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N vmaviifi' V 'AV V' .1 77 1-4 I V, I W co01pwrn2n0n-n1r-119119- l . U Y 3 IHIAIDGOUD J ORIQ, KN cum? , Us fig., - ,r '-M znitr' J fi ' - , . ' aw.-LN -Mfeimw.-vV-'4'fMW- ff' "A 'I 2 fm J 5 4195 4,4 it Ng.. , Il' " P f 4 9 1 R. ,N . N Ui' X f .c,Q, f ' c H i. he in Y yr is W Q. , Y -,- g xwss-ey IF , 'QL we , 'ee-..'lg5.l' iff! I , 1i : .::-:I : I rl!::l:2,:'i 'E3sJi'b:':lng:' :I .PFI lliiigal :::,Jl::g- 1f-,evMI..a.5:15iilieieaesafz..!IMm...!!?:f3:f.e!E:.sim:f1.1 xii: v A QW, 'QW 'tif s y Y f-1 Z w' EM , gil Z N ' M la'-'I' svi: AW 754 mm 1920 ,9 if ILLJIIO Mira. A WERE K IPU LHSIPHED 1551? THE CLASS QF H920 AH' TMR UINWEILSHTY GIF HILJLHNQHS ...j.. , VQLUMXIB TY' SIX THE WMM QM .1- Tosomehowcolchihe- 'il0f'lh0SefF tin Iumiwhopvpd mchemgos? Hmimegglwgn mndtoixggzgon thetinswmng xmqiassu e nuthin ouv leather' Ps,1het 1 ose m o s duthome iheie yvho weioto tveod ihe Iells QSO? I mversx lh s oomeme. now e u bsor'---mls e pose e ilxr'l1iGytd9Itht't1xCy 09111 'mn , fmwm lim - 4 ,Jr v W 1. 5 .s J? , 'll U I C I w., X I z 4 I K4 1 n aj Y . 'mi "Tcnony lllib. PU P 0,537 w A ' I n N ifyfari 'alll ivffi fl' I X -X 'N A":f4 W -N1 l 'll A ' llblrx' lah' ' I 1 l I' I "w ' " I . 1 ,v ,: ' 1, , V " ' 1 15 I e. 3' H' 15 'E'- M.. ef H Mike In - up A if f 'Mali vnu, 1 fu' - ,W - u ,III - 'Vg hr g Y: Ce df' I I' 11ul.l'g,3 g,K,w-"Q, H I 1 If M. QUT" e . L, tin.: ---11314.11 ..,- I fli' In-..:4 r ll' 'l l ll k I ai nawuldllll 23 fm I 1 f Eg 5 .551 1- N I J"-, , NN . ig f gfgigw M!! 1 af " Q: Wi M Y Q Qt Q-1 VJ 45' 3-V X-! Q4 +6lY?, xvfl- -my Q is QKTJ-'lr v' Y Q C aft -1A?,::Q7'Nv,.,-5' - . Q25 C4 W , , fx ii W xi, J! me ,4 W YJ ff e'- M ,x 1, ' LJ f" A.. . 4 .... ..,:. -J- ..fT 'J ,B I ' v S? M , 'IC I X 4, 1 fn V , , I U. ' ,, 4 ,N lr, M? P D ,sp 'MQ cdlwcdl who Qmimmd mihw Hnllmnoz MZQSXQQQWHQH Ihrfib 0? atm 'Nmgnmm Mdmkmmw wucj11bco1sfndcQ us' bmw J Cildhihm mm, Qvwllwwmg Hxgijmt, and E Jn, i" f5! + TIHIQ lux 1:13 SFLHHUQWGIH MQ 0MhHHd an d Shel jg gm ww., mmnvmg? to Qm 22 y m nl 1? S lhmmmm Rx 0 59 0 SQPWRQQPQ N my -f , Sm 'MJT V J- lv wvu wfx G 0 0 , .. '-1"' ,, 'IEW mmm QfFiUh1cQ asf' Jmlnmmw 'Q WwdLR15tEt?EcaWwW QMMMGMWQ kf Q R? M Q UMW M Mmm 5? ff OW1PQcdldlHl mi Mba G Emil m1dlowQ111-EQ i f EHDQHQVQ iHhfQgEdid1n2Q1nn0TAmmQnv15mIbm1aIlnw T M MQ ociluoxm 0? fHh1gQ .UQQQVHDDUIDHIIC H0 Mlm X4 HQWH 0? fdlw mm mud EMQAIQIPUVQSQ Y? To Qmbllnslhm Mm mmfdlsmcpzm QYFPQMQ am1n61,ygLus1l11ccQ2 Lf mf If1mQHwIhxmLhQ pfwg mimlws QKPNQQMSFQ UDUHQHH PWM my jtihngmp m11mQvQH1mQ1mUQmcd1 6-, lagging imnmllynmm thus Hmm ofaowtcwwmd W QE'lQdfICCLfffQ Miss' bm -in : MLLJIKNQHS ATUFWAR Q ,Q 4 sh N., ff as on r -f, We of Illinois Have Fought Lf -1 A Good Fight X1 - ""' "HI" 'rl' llli im 'o i As Illinois men and women all Tia ,I is xy 5 X "ll 1' ll' lx over the world stack their guns and their knitting needles after four years in a war that everyday adjectives cannot describe, the Words of St. Paul come back to us over and over: "I have fought a good fight." Fighting a good fight, keeping i f fligi x 1 X , In x ll i1 'il ' . . , , , the fa1th of true democracy, battling L-ff ,Q- fr, ' and dying for freedom and decency, MM an Illini have gone through trying ffh' fl times. One hundred and thirty- rg ' Q eight have joined the War's im- mortals, and many still living are B 5 shattered beyond recall- api? my W WJ But hardly so bad as that. -lTW'9 'f-fs l-" 2 . . . .-..' "iii" IHS. Illinois spirit, clear-burning, still 1 4, W - E5 Qty shines on. I 6 12' Hell itself cannot put it out. O 9 By CARL STEPHENS V X' ' - X ffijif Mm1'l.'ll l2e - gi - " 1 e e-4e f ll 1 4 9 l A E, 1-.. f , --4----f r Eh-gf! gfr,n agcgzil - ilk 1, G-P mm. --me nw, I :- One THE "TWENTY" ILLIO , 1 V A 9 Rik2QSa- A FEW VITAL FACTS When the war ended, the University of Illinois had 8,190 men and women in the service. Of this number, 4,994 were in the regular service, 3,116 were members of the S. A. T. C. at Champaign, and 80 women were scattered in various branches of the army and navy. 'There were 4,012 men wearing the khaki of Uncle Sam, 564 the naval uniform, While 87 were members of the Marine Corps. In Allied war Work there were 146 representatives, with 265 in unknown branches of service. The University may be proud of it's showing, 2,054 holding commissions, while 3,020 were non-com- missioned officers and privates. One-fifth of the commissioned officers were of the rank of captain or above. Overseas service was seen by 1,159 Illini. Thirty Illinois men wear the Distinguished Service Cross, the Croix de Guerre and other decorations for merited service. Many others have been included in company citations. The casualty lists show that 138 Illini have given their lives in the battle for Democracy. ' . 4- Q 13 4 lr I ' x-A 41 fl N ni 'Q O L L 1 I 1 all QL A ff Llufis- TCD. L" I . ---X ,.v V-.F V8.1 wfnvgsgy . "' 'QA 1- xv!-Q -.- --faiubn' 157 , ' . M'-' . ' emurnam' f - ,nm M MQQ A - if .... .,..., .. . l,g1m ml, tv Q ' 6.9 9,6 4 -. -- - i, is if fi 4 l X ALAN NEWTON ASH 1914 PAUL McKINNEY CLENDENEN Aviator, Lafayette Flyimr Squadron. Army. 2nd Lt. Kllled in action in the Killed in action at Soissons May 31, St. Mihicl sector Sept. 12, 1918. 1918. 1 Recommended for Distinguished Scr- JOHN WILLARD BAILEY 1915 ' Vlcc Cross- Air Service, Lt. Died of illness in LINN PALMER COOKSON 1919 France, Dec. 4, 1918. , Aviation, Lafayette Escadrille. Died of HAROLD .IOHN BARNES 1917 illness at Carlinvillle, Ill., May. 1918. Ordnance. Candidate O. T, C. Died ROBERT MARSHALL CUTTER 1919 Oct. 7, 1918 at Aberdeen. Md. Quartermaster Corps, Pvt. Died of LLOYD K- BARTHOLOMEW pneumonia, Oct. 8, 1918. S. A. T. C.. Pvt, Died of illness at JOHN HENRY DALLENBACH, 1914 Chainpaixrn, Dec. 4, 1918. Infantry, Corp. Killed in action in BOHUSLAV BARTOS 1919 Arfronne Forest, Oct. 3, 1918. Field Artillery, 2nd Lt. Died ol' ill- BYRON DAUGHERTY ness at Camp Meade. Md., Oct. 8, S. A. T. C., Pvt. Died of illness at 1918. Champaign Oct 15, 1918. FRANK ALLYN BENITZ 1913 RAYMOND ELLIS DAVIS 1917 Royal Flying: Corps, Lt. Killed in Ger- Air Service. lst Lt. Prisoner of war man air raid, Aug. 5, 1918. in Germany. Died in France. MERRIL M. BENSON 1918 THEODORE F. DEMETER 1920 Motor Transport Service. Died of ill- Marine Corps. Pvt. Killed in action ness while returninp: from France. Sept. 16, 1918. EDWARDS HALL BERRY 1914 DAVID WOODS DUNLAP 1915 Field Artillery. lst Lt.. Radio officer. Y, M. C. A. Secretary. Died at Camp Died of illness Nov. 7, 1918. Funston, Nov. 26, 1917. ARTHUR LEWIS BEYERLEIN 1912 JAMES EDWARD DURST Special Medical Corps, lst Lt. Died of illness Infantry, Pvt. Died of illness at at Washington, D. C.. Oct. 13, 1918, Camp Grant, Oct. 3, 1918.. IRVING JEROME BLUESTEIN 1919 JOHN VINCENT DUSHEK 1917 U. S. Naval Reserve Forces. Died of Air Service. lst Lt. Killed in action Died of illness, Oct. 4, 1918. Oct. 16. 1918. v1NsoN RUNYON BOARDMAN 1917 WILLIAM F- EQQHEST lt. 1919 Aviation, Lt. Killed in airplane acci- Inffifmy' Sgt' 1 1 cmsm M' 'On m dent. B1-oaks Field, July 5, 1918. Cg6?E0fEi,1'iI5g1I 7- 1 - ARTHUR' LEE PIONNER' 1918 S. A. T. C., Pvt. fDied of illness at Anti-aircraft Service. Died of wounds Champaign Oct. 14' 1918. received in action, Nov. 24, 1918. ADRIAN CARL EDWARDS 1909 GEORGE RAY BRANNON 1915 Infantry. Lt. -Killed in'action while Navy, radio. Died at Great Lakes Sept. leading a charge on May 11. 1918. 15, 1918. GUY WARD ELLENBERGER WM. EDGAR BROTHERTON 1917 S. A. T. C.. Pvt. Died of illness at Aviation. Lt. Killed in action, Oct. 10, Champaign Dec. 9. 1918. 1918. ELMO KREHL ESON BAYARD BROWN 1916 S. A. T. C., Pvt. Died of illness at Infantry. 2nd Lt. Awarded Croix de Champaign Dee. 6. 1918. Guerre, Died from wounds received OTTO JOHN FELDHAKE , , In Battle of Marne, Oet. 11. 1918. S. A. T. C., Pvt. Died of illness at WALDO REINHART BROWN 1915 Champaign Dec. 17. 1918. Infantry, Private, Died of wounds re- JAMES ALVA GAIN ceived in France, Oct. 5, 1918. S. A. T. C., Pvt. Died of illness at JOHN E. BURROUGHS 1905 Champaign Dec. 8. 1918. Marines. Sat.-Major. Died of illness. FRANCIS M. GAYLORD April 11, 1918. S. A. T. C.. Pvt. Died of illness at CHARLES BOWEN BUSEY 1908 Champaign. Oct. 22. 1918. Infantry, 2nd Lt. Enlisted May 15, LLOYD HAVENS GHISLIN 1918 1917. Killed in action, Nov, 1, 1918. Ordnance Corps, Corp. 1 Died at Fort WM, JOSEPH CALLAHAN 1915 Riley, Kans.. Aufr. 31. 1918. U. S. Naval Reserve Force.. Died of RALPH EGLEY GIFFORD 1917 illness at Great Lakes, Oct. 13, 1918. Tank Corps. Sgt.. Truckmaster. Died JAY I. CARPENTER 1914 at Camp Colt. Pa., Oct, 2, 1918. Signal Reserve Corps, Lt. Killed in ORLANDO M. GOCHNAUR 1915 action. November, 1918. Medical Corps, British army. 1st Lt. LESLIE GEORGE CHANDLER 1918 Killed in action Nov. 6. 1917. Aviation, lst Lt. Killed in airplane ISAAC GOLTRA 1906 accident, March 8. 1918. Lt. Killed at Chateau Thierry June MINOR JUDSON CHAPIN 1919 7, 1218. Distinguished Service Cross N l A ' t' , E ' . K'll l in sea- for ravery. . Tiff... 11215111 .1'E"i5Tn1.a.-11,011.11-ai 12. ALGERNON DEW- GORMAN 1919 1918. 1 Chcmlcal Warfare, Sgt. Died of ill- HARRY CLAYTON, ness at Washington. .D, C., Oct. 11, Died of illness in the service. 1918- '. Tlnrcc -I: THE "TWEN'l'Y" ILLIO ' ' V ' x gxxa 'A X A fi .1 4 .1 -- -Si D' 3' ' 'gb if GQLD' . -.f f '5 .D 2- ll .J ,Y I -A H. -SC-44 A ' sf . 'J ' ' 'rs 3: A e' ' A . gf' , ,,a,,1'f-QR " X l .-1 fix ' Vgflfn., ' ' fffniigfs. I Mb M ' A ' 'IW' ' "ii W Q 91.56 1 ...,., A . 'm,mvpm:qA.p K 1 - L? Re a! BX., QW EDWARD FORBES GREENE 1900 D. B. KIRTLAND P Navy, Lt. Died of illness Dec. 18. S. A. T. C., Pvt. Died of illness at 1917. , Champaign Oct. 1918. ROBERT MARION GREEN LYNN ELMER KNORR Faculty S. A. T. C., Pvt. Died of illness at Infantry. Died of illness Oct. 2. 1918, Champaign Dee. 9, 1918. at Camp Grant. JULIUS ELMER GREGORY 1919 , JOHN CARL KROMER D 1913 Aviation, 2nd Lt. Enlisted May 9, Ambulance Service. Died of illness at 1917. Killed in action Sept. 22, 1918. Jefferson Barracks. Oct. 12, 1918. THOMAS GooDFELLoW 1920 OSCAR E- LANDSE4 . Ingxahrggyis 2ricg18Lt. Killed in action S'CQAm'1!,'aigS lgligngf Illness at I ' EDGAR ALFRED LAWRENCE 1916 OTTO BENTON GRAY 1918 Aviation, lst Lt. Killed in action. Navy, Hospital Corps, Died of illness at Great Lakes, March 10, 1918. GEORGE PHILIP GUSTAFSON 1916 Infanfgyh 2nd Lt. Died of wounds June 4. . CHESTER GILBERT HADDEN 1916 Infantry, 2nd Lt. Died at Fort Ben- jamin Harrison.April 3, 1918. WILLIAM JACOB HAMILTON 1917 Harvard Ambulance Unit, Died of wounds May 10, 1918. JOHN C. HANLEY 1907 Quartermaster Corps. 2nd Lt. Died of illness at Camp Wise. Oct. 15, 1918. MILO LINCOLN HALEY S. A. T. C., Pvt. Died of illness at Champaign Oct. 22, 1918. HOWARD HENRY HARDY 1919 Infantry. Pvt. Died of illness at Camp Mills, L, I.. Oct. 20. 1918. EVERETT L. HARSHBARGER 1918 Navy, Apprentice Seaman. Died at Great Lakes Jan. 1, 1919. CALVIN W. HESSE 1918 Died of illness in France, Oct., 1918. JOHN A HIRSTEIN 1917 Infantry. Pvt. Died of illness at Sum- merfield. Ill. JACKSON E. HIRSCHL 1914 Iowa National Guard, Battery B. Died at Davenport, Iowa, May 30, 1917. PETER F. HUSINGER S. A. T. C., Pvt. Died of illness at Champaign Dec. 13. 1918. LEONARD C. HOSKINS 1917 Coast Artillery, 2nd Lt. Killed in ac- tion while eonducting his men to safety June 28. 1918. Decorated posthumously with Distinguished Ser- vice Cross. ALLA KIRK HYDE 1907 Infantry. Sgt. Killed in action, Aug. 28. 1918. HUBERT JESSEN 1915 U. S. Naval Reserve Force. Radio School. Killed in accident. Cam- bridge. Mass., Dec. 8, 1918. JOSEPH H. JOHNSTON Faculty Infantry, 1st Lt. Killed in action in Argonne Forest, Oct. 15. 1918. OTIS KIRCHERT S. A. T. C., Pvt. Died of illness at Champaign Dec. 24. 1918. ROBERT DUDLEY KIRKLAND 1920 Ambulance Department. Died at Phila- delphia, Oct. 16, 1918. June 4, 1918. THEODORE EDMOND LAYDEN 1913 Died of illness on transport bound for France. JOHN CHARLES LEE 1913 Infantry, 2nd Lt. Killed in action Aug. 28, 1918. RAYMOND GEORGE LEGGETT 1912 Ordnance, Lt. Died of illness Sept. 18, 1918. E. V.,LEISURE 1919 Infantry, 1st Lt. Died of wounds re- ceived in Battle of Argonne Forest. LESTER R. LEWIS 1921 Navy. Died at Great Lakes. JOHN ROYER LINDSEY 1917 Cavalry, lst Lt. Died at Fort Ring- gold. Texas. Nov. 25. 1918. ROBERT LEWIS LONG 1920 Infantry, Corp. Entered service Sept. 1917. Died of illness April 21, 1918. WILLIAM H. MANDEVILLE 1917 Tank Corps. ADied of illness at Camp Polk, N. C., Dec. 6, 1918. LEWIS VINTON MANSPEAKER 1909 Engineers, Captain. Died of pneu- monia at Camp Lee. Feb. 8, 1918. ALEXANDER VAL MARCER 1907 Engineers, Pvt. Died of illness Sept. 8 30. 191 . LEO JOSEPH MATTINGLY 1916 Engineers. Died at sea of illness April 9. 1918. CLARE P. MCCASKEY, 1919 lst Lt. Killed in Argonne Forest. No- vember, 1918. LEO GLENN MCCORMICK 1921 Marines. Killed in action at Bellau Woods July 21, 1918, JOHN MGDONOUGH 1909 Engineers. Major, Died of illness in France Nowilg. 1918. DONALD ME S. A. T. C., Pvt. Died of illness at Champaign Oct. 14. 1918. DONALD J. MILLER S. A. T. C., Pvt. Died of illness at Champaign Oct. 15. 1918. L. C. MILLER ' Medical Reserve Corps. Lt. Died at Champaign, Ill., Dec. 14. 1918. WAYNE KENNETH MOORE 1918 Air Service, Pvt. Died of illness Oct. 12. 1918. GUY EDWARD MORSE 1919 Air service, 2nd Lt. Awarded the Dis- tinguished Service Cross. Killed in action in the St. Mihiel offensive Sept 12, 1918. Four THE "TWEJI'IY"ILl..l0 ..- Q QQ fn 1 .3 Q fe? I A cl-T ll- - O , ' V.: P ' 'M' pf 1' ' vi, PE. .I , X ,pg . wr i xg-gZ'2igi,g-fST2A Q 'qi v E. - ,. I re f s "1 as - . . .1 BITIUTIHITI' ' ima. mwah ...,V... . . ..,, 1 'Wm mms 1. Q a els , lax ' A' 7' . X A ., i WILLIAM EARL MOSHER 1913 E Marine Corps. Assistant Supervising' SIDNEY ?ECi,E? D. d of muon at Engineer. Died of illness at Wash- S' A' T' . " V ' le 18 " inxrton D. c.. oct. 12. 1918. Chamlmlffn NOV- 30' lim- mi CHARLES soL NARKINSKY 1912 SIDNEY QRVILPE SIG. 1 A.-mine.-y. captain. Died of illness in Navy- Dmd ,ff lllqgis "'.f?:'1mf2Ql'g2 France Nov. 28. 1918. Nov. 30. 1.18. w e wail xr - JOHN LOWRIE NEEDHAM 1901 to repmt' ' Died April ll. 1918 BRUCE LUCIUS SIZER. 15216 RALPH MATTEW NOBLE 1911 Navy. Annapolis. Midshilimllfl- Died Aifgggervice. Killed in action Sept. 5. of illness Dec. 28. 1917. 8 . . . , MITH 191 TOMAS OLAZAGASTI 1920 v1l.t.S Killed at Chateau Infalntry. Pvt. tDied tatfCaTp kDodge Thierry June 27, 1913, w ie on way o por o em ar ation. . gvgfllg 19gGg5T.d0LS3N,, 3920 E?'9IP..,0.ZiEr.553Ei..?i"I.3I.HM....J.?iZ. 153, 1918? en an 0 I ness ent' candidateifor commission. Died at MILES Merc. PARMALEY 1918 M"meaP0l'B Oct' 8' 1918' Field Artillery. lst Lt. Died of wounds in France Nov. 19. 1918. LLOYD MELVIN PARR 1921 Died at Great Lakes Sept. 22. CLYDE F. PENDLETON 1917 Infantry. Killed in action in Argronne Forest. Sept. 27. 1918. WILLIAM C. PETERSON 1916 Marines, 2nd Lt, Killed in action near Chateau Thierry June 17, 1918. Re- ceived posthunous citation for con- spicuous bravery in action by Gen- eral Pershinxr. LOUIS IRVING PHILLIS 1918 Air Service. lst Lt. Killed in Tours. France in accident July 19. 1918. JAMES BLAIN PHIPPS 1918 Cavcalry. Corp. Died of illness July 25, 1.17, I-IORATIO NICHOLLS POWELL 1913 Diiefilgxf illness at Camp Colt July 10. J . HUGH MITCHELL PRICE 1903 Quartermaster Corps. Construction Dept, 8Died at Portsmouth, Va.. Nov. 4. 191 . BENJAMIN JAMES PRINCE 1918 Infantry, Corp. Died of illness at Camp Pike, Ark.. March 14, 1918. ROBERT QUEEN 1920 Died while in the S. A. T. C. JAMES KEMPF READ 1919 Air Service. Lt, Died of illness Oct. 10. 1918 at Ellington Field. Texas. LAURENCE SCOTT RIDDLE 1911 Infantry. lst Sgt. Killed in action in November, 1918. ALBENO C. RODIGHIERO S. A. T. C.. Pvt. Died of illness at Champaign Oct. 15. 1918. HAROLD CORDES SCHREINER 1917 Signal Corps. End Lt. Died in base hos- pital from wounds received in action on Oct. 14. 1918. WILLIAM JOSEPH SENSE 1912 Infantry, 2nd Lt. Died of wounds re- ceived at Chateau Thierry July 27. 1918. VERNON A. SHEETS 1 -1.916 Field Artillery. Pvt. Rainbow Division. Drowned in Marne River Aug. 17. 1918. CARL LEE SHERMAN 1915 Field Artillery, 2nd Lt. Killed in action July 18. 1918, Five WILLIAM EVERETT SMOOT 1917 Navy. Radio. Died at Great Lakes Sept. 30. 1918, OTTO STAEHELI . Infantry. Gas Service. lst Lt. Killed in action Oct. 12. 1918. CHARLES LESLIE STARKEL 1918 Infantry. 2nd Lt. Died 01' illness at Camp Grant Oct. 20. 1917. ALEXANDER S. TARNOSK1 1915 Aviation 2nd Lt. Killed in airplane ac- cident in France Jan. 5. 1919. J. L. TEARE Graduate Student Died of illness while in the service. RALPH WALDO TIPPET 1915 Infantry. 1st Lt. Killed in action Sept. 12, 1918. NORMAN JAMES TWEEDIE 1918 Infantry. Corp. Died of illness at Camp Taylor Feb. 23. 1918. HOWARD DEWITT VALENTINE . Medical Corps. 1st Lt. ,Wounded In action Nov.. 1918. CHARLES A. WAGNER Jr. 1918 Infantry, Captain. Died in France from wounds Nov. 8. 1918. ELLIOTT PYLE WALKER l 1919 Ambulance Corps. 1st Sgt. Died of illness at Camp ,Greene. N. C.. March 30. 1918. EDWARD WALLACE 1913 Coast Artillery Corps. Died in Paris. France from illness Sept. 13. 1918. MANNIERRE BARLOW WARE 1917 Infantry. 1st Lt. Killed in action Oct. 12. 1918. HIRAM H. WHEELER 1907 Y, M. C. A. Service. Died of illness Oct. 16. 1918. WILLIAM E. WHEELER Jr. 1917 Infantry. lst Lt. Died of illness Oct.. 1918. GEORGE EDWARD WILCOX 1911 Died in Southhumpton. England. Sept. 1918. LLOYD GARRISON WILLIAMS 1912 Lt.. Inspector. Died of illness in France. Jan. 28. 1918. FREDERICK H. WINSLOW 1906 Engineers, Lt. Died of illness at Cleveland. Ohio. Dec 13, 1918. WARREN C. WOODWARD Special Aviation. Lt. Died in France Oct. 20, 1918. .Li fy wi THE "TWE5'l'Y"ll.LlO .- XX, fiki, ,, 4 A-9 4 AF ' ' " : ' . ' ,'.- qw ,, x , 11 Sim J- T HE "TVIE3TY" ILLIO G11 mls of the l'm'4-st prnvcil no barrier to the mighty tanks. Nu b:u'rim-r except. death stoppin-rl the frm .1 Ilwirs ol' war. the giant lmtllesliips ol Lil l ice Sum silently null-oils-ml the mists nl' the vlnlnnm-I. Ml fighting lllini. Three days before the United States declared war, the Board of Trustees voted that Seniors might graduate if they were called to war before Commencement. This was the be- ginning of the cooperation between the Univer- sity and the students who entered the service. Convocations, formation of intensive training units, recruiting of Battery F to full strength, and work of the Agricultural College were but a few of the many assistances given to help the nation to prepare for the great struggle. Men withdrew from school in great numbers to enter the service, either active military or on the farnis. In May, 1917, the Illinois Ambulance Unit sailed for France. Preparations were made to house a School oi' Military Aeronautics. The entire University set itself for the great task before it. ., N THE "TWEN'l'Y"lLLl0 , , v , 1,-1.: if X T Q .2 Q elfilimf Prorlucis of American skill, these eight inch hnwilzers boomed forth the :loom of uutocruuy. Suveml by the yrruce of God. .fvf",lJ' . 1- Free from the torment of war, Gcrmnn Lvnrninp: to love the crackle of rzulio. prisoners harvest crops for the Allies. NI Brushing off the dust ol' travel. The hands have stopped, but victory is ours. Eight 9 ,X A Ti 1 1 - - l Qi L, gs, 5- ff" ,ZS E 1 Silent. but auspicious was the entrance into Metz. inf- 1, H? v Dean H. V., Canter, actively cnirmrcd in Rcd Cross work. has hclpccl stricken Italians. Dean H. W. Miller of the Engineering Department is now Major Miller and head of the Engineering Division of the Ordnance Depart- ment. He has his headquarters down at Tours and Lieutenants Bob Malley '15 and Ed Bullard '13 are on his stai. On February 14, 1918, a University service flag with 2,686 stars on it, was dedicated to the men in the service. "This flag is a promise, not a memorial,' said Professor Forbes. The number of stars was tripled before the arrnistice was Sig'l'l6d. IL took more than ri bit of sea sickness to nvcrcmne the llcsirc to blot out nutocrncy in Europe. Ensign G. Halas '18 Capt. H. H. Amslmry '14 Lt. W. Lewis '10 W. Flock '17 LL. H. Haalce '18 Maj. P. Lewis '13 Nine F THE 'TWENTYDILLIO V li FN: H fxxx Q V42 4 l 'Il As in ancient times the hills sheltered the cliff dwellers, so the hills of Chateau Thierry sheltered the soldiers ol' the Allies. All serene. this giant of the air has many like it that have helped win the war. Many Illinois men were on the U. S. S. Covington which was on its wuy with thousands ol' American soldiers towards France. Ten fT HE 'TWEJITYU ILLIO 9 ,2 flQ iz' July 10, 1917 marked an epoch in the University's history when the famous Illini Battery, now of the 149th Field Artillery of the Rainbow Division, left for Fort Sheridan on the first lap of its trip to the Rhine. It was the start of a busy career for since February 25, 1918 when the organization took up its first position in the Lorraine sector it saw almost continuous service until the signing of th-e armistice. Fighting side by side with its valiant comrades of the famous Rainbow Division, the 149th, commonly known as "Reilly's Bucks", participated in all the great battles in which the Americans were engaged: Chateau Thierry, St. Mihiel and Sedan. And the most remarkable part of the Battery's war record is that none of its men were seriously wounded and only one, a non-University man, was killed, and that, in the last three days of the conflict. So lucky was the organization, . that it is commonly termed the "Horseshoe Battery" by the five other outfits of the regiment. Battery F was organized in the University November 15, 1915 as a part of the First Illinois Field Artillery. Enlistments in it were accepted as a substitute for drill in the University Brigade. B. W. Benedict, director of the machine shop lab- oratories, was responsible for its formation. He subsequently received his commission as captain in the Illinois National Guard and remained in command until the organiza- tion got overseas in 1917, when he was transferred to a staff officers' school. The organization got its first taste of service soon after it's formation. It went to Homer Park for a summer camp June 12, 1916, and had only been there a week, when the entire National Guard of the nation was called out at the instance of the Villa fiasco in Mexico. The rest of the summer was spent at Fort Sam Houston and at the big artillery range at Leon Springs, Texas. On September 25, 1916 the organization was mustered out of Federal service. Practically all the student soldiers re-entered school and pursued their studies until the B'attery went into camp south of the Armory for a three weeks training period under Sergeant Herman Leprohn, U. S. A., near the end of school in 1917. The regiment was o-rdered out June 30, for service in the Great War and was mobilized Fort Sheridan. After a month or so here of comparative inactivity it was made the 149th U. S. Field Artillery of the Rainbow Division and ordered overseas. The division was mobilized at Camp Mills on Long Island and left for France on the U. S. Army transport President Lincoln, October 18, 1917. After a twelve-day uneventful voyage, so far as submarines were concerned, it disembarked at St. Nazzaire, France. Camp Coetquidan in Brittany was the next stop. French 75's and the complement of horses were issued to the unit here and Captain Benedict left the battery, being transferred to the Staff Ofi'icer's School, Col. White. Sinister blows wcrc struck by Battery F on thc western front. Eleven THE "TWEN'l'Y"lLLIO Q- V N - g rf x..x , . 1 1 "-2 Qlgx Twelve 1. A 1 5 2 I I ? 1 i 1 5 E Y X i 1 l 1 w E I, u f If i I 1 I I AL n The Divi Don McGinnis ex '20, was severely gasscd along with other members of the University U n i t. All recovered. Q Q 4 N - .aselmfir Lt. H. R. Stone of Chicago succeeding him in command of the University battery. Leaving its training grounds early in February of 1918, the Division crossed France to Luneville. The members of Bat- tery F were billeted in a large chateau in this city, while gun emplacements were prepared and while the cannoneers received their final training with some French artillerymen at the front. The guns were brought up into position February 25 and "F" began its ceaseless period of activity against the Huns. It re- mained in this position until the middle of March, the heaviest firing occurring on March 4 and 5, when it helped lay down a heavy barrage, while American infantrymen went over the top and brought in a considerable number of prisoners. The regiment started for a rest in the middle of March and after a one day's hike the artillerymen arrived at Gerberville, when they were startled to learn of the great German victory of March 21. The Rainbow Division took'over the first All-American sector at this point and held it against the Huns for 101 days. Pulling away from this point near the last of May, the Division took up a new position on Camp-de-Chalon formerly a French artillery range on the Champagne front. sion laid there until July 14, when another big German drive for Paris commenced. Fifteen Prussian Guard Divisions on the other side opposed the Rainbow and four French divisions on the allied side. After a three day's battle the crack Prussian regiments fell back in defeat. But a great battle was raging at Chateau Thierry. The Second Division with two regiments of Marines had smashed the German dream of capturing Paris, but it was worn out and badly shot up. The Rainbow division withdrew from the Champagne front and hurried to the rescue, taking up a position about five miles north of Chateau Thierry and in conjunction with the Vesle River wiping out the Salient and capturing Fismes. It was during this great campaign that "Vic" Stangel '19 of "F" brought down a German aeroplane with a machine gun from the ground. Members of the 149th were given a short rest and many of the boys visited Paris. The University artillerymen report a great time in the French metropolis, but they certainly deserved it. The Rainbow Division saw perhaps more service than any other American Division. The 149th Field Artillery is the most famous regiment of the division, and Battery F is the "Horseshoe Battery" of the Division. Surely it will be given a place of eternal pride and praise in the annals of the University. Ready to send a note to the Germans, to the accompaniment of an oskcy-wow-wow. Thirteen rue "TWEyTY"lLLl0 Q ,Q 4 , xi sQffli'Nf Even the dump heaps were camouflagcd against impending: aerial attacks. Professor T, E. Oliver had the unique dis- tinction of witnessing the process of devastation of Belgium. He left this country in August, 1915, and spent six months as a member of the Commis- sion for Relief in Belgium, representing the Uni- versity of Illinois. His work at Brussels, behind the German lines, kept him in constant contact with German officials. He was the receipient of several medals for his great work. - - -- --1 V .. fm ff' W1 ,pg I 1 .-. . ,, lllI1llll'l'lq..4- ,,.B,g,L-L, ,V Q 41. ' -N, ,G 'L .vi Hidden from the watchful eye of the enemy. vi-... Long.: and powerful were shots . emanating from this gun. Advei-sity striking the camp of the Allies. Fourteen Q K 9 i 5.x5i'f'-i ,X V ,air I Y 'ii fix is Fillim: -in 11 big void in the life ol' the soldiers. the Anieflcun University Union in Paris brouyxht many IUIYH 101-rethel' for a bit ol' reminiscence. Direction of the Buttery was efTeeted from this dugout. l"ij'tccu 'Q THE "TWENTY"lLLIO Almost every activity possible for a woman to indulge in to assist the army and navy was taken care of by at least one or two Illinae. More than seventy-five women participated active- ly in war work, while many hundreds by their forbearance pushed on the work of the armies for a victorious peace. Red Cross nurses, camp librarians, canteen workers, in the Y. M. C. A., Y. W. C. A., Salvation Army, and Knights of Colum- bus were but a few of the many activi- ties aided by the fair women of the Uni- versity. Even the naval field was in- vaded by the women, a considerable number joining the service as yeowomen. Dieticians and mail censors in foreign camps performed great deeds and fur- ther spread the fame of Illinois. The women spread their work throughout the United States and invaded foreign fields, assisting' in England, France, Italy and on the Balkan front. Several members of the faculty answered the call of the government for trained help- ers and served throughout the period of the war. After arrival overseas with B tt.. F Captain B. W. Benedict wus tiianislfbdrl-cd to the tank corps where he performed valuable service on the western front. , V ,V Q Q 4 Ci Z? -4 LQEQW1 Ni l A memorial erected in France to an Illini volunteer. Where our chemistry school came into its own. Lieut.-Colonel Edward Bartow was formerly Professor Bartow of the Chemical Department and Director Bartow of the State Water Survey. Now he is ranking Sanitary Corps officer in the A. E. F. and is in charge of all water analysis laboratories. He makes his headquarters in Paris and is assisted by Lieut. R. E. Greenfield, grad. '16 and Lieut. Sid Kirkpatrick, '16. These Illini occupy a mil1ionaire's suite at the American headquarters in the Elysee Palace Hotel. l. 3 5 Lt. S. C. Greene '19 Lt. W. Gunkel '16 Lt. T. K. McCormack '19 Lt. P. Cottingham '18 Al Lang '19 Sixteen f yTyHE 'TWEJITYWILLIO -,-,.......- t ' X ' 1 n l l -v., 4 NX' J IJ ' K 1 a V... From the sandy marshes of Belgium came many bays of sand to protect the lives of soldiers in their billeis. I ,,. Colonel R. R. Welshimex' '06, left the student brigade at the declaration oi' war. After ---- -7 - a. stay overseas. he was sent L0 Ft-,M0Y11'00, VH.. where, as Maybe'thc old sham battles in Urbana regions helped the commandant, he trained em-rineers here. many Illini for duty. Scvrntcen . mf---M--1-Q-x-w-Q---1-m-f------ 51211-115 "Twl5tN1v" ILLI 0 A i , , W., -....v,,..,--.W.........,-... MNH 21 X fl B Q ,fl 4 .C A if 'Ex "Slooie" Chapman '16, learned to face an enemy-and beat him-on the University football field while he was a member of the team during the seasons of 1913-14-15 and captain in 1915. He "carried on" his fight on the great western front in the big, victorious drive against the Germans in the early summer of 1918. On July 18, 1918, "Slooie" was riddled by machine gun fire sent from a low flying Hun plane, and received wounds which will sadly handicap his former vigorous and active life. Five machine gun bullets tore through the lower part of the athlete's body and as a result, "Slooie" is limping today. His right leg, now stiff in the hip socket, is shorter than his left one. B'ut this injury, which laid him on his back for six months, has not phased that indomitable smile which is still there in spite of all that "Slooie" has been through. Lieutenant William E. Brotherton, ex-'17, had attained a reputation as a fearless pilot before he succumbed to a superior number of German planes on October 10, 1918 on the western front. Three planes and one balloon were officially credited to him before his last fight. He had penetrated far behind the German lines in pursuit of several Hun machines and in Hying close to the ground was put out of commission by a superior number of Fokkers. Never again will Lt. Laddie McKeown '16, conference champion, step the hurdles. As a result of a disastro'us'fall in France in the summer of 1918, he had 14 bones broken, a small brain concussion and subsequently lost his right foot. He has been confined to hospitals in France and the United States for the past ten months. Laddie got into the flying game early, attending the Ground School at Champaign. From here he went directly to France where he was commissioned. His fall, 3,000 feet, resulting from a nose dive, cost the life of his companion, but Laddie had his old luck with him. Lt Harry K. Strauch, former instructor in the medical department at Chicago has been reported killed in action on the western front. He had several Hun machines to his credit before communication with him ceased. He enlisted early inthe war in the aviation section and distinguished himself by his valorous action, Eighteen THE 'TVIESTYUILLIO A ,Q 4 ' '-ze, -3 fffx Credited with having shot down six German planes, Lieutenant Frank Hays ex-'19 is the first of the Illini aces. He wears the Distinguished Service medal for bravery in action. Lieutenant Hays left college and the baseball diamond to enter the Aviation Corps. He saw active service on the Lorraine front from August, 1918, until the armistice was signed, bringing down six planes officially and several for which he has not been credited. One of his spectacular feats occurred on September 13. One of the group of five, he was attacked by seven Hun planes. His machine gun jammed, but successfully clearing this, he lodged his attackers and drove off several Huns who were embarrassing the flight commander. For this display of bravery he received his decoration. Wearing the French decoration which shows three divisional citations, Capt. Lyle H. Gift '18, was one of the first Illini war veterans to return and visit theicampus. Capt. Gift fell irrthedsecond battle of the Marne at Soissons on July 19, 1918, and, when he reached an evacuation hospital, was found to be suffering from wounds which necessitated the amputation of his right leg above the knee. He was sent to the United States to convalesce before the armistice was signed, and is now in the officer's headquarters at Camp Walter Reed hospital in Wash- ington, D. C. In memory of his great work in France, a city was named after William Uackl Hamilton '17, by the people in the vicinity where his ambulance carried the wounded poilus. Enlisting in the ambulance service in July of 1917, he was soon after sent to France. Here he saw active service until May 4, 1918 when, near the village of Diaan, he was struck by a German shell and killed. Letters from the commander of the ambulance unit deplored his comrades of the dead hero "The American Army on the Archangel front is engaged in fighting the Bolshevik army. Frazier Hunt '08, is an American Being such, his daring presence in Russia is that of an enemy within the lines. For moral and physical courage in risking his life to present news to the world this latest achievement of Frazier Hunt is unsurpassed in the journalism of the war." This tribute, by Floyd Gibbons, typifies the work of Frazier Hunt in the war. "Spike" was the editor of the 1908 Illio and is now special correspondent of the Chicago Tribune. He has seen service on both the western and the eastern front, and should have some W 1 . V 77. untimely death, and described the sincere sorrow shown by all the 173 great tales to tell at Homecoming next year. Nineteen THE "TWE3TY" ILLIO S' E MXN! A 2 4 Y gigs" vf:1 - -X 9l NX f , , ,Y ,fx V N lf' ONE- EE-ASON KNHY So NK? F-ew AM!-Q1C.ANs ' xx ' eo-r 'ro PAQIS . 1 , XJ f .k., .....,.............. ' I L, L ,l.,, K Lf' HOW sam? HE-LMA-T5 1 ', G-01" DE-N1-P.-D - THEY , i 1. S B MADE C-ooo EASHBALL. I I . V . mums ' , WMU -SE-D '-Hsu V. G ' 6 L ka ccuL.o'NT 6-E-T A ' ,JN I , v 'K ....1--'-43' 4 , 4 aww-H L-v wwe- 1-ff wk Fr X Q 1 , Qiglx ka i.4,'1l,1'7'-XF-QONT! ' 'T'HEFlE: 6 5 1 'KX 'x,,.55r'f XNAS A now: b J K J N- ffm evnwxf Qc.:-P-E A :Q 5 gl. I V -M l J 1 I ... 1 I , . , , a lf . A L . gg ' w3.....,a 4 1 QQ? 9'--m ' ' fig!! ,,.l,-..... W ,. 4 ,, 5 -LQ .- X --3-LLL.-'ff-J vm - , .. -.,-,ww-4-jp-H" k 1 l I HJ....,,,! V4 4 i I ' G-HE-1-H ' THANKS' 1YOU'EE"Tl-IT. I KLND A ru i BUQDY 'To , 1 i l HAVE.. 5, X2--ff , A . .4 It F, ' Xxx ' A I XGAS DRILL- g 73' u, FZLNCH 'r-05445 ' 2 SAX Q9 5 . w ,,, W...-.. Aer 0An.Qy -. W , . Twcntll , i THE 'TWESTYUILLIO , Q A. Q :. S, I Enix y 1 .lf ' four: Flfllf ., ell , . l Dcmlly bullets sped from this machine gun shelter. No word of mouth. yet victory depended upon the wireless. From all over the world, came men to fight for democracy. I Capt. O. M. Burns '17 Ensign J. W. Grcenc '18 Lt. M. Mason '16 Lt. C. E. Snell Ensign R. A. Curlg-gen Tzvenly-one 1 - y THE "TWE3TY"lLLl0 1 w X, If X. , ,A K I K - '- ' JV '4 i Z TlI7!"Yl,f1l-tlI70 Lieutenant Mike Mason '16, was last seen arguing with the Military Police who had limited his stay in gay Paree to a short 24 hours. Mike had run all the way from Lacour- neau which is way down by Bordeaux and of course he did not feel like hoofing it back with so short a rest. It would have reminded him too sorely of the time when he'd win the mile at the Western Conference and after ten minutes rest start the two mile grind. ual . if -. - 4 A chunce shot by the Germans proved 1 Fi I Ruins at Venux where. the marines held vnliantly mrninst a terrible Wh,,'wnS'n nicmbm. of artillery fire ol' the Germans. ruinous to this big gun rst, hunal scenes of the devastation of Belgium w e r 0 witnessed by Prof' T E Oliver the Belgian R c l i ef Commission. Oft in the stilly night these barbed wire entumrlcments protected our boys, und jngunt doom 1.0 the T11-wily-fl11'r'z' V Germans. A- THE"1'YIENTY"ILLlO , Q 32 4 gg?-filxfx XFN fy NC Service on both fronts was the desire of Lt. Chris Gross '17, His wish was granted when he was ordered to sail for Siberia in March, 1919. He saw six months service on the Chemin des Dames sector with the Illini Ambu- lance Corps in 1917 and is now in Archangel fighting the Bolsheviki. 'r'- Behind this paint-daubed sc1'ecn lay potent factors in hastcning the end of the war. Muster of books, the student who succumbed in this fight showed n willingness to battle the elements. but to no uvuil. 1 - , V 5.-m,.,p-,airs f f - ' '4 e . , ep ' . Getting 9. bit of their health back. Far from the field of battle, many Illini rested by this cool lake in Saloniki. , Twenty-fouv' Q i I I1 f H l I i 'I I L A 2 9 CH We 1 1 ' ' XQCQU 7' :QT -432.511, X ff! I. N ,ANN A front linc cemetery at Chateau Thierry. Every man a hero. Their memory shall ever be cherished by the University for whose ideals they 'fought so nobly. we 'f f n 3151 ,,fAf5?dwXq:h..-b'I4'fg3?' KT., A , f v,m,.g:-A , k-. ,Q - 'eff-'N " , A - -45 1. . -i "4 was A mere tree stump to the enemy---this observation post grave our boys ax dis- tinct advantage. L4 Many organic chemicals were imported from Germany before the war. When these stocks became exhausted, the American Universi- ties were called upon to supply the formulas required in the making of these chemicals. Illi- nois, with its great laboratories, came forth and performed great deeds for the nation. Many articles were discovered, and many processes developed which cheapened the manufacture of chemicals needed both in martial and peace-time industries. Sergeant-Pilot Everett Buckley of the Lafayette Esquadrille, who was shot down by two German planes after he had destroyed the third of their number, escaped July 1, after ten months in a German prison and reached Switz- erland July 7 after killing a guard with his pocket knife. Buckley has been awarded the French military medal, the French service medal and the Croix de Guerre with palms. Lt. F. B. Cortis '13 Lt. C. Gross '17 Cnpt. E. A. Williford '15 Sgt. P. Van Doren '21 Lt. G. Waters '10 Twenty-five Q:- ..... p THE "TWENTY"lLLlO s v v. Q 71 ,, 1 Q 'S G FY Q i 1 J 2 5 Ez E W S 1 s. ll fi n..-.U1--.-,,. 5.11. I V W E I E 'F I! I lr R M K i 'E JF E 1 5 1 I 2 H Y 5 'L......., W... ,......, ,W ,........W....................,..,, ..-.A-A,. pn- MQ ' W , ' -.. -,..A......,.,...,.. -. ,. ......,, ,..A., f "SX: -' - V 5 . AN 4 , ay Lv. 2, f NX I fi ff' i- V- rr. -- , T mm Ly-sim: 1 w 1. Y li 4, f: 1 1 W 'r 8 .i 11 9 ei fb li E, 4 'i u w i W, 'I V i? 1 l! H . , E 3 6 THE "TWENTY" I LLIO if--at-uf - 7 QSm---L.--iam-fa::4-.--- , -- ,L ,,u.-,,xf..:? -- - ,...,....,,Af L- --f-f.,....,m ,S I Q, x 1 I . A -lf. .4,v- ""Lw',,uN , f x 2 1' xv 1 -- -1 'NN , , X, .. ., J a,.. , -.. ,,-m ..,-,,u..,,.,mw,,,.m ,., .. ,,.. M W ,Ny N 5 L' - 1, n L, lx 4 A 2 G f E 9 ,Q Y, '5 I4 L 5 S I F M 4 xl IE Qi 5 r I v 5 ! 3 3 1 -M K fr5"1WqQ fji, --..-M M xi L Nw W Twmz ty-sawn 11135 'TYENTV 7!!:.El2.fM V u tx! 1' p N , x I 1 w r W ' x X 1 X '.- wf . 1 Xxx f, 1 ,. Cunt. I-I. W. Miller, CFacultyb Capt. M. Bentley, Ufacultyj Sgt. J. S. Beckley, '15 gfuuu-an--'I - Our women loud the lmttlc upruinat wustc, und annum: them wc-rv mxmy Illinne who did their bit in i'url,hr-rimr the conscrvntiun of food. TIUt"llf1l-Uilllll, n n f fl 'w'fl.I!E..IYi5NIY .'!r.'-F9 4 Q .2 f 'BNF' 'Yi' ' A mere pittance this. Our hearts cried out in sympathy when the tales of hunger and 'privation existing in Belgium reached the University. K' it I' is I ' , X x X 5' v ' 4.3.-...i.-..ix--....,4.....Q.g..,L.....--.....l i i , i Passing from the gridiron to the il ' game of war. Lt. "Slooie" Chap- - A-a-tl' Here are thc mighty fourteen-inch persuuders of the U S. New Mexico, which kept the Ger- man fleet from doing battle. Twenty-nine man '15 of the marines, emerged a greater hero. Lieutenant Hank Hager '17, of the 12th Aero Squadron went through Paris on his way into Germany. He writes from Treves Germany that his landlady still regards him suspiciously, probably because a few months ago she spent her evenings in the cellar dodging contributions from American bombers. Belching forth their terrible fire, the Coast Artillery guns handled by the Illini set an insurmountable barrier in front of the Germans. gr THE 'TWESTYU ILLI 0 j... 4 ,IQ 4 C' ..,z-FY' ' Lex, 4, D N n I qu v, l This famous cnllier connecting the Atlantic fleet with land furnished training and a home for numerous Illinois men, among them Ensigns Joel Greene '18, George Snyder '18, and G. R. Pcterman '19, Gazing upon the wreckage of the torn Verdun region. Charles Keck '16, well known ,in University dramatic circles. was sent by the army author- ities to help cheer up the soldiers of France. Thirty THE "TWEN1'Y"ILLlO V .4 - ,- x x- . - f .- , V 1, A 1" If Rig i' V XX W --.-...... , -- -----....W.V -.-----Q.. f IMY ,I y, A57 I X M XX rl' 4, I f, X 1 MW- A A Tlzirty-mug 'R ... .,..,.- ,,,....., ,,.., ,,,, ,. A .x 1,1 Il M " I f!E,,'lI!F'!lY 'l-PLQ f , X Q, ,-, Q ji 4 ,V x ' l I ,...d Italian lancers on their way to the mountains. Some speed? Furlnuuhs spent like this helped to pass the time away. Meek in solicitude is this bin nun. but u mighty voice when once aroused. Lt. Charles Goff '20 is in the foreground. Red Gunkel '16, and Potsy Clark '16 upheld their Illini athletic record during' their service abroad. Red pitched a glorious 5 to 0 victory for an A. E. F. ambulance team, striking' out eleven men J- and putting' the motor mechanics to utter rout. Lieutenant Potsy was a ' ' f ' member of the artillery team, which, in , :,,,.5 W- .,'i 43, .'5-WZ? Kflf Lil the first game won the .A. E. F. cham- l .151-fy',3.Q,,ii,5gkr,,f1. plonshlp cup by defeating' the navy 3 ..-W W ,.. .. ., en- ,M to 0. This armored cur was shattered a few minutes later by an Austrian shell in the Piave drive. The Illini who took thc picture was a bit up the road at the timc. Thirty-t wa f THE "TWE3'l'Y"lLLlO T' l 'gli If X with Q If 9 el: .il gl Y' i 1 - I9 'wa 'vt . it .K 'A4A '-Q: ' --1. 4-as 'ff Nfl Far from the roar of the battlefields, these messengers of the air are enjoying themselves. The feathered flock has done yeomun service. Peaceful now, these trenches were the scene of terrific fighting at the battle of the Sommg, Scvcml gold stars were added to the service flag at this engagement. Thirty-thrcc ' g TYHE "TWEeITY"ILLl0 1. I I A P 1 1 1 y ......- ...- .....,.-,.. ,.,, lx 'M I .. LM, -ff gd- Wiclcsm-carl was the work of the Illini in thc wnr. This ex- Prof. 0. H, Moore saw scrvice in the ambulance work before our nation entered the great war. Nothing was too difficult for the Italians. Bicycles were used to expedite the travel in the Piave region. plosion was on the Snloniki front. Captain Ross S. Mason and Lieutenant R. Rea Brown were both in the wounded officers' ward at the Amer- ican Red Cross Military Hospital No. 1 at Neuilly and engaged in a heated de- bate over the question "which is the best, artillery or the infantry ?" Captain "Skin," our former drum major, was having somewhat the best of the argu- ment fprobably on account of his rank! until the doughboy lieutenant sprang this definition of an artillery duel. "An artillery duel," says Robert Rea, "results when our batteries shell the German in- fantry, and the enemy's artillery retali- ates by shelling the American infantry." Still smoking from its fire of destruction, this gun is but waiting for another blow. as were the Illini fighting on the western front. Thirty-fo u. 1' rwairwrwrvf''LL1Q-5M rl l I . . 4 lg 4 di? 'N x X f-'fit " - A 1,1444 , , Preparing to make themselves the connecting: link of the navy, men in the radio service at Cambridge, Mass., were given many rememhrnnces ol' their campus far away. More ammunition was always neerl the artillery and the carriers were stintim.: their efforts to supply this. 1 , f , , f Q. ed by never This shows the beginning of the rebuilding of France. Lt. Bob Tolman, ex '20. is shown direct- ing: the work. f ,, .mu A Ensign S. R. Derby '15 Lt. B. Mallory Tlnirly-,l'ivc 1 , f-I '20 Lt. K. Cooper '15 Capt. N. M. Utley '18 Lt. S. Kirkpatrick '16 Lt. H. Cooper '18 ' THE "rwEN'rv" :Luo n n v Entlance to the laigest naval tnaminf, station in the world. H dred of Ill men stazted towards the sea from the SA' A 9 ,flasks H I V Many a happy meeting took place at the American University Union in Paris. This institution maintained by American college men, served as a common gathering place for university men and brought back happy memories of the Campus and the friends of collegiate days. Many a homesick soldier was cheered by the college atmosphere and given renewed vigor to prosecute the war and van- quish the Germans. Lieut. Carlyle S. Rhodes, ex-'15, was, until the signing of the armistice, a prisoner of war at Kriegsglfangenlager, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany. His plane, with three others, was attacked by a large number of enemy scout planes far within the German lines, and, after going to the aid of one of his fellow flyers, Rhodes was captured where forced to land. Many gold stars were kept away by the quick use of the gas mask. Thi rty-u iw THE "TWEyTY"lLLlO X . NN? ali QM A 5:2 Sl ,A i Nose down. with ever increasing sliced. so shed this ill-fated machine. und then the crash- I1. is but fitting' that this University should be represented on the peucc council. Prof. A. H. Lybycr is xi member of the clvlcfxutiun. ,H Smushl smash! smashl So crashed the tanks of the Allies. Cl'hirty-seven ki Erin: "TWE3TY"lLLl0 SQA ffm L f N A Q ig 4 ' w- ss 5: -e--was nib if Alibi 1 i- i i ' ' I X No matter how great the difficulty, whether mud or men, our brave soldiers ever fought on. This picture was furnished by Captain B. W. Benedict. Q Welcome news from the states always brought cheer. Bob Row- land '20, and his companions are carefully scanning each bit of information. Gracefully these four hydroplanes skim alonn the waters surface prepm-atory to rising from the sea. Scotty Alcock, lately of the 100th Aero Squadron, once sneaked into Paris along with his pilot, Tom McCormack. With Tom hanging onto the "joy-stick" and Scotty manning the machine gun, they must have made a great pair and have had considerable to do with expediting the armistice. Later To-m had a disastrous fall and is now recuperating. In the worst of the Austrian drive. J. K. 1"laherty '22, and his cohorts kept their ambul- ances busy carrying the Italian wounflefl back to the rear. N Th i'l't1jrl!fflht ya gl 'rms "TWE3'l'Y"ILLIO f X W Y A 1 I W . A A .4 A fi - .., -1 The cause nf mlm-1nncr'ac'y wus not to be lust. Those Gcrnmns full, the thrust. ul' tho Allin-s :xml SlIl'l'l'llIll'l't'1l. '-,fur .' . A, Ari ful und mnny were thc usvs of cunwuflmrc to protect our nuns :md 'lrzlnslmrtntimm fl'0lTl ihc wulchful cyc of thu cnvmy. Q Tllfl'llI-711.710 .. "' ,. THE "TWENTY"ILLl0 Q ,fl 4 X' I --f' 1QSlQ'8N Dean Clark's War Records The War Records of the University of Illinois were started in November, 1917, when Thomas Arkle Clark, Dean of Men, was appointed chairman of the University committee on War Records. Unofficially Dean Clark had been collecting material since early in July, 1917, and this was used as a basis of the new records. ' . Q Letters were sent to the parents of all I the Illini then known to be in the service asking for all available information, at the same time notices were sent to all the camps and canton- ments asking Illini to cooperate with the Univer- sity in compiling the war records. Getting ,, touch of ,,,.my me, At the end of the first year of America's participation in the war, Dean Clark sent out letters to the mothers of the fighting Illini, expressing the great pride which the University had in her sons who had left the University to take part in the great war. Christmas greetings were sent out in 1917 and again in 1918 expressing the hearty good wishes of the University and giving views of the campus and a brief word on life at the University. Some six thousand postal cards showing views of campus life and activities were sent out during the summer of 1918. The replies to these various inquiries were numerous and go to make up the bulk of the War Records along with the individual's card giving names, home ad- dresses, college, class, campus activities, fraternit' nd college honors. These cards also give the rank, organization and loca ion of the men, their experiences, and a record of all letters received from them. There are also nearly four hundred pictures in the files of the War Rcords re- ceived fom the various men in the service together with nearly 6,800 in- dividual cards. The most impressive part of the war records is the bulletin board in the corridor of the Administration Building where the pictures, together with a brief summary of the men wounded, decorated, or dead are posted. These form the -most valuable part of the War Records of the University of Illinois. Forty :R 1- 1-1-111n1 ' Q An offer from the University to the govern- ung: ment for the establishment of a school of military aeronautics was made in February of 1917. This was V W, accepted and the school commenced operation on May 21, 1917. The first curriculum called for an eight weeks course 'of instruction necessary for the funda- 53, mentals of flying. .This was later lengthened to twelve gil geeks ofh stiidy prior to shipment of the cadets to a "fic A -ig? ying sc oo. lmaii Much of the credit for the smoothness with XT' which the ground school was conducted is due to Dean David Kinley, vice president of the University, who devoted much of his time to the institution. He was the executive head of the S. M. A. Captain F. D. Crawshaw was the head of the academic board and Colonel William F. Pearson commandant. A corps of thirty to forty officers were kept at the school to instruct the cadets in military training and take care of the records. The first building to be turned over to the ground school was the Y. M. C. A. building on Wright street. This was converted into Barracks No. 1 and housed about 400 men. Here the men studied and had their mess hall. Later Bradley Hall next door was leased and converted into a dormitory. Various build- ings about the campus were either turned over entirely or in part toward the prosecution of the training of the --- - aviators for the government. 'With the desire of the government to further increase the size of the local ground school, the university authorities placed the new Women's Dormitory in the hands of the military authorities, immediately upon its completion in the Fall of 1917. This additional building brought the roll of cadets close t.o the thousand mark, which was retained during the rest of the time the school continued. The final class of cadets was graduated in November, 1918, after the Cunt. I". D. Crawshnw i armistice was signed. The Gymnasium Annex was converted into a gigantic laboratory where aeroplanes was taught to the cadets. An addition to this building was erected to house the additional students. Many college men from various parts of the country were sent to the University by the government for their training. Every effort was made by the towns- people of Urbana and Champaign to provide entertain- ment for the visiting cadets. It was a great means of spreading the fame of the institution and brought many eastern college men to realize what a vast institution the Donn David Kinley, University of Illinois really is. ' l"orly-one THE "TWEN'l'Y"lLLl0 c v L ,IN .lx Q 4 4 ' - if V v if :wr ELEM A iil l - , l 00.1. .. I .. . Tents were used to increase the capacity ol' the urounil school of the S. M. A. The cool summer breezes sifting' thrnupxh the canvas grave hope to the uspirinnr aviators. A model burruck was mucle out of the University Y. M. C. A. Many al flier earned the 1'ig'ht to a machine by long' cliliprent hours of study spent in this building. O1-iyzinnlly meant for women. this mzurnifieent dormitory wus upon completion in 1917 turned over to the uvintion school and doubled the capacity ol' the institution. F'ort11-two THE 'TWEJITYHILLIO U 1 kx . 'T ' r fr f IN A 4 4 'Mew s . , , Q , l Mirlst the quiet campus of the summer time. classes in wire- less added a touch of life to the University. Rigid discipline was maintained at all times. Originally built for war traininxr. the gym annex was trans- ferred into a laboratory for the S. M. A. Here were tmnrht the fundamentals of airplane manipulation and the cadets learned their first feeling: of handling the stick, even thoufzh ' on the ground. Colonel William F. Pearson and his efficient staff f' ff' -. h' h University ol' Illinois the rankiny: ground sch?1ol?1flEl?eqcfX1nE'y, made the Forty-fh1'cc .11 J. A W THE "TWE3TY"lLLl0 4 Q 4 K Q4-Eiiiifii -e N, - ' -:M 'i " The Students' Army Training Corps was brought into existence at the University of Illinois with appropriate ceremonies at 11 a. m., October 1, 1918, while simultaneously at 500 other educational institutions the same event was occurring. About 3,000 students were assembled in military formation on the campus north of the auditorium. With simple ceremony, the band struck up the Star Spangled Banner as the American Flag was raised on high and a new era for the University commenced. Allegiance to the flag was administered by the post adjutant and the simple words, "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it standsg one nation, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all," thrilled each man as he accepted the added responsibilities. Mes- sages from the President, Secretary of War, and the Chief of Staff of the Army were then read to the newly made soldiers. President Edmund J. James of the University and Colonel William R. Abercrombie, U. S. Army, Commanding Officer, made short addresses. The occasion was solemn as none present could foretell the future events, nor how soon many of the young men present would soon be called upon to offer their lives in defense of their country's ideals. Including the Naval and Medical sections, 3,411 students were inducted into the S. A. T. C. This unit sent 106 candidates to Of'ficer's Training Schools before the armistice was signed. Colonel William R. Abercrombie, the first commandant, was relieved on October 31. His successor was Major Irving A. Opperman who remained in command until the unit was discharged. Within a month after plans were completed for the S. A. T. C. at the University, a second floor had been added to the armory. In this great structure were housed more than 1,500 men and the first floor was a giant cafeteria where all the men were fed. The center of the military spirit was in the armory. The long rows of cots with their spotless condition drew much praise from inspecting official who visited the University during the regime of military authorities. The early hours of morning found the youthful soldiers busy drilling under the watchful eyes of lieutenants, many of whom were college men themselves. With the signing of the armistice, the necessity for the S.A.T.C. passed away. About December 1 orders were received -for demobilization of the men. In order not to disturb the academic life of the University, no discharges were given until December 21, when the entire unit was discharged. The one and only pay day for the student soldiers was a memorable occasion 3 and those precious dis- charge papers were tightly clutched by the citizen student. Capt' Myers . Forty-four - el' . Fu A. .mf . 'N l"orl y-fivc gk n n g Wx mf U f fm nj. ' - . by N V d F , , k-,,, ,f' .,..1,.....,, .....- , -.... X ,,, ., 5 i A A Y 2 Q Q 12 2 ul f! 5 1 E. 1 ii 5 U 1 Q H Fl W 5 I 1 E gs 2 12 1 F? 1 N Q I as if ll 5 5? 'J H P1 5 Q H .Y .1 9 E L 'Q fl H .. if . i Ii V! -, LK e I 2 6 I , 1 5 f 4 'ljus TwEx1!gIY :Luo ,V .....Q--....,.L, ,,. .,,A M. ,,, ,. 5 1? 4 X' 1 iks Q .3 4:1 ie xy i N L . 12. KN L X 'Sl y X ,IX X 4 .4 e A ity' I I .gvig 1 , We slept in the biggest bedroom in the state. Simul- taneously 1,500 of us turned to, every night at ten. Simultan- eously, 3,000 feet hit the floor every morning at 5:00, fand Oh Boy! those days were cold onesl. But we bunked together and liked it. We learned de- mocracy from a practical stand- pointg and some of the pals we hung onto, well, we wouldn't have known 'em otherwise. K. P.'s we were togeth- er. We did it all: shoveled out, swept out and moppecl up. Some of the pikers got to ride on the truck while the rest of us got stuck among the pots and pans. B'ut it only lasted for one dayg then a whole month of peace. When we weren't K. P.'s we were star boarders of Uncle Sam. We ate, too, even though the grub wasn't from mother's cooking spoon. Yea! Bo! We en- joyed it-those canned eggs that turned out a limp custard. I"urIy-:wv1'r1 n THE 'TWENTYUILLIO e v Q Q 4 52 ,--51.-,X God 1716155 JG? one and al ,a cl M W Hb facz16 gcgzin f ,X UPOH 25311311 r i Hfzeja eambl Iv, I 4 X I clove: yourcoun ff ff IR' . ' Q pulpudsof mmjmwh Q which ouimve W d, 1 My lvgtkxixxx ezlifuliyjhowj m L Ttimfg Of Wd EPMUAIPJANESJ X, 'E Tr AMES j THE 'TWEeTY"lLLl0 ...ll . I I YF? 'v Q ciomeci wuxegnxx or Gemma Spiie fxWm1 e t11KQMXdLHOOlIL' 411 S 'wry iowerwclromw sggcgxei offfwexxcm Look N I L 5 I I 1 134.6-1,4 -"'j,a',fJ lx' -371 'I ' ' I . - , . .,x,M. , '.,u'x , 'IU' 'Bn ' 54' 'X 1 f' A 'W-mnf, ,, -I ' "' ' I it ml 1 ,:l'vxg- ,J 4- 3 's '. v 7-xi g- Q ..Q ,V -'ftyv TIP "Q i 11 " - A' 'W' V N Q ' at A 'As Q ' .V ',,,. V? 4. s' .A Q srs'v'.r J 22 - -s' ,'J5' ""' - q N K A I 1 Tr Q' on O f , L 'n l Q ,yi me 1gQ4:w41-X 'o,P4 M 'XO ,1ue:1x,eAMlf HU9 ca ,lx,OQy" my 11Vl,1X,Cf2 63,110 ML aQ.x1,ix, - A 4 TNQ115 wen: , nf 412999 ML f1,4.n,E1o,1:s . nf U fix. 'Ax X. 0 . A 2 i Z E ..,4., 'nu -Q... 'A Lmfc-v1L ff rea or A11 vome we oomec W.l1QfGUi 5595 5-It J - L , I . L s V 0 ,r,.' 41 Yo 4 A 4 l r . f msc 40 me Awcmoazmu ff, , . , , -ff, 1 , I. 5-lk 3 ' O 43 Q Q " 14 Y 'Q "51M1.c15 kT.U1j7' ik fm '1 154015. Qomwm OO, Otcl 601611911 ,. " :fi U' .1 M 1' . '1 ,-, , 45 I, W: vm 4- .A,.- A t ' ,- , . v. n n N 1 1 .. ,?r,,. . 4 4 f R x." 1'f ' ' . , - ., '-'L I O ' . n fv- : .1 , 1. -. . 1 ' 1 I :rx "Ji I f Q H v Q ai , ' .' V 'HA- , , f. " 'FH 'f .4 ' 1 :kk ',!.'!"'. b "- ' Av - is j , " . . .21 .5 3?"'. J 'W 0 1 X ?' li, ' ' ff. + : gf, "' . 'fi 4. A 3'-E' ,ff ' F fe . , i' K 'J V I V171 3 As '. 1 1 I 5 5 him r r1-- ,...,,.. ..- - , ,,- -,--- .-,"f'r'V-'yi' v 3 ,-1 . eq . .1-vu. 2.-- , X " .' ..- in-I v 4 I if' i -4 Q59 - . ,, 1 fx- FS . 'v' gO.TiQ'tfHlQC 1JQ11ZfQQ.1L nmrmwre, 91 emo ff H Famfjgfc? PQ 'flivI1E4LgifwaiAgLlilfs fl if Orouycge o1mQ,11oIC-1-' OACQ IBLOIQ, 611146430 cl ffgcfgifgmiffffieig E my .ja J . 1 1, ,M-in I 1 l FEQSPAN 0rJlARj 4 5 n W I J M 4 V I Y M 1 x 1 I W i 1 I . I 1 , TlllQlUTUl2Lf UNIVLIZSIV' A successful campus must be impressive enough to create favorable comment from the casual visitor. It must be arranged so . , N that the related work of the several departments can be efficiently and congenially performed, both from the viewpoint of the faculty and of the students. And, if at all possible, it must have woven intimately 1 -' ' into its general plan, features which will develop a genuine home fffi X . ,.,v, :,f . wii 1 if ni. i intl sentiment among all who are workers therein. One phase of the designing of a University campus is the grouping of its buildings, but for a State University, that is at any . x ' one time a very indefinite problem. Thirty years ago University Hall, -' K the Law Building Qthen the Chemical Laboratoryj, and a combined drill hall, shop and laboratory building on the site of the present wood 'W shop, were the only buildings on our main campus. No one then had even a faint conception of what we have seen materialize, and if he had, he could have accomplished little because he would have been considered too visionary. Our problem now is somewhat more definite, but we do not know enough in detail to talk about very many of the buildings of the future. The problem is chiefly one of space so that our successors may have room to develop when the time comes. So far, we have been following the practice of the Chambered Nautilus in building successive homes to provide for our expansion, but we still continue to occupy our old ones and instead of moving in a spiral we have been following a meridian. The first campus was the present Illinois Field, with one building on the site of the baseball diamondg the second stretched to the Auditorium and we are beginning to prepare the third, which will include the one hundred sixty acres south of the Auditorium with the parade ground and horticultural gardens as important factors in its development. What will be our next move? We don't know, but we must acquire enough land so that an orderly development will be possible when the time comes. Transpor- tation problems for our small distances will have been solved by that time and we need not worry about distances. It may be with motor busses, or an aerial route, or even a pneumatic tube, but we will be able to cross the cemetery, where, Professor Breckenridge used to say, there are chances for study beyond the grave. I am in favor of reserving one hundred twenty acres there for our fourth campus which in the meantime would make a very beautiful golf course. We are now Working towards a definite plan which will bring order out of our present campus, and provide future sites to more than double our building space. We are also studying the extension of walks, drives, and lighting systems, and giving careful thought to locations for class memorials and other special features which will tempt us to walk along the paths prepared for us midst shrubbery and flowers. And thus .besides enjoying healthful exercise, we shall benefit by an intangible influence which will be an important element in building up Illinois Loyalty, for after all, our Illinois Loyalty springs largely from the pleasant associations and proud memories of the campus life. JAMES M. Wrnrm, ' Supcrvismg Archztect. 'Eff fr- 'lf rf-" Simty-eight 3K!DlM1.!J!Jll'JC'l5YUVEUJUJL'lllX'f.HU4" if 4 ' ' W A W HS :ji 55 mlmlulUlWlwUl1'H'lNUlHHIQVI T E Six ty-nine an 9-"'10lIl1p-uhm n M-f-V-N.,..,.f'-f--.. Mm, ,fl y X .. Illln ' H V""""Y'V i1'W HI an .......,.....,:.....4LM-Mli, LHIIL !f. 5iIfu.,,. :EIillil!lll!lll!lll,:':::,:E2i:,:Nwm:1:::Aijj.,: Mjqgf., i-:Em:L::1:H:N:g ya:-:wrLgwaglilllnugglill, "" Iv ' Ian ,eu m. fm mf fix-wg-'.nu.'m. 'mi '5-Q' LV' M' nlfgfl-'Qfm ll-Im. 51. .am .n. nl. m- f ' 1 an mu nu nu nu nu umm mm nlggg--1llu,1ll:1Il museums: um III nn nu H fi?'fffiifif,ii'ifi'ii1TJuLr.i,1Eii2?.7:5a'fA, f 1fA", 2. 1 .x A AQ1,l.v,m-,'JL'A'.'-.',1L'fu'.I.' K LUTURL 'E gi UNIVLDSID' ivan 'vm U'n'V'lW'sWif:iVf"ni R395-Q 'I' -f 1 Seventy 1 Studies by the Engineering and Architectural Department ' v. x my , -1-. uni' ww- .ex.5,.,,,g. QRS?L'Jl!JL':'.'l'.'JL 'U 'I -'l'!"'HK .H -' ' A' 1 :Sl E s THE i :Q t LUTURL NUIUIWIWIUI1 M llhllnlalla Seventy-one - - Milli' That the Illinois Union was founded in 1909? A That the University now has almost 17,000 graduates? That in 1871 the first band played at commencement? That in 1897 the University treasurer skipped out with all the money? That in 1882 the seniors wore black stove pipe hats and the juniors white ones? That from a faculty of 31 in 1878 the University's instruction staff has grown to 601 in 1918? That the present enrollment is 4,397? It was 77 in 1868. The largest enrollment was 6,828 in 1916-17. That in the early '70's the students had their own government, which settled all cases of hazing, cheating, etc? That the familiar command: "Pass in review!" was first heard by the University R. O. T. C. brigade in June 1896? That in 1890-91 the students had what is known as a "military rebellion," the biggest. student outburst in the University's history? "That in 1870 is the Illinois red letter year? It was in that year that Illinois first enrolled that gift of the Gods, the woman student." That Illinois set the record, unique in the history of western intercollegiate athletics in 1914, when she won the football, basketball, baseball, and track championship? That there are now fifty-two building on the campus? The Chemistry B'uilding is the largest in the United States and the Armory is the largest building 'without supporting columns in the world. That University Hall whose cornerstone was laid in 1871, cost 95150,000? The State Legislature was so long in providing the money that the trustees, tired of looking at the unfinished walls, completed the building by selling Champaign county bonds. Seventy-two 1919 ' 'Gw1Q-L-Wemmrfn919- Wilma M Gr LL 1920 MA Kmcus Izrnesl Kmclmer 1921 Q ID mamomam -i"-e31uQI'- Mryfpe-dncllvwmxrduill-1910f ' D I' TUPI9' - n Sevrmty-three EDMUND JANES JAMES President of the University HLDMINBIRAIIONE 11 Board of Trustees MEMBERS EX-OFFICIO HON. FRANK O. LOWDEN Governor of Illinois HON. FRANCIS G, B'LAIR Superintendent of Public Instruction ELECTED MEMBERS TERM 15115-11121 ROBERT F. CARR, Chicago LAURA B. EVANS, Taylorville ROBERT R. WARD, Benton TERM 1917-1923 WILLIAM L. ABBOTT, Chicago MARY E. BUSEY, Urbana OTIS W. HOIT, Geneseo TERM 1919-1925 CAIRO A. TRIMBLE, Princeton JOHN M. HERBERT, Murphysboro MARGARET DAY BLAKE, Chicago OFFICERS OF THE BOARD WIIIIIIARI L. ABIIOTT Prmiflcnt HARRISON E. CUNNXAGIIXNI Secretary EOMUNII D. 1'IUl.llElt'l', Chicago Treasurer LLOYD MOBEY C0 nzptrollcr Scvcntu-four NADMINBTEATI N 11 Seventy-five Council of Administration EDMUND JANES JAMES, Ph.D., LL.D. Pl'l'Mlllt'71t of tho University . DAVID KINLEY, Ph.D., LL.D. Vivo l'r1'sidm1t of the University Dean of the Grazluah: School and I'rofcssor of Economics EUGENE DAVENPORT, M.Agr., LL.D. Dorm. of Hu: Collage of Agriculture ' Dirrclor of .lgricnltural Eaflvilsion Service and I'rof1'ssor of Tlircmmalology Dean TI-IOMAS ARKL1-I CLARK, B.L. Dean of Mau and Professor of Rlictlwic KENDRIC CHARLES BABCOCK, B.Lit., Ph.D. Dam of the Collvgr: of Liberal Arts and Sl?l1'1lCl'8 FREDERICK BROWN MOOREHEAD, B.Lit., Ph.D. of thc College of Dentistry and Professor of Oral Surgery and Pathology ALBERT CIIAUNCY EYCLESHYMER, Ph.D., M.D. Da-an of tlw College of Medicina Professor of Analaiilu and llrrarl of the Dnjiarlmvnl of A'nalomy NATHAN AUSTIN WESTON, Ph.D. Acting Dcan of the College of Comm:-rec and Ilusinvsx .ridminislration and Assistant Profvssor of Economics HENRY WINTHROP BALLANTINE, LL.D. Dvau of thc Collvgc of Law and Professor of Law CHARLES RUSS RICHARDS, Dean of the College of Erigifncoring Director of E'nyincf:ri'ng Experiment Station ' Professor' of M1:cha'nical Engim'cring WERRETT WALLACE CHARTERS, Ph.D. Dean of Collcgc of h'llllCl1LlU1l and Professor of Education RUBY ELIZABETH CAMPBELL MASON, A.M. Dum of Women DEAN DAVID KINLEY DEAN EUGENE DAVENPORT A.B., Ph.D. B.S., M.S.. M.Agrr. Dean of Graduate School, Vice President of Dean of College of Agriculture, Director of C University. Ag'i'icult,u1'nl Extension Service 1- ' "' Q J ,nl DEAN THOMAS ARKLE CLARK DEAN KENDRIC CHARLES BABCOCK B.L. B.Litt., A.M.. Ph.D.. LL.D. Dean of Men, Professor of Rhetoric. Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Seventy-six - i DEAN FREDERICK BROWN MOOREHEAD DEAN ALBERT GI-IAUNCY EYCLESHYMER A.B., D.D.S.. M.D. B.S., M.D., Ph.D. Dean of the College of Dentistry and Donn of College of Medicine. Professor of Professor of Oral Surgery and Pllth0l0l-fY- Anatomy und Head ol' Department of Anatomy. , .. - 4-.- . .. X1 DEAN HENRY WINTHROP BALLATINE DEAN CHARLES RUSS RICHARDS LL.D., A.B. B.M.E.. M.E.. M.M.E. Dean of Collet-re of Law. and Professor 01' Dean of College of Engineering. Director of Law. Engineering Experiment Station Seventy-seven ,- I ,-ww A , 1 ' I 4 I x I DEAN WILLIAM B. DAY DEAN RUBY E. C. MASON Ph.A.R.M. AJS.. A.M. Actuary ul' the Univvrsily ul' Illinois School Dunn ul' Womvn. ol' Phurmucy. THE COUNCIL OI" AIJMINlS'l'RA'l'ION IN SESSION S1'w'11L11-eight Seventy-nine i mf f RA R--' Kr, xx Q , f N Af N 1 4,f'igU5'1 W, THB H 1 ,W M 631151153 fn en and wo -, I I .'lffOi - ,VZIZQ 142, 61" Q 0 1 4Er4'he1r Unn?g151 , N afar 1 co1f12efg51Zme1 ,gm .af me horzorjpgfim rn w ef wy - X Jim", jZ.Pf2 WQA.MLa. L M 4 f ,, M .---...1"'s--- - ...H " .-. M - 1-f--" , ,,,. ,f ,.....4,fNxv..- ,,..,..wF2i""" ' -..-J"f . V, ' 'l X -,-wg. , lv A 'wfi---....--. .., .., Q, Q ' ' , , X ' 'I -vom, ,' 1 I, KrZ', fNfXfXf1?LfU 1 TM EQWCVJ i n X , im L ggL g j , -X I r ll..,,.1LA55fE37!l SJ X' ' I A 'ET' IMKEWAMG Eighty-mic SENIOR HONORARY SOCIETY Fozmclezl at the University of Illino CHARLES CARROLL, JR. JULIEN HAMPTON COLLINS HARRY GEORGE HAAKE RAYMOND CI-IRISTIAN HAAS HAROLD BOOMER JOHNSTON GALEN VICTOR KNIGHT FOSTER MITCHELL LALOR ALVIN LEONARD LANG PHILIP ALFRED NIEDERGALL JACOB PAUL SOIINELLBACHER ELWYN LEROY SIMMONS EDWARD CARL STERNAMAN HARRY GUsTAv ZIMMERMANN Q53 is 1.912 A S Q5 T I 42:-1:2 f I-h-.X lm ww ww L M nun Lwym we fu. 'H U 1 uf2l,,fln!I ,l-glIl1n1..!ulImMl!iHi1lu I ' Ulll :XL xllllllllls BH lllllllln Ei Illmllr BA lllnllr T mllll M B H B G B M C L E L G I' L J N E S L S L S M T I' W , . , , ,,.., , v ,Aw-., -fr' TEiFa-lTfrYE N EY ' 1 PM 0 Seniof Class Officers WALTER B. REMLEY President MARIE L. CRONIN Vice President ELIZABETH LAMME Secretary 4 HAROLD SCHLOSS . h Treasurer Eighty-three , A A A V V - - 4, Y W- V, , , -4 -.E -A-vga-A1-mn-u --new'-M-ff-. 3-W W PY Jr. A. V --4- .g-SAT, -- -----W., ,..,.,,....,..1:-A M. 1--A We M. -,mp-. . iiafwlff5'EA"1'TiAiVE'i3qj'iW'fEi'iEJ"'vS"' I H. J. SCHLOBS MILTON NORMAN G. S. FLEISHMAN IRWIN CLoREINE M. A. BEHRENS H. H. CHAPMAN R. L. EATON RALPH REDDING LLOYDE HUNTER W. T. WHARToN LOIB SEYSTER G. V. KNIGHT H. B. JOHNSTON W. H. Conn R. S. COOKE J. N. MCDONALD G. W. FREDE VICTOR KRANNERT B. E. SKINNER - H. H. HOLTZMAN ELIZABETH LAMME GRACE Woons WANDA CoUsINS IDA GOODMAN KATHLEEN TAYLOR ESTHER ScoTT Lois ScoTT C. A. MCNAUGI-IToN CLARENCE BoNNEN NILA EDMUNDSEN Lois EVANS MALLORY ELDA KNIGHT IONB BALLINGER MARGUEIUTE MYERS MARJORIE GRIFFITH Senidr Class Cominittees T. H. BROCK, Chairman W. F. KEEPERS L. S. DICKBON MAIIGABET BAUM MAIIION LEETE ANNA MARKS SENIOR SMOKER M. E. NOBLE, Chairman E. C. BENNETT DONALD GREER JOHN M. Cooxc R. E. GEILER W. F. PERCIVAL SENIOR CLASS DAY H. B. GARMAN, Chairman A. H. GoTTscHALK E. A. SANDLER GRACE BROWN GOLDIA BUTzI-:R F. A. TonRENcE SENIOR INVITATION W. M. CARTER, Chairman V. P. Dony K. E. SPARKS MARY KURT MARION SMITH DoRoTIIY WARREN SENIOR BREAKFAST ARLENE .LUMLEY, Chairman JQSEPI-IINE NEWELL BONNIE HARDESTY ALICE CARLSON MIIJJRED KESSINGER AILEEN HUNTER SENIOR CAP AND GOWN A. H. WATTS, Chairman E. T. HOWELL F. A. CoLuNs R. J. LAIRLE C. F. HENNING H. G. PonLEsAK SENIOR BANQUET MARIE CRONIN, Chairman DOROTHY BAHE HELEN VIAI. EDNA MANN MILDRED FROMMAN NELLE B. FLATT DAISY MARTIN CHARLES NAGEL SUSAN SHAEFER GLAux's EVERHART R. E. FULTON M. R. RANSFORD W. J. FULTON A. G. GROSCHE EDDIE BRYA F. A.'GoRnoN C. S. DUSTIN CHARLES RUSSELL FLORENCE WHITTUII DAVE WAREORD HILDA KOHL , HELEN BRAUNS B. E. MITTLEMAN ASTRID DODGE ELEANOR MUTH W. L. KEEPERS F. B. MALLORY ' F. M RYAN JOIIN WALno C. C. MAXWELL EUMUNU ENGELLANU IRENE CUNNINGHAM BEATRICE LEVY 0. S. BARKLAUE ANNE Poucowsxl: WILHELMINE SHAFFER RUTH DANIEL MARION McCoNNELL Eighty-four ' lf ,4l Eighty-Jive Eighty-six Eighty-su-von Eighty-eight L. ami. Q, QQMMERQL AENGINEERYNG em QVUDVRE LAW wma Llmvgf BDVQMQN GRADVATE V '1'fHEl'TWENTY"ILLIO OPHELIA AHLERS Liberal Arts and Sciences Staunton Preliminary Honors. . GRACE ELIZABETH ALEXANDER P . 3 ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Chieaaow 1 ' 3 -2-"Rik, 1: ff Illlola. P A L Q4 1:- CECIL V. ALLEN, Aehoth W fi 1 Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Broadlanclsg h- Xl , ' ."'4gQ ' ' ' 4-3 5 ' FLORENCE GERTRUDE ALTHAUS, IIB4' Q.. . ' 'xwni I A " Liberal Arts and Sciences - Belvirlerel ,:3'v1,:, 'qv W .Y . ' ' HAZEL IRENE ARMSTRONG, MKA Qx1.jJf.3:.V , . ' Music Champaign L 13. W lj., E N - , Bethany Circle: Orchestra. , 3 1 - . 3. ., . , . J, Q ., 1 A in ff CARL ALFONS BAcoN, 1131311 ' ,KX , Q Eu.. , . I . X- Q Liberal Arts and Sciences Chioaaok - A , I , 1 . ' 'R f Student Branch, A. S. M. E.: Rifle Club: Cercle Francais: Deutscher " 1 my ' - A Kr. ',,Vercin: Illinois Union '-'- D ramatic Leaxtue. ' - ' 2390,-,' ' . . DOROTHY VIRGINIA BAHE, xe 3' 4.533 - if-Q Liberal Arts and Sciences , Q . l Mauwoozir ,Q -.1-.Yi ,. X' '3 ' Woman's Athletic Association, Advisory Board 143: Y. W. C., 'A. ', 'fi g "X L4 Second Cabinet 133: First Council Woman-'s League 133: Freshman-Y ,,"z'W3gjE" -" , N . fGlee Club 113: Qasketball 113,. 123, 133,' 143,-Manager 143 : Hockey C231 Q -wk, 1 4' .ff 183, 143, Captain 133 b: Bowling 113,.,j-4123, Capts.lna123: Baseball 113, ' fg.-' AL .... If 1, 3 '. . 123, 133: Secretary Soplmforyxbre Illinhe: President Senior Illinae: Seniorg q-ji. ff4.r,-,- . 5, ,Qcuncilf , ' -my , . - 1 l ' is ':1'i,'fw7f :fig "W , IoNE F - ICK 1 INQER, AX9 ' - ,V 'rf-,,ff'.g-3'.-.fvfi x nf.:-.E 1, .:Liberel Arts and Scieanci o1ne'.p,k,v ,,:icsi.,'AN:,..", 2 A A ,Chcnoa -. Lgefefjaii 'fF'T F ' Yov Ma: Woman's' etic 'Aslb-'alijghfgfi H qselmold Science I Club: h nfl' fc V, fbi-":' ,,, wr, Hockey 113. 123, 1313343 rcsi . 'wgmgngjgkn-Hellenic:. 'Ifreasuz-er, .. 4, 'ae .W'oman's League Auxili LBJ 'Y ,I I T ji' ' gb ' ' 1 ,if 1 rl E " - 1-- 'bn .Big ' f- yi 1 Arngrfgif-tub, Mecmmimz " .1 Ti., :-.?'2q3'6'- , Leia 0:5411 A -' ' shnell Guild: A. S. M. E.: Class '133. ' '. nited States Naval Reserve. ' i' Y' OLIVER FREDERICK BARKLAGE, Bflf, HKN, TBII Engineering, Electrical St- Clld-IfTl68. Miawwfi Electrical Engineering Society: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Baseball 123 : Varsity Baseball 133. E h :eighty-nine Classes in ii- V -W - - -...- + R THE "TWENTYv ILLIO ' I ' I ' I ' I 1 . I l ' I ' I I I uiI1iIlllIiIln I IlIillllIil I . - v - -- v CLIFTON EUGENE BARNES, AXP, -PAT A ff? 1 , Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Mt. Carmel A N' z .A g Chemical Club 111. 121. 131. 141: Class Secretary 181: Intex-class ','Q'jf, L., f Manager 141 : Athletic Board of Control 141 : Director Illinois Union. I ' 1".M-,l4!,gi,- .- ' .gm Rfrjl,-1' 'yfl IRMA MARGARET BARNES A -I 1-.31-ff1S1x?'ifc Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics La Grandeyf. DVQQQNA , 1 El cimuxo Espanol. Y,j,lv.:-' f.,T,,f,l,Q.f A 'W 4 ' ARTHUR WILLIAM BARTLING 'i??i7f1l,.'Ef?'1j.,5Q -T , Engineering, Electrical , Litchfieldi-K1-1 ,Vf,,.?,j,xl'Qffll2i'-. A 4 A' Electrical Engineering Society. fgxwiafglf 193 A " ' ., . Y . 'Y ,:,,.,'C, -A 1 Q , EZRA EDWARD BAUER, Triangle fjfggwll-g,,y, X " , ' , Q , X Engineering, Civil Toledo, ,Qlhio I' 1 ., 5:1 .lflvuf X 1 X, Great Lakes Training Station. Q 7. K' if ff" , I -'-F: -lf' P3 '7'f-'1 l -,H 4 A MARGARET SUTTON BAUM . ' A -5.35 rwlgill-1 11,5 .XB ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Shelbyville ' ,. if ,I - Q- Mortarboard: Alethenal: Woman's Glee Club 121. 131 : Choral Socigiffl' 55315-Ji 1 A X 1 First 4Councll Woma.n's League: Class Historian 141: Chairman ' edge '- a".L", , Cross Committee 1.41 : Executive Committee United War Fund Drive ,1f41.1' , f A.'-ffm.. X' Z ,A Scnlor,Council. ' ,, , 1 'Q j Q ' .,, .l -'5 ,'.. 'f 3 , AA,x . P M. ,Q . , 1 ' A ,J V2 , 3'5',g.,..,9 1 - A , U , " HARRY WILLIAM BAUMER,' HIQNQ ",,:Jj.,::2f 1 'i .1 je' ,J Q. ' Engineerina. Electrical T .A . 1 JAP ' H ,, . ?f'. V Chicaao- A' .-""?5T"f2'11if3i11 1 - ' -V -f'- -A-E via --., ff , pf- -24. , . 5 A Electrical Engineering Ewiezy, -'f'5ec2gmy.1.c41,xv Spaulding lGgg1gLg:,., .,y"EQ-93,-4, .i"'::'-1 as . 5Wd2Y1fSf'Al'11lY Tmininifqyms. ' 'WW' EN, , 4.1. 'lf .""J' 'rfuiiih " -.- f , -1 5 ',f-' .. - f, , A' I. , . .'g1 3:,.- T53 A ' . x A W I .uf , - 1 ly, Al' LSIE f 5 M .v-.NJIT . W V, - wiv. Lfkljaigazuth -, ' Epgpcbcraz Artq and some E ... ,-,"-y,g.:fy" P, 113,211 Q .PWA fl 1, K. n Bethany Circle. 4 , ,. " 4'1" '- " 't' , fg 4.1-f ,' Q-,QQ'i7-,xi-515lA..'7 ..v- .,, ' I ' K f .' . ' ' 1 1. f' .X , , .'f,',,x it Umm? V 4 ...M-1.1 -2: :Tv f Afgacflfvrf ' FQMQE fr Libr?" l-Arts and Sciences 'Q' . ' . 'f 'We 6 Yo WH- +...W.,... Cerclc Francais: Jamesonian: Choral Fociety. .' ' h , 1' , MARIE BENNETT . ' ' Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics ' f Chicago Bethany Circle: Hockey 111, 121, Captain 111 3 Woman's War Relief Committee 141. I Classes Ninety 1 1 41 if V 1' 11 P- 3 I 1 THE l'TWENTY" ILLIO E e . E l1l1lllllllllllll liiln1a-un PARKER WILLIAM BENNETT, TKE Commerce, Business Metcalfe EMERY FRANKLIN BERRY - Liberal Arts and Sciences -Sarles, North Dakota . CHARLES GRIFFIN HIRDSALL, Iris Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Clinton Corners, N. Y. A -I . ' fulfil F l, t 'N DAVID 4MITCHELL BLUM, AEE, fI1AE . A is 55,1 5 I,i, ' Liberal Arts and Sciences. Medical Des Moines. Iowa X41 - I it ii. Prcmedic at Drake University: Enlisted Medical Reserve Force: -' . - V--, t v , Students' Army Training Corps. ' xx X v,,g 1,2 g. A A FRED TYRON BOWDITCH, EII, HKN, TBII I 5NjQ5!'1 Q Q' ,Engineering, Electrical Urbana A 'ti 'Q Z1 ' .Q , , Philomathean: Electrical, Engineering Society: Preliminary Honors: I .. 'Y ,ff X-, x e V Students' Army Training Corps. Xa if . -,-4. - :V il ,' HELEN MARIE BRAUNS, A011 I , 1 A. '. w, n 'N ix Liberal Arts land Sciences, Home Economics West Chicago Mortarboard: Home Economics Club: Woman's Athletic Association: , Hvckey Team 111. i27: Chairman Sophomore Hat Committee: Advisory Board Sophomore Illinae: President Junior Illinaeg Social Committee . '14 ,I V Y. W. C. A. C27 : Student Council Woman's League C41 : Executive Com- : X I ' mittee United Wnr Work Campaign: Senior Councilp ' . ' .Vx ,. , LQRENE BREDEWEG, 'MB X ' Liberal Arts and Sciences' ,V A."-Q1 '. 'Af Quincy ' '4 ,- Alethenai: UniversityfwOi'ohestra-A Senior Entertainment Committee. .' J Rt1rIf!'fEnIrfI,4 REYFOGLE , , , -- ' :Liberal Arts and Scion s 1' N -'ff' 1 "jCrown Point! Indiana if f Womanfs Athletic yiiaclnuowi?s,qqoggq56ab1pgt."-Y. w. c. A. fam: ,N J t K . ,, Vx -Ae...'.4. 2. Bowling 181. I fi", 1 J3',,:i,?3.- I, , A , K ' ' THQQI IM WBROCKQ' GX" xx. L A x F-1 Q MA .- .,J., . ,, -,X wuz' V --4.45 . J fritfi' A ,i E I '1 ' cf 5.65. 317 ,PJ .7 A , .1 if , W'.N'5,1. - I 'X fax 1'1.'4 , 'X , 1 4 Ji: 1 Am-z'cy.l.tu,re, Horticulture" 4 QQ.,-"-1, 'li-,LtWd? 1 lnl-rg,W:Penns llzania ,MJ 'w"f" ' Ki J S hbbazd and Blade, Horticulture Clualw, MWA on ,Managerfj Hingis , Agricfllturist 143: Senior Memorial Comml ,' Senior, Member 'Illin " Union Q43 : Lieutenant in Student Brigade GD. MARTHA MATILDA BROCKMEIER I" Liberal Arts and Sciences ' Freeport Student Council Woman's League i411 Woman's War Relief Com- mittee. Ninety-one v . Classes , , Us 'PHE l'TWENT'Y" 1LL1o I u - I ' l " I 4 - I l " I l l I . . 1 T ' , , r-1nuu1n7il llllIllnllilllll l lllllu CLARENCE EHNIE BROEKER, AXE x- Liberal Arts and Sciences Beardstown xQ Q Chemistry Club: American Chemical Society. QQ - 1 u1..'3.12JfZ+ Mllll GRACE VORIS BROWN, IIPBK, 9242 gQ,-Ii? A ,gpg-Q-fiQc'ifi'cq Liberal Arts and Sciences Findldyf' ', Scribblers Club: Illlola: Student Council Womans' League. TLg',y'Q' N .V '-5'4"'Yk"' 9.51 Q7 T VICTOR I. BROWN, KAII , 1,:iQ5' Qfgi'5g,3,Q:3'q4lll Liberal Arts and Sciences Champaian'l.,f7g'f "mFf'i,43 Q11--5' ' '9.7': , l N IC ' - GERALDINE SALISBURY BULLOCK , I-.Q , x . fLiberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economies Tognlw Q, FQ,,5'g,jQQ.3lyW . Q ' , Congregational House. ' - ' ' -,fy 1- -Q 'X ' , , . ' 'if QQ: LQ'vfQ.'Q'., A' ' 5' E - NHARRIET YERKES BURNAP, KA9 .'g,, iii .N ,Q Liberal Arts and Sciences ' Alton ,, Sl: ' ,' ' . ' - ' '1..,Q3 , Qi- - '92 Q Q , . GRACE BURWASH , Q , 31 ' ff? Liberal. Arts and Sciences I . Q Q . Uhampaibjn Q, X. C ' RUTH MARGARET BURWASI-I,,Q 'fl i T. j,jrfQ4g5Qa,, fffilfffl, A" ,Q 'Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics ' Q .Q Q' -Q Charnpdidii, 'A' .Q1 lg.. .A Household Science Club :f'Hockey:F'ff2JLf'f8l. 7'f4l:k ":' - . , ' ibm-FF -fu 3 1 ,QQ J' -Q f- Q! Q Q Q ' ' ' QQX' ' ' ' J ,fiy ' 7'Qf,fi.fgg 7MQ,m5 U. . . Q GQMJ5!!GMY TZER, ,X9.f ,Q . ,,-, ,Q. ,wi tw-Qgf. , ,Q ' ,Liberal Arts and Scieni' 7' QQ ,g "-' fm' V- :'u':Q'f W' .Q Q11 Hillsdale ' A Mmm-board: Illiola A uma 'B F" if ?fA' "mation, secremryfifsnfa, if,-53.5-,4 f - fl- Vice President MJ, 'Ad ry B ,j Lrwslaz Basketball. 117, 'l2l,f.,,-,Qu Q'gQ',zjn.. M CBM MJ : Bowling. Man' snag Q 4 .T C1J:g,QQ9,,Q 4815 Hockey" ,gL3A5.5.,.1 , ' fJ3D.'lxgflQiQQSecIS:aryL WC 31.5 Frm ,,Wg::311QB1' " ' fl AI , .. cam! 5. . : e e ce 5. , H ee- U, if 5111, j ll We.xQ,?Zelief Committee. ' " Q' 1 ' ilbl QQ ' HARRIET CLARK dADE - ' ,Q ,f Liberal Arts and Sciences Veedefsburg, Indiana RUTH CALDERWOOD, KKI' Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Grinnell, Iowa Classes Ninety-two Ai-If o f M - " .. ,? .. 'T ' -THE l'TWENTY" ILLIO l ll l I-lHD S :l"3l I l l llGSAl-lilll'1lE1'W:fM's W l I I l I I I I - I I I I I l I I-l l-l-lginlnl-lf!-l l l '3D l ALICE MAE CARLSON, ZK Liberal Arts and Sciences ' San Diego, California X C CHARLES CARROLL h 01ll7Yl6'I' 0 S GXIUTI- 'UIOTIWL ' Ma-:van-da: Comitatus: Egyptian: Freshman Varsity Trackt 115: Varsity Track 127. 187. Captain MJ: Sophomore Cotillion Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Hat Committee: United States Infantry. ,L - v ARTHUR DAVID CASKEY, TBII, HKN D ' , 'V Engineering, Electrical , Chicago Heights . X' f 1 Electrical Engineering Club: Engineers' Reserve. . V- K 'l MARIE E. CAVANAUGH X :Q - 'X ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Urbana . ' ENS 1' Q K A , HARRY HENDERSON CHAPMAN, KZ, GT ' xi V I' Q1 gf ,Engincerinm Mechanical Hinsdale R, Y 1. Q X, ,f . ' Sachem: Comltatus: Class Basketball 411 : Athletic Board of Control: K 24-Q QL.. A f'f,EYltCfl'SC:'lOl8Sl5lC and Circus Manager MJ: President Athletic Board of ' ' P ' on T0 - 5. iff, N Q 'QB .,,, United States Naval Reserve Force. his u P , V LELAND F. CHENOWETH, AKK A A N , Liberal Alrts and Sciences, Medicina Mason City ",, ' ' i ' L ,. Medun. ' , ' AN K ' W,Unlted States Naval Reserve Force. '. ' ifssfi , 1 1 , A , f JAMIE MARGARET CHESTER, IYIHB N 'M A 5 I - Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economies, , . . , I Champaign I 2 1.1 L ' A' Ho ehold Science Cl b:fWomen'B'-Athletic' Association: Class Hockey 4 4 ' Ll , CU. 155.431, 14? : Sensi-rf llinae, ' B mmittee. ' Q ,Q ' ' QT ' . ' A FRANKPRQ UNDY f " K,:.AxP, CIPAT it 3 . nf, 1 Liberal Arts and Sciqn ,Chemigol I ginecrjmi ,' .Q it I Wheaton , SF 7" Chemical Club, Trea er 421: fblasshgdgeball 115: Class Swimming 41 1 -f "if WJ' :",P1-eliminary Hon 2' Y.,-,I ,gpg ji.-3' A I 'll . 'Q --Engineersjdeservs Co s.Hi5m4., 'AW 'I 3... X A L V , W! T , 'QX,Ff MARGUER E .ARA 1, QQ ' Ngflisijiaih A- A. ' A W , A 55 .1 k "LibcrYt'I4rls and Scienccsh Home tconomic , ' wr -ti 1 i ,Martinsville Q Ag f L4 , ,. 25:1-nenean: Woman's Glee Club: Wo, ls Athletic Association: is iff Q Hock y CID, 131: Bowling Q33 : Senior Illinae Advisory Board: Second Cabinet Y. W. C. A. 131. i "' ' IRWIN BERNARD CLoRF1NE ji ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicago Class Basketball 123, GU: Class Baseball 432. F Ninety-mr-cc Classes -ff A . f L 'ff W, TH E " TWENTY" I LLIO nilllll lilmiilnaunuzxvzlxv-:zlm l ll!llI ll1il WLILIAM HENRY COBB, IIHP, BFE Comiucrcc ' Tipton, Iowa Adelphic. ALBERT B. COMM Engineering, Auhitcctural ' Chicago Emergency Fleet Corporation. ' EDITH FRANCES CONDON . Liberal Artu and Seirmvcs, Home Economics Shcffieldi Spaulding Guild: Jamesonian, President 141 : Canterbury Club: , Hockey 117. 423. 137: Student Council Woman's League. ' Q V JOHN MANCHESTER Coox, NPT Conmwrce Chicago X A , ' Skull and Crescent. X ' Second Lieutenant Field Artillery. ' " ' ' ,lf RUSSELL STEWART COOKE, XB, ET, HAE T- ' . ' Engineering, Civil Chicago wer. Assistant Editor Technograph: Preliminary Honors. -, X" . ' Students' Army Training Corps. "l .fbi l: 1. '.2,-K V1 iii.. 3. ' 2 3115, ,,. - .,,A.., x , ' I . ' L-L'-'f-il: " , . .1 ,-of x -, ,x grit' Hi: xk J 3:- f ':,'f.3i. 4 J . L Xa ,N 1 l 4 .X I :A "ji V". Il, iif.'.'- :jylf J, -'N' arf' 1 '.7+-?-who .x +,, ' F - V H JOSEPH CLARENCE CORMACK, KE, AKT ' I I 1. - A ' C 1 rc '. u inrss X Q ' f lencde :'. 17155 ' X 2- . -jyigii klux iilan: Skull and Crescent: Freshman ,Viarsity Basketball: . . f Senior Memorial Committee: Junior Prom: Committee. H " ' .N -1-51.5-,-4 l L V. Officers' '.l.'1-alninxz Camp., Camp .Zepljiury Taylor.-. I' :gym 4' A 1 A. F '- F ' 7 'fm' 4' V1 L , , RALPEQVZHITE - ELISEN, TEH A l , ' ?54f?5ff.flt1' "5 ' ' ' Engineering. Civil i r, 1, ' vgpf l , -. ' Pittsburg, Kansas "-: ,,,g.f," - H Captain Student B i aide 131 ' Prellminaryf.Horiors: Senior Council a , , V,f?-1j5Tf- flllinois Union C47 5 'Pr ent Illln'B1i-if UnioQ51Q'lKf1,J'.x "fi ' lp V ,j,L,L' f,4"f1'- :Q-'?Q,.'1 ff, . T fl my f1avl'21p.yggx, E ll - ff Liberal Arts and Sciencgi' ,,::f.su1,L ', .K -. 45: v Tunnel Hill f,j',5" . If , - Mgl' 4 , :S 1' " , ','.!'1'1 ,, cms: R -, - i" '-vfflvlf-'il' Z. J A..-1 Cl GERALD EJUDX G0 ,H Mgaggugftghgwm, . B :mrfj j,'1jwiY,y,rf5 , E mM"er'ng, ifmica ' ' 'Qu ' 'A ' 1 ucp 'Q- '?l'Clien'iicnl CI'i1b: American Chemical Society: Staff of the Illinois ' Chemist. ' , . I HELEN ELIZABETH CRAIG T If Liberal Arts and Sciences Hindsboro Country Life Club. - I l , Claslses Ninety-fmw Q" Y L, N 1 in H THE "TWENTY" ILLIO li1lll : l :lulllulnlllllnl-linhumll ETHEL FRANCES CRATE, KAII Liberal Arts and Sciences Bellflower Illiola: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 121 : First Council Woman's League 141 : Choral Society 121: Senior Illinae Insixnla Committee: Junior Illinae Advisory Board: War Relief Committee of Woman's League 181, 141. , NEAL DAN CRAWFORD, TKE, 'DISH rl Liberal Aria and Sciences, Medicine Luverne, Minn. aj ' ' , University Band. . -, - 'ix , - V' Enlisted Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. " , V , xr" ' 'Aw 'Y -I N, V1 MARIE Louise CRONIN, KA6 1. , ' V, . X' Liberal Arts and Sciences - Chicano ' . ' X I-, V -, . A Mortarboard: Woman's Athletic Association: Basketball 111. 121. WY: i ' ' 131. 141, Captain 111. 121: Daily Illini Staff 131, 141: Senior Editor -1 C -"2 l' 4 - 11920 Illlo: Manager Tennis 121 : Junior Illinae Advisory Board: Secretary . 3 'W' : ' 'A :Senior Illinae: Senior Illlnae Advisory Board: Manager Belgian Relief . ' N' ' Camnalxzn 131: Liberty Loan Campaign: United War Work Campaign: ' ' " , 2 X- arman on or anoue omm e: ce- res ent en or ass. f 71 ,Chi si B tc me v1P id si Cl U MNTV , V IRENE MARY CUNNINGHAM - t A r :Qi yr. 4 Liberal Arts and Sciences Rossville '-xy -' 'L ' ' H- " ' Student Council Woman's League: Treasurer War Relief Committee " 54. .L J' ,ix 141 : Chairman Surgical Dressings 181, 141. I ro, ., 'f J .7 V A is ' ' ELIZA CURTIS' 1 It ' f f.feJ'ff h "N , Liberal Arts and Sciences Santzkzao de Chile, South, America , .ge-256,45 . A f l Le gorge Francais, Secretary 141 : El ,Clrculo Espanol: Girls' Cosmo- . 1 Nc- . po itan u . L ' jpg A I '. I' , .EI - s, t", 1 Ag Q , JA . . 0 '- .X X 'y I , -i xi: ,VAL- .f f,-.v. it Liberal Arts and Sciences. if 5 - , 'Monmouth ,NF-fi, i :Ill . .r ' iz A Ru Hr' DAN1EIpl14'5h0th,.'.MKA A 1 ,.gw'. 1 igjllugic V ' -eu, UQ'-'W-.', -. A1 Kewanna. Indiana ' if Q 15'-Qi fl ,YQ Woman-9 Glee Club vi thenepn: Secotidffflaliirxet YL W. CJ A.f141g ,. ' ,AJ Preliminary Honorsg 'H' M.--ff,'52' ' ' . A U ' I." 1 W .4 1 ., l- .,. . ' A " ' 1'1" 1, f' ,sf ED.. 'ISM MVIS UAQAT' -va - 1 'P .. i . f .,I.iI:6r3I'jArts and Scicneeml Home E' Giang-uhm its , . D Kqnkuywg! rf, .iz-' ,v rl X LYMAN Kmlvr DAVIS, Aeaze ii-lisill, MK ' J' X? Liberal Arts and Sciences 1 ' , Charleston ' 1 LoxA EDNA DAVIS ' ' Liberal Arte and Sciences I Donnellson Adelphlc, President 141 3 Class Basketball 111 : Star Course Board 141. Students' Army Training Corps. I A - Ninety-five Classes an ,, 1 , 1' l I 'Tr THE "TWENTY" ILLIO l l-lnQHK lll"!1'Bl1I I -----Q- .HI l I l I I I I I l I l l I . u I V I l-l l--nmlm1lQlll-lllll . 1 l 'T WARD OWEN DAv1s , S T Agriculture New Salisbury, Indiana . Phllamathean. N, "3 i 1 Chemical Warfare Service. W fu llfifw-:1 EARLE REED DAWLEY E jig-fflfil Engineering, Civil Passaic, New Jersey! , I .A uf' li . . - - ,jifgr ' 1 1 MYRA Lois DEHART ,, -,M mi ' ' Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Davenpvrt, Iowa," sf:--X5.'1ffWf4g! Athenean: Woman's Athletic Association: Household Science Qlublgf X123-,lj'14QEql ' First Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. Ml. ' f " '-,jf-XfC"'3 will f , X H I ixwisvrf "' 1 , , WALTER LEONARD DEHNER U 2:31 irq X , I fAgriculture, Landscape Gardening Whitehouse, Ohio ' '5-,QL?xlkk.,,,Q'ilf:', . X Q L, ' Unltcd States Naval Reserve Force. Q Q I ' 4 V ' A , X4 " if MARTHA CATHERINE DEVERE A- T , A 1f'g'-,fg ilk. ' Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Kankakee 'if 1 N fe Gregorian: Country Life Club. it . givtzq X, ' , r. 3 i , A EDGAR OGLE DIXON, Anubis J T ' A f'j,EPfj'f?Qg,:f VN' li ,T Engineering, Chemical ' 3 l , Chicago " fi il '5 -1 X , ' Asrmn Morn DODGEQ, FCPB, 92111 ' A 5. ' ,,,,44,,gfli,.,g .I Liberal Arts and Sciences V J A , .1 Q-I Champaign, if Q Alethenai: First can cf y. w.'fo.'A4 om cqnevscxub. Presiaemyf ' ggggggyf. , Q, C27 : Student Council 71's Leawbailyv Illini 'Sfaff Ml. , 1' . V ' " ' ,igxjpge -5, V MARX' ARGAREg'7if5No'yAN,fr1'EIr A ' - ' ' 55 wcommcrce, 1' "', V f M' Fi I' T ffl. ' ' CharrcPF'ian,LL-ff if "' -wr, Q-. - Cgnterbury Club.: X ldinggu1ld.fL'y'4:-im? 13245 D I , gf A 1 3 J eff' 1 X . 'V , V H: M ' N I' -' L, 1 1 1: ,f . ,, If-1, A igrnfi M! ff ,. - ,heh M A HA'i1VIlA DNSLIIQ BSMT 49. , ' yf .131 f,v,4'2w2w'p' ' ,,Libe1'al'QA1'ts and Sciences ' ,A ' .y".Pf' X 3,-,-. 5 qauntry Life Club. Treasurer Gil. -' 5.5, 'H r 'N l f vmon PAUL D0RY,lA21Iw T iw Commerce j Warsaw Baseball 121, 131 p Illinois Union Council C35 :' Cjptain Student , Brigade CSD. ' United States Nnvnl Reserve School. L . I Classes . Ninety-six . 1 C' V fr Y Y T 4 Y -g it I U l 5 - THE lTWENTY 1 LLIo , CARL PHILIP DOWELL Engineering, Electrical Port Richmond, New York Acting Major Student Brigade 133. Engineer Reserve Corps: First R. 0. T. C. Camp, Ft. Sheridan. 1 ..., ......,Ha -A FLORENCE ELEANOR DOWNEND, APA i . -.' lfwfw-' .v im L! 4. S Music Toulon' I ' N32 Q. gfl f Y, First Cabinet Y. W. C. A. C41 1 President Lake Geneva Club. " - , ,' ' fi , . - -I I - -A :Z K I ' IRENE MAY DOYLE, KAII - QQ ,iz ww' X X ' f Liberal Arts and Sciences Clinton . v,lX'g1-ELL IQ ' K ' I Mathematics Club: Spaulding Guild: Celtic Club: Preliminary Honors. . 'S - I , x ' 'f"f.i1 Q U fjf cf MARION CLARA DOYLE A ' il X if Q 5 b A ,ff .Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Henry .. '- . 'lfijx ,i'. ziggy? f M., 3 ff ADDIE DUBOIS 53 ' Q' i' ,NX I Liberal Arts and Sciences .N Eldorado-.A f ,1-,-:Fi ff? if ,. " ' A A ,,,A f lfvlilf I, ' A ,I A JOHN URBAN DUNGAN If f I A - - ' " LC0rn1nerce . ' I, ' Q ' If Champaianff f f -. X" Vip?-Z.', " ae L ' ' DHRQQHY DJJfN1NIg"AO1'I 'V A -5 K I V. W iii,-L-17-I xiii: r" Liberal'-Kris anl Sciences 51 . -img 1 X, N., H. ' Waukegan' 5 'Men' . , . . , I A - - - AN, t H .I N Dany Illini Staff xi, - ww-3 , -, I 'Q , I,5,,y ,I -," ' S I W, " " I-if .- - -' ' , ' ' ,-","'4Tb"', ,' N ' ' ., 'CI-IARZ iF,SANDER,p6iW',,IQT,1jgTiiNr1kA1Ip. I . V, 5, I-I, Avfiwlwrv' . ,I , . 1Tff'WL,vfzg-Q' ' C I -UMMVZ V 5 It I ' .A'Qricultural1,CIub.g-' ffgl4x1, "Q59'iIf:-111,,iq,:Gap -Committee. H' 5,f,i5,I',A . i 1 ...I 1 V ,M N N -L . . 1 4 , L34-Q gp? ' U, 6. lg: .L g . t 3 , ' HARQSLD RU Iii L if: Mfg,-in , iff-IW" I Erlgiiscering, Architectural ' ' 5 I' ','fBloomington ' ' Scarab, Architectural Club. ' - NILA WINIFRED EDMUNDSON, AOII,x 0 Agriculture. Home Economics ' Balbec, Indzhna Ninety-seven Classes if ,J J ,a 'Z "" l ' - i THE"TWENTY"ILLIO 1 - I I 1 In L. I ' -1 I WILLIAM' FRANCIS EINBECKER,,lI9AT I il 55 P Liberal Arts and Sciences , Chicago ' A'-,l '.',',,' 'I ,I I . ttChemistry Club: Junior Smoker Committee: Senior Memorial Com- ,fi if-2' Q, 1 mi ee. ' +3.49 V -' , ' First Lieutenant Student Brigade: Second Lieutenant Infantryfixt' 'vpyege' X United States Army. V, gL:"'jQ 2. z ' ,X W' - x I . - OLIVE E. ELLIS - I Iiimiilwf X ', ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Palmyra, Missaiyoggffrl ings 'A lx 1 , . k.,Is.,? zsgwwiqygl x . ..-4,,.,,,.-1 Q g--V , EDMUND FRANCISCUS ENGELLAND, IIKN ' ,, 52,922 zh- ' V' I A f ' Engineering, Electrical . Grant Pai'7c'fi.f'1 I W ,f , Lom MAY ENGELHARDT ,jmf - In .Xt N Y 3 .jyiberal Arts dnd4 Sciences, Home Economics . fIl17'1lG'l'd 1 :rl jgjgll I ,, ,K . Home,E,conomics Club: Gregorian. f'Q17L' fjfg-,B LQ-I ' G, 1 f V , I , ,V 'nfl 'lg-ifd.,?":- V Tw, 4 iv, I ,, ESTHER AUGUSTA EPPINGER, FEIT A is 3,-.L .15 ' X , ' Cominco-ce - H ' I , ,. V ' I :AX T ,Illinois Dramatic Federation: Basketball ill : Prellminnfy, Honorsg,ifX,' V1 51152. 'y,wX-:H 3. -, . , , , , L ,I -1 , U, I, ,J Azfqwlmi jf " RpY ALFRED'ERDMAN3.'TKEi 'uf . ef, .Qg'f.,L'j:5 fQ5jg'Qif".- J "-fi: gdgnoncrcef Businesqg " , 3 . '-if " ' ,- Gengqcjigj 5-5,14 A jg- A, ' class Football 'ml im. l . ' .5 , ,P 'Q-3 5, V I - Seggngi Lieutenant.4IFf'54 U. S..uS'5:,.lL7amp.ZXaol1X1iry?1'ayl0r. . ,,-5ggg9,,,.,j Q -,.1:,:.,zQIL -.Rus , ' 41 ff ' : 4. .X Q ' , ls AZN: .I , ff .B . - yfligrgvs E, 'RTR AQ- I -I -if?" 57.1 If -ffr-,Lnberal Arts and Sme' e cms I .mics ,glnpt ' 'Q -, Chanlnrwinhegi' 1 abil, I. . X . V , , J ,,, .N iv.. .N , E751 4 .gl , 1 EJj.HistXrs?LT1a?LsL Atliletlfcg , saucers? 2i3ggKiQ,x,f,.f2 J .H ' ,A2i1jlAQll,ufnc, Horize Iufrolnb ics ,V N' 5' gf' 6fi56'u3g1 I f ' I -' . ' ' JA 1. 1- I-jf? 'i " -, Q ie' w " - .' VALLIE EDNA FALDO ,-Al' . " ' I L. ' Liberal Arts and Sciences . 'Q-' lf Urbana , by A ' GEORGE T. FELBECK, EH u If Engineering, Mechanical Kansas City, Missouri E Students' Army Training Corps. - ,. l ' Classes Ninety4Eight - --I L' ' L in --1 ,, 'T I ' -1- .W F' fl, l THE "TWE NTY" ILLIO -14 NATHAN FELDMAN, EAM Engineering, Mechanical Chicago Student Branch A. S. M. E.: lCaptain Student Brigade 135 : Active Service United States Reserve Force. ' AN'roNIA FISHIIACHA, Cosmopolitan Club - V A L' ily l A .33 -- -- xr Liberal Arts and Sciences Centralia Q 4 j Illiofa: Gll'l'B Glee Club QU, 121, f3J, 141 : Spanish Club ill. f2j, Nix'-pf -:HA ' 'l 3, 4. ' 2 'Rf -' xi " I x -I-I ' MARY LOUISE FISCHER A . A -"iff V Agriculture, Home Economics ' Addison' HQ ,, Q.-'Q LW - X if-"fi'4 '. MARION LUCILLE FITZER, Xe wif X N J gLiberal Arts and Sciences Belvidere - ' r, gi",- ' Q A Hockey cap. l I --I 1 I HX X, I , ' K I A g,,'1-. 1' A, ' .. ' A MARGARET MARIAN FITZPATRICK, IIB-If - S: I5 5.2 , ,A Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicago , . :NLf -I -A" Ixf' ,f Senior Memorial Committee: Student Council Woman's League. L .,fE.7..- 4 . - 3 ' Q',,"?..l1' I , 'f -A . A NELLE B. FLATT, KA9 - A - q 5, il,if'1:'2.j , ' , NS , ,, Liberal Arts and Sciences I i I l Champaign 1 U ..',. Lv-L 'il' X -" - , l l , ' ' "5-J.--5' LJ' "-" N g, " GEQRGE SAMUEL FLEISHMAN, EAM . A '-l- in , Engineering, Civil A , I, A . -,SL Lvui-1. Missouri ' .L ,fi V ' - Philpmathean: Fres en. Varsffyi' hhsketbqll ax Wixrsity Basketballif H557 ,. .Sf1l1adjC2D.f QSJ. 445161 ssQ'Baeel1a,x3His XVSJ. V , I - , - ' fungi A sg A ' . ,Q A , S 'NCES Igowliiangilmonf - I A ' q gfgfuizgg EI wLiberal Arty and Scienc tl I. ,Marian,i,.,.! Wg jbif' '- WL- 'r- iLg" Cen-cleiFrancai! .." P LQf,,' 23.3, " ' ' I , , 24 A ff J. 'N - ' ,n. I 1' , I A- .. ' I if f "7'J'7'l A 'l z f' 1 A AIR i1V1"A'bD' ' Sm-M-1:f'Q "Pm rlffzsaffsgq -,.Lib?!fiir'2M'ris and Sciences. Af' , "'J'xf 1. if -gBlboiEfngtogfg:Ii!':- A , S4490 ,v ,,' x - ' ' - - I b GLENN WILLIAM Fnnbm, ATO' , I Commerce, Business ly' Stewardson l Class Football, 113, QZJ, 131 : Athletic Editor Illinois fllagazinc, 131 3 Junior Smoker Committee. United States Navy. ' Ninety-nine Classes I -K V L, . I i' 5 ""' I' THE "TWENTY" ILLIO I . ...-, I 1 - l X. JOSEPH RICHARD FREY, TKE ' ' ',-1v,.'? ' xx ' 'i Commerce V Bloomington U I, I g A fx -..,, I .. MILDRED FROMMANN, IIBCIJ, KAII 5 . .gXw:,3I, I Liberal Arte and Science Chicaaocgfg Hf?fiQ',Rq?3h-Ylj f L'-afll '. .Yo Ma. J, ,M 1 ROBERT ELLIOTT FULTON, Jr., X-Iv fkgsrwi A . -155.gif-N 'Y .H 'Commerce ' g'i'3qvs'iJ I . - Ti,-L, AL' 13- 5 I I A U Q. f WILLIAM JEWETT FULTON, Jr., X111 V-1-47 34553 Qgsg?.:Qyi?f42,,,g N 1," A + , ,Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Keokulf2,'1og1c'd'W7f9f5Q 3- -jqggkjiili A 'I 'X - Illinois chemist smff cu, 421, ray, Circulation Manager CSI., fi 4i5g5'a'fl A , 'X , " X' r' :if ' .ffflr gg,'ci.glf.1'. , , l.' A f , .,1,J.,, IA.:-71. .VNV XI z... V A HELEN LOUISE GAGE, ON - J' - ,A., 5,51 'fi-Ah. ff 'N .1 tlfkfljibcral Arts and Sciences, Home Economics ,Chicddo71g'?.,5 Q2 l' "'7 K f' ' -. Women's' Cosmopolitan Club: Y. W. C. A.. First Cabinet MJ. f ,, yfi'4'2gfQ." .QV -r-E . 'A r. L' .QI :Nga 1 5e"q.ju.,',. ,g 211- XB ' I P V HORACE BRYAN GARMQN I It 4 Q, A -m,1.j1.I'4lQ rlffai f .sg - e -- 5' Liocrdl Arts and Sciences . 1 . A ,V , 'H .- I UrlIanQQ?"'2'? :lf-' 34 1, y ' Phllomnthean: Star Course, Manager, 443: Student T .Council 135'-g'Q,x'f 'ffyl - Q, .Fij-'N , V' e President Student' Union l4J': .Minnesota Debate' and Wlecmielngjgi 0qi,1"."',' . V ' ' 'jlfgaate cap. . , ff 51. 5.15:-hwy,-8 A . 'A IW.. . -. , r f -A ww Gives: EKQ-7 A ,.f"g.-5f3,"31 'Q ,,lztbcral'--Qllrts and Scienc ,' ' ' -. ' 'Nd 'f -. .xxfz " f'TPeo?i'12f5,4i TJ' :A .,-'fin ' f: L- -I vi rf.. -V - , , .", -'12 g 'I f,. "-'tiff --5 F M Z ., . 'V 1 X f -A ., 'V-2. . . ag A-., , ,H ,S 1,'?fIf'in-E d,f,f.gvI'f . i . I My 'asia .V . lfpil N -ll t, A KSPEYJ L' If' 5 f", 2 5: -ffgibegql Art! and Smeg w . ,fwxfwc -'4. Y .I .'Baifquvillef5'?g e ,. 1" -. .- ' ' .I , .rig ,I I' ',' 'HQ-Ei "'-' - j ,A dv .-f"?f fn'-'I ,J'rQj:,.'y?A!f-'- . ' 'ff A .57 . A - ..i4lVVAL'1',, ss iflih 1152-.:2T .. -. " If -vi swiff A r AA fn , -- . -. ., 4. A .glgaa , qgfgff ,-we Has- -I, " ' 4AEnpi,hgmj3ig, Eldetricalu' ' Va,-fj', " PUML4 gala J MMA ' ' ' earical Engineering-Sociegiz 'Prellmf 'e. jf," ,, ' , fd: 'A 'T " ' -'If .'S. Radio School. Yale University. P I " V ,' 'jf -' -I ' . ,I - JEANETTE EVANGELINE GILLESPIE , f Liberal Arts and Sciences Farmer City ' Le Cercle' Francais. . Q 1 I ClaS186S One Hundred "L i - .1 Y ilr I - THE "TWENTY" ILLIO I Q.. I l PHILIP LAWRENCE GILMORE, CPAB ' Commerce Omaha, Nebraska l Class Basketball ul. . L .. PAUL MEADE GINNINGS M l Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Macomb' ' , Chemistry Club: Military Band 143. X Students' Army Training Corps. I ,.' 1 - f OWEN ELLYSON GISH . Tis ' xl 'v ju- 1 . Q, , Engineering, Railway Mechanical Topeka, Kansas '55 A. ' ' 5 Engineers Reserve Corps. ," l! . A-K 1 1 ,- V . hx ,, " 'T I l, . -' HERMAN ALFRED GoLDs'rE1N I ' . A N A . 1' ,fLiberal Arte and Sciences Chicago A I . - 47 'll' R' ' l ,. Xa 5' f -. Nj X , fff' WILBUR IRVIN Goocn l, .147 . :-,Q if -Liberal Arts and Sciences Brookings, South Dakota 'R lm, Kill . - . -' Students' Army Training Corps. A 'ij ' 'ns l e l ."" . . 'le-.1-af , C I ,E BEATRICE IDA GooDMANN, AEA, ON y , LN A l . 1 ' -A, l Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economies 1 , fCharripaian'- 1 ' fx, 2 " Woman's Athletic Association: Hockey 183. 143. Manager C45 3 Bases 1' - 711'-. -.E V ' b,esll,Q,.f3J': Illlnae Advisory Board 141. . l 'I 1 . fl ' , , -A-'NZ' f ' GLADYS MARIE GOODRASTURE, XG, , ' ' lf., , ,f Zi , Liberal Arts and Sciences ,l f ' f , ,jfT1"il?"' .fy 'Q-5 Urbana" y '.'5L,Ag...hQ- ffl 5: Woxnarfs Athletic Asioclftion: alfa Leigues. Council Ml: Base? le -:l.1-'35 j .mlt lgfvllgall JQZJCQJIBJ. Captain 'Que' ookey i6:Basket'ba11 .GD : Illinae Advisory ' ' :j N. ' ,,, ,Qar . . , q, . 4, L " , my a l l15ffr..Zg,5Ifk..l.: El-13:55 - , 4, ART!-L ' Ilflkli, w ' b ,V L 3 551 1 ' jlI.ibcral. Arts and Scieiy ' - 1-gv-Jrnsi ', ' Springfield rf", 1 ff- ,l.i, ,A-..'g'Pnesldenl Adelphi 5 lvl. lg, 317. 425. lar. ng., b f lr- ,ff Orchestra l'1le-4-t2J..w-43, Q15 , gyluyll. im -.cA12,,l2J. g8J.jl4l4gf 1 ,E Illml' h gazinelstaff- ,. .t ,wglga ...fp-155 4. 5, yy l. ff ., 'l names' Army Traini g Cor ., +"' N-Aja. at 1' A el ' ., z- Q ,- 4 'ffl' JOSEPHINE DoRo'rHY GREENE, KA9, 2.54 1 Liberal Arts and Sciences 1 - lf?-' Chicago DONALD MALcoLME GREER, 11121K f Liberal Arts and Sciences Denver, Indiana Alethenai. ' l-5 X15 t?.l"Q. .' ,-"YL .reg 1'1lxvLjA Q s , - s - .A i.-'Lp if . .I .' l' . - X f CLI' . Jn... X- A-14 . l,A-'.,-nu I! 4 A . I f'l'-21,2 -L Q ,jg-r xr- .. : . ,Q M ,Ny ,, Lf'-l'-V f I ,4',',.i "X .:T' ,N .K- fofv are-'-f . ' r:'l:Iffv,QZfvU A '1 1'??9'fl., , .E WA' :pp if l'f'. IG' Y' in -1.55 :W 4 14.-' -"'v"" "W. l5I'lsiJ1'f' '11, l-- " U 'JM 7-el 'haf 23,53 One Hundred One Classes ,.l 1, 3, 1 ,, 'r ' THE "TWENTY" ILLIO t S F I I l l l l lil Illllllll l lil! MAn.roluE MAUDI: GRIFFITH, EK Liberal Arts and Sciences Ashton Illlola. V I 1 ALFRED GEORGE Gnoscnm . A ,Q , Agriculture Matteson,,, R Daily Illini staff, Circulation Manager fin. .I I gg?-f -X?xl'g'f,1", FERN SHAPLAND GUNKEL, AEA 4 W ' Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Saunefrrliqfff-In 'ESF Yo Ma: Illiola: Hockey KD. 127. 187, 147 : Junior Illlnae, Prcsidehtfixgi .XC f,.QQ.j23f1?"V NADISE ELSIE GUNNING I ' Q"-1gg5t4Q If Liberal Arts and Sciences , Wilmington I -lffzgl. x -' - ,.,-In .. ' ,t , JOSEPH Lows HALL, fI1AT, EE! 1 X I f . .Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Sulliilan. ,A P571 H 1 Q ' -l Chemical Club: Orchestra: Preliminary Honors. - . ' j',fQQ'-Q'f "H, - , V. - v. .f Q . ':, I ' '-, V -' WILLIAM GILBERT HANAWALT, IITZ . 1 .M IN Engineering, Mechanical ' ' , ' ' Galva, " V772 ff'f?l9Lt,j i . H-A-, H k . . I Q . ,i 4 I. -ef 'fx' lr:-' it 5 L fl, BONNIE JEAN HARDESTY, X0 gf V,-Q 4. Q ,Liberal Arla and Sciences, Home Economies 2 ' Urbana?-'N' vii, ,Q . Basketball KU. ff ' .,.Q-:',Qlil,., l '. " Q,5f,Q-54,i .,.f1 A Q... : A- I- J - ,flirt E. .. X - :rl-L4 Ollfvk-,lv - , 5? . , 5 . BRAINf366,f' ARIQEEQIQQHATCY-I,XIKN , 'I P. I jjlfgf?-'22 V ' Engineering Electrical 'X . ff, f Q rj fl A' 4 1 P00541 ' I, -M I , Electrical Engineer! ' I oclet5l.,'?fi-if Ex ,wifi V , W fif' 115, I. fvgilll -lil QQ X.. kUnlted States Nevis I' eservgif rcmrnrwg. -f 'A I , , fg 5 - 5, S7 ,-j-if it ,, - I--HERB QEMICKE , ,A gl I ,, ll, . ALlbn?3:rif4g5mSga11f:ssg::l5ehL! chewy: ,. , 'z' . ' , ,, " A V :lp ASPAR FERDINAND HENNING, Triangle, 2T,,Mu San if Fngineering Municipal and Sanitary l' Mendota ' - . lg . Sgabbaril and Blade: Civil Engineering Club: Cidptairi Student I r ga e. I R. O. T. C. Camp, Ft. Sheridan: Students' Army Training Corps. Classes One Hundred Two 1:1 ,4-L lv- i' I THE ."TWENTYu ILLIO , f-- 'V I Q ADA Hors H1xoN Liberal Arts -and Sciences A Urbana ' Cl-IAUNCEY RAYMOND HOLLINGSWORTH, KIHKT - 1 ' Engineering. Electrical . Stronghurst Electrical Engineering Society. X - Second Lieutenant Infantry, U. S. A. . RUTH CAROLYN HOLMAN, AOII V 1 l I ' Liberal Arts and Sciences , Kolcomo, Indiana, I' sly' 'T .Y. W. C. A. Second Cabinet: Poster Committee: Senior Class Com- ' '- mittee. - '.,' :iw '. .5 ef, fl. 1,271 ,.. r!.""1f, A V.. V, V. ,Vi , V.. x. 4. K -X I V 's:.3,-21'-' bl Q .:1 .b',:LEl' i V . :V,n,T' ' . V . . - , f . . with V 2, A " V ' T HAROLD Hoovma HOLTZMAN, Acacia, AZ S 5':,5i'a V 5 Q -' V lsliyrieulturc ' Chicago I '-15. 1- .gi V f ,f 'V Vf Hoof and Horn Club: Agricultural Club. H - , .N V' TF? if LQ N, N Q, First Lieutenant Student Brigade, Second Lieutenant Infantry. if '- V tx H l I X- 5 XV, United States Army. ' ,V ,,g..', ' . 'i ',- -:fr - ' ' ' I "gf 5 ,,' img , -51 f T L ROBERT KEITH HosK1N.s, ATA' T V if-iigyf ' I XV: A Vfflommerca, Business Administration Terre Haute, Indiana ' is N U I i Pierrots: Business Manager Daily Illini C41 : Senior I-Iat.Committkee5' if j 4 Illinois Union Opera "I'm Neutral" QU. "Keep to the Right" C21 :L QQ Vigfgj' fx, 4 L, Pierrots Vaudeville 133 : Executive Board United War Work Campaign. - A 1. 'jp jV,4f:Ql'1 w fx ,, V,,Students' Army Training Corps. 54 ' N' Y " ' Vg MN: ' ' -.ETHEL MARIANVHQTTINGERX- V L -,fflfiri -53 ENV A .--:R e Liberal Arty ajnd Sgienggs QXX' 0,1-lg:-it-5. lx.: .-. Ny-HV: V Chicago 'LT NLT. ln.. , 1. t-4, Vi: j .44 . V ' , ' ' ' T , ' : 1' LV, Fi 5' 2--s21::.+Q: . -A Cmggo H0ig:'1vIiXI','A5IfX1N . - T , l - ?fZ4f'F:f-wifi ' 'jjf Ln, "C'onimarca 4 - in px: 5 V VP. V 54 QVMiles City, Montana I 'jg-Vr5,q.f' 1 6.5.1-'T .Ku Klux 'Klan : gs ,gore 'Cqldliiifwe ,:f?'7m: 'Junior Prom gifW:i'gTg.f VV 1 5' 'committee tai. ' 1 A l QL. T-T-"-A634 " A - . l .ff"f" 1 Hx "" VVV,1, 11 i . ,I V f I 1v"'5l:.,.'-Lg - I Hi... 3 ,ff '-" ,ff '- f ff 'I T QSE ' f 1- fuk-rv i ii "LiQ9PliZ-:Arts ami:-Sciene tiff' 1. ,. ,g,g9,-:.,sg , .Mfmgfiezdr . lil," V Vg 64,1 V -.. , V .. I v- -V ,, - .f ti. jhr.: ,f,.'V I: I biz? ss in 'J . EDWA, TILL 1 V A, g ,if5,yx'A ,T Libc' lyArts and Sciences, Chemical Enginee i . 6 "'Veni ' A- . , :Q- Ilinois chemist Staff cap. . . .I " gi K. WEIMAN HSU, Cosmopolitan I A Liberal Arts and Sciences Shanvlwi. fianasu, China Chinese Student's Club. ' ' ' I ' l One Hundred Three Classes 17 l -v 1 1, :I THE l'TWENTY" ILLIO ., -Q l I in 1 lllll l1l1l l lll lllllll l l GERTRUDE HUMPHREYS, ON Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Organ Cave, W. Va. Jamesonian: Home Economics Club: Country Life Club: Instructor ln Food Conservation. ' , ,- KATIE LYDIA EDNA HUMRICHOUSE, PEI! ' , .J,4:"g'f ., ' 1' 'L K Q...i11','f'Q'T!nf Z 'ww-.' 'n if ' Aw- . Eilvvo Q.-1 Commerce, Business Administration St. JOSBIQIQLV'-' ' . 3 ,V -lg MQ Preliminary Honors. A 4, "W-xv, 1, N A X' . DonoTHY HARRIET HUNT, ON 1-,-ff-5:5 if-:,f,.5.,lq,g'Qf Agriculture, Home Economics Cambrvdqd 'yg-'j1f'f'-',bf4,.5 r ' Home Economics Club: Preliminarv Honors. f 'V' kx'.fJ'j,ifqH , , I 1' MILTON TILMAN HUNT, BFE ziifi-Sx1'fi.",.gi-f. . X Q Commerce Warsaw -Q f ' -' TJ, E f mini Board of Tmswea. A - , T ,443 :fx If 'T V - Students' Army Training Corps. ' ' X1 2654: -wikis: .5 -, T , ' "E gg. " -, 'vg ,. ADELLA AILEEN HUNTER, AOII T L f 15,3354 -51 -Q Liberal Arte and Sciences b Chmnpaignj, - Am" V ' N "5 , " f l"- 7 ' we " LLOYD HIRAM HUNTER, TKT.. , . jg. A A fig ' R Qglmmerce, Business h M . - il '," - '. ,Hanfq,N'l.f' lg,-ii -wiwfr ,,,. ' Siren Staff Ill. C23 : Sophomore Cofzilllon Conrmlttee: Senior Mem--9 3- "'j, fllfzibgy, 4 1 " X- orlsl Committee: First Liexygant SfuglexitfBrlgade'-135. , '- . V -ff 4:1 , T , . E -T U T 'f I ,-v.,gg:.,- ' .wf-11-5.72 U- V "1 Alljfv H24 YJAOKEOIM' A ".-ff if ' 'C ' f ZibAeral1Arts and Solen? pf., ' , - ' Q' -N 1 , 'Champaign , 11 T -, . . ' 1 f i', f M' 1' f png T' " H" f 51, V' ' f . ' GLM . HOMNQZSIII 3:.H-KNA Q A ,T ff'.txl,,.'1 4 Engineering. ElectricaQ I .. X , . 1f4"f'r'4ffy 5 Joplin! Mfi5i0141'i-'vj-' 1' g',"Vf5y:3 l . ' -Elmricalipingineerl QI' "7'f'f,,.'F"T:-Mg... A f is 9,1-5. 5:54.55-.1324 T ' H " T M 1. .. ...f 'Q-'-9'-v.i7l"'A 'ar ,mes .,::f- Mmuo Emz T 171.41 g , Lilgc' ll Arts and Sciences ' " "ia ' 'V f lv okf ' ' ockey 121, 443. 1 A WALTER HARRIS JoHNsoN, Anubis iff' l Engineering, Electrical f Chicago Class Baseball 183. Students' Naval Training Corps. ' Cla-91363 One Hundred Four ' If ,J fi' F THE 1'TWENTY" ILLIO lliaml liull1 lil un" vnu:---5-an nllllu1 ulilll u lillhllllllllllll liilllllillxiilmlaxamul HAROLD BooMER JOHNSTON, IIIIP, EAX, IIAE Liberal Arts and Sciences ' Champaign Ma-wan-da: Comitatus: Daily Illini Staff 121. 181. Editor 141. . PAULINE JOHNSTON - ' . Liberal Arts and Sciences Alton H . is Spanish Club, Le Cercle Francais, Gregorian. l 'f EN ' f GLADYS IRENE JOSLYN, AAH 1 '-gf , ' Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Marcngo ' ' Home Economics Club. WX f Lx 1. -5 1 -i us 423 1 HILSIE ELSIE JURGENS ' N-X, is V11 X Liberal Arts and Sciences Savanna ' , Q4 . - ' , " 1 wi? 1. 1 k DAVID JAMES KADYK, Acacia, -PA-D V -. ' 1 Ei r "Liberal Arts and Sciences Fulton V H X .KENT ,VL Philomarhesnz Class Track 111, 121. cam. . 'Fqib O , LAWRENCE RAYMOND KEIFFER, HKN X ' -r-M, - 1: Engineering, Electrical I Robinson I : If - X- w Fieshman Varsity Baseball: Baseball 121. 131. V 1 ' MARGUEMTE KENNEDY 'A ,vi 5 Liberal Arts and Sciences A W1 L Z-is - ' 1 'N , Morrison . 5 , ,Glee Club: Basketball 11,11'Q,f' '. Y K is ., A "3D,m:Tf . ' X 1' f! . .Jl'4re-?X"'- ' ' ' ' . Q-Tfbff , - MARION-,?K1XTHERY1ffE"'xIfENNYx' Aon 1 I 15,1 ,, Agriculture. Home Econo tics' ..,:,'1 fl' "V! .' sv. Ch-001111011711 A ,'17'g.Qlw2'. Q, 16 Hforgxe Economies Clynimenevja aub-:'.Se6?S'hdgwQhbinet Y. W. HC. .A. " f f ' -N " 1 . 31 . A :wk "31'- 3' ' Y- lm h . ,A ,. ,.e.g,, 1 , fm Y. ,, V' K I f 1 A 5 1, ,gG'5ALfUE'--'M 1151259 fi -Q f Y, Tififb ,3g, , Libcgllgirtg and Seiengfst Home Eccilifonficsa5MgiQQ,fX?f'5Hhntington, 'lnliianax 14 .l 53,1 E: 9 e conomics u . ' C1 ' I ' . , ' ' NI ' GALEN Vrcfron KNIGHT, ZXII, AEP, fl-All-, BFE Commerce, Business Wabash, Indiana Ma-wan-da: Manager Star Course 131 : Debates: Illinois-Iowa 111 : Illinois-Iowa 121 : Illinois-Wisconsin 121 5 Illinois-Minnesota 131 g' Illinois- Michigan 121 g Preliminary Honors. I One Hundred Five Classes i' fi l Q THE 1'Twr-:N1YU1LL1o . - -A C I HILDA KOHL, AI' ,U Liberal Arts and Sciences Venice I Senior Illlnae, Advisory Board. lx -'Q ., , , SHUN Koo . ,I ff,,L..Qg Engineering, Railway Civil Kwang-Feng, Klang-Si, Chinafw '"s'-X QATYL1 Chinese Students' Club. , ' QE' .Il,'-Fiirfb: , I L 4-1-.f4g.5-yn' ' ADOLPH KRAFT, AXA, AKK i ,. xgigqg-,JA 4 ' V Liberal Arts and Sciences. Medicine Gilnaafiiji,-, qi, Mwjuj 1, ' Medui, Varsity Wrestling 425 : Sophomore Smoker Committee: Chslril-,--'Wg +1fff'3ll,-pg: ...yi , man Athletic Committee of Chicago Department. .-I 3 A-fi" - , -,sl-XQQQWQIJ . N Medical Enlisted Reserve Corps. r .Eff 531 i,..3't?-eq' X . ' IRMA KRAMETBAUER Q ff ll'-'fgl ld? 'Q , y ,Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicano ' ?jQiK"!,I,-31-f 1 , Q Woman's Athletic Association: Woman's Glee Club: Woman's Cos- 4 lk l X. X ,mopolitan Club. . , X xi - f VICTOR Louis KRANNERT, BFE ' ' 'Ra '?fQ1ig"- gf 1 - -x - x" I -Q ' Commerce Anderson, lnduma - j ls" ,gp Xf' Daily Illini Staff, Bookkeeper HD: Business Manager MD. 1 -H zilrjjfn Afjigigi ' , t ' . 'X ik? "ff .., ' MARY ANNETTA KURT, AEA , h 1 M ,V , , ' X- A ,f Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics L I' Champaign ,,.. sexi- v N -f ,'f'Yo Mn: Junior Prom Committee: Vice' President- K2l': Execu1:1ve1Q.g' '-1' .- , 'Board United War Work Campalgn: Seoretary, Womcn's War Relief' if 'I,W.LjNJjt,,i ' i Committee. 1 l ' .,,g-,Q.+', C--. . -, gg I ...yy "E ,zmjll -ki.H'j, .gg 5 ' +- 44 Russsm. Jhlvris LAI 1,34 Fame-.Hexuse, AZ , ' j l',. j'.4'griculture, Animal Hasgbzfdw F . " i " A -'EV -K , ,Freeport . H, 21019 , , ... ,Agricultural Club: Ag, ern 'Com A ,JI ' 7 ' ,id -. in-5, 0ft'lcer's, Tminlng1fS . Ca V X 75:65, I., f, 4 C Er. , nl ' l -' gg f.:f.j"31iw ' ff Libd7'al,..Arts and Scienc ,seq : , s-,.1...,3. U fgawaepq, fgarlsah-if 1 if ,' 'S X - . . ' 'NEW' 4. C ' ,. W, - ,f, . ,Q V ,1.'u..-Q' ' " ' r 3 " ULYSSES 1PsoN- - ATE -- ,je uf,- 'WI . Enpiagaerina, Mechanical ' " 'ff y ' ' I 1"R0c .Isla 'eg f ,QQ , ' 'S udents' Army Training Corps. ' I A " FANNIE LEE, KAII ' ' Liberal Arts and Sciences. Home Economics f Reynolds Illiola: Home Economics Club: Second Cabinet Y. W. C. A. 683. First Cabinet Nl. ClaSl8e8 Ona Hundred Six Q - ,J 'J THE l'TWENTY" ILLIO P J. MIRIAM LEEDLE, Achoth, Liberal Arts and Sciences West Chicano Mathematics Club: War Relief Committee 4451. Xl ,. ,- , 'N.v1,w'x X! K A-Yu 'll-'sf' MARION ELAINE LEETE in 4 Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicago YQ xl. 7 JACOB SAM LE1BsoN, 2AM an jfxlg sf I 15' I' Engineering, Ceramic Chicago'-If , X 1 f Qwfg' ', Al' . . V' NAS? 1-Q , A , JANE MARIE LEIICHSENRING, X9, IEII, ON A A A gg -Q 'x I ,Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Winnetka f l-qs I H ' Home Economics Club: Woman's Athletic Association, Treasurer Ml.: X 'V 1. ,:,',".h x l ,Hockey 183, HJ : Basketball 433. 141. I ' 1, , X ., A In Y: -, fl, . h A- :rug xx. L A - '--X r 11, ' ', ':'q'.'v' . EUNICE PEARLE LEONARD , J .Aj gf --" . x"'f7 , V' 'Music Rangonl 'L S! .L ll f . v'z:7?fQQ,g nf if - V A, f VEDA FERN LEONARD A ' . ilggilxfwi jf: ,.V, :N Q ffjllnral Arts and Sciences 'hx :X ' Ranlqalli lc, 54 - ' NBEAT ICE EST!-1liBI1rEVYQ'A01'-!":i' f ' ,4:,-ff lyf ,ff wi'-i"'i3 A- Liberal"A'rts and Science f fp' I' " ll "N X ' St'f'0if55' A 42" -.. 4, E ,, , Ziff FL 5'-jg l.',Atl'lEl'laB1l.' V V? LQ!! I I 5 'N All ' R' f ' ' ' , A ' ',lffl?"!Q5,,51' 'r'1,q,f 1 ' '-" ...E 5:1152-i - ,, 1 ' ,slit D 1.3,-.1 X - - 1 ?:gQ"4'g:ggf. Q V Qgornynerce , - g I I N I ,y.ff,,q.u3?w -' 1 Granzledzlu X E ,3 .inc-.V . 'P' ' U: sl A' S. K 4 1 1. Z. ,ipaq wily., fn 'A W, 'V A 1,-2 jx-V .81 ,V-1' , n , f .4,. ,. ,. , . ., . 1 A ,,q,.p., a- -1 f. Ml' l . if I - -,-.:- ' -' "'f- .sl-' . , f- - Ypl. , 1 1 , h ,g.5i5lg'g:i4:-MILL . IPI fi ' f- Af. kit- 415411.-L r:Qf:?,'j,,5,lfrAI, -' "Cam: Wg-fag, Banking ' , ' ' " . :fx w AC' .fWashingtbQ,'D.' - ' fglliinese Students' Club. ' 1 ' 1 ' Q , , iq Y, , L EMMANUEL HAROLD LIEBERMAN 5' Engineering, Electrical ' Jmaveland- Ohio Signal Reserve: Students' Army Training Corps.. . l One Hundred Seven Classes li- i muy- I- F' 1-We 7 THE "TWENTYU ILLIO . Af - 1.- I I l I I I I I 3 I , l I I I I I l I l' llllQl-l-I-I-I-l-I---IQIQIKI SAMUEL LILIENTHAL, EAM Engineering, Civil ' Chicago I Civil Engineering Club. M United States Naval Reserve Force. V 1 . SHoU CHENG LU, Cosmopolitan 1. , f,l..,,y.Az1l, Liberal Arts and Sciences Foochow, China V1-2j f 71.4 Qfy",1Qf S -dChinese Students' Club: Class Soccer 137 : Editor The Cosmopolitanl- gg., ' QQ: mfs? tu ent. f C441-:I '.,f 1, .j , ARLENE LUMLEY, AX9 1, QD'-,..f Liberal Arts and Sciences Urbandtffwgg 3:j+f.,v.',1'g91' Women's Athletic Association: Wornen's Glee Club: Alethenal: Sopho-H' jLx,,j1 kg-1. .,3fq:g.1 f more Womcn's Glee Club, President: Hockey Team 127, 137, '147, Captain f'-5,1 -.xg-fQg"v,1 3,15 l 1147: Baseball 187, 147: Varsity Hockey Team 187. 147: Baseball',"'1', 'yg.j.-yi.1'- ' f Manager 147 : Secretary of Junior Illlnae. C' 4.11 ff X , LILIAN HELEN LYoNs, AAO A 1 . A-,5l',3g.': ' Q 1 , Liberal Arts and Sciences Urbana fl ' ' NVE' 7 x f .V Gregorian: Der Deutsche Verein: Le Cercle Francais: Y. W. C. A. ' -7 V H -',Finance Committee 147: Student Council Woman's League 147: Fresh-'sw ,gk--...f '1 , , " man B'nai Birth Prize: Woman's War Relief Committee. U: Tgklf-4'--Qtlgv. 71,7 .X MARIAN MCCONNEL, KA9 ' 1 , 7, , l-fl: - I -Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics - Indianapolis, Indiana, , 14,4-1'l"3 if' Yo Ma: Illlola, Treasurer 147: Home Economics Club: Womari's,j " ,f-..jb,,QV. AY. N - Athletic Association: Secretary Junior Illinae. , , Q ' , Qi... , - N 1 A , HARRIET MCCORMICK, KA9, 9241-, , , - lv Q jx,-aryl' V N Liberal Arts and Sciences , ' . ' V- Peoria L4-' Quifz 4. f' . , , f Exchange Editor Daily Illini 147 : Mask and Bauble: "Seven Chances?-7 12" '?,Q,J,m.f5.. 5 vn .. Cast 137 : Woman's 'War 'Relief Comm,w,eefg1p'7, -5147. 1 Ni. . , 17. L., '. -Q. J: , 7-7. 1 A JosErHfgNELsoN f. -CDDNALIQ, 'gr q - .V .seg fffegiig:-4.7 ."':1-., L Liberal Arts and Sciencesxjgf ' . ww A 1 ,r . , lf: , Chicago' -'EF ' 'i79Jf.ffu:.:, fl! " ' -, ,Varsity Golf 137. 7 ,aff ' .' ,' .' -1. if - 'J ' . ',f.fLrg,q:'7'j-NF. A "M , 'A OfI'icer's Training' , .' Cam!! 9131K .J.f.'. , ' " ' ' itQf'41'?3ffqM'- :Z 'w - .. ELDLA ARIE' lql-!5I"AA.lfI'I'-1 A ' V , f 14515 '45 Diberal,'Arts and Scion, ,ff ome' ' in ibll Qtwiasu' ' Hiawatha, Kansas 'I Q"f',7',':t1?ffi.' ' fi. , A 'f . ,- Y ' nugpfgvg--,.,,3.: H, 7 .I l V. 'A Libefhlgafirls and Scieneesxl J , . ' 'fi-V1 .. caan-N' I '-T'- Di11e'r1Wll'jg7 " aff' Alkali' .- 1 sea pst'-council woma 'S Lea 47 l 4 giggled ,Club czgi--.qamw yd ,,f,g.:.u- A- 147 :Eqebond Cabinet Y. W: C. A. 137 : Mat 'cs' ubv: Woman' Wa AL- f, A' Relief Committee 187. 147. ' l N ' 1 CLAYTON ARCHIBALD MCNAUGHTON, f1w2lKf Commerce ' ' Oak Park Scabbard and Blade: Captain Student Brigade 137: f. M. C. A. Cabinet 147 : Staff Summer Illini 127. Sub-Director United War Fund Campaign. I Classes Onc Hundred Eight ee -I :II il., 1 l if THE 3'TWENTY" ILLIO lll l u l I I I DAVID THORNLEY MCNISH Agriculture Champaign U. S. Service. ELIZABETH JULIA MAGERS, ON, IZII - Libcral Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Marquette Michigan Home Economics Club, Secretary 133, President 143: Student's Council of Woman's League 143: Senior Council., , LOIS EVANS MALLORY, KKI' ' I ' Liberal Arts and Sciences ' Monticello ' ' Mortarboard- Illiola' Woman's Athletic Association: Sophomore,- 9 Cotillion Committee 123 :,Junior Prom Committee 133: Treasurer. Illinae 113: President of Woman's League 143. ' X 1 ' ' EDNA FRANCES MANN, XD. . In Liberal Arts and Scicnccs Oak. Park ' , xl , Woman's Athletic Association: Household Science Club: Wornan's I War Relief Committee 133: Vice President Sophomore Illinae: Student Y-. f' ' Dietitian New Haven Hospital. New Haven, Conn. 1 L ,V ' ANNA EDITH MARKS, KAII, 'PBK "it, ' .,s .A V X ,XI Q .wry H. , Y. s 3- ff' fi' 1 sy, - -. 'Ani' N5 .C-'pdf' ' XXI 'Pill 5' A 1 xghkg-'q,L.1 'M X JJ! In .x. ,l'J?,'ii' , fy' 3 'Q-is -'ki ' -I. , . ,iv it 'Xi xii - A ,iii . 4 is , '. , .N . . . I' ,. N 'x f- ,., sg " ' .Liberal Arts and Scicnccs P 1 Dixon g, 911- sf. 'U NN V Le Cercle Francais: Basketball 123, 133: Preliminary Honors. -- 'r".'?3Vgv,i -' 2 ' ' DAISY Moons ,MARTfN, ,Klujz 3 u 3 , A Q ' h if I I 'N ,II-filicral Arts and Scznnccs , X . Champaign .1w,,.,Q?' I , , .r Le Cercle Francais, President. 123 :-Illiola:h Cast of "La Grammaix-e": 1,1130 'Q . 5 AT-Q . Cast of L'Anglnis .'1'clEu'0,r Le Pai-le.,1E,' . ,. ,, .I ' I N -gig. .li 'Iii .5 -'3' 43 .. .4 ,sr ER N 'o MATH A I5 A ' ,, 4'1" ig Q ' Liberals Arts and Scienqd K' V ,' in ' M A f - px.-1 - Champaign - 2 'f' , I Q WAP ' 7'WILS, 2 .,,'EArNTs""TTia1n'gle, " ' N ' ' " 5,5-'f'i7, Engineering, Civil 5" 5 7' ""' ,..a'.-7 g,."lx ff-'2 ' Urbanaj ,.., ,,Q'i f -figs., -VI -ut, Q. . -yBatallion Adjuta udent 'BI-Ipss!g8eq"G8?w ' - , f . jifji' W, ig' - A, 'Studentsf Arm! ,, rd 111851-if 'W' """L11- 4 I if ,ex ,J xi' , A g ,.-1 p 1, fm nw' i. -'-- , , , . g 5 if Q- g f', . . E , ,, IRAYN it ,EV , Af in gli-w-11 , 7 H ,4'QzA,A:f,'jAF S 'A' Liblc al"Arts and Sciences ' ' ., .fx Smit, f . L 1' Qicllcvwqgw im... . uf -' 3 RALPH OLIVER METZLER3 LIDZIK, AKAIII 3 ' C ,, 1 - A Decatur - I - omggvdllscxm: Ku Klux Klan: Skull and Crescent: Homecd ing: Committee A I 133: Junior Prom Committee 133: Sophomore C9tll!4l0ll Committee 123: , ' Senior Hat Committee: Junior Representative Illmols nion 133. Coast Artillery Officers' Trainimr Camp, Fort Monroe, Va.. Ona H undrcd N inc Classes 1 f S THE "'rwENTY" ILLIO nl1lli--n linlnl-mum-vmulnirlnun-iuiulllnlilniil HAROLD IRVING MEYER, fl1BII Liberal Arts and Sciences, Medicina -' Marissa , Medui: Adelphia: Le Cercle Francais: Class Baseball 123: Chicago Editor 1920 Illio 143: Captain Student Brigade. ',.l,'2Lll . , N., . ll., Kfiivv .fl , KW, . R.. 0. T. C. Camp, Fort Sheridan: Students' Army Training Corps. MARGUERITE MEYERS, X0 A. lp .vm ll Liberal Arts and Sciences Bclviderey 'W -:fgllilfll ERROL BA'rHURs'r MIDDLETON ' lf! fgfA.llf,i:"!1, Liberal Arts and Sciences , Victoria, TCIQGSNQ. ,f 1 ff ' Chemistry Club. - I ' L ffl,-gl Miq- f ANNA MAY MILLER S A Liberal Arts and Sciences K Decatur 5 ' ,' V Spanish Club: Hockey CZD. ' 7- f f VIRGINIA AGNES MILLER, APA, QBK I ,V V L , Liberal Arts and Sciences A Galva A , 1 If R -53: Z 1, X" f Mathematics Club: vice P1-egldent Y. w. c. A. cu. xy A , 3 I .wg , A - BENJAMIN EUGENE MITTELMAN, EAM, EBU' ' A 1 ','.f7ff,,.,'i9J ' E I-Engineering, Civil ' , , Chicane -I 5' ,- jfnii -Q' 'X I. Tribe of Illini: Civil Engineering Society. President 1407,-Varsity,-.,,1 M-- N , ,Basketball msn. ull Class Baseball mp Class Basketball 423. A It 5 '- ,i,.gl,:g,.G United States Naval Reserve Foree.4.f,f.' Qu.. , ,' ' V, ,alfa " ..L . - ". '- . .l I- rl? 7:-fail" . J-' ' 4 f RACQEQI MAR ' Momusxg, , , I ,W 'f ' 'f : Liberal Arts and Scianqcb- ' .I - ' Q K . g ' V ' 'Allerton .5 ' Lf., .lfjqw . I l ,, Y. w. c. A. secogydatlnen ,,,gf. I I .ff-5 ,'f,fi?"w',.f 1 - f."-A , f , 1 Lf- -1. 'N All ' t V, 513 jggrfxrff. V lu Zi., S . - ' ' ' I f 'll ff V - 5 ll "H ' I, fiber-a'l Arts and Scienc H Hom lvl:-'--,QA f-,I I' Wdterlooj-'M ,E gf, ll S ',,. Q G,Eogoridnf'President' l"?"lf ongmigs 'yigeg President. Q01 P54 - ' . L31 yy.- A 4 fb I "I .' my Vi' 'Nj VK ,,,l.J-rhr. I " ff' RICHAHD HE RY'M5WTM' I ' f '-'H-I ' Ag1"'lture. Floriculture 5 X ' ' V Chicago " ' V Foriculturc Club. , ' , Students' Army Training Corps. ',,' LENORE CLAIRE MURRAY I ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Rantoul 1 I Classes One Hundred Ten ' Y- I, l 1 ' Ai, 1 THE "lTWENTY" 1LL1o ELEANOR ELIZABETH MUTH, X9 Agriculture, Home Economics Lititz, Pennsylvania Student .Council Woman's League. ' , ELLA BURNS MYERS, KA9 . , Q Liberal Arts and Sciences Urbana-1 .fu ,,, Illiola: Yo Ma. ,, ,R"',i fini CHARLES AUGUST NAGEL, Triangle, TBII, ST , E 3. 14' H Engineering, Civil St. Louis. Missouri' gf., M35 ' Civil Engineering Society: Technograph Board: Preliminary Honors.- "L " X' V .N . .- . ,,w N , 0fficer's Training Camp. Fort Monroe, Virginia. V , Hx., .t - ' ' Q ,, 5.'?l,',x' . N l W f f E AGNES LOUISE NELSON W.,-.44 5. .Q c Liberal Arts and Sciences Champaign - L Q-xx 1. H-f,4.3 - Qgi ,f Q S, RUSSELL EDWARD NEwcoMR ' - ,, . A ' "SEQ f Q ' cj -f -Engineering, Mechanical Scranton, Pennsylvamkz Q ,E - i - E I f. student Branch A. S. M. E. ' A kj-QA, ,Aim i -gk -X fg ,I JCSEPHINE NEWELL, AX9, 62:11, , . jg x- ' X - ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Urbana, 'rfb-' ' f J, 'Z M is ,N ' . Mortarboard: Athenean: Woman's Athletic Association: Household g'--.'afQ2'f',Q "IT . ' :SQ Science Club: Hockey CD, 121, 185 : Staff Daily Illini 181. Summer Illini' , ,, - 2 staff can stunt Show committee gsm g Y. w. c. A., mm Cabinet C411 'f- -if X ,. . Elrst Council Woman's League HJ. ,V U ,F ' ' '- V -by -itghsif, li, -1. .. 1 -j - - '- 'XY ' - ',. 31. . J sg! 1 . ETHEL BIIQELLA NIIQSQN, :Achqth, ' L I S-S 3: ,jllkg gl' Liberal.,Erts and Scioncew , , , 'ff-1' 5' ' -X - ' Y Chicago - ,cgig-.151 :,!".1. f "-' D luio :" ' .nfl 'QW' , A E .Xxxl , , ' 4- It 5141 -' to -. Elsie M' L,.A0Ir' Q A S 1 . fs'-A V f gnml-L1b61'dl Arts and Seicne' - . K'n.,f ::1fH- ., , Sawnemin ,?r,fi.:'Q'jQ1: . s,:' -," .1 7 f 4 A -' 1 ,- , ,..- T ii.-I-, 'li H Ml: , !L,.fh: l- 5.3.1, ' Q17 1, .. . 5 -. ' Mug EUG NENORWT 1 ggvllixlf - A 5 in 5Engin'5erinn, , I1 ity- A "'i"f"f"-2f1',.,K ' Chicaggj-A M 1:17 I 3' 1 pign xgilrigintb rgxxilig? "bi ' 'ledpilh ,. 02?-n-4185-'L Glass ,Baseballi A -Z-cz:-1 v , ,A 3 '-f' y '- 100 a , . .A , 5 , ' .ji .!'.,..'r-L A ' Sfuiaents' Naval Training Colrps. l - 'I-, I, 'V diff, i-"Ni h A MIRIAM ELLEN NULL, bN, IZIIE V Liberal Arts and Sciences. Home Economics ff Urbana Country Life Club:.Gregorian, President C45 5 Second fCnbinct Y. W, C. A. 429. 133, MJ: Home Economics Club. Instructor in food conservation. One Hundred Eleven Clasfres 1- I V lain: V 'x 7 THE "TWENTY" ILLIO l l lllllllh!rl1unhl-11rx'-Qnmilllllll1lIl1llll GEORGE STRUBLE ORERNE, IITE Engineering, Mechanical Chicago Glee Club 125. 135: A. S. M. E.: Railway Club, Secretary MJ: Second Lieutenant Student Brigade. 'Base Hospital Unit No. 11, Camp Dodge, Iowa: Engineering Reserve ,. gorps: First R. 0. T. C. Camp, Fort Sheridan: Students' Army Training- orps. ' A , 4 1 ETHEL OVERSTREET, HIM! . , ' Liberal Arts and Sciences - Eustis. Florida'-x, ' Athcnean: Belgian War Relief Committee. I . fg fi LOUIS STAHL PAPPMEIER. ' Engineering, Civil Litchfield A ' First Lieutenant Student Brigade C83 : First R. O. T. C. Camp, Fort' X ef ' Sheridan. , V - X A ' MARTHA ANN PARK - r' Liberal Arts and Sciences, Hmne Economics St. Louis, M05 ' ' Bethany Circle: Y. W. C. A. Second Cabinet 137, MJ. ' ' " NELLE MARIE PENDERGAST A f ,J-. N ,V .X 'Liberal Arts and Sciences 1 , Urbana , I ' A ' MABLE ELIZABETH PETERSON, QAAIT g , u R' K- +Lilzcral Arts and Sciences ' 1 . , Illayiuoad-S, . HARRIET' MUR.gELg PHILLIPS' f' ' ,, -jg , Agriculture ff if , jf'-7' Q' '- . X ' Fcnnfvilin, Michigan V L C Congregational Hoe pjysiuaenggt-neil w0lna.f.,QLeague fm. . - f- x 1-.,.. 'A ,' - I fy., 1 I Wm ' ii LoR,gNfi'?T1-Lii.L1Ps, cpm - A ,e ,E ,Q-7 ' is 3 Engincm-inn. Civil "1 Y, A "' .Y ffm, ,VE'l!7i'lL'fLl fi f' f r ,SAIQEL 'R rifPt.1i3ic,,.qqBn ' rf. Q 1 Liberal Artrind scamf?a.1 , "-f,:ii.f'l. '.g,,f+: ...E , l fqhiaeqc., ' , -.v.fUnited States Navi' Rese Ae ,oeilpf-W it f' 2 ,' .fp "- ,Q 1 , L' J..-. ! , h lf, 4..:fI,tigtf . :FL -. -- ANNA POLOW - - f ' Liberal Arts and Sciences 1 , Champaign Women's Athletic Association. Vice President l3l'f Polonia Club, Secretary 425. Treasurer 133 : Student Council Woman's?League: Hockey . ill. 121. 137. 143: Basketball 113. 123. 135. C435 1385811811 ill. 121, 133 : Tennis QSJ. Senior Council. .A 4 . , 4. Q KH vfifs' gf , f. .. .- .A A l,, YU... X., A.. il 'ct W1 ' 1.-1-A To v ,.., 1 if iw -. , Q", " li: V V nf vjf UW FS 'E R'-K1 li ,fir x1.V'f'2,l-3 ' Lf' :. if , ,b,',,XTil.- ,. ,W Q,r, in he fvrx .A 4' fs,-. ,: . 41' . . M. .,,., :AL fi," x '- ' K, N211 ' L xi'-Sir! Lf . .F?,L,.,y -cf. v 1.45. ,gp A f Q.,-, cw: '. qi NNI. J-f Q' Q ,-- .- ,.,, kakixtih-A V. "W ,.,N.,.-, - N' is " 1 'fl 24.1 , 'J I Q 9 -4 -11-11: if vii 4 . L i I CZCLSISES Ona Hundred Twelve I+' , s-rf , -f - -1 I THE "TWENTY" ILLIO W I N 1' I I I I I I l I I n ' I I I I I l l lllQl-I-I1lQl l-l lQl l4I BEULAH PRANTE, AXQ A ' Liberal Arla and Sciences ' Quincy Illiola: Woman's Athletic Association: Preliminary Honors: Woma.n's Glee Club. A MARION ERENAY PRICE A M Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Oalc Park 0 "Al Chemical Club: Hockey 141. - - CASIMIR FRANK PRZYPYSZNY, 'PPE i ,7 Liberal Arts and Sciences, Medicine Chicago '- X' if Polonia. E 3? Enlisted Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. X Jig' MARY HEISKELL PUTNAM, A01'I I 3,11 Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Urbana lr 'L ,Q 4 Basketball 121. 181. , '- 5 ci ' . ,. M .pl it 'I A :IN ELLA MARION RECORD, AFA Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Cambridge STELLA GEORGIA REEss Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home' Economics St. Lauis.'M0. WALTER BROWN REMLEY,'AT, HATE, AZ Agriculture Q :Waunetowng Indiana " Ku Klux Klan: Skull and Crescent: Scribbler's Club: Daily Illini Smit flj, 127. Sports Editor Q47 : Cl1'culationpManager Illinois Magazine 427. Business Mansuer 131: agrletic Editorf'1919,'Illio: 'Athletic Editor 1920 Illlo: Sack Rush Commlb All : Sopgsmore Fknance Committee: Junior Smoker Committee: Homecoming-G v Yttee KZL. CSI: Kum Buck Com. 1 AM ,X . K Vqir WH. in . ,, X war ix MA 4, .f ' 1 F. -I s -A TifFi?'j'1 I -N ,- ,gs -' 'A' A.. ,c '. yo:- 6: lik? ..' Kin! 1 1' ' mittee 145 : Preliminary I-fonors: ' ve,Comnjnttee, United War Fund QV.,-,Lf-Q1 ,"d',g . L Drive: President SQYQDEMEFBS Cfijliiw enuygqunioiliklliinois Union MJ. ,tcci.gj'5E::JVq A we rsfnsdptc, A A or L A f Liberal Artshland -Sciene r 1 optics -- -1,-: ' Lovingtpnx .iff-A-q'Q , V' X ,Qlggthuny Circle: Hoihge Ec now N.Cl1,xfU .Z .- I, l- if r.,g,f!q,,ijlTif.'u3E!. ,, . OPAL TERRISSA Es ' 'iff H Libc 'al Arts and Sciences, Home Economics V V Lovingtfm Bethany Circle: Home Economics Club. LENA CECELIA RHUE, TEH Commerce Champaign One Hundred Thirteen Classes U THE "TWENTY" ILLIO 1 A L ' I h ' I l I I I I I I I I I ' I Illl 1llllllllil- - - -lg BERTA ESTELLA RICHART . a ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Urbana . lg i HAZEL RINGEISEN A 3-, fig, . Liberal Arts and Sciences Toledo, Ohio X. i Uf--, ,vgi ' .Lf 3: 57A.,,1Q3 ,X J' fy: . ELs1s: GWENDOLYNE Rormsoucn, Achoth, f"'j"1:A' .33-Ifillji f Liberal Arts and Sciences I Saleny 2- T Athenean, President MJ : Le Cercle Francais: Woman's War RellEl.'Q,' QMQY' ,f ,, , ' Committee. A, ' . ,' , ' '.'f"'-5,3 155 Z'rAlP"' R' 1 X ' CRANDALL ZACHARIAH RosENcRANs, Acacw, TBII, IITE, 'ET A Ziyi --xQ9g.s5'Cj'4Q,f.l K 1 ' , ' Engineering. Mechanical Champaign HQ gyixggk l-QW' H - Student Branch A. S.'M. E., Secretary CBD, President C41 : University., "Kita l xl ..,:,d1a 'N' . ' Military Band 117, 125, 137. MJ: University Orchestra MJ: Member A X-Q ,f Technograph Board CSD. 3... I if K ,' Engineer-'s Reserve: Students' Army Training Corps. my , 'W I N. ,f I - , ff . ' . 1 '- ' "U -v 5: f I CHARLES CLIFTON RUSSELL , . gum, .h X f- ,Agriculture ' Urbana ,LQ A ' Agriculture Club: Class Football 421. ixfgj , -,S5 . . A ' NF , 1, ' ELIZABETH JANE RUTHERFORD, KK1' - A ' - , Q " K' -,N P Lib,aral'Arts and Sciences . f . Vg I. fy . 'Oaklayyi !' A .N Q Af , ' Illiola: Le Cercle Francais: War Relief' opmmmgezb ' I' , Q:A f21'f7fI5, T ' , CLARENQE MCHARLESY 1S1.AL1iQF,' fI5Pf3 b ' 7 , , s,f.j,gf., L szibmziixm amz Sciences!-I smuggling , is X5 1 . , CIliCllUQT' -if ' "' 'I Enllsted'Medlcal Rxlecw Gorp's,H1f5,.' TPA -I ,Vg ., ' I , ' Um.. S ,f.m4: , A D , I I I, . ., N. gc 17.1-:vac Mx -, I iz, , ,Mtg '75-rr -I " in rm- ARTHUR KINGS SANDERQON,-9y:IR"frBlI, ST5 IITAE '. f :WL Engiriqeriny, Mechanic, g f b' .. i::'l-'f'7.w, ' ' ,Aurora1','5j' , M . H . 4 V , . , .lr 3.-,.. .N f V ,f ,J -' 44 I A .Que A v ,. N A ,,l, I' .Q-1' " ', if-1' 1 n,4-.- - 1' ': I , - I ,x A j n-5,1 , N CHES RJ. 0 'N 'Hb -- 3- g.'u-v,j'fj-lv..l'f? ' ' Erwin er!-ng, Mechanical - "' ' .' ,, 'j -Bldmflngtag, - 1 -' A erican Society of Mechanical Enginde : 91 M.vEf 0pen"Hous "1- Commlttee. F ' j' L, ABBY CONWAY SCHAEFER, KA9, ON Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics ichmond, Ind. Household Science Club. xc. .. ,rj . ., - -A --.c , :S S' A:'T"k+15rf " 'N 1. . f-A' -..- ,, gg, , '3bff:fw..:i " 4- ,ef A v' Y' :' mi 54, ff .-7,-rrp. -'fx , '. I. :.' ff',mf -eager -1 135:19 1 Slasfses One Iiundred Fourteen l-- 1 ,J A-A L1 '4 v W I i r THE "TWENTYU ILLIO ,.l1,, EUGENE WASHBURN SCHILLING, AXA Engineering, Electrical Vermillion, South Dakota United States Naval Reserve Force. , HENRY VALENTINE SCHLACKS, Cosmopolitan, HKN y V' Engineering, Electrical Chicago-1' Electrical Engineering Society. h U. S. Radio School, Yale University. A 1 , HAROLD J ULIAN ScHLoss, ZBT k-1 i X X Agriculture Terre Haute, Indiana-I A ,, Student Council Illinois Union 141 : Baseball Manager C41 : 1920 Illio-' ij' V Staff : Class Treasurer Q41 : Senior Memorial Committee: Kum Back Corn-' 'W' - K ' mittee: United War Work Campaign: 3rd Liberty Loan Campaign: Sec- K- A X , ' " ' retary, Athletic Board of Control. V ,Q . - N. , 1 A Q b ,Hi N 3 HN U, 'f apffq .iv KH- Lf., VJ, I, , 1 1, -,i' - xx , I '7 'L "lf Sofif 'Q "xi T 1 ., , Sign ' .31 I . ,V X iirrje LH' Y -, will fr 'lV::l75l1.3 1 - KH pf . v 'MS ' . -' X ' H CHAUNCEY BROCKWAY SCHMELTZER I ET, TBII ' A dh I., -Xl I Enaineerina. Civil Maneto 3 55. 1" Ayy 1 . 1" - Civil Engineering Club, President 441: Preliminary Honors. " '11 4f'Q.,'-,Axis TM XL, Second Lieutenant Field Artillery, Camp Zachary Taylor. Kentuolry. 'ij A'5:k,1y. V , DELMON1' JOSEPH SCHNEIDER, Triangle, TBII, eil' h ' to " ' Engineering . St. Louis, Misiourif - r7'c5fYfr133.e ff. ! J, ' " Technograph Board: Preliminary 'Honors. V. ai 9. ' I j 1.1 3-A -'57 if :lf R e 1 ff' ' NORA'lWILHELMINE ScHNE1nER,,i21I ' 5 . ffl Jfflfl ifwwf "' Q- 'Liberal Arts and Sciences A ' .. 1 .1 Urbana' Awe-l,f"Q.?-'52 i ' . . L -1 KNETTEWSUHOEN-1 'q .1 ,..:Qg,' , 2-31:1 fig, 15" ,Lf , Z.. Aibricgiiyure, Landscapex'4g'v inn, 'Koh A A f Axxkxhst. Louia,j,AMisizouri ,, " Xl 'Rami Y s' , ,ing ',fI?B1I . E' Y N' g5"Z:lyLiberal Arts and Seigf .edicivi .-""',.,1,-:ii '-,,f"K.,:ff,h ' ' ' Naslwille WL e. uggduiv: 'Freshman ,A 4 ity B ket hiqglfigq-. ,Ygdity Baskeibpl1,cg1'.1-,f A .',e gf f-'ggq,gr,-- L 'se 5 val Reseive.C91'P ,gint V sg. Z"'3i',:A,.i,-, 'Q , ,gala k' .fw , "" 7 -- 1 'fc N A QP. I 1'--.' '. -f-44' ,,,,Z bv ' 7' " 4,-:"' , Wi -,-'-.V X' HE . . . ' if :V 'J' Qf,""'l-'L . ff, Cliff-251' " "Liber .lffirts and Scibnces . "" ' 4' 7, ' .'i' "f' ortarboard: Yo Ma: Woman's Athletic Associatio'n:"Hockey C21, ' 181, 141: All Star Hockey Team 441: Senior Memoral' Committee: ' Treasurer Woman's League: Junior Representative Wom s League. 'GLADYS RUSSELL Scorr, AKA ' Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Xenia, Ohio One Hundred Fifteen Classes 'E 1 Y YI' 1 -Y -VY V ,nlr 1 U tr l THE "TWENTY" ILLIO LOIS MARIE SC0'l"l',,I'fI2B - ' Liberal Arts and.Scienccs Maitoon Mortarboard: Alethenai. President 141 : Le Cercle Francais: President Woman's League: Cast "Indian Summer": Cast "Sword of American: Woman's War Relief Committee: United War Fund Drive: Senior Council. ERNA SEILER Liberal Arts and Sciences Woodstock L Woman's League Council: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. '- . Lois FERNE SEYSTER, AEA, Gzfb A - Liberal Arts and Sciences Champaign Mortarboard: Seribbler's Club: Athcnean. President 149: Class Glceg . Club 113. 123 : Preliminary Honors: Student Council Woman's Lemzue '18Jg,'Q'f1g,g Vlce President 14? : Executive Board 14J': Editor Illinois Magazine '13J'Q:7.,g Siren Staff 121 : Roast Editor 1920 Illio: Senior Class Day Committee' 14.1-: L: Historian Junior Illinae: Permanent Class Secretary 145. V f 1 SUSAN KURZENKNABE SHAFFER, 9241 A f Libcral Arts and Science Maywood ' Athenean: Woman's Glee Club: Women's Athletic Association: Hockey , ' Sophomore Glee Club. President: Women's Athletic Association: Hockey f' 111 123: Basketball 113 : Daily Illini Staff 127, 137, Woman's Editor "i- . l '. ' fu V4 1 x yH","g-, "alll, lQ,'3?f'.2f Bra., fi? 1 Nw iggljj 1 f-Q x 9: - l,L'1j2fi?l' i,i'i' 4 H. .i 1 l A gy N' -V -ten . .. " "".-,fbi ixml- ! 4 , .,,,w1, x 4 'r i 149,: Summer Illini Staff 133. Woman's Editor: Chairman Illinois Song '-I -.": ,vt ,A I I xi- , Book Committee: Woman's War Relief Committee: Freshman Advisory ' ,X : E. ' Board: First Prize. Illinois Magazine Contest: First Council Woma.n's I rf"ff"q,"iiA'L A .MX Woman's Learzue 181. 143. ' ' nf .- -'-7:8453 ,X I, .Q United War Work Campaign: Fourth Liberty Loan Campaiizn. . 3 ,fjlgig 510111 ' Q X WILHELMINE SHAFFER, BEQILC 1 f ' g J 'Liberal Arts and Sciences . ' Maywood Q51 --tw' ,, -3, ' RQ' Freshman Glee Club: Womnn's Glee,,Club 121518-J, 141 : Athenean: ,X f Basketball 113, 12D : HZ! key 121 :,.Dailyf1lligl '12l,', 1181. 149 : Woma.u's, i 51,10-LS7' ,'-11534. 1 -1- g. wer Relief committee 1 li, ,uunse ,wary ohrdX12J":- womnunjs League ,U Q V 'First Council 131, 1 7.1-f 5 " , ' , U V ' -1-"T .32x1..'Zwg.g, 2 W ' I- Team Captain. F di-thffh lbertyg. " ,. -:M , . I ' . ' J, gj4gr,3i5A'g',fL ,- ,i- i, I l , V Q ARY-J' ,!SEf:1S wf .ia V '- ' l ,,g, Q '.Libcral Arts and Scic , Hone Y gjvg - I 'Ilajri'isb1t'rg"f. ,J ' . CAE -NE.: 'IJHHSHQIRMAN' . 