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THE ILLIO ' - V QttH 1919 wmm n. mw im 5 I 1? C " m Mtg - Copyri ' Bht, 1918 By Phiup a. Niebergall Business Manager Harry G. Haake Editor-in-Chief Twin City Printing Company Champaign, III. fr :% ' ' ' % To OUR DEAR. FRIENDS AND ClASSMATES, To THE SONS OF THIS STATE AND THE YOUTH OF THE NATION, WHO ARE SACRIFICING THEIR LI VES FOR THE ALMIGHTY BIG CAUSE OF HUMANITY IS THIS BOOK TENDERLY AND I0VINGLY DEDICATED I i II ' m mmm!mmmms immsmmmmimmmmsmmmm:im@ :J0 , ' : u It ia ' ' ' .ti ' ■i- i ' -. ;• ' , it ijtiWi: ' : jiS ' . i 1 C JK fn isvrL J- jia U Oncjfinccrinq rlall West Side 9hrk l: w murnham Jsihvarif, (yhampaidn mmm 9en GLok „- - ' ir- . piaiaiiiii " ? BhsK " S HJ moo ,., valor y I I i .lLiLiJ.LJ ' l ' om on s jL o vm i ho vxJ Oautn c arm • ' wmmam lincoln uiml ■ ■■« ' - V ' i vw-i- v.. _. r l-Ior-9 ,n Ta ' 0« •••••••••• •0A( mtmncQ «JLt» KJ C u . fw £tCt (PalL o o :-yPLJu I IL ' • y THE ILLINI SHARE IN THE GREAT WAR greeting to the Class of igi8 The year 1918 will be a memorable year in the history of the University of Illinois, in the history of the Commonwealth which created and fostered it, and in the history of the nation which gave the impetus for its foundation and organization, and which has contributed liberally toward its support. This University is one of those institutions which ought to be particularly proud of the circumstances connected. with its origin. It will be remembered that the American people were engaged in one of those great struggles, which, like mile stones, mark the highway of human progress. It was a very dark day in that mighty struggle; the friends of liberty and freedom throughout the world were greatly discouraged ; the friends of autocracy and privilege the world over rejoiced that the American democracy had gone to pieces; in these very darkest days the American people rose to the occasion and answered the hopes of its friends, and defied the desires of its enemies, by the Land Grant Law of July 2nd, 1862, providing for the greatest endowment for educational purposes that the world had ever seen, showing first, that it believed in its own future, and second, that it considered higher education as the corner stone of democratic government and democratic life. When we entered the great war in April, 1917, there was a lurking fear in the minds of some men, who did not know these institutions, that they might not respond to the hope of the nation expressed more than fifty years before in this organic act. The confidence of the American people however has been gloriously justified. Our own institution, the University of Illinois, in the very lead of all its sister institutions founded under this act has demonstrated by its course in the great war that the anticipations of the American democ- racy were sound. It has answered every call made upon it. Members of its student body, its alumni and its Faculty are already to be found in every camp and at every training post, even at the very front lines where battle will soon be joined. When the war is over and our boys come back, they will be received with great enthusiasm, and those who have been left behind on the blood-stained fields of Europe and Asia, will be cherished in loving and grateful memory. I do not need to stimulate the patriotism of the members of the class of 1918. I know that you will honor yourselves and your Alma Mater and the state and the country and humanity in all the fields where you may be called to work. Alma Mater sends you out with her blessing! EDMUND J. JAMES 17 y cAnd We Got the War Cross By Arthur A. Dailey A SHORT HISTORY OF THE ILLINOIS AMBULANCE UNIT IN FRANCE Twenty-two smooth shaven youths composing the Illinois unit of ambu- lance drivers with about fifty other units of the same caliber landed at Bor- deaux, France on Decoration Day after spending the time since May 19 trying to find the place on the Atlantic. For nearly three days during the search it was thought Bordeaux would never be found. During these three days the S. S. Chicago — meaning Suff ' ering Suspense Chicago — did everything but turn over and sink. And more than a few of the smooth shaven youths would have felt much better if it had. The trip over was disappointing. Not even one submarine was seen. The boys kidded themselves along once in awhile by putting on life belts, sleeping in the life boats, and staying on deck all night so they would have something to write home about. From Bordeaux the unit went directly to Paris and reported at the Amer- ican Field Service Headquarters, 21 Rue Raynouard. The American Field Service informed them that no more ambulances were to be obtained, and that the men intended for ambulance driving were to drive five ton Fierce-Arrow motor trucks. Then the Illinois unit decided to hold a meeting. After the meeting, at which Milt Silver presided, the entire unit enlisted with the American Red Cross as ambulance drivers, but swung back to the American Field Service when that organization promised them ambulances. That is all of them did with the exception of Grant Strathern, Gould Moore- head, Chuck Parks, Allen Brown, the Kritzer brothers, and Earle Cavette. They stayed with the Red Cross. While waiting in Paris to be sent to a training camp. Bud Gary broke his arm trying to crank a Ford, Mayer strained his back trying to lift one — (a Ford), and Cookson succeeded in getting in the Lafayette Escauadrille. With the ranks somewhat depleted the remnants of the unit spent twelve days in Paris and all their money before being sent to a training camp. The training camp was an old mill situated at May-en-Multen, a little vil- lage near Meaux. The ambulance training at this camp consisted in cleaning up the mill, the yard, and getting things in order for the next batch of rookies that were to follow. Then a French ofl ' icer came along and showed the boys how to salute and march par quatre according to the French method. After a week of training the boys were sent to Beauvais. At Beauvais we — (I ' m getting in now) — were given 20 ambulances, joined groups from Harvard University, the University of Chicago, a few unattached, and made up the 40 drivers of a complete sanitary section — S S U 65. The U signifies United States drivers. The French lieutenant. Lieutenant Blachot, and our chef — or captain — J. L. Thompson of Indianapolish, joined us at this place. The ambulances we took over were the big, four speed Berliets — not Fords. These cars held six men on the stretchers or ten men sitting. S S U 65 has the distinction of being the first American section to take over the regular French Army ambulances. 18 I ' Xwt © «r • We left Beauvais a week after our arrival and started for the front, mak- ing the trip in our ambulances. On our way up we passed through numerous towns, including Noyon and Soisson, that were a mass of ruins; complete ruins brought about by shell fire and the retreating Boche. We saw and in- spected miles and miles of French and German evacuated trenches and dug- outs. Some of the trenches were just ordinary ditches, while others, especially the dug-outs, were fitted up like first class apartments. We were in one system of evacuated German trenches that were walled and paved with brick; the dug-outs were wired for telephones and electric lights. And in one dug-out we found a Morris chair. The 68th division of the 10th Army of France was the first division we were attached to. S S U 65 was the sanitary section of this division. We joined this division at Courcelle, a little town about ten or twelve miles back of the lines. Here, we were entertained continually by numerous aeroplanes that swarmed over the trenches and the hundreds of shells that were fired at them by the anti-aircraft guns. During the nights the sky was studded by red, green, and white star shells. Both day and night we could hear the dull roar of the artillery a few miles away. At nights this roar became more intense. Being true Americans, we hung a large American flag in front of our can- tonment. An air raid by Boche planes followed three high ex plosive bombs dropped close to our sleeping quarters. The explosion shook us from our blankets, scared us to death, and in these few minutes visions of home came before our minds ' eye. Our lieutenant attributed the cause to the flag, and we took it down the next morning. The 4th of July was celebrated at Courcelle by a big feed and an enter- tainment. The feed consisted of soup, olives, celery, radishes, steak, French fried potatoes, lettuce, lobster salad with mayonnaise dressing, nuts, jam, cof- fee, cookies, and — and — pop. The entertainment consisted of a jazz band of Senegalais from South Africa, and wicked sword dances by French troops from Algeria. Up to this time S S U 65 wasn ' t anything more than a group of sight- seers, robbing the Cook ' s tours of one of their well regulated excursions. So far the worst enemy we had encountered was the trench itch. The trench itch PREPARED FOR U-BOATS. THE PREVENTION 19 v-llft. ■ r. y is a parlor name for what a dog generally has when a bath is given him. We hadn ' t any work to do — as far as hauling blesses were concerned. Occasionally, one of the boys hauled a fellow that had a toothache to a dentist or a fellow that had sore feet to a stream of water. But July 6th started us off on the work which we were sent to France to do. On July 6, Chris Gross, Earl Swain, Fisher, Ray Ganger, Pat Page, and myself were sent to V and reported to a French ambulance section we were to help out. From this place we crossed the Aisne river and picked up 20 stretcher-bearers at O . There was a field hospital at this place. We took the 20 men to poste de secour at P . And this trip initiated us into the thrills of modern warfare. Through a little valley past the French 75 ' s we tore. The 75 ' s barked and spit and even shook the very ground — together with our knees. The incoming Boche shells fascinated us as they exploded with a scrunching sound sending up geysers of earth and black smoke — fascinating us until we realized what they were and what they meant. The smell of powder puzzled us. The powder from the Boche shells smelled just like garlic. And cross my heart and hope to die, the shells from the French 75 ' s could actually be seen leaving the can- non and tearing through the air. We worked all that afternoon, all night, and the next morning hauling the wounded through the rain and mud across the Aisne to the base hospitals. There was only one bridge crossing the river at this point. The Boche knew this and shelled the bridge during the night. A piece of shell ripped through the hood and the engine of Ambulance 10, the car Earl Swain and Ray Gauger were driving, on one of the trips across the bridge. The next day we reported back to the section. Before we left we were given two days ' pay — ten cents each — or in other words a nickel a day. This, by the way, is a French soldier ' s pay. Two days later the entire section was ordered to V . We took over two postes — two postes along the Chemin des Dames. One was an artillery poste — a poste we all hated to go to as we never knew whether we ' d get back or not. The section was divided into two squads. One squad was on duty for 48 hours at the poste ; the other squad rested at the cantonment about three miles back of the lines and peeled potatoes. Every 48 hours the two squads changed places. The shift being made at 4:00 A. M. Two cars were stationed at the poste — no more were permitted on account of the danger from shell fire. The other cars in the squad evacuated the wounded from one hospital to another. When a car came down from the poste the first car in line at the evacuation hospital went up to the poste. In this way we had a chance to cool off and stop shaking. CHRIS GROSS WITH MACHINE WRECKED IN SERVICE 20 The first couple of weeks at the front were very exciting, although no acci- dents occurred to the men. Car 1, Page ' s and Talmadge ' s car was the first to leave our midst. The boys ran into a shell hole, going to the artillery poste one dark nij ht. The Boche gas was so bad that they decided to leave the car and look for a healthier climate. The next morning it was found that a shell had passed through the ambulance dur- ing the night. Good-bye Number 1. At the end of three weeks we were to be sent back of the lines for a rest. The day before we left the German Crown Prince had a notion he wanted to take the Chemin des Dames. He didn ' t do it, but he got 80 ' r of our divi- sion and a few cars with his heavy shell fire. This big attack — said by the French officers to be the worst the Chemin des Dames sector ever had — occurred on July 30 and 31. At one time during the night, the Boche got within 400 yards of our poste. the advance contingent of the attack A FEONT LINE TRENCH ON THE WESTERN FRONT, TAKEN BY ILLINI AMBULANCIERS IN FRANCE MAX UECUJIS LIEUT. OF S. S. U. SIXTY-FIVE. TENNIS CHAMPION OF FRANCE was cut off, taken prisoners, and shoved down in the cave — our poste was a cave under 30 feet of solid rock. One young German, who claimed he was 17 years old, didn ' t wait to be taken prisoner. He merely walked down in our cave and sur- rendered himself. Chris and I got brutal and cut off two of his coat buttons for souvenirs. Chris did the cutting. There were a number of prisoners taken that night and shoved down in the cave with us. Every one of them said they were hungry, in fact, starving. And they looked it. " They told us they had had nothing to eat for eight days except bread — and that bread had been captured from a French trench eight days before. Chris and I hauled a German Captain down to headquarters to be questioned. He tried to be a very nice fellow and feg : FIRST ENLISTED AMERICAN SOLDIER WOUNDED IN THE GREAT WAR AND IN EUROPE WHERE THE AMBULANCES WERE KEPT CROUEY, THE SCENE OF A FRENCH ARTILLERY POSTE WHICH WAS SUBJECTED TO FREQUENT CAS ATTACKS A CROUP OF POILUS IN THE TRENCHES y BO.MBIXG THE ROAH gave Chris and I each a gold tip- ped cigarette. He even went so far as to invite Milt Silver to visit him at his home in Germany after the war. General Mulvel decorated the boys about Aug- ust 10 with the croix de guerre medal for their work and devo- tion to duty dur- ing the attacks which they went through in July. Our division, that is, what was left of it, was present at our decoration. They stood at present arms as the General pinned the war cross on our colors and at the same time the divi- sion band played the Star-Spangled Banner. The day was misty and the vacant ranks of our mud caked division added a touch of sadness to the occa- sion. Our repos was three weeks. At the end of three weeks we were given Fiat cars and joined a division made up of Alpine Chauseurs ( " Blue Devils of France " ) and the negroes from South Africa and the Senegalais. The Chauseurs are fine fellows, every one of them, and terrible fighters. The Senegalais are not only terrible fighters with their long heavy sharp knives, but they are comical. They couldn ' t speak English but they could yell " Oskee-wow-wow " better than we could. They liked that yell. Hawley Smith taught it to them. From then on we were to them and called by them — " Wow- wow " . We returned to the same front we were on before. And Earl Swain and Fisher went to Salonika. The fighting was not as severe along the Chemin des Dames after our return to that sector as it was the first time we worked on it. However, bad luck joined us. We lost one of our comrades; and two in our ranks were wounded. Bent- ley, a likeable and well thought of chap from Chi- cago was killed on the night of September 14th, as he was pass- ing along a road in full view of the German trenches. The Germans shelled the road. A piece of shell struck Bentley above the left sho u 1 d e r and lodged over his heart. He died two days later. jfaAwitl will I III! Ill I wmmmk BETWEEN THE TRENCHES IN NO-MAN S LAND •g( y CAMOUFLAGE IS THE REAL THING ON A UOAD WITHIN THE FRENCH LINES Ricks, the chap that was riding with Bentley, was severely wounded. His left arm will be useless the rest of his life. Ricks was an enlisted man in the U. S. Ambulance service. His name heads the list as the first U. S. enlisted soldier to be wounded on the battle field of France. Featherstone, an enlisted man from California, sat on a piece of a gas shell one night and, as a consequence, he was severely burned about the body. One week later the boys were given their choice of enlisting in the ambu- lance service for the duration of the war or returning home. Milt Silver and Ray Ganger enlisted. The rest of us returned home and entered branches of service we liked better. It might be well to mention that we did not go out on the battle fields and pick up the wounded. The wounded were brought to the poste de secours by stretcher bearers. The postes were beyond the French light artillery and situ- ated about 800 or 1000 yards from the German trenches. The blesses received a hurry up dressing at the poste before we put them in our ambulances and drove them to the field hospitals. The field hospitals were from three to six miles back of the lines. From the field hospitals the wounded were removed to the base hospitals. The base hospitals were from six to fifteen miles back of the lines. But the twenty-two smooth shaven youths composing the Illinois unit of ambulance drivers were not that way in France. Every durned one of us tried to raise a mustache. OFF TO THE FRONT AFTER A WEEK EN REPOSE ■« •9( ssemblement (Air: " I ' m a member of the Souse Family " ) y We came old top to drive an ambulance Not to drive a truck or dip: a ditch fo» ' France ; Piatt says, " You dirty ambusques You Kot work for France in a hun- dred different way. CHORUS Resemblement, Kaurde-vous En avon marche, like the Frenchmen do. Une, deux, trois, quattre What the hell do you think of that We never used to do like this at home. But we said NO. We can t be sold. You srotta lot of ambulances we ' ve been told You may be clever, but you ' re not that slick So take your five ton busses and jump in the creek. We went to May, then to Beauvais Where they taujjht us how to drive a Berliet ; Tout de suite chocolate ; quacke, quacke. omelet We never used to talk like this at homo. (Chorus) From Passel to Les Mensil Where we watched a battle from the barb-wire on the hill. We tore our pants on a piece of rusty wire, And we shivered like a hula when we heard the Boches fire. ' ( Chorus ) •d I ssemblement We had our fill that nijjht upon the hill So en avon marche aurevoir to Les Mensil ; At Courcelle the avoins found us and hysterically bound us As bombs dropped all around us at their will. (Chorus) " ' ar ti ( . - ' . ■ :ji 2 Our crabbing ' s o ' er ' cause we ' ve smelled gore : At Vendresse we were shelled as we were never shelled before From Passey we drove our flivers to St. Gilles across the river And we ' re always sure to shiver when we hear the cannon roar. (Chorus) Through shot and shell we drove very well On July 30th and the 31st as well The army says: " We ' ll cite old 65, They went through Hell and they all came out alive, (Chorus) Let ' s sing a toast to Section 65 Who never brought a couche or an assis in alive ; We get no meat and we get no jam And for our sou- chefs we don ' t give a damn. (Chorus) AirrHUK- A DAiLcv - i 29 mmm U. S. A. A. S. 6 og, 6io, 6ii During the last semester of the year 1916-17 three ambulance units, numbers 109, 110, and 111, consisting of about thirty-six men each, were made up at the University of Illinois under the direction of Mr. Jordan. On July third after they had been recruited up to the strength of ninety-two men they received orders to entrain for Allentown, Penn. That evening they were entertained by the Rotary Club of Champaign and the following morning they started on the first lap of their journey towards Berlin. Since then Unit 609, formerly 109, has been sent to France and is now in active service. Sections 610 and 611 are. however, still at Allentown. and althnncrh many riimnred stprts hnvo SO i: been made none have materialized. They have been kept in training and it ia expected that final orders will be received some time in the early spring. Among the men prominent on the campus who comprise the three units are ' Nic ' Nichols, business manager of The Daily Illini, now First Lieutenant in service in France; ' Chief " Healy, editor-elect of the Siren and campus journalist, also a First Lieutenant in France: Phil Spink, captain-elect of the Varsity Track Team ; " Duce " Hart, business manager-elect of The Daily mini ; " Hal " Beardsley, campus playwright and journalist : " Red " Gunkel, Varsity pitcher on several 1000% teams; Marc Goldman, editor of the Illinois Magazine; " Hap " Harland, business manager of the Illinois Agriculturist ; Don Atkinson ' 18, Ted Hotter ' 19, Emory Barkow ' 19, and Bob Gieser ' 19. Hi I i f ft y! JL - UH RELICS PICKED UP ON THE FIELD OF BATTLE BY MEMBEB OF S. S. U. SIXTY-FIVE DESOLATE FRANCE GERMAN MACHINE GUN AND OTHER I M P L K- M E N T S OF WAR BROUGHT TO THE COUNTRY BY MEMBERS OF S. S. U. SIXTY-FIVE. ow X I 11 eXUR, y - r — r HRIS GROSS swung ambulance number 12 around the last turn in the Vendresse road. I was sitting on the seat with Chris. " Chris — Chris — " I whispered, " do you think that we ' ll ever get there? " " Don ' t know — I ' m giving her all the gas she will take. " Chris opened her up and headed down the road, hoping that we would get across the Aisne river before anything happened. Every minute counted so we didn ' t even take time to go around the shell holes — we merely jumped them. On each side of us along the road were the barking and spitting French 75 ' s, while just above us were the Boche observation balloons watching every inch of the road. " They ' re watching us Chris, " I hollered, " They ' ll get us sure. Can ' t you get more speed out Look! Look! Just ahead of us I spotted the results of one small shell. Two horses were lying dead at the side of the road. Their blood had run across the path of the ambulance and stained the leaves of the trees that had also been felled by the shell. " Chris— Chris— " I cried, " Good Lord " " Br-Br-Br-Br-, " roared the motor instead of Chris ' customary answer. Faster and faster we bounced over the remaining stretch of road. On all sides of us were the results of shelling. They cluttered up the road and caused us to slow down and at times to stop. Would we ever get out of this thing? Finally we crossed the bridge over the Aisne and pulled up at our destin- ation. We swung down from our car and rushed into the cantonment. " Golly Chris, " I said as I helped myself to some of the jam. " I didn ' t think we ' d get here, did you? " " Nope — didn ' t, " he answered chewing a hunk of horse, " you know, Mike that ' s what I call a narrow escape. " And it was. We darn near missed our lunch. y THE KITCHEN AT P03SEL 38 ; f - " SSi I In spite of many obstacles, Major E. W. McCaskey, our new Commandant, succeed- ing Colonel Mearns, has managed this year to make the military department the most efficient it has been in the history of the University. Last year, under Colonel Mearns, who was then a Major, the brigade on inspection day was for the third time given honorable mention, which meant that it would receive new equipment from the government. During the middle of the sec- ond semester the new rifles came, the latest improved model Springftelds. The whole department was overjoyed, especially the cadets, because it meant carrying four pounds less, besides many other minor ad- vantages. Their joy was short lived, how- ever. The pressing need of equipment at the various cantonments throughout the country made it necessary for the govern- ment to recall its generous gift to the University. This II. AU IIKAKKKS J MAP SKETCHING was done almost imme- diately and the brigade found itself without rifles of any sort. This was the situation that confronted the Major at the beginning of the year. In addition, when Colonel Mearns left he took with him the off i- cers who had been his able assistants through- out the year. This alone was catastrophe enough but it didn ' t stop the Major. He was fortunate enough to be able to retain three reg- ular army Sergeants, two of whom have since i LIEUT. BROWN LIEUT. FKAKES • SERG. DORR MAJOR MC CASKEY been commissioned, and with their help he went right after the job of making soldiers out of freshmen. The government regulation making every cadet a member of the Reserve Officers ' Training Corps, and the call for more and efficient officers caused the Major to adopt the policy of giving the student officers every possible chance to make good. An extra day of drill was given them and they were encouraged to take part in the officers ' drill given every night in addition to the regular regimen- tal drill. Besides this an extra class in military tactics was worked into the schedule. This aditional intensive training was bound to have an effect. In the call for the third officers ' training camp, Lhe University was able to furnish many more tnan its original quota, and nearly all of these men are making good. But the greatest change is in the attitude of the students themselves toward the mili- tary department. The fact that they feel that they are accomplishing something and can see the results adds a new in- terest to the drilling that was never pres- ent before. COLONEL MEARNS I I ARTHUR N. LIES THE HAZELTON PRIZE The annual competitive drill was done, away with temporarily last spring on account of the decrease in the size of each company. However, the Hazelton Gold Medal was awarded to the best sol- dier in the freshman class. Arthur N. Lies was awarded the prize for the year ending May, 1918. SENATOR LEWIS AND DEAN KINLEY REVIEW THE BRIGADE THE BRIGADE PASSING IN REVIEW «S5 TAil.Ult BRIGHAM SCHKEIBER FAIRMAN YEAGER MC CASKEY LUNIIGREN KALTHOFF S.NELL GR03SBERG JUNIOR ACTING MAJORS AND CAPTAINS FULTON IJODENSCHATZ NELSON NACEL SMILEY MC NAUCHTON I ' .ROWN BLAIK KOUPAL PATTON STICE BEIDLER FELDMAN HENNINC DORY JONES THOMAS BICKEL CORNEILSON ARMSTRONG RISLEY WATTS SCHNELUIACHER MORTON DOWNS FISCHER CUTLER TARBOX 42 i y I JUNIOR LIEUTENANTS NORTON CARTER HULL HUDSON mcKSON HAGER COHEN DE VOE PAPPMEIER MARSTELLER SCHMELTZER THORNTON MEANS F. KEEPERS THAL BLACK BARAGLIA HOLLINCaWORTH BISHOP SHAPE ELLINGTON WENCKE SPARKS GAYLORD IIEYDUCK MEEK L. KEEPERS MC LAl ' GIILIN SCANLAN BENNETT MC CASKEV SHAW LOWERY BROOKS CORIKTN SOPHOMORE NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS HARVEY KENNEDY RAUP RISLEY IIERWIG GRAY ROWE SEIUEL HOUGH REIDLE NELSON M. MC MAHON LIES NELSON PEARCE MEYER BURKE VOGT ANDREN SWIFT SCHMIDT MASSOCK MITTLEMAN BAILEY CHRITTON CREBS ARNOLD YORK STAMM TILDEN SONTAG SMITH HAZELTON GARDINER MEDER CULI.IN s ! brigade Officers FIRST REGIMENT OFFICERS Charles Fairman, Colonel E. R. Brigham, Lieutenant-Colonel W. J. RiSLEY, Adjutant FIRST BATTALION J. P. ScHNELLBACHER, Acting Major C. J. SCANI.ON, Adjutant i Company " A " T. H. Armstrong, Captain K. Sparks, First Lieutenant K. M. Miller, Second Lieutenant Company " B " S. C. Greene, Captain W. R. Bishop, First Lieutenant Company " C " N. Thomas, Captain J. Brooks, First Lieutenant W. C. Hanawalt, Second Lieutenant Company " D " V. P. Dory, Captain W. Bloodgood, F irst Lieutenant SECOND BATTALION N. O. Taylor, Major A. Watts, Acting Major Company ' " E " C. F. Henning, Captain H. Dunn, First Lieutenant Company " F " L. E. Murray, Captain W, M. Carter, First Lieutenant Company " G " B. K. Brown, Captain F. S. Hagab, First Lieutenant Company " H " D. A. Blair, Captain A. Ellington, First Lieutenant L. E. Heyduck, Second Lieutenant THIRD BATTALION L. H. SCHREIBER, Major H. Whitney, Acting Major G. S. McLaughlin, Adjutant Company " I " C. A. McNaughton, Captain B. S. Zuckerman, First Lieutenant Company " J " O. A. Stice, Captain D. L. Marstellar, First Lieutenant H. W. Hudson, Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Company N. Feldman, Captain A. V. Baraglia, First Lieutenant B. Bartos, Second Lieutenant B. H. Smith, Regimental Sergeant-Major Company " L " A. F. Thal, Captain E. J. Hanaford, First Lieutenant Company " M " L. M. TORRENCE, Captain ,1. R. Spencer, First Lieutenant Headquarters Company W. J. RiSLEY, Captain Supply Company H. BiEDLER, Captain lieutenant colonel BRIGHAM colonel fairman 44 brigade Officers SECOND REGIMENT OFFICERS F. C. Kalthofp, Colonel L. E. Yeac.f.r, lAcutrnant-Coloncl B. F. Skinner, Adjutant FIRST BATTALION A. H. Morton, Acting Major Company " A " Company " C " L. H. Cutler, Captain T. L. Jones, Captain W. EiNBECKEB, f ' irxt Lii ' iitrnant T. H. Hull, First Lieutinant E. R. Doval, Second Lieutenant Company ' D " Company " B " r Mallory, Captain C. J. Kreidler, Captain T. F. Cox, First Lieutenant F. E. Paulsen, First Lieutenant L. Dickson, Second Lieutenant A. G. Black, Acting Captain- SECOND BATTALION C. E. Snell, Major M. B. Downs, Acting Major W. W. Means, Adjutant Company " E " J. J. BiCKEL, Captain D. W. McGill, First Lieutenant P. R. Hollincsworth, Second Lieutenant Company " F " P. W. CORNELISON, Captain P. W. Gaylobd, First Lieutenant C. Pappmier, Second Lieutenant THIRD BATTALION F. E. LUNDGREN, Major Company " I " E. J. Smiley, Captain P. A. Neibercai.l, First Lieutenant W. F. Keepers, Second Lieutenant Company " K " N. L. Rice, Captain R. R. Thompson, First Lieutenant Engineering Company C. A. Nagel, Captain C. B. SCHMELTZER, First Lieutenant S. P, ViDAL, Second Lieutenant Company " G " J. H. Andrews, Captain F. H. Lalt er, Second Lieutenant Company " H " W. G. KouPAL, Captain E. C. Bennett, First Lieutenant I. P. Cohen, Second Lieutenant Company " L " A. H. Bodenschatz, Captain W. Shaw, First Lieutenant W. L. Keeper, Second Lieutenant Company " M " L. M. Patton, Captain M. E. Thornton, First Lieutenant T. H. Brock, Second Lieutenant Signal Company R. E. Fulton, Captain V. A. Wenke, First Lieutenant Z. Odenkirk, Second Lieutenant HEAIHiUARTERS COMPANY B. F. Skinner, Captain colonel kalthoff 1 ueutenant colonel grossberg y Military T ay EKCINEEriiNt; CJRPS DUILDINC A BEIDGE l» THE RUINS OF THE BATTLE m I i][ I glLLIOB C B S S [■ ■1 11 H H 13 11 S S II II n Edmund Janes James President of the University • ]HIOI«OHi: 3-J- 49 na JS 3BL BILLIOBC oard of Trustees I MEMBERS EX-OFFICIO Hon. Frank O. Lowden Governor of Illinois Hon. J. E. Taggert President of the State Board of Agriculture Hon. Francis G. Blair Superintendent of Public Instruction 11 ImI g {■ H liJ ELECTED MEMBERS TERM 1913-1919 Cairo A. Trimble, Princeton John R. Trevett, Champaign Florence E. Watson, Tuscola TERM 1915-1921 Robert F. Carr, Chicago Lauba B. Evans, Taylorville Robert R. Ward, Benton TERM 1917-1923 William L. Abbott, Chicago Mary E. Busey, Urbana Otis W. Hoit, Geneseo u HI 111 s in m m HI [ m IS OFFICERS OF THE BOARD William L. Abbott President Harrison E. Cunningham Secretary Edmund D. Hulbert, Chicago Treasurer Lloyd Morey Acting Comptroller ' Ji 5BI. ai-oi-OHi: } so =riL iijLLioac Council of oAdministration Edmund Janes James, Ph.D., LL.D. President oj the University David Kinley, Ph.D., LL.D. Vice President of the University Dean oi the Graduate School and Professor of Economics Eugene Davenport, M. Agr., LL.D. Dean of the College of Agriculture Director of Agricultural Extension Service and Professor of Thremmatology ' «! .a ■11 Thomas Arkle Clark, B.L. Dean of Men and Professor of Rhetoric Kendric Charles Babcock, B.Lit., Ph.D. Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Frederick Brown Moorehead, A.B., D.D.S., M.D. Dean of the College of Dentistry and Professor of Oral Surgery and Pathology Albert Chauncy Eycleshymer, Ph.D., M.D. Dean of the College of Medicine Professor of Anatomy and Head of the Department of Anatomy Nathan Austin Weston, Ph.D. Acting Dean of the College of Commerce and Business Administration and Assistant Professor of Economics Fanny Cook Gates, Ph.D. Dean of Women Henry Winthrop Ballantine, LL.D. Dean of the College of Law and Professor of Law 1 J a s E 111 ® Si II P Charles Russ Richards, M.M.E. Dean of the College of Engineering Director of Engineering Experiment Station Professor of Mechanical Engineering ■ J JBS ]HI©I«HC 3sr 61 i JEE IILLIOBC n DEAN KINLEY Dean Kinley has taken an active part in almost all of ttie war activities in tiie University and has had much to do with national activities. He is chairman of the Y. M. C. A. War Fund Committee and of the War Committee of the University. He is representing the University interests in The United States School of Military Aeronautics and has done much to make the school the best of i ts kind in the country. Dean Kinley is also Editor of the " War Studies " of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and has edited several articles on economic problems I ' egarding the war. a a s a E E E E E E S DEAN DAVENPORT Dean Davenport is a member of the Federal Commission on the cost of producinj milk and the settle- ment of prices in regard to milli monopolies. He has written several articles and has advanced num- erous theories for the handling of such situations during the war. Besides taking an active part in the promotion of war-time measures to increase production, both scientific and practical, he has become an advisor to the Agriculture Department of the Federal Government. He has been instru- mental in helping the farmers throughout the state to meet the demands for larger production and has had published numerous articles regard- ing crops and their production. i.