illinois Magazine (3). (4). Winifred F. Warren Paw Paw Getieral Business Dan p. Ward Marshalltown, la. Aijriculture George F. atsox Danville " Stump " Chemistry Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gamma Pi Vpsilon. Chemical Club. Margaret G. Ward Marshalltown, la. Liberal Arts and Scicncts Ernest G. Wear Macomb " Ernie " Elfcirical Engineering Pa e ijZ RiTH M. Webber Urbana Education Achoth. Athenean; Mathematics Club: Woman ' s Welfare Committee; Preliminarj ' Honors. Mairice W ' eissmax Olin L. Welsh Tau Kappa Epsilon. Agriculture Club; Baud. Chicago General Business Sclota Ai ricuUure Fred E. Weick Berwyn Mechanical Engineering Alpha Epsilon: Pi Tau Sigma. Benjamin Weinper Chicago " Vic " Chemical Engineering Chemical Club; Menorah Society. LiNGARD E. Werre Kohaka, Mo. " Lefty " Crueral Business Theta Chi; Scabbard and Blade. Enterpriser Staff (31; Military Ball Com- mittee (3); Senior Smoker Committee; lieu- tenant, Student Brigade (2). Captain (3), Major (4). Bruce A ' . Werts Abingdon Agriculture Alpha Cianmia Rho. . griculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club; Illi- nois . griculturist Staff (3); Junior Smoker Committee; Ag Dance Committee (4). Charles Weisheit Jersey City, X. J. " Chuck " Liberal Arts and Sciences Joseph Weissman Chicago ,t Bus Katharine Wesson La Crosse, Wis. " Kay " LihtTol Artu and Sciences Alpha itmicron Pi. Le Ci ' fcle Francais; Woman ' s Athletic .Association; Baseball (U. (3 , Captain (1); Swimming (4»: Y. W.-Y. M C. . . Mixer Committee (3t: Hello Week Committee (3); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (1). (4 . Social Committee (2 . Pagr IS3 Walter J. Wessmax Rockford " Wess " Accountancy Alpha Kappa Lambda. Commerce Club: Accountancy Club; Philo- mathean; Enterpriser Staff (3); .Assistant Intra-mural Manager (2) . (S) ; Intra-mural Manager (4); Assistant Star Course Manager (3); Junior Prom Committee (3); Senior Hat Committee (3); Senior Smoker Committee; Homecomine Scrap Committee (4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3): Athletic Board of Control (-i). Stewart B. West Geneseo Agriculture Stew Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Freshman Varsity Football. Esther L. A ' eyer Keokuk, la. " Bobby " Liberal Arts and Sciences he Cercle Francais; Geneva Club; Centro Literario Espanol; Y. W. C. A. Social Com- mittee (3), Finance Committee (4); Mon- mouth College. RussEL F. A ' hartox Aloline " Russ " Electrical Engineering Delta Kappa Epsilon; Eta Kappa Nu; Theta Tau; Sachem: Ma-Wan-Da: Tribe of lUini. Freshman Varsitv Track; Varsitv Track (2), (3), (4); Cross Country (4); Junior In- formal Committee (3); Homecoming Execu- tive Committee (4U Chairman, Homecoming Steering Committee (4t. Arthur P. W estlcxd Chicago ' Wcstv " Imiuslrial Administration Chi Phi. Senior Memorial Committee; Mandolin and Glee Club. Leoxard a. Whipple Chicago " Len " Ciril Engineering Civil Engineering Society. Julia H. Westmax Chicago " Jule " Liberal Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta. Claude B. W hitaker -Whit " Accountancy Club. Peoria Accountancy Wesley K. Wettergrex Rockford " Wes " Lau- Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi. Skull and Crescent; Ku Klux Klan; Senior Invitation Committee. Louise Whitaker Urbana " Lou " Liberal Arts and Sciences Chi Omega. Basketball (1); Tennis (1); Swimming (2); Homecoming Committee (2), (3), (4); Wom- an ' s League Elections Committee (3); Senior Informal Committee (4) ; Freshman Com- mission, Y. W. C. A. (1). Ph ' 154 Louis K. W ' hitcomb Chicago " Whit " Civil Engineering Delta Phi Omega; Zeta Kappa Epsilon. Freshman ' arsity Track (3); Va rsity Track (4) ; Board of Directors, Engineers ' Co-op Store (4). University of Southern California; North- western University. Herbert B. White Peoria Agriculture -Herb " Beta Theta Pi; Pi Delta Epsilon Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Business Manager, Illinois Agriculturist (3). Jeanne W. White St. Joseph, AIo. Gi-nrral Businesn Pi Beta Plii; Mortarboard; Clamma Epsilon Pi. Le Cerclu Franeais (11; Woman ' s Athletic Association; Ba,sketba!l (2). CD, Varsity (21. Manager (3); Baseball l2). (3). Varsity (2); Hockey (3) ; Tennis (2) : Sophomore Class Champion Doubles; Homecoming Connnit- tce (2). (3). (4); Y. W. C. A. Stunt Show (2), (3), Finance Committee (2). (3); Doll Show (2); Senior Memorial Commitl ' e; Sophomore Illinae, Secretary (2); Class Secretary (2); President. Y. W. C. A. (4): Vice-President, W. A. A. (4); Preliminary Honors. ILLIAM L. W HITE FowlcF, hid. " Llody " Journalium Delta Sigma Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Pi Delta Epsilon. Cniversity Press Club; Daily Illini (1), News Editor 12). (3). Art Editor (4); Editor, Summer Illini 1920; lilio Art Staff (4). Neva M. hitford Clayton " Peggy " Lihrnil Arts and Sciences Woman ' s Welfare Committee. HemanJ.Whittier Kansas City, Mo. " Pink " General Bttaines-s Beta Theta Pi; Lambda Tau Rho. Commerce Club; Sophomore Cotillion Committee. H. Mills Wilcox Chicago General Business ■Hank " Zeta Psi. Ku Klux Klan; Freshman ' arsity Track Harry H. Wildemax Chicago " Yutch " Gem nil Business Ilus; Scabbard and Blade. Siren Staff (2); Enterpriser Staff (3); Cadet Hop Committee (3); First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade (2), Captain (3), Major (4). Ruth W ' illeford Greenville " Willy " Home Economies Jamesonian Literary Society; Home Eco- nomics Club; Geneva Club. Anna B. Williams Springfield " Ann " Ltberai Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa. Shi-Ai; Spaulding Guild; Costume Director, " Sweethearts " (3); Senior Informal Commit- tee (4); Freshman Frolic; Junior Informal Committee; Chairman. Mother ' s Day Com- mittee (3): Senior Memorial Committee (3); Woman ' s Welfare Committee (31, (4); Chair- man. Woman ' s League Mixers (4); President. Senior Illinae (4) ; First Council, Woman ' s League (3). (4); First Cabinet. Y. W. C. A. (4). Pagf 155 George R. ' illiams Mishawaka, Ind. " Roge " Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society. J. Knight " ILLY Chicago " Bill " Industrial Administration Civil Engineering Club. P.ACL R. A ' iLLi. Ms Aurora Journalism Delta Phi. French Club; Daily lllini Reporter (1), (2): Band (1). (2). S. Wilson Blairstown, N. J. Ciril Engineering HOW.ARD T. " ILSON Granville Agriculture . lpha Tau . lpha -•Vgricultural Education Club: .Agriculture Club. Berxice E. illi.amson " Alton Liberal Arts and Sciences illi.a.mson Cha mpaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Lewis B. Wilson Rock Island " Louie " Commerrt ' ' Sigma Pi; Phi Alpha Delta. Coniitatus; I,aw Club; Law School Smoker Committee (2), Chairman (3). William A. Willis Rock Island " Bill " Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma. Perry R. Wilson Manhattan " W ' ilce " Chtmical Engineering Gamma Pi Vpsilon. Sophomore Smoker Comniittee; Shan-Kive (3 , (4 : Chem Open House Committee (3), Tramp Day Comniittee (3). Pci§ ' ISO Wesley D. Wilson Gillespie " Bws " Ci ' ri7 Engineering Kappa Dflta Hh» . Dolphins; Freshman Varsity Basketball; Varsitv Water Basketball (3); Captnin M . Floyd L. Winter Agriculture Club. W( Pavl G. Windt Cleveland, O. Engineering Henry A. ittick Peoria Industrial Admitiistration Frances E. Wine Chicago Liberal Arts and Sriences Alpha Xi Delta; Mortarboard; Sigma Dt-Ila Phi Robert A. ' ITTlMA • Chicago Ma- k and Bauble: Shi-Ai; Alethenai; FrenrhCIub; President, Woman ' s league (4); Pan-Hi-llenic (4); V. W. C. A. Stunt Show Committee (11: Social Chairman, Woman ' s League (3); Homeeoming Committee (4); Cast, " Bunker Bean " . " Bob " Mechanical Engineering Frederick M. W ' itwer Danville Marian G. Winn Rockford Home Economics Hankutg Pi Kappa Phi. mini Chamber " f r " ..?Min.T ' -»- Calvert S. W ' ixsborough St. Louis, Mo. Katherine M. XW.lcott Batavia " Cal " Landgcapc Architecture Phi Delta Thi-la. Glee Club: All-Around • I " . " Kale " Huim Econom ics Phi Mu. H " I1H ' f niiiil!iic.i flllb. I ' ige IS7 r Leamax a. Wold Rockford ' " Dad " Libera} Arts and Scimccs Beta Delta Sigma. Chemical Club. Helen A. Wolfe Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Alpha Omieron Pi. Le Circle Francais; Y. W. C. A. Program Committee (3). MUEL Wolff Chicago Ehctrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society; Freshman Varsity Track; Preliminary Honors. Helen Woodruff Savanna Journalism Sigma Kappa; Theta Sipma Phi. Athenean Literary Society; Daily Illini Staff {,3); Y. W. C. A. Second Cabinet (3). First Cabinet (.4); Dad ' s Day Committee. Lucy Woods White Hall Liberal Arts and Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha. Le Cercle Francais; Y. W. C. . . Finance Committee (4). EI Paso Ciril Engineering Wade F. Wolk " Fuz " Sigma Chi; Theta Tau Skull and Crescent: Freshman a sity Football; Class Football (3 . Captain (4) " ; Chairman, Sophomore Scrap Committee; Sophomore Miser Committee; Chairman, Junior Smoker Committee. Ax X ETTA L. Wood Decatur " Ann " Liberal Arts and Sciences Alpha Omicron Pi; Sigma Delta Phi. Mask and Bauble: Athenean; Le Cercle Francais: Woman ' s Manager, Homecoming l4); Homecoming Committee (3); " Jeanne d ' . rc " Committee (2); V. W. C. A. Poster Committee (1), (2); Follies Committee (1); Stunt Show Committee (3); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2); Cast. " Jeanne d ' Arc " , " O Pampcnia " . " Xew York Idea " ; Des Moines Delegate (2). Russell B. Woolley Champaign " Russ " General Business Accountancy Club; Intercollegate Flying Club. Hexry F. ' oulfe Chicago General Business Phi Kappa. Freshman Frolic Committee; Homecoming Finance Committee (3) ; Junior Informal Com- mittee; Chairman, Senior Smoker Committee. Adelbert E •Pud " Phi Delta Theta AW ' estmax Champaign Mechanical Engineering Pag,- ijS Howard X. Yates Buffalo, N. Y " Dot " Foreign Commerce Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Tribe of Illini; Scalp and Blade. Commerce Club; Foreign Trade Club; I.e Cercle Francais; Honor Commission (3), (4), Secretary (3); Freshman Varsity Track; Freshman Varsity Cross-Country; Varsity Track (2 . (3), Captain (4); Varsity Cross- Country (2). (3), (4); Homecoming Finance Committee (4). ViHERTA X. YuTZY Lebanon, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chi Omega. Y. W. C. A. Social Committee. Yervant M. Zelviax Mersina, Armenia " George " At riculture Agriculture Club; Dairy Club. Gregor a. Ziemer Altamount Liberal Arts and Sciences Concordia; Psi Xi. Vniversity Glee Club; Philomathean Lit- erary Society; Mathematics Club; Choral Society. John T. Zaleski " Jack " Acacia: Thcta Delta Pi Skull and Crescent; Foreign Trade Club Chicago Foreion Commerce John H. Zimmerman Chicago " Jack " Mechanical Engineering Alpha Delta Phi; Tribe of Ulini. Skull and Crescent; Freshman Varsity Basketball; Varsity Track (2); Sophomore Assistant Illio {2) Chairman, Sophomore Smoker Committee; Junior Prom Committee. Leo D. Zeek Champaign " Don " Electrical Engineering Theta Tau. Electrical Engineering Society: Senior Hat Committee; Engineer ' s Co-operative Store. RiBv C. Zimmerman Oakland Liberal Arts and Sciences Rurril Botany Club. Charles K, Zeilman Nassau, N. Y. ■■r ' has " Athletic Coaching Delta Thcta Epsilon. Coaching Club; Gvm Team (4); Hand Balancing (3), (4). Joseph S. Zlckerman Chicago Mechanical Engineering Page ISO Page 1 60 Sache m Junior Homtrar) Iratcrnity Founded at L ' niversitx of Illinois Top Row — VouEL, Baikd, Sweet. Wallace, Harxer, Hells trom, Rauekl. Second Row — Hexrt. Greene. Wells, Mersb ch. Mvrrav, Bradt, Peden. Bottom Row — Doughertv, BofRLAND. .Story. HrMPHREv. Cleary. Tuttle. Carre, HONORARY MEMBER Dr. Rlssel M. Story MEMBERS IX UM ERS1TY Robert L. Baird Theodore P. Boirlaxd Andrew G. Bradt D. Beach Carre Raymcxd Cleary Floyd C. Dougherty Howard ' . Greene Charles E. Harner Evans X. Hellstrom X ' erncn W. Henry Arthur C. Humphrey Robert H. Mersbach Rowland H. Murray Donald C. Peden Alfred F. Radeke Paul J. Stewart Paul C. Sweet John D. Tuttle Otto H. ' ogel H. Smith ' allace Edwin S. Wells Pagf i6t Junior Class Officers : ' j NT —w. •■v - l-;aa. ' . = ,V( ' .V.-1V C. i SSfy.v ' President ice-President Secretary- Treasurer First Semester ::ond Semester JoHX D. Cannon Thomas F. Cassox Janaice Lumpp Helen C. Miller Mary Elizabeth Hanger Hester D. Srout Richard S. Marr Charles H. Schulte Lviipp Marr Miller Schulte Srovt Page 162 Page 163 Page 164 Page 1 6s 1 ' c- Ooii-cL ,,; Page i66 Sophomore Class Officers ■=i ff i i:k ' . ( . scni:ir ' I ' i President ' ice-President Treasurer Secretary First Si-iiu ' Ster . W. ASCHER Florence Fry ]. V. MacMillexs Martha Dee Halls Second Semester D. A. Fessendex Helexe Carpenter C. O. Branch ' Del G. Miller MalMili.hns (.AKl ' hM KK rl Miller IJranch Halls u Pagf 167 Freshman Officers •= BERTRAM MOSS ' ' ' President ice-President Treasurer Secretar - First Semester B. B. Moss Louise Berry Jeax Huxtoox Second Semester R. R. Sheadle Alice I. Xotter W. T. Prestox lOLA SWAXSOX LirKk-i Hlxtoox Xoi i tk SWAXSOX Preston Page i68 Gkieago Qde pa ' vtments Medicine Nature has shown in thousands of lives that the span of ' ' three score years and ten b y virtue of strength four score " may be revised to read four or five score and by virtue of strength many more. If these years have been given to some how shall they be attained by many? By a more extensive knowledge of the laws of health and disease. This knowledge is directly proportionate to the energy expended in their study. Our energies today are directed largely toward repairing the broken-down human machine. We must know more of the materials and forces, their relations and correlations in order that this precious machine may be kept out of the repair shop. Two strong medical organizations of the State of Illinois have united in an effort to construct and maintain a great group of hospitals, institutes, labora- tories, and libraries, which will be devoted to a study of the causation and prevention, as well as the alleviation and cure, of disease. The former Director of the Department of Public Welfare and the former President of the Lniversity secured from the General Assembly of 1919 something over 1,500,000 for the beginnings of this group. Director Jenkins and President Kinley secured a like amount from the last General Assembly for the further development of this group. When the buildings are completed, they will constitute one of the greatest institu- tions in the country- for the advancement of medical knowledge. What nobler can be done by the people of a state than to erect a great temple dedicated to the health and happiness of their children and those of all genera- tions to come. . . C. Eycleshvmer Dean Eycleshymer Page lyo i,. ii- Jn- •••■ • ' " - " ■ _• ■ ■ qM IW WJ P 9! Hfi! Bi« W n C r uii !|tu un a AM RNT iT ■fiii_iiB aii ni ■■ Iff n.: . 1, ■ ■ » !•■ M iffi All im ' Ui iU! nn nn ' Ui iU! nn nri H XEW MEDICAL BUILDINGS - _i!3yWpfl|f m IF! mi nn m " " ' If ffilhlippmiffim m mn i? " " : : ' Pagf I l Dentistry The most pronounced advance in dental education occurred in connection with the admission of students in Sept- ember 1921 when a year of college was required for admisson. Only a few years ago the dental curriculum required three years of thirty- two weeks each. Later the curriculum was extended to four years of thirty- two weeks each, requiring for admis- sion fifteen units from an accredited high school. During the last few years, however, it has come to be widely rec- ognized that denistry is in fact a spec- ialty of medicine, and this being true, the student of dentistry must in a large sense be trained in terms of general medicine. One year of college for ad- mission was adopted by fourteen of the university dental schools last fall, and although the attendance in the first year classes in these institutions was very materially reduced, the change was effected without any serious injury. Co-incident with the extension of the curriculum is the feeling that dentistry ulti- mately must be housed within the precincts of the University; that university standards must be adopted in all schools of dentistry. While. dental education is, therefore, undergoing a wholesome evolution, it offers even at this point in its development unusual opportunities scientifically and materially. The College of Dentistry of the I ' niversity of Illinois offers a most attractive opportunity in the choice of a profession to all the students on the campus at Urbana. .M OOREHEAD F. S. MOOREHEAD Page 172 DENTAL LABORATORIES Pagf I7S Pharmacy Kf ' ' The School of Pharmacy has had t « very successful year with an enroll- Hv merit of 260 students of whom 200 were HH c enrolled in the first year. This is the B ™ " " t largest freshman class in the history R _ of the school. A bacteriological laboratory is the latest addition to the equipment and has been fitted up on the fourth floor of the college building in rooms whicii were previously used for storage. The laboratory occupies two rooms, the larg- est fitted with 38 indi idual desks, the smaller room provided with an outfit of incubators, sterilizers and o ther ap- paratus for use of the students in com- mon. The School of Pharmacy has spoken for the dispensing privileges in the new State Hospital and if its expectations are realized there will be opportunity to give the senior students actual practise in the dispensing of bona fide prescriptions under the supervision of a qualified and well-trained pharmacist. As the out-patient departments are developed it is expected that a large variety of prescriptions from many practitioners will result and this will afford training of exceptional value. De Day m. B. D.w ' «« ' ■ ' 74 Pharmacy Building Pharmacy Laboratory ' " « ' • 175 MEDICINE Ralph B. Armitage Lawrenceville " Big " Mtdicinf Alpha Kappa Kappa. Howard R. Johnson Phi Chi. Bishop Hill Mfiliciite Raymond G. Colyer Carbondale MeJicuie Alpha Kappa Kappa. A.B. degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Jesse P. Rogers " Rog " Phi Chi. Chicago Medicine Fred S. Etherton Carbondale Medicine Zeta Psi; Phi Beta Pi; Omega Beta Pi. Freshman Varsity Basketball. Joseph C. Sodaro " Joe " Omega Beta Pi. Aurora Medicine Charles H. Eye ' voming, la. .Utdn-me Lambda Chi - lpha: . Ipha Kappa Kappa. Joseph H. Thomas Xcw Douglas Medicine Alpha Kappa Kappa; Omega Beta Pi. Russell W " . Goebel Steator " Rus " Medn-iite Chi Beta; Nu Sigma Nu: (Jmega Beta Pi. Captain Class Football (2); Sophomore Mixer Committee; Student Opera (3i. Carl J. Uthoff Chicago " Terry ' Mrdirine Alpha Kappa Kappa; Lambda Chi Alpha. Page- 1 6 Wilbur Stuart Wood Decatur ' Stew " Mfdicine Omega Beta Pi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Republican Club: Silver Star Club: Class Football (2); Student Council. Representative (3). dentistry Mathilde Achen Kobenhavar, Denmark " Tiller " Dentistry Maurice Berger University Fellowship Club. Student Council (4). Chicago Detttistry Da el L. Beshe. r Biirnettsville, Ind. " Besh " Dentistry Delta Sieroa Delta. Chairman, Kxeeutive Coininittee (41; Class Vice-President ( U . Bradford T. Brown Chicago Dentistry Brad " Delta SiRnia Delta. Senior Class President: Student Council (1). (2), (3), (4). D K. Dun LAP Ripon, Wis. Class Treasurer (3). A.B. Degree, Ripon College. DetitiMry H iMAN ElFENBAUM Chicago Elf " Dentistry University Fellowship Club. Class Vice-President (4), President (2); Student Council (1). C. VVETANO C. EUSTAQUU Rizai " Taiio " , Philippines DfnliMry John Finnegan Homer Psi Omega. Class Vice-President (3). Dentistry M TSLTARO HaMANO Takamatsu Citv, Japan Dt ' titiftry Pagf 177 ' ARD Harvey Bridgewater, S. Dak. Psi Omega. DtfiUMry Kanzo Iai Hokkaido, Japan Dentistry Graduate of Tokio Dental College. Elmer A. Hermes Aurora Dtntistri Al " Delta Sigma Delta. Student Council (2); Class Treasurer 141 John R. Jones Mason City Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta. Student Council (2), (4); Entertainment Committee (2). Harry C. Hixes Kappa Alpha Psi. Champaign Dentistry Xewton J. Krabbe Delta Sigma Delta. Freshman Dance Committee; Council (3). Champaign Dentistry Student Ralph H. Hohman Delta Sigma Delta. Class Secretarj- (4). Nashville Dentistry Elba L. Krauser Xi Psi Phi. Bushnell Dentistry Lvther ' . Hlghes Mason City " Mike " Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta. Executive Committee. Senior Class; Class Secretary (2); Student Council (3). Samuel D. Kretshmer Chicago " Kretch " Dentistry University Fellowship Club. Page lyS Sara G. Krolt Chicago Dtntistry Cortifirata Matura, Gymnasium of Riga; D.D.S.. Dental College at Exaterinoslav. Rus- sia; D.D.S.. University of Riga, Latvia. AcDA M. Lachout Bohemia Dentistry Alpha Epsilon. Harry R. Laxde Chicago ■ Duke " Dentistry Alpha Zeta Gamma. Jack J. Lewis Chicago Dcntintry . lpha Zeta Gamma. Louis R. AIiddletox Chicago " .Miiidv " Dentistry Alpha Phi Alpha. Alfred J. Moldenhauer Algonquin " Moldy " Dentistry Ervax " . MoLLENKOPF Convov, 0. " Molley " Dentistry Psi Omega. Class President (2): Student Couneil (3). MOSABURO Nakadai Chiba Prefecture, Japan " Frank ' Dentistry Japanese Dental . .ssociation. Eda D. Xeff Bethany, Mo. " Dicky " Dentistry Psi . lpha; Xu Sigma Phi. Class Secretary and Treasurer (2): Class Poet (4). W ' lLLiA.M P. Rock Dixon " Bill " Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta. Student Council (4). Page f Q z. iCHARY P. SaPERSTEIN Cleveland, 0. ' Sap " University Fellowship Club. Dentistry G [NDA Shore Chica Dentistry go AI AURICE D. StRILKY Chicago Alpha Zeta Gamma. Dentistry Ernest C. Stuenkel Brookfield ' Doc " Dentistry H enry Sturmax New ork, X. Y. University Fellowship Club: ian (4). CI Dentistry iss Histor- Harold D. Swaix Kewanee Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta. Class President (3) ; Student Council (3), (4). ToR. ji Takahashi Xiigata-Ken, Japan Dentistry Japan Dental Association. Satoshi Toda Japan Dentistry Japanese Dental .Association. Graduate of Tokyo Dental College. . T. RN TSUZUKI Rozo Uchiyama Japan Dentistry Tokyo, Japan Dentistry Pa e I So Herbert W " . AA ' illis Joppa •■Herb " Dcnl ' islry Delta Sigma Delta. Executive Committee Senior Class. Benjamin K. ' oxg X ' ictoria, Britisli Columbia " Benki " Dmtislrn Chinese Students ' Club; Cosmopolitan Club: . siatic Society. Director Victoria Chinese Band ; Represent- ative Board, Chinese Students ' Alliance of America. HiROSHi YosHiDA Tokio, Japan Dentistry Japanese Dental Association. Graduate of Tokio Dental College in Japan. PHAHMACY Abraham M. Aerick Chicago pharmacy David M. Appei. Chicago Pharmary Mu Alpha Beta. Carl B. rker McLeansboro " (.)wl " Pharmacy Kappa Psi. Alphoxso W. Barvcki Chicago " Al " Pharmacy George M. Cochran Lanoke, Ark. Pharmacy George 0. Crystal Chicago ' " Crys " Pharmacy Isidore B. Crystal Chicago " Crys " Pharmacy Pagf i ' i Joseph D. Dougherty " Duke " Kappa Psi. Anna B. Haller Lambda Kappa 8igiiia. Class Secretary (3). (41. Charles M. Havens Kappa Psi. Ottawa Ph ' irinacy Forreston Pharmacy Marengo Pharmacy Barney S. Johnson Barron, Ms. Pharmacy Class President (4). Carl H. Johnson " Pussyfoot " Kappa Psi Carbondale Pharmacy Rees D. Jones Chicago Pharmacy Ir ix p. Klixk Chicago Pharmacy Cari. W. Kmtsox -Cal- Chicago Pharmacy James C. Kodera ■■Code " Delta Kappa Sigma. Chicago Pharmacy IsHAM L. Lacy Kappa Alpha Psi. Chicago Pharmacy Pag ' ' 1S2 George B. La Savanna " Hi " Phtirmncy Kappa Psi. Chairman, Plii and Iiivitatifni Committee. Francis C. Moss " Chondnis " Kappa Psi. Joliet Pharmacy Russell D. Lew " Rusty " Kappa Psi. Ottawa Pharmacy George E. Parks Kanpa P i- Pin and Invitation Comniittef. Anna Ph ' iruiacy Yrkd W . LixD. " " Slim- Kappa Psi. W ' aukcgan pharmacy Frederic H. Pelck. Rochelle " Fritz " Phtirmary Kaopa Psi. Chairman, Student Bod. ' Cuimril. CCRTIS I ' " . FORENZ Kappa Psi. Flighland Phfirmacy )()H F. PRIHODA " Jark " Kappa Psi. Cicero Pharmacy Frank L. McOmbkr Highland Park ■■ Mac " Pharmnry K;ip|iri P-i Louis S. Quonc; Canton, China pharmacy Pap ' jS Gerald C. Roche Delavan " Jerry " Pharmacy Kappa Psi. Pin and Invitation Committee. WixG Toy Canton. Kwang Tung. China F nirmncy Herman P. Smith La Moille Pharmacy Daruix R. Turner Chicago Pharmacy Roy B. Stahlberg ' ■ Dvibie " Kappa Psi. Harrisburg Pharmacy G. L. EBSTER Maquoketa, la. Pharmacy Kappa Psi. Class V ire-President {-l). Clarence H. Tanner Lewistown ' " Dave " Pharmacy President Junior Class (3). Cecil D. Wolfe " Brer " " Wuf-wuf " Kappa Psi. Class Treasurer (4). DuQuoin pharmacy Samlel C. Thomson Kappa Psi. Student Council. Pontiac Pharmacy Charles E. Yale Aurora " Chuck " Animal Husbandry Farm House. Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club; Football (1), (2), (3); Agricultural Education Club. Page 184 Pagf iSs Nu Sigma Nu PROFESSIONAL .MEDICAL FRATERXITV Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan. 1SS2 Thirty-four Active Chapters ETA CHAPTER Established at Illinois, l8g2 MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. E. QuiNE, M.D., LL.D. H. P. Newman, A.M., M.D. H. T. Byford, A.m., M.D. O. A. King, M.D. D. A. Steel, M.D., LL.D. C. A. Wood, A.M., M.D. F. E. Senear, B.S., M.D. M. H. HoBART, A.B., M.D. T. J. Sullivan, Jr., M.D. A. R. Metz, A.B., M.D. F. B. Earle, M.D. W. B. MooREHEAD, M.S., D.D.S.. M.D. C. S. Williamson, B.S., M.S., M.D. F. D. Moore, ALD. F. D. Dvas, M.D. E. O. J- W W W H. E. W P. G. II. H. S. Moore, M.D., Ph.D. E. Nadeau, B.S.. M.D. W. NuzuM, B.S., M.D. . F. Peterson, B.S., M.D. . C. Hammond, M.D. . Harsha, B.S.,B.A.,M.D. A. McGuiGAN, B.S., Ph.D.. M.D. " . Brown. B.S., M.D. C. Beck, M.D. W eatherson, C.E., M.D. . L. Cr.vwkord, B.S., M.D. S. Carley, B.S., M.D. D. Gernon, B.S., M.D. L. Ford, B.S.. M.D. L. Marsh. B.S.. ALD. Page 1S6 t f f M f f f 15 Top Row — Knglkhard, Wittkrs, Marsh, Mohr. Fahi-sthom, Ryan, Shlktz. Hrtnkow, I.ohance. Second Row — Blount, Xowlid. Kdcincjton, Brocgh, Thirston, Elliott. Quackenbush, Yoing. Third Row — McNally, Lexzen, Goebel, Cahon, Maher. P dwards, Gross, Conrad. Fourth Row — Byers. Alcivar. Dewey. Poxtils. Rissinger, Tippet. Goff. MEMBERS I. rXI ERSITV Guy " . Pontics Ernest Alcuar Harold Q. Grogs Charles V. Goff Robert P. Caron Glen A. Broigh Clyde K. Conrad William G. Elliott RussEL ' . Goebel Aloysis F. Lenzen Seniors Arthur J. Rissinger Juniors J. R. Dewey Sophomores Chauncey C. Maher Eugene A. Edwards William M. Byers Walter P. Tippet Andrew McNally Owen W. E. Nowlin Al IN S. Thurston !•-. . Young Charles . Quackenbush Lloyd C. Edgington Freshmen Walter P. Blount Howard L. Marsh Charles D. Bruxkew ' 1 " ruman J. Mohr Herbert H. En{;lehard Lawerance D. Ryan Stanley W. Fahlstrom William G. Shurtz Luther . L Lorance Josef E. Witters Page iSj Alpha Kappa Kappa PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded at Dartmouth Medical College. i8S8 Forty-seven Active Chapters ETA CHAISE R Established at Illinois. iSgg MEMBERS IN FACULTY John- R. Caix. M.D. Charles Davisox, A.M.. M.D. Robert L. Furby, M.D. Archie J. Graham, B.S., M.D. Edward L. Heixtz. Ph.G.. M.D. JoHx R. Harger. B.S.. M.D. JuLus H. Hess. M.D. Hexry E. Irish. M.D. Robert Keetox. M.S.. M.D. Fraxk B. Kelly, S.B., M.D. Walter R. Fischer, B.S.. M.D. Lyxdox Harris, M.D. Joseph E. F. Laibe. B.S.. M.D. George J. Lorch. Ph.G.. M.D. Joseph C. Steph Karl A. Meyer. M.D. B. F. Louxsbl-ry, B.S.. M.D. Hartley F. Mars, Ph.G.. M.D. V. F. Moxcrieff, M.S., M.D. Fr.axk G. Mlrphy. B.S.. M.D. Raymoxd McNeally. M.D. Charles E. Phifer, M.D. Norval Pierce. M.D. DuAXE Y. Propst. A.B.. M.D. Cassius C. Rogers. .A..M., M.D. ' iLLiAM T. Rogers. B.S.. M.D. Johx p. Sprague. . .B.. M.D. Clyde F. Karshxer. A.B., M.D. IRGIL S. CorXSELLOR, B.S., M.D. Exsox. B.S.. Ph.D. Page iSS Top Row — Steckbauer, Johxsox, Ledford. Dorman, Davison, Brewer, Brandenburg, Smith. Hcbbard. Bengston. Bond- Second Row — Eye. Lifvendahl, Crow, Mann. Vthoff, Frenzel. C. Wood, Amberson. Armitage. Belyea. Third Row — Fleischner. Myers. Dr. Irish, Dr. Heintz. Doolen. Dr. Davison, Faxon, Reinhard. (VHora. Fourth Row — Meals. Colyer, Thomas. Robertson. Bratrcde. Jannicke. Gilbert, Gorham. MEMBERS I. IM " ERSITY Glex Doolex DOXALD E. Faxox Henry R. Ambersox EuGEXE L. Baker Amos P. Bratude Ralph B. Armitage Robert X. Crow Raymoxd G. Colyer Charles H. Eye I ax Gilbert Wilbur C. Gorham JoHX R. Johxsox Seniors JiLiLs E. Fleischxer William H. Myers Otto A. Reinhard Juniors Cordelle a. Wood Walter C. Frexzel Staxley F. Jaxicke ii.LiAM A. Maxx. Jr. Sophomores Clarexce M. O ' Hora Neil M. Leitch Richard A. Lifvexdahl Robert W. Meals Thomas S. Robertson Joseph H. Thomas Carl J. Uthoff iLBUR S. Wood Reginald J. Belyea B. XoRMAX Bexgstox Robert E. Boxd Kenneth C. Brandenburg Lewis R. Brewer Claude L. Daxisox Freshmen Mariox p. Dorm ax Roger ' . IUbbard Roy M. Ledford Claytox C). Miller Wilbur C. Smith Clifford E. Steckbauer Page iSg Delta Sig-ma Delta PROFESSIONAL DENTAL FRATERNITY Founded at University of Michigan, 1SO4 Sixty-two Active Chapters RHO CHAPTER Established at Illinois, i8qq MEMBERS IN FACULTY Frederick B. Moorehead DoxALD M. Gallie George . Dittmar Frederick B. Noyes Louis Schultz Newton G. Thomas Solomon P. Starr Frank J. Bernard ILLIAM I. ILLIAMS RoscoE AW Lpp Burne O. Sippy W ' aclaw H. Kubacki Charles G. Sholes Ed ARD J. Krijci Carroll A ' . Stcart Edward ]. Ryan Harold Condit Edward F. Mcnro Emmons S. Coe James E. Fonda Milzor A ' . Deist T. Lerche Page H)0 ft f 111 f ft It f % f J f .t 1 1 . Top Row — HoYT, Clothier. Grassle. Plants. Metcalf. Neilson, Zak. Second Row — Bone, Liscum. Black, Kuhlma.v, Kingston, Robbins, Doolen, Crawshaw. Third Row — Rock, Swain, Brown, Beshoar, Willis, Hohman, Jones. HroHES. Bottom Row — Wilcox, Johnson, Scott, Swedberg, Wishneff, Orr, Call. MF.MBERS 1 I . I T.RSITV Setiiors Daniel L. Beshoar Bradford T. Browx Elmer A. Hernes Ralph H. Hohmax Luther W " . Hughes Xewtox J. Krabbe John R. Jones ' iLLL M P. Rock Harold D. Swain Herbert W . illis Juniors Russel F. Black LoRRiN R. Xelson George D. Bone ALalcom R. Orr Charles C. Call Henry Rehn Harrv R. Doty F. Earl Scott Lloyd D. Hoyt Paul Swedberg Xeil a. Kingston Howard W. Tro illion J- Leslie LiSCOM Sophomores Ernest J. Clothier Lenord Metcalf Earl H. Crawshaw James F. Plants XoRMAN H. Gro er Edward G. Robbins Howard P. Jennings Fred SiEMER Andrew J. Johnson Robert Smith John W. Johnson Paul Wilcox Ernest V. Kuhlman Ralph Wishneff Francis J. Linane Edwin J. Zak D EAN E. Dooi. EN Page 191 Phi Beta Pi PROFESSIONAL MF.DICAL FRATKRXITY Founded at University of Pittsburgh. i88l Thirty-eight Active Chapters IOTA CHAPTER Established at Illinois igo2 MEMBERS IX FACULTY Charles S. Bacox, Ph.B., M.D. Charles E. Humistox, M.D. Otto H. Rohrlack, Ph.G.. M.D. Edward F. Leoxard. M.D. M.A.URICE S. Bl.att, M.D. Franklin S. Wilson, M.D. George " . oodxeck. M.D. H. J. Smejkal. M.D. V. H. Theobald. B.S.. M.D. E. W. MosELEY, M.D. George P. Dreyer. A.B.. Ph.D. P. G. .Albrecht, Ph.D. W . J. Heixek. mp, B.S., M.S. ILLI.AM H. BrOWXE. Page IQ3 Top Row — Emxierlixg, Scully, Johnson, Waiters. Humiston. Hedges, R. Edwahds. Inman, Ahmstrong. Second Row — Kenxv. R. Flvnn, Thornton. Deuss. Tranter. Furness. Third Row — Etherton, Smejkal, J. Flvnn. Robertson, Groves, Smith. Fourth Row — Groot, Hoskins. Tygett, Stoops, H. Edwards, Magill. Fifth Row — Hawkins, Moei ' r. Ralston, BrnHxiAN, Shelton, Lorfield, Horskv. MKMBERS IX UNIVERSITY ' ILLIAM S. BUHRMAN W ILLI AM H. ' eNTRESS Gerhard W. Lorfeld E. J. Kelley J. Pendleton Hahn Paul W. Trantar Richard B. Stoops Fred S. Etherton J. Francis Ralston Robert C. Robertson Robert L. Groves Maurice Cj. Thornton Hugo O. Duess Seniors John K. Moelr J II mors J. Tobias Groot Sophomores foHN Flynn George C. Shelton J. Hearst Rutledge AIanford U. Prescott Clark ' . Magill Howard M. Edwards Glen J. Tygett J. Howard Hoskins C. Raimer Smith Brooke R. Horsky William L. Kenny F. J. Smejkal Russell Johnson Robert Flynn Rav C Armstrong Carl J. Emmerling Carl Furness Robert Edwards Abbott Hedges J. C. Scully Fresh • resit men George Waters German W. Hawkins Richard Ixman Humiston Harper Joe P. Crabtree Page 103 Psi Omeg a PROFESSIONAL DENTAL FRATERNITY Founded at Baltimore College, iSq2 Forty-six Active Chapters f ( I it Top Row — FixNEGAN. HoLT. Barton. Axderson. Zielixsky. Wexdlesdorf. Keller, Framptox. Youxg. Second Row — Bihu. Bichmiller, Martix, Chxite, Harvey. Malecek. Mollexkoi f, Mrxxs. Speckhard. Third Row — Wach. Harvey. Ritter, Paris. Tylski, Davis. Sroka, Byrxe. BETA ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Illinois, igoj MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dr. . T. Nylaxder Dr. H. Dr. J. B. La Due Dr. 1. H. Kellogg John Finnegax Ward W . Har ey Mel IN E. ¥. Anderson iLLi. M H. Barton James A. Bltler Park B. Bird LerOY J. BlCHMILLER Harold E. Clinite Fr.ank R. Frompton B. Berens Charles A. Mi nns EBSTER E. Byrne Thomas E. Davis Le Roy ' E. Hedges William C. Jvng MEMBERS L LNI ERSITY Seniors Juniors Sophomores . LTER W . I ' Evan W . Mollenkopf Leon A. ' right R. F. Harvey Lyman Ritter Edward C. ' ach Chester W " . W endelsdorf Joseph B. Zielinski Leonard C. Holt Fr.ank G. Yovng John J. Sroka ElGENE " . SZWOJKART P.AUL J. Paris ' ernox S. Keller Joseph F. Malecek Eric Speckhard Pagf 104 cf.icwevz» f ' so CB !w ff j. pv moa ffo.LEyy fuaewm ' J a oa t?U£ fTr SMCOn aW fi esT ! iaEfs ?- a c a It u I ' H emb ci " ? : Fffuaxs ' Maaoo yop 0£P } f l ' S ' Fsavscoeu Page 19S Xi Psi Phi PROFESSIONAL DENTAL IRVIERNITY Founded at Ann Arhor, Michigan, iSSS Thirt} ' Active Cliapters Top Row — Classen, Zoellner, Plater, O ' Donoghue. Second Row — Skupa, Capenegro, Baxter, Walsh. Eisexbrand. Bottom Row — Drummond, Langexbahx, Krouser. SIGALV CHAPTER Established at Illinois, IQIJ MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. F. Heik, D.D.S. Edgar D. Coolidge, D.D.S. James R. Blayney, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN UNI ERSITY Seniors Elba A. Krauser Philip H. Langenbahx James O. O ' Donoghue Arthur J. Skupa Wade R. Plater Gilbert O. Zoellner Robert K. Baxter Junior Sophomores George F. Eisenbrand Sebastian Capenegro H.vrold a. Drummond Michael H. Walsh Carl L. Brunson Pearson C. Cle eland Pagf iqO HVJ ' Cfcf ... ...r-MiiLm jit eisfK oc ff,rf t ifs wu jimsw jrx raa urs£iW ' JJ£ Pap- loy The Stadium Campaign NT GEORGE HLF 0= i % A •= y ELMER EKBI.A ■=Q_R( BERT ZCPPKir f=- THE BIG TllRliE The Stadium Campaign is over. The great army of IIHiii Stadium workers from Maine to Cahfornia, from Texas to Michigan, has disbanded. The bright, fer ' id fire of Loyalt} ' tiiat burst into wild flame for the months of the campaign now smoulders as a bed of Hving embers, read}- to break fortii again should need arise. Thousands of students on the campus, thousands of alumni the world o cr, hundreds of friends of our University everywhere, who had their part in the work, are now eagerly looking forward to the da) ' of dedication. As they consecrated themselves to the work, so their W ' ork must be consecrated to the noble purposes for which the Stadium was conceived. A student body better physically, mentally, and spiritually; an alumnus body more ' loyal and active; a state citizenry more interested and read} ' to support its splendid University; they are assured. And when our beautiful Stadium stands completed, the pride of our prairie people, may it be a fitting memorial to the living dead whose names its columns will recall throughout all histor} ' . W . 1l. Kkblaw Pagf IQQ Spring Campaign Hf ElBLX CM Vlsex .4.V. -,4 COOLLEY " ]j COMMITTEES OF THE STADIUM CAMl ' AKiX 1921 GENERAL CHAIRMEN JVomen — Anna Coolley Men — Reuben G. Carlson COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN . Co int Committee Galdys Pennington James H. Bliss 2. Group Committee Ruth ' arren R. C. Preble J. Non-Organization Committee Nellie Holt Paul Corneilson 4. Class College Jeanne White W. F " . LoCKWOOD 5. Publicity Committee Lois Wine K. W. Clark 6. Jf ' ays and Means Committee Justine Pritchard K. E. Williamson 7. Art Committee Milton Marx 8. Enthusiasm Committee Ann Williams Professor Babbott p. Office Committee Ralph Culter Page 200 COMMrril.K ell AIRMI ' .X The Campaign Early in February the various committees were chosen and the Stadium offices were opened in the Union Buildinj;. The first work was to complete the organization and then came the real task, — " selling the idea " to the student body. Propoganda took the form of mass meetings, parades, speeches, contests, pictures, posters, not to mention thousands of personal conferences that were held. Literature, such as an " Illini Supple- ment, " a " Stadium Organ, " and a " Sales Manual, " was distributed broadcast, all in an effort to sell the idea to the students. Finally, on Monday afternoon, .April 25, the climax was reached when school was dismissed and every student in the university laid all other cares aside and went to the Mass Meeting, determined to do his part in helping to raise that $350,000. That was the spirit which raised $750, 000 for Illinois ' great Memorial Stadium. COMAIITTEE PERSOXXKL Page 20I Stadium " Plus " Campaign EXECUTIXE COMMriTEE Anx Xilsox R. E. Nay LOR Chairman for Women Chairman for Men Mildred T. Murphy Christine B. Hyland Dorothy K. Hint Meryle Pratt G. E. Ekblaw E. D. Lebowich Eugene Taylor B. Russell Pagf 203 Pa$e 204 The Illinois Union • ■ = JAMES MACDO AL[)l== As an organization of ihc Men of the Univcr- sit -, the Illinois Union has done more, perhaps, than anything else in promoting a good spirit of co-operation among its members, numbering nearly three thousand. Its activities arc many, such as, conducting student dances each Friday and Saturday night, giving the Student Opera every spring, supervising Homecoming celebra- tions, and giving mixers and smokers for the men students. It is more and more becoming a powerful factor in University life. Each year it broadens its scope and assumes more res- ponsibilities in its already large number of interests. We may look forward to the time when, housed in a new home w orthy of a great undertaking, the Illinois Union will become the dominating and controlling spirit in the life of the men students of the Universit " OFFICERS J. . Macdonald R. |. Malcolmsox Cj. T. Tl ckp;r Llovd Morey President rice-President Secretary Treasurer ' JESJ i ffga i ift Tl ' CKEH ii W i»i ' » ia n ' c ' »i8TJirm ' i ! ' ' j t »r isij « Kii a - gr ,i yj l! . t m iJB f ' lO ' r. ' J ' b ' ' 1y .Llf!F ' 3 r lS» - C ' JF MOHKV Page 20$ Board of Directors J. . Macdonald, Chairman R. J. Malcolmson E. D. Lebowich r. e. foresman Lloyd Morey h. b. g arm an AIA MM Deax C. AI. Thompson ' Carl Stephens FACULTY Prof. J. NL White Dr. Frank W. Scott Thomp.- on ■ft ' HlTE Lebowich Garman FoRES. IAX Page 206 The Cabinet COMMITIKKS Sofia ]. K. Flaherty b. K. X ' or.EDING R. C. MlRRAY Membership A. M. MoXTZHElMIiR H. M. Glenn C. . Thompson Celebrations J. W. Conrad R. I lOLETTE I ' . (). McDkrmott Election H. A. Slaughter E. Asm us Paul Bresee Traditions P. H. Esslinger C. B. BiSSELL Max Stark BiSHELL Ks8I.IN iEK TU(JM1 ' :-0N j i l ' ? r ' ' v ii, i idi tkyl - ' Slaughter Glenn MONTZHKIMKU McDehmott Page 207 Student Council =! R. MALCOLMSOX " ' ' Robert J. Malcolmsox Chairman Lorraine Sammons Secretary Walter A. Mleller . V. M.C.A. James W. Macdoxald Illinois Union Boyd W. Bullock Military Frank A. Scharfexberg . Athletic Board E. KiTCHEL FaRRAXD Honor Commission Donald F. Lafize Daily mini John T. Chadwell Board of Oratory Mervix F. Cotes Commerce School Clarexce L. Coxrad . Engineering School Donald C. McGixxis Pan-Hellenic GORDOX F. McGlXNIS Tribe of Illini Frances ' ixe Women ' s League Georgie Hilgard W. A. A. Rose Oltvskv Dailv Illini AxxA Williams . Pan-Hellenic Jeanne White V. W. C. A. Elsie Kirkpatrick Honor Commission Wesley Sutherland Senior President John D. Caxxox . Junior President ' ernox W. Ascher . Sophomore President ACTI ITIES OF THE COUNCIL The Student Council of the University of lUinois is a student governing body which is in close contact through its members with every branch of student enter- prise and which can truly represent the student body. This is the first year that the Council has been a mixed one. The need of a mixed council was found neces- sary this year to deal with problems concerning both the men and women of the university. The Council ' s activities consist of appointing the Honor Commission, electing the Varsity cheerleader, the supervision of all ticket sales for class, college and organization dances, celebrations, and mixers. It also passes on all campaigns to raise funds by solicitation of the general student body before any such campaigns are presented to the Council of Administration. All traditions and customs of the student body are determined by the council. It acts as the organ of the student body in com- municating with the Council of Administration on behalf of the student body. It is the student governing body where the interests of men and women together are centered. L. Sammons Page 2oS Student Council y.-pe i i»jQt - G. F. MrGlNNlS KlKKPATRICK Sl ' THERLAND D. C. McGlNNI! Farraxd HlLGARD FCHARFEXBERG Mueller Wine Macdoxald Oltisky Lafize frr ?7Vi n --C - y,T £1 9 Ik Chadu t (7gc 2og Honor Commission ■iS E. K. FAR RASP A collective Honor System was put into operation at Illinois in the spring of 1919 by action of the University Senate and an over- whelming vote of the Student Body. The system is guarded by a commission of four seniors and three juniors appointed each year by the Student Council. This commission tries all alleged violations of the system, sees that the needed publicity is obtained and acts for the students in all matters pertaining to the system. The system is now nearing the close of its third and most successful year. The students have realized their responsibilities and lived up to their part of the agreement during the past year as never before. By their actions they have proven that they are one of the very few student bodies in this country- that can success- fully carry on an Honor System. A successful Honor System is Illinois ' greatest student accomplishment. MEMBERS OF COMMISSIOX E. K. Farraxd. Chairman M. M. Olander M. H. Edwards H. X. Y.XTES F. V . X. CGHTON H. M. Keele Max Stark rop How — Keele. St hk. !.L A r;: Second Row — Xacghton, Ouaxder, Yates. Page 210 The Aliimni Association Founded in iSj Re-organized and Incorporated in 191 2 General Office, 35S Administration Building OI-I-ICERS Merle J. Trees. ' 07. Carl Stephens, ' 12 C. J. RosEBERV, " 05 Pmidfnt Secretary Business Manager Merle J. Trees, ' 07 Chicago T. A. Clark, ' 90 Lrbana THE EXECUTIVE COMMIITEE K. K. HiLEs, " 95 Pittsburgh E. C. Craig, ' 93 Mattoon 1 ' . H HoAG, ' 95 Chicago W. H. Scales, ' 14 Indianapolis Trees Stephens Pl ' BLICATIOXS OF THE ASSOCl ATIOX Carl Stephens, Editor Rosebery The Alumni Ouarterlx and Fortnightly Notes ' (Thc " " A.Q.F.X. " ) Founded in 1907 as the Alumni Quarterly; combined with Fortnightly Notes in 1913 and now published every two weeks from October to July inclusive. It carries news of the Uni ersity and of alumni to Illini everywhere. It is called representative of the best in Illini thought and action. The Alumni Record {Directory of Alumni) (Urbana and Chicago Departments) The Semi-Centennial Alumni Record, edited by Frank . Scott, ' 01, and published in 1918 was the last biographical directory of Lrbana department graduates published. It is a 1200-page, closely printed book. Now about ready is a similar volume for the 6000 alumni in Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy. Page 211 Y. M. C. A. k ALTER ML ' h:iJ.I-:i7 ' OFFICERS A. Mueller C. V. McKnight J. T. Gibson President t ' lce-President Recorder BOARD OF DIRF.CTORS Prof. S. W. Parr Prof. I. O. Baker . A. Mueller Dean K. C. Babcock Hon. F. H. Boggs Rev. S. E. Fisher D. C. Dobbins R. F. Little Chairman Treasurer Clerk Prof. H. H. Stoek Nag Uyei J. T. Gibson . D. BoUTWELL H. K. Wilson H. E. Wilson M. L Coldwell SECRETARIES C. D. Hayes L. L. Huntington Wilson Hayes COLDWKI.I. HrXTIXGTOX Pagf 213 Y. M. C. A. . 11 IK LAI!l i;i ' . A. Mueller I ' rcsident C. W . McKnight icc-I ' rcsidcnt P. T. Sanders Campus Service H. L. Long Boy ' s Work Pall McCller Employment R. E. Xaylor Bible Discussion W. D. BOUTWELL Publicity Huston Banton Friendly Relations I. D. Borders Campus Movies J. E. Decker Hut Reception . E. Enyart Finance R. C. Hayes . Wi ' rid Pniblcm Forum H. L. Jones Bible Discussion Max Krone Recruiting C. E. Kruse Social Service Lloyd Lee Boy ' s Clubs C. W . McKnight Religious Meetings R. L. POLLITT . . Deputations ffflfl MM a " m m VM w w W o . W M W W ft ■ S At « i " 4 Vn Bl K «■ Bi| CK 9 9 wk H ▼f 11 W 7 mn H ' Tf f , I I QH 1 i_ Top How — U. C. Havks, SAMjKKb. KitrsK. Nayi.ok. .Sefond Row — Decker. Envaht. C ' oi,dwell, Banton, Wii.son. Third Kow — Joneb, Lee. C. D. Haves, Borders, Krone, P )I,LITT. Fourth Row — Hintington. L( NO , Mc Knight , MtEi.i.En. G IBSON, McCuKlt. HoiTWELL Page 21 J Pagf 214 The Illini Publishing Company = Q DR. F. IV. smrr " ] Cha Business Managc-T The mini Publishing Company is the tie that binds all the student publica- tions of the University, providing them all the advantages of co-operation and expert supervision without interfering with their individual initiative and develop- ment. It is a corporation consisting of four students elected by the students and three members of the faculty appointed by the Council of Administration. It appoints the staffs of all member publications and directs their business policy. It publishes the Daily Illini, The Illio, The Illinois Magazine, The Siren, The Technograph, The Agriculturist, The Enterpriser, and The Architectural Year Book. A part of the surplus earnings of its publications goes into the company treasury for equipment. During the eleven years of its existence it has accumu- lated property worth thirty thousand dollars, most of which is invested in its printing plant, which produces all of its publications except the Illio. F.iCULTY ME.MBERS STUDENT ME.MBERS MOREY ' J ' ll RtELAMJ Pag( 216 The Print Shop THE COMPOSING ROOM THK PRl ' lSSES Page 217 The Daily Illini Donald F. Laflze. Editor-in-Chief Pai l Hibbard. Managing Editor D. B. Carre D. ' . Felts C. E. Harner I. E. Shower-max Rose Oltiskv. Woman ' s Editor H. M. Glexx. Sports Editor G. ' . BvcHAxAx, Scout Editor NEWS EDITORS S. B. Kraiskopf Bex Kartmax S. W. Pettigrew C. R. DORE Helex Rl ' ssell, Society Editor W. L. White. Art Editor M. C. Roeder, Telegraph Editor EDITORIAL WRITERS Helex Brehm O. E. Epperson Alta Hahx JvLiETTE Armstrong Ollie Asher J. R. Ator Miriam Baker iRGixiA Baker Carltox Banker W " . H. Beatty RCTH Blythe J. M. Breex Ruby Bltts Mildred Cartwright ax Coghlan REPORTORI iRGixiA Davis E. M. Dolax F. H. Ebersold TiERA Farrow Florence Goedde J. C. Godfrey Mary Hanger Henry- Heil RoMAiNE Heim L. T. Heron Helen Hottinger V. H. Hill L STAFF Arthir Jacobi L. A. Jame Frances Killifer E. W. Krieckhavs . J. Laadt Olh EX Leach E. R. Leibert W . P. Lixdley George Meyer . A. Pacis Mairine Parker W ILLA Reid Thelma Scott S. O. Shapiro T. B. Stearns R. O. Torr M. A. Topper Irma Vaxderbeck F. S. Van uren J. M. Wayer C. y. Weigman Bessye illiams King Williams Imogen Wilson nRHSpMHHRMHHHS Oltcskv Glenn- Buchanan RrssiELL White Roeder Pase 3lS asssasBBBaBe p sai ■tfiiiniiiiaiiririi iiiniii nuiTi Cahhk Felts Harxer Kaktman Krai ' skopf Pettigrew howekman Ator M. Baker ' . Baker Beebv Blythe BiTTS Cartwright Coghlan Ebersold Farrow Godfrey GOEDDE Hanger FagiT 2IQ 0 I P Al A w- Jacob 1 4». Jame KiLLiFER Krie _khaus Laadt Lkalh Lexbert mem LiNDLEY Meyer Pacis Parker Reid Scott Shapiro Stearns Torr Topper Vaxderbeck Van Vtren (■toa " scftjfE==gjg B: Water X B. Williams K. Williams Page 220 The Daily Illini Mervix F. Cotes. Business Manager ArTHI R C. HlMPlIREY Raymond Cleary Harold Eversole Henry irst Pall Chapin Clarence Charlton Advertising Manager Foreign Advertising Manager Collection Manager Copy Manager Circulation Manager Asst. Circulation E. E. Amorv Kenneth Anderson Jerome Baethke SOPHOMORES ON BUSINESS STAIE J. C. Bailey t. H. Dickson E. N. Durlaxd E. F. Enclar F. M. Hatch R. B. McClellan David Porter H. K. Reynolds Clifford Strike FRESHMEN ON BUSINESS STAFF Richard Bierdermann Enil C. Gerdes Edward Coath I.eland Goddard Richard Cole Harry C. Greene W ' illard B. CiRTis Howard Hill Henrik Fredriksen Willis J. Horton B. S. Higle Allen McCoy Gray Phelps Charles R. Rinvon I. Reed Walter Steffa Robert Tower R. E. Williamson- James VouNG Lewis Voinger :s Cleary Eversole Wi-rst Charlton Pagf 211 Anderson Baethke Bailey DlCKSON DrKLAND if , r Engu r 5 5 ' Greene Hatch McClellan Porter Reynolds Strike •1.:: 1 c :. ' I rhge T S iaa. ' asM. ' iS ' . a ' ai BlEHDtKMANN COATH CoLE ClKTIS FrEDRIKsEN GerDES GoDDARD Hill McCoT Phelps " 41 1 I? - oesawa i RrNYON Reed Tower Williamson Vol ' NG Younger Page 222 The 1923 Illio ■= ff " ER 0. £-. A ' ) ' erno. " . Henry, Editor-in-Chief I.LOYD E. Eldridge Georgie Hilgard . Ralph E. Xaylor . Irving W. Harnett Joseph C. Godfrey Jean L. Schvreman James B. Holston Robert C. Robertson Helen McAdow Managing Editor Woman ' s Editor Senior Editor Roast Editor Athletic Editor University Life Editor Military Editor Chicago Editor Dramatics Editor Ernest R. Hilgard Leslie C. Thvrman SOPHOMORE ASSISTANTS Dorothy V. N ' aylor Dwight A. Carlsex Thomas D. Elliott George C. Henninger Harold " . Flitcraft FRESHMAN ASSISTANTS Robert S. Swaim Ray A. Karcher Villl m R. Brown James V. Barr H. Gerald Nordberg Nayi-or Eldridce Barnkxt Page 323 ROBERTS.iN Hn.GARP McAdow SCHCREJIAX Hen ' Ningeb J- ' litckaft - w rs i-£ ■ Ohl O n ifi Kabcbeh Brown XORDBERG P,i, 324 The 1923 Illio [ i= HO VARD GREESE Howard W. Greene. Business Manager Edward V. Lethen Elisabeth S. Retxer Imogen Wilson Ass ' t. Business Manager Secretary Publicitv Manaeer SOPHOMORE ASSISTANTS James S. Keenan Rov E. Rods John R. Walker Dean McCormick C. B. Lewis FRESHMAN ASSISTANTS V. R. Tredwell p. F. Carpenter Carl Raessler D. P. Blake Lewis Trkdwkll Carpenter Page 23$ The 1923 Illio L= T7wuco .