1 I A if . , ' Liberal Arts-0nd'Sdie bl,-YH egq V qynipg "l-Arffif' ,, ' Vienna, " n5'T5I'7Qg'Q., iff' V ' ,lgtome Economics Cub. - E Jfrii ip- "iff-. I- ji ' 5' wi if ' vifrmgmf' A !NAo Scnlimagyiirlf-1 ,, gf 5: fe' ' .,e Agrkulturc, Landscape Architecture 91 - Kansas City, 'Missouri ' - - EBBA BEATRICE SIGFRIDSON' , Agriculture, Home Economics ' '-1' Geneva ' JOSEPH S1MoNs, Anubis ' I 1 Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chicago Chemical Club. Engineer's Reserve: Students' Army Training Corps: Chemical Re- search for the Committee on National Defense and Reconstruction. 050051808 one Hum,-cd sixteen if S W - J THE "TWENTY" ILLIO I I , A IRENE ELIZABETH SIMPSON Liberal Arts and Sciences Pana Le Cercle Francais: Women's Glee Club 111. - BEMRAM EUGENE SKINNER, F'arm House, AZ' Agriculture Chicago H Scabbard and Blade: Hoof and Horn Club 121, 131: Preliminary onors. Regimental Sergeant Major 121, Captain 131, in University Brigade. V. '-A DEENA AGNES SLOAN, Xe, QQBK, ON, KAH 3 1 . . Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Urbana ' " 'X . .Household Science Club: Spanish Club: Women's Athletic Assoeia- , .. tion: Sophomore Glee Club: Basketball 131. 141: Baseball 131: Illinac 1,41 -,3 ' ' Advisory Board 121: Treasurer, Junior Illinae: Casts, "Sword of Q i.l I X Ameriea'.' "The Christmas Mystery". H .X . ' W I "" MADELENE REBINA SLOAN, X9, ON '2'1' 1, ' ' ' XV' 5' Agriculture, Home Economics Urbana 1, Y X. Household Science Club: Women's Athletic Association. X ' x f MARIAN KATIIRYN SMITH, KKI' V 1 M sw Agriculture, Landscape Gardening Mgnticgllg . 'ri' 1 ' Yo-Ma: Alethenai: Vice President Class 181. .V , ,N ' . RALPH LINDON SMITH, Iris ' '- Q Agriculture ' ' Bazflmver .. , L, I ,Class Basketball 111. 131 : Preliminary Honors, V ' Y ' ' i A KEITH EMANUEI. SPARKS, IIIIAP A 1 .I I . .N - Liberal Arts and Sciences H, xg- .. - Cminersvillc, Indiana . if 1 Custodian Chemical Cgilbz, Senior Councilman .Illinois Union 141 : 7 ' gy-, ,, L First Lieutenant Student rigade. ""f4Xv- I . '-ff' igf, T' I . Second Lieutenant Dfriteti Stuteiyfhlmxy:-,R. .O. T. C. Camp, Fort ' ,Mt 'Qu Sheridan. ,, ' '. if K 71. Q X . 9 ,l b I A z 7 d s 'a'Aw?DENK'A iS?4T13f'Y?7V "'-Q 1 .5 N' Cl '91, ' ra,-' r s an eien eq.-" Lf . 1 'I' '11 .. pf' -'. 2' a I 4 ul A '0Womnn's CUSI'l'l0D0i?ilP.i1,3?ClUb HM 'fl's'.GlL:0.Club..111 121 I Woriiinicg, 7 WV f' Athl0tifs"1Associb.t'ion. "f51'l'f-- "ILE--.fx N ,gomfl -N ,- V' , , 'f Y -fg I' i." . -:M o.-Ja.. , 'P 1 . . 1- . " 1. ' . ' "ti, .gi 2. , 1. , HAQEL Mew-ARM mrreiggf-.eel 1 3. , .fl . Agrzeagture, Home Economies ,J-52... - i , Char pazgni J H ' "Y Ma: Home Economies Club: Hockey' 311 1 Scn1oI"Illinae Advisory Board 141: Second Csiixinct Y.SW. C. A. 141. I UBEN TOCKENBERG EH 5 Engineering, Mechanical , ' u ' .1 Roelcfard A. S, M. E.: Varsity Football 121, 131 : Preliminary Honors. Engineering Reserve: Students' Army Training Corps. One Hundred Seventeen Classes L A , L.. e U, THE "TWENTY" ILLIO l I I ' I U I ' I ' I I I I I ljlll-l-lulglgl---lz--I-I-l l LAURA LOUISE STOLL Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicago Heights WALTER HENRY STORER, KIIBK y I Liberal Arts and Sciences Centralky- I , .J , .D Preliminary Honors: Le Cercle Francais. NP ' 5 ',f- in ':1'.1"f' Students' Army Training Corps. - Fig' bij i ' 'W1'f'.,:ff4"l MABEL FERN STORM " L T, if ,lg 4. , - Liberal Arts and Sciences Morrisonvillqx-"fre .hu T A Woman's Glee Club. ' ' T"f,fg X' ,.qf".fj if ' r xl. pst ,g'-' f 1 EDNA FRANCES SULLIVAN, EK N ex wg IE x lLibqral Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Champaign ' , ' fy 'A' . . X ' T JAMES TALBOTT T 'il 3 Agriculture Sterltngq. I FPL fr . xr- , JAMES ROBIN TARBOX 3-V ' " , Ameulture Urbana, . 5,55 234,51 -.3 Agricultural Club: Illinois Agrlculturist, Assistant 1135. 'Editor KAY: ' f77f'Tffxf'+,9M'- ' I -.jj , , Preliminary Honors. ' ' - fl, "g.',A,'5.71 A j Henman student Brigade may: Fort sheriaan Ru o. T. o. Camp: ,Lo ' X " Otficer's Training School. Camp MacArthur, .Texas..g T - ' "j ' . f' '53fffl:1.VL ' 'i o '- .' ' . 1 - ' f 'E -. V ' ' ' LEEN TAYLOR AAII' A 5-:,'. -17' '-1 nf-- ' Q' ' 24 I- Liberal--Arts and Scienc ,E-lame Ecqmcnlicg 'x x' , 1 Harrillrurg 1 att A L- sl ' Y ' .,'S11AYn0n. - A A ' ff?15-'A'9l:'- 1' eAgrieultu're. Floricultur V 41" ',,,,Qf.j?"'-,,:'Mf0h!.0Uf'W cull, IWdf4Wg,L' 1511 f' Qi." ep, . - a A , , , V, :far-,ra-z' 24,3 E' . A - 'H . ' A' A ADO .A A ,."1:HAt,,ZlT "R, ' ,311 V 1541.5-Qrgwtu fl 4,118 'Gnd Scferw Q I ' ','7x""o .. CVM' , Q 'YZ '- , ' fy pibbsfrd and Blade: antalh Qfghljaf ' A, Vjqtudents' Army TrairiinE Corps. , 'i , 'K 4- , , ERNEST WILLIAM THIELE, 'PAT Q, . Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering J' Chicago Chemical Club: Spalding Guild: German Club: German Play. Students' Army Training Corps. Classes Ono Hundred Eighteen j ,Q Y ,J 1 f, I L- Q THE 1' TWENTYU ILLIO In 1 . - P ' , NELSON RENO THOMAS, me Commerce W St. Louis. Missouri ' Helmet: Scabbard and Blade: Shomeez: Glee and Mandolin Club 115, 423. 137: Junior Smoker Committee CSD: Senior Hat Committee HJ: Captain Student Brigade CBJ. , Company Commander, United States Navy. , ROYLE PRICE THOMAS Agriculture Sullivan, Indiana V Agriculture Club ' I 1 Students' Army Training Corps. - WILLIAM L. THOMPSON, ZX T il-fx., I. , 'iffpff x1Pff"f M. X vl J ,A ,rj .. or . ' -, 'Ani 1 X ll' V' -EY, , X :CJ-'Qi' 'I . . ,. , X' X NSI X K V , Agriculture Indianapolis, Indiana M K ' . f- Sachem: Class Basketball 111: Assistant Athletic Editor 1919 Illlo: , Q Q , , ,Junior Track Manager Q87 : Track Manager 145 : Senior Memorial Com- - A NP " , 4 X-Q L, ' mittee 443. 'ZX' -. ,- N '- , a f' -, , ,gig DEEDIE TIFFANY g 534: xx. 'EW Lx ' f Aarioulturo, Home Economics Antioch E Ig' N .X A M I ' .Vw xx. ,A " I Town TONG, Cosrrwpolztam, Q A ,A , 5,5 7 Engineering, Railway Administration X ,Ticntsin,'China. ' V - 'VT I V .e Chinese Students' Club: Business Manager, "The Cosmopolitan " ' H- ' ,521 1551 fl F- 5 '3i"dent"' , I . 1' H if H- vsriwf-3 ,Q - X'MAYME1ANETTlflch:lfQl2GEBSEN-x ' S .jx5j1'g"QQiaE , if- Q, ' Liberal,Arts and Scienii ' f . --'. ' -13' '-Ag ' 'Z 'Chxlcagoh I Q1y.:'1,'Q3v1f"J V , A1T..jfLf-F: if, 1 Le, Circle Francaimejflfflf gw', . ' - . ' V ,. ' ' r 'i I I ,. Mt I 'far-Ds?f15QFi53QWLaI,ll I T Q fifstiq , . , In Libgral' Arts and Scieng omg., Wg nomfiqqpzaqi , , Champaignw... Lp5,,,,E.Q.jfx4'. . ,. ' ,A ' . .fi V 1 I ,N , i gg!-'4 fr-4' 51 I' ,U A -A , 5. K -is ,154 li ' ,M I H- 10' 1 e,'e -.-. .. f ,IL fr 'fl sw'- 3, ,rivinbgam and s.,fmta,',Etm,n g A 'S -fswnfzwffqntgx QPE'fgg5,fa' " A. RUTH Twrroii LL ' ' O A Liberal Arts and Sciences '4' Belleville ESTELLA ANN UEHREN L if Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Galena. I One Hundred' Nineteen Cla-9868 it Y lu l L- Z' 'H I THE UTWENTYU ILLIO PEARL KATHERINE UTHOFF Liberal Arts and Sciences Princeton I . ARTHUR VANDERPOOL U ' -f Engineering, Mechanical Morris 1 I. 7 1 Q -.5 N Bushnell Guild: A. s. M. E. F lflg ' :Fix '-W -L QM: , .5 .6 1 - 5? 3 4 , HELEN VIAL, X9 ml A ,ji , 1 Liberal Arts-and Sciences, Home Economics LaG1'anqc,.Qf4:. VFQTV fri Ei, .S . . 4"-"-,.1-' V- Alethcnal: Home Economics Club: Freshman Advisory Committee :' Qin: -. -ly-ug 1, 1 Class Secretary 427. , I 1 X' wt. Q-'nf ll, R' R E E E . .5.'fiil21l'1. . K ,f MARGARET WALKER , 1 gps 4 V L Xl ?, Liberal Arts and Sciences Kansas Citu,.Misso'uri i 1 , viz" h 2 ' FRED WALTER 5 -151: Q lag .X I, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry Vandalia, Missouri, . :XXL Q. ,dl WARN l ,. J 1 . . , 7 " Students' Army Tralnlng' Corps. X' , ,, V ,V nl J ,mm A , l . , A CORNELIA S. WARMQLTS ' I +.g,q j1'3g-1 , K Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, ' ' ' Qregan, sg -' ' - ' ' ' I-..' 'VMTN , . f 7 . - VL' X . f' Mx , "Wj!.N,'f 4 DQllcfff'YlWAs1RENv-KA0' ' X' ' ' 'Z ' Qv I Liberal Arpspand Sciences. fl 0 a :ids -"VK x i., 7 Watseka 'lf' 1 ..7. ?'L- g - .V Yo Mai Household Sqj'eiii!nClubyQl1'5Lrman of, Rehigee Sewing-'Com-I ,' ..:ffr:fQffQQE .., mittee for Red Crossg Ra V' . I-1 . fr ' 1 -, ,. Q ' E, fg3jvP??'w -3 f - f -. E . f iffwg:i':.lf . -. s .l.. c :sf'f.l'iS2 4' Q . . C0 ANC 'Wwrsqs 'AAN-"'Q . 'R ff f .- is . . s Q. ' ,-R :-+q,,- . 1 . . ul Lzberal'lArts, and' Science , "f'f.'f- -R gs A f ,, ' '-'ffrbanat 335 1 mi ,gy ,.L5'F,' ff is hd c Hi' le. Y. w.. 5' . 'r' J' uwmsi' " visa' .fBoard'.l4J. gr, 3' I 1 me 4 - ie ' ' "ago N 1- "' ' ', .. ' ' W' " AMos HOLSTON WATTS, Iris V ' iv A A Liberal Arts and Sciences, Law ' ' ,F Nashville l R f MARIE WEssELs, X0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Quincy n Classes One Hundred Twenty a in 1 1 7 Y - -jf T., THE "TWENTY" ILLIO u1qgn 11+niniluxuilil-lrismnrl-ilvl-lll ' lilllI A l ' : ' 1 l i A : WAYNE THOMPSON WHAn'roN, AKE, AIN' Commerce, Business Mplimg Klu Klux Klan: Freshman Varsity Track: Illinl Chocolate and Tobacco Fund Committee. . Students' Army Training Corps. ' I .V BEULAH MAE WHITMAN, AZ V-EK N: J' - xl ' -V Liberal, Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Cameron Bethany Circle: Student Council Woman's League. H C . E is ,A ' l XXI V, FLORENCE LUCILLE WHITTUM A V I H .. ' ' , Liberal Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Herscher I A X' -- N -' . Mortarboard: Athenean: First Cabinet Y. W. C. A. CSD, MJ 3 Home ' ' -, va'-A 5' Q , Economics Club: Student Council Woman's League: Advisory Board R, -M111 Senior Illinae: Treasurer Woman's War Relief Committee. ' X. i.!i..4A, I X , s H .4 .4 X K - , A . Q i BEULAH NAoM1 WILLIAMS A '-X .59 in X. I Liberal Arts and Sciences Hume ' .V gn! . H it A Students' Army Training Corps. - . N -A gtmylf ' Bethany Circle. W ' 5 'f-- , 'reg A .X y -' FRANCES Louise Wrruaow, 1'-PB A , :".' ' . Liberal Arts and Sciences Springfield. ""74li - ' ' ' Yo Ma: Bowling Q33 : Basketball Q37 : "Seven Chanc,esi'. I 'fgyi . ,lf h : f- 'YU X is A CHARLES CLIFFORD Woon , , , 5 -'rfygf-" Q , Engineering, Civil I ' . , ' .F'lint, Michigan , .r-"'s -' 5. Engineer's Reserve ,C1?rps.' , fir, 1 -E ,r . ,ly VL A N 11 ' ' A ,, ' A N. . '1' T ' Hl3PE1sIa"LOUISQQ'WOOD, Xb, y ' IQ! , Liberal Arts and Sciences' ,fy "f'qf1'f' . ' Pelcin 1 ,I'Q,r-'52 " ' 1, f .f V 4 , L . 955, .. , ' GR.A?Jl:'ygLACK!1lUhE.:wQQDS5j,AXh ' I A , , 5' Dibcral, Arts and Sciene' U1 flu?" A'-sp! f,,'?f-5 32592 . ' Sfeflinv . 1, V 'A A Hockey un f27:- -I-4?l':'-Bask, Q7-.L 62l':s:Junipr Prom Com-:Pe 1'gf,,gf -R 'A f' mltteel:,Vicc President Senior, Illinffnz f ,,-gtggfimg :wi-ig . 1' L M V :.u..e.fgM-, ggi. .H '-"'-'fill ' ' I' 4" ' Q" f" "1"-if, A ' ' - J: A ,- F 3:51 ALTA'MIRIAM YOUNE'l3'gblJ15' 1 'if li Libera Arts and Sciences, Home Economics Q V Hoopeston Bethany Circle. 'N, EDNA LILA ZELLHOEFER, Achoth f Liberal Arts and Sciences Le Roy Illiola, Treasurer MJ. One Hundred Twenty-one Classes 1 in i' I. 5 f THE 1' TWENTY" 1LL1o - I Somomo CoPoN ZULAYBAR Liberal Arts and Sciences, Medicine Lilio, Laguna. Philippine Islands WALTER G. POEHLMANN u . Agriculture, Floriculture - Morton Grovai 'z Floriculture Club. President 447. Ifll ' 4 WILLIAM JOSEPH WERSTLER, FZK ' Alrriculture ' C'h'70GPQ1A . 1 " 'W 1 ' Florlculture Club. Secretary 143. M, , , . Q . .A-.1 A PHILLIPPA B. SPECK , 51. ' , ' f'Libefral Arts and Sciences Peoria "g 4 . 1 FELIX L. STREED '. v ' V L X" ,f Engineering Wwukdulm ,Q 'N ,1 Y Bushnell Guild. r I - .,f . Ensign at U. S. Naval Academy. - ' ' X. ' I . ., N f- ' ' ' K' W , ' :wh X -' . 'x' E - x ' N A .N -' - ,f"" V, ' 4' -X .':?'f2'5L5" 'w": L . N + . 51.11 ' 1 - , .HK N25 ' I N , N . 'Eff' .X A gf" A A V ' ii" 1, f ,ell l.1.,'f,,, 'I xjffzp-, ,UH 'ally ' Q, K .I , , - ,-- .'wv'l.f4sT4", .Th ' A 5 .- ' ' ml cl ' l 4 I 115: ':-ly-Lgxf A' I, 'JJ - . ' , ' .La X " ' fa V "N-'fwlf A ' 1. - fx: 5 f " . H ' ' Mft? If ,W V ,,,f:'Si'5 "9"f"+ L "Y 1" " "fy A ' ff' , "' - ' I 4"21l5'ff 1 Q ' -I 'K H I '4 -'... ,- ,' x . - - . 1 A V, , lj. w J' 1 QR v xy., ,I Q Z K.-Q, .. 4.4 ,lv gk Q.. Kg ,XV 1 1-. l9iJ'5'ff NM. qw. ufl, , 1, , ld 2:51 we 3. 5' ,Y .dfzfll-'1 rx: ,mf X. vu lm J l , I .1 f A Ria, ,,f- 5,,,.., u - lf. td f-f. Q -I ,. 0153-fj,..g gi gl .1 . . .- !fffZ'f-Qty, S '- M.,+,,, W... -' -ml' .15-?,'f-'Ziff f.. -1- lp?-Qi.-. ' .. .. ., D -Q,-w.,' 'di ,bk-v.L".3 'I -ymggfi . , lm, , ...Q 1. .-:QEJ1 .vw 4 X - 'ffl' f'n"'5',g 03' -'M '. QW ' ' 'HW' 95' Classes One Hundred Twenty-two . I 1 MEDICINE PHARMACY DENTISTRY 1 THE "'rwsNTY" ILLIOA 1 ODELL THOMAS ARNssoN Dentistry ' . Whitehall, Wisconsin Students' .Army Training Corps. ' Dentistry Enlisted Dentistry 'C V Enlisted . 1 , 1 x'v f ' x Q '.D0'llii8tTy ., X 7 Q' P R . I Dentistry . , , X., xt. , I -X4 K-.xg 3' Dentistry ' E , ,. ,, .Students' Army Training Corps. , WILLIAM ARTHUR BACHER, AZI' Bayonne, New Jersey ' Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. " MARION ELLswoR'rH Bsnnows, AEA ' . Chicago' 'L...j' Medicsl Reserve Corps. ' REGINALD BLADEN BEST it . Port of Spain, Trinidad ' ARTHUR ERNEST BLA'r'r 1 - Chicago BERNARD T. BLUESTEIN, AZI' . A 31 ' f Chican7o"'t ' Enlisted Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. ' -. 'A -U .-.4 , I D N . . '4,,5eEkL -U 151'- N t . 'Vi if' ls-,l , - ,ww hi. X , 11' A 'P' ' f . . ,.,--.a 1' ' R- TV". 'J xl ' 44 Syl-1jSf.1 X ,' ly tw 'til . ,I 1, 'L-flxix 4 ig.g7'.X.,l1f L",'Ii'!' .ui QR! Yami 3325? i 'f Q' 'iff f -5 f. V v : . ,Q .1 " "A"-: gf" '35 r. A ' L "I y .JACOB ALEX Bnoinsxy ' -R I 'i , Dentistry W ' ,.i...-gtg, th- . -. Chicago Q,..Q.,,' ,IQ ' 9 Students' Army Traini:fig,,fCorps, Medical Unitx ' 1 f V ,fy 1-jli. .g'1g?.u,:?7 1 .::'Z:,Q,1 gf , I m IM, : "WNW, , ,Noah h A . , ' A :'IXtf'?:f.-Tig ' 'n --t.s STANILE ,Own , A o1cs,.AzA- -A , f - 1.5-f',,sggg.'i . 0 .Dentistry , 3,4 1 4 1 UI' gf -'f-.1 f-Tg..' yffaulqtqn, South Dakota f3.f"'-'?KL, adv, 'in Enlisted y'Medical Res e' Corns':gtu5iePt'tsfAsxQy,.L raining Corps. ' ,+V ', ve. C". ' xslt' , ' 4 3' - , A ' 'fS4.L,- rgrfffgttx . ,- Ji ' 'I Q34 ,'I.fAi' 'lf' It A . -Em! - , B31 - - '21f"?1'::..s1.' . Qentiaww., - . X . Mg, - t Wg, Penne Lqrania fi Q H' E' :ted Medical Reser .e Corp : Studen I Taming Co s. 'gflfi .'ifY'.Y"' ',,.E' , ,Y ji N. F - - ' I " ' ' - ' 1 GEORGE ALEXANDER CAMEBELL, NPD x I 1 Dentistry Grand F'orks,' orth Dakota 3 1 Student Council: Student Assistant Chemistryf orth Dakota ' University. Enlisted Medical Reserve Corps. One Hundred Twenty-three Classes 1 L g 1 1 1 is THE "TWENTY"ILLIO -r nuannnuiulllts-suuuil1mmmrn:..onqaunm-w1-fwfrarwunuruwnaunuunniuliuzmnnnnnnnunlnlnlllnil LOWELL JAMESON CARTER, AEA D0'N'fiHfT1l . Des Moines, Iowa First Class Hospital Apprentice United States Navy. OWEN ROBERT CHASE, AEA Dentistry Viroqua, Wisconsin , Enlisted Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. V 1 . 1, mf - FRANCIS LEO CONDREN, AEA - A .y, fp., g,- Dcntiutry Lewiston, New York ' ' i' President Senior Class. ' A Ii, ' Enlisted Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. L 'rj im' 'ix . v' .2 lux . HARRY WELLINGTON COOK, 311112 5 'l 4 Dentistry Hicksville, Ohio x A I. ' Lf ' Naval Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training: Corps. , 'X 'bi 'i FORREST AI DANN, EAE, Ehlffb - I. 1 to-3lA,r.' Dentistry Chicago -f Student Council: Enlisted Medical Reserve Corps. I SEPTIMIO RICHARD DI COSOLA A ,'ii"j5i Dentistry - Chicano . " ' ' Students' Army Training Corps. , - Yr L" FREDERICK!CHRISTIAN.-DIPPEL,'3'HQ .. ,Q .31 Dentistry C, ' W l North Frcwlona, Wisconsin pg 715 ' 33-1 Executive Committees Studentsf,',,Ax'n1y Training Corps. ' .N-H"'-J, gf: X I V. A., ,, iff, jiwgg- I I4 . I Q 'ljxvvvlifa-ii 1i'l'7.' . THOMAS LERQTDOXLE, AEA I. - I A f,,,l?Z'. I, Dentistry W, ,, ,--V J., 35' Fulton" R .N , ' " Secretary of Stud"e'hU,CounoIl .5fB?x,f..' w gm" V ' , ' My Enlisted Medical Reserve Cdr11sQ2,Stuglents"Army Tizaining Corps. , 3 r. . 'V .- ' ' ' -,..,..zr-,f 'aiiffl-at,'f'f'py f " i ' ' 'ftffhjlffii-I L ' HARRISON 'REED 2 Ax, 1 H P Dentistry ' 2 ' ' ' Chicago 1' Q Students' Army Training Corps. ' CECIL WALDEMAR FORSLUNO, AEA if Dentistry Fairbury, Nebraska Enlisted Naval Reserve Force. I A Classes Ona Hundred Twenty-four W ' V ,L T, C THE "TWENTY" ILLIO f E EW. A A f T untzxlniulinws ini nn' -,,i-17,1111 lu in -lulltul I I I l I l l I I I I n 1 I l I w I X l I-IQIIQ-QMl--g---,-1-glm l I MAURICE FORWALTER, X110 Dwltlstfll n . Convoy, Ohio - Executlve Commlttee of Senior Class. ' xl Medical Reserve Corps. . 1 l Momus GALDMAN T l Dentistry Chicago l Medical Reserve Corps. CHESTER JULIUS GEDVIDIG, AEA ' DUVIUHWJI , : Chicago ' ELSIE M. GORMAN ' E if Dentistry Sioux Falls, South Dakota X X , Class Treasurer 111. E ALBERT EDWARD HALBMAIER, AEA y lx BE ' D0'MiHf1'1I Flandreau, South Dakota "- ,i Secretary Senior Class. ' N fhgy' Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. A V PAUL GEORGE HALMHUBER, AEA " 'E 'KB enrmy Dt 'a. M' n' . "tE 5 A yflnaszaingzy. M. A. fan. , 0 'O' 'C 'W' b ' ' e :ca eserve orps. L -' W W SLAVTEXTOLIVEE-THAMAGHEK -, V 1. N, ,Tl Dentistry I ly' f ' l V, -Kouiaunae, Wisconsin ' ,J ' 'Q l Enlisted Medical Rcservq Corps,'z,x,J'5-Y' 1 AN' ' ,'f.' - . ,' j , "jfs KN' -v , ' , '-pf-ffl ' . A,fgE1N,'-fixlfflfw ,A 4 'lv'-1554 T Dentistry Ka tg' 1 ,W A Q, ij' Stevens-Point, Wisconsin ' - -N' '- T Instructor Technicalidfhawindij, ' ' -W, .I ,' , W I . ' ' Medical Reserve Corgs. JU ye. Quik -N,- Q I A :E . I ,d ' . - E? 'V .. f r .I 1-5 :,y.- KWHN ., - rv A Lv- 1 - T Jw, :Af ,-,Mir r- 'bf .A MARTIN SELME Hiflsglglgnsqgfgr 5 5, in A.. 5. Dentlhtfy ' L-'JMW4' Warffo, fNo'rtlL'Dakoffi ' C YN 'Z " 'Students' Army Training Corps. F J' RICHARD JoHN HUSELY, X119 Q' ' Dfntistnl Grand Fork! North Dakota Student Council ill. Medical Reserve Corps : Students' Army Training: Corps. One Hundred Twenty-five Classes 4 .- Y YJ Q., -V f 4- THE "TWENTY" ILCLIO I . p I I ' I ' l ' I ' l I I I s l l l lQlQl1l-l lQl1l-I-I l JOSEPH JOHN KANE Dentistry Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. - ABRAHAM KAs'rEL, AZI' U . .U ,- Dentistry Chicago . A ' R 'R K 'gijfyl' Students' Army Training Corps. ' flu' 'wt 5 . I ,. ' -X'-' Fgji :QL f '. JOHN L. LAcE, AEA R fy Dentistry Watseka -, 12-,A X9 A Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. 1 ' Pj - ' -Ljvfffg' , 1 ,,., K- R V, 4 inn? CLARENCE ADELBERT LANDGREN ' gxxf- Yggi I-41' Dentistry Fergus Falls. Minnesota' - K ww,vf,!g:5 A Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. A -, .viii - .. ., 1 3 ., SAMUEL MAX LAPP, Azr , fx. 11 Q . Dentistry ' Chicago ,. L' Q 'QI' ,Q-,atv X,-, Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. 7 f X ' q ,X ALBERT DERWEN1' LEHMAN, AZI' f-fcfmdr, 'fi' - .1 V , Dentistry Q . Chicago . .,'j- s4i f'iu.,i :Senior Class Poet: 2' f . Q yijx' ,A '- I f"Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Tralning.Corps. - ' ..."' T ' ' 'msn'-J Q"-5 . A MAUR1f:E!.iAARoN,e-gI..1PP1Tz', 'AZT' -, f , yziwr' .fi-55 if 5 Denim.-y ,I 4 ,UMJ 'K ,pf Chioadaii' ' " ' ' Lineo Circa. gf 'If U. I S ' A , ' 31,31 ., Medical Reserve Cor s':r-Studentsiuflirmy.Training Corps. . ' Lg-g,j,!f'A'4, Kjyy A I lv". :V 61 -1-gi, :.b"'1"" 1- L 1.3.1. ?5"o 'fft ., , , . CIDA RD :CAV TON'-LDOMIS - ' A g V. -AEA -l- uf Dentistry K b . gfffi. w-- '- F- . 4' Chicago A , -Gr," I-it Medical Reserve Corpszi' tiff' -1 'fl-,ur ,L,g,f" ff , 3 . 1: if . ,,Zf'j,,i1.:, ' , .W ' R I ,W if M, -N " f U ','1f.:fif"' 1 1 , ' DONALD NYE McGU3N5vAEfdff A 1 Z JLITAQ ff' - Dcntijtfy ' s ' Pierre, South. Dakota ' 2" Executive Committee. C ' V Enlisted Medical Reserve Corps. if LEE MALcoLM MCKEAGUE, AEA ' Dentistry Williamsport, Pennsylvania Classes One Hundred Twenty-six FT , w I Q.. THE"TWENTY"lLl..l0 sese L nniunnuinnlnlwf--uniii-1uunxu1--u1-r-ummuAuumnnnasnmmnnnqi:nns1n-nu1nuuinmnuaiuxi u1lniuuIl:l lll1lllllllln ll1nnlunnn:nmInulnuuulwmsumnl l FELIX MCDOWELL MAILLARD - Dcntistrll Port of Spain, Trinidad RAoUL J. MARGHAND, X119 - ' ' Dentistry Rolla, North Dakota Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. KEIKOR SENEK MARGOSIAN Dentistry Yozgad, Armenia Cosmopolitan Club: B. A. Dubuque College '15. GENSLIN RAYMOND MARSILY, 1110 Dentistry ' Honolulu, Hawaii X A Vice President Junior Class. Y' WILLIAM GEORGE METCALF, AEA ' w Demi-9i31'1l , Strcator Students' Army Training Corps:'Medlcal Section. ' I WILLIAM VANCE M1DDLE'roN, AEA Drmiwtril , Des Moines, Iowa Executive Committee Senior Class. - Medical Reserve Corps. ' . JOSE FRANCISCO NAVA Dentistry , p Q A . Manila, Philippine Islands Medical Section, Students' Armyv Training Corps. , 5 ix Y ,rift-gym Y l'VMARYA,N'EWELL . ' -Dentistry ' ' in M 5 l Chicago N -A Cl s em- 4211- .v , 'f If.. Um U ass ecr ly My ,Wigan , I, .V , A A V JOHNS'FRANCIS',T6'CONNdRQ.'n'i"IffI!f .- ,.Dentist'i'y' I :M .1 f- ' ,Chicago N fstudent Council C25 :'Executive Commit1if!l!"','f35'. ' . ' 'G' Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. ROBERT. KRIDER ORT, ATG, AEA f Dentistry ' Chicago Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. Onc H nndred 'Twenty-seven '-. A LA .. r' 'Q l s 'L X , W 1 li? 1 F53 . ,Q li 1- .5 Classes i E 5 i ls -ir THE. l'TWENTY" ILLIO D ' JOSEPH EDWARD PLEvo, .'E.'xI1-1: Dentistry Chicago Student Council. . Medical Reserve Corps. LEON R. CALLORD PLOCHE Dentistry Jamaica RUssEL TROUPE PRETELOW, 'PQ Dentistry Winchester. Indiana Vice President Senior Class. . Students' Army Training Corps. MARJORIE MARY REILAND Dentistry East Chicago, Indiana A Class Secretary Q13 : Class Historian 135. War Camp Community Service. .1 CLARENCE JOSEPH ROBBINS, XPQ vi. N a x -in x ,gig Dentistry Carthage, South Dakota X Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. V R HARRY RUBEN, AZ1' ' A A E R - Dentistry Chicago . Students' Army Training 'Corpsmf ' " ,, X , - I - . 1, Q, :J .,,,5.W, , ' T 1' lf' 1,lAR0SLAv:hR-UND. 1 'E Dentistry ,I 4' ,ff ,f Y, - f T H V Chicago f Medical 'Reserve Corilqiffstudentse' Training -Corps. . f , ' ""f"f 313.5 Xl-'fx H15 i . , P " I-Nm T, , - A sg H, Dcntiqtyry, ' ' i " by ,,.,A5,,2y?f1.3'L,'fff'QfI13,j, 5 4' , ghidaflng ff ' -if 'f .. if-f'w KENNETH PETER SHAIEKQ E119 - ' A H Dantis1try 1 Chicago OTTo MARTIN SKATEN, X142 fl Dentistry Whitehall, Wisconsin Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. ClaS.S6S One Hundred Twenty-eight T, -.--4 fi ea 4 v . 1 4 f, 2 N, I1 if 1 , we H 7 It r: , i THE "TWENTY" ILLIO W Q Dentistry 1 President of Junior Class. LESLIE Ossoxm SPILLANE, AEA .Battle Creek, Michigan V Enlisted Medical Reserve Force. ' ' . ,Q l- me .Mi ' -1... ,4 I, ,, . , l i,, I ., .y f A' ' Nf.1'Vl5'i'Ni' X if ROBERT CAMMIE STIERNBERQ, ta'-IIT v',f1i'5 iI5.gQf3S3q.4ai Dentistry Port Lamwo, Texas' -35, QS'4i,pq-qfniis-87'lL . , . ' I .- , -5 3.5. I . I Class Treasurer QBJ. , V .,,fUg.- , ny-.L ,MW I Y H, Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. "-sill! X . h N , , ' , 1,, Eff?" 5f'.'s..i4 DQS? Q' j y 5 , b Q, ,E D , M EMII. MIROSLAV VITA any-issgf Q-..:4,CH2ga3gg,1 if I ,. .ierwrr 'Wf'91""Tuf W 1-vs'--' 1' I' QL 'vi ,fl ' It Medical Reserve Corps: Students' Army Training Corps. in I1 ,v- W-, .' I . -2.-15. ."'. A , z I .- I A , ,- is F'+..iX--..,.f1'f'. i .4 ERSKINE WILLIAM WEBB, W9 . V- 1,: .1 'ff5:',fiX' ,. .. RQ xi ,K vD9'Mi8t7'ZI , . n Ednemont, South Dakqtad mic. 1 S lf, 94, Students Army Tx-amlmz Corps: Medical Reserve Corps. -- 'Q swf f-,"I"' , 'lr ji Q ,. ' ' . Q.: x, I . fn-M. Q1-'iidhflf' t , 5,4 .eggs i i - - HAROLD TREvoE WEST, AEA , , ,L Ssmgfy., '35 .18 45, Af' I Dentistry Stevens Point.. ijYiscopafn.,A T' - 'I-,1-.5 Z' ' 'Students' Army Training Corps. , , J Qiflw "- " 415' 58: n,..,. 'W ' . ' - ' ,' , ' "" 'Y Fl. fi 'I i'?.-" ' -'V ew, ' ' I ' W HERBERT P.. WEIDN-ER ff -f '. 4' I 'esJ'T?1-' , '1--1 5' al7'Wilri8f'l'1l I W I - A .Q , -..jUg cnrq..Ig.i"v5:': ff 1 1-'V' f' Enlisted'Medical-l Reserve Corps:lSHudQp'ts"Army-'Training Corpsj ' -. , 'I -.-1+ 5 .E -' I ,1'.w' . . ,R 2 :J-.-' V' 153 f. ' F'.g:grsg:ige'gg32 ,Q-,J rg. are im EU "L Hi LMCNDX A E. blilrtrgjz, Hg-J, .v N A X .Ir Q .nip F T- h ., sg-vt LMS .Engng-. : lis.,a,:.f':Lf :Tir .Mediw1'Unitf Sig- :P-Img. Fgfzgfimgsifiihf ,g - if ' Q V".-'r'1"TTf5r.S "-55515 ' . " ' ,' ' W ' "' --WW? .. 'JJ'.'NL ' ,f. - fif ' Wi" -.g , g '..M5Mg.5 ,WH in hiv: , U IA., ' ,OL V . up It ,IV ,?q..,1f, if-b,:lE:2:AI. far -1-1' LPS- PHQQWQEW' f Ls,-Q 1 ug' AQ, 4. - -,Ig . .,"'7f?"'3zf'fif'.'jf ' . Q, ' 1 4 ' Li . .- , ' J' ' -if. 3 5 ' iv"---f - -tj' my " r,' -5 A ,'i,haz'i1APF5.f- 'ROB RT , QBA ., l I .-.' , it t ,ff is , ' . . - 'W ' 'ii' ' I '! ' W' --'L i W. 1 ' 'S udents' Army Training Corps. ' I J- f -' , . I Elly ' . Q l HOWARD WELLS BANGERT, Ph.G, I' I I - , I Pharmacy A Chicago ' . l ' Students' Army Training Corps. A I One Hundred Twenty-nine Classes tg I I 1, 1 1 l I S ,, l Y 1, 'X THE "TWENT'Y" ILLIO Y P . J AMES HARRISON Drccs . Pharmacy Students' Army Training Corps. 'WI Chicago -rl 1 V1c'roR ALFRED ELLIOTT 4' , Pharmacy ' Casey, -Vg I 'Students' Army Training Corps. ' no f' RALPH ELDRIDGE FRASER 'F"-ff? Y Q ' 1'ha1"macy Davis Junctidni 4"- AQ f or K A . . IRA GOLDMAN ' , I Q As Q ,Pharmacy Chicano , ' ' ' 'A United War Work Fund. 'J-T .. " I. . Nh' U Students' Army Training Corps. , - vfflr- f ,- aff- ' ' " EQ, S' W fi 1 A JAMES BERNARD HUMMA, KW A 'fi " 3351-, 1 N-fi f Yf.Pharmacy ' Melropblfs, L6 .'f'.f- X 5, Students' Army Training Corps. ' Q A I -Y N wi' 'ig , A, , 2 Y Ylvr' r,'Z,ii?1:.' 1 jf ef A. , HAROLD VERNON JoNEs 'ii V, A law-N Ur - Phfrfvwcv V y ,'-N 5 Cuagdeaw gg QQ' rj 'I I Students' Army. Training Corps. , ' l 1 Q -'J 'A 1 'r 7' , ' V - ' . ",4,'11:-"Mi ,gjfii ,jg ,' A+ ,NLTQN S A ARf1'M'ANx ,!""-:"fLT,,E:. figv: 'f51'PhM'mw11' ,Ml I . ' .A ,qqdhivqaojfi A ' 4: ,K , iw ,n students' Army '51 g Corpd ,M , 3,jr',,3,fgj E ' . qgg 1, .-,-rg-A I . U EW' ,AYNE'J?S'A A gil-'::A-ljfjf , 'V ff .Pharmgvy . - .' ,gn .A "ffl, f"NZ'.,1A'a.z ' ' Nifitphfieglf-,y' .g f 4-Ewdsvzs' hw Tf if rv. git" .:f',"i2.Qif'Q"'ff'f!'i'i A A . A A , AAA A fr- A0 y .f E JULIUS CHARLES is LE in ' A Phar aoy "' Highwood W Medical Section, Students' Army Training Corpsl' 1 4 GERALD LITTON MCDANIEL, Ph.G. Pharmacy A Classes Q' 1 1,, 1, 1, , i' - l 1 1 1 l A," I.. Tayloryilte .W .,r 'I . . W 5 11 M fi 1'.b'g'z 5, f5j,'f,4i.5i j Riff 1i.!4ff5'5:1-Q 1ff'f- wi! 'f I z:.,,vf-,,iYl Asif: E '-Alf-?1'5"3Q?fr 2 E 3901" Zi L--geek 5 QI ffiu :aw-if fr .li 12 S'-'Qi' ". 1 ' sg., ,f ' I If 5: 43545 ,,!:f,41 I u.. 'V , , 1 E-gf-is "ZS-"G f u -' 1 IJ aff--+ f VF' ' it J r- "W '1 7',.J'Ef ." iYYF5'i5v?ff A- ....4.....- ... 1 Ona Hundred Thirty L THE "TWENTY" ILLIO I E . i l ' X , . X x , . l -H 'L .RN L Q- , NYI1. :R , 1 . BEN MAs'rRoFsKY Pharmacy Students' Army Training Corps. LEO' HARRY MILLES, Ph.G. Pha1"macy MAURICE BRADFORD SKELTON, IIHP 'a Pharmacy 1 .f '- CHARLES RODGRR WILSON, ICANI' . .,Pharmacu , f. V Chicago x ,-,' V :.lfTi'-tc 1 Chicagdf Q 'Q H' . , r 1.5 4' xg Carbohqqlefff if X rl x Y x:v!",k , D.. 113, ,J Hfkd5ixH'A .-' . . 3 XfIX'fT5ifQ 'ff :R vtiefm. M 14 5332:-TQv,4fq f My--,. xi-R v ,147 n.llQEiAgZQ?'1gj f R '-Rini-"3'M"i T1 V' 'XV ,Q 2 Q ,J 1 Students' Army Training Corps. ' . I ax P N. fig.: . ' Y ' 'qvfb Y, gf r 4 - ,- f .. . fl"'5'f 'Ia' 1 V H Y -iw V' V mf" ' ' 'fd ITP- in-:5 W X- -, ,f?' - 1 :t 333 ' ,Q gg'-C., W ,.A. 'l '-R. ik-RC f'f Y ' A "' Ri fa .M R R U " ,".j : U' e. R pi lark . -- V , ,. 4fx7t',1tvg.A -,, ,rl . .- ,X-,-'Sq , hi, 1' A V' .364 -L, -fr If I, 3- ,J E X guy-"' ' , " ' .N 7 " fgxfg fg.1uN,,yj2 K f,,j'F'i"I'-'fx r. . y-"' ' 'n ' jig X A ":a4?,".fj ' , ,, H , A . - . ,, , ,-x rj, L.: 5 gy 'ru 4- I wr 2' ' f - , XJ ,, , , ' MGR,-',,f:4 ' I ,z .Q ,,:F"mM"fv'15lif's ,1,, xg" ggpl'-.X 7 , .5 .X . -'X' A ,gg'fT5-:fg"75' .-5,"':f1"2,"g' 'fl' ,I f"'f'f5 ' 1- ' 1 R H 1 rl 'C"'cf"E.' EQf'5'F:' R-.R 4 V ' Q' '. Q- 'f f' fn 7.1 33 f "VT" . F nf ,. f ' nw".-.-', R 1' -V 4."',.- if - if . - - - 54 ,. J ,J -. ., . X . ,B-,A My 5: 1 -. , 4 .. fag- . 1 ,, . ,X A I X K .. g judawgw,-.J 1429,-p Sig, .I , is v 13,1 I k jg 1 'ff 'N' 'fzf Ll' 5 Q- v' 3 ' Y' " 'ai' ' ' 41'P"':yw l 'TMSQ1 -'h l 5 1.7: pw?-'f'5T'n'-V - :JLJ ,, 'adrift ,Yan .C .1 .Rim J Q . J ' VTX- I 4 I, 'wb' rut? my--, - ., :M -.', k li U H 'fl 5.11, ?2jl,wtg,., V. .. .3-A, 42.7 7 'H' L. -I .- . , 3 F' .- '-my ' ,.--,V " 3.1 ' V 3 ', , ,J -'NLR 1, ' ff ' wr v'fT.,,"Q,.4 un, V A 5 X, --hr ,l uf h LW- f V, .E . A- .-Mlfigr.-:W W-,LMLVHIYI ffl.. " ,A 1:-Wal 'J ' -M-V . . .' ,dfwf --wr,-, is - uv-.vfgf gg ,H A . -. -I .' H "3-" I .unity --Wg - ff... Q-, " -. M Jf -L' -. . I r , M , LJ' u- ff.. . V., . ,L-fix. G 1 . . X . A L 1 H ij?-y , X 'u , Llp, U,',,f V '-1 N... ,,.... . . X 1 , ' ' -u ' f ' 1 1 ' , ',F .v . W x , . , , I One Hundred Thirty-one Classes , - -Y -, - I - 71 - Q TH 1: "TWENTY" ILLIO f A Jw 1 ' ' iw QDMMENC If bu?a fkwof fig, if cleparffng jeniog' funder- ,sfood Yo Hia full, piril' and The mer ge of iheir Alma Lfggmfir, fag will hav 'Egfifie fha learning and Tie or 0? The pajlf ,,.... ...::1..,....,.W...m- ..n-...-..-.,. . ,.-,A.,-..-...,,...., E l -. W...v, .-M-M-.W v.m.m,.-,..-u.'w-W., H 231 " TXW F.E EPVHH' ILM? U SCHOOL OF PHARMACY One Hundred Thi1't11-three COLLEGE OF MEDICINE , M, A..-.-...,1,,,, naar..- .:?-Y-w...m.-... qmhumw-,.f-n.--,...-.-ww-V.-m , ,avg nu'-11, ,.-,.,-,,,, M-.. r.. ...Y w-L,:m-.mmw............M,- mu -,,...m..4........-..L..f.f.m-,..ff...m..,.,..R ......m,.-.m.f,..-f... O FH!-3 "TwENTY" 1141.10 COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY ,,-i COLLEGE OF MEDICINE One Hundred Thirty-,four :Q THE 'TWENTY' 11.1.10 MERCY HOSPITAL MICHAEL REESE HOSPITAL .1 .. .-....., , ., H INFIRMARY OF THE COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY 'W ' 1 l One Hundred Thirty-ji've xi -1 ,. ,, , , 1 f, V ..-1, nl ' H' ff A, 1 I. '75 X A.-A A Inj j..,u,... ,..., ..,.-.,A.... Q. DEPARTMENTS OF COOK COUNTY HOSPITAL 'II I! One H undrcd Thirty-six ,.,,-.....-..-.:rnfm--1 W-U, . , -- v.- ,-um.. .YYY ......,, - ,-:JL-5..,.. ,.. m-...M. ,. , .W mmm.. I ,A A mji rv ...A , UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL -Ai: 1 CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL Ono Hundred Thirty-seven WEST SIDE HOSPITAL If H C- STHE. 'TWENTY' ILLIO 2 Nu Sigma Nu 'Founded at the University of Michigan 1882 Thirty-Two Chapters Established at Illinois 1892 ETA CHAPTER W. E. QUINE, M.D., LL.D. H. P. NEWMAN, A.M., M.D. H. T. BYEORD, A.M., M.D. O. A. KING, M.D. D. A. K. STEELE, M.D., LL.D. C. A. WOOD, A.M., M.D. E. L. V. BROWNE, B.S., M.D. HUGH MCGUIGAN, Ph.D., M.D. F. G. DYAS, M.D. MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY F. D. MOORE, M.D. E. S. MOORE, Ph.B., M.D. J. W. BIRK, M.D. W. C. HAMMOND, M.D. O. E. NADEAU, B'.S., M.D. F. E. SENEAR, A.B., M.D. J. W. MAOARTHUR, M.A. T. B. MAGATH, M.S., Ph.D. J. W. NAZUM, M.D. C. S. WILLIAMSON, B.S., M.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLIFF OAKLEY, ARMSTRONG JOE OLIVER PETERSON OSWALD EUAN MORIN Seniors LEONARD CLARENCE WHITMIRE LOUIS PETER GROOS EARL WILBUR WILLIAMSON EVERETT CLYDE KELLY U REA ERNEST SHLEY EDGAR THERON BLAIR WOODRUFF LYNDEN CRAWFORD HANRY LEWIS FORD KARL JOHN KAISER JOHN WOOD MAOARTHUR GEORGE EDWARD CLARKE HAROLD BARKER LOUGHERY ARNOLD C. NICKELS THEODORE Ross VAN PELT HOWARD OLNEY DENNIS ARTHUR J OE RISSINGER GUY VICTOR PONTIUS Juniors Sophomores RUDOLPH MRoz Freshmen ANDREW SAMUEL ARNQUIST RAYMOND A. MODERMOTT CARSON KING GABRIEL GERALD DELAND GERNOI: PAUL STERLING CARLEY THOMAS BYRD MAGATH JOSEPH B. STEVENS PAUL JONES BRONSON JOSEPH EDGAR MITCHELL FRANK STEWART THEODORE A. ROST GILBERT CARTER LUZADDER LLOYD CONWAY EDGINGTON One Hundred Thirty-eight I 1 Y ,A l ,, . ,., .. ,,,. f',m..Jrf:.2:n:::.,...'1.n. M111 FH Ma? QM Y 14,441.21 dggm..-.W-...W-W---A--M-.W-.V . ! 1 w r w Nu Sigma Nu 1 N W N W N , W I W i. W . nosw STEWART EnmNGToN Nxclmns MITCHELL 1moNsoN LOUGIIERY PONTIUS Mnoz Luzmumn VAN pygm- RISSINGER ARNQUIS1' nLAm GERNON STEVENS cAnLEY As1Il.m' Fonu cmnmg Gmmmll DENNIS WIIITMIRIC Mc DERMOTT Momx w1l.l,mMsoN 1clcLl.x' 1'E'mrLs0N cnoss ARMSTRONG One lhmdred Thirty-'nine , V' - -"4-' " -:Y ggiiswzg 4 + I THE 'TWENTY' 11.1.10 Alpha Kappa Kappa Founded at Dartmouth College 1888 Forty-Four Chapters Established at I11inO1s 1899 ETA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY HENRY L. BAKER, M.D. FRED R. CROOKS, M.D. CHARLES DAVISON, A.M., M.D. ROBERT L. FURBY, M.D. EDWARD L. HEINTZ, Ph.G., M.D. LYNDON HARRIS, M.D. J. HAYES HESS, M.D. LOUIS G. HOFFMAN, M.D. U JOHN R. HARGER, B. S HENRY E. IRISH, M.D. R. KEATON, M.D. GEORGE J. LOROH, Ph.G., RAYMOND W. MONEALLY, KARL A. MEYER, M.D. NORVAL PIERCE, M.D. CHARLES E. PHIFER, M.D W. J. WOOLSTON, M.D. ., M.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ARNOLD GRUENHAGEN WALKER E. MCCORKLE LOUIS T. BAXTER ARTHUR R. BOGUE ERNEST J. BROSIUS MAR HALL C. DAVISON GEORGE ELVIDGE WALTER R. FISCHER EVERETT LAMBERTSON LEONARD L. CHARPIEB- F. LELAND CHENOWETH ADOLI-H KRAFT 1 Seniors J uniors Sophomores DUANE W. PROBST WILLIAM T. ROGERS WILLIAM J. PARKER THOMAS T. RACKLIFFE FRANKLIN L. RUBRIGHT LAMBERTUS WARMOLTS GEORGE A. WOODRUEF WILLIAM E. WRIGHT LEO C. MERRILL DON C. MERRILL PAUL W. RUSH LEONARD F. WEBER JOSEPH E. F. LAIDE p Freshmen JULIUS FLEISCHNER OTTO A. REINHARD WILLIAM A. MANN J. CARL RIESS WILLIAM B. MYERS J. K. C. TRUMBO Ono Hundred Forty P , , Al, I, J I Alpha Kappa Kappa FLEISCIIER I7. MERRILL CIIENOYVETII RUSII LAIIKE WEBER KRAFT IIICINIIARD MANN CIIARPIER VVIIIGIIT RUHRIGIIT L. MERRILL I'ARliER LAMHICIITSON EIA'IIlGl'Z YVARMOLTS BOGUL3 MYERS ROGERS PROHST DIR. IIEINTZ MC CORKLE DR. IRISII GRUENIIAGEN IIAYISON Ono Humlred Forty-one R Q THE "'rwEN1'Y' 1LL1o j Phi Beta Pi Founded at Pittsburg Univefnsity 1891 Thirty-Four Chapters Established at Illinois 1902 IOTA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY B. BARKER BEEsoN, B.S., M.D. CARL G. S. RYDON, M.D. FRANKLIN S. WILSON, M.D. GEORGE W. WOODNEOK, M.D. H. H. STRAUOH, B.S. H. J. SMEJKAL, M.D. ALBREOHT, Ph.D. GEORGE P. DREYER, A.B., Ph.D. CHARLES S. BACON, Ph.B., M.D. LEE H. METLER, A.M., M.D. OTTO H. ROHRLOCK, Ph.G., M.D. EDWARD F. LEONARD, M.D. MAURIOE LAMB BLATT, M.D. HONORARY MEMBERS H. J. HRURY, M.D. W. H. BROWNE GUY H. JACOBSON, M.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors l H. S. BROWN S. C. KEHL W. -P. DANA R. A. MUSTELL R. E. DYER H. P. SAUNDERS J. H. FRAZER P. L. SOHROEDER W B. GRANGER W. A. MALCOLM - Juniors G. A. ALLEN H. J. MOCOY H. W. CHAMPLIN W. J. NOONAN G. M. CLINE H. B. NORvE1L L. F. DRAPER OcHs R. H. FREURK A. J. RUPPENTHAL E. P. GRAMER E. J. SCHMIDT G. B. IRv1NE H. J. SCHMIDT M. M. MILLER W. B. STROMBERG S. A.. MURPHY C. L. WHITE Sophomores C. A. BAOON W. J. R. HEINEKAMP W. H. BROWNE, JR. S. G. PLIOE R. C. BURKETT R. H. SCHROEDER N. D. CRAWFORD H. S. TESTIN Ffreshmen W. L. BUHRMAN H. I. MEYER E. G. BURLESON - J. H. RUTLEDGE E. J. KELLY E. L. TINZMAN One Humiwd Fortu two V ' ' """'Y T? 1 1 1 -x fx L W E THE"TwENTY!l1,p1 0 ' Phi Beta Pi f MURPHY TINZMAN IIURLESON PLICE MEYER R. H. SCIIROEDER TESTIN W. II. IHKONVNE, JII. BUIIRMAN CnAyVIr0nD DRAPER CLINE IIZVINE NORVEIL ALLEN MC COY WHITE CIIAMPLIN KRYDER DANA P. L. SCIIROEIYER FRASER II. S. BRONVN GRANGE!! ALISRECIIT FREARK KEIIL Onc Humlrccl Forty-three L'-.-......,.f..-..-u--......M.-u..,,,,.,...,..,r,.1..,,M.....,....,....,.,M,,-.,,.,-.... W... ,...m-M ...- .,v...... , ,,.v..v.,,,. , , , .'.,W..'-Q., W.. ,.,.l..A,,,.,x. .. . vwrfrm.-...-....,.... --1. M 1 - X 4 1-- . -A--W -- -.---m.u,-W---r.. ,,.,.,,, ..,.. .. .. . . ., "H -..-..-..W...m.....-....-.....,-.,..... ...W N. .,,.g.,m,.. .,.......U..m.,.. F... ...,.....m N , A ..,, . K um 1 4 mmm-M, M H Delta Sigma Delta Founded at the University of Michigan 1832 i Twenty-Five Chapters Established at Illinols 1891 RHOCHAPTER BELLOWS RYAN COE METCALF KRABISE WORSLEY CLARK MC KEAGUE DAIILKE IIESIIOAR SCIIULTZ FOILSLUND LACE DUNN BROOKS BLACK CARTER JONES ORT IIALIKMAER OONDREN SPILLANE DYER URONVN PREIIN DOYLE MIDIILETON WRIGIIT IIIIIIER CHASE Mc GUGIN MIDDLETON IIUGIIES ORIEE IIERMES MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY F. B. MOOREITEAD, M.S., D.D.S., M.D. F. B. NOYES, B.S., D.D.S F. J. BERNARD, D.D.S. B. O. SIPPY, A.B., D.D.S. W. KUBACKI, D.D.S. BRADFORD THOMAS BROWN LEWIS ANSON DYER DELOS CARL PREHN ROBERT WINLOCK DUNN RUDOLPH UHLMAN GRIEF CHARLES SHELBY CLARK LEON ALTON WRIGHT NEWTON JOHN KRABBE ELMER ALBERT HERMES RUSSEL FOREST BLACK Ffreshmen FFP? WSSW Sw? 3357: UJUQHFJ Ov-sg-. FFE F? QP U UDEM MWE' .,w QSFFW H555 pg U2 suis :Icing -3. Ea' E'gp opp pb'w FMF' W'5 mffegggio 9 :BEEEEQSSQFE Q ?wr3'Ew53 ' Uv-lg? F.-Jlbgq 3 Hmmmguigw O xc: F' px: L4 C3 OH 4 EZEEWSEPC C 4:-'fm Ommzf. 5 Ssuzgimzuoqg ra U 3E3omm ' imgr-2 21355 p mg. pg Q-1.-4- U U, o u Ur: ,QSO U' UU E in EN 5 pg . :fm F1 EU FJ FI 7' Q5 3 5-I P' Z td o L1 E 'Zi m In UIQ r-1 SFR. Roz EES :H zspg- Si M2 c E owr gwwnw E m A efmiwmoo f- N mgmrzgammz L1 zr rwzizb :J 2 3500111 r- cn - 5505 ZH FO I-1 OESZUMO' A 2 '5:.1QQlf.lF'gF'Z P4 "' mnfmrmobg 5 Smzomoxgm m om 5502 3 F czgmsuom O I ,mo -Ig-u G? p giifmgi S P 3352? E W SFF E ES E m . L. WEIR, D.D.S. EMMONS SYLVESTER COE RAYMOND EBY WORSLEY EDWARD JAMES RYAN WILLIAM B. MIDDLETON WALTER GILBERT DAHLKE WALTER RALPH SOCKSTAD DANIEL BESHOAR JOHN ROBERT JONES LUTHER WALTER HUGHES HERBERT W. WILLIS One Hundred Forty four Psi Omega Founded at the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery 1892 Thirty-Six Chapters Established at I1l1no1s 1916 BETA ALPHA CHAPTER LOOMIS JONES BUSH CAMPBELL OFFENLOCK NIELSON MARCHAND DIPPEL HUSEBY SCI-IALEK WEBB MARSILY FORWALTER PRETLOW GREENWOOD ROCKEY ROBBINS MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors E- F- BUSH R. J. MARCHAND G. A. CAMPBELL G, R, MARSILY F. C. DIPPEL R T. PERTLOW M. FORWAI-TER C. J. ROBBINS R. J. HUSEBY D. SANNES C. C. Looms K. P. SHALEK 0. M. SKATEN E W. WEBB Sophomores ' R. GREENWOOD A NIELSON C. M. JONES H. H. OFEENLOCK C. G. ROCKEY Freshmen W. BECK One H undrcd Forty-five 17 A if THE"TWENTY'lLLIO Xi Psi Phi Fozmclecl at the U'ni'uersityf of Michigan 1889 Twenty-Seven Chapters - Established at Illinois 1917 SIGMA CHAPTER I CLASSEN 0'CONNOR STIERNIWIRG COOK DANN SPA!-'FORD PUEVO MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E. D. CooL1DGE, D.D.S. J. R. BLAYNEY F. A. DANN E. A. SPAFFORD PR. C. STURNBERG L. F. A. HEIN MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors H. W. Coox Soplzomores EDWIN CLASSEN Freshmen E. KRAUSER J. E. PLEVO L. F. A. Hmm F. O'CONNOR One Hundred Forty-six I, f "":" , Q 1' AE.: I 'I' f I J Phi Chi Founded at Kentucky University 188.9 Thirty-Eight Chapters Established at Illinois 1918 UPSILON IOTA CHAPTER JONES METCALF WVARREN WAY PETRASS .Rllilil-I DIRYDEN MC GUINNESS DILLHR MC CRADIE LOVING WOODS 'WVALKER GEUTIIER JONGEWAARII MC CRARY IKEILIN MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY JOSHUA JOHN MOORE, M.D., M.S., Ph.D. WALTER BRADFORD METCALE, M.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors DAVID S. BEILIN CHARLES ROBERT MCCRORY JOHN WILLIAM HILBERT HUGH STANLEY MCGUINESS Juniors ANDREW PETRASS ROBERT ALLAN WALKER RALPH A. WOODS ALBERT ERIC OLSON ' HAROLD DILLER ROBERT DRINNAN MCCRADIE GEORGE STANLEY METCALE Sophomores A FRANKLIN RANSOM FITCH CHARLES THOMAS WAY WILLIAM PETER GEUTHER HOMER SHELDON WARREN Fireslimen CLARENCE ORVILLE HUGHES ALBERT LEROY POTTS Om: Hundred Forty-seven ,i Z ? li 4 l I l s I ll a ii V Il E l r l li 2 E x l l' l i i I I E I I S I K A iTilIE"TWENTY"ILLI'0 f A bf-SXFESISEKXHA fine buildings are buf Ihe exterior of A Vniversity which Would be fI'Ubf greed. W Q THE. X'T'WENTY" 1LL1o junior Class Officers C. E. LOVEJOY President DOQIOTHY SHADE Vwe Pfreszdent MYNETTA ENGELLAND Secretary C. H. KRAMER Treasurer Ona Hundred Forty-'nine iw fmn Hzmrlrmi Fifty One Jlundrcfl Fifty-one Om: Hundred Fifty-two One H undrcd Fifty-three +, TH E " TWENTY' ILLIO C.- + i i C. A. BAIRD F. W. MEYER, JR. G. W. KOCH K. L. WILSON R. BURNS W. P. ARMSTRONG R. J. SONTAG H. B. HESEMAN R. S. NELSON C. C. HERRMAN P. C. TAYLOR W. R. MOORE H. H. COOK C. KLECKNER N. W. HYDE L. B'. MCINTYRE CHARLES HENSEN R. DRYSDALE A. C. BEOKEN, JR. S. D. OWEN L. M. Foss B'. A. INGWERSEN R. POEHLMAN J. B. EDWARDS W. S. ARRASMITH R. V. WATSON Junior Committees JUNIOR MIXER C. C. TAYLOR, Chairman W. BREGMAN DOROTHY GIBSON LEAH ELDRIDGE VIRGINIA BOELLNER LETA STRAIGHT f LEILA SI-IEPPARD GLADYS FRASIER JUNIOR SMOKER R. T. ANDERSON, Chairman N. V. ALLISON JUNIOR CAP C. MI MACCAY C. HALE A F. D. WROBKE C. V. ARNOLD H. K. REESE J. S. MOHR R. LILLEY, Chairman E. M. CRANDALL R. P. GARDINER R. W. LAMBERT OWEN BLOODGOOD E. L. CLOVER JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE H. F. DOTY, Chairman L. C. HERWIG C. B. KEEHNER W. R. BENNETT J. A. INGWERSEN E. STRAWBRIDGE R. H. MORRISON CHARLOTTE WELCH MARIE GEISS MARY RUSSELL One Hundred Fifty-four 'I - a . THE "TWENTY" ILLIO Sophomore Class Offxcers One PAUL A. KAISER President HARRIET FERA Vzce President CARYL STRAUSS Secretary NUGENT A. RAGLAND Treasurer Sophomore Committees ' SOPHOMORE CAP KENNEY WILLIAMSON, Chairman REX E. SAI-'FER WALTER BLOUNT RODNEY S. MASON MORTON J. MILLS DENZIL HOLLINGSWORTH ARTHUR W. SCHMOELLER PHILIP S. LORD J ULIAN NARDI SIDNEY WADE HAROLD R. PINCKARD ETHEL BRONSON HARRY M. VAN DOREN RICHARD THOMPSON IvAN GOBLE CLARENCE E. KOHLER WILDA FOSTER SOPHOMORE MIXER ROBERT FLETCHER, Chairman RALPH FLETCHER MARY COPLEY WALTER'C. KOHN WILLIAM W. BOLT KENNETH W. CLARK LLOYD W. LEHMAN MARY COOPER H. M. HODGSON SOPHOMORE SMOKER JOHN H. ZIMMERMAN, Chairman THEODORE H. MERRIAM RICHARD E. BELL WILLIAM BARBER J. GRAY LUMMIS G. HUDSON MUGCE EARL G. MASON WILLIAM MALKMUS Hundred Fifty-five LAWRENCE H. SWARD JAMES B. MASON JOSEPH CARLSON LLOYD SPRINGER A. TENINGA S. A. WESTERFIELD WHERRETT W. HEGAN A i D'rHE1"rwENTY"1'LL1o'DE -A-ff Freshman Class CHGICCYS NORMAN GUTFREUND THOMAS MCKEOWN DOUGLASS DOOLITTLE EDWARD NELSON, JR. ANDREW K. SMITH LUCY GINNAVEN DONALD TRIPP OSCAR BLUTHARDT MYRON SNELL CHARLES THOMAS I. D. GOLDMAN President JOSEPHINE BTZJRNHAM Vice Preszdent GLADYS FRAZER Secretary W. F. CRANGLE Treazsufrer Freshman Committees FRE SHMAN FROLIC COMMITTEE HARLEY AITKEN, Chairman HANK REITCH FRED ORLIP DON ALLEN RANE BAI-IAN J ACK TAFI' GLADYS FRAZIER FRESHMAN SMOKER DONALD ERB, Chairman GEORGE HUsT GORDON REED HERBERT BERNSTEIN WESLEY DOLLAHAN HOWARD SHAW ALDEN ROACH RUTH BRADEN THELMA TULL KATHRYN KEMPT RHODA PHILLIPS KIMBALL NEAL JOHN FREDRICKSON EDWARD KENN MARSHALL EDWARDS One Hundred Fzftu sm: Q 4 ' ' 1 I I W +. I Q LTHE "l'I'WENTY" 11.1.10 j The Illinois Union RALPH W. CORNELISEN HORACE B. GARMAN President Vice President M. R. RANSFORD LLOYD MOREY Secretary Treasurer BOARD OF DIRECTORS RALPH W. CORNELISON LLOYD MOREY HORACE B. GARMAN C. E. BARNES M. R. RANSFORD W. BENNETT ALUMNI DR. FRANK SCOTT, Secretary Alumni Association GEORGE CARR PHIL ARMOUR FACULTY PROF. J. M. WHITE A. R. WARNOCK W. H. BROWN, Secretary College of Medicine THE C ABINET Senior Chairmen T. H. BROCK K, E, SPARKS H. W. CROSS A. H. WATTS Junior Members A. C. BECKEN P. C. TAYLOR G. BILDERBACK R. S. NELSON H. R. BOWDITOI-I A. Fox W. I. BREGMAN -J. LOwITz T. KENNEDY C. C. HERRMANN - STUDENT COUNCIL H. B. JOHNSTON G. V. KNIGHT WALTER B. REMLEY P. A. KAISER HAROLD SCHLOSS R. W. LANDSTROM C. E. LOVEJOY A. L. BARTON CHARLES CARROLL J. H. POWELL HAL J. ORR R. E. FULTON H. H. HOLTZMAN I A One Hundred Fifty-seven l 12. Illinois Union STUDENT COUNCIL W l i A 1 i i I M 4 2, ,. ii is ,1 I, ,, is V E1 , Ii fi I if H 2? 3: fi 13 gi QE Q5 f! 'E H yi I 7 52 ii M '4 S? il 'rl -i if V . If , 3 ' One Hundred Fifty-eight Illinois Union One Hundred Fifty-nine TT iilii'-t"1'::1'?ii':"fx'M"TT3igM " ii NTT' 1 LLI 0 h? F we 3+ Alumni Association Established June 5, 1873 To foster a spirit of loyalty and fraternity among the graduates and former students of the University of Illinois and to effect united action in promoting the welfare of the University. EDWARD C. CRAIG '93 FRANK W. Scorfr '01 P'I'6S7:d67'Li Secretary MRVCOOH, 111- Urbana, Ill. EDWARD C. CRAIG FRANK W. Sco'r'r EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE KATHRYN KEMP THOMAS ARKLE CLARK '90 Mattoon, Ill. Urbana J. N. CHESTER '91 DR. S. C. STANTON '79 Pittsburgh Chicago R. R. CONKLIN '80 F. J. PLYM '97 New' York Niles, Mich. CLARENCE J. ROSEBERY '05 Peoria, Ill. The moment a student leaves the University he comes into the sphere of the Alumni Association. He looks to it for help in finding other graduates, for help in organizing Illini clubs, for any information whatever about the vast Illinois family scattered all over the world. The Alumni Association arranges the reunions and other alumni affairs at Commencement, compiles and publishes the Alumni Quarterly and Fortnightly Notes, fincluding the war directoriesl , the Alumni Record, and indexes of thousands of Illini who did not graduate and a separate file of the 5,000 in the war. The offices of the Association are on the third floor of the Administration Building, where all visiting Illini will always find a hearty welcome. OFFICES-356-359 Administration Building, Urbana, Ill. ' one Hundred sixty ' The Alumni Quarterly and Fortmghtly Notes The Alumni Quarterly Fortnightly Notes Founded 1907 Founded 1913 Combined in 1915 as the Alumni Quarterly and fortnightly Notes Only- and sufficient-organ of the organized alumni of the University Published at the first and fifteenth of each month, except August and September, by the University of Illinois Alumni Association. 4 STAFF Editor CARL STEPHENS '12 One Hundred Sixty-one Managing Editor and Manager FRANK WJ SCOTT '01 Advisory Conwnittee THOMAS ARKLE CLARK '90 Editorial and Business Offices 356-359 Administration Building Urbana, Ill. 7 THE. 'TWENTY' ILLIO -- L OFFICERS HAL J. ORE HENRY E. WILSON President General Secretafry ' ASSISTANT SECRETARIES C. D. HAYES M. I. COLDWELL H. W. COLVIN HENDERSON CABINET C. A. MCNAUGHTON R. A. THOMPSON JOHN H. POWELL R. S. EMERY L. L. HUNTINGTON B. HOWARD SMITH L. G. MCINTIRE J. D. GIBSON 1 Q' , One Hwindrcd Sixty-tzvo l - Y. Q THE: "'r'w1-:N1'Y'11.L1o f Y. M. C. A. drcd Sixty-three H Q W ,,r...... .. ..,...,.n...-.. ....,,. , ,-,.,.....,,- ...........,.....-......n,.., r""' jii','l.'1Z'fl'.'f'L'f.'l'1T.'YZfL'lL'ZI'.1'L1f.iL1J.T,L1gv "1 l " 'I' T Y ' 1 L O I ' E f ' H W- yi University of Illinois Military Bands ALBERT AUSTIN HARDING, Director STUDENT OFFICERS B. E. DAVIDSON President C. H. CRIM Secretary A. H. GOTTSCHALK Business Manager C. H. RADEKE Financial Secretary H. F. COPE Drum Major One Hundred Sixty-four , L, ,-....i.i.. :T , A is A AA.- s A ll ,,,., 5, .M-L M...-.W .....,..,,g-L--M , --A' -M - ----'-A'- ' 12- ' - - V- - F si TIe1E"IMENTI"'.1LL19 R W ., I 94 li University of Illinois Military Bands FIRST REGIMENT QCONCERTJ BAND Solo Clarinets F. M. LESCHER MILTON DREYFUS T. D. OWENS First Clarinets B. E. DAVIDSON A. A. BRENSKY C. H. CRIM Secornd Clarinets C. A. WEBBER C. Z. ROSECRANS J. J. MCDONALD J. J. CLEGG Third Clarinets R. F. DVORAK A. T. KENYON E. W. SCHILLING L. G. STROUSE E-flat Clarinet J. R. SHULTERS Alto Clarinet H. F. COPE Bass Clarinet M. D. DURHAM C. H. KELLY Oboe A. H. GOTTSCHAL Bassoon R. I. SHAWL. Cello J. H. STEIDL Solo Clarinets. E. L. GORLE - H. J. MEIER First Clarinets W. B. HUFF G. L. HOOVER Second Clarinets S. B. KITCH P. H. ESLSINGER A. A. ARNOLD L. H. HOLT Third Clarinets C. R. LATOWSKY F. O. GOODWILL I W. A. STUMPF Piccolo and Flute W. M. RAKOW Saxophones C. G. CARLSON E. L. COOLIDGE I. T. AMBERG H. H. MORRIS One Hnnrlrcrl Simly-,tive K SECOND REGIMENT Flutes and Piccolos J. T. SCHOTT G. B. HOPKINS Soprano Saxophone O. L. MOORE Alto Sawophones W. A. DIESSEL W. D. WOOD Tenor Saxophones C. H. RADEKE C. S. ICENOGLE Baritone Saxophone H. A. ROBINSON E-flat Basses F. A. WILTZ L. L. STEIMLEY BB-flat Basses C. E. PALMER D. G. EVANS E. A. MUHS String Bass B'. R. STEVENSON Snare Drums C. L. ELLIS H. M. VAN DOREN Bass Drum, Bells, and Xylophone O. A. SCHOEFFLER Tynzpani S. S. OMANSKY Solo Cornets I. B. GREENE D. M. ERB Solo Cornets W. G. SPICER A. W. CRAVER E. P. MESSINGER H. U. JOHNSON First Cornets J. H. STEIDL H. S. GREEN L. K. BONER Second Cornets C. E. RANDOLPH H. J. BARRETT Third Cornet R. S. FISHER French Honns E. S. MEDER H. T. SOWERS Altos H. W. HILL Z. F. HATHORNE BAND E. E. NEWCOMB A. F. RACKERBY T. E. HEMI: M. H. HUNT First Cornets F. A. WAND R. E. KENT Trumpets E. S. CLARK R. W. LAMBERT French Horns W. H. HYSLOP G. B. MCMILLEN W. C. GRIFFITH B. A.'ED1E W. B. SUTHERLAND W. R. EDIE Troonbones H. L. PROCTOR A. R. WILSON J. R. FREY M. M. BLAIR L. D. LLOYD Baritones S. R. NEGLEY F. W. SMITH 'W. J. DART Marirnbaphone H. M. HEBERER Propertyman ' W. M. MURRAY Trombones M. E. BRAME S. N. NALBAOH A. H. OWEN L. R. BEAUMAN A. W. SLOAN E. C. HARDING Baritones A. R. EASTMAN G. W. MOORE W. A. MORGAN Basses . R. G. THOMPSON D. D. DOOLITTLE R. G. DOUGLAS L. M. BARTER Drums E. B. HENNING W. L. BROOM C. B. MAURER E. E. WAGNER Drum Major A. C. FOERSTER One Hundred Sixty-six Second Annual Freshman Frolic PAUL RICHARDSON, Chairmcm COMMITTEE R. S. DIASON Rom-:n'rA Dolsr R. M. S'l'ICKll Hnzlcl. CURTIS I-I. M. IJuN1,.x1 .IimN1'rA I,Ics'1'1:n W. C. EVANS M.xnnAmcr DAVICNIORI G. I-I. Iim.l'.vrnlc,l DOROTHY LUMLEY E. H. Bomxn HMI-rl. I-Incxmmx -7- R- JOHNS MARIE NAMNL. C- E- GH-MAN Mnnr Coon-lan C- C- MICYIGR Annie Amsnnnx N. J. Clmmxl 1,015 WINE M. W. Klum-n lvmycgs WINE On April 26, 1918, the Class of 1921 presented itself in a body at the doors of the Woman's Building for the "Freshman Frolic". Over seven hundred of the class were present, with only one idea in mind-to enjoy themselves. That they enjoyed themselves is evidence by the fact that the xylophone solo and the humorous sketch planned for the wallflowers were wholly unnecessary. The chaperons of the Frolic were Dean and Mrs. T. A. Clark, Dean Fanny Cook Gates, Dean K. C. Babcock, Mr. and Mrs. I-I. F. Harrington, Mr. and Mrs. R. C, Zuppke, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jones, and Miss Hazel Harwood. One llimrlrcd Sixty-scvcn Ono H undrcd Sixty-eight Ona Hundred Sixty-nine One I-Izmdrcd Seventy W One Hundred Seventy-one l,..,..-.., . .-. ..., ...,.. , Y . ,, . .,,. ..., N... .,.,,, .......-....-..,..., W, ., . - , H W - V 4,....W.,,.nm,...,..,,,.....,.,.K.. W ..... :rf fzf 1 Q mf ,Q mm 'f 1LL.m'J f,,...4,.-,N.-,..m,.,N..,-..,....-. :,,,,,.,'j'- :ww Y wif' ff. -A J .. l -3 Lift , ,,--x..--,.. ... ' ' ' - , X . ," 1 I 'X R f """""'N'. - - --5 , , 1 5: . ...., , ' -'-2 ' , , A ,T :.. ' . 1.-' 'rj ,' ' " .' -16-4--1 -f Nw1"f."-sk.1'f"a?.." "'1'l'llx""F',f'.' .2 .-.1--"',"". N 1 Q., 3.-I in - -- -ph, .,w,,.....-.,' 5 Di , f -V+' 2Q1"t',':y: 'tif?h"f'!'Q,1-,- -'A .LJ 'f.Il,1..g.'-+,',,, - v -5. - " . , . , . 1 r 51555 ff5l'I'L0fT GRLST ' R HQMECOMWG f l HQ-we-fhinkofjeeingi ,,,, C Hr war Iihm back ba 'R 'w rioy -- marching lou? Sf, Q flag'-from 'UIIDOQ' li 4 5' 5.155 --if Cf' The ChiCQaO' iff ms: we ' Know- ealjlj- A.e Qs ,, ,1 1"UmPf- F-31' 9. ' 'fhfi i - , xgfgffx11V1f f'f'ff-'1 F12 . 'i,.'i':'1.' if "6g'1.':.' . U 4 s ' .A 1 N 'L I ' . 4. uf- Qtf v' If, 4 'fa' ' . JQUL.. . 1- 2 I 1 o H was: 1 U X3 ! E L U Q3 B Q W 5 r E L L 'x I 16 i --gi"f V Hblgiign S I X A NQQX X111 .. is XX .2135 NW -gfwf ..:v:::q fy y, Y' '-'-"""""" W ..., gx XX. an Al ' XR ' --:111.L1.111111 X. ..,. Q-,2- X +21 nm ,WW nf WEE --vogosvlqbx X l ff 'Ami . '72 mil Dv 1 5-4, xfgfffxl fvwv 5 ,, 'fx w"W7'4 'Q W? .F -4-' iijjf-:,...',.l .., A .d51 g f1ffffLf1zfN1- 1. Hi . E fl, :' if I :gx i' - 24- E9 lf! X m5'f.:.1':'-f'?.:"fl .fflgif 7. 31, QQ- Hi, , nw fi rn' . ' ' M ,XXCV 5'1" ' -f' 4' ri . 1,2 bf-L11fiiZii2fiS522a,r Y- Ilia' x' ! " .zffi '-'-z ' X , 1 jg:g::,,,:g,5:::35:'.N:7 --.. 1 .:gyg:1::3::31:gI'-1f55f:'.',-1g1i5kS..,.:::::::.:: ...........,....- 1 mi X 'rn 12211 QEX:T1f'f-:.:fq1I:x ' 4, , V bf "W11 ffizff ,, H "Y- A ' f" 1 ,. --" "vm, ff ' J-BUSJELQ The Illini Board of Trustees FACULTY MEMBERS FRANKLIN W. SCOTT, Ph.D., Chairman THOMAS ARKLE CLARK, B.L. GEORGE A. GOODENOUGH, M.E. STUDENT MEMBERS F. B. MALLORY G. V. KNIGHT J. H. PowELL M. T. HUNT W Om: Hun drcd Svvcnty-three .-........-...,v..................................,.........,e I.. . .. fe, TI-I E1 "TWENTY'f ILLI0 gg I The Daily Illini H. B. JOHNSTON, Editor-in-Chief R. H. HOSKINS, Business Manager First Quarter V. L. KRANNERT, Business Manager Second Quarter EDITORIAL STAFF Managing Editor C. B. DAVIS NEWS EDITORS STEWART D. OWEN Woman's Editor ROBERT A. DRYSDALE SUSAN K. SIIAI-'EER RICHARD G. Mixssocx Telegraph Editor CHESTER W. CLEVELAND HELEN I. BUCKLER I-IORACE M. HODGSON Exchange Editor HAL J. ORR HARRIET McCoRIvIIcIc Athletic Editor WALTER B. REMLEY REPORTERS E. M. CRANDELL C. C. '1'APscoTT S. D. DARLEY R. S. MASON R. L. KALVER F. H. 0'DONNELL H. R. PINCKARD WILHELMINE SHAFFER AsTR1n DODGE DoRoTIIY DUNN BEATRIEE SNow OPAL CANNON Lois WINE H. M. VANDOREN BLANCIIE SHIRLEY WM. H. SAIIUD W. D. BoUTwELL K. T. KNoRELocH D. F. LAFUZE H. T. MCMURRAY THELMA STRAEEL FRANCES BEST BEULAH CLUTE ROBERTA 'DOISY RUTH PUMPELLY CECILE KIRWAN DOROTHY SMITH Ross OLTUEKY BUSINESS STAFF Assistant Business Manager J. HAWLEY WILSON Circulation Manager Bookkeeper ALFRED G. GROSCHE MARTIN A. BEIIRENS ASSISTANTS DOROTHY ANN DONOHOE JOHN TREDWELLI JR- CHARLES N. HENsoN IRENE L- BATTAU-E ARTHUR E. FARRELI. ETTA LARRY MAX HILL JESSIE M. BEAVER R- WILDA FOSTER HOWARD C. SHAW LLOYD W. LEHMAN JOHN R- GREEN MAX F, GOLDBERG ROSSITER S. LLEWELLYN One Hundred Seventy-four CT' W ' ,W ---,,e,-.- The Daily Illini 1 W wtf, 0 e H d d Seventy-,five The Daily Illini X cHddSt The Daily Illini 'if HQ"TVJENTY"1LLIO MARIE CRONIN Managing Editor W. B'. REMLEY Athletics Editor DOROTHY GIBSON Woman's Editor RUTH DUNTLEY HARRIET FERA MERWIN LYTLE GEORGE MILNER HENRY EVANS DONALD V. JORDAN MILTON MARX HURLBERT CHEEVER MACON ABBITT The Twenty Illio HAROLD J. ORR, Editor-in-Chief HAROLD I. MEYERS Chicago Editor HAROLD SCHLOSS Assistant Athctics Editor LOIS SEYSTER Roast Editor ARTHUR L. GENUNG Assistant Art Editor STAFF THELMA STRABEL ALLENE LYLE FRANCES SCONCE SOPHOMORE ASSISTANTS JULIAN NARDI REX SAFFER FRESHMAN ASSISTANTS DONALD TAZE R. S. BOHUN DON ALLEN ART STAFF ELMER MARX LORENE BREDEWEG WILLIAM PFUDERER GEORGE W. KOCH War Section Editor B. HOWARD SMITH War Section Editor ESTHER E. BARNES Art Editor DOROTHY KEIFER GERTRUDE PARKER SIDNEY WADE J. H. ZIMMERMAN JOSEPH C. WALKER C. M. KRETCHMER MARGARET SEARS PAULINE KNIPP E. GELB Ono Hundred Scvcnty-eight The Twenty Illio O HddSct11ne r9:f1,.,v:,,,n,, W -,W-, Ji ,V A , nw. I I V 11 xr -Y ix Si Fi L I I. li I. U 5 x i 1 w N I v 1 1 1 f irEiw17"if'Ifl?"afN?':Y'Tii'xIi'i'Jfff'i,, The Twenty Illio HAROLD V. SNYDER, Business Manager L. B. PAGIN, Assistant Business Manager STAFF Sophomore Assistants C. D. MCGREGOR ' C. B. JOHNSON F. M. PooLE WILLIAM MALKMUS ELMER MARX .Freshman Assistant F. G. ALBERSHARDT One Hundred Eighty L,-wa Y. The Illinois Agriculturalist DR. W. L. B'URLISON PROF. W. C. COFFEY E. M. CRANDELL A. J. TENINGA R. E. STURGEON L. J. BERRY R. W. LANDSTROM, Editor-in-Chief T. H. BROCK, Business Manager BOARD OF MANAGERS R. W. LANDSTROM T. H. Baocx JUNIOR ASSISTANTS R. D. BELL SOPHOMORE ASSISTANTS I G. F. UEBERRHEIN W. VAN PELT One H'u.'ndred Eighty-one 1?U1bL1CA'1'1o5 M I-?1rgubliqa1Ton 'Q?5?ue 5035 lizfzulefueu ngoahp com jg age of men W 613 w, o 'cou1tL'wi'fFz 1h??,y1rd1Ton ffof1'fTewri117En 0 cl. N , . f g,f2'fi,W1IUI:. WW L vi - K IWW W1 Q' 3 ' fx ,.. ,, U' Q I . ,-x f X. I NY A X Q '55 'e T? . i6i , x 53- W Nw L We? X .' - V 19.4 -- ' 35.4 . I Q5 'K I 'E its I If ...-"HHN u nn,,,,,, F u rf! ' r s X i kiww 'lx M X lim' Ml X V nh 1 3j1N 1 , 1. x' .f ff M NU 'N- ,M gr, 4: j -5 , ,. ,'- +T I nw, X M13 Qi W l ,, TV, . fylws I V gn 1,1 1 S 'L' , 1 -N - . .JW ' U E 7194 K' """"' ,iff J! , . , !', ' I' w'! wwf I ' N Q5 wa' 1 J? QM .. W5 f Q Q 'ran' Wx, M 1 51,16 ' F -ff -A X I V1 'Y N M14 . X ' l ..fw Iwxlk 5 0 -,XX-1 Z5 14,9 A Ydo nj-1 U-,H ,W A X X -L E I 4 X b i...-"" ' H WM 1 " 'L ITFIEE-III iv 0 0 1 9 R I ' i HQ .,..f umm!! Q ' ' .1 Q12 G "I 'llmxxxxxyyggjnlsi , A Q 4 I Q oOol in IK, "QM--9 imgggxgg 6 . 1 -Nm-11 f K P ago ' ' J f S ig if mffrfffflffi ,f YM, 5 Sw Q Ex vff d- AQIOLSI QN ,QA ,Lf - 1 , -- -V ' Ak Q 'I ' wk TE , 5 11n.r.q.u.JSa..1:a.nLl .....v..m,..,.., ,...., N... ..,., . , .. . ,., ..,,.. ss.. ,W ...,, . ., . -.. ,. M. - .-.V it , -f W ...W Y-N. M... -i.iLs,-.....,....W..w..-1 'f'-'1 if WH- 1- 1- 'V' W i' ' Q txq"1"'4 ' " V I i :VW -. 1- fm--. - vw- e-- I ,......W..f.':'.........:...,......,....-........w......fXwV I ,L Q QL E igj fu QW ji Q I Ll M 'l !?...Ai 1f'-- .......,.,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ...--..,.. ---L -,....-:s , The Pageants In the life of a university as of every large or important community certain great human ideas rise from time to time to dominate the current interest of all. So too in the work of every special college or department therel rise certain human aspects of that work which demand emphasis in the attention of the University as a whole. Human ideas demand human expression, and these human ideas, these human emphases can be expressed best,-or perhaps can be expressed only by the distinctly human language of the Arts.- For this purpose the Arts must be systematically coordinated as it were into one Art, so that all saying the same thing at the same time they may thereby unite in conveying the desired emphasis or message to the appreciation of the community and enable it more fully to realize its quickening and educating effect in the common life. ' A The work of the University Pageant Master is unique to Illinois. In making place for such a member on the Faculty the University of Illinois took its place ahead of other universities. During the past year there has been produced a body of creative work specially appropriate to the time. There were eight productions, all on the subject of the war, all in one way or another war propaganda. There were three Masques: The Sword of Americag A Christman Mystery of the Warg and The Masque of the Titans of Freedom. And there were five Convocations: for Illinois Dayg Lincoln Dayg Fourth of Julyg The British Educational Mission 5 and The Mission of French Scholars to the United States. . C L W. . . One Humlrcrl Eiglity-tlzrcc One Hundred Eighty-four Ona Hzmrirvd Eiglzty-Jive Mask and Bauble of the Associated University Players University of Illinois l f gs'-T X6 2515? 59? Mask and Bauble, like all other campus activities, has suffered severely the eifects of the war. Many of last year's active members entered the service and others did not return to the campus at the opening of school. The few who did take up 'the work of the organization were decided to carry on some dramatics, in spite of the war and the changed conditions at the University-even if only an occasional dramatic hour could be presented to the students and faculty, the need of the drama at that time was obvious. However, this disheartened feeling was soon dispelled with the coming of peace, because this meant the return of all campus activities. It was inevitable. The members realized that if this critical time in the organization's history could be tided over until more favorable days, all would be right next quarter. Alumni members were called in and with their assistance two playlets were rehearsed and presented as the first of a series of plays. These dramatic hours were resorted to, entirely, to carry on the work of the organization. "The Dear Departed" and "The Angel Intrudes" were the first plays given by Mask and Bauble since the last big spring play, "Seven Chances", March 22 and 23, 1918. The society intends to pursue the course of presenting lighter dramas until the unsettled conditions are completely eradicated. Next year will see the return of campus dramatics to its proper place on the activity list. One Hundred Eighty-six Mask and Bauble of the Associated University Players Fozmded at the University of Illinois 1914 Seven Chapters Established at 111111015 1914 MASK AND BAUBLE' CHAPTER Ono RAINES MC MURRAY DANIELS IOHST CRAY!-IR HARRY MEYER SI XRS XX INF WIICIIAELS NC CORMICK RAFFI R IIUI I MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY C. H. WOOLBERT MIRIAM KNOWLTON NELLIE R. ROBERTS BERNICE MCNAIR THOMAS ARKLE CLARK F. K. W. DRURY F. H. KAY H. N. HILLEBRAND STUART P. SHERMAN MERLE TURNER PHIL G. KING REX E. SAFFER H. T. MCMURRAY NELLE L. BARRY HELEN JOBST Ilundrcd Eighty-seven HONORARY MEMBERS MRS. T. A. CLARK DAISY BLAISDELL MRS. F. H. KAY MRS. C. A. GILLE GERALD D. STOPP HARRIET MCCORMICK FRED W. MEYER, JR STEWART DANIELS FRANCES WINE MERLE V. RAINES MARGARET SEARS EDWIN T. SAVAGE A. . , . .. ...W . ,f " ities., 1 1 n 1 1 I l l The Pierrots University of Iliinois I I Like other similar campus organizations, The Pierrots have been curtailed to a great extent during the regime of the past year by loss of members and chieiiy because of the diverted interests of the student body to important war work and war activities. Even with these hindrances, The Pierrots were able to originate and give a very successful vaudeville show last spring. This idea, it is hoped, may be established as an annual affair under the sponsorship of the club. After the abandonment of the Students' Army Training Corps The Pierrots reorganized and immediately laid plans to re-establish the Student Opera and Vaude- ville in the University. It is their plan to produce a vaudeville this spring and next year to also revive the opera. It is the purpose of The Pierrots to establish more Hrmly than ever the lighter dramatics in the University of Illinois. 3: ' One Hundred Eighty-eight xii Li Ll ii-:H-we--ff---eis--ge-ef'-ef5f1r1,,im.g.sg1,r.gei.zg55:Z:.ii::25le,,T2?'limfifiifii 'i i '-'W - 5'37?i7'? 'T The Pierrots Foimdecl at the University of Illinois 1916 J. A. INGWERSEN C. C. TAYLOR W. M. MICHAEL LAVERNE RAPP K. W. CLARK O. A. SCHOEFFLER One Hundred Eighty-izifne Sopliomores R. E. SAFFER DAVIDSON DAVIS N ICIIAICLS KEN NEDY RAPI TU'I'XVIl.ER TAYLOR CAIJIWELL CLARK KINL I RFSC01 1' SAFFER MEYER 'WATTS INGWEIESEN KOIILER SCIIOI l"l ll R MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Officers J. A. INGWERSEN, President O. A. SCHOEFFLER, Secretao 11 and To easuo er W. M. MICHAEL, Vice President C. C. TAYLOR, Business Manager Senior AMOS WATTS Juniors T. E. KENNEDY F. W. MEYER B. E. DAVIDSON R. E. TUTWILER W. CALDWELL Z CFP' 5:15 glam ,co F150 2' 3 I -- 1 I noixn NT Qenlir gifflllinop? Culiirfeeaj ogly ' faxgt I imiff NSZE VL l76cNL1Sf5ZXHd Hiej A j oud be We H w , mm of We aff " ' Mmm V f : , 1 .,4J 3 rh1,ZLIv.Hk,, , 1 ,,., I ,f. Xiu, IJHVL fl X' Mink" Vffyf ,, 'fin' 'fx-'I'f ' ,.- w fYf"'NuZy 'fs ,. ' fl f lv fflbff' ' ff'-11: ' ,,Q"'jy fiMq,yW , 'ly 5, fuk lffgflfff Y! ' "IW 'Q x .I ' fi'-r--f if lo, W1-f-1 fr ff ., . it , JH," 1, Q! it I ,wx I jf., it 49 lux X .15 I-EWU ,MHP .'.1 11' WMI- J'f,1'v5" 11 X 'iw H -b ,QW L gf 1 , " ff 1 .i - EV L, 2 N A Ifxzv f 3 1 LEAN' ,,Q',M'P,Kf 5 F ' .9499 :Nl f , A 'ENT :ff df- fx 'A :1 ' 'W' -fl b A - 4'-I I '1 Y ' Lv,-f , 1 -. V' , 'tx VA Tr , ggi! - fb Q1 s--lgfi Q. W ' -sy - :' H 'H 4 ' I ' A A 'J 7 viii? K if 'o. X rr ll,:l ,M b nf : , x - ef., S, , in' , .fag My . ' , ,, , M.: , f ',f:,:b5,' Nj 'T V ,H ,gp ,f ,Z10!,:.7 my X ,,5,g",' I. - J Mp , A I 4 ,I " f ,hA2f4? ,nwu VEH .iff ,ff 'UUE if. uvML'o'9M'H' 'N!'V f,'wf'L,-1 f w ff ' MW ' ,U 'I I fj:f1g"1"w "wf, v5?g.EMQgw1fgz1 'f ,, 'ig,'!i5i "5f1l4ei.54g,B4f,3,V'RQY11y F 1, .yQmwQi5QgEgSgM1 MQ5 fv'x fjQ1f5I S 1, V, 5 j r j Q :,ff1??.iJff'Aff'71 - 'l'il1S'Q5Q7'1-F' ' ' Ii 1 I . ,gg g"-ff ",.5:f,: 4,41 X hi f'LQIWf " " .5 V .' gH!L1Lf,,, Y E f V 1 I I X 5 W I ' ifrlg, 'gfigigp 1 f ,f 15:54 M f-4 'VQJ1 5, K , , ' s it P.:.5'd Oratory and Debate Section , .. ,, in-5 v 1 ' . . 1 1 Q , ' sit. . - . , .. f "N 7'S -2 . ' I.:i'. ' y 4 ,I-14. .1 1-X ill-' '.-all I' 1214: . 1 1 ' U 1 . ' v. -2 :Jam pm' I I l V. I ' I lgzlin nu..-: 1 . y ii Wi 1 W +iri . qg,.iP,, ' ' - B- -.,,,'I.. . ' ' ALE .,'4 lg U31 f " . ,La X , n i - . ' . 53-. f - ----X... - ,153 S 4, V " ----. Vi . il .- . .-mi-iiuliii '1 fl Pl : l I BIRD'S EYE view of forensic history during 1 I il the last ten years at Illinois shows a period of brilliant ' l N K ' successes attained during the last few years, which have completely outweighed the period of defeat and gradual improvement which was noted in the first portion of the ten year review. Of 41 collegiate debates in this period Illinois has won 21. She has won 6 out of 7 debates with Wisconsing 1 out of 4 with Michigang 4 out of 7 with Iowag 4 out of 7 with Minnesotag 2 out of 6 with Ohiog 3 out of 6 with Indiana and has lost 3 to Nebraska. Five years ago she was at the bottom of the ladder, having lost all debates in 1912-13. From that point there began a climb culminating in the successes of 1917-18 when out of 8 inter-collegiate debates with Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan, she won 7. In that year Illinois won 3 and tied 1 of the 4 league cham- pionships. No university in the country rivaled the forensic history of Illinois last year which held no defeats. Laurels have also been won in oratory, Illinois having placed in every Northern Oratorical League contest during the last five years. Growth in attendance and interest in debate contests has been unprecedented during the last few years. Until recently an audience of 100 or 200 would gather to listen to a debate at Morrow hall. Last year the debates were held at the Auditorium before audiences of 1200 and 1500, notwithstanding the decrease in enrollment due to the War. Illinois is noted for its athletic coaching staff, a better than which itg is said has not been gathered together by any university. The same is true of her forensic coaches. If Illinois has been successful in recent years on the platform, it is because of the work of Mr. Sarett, whose efforts have given to Illinois a group of debaters that are feared throughout the whole of the middle west, and because of the work of Mr. Woolbert who has coached the Illinois representatives in the N. O. L. Both of these men are recognized in the iields of debate and oratory as the peers of any, and they are undoubtedly the G. Hufls and Robert Zuppkes of forensic affairs. Ona Ilundrvd Nim'ty-one Oratory and Debate JOHN POWELL ' HORACE GARMAN EDWARD HAYES, Captain MIDWEST DEBATING LEAGUE Wisconsin vs. Illinois Held at Madison Wisconsin, March 22, 1918 Illinois Negative Team Question: Resolved, that the states should adopt a cabinet-parliamentary system of government. Won by Illinois 3-0. One Hundred Ninety-two Oratory and Debate ' TRUMAN G. SEARLE GALEN VICTOR KNIGHT, Captain PAUL BREES Midwest Debating League Michigan vs. Illinois Held at Urbana, March 22, 1918 Illinois Affirmative Team Question: Resolved, that the states should adopt a cabinet-parliamentary system of government. Won by Illinois 2-1. One Hundred Ninety-thrcn we . .. . . - .. ,- ,. ...U ..t..,,.. ,...1..-.-....r....,...,.... U .1 -t -- , pf- Y. vig .1 " v ,r . 4, .sf 1. . ....u..,.1.....-..,...x.,,.......-. ... ,......2PS,, 5 1- V 4, A U, y My 4 '11 ,H M Liu AE..'L...,. ....,,,.,-,.1,,........,.w.,.....,..., 8 Oratory and Debate v BOARD OF ORATORY AND DEBATE LEW R. SARETT n WILLIAM E. BRITTON C. H. WOOLBERT OFFICERS ' GALEN VICTOR KNIGHT President Secretary JOHN POWELL, JR. HORACE GARMAN As a great part of forensic activity has been done away with this year because of the interruption occasioned by the war, the attention of the board has been directed to the Northern Oratorical League work and the resumption of forensic activity next year. The '19 senior prize cup, offered the member of the graduating class who ranks first in forensic work, was this year awarded to Galen Victor Knight. In 1918 two cups were awarded, one going to each of the men ranking first zandssecimd respectively. The winners last year were Edward B. Hayes and Truman . ear e. One Hundred Ninety-four wh. - Y J, QW ociely ' V N . - '.3,1'. Senior Ball On June 19, 1919 comes the first formal dance since the war-the Senior Ball. Promptly at nine o'clock the Grand March, led by President Remley and Marie Cronin, followed by Chairman Howe and Margaret Hunter will begin, and from then until two o'clock and seniors and their friends will dance. The orchestra, the food, and the decorations are all being planned with great care and the dance bids fair to be a fitting climax to the social life of the University during the past year. COMMITTEE C. Hows Chair W. L. 