«iJiiS DSIOI I? :® 52 HILLIOB S ® ® [f [¥ 11 ¥ DEAN CLARK Dean Clark has undertaken to compile, as near as possible, a record of all the Illini men in the service. At the opening of colIeKe he sent out cards of inquiry to the parents of men registered last year who did not return this fall, and he sent some five thousand cards to graduates of the Uni- versity, asking for personal information in refer- ence to the service. Placards were also placed in Y. M. C. A huts in all the cantonments asking former students to write. A Christmas greeting was sent to all the men in the service whose addresses were known. Since then Dean Clark has written a personal letter to every Illinois man in the service. Letters, clippings, and photographs regarding the men in the service have been compiled and a com- plete and permanent record will be kept of all Illinois men, who have been in the service of the U. S. during the Great War. DEAN BABCOCK Dean Babcock arranged and devised several courses bearing upon war-history, first aid, languages for soldiers, and geology which pertains to soldiers [ and nurses. He is chairman of the Senate Com- H H mittee on War Loans the Bp P HH the second semester he managed the War Saving B V Stamp Campaign which was carried on in the Uni- H K ■ He was also a the HH |Ht B the Y. M. C. A. for the use of the Aviation School. m » - SK» B__, ' " has served as a member of the committee on H — h I IHIP ' SP ' ' VB »mmim , g adjustment of the relations of students with- r T ' ' ' i ' H drawing for military Hi 111 (1 SI H Isl H H HI ® a ]SIOI [ " ISE 63 3UL ' BILLIOB isr S S s B [i] a H a n DEAN EYCLESHYMER Dean Eycleshymer has been selected by the War Department to prepare a book on Applied Anatomy for field use. The new work will be a isocket volume and will contain material of strictly surjjical character. Dean Eycleshymer is the author of a Cross-Section Anat- omy which is now used extensively on the western front in determining the extent of wounds caused by projectiles, and the location of these projectiles within the body. In addition to this, he is at present serving as a member of the Illinois State Council of Defense. DEAN MOOREHEAD Dean Moorehead has taken an active part in war work as a member of the General Committee on Dentistry which has had charge of the mobilization of all dental activities in relation to the present war program. He also is Chair- man of the Committee on Dental Edu- cation and Dental Institutions ; Chair- man, General Committee on Dentistry, Illinois State Council of Defense, and a member of the Exemption Board, Chi- cago. The Committee on Dental Edu- cation and Dental Institutions, with the cooperation of the Deans of the dental colleges of the country, succeeded in securing the exemption of dental stu- dents by securing them the privilege of enlistment in the Enlisted Reserve Corps of the Medical Department. This .same Committee organized special cour- ses in military oral surgery in various sections of the country. 11 s ■ iH HI ■1 ' f ' ][£iioi @i: a 54 isiujLoac ,7! .i «] ' a •«] il il DEAN WESTON Dean Weston has by forceful intiative and con- scientious endeavor furthered the work of the various committees on War Service in the Uni- versity district. In addition to having aided ' di- rectly and indirectly in the campaigns of the Com- mittees for Y. M. C. A. funds, Armenian Relief, Liberty Bonds, and Thrift Certificates, he now holds the position of General Chairman of War Divisional Committee No. 6, a committee which is directly concerned with the carrying on of such war work in this district as is connected with the School of Military Aero- nautics. DEAN GATES The fact that Dean Gates has been absent from the University since November first has pre- vented her from participating in the more recent war activities. However, she has been active in furthering the work of the Belgian Relief Com- mittee and the Y. M. C. A campaigns as well as aiding directly in such work as that of the Red Cross Relief which has been undertaken by the girls of the University. ' ' cW i; U ® s ® a i i JBs: DSIOI BI asr 66 m j: L BILHOB . Hi a B B B B m B B B ® DEAN BALLANTINE Dean Ballantine has by his legal advise given in connection with the work of the examining board of this exemption district pi-oved invaluable to the students and residents of the University community, sev- eral hundred of whom are subject to national service. In addition to this work he is also a member of the Committee on Publications of War Leaflets and has further aided by helping to carry on the campaigns for the Y. M. C. A. Fund and the sale of Liberty Bonds. DEAN RICHARDS The chief work in connection with war activities that has been undertaken by Dean Richards was that of making arrangements for the School of Military Aeronautics here at the University. Dean Richards was the prime mover in the organization of the technical work of the school. In an indirect way he has also aided the war work as a member of the Board of Consulting Engineers for Fuel Conservation and Publicity and as an adviser to the Bureau of Mines and Fuel Administration. The material for the series of circulars published by the Engineering Experiment Station of the University, and dealing with fuel storage and fuel utilization in small plants and on railways had its inception in his office. One of the chief results attained by the department has been the discovery and perfection of the method of recovery of iron pyrites, the supply of which has been cut off due to submarine activity. The method of heating the national army canton- ments was also devised in the office of the Dean. Arrangements for the series of War Lectures given at the University were under the direction of Dean Richards. a H m SI m B B B a B B 1 B JBE ]aioi«BC S6 H JS 3lL HILLIOB i I f I B s [a a (S H E WILLIAM B. DAY Acting Dean of the School of Pharmacy Dean Day is a member of the Committee on Status of Pharmacists in the Government Set-vice appointed by the American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation. This Committee is enKaj?ed in providing adequate pharmaceutical service for the Army throuj h the organization of a pharmaceutical corps as a division of the medical department. The War Department has no definite organization and it is hoped that the Committee will be instru- mental in furthering legislation to this effect. Dean Day is also a member of the Committee on Federation of National and State Pharmaceut- ical Orj:ranizations which aims to unite the phar- maceutical activities of the country in order that most efficient aid can be given to carry on the war. u 11 H H SI m m a [§ SI a ® SCHOOL OF IlENTISTRY, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS CHICAGO DEPARTMENT B Ji 3H1_ SlIOI BC 67 : i! ii; S " 3 Ml SltLIOBC. WAKM LIGHTS BECKONING n. 68 ■ II SI EI S 1 H i 1 S : =iiL Ml 1 u HILLIOM T2£ 2sr " BEGINNING Commencement ' Day The 1917 Graduation processional winding its way to the Auditorium between rows of silken flag markers, reflected in a picturesque way the spirit of the occasion. The usual tumult and commotion gave way to a more serious atitude, an attitude which was manifest throughout the entire Commencement and which grew more and more impressive as the speaker, Dr. William Chandler Bagley, pictured those of the gradu- ation class who were absent in training camps and other fields of active military ser- vice. The sunshine and the glory of a perfect June day, giving way to a thunder storm just as the exercises ended, caused the last farewells to be made in the foyer of the Auditorium. The Commencement of the Class of 1917, however different it may have been in spirit, nevertheless carried with it the unexpressable joy and the tinge of sorrow of every college commencement. a lal 11 SI SI ® a OF THE END. 3BV. }SIOI @I 69 2Hr aSL DSIULIOHC 111 [il H SI m ill AFTER GRADUATION— WHAT- sioi ac THE aar 60 i! I ' JS HILLIO]- TH£ lar 3Aa- ' wan-dd SENIOR HONORARY SOCIETY Founded at the University of Illinois 1912 Henry Scovell Beardsley Harold Boeschenstein Arthur Aloysius Dailey Charles Fairman Harry Wilson Gibson Joel Waring Greene George Stanley Halas Marion Murphy Hart William Carleton Healey Merle Raymond Husted John Leo Klein Reynold Rudolph Kraft Newman Romero Elmer Theo Rundquist George Elmer Salladin, Jr. Marion Collier Troster Russell Sherman White Lawrence Morse Winters I9r7-I9l8 r ItnmUy. H «ry StM-fl Boeschnntiiii. iUroU PoJhy. Ailftuf lUcysiiis fitirmaii, fhnries ui( st i. Harrv WUsoii Gnecitf. ilod WirlnjJ llAlas. Oi?c rfie StAtib ' ffarl. Maii ii Morphy HtiM l. M. ' ' -k Rjvtnc» J Hk-iii.Jolin Ux ttmrri noUIAKlotpli S.iIkiittnrHi E huinlJr J 5S1. SIOI HII a 61 3SL 3HILXIOBC ' J ' hi Tfelta si SENIOR GIRLS HONORARY SOCIETY Founded at the University of Illinois 1900 ' OAO) .atwi Ottlbot Zelomia Ainsworth Eunice Badger Jennis Barry Dorothy Doty Erna Goldschmidt Rowena Kohl Maude Marks Catherine Needham LUCILE PlERSON Theresa Samuels Francele Sargent Gertrude Sawyer Bertha Stein Rachel Talbot Ruth Wikoff 11 SI SI ]BIOI«HC SI 2j-r 62 ■ - ' ' IILLIOBC Senior Class Officers ill ® ® a T " ■ FIRST SEMESTER H. E. Matson President Ruth Wikofp Vice President H. W. Hancock jTreasttrer Catherine Needham Secretary SECOND SEMESTER Leo Klein President Zelomia Ainsworth Vice Presidnt Theresa Samuels Secretary R. H. Mallory F. H. Pearson L. B. Wedge L. J. Westeniia -er W. E. Haynfj Francella Sargent Ruth McElkiney RowENA Kohl Gladys Naden Ruth Wikoff Helen Davis Senior Class Committees SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE G. E. Salladin, Chairman John Ogg A. D. Ladehoff R. E. McKeever Charles Fairman E. W. Anderson C. J. Kreidler R. R. Kraft A. L. Kune W. C. ElCHHORN SENIOR BREAKFAST COMMITTEE Mary A. Lyman, Clwiirman Eunice Badger Elizabeth Witbeck Lucile Pierson Dorothy Doty W. T. ElTTER E. R. Brigham R. E. Sperry F. C. Kalthoff F. Sailer J. W. BiRCHARD Alma Gerlach til [ll II a SI a [ii a n n mkoff Needham IHL 55n. j-r _ SIULIOBC Senior Committees SENIOR INVITATION COMMITTEE WILSON JIILLER OLSON MOKKIS WITBECK RAITHEL NOLAN DOOCV PEARSON SAMLTELS PERRY BANQUET COMMITTEE BARNES FOULKE PEIRSON PULCIPHER SH0NKW:LER HAYES WHITE SARGENT AINSWORTH BADGER FLOCK NEEDHAM SI m m SI SI SI SI SI SMOKER COMMITTEE BYRA CLARAHAN SCOVILLE MACKOVEC MERCER REID HALL HOREN OGG WILLITS HALAS EVANS NEWCOIIB J3 581. BIOI HC T5E HSr 64 liiiiiiMifeldHliiiilili _ISE I 8 IHIiULOM TEE ® a a s a ® [Mi d ImI ® 11 ® u J5c :®ioi oBc H 3SU- 65 JB BIJLLIOB c a a a a a ' ? ■1 [ 1 s 11 S! I JSE DBIOI BC 66 JSl aTn. -a III.LIOBC iar S a ® ® H fil (Ml H in IS E ® III 111 ® lie nsioi sL n® 67 Jmn BILJLIO® ® ® il ® a E 11 DBIOI I D EPABT AENT5 [915 i i LA 5 C0MKE2CE ENGIAfEEBINQ AQ2ICULTUI2E LAW MUSIC LIBI2AI2Y EDUCATION Q2ADUATE TKUMSEH- I I I Seniors Alice Nowell Ackert, AAn Dixon Af riculturc, Household Science Yo Ma ; Junior Illinae Advisory Board. Leota Valentine Adams Princeville Liberal Arts and Sciences Household Science Country Life Club; Y. W. C. A., First Cabinet (4). Warren David Adams Scales Mound Engineering, Architectural Madalane Zelomia Ainsworth ASA, 4 ' A Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Masl and Bauble ; Illiola ; Student Council Wo- men ' s League (3) ; 1918 Illio Staff, Dramatic Editor : Illinois Magazine Staff, Assistant Wo- man ' s Editor (,3), Woman ' s Editor (4) ; Siren Staff (3); Summer Illini Staff (1), Woman ' s Editor (2) ; Senior Pin Committee; Barbecue Committee (3) ; Senior Banquet Committee (4) ; Vice President Junior Class; Cast: " The Mob " (2), " Much Ado About Nothing " (1) : " A Pair of Sixes " (3) ; Student Opera, " Keep To The Right " . Kathryn Albaugh, on Berwyn Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Women ' s Athletic Association ; Household Science Club. Chester Leon Albee Ui ' bana Agriculture Hoof and Horn Club; Class Football (4). Harriet Horton Allen, xe Delavan Agriculture, Household Science Household Science Club. Hester Ada Allen, xe Delavan Agriculture, Household Science Jamesonian ; Household Science Club ; Class Bas- ketball (1), (2). (3), (4). Mabel Altpeter Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Ruth Amelia Alverson Urban a Liberal Arts and Sciences Illiola ; Preliminary Honors. t B il;... «■ ,£9«4 «:. ;jii« ' ; «u. ' « »3c!St£»a d ' m: msm:mi jm:3mi i ! ;iL-jm : ::%3t:i,rLtf i;yti Ji-ff s .ii II f (» » ' ■ JK- lEl lj HC -T2E JHILLIOS Seniors m ill! Ernest Anastassiades Athens, Greece Engineering, Civil Le Cercle Fi ancais. BiRDINA MARGUERITTE ANDERSON Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Carl Leonard Anderson, Iris, Br 2 Hudson, Wisconsin Com merce. Civil Secretary Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4) ; Staff Captain in Uni- versity Brigade (4). Earl William Anderson, 4 ' T Charleston Liberal Arts and Sciences Freshman Varsity Basketball; Freshman Varsity Track. Edla Victoria Anderson DeKalb Agriculture, Household Science Women ' s Glee Club ; Gregorian ; Country Life Jennie Anderson Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Liberal Arts and Sciences, Pre-medic Bethany Circle ; Chemical Club. Roy Anderson Winnebago Agriculture, Dairy Husbandry Class Track (1), (2) : Class Football (2). Alberta Andrews, iib Pana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Robert Eugene Andrews, k Evanston Agriculture Sachem ; Junior Councilman Illinois Student Union ; Junior Prom Committee (3) ; Homecom- ing Committee (3), (4) ; Captain in University Brigade (4). Ruth Andrews, Achoth Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Women ' s Athletic Association, Advisory Board (4) ; Y. W. C. A. Second Cabinet (3) ; Executive Council Woman ' s League (4) ; Class Hockey (2), (3). (4) ; Class Basketball (2). (3), (4). Captain (3), Manager (4) ; Class Baseball (2). (3), (4) ; Vice President Senior Ulinae. Transfer from Northwestern University. Ill m I ' JaiJJ JJLQjHt Seniors Robert Horatio Antoszewski Cosniopolitaii Glencoe Liberal Arts and Sciences Adelphic ; Scribbler ' s Club ; Polonia : First Place University Oratorical Contest (3) ; Representa- tive Northern Oratorical League Contest (3) ; Representative State Peace Contest (4) ; First Lieutenant i n University Brigade. Clara Grace Armington, i:K, .mka Dixon Music Yo Ma; Illiola ; Student Council Woman ' s League; Preliminary Honors. James Landreth Ash Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Liberal Arts and Sciences Hazel Attebery Hillsboro Liberal Arts and Sciences Volunteer Band ; First Cabinet Y. W. C. A. ; Class Hockey (2), (3), (4) ; Advisory Board Junior Illinae. Eunice Louise Badger, bA Ithaca, New York Liberal Arts and Sciences Alethenai ; Women ' s Athletic Association : Hockey Team (1). (2). (3), (4); Senior Banquet Com- mittee ; Treasurer, Junior lUinae (3) ; President, Senior lUinae (4) . Earl Bailey, ex Decatur Commerce, General Business Nellie Allison Balch, ami Lerna Agriculture, Household Science Velda Bamesberger, Aon Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Women ' s Athletic Association; Class Hockey (1), (3), Captain (4); Class Basketball (3), (4); Senior Advisory Council (4) . EuTH Lillian Barnes, AAII Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Winifred Barnes, ae Kansas City, Missouri Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Student Council Woman ' s League ; Women ' s Ath- letic Association, Treasurer ( 4 ) ; Household Science Club; Class Bowling (1). (2), (3), (4) ; Class Baseball (2), (3) ; First Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Senior Banquet Committee. J IBIOI OHC E5tr 71 no. u [i [i [i [1 ® Seniors Jennis Eulalia Barry, r B, A Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Alethenai ; Girls Stunt Show (4) ; First Cahinet Y. W. C. A. (2), (3), (4) ; President Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Geneva Club. Ruth Porter Bartholomew, Axn Table Grove Liberal Arts and Sciences Illiola. John Thaddeus Batson Marshall Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chester Randall Bear, k , ak p Ludlow Commerce, General Business Owen Chauncey Beatty, sn sterling Agriculture Ruth Marie Beck, Adn Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Edith May Bell Milton, Iowa Liberal Arts and Sciences Beulah Beiatrice Bentley, xe Clinton Liberal Arts and Sciences Executive Council Woman ' s League. Cora Berger, AXn Davenport, Iowa Liberal Arts and Sciences Yo Ma ; Le Cercle Francais ; Second Cabinet Y. W. C, A. (4) ; Advisory Board Sophomore Illinao. Louis Rolland Berner, ex, i ' A4 ' Indianapolis, Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chemical Club ; Preliminary Honors. IhI 13 HI IS IS ® [S IS IS s ' I if 11 SI SI n Paul Ruytter Berryman, tke Downers Grove Commerce, General Business Glee Club (2), (3), President (4) ; Junior Cap Committee; Homecoming Committee (4) ; Senior Hat Committee ; President Junior Class. Carl Beust La Crosse, Wisconsin Affriciilture, Floriealture Elmer Alfred Bierbaum Alton Agriculture Horticulture Horticultural Club. John Wesley Birchard Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chemical Club : Ceramics Club. Leola Mary Birchard Urbana Agriculture, Household Science Abraham Blackstone Charkow, Russia Engineering, CivU Civil Engineering Society. Mabel Helen Bolen, KAn Kansas City. Missouri Liberal Arts and Sciences Tennis Championship (1), (2), (3): Student Council Woman ' s League. Ralph Waldo Bolton, HKN Champaign Engineering, Electrical Wyman Jesse Bolton, llTS Nauvoo Engineering, Mechanical Charles Edgar Born Cerro Gordo Agriculture Agricultural Club : Country Life Club ; Hoof and Horn Club ; Agricultural Club Dance Committee (3), (4). ! " .8: f I m 1«1 n ® m m ]® liUlO Be Seniors Esther Hortense Boyle Hennepin Agriculture, Household Science Calanthe Miriam Brazelton Greensburj ' , Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences Howard David Breece Mt. Vernon, Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences Erwin Risley Brigham, Ben Glencoe Commerce, Haihoay Administration Scabbard and Blade ; Railway Club ; Siren Staff (2). (3) ; Military Ball Committee (2) ; Lieuten- ant Colonel in University Brij ade (4). Agnes Broadwell Fairbury Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Alvin Carl Brown, 4 rA Evansville, Indiana Skull and Crescent mittee. Agriculture : U. L. A. S. Junior Cap Com- Elmer Ellsworth Brown, ata Noblesville, Indiana Agriculture .-, Transfer from Purdue University. ■ ' Norman Ferdinand Brunkow, Iris BK, i;T Dubuque, Iowa Engineering, Architectural Garjjoyle ; Architectural Club ; Glee and Mandolin Club; Philomathean ; Wrestling Team (2), (3) : Gymnastic Team (4) ; Class Basketball (3) ; 1918 iLLio Art Staff; Class Track Mana.t?er (3) ; Vice President, Senior Class (4) ; Lieutenant in Uni- versity Brigade (3) ; Preliminary Hon ors ; Arts and Enjrinecrins A.B. ' 14. Edward Gunning Brya, k Tolono Agriculture Agricultural Club ; Sophomore Cotillion Commit- tee. Robert Alfred Bryant, X ' , bts La Granfi:e Commerce, Accountancy Mask and Bauble, Treasurer (3), President (4) Adelphie, President (4) ; Commercial Ciub (3) Siren Staff (2), (3), Business Manager-Elect (4) Summer Illini Staff, Business Manag ' er (3) ; Daily mini Staff, Business Manager (4) ; 1918 Illio Staff ; Senior Memorial Committee ; Homecoming Committee ( 4 ) ; Chairman Literary Societies ' Play Committee (4) ; The Illinois Drama Federa- tion, President (4) . ill ® II SI S m ® m I t li li I L ajlJLl AOBC, 1 Seniors Helen Louise Buchen, Ar Montello, Wisconsin Liberal Arts and Sciences Athenean ; Scribbler ' s Club ; Poetry Society : Siren Staff (3) ; Preliminary Honors. Joseph Bruce Buckler, 4 ak Metcalf Liberal Arts and Sciences Adelphic. WiLLARD Edwin Bull, thii, uk , i;T Elgin Engineering, Electrical Electrical EnKineerinsr Society : Preliminary Honors. Charlotte Laverne Burgan, r i li Ridyrefarm Liberal Arts and Sciences Inez Lillian Burleigh Crystal Lake Liberal Arts and Sciences ro Literario Espanol. William Henry Herman Buschmann Acacia Edwardsvillo Liberal Arts and Sciences, Journalism Freshman Varsity Football Squad (1) ; Varsity Football Squad (2) ; Freshman Varsity Baseball (1) ; Daily Illini Staff (1), (2). (3). Alexander Bush Glencoe Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Tribe of Illini; Varsity Track (2), (4): Class Soccer (1), (2). (3); Hobo Band Committee; Senior Smoker Committee. Sarah Ruth Calderwood, kkt Grinnell, Iowa Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Mary Lathrop Caldwell, Aon Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Mask and Bauble ; Yo Ma ; Athenean ; Senior Illinac Advisory Board ; Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation. George Martin Cameron Dundee Agriculture, Dairy Husbandry i[E]ii i9@i: fm -JUTc: SEZ Bil LIOBC omj- Seniors George Campbell, ata, ' M Lead, South Dakota Law Illinois Law Bulletin Staff, Student Editor (2), (3) : Law Vice President Illinois Union (4). Transfer from University of Michigan, Marshall Campbell, AKE Chicago ilrii IW ' Commerce Skull and Crescent. Florence Carman Good wine Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Earl Wesley Carrier, tbh Chicago Engineering, Civil Civil Engineering Society ; Preliminary Honors. Benjamin Franklin Carter Peoria Engineering, Ceramic Keramos ; Student Branch, A. C. S. Neva Mae Chadderdon Adair Liberal Arts and Sciences Ye Young Chan King Nan, China Liberal Arts and Sciences Chinese Students ' Club. Donald Vanderburg Chapman, A2 i Evanston Agriculture, Landscape Architecture Gargoyle ; U. L. A. S. : Freshman Varsity Track (2) ; Varsity Track (3) ; Varsity Cross Country (3) ; 1918 iLLio Staff; 1919 Illio Staff, Art Edi- tor; Reptonian Staff (4) ; Siren Staff (3). Edith Mae Chapman Bisbee, Arizona Liberal Arts and Sciences Verne Charleston, AX2 Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering 3in ]®ioi5 ac J 3l. ' inl m 11 IS ® HI la il I? 76 JSHUJLOl; III JuNGTiNG Chen, Cosmopolitan China A grievXture Hoof- and Horn Club ; Agricultural Club ; Chinese Students ' Club. Juan Ortiz Chioco, Cosmopolitan Santo DominKO, Philippines Agriculture Agricultural Club, Secretary (4) ; Hoof and Horn Club. Lester Howard Christen, APX Elgin Engineering Architectural Architectural Club; Class Baseball (2). Grace Jean Christy, on Urbana Liberal Arta and Sciences, Household Science Illiola : Women ' s Athletic Association ; Household Science Club; Class Hockey (1), (2), (3), (4), Captain (3) : Preliminary Honors. Charles Henry Clarahan, Tim Oak Park Engineering, Raihray Cii il Civil Engineering Society: Class Soccer (1), (2), (3); Senior Smoker Committee: Preliminary Honors. James Glen Clark Moweaqua Commerce, Railway Administration Carl Clegg, xb, nT2, ix Chandlerville Engineering, Mechanical Student Branch A. S. M. E. Orlie Martin Clem, KAn, ASP Benton Liberal Arts and Sciences Adelphic : Manager Star Course (4); Northern Oratorical League Contest (3) ; Illinois-Iowa Debate (2), (3) ; Adelphic-Philomathean Debate (2). Gerald Morris Cline, l Bn Le Roy Liberal Arts and Sciences, I ' re-medic Medui. Arthur Buckley Close, Farm House AZ Chicago Agriculture Agricultural Club ; Hoof and Horn Club ; Class Baseball (1). SI n in f »i Seniors Viola Margaret Coe Ridgefarm Liberal Arts and Sciences Esther Dorris Cohen Bridgeport Liberal Ai-ts and Sciences Menoi-ah. Benjamin Emanuel Cohn Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chemical Club ; Menoi ah. DuANE Campbell Colmey, Acacia Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Captain in University Brigade (4) . Lewis Jasper Conant Kinmundy Liberal Arts and Sciciices Daily Illini Staff (3), (4). William Francis Coolidge, Acanthtcs Bloomington Agriculture Second Lieutenant in University Brigade. Philip Corper, M [ Chicago Commerce Siren Staff (1), (2) ; Illinois Magazine Staff (2.) ; Manager Interscholastic Circus (4) ; Senior Menn- orial Committee: Captain Headquarters Company in University Brigade (4). Dale Clair Corzine Assumption Agriculture, Farm Management Agricultural Club. Mary Delight Craigmile, K n Knox, Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences Womens Athletic Association ; Class Hockey (1 ) , (2), (3), (4), Manager (4) : Class Baseball (3), (4) : Class Basketball (3), (4). Joseph Francis Creedon Omaha, Nebraska Engineering, Archit ectural m ! - (i ii£ »:( i»vfc«ST«5ft . M3iam!m -mMmr hmiMMm a m f f 2s ises» nmmsmi ammiiamfaA ' mm W I ii.ii ' I ]®ioi«Hi: T2E 78 aar LjLl5 ■■..i4MWB i iW " liH;. ' . „ . ' -Ml " " J ,. j • . %• ! ' ' •R Ip Seniors Eldred Everett Cress, Triangle, ST Caiiinville Engineering, Architectural Scarab. Harlan Russell Criley Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Arthur Ogan Crosiar Utica Agriculture Class Football (4) : Class Baseball (2). Mary Ann Cross, Axn Roachdale, Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Club (3), (4). Ife Walter Lewis Crutcher, itka SprinKfield, Missouri Engineering Electrical Student Branch A. I. E. E. ; Electrical EnRineer- injr Society. Transfer from Missouri University. George Madill Cullinane, axa, iikx, 2t St. Louis, Missouri Engineering, Electrical Shomeez ; Freshman Varsity Baseball (1) ; Var- sity Baseball (2) ; Class Scrap Committee (2) ; Homecoming Committee (3) ; Hobo Band Com- mittee (4). Edna Otilia Dahlin Geneva Agriculture Arthur Aloysius Dailey, l Ki;, SAX New York City, New York Liberal Arts and Sciences, Journalism Ma-wan-da ; Sachem ; Ku Klux Klan : Pierrots ; Graphomen : Glee Club (2), (4) ; Student Opera Cast (2), (3) : Varsity Cheer Leader (4) : Siren Staff (1), (2), (3), Associate Art Editor (3) ; Staff Cartoonist Daily lllini (3), (4) ; Iluo Art Staff (3), (4) ; Sophomore Cotillion Committee; Senior Hat Committee ; HomecominK Committee (4). Geraldine Daly, ae Joliet Liberal Arts and Sciences Scribbler ' s Club. Helen Davis, kaii Los Angeles, California Liberal Arts and Sciences Illiola, Secretary (4) : Executive Council Woman ' s League (4) ; First Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (4). r acz. 79 •n m SI s Tribe of Illini ; Mask and Bauble ; Freshman Var- sity Baseball; Varsity Baseball (2), (3), (4); Freshman Varsity Football; Cast: " It Pays To Advertise " . Earl William Deering Chicago Engineering, Civil Civil Engineering Society. Karl Ludwig Dern Stanton, Nebraska Liberal A ' ts and Sciences Cheniical Engineering Bushnell Guild. Rose Carolyn Dennis, XS2 Glencoe Liberal Arts and Sciences GusTAVE Herman Deuchler, APX Aurora Engineering, Architectural Architectural Club ; Varsity Track Team (4) ; Class Track (1), (2), " (3). Helge Christopher Dieserud KT, TBH, 2T, HTS Washington, D. C. Engineering, Mechanical Student Branch A. S. M. E., President (4) ; Sec- ond Lieutenant in University Brigade ; Prelimin- ary Honors. John Dietz, 2K, ak Belleville Co m m e rce. General Business Skull and Crescent ; Western Club ; Republican Club ; Sophomore Cotillion Committee ; Homecom- ing Committee (3) ; Senior Hat Committee; Chairman Homecoming Smoker Committee (4) ; Junior Councilman, Illinois Union (3), Vice- President (4) . Willis Harry Doerscher, Acacia Chicago Commerce, Jiaihray Administi ' ation Rifle Club: Railway Club; Class Football (1) ; Class Baseball (2) ; Class Basketball (2) ; Class Vice President (2). Laura Emily Dole, mka Manteno Music Jamesonian ; Student Council Woman ' s League ; Women ' s Glee Club ; Preliminai-y Honors. Helen Laura Doocy Pittsfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Le Cercle Francais ; Senior Invitation Committee. Oil HI II SI n m m ® m ® ziSTL laioi ec 80 f Dorothy Lanning Doty, kao, a , on Wilmette Liberal Arts and Scien ces, Household Science Mask and Bauble (2), (3). (4), Secretary (3), (4) : Alethenai : Women ' s Athletic Association: Student Council, Woman ' s League; 1918 Iluo Staff. Women ' s Editor ; Executive Committee, Illi- nois Drama Federation ; Historian Freshman Illi- nae ; Preliminary Honors; Cast " Milestones " (2), " Green Stockings " (2). Helene Eleanor Doty, kao Wilmette Liberal Arts and Sciences Alethenai, Treasurer (2) : Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation (1), (2) ; Student Council Woman ' s League (4); 1917 Illio Staff, Woman ' s Editor; Stunt Show Committee (3) ; Sophomore Class Vice President ; Preliminary Honors. Emily Mott Downing, xn Elburn Liberal Arts and Sciences Marie Mildred DuBois, on Eldorado Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Velma Burdette Dumas, Achoth, MKA Cicero Music Woman ' s Glee Club ; First Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (4). Georgiena Evelyn Dunn Highland Park Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Fae Duvall, xe • Argenta AgHculture, Household Science Vera Oriene Edds, KAII Normal Liberal Arts and Sciences Alethenai ; Scribbler ' s Club ; Geneva Club ; Student Council Woman ' s League ; First Cabinet Y. W. C. A. ; Bethany Circle. Gail Phillips Edwards, axis Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Glee and Mandolin Club (4) ; Class Baseball (1), (2). Lillian Elizabeth Egan, ASA Quincy Agriculture, Household Science Yo Ma. Seniors (Ul William Herschel Eichhorn, az Mound City Agricultural Club, President (4) ; Hoof and Horn Club; Menorah ; Illinois Agriculturist Staff (2), ( 3 ) , Business Manager ( 4 ) ; Agricultural Club Dance Committee (3), (4) ; Junior Smoker Com- mittee ; Senior Hat Committee. Eugene Robert Eleson Elkhart, Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Pre-niedic Medui. Mabel Emminger Gibson City Liberal Ai ' ts and Sciences Jacob Howard Euston, tbii, hkn Newark, New Jez ' sey KngineerinOy Electrical Student Branch, A. I. E. E. ; Bo ard of Managers, 1916 E. E. Show ; Preliminary Honors. Fred Evans Chicago Engineering, A rchitectural Architectural Club ; Civil Engineering Society ; Senior Smoker Committee. George Edward Kirchner Eager, AZ Murphysboro Agriculture, Horticulture Horticultural Club ; Preliminary Honors. Jeanette Fairfield, kkt Rutland, Vermont Liberal Arts and Sciences Athenean : Daily Illini Staff (3); First Cabinet Y. W. C.A. (4) ; Senior Advisory Council. Charles Fairman, ex Alton Liberal Arts and Sciences Ma-wan-da ; Scabbard and Blade ; Cadet Colonel in University Brigade (4) ; Preliminary Honors. Bertha Lucille Farnam Pawnee Liberal Arts and Sciences Gregorian, Secretary (2), President (4). Alice Maude Ferguson Orion Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science fl ■i -i j ■ " ' 4 ' ' [i]iie i4 [ i®irLiO[f s Seniors Bertram Feuer, zbt Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chemical Club ; American Chemical Society ; Vice President Freshman Class ; Captain in University Brigade (4). Margaret Alice Finley, Achoth Hoopeston Liberal Arts and Sciences Athenean ; Der Deutsche Verein ; Classical Club. Martha Mary Finnegan, IIB Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Leonard Fishman Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Menorah ; Chemical Club; Varsity Track (4). Fritz Harris Fisk, i rA, A DeKalb Law Freshman Varsity Basketball ; Student Editor Law Bulletin (4) ; Homecoming Committee (3). Edna Helen Flexer, on Joliet Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Household Science Club ; Jamesonian ; Women ' s Athletic Association ; Executive Council Woman ' s League (3). Marguerite Pauline Flock, a a it Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Women ' s Athletic Association ; Le Cercle Fran- cais: Class Basketball (1), (2). (3). (4); Class Baseball (2), (3). Captain (3) ; Class Hockey (3), (4) ; Senior Banquet Committee: Advisory Board, Junior IlHnae ; Treasurer Senior Illinae (4). Grace Flood, iiB ' I ' Terre Haute. Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences AUTHA MAY ' BELLE FlUKE, HB Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Mayor Farthing Fogler Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Class Basketball (1), (2), (3). m i KiBS» « fif ' ' . ■ " - ■■ " ' -= ' ' -T s « «?wsy! lHB(B!