■ ' U ii cWaix. 5M ART STAFF MiLTOx R. Marx Art Editor C. W . Baughman E. " . Gauger AI. F. Heslip J. J. Bresee Beatrice Adams Margaret Sears K. G. Shopen Martha Pyke M. Topper A. G. FORDYCE G. B. SWITZER r ikm Topper Page 226 Bresee Heslip Gacger Illinois Ma a .ine ' CHARLP:S WHJTfS ' G Ol.AF D. BURGE Charles E. Whiting EDIIORI II.KIR E. JoHrSON T. P. BoiRLAND Agnes rooman G. A. Stead Malcolm Bryax D. P. BrCHANAN- Editor Business Manager L S ' lAFF Managing Editor Contributing Editor Contributing Editor R. E.FisHER I.. A. Sheldon C. E. XOYES BUSINESS STAIF RvssELL Hughes ..... Assistant Business Manager John Hawks Advertising Manager Elizabeth Bacgerly ..... Subscription Manager Walter Seibert Betty Ketner Clarendon Branch Marie Nabor Katherine Johnson M. R. Marx ART STAI ' F ' E. Marx C. . Bai ' chman Top Row — 8EIBERT, Hawks, Noye8, Johnson, iiRVAN. . ' rond Row — BArc;H.MAN, Fisheh, Stead, Hazei.kku:. Rottoni Tow — BAGGEiti.y, JiroiiANAN, Hl ' CHEH, Shei.dos, Kktneh. Page 33J The Siren T. P. BoVRLAXD Morgan Fitch J. A. Nuckolls G. SwiTZER R. R. Fowler R. J. Weber . R. H. Fergisox B. CoWAX B. Hlrd H. FECHT LA ■ S. Fortier Helex Hottixger Editor Business Manager. First Semester Business Manager, Second Semester Art Editor Assistant Business Manager Advertising Manager Circulation Manager F. MocHox J. Keith Mary Werts . C. RVXKLE G. A. Redemski W. Meexts Top Row — HcRD. XoyEs, Bresee. Topper, Keith, Stravs. Second Row — Hottinger, Mochos, Fechtmax, Cowan, Rinkle. Boggs. Bottom Row — Switzer, Fowler, Ncckolls, Weber, FERorsox, Werts, Tcttle Pazf 22S The Enterpriser Lyle C. Brovvx .... George L. Chandler EDIIORLM. ST. 1-I ' P. A. Anderson .... J. R. McGregor R. C. W etzel T. J. Hammer L. B. WORTHINGTON E LIZABETH BagGERI.Y C. H. ClEWORTH J. C. Garland Jack Baird BUSINESS STAFF Harlan D. Conn . . Assistant Business Manager L. E. Foster ... Advertisinf; Manager Editor Business Manager . rt Editor K. - . Gri ' bb T. J. Hammer Helen Miller Frieda Baird W. A. Woelfershei.m C. M. Kretchmer W. M. Edens Lena Oltlsky Jack Ebbert E. G. Thiel M.vrion Haley K. J. Preble Marjorie Riordan Circulation Manager Foreign Adv. Manager R. S. Saunders J. H. Benson L. X. Wrisley I ' l.p How -MrtlKKi.iiK. I-HHhltr. rKKBl.K, ( 1 . Kl-. .M). (lltl bU. S ' cond Row — Woelfer-sheim. Foster. J. Baird, Edens. .SAfNDERs. Thiel. Third Row — Ci.eworth. WoRTHiN iTON. Wrisley. KRETniMER. Wetzel. Benson. Ftmrth Row — Miller. Haley, Riordan, Conn. .Anderson. Baird. Olti ' sky, Baogerly. Page 22Q Technograph ARTHlh ' IXCOlTT Arthur J. Ingold Donald A. Monro Walter A. Mi eller J. V. Harriman Xl. E. Jaxssen E. E. ' alentine P. T. Dedman C. H. Dodge I. L. exdig EDITORIAL STAFF Assistant Editors Editor First Semester Editor Second Semester Business Manager D. C. MlRPHY P. F. W itte Art Editor Onceovers Editor C. T. Parker G. T. Dingledy L. R. LUDWIG E. . Gavger BUSINESS STAFF . J. Klixgberg Circulation Manager W. B. Mathews ..... National Advertising H. C. Har.meling Local Advertising W . R. Envart .... Assistant Business Manager C. BowEX ..... Assistant Business Manager A. B. Durham J. L. Dicus R. E. Goild E. L. GoBLE S. E. Fey R. L. Hedrich V. F. Gerdes H. L. Funk J. B. Clausen DEPARTMENTAL REPRESENTATIVES H. W. Butterbaugh. A. A. E. D. B. Collixgs, Electrical C. C. Couxcell. Architecture G. Reed. Mechanical H. S. Coss, Ceramics D. P. Buchanan. Mining W . A. Gurtler, Civil S. M. Ellxl n. Raihvay J. V. ScHAEFER, Municipal and Sanitary Top Row — DrRB.iM. Reed. Exy-irt. Goble. Dices, Lcdwig, Dedm.ix. Vexdic. Second Row — XIjitbews, Dodge, Gerdes, Bowex, Fcxk, Coixcell, Gcrtler. Bottom Row — MoxRO. J.iXNSEx, V. i.extixe. Klixgberg. H. rmelixg. Collixgs. H. rriman The Illinois Agriculturist - hi-:. . i:Tii - ' n T T " " • IIKRHERT WHI ■ ' HV. ILLINOIS AGRICLLITRISL Kenneth A. Ford Herbert White Pail K. Bresee J. G. Whittle Dayton I ' ielu H. H. Gordon Elgenia Martin Editor First Semester Editor Second Semester Managing Editor Business Manager Circulation Manager Chief of Departmental Editors Home Economics Editor J. L Gibson H. T. McMlRRAY K. E. Oberholtzer H. K. Danforth LvMEs H. White EDITORIAL STAFF Lester Luhnow L R. Miles RtssEL Pollitt G. . Morgan BUSINESS STAFF R. Pallson H. B. Hoffman Robert Payne R. Tombaigh Eloise Dldley ART STAFF R.H. OjEMAN C. T. J ESSEN C. A. Stookey E. Mayne G. E. Glasgou J. J. Bresee Cu I. W allace ' 14 i iv i Top How— McMriiUAV, .Schlltk, J. Rhkhek, Douhon, J. H. Whjtk. Sf-cond Row — MiLEM, Gihson. Ohukholtzer, Oi.ascow, Field, C ' hawford. Third Row — DnKHBKi.. Dankohth, Hofkman, Je««ex, Maynk, Pou.itt. Paulson. Fourth Row— Pavne. Stookey. P. Hkekee. Didlev, (Iohdon. I.iunow, Morqax. Page 231 The Illinois Chemist ■=i 4 A ' A OLD BECKM.Ay ■ il[_[ L. KL E Y K A ihU r = Arnold O. Beckman Harley L. Kxauer R. M. CORBIN G. H. Joseph Helen Hopkins J. R. Johnson H. R. Mathias J. H. Mills , M. D. Enclehart M. Joffe F. A. McCann P. M. DeLeevw Dr. J. H. Reedy A. W. Sloan . EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF EDITORIAL BOARD ■ . Editor Business Manager Assistant Editor News Editor News Editor Alumni Editor Jokes Editor News Editor Assistant Manager Circulation Manager Local Advertising Foreign Advertising Chairman Secretary Page 2 2 Top Row — Mills, Joseph. Second Row — Joffe, Johnson, DeLeeuw. Third Row — Kexd. ll, McCann, Exglehart, Corbin, Tvkev. The Architectural Year Book -=ff 7 1 AND HI lllifCL!? l-:i 1 1 IS A .t C XTIXI E. L. HlBBELL E. E. ' alentixe R. F. Spicer . a. g. fordyce Herbert Hoefer F. W. Lang ASSISTANTS L. X. Barclme A. C. Bell K. L. Smith Editor Business Manager Circulation Manager R. A. Mattson E. A. Horner Russell Sevmoir Top Row — Hoefkr, Lang, Barci ' me. Second How — FoHDYrE, Bell, Smith, Matthox. Third How — HoRNKH, Sevmoi-r, Hubbell, Valentine, Spicer. «« ' 2JJ Page 234 The Junior Prom As sparkling, sapphire, green and purple Northern Lights illuminated the hanging icicles and the softly falling snow of a unique north- land scene, two hundred and seventy formal promenaders walked through the intricacies of the grand march of the 1922 Junior Prom, the evening of December 9, 1921 in the Gym Annex. The couples stepped along to the syncopa- tion of the combined orchestras of Blumenthal and Donahue which, at the end of the march, burst into a frenzy of the wildest jazz, announcing the first dance of the season ' s most cala occa- sion. The couples presented a picturesque sight to the observers in the balcony as they danced with the imitation snow resting on their gorgeous gowns and trim dress suits. The lighted, glistening icicles, the gayly colored lights, the white walls, and the brilliantly decorated booths transformed the Annex into an ice palace, glowing with life and color. Time passed swiftly in this fairyland of carefree pleasure, and as two o ' clock approached, the Xorthern Lights began to twinkle, grow dim. and slowly fade away, leaving the 1922 Junior Prom a memory of the greatest dance of the year. Prom Leaders Page 236 The Junior Prom THE COMMITTEE E. C. TuKEY, Chairman Aenid Taxkersley ' er. Beax Ruth Brady Dorothy McConnell Elizabeth Pigall P. K. Bresee R. E. Foresman J. C. Funk M. V. Glenn M. G. KiNGSTROM F. 0. McDermott R. H. Mersbach R. H. Murray T. T. Shoot R. B. ' lOLETTE E. S. Wells Top Row — Cannon. Fohesmax. Shoot. XlERSBArH. Kingstkom. Fink. Dickkn«on. Second Row — Bresee. V iolette. Weli.s. Murkav. TrKEV, McDermott. Third Row — McConxell. Brady. Bean. Pigau.. Tankerslev. Page 337 The Senior Ball = ,FJ)RGE CHA XDLER Seniors are planning a stately celebration for their last social function as undergraduates at Illinois — the Senior Ball. On June 12, the members of the class will give the party as a fitting close to their college days. From the formation of the grand march at 9:00 o ' clock, an atmosphere of " eat, drink and be merry, fur tomorrow we say good-bye " will do much to change the Annex into an enchanting ball- room. The committee expects to make the Senior Ball a pompous and splendid affair which the members of the class will recall with glad remembrance in the rears to come. SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE George L. Chandler, Chairman Josephine Hoffman G. E. Ekblaw Rose Oltlsky E. K. F.xrrand Annette " ooD J. B. Frederickson P. B. Bass, Jr. E. D. Lebowich M. C. Carlson R. L. McClelland J. W. Conrad R. E. Naylor E. A. CuRTiss J. A. Peterson H. L. Slaughter Top Row — Peterson, Naylor, Bass, Carlson. Lebowich, Conrad. .Second Row — Farrand, Wood. Hoffman, Oltuskt. Frederickson. Thir l Row — CcRTiss, Ekblaw, Flaherty, Chandler, McClelland. SLArcHTER. Page 238 The Military Ball THE COMMITTEE Colonel B. W " . Bullock, Chairman l.iEUT. Col. R. J. Smejkal Major J. E. SouLe Major W. R. Jack Major C. W. Reading LiEVT. Col. C. R.-Davis Major J. R. Lindley Major J. R. McNeil Major C. U. McKnight LiELT. Col. A. G. Cries Major I. B. Krueger Major L. E. Werre Major .V G. Heideman Lieut. Col. P. G. Evans MaJO " J- • h-sey On the night of February 24, 1922, the lure of the sword proved mightier than the pen, and. casting bool s aside, the University donned Sam Browne belts and went to the Military Ball. • i 1 j The interior of the Gvm Annex was decorated in flags and the varied hued emblems were in sharp contrast with the olive drab and navy blue uniforms of the dancers. Four squat machine guns, a French 75, and the seventeen guidons of everv branch of the University Brigade, furthered the military atmosphere. Top I(o» — .Ml.Nlil. .SoLi-t. MiK.sunn, Mlellkh. Socond Kow — Sti ' ebe. Lindlev. Heidem. x. Jack. Readikg. Third Row Wekhe. niirnvx. Davis, Billock, . ' me.ikai.. Kbieoer, Paif 239 Sophomore Cotillion It was January 6, 1922. As the chimes in the Library tower struck the hour, the hands of the great clock sped backward millions of years until they had once more reached the be- ginning of time. Out of the drabness of routine life we stepped into the gaiety of the Garden of Eden. From their elevated position at the right of the Garden, seven, glistening Ethopians were swaying in the throes of syncopation. Kaleidoscopic stream- ers fluttered from the ceiling, and from the corners of the Garden myriad colored lights played upon the dancers. Huge, artistic lanterns inter- spersed in the streamers shed an opaque light upon the scene. As the music stopped, the echo was taken from the other side of the Garden by Jinks Bryan ' s orchestra. Continuous music was (•ne of the novelties that made this a feature dance of the vear. Janet . sperx Ruth Meyers Helen R.xiney F. H. BcsH G. . SCHILDGE THE COMMITTEE C. O. Skinner, Chairman H. B. Brown H. ' . Flitcr. ft h. p. w angelin Dorothy Xaylor Ellyn Olson L. S. Hatch M. S. Angier L. D. COLSON E. M. SCHWEMM Top Row — BcSH. SCHILDGE. SeCODd Row .ScHWEMM. W. XGELIN. . XGIER, OlSOX. BrO» X. FuTCRAFT. Third Row — Asperx. Natlor. Hatch. Skixxer. Cou ox. Raixev. Meters Page 140 Freshmen Frolic FRKSHMKN FROLIC N Foil nil (,VM ANN ' IrX THE COMMITTEE Raymond A. Karcher, Chairman Thomas Summerville Haydex Mills X. WlXSLOW F. A. Miller L. O. Millard Ellis Krieckhaus Jack Moyer Robert Summerfield James Barr Lois Cromer Theodosia Pfister Erma Edmistox Dorothy Wilhelm Sue Smith Alice Xotter Hazel Shaftox Top Row SrMMEllFIEI.D. SrMMERVlU.E Second Row— Millahd. Mii-lek, Winslow, Kimeckhal-s. KAncBEii. Third Row— Wilhelm. NoTTEn, Cbomer, Edmiston. Smith, Shafton. Page 241 Union Dances The dances given Friday and Saturda - nights each week-end by the Illinois Union have been more popular with the student body this year than ever before. It is due, perhaps, to the fact that dances are only given this year at Bradley Hall instead of at two halls as was their policy last year. The dances have been niaterialh- improved by the use of more elaborate decorations and the introduction of better music. Bradley has been redecorated in a very pleasing manner and the orchestra has been moved to a more advantageous position at the cast end of the hall. The music this year, by Keek ' s Orchestra, has always met with the enthusiastic approval of the dancers. ' ' f th. -atmmm ' T. i dance Committee has outdone itself in I l| — I iitfering the maximum amusement at the mini- tK t ' :R()MF: Fl.AllKh ' r ' tVf -i. mum expense. In addition to the regular Friday and Saturday dances the Union gave a Post Prom dance, a Post Cotillion dance, a Valentine dance and several novelty dances between semesters that delighted the students with their extraordinary features. This willingness on the part of the Union to give the students the best and cleanest kind of dancing is only one of the many services that this organization is performing on the campus. THE COMMITTEE J. K. Fl.vherty, Chairman R. H. Murray D. K. ' 0GEDIXG Page 242 Mask and Bauble L. C. Turner . AI. Raggio Mary Safford President and Treasurer I ' ice-President Secretary ACTI ' E MEMBERS E. B. Henxixg Ruth Honn H. M. Heberer P. Rogers Margaret Sears A. Stevens Xelle Barry Dorothy Bowerman C. Davis H. B. McCarty T. P. Bourlaxd Katherixe Harpole Frances ' ine G. w. ' ILsoN H. T. MCMURRAY " . M. KONOLD Mary Parsons Katherine Baynes Annette " ooD R. ]. GULMEYER Eunice Goebel Alta Ravlin F. Trout H. Heil V. P. New.mark Pearl Hand H. Sowers R. p. Austin Florence Wine H. J. Francis Xo A HiSER P. R. Wilson Helens Carpenter D. Tripp Marjorie Deatherage P. Chapix Janet Kixley R. Roos P. McCluer Marjorie Thomas O. D. Burge J. McCullough Pagf 244 The Tailor Made Man Mr. Ihiber . Mr. Rowlands Peter . Dr. Giistavus Sonntag Tanya Huber John Paul Bart Pomcro)- Mrs. Stanlow Mr. Stanlow Corrine Stanlow Dorothv .Mrs. Cii.VRLKs . . GiLLK. Director C. ST Bobby Wcstlake Mr. Meminir. Mrs. Fitzmorris .Mr. Fitzniorrls jane I ' itzmorris W ' heating Thompson Mrs. Kittle Dupuy Bessie Dupuy Mr. Jellicott Abraham Nathan Leonard C. Tvrxer Pail McCluer G. W. Wilson ' Henry Heil Pearl Hand . Harold B. McCarty Paul V. Chapin Marjorie De. therace R. J. Gllmeyer Kathryn Bayxes . lTA R.4VLI.N H. Jay Francis . l Stevens Nova O. Hiser Roy- F.. Rocs Marjorie Thomas O. D. BURGE Donald Tripp Katherine Harpole F ' lorence Wine ' . P. N ' ewmark Chester R. Davis " The Tailor Made Man " was Mask and Baubk- ' s contribution to the Home- coming festivities, and was a decided success. Leonard Turner in the role of the German Tutor was easily the best actor on the stage, but the other actors must be gi cn due credit for their part in making the production such an admirable one. The organization showed a worthy tendency toward the use of the larger cast, and the consequent interest of a larger number of students in dramatics. Page 24S Our Children Mrs. Charles A. Gille, Director CAST Willybald Engel, a successful shoe manufacturer Theodore, his son ...... Bertha, his daughter ..... Sophy, the maid ....... -Anastasius Scheible, known as " Stasi " a printer and of Willy Rosie, his neice ....... Spencer Hutton, a banker ..... Harriet, his daughter ...... aughan Leiand, a broker ..... Richard Hellnian, a foreman in Engle ' s factory Carter, Eneel ' s confidential man .... E. B. Henxixg W . P..vrL Rogers LiDA HoiGH . Dorothy stationer and lifelong friend L. C. TtRXER ElNICE GOEBEL rvssel norins Kathryn Baynes H. Miles Heberer . . B. Stevens H. Gordon Hillfish Pagf 346 Pierrots of the Illinois Union R. M. Blln p, Prendt ' Ht ACT1 E AIK-MBERS I). A. Tripp I. W. Nelson M . . Hughes H. C. ECKART L. G. Hunt D. L. Taze M . C . Carlson F. H. Strong C. E. Keck . D . Donahue A. L. Roedecker G. v. Buchanan M . 0, . Naramore T. P. BOURLAND J. M. Bryan W . () . Heath 1. E. Machamer H. T. Sowers H. M . Heberer E. G. McDonald E. B. Hennini; G. A. C. R. T. D. G. A. P.M. E. C. B. H. J. R. H.J. C. W R. E. E. B. V. H. J. A R. F. R. R. H. E. A. D. J.N. .1. K. Chandler Davis Cook Hartung Beatty Johnson . Sears Patton Fr. ncis . Baughman Roos Murphy Condon Nelson Dobbins Fowler H EI NEMAN Ho EY Jans EN Decker Pasf 247 Caoutchouc The annual production of the Pierrots of the lUinois Union was the very successful " Caout- chouc " , a musical comedy by Hal Beardsley, Jinks Bryan, and Bill Heath. It was given at the Illinois Theater, April 29 and 30, 1921. Neil Moore, Director H. C. EcKART, Manager CAST Annette M. Heberer Ashton Bernard Wedge Mollie O ' Reilev . T. D. Cook Prof. Eisenkopf G. A. Chandler Lucille Marks J. W. Xelson Count Popoff J. E. Mach.uier Teddv Pierce W. I. Tenxey Hawkins H. T. Sowers Henrv P. Marks . C.R.Davis Mike F. A. Hart Mrs. Marks F. A. Bagley SPECIALTIES F. S. Harvey L S. Leemixg E. G. McDonald R. L Belxap J. W . Caxxon C.VRLSON HVXT Wanzer Pagf 24S BOYS ' CHORUS F. M. Beatty M. O. Naramore J. R. Patton I.. J. Miller B. C. Sharpe C. H. Freark W. Benzies D. KosvicH D. A. Tripp ' . H. COXDOX F. Baker F.. C. JoHxsox C. H. Fabb C . T. Frltiger J- R. McClL LOUGH C. A. Boehner J. V. Nelson James Skixxer G. A. Hartlxg R. E. Roos L. T. joHxsox J. V. WoLTER H. J. Francis E. B. MlRPHY GIRLS ' CHORUS T. G. KoERXER H. G. Williams O. P. McCabe J. A. Ralston C. BOWEX R. F. y. E. Klossxer W . C. Hint A. B. Gallion W. Becker B. H. Sears DOBBIXS Pagf 24Q Sa ri This operetta, produced by the students of the University, was a decided success. In all probability this feature of a student production will become an annual event in campus activities. H. ROLi EcKART. Dircctor Ruth Warren. Manager CAST OF CHARACTERS J Pali Racz Laczi Racz Sari Racz Klari Racz Lari Racz Joska Fekete Juliska Fekete Gaston Cadeaux Count Estragon Count Mustari Pierre . His Children George Chandler Roy Roos Mildred Goelitz Marian Patrick Donald Tripp Isabelle Xims Rlth Coverdale Charles Dollins Dick Trolt Miles Heberer Horace Francis Carl Brown Pagf 250 WOMEN ' S CHORUS Dorothy Wiliiel.m Esther Bell EsTiNE Lewis Beatrice Stephenson Helen Burpo Ella Forslevv Lois Rehm Charlotte Woodward Eleanor Scott Janaice Lumpp Annette Grass Genevieve Haworth Elsie Wanzer Polly Ruh Dorothy Tenner AL RGARET BaSSETT Erma Edmiston Minnie Mulberry Florence Forrester MEN ' S CHORUS L. Pennington K. Murphy E. G. Thiel G. T. Fruti(;er I- ' . P. loHNSON ). McCuLLOUGH " W. Mentz, R. ZlEMER ]. Hewes R. RoTT P. gf 2SI Post Exam Jubilee ■= ff " " J. MACHAMER " On February seventh and eighth the Audi- torium was filled with its annual assemblage of Post Exam Jubileers. The entertainment was ersatile as to kind, and variable as to quality. Sigma Phi Epsilon had its name engraved on the first place trophy for its presentation of a pantomine with a setting of corn shocks and the moon, entitled " A Nocturnal Gambol. " " hat Shall We Name It. ' " displayed speed and originalit) ' and won second place for Phi Kappa Tau. Not the least of the merits was the fine scimitar dance which brought the act to a close. COMMITTEE J. E. Machamer, Manager Raymond Cleary R. R. Fowler D. L. DoKNAN B. C. HURD C. T. McElwee J. E. Bairstow Top Row: — Clearv. MlElwek. Baik:,to v Bottom Row — Fowler. Donvan ' . Hurd Page 2j2 Raymond Dvorak, the " " ersatilc Piano W is- ard, " ablv defended his title in the playing of McDowell ' s Concerto and an original selection which he called " The Old Time Moving Picture Theater Pianist. " The judges awarded him first place in the individual stunt contest. Barnett and Chandler took second honors in the individual stunts with their ramblings through some vaudeville lines, and they called it " Mike and Ike. They Look Alike. " Pag ' 2S3 University Revue Four stunts competed for the two loving cups at the University Revue on November nth at the Auditorium. The Woman ' s Residence Hall presented " When Effie ' ent to College, ' ' embellished with all the floor-sweeping skirts, high standing pompadours, and wasp-like waists with which the co-eds of 1895 camouflaged themselves. The old time damsel swished off with the first prize, too. Modern was the stunt which Chi Omega presented. " The Xightmare Shop " was the name of it, and it was all about a certain old doll shop dealer whose in- dulgence in the realm of forbidden spirits called forth a nightmare — not of dis- torted snakes, but of living dolls. The " mummy of the Queen of Shewas " brought him to the realization of the fact that it was all a dream. Delta Gamma, with some clever songs and characters, told us that " It pays to Advertise. " Gamma Phi Beta built a futurist village studio stunt around a story called " Rainbow. " Page 254 Debate BOA HI) OK OHATOHV AND DEBATE C ' hadwkll WOOLBERT Gilbert Keele McMuRHAY loHN T. Chadvvell President George G. Gilbert Manager C. H. WoOLBERT Facultx Represent ative A. M. Keele II. T. McMurry ' iLLL M M. Manny THK NORTHERN ORA ' IORICAL LEAGUE The Northern Oratorical League holds an annual contest between student speakers rep- resenting the various schools in the league. Miss Gladys Pennington was chosen to represent Illinois in last year ' s contest at Iowa, and suc- ceeded in securing second place among the six universities entering. iHt G. PESMXGTOS 3 ' Page 25S Debate lUll- . t. HAl.Uhl.L. r PEAKMAN HeHZOG, GiLBERT. KeELE Negative asramst Iowa Affirmative against Minnesota Kesolved: that tngland should grant Ireland complete independence. Keele, Chadwell. Killinger Negative against Michiaan Errakt, Hates, Olsox Affirmative against Wisconsin Resolved: that the United States cancel the debts owed her by the Allied Nations. STAR COURSE BOARD Chadwell MORET Stiven Hayes SwrrzER BorrwELL Thompson Page 256 The University of Illinois Bands " Greatest College Band " is the title bestowed upon the band of the University of Illinois by the great bandmaster, John Philip Sousa. It is, in fact, three bands composed of about two hundred and twenty- five players. For purposes of convenience and effi- ciency in instructing the organization it is divided into the Concert Band, the First Regiment Band and the Second Regiment Band. Albert .Acsttx H.utDiNG, Director OFFICERS Mathews Porter Ii.t Page 2sS Thompson ' ' " if 259 . Paft 260 I ' nixersity of Illinois Concert Band S. R. Negley 1. C. Porter C. H. Kelly G. A. Browse Robert A. Ide Albert Avstin Harding, Conductor Alvin G. Mathe ys, Business Manager I rcsidcnt Secretary . Financial Secretary Quartermaster Head Drum Major Prof. C. E. Palmer Solo Clarinets ]. C. Porter •A. I. B. Showalter F. M. l.ESCHER MlLTON DrEYFIS R. |. Fowler G. V. Williamson First C.taritu-ts R. 1,. DlPPELL J. I. McDonald J. j. Clegc A. A. Brexsky R. D. Stocker Second Clarinets •F. E. Haskins A. A. Davis M. C. Laver A. G. Mathews Third Clarinets •S. B. KlTCH C. K. Bair E. I.. GOBLE E. D. Martin E-Flat Clarinets »R. W. Michael V. N. McMlllan- J-Flat Clarinet CiiAS. Farina .llto Clarinet M. T. Krone R. K. Eden Bass Clarinets •C. H. Kelly C. R. Latowsky Soprano Saxophones •R. E. Kent R. E. Garn Jlto Saxophones H. D. Freeman G. J. Roberts Tenor Saxophone C. S. Icenogle Properlymasler M. F. Denton Dr. ADVISORY CDMMrriKK . L. Steimley R. F. Dvorak R. L. Tho.mpsox ROSTER— SE. Baritone Saxophone R. P. Walsh Bass Saxophone D. W. Patterson Taragato R. D. Stocker Ophicleide Davox Smith Octavin Andrew Figel Piccolos and Flutes H. L. Newcomer M. F. Heslip P. C. Barkley T. O. Larsex W. R. Erode E-Flat Flute L. F. Helbling Oboes R. K. Clmmixcs C. Z. Rosecraxs P. ' . W. Dlell English Horn R. K. Cv.MMIXGS Bassoons R. F. Dvorak R. I. Shawl M. B. W EARY Contra-Bassoon M. B. Weary Tenor Sarrusophone •H. T. Sowers SON 1921-li)22 String Basses ♦E. I. FjELD •G. A. Browne E-Flat Basses I.. 1.. Steimley C. P. Beam BB-Flat Basses C. E. Palmer HiGH Fitch A. G. HiGGS B. L. Kirk Marimhaphone H. M. Heberer M. . . Bllmexthal Xylophone D. D. Richmond Snare Drums »H. E. Kent R. L. Castle A. H. Hanson Bass Drum B. P. Bvrt Tympani M. -V. Bll ' Menthal Piano ♦R. F. Dvorak Solo Concerts R. L. Thompson C. E. Carr H. E. Decker E. E. Xewcomb First Cornels W. C. Brame C. . Ferguson Baritone Sarrusophone E. H. SwARrz Cellos •J. M. Wayer Bert Taylor Propert man R. H. Kllte Trumpets C. O. Hllick I. P. Foster " S. R. I.EE . . R. Belton .llto Trumpet J. .v. Foster Attendance Clerk R. B. Law ♦Indicates those who have qualified for the X ' arsiiy band emblem. Bass Trumpet A. R. Belton Flugelhorns R. H. Talbot H. E. Lazier E. L Griffith French Horns J. J. MOINTZ K. a. Ford ' W. R. Edie F. H. Strout E. S. Meder »D. A. Green H. F. Schott R. S. Fisher Jllo Trombone H. M. Bailey Tenor Trombones . Fkey-man •W. C. Ray . . R. Wilson L. NL T. Stilwell C. . . Johnson H. L Bailey Baff Trombones l. M. Blair L. H. Braun C-Bass Trombone C. A. Johnson Tenor Antoniophone H.G.Stiefexhoefer Euphoniums Da ox Smith P. T. Young Baritones S. R. Negley L. O. Fencken B-Flat Bass A. R. Eastman Ba ' S Cornophone W. W. Laws Head Librarian G. A. Browne Page 2( i First Reg-iment Band RtKSTKR 1921-1922 Piccolos and Flutes Bassoon Third Cornets Basses P. C. Barkley J. M. LlKACS N. H. Chesnlt W. B. Petersox W. R. Brode A. H. LiXDSAY M. W. Laws B-Ftal Clarinets R. K. Eden Solo Cornels S. R. Lee 0. L. Welsh J. A. Foster - D. Simons French Horns W. W. Brins s. Sabix L F. Pearsox ' E. D. Martin t , VV. F. ScHMALZ . ' P.W.Lewis C. K. Bair H. W. Rinker Andy Hall E. E. Stricker Drums R. H. Hardy C. W. Hollstex E. P. Messinger V. L. Phelps R. S. Fisher C. E. Pallsox D. D. Richmond C. Hagexer E. B. Hexnixg E-Flat Clarinets First Cornets Trombones W. L. Green A. K. HiLLEMEIER E. E. Ebner S. W. Parker Prupertymen ' . Chas. Farixa R. S. Reamer L. H. Braun i J. P. Foster R. H. Talbot H. M. Bailey F. S. Howard 1 Saxophones A. W. Sloan J. R. McClllough E. -. Welch H. A. Berxreuter W. E. Merki Librarian E. S. Hanson ' ,: W. R. Borough R. G. Browne ' D. W. Patterson Second Cornets Baritones L. L. Winn D. E. Ball C. E. Holmes H.G. Stiefexhoefer E. H. SWARTZ G. D. Adsit G. G. Dyer Attendance Clerk .- . FiGEL G. R. Dye J. W. ClLBERTSON R. B. Law f Second Reg iment Band Clarinets ROSTER 1921-1922 L. A. Fleming Second Cornets Trombones C. E. CoRBETT W. L. XOBILING 0. B. Wakefield W. E. Merki P. L. Smoot R. E. Dale H. G. Bayley H. E. Wolfe C. L. Lee D. D. Jamison C. M. Cole E. G. Becker ! J. M. Davidson F. R. Shlll W. W. Simmons A. L. Cooxs Baritone Saxophone ]. C. Kirk E. B. Hint C. B. Danielson E. 0. Rothe t. G. Hull B. X. Myrick E. G. Spencer C. T. Heisixkveld H. K. Hill Bass Saxophone First Altos R. H. McAllister J. D. Steely P. H. BOORN E. L. DOWELL R. B. . pplegate C. W. MULFORD W. H. Clover [. B. Thelen H. W. Snodgrass Bassoo n V. L. Phelps " K. R. Dixon ■ ,1 J. l. LUKACS E. E. Stricker M. H. Parres Soprano Saxophones L D. Ritchie V ' ! A. W. Felt Solo Cornets J. H. Di-ngan Drums ' .] C. M. Greenlee H. A. Bernrelter D. .a. Carlsen , Alto Saxophones J. R. icGREGOR H. G. Weick , ' 1 Andrew Figel M. T. Fleming H. A. Pawlik L L. ReVeal E. J. Goodheart 0. H. Brown C. D. Bennett Second Altos G. E. L. T. Johnson B. E. Xay J. A. Drielsma Thos. Greenwill H. Heineman H. H. Ziegler Third Alto R. B. Law W. W. Wallace V. R. Seed H. L. Hilden brand E. y. Yingst V. M. Griffin Tenor Saxophones J. K. Carson Baritones [. C. GOODALL G. Winterhalter H. C. Wilson H. E. Moyer E. G. KOEHLER First Cornets F. W. Madison L M. Friedman J. D. Cannon H. L Gr. y T. R. Kirk A. E. RvSSELL W. E. Johnson E. AL Schwemm , ; R. D. Cox I. G. Potts E-Flat Basses Propertymen 1 C. A. Harlan " P. W. Greeley H. W. Roat M. L Hamm F. L. OsBORN L. L. Winn K. A. Rafferty C Melod Saxophones J. C. Whittaker E. L. DeLo. ch W. A.XiCHOLS E. B. Long K. E. Wright Attendance Clerk E. A. Lederer P. W. Greeley Page 262 Men ' s Glee Club Top Row — ZiEMER. Baker. Freed, Heckel, Bruxnemeyer, Lundeex, Johnson. Fleming. Second Row — Grote. Craver. Poor, Xewburn, Cutshawl, Thomas, Leeming, Straube, Honnens, Griffith. Third Row — Dedman, Makepeace, Ross, Atwell, Welton, Johnson (Director), Harmeling, Knafp, Williamson, Women ' s Glee Club Top How — I.oNdHONs. M. Bailey. Myrtle Acilk. 1 ' ahizkk. .1an f.n, W inholtz, Andrkn. Jv)Ym:k. I-akson, Hanson. Second Row — Nichols, Cathcart. Hannam, Perrott. Rainey. DA ■ls, Munroe. Parrish, Paul, Reid. Third Row — Airine Agle, Jackson, Gerdes, Brown, R. Caldwell, Hall, Hughes, Schraeder, Rice. Rumsey. Fourth Row — Hicheson. H. Caldwell, Reid, Storm, Bullock, Phillips, Sickman, Crawford, Pavne. Page 364 Commandant H ' l Major O. F. X. Dailey REGULAR AR. n ' OFFICERS Top Row — Ehlert. Atwell. CROrcH, Golden, Bexxett. Alexander, Williams, Lyons, Stewart, Moroney. Second Row — Johnson. Atkins, Camp, Rumbough. Mirphv, Dailey. Bcrr. Whitesides, Dallenbach, Grow, Conner. Pagf 266 Brigade Headquarters r 1 IP i K HH kr.t - i v Mr BOYD BLLLVCK j5J== ' Stident Colonel Top Row— Werre, Enyart, Morgan. Second How — Keadino, Goebel. Mteller. P ,if 36j Infantr tsrva_- 0;v. ■. tai Lt. Colonel IXFAXTRY BRIGADE HEADQUARTERS ■ TcaiWta I frffiVj " . ' .. " T " : ?3?r VT Cl XTOX First Regiment STAFF [-T. Col. English Top Kow — Leamino. Bkuwn. Frankun. Second Row — Watson. Kingert. Moffett. Reynolds. Third Row — Snell. Johnson. B.vrnett. Erwin. Moodt. Page 26S FIRST BAITALION Top Ron— Sedgwick. Corbix. Damish. Seoniul H..W— HUKS. SaXDHOI-M. ClRTlSS. HeXDKRSON. SECOND BATTALION Top How— MVNCIE. SXYDER. Abnold, Esgberg. So.T.n.l H..W— Mll.ES. C1.AXTOX. CLArsEN, I.ITZ. . LLEX. I l ' ,- 200 Second Regiment Lt. Col. Da is STAFF Tup Row — KhVeal. Tl ' lly, Herkin, Blkritt. Second Row — Morrison, Buck. Heidemax. Gabrielsos. Stewart. Tripp. FIRST BATTALION Top Row — liAS.Ni,i. Second Row — Safford. Wildeman. Knowlton. Paytox. SECOND BATTALION Top Row — Hanson. Thompson. Sullivan. Second Row — Herzog. Allen. Harlin, McCarty. Cavalry CAXAI.RV HEADQl ' ARTF.RS STAFF I-T, Col. Johnson Evans Bkows MiKLLtR Page 271 CA ALRV LINE OFFICERS Top Row — Worth, Duvigneaxd. Brewer, Kruegeh. Price. Serond Row — Towxe. Heckel, Spilver, Wegforth, Bennett, Marshall. Third Row — Friskev, Yackey, Randall, Brannigan, Tilsey. Palmer. Makx. Vackey. ARTILLERY ARTILLERY HEADQIARTERS STAFF [..T. Col. Okies Top Row — Tlhxer. Stone, Rasml»»en, tSecond Row — Stuebe, Jack. Cartlaxd, Burritt. Pa?e Artillery Line Officers Top U " " --M MiK. Mkiiilhth. Peahi k. Si-oond Row— KiiAisE. Mabshali.. Schui-tf., Fllton, Majeski, Pinkel. Third Uo»-Bell. Miller. Bish. Hkan. Scbaub, Murray, McConnell. Signal Corps Top Row— Klaproth. Vasce, Dixon. Schmitt. Second Row— Stark, Pelton, Rock. Bhonski. Cabi.vle Third Row— Millar, Parks, KotoiR. L-ndlev. Aiken. Hol-ton. Page 273 Engineer Corps Top Row — MoTTAR, Krexz, Vaupel, Ryehson, Taft. Second Row — Shipley, Gould, Bergquist, Becker, Ott. Third Row — Daxgremond, Dean, Sotjle, Stoll. Meier, Kustner. Machine Gun and Howitzer Officers n ■ B h HHH ' f ■ i? p Rl nl H F • ' ' Mt- ,s. i i_ l " ! 1 V ' " ' 1 [ .r t v » ' l H| ■ ' HKj r ' P|i| W . J H . fc X r E i ■R K if ' ' - t M Lw lPlSyL ' - L-iii E ' iu l L e M lm. ' v ' ' 1 A. ( 1 ' iy r J fLz ■ fl B[ : M HB3L i l wr HI Pv ' w SR BpH F bhI I Bi ' .W ,j¥ . j-fti ■ 1 ki H| K !3 H la ESmv KS aHSly Top Row — Rods. Waluvce, Tarbell, Perkins. Second Row — DeLeevw, Foster. Kruse, Roepe, Bollinger, Hall. Third Row— Wacenknecht, Shumate, McNeill, Mitchell, Gabrielson, Falkenberg, Williams Pag.- jy Aviation Corps TllK AIR SKR Kl ' . IXri " The Air Service Unit was organized the second semester of last year with less than a hundred men. This fall twice that number were enrolled. Mth this increase in size active work was started toward getting a hangar and some planes. cxt fail the unit should have at least two planes for giving the members of the advanced courses flying instruction. With an increase in equipment the m- struction will be more complete,and a roster of five hundred men is expected next vear. .W l.VnuN OFl-ICKRS Top !!■■» llKWKTT. i.NVAHT, Second Uo»— Kink, Wil-son. Stkode, Third Uuw— .ToNKS, Ci-affohd. IU:.M)iNii, Steinm.vx. Ikick. Poi ' -75 T II v: I L L I O 1 Q 2 3 DOROTIHnv ' ICOBOJINS THOTO Br lOI QUIlD T U E I L L I O 1 Q 2 3 [ H010 Bf lOISOLUD T 1 1 i: 1 L 1. I O 19 2 3 PHOTO bl lOI CUUb 1 O 2 3 CmOIO or lOiiGtjilU T II r: 1 f. 1, I o 1 o 2 3 OHUIU BT lOI OUIlO THE I T I O 19 2 3 Pi:otO fir LOiSCiUULi T 1 I E 1 L L I O 1 Q 2 3 rMuru fir LOi unir T IH E II L IL I O 19 2 3 PHOTO Br UJISGUUO ' i _ . var " ] ' yrC ' c -o ' Wcymany Aettvl ties ' r-ii r LLJ Woman ' s Leag ue FR.ANCES WfXE " ] | The Woman ' s League is composed of all the women of the University. Its underlying principle and purpose is that of giving women an organization through which to speak and act. Through the Woman ' s Welfare Committee, and with Dean Mason, the Woman ' s League works to better the housing and living con- ditions of the women. Among its acti -ities are mixers, and " Big Sister " parties. OFFICERS Frances Wine LORAINE SaMMONS Elsie Kirkpatrick Anne Nilson . Margaret Sears LaRue Robertson President Vice-President Secretary Financial Secretary Senior Representative Junior Representative , -i €v O NlLSON KlltKP, TKICK Robertson Pate 27S woman ' s League First Student Council Top Kow — FoKSLKw, ' oTAW, Carmichaei., Cochhan, Ward, Williams. Dol ' jlas. Paiikkh, Xims, Arter, Anderson, Peck. Rode, Gibson, Nichols, Halev, Stevens. Second Row — White. Pearson, Sanford, Smith, Steiner, Goodell, Shutt. Hm.cjard. Trautwein. Third Row-— CIilbert, Parker. Axton. Dennis, Pritchard, Pfeiffer, Cable, Davison. Barhv, Potter. I- ' ourtli Row — LuMPP, Meeks, Hancock, Gray, Dietrich, Weir. Robertson, N ' ohle. McC ' onnell. Fifth Row — Smith, Ide, Kirkpatrick, Oltuskv. W ' ine. Sears, Custer. Mitchell, Cowan. ' Every Wednesday — Cookii;s and a Ci i ' oy Tea " Pagr -»7p W oman ' s Honor Commission Elsie Kirkpatrick, Chairman Dorothy Wiles Dorothy McConxell LORAIXE SaMMOXS Mary Ruf Harriet Beach Thelma Scott THE CO I TTEE Top Row — Wiles. McConxell. Sammons Second Row — Rrr. Kirkpatrick, Beach. Page 2S0 Woman ' s Welfare Committee WOMAN ' S W Kl.lARE The Woman ' s Welfare Committee ably con- ducts a " Cotter ' s Inn " at the beginning of the school year and at other times when beds are at a premium. The committee in conjunction with the Woman ' s League has helped establish new co-operative houses for girls. This year the girls managed the operetta " Sari " with admirable success. RlTH Warren DoROTHT Smith Mart Elijabeth Hanger IsABELLE XlMS . General Chairiiiaii Ohairnian ' Cotter ' s Inn " Chairman Publieity Chairman Housing Committee THE COMMITTEE TopRow-I,E«i.-. W :!.: : M-. u Hanta. Pa..mer. Mab.e. Asher. Second Row— .Api-legate. Anderson, Smith, Kraiel, Slepvan, Potter. Third Row— Schroeder, Rafkl, Caldwell. .Nims. Glidden, Baskermlle, Haley. Fourth Row— Downs, Howard. .Smith, Warren, Hint, Carv, .- mith. Carter. Page iSl Y. W. C. A. ■= ff JEAjXXE 11 7 ' ' " " S " " = HELEN SCOTT ' S The Y. ' . C. A. has a recipe for making an Ail-Round Illinois Woman: " Take a real interest in University work, a pride in upholding honor, a desire for sound physical health, abundant faith in others, and the joy of unselfish friend- ship. Add to these a dash of student activity and season the vi hole with clean fun. Through all mi.x thoroughly the principles and ideals of Christian living. " Je.vxne White Miriam B.xles AIary Ruf Anne Williams Metta Mitchell Helen Scott . OFFICERS Prrsidt ' ut Fice-President Secrftary Treasurer Under-graduate Field Representative General Secretary Bales IUf Mitchell Pase 282 First Cabinet Top Ron ClOBEI., .SlOTT, Hi Tl.F.Tl. SEaRS. Second Row — WooDRrFF. Barry. Warke.n, Sager. Third Row— Wii.i.iAMs. RiF, White. Bales. Miti hh i Second Cabinet Top Row— Glt:»E, TiLTON. PeRRIXE. HlLGARD, MCCOXNELL. .Vl.LEX. .St-coiul Row— Hopkins. Hate.». Baird. Barrett. Hanger. Navlor. I ' otter. Thinl Row— .Storm. I.ew.s. Wat.son. Denny. Bales. Brains, (Jidinohagex. Rhoades. Page 283 Freshman Commission ' I Vi Top Row— Sexzaeh, Wurt. Martin. Xaber, Fl ' ller. Young. McDonald. Walker. Second Row — Weir, Stark, Oliver, Pfister, Partridge. Byrne, Killifer, Dobbins, Rothrock. Third Row — Huntoon, Raffl, Rhodes, Lixdeloff, Jolly, Knapheide, Rare, Grossman, Cook. Gene a Club Top Row — Allen, Dickey, Bills, Hayes, Scott, Holterman. Sears. Second Row — McMiLLUM, Crawford, Mitchell, Bcrnside, Barry, Harman. Hanger. Third Row— Bales, Ruf, Perrine. McConnell, Butler, Doak, Barrett, Gobel. Page 284 Y. W. C. A. Activities The Doll Show and ' . W. C A. Stunt Show are the two best known Y. W. C. A. Activities. At the 1921 Stunt Show, Pi Beta Phi won the Clever Cup for " The Final Step As It Were. " . Delia Delta Delta ' s " . n Old-Fashioned Garden " received the Artistic Cup. " Campus Main Street " by Madelaine W ' ickershani and Ruth Horner received much applause and the Individual Slum Cup. Page 2Ss W . A. A. ANNUALLY GIVES A HaLLOWE ' ex CoSTU.ME PaRTV FOR ALL UNIVER- SITY Girls. W. A. A. Activities ROLLER SkATLXG L AR.MURV UNDER AUSPICES OF W " . A. A. ' " Skates-Please? " Page 2S6 aman AMettc □X Woman ' s Athletic Association • GEORGIA HILGAh ■= I.onSE FREEH " Georgie Hilgard Jeanne White Erma Cable Dorothea Kern Louise Freer President J ' ice-President Secretary Treasurer Director of Physical Education The Oman ' s Athletic Association has as its purpose to make games and athletics a help in mental and moral efficiency among women of the University of Illinois. HONOR? I. A. pin ....... 300 points Athletic I emblem ..... 600 pomts Pillow top with emblem .... 800 pomts Gold Seal 2000 points POINTS MAY BE EARNED IN Hockev team ...... 100 points Basketball team 100 pomts Bowling team ...... 100 pomts Baseball team ..... 100 pomts Swimming team ... 100 pomts Tennis Championship ... 100 points Hikes loo miles ..... 100 pomts Perfect Record in Gvm 50 pomts Class Leader ..... 50 pomts Honor Grades . . 20 pomts Apparatus ...... o pomts Manager of Sports ..... 100 pomts Paee 288 A. A. Executi e Board Top Row — Cable. Dennett. Hilgard, Co tngton. .SocomI Ko« — Weir. Mirpht, White, . praoie. Kern. Beach. SPORT . 1A. .VGLRS Alice Spr.vgie ..... H. RR1ET Be. ch ..... Esther eir .... Mildred Murphy . . . . . Mildred Holmes ... Louise Covington ..... Helex Dennett, Florence Err.xnt . Basketball Hockey Baseball . Tennis Swimming . Bowling Hiking ' Sf LJV. . y " i Top Row — Mc. Do». Fi U.ER, HiNTiNiiToN. Ekkant. Gkkcg, Hi .MRKHOisE. Rii ' LEV, Storm. Oi.ti skv. Second Row— Fry. Hcskins, McDoi :al. Smith. Brown. Tihnbii.!.. Dennett, Dixon. Doak. Spraoie. Third Row— Howard, . pple ;ate, Haworth, Bake. Perrine. Doli.e. Lantz. Dennett. Covington. Fourth Row — Slepvan. Davis. Jack, Barrett, Potter. Bales. Baird. Glidden. Bradt. Pigall. Fifth Row — Wiles, Robertson, Treadwell, Gatle, Cable, Draper, Murphy, Filton. Sixth Row — TiLus, Weir, McCaskill, Holmes, White, Hilgakd, Kern. Be. ch, Chamberlain Page 389 Page 2go Hockey I.oRA Barber ERXETTE Davis Betty Galloway Harriet Herrick I- ' RKSI I.MAX IKAM LoriSE AnDeR OORT Elizabeth Hldelsox Jean Hlntoon Kathryx Lock Anxe Mersereat Or A Weir Nevada Murray Katherine Naher Ruth Partridge Alice Preucil Lois Sxyder LlLETH I ' ULTZ Ellex Gibsox Betty Gray Frances Dolle Maurixe Coxley- I ' l.OREXCE ErRAXT Doris Gliddex SOPIIOMORK IKAM NL ry Jack Dorothy Merker Hei.ex McAdow Paii.a Oftex Thelma . L riox Maurixe Parker Margaret Wixsdor Cleo Wisegarver JUNIOR ' lEAM Fraxces Grove Ethel McDougal Georgie Hilgard Josephixe Pigall Florexce Hoskixs La Rue Robertsox Mildred Laxtz Hester Srout Alice Smith MoxA Storm I ' .vELYN West NLvkiox TiLDS I ' lorexce W ' ebster Esther Weir DoRoiHY Wiles SKXIOR CHAMPIONS Top Row — Fulton. Caulk, Doak. .MiitrHV. Second Row — Bkown, Copley, Wkhtman. Tliirfi Row — Rkach, IIolmus, McCaskili.. Kkkn. Page 3QJ Basketball SENIOR KhH.N Thompson White Coplkv Bt:Arn Doak jrxioR CoviN(;;ton Smith Bit ai t Hih: i(i» T, amv. Conley Dollk SOPHOMORE Oliisky Jack Hkyku Uatclikkk Thumpson Oi.skx Millkh Pngt- 2Q3 JLMURS A Toj) Unw — Xkwton, ' I ' hompwon. Hoi.mkm, Atkinson. Stoi.tky, IIcff. Sorond Uow — Beach, MonniB (Coach), Cabi.k, Kern, I.essinc, Coplev. Page 3QJ S imming Swimming is a major sport in Girl ' s Athletics. The Fall Meet brought out all the classes. The following girls scored the high- est points for her team. Senior — Ruth Dixon Junior — Florence Webster Sophomore — J. cqueline Thompson Freshman — Dorothy Dowell 45 I? 24 6 SENIOR SWIAIMIXC CHAMPIOXS CopLEy Cable Dixon Doak Chamberlain Pagf 294 Tennis Rose Fogelson has been Tennis Cham- pion for three years. The fall tournament is an Individual Aleet; the spring tournament is a " Doubles " Meet. The Red Cross Chapter of Illinois is doing much lo prcau interest in Life Saving and Resuscitation. H p l P HH v ' l M V ' i l H 1 E N fk| nJ M. ' M j L . ■■■■ r " . j lj B Vr - H mS P E Hv Si0 Bfl H K V m M IHHI I — ' v l Bi , 1 1 1 Top Row TORRKNCE, DOLLE, JaCK. Second Row — Beyer. BRfCK, Kimdali,, Goedde. Thinl Row — Copley. Parker, Holmes. Pa tr 2Q5 Bowling- r 4 IVA DlXKEL RlTH BlACKBI ' RX FRESHMAN TEAM Rachel Blackbirx Kathryx Kahx Dorothy Baker Kathryx Lock SOPHOMORE TEAM— Second ix Tournament JiAxiTA Ferris Irexe Berxhardt Margaret Windsor Laira Cleveland Bertha Hlxtixctox Mariox Field Elizabeth Bradt Louise Covixgtox JUNIOR TEAM Jeax Welch Florence Errant Florexce Hoskins Laura Treadwell SENIOR TEAM— Champions Top Row — GiLLEX, Dietrich. Ripley. Second Row — Williams. McCaskill, Kern. Page 2q6 Rifle The girl ' s rifle teams are having matches with other Universities, the scores of each contesting team being transmitted by wireless. By this arrangement a comparison of results may be obtained, even though the teams are miles apart. Paiif p7 Intramural SXYDEB HlLGARD KELLY DoaK HoOVEH Intramural athletics has recently become part of girl ' s activities. Delta Delta Delta won the basketball cup in ' 20 and ' 21. The division cups were won by Delta Delta Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma. McKinley Hall, and ' ena Carter ' s Lnit. Alpha Chi Omega won the championship in bowling and captured the bowling cup. Each year new units and sororities add their names to the list of participants. CORRECTI " E GYMNASIUM This year for the first time, corrective gymnasium has become a regular part of the girl ' s gymnasium work. Page sgS I ' aze 2C)Q Interscholastic Glen L. Hoover v. f. lockwood C. E. BOWEN . L. H. Stormont . Interscholastic Manager Circus Manager Interscholastic Manager Elect . Circus Manager Elect The presence of over five hundred high school athletes on Illinois Field marked the advent of the 27th Annual Interscholastic meet. They came from all parts of the state and were as representative a group as any that have participated in years past. The preliminary events were run off Friday afternoon, May 20th. so that the finals could be settled on Saturday morning. • , ,- • Champaign was easily the pick of Class A, by hanging up 38 points with L ni- versitv High in second place with 24 1-5 points. The Class B results showed Forrest first with 19 points and Carlinville second with 11 points. The whole showing was remarkable, especiallv on the part of the Champaign stars In the tennis tournev, Rice of Hyde Park won first in the singles, while Rice and Gans of Hyde Park ' also landed first place in the doubles. BoWEN Stadium Homecoming i= MARIOX COOLLE) ' ' = _ J)OROTHy Hi T THE PROGRAM Friday, November i I 9:30 A.M. — Militan- Parade. 11:00 A.M. — University Convocation — Audi- torium. 1:30 P.M.— Hobo Parade 2:30 P.M.— Class Scraps— Drill Field. 7:00 P.M. — Pep Meeting — Gym Annex. S:oo P.M. — University Re Tie — Auditorium, Woman ' s Building, Men ' s Gym- nasium, and G Tii Anne.x. 8:00 P.M. — " Tailor Made Man ' ' presented by Mask and Bauble — Illinois Theater. S. TURD.AY, November 12 10:00 A.M. — " ' International Championship " , soccer game between " . ll-Star " foreign students and " .Vll-Ameri- cans " — South Campus Soccer field. 10:30 A.M. — Illinois-Purdue cross countr - run — Armor -. 1:00 P.M. — Sachem Block " I ' ' parade. 2:00 P.M.— Football. Illinois vs. Chicago — Illinois Field. 4-4S P-M- — Ma-Wan-Da Reunion — Union Building. Alumni Reunion — G.vm Annex. 7:00 P.M. — Fraternity Banquets and Re- unions. 7:30 P.M.— Old Grad ' s Smoker— Union Build- ing. 8:00 P.M.— " Tailor Made Man " — Illinois Theater. 