'l'noi11'soN ' 1- man 'RNNI' HU .cr C. Commun: C.!E.xB.u:Nriis I. L. GILAIOIRIQ P. N. Gollum R. H. MllbIl.l.lilK .Io1lN Tnonms CIrAm.lf:s CAIHQOLL R, W, LANDS-mom R. CIICSS H4NRltllCT McCo1muc1c . . Bixluox MAlusAnlc'1' 1f'1'l'zl-A'1'luCK RUTII CAl.lll'IRlY00h TIIUMAS LIAl.lll12llWll0ll MC CORMICK I"l'l'Zl'A'l'llICK WllAll'l'0N t'AI2ItIH.l. Al Ul-Illl.I'Zl'! CONN-'V-:K CROSS 'l'll0Ml'SON LZUIYLD IHCMLICY ll0Wl'I GILAIORI-I Om' llu nrlrrrl Nilzvly-ji1'r' unior Prom The fragrant mystery of the Orient dominated two hundred happy couples who made up the party at the Junior Prom, held in the Gym Annex April 11. The interior of the hall was forged to represent a typical scene in old Japanyand various devices were employed to carry out the illusion. Booths were Japanese tea rooms, programs were of oriental design, and a gentle aroma of the far east permeataed the hall. It was the first formal dance since the outbreak of the war. H. F. DOTY, Chaiwncm COMMITTEE A. C. BHCKEN, Jn. C. B. KEELQNER S. D. Ow1cN L. M. Foss W. R. BENNETT J.' A. INGWICRSEN B. A. Ixowlsnsux E. Srrmwimlmzrz R. POEIILMAN R. H. Molzmsox J. B. Emvmms C1IAnLoT'rE WELCH W. S. Anmxsulrir Mmulc Glcxss R. V. WA'rsoN MAnY Russian. L. C. HERWIG J A INGNVERSIEN H ERNVIG ARRASM ITII FOSS STRAWISRIDGE PODIILMAN IxEEIIlXER IJ. A. INGXVERSEN BENNETT MORRISON OXVEN VVATSON BLCKEN DOTY XVELCII GEISS RUSSELL LOYEJOY ' ICDXVARDS Ona Ilimdrcd Nincty-six T W TCl'i8.i. Sophomore Cotillion Cotillion was a University from The affair was 4. The Annex and palms, and orange and blue bunting. The booths were separated by walls of palms, and all of the pillars were covered with evergreen. The grand march started at 8:30 o'clock and the Sopho- mores danced the last dance just before 2 o'clock. This year's Sophomore valuable factor in changing the a camp to old Illinois again. held in the Gym Annex April was decorated with evergreens . ,,s.., .. H. A. DIEHL., Clmirmrm COMMITTEE , Ronmrr H. Davis S'rl:nMAN SMITH R0lilCll'l'A Dolsv K Jonx '1'mcmvxf:l.1.. Jn. .I. I". BOIIRIER EVIiRl'1'l"l' R. W1l.1.s - EIIMVNII L. Cmms L. C. SAl.zliNsTmN MARIl'l NADING W.u.r..xc1c W. Bnowx MERWYN LY'l'l.IC Loulslc 1+',xm1fm1.n R.xxnol.I-11 I3.xN.xnn J. Flmmc MAIETINO A1.msn'r Cmucor, Anmcm' Srluas Wn.u.xM L. No11:l.1.r4: I LY1' Lli MAIITINO cAnn0l.L DAVIS ' BROWN wu.1.s sAl.zl2Ns1'1c1N nAuNAnn Nolcnm SMITH srmcs cmums ISOIHIFIR Dllill 1. Nmwxxc FAIRI"IlCl.U uolsx' xmxsrm TREDNVELI. 0110 Illmrlrc'-'l Ninety-seven Military Ball The 1919 Military Ball was distinguished in that it was the first big dance to be held in the Gym Annex since the beginning of the war. The Annex was arranged to represent a company street, and presented a distinctly novel scene. Beside the many men in American army and navy uniforms, there were representatives of the British and French Aviation Units, of the Ambulance Corps and of nearly every service at the ball. The food was served in the tents along the company street, and was decidedly different from the food served on most "streets", Good music, clever decorations, and an Illinois crowd helped to make this year's Military Ball a success. COL. HAROLD H. HOLTZMAN, Clmifz-man COMMITTEE L'r. Col.. S'1'.xNr.m' W. Buss CAM: Rowr. W. LORHNTZ M.x.1. Mvnos B. DowNs C.w'r. ANN!-:lx F. HANSIQN MAJ. Gnu-'I-'mi S. KisNxici.m' CM-T. V. PAUL Dom' MAJ. WM. Emnnciu-:n L'l'- CLYDE C. SIYAUIC CAPT. Rlximlr S. Rumxc LT. WAL'rEn B. MII.LIKr:N Q Sll Xl!! IIANSON ICINIBECKICR MILLIKEN 17035 IOIH N ll DOWNS IIOLTZMAN lll.lSS I NNI' Um- llimdnrl Ninety czqht J mrs QTWHTHE5 -7, as THE'TWENTY'ILLIO 2 1 War Activities WAID SEIUICE +o PLEDGE' rgvM-'rrr5-D..b:r- li0RTI'lg I-PlQDMljl3'M1f'jE.T.IX- rc- PLAN-mr-me RWM-DAY - ro -DAY'IN-1'1'll'S'Ll6HT'Ol2"WAl1,QERYICE: WITH THOUGIITFUL - DI jCQMlNATI ON -DEWEEN - r55nNTxAL5- AND' NGN-li'2jjEN'1'lAL-jg TO -usvorr: -MY-bgifnicucin' -AND - tnevgm- A5- WELL-Aj'MY'TlM'ii'AND'MONEY,-T0 fri-is cf-age 'FUEL-WHlG:l'l -wr: Avg: rxemiwcz AND-'ro-rUm'nembY-eAQ11:5'vmmqr5-1N-mY- com e Munmr- A -5Pm1T- omcocvnzgnou-Anu-A-w1orgPasAo- Aiemsjj- TO- OU ll-COUNTW3' - C'l'lANGlNCi'Nl'1lZDj'. 0 f-3' Q? G G War service pledge taken by all University women. The spirit of the War Service Pledge has dominated all activities of the women of the University of Illinois. The cooperation of University women in the Red Cross, Y. M. C. A., United War Fund and Liberty Loan campaigns demonstrated their willingness to give "thought and energy as well as time and money to the cause." The Woman's War Relief Committee, through food sales at dances and games, womens' mixers, pledges of three cents a week from every woman, and especially through the success of the Mardi Gras, a carnival held in the Peach Orchard last spring, was able to donate funds to several causes. A pledge of 551,000 was made to the United War Fund, S600 to the Red Cross, and S600 to the Y. M. C. A. The University Red Cross and the Armenian Relief received sub- stantial aid. Illini in France were supplied with chocolate and tobacco, Christmas boxes and Smileage books. Five fatherless children of France owe their support to the efforts of the War Relief Committee. The Woman's League Auxiliary to the Red Cross began work in October, 1917. Three hours every day a workroom in the Woman's building was opened, where several hundred women devoted them- selves to the making of refugee garments and surgical dressings. Over 15,000 dressings were turned out besides many refugee garments, knitted articles, and scrap books for soldiers. Om: Hundred Ninety-nine ,, s J Two Hzmdrcd T THE 'TWENTY' ILLIO - T 1 1 l Original War Relief Committee 1917-1918 wists -rounxquxsi' scom-T s,xLvsnsox Mc Mummy .xmmms nolmnouml nnocmmn-nn cuwrls no'-vm nu'1'mmxfo1m wrcxcoxfv wants uxnmxl. Mums Mc conmlclc nuv.u.1. SIIOXVALTIEII no'rY 1.11am-:n GLIFFIC 1ChairmanJ 1aNclcl.l,,xNn NADEN Woman's War Relief Committee 1918-1919 LARRY 1mowN Acxcn PETTIIKONIC 1-'xmszzn IIOLMICS Mrcmu: swims nom' noxouoxc 1-rmxrzc NADING sNow mum' SIIAXV cnmfwn WIIITI-ICIIUIICII cor: NICHOLS WINSIHP Mmmx ncmrunmv cmwrrrnoi- cralss .loslxx lu-:xN1c1"r ovmzsrnmcw swim: novulz Lvoxs 1.x:mul.1c BUTIKERFORD tmxrz cmuus WlIlT'l'l'M 1-:xcm.1.,xxn lcvm' s. SllAl"l"l'IR w. sim:-'mm wrxn Mc COIRMICK Two Hundred One -. Red Cross Leaders CUNNINGIIAM DIXON TUKEY BAUM IIALLINGER Liberty Day Parade Two H undrcd Two Two H undrcd Three T-Fwd -'-43 if . THE'TWENTY'1LLIO - O 4 Woman's League I Lois SCOTT Pr1'.f-xid1"llL 1 1 Lols Sco'rT ....... ................. I 'resident " Lois SICYSTER ......... ......... V ice President Goumx Burzsn ......... .............. S ecretary ESTIIEII Scum' ...... .............. .......... T 1 'easurcr HELEN BRAUNS ........ ......... S vnior Representative DonoTHY SHADE .,..... ........ J unior- Representative EXECUTIVE BOARD SENIOR COUNCIL ' SCO SIIAUE n MINS Mmzmns Po1,1cows1i1 WVATSON E. 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T1'vaszu'cr ......Gr'1u'rul Srcrcmry ....,.0ffic1' Sum'umr11 SECOND CABINET MANN Cgylgn IYOISY NULL BRAUCIIER PARK STEPHENS STEVENS MORRIS STUIHXS UAYLET WATSQN DANIELS IIOLMAN MATIIEII MILLER MOBIER CURTIS Two Ilumircd Scvcn Athletic Instructors 1 W 4 . P f '1 : . , --1 . - - . L ...I Two Hundred Eight Two Hundred Nine A - --------f-1:-:W wgwn ..-.-,, V I In If V V Y ..--Y.-.-V - Y -L p-Ww- A A TH E, TWEN I Y ILLIO Ex-If iw Il , P Q V I I I N 3 ' IQNARHEIDE RUTLERGE I-oI.IIowSI:I IIAIIE GOODMAN LIVMLEY I I W ' A hl ' ' ' Q 0111311 S t CUC ASSOCIHUIOH I , , ' OFFICERS OPAL CANNON ..,.. , ..................... .... ........ I ' l'1'Rfdl."llt GOLDIA BUTZER .............. ....... V im: PI-midcvxz VICTORIA FRIIIIEIIICKS ....... ............ S can-tary I JANE LEICIISENRINII ....... ..... . Trwwurur W I W N IQNAI-IIEIRE CLINE BARNES RUSSELL nRooIcs FREIER CIIESTER I'oI.IiowSIcI co0nMAN BLADE IIRocIcMEIER IIUGIIIT1' MORRIS A. SLOAN IIUTZER MANSIIEAIIER LUMLEY SI.oAN BEST MURRAY LOSIGE SCXIIERISAUM GOODPASTURE cAw'rI'IRor' MARSII FRIER FREIIIIRICIQ Mc CONNEL IIRAUCIIER NILSON IIALLADAY ROSE IIOOVER WINE FRASER MONTGOMERY RUTLEDGE CANNON LEICIISENRING RUSSELI. Tonn IIOELLNER YVEIR MoNoIIAN -I Two Hundred Ten I 4:1j'j113j"jfjf-2-i " ' ""'::" ' , ,T1g:i:..:...-iQLT2TfifjQj11'.iff ' 4 g.,i'Tf"' ":Z1""" ,MZTILZZL ' YLiA w THE: 'TWENTY' ILLIO Hockey VARSITY TEAM Z X 5 J EATON STYLES LUMLEY KNAPHEIDE MOORE GOODMAN BUTZEII BEACH . BAIIE MONOIIAN L. M-. V . THE SENIORS .4 ik roucowsm umm SCOTT WOODS GOODMAN LEICIISENRING LUMLEY UUTZER SLOAN ' Two Hundred Eleven vu -gn, , Y --L U x I HfH111EU1wvENTY'1LLJoH , Piockey THE JUNIORS ll ' nlmnncrz KNAPIIEIDE NVELCH Frmsxan norc1.LN1sn xfrmnranlcx s'rx' Mmzsu HAMLIN I:A1'oN MONOHAN fCaptain5 Mooms THE SOPHOMORES X . . V I V 1, I, LOSEE REED SCIIIERUAUM FRIER GAWTH ROI' LICE LESTER NILSON WINE IIARIIESTY GAYLE fCll17tl1i1lJ HOOVER DOISY THE FRESHMEN Murumv Jonsw nown uomvms mmnrcu xmnx IIYLAND DITTMAN HEACH fCaptainJ MURPHY Two Hundred Twelve A' W L, l 1 I 'STHE'TWENTY'1LLIO H Basket Ball THE SENIORS 1-oucowslu HAIIE Lumucx' woong LEICIISENRING SLOAN 1Ca1:tainJ nuwzlcn W, .1 v7"f'Q-'C if H -J...-+.,v X, ,, , , , F THE JUNIORS FRASER TODD CREAMENS RUSSELL CANNON RUTLEDGE MARSH ILATTERTON STYLES MONTGOMERY EATON MONOHAN MOORE Two Ilzmdrcd Thirteen N W , -- f- ,,,, H 4 ' HY THE"TWENTY"ILLIO H 5 N I LSON GAYLE BEST GAWVTI I ROP Basket Ball THE SOPHOMORES WYAN T DOISY FRIEI! COOPER IIARDESTY IIOOVER fcajltllhll PETTIHONE STUHIRS TIIEILEN THE FRESHMEN I lv in-1... ' A SIIAFFER HOPKINS ROBINSON BARRY nuslt BLACKARD FULTON BRAIJEN PARKER mmmcn IIICACII KERN FRIEII STANFORD Llcwls IIYLANU SPRAGUE CIIAMHERLAIN PARROT H Two Hundred Fourteen F , v, 4 Y ln ' Y ..l Two Hundred Fifteen. 'E i 3 Q THE "rwEN'rY'1LL1o 2 Baseball Champions of 1918 3 1, , W IIAMLIN CANNON EATON WEIR MANSPEAKER I-IERRIOTT FREDRICI S I. A Good Hit! I T Hu cl d S teen LL.-- Two Ilumlrcd Seventeen ff THE 'TWENTY' ILLIO Ruth Hoover and Edna Schierbaum won the doubles in the tournament and secured I the class championship for 1921. ll , . , .. .tiuth 1-ioover 1 "" " f "Happy" makes the courts Smile. :cHappyvs I Archery I Shoot I ' I I l Two Hundred Eighteen J, , i i ,, 5:1 is: i I Q THE "TWENTY' ILLIO Miss ISABEL Bsvmn Professor of Home Economics and Director of Courses Miss Bevier is widely known throughout the United States for her cooperation with the Food Administration and her practical ideas on food conservation during the period of the war. She was responsible for organizing the state in a way which enabled the wornen of Illinois to receive the messages of the Food Administration. During 1917 Miss Bevier, at the request of Mr. Hoover, took charge of the Home Conservation Division of the Food Administration in Washington, D. C. Two H undrcd N iruztcen H ETHE ETWENTY' ILLIO Home Economics Club Founded at the University of Illinois 1902 MONOHAN RUTLEDGE KLINE WHITTUM MONTGOMERY DE HART LEICIISENRING TURNQUIST HUNT IIUMPIIREYS MORRISON A. SLOAN M. SLOAN KENNY RHODES BALLINGER STEPHENS VIAL HOFFMAN JOSLYN NULL RIIODES MC CONNEL MANN FLFIMING SIIRIMPLIN SHERMAN CHIQTER WVARRLIN MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY IONE BALLINGER HELEN BRAUNS JAMIE CHESTER MYRA DEHART LORA ENGLEHART ELLEN FLEMING VIRGINIA GAYLE GLADYS HERSMAN MARGARET HOFFMAN GERTRUDE HUMPHREYS DOROTHY HUNT ALMA JACKSON GLADYS J OSLYN MARIAN KENNY ALICE KLINE ' JANE LEICHSENRING EDNA MANN ELIZABETH MAGERS MARIAN MCCONNEL IRMA MONOHAN NELLIE MONIER WINIFRED MONTGOMERY ELEANOR MORRISON MIRIAM NULL GOLDA RHODES MARGARET RUTLEDGE OPAL RHODES ABBY SCHAEFER ELIZABETH SHERMAN AGNES SLOAN MADELINE SLOAN HAZEL STEPHENS CHRISTINE STUBBS RUBY TURNQUIST HELEN VIAL DOROTHY WARREN FLORENCE WHITTUM Two H undo cd Twenty Z 1 IITHEA"TWENTY"ILLI0 TO Omicron Nu HONORARY HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE SOCIETY Founded at Michigan Agoicultural College 1912 Ten Chapters Established at 1l1ino1s 1914 EPSILON CHAPTER .I ,i . - I I 3 I SCIIAEFER EDMUNDSON SLOAN GOOIJMANN HUNT REED NULL BURWASII IIUMPIIREYS A. SLOAN LEICIISENRING MORRISON MAGEIIS MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Miss ISABEL BEv1ER Miss FLORENCE CHURTON MISS LORINOA PERRY Miss FLORENCE HARRISON Miss LEONA HOPE Miss GEORGIA FLEMING Miss CORA E. GRAY Miss LILLIAN JOHNSTON MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ELIZABETH MAGERS ELEANOR MORRISON GERTRUDE HUMPHREYS MIRIAM NULL MAOELENE SLOAN AGNES SLOAN Two H undrcd Twenty-one HAZEL REED IDA GOODMANN ABBY SCHAEFER DOROTHY HUNT HELEN GAGE RUTH BURWASH JANE LEICQISENRING --'Q THE UTWENTY' ILLIO 2 Q Gm THEWOMEN OFHLLINQQ I of , my Q was o nonrgrzplw Z' J 2 5,54 m9f SM VANiT'i7F IR Ko 1.1 'A I " "-X . A , Y' J" A ,pw Q I V. - an ' if , xi , , I Ivgfggm-PES' . l xxx ,, X ff FHN 4 ff, V 'N xl an-,n,,.7.! dvfjl 5 jrrawuss Photografphed by MATZENE Chicago Photographed bu MATZENE, Chicago P 5 J 4 1 I .1 1 I 4 1 . 4 -I 1 1 I 1 Y i I 1 E 1 5 w ! 1 5 Downy C41 logon , ,A fl Plmcouraphedfuq Mlvrznxm, Chicago at mel filzfafvfic, 1 Y ,ef .V ,i L . .- ::g 4 V 15514, , 1, . 4 uf . 2. k I- 1,4 . 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BARNES, Interclass Manager FRANK HURLEY, Circus Manager u 4, I w Two Hundred Twenty-thrco 'I i L li W -W Yi 1 Nl 1 Tribe Of the Illini Founcled at the University of Illinois 191.4 WILSON 1'nOnS'1' Mmm SCIIUII LEITCH DEI-LER Icom' OLANIIER CARNEY TAYLOR XVROIXKE I. I"l.l'I'l'ClllCR KIIlKl'A'l'RICK 1.OvE.IOI' EMORY INGWICRSEN R. 1-'. FL!-:TCIIER XVALQUIST MC DONALD IKARKLAGIG RUCIIEIT MO KAY MI'1"l'lCl.MAN CARROLL OFFICERS CHARLES CARROLL, JR. P1'r'sidc'nt Nl-:IL M. LI-JITCII Vive President RODERT S. EMERY Secretary ROBERT H. FLETCHER Treasurer JOIIN C. DEPLER Semeant al Arms MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Football GEORGE BUCHEIT RALPH E. FLETCHER FREDERICK R. HANSCHMANN ROBERT H. FLETCHER BURTON A. INGWERSEN CHARLES R. CARNEY WILLIAM K. KOPP ALBERT MOHR RALPH E. LANUM JESSE KIRKPATRICK NIEL M. LEITCH MILTON OLANDER C. ERNEST LOVEJOY LAWRENCE W. WALQUIST JOHN C. DEPLER JOHN W. SABO Baseball OLIVER F. BARKLACE BURTON A. INGWERSEN HAROLD R. RYAN F. DEWEY WROEKE Track CHARLES CARROLL, JR. CHARLES R. SCHUH ROBERT S. EMERY KENNETH L. WILSON Basketball ERNEST MACKAY J. STANLEY PROBST BENJAMIN F. MITTELMAN WILLIAM K. KOPP BURTON A. INCWERSEN PAUL C. TAYLOR Golf JOSEPH M. MCDONALD Tennis ERNEST MACKAY Two IIzmdred Twenty-four THLETIC5 ps- THE "TWENTY' ILLIO - I n il 1 nllllllllllllll I ' I i ,. I . 1 J if 1 . I .al I --:ml 1 in , ' J iW"'.. ' 'I ' 1 5 I 1 -Q: ' f ' , -N, ' hh. .lllliiii mn 1 J- I I ' wllillliililm iiiflr'i"I The Season ll More championship watchfobs for Zuppke and i ' his football team and the high satisfaction of His Majesty, The Illinois Fan for the first time since 1915, when Illinois and Minnesota halved the honors of the race. Wresting the title from the Buckeyes, who held it for the two intervening years, was easy. Chick Harley and Stinchcomb were gone. Regarding Michigan's contention for a part of the honor, because she defeated Chicago and Ohio, The Chicago Maroon says: "On relative scores made against Chicago, Illinois had the better team. Michigan made but two touchdowns against the Maroons, on four first downs, the first score coming as a result of a "Break," in the shape of a blocked kick. Illinois had much less trouble in running up a larger score, and displayed the smoothest attack seen on Stagg Field last season." Coach Jack Wilce of Ohio said: "We met both teams and there is no comparison. Illinois is by far the as better." Besides Michigan won only two games, while Illinois took four by decisive scores. Illinois started weak, defeating the Chanute Flyers 3 to 0. The team was green and composed entirely of new men, except Captain Burt Ingwersen and C. E. Lovejoy. Next came the powerful Great Lakes and Municipal Pier elevens, each defeating the Orange and Blue by a 7 to 0 score. The sailor elevens were a godsend. "Just exactly what we needed," said Zuppke. The chaos and greenness, which had prevailed, faded away, and a powerful, , machine-like eleven emerged. I In the first -Conference game at Iowa City, perfect forward passing and machine-like teamwork centered around a back field of stars, returned Illinois victors by a score of 19-0. And the Hawkeyes had already been picked as Conference champs. Wisconsin was next on the roll of the vanquished. Outplaying the Badgers and using an end shift formation, which remained a puzzle throughout the contest, the Indians shut Wisconsin out 22-0 on Camp Randall at Madison. It was the proverbial, cold wet day when Ohio came to Urbana to defend her title, but her hopes were blasted. .Iflaymg with speed and brilliancy, executing I their strategies with a masterful precision, -Captain Burt Ingwersen and his team r outclassed the Buckeyes, shoving them down into defeat for the first time since 1915. It's a pleasure to remind the Illini that the score was 13 to 0. His Majesty, The Illinois Fan, spent a pleasant. day in Chicago at the Midway i slaughter. The day was cold, the gridironyvas a veritable skating rink of ice.and l ' snowg but what did he care? Illinois clinched her claim to the championship by 1 running up the biggest score that any Illinois eleven ever made against the Maroons. X The count was 29-0. L ' Two Hundred Twenty-Jive GI.-Y , --' 1: . Q TH:-:'1'wEN1'Y'1LL1o f The choice of Ingwersen as captain of the All-Conference team, Mohr and Kirkpatrick on the first team, and Bucheit and Hanschmann on the second eleven was Eckersa1l's recognition of Illinois superiority, while Walter Camp placed Depler at center on his second All-American team. Hanschmann is the only man who will graduate. Assistant Coach J. C. Lindgren predicts a team next fall commensurate with the great Gopher eleven df 1916. ECKERSALL NAMES ALL-STAR ELEVENS FIRST TEAM I7 A Reed, Iowa .........................,.....................,...,.................., ............... L . E. Ingwersen, Illinois, Captain ........... ........... L . T. Hunzelman, Iowa .........................,.. ........... L . G. Vick, Michigan ........... .................. C - Mohr, Illinois .......,.............. ...,........... R . G. Goetz, Michigan ........,..,..,...... ............... R . T. McDonald, Ohio State ................ ......... - ..... R . E. Underhill, Northwestern ............. ............... Q . B. Kirkpatrick, Illinois ................ ............. L . H. B. Steketee, Michigan ............. .......... R . H. B. Kingsley, Minnesota ......................................... ............... F . B. SECOND TEAM Bucheit, Illinois .......................................................... ............... L . E. f Mann, Wisconsin .................................................. ..,,........... L . T. Hanschmann, Illinois ............ ............... L . G. Reber, Chicago .......................,.....................,............... ................... C . Jordan, Minnesota ........................................... Z .,.........., ................ R . G. McLaughlin, Northwestern, Captain .............................. R. T. Zanger, Northwestern ............................,...,..,........... .............. R . E. Kelly, Iowa ................................................,...,................. ............... Q . B. Ekberg, Minnesota ............ ............... ........... L . H. B. Elton, Chicago .............,..... ........... R . H. B. Lohman, Iowa ............... ................ F . B'. Conference Games Illinois .............. ...... 1 9 Iowa ...................... .......... 0 Illinois .............. ...... 2 2 Wisconsin ............... .......... 0 Illinois .............. ...... 1 3 Ohio State ...,........ .......... 0 Illinois .............. ...... 2 9 Chicago ...........,,.. ..... 0 Totali ...........................................,...........,........... 83 0 Games won: 45 Lost: 05 Percent: 1000. Two Hundred Twenty-six 1 '17 l 1 3 , i 1 le 1 I- I W Y 'rHE"'r'wENTY'1LL.1o - E F---E. Varsity Football KRANGLIC MC DOWELL EVANS BUTZER KAISER OLTZ MORGAN UIIADSIIAW GOLDER MOIIR Ulct. MGT. BULLOCK fT'l'di11CI', SABO CARNEY A. MOIIR KOPP LEITCH SCIIUII JOHNSON R. FLETCHER ROBERTS ZUPPKE fC00.6hP HOB FLETCHER LOVEJOY DEPLER INGWERSEN IIANSCIIMANN BUCIIEIT VVALQUIST FITZPATRICK B. A. INGWERSEN, Tackle G. C. BUCHEIT, End C. R. CARNEY, End J. C. DEPLER, Center R. F. FLETCHER, Halfback R. H. FLETCHER, Quarteo-Iuuclc F. R. HANSCHMAN, Gum-d J. B. KIRKPATRICK, Halfback Two Ilundrcd Twcn ty-sc van Romani' C. Zurmu: Coach. JUBTA M. LINDGRISN Assistant Coach B. A. INGwEnsEN Acting Captain JOE Molm Acting Manager PERSONNEL W. L. KOPP, Fullback R. L. LANUM, Fullback N. M. LEITCH, Gum-d E. C. LovE.roY, End A. W. MOIIR, Guard M. M. OLANDER, Tackle J. P. SABO, Halfback L. W. WALQUIST, Halfback ,41- .i,,V -'Y , ,,,,......-1-.-..-.----..- ,.-. ,,,- , ,,, W,--,.n .,,,.- ..--....-vfvf.-,-.... ..-T -M W MA, ,.-,h .....,,.,,........ .......,,,..-..-,..-. ..-,.:f44-- - 'Q THE 'TWENTY' ILLIO V - ...,., ,,-... , ,. , l f ! 1 l J l 1 'J ... ..fl,.. H' 1 ax, Huw.. 1 Chicago makes costly fumble near Illinois goal line. Note the snow and ice-nothing could stop the W Indians. The score was 29-0 1 Captain Imrwersen was shifted from Bill Kopp. the new captain, is n player center to tackle, but he knew enough of note and has bucked several lines. tricks of the :mme to be made All-Con- fercnce Captain at the new position. Two Hundred Twenty-aight 1- 4 1 I mln, 1 i- " -ll 'Zi 5 THE K"rwENT'1' 11.1110 ' -ef e f I A sailor of Municipal Pier tackles Ralph Fletcher. The Pier eleven led by Leo Klein and Harry Schlaude- man, former Illini, was too much for Zuppke's green team. If it had been later in the season it would have been a different story. F N I ..Add Famous Comcbuckg' This was Ernics second year at end ' Two Hundred Twenty-nine 1, Y ...WY nf -1 IT' 7- g - i'- J Two Ilundrcd Thirty We ' THE 'TWENTY' ILLIO H A Great Lakes man intercepting a forward pass from Lovejoy to Sabo. The score ended 7 to 0 for the Sailors, but the service champs had a battle they'll remember. -. 'l l Bucheit is one of Illinois' greatest ends 'Olnnder was a big scoring factor in the - overwhelming defeat of the Maroons. ,B 1 , i - li.:-'-"fi -P '- :'-' T. C- o THE "'TWENTY"1LLIO Hcre you behold Piggy Leitch firing the gun, which defeated the Chnnute Field eleven 3 to 0 in Illinois' first game of the season I Deple1"s worl? at center won him a Leitch also could run interference from place on Camps Second All-American. guard--a rare accomplishment. Two Hundred Th'i1'ty-one 7 'ijt THE. "TWENTY'1LLIO e-s Bob Fletcher signalled for a fake place kick, but Great Lakes was wise to the trick and tackled Walquist ln his run around left end Besides being on Ecke1'sall's All-Con- Wulquist was always good for a gain ference team. Kirkpatrick was the first around left end. to count in every game. Two Hundred Thirty-two Lea'-is 'FW'nnn'n-J' J'-EJ? ee 'n:r::41:'---H ' THE "TW'ENTY' ILLIO i Chanute Field makes a wild place kick from Illinois' 30 yard line, the ball going out of bounds ncaa' the 15 yard marker. Ships circled over the field during' the entire contest, but failed to inspire their hopefuls enough to put it over l Rflllvh work m the Subo was anothez Zuppke's :four ' MQl'00p won him much pub- famous hnlfbncks. llcllvy m papers. E Two H und red Thi rty-three e 'T ....,, n - e m e is ee.e e - .,eee .. ,,,,.,,....,,m....l.,,..,l. 1 , ,w'jl "" fW:.ZL ,,i:L.4 ' "f""" fi-31 --f-- f----E:--- f-f -fd M- -4- ff- ,1,,lin -W ..I....,-i..TZ. -4 V Y U V Y lk ' 'lfrili TWENTY ILLIO Illinois makes first down against the famous Great Lakes eleven. The battle was stubborn, but more experience und greater conlidcnce won 7-0 for the Sailors Carney has three more years to play. Mohr made the All-Conference team Zuppke says he will be a great end. and also has three more years to serve. Two Hundred Thirty-fozu' Y , Y, , , nw. ' ..-Qumr- ,,r'I1. + Q THE 'TWENTY' 11.1.10 1 1,1 ,,, , Another heap of intermingled Illini and Sailors. We don't know who fumbled, but Bill Kopp is going after it and he probably got it I Juke Lanum wus good for ll pruin Lhroux-th the line. Kirkpatrick Bob FlcLche1"s greatest asset is his head he is also a kicker of Two H undrcd Thirty-five f -, 11 rf -ni I Two Humlrczl Thirty-si.z: n 'i Z r 2 2 . le H i P x Varsity Baseball i Two HUFE CCoachJ wnonlm SALLADIN fManagerJ Knuwxn HAAS 1.ALon KISSINGER INGWERSEN ness KLEIN JONES 4CoaclLJ DARKLAGE Korr OFFICERS RALPH JONES Coach, G. E. SALLADIN Manager BARKLAGE, Second base Doss, Center field HAAS, Right held INGWERSEN, First base KLEIN, Pitcher Hunllrcd Thirtfj-seven W. M. I-IARTMAN Ma nagcr-elect LEo KLEIN Captain F. M. LAx.on Captain-elect PERSONNEL KOPP, Catcher KRUPAR, Short stop KISSINGER, Left field LALOR, Third base WROBKE, Pitclwr Enwfmns, Utility .afs-,1-.......-...,..-M-M--W--W ...-ma- f.........-..............-......-..-........-4......,--.w.q -wmM.' LT - .-.Q M.. -.,..-...., a,-........ ,L-,.Yn..,...,-,....,--,-........f:: -..MA-, ,.:....w.n..UL,.....m:r:,.-Q...,.,,M..,. ':, A THE 'TWENTY' ILLIO Iullvasll mm ,, va.. ll! I uf Q" I V I X I " ll l B I I lllllllll lf ,f.rl'lgWll'iiii" 1 ' ll-A fmmaf ' 'slr' H klllllllllunll ,.,L 4. , J--, N The Season Michigan won the Hag with Illinois trailing along , in second place, as she did two years ago with Ohio State. tl There is no alibi other than that the Wolverines simply had the better team. Leo Klein and Lalor were the only veterans "G" had, and they were too small a nucleus from which to build a championship nine. p "G" issued his first call for practice in February, 3 again using the New Armory for indoor practice. The' southern trip, as it has for years, proved a big drawing card. After the knife had fallen a number of times and , the day arrived for the nine to 'start south, the following men found themselves on the traveling roster: Klein, Peterson, Wrobke, Edwards, Ingwersen, Kopp, Johnson, Barklage, Krupar, Lalor, Yelton, Kissinger, Haas, and Doss. Two games were played with each of the follow- ing schools: University of Mississippi at Oxford, Miss., Mississippi A. dz M. at Starkville, Miss., University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Ala., I and the Southern Presbyterian University at Clarksville, Tenn., Illinois won five of the eight contests, dropping one game to Mississippi A. Kr M. and both games to the University of Alabama. Coaches Huff and Jones reported that all the teams played were of Conference caliber and so an immense amount of good was realized from the pre-season trip-a trip which is entirely unique among Conference institutions. The nine made a good start in Conference baseball by defeating Ohio State, the 1917 Conference champions, 4 to 3. The credit for this went directly to Leo Klein, who was unhittable in the pinches, allowing but two hits during the game. The glory of defeating the champs, however, was short-lived, for on the return trip from Columbus, the nine stopped off at Lafayette to be entertained by the Boilermakers, and were defeated 3 to 2. Then began a period of apparant invincibility. Iowa, Chicago, Purdue, and Wisconsin fell before the Illini batsmen by decisive scores. It seemed as if the dag would return to its old Illini pinnacle. But Michigan was the stumbling block. In spite of all Leo Klein could do, they defeated us at Ann Arbor 8 to 4, and again at Urbana, 6 to 2. Much of the credit for the success of the team must go to Leo Klein, who is unquestionably one of the greatest pitchers ever seen in action on Illinois Field. His greatest asset besides his pitching ability was his coolness. The situation, as it was in many games, of having the bases full with none down, was no more baffling to him than if there were two down with a man on first. Paul Doss, according to Two Hundred Thirty-eight l'lT ,,, v ITHE. 1"rwEN'rY' 11.1.10 I "G", was the best all around player on the team. He led the nine in batting, besides being' an excellent fielder. Bill Kopp finally came into his own behind the bat after being shifted from one position to another. Kissinger for his bunting and iielding, Ingwersen for his steadiness at first, and Krupar for his alertness at short are others who deserve a good word. From a bunch of green men, "G" developed a fighting team that deserves a lot of credit. Going up against more experienced rivals, their iight pulled the Indians through many a tough scrape. The fielding of the nine was flashy in spots but as a whole was consistent. Few errors were committed at crucial moments, showing that the men were cool. Mitt Lalor was the captain-elect, but as he is in the Army overseas, he will not be back for the coming season. With Ingwersen, Doss, Wrobke, Edwards, Kopp, Kissinger and Barklage and a number of good players from the 1918 freshman varsity in school, however, prospects look bright for a 1919 championship nine. The resumption of school on its old basis should find the stands of Illinois field again filled when the games are played this year. High class ball has always been played by the varsity and with some keen competition in sight this spring, the interest in the diamond sport should find a revival of the old spirit. A good start has been made by the squad in the early spring training and although the old southern trip has been postponed for this year, the practice games on Illinois field have shown that the 1919 team has promise of championship calibre Conference Games Illinois ............ 4 Illinois ............. -... 2 Illinois ............. ..-. 3 Illinois ,............ IIA. 9 Ohio State Purdue .......... Iowa .........,....... Chicago ....... I Illinois ............. ..,. 5 Purdue ..-,..A...- i Illinois ............. ,,.. 4 Wisconsin , Illinois ............. .,., 9 Chicago ....... Illinois ............. ,,,, 4 Michigan ..... Illinois ............. ......... 1 3 Wisconsin .. I Illinois ............. .... 2 Michigan ..... Total runs ........................ ......... 5 5 Games won: 75 lost: 3. l Two Hundred Thirty-nina if . .... a ge .gs THE 'TWENTY' ILLIO Ray Haas tallies one for Illinois in the Michigan game i Captain Leo Klein was an unusual Captain-elect Lalor will be missed this mound artist. year at third. Two Hundred Forty tr ii T LY 1 1 ..-....,.........-.....-,..,...-......,1...-, .--. J...-.........-....z, -....... wwf ww A -ww 1 v J'! . , . 1- mgmvb 'l Burt Inyrwersen after u Wolverine at first. but their onsluu5.rht coulrln'l. be stopped l i f ' 1. l W 1 If i 4 ' 9 ' .Q XA " V ' pirg? ,N s, F ' ii i g x, E- f A 'Eg' 1' ig 27: 5 A521 J .33 W . Fraternity baseball was all Ray Haas Paul Doss was a had ever played, but G. Huff brought him out. Two Hundred Forty-one rm 1- excellence if 1' Y-.- -- W Y -,, ww ,,,,, ,,.-,,,,, , -E,.,,....,..G:m,1-.vui-1:-aw-fvYY.YA-' Y- -L.-7.-mwmsmf:e1-nwfmfew--M-..-M-'mn--ni-L-1 .-w-.M-.G nu- ww-.-W-.-..... r-:g.-,..- -.,..:,.-:FA -: ,-- ff:11..-:-eA.,v.......i,....i.-.-f-uwu.Q:aw:1: mv- -1 7:11:34 .w.,i.......- --,-- 1--uf,,,.,.l, H.. -e e YTH Ei "TWEN'liY" lLlQ.lOWi s It was such hits as these that enabled the Wolverines bo treble on the Illini, even though Bill Kopp was on the job at the plate V S. . Iii A ' 5 if l , F x , igs, v . ff ' 4. 2 . , T I f , nw 1: 'f' Agri : 'if 11 .' I vi? The above mentioned Kopp poses for a Burt Ingwcrscn was the smiling first picture. sucker. Two Hundred Forty-two "' -v fl W - -Q iTHE"TWENTYvILLIO .e J -I Q A A 5 ..4... l L This was Burt Ingwersen's favorite way of knocking out the Hawkeyes at Iowa City I J Wrobke gives promise as another mound Kissinger. could play artist. ball. , 4. Two Hundred Forty-three , 2 ll il -I 1 -.. is l I 1 in TH 5 1' TWENTY' lhildh wi" h ,va ,. ,A miie, - Barklage up to bat in the Iowa game. It must have been a run for the score was 3 to 0 Barklage had a base. for second Krupar hooked many a grounder at ' . short. o Two Hundred Forty-four w! LY L AL 1' Ar 5 , -. 5.5 M, ,M Y, e i THE "TWEEj'Y'i 1L.L1Q ,1e'.".. ' 1 ..:,. ., , ,575 , - 4 h th Hawkeyes were whitewashcd at Iowa City Panoramic view showing w ere e rig , u Q. V. v i' Q s 9 W , ep ,. I f in W J? j . 5 fx- W . -1. .. 1 r f 4 ' f 4 A lf' ' N if '71 N , 'xxx K . N, ' f 5 T- r xx! 4 at 1 . ,. ,, ,,, 1 M , , "' . .. V .www V Bert Edwards was a I, Two Hundred Forty-five msurc hit Peterson. We missed went to the A1-my W:-4,4 A -f TQ THE "TWENTY' ILLIO CHAMPIONS A. E. F. P55 Yeas ' Catpain E. B. Hoskins '14 writes, "Thought this might be of interest especially as we just won the A. E. F. Championship. We beat the crack Navy team in Bordeaux 3-0. They had 19 straight victories and were title holders. Hope to meet the "Princess Pats" Canadian and win the championship of the Allies. Potsy on 2nd is playing star ball. and gives Mitchell on lst all he can handle" N . Two Hundred Forty-six ur 117, H 3 -' .1 T+ THE ww!-:fN1'Y' 1L.L1o Here is shown Paul Doss in readiness to knock his customary three baggcr And here is sliding for third after the above hit. He was safe Two Hundred Forty-seven Y '-.U 2 .1 Two Hundred Forty-eight M. L. Y.. ,A g E, if TW Eb lJl?..."':'.':::.:':::.':v::'1g':'1r:::': runnin f M . lIXl"'M'Ir mill M Track Season War failed to dampen the record of the 1918 track team to any extent for several unknown athletes were developed under the undying eff'orts of Coach Harry L. Gill. The team was small in comparison to other squads, but due to the fact that the men showed untiring efforts the squad soon shaped itself into one of the foremost of the conference. There is no doubt in the minds of the authorities on track that Michigan had the most formidable aggregation. A brief resume of the season shows that Illinois won every indoor and outdoor dual meet, defeating its old rival, Chicago. Carroll, Lang, Kriedler, Weiss, and Wilson had commendable records. Two of the men developed into track stars who were greatly feared by the conference teams on account of their ability to get points. 1 The first meet of the season was an indoor dual affair between Notre Dame and Illinois at South Bend, February 23. It was one of the best dual meets of the year, Illinois winning by a 43 1-3 to 42 2-3. The best events of the meet were the 40 yard dash and the 40 yard hurdle, Carroll placing second in both events. On March 2nd, the Second Annual Indoor Relay Carnival was staged at the Armory. Michigan won first honors, Illinois second and Chicago third. Carroll showed his ability by winning the 75 yard dash in 7 4-5. Weiss easily won the shot put by putting the ball 42 feet, 1 1-2 inches. Lang won the pole vault by going over the bar at 11 feet, 10 inches. In the all around championship, there were only two men entered, Gilfillan of Notre Dame, first and Lang' of Illinois, second. Chicago entered all the relay events and won the one mile, two mile and four mile relays. The other universities except Wisconsin sent only one team. Due to conditions, most of the teams were in poor shape but they put up a good fight. 5 On March 24th the teams went to Evanston for the Annual Indoor Conference Meet. Illinois placed fourth in the meet, scoring ten points, Chicago surprised the Conference by winning second place. There were no records broken in the meet. In the Drake Relays on April 17 Coach Gill turned a fete by running a half mile relay team. Gill had no one half mile relay team but organized one con- sisting of Lang, Keidler, Emery, and Carroll. The four men had never run a relay together before. About a week before the meet the team was formed and as shown, did their duty by winning the event. Carroll placed third in the 100 yard dash. Due to the war, Illinois did not send a man to the Penn relay games as they had done in the previous years. On May 4 Notre Dame visited the University. Illinois showed that it had a good team and defeated Notre Dame by a score of 70 1-3 to 55 2-3. Gilfillan was easily the star of the meet, winning three firsts. Carroll and Weiss, each winning two firsts, were close seconds to Gilfillan. Weiss won both the shot put and the javelin throw, putting the former 40 feet, 8 inches and throwing the latter 160 feet, Two Hundred Forty-nine - -- .,.-1... -f-e......:.n-Lsa, - . W- , , :. ...... ........ .. -4... .....,,-W.. .WV-.V ... -W.-A... 1..,.u..ff-.--1--., u..-.A--Q' . -x Q . ... fa... .. I A Af-N , vw v. 'Mg '1 " ...............................................-........-,-.......,,,-........,,......, ' ' .-., V' ' ...,a. . .....-... ......... ..,A - -W-..-........M.....-.-..-........ . . wK 1, 1 .2 K. if. .H f YY 1 so E 1 5 51 5 5 x I r r Q X I I I I 1 We pi I L 1 I Varsity Track - LEWIS 'rnoswnn fMgr.J GARDNER nznncny um' scuun mme wn.soN wmss BULLOCK fT1'Lli7lCl'l CARROLL ANDERSON 1cmc1m.x-:R nnvcumzn LANG GILL fCoachJ OFFICERS C. J. KREIDLER M. C. Tnosmn Captain Manager CIIAS. CARROLL W. L. V. T1IonxPsoN Captain-clcct Manager-clcct ITARRY L. GILL Coach ll PERSONNEL CHAS. CARROLL DEUCHLER R. EMERY C. J. Kmzmui Captain gl ' i. , ............M.......H.M..... M . ............,. , - .A-1. R. A ,... J...-....a......-.-......... ...ww ...H . ,... B. GARDNER C. E. KRRIDLER A. LANG K. LEWIS A. PIKE W. SCHUH M. C. TROSTER A. H. U'r'1' J. Wmss K. WILSON M. C. Tnos'mn M ana gcr Tu-o Hundred Fifly x I V 4 I QI f.v.mMmm.. M.-........-........ n............w ...rm ...N nw-uw.. .-rw.. m.-W...-1:-r ,Y--iw--1 1 ff--,,z::4w,r ,:!i-.nv::.:1xe---,-- -A M..-R-umnm--A: 1- 2 2 5 5 s E s S E i E 5 5 5 i 1? 3 I Z i s i a 1. I S ii 5 E fs Q 1 E ll it Q THE vrwsnrv' 11.1.10 6 inches. Chet Kreidler also showed up very well by winning the broad jump at 21 feet, 8 inches and placing second in the 120 yard high hurdles and the 220 yard low hurdles. ' The old time rivalry was again shown in the dual meet at Urbana on May 10 between Chicago and Illinois, Illinois winning by the score of 70 to 64. The best event of the meet was when Carroll defeated Feuerstein in the 100 yard dash. Carroll had the race run, but Feuerstein shortened the distance so that Charlie won by only a few inches. Carroll and Kreidler were the best point getters, the former winning three firsts and the latter, one first and two seconds. On June 8, the team journeyed to Chicago for the Annual Outdoor Conference Meet. Illinois placed second in the meet by a score of 26 points topped only by Michigan's 37 1-2 points. Michigan's track men easily deserved the victory, mainly through the efforts of Johnson, Cross, and Sedgewick. Johnson made a new record by winning the broad jump at a distance of 23 feet 11 3-4 inches. Wilson won the javelin throw by heaving the dart 177 feet, 2 1-4 inches. In track events Carroll was the only Illinois man to win a place. Wilson, Weiss, Lang, Kreidler, Pike, and Anderson placed in the field events. Illinois won the hand grenade, the team being composed of Wilson, Foster, Schuh, and Anderson. Kenneth Wilson attained note by being placed on the All-American track team. "Tug" is certainly some heaver of the javelin. When the season was brought to a close it was readily seen that the track team performed in a manner that could be little criticized. In only one meet did Illinois fall below second place and in all dual meets the team placed first. Unknown track athletes were developed. The men showed a willingness to work which helped to make the season satisfactory. j if' This shows Cm-roll winning the 220 yard dash from Feuerstein. Charlie beat him by the width of a breadth of his chest Two Himrlrcd Fifty-one L 2 A L U o 4 THE 'TWENTY' ILLIO Second Annual Indoor Relay Carnival Due to war conditions, the Second Annual Indoor Relay Carnival was not as successful as the First. College teams were all shot to pieces on account of the trouble' in Europe, thus only small teams participated. Michigan was easy the victor with Illinois trailing in second place. Carroll, Lang, and Weiss deserve the credit for placing Illinois in second place, for each man won one first. Illinois is now looking forward to the time when the Third Relay Carnival will be staged. It is the foremost indoor track meet in the West and ranks second in track meets to the Pennsylvania Outdoor Track Games. The results were: ONE MILE RELAY Chicago, lst. Feuerstein, Greene, Annon, Curtis. Illinois, 2nd. Wisconsin, 3rd. H TWO MILE RELAY Chicago, lst. Feuerstein, McCosh, Otis, Kennedy. Michigan, 2nd, Wisconsin, 3rd, FOUR MILE RELAY Chicago, lst. Greene, McCosh, Otis, Cox. Ames, 2nd. Wisconsin, 3rd, ALL AROUND CHAMPIONSHIP Gilfillan, Notre Dame ....................................... 4976 Lang, Illinois. .............. ............ 4 896 FINAL SCORE Michigan ............. ......,... 2 1 Wisconsin .............. ......... 5 Illinois .................... ......... 1 9 Iowa ......................... ........ 3 Chicago ..................... ..... 1 5 Kansas .............. ........ 3 Notre Dame .............. ..... 1 2 Ames ................ ......... 3 Dubuque ................... .... 6 Grinnell .......... ........ 3 INDOOR MEET February 23, South Bend-Dual Meet' Illinois, 43 1!3g Notre Dame, 42 213 March 2, Urbana-Second Annual Indoor Relay Carnival Michigan, 215 Illinois, 195 Chicago, 15. March. 23, Evanston-Indoor Conference Michigan, 42 3 Chicago, 225 Wisconsin, 16 3 Illinois, 10. OUTDOOR May I+, Urbana-Dual Meet Illinois, 70 1!3g Notre Dame, 55 2f3. May 10, Urbana-Dual Meet Illinois, 70g Chicago, 64. May 16, Madison-Dual Meet Illinois, 813 Wisconsin, 62. June 8, Chicago-Outdoor Conference Michigan, 37 1!2g Illinois, 269 Missouri, 24 5 Chicago, 18. I Two Hundred Fifty-two ,, 1 J-I l gl il v s l v W: :Il 1, 1 k E r l r l 1 ? l 9 5 lx rw. 1l'Wff"'v:ff'i"'.l 'FH F, en M Here is Charlie clearing the hurdles. Chet could not leave Carroll all thel honor, so one can see that he is a close second f fav . , X! gl... li X . .ff ' , l Chet was on the team Pike was n fair thrower three years winning a great of the hummer and javelm. rnany Doints in the broad Jump. hurdles and dashes. Two Hundred Fifty-three Captain-elect Carroll is one of the most graceful runners of the conference. Charlie is one of the best dash men in the West. , .. ..........-.-.-......,....,... -.MH-,.. W mf, MM. .U -,,-we s ,...,.... ,.q,1-.Mae-., K. Y-y....,.s.v-.W-.,.,,,.M.-.........,., .. ,... , ,,,. -. .H ...M,.. WW... .W-f...w-..,. ,.......,1--v.----1 ,...-,..............f.f-rm... ...M lm., ....,. f , .,A...,..,...M-..,-.-,.-Q Q , THE "TWENTY' ILLIO This is Al Lang clearing the bar at 11 feet Al is an athlete. He in the broad vault, dashes. high jump. track Here is Lang stepping has competed them off with Charlie. jump, pole hurdles and ui . ' ew 3 ' A u, if 1' , .Nxt 9 ,g ' -. N' gg ., , . A. -r 'ff A .p r A ' Zmfl' Last year was Utt's first time on the team. He per- formed in the high jump and the pole vault. Two Hundred Fifty-four I r' 1 THE "TWEN'1'Y" ILLIO Here is Carroll winning the 100 yard dash from Feuerstein J A R1 P v- 5' , 1 M- -,g I t 5 , , 'b . C ii , ss ! 1 , 4 X v K: ', . A , ,W .4 f - - ' , . g .px . NN ,, iw If , Y ,,. , wx av X -uk KA Q if ' X In Y? Vg -I 5 , . ,sg A . , 4 Gardner a xcertainly been Deuchler isa high jumlber- "Kon" is Bob's running on nanny a long journey. We 0XD00t him to be 21 SCC- mate They traveled togeth. Bob xs a long Tlistance run- ond Webster. er lust spring, DCF. Two H undrcd Fifty-five -1. 'Tr' ...........i"ffi-..4:.,':Lif2:if.'3i1.':'!i'f T H E, T W E N TY " I L LI O -::.":-'-"'..............i'-""r'-We Q i I i 1 i i Weiss was the strong man of the team. He just threw the discuss for one hundred and thirty feet S C 1 Bob is a new man on the This shows that Bob is Weiss certainly did his squad. Great things are ex- second best. share in getting points. He pected of him this year. is feared ns a weight man. Two Hundred Fifty-six - - - Y- YzYi.i..n-,,e::-....,...1-sm --, W - ,WW,-crew.-i..,...i--1--e1:LY 'fe W V-f -r " - g A--jw -'1 - ' " 'W Lzgies ,:,,W: ,A L .... ,--,,- ..,,h .Y Y.. A - WA,---.-f...ssfy..:, new Y , ,..f,..e -----,, 7 ef 1-..........., ...-,. .....,,..... ........., . ................................ ..........1...... ...,. li l l i 1 "A, T H E " 'MAJ' ll NTY " l L Li O . 'i rf ' f 5 5 ' . xf,Qif"P' ' T L 3' A' if 1 ' ' I "Tug" made a name for himself as a javelin throw- cr. He is a :mod soldier because of his ability to make five hits out of five. :A- I fl , ' , 4 , ,V 4 x , 5y1 "" .34 -. . I - 2 I. ling- . Q, ,,, 9, ' Q1 i 9, V .V , ,N .J ,LU ' . ,. V ,Fr nf, ,I "Andy" showed his ability to hit baskets. but he also hit thc grenade 1-imz. Troster served in double Chm-lic capacity as grenade thrower Ollfdislianc fgelglliidlzbleful and track manager. hg is som E ma: 01 Two H undrcd Fifty-seven Two Hundred Fifty-aight J ,M,..,.-,-....,.-, . .....,..-.. .... ..-.... M... 2. -O ..-L.......,..-k. L 1' j 'S 1, 4 '3 "",34:':',::::.:.::.:::7,:::.. T. .T,,aO.,- . 4A TH E, W lr N If-T 4 I! K+ T. T i nil 5, Varsity Basketball Season 1918-1919 N Two JOHNSON HUCHEIT PROUST COLLINS SMITH FLISTCIIEII TAYLOR WILSON INGYVERSISN fcdlilllhlj IVIITTELMAN JONES fC0llClLJ OFFICERS RALPH R. JONES MATT BULLOCK B, A, INGWERSEN Coach Trainer Captain PERSONNEL G. C. BUCHEIT, Guard W- K- KOPP, Guard W. R. B. S. COLLINS, Foo'wcw'cl H. FLETCHER, Forwrwd A. INGWERSEN, Guard T. JOHNSON, F07"Il1fL7'd H141 ' N N' - . ,,...,...-, ......u-ummm. zdrcd Fifty-nine B. E. MITTELMAN, Forzvard J. S. PROBST, Center D. W. SMITH, F'o1'wm'd K. L. WILSON, Center , .,.,.. F.-I , f..m,...m..v1-11m..-,..-,f.-.-.1.-,.W..- .W V. -A.. .wI:1v..,,w.... ' ""' "' , . ..I.......H.w .p-.:.av...........- --L ...., ,... ..........I..- - .ummf,.,-1-.-.-A..w.- I.. fr, 'Q VT H E U T W E N U I.: O .,,L...:1 ,"' 1,217 ,, , ' IIT? Varsity Basketball CONFERENCE GAMES Illinois ...,... ............... Illinois ....... ..... Illinois ...,... ..... Illinois ......,. ..... Illinois ...,.... .,... 13 25 25 17 27 Illinois ,...... ...., 1 2 Illinois ........ ..... 1 6 Illinois ........ ..... 2 5 Illinois ........ ..... 1 5 Illinois ......,. ...,. 1 5 Illinois .,..,.., ..,.. 9 18 Illinois .................. .......... Total score ....... ..,....... 2 17 Purdue ...,.,.. ....... Ohio ...................... ...... Wisconsin ....... .,..... Minnesota ..,,... ,,,4,, Michigan ........., ...... 16 20 15 36 23 Chlcago ............. .,,,,, 1 7 Wisconsin ....... ,,,,,, 1 4 Purdue ......., ,,,,,, 1 7 Chicago ........ ,.,,.. 1 7 Ohio ..........,.......,.., .,,,,, 3 2 Minnesota ....... ,.,,,, 2 5 Michigan .,.....,.. ,,,,., 1 8 Opponents ......,. . ..,....... 251 To have the Gym Annex back for basketball sftcr nearly two yem:'s use by thc United States School of Military Aeronautics was a boon to His Majesty-the Illinois Fan. fPicture snapped at the close of the Minnesota gameb. Two Ilundrcd Sixty 4 l 1 .. -I W--- ---, ..e,, ,Haw 1c,, WJ. 5 ,THE UTWENW' 11.1.10 rf' 'lille ' 1l" l mllllulfmt KET 15 ul 1 "" 1 1 1 M ,f o 'I ' l li o The Season H Amid a season beset with reverses and numerous complete upsets of the dope bucket, Illini basket men finished in fifth place in the Conference race. Prospects at the inauguration of the season appeared good for a winning combination with Captain Burt Ingwersen, Mit- telman, Probst, and Taylor, veterans of the 1918 team, reporting for duty. And when Wilson returned and came out for the team, Illini stock took a big boost. Contrary to expectations, however, the season developed into a sort of "one for 'me and one for you" affair. Losing a game, winning the next, losing one, l and then winning one with remarkable regularity was 1 the trend of affairs throughout the season. Strange? But true. G And with the exception of the Gophers, other Big Ten flves appeared to be the strongest combinations from the outset. Authorities predicted a tie for the title between the Maroons and the Northmen. But Northwestern turned the trick on their neighbors by a margin of two points in Chicago's next to the last game. And then Pat Page's men made an inglorious ending by permitting Wisconsin, one of the weakest teams in the Conference to defeat them 25 to 15, thus giving Minnesota a clear title to the championship. The seemingly weak teams were the bugbears of the entire season. Wisconsin defeating Chicago, Iowa taking the measure of Northwestern, and Purdue and Ohio State defeating the Indians. Never -was a Conference season so erratic and so seemingly inconsistent with the logical results. Because of the S. A. T. C., Illinois got off to a late start, having no games before Christmas. The team returned to the camp the next day after Christmas for practice, however, and found that the Great Lakes Naval Station had stationed their Wonder Five at Jones' disposal for training. The sailor five was composed of such men as John Felmley, ex-'18, forward on Jones' Conference champs in 1916-1917, Bill Chandler, center on Wisconsin's Big Ten champs in 1918 and member of the All-Conference selection, Bill Johnson, a forward on the great I. A. C. team of Chicago and one of the country's greatest basketball artists, etc. The training received was invaluable to Jones' five. In the exhibition game on Friday night after the return of the students, Great Lakes was lucky to win 28-26 and only did so by a phenomenal shot by Johnson Two Hundred Sixty-one - . . . -1- ll K ' " W"""'i"""fQ.'fl'Qflg,' 3 Qi 111, " 3'Q9Q,l1.i'iiilx"' ll.ll..lO "'.2::...,""'..'T3T.:t:::.t:?::::1:4::t... ,....,....,U 1, just fifteen seconds before the end of the game. Felmley was the Great Lakes star. Ralph Fletcher was the Orange and Blue shining light with seven field goals and two free throws. ' Millikin was next on the Illinois card and the Decaturites were sent home under the sting of a 37-17 defeat. Illinois fans were encouraged and thought they had some embryonic champs, but the story was not yet told. Purdue greeted Illinois here with a terrific burst of speed throughout the game and won the first Conference game 19-16. Tilson with his keen eye for the basket got the Illini j inx to working and the victory went back to Lafayette. But Illinois retrieved herself with a 25-20 win over the Buckeyes. The game was rough. Fouls were in vogue, slugging was frequent, thrills were plenteous, all adding to the excitement of the contest. Jones had a five man team on defense, offense, and team work that night. Feeling haughty Jones took his family and started on the northern invasion. The first stopover was Madison. Flashing into machine-like form, the Orange and Blue defeated the erstwhile Conference champs 25-15. Led by Shorty Smith and Tug Wilson, the Indians swung a punch into the Badger five which swept them off their feet. Here Tug Wilson established his name in Conference circles with six field goals and five free throws to his credit. But at Minnesota, it was a different story. Merely the name, "Minnesota", has become a rather formidable expression to Illinois teams. The game was swift and clean througho-ut, but a run of baskets in the second half put the game safely on the Minnesota shelf, the final score being 36-17. Captain Ingwersen was the only man who could consistently match and overthrow the Gopher attack, while Wilson and Taylor were the chief scoring factors. With two wins and two defeats, it was time for another victory. The Indians journeyed to Ann Arbor for the Hrst Illini-Wolverine game in years and put on a real exhibition of basketball for the throng of Maize and Blue fans, defeating the five across the lake, 23-17. F 1 Burt Ingwerscn. captain and guard. Burt was Tug Wilson, the rangy center. It was Tug's one of the scranpicst players in the Big Ten. favorite snort to toss a field goal, when points were needed. He led the team in scoring. Two Hundred Sixty-two 7" -- -- - - 11 - ff- if --1---V. 1 - 'H - . ..... f .....v...-V--1, tm..- ...M . f " 'Q' 2'-1' if " yy, iii 5 F ' i E IAN! Y.....:f..g,A,, ,. W . ,,,,,,,M,,,,nM,W,. ,,.. 1 1 a fs.: . . . .. . -- 4 With the victory over Michigan, according to the schedule, fate decreed another defeat. The Indians met the Maroons at Bartlett Gymnasium in the next contest. It developed into a rough clash, but Chicago had the edge in scoring and guarding. The Maroons forged ahead in the first few minutes of play, although every point represented much hard struggling over the iioor. Illinois failed on numerous shots in this time. The first half ended 11 to 7 for Pag'e's proteges. The second half was a rough and tumble period, with Illini forcing the issue and Chicago defending in brilliant fashion. The final count was 17 to 12 for the Maroons. Time for a victory. Wisconsin came to Urbana with a greatly bolstered up team, but lost 16-14. The Illini led all the way, although the Badgers made a desperate finish climbing up to within one field goal of tieing the score. The Boilermakers at Lafayette were the next opponents, the Indians defeating them 25-17 in a brilliant game. Here the best teamwork of the year was displayed. But we'd had two victories and by past performances, two defeats in succession were due. Ohio administered the first of the couple to the tune of 32-15 at Columbus on Monday night after the Purdue game. The old fault of poor basket shooting was evident in this co-ntest, the Buckeyes holding the Illini forwards to two baskets in the game, most of the points coming from foul goals. Weltner and Nemecek were the Ohio heroes. Chicago was next in order, copping the game at Urbana by a two point margin. The scrappy Indians outfought the Maroons throughout the game, but a number of long weird Chicago baskets cost Jones the game. The teams were never separated by more than four points, Illinois leading at half time 10-9. When the Minnesota team trotted out on the iioor at the Gym Annex for the return game, it didn't look so formidable, but it was perhaps the fastest and smoothest working team ever seen in action on the Illini fioor. Illinois fought hard to keep the score down, but were unable to break through the strong defense, which Dr. Cook's men had concocted. The Illini were troubled with the old jinx of being ,film 'W 7 A Mittelmnn kept all opponents guessing with his This was Puul's second year on the fi c H' dribbling and clever passing. eye for the basket was often uncanny' V ' is Two llundrcd Sixty-thrcc . Q T1-115: 'TWENTY' 11.1.10 - unable to hit the basket for scores, Mittelman contributed the sole basket. Wilson, Kopp, and Mittelman shone for the Orange and Blue. Wilson was a strong man on defense and was always on hand to break up the Gopher plays. Kopp and Mittelman each played a scrappy game and had Cook's men worried much of the time. The final score was 20-9. Michigan came to Urbana for the final game March 10 and they came for revenge. They got it. Though never far behind the victors and having the score tied once during the second half, Illinois displayed a remarkable lack of teamwork and inability to hit the basket. This undoubtedly lost them the game. But Illinois fans were content-they always are. Illinois teams always fight to the last and what more can be asked of any team. One of the pleasant things of the season was the return of the Gym Annex for basketball games after the demobilization of the School of Military Aeronautics. Another was the introduction of an Illinois Union Jazz Band at the last three games. It kept the crowd in good humor and proved more satisfactory for such purposes than the regular University band. Captain Burt Ingwersen and Tug Wilson were the only men who played in every game. Ingwersen played the same consistent, smashing game throughout the season as he did last year, and was a creditable leader for the Orange and Blue. Wilson regularly controlled the ball at center, was always on hand to breakl nip opponents plays, and was the heaviest scoring man on the team, making a total of 100 points during the season. To Mittelman, Ralph Fletcher, Paul Taylor, and Bill Kopp must also go much credit for the five's showing in the race. With Mittelman the only man to graduate and with the best freshmen varsity five in years, next year's team should be a great one. Known as "Zuppke's All-Stars" the frosh were practically as strong as the average Conference team. Surely with such men as Carney, Walquist, Sabo, and Crangle available from the yearlings in addition to the veterans, next season's team should be a winner. Wait and see. Ralph Fletcher jumped to prominence in the Here we see Bill Kopp, captain-elect of the Great Lakes battle with 7 baskets and two free 1919 football team. He can also play basketball. throws to his credit. Two Hundred Sixty-four B' 1 L 7 , THE UTWENTY' 1LL1Q h QT- r""N N I Bin' George Bucheit played xx smashing game Shorty Smith, the smallest player in the Confer- against Purdue. taking the ball from center and ence gave many guards considerable worry. executing nice floor work. i' Syvcdc Johnston. threw .a scgre into Minnesota Collins with a little more experience will develop dui-mg: the lust half by his quick floor work. into a valuable man for any coach. Two Ilundrcd Sixty-five SLP Q TH E1 "TWENTY"1LLIO j M1510 I YOU Cm5Tbecil'4C12fl'ef nocomb m al jpirH'OfQgQVapi177l W or ccamg u p , v I W "1 " I r, '., 'E i 134 B ' ' db, , 3 'F ' --' '-- I-31 ' uh' 7 1f"Q+f55fF if ' f m"'?9 1 mg f' l rua F I X 1 1 u U THE "'rwEN'rY" ILLIO f ai, Freshmen Varsity Football CLASS OF 1922 b CLARK qMg1-.J conmsn scuuum mzAnsnAw sMx'm fMgr.H mrsoza BAKKE courcms masnax womc BLUTIIARDT SCHUETTNER fCoaehJ LvnnoN UAILEY 'muon GROAT vocm, IELLY PERSONNEL Two VOGEL, End LYDDON, Tackle BAKKE, Guard TABOR, Center BLUTHARDT, Guard COUTCHIE, Quarterback BAILEY, Fullback H undrcd Sixty-seven A. J. SCHUETTNER, Coach I LYDDON, Tackle GROAT, End DYSON, End WoLK, Halfback BRADSHAW, Halfback SCHULER, Quarterback DEEREN, Fullback AW L,.5.x:N:L.3,L.,L , n,4.. Fm ..,,,. -my W nw fig?-,F md yi si it ' HJLQKU iW"""""',..................m.....,."'-""""'t',..,... H' Na ,f-MN-1--ff-i---- --wlv- -W --I f ,: bgfiiiawm-A M M-mm' ?? Freshmen Varsity Baseball .CLASS OF 1921 I K I . 5 E JN I' DIEIIL IIEEKMAN IIEGAN JOHNSON ZATUNAS CARTER MC LAUGH LIN LUMMIS ARRASMITH DORRETTI BARBER ACKERMAN KETZLER COUTCI-IIE MORGAN RAISE!! FRESHMEN VARSITY BASEBALL 1918 RALPH R. JONES,' Coach PERSONNEL LUMMIS, First base HEGAN, Right field COUTCHIE, Second Base KAISER, Catcher DORRETTI, Third base ARRASMITH, Pitcher DIEHL, Shortstop MCLAUGHLINN, Pitcher J BARBER, Left field JOHNSON, Pitcher ZATUNAS, Center field BEEKMAN, Pitcher E! Two Hmlrlrerl Sixty-eight 5imq,M,,w,,,,m,mM,,m,,m,,,,r,,,K,,e,,,,W,,.., e-,.,e,L, ,- L,,e,,, - A A e,.,..,L..,,,. uw. ,w,N..,,,m.s,.s..,,.,...i..,mw., ,-r..,..,. ...,. ,.. M h,...w..M.. M, M , ,7y,74,f'fff,f4QxiflifggmvOmwmf ,4 , xv E ze A :ra F. wr .Lain H H a ,-,rm A A , L.. .,., ,. Freshmen Varsity Basketball CLASS OF 1922 H'-"ww : - 1X 11 ,L r ....r-....,,..,., Two in er ,. i L K r 3 JACOBSON TAIIOR VOGEI. CRANGFIL CARNEY VVALQUIST TAYLOR OLTZ YOUNG CIIAMISERLAIN EATON AITKIN NELSON DRYFUS ARNOLD f JACOBSON, Guard TABOR, Forward VOGEL, Guard CRANGEL, Forward CARNEY, Forward WALQUIST, Guard TAYLOR, Guard Hundred Sixty-nine PERSONNEL ROBERT C. ZUPPKE, Coach OLTZ, Guard YOUNG, Center CHAMBERLAIN, Center EATON, Guard AITKIN, Forward NELSON, Forward DRYFUS, Forward ARNOLD, Forward Q 5 , L '4 3 1 2. 5 75 .,,.....,' up ,,,.f,1.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,f.,.. .... vm,,.,a........N..,,.,,, 1 MM, ..,W,..rf,.. .ww-v.,,.,.,M M-'1-www. W. , ..,.,,.,...1 w f ,.:.,',. ... wx., ,f..,..-W,..M,.. -., ,.,.,.,, Y: 1, an , W, ,,. f r ...H .-.rmv L fam, an-.r 1 ab J. -.ul . 1 fl, 4 L, 4, r 4 s, 5, L , LI ., in A gd Z w ,Q ,, 5 el k Q w 3 I2 ii .1 1 1 is .ff 1 THE 'TwENTY" ILLIO j Freshman Varsity Track CLASS OF 1921 Where thc f1'cshmcn,t1'ained-one of the prrcntcst indoor tracks in the countxy PERSONNEL t H. L. GILL, Coach WALTER BLOUNT S. L. BROWN G. C. BUCHEIT G. R. CASKEY D. FIELDS F. I. KEYSER H. N. EWING EARL LEMENAGER G. L. CHANDLER H. A. LIFENDAHL M. J. MILLS C. V. MITTON G. C. NEWTON W. PAPPMEIER J. P. TEDFORD R. A. THOMPSON K. E. WILLIAMSON Two Hundred Seventy L 1 U +ve P ??I7I'i:m775i57ENTW ILLIO S. A. T. C. Football X Lily at ,f lazy, l HEIDEMAN fMH1'.H LOVE SCHROCK GOFF LT. NIPPERT IIESS LAVELLE TRENKLE LT. SILER MYERS GLOTFELTY ESSLINGER Jl NZ MESKAN KORALESLAN THOMAN MIDDLETON CONKLIN LYONS MC CORMACK DOOLEN SIMONIN ERDMAN DICKENSON fCI111f., TROWBRIDGE PATTISON CARUSE 1 COMPANY THREE CHAMPIONS OF THE S. A. T. C PERSONNEL V Lieutenant J. S. NIPPERT, Coach IWICCORMACK, Tackle KORALESLAN, Center DOOLEN, Tackle THOMAN, Center SIMONIN, Guard IVIIDDLETON, Fullback ERDMAN, Center CONKLIN, End DICKENSON, Quarterback LYoNs, Halfback TROWBRIDGE, Tackle Lovm, Halfback PATTISON, End SCHROCK, End CARUSE, Quarterback GOFF, End ESSLINGER, Halfback HESS, F1-lllback JENZ, Tackle LAVELLE, Halfback MESKAN, Guard TRENKLE, Guard ' ' MYERS, Tackle Two Hundred swam,-one 1 sf..- Intra-Mural Basketball EGYPTIAN DEITIES -Champions of thc Indcponflvnt of the Tournament S'l'I'1l N Sl I Y BRUC xi G.xlclu4'r1' STOIKCKMAN ADAMS IRIS- I"rntc1'niLy Champions und Winnvrs of thu Tournxununt NM' n. W. HMl'l'IIf1W!ll'.J li. SMITH COPE IIUNSUOMIK NAND! NVA'l"I'S 'l'llII'l' Two Ilzuldrcd Scz'c11Ly-two Intra-Mural Athletics With the war at its height and the S. A. T. C. in full sway, inter-class athletics to the layman would have been a thing of the past, but not so to Coach Ed. J. Manley. The classes were so badly broken up that 1 operation on the usual scale was not feasible, so he worked out a plan of intra-mural athletics, which became decidedly superior to the old system in both interest and number of men participating. For the kickoff, an inter-company S. A. T. C. football tournament was inaugurated. A series o-f eight games were played each Sunday afternoon, two to three thousand spectators attending each one. Companies 3 and 6 came through to the finals with the highest averages and played for the championship on Illinois Field, the former company defeating its opponent by a small margin. The S. A. T. C. was demobilized shortly afterwards, but the two upperclasses I I INTER-FrcA'1'EnN1TY BASEBALL CHAMPIONS were still depleted by the war conditions that resumption of interclass athletics were lmpractlcable. Meanwhile Cliff Barnes had been elected Intra-Mural Athletics Manager, so he and Coach Manley again came to the front with the proposal of a great basketball tournament. This proved to be the feature of the year. Two leagues were organized, one of fraternities, and one of independents. A total of more than fifty teams were entered. Much interest was evinced throughout the tournament. Iris and the Egyp- tian Deities were the winners of their leagues and the former won the right to the championship in an overtime contest with the Egyptian Deities five. Intra-mural swimming meets, track meets, and a baseball. tournament are yet to be held. And so the interest grows keener and keener and the system ap- proaches the ideal of collegiate athletics with the greater numbers of participants. Surely the restoration of Illinois spirit to its pre-war scale is greatly accelerated by such contests. Two I1lHlllI't'll Scv1'1zt11-tlircc A Q THE " 'rv7ENT1?" 11.11510 Q 'Cn -hm TE 460.112 ffiffnejzazffz? Evzrybodyb 4760411 I mfg. m 0 P06 M V!! 1.5 A 5 ,gy 'X w, N-' x u Q. K J ! l 1 d S if T 4 J wgwuf HQ f l C-L , STHE "'rwENTY" ILLIO 1 Pan Hellenic Council Delta Tau Delta RALPH MORDUE HENRY DU PLAN Sigma Chi WILLIAM L. THOMPSON CHESTER W. CLEVELAND Kappa Sigma JOHN C. CORMACK WILLIAM J. CARTHOUSE Phi Kappa Sigma ROBERT W. LORENTZ Phi Delta Theta PHILIP L. GILMORE GORDON BILDERBACK Alpha Tau Omega GEORGE W, FREDE HOWARD H. COOK ' Phi Gamma Delta C. E. LOVEJOY, JR. . JOHN H. POWELL, JR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon GREENE S. FITZHUGH WILSON P. ARMSTRONG Beta Theta Pi RAY CAMERON , GEORGE H. MUGGE Sigma Nu JOHN B. MALLERS RODNEY SPANGLER Phi Kappa Psi CLIFFORD HOWE BURTON INGWERSEN Delta Kappa Epsilon JOHN INGWERSEN Delta Upsilon RICHARD H. MUELLER KENNETH L. WILSON Theta Delta Chi , MERLE E. NOBLE PHILIP S. WESTCOTT Zeta Psi GALEN V. KNIGHT ' CHALMER C. TAYLOR Phi Sigma Kappa RALPH O. METZLER ROBERT REINACK Alpha Delta Phi FAIRCHILD DOTY ROBERT TUTWILER Chi Psi , WAYNE R. BENNETT Chi Phi THOMAS KENNEDY KENNETH CLARK Two Hundred Seventy-five Established 1.911 Alpha Sigma Phi HOWARD RYAN WILLIAM KOPP Acacia WILLIS H. DOERSCHER WILFRED A. DIESEL Sigma Pi RAYMOND BRITT LEROY FOSS, JR. Tau Kappa Epsilon ROY ERDMAN FRANK GORDON Phi Kappa CLARENCE BONNEN JOHN O. MEDER Theta Chi HUGH BROCK CLARENCE KEEHNER Alpha Chi Rho FRANK R. CLARKE ROBERT W. LILLEY Beta Phi MAURICE R. RANSFOLD OLIVER S. BARKLAGE Alpha Gamma Rho MELVILLE CRANDALL Sigma Phi Epsilon ROY T. ANDERSON ARTHUR H. GOTTSOHALK Pi Kappa Alpha DAVID A. WARFORD SIDNEY PETERSON Phi Kappa Tau DOREN E. REA Acanthus HENRY B. HESEMAN ROBERT W. LAMRERT Ilus FREDERICK KALTHOEI-' EVART STRAWBRIDGE Ifris AMOS H. WATTS RUSSELL H. MORRISON Chi Beta RUSSELL COOK CHARLES SCHUH Pi Pi Rho HAROLD JOHNSON GERALD LOPQUIST Beta Upsilon W. FLOYD KEEPERS ELMER G. STALEY 3 4,--W.-umm f A I .,,,,, '1 '- - HAI , x , Delta Tau Delta ' Founded at Bethany College 1859 , Sixty-One Chapters , Established at Illinois 1872 ' BETA UPSILON CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE KENDRIC CHARLES BABCOCK, Ph.D. EUGENE DAVENPORT, LL.D. IRA OSBORN BAKER, D.Eng. PHINEAS FACULTY ' MARTIN JOHN PRUOHA, Ph.D. FRANK FOOTIT, A.B. FRANK SMITH, A.M. GEORGE Foss SCHWARTZ, Mus.B. EDGAR JEROME TOWNSEND, Ph.D. LAWRENCE WINDSOR, Ph.D. . MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY , A Graduate EDWIN LYNN COVEY, A.B. Seniors ROBERT KEITH HOSKINS RALPH MORDUE LEWIS BERNARD PAGIN HENRY BRACKMAN DUPLAN ELLIOTT EUGENE FOsTER WELLINGTON WHITAKER SCOTT GEORGE MELLIN SIEMENS RALPH LEWIS LANGDON JOSEPH STRONG MCKEEN THOMAS MCKEEVER WILLIAM RUFFLE ROOT MERVIN FRANKLIN COTES EDWARD RYAN - GEORGE CURRAN DOBSON Juniors WILLIAM FRANK PERCIVAL MYRON LESTER REES CHARLES JESsE DAVIS GEORGE CLIFFORD BUCHHEIT Sophonzores ' CHARLES BAYARD JOHNSON ROBERT FILLMORE LOVETT JOHN SHADD PRESCOTT YVALTER C. KOHN Freshmen ALBERT NEL CARL ATWOOD HAROLD EUGENE WHITNEY ASI-ILEIGH .WOODRUFE BRITTAIN WILSON COOK SMITHERS MORRIS N. HUGHES DONALD MCCLURE PATTISON SON Two H undrcd Seventy-six -O4 -I T. FI -5 EI U1 Z '-I fl F2 51 CA. 'TI I l. :N TI L2 J Ei, I 'N I Ju ER Y Delta Tau Delta E? 4 a I fe 551 ff f V1 4" ' ,wi .QM wgs -vi Wk x, J Ha ': is Ti ,Qu . ,N A. ff 191 T? Q1 Hi 4:1 fi E15 ww "H I : FOSTER KOIIN IIUGIHCS VANKIIIK MCKICICYER SMl'l'lll-IRS COTICS WHITNEY MC KICICN ATWOOII I'A'I"l'ISON ROOT IXIEITTAIN MORSI-I RYAN SIICMICNS LOVICTT IIOHSON LANLTM IXUCHI-TIT 1'llIiSCO'l'T SCOTT JOHNSON IIAYIS RICICS Ill? PLAN MORDUIQ COYI-IX' PAGIN IIOSIUNS PICRCIYAL Two Ilunllrccl Sf'm'r1t11-seven I 7 ITHE. "TWENTY" ILLiEf"f if Sigma Chi Founded at Miami University 1855 Seventy-One Chapters Established at Illinois 1881 KAPPA KAPPA CHAPTER I MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY CHARLES Russ RICHARDS, M.E. JAMES BRYNE SHAW, D.S. DAVID HOBART CARNAHAN, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY - Seniors V WILLIAM LEWIS THOMPSON X ROBERT LEE SCHUESSLER WILBUR MAXWELL CARTER TOM LEEMING HAROLD EUGENE HAYWARD JOHN XENOPHON KING Juniors CHESTER WILSON CLEVELAND CHESTER ANTHONY B'AIRD CHARLES KROME BOESCHENSTEIN ROLAND MORTON POEHLMAN JAMES WHITNEY LEEMING JACK LOWITZ WILLIAM IRVIN POSTON HAROLD G. BAKER Sophomores GEORGE ELLSWORTH MILNER RUSSEL K. YOUNG MASON STARRING LEEMING JOHN SOL MCDAVID RANDOLPH HUNDLEY BARNARD LESTER CREws EDWARDS WARREN ROBERTS HOUGH Freshmen JOHN BROWNLEE FREDERICKSON ROBERT WATT RICHARDS EvAN B. STRAUss PAUL GAYLORD MOFEETT ROSWELL W. THOMAS DONALD HEARD YOUNGS OLIVER M. BARR, Jr. GEORGE G. GILBERT, Jr. WILLIAM C. MUNGER WILLIAM MILLER PARKES FRED ALBERSHARDT JACK ALBERSHARDT WALLACE D. POSEY LOWELL STORMONT q LEONARD G. HUNT WADE F. WOLK Two Hundred Seven tu-eight f .er - - II L 9 THE:"TwEN'rY"1LL1oR'R xirhiiglz sigma chi RICHARDS THOMAS YOUNG PARKICS FREDHIIICKSON F. ALIXIEIRSIIARDT STIKAUSS M. LEHMING BARR MUNGER J. ALIHCRSIIARDT STOILMONT 'MOFFETT HUNT POS!