(»:x««wra ■r»4 ?SBKwa fwilM-eJMt« ■ ' -aB0(DB:-,:7r ' . ' ---t»d — I f . ■ [ 110I9@C Ti= 22U- wmi Ifi [i [i [■ IB g |¥ [1 dl li] Seniors Dominic Forty Chicago Engineering, Mechanical Frank Ward Foster, iikn, ot Alexis Engineering, Electrical Ronald Edward Foulke GAX, TBn, OT, HKN Aurora Engineering, Electrical Pan-Hellenic Council (3), (4) ; Class Football (1) ; Varsity Football (2) ; Senior Banquet Com- mittee (4) ; Preliminary Honors. LuciA Bryne Fox, Ar Madison , Wisconsin Agriculture, Landscape Architecture Transfer from University of Wisconsin and Uni- versity of California. Arthur Lewis Francis, xb ? Chicago ' . Commerce, General Business Pierrots; Class Swimming (1), (2), (3), (4). Manager (3). Gretchen Franken, riB Chandlerville Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science John Zimmerly Frazier Paris Agriculture Adelphic ; Agricultural Club. Ray Henry Freaek, 2 e, Bn Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences, Pre-medic Adelphic Treasurer (3) ; Class baseball (1) ; Class Basketball (2) ; Member of Star Course Board of Control. Vina Freitag, Ai: Mackinaw Agriculture, Household Science HoLLis Frey, Acanthus, GT, nT2 Bloomington Engineering, Mechanical m Seniors -Jl 4 Arthur Henry Frick, AZ Champaign Agriculture Agricultural Club; Class Football (1), (2), (3), (4) ; Class Basketball (1) ; Second Lieutenant in University Brigade (3). Theodore Henry Frison, A2 Champaig n Liberal Art» and Sciences Adelphic. Rolf Harald Gaarder Cosmopolitan Christiania. Norway Commerce, General Business Mary Glendora Gaines, aka Broadlands Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Class Basketball (2), (3). (4). Ralph Gale, Acacia Lincoln Agriculture Augusta Galster Tower Hall Liberal Arts and Sciences Le Cercle Francais. McKiNLEY Gardner, i;n, i-AX Auburn Liberal Arts and Sciences, Joui ' nalism Graphomen : Daily Illini Staff (2), (3); Illinois Magazine Staff (4) ; Preliminary Honors. Jesse Lehman Gary Car mi Engineering, CivH Preliminary Honors. Roman de la Garza Sabinas Hidalgo, Nucva Leon, Mexico Engineering, Civil Civil Engineering Society. IHi. IF ' Seniors l5J SI Harold Edgar George Whittior. California Agriculture, Landscape Architecture 1916 Yearboolc Landscape Architecture Staflf, Assistant Editor. RoscoE Harlan Gerke Greenville Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Alma Gerlach, r B Doniphan, Missouri Liberal Arts and Sciences Household Science Club ; Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation ; Class Hockey (3), (4); Class baseball (3) ; Class Bowling C3). Harry Gibson, Jr., o-rA, Br2 Muskogee, Oklahoma Commerce, Banking Ma-wan-da ; Sachem ; 1918 Illio Staff ; Manager Varsity Football (4) ; Athletic Board of Control (4) ; President Y. M. C. A. (4). John Howard Gillen, tbh, 2T Berwyn Engineering, Mechanical Harold Raymond Girhard Newton Liberal Arts and Sciences Ethel Gliffe, asa Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Walter Adolph Goelitz Farm House, AZ Ravinia Agriculture Tribe of Illini ; Agricultural Club ; Hoof and Horn Club; Varsity Football (2), (3), (4) : Homecom- ing Committee (4) ; Class Sergeant-at-Arms (3) ; Preliminary Honors. Erna Claire Goldschmidt, AXS2, I A-I ' , ox, KAII Davenport, Iowa Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Illiola, President (3) ; Household Science Club, Vice President (4) ; Second Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (2) ; First Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3), (4) ; Execu- tive Council Woman ' s League (2) ; Class Hockey (1) ; Preliminary Honors. Mark Edward Graham Chicago Engineering, Electrical Electrical Engineering Society; Student Branch, A. I. E. E. in SI 11 HI H H I a I -HjLjLfdat Seniors James Madison Gray, Ilus Mm Decatur Commerce, General Bunineas Tribe of Illini : Comitatus ; Dolphins; Freshman Varsity Swimming Team : Varsity Swimming Team (2). (3), (4), Captain (1) ; Varsity Water Basl etball (3), (4) ; Varsity Football Squad (4) ; Class Water Basketball (2), (3) ; Senior Hobo Band Committee ; First Lieutenant in University BriKade (3). Esther Cranston Green, o f : Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Alethenai : Vice President Sophomore Illinae : Pi-eliminary Honors. i Joel Waring Greene, oax, az i Urbana Agriculture Ma-wan-da ; Ku Klux Klan ; Graphomen ; Daily Illini Staff (1). (2) ; 1918 Il.l.lo Staff: Junior Prom Committee (3) ; Homeeominst Committee (4) ; President Student Council (4) ; Illini Board of Trustees (3) ; Comitatus: Preliminary Honors. Stanwood John Griffith, ai ' P Ashton Af riculture Class Ftxjtball (4) ; Manager Class Athletics (4). Elnore Albert Gripp, a Picliminary Honors. Moline La IV Helen Wightman Grommon Plainficld Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Gregorian: Student Council Women ' s LeaKue (3). Transfer from Oberlin ColleKe. Victor Hubert Grossberg, x i Chica fo La w Comitatus : Law Club : Rifle Club ; Illinois Drama Federation; Mask and Bauble, Manager (3), Treasurer (4) ; Pierrots, Menaser (4) ; Associated University Players, Grand President (2). (3), (4) ; Class Swimmins (1) ; Class Water Polo (1) : Casts: " Gentleman fi-om Mississippi " , " The Great Galeoto " , " Our Wives " , " The Mob " , " I ' m Neu- tral " ; Regimental Sergeant Major (2), Captain (3), Lieutenant Colonel (4) in University Bri- gade. Nina Grotevant, Aon Lake Charles, Louisiana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Ernest William Guernsey Vincennes, Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Orville Francis Haas El Paso Engineering, Railway Electrical Electrical EngineerinK Society : Railway Club ; Varsity Wrestling (2) : Hobo Band Committee (4) : Sergeant Major (2), Lieutenant (3), in Uni- versity Brigade. f f M I 1 . l JBE isioi-OHc: TBT .HM jcrj BIJLLlOaC J } III ll II » Seniors Sara May Haggerty, IIB Lloyd, Pennsylvania Liberal Arts and Sciences Grace Louise Hahn, Achoth West Chicago Agriculture Household Science George Stanley Halas, tke, 2T Chicago Engineering, Civil Ma-wan-da ; Sachem ; Tribe of Illini ; Civil Engi- neering Society ; Freshman Varsity Baseball ; Var- sity B seball (2), (3), (4) ; Varsity Football (4) ; Class Basketball (1), (2) ; Varsity Basketball (3), (4), Captain (4) ; Sophomore Picnic Committee; Senior Memorial Committee ; Senior Smoker Com- mittee. Edward Knight Hall Cosmopolitan Ladybrand. South Africa Agriculture Agricultural Club; Class Soccer (1), (2), (3). Karl William Hall, nxs Cherokee, Iowa Engineering, Mechanical Student Branch A. S. M. E. ; Senior Smoker Com- mittee, , .1 ,. _j Kenneth Canright Hall Chicago Commerce, General Business Junior Prom Committee ; Staff Captain in Uni- versity Brigade ( 4 ) . Leonard Ayers Hammond, Acacia Warsaw Agriculture Walden Wood Hancock, ■I ' SK, ak Casey Commerce, General Business Republican Club; Class Treasurer (4). Fred Robert Hanschmann, Triangle Dolton Engineering, Architectural Gargoyle ; Sachem ; Freshman Varsity Football ; Varsity Football (2). Anker Fred Hansen Oshkosh, Wisconsin ' . Engineering, Architec tural I m i ■ m H SI PI M ® n MXk m tJIJLJLAOBCi: Seniors Harlan Carl Harbicht, sx, i:T, Tim Hannibal, Missouri Engineering Mining Student Branch A. I. E, : Technograph Staff (4), Benjamin Samuel Harrison Villa Grove Liberal Arts an } Sciencen Scribbler ' s Club ; Adelphic ; Le Cercle Francais ; Cast, " A Pair of Sixes ' . Archie Harrison Hart Grain Chain Agriculture Godfrey Hartwell, apx La Porte, Indiana Engineering, A rchitcctural Architectural Club; Class Track (1). Edward Hayes, at, Ai;i» Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Philomathean, President (4) ; Senior Banquet Committee: University Debating Team (I), (2), Captain (3), (4) ; Cast, " Ralph Roister Doister " , " Indian Summer " . Walter Elliott Hayne, pt, ot Chicajaro Engineering, Electrical Skull and Crescent ; Student Council (4) : Var- sity Cheer Leader (4), Martha Elizabeth Hedgcock, Aon Plymouth Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Household Science Club ; Woman ' s Leagne (4). Executive Council Joe Heidler Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Irene Held, nB t Clay Center, Kansas Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Anna Hazel Henderson, AAA Champaisn Liberal Arts and Sciences Executive Council Woman ' s League (3). Trans- fer from DePauw University. IP i ® 89 aHvHOBi: ( 1 " : IJI V r 5 ' Seniors HI HiLDAGRAD ANNA SaRAH HENN Toluca Agriculture, Household Science Mary Hannah Broadbelt Hicks Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Wendell Phillips Hiltabrand Acanthus Peoria Agriculture Herbert Stassen Hinrichs Farm House, AZ Joliet Agriculture, Agronomy Hoof and Horn Club. Herbert William Hoehnke, Triangle Sheboyj an, Wisconsin Engineering, Architectural Class Basketball (2), (3). (4); Class Football (4). Carl Hogan Baraboo, Wisconsin Liberal Arts and Sciences Adelphic ;■ Assistant Manager of the Star Lecture Course. Kenneth Marion Holaday Mat toon Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering ., Chemical Club ; Bushnell Guild. JHl Oliver Wendell Holmes, Acacia Greenfield Agriculture Class Basketball (1). Myrtle Evaline Honey Dixon Agriculture, Household Science Student Council Woman ' s Leafiue (3). LoiE James Honnold, Farm House Kansas Agriculture A;rricultural Club ; Hoof and Hoin Club. 1: 1 . 11 11 m HI ® a (1 11 rm i EJ11.JL10HC Emet Nicols Hopson, niiP Girard Agriculture Hoof and Horn Club. Transfer from Blackburn Collese. Louis Lee Horen Madison, Wisconsin Engineering, Com merce Philomathean : Civil EnsinccrinE Society ; Mon- orah, Vice President : Spanish Club : Chairman Senior Smoker Committee. Ethel Horton Pond Creek, Oklahoma Liberal Arts and Sciences David Horwich, Cosmopolitan, TIUI Chicago Engineering, A rchitectural Preliminary Honors. William Benton Hostetler, z , ak I ' Decatur Com m e rce. Gene ral B usiness Skull and Crescent ; Lieutenant in University Brijrade (3) . Flora Emily Hottes, r H, i iiK Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Alethenai ; Scribbler ' s Club ; Women ' s Athletic Association ; Executive Council of Woman ' s League (4) ; Illinae Advisory Board (1), (4) ; President Sophomore Illinae : Preliminary Honors. Mary Georgia Howells Staunton Agriculture, Household Science Household Science Club ; GreKorian. Ruth Cound Howells Staunton Liberal Arts and Sciences First Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Woman ' s League Council (3) ; Jamesonian, Secretary (2). Arthur Wessels Howson, x Urbana Engineering, Civil Scabbard and Blade ; Civil En ineerinK Society Transfer from University of Wisconsin. Harry Arnold Huisken Chicago Engineering, Ceramic Keramos ; Student Branch, A. C. S. in University Brip:ade (3). HI ® FEfl Lieutenant I laioidBC 91 III! iii SI Seniors Ralph Wendell Hummeland, ex Melrose Park Engineering, Ceramic Keramos ; Student Branch. A. C. S. ; Sophomore Cotillion Committee ; Junior Smoker Committee : Engineering Dance Committee (3) : Hobo Band Committee; Lieutenant in University Brigade (3). Harold Norton Hungerford Farm House Joliet Agriculture Glee Club (4) ; Hoof and Horn Club (3), (4) ; Agricultural Club (3), (4). Lillian Alice Hunsley Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Household Science Household Science Club ; Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation : Class Basketball (2), (3), (4); Class Baseball (3), (4). Margaret Hunter, IIB Chillicothe Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science First Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (4) : Senior Council (4), Student Council (4), Vice President (3) Woman ' s League. Alfred Henry Ingwers Moline Engineering, Architecture Scarab. Dorothy Josephine Iwig, Aon Peoria Agriculture, Household Science LuELLA Elizabeth Jackson, niM ' Ouray, Colorado Liberal Arts and Sciences Herbert Jacob Jacobi Milwaukee Engineering, Architectural Henry George Martin Jacobson Chicago Agriculture Wentworth Cory Jacquin, bbh Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences m ® m m m ® IS m n Senior ' s Ida Helen James, r B Whitewater, Wisconsin Liberal Arts and Sciences Earl Jones, Acanthusy BTi; Gilbert, Iowa Commerce, Accountancy Elmer Janssen, x t sterling Commerce, General Bashieas Evelyn Gordon Johns, AXn Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Household Science Club : Student Council Woman ' s Leagrue. Mack Marquis Jones, iikn Tonkawa, Oklahoma En ginccrin g. Electrical Electrical Engineering Society. Joseph John Kalivoda Chicago Engineering, Mechanical Student Branch A. S. M. E, Joseph Benjamin Johnson Harrisburg Agriculture Preliminary Honors. Lillian Ruth Johnston, r B, ON Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Women ' s Athletic Association ; Women ' s Glee Club ; Vice President Sophomore Illinae. Frederick Kasper Kalthoff, Ilus Chicago Engineering, Architectural Scabbard and Blade; Scarab; Comitatus ; Siren Staff (2), (3) ; 1916 Illio Staff; Colonel in the University Brigade (4). Clarence Kayser Decatur Engineering, Architectural Architectural Club. JBc: -tST- . 93 Seniors Emma Genevieve Keith Hinckley Lib€r€U Arts and Sciences Edith Maurine Kelley, xq Camp Point Liberal Arts and Sciences Henry Eli Kelly, st Charleston Engineering, Civil Civil EnKineeiinpr Society, President (4) ; Tech- nograph Staff (3), (4). John Thomas Kelly, tbii, hts Oak Park Engineering, Mechanical Student Branch A. S. M. E., Vice President (4) Spalding Guild. Frank Sherman Kimball, k , axs Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Chemical Club. Howard Dickens Kiner, kt Geneseo Law Freshman Varsity SwimminK ; Varsity Swimming (2). (3): Freshman Varsity Water Basketball; Varsity Water Basketball (2), (3): Sophomore Sack Rush Committee. Walter Raymond Kirner, AX2 Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chemical Club Secretary (4) ; Illinois Chemist Staff. John Leo Klein, xb, ak Omaha, Nebraska Commerce, General Business Ma-wan-da : Sachem ; Tribe of Illini ; Freshman Varsity Football; Varsity Football (2), (3), (4) ; Freshman Varsity Baseball; Varsity Baseball (2), (3), (4), Captain (4). Arthur Erick Klemmedson, iika Colorado Springs, Colorado Agriculture , Adelphic : Cai tain in University Brigade. GuNNAR Sigesmund Klemmedson Colorado Springs, Colorado Agriculture, Animal Husbandry I, iffli 11 rrr: 1 m m IS ... n ' JB£ 3SV. HBIOI HC Seniors Arthur LaVerne Kline, xb Chicago Agriculture Agricultural Club; Illinois Astiiculturist Staff (2). (3), (4), Editor (4) ; Second Lieutenant in Uni- versity Brigade (3) ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3). William Lee Klink, bts Cerro Gordo Commerce, liailiray Transportation Railway Club ; Preliminary Honors. Bessie May Klotzsche Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Mary Jane Kneeshaw, iib Niles, Michigan Agriculture, Household Science John Merideth Knappenberger I KT, i:AX Kansas City, Missouri Commerce, General Business Scribbler ' s Club ; Daily Illini Staff, Miscellany Edi- tor (4), News Editor (5) : Illinois Matrazine Staff (2) ; Senior Stas Committee (4) ; Senior Ball Committee (4) : Class Secretary (2). EWART BROUGHTON KNIGHT, AFP Chicago Agriculture, Farm Management Agricultural Club : Hoof and Horn Club : Illinois Agriculturist Staff (3) : Class Basketball (2). Herman Frank August Koepke Chicago Engineering Civil Civil Engineering Society. Rowena Kohl, KKr, i .i Centralia Liberal Arts and Sciences Yo Ma : Illiola : Executive Council Woman ' s League ( 4 ) . Merle Arthur Kolb, TBII, nT2 Oak Park Engineering, Mechanical Student Branch A. S. M. E. ; Freshman Varsity Track. Reynold Rudolph Kraft, Ben, bt Oak Park Engineering, Mining Ma-wan-da : Sachem ; Tribe of Illini : Skull and Crescent : Freshman Varsity Football : Varsity Football (2), (3), (4), Captain (4) : Sophomore Finance Committee : Senior Hat Committee ; President Junior Class. b: 1 95 Norman William Krase, ax2 Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Enginecrini Chemical Club. Philip Leone Krauel, IITS Champaign Engineering , Mechanical Student Branch A. S. M. E. Chester Jamison Kreidler, Ben, AK Oalt Pari? CoTnmerce, General Business Freshman Varsity Track; Varsity Track (2), (3), (4), Captain (4) ; Junior Smoker Committee; Captain in University Brigade (4). EOY SiTTIG KROESCHELL, ATfi, OT Chicago Engineering, Mechanical Student Branch A. S. M. E. ; Freshman Varsity Swimming (1) ; Class Football (1) : Class Swim- ming (2), (3), (4), Manager (3) ; Senior Hobo Band Committee ; Sophomore Smoker Committee, Arthur Detlef Ladehoff, Triangle, ST Clinton, Iowa Engineering, Civil Gargoyle ; Civil Engineering Society ; Glee and Mandolin Club : Junior Smoker Committee ; Home- coming Entertainment Committee (4) ; Senior In- vitation Committee, John Lamb Jr,, az Worden Agricultiire Agi-icultural Club ; Hoof and Horn Club. Gregory Vassileff Lambroff Madison Engineering, Electrical Carl Clarence Larson, axs, at Mazon Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry University Orchestra (1), (2), (3), (4); Chem- ical Club Treasurer (_2) ; Illinois Chemist Staff; Military Ball Committee (3) ; Lieutenant in Uni- versity Brigade; Cast: " I ' m Neutral " . Angie LaTeer, niJ Paxton Liberal Arts and Sciences, Hausrhold Science Marion Marie Lauritzen Chicago Heights Liberal Arts and Sciences §■■ IB leioi Hc J TEE 2Hr 96 ■JII.LIOH11 Seniors Charles Henry Lawrence Woodstock Agriculture, Landscape Architecture Gargoyle : U. L. A. S. Tao Nan Lee Nankins, China Cotumerce, General Business Chinese Students ' Club. Anita Libman Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Ruth Evaline Lieber, xn Winnetka Liberal Arts and Sciences, Journalism Alethenai; Illini Staff (4). lil II Ruth Townsend Lehman, ON Millington Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Bethany Circle. Hamlet Harrison Lett Washinwlon, Indiana Aoi ' i lture Agricultural Club ; Hoof and Horn Club. Elizabeth Leitzbach, AXQ Fairmount Liberal Arts and Sciences, Journalisvi Scribbler ' s Club ; Illiola ; Illinois Magazine Staff (2), (3), Fiction Editor U) : Historian Freshman illinac; Second Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3). George Leavard Lindeberg, APX Chicago Knfjineering, Architecture Architectural Club. Nai Yu Liu Foochow, China Co n mercc. General Business Chinese Students ' Club. Hazel Irene Llewellyn, ASA Phophetstown Liberal Arts and Sciences Executive Council Woman ' s League (4). »7 I 35L ■V -f nr IT ir rsir I Isabel Kathryn Lockwood, AXS Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Seniors Helen Ludlow, kkt Paxton Liberal Arts and Sciences m m Ping Kwan Long, Cosmopolitan Hong Kong, China Affviculture Chinese Students ' Club ; A.erricultura! Club. Ruth Ida Long Watseka Liberal Arts and Sciences Country Life Club ; Jamosonian ; Student Council Woman ' s League. Cyrus Ching-ch ' ung Lowe Cosmopolitan Peking, China Commerce, Railway Administration Beryl Franklin Lore Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Athenian ; Executive Council Woman ' s League. Floyd Edward Lundgren Lostant Engineering, Electrical Electrical Engineering Society ; Second Lieuten- ant (3), Major (4), in University Brigade. Mary Agnes Adelaide Lyman Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Jamesonian, President (4) ; Class Hockey (1), (2), (3), (4) : Student Council, Woman ' s League; Spaulding Guild. Margaret Lynch Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Oscar Ivan Lyons, tbh, i:T, HTS Hoopeston Engineering Mechanical Student Branch A. S. M. E. ; Preliminary Honors. u fl ® m ' ! r - 1 ; S: fe, 1 i IS H ® 9 t m 1 ' ; -.i ■ 1 I i jsioi sc: nsE. 98 IJULJLUL- Seniors III m Ms III Edward Paul Machovec, K2, eT Kansas City. Missouri Engineering, Mechanical Senior Smoker Committee. Lawrence Chester Madison Urban a Agriculture Clyde Makutchan Peoria Engineering Civil KiCHARD Henderson Mallory, x Batavia Agriculture Sachem; Ku KIux Klan ; Student Council (3), (4) ; Junior Cap Committee: Homecoming Com- mittee (3), (4) : Military Ball Committee (3) ; Captain in University Brigade (4). Grace Estella Malsbary Darlington, Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Sciencfi Household Science Club. Myra Frances Manley Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Maude Irene Marks, axs , 1 ' A Plymouth, Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences Mask and Bauble ; Women ' s Athletic Association ; Alethenai. President (4), Class Basketball (1), (2) ; Class Hockey (2) ; Secretary-Treasurer, F ' reshman Illinae ; Senior Advisory Council ; Stu- dent Council, Woman ' s League (4 ) ; Preliminary Honors. Milton Marrock Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chemical Club ; Menorah ; Senior Hobo Band, First Individual Prize. Edmund Anthony Martell, b Murphysboro Engineerinff, Electrical Railway Club; Spaulding Guild; Class Soccer (1) ; Hobo Band Committee (4). Margaret Louise Martens Anchor Liberal Arts a nd Sciences, Household Science ii l!ij i JmE iS XS 99 n Seniors Frank Albert Martin Chicago Liberal Ai ' ts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chemical Club. Arthur Williams Kuhs Marx St. Louis, Missouri Liberal Arts and Sciences Harry Matson, nT2 Chicago Engineering, Mechanical Student Branch, A. S. M. E. ; Sophomore Picnic Committee; Class President (4). Albert Otto Mattheus, ' AT Washington, D. C. Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Erwin William Mautner Cosmopolitan Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chemical Club. Raymond Jones Maxwell Paris Commerce, General Business Thomas Bolton Mayo, ka I ' Alton Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Ivan McCallister, Ben Carmi Commerce, General Business Comitatus ; Freshman Varsity Basketball (1) ; Captain in University Brigade (4). Martha McCammon, r i H - Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Athenean ; Illinae Advisory Board (2) ; Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (4). Adelle Elizabeth McClure Bloomington Music u DBI I Hi: B asr 100 I JBc aiLHOBC fit] j( 1 1 fill Hi i J Seniors Marvin Greer McConnell, nKA, SAX Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences, Journaliam Daily mini Staff (2), (4). Mary Elizabeth McCullough Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Georgia Helen McDonald, on Lerna Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Household Science Club ; Second Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3), First Cabinet (4). Ruth McElhiny, r B Kenney Liberal Arts and Sciences " Yo Ma; llliola; Woman ' s Glee Club (3), (4); Historian Senior Illinae (4). Ernest McEvers, i i;K, ex Montezuma Engineering, Electrical Ku Klux Klan ; Junior Interscholastic Manager (3) : Manager Interscholastic (4) ; Junior Prom Committee: Homecoming Committee (4) : Senior Hobo Band Committee. Helen Anastasis McGinnis Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Spaulding Guild ; Country Life Club. Thomas Wilson McGrath Chicago Agriculture Horticultural Club ; Celtic Club. John Lancaster McGregor Chicago Engineering, Mechanical Spalding Guild ; Student Branch A. S. M. E. ; Tribe of lllini ; Vaisity Water Basketball (1), (3), (4), Captain (4) ; Class Water Basltetball ( 2 ) : Freshman Varsity Football ; Varsity Foot- ball (2), (3), (4). Alexander McKay, ueri, iiTi; Almira, Washington Engineering, Mechanical Mary Annette McKee Kankakee Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Women ' s Athletic Association ; Gregorian ; Coun- try Life Club; Class Basketball (1), (3). 101 Seniors Robert Emmett McKeever, hkn, TBn Jackson, Nebraska Engineering, Electrical Electrical Enffineering Society ; Preliminary Honors. Walter Wylie McLaughlin Cartler Agriculture Adelphic ; Agricultural Club ; Egyptian Club ; Class Football (3) ; Staff Officer in University Brigade (4). Edward Brown McLee, k Rockord Engineering, Architectural Marie Lindsey McWilliams Urbana MvMe Harold Tecumseh Meek, Acanthus Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences, Journalism Siren Staff (3) : 1919 Illio Staff; Hobo Band Committee ; Homecoming Entertainment Commit- tee (4) ; Second Lieutenant (3), Headquarters Staff (4) in University Brigade. Charles Franklin Mercer Kansas City, Missouri Engineering, Civil Class Baseball (1) ; Sophomore Finance Commit- tee; Junior Smoker Committee; Senior Hat Com- mittee ; Hobo Band Committee : Captain Head- quarters Company in University Brigade (4). Ralph Dilworth Mercer Vermont Agriculture, Animal Husbandry Agricultural Club ; Hoof and Horn Club ; Fresh- man Varsity Baseball ; Senior Memorial Commit- tee ; Senior Hobo Band Committee ; Senior Smoker Committee. Jannett Lou Mewhirter York vi Me Agriculture, Household Science Ferdinand Ernst Meyer Cosmopolitan Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Der Deutsche Verein ; Le Cercle Francais ; El Cir- culo Espanol : Illinois Dramatic Federation ; Class Soccer (2). Irma Louise Meyer, AaA La Porte. Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences -t m DSIOI HE 3sr M 102 ji atJLJLlOB L T5IC ■ Seniors Mildred Irene Meyers, ASA Pekin Liberal Arts and Sciences Julian Gilbert Middleton, axa, 2T Pomona, California Engineering, A rchitectural Gargoyle ; Junior Smoker Committee : Glee and Mandolin Club. Evelyn Miles, KAe, kaii La Grange Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Transfer from Washington State Col- Archie Roscoe Miller Mahomet Engineering, Electrical Dean Albert Miller Canton Engineering, Civil Senior Invitation Committee ; Captain, Headquar- ters Company in University Brigade (4). Walter Porter Miller Hanna City Agriculture Agricultural Club ; Country Life Club. DwiGHT Mink, 2 e Galva Commerce, General Business Technograph Board (3) ; Daily lllini Staff (1), i2), (3) ; Glee Club (1), (2), (3), (4). Donald Richards Mitchell Cosmopolitan, AZ Chicago Agriculture, Farm Management Preliminary Honors. Leonard Osgood Mitchell Chicago Agriculture Preliminary Honors. Edwin Stuart Moberley, Iris Tallulah, Louisiana Agriculture, Farm Organization and Management Dixie Club : Agricultural Club ; Illinois Agricultur- ist Staff (2) ; Lieutenant (3), Staff Captain (4) in University Brigade; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3), (4). ZlBIi I H[ 103 Isl M [■ m s Seniors Severina Elaine Nelson, fix Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences llliola : Executive Council Woman ' s League; Cast: " As You Like It " (2), " Tragedy of Nan " (3), " The Sword of America " (4). Carl Wesley Nesbitt, AX 2, ■J AT Macomb Liberal Arts and Sciences Olive Myrtle Neville Kewanee Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Gregorian. Iva Florence Newburn Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Athenean: Second Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (2); Household Science Club, President (4) ; Executive Council Woman ' s League (4) ; Illinois Agricul- turist Staff; Vice President Junior lUinae. Edwin Elwood Newcomb, APX Burlington, Kansas Engineering, Architectural Assistant Bandmaster (4) ; Senior Smoker Com- mittee. Walter Haines Newcomb Foosland Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Chemical Club. Walter Allen Newlin Annapolis Agriculture Willard Bogue Newlin, nnp Indianapolis, Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences Freshman Varsity Football ; Varsity Cross Coun- try (3) ; Cast; " Pair of Sixes " . Robert Keith Newton, gt, hkn Jerseyville Engineering, Electrical John Timothy Nolan, tbii Gilbert, Minnesota Engineering, Civil Civil Engineering Society ; Senior Invitation Com- mittee ; Senior Hobo Band Committee. m LI sioi ai: 3-r 104 r jwijljlJLOBC Seniors m James Weir Moncrieff Otsego, Michigan Engineering, Ceramic Keramos ; Student Branch, A. C. S. ; Class Foot- ball (1), (2): Class Swimming (1), (2), (3); Sack Rush Committee (2), ILA MONOHON Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Household Science Club ; Celtic Club ; Women s Athletic Association ; Student Council, Woman ' s League ; Class Basketball (1) . (2) . (3) . (4) . Captain (4); Class Baseball (2). (3), Captain (2). Sara Moore, nB Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Wayne Kenneth Moore Chicago Agriculture Agricultural Club ; Floriculture Club ; Horticul- ture Club. Alida Helen Moss, r B Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Athenean ; Classical Club ; First Cabinet Y. W. C. A (4) ; Preliminary Honors. Richard Muessel, ata South Bend, Indiana Agriculture, Landscape Architecture Scarab; U. L. A. S. ; Varsity Baseball (3). Martin Reuben Mundorf, 4 AT Marshall Liberal Arts and Sciences Gerald Edson Murray, at Rensselear, Indiana Commerce, General Business Gladys LeOra Naden, 2K Yorkville Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Yo Ma. Catherine Needham, bk, a Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Scribbler ' s Club ; Alethenai ; Le Cercle Francais ; Women ' s Athletic Association ; Illinois Magazine Staff (3) ; Senior Banquet Committee (4) ; Liter- ary Societies ' Play Committee (2), (3) ; Perma- nent Class Secretary; Class Secretary (4) ; Illinae Advisory Board (2) ; Historian Senior Illinae ; Student Council Woman ' s League (3), (4) ; Short Story Prize (3) ; Preliminary Honors. n a ® a 1 a i Jte llJL£.AUb Seniors Herald Bernard Norviel Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Ella Baxter Oakes Laura Agriculture, Household Science Jamesonian ; Household Science Club, Ruth Ohram Harvey Liberal Arts and Sciences Gregorian. DWIGHT BROADNAX OHRUM, TBH Dalas, Texas Engineering, Railway Civil Railway Club. President (4) ; Civil Engineering Society, President (4) ; Technograph Staff. Harold Loeffel Olesen, tbh, hkn, 2T Highland Park Engineering, Electrical Electrical Engineering Society; Student Branch A. I. E. E. : Manager 1915 Electrical Engineering Show; Engineering Dance Committee (3) ; First Lieutenant in University Brigade 3) ; Prelimin- ary Honors. Robert George Olson, Acacia, UTS Champaign Engineering, Mechanical Student Branch, A. S. M. E. Harold Patterson Owen, axp, ex Chicago Engineering, Railway Civil Railway Club ; Freshman Class Track : Sophomore Picnic Committee ; Junior Smoker Committee ; Senior Memorial Committee. Mabel Thelma Osburn, ae4 Robinson Agriculture Mary Pack River Forest Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Illiola, President (4) ; Household Science Club : Women ' s Athletic Association ; Executive Council Woman ' s League ; First Cabinet Y. W. C. A., Treasurer. Harold Lucian Parr, AA Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry [5J! lllf iir If II Seniors Alfred Robert Pastel Chicago Engineering, Architectural Architectural Club : Captain in University Brigade (4). Bernice Marie Paul Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Spaulding Guild ; Canterbury Club. Margaret Peale, axq Belvidere Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Yo Ma ; Household Science Club ; Class Hockey (1). (2) : Junior Hat Committee (3). Francis Pearson, eT, nT2 Hinsdale Engineering, Mechanical Student Branch A. S. M. E.. Student Council (4) ; Senior Hobo Band Committee ; Senior Memorial Committee; Senior Hat Committee; Chairman, Senior Invitation Committee. Frederick Albert Peck Jr. Chicago Enginecririg, Railway Electrical Railway Club; Class Basketball (1), (2), Manager (2) : Chairman Senior Hobo Band Committee ; Preliminary Honors. Mary Lucile Peirson, r4 B, 4 A , ON Murphysboro Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science llliola : Household Science Club ; Woman ' s League, Vice President (4) ; Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion ; Class Hockey Team (2) ; Senior Banquet Mixer (4). Hazel Marie Pell Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Lambert Benjamin Penhallow, s e Chicago Engineering, Mechanical Student Branch A. S. M. E. Ruth Percival, AOn Urbana Agriculture, Household Science Household Science Club. Frances Janet Perkins, aSA Laurel, Mississippi Liberal Arts and Sciences President, Freshman Ulinae. DSIOIdBl T " ' = ■JT 107 Seniors Robert Ashman Perry, x , ot, nT2 Joliet Engineering, Mechanical Skull and Crescent ; Senior Invitation Committee, Irving Leonard Peterson, Acacia DeKalb Agriculture, Landscaqje Architecture Scarab ; Mask and Bauble ; U, L. A. S. Bernice Irene Phillips, 2K Bloomington Liberal Ai ' ts and Sciences Ruth Phillips, 2K, on East Cleveland, Ohio Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Arthur William Pickett Chicago Engineering, Architectural Betha Plymale Huntington, West Virginia Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Women ' s Athletic Association ; Class Basketball (2) ; Class Hockey (3). Edward Charles Pohlmann Chicago Engincerinfj, Mechanical Student Branch, A. S. M. E. : Spalding Guild. Racho Petroff Poppove Selo Musina, Bulgaria Engineering, Electrical Electrical Engineering Society. Margaret Lois Porter Gladstone Liberal Arts and Sciences Keeler DeWitt Pulcipher, hka, sax Centralia Commerce, General Business Graphomen; Pierrots; Daily Illini Staff (1), (2), News Editor (3), Editor-in-Chief (4) ; Illinois Magazine Staff (1), (2). Assistant Editor (3); Homecoming Committee (4) ; Senior Hat Com- mittee (3) : Senior Banquet Committee (4) ; Class Secretary (3). 11 I Hi »6 mim:s t ,ym:xi j:im» i!