9:00 P.M. — Illinois Union Dances — Bradley Hall and Gvm Annex. " Stadium Homecoming " it was called be- cause it marked the termination of a great campaign — a campaign that placed subscriptions amounting to two million dollars in the Stadium treasury. The alumni campaign was as suc- cessful as the student drive, and the satis- faction of knowing that the job had been well done w as the real reward for many hours of hard labor. hy shouldn ' t this be just cause for celebration: The outdoor events scheduled for Friday afternoon had to be postponed until Saturday morning on account of bad weather. Early Saturday morning everyone turned out for the Hobo Parade, which started from Second and Daniel and ended at the Armory. There the prizes were awarded. By this time the Soph and Frosh warriors had donned their war paint in preparation for the great con- flict. Colors fastened to the tops of greased poles were the objectives, and the resulting struggle afforded great sport for the spectators. The Sophs came out victorious. The cross-country run which followed im- mediately was won by Illinois. Swanson run- ning a beautiful race won easily, but was fol- lowed closely by harton and McGinnis who tied for second place. One o ' clock was the time set for the Sachem Block " ' I " snake dance, and by the time the line reached Illinois Field the stands were packed with spectators. The game was a hard fought contest, but ended in Chicago ' s favor, 14-6. . lpha Tau Omega and . lpha Gamma Rho were awarded the cups for fraternity house decorations, and .Alpha Chi Omega received first prize for the sorority house decorations. Pagf Stadium Homecoming Committees M. F. CooLLEY ..... Executke Chairman Dorothy Hint ..... ff ' omen ' s Chairman E.xecutKi- — R. E. X.AYLCR. Joe Kerrixs, Roy Belkn.m ' . • " Pete " Rlssell, Milton Marx. Russell ' h. rtox, R. (j. Thompson, J. K. Fl.aherty,Lu Holler, R. H. Fergi " son. Eliz.vbeth Xeedler. Eliz.vbeth Phillips, Elsie Kirkp.xtrick, Josephine Pic.vll, Rose Otllsky, ' . nd. Xeisw.vnger. Finance — R. E. X.vylcr, chairman: A. E. H. .m.merstein, L. E. Triggs, Robert Mersbach, Hom.xro " ates. . rt Squier, Eugene Lebowich. Accommodations — Joe Kerrins, chairman: R. C. Hendricks, E. G. Kr.vuse, Ed Asmus, George Preucil, R. B. ' iolette, Bernice Bernside, Ella For- slew, Ellen Langston, Louise Denny, Marjorie Thomas. ' University Rezuc — Roy Belkn.vp. Chairman: H. C. Eckart. J. C. Lewis, M. C. Carlson, Don McGinnis, F. O. McDermott, R. E. Foresman, George Hicks, H. W " . alker, D. L. Taze, Wanda Xeisw.- nger, Jeanne " hite, AL ry- Hart, Ruth Warren, Harriet Beach, Elizabeth Bradt. Program — Pete Russell, Chairman: Joe Patten, B. S. Rock. Don Tripp, M.AX Stark, Russel Merz, Woodie Thompson, Russel Scott, R. H. Pente- cost, Elizabeth Xeedler, " eta Holtermann, Ruth Coverdale, Imogen Wilson. Steering — Russell Wharton, Chairman; L. W. W. lquist, L A. Blumen- thal. Fuller Ross, A. H. Bennett, John Bright, C. R. Carney-, C. L. Conrad, William Spence, George Gilbert, R. M. Chamberlain, Joe Burris, F. C, Dencer. Decorations — Milto.n L RX, Chairman: George A. Ch.xndler, Joe Kelley, H. Berstein, F. AL Condit, C. P. Halluschka, Ralph Frank, G. P. Brock, R. H. .Murray. W. B. Preston. Publicity — R. G. Thompson, Chairman: D. F. L.afuze, Verne Henry, Arthur Ingold, Beach C.-vrre, J. ck Bell, L F. Cotes, John Fredrickson, James Holston, Edward Lallers, Arthur Montzheimer. Class Scrap — J. K. Fl.aherty, Chairman: Walter Wessman, Gene Taylor, John Funk, R. S. Corey, R. H. Hill. L. J. . lexaxder, John Conrad, W . B. Sutherland, John Chadwell. General Sales — Lu Holler, Chairman: Herman Stein, William Klingberg, Stanley Kitch, L. L. Brickhouse, Robert Gilson, E. K. Farrand, William Kieran, William Leary, Paul Bresee, E, C. Viale, R. L. Howe, Fr.vnk Naughton, Don Patterson, Ed Mallers, George Schuler, Elizabeth Phil- lips, Elsie Kirkpatrick, Rose Oltusky. Military — R. H. Ferguson, Chairman: G. ' . Buchanan, Boyd Bullock, Joe Aitken, E. C. Switzer, Ray Webber. Pagf joj Dad ' s Day •= :()NDO. McGINMS THK PROGRAM Friday, October 28 7:00 P.M. — Pep Mectiiii; in the Gym Aiiiie.x. Saturday, October 29 10:30 . .M. — Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois Cross-Country Kun, starting and ending at the drill field. All Day — Open House at all of the University Buildings. 2:00 P.M. — Football, Michigan vs. Illinois, Illinois I ' ield. 7:00 P.M. — Stadium Meeting — . uditorium. 8:30 P.M. — Dad ' s Day Mixer — Gym . nnex. To say that the Third Annual Dad ' s Day was a big success is to state the facts of the case very mildly. From the Pep Meeting on Friday to the Dad ' s Day Mixer on Saturday night each of the twelve hundred Dads had the time of his life. The victory in the cross-country run over Michigan and Ohio, the inspec- tion of the University Buildings, the entertainment in the organized houses, the Stadium Aleeting and the Mixer kept the Dads well entertained and the fact that Alichigan won the football game had no effect on their high spirits. East may be East and West may be West, but when twelve hundred Dads from every sec- tion of the country unite with their sons in the pursuit of pleasure, East and ' est come together also to insure the success of the reunion. COMMITTEES Gordon McGinnis Chairman Executive — G. F. McGinnis, D. F. Lafuze. R. Smejkal, A. E. Bulley, A. M. Montzheimer, L. D. Colson. Publicity — D.F. Lafuze, Chairman; H.M. Glew, L.Phii.lii ' s, I.E. Shower- man, F. H. Ebersold. Accommodations — R. Smejkal, (Chairman; R. R. h ' owi.KR, A. Brown, J. T. Brennen, W. a. Mueller, E. C. Gates. Finance — A. E. Bell, Chairman; C. G. Ros.mre, A ' . D. McLain, A. Radeke. J. P. Thompson. Smoker — A. M. Montzheimer, (Chairman; K. K. Duwm.l, L. Kline, D. K. VOGEDING, J. N. JaNSEN. Soph Assistants — L. D. Colson, F. Bush, H. P. Brown, H. H. Bailey, ' . C. L. rsen, F. A. Bagley. George Henninger. IVoman ' s Committee — Met. Mitchell, Chairman. Pagi- J04 £ife QL ULtiioly is nioie than- pu.vely cLccu±eniic iLS aGtivlLLes axe ■well Tourtded and broad; its scope extj rusive. These Ekctors, blended in, the spirit oP Illinois L,oya{ty, produce gi-cxd-u cites oP stvonp ' ei- ohaicicter, lb portray tKe helpfiiL irxrJaence of these o j-t id,e activities ' the Xbllowing pcige.s cue d.ecLiccLtect, -- ».Uo ' . n.. Man " Slailium Enthusiasm " ivas irresistiblr. and permeatrd every square fool of the campus- its pentup energy had to break loose in the joys of Tramp Day. Thtrf were men tramp!, tvomtn tramp!, hobo tramp!, kid tramps, dug tramp! — r:rii parlor tramp! — but the final tramp wa! the tramp of " Zup " that ended the (e!tivitie! at noon. 1921-1922 ' L YLE CHASE BROW eE0R6E VICTOR BUCHMA ' i WYD WIllARO BUUOCf, CMAI3LES BOSIYN CARNE ; MEBVIN FSiNU CCrrEi. WALTER fUANKlIN CR4Nii-f j6hn moMte eiBso " , RICHARO JACKSON HU r AWEMNCE EVEPETTC KLE_N DONALD FRAJItP LA FU. : K? HENRY tic alPD JAMB WEAR MfDOWiLC- C 3P0O« nSKE MfGINNI fliBEPT WiaiAM MOHB RALPH Et ON0 HAYLOB MILTON HABTIN CXANDE5 FWKK MFKD SCHAHFENPEW ARTHUP AI-CUO SOinE- ' lAWERENa WlimO WALOUIST l?USSEll RNIEV WIUPTON HOWW NOeiE WES i spring is a happv lime — ilien. the Frosh discard their green in the flames of cap burning, and become potential Sophs: then, desen ' ing juniors and sophomores find their names among Ma- Wan-Da and Sachem pledges. The Stadium parade was lignificanl in predicting the future greatness oj Illinois .hhletics Sorority floats were clever and original, and filled a useful place in the whole campaign. j jr-Mfc fc a r tj- The happy season must hf welcomed by the May Fete. Illinois ' women become Fairies, and pay homage to the Queen of -l ay — it ' s a beautiful ceremony. p And now the InUrscholastic Circus. Fraternilifs uncovfr their dramatic abilities, and fleet runners bear sorority colors in the sorority relay. An added attraction this year was a sham battle put on by the Military Department in realistic manner. The circus would be incomplete wilhout the trapeze artists and a multitude of clowns, .■III of these attractions included in a weekend program give our high school visitors a comprehensive idea of Illinois. amur - mta The diploma repreirn)! ihe reward of four years of earnest work, for, after all. the University is a serious place where men and women may prepare themselves for useful and profitable careers. Dad ' s Day affords the dads an opportunity to see the University in full swing, and to obtain a concrete idea of University life. The Military parade is altcays an interesting feature. Homecoming would not be Homecoming without the scrap. The greased pole was inaugurated this year, and proved to be the classic contest. The Sophomores won for a change. To describe the annual Hobo Parade in a fitting manner would be an endless task. Il the testimony of Homecomers may be taken as valid evidence, the display of the Class of ' 22 teas entirely up to standard. Thfre ■j;ere animals both wild and lame. Dfans of Men, and even King Hobo himself. A brass band of great volume and varied accomplishments furnished the martial air so necessary for a successful parade. The Athletic honors of the Homecoming weekend were split with Chicago. Our cross-country team won easily, but Chicago departed with the long end of the football score. However, it was a glorious battle. i -m air « M a v w imn w. The rapid growth of Illinois is difficult to comprehfnd, and nothing shows this fact better than the crowds of students that inhabit the campus at all hours of the day. Ours is a busy little city. The whotf University turned out to tvelcome General Pershing on his first visit to Illinois. The General seemed to enjov it, and " Prexy " doesn ' t appear the least hit fussed in the presence of ' ' Black Jack " . Spfeches were held in ihf Armory, and the review of the brigade brought back a touch of the pomp of the war days. It was a gala day for the twin cities. The Athletic Department George A. Huff, director of athletics and the leader of the best balanced colleg- iate coaching staff in the country, stands for the best that there is in true athletic sportsmanship. His coaches, every one of them, have produced championship teams, and in track, baseball, and football, Illinois has won m ore than her share of ihe titles. Mr. Huff ' s ability to select men is one of his characteristics. There is a balance to his corps of coaches that so well character- izes most of the Illini teams, and all down the line of men of importance in this list are true " fighting Illini " coaches. Instrumental in making the training as beneficial and convenient as possible to the Illinois athlete are David " latt " Bul- lock, trainer and massage specialist, and Ben Crackle, manager of equipment. The staff is one of thoroughness and complete- ness. David " .Matt " Biii.i.ock. trainer and massape specialist. Ben Ckackle, manager of equipment. Pagf .?- ' i The Athletic Board of Control -= . SCHARFEXBERc ' The Athletic Board of Control is the chief governing body of the athletic department, and is composed of student team managers and several faculty members. Its chief duty is to pass upon the awarding of the biggest athletic prize for performance under com- petition, — the " I. " In the spring of each year, the athletic board selects the managers and the junior and sophomore assistant man- agers of all teams for the coming season of sports. The student chairman of the board this past year was Frank A. Scharfenberg, manager of the baseball team. George A. Hvff L. M. ToBix L. E. Klixe A. . . Squier FAClL ' n ' .MEMBERS George - . Goodexough ALUMNI MEMBERS STLDENT MEMBERS Fr.axk . . Scharfenberg. Chairman L. H. Stor. ioxt Horace B. Garmax C. A. Kiler W. J. Vessm. x C. E. Bo« EX GoODEXOrGH KUNE Son EH Bo WEN " TORMOXT Pagf 324. 5 " J% 1 ■ B )V I BI ) 1 1 m I ajMPqPPIIVPP ' 1 L P 5p w .r " ' « --w 1 The Tribe of Illini Founded at Unirersily of Illinois, igi4 MEMBERS IX I " ACILI " G. HVFF R. Zl PPKE C. 1.. I-l XDGREN H. Gill E. Manley I). M. Bl LLOCK Y. J. Winters R. G. TOLMAX MEMBERS IN LMXERSITV D. ' . Alberts G. V. McGinms R. F. Wharton E. C. Brede a. T. Mohr S. H.Wallace W. E. Beebe J. V. McMillen H. S. Wallace L. C. Browx a. L. Novotny E. S. Wells G. Bichanan F. 1 " . Xaightox D. D. Wilson R. S. Bristol P. T. Xagle H. C. Woodward C. R. Carney L. 0- Xeedler H. X. Vates R. P. Cortis G. Ott J. H. ZiM.MERMAX W. I ' . Craxgle M. M. Olaxuer P. r. . XDEKS0X W. S. Collins H. M. Osborne R. A. Barxes C. V. Crossley R. S. Olson W. L. LeBosqlet H. R. Carlson G. Preicil W. C. Caxxon F. C. Doigherty B. B. Patterson P. S. DlRANT P. B. Di senberry D. C. Peden L. F. Stl ' ebe R. F. Dvorak D. E. Postle D. A. Fessenden C. ' r. Drayer T. E. Royal R. B. Ayers P. H. Esslincer R. . Reichle F. P. Johnson A. L. Fox F. M. SciiLAi ' PRizzi R. I,. ' heeler J. B. Frederickson S. C. Smith E. Gale G. Falkenberg J. P. Sabo B. R. Condon . A. Flostrom p. J. Stewart C. L. BoWEN D. W. Fields R. E. Sw axsox A. H. LeBahn E. B. Greexe R. Scott S. S. Sample G. K. Hardacre I. T. Sterxamax H. K. Beebe D. 0. Howard P. C. Sweet H.T. Gill S. H. Hill W.H.Taylor H. R. ' I ' rexkle E. X. Hellstrom H. B. Tabor J. M. Player C. L. Jackson R. G. Tolman H. R. Borlaxd P. W. Kaiser P. C. Taylor Cecil Stahl I. G. C. W. " ail E. II. MOHAX " F. R. Meyer O. H. Vogel G. Meyer L. W. Walqiist H. H. .McClRDY W . D. W ILSOX Page .?- ' j jVcie CojU? 0 3 DVJ i ' .ck vlUi iS p Ci»rinorvo Page 326 ffeBBBHSHISHHRHBIiBBHHBfflHBBHSHHB ] i ' •r. rrrrrr-r rr rt -rrrrrrrrr -rr Cam. ValQiiist Top Row — Tabor. Bearg. Lixdgren. Greene. Second How — DrRANT, Anderson. McMillen, Reichle, .Sternaman. Third Row — Peden. Wilson, Drayer, Carney, Vogel, Woodward. Fourth Row — Zuppke, Olaxder. Mohr, Walqcist, Crangle. Sabo Kline. Varsity Football OFFICKRS Robert Zuppke, Coach JusTA LiNDGREN, Assistant Coach L. E. Kline, Manager L. W. W ' alquist. Captain D. I). I I.SOX, Captain-elect D. M. Bi i.LocK, Trainer PERSOXXKL P. T. Anderson C. R. Carney W. F. Crangle C. T. Drayer P. S. DURAXT E. B. Greene J. W. McMillen A. V. T. MoHR M. M. Olander D. C. Peuen R. V. Reichle J. P. Sabo J. T. Sternaman " H. B. Tabor (). li. OGEL F. W. Walqiist 1). D. Wilson H. C. Woodward Pagf 32Q R. ZtppKE. Coach Mai On the Gridiron " Zuppke ' s fighting lUini beat Ohio State. " This statement has been made in former seasons, but at times when it never could have meant so much as it did when eleven Orange and Blue Indians fought back the undefeated Buckeyes and won 7-0. This game alone marked the success of the 1921 football season, for it pictured eleven fighting Zuppmen, who had not scored a touchdown against a conference opponent before the finale at Columbus, smearing the powerful Buckeyes, who had not been scored upon till the Illini battle. It was a great victory, its chief significance being that it blurred Ohio State Championship hopes, making Iowa the top-notch conference eleven. The Illini team was big, but inexper- TZ - ienced, and injuries in wholesale numbers ■. »•,. snatched away all chances for a leading aggregation. The squad played mediocre I ' . ■ ' iK football the entire route, but had it played I ' I ' B ' tP as it did at Ohio State, during the entire J , K ,— ■ ■ season, the title would have been at Illinois. » J K y Captain Laurie Walquist, Jack Crangle, A . H ' ( Al Mohr, Chuck Carney, Johnny Sabo, Milt Olander, Don Peden. Joe Sternaman, Tabe Tabor, and Dick Reichle compose the list of veterans who played their last game for Illinois at Ohio State. Don Peden was elected captain for next year, but be- cause of previous competition at Milliken, was declared ineligible, Dave Wilson re- ceiving the captain honors at a second election. . . G. Bradt Junior Manager k. F. R.ADEKE Junior Manager Pa e jjo A. W . T. MoHR " Al " played uard and cen- ter — not both at once. He ended liis fourth season of foot- ball as a mainstay of Tuppkc ' s crew. 1). D. Wilson " Dave " , capt ai n-clcct. played a crafty game at end. His exceptional performance at Ohio State represented Dave at his best. D. C. PEDtN " Don " was the speediest halfback in the west, his open- field running and finish in clever tactics winning him the honor of all-conference half- back. Pof.- ' .?.? ' J. p. Sabo, Jr. " Johnny " was small for an end, but he made the Ohio Staters look like pigmys and his arms hauled down many passes. C. R. Carney " Chuck " was outplayed in a few games, but was not the Carney of two seasons ago, for his knee was still in bad con- dition. J. T. Sterxajian " Little Joe " was the Indian triple threat artist, his drop- kicking and elusive open-field running featuring for the Illini. Pag( Sj II. B. I AKOR " Tabe " was a flashy full- back, not lieavy, but with just enough speed and fight to p e him a place of prominence on the mini squad. W. 1 ' . Ckangle " Jack " ended his fourth season ripping through the Ohio State defensiv-e and stopping their conference titu- lar drive. He was a great full- back. 1 . ' 1 ' . .Vnuerson " . ndie " , a true representa- tive of the " fighting lllini " spirit, won a berth at tackle by his craftiness and ability to punt. Page 333 O. II. OCEL " Otts " appeared in football attire for the first time and showed real promise as a steady lines- man for Zuppke next year. R. W. Reichle ■ " Dick " changed from end to guard at the first of the season, and ended his curriculum on the gridiron in eood st " le. Page 334 .■2 , P. S. DVRAXT ■■ Dutch " went strong, won a berth as a star halfback because of his ability and then broke his shnulder. M. M. Olaxder " Milt " was the leading factor in the lllini line. His steadiness characterized him as Zup ' s most heady player. This was his fourth season. Pnf 335 C. T. Draver " Shorty " was the lUini giant tackle whom opposing players looked up to. He was a fighter and showed excepiiooal skill in defensive play. J. V " . McMlLLEX " Mac " came under the class of ' " big Indians " . He took Depler ' s place at center and used his power to good advantage. Page 336 o G. Dawsox ' " George " looked good to Zup at half because of his ability to pass, punt and run well, but an injured knee hindered him. H. C. OOOWARI) ' Zuppke ' s Butcher Boy " shared honors at fullback with Cranple and did remarkably well. Next season he will be a terror on the Illini team. Pagf S37 Freshman Varsity Football CLASS OF 192.5 Bearg, Ingwerson, and ' lNTER?, Coachcs PERSO.WEL L. P. Agnew . E. Bergholtz E. B. BlEDERMAN J. O. Bengston E. B. Conley S. A. COUCHIE H. Hall C. S. Kennedy C. B. Knight E. L. KOTAL G. R. Lamer E. C. Lesch O. L. Lewis D. E. McDonald ' . A. Netcott " . H. Perrill P. A. Pfleger S. F. Raphael G. ]. Roberts . NL Robison F. E. ROKUSEK L. B. Schlapprizzi G. L Shaffer T. L. Stoik G. L. Sadler L. Umnus R. B. Wagner G. A. Walker R. E. Walsh L. G. Zahrqbsky Page 33S julla-aojujuljullaajuul: Sn ouu QuC jjj JZ j Jj:iJJju S CoOuouCOuuuC -. ' -A.AAJUUUt. uuuu uuBCB Capt Yafes Ton Row— BlLLOCK. XaL-GHTON, DISENBEHKY, CIlI.L, CaNNOX, W.I.l.lAMSOX Second Row-HoDD-, Collin.. Geverman. Chandler, McInnis, Bremeh. Swanson. ThirH Rnw— Hill Field Hill, S H. Wallace, Carlson, Mathias, Hurt. Lirth Row-Yate , Whar?on, ■ IcG.NN.B, Schlapprizzi, S ket, Wells, P..tterson, H. . allace. rath Row— OvERBEE, Allman, Weiss. Peescott, Brown, Doxohoe. Bhede Varsity Track H. RRY L. Gill K. E. lLLI. MSON A. A. Squier |. S. Prescott H. X. V. TES OFFICERS Codch Manager Manager-elect Captain Captain-elect PERSONNEL J. S. Prescott P. H. DONOHOE J. C. Allm. x D. E. Brown E. C. Brede J. N. Weiss D. V. Alberts B. B. Patterson G. F. McGiNNis P. B. Dusenberry I). W . Fields H. .M. Osborne S. H. ' all. ce H. N. Yates R. F " . Wharton P. C. Sweet H. S. Wallace E. S. Wells F. H. Schlapprizzi F. U. Naughton, Jr. P. I. Nagle S. 11. Hill W. C. Cannon C. R. Furness Page S4 ' = ARTHUR SQriER " H. Gill. Coach Manager National Champions in Track Winning the first national collegiate track and field championship meet, copping more honors than any opponent in the Penn, Drake, and Illini relays, taking the indoor and outdoor conference track and field meets, and swamping five teams in dual contests, the Illinois track team unquestionably had its greatest season. Coach Harn.- Gill developed a team of record-breakers that made the name of Illinois famous. In even. ' event the Orange and Blue cinder athletes were strong, giving the team a balance of power in the contests in which it entered, whether it was dual meet, conference championship contest, or relay carnival. d Dewey Alberts broke the national col- ' .— » legiate high jump mark, while H. M. Os- v borne copped the national championship L ' M high jump and hop. step, and jump events f ' " J at the Penn Relays. Johnny eiss copped ' first in the discus here, and Illinois, with " ' " McGinnis, Wharton, Yates. Brown and Donohoe, copped the distance medley and four mile relay championship of America. Track Scores: Illinois 66, Xotre Dame 29; Illinois 82 ' 2. Iowa 21 Vi; Indoor Conference. Illinois first (45 points); Illinois 73.52? Xotre Dame 52 2 ; Illinois 83, Michigan 52: Illinois 99, is- consin 36; First National Collegiate A. A. meet, Illinois first (20 4 points). R. Baird, Junior Manager J. Tittle Junior Manager I ' :: -4 J. S. Prescott Captain " Johnny " , after Ix- inj; ill durlnj; ihc indoor season. made a strong comeback out- of-doors and proved himself a century king in the conference, despite the lO flat competition. ( " i, F. McGiNNis " Gordic " . running with a rhythmic stride that Coach Gill declared to be close to per- fect, was the I Mini sensation in the one mile run. He starred in cross country running, and then won the conference indoor and outdoor one mile cham- pionships. R. V. Wharton " Russ " is Coach Gill ' s sec- ond Mike Mason, runs with such an easy-speedy stride that conference two milcrs found him too flashy for them. He is conference champion indoors, and outdoors, and now holds the two mile indoor record. ■„■. .• •■ D. V. Alberts " Dewey " ' , the Urbana sky- lark, leaped 6 feet 4 1-8 inches to a new indoor conference record, and then jumped 6 feet 5 1-8 inches in an outdoor dual meet, which is better than the western intercollegiate mark. Paie 344 J. N. Weiss " Johnny " was the most powerful of the Indian weight- men, was always a winner in the discus throw and usually placed in the shot put. He won the discus throw at the Penn Relays. H. M. Osborne " Ozzie " proved himself the all-around champion on the mini team. His win over Al- berts in the high jump at the Penn Relays, where he also copped the hop step and jump event, made him famous. E. C. BRf;DK " Irv " made tlic prealcst throw in the javelin event in the conference when he hurled the missile 192 feet 9 inches in a dual contest, but his sore arm prevented a repetition in the conference meet. E. D. Brown ' " Dave " was a consistent half miler of much prominence on the Illinois aggregation, and oftentimes changed to the mile run when he was needed in a relay race. In relay races Dave was best, but he also showed class in the fastest races. K. 15. Patterson " Tex " ' was one of the lUini mainstays in the one mile run and his long legs carried him over the distance in front of all opponents in the many relay races Illinois copped during the course of the season. PaSf 34S H. S. ALLACE " " W allie " . although a new man on the Gill squad, was the mini flash in the indoor low hurdles, and a consistent win- ner of points in the outdoor events. 4 1 ' . . B. 0 ERBEE " Bill " ' always showed much form in his broad jumping and in taking the hop step and jump. -At one time he held the national collegiate record in the hop step and jump. D. V. Fields " Dave " " was not only a quarter miler of conference note, but he was Coach Gill ' s best 220 yard dashman and one of the best in the Big Ten. His pretty stride carried him to manv victories. I ' . C Sweet " Paul " showed a finish in his quarter mile running that put the best of his opponents to the rear on the home stretch. lie is a strong runner and capable of a fast finish in every race. F. II. SCHLM ' PKIZZI " Fred " ' showed power in his legs in every 440 yard event in which he competed, and was especially crafty in wedging his way to the pole in his relay racing. He scored many points for the Gill team. 1 ' . II. DOXOHOE " Phil " ranked high in quar- ter milcr circles and won most of his races during the year. His consistent speed over the distance made him Gill ' s most dependable anchor man on the mile rclav team. ' , j,v J147 A p. B. DUSENBERRY ' " Dusie " led a double life, changing from his regular two mile event to half that distance at regular intervals. fl. R. Mathias " Heinie " displayed his best form in the Illini Relay car- nival by placing in the all- around event. F. U. . aighton, Jr. " Frank " always made the craftiest of two milers step out at a speedy clip early in the race, for it was his method of running to tire his opponents. % E. S. Wells " Eddie " went strong in the one mile run, his consistent running winning him a berth on the team. S. H. Wallace " Sam " showed his burst of speed over the low and high barriers in the outdoor events and tied the Illinois track record in the 220 yard low hurdles. J. C. . ' llman " Johnny " was the Illini ' s best cross country runner and then stepped a pretty two mile in track. Pagf 34S Reliu CarniNiil The fifth annual lUini Indoor Relay Carni- val was the greatest ever held in the Illinois Armor}-. ' ith over 400 athletes competing from 37 institutions from all sections of the country except the south, the competition was keen enough to cause the smashing of nine records, Illinois featuring in three of these. Harold M. Osborne established a new record of points in the all-around champion- ship event when he defeated the powerful Brutus Hamilton and then set a new high jump mark of 6 feet 2-4 inches. The Red and Blue quartet from Pennsylvania made a neiv record in the two mile indoor champion- ship relay, while the Illinois four mile outdoor championship relay four broke the present record in this event when it stepped the distance in 18 minutes 17 seconds. Gordon McGinnis copped the 1500 yard special in 3 minutes 42 4-5 seconds which was a new race and therefore a new mark. H. Smith ' allace copped first in the 75 -ard low hurd les. Illinois also won six seconds. It was truh- an Illinois meet, with . -ery Brundage, former Illini track athlete, referee: Frank Ca ou, Indian athlete here in 190S, head starter; President Kinley, honorary referee; Major John L. Griffith, referee of the all-around championship event; and John Gibson, manager of the entire rela ' classic. The Orange and Blue Band, under director A. A. Harding, furnished the music. NT JOUS ClliSOS Major Griffith Pagf S4Q Freshman arsity Track CLASS OF 1924 Harry L. Gill, Coach PERSONNEL C. AIcElvaix . E. MULLEX R. B. Ayers . W . AsCHER D. A. Fessexdex l. Topper G. LiXDE F. JoHXSOX P. H. Daigh J. C. McHosE . Sharp H. E. LiFVEXDAHL J. Whitcomb J. Kappexmacher y,l. S. Axgier G. Bruixgtox L. Boyle H. G. Heshix F. C. Roe P. E. Hexebry Pogf 3S0 ' S£3££ ' TTTJTJTmTTJ- mamma jJUUL uuLuLUJUULXJ, IJUJUUJUULUJULUJHHlBHBBa I L™» i rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-rr r-.. Cam. M " curdy Top KdW Mc . ANN. i ' tDKN, J.Vf KS«_)N. Second Row — Doigherty. Hell-strom. McCcrdy, Vogel, Barnes. Dcrant. Third Row — I.undgren. Crossley, Mee, Johnson . Craxgle, Stewart. Salzenstei.n Varsity Baseball OFFICERS Carl Luxdgrex A. L. Salzensteix E. T. Johnson H. H. McClRDY Frank Scharfenberg Coacli Manager Captain Captain-elect Manager-elect R. A. Barnes W. F. Crangle F. C. Dougherty P. S. Durant E. N. Hellstrom C. L. Jackson PERSONNEL (). H. OGEL E. T. Johnson T. F. XIcCann H. II. McCiRDv |. E. Mee " D. E. Peden P. J. Stewart fog ' ' .?. ' .? 1 Jj SCHA RFEXBERC C. LvXDGREX Coach Mana Big Ten Champions m Baseball Coach Carl Lundgren celebrated his return to Illini as coach of the Orange and Blue baseball squad with a championship. Illinois won seventeen hard games, losing but three and those to teams whom the Illini defeated in later contests. Illinois was one of the few teams in the country to beat the Japs from ' aseda, . Tommy McCann pitching a great i to o victory. The team was famous for its air-tight playing and heavy slugging. Coach Lundgren, himself a big league pitcher, developed a corps of twirlers in Jackson. McCann, Barnes and Banker that could not be equaled. The team, although consisting mostly of sophomores, had two seniors of special note in Captain Tom Johnson and Julie Mee. Captain-elect McCurdy, Crossley and Crangle were the only juniors, the remainder of the squad being second year men. Following are the scores: Illinois 9 Mississippi i; Illinois 15 Mis- sissippi o: Illinois i Aliss. A Sc M. 7; Illinois 7 Miss. A. ; M. i; Illinois 6 Alabama 5: Illinois 5 Alabama 6; Illinois 9 Xorthwcstern o; Illinois 3 Ohio State 2; Illinois 8 Chicago 2; Illinois 12 Iowa 2; Illinois 5 Xotre Dame 2; Illinois 2 Xotre Dame i; Illinois 6 Ohio State 3; Illinois 10 Chicago i; Illinois 9 Wisconsin 8; Illinois 5 Iowa 2; Illinois 5 W isconsin o: Illinois i W ' aseda (Japan) o; Illinois 3 Michigan 2; Illinois 4 Michigan 10. R. Mersbach Junior Manager G. Thom. s Junior Manager i i.H» ' S -Wjw K Vtib ' . 5 E. T. Johnson Captain " Tom " finished his third year of baseball with a Big Ten championship. Al- though he was handicapped with a sprained ankle, Tom held his position in right field with unusual abililx- and was erv active. V. C. DoLGUERTY " Doc " was but a sophomore, but there wasn ' t a better or more clever catcher in the con- ference. He bats left-handed and is a slugger. Both from the backstop and hitting angles he was one of the I ndian team ' s most dependable. P. J. Stewart " Stew " was a pleasure to watch, guarding the third sack in his unique and clever way. " Nothing goes past Stew " be- came the password. He also featured at bat, his wallop at Michigan in the ninth winning the title. Pagf 3JS ? f JJ C. L. Jacksox " Jack ' ' was the Indian Ace who faced most of the oppo- nents. He took the mound in what were expected to be the deciding games for the Big Ten Championship. His re- markable control plus speed put the mini in front. If O. H. VOGEL " Otts " , Lundy ' s sophomore King of Swat, was famous for his long string of home runs. Opposing pitchers found noth- ing that checked his streak of hitting that earned him the title " the Babe Ruth of the ct nference " . t ' •li ' E. . Hellstrom " Swede " , although only a sophomore, came through with as many hits in pinches as any player on the team, and he held down the second base with unusual ability. This se ason should mark him as invincible. Page 3s6 3- ' in 1 J T. J. McCaxx " Tommy " , only a sopho- more, was one of Lundy ' s Aces and a strong pitcher. His i to o win over the Japs from Waseda saw Tommy at his best, for his benders plus plenty of smoke baffled the men from the Orient. J. E. .Mee " Julie " was the greatest short stop in the conference and Coach Lundgrcn ' s ' lead- off " man in the lineup. He had his peg to first so timed that he could spend most of his time nabbini; the ball. D. C. Peden " Don " covered left field with exceptional skill, but his best work was done at bat, pounding out timely swats when they were most needed. He is expected to go even bet- ter this season. " S ' 3S7 s R. A. Barnes ' lefty " became famous in collegiate baseball circles when he twirled a no hit, no run. no walk game against Northwest- ern, sending across the pan an assortment of effective slants and hops. ivVi.iNa;j| 4t I . !• ' . Craxgle " Jack " showed that he was not only a gridiron star, but also an outfielder with a hit- ting eye that gave him a steady berth on the Illini nine. He was fast in making his decisions and a timelv hitter. E. H. Banker " Eddie " was an excellent moundsman and should prove his worth with his fast ones this season. His pitching had everything except control, but indications point to his hav- ing a big year in the box this vear. Pag,- f f I C. V. Crossley " Hap " covered the garden in right field during Captain Tom ' s absence and played the game so well that I.undy used him with much regularity. In short he was one of the best fielders. P. S. Dl RANT " Dutch " ' was utility third baseman and such a good one that his chances this year in the infield are excellent. He filled in when something went wrong with the regulars and showed some fine playing. L. E. -MoHR " Lewie " , being only a soph- omore, did not get the oppor- tunity to show his twists and speed in any of the conference games, but he earned a place on the pitching staff by his persistent work and ability. Pagf 3S9 Freshman Varsity Baseball CLASS OF 1024 Frank J. Winters, Coach PERSOXXEL J. .M. Hull H. Laxe W . ROETTGER W. M. Hexsel H. . LlNDEMAN G. R. SxODGRASS H. O. Bailey J. E. Bairstow B. D. Klixe R. F. HocH D, B. Montgomery G. E. Potter D. H. Robertson H. ' . Ropiequet F H. SOGOLOW G. H. YouxGE T. Garmax J. W. Haxsex A. S. HOFF H. S. SLAY L KER H. ' . TOLLE Pag!- s6o r % ,i capt. Carney Top Row — Winters, Bullock, Hahne. Soroiid Row — Potter. Stilwell, Roettger, Popken. Tliird Row — VoGEL. Sabo, Carnev, Collins, Tahor Varsity Basketball OFFICERS Fr.wk J. Winters Coach V. F. Hahxe Manager C. R. Carney PFRSU.WFL Captain C. R. Carney (;. E. Potter W. S. Collins W . H. Roettger C. R. DVNIELSON 1. P. Sabo J. W. Hansen L. M. Stilwell H. C. Ne ille H I). Tabor R. 11. Popken C. M. White O. H. ' 0GEI. Pagf .03 •= WILUAM JIAHNE ' . W IXTliKS Coach Manac On the Basketball Floor ith rather poor early season prospects for a good basket squad. Coach Frank Winters created a combination of Captain Chuck Carney, Laurie Walquist, Stil- well, Johnny Sabo and Hap Collins that loomed as invincible. But the quintet was broken with the loss of Walquist, and the lUini coach was forced to seek another combination. In reorganizing the team, Walter Roettger, Roland Popken, Otto ogel, Stilwell and Tabor were used alternately, but the team was not the same. Its record of 14 ictories and 5 defeats was especial!}- remarkable because two of the defeats came by one basket and two more by teams that were later defeated by the Winters men. Captain Carney led the conference in shooting for the second time, while Sabo, Collins and Tabor played their last games in glory. Following arc the scores: Illinois 35 Illinois Wesleyan iq; Illinois 32 Knox 24; Illinois 35 Milliken 20; Illinois 49 Notre Dame 38; Illinois 40 Notre Dame 27; Illinois 30 Butler 28; Illinois 48 Ohio State 36; Illinois 34 Milliken j,}; Illinois 16 Chicago 22; Illinois zq Purdue 28; Illinois 23 Wisconsin 25; Illinois 29 Minnesota 28; Illinois 20 Michigan 17; Illinois 28 Minnesota 18; Illinois 41 Ohio State 22; Illinois 16 Michigan 42; Illinois 37 Wisconsin 35; Illinois 25 Chicago 26; Illinois 31 Purdue 39. Page J64 J. p. Sabo. Jr. " Johnny " , every incli a fighter and because of his speed and ability to dribble the ball the length of the floor in a sen- sational manner, was considered by most sport critics the most clever floor guard in the conference. He delighted in tak- ing the ball awa} ' from his opponent while on the run. . S. Collins " Hap " was not a flashy player, but so consistent that near the end of the season he was near perfection. His good judgment in taking the right man in pinches saved many games for Illinois, especially those which were won by a narrow margin. Past 36s H. B. Tabor " Tabe " was a husky fonvard and speed}-. It was his knowledge of dodging and turning, which he ac- quired in football, that made him elusive and one of the Illinois features. O. H. ' OGEL " Ot " was heavy enough to be a back guard, but he was fast and all that was necessar to make a forward, so Coach ' inters made good use of him in chalking up lUini tallies, for his basket-shooting eye was good. . H. ROETTGER " Wallie " looked like Illinois ' best center, but just then he broke his wrist in practice, which kept him from play until the last game at Lafayette. In this tilt he showed unusual skill in baffling the Purdue guards. P,;sv ?66 L. M. Stii.weli. " Shorty " was new to college basket- ball and somewhat stiff in the first few games, but showed many streaks of brilliance throughout the season. As a center he was rangy and tall enough to outjump the tallest in the conference. G. E. Potter " Potsy " was Coach Winter ' s midget, but when- ever he was loose, the Illini score increased. At Min- nesota, and here in theWis- consin game, his shots from mid-floor won both games. R. H. POPKEX " Rollie " was only a sophomore, but he was a regular whirlwind in his floor-work. He pulled the close Wisconsin-Illinois game out of the fire when he dropped in the tieing counter with a minute to play. Pagf J67 ? o •? 9 P P- Freshman Varsity Basketball CLASS OF 1925 Erxest E. Bearg, Coach PERSONNEL R. L. Armstrong V. W. Barrett F. O. Brown E. y. Harrington J. t. Ives J. L. Johnson T. D. Karnes C. C. Life W. W. McIlwain C. R. Parker D. . Patterson P. A. Pfleger L. B. Schlapprizzi E. G. SCHULTZ AL E. Smith ]. A. Taylor J. A. AN DOORN G. A. ' alker Page j6S Top Row — .Scott. Bohon, Wells. Yates. Second Row — Wharton, McGinnis, DrsEXBERRV. Swaxson, Patterson. arsity Cross Country Harry L. Gill, Coach P. B. DusEXBERRY, Captain PERSONNEL G. F. McGixxis B. B. Patterson R. S. BoHox Russell Scott R. E. SwAXSoN H. N. Yates R. F. Wharton Pa e .570 Top Row — Manley, Fox. ' heeler. Cortis. Second Row — Thorpe. Bowex, Taylor, Olsex. Third Row — Beebe, Royal, Postle. Gale, Hardacre. Condon. arsity Swimming Team E. J. Maxei.y, Coach 1). E. Postle, Captain T. E. Royal V. H. Condox A. L, Fox H. Gjessixg E. O. Gai.e G. K. Hardacre W. H. Taylor II. K. Beebe R. L. Wheeler A. ' . Thorpe R. P. Cortis R. T. Dvorak Ckomuell Bowex arsity Water Basketball E. I. Manley, Coach W . D. risox. Captain PERSO.WEL R. S. Olsex A. L. Eox George (Jtt S. S. Sample D. E. Postle, Jr. G. K. Hardacre A. H. LaBahn T. E. Royal Pa f 37 ' T ennis Captain George Preucil. Strawbridge, Yeager and Brown were mainstays of the Orange and Blue racquet team, while Myers. Storer and Dubach were first class players. Yeager and Preucil proved themselves star racqueteers in the Big Ten when they defeated the supposedh ' invincible combination of Bastian and De Marcus of jrj Indiana in the first round • Sf of the conference doubles, R ' 6-1,3-6,6-4. In the second K H I round they defeated the Northwestern pair, 6-0. 6-2 and won their way to the ) finals by defeating Hane and Wirthwein of Ohio State, 6-2, 6-4, 6-1. ' ories and Segal of Chicago 1. proved themselves the pair that could stand best the terrific pace through five hot sets and defeated the Illinois combination 6-1 L2-6, 6-3. 5-7, 6-0. In the fall Coach Bearg took his team on the first tennis trip into the south. The team, which consisted of Captain George Preucil, Preicil " M. K. Dubach, F. R. Myers and B. . Storer took Veager Bradley Institute to count with two straight victories of 6 matches apiece. Moving farther south to Xor- " A man, Oklahoma, the Or- ange and Blue quartet split two day bill. the first H B matches to and W losing the final, 4 matches H to 2. At Southwestern Col- li lege, Winfield, Kansas, 111- 2 V ini won 3 to o and repeated fll , with the same score against f . ' St. Louis L niversity. ' ashington L niversit} ' took the last two of the series, 5-1 and 5-1. The fall tennis season proved itself worthy of praise ■ ■,. - for Illinois did remarkably i[ l lSr . well in every contest. Brow.n Str.wvbridge Pagf S72 Davis Krederk-ksox XOVOTNV l.E BosgiET HOLFE arsitv Golf PERSONNEL JoHX Frederickson, Captain Morris Le Bosquet Rial Rolfe August Novotxy ASSCX ' I AT ION TOl ' RN A. 1 ENT RoLi ' E, Champion I,E Bosquet, Runner-up Rolfe, Bosquet l ' " S .i73 Top Row — Prehx. Perlmax. Sterxamax. Radeke. Second Row — Mever, McMillex, Borl. xd. Pl. yer. Third Row — Flostrom. Kallas, Essuxger. Trenkle. Jack. arsity restling- COXFEREXCE CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM OFFICERS Paul H. Prehx, Coach Paul H. Esslixger, Captain Alfred F. Radeke. Manager PERSONNEL H. R. BORLAXD . A. Flostrom J. M. Jack J. G. Kallas }. V. AIcMillex Ci. Meyers S. L. Perlmax J. M. Player J. T. Sterxanlan H. R. Trexkle A;-. Gym Team Top Kow— Heimovrs. Meveks. a. F. Stahl. Gossett, Staley. Second Row— Bennett. C. N. Stahl, Adler. Switzer. Bbemer. S. C. Stai.ey, Coach F. H. Bennett J. C. Bremers W. P. Gossett y. F. Heimov-ics E. L. Myers PERSONNEL M. Adler. Captain R. J. Phillips H. Raich A. E. Stahl C. N. Stahl G. B. SWIT ER Fencing: Team R. G. ToLMAN. Coach PERSONNE L . C. Barousse . . H. Bennett E. H. Mohan T. W . Wacenknecht ToLMAN Wac.enknecht Mohan liAllOV-Sh IUnnett ' " S ' - Intramural Athletics Mt A J IVB MAN Manager The department of Intramural Athletics, under the leadership of Coach E. J. AIanle -, controls the games between fraternity, inde- pendent and military units in all branches of athletic competition. In this way it offers the opportunity of athletic participation to ex ' ery student. D. 1. lunior J ON ES lanagcr RlXKER Manasrer After the most hotly (ought inter-class football season that has ever been staged in the L niversity the Sophomores copped all honors. ' ,;: -« v; rs C !--t -r W inning the intcr-class soccer championship, the Juniors proved themselve s the most skilled team in the University. They won the title as freshmen and were undefeated last year. Defeating the Tekes in the hnal game of the intramural baseball season, the . paches won championship. The Tekes copped the fraternity division of the tournament. Pag ' 377 FRATERNITIES Fraternity Index Acacia Alpha Chi Rho . Alpha Chi Sigma . Alpha Delta Phi . Alpha Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Pi. Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Rho Chi . Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Omega Anubis Beta Delta Sigma Beta Lambda Beta Theta Pi Chi Beta . Chinese Students Club. Chi Phi ChiPsi Concordia . Cos mopolitan Club Delta Kappa Epsilon . Delta Phi . 41;. 41; Kappa Sigma . . 386, 387 462. 463 Lambda Chi Alpha 440. 441 43S. 439 Phi Delta Theta . 390, 391 400. 401 Phi Epsilon Pi 4S4. 485 492, 493 Phi Gamma Delta 394, 395 482. 483 Phi Kappa 434, 435 420. 421 Phi Kappa Psi 408, 409 468. 469 Phi Kappa Sigma . 388, 389 456. 457 Phi Kappa Tau . 464, 465 452. 453 Phi Sigma Kappa 422. 423 392, 393 Pi Kappa Alpha . . 470. 471 472. 473 Pi Kappa Phi 476, 477 442. 443 Psi L ' psilon. 406, 407 498 Sigma Alpha Epsilon . 396, 397 402, 403 Sigma Alpha Mu. 474, 475 416. 417 Sigma Chi . . 384, 385 496 Sigma Xu . 404, 405 444. 443 Sigma Phi Epsilon 460. 461 42 . 429 Sigma Phi Sigma. 44 . 449 488, 489 Sigma Pi . 430. 43 1 480, 481 Sigma Tau Delta 499 410. 411 Tau Delta Tau 486, 487 432, 433 Tau Kappa Epsilon Delta Phi Omega 490. 491 Theta Chi . Delta Sigma Phi 446. 447 Tlieta Delta Chi Delta Tau Delta 382, 383 Theta Xi . Delta L ' psilon 398, 399 Triangle Farm House 458, 459 Zeta Beta Tau Ilus . 424- 4 5 Zeta Psi Iota Phi Theta . 494, 495 Zeus . Kappa Delta Rho 47! - 479 Pas,e 380 ' « 454- 455 45 ' - 4.W 4 ' 4- 415 466. 467 426. 427 450. 431 41S. 419 497 Pan Hellenic Council Establislu-d iqu Delta Tail Delta M. F. Cotes V. GlLMORE Sigma Chi G. G. Gilbert L. E. liLDRIDGE Kappa Sigma V. V. Geiss . j. Casler Phi Kappa Sigma R. M. Belnap G. C. Cutler Phi Delta Theta J. C. Ralston E. J. COYLE Jlpha Tail Omega W . K. Wettergren " T. T. Garth Phi Gamma Delta E. C. ECKART E. D. Funk, Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon E. W. HOMAN Beta Theta Pi H. B. White E. C. TUKEY Sigma N u W. B. Russell . C. Bardwell Phi Kappa Psi H. I. McEldowney J. G. Godfrey Delia Kappa Epsilon R. F. Wharton H. M. Robinson Delta L ' psilon . H. Rogers J. E. Hodges Theta Delta Chi C. E. Carnahan E. ' . AsMus Zeta Psi D. F. Bowey R. R. Bush Phi Sigma Kappa H. L. Rankin F. W. Mueller Psi L ' psilon J. J. Emrick H. C. HlMPllREY Alpha Delta Phi C. R. Davis Chi Psi J. P. Thompson E. S. Brooks Chi Phi E. F. Becker A. P. Westlund Alpha Sizma Phi D. C. McGiNNis D. L. DONNAN Acacia ]. C. Porter C. . McKnight Sigma Pi L. " ILsoN L. X. Wrisley Tail Kappa Epsilon M. M. Olander R. H. GiLsoN Phi Kappa J. T. Brennan D. A. Gallagher Theta Chi M. H. Edwards E. E. O ' Donnell Alpha Chi Rho C. H. Schooley G. H. ' albert Beta Delta Sigma E. O. Southard P. E. SCHMOLZE Alpha Camma Rho G. F. Iftner L. H. Ford Sigma Phi Epsilon A. H. Cjoodrich R. H. Ferguson Pi Kappa Alpha G. A. NoxoN L. D. Smith Phi Kappa Tan H. D. Carter W. H. Taylor Sigma Phi Sigma E. K. Farrand F. R. Shoemaker llus C. R. Bankson J. D. Cannon Delta Phi R. G. Slater j. B. Holston Chi Beta R. E. Xaylor A. F. Radeke Theta Xi R. E. Arnold R. B. Law Delta Sigma Phi A. H. Berg P. W. Chapin Lambda Chi Alpha H. E. Jordan M. King Alpha Rho Chi J. A. hitten F. " . Gauger Triangle E. C. SwEiT ' ER, Jr. P. F. WlTTE Kappa Delta Rho W. Powell A. G. HiGGS Farm House C. E. Gates R. M. Park A nub is J. Gardner P. X. Ferguson Pi Kappa Phi K. Al. Gibbon G. E. Welsh Alpha Kappa Lambda . F. Pearson D. " . Felts Tan Delta Tan j. R. Hudson K. L. Cage Zeus C. R. Randolph W . I.. DUNLAP Page 3S1 Delta Tau Delta Founded at Bethany College iSjQ Sixty-four Active Chapters BETA UPSILOX CHAPTER Established at Illinois 1872 .MEMBERS L EACLLTY Kendrick C. Babcock, Ph.D. Eugene Da export, LL.D. Ira O. Baker, D.Eng. J. Townsexd. Ph.D. Phineas Windsor, Ph.D. AIartin J. Prucha, Ph.D. Lieut. R. E. Williams, U. S. A. F ' rank Footit, A.B. Frank Smith, A.M. George F. Schwartz, Mus.B. G. R. Creecrai-t, A.B. Weems v. Snyder, A.B. Capt. E. S. Johnson, U. S.]A. Robert F. Seybolt, Ph.D. Charles H. " ooLBERT, Ph.D. Deltg JoMDelfa? Page jS2 Top IJOW— noOLIN. BaKTHKE, GonDAI.I.. SfHOEN norr.LAS. WAfiXER. Tittle. Tond H()W Fi.EMiXG. Gilmore. AruiR. HEXxixr, FIELD. Meextz, Goodkei.low. Browxell. S«aim. Hall, Bairstow Thi?rnI r7orLr;r Hr;.Hr " " sT.HL:s.7M- ' sox; booth, Atk.xsox, Sull.vax, Patt.sox, McKeever. Fourth Iw- COTES,- Forl " m,;n, HroHES, Foster, G.lmore, Scott, C„a,„.erla,x, , „T„EKs. MEMBERS IN UNRERSITY Seniors Thomas McKeever Mervix F. Cotes MoREY Hughes George Siemans Ralph Foresman Richard Fowler Allison Augur Jerome Baethke Harold ' ood vard |oE Atkinson ' illiam Stahl Dean Browxell William (Jii.more Harry Hall Richard Wagner Merrit Fleming I ' " erdinand Goodfellow Juniors Frank CI ii. more Sophomores Freshmen Donald Pattison Wilson Smithers Wellington ' . Scott Elliot Foster Roland Chamberlain John D. Tuttle Roy Simpson Lester Henning Paul Sullivan Jack Bairstow Sherman Hughes I)()H Douglas Merritt Schoenfei.t John Goodall Jess Doolen Bob Swaim Wendell E. Meents Page 3S3 Sigma Chi Founded at Miami V nivi ' rsity iSjj Seventy-Five Active Chapters KAPPA KAPPA CHAPTER Establishrd at Illinois iSSi MFAIBERS 1 FACl ' LTY James B. Shaw. D.S.C. B.S. David FL Carnahan, Ph.D. Charles Russ Richards, B.AFK. M.NLE., D.Eng. HuBAR O. Croft, B.S. Edward W. Hope, ALA., Ph.D. I F . Ht-RD, B.S. Page 3S4 Top Row — Stormont, I.eeming, I.eary. Banker, H. Mathias, Wells, Murphy. J. Fhederickson. Nelson, Hint Gilbert. Second Row — Cleary. Thomas. Eldridce. Babr. Wolk. PEEBLEfi. Strauss. Baibd. Third Row — Palmer. Holzberger, Koss, Duvall, A. Mathias. Olson. Weller. Bryan, Heath. Fourth Row — H. Frederickson, Babcock. Collins. P.a,rker. Whitmore. Seaton. Fifth Row — Evans, Robison. Levis. Cabter. Kelly, Graves, C. Banker. MKMBKRS IN UXIXKRSITY Sc ' iiiors Mason S. Leemixg John B. Frederickson Evan B. Strauss Oluer M. Barr James G. Thomas Charles J. Murphy Ray Cleary Edwin S. ' ells Lloyd E. Eldridge Ben F. Uuvall Dillon L. Ross Bradley Palmer Leonard G. Hunt Lowell H. Stormont Wade F. Wolk iLLiAM Andrew Leary George G. Gilbert Juniors Don M. Peebles Sophomores W illl m U. Heath Robert L. Baird Edward H. Banker Henry R. L THL s John . Xelson Albert R. Mathias Chester W eller Elmer E. Olson (Slen J. Holzberger t rfshman Thomas A. Collins Don C. Seaton George K. Graves. Jr. Philip H. Whitmore William L Robison T. Gordon Kelly Curtis R. Parker Fred L. Carter Edward N. Le is John W. Evans Edward E. Babcock Harry G. Frederickson Carleton Banker ' . Kappa Sigma Founded at University of J ' irginia i86g Ninety Active Chapters ALPHA c;amma chapter Established in Illinois iSqi MEMBERS IX FACULTY George A. Hvff. B.S. Carl L. Lundgren. B.S. Ch.arles E. Bradblry. Ph.D. Herbert F. Moore. LS. Z. H. MOHLMAN. B.S. I VAX B. BOUGHTON. D. . L Stanley A . Hall. B.S. David W " . Crabb. A.B. Emmett K. Car er. Ph.D. ALTER T. Morrow. B.S. Earle H. Ketchem, A. L Kappa Si ma Page 386 Top R,.w-MosiER, Babkley. Drexmit. Shaffer. Henry. Stewart. Karcher. Second Row-Carter. E. Glaeser. St.ckney, Schweger. Tankersley. Roeske. Pavse. Brown. Ze.cer, Kloss- ThirrRmv- ' lACHAMER. Koehleb. Casler. Cornell. Dobbins. Hcrd. Ste.nwedell. Frederkksox. N.lson. Dickinson. Silsby. McElwee, . ' choeffler, Hammerstein. Fourth Row— HoLLiNiiswoRTH. C.wiNN. GiFT, Geiss, Powebs. McGinnis. Hill. MEMBERS IN IXIVERSITY Seniors A. BuRKEY GwixN Gordon V . IcGinms Myrven F. Gift Richard J. Hill, Jr. Den ill M. Hollingsworth I-RED F. Geiss Albert E. Hammerstein Ray L. Powers Jerome E. Machamer Juniors Henry J. Schoeffler ILL IAM StEINWEDELL Robert D. Silsby Burton C. Hurd Ray F. Dobbins Karl A. Xilson Dale E. Carter Philip A. Glaeser Sophomores W. Judde Casler Edwin R. Koehler Robert E. Dickinson Elmer " . Glaeser iR(;iL E. Klossner Richard S. Cornell Charles T. McElwee Harold F. Brown Raymond W. Drexmit Freshmen Malcolm D. Stewart Raymond A. Karcher Gordon M. Shaffer W. Norman Tankersley Osborne Henry A. Gerald Roeske Brewster Stickney |. Lawrence Monier Dallas H. Zeiger Rodney R. Schweger A. Barton Payne Pail C. Barkley Pagf 3S7 Phi Kappa Sigma Founded at University oj Pennsylvania iSjn Thirty-One Active Chapters RHO CHAPTER Established at Illinois iSq2 MEMBERS IX FACULTY A. C. UlLLARD. S.B. A. R. Crathorne. Ph.D. p. X. Laxdis. M.A. R. A. Ide. B.S. H. A. Xeville. Ph.D. C. S. Rhode. B.S. Pagf 3SS Top Row- Gbei:nk,, Vo .. IUlu. Kroe en, .