-:Y MC DAVID RAIINARD MILNER J. LICEMING IIAIRD EDWARDS ROICSCIIICNSTEIN YOUNG POIGIILMAN X CARTER IIAYNVARH SCIIUESSLICR T. LICICMING THOMPSON Cl.ICV1'II.AND POSTON LOWITZ Two Hundred Seventy-nine + +- J We O THE "TWENTY" ILLIO ,'2fsPf'z '-"f5'fEf's I A V . , if - Kappa Sigma - Founded at the University of Virginia 1867 Eighty-Five Chapters . Established at Illinois 1891 ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER ' MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY GEORGE A. HUEE HERBERT F. MOORE, M.S. ERNEST W. BAILEY, M.S. CHARLES E. BRADBURY, Ph.D. HERBERT E. EASTLACK, Ph.D. FLOYD W. MOHLMAN, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate FRANK WALTER OLIN, M.E. K Seniors JOSEPH CLARENCE CORMACK HARRY HENDERSON CHAPMAN HARRY LOUIS KIRKPATRICK Juniors ALFRED CLARENCE THOMAS WALTER SACK MUELLER ANDREW BURKLEY GWINN ROGER MILLS DAWSON ERNEST JAMES SKELLEY 4 WILLIAM J. CARTHAUS CHARLES WILLIAM RODEWALD V Sophornores' HERMAN LEONARD BUEHLER PAUL CECIL BAUJAN DENZIL MAURICE HOLLINGSWORTH OSCAR FDMOND SCHOEFFLER GEORGE BAILLIE SPRINGSTON HENRY LOUIS BEEKMAN HARRY LOUIS BEEKMAN I- Freshmen ALBERT EMIL HAMMERSTEIN RAY LYMAN POWERS MARTIN EDWARD NELSON - GORDON FISKE MCGINNIS ARTHUR FRANK SCHUMACHER RICHARD JACKSON HILL EUGENE ALLEN EVANS FRED FRANK GEISS RALPH RUSSEL TAYLOR Two Hundred Eighty I CL I A u Kappa Sigma 'IOIYHWMH scuumacmcn HILL omx IIAMMERSTEIN Nmsox Hmm-ATMCK cmss muxxs liEl'll um IIOLLINGSWORTII Mc umxxs powlms 'ruozvms 1mv.mN SCIIOEFFLICR lr. 1u':x:KMAN mwsox H. lmuclcmm: sl-mxus'roN uwxxx c,urr11.xUs cu,w1v1,xN co1:M.xc1c MU:-:men s1uu.1.x' Two Iluoldrvd Eighty-on v KIMBALL LADD NEAL 7 THE. "TWENTY" ILLIO f I Y I INA 1 4 Ei 5 5 Phi Kappa Sigma Founded at the University of Pennsylvania 1850 Twenty-Nine Chapteizrs Established at Illinois 1892 RHO CHAPTER - MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY . ARTHUR ROBERT CRATHORNE, Ph.D. ARTHUR CUTTS WILLARD, B.S., Ph.D. JOHN WILLIAMS DAVIS, B.S. CHRIS SIMEON RHODE, B.S. ' MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ROBERT WILLIAM LORENTZ JOHN KEENEY MCDOWELL HAROLD FLEMING COPE ' Sophomores MALCOLM VREELAND BURTON HOWARD HARBIN RATH JAMES BRYANT MASON THOMAS MORGAN BEAUMONT l Freshmen VERNON DENSMORE PEIRCE MELVIN CARL CARLSON EDGAR LEE DOYLE WILLIAM KENNETH SPENCE CARL FREDERICK HARMS GEORGE AUGUST HARTUNG ARTHUR SIMON CI-IABOT JOHN WALTER TAFFE I FRANCIS NEWELL GRINNELL ARTHUR CARL FOERSTER I ROY MILLER BELNAP ARTHUR BURNAM DURHAM FRANCIS MERRILL BEATTY SAMUEL KENDALL GIBSON Two Hundred Eightu-tum L, 3 , i I ', T HE "TwEEjrYTTxTL15 Phi Kappa Sigma nmvrwr nummm CARLSON svlmcxa novua IIAIIMS TA, I D clmnor 1-nmclz c:n1NNm.1, 1-mnruxu NEAL MWA? MAsoN nmumom' xwrxr nunfox coma Mc now: LL lump,-fy Two Hundred Eighty-three +a r f a i , .3 . 7 'ZZQAYQQQI A F 5' A TH Ei "TWENTY" ILLID , 1 I 'Y' , u Phi Delta Theta Founded at Mifmzi Uni2Ie'rs'ity 1848 Eighty-Six Chapters Established at Illinois 1893 ILLINOIS ETA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY I EVARTS BOUTELL GREENE, Ph.D. WILLIAM ABBOTT OLDFATHER, Ph.D. FRANK WALDBRIDGE DEWOLF, A.M. WARREN ALBERT RUTH, A.M. JUSTA MORRIS LINDGREN, A.M. HERBERT KNIGHT DENNIS, A.M. NEIL CONWELL BROOKS, Ph.D. HARRISON EDWARD CUNNINGHAM, B.S. JOEL STEBBINS, Ph.D. GUY MONTROSE WHIPPLE, Ph.D. GEORGE PHILIP TUTTLE, Jr., B.S. MEMBERS IN. THE UNIVERSITY Seniors REA L. EATON NELSON R. THOMAS PHILIP L. GILMORE HARRY ROWLAND RATHBUN Juniors JOHN ARTHUR BURKE GORDON BUTLER BILDERBACK ANGUS DONALD MOLEAN HALLAS OSTROM WILBUR DEWEY WEDGE ' ' Sophomofrcs NILES BAINBRIDGE SMITH JOHN MILN MITCHELL BURLEIGH SEYMOUR ' FRANK KERN ROBESON WERNER FREDERIC VON BINZER CLETUS JAMES BOODEL RALPH JOSEPH MILLS I Ffreshmen JAMES WEAR MACDONALD ALBERT EARNEST WUESTEMAN HENRY VON PUHL BLOCK JOHN FLANIGAN FRED DWIGHT BENNITT HERBERT MINER KENNY JOSEPH CHRISTY WALKER DONOVAN LONG TAzE HARRY WILLIAM KELLY - BOYD WILLARD BULLOGK WILLIAM SCHURTZ ' Tu-o Hzmdrvd Eighty-four Lg:-, 1 as if SIZE' Y 'I' -va' 'JF lj 1 FJ!- Phi I Delta Theta vox mxzmz wAl.1u-:n snunrz 1vmL nomu n an Ymoun maNN1'r'r A1.mxANmm ROIHHSON 'mzn ww su M XXI 'I mph Mu.1,s KENNY MI'l'ClllCl.l. smmr mam x in mn IIAN .MN uoonm, ulmaorm Mm: mms oswnom uunma wx nc.: nu m llllAClx 1 MON Two Ilzmdrczl Eighty-jivu 4+ +L- THE "TWENTY"1LLIO llii -...1:A.s,. 3f5ff'+'P3I . - Alpha Tau Omega Founded at Virginia Military Institute 1865 Seventy Chapters Established at 'Illinois 1895 GAMMA ZETA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY DAVID MCFARLAND, Ph.D. PERCY ASH, B.S., C.E. B. SMITH HOPKINS, Ph.D. NATHAN AUSTIN WESTON, Ph.D. PAUL WILLIAM ALLEN, M.S. THOMAS ARKLE CLARK, B.L. SOLOMAN CADY HOLLISTER, BLS. ERNEST REECE, Ph.D. J. J. DIDCOCT, M.A. RODGER ADAMS, Ph.D. HARRY FRANKLIN HARRINOTON, M.A. MEMBERS IN' THE UNIVERSITY GLENN W. FREDE A ELWYN L. SIMMONS HAROLD V. SNYDER DONALD E. RICHARDSON WESLEY K. WETTERGREN STEWART D. DANIELS ROBERT Mc. CANTRELL BRUCE W. JOHNSON DEWEY A. ERICSSON JOHN F. LAWDER STANLEY F. HUSTED ARTHUR A. SQUIER ROBERT A. POWELL I.. Seniors ANDREW H. CHARLES HUGH W. CROSS Juniors HOWARD H. COOK Sophomores I THEODORE E. FROMMANN REUBEN G. CARLSON W. LINCOLN NOELLE GEORGE H. ERERSPAOHER JOHN B. BUTLER WILLIAM BARBER Freshmen REX H. SEILER E. FREEMAN BURR WESLEY C. PRUITT . HAROLD H. CHAPMAN PAUL R. WATKINS Two Hundred Eighty-six 'I i 1.- T IjIEl f'lFWENTY" 1LL1o Alpha Tau Omega PRUITT WATICINS LAWDER SQUIER CHAPMAN SFIILR POWELL BURR EIIERSPAOIIER JOHNSON ERICSSON BUF! FR IIUSTFD NOELLE FROMMANN COOK SNYIJER SIMMONS CANTRLLL RICHARDSON NVFTTFRGRI XI Two Hundred Eighty-seven +- I - -IWW . 4 7 L ' wr I3IfETTwi2I?EIf'1fI?7I'L'i'i'6'm" GTA Phi Gamma Delfa Founded at Jefferson College 18.48 f- I Sixty-One Chapters Established at Illinois 1897 CHI IOTA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY I DAVID KINLEY, Ph.D., LL.D. STEPHEN FORBES, Ph.D., LL.D. JAMES WHITE, BCS. JOHN DETLEFSON, D.Sc. ELMER HOLRROOK, E.M. GEORGE GOODENOUGH, M.E. ARTHUR H. DANIELS, Ph.D. JOHN L. ERB, F.A.G.O. F. C. CRAWSHAW MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 'Juniors W..H. FERGUSON F. W. MEYER J. H. POWELL R. H. ROLAND C. E. LOVEJOY ' E. G. McKAY N. B. WILLIAMS C. G. DUNPHY B. E. DAVIDSON V. B. MARQUIS E. W. ALDERSON V Sophomores X Cl H. SHELLER L. FUNK W. A. LEMENAGER R. THOMPSON J. D. GIBSON W. G. BREWSTER J. F. BOHRER C. E. CARSON L. P. McKAY D. G. WATTS C. D. MOGREGOR Freshmen D. M. ERB R. F. SPIOER J. T. GIBSON G. H. HENRY J. S. POTTER E. D. FUNK A. G. ROAOH A. G. BRADT R. W. TUREMAN P. F. HASSE Two Hundrcd Eighty-eight ,Yi l- Phi Gamma Delta Tu-a lhmdrf-d Eighty-1 SPICER WILLIAMS E. MC KAY XVATTS L. MC KAY DAVIDSON POTTER D. GIBSON IIENRY J. GIBSON llllAll'l' MC GREGOR ROIIRER FERGUSON G. FUNK ROLAND ERB ROACII L. FUNK ALIIERSON SIIEL MEYER. IIASSE LEBIANGER DUNPIIY IIREWSTER TUREMAN POWELL LOYEJOY THOMPSON Nm' A g"sffaImIiEigIvL-fILLIOTQS A Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founded at the University of Alabama 1856 Eighty-Three Chapters Established at Illinois 1898 ILLINOIS BETA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY OSCAR A. LEUTWEILER, M.E. CHARLES M. MCCONN, A.M. WALTER C. COFFEY M.S. HARRY BEATTIE, M.A. EDWARD HARRIS DECKER, A.B., LL.D. 3 EDWARD ARTHUR REECE, A.M. FREDERICK NOBLE EVANS, A.B., M.L.A. ERIC ALLAN DAWSON, M.A. MERTON FORD BANKS, BCS. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Juniors WILBER PRICE ARMSTRONG ERWIN ALBERT KRAMER GREENE SMITH FITZHUGH WILLIAM PAYSON PEARRE CLARENCE EDWIN FREETO CHARLES WEST REEDER I Sophomores GEORGE WILLIAM BRICKWELL ALLAN AMBROSE SIMMONS CHARLES MARIS KERNS GEORGE FERRIS WATSON FREDERICK OTIS HINE Freshmen HUBERT CALL MARION FOWLER COOLEY WILLARD THOMAS CUNNINGHAM ROBERT JOSEPH EEERSOLL RUDOLPH FAGERBURG JAMES KEITH FINLEY ROBERT GARNER GRAHAM FIDELIS ROSEMAN DELBERT LESTER WELLS CLYDE CYRENIUS YOUNG JOSEPH MERLE LYND Tzvo Hundred N inctu Y, v F 'FH E, "TWENTY" I LLZKIPI '.:::z,.."':.:.'-..p',:::::g::: ::g - , . l . , x"-, , wt F vu u ' 'I i Sigma Alpha Epsilon f 'V' f '1",'35" Fnmmo FxN1.m' HINF1 nosE:xrAN nlsranlan coouqy ARMSTRONG FAGERIIURG YOUNG NVELLS lamcnsom CALL CUNNINGIIARI WVATSON SIMMONS IIRICKWELL KRAMER 1f1'1'z1rLm11 Plmnlm 1mnNs nnmmm Two HWld1't'd Ninety-om: P Y w N "f iffzfii TIYLE C. BROWN ,, 'E " , ' W! I ,,J',1 51" ILLJILI j" ,7'?'::r'::z':'::'r:'1:.f.g.l:.:g.:"....."""..."2:4156 I Y R' -A-I I ,I L. L4 1 N 1 ,aff +L . ' , I BON I f k":' ' Beta Theta Pi Founded at Miami Urziwrsity 1839 SIGMA RHO CHAPTER Seventy-Nine Chapters V Established at Illinois 1902 MEMBERS IN THE. FACULTY ARTHUR RAY WARNOCK, A.B. GEORGE MCPHAIL SMITH, Ph.D. WILLIAM SHIRLEY BAYLEY, Ph.D. ELMO SCOTT WATSON, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate WENTW,ORTH C. JACQUIN -'Senior PHILIP N. GOULD Juniors W. RAY CAMERON ALFRED DALLAS HARVEY JOHN M. CREBS, JR. AUSTIN FOX ROBERT P. GARDINER JAMES D. HAVENS JOHN M. NIEHAUS Sophomores EDWIN A. DYSON HERBERT N. EWING HOWARD W. HARMAN PHILIP S. LORD GEORGE M. KLEDER FREDERICK L. TIOKNOR DEAN MEREDITH CLARK JEROME K. FLAHERTY JOHN RUSSEL GREEN JOHN HAWLEY GEORGE HUDSON MUGGE JOSEPH R. PATTON, JR. FOSTER M. POOLE PHILIP G. SIMONS CYRUS B. STEWART ROBERT STREHLOW WILsON Freshmen FRANK J. HORN CHARLES DANA JACOBS EUGENE MILLER MCCOLM SCOTT R. NEGLEY HERBERT B. WHITE Two Ilnmlrcd Ninety-two W . --14.-W ,ff--nR,Y- . I I A ..-.,.. . ..--..-... - - v, .-fY.....-. . - - f r-- . HI. Y ...v. . Beta Theta Pi MG COI.M NICGIJCY WlIl'I'I'I GIIICEN l"I.AlllCl!'l'Y NRO WN CLARK MITGGIC SIMONS l'A'l"l'UN DYSON JACOBS S'l'lil'IllL0 W ICWING TICKNOII LORD WILSON S'I'I'lWAll'l' 14,151.15 CIIICHS CAMI-IRON NIEIIAUS GARIPINER JACQUINA HARVEY 1IAyENs HARMAN Tivo lllmrlrvd Nim'fy-!Izr1'v 'R -,, IfTI4I'E'C"TwE:'I3ITY" ILLIO I " J r Sigma Nu Founded at Virginia Military Institute 1869 Seventy-Nine Chapters Established at I1l1nO1s 1902 GAMMA MU CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY GEORGE W. PICKLES, B.C.E. J. EARL MILLER, A.B.,A M LL B Ph D JOHN A. STEVENSON, A.M. G. W. MCCAUGHEY, B.S GORDON H. WATKINS, A.B., Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY JOHN B. MALLERS RODNEY E. SPANGLER. CHARLES C. RUSSELL MALCOLM H. WATSON WILLIAM B. RUSSELL A Senior REDING RALPH SPEARS Juniors WALTER F. GAST RAYMOND C. WILLIAMS SCOTT J. WILKINSON CLARENCE H. LABIER GLENN E. MISENER Sophomores E DOUGLAS W. STOCKMAN EDWARD B. MALLERS RALPH J. HAGER DONALD B. MURRAY EDWARD B. WINGERT FRANCIS J. QUINN RALPH M. EATON THEODORE H. UTLEY PORTER A. WILKINSON Freshmen HAYs J. ARTER FRED D. ORELUP LEE E. WALKER HAROLD H. GRAHAM IRVIN B. EATON Two Hundred Ninety four 1' - W Y -I 'W I - THE. TWENTY ILLIO ,J S' N V 1 5 I I , P. A. w1I.IcINsoN ORELUI' GRAIIAM WINGERT Arrmn wALIcm: E, n, Mmumg REDING QUINN MURRAY wIm.I,xIvIs J. J. WILKINSON MISENER IIAGER ARZT n. M. EATON U WATSON c. c. nussuu, .I. rs, MALLERS re. EATON SPANGLEN cmsr w. II. nussrsu, LA nmn STOCKIIAM Two Ilzmdw-cd Ninety-five V If E ' g- A- -ff ,1'.i.fZT.1IL'f.,'E5I'1Lf,'l'fff "" . 1.5 -.. .,,Q,QffQ:,,'21',j""',,"b ...nun I. I i, .ug-.11-A A E...f,.....:,,,. I I I1 I E 'I 5 I NI I ll I lx L. ,A A. Il I I li I Lxmh. 3 if I I I S I I I I l .F--I-1--...- "fFWENTY" ILLIO Q A f ..J-Ax, lIPK1I I V wOfg . . 5. R .J j 'wa "uf-41.1 41 ' . I",.4Qr ' . 4. Phi Kappa Psi Founded at Washington and Jejerson College 1852 Forty-Seven Chapters Established at Illinois 1904 1 ILLINOIS DELTA CHAPTER FACULTY MEMBERS IN THE HON. EDMUND J. JAMES, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D. MADISON BENTLEY, Ph.D. AUSTIN HARDINC, B.S. JAMES H. GREEN LEsTER VER NOOY, A.B. FRANK LINCOLN STEVENS, M.S., Ph.D. LOCKWOOD TOWNE, Ph.D., B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLIFFORD HOWE BURTON INGWERSEN DONALD S. BELL PAUL C. MOONEY JOHN T. SWARTZ RICHARD S. O'RILEY A. K. MACMASTER LEO J. MIES WM. K. FORD ALFRED J. BARBORO HAROLD W. WALKER FRANKLIN H. BARTHELL LAURENCE J. AHLSTROM I S eniofrs LLOYDE HUNTER MILTON NORMAN J unions IVAN GOB C. W. HAWLEY LE Sophomores DOUGLAS R. ETHAN -A. JOHNSON NEWELL A. FORD' FAY Freshmen D. T. HAR WILLIAM M. MERCER JOHN W. BRINKERHOI-'F MALCOM C. CATLIN MARTIN HANSEN T. C. MOONEY HOWARD A. EssER ALFRED L. DRAKE F. A. DENCER H. I. MCELDOWNEY RIS Two Hundred Ninety-sin: L:""" Q, 1 ' ..Y,, Adgs-V W, Phi Kappa Psi W- li. l"0l!ll N. A. Forum SWAlK'I'Z ESSICR .JOHNSON 1rn.Alilf1 FAY xv,u,1mn Mc 1cl.n0w'Nm' IIANSON mcxclcn 0'RlI.EY MAC MAs'1'm: Mmcs MILs'rnoM c,vr1,m 111911. uonuc NORMAN IIOWIC lxcwl-znsrcx 11UN'1'lcn lmwmcx' Mooxmf 7"u'o llzmrlrcrl Ninrty-scvrm I7 Q ITHE "TWENTY"1LLIO f 5 ,-" X if . .gy A-.A , T 2-'min 'A Ei...-pl" I 1 fr ' .li-V .Rf I Delta Kappa Epsilon Forty-Three ChapterS Founded at Yale 1844 Established at Illinois 1904 DELTA PI CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY MAURIOE HENRY ROBINSON, MORGAN BROOKS, M.E. DANIEL OTIS BARTO, B.S. Ph.D. A DEAN HENRY W. BALLANTINE, LL.D. ALFRED JOSEPH GUNDERSON, B.S. MYRON ARTHUR MYERS, B.S. ' CHARLES ALTON ELLIS, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Senior WAYNE THOMPSON WHARTON ' Juniors JOHN ARTHUR INGWERSEN JOSEPH SUTTON MOHR CLIFTON WARNER MILLER Sophomores RALPH EMERSON FLETCHER EDMOND LYMON CHILDS ROBERT HARRY FLETCHER PHILIP GREGORY KING JOSEPH CHARLES WILSON, Jr. Freshmen ALBERT WILLIAM T. MOHR HENRY OVIATT REITSCH HAROLD EDGAR CALDWELL RUSSELL FINLEY WHARTON HAROLD BIRCH MCKELVEY MARTIN OWEN MCKEVITT GEORGE WOODRUFF DIEFENDERI-'ER' LAURENOE EVERETTE KLINE SIDNEY POTTER WINTERINGHAM HERBERT ALFRED RUHL THOMAS ROSCOE CONKLIN -RAYMOND ZOLLER HENLE Three Hundred Ninety-eight 1 H ' 1 'F' p a A iii-3f?i'T ffffff 'iii if ifw E N TQ' 'fi Lil 0 11 Delta Kappa Epsilon fs --rx..--,, n,:.,..,--i,a...-f....1-v-5 , , , 1 ,Y -ML -M ' A.1f,r1...f...--H---1. . --M-,.:,, -1 GAIERISON A. MOIII! NYlN'l'l'IlllNGIIAM KLINE CAINVHLI, lc. NYIIARTON MC lilclxm' LARSON IIIICFISNlllilllflill 01111115 INGYVERSEN RILEY ADAMS J. MOIIIE R. IC. FLETCIIICR NY. XYIIARTON R.1!.l"LICTCIIER H Two Ilunrlrctl Ni'nvM1-nine H aa.- A L-. . .w.......... .'L..,.....,....QI.1'TIQ'.Z.TT.L.ZKI.JL.,.. ....,..4I.L..L.Cii.L'.T.I1I2.ILf.1f.l'.fLIIf.,..,.........f. ,,. -.....7.'L'.fm"'..'.f.L'..Z12"TlZIZCl'IIL'LfILZY'.ZTlITl'ITI."...".". ..."":',,"""""""""M""""'1w'f-'--'- .........,a.W. a.,.,,..... ....,,..,, Pl :W 'Zz -ix H 'Li iff-L11il.14fQ5Q?QQiFif5f715'f'5l7Tf"3fi'5? Delta Upsilon Founded at Williams College 1834 Forty-Eight Chapters Established at Illinois 1905 ILLINOIS CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY NEWTON ALoNzo WELLS, M.P. I EDWARD CAREY HAYES, Ph.D. WILLIAM TRELEASE, D.Sc. HERBERT CREEK, Ph.D. GILBERT CADY, Ph.D. BRUCE WILLET BENEDICT, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY RICHARD HENRY MUELLER FRED WARD ALWOOD PHILIP H. DONAHOE HAROLD ALLAN DIEHL PETER HENRY HEINz ELMER WILLIAM MARX HORATIO ALLINGHAM PORTER KENNETH CECIL FURR WILLIAM HENRY RODGERS HERMAN WILLIAM STEIN DONALD O'CONNOR PYKE ROBERT CAREY HAYES J A Seniors Juniors WALTER BROWN REMLEY CHARLES ANDREW ROGERS KENNETH LEON WILSON Sophomofres GEORGE HARRINGTON KILPATRICK THEODORE HOWARD MERRIAM JOHN ARMAND STEINMETZ SIDNEY WADE ELMER ALFRED MUHS Ffreshmen MES MANDEL CARL FREDERICK SOLDWEDEL ALFRED ANDREW KITTO SMITH OSCAR DAVID BLUTHARDT EARL HURST KOUGH LEwIs - Thrcc Hunrlrod ,, Ag:-L I I - J Delta Upsilon 110111111 SMITI1 IIHINZ IIAYI-IS SOLIHVEIYICL 11. 1101115115 MU11S MFDRRIAM STHIN PYKIC 1111111114 NVADIC MARX 1'0R'l'l'21! K11.1'A'1'R1Cli 1.15 WIS 111.11'l'11ARll'1' STICINMETZ FUR!! A. ROGICRS ALWOOII REM HEY I M111iLLl'IR WILSON IIDNOIIOIG Tlzrvc Ilundrrd Om' X 1 A f L 5 vs H a 'F 12 vi 4 1 Q i Q 5 J 9 fi 1 i -1 a 1 3 5 v 5 5 ? 2 3 1 s 5 'A 1, in 'gy S 'E H1 92' 1 U THE "TWENTY" ILLIOL J Acacia Founded at the University of Michigan 190.4 Twenty-Four Chapters Established at Illinois 1906 ILLINOIS CHAPTER , MEMBERS IN T-HE FACULTY WILLIAM LEONIDAS BURLISON, Ph.D. CHARLES FREDERICK HOTTES, Ph.D. JOHN MCBEATH SNODGRASS, B.S. RAY IRIS SHAWL, B.S. FRANCIS MARION PORTER, M.S. PEMBROKE HOLCOMB BROWN, M.A. ' RALPH JONES JOSEPH ALBERT MORROW WERRETT WALLACE CHARTERS, Ph.D. NATHAN CLIFFORD RICKER, D.Arch. HARRY GILBERT PAUL, Ph.D. RALPH KENT HURSH, B.S. LEONARD VAUGHN JAMES, M.S., E.E. ALONZO PLUMSTEAD KRATZ, M.S. LEROY WILSON, ROY HAROLD WILCOX, B.S. ' HONORARY MEMBERS HENRY BERKS ' DELMER DARRAH ISAAC CUTTER WILLIAM MCKINLEY MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates I I I WALTER ELMER EKBLAW, M.S. RALPH GALE, B.S. Seniors EMIL CLINE BENNETT HAROLD HoovER HOLTZMAN WILLIS HARRY DOERSCHER LYMAN KENT DAVIS DAVID JAMES KADYK OSTIN ANGUS STICE GRIFFITH SIDNEY KENNELLEY CRANDALL ZACHARIAH ROSECRANS Juniors WILI-'RED AUGUST DIESEL FRANK HENRY KOEPKE ' ERIC GEORGE ELG Sophomore b ELMER CHARLES CHRISTIAN Three Hundred Two Z sL- W l, Acacia u,u.1c cxmlsu-IAN ELG IIAVIS mm N Ii'l"1' 1ucNNm.m' KOIll'liE umsm. 1c,un'1c uor.'rzMAN coNGl.1c'1'oN ROSECMNS xmowx nwcsu svlcn musmxv uowns SUMVI, w w Q Three llmulrcfl Three L - ,.,,f-4 1- - f , L 7 Q 'TIYE "TWENT'i"' 1141.10 ."Q.uo - mmf - ' OAX. 'I 'f vyu. Theta Delta Chi Founded at Union College 1847 Twenty-Eight chapters Established at Illinois 1908 KAPPA DEUTERON CHARGE MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY C. W. BULLARD, B.S. MEMBERSXIN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors MERLE EMMETT NOBLE CHARLES HAROLD GRovEs , Juniors RALPH EDWIN RISLEY PHILIP SPRING WEsco'r'r ' Soplwmores Momus MCNEIL MUSSELMAN GILBERT TEMPLE DoN0vA1-I VOORHEES MANN RUDOLPH E. KURZ EDMUND CHARLES WILNER Freshmen DONALD VooRHEEs JORDAN IRL JOHN JOHNSTON JUSTIN AUGUST CARON THEODORE JOHN Sco'r'r 0'r'ro HENRY VOGEL I H. SLOANE HAWORTH LESTER L. SEIFRIED Three Hundred Four -.-.-..... ...Y , LL? Lv . .-I 1- wfii- 4 , ? . 1 9 ' 1 ,- Q fi .zk Q 1 ' I h t D lt Ch' 5 th , Q, .I . 1 Vi Wi Bl :fi ,li l 5 W Ee ga k 9 is 3 15 2 il I . J 1 , ,4 f u 1 3 - . T! E 4 3 A 1 .QE Qi - 1. E an l li f F ,xg fel ,T Kg 1' sy xi ' 1 ii E55 2? 5 4 35 2 5 L 5 in a 9 13 T19 F' ,I ' 1 J 'f Q2 .1ollNs'roN vouxcx. V MANN Sm,fm,.3,, , QQ w1r,N1cn ymssm.M,xx lmworrrlx cxxnox JORDAN , . 5 - IXUHZ WVlCS'l'C0'I"l' xonuc unovrrs msnm' fl-,.3M1.m 1 N 'T i .Q J Tlcrcr: Ilumlrrrl Five n - Q RTI-IE 1' TWENTY" ILLIO .I I Sigma Pi Founded at Vincennes University 1898 Thirteen Chapters PHI CHAPTER MEMBERS INTHE FACULTY Established at Illinois 1908 ABNER RICHARD KNIGHT, M.E. CYRUS EDMUND PALMER, M.S. NELSON WILLIAM HEPDURN, M.S. ARTHUR C. HARPER, M.E. HARRISON AUGUST RUSHE, M.S. WALLACE BRIGHT LIVESAY, B.S. HONORARY MEMBER NELSON WILLIAM HEPBURN MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors RAYMOND LEWIS BRITT JOHN HARDENBERGH WALDO DONALD DAVID SHARER ADOLPH FREDERICK THAL VERNON ARTHUR WENKE REUBEN STOCKENDERG CLOIDE CLAUDE SHADE GEORGE THEODORE FELBECK FREDERICK TRYON BOWDITCH Juniors WILLIAM HENRY BARTLETT LAWRENCE JAY LINDSAY LEROY MERILL Foss ' CARL JOHN SPINDLER WALTER H. SPINDLER HARVEY RUSSELL BOWDITCH I Sophomores WALLACE WINTHROP BROWN ROBERT HARMON HARMS EDGAR JACKSON RENNOE Freshmen EARL LAWRENCE DEVOE STUART WILLIAM KEITH JAMES PATRICK MCLAUGHLIN Ross EDWIN LAPHAM JOHN PHILIP SABO Three Hundred Six l I C ,, - THEK'TwENTY"1LL1o .1 Sigma Pi Sl'INlll.l'ZI! I-'OSS warm n.nown11'clr nnowx :mums 1mNN0n s,xno m-:vom IlAlll,l1I'l"1' Mc r.Aucxn,1N Llwnslu' LANIAM F. uowmrcu TIIAL sfocm-zxmcncz wmuuc xznwr 1fr:1.1mc1c wAr,n0 'l'lL1'L'c llumlrcd Seven ill f f W f Q" 'Q ,A pn- , fi: f ' -JA ,--v--if ' ' A r 4 +4 Q THE 1"w1EN'rWiEEIfI6"' 1, AEN 1 A Alpha. Sigma Phi Founded at Yale University 1845 TWeY1tY'0ne Chapters Established at Illinois 1908 ETA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY EDWARD CHAUNCEY BALDWIN, Ph.D. FREDERICK HAYNES NEWELL, B.S. JOHN DRIscoLL FITZ-GERALD, II, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY JOHN T. THOMAS HOWARD ROBERT RYAN MAURICE J. PIERCE SAMUEL I. HEIKES ERNEST A. KoP'rIK EARL G. MASON JAMES WALTER CLARKE WALTER A. STOHRER Graduate THEODORE FRISON Seniors MYRON DAY DOWNS VICTOR PAUL DORY Juniors WILLIAM KENNETH KOPP WILLIAM MANFORD MIcHAELs HARRY WILLIAM WERNER Sophornores' LAVERNE RAPP Freshmen HENRY MARK HILTON HARVEY SLAUGHTER WILLIAM C. MUNsoN Tlwcu llundrvd Eight ,l .. .,.. . . , ......-.. ., ..,.....,, ' Q?.QLf f.f5iQE?:Q,f'Q1?,fTllffQ,E3112: f' ' ., ,fi"""'f""f"""""""'ffmTilmf"" ffwf ai arf ,gf M is Alpha Sigma Phi if I I , . Y Y Y w 1 1 ,J if 'E lx mi, if v' I in W 1 I lx F , i F: r,! L, I ,EV In 95 11' JE g 2 xi , M-.v.-VM,.....,v....m-..-.1.m.,.,-m.......-.....f 14-N - f "H ""-ff"-'f-vwlw-ww ..,.w..v...f.........V-...,,.......-......,.N,-M.,....... -, ., .......,,.......-........m......-.---.,..-.,..-..n...v.....,-.........n......... .- .,.wf--..-ww... -1-1-.-...,... I Sl.AIYllIl'l'lEll MONSOON UORY STOIIRICR MICIIAICL, ' RAI'l' CLARK E M ASON Ii0l'l' l IIC! li ICS HILTON XVICIINICR A li0l"I'I li TI IOM AS RYAN DOWNS PIERCE Th rec llumlrcll Ninn W! I1 lx.. 'I 5 x P N We Y. l w WN uw v 4 S """'--- ... , ,. . , .M-W.......-..r.....,..-.........-.--....W.,,.w.....f,..n...f,-..,,w,.w,:rm,. may , --M 2 E V i 4 VI' 4 .l. w V I 1 , r i LJ -Q THE l'TwEN'rY"1LL1o If if I , I I s--many' .O , Q A , . ' A AQ, , -.AQ 4501.32.- Zeta Psi Founded at New York Universfity 1847 Twenty-Four Chapters Established at Illinois 1909 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER MEMBER IN THE FACULTY FRANCIS KEEs WYNKOOP DRURY, A.M., B.L.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ,Seniors ARTHUR LAYTON BARTON GALEN VICTOR KNIGHT JOSEPH COLUMBUS HOSTETLER Juniors FRED SNIDER ETHERTON ' CHALMERS CLINE TAYLOR ROBERT CRAWFORD ROBERTSON FREDERICK DEWEY WROBKE Sophomores GLEN MONROE CROSBY REX EUGENE SAFFER STEADMAN GARRETSON SMITH RAYMOND LAMOINE STEVENS ELLSWORTH JOHNSON WESTCOTT Ffreshmen IRVING WOOD BARNETT RANDALL WARREN CHAMPION RANE SAMUEL BOHON 'DAVID DUDLEY DREW DONALD FYFE BOWEY ARTHUR WILSON ROWE WALTER ORRIN CHAMBERLAIN RICHINGS JAMES SHAND EUGENE EMERSON TAYLOR Three Hundred Ton Q "" J +5 'fi ,,., TH EK' TWENTYf' 1LLl0 Zeta Psi SHAND ROWE HOIION CIIAMIIERLAIN IXOWICY TAYLOR DIIEXV CIIAMPIUN SAFFEII SMITH CROSBY XVIESTCOTT IIARNIETT ROBERTSON IIOSTlE'I'l.Iilt KNIGHT BARTON TAYLOR YVROBKE ETlIlillTON Three Ilundrcd Eleven ,- N Us Q TH 'I'wEN1'Y"1LL1o j I Phi Sigma Kappa Founded at Massachusetts Agricultural College 1873 Thirty Chapters Established at Illinois 1910 ALPHA DEUTERON CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY JUSTUS WATSON FOLSOM, Sci.D. ROBERT CALVIN WHITEFORD, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 1 Seniors RALPH OLIVER METZLER ' CLAYTON ARCHIBALD MONAUGHTON DONALD MALCOLM GREER l Juniors GEORGE HUMPHREY BAUM GALE JENNINGS WILSON ' OTHMAR LAWSON MOORE ROBERT WALTER REINACH Sophomores - JOHN H. GELLERT' WALTER B. CRATTY EARL F. SCHOENING RICHARD E. KENT LORN M. GOSSETT JOHN M. CLYNE LEONARD J. REIS OWEN J.' MAIN NELSON S. GORDY HOWARD E. BABB ORA E. DILLIVOU RALPH G. CRAMMOND VERLE F. VANMETER CHESTER A. BOONE Freshmen JOHN P. ZOLL HARLEY RANKIN - CARLOS WILSON RALSTON DERROUOI-I JESSE B. KIRKPATRICK Three Humlrcd Twelve ' G- is E 5 w I1 S u 3 5 E 5 ll 5 E E K u i -v,.Q,:-.egxnsmamf 1.1.-.wa ri n 5 5 !I 35 i r Qi Jr 'J 'u I, 5 7? Q 14 A Lv ii 1 Phi Sigma Kappa "" " x , u- 1 v he v MAIN KlRlU'A'I'RICK HAI!!! IIEIIRUVGII GURDY WILSON IUILLIVOU Z0l.l. KI-IX'l' SCIIOICNINU RIGINICCK CRAM MON!! XVILSON Cl!A'l"I'Y IRAN RIN GOSSETT GEI.l.l'IR'l' REIS MOORI-I MIC'l'Zl,I'Ill GRIEICR MC NAl'GIl'I'0N IKAUM CLYNI Thrcc lIu11rlr1'd T1nir1f':-11 5 H -- Q THE UTWENTYU ILLIO , 1"q ' 1191! fl X' Tn! Psi Upsilon Fownded at Union College 1833 Twenty-Five Chapters Established at Illinois 1910 OMICRON CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY J. H. CHECKLEY, B'.S. C. M. Moss, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. H. F. GONNERMAN, B.S., M.S. J. N. POMEROY, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. FREDERICK GREEN, A.B., AM., LL.D. F. H. RANKIN, A.B. B'. R. BUCKINCHAM, A.B.,A.M.,Ph.D.,Ph.D. WM. C. LANCDON, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors JOHN MANCHESTER COOK JOSEPH NELSON MCDONALD Juniors JAMES BERESI-'ORD EDWARDS HAROLD JAMES ORR ROBERT SIMPSON EMERY HENRY DAVID MOSIER GEORGE WASHINGTON KOCH STEPHEN ASKEW WILSON H ARTHUR LAWRENCE GENUNC Sophomores PALMER GEORGE CRAIC HAROLD RECINUS PINCKARD JOHN CLARENCE DEPLER JOHN TREDWELL, JR. RODNEY STARKWEATHER MASON WILLIS VAN PELT CLEMENT ARTER NANCE PAUL GUNTHROP WARREN Freshmen THOMAS CLINTON HULL PHILIP AUGUSTINE INCWERSEN ROBERT SUDDUTH MCCORMICK THOMAS SHANKS MCKEOWN DONALD MCGILL WARREN FRANK HARLEY AITKEN CHARLES ROSLYN CARNEY JOHN JACOB EMRICR HENRY HERBERT EvANS GEORCE ELMER ZEARING Thrcc Hundred Fourteen 1 1 I7 1 ,ml l fl L if U 'J N , 4 THE TWENTY ILLIO P ' Upsilon N 1Nmvl:ns1aN EVANS Arc cormxclc EMmc1c AITKICN MASON n. M. WARREN CARNEY ZEARING HULL Mc KEQWN TRFIDNVIZLL P. G. NVARREN crmm NANCE VAN mam' 1-HICKARD DEPLER Mosmn wn.soN xsnwmms cool: McnoN.u.u om: EMICRY KOCH Thrcc fl1L11fi1'Cll Fifteen W L ' I R' 5 -QA E -:THE 1"rv7ErQf'i'YU 1ffli'6 f --A R N Alpha Delta Phi A Founded at Hamilton College 1832 Twenty-Five Chapters 1 Established at Illinois 1912 I ILLINOIS CHAPTER ' MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY HERBERT JEWETT BARTON, A.M. X ROGER F. LITTLE MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Juniofrs ROBERT EVANS TUTWILER RAYMOND EARL ALLEN HENRY FAIRCHILD DOTY RAYMOND MAX HILL KINNETH CHAUNCEY HORALL , Sopkomores 4 JOHN HARVEY ZIMMERMAN CLARENCE EDWARD KOHLER ' SEWARD HENRY BALDWIN HORACE FRANCIS GRIMM ROBERT HOLOOMD DAv1s - WOODEROD DULANEY B'URNETTb HAROLD STEFFENS . Freshmen - LU SCHOFIELD HOLLER HOWARD CHASE SHAW CLARENCE NORMAN MODOWELL SEYMOUR GATES POND Three H undrcd Sixteen 'YA Z 'r 1' +1- Alpha Delta Phi Mc nowlcu, 11or,Lmz sTxsFmNs SHAW roxn mmmrcnwmx :mms KOIILIEIC nUnN1c'r1- GMMM lmmnvlx A1.r.1cN now 'rU1'w11.1cn HILL Three Ilzmrlrcrl Scvvsntccn 4 N1- THE "TWENTYu ILLIO Tau Kappa Epsilon Founded at Wesleyan University 1899 Eleven Chapters Established at Illinois 1912 GAMMA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY W. F. HOLMES D. ENGLIS MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY i Seniors R. A. ERDMAN K A. M. ELLINGTON Juniors E. A. J. BIEDERMANN F. GORDON P. B. BURLEY G. S. WEBB , A A M. GRAY Sophomores O. G. PARKHILL A. MCNALLY E. E. RAYMOND CARL NA'rHo JoHN NELSON H. A. KREUGER A. L. SAGENDORPH E. M. Rom: G. A. Rom. J. A. BOWMAN LAWRENCE BEUHLING LESLIE McConn . A. C. JOHLER L. W. WALQUIST R 3, D. H. STOOPS Freshmen , C. X. BLo1vmERG WM. Donn ' MILTON OLANDER RALPH TRANK A. H. REHORST OBER1' G1LsoN Three H undrcd Eighteen I 1 1 'P aa THE 1' TWENTYV 1LL1 o - Tau Kappa Epsilon JOIILER nmmmcnc nonn 'rrmmc nurcnuxu uusox W WALQUIST nlmonsv Mc Conv or,ANm2n Mc NALIA' nom: nowxvum lmulsum PARK1-IILL NATHO nom. smovs rmvmoxn SAGENDORIUI NELSON ERDMAN m.mNu'roN vAL1cN1'1Nrc umrmmmwx ISURLICY unm' uonnox wmm Three Ihmrlrcd Nin ctccn C 4 +: "'i4iii'Ei'f'Pf'TJ'E'N1E'i'iLi'Ei'iE3'1'U?f A A sir. ' -WT" .. x 'xl ' A-' -' -.F-451' i ', Phi Kappa Founded at Brown University 1889 Seven' Chapters Established at Illinois 1912 BETA CHAPTER MEMBER IN THE FACULTY CHARLES A. PETRY, B. S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY EDWARD G. BRYA CLARENCE A. BONNEN EDMUND J. SMITH M1cHAEL E. TKACH THOMAS J. NOLAN LAURENCE D. RYAN, FRANK J. PHALEN ' Seniors BERNARD A. HAGAN Juniors V LLoYD J. QUAID- ' FRANCIS E. BRYA JoHN O. C. MEDER Sophomores LINZ V. VOKS J. THOMAS GUNNING Freshmen JAMES E. ELWARD AZRO R. FIEDLER JOSEPH A. FIEDLER- ' Three Hundred Twenty .....-. ...E J Phi Kappa ' 1 1 ' I l w 4 . , , I I 9 'rxmcn Quinn .1. l"llCIlLlCll GUNNING PHALEN A. 1-'11-:num Mmmn vous nxzxx m,w,um NOLM lf. lmm - noNNnN ra. 1mm 1xAu.xN smrru Tlwvc llzmrlrcd Tzvmz ty-011 1' QITI-IE."TWENi'I"'ILLIOV I - f Chi Phi Founded at Princeton Urniversity 1824 Twenty-Two Chapters Established at Illinois 1912 SIGMA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY FRANK JOHN HURLEY, JR. EDWARD TILLSON HOWELL VICTOR CULLIN Seniors ROBERT ELLIOTT FULTON, JR. WILLIAM JEWETT FULTON, JR. Juniors THOMAS EUGENE KENNEDY WALTER RAE MEYER CLARENCE SALMON' WRIGHT HAROLD FRANK SADLER LLOYD WILLIAM GOLDER, JR. HAROLD LEESMAN GROTEFELD ADOLPH CARL KETZLER KENNETH WOODYARD CLARK CHESTER DERICK SUTPHEN LESTER HAMPTON HOLT EUGENE LAUNCELOT DAvIsoN ALBERT HENRY HEPPES WILLIAM ELLWOOD DEEREN ARTHUR ENEVOLD PETERSEN HAROLD MORRIS GOLDER JULIUS INGWER JANSSEN Sophomores THOMAS CHESLEY MCDONALD GLEN LEFEVRE HoOvER HOMER REESE DAVIDSON JULIAN RICHARD LULL THOMAS FRANCIS CUSACK, JR. WILLIAM FRANKLIN CRILL Freshmen CLARENCE ELMER CRILL JAMES HENRY COOLIDGE, III EDWARD PATRICK LEONARD GEORGE LOUIS SCHULER WILLIAM FRED HAHNE HUGH EDWARD GOLDER EDMUND FREDERICK BECKER VIRGIL WAYNE POTTS HAROLD SOI-IIESSWOHL Th rec H unrlrcd Twenty-t wo ig I i 1 ' l .QA .- ............................... .............. ....-.. .....-......-...-w.... "5 '+l7 TH E R'TWENTY" ILLIO 4 Chi Phi i Hom' II. M. GOLIJER JI. E. Gorman JANSSEN W IIAIINE umfr-Es nmml-:N nl-iclmn C. lc. CHILL Po'1'1's LEONARD WRIGHT w. F. CRILL scuuusn L. W. f:oI.nIcn nnoTm'r:r,n LULL xc1c'rzr,lm MEYER n.FUL'roN IIAYISON CLARK 1-xowxzu, IQENNEDY IIOOVER w. FULTON CULHN Tlu cc Huudrcd T wan ty-thrvv --rg, -f --- I Sl. 7 H-Y A , - ff A fry 1..I.Q-.:4I- xx-'-'l.,,., 4 3 . L . "JF . .,, ,---... QU! .gi xl Q A. I .ai-J ! . . , . -7 ' Q' N- ",- . I f, - Chi Psi ,, Founded at Union College 1841 . Eighteen Chapters Established at Illinois 1912 ALPHA ZETA DELTA MEMBERS IN 'THE UNIVERSITY Juniors FRANCIS BOLTON MAIILORY A WAYNE ROSLEYN BENNETT WILLIAM FREDERICK PFUDERER Sophomores h JOHN IRVING VAUGHN FRANK TYLER FARWELL WALTER BLOUNT RICHARD EDWIN BELL PAUL WILLIAM KAISER Freshmen I I JOHN PHILIP THOMPSON 'I Three Hundred Twenty-,four I T' LL I - I -J hi Psi 1 FAmvm.L 'r1roM1'soN nlcu. 1: Axsrzn IXLOUNT mm Nmr MAu.onx' I'FUllliRElI vmm , I N Th rec Ilundrcfl 7'll'!"Hf1l-fi'l.'f' THE 'TWENTYU 1LL1o 2 Y R 'C C- 'X Zeta Beta Tau Founded at the College of the City of New York 1898 Twenty-Five Chapters Established at Illinois 1912 RHO CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY WALTER I. BREGMAN MAX F. GOLDBERG SIMEON E. HEILBRON HENRY K. LEvY HERBERT BERNSTEIN EMANUEL GELB IRv1Nc GOLDMAN NORMAN GUTFREUND - 1' ' Graduate BERT D. FEUER Senior HAROLD J. Scnnoss Juniors MORRIS R. MYERS JULIUS S. SCHWEICH Sophomores ' JULIAN J. LUs'rER IsADoR PEARLMAN LoU1s C. SALZENSTEIN SIDNEY WESTERFELD Freshmen LAWRENCE H. JOSEPH STANLEY KAUFMAN IRVING ROSEMAN LAWRENCE WEINGARTEN Three Hundred Twenty-siai , - l -l, L, 1 A' I 5 THE "TwENTY" 1Lf.Q10 5, Zeta Beta Tau GUTFREUND GEL!! HERNSTEIN ROSEMAN GOLDMAN LUSTER PEARLMAN JOSEPH LEVY WEINGARTEN GOLDBERG SALZENSTEIN HEILIXRON BIIEGMAN SCHLOSS MYERS SCIIWEICII WESTERFELD I w L Thrcc Ilumlrcd T wc-nty-svvcu -1 Ca- 'f ' '32-I'-'-L1"'.ifq::.t.g1,,..gQ:1'f:':::4,fp 1- fQIjmIImE ITIJENTY' ILLII0 5. W 1,53 Lamba Chi Alpha Founded at Boston University 1909 Fifty-One Zetas Established at Illinois 1915 CHI ZETA MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY GEORGE DENTON BEAL, D.Sc. J. CURTIS AUSTIN, A.B. HONORARY MEMBER PHILIP SHERIDAN BIEGLER, M.S., M.E. MEMBERS INTHE UNIVERSITY Senior EUGENE WASHBURN SCHILLING WALTER RILEY BAKER JOHN HOWARD CUSTER Juniors DONALD MAYNARD LOSEE LAWRENCE DUNCAN LLOYD NEIL MCLEAN LEITCH C - CHARLESCAMERON TAPSCOTT ' ORLYN OLIVER MCLEISH WALTER EWART BEEBE WALTER RAY FOUDRAY HAROLD EMERY JORDAN LEO ROBERT KILEY GEORGE FRANK KRUPKA FRANK AUGUSTUS CANADAY GEORGE WILLIAM HUST RICHARD HENRY KNAUSS n.-.uw-.A-..f.:U.m.iz:.g..1i, :W ,, L If V- --wa-v-.., L W7 S ophornores SAMUEL PARKS LONG HARRY MORRIS VAN DOREN PAUL HAROLD MILEMORE RICHARD EDWARD SMEJKAL HOWARD GRANERT Freshmen RALPH THEODORE MEYER HARRY HANDLEY MORRIS GEORGE PREUCIL Three Hundred Twenty-eight ' . J IA-f..Eu.-w..f,.-:Ruin-11:5-A---A , .Q,..1:-121:11-v - Lamba Chi Alpha JORDAN lll'S'l' CANADAY MI Xl R VAN DOIHCN MC l.l-IISII lil!ITl'liA l'lll'IUCIL MORRIS lx XAUSSX FOUIYRAY ILl'II'Illli GRANEWI' LONG SMI IlxAl Wllll M0lll LOSICIC LEITCII SCIIILLING IFAKEIR CUSII R l I OXIJ 'IAI SCO! 1 Thrvc llumlrrffl Twenty-1zinc V THE "TWENTY" 1LLIo 2- -Af Q NJ . Beta Phi Founded at the University of Chicago 1911 Ten Chapters Established at Illinois 1916 DELTA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY CHARLES MANFRED THOMPSON, Ph.D. MERLIN HAROLD HUNTER, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors OLIVER FREDERICK BARKLAGE MAURICE REUBEN RANSFORD ' Juniors FRED ADAIR COLLINS LEO GLEN MCINTIRE CECIL REEDER HAZEN LEAMAN ARCHER WOLD PAUL CANADAY TAYLOR Sophomores FRANK WILLIAM MEZEK KARL LoUIs REINKE MINER ALBERT MCEUEN LAWRENCE HOWARD SINARD LLOYD WILBUR LEHMAN EDGAR JOHN FRIEDRICKS RAYMOND DEWEY BERGREN EVERETT MAHLON DYsoN Freshmen CECIL REYNOLDS DANIELSON HELMAR G. KLING LESLIE WARREN DDLLAHAN CARL ADDLPH SWENSON HOBART CARRINGTON JAMES ' . F I Three Hundred Thirty if I ..,.:g,-..........,, , , ,-......,. J . f?, J.: 7T':i1' ,'.' ' '1'V.I.1i1 Y - , "Ti 15.977 WY W, 1g1.iff,i1jgj,Tg,Z,:,,.,g "1 Beta Phi SWIENSON no1.1.AImN nAN1m,sox K LI NG Ixmccmcx JAMES M :marc DYSON xfnlllzxmlclis Mc mutex LICI 1 MAN swmzn mam ma Mc INTIRE IIAZEN wow lmxslfoun IiARKl.AGl'I COLLINS '1',u'1.0n Tlwcc Hundred Thirt U-one -U ,..-T...-.,.-M- ..... ,H ..,,,,..m...w ,.......... ,.,,......-n...... -..m.. ...W .W ,.M..........,-v-q-.,.f...-.---- -..-f.-. mmm. ,.,.., W, W- ..........-.4. .. ...W ,.......M--,......,47 . . ,uf-,-, , ,, g LW,-A Y, ,A . ..,,, ,,, , ,A ,,.,.V ..r.....,..,.-.-..A.,ww .,L......--,....-.WJ..-.1,.u......q...f,......-,.......,..u..u..v......,-..1..- .,M-.,., .,... .... ,.,............,.....,.......-...,.x ...,,,.,,,...,..,,,,,,J,,, f w Iwo , . , ,, . ,L -,. ...,..... .,.... ......,....I -..,w.-,.-:,........L....? I E31 f 555 f W Theta Chi Founded at Norwich University 1856 Twenty-Three Chapters Established at Illinois 1916 RHO CHAPTER MEMBER IN THE FACULTY JOHN PIEPER, M.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY .Senior THOMAS HUGH BROCK Juniors ROBERT DANIEL BELL I TERRY WARREN EDWARDS FLOYD SEYLLER COOLEY CLARENCE BUEFORD KEEHNER ALFRED MARTIN MUELLER LAWRENCE HOLT ALLEN Sophomofres HAROLD NATHANIEL GREENE DELL MARTIN MAGNUSON JOSEPH GRAY LUMMIS ARTHUR WILLIAM SCHMOELLER MERWYN QUINCY LYTLE JOHN SAMUEL TENDIGK I CHARLES WILLIAM WALL Freshmen EUGENE DALLAS D." STANLEY HAROLD LEASE MARSHALL HENRY EDWARDS ROBERT NAIRNE NICHOLS ARTHUR DAVID HUNTER LINGARD EUGENE WERRE A HARRISON MONROE DODGE Three Hundred Thirt1j-two ...-.....,--....mgmn Y,.. ....-.-,,:- , :Av A - 1:-1---J.-1.-.-.m..A1m4mu1-.uv-L.. - :-e-- -' ,Jul Theta Chi WVERRE lnumlcn mms!-1 NICHOLS um' M. ICIIWAIIIIS zvmcxusox Lulvuvns SCIIMOICLLICIR Tmznxclc urucxaxn 1.x'1'1.1: WALL KICEIINEII coouax' T.l'IlNVAl'lllS nnocxc MUl5I.I.lCR umm, Three IIu'ndrc'd Thirtyf-tlu'vv 1 H-ee fi T1-IEITWENTYI 11.1.10 --he I I I "f X Alpha Chi Rho Founded at Trinity College 18.95 Seventeen Chapters Established at Illinois 1916 PHI KAPPA CHAPTER MEMBER IN THE FACULTY FRED WILBUR TANNER, Ph.D. HARRY F. FERGUSON MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ' Seniors ARTHUR KINGSTON SANDERSON FRANKLIN ALBERT TORRENOE CLIFTON EUGENE BARNES WILLIAM THEODORE STEPHENS FRANK ROUNDY CLARK WAYLAND WILBUR DAYTON Junio TS KENNETH FRANKLIN SIMPSON RAYMOND JAMES SONTAG B. HOWARD SMITH, II IRA OTHO COPES, JR. ROBERT W. LILLEY WARNER GRENELLE RICE ROBERT JOHNSON CHRIST ERNEST FAIRFAX CHRITTON Sophomores HAROLD JOHN TAYLOR DANIEL ORSON HOWARD WILLIAM DONALD TROWBRIDGE RALPH LESTER MOCLELLAND JOHN CARVER HOWARD WHERRITT WERDEN HEGAN GEORGE FOSS MOULTON GLEN HALE PRINTUP Freshmen ARCH BARTON CREWS DONALD RAY ALLEN EDGAR BENNETT HENNING DWIGHT AVERY NUESSLE ALMON RAYMOND MANN ROBERT GAIL THOMPSON CHARLES SMITH OWEN WILLIAM LEWIS BROOM CLARENCE HERSCHEL SCHOOLEY WILLIAM S. STURDIVANT Three Hundred Thirty-four C-- "X , , , ,,-1 N v -N v ry 1 w. r ' "-mv W-J, .,.-.-1.-....f.-...,.f,-.w..,.-.,..,,..Mw..,.,.x.-Wu.,.v-...M gg.. M,.:,:g:gg:iguQAp:, T 315 l A W M R in 1 l1..LJak.3 x,,.-,..h,..,......,,..,Ww,...,..,-.-,M..h1.m..N--,.- x L-mum.-,,,,,-A ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.-.,...., , ........,.....-.m..,-M.... .4 .za Alpha Chi Rho 1"'- - V--V . ..- nnooM Nunssuc J. HOWARD sclroouax' 'rnoMvsoN owl-:N ALLEN IIIENNING 'rnownmnum 1un'Lon Fnms sum-sox soxmcz sMx'r1r IIICGAN Momxrox nowmm c1rmT'roN comes clml:-11' 'romucxcrs SANDICICSON lmnmcs CLARK l,n.1.1cx' Tlnwrr: llumlrcrl Tllirly-fI1.'c W- 1-,.f..,...x..-..f,....,..,N...,..,...,.,,,..,,.,..,...W,.m.-.f-,.....-.,.. yh...-...fp-y.v..,.W .,,WW..-....4..m,,..,...,,-....- ..A..,..u,.- -.,, ,,,.,,.,,T A ,,, -1,-Q.-...w,..., . - - hw M H -U - . U,-...- ni-Qf:,.---.-.... - -7- -.. .--h...,f,,-gJ-..,.,,,M ..........-.,..m...m.ff..w...X..-1..-.mN,..-...,,.......M-., -. ., . ., .. ,,.... , ., U... -.............D.x..m-.,.... ,.-.-f. W- A.,.-,.....X.....M,,,,, ,,. .,,,, ,ML 11' 'LEYIETTW Imsf1iII"'5e10 fig I W .-f7'7'l?A. I I. 13' ' . ,I "fit - 21 l Q ' Phi Kappa Tau Founded at Miafmi University 1916 Seven Chapters Established at Illinois 1916 ZETA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY SILAS ALONzo BRAYLEY, Ph.D. NEWTON EDWARD ENSIGN, B.S. MEMBERS IN' THE UNIVERSITY J ' Graduates ' BRUCE KEITH BROWN I NORRIS ONSLOW TAYLOR Seniors DANIEL AUGUSTUS BLAIR OLIVER FRANCIS QUIGLEY CHAUNCEY R. HOLLINGSWORTII Juniors ORVILLE JENNINGS CREWS ADMERAL HAYWARD OWEN FLOYD BEATTY HOBART . DOREN EUGENE REA RICHARD GILBERT MASSOCK LLOYD HERVER YEAGER ' , EDWARD A. SANDLER I V Sophornores MORRIS DAVID DURHAM KENNETH ENTz MILLS Freshmen BENJAMIN DANIELS LYLE FREDERICK KAAPKE FREDERICK HESS FREDERICK MEYERS ALEXANDER KENT HUGH LAVVERNE MOFI-'IT a' Y v-- Threc Hundred Thirty-six i I Inq iw ...uf Phi Kappa Tau 1 . Nu. 'Q1u." KAAPKE MILLS , owmv nummm cms ws IIOHART vmcran nm Molfxfrr MASSOCK QUIGLEY m,Am IKROWN 11om.1Ncsxvom'1x SANIJLICR TM-mn Tlnrrc Illmdrcll Thirt y-seven k, i TH EQ 1' TWENTYU ILLIb Founded Forty-Six Chapters gnkn, W " cf-MB Pi Kappa' Alpha at the University of Virginia 1868 Established at Illinois 1917 BETA ETA CHAPTER MEMBER IN THE FACULTY WILLIAM EVERETT BRITTON, J.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY DAVID ARTHUR WARFORD SIDNEY LEROY PETERSON MILLARD EDWARD DORAN HARRINGTON LEE PROCTOR LOUIS MELVIN NELSON ELDON DUFFY HACKMAN FRANK HARVEY SMEJKAL JOHN MERRITT NELSON JAMES BLANOI-IARD, JR. EARL J. COLLINS Graduate GEORGE LANDON, A.B. Seniors FRANKLIN HERMAN GEILER Juniors CLIFFORD FREDERICK Joss HAROLD ENGLER MEYER ' Sophoonores GEORGE ALBERT NOXON EDGAR PRESTON HOENER ALBERT CARROLL DONALD ECKHARD BEAN LOU RAND HENDERSON FRANK HARLEY O'DONNELL Freshmen CHARLES ROAN, JR. JOHN GRIFFITH Three Hundred Thirty-eight ,i I l .nw Pi Kappa Alpha W HGICNICR,u. I.. NELSON cAm:ox.l. IIACKMAN NQXON nomo: o'noNNlcl.L GR1l"FI'l'1I mmw Pnocron J, NELSON 1'1c'mnsoN w,mronu mxnox ummm Joss MEYER p Three IlIt'l1Il1'Cll Thirty-'nivlc N 1 x 1 I N 1 I x Ligand T-l5.l'-TI.'l"1'.,f,'l"'f!T"'i-'1':T,.1gg1Li:g. if " ' ' W ' -ff, , , ,hay V--W-A -:gg-- ""F?'F'IXIWE'Ilfi'mH?Ti'L'LHiOW'2413 'ET'L'IE- VF if Sigma Phi Epsilon Founded at Richmond College 1901 Forty-Five Chapters I Established at Illinois 1917 ILLINOIS ALPHA CHAPTER MEMBER IN THE FACULTY ROBERT EUGENE CUSHMAN, A.B., Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors , ARTHUR HUBERT GOTTSCHALK BRUCE GURLER LUNDBERG ROBERT CEssNA Juniors ROY TAYLOR ANDERSON FRANK STANLEY CARTER - WILBUR AUGUST GELBACH . Sophornores I CHARLES HENRY BARTLETT DONALD BYRNE LOOMIS HAROLD FEE CORSON JAMES FRANK MARTINO LLOYD ASBURY SPRINGER RAS EDGAR JOHNSON Freshmen FORREST M. CONDIT WILLIAM MOORE MURRAY KIRBY AYERs HENKES ROBERT LYNN POLLARD KENNETH HALLOWELL MILLER RALPH THEODORE KLEYMEYER BERT ELLIOTT STRUBINGER Thrcc H undrcd Forty i 'ef , L V .J Sigma Phi Epsilon 'xx .N I! , POLLARD S'l'RUIHNGl'ZR CONDIT MILLER MURRAY HENKE5 LOOMIS IXARTLICTT JOHNSON COIKSON SPRINGER GEIILIYACII ANDERSON G0'I'TSCI'IALK l.UNDliliRG CARTER MARTINO Tlwcf: llzmrlrcd Forty-one THE ITWENTYUILEFO J? -- ' A A I Sigma Alpha Mu- Founded at the College of the City of New York 1909 Fifteen Chapters Established at Illinois 1918 R110 CHAPTER MEMBER IN TI-IE FACULTY EARL E. LIBMAN MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY N. FELDMAN GEORGE S. FLEISHMAN JACOB S. LEIBSON SAMUEL LILIENTHAL SAUL S. CALLNER SIDNEY NEWMAN HOWARD N. ABRAHAMSON MILTON J. MILLER SAMUEL L. BIESPIEL HOMER S. GROSSMAN Graduate JULIUS COHEN Seniors BENJAMIN E. MITTELMAN MAURICE N. RAWITCH B. E. SHAPIRO SIDNEY O. SIGEL , J uniors LE ROY L. ROSENFELD MAURICE P. WAGER Sophomores IRWIN J. SUSSMAN A. HARRY SIMONS IRVING E. SLEPH Freshmen A. L. REINITZ LoU1s L. SIGEL Three Hundred Forty-two I.. - - -- .J .,.... ,,,....,...,, ,,..,,,, ,,. , ,,, ,, TT" W'I'W"' lf"""'f'1"w""'fWf'f'l'I,' 4 'ffmwmvl ..-,.-,.,. ....-......,..w,,,,-,.,..-,..,....,,.,......m K. if -.J.M.-..M,,4.w--M,.J,L,4,L':',:.....Z,'j4.3k TH 34, 'V' WW Lg: N Q E LLLHQJ1 J'1--,:U,.-.-.f,:.,.,,,..,.-, ..,.M ,.m....,,...::Q 41 1..1-.,....-... H., .... ,. .,.... .,.-...,-.,..,...... -.v.- ..,.....M.-,-- .-,.--u--W i 2 L V 9 4 5 E f S' Alpha Mu I . 'l . 1 , nosmmfl-11.11 1uaIN1'1'z GROSSMAN mrcsl-ml. sm-:vu l COHFN SUSSMAN SHAPIRO SIGEI. ,xlxnmmmsox sIMoN MI1.I.m: Llsmsox l'l.IiISlIMAN l.ll.lIiN'I'llAL x.mM.xN xmvwmx Ml'l"l'lCLMAN w ,V Thrcc llzmdrcd I"orty-tlzrvc nw A ,,,A ,.,,M,M,,m,., , -..........,,..,....m,,....,,,,...-. -,Z Tvx,.w..:v ,,,,,,,,,,,l,,,W1r!I .,,--......-.......,,w........,......v......?f v-.f..1 ,.,, ......,.,,. .,., ,WW in-mwuwmumgm-..- .-,,-,..g.-. ,--- M...,,,,,.A '..........,,A ,V .-Q.--.1...,-M-..........i-,.,...w 'M-Mun-w-........,.,..,. Mn, ,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,.,: -.-....- -A-,i ----A---H "1-'11-1 ! + A IfTHE "TWENTY"1LLIO Aj: V J' .- I KA .. ,- rt nx- x J,-BQX' ADEQ' Q, .fQ83l,, A . 5'? 'xf,'e" A , . Cx? , Bushnell Guild Founded at the Univensity of Nebraska 1.918 Two Chapters Establishedat Illinois 1918 ILLINOIS CHAPTER MEMBER IN THE FACULTY ERNEST CARROLL FAUST, Ph.D. HONORARY MEMBERS K. C. B'ABCOCK, B.Lt., Ph.D., LL. D. ROBERT R. REED, D.D.. JAMES C. BAKER, D.D. CARROLL CARSON WILEY, C.E. MEMBERS INATHE UNIVERSITY Graduate EVERET FRANK KENT I Seniors A LORENSON KLONDIKE BANDY ARTHUR MERRITT VANDERPOOL FELIX STREED Juniors - CHARLES HENRY KRAMER OWEN BLOODGOOD SIDNEY KELLER STARR I Sophornores EMET EARL GRADEN ARTHUR M. WALQUIST HERBERT ELMER DUX Freshmen KARL FREDERICK KOENIG KENNETH HAYES MEYERS WILLIAM Dow BOUTWELL THOMAS REX ROUTH WALTER CARL YACKEL RUSSELL LOWELL POLLITT FREDERICK PAUL SCHRADER I Thrco Hundred Forty-four l -ls: Bushnell Guild GRAIDIGN YACKICI. Il0U'l'Wl4Il.I, STARR 1'OLLI'I"I' Ii ENT SCH RADHII M ICYICIRS I!0U'l' I l Ii UI-I N IG IILOODGOOII DUX YANITICRPOOL RANDY ' NRA MIC!! SHA W Thrvrr Ihmrlrcfl Forty-five 1 l THE "TWENTY" ILLIO f NG: LT- iii , Xxx AWB.- Chi Beta Founded at the University of Illinois 1906 ALPHA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ' Seniors RUSSEL STEWART COOKE ' LAWRENCE EVANS DIGKSON I Juniors CHARLES REDDEN SOHUH JOHN STANLEY PROBST HAROLD PHILIP BELL CARL HENRY RADEKE ALBERT CHARLES BECKEN, JR. Sophomores I IRVIN MILTON FUNK KENNEY ,ERNEST WILLIAMSON F Ross WILLS ARCHIE VERNIN ALLEN CECIL RAY MCEWEN ELMER THOMAS JOHNSON I JOHN KERYL MCKINNEY Freshmen FORREST ARNOLD LYDDON DWIGHT LOUIS GREENER KARL JULIUS SCHARFENBERG JOHN JOSEPH CLEGG ALFRED FRANK SCHARFENBERG RUSSEL WALTER GOEBEL l Three Hundred Forty-sim Q Y? r : 1 l ....-.........,...-....,.v .,.-....,,.-,,,.., ..,.,.. ...W H'?,,:"""IIf'f'IIf'Tl'fi1li' W" 'I' E U Y "W i f .1'l,J.iL,',flZLQ.IL1ZL.l.1lL.L1L.'.'I.'llZT,'IIf'.'Z"'f'f.1f1 i Beta mc1csoN . Gomxm. K. sclmlwrcwlmm: URI-ZICNICR F. SCIlARFl'INIllCl!ll cuauu Mc1uNNm' wn.1.s NVILLIAMSON Lvnnox FUNK A1,1.1-:N MC EWEN .lomvsox umm. 1-nonsm' coolers scuuu mccxucx nmnqmq L Thrcc Ilumlrucl Forty-seven 'H-A -'- --q nw.. 4- "" ff: 'f 'f --V V --'::r'v',,,.':'gL:'L:ttgvw,,,,,r""7J,Jv 6 91' 1159 TWENTYU 1Lii'6 4 Ilus Founded at the University of Illinois 1907 HONORARY MEMBER FRANK D. SMEDLEY MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors HAROLD RUSKIN DYER FREDERICK C. KALTHOFF GLENN .LEWIS ENGLAND Juniors EWIART STRAWBRIDGE LEWIS ARTHUR CLARAHAN Sophomores MERRIT D. McDowELL WALLACE L. YOCKEY MORTON J. MILLS ROBERT M. HEINRICHS EDWIN P. BARTLING EARL G. MCDONALD HARRY H. WILDEMAN RAYMOND EDWARD Gnoss ' JOSEPH W. CANNON JOHN M. PoN Freshmen MILES E. VRANEQK CLYDE RUSSEL BANKSON J. RALPH FRI'r'rs JAMES EDWIN FRITTS Three Hundred Forty-eight . if Al tw . Ilus J. rc. Fm'r1's w1r.m-zMAN IIEINKICIIS IKARTLING J, lg, mm-TS MCDONMJ, VRANIZCK n,xN1csoN mmss c,xNNnN M11.l,s vucmsv PON Mcnowlcm, c1,,xnAuAN lm-zu IiAl.Tll0l-'I-' lcxumxn S'I'liAYVl!RIIlGlG Thrcc Ilzmflrrcl I"o1'ty-'nine TH , - 7- - Q 'rl-IEI'TwEN1'YUILL1o 4-H r 1 5 42- I- ' ITQI ' -.QL- Y . . . p , I I l Jul,-Xi! Iris Founded at the University of Illinois 1908 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY HENRY BALDWIN WARD, Ph.D. WILLIAM HoRAcE RAYNER, C.E. CARL COLVIN, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors AMOS HOLSTON WATTS RALPH LINDON SMITH CHAUNCEY BROCKWAY SCHMELTZER CHARLES GRIFFEN BIRDSALL Juniors RUSSELL HOWARD MORRISON THOMAS CARL DIXON Sophornores JOHN WILLARD NAY WILLIAM WEEKS BOLT WILLIAM WADswoRTH WATTS GEORGE BAKER DUNscoMB LESTER RICHARD HoRs'r FRED SAILOR HARVEY HAROLD BERKLEY MCCARTY PAUL RANsoME WILLIAMS DANIEL WILLARD SMITH JULIAN NARDI VICTOR GAIGE NARDI Freshmen ELMER HOWARD HENLEY DONALD ARDEAN TRIPP HOWARD LoUIs COPE Three Hundred Fifty Q' l, , li." L, ---:svn-an-.f-w1.-..-,-.v.-,.,,.:.1.1f- ,W -,. I A I r U ,,,.,-.:,.,.-,,,,,,, W W fr .. g:v.,u...........:...-u.I....m...--............I '1 11 E, ITWEN ry 111,10 m.4.L..,-.--m..-m5 - W 7,47 , -H -.....: ,Y1, , I I I . I I I I , . I I, M lf' "EE I I I I Q I I ' I I I I I I I 'I I I E THIPI' 1I0ns'1' ' now Mc CAIITY HARVEY !mNl.m' V. NAND! WILLIAMS DUNSCOMII MORRISON NAY w, SMITH J. NAmu mxox A, wA'r1-s IIIRDSALL SCI'IMEl,'1'ZlCR L. smvrll I II Thrvv Il1md1v'd Fift1l-am' F L In f-ff -:fm - - W ,ln ffm -,-..r:3:11:gL:::'I:'.1iTT:1:.ggwggg-:egg---N---N-137,-Yiaguzz I F w l 7 5 3+-M Qu f"!,A ' f' BT Beta Upsilon Founded at the University of Illinois 1.910 W. LLOYD KEEPERS W. FLOYD KEEPERS D. W. PEASE LEw1s F. STURGEON WALTER S. COLLINS MAX L. BRAMER WILLIAM EMS CLYDE MCFARLAND HONORARY ME MBER FREDERIC HEBEL i MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate ELMER B. VLIET Seniofr C. C. CURTIS . J uniors f GEORGE W. MooRE H. K. ALLEN FRED W. BECKER Sophomofres G. F. UEBERR Ross J. UTLY L. B. ANDERSON ELMER G. STALEY HEIN A Ffreshmen RAYMOND L. HEATON GLENARD GRANT Th1 ea Hund1 ed Fifty two -V lv. , Q.- Beta Upsilon N UEBERRIIEIN ANDERSON WASIIIIUI RN IIRAMLR COLLINS MC FARLAND UTLICY YLICIT GRAIN l Ill A105 UECKHR W. L. KEHPERS STALEY ALLEN WV. F. KEEP PEAQI S1 URK I ON Three ff'1t'IIl'l'I'Cd Fifty-tlwcc ' 'fi RTHETTWENIYB ILLIO ' f ': .N , , Acanthus , Founded at the Urrviversity of Illinois 1910 MEMBER IN THE FACULTY DUANE TAYLOR ENGLIS, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ' Graduate CHESTER REED ANDERSON Juniors HENRY B. HESEMAN THOMAS M. LIVINGSTON M. C. GRIGGS ROBERT WAYNE LAMBERT Sophomores HILEY L. WARD LELAND M. RANNEY WILLIAM MALKMUS GEORGE EVANS TAYLOR b HERMAN L. COOK I Freshmen EVERETT EMERSON WAGNER DWIGHT W. FITTERER HAVEN EMERSON STRICKLER HARLEY L. KNAUER GEORGE E. KELLER - rl 1 , ' 1 Thrcc H undrcd Fifty-four .I W. ,. .,,- . ,.,, M.. .,.. -,... . . V Q . mmwnnwu-3--vmm.w.-mg-mmm-. W-.f1.w-wmwm-.ww - H ' ' 'g . y , ,N F.. ...-.,,,,..,-W, ......,,..,...,-...v... ,f--N1-F, mm--W ,.A M --w.M-.Q-M-....a-..M.. '1 Li "'1rwK5N'w' 11, hw J-...Az.........!.1 . .. ' ,,..,..........,... ....,...................... ...... ,..,....... .....,. .,,. , .s, 1. ' Acanthus , N 'rAY1,on FIT'1'IiIllGll 1cNAUmz IRAN Nm' LAMHER1' STRICKLER 1.1vINcs'roN 1uc1.1.m: GRIGUS ANDERSON wAc:N1m lllcsl-:MAN wmzn MMKMUS , 'Three Hzmdrcd Fifty-five lx ..,., f Y 37, , , ,,1.,H, , , ,,-.,, 7 -..,....v---a.,.W..M,,f......W, ,,,,,......,,,,,,,Xm,,1,,mV M, W 5 aj. LL , ,NAA .,,,,--. ,-, , - ..-..m..,,. ........w, -, "5"-'--'-' W J v-nf - Q., . .Y - . v Y , Y -. V , , , ,, . v- A , , L.. ..... ,. ,, A, , , ,, , ,U - w-v-zum-,fr-vm-..r a.v,n.L. .....-....-1-f-.uf.w.h.. . ,--1 - V . . ..... , -. M.. .aw , . 1... . . . ...W ............. .-.Q w...-.9 X... . , . Nil 5311 ,H is ii ll l :g i 'Q R f ' .L I 1, ' l -34 4 X 'Q ff ,Tyr lvf ' C ,QF-I Association of Cosmopoliton Clubs Founded at the University of Wisconsin 1907 Thlrty-Five Chapters Established at Illinois 1908 ' ILLINOIS' CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY EDWARD CI-IAUNCEY BALDWIN, Ph.D. BRUCE WILLET BENEDICT, B.S. LEONARD BLOOMFIELD, Ph.D. WALTER CASTELLA COFFEY, M.S. HERMAN BERNARD'DORNER, M.S. ARTHUR GUSTAVE GEHRIG, B.S. HARVEY HERBERT JORDAN, B.S. MYRON ARTHUR MYERS, B.S. FREDERICK HAYNES NEWELL, D.Eng. THOMAS EDWARD OLIVER, Ph.D. ELLERY BURTON PAINE, M.S. FRED HENRY RANKIN, B.S. I WILLIAM F. ScHULz ARTHUR ROMEYN SEYMOUR, Ph.D. VICTOR SHELFORD, Ph.D. RAFAEL ARCANGEL SOTO, B'.S., A.M., E. H. WALDO, A.B., M.E., M.S., E.E. HAROLD MALCOLM WESTERGAARD, Ph.D. JOHN GEORGE EPPINGER, B.S. HONORARY MEMBERS HON. EDMUND JANES JAMES, Ph.D. M.Ll.D. THOMAS ARKLE CLARK, B.L. RABINDRANATH TAGORE MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY l Graduates AKHIL CHANDRA CHAKRAVARTY, JOSE MIRASOL JOHN THOMAS CHEN RUY PINHEIRO EDWARD KNIGHT HALL JACOBUS STEPHANUS MARAIS LEOPOLDA CUNHA, JR. ERNEST RUDOLPH SCHULZ FREMONT PHILIP WIRTH Seniors PING LIANG . SETURAM SADASIV GANDHEKER FENG CHI LING KWANFU WEIMAN HSU ALvARO J UNQUEIRA, JR. HENRY BLACKSTONE THOMAS EDISON BLAIR CASPER OSCAR BORGMEIER GERALD SNYDER GIMRE TOMI INOYNE SEICHI ISOBE CHINGHSI HIRAM LOWE CLIVE MAINE MCCAY FORD ELVEN BELT CHINGFU CHOU JOSE NIETO FRANCIA JOSE FORTUNATO FUENTES JOHN HAROLD INGMANSON PAULO CUBA SOUZA LOUIS BLOCK GASTAO ETZEL SHOU CHENG LU - HENRY VALENTINE SCHLACKS TOWE TONG Juniors YU YING CHIANG MANUEL FONSECA REIDAR BASTIAN GAARDER HSU LIEN HSIEH THARRAWADDY MAUNG MAUNG MAXIMO MORALES WILLIAM HARRY SAHUD WEI KEWONG TSANG Sophornores KUAN HUA LIN DJALMA VARELLA MARTINS RENATO PINHEIRO CARL MARTIN ROSENQUIST MANMATH NATH ROY CHOI YU TSANG Freshmen KWAN HUA WONG KING WOAN WONG 1 L Tum' llundrcd Fifty-sir A EI H ,,,,,,,,,M,.,,,,,,,,.,W,m,,-,..,,,,,...... Wm-.,.,1.........-.L,,,.m.-,-w,s.1-..--...:L.-,Af- . . E9 .,.L.., ,.L.I , .-i .I., W - ........,. ............, .... . ,..,.s S- m.n--www.. ..C-2.f..-.A.W,f. A, . .V - .Q-iw..-sf.-S J, -IWW YI. 1- ,..-.-..-..- . .Lv I.-4 .., 1.-.A-., . - .A Association of Cosmopoliton Clubs . 'ss' .. , . MAm'1Ns MAUNG rmummo mzm. Mormucs mem nos1sNQms'r uusclc LIN CHIANG ' SEYMOUR Lowxc w. K. TSANG c. Y. TSANG nmrn usu IKOIKGMEIER cumm GAARDER Mmmxs sousfx BALDWIN MIRASOL FURNTES JORDAN Mc cm' smnm 'roNu ISOHN cuou mmrem scludxcxcs xfoNsncA BELT FnANcm W. F. sc11Ul,z INGMANSON ls. n. SCIIULZ 1u.Aclcs'1'0Nl: GANDIIEIUER wEsTlcnGAA1m 1mL1.cIIlcN Tlwvc Hundred Fifty-seven .f.-.-Em -fm.-.f...,.., I.. f..-. ...,.,, ,,....-f...,, .Q 'jlgxj gg lfyw QW-I LLIQW i?2TITL.1f..."1..'li'ZT.H'.L'.CL.'.g..'fQg.l.'l Chinese Students, Club Founded at the University of California 1880 Ninety Chapters Established at Illinois 1902 IVONG CIIAO CHEN Llili KWOK YU TONG WONG CIIOIT H0 l.l'M LIN YUAN' IIANI FUN!! IISIT IUANI CIIIANG LIIANK Cll X0 CIIU U00 ll Nl IYONI IU NU CIIANG MKS. ll. L. CIlANl 100 l.0WIf CIIIN IINC' T. Y. CHEN F. C. LING P. LIANG K. W. Hsu S. Koo W. K. TSONG H. L. Hs1EH T. C. Woo C. C. CHANG W. S. FUNG C. Y. LUM T. K. WU H. W. CHAO P. C. Kwox W. TUAN K. S. YUAN Y. C. CHEN S. L. LIANG C. C. YU HONORARY MEMBER A. R. SEYMOUR MEMBER IN THE FACULTY H. H. HUANG MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates T. H. L. CHANG Seniors T. Ili. S. M. Juniors T. Y. C12 ca 'U B' o E e E 'AO S? 3 cz: fi.. EO 3 E F 'swwowpmmwgwo F' C. TONG TONG DONG C. LU T. TsAo P. Ho Y. CHIANG H. LowE H. HUANG Y. TSANG C. YU D. TUNG S. CHOU K. LEE K. WONG F. CHow H. LIN W. WONG M. Woo TILITI' lIlVH.flI'l'll Fifty-fight .................. .... ,,,,...1. , .. .... .. . .. ...--.nn...:-,...-. ..,. -f.:....:...-...n.... ......,-..--...... : -.......ff-agen-eww -.. .. . - Y..-... .nm-f . M..- -....,- ..- .Y----Y --.,....,..,...,,...,,-.- . - -.-'- --- - --- -- - A ----...M--fu-f-LA --f ,if- ---.L f -...r-f --------...- One Chapter THE, '!TWENTY" ILLIO ' 11 3 l-A9 H35 Pi Pi Rho i Founded at the University of Illinois 1915 I ALPHA CHAPTER ' HEMI' LAGER IIERRMAN KEMP STAHL - MC CLURE DUNCAN IIA! I COB!! SPARKS WORTIIINGTON LOFQUIST JOHNSTON MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY CHARLES M. THOMPSON, Ph.D. GEORGE H. DUNGAN, B.S. ARETAS W. NOLAN, M.S. FRANK H. BEACH, A.B'. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors WILLIAM H. COBB KEITH E. SPARKS HAROLD B. JOHNSTON Juniors ERIC W. LAGER CEDRIC HALE - CHESTER D. STAHL GERALD A. LOFQUIST 'CHARLES D. KEMP JOHN H. DUNGAN Sophomores FRANK L. WORTHINGTON MARSHALL W. WHITTIER EARL L. MCCLURE HENRY J. HERRMAN Thrve Humlrrd Fifty-vliiw Freshmen I EMERY L. KEMP P. I, M-L HH . To H i:f::If:z1::::"'.:.'w.:'::.11.i' A 44.5, I W N Anubis Established at the U'niveo'sitg11 of Illinois 1917 KRAL DREW PICIIA UNISON JACKSON IIIXUN JOHNSON PETERSON SIMONS l.AI'llli MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniofs E O. DIXON W. H. JOHNSON L. E. PETERSON J. SIMONS Juniors L. A. DREW J. F. NOVAK A. A. KRAL O. H. OLSON O T. LAUBE G. A. UNISON Freshmen C L. JACKSON R. J. PICHA E. E. RICKERT NOVA li OLSON Three llumlrcd Sixty Gamma Sigma Kappa Founded at the Univeowsity of Illinois 1918 One Chapter M I LLIGR PEARSON WITWER IAUS1 C A. IXIIOWN M . E. BROWN HRA ME WERSTLER TURNQUIST MEMBER IN THE FACULTY ELMER N. TURNQUIST MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors WILLIAM J. WERSTLER ROBERT M. PEARSON Juniors . RUDOLPH A. FAUST CARL R. MILLER MILLARD E. BRAME JOHN H. WAMSLEY Sophomores C. A. BROOM, JR. MYBERT E. BROOM Fmslzmen FRED M. WITWER Thrcc llzmclrccl Sixzty-one 13112:1"::::i5t.'f::1LE..."1... " 'A"A I lim EY" I L lm-F Kappa Alpha Psi Fomzdecl at the Unwifversity of Indiana 1911 Nine Chapters Established at Illinois 1913 BETA CHAPTER R. J, DIIURY W. R. HALL 7 II l-'l'l'l'0Y IC. M. IIACOY R I! l'II.l.lS IC. ll. Al.l'lIlKAM K Q IXCISON NN XIISOY K I VIKIIQOX II q IYUIS X K FXN1 HONORARY MEMBERS DR. H. E. ROWAN A. R. LEE MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Juniors H. S. DAVIS Sophomores A. E. MADISON VIRGIL A. GANT WEDDELL P. NELSON ANDREW S. JACKSON Freslmzen WIL1-'RED R. BALL 4 JOSEPH H. FULTON EDWARD MCKINLEY BACON RICHARD ALPHRAN RAYMOND D. ELLIS ROBERT S. DRURY Tlwcv Ilzmdrcd Sixty-two .,,.. ...,,. ,.... . ,....,.-........-....,,....-..Y--.... J..-.....,f-,-I-rpm.-. ,E,...-....-.-:-.,7,,.-,-11-:,71.:4w-1.1-f , , .. .... .... .............................,......-...fl ,...m....f..-u.........w 4 I 1 i DTHEA'TwENTY"1LL1o it Woman's Pan Kappa Alpha Theta DOROTHY GIBSON NELLE FLATT P11 Beta Phi MARGARET FITZPATRICK KATHERINE HUFF Kappa Kappa Gamma LEAH ELDRIDGE RUTH CALDERWOOD Alpha Chi Omega IONE BALLINGER ISABEL LOSEE Chi Omega CHARLOTTE ACER FERN SPIKER Alpha Zi Delta A MILDRED KNAPHEIDE MARY KURT Three H undrcd Sixty-three Hellenic Association Sigma Kappa LETA STRAIGHT HELEN RICE Delta Gamma EVA HOWE MARY DIXON Alpha Omfricon Pi BEATRICE LEVY SHIRLEY MANN Alpha Delta Pi LENORE SCOTT HELEN NEWTON Gamma Phi Beta ELIZABETH BLAKESLY LORENE BREOEWEG Alpha Gamma Delta MAUDE BUTLER FLORENCE DAWSON 1 W -L, f ERfffffTEf.'i5i"jg Kappa Alpha Theta Founded at De Pauw University 1870 Forty-Two Chapters Established at Illinois 1895 DELTA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY HELENE DOTY, A.B. MARGARET WILLIAMS, A.B., B.L.S. BEATRIOE COPLEY, A.B., M.A. STELLA HAGUE, Ph.D. HELENE HINDS, A.M. CATHARINE BARD, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates FRANCES KLANK, A.B. MARIE HEDRICK, A.B. Seniors DOROTHY WARREN - HARRIET BURNAP MARIE CRONIN MARIAN MCCONNELL JOSEPHINE GREENE NELLE FLATT HARRIET MCCORMICK ABBY SCHAEFER Juniors WINIFRED CARLSON SYBIL EDWARDS HARRIETT HALLADAY CHARLOTTE WARD MARTHA HUMPHREY VIRGINIA FRISBEE DOROTHY GIBSON MARJORIE JONES KATHERINE EISNER FRANCES SGONGE ' Sophornores JEAN EGBERT JOSEPHINE HURT MARY COPLEY MARGARET PETRITZ HARRIET FERA GLADYS BROWN ADDIE AMSBARY ETHEL JONES MARGARET BABE . 4 Freshmen EDITH LILL MURIEL GRAY JEANETTE HOVEY ZENDA BRAMBLE KATHARINE KEMP HELEN RUSSEL MABEL HOLLENBECK ' DOROTHY CASSINGHAM 1 JULIA THOMPSON ll ' Three Hundred Sixty-four -i 2 ,, ,f EEF HS SE W I V i 1 2 4. in it -vw um.. ...rf ., ,,,M'-M .. .. ,Q M-Ww..,-IU-,-mn.-W. , .L 1, I" r,!.j:,--I V A-'.,,,v'i- -grxgj-X fy, 5 ,, A 'H r'.f fel II 1.1 I I ,- I Kappa Alpha Theta I 'ev Y W I Q Q , u 5 ' J 5 ,e .s -1 , - xt , ,Ap, . I ' r ' V . A 5 X 1 I I V . fi M I ,5 WARREN GIBSON !.ILL GREENE IIROWN I ISN! R C NRI SON IIALLADAY ISRAMIILE EDWARDS IIURT CRONIN IIUMPHREY P! '!RI'1l I RIS!!! I GRAY FLATT CASSINGIIAM MC CONNELL MC CORIVIICK RUSS! ! WAR!! FERA IIO!.!.ENl3!:ICK JONES COPLEY EGIIERT SCONCE AMS!! XRX lx! MI RURNAP JONES RAI!!! THOMPSON HOV! X Thrcc Hundred Sixty-five ...,-1 mn .-..-.- W., M. fm. -.f,..,...-.,-mm I- w -IM U... . .. M.-. . W . -M Hmm- ,- V, -1 V. --X. -.4-..v..x.v 'Z A E-FIFIZIWE' 1' TWENTYU ILLIO j r Established at Illinois 1895 ARM ? Q I ' 41 7 - 'V Pi Beta Phi ' Founded at Monmouth College 1867 Fifty-Eight Chapters ILLINOIS ZETA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY I ' Seniofrs 1 ' MARGARET FITZPATRICK MILDRED FROMMANN ETHEL OVERSTREET A EMILY JORDAN Juniors A KATHRYN HUFF JOSEPHINE EDDY MARY BALL EDITH HIRBARD MILDRED JOHNSON RUTH DUNTLEY Sophomores DOROTHY FITZPATRICK BLANCHE SHIRLEY 3 SYBIL JAMES ' Freshmen JEssIE BEAVER b ELIZABETH HUFF FLORENCE CAMPBELL LUCILLE KILE GENEVIEVE CHAMBERS MARION LESSING DOROTHY WEAVER GAIL RICHY CAROLINE FOUCHE EUNICE ROOHE HELEN GILBERT MARGARET SEARS A JEAN WHITE I i' , Three H undrad I Sixty-six Pi Beta Phi I L ff? , Il 2 If A 1 .1 3, 1 X. K . ' 1 . . , 1 , X. I " - . I f .41 . . .ill ' SEARS D. FITZPATRIC Ii FOUCHE .IAMICS IUCAVICR WIIITIQ KILE EDDY E. IIUFF VVEAVER GlI.lll'IR'l' ROCIIE CANIPHELL IIICIIICY SIIIRLEY IIIIIIXARII CHAMIXICRS LICSSING DUNTLEY WV. IIUFF BALL FRONINIANN M. FI'I'ZI'A'l'RlCK 0VERSTREF1'l' JOHNSON .IORIIAN Th rec llumircfl S ixty-seven , Q fiETi4WE"NTI'F' ILLII6 f- ' I f e. 9 Q ,,j?.1.TTffr- ,-- exje V I 2 " ' 'Q' .' ., Kappa Kappa Gamma Founded at Monmouth College 1870 Forty-Two Chapters Established at Illinois 1899 ' BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY FRANCES SIMPSON, B.L.S. MIRIAM KNOWLTON, A.B. JENNIE CRAIG, B.L.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY A Seniors RUTH CALDERWOOD ELIZABETH JANE RUTHERFORD LOIS EvANs MALLORY MARIAN KATHRYN SMITH DAISY MOORE MARTIN Juniors MARIANN BRADT ADA PFITZENMEYER LEAH ELDRIDGE DOROTHY SHADE . I DOROTHY WALLACE KIEFER FLORENCE CHAFFEE SMITH ' MARGARET HAZLETT PERSONS MARGARET DAVENPORT TUKEY ' Sophornores ANNA COOLEY AGNES WOODWARD CHARLINE CLOVER DANIELS VIRGINIA D. REID EDITH LOUISE FAIRFIELD HARRIET RUTHERFORD ELIZABETH WARNER HOLT MARY LOUISE WEBB LOUISE GILMAN PRICHARD Freshmen JOSEPHINE ELEANOR ABOTT PAULINE LOUISE KNIPP VERA VIVIAN BASSETT MERYLE E. PRATT MARY JANE CLEVELAND H. JUSTINE PRITCHARD CARROL DYRENFORTH GERTRUDE MARGARET SNELL A GLADYS LUCILE FRAZER Q Three Hundred Sixty-eight L, -Aa- J Kappa Kappa Gamma ,. Q ' . 15 l. , V 1' 1 - .MN ' ifgj Q M., 4139 Ht -Lv A Q rf, Q p a 1 ll If 2 3 ' . f p v , . p , W . , Fl Y - . g K ' 0 4 , ' . s A ff , ' - 5 l ,I 4. 5 4 , 'ruluax' slums wrcmx 110L'r woomvmm DANIELS KNIPI' A1mo'r'r 111fx1'znNMm'1:n FA1l1F1m.n c0ol.1cY 1-nA'r1' Flmzxan sM1'1'u mmnr sxnm, Kllilflill cl.lcvl:l.ANn 1I. nU'ru1-:lu-'onn PRITCIIAICD L. Plu'rc11Ann CALDEIUVOOII la.nU'r11l:m-'orm wsnsoxs M,u.l.orcY mam lxlcvrclaxl-'0n'1'lI mnmmm MARTIN IKASSETT Thrvc Humlrcrl Sifcty-'niow 7 C-E ITHE "TIZ?ENTY" ILLIO f D Alpha Chi Omega I Founded at DePauw University 1885 Twenty-Four Chapters Established at Illmols 1899 IOTA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY ELIZABETH BRYAN, A.M., B.L.S. STELLA GALPIN, A.B., B.L.S. SARA AUGUSTA SUTHERLAND B S RUTH MORRIS, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY LILLIAN. BEAN IONE BALLINGER BEULAH PRANTE JOSEPHINE NEWELL OPAL CANNON ELLEN FLEMMING FRANCES MALONEY GERTRUDE SHEADLE NORTHA ANN PRICE ELIZABETH BAYLEY JEANNETTE BUSEY CONSTANCE NEWELL MARGARET HEDGE AILEEN CRAPO Graduates Seniors LUCILE WILKEY GRACE WOODS ARLENE LUMLEY -BESS BYERS JEAN RIPLEY JOHNSON Juniors FRANCES PARKER DOROTHY DONOHOE FERN HARPER FLORENCE FULLER CAROLINE MANSPEAKER JEANETTE PATTERSON L1-:LA DILLING ANN GOEBEL Soplwmores ADELINE CLINKENBEARD LORENE FULLER MILDRED GILLEN ISABELLE LOSEE MATTIE CUMMINGS DOROTHY LUMLEY Freshmen DOROTHY RIPLEY DOROTHY SMITH Three Hundred Seventy Alpha Omega 1 GOICIKEL LOSIEIC HUSEY CUMMINGS L.IfUI.I.Ell SMITII HFIDGIC RIPLEY GILLEN CRAPO SIIIQAULE DONOIIOE HAYLICY CANNON PRICE ll. LUMLEY IIILLING C. NEWVELL MALONEY IIARPICR MANSPEAKER F. FULLER lnxnlclan J. Nlawlcm, woons 1-rmN'r1c n.x1.1.rNumz A, l,UMl,m' JOHNSON lwrwxsnsox FLEMMING Tlu-cf' Ilzmzlrczl Seventy-one THE "TwEN1'Y7'iiQ'1Q'ib"h"d2 12- A Chi Omega Founded at the University of Arkansas 1895 Thmy-one Chapters Estabiishea at Illinois 1900 OMICRON CHAPTER MEMBER IN THE FACULTY CLARISSA RINAKER MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CORDELIA REED MARGUERITE MEYERS BONNIE HARDESTY MARGARET HOFFMAN WANDA CoUs1Ns LILLIAN BAETHKE FERN SPIKER ETHEL YAXLEY ELIZABETH HOFFMAN JOSEPHINE HARDESTY MARIE NADING LOUISE WHITAKER HELEN BEACH GERTRUDE PARKER JOSEPHINE BURNHAM Graduates , HAZEL SHAW S emlors HELEN VIAL EDNA MANN MARIE WESSELS ELEANOR MUTH Juniors GERTRUDE BURKE CHARLOTTE AcER ORLETTA RIDEOUT MARY RUSSEL REGINA GUNTHER - Sophomores CLARA DUNSETH DOROTHY TAYLOR FLORENCE WYANT RUTH STIMPSON Freshmen ELSIE KIRKPATRICK VERA CUTTER ALLENE LYLE RUTH BRADEN Three H undred. Seventy-two Chi Omega N REED STIMPSON TAYLOR KlRKl'A'l'IlICK HRAIIICN IIARIIICSTY RUSSICL LYLE GIfN'I'IlliR HOFFMAN lI0l-'FMAN' IIUNSETII HAETIIKB IJURNIIAM COUSINS NVIIITAKER PARKICR BURKE MHYERS Ill-IACII WICSSELS CUTTER J. IIARIJESTY ACER YAXLEY MUTII MANN NADING WYANT RIDICOUT YIAL SPIIUCR Three Ilzmdrczl Seventy-thrcc Y -1 TH R " TWENTYU IEIIQIIIWQLR RR Alpha Xi Delta Founded at Lombard College 1893' Twenty-Seven Chapters Established at I1l1no1s 1905 KAPPA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY BYNI: GooDMAN DORA KEEN MEMBERS IN.THE UNIVERSITY '. Seniors MARY KURT LOIS SEYSTER IDA GOODMAN MILDRED KNAPHEIDE JOSEPHINE MILES THELMA PARROTT FRANCES WINE MAYME HOFFMAN HAZEL ERICSSON EUGENIA MOSS ETHEL BRONSON FRANCIS DITTMANN RHODA PHILLIPS CLYDE KEEN J nniors FERN GUNKEL IDA IBEN ESTHER KINSEY MARIE LLEWELLYN MERLE TURNER Sophomores EUNICE GAWTHROP JOSEPHINE BLAIR CECILE KIRWAN MABEL PETTIBONE ELIZABETH MCDONALD IRENE BOLLER Freshmen RUTH DIETRICII JOSEPHINE HOFFMAN MILDRED EGAN Three Hundred Seventy four J .....,..x. , 1 4 Alpha Xi Delta 31- . .Au I P x w ,T N x l X . A 4 I r I wmv I 'ar N4 MOSS HRONSON 1'IkIlLl.IPS GUNKFII. EGAN KISIGR DIETRICII LLEWELLYN KURT SOWARD MILES MC DONALD KNAPIIEIDE J. HOFFMAN DITTMAN PETTIUONI-I WINE KINSEY I'ARRO'l'T IILAIII ROLLER GOODMAN MACKEY SEYSTICR ERICKSON GAWTIIROP IISEN KIRWVAN KEEN M. HOFFMAN Three Hu'nd1'cd Seventy-,Evo W..........,....-..Q..--mm..-..,..... W. ..,...,...,,,-... ....,..,--., - mf- 1 - 4..m ..-4 .w:.,..m,1,.... Y..-M. ..,, .. ,J Jw.. - .M .. ,, . 4, MIRIAM LAPHAM THE "TWENTY"1LLIOl V I I I f f L 7 ' 3 dips' 'R -' EKYX' " . ' A . mf" Sigma Kappa Founded at Colby College 1874 - Seventeen Chapters Establishe THETA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY JOSIE HOUCHENS FANNIE BROOKS MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY MARJORIE GRIFFITH MARY BUTLER LETA STRAIGHT MYNETTA ENGELLAND VICTORIA FREDERICK MARGARET PAHL MARY E. FRAZIER LoIs WILSON Lots WINE HELEN RICE HELEN MCCLINTOCK ANNE WILLIAMS Seniors EDNA SULLIVAN PAULINE GAUss ALICE. CARLSON I J unlors ELMA WILSON MARION TUCKER DOROTHY HALLET HELEN NORTH GLADYS TUCKER d at Illinois 19065 'N MARION 'TUCKER A Sophomores ADELE MCCLELLAND PAULINE NICHOLS TREss GUNNING IONE SMITH ORVA MooRE Freshmen . , LUCY GINNAVEN HELEN CLARKE Three Hundred Seventy-sis: nu: 1 V 1-, ,, la-Iv-11,-v'1vu.vvnq1vi-1.1.14-.V W - v ,- w-mf. .ar ! ' - Y Q 1 A .,,. Sigma Kappa Q Q 1 az xx a - -ual, Y Q - a " 0 ' I h A 4 , , X .K n . X ' ' 1 V ,X ,Q 1 ' r 1 W 4 ' , A Jr v 4 K V , ,v f ,,. 1 1, I . 1 cmNAvmN Numan snmxcm- A. svn.u,uws w. wru.x,uvxs smmx r.. wnsox mxzxcn woman Fnranmnrcxc mcm 1-ucxmn cmvss mln. cmnx Nxcuons sun.1.1v.m Mc cucmmwn LM-:mm wmv: cfmnsox Moomc GRIFFITII 1m.Lm'1- nNm:r.1.ANn mmm ra. wu.snx Mc cuxu-ocnc cuxxmu W-.1-1... N... Three Ilufzdrcd Scvr-nty-seven MA'-f..,...,......v'1.,.4-...4--. . .uw ,,w...,..-.-.......ff-m.......1...+....u...-f.-.. . V .. -VAN., .qi .Q - .. ..M.-1.....,,,---...L-Q-nm. ,. .-.,..-......,.....M....1...-,mu-.,,..., 4 ,.. ,.. .A,..4.. -1 .W THE 1'TwENTY" ILL i Established at Illinois 1906 Three Hundred Seventy-eight +V I0 'X ' IE' ':I yt U 'Y','- Agi Delta Gamma Founded at Oxford College 1872 Thirty Chapters IOTA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY ELIZABETH BRUSH, A.M. CLARA RICKETTS, A.B. MRS. T. E. SAUNDERS, A.M. MRS. LEON D. TILTON, A.B. MRS. CHARLES S. RHODE, A.B. GRACE B. STRATTON, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY I Graduates MARTHA MCQUEEN ' DOROTHY HURLBUT Seniors I MARION JOHNS ' MARJORIE HAMILTON HILDA KOHL A Juniors MARY DIXON REBECCA SHOWALTER VERLE STEINER MILDRED BRAND HELEN PRINGLE MARIE GEISS LUCILLE BEEDY BEss ATKINS EVA HOWE Sophornores EDITH RICHARDSON HALLIE IRELAND HELEN DENBY CATHARINE BUNTIN WILDA FOSTER ESTHER BARNES VIRGINIA SALE CARYL STRAUSS I Freshmen HELEN STEINER JENNESS WIRT LORAINE SAMMONS THELMA TULL GRACE BALDWIN ALICE SPRAGUE ONEITA VANDERVORT Delta Gamma . , I V ' i 1 W , 5' 'g 4 V? ff 'j-' f' 1 . K I 11 1 . . 6 . v 8? - Q 1 1 ' ' 56 A ,A 4 . xx I gvsf' ' JC ' ' . ' Q . A S' ., . ' N NX t K , . ' W . . 5 " 6 lu- 7 6 . D - 'Q ' hw " ' f .ff ' s-vu 1 M! N 4 W., , . X X J VANIPICRYOIFF m-:Nnv I-nlxcmc Mc QUIGIQN Hom. svrmullxf WIRT lumxn luclcm' HAMIl.'l'0N ILUNTIN ATKINS GIGISS DIXON luc1xAlmsoN SAMMQNS IIOVVIC IRELAND SIl0WAL'l'IilI SALE STEINER 1ml.mv1N s'rmNl-:lr Foshan 'rm,L s'r1mUss lmnxl-rs Th rcc Ilzmdrcfl Seventy-11 inc ,. an-,, Q RATHEW'TwENT'Yv ILLI67 Alpha Omicron Pi Founded at Barnard College 1898 Twenty-Five Chapters . Establishe RUTH HOLMAN ELSIE NOEL FRANCIS FOWLER BEATRICE LEvY EDITH DAv1s HELEN BRAUNS RUTH BERNREUTER LEILA SHEPPARD GRACE GANTZ ESTHER VAN DOREN ELIZA GARMAN MAEEL MAY RUTH COUGHLAN ANNETTA Woon MILDRED HOLMES , .- IOTA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE Gfraduat UNIVERSITY e VELDA BAMESBERGER Seniors AILEEN HU J uniors MAY BRADY MARY PUTNAM NILA EDMUNDSON DoRoTHY DUNN HAzEL STEPHENS MARIAN KENNY NTER SHIRLEY MANN AGNES FULLER MAURINE LANTZ LUCIE BURWASH Sophomores INA HOLTERMANN RUTH TERWILLIGER ELLEN KITTINGER Freshmen A KATHARINE WESSON FRANCES COTTRELL LUCILE GIBSON FRIEDA HARSHBARGER. ---... , W, , ,-T d at Illinois 1911 J it I l in H a Tm-ee Hundred Eighty U 5 l W ln--, Alpha Omicron Pi IiI'l"I'INGER HUNTER MAY 'l'El!Wll.l.IGER IIULMES IKERNIIEUTEII MANN GANTZ SIIEPPAICD LEVY LANTZ IIOLMAN HARSIIHAIIGER FULLER STEPHENS ,NOEL EDMUNHSON BRADY IIOLTERMANN DUNN KENNY PUTNAM COTTRELL GIBSON XVOOD BURWASII DAVIS COUGIILAN IKRAUNS FOWLER GARMANVAN DOREN Three Ilundrcfl Eighty-one E i TH E "TWENTY"1LLIO i Achot1I1 Founded at the University of Nebraska 1910 Ten Chapters A -Established at Illinois 1911 GIMEL CHAPTER MEMBER IN THE FACULTY EMMA REED JUTTON, B'.L.S. HONORARY MEMBER SUE E. HEATH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CECIL V. ALLEN MARGUERITE A. CLINE RUTH DANIEL ELIZABETH ANDREWS IRENE KAUNE IONE WALKUP EDNA BROWN HELEN PICKNELL Graduate I MARGARET A. FINLEY Seniors MIRIAM LEEDLE ETHEL NILSON ELSIE G. ROHRBOUGH EDNA ZELLHOEFER ' Juniors DOROTHY FULTZ ELEANOR WISE Sophomofres . HELEN WHEELER ESTHER DAY Freshmen ELIZABETH SHARP HELEN SoMERs Three H undrcd Eighty-two Al A-- J +.'iEL Achoth .,.