£Hf - -!)K M; ! :aMsa £s% e Bte ' ' yjUyi%u«».ad @st£.de t JSt 3BL ]SIOI HC TSE 108 Seniors Betty Marie Pulsipher Brimfield Agriculture, Household Science William Frank Purnell, Farm House Muncie Agriculture Agricultural Club ; Hoof and Horn Club. Emma Marion Putney Missoula, Montana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Florence Katherine Quinn, axi La Fayette Music Lester Addison Rahn Lanark Agriculture Rudolph Rahn, tbh, nT2 Thornton Engineering, Mechanical Student Branch, A. S. M. E. ; Technograph Staff : Manager M. E. Open House ; Preliminary Honors. Lester Courtney Raines Milford Liberal Arts and Sciences Kathryn Rose Raithel, XQ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Le Cerele Francais ; Senior Council Women ' s League (3), (4) ; Illinois Magazine Staff (3) ; mini Staff, Miscellany Editor (4) ; Senior Invita- tion Committee ; Senior Memorial Committee ; Cast: " The Mob " . Charles Edward Randa Chicago Engineering, Electrical Electrical Engineering Society. Frank John Randall, AXP Aurora Agriculture Agricultural Club : Hoof and Horn Club. ]®iors ®c 10» JIJLi Seniors LuRO Jane Rankin Payson Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Household Science Club ; Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation : Class Hockey (2). (4) ; Class Baseball (3) ; Student, Council, Women ' s League (4). Hubert Honens Rathbun Spring Valley Agriculture Emma Grace Reader, aaa Centralia Liberal Arts and Sciences Cordelia Reed, xi2 Covington, Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences Alethenai ; Le Cercle Francais. Transfer from Hamilton College 1916. George Hoster Reid Mount Vernon Agriculture Agricultural Club. Harold Speer Reid, az; j St. Paul, Minnesota A griculturc Gargoyle ; U. L. A. S. : Senior Smoker Commitee. Bernhard Paul Reinsch Muscatine, Iowa Architecture, Liberal Arts and Sciences Scabbard and Blade ; Dev Deutsche Verein, Presi- dent (3) : Varsity Rifle Team (Indoor) (2), (3), (Outdoor) (2). (3) ; Architectural Club; Lieuten- ant (3 ) . Regimental Captain and Quartermaster (4) in University Brigade. Marie Rhoades Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Perry Marion Rhue Champaign Commerce, Accountancy Katharine Grace Rice Philo Liberal Arts and Sciences isi [i! ® SI ill IS g ISii m m a n I 5ai- i ' BIOI HC no Seniors Olive Arey Richards St. Louis, Missouri Agriculture, lloum ' hold Science Blanche Belle Richart Champai $n Liberal Arts and Sciences Jamesonian, President (4). Walter Theobald Ritter, Z4 ' , bt, llTi; Chicago Engineering, Mechanical University Orchestra (1). (2), (3). (4). Arthur Beekman Robertson Petersburg Agriculture As ricultural Club. Jean Elnora Richmond Waterman Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Household Science Club ; Student Council Woman ' s League. Gertrude Katherine Richter Davenport, Iowa Commerce, Banking Walter Scott Risser Paris Engineering, Electrical Ethelyn Clyde Robinson La Salle Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Edar Bertram Roe Palisade, Colorado Agriculture Agricultural Club. Neta Rollins, af Paxton Liberal Arts and Sciences Yo Ma. Id@ «iULKJ|Q4«JL Seniors W Ruth Edith Rompel Champaign Liberal Ai ' ts and Sciences Newman Romero, 4 K2 Highland Park Liberal Ai ' ts and Scieyices Ma-wan-da ; Sachem ; President Illinois Union (4) ; Junior Councilman, Illinois Union (3) ; Daily mini Staff (1), (2); Junior Prom Committee; Homecoming Committee (3) ; Glee and Mandolin Club (1), (2), (3). Ethel Maye Rose Bement Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Household Science Club ; Jamesonian ; Bethany Circle. Transfer from Eastern Illinois State Nor- mal School. Herbert Bernard Rosenberg Granite City Agriculture Agricultural Club ; Horticultural Club, Vice Presi- dent (2) ; Menorah. Nelda Glendora Ross Easton Agriculture, Household Science Florence Catherine Roth, at Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Walter John Roth, AZ Denver, Colorado Agriculture, Farm Organization and Management Agricultui ' al Club. B.S. Agriculture from Colorado Agricultural College, 1916. Rachel Ruffner Marshall Agriculture, Household Science Household Science Club ; Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation ; Class Basketball (1), (2) ; Class Hockey (3), (4) ; Class Baseball (3) ; Senior Illinae Ad- visory Board, Elmer Theodore Rundquist, at Harvey Agriculture Ma-wan-da ; Sachem ; Tribe of Illini ; Varsity Foot- ball (2), (3), (4), Captain (4) ; Varsity Wrest- ling (2) ; Freshman Varsity P ootball ; Freshman Varsity Basketball; Class Serjreant-at-Arms (3). Horace Ryder, SK Baker, Oregon Engineering, Electrical Electrical Engineering Society. ::l ® H 11 112 iOi i 1 ' III El HI m ® Seniors Frank Sailer, 2KZ Chicago Agriculture Adelphic ; Horticultural Club ; Agricultural Club ; Senior Invitation Committee ; Preliminary Honors. George Edward Salladin Jr., ake, AK if Milford, Nebraska Commerce, General Business Ma-wan-da : Ku Klux Klan ; Republican Club ; Manager Varsity Baseball (4), Assistant Mana- ger (3) ; Homecoming Committee (4). Theresa Minna Samuels, i a Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Journalism Alethenai ; Women ' s Athletic Association ; Der Deutsche Verein ; Executive Council Woman ' s League: Class Basketball (1), (2), (3); Class Hockey (2), (3) ; Class Baseball (3) ; Daily mini Staff (1), (2), (3), Woman ' s Editor (4); Senior Memorial Committee ; Senior Invitation Committee ; Chocolate and Tobacco Fund Com- mittee ; Historian, Sophomore lUinae (2) ; Vice President, Freshman Illinae ; Cast: " Indian Sum- mer " , " Tragedy of Nan " , " Der Dummkopf " , " Alt Heidelberg " . Conrad Sandvold, AX b Moorhead, Iowa Commerce, General Business Freshman Varsity Baseball (1). Francelia Plumly Sargent, HB , a Indianapolis, Indiana Com merce. General Business Athenean ; Girls ' Cosmopolitan Club ; Second Cab- inet Y. W. C. A. (2), First Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Senior Banauet Committee; Senior Memorial Committee; Vice President Woman ' s League (3), President Woman ' s League (4). Kenoske Sato, Cosmopolitan Nagoya, Japan Liberal Arts and Sciences Transfer from University of Southern California. Gertrude Elizabeth Sawyer, KAe, A- ' Norborne, Missouri Agriculture, Landscape Gardening Yo Ma ; Illiola ; Executive Council Woman ' s League ; Preliminary Honors. Wilhelmina Scheffer Atwood Liberal Arts and Sciences Arthur Krissler Schifflen Chicago Engineering, Mechanical Student Branch A. S. M. E. ; Homecoming Fi- nance Committee ; Senior Hat Committee ; Secre- tary Junior Class ; Engineering Vice President Illinois Union (4) ; Lieutenant in University Bri- gade (3). William Henry Schneider, Iris Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Freshman Varsity Basketball ; Varsity Basketball (3), (4) ; Assistant Manager Post-Exam Jubilee (3) : Junior Smoker Committee; Homecoming Committee (4) ; Liberal Arts and Sciences Vice President Student Union (4). i| m n! 5 ® XiiAsLijyL— T I ' , : ' -J T i Seniors lit Louis Henry Schreiber, it Chicago Agriculture Senior Invitation Committee ; Major in the Uni- versity Brigade. Frank Schulz, Cosmopclitan Elm wood Cotnmerce, Geyicral Business Ella Schwagmeyer Quincy Liberal Arts and Sciences Truman Gorton Searle, a , asp Geneseo Liberal Arts and Sciences Philomathean : Varsity Debating Team (3), (4). Louis Jacob Selzer, i sk Evansvillc, Indiana Engineering, Architectural Gargoyle ; Skull and Crescent ; Glee and Mandolin Club (1). (2). (3), (4); Illinois Magazine Staff, Assistant Editor (4). Heinrich John Seubold Huntingburg, Indiana Agriculture Fern Elizabeth Page Shapland, ASA Saunemin Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Yo Ma; llliola ; Second Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. (3) : Women ' s Athletic Association; Class Hockey (1), (2). (3), (4); Allied Bazaar Committee; Presi- dent Junior lUinae. Mercy Nadine Shawhan Decatur Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Robert Phineas Sheaff, X Holcomb Agriculture Comitatus : Class Baseball (1), (2); Captain in Headquarters Company (4). William Heber Sheffer, FA Auburn, Indiana Agrictilture f I Seniors ill Nelson Edward Sheldon Cosmopolitan Rock ford Engineering, Architectural Philomathean, Francis Lucian Shonkwiler I KT, 2:T, ITT2 Monticello Engineering, Mechanical Student Branch A. S. M. E., Treasurer (4) ; Tech- noprraph Staff, Business Manager (4) ; Manager Mechanical Engineerinff Open-House ( 4 ) ; Senior Banquet Committee. Frederick Weston Shumwa- Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chemical Club. Transfer from Northwestern Uni- versity. Lawrence Edgar Shup Newton Liberal Arts and Sciences, Journalism Frank Spain Shy, Brs Olney Comyiurcc, General Business Ionian: University Orchestra (1), (2), (3), (4) : Daily Illini Staff (4) : Sophomore Rush Commit- tee: Preliminary Honors. Damon Carl Siegrist San Jose Agriculture, Agronomy and Animal Husbandry Anne Blanchard Siemens, nB4» Kansas City, Missouri Liberal Arts and Sciences Yo Ma; Le Cercle Francais. Secretary (3) ; Women ' s Athletic Association (3). Raymond Sipe Rochelle Agriculture, Landscape Architecture William Silas Slack, hkn, TBll Salem Engineering, Electrical Electrical Engineering Society. Katherine Claire Slade Rockord Liberal Arts and Sciences Women ' s Athletic Association; Class Bowling (2). (3), (4), Manager (4) ; Coi-responding Secretary Y. W. C. A. (4). M !i ' V loi 116 Seniors m Is. m n Egbert Bohumil Sladek, b Cicero A i riculture Class Swimming (2), (3). Glenn Collins Smith, Acacia Greenfield Agriculture Scabbard and Blade ; Captain in University Bri- gade. Leonidas Logan Smith, axp Effinj ham Engineering, Architecture Architectural Club ; Scarab. Mary Parnell Smith Cuba Agriculture, Household Science Valda Eveline Smith, Aex, ON Geneseo Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Household Science Club ; Chemical Club ; Women ' s Athletic Association; Class Basketball (1), (2), Captain (2). Clarence Eastlake Snell, X I , AK Oak Park Commere, General Business Glee and Mandolin Club (2), (3). (4), Business Manaffor (4) : Senior Memorial Committee ; First Lieutenant (3), Major (4) in University Brigade. Harry Stirling Snell, axs Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry George David Snyder, eAX, AK Altoona, Pennsylvania Commerce, Industrial Administration Pierrots; Manager Class Football (1) ; Sophomore Smoker Committee; Homecoming Committee (4) ; Cast : " Keep to the Right " . Aloysius Joseph Somers, k Kankakee Agriculture Tribe of lUini ; Agricultural Vice President Stu- dent Union (4) ; Class Track (1) ; Class Football (2) ; Varsity Track (2), (3), (4) ; Senior Ban- quet Mixer Committee ; Homecoming Committee (4). Harold Haynes Sortwell, axa Indianapolis, Indiana Engineering, Ceramic Keramos ; Student Branch A. C. S., President (4) ; Technograph Staff. I iOac i Bid- littK gdint il! iu Seniors Charles Foskey Spangler, 2N Amboy Commerce, Railway Administration Railway Club : Captain Headquarters Staff in Uni- versity Brigade (4). Helen Spear, Ar Rockord Liberal Arts and Sciences Ealph Edward Sperry, Brs Macomb Commerce, Accou ntancy Brigade Staff Captain in University Brigade (4). Norman Ellsworth Sprague Triangle, GT Evanston Engineering, Civil Class Football (1), (3), (4). Bertha Marie Stein Aon, Aex, v, ox Blue Island Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Household Science Club ; Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation, President (4) ; Class Hockey (2), (3), (4) ; Manager Hockey Tournament (3) ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3), (4). Edward Hiel Stevenson Elvaston AgricvXture Agricultural Club ; Country Life Club ; Illinois Agriculturalist Staff (2). Ethel Stiff Harrisburg Liberal Arts and Sciences Le Cercle Francais. Genevieve Stillwell Urbana Agriculture, ' Household Science Helen Stillwell Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Benjamin Andrew Stiritz, b Murphysboro Agriculture, Dairy Manufacture Homecoming Finance Committee ( 4 ) . ZiaiLLXOBC Seniors n Benjamin Franklin Stoltey Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Ethel Lynette Stoltey Urbana Liberal Ai-ts and Sciences, Hmisehold Science Esther Susie Storer Centralia Liberal Arts and Sciences Jamesonian, Secretary (4) ; El Circulo Espanol ; Christian Science Society, President (4). Ernest Lawrence Stouffer, 2n, TBII Decatur Engineering A rchitectural Gargoyle ; Architectural Club ; Staff Captain and Ranking Adjutant, University Brigade (4) ; Pre- liminary Honors. Ernest Joseph Straub Kansas City, Missouri Engineering, CivU Walter Fred Straub, tke, axs, i at Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Student Branch, A. C. S. ; Chemical Club ; Illinois Chemist Staff (2), Editor (3), (4). William Benjamin Stromberg, " tBii Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Alden Harwood Sulger, K Terre Haute, Indiana Agriculture Homecoming Committee (4). Elsie Mabel Suppes, r B Somonauk Liberal Arts and Sciences Women ' s Athletic Association; Class Baseball (3), Class Hockey (4). Edmund Deforest Swanberg Worthington, Minnesota Engineering Electrical Electrical Engineering Society, Secretary (3) : Electrical Engineering Show Committee (3). Hi B a IS ® ® ® rii jae SWL. BIOI HC sar 118 IOSl_ Seniors Marion Goerz Swanberg, Aex, ON Chicajco Liberal Art and Sciences, Uouavhold Science Household Science Club ; Chemical Club. Vice President (4) ; Executive Council Women ' s League ; Illinois Staff, Household Science Editor (4) ; Preliminary Honors. Gertrude Lucile Swift, r B St r eater Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Household Science Club ; Grejiorian, Secretary (3) ; Country Life Club, President (8) ; Geneva Club, President (4) ; Class Hockey (1) : lllinae Advisory Board (3) ; First Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3), (4). Grace Sylvester Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Transfer from the University of Chicago. Rachel Harriet Talbot, X12, A Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Yo Ma; Bowling (1). (2), (3). (4), Manager (3) ; Vice President Freshman lllinae; Sophomore lllinae Advisory Board ; Secretary Woman ' s League ( 4 ) ; Vice President Women ' s Athletic Association (4). Glenwood Charles Tanton, x Washington Agriculture Skull and Crescent : Financial Secretary Univer- sity Band (4) : Chairman Cap and Gown Commit- tee (4) ; Military Ball Committee (4) ; Hobo Band Committee (4). i | Charles Bagwell Taylor, Triangle, T Manistee, M ichigan Engineering, Civil Civil Engineering Club; Fencing (1), (2), (4): Editor Technograph (4). Lawrence Righter Taylor, axa, linp Indianapolis, Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Chemical Club. Norris Onslow Taylor, kt , Geneseo Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chemical Club; Major in University Brigade (4). Frederick Robert Thatcher, bts . Elgin Commerce, Railway Transportation Illinois Union Treasurer (4). Lillian Euphemia Thomson, X12 Creston, Iowa Liberal Arts and Sciences I 119 m t !- il SI g [f ® Seniors Zada Goff Thornsburgh Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences First Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3), (4), Vice Presi- dent (4) ; Student Council Woman ' s League (4) ; Geneva Club : Senior Advisory Council. Vivian Earle Tillson, Ilus, atp Naperville Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Class Baseball (2) ; Preliminary Honors. Glen Deach Tombaugh Pontiac Agriculture Bushnell Guild ; Agricultural Club ; Country Life Club; Class Football (3), (4) ; Ag Dance Com- mittee (3), (4). Elinor Evangeline Traxler Urbana Commerce, General Business El Circulo Espanol; Class Basketball (2), (3) ; Junior Illinae Hat Committee ; Sophomore Illinae Advisory Board. Sidney Briggs Trelease, at Urbana Commerce, General Business WiLMA Lois Trenchard Hardin, Missouri Liberal Arts and Sciences Lenox Edmund Trickle, hkn, st Urbana Engineering, RaUivay Electrical Railway Club ; Senior Hobo Band Committee. Marion Collier Troster, z , AK Belleflower Commerce, General Business Ma-wan-da; Ku Klux Klan ; Class Football (1) ; Class Basketball (1) ; Varsity Track Team, Assist- ant Manager (3), Manager (4) ; Junior Cap Com- mittee ; Senior Smoker Committee ; Manager Class Athletics (2). Harold Bradford Tukey, ex, AZ Berwyn Agriculture, Horticulture Graphomen ; Agricultural Club ; Horticultural Club, President (4) ; Illinois Agriculturist Staff, Managing Editor (4) ; Homecoming Committee (4) ; Chaii-man Agricultural Dance Committee (4) ; Lieutenant in University Brigade (3) ; Pre- liminary Honors, Harold Edwin Turley Burney, Indiana Agriculture Horticultural Club ; Agricultural Club ; Country Life Club. ]®I©I®HC THE :iiJ 120 j[!iiii.jLioa[: Seniors Elmer Nels Turnquist Canton Liberal Arts and Sciences Headquarters Staff in University Brigade. George Unger, Acacia Oak Park Architecture Scarab; Editor-in-Chief, Illinois Magazine (4). Frank Wayne Valentine, tke, at Mt. Vernon Liberal Arts and Sciences Business Manager Illinois Chemist (4) : Chemical Club. Maurice Veronda Carbon Hill Liberal Arts and Sciences Harold Craigmile Vial, at LaGrange Agriculture Varsity Swimming (2). (3), (4) ; Football Squad (4). Nathaniel Smith Vial, at, AZ LaGrange Agriculture Elmer Bennett Vliet, bt, at Joliet Liberal Ai-ts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chemical Club, President (,4) ; American Chemical Society. Alfred Charles Vogele Urbana Agriculture, Horticulture Agricultural Club ; Horticultural Club. Joseph Francis Vopat, tbii Oak Park Engineering, Civil Civil Engineering Society. Charles Dudley Wagstaff, Ae Tipton, Indiana Agriculture Pierrots; Gymnastic Team (2), (3), (4), Captain (4) ; Homecoming Committee (4) ; Senior Ban- quet Committee. d 121 ZllsiILLIOi Seniors Fred Raymond Wakeland Hoopeston Agriculture Agricultural Club. Helen AValker, X0 Clinton Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Stanton Eugene Walworth Urbana Agriculture Glee and Mandolin Club (3), (4). Adalaide May Wamsley, xn Quincy Agriculture Yo Ma : Secretary, Senior Illinae. Cecilia Blair Ward, KAG Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Janet Ward Chicaj o Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Athenean : Women ' s Athletic Association : Student Council Woman ' s League (3), Anna May Warren Mansfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Senior Council, Woman ' s League. Transfer from Illinois Wesleyan University. Russell Watt Chanipyaign Engineering, A rchitectural Robert Alfred Webber Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chemical Club. Leslie Wedge, Acacia Kewanee Commerce, General Business m 11 II 122 II.HQi " ii Seniors II Amy Azalea Weir, ak Marshall Liberal Arts and Sciences Second Cabinet Y, W. C. A. (3) ; Gregorian. Peral Weir, ae Marshall Agrciulturc, Household Science Household Science Club ; Jamesonian. Kathryn Clare Welsh Bradford Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Spaulding Guild. k Carolyn Louise Wenz Paris Liberal Art» and Sciences Marion Isabelle West, xn Loda Agriculture, Household Science Transfer from Milwaukee-Downer College. Elizabeth Lux Wheelhouse, nu Decatur Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Yo Ma ; Household Science Club. Russell Sherman White, ATO Chicago Commerce, General Business Ma-wan-da ; Sachem ; 1917 Illio Staff. Assistant Business Manager ; 1918 Staff, Business Manager ; Daily Illini Staff. Circulation Manager (4) : Homecoming Committee (4). WiNiFERD Elizabeth White Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Merlyn Whitney, bfs Marion, Ohio Commerce, General Business Mabel Doris Whitten DeKalb Liberal Art-i and Sciences 123 imll :«lII.JLIO Newell Wiedemann, sn Rector, Arkansas Engineering, Architectural Gargoyle. Julius Harry Wien, hkn Chicago Engineering, Electrical Electrical Engineering? Society. George Alfred Williams Cleveland, Ohio Libei ' al Arts and Sciences Grace Ethel Williams Watseka Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Council Woman ' s League ; Jamesonian ; Vice President (4). l II Ruth Isabel Wikoff, ASA, a Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Alethenai ; Women ' s Athletic Association ; First ' Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Class Hockey (2) ; Manager Annual Girls ' Stunt Show (4) ; Univer- sity of Illinois Drama Federation ; Vice President Senior Class. Harold Courtney Wilber Potomac Commerce, General Business Lucille Vivien Wilkey, axo ' Covington, Indiana Liberal Arts and Sciences Woman ' s Glee Club. Helen Jackson Williams, r B Stroator Liberal Arts and Sciences Jamesonian, Secretary (3) , Treasurer (4) ; Women ' s Athletic Association ; Class Basketball (1) ; Preliminary Honors. Irene Williams, AAH Ravanna, Missouri Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science John Bradley Williams, Ben, ak Peoria Commerce, General Business Freshman Varsity Football (3) ; Varsity Bowling (3). 2 it: (i 124 Seniors 1 Ward Maurice Willits, Ilus, Br2, ASP Harvey Commerce, Acco ' untancy Philomathean ; Illinois-Indiana Debate (1) , Illi- nois-Wisconsin Debate (2), Illinois-Michigan De- bate (3) ; Senior Smoker Committee; First Lieu- tenant in University Brigade ; Preliminary Honors. Winifred Wilson, xe Atwood Liberal Arts and Sciences Women ' s Athletic Association ; Kxecutive Council Woman ' s League ; Jamesonian ; Senior invitation Committee ; Preliminary Honors. Mary Alameda Winship Tiskibwa Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Lawrence Morse Winters, Iris, BFS Chicago Commerce, General Business Ma-wan-da ; Sachem ; Graphomen ; Pierrots ; Edi- tor-in-Chief 1918 iLLio; 1917 Illio Stiiff : 1919 IMJO Staff, Senior Editor; Daily Illini Staff (4) ; Sophomore Picnic Committee ; Senior Memorial Committee; Homecoming Committee (3), (4) ; Preliminary Honors, Helen Elisabeth Witbeck, Achotk Belvidere Liberal Arts and Sciences Illiola, Vice President (4) ; Second Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3), (4) ; Senior Advisory Council; Senior Invitation Committee, Lillian Honens Woerman r B, Aex, ON St. Louis, Missouri Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Sciences Household Science Club ; Illinois Agriculturist Staff (4). Wilbur Townsend Woleben, s E Chicago Heights Agriculture Freshman Varsity Football; Varsity Football (3). (4). Aline Jeanette Wolff Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Menorah ; Girls ' Cosmopolitan Club. Herbert Wolter Danville Agriculture Hoof and Horn Club, Secretary (4), Frances Octania Woods, aka St. Louis, Missouri Liberal Arts and Sciences 125 -3TIL ]@ riH.IOB!=-= w .— ... ■ - ,._ — ■ . .■■..■■» ,. (.■lu.A.i.wi.Kia Seniors IS IS s a ® IS Lenna Adair Woods Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences, Pre-Medic Bethany Circle key (1). Class Basketball (1) ; Class Hoc- Henry Harold Worner San Jose Agriculture Mildred Winifred Wright, kkf Okauchee, Wisconsin Agriculture, Landscape Gardening Otillia Yackey St. Louis, Missouri Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Leland Edward Yeager, KT Maywood Liberal Arts and Sciences Scabbard and Blade ; Lieutenant Colonel in Uni- versity Briprade (4) ; Commander of Faculty Bat- talion ; Preliminary Honors. John George Yerington, Ai; Watervliet, Michigan Agriculture Ku Klux Klan ; Manager Class Baseball (3) : Sophomore Finance Committee. Merle Albert Yockey, Ilus, Brs Beardstown Commerce, Accountancy Lieutenant in University Brigade (3). George Andrew Zehr, hkn Washington Engineering, Electrical Electrical Engineering Soc iety. Lawrence Zeller Brazil, Indiana Commerce, General Business George Landon, iika, aa Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Republican Club: Class Football (1), (2) ; Presi- dent Sophomore Class: Smoker Committee (3) ; Homecoming Committee (4). ' iJ ?i Ml m SI m m ® JBc 380. 1SI I«©®C 1 126 laiLLIOBC [i B ® S ® E E n 11 [Ml SI 51 [1 a n E SI ® n THE MACHINE SHOP OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ][i3IX I«0[ THE 127 IILUOBC Ml ® B M m ® a m 11 s ai in a ® ® a a JK DBIOI4JHC THE 128 B I! CHI C A Q O DEPAETnENT.5 « 19 18 • MEDICIAIE DE7 TI5T2Y PHABMACY TECUMSEIi- ( Seniors Oscar Achinelly, A2A La Plata, Argentina Dentistry Bernard Robert Allen, Azr Chicago Dentistry James Harold Allgeier, ' J ' Q Chicago Dentistry Executive Committee (4) ; Student Council (4). Joseph Bertram Arneson, " VQ Chicago Dentistry Secretary Senior Class. Edgar Baldwin, k Chicago Pharmacy Abrahim Kalil Bashur Burj-Safita, Syria Dentistry Stanley Curtis Bell, 3 Valley Junction, Iowa Dentistry Transferred from Iowa University. Chester Bellan, A2A, srn Chicago Dentistry Freshman Varsity Basketball ; Executive Com- mittee (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Council: Student Coun- cil (4). Neff Knyper Barkers Chicago Pharmacy Frederick Bengston, k McPherson, Kansas Pharmacy 129 I Seniors Vincent Julian Berens, •i ' il Shakopee, Minnesota Dentistry President Junior Class. Georgina Grace Bower Chicago Pharmacy Austin Breyer, asa Waupun, Wisconsin Dentistry Orville Clinton Briggs, A2A Columbia City, Indiana Dentistry Lewis Paul Brockhoff, i AX Pcrham, Minnesota Pharmacy Paul Bronner Chicago Heights Pharmacy Clyde Brown, asa Plant City, Florida Dentistry Lytle Leland Brown, -j-p: Crookston, Minnesota Medicine Rowland Hugh Campbell, A2A Blackfoot, Idaho Dentistry Ethel Marie Carlson Winnetka Pharmacy :. 7-..»f- • -wrrt i ' SI. 180 Seniors Fred Elton Carpenter, atq, ps, AfiA Reasnor, Iowa Medicine Burr Raymond Crockett, asa Westfield, Wisconsin Dentistry Frederick William Carroll, asa Chicago Dentistry Laura Ann Chambers Chicago Dentistry Class Historian. Carter Neville Colbert, ' tPS Eacine, Wisconsin Medicine Gerald Ralph Collins, SAE, X Chicago Dentistry Director of University of Illinois Dental Orches- tra : Pan Hellenic Council. Transferred from Uni- versity of South Dakota. NoRRis Lee Cunningham Bowen Dentistry Walter Harry Dimond Chicago Pharmacy Albert Roland Dippel, -i n North Freedom, Wisconsin Dentistry Daniel Joseph Doherty Clinton, Iowa Pharmacy i ; — - :— ;ia:l . , 131 Arthur Sylvester Drea Chicago Dentistry Treasurer Junior Class. Benjamin Quincy Dysart, Mm, A12A Granville Medicine Class Vice President (4). Lii Hi Isaac Harry Droher St. Joseph, Missouri Dentistry Vice President Junior Class. Chester Davis Dursema, A2A Kenosha, Wisconsin Dentistry Hattie Adela Dyniewicz Chicago Pharmacy Josephine Marion Dyniewicz Chicago Pharmacy Harold Ivan Early Winter Haven, Florida Pharmacy Edwin Erickson fi Cottonwood, Minnesota Dentistry MacClellan Fellows, asa Chicago Dentistry James Edward Fetherston, akk Chicago Medicine ILUO Staff. Chicago Editor, (2), (3). (4). u SI HI ' ' s H [H B s .■Jm s ' :I H 11 1 .Jilioi Hf 182 If iT : I Tony Harry Florian, k Chicago Pharmacy Edward James Forbrich Antioch Phai ' macy Seniors Charles Boyd Freeman, asa Volga, South Dakota Dentistry Albert Gaviria BoH:ota, Republic of Colombia Dentistry E1 m • Wallace Formhals, k i Ottawa Pharmacy Karl Frase, k Chicago Pharmacy Albert Charles Frederick Chicago Heights Pharinacy ISADORE Goldberg, Azr Chicago Dentistry Francis Loyolo Gorman, A2A Chicago Dentistry President Freshman Class ; President Senior Class. Arthur Gustav Grosse, k Chicago Heights Pharmacy ' ?:- ' Mmimm ' imm : i 5 r:;. ' w V 4 . j i. -ZiaiuLioacz Senior ' s ERVIN HaEBERLE, K I ' Broken Bow, Nebraska Pharmacy Charles Edward Irwin, N2N Belle Plaine. Iowa Medicine Norman Oscar Hewitt Chicago Dentistry Transferred from Mico College, Kingston, Jamai- Harold Emory Hocum, akk Minneapolis, Minnesota Medicine Leslie Allen House, k p De Quoin Pharmacy Paul Huber, akk Chicago Medicine Ph.C, Degree from Northwestern University 1913. Alfred Richard Johnson Kerkhoven, Minnesota Pharmacy Class Vice President (2). Orion Chester Jones, 2 n Redmon Medicine Medui ; Executive Committee (4). Lillian Kadlec Chicago Dentistry Senior Class Prophet. Louis Karel, k Chicago Pharmacy TL-; : . , ,l »r 184 Si ii II L ■:■■■■ ' ■ ■« " y ' KfiiW Til Seniors Alfred Ketterhagen, S Burlington, Wisconsin Dentistry Holmes Amos Kimball Albion Phurmacy George Koptik, akk Cicero Medicine Oscar Korsbrek, n Wlieaton, Minnesota Dentistry Pan Hellenic Council ; Treasurer Senior Class. LuciAN Charles Kozinski Chicago Dentistry Student Council (3). Max Howard Krost Chicago Dentistry Herman David Lasker Chicago Dentistry John Harry Lindahl Chicago Pharmacy Class Sergeant-at-Arms (2). Berger Lindh Stockholm, Sweden Pharmacy WiLLARD CARLYSLE MASTERS, S Angola, Indiana Dentistry Vice President Senior Class ; B. O. Degree, Tri- State College, Indiana. m i i ' 1 m - H « IS 1 ■135 II Seniors Alexander Carl Mayerson, Jutus Chicago Pharmacy Class Treasurer (2), Pauline McClure Chicago Pharmacy Class Secretary (2), Wilfred Ignatius Menard Chicago Pharmacy Raymond John Mercey, nsn St. Davids Medicine Mcdui ; Executive Committee (4). Clayton Moore, S Independence, Iowa Dentistry Transferred from the University of Iowa. Chauncey Edwin Motlong, S Crete Dentistry Captain Basketball ' (1), (3) ; Chairman Execu- tive Committee (4) ; Student Council (4). Thomas Berton Miles Murphy N2N, AiiA Oakesdale, Washington Medicine Class Vice President (4). Fidel Cadinanos Ochoa Gabanes Burgos, Spain Dentistry William Dumas Olson, A2A Volga, South Dakota Dentistry Arthur Henry Orcutt, Ae, nsn, AAA Areola Medicine Class President (2). (3). - a n IS ® m m ® i s m m -; 136 y L-1 ' . .. Seniors Jesse Owen, A2A, srn Chicago Dentistry Benjamin Giles Pyle Kalamazoo, Michigan Dentistry Hubert Fred Owens Clinton Phannacy Ralph Parkhurst, k Effingham Pharmacy Victor Humbert Perez Seybo, Santo Domingo, West Indies Pharmacy Chester Henry Perkins, akk Temple. Oklahoma Medicine B.S. Degree Oklahoma University. William Ralph Odell Pharmacy Class President (2). George Shanon Reed, asa Lubbock, Texas Dentistry John Thomas Robertson, i ax Morrison Pharviacy William Rosenthal St. Joseph, Missouri Dentistry V ai i HC tm-A E SI SI ® a n 187 IS [a n Seniors Edmund Henry Savage, fi Wheaton Dentistry George Sedlack, k Chicago Pharmacy Mykon SENTY, A2A, AT Arci dia, Wisconsin Dentistry Class Sergeant-ut-Arms (3). IP " Cecil .aver, si I- ;. Wisconsin " J HaRj i) 1919 ILLIO Staf Edward Frank Sladek, AKK Cicero Medicine Charles Leroy Smith, A2A Chicago Dentistry Paul Alfred Snoeberger, aza Rockfield, Indiana Dentistry William Charles Spanier Chicago Pharmacy Frederick Homer Starrett, 3 ' ! ' Hancock, Michigan Dentistry Secretary Sophomore Class : Executive Committee Junior Class, 1 1 III m i 138 Seniors KussELL Myers Stewart, k Wakarusa, Indiana Pharmacy Jacob Stillebman Chicago Dentistry James Stubbs, A2A Aurora Dentistry William Morris Tate Chicago Pharmacy Harry Arthur Teter, Azr Chicago Dentistry jmmsiMmes:R:aiiiva fSr ' " SgejRiXsm. xmtimmi Ashley Townsend Thomas, A2A Dentistry Chicago Raymond Lee Thompson Du Quoin Pharmacy William Earl Tlrner, A2A Wheatland, North akota Dentistry Jo,- H UNC Roc ' ' r SI TH dM Hi 35 501« i JU: 189 IJHICOTOBC i Seniors mi Hans Vahlteich Chicago Pharmacy Guy Leon Wagoner, 2X, nsn McComb, Ohio Medicine Chairman Executive Committee (4). Louis Francis Waldmann, ks, 4 ' Bn Omaha, Nebraska Medicine Class President (4). Burt Hamor Ward, k p Chicago Pharmacy Homer Wherley, k Astoria Pharmacy Junior Class Honor Roll. Robert Edwin Wilder, ASA Elkhart, Indiana Dentistry Executive Committee Senior Class ; Student Coun- cil (1). (3). Ralph William Windmueller, k Chicago Pharmacy Alfred Harold Wood Utica, New York Dentisti-y George Washington Wood, k Chicago Pharmacy Arnim Robert Wyle Waverly Pharmacy Oscar Yeatman, asa Huntsville, Alabama Dentistry [al m " is 140 n JSc " l£E iiLLioac 11 I I. PRACTICE nOOM UXIVEKSITY OF ILLINOIS CHICAGO DEPARTMENTS k Ji ]Bioi®ai: m SI H ® a IS a n 1® 3=r 141 ISIULIOBC JlU IMI III IS a n [I s Ml II II 11 SI in " blow, blow thou winter wind JmS ]SIOI [- 142 JUNIOR ft B ft, ' I 1 BI1.HOB 1: Tf ■ ■ ' -•■:iT - yunior Class Officers H. li. RATIIBLX J. r. SCII.NLLLBACHEK m FIRST SEMESTER H. R. Rathbun President Florence Lindahl Vice President Floyd Keepers Treasurer C. F. Barnes Secretary SECOND SEMESTER J. P. Schnellbacher President Marion K. Smith Vice President R. H. Johnson Treasurer H. L. Massey Secretary Lj il S H m HI u dsioi b: [il 143 JT DHILLIOaC 3sr ji DBIOI HC 111 m H H 11 HI s TC H 144 - --, aSL iZJl 1 HILXIO® H a a Hi m [3 s s ■I n » n ■ EC 3SL. HBIOI Hi: 35U- 143 i!J ip j; siLLioac- jg, — I If H II Daioi i THE 146 ij]II.LIO®I ® is ' Ai ;i 1 W. J5E :bioi®hc a H H ® s ® ® n aar 147 JS aTSL IILLIOBC Sophomore Class Officers p. R. MELANGTON GEORGE KLECKNER B [El s H FIRST SEMESTER P. R. MELANGTON President Margaret Miles Vice President R. W. Sawyer Treasiirer George Kleckner Secretary SECOND SEMESTER George Kleckner President Marie Llewellyn Vice President W. I. POSTON Treasurer W. P. Englehard Secretary Ji [illOI BC 1 IMI ® a ® n i v ■ 3sr 148 i n HILLIOBi Freshman Class Officers G. E. BUCKLER E. R. SELDEN Til ® B S S a [¥ FIRST SEMESTER G. E. Buckler President SuzANNAH Huston Vice President A. L. Sagendorph Treasurer Mary Cooper Secretary 111 Isl III SI H IS i[ IhI @ M HI SECOND SEMESTER B. R. Selden President E. H. Boland Vice President C. S. Whitmore Treasurer 0. N. Wilton Secretary 1 DSIOIdl 149 JmE: Si aiLLIOBC l( i l " ' I m m s a A MEMORIAL OF THE CLASS OF NINETEEN-THIRTEEN 3B1. dsioi b: 160 ® 1 n- E a E BL JLI I.Ui " j[ jts. isr . ■ a i: m a ® 13 n BIOI HL iH -!■ ' = 131 i IBJULXIOSf im LJ s SI a a s a BIOI BC 2Hr ii B B B; 1S£ ' ■;a «Rj»f ,;?,« ■. -■-: ' . ,,.,.,-;. ■ ■ " " • . -., HiULioac a SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI _iac= ]S]10I«HC 3»r L ii S 11 S I® III j BILHol l ill S SI HI {■ IS ]®IOI«SE nas 154 w rsL ZIBILLIOBC B g a ® ® ■ a IMl m ® ® ® s n SSL BIOI Hi: 22Lr y 155 3BL UBILHOB[ " IH£ Homecoming igio By W. Elmer Ekblaw W. E. EKBLAW C. F. WILLIAMS [Ml [i 111 [£l a a s HI H _ The idea of Fall Homecoming was first conceived by C. F. Williams early in the spring of 1910, and it was he with myself and three others all members of Shield and Trident and Phoenix who presented a petition to the Council of Administration asking that October fourteenth and fifteenth of that year, 1910, be set aside for the First Annual Fall Homecoming of the University of Illinois. The object of this Homecoming was to make it possible for the undergraduates and the alumni of the University to meet at a time of the year during which school was in session. In previous years the only contact between the old grads and the students was at the time of graduation, but because of the unusual number of duties attending commencement exercises there was very little time for social contacts. The plan was approved by the Council and the committee of five started work on the first homecoming. Classes were dropped from noon Friday, October fourteenth on, and an elaborate program was prepared for the entereainment of the Homcomers. The first Hobo Band parade was put before the public, and its advent was received with acclaim. On the afternoon of the first day a baseball game between Alumni Allstars and the 1910 1000% champions was played. Saturday afternoon the Illini prospective football champions played Chicago and defeated them by the score of 3-0. In between there were various smokers, receptions, band concerts and get-togethers, and when it was all over Homecoming had been definitely established. [mI g SI HI ® ® III HI II ® SIIILKU ' S FA5rOUS DliOl ' KICK WHICH IlKFIOATICII CHICAGO 3-0 lEIOI-OHC SHT 166 k I 3 Homecoming i iy By K. Dewitt Pulcipher ;i Homecoming! Time of " Howdy, Tom " and " Hello there, Bill " . It was all done over again not on quite so big a scale, but with the same enthusiasm and welcome to the homecomers, October 19 and 20, earlier than usual, proved two days of healthy enjoyment for both the old grads and undergraduates. Wisconsin ' s defeat by a 7-0 score was the joy of the visitors and the attend- ant program helped to make things interesting before and after the game. Senior hoboes, arrayed as everything from Hula maids to the Hickville mounted police and not forgetting the Kaiser ' s goat and the knitting fans, started the program with their annual hi larious parade Friday afternoon. The class han- ' dicap track meet was staged on Illinois Field im mediately following the parade. Carroll, Lang and Bush of the upperclassmen got away with ■ most of the ribbons, and Deeds took individual J honors for the freshmen. Bob Zuppke told about the ball with the " funny shape " at a big mass meeting in the Aud- itorium Friday night, and although he said you never could tell which way the ball would bounce, he thought Illinois would do her best. And next day his conservative prediction came true. The Illini outplayed the Badgers, but a slippery field almost turned the gridiron into a skat- ing ring and a drizzling rain put a considerable damper on the pep of both teams. " Get the sophomores " was Wisconsin ' s battle cry and for a time the Illini paid more attention to the visitors ' epithets than they did to the game. Nichols and Charpier pulled Illinois out of the hole, however, and one touchdown was sufficient to beat the Badgers. Mask and Bauble did its bit for the Homecoming carnival with two productions of " It Pays To Advertise " at the Illinois Theatre, and with a cast which was virile and full of action, the play added further laurels to Mask and Bauble ' s successes. Alumni smokers and alumnae teas furnished the necessary means of renewing old acquaintances for the men and women who had come back. The crowds were not as big as usual to the gratification of those freshmen who would otherwise have slept on the coal pile, but the entire program was carried through and marked another — the eighth annual — successful Homecoming. NEWMAN ROMERO ! 