- hak... Filler, n.v,.. Monahan, Cope, F. Harm., K .e. Harmox. Soromi Row-CtTLER. Ml-RRAT, EXBIGHT. LetT.E, BilLEV. STERZIK, LaTTA. DlRHAM. Third Ro»-BEAlMOXT, Beatt y. Chabot. Carlson, Belnap. Spexce. C. Harms, Hartuxg. Ihw, , Rekhll. Ml-.MBERS IX UXIVERSITY Seniors Glexwood H. Kershaw Richard W. Reichle Thomas M. Beaumont Carl F. Harms Roy M. Belxap Arthur S. Chabot Mel in C. Carlson- William K. Spence George A. Hartung F. Merril Beatty Arthur B. Durham Allen E. Bulley Howard E. Irwin Edward M. Enright Rupert A. Sterzik Rowland H. Ml rray Frank R. Harms ebster H. Sharp John A. Keith Maurice C. Latta Harry C. Greene Frank M. Reed Frank A. Miller. Juniors Sophomores Webb O. Dinsmore Freshmen A. (jEorge ' oss Arnold M. Lettie George C. Cutler Gabriel C. Harmon Ivan M. Kapple Kenneth P. Kroesen Edward Mason A. Jerome Cope August R. Monahan J. Hubert Fuller J. Keith Davis Pagf 3S9 Phi Delta Theta Founded at Miami University 1S4S Eighty-Eight Active Chapters ILLINOIS ETA CHAPTER Established at Illinois iSqj MEMBERS IX FACULTY Erxest E. Be arc. A.B. Xeil Conwell Brooks. Ph.D. Ev.ARTS BOUTWELL GrEEXE. Ph.D JfSTA Morris Lixdgrex. B.S. Charles Ernest CHADSEY.Ph.D.-Litt.D. William Abbott Oldfather. Ph.D. Arthur Byrox Coble. Ph.D. Harrison Ed v. rd Clnxixgham. A.B. Frank W ' albridge De olf. B.S. Warrex Albert Rlth. Ph.D. Joel Stebbixs. Ph.D., D.Sc. George Phillip Tlttle, B.S. Pagf S90 Top To»— Allen. Wesemann, Taze, Macdoxu-d. Thompson, Mills. Goodheart. S.-r .ml Kow-McCoY. Rathbin. Coij on. Stovt. Fechtman, Tith.ll. Chadsev. Johnston. Thin! Ho«-Fi LLEB. CoHTis. Walker. .Tansen, Birris. Kellev. Hint. Amsbahv. Fourth K,.«-.I Macdonald. .Smith. W.esteman. D. T.«e, Howe, W. lker. Bvlloce. Ral...ton. ML.MBERS IN LM KKSITY Sfiiiors BovD Blllock James W. Macdonald NiLES B. Smith Don L. Taze Frank C. Amsbary, Jr. Joseph G. Burris Robert P. Cortis Donald Fuller Lloyd D. Colson Georce W. Stout John R. . lker Gray B. Tuthill Harold J. Allen Edmund J. Goodheart Odien Kurtz Johnston William H. McCoy I iiniors Sophomores Freshmen Joseph C. W ai.ker Albert E. W ' uesteman John C. Ralston Carleton G. Howe Wiley Hunt James X. Jansex Harry W. Kelly E. J. Coyle Rowland Rathbun Hugh Fechtman Adolph H. Wesemann Donald Macdonald Haydon R. Mills E. Harold Taze Thomas R. Thompson Charles Price Chadsey Pa f .? ; Alpha Tau Omega Founded at f ' irginia Military Inslitutf lS6j Seventy-Six Active Chapters GAMMA ZETA CHAPTER Established at Illinois iSgj MEMBERS E FACULTY Thomas A. Clark, B.L. John S. Clea inger, B.L.S. Frank . Scott, A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. B. Smith Hopkins, Ph.D. Xathan a. W estox. Ph.D. Roger Ph.D. Arthur S. Colby, Ph.D. E. S. BoYER. D.D. C. PT. ix Ch.vuxcey Bennett, L . S. A. Pas=- sgj Top ROVV-H.MMVKEB, CASHING. W„,TMEB. W.N.. MoVER. CoX. DecK.R. BVFOUn. McEl„.-V, FlVDE, Ro K E, Bm.lakd. Easlkv. Hopkins. Schimacher. t, „ S..on,ul Row-MacLellan. Machameh. Helmee, Jones, RosAmE, RrH. Peebles. Gahth. Barber. Third Row- Brooks, Sqlier. Ericsson, Lawdeb. Wettergres, Butler, Noelle. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors V. Lincoln- Noelle John B. Butler Wesley K. Wettergrex Dewey " ILLIAM Barber Arthur A. Squier Iames K. Brooks A. Ericsson Thomas T. Garth Carol G. Rosaire J unior Dwight H. Ruh Hobart a. Machamer Carter D. Peebles George J. MacLennan Edward P. Easi.ey Herman G. Helmle George H. McElroy Sophomores Shelby Buford John F. Lawder " Irvix W. Rozene Harvey C. Hopkins Iames K. Jones Howard E. Decker Lewis A. Ballard John H. Schu.maker D. WiLFORD Wine I. Sherman Whitmer Freshmen H. Lyman Gushing Paul M. Hammaker Harold E. Moyer Donald A. Cox John L. Fi.ude Pagt 393 Phi Gamma Delta Founded at If ' ashington and J efferson College 1S4S Sixty-Four Acti c Chapters CHI IOTA CHAPTER Established at Illinois iSoj MEMBERS IX FACl ' LTY David Kinley. Ph.D., LL.D. J. MES M. HITE, B.S. Arthur H. D. niel, Ph.D. Stephen A. Forbes, Ph.D., LL.D. JoHx Detlefsox, D.Sc. Joseph E. Burgess. B.S. H. zelet. B.S. Fred B. Seely, .M.S. George A. Goodexough, M.E. Page s 4 Tup k„»-llAA.-.i.. Wi.uui.ii. B.uu-N. Rogers. Fr.xncis. Sweet, McGregor. Stideb. keh. Dub.«h. URAn» . v. Wi-RST. Wilson, Bradt, Martin, .Sawyer. Pe.vhsol, C. Meyer, Bromm 8,-TO.Kl Row-Henry. Fcnk, C.vv.ns. Brewster, Eckaht, Hcbbell. J. T. Gibson. Fordyce, Spicer. J.D. Gibson. Third Ro«-Crovch. Van Doorn, E. Brown. F. Meyer, Seiter, Hughes, Curtis, W . Brown, Roberts. MEMBERS L UXI ERSITV Soiiors Harold C. Eckart E. Lawrence Hubbell James D. Gibson- John T. Gibson Ralph F. Spicer iLLiAM G. Brewster Henry E. Wurst ernon W. Henry Joseph L. Gavins Eugene D. Funk Samuel L. Martin Clarence H. Meyer J uniors Andrew G. Bradt Paul F. Haase Allmon G. Fordyce Carl R. Bromm John W. Sawyer Carroll . Bradshaw Walter C. W ii.son I AMES R. McCiRECOR Sophomores Merrill K. Dubach Robert L. Sweet W ILLIAM T. StUDEBAKER U.LAKl) B. Cl RTIS Kenneth G. Crouch Seth M. Hughes Wii.i.LXM R. Brown Fn ' slunen Frank L. Meyer icTOR C. Seiter James A. X ' anDoorn EvERiTT A. Brown Gilbert J. Roberts I ' agf JOS Sig-ma Alpha Epsilon Founded at University of Alabama iSj6 Xinety-One Active Chapters ILLINOIS BETA CHAPTER Established at Illinois i8gg MEMBERS IX FACULTY Oscar A., M.E. FrederickX.Evaxs. A.B..M.L.A. Ipha Ep li Page sq6 Top Row ' luLK ' ITt:, JBAYS, MiLLARD. HuMa.N. A.NUItK. SlOAT. ChESLEV. GASiTHOKF. C ' aKPENTER, DyE. PeX- NINGTON, BOURLAND. Second Row — McElvaix, Lethex. C. McElvaix, SETMorn, Lixdley. Parkinson. Teed. Sargent, Liscom, Smith. RiMMOX. Third Row — FAGERBrRC, F. TtT XER. Wes.t, Xoyes. Whiting. Fourth How — Joseph. I.ynd. Young. O ' Connor. P. Turner. Fifth Row — James, Watson, Meriwether, Buchanan, Coolley " , Du ' AI.I.. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY George . Blchanan Maynard H. Raggio George F. Watsox Allex a. Simmox NFariax F. Coolley Robert . Ray- Edward F. Lethex Theodore P. Bolrlani William P. Lixdlev ILLLVM M. LiSCOM Milton S. Axgier Joseph J. Sloat Paul F. Carpexter loHX A. Crays Seniors Earl W . Homax Stewart B. ' est Fred H. Tlrxer Glexx H. Joseph Kenneth K. DlA all J 11 mors John R. Youxg ALTER C. Dy ' e Edward J. O ' Coxxor Robert B. iolette Sophomores W. Fraxklin James Earl W. Gasthoff Freshmen Berxays D. Seymolr Lester E. Pexxixgton Shannon Meriwether Paul Turner Rudolph Fagerburg Joseph M. Lyxd William F. Smith Bruce C. Parkinson Charles E. Noyes Charles E. Wmitin(. Richard B. Sargext Ralph C. McElvaix Carl R. [cELVAIX Robert Chesi.ey Deloss F. Teed I.AURAXCE O. Millard I ' ilgf .?o- Delta Upsilon Founded at lli liam ' s C.ollegt ' lS 4 Fifty Active Ciiapters ILLIXOIS CHAPTER Established at Illinois WOj MEMBERS IX FACl ' LTY Edward C. Hayes, Pii.D. ILLIAM TrELEASE, D.Sc. Bruce ' . Benedict, B.S. Thomas Wilsox, B.S. J. J. Miller, M.A. Frank R. Winters, B.S. Blaine T. Davidson, LL.B. . rthur j. HosKiN. B.S., M.E. Giles W " . Gray, . .B. P " K ' ' iP ' Top How —, CJ. Phelps, Lf:Gault. Eldkedck. .lAcnui. H. Haves, Nichols, Schnkideh, Hakpek. Wiekman, HOFF. Second How — Clark. C. B. Lewis. Blake, Anderson. Linn. Third Row — Lentz. Uippberger, Sweet. Johnston, Hincke, Hodges, Edehsold. Fourth Row — Rodgers. Pyke. Blithardt. G. Smith, K. C. Haves. Merrl .m. Fifth Row — L RX, Bk( KMAN. Chandler. McLain. Stein, L ,NSFIELD, J. M. Lewis, Porter, Steinmetz. MEMBERS IN UNIX ERSITY Seniors Herman W . Stein Horatio A. Porter John A. Steinmetz James M. Lewis Oscar D. Bluthardt Arnold O. Beckman Theodore H. Merriam Jekikrson H. Hodges Stuart E. LeGallt Frederick H. Ebersold Kenneth G. Anderson RoLLiN R. Rippberger Charles B. Lewis G. Warren W. W ' iikmw Gray Phelps Arthur F. Nichols Artihr Tacobi Junior Sophomores Seeley Johnston Freshmen Donald O. Pyke Robert C. Hayes George L. Chandler " . Douglas McLain Russell Mansfield W. Henry Rodgers Pail C. Sweet ii.LiAM B. Hincke John C. Lentz I Iarmon H. Hayes John T. Clark Roy E. liLDREDGE Roy J. Schneider Robert H. Harper Robert B. Hoff Donald P. Blake Robert E. Walsh Pagf JQ9 Alpha Delta Phi Founded at Hamilton College iS 2 Twenty-six Acti e Chapters ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQ12 MEMBER IX EACULTY Herbert Iewett Barton, A.M. Page 400 Top Row— Bbewek, sha».», ail, Smwu. el. Blcu.una.n, CuLLltll. M u, n. It. TlMMEHSux, FixK, Gale Second Row— EXGLAK, D. Bucha.nax. Etnvke, Clements. .McCormick. Dowell. Moffet. Third Row— H. Bowex. Butterfield, McIlwaix. Barh. Hortox. Sheldon. Wilsox. Noel. Folev. 11:MI51 ' ' .RS IX rXI " KRSITV Seniors Kenneth C. Brown- Gordon BlCHANAN, Jr. Chester R. D.wis Lu S. Holler Everett K. M.vrtin Clarence V. Bowen Theodore F. Collier Otis F. Dowell John C. Funk Donald R. Buchanan Robert C. Clements Eugene F. Englar James W. Barr Harold N. Bowen P. ii, K. I)LTTeri iei.d J uniors How.vrd C. Shaw Sophomores John .M. Wilson Freshman Leo C. Sheldon Bert K. Murphy Lowell Q. Xeedler Everett W. Smith Charles ' . ' ail John H. Edwin O. (jale William T. Moffet Goodloe E. Moore Seymour G. Pond Leon " . Etnyre Paul L. Foley Donald D. AIcCormick ' lI.LIS L. HORTON ' allace V. .McIlwain DORRELL S. X ' OEL Pag,- 401 Beta Theta Pi Foiindi-d at Miami U nivc-rsity iS_tQ Eighty-one Acti x Cliapters SIGMA RIIO CHAFFKR Eslablisht ' d at Illinois I002 MEMBERS IN lACTLlA- W ii.i.iAM S. Bayley, Ph.D. Thomas J. Camp, A.M., Major, U. S. . ' . Frank W. Clippinger Robert Graham, D. " .M., M.S. Marion B. Harland, B.S. Frank G. McCormick, A.B., LL.B. Thomas E. Savage, Ph.D. Elmo S. W. tson, A.B. Gordon Rector, B.S. E. H. Barger, D. ..M. William Parkerson, A.B. C . Parmelee, B.S. Behj Iheh 9i Page 403 Top Kow— C ' AMPBF.u,, Nelson. Leslh, Ives. Senu. Plktil, Rich, . kxhulut. Junes. Hccoml Row— Koni. Young. Drayer. Rich.irds. D. .M. Carre. Tikev. Ritter, Boshell. Dynes. KniEcKiiAUS. Third Rim— Johnson. Aqcart. Cuark. H.vbman, Rodeckek. McColm. . . H. Bowen. D. G. Carre. Kourth Row— Whittier, Hayes. C. E. Bowen, Flaherty, Cameron. Green. Brown, White. P. tton. Negley. MKMBKRS IX r ] KRSITY Edward C. Hays Howard ' . ' Lyle C. Brown- John R. Green Scott R. Xegi.ey Seniors Alfred W . Rodecker Dean M. Clark Abner H. Bowen Allan B. Cameron EdW IN C. TuKEY Kenneth L. Dynes Clarence T. Drayer Fr, nklin p. Johnson Thornton P. Jones He l n J. hitter J uniors Sophomores Eugene M. McColm Joseph R. Patton Charles E. Bowen Herbert B. White Jerome K. Flaherty Edward O. Boshell Earl ' . Doubet D. Beach Carre Harry R. Ritte D. Morrey- Carre Artiur ' . Aquart Edward J. Richards Francis M. Rich Richard F. Koch Edward 1 . AFvrtin Freshmen Clifford F. Arnholt Walter E. Campbell John F. Purtil Ei.LEs . Krifckhacs James R. ' oung Raymond A. Seng Joseph T. Ives Alva K. Nelson Edward C. Lesch Pasf 403 Sigma Nu Founded at Virginia Military Institute i86q Eighty-six Active Chapters GAMMA MU CHAPTER Established at Illinois igo2 G. A. ' atkins F. A. Russell D. W. Pickles MEMBERS IX FACULTY S. A. Stewart J. C. DiLLENBACH C. R. McAnlis ¥ 1 1 » i f I I I 1 II WiS Q Pat,- 404 Top Row — Craig, Pedkn, HoKi-, Walker, Hick. Baldwin, Halt., Pwvlek, . Mirray, Norton. Second Row — Bardwell. Laxg, Lyman, Thomi ' Son, Angus. Third Row — Fessenden. Lamer. Ehrlicheh. Wilkinson, Flickingeh, Schmidt. Fourth Row — Mtrphv, Stewart. Green, W estall, McFarland, V. Craic;, McLean, Schwemm, Gflmyer. Fifth Row — Pollock, W ' elsh. D. Eaton, Scott, Stiefenhoefeb, Sherman, Johnston, Lucas. Sixth Row — E. XL LLERS, Baumunk, Graham, Russell, R. Eaton, J. Mallers, D. Murray, Cowell, Hazelrigg. MEMBERS IN UNI ERSITY Seniors R. A. Cowell J. B. M.ALLERS, III W. B. Russell R. S. Baumunk R. M. Eatox E. B. Mallers P. A. ILKINSON H. H. Graham L. E. ' ALKER D. C. Peden J. S. Pollock WiLLLv.M J. Welsh H. G. Stiei-enhoei-er E. M. SCHWEMM ]. E. JoilXSTOX A. S. " HoiF G. . SHER L N 0. F. Lyman 1. Craig Don Scott W. Angus W. Murray H. A. Paw UK . Crau; Juniors Sophomores Freshmen D. B. Murray W . E. Hazelrk;g D. M. Eaton W. F. McFarland K. D. H. Baldwin Otis B. Stewart P. T. Green J. F. McLean L. W. Murphy ' W. U. Bardwell AI. P. Flickinger Andy Hall F. V. Lang D. A. Fessenden R. J. GULMYER J. Westall H. Lucas A. Claussen G. Lamer J. EllRLICHER A. C. Tho.mi ' son K. Pierce H. Schmidt H. Buck Pagf 40J Psi Upsilon Founded at Union College iSjj Twenty-six Active Chapters OMICROX CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQIO MEMBERS IX FACITTY Frederick Greex, A.B., A.M., LL.B. J. X. Pomeroy, A.B., A.M. C. M. Moss, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Fred H. Raxkix, B.S. R. P. McClellan. B.S. Page 4v6 Top Ro« IK ' .;UK . GlLI-KTTK Second Row — Foster. Brobx. Tower. Howe, G. Huckins. Eycleshymeh. Third Row — D. Hickins. Blomcrex. Miller. Yarrow. Towxe, Carlsex. Six. Fourth Row — Kroehleb. Wheeler, Jones, Scott, Aitkex. Pattox. Humphrey. Fifth Row— f ' lKXEY. McClellax. IxGwER. ' iEX. McCoR.MiCK. McKeowx. Hill. Emerkk. Eyans. MKMBliRS IX UNIX KRSITY Charles R. Carney John J. Emerick Henry H. Evans Seniors Thomas C. Hull Philip A. Ingwersen Robert S. McCormick Thomas S. McKeown J uniors F. H. rley Aitken Arthur C. Humphrey Russell Scott Sophomores Edwin Blomgren Dwight a. Carlsen Donald S. Huckins Russell R. Hughes Delm. r L. Kroehlkr Freshmen F. Oi.NEY Brown Albert D. Eyci.eshymer William P. Foster Edward E. Gullette A. Sherwood Jones Franklin K. Pattox Stuart E. Miller Harvey P. Six Allen E. Towne Richard L. W heeler Paul " . rrow George Huckins John E. Howe Donald E. McDonald Robert (j. Tower 1 ' as.i- 407 Phi Kappa Psi Foundt-d at Jf ' a hington and Jefferson College jSj2 Forty-eight Active Ciiapters ILLINOIS DELTA CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQ04 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Madison Bentley, Ph.D. Austin Harding, B.S. Arthur Hamilton, Pli.D. Frank L. Stevens, M.S., Ph.D. Robert Miller, M.S., A.B. Burton A. Ingwerson, B.S. LocKwooD TowNE, Ph.D., B.S. Guy Linton Diffenbaugh, A.M. ' I. fj ' t: Page 40S Top Row — W. Baur, Crsic, Di-xx, Esser. Voorhies. SALFiserRG, Whitney, Carr, Jensen, Cox, Hill. Second Ron- — Larsen, Xagel, Jidah. BrRNS. Thin! Row — Speeks, Bowly. TrHNuiLL. A. Baur, Wilson. Dawson. Fourth Row — Keenan, Pentecost. Anderson. Godfrey, Bennett, 1-ocke. Fifth Row — Denceh, Walker, Ronalds, Bass, Donahue, Henry, McEldowney. MKMBl-.RS IN LX1 KRSITY Sen tors iLLiAM D. Donahue Perkins B. Bass. Jr. Harold W . alker George L. Bennett Pavl T. Anderson Joe Godfrey, Jr. " al C. Larsen, Jr. Frederick E. Xagel. Jr. Randall E. Burns Adelbert C. Baur DuANE C. Speers Charles B. Judah, Jr. Jack K. Sai.iisberg WiLBUk D. ESSER Howard K. Hill Willis S. Baur Jack F. Ebbert Jeax Cox Ho.mer I. McEldow Juniors Sophomores Fresh I Frederick A. Dencer William C. Henry Francis S. Ronalds ney Ralph ' . Turnbull Richard H. Pentecost Sam Locke Devereux L. Bowly James S. Keenan . John H. Wilson Francis A. Dawson Raymond A. Daly (Jerhard 0. Jenson Francis Ccsic Everett A. ' iiitney WlLLI. M H. 00RHIES Warren J. Carr Thieron L. Stoik W. Prescott DiNN Pagf 409 Delta Kappa Epsilon Founded at Yah- University 1S44 Fortv-three Active Chapters DELTA PI CHAPTKR Established at Illinois IQ04 .MEMBERS I FACULTY Mairice Henry Robinsox, Ph.D. Morgan Brooks. M.E. Pag.f 410 Inp H„»— Uii.MiAM. Robinson. Mi li.ek. Kohkiitson. Sha«, Picr.oTT, Uked. Ukh. Stokckle. Stcoml Row— ScoFiELD. Pehkill, Hyde. Porter, Avhes. Heath Third Row— Garrison, Sorter, Cadweli,. .S. Mohr, .Shoop, I. Monii, Shaw Fourth Row- Khecer. Kline. Wharton. Hi hi.. Shoop. Smith. Diefknoeki er. MEMBERS IN IMN KRSITY Seniors h.vrold e. c.a.d vell George W. Diefenderfer Laurence E. Kline Albert W. Mohr Herbert . . Ruhl Benj.amin T. Arnold C. Shoo? Stuyves. nt C. Smith Russel F. W ' h.vrton Cl. rence ' . Kreger .Mark . . G. rrison Louis E. Mohr Hugh M. Robinson Juniors Robert E. Sh. w Edwin P. Shoop R. lph F. Sorter Robert H. . vres ' illi. m H. Clin(;m. n Sophomores John J. Hkath D.wiD Q. Porter Geor(;e H. Graii. m Arthir D. Hyde WlLI.ARD H. PeRRILL Aubrev D. Piggott Joseph P. Muller Fresh) Fredrick A. Reed Edward C. Rich George A. Robertson Charles J, Scofield George F. Stoeckle Pagr 411 Acacia Founded at University of Michigan IQ04 Twenty-seven Acti ' c Cliapters ILLINOIS CHAPTER . Established at Illinois IQ06 MEMBERS IX FACULTY Nathan Clifford Ricker, D. Arch. Leverett Allex Adams, Ph.D. William Leonidas Burlison, Ph.D. Charles Frederick Hottes, Ph.D. Harry Gilbert P.a.ul, Ph.D. Pembroke Holcomb Brown, A.M. Emil ilhelm Lehmann, E.E., A.E. Walter Elmer Ekblaw, A.M. Jay Cortland Hackleman, A.M. Alonzo Plumbstein Kratz, A.m. Francis Marion Porter, M.S. ' ALTER Boatman Ray ' Iris Shawl, M.S. Ch.- rles Cl.a.y " ton Wylie, A. L John Lorenzo Griffith, A.B. Ralph Kent Hursh, B.S. Arthur Kapp Mackay, B.S. Joseph Albert Morrow, B.S. Irving Lemuel Peterson, B.S. Cr. ndallZ.achariah Rosecraxs, B.S. John McBeath Snodgrass, B.S. John Kline Tuthill, B.S. orsham, B.S. Page 412 flSS 2 1 A T ■: 1 4 I; i?7f ' 4t Top Row — Bakr. D. Kadyk, Kkblaw, Koepke, Todd, Wor-sham, pRtsxoN, Grken. Second Row — Kincaid, Gullev. Zaleski, Axway, .1. Kadyk, Porter. Swanson. Third Row — McKnight. Reynolds. Gilbreath. Morrow, Ellett, Melton. RADrLiFFE. Holmes, Knglish. Pinkel. Fourth Row — Webber, Wilson. Deremiah, Showalter, Johnson, Wolfram. Fifth Row — MoYER, White. Behrens, Benson. Maynakd, Walters. Dickinson. MEMBERS IX L " . I ERSITV Graduate Herschel S. Greex, A Seniors Lellwyn R. Anwav Harry A. Barr Thomas J. Douglass George E. Ekblaw San FORD J. Gulley David J. Kadyk John H. Kadyk J. Harvey Benson Richard J. Dickinson. Jr. DuRvvooD X. Ellett Thomas F. English George F. Gilbreath John K. Holmes Charles E. Morrow J unior .B. H. Emmons Kincaid Jesse C. Porter ' alter B. Preston Reuben E. Swanson Roscoe J. Todd Robert F. White John T. Zaleski Presley .Melton Clarke W. McKnight Leland a. Pinkel Harry . . Reynolds Charles B. Radcliffe Harold G. W ' olfr am Onno . Walters John F. Deremiah Robert G. Bfhrens Raymond G. Johnson Harold E. Wilson Sophomores Freshmen . kuber . ' Vrthur J. B. Showalter Stephen B. M avnaru. Jr. . . Jackson . 1oyer Pagf 41 ■! Theta Delta Chi Founded at Union College 184.J Thirty Active Charges KAPPA DELTEROX CHARGE Established at Illinois IQ08 MKMBKR I. FACl ' LTY Dr. M. T. McCll-re, Ph.D. Pag,- 414 Top Kow — Severance, Koxold. Caron. A. Belshe. Blair, Clark. Schxiedtgex, H. Jones. Second Row — MrCtLLOVGH. Hart, Flitcraft, Assirs, E. Jones, Handke, E. Belshe, Alexander. Third Row — FiSLER, Schick, Jordan, Johns, Vogel, Kindstrom, Hill, Engel. Fourth Row— I ' .VTTERSON. CaRNAHAN, SCHLUTER, H.KWORTH, TOCRTELOT, SoWEBS, WlLNER. MK.MBKRS IX UXIXKRSITV Seni Louis J. Alexander Charles E, Carnahan H. Sloax Haworth Paul L. Johxsox Bruce B, Patterson I ' ' d v. rd W . AsMus Justin A, Caron Clayton B. Eppel Sam H. Hill Harry A. Johns Edwin B. Belshe Robert C. H. ROI.D . Flitcr. ft Albert T. Belshe John P. Clark RUSSEL H. FiSLER J uniors Sophomores Freshmen Harold J. Schluter Deane C. Severance Herbert T. Sowers Frederick. I. Tourtelot Edmond C. W ilner Elbert K. Jones DoN. LD ' . Jordan Melvin G. Kindstrom Lincoln G. Schick Otto H. X ' ogel Otto K, Handke Willi a.m S. Koxold James R. McCullough Joseph A. Hart John H. Jones ' lLLIAM ScHMEDTGEN, Jr. ' " S ' - 4 ' 5 Chi Beta Founded at the University of Illinois IQ06 One Active Chapter 1 , a . Pagf 416 Top Row MlTTLER. ROKI ' SEK. WILLIAMSON, STEAD, PoULSON. ToLLE. CoOK, JoHXSOX, LyDDON, HiLGAHD, CiILMAN. Second How — Slaymakkr,, Stkickle. Worthington, Shattick. Greene, W. Smith. Third Row — L. Smith, Clegg. Xavloh, F. Scharfenberg, McEwen, K. Scharkexberg, Stege. MEMBERS l. IXnERSITV Ralph E. Xaylor Cecil R. McEwen John J. Clegg St ' niors Fraxk a. Scharfenberg Lloyd L. Smith George R. Stege, Jr. K Ri. R. Scharfenberg Richard K. Shattick Howard W . Greene Alfred F. Radeke J uniors Leslie P. Worthington ' alter E. Smith Robert W. Strickle Ernest R. Hilgard George A. Stead Harold . Tolle Sophomores LvDON A. Gilmax Harry S. Slaymaker J. Wilbur Hansen Frank E. Rokusek William R. Poulson John R. Johnson Fresh, Clyde O. Lyddon George W. Mittler Kenneth W. Cook Ray ' mond E. Williamson Page 417 Zeta Psi Founded at Nea- York University 1S4J Twenty-seven Active Chapters ,w, ALPHA EPSILOX CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQOQ Page 41S Top Uow — Guernsey. Wrujht, G. Heideh, Dawson, Ferris, Trenchard, Croshy, C. Taylor. StTond Row— Doty, McGl ' IRE, Bish. Hawks. Johnson. Husted. Pomeroy. Obehholtzer. Bohon, (Jrunewald. Third Kow — Barber, E. Taylor, Ghies, Bowey, Vandeventer, Bahnett. W. Chamberlain. Wilcox, McCcrdy, Keele. MKMBERS IN IMXHRSirV Carl F. Grlnew ald Albin G. Grif.s Chalmer C. Taylor F. Ross ' andeventer Walter A. Barry Donald F. Bowey Irving W. Harnett Glex M. Crosby alter O. Chamberlain Albert C. Barber, Jr. H. Mills ' ilcox Harry H. McCurdy Eugene E. Taylor Rane S. Bohon, Jr. Ralph R. Rush Granger Husted Juniors John T_ ' . Hawks Lowell X. Johnson Harold M. Keele J. Delos Hollowell, Jr . George Dawson Marshall L. Df)TY, Jr. Raymond L. Heider Sophomores John . I. Pomeroy Joseph M. W ' ayer Kenneth E. Oberholtzer Grant Cilxmberlain iiiTXEY Ferris Roy D. Guernsey Fresh) Laurence S. Wright Wendell B. Trenchard Daniel S. McCjuire Page 419 Alpha Gamma Rho Founded at University of Illinois igo6 Eighteen Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Illinois iqo6 MEMBERS IX FACULTY Eugene Davenport, LL.D. Sleeter Bull, ALS. J. C. Hackleman, A. L ' iLLL M H. Young, B.S. £ J. P. Alexander, Ph.D. Fred H. Rankin. B.S. Henry P. Rusk, LS. John . Randolph, B.S. D. Westlev Thompson, B.S. Clarence B. Spaulding, B.S. Tpnauamm Pagf 420 Top Row — Stewart. Bakkow . Hampson. Second How— Mavne, Scrogc:ins, Foiles. Timmerman. Pauisox. Clearv. Hopkins. Tliinl Row — WALi-ArE. Smith. Pavxe, Cowan, Holman. Fourth Row — Spailding. Luhnow. Condon, Jones, Bresee, Whittle, Nickolls, L. Ford. Fifth Row — L.VSH. K. Ford. Morgan, Werts, L. fize, Iftner. MKMBERS IX IXIVKRSITY Cl.xrence R. L. ,sh Kenneth A. Ford Lerov T. Hopkins C. RL D. Jones H.vROLD D. Condon P.vuL K. Bresee Lester . Luhnow Roy L. Ch.xrles D. S.mith ' lLLIAM H. B. RRO V Eugene J. Cle.ary Loren S. Foiles Roy B. P.allson Sc ' iiiors George X. J uniors DON.ALD Y . L.xfuze George H. Iftner Sophomores Freshmen John A. Xickolls Lee H. Ford George I. . i.l. ce John G. WHittle Bruce W. Werts Fr. xk C. Zimmerm. n WiLLI.AM R. P. yne Bruce Co v, n R. Eugene M.xyne W alter S. Stewart W ESi.EY A. Scroggin . Herbert Hampson Pa%f 421 Phi Sigma Kappa Founded at Massachusetts Agricultural College iS j; Thirt Active Chapters ALPHA DEITKRON CHAPTER Established at Illinois igio MEMBERS L EACULTV Captain W. S. Bumbocgh Dr. J. . Folsom Phi Sigma Kappa. Page 422 Top Row — HoLsiNGKR, Day. Main, Adams. ' . W. Coath, W. G. Muelleh, Raih, Fletcher. Fowi.ek. Wangelix, Hakhiman. Major, Clark. E. S. Coath, McClintick. Socoiul Row — F. W, Mteller, Williams. Amsbary. Gra es Reinboth. Babb, Bailey. Clevexger. Third Row — Bensox, Shoenixg. Crammoxd, Sitherlaxd. Reis. Raxkix. Tall. Nagle. MKMBERS IX I ' XRF.RSITV Seniors Harold G. Benson Ralph G. Crammond Perry I. Xagle Harley L. Rankin Leonard J. Reis Earl F. Schoening ESLEY B. Sutherland Howard J. Babb I ROIL . Coath Milton A. Graves John W " . Harriman John D. Adams Harold O. Bailey Robert H. Clark Joseph H. Clevenger Juniors Winston B. Tall Sophomores iLLiAM H. Lee Owen J. L IN F. William Mleller John F. Reinboth Carl R. Armstrong Carrol K. Bair Edward S. Coath Robert B. Fletcher Hlgo p. angelin Freshmen INI red X. Day ALLACE Hoi.SINGER Charles F. Major Wii.ijAM Schi.ossbauer John L. Fowler Allen J. McClintick Waldo C. Mueller King Williams Pag ' 4 3 Ilus Founded at Unhersity of Illinois igoj One Active Chapter J4u9 Page 424 Tnp liow — Kkhth, MalKknzik. Socond Ki «— MiManus, Ci.ahahax, Simmerfikld. Simpson. Hn.i.. Shanks, Third Row— Kloeppeb, M. I. Coxk, Cannon. Holmes, Fosteh. Heinem.vnn. Fuitts. Fourth Row— Heixrichs. Bankson. McDonald. Harmelino. Evans. R. G, Cone, Freeman, Wildeman. MKMBFRS IN rXI r.RSlTV Seniors Clyde R. Bankson RrssEL G. Cone W ' ll.l.IAM H. E ans J. Edwin Fritts John D. Cannon Mai RICE L. Cone Henry C. Harmeling Robert M. Heinrichs Earl G. McDonald Harry . Wildeman J uniors Laurence H. Foster Harry D. Freeman Henry E. O. Heinemann, H A. W ' elwood Holmes ' ictor F. Kloepper Burton J. Clarahan Richard B. Hill Owen B. Kerth Sophomores Freshmen William A. McMancs Thomas K. Shanks Clark E. MacKenzie Richard B. Simpson Robert L. Simmlrmei.d P " S. ' - 425 Tnang le Founded at Vniversity of Illinois IQOJ Six Active Chapters rA ILLINOIS CHAPTER Establisht-d at Illinois IQOJ MEMBER IN FACULTY Ezra E. Bauer, B.S. HONORARY MEMBERS Iro O. Baker. D.Eng. Frederick H. Newell, D.Eng. John ' P. Brooks, M.S. .Arthur N. Talbot. C.E. Ch. rles a. Ellis, . .B. . rthur C. W ' illard, B.S. Mel in L. Enger, C.E. Page 426 Top Row — Cooper. Grady. Mat. Hazelhurst. Coichlix. Wallace. Hekwig. Serond How — Orput. Smith. Bowen, Skinner. Mills, Rehnquist. Third Row — Borland. Wendel. Witte, Cooper. Kuehl. Cahill. Valentine. Nel-son. I.ynde. Strane. Fourth Row — Beggs, Ericksox, Eastman. Carlson, Schweitzer. Bhaman, Bresee. MEMBERS IX UXI F.RSITY Seniors C. XoRMAN Beggs ' iLLiAM H. Bramax John J. Bresee Charles A. Cahill, Jr. Pall L. Carlsox Albert W. Cooper Albert R. East.max Ralph E. A. Ericksox Lee C. Herwig Joseph A. Xelsox Edward C. Schweitzer. Jr. Edwix C. Kuehl Archie . . Straxe Edwix E. alextixe Harold R. Borlaxd Cromwell Bowex Herbert B. Lyxde Olix E. May Robert R. Mills Ray.moxd . . Orpl ' T Juniors iviox X. Rehxquist James M. Skixxer Kexxeth L. Smith ' exdell W. Wallace Earl J. W ' exdel Pall F. Witte Lawrexce HiMPiiREY I. Cooper Sophomores (JLY R. Grady Jack H. Hazelhirst R AYMOXD A. M attsox Pai 427 Cii Psi Founded at Union CoUegejS4l Twenty-two Actixc Chapters • ALPHA ZETA DELTA Established at Illinois IQ12 MEMBER IX FACLLTV • Paul E. Belding, Ph.D. ' H-,; - i Page 42S Top Rmv— Preble. . ..i.kx, Whikjen, Patterson. Henderson. R. K ...i,s. Kennedy. VV. Kolls. Lewis. Hi kke. ROWE. .Spi-nnil Row — YofXGE. Clausen, Gallion. Fleming. . srHER. Third Row — Showerman. Brows, Rods, Chanet Fourth Row — Pettiukew, Emsch. Canthell, Danforth. Brooks. Fifth Row— RiNKEB. Knight. Hellstrom. Thompson. Kaiser. Perkins. RorK. Sinden. Stcbblefield. MKMBKRS l. UXIXliRSlTY Graduates XoRMAN H. (Sreex p. ML W . K ALSER J. Richard W . Knight EvAXs N. Hellstrom Irvini; T. Rixker Marion Roy E. Rods Charles B. Cantrell Ralph E. Brown Cj. Herbig Younge Ray C. Kenneth j. 1 ' reble Clyde S. Kennedy S fit lor s Wayne E. Perkins J iiniors Stewart W. Petticrew Harlan K. Danforth BuRNHAM S. Rock Sibley Irxinc, Sophomores D. Leslie Chaney ernon W. Ascher Roderick Heffron Alex B. Ryan Jackson E. Towne loHN P. Thompson Eugene S. Brooks Edward A. Sinden Ray E. Stubblefield Showerman Richard H. Fleming Arthur B. Gallion Stanley Henderson John B. Clausen Sterling C. IU rke Freshmen P i L . Lewis Walter L. Kolls Richard R. Rowe Donald . I ' atterson I ' age 439 Sigma Pi Founded at I ' incennes University iSqS Fifteen Acti e Cliaptcrs PHI CHAFIKR Established at Illinois iQoS MEMBERS IX FACULTY Cyrus E. Palmer Harrison A. Ruehe George T. Felbeck Ralph S. Baiter Abxer R. Knight Pagi 4S0 Top Uow — T. P. JOHN.soN. pRir KEV, Palmek, C. G- Johnson. Pratt. Bahnktt. Bhami.f.t, ' an Natta. Mirphy, Buck, Byrnes. .Sabo, Wilson, .Sadler, Lewis. Wirth, Fields, Smith. Second Uow — Egan, Kichardson, Whisley, Elder, Mullen, Kretchmeh, Padou, Craix, C ' artwright, Wales, ScHULTZ, Green. Third Row — Shartle. Bridegroom, Buss, Dralle, Karnes, Stillwell, .Shantz. Darnell, Taylor. Burt. ' .kl BERT. JOHX P. S. BO D.wiD W. Fields Clinton C Johnson Jack Darnall Harry E. Pratt Franklin S. Lewis Clarence E. Barnett L. Norton Wrisley Henry V. ' an Natta A. David Cartwright Hugh G. Bridegroom ' ern E. Mullen Leland M. Stillwell Edward P. Byrnes C. Fred Dralle . ii;. ibI ' :rs in university Si-iiiors Leland Fleming Juniors Sophomore ' s Glenn L. Buck Clarence NL Kretchmer Louis B. Wilson Thomas P. Johnson Paul F. Padou Arthur V. Friskev, Jr. H. Clyde Murphy ' Sidney ' R. irth Vivian J. Green William H. Holzinger AYNE Richardson Elmer Buss Clarence T. Smith E. Lawrence Crain Hayward C. Bramlet Glenn L. Sadler Raymond O. Wales Frank L. Shantz Donald C. Karnes Emu, Schultz Lawrence A. Elder freshmen James B. Taylor Thomas T. Shartle Jewel ] L Valbert Walter K. Egan Jack H. Burt Pagf 4_U Delta Phi Founded at Union College 182J Fourteen Active Chapters TAU CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQ20 MEMBERS IX FACULTY Harry H. Stoek, B.S., E.M. William H. Rayner. C.E. Hexry B. Ward Chauxcey B. Schmeltzer, C.E. Robert G. Tolman, B.S. Page 432 Top Row — Jennings, Younger, Lucre, Hobbs. Grosstei ' han, Wilson, Blakely, Lawrence, Pollock, Johnston, B. Bruntkow, L. Holston. Second Row — McClellan, Horst. Tarbell, McCarty, J. Holston, McNeill, Garland. Tliird Row — Sternamax, Tripp. Crnxiss. Williams, ( . Bkinkow, Stuebe, Slater, Dixon. MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY Edward A. Curtiss Donald A. Tripp Ralph G. Slater Harold B. McCarty James B. Holston Joseph T. Sternamax ILLL M H. BrUNKOW Lawrence L. Holston W ' asson W " . Lawrence Seniors J unior Sophomores Pa R, W Freshmen Arthur R. Grosstephan Rlssell S. Llcke LoRiNc I ' . Pollock Lewis L orxta.R Otto E. Brunkow Paul R. W Louis F. Stuebe Lester R. Horst Jordan R. McNeill Charles G. Tarbell John C. Garland ' esi.ey S. Hobbs R. Brick McClellan iLi.iAM S. Jennings Bennett Johnston RissLLL n. Blakely Pa f 433 Phi Kappa Founded at Brozcn University l88g Xine Active Chapters BETA CHAPTER Established at Illinois igi2 MEMBERS IX FACULTY Charles A. Petry, B.S. Clarenxe A. Bonnen, B.S. Pag,- 4J4 Top Row— McDonald. Bree.n, Baldwin. Schwartz. Cocghlin. Leydkn. Bbown. J. Kekhins. Second Row— Stevens. Lancaster. O ' Donnell. Ryan. Foster. Carroll. A. McKenna. Hamilton, Deniel. Third Ro« — Pbalen. P. McKenna, Weber. Happenney. Gallacheh, Minstehman, Nash. McDermott. Gillespie, Stringer. Fourth Row— Stenicka, Hart, Wargix. Craxgle. Woulfe, Brennan. Sullivan. Qiaid. J A. Kerrins. Lyman. Cadwell. ' — ' MKMBERS 1 UXR ' KRSITV James T. Brenxax ALTER F. CrAXGLE Joseph F. Hart Joseph A. Kerrixs Seniors Bernard A. Lymax Lloyde J. Qcaid Charles E. Stenicka George C. Sullivan Hexry F. Woulfe Charles S. Cadwell Daniel A. Gallagher Francis O. McDermott Edward C. McDonald Frank S. Gillespie Thomas P. Hamilton Frank J. Phalen J uniors Joseph ' . Russell Emmett Ryan Harold H. Stringer Raymond J. Weber Lewis J. ' argin Philip J. McKenna Albert B. Stevens Samuel P. Lancaster J. Harold Baldwin Hartley B. Brown Robert E. Denzel Clifford I. Happexny JfjiiN , L Breen ' illiam H. Cough LIN Edward Carroll Harold J. Foster Sophomores Freshmen John Q. Kerrins Francis J. Heidemann Francis A. Munsterman Herbert T. Xash John B. O ' Donnell Richard Leyden Arthur A. McKenna Leo p. Schwartz James Heffernan Pag ' 435 Theta Chi Founded at Norwich University jSj6 Thirty-four Acti e Chapters RHO CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQ16 MEMBERS IX FACILTY ' iLLiAM M. Staxtox, B.S., M.S. Harold L " . Johxsox, B.S. JOHX PlEPER, M.S. Page 436 Hpiiii, ' , ' K 0 m Sm 1 ' |ib 1 ™ msHi B 1 jH w flLvif ' l -i5« « ? (HiP T If. " W ' ... JB S mm :i ' mm T J - H - " ■i ••■ k ■: r% H ■P " Bt " ■■ i? J| 9v " « Itv 9 frXHj x r r . - g- iim.. 1—.-. vfe HHI I Top Row — Davis, Xordberg, Tavlor, Pearce, Bierdemann, Fi .INT. Haywahd. Bush. Hill, Blcnk. Serond Row — Bi-rwash. Allen. Hogk. Bell. Scott, With, Elliott. Folkehs. Vkeeland. Third Row — O ' Donxell, Banks. .Simmons, Sevehson, White. Fourth Row— Gammage, Tkndick. Nichols, Edwahds, Werre, I cenogle. -MEMBERS E LM E RSITY Seniors Ma-ixard B. Burwash John S. Tendick Marshall H. Edwards Gilbert S. Severson Carus S. Icexogle Henry K. ' reeland Robert N. Nichols LiXGARD E. ' ERRE J iniiors James J. Baxks Emmett E. O ' Doxnell Harold L. Bush William H. Simmons Frederick J. Gammace James H. White Sophoiuort ' s Herbert W. Allen- Laxdes H. Hayward James C. Bell Robert H. Hoge Clh ford L. Blunk Harry W. Pearce Thomas D. Elliott James H. Scott Clarexce E. Folkers Thoroi.f E. With RoV H. CllATFIELD freshmen Richard A. Bierdemaxx Charles A. Hill Rali ' ii C Dams William A. Liggett Theodore I ' i.ixt H. (Gerald Nordberg Robert B. Taylor I ' og ' - 437 Alpha Chi Sig ma foundc-d at University of U ' lsconsin i )02 Thirty-three Active Chapter? ZETA CHAPTER Established at Illinois igo8 MEMBERS IX FACULTY Roger Adams. Ph.D. George D. Beal. Ph.D. Chauxcey a. Bennett Silas A. Braley. Ph.D. Arthur M. Blswell. Ph.D. T. Gerhard Dietrichson. Ph.D. Albert L. Whiting. Ph.D. Duane T. Englis. Ph.D. H.4RRY S. Grindley ' , Ph.D. Robert E. Greenfield. Ph.D. B. Smith Hopkins. Ph.D. Harry B. Lewis. Ph.D. Warren A. Rlth. Ph.D. Carl S. NLxrvel. Ph.D. William A. Xoyes. Ph.D. Oliver R. Overman. Ph.D. Samcel W. Parr. LS. John H. Reedy. Ph.D. Fred W. Tanner. Ph.D. Leonard F., Ph.D. Qlpha Chi Sigma Page 43S Top Kow— Hansen. Brice. MoxTZHEiMtB. Carvlin. Ckosslev. Willis. Eldex. Sxell. I.owrance. .Second Ron— Peet. Hf.ckel. Drigos. North. Schneider. BrRNETT. Barnes. T. Yntema. Galuiher. Thinl Row— Hoffman. Baker. Edtiards. Johnson. Jenkins, Moose. Sperrt. Ixgersoll. Daniels. Fourth Row— Overman. Greenfield. Reedy, Heal. Webster. Notes. Bbaley. L. Yntema, Englis. Sloan. Fifth Row— CoRBlN. Mills. Garey. I.arsen. Brandt. Hokenson. Scarritt. Soderberg. MEMBERS IX UXI ERSITV Otis A. B.arnes John B. Baker John . Brittox aldo B. Blrnett Adam A. Christian P ' rank H. Driggs Gail P. Edwards John H. Gardner Dewey V. Alberts Arold a. Beckman Ivan B. Branham Warren C. Brcce Carl H. Becker Herbert D. Carter Graduates William Gallaher Thomas S. Hamilton Herman C. X. Heckel Tom a. ' ilson John B. Hoffman Albert . Ingersoll John R. Johnson Ri ssEL L. Jenkins Theodore 0. Yntema Seniors George M. Carvlin Clarence F. Crossley Rupert S. Daniels C. Arthur Elden XoRMAN A. Hansen Roy E. Lowrance Richard S. Eisher Juniors Walter E. Brandt Carl Hokenson Robert M. Corbin C. Herbert Bell Luther T. Garey Paul P. Larson John G. Burns Sophotnores William B. Anderson Harvey C. Hopkins Cecil D. Brown Ernest R. Hilgard Clarence W. Krieger Joe E. Moose Edward O. Xorth Charles H. Peet Charles W. Rodewald Ralph F. Schneider Warren L Sperry Harry F. Yancey Arthur M. Montzheimer Irving B. Morgan Arthur W. Sloan Myron A. Snell Edwin H. Webster William . . Willis Thomas L. Perry icTOR L. Soderberg F.LwooD ' . Scarritt Carl J. Weber John A. Mills Clarence P. Stewart I ' agr 4. .j Lambda Chi Alpha Foitndi ' d at U invtTsitx of Boston IQOQ Fifty-six Acti -e Chapters CHI ZETA CHAPTER Establisht-d at Illinois iQTj MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. L. Dickson J. AI. Jaspar E. McMillan P. D. Byrd Dr. G. D. Beal ixmbda Chi-affOri ' Pag,- 440 Top How — Jordan, Revnolds, Damkll, Pars()na(;k. Aldkh ' h, Fittcik, Millkr, Teuschek, Boggs, Hl ' st, Bkede, Caxady. Second Row — Smejkal, Jones, Carter, Preccil, Beebe, DorGHEHTy. Kilev. Third Kow — Corbett, Podlesak, Beebe. Forslew, Hirschfeld, ' axderkloot, Charpieh. King. Fourth Row — Morgan, Davm, Simmons, Eadie, Holland, Karabin. MEMBERS IX UXnERSITV Erwin C. Brede W ALTER E. Beebe Richard Smejkal Senior Fraxk a. Canady Ralph S. Dowell George Preucil Harold E. Jordan- Leo R. KiLEY George . Hust Hamilton K. Beebe John H. Forslew Delmar L. Jones Junior John E. Teuscher Floyd D. Dougherty Norman Boggs Eugene E. Aldrich Phil Miller Marcus R. King Mi;i, IX B. Charpier George H. Podlesak I ' IrWIN H. FlTTGE I LRTON D. Carter Sophomores John Hirschi ' Ei.d Henry Reynolds John R. X ' anderki.oot Carrol V.. Corbett Edward Parsonage Leonard S. Daum Waldo E. Simmons Walter W. Simmons F res Id Andrew J-. Ivarauin James 0. Eadie Theron morgan Cyrus E. Holland I ' ag,- 441 Beta Delta Sig-ma Founded at University of Illinois igi Three Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQIJ MEMBERS IX FACILTV Charles M. Thompson. Ph.D.. LL.D. Benjamin A. Stirtz. B.S. Ananias C. Littleton. A.AL. C.P.A. Merlin H. Hi nter. Ph.D. Joseph H. Beard, LD. Gustav F. Radebaigh Paul C. Taylor, B.S. ; Pagf 442 T..p K..w- «MU.. U..1.L.. .-.M.-SON. Thompson. Merz. Phelps, Becker. Sandholm. Gobi-e. Tucker. Hazen. Xeuson. . Second Row— Dyson, Fisher. Mills. Bert. Solthard. Scbmolze. Swenson. Daxielson. Woods. Third Row— Patterson, Schott. Takox. H.abrison. Sommers, Brows. Henderson. Headlv. Byerly. AIEMBERS IX IXIVERSITV Carl E. Becker Cecil R. Hazex Russell A. Merz Craduate LaURANCE p. SlMPSOX Seniors Erank H. Sandholm Edward O. Southard Leamax a. Wold Lawrexce H. Sward Archie L. Bert Cecil R. Daxielson Emersox L. Goble Gustave E. Xelsox Everet M. Dyson C. Kendall Fisher Benjamin W. Boyer Kenneth R. Brown Robert O. Byerly Alden |. Harrison . rthi R B. Headley Clarexce H. Henderson Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Ed. iund S. Phelps Paul E. Schmolze Carl A. Swenson C. Woody Thompson Paul L. Tucker Richard X. Woods Cecil F. Hdllopeter Earl D. Parker Richard A. Patterson Herbert F. Schott Byron S. Sommers Philip L. Taxon Page 443 Chi Phi Founded at Princeton Universit iS24 Twenty-Five Active Chapters SIGMA CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQ12 PiS ' - 444 Vt m4 - t rfftf- f t V y V Top Row SCHOCK, TwiTCHKUL. HlTCHINSON, W. TT. KetZLER, FrAKES, CoNLEY. Bl ' RKE. Second Row — Duraxt. Golder. Cithbertsox, McIxtyhe, Coxkey, Ruthvex, Cole, Henxixger. Wil-sox, NOVOTXY " . Third Row — Mersbach, FrLTOX, Beard. Strong, Jaxssex, Ingram, Holt. Fourlh Row — Westlcxd. Petersen. Leonard. ScnrLER. Becker, Hahxe. Crill. Reading. Davison. MEMBERS IX UM ERSITY Seniors Edmund F. Becker, Jr. Lester H. Holt Arthur P. ' estluxd William F. Hahne Arthur E. Petersen, Jr. George L. Schuler R. Paul Ingra.m Philip S. Durant Fred H. Strong, Jr. Julius L Janssen Harold A. W right Donald F. Cuthbertson R. Y A. Beard Harold M. Golder Juniors Sophoviores Robert W . Coxkey Donald . Hutchinson Richard B. Birke Benjamin E. Twitchell Allan W. Cameron Freshmen Edward P. Leonard Clyde W . Reading Adolph C. Ketzler Clarence E. Crill Eugene L. Davison August L. Xovotny David D. W ilson Robert H. Mersbach P. Cedric Fulton George C. Henninger Carroll L. Cole Elbridge a. McLntyre Frank C. Rutii en Ricii. ri) R. W . tt Edwin B. Conley John D. Frakes X ' ernon B. Birrovvs ' " .? ' • 44S Delta Sigma Phi Founded at College of the City of New York iSgQ Thirty-Three Active Chapters ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQIQ MEMBER I FACULTY Henry H. Baily, A.AL. C.P.A. ■ r ; a PhT ' _ -J Paie 446 Top Row — Adsit. Fawcett, Bolds, Zacher, Richmond, Van Houten. Johnson, Evehsole. Felton, Chapin, Grant, Saffohd. R. H. Allen. R. B. Allen. Hitt. Gower, O. Hero. Second Row— Strong. Heslet. Hewes. Carpenter. Roe. Spearman. Barnes. Smith, I.. Koch, Sharp, Pahnell. Third Row— Bott, Heaton. A. Berg. Slaght. White, Jackson, Coffman, Collins. Claisen, W. Koch. MK.MBERS IX UM ERSITY Seniors Rodney Bott Arvid H. Berg ■ LTER S, Collins G. Adsit Robert H. Allen Ralph B. Allen Robert A. Barnes A. M. Balds Paul W. Chapin Harold Eversole W. C. Carpenter E. E. Hewes ' . H. Hitt O. W. Berg . I ' .. Henley E. E. Parnell C. L. Peters D. I . Richmond Arthur D. Clausen L- RK S. Coffman Raymond Heaton Leroy E. Slaght Juniors Sophomores Freshmen O. E. Fawcett L, E. Felton J. G. Grant R. D. Joyer C. L. Jackson " iLLiAM Koch ' . W. Safford " . E. Johnson L. Koch W. F. Sharp W . i;. Roe J, R. Smith ' . S. Strong R. W. Van Houten A. Zacher Pagf 447 Sigma Phi Sigma Founded at University of Pennsylvania igoS Eight Active Chapters ZETA CHAPTER Established at Illinois igig [ff I 511 Paif 44S Top Row — Thrasheh, Fahhand, Kelley, Naramore, Kelleh, Knaueh, Andehsos. Second Row — N. Bexgston, Henry, Benzino, Holmgren, Shoemaker, Cook, Harxer. Third Row— Miller, McHose, Phillips, Birris. Hasbrouck, Griggs, Crittenden, Biester. Fourth Row— Hiltabrand, Jones, J. Bexston, Biederman, Parker, Gerdes. MEMBERS IX UXRERSITY E. KiTCHEL Farrand Harley L. Knauer Lloyd L. Thrasher Clarence D. Griggs Herman L. Cook Charles E. Harner Allen S. Benzing Theodore L. Hasbrouck BuRDETTE O. Phillips Artiur Bcrris James 0. Bengston Wray Hiltabrand Julian Taylor Thomas E. Crittenden Seniors Paul McCluer Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Rode I. James George E. Keller Charles H. Kelley Milton O. Naramore, Jr. Irving J. Holmgren Bernard E. Henry Xorman E. Bengston Fred R. Shoemaker Robert Jones Theodore Biester Joe C. McHose Emil C. Gerdes Edward Biederman Leslie Miller Harvey F. Parker ' ' « ' ■ -140 Zeta Beta Tau Founded at College of the City of Nezc York iSqS Thirt - Active Chapters RHO CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQ12 Page 4SO Top Uuw - Ja. ku Stiei el. Felsenthal. Siecel, J. Steause. Second Row — Cole, NECBEBCEn. Raphael, Grossfeld, Ettlinoer. Shatskv. Third Row — Lorber. Greexbaum, Bottigheimek, Ackerman, Feffeh, Slepyas, Peelman. Fourth Row — Drielsma. Schwahzman, A. .Straus, Meyer, Tickeb, Saljenstein, Khugeh. Fifth Row — .Stern, Weikgarten, Pake, Friedma.v. Sixth Row — Krelstein, Bernstein, Levy, Rosemax, Gutkreuxd. Kaufman. MEMBERS IN IXR ' ERSITY Herbert S. Bernstein XoRMAN GUTFREUND Barney Krelstein Henry K. Levy Sonnel Felsenthal Albert Friedman J. Arthur Drielsma Irwin B. Kruger Sfuiors J uniors Stanley Kaufman B. Lewis Pake Irving I. Roseman Eugene J. Stern Joseph Jankowsky AIax Lorber Victor Perlman Ralph Feffer Abe Neuberger Ellis Bottigheimer Sidney Raphael Sam Shatsky Howard Greenbaum George Meyer Charles Salzenstein Ralph Tucker Lawrence Weingarten Sophomores Alan Straus Freshmen Lawrence Grossfeld Ross Schwarzman Edward Siegel Milton Slepyan Frankel Stiefel Alfred Ackerman Roger Ettlinger Ricn. RD Cole ]. Jack Strause Page 4ji Alpha Sigma Ph Founded at Yale 1S4J Twenty-Three Active Chapters ETA CHAPTER Established at Illinois igoS MEMBERS IX FACULTY Prof. E. C. Baldwin " . Ph.D. Prof. J. D. Fitz-Gerald. Ph.D., C. F. Kruse, M.A. Litt.D. Director F. B. Sti ex. B. of Music Prof. E. E. King, M.S.. M.C.E. Pag ' 4S3 Tup liu» rA5.Lfe.i, Du.NNA.N. MouKt,. TWiMiNi., li. »ML s.Bl.:« , Cooiibtji,, D. C;iA . WaLLBAL M, lil.»»l.LL, .SULliMA. , R. Glos, Rea, Wallace, Shutts, Cleworth, Gill, Little, Oakes. Second Row — Lewis, Magncson, Bristol. Brazeau, Slacghter, Stohrer, McGinnis. Sherlaw, Monssox, Sanders. Third Row — Stewart. Tbaut, BrsH. Werner, Anderson, Rapp, O ' Hern, Miranda, L J coT " Terry " . MEMBERS IX UXI ERSITV Seniors Paul A. C. Anderson Guy S. Brazeau Robert S. Bristol Donald C. McGinnis Elmer P. Little w illia.m h. monsson Paul T. Sanders Cecil H. Cleworth Sumxer F. Lewis William H. Moore Dallas L. Don nan Franklin H. Bush Bernard F. Oakes Juniors D. Pasley Sophomores Mascot, " Terry ' Freshmen Harold C. Twinting Marshall W. Cooledge Albert E. Russell " . Lee W ' ali.baum James Rea Harvey L. Slaughter alter a. F. Stohrer Harry Werner Donald F. Glos Octacilio Miranda La ' erxe Rapp Sam H. Wallace Paul J. Stewart Raymond A. L GNusoN Joseph P. O ' Hern Francis H. Traut BuFORD H. E. Gill Glenn B. Shutts Howard E. Rasmussen Raymond E. Glos William S. Sherman Lester Donald A. Snyder Pag ' - 453 Tail Kappa Epsilon Foundi ' d at Illinois II ' rsU ' yan University iSqq Sixteen Acti -e Cliapters GAMMA CHAPTKR Established at Illinois IQ12 MEMBERS IX FACULTY Roger ' . alentine, A.M. George Higgins, Ph.D. DU.A.NE T. Englis, Ph.D. C. S. Marvel, Ph.D. Edward North, B.S. Charles Palmer, Ph.D. John Davis, B.S. George Graves, B.S. Arthur Ambrose, B.S. H Mk. Mr . H g .i igg i 51 1 W QSmS JI £ Page 4S4 Top Row — Bresee. I{uK . i.Kit. U ixsi.ow, Agnew, Cooke. Second Row — Clover. Birr, Moohk, Hatch. Cottrell, Merki, Olson. Third Row — Gilson, Parkhill, Heslip, St.vchel. Uxdehhill, Gee, Dehr, C. mpbell. Fourth Row — Walquist, Malcolmson, Thank, Graham, Johnson, Ol.vxder, McCord, Lane, Blomberg. Bowman. MEMBERS IN UNRERSITY Carl X. Blomberg John S. Bowman- Roland C. Graham Harry E. Johnson Sniiors Robert C. Malcolmson Leslie I. McCord Milton M. Olander Ralph A. Trank Lawrence W . W alquist LocjAN Cambpell Shelley H. Gee Robert H. Gilson Malcolm Heslip Juniors LIowARD C. Lane Edward Stachel George E. L ' nderhill William B. Dehr Lemoine S. Hatch James E. Cottrell Sophomores Perry O. Moore William Parkhill Lester Agnew Russell Bresee Carroll Burr Thomas Cooke Walter E. Merki Freshr W ii.i.ARD Olsen Carl E. Roessler Nathaniel Wixslow " ii,i,is H. Clover Elmer Nichols ' " « • 455 Alpha Rho Chi Founded al University of Illinois and University of Michigan IQ14 Five Active Chapters AXTHEMOIS CHAPTER Established at Illinois 1914 MEMBERS IX FACULTY N. Clifford Ricker, D.Arch. Rexford Xewcomb. M.A. L. H. Provixe. M.S. T. E. O ' DOXNELL. B.S. Page 456 »y t « 4i Top Row— Pfeifeh. Field, R. J. C ' .aioer, Olcott, Bestley. Bovd. Kendall. Second Row — PtncELL. Doak. Zext, Pickett, Young, Olson. Hamby, McCcxe. Third Row — E. V. Gaiger. Hail. Postle. T. E. O ' Donnell, Whittex, Prof. R. Newcomb, Ovebexd. Abbitt. Phillips. MEMBERS IN UXI " ERSITY M.AcoN A. Abbitt Seni WiLLI.AM E. H.ALL.AUER George A. Whittex D.wiD E. Postle Harford Field John R. Young Earl W Gauger J uniors Andrew S. Phillips James C. Plrcell David A. Kendall Dean D. Battles Arthur D. Pickett Howard A. McCune Powell S. H. ll Sophotnores L. Dale Zent Ellsworth F. Bentley Reuben I. Pfeifer Raymond I. Olson R. ymond J. G. uger ' lLLI. M I. H. MBV John Do.vk Freshmen James A. Boyd George W. Olcott ' ii,M. M T. Henderson PoS ' 457 Farm House Founded at University of Missouri iQOj Five Active Chapters ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established at Illinois 1914 MEMBERS IX FACULTY Henry P. Rusk. M.S. John B. Rice, ALS. iLLiAM A. Ingersoll, LS. RussEi, ]. Laible, B.S. Everett L. Johnson, B.S. Page 4sS Top Kuw — UuwE, Uamiltun, .Sxodgras.s. Beatiik, Ci.auk, Mlmfoku, Scaxla.n, AsHBAiuu. AsoEiisox, Bkowx. Second Row — Ulrey, Coclteh. BKnc., Weldon, Yale. Johns, Xeweli., Oi on. Third Row — Skidmoke, Fai-kexbehh. K. I.. Johnson. RrsK. Gates. I.aible. W. II. Johnson, Miohell, Tihneii, Ammon. MEMBERS I r I ERSITV Cecil E. Gates Warren H. Johnson Herbert A. Berg Albert T. Mighell Seniors George V. Falkenberg James E. Skidmore Stephen G. Turner Ralph E. Ammon Clarence W. ' eldon ' Floyd G. Anderson alter W . ASHBAUGH John . Tilsy RoscoE L. IknvE Joseph R. Hamilton Carl R. Olson Junior Roland F. Clark DwiGHT C. MUMFORD RoscoE . B. Coulter Dewey T. Beattie R. W. Scan LAN Orion E lrey Sophomores Har ey M. Newell Gilbert . Brown Harry W. Snodgrass Freshman W ' li.MAM L. Johns Pig ' 459 Sigma Phi Epsilon Founded at Richmond College igoi Forty-Eight Active Chapters ILLINOIS ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQIJ MEMBERS IX FACULTY RussEL McCuLLOtGH Story, Ph.D. M. joR D.wiEL A. Connor, A.B. Alvix Gugeler M.a the vs, B.S. Lieut. Edward R.wmond Golden Page 60 Top Row— Wendt. H. DeWitt, E. Bahdwell. J. Bardwell. Cooper. Scblapprizzi. Hugle. Second Row— Fash, Rov. Haskixs, Esmond, Whitesel, Raffertt, Dimond, Copper. Third Row— Galbreath, Patten, Nordgren. J. Baird, McTagcuit. Corrington. Krvse, FERcrsos, Scbureman. Fourth Row— Pollard, Fenx, Essllnger, Thcrston, Goetz, Goodrich, Freark, F. Schlapprizzi, Baird. Condit. Fifth Row — Jacdes, M. DeWitt, Allen, Jean, Brinnemever, Herron, McFahland. MKMBKRS IN LM liRSITY Se)iiors Alfred . Thurston Robert L. Pollard Forest M. Coxdit G. Malcolm Baird C. Glenn- McTaggart George P, Fenn Jean L. Schureman Jack P, Baird Donald C, Patton Dale B. Esmond Robert H. Ferguson John E. Bardwell Fred H. Schlapprizzi Juniors Maurice L. Xordgren Fred S. Goetz Albert H. Goodrich Clarence H. Freark Paul H. Esslinger John W, Corrington Walter D. Roy Charles E, Kruse, Jr. Robert A. Galbreath Harry A. Whitesel Omar J. Bollinger Fred E. Haskins Robert A. Fash Earl M. Copper Maitlaxd H. Cooper Da ' 1d B. Allen Sophoviores Keen A. Rafferty Laurence E. Dimond J. Emil Brunnemeyer Kenneth . McFarland Freshmen Millard Jean Lester B. Schlapprizzi August V. Jaudes Beverly G. Hugle Philip F. McFarland Horace S. Herron Earl F. Wendel Edward C. Bardwell WiLL.vRD J. Wendt 1 _ ' , Pagf 461 Alpha Chi Rho Founded at Trinity College iSg Eighteen Active Cliapters PHI KAPPA CHAPTER Established at Illinois 1916 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Fred ' . Tanner, Ph.D. W.vrner G. Rice, A.B. Leo G. H. rris, A.B. Page 462 Top Row— PrII-E. KvKKKTT, I ' tlHH;. liOHDARD. THVR51AN, SpHOUSE. MeAI.S, EvaN . Wli.MJ.V. HlMM.N. Second Row — Smith, Popkex. Pabst, Sears, Stcrdivant, Sweenev, Pklegeh, Austin, Hansen. Third Row — Webb. Rice, Walbert, Moulton, Johnson, Capouch, Taylor, Bagley, Thompson. Fourtli Row— D. Howard, J. Howard, Livermore, Kenning, Schooley, McClelland, Koerneh, Nuessle, Melchior. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Se7iiors Myron E. Capouch Edgar B. Henning Daniel O. Howard John C. Howard Theodore G. Koerner Ogden Livermore J uniors Ralph L. McClelland Dwight a. Nuessle C. Herschel Schooley Harold J. Taylor Robert G. Thompson Alvin C. Melchior George F. Moulton Frederic L. Rice Frank A. Bagley John H. Goddard Leland T. Johnson Charles F. Meals Mark W. Pabst Rufus p. Austin Harry T. Evans Edward E. Everett ' illiam K. Hansen Sophomores George H. Walbert H. Adair ' ebb Wallace W . Wilson Roland H. Fopken Burton H. Sears John W. Smith William O. Sturdivant Leslie C. Thurman Logan F. Peirce Freshmen Philip A. Pfleger Frederic H. Price Charles R. Runyon A. Donald Sprouse Marshall J. Sweeney Pagf 46J Phi Kappa Tau Founded at Miami University igo6 Fourteen Active Chapters ZETA CHAPTER Established at Illinois igi6 MEMBERS IX FACULTY S. A. BR.ALEY. B.S.. M.S., Ph.D. X. W. Exsigx. B.S.. A.B. ' . C. Troitmax. A.B.. M.A. J. F. Wright, A.B. F. B. HoBART. B.S.. M.S. Page 464 Top Row — Winston, Oehl. Adams, Farley, Pricf., Rothe, Lightle. Schreiner. Stocker. Second Row — M.vktin, Starr, CJerdes. Briington, Darling. Singer, Carlson, Tenxev, Hulick. Third Row — Stafford, Ehrhart. Baker. Stetler, Taylor. Bell. Wiemers. Gallivan, Hardacre. Fourth Row — liARLiN. Smith, Fit h. Carter, Braley. Gray, Heberer. Chadwell, DrKiiAM, Gienther MF.MBKRS IX rXHERSITV Herbert D. Carter JoHX T. Chadwell Louis H. Guenther H. Miles Heberer THURSTO ■ W. Smith Morris D. Durham Morgan L. Fitch Amond M. Harlin Sidney J. Gray Harry L. Bell Gilbert K. Hardacre illiam H. Taylor J II mors E. Harold Khrhardt Harold K. Stakkord lLLIAM B. WiEMERS Rolaxd G. Stetler George H. Bruingtox George E. Darling ILLIAM F. Gerdes Claude O. Hulick Carl H. Carlson J. Byers Winston Sophomores right R. Adams Ralph W. Lightle Edwin O. Rothe Frank L Baker, Freshmen JR- Charles . Starr Frank L Tenney, Jr. Robert L. Singer Gerald J. Gallivan DuANE L. Martin Arthur H. Oehl Winfield D. Farley HoLLis W. Price Raymond D. Stocker Herbert . Schreiner Pagf 46s Theta Xi Founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1864. Twenty-eight Active Chapters ALPHA BKTA CHAPTER Established at Illinois ig22 MEMBERS IX FACULTY Horace James AL cixtire. B.S.. LALE. Edward ' k;ht W ashbi-rx, Ph.D. Past- 466 Top Huw — Stone, Slater. Deneke, Epler. Wilkennini:. 1ra-vk! . Second Row — Aikex, Kexdall. Fe.nxie. Riley. Law. Francis. Envart. Hitihinson. Paape, Coss. Third Row — Daly. Krone. Carlyle. Fourth Row — Bahlmax, Barrett. Setmour, Peel. Arnold. Flesheh. Di ngan. Wattleworth. MEMBERS L IXIVERSITY Seniors Joseph E. Aikex Rlssell E. Arnold Isaac B. Barrett Harold T. Coss John H. Dungan WiLLLAM J. BaHLMAN Glenn Carlyle Harold M. Daly WiLLLAM R. EnYART Chester A. Francis Russell H. Riley Ever J. Eennie John Heimovics Fred Deneke Ei.MER Epler Loren Fletcher Raymond W. Franks Juniors Max T. Krone Sophomores freshmen Richard S. F " isher Clare E. Flesher Jesse A. Peel Russell Seymour Charles ' ATTLEvvoRTH John T. Hutchinson Rhene B. Law- Reuben P. Noble Walden W. Paape Richard G. Kendall Robert H. Louden ' iLLi. M F. Wetzel Frank E. Blasey Bradford Skelton Robert Slater Ernest Stone Arthur Wilkenning Page 4 7 Alpha Kappa Lambda Founded at University of California IQ14 Three Active Chapters GAMMA CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQ2I Page 46S ml i- kki 1 1 i i ft ft k Top Row — Gabrielson. Yackel, Engelbrecht, Beem, Routh. Goodell. Secoud Row — Bandy, W. Tascher, Thiel, Pollitt, Preston, Wallace, W. Myers, Shopen. Third Row — H. Taschkh. Koenig, Felts. Clark, Tombaugh, Winn, Stearns, Decker, Elliff. Fourth Row — Hoffman, R. Browne, Gh.more. A. Browne, Pearson, Drx, K. Myers, Wehsman, Knight, Barcume. MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY Sfniors Lyle N. Barcume ' lLLIAM D. BOUTWELL G. Arthur Browne Robert G. Browne Herbert E. Dux ILLIAM E. GiLMORE J. Ernest Decker Howard F. Engelbrecht Francis A. Gabrielson Da id . Felts Juniors W. Earl Beem Ronald W. Clark ToRREY B. Stearns John H. Bandy John E. Elliek William S. Myers Karl F. Koenig Sophomores Horace H. (Joodell Harry B. Hoffman Hubert W. Knight Kenneth H. Myers Irving F. Pearson ' alter J. Wessman Russell L. Pollitt Thomas R. Routh Emery G. Thiel Lawrence L. Winn Wendell R. Tascher Harold Tascher Gerald L. Wallace W TER C. Yackel Freshmen William T. Preston Kenneth G. Shopen Reid S. Tombaugh Page 469 Pi Kappa Alpha Foundt ' d at University of I ' irginia iSdS Fifty-Fi -e Active Chapters 1 BETA l-.TA CHAPTER Established at Illinois igij MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. K. Mathews G. S. Parker E. R. Dii.LAvoLT ' ii ssl K ' ' ' ' ' ■ -tbbP — K»ilU] il. ' i Pa$,f 4 0 Top Row — A. C. .Stkokeh, E. C. tixHOKEK. Saundkks. Wekno, Steelv, Hlmehv. Second Row — Helsing. Doern, Rolfe. Hensel, Xesbitt, Stuckev Third Row — Tebo. Nelson. Simmons, Paxton. Hensel, Jordan, Tenincja. Funrth Row — Smith, Hoopes, Wagner, Anderson, Burge, Essml ' eller. Bissell. I- ' ifth Row— L. D. Smith, Roan, Bartle. English, Xoxon, Peterson. Calkins, Kelly. MEMBERS IX UXIXERSITV James A. Peterson Joseph S. Kelly Lawrence D. Smith Ola I- D. Burge Charles O. Hoopes CusHMAN B. Bissell James S. Hemery Mki, CHOIR A. Vac;ner Arthur E. Essmueller Thomas E. Tebo Julian Jordan Walter T. Anderson John A. Teninga Juniors Sophomores George B. Stuckey Frederick C. W ' erno l ' .. Arthur Doern, Jr. Arthur C. Stroker Otis C. Skinner Freshmen John B. Hensel George A. Xoxox George J. Bartle Elmer D. English Perry C. Calkins Peyton W " . Smith Charles F. Roan B. ' . Simmons Richard J. Saunders Elmer B. Boatner Maurice W " . Xelson Rial E. Roli-e Alfred E. Paxton William M. Hensel EiNAR K. Helsing John D. Steely Eugene C. Stroker Kennenh . ' . Xesbitt Pai e 4.71 Anubis Founded at University oj Illinois IQ17 One Active Chapter iMEMBER IX FACULTY Joseph H. Simoxs Qnubi ' " ' ■ Page 472 Top Row — Hkmia. IIansex. Hoxkxs. Andrews, Simoxs. Olsex. .Schbock. Second Row— KxicL. CoREV. Dickson. Jexsen, Sattlev, DeHavex. McCai-eb. Bottom Row— Konorx, Miners. Ferovsox, Galbraith. Mott. McEachra-x, Xelson. Gardner. MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY Seniors Raymond S. Corey Walter S. DeHa en Robert Galbraith Edward C. Hansen Jerre Kohout Curtis D. McEachran Raymond C. Nelson Perry N. Ferguson Juniors Junius R. Gardner Hope C. Sattley Donald Andrews Francis J. Benda Jack Dickson Sophomores Charles McCaleb Fresh men Richard M. Mott Verne T. Miners Clayton B. Schrock John G. Honens Donald Andre Harry M. Jensen Julius Knicl Nels M. Olsen Pagr 473 Sigma Alpha Mu Founded at College of the Ci ty of Xe:i York igog Twenty-Eight Active Chapters . RHO CHAPTER Established at Illinois iQiS MEMBER IX FACULTY Earl E. Libman. B.S.. M.S ' .;;■ 474 Top Row S. SiDEMAN, A. SiDEMAX. ChAPMAX. Second Row— Shapiro. Laxdfield, Balabax, Alisky, Liedermas. F. Cohex. Thirtl Row— Wolf, Levexsteix. Kloppeh. Sbarpe, Gubix, Levix. .Schiltz. Fourth Row— J. Cohex. Scher. Meyer. Lidschix. Alter. Miller. Rosexblim. Blumexthal. MEMBERS IX UXRERSITY Franklin A. Alter T. Harold Meyer Joe Cohen Leonard Klopper Morris S. Levin Albert F. Rosenbllm Morris A. Blumenthal JOSEPH D. Landfield Seniors Juniors Sophomores Locis J. Miller NL x L Lidschix Arthur W. Scher Sam O. Shapiro Byron C. Sharpe Abner Sideman MosE A. Levenstein Sidney E. Liederman Harry R. Schultz F res lime fi Archie H. Alisky Harry Balaban Maurice L. Chapman Frank L. Cohen Otis L Gallant Sam H. Gubin Meyer C. Lauer Sidney Sideman Harold S. Friedman P gf 475 Pi Kappa Phi Founded at College of Charleston igo Eighteen Active Chapters UPSILOX CHAPTER Established at Illinois iq2I .MEMBER L FACULTY Otis A. Barxes Kapp I ' agf 476 Top Row— How MU), SEVMOiii. Ca.n. Halston. Bm.iirrKKLL. Welsh. Nk.mover. Hovsk, Victok. Priitt. Second Row— Fife, Parizek, Bovd, Klein, W. K. Wukhorst, Yoingblood. G. , W.ckhorst. Jacousox, Bergholtz, Brame, McAllister, Potter. Third Row— McDonald, Kravse, Blue, .Iohxson " , Gibbon. I.athkoi-, Brock, Witwer. Bartholomew. MKMBERS IN UNRERSITY Seniors Mayx.vrd T. Bartholomew Walter A. Blue Glen P. Brock Karl M. Gibbox HJALA L R ' . Johnson Elmer G, Krause John S. Lathrop Carol R. McDonald Frederic T, Mewes Charles H. Pruitt Frederick M. Witwer Herman L. Eberhardt Harold A. Fife Jason W. Nemoyer J 1(11 tors Albert A, Ralston Sturges L. ictor Glen E. Welsh Orby C. Boyd Wilbur C. Braeme James E. Brightwell Walter D. Cain Frank S. Howard, Jr. ictor E. Bergholtz Harold E. Seymour James R. McAllister Sophomores John A. Klein Glenn E. Potter William K. Wickhorst George N. Wickhorst Robert A, Voungblood ACOBSON Freshmen Byron O. Hoise Frank A. Potter Edward F. Pari .ek Pagf 477 Kappa Delta Rho Founded at Middlebury College iQOj Xine Active Chapters ETA CHAPTER Established at Illinois iq2I MEMBERS IN FACULTY ' Edward Joseph Filbey, Ph.D., C.P.A. Clarence C. Herrmann, B.S. Jesse R. Johns, B.S. Otto Gressens, B.S. Pag 47S Top Row— Bl-rb. fiMUTs. C.U.M1LH.O.L, Bai, ,uma.v, .Sch«auzw alder, lU-DD. Holmes. Hopson, Houk. Second Row-O ' Brien. Chbistlvnsen. Carpenter. Yates, Hadlev, Dippell, Olcott, Davis, H.akrisox. Tliird Row— Croll, Higgs. Knapp, Greeley, Williamson, Whitxah, Herche, Tbiggs, LeMaster. Fourth Row— Osborne, McFarland, Blakely. Wilson, Best, Gray. Powell, DorD, Benson. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HoR.vcE M. Gray Oscar L. Doud Weldox Powell John H. Benson R Henry A. Croll Joseph L. ' illl mson ERNON Knapp Oscar I.. Lk Master Seniors ichard B. Best Juniors Arlyn G. Herche Sophomores Harold M. Osborne LoY J. Blakeley Charles L. McFarland Wesley D. Wilson Arthur G. Higgs Paul W. Greeley Verne D. Whitnah Laurence F. Triggs ' aldemar Christiansen Fred G. Harrison Horace W. Oi.cott. Ir. AiiERN A. Davis Kenneth D. Carpenter Wilbur P. Hadley JOHN [• ' .. " WxTES Fresh in en Hilton C. Hopson Guy C. Rudd Joseph E. Smuts Herman F. Holmes Harry A. O ' Brien Floyd R. Baughman Randle L. Dippell Burr H. Glenn Gershom N. Carmichael Merwin Hour Bloice M. Schwarzwalder Ptigf 479 Cosmopolitan Club Founded at University of Wisconsin igo Forty Acthe Chapters ■ " ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQ06 MEMBERS IX FACULTY Edward Chauncey Baldwin, Ph.D. Joseph Howard Beard. A.B., M.A.,M.D. Bruce Willet Benedict, B.S. Hexry J.acobs .ax Der Berg David Hobart, Ph.D. Herman Bernard Dorner, M.S. Herbert J- mes Gilkey, B.S. Robert Douglas Glasgow, Ph.D. H.AROLD Malcolm ' ESTERGAARD, Ph.D. Thom. s Edward Oliver, Ph.D. Ellery Burton Paine, M.S. S.VMPSON Raphaelson, A.B. illiam Frederick Schultz, Ph.D. ictor Shelford, Ph.D. Edward Waldo, A.B., M.S., M.E. E.E. Hachiro Yuas.a, Ph.D. Cosmopolitan Club Page 4S0 J. Top I{ow — C. Barber, Schaub. C. F. Barber, Gilkey, Bosnian. Marloih. HL s »ArKH, Hoie. Moses, Osborx. Second Row — Lewis, Dorner, Carnahan, Glasgow. Baldwin, Romyn. Van der Berg, . " ohiltz. ( !)li er. Paterno. Third Row — Rosenberg. Van Graax, McConkey. Haylett, Toxgko, Glick, Trias, Raines. Block, Kashix. Fourth Row- — Jo, Zell. F. K. B.vrber, Clemexte. Uyei, Xaidu, Taxikawa. Borgmeier. Fifth Row — Yc.vsA, Maeda, Otanes, Vale. Pullex, Okado. Arguelles, Schxellbacher. MEMBERS IX UM ERSITY Graduates ' erxon Bosmax Leopoldo S. Clemente Werner Marloth Marimo E. Morales Merle ' . Raines A. Raymond Pullen David G. Haylett Senior Francis L. Arguelles iduja Bhushan KiiCHi Jo Waldex S. Lewis RlCARDO D. DE LeOX Loiis Block Antonio M. Paterxo FuRXALD K. Barber George X. Taxikawa Juniors Perry A. Glick Faustino Q. Otanes Anton E. Romyx Xao Uyei johx b. osborx Oswald McCcxkey PrEDERICK W. ScHAl ' B Clarox D. Barber Paul Johx Borgmeier Sophomores Gelacio L. Toxgko Freshmen Dudley- B. Moses Emil J. Schxellbacher Rafael F. Trias Hoop S. vax Graax Jose B. Libuxao Bagadal Xaidu Si.MEox ' ale Cecil F. Barber YuTAKA Maeda Harry H. Okado Page 4Sj Alpha Epsilon Pi Founded at Ne:c York University 1914 Seven Active Chapters DELTA CHAPTER Established at Illinois 1919 Wp Bpsndn Page 4S2 Top Kuu . LHKbiUtit, NtWMA.N. Gheenwald. Speak. Second Row — Beren, Stiglitz. Levin. Schwab. Henshel. Third Row — Savjtzki, Littman. Rabinowitz. Cohen. Glaser, Halperin. MEMBERS IX I ' XIVERSITY Seniors Raphael H. Cohex IsADORE M. Halperin Abraham L. Glaser Edwin R. Littman Lewis L. Le in Max E. Beren Walter Henshel Louis Schwab Da id H. Rabinowitz J II mors Sol Sa " itzki Sophomores Samuel H. Spear Freshmen Albert H. Newman David P. Greenwald Charles A. Schreiber Nathaniel Sticlitz Pagr 4S3 Phi Epsilon Pi Founded at College of the Cit of Nezv York IQ02 T vent --nine Acti -e Chapters PS I CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQ20 Phh PMionPC Pagf 4S4 Top Row— N. .Spkuo. Salzma.n. Shafton, Franks, T. Speho Second Row— Moss. Olenick, Fox, Ginsberg, Lederer. Third Row — Nobixs, Sommer. Cose, Eichleb, Cooper, Jame, Kbevmax. Fourth Row — Bach, Herzog, Alexander, EtsHokix, Daniels. Fifth Row — Benson, (Ippenheim, Leavitt, Fever. F.inhobn. MEMBERS IX UM HRSl ' l Mai RICE Leavitt W ' lI.I.ARD C. OpPENHEIM L. Ji LIEN Alexander Ralph B. Herzog Seniors Ben Kinhorn J uniors Milton A. Feuer MiTCHEL Benson Co BERT EtsHoKIN Philip M. Daniels Charles Cone Pail X. Sommer ' ictor Eichler Bertram B. Moss Morris Fox Sidney Ginsberg Harold Salzman Nathan Spero Ferdinand H. Bach Sophomores ' iLLiAM Cooper Freshmen Abe Freyman RissEL j. Xorins L. RENCE A. Jame Meyer Franks Edward Lederer . L x M. Olenick Leston Shafton Theodore Spero Page 483 Tau Delta Tau Founded at University of Illinois 1020 One Active Chapter ■w I MEMBERS I FACULTY R. G. Stevens, B.S. R. D. McIntyre, B.A. V. M. You.N-G. B.S. Professor A. R. Knight, AI.S. Pagf 4S6 Top Row — DcTTos. Graves. Pebbix, Rok. Kice. Hill. Sxyder, Schmalz, Stevens. McIntvhk. Second Row — Nesbitt. Boyer. Baker. Rutherford. Ragsdale. Stein. Ott, Hexni.nger. Third Row — YoiNG. Hovey. Noraix. Drees. W. Beatty. Jensen, Goooh, Greening, Morton. Page. Viehl. Fourth Ron- — Hidson. Waldie. Miller. Halleh. Linolev. Bennett. L. Beatty. Cheanev. AIKMBKRS IX UXI ERSrr Charles L. Be.vtty Austin H. Bennett Thomas F. Cheaney Charles J. Haller Frank J. Drees John H. Gooch Jesse A. Greening Alfred D. Ho ey Siegert a. Jensen Fred A. Henninger John 1). li ker Charles A. Boyer Herbert F. Nesbitt Frank Dutton Ralph CjRaves William T. Rice Walter F. Schm.xlz Se uors J uniors Sophomores Freshmen James R. Hudson James R. Lindley William J. Miller Benjamin D. W.vldie Edward A. Ott RoscoE W. Morton Kirk L. Page Helge B. Edward A. Stein William F. Beatty Ralph . Rac.sdale Frank C. Roe Richard J. Rutherford Leland Perbix Earl l. Hill Earl M. Snyder Leonard Umnus l ' : i Concordia Founded at University of Illinois iq20 One Active Chapter MEMBER IN FACULTY F. Pall Sanwlann ricordia Page 4SS Top Row — Rauch. Brl ' ns, Rogge, Schroeder. Miller. Second Row — Rakow. Krexz. Johxson. Third Row — Heideman, Meyer. Holzgraefe, Albrecht, Welge. Fourth Row — Hank, Augustix, Gardey, Gross. Fifth Row — BiLS. RoEpE, Meier, Orobengieser. Holtz. Ziemer. MKMBKRS IX rXI " KRSITV Graduate Alfred H. Meyer Henry J. Meier O. John Rogge Arthur G. Heideman Seniors Robert A. Grobengieser Fred S. Bils Gregor a. Ziemer Roland A. Roepe Alvin Holtz Elmer j. Holzgraefe William H. ' ELGE Arthir K. Ral ' ch Walter J. Johnson ILBLR E. Auglstin J uniors Mel in W. Brlns Sophomores ' alti;r M. Gross freshmen Edgar J. Krenz Walter M. Rakow Leanord M. Hank Marcus F. Albrecht Erhardt J. Gardey Carl G. Miller Theodore ' . Schroeder Pagf 4S9 Delta Phi Omega Founded at Unkersity of Illinois IQ20 One Active Chapter ALPHA CIIAPTF.R Established at Illinois iq20 AIE.MBER L FACULTY ErASTUS I. FjELD, B.S. Delta Phi Ome i! Page ' 4QO - 9r lo 9 r, n Top Row — Stotlar. Ames, Brown, Forax. Second Row — Bakek. KaMaster, Zimmerman, Sprixger, M.vrsball. Third Row — Benixu, Schedcl, O ' Coxxor. Sixdeklaxd, McCowx, Kovacsy, Mysch. Fourth Row — Bracy, Bauer, Sixdex, Rauch, Wilsox, Megel. Meyer. Whitcomb. MEMBERS IX IM KRSITV Seniors G. Bextley Brown- Herbert L. Rauch Glenn H. Sunderland Ralph Schedel Alfred D. Sindex Loris K. ' mTCOMB Stanley R. W ilson Jioiiors Andre Aillacd Arthur F. F ' oran Karl J. Bauer W iLLLv.M G. Kovacsy alter Bening Thotvlas Marshall ' illl m L. Bracy G. Dewey Megel George ' . Meyer Sophomores Richard Ames Herbert P. Mysch Charles B. McCown Forrest E. O ' Connor Freshmen Aloxzo X. Baker Eugene A. Springer Frank La Master Owen E. Stotlar Harold L. Zl imfrnl n Pagf 4QI Alpha Epsilon Founded at University of Illinois ig2i One Active Chapter E. E. Xearpass. B.S. MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. E. Rasmussen " , B.S. F. Tobias. B.S. r iT ■ i- ' i Qlpha Epsilon Page 4Q3 Top Row— Smith, Shemick, Mveks, Abramson. Spoond Row — E. RASMtssES. Blood, Sawyer, H. Weick, SAXDERftON. B. Rasmissen. ThirtI Row — Tobias, Xearpass. F. Weick, Xofsingeb. Mendeshall, Izzard, H. Rasmissen. MEMBERS IX UXIVERSITY Seniors c. W. XOFSIXGER C. C. Smith R. T. Abramsox F. R. Myers Juniors F. E. Weick R. p. Rasmussen R. Mexdenhall E. L. Rasmussen Sophomores W. S. Izzard " . H. Sanderson II. (;. Weick H. G. Sawyer Freshman . . Blood F. F. SllEMICK Page 4Q3 Iota Phi Theta Founded at University of Illinois iq20 One Active Chapter T - tK " MEMBER I FACILTY G. E. " AHLI •. Ph.D. Pagf 494 Top Kow — Anderson. .Springeh. Harris, Wassall. Sherertz. Roberts. Second Row — Reamer. Williams. Baibd. Weston. Wiley. Third Row — Hebrin. Lehmann. Baker, Jobst. Lacv. Howobth. Fourth Row — Clark. Milleb. Westebman. Ebebt. Grady. Collins. MKMBKRS IN " UXUKRSITY Graduate RlCH. RD . W ' e.sterm.w, B.S. Seniors John K. Clark Frederick G. Lehm-v.nn Clarence j. Collins Paul Grady George C. Ebert J uniors A. Kley Miller Reginald R. Lacy Everett I,. Sherertz Chester K. Jobst E. Briggs Howorth DoN.M.D O. Baker Ralph IL W eston Mairice F. Anderson 1 O i; I 1 E R R I N Sophomores Gordon A. Baird Lloyd E. Harris Harry J. Williams Richard S. Reamer R. Lynn Springer ' arren W. assall Freshmen Henry B. Roberts Carl E. ' iley Pag 403 Chinese Students ' Club Founded at University of I ' .alijornia iSSo Xinet} ' Acli e Chapters Established at Illinois igio MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduates T. S. Chen- P. Y. HsuEH C. P. Pei H. W ' axg Y. Chix C. P. Liu Z. L. Pawx H. H. Yao P. J. Ho C. C. Liu fniors P. W. B. Sux ' . H. Chao H. K. Li W " . V. Loo C. Al. Tsau H. W. Chao S. H. Li T. K. Ng S. D. Tung Y. C. Chex S. M. LixG C. Y. Pan S. C. Wang K. W. Hsu K. H. Lix T. . Tseng L. M. Wu C. J. Lee Juniors K. H. Yeh H. K. Chang V. S. FuxG P. L. Li K. C. Nee T. L. Chao D. B. Hsu C. H. Li S. L. Pax K. l I. Chex M. H. Kaxg H. L. Lin L. P. Shiao K. C. Chex L. Lai C. T. Lou 0. L. Sux T. S. Chow Y. Li N. C. Mono D. S. Yao S ophomores C. I. Chl- H. C. Lee S. H. Tsou C. Z. Wang H. Y. Chu T. C. Li K. T. The T. Y. - T. C. Hu C. 0. Ngax I. K. Whang T. T. Yuan H. D. Hsiu T. Y. Tsou " P. K. Whaxg Freshmen V. P. Chaxg L. C. Lin T. I. POON E. Y. Tsai C. Chex T. H. Lo T. " Y. SuN T. K. Ysou S. C. Ho M. S. LoH C. T. Suxg H. S. Wai . S. F. Ho Y. T. LoH H. H. Tai K. T. WoxG S. K. KwAx Special C. F. WoxG C. C. Chex Y. P. Kuo W " . Leigh Pas:,!- 4q0 Zeus Founded at University of Illinois iQig One Acti ' c Chapter Top UOW DUNLOP, MOREHEAD, ThOMA8, MeREDITH, CoPP, KvaNS, ycUDDEK. Second Row — Randolph, Howe. Shipley, Bailey, Duncan, McAfoos, Atkinson. Tliird Row — Jansson, Caldwell, Finnell, Freed, Pall, Raymond, Kkows. MEMBIlRS l um ersit Senior Charles E. Randolph Philip G. Evans Dale B. Bailey Paul B. Duncan W ' lLLARD L. DUNLOP Fred K. Howe Roy E. McAfoos John . Atkinson Juniors Sophomores WlI.DMAN SCUDDER Freshmen Paul M. Krows Martin E. Janssox C. Mateer Meredith Carl F. Morehead Wendell W. Shipley Alpheus W. Thomas Fulton ' . Copp Alfred X. Caldwell J. Harold Finnell Paul H. Freed George S. Lyman Hobart W. Paul Ralph G. Raymond I ' agf 40- Beta Lambda Founded at University of Illinois ig2l One Active Chapter J4 i.l l?l?9 ' « " W n ■■P! ; .--.- - - ; . Top Row — Thorxe, Haiser, Young, M. Loomis, Steix, Stanford. Kexdrick. Second Row — Schaefer, M. Kenxet, Larson, Sedgwick, Anderson. Third Row — Goldberg, Duncan, O. Loomis, Warren, H. Kenney, Jewett. MEMBERS IX UXIXERSITY Seniors Henry F. Kenney Oliver K. Loomis Herman O. Dlncan ]uniors Leonard X. Peterson Joseph E. Jewett L HLOx ' . Kenney Edward L. Sedgwick Sophomores Arthur W. Young Clarence C. Stein John F. Thorne J. W. C. Anderson Merritt L Kendrick E. X. Hauser Clark F. Stanford Freshman Milo a. Loomis A. ERNON Coale Hii.i. W arren J. . Schaefer, Jr. Godfrey W . Larson Albin G. Goldberg Page 4qS Sig ma Tau Delta Founded at University of Illinois H)20 One Aciivf Chapter Top How Ll.VUtMA.NX. UkES. ROWLAMI. Second Row — Stoleh. Wolpe. Forsaith, FRr-nERicKSEN, Woods. Phipps Third How — Xelson. Nevbaier. Walters, Stark. Ashbv MEMBERS IN LXI ERSITY A. E. Stahl E. B. EORSAITH J. G. Nelbauer H. E. Wolfe H. W. LiNDEMANN R. Rowland Senior C. N. Stahl J uniors X. E. ASUBY Sophomores O. W. Woods Freshmen S. C. Stoler J. H. Stark J. G. Walters C. L. Dees W. A. Fredericksen W. A. Nelson H. T. Fiiii-ps Page 409 t " l iV ' i 1 - r ■r soKOKHii:s Soro rity Index Achoth . 526. 527 Alpha Chi Omega 510. 511 Alpha Delta Pi . 520. 521 Alpha Epsilon Phi 5.H- r 35 Alpha Gamma Delta . • 528, 529 Alpha Omicron Pi 522. 523 Alpha Phi 542. 543 Alpha Xi Delta 516. 517 Bethany Circle . ■ 54S Chi Omega 512. 513 Congregational House . 546 Delta Delta Delta 530. 531 Delta Gamma . 514- 515 Delta Zeta ■ 536. 111 Gamma Phi Beta 524, ' -i Kappa Alpha Theta . 504- 505 Kappa Kappa Gamma 508. 509 McKinley Hall . 547 Phi Mu . ■ 538, 539 Pi Beta Phi 506. 507 Presbyterian Hall 549 Rho Beta Iota . ;44. 545 Sigma Kappa ;is. 519 Theta Phi Alpha ly- 533 Woman ' s Residence Hall V: ' ' Zeta Tau Alpha . 540- 541 Page $02 Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council Kappa Alpha Theta Louise Bacox Alice Bimstead Gamma Phi Frta Lettie G v Beatrice Cjkav Pi Beta Phi Elizabeth Huff Laura Treadwell Alpha Gamma Delta Estelle Edwards Pearl Hand Kappa Kappa Gamma Elizabeth Bradt Mary Jane Cleveland Alpha Chi Omega Dorothy Hunt LaRue Robertson Chi Omega Wanda Neiswanger Isabelle Xims Alpha Xi Delta Ruth Dietrich Ethel Bronsox Sigma Kappa Axxe Williams L RY ' RuF Delta Gamma Alice Sprague Ruth Graves Alpha Omicron Pi Barbara Porter Hester Srout Alpha Delta Pi Anne Nilsox AuDRE Allexe Delta Delta Delta Al.ORA W ARD Ruth Phipps Achoth Lucille Parr Dorothy Howe Delta Zeta Rica Grylich Genevieve Adair Theta Phi Alpha Mary ' Seright RosEXE Hawthorxe Zeta Tan Alpha Lucie Woods Gladys Kenxedy Alpha Epsilon Phi Pearl Edelmax Rose Fogelson Phi Mu Eugexia Arter Sigma Psi ' lLLARD HlI.ER Alpha Phi Phi Epsilon iV ' 1 p ' Kappa Alpha Theta Foundt ' d at DePauzc University iSjo Forty-Six Active Chapters DELTA CHAPTER Established at lUiuois iSgs A-Iargaret Miles MEMBERS IN FACULTY Kathryn Seebye Stella Hague rj; 11- Pag,,- J04 Top K„.-EOM,.TO.. ii, n.UHKK. V..S...S. D. T..OM,..ON. GH PK, , H.MPHK.V, G.X... J. ThOMP OX. M,„,»V, CUNN.NGHAM. BaSSETT. DOBBlNS TkXKERSLEV BlHTlS, BvCON. M. HeRR.CK, BaKF.K. BCMSTEAD. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Alice Bumstead Julia Thompson Nancy Browning Edith Shaw Mildred Haerrick Mary Hart Margaret Cobb Muriel Morgan Christine Jones Natl AN Gates Mary Humphrey Erma Edmiston Donna Thompson Helen Herrick Margaret Bassett Seniors Harriet Copley Juniors Helen Russel Katherine Kemp Lois McCord Mary A. Showalter Bettie R. Burtis Elizabeth Crouch Louise Bacon .Enid Tankersley Margaret Kelly Marjorie Baker Sophomores Ruth Franklin Freshmen Nevada Murray Iaqueline Thompson Janet Kin ley MoLLiE Crifitn Dorothy Dobbins Helen Prittyman Eunice Cunningham Page 505 Pi Beta Phi Founded at Monmouth College lS6j Sixty-Four Active Chapters % m J ZETA CHAPTER Established at Illinois i8gs MEMBERS IX FACULTY Nellie Signore Ruth Sigxore Page so6 T,,,. Ko,v- -. V„ TK., STEi-HENSON. DfVALL, Bak,.k, .St . , r rK,.s. f ' DNNoLLV IsciKOi. Martin. Babrktt. Whitney. x, , , S..O., ' ui rW .HA„AM. C0VEK,,A.E, TUEAOWE,... SM.TH, O.SON. Pa.MOHEN. Ve.T. RoB.SSOS. BOO... Third Row- Kixv. White, Huff. Evci-eshvmer. Gilbert. Kile, I.ew.s. MF.MBERS IN UXRKRSrrV Sfiiiors Dorothy A. Eycleshymer Elizabeth Huff Lucille F. Kile Helen G. Gilbert Ethel M. Lewis NL RGARET L. Sears JEANNE W. White Laura Treadwell Henrietta Palmgren ALarcella Graham Juniors Dorothy A. Smith Ruth V. Coverdale Elizabeth Boggs ' iRGiM A Baker Betty Phillips Sophomores Dorothy Schulz Virginia A. White Catherine Connolly NLayotta Divelbiss esta Di vall Harriet Herrick Mii.DREiJ Ingram Freshmen Fay Martin Shirley Stevenson Beatrice Stephenson Dorothy Stern Dorothy Whitney Page $07 Kappa Kappa Gamma Founded at Monmouth College i8yo Forty-Seven Active Chapters BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER Established at Illinois iSgg Frances Simpson Harriet Barto B. M. Turner MEMBERS IX FACULTY Jennie Craig iRGiNiA Melvin Carol Humrichowser Katherine an Aiken I r gjl k - fll Page joS Top Row — Pkister, C ' asanas, Kohl, Vose, Behhv, Caprox. Mcott, Thrasher, Brixkow. S rond Row — D. Dennett, Fairfield, Mai, Glidden, H. Dennett, Taylor, Koons, Bradt. Ratcliff. Third Row — Lindberg, Abbott, Cleveland, Pratt, Phitchard, Riddle, .Snell, Bassett. Holt, Rock. MEMBERS IX I ' XIX ERSITY Seniors Josephine Abbott Vera Bassett Mary J. Cleveland Thora Lindberg Beth Holt Justine Pritchard Ieryle Pratt Grace Riddle Mildred Rock Gertrude Snell Elizabeth Bradt Florence Brunkow WiNii ' RED Capron Dorothy Dennett JtDiiors Ruth Thrasher Helen Dennett Doris Glidden Florence Mai Thelma Scott Mildred Fairfield Edith Kohl Josephine Koons Sophomores Elizabeth Miller Eleanor Taylor Dorothy Naylor Louise Berry Fresh men JlLIANA ' oSE Theodosia Pfister Pagf SOQ Alpha Chi Omega Founded at DcPau-.c University iSS Twenty-Eight Active Chapters IOTA CHAPTER Established at Illinois iSSg MEMBERS IX FACL ' LTY Elizabeth Bryan, A.M.. B.L.S. Beulah Praxte Page j- ' O Top Row — K. Naber, Peterson. ' ax Dekvooht. Kimball, Maktin, Soeond Kow — Barber, Haworth. McGinnis, Rehm, Montgomery, .Sharpe. Hackman. Wright. Third Row — FrLLER. Reid. Zink. Naber, Field, Storm, Xeedler, Burster. Robertson, Fultz. Fourth Row — Sanders, Ketner, Baggerly, Judd. Fifth Row — Boyle, Pyke, Covington, Freeman. Dilling. Hint, Gillen. Johnson, Dorsey, Nelson, Wiles. MK.MBKRS I. UNRKRSITY Lela Billing Mildred Gillen Helen Freeman LaRue Robertson Dorothy Wiles Louise Covington Asenath Dorsey LoRENE Fuller MoxA Storm Elizabeth Xeedler Elizabeth Baggerly Marietta Hackman RlTH McGlNNIS Louise anDkvoort Lora Barber Ruth Zink Seniors Junior Dorothy Hunt Dorothy Ripley Katherine Johnson Martha Pyke NLarie Boyle Helen Sanders Neva Peterson Genevieve Haworth Elisabeth Ketner Sophomores [arie N ' aber Freshmen Anna Wright Alice Judd Lii.ETH Fultz II.I.A Reid Marian I ' iki.d Marian Kimball Mabel Martin Lois Reiim Katiikrine Xaher Page sn Chi Omega Founded at Fayetteville. .4rkansas jSqj Fifty Active Chapters OMICROX CHAPTER Established at Illinois igoo MEMBERS IX FACULTY Dr. Clarissa Rixaker Margaret Hoffman Cornelia Kelly hM Pagf 512 :n: mn:J ' fi.Z Top Row — Meyer, Moxlet, Si kk, (ii ther, Ruh, Hildebrandt, Galloway, Harpole, McCarroll, Smith Bell. Second Row — Wells, Hollis, Parrish, Maxwell, Loehr, Denny, Ri ' msey, V. Kirkpatrick, Singmaster, Bayxes, Clausen, Logie. Third Row — Nims. Cloyes, Hcse. Barr, Dougl.vss, Xeiswanger, Lyle, E. Ivirkpatrkk. L. Whitaker. Beeby, Fitzgerald. Fern. MEMBERS L l ' M ERSITY Myrtle G. Barr Dorothea J. Beeby Edith F. Cloyes BiNETTE DOLGLASS Esther M. Huse Kathrvn Bayxes Gretchex Burrell LocisE Dexxy Vivian Kirkpatrick Hazel C. Loehr Edxa Clausex Lucile F ' erx Xellie Fitzgerald Barbara Mollis Jaxe M. Logie Seniors Juniors Sophomores Esther Bell AL ry-Elizabeth Galloway Katherixe Gunther Katiierixe Harpole Mildred McCarroll Freshmen Elsie Kirkpatrick Allexe Lyle Wanda eiswaxger Louise ' hitaker iberta Yutsy Martha Maxwell Anita Mueller ISABELLE E. NiMS Fay Rumsey Bessie-Merle W ells Ruth Meyer Helex Jaxe Moore Maurixe G. Parrish Helex Singmaster Dorothy ' hitaker l rtha moxley Sue Smith Elizabeth Stark Polly Run Lois Hildebraxdt Page 513 Delta Gamma Founded at Louis Institute iSj Thirty-Two Acth ' e Chapters IOTA CHAPTER Established at Illinois igo6 MEMBERS I FACULTY Alta Gwinn Saunders Gertrude Sargeaxt : M»5! »- D Delta Gamma 4 Page s ' 4 Top Row — Glos, Fry, Clark, Thinkhai ' s, Freeman. Walkkk, Hooth. Sargeant, Lewis, Dean. E. Picjall, Gi.exn, WiLHELM, StEINER. St ' cond Row — Gillespie. Mikesell, Flom, Gibson, Pitman, McAdow, Kahn, Dixon. Third Row — Rice, Fuller, J. Pigall, Stevenson, Weedman, Graves. Fourth Row — McCormk ' K, Brf.weh. MrLBERRv. Buntix, Baldwin, Sakp ' ohd, Sprague, Sammons. AIEMBKRS IX r. I KRSITV Alice C. Sprague LoRAixE Sammons Grace Baldwin Mildred McCormick Ruth Brewer Helen E. Steiner Ruth B. Graves Dorothy Glenn Josephine Pigall EsTiNE Lewis Florence Fry Ellen Gibson Elizabeth Flom Louise Rice Doro ' I ' hy W ii.hki.m Helen Booth Evelyn Walker Sc ' iiiors Juniors SiGRED BrATON Sophomores Helen McAdow Freshmen Catharine Buntin L RY K. Safford Constance Fuller Minnie Mulberry Ruth Dixon Frances ' eedman Elizabeth Pigall Pauline Stevenson Marybelle Glos Mary Pitman Ethel Dean Vera Clark Isabelle Freeman PIelen Mikesell Kathryn Kahn Dorothy Trinkhaus Martha Gillespie Pag J ' J Alpha Xi Delta Founded at Lombard College iSgj Thirty-Two Active Chapters KAPPA CHAPTER Established at Illinois igoj itrghj5j. Pagf 516 Top Row — Li ' EDKE, Uetherfobd. Second Row — McHiE. Dittmax, Dietrich, Birmeister, Lan ' gston, Bakek, MacDonald, Hoffman, Wanzer, WixE, Bridge. Third Row — Stephens, McDavitt, Bernhardt, Bronson, Aspern, Hosky, Vreeland. Roller. Fourth Row — Knapheide, Williams, Notter, Murphey, Koehn, Anderson. MEMBERS L UX1 ERSITV Frances E. Dittman Josephine F. B. Hoifman Frances E. Wine Sent Ruth J. Dietrich Bettie MacDonald Irene M. Boller Elsie L. Wanzer P ' lorence ' . Murphey Juniors Myra B. Williams Mildred Egan Ethei. L. Bronson Ellen T. Langston Irene Bernhardt Bernici: H. Burmeister Edna M. Rosky Helen R. Bridge Sophomores Geneva B. Koehn Janet L. Aspern Suzanne Retherford Helen O. ' reeland Mildred C. Baker Ruth FI. Anderson (jERTRIDE Luedke Marjorif, Knapheide F res hi Caroline McDa itt L RGARET L. McHlE Aire L Xotter Dorothy ' . Stephens Pa r S ' 7 Sigma Kappa Foundfd at Colby Collrge lS " j Twenty-Xine Acli " c Cliapters THETA CHAPTER Establish I ' d at Illinois 1906 MEMBER IN FACULTY JosiE HoucHENs, A.M., B.L S. 5igma afp L Page 51S Top Row — Olher. Ginxaven, Moorehead. Tener, Jamison, Burch. Second Row — Woodward, Sh-vffer, Riordox, C. Woodw.vrd. Judd. Honx. Third Row — Bowerman, Dudley, Wixe, Forslew. Pharis, Bryan. Lumpp. Fourth Row — Schulze, Wickersham, Horner, Harmon, William: , Woodruff, Riese. Ruf. -ME.MBERS L L " M ERSITY Ax.NA Williams Ruth Harmox Helen W oodruff Hazel Riese Juniors Jaxaice Lumpp Madelaine Wickersham Ella Forslew Ella Schulze Mar Ruf RiTH Horxer Mildred Bryan Eloise Dudley JuANiTA Pharis Florence W ine Marjorie Riordon Dorothy Bowerman Marion Woodward Sophomores ' ioLET Shaffer RlTH HONN Nanete Gin " na ex Dorothy Texer Florence Judd Charlotte W Oodw ard Mary Burch Freshmen ' irginia Jamison Elizabeth Oli er Marc;aret Moorehead Pas ' 519 Alpha Delta Pi Founded at Wesley an College iSji Thirty-Five Acti -e Chapters vC- SIGMA CHAPTER Established at Illinois igi2 -« »S- Page s o Top Row — ' Bloomer, Smith, Forrester, E. Xilsox, ' an Antweki ' , Strawbridge, Swenson, avansox, Ki f.ra, Partridge, Adkixs. Serond Ron — Andresen, Beattv, Townsexd. Schroeder. Bond, Poggensee. Watson. O. Xieson. Olson, Fox. Third Row — Farrow, Haumfrsen, Hopkins, A. Xilson, CIoddard, Martin, I.inke. Baird, Lenz. MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY Frieda Baird Elizabeth Goddard Edith Haumersen Ollexe Andresen Grace Beatty Margaret Bond TiERRA Farrow Helen Bloomer Mildred Fox Pauline Lenz ' inifred Adkins Florence Forrester Merle Howard Margaret Kucera Margaret Krel ' shaw Seniors Eugenia Martin Juniors Mildred Maunen Sophomores .E ' aN A Freshmen Mary Hopkins Madge Linke Ann Nilson Olga Xilson Claire Poggensee Frieda Schroeder Xellie Townsend Evelyn W atson Fi.i.yn Olson Louise Straw bridge Elizabeth Xilson Ruth Partridge Charlotte Smith Viola Swanson Virginia Swenson 1 ' af.r .,-- ' Alpha O micron Pi Founded at Barnard College iSgj Twenty-Five Active Chapters Mate L. Giddixgs IOTA CHAPTER Established at Illinois igii MEMBERS L FACULTY ROSELLE KaRRER Esther incent M I ' ' f rwGS r: JStf ' ' « JLr-JnPaBwryy y t . h miKim mm mm imm Br( r " ' 1 ' ' k Jj v BBt ' i M " H H ■ n [ 3t ' Q Omkrcnr J s ' «• • 525 Top Row — Parkhill, Rarr. Butler. F. Srout, Cook, Hcghes. Second Row — Bean. Brown. Seibert. McFarland. Hill, Grove, B. Parkhill. HAGEsrsH. Wesson. Third How — H. Srolt, Wissmath, Bennett. Holterman. L.vntz. Gregg. Fourth Row — Dolle. Parkinson, Phillips. Fifth Row — Hakshbaroer, Gayer, Brauns. Porter. Wolfe, Wood. HuLSEBrs. Htghes. Holmes. MEMBERS I l " XI KRSITV Sejtiors Esther Brauxs Elsey Gayer Kathryx Hughes Mildred Holmes Frieda Harshbarger Ax X ETTA Wood Gretchex Hulsebus Helen Parkixsox Barbara Porter Helex olfe Katherine essox ' era Beax Ruth Butler Elizabeth Browx Lois Bennett Fraxces Dolle Jean Gregg Frances Grove ' eta Holterman Marjorie Barr Alice Cook Juniors Sophomores Beulah Parkhill Freshmen Bernice Parkhii.i Neva Hill Mildred Lantz Josephine Phillips Hester Srout Hali.ette Seibert Florence Srout Evelyn Wissmath Charlotte Hagebush Helen Hughes Dorothea NTcFarland Page 523 Gamma Phi Beta Founded at Syracuse, Nezv York 1S74 Twenty-six Active Chapters OMICROX CHAPTER Established at Illinois 191J MEMBERS IX FACULTY LiTA Bane Annabel Robinson Martha McCammon Constance Syford Marion McAnnaly Rose Brie.m Pagf j24 Top Rov.— W.Kr=. 1.0.X0. B.U..VCKMAS, Babcock. Gross. G.llert, Alton. Mah.on. Second Row-M. EvERSOLE. Bebb. Patrick. Meyer, Welch. Richards. R,.«p„.a„ Third Ro«-DoDGE. Pabsoss. Miller. Stibbb. Sme«al. ercoe. Gr..v. ■ " " ' " " " ' ' • f " " " : " " ,,., „ FoTrth Rnw-RHOADES. L. Eversole. Hvlasd. Clark. Mever. B.vle. Johnson. arre . Stlart. MEMBERS IX IXRERSITY Seniors Anna Bale K. THERiNE Clark Lenore Eversole Lettie Gay Christine Hyland Florence Johnson Beatrice Gray Charlotte Gillert Annette Gross Anzelette Alton Jlliette Armstrong SliLDRED Eversole Ii). Richards Mildred Barackman Helen Blrpaugh . talie Dodge Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Helen Meyer Mary Parsons Rlth Rhoades Roxie Stuart Ruth Warren Constance ercoe Marion Bebb Thelma Marion Claire Meyer Del Gratia Miller K. thryn Stubbs Helen Smejkal Helen Welch Mary Long Marion Patrick Mary Wirts Pagf 525 Achoth Founded at University of Nebraska igic, Thirteen Active Chapters GIMEL CHAPTER Established at Illinois igii MEMBERS IX FACULTY Carlotta Ford. A.B. Emma Gutton. B.L.S. Faxxie Brooks, A.B. HONORARY MEMBER St E E. Heath Pagf j26 Top How — Alice Adams. Alma Adams, K. Edwards, E. Smith, H. Edw.vrds, Hlntington, Hamm. F. Webber Davis, Second Row — Maurine Agle. Pearx. Myrtle Agle, Brooks. Walker. Renner, Sorensox. Third Row — Day. R. Webber, Parr, Hikes. Pearson, Shepard. Howe. Kilbirv. MEMBERS IX U I ERSITY Sefiiors Esther Day Lucille Parr Grace Pearson Helen Picknell Lucille Shepard Ruth Webber Alice Adams Alma Adams Maurixe Agle Myrtle Agle Helen Edwards Bessik Hamm Juniors Nan Hikes Dorothy Howe Florence Pearn Eloise Smith Marie Sorenson Lucille Walker Grace Davis Mvra Huntington Margaret Brooks Frances Webber Sophomores Elizabeth Edwards Freshmen Gennette Kilburv Edna Renner Gertrude Wilson Margaret Brown ' ' ag ' 527 Alpha Gamma Delta Founded at Syracuse Unhersity IQ04 T venti,--two Acti -e Chapters SIGMA CHAPTER Established at Illinois iQiS Alpha Gamma Deita ' Page s S Top Row — E. Weir. Hcg, Jacobhkn, C ' mm h, Caldwell, Mebkeb. Second Row — D. Bradv, K. Edwards, Deatherage, Reynolds, Bridson, Dennis. Hagen, Moser, Parizek , Rainey, Hand. Third Row — Banta. Bhady, Hill. Coffman. Fourth Row — O. Weir. Goelitz, Elizabeth Edwards, Decker, Dunsing, Ong. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors EsTELLE Edwards Rosalie Moser Ruth M. Caldwell Elizabeth Banta Ruth Brady Adele Hagen Juniors Pauline Hill Esther H. Ong Esther ' eir Myrtle Bridson Pearl Hand Gladys Hv:g Helen A. Jacobsen Sophomores Inez Dennis Dorothy Merker Helen Rainey Marjorie Deatherage Millicent Church Dorothy Dunsing Mildred J. Goelitz Dorothy Brady Louise Cofi-man Freshmen LiBusE Parizek Laura Reynolds Ora E. Weir Elizabeth Edwards Adeline Decker Pour Delta Delta Delta Founded at Boston University iS88 Sixty-two Active Chapters DELTA PI CHAPTER Established at Illinois ig20 MEMBERS IX FACILTY Helen Atkinson, A.B. Leah Fullenwider. ALA. Jane Leichsenring. ALS. Ruth Turnbuli, delta Delta De a-i Page S30 Top Row — Norton. Jacksox. Rew, Smith, Woods. Heriux, J. Huntoon, Adams. C ' olliflower, Cromer. Second Rrm- — Uakmax. E. Ward. West. M, Brown. Mvehs. Third Row — Reed. Hilcakd. Miller. Hoseohd. G. Huntoox. Kohl. Fourth Ron — Allex. Do.vk. Ticex. Buckler, Phipps. S» ard. Fifth Row — McCoMB. L. Walker, Pattox, A. Ward. J. Brown, McConxell, S. Walker. MEMBERS IX UXR ERSITY E. JosEPiuxE Brown Helen I. Buckler Emily E. Doak Jennie M. e P. tton Eloise G. Allen Georgie Hilgard Gail M. Hlntoon DoROTH J. McConnell Mary M. Miller Beatrice Adams Martha M. Brown Inez F. Colliflower Amy R. Hosford Eileen Eldridge Lois M. Cromer Blanche G. Herrin Je. N I. I llNTOON Seniors Juniors Sophomor Evelyn West Fresh men Alice Woods Geneva A. Ticen Laura Walker Sarah Walker Alora T. W rd iRGiNiA Myers May D. Oakman Ruth M. Phipps Sarah A. Reed Is.vBEL H. Smith Leona y. Kohl Ina M. ' Rew Eleanor C. Sw. rd Edna L. Ward Marion Michaelis . IvRNA L. Jackson Helen McComb MiLDRi:i) C. Norton Pa f S3 ' Theta Phi Alpha Founded at University of Michigan IQI3 Twelve Active Chapters BETA CHAPTER Established at Illinois igiQ I r L ■ sm ia! Page .,-,; ' ? ftS•ffl«ffK?!!!IIm W«ffB5 BSIfl Top Row — Donahue, Dlaxe, Kane. Stirdyvin, Rink, Cosgrove, Lynch, Best. Second Row — Lang, Byrne, Dempsey. Bell, Bransfield, Spills, Crimmins, Wallace, Smith. Thmi Row — Sullivan, Glanzner, Swanson, Seright, Dahm, Coghlan, Barrett, Hawthorne, Mullins, MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sfiiiors May a. ' isineau Mary Seright Marie F. Dahm Leah Swan son J mi tors Marguerite L. Barrett irc;im. Hai.i. Marie Doyle RosENE Hawthorne Nancy Coghlan Dorothy Spills Sophomores Mary E. Bransfield Evelyn Sturdyvin Franxes Donahue Anne Mullins Margaret J. Duane Irene Bell Elvera Glanzner Helen G. Cosgrove Fri ' shmfii Frankie Byrne . l. Ri()N M. Wallace Helen Dempsey Margaret Lang Gertrude Smith Catherine Kane Helen Rink Beatrice Crimmins Nora Si;llivan I ' a r SJ3 Alpha Epsilon Phi Founded at Barnard College igi2 Sixteen Active Chapters MU CHAPTER Established at Illinois ig20 h iph smSjrmi . ii- 1 iHtill P.::- s-4 Top Row SiNX. WiNKLEMAN. GrEENBAUM, ShaFTON, LEOPOLD. Second Row — L. Oltcsky, Grossman ' , Himelblau. Davis, Podolsky, Seideman. Idwix. Third Row — Bidan. R Oltuskv, Edelsox, Rosexbum, Slepyan. MEMBERS IX UXI ERSITV Senior Rose J. Oltusky Sylvia Budan Pearl Edelsox Juniors Harriet Rosenbum Dorothea Slepyax ' iRGiNM. Davis Clara Himelblau Lena A. Oltusky Sophomores Eve Podolskv Esther Seideman Thelma Udwin Dorothy W ' inkleman Freshmen Minette Greenbaum Thelma Grossman Marian E. Leopold Hazel Shafton Henrietta M. Sinn Delta Zeta Founded at Miami, Ohio ig02 Twenty-five Active Chapters ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQ2I P.. -•• ' ' ' Top Row— F. Sparks. Lingenfelter. F. Frier. X. Sparks. Schmalhaisen. Downs. Second Row — Hoefflin. E. Mortenson. E. Carmkhael. Pickett. E. Smith. Habdixg. Pattox, E. Carmichael. CORSA. Third Row — Zick, Mrxsos, Gee, Croich. HorsTON. Bacox. M. Sparks Fourth Row — P. Frier. Ghtlich, L. .Smith, F. Mortensox. Burd. Rush, Goodyear. Tipscott. Joxes. MEMBERS IX rXI " ERSITV Graduate Lalra Smith Harriet Rush Katherine Burd Grace Goodyear Hedwig Downs Florence Mortenson Elizabeth Bacox LiciLLE Lixgexfelter Mary Sparks Marvel Joxes AxxA Pattox Florexce Hardixg J uniors Sophomores Gladys Pickett Fresht Helen Zick Florence Frier Ferx Sparks josephixe schmaliiai sex Fredarica Grylich Pearl Frier Georgia Tapscott Eloise Smith Elizabeth Corsa Marie Crouch IsABELLE Houston Mary Muxsox EuxicE Carmichael Axxa B. Collier Dorothy Gee Norma Sparks Ethel Mortexsox Margaret Hoefflin Erdys Carmichael Page 537 Phi Mu Founded at University of Macon 1852 Thirt}--five Acti ' e Chapters DELTA BETA CHAPTER Established at Illinois ig2i MEiXIBER IX FACULTY Esther Colvin Pav.r ,,-. f Top Kow — Mkiek, Wolcott, livANS. Frantz, Hakuis. Sfoond Row — Arter, Blackard, Bass. Hamilton, Beyer. Colvix. K. Ahtkr. Tliird Row— Davis. I,. Beyer, Stuart. Littler. Packard. Sackett. MF.MBKRs IX I :RSIT ' Eugenia Arter Irene Bass Clara Blackard Seniors Esther Evans Louise Frantz Katherine Wolcott M ' iRiij: I) wis Ai.K i; 1 1 arris J uniors Grace Hamilton Esteli.a Peck Virginia Arter Lucy Beyer Sara Littler ' iMi Ri;i) Sti ' akt Sophomores RmsY Peck Mary Meier L RGARET Packard Edna Sackett Hazel Dry Freshmen Elizabeth Beyer Pas;,- ,-?ij Zeta Tail Alpha Founded at J ' irginia State Xormal School i8q8 Thirty-four Active Chapters : ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER Established at Illinois IQ2I MEMBERS L FACULTY Beulah L Armstrong, Ph.D. Page S40 1 - L " - .._g i H i i V 1 ' ' Altera f IL V K- . m — SHHI HI Top Row — Tracer. Tanner. Meek.s. Brow, Strohm. Hahn, Olson. Second Row — Wolgast, Woosley, Smith, Perrine. Erlandson. .Schock, L. wton. Third Row — Harris. McGr.iw, Jovxeb, Makeever, Kennedy, Woods, . xdren. MEMBERS IX UXIVKRSITV M. RG. RET I. Strohm Lucy W gods Seniors Alta R. H.ahx Gl. dys Tracer Grace W ' oosley IxEZ Andrex Louise Joyxer Rosamoxd E. Meeks Fay Harris J uniors Lcrexa Perrixe Gladys Kexxedy Ruth Lawtox ' ixiTA Smith Katherine Schock Gl. dvs Browx Ruth Wolgast Sophotnores Clara M. Tanner Hazel A. Erlaxdsox Jean Makeever Alice Olsox F res hi Hazel McGraw Pag ' 5-fr Alpha Phi Founded at Syracuse L ' niversityliSj2 Twenty-five Active Chapters BETA ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Illinois ig22 MEMBERS IX FACULTY Harriet Battertox Thelma Thorxsburgh atpha Phi Page- 42 Top Ron- — Th.vyer, Patersox, Miller. Second Row — Gardiner, Hays, Yeahslev. Third Ron " — Barry, Mitchell, D. Davisox, Thomas. Fourth Row— GiESE, Evans Taylor, Burnside, Loomis, F. D.wison. . 1I-.MBERS IX UXn ' ERSITV Seniors Bermce Taylor Be rxice Burnside J uniors Xelle B.arry Dorothy Davison Florence Davison Helen Evans Cora Miller Sophomores Esther Gies-e Frances Loomis Metta Mitchell M. RY Yearsley M ARjoRiE Thomas Margaret Gardiner Marguerite Hays Freshmen Mildred Th. yer Ellen P. terson Helen Rothrock Pag ' - 543 Rho Beta Iota Founded at University of Illinois iq20 Mm Page 544 Top Row — Weil, David, Kolb, Makemont. Second Row — Garbeb, Greenwald, Siegel. Bottom Row — Hart, Fogelson " . Edelman, Janowitz. MEMBERS IN rXI ERSITV Erna Phillips Fan NYE S. PIart Irene Garber Esther Kolb Adelaide I. David Sen ior Rose J. Fogelson Juniors Sara L. Edelman Sophomores Mvra Siegel Freshmen Sophia C. Lome Rose H. Janowitz Leah Greenwald May Weil Agatha Maremont Pagf 545 Congregational House Founded at University of Illinois IQIJ One Active Chapter Top Row — EscHER, Forrester. Cotle. Second Row — Cole. Hawxs. Bullock. Kehl. Comstock. Third Row — Pearson, Rtzicka, Pearce, Palmer. Manx, Groh. MEMBER IX FACULTY Harriet Phillips MEMBERS IX UXIVERSITY Seniors Mary Mann- Grace Palmer Lucille Bullock Margaret Cole Lucy Comstock Gertrude Escher Lilian Ruzicka J uniors Sophomore XoRA Binnington Freshmen Charlotte Kehl Margaret Pearce Corinne Pearson Amy Coyle Xell Groh Elizabeth ]. Ha vks Florence Forrester PflC ' - ,u( McKinlev Hall Toi) — Chesbro.Middleton.Goldstone.DiFr.un.Goodall, Bales, Swift. Gavle.McKown, McMillan, Cathcart Second Row — Cain. Fristoe. Packard. Dependahl, Wistiff, Edwards, Jensen, Eggman, Moore, McCombs, Barrett, Murray. Third Row — Anderson. Alberhasky, McAlpin,Ford.Karraker,.Iardine. McDonald, Cochrane, Hessler.Atwood. Socond Row — Wirthlin. I.vnd, Brown, Kneer, Findlay, Green. Adams, Reid.Crawford.Tilton, Stephens, Sager. Fifth Row — FrHR. Ja k. Draper. Wistuff. Weedox, E. Kotpal, Tree, H. Kovpal. Laible, Willis. ;i.:; LouDEEx Anderson Mariam Bales Ruth Bancroft Lulu Cain Annabel Cathcart Jessie Adams Pearl Barrett Marjorie Brown Mary Crawford Zella Ford Eta Atwood Mary Alberhasky Viola DuFratn AIargaret Edwards HoRTENSE Eggman Grace Findlay Dorothy Gains Evelyn Hessler MEMBERS IN UNI ERSITV Se7iiors Helen Chesbro Virginia G. Gay le Marian Clancy ' E. Moreland Geraghty Helen Cochrane Elsa Koupal Carrie Dependahl Lucy- Murray Gladys Draper Elizabeth Sager Helen Koipal Juniors Catherine Fuhr Lillian Goldstone Harriet Goodall Greta Kneer V iLLA McKowN Georgia Lee V ' illis Sophomores Carmene Fristoe W iNiFRED Green IVLary Jack Beryl Laible Edith Wistuff Freshmen I 1i:i.i;n Jardine Elizabeth Jensen Beii.ah McAlpine ' era McCombs Myrtle V ' istuff Lucy AIoore Helen Swift Pauline Tilton Ethel Tree Amy Weedon Helen Lund Margaret Packard LoRENA Reid Me I.IDA ' |RTHI.IN Helen McDonald . L RGARET McMillan Alice Middleton Pailine Stephens " S ' 547 Bethany Circle Founded at University of Illinois igio Six Active Chapter? Top Row — Black, Bishop. Binxs. Roberts. Second Row — Park, Beach, Dter, I. Hamlix. Oeschxer. Third Row — W. Hamlix. Meade, Wii ox, Drews. Bexson. Fourth Row — O. Wilsox, Xelsox, Axtox. Buckler. George. Gilbert. Freese, M. Wilsox. ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Illinois iQio MEMBER IX FACULTY Eda Jacobson " MEMBERS IN UNRERSITY Graduates Ruth Black Ruth McCuski Seniors Alice Axtox Harriet Beach Romalda Bishop ALa.ry Buckler Ethel Dyer Agxes Galliox Rlth Shirley ' •! Hazel Drews Juniors Zella Gordix Berxice Freese ' ' ' • Adele Fuxk UxA Gilbert Iva Hamlix Dorothy- McCoxxell Ethel Park , Helex Bixxs f) Betty George , WiLLA Hamlix •; Lucille Harris Sophomores L RY Ha YARD Rose Oeschxer Faxxie Scott Katherixe Staxley ' " Harriet Meade Freshmen AXDA Burt Ruth Higgixs Ferx Lptox Jeaxette Bexsox Charlotte Xelsox Axx Pattox LAURIXE Payxe LARY " Sparks Lois Trogdox LARY Trogdex Oxa ilsox XORMA StEVEXS LYUDE WiLSOX Alice Roberts Gertrude ' ILSox I resbytenan Hall Established at Illinois loii Top lion — Leak, McCauley, Frte, Bogue. Cheesman. Ady, Vandervort. Second Row — Noble. Collick, Shoxkwiler, Meyers, E. McCauley, Kimball. Third Row — Schock, .Smalley, Jacobs, Xichols. Deaver, O ' Neal. Fourth Row — Hicks, Toxey. McKeowx, Bell. Hintingtox. Gertrude Ady MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduates Mildred O ' Neal Seniors M. RY Dea er Ix. Nichols Agnes Smalley buelah bogue Mignoxxe Cheesmax Helex Fox Mary IIlntingtox J uniors Sophomores Lena M. e Noble M.VDGE StEWWRT Margaret Frye K atherixe Schock Alice Shonkwiler Elizabeth Kim hall Mairine Bell M.XRJORIE GaTHAXY Mildred Goe Margaret Jacobs Sarah Leak 1 ■ resi until Doris McCacley Im.eaxor McCauley Mary Estelle Meyers Marjorie McKeowx Leita Toney Florence ' axdervort Ruth Special M. Collick Rosalie ' ol . I ' u ' jr ,v y Woman ' s Residence Hall h oman ' s Residence Hall MEMBKKS IN LXIVERSITV Edna Asmi ' s Ruth Bailey Olivia Chamberlain Erma Cable Catalina Davis Doris Dahlberg Zelda Fulton Gladys Applegate Marjorie Ankeny Rosa Bake Margaret Beatty Helen Brehm Margaret Bullock Maurine Conley ' Jessie Arensman ZoE Brady- Gladys Blakesley Edna Bills Helen Bartle Helen Bessie Mildred Cartwright Bess Crawford Lillian Crews Helene Carpenter Mable Duvall Ruth Arnold Catherine Allison Frances Ballard Helen Bailey- Clara Belle Bruce Helen Beauguereau Jessie Dobbs Helen Dudley- Virginia Easton Helen Fife Alice Fritschle Charlotte Fletcher Florence Fair Leone Giberson lOLA Judy Mary Little Helen Mount Mildred Murphy Sfiiiors Elizabeth McKinstry Agnes Rahn Esther Rosebraugh Harriet Rumsey Mable Spencer Gladys Stegenga CoNCEPCiON Maramba Eleanor Smith Ju}!iors Bernice Henry NL rgaret Low Mary Elizabeth Hanger Mildred Murch Doris Hammann Edith Murch Geraldine Hegert Elizabeth Nesbitt L RGARET James Zelda Pape Theodosia Keeler Eliza Richardson Dorothy Hammond Juanite Richey Grace Englund Katherine Flagg Petra Falkenberg irginia mozeley Florence Goedde Gladys Goedde Phyllis Hood Martha Dee Hall; Grace Hartley Ella Heidemann Francis 1lly-es Sophomores Charlotte Jackson Harriett Kerr Edwardine Kraeger Helen Koch Katherine Levy- Florence Manley- Cleopha Molz : Margaret Est McLane Marion Michaelis Irene Nelson Thelma Russell Fre Ruth Henry erdi Hammond Pauline Harris Ruth Hall Catherine Hammond Leah Heidemann Geraldine Jolley Emily Lane Eleanore Larson Elsie Lewman Virginia McLain Marie Green Grace shmen ATarjorie Meyer Catherine Marty Marie Merchant Resda Murray Grace Xeiblrger Gertrude Olin Frances Otto I ' .LEANOR Warren F.vA Pearl Pate Alice Preucil Mildred Preucil Neff Frank Tyler LuciLE Schroeder Lois Trogdon Ruth Van De venter Dorothy Varney Ruth Williford Grace Spencer Alberta Raffl Adda Belle Rogers Frances Shutts LiRION TiLDS Lmogen Wilson Mary Trogden Flora Linn Helen Stevenson Emma Smith Erma Sites Mary Snodgrass Emily Senft Jessie Warsaw Isabel Wood Florence Warder Sophia Scheffer MaRCELINE L YHEE Lena Foscule ALvrgater Rabe Rose Roti Elis Raffl Alta Sites Geraldine Seipp Jeanette Stevenson Anne Samuels Hulda Seidel Janet Thayer Grace Taggart Margueritte Williams Marion arr en HONORAPwY AND PROFESSIONAL T..V.Cit. K,t.K ' i B V ■ n R fi ' B 1 ■ 11 H PjH ' Ffl 1 mi wtwc B K flp. Ll . H 14 H rt- m JRC Hl KA K riy j B lis 7 1 HH . KL ' H B K r Bf ' ? H 1 ' PvN ' iff l l ftwm 1 AM ( p- I H k ' I k) M «iA lE E ' l 9 ' ' 1; ' B li l (4 LJ ■U A fl H l l Top Row SiNDEN, DrSENBEBRY, NaOLE, O ' CoNNER, BoHN. Second Row — Valentine. Rodgehs, Kerchner. Landhy, Hansox. Monro. Third Row — CoxE. Scheinemax, Porter, Xaylor, Stein. Tail Beta Pi HOXORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at Lehigh University, iSSj Thirty-two Active Chapters ILLINOIS ALPHA CHAPTER E ' taHished at Illinois, iSqj MEMBERS IN UNINERSITY Seniors A. D. SlNDEN P. I. Nagle P. B. DuSENBERRY J. C. Porter G. H. BoHN T. I. Landhy R. G. Cone R. M. Kerncher H. W. Stein F. V. Scheineman R. R. O ' Connor E. E. X ' alentine E. J. Hanson D. A. Monro W. H. RODGERS R. E. Naylor ?« ' ■ 53 Top Kow — ScoviLLE. PowEi.i.. Weston, H. W. CiuAY, Thkasheh, Kekhins, Mvtus, Chanulku, Xeth. Socoml Row— H. M. Gray, Ghadv, Jones, Scharfenbebg, Kretchmer. Watkinb, I.eary, Littleton, Robinson Thiril Ron — Mathews, Hehumann. Grkssens, Patton, DiVall, Tolman. Kline, Rasml ' ssen. Beta Gamma Sigma lioNOKAin COMMKRCIAL FRATKRMTV fuunJeda! University oj IVisconsin, igoy Thirteen Active Chpaters Daviu Kinli:v, I ' h.I ). V. H. CouB, . .i ' .. Otto Gressf.ns, B.S. A. O. Griffith, B.S. C. C. Hermann, B.S. A. C. I.ITTI.KTON, . .B. !.. G. Harris, A. B. . . G. Mathews. B.S. N Ja.MES 1). GlUSON George I.. Chandler Kenneth K. DuV ' all John T. Gibson Paul Grady Horace M. Gray Howard W. Gray Ralph C Jones Joseph A. Kerrins . Lrn. OF ii.i.i.xois chapter Established at Illinois, 11)13 MEMBERS IX FACULTY H. E. Rasmvssen. B.S. M. H. Robinson, Ph.D. F. A. Russell, Ph.D. H. T. Scoville, A.B.. C.P. A. C. M. Thompson, Ph.D. .C.I ' .A. R.G. Tolman. B.S. Gordon Watkins, Ph.D. X. A. Weston, Ph.D. IKMP.ERSIX UNIVERSITY Graduates AvDLLV v.. Patton Seni Laurence E. Ki.ine Clarence M. Kretchmer William . . Leaky Harold B. Myers John H. Xeth Weldon Powell Frank . . Scharfenberg I.invii I.. Thrasher ||H|V f P V- .. !li £1 L ' JB M I ' bH I Top Row HOVI.KTT, OSHOHNK, (_LAHK, TlLSY, WkI.LDON. .Mi.NiKI., AUVOHL), ,I()HNS(1 Second Row — Duncan, Lee. Skidmore, Tabor, McCormick, Vial, Cannon, Romyn, Gates. Gordon. Alpha Zeta HOXORARY AGRICULTURAL FRATERNITY Founded at Ohio Stale University, iSgy Twenty-nine Active Chapters A. E. ROMYN J. K. Brooks W. C. Cannon Neal Dlncan K. A. Ford C. E. Gates J. P. Lee O. K. I.OOMIS R. S. McCormick B. F. Alboro R. F. Clark F. M. FiNLEY -1 MORROW CHAPTER Established at Illinois, IQ02 MEMBERS IN UNU ' ERSITY Graduates Seniors J. H. McGillivarv D. M. Pattison J. E. Skidmore H. B. Tabor J. W. TiLSY E. E. Vial Robert Bryant G. D. Haylett W. H. Johnson F. R. ' an Deventer Juniors J. R. McNiEL G. I. Wallace C. W. Welldon H. FI. Gordon Page s.U A M. 4hKH 1 ■ " T 1 H K 1 H K Kt kl KBTTT H bI ei f- iiltj r i-s ■ ) I ' T m - ' wm r - f m Tup Kow — Redman, McTaggakt. Clauk. Coincell, Abhitt. Bkesek, Bkkv1 ' 0{;el. Sccoiiil How — Hl-bbell. Malcolmsox, Gulley, Dehr, Cooper, Scheineman, Erickson. Sanders. Third Row- —Cone, GtinLEB, Oi.ander, Rogers. Spicer. Kungberg, Moore. Monro. Fourth Uo —O ' Connor, Porter, Rosendai-e. TnoMrsoN, Valentine, Incold, Kitch. Nagle, Strane. Sigma Tau PROFESSIONAL liXGl.NEERING 1-RATFRXIT - Founded at University of Nebraska, 11 04 Thirteen Active Chapters theta chapter Established at Illinois, 1014 MEMBERS IX FACULTY C. R. RicHARiw, B.M.E., M.M.E., D.Eng. J. E. Tuthii.l, B.S. G. A. GooDExoLGH, B.S., M.E. C. Z. Rosecraxs, B.S. A. C. W ' lLLARD, B.S. E. E. Bauer, B.S. I. 0. Baker, B.S., C.E., D.Eng. C. B. Schmeltzer, B.S. M. L. Enger. A.B. E. E. Cress. B.S. -Ml ' AlIiFRS IX LXUERSITV Seniors V ' E. E. alentine ' . H. Rogers R. F. Si ' icER M. M. Oi.ander 1 J. P. Thompson P. I. .Xagle F. W. Scheineman R. R. O ' Connor E. G. K.RAUSE S. M. GULLEY . . L 1n(;old E. C. Hubbell , , H. D. ROSENUALE I. J. BrESEE ' L. J. QuAUE C. G. McTaggert ■ V R. F. ! !ooRE . . W. Cooper ' ' A. A. Strane p. T. Deuman R. J. Malcomson R. F;. Erickson W. J. K1.INGBERG Don .MiNRO S. B. RiTCH . . . Breyfogei. C. C. CoiiNCEi.i. R. M. Kerchnek M. . . . BBn-T R. {;. Cone s 1, C. X. Clark C. E. Stenicka , 1, J. C. Porter A. I.. Sanders v ' f Juniors .V ]. W. MakRIMAN . 0. ClRTLER V. B. DiiiR P«g ' 555 Top Row — CoRTis, BcLLEY, Wells, Mohr. Bowen. Second Row — Xeglet, Goble, Johns. Mtrphv, Wolk. Koehler. Third Row — Schcler, Conrad, Hammerstein, Hollingsworth. Heinrichs, McEwen. Fourth Row — Chamberlain, Green, Eckart. Leeming. Taze. Zeek. Fifth Row — Spence. Machamer, Merz. Wilson. Natlor, McClelland. Lewis. Theta Tau PROFESSIOXAI. ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at University oj Minnesota, I()0 Eleven Active Chapters KAPPA CHAPTER Established at Illinois, iqi6 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Oscar A. Leutwiler. B.S., M.E. Everett E. King, A.B., C.E., M.C.E. Wilbur M. Wilsox, B.M.E.. M.M.E., C.E. . O. Chamberlain Clarence L. Conrad Pail B. Dvsenberry Harold C. Eckhart Melo p. Flickinger John R. Green Robert M. Heixrichs d. m. hollingsworth Abner H. Bowex Albert E. Billey Robert P. Cortis MEMBERS IN LN1 ERSITY Seniors A. E. Hammerstein Mason S. Leeming L ' VMES M. Lewis Ralph L. McClelland James . Macdonald Jerome E. Machamer C R. McEwEN Ri ' ssELL A. Merz Scott R. Negley Juniors E. L. Goble Harry A. Johns, Jr. Edward R. Koehler Wade F. Wolk Ralph E. Naylor W. B. Rvssell William K. Spence George L. Schuler Donovan L. Taze Fred T. Tourtelot Rvssell F. W h. rtox Leo D. Zeek Levis E. Mohr C. J. Mvrphy Edwin S. Wells Top Ron— Knowltox. Spe.ikmax. H. Tavlor. Klixgebiel, Kelly. Wettergrex. FoBESiux, Facst. Third Row — Babdwell, Peebles. Greex. Covev, C. Taylor. Siblev. Third Row — Cahxahax, DorcBERTY. McFarlaxd. Harris. Maxx, Gilmore. Hair. Fourth Row — Adams. Davis, Gilbert. Eatox. Hart. Barr. Vail. Kauyk. Phi Delta Phi PROFESSIONAL LAW KR- TER. ITV Founded at University of Michigan, iS6g Forty-eight Active Chapters LANGDELL L . CHAPTER Established at Illinois, IQOI MEMBERS IX F. CULTV Oliver A. Harkf.r, A.NL. LL.D. John Norton Pomeroy A.M. LL.B. Fredrick Green. . . ., LL.B. Walter L. Sl-.mmers, A.B., LL.B.J.U. Henry C. Jones, A.B.. LL.B.. S.J.D. arian B. . nAM3 Charles L . nuerson Harry . . Barr Charles E. Carxahan Ira J. Covey Chester R. Davis MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors John F. Dougherty Donald M. Eaton George G. Gilbert, Jr. William E. Gilmore . rthlr J. Hair Marion M. Hart Homer Harris Wilfred M. McFarland John C. Mann David J. Kadvk Chal C. Taylor Charles W. ' ail, Jr. Hershel S. Green James M. Boykin William L " . Bardwell Carl F. Faust Ralph E. Foresman Juniors Donald M. Peebles Sophomores Kenneth H. Knowlton [ohn W. Speakman Ray I. Klingebiel " Wesley K. W ettergrex IIakkv W . Kelly Harold J. Taylor Marion E. Sibley ' «« ' " SS7 eK ' cvk Hm .mI E ]S • W 7 . gs yj w sf ' T ' y-C- Top Row — Smith. Brickhocse. Carre, DrRHAM, J. T. Gibson. Chadwell. Paxton. Second Row — J. Gibson, Snivelt, English, Kinn.o e, Marshall. Schoening. Icenogle, Barnes. Edwards. Third Row — Gilson. Bankson. Howard. B. W. H.vrrington, Simpson. Professor Dillavoc, E. C. Harrington, Wilson. Phi Alpha Delta PROFESSIONAL LAW 1-RATERXITY Founded at Kent College, iSq Forty-one Active Chapters LAGRUDER CHAPTER Established at Illinois, IQ04 MEMBERS IX FACULTY EssEL R. DiLLAvor. J.D. Albert J., A.B., LL.B. MEMBERS IX UXIXERSITY Clyde R. Baxksox Bernard . Harrington Charles G. Howard Lawrence P. Simpson MoREY D. Durham Marshall H. Edwards Elmer D. English Robert H. Gilson Carus Icenogle Robert A. Barnes LiNwooD L. Brickhovse Darwin B. Carre John T. Chadwell Earl C. Harrington Juniors Arthur J. Kinnane Sophomores Thomas H. Marshall John- R. Snively Earl H. Schoening Henry K. reeland Lewis B. Wilson James D. Gibson John T. Gibson- Glenn G. Paxton Clarence T. Smith Pa e KfRP F i T i HHh h Hb|«- 1 l l t j fl Vr H£ I B I H hb n BiBLi D K 1 Top Row — Vreeland. Bissell, Beebee. Second Row — Kneier, Foresman, Edwards, Bakdwell. Third Row — Chadwell, Swanson. Keele, Asmus, Durham. Alpha Alpha Alpha PRE-LEGAI. FRATERNITY Founded at Vnivenity of Illinois, IQIQ One Active Chapter ' i .NfEMBERS IN " UNUERSITY Sen ion ii.i.iAM Bakuwii.l John T. Cmadukll Marshall II. Edwards Morris D. Dikham Edward V. Asmus Hamilton K. Beebee Juniors Harold M. Keele Charles M. Kneier Rl ' EBEX E. SWANSOX Henrv K. reeland Ct ' SHMAN B. BiSSELL Ralph E. I ' oresman ■1.1 Pag ' 559 Top Row — Glenn, White. BorrwELL, Hubbard. Second Row — Bell. Hodgson. Dr. Stort, Buchanan. Lafcze, Bourland. Harwood. Sigma Delta Chi PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTIC FRATERNITi " Founded at De Pauui University Twenty-eight Active Chapters ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established at Illinois, igiz MEMBERS IX FACULTY Professor R. M. Story Carl Stephens Professor F. V. Scott Horace M. Hodgson- Elmo S. W atsson " Joseph F. Wright Gordon R. Crecraft S. Dix Harwood Professor F. A. Rlssell MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate Gerald Carson- George . Bvchanan WlLLlAM D. BolTWELL Donald F. Lafvze loHN A. Bell Seniors Edward P. Leonard illiam L. White Harold M. Glenn Pavl H. Hubbard Juniors Theodore P. Bourland Page sdo ' t BrcKLER Ward Hahx Oi-ti ' sky Farrow Woodruff Scott Theta Si ma Phi HONORARY JOURXALISTIC 1 RATERMTV Founded at University oj Washington, igoQ Twenty-four Active Chapters PI CHAPTER Established at Illinois, igiS ■J ' TiERA Farrow Rose Oltusky Alta Hahn MEMBERS I LXnERSriA ' 6V?ii ' i5r.f Helen Woodruff Helen Buckler Alora Ward Juniors Thelma Scott p.,-- A, VY W i A T(.ip Row— Chandler, Henry, Foru. Xakdi. Second Row — Edwards, Whittle, Beckman, Greene, Carter, Brown. Third Row — L. White. H. White, Lethen, Geiss, Naylor. Pi Delta Epsilon HONORARY IXTER-PUBLICA-IIOX FRATKRXITV Founded at Syracuse i ' lthrrsity, IQOQ Sixteen Active Cliapters ALPHA OMICROX CHAPTER Established at Illinois, roiS MEMBERS IX FACILTY Fraxklix W. Scott, Ph.D. WlLLL-VM L. BlRLESOX, Ph.D. Walter C. Coffey, M.S. Thomas A. Clark, B.L. Warner G. Rice, A.B. Charles E. Bradbury, P.B. ' iCTOR L. Kraxxert Sampson M. Raphaelsox, A.B. Horace M. Hodgsox, . .B. S. Dix Harwood, . .B. George .A. Goodenovgh, M.E. Carl Stephens, . .B. Harry F. Harringtox, - .M. George . Bvchaxax Mervix F. Cotes Fred G. Geiss Ralph E. Xaylor W. Lloyd White Herbert B. W hite George Chandler Verxox W ' . Henry .MEMBERS IX L ' XI ERSITV Graduates Gerald H. Carsox, A.B. Seniors Marshall H. Edwards Gordon Fitch . . Ixgold, Jr. Kenneth A. Ford Paul H. Hl ' bbard H. Martin Glenn Donald F. Lafuze William D. Boutwell J. B. Baker H. D. Carter . rnold Beckm. n I.yle C. Brown John G. Whittle Juniors Edward F. Lethen, Jr. Howard W. Greene Page s( 2 Tiip K..V — ToWNnEM). ( LKVlil.A NO. CaMKHON, MkKKS, WiLLIAMS, N ' f.I.SOX. Second Ron — Uiplev, Larsox. Mvers, Bahhv, Bbowx. Devehe. Thiril linn- — White, Bei.i., Evcleshtmeh, Baird, Sauxdehs, Carter, Caldwell. Gamma Epsilon Pi HOXORARV COMMERCIAL FRAIKRMTV Founded at University of Illinois, i )iS Seven Active Chapters " m- ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Illinois, iQiS MEMBERS IN FACULTY Alta Gwinn Saunders MEMBERS IN " UNIVERSITY Graduate Ann Cooi.lev Seniors Jeanne White Dorothy Eycleshymbr Vena Carter Grace Bell Frieda Baird Etta L. Larson RiTH M. Caldwell Daisy C. Cameron Dorothy Ripley Charlotte A. Nelson Mary L ' nk Cle elani Florence E. Devere RvTH A. Brown Marguerite Williams Juniors Frances Myers Xelle Barry Nellie Tovvnsend RoSAiMOND MeEKS Pag ' ' 5 3 ,. I J ' ,.; ■rn Top Row — Conrad. Duvall. Hill, Scharfenbcrg, McEldowxet. Second Row — Gibson. Bowen. Leary, Kline. Walquist. Hahxe. Browx. Alpha Kappa Psi PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL FRATERXI-H " Founded at A t :c York L ' ninrrsity, IQOj Twenty-five Active Chapters EPSILOX CHAPTER Established at Illinois, IQ12 MEMBERS IX FACULTY David Kixley. Ph.D., LL.D. C. XL Thompson. Ph.D. X. A. Weston. Ph.D. XL H. Robinson. Ph.D. R. A. Ide. B.S. H. T. ScoviLL. A.B.. C.P.A. F. . . RvssELL, Ph.D. H. P. Greisox. A.B. D. V. CR.ABB. A.B. MEMBERS IX LXIVERSITV Lairence E. Kline iLLi. .M A. Leary John T. Gibson William F. Hahne E. KlTCHEL F. RR.AND Richard |. Hill Lyle C. Brown George L. Chandler Boyd W. Bullock Howard X. Yates Seniors Ch.arles E. Bow E.N Frank A. Scharfenberg John Conrad Lawrence W alqiist Homer 1. McEldowney Kenneth K. DiA ' all Donald M. Erb Donald C. McGixnis Fred F. Geiss Jerome K. F ' laherty - ' ' 4 Top Row — ScoviLLE, H. W. Gray. Grigg, Johnson . Baily. Myers, Freark. DuVall. Serond Row — Worthington. Sti ' mpf, Doro, Hite. Gressens, Banashek. Felton. FiLtx, Jones, RABENAr. Barr. .S(Honi,EY. Pilgrim, Powell. Schlapprizzi, Taylor. Thirtl Row — Thrasher, Filbev. H- M Grvy. Crabb, Kerrins. Coxrad. Hesser, Littleton, Herrmann Beta Alpha Psi PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANCY FRATERNIH " Founded at University of Illinois, IQIQ Four Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Illinois, igig MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. T. ScoviLLE. A. B., C.P.A. E. J. Filbev. Ph.D.. C.P.A. A. C. Littleton-. A.M., C.P.A. H, H. Bailv. A.m.. C.P.A. C. C. Herr.maxx, B.S. [OHX RaBENAI H.S.. C. D. V. Crabb. B.S. P. C. Taylor. B.S. Otto Gressexs. B.S. H.H. HiTE. B.S. H. U. loHNsox, B.S. ' .A. MEMBERS IN UNI KRSITY Joseph . . Kerrixs Lloyd I,. Thrasher Horace M. Gray Ken.xeth K. DiA ' all Weldox Powell Johx V. Coxrad Ralph C. Joxes Howard V. Gray Clarexce H. Freark Harold B. Myers -Arthur C. Hi-.mphrey LfRTOx E. Feltox Senior Juniors W iLiu K V. Pilgrim W ippert a. Stumpf Myron S. Grigg Oscar L. Dold Fred H. Schlapprizzi Robert S. Bristol Fraxk R. Hesser Fraxk F. I- ' lLlT C. Herschel Schoolev liLiis Baxashek . xDREw Barr. Jr. Leslie B. W ' orthixgton i 8 iy. i Page j-dj Phi Lambda Upsilon HONORARY CHKMICAI, KRATERXITV Founded at University of l linois, iSqo Sixteen Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Illinois, iSgg MEMBERS IN UXIVERSITV J. A. Anderson Carl Becker A. O. Beckman A. H. Berg H. D. Carter C. F. Crossley R. S. Fisher F. Hagar N. A. Hansen J. B. Taylor Lewis Block R. M. Corbin E. F. FiocK R. W. Fisher A. L. Fox Seniors Juniors M. JoFFE G. E. Keller R. E. Milligan C. I. Rose A. W. Sloan J. R. Smith G. S. Spilver L. F. Stoebe A. L. Tannenbaum H. F. Watson L. T. Garey H. R. Mathias D. V. MacCorquodale J. F. Scanlon E. W. Scarritt Page s66 Top Row— ZiNK, Dehb, Linulev, Hkck. Hoi-ston, Gullev, Guenthkh. Duhst, Sicoml Row— Aiken, Porter, Howie, Whelan, Landhy, Kerchneh, Ralston. Stenickar. Thini Row— Conrad, Mason, Vai.lier, Clark, Krause, Brevfogel, Quaio. Eta Kappa Nu IIO.XORARV ELKCTRICAL EXGIXEERIXG FRATERXnV Founded al L ' liizrrsily of Illinois. IQ04 Fourteen . ctive Chapters .n ALPHA CllAI ' TER Eslablishrd at Illinois, 11JU4 MEMBERS IX FACULTY Ellery B. Paine, . LS.. E.E. Morgan Brooks, Ph.D. Charles T. Knipp, Ph.D. Abner R. Knight. M.E. Edward H. Waldo, A.B.. NLS. Ernest A. Reid, NLS. Pavl H. Bi rkhart, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seni Joseph E. . iken . ' lbert W. Breyfogel Chester N. Clark Clarence L. Conrad William B. Dehr Stanley M. Durst SaNFORD J. GULI.EY John L. Howie, Jr. Russell M. Kerchner Walter Beck Raymond Guenther Don O. Whelan Justin D. ' ai.i.ier Juniors ILvi II. ZiNK Elmer G. Krause Irwin T. Landhy James R. Lindley David H. Mason Jesse C. Porter Lloyd J. Quaid W. Harry Rodgers Charles E. Stenicka Russell F. Wharton Fay I ' " .. XuLL . lhert , . Ralston james b. h0i.ston Page 567 Top Row — Holmes, Bohnen. Exyart. Second Row — Murphy, Witte, Reed, Mavberry, K. C. Brown, Harriman. Third Row — Xofsinger, Cooper, Bohn, Ingold, Dedman, Mathews, G. B. Brown. Fourth Row — C ' ornwell, Rosendale, Gulley, Klingberg, Monro, Weick. Hansen, Kitlh. Pi Tail Sig-ma HONORARY MECHAXICAI. ENGINEERING FRATERXirV Founded at University of Illinois, 1015 Two Active Chapters MEMBERS IX FACll.TV C. R. Richards, B.M.E., M.E., M.M.E. A. C. WlLLARD. B.S. G. A. GOODENOUGH, M.E. O. A. Leutwiler, M.E. H. MacIxtyre B. V. Benedict. B.S. A. R. Kratz, M.S. . S. Day, B.S. ]. A. PoLSON, M.E. G. H. Felbeck, B.S. MEMBERS IX UXIVERSITV Graduates G. M. Bohn R. E. CoRNWELL P. T. Dedman S. J. Gulley E. J. Hansen A. J. Ingold S. B. KiTCH E. I. Bohnen P. F. VVlTTE W. R. Enyart Seniors . J. Klingberg . B. .Mathews M. .M. Mavberry D. A. Monro P. I. Nagle H. D. Rosendale A. D. SiNDEN Juniors [ ' . " ■l C. Z. Rosecrans, B.S. F. E. Weick C. ' . Xofsinger K. C. Brown G. B. Brown G. R. Reed . . W . Cooper I. . Macdonald D. C. MuRPHY ' J. K. Holmes J. W. Page s6S Top Row — Hki-kel. Ross, Exgle. Sfcoml Row— Driggs. Larsen, Lasglev. E. L. Johnson, Heksh. Third Row— Chhistman, Moose. Edwards, Ingebsoll, Stetson, Burkhart. Fourth Row— Hall, Kienbolz, Jenkins, Tracv, Stevens. Fifth Row— I.EHENBAIER, RaS.SWEILER, BtRNETT. GRIFFITH, KaMMLADE, J. R. JOHN.SON. Gamma Alpha GR. DIATE SCIENTIFIC FRATERNITY Founded at Cornell University, iSgg Twelve Active Chapters Charles P. Alexander Worth A. Allison Frederick C. Bauer George D. Beal Silas A. Braley Harold E. Cii.ver Gerhard Dietrichson Diane T. Englis Roy F. (iRAESSER Pail II. Birkhart Waldo B. BiRNErr Adam A. Christman Frank II. Driggs Gail P. Edwards Earl . . Engle Wendell H. Griffith Stanley W. Hall ILLINOIS CH. PTER Eslahlisbt-d at Illinois, igoS .MEMBERS IN FACULTY Alonzo p. Kratz Thomas E. Layng A, D. MacGillivray Carl S. Marvel Charles D. Kurd Ralph K. Hursh Clyde . L W ood ' .vorth Harry F. Yancey Charles D. Green Frederick F. Weinard ME. MBERS IN UNIVERSIIY Herman C. N. Heckel Amos S. Hersh Arthlr W. Ingersoll Rl ' ssei.l L. Jenkins Everett L. Johnson John R. Johnson William G. Kammlade . aRON R. KlENHOLZ Harry M. Miller Roy a. Nelson Bernhard p. Reinsch John B. Rice Elmer Roberts LoiiE H. Smith RoscoE R. Snapp ictor E. Spencer IIarley J. ' an Cleave Wilson D. Langley Philip . . Lehenbaler Joe E. Moose Clifford F. Rassweiler Harry . . Ross John M. Stetson Roger G. Stevens Pavl H. Tracy ,- •0 .v l Top Row — Falkexberg. Dowell, McKxight. Frisket. Holston. Buck. Second Row — MrEixER, Clausen, Meiers, Palmer. Merz, Johnson. Marshall. Third Row — Wildemax. Gabriei on, McNeill, Morgan. Steube, Cartlaxd, Werre, Curtiss. Fourth Row — Higdox " , Lindley, K. C. Browx. Exgush. Bullock, Gbies, Soule, Reading, Bush. Fifth Row — Ste wart. Murray. Tripp, Kxowlton, McCarty. Hicks. H. E. Browx. Scabbard and Blade HONORARY MILITARY SOCIETY Foundt ' d at Vniver;it or fl ' isconsiti, IQO Twenty-four Companies T. S. Hamilton Frank Tobias K. C. Brown B. V. BlLLOCK G. L. BicK S. Cartland A. D. Clausen E. A. ClRTISS C. R. Davis G. V. Falkenberg A. G. Gries H. E. Brown R. R. Blsh o. f. dowell T. F. English H. Knowlton F COMPANY FIRST REGIMENT Established at Illinois, igoQ MEMBERS IN FACULTY G. M. Crosby R. G. TOLMAN H. E. Rasmlssen MEMBERS IN UNT " ERSITY Seniors A. M. Harlin H. C. HiGDON L. N. Johnson I. R. Lindley " H. B. McCarty C. W. McKnicht R. A. Merz H. G. Meirs I. B. Morgan H. H. Wildeman Juniors F. A. Gabrielson G. W. Hicks J. B. Holston J. R. McNeill Sophomores V. A. Mueller A. B. Palmer C. V. Reading R. Smejkal L. F. Steube J. E. Soule D. A. Tripp H. K. reeland L. E. Werre T. Marshall J. R. Murray W. M. Stewart H. M. Stoll A. W. Friskev Page S70 Top Kow . K TAtiGKKT, TiTCOMB. NuHOl . HaKMU.N. KoRUVCK, LlNUKKN. WlI ON. Second Kow — Coun ' cell, Valentine, Tacbert. Spicer, Freeman. McQueen, Dennison Third How — Nelson, Ti ' RNer, Homan. Hibbell, BrxLER. Eastman, Alexander, Baiohman. Scarab PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL ERATERNITV Founded at University of Illinois, igoo I- ' ive Active Chapters KARXAK TEMPLE CHAPTER MEMBERS IX lACL I. TV I. M. Provine |. E. Blrgess }. M. White C. R. McAxlis L. C. Peterson- C. E. Palmer L. C. DiLLENBACK C. S. HiLL S. P. Steward MEMBERS IN UXI " ERSITV Seniors L. |. Alexander E. . Marx J. BlTLER H. S. McQlEEN C. C. CovxcELL J. A. Nelson G. Chandler R. Nichols A. R. Eastman I,. J. Reis E. L. HiBBELL C. A. Taibert R. !• ' . Spicer J. P. Turner A. G. Gries E. E. alentixe E. HoMAX S. li. Wallace V " . Dennison Juniors G. L. Bennett G. Harmon C. W. Bauchmax E. E. Lundeen D. X, Ei.LET C. G. McTagcert A. G. I ' ORDYCE A. RoUECHER H. Freedman J. Tuttle G. Wilson PoS ' 571 Top Row — Blair. Peterson " . Chandler. Schaffek. Second Row — Marx. Hill, Bacghmax, Lohmax. Dorne Lniversal Landscape Architects Society Founded at L nherjity oj Illinois, igij Four Active Chapters R. R. ROOT CHAPTER MEMBERS IN " FAClLTi ' Joseph Cillex Blair. B.S.. M.S. Irving L. Peterson. B.S. Otto G. Sch.affer. B.S. Herman Bernard Dorxer. B.S., M.S. Chauxcy Stevens Hill. B.S. Karl B.aptiste Lohmax. B.S.. M.L.- . MEMBERS IX UMVERSITi " Seniors George A. Chandler C. Edwin Swixehart Cl-arexce V. Balghmax Carl A. Tavbert Milton R. Mar.x Frank C. H.arris Alfred L. Boerner Clifford J. M.atthys Juniors G. BRIEL C. H.ARiI. N Robert J. Imlay P %f 57 Top Kow — Wabdell. Parr. Soromi Row — Maramba. Mathews. Spencer, Loxgbons. Jones, Wabfel, Morbisox. Third Row — Loucee, Voobhiesi. Keith, Teagarden, Mcnn. Bell, Babtow. Hopkins. Iota Sigma Pi HONORARY CHEMICAL FRATERMTV Founded at Univenity of California, 1900 Eleven Active Chapters IODINE CHAPTER Established at Illinois, iQlS MEMBERS IN lACLLTV M. Helen Keith Della Junkix Jaxe Leichsenrixg E.MMA W AKDKLL Edith Xasox Rosalie Parr Margaret Perrv iRGixiA Bartow Mary Bell JEAXETTE BuSEY Elizabeth Hyde Helex Hopkixs X ' lViAx Jones Elsie Kirkpatrick Elizabeth Loxgboxs MEMBERS IX UN1 ERSITV Graduates Seniors Grace Spexcer E. Mariox Lougee Lethe Morrison Lottie E. Muxn Irexe Teagardex CoxCEPCiox Maramba Helex Mathews Ruby Xoorhles Lella Warfel ' I ' u- I Jfi f J ' i Tup How — Lee, Clevenger, MacIntyre, McDaxiel, James. Collins. Switzer, Ladd. Second Row — Baxtox. Maxfield, L. Richburg, W. Richburg, Heffrox. Hotz. Bancroft. Third Row — Holsy, Killinger. Marvel, TrRXER, VaxCleave. Burge. Lewis, Greeley. Omega Beta Pi PROFESSIONAL PRE-MEDICAI, FRAIERMTY Founded at Univfrsity of Illinois, 1014 Four Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER Eslablishfd at Illinois, JQ14 MEMBERS IX FACULTY K. C. Babcock. Ph.D.. LL.D. L S. Kingsley, Sc.D. L H. Be. rd. A.NL. D. H. B. Lewis. Ph.D. V. E. Bt-RGE. . .AL. Ph.D. C. S. AL-vrvel. Ph.D. ]. V. FoLsoM, D.Sc. H. |. V.JIN Cleave. Ph.D. k. D. Glasgow, Ph.D. F. R. Watson, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN " UNIVERSriT Gradual - R. C. CoRLEY p. H. ESSLIXGER S. R. Lee B. R. Bancroft H. Baxtox H. J. COLLIXS S. BUFORD J. H. Clevenger R. Heffrox St-niors Juniors p. . Greeley V. E. Richburg W. H. Holst Sophomores C. J.H. Hotz " . F. James D. . Killixger L. W . Switzer F. H. Tirner R. B. ROBERTSOX M. T. Kroxe D. |. Ladd L. A. RiCHBlRG P. H. McDaxiel E. A. McIxTYRE I. . . Maxfield PoS ' ' S74 Ti.p U(.w — AsMrs, Wood. Parsons. Bavnes. Lvle, Kixlev. Horner. Fry. Second Row — Dyer, Maxley, Bechtold, M-U, Brvnkow. West, Hanger. Third Row — Richesox. Miller. Scott. Hawks, Hill. Peabce. Fourth Row — .Safford. Mrs. Barr. Farrow, Phitchard. Wine, Buckler. Sigma Delta Phi HOX()R. RV PLBLIC .SPE.VKIXG FR.VrERMTV founded at University oj Michigan, igiS Three Active Chapters TiERA Karrow JlSTIXE 1 ' riTCHARU Mary Parsons AxNETTA Wood Mary Safford P,i:r. CHAPTER Established at Illinois, ig20 MEMBERS IN UNU ' ERSITV Seniors Katherixe Miller Ethel Dyer Elorence Johnson Anita Him. Elizabeth Kertis Edna . smis Margaret Pearce Dorothy Hill Helen Buckler Frances Wine Allene Lyle Thelma Scott- Katherixe Baynes Mary Elizabeth Ha: Mrs. H, ARKIET Barr Florence Mai Juniors RiTH Coverdale Florence Brinkow Lillian Bechtold Sophomores F ' lorence Manley Florence F- ' ry Gene Hawkes IsABELLE .NiMS Ri TH Horner Alice E. Richeson Janet Kinley Evelyn West PaS 575 li)|i Ki.W I ' HILLIl ' N, i ' oUTKlt, IK1-.1 Second Row — VanDeventer, Sears, Marquedant. Gamma Pi Alpha HKXORARY AGRICULTL ' kAl, I- R AlERMl ' V Founded at University ot Illinois, IQ20 MEMBERS L l-ACLI.TV Elizabkth M. McAdams Harriet M. Phillips Isabel Marql ' edant .MEMBERS E I l I ' .RSI ' rV Sen io Barbara Porter RlTIl M. AN Deventer Mary Okey Margaret Sears « • 1 6 Top Row— MctJiKKN, HoMAN. Hazkn, Mkhiwethkk. Second Row — O. Brunkow, J. Tihnek, Valentine, Councei-l, Rutlkk. Hornek. Gargoyle HONORARY ARCHITECTURAL FRATERMTV Founded at Cornell University Two Active Chapters BETA CHAPTER Established at Illinois, IQI J. E. Burgess N. I. Crandall MKMP.I ' .RS IX FACULTY C. S. Hill C. E. Palmer J. B. Butler O. E. Brujjkow C. C. COUNCELL X. B. Hazen E. W . Homan MKMP.KRS IX UXnKRSri ' Y Sen iors v.. A. I loRM-.R H. G. McQueen S. Meriwether J. P. Turner E. E. Valentine Pait S77 Top Row — Thompson, Flagg, Hanson, Pearson, McHabkt. Gcernset. Hann.vm. Second Row — Briggs. Mohlman, Raines, Prante, Huntington, LeMat. Kappa Delta Pi HON0R- RY EDUCATIONAL FR- TERNITi ' Founded at University of Illinois, 1911 Eighteen Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Illinois, igil Kexdric C. Babcock Pail E. Belting Edward H. Cameron Charles E. Chadsev MEMBERS IN FACULTY Charles S. Dale Colemax R. Griffith Horace A. Hollister James O. Huff Harley J. Vax Cleave Lewis W. Williams Lairexce M. Larsox Harry G. Pai l Jane M. Leichsexrixg Bellah Praxte LiESETTE McHarry Arthir I.Schiettxer Dora K. Mohlmax Chas. NI. Thompson Alvexa Bamberger Dorothy Briggs LiL ' . Ha MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITi ' Graduates Elixor B. Flagg Glexx D. Higgixsox Fredrika Gierxsey Mary Pexdergast Merle . Raixes Agnes G. Walker Seniors Mavrixe L. Hanson Harold A. Huxtixgtox Leona Le May Irving F. Pearsox Guy H. Thompsox Page 578 Top Row — Parr, Shcey. Sooond Row — Giese. Lewis. FrLTON. Bales. Third Row — .Sammoxs. Glos. Essli.ngeb, Ziemeb, Smith. Psi Xi HONORARY PSYCHOLOGY FR. TERMTY Ffiunded at University of Illinois, igiS One Active Chapter ILLINOIS ALPHA CH.VPTKR MEMBERS IN lACULTY Dr. C. H. Woolbert Or. K. II. Cwierox MEMBERS IN UNU ERSITY P. H. ESSLINCER LORAIXE Sammons EvALGHx Smith Lucille Parr R. B. Robertson Esther Giese Senior. Juniors G. . . Ziemer Mariam Bales . iDREY Shley Ethel Lewis Marybelle Glos Zki.da Ellton Page 579 HJI w H HI HI H H p Bk m I Pf H F " ' ' v ' ' ' K 1 vs fw H w »1 K B| A; B « ' ' ■ ' J: W " 1 Um ■ B- SB ' Hk H Mil fen Ba H 1 H Aii Bki J B I iP ! Hh BI Hfi HCi ri B|y i L| y H H HHKi B IHni -- ' " K Bi lfc R l ■ M ■M HUBLmvV 1 L 1 1 ■I H Khh k ct A. B_ i mmy I 1 mB lll l l l lllllilllill l SL BL Hl l ju 1 Tup Uuw MAtHAMtK. ECKART. JuHNSON. .Second Row — Lindley. Cotherx. Wormley. Heinrichs, Rauch. Third Row — -Halbaler, Huber, Stamberg, Buckey, W ' ilten, Phaser. Delta Mu Epsilon HOXORARV MIXING FRATP ' .RXITV EslahlishrJ at Illinois, iq20 MEMBERS IX FACULTY Tn JMAS FrASER MEMBERS IX UXIVERSITV St ' tiiors LelAND I. CoTHERN Harold C. Eckart Robert M. Heinrichs HjALMAR Johnson Jerome E. Machamer Herbert T. Rauch Bertran H. Lindley Louis W. Ruber Page jSo Top Kmw — 1 iocK, Tall. Jonks, fitMiit. Haunktt. THHASHtK. CuFFMAN. Ki c;, KoENiG, Stradek. Sf-comi Kow — Hathobne. McCohmick. MtDoxald. Joseph. Ebert, Kinahan, Keed. Grant. Nelson. Third How — Watson. Murphv. Wilson. Bott, Holton, Kritts, Cleahy, Keller, Calvery. Fourth Row — Mathias, Bowey, Ross. Dr. T. E. Latng, Armstrong, Prof. W. A. Xoyes. Taylor, Berg, McElvain, ■Whe.atley. Fifth Row — MrCoLM, Stiebe. Brede. Porter, Ginnings, Atkinson, Knateh, IIeineman, Foster. Gamma Pi Upsilon PROFESSIOXAL CHEMICAL 1-RA TKRMTV Founded at University of Illinois, iQJo One Active Chapter MEMBERS IX WiLijAM Albert Noyes, Ph.D., LI-.l). Samlel Wilson Parr. M.S. F. CLI. ' rV I ' lioMA. ' ; Ern ' Layng, Ph.D. 15. Smith Hopkins, Ph.D. John W. .Xndrews LoTHAR H. Brede MEMBERS l. LNUERSIIA Graduates Earl . . Engle Floyd B. Hobart Paul M. Ginnings William B. Holton Philip K. Porter Herbert O. Calvery ALENTINE . . JoNES Samuel M. McElvain Seni William ' . . rmstrong Oscar E. Birkhart Graeme I., . tkinson George E. Ebert . rvid H. Berg Oscar D. BuiTHHARDT Roderick F. Bott Donald F. Bowey Sydney P. Foster J. Edwin Fritts Orin B. Grant ade S. Hathorne Glenn H. Joseph . rthir R. Mirphy (7eor(;e E. Keller Leonard X. Xelson Harley L. Knaier Robert T. Reed Eugene M. McColm Louis F. Stuebe Kenneth T.. IcCormick John B. Taylor Earl G. .McDonald George F. Watson Clarence E. Barnett Rav.mond Cleary .Al.DEN W, CoFE.MAN alter B, Tall Perry R. Wilson Juniiir W ARREN D. Crabb Robert - L Jones Kari. Koenig Ernest V. FiocK John C. Kinahan Henry R. L thias Henry E. O. Walter B. King Kenneth Strader Chauncey a. Thrasher Charles . W Page jSi Top Row — Cannon, Jldsox, Zimmerman. Second Row — Daigh, Thornton. Hazen, Duncan, Roll. Thompson. Third Row — Hammond. Kelley, Wilsos. Sanders, HrxEL. Lewis, Ward. Nolan. Alpha Tau Alpha PROFESSIONAL AGRICULTURAL FRATERNITY Founded at Vnhersily oj Illinois. I02I One Active Chapter MEMBERS IX FACULTY Professor D. L. Reid D. W. Thompson Professor A. V. Nolan W V. Rellev MEMBERS IX UXUERSITY Seniors Paul L. Sanders Charles J. Hlxel Ray H. Roll W. C. Cannon F. C. Zimmerman A. R. Thornton Neil Dlncan Howard T. W ilson Dan p. Ward J. Edward Judson Percy H. Daigh A. C. Hammond D. M. Lewis C. R. Hazen Page 5S2 Top Row — Granule, Ckooks, Law, Doughektv. Second Row — Francis. Sweet. Vogel, Bakke, Glenn. Third Row — Hill. McCrRDV, Sabo, Zeilman, An way, Hellstrom. Delta Theta Epsilon HONORARY COACHING FRATERNITY Founded at University oj Illinois IQ3I One Active Chapter MEMBERS IN LNHERSITY Seniors Harry H. McCrRDY John P. Sabo Charles K. Zeilman Robert L. Anway EK F. Cr Juniors Sam H. Hill Evans N " . Hellstrom Chester A. Francis Paul C. Sweet Otto H. Vogel Walter 15. Bakke Floyd C. Dougherty Rhene B. Charles P. Crooks Eugene P. Aldrich Thomas E. McCann M. YMAN Glenn Page jSj Top How — KvHLE, Kagy, Lesemanx, DeWitt, BoRBorcH. Fowler. Yates, Welsh. Second Row — Smith, Pasley. Graham, Wilson. Cardosi, Brittain, Hill. Third Row— Hinos, Gore, Burk, Goble, Johnson, Bloomixgdale, Cray, LeMaster. Gamma Eta Gamma PROFESSIONAL LAW FRATERXITV Founded at University of Maine, igoi Seventeen Active Chapters W. L. Burk O. L. LeMaster A. G. HiGGS M. J. DeWitt W . C. Wilson- pi CHAPTER Established at Illinois, 1921 MEMBERS IX FACULTY George W . Goble, A.B.. LL.B. MEMBERS I UNIVERSITY Seniors P. H. Bloomingdale C. L. Cray F. W. Johnson funiors C. R. Smith ' R. G. Hill C. . Cardosi D. L. Pasley H. H. Graham Freshmen L. M. Kagy ' O. a. Klhle W. R. Borrolch I. E. Yates R. C. Gore H. W. Brittain A. L. Fowler R. F. Lesemann W. J. Welsh Page JS4 Tup Kiiw — Flosthom. Caiiw al, Soi thahd, Stahi.. [,kk. Spfond Row— Rov, Conn. Latowsky, Tanikawa. Third Row — Abnev, Bayer, Zaleski. Potts, King, Theta Delta Pi PROFESSIONAL FOREIGN " TRADE FRATERNITY Founded at University oj Illinois, IQ2I MEMBERS IN UNUERSITV Seniors W ' lLLARD H. AbNEY Theodore F. Bayer Harlan D. Conn F. M. Potts Howard N. Vates Leo F. King loHx T. Zal Page SSS Illini Hall Founded at University of Illinois, IQK) MEMBERS IX FACULTY Howard C. Abbott, B.S. John H. Knox. B.S. K. L. Hint . J. W " . Cole . H. G. ILLIAMS O. V. Lee President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Page 586 Top Row— iStout, Walker. Cuthbertson, Bu h, Amchkr. Second Row— DruACH. Gilbreath. McElroy, Biford, Duvall, Baethkk. Stahl, McCormick. Latta, Dhalle, Moore. Showalter. Third Row — Liscum, HENNixnKR. Hatch, Keenan. Anoier, Dk. Fijlsom. Larson, Sweet, Heath, Fleming, Keith. Skull and Cresent INTER-FRATERXITV SOPHOMORE SOCIAL ORGANIZATION Founded at UniveTsily of fVisconsin, IQOJ Four Active Chapters HELMET CHAPTER Established at Illinois, IQI MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dr. J. W. FoLsoM MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Delta Tau Delta Jerome W. Baethke iLLiAM F. Stahl Delta Kappa Epsilon William H. Clingman John J. Heath Phi Gamma Delta Robert L. Sweet Merrill K. Dlbach Phi Delta Theta George W. Stolt John R. Walker Phi Kappa Sigma John A. Keith Matrice C. Latta ' ; Kappa Psi James S. Keenan aldemar C. Larsen Psi Upsilon Donald C. Hlxkins Delmar L. Kroehler Theta Delta Chi Acacia George F. Gilbreath Arthlr J. B. Showalter Alpha Sigma Phi Frank H. Blsh Glenn Shutts Alpha Tau Omega George H. McElroy Shelby Biford Alpha Delta Phi Donald D. McCormick El ' gene Englar Chi Phi Donald F. Cuthbertson George C. IIenninger Chi Psi X ' ernon W. Richard H Beta Theta Pi Arthur V. Aquart Edward J. Richards Delta Upsilon Phi Kappa Ascher Fleming Kenneth G. Anderson Francis J. Heidemann Frederick H. Ebersold Hartley J. Brown Harold Flitcratt Edwin B. Belshe Phi Sigma Kappa Joseph Clevenger Harold O. Bailey Kappa Sigma Carl A. Nielson Elmer W. Glaeser Sigma Pi Clarence E. Smith Frederick Dralle Sigma Alpha Epsilon Milton S. Angier William M. Liscum Sigma Nu Gerald W. Sherman Arthvr S. Hoff Sigma Chi Dillon L. Ross Benjamin F. Duvall Tau Kappa Epsilon Lemoine Hatch Peny Moore ' .eta Psi George Dawson losEPH M. Wayer Page jSq Top Row — GiLLEN, Phillips, Holdermaxn, Kirkpatrick, Ong, Kile, Reid. Pharis, Gaver. Second Row — Robertson, Xaylor, Parsons, Rainey, Langston, Miller, Meyer, Brown, Ripley. Third Row — Bradt, Hoffman, Pigall, Dittman, Treadwell, Wickersham, Snell. Williams. Shi-Ai IXTER-SORORITV SOCIAL ORGANIZATION " Founded at L ' niversity of Illinois, ig2o Two Active Chapters ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER Established at Illinois, Iq20 Page S90 MEMBERS OF UNIVERSIT ' Katherixe Kemp Lucille Kile Jeanne White Seniors Anne Nilson Mary Parsons Lettie Gay Gertrude Snell LORAINE SaMMONS Elsie Kirkpatrick Josephine Hoffman Mildred Gillen Dorothy Ripley Elsie Gayer Beth Holt Frances Wine Anne Williams Frances Dittman Margaret Cobb Laura Treadwell Elizabeth Bradt Juniors Esther H. Ong La Rue Robertson- Elizabeth Brown Josephine Pigall Madelaine Wickersham Jaqueline Thompson Sophomores Helen Rainey Betty Phillips Dorothy Naylor Florence Fry Helen Meyer Ellyn Olson Ellyn Langston WiLLA Reid ' eta Holterman Del Gratia Miller JUANITA PhARIS Top Uo» — GoHDox. Adsit. Cannon. KrHi.E. Scrotul How— Hint, Knapp, Benson, Herzog, Freakk. Williamson, Bahdwell, PAnKER, LeMasteb. Third Row— DoiD, Kii.linger, Kilakowskv, Barnes, Dangremond, Thompson, Mathias, Walters, Esslinoer. Fourth UoK— Poi.i.AHO. Conuit. I.aiuze. Bankson, Sowers, Kaov, F.khlaw, MiMirhav. Mitchell, Edwards, Tripp. Adelphic Literary Society ' I ' he aim of this society is to assist those who desire to attain proficiency and originaUty in essay, oration, debate, and other literary work, to realize their ambition. Founded at I ' niversily of Illinois, l86() MF.MBKRS IN F.VCl ' LT " Ira O. Baker. rn.D. F. O. CIOODWILL. B.S. LoRAUO TaFT C. M. Thompson. Ph. I). EtCENE Davenport, LL.D. W. C. Troutman, A.m. Nathan - . Weston, Ph.D. W. W. " i ' app. M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY t cnwn O. L. DouD L. Burke F. M. Condit 11. T. .McMlrray W. D. BouTWEi.i. G. E. Ekblaw L. M. Kagy P. M. Mitchell C. R. Bankson P. 11. F.sslinger D. F. Lakuze G.H.Parker M. 11. Kduards 1.. M. G. Dangremond E. P. Leonard M.H.Smith H. T. Sowers D. . . Tripp G. D. .Adsit VV. U. Bardwell M. J. Benson C. . Bradshaw J union J. D. Ca; N ' NON J H. H. Gordon 0. L. LeMaster C. 1 1. Freark H. M. Keele H. R. Math I AS R. B. Ill ;kzo(; ' . Knapp V. F. Plambeck K. lit NT J- 1 Wii O. A. KUHLE l.IAMSON C. W, . Thompson Sophomores LINGER 0. , V ' . w ALTERS C . Kt ' LAKOWSKY Page SQI f f M. 3 J Top Row — Tasher. Pollitt, HrrcHixs. Hayes. Heil. Simpson, Wallace. Suumerfield. Second Row — Tr. ksl. Obebholzer. Decker. Helmreicb. Rogge. Sostbin. McMants. Speakuan, Switzer. Third Row — Zeimeb. Heixrichs. Dvorak. M.vsst. Wessman. Haves, Pearson, Swaxson. Reed, Tischxer. Philomathean Literary Society Organized for the purpose of stimulating an interest in debate, oratory, and literary work, and to attain proficiency in each. Founded at Universilv of Illinois, lS6S MEMBERS IN L XnTRSITl " Seniors J. T. Chadwell C. E. Daxgremond R. F. Dvorak M. L. Fitch E. V. AsMts T. F. English H. P. Hayes F. H. HlTCHlNS R. C. Hayes R. M. Heixrichs V. J. Wessmax W. " L. Maxny R. A. Merz I. F. Pearsox J. L. Reed T. E. TiSHXER Juniors R. L. Pollitt T. W . Speakmax J. E. Decker R. M. Parsoxs Sophomores W. A. McMaxvs Morris Sostrix K. E. Oberholzer Hexry Heil H. G. Tasher Robert Si-mmerfield Freshmen L. A. Traksl L. C. TlRXER G. A. Zeimer R. G. Thompson " O. J. ROCGE R. E. SwiTZER E. I. Helmreich M. ' P. Wallace R. B. Simpson Page S92 Top Hi.W— MciNTi-.liMKKV. C UVERDALE. HuLLlS. PtKE. f;TOK.M. GiBSON. Second Row — Ripley, Nims. Baggerly. Barry. Lantz. Thirti How — Sears, Sammoxs, Buckler, Neiswaxger. Wine, .Safforb. Alethenai Founded for the purpose of stimulating interest in forensic eloquence. Founded at Vnh rsily of Illinois. iSyt Four . ctive Chapters ZOTE CH. PTER Established at Illinois, iSyi MEMBERS IN FACULTY Elizabeth Bryax, A.B.. B.L.S. Gregory, Ph.D. Helen Doty, . .B. Martha Kyle, A.M. Marian Sparks, A.M., B.L.S. .MEMBERS IX UXnERSFn ' Seniors Wanda Neiswanger Christine Hyland Frances ixe elle Barry NLvry Parsons Mary Safford Josephine Hoffman Loraine Sammons Ruth Coverdale Elsie Kirkpatrick Juniors Juliette . r. istrong . Lvrtha I ' yke Mildred Herrick . LBtRTA RaFFL Ruth Montgomery Dorothy Ripley Helen Buckler ISABELLE Nl.MS Sophomores .Mildred Lantz Mona Storm Elizabeth Baggerly Grace Needham Gexevra Gibson Barbara Mollis Pagt 593 Tup Row — Srol-t. Johxsox. Scott, Weber, Farrow. .Second Row — Wood, Highes, Caldwell, Siluns, Hunt, Felbeck. Third Row — Picknell, R. Oltusky, H. h.v, Sh- ffer, L. Oltiskt. Athenean Literary Society Founded for the purpose of acquiring proficiency in literary eloquence. Founded at University of Illinois, IQO MEMBERS I. FACULTY Margaret Hvtchins, B.L.S. LiTA Bane, A.M. RiTH Kelso, A.M. Winifred Perry, A.M. MEMBERS IN " UNIVERSITY Graduate Iva Newbvrn Seniors RvTH Weber M. ry Seright Rose Oltvsky Helen oodrvff .Anne Xilson Florence Johnson Annetta Wood Helen Picknell Alta Hahn Estelle Edwards Grace B.aldwin M.-vrgaret Strohm Palline Stevenson Hester Srovt Thelm. Scott Nellie Hunt Louise Joyner Juniors Katherine Hughes L ry Hart Ruth Brown Elizabeth Goddard Helen Caldwell Sophomores TiERA Farrow Helen Rainey ivien Sullins Helen Felbeck Lena Oltusky Violet Shaffer Louise Rice Inez Andren freshmen Mildred Goelitz Page 594 Top Row — Harus. Hkidemann. Meblsky, Katzesberger, E. Heidemaxx, Stevenson. Nieburger, Englund, Varney, Rastkr. Mieller. Second Row — Bales. Kerr, Xahow. Neff, Preucii.. Foley, Cord. Olson. Third Row — Pate, Roti. McLean. Willeford. Xh hols, Dean Mason, Lund. Brehm, Falkenberg. Jamesonian Literary Society The purpose of this society is to foster literary interests among the women of Ilh ' nois. Membership open to all women students. PATRONESSES Dean Rvby E. Mason Stella M. Hogle, Ph.D. .Mariam Bales Joy Cord MEMBERS IX I n ERSn Sfiiiors Carrie Dependahl Ina Nichols Irma Olson Dorothy ' arney RlTH II.LEFORD Helen Brkhm Silvia Cauthorne Juuiors Grace Englind .Martha IIielscher Marion Palmer Geraldine Hegert .Margaret .Mueller .■ catha Fosse Ella H. Heidemann Snphomorf y Helen 1a nd .Anna Ratzesberger Hazel Stahl .• lereda Raster Helen Stevenson Kreda Rose Petra Falkenberg Eleanor Dodge Mary . rmington Clara Belle Brlce Dorothy Cox Natalie Dodge RiTH Dodge Iva Jane Dlnkle Freshn GeRTRI UE ESCHER Leah Heidemann Madeleine Mascha Grace Mertsky Marjory .Meyer RoNDA Nebeher .Alice Olson Eva Pearl Pate .Alice Prelcil LovisE Ramser Rose Roti Henrietta Sinn Carrie Winter Elcille Barker Edith .Millar Grace Nieburger Pailine Harris PoSf S )5 Top Row — Parizek, Goedde. Allen. MfRPHV, Weir. Mitchell. Second Row — Barrett. Caldwell. Rew. Kohl. Helm, M. Eversole. Beach. Weeduax. Third Row — Sager. Wickersham. Hall, Da is. Dyer. Clark. L. Eversole. Fourth Row — Hopkins, Bowerman, Horxer. Anderson. McCoxxell. Wiluams. Illiola Literary Society Founded for the purpose of acquiring proficiency in literary work, and furthering the social life of Illinois women. MEMBERS IX UXI ' ERSITY Verna Helm Mary Hopkins Dorothy Hint Dorothea Kern " Catalina Davis Ruth Caldwell Lexora Eversole Elizabeth Sager Seniors Anna Williams Madelaixe Wickersham Meta Mitchell Mildred Mirphy Loldixe Axdersox Harriet Beach Kathryx Clark Ethel Dyer RiTH Rhoades Eloise Allex Mildred Egax Juniors Esther W ' eir Dorothy McCoxxell Helen Barrett Mildred Eversole Fraxces W ' eedmax Cora Miller Sophomorfs Gladys Hall Ri ' TH Hoxx Leona Kohl Florence Goedde Dorothy Bowermax Frfshmfn Ina Rew Page 5g6 K vi rin L SI i m 1 113 ■ ' 1 - H X t f- m 1.1 1 ' vl ■t M H 1 ii B |L JB(. I 1 A » - 1 ? lop Kow — Merchant. Jollet, Lixdelof. •t■ond Uo»— YorXG. Martix, Jansex, Miles. Hancock, Shokt. Wilcox. .Smith. Eogman, Third Row — Kabe. Rhodes. Goodall. Palmer. .Schrader. Riecal. McMuhray. Fixdlat, Law. Fourth Row— .McMillan. Jidv. Metzcer. Crawford. Hancock. Teeters, Hill. Jones. Major. Gregorian Literary Society Founded at University oi Illinois OFFICERS M. ' VRY Hancock Mary Crawford Freda Metzger Ethali.nda Teeters President rice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN LNTVERSITV ' Seniors ' lOLA JVDY Mary Jones Mabel Howard Anita Hill Ruth Martin Edith Riegel Mary Crawford Harriet Goodall Mary Major Juniors Mary Hancock Annabel Cathcart Lucy Murray Ethalinda Teeters Dorothy B. Potter Lulu Cain Margaret Hadley Freda Metzger Frances Schrader Lucille Wilcox -Acnes McDermott Olive Paul Leah Cornwell Geraldine Jollev Margaret Rabe Emily Smith NL rgaret McMillan Helen McDonal Isabel McIvaye Helen Young Lois Law Rena Miles Sophomores Ruth Jansen Dorothy Palmer Freshmen Edna Short Marie Merchant Grace Findlay Helen Kelly Marguerite W illiams Ruth Short Katherine Kahn .Vlice F. Olson Catherine Hammond ' irginia Mozley Louise Sadler Eleanor McCauley . gnes Hancock Ethel Lindelof .Marion Warren IL Marie Green . dalaide Rhodes Evelyn Walker Helen Booth Emily Lane Pav 597 Top Row — Van Horne, Parker. Johnson. Hamlin, Hiser. Engel, Krieg. Hamblen, Reed. Heidemann. Hilgard. Showalter. Little. Second Row — Harewood. Boza. Cortes. Martorell, Andrews. Potts. Centro I.iterario Espanol Organized for the purpose of aiding students in the study of Spanish. Founded at Lnirersily of Illinois One Active Chapter F. D. Fitz-Gerald. Ph.D. J. Van Horxe. Ph.D. H. M. Martin, Ph.D. MEMBERS IX FACUL-Ti ' Rachel Breathlrt. A.M. Italia Dallera. A.B. Cordelia Merri. .m, . .B. Margaret Miles. . .B. MEMBERS IX LNUERSITV G. A. .Vrteaga Alice Xothenberg I. C. Barovsse Helene Parker A. E. Boza Marion P. lmer E. G. Cadaval Claribel Peck G. G. Colin C. 0. Raggero L. G. Colin L. Rosales IvA Ha.MLIN Alice Prevcil K. . Andrews B. Stearn Lillian Hamblen T. K. Shanks Amelia Krieg L. DE Martorell E. Ellincer Sarah Reed Georgie Hilgard F. M. Potts C. talina Davis ' ibita Smith Mabel Engel W. Storer 0. Oliveras Page S9S Top How — JiMKNKZ, AKTEAtlA. MoHAI-ES, TkELLES, SILVA. Second Row — Silva, Echenique. G. Colin, GrARDiA, Lopez, Basurto. Third Row — Martorrell. Boza, Cortes, Rosales, L. Colin, Gaissler, Cadaval. Club Latino- Americano A social organization for sludcnts from the Latin-American Countries Founded at University of Illinois, IQII One Active Chapter HONORARY ' MEMBERS President David Kinley. Ph.D., I,I,.D. Dean Thomas A. Clark, B.L. Professor J. D. Fitz-Gerald. Ph.D. Dr. R. a. Seymolr, Ph.D. Professor F. L. Stevens, Ph.D. Dean D. H. Carnahan. Ph.D. E. J. GlARDIA, B.S, I. C. Barolsse G. G. Colin J. . . .Arte AG A A. E. Boza J. M. Cortes J. K. Baslrto M. EcHENIQUE |. I. JIMENEZ I.. DE Martorrell MEMBERS IX UXUERSriA ' Graduates E. G. Cadaval, B.S Seniors M. E. Morales, B.S. Juniors Sophomores Freshmen L. G. Colin O. Miranda C. G. Gaissler L. X. Rosales M. Tamborrell E. T. Lopez A. L. Silva J. L. Silva C. . L Trklles Page S99 Top Row — Bater, Hayes. Second Row — Pieff, Hiser. Gibson, King, Harewood. Third Row — Marty, Rew, Coxley, Arxold. Dcxblazier. C. Parker. Sbowalter, Cocbraxe. Cathcart. Fourth Row — McIxTiRE. Lixx. Davis, Strohm. Woods, Wever. H. Parker. Visixo. Fifth Row — Carmichael, Sackett, Koch. Little. Bexxett, Falkexberg. Hksham, Thompson. Le Cercle Francais -Founded for the purpose of aiding students in the study of French. Founded at University of Illinois MEMBERS IN " FACUI. ' n " D. H. Carxahan Kliette Bovix J. Van- Horxe A. Hamilton R. G. GuiET C. F. Kruse HeLEXE . BoiCHER A. V. Thompson V. H. Storer erxette Davis Xetta ' . Xeiss BlXETTE DoiGLASS Frances W ine r. j. rvtherford A. H. Bennett Genevra B. Gibson Catherine Parker Marion F. Palmer V. J. Powell May isina R. Harehood Edith Shaw A. W. Showalter MEMBERS IX IXIVERSITY G. M. Knox Et ' NicE A. Carmichael Barbara Mollis Martha Maxwell P. Pieff Mrs. R. G. Gliet Elinore Dodge Margaret McIntyre E. Hicha.m Irene Mantz Margaret Strohm Edna Sackett R. C. Hayes Fra.nces Shltts Llcv oods Ethel Dyer Lucy Murray .Alice Robinson ■Agatha Fosse Catalina Davis Sybil Dunblazier Ruth . rxold IxA Rew XovA Hiser Maurine Conley Mary Little K. therine Marty Rose Roti Helen D. Koch Alice Preucil -Anabelle Cathcart Elenor Freeman T. F. Bayer Page 600 Top Row — Cbaig, Caldwell, Parizek, Oliveh, Schi ' LZ. Sornnd Rmv— Hamblen, Skemp, Alicante, E. Oliver, Aiello, D. .Schilz, Thinl Row — Stadnichenko, CSlasgow, Carlock, Davis. Mason, Dyer. Stanley. Kourtli Row — Raffl. Giese, Fitzgerald, Mahamba. Kiram, Bales, Hamilton. Woman ' s Cosmopolitan Club The purpose of this organization is to foster the spirit of international good will among the women students of all lands. Founded at Unhersity of JVisconsin, IQO, C. F. A. C. C. CHAPTER Established at Illinois, igij RvTH Caldwell Alkxandria . llen Hazel Crak; Catai.ina Davis Mrs. R. D. Glasgow Dorothy Hill Edith Skemp Mrs. W. 1 ' . ScHvi.z jtLIETTE BOUIN Mrs. . lice Hamilton Marie Stadnichenko Makiam Bales Katiierine Stanley Mar(;aret Carlook .Nesta Kitzgerai.u Mrs. Aiello . ucusta . lecanta MEMBERS IN UNTVERSITY Terhata Kira.m CONCEPCION MaRAMBA Mrs. T. E. Oliver Helen Picknell Justine Pritchard Ruby E. C. Mason Mrs. !