--.-441. 11-...-v-..., I E..,,,.U 4 A -, - 1- , - xf xg K il 'Y I K 3. X ANIYIIISWS DAY SOMICIQS ICAUNH FULTZ WIIEELER PICKNICLI. WALKUI' WISE IIROWN SIIARP AI,l,lCN LICICDLE ROIIRHO UGII DANIE L CLINE ZELLIIOEFICR Three II1md1'cd Eighty-tlwcc II XVILSON ...... .A .,... . ...--.....,.-rm.. A.-....1...:.....1,-f 1TH.P3"TWENIY"1LLm. ire" E E 42 A T nom X Alpha Delta Pi . a' F X- u ."2,f,i -. . N s. . Tyx. '-vi. , . " .N , 305' on ' ' 5,911 . Founded at Wesleyan College 1851 Twenty-Seven Chapters Established at Illinois 1912 SIGMA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY LYDA BOND 4 MARGARET PERRY OLGA LEAMAN HONORARY MEMBERS Mas. H. S. GRINDLEY Mns. E. C. HAYES MRS. T. J. COLVIN A MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY KATHLEEN TAYLOR ELIZABETH LAMME Seniors ELDA MCKNIGHT Three H nndred Eighty-four I ESTHER SCOTT - MABEL PETERSON Juniors VIRGINIA BOELLNER DOROTHY LLEWELYN MARION MCCRAY HELEN NEWTON WILHELMINA FROEHDE Sophomores BERYL DAVIS LEONORE SCOTT RUTH WALLACE - ' Freshmen BEATRICE ANTHONY LUCILE ROBERTSON FAY CA1uUs F Cf -- Alpha Delta Pi ii? IZ. NILSON DOISY WVALLACIG ANTHONY CARIUS R.0I!ER'l'SON A. NILSON L. SCOTT MC CRAY LLEWELLYN IIOELLNER TODD GORDON FROEXIDH DAVIS NEWTON MC KNIGHT TAYLOR IC. SLIO'1"l' JOSLYN l'lC'1'IERSON IEICLL LAMMI Th rw' Ilzmdrvd Eiglzty-five T - A E'4"?'f'WEiij4iE'4'1LLIo 4 I 4- If V f ,I Fuzr. il, V U ' +A .' Z' '.- 1 Liv' ' Gamma Phi Beta Founded at Syracuse University 1871, Twenty-Four Chapters Established at Illinois 1913 OMICRON CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY MRS. C. A. RUCKIVIICH LILLIAN JOHNSTON ELSIE BAECHTOLD GERTRUDE SWIFT JULIET LITA BANE MARJORIE WALKER MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate FLORA HOTTES Seniors Lols SCOTT I FRANCES WITHROW JAMIE CHESTER ASTRID DODGE LORENE BREDEWEG Juniors CHARLOTTE WELCH HELEN MCELHINEY MARIAN MCANALLY ELIZABETH BLAKESLEE F GLADYS MCCASLIN PRISCILLA MANGOLD ESTHER KIRCHHOFER I Sophomores MARE' COOPER MARY BARRETT CHRISTINE STUBBS SOPHIE THEILEN BEULAH CLUTE ESTHER MCVAY BETTY WINGERT Freshmen MARY PARSONS RUTH PUMPELLY MARTHA COE KATHRYN CLARK MARY HENLEY HELEN MEYER LETTIE GAY LUELLA MOLINE ROXIE STUART CHRISTINE HYLAND MARJORIE MANGOLD RUTH MOUNTJOY LENORE EVERSOLE T Three Hundred Eighty-six C'-f Gamma Phi Beta KIRCIIIIOFHR GAY COOPER STUIKRS MC ANALLY MC YAY MOUNTJOY TIIICILHN WINGICRT CLUTIC C014 RARRl'I'l'T IIYLAND PARSONS MEYER MOLINI-I CLARK STUART l'UMI'lCl.I.Y EVICRSOLE M. MANGOLD IIICNLEX' NVIJLCII MC CASLIN MC ICLIIINICY IILAKESLEE CIIICSTER SCOTT DODGE IHKHITICWICG XVITIIRONV MANGOLIJ Th1'1'c' 111L'l1dI'l'Ii Eighty-sc'ucn l A, , ,,,, A .,,w,.-.... .A Wmmmmlwwmmil A w--I'-f--1' ..7,..,."'+K.:1:'.g..'-:,1i..:"'L"::L:':::?r.:fg 'YH " TW E N Y" ILLIU ,..L..,. ,.,.1.,,.m-.m.,.i,..""""'-"".......,:'y A A ' A i g Q-C45 new ,C I UUQEQUFV , H, ng ,' is ., QQ' A 24. A ' "Mi 'f a"af,"'. ! A V , it if fn Q ' Chi Theta Established at the University of Illinois 1917 MEMBER IN THE FACULTY ESTHER CLEMENTS, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors DoRo'rHY BAHE GOLDIA BUTZER GLADYS EVERHART MARION FITZER GLADYS GOODPASTURE HELEN DOOLEY ANN HUTCHINS GOLDA BRANT DELIA MORSE HELEN BUCKLER Juniors HELEN GOSSARD , JANE LEICHSENRING MADELINE SLOAN AGNES SLOAN HELEN Woon JEAN PINNELL ' GLADYS FRASER Sophoonores LAURA WALKER SARAH WALKER' JUANITA KELLEY Freshmen ' ENID BONER PARTHENIA MOTTIER HELEN HALL ELIZABETH STONE ETTA LARRY CLARADEHL WALLACE NELL XVILLSON RUTH WILLSON Thrcc Hundred Eighty czght L Jr Chi Theta . ,L l 'T vu L 7 Y J f . 9' . I , ' , , W 1. W 'f '- l -Y 1 ' . a ' . if CD I 3 P F l L K -' 'A ' "7 VX ' ' , ' - t ' X 3 ,a I1 3 BUCKLER MOTTIER LARRY HALL N. WILLSON IZONER WALLACE STONE BURTON DOOLEY HUTCIIINS FRASRR MORSE KELLEY BRANT S. WVALKICR L. NVALKER R. VVILLSON M. SLOAN LICICIISIENRING A. SLOAN nuns woon 1-:vlz1uIAu'r BUTZIER I'1NNE1.L FITZER Goom-,xs1'UnE Thrcc Hundred Eighty-nine l' A--..L Alpha Gamma Delta Founded at Syracuse University 1904 Seventeen Chapters Established at Illinois 1918 SIGMA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY FLORENCE DOWEND VIRGINIA MILLER MAUDE M. BUTLER WINIFRED MONTGOMERY M. CAROL GUMM HELEN B. WARNES FAYE BRACEWELL ' GRACE PHILLIPS HAZEL MURPHY RUTH CALDWELL HELEN CODDINGTON Seniors VALLIE FALLON ELLA M. RECORD Juniors - BEssIE MARSH MARY JANE WEIR EVA E. MOORE ELSIE GAISER Sophomores VERA E. J ONES ROSALIE MOSER Freshmen I ' MARGARET ROBINSQN RUTH DUVALL BESS COFFEE Three Hundred Ninety I l Nami., Alpha Gamma Delta DUVALL FALLON ROBINSON GUMM MONTGOMERY MURPHY JONES I!IY'I'l.IiR MOORE WARN!-IS MARSH IlIIACEWEl,I. COIIDINGTON XVEIR RECORD DOWNENII MILLICR l'llILLIl'S GAISICR CALIIWICLI Thrvc llzmrlrvfl Ni1l!'f1l-0710 'iffr-4:--O "TWENTY'iILLIO 1 Delta Alpha Omega Founded at the University of Illinois 1.918 IOTA CHAPTER OMANSKY , IIHRLICH IIDELOVVISH OITUSKY GOLDBLATT ROSENBLUM L. LYONS II. LYONS YOUNG HONORARY MEMBER HAZEL SIBYL LYONS MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Senior ,LILIAN HELEN LYONS Juniors SOMILA L. ROSENBLUM DORA OMANSKY Freshmen JEANETTE UDELOWISH JULIA EHRLICH ROSE J. OLTUSKY ISABEL GOLDBLATT EDITH YOUNG Three Hundred Ninety-two Yo Ma Founded at the University of Illinois 1907 MC EL Thrcr MANN NEWTON l'lIll.l.Il'S COOLEY IIOLT VERA STRAUS STIlAIllII'l' HOFFMAN IIALTERMAN VAN DOREN IPLEIVIING SHEPPARO VVILSON COOPER S'l'UIlll'4 WINE FOSTER llUNSE'l'lI GEISS HAETIIKE MOORE LOSEE IIEDGE NICHOLS D HIS IHNEY KNAPIIEIDE JOHNSON NAIIING ENGEl.I.ANll CANNON XVELSII RUSSELL IIOELLNEIE SC0ll ll NV II Pmsiiclent, OPAL CANNON OFFICERS Vice-President, CHARLOTTE WELCH LILLIAN BAETHKE VIRGINIA BOELLNER OPAL CANNON MYNETTA ENGELLANIJ ELLEN FLEMING MARIE GEISS MILDRED KNAPHEIDE DOROTHY GIBSON LEONORE SCOTT MARIE NADING EVA MOORE GRACE PHILLIPS ANNE COOLEY BETH HOIIT HARRIET FERA ADDIE AMSBARY CARYL STRAUSS MAYME HOFFMAN INA HALTERMAN : Ilu urlrccl Nillcly-!lz1'cc Secromry, MARY RUSSPLL T0'easzm'er, MYNETTA ENGELLAND MEMBERS Juniors CHARLOTTE WARD MARIE LLEWELLYN HELEN MCELIIINEY SHIRLEY MANN HELEN NEWTON IVIARY RUSSELL LETA SHEPPARD LETA STRAIGHT CHARLOTTE WELCH Sophomores ESTHER VAN DOREN LOIS WILSON MARY COOPER CHRISTINE STUBBS FRANCES WINE WILDA FOSTER CLARA DUNSETI-I ISABEL LOSEE DKIARGARET HEDGE PAULINE NICHOLS BERYL DAVIS MILORED JOHNSON 1- fx . ,S l . In K y N XX f 1 :, XX L' Q7 M-, p I g m? ' Nr. 110164. . ww M in -A . 9 .F 1 ' if f" """ 'f --u f' 'ff' il' 94- 1' ' ffQU"fV1! 4 4 " ' M ' ff Egan' l 4u?Lri lilIl1Jm ' - ' it Il!q4n,iaq,,,f lm NT ve. I1 .""iU'WWf -, 'N L h saws LM We Q17 nag. . lll '. ' . ' -V , ' .g , PM . bf' '51 M Il. ' . - " Fvuf fu 5- I . ,J J ,, is .1 ,,,'. 1 A ?g5Qffwa3Q'W' '-i A-- -L-1 f 1C,. !15-iff I 11 11' " ya? "21iv.zfw W T F 1 , . N ,I . ffwfh' 4 -fQw'. g-W . szsfaw ', Q MRI!! vim , 1 1 1 , , 1j'- ' L V fe A x fx V ' lmmvflux U, ,Q W0 N Q V WQQFEJ QN L W-v..v.-.......h..,-A -W AI...-1 .,.--.,.....f.f+f.-...M 'K I Sachem JUNIOR HONORARY SOCIETY Founded at the University of Illinois 1914 Immn KENNEDY IsII.Imr:luxAcIc SNYDER I-'OX IIUI.I.IfIsII ORR EMERY Icom- WROIIIIE Locrcwoon XVILSON MEM BERS I. YVLITK' llzmdrvd Nimfl 11-five .um.1fL1,Au.AIx.v.. E .Tv , . .I.....,-.,,...,..f....uf... CHESTER ANTHONY BAIRD GORDON BUTLER BILDERBACK JOHN MONTGOMERY CREBS, JR. ROBERT SIMPSON EMERY AUSTIN Fox H. GORDON HULLFISH BURTON ARTHUR INGWERSEN WILLIAM K. KOPP THOMAS EUGENE KENNEDY WILLIAM F. LOCKWOOD FRED G. MAURER JOSEPH S. MOIIR HAROLD JAMES ORR HAROLD VESEY SNYDER KENNETH L. WILSON FREDERICK DEWEY WROBKE,.v..,h. .-.. fn A-....-,..v1v.V--II.,-1--I-wmv, re-'......,-fm-.-v.1. MAUIIER CREIJS INGWERSICN MOIIR -A - -Emwu-fS-W-Im w,-1-1-........... ff- 49 .rp ff 5 I , V Tau Beta Pi HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at Lehigh University 1885 Thlrty-Two Chapters Established C. R. RICHARDS G. A. GOODENOUGH E. H. WALDO MORGAN BROOKS F. B. SEELEY H. F. GONNERMAN J. M. WHITE A. N. TALBOT H. F. MOORE E. W. CARRIER N. C. RICKER H. H. STOEK M. L. ENGER J. W. DAVIS I. O. BAKER E. B. PAINE A: P. CARMAN R. W. CORNELISEN F. T. BOWDITCH A. K. SANDERSON C. B. SCHMELTZER C. Z. ROsEcRANs C. A. NAGEL ILLINOIS ALPHA CI-IAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY F. H. NEWELL W. A. GATWARD U. H. PROVINE G. W. PICKELS C. T. KNIPP H. D. FRARY C. C. WILEY J. M. SNODGRASS C. R. CLARK H. H. JORDAN P. S. BEIGLER O. A. LEUTWILER G. P. B'OoMsLx'rER C. R. MOORE W. S. WOLFE H. M. WESTERGAA N. E. ENSIGN MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors A. D. CASKEY O. F. BARKLAGE U. S. LATTNER W. J. GEIGER B. E. IWITTELMAN D. J. SCHNEIDER Tlzrru at Illinois 1897 RD llundrcd Ninety-six i2L- . Tlfillxfzf-, -.11 f ' W M. -A-Q-L.:. , Tau Beta Pi GEIGER M I'1"l'l'ILMAN SANDICIKSON CARRIER NAGICL llARKl,AllI4I CASKICY I.A'l"l'Nl-IR B0 Wll1'l'Cll SCHNEIDER CDI!NI'Il.ISl5N SCH IVllCl.'l'ZI'IR Three Ihmclrcd Ninvty-seven : I-CTgnEI'TWENLI'Y" 1LL1o nffg. "C V . Eta Kappa Nu HONORARY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Illinois 1904 . Eleven Chapters U ALPHA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY ELLERY BURTON PAINE, M.S., E.E. MORGAN BROOKS, Ph.D. CHARLES TOBIAS KNIPP, Ph.D. ERNEST ALEXANDER REID, M.S. EDWARD H. WALDo, A.B., M.S. PAUL HENRY BURKHART, B.S. ABNER RICHARD KNIGHT, M.E. ELMER F. HEATER, Eng. Exp. Station MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors OLIVER F. BARKLAGE HARRY WILLIAM BAUMER FRED TRYON BOWDITCH ARTHUR DAVID CASKEY EDMUND F. ENGELLAND LESLIE JAMES BATTEY MILFORD CoATs BoIcE WALTER CHRIS HEUKMAN 'ln WALTER JACOB GEIGER BRAINARD GARRETSON HATCH GLEN THOMAS JAMISON LAWRENCE RAYMOND KEIFI-'ER HENRY VALENTINE SCHLACKS Juniors WENDELL LYoNs KENNEY LLOYD JAMES QUAID JOHN THEODORE SCHOTT YOSHIQ YOSHIKAWA Three Hundred N inctu-eight . .. 1 . . -, - --,,..,,, M,-,,. 1, I, I W f' 1 - 'W-rw' I '1 W M Y 1 ' . ........ 1.1 N- ,.. , ,..-,.... . H H M Nm HJR A 1 Q 1 V' 3 X A 1 K LL .R in ' I. 1 j 4jr.,,.,,.,.. ..... -,..,.., ' 41" H , ,, , , -, ...- .,.,-,.. .my 1 1 Eta Kappa Nu x'0s11I1iAw1x 11,v1'c11 1101012 .1AM1s0N 1cN4:1:1.1,ANn G1-llulcn KENNEY QUAID IXAUMFIR HIECKMAN CASKICX' SCll0'I"l' 11An1i1,AG1c 110wn1'rC11 mam 1iNI1'1' 1cN1u11'l' PAINIG XVALDO 111m1c11A1z'1' 1i1c11f1f1c1z Thrvc Humlrvd Ninety-nivm L21-LZ, --5: -,QLJJQQM f-W1Qa3:4:'1fTjii,"g,'g.".".'T ,......."'."'.g.."f.1iT5TS'..1iii:?.L:?:L'g,...-..Z.."..."iTzlifil:p....g...r....' .Lai :::...L3Z:i:iZ",I' Gamma Alpha GRADUATE SCIENTIFIC FRATERNITY Fmmclecl nt Cornell Uvzizwrsiiy 1899 Ten Chapters Established at Illinois 1908 ' Ll'IllliNllAl'l'1ll ALLISON IIIIUNSON KRATZ l'l'1l.'l'IlCR 0l"l"U'l"l' Al'S'l'l N lIlCl-I CLAR IC li ARIUCIK SI IAI"l-'I'Il! MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Gl'0fZll!lffCS W. A. ALLISON M. M. AUSTIN A. M. BRUNSON E. M. CLARK S. KARREII A. S. G. J. O. L. H. ULICH P. KRATZ R. OFFUTT PELTIER B. RICE V. SHAFFER Four Hundred Phi Delta Phi PROFESSIONAL LAW FRATERNITY Founclecl at the University of Michigan 1869 Fifty-One Chapters Established at Illinois 1901 LANGDELL CHAPTER l ARMSTRONG BARTON COVEY V I' UIYI' CROSS KNIGII1' NOBLE MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY HENRY W. BALLANTINE, A.B., LL.B. JOHN N. POMEROY, JR., A.M., LL.B'. OLIVER A. HARKER, A.M., LL.D. LEW R. SARETT, A.B., LL.B. EDWARD H. DECKER, A.B., LL.B. ARTHUR R. WARNOCK, A.B., LL.B. FREDERICK GREEN, A.M., LL.B. JAMES H. BEAL, LL.B., D.Sc. WILLIAM G. HALE, B.S., LL.B. JAY E. MILLER, A.B., A.M., LL.B. ROBERT E. CUSHMAN, A.B., Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors CHARLES CAREY CURTIS DAVID JAMES KADYK GALEN VICTOR KNIGHT DANIEL AUGUSUS BLAIR TOM LEEMING Juniors HUGH WARE CROSS MERLE EMMETT NOBLE JOHN HAROLD ARMSTRONG EDWIN LYNN COVEY ARTHUR LAYTON BARTON Four Humlrcrl One ug ll I Wi ll ,. 1, il 2 e xl 1 1 l ll ll l I I I I r e lei 'Q 15 fi aa ll Sigma Delta Chi HONORARY JOURNALISTIC FRATERNITY Fozmcled at De Pauw University 1909 Twenty-Seven Chapters Established at Illinois 1912 ILLINOIS LAMBDA CHAPTER I l l DIIYSDALE 0 WI-IN ORR JOHNSTON Il0l'l5 HONORARY MEMBER RING W. LARDNER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY FRANKLIN WILLIAINI SCOTT, Ph.D. HARRY FRANKLIN HARRINGTON, A.M. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Senior HAROLD BOOMER JOHNSTON Juniors ROBERT A. DRYSDALE HAROLD J. ORR HERBERT O. HOPE STEWART D. OWEN Four Ilxuulrvd Two I Y' , .I .W,....,,,.,,.,.., . ., ., M,......-... - mf.-W ..... .,.,A,,,-,w...,..4w-, W... www- -mm. .-.. L., LL ' '- 'V 'T . ,,..,...,.....,,.,,,-.. ..,... .,.... . , ,..,.,. ,,,,....... M.. ., .. T, A " " ' THE."'TWENTY" ILLIO Phi Lambda Upsilon HoNoRARY CHEMICAL FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Illinois 189.9 Fifteen Chapters Established at I111no1s 1899 ALPHA CHAPTER HONORARY MEMBERS DR. J. H. BEAL DR. G. MCP. SMITH ' PROP. H. S. GRINDLEY DR. L. H. SMITH PROF. W. A. NoYEs PRoF. E. W. WASHBURN PRoF. S. W. PARR ASSOCIATE MEMBERS I ROGER ADAMS u H. B. LEWIS J. E. HESSLER D. F. MCFARLAND ' - B. S. HOPKINS ' I ACTIVE MEMBERS I T Four M. M. AUSTIN C. C. E. BARNES A. O. A. BARNES C. F. R. CLARK S. G. J. Cox O. M. E. DREYFUS A. W. F. ECKSTEIN N. F. F. FOOTIT W J. L. HALL E. T. S. HAMILTON L. L. B. HOWELL H undrcd Three 1 1, l S. MARVEL O. MATTHEWS W. NESBIT C. POWELL M. SMITH E. STEARNS O. TAYLOR A. VAN WINKLE B. VLIET S. WELLS iran- f ,. ii .,.- TH E +' TWE Nw" 1'L'iI'ii6"i"ie Scabbard And Blade HONORARY MILITARY SOCIETY Founded at the University of Wisconsin 1902 Seventeen Companies E .Established at Illinois 1909 COMPANY F, FIRST REGIMENT MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY EDMUND JANES JAMES H. P. GREISON R. N. FARGO T. S. HAMILTON G. D. S'roPr W. J. CARMICHAEL MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY M. D. DowNs F: C. KALTHOFF O. A. STICE C. A. MCNAUGHTON D. A. BLAIR L. E. YEAGER A. F. THAL B. BROWN C. F. HENNING A. H. WA'r'rs W. M. CARTER B. E. SKINNER N. O. TAYLOR T. H. BROCK Four Hundred Four G- 7 I Scabbard And Blade IIENNING TAYLOR MC NAUGIITON TIIAL STICIC IIHIOCK DOWNS BROWN BLAIR SKINNHR KALTIIOFF Four Ilumlrcd Five Alpha Zeta I-IONORARY AGRICULTURAL FRATERNITY if II Founded at Ohio Staie Unifvwsity 1897 Twenty-Seven Chapters Established at Illinois 1902 MORROW CHAPTER ,. I H 'I A 'M ii fi .E if ,. ii! iii Si 6 T .1 VK ,N i g S 1- if 4 :1 M 2 AUGUSTUS LAIIILIC ISHN Nl'I'i"l' E I SKINNEI: MIIMM Il Xl I IIOL'I'zM.xN col ll Y I.I.ox'n ll0'1"I'l-TS YAPI' 'I fi I . ll -L MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY EUGENE DAVENPORT FRED H. RANKIN W. C. COFFEY W. L. BURLISON H. W. HEPBURN R. H. WILCOX W. J. FRAZER H. M. C. CASE C. G. HOPKINS W. W. YAIIP ,ug J. G. MOSIER H. A. RUEHIC A22 H. W. MUMFORO E. A. WHITE A. F. GUSTAFSON J. B. RICE gf ELMER ROBERTS C. F. HOTTES Q3 D. O. BARTOW S. A. FORBES st F. A. FISHER L. H. SMITH H. A. HAROING J. E. WIIITCHURCII H. P. RUSK H. S. GRINDLEY Agg J. C. BLAIR F. W. WASCHER J. W. WI-IISPJNAND E. K. AUGUSTUS J. W. LLOYD M. H. CAMPBELL 1,1 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY EQ Gmdzmtes E. K. HALL E. G. JOHNSON EQ Seniors nf? R. J. LAIBLE H. H. HOLTZMAN ' N? B. E. SKINNER E. C. BENNETT Four Iluml: Id Src ., mf- , -...-wh., ., " r -. v .K F ...m................. ..,.... .,.,-.. I -. Sigma Tau I-IONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Nebmska 1904 Eleven Chapters Established at Illinois 1914 THETA CHAPTER Four GROYI-Il! SCAN LAN MUFI I FR MEANS COOKE ROSVCRANS GI It I R IH XNING BAKER WILLARD SCIlMl'IL'l'ZIiR MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY CHARLES Russ RICHARDS, -GEORGE ALFRED GOODENOUGH, M.E. FREDERICK HAYNES NEWELL, D.Engr. IRA OSBORN BAKER, B.S., C.E., D.Eng. CHARLES ALTON ELLIS, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE R. S. CooKE W. J. GEIGER D. D. GRDVER C. F. HENNING Ilmzdrcll Seven ARTHUR CUTTS WILLARD, S.B. MELVIN LoREN1Us ENGER, M.S., E.E. PHILIP SHERIDAN BIEGLER, B.S., E.E UNIVERSITY Gmdzmte E. E. CRESS Sem fors W. W. MEANS W. R. MUELLER C. Z. ROSECRANS C. J. SCANLAN C. B. SCIMELTZER ll! I 5 ...M1n1..vf......l.s....-..-v..l.....,,-N-.L-. ...M.,...U,.-...N-,-.-1-f.n-W-amen:.L-1-A A. .-Q-mv.-,w umA.w.,.M,m.. ,U A -,..,...........w....M.....,,.....,....,,.,... -...-f..-..-..,..... ..,L,..1-,,...,...g......-....v.E W..-. .. . . Pi Delta Epsilon HONORARY INTER-PUBLICATION FRATERNITY Fmmclecl at Sj1,1'rfLc2l,Se University 1909 Twenty-One Chapters Established at Illinois 1918 ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER OWEN INGWICRSEN RIASSKJCK ORR Rl-IMLI-DY JOHNSTON IIIIYSDAIJ-I MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY THOMAS ARKLE CLARK HARRY FRANKLIN HARRINGTON GEORGE ALFRED GOODENOUGH VVILLIAM LEONIDAS BURLISON CARL STEPHENS WALTER CASTELLA COFFEY MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors RUSSELL STEWART COOKE HAROLD BOOMER JOHNSTON HUGH CROSS ROY IVILLIAM LANDSTROM WAIITER B. REMLEY Juniors ROBERT ALEXANDER DRYSDALE RICHARD GILBERT MASSOCK JAMES DEWEY HAVENS STEWART DOUGLAS OWEN JOHN ARTHUR INGWERSEN HAROLD JAMES ORR Four Ilzmrlrrrl Eight Theta Sigma Phi HONORARY JOURNALISTIC FRATERNITY Founded at the UYL'i12G7'Sff2f of Washington 1909 Seventeen Chapters Established at 111111015 1918 PI CHAPTER Four DOISY CANNON IHRONVN noncs CARLSON NEWELL W.SlIAI"FEll s.s1-IAFFER sEx's'rER NREASAN MC CORMICR HONORARY MEMBERS MRS. F. W. SCOTT MRS. H. F. HARRINGTON LOIS SEYSTER SUSAN SHAFFER JOSEPHINE NEWELL HARRIET MCCORMICK MILDRED WELCH ll'lH'lfll'l'd Nino MRS. R. E. CUSHMAN MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Junior OPAL C XNNON Sopho moves ROBERTA DOISY WILHELMINE SHAFFLI' ASTRID DODGE HELEN CARLSON GRACE BROWN SHIRLEY KREASAN 21 A I I J A ,w 14 IH 'El Ll A H 4 5 I., nl' I F! I E 5 ? I 4 ? 3 5 31 -I 3 il I ll fx I sl I? sl 3 3 I 4 ! as gl ll li I I I I I E I I I F I F G me 2 I: I 5 a: IP is I ...I .A , Z1 , .4 1.1, .U , 1 ,. II' I I J Phi Delta Kappa HONORARY EDUCATIONAL FRATERNITY Foumlecl at the University of ITZCZTTLHIL 1906 Twenty Chapters Established at Illinois 1914 PI CHAPTER OIIIFIIITII RAGLANII MERIIYMON CAPPS DAVIS RAYNEII DUOIIINGIIAM WILLIAMS Mc IIINNI-:Y COLIIY I MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY BURDETTE Ross BUCKINGHAM, Ph.D. ARLIE GLENN CAPPS, A.M. WERRETT WALLACE CHARTERS, ARTHUR SAMUEL COLBY, M.S. CARL COLVIN, B.S. JAMES HENRY GREENE, M.S. COLEMAN ROBERTS GRIEFITH, DAVID SPENCE HILL, Ph.D. A.B. Ph.D. HORACE ADELDERT HOLLISTER, A.M. EVERETT ERWIN LEISY, A.B. WILLIAM WALTER MERRYMON, A.M. ARETAS WILBUR NOLAN, M.S. JAMES MICHAEL 0'GORMAN, A.M. WILLIAM HORACE RAYNER, B.S., C.E. CHRISTIAN ALBAN RUCKMIOH, Ph.D. JAMES ALFORD STEVENSON, Ph.D. LEWIS WARD WILLIAMS, A.M. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY HENRY THEODORE MCKINNEY Graclzmtes LEWIS WASHINGTON RAGLAND Seniors LYMAN DAVIS V f-,-. - f - muy- -L.W- I - -f M-W.-...W--I-.v.,.., . -A W- Nqr- ---fl ff'--WL Fon 1' ll u mlrcd T C71 'W' QTi.',2,,.Ql1.,1 M' " Il .':g::::":::::.'f.... Va W... -,., ...,...., .,...,...,......,....-........J IF' 5' ., . . -. ,....... ..,., ,,,,,-.. .... Iota Sigma Pi HONORARY CHEMICAL FRATERNITY Fozmcled at the University of California 1900 Eight Chapters Established at Illinois 1918 IODINE CHAPTER Four nEI.I. WARDELI. JUN RIN WAGNER ADAMS OIIEY MFIRLING sc1INEInIan .Io1INsoN STICARNS REED .memes .IEwEI.I. KEITII I.EIcIIsENnING IIocIcINs ARNOLD PERRY NULL MAIIERS STAI-If MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY MRS. ROGER ADAMS ROSSLEENE M. ARNOLD MINNA E. JEWELL OLIVE B. JOHNSON DELLA JUNKIN HELEN M. KEITH RUTH E. MERLING ALMA J. NEILL RUTH E. OKEY ROSALIE M. PARR MARGARET PERRY MARY STAPP GENEVIEVE STEARNS EMMA L. WARDELL ESTIIER WAGNER ADVISORY BOARD MRS. EDWARD BARTOW MRS. H. S. HOPKINS MRS. G. D. BEAL MRS. H. B'. LEWIS MRS. H. S. GRINDLEY MRS. W. A. NoYEs DORIS E. BocK1Ns MARY BELL JANE LEICHSENRING ELIZABETH MAGERS Ilumlrcd Eleven MRS. E. W. WASHBURN MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates Senfors JESSIE M. JACOBS MIRIAM E. NULL HAZEL REED NORA SCHNEIDER - .... .-... L........ ,,,,,..,...-, W- - -4...... . . L , Gamma Epsilon Pi HONORARY COMMEICIAL FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Illinois 1918 LYNCH NYIIERG RICE MC DONALD HA MLIN WVILSON IIOWIC VVINTICRS IIUMIIICHOUSE IIOEI.I.NEIl NICHOLS DRYANT ABRAHAM HODGIES MANSPICAKER GAYVTHIIOP COOLICY l"AlRFIlil.D KIRCIIHOFICR DAVIS DONOYAN IIRONSON RHUIC HONORARY MEMBERS DR. LORINDA PERRY MRS. ALTA GWINN SAUNDERS MEMBER IN THE FACULTY ELEANOR TRAXLER MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ESTHER EPPINGER KATIE HUMRICHOUSE LUCILE ABRAHAM VIRGINIA BOELLNER INA HAMLIN EVA HOWE EMMA ESTHER KIRCHHOFER ETHEL BRONSON ANNA BRYANT ANNA COOLEY BERYL DAVIS LOUISE FAIRFIELD EUNICE GAWTHROP Seniors MARY DoNovAN LENA RHUE Juniors HELEN LYNCH ELSIE MCMAHON CAROLINE MANSPEAKER ALMA NORTH FRANCES PARKER Sophomores HARRIET HODGES BESSIE MACDONALD PAULINE NICHOLS NETTIE NYBERG HELEN RICE Lois WILSON HARRIET WIN'rERs Four Ilzmdrvd Tu'z'l'vc ,. H.. . ..H.-...I-.v.,.f. +, 4 Q THE "TWENTY"1LLIO A -fa Alpha Kappa Psi PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL FRATERNITY Founded at New York University in 1905 Fourteen Chapters Established at Illinois EPSILON CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY DAVID KINLEY, Ph.D. 1 HIRAM SCOVILLE, A.B. NATHAN WESTON, Ph.D. WILLIAM BRITTON, J.D. A MAURICE ROBINSON, Ph.D. Seniors PHILIP P. YOUNG PHILIP A. NIEBERGALL RAYMOND C. HAAS CLIFFORD JOHN HOWE I JULIEN H. COLLINS WAYNE THOMPSON WHARTON I if JACOB PAUL SCHNELLBACHER J . CLARENCE CORMAOK Four H undrcd Thirteen RALPH O. METZLER FRANK HURLEY 1912 1, 1 I THE K' TwENTY" IILTIO '12-:im S .J Tnangle PROFESSIONAL CIVIL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Illinois 1907 ' MEMBER IN THE FACULTY HARRISON FREDERICK GONNERMAN, M.S. HONORARY MEMBERS I IRA OSBORN BAKER, D.Engr. FREDERICK HAYNES NEWELL, D.Engr. JOHN PASCAL BROOKS, M.S. I ARTHUR NEWELL TALBOT, C.E. MELVIN LORENIUS ENGER, C.E. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate ELDRED EVERETT CRESS I Seniors WALKER WILSON MEANS WALTER RUDOLPH MUELLER CHARLES AUGUST NAGEL DELMONT JOSEPH SCHNEIDER EzRA EDWARD BAUER COURTNEY HAROLD CRIM DONALD DANA GROVER CASPER FERDINAND HENNING ' Juniors WILBUR GLENN MILLER ARVID LAWRENCE REI-INQUIST ARTHUR ALFRED THORSELL FRANK WALTER VOGT JOHN WESLEY HALL EDWARD CLARENCE BUSSE OSCAR JONATHAN FLEMING LEE CONRAD HERWIG , PAUL EUGENE LANGDON Sophomores MERRILL PHILIP BENSON Freshmen WILLIAM HENRY BRAMAN ALBERT REYNER EASTMAN Four Hundred Fourteen Q 1L,, , , , , ,,. v., rr W' 'f f ,, . '24, N l HN K H' l Triangle i M K A K ,, 'f'-K -.Pav 1 41141 v I 'Wu 'A I - ,- ,I ""'- V .. , v w v ' . J Q 1' X!-I 5' FF F ? f ri i .E V .Nh .V I 5 i V , I ' I' fi ' - "Gun tL'?2A"'N ' l l , . n 1 'Jggq xt- nig h. ' L In . , i' Qc. " ' W, V .W .. ,m P, -L , , I N HM S42 , il .' "pq, 5 . 5 4 ' I 50. ' L ' -ff' . ' "--'l- -Q' 2-5 :,"L, '-'I Ml M N ' - , I 11 .- . ,Q fgw-:mem A-'IWl?Pf?!H?3Y , H f ' - f, li I , ,ns---. .V ,, .,,,,,,,H-1, X 1 - . 54 . 1: M Q- ' 1 V, ,. .,1 .r .,,. .. . In .,,,,,H L31 ' 17, "-- Mmm5ffmuaeL..I7u, , mE1 " mv 5:52 .. 4 CHESS LANGHON ISRAMAN HALL 1 1 EASTMAN IIICRNVIG IIICIINQUIST TIIORSICLI, CRIM FLICMING MILLER IKUSSIC VOGT MUICLLER BENSON lg BAUER GIIOYER SCllNlilllEIl MEANS NAGEL IIENNING w, MP flu! Four llmzdrvd Fiftven L':,1vff1 Q- Q aqua-.1-un-vr 4' 'iEa'E'1-'12ws3g5wiEEiEfiJF'A'J1e- A A A l -E Alpha Chi Sigma PROFESSIONAL CHEMICAL FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Wisconsin 1902 Thirty Chapters Established at Illinois 1908 ZETA CHAPTER HONORARY MEMBERS W. A. NoYEs, Ph.D., LL.D. S. W. PARR, M.S. E. S. HOPKINS, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY H. B. LEWIS, Ph.D. A. L. WHITING, Ph.D. D. F. MACFARLAND, Ph.D. J. G. DIETRICHSON, Ph.D. ROGER ADAMS, Ph.D. F. W. TANNER, Ph.D. O. R. OVERMAN, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates T. S. HAMILTON H. E. FRENCH W. R. KIRNER C. S. MARVEL G. C. BAKER W. A. RUTH I Seniors C. W. NEsB1'r'r ' J. R. JOHNSON G. J. Cox C. E. BROEKER H. W. HYDE ' Juniors R. S. NELSON J. E. SPELCE H. C. N. HECKEL E. H. WEBSTER W. R. MORGAN E. FAUTSCH Sophornores J. B. BAKER I. B. MORGAN Pledges M. A. SNELL J. A. GUNTON M. E. RUIJD PAUL LARSON i Four Hundred Sixteen Alpha Chi Sigma MORGAN NVEHSTEII FAUTSCII SNICLL RUIIII KIIINER HECK lil, FRENCH IIYIIH BAKER HAKIQR SPELCE MORGAN NELSON GITNTON NESllI'l"1' COX HOPKINS PARR LEWIS IIROICKER JOHNSON Four Ilzmdrcd Svvvntccu ,' 4 .V , . . .. -...,.,..,..... ,. 7 -r-ff' ' + R I is -i'i.-llLi3?Q.l'lAl WA Y" UEWE- 'A 'T I: F ,,..i.f-M-In-s.,..v, - , . - I. -I F-'-W Ei Alpha Gamma Rho PROFESSIONAL AGRICULTURAL FRATERNITY Founded at Ohio State 1.906 . Twelve Chapters . Established at Illinois 1908 ALPHA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Y EUGENE DAVENPORT, LL.D. HENRY PERLY RUSK, M.S.A. FRED HENRY RANKIN, B.S. JOSEPH HARVEY CHECKLEY, B.S. SLEETERI BULL, M.S. ALFRED GUNDERSON, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors JOHN MILTON B1RKs CHARLES S. DUSTIN ROY WILLIAM LANDSTROM CLYDE EYERETT MAXWELL Juniors ' RAYMOND VANCE WATSON RAY EUGENE CRYDER E: MELVILLE CRANDELL RAY L. GARMAN I Sophomores ROBERT EVERETTE BAKER FRANK HAMILTON SHUMAN SAMUEL DAWSON DARLEY HARRY ARTHUR LUER D. WESLEY THOMPSON LAWRENCE JOSEPH BERRY ALFRED JOHN TENINGA Freshmen EDGAR CHRISTIAN KIEM RICHARD HENRY PATTISON ARTHUR K. CARMICHAEL ELMER RUSSEL PATTISON GEORGE NEWELL MORGAN THOMAS H. HILDEBRAND W. ROBERT PAYNE Four Hundred Eighteen " l VL-7 G- '1 HF ,X ,I , , L U If ' 93 ji se li fi I Alpha Gamma 'Rho , f i X Nw w 4 , V , u 1 w I Y W X X THOMPSON IIILUEIERAND CHYIIEIE SIIUMAN KIICM CRANl!lCl.I. lmlilin lxlcnm' '1'I4ZNINu.x lmlclmlx' LUICR WVATSDN 1.ANI1s'1'RoM lzllzlis M.xxw1c1.l. IDUSTIN xg Four llzuzdrvd Ninclccn W MmWWWmWWWWWWMWWMWWWWM ..... -A-,..,,,-f,.iA..i.1.-. 1' 'i"5'T'N' "'iMm" VV Q '":3f'.Lm..,,..-f-...-A-,.f...,....,W, IM-W. 1 Ir.. 'gf H-R1 LQ " ' E' ENffY" I LLHU ,f.,,....,..e, , M,..,.u.L,L ,.J.A... I ,-Mix ' ' I X Alpha Rho Chi PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL FRATERNITY Founded at the Universitieus of Illinois and Michigan 1911, ' ANTHEMICS CHAPTER HONORARY MEMBERS NATHAN CLIFFORD RICKER, D.Arch. GEORGE WESLEY BQULLARD, M.S. CLARENCE HOWARD BLACKALL, M.S. JOSEPH CORSOIJI LLEWELLYN, M.S. ALLEN HOMES KIMBALL, M.S. RALPH STANLEY FANNING, B.Arch. JOSEPH MITCHELL KELLOGG, M.Arch.i LORING HARVEY PROVINE, B.S. NORMAN FOOTE MARSH, M.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Juniors WILLARD AYRES SNYDER LLOYD LUCIUS HUNTINGTON CARL JULINE JOE HENRY WILDERMUTH WESLEY LEONARD CONNETT ARLOS SEDGLEY GEORGE AVION WHITTEN Sophornores WALLACE IVAN OVEREND HURLBERT CRAIG CHEEVER WILLIAM STRUDWICK ARRASMITH HARRY BIRD TOUR MACON ARMISTEAD ABBITT LESLIE JOSEPH HUG WILLIAM EDWARD HALLAUER HAROLD LESLIE PARR HARRY JOHN ZIEMAN CHARLES REUEL SUTTON ' Four Hundred Twenty IL, "W -A' rr- J- -I Alpha Rho Chi L Ng' 4' SUTTON ARRASMITII 'FOUR HUNTINGTON WIIITTIEN PARR AHIEITT ZIEMAN HUG NVILDHIIMUTII SHDGIJZY CIIICEYICII OYICIIICNII SNYIHCR HALLAUICR CONNETT .I ULINI Four Illmdrvd T1rc'nl11-0m- Theta Tau ww! PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING FRATERN ITY Founded at the University of Minnesota 1904 Ten Chapters Established at Illinois 1916 KAPPA CHAPTER CHRIST LANGDON FLEMING RISLICY IIURLEY VOGT IYGWICYISEN LILLY ISURKIC IIUCIIIIFIT H XRVIWY '1'll0R'll'I L 'VIOIIR CHAPMAN RYXN SCIINI-ZIIII P S XXIII RSON IIOWERSOLI N XII I MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY O. A. LEUTWILER, B.S., M.E. E. A. HOLBROOK, B.S., M.E. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors A K. SANDERSON C. A. NAGEL H. H. CHAPMAN H. R. RYAN D. J. SCHNEIDER W. M. BOWERSOCK O. F. QUIGLEY Juniors J. A. BURKE A. A. THORSELL B. A. INGWERSEN R. E. RISLEY R. W. LILLEY F. W. VOGT R. J. CHRIST P. E. LANGDON J. S. MOHR P. B. BURLEY O. J. FLEMING A D. HARVEY G. C. BUCI-IHEIT Four lIu'11flr:'rl T11':'nty-Iwo L ,-...vY,vW vi, , ivzgrac-..-1--E..- 21,1-naw-:f:f:.--W LW- Y... :-:------v-:'-:-- ' A -4-1-MW' 8 h ' ""' A-::m1,,,,A,,, , ,,,,,, ,,,,,.a..,, ,.,,3..Y.....,,.,-.A.a-is -Mm ---T .-n--M f . -:A -V - Y---'A-f-fr-. :+V-Q---M ! if: 'ff' E41 lf l Qi Qi il ll ll I 'I l . 1 w I E L, , Farm House PROFESSIONAL AGRICULTURAL FRATERNITY Fozmcled at the University of Missouri 1905 Three Chapters Established at Illinois 1914 ILLINOIS CHAPTER KLAMSICII JOHNSON WARREN MOORE lll'Il.l'I-Ill MIGIIICLL WYIISI-INAND RICE l.AIlll.l4D SKINNICR IKRUNNI-IMICYHR JONES MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY HENRY PERLY RUSK, M.S. JOHN BENJAMIN RICE, M.S. JAMES WILBUR WH1sENAND,M.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors BERTRAM EUGENE SKINNER WVILLIAM ROBERT JONES RUSSELL JAMES LAIBLE RAYMOND LESLIE REESE Jimiors WAIITER RAYMOND MOORE HENRY RAQUET BRUNNEMEYER MIIITON WILLARD WARREN Sophomores WALTER CHAMP HELPER HARRY WILLIAM KLAMSER ALBERT THOMAS MIGHELL Four Ilmzllrcfl Twenty-lhr1'o Q -1.1-..--H.-.w,-s.n.fn...-Om. Q...-Iwncim 1,i-.,,,i..--..,--Qw-.4-wpf--uvfnv-v.---,.f.n..-.....f,TA.. 1 jlfzsflyw-:J -K: -v- y vrfv , nz-m:un..I.-.-f, ,L-.-wr-.Is .A..,..-H.w-Mw...,.-Q,.N.M.w.-.m...-k..-..-.....p....u.. ..-V . fir Xrf Medui PROFESSIONAL PRE-IVIEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Illinois 1.914 MURPIIY GARRICTT RliI'1'lIl-IR HILL IYUWD KICLLY ARMSTRONII JOHNSON MILLS MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY J. H. BEARD, A.M., Ph.D. J. S. KINGSLEY, Sc.D. W. E. BURGE, A.M., Ph.D. H. B. LEWIS, Ph.D. R. D. GLASGOW, Ph.D. J. A. SPERRY, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates F. RUBRIGHT H. F. DILLER W. E. WRIGHT E. R. ELESON W. R. FISHER G. M. CLINE Seniors J. R. JOHNSON J. C. SODARO T. A. ROST B. A. SMITH F. L. CIIENOWETH H. H. SCHROEDER H. O. DENNIS A. KRAFT L. L. CIIARPIER H I. MEIER H. B. LAUGHRIE Juniors D. L. RIDER G. T. MURPHY W. D. BUIIRMAN H W. HILL W. A. MANN K. S. LEWIS W. P. ARMSTRONG W. H. MYERS J. H. RUTLEDGE O. A. REINHARDT E. J. SAUER J. M. Down W. W. BAUM I. M. HAY C. R. LABIER R. C. ROBERTSON ' Sophomores J. J. KELLY M. J. MILLS N. M. LEITCH H. F. CORSON S. S. GARRETT T. I. REUTHER Four Iizmrlrvd Tu'z'n!y-fom Pi Tau Sigma PROFESSIONAL MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Illinois 1915 Two Chapters ALPHA OF ILLINOIS WILLARD I.EU'l'Wll.Iil'C OHERNF DAY l A'l"1'NlfR IIAN XNVKII sANluEnsoN 110'-:VUIIANSI so xx I AN MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY C. R. RICHARDS, B.M.E., M.E., V. S. DAY, B.S. G. A. GOODENOUGH, M.E. A. C. WILLARD, B.S. O. A. LEUTWILER, M.E. A. P. KRATZ, M.S. B. W. BENEDICT, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY WM. G. HANAWALT C. Z. ROSECRANS A. K. SANDERSON U. S. LATTNER G. S. OBERNE C. J. SCANLAN Four lflzmllrwl 7'zwr11ty-jim: - f wary" 1141.555 cQ5r:x:Iz4....- I Scarab Founded at the University of Illinois 190.9 Four Chapters Karnak Temple Chapter ' DOWNS CRESS IIANSFORD males cfxssmx' SPANGLEII MUELLER In rn MI1.l.xan I Xl TIIOFI cnoxx R wi XI I ms CURTIS MORGAN wLI IS .ION rs I KI vu ll c KRT! R MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY JAMES MCLAREN WHITE, B.S NEWTON ALONZO WELLS, M.P. RALPH RODNEY ROOT, M.L.A. FRED N. EVANS, B.S. DONALD ALLISON, A.B. CYRUS PALMER, B.S. NATHANIEL C. CURTIS, Ph.B., B.S. CHARLES L. MORGAN, B.S. ROBERT TAYLOR JONES, B.S. WILLIAISI F. MCCAUGHEY, A.B MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors W. M. CARTER H. R. DYER M. R. RANSFORD M. D. DOWNS F. C. KALTHOFF W. R. MUELLER D. D. GROVER Juniors M. L. REES R. E. SPANGLER G. CASSIDY W. G. MILLER J. B'. MALLERS Four 1Ill'lIdlzl'd Twenty-sire W ,,,, A , ,L ,-, ,, , J N. TLT. ,fTT'Ti5T2S."'..."',............""u"f...,..1Z'T.1.L""....ZIJLL'I.Cf'X.IJZlQ,T.L,:-glflf , L - -'TT'--. -:L:g1'il'f"'ST4ITI.3:.L4. -d Dub 7 TDOCIETQ Ku Klux Klan THE INTER-FRATERNITY JUNIOR SOCIAL ORGANIZATION Founded at the Ufhiversity of Illinois 1908 One Chapter CULLIN LORICNTZ IHLDERIIACK ARMSTRONG LOVIEJOY TUT WI LER SPANG LER BAUM TAYLOIR POICII LMAN MUELLER BENNETT CREIKS INGVVERSFIX NVILSON SINXDVR MEMBERS Sigma Chi R. M. POEHLMAN Kappa Sigma W. S. MUELLER Phi Kappa Sigma R. LORENTZ Phi Delta Theta G. BILDERBACK Alpha Tau Omega H. V. SNYDER Phi Gamma Delta C. E. LovEJoY Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' W. P. ARMSTRONG Beta Theta Pi JOHN M. CREBS Sigma Nu R. E. SPANGLER Phi Kappa Psi W. F. Locxwoon Four Huildrcrl Tzventll-seven Delta Kappa Epsilon JOHN INGWERSEN Delta Upsilon K. L. WILSON Theta Delta Chi F. TOURTELOT Alpha Sigma Phi J. A. FRIEDLUND Zeta Psi C. C. TAYLOR Phi Sigma Kappa G. BAUM Psi Upsilon A. M. PIKE Alpha Delta Phi R. E. TUTWILER Chi Phi V. CULLIN Chi Psi W. R. BENNETT L.- MYIQINE WWE 1-NIT?" ILLIO Q Skull And Crescent THE INTER-FRATERNITY SOPI OMORE SOCIAL ORGANIZATION Founded at the Univeisity of Wisconsin 1907 Four Chapters Established at the University of Illinois 1917 HELMET CHAPTER HONORARY MEMBER J. W. FOLSOM MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Delta Tau Delta W, E. HALL N. H. KING Sigma Chi G. E. MILNER W. Scnwmzmn Kappa Sigma M. V. CHIESA P. C. BAUJAN Phi Kappa Sigma H. H. RAT!-I J. B. MASON Phi Delta Theta R. MILLS Alpha Tau Omega . S. D. DANIELS W. K. WETTERGREN Phi Gamma Delta C. MCGREGOR Sigma Alpha Epsilon F. O. HINE A. A. SIMMON Beta Theta Pi G. H. MUGGE P. S. Loren Sigma Nu W. B. RUSSEL D. STOCKMAN Phi Kappa Psi K. A. EVANS P. M. VAN 'DOREN Delta Kappa Epsilon' R. H. FLETCHER H. M. DUNLAP Tau Kappa Epsilon J. NELSON A. L. SAGENDORPH Delta Upsilon H. A. DIEHL E. W. MARX Theta Delta Chi P. JOHNSON C. E. CARNAHAN Zeta Psi W. BARRY E. J. WESTCOTT Sigma Pi W. W. BROWN Phi Sigma Kappa J. H. GELLERT' F. P. CRAMMOND Psi Upsilon ' ,R. S. MASON J. TREDWELL, JR. Alpha Delta Phi J. H. ZIMMERMAN " C. E. KOHLER Chi Psi P. W. KAISER. W. BLOUNT Alpha Sigma Phi L. N. MADDUX T. F. HAY Chi Phi K. W. CLARK H. F. SADLER Phi Kappa I M. E. TKACH J. A. KERRINS Four Hundred Twenty-eight I I V. . , .,,. ,, N. ...,,.,-,,-YH v 1 L1 N . 7 Kr- 1-,iw-5--Xb, -n '- 11 , .' K . X . W, 4- . .. , , E ,, X , V rg -.-M .,,, m....-,,,.,N A R , , J 1 fx ., X A . N.. 3, Skull And Crescent RATII MUGGFI NELSON XVI-ISTCOTT MARX BAUJAN STOCKIIAM ZIMMERMAN BROWN DANIELS IIINE TKACII FLETCHER SADLER J. ll. MASON li. S. MASON SIMMON RUSSELL ' MILNER MC GRFIGOR DIICIII. CLARK FOLSOM KOH LHR LORD KAISER Four llundrvd TlI'1'7IfJl-'llflll' L. J 7 If f ITHE "'rwENTY" 11.1.10 2 + Adelphic Literary Society Founded at the Univensity of Illinois 1869 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY IRA 0. BAKER, Ph.D. 0. A. BARNES, M.S. C. M. THOMPSON, Ph.D. W. W. YAPP, M.S. HONORARY MEMBERS LORADO TAPT EUGENE DAVENPORT, MA LLD NATHAN WESTON, Ph.D. LEW R. SARETT, A.B LLD GERALD D. STOPP, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY FREMONT P. WIRTH J. H. ARMSTRONG LYMAN K. DAVIS JOE C. BROOKS ARTHUR H. GOTTSOHALK JOHN I-I. POWELL WILLIAM M. MICHAEL ROBERT P. SHONKWILER DAVID A. WOLFF AMBROS A. ARNOLD K Graduates Seniors Juniors HAROLD W. COPE Sophomores DONALD BEAN JOHN Z. FRAZIER H. A. NEFF EDWARD A. SANDLER HAROLD B. JOHNSTON WILLIAM COBB WALTER GOEBEI. JOHN W. NIEHAUS CLYDE R. BANKSTON J. FRANK MARTINO FLOYD O. GOODWILL Four Hundred Thirty Al Adelphic Literary Society GOOIIWILL MICHAEL MARTINO BAN KSTON ARNOLD SIIONK WILER XVOLFF COPE DAVIS BROOK S G0'1'TSClIAI.K BANDLER Four Humlrvd Thirty-one ,.,,!L,,.,,,,.,.,.,,.,.,...,....,... X......,,..-.7 N.-.4,..... mu WN. ..., .... ,.. .., .X ..:l:.x,y.L:x ,....T::,:: M.. .,,- I Alethenai Literary Society ORGANIZED FOR THE PURPOSE OF STIMULATING INTEREST IN FORENSIC ELOQUENCE Founded at the University of Illinois 1871 Four Chapters HOFFMAN NEEDIIAM COOPER WELCH COPLEY VAN DOREN FISH D. LUM LEY SCHILLING ATKINS SALE IHKOSIIAR LAVAL WINE CRAPO ISAYLIEY IUIENZ BEEDY HOWE IYREDEWEG SCOTT EAUM DODGE A. LUMLEY FERA MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY ELIZABETH BRYAN BEATRICE COPLEY ALLENE GREGORY HELENE DOTY MARTHA J. KYLE MARION SPARKS MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates CATHERINE NEEDIIAM I CORDELIA REED FLORA HOTTES Seniors MARGARET BAUM ARLENE LUMLEY LORENE BREDEWEG LOIs SCOTT ASTRID DODGE HELEN VIAL ' JOSEPHINE GREENE Juniors BESSIE ATKINS VIVIAN FISH ELIZABETH BAYLEY EVA HOWE LUOILE BEEDY MARCELLE LAVAL HELEN BROSHAR ESTHER MOVAY HAZEL CURTIS MARGUERITE NEEDHAM ELSA KRENZ MELANIE SCHILLING CHARLOTTE WELCH Sophoinores MARY COOPER MARY COPLEY AILEEN CRAPO ELIZABETH HOFFMAN DOROTHY LUMLEY HELEN MOORE VIRGINIA SALE DOROTHY TAYLOR ESTHER VAN DOREN FRANCES WINE HARRIET FERA Four Hundred 'Thirty-two ,I Athenean Literary Society FOUNDED FOR,THE PURPOSE OF ACQUIRING PROFICIENCY IN LITERARY ELOQUDNCE 5 Four DUNTLICY MANGOLII ROBERTSON WISE GARMAN IIULL BI Wl LL S'l'Yl.IiS liAl!RIiT'l' DOISY KAUNE NEWTON , VVALKICII. W. SIIAI I FR CLINE IIOIIIUIOUGII OYERS'l'RIiET SEYSTER WIII'l"1'IIM DANIEL S. SIIAFFEII II VY MARGARET HUTCHINS BERYL LOVE MARGUERITE CLINE Lois SEYSTER JOSEPHINE NEWELL ELSIE ROHRBOUGH BEATRICE LEVY ELEANOR WISE A JENNIE TERPINITZ HARRIETT HALLADAY ELIZA GARMAN LOUISE HULL PRISCILLA MANGOLD CONSTANCE NEWELL RUTH DUNTLEY 1'1lLHlll'L'Cl TlLirt11-thrcc HONORARY MEMB'ERS MRS. E. C. BALDWIN MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY RUTH KELSO MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates Seniovs J uniors Soplzomores MARGARET FINLEY RUTI-I DANIEL MYRA DE HART ETHEL OVERSTREET SUSAN SHAEFER WILHELMINE SHAFFER HELEN NEWTON EDNA ROBERTSON IIIENE KAHN MARIAN MCANALLY MARY BARRETT RUTH TERWILLIGER DUROTIIY STYLES ROBERTA DoIsY W... -,,... A -, ,.1,.f., .-...--,..m-M. ...,,I, mm-N-.-,.f.,I.,A.-.-....,,..-,.,....,..,-f-,!..,-1-I-m.-vu1-.. , :Y , V "::,,:..,1. - Ta-Q... M A..--.-,..v....,.-.,,f..,.,f,..-.In--. -.w.......m,. ,,.., Af.. I ... M.. -...,......... ...w-....-......--, . .......L -1.- amesonian-Gregorian Literary Societies ORGANIZED FOR THE PURPOSE OF STIMULATING INTEREST IN LITERARY WORK WINCHESTER. IIEINLE HARRIS SIMMS IIALES DEVEIKE G. FULTON Z. FULTON LYONS OLTUSKY JUDY SMITH FOLK SHERMAN CRAIG CALDWELL KOCII CONDON NULL IIUMPIIREYS KLINE MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY . Seniors HELEN CRAIG MARTHA DEVERE GERTRUDE HUMPHREYS ALICE KLINE EDNA KOCH DORA O'MANSKY GRACE SPENCER MABLE SPENCER MARLE STANFORD FAX CARIUS MARIE CLARK JULIA JOHNSON VIOLA JUDY MIRIAM BALES IRENE BASS LOUISE FRANTZ GLADYS FULTON ZILDA FULTON GRACE GOODYEAR RICA GLYLICH GRACE HEINLE HELEN HOPKINS ELIZABETH KERT ALICE MORSE IS J 'lL'7L'i09'S Soplwmores NELLIE TURNER Fo'eshme1I MIRIAM NULL ELIZABETH SHERMAN EDITH CONDON MARTHA PARK GRACE TRIGG VEDA VOSE LILLIAN LYONS BESSIE WINCHESTER HELEN SELMER EDLA NILSON FRANCES SCHRADER FLORENCE SICKMAN MILDRED FOLK CLEMA MOYER ROSE OLTUSKY ANNA PATTON MARION PECK MARGARET SEARS INISTORE SIMMS PEARL STONE LUCILE WHITEHOUSE EDITH YOUNG RUTH CALDWELL ALICE HARRIS Four Hun drcd- Thirty-four .. ,., ,,,,AI.,,.A ..v:.,,,,f-wmwm. .I-.1-um..-....--...., .....LM..,,.E..,.f,-.I...m-IM.,-I .-Iw,,.4.w..A1.--... .,......,- , ,. , ....w.w-W-,.-,A.......,... ,.....,,Y W,-,... I.--1, ..,....,.,,.,..,f-m.,w.A..-......,..,....- ..Wn.., V ...Aw..,.,.. . 5 Q I 1 F. I Af,Y..z:x-I I I I 'K E I V. 6 H II +3 dl: l i I, 51 I I. I A A 1 I I L P1 I l 2 I Illiola Literary Society FOUNDED FOR THE PURPOSE OF ACQUIRING PROFICIENCY IN LITFRARY WORK Fozmclecl at the Unifvefrefrsity of Illinois GIBSON PARKEIE SNOVV MONIEIB BROWN JOHNSON IIRANT NILSON CRATE LEE IIUTZER IlU'1'IIFlRFORD PRANTE FAIRFIIQLIP STEVENS FRASER MC CASLIN FREDERICK M'ARTIN ZELLIIOEFER FL! MING Four MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY NELLIE ROBERTS FLORENCE HUNT GEORGIA FLEMING FANNIE BROOKS JOSIE HOUCHENS ETHEL BOND OFFICERS President, VICTORIA FREDERICK Vice-President, GLADYS MCCASLIN ELSIE BAECHTOLD KATHERINE MCGRAW Secretary, DAISY MARTIN To'easzw'eo', MARJORIE GRIFFITI-I V MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors GRACE BROWN BEULAH PRANTE MARJORIE GRIFFITH GRACE ALEXANDER GOLDIA BUTZER ETHEL CRATE EDNA ZELLHOEFER DAISY MARTIN ELIZABETH RUTHERFORD Juniors FANNIE LEE ELLEN FLEMING GLADYS FRASER HELEN STEVENS MARGARET RUTLEDGE GLADYS MCCASLIN HELEN MCELHINEY BEATRICE SNOW VICTORIA FREDERICK FLORENCE JOHNSON FRANCES PARKER MARY DIXON DOROTHY GIBSON Sophomores VIVIAN BENEDICT GOLDA BRANT KATHERINE HAMMOND EUGENIA MOSS LOIS WINE NELLIE MONIER H undrcd Thirty-five ETHEL NILSON HELEN RICE FLORENCE LEE LOUISE FAIRFIELD NELLE KIRBY Philomathean Literary Society ORGANIZED FOR THE PURPOSE OF STIMULATING AN INTEREST IN DEBATE, ORATORY AND LITERARY WORK, AND TO ATTAIN PROFICIENCY IN EACH Fomzclecl at the University of Illinois 1867 CRUSE II. TAYLOR I-'LEISIIMAN AIJURICII JOHNSON BROWN G. TAYLOR KADYK HONORARY MEMBER Lmw R. SARRETT, A.B. O MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY ' T. A. CLARK, B.L. P. H. BROWN, A.B. W. E. BRITTON, A.M., J.D. J. M. WHITE, B.S. F. D. CRAWSIIAW, B.S. C. F. HOTTES, Ph.D . J. G. MOSIER, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors H. B. GARMAN G. V. KNIGHT J. R. JOHNSON W. O. DAVIS D. J . KADYK Junioows O. J. CRUSE G. S. FLEISHMAN R. L. ALDRICH Soyzhomwes G. E. TAYLOR H. J. TAYLOR R. E. SAFFER Four Ilzmdrcrl Thirty-sin' Scribblers' Club FOUNDED TO STIMULATE INTEREST IN LITERARY WRITING Four REMLEY IIOTTES LAVAL SCIIUII BUCKLE!! EDDS BROWN SICYSTER NEI DIIAM MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY W. E. EKBLAW CARL STEPHENS NELLIE R. ROBERTS MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates . VERA EDDS CATHERINE NEEDHAM FLORA HOTTES Seniors Lois SEYSTER IWARCELLE LAVAL W. B. REMLEY GRACE BROWN Jzmiors H. P. BELL llimrlrczl Thirty-seven C. R. SCHUH HELEN BUCKLER NI-.-A:T--.-A--L...-ffmw.W-f-....'..IZMII T " NTT" ILI.D:I Egfr.-M.--....:f-ff-U........w..,:m:.. Centro Literario Espanol THIS CLUB WAS ORGANIZED FOR THE BURPOSE OF AIDING STUDENTS IN STUDY OF SPANISH Founded at the University of Illinois 1907 LOPEZ BLAIR GOMI-JZ OCIIOA OCIIOA PINIIEIRO MOIIALES ETZEL SATTLEY GUARDIA CUNIIA PEREZ AIICE JOLLY IIUIIIIARD CRAIG SERIS NVATSON DIETERICII .IEWELL DELL MILLER IIAMLIN BAROUSSE LOPEZ FONSECA CURTIS VVATSON OFFICERS President, 'MANUEL FONSECA Vice-President, LEONOR LOPEZ Secretary, I. C. BAROUSSE To-easzwer, AMELIA KREIG MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY JOHN FITz-GERALD ELISA CURTIS HOMERO SERIS MANUEAL LOPEZ RAFAEL SOT0 JANE WATSON JOHN R. SHULTERS MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY R. PINHEIRO LURA JEWELL BEATRICE E. DEAN DINA LUIS TRUM MRS. J. FITZ-GERALD EDITH A. YOUNG MRS. H. S. SERIS MARION WINII-'RED SLEEZER HAZEL CRAIG ZILLA RUMSEY AMELIA KREIG RUTH BREYFOGLE LEONOR LOPEZ E. F. HAYEE P. C. DE SOUZA JEANETTE PATTERSON J. OCHOA LOIs M. AUSTIN IRMA BARNES MARGARET C. PEARCE ANTONIA FISHBACHA LOUISE WHITCHURCH A. A. GoMEz MARTHA HELEN HUBBARD MANUEL FONSECA RUTH R. DIETERICH M. E. MORALES MARGUERITE KENNEDY G. ETZEL H. C. SATTLEY E. J. GUARDIA LILLIAN WALLACH A. V. OCHOA SOMILIA L. ROSENBLUM C. PEREZ ARCE MARY LOUISE DAVIDSON T. BLAIR ETHEL B. NILSON T. CUNHA RACHAEL BRADLEY L. FOWLER INA M. HAMLIN C. BELL META JOLLY Four Ilxmdrcd Thirty-aight -. .. Q.. , ...,..-.... .. -..M In A 1 Club Latino-Americano A SOCIAL ORGANIZATION OF STUDENTS FROM THE LATIN-AMERICAN COUNTRIES Founded at the University of Illinois 1908 Four BLAIR MARTINS ISAROUSSE GUAIIHIA JOHIM CUNIIA IKORELLI JUNQUEIRA MACIIAIYO MIRANDA ECIIENIQUE MORALICS LOPEZ SOUZA FONSECA ETZFII. PINIIEIRO SERIS OFFICERS President, MANUEL FONSECA Secretary, GASTAO ETZEL Vice-President, R. PINHEIRO T0'easzwe1', P. C. SoUzA MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY DR. R. A. SEYMOUR DR. HOMERO SERIS RAFAEL So'ro MANUEL LoPEz MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY - L. CUNHA A. BORELLI A. JUNQUEIRA I. C. Bmzoussu M. E. MORALES E. J. GUARDIA V. MARTINS O. MIRANDA M. D. PINHEIRO T. BLAIR M. D. PINHEIRO G. ETZEL P. C. SoUzA D. PINHEIRO MACHADO MANUEL FONSECA G. ECHENIQUE L. S. JOBIM Ilundrcd Thirty-azim Floriculture Club Founded at the University of Illinois 1914 IIASMUSSEN xmmz ALEXANDER n. M. PDEHLMANN Mommx rnomfsson Doxmxfzn INOUYE 'runxlcn wEns'rl.En muon MuE1.l.m: w. G. 1'omu.MANN MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY PROF. HERMAN B. DORNER ASS'T. PROF. PHILIP A. LEHENBAUER JAMES HUTCHINSON HONORARY MEMBERS DEAN EUGENE DAVENPORT PROF. JOSEPH C. BLAIR MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ' Seniors WALTER G. POEHLMANN WAYNE I. TURNER WILLIAM J. WERSTLER MARGERY L. TAYLOR RICHARD H. MUELLER Juniors TOMI INOUYE ROLAND M. POEHLMANN Sophomoies PETER H. HEINZ JoHN C. RASMUSSEN ROBERT H. ROLAND Fieshmen GEORGE N. MORGAN Special ARCHIE J. ALEXANDER Four Ilundrccl Forty Civil Engineering Society AN ORGANIZATION FOR THE PURPOSE OF STIMULATING INTEREST IN CIVIL ENGINEERING Founded at the Uui'ueo'sity of Illinois 1888 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY PM " :saw PE S255 55' S0511 G . an 'rim' ,4 - 25:2 5552 E wg F' F' FQ O92 r-11521 SEM R156 HES. was boi Z E229 SFWQ 95535 R455 Egan-4 WW gwx 95 ZS ZS H IF' F1 S D z TCF? WFDIPO S. COOKE . F. HENNING C. A. NAGEL W. CORNELISEN . JUNQUEIRA M. E. NORMAN H. CRIM KOO L. S. PAPPMEIER CUNHA J. KUPPERMAN W. L. PHILLIPS E. R. DAWLEY S. LILIENTHAL C. N. SCHMELTZER C. J. DILLINGER W. W. MEANS C. C. WOOD S. R. OFFUTT Juniors N. E. ANDERSON M. L. COTTA P. E. LANGDON W. BERNHARDT B. E. DAVIDSON ,J. F. NOVAK M. W. BOWMAN W. H. EDWARDS L. E. PETERSON C. BREDFELDT F. R. GRIDLEY O. RANDALL G. C. BUCHHEIT J. H. HEUER W. RASMUS R. J. CHRIST L. C. HERWIG A. L. REHNQUIST W. T. COLWELL B. A. INGWERSEN R F. W. VOGT Sophomores M. P. B'ENSON H. E. Dux D. D. MOGUIRE P. L. CARLSON H. G. GROTH F. W. MEZEK J. C. YU Freshmen I. B. BARNETT E. A. JOHNSON J. E. SOULE L. M. DANGREMOND E. C. SOHWEITZER W. H. THOMAN J. R. GARDNER H. B. MOCARTY P. WESTERFIELD R. E. HENN J. F. WILDE Four Himdrcd Fort ll-one Railway Club A CLUB FOR TECHNICAL STUDY . . I 'H ' .. .-.X ...J OFFICERS President, O. E. GISH Secretaryf, E. G. ELY Vice-President, T. TONG T7'GflSlI.7'6'l', L. CUNHA J. M. SNODGRASS J.. T. ROOD HAROLD G. BENSON T. E. BLAIR OWEN BLOODGOOD GLEN P. BROOK B. N. BYSACK H. E. CAMPBELL Hs1EN LUNG CHOU VICTOR CULLIN L. CUNHA, JR. E. G. ELG O. E. GISH MERTON M. GOOD H. C. GROTH J. M. HALPERIN A. D. HARVEY MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY ' E. E. KING H. H. DUNN MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY H. B. HESEMAN CHIEN Hs1EN HUANG HAZEN H. JOHNSTON A. JUNQUEIRA, JR. SHUN KOO C. R. MCEWEN L. P. MCKAY JOHN W. NAY C. M. NOETHLING R. PINHEIRO - WM. RAKOW TOWE TONG G. S. WEBB P. S. WESTCOTT K. S. YUEN Four Hundred Forty-two Agricultural Club ' Founded at the Univemity of Illinois 1897 PARKIIILL IIIIELER STURGEON UIC G-ROOT IXENNET BROOKS TARHOX WIIALEN DAIILEY IDUSTIN SOMERS CRANDELL HELL SMITH BIRKS VAN AIILIQN TENINGA WATSON LUICR IIIZRIIY SIIUMAN UEIKERIHTEIM President, J. M. BIRKS Vice-President, W. J. MUMM Secretfnry, R. V. WATSON To'easuo'eo', A. C. WHALEN ' Four Ilzmdrcd Forty-three Ist A.sst. Treas., A. B. DORSETT 2nd Asst. To-eas., E. A. TANNER 3rd Asst. To-eas., W. D. THOMPSON Sergeant at Arms, H. A. LUER - .ly-I Ig gl y If 2. .-f.f,,..n.-.. .M As I... -I,-.V -AXQ5, ,I A, U Chemical Club ' A CLUB ORGANIZED FOR. THE PURPOSE OF PROMOTING TECHNICAL STUDY IN THE DIFFERENT PHASES OF CHEMISTRY " . I' I E. W. ADAMS ROGER ADAMS F. W. ALWOOD J. A. ANDERSON E. C. ANDRESEN J. WILLIAM APPLING ROSSLEENE M. ARNOLD G. C. BAKER J. B. BAKER W. G. BAKER J. E. BARDWELL C. E. BARNES H. J. BARRET J. T. BATSON GLENN D. BAUERSAOHS G. D. B'EAL H. W. BEAN OFFICERS President FRANK CLARK Vice-President MARGARET J EANETTE BUSEY Secretary MARVIN JAMES PEARCE T'reas2we'r KEITH EMANUEL SPARKS Custodian MORRIS EDWARD DREYEUS LOWELL BELL MARY ELISABETH BELL HENRY G. BERGER CHARLOTTE BIESTER JOHN F. BLATT LOUIS BLOCK OSCAR D. BLUTIIARDT DORIS E. BOCKIUS D. B'OwEY M. J. BRADLEY I. B. BRANHAM HENRY E. BRAUER L. H. BREDE C. E. BROEKER BRUCE K. BROWN W. C. BRUCE OSCAR BURKHART' ...Fx M. JEANETTE BUSEY S. S. CALLNER J. J. CANEIELD WARD C. CANNON A. A. CHRISTMAN F. R. CLARK I. E. COOPER E. D. CORNWELL GERALD J. Cox MAURICE C. CREW RUPERT S. DANIELS ROBERT W. DAWLEY RALPH T. DECKER F. A. DEUCER GERIIARD DIETRICHSON D. D. DOOLITTLE HELENE DOTY Four Hundred Forty-four ....,. -. , .. -.-W ..k. .. ...- ,.. J.. .,,,.,-. v.. ..... .... ... .... - ,,,.........-..- ... ... 1f.-- ..I..-.-Am...,,......,......S,....,-A-.-.Ri vi-I gg: I1 --iw iq, 4 if ig: 'HWY' " 5 E. 7 I. '.'. ...A . 4 : MA II.- .. ROBERT H. DOUGHERTY R. S. DOWELL ROBERT JOHNSON DRURY NEAL DUNCAN S. M. DURST VINCENT R. DUVIGMAND WILLIAM F. EINBECKER JACOB A. FARBER E. FAUTSCH ROBERT FOGELSON RALPH W. FOGLER J. H. FOLEY LEE H. FORD GLADYS L. FRAGER A. W. FRIEDMANN J. E. FRITTS W. J. FULTON JR. S. S. GANDHEKER SHERMAN S. GARRETT HENRY GILMAN M. W. GINDORFF P. M. GINNINGS JOSEPH H. GLAICK RUSSELL W. GOEBEL WALTHER GOEBEI. SAMUEL J. GOULD L. E. GOWER ORIN B. GRANT H. S. GRINDLEY ROBERT A. GROBENGIESSER J. A. GUNTON NORMAN GUTREFRENT PAUL C. GWINN I. L. HAAG CEDRIC HALE ATTA R. HALEN J. LOWE HALL TOM S. HAMILTON J. HANDLER E. J. HANSEN J. E. HANSEN HAROLD W. HARDING H. W. HARMAN M. HARRIS G. HARTING A H. C. N. HECKEL R. H. HEIDBREDER HERBERT M. E. HEINICKE E. HERBERT A. HICKMAN F. B. HOBART FREDERICK R. HOHMANN THOMAS E. HOLLINSHEAD WM. B. HOLTON GEORGE HOMER B. S. HOPKINS HELEN M. HOPKINS EDWARD T. HOWELL H. W. HYDE J. H. INGMANSON H. B. JOHNS J. Q. JOHNS E. A. JOHNSON Four llamdrcd Forty-fi'ue . ......,..,.,,,-, ...... . ... .-H., m-..A....-.-,--,-..-.......- -41.-.... .., ....,..-.ww Chemical Club JOHN R. JOHNSON OLIVE B. JOHNSON L. H. JORSTAD G. H. JOSEPH DELLA JUNKIN O. KAMM GEORGE E. KELLER F. E. KENDALL A. T. KENYON ELSIE KIRKPATRICK W. R. KIRNER HARLEY L. KNAUER KARL F. KOENIG C. W. KUEHNE EDWARD LARSON P. F. LARSON T. E. LAYNG W. A. LAZER PAUL HOWARD LEACH HOWARD B'. LEWIS ARTHUR A. LIEBERMAN E. R. LITTMAN OGDEN LIVERMORE JOHN J . LOVE DOROTHY LUMLEY F. A. MCCANN EUGENE M. MCCOLM EARL G. MACDONALD D. F. MCFARLAND DELL M. E. MAGNUSON WM. B. MARGRAVE A. O. MATTHEUS FLORENCE MELIN HYMAN MELTZER RUTH E. MERLING ERROL B. MIDDLETON HELEN N. MINER ASHER MOMENT W. S. MONFORT M. E. MORALES T IRVING B. MORGAN W. R. MORGAN J. R. MOTT MARIE NADING R. S. NESON CARL M. NESBITT W. A. NORMAN W. A. NOYES RUTH E. OKEY H. W. OSTROM FLORENCE A. OTTERSTROM RUTH E. OTTERSTROM LEWIS OTTO S. W. PARR MARVIN J. PEARCE R. M. PEARSON ROBERT G. PERRINE LESTER C. PETERSON C. C. PINCKNEY CHARLES T. POULSON S. G. POWELL J . S. PRESCOTT L. I. PRETTYMAN .-. .......... . .......v...-hmm. .- . R. J. RAFINSKI J . H. REEDY W. R. REICH E. E. RICKERT E. W. RIEPLER F. B. RINCK R. E. RINDFUSZ MYRA J. ROBINSON G. A. ROLL LUCIE E. ROOT M. E. RUDD RUTH G. RUGG Z. J. RYAN SHUNTO SAGARS FRANK A. SCHAREENBERG FREDERICK W. SCHAUB MELANIE SCHILLING PAUL E. SCHMOLZE R. F. SCHNEIDER J. S. SCHWEICH J . B. SEGUR HELEN SELLMER H. A. SHEWHARD A. H. SLOAN G. MCP. SMITH MARION LOUISE SMITH MYRON A. SNELL PAUL P. SOMERS HERBERT T. SOWERS KEITH E. SPARKS MARION E. SPARKS JOHN E. SPELCE C. SPENCER LOUIS SPIEGLER MARY C. STAPP HOWARD STARR GENEVIEVE STEARNS R. G. STEVENS PETRONILLA STOEVENER FRED G. STRAUB J. W. TAFI-'E WINSTON B. TALL N. O. TAYLOR A. F. THAL ERNEST W. THIELE CHARLES E. THOMAS CARL R. TIKOTZKY J. M. TIKOTZKY C. Y. TSANG HERMAN L. TSCHENTKE EDWARD L. VAILE W. A. VAN WINKLE ELMER B. VLIET KOSTI W. WAHLBERG N. J. WALSH JUSTUS C. WARD E. W. WASHBURN EDWIN H. WEBSTER R. W. WESTERMANN W. A. WILLIS PERRY R. WILSON W. M. YOUNG S. A. ZIEMER i ETHE. 1'TwENTY" 11.1.10 Q Congregational House GIRLS' RELIGIOUS AND SOCIAL CLUB Founded at the University of Illinois 1914 HONORARY MEMBER BEss FLORENCE KLINE MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY . Seniors GERALDINE SALISBURY BULLOCK HARRIET MURIEL PHILLIPS MARIE FANNIE MCMURRAY K Juniors NELLIE PEARL WARREN LUCILE ABRAHAM DOROTHY CAROLINE FRAZIER MARTHA KUGLER EUNICE EDWINA SMITH ' RUTH EATON Sophomores HARRIETTE LOIS HoDcEs LOUISE MILLIKEN PICKENS ANNA MAY BRYANT MARY FIDELIA MANN Freshmen HESTER ALMETA CLARK Four Hundred Forty-six ,.,, Congregational House Q.-....,.A q.-.-- -1 'EZ' ... 1-lcmaxs MANN omni: noncns KUGLICR EATON sM11'1r WARREN Mc Mulzlmx' AIIIKAIIAM 1-'lmzlran unmxr 1'uu.1.u-s Four Ilmzdrcd Forl11-seven 15, I "7i4i-IdEA7"fr'YA?'rf'iQifYf'T7'i'L"11T6"'f Catholic Girls' Club Founded at the University of Illinois 1918 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY HELEN A. MCGINNIS ' HONORARY MEMBERS MARY A. LYMAN BERNICE PAUL MEMBERS, IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates HELEN A. MCGINNIS Seniors IRENE MAY DoYLE MARY DoNovAN MARY GEIGER MARIE CAVANAUGH ' LENORE CLAIRE MURRAY Juniors HELEN C. LYNCH BERNADINE MURRAY A MARIE BRADBURY Sophomores FRANCES BEST CECELIA MCCARTHY CATHERINE HAMMOND JOSEPHINE Twlco LUCILE HAGAN Freshmen MARGUERITE BARRETT CATHERINE DILLON Four Hundred Forty-eight Cf-, : , - Catholic Girls' Club '-A ..- 2 .' 'ffl X ' 1 1 7 ay 'Alf 1 I I . .fl : f .' I Vx l L .. l -' 5 q . I . I n . I . M M ' K , L l '. s y M ' 1 f I I . CAVANAUGH DILLON NEST IXARRETT HAGAN HAMMOND IS. MURRAY GICIGICR URADISURY DOYLE L. MURRAY DONOVAN Four Hundred Forty-nine ff ' V A ,ff MC CARTIIY LYNCH TWIGG Four Chapters .-...... Y W ,...,.- - -TAT, , .,., J' ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S IH bl "TW ILPVI ff' I LLIU I' A Bethany Circle GIRLS' RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION Founded at the University of Illinois 1911 ALPHA CHAPTER M. PAYNE RUSII DOBYNS SIIAW SPARKS IIAMLIN YOUNGIILOOD MOUNTJOY RUSH CADE IIEACII PATTON P. FRIER MEREITITII L. PAYNIG WHITMAN SCIIIERIIAUM BENNETT ARMSTRONG WIIARMBY VOSE LESTER WINE P. FRIER WILLIAMS PARK EDDS HEATTY G. RHODES 0. RHODES MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY RUTH FUNK EDA JACOBSEN MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate VEDA VOSE Seniors ALTA YOUNGBLOOD BEULAH WILLIAMS BEULAH WHITMAN ELSIE BEATTY MARIE BENNETT DELIA SHAW CLARA RUSH J UANITA LESTER Lois WINE HARRIET BEACH HARRIET RUSH IvA HAMLIN MAURINE PAYNE LUCILE PAYNE FERNE SPARKS Juniors Sophomores Freshmen MARTHA PARK HAZEL ARMSTRONG GOLDA RHODES OPAL RHODES HARRIET CADE HELEN MCCONNELL PAULINE FRIER MARIE DORYNS EDNA SCHIERBAUM PEARL FRIER ANNA PATTON RUTH MOUNTJOY HELEN RHOADES MARY SPARKS LUCILE MEREDITH ..,.,....... ......-.-..N,,..-..A..-,.,.,v-...WEA-., Four Hundred Fifty -.....f......, pam.--wan.. ..,-N...-....-..,-v.v .1 ...I,...I.o.-.W-w..,..M,.--,..,,. ..,, .,. ........i,........,.................... Iv-, L-W....,..-.W-..,.-..-v-U...-I Inv.--. In-.10 .5 II V1 ,IQ .1 II II I II I SI III II II III I I I I II I I I I . QI 'QI -II :F M I PI II If I I I IF Lake Geneva Club COMPOSED OF THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN IN ATTENDANCE AT THE GENEVA Y. M. C. A. CON- FERENCE MC MURRAY STICYICNS ' KIM M ELSIIUE HHNNIET PARKS EDHS XVATSON ANDERSON ANDERSON BEEIEY MILl,I'Il KENNY ll0I'l'IZ DIXON STEINER HALTIERMAN COVER DOXVNEND DODGE MATIIICR OFFICERS Presiclant, FLORENCE DOWNEND Tfreasureo' INA HALTERMAN Vice-President, SYLVIA COVER Secretary, ASTRID DODGE Four Hlmdrvd Fifty-one II ll i R 'I I I: II I 'I 5 I' I I A I ,f W., - L, aueuyg I I I Il I II I I IE I. I 2' I I I I I f I I U I I LI II I I c 'THE "TWENTY" ILLIO f , i KX 11 f Q ' M!f'L-' fmzfmt 1 M5223 JM A 6- Gam in gdb-IIH WO iy . 1 1 in X ik ,r a wg ' " T, F .ff 6 Q0 -- Q13 A' www :Tl Q Q .wg ., OI' O . A ' 7 'AW f Qeominq Y Yep, and ax fcavivafof plea urafor fi-C1I7ilZ I I lj ni Tgnovp IQQW15 ergoy life. 1 'h d dFft V 1 4 ! 1 1Y ai ,VE . , fi Chrld s Garden of Scandal Or is 9 Grim Fairy-Tales Being a collection of stories for children li Compiled with Care l r lr. and Discretion lx i Containing Educational Matter for Young Minds Disguised as Fiction But founded on Fact Profusely Illustrated ll cAnonymous With introduction by THOMAS ARKLE CLARK of The University of Illinois l Boston, Tolono, Clzfmnpaign and Chicago Crystal Lakesicle Edition u l Four Hundred Fifly-three 7-4 - 41A.ff:f.1...g-- - We fn, P..-..:a-:..a. -.W-.....-.v an- f----1+ - - -N---..-........-. ...W--- " "'i,,.,q..",,.....,..,,,...,...... ' ,...+........W..,-....,...,.................,........m.,a....,,,... --. zz-fx 25 "wil azww " 1 Lu 0 -um..-Q.. ' r 4.A - A LUJ ILQJLLQJLPLI A l'MJl'LQJlfLQl - - A A LPALL'4lPS'iJLS'!JlbEl5!1-MZULPAJ I g ' ' . ' 1 1+ ' , - ,r 5 5 5 ll 3 g ' 5 'T Q +I fl , E wr. V l , ,. wt qi Ui V, .w.,. ,, ...vs I 1 4 1' ' . ' ' x' 1' ' " A M Q.-A - ' ,. , 1: 1+ I-,,,....fff - -f ,eff W -'-- 1 - - 1: lu ' W ..,,. r J M 4 1, , 1, gl 2' 'I 4' ' 1. 1: 'C Ea J, 1 1: K 'f N: 4' ' f- ' wt 1 12,1 ig ij 5 , g 1' ' . I' Q 5' :L 'U ' 4 1 'Q 'I 1' ' " ' X , 'I 51 TJ f 'Q ll 1' 4, . ' ' ' K 4' ' 1' If 1 A' 4 1 w' 5 ff-. ' . ? r o U ' 4! ,RX 4 f 'ff ' , , 1, lg Q- : , L o A 'f 1: 1, A - , f, R. 1 . , Q , " , ix 3' liT1f751F751F7RlWi'1MY1F7i1I7if1 7 7 7061 I IYNPKT1 N H MY ' WRIFBT1 " Wilhi Four Hundred Fifty-four 717 PREFACE I. All in the golden afternoons Full leisurely we prowled, Although Pop Wilske glared at us And staid professors scowled. Our just reward was pithy Dope- We found it and we Howled! II. We howled with glee at every wond! Each ruined reputation Each naughty tale, each whispered Tip Increased our exultation. We visioned every Reader's face, Each smothered exclamation! III. And even as our story drained The wells of Scandal dry Some new detective cried in glee: "Oh Boy! Don't pass this by!" We swore to slight no shy intrigue To get all Dirt or Die. Four Ilundrvd I"ifty-,five IV. Thus grew the tale of Wonderland Thus slowly one by one It's quaint events were hammered out,- And now the Tale is Done. We amble no dark street at night Without a hidden Gun. V. Mongers! Our childish story take And with a gentle hand Lay it where Choicest Bits are twined In Memory's mystic Band, Like Prexy's Daub of Old Ulyss' Plucked in a far-off Land. VI. B'ehold our Fable, old but new, Of Vamps, and Dice and Queens. Of Bottles, Beer, and Sealing-wax, Of Cabbage-heads and Deans! MORAL: Beware! For Some Poor Dub Is Sure to Spill the Beans. J i q , I ! v l l ! ,, .. A . ,..W ... . ,,,.,...,... .... ,.,... ...U..... .f....,,- r-ww 1' '-' 1: 1- w-, :M v 1, I-my n - Y v,,,,,,,,.,,.,, '-- 4 A 5 , ..-.,..,,, -..t---N.. ' rl K y-J ...K-. :L L... fd- 1 w Z' , ,rf 'C ,. 1-,.1m..s1 xcwir Cutie.-. ik at U Our Roastery The hours we spent with these wild hirds Clkwards us with ecstasy To them we proudly dedicate Our 'Roasteryl Our 'Roastery' Each jQzce a nut, each nut a joke Oh hum and stew! Oh ramp and jqirtl We count them o'er and strive at last to learn To sf the dzrt pf ?.'z,Q' :-5 ct Qt To sQ't the dirt! Four Hun drcd Fifty- f 'MWWmrWTWM2?'m4u'mmmmW1 Wu- .WM WW' gl' W W . -....,,.,.-,.....,-.-. Chilcl's Garden of Scandal RUBY'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND Ruby was beginning to get tired of Indiana University since, having subdued all culprits there was nothing more for her to do. She was about to pass a new rule against chewing-gum when suddenly the wind blew a bit and it fluttered on her desk. aly, Jos. sc wlN M AUK E, WIS. lyk X ,Gy L I I 1 f I '10 noz X il S B0 it E EE ALE' DR. .TULUIS GOEBEL 916 NEVADA ST. MALL 1 URBANA 11,119 OTTLES v 16145 DO NOT RIEITIOVE THIS LABE . f INSURES CREDIT FOR BOTT She sang softly, land with what truth she was t "It may be I nearer H--- Than I ever was before." of paper through the window She picked it up idly and read this ominous label: Ruby fainted. When she awoke she began to pack her suit-case, mur- muring: "Fate is sending me to Illinois University. I am going to Save the Lost. Lead on, Providence." "Then she jumped into a manhole and started falling down! Down! Down! o discover laterj - Something in the thought reminded her of the Thctas. And here Ruby began XY' -, .Tamb Q- " 'mmm'-X jgvfg' in ' A la fl .J f .."u:l -:aj Q3 L- qyx..- of if-"': 1 'A I 'J IET Four Iluozrlrul Fifty-seven apo ik all lf' la ffl if I ill 5 1- -I CO' O UQ rn ff' m ..- rn ru 'G Q 97 I3 514 2 cu I3 CP O :S VZ FJ E. 5 ! UQ CP O ., :T rn 7 -f U2 rn ..- H: E. 9-1 Q- v-4 co FD E '4 2 S7 'C ------ use.. :11.,,....-Mm-.. 4 , .. .- -u..,...........-.-....,.......,..i.- .., W. ,. "I like veils-they'0'e so 'IlLfljSt67'iOZLS.,,-MARGARET FITZPATRICK. ,., r q'jj..,fJf7'.l''L."ff1"ff.."'.I."I.fl'lTfZ'lfIQ "::gp:":': EINTYU lLLl 0 'ex-f-mezgg., 1 Y fy' e --"""" 'W"" k E5 l 5 , l "Do Thetas like Betas?" and even, "Do Betas like Thetas?" which was of course absurd. Ruby landed in a cemeteryg she thought it a pleasant place until she perceived five young women in the most outrageous attire wading in the dredge-ditch. "Pardon me," said Ruby, faintly, "Are you from the 'Follies' or the 'Winter Garden'?" 'Tm glad you thought we were," replied one, "We have always tried to pledge that type, but often they are more like the back row of the chorus of the second Orpheum circuit. We're Chi Omegas-U. of I., you know." "Standing with reluctant feet Where the brook and river meet Chio- are hard to beat." Under every tree Ruby saw smiling youths and maidens. Four Ilundred. Fifty-eight T' w W ' V l The dear girls who told us that last year's roast section emliarrassed them will faint at this page. And we're barely started. ..,...M,w+..-...V-f .:w,....e......,..,...f....a.-.ry wg- - xl rev v jg' -. f f 'I Q ,f' n,......-D.,...,.....,...,.......,..,-........,,......... .....,. .,.........-..................................-.....ha' 'li L Q kgl il QM M g, C1 fx L in Q kj ,.J...............,........., ...,,...a.. ..-...,,... V... Ruby remembered having seen a Y. M. C. A. hand-book which said, "Resolved that strolling on the south campus, or other unfrequented places after dark is unwise," and she was in hopes as she strolled on that she would meet no more "unwise" couples. Imagine her horror at coming abruptly upon this scene. And softly through the trees came a chorus of men's and women's voices, singing the official college song: HAIL TO THE CAVEMAN Hail to South Campus, Hail to Crystal Lake, Hail to the Wiener Roasts, They take the cake! Hail to old Brownsneld, Hail to Cottonwoods, Hail to the Lonesome Spots They've got the goods! fl-Irwnzonjzjj We love no other So let our motto be "Victory far away From Dean Ruby." "I heard they were revising their song-book," said Ruby. She ran at full-speed along the path but could not avert her eyes before she saw carloads of Alpha Chi Omegas. Four Hundred Fifty-nina ,, -A -- ---- , - , ,QL , , ,:..-fa..Q1--..:.m:u..- v...u-rf - rf - Someone printed a multi-edition of the AXO snaps judging from the number handed in. .P-n, ., ei STHE "TwENTY" 11.1.10 1:- V' 5 7 1 "Shocking! Shocking!" cried Ruby beginning to weep. She arrived at dawn at a charming little park marred by but one couple whose presence at daylight it was difficult for her to explain. Meeting an Urbana policeman who was just appearing along one of the paths, she heard him say: "She dwelt amid untrodden ways fNobody home-above-J ' A maid whom there were few to date One Kappa Sig' to love. A Chiolet in a mossy home Half hidden to the eye Fair as a doty when only one Is shining in the sky." She dwelt alone and few can know Where Wanda died and when But she can row a boat and oh, The difference to Ben." Four Hundred Sixty hp, , Brutal comment of art critic: "Take that guzaout of there and that picture would be artistic. +, if ITHE 'TWENTYf'ILLlO 4 "Surely," moaned Ruby, "The young women of Illinois are not in the habit of frequenting this place?" "Huh," said the policeman, I "Ride for a lark to Crystal Lake Park To see the fair co-eds who spoon in the dark, Pi Phis and Chi O's and gay Alpha Z's And several Thetas some- times if you please!" "How does it happen," Ruby, "that you speak in verse ?" And the stalwart police- man replied: "As a University janitor With much rejected verse I met- I emptied all waste-baskets for Bob Whitford and Surattf' But Ruby was writing in her note-book: - WATCH THESE Chi Omega Pi Beta Phi Alpha Xi ' Kappa Alpha Theta "I passed some Alpha , Chi's," she remarked, "Must I add them to my watchful, waiting list?" The lyric policeman answered in a sonorous voice: - "Let me not to the reputation of Alpha Chi's Admit impediments. Yet Alpha Chi's are not Alpha Chi's Who falter while the faltering is good Or keep the regulations as they should. Oh no! They are not keen about a shark, And many a doubtful maiden have they takeng For I myself have found them in this park! fMy faith in Alpha Chi's was sorely shaken.J They were submerged-to rosy lips and cheeks! They dared to leave their clothes upon the bank! Arrested, Maud in deepest accent speaks "Pardon, we thought it was the Swimming Tank. If this be error and it's proved untrue, I am a nut or else a Sigmu Nu." Four Ilundred Sixty-one 1. L , , .,Y il., , ,Y V - ' Odd how 'many eo-eds with spinsteo' qualifications have Theda Bara aspirations Oh them nose! That eyes! Those mouth! And thus Alpha Chi was added to the list. "At least," said Ruby, "I can pin my faith to Gamma Phi, Alpha Gamma, Kappa Kappa Gamma and the S. A. T. C." How sadly she was to be disillusioned! Little did she know her hopes were to be shattered, her trust ruined! For then she had not heard the story of the Sleeping Beauties, nor the Tale of the Sirloined Letters. When she had heard these, Ruby tore up her carefully compiled selection of sororities and took instead as a Black List a telephone directory including all sororitfies! , And then Ruby had these ten commandments nailed up on the Woman's Building, the Inman Hotel, and the Orpheum: l fi fl? f ,fmulfl Pl X r-ll QOPER i' UNC! P1 Ji 59 1 " "'i?2i'ZZi4 'i Glynn must not pull tlye ege-hrnius- 'Glynn must resemble lyigly-lzrnfus Qllnstezrn nf elynrus girls. 'Glynn musi fuear loin-lyeelen slynes, Glyg nails ilynu must not slyine, Glynn must nnt mlyisile, me-nly mg! Q91' else Q41 slyzill resign. fliest nnt in laugly nzimfe nr sing nr iniu at snrnritg. Quin if gnxfre gnnh Qilerlyziyas gnu .X H cnuln lieenme at Dean like me. M Il-ll M' - .. "lv 175' '1' 1 ' 1 Si" N ,,.,. THUS RUBY WOKE UP. 'Glynn slyalt uni fnear spit-curls. GQODN gy ' -l Ill ff nf. IP!! I n 653, .lg X 45, 1' I I X4 R1 ef ." ll, rl 6 ,gi ls - sei' .M f jill oe' "' 'lo 1 N Four Ilmulrcd Sixty-two cu years at the Iviclimm Umfversity llzcm one qicarter at the University of I llinois. f- THE UTWENTY' lLL.lO ness--. ' 111 J, -f ' ' - --- 1 The Sirloined Letters-Chapter One-THE KAPPA KAT The night was dark and stormy. The woman in black hurried on. The masked men leaped out from behind a snow Hake. "The money!" chortled one, "I will have the money!" Ah-ah-ah" she groaned, "You! You have written me these dastardly letters ll" "And you," shrleked the second villian, "you and your sisters at the steak. Slxty-six dollars and fifteen cents worth." "You lie!" she hissed. "We only ate sixty-Hve dollars worth. The cat ate the rest." Chapter Two-THE MYSTERIOUS LETTERS W 94 63? 092+ 5 'XG ,tv V 1220 92 od M - 'V 4- ei f QQ- on 'pf' wh 49 2+ - ' Q . QP' . ' Q. V' JN 1 sti- fle' 1- . e e diggs- Nd' 0099 46 .VDO ,oflki ,.-' ,sv vw' Mc' -,N ,.....4. Q ,N , e ,.e c ve ge' ' o 1- W 0 . e Q, . x. xo e K Q0 Q- KP - ce, 4' ,v,,e::x.4o,qzN,c 2.506002-e9',eN: if is gl 1? w.'ee0or'e'e'00'4s - Q e Ye 1 c Q. ,x ,e go W' G 00 WV- ve 5 Q0 've' 9 0 .ps 08,933 v::,v09 -.vovsrcorebpzz v:m,s:n,:.a:.,,f9,..e' we . . 