1 THE HOMECOMERS HELPED US YELL 167 IIULIOBC isi 111 II H IM IS HI III 13 JmS nn. DBIOI HC 158 n JSS aiLLIOB 1 I E S A SECTION OF THE HILAKI0U3 SENIOR HOBO PARADE m s n li ® n a a a a ILLINOIS 7, WISCONSIN a T l " I 169 3B1- p Jl a;IJLJLIOi " JL ii m a f ' . In NMort ' 9»5-i6-(,. A L • ■WKJ V-.? f -r E: ' illlliil n T " ' " C " - " ' " " ' DEI I HC aar 160 ® ® a ® s s 11 a fTHHiir " i? 1 i 11 111 H m 161 Im ]BirXIOH[ aar 11 [i {¥ g II 111 [H SI SI [M SI « S- SI SI JBE ]SlIOI9[i sn. nsE aau " 162 JGT aSL iHiuLioai: 3-r The Illini oard of Trustees COODEXOUGH FACULTY MEMBERS Franklin W. Scott, Ph.D., Chairman Thomas Arkle Clark, B.L. George A. Goodenough, M.E. Seniors R. A. WiNKLEMAN Ronald Foulke STUDENT MEMBERS Juniors M. H. Hunt Philip Young WINKLEMAN 3BV. 3Sioi9@: 163 151 m ® ® [1 !!TT1f ' J ' iSjKAu MJ} n " t= 3ir- The aily Illini K. D. PULCIPHEK K. Dewitt Pulcipher, Editor-in-Chief Zean G. Gassman Managing Editor J. M. Knappenbergek Managing Editor M. G. McCONNELL News Editor JULiEN H. Collins News Editor Charles B. Davis News Editor Harold B. Johnston News Editor Harold F. Cope Frank H. O ' Donnell C. C. Tapscott H. Morris Van Doren T. H. Merriam R. G. Massock S. D. Darley REPORTERS S. D. Owen I. G. Goble P. R. Richardson J. O. KuNZ P. S. Westcott C. W. Cleveland H. M. Hodgson H. Gordon Hullfish News Editor R. A. Drysdale Sports Editor Theresa Samuels Woman ' s Editor Susan Shaffer Assistant Woman ' s Editor Dorothy Seidel Society Editor L. M. Winters Exchange Editor R. T. McQuiNN Mildred Welch Ruth Lieber Marie Cronin Josephine Newell Shirley Krea San Roberta Doisey ® ® ill {J I! i Gassmann Knappenhei pr M Connell Collins Davis Johnston 164 « The " Daily Illini m m r f Gr Drysdal " Coyoe O ' Donnell Tapsco ti Van Doren P IV infers mi 1 Lieber Massock Darl Offert n yii . Sitjigrdson Ktuiz, JNe ' J yell WestcoH Hod ji.on. ,, les jsr IIULIOHC The aily Illini Krea Sa ® i] §] [i! ij [a s ROBEET A. BRYANT Robert A. Bryant, Business Manager A. D. Halliwell Assistant Business Manager R. R. Thompson Assistant Business Manager F. G. Maurer R. P. McKiNLEY J. E. Hansen E. J. Smith R. J. SONTAG J. H. Wilson ASSISTANTS R. S. White Circulation Manager F. S. Shy Bookkeeper H. M. DUNLAP J. Tredwei.l F. T. Farwell R. G. Crammoxd M. S. Leemixc M. F. Goldberg E SI ® HI H HI H! S 3BL DSIOI EIC U aar 166 _CrE =riL L L n m s a . DHILLJEOHi: THE SHT T e d fy Illini ® II [Ml m m a s Farwell Crammond JmZ ]BIOI«®C [fil ■USE aar 167 jsn JHIXJLIOBi Tfii The igig Illio E B m ® I ® E H HI 1 Lawrence M. Winters Senior Editor J. E. Fetherston Chicago Editor Walter B. Remley Athletic Editor Don V. Chapman Art Editor George W. Unger Artist Harry G. Haake, Editor-in-Chief EDITORIAL STAFF William L. Thompson Assistant Athletic Editor Florence E. Lindahl Woman ' s Editor Dudley L. Frank Sophomore Assistant James D. Havens Sophomore Assistant ART STAFF Arthur A. Dailey Cartoonist John A. Ingwersen Sophomore Assistant Harold J. Orb Sophomore Assistant Robert G. Tolman Sophomore Assistant Julian Nardi Artist Walter A. Schweizer Artist The ILUO ManaKement is indebted to Professor Newton A. Wells and Mr. Ralpli S. Fanning of the Department of Architecture of the University of Illinois for their generous assistance. il i Lindahl 168 n e igig Illio -til i " i 1 1 (Ml SI SI ® SI a SI SI SI SI M Ji ]®IOI HL 169 IBILLIOBC rnty- The igig Illio til PHIUP A. NIEBERGALL Philip A. Niebergall, Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF Lawrence E. Dickson Assistant Business Manager W. J. Carthaus Sophomore Assistant L. B. Pacin Sophomore Assistant H. V. Snyder Sophomore Assistant m in m m ® ® 11 11 3®IOI«®C 170 IILLIOBC The Illinois Magazine i B E a HI ® E G. V. UNOER W. B. EEMLEY George Unger, Editor-in-Chief (First Semester) Lois Seyster, Editor-in-Chief (Second Semester) Walter B. Remley, Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF L. J. Selzer Assistant Editor Elizabeth Leitzbach Fiction Dorothy Seidel Dramatics Zelomia Ainsvvorth Woman ' s Editor Glenn W. Frede Athletics fill [Ml IS ® IS s ® BUSINESS STAFF W. E. Kreiger Assisant Business Manager R. E. Spangler Circulation Manager Roger Dawson Business Assistant S. A. Wilson Business Assistant W. F. Cast Business Assistant SIOI BC Ti= 171 3® iSill IOijiJL The Illinois Magazine s lii] SI E Ul sSL SIt I ®£ d I 111- ir ;B| ® SI ® 172 -J- HII.LIOBC The Illinois oAgriculturalist il E m Hi n " m A. L. KUNE W. H. EICHHORX Arthur L. Kline, Editor-in-Chief W. H. EiCHHORN, Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF H. B. TUKEY Managing Editor Marion Swanberg Household Science Editor Henry Goss Assistant Editor R. J. Tarbox Assistant Editor E. W. Landstrom Assistant Editor L. WOERMAN Assistant Editor ■1 n II s II 13 S a n a BUSINESS STAFF G. C. Spracue Assistant Busines s Manager N. L. Rice Assistant Business Manager W. W. Dayton Assistant Business Manager C. A. BONNEN Assistant Business Manager i JSt ]lE]IOI1 @C -VSB 178 j: 3m. BIXJLIO®! € The Illinois oAgriculturalist ® Ml s d [? ¥ 11 m IS ® SI a a 51 351. H aioroHc 174 J5e 3SL ®II.LIOHC The Technograph C. B. TAYLOR F. L. SHONKWILEB C. B. Taylor, Editor-in-Chief F. L. Shonkwiler, Business Manager Si a SI SI SI SI SI SI SI ADVISORY BOARD C. R. Richards, Dean of the College of Engineering G. A. GooDENOUGH, Professor of Thermodynamics E. J. Mehrex, Former Editor of Engineering Record Avery Brundage, Civil Engineer with Holahird Roche TECHNOGRAPH BOARD C. A. Nagel. C. E. Society H. C. Harbicht, Mining Society R. S. Cook, Member-at-Large R. Rahn, M. E. Society D. 3. Schneider 3BI. DSii-oids: 175 HIULIOHI it Illinois Chemist IM [i !■ [■ Ik 11 E [■ d [I B. K. Brown G. D. Beal, Ph.D L. F. Yntema E. T. Howell E. M. Barnard W. F. STRAUB F. W. VALEXTINE W. F. Straub, Editor-in-Chief F. W. Valentine, Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF G. J. Cox EDITORIAL BOARD C. C. Larson D. F. McFarland, Ph.D. BUSINESS STAFF A. G. Lewis G. H. Radeke W. K. KIRNER W. G. Rice R. S. Nelson M. J. Pearce ■ ImI IS III m HI s m 11 n M jae sn. I±]IX I4 [=}L 176 ?: 3HIIJLIOBC i lil [i] 111 111 s ® HI in a a SIOI.9@C 177 3iiL DSILLIOHC m U 111 H [a s a H E a E ill S a ® a i n ONE OF THE BEAUTY SPOTS OF CHAMPAIGN Ji :sioi [ sv. -VSE 3sr 178 H f? ■ ■ li s i .h Woman s League [■] in [■} [a E m [H FRAXCELIA SARGEiNT [Ml m a m s 111 o foster unito of purpose, I|arntang of action, miii a spirit of loualtg anb fricHbsbip among oitrsclties anil to- foarb all foomrn ) JBE 3ffL ][s]IOI @C Tt= 179 Ji J BILLIOB C EXECUTIVE BOARD KOHL SAWYER SCOTT TALBOT SARGENT PEIRSON SENIOR COUNCIL HUNTER THORNSBURGH MARKS LOVE RAITHEL WIKOFF 111 111 H SI 19 IS dl ® STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES FROM EACH SELF GOVERNMENT UNIT MAKE UP THIS CENTRAL CONTROLUNC BODY jnc ns ioi Hc: T» ' li Jmc. BILLIOB Our Work m H §1 il S] CLASS IX RED CROSS WORK i; ! 91 ill s Jli m s a ? ill m n 1 A WELCOMING HAND, A CUP OF TEA, AND A BIT OF GOSSIP JBE DHIOI HC 181 3BL aiLXIOBC 1S£ Young Women s Christian oAssociation FIRST CABINET il iMi SI [■I IBl MOSS ADAMS MC CAMMON GOLDSCHMIDT KAIKFIELD NEWELL HUNTER GOODING EDDS SARGENT DAVIS WHITTUM HOWELLS ATTEBERY MC DONALD SWIFT SLADE MATHER THORNSBURGH BARRY KOUPAL STEIN PACK s 11 SI HI 11 ® ® SECOND CABINET H K« K H K H t Lv 1 ■I H Wt whP ' x! B(?r ipS 9 l HP m ' w HKIHV ' ' V -._k» ' " ■k» H £i Hy,:. „ klw. - i ' : " i. LANDER MC MURRA1 VVITBECK. NULL KENNY LEE HUMPHREY WELCH PARK CLINE FALLON BERGER MATHER LEITZBACH BREYFOGLE BAHE BRAUNS THORNSBURGH J3 SSL u a DHIOI HC 182 I Jmxz sm. BILLIOB The Classes a il H M 111 E H a E ® SENIOR OFFICERS MC ELHINEY JUNIOR OFFICERS Top lion- SEYSTER Secotid Ron Bottom Row BRAUNS Second Row BADGER Bottom Row ANDREWS WAMSLEY ® SI SI [1 ® s Dsioi ac THE asu " 188 u -EE naiULiOB Freshmen Qirls ' Commission m [fi [■ [k1 g] [ff [ff H MC CULLOUCH COPLEY NADINO ELY SALE GALSTER NICOLET IIOORE TEBWILLICER COOPER BRAUCHER F. WINE L. WINE CURTIS DAVENPORT AMSBARY LUMLEY JOHNSON HACKMAN OFFICERS Dorothy Lumley President Margaret Davenport Secretary 91 II m M. ® [ii Di9 MEMBERS Hazel Curtis Margaret Davenport Addie Amsbury Dorothy Lumley Mildred Johnson Hazel Hackman Margaret McCullough Clara Nicolet Helen Moore Ruth Terwilliger Mary Cooper Margaret Brancker Frances Wine Ada Wharmby Lois Wine Virginia Sale Anna Bly Alma Galster Marie Nading Mary Copley jac :!£lIOI [ 5BL THE 184 Jmc ]BILLIOB[ IBJE IHT [i [i [i Im H [I n oAthletics BOWLING BAHE CANNON THE HIGHEST SCORE ROLLERS BASEBALL 1» s s s ® HI GUMM MANSPEAKER EACHMAN CANNON PICKARD MC NALLY WHERE THE FRESHIIAN SHINE jas :@ii i-o@i THE 2Hr 185 f 3BILLIOBC t ! u m ® [i ] m H m a n n IBi aar ]1 Hockey SENIORS JOHNSTOX RANKIM CHRISTIE STEIN GERLACH LVJIAN BADGER ANDREWS BAMESBERGER CRAIGMILE MONOHON SUPPGS NEEDHAM n ! I JUNIORS OTROFT BCKWASR FITZER WOODS NEWTILL RISSER POLKOWSKI FLATT BAI.UXGER SCOTT CUKE BASACKMAN CHESTER LEICHSENRING BAKE (CAPT.) WATTS BITZER GOODPASTURE GOODMAN SSL iBioi Bi: IW I {■ n (■ E I Ifflcoo iET SOPHOMORES NO RK8T IN THIS GAME FRESHMEN 1 [3 IS II ® ® li tl IIOISV KICK FKIER BARNES CAWTIIROP (CAPT.) HOOVKR MICHAKL MOHKK 1.0SEK WINB jae ]aioi5 aL ISB 187 r 11 [§ II n i m E H J3SE aSL JBILLIOBC basketball THE SENIORS WEIR HUXSLEY ALBAUGH ALLEN MILES WHITE BADGER GAINES ANDREWS MONOHON BAMESBERGER FLOCK DUVALL BC MISS BROOKS, COACH THE JUNIORS ai MAKKS SUA1 ' 1-1;K FITZER IIA.NCUOFT GOODPASTURE BAKE CKONIN ANDREWS POLKOWSKI (CAPT.) JSc H [M M ® III II m n I naioi BE 188 THE SOPHOMORES MONOHON CANNON MARSH MONTGOMERY CARMEN (CAPT.) BAUER TREAT GUMM LACEY THE FRESHMEN ASPIRANTS SALE STROEBEL CHAPMAN HEATHERINGTON PETTIBONE LUMLEY NADING LYLEN HACKMAN STOVENER MILLER FRIER BISHER STUBBS GOSSIN WALKUP LOUIS KOUPAL KOUPAL TERWILLIGER HOUGH NUZZLE GAWTHKOP WINE ROSE AMSBARY HOOVER HARDESTY COWAN SCOTT BRYANT HAMMOND ■ 1 [H m a s a a a JBS SIOId[ SSL 189 Jh, i«L - MIILLIOB C oArchery IN THIS WE EMULATE THE GRACEFUL AND VIGOROUS GRECIAN MAIDENS H ® MISS MORRIS, THE COACH, HITTING THE MARK a II II S SI SELMA VVEKT, THE WINNER OF THE TOURNAMENT AIM ! u 3B1L SIOI lElC 2=r 190 B L 1 JGac 3SL DHIULIOB Woman ' s Athletic Association THE MEMBERS 111 WATTS LUMLEY FLATT BAHE BUTZER BROOKS WERT BOWER KNAPHEIDE LLEWELYN CHRISTIE CALDWELL CRONIN HUGHITT FREER BUSSELL LINDAHL GOODPASTURE PRANTE MARKS HOTTES CANNON WOLGAST PLYMALE ItlORRIS JOHNSON GERLACH FLEXER POLKOWSKI RANKIN KRAMETBAUER SPATNEY BALLINGEB WARD HUNSLEY MC KEE MONOHON WEITKNECHT WEIR LYMAN MANN VAN INWEGEN MARSH ALBAUGH BARNES RISSER FREDERICK STEIN BADGER WILSO N SLOAN LEICHSENKING WELCH BANCROFT § fe H [■I m QIl]E purpose nf ti t asoctatjon is to mafec games nnb atlilrtics a Itclp in mental m b moral cffictencg among tl|e fcomen of tlje |Snt erBttg l|[ m m IB] ® IS li n MISS MORRIS aioi ac Ttr 3sr MISS BUSSELL lILLIOBi: d ay Day IE |i !i li 1 g E A GRECIAN FESTIVAL IN HONOR OF DEMETRIUS, THE GODDESS OF THE HARVEST, DIRECTED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL TRAINING " K MISS FREER HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL TRAINING THE SENIORS m [il s SI d n ® s 11 11 d THIS DAY IS ALSO THE OCCASION FOB THE SENIOR women ' s FAREWELL JOSL nsioiQBc 102 ■w ] BILLIOB i: llJ El SI (9 [■ E SI m JR ][!]IX I.9[ n® 193 194 i i Tir BiiLioac Ml a s s [Ml [al SI B IM m [5 [■ u [i] aioi Hi: 196 3SL IHIULIOHC r i ' jt- " ' " ■ ¥ 5 m ■w m II HI M HI ® II [5l REMINISCENT OF OLOWINO GRATE FIRES JHE SBl . [i]ioi 9@i: THE sar 196 ■ I 1 I ?:- f5 ' awos PHOTOS BY RENNE STUDIO, CHAMPAIGN i JSc 35L IILLIOBC Pageant — ' ' Illinois T ay III (sI (H [eI oa 51 ii [■I (U HI [I " Illinois Day " , the second of a series of pageants given under the direction of the author. William Chauncy Langdon, in celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the State of Illinois, was given in the Auditorium December 3. The male members of the cast were selected from Ma-wan-da, the senior honorary organization, and the girls were selected as representative of the best girls at the uni- versity. This started a tradition and from year to year a represen- tative girl of the university will be selected. Lucile Pierson has the honor of being the first on the role of those chosen. She represented a true Illinois girl in the pageant. Ill IS 11 m [i 13 s JSS. 3BI. 3SIOIDSE 205 sin. 3BILHOB fMC j»r ' Keep to the %ght [■ IE S g SI [3 THE CAST Tammy Pete, a Politician, H. A. Williamson Jethro Martin, also a Politician, D. ScHULEB Pat O ' Connor, Chief of Police, A. S. Graven Josiah Fenwick, a Reformer, W. C. Troutman Priscilla Fenwick, his daughter, G. D, SNYllER George Washington Snow, a Negro Porter, A, A. Dailey Melvin Whitlow, the New Mayor, W. M. MICHAEL Chub Newton, his College Chum, B. S. Krelstein Eric Steinheimer, the Traffic Cop, P. P. Young Dorothy Chalmers, the Stenographer, N. Caldwell Allah He Buscksch, an Egyptian, W. F. Slaytox Ml ® m n II 3SL BIOI«®C -55r 2=r ® . DHI IJLIOBC ' ' Keep to the %ght » A. a. CRAVENS A. A. DAILEY THE PRODUCTION " Keep To The Right " , a musical comedy was presented as the Spring play by the Pierrots of the Illinois Union at the Illinois Theatre, May 11 and 12. The authors were Henry Beardsley, Carleton Healy, and Ralf Carlsen. Beardsley was the main co-author of the play; Healy worte the lyrics; and Carlsen was the composer of the numerous catchy melodies. The cast was well-adapt- ed, and well-balanced; the chorus could sing; the show was well directed and went over with a smoothness that would do credit, to a profes- sional presentation. Art Dailey, Phil Young, Bumps Cravens, W. C. Troutman, and H. A. Williamson at- tributed much to the success ,of the play. Such musical numbers as " Lazy Blues " , " Keep to the R i g h t " , " Cash Register Rag " , and " The Artie Cab- aret " were whistled on the campus for weeks after the play had been given. n JmciL z. - DSIOI HC 207 JSTz DHIIJLIOBC ' It ays to oAdvertise » Hi [■] d [i n il [■I E [H fi] THE CAST Mary Gl ' ayson Bernice McNair Johnson S. A. Walser Comtesse de Beaurien Merle Turner Rodney Mai " tin P. G. King Cyrus Martin J. E. Davis Ambrose Peale H. A. Williamson Marie Irene Seaton William Smith I. L. Peterson Miss Burke Mary Caldwell George McCheseny M. A. Romano Charles Bronson R. P. Benedict Elbry F. W. Kaempfer Hi H in ® III 11 ® a ! Ji 3m. 3Ii]IOI4»@E 208 aiLJLlOHI " It ays to oAdvertise yy .« ' I B 11 a S [■ li H !¥ THE PRODUCTION Mask and Bauble presented for the eighth annual Home- coming play, " It Pays To Advertise " , at the Illinois Theatre, October 19 and 20, 1917. The story of how Cyrus Martin, a hard-headed, practical business man, decided to force his son to enter business and how that act later rebounded to his discomfiture furnished the theme for a play that is full of action. The importance of advertising is impressed upon the veteran soap manu- facturer with the aid of a most efficient publicity man, Am- brose Peale, and a private secretary who possesses both brains and beauty. All of the characters of the play were well represented, even to the minor places, and the production as a whole bore an air of finished culture that is not always seen in student theatricals. Excellent work was done by J. E. Davis in the leading role of Cyrus Martin. He was cleverly aided by Miss Bernice McNair, H. A. Williamson, Merle Turner and others. Mrs. Gille continued her excellent work as coach which she has shown in other university productions. iMi III in II IM [3 Isl 11 HI SI Jic :@ioid(s]c T " E JSS Sr. 1®IIJJ[0® •■ i " «B -■■-■ ' - — — ■-— — -— ... M " Lc? Qrammaire " and ' La Poudre aux Teux n ACTEURS LA GRAMMAIRE Francais Caboussat, Rex Thompson Poitrinas, Henry Ingwersen Machut, Eric Dawson Jeanne, Harriette Dadant Blanche fille de Caboussat, Daisy Martin LA POUDRE AUX YEUX 111 (m1 H [m (3 HI IS [1 Malingear, Stephen Walser Ratinois, Henry Ingwersen Robert, Rex Thompson Frederic, Ferdinand Meyer Un Tapissier, George Doty Un Maitre d ' Hotel, Albert Noyes Constance, Hildecard Christensen Blanche, RUTH Weil Emmeline, Mary Morgan Two of the cleverest of the many clever French comedies were presented by Le Cercle Francais for the benefit of the Illinois Ambulance Unit and the Belgian Relief in Morrow Hall May 10. " La Grammaire " , by Labiche, a short skit full of French witticisms based upon the character of the bourgeoise was given as a curtain raiser. " Les Poudre Aux Yeux " , by Labiche et Martin, another French comedy full of fun and humor, was the chief play of the evening. The story of the latter was of a love affair which had been hindered temporarily by the quibblings of the young people ' s parents, but which ended happily enough. Le Cercle Francais has presented a series of French plays since the foundation of the organization at the university. The ultimate purpose of such plays is to give the lover of French a chance to appreciate in a better way the real culture of French as portrayed in modern French comedies. JSS. sat. DSIOIdBil 210 Jmc iilhob: Pageant — " oA Christmas Mystery of the War » I i a E S! ii! s E ® ® THE PERSONS OF THE MYSTERY A Minister Joy- Grief American Children and their Parents Santa Claus Christmas Waits University Students The Postman Soldiers at the Western Front Red Cross Nurses A woman of the War Zone Mary Joseph The Shepherds The Three Kings Angels 111 [il Ii [■I " A Christmas Mystery of the War " was given under the direction of the author, William Chauncy Langdon, and with the cooperation of the Illinois Federation in the Auditorium, January 12 and 19. The masque was more of a story or tableau than a drama. The pageant was divided into three parts. The first showed the modern American family celebrating Christmas with usual Santa Claus and homecoming of the children in the family. The second part represented a battlefield in Belgium and the Christmas celebration of the soldiers in the Belgium army. The climax displayed a scene in Bethlehem, first showing the manger with Mary, Joseph, and Christ child. Then came the Shepherds, the Three Kings, and last the Chorus of Angels. The masque was a comparison between the modern appli- cation of Christmas to life and the Birth of Christ. The costumes were designed especially for the pageant by Mr. and Mrs. Langdon. The music was in charge of J. Lawrence Erb, while the singing was by the combined Glee Clubs of the University. Ji n. 211 3SL ULLIOBC Tragedy oflSlan » CAST " INDIAN SUMMER " Adrienne Lois Scott Madame Libriton Theresa Samuels Noel Edward B. Hayes Monsieur Bi-icqueville R. A. Bryant u HI [i1 IB g] HI III m [mI [S " TRAGEDY OF NAN " Nan Hardwick, Merle Turner Jenny Parffetter, Severina Nelson Mrs. ParKctter, Maude Marks Dick Gurvil, J. R. Johnson Gajjer Pearce. W. C. Troutman Susan, Theresa Samuels Ellen, Catherine Needham Artie Pearce, Clarence Smith Tommy Hawkins, H. B. Garman Captain Dixon, J. J. Lacey Parson Drew, A. N. Smith Constable, O. D. Arnold 3ai_ DSIOI E ® II m IS ■I Tas aau- i! 212 -JSS ]BILHOBC rr Indian Summer y l! i g 1 THE PRODUCTIONS " Indian Summer " and the " Tragedy of Nan " were presented by Philomathean, Alethenai, Illiola, and Adelphic literary societies at the Illinois Theatre, March 24, 1917. " Indian Summer " , the curtain raiser for the " Tragedy of Nan " , was a typical example of the French comedy of the nineteenth century. It was a delightful, pretty, clever and artistic romance of French life. Lois Scott played the lead in a very charm- ing way. The " Tragedy of Nan " by John Masefield, is one of the finest and most appealing plays of the modern times. The play is mingled with elements of the naturalistic drama and of the lyric or artistic drama. The plot of the play is centered around the early peasant life of nineteenth century. Merle Turner in the role of Nan was regarded by the local critics as the best amateur actor ever seen on the campus. The literary societies selected Mr. J. Manley Phelps of the public speaking depart- ment to take charge of the production and it was through his efforts that a really worth-while play was put on. Many thought that such a difficult play as the " Tragedy of Nan " could not be put on, but Mr. Phelps succeeded. Mr. Phelps has specialized in the drama from a literary standpoint but has had wide experience both as an actor and as a producer. He studied acting in Chicago and at Northwestern University and was head of the school of Oratory and Debate and Director of plays at Dakota Wesleyan University before coming here. He is a member of the Player ' s Club and has made a reputation in their productions. He also has a wide reputation throughout the United States as a lecturer for the Redpath Chautauqua. -ItT-V m Si. m s n JBC SVL DBIOI BC 2=r 213 ]BII LIOBC iMask and bauble of oAssociated University flayers lij [s] H [■ III g [■ H m 11 R. A. BRYANT Robert Bryant President H. I. McBride Vice President Phillip Young Business Manager OFFICERS H. I. MC BRIDE Dorothy Doty Secretary Victor Grossberg Treasurer Zelomia Ainsworth Historian Mask and Bauble, like all campus organizations, has felt the efifect of the war. Many of last year ' s members were unable to return, and those who were permitted to come back felt rather disheartened at the prospect of starting with so few members. But this did not last long. They soon came to the realization that if there ever was a time when the drama was needed — and would be perhaps of the most use — that time was now. So with aroused enthusiasm the fall play was started— the choice being, " It Pays To Advertise " . Mrs. Gille was again the coach — and lived up to her past reputation, in spite of the fact that she was working almost altogether with new material. The play committee chose " Seven Chances " for the March performance. This play is something dif- ferent from any thing Mask and Bauble has tried before. The dramatic hours are again in favor. At the first dramatic hour — December 12th — two one act comedies were presented. The dramatic hours com- mittee has planned to cooperate with the Y. M. C. A. and produce the plays given at the hours as well as special entertainments for the soldiers in the canton- ments. Thus Mask and Bauble is one of the Univer- sity of Illinois organizations — and there are many others — which is trying to do something for her men who are wearing the khakai and the blue. p. p. young 11 a SI m m ® a IS SI II ir s [£ii i4;»@n -ISB 214 gC JjTz 3SL 3BILL10B: 3Aask and bauble of oAssociated University flayers Founded at the University of Illinois 1914. Active Chapters 7 WILLIAMSON KAEMPFER PETERSON DAVIS KrNG TURNER SEATON MARKS HASELTON ROMANO CALDWELL GROSSBERG DOTY BRYANT AINSWORTH YOUNG MC NAIR HONORARY MEMBERS Thomas Arkle Clark F. K. W. Drury F. H. Kay H. N. HiLLEBRAND Mrs. T. a. Clark Daisy Blaisdell Mrs. F. H. Kay Mrs. C. a. Gille ' ! ill ® M ® Stuart P. Sherman MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY M. Zelomia Ainsworth Mary Caldwell Dorothy Doty Maude Marks Merle Turner Irene Seaton Harry Hazelton W. Graduate C. Troutman Seniors I. L. Peterson Juniors Philip Young Sophomores Freshman P. G. King Bernice McNair R. A. Bryant J. E. Davis V. H. Grossberg F. W. Kaempfer M. A. Romano H. a. Williamson JOS DHIOI HC H 216 JS HIULIOHC The Pierrots C. D. WAGSTAFF H. GROSSBERG lli !m] H] [■] [i SI C. D. Wagstaff President Philip P. Young President OFFICERS V. H. GROSSBERG Business Manager Lawrence M. Winters Vice President Amos H. Watts Secretary Hi 111 B m n 13 13 Regardless of the conditions that prevailed last spring, Pierrots successfully staged its annual student opera, " Keep To The Right " , under the direction of Mr. Niel Moore. Mr. Moore filled the place of Mr. Stothart who was unable to be here to direct the opera this year. Kimmel and Beardsley were again the authors of the book — the lyrics were by Healey and the music by Carlsen. When school started this fall, Pierrots became interested in a Vaudeville, believ- ing that there was a place for it among the university activities. This resulted in their Vaudeville show under the auspices of the Y. M. C. A. war fund. It was a success, and it is hoped that Pierrots may make it an annual affair. JBE 3BV. DSIOI lslE nsE 2au- 216 ' 31L D BILLIOB C The Pierrots ri, ■ » BYERS HURLEY KENNEDY WATTS INGWERSEN MICHAEL CALDWELL FRANCIS MORTON HOSKINS SNYDER SAYLOR TROUTMAN TAYLOR CARLSEN GREENE MALAPERT GROSSBERG WAGSTAFF YOUNG LYNN [i [eI B E [il SI 51 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY GradMafe W. C. Troutman V. H. Grossberg C. D. Wagstaff K. D. PULCIPHER W. H. Brown G. D. Snyder Seniors G. E. Scott L. M. Winters A. A. Dailey F. E. Richardson N. G. Strathern iMl S m IS SI H HI 11 SI Juniors E. Malapert G. MOREHEAD E. W. Byers A. L. Francis A. H. Morton T. E. Kennedy J. A. Ingwersen W. M. Michael R. K. Hoskins Sophomores N. W. Caldwell S. C. Greene P. P. Young A. H. Watts F. J. Hurley R. a. Carlsen H. E. Saylor C. C. Taylor E. L. Lynn JBS ]S]IOI9@ Tt= aau- 217 u j: SL IILLIOB C ■ HWP | g K ,.? ps-f- ' f : , M Y F6T6. 9 1, : pt Vs ooo NVM ' » S " . " ' i IS III III II [il IMI WOOD NYStPHS n. ]HIX I HC aar 218 }£ gp UL, !nr Senior Farewell ance GYMNASIUM ANNEX, JUNE 11, 1917 u J. J. LACEY The hurried departure of a large number of seniors for military service during the latter part of the semester, defeated the plans of the Senior Class for its usual for- mal dance. Initiative, however, was not lacking among those who remained, and, as a result, a committee was formed which rapidly completed arrangements for an Informal, known as the Senior Farewell Dance. This dance was held on the evening of June 11 at the Gymnasium Annex. In keeping with the feeling at the University, those in charge felt that all economies possible should be undertaken. Accordingly, the commit- tee betook itself to the woods and procured the necessary decorations from which to construct the booths. The dance opened without the usual grand march. There were twenty-four numbers in all on the program. The spirit that had made itself so manifest among the members of the committee asserted itself among all those who attended the function. Lack of numbers and the general unsettled state of affairs was entirely over- come by the good spirit evinced by everyone present. SENIOR FAREWELL DANCE COMMITTEE Ward J. Flock President John J. Lacey Chairman u s [Ml s a a a H HI ■ J. H. Armstrong W. E. Everham H. L. GOCERTY T. A. Haish R. G. Kreiling J. M. Knappenbekger J. L. KOHN H. V. Newlin W. C. Savage J. R. SCHULZ C. A. Williams J. P. TUTHILL J. H. Cryder S PATRONS President Edmund J. James Dean and Mrs. T. A. Clark Dean and Mrs. A. R. Warnock Dean K. C. Babcock Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Joxes Dean Fannie C. Gates Dr. and Mrs. W. E. Britton jac 3S1. SIOI SC 219 JSi Eia. :bii liob -HE The Junior rom WOMAN ' S BUILDING, DECEMBER 7, 1917 HARRY E. WUERTENBAECHER S] As the only formal function of the year, the annual Junior Prom was a success from the time " Mike " Dailey signaled for the orchestra to start the first dance, at eight- thirty Friday night, until the last import tore up the I. C. platform after the five-fifty train on Sunday night. , , tt The receiving line, headed by Harry Rathbun and Nell Flatt, followed by Harry Wuertenbaecher and Gertrude Cornbrooks, contained many local and out-of-town cele- brities. In spite of the fact that practically all decorations had been dispensed with, except those of a military character, the Woman ' s Building never looked better, and no one missed the elaborate adornments of previous years. The two orchestras, one on each floor, furnished unresistable music and divided the honors about evenly. A most tempting supper was served during the evening on the third floor. There were also two large punch-bowls, apparently bottomless, which proved very popular with all. It was a real Prom and a great deal of credit is due to the committee respon- sible for its success. Hi SI IB SI m m m SI @ II woman ' s building, DECEMBER SEVENTH JKS BIOI BC T5E 2ar 220 JBk ]HILJLI( 3a- T he yunior rom Committee til THOMAS MONCRIEG WILLIAMSON SIMMONS KURT ALVIN BARTHOLOMEW STAFFORD CARROL HOWE RATHBUN WUERTENBAECHEK EVANS METZLER H. Bartholomew G. Beck C. Carroll B. Calvin F. Gordon S. Greene C. Howe F. Hurley S. MONGRIEO Harry Rathbun President Harry E. Wuertenbaecher Chairman R. Metzler E. Simmons E. Stafford H. Thomas F. WiLLIAM ON G. Grabbe Grace Woods Mary Kurt Lois Evans H SI m m ® ® SI SI SI PATRONS Governor and Mrs. F. O. Lowden President Edmund J. James Vice-President and Mrs. David Kinley Dean and Mrs. T. A. Clark Major and Mrs. W. F. Pearson Dean K. C. Babcock Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Hoagland Dean Fannie C. Gates Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Britton Mr. and Mrs. George Huff Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kurt Major and Mrs. E. W. McCaskey Mr. C. B. Beck Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Zuppke Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Spalding Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Jones Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Rathbun Ji 3BI. nsiioi sE 221 SSL BILHOB ]® s 1® 5® [9; rai i: i i; I The Sophomore Cotillion WOMAN ' S BUILDING, JANUARY 11, 1918 GEORGE W. KOCH The worst snow storm of many years, coming on the night of the Sophomore Cotil- lion, January 11, did not deter the many couples from enjoying the annual Sophomore classic in the Woman ' s Building. Cabs were at a premium. With the snow nearly knee deep, and with the thermometer hovering at 20 degrees below zero, the girls showed their true spirit and ventured out into the cold to the dance which they soon helped to make a success. The first dance started promptly at eight-thirty with less than a hun- dred couples present, but this number was soon increased more than twice. Good music, fresh from the latest theatrical hits of Chicago and New York, put " pep " into the dance. Carlsen and Francis were the music masters that " jazzed " the pianos on the two floors of the Woman ' s Building. The decorations were simple, a few American flags sujficing to take the bareness from the walls. The hot food was better than the average, both in quantity and in quality, and was much appreciated on such a cold night. Due to the terrific storms in the east, the programs were delayed and did not arrive until after the dance. As a result, temporary ones were distributed. The real programs, gold plated booklets on bronze backings, however, made a decided hit when they did appear. At ten minutes before two, the twentieth and last dance was begun, and at two o ' clock . the guests left the warmth of the building to fight their various ways homeward through the raging blizzard. 51 ® SI a n n n ® SI SI s SSL DSIOI HL TSE 222 1II.LI Sophomore Cotillionl ' ' Committee CREBS SNYDER SIMMS LOVEJOY WIIITELAW ANDERSON BAUM ARMSTRONG MELANGTON KOCH LEWIS MCINTYRE INGUERSEN BAETHKE FIELD SARGENT BILDERBACK M. P. R. Melangton President George W. Koch Chairman E. L. Lynn G. H. Baum J. M. Crebs K. S. Lewis R. C. SIMMS F. G. Maurer H. V. Snyder C. E. LOVEJOY E. L. Maynard G. A. Anderson C. E. Whitelaw L. C. McIntire J. A. Ingwersen W. P. Armstrong G. B. BiLDERBACK CORiNNE Field Lillian Baethke Charlene Sargent ill m SI IM S HI s m n PATRONS Governor and President Vice-President Dean and Mrs. T. A. Clark Dean and Mrs. F. H. Rankin Dean Fannie C. Gates Dean K. C. Babcock Dean and Mrs. A. R. Warnock Mr. and Mrs. George Huff Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Zuppke Major and Mrs. E. W. McCaskey Major and Mrs. W. F. Pearson Mr. and Mrs. C. M. McConn Mr. Mrs. F. O. Lowden Edmund J. James and Mrs. David Kinley Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Whitford Dr. J. W. Folsom Mrs. Josephine Sev.iiol ' r Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Bilderback Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Capron Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Harris Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Spaulding Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kaufman Mayor and Mrs. S. C. Tucker Mayor and Mrs. E. W. Richards C. A. KiLER JBS 3BI. DSIOIdB 1SB 3sr 223 JTt DHILXIO]- ■L The Military " Ball WOMAN ' S BUILDING, FEBRUARY 22, 1918 ® m IS H H [Ml E H KALTIKIFF I Al::MAN SCMXKLl.liACHKR At nine o ' clock on the evening of February 22, the Military Ball opened amid mili- tary decorations of bunting, standards, and service flags. Three of the best orchestras were located, one on each floor, on the three floors of the Woman ' s Building, and did their part toward providing the guests with plenty of good music. The fact that cabs, flowers, and dress-suits were absent, although uniforms were in evidence, showed that the function was an informal. Nevertheless, it did not lessen in any way the pleasure of those who attended. It demonstrated the willingness of all concerned to do their bit towards war-time economy. Ml [sl M SI [■1 SI IS fa JSE !An. :sioi9@ SET J-! 