• " . C. Baker Mrs. H. B. Dorner Dorothy Schulz Eileen Casanas Ethel Dyer Mynetta Barbor Lillian Hamblen . lberta Raffl Esther Cjiese I ' .LiZABETH Oliver l.iBisE I ' arizek Mrs. Tykocina Page 6oi American Society of Civil Engineers Founded at University of Illinois. IQ2I Student Branch OFFICERS A. L. R. Sanders L. M. D.VXGREMOXD F. W. SCHEIXEMAX M. E. Jansson ' . A. GURTLER President J ' ice-President Treasurer Secretary Technograph Representative Page 6o2 American Society of Mechanical Eng-ineers Student Branch OFFICERS II. I). RoSENDAI.E P. F. ITTE A. D. SiNDEN A. (. Im.old President J ' lce-President Secretary Treasurer Page 60? •: ' U •■: ;m Electrical Engineering- Society Founded at Universitx of Illinois OFFICERS C. L. COXRAD . J. A ' . Marovardt J. Z. Millar . E. G. Krause . H. X. Hawyard President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Librarian Page 604 American Association of Eng ineers Founded at Chicago, Illinois, 1915 Two Hundred Twenty Acti e Chapters l ' XI ERSITY OF ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established at Illinois, igij OFFICERS Lewis J. argix Bernard A. Schroeder S. M. Ellmax . T. P. Hamilton President r ice-President Secretary- Treasurer The American Association of Engineers is the largest national engineering society, with a member- ship of thirty thousand. Its activities are non-technical; its objects are " to raise the standards of ethics of the engineering profession, and to promote the economic and social welfare of engineers. " The local student chapter has an acti ' e membership of over tw " o hundred, including prominent faculty men and engineering students of all courses and classes. In line with the objects of the national organization, it tries to further the interests of . . . E. and to become acquainted with social and economic questions, industrial problems, and the like which confront the engineering profession and which are necessarily somewhat neglected in engineering courses. In addition, the local chapter has this purpose always before it: to take the initiative and an active part in every project which has for its object the betterment of the College of Engineering as a whole, or the improvement of individual engineering students. Pagt 60s Top Row — Powell. Coollev, Holt, Hill, Brock, Wessman, Schlapprizzi, Bowen, McGinnis. Geiss, Bullock, Farrand. Gibson. Second Row — Bernstein, Thompson, Perkins, DuV ' all, Cotes, Thompson, Belnap, Jones, Chandler, Hahne, SCHARFENBERG. Commerce Club Organized to promote a spirit of commercial professionalism among its members, and to encourage a closer relationship between the faculty and students of the College of Commerce. MEMBERS IN FACUI n ' Professor M. H. Robinson Professor !• ' . A. Rissell Professor H. T. Scoville Dean C. M. Thompson MEMBERS IN UNUERSITV Se niors W. A. Barry M. F. Cotes J. S. Kelley H. A. RuHL I. W. Barnett K. K. DuVall k. A. Kerrins F. A. Scharfenberg R. M. Belnap H. H. Evans W. A. Leary F. H. SCHLAPPRIZZI H. S. Bernstein E. K. Farrand H. I. McEldowney S. C. Smith C. E. Bowen |. K. Flaherty D. C. McGinnis W. B. Sutherland G. P. Brock " F. F. Geiss T. McKeever R. G. Thompson L. C. Brown J. T. Gibson A. W. T. MoHR H. W. Walker B. W. Bullock W. F. Hahne L. 0- Needler T.. W. Walquist M. C. Carlson R. I. Hill W. E. Perkins W. J. Wessman G. L. Chandler L. H. Holt W. Powell H. J. Whittier M. F. COOLLEY R. C. [ones G. Preucil H. N. Yates L. E. Kline Page 606 Agricultural Club Founded to promote and foster a deeper interest in agriculture as a science. Foundfd at University of Illinois, iSqj OFFICERS C. E. Gates W . C. Cannon. 11. 11. Gordon R. E. Now LAN Barbara Porter . . . .shbal:gh President I ' ice-President Secretary Treasurer . Assistant Secretary Assistant Treasurer Page 6o 1 ffl 91 C M Top Row — Sprague, Smith, Trovillion, Kuhnen. Second Row — M. Loomis, Fox, Stookey, Lentz, Watson, Falkexberg, Blakely, Corey. Third Row — Bryant, Clough, Hammond. O. K. Loomis. Newell, Carver, Vo(;le. Horticulture Club The object of this club is to lend a deeper significance to the study of Horticulture as a science. Establishi-d at Illinois, iQo6 Mh.MBERS IX FACULTY F. C. Carver J. H. MacGillivray Isabel Marqcedant A. C. ' ocle MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY J. E. JCDSON L. F. Lentz R. B. Bryant Mary Okey Seniors H. Falkenberg O. K.. Loomis T. B. Watson W. H. NlTTALI. B. T. Hammond L. J. Blakeley C. A. Stookey C. E. Cloigh H. Fox C. T. Jessen R. L. McMuNN Juniors Ora Smith H. E. Corey, E. R. Otey H. L. Eberhardt J. W. Sprague Dorothy Barnard H. M. Newell V ' . P. Gilbert MiLO Loomis RvssEL Lander Sophomores Otto J. Loekel Freshynen T. K. Hartwell H. H. Klhnen C. C. Le«is C. Berger Nora Binnington G. E. V. Benson P. L. Trovillion R. V. Patrick Page 60S H oof and Horn Club Organized to promote an in erest in Animal Husliaiiilr ' Esta blished at Illinois, nji4 OFFIGERS E. E. Vial President J. J. Clegg Vice-President C " . W. Weldon Treasurer M. G. TowNE . Sergeant-at-Arms C. G. KOSAIRE Secretary MEMBERS R. E. Ammon F. A. Louis H. W. Bean Helen Lowes ( ' . L. Beatty C. L. McFarland R. B. H. F. jMcMirray L. J. Blakely W. K. Meier ( ' . F. BoEHME 0. D. Miller L. A. Boyle W. Moffet L. W. Braham S. Murray B. COWAX W. L. Newport A. L. ( " rane R. S. NoRRis E. D. DlNLOl ' 11. W. Osborne ( ' . E. Gates ]{. A. Roll A. A. Gkaicun ' as S. G. Turner L. G. Hall ,1. U. Wagenseller ( ' . E. Holmes S. B. West K. L. Hi NT H. 1 ' .. ■I TE H. F. Wilson ,■:■ HH, Home Economics Club Organized to foster a spirit of fellowship anioiig the Home Economics students, and to study the specific problems as they exist in the home field. Alice Adams Alma Adams Jessie Adams Ruth Anderson Ruth E. Anderson Dorothy Becker Myrtle Birdson Beulah Bogue Elizabeth Broun Catherine Buntin Ruth Burtis Ruth Butler Helen Cade Agnes Cary Margaret Carter Lois Chalman Bess Coffee Mary Connelly Erma Cottingham Mary Crawford Mary ' Donahoe Florence Dunkle Frances Forker Alphid Foster Louise Prantz Lois Frazie Pearl Frier Gertrude Friend Grace Goodyear Jean Gregg Established at Illinois 1002 MEMBERS IN UNUERSITV Frieda Harshbarger Sarah Hay Imogene Highfill Pauline Hill LiTA Hindman Eleanor Howe Esther Hunter Selma Karraker Miriam Killifer Florence Kitchell Esther Klotesche Dorothy Krauel Ruth Lawton Madge Linke Reba Longman Emma Winkleman Gladys Lundy CoNCEPCION MaRAMBA Jean Martin Helen Mathews Illinois McCaskill Jean McKeever Alice McLean Maud Miller Laura Moore Ethel Muchmore Mabel Muchmore Mary Myer Estelle Nesbitt Nell Xewkirk Kathryn Wolcott Esther Nichols Lena Noble Genevieve Parker Lurena Perrine Ruth Peterson Agnes Rahn Edith Riegal Esther Rode Esiher Rosebaugh Edna Rupee Elizabeth Sager Helen Sanders Eleanor Sandusky Mabelle Smith Marie Sorenson Mary Sparks Alice Sprague Malora Stanberry Madge Stewart Mabel Stanford Ethalinda Teeters Gladys Trager Nellie Turner Rohda iall Frances Weedman Esther eir Anna Wessel Ruth W ' illeford Albertine Williams Emily Williams Page 6io Chemical Club The object of till ' Cheniical ( ' luh is tin- pidinotion of ehemical interests and good fellowship amona students interested in chemistry. Founded at University of Illinois, 1S02 OFFICKRS H. D. Caktkh HkLKX Hoi ' KINS lliirrii Cloyes Ci. E. Keller L. F. Stuebe II. I.. Knaier President lice-President Treasurer Secretary Custodian Representative to Illinois Chemist Page 611 Top Row — Dav. McGregor, Woks-ham, Kluj-uaw. Ptxtu uN, Dinsmohe. Second Row — Apcher, Lane, Boggs, Ruhl. Barxett, STrRots, Hamilton. Third Row — Hicks, Faulkenburg. Sithehland. Hartuxg, Whittiek. Btllev. Lambda Tau Rho Founded at Ohio State Lniversity, iQio Seven Active Chaptei-s ORANGE CHAPTER Established at Illinois, 1914 MEMBERS IX FACULTY H. M. Hodgson- members IX uxiversity Seniors W. B. Sutherland A. E. Bvlley G. A. Hartuxg I. W. Barxett C. H. Laxe G. E. BURRITT H. J. Whittier G. H. Kershaw G. L. ScHULER J. A. Peterson G. : I. Hicks P. S. Calkins W. 0. Dixsmore Juniors J. B. Ckissey X " . BOGGS G. Faulkenburg J. R. McGregor C. E. Sturgis Sophomores G. ■. D.A ' . W. Ascher J. 1 . Hamiltox Pa,,- 6i3 Top Kow — Tricgs. Ward. McEldowsev. Bryax. Second Row — Davissox, Notes. Lafuze, Hazelkigg. ' roomax Third Row — Kxapp. Hill. Birge. Buckler. Scribbler ' s Club Founded at University of Illinois, igo6 MKMBERS IX FACILTY Dix Harwood Sampsox Raphaelsox Carl Stephexs Flora Hottes Gerald H. Carson Warxer G. Rice MK rBERS IX UXnKRSITY Seniors Helen Hi ( kler George . Bichaxan Homer Irxing McICldowney Alora Ward Dorothy Hill Donald Lafi ze AgXES ' ROOMAX O. D. BURGE Juniors Theodore P. Bourlaxd Malcolm Bryax Robert Mary Davissox II.IJAM Hazelrigg ' erxox Kxapp l; ( " IIARLES K. X ' OYES Laurexce F. Tnuicis Page 613 Ips Tl Itni I gt MtJLmB H ' . ■■ - - -.K v ?3S 9 A rchitectura IClu b Organized to raise the standards of the ai chitectural profession and to pro- mote class fellowship among architectural students. MEMBERS IN FACULTi " L. H. Provixe C. R. McAxLis S. p. Stewart C. E. Palmer OFFICERS W. M. Staxtox J. I. Bresee Prfsiifnl E. E. Lvndees ' icc ' -Prrsidfnt L. J. Alexander Sfcrftary-Trfasurer MEMBERS R. A. Albertsox G. C. Hewes H. R. Reixhardt A. R. Allisox H. HOFER G. D. Reyxersox L. D. Babcock E. A. HORXER A. W. RODECKER L. Barcuxe R. Ibex W. A. ROLLESTEX I. C. Barouse H. D. JiMSEX H. R. RVSSELL C. 0. Beesox E. KlMBAL G. V. SCHLITRS E. C. Berexdis C. X. KlXXEY R. I. Schxieder J. L. Berxer A. M. Linn E. E. SCHWEXK L. H. Braux H. C. McQiEEX R. C. Seymovr E. C. Brede K. Madsex L. A. SiBERZ R. E. Bryax C. L. Martix B. M. SlEXISEX C. A. Cahill R. A. Mattsox K. L. Smith P. S. Calkixs 0. E. May P. W . Smith T. D. Cooke E. S. Meder R. F. Smith C. C. Couxcell V. Mine L. SXYDER R. B. Craw E. MiTTELBVSHER E. E. Spexser H. B. Davis V. R. MOGLER R. F. Spicer V. N. Dexxisox J. A. Xelsox V. A. Steixhalser J. A. Drielsma R. M. Nichols 0. Stephex P. M. DucA C. T. Pavl Slmarokoff A. R. Eastmax F. L. Pall J. P. Tlrxer L. V. EippER H. V. Pearce E. E. ' alextixe E. ' . Gauger R. J. Pfifer R. P. Walsh A. Gerber A. S. Phillips R. W. W ATSOX Fay Harris C. P. Powell W. W. Weidimeyer H. C. Heshix Alberta Raffl J. R. Vol-XG G B. VOLXG Pagf 614 Top Row— Campos. Lucero. Vibak, Aciilar. Ro a. Auhno, Panlillo, Fabian. Oi.tmpia. Calcya. Santos. Ongkeco. StMoiul Row— Vestenilla. Floro. LiBrNAO. de Lemos. Fcentos. Serama. ARorELUES, Put, Pacis. Araneta. Third Row— Javier, Villegas, Velasco. Trias. Alayu, Tongko, Grata, Jimenez, Lampitok, de Leon, S.u tiago. Fourth Row— Carxahan, Patehno, Mrs. Vibar, Mrs. Cahlock, Otanes, Maramba, Vale, Clement, Glasgow. Philippine Illini The object of this organization is to help new FiUpino students entering lUinois and to foster a spirit of f(-llo vship aiui co-operation among its members. Founded at L ' niversily of Illinois, igiQ F. C ' rLTV .VDVISORS Dh. David H. Car.nahan Dr. Robert D. Gl.vsgow FACULTY HONORARY .MEMBER Mrs. Lymax G. C.a.rlock IMEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY Graduates Isaac V. Lucero ,JosE M. Mexdoza Seniors Bexito . . Pitt CoxcEPCioN G. Maramb.v ] uniors Ro.MUALD() .M. Araxeta Ric.uiDo DE Leox Jose B. Libuxao Fr.-vxcisco L. Arguelles Vicex te S. Fuextes Axtoxio M. Paterxo M.vrcos M. Alicaxte Leopoldo S. Clemexte .h ' AX D. Campos Iatixiaxo Floro Faustixo Q. Ot. nes ToRiBio Vibar Ilumixado Santos Hafaei. F. Trias Maxiee -V. C.vluya Jose T. .Iimexez Vicexte A. Pacis Isabelo .-Vgi ' ilar Francisco P. . LAvr Apolinahh) L. . i riM Berxardo T. dk Lkmos Simon Vale Sophomores Andrew B. Lampitok .Jose V. Oxgkeco . i.F()Xso (J. Olympia Pedro T. Or. ta GelacH) L. Toxc.ko Freshmen . GrsTix Fabian Tarmata Kikam ' i( TdU Pam.ii.lo Jose Roc.v Fi.oRENcio Villegas Felipe I). Saxtiago Protasio S. Teoeilo R. Velasco JiAN ' kntkxilla Page 6is Gun and Blade Club Foundrd at Madison. H ' isconsin. ig2o II.LIXI GUK AND BLADE CLUB Established at Illinois. IQ2I 1 M H ■ IWT nn H pl Bpi 1 m ' ■ 1 I Ij MtSM IH R l fe " tf »» » 1 HlGfeir r gP JF . L JR Bj H H- mt Pr jW ik T ' I RB; ' - J r B 3 i n 1 1 ■ " " ' ' i i iiHE ' F_oi H« r« bK L r - B Bifit Vl s yii HB 1 ' n Sb ' I HLj " " 1 m Ki ll mm il Bt.-j " y mi Page 6 6 Top How — -Dixon, Fish, Stanford. Second Row — Bkadish, Sandholm, Meyers, Stoetzel, Grihh, Bizik. Third Row — Paoe, Young. Weller, Norton. Beesen, Gillham. Fourth Row — Hali,, Jacobs, McTaggart, Barnett. Baird, Barnktt. Brown. Marine Club Founded at University of Illinois. IQU, .mi;.mi;i:rs in uxiveusity H. W. Stoetzel H. A. Hekrig P. ri. Hull J. D. Fuller C. M. Weller Q. G. McTACir.ERT G. 1). Baird . I). Strong ' 1 " . L. Perry ( 1. ' . HUCIIAXAX ( ' . v.. ( llI.I.IlA.M J. H. NOHTOX R. C. Stanford V. V. Fisii S. 1). I ' llRS IHE CO. Beesox W. B. Leeds J. A. Page C. P. Bradish K. Weikal ( ' . Brown W. C. Young W. T. Rice W. A. Driver J. Brown G. W. Hunter C. E. Barxett A. B. Dixon R. L. Jacobs G. W. Meyer ( ' . 11. Wiley .1. .1. Bl .IK J. H. Saxdiiiii.m .J. ( ' . Grihh Paf,e 6iy Top Row — Bresee. Homa.n. Baughman. M. Marx. E. W. Marx. Galger. Second Row— BorRLAND. Pvke. Covington. Switzer. Daubers Established at Illinois, 191Q MEMBERS IX FACULTY c. ; . Hill Iary M. Wetmore E. w . Lake C. E. Burgess C. E. Bradbiry LoRAno Taft LoriSE WOODROOFE MEMBERS IX UXIVERSITV Seniors C. ' . BAl(iH.MA.N J. J. Bresee E. • . Makx E. W. HOMAX Juniors : I. R. Marx A. G. FORDYCE Martha Pyke Earl Gauger Louise Covixgtox T. p. BoURLAM) George Switzer Page 618 Top Kow — Raic H. Mahmood. Stewart, Smith, Dodge. Secomi Row — Profew or Stoek, Allison, Denxer, Merz. Machamer , Eckart, Chin. Lit. Hiber. Stefaxides, Hemphill. Bodman. Third Row — Stevens, Cotherx. Lubelskv, Lact. Comptock, Schlma. Mining Society Founded at the University of Illinois, igii OFIICERS E. H. Allison J. Iv Maciiamkr A. B. Stkvkxs President lice-President Secretary- Treasii rer Page 619 PREAMBLE l T() The hitluTto stainless, Anil caiclt ' ss persons, And the unduly dignified. And the uniluly lieentious rsn All vain |K ' rsons, Human imutrr-pifieons, Prigs, snobs, Mezzanine athletes, and Local Cleopatras, Provincial La ' alliercs, Campus Napoleons, and Al ' cadc M, ' irhia ' ellis — And rxTO All nice persons, Ineludinp: our friends, ( )ur relations, and Ourselves, — these pages are dedicated, in the name of rumor, gossip, scandal, and the Great God, ( " old Dope. Let him whose mug appears herein cnrh his wrath; and let him whose face appeal ' s n it iieiTiii curt) his wrath likewise. Si) to our nuittoiis. Pagi- 6ji Council of Administration ik rv L Remember ' waj- back when — Tommy Aikle was in charge of this aggregation of female teachers at one of the grammar schools in Champaign? BABES IX THE AVOODS— Dave and Tommy. Du you remember the Hne in Rilc ' s famous poem, " My father was a frugal man and wasted not a thing. " Gaze upon these fac-similes of our Dean of len and you will observe that he still wears the .same pair of gla.sses. He always glances over the top of them to avoid wearing them out. Speaking of thrift — ! Page 622 See IS YOU rL MEMORIALS ? How OT ' SPjnOS THi. Ol5 CtoA. ' Cn ST. WHAT Thz Dial couecToftJ - FA«Mf4ooii P vei -5 I ' ag,- ' J 5EEL7T1FUL1_ SPOTTED MO PUOTOS oc MiSJ WIUIO.MI; By MOSi. owE ' V.S , INC. Page 624 Page 62s Beauty Section (Continued) .1(1 and I5ctty Pii all, and Andy (lunip, the chinlcss wonder, arc doinf;; tlii ' ir diiriulcst to look intclligpnt. They wcro voiv anxious that this should aiii)Par ill our Beauty Section. Jo has been eatinp; licorice — Betty has just tripped five moie men, and Andj ' — well, wlw speak of lemons — the whole aggregation ' s sour enough. ILLINOIS ' PRIZE BERRY Hi — looky! Howtly-do-C ' handler, the prize beach-nut, and his own bevy f)f hand ])icked beauties. The greatest and only man in his class. Page 626 I MM KM IV 1)1 III.IM)I ' ' " gs out. - K.. Lmgci ' " ' » " ' 6» " i.„„„„, ;, ' . " I ' y :»iirl Hour I ' " " " •»» buMrM lol be- :lf„ L ,,.,,1 ' " ' inl " ™ ' iii " .o; ' " ■ ' " " • ' • AUSTIN GIRL ELECTED Sophomore Class of University of IWi- noiK Name t Mijis Pearl Dee Halls of 816 Central Secretary Miss Pearl Dec H:.lls tlaiiBhtcr oi Ntc- M:.rih:i Dec Hall of 716 rrniraJ. tins lurii ciccled secretary of the sophot? (ir.- cl:i at ilic Vniversily of Illinois ai tin- I Insr of a.campaicn In which fhc «.is iimricil b two lertdi ' i-. ' - n nll ; is popular ly known in .V-i- uti, wTTerc ihc jltcndcd school aritl jmr- ' inpxted in social a Fair; and civic movr- ■icnis. The committee report pav.- itif- ofTice lo the local cirl by a vote ot " , ' lo 7 after n spirited election perio I liir fart that the class numbers ovrr . ' , 00 indic-ntes that the honor of bcint; . ' 111 ofhccr is a distingtiishcd one. Mi - I ll.ill i is entered in the jonrnalism dcpiin- tn ' nt. She was cr-iduated from Austin IIii:?i |!Scliool with the cbss oi 1919, and prior to entering the university accepted ' ■n; Jl ' toymcnl for a ycnr, While in Hich Soltool and dnrim; llie succeeding yr;ir ' ■he was assori tcd in many local activi :ir«. a niriiitKr ni one of thc sniallrr 1 lidi and soci;i!ly prominent. Mi-r cliief ai-liii vement in a civje wav V,.-- hr ' , i-tir-v. tr.t, ,n the t ' !d;rr ' r-:- I ' J J r.d-f 1. Austin is honored by of thii talented girl by Pa r 62y ttn K y O f ORGAMlZATlOliQ -t- i l„ I S L ja LLAl i And ill the next cage we have the Bresee family who have been imported from the wilds of Mattoon at great ex- pense by the immortal P. T. Barnum, who is now dead and gone. From left to right— Little Tiz Bresee— T. K. E., Paul Bresee — Alpha Gamma Rho, and .liminie Bresee — Triangle. Yes ladies — just one of these animals in a house is plenty. A close-up (if Jerry Flaherty ' s window at the Beta, iiouse the dav of election. Pa,?,- 63S Till ' . DIMH BKLI.K The sliiry df an innnci ' iit Iri ' shinaii wlm was lii l iiislicil Kappa. Scono I: Tho first scene shows our heroine am] one of the sisl( rs in fi ' ont of tlie Kappa Hovise. Seenc II: Tiir next (Hic shows our dear girl i einfi: loeked out of the Alpha Chi house. They had already ])ledfi,ed their quota of lwi ' nty-fi ' e. Scene III: As a last resort she aeeepted a Delta (lanuiia pledge lest her piioi ' leddy niifiht he left in the cold. She now romps hap|)il ' im the Delia ( ' lannna sli ' ps with her linile. Pagf 62Q Org-anizations (Continued) The winning title to our picture — " Two Phi Kappa Tans, Jack and ' Heh ' " . And we might adil. " All for Love. " and, " The Battle of Woik and Plav. " Someone remarketl that this subject needs no title. We " d hate to take the responsihility. Pagr- 6 0 Ye Cistern Sororily irls arc llir pirk, 1 was tilil. As iiiti) this tcary vale ' s jxirtals I strode Tiiko tlic Kappas, the Thetas, the f-fitlf ' lii s Not to nicntioii Ihi ' D. C. ' s. and Alpha Chi »s. The I ' i Phis and others, tiiriee lilessod is that male Whose spirit before these eo-eds doth not (lUail. They an- true, hinh and nohle. Full roiuuily ' twas sworn. Old l?annnn was rJKht. eve|-y moment one ' s lioni. The Theta ire rastle. the hau.iihty il ' u-V lall ' Where dwell the sad sirens that fjive men the air. Holds millions and millions of Runny sacks hufje. Cood, worthy men hold them, the cistern t ' an use. Sw(n-t Irma was Prom iiueen. mad ' quite a disjilay. The formal on basketl)all niirht spread dismay. So the sisters, in order to clear up the mess. Took dates to the basketball fiame in full dress. The Kappas, the fat things, have records jialore And turn, twist and exercise over the ffooi-. To Mcrylc Pratt, Eleanor Taylor, alas, Add Edith Kohl, Florence Mai and Casanas— For avoirdupois, this ciuintette has no peer But the Vic will rechice them to phantoms, T tear. " I ' d rather not, " wailed as a faltering pl( a Is the mode of refusal in fair K. K. (.;. ' Twas said by the poet, " To fat men the world Gives naught of good will. " ' Tis the same with th( girl Mused the Aljiha C ' lii Os as they viewed Martha Pyke And bought a ' ic record for Anna Joe Wright. The girls must keep house rules (nishees please take note). To Dorothy Wiles goes a sympathy vote For trips to Chicago week out and week in. L-iy she comfort her sweetie and .soon wear Ins jiin. In i-opiiig of pleilges, I), (is. Use the head — M rush times no oleo ruins their bicail. But rich, creamery butter, the best kale can ining — Well, just Jjop tile i|Uesti(in, the pledge song we ' ll sing. Athletics for athletes, each man plays the game: Es Lewis then plays with the athletes of fame. The sisters arc agents foi- Eskimo Pie For with tin foil they ' ll bmld lliem a house bye and bye, Page 6ji The bashful (hi Os ever ciy. ' I ' lii just sick. " So they should, for their work in the field politic Drew blank, with both Nellie and Isabel Xims WTio succumbed to the voter ' s caprices and whims. To the victoi-s. however, go most of the spoils; Then to Tri Delt award three brass cans full of oil. These girls served in Prehn ' s for a whole afternoon To build a dream castle clear up to the moon. Bright sunshine of John street, each day they parade — In borrowed clothes comes, " Sigma Kappa parade. " To Lumpy of Wickei-sham pledge we a toast. May the Sultan of Shad be to Ella a host. Janaice leads the .sistei-s in company front As, bearing their arms full of tin foil, they grunt. " Contribute, Illini, our rent ' s overdue And we ' re trying to build us a domicile new. " Great Scandahoovians, Russians and Swedes! No wonder ' tis mourned, " A. D. Pi ' s gone to seeds. " Pat Olson was greeting a httle Sig Chi But she missed the boob ' s hand and he got a black eye. Add D. Z. to D. Z. Now see what you ' ve got. Why, dizzies or disease, the choice is by lot. By formal reception, the Alpha Phi crew Burst into the campus and social whirl, too. The rythmical tramping of myriad feet Makes the vi llagei ' s dweUing on peaceful Church Street To gape and remark as thej ' spy Hester Srout Conducting the A. O. Pi cistern about. At last to the spiritualistic abode Strides Hester, et cetera, sleuths a la mode. But finding no spooks. Hester steps to the fore And pounds the piano while spirits j-eU, " More. " Imbibei-s in Mosi ' s one day were surprised len an ad for a dance up in Chi met their eyes. The " Gamma Phi Beta A. A. " was the name — Alumni were giving a dance was the game. B. Gray is a lo. s, Helen Welch is no less. The cellar gang ' s numbei-s are sadly depressed. Peg Hyland approaches. Away! Come away! She ' ll be shaking our hands till the end of the dav. Pae,- 6; Grass widows, the pride of the Resilience Hall, All l)ow to the fiueen of the Officer ' s Ball. At courtiiiK for Iiomoi-s, Heleiie is ripht there. She la.- soed Boyd Bullock hy hands, feet and hair. She had him to dinner, she fed him at noon; ' Tis rumored they spooned hy the light of the moon. She got what she wanted, she lead the parade — Boyd Bullock ' s now seeking a more faithful jade. Mick Murphy, another inmate of the place, Is called wash woman straight to her face. The rest of the freaks are too many to name. That ' s how Women ' s Residence Hall sjirang into fame. " Go lightly, " reminds one of Mildred Goelitz Who was one of the operatta ' s nuisical hits. O ' er night, she was famous, this Alpha Gam frosh: Her rise up to fame ' s like a tale of Siwash. The Pi Phis, long active, were (juiet this year And except for the name few would know they were here. Blanche Shirley, their beauty, at last found her man — Betty Boggs is to follow as soon as she can. Marcella, dear, " Drink to me with thine own eyes, " But please don ' t look at me. Cross eyes I despise. Achoth or acorn, artichoke or a cough — It all makes you laugh like a joke at the Orph. Not the sunshine of John .street — these differ by far. They ' re the Alpha Xi Delta girls, way below par. Bright moonshine of Daniel .street ' s more of a name; The charm of their presence ' s like gin to the brain. " How do you get that way. " (Oh, how inane) The pretense of innocence drives me insane. In spite of the efforts of Phi Betes, a pair, Their scholarship grade disappeared in thin air. . nd now that this ditty of co-eds is o ' er We hope trust and pray that no one gets sore. Truly impartial, all loasted alike. Some of you didn ' t get half what you might. But look at the other side, true recompense, — Free advertisement with naught of offense To be taken by anyone. Please be polite And give us your ki. ses and none of yoin- spite. P,is:,- f ;; :; H- iAjK- fi Jim M_i€ ._0dl3 N A»t r $- M P,r ' .- fi;4 Ye Olde Phi Delt Grate Oft 1)11 a wintry niiiht — whi ' ii the Phi Delts were till tucked in bed — the midnight n Hinders would gather about its glowiiip: coals and swap stories. No one would tlepart from thence " til the last flickei ' ing ember had sizzled out. Apples were .sei ' ved and a good time was had bv all. t45€««« «C««€«€Ce ' :« €«€ « €«««««« «« « ft. W SPfcCK ' S PLACE. V w w V V w w ♦ S. 1. BE IN FORD V,,K , C. oice " Wines. Liiquors and Cigars. No 205 North, Market Street Bell Phone J8I. « A A A A A A $ A ice Cold Lager on Tap. j U rbana. 1 1 1 JHO i S. JJ ' - rt?,- Campus Dramatics Hai-okl Efkai ' t — director of sonic of the best movies of the year. " Sari " broup;ht forth the liest criticism. His latest, " RoUiiig a Senior Ball, " featuring Miss Mulberry and Mr. Peterson, supported by no one — was censored In- T. N. E. and iiublic opinion. Ed Tukey — star in the " Seven Veils, " shown in a rather unconventional pose. His pastime is catching soft water wliile it is raining hard. . Pag,- 6 6 Campus Dramatics (Continued) Little Jorry Baellikc iipiK ' uiiiip; in the old favorite — " (let Ricli Quick Walliiisfonl. ' " Yes, gills — they ' re hunt- ing for carpet tacks. Miss Doris (Hidden and Mr. Roliert Malcohnson featuring in the Mack 8ennet Comedy. " Xotliing to a Fender. " HIS MASTER ' S VOICE Margaret (dM) and lluckelberry Sawyer po.sing for ictor . ds. Pagf 637 Ifrn, - A ' . T I v. ItA ■ " S ' " } ' ptw« j , " ««la o •t( ,3 ' " •r --f-c. ,4. • iw Ua ■HJC I s 0 - ' ' " y,lK honor of nour presence is rcllnestc at Zhc Plii lluip Itbi- ulo the honar of .Ijohn %arlrvcani. of bicsscft anh (rati- rant memory. :il. ' l Chalmtrs S ' frttt, 7::U1 p. m. Jflarch ly. I ' .l-il Dtr. — tThr manaartncnt is not rrspansiblr tor liucs. rrputalinns or uouuis iiiinrcLi at tlir hrattil. jit is rfC0 mfl1 f?l that run S5 saffln. oibiiiarilti, anh rall| l . ' y ' B. y. «x I ' U.nderst ' oodf Pag,- 6sS llAk.A-i. M. Kill., ,-• K— -I llelUl-t C ' io 7f -• » . -ifflfcVo ' - ' f- Pag ' 6.?p Publications A Haul: lit fttxxitor, At ii Ttr,frr A Ih v i jn-ll III- ]l;| (Itinr s«»iiH-lliini; vvorllt ..... wliilf ;iiiil lui-. ' :irnt-t) " ' " ' ' " ' ■ ■ fiir!iimM-UMu ' n- |»«-« ' t itf his 4t rii) :init ii . S» R:il|i!i NH !or is jii- tly pniml U-- .■ (M».(M» ximv lu- Im - raii-ctii ' lKiMd-iiusifit) S|;i,MKl iif his r:irn- iiiffv in tin Atislin r tjitc Hank. U.-i1| li wroti- lis ;iv folIn : inl - will |Mtint hi s-m .i ll.ilplt ' s rrit-ml- ' potnt lo liim .-iii t 4n ' : " Thcrv- :,in- a ' .in- - ss nl voimg man. ANi- cxinft h ' fJ f hint-s ..f lint. J I Itmk h)|( :iJ .it vtHir l c»y ' -. Itu-inrsi fulun-. Miiyln- !«■ i- c»iiiV ' " » ' ii 1:iw%iT, a • ilc nitui. .-i |))l ;!;i .-UJl» A hnyt-r. VliaU-v«T iV is tinj to h if lit ' is lo Ih- sucx ?tsfal li.- must |Krss ' ss !lif IVjwir of ji r-n.T.Iui;: « t!ni to hi -u-w- Any lH»y who ■ « ' IU sin- f Hlintf. ■•irtinir ' this ih-v .l-ililv to y n-a- iiitiK. Till; (Yftrrs Pt-)ii.i. iiivr. i ' ompavv. l i(ii. ii»:i.iiiiA. . Itrtir Fnfmh: I hn r iK-f-n srlliiik Tii». Po T fi r ii lillJi " mor - than Iw.i vi-iiri. 1 kimw «if tu oltiiT nork ;il nliirh a Ik.v ,»( livrl .- y -ar- »- tnl»l «ini - niticli nmiM-y in mi -lictrt a lime x illnnil int " T- frriii : witli ■stIi ' mJ. Not iHK- TtnirM!a, liav-«- t f.iilcd to U- .m liaii l at llu- KU■ at.■ l Stiilit ii a i ' aH « Cr-SM . m. My nH (lirr a.vs il ItU ' liiMic iiic jTif-L as I Imvi- ni- tT l i ' n ■• Wi-ll a I ant imw. Vl iv M .»M,Kk I w l. -4-hw . Ariir rhor | I dtliwr to aUtuit fifty n-jfutar .•■•- " - «ilh nty Im-yvlt wlwn tin wfntli«rt t-lear. Wy truly yimrs lt ijni N.« Ilal|)li Nnylur Isn ' t a hil l ri:?litrr i r nn-.i- :iniliili(iii lliaa ' t ' our Utv CHii bf. ' liei iikf Ralitli, your lioy 1i«s farrut B r: fur it i ;i: ' ■-w.-ntvof !l)i ' pinn. - rovr.esv ?j-mied ? . Beta il, Tbst-i ?au, ii reita i:zslion, Zally IlliQl Staff ( ) ioph. Aa s ' t. 192: IlUo Editor, 192i Illlft 3anl3r " :3,, 192i Illlo ■ ' at?a Z action n zom. Y.r. .A.- ' aTilnot res., i:n , vo-o? ioa, - -Uuni •I ' aa ' ' halrman . ate.Iateroolle-iata THE EXD " age 6 o MAIN PLANT GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY ' TRANSMISSION A Gateway to Progress There it stands — a simple forty- foot gateway but unlike any other in theentire world. Through it have come many of the engineering ideas that have made this an electrical America. The story of electrical development beginsintheResearchLaboratories. Here the ruling spirit is one of knowledge — truth — rather than immediate practical results. In this manner are established new theories — toolsforfutureuse — which sooner or later find ready application. The great industries that cluster around Niagara Falls, the electrically driven battleships, the trolley cars and electrified railways that carrymillions, the lamps that glow in homes and streets, the householdconveniencesthathaverelieved women of drudgery, the labor-savingelec- trical tools of factories, all owe their ex- istence, partly at least, to theco-ordinated efforts of the thousands who daily stream through this gateway. GeimeralSEIectri c General Office Si Schenectady, N. Y. i:. ' «- ' ■ " ' ' ; I- " W» j j talk . _J Bb h ' -fPftf J i ' Jt. t„i n AIR PURIFICATION LIGHT HEAT,- ' MATERIAL HANOUNC FARM ELECTRIFICATION HOME CONVENIENCES Pagf 642 Advertising Index A. Starr Host ti72 Amcriran Cabinet Co tJSl AiiiiTiiaii Scatirif; Co 6f t) Aiiuiicaii well iirks 687 Arcade C(iiife -ti " nery 657 Maeim. T. M. it Sons — Decorators (). ' )2 Hell Telephone Co 701 ]{envnian. ni. Baker 691 Hesley. C. H. - Co.. Mill Hd Supplies 676 Hidwell. Hoy K. — Confi etionery 670 Bowman. Hav I.. — .(ewelrv 6i)6 Brooks Brut liers, Clotliiers 649 Bniek and Hankin, — Binders 706 Burton. (). K. — Real Estate. . . 6. 4 Cal)le Piano Co l ' ,64 Ca])n)n, II. S.. — Insurance 657 Cai)per A Capper, — Clothiers 683 ( ' arpenter. C.eo. B. Co.— R.R. Supplies 691 Carpenter. II. 1.. — Piano Tuner 658 Central Camera Co 686 Central S ipply Co.. — I ' lurabers Supplies. 653 Champaign l ' e Cream Co 703 Champaign Sanitary Milk Co 661 Champaign A I ' rliana Water Co 701 Chicago Bi ard of Trade 671 Chic.-ifjo Bridfieand Iron Works 682 Chicago Pump Co 601 Chii ' ago Market, Meats 702 Citizens State Bank 650 Co-O)). . ' tu lent .Sujiiilies 675 Cort Billiard Parlor 657 ( " olumbia Quarry Co 670 Corn Kxehange National Bank 666 Crofoot Xielson Co.. — Blue Prints 692 Cunninfihani Bros.. — Drugs 694 Davis and Kreeger. — Decorators 6.52 Dearborn Chemical Co 660 Deluxe and ' irginia Confectioneries 684 Deere and Co., — Farm Machinery 665 Dietzgen. Eugene Co., — Drawinglnst. . .674 Dei.sel-Wemmer Co., — Cigars 6t)0 Derrough and Moore, — Pliunbcrs 677 Dillaviui, S. E., — Farm Machinery 655 Dixie Music House 656 Dockstader and Sandberg 673 Duncan, 11. F.. — Photographer 667 Dwight Bros., — Paper Co 65!S Eisner (Jrocery Co 648 Engineers Co-tjp Society ()96 Petting, A. H.— Mfg. Jewelers 693 Flannigan and Pearson 700 Frederick Post Co 693 (larlock Packing Co 6.S7 Celvin. II. 1..— Clothier 6.S,S (General IHectric Co 642 (iilberg. A. E.. — Wholesale Grocer 6!S7 (ioodrich Tran.sit Co 698 ( Ireen Tea Pot 667 Crubb, G. R., — Engraver 705 Guild, Lois, — Photographer 692 ILirtbank, Harry.— Barber 659 Harvard ( ' o., — Dentists Supi)lics 662 Higgins, ( ' has. M. Co., — Inks 661 Hoover, C. L., — Barber 705 Ilowse, L. K., — Fruits Vegetables 64S Iloyt. . Sherman, — Photographer 683 Illinois Bell Telei)hone Co 701 Illinois Traction ( " o 646 Illinois Tnion Cafeteria 652 Indianapolis Engraving Co 6.50 IlimaTi Hotel 655 .lohns-Manville Co 647 Jahn A: Oilier P ngraving Co 708 .lohn.son. .1. C!eo. — Furniture Repairing. . .699 K.andies Barber Shop 6.55 Kaufman A Sons 674 Kawneer Co 679 KeulTel A: Esser Co. 663 Kennedy s Kandies . , .705 I.ainniert A- Mann Co. ...661 I.a ' ogueShoi) ... .688 Lewis. W. A Co 669 Lunch Box 644 McClain, Mary Ellen, — Dancing 686 Matheny, Frank E., — Cigars 648 Mariner and Iloskins, — Chemists 653 Mehring and Hanson 674 Miller-Wohl Co.. — Womens Furnishings . 668 Molloy. David J. Co 705 Mohr. .John A- Sons, — Boiler Works 651 Moore, E. R. cV Co 690 Morava Construction Co 702 Morse Twist Drill Machine Co 662 Moser Shorthand College 703 Mosi-Over Confectionery 6.54 Mouch. C. W..— Jeweler " . 690 Mueller. H. Mfg. Co 677 National . niline and Chemical Co 645 New York Co.stiune Co 648 Naugliton. Mrs. L. A., — Dressmaking. . . .667 Oriiheum Theatre ()69 Ostrand Delicatessen 664 Park Theatre 695 Paris Cleaners and Dj ' ers 699 Pease. C. F. Co. . 663 Percival-Kirkpatrick, — Hdw. Co 649 Pitsenharger A: Flvnn, — Tailors 655 Railton. B. A. Co " .,— Grocers 668 Rexford A- Kelder 697 Rialto Theatre 650 Riders Pen Shop 653 Roberts Grant, — Meat Market 698 Rogers Printing Co 707 Rose Costume Co 702 Schuler, Bros.. — Confectionerv 646 Schultz. Fritz Co " 667 . " southern Tea Room 680 Spaulding. B. E 691 Si)ics Bros., — Jewelers 644 Strauch, — Photographers 659 Students Supjilv Store 685 Students Tailor 699 Swamiell. H. Co 657 Taylor Hdw. Co 676 Thomas Clarke . . 647 Titewad ' s Lvmch Room. . . . .703 Tredwell. Lillie. — Designer 649 Twin City Cafe 701 Twin City Printing Co 672 Twin Citv Roofing Co 699 Ini Sweet Shoj) 649 Fniversitv State Bank 684 r. t C. liv.. Gas. A- Electric Co 680 r. S. Blue Print Paper Co 678 ' aughn ' s Clothes Shop 647 each, A. C 690 W arner . " vstem 700 Welier Studio 656 Western Brick Co.. . ■ 682 Wilke. R. E ...699 Wilson-Bishop Co 704 W hite, R. ( ' ..—Typewriters 694 Wliile Line Laundry 678 W ii:;hl Sweet Shop,— Confectionery 653 Y. W. C. A 689 Zoml)ro, R. E., — Men ' s Furnishings. 690 RUSHEE George LaVerne Chandler Hinsdale High School. State Oratorical Contest; County Ora- torical Contest; Track (3) years; Basketball (3 years); Class Treasurer (2 years); Class President; Second Valedictorian of Class; Tennis (senior vear) ; Dramatic (2 vears ; Manager Basketball (1 year); Glee ' Club: 6 letters. On fourth St. between John 6 Daniel Lunch Bo L fes at Good • Glean • foocL • Pastr B .C. Sheehcx, 5rotli jk 31GS uromers 1 raterniiy jewelers X 17 East Monroe 5t Chicago. 111. uenc yor ro e ' ? eu e ry Co o o ' ' o ' e Page 644 vv USA. DYES V The Organic Chemical Industry This industry, in the light of modem developments, has become essential to the industrial life of this country, and it is on chemical research that nine-tenths of our commercial enterprises depend for their existence and l rogress. The National Aniline Chemical Company, Inc., has been a pioneer and leader in this work, and is today the first and largest manufacturer of coal-tar dyes in the United States. a n(0)inial AimnMiriKe , Clhieinfiiical 4Q Rector Street, New York New York Boston Chicago Hartford Charlotte Montreal Toronto Providence Philadelphia San Francisco National Dyes ' . ' {; " 4S RUSHEE Louis Edward Muhr University Higli School (Chicago); Foot- ball 16, 17; Track ' 17. ' IS. ' 19: Baseball ' IS. ' 19; Basketball " IS. 19; President Senior Class; President Senior Honor Society. GO Where The Crowd Goes! Schuler Brothers CONFECTIONERY 9 Main Street The Home of The Chocolate Boston ' BEING PALS WITH A RAILROAD— Isn ' t any more of a job than having fraternity brothers or sororitv sisters. The Ilhnois Traction System has always en- deavored to " be pals " with the .students of the f niversity of Illinois through comfort and con- venience in service that is lieyond reproach. East and est from Chamjiaign. the Traction is THERE " vcuir wav, anv hour, anv dav " . Illinois Traction System ( McKinlev Lines Page 646 INSIST THAT YOUR GROCER FURNISH YOU COOKIE-CAKE AND CRACKERS Made by Thomas Clarke Peoria, 111. SO Varieties to select from UGIN ' -MICHMONID SHOP on MEN RiALTO Theatre Building A Trap That Can ' t Air-Bind because it discharges the air and gas as well as the water. The only inoving part in a .lohns- Manville Kadiator Trap is a hollow, copiKT ball which floats up and duwn with the water level in the tra]). When the water level dro])s. the ball drops and gradually rolls over the discharge orifice, thus throttling down the outflow and maintaining sufficient water in the trap to provide a water seal and prevent leakage of steam. When the water level raises the ball, the discharge orifice is exposed and the water is free to flow out ! the tra]). Write for further literature; it c mtains valuable uiformation, and it might come in handy soni ' jini ■. Johns-Manville, Inc. Michigan Ave. and 18th Street Chicago, Illinois Requires no adjustment; nothing to get out of order; noiseless; positive and continuous in oper- ation; without steam leakage, and it cannot air-bind. — RUSHEE B I K 1 Bri A K t r, ? ) ' ! ' tlHA -ii 7f Charles Erastus Harxer Hinsdale Tvrp. H. S. Latin Shark: Latin Forensic Society: Won a Debate from Perk Bass: Track. SMOKE YOUR OLD UMPS CIGARS —SAN JULIA— Mild Havana 10c —SATISFACTION 2 for 15c Frank Matheny Maker 205 E. Healv 8t. New York Costume Company Manufacturers and Renters COSTUMES Most Up-to-Date Establishment in the United States 137 N. Wabash Ave. Chicago L. H. HOWSE EISNER GROCERY Wholesale COMPANY Fruits and Produce Distributors University and Library CANNED GOODS 06-.58 Lain St. CILVMl ' AKIX Page 64S ESTABLISHED ISIS MADISON AVENUE COR. FORTY. FOURTH STREET NEW YORK Telephnnc .l. ' urray H ' M SSoo FOR MKN AND BUYS Complete Outfittings for Every Occasion Ready made or to Measure For Day or Evening Wear For Travel, . Iotor, or Outdoor Sport English Shirts, Neckwear, Hosiery Fine Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps Trunks, alises, Rugs, etc. Send for " Clothes and the Hour " ' BOSTON TneuoMTCCR BOtvstcn NEWPORT 220 BELLtVUE AVENUE BROOKS BROTHERS BciLDisG, Convenient tci Grand Central, Scbway, and Many of the Leading Hotels AND Clcbs PERCIVAL-KIRKPATRICK HARDWARE COMPANY BUILDING HARDWARE, CUTLERY AND TO OLS See Us for HOTEL COOKING UTENSILS-The HENLY LAWN MOWERS and BEST LAWN HOSE 109 N. Ni ' il St. (■ll:Ul]l :li!:il. Ill ■ Dainty SALLY SMART Frocks are essentially " COLLEGE FROCKS ' (Ic.- itiiicil 1 ' LILLIE TREDWELL Suite 533 Stewart Bldg. KW N. State St. ChicnKo, Illinois Go to the UNI SWEET SHOP FOR THE BEST CONFECTIONS 506 E. Green St. Paf.e 640 RUSHEE Robert Bluford ' iolette Beardstow-n High School. (Western 111.) Pres. of Class (4 years): Gen. Man. of Annual; Football (4 ycarsi; Captam year); Member Glee Club; Vinner of Dec- lamation Contest for Western 111.; President Russeltonian Society. irg-inia Theatre The Finest in the Middle West " The Healthiest and Safest Spot in the twin cities 60.000 cubic feet of fresh air cir- culated every minute Always the Highest Class Motion Pictures Symphony Orchestra Hope-Jones Orchestral Organ Varied Subjects Same Program Matinee and Evening Rialto Theatre High Class Motion Pictures Always a Good Show Matinee and Evening Popular F rices Will the President say this to You? your Annual is splendid! You have done a fine thing for your University. If you get out a really fine .■ nnual you will win the compliments and admiration of your classmates, and the respect of the officers of School. For years afterward your book be referred to as " the best book ever issued " — if you give the work your best. Make sure you will work along the best lines by getting the advice of our Ser ' ice Department. ) tf ' riu or this fr.e b-ioi. It sriil help you gft out a " S nappY " Annual. HowtogM W - ' College Annual Engravings Commencement Invitations INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING ELECTROTYPING CO. 222 E.AST OHIO STREET :: :: INDI. . POLlS. I DIA . Page 6so John Mohr Sons BLAST FURNACES, HOT STOVES, METAL MIXERS, BOILERS AND STEEL PLATE WORK OF ALL KINDS GENERAL OFFICES— 9(5th St. Calumet River Phone So. Chicago 06.54 CHICAGO Pa f 6$! RUSHEE Samuel Loveridc.e Martin Watseka High School: Captain Bas ketball Team: Literarj- Society. Xote — This is a ver - small school so there aren ' t very many acti ' ities. Davis Kreeger DECORATORS AND CONTRACTORS IN PAINTING AND GLAZING Telephone, Wentworth 722 211-213 W. 63d Street Established ISSlj CHICAGO. ILLINOIS T. M. Bacon Sons PAINTS, GLASS AND WALL PAPER Corner WaliiiiT and Tailor Street Champaign, Illinois BEST FOOD LOWEST PRICES at the Illinois Union CAFETERIA Owned and Operated by Students IN THE UNION BUILDING Pagi 6j2 Do You Remember the Good MALTS You Used to Get At Tlie WRIGHT SWEET SHOP hen you come back you want to get some more and also some of our other Fountain Products and some of our Home Made Caudv RIDERS " r EN REAL Jr PEN HOP SERVICE RIDER for PENS ' 612 E. Green Street THIS SPACE RESERVED FOR DONALD F UZZIE LAFUZE AND THEODORE T.F. BOURLAND REASONS: UNMENTIONABLE Established ISoti MARINER HOSKINS CHEMISTS AND ENGINEERS 200 » Harris Trust Building ! 1 1 West Monroe Street Telephone 330 CHICAGO Write for Information on Soil and other Agricultural Analyses CENTRAL SERVICE Larjic and i ' 0in|5k ' te stocks of known quality supplies plus im- nu ' diate shipment, of your or- der — that is Central Service, liuyers appreciate the tiniesaving and money-saving advantages of this exceptional service. Ceatral Supply Co. Water, Gas and Steam Fittings Plumbing Supplies 210-23S S. Capital Ave. IXDIAXAPOl.lS RUSHEE George .Martlaxd Hicks This lad was a great man in his high school — in fact his activities and name are so well known to the general public that no repetition is necessary here. Reference: George Hicks for verification. 0. K. BURTON THE UNIVERSITY DIS- TRICT REAL ESTATE MAN The man to see if you want to locate in the University District Main 922 612 E. Green St. CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS THE HANG OUT Vhen you are in college and aftei • you get out, there are few places that hold as dear memories as the old hang out. The ]ilace where yoi 1 can meet your friends and where you can spend your spai e time. When vou think of vour col- lege days, you can ' t forget MOSI-OVER 608 E. Gre en St. Formerly Del Harris Page 6s4 KANDY ' S BARBER SHOP THE UNIVERSITY SHOP FOR PARTICULAR MEN (i. ( ' . Ehrgott, Proi). Phono: Auto 2205 614 E. Green Street Stop at The Inman Hotel The Best Place to Eat and Sleep in the City G. W. Byers and A. Daxielson Proprietors Hand Tailoring Pure Wool Fabrics PITSENBARGER FLYNN ni2 K. Civvcu Street ( " liami)aign. Illinois S. E. DILLAVOU Farm Machinery, Tractors, Gas Engines and Cream Separators ( " lKUiii)ai,u:n. Illinois P ' ' S ( S3 RUSHEE John Duxcax Caxnox jFenger High School (Chicago); Football: Basketball; President Senior Class; Assistant Editor of Annual; Debating Team. Every Graduate Who hus bt-en a iiM-iiihi-r m that splendid musical orgaDization the UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS CONCERT BAND should niakf a mental note of the faet that we maintain a BAND .SERVICE DKPART- MENT which will be glad to co-operate in organizing and installing a band wherever de- sired. Ouce having played in a " real " band you will always want to be a member of a band. If there is none where you locate we stand ready to help you start one. Our Ser iee reaches everj-where a nd is supplied without cost or ob- lication. LET US MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU Call, Write, or Phone for complete information s-fY " r |c)i(ie]fa5i(fo]i|f 320 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, Illinois 1 , Weber ' is ! 1 1 Ml ' 1 Twin Cities yi Trading Photographer ' ) Page 636 ' e thank VdU one and a 11 tor ()ur patronage dui ins the past yciii-s and lioix ' tlia MR. and we u MRS. ly merit it in JIMMIE the tut lire Agency for Whitman ' s " BILLIARDS FOR BRAIN FAG ' " THE CORT " Billiard and Recreation Parlor Operating Eighteen Tables Over 213-215-217 N. Neil St., Champaign, Illinois Large Amphitheater in Connection witli Plenty of Entertainment in Season ENGINEERS ' PRAYER I was sittin ' ' round antl thinkin ' As they shipped out Emma Goldman What a fine world this would be Let ' s ship out the Alpha Chis, If there weren ' t no Delta Gammas As they hung; the hyphen traitors Nor no haughty Alpha Phis. Let us hang the A. 0. Pis. How ' twould liel]) our civilization I ain ' t got no use for women If the Gamma Phis were dead They ' re not a thing to me . nd the Kai)])as and the Thetas I ' m taking Engineering Were filled with sizzling lead. So please, please side with me. Rel Est ihlisi The 1 M Dniftdists K-a iscd Reliable ain Strci-l Store H for . SWANNELL your Prescriptions, SON llii ' KKX-M.L Store Older than tlie I ' nivor. ity Drugs and Drug Store Goods ( ' liaiu)iaiy:n LIFE INSURANCE II AZH.N S. C. I RON Afieiit ( ' liaiiipaicii, IlliiKiis Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. Page 6s7 RUSHEE John McCullough Foster " Jack " was the " big man " of his class and one of the " great men ' on the campus. H. I. CARPENTER INSTRUCTOR OF MUSIC Tuner of Pianos and ( ' liurch Organs — Cirand Pianos a Specialty. Oldest Res- ident Tuner — Have over Five Hundred Instruments in Charge Office— 204 Co-Op Building Garfield 2176 CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS Dwight Brothers Paper Co. Exclusive Printing Paper Dealers Books, Bond, Ledger, Writing Card Boards and Envelopes QUALITY 626-636 So. Clark St. Harrison 395 SERVICE Chicago Pagr 658 HARRY ' S COLLEGE HALL BARBER SHOP has all good barbers Strictly Sanitary Harry IlAinHWK COLLEGE MEMORY BOOKS ARE WORTH WHILE We supply the Books, Events Pictures, and Kodak Prints to fill it. KODAK DURING VACATION- SEND THE FILM TO US Our finishing service is as convenient to you as the nearest mail box during the summer months. Strauch Photo Craft House 625 So. Wright Street Champaign, Ilhnois A. M. BrRKE, President E. I. BriiKi;. icc-Presi(lent nnd Cashier The Citizens State Bank Your business is desired and we aic disposed to grant you every consistent favor. RESOURCES $2,000,()()().U0 (■oriicr Xeil .