5 'S' 9-:Pa -:P on Dov- 94-'v,C 0,6 I -1 M 1 ,Q K-'wi ox. ,ef l gs Q e ,iv 5 e x. 0.5. up Qc wt Q, ,Q Quit, 9 bo, . 49599 1' of 'eo 10' 1' b '- xx' e' KP 0' xr e e 6.1 W S 1 950' :v"ol"tb x:,io5"g'e" B 'pee' N-"ev oe 'O e wgftw 'X 'pa J 'xx v 0 'N' eb' 09 190 Wvsvxb vovhogoe. as 0' 080 0 H ,e 11,500 'Q',,1 ,O '-9 o ,Qs soo . 3 :'i0g2'1:21: 1 20 ' If of RX' xv' 0 0 0 e e e O v -I x. .o 0 o 90 N- gb fe on 5 0 A e 3 'y 0 Q, 5. o"2-Tv' '3G:0?0i'wf1e:'Lf:Z- ,Q-220122-'Sf' ., 0 o e me e v 9 on ,G x ' 09,0 ,N Qu ee' co'-X or -no A 0 510 fb' , 90 ox' ef gt 1 f. 5 of of 'O' e fe' t::efR.f-ojtj-if :j"e2o"e2cf to -wr' ec 1' 10' X' Q' Ve' S9 95 -2-9 ' ' Goorggmc .500 at fy HARRY ra. sovsn 'wha 'P V uwvsn V' JLXTZITSTJTCILISI. ,gl -L' November 23rd, 1915, 4: K , -5-.1 'v 'iii W .. .wjfwdotca-.-.l -Q .',m'1'g1'1'2 '.. 5' 'L""'Hp! Mine lnrlon Smith, ...E I .9-ggi Kngpl Knppl Gammn, 1 ' 21 Chalmers SL., Chlmpnlgn, Illlnoin. - Il Deer line Smith!- Y -m -l' f , The account el' nur S - U ' ,A G ' I Q to 65.16 to Robert.: H: Grunt. forymon. lwml J amounfing 9 er your Sore 1.2.1 ' in , HH 5800 PUGGU in my hends for attention And colleetlen '0 N , ,I A I em ldviged that th n account has run For n considerable gg f- 1 K J 1 eg' perxed and that Roberta ag ornnt. reel Lhnt they should not 1' . l A 4 4 on-rY U' lower. !s it not possible for you Lo my this XX' JIS, gg 4 ' A , I noctiunt ni. once, or ll. lenef. n connldernhlg pemim, of in ' ' c' N fi, ' I 5 noere y mpe that it. will noi. be 5 1 ,r ' CNS 7- ' tagelnetlon in Lhe mutter to enforce Sgigicslgnrsheggog? I '- IZ en- therefore :uit your enrly decision ln Lim matter. 1 x .. ' bl .ay 1-.,, If lv. il nov. possible for you to ' -1.1 ' ence, F111 you not kindly cull and make 2:5-vnnddngrxtdttdt X ef- pnydlbnnn yUUs0ll'l.i We do nov. wish to be unneieesn-11y X , 1 x i'G'...'Z. 333'..32El.Zi'sr'5"2.,'i9i'3b25i3"2Tn""L he "J"M"' 1 l X 'A 'V rant. V .::l'11, I Very truly, 111a5:1uv: j 15711, 1 Four H undrcd Sixty-three "If the worst comes to worst, we CAN put another two bits on the house bill!" Q . -... N, . ,. .,- . .--,.,,,. ,M,.,...,...,.........-.-....,.....w...-..-.L.-..-T:-v.-...,..:7 ....W1....- q,.,...-..m.W. WMM: ,-m,...,,.,,...- ,gf X 1 -in ., yry.-14, ip , f if -,..-?.-.-..1-..........,-...,.v...--i-.v-...-v..-...fM- ?':,',,.,.......,m... J. .-....-1...-.....V.,.. ..... . ,,.. .-. ., ........,.g.5' N ML 1 tp? '11, ?3 A I 2 lm, L53 1Xl..2,......i..-mu.-.w.w....f...i-..t...,. I AL... .t.....,..................4.-.. .--.-...A-A-f--W -.w---.A.-...--..-...-..q,-5- GQ Inu l Qs fi "1 T : ' The Sleeping Beauties Age-old stars have looked down coldly On strange sights at Illinoisg Revellers reeling homeward boldly, Raucous with their stolen joyg Phi Bates linked with T. N. E.'sg Closet sisters on the swing, Sentimental as you pleaseg Woman-haters in the spring. These they passed with blase patience, Thinking, no doubt, it was true That our vaunted modern sapience Could devise no thriller newg Till one night in blank surprise They blinked and left the world quite dark, When, lo! they saw before their eyes Three Kcippas sleeping in the pcwlc. Heavens! Horrors! Sainted sisters! Maidens of the golden key! Speak of it in painful whispers- Such a scandal cannot be! Wail, ye night winds, lamentation! Hide, ye stars, and keep it dark! Gone our cherished reputation! sleeping in the paris! ! I Kappas sleeping U u d Much I hate to tell this storyg 'Tis a tale of woe untold. Gone the ancient Kappa glory In her maidens staid and cold! But the source of pain to me In this page of history clark Is that stars alone should see in the pclfrk. I I .ll l l i . . I . Four Hzmrlrcal Sldlfll-1011 r 4:01- .:........... -- stifle M-fn.-A--3.-3-1, -I me--Nw-.,.:..,,.....-,.,:.e..i...,s-!.w.w..---w..www......w......v..-n-.,m...,.m.W-in N--W. .,,v,,,,SL...,Wn- -, .V V... Y-Y- - -M V L- -- ---- ---- -.----- s-Af----.--.-- -Y ,gwm--mwiT.YY -2-1.--W-www Four Ilundrcrl Sixty-five When we voted on the middle one the boo: was full of whites Poems You Ought to Know I. . Four Hundred Sixty-sim B71 the way, Chick wears his military uniform in a, dry town and his cits in Chicago. Poems you Ought to Know fS'morel II. Wop and Lill go walking still A hundred times a day When o-ne sees Wop Then Lil1ian's not More than an inch away. III. Take now your vow to Delta Gamma Be loyal and true And in the bonds of Pistis Aristos Fulfill your pledge anew. This shield we love I We now give to you It now bears our love untold. Keep it and prove yourselves worth to wear L Our cherished anchor of gold. N ,, 'P . . IV' . g 46 . Slmple Phi Gam met a P1 QK AJ I Z Oh,-the Hu, ...+ V ,Q af, Sd f giiglwfg I 1 with a pint of beer f N .X-4, I Said the Phi Gam to the Pi man ff, V gl, 6 fllwa milz f' "Mustn't drink that here." 7 W F. . ll 94 ay - v , l I lj X Said the Pi man to the Phi Gam fig . ' 't "Oh the H-- you say!" - 'V f- 4 iluuvf g when the Phi Gam heard the Pi - W 1 ' C man G . 4 , A uss, he ian away. - if f Four Ilzmdrcd Si.vt11-seven - -- - - Q-- ,-, 1.-H.:-, , v:-4.-.ff-mar.-M..---.--Z, J.,-,::..:v:.,..:...-f..,L.W-..maa.1 -',., W ,, ' ' - - -- M- --- - -ge:-.eq-as---eiefzz-23.-M. -..,......f..-.......-...........i.......i....1-.1..,.. ,.. .. ., , M nh, Isu't the D. G. 'luilillltl puzzling to an outsider? V. ,- -...WJ 1 i4 I vc gl i 5 5 2 Ja... ... .e..-..,,.....,e....,..,i...- ..,-,.-.4 5. fl 5 1 A I 1 4 I 1 1 1 1 , i 1 ,li L? ,. . e of lTHE."TWENTY"1LLIO 2: -e 'e The Reformation of Marie Geiss ' I .ll l or , From the Depths by X, Mrs. D. E. L. T. A. Gamma, author of "The ' ' Secret Husband," "The Fallen Chorus Girl," "From P-i ' ' PM to Phi Beta," "From Saint to Dell." 1 fEDITOR'S NOTE: The following manuscript is l authenticg it is a posthumous work, which was discovered by an archaeologist on the door of M. G.'s room.J A ' Be,g,,Nfvff-15, .5a.N3.'I9 , . x if Nl ? f?..,L:., 1- uliggwimrlawl :- Y , r 7 ,f :C A 4' ig Y a .1 ' 'jp ,V g,-Cd 4+ 101 PM ev:YY 1 g . -ff 4-A Night' lr-wi Fv-r-La7lS,,+,n-iggyh ThL'c "'kh+5 Pe fw A+ lltloffh Dv-iv-'K Ha.L11-.475 avev-Y Niqhf " 'll' 57'-Ld-T QYLT1 linux cLu.-rlrv gi-he d.a.Y. f JK h. , co.-1-m,f,'.-,- THEN v Pl N NOW 0 1 4. .f-J DONWAGIL +0 gf--5 ,,, Le..ssoN New Marte' Nik, -Hue. vcd. d.a.fLY. I youtawsf 'vrf' Stop ISN" FLU. rv nf. I will-cic.eic NK 0 Ng F eZ, ' 5 t 's' sv .,m3?,g-QRS Maltedl'hlK "' , ui' 1 Please . .. y g':'i s ' 4 55 ' ij'-. I nu Nunn n-..1 Four Ilmldred Sixty-eight j L 'fgf-----f-- ---'- -- - ,, : 'jf' Lg, ,. H" W " ' Y " 7 I Y W! ' Y "Heaven will protect the Qbofrlcing girl." , w W I I Four Hundred Sixty-nine Sometimes we think that Champaign isn't so dead after all 'T THE "TWENTY' ILLIO THE COMPLETE y Are you anxious to do the right thing in corresponding with your friends? Consult these models for the correct etiquette. , I MODEL ONE I . MODEL TWO MODEL THREE lb ..,ff5.,.4. A Formal Invitation. An Informal Invitation. ,ff . .....IT.T,i2'.1ZT.1.i"Hi'L,..w 'W' Z 216721 -. if ' 4101444.46 76:57 1a..1m' emiss- W 5 -um 14 , hh Ma AW ff ffh Application for a Position ' 'Y Somewhere in Chunpuigi, 3' I ' . . 'isiqktifme R, If-"PU ww- l fljghlyydeag' Lliss Bin Qui-I , , ' I , .it '," "l. 7+-if-A V ' Alton you not know who I um or anythfng about Sie. I knoil into ure and where live qnd 9 good :muy '.n:x.ja'ih5x.'5-Glu' Qo'Q'bof"i 1 . nun of one thing you that I nm writing thin. Ilmopsihuif l' I . ' you will not be nts this latter for I it ton your good Q. 1 .V f i, 5n.xa yer-yi mulqux. Q' and also -the Q. 1-us 11911 you wus no the day ' . Ol!! Y.h1n5"y.hat you d1d,vlul 'r I l 1 hall to get some 'Jun would 'Lime A darklrsd- rose your paper. I nee 4 'l ' wh an V ' remnrka' 1 A 950 I 1111 'ooms ,to ' hal! A of 'you house . , I U Dont , I two I ' - Sincerely ' i friend. ' 1 1 :mu Km vmy to signal mn tc norm to yn u.,,, nt. PRI. is playing 's nrookenl ,gums 1l'.1' yu. Four Hundred Seventy C. e e But how we hated to leave out Dewey W'robke's letter to his beauteous buxom blonde. .H 47? , Q THE 1"1'w1-:N'rY" 11.1.10 Q LETTER WRITER D The best advice we can give you concerning love letters is to follow these models written to a Pi Phi. You must start with either "vvifie" or "baby." Earlie and Nick used both in writing to the same Margaret. MODEL FOUR Asking for a 'Quick Response. MODEL FIVE A Promissory Note. M 4-4.46, MM1 Jana Zi. X WJ 7M Qaigw WMHLM I . ' - ' - ' W - , ll Wb7fQ-2'-Ls I MODEL SIX MODEL SEVEN Please put Us On Your Mailing List. Truly ImP9-SSi0I1ed- ' Lx,,.,,z,Q Qmmlosl, , I , 1 fvsas-su?" gf N ffsb-JT Afflfq ZS fk"-"-4-"f-0vs- 0sfx.A.. .-,sift-.Jer 'L lbef feggm, Mi Jwizsfr ,Lfv-IN-s., U I gli Tig: skid 5' smMMs.,.QfWEh l 3,-,g,,,,,,,g.4 6- fa- wsL.,...,,.,,, . UL C-g,,Q V. Mo- me sl!-fJw..x,J6d 0s.aL,--.,nil'l- -g ixiflfgfl-.-AfRj"T'?7. il ' X 1 Ev . I Four Hundred Seventy L L. g ' -L ,-T , - And to think that a Y. M. C. A. envelope discloses the names of Earlie Beattie and H. L. Nichols as the perpetrators of these letters which we barely waded' through! l Fou 1' Ilzmdrvd Seventy-two DEAN MASON T0 DOT BA!-IE: "Let's not be so boisterous as to whistle for the janitor!" .P j I' if as 1- I IATHE 'TwnNTY"1LL1ol 1: I The Greatest College Daily Q 1 . ,.,--3 mm Illllllrzllyffllllrq ,Illlll M - I UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS COLLEGE GF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES URBANA F: cr OF THF DLAN JD-hunry 15, 1919 lr. Harold Johns ton, Illini Offlco My dear Mr. Johnston: I have received complaint from instructors holding classes 109 University Hall that they are disturbed by unnecessary noise I A-5 -II I Q 'Q I IIIIIIIUIIVI '. I I X if i 0' X454 I ,df Q "1lIHII,I -1: ,? Q :A A in in the Illini Office during tho afternoon hours. Specifically it is alleged that "the conduct or the stat! is lnoxcusably loud". It hardly seems necessary for tho conduct of the proper tmslness of the Illini that there should be any such noise or disturbance. Certainly tho lllinl Oftflcg should not become a place of looting- , -and boiatorousnesr at any time or day but mire particularly between , 7' l .Q ,DJ eight in tho morning and four in the afternoon. If necessary to W, NAI '64 x' secure an 'abatement ot the nuisance", we should like to have you - IRI x , 1 -3 , A' exclude Q22-the Otfioo all persons not connected with the Illini -I 4 Staff and to enforce reasonable quiet while attending to the necessary X. kk I ev . I - we 6 'uusincss of the Daily. K -:VII Very truly yours, I .' -:fi 'se' , 5 In , EI5 ' ." s 1. M' ' Custodian of University ll I , X E.. , ,I 'A f X 5 P 4 --A S E f e 'gf f 4 'N We II E f I e -w x I 'A AI, 4 I I My X E y wr If J - ,.e 4,, ' N 5 ..- me . '- 'F' f W7 Ii ', :Q u :' 'Q'- ex" 3 1 ,In AB f' ,i I ' ,W 2 D ' 3 V I. f 5 - fa . - Jl"'4I',l I ' Y., halt. Ia H 'I E I I Q zo MPN X V , 1.7 , ..1Q.f.-,.m1rrff4f4- I S ' E Xb V .4 I I 'I wr Ny K5 .: N Q, I ,- e .- , E IX. ,., 1, , , .f . : . ,e "5 Singing -J ea 'II f - I If 9 f f Sm. II' 'Y X fb- I 1' 2 , ' 'If I ' , y - r N H' 12 ' f'i II ff ' I N gb 15' Q' -I I ul' WGA- ,':"f-- II 1 K I X 5 N X QB 'naar' ' Four Ilunclred Seventy-three "America must distifnguish between discipline ILLINI. and tyranny."-EDITORIAL IN THE The Betas Hold A Convention THE 'Twanfvvlmlio i , e 2 , Inside Dope me... , .. Numa .........,......... ,. nllggg Mm-gn ,,,, Hi ,,,.,,,,,,, ., .. .... . , .. College Mdrsn ..... ,.......... .... . , .. , , . ourQddrau..Vfl!vwlt4,., .. ...... ..4... , Homemrau .....,,., ,.. . .. , ign nm. .... ,...,., .,..., . High ol ,.........,.,,. ,.... ourna ....,.. ..... .,..... ..,. . ..,., , . . Bourne ...., .... .... .,., ..,,., . , . , . . , ., .. ocommamied bg .... , ,,.. Rae mmended bg .... If v H .. , ddraaa... ............,......... .,..,....... C hqptar ...... . ..., - ...... ....... A d drau ..........,..... .,.. . . ..,,... .,,. C hnpnr amarhm 4 i , 1 M Lvl- , 6 1 t-A E Ramnrhm Uzqi M411 ,gl hug 1 - - - KSN-I 'gmc'-1. O 0 gum 44,... ......... nquma .......,.........,.... i ....... Qadgad .V ....,..............,.,....... nqmm :Q,g.2,K.,! ,A,,, 1 ,,,,., 4, N me . ...,....4.... ,.., .. , . 8 G 4 Anlll .vc ,- Nnma.i?f-M .... .....,,..,,. , , 3Z1f.L4lZ'ffmM ,ff"L' . L ei - - lui-Qeeffefswle GUM! SGIIOOI ,.,..,.. .,..,...... ............. .... , . ..... ........., ,,4,,....,,,4,,,,..,.,,, H 0 Q 4 dn.. 'lll ""! 4A" ""4 I hhxlx A "1"""! ' l l ' Cmlrla ,,,,. ..... . .,... .....,,...,..,, ,.,,. 4,,,A,,,,,,,. Zi I B hm "4'4"""4"" "4"" ""W"44 ' ' DUPHQ ..,..,... .. .,......... .. .,.... ., .. . , , .,.., ..,..... . .. Recommended U "" 'II' ""'4' """'4""" R ecommandad bu- Pav! . . ..., ,......,,.... . Address. . ,... .. . .1 . ,Chapter .. Mdrosl Rsmnrhm Remarks, ! p , aagaaghmmm nqweea QKQ Pladged, , . Rejac Chlptsr tad ..... Four Hundrcr Seventy-,five We have a similar record of the E N's 'voting Billy Pfudereo' in, but Bill says he was 'never even inside the house. DTHE "'rwEN1'Y' ILLIO w THE INMAN ISN'T THE ONLY "HOME FOR STUDENTS AND THEIR FRIENDS"!! X . D is QB. r' "3 lim 1, xx! - ' ' 5' X 4 l X ' "Vt 'Wx A Xxx l 1 if ',A K if l l ll! IV .mall PERTINENT QUESTIONS Did they pay the Fiddler? Why did the party break up so early? . Where is 306? Did Pop enjoy himself? Why spell chaperone with an "e " 5 Four Hundred Seve ty i iT ' Of course this pafrty was before -the Winter Gaiden opened. WV mv . .N ,- .A Y .....,,,... .....,..,. AN .1 , J ..'K,...-....., ,, Four H undrcd Scvcntygscven We ain't-canft nothing surprise us no more I ii fs "7iiIlIf'iiiiliiii?IIE11io wwf: cdeaf We-nazi -4255, ,,-I I I heard you wanted some real dope. You ought to have at least two pages of concentrated scandal. I can tell you some darn funny things i' 'f 'K let's see 'F "' "' Well, one night I' was coming by the Congregational House about two o'clock Qjust had a common date at Delta Gamma y'knowD and there out on the porch was a red lantern. A red lantern! See? The kind they use on street repairs at night. Gosh, I laffedl An' called up the house right away-no! no! the Congregational House, not my house. The girl didn't get sore a bit. She said they were just having a dance. She didn't know who I was but we kidded along about an hour an' she gave me a date "' "' 4' Can you use it? Roast 'em good. A red lantern! And the Inman raid. Here's the way that was-oh, that's right you said you didn't want their names. Well, it won't be any good without the co-eds names. Gosh, I thought it was going to be a 'real section like they had in '16. But that blamed S. A. T. C. ruined this school. What with the loots eloping with sorority pledges and photog- rapher's wives, an' the commandant holding up the Orph shows till they could find how to make their hands coincide in order to applaud-do you want all the facts about Opperman and Nelson, Mister Roast Editor? I'm better than Ring on that Al stuff and I can make Dear Mable look like a stick of Spearmint Four Hundred SC'l'0llf1l-Ciflht I ""'1'j1TW:-if' ' , i get f- --W 't -f , , beside a plug of Horseshoe. I wrote nine pages in Lardner's style-all about the tripe we get down at the armory instead of food, and how the socks was so thick they'd stand up alone in the corner, and who hit Nelson with the egg, andwho faked convulsions that night and the guy who said Dean Clark was nothing but a Dean anyway. Let me know if you want: The names of the officers who left that house on Chalmers at 5 A. M. The story about Walt Remley and Ada Pfitzen- meyer. The members of the Saintly Sisters of Gamma Phi Beta K Sigma Sigmalg prerequisities for mem- bershipg who leads the way to the cellarg who teaches the no-vices not to make faces over their first. Who the girls are that have been -swiping' military pictures from Weber's and Duncan's. Who strolled in the graveyard south of town February 9, 1919, at 2 A. M. ' That's only a starter. I'm a city directory for campus filth and my middle name is scandal. I'm enclosing a bunch of pictures and I think a little border of 'em around the page would look classy. Yours for the Cause. P. S. Can you use a picture of T. A. in his captain's uniform? Four Hun drcrl Seventy-11 ine TH E. "TWENTY' ILLIO H Q g I - ll T H E " TW TY EN I LLI 0 i J OUR W - 0 N SCRAP-B00K . . :Wf- . 5 . ,mms Yarwm Cul an glch' , ,,.,-..-1' Mow wi xuqqnswl' ' " me BB 9080 ,gd wma,-nl at me Bonus. L oiidlm'mb:':tl9V'o.23v1l'6 'vera C N in emma' llufl' 'ua Ghvw' ne . ' OMM1SSlON Sugemntnt me ptitlhll Baum: Greek Exchange CA PROC PLANS A , , Z Shaw l F RAMF ' NNW' X -V :lt Union Ln the early tlnys. :md elsewhere did ot y , RESHMAN OR ve-9-v-ff Y . WOME go in lrlninrll for soho nrshi but they ld go a ter i had Unlvm-slr ig A good men with n vengeance from the start :md succeeded y noggginl the merger lf con in hugging A moi nlen who were henrdironl in after is gl, Bl wlll be held maine venom hfc .Xl Union they succeeded lll grabbing from S. 0 W mil: 9A Ph-ms for th Undu nernlver- my cousin, Thomas Fielder Bowie, jr , of Prince Georges 1 mum? gofgerdny wgeiungvcntlqn ILTS County, Mrlrylnnd, a son ul the Clin-i Founder of E 0, j' flmlsn Rota?-:lei met wtthref,1d0"l'Ed. and a lot.of their early men had kin iolkslin the other yatgha lliralr. C UD. which hu: Ummm' fratcrrlities "Excellence of ils membership" is Char- i Hnffryil gllfrls. nf Ch me acterlstic of X W, according K0 B!'lll'd'S Illamlal. 1 yslleakari cfriggusf Ugbanlmfmffz and . . , . , UD f ' ln the early ilfIlCS the Wxlhnms chapter instituted an niusichyflzxlfs will S:231Zn.whlleg,:3f order of X W Sisters, and 55-5-fully initiated women into of the progfnlzrs Wlll hlsgnh, Suitable X IV on condition that they would mar Chi lists and l nnangfallonn to Urh H' ll Dart . . . l - i hug nionc hut 51531 Chi Psls into the world! Butrlhls ll our sgyerslty orrlcll5:a'wSll'0n,pMK institution has lallen h the wayside, ' '----A' --4' 'f - , - be Senq The ll f"' 'orth Carolina chapter, tl - i ' ' , hed in 1855, and w' -l of the ' , A X W N :dum funn-lglrfzii lnrlrldze. lnrmar ml- m e ' Ellis hnnm lui smfng M551 Blvnear at x ,Z xg. '7 WW Q, nlsllt nn he had ,fig em or Sunday 9'9'9n10w 'Kxowi ""l"i7h0llD mt-gran-omimd ms pawn" i fflicwx. of ' '21 i15S'f3BS?lS'?.?i'2?0J'lf If t-A B150 Yuen .W-A en rnanslhle. ' C' , Glow ox,-iovf .539 , Y' un. Partridge wha 4, 18 L I NV GY' - YNY! Oh: h d --qgrzt nfl' :::'l','l:l::z:Li":a.?:,"d.'h-ieik i. 949- at X- Emir .- '1.- W nn, n, ,.,,,,,,,,,,, tu- en rlna gm. 'blgfgowllw uw y-NM' Q59 ui, nity who 1,-.-Us dem of tha Unlver- lwwwale' Q- QI- 9 'li 1l1.l.uw-il "U" Wh haf mother. nm WW ol Xen V' fi- ttirwd' s ne ,Q 'n 'he 'lUH0'll apartment, ' Neem' i. X cliww,,t wmticw mnllmg 'hy ion ot m-ed Pnrtrldge eaessrili fs ,. f -fszzzll e.:l,n:llz,.l'Mrfr l - -' A... ' :ri mazzrltfstf-sis? -l-auf: nzlzfvmsfas lr ' ga -9, l o' u ym l , s n lhfllwzzii 'M l S ..f.f:1lf.-'slrllprsltl 1122.-."'l will ga at ' no Iwo- ,' XX' nge. wi use or g e'X9"0e txSW""xhx9'1QxtoW'1Qi W" Wvrk enilcinhglligiziptifima to 'Dem th' 5.-55 Zami Vvsmdll-o1'l' RQGCVMYXNX gi roturn home on grilling D:-Dmifed 'av owed cwvfwo , s v ans evldanuy wars as 'Un Dx- ,ln 'O Aw' W, no ' me ml lima ot nm yn mn" "f Gro A to that ha 'WB mln wg www Central ifrlifeff mfdgl tha Ilugql: X evening uceompanllm b 'lock SUMBY The destination of y Mill Ldvell. y O-:IN not been dlnclond b th' Wllllle hal authnrltntlvely N ul- ll- has been at W lcngltnktng lheg"nEialialo::e:,!i. 'hey ln- i Y S5 Lovell 1 ' ' ' 'gggggv gi-d Ll LZ,Jl?2l"2F"Ai'S?..U'52g l ' , Parlrid 'B 'mm' wzllalntea ith ' last yen? when he W" ' mldelll ger , oillllhtor of f- V tornlty- He is I' mombef of U ra? I the UDIYBPIIL r"""" ere 1 l V I llrl A in ur blood vm nh of French bmh ' 9 Pleas 1 galatllmyogflce. 352 zdtlirllzializgfje I . ' 1 n i Cblock, y wednesdlil before 8 ' WILLIAM C HAU NCY LANGDON I ,- V -gr lou: llundrgd Eighty I - , - l Y , I - EUW2! mm ' lflezsfzwl,-n-n . , s uno .Joootcr-lt hzts solpwbodqlp,-PRO . - , F. HARRINGTON. 1 U 5 THE TWENlY'lLLIO 1 . , y ppas and Thetas Adore I elegrams? I h ' S eu' peed. ' JLFT7 """' muunnm gg ,. A . "WN - wE:s1' N1oN ,L A nmlvnunu: git- EL -1- xx 4 ...L -1- 33 5-1 - . -. 4 n- .7 -vm M , M, .....-,,..........,........ .......................,....... -?,1,.3:,,.-, Euvm IT 1. 1ovcun 4 I ua cumoo zmnoxa -sw .um 11 1919 was nnmzn mu 1 aol soum vmmu' sr culumzan 11.1. Q mama nn- new on uomn 3152 UN xxrgm W . . 51"-Z! rw- ?AM ' fzgx.. Noam? 'W ru. ' ' --- -41- .,.. '-74 M' X if C ..-,,,kN,..:........ mmm. 4-SLP R11-1 --4 -Ati w was UARIAN X 8' .Poxllr lu. ,MR E , .Z-F.: 'r -Um 5 1918 , . Inc' H 312 mr C I om YW vu: 4-5 'Rs 3' 'Hun i 'L -. . ,Q ""'NHuun. HAY HA T THU-93 5 A197 1LL 1 lrtmmnr znyjf' ' """"-- .-.... V' ro am, mm rum, sm' 35 HL """""""-wuruan ru. U Q Hou' EW rn cm mc' 'U wa- ww so 'S To ww ' mg PR C100 mm D47 ng! 'Wifi 1-1, . CW nm' ' 0' Ana ami' Mo CH NRA 0' THURs urss mare mm an 24 lm HW If ron cu: mmm mmf' 1 us WH PORBID num my 1' Hvcoluuc 41'-D A Ream 0 iw MRM, 901 so R mm N mop -lmnxsr no wo 'RIGHT sz- C Dm: an Hwnxcyy I X mu mn nomjfiw you ron :mm nun xs sour: Xu 1050: svnnmun is Augvjcgnova- you ron ,Bmw Dmmslz me :arm , 1' Duma In S! me ' ren lg U, ,H - U3 xr Lon non Jann I""'1 v TEL AM sas-1-E 3 A -- ....................... M...-........,.............. 'fjj-f.E- - lmmn 16 -H Ulm 40 NL SI FSUYORK NY OCT H6 1918 2.1155 HARRIET YWCORXIICZ ' '01 som murmur sm cammon ILL DEAREST YOUR no LETTERS ARRXVBD TODAY DIDNT HAVE THE 'IO i'iiIT.'l A SPECIAL WXLLYWRITE YOU TULIORROYT D0 WISH THAT YOU WERE TEE WISH HE N07 SAT AIOTHSR GOOD SHN TONIGHT M1 GLAD THAT YUU ARE GOIHC T0 M nnmova mv: V I BOB I asm W Four Hundred Eighty-one i 1- 11 Ha1'1'iet's Mother worries so! THE GTWWENTYU 1141.10 H l Election Da -Januar 1 ' Q Q v p who ' ' . , i roiawlf wi Xml ' 53 7f5ff1'2:' ' We "o"'? o ?2 - ' ' C" 5' Af Fir-yet! O 1' 4 ll ,ggi lx .ff - F 1 ix ' f H fill . i 'I Y i .J M ,- . w 5- f x ' I 'ma r f ' U I A fl, X A ' ' J, l I f 4 ' W l f ' Barone- ilwqctfutg r v !' I AH I my f.: ha ou , ,e, Y THE PATTER of many feet. -' A 1' banning -C411 f IN AND out of the auditorium: -m-Gund 'Q Duo' N THE LOUD, masculine voices, FM? 5 ' , "HAVE You voted yet?" i, ' fi- -'AT'rABoY:" ,,iW I "GET THAT f.r'rll Wh"Z .he? Gosh. ' " K SHEEES on Ernic's sidell' Q f K ' +P-SKIN ts, 'l A RQ! THE s'rU1f'1"Ei:5mbailut-box. AFTER, 1,-L ' aww THE ANXIOUS query, "Cun't you drop A"""" '4 --.I '. n few hours and be xi Junior?" I Q. THE ROUND blue eyes of the future Sunihlll. V016 For - 'Af Q J ward-boss. as he pleads, In T ' '- I You KNOW wen-Q Su-aight. We always il 'f 71011 V0 C . 5 , was." Z, f ' - -JJ" CHI Psrs, Phi Gnms, A. T. ons in fretted For 6 A OIi!Kl'E:VCl'S0'- - H E WITH his hands in his ,-1 xt X , i, pockets, '-4" ' Q ilu DRYSIERLEIIN his gray miickinnw, 'J' 7-f H- THE UG 1ITER. o Stretch 'Javie-1. Calif:-lguierfiqgs SLIESHOLIEUM collt of Bowes Mallory, ,V UV A -'. u ' W si vurities. is QQ A .2 THE AG Building Patrol ,lil THRUSTING THE bewildered Aids south- , 1 . "il .., ward ' A A 4 V YET ALL undisturbed 1 1 Y SITS A Kappa post-graduate 1 -4-2' fu' 1 SHEG YAWNSh and asks si nmmii. P i, K X, Hvfrliod Ish,-unfiing away? a n't earn." f NO Lmss imliireiienu is Walt voted yet-?! having: his picture taken ? l l FOR THE Illio-"S e n i o r a l I Officers." I QF ' sf- ' 0' 4- X, M - Q' if ' 9' if , I D - ,. If A Q' maine? wf'G22'f" Qffiff'r+'2oiii , ay Q f 2 i' f is y . -' xi? ff" Xml ., ' - A X, , , i ,mv 0 ,Wim .f EIL Q '?:-A b fQ2'g.a1 ' - mm.. ' Y 5 I W" , ' ' i,, ,If V TR ii omu W f S J' ,I -f l L. " 'L-,H - F v- Y ' V f r lp E, , I Q rg fit? E 260 Four llumlrcd Eighty-two VY , 7 V V .117 J OUR PLATFORM-CICIHL politicsg clean electioneeringg clean towels in University wash T0 OTIZSQ rg gTHE"TWENTY",lLLIO -e T GOOD S ALLS 1 fOollected by the Roast Section Editorj "Well, it's all right you see because we were engaged." 1311:-. "That case is all over now, and I'm going with another fellow." it-JF- "Why that isn't meg I took the picture." ...r-fs.. "Oh, you vvouldn't put in anything about me, would you ?" -1-1- "I don't care myself-not a bit+but I hate to see her mixed up in it." .ff-ff.. H "If my Dad should ever see that he'd kill me." X --3f'.--7kl- "You can't use me 'cause I'm a post-graduate." ..vf..ff... "Why, We get hundreds of letters from our alumni every time some- thing like that appears." -21f-ff.. "C'mon let's have a drink." ,'1'-'1'- S talled again-Gasoldneless Sunday. Four Hwndrcd Eighty-thrcc Ach! DuPlan Cousins Wanda like this? n Q TH:-:"TwEN1'Y"1LL1o Q e THE FOLLIES OF THETA 1919 An All Star Cast A Gay Galaxy of Vamps In Their Sensational Appearance Rivalling Mack Sennett's Beauties. l Four Hundred Eightil-four Nq-Y , Bee Copley to Rhet-stude-fresh: U "What ha've,YOU ever done for ME? Why should I gwe YOU a good 'l7lfl'I'k?n Four Hundred Eighty-five We wonder, does it pay? A M Zz' li in ,l pl: ,. ix ll U S 2 Q if I it a 1 1 1 l wg W, Hi J .ll i 1 1 1 l i w 1, i if H l ' r ll is ll ll 5. Q, ll ,i l gil 4,,. S V V1 il Tappy Flings a Party M Z CX wzsvvmuz. u.L.. Llgy , . EPS learn-r or BENJ HQLESILQ D Q IGUOR 'DEALER n . T L S WEST MAIN M h Ax H E smear Th ...K la. .m.,if.,,S..YfTIfl5I.E,1 'L5"'7"S w. m-,,-i.yE ,WY ,irwv-nu-E,1asY:r ,lig K U-I M 'tw'Ww::4:3'- -f'f'Mv:::r:a is Eco-AW e 1 i N le l!5npf,eeZ!j+1!,KffP2-1-ess U N l Megfvf 6611-.-z U 0.5-5- i l f "H ' "l Water is life to fishes, Likewise 'tis good for dishesg But beer for me when I'm dry, And shoot me the first of July. The way a case was billed out of Westville and the bien jolie way lt awivefl in Champaign. Ah, tres joliel Four Ilzmllrvcl Eighty-six . ,iw M... V ....,, , .... ..- l, ... ,-.,.. . mm., ,WM--...,. N -N, ,.,, ...., . . ,.. ..,.. ...., 1-fi.-7.-Nu...ii...-n..ff..m-.,,. .., i-A: .iv-W.-.ff.f-,, .,-1-...,,,s-.f'...w,-,-,- W--W-, ,. . ,. Just cliscoverecl on final proof that the maine-ay: 'man had inserted the poem above. Pretty keen, what? i Q E rv Q I 1 4 i is i V l l, ll 'l Q 1 l l ll 5 il If 5 gl l s li I i gi ll il' ll ,K ii l a l l l A 11 x,.. H Mm fl if THE "TWENTY' ILLIO H Tearing Around I - Y v ':.- .1 ' ,- W - -,- F CLQNE 1 Published every llttle whlle hy Chl Iota Chapter af Fhl Gamma Delta, 401 E. John Street. Champalgn, 1 YA VY, 5, illl.. ln the lntereat of lts alumnf. Mallsd to any place I Inge-v l upon the recelpt of your address. Please sdvlse us of any change of address, l F. w. MEYER Jn. 'zo .... , ..,,,,,,,,,,, Edllqr ,J. H. P WELL '2o... ...Assistant matter C. H. S LL ... ....Assistant Editor 6. D. 1 21 ............... Assistant manor 5- Du' lg!WE':F1I!9::1:.-'-.---B""H?.L'Y'EE -MM" Nsxrviilmrkj 'Illli , Thls year has been a pretty strenuous one for l old Chl Iota. but we have weathered the storm and lthe chapter ls atlll up and.comlng. However, we hope that next year things wlll go even better: we hope that those brothers who come hack wlll have proflted by the experiences of this year: we hope I, they wlll come back wlth the determlnatlon ty flrst Y of all do thelr work the very best they can. second, to make our chapter every thlng lt should- he, and nothing that It should not he. Thls latter means , lt that every brother must back up the offlcers and help them to uphold the laws and- customs of the Fraternity: that every brother must he overned hyllls-sense o Ar BA Ara Aer t7 Qu, y ls Adgrelo W olne seven y years ago, slx young 1 ala men,- feetlng an organlsatlon that should s nd for these Ideals. Vie- Fljls of today are the lnherltors at these Ideals and our work la to llve up to them. ' Brother Goadenough acted as toastmastor and llrethers Prof. Whlte "Cotton" Cushing Prof. Hol- hrook, Charlle Thorpe. "BllIy" Paltner. Prof. Erb, "Babe" Bengal, Harry Klots. Crawshnw. Ray Haas, Frank Hardman. Charles McGregor, and Mr. ll. S. Cflllron savevtoasts. Dean Klnle alked nc les of Pnl Gamma Delta and his tons n every FIJI present if Wllllam Brewster, Waldo Aldarson,fgharf al Sheller. Charles M roger,-and Earl Lemanager comprlsed tho 1921 that was lnlllated nt this tlrne. k .- ...-Ax '- THE BETA-ETA NEWS llnhllshell every two months llurlllg the Unlverslly year lJy'Bola-Eta chap- ter r1f'l'l Kappa Alpha, University ul Illltmlv. c'1111pme1'1111'uZ-er 1105 E. John St., Champaign, lll. 1 K, 11. Pnlulpluer.. .......,... ..,s l 5 . an F. ll. lJ'l1unnvIl.. .......... ..,.lE1lltnr'1 v Ummh llnan .......... ....Asslstnnt "Whitey" has lone home, and now ' another brother takes his place wlth Hackman and Stllley at the wlndow and tts xpeetanlly f0l' smlify- Whe sa s Pl aDDa IDM IU H0 stepplna to the front? Do we not flnd nlctures of Bro. Henderson. Bro "Long" Nelson and Brother Peternn lh The lllln? CL.. AL. Arial. oCt.E The retlrlak S. M. C.. Ufolhm' ' - """"'5h he M' ""' llnlshed hla law course, ,wlll llrullnhly Aa! Z0 l nnea with Q ideals, went 111 me . P , vm wal. You HELPPWA , Q ' hls ls lhc Inst issue n' e 'nnr'-1 - - n News. he cllaptcr W' ls being nun la conslrlernhle exe 1 lense fur the lssues. The nlnlunl 1 of the chapter are asked to sup- A port thelr end of the pnner. It ls W the duly of every alunnnl to send In ' the-lr snhsvrlptlon nrlre of S1 at l once. The paper lrlll he Issued five thnns a year. l +--:-------T-f--- U-L --4 Fzreside 15 Now that llrnthu' l-1. ll. Pnlrlphr- has llfl lm' the ImI:n:1s 1x1:ngl the! l1r111h:'rs wlll hun- lu nllu dl-vu lntu mi he hack ln the Unlverslty next the r1-alms nl lhelr 11111 kv-rs for Orphe-l nm 11511111-5' N4 .mnv 115-sues for the Pty lt's a pretty hard thlng to do some times. especlal- . ycur' A Kung, 'mm mln. LM 2- ,-mn ,. Wm,-Q, ly ln these wer tlmea when the older men have 4 were willingly pa-151-rl out ln lltn! gone to war, but thst'a all the nrorevrensnn why wa 1 'mg llrolhcrs has mash' IIS 1-xll from the who remaln should do our part to keep thess ldeals ' wal' W' -L lwllav- ML bare. 'lla n mal mu-!1l. a potent factor In the llfe of'oar chapter and ln our A ' dune "c'i40w Veggie ' -- own Individual uve! N A Lonllemwm Gfavl-li wail! M me illrnlhur Maul: along nllh Ihree i 1 W3 Ulm 3 .cn llll' imwa Ill ue, Chl .Umegns stnrtoll unt the ntherl NORRIS BIG my dm ' nlnvi 'Quake a X ts rxllxonxlaaxloa rzlaht! 1:1 lnxiug crop? nn llm nlnor ofll -1 ' get N - L the tm me eau-1 vnmlhntv ln the llllnl i ml ' sem' -fl' 1- ll . 'rl - v - The Annual Norrls 115 Dlnner was meld at,the ll Tounl :falls matlew: alll ?,'g1uK!Sx gig? X M rfozhsnroa chapter house on March 2Brd. N man , cause 'M hh, n lb whim-IM CME ,max 11:-at-new hr an s am present owlns to WU . M111-111111 was 1 f1n11r1x 111nv1-wir, J K -' condltlons, hut several were ahle to be here loxeth- H-'T' er wlth the local alumni and faculty hrothsrs. Mrs. Knox Prepared a grand "feed" tor the ovenlnrr and we cannot thank her lou much tor the way ln whlnh she served the 1918 mg Dlnaer. YQ ,' . 6111 ' Rf11:'lIl1g1 pq-'52 , Q any , nr , 'Ira ' Q x. . . 1 1, 1 see' -1 011 ' - Pe I 1 "fc1,0r, x1-UU ' 1,-L, , oe 94, Q , 115, ' , Q h1ZD"'fI1s jab' IZ l""'ge1he 0111- "' " Q ' e"tf-60935 11'e'0,cw 011Q7f: ' ll 19, IHS lv q I, "1 11 f, l1,a"9ef,"hl'l1, III1 II , DUN e 0 1 lla "f, I1 -11 1 I1 Hu 'va Wie, '0n- 'ls , -J' el Q 01- -VI ll ' 6 ' 4 ' - 11 111 re, 11 11 ll -e 4 . . ff ev 1 1, 1. IJZHIO :rod h"20rke,, 0 ling" fuzz' nlfzff' Qosliaqe k 111211-4'1'10Z':avi:0Z,'ff1,'Y'4-1L,fl"f1,.', 'vher H 111, 'Id "filo I-'11,,, ,A Q f '21, J- , 11, 01- 'o, , P1 ,rl we c1,, b so, 1 4, we oe ,O -via 14 1,4 11,01 o,, 1-I rn, 00- lv hun In k 1- C 11111, vs- e , , 1, e 'I l,, rp 11,9 110 11 11, - 11 , ca 011,, ' '11 's 41' f Ur. 4? 'Z I, .9 ll xhl 0 ' 1 s KA. .Jun 20:14 Nvlvgiwg' Anlvverrqde or 01: Q Z1, 03 912, ':a"11.y 'fx, 04.1, 'Ula 4, Q, ,7 , 'IM , o li I '4' ' I , ' 9 .7,ngz,.'f a F '1 'iv W:-4,01 ,0"'o,, Y l 1-1 F00 043, "ly r 1 ' 'J I 'lv he Four Hundred Eivhtll-Ewen A u -:aiu Y nl. 1-f ' Q v 1 L. i t it 's ood points till yon read its publication. You never know a fra ern y y THE I'TWENTY' ILLIO he5IQbg6f Chi Bet V i V TlIe.OI'IciIII PIILIIic:IiiIIII of Chi Iletn Ifrzitcrnity L'lIAIII.IES II. sciiun, ACIIIIQ IIIIIIUFW Statement DINING ROOM lining IIIIIIIII OIIer:IIiInI .. ...,,.. ..S3I.I.I'4 I.. Ii. DICKSIIN. IIIIs. Mei. Initiation ' I 'I'lII tm 'I Duet-ni-I It Ir Ip, II I ,MII-I e- I I IvI:In. . IIII. I . iivner. Mrliiiiiiey. WIIIJIIIIQ N.IIIIIn.Ilit:ItiInI IIII-nv-Isliut-II II IlII:III II,IIe by :Iny IIIeIIns IIIIIII tIIe :IcIiI'eI elnIpII-r Iliiw year, even IIIIIIIIIII no Ileii- Iiite .Ictinn IIIIs yIII been tak--II. .-X4 IIIIIM III' Ilw IIrIItlIIIrs knniv. Mr IIIIIIIII NIM. St-gretnry III' Sigiiut Plii viwitetl In Iam siiring. Mr. Russ wrutt: its shortly :II- Ieriviirds that there was little nr IIII cII:IIIee III Signm I'lIi exit-III ing III Ili- Im. ,l IIIIIII. I' f ! .I .I I.II-I-IIIIII-IIII-I-y ,.., ........., . .. ,IrI6.n. -:vc were wry mlxhms to scclif pits- JM on Dining Hmm T :nit Wills, IIeeIInIe 'In'IItlIer' 7 sible Home ray nl liupe, lIIIt this crux 1 1-T """"" lIIII'IweI'eII f' III-Inrliyles IIIIIIIIII- , , IIIIIIIICIIIIIIII seeina IIII the inte 0 A H ed IIn'r Urnn C'InI'A".I lnmk, and the CAC ' In shutter :III our expeetntmiis fur genie HOUSE 'IfNI5IfAI- I l,'nII.rII'IIIliInl,I I:Ir into the night. 'l'IIesI- 1 I IiIIIe tn cuine, as nr as .IRIVUI PIII IS 1.f,,,,,- fgwumi Acmum --v.--l-..-- .v--- X V03 seven silent Iienpliytt-s IIisiII:IyeIl eI..I- Aa yfk., wnqqriig-Il. The quentiniis tIIIIl Present ' Y trims -I I 5 H 58-92 siduriilile t:IIeIII :IIInIg IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQIII' lhu,,,5L.1,-pg then are IIICSFI I Pmyjr and LMS ".,4-.,A-- U 'fm lines. 'I'IIe' mIItiI:IIed their IIIe:IIs w' LI' First, Whutlier III IIIIIII hee In Ieii M5,u.Im,,l.,,n5 Incumu' U 'vV-' ARI95 finulisli nniiee IIIIII IIIIIIIy sziyiings. e:Irr.eI fu you,-5 fm- n clinnitv iII the fltlllm IIII 1g,,11,,,CU Lug Accomm H H JM husky InIiInIs :IrIIIIIId, and rain Imlt'-II':IIl I,eIIIiIIIeIII Inr exit-IIsiIIII :II Illinois. III i5C,,m,,5 'I'nk..,, ...A--- H -v.-- U53 III the Uiiiversity IIIIII Imek. c:IclI Ilziyfi' S32z.2I Less CIIIII med fur 1IeriIId .,... .. 109,48 iNet gain IIII l'IIIIIse GI-IIer'l ,,....,,.. 5:12.73 I Wm 5 2.09 IIPmlit on Home General . ....,...,. 2I2.7,3 Lms rIII Dinin Rnum .,...,...,...,..,. I I4 I lIrI.Ilit fur Iisenl period Sept.-JIIII... TIII-y IIIIIIIII out Iiuw little they kin-III. I:I:IIIII tIIe Uiiiverpity :IIIII its IIIl':Iirs, Inn liizailly "er:IIIIIIIeII" eIIIIIIglI IIIIIIIIIII-IlgII III zzlip tlIrII tlII' -xIIIIIiII:It'IIII. WIIIIIII-silaiy ni' ' inspect N54 ' II, IHIIIMIII my IIIIIrIIIIIg they Ilrzigtqtl their Iienvy l'eI-III hack. tIIrII tIIe odd. mt, shgli, In IIIII "z06." They I'I:IiIIIed they IIIIII I:IIIII-' Iletely t:IkI-I I- - irwlf Sgwny, A4 :II "I III" -III I ning the re:II iIIiti:ItiIaII IIeg:III. We II-ereI ':III fIIrced III Iidniit tII:It you II:II . -. ' : 'I - I- IIIIIIIIII. 'I'lIe I' ' ' - ' ' ' ' - .Irge Inventory Ig I- I LQ! ,HL .IIIII IIIIIIIII-II the nails like veit-I':III-. I ' ., ' I-rI- ' - II WPT: 'LI III' CIIIIIIV Ilns system has In-IITKIMII MI nu mnruml IL nm I I II I' tiers, Init JR - I , I Ivili he reIIIeIIIIIereII tII:It the Wisevni- sin cliiipter was pnuleil IIIIII the Michi- g'III ch'IfIIer seI:IIreII :Ifter :IIIIIIII Iweiity yeIIrs.l I Qt-emIII: Wlweilwr tri IIIIII-stiizzile lllf grmind IIIrtIII'r Inr n strong. FIIII csinlill lished Imtiriiml other than SIIZIIIII III' ru I II Q III IIII me I-III: I U'I'III"'W IMI" HI, mr- IvIII I I Mun-y. the CnIInIIrIIlII-r III IIIe Universi- I . 0, Ugly! hsnm.. mnim ml. I-.,IIUKu .lt LIIIII- Al IIIIII IIII IMI ek Ting II y we, mu . in h- It-gi tg Its III v, is :I I I Ir i Scrilulvlers. :IIIII is II Serrfviilll I III II:IIId , IIILIIIIIEA fl .-it I.. r' A I'- II In IIII- pilgrinie Iln-y qu-IIIIIII III III I HBA Nw' . ,Hwy I, , 4- 'I .I ml i ' ' ' ' 5 I I W III tiny :III III nur till: ' ' - . . Im gd . I 'HN h '. ' 'II II,'IIItIIrIIIIIIg renien Ir:IIII:e II'IIIeII every hrn- . .cmIIIta, and Iresitles :I:II'IIIg A . I I Us ,mlm QVC I, V ther sIIlI IIIIIIII. T,lj,gLg4L,15 real senti- - I l -I :. 0 I.Is IIIIIIIII nur eretlitnwm - Ih, ,rim ll., -,I I' Mui. nm, i,, ,,,W,, .,.4I.I.4s,I I-'R-11-In-I-QI IvIIII the IIIIIIIIII-se of fIIlhIIIIIent.? 5 --1-Li -Q Q . - I ,I 'lihe cxpressioii of Iwnininii by the ini- ANMMII DINNER ...INCH M.,,,,- IJ. Y W IIorIty Is nnt to he discIIIIr:IgeII, lIIIt WL. cull it 3 "IIiIIIIer d:IIIce" IIeeIIIIsc SII 'II' 'IS fl' 'Il T ' ' " Ienden- wt- IlIIII't Iielieve it'4 in the 'III ' f gglninst he e IIIIIIIntI-Il Io lI:II'e II ra- ilricgtl Hmgn-Il," 'l'lIi, ye.II"h party was ternity fer :Ill the members. 'D . hem M the ClIIIIIIpIIigII Cunntry CIIIIII , " :III excellent place for inch :I I'IIIIctioII. M04 Dinner was served :It 7 III tIIe club- . house diIIiIn.g room. Daincing lasted lrnm Q till J. Decrwrsitiniis were red DINFCQ THE KAPPA KAPPA NEWS . tttt Jrmaq , 'H' A. C. BIECKEN, III. ........,........... "Alibi" Park Ridge fIIrIIisIIcIl us with Alibi. As :III nppuiicnt -ui :IIIyIIIiIIIz coming from IIIe soIIIherII part of the state- eapeeinlly Cairn. Ilecken stood iII the front mnk. He IIaIIII'I been iII schenl long enough I0 get started when A.rI- .rnim c:IIlecI-:Ind lie went Avalanche of Beans Nucleus of Dinners WIIIIII the c:IIIIntIry rIepIIrtIIIeIIt df the homie IIIIII not lnken nity phen' IIoIIIeIIIII strides III thc past your. ,LL -I 'Innr ' IIId thai III- SIIII ' 'I ic host lIIblc on the eiimpun. Al the Iiitrt o Ie IIIIQIIIIII ye r. IIIII nbtiilnml nnother Ilusky to pre' inure thc food. We had to let hlni no utter II eonplc uf months, noi. bcexiiise hp eoIIIdiI't uct thi: menu uIT.III good slnipe, but for thc t'eIIIIoII that he was tno tIItIIIInte wtth m I'I'l!FH'N0'1Al'L I The enrlond ot rod henna Ivhleh the lionne mIIn Iind on lnind for the pre- sent yt-:Ir nro nenrly IzoIIII. nnd the ennlrncl Rir llsh lime tiines a we ands on June 8. ' lyg IIEAII IILIIHK IIPTIMISTIG IJVEII SIG-SIIHIILAIISHIP I a ted zepllcnal I ng-0 llook ff00V "t'IIIIsI1lI-I'iIII: tliiii Sltzmu Chl limi we Mawylllll IIIII- seIIIIn'. I tlitnk tIIIIt you Iiaivc . bww dune rcnsnniilily well," siild Donn 'FIIIIIIIIIII Arlcle t'IIIrk I'IIc-eiitly to III' Ihr- lII'IIthIII's, II'lIIIII Iisked l'III' IIIN IIIIIIIIIIII on the Sig :IelIoIIIrIIlIi1I. 1 I ' v Ag YS- 1- i' ' Dean T. A. knows something but we cfm't publish 'it om-, lvour Humlied Eighty eight .W-...q nf, --A-A is THE l'TjlrfJElNTYvflALLlf3iAii?l'.'f7"'l"T'iT1"1'1Z1??7Z5':,,... --Y f is One Hundred Dollars In Prizes To Be Awarded For The Best Titles For These Pictures l I ANNOUNCEMENTS TO BE MADE LATER I Four' llumlrcll Eighty-niazc cl'-C , - Y Y ' 'ir V "fi" Tfitrig "" ig:1L'1"2j1i:ffWi?4fTf'f4' gr? Do1L't know what to cull him but lLe's "mighty like CL rose o THE"TWENTY'ILLIO I ..7f'f'f:-5.x Mft, 1 s Y, , 'f' all , -x i M4 ff f , Q 1' if - o 3 e -2 V I? l I .' , 1 N ww' lv' Q QQ' run, wi 5' QL. '9mxil,,.-g,,l l Wa? ,Nu WA. Zn 4? '4 m-rl",- 4 '-9 X . I .N in 4 1, 1- . 4 0 -+ .iw . 0 1, .-- 4 .-. ,,.l- uw X. 0, 1- '44 4. W' w-"Yo-""...-'f-'l"',-11 ' "N M 1-an ,G v,,xxnwnN,iw,., -I l Q61 Z ra 'P' FW' ..w""' NW' 'G Q 5 .MJ ww' ' 1 w Z, ' '- e :J A ..- x I 1 ' TWG lhl'i'1d'l'4On'S' I' 0 be-'Y' See XG group F'C'l'w'Q ff A A l ' 1 + lw In V111 111,10 or e as lose 931'-ap One of the Many Organizations to Disband after July 1, 1919. l? The Kegsters are a jolly crew A jolly crew are they- Tubby, Davidson and Bohrer And Ronan, too, they say. fCharte1' members.J With Jake and Pete and Doodle pledged Of course they took Chink Crim And Zimmerman-they had to drag The Theta house for him. fTwo Thetas wanted to be pledged, too.J Stretch Davis and Dutch Heyward Have learned the password well- They say, "The keg is empty," The answer is "The Hell!" The kegsters are a jolly crew- They hardly wait to hear The chairman's "Order! Order!" X QWith three taps on the floorl Before they thunder, "BEER!" Four Hundred Ninety - ' V' ,:- , iii., WJ, Members in Facultate are: Elmo Scott Watson, "Tater Ward," "Casey" Babcock and "Doc." 'e t THE"TwENTY"1 pj.1o e 1 Billy Starts The New Year Right l f T f M .y.Jnn.1,xZM J,d' 9I8 cff::21?v..Jn1T 7,1918 V X Wff.32'fZZIi'?' Wu "f.5iZ1 gfwfmwfy-4-ft Snzurdujv, in-n. Lsdizfn 903750 W xvcdauu - A A . ' HY 'J' ' ' .. Zizfmff wfviife ei'Mff"W'f'f5fw WLM? Lzfgzffgiw my 4,57 ffQjjt,,,L, M' Mwtffwf' 55212955 iifhfigitfdk' 222255: ML-41' gg df 2225251550 iwmwwtm W wmxdf t Fjfluf ' ' V M ?""54:':'3n 1-'fr x?5Q?,fL4fE2"fgaf'g I Four Hzmdrcd Ninety-one H r Will "Bill" take home the Illio or just this page?" 1 so lTHgE'TWENTY'ILLIO f Q 9 F O Q -' , - ' ,o X. -' .4 ,f ,-tl ,TT Wight Wim ' ,A G:-' 5 ' MGVIE OF- MAH KE-ADIHG IORST SE.-CTIQPI L 'ENVOI We slandered none, for needed lies, Jingles we loved and with our jingles art, We warmed our hands before the roasting guys The devil comes-the copy mast depart. Ash as no more where Hal bestows The Dope when he to dinner goes, For in each reader's memory deep Each jest mast now forever sleep. 14' lf u. 557 drcd Ninety-t I The Linotype is set and having writ ' Moves on, nor Kappa Bribes nor Chl Psi wit I Can call it back to cancel half -a line I' Nor co-ed tears wash out a word of lt. TH' YEND I 709i H I Four Hun 52.11 We to sr at fi P ..f ' X I A g. '.f:'.iS ..' Qs, 1 '. FXR fix, 'X ' I -"KY" -- 'K ' K i L3 WW - xX3ix ' 'af?:'1,' 'LH - xfiv, 1-QQk,l"w., ",W.' . Zlifekff' li 3 'vm 2 yy 3. ,, V' " ' .liY:'1.', N P ,f.,i 4..5iq'rf , Wk -.', - f "2 ' 25 1 X - ,Q 4, w gc , 1 .T .,H.,'?!E xzlt, ' ' l I V 'Vi-. 11 Af , Qu D ERIDEMEN3 EXCLUSIVE FEATURES OF THE HARVARD CHAIR Syinmetrieal form, beau- tiful workmanship and finish. Supplemental C h i 1 d ' s Seat. Laternal movement of . the Side Arms. Automatic Head-rest. Low Pressure Oil Pump, dust proof. Rich, and more luxiwiant np- holstery. EASY PAYMENTS--WRITE FOR .TERMS We give the dentist more value for his money than can be obtained elsewhere. Write for catalog today showin our com- plete line of Dental Furniture. HARVARD CO., CANTON, OHIO U. S. A. I' Hundred Ninety-th Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers 4' l 'X 1 0 gfh 0 n F 420 at M5 , ll nh on 'RQ-, 5 : 5' ' T e ' 5 "M ' 356025 Four Hundred N inety-four Don't blame this mount on Nardi. The 'toast editor did it herself to see if she could. She could'n,'t. Profitable Reciprocity For You. The advertisers included herein are firms that you should endorse by your patronage. They are all reliable and can serve you as well or better than any concern in things you desire. The fact that they have inserted their announcements in the ILLIO proves that they particularly cater to Illini Reciprocate ! Index to Advertisers A A. Starr Best .........................,..................,............ Alexander Lumber Company ............... American Cabinet Company ............ American Clay Machinery Co ............. Arcade Billiard Parlors ....,......................... Arcade Confectioneziyi ......,...........,..............,. G. N. Bacon Kr Company ........................... T. M. Bacon :Sz Sons .......................................... The Beardsley Hotel and Gardens... Chas. H. Besly and Company ...,........... Joseph C. Bowman ...............................,..,..,.... Ray L. Bowman ...................................... ........ Brevoort Hotel .................... ..... Brooks Brothers ...................... .....,.. Bunte Brothers ............. ................. ......,. The Cable Piano Company ..................... Caldwell Electric Company ..................... The Campus ....................................................,....... Candyland. .................................................................. Geo. -B. Carpenter and Company ..... . Central Camera Company ..,.,................... Central Supply Company .........,.,............ Champaign Commercial College ......... Champaign Ice Cream Company... Champaign Sanitary Milk Co .......... Champaign Tea and Coffee Co ...,... Chicago Bridge and Iron Worksmiii Citizens State Bank ..............................,.,... Columbia Quarry Company ................,. The Co-Op ...............................................,............... Cooper's Cafeteria .......................................... T. H. Craig ............................................................ Crofoot, Nielson anilJ Company ...... Davis Sz Kreeger ..............,.....,.................,......... Dearborn Chemical Company ............ Deere and Company ....................,............... Deisel Wemmer Company ........... ..... Del Prado Hotel .................................. ........ S. E. Dillavou ................................,.. ..... Dixie Music House ...........................,. ..... Dockstader and Sandberg ..................... H. F. Duncan .............................,....,...................... Eagle Manufacturing Company ...... Four Hundred Ninety-five Please mention the "Twenty Illia" Eisner Grocery Company ....,......... English Brothers ...................................... F Richard W. Farmer Company ......... A. H. Fetting-Mfg. Jewelry Co ....... First University Bank ....................,......... Foreman's Clothing Company ............ P. D. Foster .........,............,.................................. Free Sewing Machine Company ...... Froehling and Heppe ................................. Funk Brothers Seed Company ......... Funk and Morgan Barber Shop ...... F G Garlock Packing .Company ....,................ Gehr1g's Cafeteria ..........................,........ .. A. E. Gilberg and Company ............... Gillett Tire Company ...........,.............. .. Jessie Gorey .................,....,...................... .. Green Tea Pot ....................... Greenfield's ................,...............,......... G. A. Grubb ..........................,................. .. Gulick Tailoring Company ......,.... H D. E. Harris ,.......................... .............................. Hart Grain Weigher Company ......... Dr. Hartford ..,..................................,................... The Hat Shop ...................................................... The Harvard Company .............................. Herriott Dental Supply Compan y. Hess and Culbertson ..,................,................ Hetzel and Company ............................,..... Chas. M. Higgins and Company ....... Hite Brothers ...........................,..........,............... C. L. Hoover- ....................................................... L. K. Howse ................... ......................,. S. K. Hughes ..................... R. W. Hulett, Dr ................... . . I Illini Bank ....................................,........ Illinois Traction System ............ Indiana Quarries Company .......,... Inman Hotel ..... , ...................................... J J errems .,.................................................................... H. W. Johns-Manville Company ...... Johnson and Field Mfg Co ................ Jones and Lamson Machine Co ....... when writing to Adwfrtisers K R Kandy's Barber Shop ........................ ...... B . A. Railton Company .................,........ J. M. Kaufman and Co ............................... Receivers, Central Union Tel. Co Keuffel and Esser Company ............... Red Line Taxi Company .......................... C. A. Kiler ..............................................,................ Jacob Reed's Sons ......................................... Kinsy and Mahler Company ............ Renne Studio ......................................,........ . Knowlton and Bennett Company ....., Ritter Dental Mfg. Company ........... Jos. C. Kuhn ....................... - ................................... Ilgobecsonu.: .............................................. L . . . oo ............ ............................,.... ........... . Lammert and Mann Company ............ S 0, L C .A,-.....-A-,..-.,,.- T. C. Schaffner .......................... . Robert L aw onlpfffff ,,,,,,,,'.,,.,. ,,,..,, R obert Schmidt ,...............,.............. . G. W. awrence ..... .... . ,. Leseure's ....,................................................. ....... S chuler Blfothefs --------"'------""--'-'------- - F. P. Lewis Cigar Company .................. Shffldon Brlck Company -"------'-'--' - W. Lewis and Company -.-,...-....--.-.. -'.--., F ritz Shpultz Company ............. D. H. Lloyde ........................................... ....... L - S111 ----------------- f -------------------------- Lyric Theater ............................. ....... H arry G- Smvcker ----.--.------- M Epaigding ....................,.................... . , , , pies rot ers .................................................. Maglllres Studlo ---- 3 -------------'--'--- ------- S tafford Engraving Company ........ Manner and Hoskins ------------------------------------ Stoltey's Grocery ..........................................., Mecca Studios ......................................................... B. A- Stl-auch Q,..-.-Dp-DI,..,..,....,..,,,.-.,-..,,,,,,,.,,. Mehfing and Ha11S0Tl Company --------- H. Swannell and Son ..................... A. F. Meyer Mfg. Co ...,............,.................... F' H. Sweet and Company ..,....-,,.,,. John Mohr and Sons ....................................... T E. R. Moore Company ........................,........... Morse Twist Drill and Machine Co. Moser Business College ..,........................... H. Mueller Mfg. Company ...............,........ V. Mueller and C0mpany'nu.-M S. C. Tucker .................................................. Munhall Printing House ............... ....... , U N Urbana Banking Ccqfnpany ........... . New York -Blower Cgmpany .................. Matt J. Vogt -.--.,-.,-.-.....-. ...'.....,,,' O. K. Hat Shop .......... ....................... ....... X .................................. e er u io ......................,................... Palmer and Davis ............................................, Western .Brick C0mP9-HY ---------------e- Panpagraph ptg.. and Sta. Co .---.'..-.--. white 'Fine lraunday ...........,......,............ . Paris gay Cleaning' Company ............... Wilgfn Bbgllfxgrl ggmpglgllslgany -------------- Park eater ......................................................... , ' ----- - ----------- parlin and 01-endorff Company ..,.,'.,. Woodies Place ......................................... - ....... M. J. Patterson and Company .-..-.""-..'. Woods Theater ....................................... . ....... Percival and Kirkpatrick ..,,,..,'.,,.,'.,,.,.... A. E. Wuesterman ................................,..... Pentecost Company .......................................... X, Y, Z Pitsenbarger and Flynn .............................. Y. W. C. A .............,...................,....................... Portable Elevator Company .................. R. E. Zombro ....................................................... Third Street Delicatessen .................... Twin City Printing Company ........... Twin City Roofing Company ....,...... y 1 . And Here Is Bill Sahud-Winner of the Roast Cup-Greatest Scandal Monger in Captivity. Four Ilumlrcd Ninety-six Bill's fcworiate poem is: "For in the mud and scum of things, There always, always something sings." This Fall- THE GREAT "AFTER-THE-VVARW I-IOMECOMING You Cannot miss It TI-IE ILLINCDIS UN ICN 'Ure Soul of the University Temporary Headquarters 6? Club Rooms Old Y. M. C. A. Bldg. CBy Courtesy of- CONGRESSMAN Wm. B. McKINLEY The Friend of The ILLINOIS UNION I Ilumlred Nmcty-scveo Please mention the "Twenty Illia" wlwfn. ww tng to Advertiser lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllll His Ruling Pride He had reached the heights of success. From an humble beginning as a blacksmith in a little shop he had become the head of a great industry. After fashioning the world's first steel plow in that little blacksmith shop of his younger days, he had steadily developed until he had become the world's leading maker of steel plows. His plows had been used to conquer untamed wilds in many lands. Civilization had advanced behind his plows. The world was more prosperous and happier because of his plows. Wherever agriculture was progressive his name had -become a household word. john Deere had done much of which he might well have been proud. To have risen by his own efforts from a blacksmith to a leader of industry, to have served the world greatly and to have received from the world recognition for his services-these were achievements to stir pride in the heart of any man. But John Deere's ruling pride was not so much in the great end attained as in the great way in which the end had been reached. Reviewing his career, he felt most pridein the consciousness that he had never produced a plow of poor quality. His was the pride of the master workman. The simple pride that John Deere felt, is the pride of the makers of John Deere implements today. It is a powerful incentive to the maintenance of the high standard to which John Deere tools have been kept for eighty years. John Deere, Moline, Ill. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll'lIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers Lx -nf- , .2 3 BETA HOTEL December 18, 1918 1 8:00-12:00 Cabaret Dancing , L SANDWICHES SPECIALS , Ceviw' , Cheese Theta cocktail Pi Phi Flip Olive , Sfwdmc, Ancovy Delta Gam Chi O Alpha Cherry Foieyrras Mineed Ham Km-,pa Clover Leaf Mineed Chicken Mineed Tongue Alpha Zip Gamma Fizz -T. ,--Q SALADS BEVERAGES F- 't chicken lm Tomato Glace Tm Chocolate Coffee Birch Beer Cider Ginger Ale T, Grape Juice RELISHES l Queen Olives Ripe Olives Lemon Ice Pickles Salted Nuts After-dinner Mints Chocolate Ice Cream Vanilla Ice Cream "To eat is merry, To drink is divine" WESTERN BRICK CO. DANVILLE, ILLINOIS Furnished the -face brick for Ceramics Building and Girls' Dormitory at U off. Q . Manufacturers of Shale Common Brick and Hollow Tile ARTISTIC MEDIUM PRICED FACE BRICK Including "DORIC" and "GOTHIC" SHADES STIPPLED TEXTURE Annual capacity ovcr 100,000,000 Four Hundred Ninety-nine h "T t Illia" when writing to Advertisers Please mention t e wen y i ,i lu I l , , l 55 .,, va if gl ll 1 li ll I I ss, All T A I GOOD THINGS T0 EAT 4 l Natural Brand I , B. A. R. CO. 5 I l l li Pure Food Products I ,fl Coffee Roasters I Importers Teas and Cocoas R lg '- lllf gg E. A. RAILTON co. Wholesale Grocers 375-405 W. Erie st. li CHICAGO, ILLINOIS We Nominate Her For the . Better Babies Hall of Fame ll . li ,. Z, - y lr ug FURNITURE OF STYLE l x AND CHARACTER ll Well made by first-class workmen El- - ' satisfaction for many years gl Jiql 4 .l gwes That's the kind we sell H !!-R . E X ,,u!ny-gif u . We frame plctures and sell P ' u .IA 52 Rugs and linoleums as well K l 'wig n If T is it difficul task to Agents fo" I build pianos, year by year, VICTOR VICTROLAS y y better than they have ever been built before. This is one of the progres- sive achievements that haze I made the Cable name t e p standard of quality the world I over. . l CHICAGO llll I Five Hun Qligg:tgrggyg-fglggff:f1g.,z:fmeTris: EETE' i ::s:w:g:::z:::s::::.::.-rfffggiifE:-fi:x:g:s::: They 'wouZdn't let us use Marie Cronin in her football suit so we substituted this picture of Ruth Duntley. Like it? QTHIPIM' 'fa of iv 'Qin 2 Central Union ff -' if QV' TELKEPHONL 0 o 0 Q Students ---- ' USE THE QUICKEST, SUREST, MOST SATIS- FACTORY MEANS OF COMMUNICATION. WE REACH ANYBODY, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Receiver's Central Union Telephone Co. C. F. CLARK, District Manager --.. 'Il 'nn 54' Qfwxuvggnv The . nfu:5ll........- "' gf gp xi.. V-HSMM Q -tw... .JJ-v--..-.+V 2 I f 3-1-ra..-41. fk,!A.,..,, ofigalr.-swf will fvfuvvg 25 """- Bnvwa -rn.,-.,v.,-.,X'pw4-La. X, SIGNS OF THE TIMES The Dixie Music House 105 West Madison Street CHICAGO EXPERT SERVICE IN BAND INSTRUMENTS ancl DRUMMERS' SUPPLIES Your Old Instrwrnent Taken In Exchange ! ni l Five Hundred Ono I L53 -faq, -f -,,j,,,,,,.,,li:if5Tii 'ff p,,",!'S"- M, I fiiff., ,e,e W 'fn' WJ An Alpha Delta Pi ffrosh wore the Silence Badge! and the Dish Towel Warning cam from the Kappa Kitchen. 5:1-...-I-.Wiz From our exclusive stock, costumes of any description for any occasion can be scoured from FRITZ SCHOULTZ sz COMPANY Telephone Majestic 7733 58 W. Lake St., CHICAGO MISS MERLING: Un the Chem. Lab., looking over colored student's noteboolaj "Here, this is not right: Arsenic and silver nitrate don't give a flesh-colored precipitate. It's a chocolate-brown." ARISTOPHANES I PEN TECOST BROS. WHOLESALE OYSTERS AND FISH 328-330 W. South Water Street . CHICAGO PHONES-Main 1953, 2660, 3082 LADY ATTENDANT TELEPHONE WEST 4023-4024 V. MUELLER 6? CO. MAKERS OF Surgeons Instruments SICK ROOM SUPPLIES, HOSPITAL FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT XRAY AND ELECTRO MEDICAL APPARATUS APPARATUS FOR THE RELIEF OF DEFORMITIES 1771-83 Ogden Avenue CHICAGO Five ' H undrcd Two Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers QI O1'HEWWEEaTY"iLLIo 2 I 101-IN MQHR ef SONS CHICAGO I ENGINEERING 6? BOILER WORKS BLAST FURNACES HOT STOVES METAL MIXERS BOILERS 86 STEEL PLATE WORK OF ALL KINDS Ei 1 'L 2 I I mx J Lk mx: J T' - 4 I - 4 :frilly N IU HL A Q1 11 GENERAL OFFICES 349 TO 359 W. ILLINOIS STREET Hundred Th Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers MoRsE TWIST DRILL FINE INKSAQQQIESIVES AND MACHINE CO' For those who KNOW New Bedford, Mass. l I 5 5 Manufacturers of i sf ' :- DRILLS REAMERS ll CUTTERS TAPS and I Af . DIES l w 1 ul, V ll ' llnluilull W 'n-.1 .-4 1 ' ' Drawing Inks Et 1 t g I I ci-na Wri in n rE1InQi'pssin1s'IuIqlg G ' C Cl P:lcl1lonMountcr LPastc Drawinsz Bom-d Paste i nid Pas e Lq t Office Paste Vegetable Glue, Etc. Are the Finest and Best Inks and Adhesives At Dealers Generally CHAS. M. HIGGINS Sz CO. Branches: Chicago, London ,Y T Lewis , W Single ' I 'X I ' Binder 0 lllgjl Clgar W Now 60 y t b MQWSMWINRS X csc ax T15 fl U. .11 .PQ 'gf xl' I 4 - .f.Tj, flxkfv . Z ,V 11, -a':r:':"' Extra duality " ' o acco .. " ' 9 It's a mild. - ' .5651 kk frairrant ,49Q5 T, 7. gf, A K smoke IQ """'iQQ'N?:s ' "-3"-TW . H. ' fi- " " 'W-Q--f' "u,h.,15 :' , I .- ,. , ..- . .fl -in 1-31.--4 ' " ff'?ll9,y1 'A 'A gpm-In I lg. 1, af si QM ng5',f..5 ara- .5 f'S"'fJ.-ff ' ' ni ewlnm Nudge I A Q I cf O SAFETY PINS Q 0 0 MEI-IRING 68 I-IANSON CO. HEATING, VENTILATION, COOLING SYSTEMS POWER PLANTS, GENERAL PRESSURE PIPING 38 Yenrs Experience 118 N. Franklin St., CHICAGO, ILL. I' e 'Hundred F Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when 'writing to Advertisers THE ATTIRETY OF MEN A MAN'S STORE DEVOTED TO KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHES BORSALINO HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS UF MA J M 0KAND COMPANY This space Reserved for " tew Owen" T. M. BACON 6? SONS Wall C1-'apen CPaints 6? Glass Corner Walnut and Taylor Streets CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS "Big Gun" Brand Dress J . Wig sms For Rent E. R. MOORE co. Cala ang see me Tvliien yofni 932-38 Dakin St. vi nee a ress suit. ave a sizes. Phone Central 4875. CHICAGO T. C. SCI-IAFFNER 130 N. State Street CHICAGO If you buy it of T. H. Craig you know it is right In our shop we are constantly producing: the newest designs in diamond and yirwcious stone mountinyzs. We are nt all times prepared to design exclusive mount- inxrs to meet the requirements of every individual, all of most refined taste. Rings Pendants Studs Brooches Scnrl' Pins Ezirrirwgs La Vallieres Etc. Bracelets T H National Headquarters for Collegiate Caps, Gowns and Hoods. We have supplied the Caps and Gowns worn by each, succeeding graduating class at the University of Illinois for many years past. R. E. ZOMBRO, 604 E. Green Street, is our distributing agent. Jeweler and Optometrist 5 Main St. Champaign, Ill. Five Hundred Five Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Adveitiseis High Class Portraiture ,, I E, I BOTH PHONES 208 N. NEIL ST. Pris Mangold is such a manly 'lU0'l7!0l7Z- CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS The N orth-Western Market MATT J. VOGT Sz co. i Wholesale and Retail FANCY MEATS AND PROVISIONS HOTEL AND RESTAURANT SUPPLIES . Phone Franklin 4269 354 W. MADISON ST. -CHICAGO, ILLINOIS At the Bridge NTO our product is utilized only the best of all material and Ik-5,33 workmanship, but we are continually aiming to reduce the productive cost fthe heavy item in photography.J When serving you, then only do you participate in our overhead cost. Your carry no portion of burden incidental to excessive ,studio maintenance or idle periods. They do not exist. Result-a reason- able charge on our product to the students at all times. Mgcga Indianapolis, Indiana We Specialize in photography to the students of Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and I Kentucky. Five Hundred Sin: If MT. Harrah, in the clepartmcnt of Zoology, is a family man he should certainly name one of them HIP-HIP. Gifts For Every Occasion W atcbes, Diamonds, Silrerwearg jewelry, Art Goods Repair Department Under Expert Workmen Experienced---Reliable RAY L. BOWMAN Miss RAY L. BOWMAN, Mgr. The Hamilton Biiiiding CHAMPAIGN, 1LL1No1s ' c' ' Q4 Real Elerating CPlant , fi HART BUCKET ELEVATOR . i:1f.1.LQi'l" T' For installation in modern or remodeled 1'7"--:."", -'1 -- cribs and granaries, warehouses, etc. ,QU -A Handles ear corn and all kinds of small ,Ll grain. Capacity 15 to 30 bushels per 1 5. "Q, U i' minute. Building plans and free informa- " ' -' , tion gladly furnished. 4 , i... ...n i ,Q H K fi' i ' ii il WI: ,.2'l."'I I sg l 1 2' l f f'1l K ' 5 5 i " . M . Hart Portable Grain Elevator fix:- Handles all kinds of grain. 'V-X i LN X. X 7 NX. ii If interested in Elevators, catalogs, build- , ing plans, etc., will be gladly furnished. 59- V W I V W Ask for catalogs and special literature ou 'N' 4 P ,QVIQI M i 5 our entire line. 'fi it" 'T HART GRAIN WEIGHER CO. PEORIA, ,ILLINOIS Manufacturers of Superior Grain Hariclling Machines since 1899.' Five Hundred Seven Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when, writing to Advertisers fffrerr-1:-.':4:.-f:::::':r:f:g H wry" initio jj:::-n-m-..l.,............"'m-.:iw-..f..M::, You Make No Mistake Cabinets shown on this page. Both are in hundreds of dental offices and are giving the best of satisfaction. Why experi- ment? . Elf ' W f 1 l- Our new catalogue shows a very complete line of furniture, including several new designs. Shall we send it? 1 THE AMERICAN CABINET CO. Two Rivers, Wisconsin . ll ' In , Five Ifu'l'ld1'Cd Eight Qi ..,,W......,,.i,.,.,.,,..,,,.,......,,i..M...,,.,.W,.-...s.,,:.,,,-....We1.,,,,W:., . i::i.,....,.,.Q:,efzEfg, ll .........-1...-........-.-...Q...,.,l,.......ef.-,i,.l.,..-.i......-..m,p,W-1-aimfgeefwefru-F-ef-f--gf, ,ei -1.-.m..... 1- wwf- f, .ees-n ,e -, :,-..,..- sr! Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers f Reef-eff fe so T H R " TW EN jg!" 1 L Li 0 Q::..-:f:::::-:P-:::::g.ff.::f IN UNIFORM .STUDY'READ WRITE Cliutb Dietricb, Ida Iben fNebij, Betty f9VIcDonald and L. Tony Om' Number Ninteen Catalog Q MACHINISTSQ MILL AND RAIL- ' - -A ROAD SUPPLIES E ' BRASS, COPPER AND BRONZE 1 4:11 . U' -A I. WW- '. f nf, v.... nt X : mi 5 3 A In Sheets, Rods, Wire and Tubes BESLY GRINDERS 3' ff" ' l 1 BESLY TAPS -.-W . Is used for Reference 1n most of the leadlng "" A "HMP ' Engineering Colleges and Institutes 'I hmm Copy on request Charles I-I. Besly 6' Co. - . CHICAGO 118-124 North Clinton St. CHICAGO Works, Beloit, Wis. Five H umircd N ine SQUIB-LIFE'S LITTLE MYSTERIES-Why the business manager of the Illia insisted on sticking in the word "Nebi" in the above cap. Maybe Ida knows. Kappa Kappa Gamma No Phi Beta Material Here Coolley, Anne-Chemistry 1-70 Economics 1-65 Daniels, Charlene-Economics 26-60. Davenport, Margaret-Home Economics 61-60. Eldridge, Leah-Economics 1-60. Holt, Elizabeth-Chemistry 2a-60. Martin, Daisy-Physics 2a-50. Persons, Margaret-Literary Science 12-absent. Pratt, Meryle-Military 30-68. Webb, Mary Louise-Military 30-65. QA. H FETTI N G JVIFG 7EWELRY co. -. Manufacturers of Greek Letter Fraternity jewelry Special designs and estimates on Class cPins, Rings, etc. WMM 213 North Liberty Street Baltimore, Md. ESTABLISHED 1856 t Mariner 86 Hoskins CHEMISTS gl ENGINEERS 2009 Harris Trust Building 111 West Monroe Street TELEPHONE 330 CHICAGO Write for Information on Soil and other Agricultural Analyses San Felice 6? El Verso QUALITY CIGARS THE DEISEL-WEMMER co. Maia-S LIMA, omo - LDWE H'--' 4 - X OJQPORAZYO wE:.EeT3Q,1Q,, Five Hundred V I Please mention the "Twenty I llio" when writing to Advertisers Ten ...wt f..-.1-A ...wr -.1-,.M.-.--..n.....,. We-A - -- ll i A i Y S. E. DILLAVOU FARM MACHINERY AND VEHICLES Best Farm Scales, Gasoline Engines, Cream Separato-rs, Automobiles, Pumps and Piping, Feed Grinders, Grain Dumps, Wind Mills AVERY, WALLIS CUB AND WATERLOO BOY TRACTORS, OTTAWA SHELLERS G. N. BACON ff CO. WALL PAPER, PAINTS, OIL and GLASS Across from Inman Hotel I Coopers Cczjrteria Oldest Cafeteria in Cliainpaign-Largest Variety n Moderate Prices DEPENDABILITY As to the lengtli of life and resiliency of the fabrics, and as to the construction of your clothes- IS WHAT COUNTS That's why we put all our knowledge into buying the Right Sort of Fabrics Fabrics of the finest textures and of the latest weaves. That's why we devote our utmost skill in tailoring- So as to express gracefully, the lines of your figure- So that the clothes will retain that Air of Distinction which is soon lost in less perfect clothes. These are the Qualities that make JERREMS' clothes so' desirable-so dependable. Prices, 340, 345, 3550 and upwards Tailor for Young Men THREE STORES-7 N. LaSalle St., 314 S. Michigan Av., 71 E Monroe St. Five Hundred Eleven 1,-I My Y V, Y ,YV V - ,A ......:,.,..-,,.L.,.,. ,A...,..,,.,,...,,,.,,.i,,,,,,,,,.,,M --A---M,-.-.-s-.-A.- .-.. -.. W --.Eggs-, ,-......-.....,,,s....,..,,,.,,.,...,,,,,.,,,,,,, .:..... Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers ""'f"" :T M MmiEl'l."i'.'1'Z'.'f7.IlL.ZZ1L.',lI2.."i'.ZL'li.Z1 Why Not Two Instead of One If you make your drive strong enough, why not drive two spindles intead of one? If you make your turret stiff enough, why not put on two sets of tools instead of one? If the operator has to stop the machine to put in one piece, why not have him put in two instead? If you have any desire to practically double your output per machine, per man and per dollar investment, why not get a Double Spindler Flat. Turret Lathe for your chucking work? ones 86 Lamson Machine Company Springfield, Vermont U. S. A. Visit The Canciylana' Confectionery FOR YOUR ICE CREAM SODAS AND Home Made Candy We make the best that can be made Sodas served in Candy Fresh Sanitary Service Daily ' The Candyland of Champaign, Illinois On Neil Street Five H undrcd Twelve , , Please mention the "Twenty Illio" when writing to Advertisers Largest Exclusive Merchant Tailor in Chicago Hart G. Smuclcer 602-36 South State St. , State and Monroe Streets, Chicago Telephone Central 706 M0173 X Lia' kuzzjiii f LVN! fig, Jfloderate CPrice5 CBest 'Ualues I' Ilddllt Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers 1 iw li 1 ti V, 1 1 ,A 15 ai 'I f ai 11 ,Q lfsfafemw A ...H Lf:-. I 13 H 'S If fx if ti il iz I I I Q. X 4 I in li' A ii gi f :I 1 3 I J E ,-1 fi DEARBORN WA TER TREATMENT DEARBORN OILS and GREASES DEARBORN AN TI-CORROSION ELEVATOR COMPOUND All superior products, put out under the direction of Dearborn Laboratories DEARBORN LABORATORIES specialize on WATER, FUEL and OIL ANALYSIS. DEARBORN CHEMICAL COMPANY 332 South Michigan Avenue CHICAGO Babes in the Woods DAVIS ef KREEGER Teeorators and Contractors in CPainting ana' Glazing Telephone, Wentworth 722 Established 1886 211-213 W. 63d Street CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Five Hzlndred Fourteen Well, wouldn't you call the Theta Delts babies when they stray' into the Pi Phi vicinity? ALEXANDER LUMBER COMPANY Manufacturers of SILOS, WOOD TANKS, and Everything for the Farm C. A. TUCKER, Yard Mgr. R. S. BASSETT, Factory Mgr. CHAMPAIGN ROOT ---- Cpbotograplver For twenty-four years we have successfully served HIGH SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, PREPARATORY SCHOOLS ACADEMIES, ETC. as official photographer for individual pictures, class pictures, group pictures, etc. Ask for our rates. Care of W. J. ROOT, President 304 S. Wabash Ave., Kimball Hall CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Telephone Central 5880 A. E. GILBERG 6? CO. flncorporatedj CAN N ED FOOD PRODUCTS COFFEES TEAS . GROCERS' SPECIALTIES 229 North State Street Chicago Five Hundred Fifteen Please 'mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers mV':,"I""'ff'j'If1:1f"7""l"""""' Hue" wwrggm1v'1'QIIL'irQ4 " - 41 -- k 1 r..4 V Y 1- ND STEAM ENGINES OUR SERI-VANE FANS A ARE "BUILT RIGHT" AND "RUN RIGHT" YORK BLOWER COMPANY 'TI-IE NEW MAIN OFFICE: 608 South Dearborn St., CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Works: BUCYRUS, OHIO Leader News Bldg. F. Jones Bldg. ' ' Pittsburgh, Pa. 502 Plymouth Bldg. B. Cleveland, O. Minneapolls, M1nn. E. C. ATKINS, Memphis, Tenn. Five Hundred X 1 ,,.L::1,,-,lf-.:yw.1:Af--, - ' Y 2-ffv -f f- - -'Y - -' ' U Please mention the "Twenty Illw when writing to Advertisers Sixteen W f 7 P TTHE"TwErTJTiFTiLff6I"lI -I E? gtgg-iii TXVIN CITY , E PPJNTING 2 l E COMWW I Pnmnme ' JN I X N f E l 1 X Q :f To the Many Readers of the- HTWENTYD ILLIO THE TWIN CITY PRINTING CO. Presents this Issue as a Sample of the High Grade Printing alone in the Printing Department We are at YOUR service for QUALITY and SERVICE in ' the Executing of Goocl Printing ..uw""'MCIg 4' zgggyffggsgxb 116-118 NORTH NEIL STREET CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS Five Hundred Seventeen gi Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers 3' W Ask any Grad The proper way By night or dayg He's sure to say- ILLINOIS TRACTION SYSTEM fMcKinIey Linesj Between Champaign-Urbana, Decatur, Danville, Lincoln, Clinton, Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield, St. Louis. Taught by l Hughes T Hall l l DANCING ----- Miss Jessie Gorey Studio R entecl for Priv ate Dances Five Il1md'1'cd Eighteen NO! NO! For the last time: We do not know who this gi'rl is. Even the linotype 'man wanted to know. . 