3SL BILHOBC Military all Committee m IE il El s [I SONTAG ARMSTRONG SCHNELLBACHER BRIGHAM HERWIG DOWNS F AIRMAN FRIEDLUND BICKEL GUTHRIE KALTHOFF YEAGER IJ m ® m m Colonel Charles Fairman Colonel F. C. Kalthoff Lieutenant Colonel E. R. Brigham Lieutenant Colonel L. E. Yeager Acting Major J. P. Schnellbacher Captain J. H. Andrews Acting Major H. B. Whitney Captain T. H. Armstrong Acting Major M. D. Downs Captain J. J. Bickel Sergeant L. C. Herwig First Sergeant J. O. Guthrie Supply Sergeant H. C. Harvey Supply Sergeant J. A. Friedlund Regimental Sergeant Major R. J. Sontag III a n t PATRONS Governor and Mrs. F. O. Lowden President Edmund J. James Major and Mrs. E. W. McCaskey Dean and Mrs. David Kinley Major and Mrs. ¥. W. Pearson Dean and Mrs. T. A. Clark Sergeant and Mrs. F. W. Post Acting Dean M. Harwood Professor and Mrs. F. H. Newell Professor and Mrs. A. W. J.4meson Professor and Mrs. B. H. Bode Professor and Mrs. E. Blackwelder JOE 5E1. DSIOI BI S 22Er 225 I BILLIOB C T ' — ZLjwr - il m 11 E il Hi ® SI Hi ® 11 ® HI ® n DBIOI Bi: SB 226 !3 i s Jmi HIJLULOHI 151 Oratory and debate i HI [■} SI I!. II [i Under the able guidance of Coach Lew R. Sarett, the Illinois debaters closed the most successful season in intercollegiate debating that the University has ever known. They won, for the first time in history, the cham- pionship of the Illinois-Minnesota-Iowa League, and tied for the championship of the mid-west league composed of the Uni- versity of Michigan, the University of Wis- consin, and the University of Illinois. Last year with Coach Sarett working the teams overtime, the Illini established a rec- ord by winning three out of the four debates contested in, with the remarkable fact that the three victories were won by unanimous decisions. The closing battle of the season, March 30, on the question of strikes and lockouts, resulted in a unanimous victory over Wisconsin by the affirmative team, but the negative lost to Michigan at Ann Arbor by unanimous vote. The fall contests, December 8, were fought out with Minnesota and Iowa. Illinois defeated both by unanimous decisions which meant the championship of the I. M. I. League this year. The success of debating this year is largely due to the work of Coach Lew Sarett, instructor in public speaking. He has brought about efficient organization and system for the debaters, superiority in handling arguments and rebuttal, and has trained his men much beyond the stage of mere glibness of speech. As the interest of the Univer- sity public increased, the members of the team showed more spirit and persistence. Through the efforts of Mr. Sarett, a further incentive to those interested in oratory and debate has been added. By the sale of debate briefs and arguments, sufficient money was realized to warrant the offering of two cups, to be given to the two members of the graduating class who rank first and second respectively in Forensic work. The competition is based upon a system of points scored, that is, each entry made by a con- testant in any debate and oratorical contest will score for him a number of points according to the ability that he displays. LEW R. SAnETT SI SI ® s s ® a n CUP TO BE GIVEN AS FIRST PRIZE SECOND PRIZE CUP IN DEBATING CONTEST Ji " ST HILLIOH isr Oratory and debate T. G. SEARLE l!i IS @ Et I i IS BOARD OF ORATORY AND DEBATE Searle E. a. Sandler T. G President E. B. Hayes Lew R. Sarett C. C. Harbison J. C. Brocks FACULTY MEMBERS Secretary-T rcasurcr M. E. Noble J. M. Phelps S. P. Sherman The forensic activities of the University are under the control of the Board of Oratory and Debate, in conjunction with the Department of Public Speaking. The members of the Board are chosen by election from the student body, and hold office for one year. The Board has charge of the preliminary tryouts and the intercollegiate de- bates. It also relieves Coach Sarett of unnecessary routine connected with the debates. 11 H H H M ® m E. a. SANDLER JSt SBV. BC DSIOIdBC 228 Winners of the Oratorical Contests m O. M. CLEM R. H. AXTOSZhWSKI NORTHERN ORATORICAL LEAGUE Illinois is a member of the Northern Oratorical League , composed of the Univer- sities of Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Northwestern, and Oberlin. Illinois has in recent years occupied one of the first three positions. Last spring the contest was held in Minneapolis, and Orlie M. Clem, chosen at the preliminary tryouts, represented Illinois. His oration was entitled " The Test of Democracy " . The competition was un- usually keen, but Clem won third place. a a 11 a 11 II a s in s a n PEACE ORATORICAL CONTEST In the annual State Peace Oratorical Contest, every college in the state is entitled to one representative. The winner of the state contest represents the State of Illinois in the Interstate Contest, composed of the Universities of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Last spring, the representative from Illinois, Robert H. An- toszewski won second place by his stirring oration, " Peace and Poland " . li ]@IOI9@C T " = 229 DHIULIOH id-West Debating League MARCH 30, 1917 llJ d El 19 19 [■I m m 51 The question: " Resolved: That strikes and lockouts should be prohibited on public utilities and coal mines prior to an investigation of the merits of the dispute by a governmental body; constitutionality waived. " ILLINOIS-WISCONSIN DEBATE URBANA Affirmative (Illinois) Edward Adolf Sandler Truman Gorton Searle Galen Victor Knight The judges: Edward Sonnenschein, Esq., Chicago Prof. Clarion Hardy, N orthwestem University. Dean J. P. Hall, University of Chicago. The decision: Unanimous for Illinois. n Hi SI SI SI [9 SI SI |a IS SI ! ILLINOIS-MICHIGAN DEBATE ANN ARBOR Negative (Illinois) Ward M. Willits Howard E. Lamb John Harold Armstrong The judges: Prof. W. G. Caskey, Oberlin, Ohio. Harry M. Crooks, The President of Alma College. Thomas Nadal, Olivet College. The decision : Unanimous for Michigan. DSIOI BE H 230 m 3SL DHIIJLIOHC THS aar . M. I. Debating League DECEMBER 13, 1917 The question: " Resolved: That Congress should enact legislation providing for the compulsory arbitration of all labor disputes in interstate public utilities as a permanent policy. " g [■ E [■ [H II ILLINOIS-IOWA DEBATE URBANA Affirmative (Illinois) Paul Brees Truman G. Searle Edward B. Hayes The judges: Prof. James Lardner, Northwestern University. Prof. Harry Houghton, University of Wisconsin. Prof. Clarence Thurber, Purdue University. The decision: Unanimous for Illinois. ILLINOIS-MINNESOTA DEBATE MINNEAPOLIS Negative (Illinois) Edward Adolf Sandler Horace Carman Victor Galen Knight 111 13 O m HI [1 IS The judges: Prof. J. M. O ' Neill, University of Wisconsin. Prof. L. Moore, Wino7ia Norynal College. Prof. J. Cochrane, Carleton College. The decision : Two to one for Illinois. a DSIOIdBC TBE -M 231 JSTc JSILLIOBC B ® B ® B ® E H E PARTHENON 111 HI isi [If [■1 jiR nsioi iHic =3 " «i- 232 DoN-C ■ B B E ® H 111 s m m 11 JHE 3B1. DBIOI Hi: S2U- 2S3 glLHOBl IS. 3sr The Un iversity Military Bands -•- Ji vwS " .: - ' ■ OUT 0. lilL UUILL MLLU 111 [m1 11 B [g IS H H H Like all other University institutions, the Band has been hard hit by the war and Director A. A. Harding has had a struggle in keeping it up to its usual standard. The First and Concert Band which plays at the football games and makes the annual spring tour was most effected and lost nearly seventy-five per cent of its number from last year. Out of the eighty-five men who made up that organization last year, fifty-eight were lost, some through graduation, but most from the call of patriotic duty. Forty of the fifty-eight men are now doing service for the United States. Many are enlisted in the naval band at the Great Lakes Training Station, others are commissioned in the U. S. Reserves, and the rest are scattered throughout the different branches of army service. The Reserve Band has also lost a great number of men and the Second Band and the Trumpeters have suffered in a like degree. Nevertheless, with all the places to be filled. Director Harding has by hard work and study made a Band which is inferior to last year ' s only in numbers. The full number of men has never been completely gained, but the present Band shows only a slight decrease in the number of men enrolled. The spirit is still there and consequently the Band has done its work of the past year well. On account of the war, also, the Band curtailed its annual spring tour extensively this year. Only a few small towns adjacent to Champaign were able to reap the benefits of Illinois ' real music, for expenses had to be cut and it was impossible to follow out the same program as the tour of last spring contained. The unsettled conditions about school also made it impossible for the organization to make more than one trip with the football team, that when they went to Chicago to help the team against our ancient rivals. The inability of the Band to make more trips was keenly felt by all concerned, but the work this year has been of a more serious nature than ever before. Every night the men have been at the Armory, playing for reviews and making their presence felt by creating a real military atmosphere during drill. As long as the University is kept open the Band will operate regardless of how badly its ranks are depleted by the war and it can always be counted on in doing its share towards bringing glory to the " Alma Mater " . Ill [ll m m M. M. HI [i H HI JSE sm. DSIOI L nas 284 m JS IILLIOBC II lEl III [H III (a B (U [II ■HMMi..i.i fe. 1 ■B lfefeik ' TiiiH MHliiiw - Cjr.. " pass in REML.. ox ILLINOIS fii:li . . ® S H [M HI [1 1 HI ri COMMENCEMENT J5c SiO. SIOI BE 2sr 286 IIJLLIOaC University of Illinois Military Bands A. Austin Harding, Director STUDENT OFFICERS J. M. Knappenberger President F. S. SiiY Business Manager Carl Clegg Sec7-etary N. E. Sheldon Financial Secretary R. A. IDE Drum Major G. H. Reid Librarian L. J. CONANT Band Clerk A. A. HARDING FIRST REGIMENT (CONCERT) BAND [a s a a E a a a a a a Solo Clarinet F. S. Shy Carl Clegg E. J. Jones Milton Dreyfus F. M. Lescher First Clarinets P. R. Brees J. C. Porter L. O. Mitchell W. L. McClure Second Clarinets G. C. Tanton Walter Emch C. H. Crim A. W. Harz B. E. Davidson Third Clarinets G. E. MiLNER A. Brensky A. W. Drummet Fred Bohn Alto Saxophones R. A. Carlson J. F. Tanton Tenor Saxophones W. J. Russo C. H. Radeke Baritone Saxophone R. W. Michael Alto Clarinet H. J. Cope iS Bass Clarinet M. D. Durham Flute and Piccolo J. T. Schott L. F. Helbling Oboe A. H. GOTTSCHALK E-flat Clarinet J. R. Shulters F. M. Lescher Bassoon R. I. Shawl Cello J. M. Rider E-flat Basses F. A. WiLTZ L. A. Rahn N. E. Sheldon BB-flat Basses B. L. Kirk C. E. Palmer String Bass L. G. Osborn Snare Drums C. L. Ellis O. A. SCHOEFFLER Bass Drum H. E. Kent Tympani H. C. Yeager Properties M. L. Rees Solo Cornets E. E. Newcomb A. N. Brabrook A. F. Rackerby E. D. SWANBERG First Comets T. E. Heme M. H. Hunt Trumpets W. B. MOWERY R. E. Kent French Horns J. M. Knafpenberer W. H. Hyslop M. S. Leeming C. W. TiCE B. A. Edie K. A. Ford L. G. Osborne Trombones W. A. Gatward L. C. Cannon C. P. Kent H. L. Proctor A. R. Wilson Baritones L. E. Hill DaVon Smith a a a IS a a a a a a a JBE 3SV. DailOI B a 236 J- lEl M lEl SI m [■ s n [i B-flat Clarinets C. D. Wagstaff A. W. Drummet A. Brensky M. D. Durham C. Z. ROSECRANS P. M. GiNNINGS p. W. Bennett H. B. Heme H. F. Cope A. A. Arnold F. Bohn H. F. Allspaugh G. L. Hoover E-flat Clarinet J. H. Paine Saxophones L. R. Wilson J. F. Tanton W. A. Diesel Flute and Piccolo P. S. Westcott R. M. Sinclair Clarinets J. E. Hansen C. T. Hammon R. J. Rich H. C. Leake L. G. Sutherland J. H. Reynolds A. G. Mathews R. Seymour G. A. Clark Saxophones W. A. Diesel R. E. Carpenter Drums F. H. O ' Donnell E. E. Wagner W. W. Schutt H. C. ECKART SECOND REGIMENT BAND Baritones S. H. Wenzlaff W. S. Collins W. V. SCHOCK E-flat Basses G. W. Moore R. P. Shapley BB-flat Basses L. D. Lloyd E. A. MuHS Drums S. S. Omansky H. M. VanDoren W. G. Davies W. W. SCHUTT Horns O. W. Howell G. C. BUCHHEIT L. G. Osborn K. A. Ford W. J. Fulton Oboe A. H. Gottschalk Clerk E. E. Marx RESERVE BAND Cornets I. L. ReVeal W. A. Morgan T. P. McCain T. W. Smith C. H. DeLong W. R. Morgan H. K. Allen L. P. Rayburn W. R. Moore E. R. Gardner J. W. Nay Baritones W. V. SCHOCK C. W. Lawton W. B. Wenzlaff Properties V. K. Haldeman Cornets R. W. Lambert T. G. Searle W. G. Spicer A. J. Janata G. H. Kershaw H. W. Mulliken L M. Funk J. H. Steidl H. U. Johnson H. D. Freeman J. W. Payne A. W. Craver W. F. Krahn R. DE la Garza Trombones J. R. Frey H. L. Proctor L M. Hay L. K. Cox G. K. Wetzell M. E. Brame Properties J. Lindenmeyer Altos H. W. Hill A. C. Johnson L. W. Lehman J. H. Dungan Trombones D. O. Schrader P. R. Williams K. W. Downing L. R. Kieffer C. W. Hawley A. H. Owen Basses S. D. Darley H. C. Harmeling Drum Major E. S. Epstein 111 S s [■ IS [1 M 1 ® (■1 TRUMPETERS First Regiment C. B. Maurer, Chief W. D. Clark H. D. Clark H. S. Green 0. M. McCulloch 0. D. TURLEY W. W. Newport Second Regiment H. H. Jackson, Chief 5. C. Ralston R. W. Illsley P. C. Mooney J. T. Morse N. A. Ragland W. L. Newport H. H. Jones jaff 3B1. naioi Hc 287 JSTz 3BIXLIOB lee and 3Aandolin Club SCHMOELLER NEWBURN KICE BRUXNEMEYER BARCLAY ANDERSON MALAPERT NEWBURN BOLAND KERNS EDWARDS KENT NOLEN CHANDLER BRUNKOW SCHOENING HUNGERFORD BOARD CALDWELL OBERNE WALWORTH MINK NEFF KRAECKMANN SNELL EERRYMAN SELZER THOMAS BICKEL BAKER KINO i With plenty of real talent, but only a small number of men enrolled, the Glee Club showed plenty of " glee " during the past year. Like the Band, the Glee Club was dimin- ished in numbers by the war and the Mandolin Club consisted of only four members. But even with this small number the club was able to make as much noise as in former years and the annual Christmas tour through Illinois met with a great success. The Post Prom Concert, a new wrinkle preesnted by the Glee and Mandolin Club, was given before a well filled house regardless of the counter-attractions of the same even- ing. The Post Prom Concert was something new and unique and the clever costumes and action throughout the playlet opened the eyes of skeptical observers. Exception- ally good comedy marked the concert and a part of the action used in the Christmas tour met with favor where- ever the club went. At one point in the Christmas tour the Glee club re- ceived more than its usual share of attention and applause. That was at Camp Grant, Rockford, where the club sang and played before a packed house of soldiers. Many of these men were old " grads " doing service for their country and the concert led them back to the old college days " be- fore the war " . Outside of the one trip at Christmas, the Glee Club did no traveling, being content with confining itself strictly to the University when extensive journeying was found impossible. Ill ImI m m n m Is H m ONE Or J ill-- i-LAllUL DANCES s nsioi s nsE aar 288 SSL PHILLIP a: lee and 3Adndolin Club R. Berryman President L. J. Selzer Treasurer OFFICERS W. E. Kraeckmann N. R. Thomas Assistant Manafiers C. E. Snell Manager P. E. Berryman Leader GLEE CLUB PERSONNEL First Tenors H. L. Board E. H. BOLAND E. H. Malapert G. P. Edwards D. R. Barklay Second Tenors N. W. Caldwell S. E. Walworth G. S. Oberne G. K. Wetzel C. M. Kerns E. F. SCHOENING J. L. Selzer E. W. King First Bases H, A. Neff W. G. Rice N. F. Brunkow G. L. Chandler H. F. NOLEN H. N. Hungerford J. B. Baker H. R. Brunnemeyer Second Bases P. R. Berryman W . E . Kraeckmann P. A. Anderson D. L. Mink A. C. LOVEJOY A. W . SCHMOELLER Richard Kent, Accompanist MANDOLIN CLUB N. R. Thomas J. J. BiCKEL s SI SI ® ® s a a a n a post prom group ja? SSTL DSIOI Bn 289 BJULLIOa Is. [■[ g SI II ■I ■J s la a n THE SUN GLISTENED AND SPARKLED ON THE SNOW-LADEN TREES Ji :[i]ioi4 @ nas 3SW 240 m 241 JHILLIOaC ® m ® m [■ |¥ Marker ATHLETIC BOARD OF CONTROL Richards Is [il SI n SI SI ■ S! 13 JHc 5BI. DSiioi si: 2au- 242 ' BILLIOa oAthletic oard of Control FACULTY MEMBERS G. A. Huff, Director of Athletics Prof. G. A. Goodenough Prof. O. A. Marker Dean A. R. Warnock m 11 l!i m ALUMNI MEMBERS L. M. ToBiN C. A. KiLER STUDENT MEMBERS George E. Salladin, President of the Athletic Association George E. Salladin, Baseball Manager Philip Corper, Circus Manager Ernest McEvers, Interscholastic Manager Marion C. Troster, Track Manager Harry W. Gibson, Football Manager E. E. Winkelmann, Secretary and Interclass Manager il 11 SI 11 IS ® ® l! JBS ]i£]ii i 9[E}n s 3sr 243 3a_ IBILHOaC SLHT H il a ® m m s s a a Tn e of the Illini Established 19H it -] GRAY SOJIMERS LANG GOULD LOVEJOY KREIDLER OVERBEE STERNAMAN CARROL MONGRIEG SHLAUDEMAN RYAN LALOR BUSH KLEIN RUNDQUIST KRAFT HALAS MCGREGOR H. R. SHLAUDEMAN President OFFICERS C. J. Kreidler Vice-President MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY F. C. Larimer Secretary-Treasurer 111 M H HI IS 13 [1 Football L. L. Charpiek C. Ems W. A. GOELITZ G. S. Halas F. R. Hanschmann B. A. Ingwersen J. L. Klein R. R. Kraft W. J. Alcock J. E. Davis A. T. Bush C. Carroll D. E. Field A. L. Lang B. A. Ingwersen J. M. Gray P. N. Gould Baseball Track Basketball Ernest McKay Swimming H. C. Vial F. C. Larimer C. E. Love JOY J. L. McGregor S. W. NiCHOL E. T. Rundquist H. R. SHLAUDEMAN E. C. Sternaman V. G. Weise F. M. Lalor J. L. Klein C. J. Kreidler A. J. SOMERS W. B. Overbee L. M. Mongreig G. S. Halas J. L. McGregor S. E. Faircloth DSIOI HC m 244 I -i-j;-:;;- ' ' ' ' " . v.s-. v»v;..:,.r .. tfj,-. ' : ' ' -. " :. ' ;;;. .. hbaknes i I I I 3iL ]BILLIOB Varsity Football Squad [B [H [■I i [I n GIBSON, MGR. SHLAl ' DEMAN EMS LINDOBEN, ASST. COACH MONGRIEG ZUPPKE, COACH CHARPIER STERNAMAN IXGWERSEN NICHOLS LOVEJOY LARIMER MC GREGOR GOEUTZ BUNDQLaST KRAFT KLEIN HALAS Robert C. Zuppke Coach JUSTA M. LiNDGREN Assistant Coach E. R. KRAFT Captain E. T. RUNDQUIST Acting Captain H. W. Gibson Manager PERSONNEL E. T. RUNDQUIST, Tackle J. L. Klein, End G. S. Halas, Half back W. A. GoELiTZ, Gwird J. L. McGregor, Half back H. R. Shlaudeman, End I. M. MoNGRiEG, End L. L. Charpier, Full back S. W. Nichols, Quarter back B. A. INGWERSEN, Center C. Ems, Guard F. C. Larimer, Half back C. E. LovEJOY, Quarter back E. C. Sternaman, Half back JBc SBl. :bioi©hc ?.2tr D® ! i HI IS a n i n® 245 j: ■L HILLIOB ff ' J ACr Oa v - The Season lEl 1 EI {« [f ® E [i] Ren Kraft, Captain Minnesota eleven for a Though Kraft ' s shoes, great one to Zuppke. With the loss of the last conference game of the year to Minnesota by the score of 27 to 6, Illinois ' 1917 football season might at first glance appear to have been a failure. A careful analysis of the facts, however, shows that the achievements of the Orange and Blue eleven on the grid- iron last fall left little to be desired. The team coached by Bob Zuppke must be given credit for the multitude of handicaps with which the season was inaugurated and maintained. Starting with the fracturing of Captain Ren Kraft ' s leg in practice a few days before the first game, the inimi- table mini jinx seemed to haunt the Indians through the entire season. Kraft will be remembered by Conference fans for his sixty-five yard run through the " immortal " touchdown in 1916, when Illinois defeated Williams ' great team. as captain, were ably filled by Swede Rundquist, his loss was a Many a piojskin artist met the bi Swede and remembered it. Rundquist completed his third year of Conference football with one of the most enviable records of any Illini linemen. i Dutch will lonjr be remembered for his work at Ohio State. Only a flyinj? tackle by Chick Harley kept him from scoring a touch- down. There miffht be tacklers to the riffht. to the left, or on top of him, but the " Tank ' always came through. a s u m m n m ® 11 II u ji 3BI. ]aiOI.OBL 246 .1 JBTE BILL! ' 11 m 1 m s The so-called infant, Ohio State, again claimed the championship. Northwestern and Minnesota tied for second place, Wisconsin landed third, while Illinois was tied with Chicago and Indiana for fourth place. The Orange and Blue started off with a rush, defeating Kansas 22-0 in the first game. On the following Saturday the game with Oklahoma resulted in a 44-0 shutout for the mini. Wisconsin came here for the Homecoming game, October 20. In spite of the war, several thousand of the old grads were back for the festivities, and the game was immensely pleasing to them. It was one of the hardest and cleanest fought contests ever staged on Illinois Field. The score was Illinois 7 ; Wisconsin 0. Purdue came over from Lafayette for the second Conference game. The Boiler- makers had been beaten by the Maroons the previous Saturday by a score of 27-0, so they were out to make a good showing. But Zup ' s Indians sent them home defeated by an identical score. Then started the eleven ' s reverses. Before a crowd of some 20,000 on Stagg Field, Chicago held Illinois to a scoreless tie in a slow, stubborn game. The team lost its only chance to score, when held for downs on Chicago ' s one yard line. Tough luck, of course. Resting a week, Zup took his proteges to Columbus and turned them loose on last year ' s champions. From the reports, we gathered that it was a battle royal, but un- fortunately resulting in a 13-0 victory for the Buckeyes, leaving them for the second time the undisputed title to the championship. Chick Harley, with a veteran team, was responsible. Although the famed Harley was unable to gain much ground, he was in nearly every play. He was also directly responsible for all the Ohio scoring, kicking two goals from placement and throwing the forward pass, which was carried across the mini goal for a touchdown. Leo Klein tossed them. GeoiRe Halas connected Goelitz had a habit of McGieRor, the biggest with the forward passes, mussing up plays, which halfbaclt in the Confer- was very disconcerting to ence, proved useful in other teams. battering up the oppos- ing line. IMi s n SI 3 s nBIOI BC 247 3-r IIXLIOBC Minnesota journeyed to Urbana for the last Conference game determined to avenge the immortal defeat of 1916. Outplayed but not outfought, Illinois lost to the North- men, the final score being 27-6. The Minnesota line was undoubtedly better than the mini first trenches, and their backs aided by the famous " Minesota shift " , easily shaded our quartette. The defeat was accepted by the fans with more than usual good nature. For the final game, the team journeyed to Camp Funston, Kansas, for an exhibition game with the soldier eleven. The old Illini star and idol, Potsy Clark, was in the Camp Funston lineup, and the boys said he was still going in his old form. He didn ' t get the support, however, that Pogue and Macomber used to give him, for the score was 28-0 in favor of the Orange and Blue. Some 30,000 soldiers saw the game, and it was a grand exhibition of football from the standpoint of the Illini. Rundquist, Klein, Halas, Goelitz, and McGregor all played their last game of col- lege football at Camp Funston. They were all good men and their places will be hard to fill. But Zup is left more than the nucleus of a good team in Captain-elect Sterna- man, Charpier, Mongrieg, Shlaudeman, Ingwersen, Nichols, Ems, Lovejoy, and Larimer. However, it is again a case of Freshmen! Front! ■ 3 m IS Shlaudeman had suffi- cient inertia to cause the plays sent his way to stop. Burt Ingwersen, the Nick, the original pep Lovejoy seemed to have fighting center, made instiller. who never knew natural football .mten- more tackles than any when he was whipped, tions. His work in the • ■ Arnsen of Minnesota had Purdue game, when he a clear field ahead until was insti ' umental in get- he met Nick. ting off eighteen complet- ed forward passes, was wonderful. other man on the team. jazs SBL SIOI Bil THE =!sr 248 3® i ;k 5SL IHILULOHC TH£ ssr Larimer became famous for making the lone touchdown against Minnesota on a blocked punt. Ems played a smashing game at tackle and sent many a coach ' s plans awry. Mongrieg proved very useful as a utility man at end until he was injured. g iMi II S SI M ® isl IS Trouble ahead for somebody DHIOI HC THE 249 IIjLIOBL WBBSdK SSiSBSSS The Khaki Rooters at Camp Funston Wisconsin team coming out of the gym Potsy Clark was one of the U. S. N. A. stars JBE SBL i 1 11. IS 5 DSIOI SC I .250 Jmc. =l_ laiLHOBC 111 [■1 il HI It was a i ala day for the soldiers in spite of the fact that Illinois won 28-0 . d " V The mini " Tank " in action. " Tusr " Wilson in the real 111 111 i in a 1! Ill Til r i 5. " r " ' »ip».- " Between halves at the Camp Funston jiamc JBC :hioi ohi: aar H 251 JSl ]BIXHOB S s [■j E H ® S! H m n ■I S! 13 Above — Illinois 22, Kansas Below — Illinois 44, Oklahoma 262 lil (i] @ IS SI {H [i] m o m ® SI in ® HI ® Illinois 7, Wisconsin DHIOI HC: 253 JSE laiLLiOBi: ID {■] [3 Si a IBl 11 SI s HI [■ 3 Illinois 27, Purdue JBc sm. nSIOI-OBL nsE 254 u 3® jsr laiiXiOHC TSE 11 [il m HI E [H fit S ® a Illinois 0, Chicago T ' ' T 25S s JSc 3SL BIIvLIOHC: ® 11 a ■1 d Hi ® [■I The cheer leaders whose valiant efforts could not stave off the Illinois 0, Ohio 13 score JBE ai. gl J BC TSE aar 256 gILHOB [ isi aar S [i] ® a III a ill ' ■! Illinois 6, Minnesota 27 JS? 5BI. nSIOIdBE Tc: 3£r 257 DH aiLULoa Hi M 1] El Hi HI ® HI m IM [ll HI [■1 ' The home of athletics at Illinois JB5 SSI. nsioi sE ■!■ 258 E O it!St4 iiii i . !i iir ' W i! 5IQ; .: ' ::.; " v ' - •K: ' :! ::?? ' !; ' ; " -; .Si -; " vujjj i ' ' ' ' • « ] ' -0 ' ■V.j- ' ' ■■ . ■ V ■ ; J ;• •i M. ' .; i ■■ V ' i- ' i 1.0 , :.. -.: ■....I MHBt SW e v «l BILLIOBC BASEBALL (t MM ART Daii.C ' ' 4 The Season Hi @ [i [■] 03 ill H (1 G. Huff, Tonrft For the first time in several years, the Orange and Blue nine was obliged to step down from its seemingly immortal pedestal, as Conference champions, and to be satisfied with second place, Ohio State winning the pen- nant. " G " admits that the nine wasn ' t of championship caliber. When such a bunch as Gunkle, Crebs, Arbuckle, Clark, Bradley and Walter Halas, all of whom were in- strumental in bringing three baseball championships to Illinois, graduate, it is no easy task to get another winning aggregation together. Captain-elect Harry Stiles died dur- ing the summer and Thomas didn ' t return to school so that " G " was left with only the veterans Koptik, George Halas, Klein and Davis for his nucleus. The first call for practice was made in the latter part of February, the Armory again furnishing the place for workouts prior to the annual southern trip. Inspired by the chance of the big ten-day trip, many aspirants came out daily and worked hard. When the team started March 30, the following fifteen players were fortunate enough to be on the roster: Halas, O ' Meara, S. C. Peterson, R. W. Peterson, Hays, Wheat, Flock, Cinnamon, Cox, Klein, Davis, Davisson, Koptik, English, and Ryan. In spite of the fact that Illinois won only two of the six games played, the jaunt seemed to be a good pep instiller and the coaches regarded the trip as being worth the " time and money " . The only regrettable occurence of the trip was the injury to Al O ' Meara ' s shoulder which disabled him for the rest of the season. According to " G " , Al was going good and would have been a valuable addition to the team. Illinois made a brilliant start in the Conference by whitewashing Iowa, and then the old jinx got to working, as a result of which two games were dropped to Ohio State and the long retained championship practically handed them. Only one more defeat was chalked up against the nine, Indiana being the offender. But according to the old saying, that " history repeats itself " , the Hoosiers ' glory was again short-lived, for when they visited Illinois Field, an 8-1 drubbing was administered them. Ill (il m 51 M m [■ ' a m JBE SIOI [ 269 ■ Jml SIIXIO_®C TSi tar Perhaps the brightest spot of the season was the last game, when the Maroons were trimmed 15 " to 3. That put a smile on " G ' s " face, that didn ' t come off for a while, even though Ohio State did take the championship. " G " says that the nine was a " real high-class ball team " at the end of the season, and Chicago ' s drubbing substantiates the fact. Leo Klein and George Halas were undoubtedly the shining lights of the team. Leo was so dependable that he was usually held for pinches. Whenever things began to break against Illinois he was sent in to calm the storm, and the batter who got a hit was the exception. George Halas, better known as " Illinois ' most versatile athlete " is fam- ous for his batting average, always leading the team. Peterson came into his own as catcher, after three years of hard work on the scrub team ; Lalor, for his long hits, and Cox for his bunting, deserve much credit; English, for his good work at first, and Cap- tain Koptik for his alertness at short, also deserve a good word. With Captain-elect Klein, Lalor and Ryan of last year ' s team, as a nucleus for the 1918 team, we ' d like to see the championship return to its " happy home " . And it ' ll most likely do so if the war doesn ' t make too many inroads on " G " Huff ' s plans. 1 1 ® S I !■]■ Ill H SI. M M ® IS H M Where It AM Happened Bases full of Indians and all moving LJ DEIOI-OH THE aar it 260 i n The Team OFFICERS S. R. Cunningham Manager G. E. Salladin Manager-elect BOHUMIL KOPTIK Captain Leo Klein Captain-elect George A. Huff Coach IS m PERSONNEL i! t G. S. Halas, Center field R. W. Peterson, Catcher H. R. Cox, Left field E. Davis, Pitcher and Right field Leo Klein, Pitcher W. J. Alcock, Second base F. J. English, First 6ase H. R. Ryan, Pitcher BOHUMIL KOPTIK, Short stop Ward Flock, Third base F. M. Lalor, Third base CONFERENCE GAMES Illinois 8 Illinois 3 Illinois Illinois 1 Illinois 8 Illinois Illinois 8 Illinois 8 Illinois 8 Illinois 15 Total Runs 59 Iowa Ohio State 7 Ohio State 1 Purdue Chicago :. 4 Indiana 5 Iowa 7 Iowa 4 Indiana 1 Chicago 3 Opponents 32 Games won, 7; lost, 3. JBE lElIOI @E 2=r 111 ® II SI H H Isl 111 s 1! n 261 ■L J glLLIOB E The igiy Tea m ? » il III II H (5 13 19 fil 3BL ISIOI BC THE BiLuoac -1B£ aar I! @ (D [i (a SI 11 E [U a A Maioon takinK the last lap of a homer. Some Indian slipped up, but the Midwayites needed it, for the final score was 8 to 4 in " G ' s " favor. Ill ® m HI m H ® a s H Captain-elect from whom great things are ex- pected this season. Captain " Kop " , according to " G " , covered much turf in the field and hit well. We believe it. :@ioid[! 263 HILXIOHi: il B B B H m H a ® Klein demonstratinK his versatility on the diamond m i«i ill s ® ® ® n George is still representing the Halas family. Ward played third ai ' ter three years of hard work. A coinci- dence, wouldn ' t you say ? " Gyj) " i» still with us. ]EIOI«BC B 264 JS - ■L I BILLIOB Ward on the job in the Iowa game. You ' ll have to imagine seeing him, for the coach blocks your vision SI m s a ii 13 Lalor is famous for loriK hits. English got many an aspirant Scotty Alcocl finished the sea- at first, but he ' s in the Army son hard. now. ]BIOI4 HC 266 iln LIOBE m B IS m ® m Halas at bat. Scorekeeper, get out the whitewash. m BI m IS M 13 E ® ® Ryan is a promising pitcher. They never came too hard for Cox was the best hunter on Peterson. the team. JBS SVL DSIOI lslC ssr 266 1 E m lii @ 11 III m m m H in (S Score one for the Maroons. " Pete " would have pot him if he ' d had the ball. The great Leo is in the fore- ground helping check the onrush. i 13 19 Here ' s a man " going over the top " with nobody in sight to stop him. Ten to one, though, he was tagged before getting around. J»c; ::!BiU m 267 268 c H E T ■■ ' ■ii J I : I ® JGcI ITiL s s a H SI ili IT ' ZlHIjULIOBn TRACK : xi v Atr. j A ' t.J - The Season Harry Gill The creditable showing of the 1917 Track Team was undoubtedly due to the development of new material by Coach Gill and to hard work of the squad as a whole. Starting the year with only a few old men from the year before, Coach Gill produced a team which finished second only to Chicago in Conference standing, and which beat Chicago in the dual meet between the two schools. Con- sidering the material available, the team completed a sea- son quite as successful as that of any previous track team. The work of Ames, Spink, Husted, Bennett, Webster, Car- roll, and Lang, is especially commendable as these men performed consistently throughout the whole season. The indoor season started with a dual meet with Notre Dame in the Armory, February 10. Illinois got the long end of the score of 58V2 to 36%. The best race of the meet was the half-mile, in which Meehan of Notre Dame forced Phil Spink to unlimber a little. Spink covered the distance in 1:59 4 5. This was followed by the relay carnival on March 3, in which Illinois made a good showing, finishing second to Chicago. Wallie Ames performed by breaking the Ameri- can 75-yard high hurdle record by 1 5 second. He made the distance in :09 3 5 seconds. Wallie also broke the Illinois indoor record for the 75-yard low hurdles. He made the low hurdles in :08 2 5 seconds, three-fifths of a second faster than the old time. Lang got third in the all-round championship, his best performance being a tie with Fisher and Graham of Chicago in the pole vault at 12 feet. Webster tied with three other high jumpers for first in that event. The relay teams, however, didn ' t seem to get organized as well as they did in following meets. The indoor meet with Wisconsin at Madison on March 10 was one of the closest and most exciting meets of the year. Up until the relay, the two teams were tied 45 to 45. The mile relay, everyone thought would decide the meet. Until the final lap Illinois led, but Smith of Wisconsin, pulled up on Spink, and the two crossed the tape in a dead heat. Final score was AlVz to 47 1 . March 24, saw the team journey to Evanston for the indoor Conference. Here we again placed second to Chicago. Three conference records tumbled. Wallie Ames broke another record by stepping over the 60-yard high hurdles in :07 4 5. Dismond, Chicago, beat Smart, Northwestern, in the fast time of :50 4 5 seconds for the quarter-mile. The other record that fell was the one mile relay which Chicago took in 3:32 3 5. In the Drake Relays, our mile relay team broke a record for the Drake contests by DBIOI HC ill ® H m m M 13 Isl HI 3SU- Jac DBIIXIOBC The igi6-igiy Track Team HI [si [eI SI i1 [■} [S BILIK (TRAINER) FIELD PIERCE CARMAN VEDDER CARROLL MONGRIEG GILL (COACH) OVEBBEE STEAD BENNETT CALDWELL SOMERS LANG HUSTED CHAPMAN KREIDLER MC KINNEY PENDARVI3 AMES WEBSTER CARLSON SPINK W. B. Ames Captain C. J. Kreidler Captain-elect W. B. Ames Captain ' 17 OFFICERS Harry L. Gill Coach PERSONNEL W. B. Ames B. Bennett W. R. Caldwell C. Carroll Jr. D. E. Field H. S. Gantz M. R. HUSTED C. J. Kreidler A. L. Lang L. M. Mongreig W. B. OVERBEE H. A. Pendarvis A. J. SOMERS p. M. Spink C. B. Stead E. C. Vedder F. F. Webster G. S. Thompson Manager M. C. Trosteb Manager-elect IS u 11 n M SI [■[ m G, S. Thompsox Manager ' 17 ][£lIOI4»@C 270 ■i SSL [■ B [| [i H g H [i s ff BILLIOBC making the distance in 3:21 4 5. This also equaled the conference mark for the mile relay. Northwestern won the half-mile in 1:29 2 5. Notre Dame won the two mile in 7:56 2 5, and Chicago the four mile. In the individual event, Simpson of Missouri, beat Wallie Ames out in the 120 yard high hurdles in the time of :14 4 5. After coaching Bill Overbee for a short time in the hop, step, and jump. Coach Gill sent him with a few others to the Penn relay games. As a result Bill not only main- tained the record that Carter of Illinois set last year in this event, but set a new inter- collegiate record of 48 feet, AVz inches. Husted brought further honor to Illinois by winning the discus with a throw of 128 feet, 4 inches. Bennett won the hammer by hoisting it through the air for 141 feet, dVz inches. Our relay team had to content itself with third place, giving precedence to Pennsylvania and Missouri. In the dual meet with Notre Dame at South Bend on May 5, we won easily by the score of 84 7 12 to 53 5 12. The most noteworthy feature of the contest was the jave- lin throw in which Mongrieg, ' 19, made a new track record of 181 feet, 5 inches. Although the team had been placing second to Chicago in contests in which the two were both entered, the team went up to Chicago, May 26, for a dual meet. In this meet, where only the two teams were pitted against each other, Illinois showed her superiority by winning the meet 73 1 2 to 61 1 2. The track season ended with the outdoor conference meet that was held at Chicago, June 9. Here we had to again content ourselves with second place. Chicago nosed us out once more, aided largely by the individual efforts of Simpson, Missouri ' s great hurdler, who took first place in most of our strong events. Simpson took three firsts and a fourth and was the individual star of the meet. Ames in the hurdles, Carroll in the dashes, Somers, Spink, and Carlson in the middle distance runs, all performed well in the track events. In the field events Bennett and Husted got firsts in the hammer throw and discus respectively, while Webster, Overbee, and Kreidler all placed in the jumps. Taken as a whole, the team at no time during the season performed in a manner that was disappointing. To sum it all up the team at all times placed right at the top of the conference standing. This was supplemented by the work of the relay team which placed in every meet and which equalled the conference time for the mile relay. It was indeed a satisfactory season. Armory where the First Annual Relay Carnival was held, showing the straight-a-way for the hurdles and dashes (■ JSS 5B1_ nsioidBc 271 JSl ' BILLIOBE L E ® ® ® F rj oAnnudl Indoor lay Carnival The First Annual Relay Carnival was one of the successful athletic events of the year and proved especially noteworthy for several reasons. First, no other track con- test of similar character has ever been staged in the Mississippi valley and there is every indication of its being a yearly meet. It marked the first appearance of Michigan in competition with conference teams since 1906 when they left the conference. It brought together college and university teams from all over the central west, and now has prospects of expanding into a national indoor carnival comparable to the Outdoor Pennsylvania relay games. Results of this year ' s Relay Carnival were: ONE MILE RELAY Chicago, 1st: Feuerstein, Clark, Henkamp, Dismond. Michigan, 2nd. Kansas, 3rd. Time: 3:29 3 5. TWO MILE RELAY Notre Dame, 1st. Noonan, McDonough, Kasper, Meehan. Chicago, 2nd. Kansas, 3rd. Time: 8:09 3 5. FOUR MILE RELAY Chicago, 1st. Otis, Powers, Swett, Tenny. Illinois, 2nd. Ames, 3rd. Time: 18:43 2 5. ALL AROUND CHAMPIONSHIP Fisher, Chicago 4968 Bridgford, Knox 4330 Burke, Wisconsin 4862 Luther, Indiana 4306 Lang, Illinois 4678 Roht, Purdue 4219 Smart, Northwestern... 