-111(1 Taylor Sfrccfs CHAMPAIC.X. ILLINOIS ' ' " « ' ■ ' ■ ' .iy RUSHEE Paul Julio Stewart Wendell Phillips High School. Chicago; Baseball (3 yearsi; Football 2 yearsi; Basketball (2 years ) : Seven Letters: President of Senior Class. San Felice 2 for 15c El Verso Perfecto Extra 2 for 2.x- El Verso Adjutants El Verso Puritens Finos lU Cents Highest Grade Cigars For Men of Judgment and good taste. The Deisel-Wemmer Co. LIMA, OHIO Makers Dearborn Chemical Company 332 South Michigan Avenue. Chicago Manufacturers of DEARBORN WATER TREATMENT for ]irevention of Scale, Corrosion, Pitting and Foaming in Steam Boilers HIGH GRADE LUBRICATING OLLS AND GREASES NO-OX-ID- RUST PREVENTATIVE Other Specialties DEARBORN LABORATORIES Specialize on Water and Fuel Analysis and Testing of Oils Teleplione Harrison 3926 Pagf 660 Pasteurized SAFE MILK Filtered Champaig-n Sanitary Milk Co. -Main 1204 A FINE INKS _ i and ADHESIVES Higgins ' For those who KNOW Drawing Inks Eternal Writing Ink Engrossing Ink Taurine Mucilage Photo Mounter Paste Drawing Board Paste Liquid Paste Office Paste Vegetable Glue, Etc. Are the Finest and Best Inks and Adhesives Eniancipato yourst ' If from the um- of ror- rosive and ili-snu ' llinp inks aiui adhosivcs and adopt the Higgins ' Inks and Adhes- ives. They will be a revelation to you. they are so sweet, clean, well put up. and withal so efficient. At Dealers Generally CHAS. M. HIGGINS CO. Manufacturers Branches Chicago. London 271 Ninth Street Brooklyn, N. Y. NOTICE The lioad librarian warns all students who have gum parked vmder the tables to call and get it at onee, as the tables are to be moved, and it will be impossible to recognize the old chewing grounds. = ENGINEERS 215-21 N.Wood St. LAMMERT MANN CO. MACHINISTS Chicago, 111. Rotary Pumps For Dry Vacuum and Pressure Numerous Types -A and Sizes for the Various Service Requirements NO. 1 LABORATORY UNIT " TYPES FOR VACUUM TO WITHIN 1 10 INCH OF BAROMETER ALSO PRESSURE TO 25 LBS. BUILDERS OF SPECIAL MACHINERY Pas-- fi6i RUSHEE Morris Arthur Blimenthai, Frachol High School, Gary; Xoitliprn Oratorical Contest; County Oratorical Con- test; Basketball (2 years); Track; Two Letters; President of Commerce Club; Dra- matics. Start Right by Using The Best Tools Available. The Morse Drills have been the Standard for over 57 Years and are still Making Good. MORSE TWIST DRILL MACHINE CO. New Bedford, Mass. U. S. A. Harvard New de. ' igns and unsiiri)asst ' (l features of beauty and utility mark the Harvard accomiilisliments of the season. The above illus- trates the utilities of the new Harvard platform. For artistic effects, convenience to your patients, see Har- vard chairs, cabinets, electric engines and have them demon- strated to you. Write for catalog THE HARVARD COMPANY ( " aiiton, ( )hi() Page 663 Set B-0816 Pease American Made Drawing Instruments Last a Lifetime For Sale by Engineers Cooperative Society nil CMTl usi ' till-Ill :ill I lull ruUcyc ami tlirll lakr Viiur sft iiild imilVssidiial lilc with tlu ' assurance that PEASE Drawing Iiistriiiiiciits arc liigli grade, accurate, (lepeiulahle Mild will not deteriorate. . iiy small re]iairs required in the years to come are inatle and ecDnuniical because all parts of PE. SE instruments are Intf.iuh. n ' c:e. ble Write for Catalog D-22 202 South Mathews Ave. Urbana, Illinois THE C. F. PEASE COMPANY 824 N. Franklin St., Chicago, 111. Blue Printing Machinery Drafting Room Furniture and Supplies Drawing Instruments " If I couldn ' t get another set of Paragon DraxMng Instruments, you couldn ' t buy these at any price! " Engiiiccr.s and Draftt iiicn, with year; of exiifriciicc lichiiul tlicin, tell lis this every day. The same thing i.s said al..uit mir SLIDE RULES, SURVEYING IN- STRUMENTS, etc. Our name or trade mark on a Drawing; Tuol liiiaranti ' i ' s tiir ( iialit -. Look for it when ymi buy again. KEUFFEL ESSER CO. NEW YORK, 127 Fulton St. General Office and Factories, HOBOKEN, N. J. CHICAGO ST. LOUIS SAN FRANCISCO MONTREAL 516-20 S. Dearborn St. 817 Locust St. 30-34 Second St. 5 Noire Dame St W. Drawing Materials Measuring Tapes Mathematical and Surveying Instruments Page 66? RUSHEE Francis Oscar McDermott Xotre Dame Preparatory School; Football (4); Track (4); Basketball " (2, 3, 4); President of Senior Class; Baseball (2). ESTABLISHED ! Our stability has been crc- ated by serving lUini needs for a period of ten years. Tlie magnitude of our present business is evidence of the full measure of quahty and service we have given. The Third Street Cafeteria G. A. OsTKAND Pavl Grady. ' 22 Piano Headquarters We are the makers cf the ar- tistic C ' anover, Cable. Kingsbury and Wellington Pianos, and the Illinois distributors for the cele- brated Mas:)n I.V- Hamlin. Hard- man. Harrington. Premier. Puritan and Christman Grands. Kcgardless of the type of Piano or Inner- Player you tlesire. we can supply yoiu- needs. OiU " large stocks include instnnnents of every description — Grands. Uprights and Inner-Players — at eveiy price level con- sistent with high quality. And every one is the best in its cla,ss. Whether you are looking for the finest grand piano or merely an inexpensive up- right for the children ' s practice, we urge you to investigate our offerings liefore vou choose. Cable Piano Company 41 Main Street CHAMPAIGN Wabash and Jackson CHICAGO Page 664 The John Deere Line of Farm Implements Steel Plows Chilli-d Plows I Traetor Plows ' Disr Harrows Smoothinc Harrows .Spring-Tooth Harrows Grain Drills Grain Seeders Lime Sowers Corn Planters i Cotton Planters Beet Tools Cultivators Mowers Sulkv Hakes Side Rakes Hay Loaders Stackers Grain Binders Corn Binders Hay Presses KafF.r Headers Manure Spreaders Grain Klevators Corn Shellers Farm Wagons Mountain Wagons Trucks Teaming Gears The Best Known Implement Trademark In the World Spntiinent ami striot businoss i-ii ;- ii.inliuic {■., iii:iki- the famous John Deere trade-mark a ((iiistam ami powerful incentive to maintenanee ami improvement of (|Malily in tlie production of John Deere tools. In sentiment, the traile-niark is as a good family name that must be kept free from debasement. In strict business sense, the trade-mark is a badge of quality that attracts purchasers and that must be rigidly upheld in order to keep the confidence of the buying public. To (lel)ase a single article bearing the John Deere trade- mark would be to weaken the confidence of the buying public in the entire line of John Deere tools. We are justly proud of the great institution that has grown up back of the John Deere trade-mark, and we realize that our future development depends mainly upon the continued signifi- cance to the public of the familiar emblem that is stamped on all John Deere tools. John Deere, Moline, 111. John Deere Plow Works, Moline, Illinois One of the Fourteen Factories belonging to the John Deere Organization. Page 66s RUSHEE Ahthik Cole Humphrey Soldan High School (St. Louis); Member Staff of " Scrpi " (-t); Gym Team; Vice- President Senior Chiss. American Seating Company Manufacturers of SCHOOL FURNITURE CHURCH FURNITURE ASSEMBLY CHAIRS General Offices 14 E. Jackson Blvd. CHICAGO Sales Offices in All Principal Cities Every young person starting out in Ijusiness life should know that it is necessary to build uj) a good name first of all. By o])ening a checking account in tliis strong Bank you ac- quire a credit reference which is respected ever ' where. The Corn Exchange National Bank of Chicago CAPITAL AND SURPLUS $15,000,000 Pag,- 660 If Duncan Took the Picture ' ()U will be intcrestetl to know that the iieji;ative is still on till ' aiul nioi-c pictures can be made from it at any time. We sa e e ery n( s tive we have ever finished pictures fi-oni and will continue to keep them for many years to come. . duj)licate order is alw ' ays sold at a reduced price. H. F. DUNCAN Professional Photographer UnivcrsitN ' District DID YOU EVER THINK OF THIS? If :i fellow tries to kiss a wimian ami jjcts away with it, he ' s a man, if he tries and doesn ' t get away with il, lie ' s a linite; if he doesn ' t try to kiss her but would get away with it if he tried, he ' s a coward; and if he doesn ' t try to kiss her and wouldn ' t get awav with it if he tried, he ' s a wise man. " We Cater to Those " Who Care " MRS. JAS. L. NAUGHTIN GREEN TEA POT DRESSMAKER Lunch Dinner DESIGNER Style, Fit and Finish Guaranteed I ' HONK: M, IN 2i)S.S fil7-lll! Iv Creen Street I40:i W. PAKK ST. t ' rbana, lllini is .lOlIX F. SANDld. M w FRITZ SCHOULTZ CO. COSTUMERS CHICAGO I .oS W i:si ' LAKE STRKET I ' hum. Stati: 77. ' iM Pagf 66 RUSHEE The Kjl K Miller -Wohl Co. R - " H STORE FOR WOMEN Exclusive Store for Mother ' s and 1 Daughter ' s f A Wearing Apparel Corner Xeil and Park Streets Rowland Hill Mirray Hyde Park High School; Football (4): Soccer (2, 3): High School Paper (3. i): Discussion Club (2. 3. 4i: Phvthagorian Club (3, 4); Civics Industrial Ciub 1,3, 4). ( ' hampaign B. A. Railton Co. WHOLESALE GROCERS COFFEE ROASTERS IMPORTERS MANUFACTURERS Organized and operated with the express purpose of supply- ing the needs of Fraternities, Sororities, and Institutions. Our " " Natural " ' " Sunny " and " Barco " Brands are known and used wherever quality food products are demanded. 373-40.5 W. Erie Street. Clucago. Page 66 k? QUALITY, SERVICE AND VALUES Tlii.s i.s Champaign ' s leading Department Store and a reliable place in which to do your .shopping. W.Lewis 6 Co. THE LAW " STUDENT A lawj-er was conning his awful books So heavy, so dull, so dry. Wherefore he looked up from them often and oft .And lamped a co-ed that went by. .■ nd therefore he gazed again and again, .• nd twain to the Oak Tree they tied. " I fear, " so he muttered, " I ' m going to court. " He did; this is what the man said: " Whereas the party of the second part (That, my dearie, is me) Feels deep affection, as he solemnly affirms For the party of the first part — thee. Why can ' t the party of the first part, dear, .And the party of the second part, too. Have a party called a wedding of the parties concerned . nd cancel the " part " part. ' . do! " ORPH E UM THEATER Ori)hcvim Circuit Junior Theaters ALWAYS — Orpheum Circuit Acts and Latest Movie Events NEW SHOW EVERY MONDAY AND THURSDAY Daily Matinees at 3 o ' clock TWO SHOWS NIGHTLY 7:15 and 9:15 Biggest Amusement Bargains in Twin Cities Page 66q RUSHEE Stewart William Pettigrew Oak Park High School; Commencement Speaker; Senior Chiss Play; Debating Club. BidwelPs Better Candies Next to the Post Office PRODUCE MAXIMUM CROPS You simply cannot make soui- soil produce maximum crops. The remedy is COLUMBIA GROUND LniESTOXE. After you haye applied our COLUMBIA GROUND LIMESTONE to your soil, eyery fertilizer will act better. USED by the WISE who FERTILIZE Columbia Quarry Co. Producers of Columbia Brand Grotmd Limestone, also all sizes of crushed stone for concrete construction or roail IniiUling, and distributors of Ground Limestone Spreaders. Plants in Illinois on the Mobile it Ohio Railroad, Missouri Pacific Rail- road, and Chicago, Peoria, and St. Louis Railroad. General Office, 710 Fullerton Building, St. Louis, Mo. We offer you these important advantages PRICE PROMPT SHIPMENT QUALITY Pagf 6jo Producer and Public Served by the Modern Grain Exchange The riiicago Board of Trade is a meeting place f(ir the Iniyers and sellers of actual grain and other foodstutYs. The so-ealled speculative market is merely an im])ortant element in that marketing. It is a ])rinciiile of economics that there can be no ownership of proi)erty without risk. Whether a tran.- action be in real estate, bonds, brick, wheat or what not, the element of risk is ])resent. It is all a speculation. The grain exchange system has harnessed speculation and made it serve the public good. The speculati e market in grain makes hedging, or price insur- ance, possible. Hedged grain is grain which carries insurance against loss to the owner by jirice changes. It covers the raw i:)roduct from country elevator to mill. This insurance is as necessary as insurance on one ' s house. As the speculative market alone affords this insurance its im- portant place in grain marketing must be recognized. By reason of this protection the farmer receives more for his grain: the consumer pays less. The Chicago Board of Trade invites the student body, the faculty and the alumni to visit the world grain market. Literature descrii)tive of the functions of the grain exchange may be had on request, either in person or by letter. The Chicago Board of Trade Page 67 RUSHEE Roy Emil Roos Nicholas Senn Hio:h School (Chicago): Class Basketball: Vice-President Glee Club: Orchestra; Took the leads in plavs given bv the Glee Club. MENS NAVY BLUE SUITS FOR SPRING Made from pure unfinished Worsted, either in herringbone or plain weaves, in our famous PITT MODEL Three or Four Button A very unusual offering at ' 52.50 VStarr Best - Randolph and Wabash CHICAGO Twin City Printing Company llli-llS North Neil Street CHA-MPAIGN The desire to please is our strongest impulse College and High School Annuals Engraving and Embossing Commercial and Society Stationery Dance Programs Menus To satisfy this desire, we have prepared ourselves zvith good zvork- men and equipment to produce neat and artistic printing. Page 672 When you hit CHICAGO Youv ' c a million and one things to do and hardly time to do any one ot them. It ' s then that ' ' Ou ' vish there were some-one who could Make a hotel reservation for you Get you seats for the best show in town Shop for you Get a new stem for your pipe Have a suit pressed in a hurry Check your bag Tell you about the newest things in clothes — dress ties, studs, etc. Do things for you that only riral friends do these days — " ou may know it, but all this and more is but a part of Dockstader Sandberg service. It is willingly rendered to patrons gratis. Don ' t hesitate to send a letter or wire when ou want something in Chicago. J no JylcLns Snop Pa$f 67.? RUSHEE Frederick Ichabod Toirtelot Thi.s profile beai-s a history in itself. What an innocent looking boy — but. Oh. the finished ])ro[luct. M eh ring Hanson Co. Heating, Ventilation, Cooling Systems, Power Plants, General Pressure Piping 111 Years Experience .Main 2010 and 2011 lls X. Fraiikliu Street Chicago, Illinois DRAWING MATERIALS DIETZGEN SURVEYING INSTRUMENTS MiiAbUKliNLr lAPES Sold by local Book Stores 162-166 W. Monroe Street Chicago. Illinois ()U Slioiikl Know — We had so many satisfied customers in 1921 that our business doubled. We liked the pohcy — " ' 100 per cent sati.sfaction, or monev cheerfully refunded " . Page 6j4 For a Quarter of a Century the U of I SUPPLY ' STORE The Co-Op.i has served the needsof thegrowinjj tribeolthe lUini. As theUni- versity and its great family has increased in size and eoinplexity so has this store grown in its successful efforts to meet or to antici- pate tile recjuii-ements of students, faculty, and alumni, p(Mtaii - ing not only to the classroom, the laboratory, and the drafting room, hut also to many others. Whether at the University or far away, the lUini will find us ready to supply any book, instrument, or item of equipment he many require. lUini mementoes and gifts. Illinois stationery, song books, jewelry, — a thousand and one things we have here for you. In one thing we do not change: our jiolicy to give careful, square, intelligent service to all alike. Write to us when you are in need. U of I Supply Store On The Square Green and Wright Streets Champaign I ai ' ( 75 RUSHEE Pail Cuxliffe Sweet Battle Creek High School: Football (3. 4): Track (2, 3. 4): Basketball (4): Band (1, 2, 3, 4i: Athletic Editor of High School Paper, Athletic Editor of Annual Year Book (4); Athletic Board of Control (i). Bell 795 The Taylor Hardware Company 74 E. University Ave. CHAMPAIGN. ILL. Our Xuiiiliei- Xineteen Catalog of . J ;:—- [BESLYl CHICAGO MACHINISTS ' , :kIILL AND RAIL- ROAD SUPPLIES BRASS, COPPER AND BRONZE In Sheets, Rods, Wire and Tubes BESLY GRINDERS BESLY TAPS Is used for Reference in most of the leading Engineering Colleges and Institutes Copy on request CHARLES H. BESLY COMPANY llN-124 North Clmtou St. CHICAGO Works. Beloit. Wis. Pag,- ( f Mueller COMBINATION SINK FAUCET lldl, cold iir tciiiporcd water lliiniitili spout t)r spray. It makes work at the sink less lisafireeai)l( Keeps tli( hands out ot ' the water. Nothiufi etiual to it for washiiiii ' and rinsing dislies and N ' esietaliles. especially lettuee, s|)inarh, cabbage, etc. H. MUELLER MFG. CO. DECATrii. ILL. . i; VOHK S.V.N lK. XCLSCO K 3()-2.5 ll. KRY Derrocuh Hakhv .Moore Derrough Moore Slate, Tile, Tin, Gravel and Pre- pared Roofing, Sheet Metal Work in All Its Branches HEAVY IHOX WORK . SPECLVLTY M:iiii ■2iY2 .50S X. Xo ISt. (11 AMI ' AKIX PARADISE . shaded room, . n open fire, . eozy nook, Your heart ' s desire. PURGATORY ' I ' lie selfsame room. With lights just few, The same little nook, Willi Ma there, too. INFERNO Pile room, the nook. The shade, the lire. The firealest ehancc- . nd enter sire! Page 677 RUSHEE m T ' ' ' ' White Line Laundry B fl R t biA White Line Cleaners White Line Pressers BP White Line Rug Cleaners iI ' rfT Mam 40o Darwin Beach Carre Maiuial Training H. S., New Orleans, La.: Football (4 years); Basketball; Traek; Editor of Paper. Telephones Wabash 0927—0928 United States Blue Print Paper Company GENERAL SALES AGENTS FOR THE WORLD-FAMOUS GENUINE RICHTER DRAWING INSTRUMENTS 201-207 South Wabash Avenue Chicago, Ilhnois Page 67S KawTieer Factory. Nilos. Michigan, with Plyni Park in Background T H F " il COM PANY NILES MICHIGAN FRANCIS J. PLYM. President (Illinois, ' 97) SIMPLEX REVERSIBLE DRAWN METAL WINDOW FIXTURES MOULDINGS KAWNEER SOLID COPPER STORE FRONTS SERVICE AND SALES OFFICES Atlanta, Ga. . Boston, Mass. Buffalo, N. Y. . Chicago, 111. Detroit, Mich. . 1109 Chandler Bldg. 6 Beacon St. . 551 Ellicott Sq. 1260-61 Conwav Bldg. 610 Ford Bldg. Indianapolis, Ind. 701 National City Bank Bldg. Kansas Citv, Mo. . . 1211 Grand Ave. Temple New York. ' N. Y. . . . 233 Tenth Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. . . 501 Central Trust Bldg. ALSO Ka vti( ' ( r Mfg. Co. of Califoi-nia - Hcrkclrv. ( ' ai. GENERAL OFFICES AND FACTORY NILES, MICHIGAN Pagf 679 RUSHEE Dov(;las Ananias Fessen ' dex Onawa High School, Iowa; Football, (4 j ' ears); Baseball, (3 years); Basketball, (1 year); Track. Captain, (1 year); WrestUng, (1 year); Editor of School paper; Senior Play; President of Junior Class; Ten Letters, SOUTHERN TEA ROOM Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, and Dinner Banquets and Parties Urbana and Champaign Ry., Gas and Electric Co. GAS AND ELECTRIC APPLIANCES OF ALL KINDS Bell 24S0 Page 6So IT ' S NEW AND IT ' S PRACTICAL Special Features Prism Glass in Doors. Far more exix-iisivo, Imt also far more attractive. Verde Antique Marble Base is more costly llian other marble, but more beautiful. Interior is more complete in arrangement of details than any other cabinet on the market. Special Features Steel Drawer Bodies with mahcipmy or oak fronts. No nmrc swelling or stick- iiisr of drawers. Medicine Closets lined with White Glass. All other white medicine closets turn yellow, es- pecially when enamel is painted on wood. THISiSTAYS WHITE No. 125 Cabinet Patent Applied for BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED ;ind tlu ' interior was arraiifit ' d liy one who i.s in con.stant touch with dentists who know. Our goods can be coniliined with (haii-. Engine, Unit, etc., and purchased on one contract on easy monthly ]i:iyinents. if desired. You cannot afford to ptnciiase yoiu ' office equiimicnt until you have seen this Cabinet. Our catalog will be mailed on request. THE AMERICAN CABINET CO. TWO RIVERS, WISCONSIN Page 6$i RUSHEE Perkins Bo co Bass. Jr. " Perk " refused to divulge his shady past, but we ' ve heard he was a ' star athlete. Oh well, we love to sing the praises of our " parlor athletes ' ' and " kitchenette wrestlers. ' Chicago Bridge Iron Works STEEL TANKS For All Purposes ST. CKS AND IIK.WY PL.XTE WORK Write for catalog SALES OFFICES iHlCA(;n, ILL i; V VuUK. N. V, ATI AXTA. GA. MliNTREAL. ONT. DALI AS. TEX. SAN FRAXCI.SCO PORTT.AND. ORE. ■SEATTLE. WASH. SHOPS Chicago, 111. Greeu -ille. Pa. Bridgeburg, Ont., Canada Western Brick Company DANVILLE, ILLINOIS Furnished the face brick for Ceramics Building and Girls " Dormitory at U. of I. Manufacturers of Shale Common Brick, Hollow Tile and Artistic Face Brick Including ■DORIC and GOTHIC SHADES STIPPLED TEXTURE Annual capacity over 100,000,000 Page- 6S2 lMl()T()(il!ArilS OF DISTLXCTIOX FOR DISCRLMLXATIXC; PEOPLE A. Sherman Hoijt PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER 208 Xortli Xeil ( " lianii)ai " ;n. Illinois A bore at eating times, is Agricultuic Jake. With uncomhed hair and raucous rimes, he ' s surely cjuite a rake. He lives on fertiHzinti schemes, hay chokes his rowdy cheers; Dairy-maids content his dreams and horse-hairs fill his cars. The Engineer ' s a hard old nut, a clumsy, grimy dolt, hose hair is left to grow uncut — his comb a greasy bolt. The only dates that he can get are lady engineers. When out with them you ' re safe to bet, he oiilv Inivs three beers. Good Merchandise Good Values Capper Capper are famous for men ' s fine wear. They have been meet- ing the exacting requirements of the best dressers for many years. They are eciually well known for the values they give in all their stores (III all lines of good merchandise worn l)y men. Large, concentrated buying power, made possilile by many outlets, en- ables them to clo a volume of business which brings pric( ailvantages unusual in the trades and cuts down overhead. You get the lienefit of this in your purchases. Stores located in Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and St. Paul. LONDON CHICAGO DETROIT MILWAUKEE SAINT PAUL- MINNEAPOLIS America ' s Finest Men ' s ' Wear Stores Page 683 PROM LEADERS Something Hot No, it ' s coolness that you want. Somthing to rofrcsh you after a trip to tlie " Orph " or the ' ir- j:inia. Let us serve you from oui ' two fountains. THE DELUXE CONFECTIONERY Corner of Church and Xcil Sts THE VIRGINIA CONFECTIONERY Virginia Theatre Bldg. B. E. SPALDIXG President O. A. MARKER Vice-President V. B. HAYES Cashier FRANCES P. GAR KR Ass ' t Cashier University State Bank of Champaign C ' HAMPAKi.N, Illinois Total Resources $350,000.00 Tlie Only Hank in The UXIVERSITV DLSTKICT " A University Depository " Page 684 The Store in the Center of the Block on Green Street TEXT BOOKS ENGINEERING and ARTISTS SUPPLIES STATIONERY and MUSIC SPALDING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT FOUNTAIN PENS LEATHER NOTE BOOKS SERVICE SAVING SATISFACTION ri(Mi i:. ( ,irvu Street " CHUCK " BAILEY -Managers ■SHELBY ' HIMES Pagf 6Ss " Mugsy " Fiych, the old son-of-a-gun, just shot a rabbit with a hare lip. Heck, m ' He shot it with a gun. Learn to Dance at the MARY ELLEN McCLAIN STUDIO The University District Danrin r School Instruction given in classes and private lessons. Studio 614 E. Green St. (Hughes HaU) Telephone G. 3323 Save 25 to 50% ON KODAKS GRAFLEX, ANSCO, REXO AND PREMO CAMERAS lO-Dav Free Trial Guarantee -If iinsatisfactorv. monev will he refunded in full. Obtain a Copy of Our Latest Bargain Book listing hundreds of slightly used and new cameras, also supplies of even- description. Xo matter what camera you want, we can save you money. Compare our jjrices with others on slightly- used and new cameras and we know you will he another one of oiu- satisfied customers. Our prompt and fair dealing will please you. Estahlished in Photographic Business over 23 years. Central Camera Co. 124 South Wabash Ave.. Dept. 0-1. Chicago. III. Pa ' e 6S6 A. E. GILBERG cSc COMPANY IX((iI?I ' { l; ATil) CANNED FOOD PRODUCTS Pure Fruit Jams COFFEES TEAS GROCERS SPECIALITIES Pure Fruit Jellies 229 North State Street Chicago, Illinois Catering to Colleges, Fraternities, Sororities and Cafeterias Represented by C. W, GILBERG I Illustrating Two Stage Type SI Centrifugal Pump direct connected to Gas- oline Motor for stand-by unit. Whetheryour pump prop- osition entails the use of centrifugals, deep well plunger pumps or deep well turbines of standard size or special design — there is an " American " Pump built to meet your needs. The American Well Works General Office and Works Aurora, Illinois Chicago Office First National Bank Building This Trade Mark stands for Quality and Economy Our packing is best by test The Garlock Packing Company :ij(i MadiMiii M,. ( liir;ii;i — lir.iiniii 111 ,ill rriiiripal ( itii A FEW OF OUR REPRESENTATIVE STYLES No. 200 — Hiii!i for llinb Pressure Steam Xo. 333 — KiiiK for MeiliuiM Pressure Steam No. 2t 0 — King for Inside Packed Plunders of Boiler Feed Pumps No. 443— Special Dun for Outside Packed Boiler I ' eed Pumps No. 900 — Hitcli Pressure .Sheet for Steam. . ir and Ammonia Xo. 22 — I{ed Huhlier Sheet for fienenil service. Page 687 Aiindiiiiriiifi T. N. E. ' s candidates: MixMK Mulberry AND George Chandler The Original Illini was Eaa shabbily dressed individual. Hut there ' s no reason why the modern " Illini-wek " can ' t be dressed in the best with such a store on the campus as CLOTHES SHOP 510 East Green " LISTEN GIRLS " The Shop of Exclusive Furnishings For Illini Women — LA VOGUE SHOP Mrs. Latra (Iadd Smith Cosmeticians That Excell in Exclusive Work for Illini Women MARINELLO SHOP .Mn . Hess K le Six-O-spvpii East Green Page 6SS The Young Women ' s Christian Association of the UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Whatthe Y. W. C. A. has: Room and board accommodations for sixty girls Assembly ' room Reading and social rooms Committee rooms Offices YOUR SUPPORT WILL BE APPRECIATED Address HF.CRETARY of Y. . C. A. 801 South ' ri ■ht Street C ' ' hanii)ai in, Illinois Pagf 689 Men of ' 23 ft ' rHROlGH the rest of your college career it will be the a: piration of this store to con- tinue the plea.sant relationships of which it has been so proud in the past. Roger Zombro Apparel for University Men Green Street of course Champaign FORE! " Mick " Murphy likes to get clubby with the driver. VEACH has the BEST BUTTERED Pop Com and ROASTED Peanuts Caps, Gowns, Hoods Comer of California and Mathews rE MAKE the collegiate caps, gowns, and hoods which you as seniors will wear in the aca- demic procession in June. Roger Zombro is our local distributor E. R. Moore Co. We feature good looking things in Diamonds, Watches, and Jewelry also Specialize in the mounting of Dia- monds and precious stones in our own Work Shop. CARL W. MOUCH Successor to Smith Mouch Xeil at T;iyl(ir Street. Champaign. III. " The House of Perfect Diamonds. " 932-938 Dakin Street Chicago, Illinois " age 6qo Established I Mil GEOB-CARPEf TER Co. Mill, Contractors, and Railroad Supplies TENTS AND CAMP OUTFITS Reliable Goods Prompt Service Right Prices Our (lid and steady customer the Univeisity of Illinois and many of the alumni will certify to our ability and willingness to take care of your requirements in the best way possible. Send for Catalog 440 No. Wells St., Chicago CHICAGO PUMP COMPANY OU J LI T Y C I- X T R I F I ' C A L Pi ' M P S FOR EVERY BUILDING SERVICE CONDENSATION VACUUM HOUSE BILGE SEWAGE OFFICE WORKS 2300-2336 WOLFRAM STREET CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, U. S. A. Representatives throughout the United States and Foreign Countries WHEN you think of a H. KERY and its iwiducts — vou think of THE UXIVHRSITV niu ' c; STORE coon PASTHIKS cool) JiliKAD COOD .SERVICE GREEN STREET — we have all these. PHARMACY WM. BERRYMAN 213 South Neil B. E. SrALDiNc, I ' roi)rictor Corner Cirecn and Sixth Streets •On the Way to Town. " Pagf 6qi Dean Horace serenades the fair Isabelle. Billiej (that ' s what they call her at the Chi house), was Dean Ruby ' s choice for W. L. President. Xeedless to say, she was defeated. EXCELLENCE IX PHO- TOGRAPHY is a subtle tliiiifi;, easy for the person of good taste to recognize and appreciate, but hard to get and harder to exph in. I cannot tell you what it is, but I believe I can show you. Let me try. LOIS GUILD Telephones Main 759 Main tiS-l Main Office 24 E. Van Buren St. 334 S. " al)ash . ve. Tel Harrisiin S. " ) ' .t7 Branch Office Crofoot, Nielsen Co. BLUE PRINTERS BLUE PRINTING, BLACK PRINTING, BLUE LINE AND COLOR PRINTING Drawing Materials Special Service Always Speed and Results, Big Floor Space and Equi]iment for Rush Orders 172 West Washington Street CHICAGO Pagf 6qj High Grade Drawing Instruments LARGEST ASSORTMENTS HIGHEST QUALITY lOOS VALUE Ask Your Dealer for them Or write us for catalog THE FREDERICK POST CO. .Mamfactirkrs 319 South Wabash Avenue CHICAGO 3635 Non SORORITY PINS fWfWf! EsTAin.isHKi) 1S7;? A. H. PETTING MANUFACTURING JEWELRY CO. MAMl ' AC ' IIKKKS Greek Letter Fraternity Jewelry 213 XoiiTH I.iFiKic ' ii Sthi;i;t BALTIMORE, MD. } u :,r (h} Wlmt the Sam Hill? DRUGS KODAKS SPORTING GOODS Agency for Martha Washington Candies Cunningham Bros. 25 : Iain Street Champaign, Illinois TYPEWRITERS FOR SALE OR RENT R. C. WHITE CO, G12 ( vcvn Street Champaign, Illinois ' Royal and Corona Agency ' Pagf 61)4 i;xTii,ATi()x m M - mw MY Lm. music G. H. Movers Maiumins Diroctor SHOWIXC; A ' l " ALL TLMES Only the Best in Motion Pictures The Current of Public Api)ro al Flows Toward The Park We are the Big Men of the College We lead the social whirl. We originate the latest steps in dancing. Our clothes are the latest word in the world of exclusive styles. Scheming Mothers continually pursue us, hoping that we will fall victims to the charms of their daughters. WE ARE the modem Apollos of the University. None can resist our charms. The University public is continually showering honors upon us. WE ARE IT WE ARE THERE HOW DO WE DO IT? Hcnil (lur hiioklft, ' •Tho Subtle .Vrt of Bluffing. " JOSEPH R. PATTON GEORGE W. DIEFENDERFER Pagf 6qs ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITTANNICA ILLINOIS EDITION Fraternity — A ))I;u-c to spend papa ' s money, acquire a dress suit, hear the latest stories and get dates without knowing any girls. Sorority — Tiie reason for fraternities. See Mad-house. Professor — Big Ben ' s only rival when it comes til disturbing sleep. See Goats. Campus — Xobody knows. Administration Building — Where worn-out stenngraiihers take the rest cure. See chew- ing gum. Law College — A mad house for mad men to have a mad time and make everybody else mail. Library — The support for the chimes. See Dates. The Daily lUini — The world ' s greatest newsjiaper. Run for, in. under, around, against and in spite of the University of Illinois. GET YOUR TEXT BOOKS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES at YOUR STORE The store from which you and your fellow students get the profits ENGINEERS CO- OPERATIVE SOCIETY J. R. LiNDLEY, Manager 202 :Mathews Avenue Urbana, Illinois Ray L. Bowman Jewelry Company WATCHES, DIA.MONDS, ART GOODS HAMILTON BUILDING CHAMPAICX, ILLINOIS Miss Ray L., ' Slsr. Page 6q6 THERE ARE CLOTHES AND CLOTHES It is not hard to find a store which sells clothes. The thing that is hard to find, is a store which deals in clothes combin- ing the best features of style and quality, and whose prices are within your means. Wilson-Bishop clothes insure you of that ease of mmd which a finished per- sonal appearance gives, and make you confident that you are wearing the best there is. WILSON-BISHOP CO. TOWER BUILDING 6 NORTH MICHIGAN AVE. CHICAGO Page 697 Imogen Wilson — the bobbed haired Hol- lander. She ' s a firm behever in modern means of transportation. Roberts Grant Meats, Provisions, Live Stock, Poultry, Hides,Wool 113 South Neil Street Champaign, Illinois Established 191 Live Stock Receiving Station Prospect and Bloomington Road i THE GOODRICH WAY Established 1856 — From Chicago — To Milwaukee, Manitowoc, Stur- geon Bay. Escanaba. Mackinac I -land, Grand Rapids. Grand Haven. Muskegon ami White Lake. The (3nly Year ' Round Great Lakes Service. Yacation Guides Free Plan Your Summer Vacation Now. Write for Illustrated Folder or Resort Booklet. GOODRICH TRANSIT COMPANY DOCKS: -Michigan Blvd. and River, Chicago. CITY OFFICE: 104 So. Clark .St. Page 6qS TWIN CITY ROOFING COMPANY IIknuv In., l ' r.i|ii ici i- lTicur|ii r:iti ' il ■ Manufacturers of Galvanized Iron and Copper Cornices SLATE, TILE, TIN AND GRAVEL ROOFING Sheet Metal work in all its Branches. Metal Sky Lights. We make a specialty of erecting metal ceilings 201 ■• Diith Street CH. MP. K!X, ILLIXOIS Paris Dyeing and Cleaning Co. Office 12S West (•hureli Plant 114 West Clark Reliable and Expert French Dyers and Cleaners Offioe Office Ml 044 Plant M1944 J. Geo. Johnson UPHOLSTERER FURNITURE REPAIRING, WINDOW SHADES UPHOLSTERING, MATTRESSES AND PICTURE FRAMES Shops; lib West Park Avenue CHAMPAIGN Main 350 DONT FORGET PEANUT BOB ' S PLACE Corner Third and Clreen If your clothes aren ' t becoming to you You ' d better be coming to me. THE STUDENTS TAILOR Chas. D. Smith 23 Robt. H. Smith ' 24 501) K. Creen Street Giir. 2. ' )2:i Made to Measure Clothing Cleaning, Pressing, and Alterations Pag,- 6oo JOKE I. RIDDLE) Q- — Why is an el( ' i)hant like a piano? A. — Bpcausc tlicie is a B in both. Note: Tlie B lias no reference whatsoever to either the elephant or the piano but refers to the word both, whose initial letter is B. This a prominent example of one of our best types of so-called humor. It is known as the Misplaced Kick ariety. Laugh is optional. JOKE II. (COARSE JOKE) Q. — What course do you expect to graduate in? A. — In the course of time. Xote: This course is not listed in the curriculum. It is merely an idiomatic ex- pres.sion used by the hoi poloi. Laufihter. Superior Printing Service FLANIGAN PEARSON COMPANY 10 Chester Street Champaign This space donated by The Warner System Co-operative Business Management for Greek letter fraternities Accounting co-operative purchasing Represented at University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota University of Michi(;ax University of Illinois Northwestern University Rush Medical College University of Illinois 608 East Green Street Champaign, IlHnois Page yoo GUESSING AT NUMBERS One Way to Secure Poor Service Tho .Man wild • ' ( iucsst-d " that the . " ):1. " ) left at 5:25 missed his train. But he di(hrt ihsturli any one else— in fact, the other passenfjcrs liad the use of an extra seat. Tlu ' man Iiegan the practise of usin the time table. The man who " guessed " that, his friend ' s telejjhone ti umber was •• 17:?9 " when actually it wa.s " 1937 " missed the connection he wanted. Rut— am! here is what we object to— he did disturb some one else. He aroused an estimable lady — a patron of ours, who never guesses at num- bers— trom her afternoon nap; and she, naturally and unfortunately for us, lilamed the telephone company for the annoyance! PLEASE DON ' T GUESS AT TELEPHONE NUMBERS USE THE DIRECTORY LOOK THEM UP Illinois Bell Telephone Company (). F. (lakk, Manager The water sii)i])Iied liy tlie ( ' haiii])aiKn Urbana Water rom])aiiy to the Twin Cities i.s taken from .33 tube wells 160 feet deep, and is pumped into a receiving liasiii being ariated for the pur])i)se of oxidizing the iron content. It is then ])uinped to the me- chanical filters for the ])ur- pose of removing the iron. liquid Chlorine is introduced into the water before enter- ing the filters in the quantity of four i)ounds per million gallons of water. The water flows from the filter into the storage reservoirs from which it is pumjied into the eiglit - luiles of distributing mains. " IIvUIi. . T W ATKK IS .S. Ki; " Service Quality T in City Cafes No. 1 Down Town 309 North Neil Street No. 2 University District 631 East Green Street YORTZES SPANG Proprietors rtt,r JO I JOKE III. PUN I Q. — How dill nit nit rs liii ht rates) nfigi- nate? A. — In a hotel. Note: ' riie dual fole played by the im- portant word is eleverlii ' tlesignated by ])aren- thesis. The jioint deiiends upon the mis- understanding or the miseonstrued inter- pretation of the original intention. JOKE IV. RIDDLED) ( — Why is a sidewalk Hke a barn? A. — Because they are botli eold in winter. Note 1. — Sidewalks become very rold in winter. This often causes cracking of the cement. Note 2. — Barns are often unheated during the most rigorous weather. Laugh here. 4Q Main Champaign CHICAGO MARKET CO. Handling 85 ' , of all Fraternity business at Illinois Bell 232 Garfield 1611 ROSE THEATRICAL COSTUME CO. Manufacturers and Iin])orters of MASQUERADE AND THEATRICAL COSTUMES Full Dress Suits for Rent or Sal Headquarters for Minstrel Show- Costumes. Complete Line of Stage Make-up ISO West Washington Street Phone Franklin 3680 30 Years Professional Experience Call and See I ' s Feder. l Reskhve B, xk Chic. co MORAVA Construction Co. MANUFACTURES STRUCTURAL STEEL FOR ALL PURPOSES Capacity 30,000 Tons per year Gexer. l Office.s Bridge and Structural Steel Works 8301 to 84.57 Stewart Ave. CHICAGO Page- ■ 02 COMPLETE INTENSIVE STENOGRAPHIC COURSE Stenograiiliii- liaiiiiiiK is iriv:ilu;ililc to tlip eollege, professional or business woman. An unusual i)i)i)ortunity is alTdiik ' d to university gratluates or undcr railuatcs to kc ' ' ' I ' s coiniilctc steno- graphic training in three months in our SPECIAI IN- TENSIVE COURSE. Only university graduates or undergraduates are el- igible for this s])ei ' ial ' ourse, whieh is given (lUarterly, a new elass beginning in July, October, January and April. Bulletins on Special Course and Secretarial Courses mailed on request ; no solicitors employed. MOSER SHORTHAND COLLEGE Twelfth Floor Lake iew Building 116 South Michigan Avenue R. NDOLPH 41547 rTncAOO, ILLINOIS I ' AL ' L .MOSEK, J.D., Tli.B. Anne Williams, the winner of our Beauty Section contest, ami that handsome hoot- owl, Russ Merz. They are sure acquainteil with their " oeufs " . . lso — Bobbie Biu ' ns the panatello — shaped snake, showing Merrv Roof the N. B. K, handshake. EAT at TITE WADS The Home of Coffee An ICE CREAMS ICES CHAMPAIGN ICE CREAM CO. 11.-.-117 i;. ixi l•:lis ave. SHERBETS Main 17.5 G. KKIH1.I) ■_M07 Page 70s college men — the leaders of fashion are sold on Rexford Kelder Service SUITS AND OVERC ' OATS READY-TO-WEAR AND : IADE-TO-AIEASURE Rexford Kelder Clothing for Men Seventh Flupr Kimball HfiLDixr, 25 E. Jackson Blvd. CHICAGO Page- 704 Etchings Lolorpl tes Sirrcejspsl G.R.( RUBB 6 Co. We invite you to HOOVER S HAIR CUTTING PARLOR Basement Tnion Building The most convenient place on the campus Kennedy ' C an d ie O 605 East Green Street Champaign, Illinois THE COVER OF THIS ANNUAL IS A PRODUCT OF The David J. Molloy Company Creators and Manufacturers of book and catalog covers, specializing in college and high school annual covers. 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois Send for samples Pagf 70s Established 1S92 Brock Rankin Incorpiirati ' d 619 South La Salle Street Chicago, Illinois Edition Book Manufacturers ' a Page jo6 This Book is a product of the Year Book De- partment of the Rogers Printing Company Dixon and Chicago, 111. Page yoy Pagf 70S GENERAL INDEX Acacia 412,410 Achoth 526,527 Adel| hic Literary Society 591 Ailvcrtisiiic Section 642, 707 Agricultural Club 607 Apriculture College 30. 31 Alethcnai o ' .)3 Ali ha Ali ha Aljiha 559 Alpha Chi Omcua 510, 511 Alpha Chi Hho. 462, 46:-! Alplia Chi SiKma 43S, 4:59 Alpha Delta Phi 400, 401 Alpha Delta Pi 520, .Vil Alpha EpsiUm 492. 493 Alpha Epsilon Phi .534, 535 Alpha Epsilon Pi 4S2, 4S3 Alpha Gamma Delta . " )2S. .529 Alpha (jannna Hhn 420, 421 . lpha Kajiini Kai |)a ISS, 189 Ali)ha Kappa l.anihda 468, 469 Alpha Kai)i a Psi 564 . lpha ( )iuicron Pi .... 522, 523 Alpha Phi 542, .543 Alpha Hho Chi 450, 457 Alpha Sigma Phi 452, 4.53 Alpha Tan Alpha 582 Alpha Tau Omega 392, 393 . lpha Xi Delta 5Hi. 517 .Al[)ha Zeta .554 Alumni A.ssociation 211 .American .A.ssociation of Engineers. .... 605 -American .Society of Civil Engineers 602 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 603 Anubis 472. 473 Architectural Club 614 Architectural Year Book Staff 233 -Athenean Literary Society 594 Athletics. Men 323, 377 . thletic.s. Women 28S. 299 Hand. Concert Band, Otticers Hands, Regimental Beta Al))ha Psi Beta Delta . ignia. . . Beta Camma Sigma. 261 2.58 262 565 442, 443 553 Beta Lambda 498 Beta Theta Pi 402, 403 Bethany Circle .548 Board of Trustees 23 Caoutchouc 248. 249 Centro l.iterario Espanol 598 Chemical Club 611 Chi Beta 416, 417 Chinese Students Club 496 Chi Omega 512, 513 Chi Phi 444.445 Chi Psi 428, 429 Club Latino-Americano. . 599 Commerce Club (iOO Commerce, College of 32, 33 Concordia 488, 489 Congregational House 546 Cosmopolitan Club 480, 481 Daily mini Staff 218, 222 Daubers 618 Dean Babcock 26 Dean Chailsev ; 36 Dean Clark 24 Dean Daniels 37 Dean Davenjjort 30 Dean Day 174 Dean Eycleshymer 170 Dean ,lones 34 Dean Mason 25 Dean Moorehead 172 Dean Hicharils .28 Dean Thompson .32 Debate 255, 256 Delta Delta Delta. 530, 531 Delta Gamma 514, 515 Delta Kajipa Epsilon 410, 411 Delta Mu Ejisilon 580 Delta Phi 432,433 Delta Phi Omega 490, 491 Delta Sigma Delta 190, 191 Delta Sigma Phi 446,447 Delta Tau Delta 382,383 Delta Theta Ejjsilon 583 Delta I ' psilon 398, 399 Delta Zeta 536, 537 Dentistry, College of 172 Director . " tiven 36 Director Windsor 37 E Education, College of .36 Electrical Engineering Society 604 Engineering. College of 28, 29 Enterpriser StatT 229 Eta Kappa Nu 567 F Farm House 458, 459 Finis 711 Fraternity Index. . 380 Freshman Officers 108 Freshmen Frolic 241 G Gamma Alpha 569 Ciamma Epsilon Pi 563 Gamma Eta Gamma 584 Gamma Phi Beta 524, 525 Ganuna Pi .Vlpha 576 Gamma Pi I ' jjsilon 581 Gargovle 577 Glee Club. Mens 264 Glee Club. Women ' s 264 Graduate School 37 (ucgurian Literary Society 597 Ciun and Blatlc Club 616 H Home Economies Club. Honor Commission Hoof and Horn Club Horticulture Club lilO 210 009 608 I mini Hall 586 mini Pubhshing Company 216, 217 Illinois Agriruhurist StatT 231 Illuiois Chemist Staff 232 Illinois Magazine Staff 227 Illinois Cnion 205, 207 Illinois Cnion Dances 242 lllicila Literary Society 596 lllio Staff .: 223,226 llus 424,425 I ' age 709 In Memoriam 22 Iota Phi Thota 494, 495 Iota .Sigma Pi " )73 J James, Ex-President Kdmund Janes . 18, 19 Jamesonian Literary Societ)- 595 Junior Class Officers 162 Jvmior Prom 236, 237 Junior To])notehers 163, 166 K Kappa Aljiha Theta. . . .504, 505 Kappa Delta Pi 578 Kapiw Delta Rho 478, 479 Kappa Kap])a Gamma .508, .509 Kappa .Sigma 386, 387 Kappa Psi 195 Kinlev, President David 20, 21 Ku Klux Klan 588 L Lambda Chi Alpha 440, 441 Lambda Tau Kho 612 Law, College of 34, 35 Le Cercle Francais 600 Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of. 26, 27 Library School 37 M McKinley Hall 547 Marine Club 617 -Mask and Bauble 244 Ma-Wan-Da 39 Medicine, College of 170 Military Ball 239 Mihtary Section 266, 275 Mining .Society 619 Mortarboard 40 Music, College of 36 N Nu Sigma Nu 186, 187 O Omega Beta Pi 574 Our Children 246 Pan-Hellenic Council 381 Pan-Hellenic Council, Women ' s 503 Pharmacy, College of 174 Phi Alpha Delta 558 Phi Beta Pi 192, 193 Phi Chi 197 Phi Delta Phi 557 Phi Deka Theta 390, 391 Phi Epsilon Pi 484, 485 Phi Gamma Delta 394, 395 Phi Kappa 434, 435 Phi Kappa Psi 408, 409 Phi Kappa Sigma 388, 389 Phi Kajipa Tau 464, 465 Phi Lambda I ' psilon 566 Philijipinc mini Club 615 Philoniathean Literary Society 592 PhiMu 538,539 Phi Sigma Kappa 422, 423 Pi Beta Phi 506, 507 Pi Delta Epsilon 562 Pierrots 247 Pi Kappa Alpha 470, 471 Pi Kappa Phi 476, 477 Pi Tau Sigma 568 Post Exam Jubilee 252, 253 Presbyterian Hall 549 Psi Omega 194 Psi Upsilon 406, 407 PsiXi 579 Page 710 R Kho Beta Iota 544, .545 Roast .Section 621, 640 S Sachem 161 Sari 2.50,251 Scabbard and Blade 570 .Scarab 571 Scene Section 1, 16 Scribbler ' s Club 613 Senior Ball 238 Seniors, Champaign and I ' rbana Departments 48, 159 Seniors. Chicago Departments 176, 184 Senior Class Officers 41 . " senior Memorials 160 Seniors Topnotchers 42, 46 Shi Ai 590 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 396, 397 Sigma Alpha Mu 474, 475 Sigma Chi 384, 385 .Sigma Delta Chi .560 .Sigma Delta Phi 575 i igma Kappa 51S, 519 Sigma Nu 404, 405 Sigma Phi Epsilon 460, 461 Sigma Phi Sigma 448, 449 Sigma Pi 430, 431 Sigma Tau 555 Sigma Tau Delta 499 Siren .Staff 228 Skull and Crescent 589 Sophomore Class Officers 167 Sophomore Cotillion 240 Sorority Index .502 Stadium Campaign 199, 204 .Star Course Board ' 2.56 State High School Basketball Champions 214 Student Council ' 208, 209 T Tailor Made Man 245 Tau Beta Pi .552 Tau Delta Tau. 486, 487 Tau Kappa Epsilon 454, 455 Technograph Staff 230 Theta Chi 436, 437 Theta Deha Chi 414, 415 Theta Deha Pi 585 Theta Phi Alpha 532, 533 Theta Sigma Phi 561 Theta Tau 556 Theta Xi 466, 467 Triangle 426, 427 U r. L. A. S ,572 University Life Section 306, 321 I ' niversity Orchestra 263 I ' niversity Revue 254 W Woman ' s Activities 278, 286 Woman ' s Cosmopohtan Club 601 Woman ' s Residence Hall 550 X Xi Psi Phi 196 Y Y. M.C, A 212.213 Z Zeta Beta Tau 4.50, 451 Zeta Psi 418, 419 Zeta Tau Alpha 540, .541 Zeus 497 FINIS Tlio value and purpose of a yearbook shoukl he to adequately represent, in pictorial style, the complete history of tlie school year. The nianajienient of the 1923 Illio have tried to make this p M|)ose their foremost object. The year 1921-1922 has t)een si :niticant in many ways. From the standpoint of the after- effect of the War, it has Ijeen a normal year, hut the successful completion of the great Stadiuni campaign has branded it a year among many. To the sterling principles embodied in the idea of this great memorial and athletic field, to the Greater Illinois, athletically antl morally, this book has been dedicated. It is a certainty that thes( influences will he felt by the student generations to come. The eilitor ' s task would not be complete if he were to forget a few words of appreciation and conimentiation for the efforts of those who contributed so heartily toward the compilation of the 1923 Illio. Mr. L. E. Eldridge, managing editor, by efficient management and careful supervision, deserves entire credit for senior and organization sections. To Mr. M. K. Marx, art editor, is due unusual recogni- tion for his ability and care in making the art work an outstanding feature of the book. All section etlitors were prompt and efliicient in the collection and compila- tion of material for their sections. To the whole staff and all who helped, the editor wishes to express his personal thanks and appreciation. This hook is not the product of one person or a group of persons, but the natural result of co-operative efforts of many. It was only through unselfish teamwork, and the subordination of personal interest that the task has been accomplished. So, if any praise is due, all deserve an equal share. The Editor. Page 711 mu ■4

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