0 TWIN CITY ROOFING CO. ROOFING AND SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS SPECIALTIES Cornices Metal Skylights Ventilators M etail Ceilings Warm Air Furnaces Champaign and Vermillion County Agents for THE EVANS-ALMETAL FIRE DOOR Phones: Bell 105 Auto 1762 201-205 South First Street CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS Main Offices, DANVILLE, ILLINOIS This Trade Mark stands for SAFETY FIRST ALWAYS Ge ' THE GARLOCK PACKING CO. Branches in all Principal Cities326 W. Madison St., Chicago A """"" I A FEW OF OUR REPRESENTATIVE STYLES No. 200-Ring for High Pressure Steam. No. 333--Ring for Medium Pressure Steam and Ammonia. No. 260-Ring' for Inside Packed Plungers of Boiler Feed Pumps. No. 1907-Special Duo for Outside Packed Boiler Feed Pumps. No. 900-High Pressure Sheet for use where good gasket is desired. No. 22-Red Sheet for general service. TI-IE RED LINE Bell 304 TRANSFER, RAGGAGE, TAXI AND STORAGE CLOSED CARS AMBULANCE SERVICE 117 N. Walnut Street CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS o Hundred Nineteen Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers ' You take no chance when you buy from us. Our pnckings are the best by test. GEI-IRIG'S CAFETERIA Is the nearest thing to Home Traveling men say oar Cafeteria is a creflit to Champaign, try as In basement of new Robeson B'uilding Entrance on Randolph St. BUILD with BRICK ' THE EVERLASTING MATERIAL WHEN YOU BUILD, CONSIDER PERMANENCY TIME ALONE PROVES THE VALUE OF BRICK CONSTRUCTION Sheldon Brick and Building Supply Company 504-5 Robeson Bldg. Factory and Yards, Cunningham Ave. CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS URBANA, ILLINOIS YOU AND J OHN S-MANVILLE -lfmjg - MUTUAL SERVICE MSERVICE COVERS ' Jawa When a J ohns-Manville Products is recom- THE CUNTINENT " mended to you, you may be sure that it is Thyough- the result of careful scientific research, T S investigation, and manufacture. O You can absolutely depend upon Johns- and its allied prgdugtg Manville Products to give you and your clients the utmost in Service and Satisfac- INSULATION tion that keeps the heat where it ' belongs CEMENTS that make lgoczqiielip walls leak- H. W. CO. ROOFINGS , Michigan Ave. and 18th st. CHICAGO that cnt down fire risks PACKINGS 10 Factories-Branches in 63 Large Cities that save power waste LININGS Asbestos and Mnznesin Heat Insulntions, Packingrs, that 'mtllw b'l'6LlC6S safe Refractory Cements. Steam Traps, and other Power FIRE Iglungss' llqlatlngriigszt Asblgspyostllooliggnzlia -Shinqess PISIQXEIIEEIQN EXQEIISIMF If' C Five Ilimdrcd Twenty Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers SPREAD STRAW-u I I! RETURN PLANT FOOD INCREASE YIELD The soil on your farm needs that plant food-STRAW-that is the by- product of every season's crop. Straw costs you nothing-it is rich in potash, phosphorous and nitrogen. Straw increases the fertility of the soil, protects wheat and other crops against winter kill, is a perfect mulch, binds the soil, stops soil blowing. SPREAD STRAW WITH- The "EAGLE" at work. co. daadifr QQEag1e77 STRAW SPREADER This complete machine attaches to any waxton in a few minutes and is ready to spread straw. Drives and travels on its own wheels. A boy can operate it. Spreads 8 ft. wide and works successfully in . windy weather. It is the "original" and successful straw spreading ma- ' chine. See your dealer or write us w E- A-L-2 for descriptive literature. Morton, Illinois The Pledges of Kappa Kappa Gamma 1918 PRESENT O U K.P. A FARCIAL FACT IN THREE ACTS A concoction from the pen of "Dun" PIIITCHARD Assisted by AnA Pr11'zsNMlcx'En Bubblivzg with Buoyant Beauty: Radiant with Romance: Encolilpassed 'witlt Dainty, Dillljlliwfl, Dash- ing Dollies TIME: Present. PLACE: Bevo, Near Beer, Illinois. ACT I-Drill Field. ACT II-Kappa Pi House. ACT III-'Same Joint. Cast of Characters in Order of Their Appearance Colonel Avoirdupois .................. Meryle Pratt Lieutenant R. Hero .......... Ada Pfitzenmcyer Corporal Punishment ........ Agnes Woodward Private B. V. Dee ....... ......... M arion Bradt Narcissus Avoirdupois .......... Dorothy Kiefer Sergeant I. M. Punk .............. Gertrude Snell Private Fam-Lee Entrance .... Gladys Frazer Private Bath ................ Mary Jane Cleveland Private Property .'........... Ha1'riet Rutherford N'r'm Jones ......... ........ J ustine Pritchard D'Anne Warmley ,...... ........ P aulinc Knipp Dean Rube ........,................... Josephine Abbott Representative oi' Spiffies ...... Marion Bradt Representative of HatasHnrriet Rutherford Rufe Calltophone ................ Josephine Abbott Dee Shadow ......... .......... C harline Daniels Maryzus Couch ........ ....... G ladys Frazer Iwi Ilumlrnd TIL'CTlt1l-0710 I "T utr Illia" when writing to Advertisers Please mention t L6 we J , ,X..L: .A ,,..,..,.,.... .- ,,,,.,,, 1 ,I 1, . ia .. .... 4 us Af-,, '----w-A-f---H- An - 4n. THE FREE SEWING MACHINE, INVENTED AND PATENTED BY W. C. FREE Design No. 281 The FREE Sewing Machine is noted for its beauty, simplicity and durability. It sews faster, runs lighter, last longer, is more beautiful, has less vibration and makes a perfect stitch. .It is sold on convenient terms, by dependable merchants, all over the United States. It is built and guaranteed for life by THE FREE SEWING MACHINE CO. ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS, U. s. A. Five H unclrcd Twenty-two --- - "-"-A-:H - "1-v-1------V M----vwlf-J,-,i..f1.-'-1 h--- -iw ---0-'Aw-fs.-.W-.-1.4M mn-I+ m.--me-I--.iw vfr- 1421 .---.',:.,u..i m-A----,, W - W, ,J W, Y , ,.,.,., ,.,. Y , ,,,, . mm.-,.,..... , men., , ,hw .mln - , .,N,w..w4m-.vevM..,...,,m-meaguwxe.-.2est.-...-ge:..:.m....f.-1,-:vw-A-if-::f:-- , , , ,, - Lxiewg--Y --L-.A -W--' Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers il ll sg, iw C W I , Fi 3 if ,,... -amz Y ll 1 l 5 l n H li? if H -v -1, ll in is I 5 if Hg if li EE ll' is Ai :gi iz a gl A I fl? li v if iii ri Lu I1 V EF li E ll I 1 E. I 6 ,V ll Il 11 1 i 52 ..J. S. K. HUGHES REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE 211 N. Neil St. CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS Buy Building and Loan Shares ,.., . I"I ...fQ.7'Q.'Q Qlfl-if IQ..Qf AA, ,I ,,,., vu, . . uv, gg' ' ' -Y, V' I Why don't you wear the Vi l .V , :,. , ., , . , y q best clothes that maney 5 -. "g4,V, .v I --fx A- "--"-'Sgt-',,"--'gg ' 'I FA . X . 1,5 4 LJHIHI -1 , .- L. will get. We have them. .: . I H They are Iwi made t0 'H ,V-' .esfbi-if-3-"--:ie---f-1-fzffirwwwifi- meet a price but to set a standard of quality. fAnd they doj. Our Suits and Top Coats embody such exceptional hand tailoring that it keeps the style and fit intact throughout the life of the garment. 33-35-37 Main Street We Represent the Fourteen Best Clothing Makers JOS. KUHN Sz CO. , 33-35-37 Main Street 1 I i 1 l . DOROTHY SHADE Five llunrlrvfl T'zlJc1l15Il-UHT0 Yes we too pfrefei' Dorothy in ordinary costume. Somehow, in blooiners-lzardly the ' ' ' type, don't you know? Established 1850 Incorporated 1884 KINGSLY 86 MAI-ILER CO. Manufactzw'e7's and Jobbers of IRON PIPE AND FITTINGS PLUMBERS' MATERIALS STEAM 8: GAS FITTERS SUPPLIES ' ETC. COPPER AND BRASS WORK PEORIA, ILLINOIS The Shop of Inclivicluality THE HAT SHOP MRS. O. LANHAM Shop No. 3 Hamilton Arcade Bldg. ' fend...-+ ., ' m l U "W" E " f A " ' A fffonm-Y1"' ego IM ll ' ' ' ! . , I W" Jr' 4' . 9' h A.- f 1 .010 ,sf H Q fig Q ' ' Q" ff I ' W . Q ' .,...... ,. ' . z ,,.. ...---' -'--- . , ,Q """" H ',:--9 '- W A W For Seczwity and Courtesy TI-IE ILLINI BANK THE BANK OF PERSONAL SERVICE Jas. L. NAUGHTON, Cashier I' H zmilrcd Twenty-fom' "WHAT roast section?" snapped T. A. when we mentioned it to him. That's why' weave tried so hard this year to make 'it interesting for the Dean of Men AND Women. THE 'TWENTY' ILLIO CHICAGO BRIDGE Ki IRON WORKS , We Specialize in the Design, Manufacture and' Erection of ELEVATED STEEL TANKS AND STANDPIPIIS For Municipal, Railroad and Factory Service We also build Oil Tanks, Coaling Stations, Bridges, Turntables, Buildings and Structural Material Our catalogue will be gladly mniled to you upon request, Write our nearest sales office for prices, plans and specifications, SALES SHOP Chicago, Old Colony Bldg. Charlotte, N. C.. Realty Bldg. New York, Hudson Terminal Bldg.Bridgebu1'g, Ont., 156 Janet St, Dallas, Texas, Praetorian Bldg. Seattle. Wash.. L. C. Smith Bldg Greenville, Pa., 106 Pine St. Los Angeles, Cal., Union Oil Bldg Jacksonville, Fla.. Florida Life San Francisco, Cal., Monadnock Bldg. Bldg- SHOPS 'Easternz Greenville, Pa. fPittsbury.rh Districtl : Central: Chicago, Ill Canadian: B1'id,r:el1urg, Ont for Cleaning and Pressing of all kinds THE O. K. HAT SHOP 34 Main Street The UNIVERSITY DRUG STORE GREEN STREET PHARMACY B. E. SPALDING, Proprietor Corner Green and Sixth Streets Delicious ana' Nutricious -:ff Tritt" I, .ff -IQQQN B U N T E CHOCOLATE TANGOS '. '. + : - M.. - -rv1f:25lE::5, . . . , .'f . ,?'r'ii5gif9' are an attractive combination of a A" 531 Marshmallow center restin :T-g ,Q if ' g on ,Iggy q s? Maple layer, ilipped in Bitter Sweet ..', '.'Q"2f 'I coating of our own make and topped 3: V .. Mi, ' . 'ji , I- .'5,fl'!.f"1'g'f1',Zl' . . - X i- " - e,v'f1-'rigaizgf "'- ' with choice Nuts. A wonderfully f ta in' - ' ' .J - . 'l 1' f,j.45q,,""i, well-balanced selection of palatable and nourishing food products. 4- I Bunte Brothers - Established 1876 CHICAGO, U. S. A. Makers of World Famous Candies and Cocoa Five Hundred Twenty-five 1 H ' ,I Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers THE LADY OF THE LAKE Five Ilzindrcd T wen ty-six The 'man who handed this gmlcture in wrote on it: "This is a hell of a picture". Still, he wants it back again. Q 'rHE"rwEN1'Y'1LL1o ja A A f 1 h I WOODS THEATRE Phone Majestic 8567 Randolph and Dearborn Streets li HL I The Newest and Handsomest Theatre in Chicago Always Playing the Very Best Attractions , including A. H. WOODS' MANY ENTERPRISES i PARTICULAR ATTENTION PAID to MAIL ORDERS I l E extend a cordial Welcome to the Uni- versity of Illinois men who demand the best playing conantions--yirst-class ' tables and equipment in an atmosphere of ' quiet refinement. ' Arcade Billiard Parlor I DEWEY NEWMAN, Proprietor BRADLEY ARCADE J I Five Hundred T 01230-Seven A at -f -C J Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers W .... ,.....-,..,.............,Y-..,....,.,.-..... .,,.. . ,.,. .. , ...,,..,..,,..,.,..,..,.-..,--,.a.l,. A'"N.Q.fZ1I.1QZT,Lf.T'LILJ.jTfLf.Lff.ZLIg 'VE-S if, "TW l'31g51-l'2'A'3' Halal U 2'1:."::tr:".::z..::::g:g1:.z::'gr:::::p1r..z,.' U Ni, ' F' A SQQQ MXN D .. - -.will l awn.. . . ' Light Draft Plows Harrows, Corn Planters, Cotton Planters, ' Listers, Drills, Cultivators, Potato Diggers, Stalk Cutters, Etc. Specialists in Tractor Tillagc Implements The trademark that stands for all that is best in up-to-date Tillage Tools-for a line that has been on the market for over three quarters of a century, and that has been used and approved by three generations of American Farmers. Parlin 86 Orendorff Company CANTON, 1LL1No1s Z-------'v ' r ,XC 7-7 M- ,, - . ' A , f-4-.f:',,.. f-'Ts U 413-.efff--f1, Y mf? 1 ,-nl-'?Ei .':,"" QA, iz. f -gff'-'-f4-?f::fE'--+a:1.+' ' .Il 7' ' Jr ' Y'f5, . g -lllll 'M ' M'-' "W 'm""7"7"""'q' -F:'l7Q?'i"g" qqisff sf bf, " Ef"'i"'f' ,gig-,'g??wIy15IV1E15f1Hlllglllfivymiiiy..-ff,mm,g!m'1 MMT "Fr "" n17"""", W,:1'giTlllr L- L J -.-at- ' n,,,,r.mmI:5n- -- .xl - f , ..-mi, V,-im.ll1' :M isa -' -:-we Eli ww- -' " A , H "- L:1i?!?.?E:6gggg,-,mf-'I EE--.4::::r:::::::::.::4::.::ii'.xzzifffiffzi 11:ii:f:fff517537-'5'3'i'L -ai: 1, a.f.aii1l"'i. gg,"w'iii , ff' 'rfmg-ff. 2r1 - -mmf. "" """' " ru-----'ff-' f---'mf-A - , - .... D . V- ......,,rr ,H 'Q ,,QE?TTg-53-efcn-4.g,: fq .,- -N 4" lj' "g , wi " L , ' :pp,,,?lf.' Gaily,-' . "T' fQf:7',2Z'f1.aff?-zyfeii1.f.-gihjiiilffsgea-?.,,',?"fA'1.-:sv . 'l"T'i.- ,. irgn :Z L" -5113" -3,3915 3-t11'ff?tQ-if Qffh Y IP' "'lf3E'rg?--" 'TJ '75 'elf-5-hL?fj',g5?ffj "si Tliewfiome of P Sz O Light Draft Plows Established 1842 Five llundrcrl Twenty-eight x, 's .m.-stfagepm.-.u4..1.u.f l E i W Qi A f l i..,....,...,,.:,r-if ,,-,x-..-:e:,,,,:-., or hw D a ., ,,...,,s..W,,,,,,,..,r,,...,....ig 4:--e ---"- -:.,a,............-.e ae-..,...-- --- -- -- f ---1,1 ',.-. 1-5,-f 14- sleaze Y , ,,,Y ..,Y,r :..,,L, , ,Wm -W ,-W.s:.ea.-.-a-- ....,,,,v.,.-. .-,.,..., Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers l s I , T H E ' '----W----W -L-L.,.,, ., ,L LEW? gl,i9.:!I..-.-- ..,I.,I-,,,iC-1 LI XLLKU me his bfi T l : ? -972 e e . .sf O JACOB REEDIS soNs U nfprms of .Qzczlity for OFFICERS OF THE ARMY NAVY MARINE CORPS and LEADING MILITARY COLLEGES and Schools through the UNITED STATES 1424-1426 Chestnut Strelet PHILADELPHIA F II d'ed Tw Ly Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers THE 'TWENTY' 1LL1o AN EDUCATION IN COAL SAVING During 1918 the United States Government placed a restriction on coal used by the Clay Industries of the Country. This restriction cut production to about half. Plants ran half the time. Expensive equipment was idle. Building was restricted and labor was out of employment. Coal is a big item in the Clay Industry, and this crippling of the Clay Industry saved coal of course. The Government reports showed that in six months the restriction of the Clay Industry saved 1,381,000 tons of coal, but look what it lost the industry in cash. Sixty-four clay plants of the country furnish authentic informa- tion on their burning cost from which it is shown that if all the brick fjust brick mind youl made in the United States were burned in Haigh Continuous Kilns the saving of coal would amount to 2,600,000 tons every year. It cost six months of idleness of ALL clay plants to save that amount but it showed the possibility of saving through the use of the Haigh Kiln. Much more would have been saved if Tile, Pavers, Hollow Ware and other products had been burned in Haigh Kilns. The saving can be made EVERY year and the manufacturer gets the saving. Haigh Kilns cut the burning cost more than one half. We will be pleased to furnish information on burning with a Haigh Continuous Kiln on request. We build every machine and appliance for the manufacture of every class of Clay Product. THE AMERICAN CLAY MACHINERY CO. BUCYRUS, OHIO A. STARR BEST CARROLL RIDGWAV ALVIN E. BASTIEN 'DKRR BEST I ncorhorated MADISON dr WABASH CHICAGO , Outfitters to Young Men A Clothing, Hats, Furnishings. Shoes llnpnrlers of Exclusive Novelties in Neck- ' wear. Leather Goods and all Ar- ccssories Io Young Merfs Dress ' What is there to admire in a pair of Deke pins? Five Hundred Thirty 3 , 1 , ' I l Of course a roast section cm't be authentic on the matter of engagements, not being' issued daily. n ,se THE"TWENTY'ILLIO oo, v., 7 ' Five Lammert 86 Mann Co. ENGINEERS MACHINISTS Wood and, Walnut Streets CHICAGO Manufacturers of Rotary Dry Vacuum Pumps Water-Cooled Double Stage for higest Vacuum ' i Builders of SPECIAL MACHINERY I OUR NAME OR TRADE MARK on Drawing Materials and Drawing Instruments, Slide Rules, Surveying Instruments, or Measuring Tapes, Is the same as an ironclad guarantee of their correct design, construction and accuracy You Cannot Bay Better - H Ask any Engineer I KEUFFEL Sz ESSER CO i OF NEW YORK Mi 520 South Dearborn Street, CHICAGO 1 ,New York St. Louis San Francisco Montreal I , General Office and Factories, Hoboken, N. J. A y Hundred Thirty-on -nl 1'J cg Please mention tlte "Twenty I llio" wlien writing to Advertisers w 11 THE"TV1ENTY"ILLIO fe 1 1 Standard of Excellence Rl ITTER Product has for many years been recognized as "perfection" in design, quality and service. The office of a successful commercial or professional man reflects his personality as a mirror reflects his features. Select Equipment that will correctly impress your patients. The Ritter "Office Planning Department" is at your service. TI-IE RITTER DENTAL MFG. CO. of ROCHESTER, N. Y. 4 I' H und red Th tif . Please 'mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers I glTHE"TWENTY"1LLl0 f Foreman's--- U .S'Qzalz'ty Clotbes HEADQUARTERS FOR THE NEWEST . DOUBLE BREASTED . YOUNG MEN'S MODELS .am 68 to 67 West Washington Street CHICAGO We Stand Behind the Illini . Who are scattered all over the world in every industry, when they need the best supplies the market can furnish. V We are Manufacturers and Distributors of GENERAL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT For Railroads, Steamships, Contractors, Mills, Mines, Power Plants, Machine Shops and all forms of industrial activities. Our catalog is a reference book as well as- a buyer's guide. A copy will be sent upon request. Geo. B. Carpenter 86 Co. 440 Nofih Wells street CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Ask us about your Summer Outing Equipment F Hundred Tl tu tl Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers 1? ?Ha"'rwENTY',1LL1o me SUPPLIES FGR DEN TISTS The House of Herriott has been in business for fifty- two years. It has many friends in Illinois and appreciates the privilege of having an announcement in the Illio. This Dental Depot offers unexcelled service because of its central location in Indianapolis. It has an unusually large and varied stock of standard goods and it is also well represented in Illinois by Mr. Martin PQ Sweet of Decatur and Mr. Harry Gundelfinger of Shelbyville, who cover a large part of the State. A first-class laboratory is also carried on in connection with this house. MRS. W. M. HERRIOTT 8z SON Established 1867 SUPPLIES FOR DENTISTS DENTAL LABORATORY I Top Floor Hume-Mansur Building INDIANAPOLIS SAVE 25'Z1 TO 6076 on Graflex-Kodaks-Ansco. Rexo and Premo Cameras 10-Day Free Trial Guarantee-If unsatisfactory, money will be refunded in full. Complete line of Motion Picture Cameras FREE'-Our Latest Bargain Catalog listing hundreds of slightly used and new cameras, also supplies of every description. No matter what camera you want, we can save you money. Compare our prices with others on slightly used and new cameras and we know you will be anothelr one of our satisfied customers. Our prompt and fair dealing will please you. Established in Photographic Business over 19 years. CENTRAL CAMERA CO., 124 South Wabash Ave., Dept. 0-1 ' ,P Chicago To- MANUFACTURERS- CONTRACTORS- PLUMBERS-4 BUILDERS- . Water, Gas and Steam Supplies, Plumbing Fixtures CENTRAL SUPPLY CO. Five Hundred Thirty four Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers rg Q 'rHE1'TwEN'rY'11.L1ol ee 1, , 1 WHEN BUM MEETS BUM I-Ietzel 86 Company PACKERS LARD SAUSAGE Holly Brand . HAMS BACON TELEPHONES-Lincoln 1185, 1186 1743 1815 Larrabee Street CHICAGO Hundred Thirty-five I i V f -- f 4 We feel that this picture alone 'makes life worth while. Wuesteman It's the l'HALLMARK STOREH , Gold and Silverware and ' Universit Emblems of all CHICAGO G kinds. y a MADISON STREET ' EAST OF LA SALLE EUROPEAN PLAN' if WUESTEMAN Famed for comfort. The 3 Cliampaigifs Leading Jeweler favored meeting place for merchants and other men of business, many of Whom f I bring their families. 5 Convenient to the Wholesale, ,- retail and financial districts. Q ,iff iii' ' gl' fb Room. getncgcd Bath - lifgilgg J . Room, Pivfmeeiiiilsi I 2223313 22103 R '5' emi, ,lofi ref Two Persons - - 54.00 to 57.00 L. R. ADAMS, President E. N. MATHEWS. fiocretnry- 1 rcasurer Dance Programs Novelties Greek Letter Jewelry Fraternity Sorority Emblems Spies Brothers n 27 E. Monroe St. CHICAGO Hank and Mike Five Himzlrecl- Thirty-six Hanlc's awfully nice to have cwozmd a sorority house-always glad to take the softest chair, and to step aside while the girls 'roll up the frug. TH E1"TVfENgI'Y"ILLlO A. M. BURKE, President E. I. BURKE, Vice-President and Cashier The Citizens State Bank Your business is desired and we are disposed to grant you every consistent favor. Corner Neil and Taylor Streets CHAMPAIGN, ILL. "MATCHLESS" and "FAVORITE" , TELEPHONES Brands of Groceries West 831, Seeley 5790 F. H. Swett 86 Co. MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALE GROCERS 431-433 S. Western Avenue CHICAGO 1 Five Hundred Thirty-seven L L L or i, se mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers Plea ATHE. HTWENTY' nomo- w ' I fp ,Af Dfg 9 A, Q I ,f f ggf Y Ll i f . .I f. Q 1 Champaignis Leading Department Store I ewis 6? Co. INDIANA QUARRIES COMPANY P. M. B. Sz Hoosier Blue, Buff and Gray BEDFORD INDIANA LIMESTONE Send for Samples amd Illustrated Booklets Quarries and Mills, Bedford, Indiana GENERAL OFFICES 112 West Adams Street CHICAGO Five Hundred Thirty Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers If 5 ., V . ,,.V v" J ii- T E' nf E N -1 I L O -.iE.TTT'Z'1'i"i"7QZ'T?.11.,.:'gg,taxi 1, T MOSER SHORTHAN D COLLEGE A DISTINCTIVE SCHOOL for the development of high grade stenographers and secretaries. Enrolls high school and academy graduates exclusively in the day school. Courses are usually thorough. Surroundings refined and congenial. Located opposite Art Institute. For detailed information write, telephone fCentra1 51585 or call personally on the Principal, Paul Moser, Ph.B., J.D., CUniversity of Chicagoj. STUDENTS MAY ENTER ANY MONDAY Moser Shorthand College 116 South Michigan Avenue, CHICAGO Twelfth F1001- "A Business College with a University Atmosphere." il G9 -fm ffe' if egg Q Have you used Pear's Soap? Five Hundred Thirty-nin V Dreaming of Home, Saturday Night and the Old Roller Towel-We refer to the deep- sea diver above. i TI-IE "TWENTY' ILLOIO je IN FOR GOOD A lot of Men's ready made Clothes fit better in the mirror than they do in a month. A try out in the store is not a real test. A try out on the street is. The fit of our hand- tailored clothes is not Warped in with an iron but worked in FOR GOOD with the hand. GULIOK TAILORING CO. Champaigiiis Oldest and Largest Tailors THE D. G.'s ARE SO ARISTOCRATIC! Five Hundred Fo THE HORSE: "Gosh, how did I evei' jet harnessed up with this bunch?" f Q TH1:"TwEN1'Y'1LL1o j , Satisfaction Style, comfort, workmanship and assurance of all-wool fabrics is what spells satisfaction in clothes. When it comes to so important a matter as your appearance, buying "just clothes" is a bad but widespread habit. These days more than ever before, it pays to know more about clothes. Men and young men who investigate thoroughly-who want the utmost to be found in the best makes of ready-to-wear clothing, know that Greenfield's have the newest creations show all 330.00 to 850.00 GREEN FIELD'S Authority on Style for Men who like to Dress Well MUNHALL PRINTING HOUSE 17 TAYLOR STREET CI-IAMPAIGN cv4lWays the Mwest and Latest in Society and CBusiness CPrinting and W Embossing F Humlrcd Forty- , 4 .L Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers --:H if THE."TWENTY"ILLIO W Lyric Theatre TEA SPI CES COFFEE Now showing higher class A Champaign photoplays than ever before. The seating capacity has been Ted 6, Cojjre rearranged and we assure our patrons of its comfort and Company quality. Bring your friends , and enjoy an evening's enter- 201 Market St, tainrnent. 753555. 'iil:i5' Q' " Bell 872 Auto 2153 The Bearclsley Hotel The Old Reliable CHAS. B. HATCH, Proprietor Founded 1824 25,000 Acres in Our Seed Farm Incorporated 1902 FUNK BROS. SEED CO. INCORPORATED SOLE BREEDERS OF FUNK'S HIGH YIELDING SEED CORN Ask for Free Catalogue 800 Acres in Corn 3000 Acres in Oats 12 Large Seed Houses Buy Direct from the Growers A11 kinds of Farm Seeds BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS Five Hundred Forty-two 4:2 I' N L Please mention the "Twenty Illio"' whenwriting to Advertisers Q PTHE "TWENTY' 11.1.10 j ' af PA C?3ZZlgngnCo Park Theatre Building 1 Champaign, Ill Telephones: Office, Bell 1744, Auto 2153 Plant, Bell 1944 . . 491 RYA Satisfaction Guaranteed M. J. PATTERSON 15,000 square feet floor space devoted to display of high class Furniture, Stoves and Rugs Cash or Credit Phones: Auto 2245, Bell 315 DRUGS BOOKS Call at HOOVER'S "Y" BARBER SHOP Best Service on the Campus Y. M. C. A. Bldg. KNOWLTON-BENNETT 135-137 Main Street T ' URBANA, ILLINOIS PAINTS WALL PAPER l 1 Maybe it's you gentle reader. Five Hundred Forty-three , A A 1 Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers Five Ilzmrfrcd Forty-four Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Aclvcrtisers f THE "TWENTY" ILLIO j ?, EUGENE Scnosmcsn, Vice-President FRANK McCLosKEY, President Wilson Bishop Company 306 Tower Building 6 N. Michigan Ave. CHICAGO, ILL. A store for men Who demand highest quality and best style in clothes. Every garment We handle is care- fully tailored, and designed from the best models of the season by our own expert. Our prices are the fairest in the city, ou consider the personal especially when y service We render. Our clothing stamps the wearer as being distinctly Well dressed. A visit from you will prove not only pleasing, but also profitable to you. l'! l bike i f !w, S ! li X l I' Ilundred Forty-five g g g A J Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers if , 4' i THE "TWENTY' 11.1.10 2 STOP AT THE INMAN I-IOTEL TI-IE BEST PLACE TO EAT AND SLEEP IN THE CITY G. W. BYERS and A. DANIELSON Proprietors CORONA TYPEWRITERS REN TED and SOLD Due to the big demand for Coronas for rent, we have decided to place on the market a limited number of these very popular type- Writers for rent next fall. We will allow rental to apply on purchase price if you decide you would like to own one. TYPEWRITING and MIMEOGRAPHING Bring your Theses and House Letters in. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Price Right. R. C. WHITE 6? CO. Successors to PAXTON TYPEWRITER CO. 612 E. Green Street ' Bell 922 L i. . Five Hundred Fo .p iw- C , f K, Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers f A BTH E "TWENI Yl B LioB'?-+-4-----1-Q- BE PROPERLY DRESSED AT REASONABLE PRICES WE ARE ESPECIALLY READY TO -SERVE COLLEGE MEN Tire RICHARD. W. FARMER Company ' 16 W. Jackson Blvd. F CHICAGO F IIddFt1I 1 4 .J Please mention the "Twenty Ill I 'ting to Advertiser Co. ,rv V l 1 is il V 1 l l I l 1 , i i 4 i A is in ji 1 1 ij: ,li -Mliii Ei " TW Iiiff,X.flflEAl?'lj for Wliiiiif , ,' ,Ft 'iff-Q, ' .il . ',-L3g'i-55fc.q.- C y is X-, ' X- ' - 3 df A , v S . - , , h 5-Nr .Ag -' ., .M 3 N .Mp , g. ii lug .4 . , . i 'J .0 A Quill! l Z gh 'l .,.-4 , 'fd 1.129-s 1- ' " '.II..:n -Q -.f:.-.L-. . 5 i -... L-. :tr-,-11 . -.LJ arse. sawn Write tor Attractive Prices on National Giant Inside Elevator Has moresensible features for the farmer than can be found on any other make of Inside Grain Eleva- tor. Can be used with or without cupola-saves the farmer money. Also saves cost of digging- u pit and length of e evator required. The "National Giant" also leaves the corn on the cob, where it belongs: more moneyin the farmer's pocket. Write for prices-termsurranged to suit. Ask us about our National Giant Steel Elevator We make the best line of elevators on the market. Get literature and prices, Plans FREE. Ponable Elevator Mig. Co., 15 Grove Si., Bloomington, lll. Write tor Attractive Prices on National Giant Steel Elevator nannies All xmas omram-wheat, oats, ,z Barley, E-Iflled and Ear Corn Strongest and A .-,1117Q1J,3Ef .. Best Machlne yf onthe Market 45 if H ...,. cm- ffm ' 1 ii i f . 'right ig gg .1--if . .. IV iv? . it , ..,, f I I ' N3 'i ' I 3 I , l .7 i lui 4. p.,jfil "l kJ n Q . E x.. - vw. 1 Has I6 angles to the section, others only 6. Has greater capacity. Runs caller. Requires len power to operate. Equipped with Common Sense Feeder. Cribs 60 bushels in 3 to 5 minutes. Screen in bottom keeps out silk and shelled corn- revcnt- lng rottage.. All desirable- features, for wlbich the good fnrmcris looking. Write for prices. Ask about ' The National Giant Inside Elevator We make the best line of elevators on themnrket. Get literature and prices. Terms arranged to suit. Portable Elevator Mfg. Co., 15' Grove St., Bloomington, Ill. Get This wwf, 6 W SMUKE lg HUUSE is i Do 't s ll all y hozsn ami! pay K 'Y butcher bills. Save Qu use and :imoke hams, bacon sausages' in the National Giant .Smoke House. This wonderful smoke house ia gertlhle. Can be oner. ntud ui and out-doors. Runs nn sawdust. cubs nnd little hnrk for sua- sonlnu. Thu 'Xi Percival-Kirkpatrick Hardware 109 N. Neil St. CHAMPAIGN Shelf and Building Hardware Cooking Utensils, Tools Screens and Screen Repairing ir: PLEASE FORWARD Floss- cans I rgswumm-fav .M-L-L ll ,hppymim 123 M mme' yfillia-V' K' wi 4 I ---r-1-r"""" in the gumdhouse! l ,. h '43 K' i 'Jil' '1 , .0 K ' av" . 4+ .- " ' za, u.u.n..inms-- ,ifig -V Q Ami-I mn V '.Mi:'QM L0 sax- -' ' E-no ...plc-mfm:mm , 'ffv jo l.......ff.m..... LQ- . uofxntm :mm-M" .na ' ' " " me hn ui s ' 'sf ::g::':.'r:.o::n... iijdgtns W 541' :'?ff9f'1:Q'i . A Tiij ..,2l...1'1 'fm enouxzh for yourown A 1. wig? r I ,' x ,.,...i.. mm. , '51 -M . 'ERI ' Y sm' 'I' Wm ml ml ii.-1 .fn- . 1, .5 . ye 2 ., ...rm W 1 m...... M mo.. my M V , .i....f..m......... .. W V - , V ,Q . ..... .............,. 4 ,,... fp,e..,e5.vT,u E -'iw G' ,o.o.-Am- un 4 ,-F? Nm , , ,fl 'A - t . ' A, And when Chet received this touching scene .. in . , Five H undrcd F'0Tl1j-Glght Q' :l,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,..,.,.,,..,...W,,..,,,..,,,..,,..,..,..,......,...,..,..-t..,..-..-e-........s:- . .Leer-ff - ' ' :ff-Wi-5 '-?- ilw-L71 443,--5-,AMAA - ' '1 --TAY - ' kmmw ,K Y .,,,,,,,,,W,.,m,.......,...,,,. -,,m......,............"---A--M --.WL Q. -Wx 2-.W . W . f It would have been so much better for the'Campus Scout if Chet lzadwft taken Tommy s advice and beat 'it back. Huh? he was ITHE "TWENTY' 11.1.10 Q I We are very proud of our Chocolate Bostons and other drinks. You will undoubtedly tell us they are the Best in the Twin Cities. Schuler Bros. CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS PALMER at DAVIS Wholesale and Retail Grocers and Bakers, catering especially to the Fraternity, Sorority and Faculty trade. One of the largest Stocks in the Middle West. URBANA, ILLINOIS THE JAZZ SHOE SHINERS HITE BROTHERS In College Hall Pressing for Gentlemen Pressing' for Ladies I , H. SWANNELL St SON Reliable Drnagzst The REXALL Store Established 1860 Older than the University The Reliable Store for your Prescriptions, Drugs and Drng Store Goods No. 1 Main Street Cut Price an Toilet Articles CHAMP AIGN Dependable ' Convenient "YOUR BAN K" FIRST UNIVERSITY BANK 3 PERCENT INTEREST ON SAVINGS ACCOUNT 606 E. Green Street CHAMPAIGN Five H nndrcd Forty-nine I Y' 'FL rf ' Y Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers 1' ff it is "TWEN'I:Yl' 114,10 Ej if 'ZNEYEQQ' CUP ELEVATORS Crosses the driveway-grain dumps between sections-chain with 2-inch bearing surface-eliminates all friction, exclusive Meyer features. Crib Blue Prints and Catalogue Free A. F. MEYER MFG. CO. Morton, Illinois Green Tea Pot 1 Over Spalding Drug Store LUNCHES and DINNERS AFTERNOON TEAS This Space Reserved for Tug Wilson ICE CREAMS ICES SHERBETS Champaign Ice Cream Co. 115-117 East University Avenue Bell 175 Auto 2107 Five .Hundred Fifty Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers if THE "Tw1-QZNTY' 11.1.10 Q T? EN Contractorsli- C- ENGLISH E. C. ENGLISH '02 BUILDINGS ERECTED FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS - Lincoln Hall Agronomy Building Entomology Building Auditorium Beef Cattle Building Heating Plant Woman's Building Ceramics Building Horticultural Building Stock Judging PavilionAdministration BuildingEducational Building CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS L. K. HOWSE v6.19 Wholesale if v iii Fruits and Produce CHAMPAIGN, LLINOIS C EISNER GROCERY COMPANY Distributors of University and Library CANNED GOODS nuouvfnmununncnlnvuv ' m-nu. pn--41 !" ' f ff 'VJ' ' 1.1--1. .f....,... cz ,,. 'I 14-1 1.-... - A..-A . -uma., A -...",, , ,W f" I u-...nm-.... ,l-j,,1.,,,-, jj: PIANQS PHONOGRAPHS -A - '------A---A --A-H SHEET MUSIC We .."s::g..:'iiiT"'1.1i:'-. take ffiTf.17Tl3TTffif'7f'ffgffg pleasw-e in , A. TTA, V.V. 5 ., A- ,,,,. .Lili having the 'f Best '-THE-QUESTIONAIRRE Tf' A GREAT MAN L S. C. TUCKER ' ' DRUGGIST Pianos and Plionographs Hamilton Arcade Building COP Neil and Church Sts. CHAMPAIGN, ILL. I Five znmdwd 'xi - 1 - But Cliff Barnes' questionairre was funnier yetg too long to print, however. .. ...i..,... ,124 .12-.,1Y..a1Llz:ma1zrz J rg-,:':f:Lr.rLfffi A"T l' l -it ' A24-Tgfiff' .rw CHAMPAIGNS LARGEST STORE EVERYTHING far EVERYBODY at considerable Less in Price than elsewhere Wornenksv Rcndy-to- 'W ' Silk and wiil Dre 1 gfxcg . ll 715 Y I ere Th L V Sr 24 wmlllrirl r lll l l ' lllgfu JL Q Sheets and Shectings Millincry Department P 1,cDLinerL and I -, mmlltlll. llluuu ly .Ji r lllatsnzy 5:.'2f...2.22. Illif aww l llc -ll l fl Il R L1-calms and E-MIK Ixvt PM-mmm xmas I IZ' I any E ,mo cums I an-all-l,1, .gg i E ocs or on a H0:ia:.J'xvs.1L.3r Sl limi nd A Complete Department Store The Merchandise House of Quantity, Quality and Values Church The and F. K. RCBESON my Randolph Corner joseph C. Bowman YOUR DEPENDABLE JEWELER l W here gems and gala' are Wgbtly Sold Opposite W. Lewis 8x Co. On Neil Street We carry distinctive Jewelry for CHAMPAIGN' ILL' people who know and Wearers who care. .gl Expert Watchmakers and Jewelry 5 ,, 3 X' repair men. All work guaranteed Q at a nommal price. M- H l L, ' I c Hundred Fifty-two ., , T -H.. H 7 , A H Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers f e e Q THEL"TWENTY'fglLLlO T l l Portraiture The picture Duncan makes for you is entirely out of the picture class -it is a faithful portrait, taken with the kindliest lighting condi- tions and in a pose characteristic of you. Every Duncan,Portrait is a master portrayal of its subject-his work has received national recognition in direct competition with the fore- most of the country. CDuncan 614 East Green Street COURTEOUS EFFICIENT 6177710145 510 East Green Street BAILEY CHAUNCEY HITE, Proprietor Cleaning, Pressing, Shoe Shining, Altering RELIABLE CONVENIENT ve llumlrrd Fifty-three Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when wfritifng to AdU67'tiS07'S +4 Q THE'TWENTY'ILLIO j A -WEBER- N CPOR TRAI T PH OTOGRAPHER soL1c1Ts THE PATRONAGE OF TH-oss WHO KNOW QUALITY I 9 ' V ' - at . f ,Inj 602 East John Street CHAMPAIGN MAIL PHOTO FINISHING SERVICE Velox Prints by Expert Workmen and Prompt Return of your Orders. Mail them in at any Five Hundred Fifty-f I time. STRAUCH PHOTO-CRAFT HOUSE Champaign, Ill. As Convenient -as the Nearest Mail Boa: DR. WILLIAM HARTFORD Osteopathic Physician I Chronic Diseases a Specialty I 1897-1918 300 Illinois Building CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS Fred Mgrers washes out a handkerchief I Q l I ' i I ' 1 Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing fto Advertisers ef is OTHE "TWENTY'1L LIOC W.'H. STOLTEY W, F, STOLTEY Stoltey's Grocery 105-107 East University Avenue CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS The store of real service and best quality Try ns and be convinced AUTO PHONE 1214 1 BELL PHONE 1199 HAMMOND PIANOS and PLAYER PIAN OS Sing their own praise ' Victrolas and Br E D Call and see us A G. W. Lawrence tfeet ' URBANA unswick Machines, Furniture and Rugs 112 West Main S FOR BARBER WORK DONE RIGHT ' With the Best Equipment- Go Where the Best Workmen are- KANDY'S-Tlze Student CBarber Shop I TO ALL OUR OLD AND NEW CUSTOMERS- WE EXTEND OUR, HEARTY THANKS A The Arcade Confectionary Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie I in l r' II amz Fifw-five c.. L4 S i ' ' " Ill'o" when writing to Advertisers Please mention the Twenty i lj L ITHE"T'WENTY'ILLI0 j q- DR. R. W. HULETT Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 304 Illinois Bldg. CHAMPAIGN, ILL. Auto 1245 Bell 408 l P. D. FOSTER PLANING MILL Cabinet, Office and Furniture Work South Chestnut Street CHAMPAIGN, ILL. STUDENTS ' Our 'service has been perfected to meet your needs. Serving you through our Student Agent makes it a real con- Venience. Dry Cleaning and Pressing WHITE LINE LAUNDRY BELL 406 AUTO 1550 The Third Street Delicatessn 86 Cafetena The Tuttle with 606 S. Third St., just off Green the Big Eats L G. A. OSTRAND, Proprietor I' H drool Fifty Who cZoesn't belieoe in Co-education? fe T'rHE1'TwEN1'Y'1LL1o f y , 4? , S The Co-Cp Store ON THE SQUARE Is the Model Students Store. The Model Faculty Store, where a complete line of University supplies are carried at all times. IN- Sporting Goods A Books I Kodaks Kodak Supplies Pictures Souvenirs Pennants Fountain Pens Stationery, etc The lines are most complete. rised at the greatness of. the variety, let us I You would be surp show you i Five Hundred Fifty-save 1 W ' W Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers ,. Q lTHE."TWENTY"lLLIO --P -- W C.- PANTAGRAPH PRINT- ING and STATIONERY COMPANY BLOOMINGTON, ILL. ANXIOUS ALWAYS TO CO-OPERATE WITH YOU in the PRODUCTION of EVERY KIND of PRINT- ING and BINDING X CPARK THEATRE Today, every day, visit the PARK, Champaign's only fireproof Theatre and exclu- sive showing of the highest class photoplays. Not alone is the talent the best that can be secured, but PARK direc- tion combined with PARK surroundings, are such that will make enthused PARK patrons of .those who seek choice entertainment. Use Columbia Ground Limestone The size of the finished material is exactly right--some of it is finest dust, some is about the size of a grain .of wheat, the balance ranges between these two limits. It provides an immediately available supply for the coming crops from the dust like particles. During the succeeding years, the larger particles gradually do their work, so that a single application benefits the soil for years to come, just as the best cropping practice requires. Insist upon Columbia Ground Limestone, because it is of high quality, and properly ground. The increased crops, as every scientific agriculturist knows, will easily pay for the cost of liming land, in a single season. All the succeeding increases are clear gain. Write us for further data upon this subject. Columbia Quarry Company FULLERTON BUILDING - ST. LOUIS, MO. Five Hilndred Fifty-e ght Y .....nn-'---- - Y Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers H Five ,,, fmTF1'EPiiX7'ElNTYfiT'ig1o P s Printing by Electric Light CROFOOT, NIELSCN 86 C0. BLUE PRINTERS Blue Printing Rectigraph Photo Prints Black Printing Mounting and Blue Line and Supplies Color Printing - Big floor space and equipment for Special service always-Speed and Results 180 W. Washington S treet CHICAGO Dockstader 6? Sandberg Chicago Catering Epeeially to the Clothes Reqnisites of College Men ' Our representative visits Champaign each season with a complete line of the latest ideas in fashion. Hundred Fifty-nine Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers we 1 T1-1151 'TWENTY' 11.1.10 fe THE BEST CANDY MADE!!! 22 'EI M I L. 80c the Pound Kf. o. b. Champaignj packed carefully in any sized box DEL HARRIS 608 East Green Street CHAMPAIGN Where University men hang out-where the old grad drops in-Where there's a spirit of something besides barter-where there is a de- sire to help in every way that will make Illinois better- THAT'S ZOM 'S Green Street of Course CPITSENBAR GER 69' FLYNN Suits Made to Order CLEANING PRESSINGandREPAIRING l Bell Telephone 1967 CHAMPAIGN, ILL Five Hundred S y lr , , , Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers Q THE "'rwENTY" 1141.10 MILKis the richest food soldg it is also one of the cheapest foods' it is found in every diet of the human race,' it can be the 'most healthful or the most dangerous of foods, aecordingto the way it is taken care of on the farm, the dairy, or the distributing depot. There is only one solution of this great food question- Tasteurized milk . CHAMPAIGN SANITARY MILK CO. .415 E. University Avenue A K e i ' af, 219'- . ' ti' i' RARE 1' 4 " V' 13' ,L ' , - 5' 'il it ,gf - -2174 ,y - ,, BIRDS, AREN'T Q xl - 3 - 5 5 ' K if if '7 s Xglu-:lic-i?5vZ,fl tg . ' ' " f., fl 717 ' ' A xi A H The Chicago home of the Illinois University Boys The beauty of its surroundings is one of the chief charms of the HOTEL DEL PRADO, Chicago, Ill. Situated on the MIDWAY BOULEVARD, right at the entrance to Jackson Park, which overlooks Lake- Michigan, and adjoins the Chicago University on the West. The most elegantly appointed, beautifully arranged Hotel in Chicago-where the Tourists, Transient and Permanent Guests may peace- fully rest free from the dirt and annoyance usually found in the downtown hotels. Transportation, the Illinois Central Railway. Time, downtown, 12 minutes. The house has a front of 700 feetg has 400 rooms with access to private bath. Send for Descriptive and Illustrated Booklet H. H. MCLEAN, Manager. Iwe Ilwndrcd Sixty-one Finally, on a day in spring 'PFA pushed ZXI' out of the nest. ,l ll, ,-4 m Q THE"TwEN1'Y"1L.L15I f Trade Satisfaction is What every customer desires and is what these stores have tried to give to the University community ever since the opening day of the old Illinois Industrial University in 1867. The Students and Faculty bought their BOOKS and SUPPLIES THEN as NOW at lLOVDE'S 7 Main Street and 606 East Green Street CHAMPAIGN w s c 'gg T' IIddS Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers T, T'HE"TWENTY"lLLIO fe QW a gn ire Stucno Urbana Illinois FOR FIRST-CLASS HAIRCUTTING Call at the CAV E CBarber Shop W Four Chairs 510 E. Gree FUNK Ki MORGAN To the Faculty and Students Oftbe 'University of Illinois ' Do you know that there is a Bank in Urbana that has the University at heart? Do you know that your savings or checking account would be appreciated at this Bank? Our service is one of the main factors in our business, no matter how small or great your account, it will be given our best attention. Why not start that account now? URBANA BANKING CO. JOHN H. SAVAGE President JOHN H. THORNBURN Cashier Five H undrcd Sixty-three ' L Please mention the " Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers + STHE WWENTY' 1LL1o Q 1 Froehling 6? Heffe 216 West State Street Wholesale and Retail Market Randolph 1353 1354 1918 or nT"57'.lf'5l2'fE1h3,sz,. 4-if PROGRAMS FRATERNITY 3 E513 5.'i,1'Qf,.1"31Tf'l"al...ll!,"' MEMORIAL TABLETS S PM Sw.-.JIT I-less and M wmwhlwaiim Culbertson WH' rt W7 3M"L J 'fm Jewelers of St. Louis St. Charles and Seventh ra rr 55523. No, Jack, you have no AXQ friends-you mean AEA. - Five Hundred Sixty-four Our brothers, the Scouts, turned this correspondence over to us. After all, real humor belongs in the Roast Section. T i THE "TwEN'rY' 11l1.1o je M UELLER "f" L'fw?uH A- in - - V w ' X n 'Q , , 'I 1 5' .kZ- ,' I W- i s 3,1 K V NX i , . k f-- I L, ,L X-Xl, - v H-ee' PLUMBING BRASS Goods are the best because they give the best and longest service at the least upkeep. All Mueller Goods are Fully Warranted. I-1. MUELLER at CQ. DECATUR, ILL. NEW YORK SAN FRANCISCO ' ESTABLISHED IBIB MQW? , C G:3D Gentlemen? was-nishiT1gQroniJs, MADISON AVENUE COR. FORTY'FOURTH STREET NEW YORK Telephone Murray Hill 8800 This is a complete Establishment operated continuously for more than One Hundred Years under the same name and still in the control of the Direct Descendants of the Founders. We specialize in the Outfitting of Men and Boys from Head to Foot with Garments and Accesso-ries for Every Requirement of Day or Evening Wear Dress, Business, Travel or Sport Uniforms and Personal Equipment for Officers in the Service of the United States SOSTON SALES - OFVICES NEWPORT 5kLES'0fFICES Tlzuohvcdmibvklvon Bun! 220 Bl LL! K WOODIES PLACE Dry Cleaning Pressing Repairing Shoe Shining 504 E. Green st. Phone, Bell 505 Pipe Repairing a Specialty FOR- Leisure Hours Leseure's Smoke Haven and Billiard Parlors Illini Remember that for Dramatic Costumes and Makeups of all kinds, the best are those of- Robert Schmidt Costumer of St. Louis "The Home of the Make-Believe" Five Hundred Sixty-five 'Please mention t he "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers O THE"TwEN'rYn1LLio The YOUNG WOMEN 'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION of the ' . UNIVERSITY of ILLINOIS What the Y. W. C. A. Has Room and board accommodation for fifty girls Assembly room A Reading and social rooms Committee rooms Offices Your Support will be Appreciatecl A cflddress SECRETARY of Y. W. C. A. 801 S. Wright Street Champaign, Ill. Ild Pl t tl T tyIll I t gt Ad t In Q T'HE"TWENTY"ILLIO - 5 4. lf"'1 HOME OF' THE CI-IAMPAIGN COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Champaign, Illinois W DAY and NIGHT SCHOOL the year round Students may enter at any time QQ Robeson Building Elevator Service Fourth Floor ' I Five Hundred S tu C-Lf f Pleqse mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing jo Advertisers at Q THEl"TwENTY'1LL.1o it new W 1' ft' ' JJ ' ' The Ckzczne Fanning Will COMBINED GRAIN GRADER, CLEANER AND SEED SEPARATOR Does not need any c'omments or introduction af- ter nearly 50 years satisfac- tory service to the users in the United States and foreign countries. THE CELEBRATED A. P. DICKEY FARM FANS NEED NO INTRODUCTION The unsurpassed record made by these mills for the past sixty years has given them a world- wide reputation for their simplic- ity, strength, ease of operation and great clean- ing capacity. Send for circu- lars and net prices to first one where We have no agent ' selling them. Johnson 6? Field Mfg. Co. Write for Information RACINE, WIS. 1 - Five 'Hwndrcd Sixty-aight N lgijnf- Y sw T E " , 'A wi, ji -- " D D T I Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers F e Hundred Sixty-n Q STH1-3 UTWENTY' 11.1.10 Q. 1 J Stafforcis Engravings are Used in this Annual Because of Quality-and Service You will find our Engravings in a great number of the high- lass ear books that are published throughout the entire United C Y States. We have a department which specializes in making halftones, color plates, zinc etchings, art work and designs for college and school publications. We use the famous Levy Acid Blast process, which produces halftones that print far better than plates made in the ordinary way, and which greatly aids the printer in making an artistic success of his work. In order to cooperate with our customers more closely, we have prepared a valuable book "Engraving for College and Schgol Publications," which we loan to the staff of every publication which uses Stafford Engravings. This book contains 164 pages and over 300 illustrations, and will be of great assistance in simplifying ordering, in preventing costly mistakes and in securing highest quality engraving at lowest cost. This helpful book is not sold-simply loaned to Stafford customers. We also specialize in Commencement Invitations: Fraternity, Sorority and Club Stationery 3 Visiting Cards, and other Copper Plate Engraving and Steel Die Embossing. Samples with Prices on Request. Stafford Engraving Company cflrtists Tesigners Engravers CENTURY BUILDING INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 1' 'i 4-,- Please mention the "Twenty Illia" when writing to Advertisers e T I 'Z In Q THE "TWENTY' 11.1.10 ROBERT EO. LAWI COMPANY EDITION BOOK MANUFACTURERS 633-641 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO 4 u' "" .11 Pmpsm Smmuun Co mmew 1 -1 I W iff De CALDWELUS svnuP PEPSIN -ru: 9-znrzcv uxn-:vs QLHW R' 'iii 5 2211 M , -' - " fi 4 , . . 2 AL ONTICELLO LLS Oot 2 1918, Mies Marian X. Smith, Champaign, Illinois. Donr Ma 225 :- Receive your bill this A. M. and nm very much pleased to enclose check in payment of same. You neglected to add the amount of the frame and while I nm not positive about the amount it seems to me that it wus 52.25 and I huve added this amount to your hill. making the total 5 4.80, now if this is not the correct amount for the frame why just let me lmow and I will send another chock so you can keep on Y-ith your payments on your Liberty Bond. I have u faint recollection of seeing that amount on the hill but I might be mistaken so you look and let me know. It might he possible that when I told you I paid the express on the puckuge that you understood me to any that I had paid for tho frame so investigate and udvise me. The flop enrs'ere clenn I trust, und they have been ba- -having beautifully ae I have not been out in the breeze lutely so you see there has been some improvement. - With my very best, 1 1 ff' MARIAN SMITH RECEIVES A BUSINESS LETTER ON CORRECT STATIONERY. Five Hundred Seventy l Q - sf.- Pledse mention the "Twen1ty.Illio" when writing to Adve'r't'ise'rs w A I VF5j?:T5L i Q fr--fr SHTHEZ "Ti-1E'N1'Y'1LL1oi' -e eff... . will 'E l UV IH , 3.-l " tl ,-., -' x' f fi, -A s . sa . .g Q F. . -re .. The last line for the "Twenty" Illio! ' hich will soon rise for you has just fallen for us, the staff. Our The curtain w "Th book is out and the fun is over". But no! We finale to the performance means, e t h'n our audience from the wings-listening for its have still the anticipation of wa c 1 g hiss or handclap. 1 ma be your final appraisal of our book, we have been fully repaid: Whatever y B rd of Trustees decided there ought to be an Illiog by Our joy that first day when the oa ' Senior questionaires the same afternoon, and later' by the excitement' of getting our 'l t' of rushing the borders through, and knowing the presses had begun by the exhl ara lon to rumble. Our pleasure was in daily, nightly fighting the grim handicap of time, whipping up one department, ove l ure it has never existed to so great an extent on the Cooperation! We fee s 4 k 's roof of the sacrifice and willing labor which everyone has campus before. The boo 1 p ' h e folks who are looked on as mere cogs by the lent the Editor and his staff. Never 8V meshed so neatly as to make themselves vital parts of' community, spun so fast and rcoming some fatal slack in another. the machine. To Miss Marie Cronin, managing edit0r, and M585 "Betty" Barnes, art editor, should go a large part of the credit for any good features you may recognize in the "Twenty" Illio. For the first time in Years, the book aPPeal'S With011t a stroke of professional art work. It' was also the first time in Illio history that women made up the general staff. Without exception their work was inspiring and their enthusiasm contagious. The section editors, including George W. Koch and B. H. Smith, the sophomore assistants-all did more than their Shafe- Even more unusual than the loyalty of the staff was the interest of the University at large. Mr. Harold B. Johnston, editor of the Illini, and his assistantsi made the compilation of the Illio p0SSibl0 by giVil1B' US the m0St remarkable publicity' ' a moon. The fraternities and sororities cooperated any enterprise has had in many d makin it ossible to get! extensively in supplying p the organization section to press in time- Theta Sigma Phi, a woman's honorary journalistic society, put its shoulder to the wheel and helped the war section editor collect t'wo thousand pictures. Members of Sigma Delta Chi, particularly Messrs. Stewart D. Owen and Robert A. Drysdale, undertook and carried through the grllelling flask of reading all Proof. Credit is due the edit'0r of f certain copyrighted war pictures. ictures for the war section an in g p "The Liason", Mr. Alvin T. Anderson, of Fortressa Monroe, Va., for the -use o Five Himrlrcd Srvzmty-one Lat AT1-115 'TWENTY' 11.1.10 The helpfulness of the faculty was invaluable. Dean Thomas A. Clark placed at the disposal of the war section editors his entire collection of pictures and all his' files of information. In addition to this, Dean Clark many times offered his personal services-on occasions when it seemed as though we could not fight our way through. Hardly a day passed that we did not call on Mr, Carl Stephens, editor of the Alumni. Quarterlyg not a time were we disa.ppointed. Many others of the faculty gave us more indirect aid. Dean Kinley, Professor Sherman, Mr. Harrington and others are on our list forever. Prof J. M. White, Supervising Architect, and his office must be mentioned appreciatitively in connection with the Future University section. Five Hundred Seventy-two , -I , K.. ... . l, ..,, V ,, L 4.,,.........-X...pgw -5. 2.57.1 . A ici ' 'Ns-.J IAM 5 ri 1 -3 A r..,.--v-M--'-""" N - V.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,......-.A........- ..,. . ..M., ........ ir 1 l rl ,li ,ll lf . V l ii Fi YE Q: ii ia it at if gl fl 5 . We could devoteh thist entirle ' to the story oft e ar. wor Satish? "Twenty" Illio. Mr. Charles Morgan, assistant in the department gf architecture was our friendly advisor throughout. We also wish to thank Messrs. Vaughn Flannery, E. J. Lake and C. E. Bradbury for lnnum- ,,,,,. erable services. Always known P? 3 reat friend of student .8CtlVltl6P, grof Wells effected a climax this r' There were a meagre two days i -vw., yea .. . k t i h h to get all art wor o ihgleglgrgvg. Miss "Betty" Barines, rt editor, had worked dqy and night gn the main section headings-one of the most imP01'tanf .aft fqfzltuaeihnf n y evi en a . the book. It was P al d th m IL L not be able to 0 e 8 Ifigfwtwgls was asked to help-be- e it' had been planned tolcopy a . . cauii n of his latest oil painting for the "University" plate. He agreed to do it ing P01' ga S When Miss Barnes went to get the plate she found that Prof. Wells had two 'hted a stroke. He had cut out of his canvas-his valuable oil painting which hgh lailrieady been sold-that portion which was needed for the Illio plate. This sort of cooperation made it possible for the "Twenty" Illio to be published in half the time ordinarily allowed-although there was only one man of the entire staff personnel who had had experience on the book. The spirit' of the Illio has made it worth while-however the bound volume may appear. There are hundreds of people who can review the pages of this memoir, with the thought that they helped -in small or large measure-to put it out., as editor-in- chief, I should thank you all per- sonally. Certainly you have my utmost appreciation. I have been saved from failure, and helped to tolerable success-at least, there is an Illio. But it is not my book, or any person's book. It' is the handi- work of the University of Illinois, and it reflects the whole-souled democracy of our campus. The last word for the ' "Twenty" Illio- 2 1 r lf, Q lf - an-M O '53,--,,.',' ,g " '- 77171 A I 4 -:g,?f,'f lf' ! Q M'-I - Five Ilimdrcd Scvcntil-H1106 3 KJ W Y.. K., ........-.. . J V W :YW I if i 1. 1 r w l f U 1 'N w il gl 1, i I. gl if 1. il I l 5 5 3 5 it 'fel 54 11 -1" in 1 Homecoming, The Great ......... , TH E "TWENTYi' IIIT6' BOOK INDEX Acacia ................... .......... .............. 3 0 2-308 Acanthus ................................ ..... .............. 3 5 4-355 Achoth .....................,............................................. 382-383 Activities Snapshots ........,....................i... 166-172 Adelphic Literary Society .................. 430-431 Advertisements - ....... 493 570 Agricultural Club ..................................... 443 Agriculturist, The. Alethenai Literary Society ............... 432 Alpha Chi Omega ..,.......,............................ 370-371 Alpha Chi Rho .,....... , ...................................... 334-335 Alpha Chi Sigma ............. .............. 4 16-417 Alpha Delta Phi .... - .......... I .......... 316-317 Alpha Delta Pi ........................ .............. 3 84-385 Alpha Gamma Delta .............. .............. 3 90-391 Alpha Gamma Rho ..........,..,... .............. 4 18-419 Alpha Kappa Kappa .............. .............. 1 40-141 Alpha Kappa Psi .................. .............. 4 13 Alpha Omicron Pi ............... .............. 3 80-381 Alpha Rho Chi ................... ..,,.......... 4 20-421 Alpha Sigma Phi .................. .............. 3 08-309 Alpha Tau Omega ............... .............. 2 86-287 Alpha Xi Delta ................... .... 1 ......... 3 74-375 Alpha Zeta ...................................................,..... 406 Alumni Association .................................... 160-161 Anubis ........................,....................,..................... 360 Association of Cosmopolitan Clubs ............................................................... 356-357 Congregational House ........................... Athenean Literary Society .......,....... 433 Athletic Board of Control .................. 223 Athletics, Men .........,....................................... 223-273 Athletics, Women ........................................ 210-218 Baseball ...................,.......... .............. 2 37-248 Basketball .................. ...,.......... 2 59-266 Beta Phi .................. .............. 3 30-331 Beta Theta Pi ........... ...,.......... 2 92-293 Beta Upsilon .............. .........l.... 3 52-353 Bethany Circle .............. ............. 4 50 Bushnell Guild ................... .............. 3 44-345 Campus Societies ....................... .............. 4 27-451 Catholic Girls' Club ................................. 448-449 Centro-Literario Espanol ..................... 438 Chemical Club ..............................................,. 444-445 Chi. Beta ............................................ .............. 3 46-347 Chi Omega ............. .............. 3 72-373 Chi Phi ........................................... ............. 3 22-323 Chi Psi .................................................. .............. 3 24-325 Chi Theta ............................................................ 388-389 Chicago Scene Section .............,.,........... 133-137 Chinese Students' Club ..................,..... 358 Civil Engineering Society .................. 441 Club Latino-Americano ........................ 439 Commencement ............................................. 132 446 75 Council of Administration .................. Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Babcock ........................................,.......... Ballantine .......................,....... Clark ....................... Davenport ........... Day ............................... Eycleshymer ............... Kinley ......................... Mason .................... Five Hundred Seventy-four -447 - 78 76 77 76 76 78 77 76 78 Dean Moorehead .......... Dean ' Delta Alpha Omega ............ Delta Delta Kappa Epsilon ........,., Delta Sigma Delta ............ Delta Tau'Delta .......... Delta Upsilon ................... Richards ........................... Gamma .............................. Did You Know? .............. Dramatics ..................... Eta Kappa Nu ................ Farmhouse ......................................................... Floricultural Club ....................................... Football .................................. .............................. Fraternities, Honorary and Professionals ................,....................... . 77 77 -379 -299 -277 -301 -190 -399 392 378 298 144 276 300 72 183 398 423 440 225-236 395-426 Fraternities, Social .........,.......................... 276-362 Freshman Class Officers ..................... 156 Freshman Frolic .......................................... 167 Gamma Alpha ................................ ........... 4 00 Gamma Epsilon Pi ............... ........... 4 12 Gamma Phi Beta ..................,., Gamma Sigma Kappa .............. Geneva Club ...................................... Home Economics Club ........... Honor System ................................ Illini Board of Trustees ........................ Illini Staff ..............................,.......... Illinois Agriculturist ...,........ Illinois Union .............................. Illio Staff ............................................ Illiola Literary Society .........,. Ilus ....................................... 2 .................... Iota Sigma Pi ..........................,.................... Iris ........................................... ,......................... ...... ...........386-387 ...........361 451 172 220 80 -177 173 174 181 157-159 178 180 435 348 267 349 274 Intra-Mural Athletics .............................. .411 350-351 James, President Edmund Janes 73 J amesonian-Gregorian Literary Society ...................................................l...,. 434 Junior Class Officers .............................. 149 Junior Committees ............... 154 Juniors in 1919 ................... Junior Prom ........,............,. Kappa Alpha Psi ............. Kappa Alpha Theta ............ Kappa Kappa Gamma ........... Kappa ' Sigma .............................. 150-153 196 365 269 362 364 268- 280-281 427 328 Ku Klux Klan ..................... ........... Lambda Chi Alpha ............... -329 Mask and Bauble ..................... 186-187 Ma-Wan-Da ............................ Medui .............................. Military Ball ......... Mortar-Board ..........,..... 81 424 ...........198 82 Nu Sigma Nu ..................... ........... 1 38-139 Omicron Nu ................................. ........... 2 21 Oratory and Debate ...........................,..... 191-194 Organizations I ,................ - ............................. 275-452 Pan-Hellenic Council ....................... , ...,., 275 Pan-Hellenic Council, Women's...363 Phi Beta Pi ............................................... - ........ 142-143 Phi Chi ....................................................,............. 147 Phi Delta Kappa ............... ........... 4 10 Please 'mention the "Twenty 'Ill'io" when writing to Advertisers f'f'.I'.'----- ..ZfT",Z... 'f BOOK INDEX 5...-.t.-........... ..... -. ,. -.-a.. Ph' Delta Phi .........,....,..... Phi Delta Theta .............. ....,.......... 2 84-285 Phi Gamma Delta .............. .............., 2 88-289 Phi Kappa .......... Z .................. ............... 3 20-321 Phi Ilgappa ggi ..........,...... .......... ...,. 3 3 Ph' .............. ...,........... - 1 appa 'gm 336-337 Phi Phi Phi Phi Pi Pi Kappa Tau... ............... . Lambda Upsilon ....... Sig-ma Kappa ............. L terary lomathean 1 's5Ei'at5?ffffff 312-313 436 -367 Beta Phi ....,....................................,............ 366 Delta Epsilon ........................................,. 408 338 Pi Kappa Alpha ..........,... Pi Pi Pi Rho ....,..............,.......,. Tau Sigma ............... Pierrots ...................... .... Psi Psi Psi Phi ....................,.,...... Omega ........................ Upsilon ........................ Popular Professors.. Railway Club .................. Roast Section ...........,...,.. R. 0. T. C .....,...............i...... Sachem ........,,......,..............,. Sca Sca Sce bbard and Blade rab ....... 1 ..........,...........,.. ne Section .....,............ Scribbler's Club ............................,................ Seniors Urbana Departments ...... -339 188-189 145 .......,....,..314-315 79 442 ..............453-492 166 .Seniorsi Chicago Departments ...... Sen Sen Sen Sen Sigma Sigma ior ior Aces ........................ . ....................,.,......... Ball ............................,............................ 395 404-405 426 49- 60 437 89-122 123-131 85- 88 195 83 84 290-291 342-343 ior Class Officers .......... ......... ior Committees ................ ........ Alpha Epsilon .......... ,............. Alpha Mu ..........,...... Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Chl ........,......,........ Delta Chi ........... Kappa ........,...,............ Nu ....................................... Phi Epsilon ,.............. Pi ...................,.......,...............i. ..... . ...,. T...-.-....... .27 8-27 9 .402 ....-.....376-377 .......,..294-295 ..........340-341 ,. .......... 306-307 Tau .....................,..........,................,.......... 407 Skull and Crescent ..,.......................... - Sophomore Class Officers ........... 429 Sophomore Cotillion ................................. 197 Sororltles .......................,.................... .,........ 3 63-393 Span of Years ,.............,...........,..................... 61- 71 The Good Old Days ........................ 61- 63 And Now ........,........................... .......... 6 4- 67 Future University ,........... .,........ 6 8-271 Tau Beta Pi ................................. .,.,,. Tau Kappa Epsilon ............... ............ I Tau Theta chi ..........a....i...... ............ ' 332-333 Theta Delta chi .......,...... ............ ' H304-305 Theta stma Phi ..i........ ........,... I I'4o9 Theta Tau .....................i.. ,,,,,,,,,.',., f 422 Track ..- ,.......... 249-258 414 -415 Triangle ....................,............................. a ........... 224 Tribe of Illini ...................................,............... University of Illinois Board of Trustees ............. ........,................................ U. of I. Military Bands ........................ 74 164-165 1- 48 199-222 204-205 162-163 207 War Section ..................,................................... Women's Activities ........,....... .........,..... Women's League ................ ............... Y. M. C. A .........,................. Y. W. C. A ..... ..,......... Yo-Ma ............................ Zeta Beta Tau ............ Zeta Psi ..................,..,...........................,................ 393 326-327 310-311 Notice how Lt. Morris increaSeS his height, Mildred is so tall! Five llundrczl Scventzl-five 1 The New Silhoutte 4.'.fT.I.I,iLZf.1TiZ.'gIa:.1IIZT2iiZL--- GOOD-B YE! ' ' WE VE HAD SUCH A Goon TIME. WE HOPE YoU HAVE, 1100, TH 5 "TyfENTY" xgqo V ir V .M...........1,-...,,...,.. 1 J

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