4398 Packer, Ames 4169 Murray, Minnesota 4379 Bachman, Notre Dame 3824 FINAL SCORE Chicago 26% Illinois 16% Wisconsin 12 Michigan 11% Kansas 10%, Notre Dame 6 Wabash 5 Indiana 3 Purdue 3 Grinnell 3 Ames 2% Knox 1 111 s 1] n III 1 ' 111 [11 The SVleets INDOOR February 10, Urbana — Dual Meet Illinois, 58%; Notre Dame, 36y2 March 3, Urbana — First Anniuil Relay Carnival Chicago, 26%; Illinois, 16%; Wisconsin, 12. March 10, Madvion — Dual Meet Illinois, 47%; Wisconsin, 47%. March 2A, Evanston — Indoor Confer ence Chicago, 38; Illinois, 23; Wisconsin, 20. OUTDOOR May 5, South Bend — Dual Meet Illinois, 84 7 12; Notre Dame, 53 5 12 May 26, Chicago — Dual Meet Illinois, 73%; Chicago, 61%. June 9, Chicago — Outdoor Conference Chicago, 54%; Illinois 41%; Missouri, 24. JSE! ]l5]IOI4»@ asu- 272 ; ft [sj ; B S a a This is Wallie makitiK another record. He is shown here finishing the 220-yard hurdles for a new mark of 24 4 5 seconds. ■3 " Wallie " not only made sev- eral records this year but was always counted upon for sure points in the hurdles. Captain-elect " Chef has done good work in the past two years. Great things are ex- pected from him this year. m Merle, althoupfh handicapped by illness, gained many points for the team in the weight events. Ill ■I III ® m iMl ■ ILjL 3SU :hioi«ohc 273 5SL DHIULIOSC III il i] [Ml m a m E E Here is Pendarvis making a great finish in the 440 at the spring handicap ' " 111 III m HI [9 SI 13 H SI m " Pen " was a member of the relay quartet this year. Ho also ran the quarter mile. Gantz was captain of the cross country team and also ran the mile. Bennett was our weight man this year and incidentally better than most of his competitors. JSE ]S]IOX 0[ SI 274 DHILLIOHC l!i il 11 IMI El [H II The start of the Cross-Country Run at Purdue ■ 51 ■ 1 1 i ■ 1 1 ■ Vedder is adept at " harpoon- Caldwell is quite a hipih jump- " AI " did Kood work on the re- inK " with a javelin. This is his er, but he hasn ' t been able to lay team this year and ran the last year. overshadow Webster yet. mile and one-half mile. JIE [fi]ioi9@i: TSE s-r JffiC 3UL ZH BIIvLIOB C ji I® ®[ This is " Skeeter " Bush clearing the hurdles in the fall handicap. Much is expected of " String " in the hurdles this year. Uil ® 11 m 51 m " Phil " would have little com- petition in the middle distance runs this year, but joined the army in preference to getting track honors. Webster has high jumped for thred years and seldom takes less than first in a meet. Stead proved himself a steady miler this year. He had promise of becoming a sure point win- ner. JB5 3 1. DSIOI HC 276 3-L BILLIOB f " Monte gives promise of be- coming a record breaker if he improves much. At Notre Dame he broke a track record in the javelin throw. % Lang is our all-round man. His particular hobby, however, is pole vaulting. " Bill " took it upon himself to keep the hop. step, and jump record at Illinois for an- other year. He is also a broad jumper of ability. IJ m m m HI ® ® II Dave comes to us from Mis- souri University. He runs in the dashes. Charlie is quite a sprinter, causinj? Chicago considerable trouble last year. DBIOIdBC 277 DBILLIOBC JHc 3S1l_ DHIOI Hi: T2£ aar 278 :® ! BE nr JSc ziaiixiOH —1HI£ aJBT Varsity basketball ® Ralph R. Jones Coach Matt Bullock Trainer OFFICERS G. S. Halas Captain E. W. Andebson Acting Captain PERSONNEL E. W. Anderson, Forward G. S. Halas, Guard B. A. INGWERSEN, Guard W. K. KOPP, Forward B. E. MiTTLEMAN, Forward J. S. Probst, Forward J. G. Stevens, Forward P. C. Taylor, Center C. W. Vail, Guard ' A H E L«L1 IK H JONES, COACH MITTLEMAN WARD KOPP VAIL ANDERSON FLEISCIIMAN STEVENS INGWERSEN HICKS BULLOCK TAYLOR :bioi«ohc 279 Jm aiLxiosc is The Season lEJ II [f [■ [i Was there ever a more vacillating season, or one in which old man Jinx delivered more really hard blows than that of 1918, especially between the time that the Orange and Blue opened its Conference schedule in a 27 to 17 victory over Purdue (a veteran team to which the Chicago Tribune had already awarded the pennant), and March 6, when the season was closed by another smear on the Maroon escutcheon. Illinois easily won the practice games with Millikin and Wabash and then opened the Conference season here i n a game with the much touted Purdue team. In spite of the alarming press reports, however, the Boilermakers were sent home on the bottom side of a 27-17 score. On January 14, Jones ' men, fighting as one, sent Minnesota ' s husky quintet north- ward with a 28-17 beating. It was undoubtedly the best game of the season. They all had a hand in eating Minnesota ' s pie. Eight from the start, the tilt was a regular old fashioned scrap, the first half ending 12 to 11 with the Gophers in the rear. It was Captain Halas ' last game before leaving for the Navy, and he surely wound up his basketball career creditably. Wisconsin came down for the next game, and here Illinois ' reverses started. In a most exciting contest, the Badgers took the game by a margin of one point. The credit for their victory goes to Chandler, however, and to no one else. He was everywhere at the same time, breaking up the Illini plays, and also scoring sixteen of Wisconsin ' s twenty-two points. The following game at the Midway was the first one away from home. Chicago was allowed the long end of a 2319 score in a decidedly loose game. This contest was disastrous in more ways than one, for Mittleman, as a result of sudden heart trouble was obliged to drop out for the rest of the season. Northwestern ' s erstwhile thousand percent team wasn ' t able to hold the Indians, when it visited Urbana. Jones ' proteges staged one of the most remarkable comebacks ever seen here. Every man played rings around his opponent, and when it came to making baskets they couldn ' t miss the ring. Whenever an Illinois man got a shot, another tally went up on the score board. Even the guards were helping roll up the total, which, when the final whistle blew, stood 38 to 22. Ohio State was easy. The Indians didn ' t have to let themselves out to defeat them 35 to 21. Then started the trips. Lafayette was the first stop, and there Purdue de- feated us by a margin of three points. Proceeding to Columbus, the Buckeyes weren ' t so easy as in the first game, but the Orange and Blue finally took the game, 26 to 23. As the 1918 Illio said, " Wisconsin and Minnesota lived up to tradition by defeat- ing the Jones family on the Northern trip " ; so it was this time. The Madison score was 15 to 22, and at Minneapolis it was 22 to 35. Journeying to Evanston on March 2, the Methodists staged a little comeback them- 11 [m1 III HI IS HI a s a n H JBE :sioid[ HE w f HIULIOB selves and routed the Illini, 14 to 29. The Maroons came here for the final game and by a desperate spurt, Illinois was able to beat them out by three markers and thus tie the two institutions with a percentage of 500 in the Conference race. Wisconsin, the champions, took the pennant with a percentage of only 750, and Illinois scored a total of 371 points to her opponents ' 304, so there is some consolation in that. To Captain Anderson must go the distinction of being one of the greatest forwards Jones ever developed. He had that remarkable combination, so seldom found in good players, of being a good floor man and a superior basket-thrower. Ingwersen and Vail were a good pair of fighting guards, working well together. The latter filled the vacancy left by George Halas, and made very marked improvement during the course of the season. Burt Ingwersen was an adept at long shots, and Vail also came through occasionally with needed baskets. Taylor, who replaced Tug Wilson at center, developed wonderfully under .Jones ' tutelage and though comparatively diminutive, was able to jump with the six footers on some of the other teams. Probst, Kopp, and Stevens played for all they were worth and should be able to make a good showing next year. CONFERENCE STANDING W. Wisconsin 9 Minnesota 7 Northwestern 5 Illinois 6 Chicago 6 Purdue 5 Ohio State 5 Indiana 3 Iowa 4 Michigan q L. Pet. 3 .750 3 .700 3 .625 6 .500 6 .500 5 .500 5 .500 3 .500 6 .400 LO .000 ■ 1 ¥ ® in a n Coach Jones has Kuidcd many Illini teams to victory. With unusually bad luck he has been able to hold the team up in the running through the season. When George enlisted in the Navy many a Conference forward breathed easier. The strong Great Lakes team found a berth for him. JH5 ]HIOI4 [5 a 281 Jmc aiLUOBC IE ® s [¥ [t II Andy was a forward that no Conference guard ever completely stopped. They might stop one hand, but the other one worked just as good with him. Other coaches said, fense and Ingwersen. " occasionally. ' Jones has a five man de- He also had time to shoot [E a Taylor, the smallest center in the Conference and one of the best. He is one of the biggest little men ever seen on the Illinois floor. Vail, a back guard, who could hit the basket. Making his debut in the first Wisconsin game, he went the entire length of the floor for a basket in the first twelve seconds of play. ]HIOI«HC 3® 282 — }mr- I --r II ' • -- ' ' ' WVr After winning a place on the team and play- ing a great game early in the season. Mitt had the hard luck to be retired by a weak heart. Although handicapped by bad feet, Stan stuck, Chicago will remember him. u a ® ® IS a a s a Kopp had only a part of the season to play. His playingr In the last game where he stopped the onslaught of the Maroons endeared him in the hearts of the Indian rooters. Stevens was a remarkable utility man and when opportunity afforded gave the team all he had. ;: , SV BIOI-OHC m T5E 283 3BILLIOBC 2sr %Jarsity Swimming and Water Basketball SWIMMING MANLKV VIAL AXDrXWH FAULKEXBERC. PAWLEY HOOS COn D WALDO FAIKCLOTH JOHNS GRAY JOHNSON WATER BASKETBALL .AlAXLEY CREWE SHLAUDEMAN GRAY [Ml 11 SI 11 HI HI H 111 ® n I OTT MC GREGOR VIAL BIOI @ " 253 " HILLIOBC aar In The Tank R. J. Manley Coach " I sincerely believe that we had the best swimming team that ever represented Illinois — but such was the case all around the Conference. The competition was simply too keen. " This is the verdict that Coach Manley put upon 1917 swimming activities. Although headed by such men as Captain Johns, " Jim- mie " Gray, and Phil Gould, the team was not able to get away with a single victory. Some compensation was afforded, however, by the record of the water basketball team, which returned top honors for Illinois. The Conference meet was held at Northwestern, March 23. It was at this time that the water basketball team fought through a hard schedule for a Conference champion- ship, defeating Chicage in the finals by a score of 8 to 6. The swimming team was less fortunate at the big meet. Northwestern ran true to form, outdistancing the field with 47 points. Chicago and Wisconsin folowed with 26 and 19 credits respectively, while Illinois occupied fourth place with eleven points. Three dual mets were held previous to the Conference, each of them being a fore- cast of what was to happen when they all got together. Chicago shattered our glowing prospects early in February in a dual meet held here. The Maroons piled up 42 points while Orange and Blue natators were counting 26. The basketball match went to Illinois by virtue of a whirlwind finish, the score being 4 to 3. Even worse was the visit of Northwestern to our waters. The champions-to-be drenched us with a 50 to 18 defeat, but the Illini basket artists reciprocated with an easy victory over the Purple. Journeying to Madison on March 9, the Indians partic- ipated in a most satisfactory event of the year. The basket- ball squad came through with a 19 to 3 victory, and the tank was cleared for the swimming events. Throughout the even- ing the score board swung first to one and then to the other. At the close of the meet, the score was in doubt, but final counting gave the score to Wisconsin. While Wisconsin was shown to have the better team, Illinois ' exhibition was the best of the season. Those who performed during the year for the swimming team are: Johns, Gray, Waldo, Gould, Vial, Faircloth, Fal- kenberg, Dawley and Andrews. The personnel of the water basketball squad was as follows: Ott, Wenzlaff, Shlaudeman, McGregor, Vial, Crewe, Gray. Prospects for 1918 seemed bright at the opening of schol with " Jimmie " Gray returned to lead the swimmers, but hopes were set at naught by financial difficulties, the Athletic Association deciding that minor sports must be temporarily abandoned. Ml I ■ m m J. M. Gray Captain-elect ]SIOId@ s-r 285 1 rsir HHIULIOHC oAt The Qym H R. N. Fargo Head Coach W. E. Evans Wrestling Coach A. J. SCHUETTNER Fencing Coach !! )! ® ® a 51 B [I Two championships out of three is a fair ratio — and by that ratio, the 1917 season for wrestling, fencing and gymnastics may be accounted a success. Orange and Blue wrestlers forced their way through the year without a defeat, and the fencing stjuad took first place at the Conference. Gymnastics, handicapped by lack of individual stars, was unable to develop a Conference gait. Madison was the first scene of activities for the three allied teams. A dual meet was held with Wisconsin February 24, the result of which was victory for the Illini wrestlers, a tie in fencing, and a defeat for Coach Fargo ' s proteges. Chicago was our next competitor, coming here March 10, and leaving with the con- solation of having won in gymnastics, while Maroon wrestlers and fencers were being counted out. The Illini fencers took a much firmer stand at the Conference meet, which was held at Iowa City March 23-4. Illinois took first place, with Nebraske and Wisconsin trailing. Coach Evans ' squad of wrestlers had little trouble in annexing the title in their division. Despite the heroic efforts of Captain Horimura, however, the gym- nasts were forced to content themselves with fourth place. Regular members of the wrestling squad, which covered itself with glory, are : Evans, Smart, Kurtzrock, Cope, Ward, Whitson, Hill and Runeburg. Gerten and Cook were the Illini defenders in fencing, and those who aided Captain Horimura in gymnastics were: Adler, Ross, Wagstaff, Johnson and Smidl. The decision of the Athletic Association to abandon minor sports for 1918 naturally suspended activities about the gymnasium. Interest , however, is so keen in wrestling, gymnastics and fencing that Coach Fargo has maintained informal squads throughout the year, and has given his attention to them as though they were to enter intercollegiate competition. A. J. Scheutter is the new coach who comes to take the place of Walter Evans. Scheutter has had considerable experience in all forms of gymnastic activities and promises to be an addition to the staff. m % : I ' ! h ]BIOI«OHL 286 ISl ailvLIOHC ==3»r i On Court and Qreen Captain McKay 1917 TENNIS Illinois ' place in the sun reached such pro- portions during the 1917 season that the Illini racquet artists wrought a total eclipse of the Conference tennis world. As a climax to the most successful season ever chronicled at Illinois, Cap- tain Becker and Ernie McKay annexed all the honors at the Conference meet, held at Chicago May 24, thus giving Illinois individual as well as team honors for the year. At the Conference, Becker swept through the field without a defeat, winning the finals from Wente of Rose Polytechnic, who had eliminated McKay earlier in the tournament. Becker and McKay were not " phased " in their course to the doubles ' title. The schedule for the team, previous to the conference, was even more satisfactory. Dual meets with Purdue, Northwestern, Ohio State, Chicage, and a second with Purdue resulted in Illinois victories in every match as well as every meet. The team consisted of Becker, McKay, Sladek, and Wiley, not one of whom lost a match during the year. The fall tournament of 1916 was again won by McKay, who was subsequently elected captain for 1918. Prospects for a 1918 team, however, seem extremely uncertain. Becker and Sladek, veterans of two seasons, graduated after their 1917 triumphs, while Captain-elect McKay and Wiley are in the military service. THE RECORD Illinois 6 Purdue Illinois 6 Northwestern (Defaulted) Illinois 6 Purdue Illinois 3 Ohio State Illinois 6 Chicago Conference Meet 1917 GOLF War, which has worked such havoc in collegiate sports, first laid its hand upon golf. As a result, Illinois ' team of veterans spent the spring of 1917 poking about the local links and looking in vain for a world to conquer. Only one match was played, Northwestern being a 9 to 3 victim. The two classes in which Captain White and his men expected to feature were the Western Collegiate at Chicago and the Eastern Collegiate at the Merion Cricket Club in Philadelphia. Both of these tournaments were abandoned on account of the war and the Illini clubs went begging for scalps. Despite its inactivity on the green, the 1917 team has set a peculiar record, in that every member of the squad is now in some branch of military service. " Shorty " White and " Hank " Ramey are lieutenants at Camp Grant. " .loe " McDonald is a ser- geant in the ordnance corps, being stationed at San Diego, California, and " Chink " Weems is in the aviation section of the navy. DHIOI HE 111 [Ml s SI HI s [■1 287 IHIIJLIOB m [m1 HI H [M ■I [i m HI n When Study must be a stern master JHE sioi-OBn " las 2ar 288 s ( Jmc IIJULIOEC Freshman Varsity Football CLASS OF 1921 PERSONNEL Ealph R. Jones, Coach G. C. BucHHEiT, End M. Chiesa, End F. W. Cravens, Tackle T. M. Crowell, Guard J. C. Depler, Guard R. B. Deeds, Guard L. W. GoLDER, End Ralph Fletcher, Halfback E. J. Friedmeyer, Guard N. A. Ford, Tackle C. H. D. 0. Howard, Quarterback G. H. Hanson, Fullback B. W. Johnson, Guard W. K. KOPP, Fullback R. H. LUDWIG, Halfback F. W. Meyers, Halfback C. H. MOLTULSKY, Guard G. B. Springston, Quarterback H. J. Salzenstein, Quarterback L. E. Shallberg, Fidlback Shoemake, Tackle a ' They were a bright bunch of boys as a whole, who took coaching well and developed as the season progressed. " — Coach Jones. JmZ ]SIOI @ 3sr Freshman Varsity Track CLASS OF 1920 FULLAWAY MIDDLETON DORAN BERLIN COLLINS ALLMAN KERRICK LEWIS EMERY POWERS BROWN YATES BOUDINOT PERSONNEL Harry Gill, Coach a [1 m ® m m SI III 11 m d n E. W. Anderson D. L Allman E. BOUDINOT H. A. Boyle David Brown L. H. Collins R. L. DORAN R. S. Emery W. M. FULLAWAY D. M. Kereick K. S. Lewis G. E. MiDDLETON H. M. Yates " The 1917 Freshman Varsity contained some of the best individuals I have ever had. Before war shook things up, I thought they, together with Varsity veterans, would give me a record team in 1918. " — Coach GUI. JSS. [£]IOI @C 290 n [i1 lEl [f [■ d If DSIIJLIOB Freshman Varsity Basketball CLASS OF 1921 S. SMITH NELSON DICKMAN COLLINGS KETZLER WATTS TICKNOK GILMORE KLEDER ZIMMERMAN WILSON KAMMERAN W. SMITH NAY LUMMIS SOUTHERN SCHINER HENDERSON BUCHHEIT STORCKMAN BEEBE WILLIAMS TILLMAN TENDICK PERSONNEL Robert C. Zuppke, Coach G. C. BucHHEiT, Center H. M. DiCKMAN, Guard P. L. GiLMORE, Guard E. C. Hansen, Guard L. R. Henderson, Guard J. W. Nay, Forward L. M. Nelson, Forward E. M. Schriner, Guard W. D. Smith, Forward S. C. Smith, Forward E. O. Southard, Forward V. S. Tendick, Guard F. L. TiCKNOR, Guard W. W. Watts, Center R. D. Webster, Center si iJEI " A clean bunch of boys who developed steadily by hard work . " — Coach Zuppke. DBIOI HC m 291 JS iilliob: Freshman Varsity Swimming CLASS OF 1920 i] H M MANLEY UE ZEE MORGAN DOTY YORK MC CURDY DUFFIN PETERSON- EEEBE BLOOM MOHR FARRELL GREEN Mi Isl SI III m m ■ IB Waldo Alderson Ralph M. Bloom L. Daly M. DeZee H. F. Doty L. S. DUFFIN W. Farrell Robert Green B. S. Krelstein L. T. McCURDY PERSONNEL E. J. Manley, Coach David Malcohmson Joseph Mohr H. D. Hosier S. Peterson John Powell C. H. Reese L. Spiegler W. B. Wenzlaff Hugh Whitelaw R. A. York ' A typical Illinois team. It contained some fine individual swimmers and was a consistent all-round aggregation. " — Couch Manley. 3SU DHIOI HE 3® 292 n u HILLIOH Just oAmong Ourselves R. E. WiNKELMAN Manager The impetus which intra-mural sports have gained at the University of Illinois was evidenced during the past year, when, despite the war, gen- eral interest in inter-college and inter-class games was maintained at almost a maximum de- gree. All inter-class series except baseball and swimming were run off as in former years. Winning every game by a close margin, the Freshman class eleven annexed the 1917 football championship. That the yearlings were clearly superior was shown by the fact that all the other teams were practicallly bunched in standing. Basketball teams in 1917-18 worked under a serious handicap because the Varsity was using the regular gymnasium for practice. A schedule was formed, however, from which the Seniors emerged victors. The Sophomores, Juniors and Freshmen trailed in the order named. The teams were composed, to a large extent, of inexperi- enced men, a fact which tended to lower the gen- eral standard. Although it was impossible to adhere to a strict schedule, fast soccer teams were main- tained in 1917 by the Chinese club, the Cosmo- politan club, and the Latin-American club. Sev- eral spirited contests were held on the south campus. The regular number of handicap class track meets were held during the year of 1916-17. Al- though swimming was not developed as a regular inter-class event in 1918, two meets were held in which the classes took part. Baseball was the only sport to succumb entirely to war conditions. VICTORIOUS 1921 BARBER COLLINS SOUTHARD ROBINSON JIC GREGOK TEDFORD RUSSEL HARRISON BAIN SZATUMAS PLIMPTON CARLSON EIZNER 5S1. Bioi ijac 3=r DH 293 HC J7 :®iijLio® -]mc isr Interclass Football SENIORS III li; l Ml {(MIIVCHAM SEGKH:S! LAMB VOGEL ALVE AXDERSO.X FUNK SHEWMAN WARNER HOEHNKE MITCHELL GOLVIN CROSIER GRIFFITH HANSCHMAN SPRAGUE SW ANSON JUNIORS 111 |i] a s IS m [t [i] fil 11 [Ml m SI ® n HI ® DAXTE SNYDER LYONS, COACH HARRIS HANS CRABTREE KOEHLER DOSS LAUDER FREDE FREY GARMAN COLLINS KEEPERS MC LAUGHLIN SOPHOMORES BROWN SEIDEL PELTZ PIERCE RANDOLPH MEEK MOORE FOX WILLIAMS ANDREN MURPHY =IBIOI«OH 294 aiL BILULOEC Intercldss ' basketball Champions ' " " ■• sri-; ]-.. so.N ui)i:i.rrz black TIFFIN BBUNKOVV (MANAGEK) SCHNEIDER (CAPTAIN) WIEN KRUPAR n « 1 III II i ■ u DSIOI I 295 3in. BILLIOBC The first days of Fall ][£lIOI9@ ® E B SI II 1 H III ® ® in ssr i, ? N G noNOP:AEy AND • • , PR.OrE.55lONAL 1 i S S JGT BILLIOH n 1S£ 3sr Sachem HONORARY JUNIOR SOCIETY Founded at the University of Illinois 19H a s ® a a a a ji n 1 ¥ KYAN NIEBERGALL OVEKBEE CARLSEN STERNAMAN CHAPMAN LANG SIMMONS SHLAUSEMAN METZLER BARTHOLOMEW HAAKE THOMPSON MEMBERS Herbert Bartholomew Ralph Armond Carlsen Harry Henderson Chapman Joseph Lexington Coolidgb JuLiEN Walter Devlin Zean Gassman Harry George Haake Frank Ker Hays Alvin Leonard Lang Ralph Oliver Metzler Philip Alfred Niebergall William Bryon Overbee Robert Curtis Preble James Leonard Penny Howard Robert Ryan Harry R. Shlaudeman Elwyn Leroy Simmons Edward Carl Sternaman William Lewis Thompson Marcell Henry Wheat SI s a SI SI SI SI SI a a a J5E lS ]IOI4 B E T i- I T — 297 SI Sin. BILLIOBC 111 s a E B C. R. Richards G. A. GOODENOUGH E. H. Waldo Morgan Brooks F. B. Seeley H. F. GONNERMAN J. M. White N. C. RiCKER H. H. Stoek M. L. Enger J. W. Davis I. 0. Baker E. B. Paine A. P. Carman L. H. Provine G. W. PiCKELS G. T. Knipp H. D. Frary C. C. Wiley H. F. GODEKE A. C. Knauss D. B. Ohrum H. C. DiESERUD R. Rahn W. E. Bull O. I. Lyons C. H. Clarahan E. W. Carrier E. L. Stouffer R. E. Foulke H. R. Seavey Tau " Beta i HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at Lehigh University 1885 Active Chapters 32 ILLINOIS ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1897 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY J. M. Snodgrass C. R. Clark H. H. Jordan P. S. BlEGLER O. A. Leutwiler N. B. Garver G. P. Boomsliter C. R. Moore W. S. Wolfe A. N. Talbot H. F. Moore F. H. New ell E. S. Lee M. S. Mason H. O. Seigmund L. F. Simpson L. H. Junken P. K. Miles W. A. Gatward H. M. Westergaard MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates S m ® 3 [1] ■1 Seniors J. R. Watkins R. E. McKeever H. L. Olesen J. H. EUSTON J. F. VOPAT H. C. Harbicht M. A. KoLB W. S. Slack J. T. Nolan D. HORWICH J. H. GiLLEN J. T. Kelly Junior W. J. Geiger EC DHI IUBE 3B 298 JS laiiJLioa TSE aar Tau " Beta " Pi ml ii] 111 H HI III [1 ® HAUBICHT SIMPSON MASON JUNKEN C.ILLEN KNAUSS RAHN HOBWICH • CLARAHAN KELLY DIESERUD NOLAN VOPAT SLACK MC KEEVER WATKINS GEIGER SEAVEY FOULKE CARRIER LYONS OHRUM STOUFFER OLESON BULL EUSTON 299 H BILLIOB m oAlpha Zetd HONORARY AGRICULTURAL FRATERNITY Founded at Ohio State University 1897 Active Chapters 26 MORROW CHAPTER Established 1902 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Eugene Davenport Fred H. Rankin W. C. Coffey W. L. Burlison C. G. Hopkins J. G. MOSIER H. W. MUMFORD A. F. Gustafson G. E. Gentle Elmer Roberts D. 0. Bartow J. B. Andrews F. A. Fisher W. J. Carmichael H. A. Harding H. P. Rusk J. C. Blair G. W. Whisenand J. W. Lloyd H. W. Hepburn Roy Hansen R. H. Wilcox W. J. Frazer H. M. C. Case W. W. Yapp H. A. RUEHE E. A. White J. B. Rice C. F. HOTTES S. A. Forbes L. H. Smith J. E. Whitchurch H. S. Grindley W. I. Brockson F. W. Wascher E. K. Augustus H. K. RuLisoN MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Gradiiate P. H. Millar H. S. HiNRICHS D. R. Mitchell W. A. GOELITZ J. W. Greene H. B. TUKEY G. E. K. Eager G. C. Sprague W. C. Baysinger H. H. HOLTZMAN Seniors G. B. Whitman Juniors A. L. Kline N. S. Vial W. H. Eichorn A. B. Close A. H. Frick John Lamb Jr. P. C. Doss B. E. Skinner R. J. Laible EIOI HC E 300 -iSc BILXJLOH cAlpha Zeta ® S H m [■ [il HI ■ SKINNER SPRAGUE LAIBLE DOSS WHITMAN EICHORN CLOSE BOTH FRICKE LAMB BAYSINCER GOEILZ GREENE HINRICHS KUNE TUKEY MITCHELL FACER SIOI HC 3sr 801 asc HliLIOB Qdmma oAlpha GRADUATE SCIENTIFIC FRATERNITY Founded at Cornell University 1899 [■ s a B E ® s H Active Chapters 10 Alumni Chapter 1 ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established 1908 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY P. L. Bayley R. S. Bracewell J. M. Braham W. L. Brockson A. M. Brunson C. S. Fazel J. T. FOKD C. F. Hill I. N. HULTMAN S. Karrer E. H. VOLLWEILER L. C. VerNooy E. E. Charlton J. R. Christie E. M. Clark L. B. Dickey C. J. Engelder A. P. Kratz C. S. Marvel J. R. MUSSELMAN C. E. Pike A. R. Powell E. A. Rees J. B. Rice L. H. Ulich 111 ' ® n SI [9 II ® iHl a a n DBIOI IslE nas aiLLIOHC amma oAlpha - [H 1 n. HI a n CLARK FORD BRUNSON RICE PIKE MUSSELMAX HILL BROCKSON BRACEWELL HULTMAN ULICH KRATZ VER NOOY FAZEL CHRISTIE KARREB MARVEL DICKY CHARLTON REES BRAHAM VOLLWEILER BAYLEY POWELL JSS. 5BL DSIOI B -S«8 B Eta Kappa T HONORARY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Illinois 19H Active Chapters 12 Alumni Chapters 6 B H ® H E [¥ ¥ ¥ ¥[ ¥ ALPHA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Ellery Burton Paine, M.S., E.E. Charles Tobias Knipp, Ph.D. Edward H. Waldo, A.B., M.S. Leonard Vaughn James, M.E. Abner Richard Knight, M.E. Morgan Brooks, Ph.D. Phillip Sheridan Biegler, B.S., E.E. Walter Arthur Gataward, B.S. Ernest Alexander Reid, M.S. Lawrence Rowland Junken, B.S. Mayne S. Mason, M.S. Humphreys 0. Siegmund, B.S. Everett S. Lee, M.S. Ira William Fisk, M.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Ralph Waldo Bolton WiLLARD Edwin Bull George Madill Cullinane J. Howard Euston Mack Marquis Jones Robert Emmet McKeever Seniors R. Keith Newton Harold L. Oleson Julius Harry Wien Lennox E. Trickle George Andrew Zehr Fran k Ward Foster William Silas Slack Tyron Frederick Bowditch Arthur David Caskey Walter Jacob Geiger Juniors Kenneth William Miller Lyndon Rutledge Wilson George Haskel Simmons ® 11 SI ® H HI a E DSIOI B 304 JBILLIOBl I a Kappa TSlu ELECTRICAL ENCINEERIXG LABORATORY 111 III in ® IB 13 n SIMMONS BOLTON MILLER CASKEY BULL SLACK WILSON MC KEEVER OLESEN ZEHB WIEN FOSTER BOWDITCH CULUNANE OEIGEB JONES BEID JAMES KNIPP BROOKS EUSTON PAINE TRICKLE BIEGLER NEWTON CATWARD BIOI BC ssr 306 DSIIXIOHC S " Phi T elta hi ® ® ® H a a a n HONORARY LAW FR ATERNITY Founded at the University of Michigan 1869 Active Chapters 46 Alumni Chapters 10 BROWNING BARTON FISK SEARLE RAPP COVEY NOBLE CROSS LEWIS CAMPBELL ARMSTRONG ARMSTRONG CURTIS LEEMING LANGDELL INN CHAPTER Established 1901 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY O. A. Harker E. H. Decker H. W. Ballentine W. G. Hale Frederick Green Arthur R. Warnock John Norton Pomeroy Jr. Lew R. Sarett HONORARY MEMBERS Judge F. H. Boggs Newton M. Harris Benjamin F. Harris Judge Roy C. Freeman MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors George Ade Campbell Fritz Harris Fisk John Roy Browning John H. Armstrong Thomas H. Armstrong Arthur Layton Barton Hugh W. Cross Juniors Freshmen Truman G. Searle Fletcher Lewis William Abner Moore Charles C. Curtis Nigel D. Campbell Elmore A. Gripp Tom Leeming Merle E. Noble IE a a III a a a a a a a SBL SI-OI BC n-£ 306 :b l«JL nr JSx THi S=L IIAIOB ■r Scabbard and lade HONORARY MILITARY SOCIETY Founded at the University of Wisconsin 1902 Companies 17 Posts 3 tu El m ® KALTHOFF CO. " F " , 1st REGT. Established 190S MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Edmund Janes James Major E. W. McCaskey, U. S. A. (rtd) Sergeant F. W. Post, U. S. A. (rtd) Major W. J. Carmichael Captain R. N. Fargo Captain E. K. Augustus Lieut. Col. J. H. Powers Captain T. S. Hamilton Captain L. M. Simpson Captain H. O. Siegmund Captain G. D. Stopp MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Colonel Charles Fairman Lieut. Col. E. R. Brigham Colonel F. C. Kalthoff Lieut. Col. L. E. Yeager ill [mI 111 SI dl HI III H M a Ji DEIOI HC: 307 m ' JS 3lL HIULIOB ® ® i! E [£] E B E E E ® Sigma elta Chi HONORARY JOURNALISTIC FRATERNITY Founded at DePauw University 1909 Active Chapters 27 Alumni Chapters 2 JOHNSTON COLLINS REID KNAPPENBEBGER PULCIPHER GARDNER MC CONNELL a ® a II m a 3 a a a a ILLINOIS LAMBDA CHAPTER Established 1912 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Franklin William Scott, Ph.D. Harry Franklin Harrington, A.M. HONORARY MEMBER Ring W. Lardner MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Keeler DeWitt Pulcipher Arthur Aloysius Dailey McKinley Gardner Marvin Greer McConnell John Meredith Knappenberger Juniors Zean Gowdy Gassman Julien Hampton Collins Stewart Franklin Reid Harold Boomer Johnson ]BIOI«HC 3=r a 308 I -Be eta (jamma Sigma HONORARY COMMERCIAL FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Wisconsin 1907 Active Chapters 4 IE T il m s ! i JONES SHY THATCHER YOCKEY SPERItY WHITNEY KLINK WINTERS BRYANT WILLITS ANDERSON ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1912 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Hon. Edmund J. James, Ph.D. Dean Nathan Weston, Ph.D. C. L. Stewart, Ph.D. H. T. Scoville, a. B. W. E. Britton, J.D. Dean David Kinley, Ph.D. Maurice H. Robinson, Ph.D. A. C. Littleton, A. B. A. L. Prickett, A.B. u s s m m H a M HI n MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Carl L. Anderson Robert A. Bryant Harry W. Gibson E. J. Jones W. L. Klink Frank S. Shy R. E. Sperry F. R. Thatcher M. R. Whitney Ward M. Willits Lawrence M. Winters Merle A. Yockey JKE an. BIOI HIZ TME ® in HIULIOB u Kappa oAlpha HONORARY MUSICAL FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Illinois 1913 11 [1 ji [■] E is a a SI ® ■I Hi m DUMAS AKMINGTON MANGUSON DANIEL ERNEST DOLE ARMSTRONG MEMBER IN THE FACULTY Pembroke Holcomb Brown HONORARY MEMBERS J. Lawrence Ere, F.A.G.O. Charles H. Mills, Mus.Dr. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates Fay Wood Swartz Clara Grace Armington Hazel Irene Armstrong Helen Okpha Ernest Seniors Velma Dumas Juniors Stella Rebecca Percival Laura Emily Dole Ruth Daniels Maude Beatrice Manguson .JBE ]®i-oi-oac TC 2sr SIO S[ DSILLI-OBJ Sigma Tau HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Nebraska 190 U Active Chapters 11 Alumni Chapters 5 s B S H a [Ml WILSON ARMSTRONG FAIRCLOTII CRESS POSTLE IIALAS CULLINANE GILLEN MURRAY ELLIS MILLER MIDDLETON SHONKWILER COOKE LADEHOFF SCHMELTZER LYONS TAYLOR HARBICHT TRICKLE CLEOG DIESERUD Bl THETA CHAPTER Established 19H MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Charles Russ Richards, M.M.E. Philip Sheridan Biegler, M.S., E.E. Charles Alton Ellis, A.B. Melvin Lorenius Enger, M.S., E.E. Ira William Fisk, M.S., E.E. Walter Arthur Gatward, M.S. Eugene Henry Pengilly Humphreys 0. Siegmond B.S. II a i Luther Franklin Simpson, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Norman F. Brunkow Carl Clegg Eldred E. Cress George M. Cullinane Helge C. Dieserud John H. Gillen George S. Halas Oliver M. Armstrong Russell S. Cooke Samuel E. Faircloth Kenneth W. Miller Juniors Harlan C. Harbicht Arthur D. Ladehoff Oscar I. Lyons Julian G. Middleton Francis L. Shonkwiler Charles B. Taylor Lenox E. Trickle Leonard E. Murray George R. Postle Chauncey B. Schmeltzer Lyndon R. Wilson JBS EIOI HC -M Sll HIjULIO® Omicron T lu HONORARY HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE SOCIETY Founded at Michigan Agricultural College 1912 Active Chapters 10 ® a E ® E H WOEIUUA.X DOTY YONKERS FLEXER SMITH MCDONALD DUBOIS LEHMAN MC CULLOUCH PHILLIPS ALBAUGH PIERSON SWANBERG CHRISTY GBEEN BATTEY GOLDSCHMIDT STEIN JOHNSTON EPSILON CHAPTER Established 19H MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Isabel Bevier Ruth Wheeler Naomi Newburn Lucile Wheeler LoRiNDA Perry Mrs. Yonkers Helen McCullough Cora Gray Florence Churton MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate Zilpha Battey Seniors Ruth Lehman Marie Du Bois Ruth Phillips Esther Green Bertha Stein Katheryn Albaugh Valda Smith Grace Christy Dorothy Doty Erna Goldschmidt Edna Flexer Marion Swanberg Lucile Pearson Lillian Woerman Lillian Johnston Helen McDonald Isl lH m M SI @I [■I SI jsis IBIOI HL 312 H JSc aiL ]®IIJLIO® 5J raphomen HONORARY INTER-PUBLICATION SOCIETY Founded at the University of Illinois 19H U IIAAKE JOHNSTON COOPER DAVIS REMLEY TUKEY WINTERS GARDNER PULCIPHER KLINE MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Thomas Arkle Clark George Alfred Goodenough Carl Stephens Harry Franklin Harrington William Leonidas Burlison Walter Castella Coffey ■ SI ® [ii ® MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Harold Bradford Tukey McKinley Gardner Arthur La Verne Kline Keeler DeWitt Pulcipher Seniors Arthur Aloysius Dailey Lawrence Morse Winters Joel Waring Greene Henry Noble Cooper Jr. Charles Brewer Davis Walter Brown Remley Harry George Haake Juniors Hugh Ware Cross Harold Johnston Alfred Hammond Morton JBS 3BI. 3Bioi«h: TC aau- 313 m LJ W i — I® H H B r HONORARY JOURNALISTIC SOCIETY Founded at the University of Illinois 1917 WELCH KEEA SAN NEWELL SHAFFER LEITZBACH SAMUELS AINSWOBTH SEYSTER SHAFFER HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. R. E. Cushman Mrs. H. F. Harrington Isl SI 11 [g SI SI SI ® SI Si n Mrs. F. M. Scott MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Zelomia Ainsworth Josephine Newell Lois Seyster Shirley G. Krea San Theresa Samuels Juniors Sophomores Elizabeth Leitzbach Susan K. Shaffer Wilhelmine Shaffer Mildred Welch 3BV. SIIOI BC 3sr 814 !i .ii i. ' , ac HILXIO® " Phi " Delta Kappa HONORARY EDUCATIONAL FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Indiana 1906 Active Chapters 18 Alumni Chapters 5 J RICHARDSON RAYNER BROWN DAVIS MC KINNEY BLACK COLBY LAYTON BUCKLER NOLAN WILLIAMS O ' GOBMAN GREENE BOLE STEVENSON CHARTERS RUCKMICH PI CHAPTER Established IQH MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Werrett Wallace Charters, Ph.D. Guy Montrose Whipple, Ph.D. Christian Alban Ruchmich, Ph.D. Horace Adelbert Sollister, A.M. John Alford Stevenson, A.M. James Michael O ' Gorman, A.M. Simeon James Bole, A.M. John Joseph Didcoct, A.M. Walter William Jennings, A.M. Aretas Wilbur Nolan, M.S. James Henry Greene, M.S. Arthur Samuel Colby, M.S. William Horace Raynor, B.S., C.E. Coleman Roberts Griffith, A.B. Warren Kenneth Layton, A.B. Clarence Hudson Richardson, A.B. Lewis Ward Williams, Ph.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates Roy LeFevre Davis, A.M. Henry Theodore McKinney, A.M. Leland George Osborn, A.B. Undergraduates Beryl Black Robert Brown Bruce Buckler JBC }[fi]IOId@E a n ' M ssr 315 Jim, =3«L ]BIl LIOB c Ad T e Chi HONORARY CHEMICAL SOCIETY Founded at the University of Illinois 1915 B K g] 13 ® S SWANBERG LEICHSENRINC KEITH STEIN OKEY NEILL ARNOLD WOERMANN JEWELL SMITH Ml SI SI M a HI ® m d n ALPHA CHAPTER Jessie Y. Cann Mary de Garmo LuciLE Wheeler MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Mary Helen Keith RossLEENE M. Arnold Alma J. Neill ZiLPHA Battey Ruth Okey MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates Lillian Woermann Bertha Stein Valda Smith Seniors Junior Helen Updegraff Minna Jewell Marion Swanberg Meta Salisbury Miriam Null Jane Leichsenring JHS SffLi ISlIOIdBC ® 316 lii g (9 i] 11 [eI [H m m gargoyle HONORARY ARCHITECTURAL FRATERNITY Founded at Cornell University 1888 Active Chapters 2 HILL CHAPMAN COOLING BRL ' NKOW HANSCHMANN STOUFFER LAWRENCE 8ELZEB REID Percy Ash, C.E. BETA CHAPTER Established 1917 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Ralph Stanlee Fanning, B.Arch. Rhodes Robertson, M.Arch. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Norman Brunkow Donald Chapman Fred Hanschmann Ernest Stouffer Kenneth Cooling Juniors Harold Reid Louis Selzer Charles Lawrence Newell Wiedemann Laurence Hill 331. u «] •I i; n m «i s ® a ][i]IOI.9@C 2-r 317 15J SI [I E 1 [¥ If Triangle PROFESSIONAL CIVIL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Illinois 1907 Active Chapters 4 Alumni Chapter 1 ILLINOIS CHAPTER MEMBER IN THE FACULTY Harrison F. Gonnerman MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Norman Elsworth Sprague Charles Bagwell Taylor Frederick Robert Hanschmann Juniors Vernon Leslie Glover Courtney Harold Crim Ezra Edward Bauer Casper Ferdinand Henning Eldred Everett Cress Arthur Detlef Ladehoff Herbert William Hoehnke Frederick Klenk Donald Dana Grover Edwin Earnest Valentine Charles August Nagel Delmont Joseph Schneider Sophomores Edward Clarence Busse Charles Adams Cahill Lee Conrad Herwig Paul Eugene Langdon Walter Rudolph Mueller Arvid Lawrence Rehnquist John Earl Schwarz Frank Walter Vogt JBi 1SIOI9E SBl. 3sr n 111 ® B SI ® IS ® a IS IS 318 1— ..f - Triangle 111 III El l:i-- ljL - fku»«5 - REHNQUIST SCIIWARZ VALENTINE HERWIG SCHNEIDEK KLENK CRIM GROVER CAHIL MUELLER NAGEL HENNING BUSSE LANGDON VOGT BAUER GLOVER TAYLOR HANSCHMANN HOEHNKE SPRAGUE CRESS LADEHOFF WASHBURN m in s a in a s a n SIOIdBC 1® 819 sm. 3HIJLLIOH E a oAlphd Chi Sigma PROFESSIONAL CHEMICAL FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Wisconsin 1902 Active Chapters 29 Alumni Chapters 4 ZETA CHAPTER Established 1908 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY B. Smith Hopkins, Ph.D. H. B. Lewis, Ph.D. R. C. TOLMAN, Ph.D. A. L. Whiting, Ph.D. Roger Adams, Ph.D. F. W. Tanner, Ph.D. W. A. NoYES, Ph.D., LL.D. S. W. Parr, M.S. D. F. McFarland, Ph.D. J. G. DiETRICKSON, Ph.D. C. J. Engelder, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY G. C. Baker I. N. Hultman E. A. Rees V. D. Charleston F. S. Kimball C. C. Larson H. S. Snell P. A. Anderson R. W. Bannen E. P. Eager N. W. Krase Graduates Seniors Juniors Sophomores Emile Fautsch W. D. Hatfield H. W. Moor E. H. VOLLWEILER G. p. Edwards W. R. KiRNER C. W. Nesbitt W. F. Straus G. J. Cox E. S. Huffman H. W. Hyde R. S. Nelson 111 [mI m [M m ® ® 11 n Ji DSIOI B 320 JBIIvLIOBC oAlpha Chi Sigma W ' I I J I I )M ! cox BANNEN BKACEWELL CHARLESTON ANDERSON MOOR BAKER HATFIELD FOOTITT KIMBALL ENCELDER KRASE KIRNER EDWARDS HUFFMAN NESBITT HYDE NELSON HULTMAN SNELL POWELL MICKLE LARSON NOYES VOLLWEILER HOPKINS STRAUB a ® ® HI ® ® ® =i-rL SIOI BC 2SU- 821 u 35L 3BILXIOS -nsi aar oAlpha Qamma o PROFESSIONAL AGRICULTURAL FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Illinois 1908 Active Chapters 12 Alumni Chapter 1 11 ® H [l tl ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1908 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Eugene Davenport, LL.D. Fred Henry Rankin, B.S. Sleeter Bull, M.S. Henry Perly Rusk, M.S.A. Chester 0. Reed, B.S. Joseph Harvey Checkley, B.S. Alfred Gunderson, B.S. Claude Harper, B.S. James Bruce Henderson, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Stanwood John Griffith Brownlee Martin Hubble EwART B. Knight John Milton Birks Lloyd M. Cottingham Juniors John William Kimman Nathan Lyman Rice Clyde Everett Maxwell Harold Dewey Thomas William Maurice Kimmelshue Roy William Landstrom Mi iMl m III 1 n i 1 E Melville Crandall Raymond Vance Watson Sophomores John Emer Hicks Ray Eugene Cryder John Willoughby Randolph Freshmen Samuel Dawson Darley Lloyd Melvin Parr Frank Hamilton Shuman Kenneth Arthur Ford Odie Dwight Turley Temple Albert Lovett 3[5]Ii I [ 822 3iL H [■ 51 in IHIIvULOBC oAlpha Qamma ' o KKKLK1 (J 111 Si .31! ' SHUMAN PURNELL CATTINGHAM RANDOLF KIMMAN KNIGHT WATSON HICKS TURLEY CRANDELL BIRKS LANDSTROM HUBBLE CRYDER RICE THOMAS KIMMELSHIRE LOVETT GRIFFITH PARR RAFFERTY CARMAN DARLEY ii5L JSIOI HC 323 J® 3SL JBILLIOBL ssr l!l m m [3, cAlpha %ho Chi PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL FRATERNITY Founded at the Universities of Illinois and Michigan 191i Active Chapters 4 Alumni Chapter 1 ANTHEMIOS CHAPTER Established 19 H MEMBER IN THE FACULTY William Sidney Wolfe, B.S. HONORARY MEMBERS Nathan Clifford Ricker, Dr.Arch. Clarence Howard Blackall, M.S. Allen Holmes Kimball, M.S. Joseph Mitchell Kellogg, M.Arch. LoRiNG Harvey Provine, B.S. Norman Foote Marsh, M.S. George Wesley Bullard, M.S. Joseph Corson Llewellyn, M.S. HI [sl m m MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Lester Howard Christen Edwin Elwood Newcomb Berthram Marshall Thorud Clifford Walter Hutton George Richardson Postle Edgar Albert Stubenrauch Seniors Juniors Gustave Herman Deuchler Godfrey Hartwell George Leanard Lindeberg Herbert Bishop Beidler Brent Girdler Webb Walter Giles Bishop Sophomore Dewey Anderson Somdal Freshmen Wallace Ivan Overend William Strudwick Arrasmith Howard Lorraine Weatherford Macom Armistead Abbit William Edward Hallauer Harry John Ziemann Hurlbert Craig Cheever Willard Ayres Snyder Wesley Leanard Connett iSIOI l SBl. aar 324 n ill a s 111 ® .s BILHOaC c )A 9 Ao Chi ' 11 ' pi ii ' tMniiii mi. CHEEVER OVEREND VEATHERFORD SOMDAL ARRASMITH ZIEMAN SNYDER ABBIT BEIDLER BISHOP STUBENBAUCH POSTLE HUTTON WEBB HALLAUER DEUCHLEK CHRISTEN WOLFE RICHER LINDEBERG THORUD HARTWELL NEWCOMB m m m m H iH a II n ]SIi Id@ 323 35L. lIULIOHi: Farmhouse PROFESSIONAL AGRICULTURAL FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Missouri 1905 Active Chapters 3 ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established 19H MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Henry Perly Rusk, M.S. John Benjamin Rice, M.S. James Wilbur Whisenand, M.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Arthur Buckley Close Herbert Stassen Hinrichs Walter Adolph Goelitz George Bruington Whitman Bertram Eugene Skinner Paul Fisher Ralph Montgomery Picken Juniors William Frank Purnell LoiE James Honnold Harold Norton Hungerford David Felmley Merker Russell James Laible Woodridge Kenneth Clifford Walter George Baysinger 1 H m m ® Sophomores George Samuel Olds Milton Willard Warren Walter Raymond Moore Emil Philip Zeiders Henry Raquet Brunnemeyer Charles Ernest Yale Norman Elmer Westfield SSIl. ISIOIdBI T5E 326 JS 31SL IILLIOB C Farmhouse iM HI EI E ILLLM iff - P ' 111 [mI HI in HI " i ® n miXGERFORD WARRE.V JIOORE MERKER ZEIDERS BAYSINGER WESTFIELI) SKINNER YALE LAIBLE BRUNNEMEYER WHITMAN CLIFFORD WHISEXAXD HIXRICHS CLOSE UOELITZ RICE PURNELL Dsioi-oac 827 3iL BILHOB sjsr cAlpha Kappa Psi PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL FRATERNITY Founded at New York University 1905 Active Chapters 14 Alumni Chapter 1 B H a a a s H a a a j " i. . rr; CORjMACK COLLINS METZLEE BARTHOLOMEW HURLEY HANCOCK KBEIDLER SNYDER SCHNELLBACHEP. TROSTEB SALLADIN CRABTREE HAAS SNELL YOUNG HOWE DIETZ HOSTETLER WILLIAMS EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1912 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY [mI 11 [i IS SI III a MI [■1 David Kinley, Ph.D. Nathan Weston, Ph.D. Maurice Robinson, Ph.D. Harrison McJohnston, A.M. Hiram Scoville, A.B. William Britton, J.D. MEMBEI S IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Randall Bear George Salladin Leo Klein John Williams William B. Hostetler George Snyder Chester Kreidler John Dietz Marion C. Troster Walden W. Hancock C. E. Snell Juniors Philip P. Young Raymond C. Haas Julien H. Collins Jacob Paul Schnellbacher J. Clarence Cormack Philip A. Niebergall Clifford John Howe Wayne Thompson Wharton Ralph 0. Metzler Frank Hurley John B. Crabtree JBE 3! ]IOI9@ ssu- 328 JSS 3-SL HII.LIOH e(Iui PROFESSIONAL PRE-MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Illinois 19 H HILL KUTLEDGE LEWIS TRUMBO SIANN LYMAN THOMAS BUHRMAX RIDER SCHULTZ SAUER MURPHY CAMPBELL CHARPIER KREIDER ]MEIER ARMSTRONG ELESON REINHARDT JOHNSON MYERS MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY J. H. Beard, A.M., Ph.D. W. E. BURGE, A.M., Ph.D. R. D. Glasgow, Ph.D. .J. S. Kinsley, Sc.D. H. B. Lewis, Ph.D. J. A. Sperry, Ph.D. O. C. Jones J. E. Fetherston J. W. Johnson W. L. Crawford K. J. Kaiser E. T. Blair F. L. Chenoweth J. C. SODARO T. A. Rost B. A. Smith D. L. Rider W. D. Buhrman G. T. Murphy H. W. Hill MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates R. J. Mercy E. C. Kelly Seniors F. Rubright W. E. Wright W. R. Fisher G. M. Cline Juniors R. H. Schroeder H. O. Dennis H. B. Loughrie A. Kraft L. L. Charpier Sophomores E. J. Sauer W. A. Mann B. A. Lyman W. P. Armstrong K. S. Lewis R. A. McDermott E. A. Ford H. F. DiLLER C. K. Gabriel F. Stewart E. R. Eleson L. W. Schultz H. I. Meier P. G. Kreider J. R. Johnson J. H. Rutledge D. M. Campbell 0. A. Reinhardt W. H. Myers ][i]IOI S 829 11 HILULOaC THi sr Keramos PROFESSIONAL CERAMIC FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Illinois 1915 KENNELLEY MONXIilEFF HUXT BAKER HUISKEX SORTWELL POLK HUMMELAXD HURSll WASHBURN PARJIELEK M SI m M HI 111 M [■1 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E. W. Washburn C. W. Parmalee R. K. HURSH HONORARY MEMBERS R. T. Stull A. V. Bleinenger E. W. Washburn C. W. Parmalee MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors H. H. SORTWELL R. W. HUMMELAND E. B. Baker G. S. Kennelley J. W. MONCREIFF Juniors H. A. HUISKEN B. F. Carter A. E. Polk M. T. Hunt l[i]IOlJ»SE THE 330 i Tau Sigma PROFESSIONAL MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Illinois 1915 Active Chapters 2 Alumni Chapter 1 11 IS m B m diesp;rui) mc kav hanawalt arsistroxg pearson johnson bolton rosencrans kolb day RITTEK OLSON KRAUEL MORSE FREY OBERNE KELLY LYONS CLEGG RAHN SHONKWILER JIATSOX ALPHA OF ILLINOIS CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY C. R. Richards, B.M.E., M.E., M.M.E. V. S. Day, B.S. G. A. GooDENOUGH, M.S. A. P. Kratz, M.S. O. A. Leutwiler, M.E. L. F. Simpson, B.S. A. C. WiLLARD, B.S. D. W. Castle, B.S. m m 1 1 s m R. Rahn H. C. DiESERUD C. Clegg p. L. Krauel K. W. Hall O. I. Lyons H. E. Matson J. T. Kelly O. M. Armstrong R. B. Johnson R. L. Morse MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Senior ' s W. R. Ritter Juniors W. J. Bolton R. a. Perry F. H. Pearson F. L. Shonkwiler H. 0. Frey M. A. KoLB A. McKay R. G. Olson G. S. Oberne W. G. Hanawalt C. Z. Rosecrans sm. EIOI HC S-ll 310. JBILLIOBC TSLS aar Theta Tau PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Michigan 190 Active Chapters 10 Alumni Chapters 6 a SKINNER CHAPMAN GOULD PEARSON WHITNEY HAAKE FOSTER COLE SANDERSON STERNAMAN FRY OWEN PERRY MORTON MACHOVEC WESTENHAVER NEWTON FOULKE HAYNE KRAFT MC EVERS KROESCHELL KAPPA CHAPTER Established 1916 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY O. A. Leutwiler J. W. Davis N. C. HOLBROOK MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Earnest McEvers Roy Kroeschell Harold Owen Reynold Kraft Robert Newton Ronald Foulke Walter Hayne A. H. Morton H. G. Haake K. W. Carr H. H. Chapman C. B. Gould Seniors Juniors F. H. Pearson F. W. Foster Robert Perry HOLLIS Frey Edward Machovec L. Westenhaver Walter Ritter A. K. Sanderson H. B. Whitney E. B. Cole E. C. Sternaman M. B. Skinner m a 11 a m m a a a a a a JSS. ][i]IOId@ 382 DBIIJLIOaC Scarab Founded at the University of Illinois 1909 Active Chapters 4 Alumni Chapters 2 ii 111 ® [i [i 1] S tsl [H S, EI SIMMONS DOWNS GROVER UNGER VALENTINE MUESSEL BARNES BICKLE LAUDER PETERSON INGWERS THORNTON CARR WUERTENBAECHEU RANSFORD DYER CRESS SMITH CARTER GARVEY KAHLTHOFF TEMPLE KARNAK MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY James McLaren White, B.S. Newton Alonzo Wells, M.P. Ralph Rodney Root, M.L.A. Nathaniel Cortlandt Curtiss, Ph.D., B.S. Robert Taylor Jones, B.S. Owen J. Southwell, A.B. Fred N. Evans, B.S. Donald Allison, A.B. Cyrus Palmer, B.S. Arnold G. Scheele, A.B., A.M. iSl II a {■ III ® ® III a n L. L. Smith A. H. Ingwers I. L. Peterson R. B. Harris E. J. Garvey H. H. Barnes J. J. Bickel F. H. Lauder H. E. Wuertenbaecher G. E. Beck MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Juniors E. E. Cress R. A. MUESSEL G. W. Unger F. C. Kahlthoff K. W. Carr M. E. Thornton W. M. Carter E. L. Simmons M. D. Downs M. R. Ransford H. R. Dyer [ ]lt 19@ S3S 22J- JSi 3-L ZIBI-LLIOBC TIE 3sr " IS Sigma ' Founded at the University of Michigan 1882 Active Chapters 32 ETA CHAPTER Established 1892 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY a n B a Si s H 11 W. E. QuiNE, M.D., LL.D. O. A. King, M.D. H. Byford, A.M., M.D. D. A. K. Steele, M.D., LL.D. P. H. Holmes, M.D. C. S. Williamson, B.S., M.D. T. A. Davis, M.D. W. M. Harsha, M.D. F. D. Moore, M.D. E. S. Moore, Ph.B., M.D. W. H. BURMEISTER, M.S., M.D. F. G. Dyas, M.D. T. B. Magath, Ph.B., M.S., Ph.D. C. A. Wood, A.M., M.D. J. C. Beck, M.D. .J. E. Weatherston, C.E., M.D. H. McGuigan, B.S., Ph.D., M.D. F. E. Seneor, B.S., M.D. W. C. Hammond, M.D. J. W. BiRK, M. D. E. W. Ryerson, B.S., M.D. C. S. Smith, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. H. E. Curl, A.B., M.D. 0. E. Nadeau, B.S., M.D. E. J. Barnett, M.D. John W. MacArthur, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Guy Leon Wagoner, B.S. Raymond Henry Mercy, B.S. Arthur Henry Orcutt, A.B., B.S. Thomas Burton N. Murphy, B.S. Charles Edwin Irvin, A.B., B.S. Ill III H SI m Cliff Oakley Armstrong, B.S. Joe Oliver Peterson, B.S. Oswell E. Morin, B.S. Earl W Rea E. Ashley Edgar T. Blair Woodruff T. Crawford Harold F. DaCosta Carl J. Kaiser George E. Clarke Andrew S. Arnquist Paul J. Bronson Howard O. Dennis Ralph A. Kordenat Harold B. Loughery Joseph E. Mitchell Jrmiors Everett C. Kelly, B.S. Leonard C. Whitmire, B.S. Louis P. Gross, B.S. Williamson, B.S. Sophomores Raymond A. MacDermott Carson K. Gabriel Gerald Gernon Marshall D. Hayes Paul S. Carley Clayton S. Smith, Ph.D. John W. MacArthur, Ph.D. Thomas Byrd Magath, Ph.D. Freshmen , Rudolph J. Mroz Arnold C. Nickels George H. Patterson Frank Stewart, A.B. Theodore Ross Van Pelt B JOE ihbioi h: 3!Rr 334 DHIIvLIOa " f lu Sigma TSlu " ZElfi is m [H 11 a H n H M, » f t » » ? , Hii ' t f ■«!» ' » V KORDENAT MITCHELL WORTHINGTON LOUGHERY NICKELS KAISER CLARKE ASHLEY ARMSTRONG CARLEY WILLIAMSON BRONSON MROZ STEWART HAY ' ES MACATH BLAIR DA COSTA OERNON DENNIS VAN PELT SMITH PATTERSON GABRIEL ARNQI ' IST PETERSON MAC DERMOTT MERCEY MURPHY WAGONER IRWIN ORCUTT KELLY MORIX WHITMIRE GROSS JSS SIOId@ THE 2SU- 336 EC JST ]®IIJLIOHC ' hi 0 Sigma Founded at the University of Chicago 1892 Active Chapters 28 Alumni Chapters 6 BETA CHAPTER Established 189Jt MEMBEES IN THE FACULTY LJ il U H il a s H Adolph Gehrmann, M.D. Frederick Tice, M.D. Daniel N. Eisendrath, A.M. Channing W. Barrett, M.D. Albert E. Halstead, M. D. Nelson W. Percy, M.D. M. L. GOODKIND, M.D. George F. Thompson, B.S., M.D. John A. Cavanaugh, M.D. Frank Chauvet, M.D. Frederick H. Falls, A.B., M.D. Harry Culver, B.S., M.D. Robert E. Flannery, M.D. Charles M. Jacobs, M.D. G. W. Post, B.S., A.M., M.D. Joseph M. Patton, M.D. L. L. Brovfn F. E. Carpenter G. a. Bairnson W. J. Connell N. K. Forester H. J. Hanson E. V. Donovan C. L. Mulfinger F. A. Rettig E. N. D ' Alcorn J. S. Coleman D. F. Rudnick MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Juniors G. L. Weaver Sophomores J. LaRocca Freshmen J. H. Jewell C. N. Colbert G. W. Schelm P. M. Hardinger H. E. Oliver H. M. Tharp E. P. Vaughn H. F. Heller H. B. Jewell P. E. Peterson R. E. Pinkerton J. F. Gainer H. Keegan 111 [■I in IS M HI [IJ HI IS [■I 1 ISIOI B SS6 2=r uSL 9l [ — ' s s SI BILJLIOB C T t- IT - hi %ho Sigma ? I 5 I I 111 51 HI HELLER HARDINGER FORESTER LA ROCCA H. JEWELL RETTIG MULFINGER HANSON THARP BAIRNSOX DONOVAN OLIVER WEAVER SCHELM BROWN CARPENTER COLBERT VAUGHN RUDNICK PINKERTON J. JEWELL PETERSON COLEMAN CONNELL D ' ALCORN BL 3B . BIOX BC 3® S87 m. SIULIOBC oAlpha Kappa Kappa Founded at Dartmouth College 1888 Active Chapters 44 ETA CHAPTER Established 1899 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY a B M SI m H in m H Charles Davidson, M.D. Edward L. Heintz, Ph.G., M.D. Henry E. Irish, M.D. NoRVAL Pierce, M.D. J. Hayes Hess, M.D. Lyndon Harris, M.D. Lewis S. Hoffman, M.D. J. Elliot Royer, M.D. Richard C. Steffan, M.D. Raymond W. McNealy, M.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Edward F. Sladek, B.S. George Koptik, B.S. Paul R. Huber, Ph.C. James E. Fetherston, A.B., B.S. Chester H. Perkins, B.S. Harold E. Hocum Juniors Duane W. Propst, A.B., B.S. William T. Rogers, B.S. Arnold P. Gruenhagen Walter R. Fisher George Elvidge Marshall Davison Thomas T. Rackliffe Lewis T. Baxter James W. Parker Paul White Rush Adolph Kraft Grover B. Sprafka F. Leland Chenoweth Sophomores Franklin L. Rubright Charles E. Merrill Lambertus Warmoltz, A.B. Everett R. Lamberstone Ernest J. Brosius, D.D.S. William Edson Wright Arthur R. Bogue Freshmen George F. Keetter Leonard F. Weber B. Arthur Smith Donald Merrill LSI II 11 11 ® ® H HI DSIOI Bi: 3sr 388 M nr DBIlLIjIOB cAlpha Kappa Kappa DeI s [■ [i SI if -. t ' I I - " W.L . 2X!IJ, ■ i . ' .-jF £r7r;:-i • — - " - ■ " ' isr- ' H m d ® ® » fr MIX CHENOWETH KOETTER SMITH SPRAFKA Rl ' SH WEBBER KR, FT .MERRIL BROSIUS C. MERRIL LAMBEKTSON WARMOLTZ BOCIJE PARKER WRIGHT RfBRIGHT BAXTER RACKLIFT FISHER GRUEXHAGEN IIAVIDSON ROGERS EI.VIDGE PERKINS HUBER FETHERSTON IRISH C. DAVIDSON SLADICK HOCUM KOPTIK JBE sm. DBIOI BC aar elta Sigma Delta Founded at the University of Michigan 1832 Active Chapters 27 . Alumni Chapters 27 RHO CHAPTER Established 1901 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY B s a B s E E E 111 H Donald M. Gallie, D.D.S. G. Walter Dittmar, D.D.S. Frederick B. Noyes, B.S., D.D.S. Louis Schultz, D.D.S., M.D. Louis E. Bake, D.D.S. Solomon P. Starr, D.D.S. Frank J. Bernard, D.D.S. John C. McGuire, D.D.S. William Ira Williams, D.D.S. Edward J. Krejoi, D.D.S. Roscoe W. Upp, D.D.S. Burne O. Sippy, A.B., D.D.S. MiLZOR W. Deist, D.D.S. George L. Weir, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Ashley T. Thomas Oscar B. Yeatman J. W. Stubbs Robert E. Wilder Myron J. Senty Chester P. Bellman Charles B. Freeman William E. Turner Jesse S. Owen W. D. Olson Francis L. Gorman Robert K. Ort Donald M. McGugin W. Vance Middleton Chester J. Geduldig Carlos A. Upp Lowell J. Carter Charles W. Forslund John L. Lace Bradford R. Brown Charles S. Clark R. Winlock Dunn Seniors Austin T. Breyer Frederick W. Carroll Orville C. Briggs Chester D. Dursema Rowland H. Campbell Charles L. Smith Paul Snoeberger Burr R. Crockett George Reed MacClellan Fellows Clyde Brown Oscar L. Achinelly Juniors Harold D. Swain Freshmen Waldemar Jensen T. Lee Doyle Stanley O. Brooks Albert E. Halbmaier Joseph J. Kane Francis L. Condren Leslie 0. Spillane Marion Bellows Phil M. McNear R. Uhlman Grief Raymond E. Worley Lewis A. Dyer J SI n m n n 3 ij m m n n JBE :®ioi«®i: T5E S 340 IIIXIOBC ' Delta Sigma Delta L S B ® [H 11 H SMITH lie GUGIN CARTER LACE KANE HALBMAIER OLSON CARROLL DOYLE SNOEBERGER CAMPBELL CROCKETT DURSEMA UPP CONDRON BROOKS SPILLANE C. BROWN REED SENTY BRIGCS OWEN GORMAN THOMAS FORSLUND MIDDLETON ORT GEDULDIG FREEMAN TURNER BREYER BELLAN BELLOWS FELLOWS WILDER B. BROWN 111 [mI U s m a ® a n d n DBIOI HE 341 j; 5iL I BILLIOM TU ar " Phi Beta Pi Founded at the University of Pittsburg 1891 Active Chapters 34 IOTA CHAPTER Established 1902 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY [5] §1 III 1 ii ® III E IS George Peter Dreyer, A.B., Ph.D. Charles Sumner Bacon, Ph.D., M.D. Lee Harrison Metler, A.M., M.D. Charles Edward Humiston, M.D. Otto Herman Rhorlock, Ph.G., M.D. Edward Franklin Leonard, M.D. H. J. Smejkal, M.D. M. L. Blatt, M.D. C. G. S. Rydin, M.D. Walter Henry Theobald, B.S., M.D. George William Woodnick, M.D. Frank Lee Stone, M.D. Harry Henry Strauch, B.S. Franklin S. Wilson, M.D. C. George Appelle, M.D., A.B., B.S. William H. Browne, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY [ll n R. E. Anderson, B.S. W. P. Dana, B.S. R. E. Dyer, B.S. J. L. Eraser, B.S. W. B. Granger, B.S. S. C. Kehl, B.S. G. A. Allen H. W. Champlain G. M. Cline L. F. Draper R. H. Freark Edwin Gramer G. B. Irvine G. B. Kryder John Lutter Seniors B. Q. Dysart, B.S. Juniors Sophomores C. L. White L. F. Waldman, B.S. W. A. Malcolm, B.S. R. R. MUSTELL, B.S. H. P. Saunders, B.S. E. J. Schmidt, B.S. P. L. SCHROEDER, B.S. H. J. McCoy M. H. Miller W. J. Noonan h. b. norviel Milton Ochs A. J. Ruppenthal H. J. Schmidt W. B. Stronberg F. R. Thompson C. A. Bacon W. H. Browne Jr. Homer Crawford G. I. Dawson, A.B. W. Heine Kamp Freshmen Harold Plice J. K. MOUER R. L. Schroeder H. Testin W. Ventries JBE 581. ]®IOI«OHC 342 3ssr JS ?SL nr BILL! OS Be Pi rTv n lCMVAir«R. " X- Tzr i @ u 111 ® SI ® HI ill HI III 4» « XORVIEI. KKYDER R. SCHROEDER MILLER H. SCHMIDT FREARK BACON BUPPENTHAL DRAPER TESTIX CLINE CRAWFORD IRVINE NOONAN DAWSON GRANGER E. SCHMIDT ANDERSON DYS VRT WALDMAN P. SCHROEDER SAUNDERS KEHL JSc 381. m DBIOI BC Ti= 348 SET iiULiost: M si Omega Founded at the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery 1892 Active Chapters 38 Alumni Chapters 26 I I ® B S H B H B ' ■ t h $$»A f tH t SKATER NIELSEN MARSILY RICE SHALEK ENISSON BRINKMAN PREHN BUSCH HUSEBY BERENS SAVAGE KORSBREK ALLGEIER CAMPBELL DIPPEL ARNESON PBETLOW ROCKEY SANNES GREENWOOD WEBB ROBBINS A. BETA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1905 , 111 IS SI SI IM M 1 1 m SI M J. H. Allgeier O. KORSBREK E. H. Savage G. A. Campbell K. P. Shalek R. T. Pretlow O. M. Skaten E. J. HUSEBY C. G. EOCKEY MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors V. J. Berens Juniors G. R. Marsily Freshmen A. R. Dippel J. B. Arneson E. O. Erickson C. J. ROBBINS F. C. Dippel T. Rice E. W. Webb E. F. Bush R. G. Greenwood ]aioi®Hc 344 rsL h EC HHIUJLOB Kappa Psi Founded at Yule University 1879 Active Chapters 44 Alumni Chapters 20 CROSSK WOOD KAREL RALinVIX BENGSTON STEWART WINDMUELLER WHERLEY HOUSE SHINDLER FORMHALS FRASE WARD PARKHURST HABERLE FLORIAN CHI CHAPTER Established 1910 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY William Baker Day Edmond Morris Gathercoal Clyde Mason Snow Ben Lee Eicher Albert Henry Clark MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Edgar Baldwin Frederic Hengston Tony Florian Wallace Formhals Erwin Haberle Leslie House Louis Karel Carl Erase Arthur Grosse Ralph Parkhurst Harold Shindler Russell Stewart Burt Ward Homer Wherley Ralph Windmueller George Wood ]BIX I HC 2Hr ® in ® a S4E. r-ir JK sal. 3BILLIOBC III Hi s ® 1 1 Xi Psi Phi Founded at the University of Michigan 1889 Active Chapters 27 Alumni Chapters 11 STERNBERG PLEVO KETTERHAGEN DAXX O ' CONNOR MASTERS STARRETT COLLINS 5I0TL0NG CLASSEN MOORE SPAFFORD BELL m SI n la a III ® ;i i F. H. Starrett G. R. Collins L. W. Masters F. A. Dann E. A. Spafford SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1917 MEMBER IN THE FACULTY Doctor E. D. Coolidge MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors A. J. Ketterhagen Juniors J. F. O ' Connor Freshman Edwin Classen S. C. Bell C. J. Moore C. E. Motlong R. C. Sternberg J. E. Plevo JBE 3®IOI«HC 5-r 346 H ' ! 3 L«j ' m ' It ' TEE lUXIOHJ jar Ijii Qrary Tratcrnitj iiiiiiiiiiii i.£. TKfDeRSON Pftes. ' ' ° ' ««4yfe .ctl«5 ' flCffVCS. 1918 W«A»bi(M« ' »«S »» . t «. M!JgadK)gft. eto JBE s LMi 11 a n a s ® IS a :sioi«HC S47 ! §ILl.IOB C 111 SI SI M. M m ® II BATTERY F IS NOW ON THE AMERICAN FRONT IN FRANCE, PART OF ILLINOIS ' CONTRIBUTION TOWARD FREEDOM JBE 3BU DBIOI Hi: 348 ■i BiijLioac an-Hellenic Council Established 1911 111 {i [i {■ IS Delta Tau Delta Paul Schnellbacher Kenneth Edgerly Sigma Chi Herbert Bartholomew William L. Thompson Kappa Sigma Harry Shlaudeman Joseph Cormack Phi Kappa Sigm,a Edward Machovec Robert Lorentz Phi Delta Theta Nelson Thomas Alpha Tau Omega Russell White Victor Snyder Phi Gamma Delta Frank Herdman Homer Ferguson Sigma Alpha Epsilon Wilbur Armstrong Greene Fitzhugh Beta Theta Pi Irwin Brigham John Crabtree Sigtna Nu Frank Hager Phi Kappa Psi Harry Helm Clifford Howe Delta Upsilon Elmer Rundquist Walter Remley Acacia Leslie Wedge William Kieiger Theta Delta Chi Ronald Foulke Harry Haake Sig na Pi McKinley Gardner Porter Jones Alplia Sigma Phi Donald Chapman Foster Lalor Zeta Psi Kenneth Carr Victor Knight Phi Sigma Kappa John Dietz Donald Gellert Psi Upsilon Walter Hayne Harry Zimmermann Alpha Delta Phi Harold Whitney Harold Pahr Tau Kappa Epsilon Joseph Fry Paul Doss Phi Kappa Warren Furey Clarence Bonnen Chi Phi Clarence Snell Frank Hurley Lli ® SI SI M H H a n Chi Psi Richard Mallory Theodore Cox DSIOI BL 2-r 849 JSic JBILLIOa T)eltd Tau Delta Founded at Bethany College 1859 Active Chapters 60 Alumni Chapters 37 lEJ Is] B a (Ml ® a H a ® BETA UPSILON CHAPTER Established 1872 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Kendric Charles Babcock, Ph.D. Ira Osborne Baker, D.Eng. George Foss Schwartz, Mus. B. Martin John Prucha, Ph.D. Frank Smith, A.M. Eugene Davenport, LL.D. Edgar Jerome Townsend, Ph.D. Phineas Lawrence Windsor, Ph.D. Frank Footit, A.B. Harry Torsey Baker, A.M. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY J ..: Lil fi Seniors George Albert Campbell Richard Muessel Juniors Jacob Paul Schnellbacher William Frank Percival Robert Keith Hoskins Kenneth Hopkins Edgerley Otto Leo Rohsenberger Sophoinores George Hoyle Wright Myron Lester Rees Lewis Bernard Pagin Armer Clark Johnson John Bennett Brant Charles Bayard Johnson Wellington Whitaker Scott John Shedd Prescott C. William Harold Dunbar Elliott Eugene Foster Freshmen Henry Brackman DuPlan Ralph Mordue Charles Jesse Davis Hazen Henry Johnston Norman Hoyt King George Mellin Siemens, Jr. Walter Clarence Kohn Wilfred Emil Hall Vincent Clarence Fischer James Todd Morse II f 350 li BIJLUOBC T)elta Tau Delta an Jli [mI IB m n m 19 -3B MORDUE SIEMENS FOSTER SCOTT KING HALL PAVIS MORSE FISCHER B. JOHNSON KOHN BRANT A. JOHNSON DUNBAR H. JOHNSON CAREY REE3 ROHSENBERCEB WRIGHT CAMPBELL PRESCOTT DU PLAN HOSKINS SCHNELLBACHER MUESSEL PERCIVAL B iW ][5]ioi4»@i: 3sr 8E1 IIIXIOBC n I ! I Sigma Chi Founded at Miami University 1855 Active Chapters 71 Alumni Chapters 58 ® s a a |¥ [■ KAPPA KAPPA CHAPTER Established 1881 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Charles Russ Richards, M.E. ' David Hobart Carnahan, Ph.D. James Byrne Shaw, D.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Senior Tom Leeming Juniors Herbert Bartholomew William Lewis Thompson Howard Caldwell Washburn Alfred Kayser Charles Bachman Moore Robert Lee Schuessler Wilbur Maxwell Carter Sophomores Charles Krome Boeschenstein Leendert Van Ryn Van Alkemade Jack Lowitz John Paul Jones Roland Poehlman James Leeming Freshmen George Ellsworth Milner Harold Bartholomew Mason Leeming Walther Schweizer Owen Conner Rouse Chester Wilson Cleveland Harold Griffith Baker William Irvin Boston Philip Melangton Chester Baird Warren Roberts Hough Leon Kenneth Lindahl Randolph Barnard J. Sol McDavid RussEL Young HI a SI li m 1 m II Garland Ward nsioi E 352 iL. ® SI E , SI S H a iti! i 1 UL gmcz Chi M. LEEMING BARNARD EDWARDS SCHWEIZER ANDREWS HOUGH J. I.EEMING MC DAVID MILNER LINDAHL BAIRD ROUSE WARD H. L. BARTHOLOMEW WALLACE POEHLMAN YOUNG JONES IIELANCTON VAN RYN BOESCHENSIEIN BAKER POSTON LOWITZ CLE ' ELAND WASHBURN THOMPSON MOORE T. LEEMING H. BARTHOLOMEW CARTER KAYSER SCHUESSLER BLINN -ii: Jbc SVL 11 ® m s [M s: a s s n DlElIOI B S68 -ET IILXXOSC Kappa Sigma Founded at the University of Virginia 1867 Active Chapters 83 Alumni Chapters 30 ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1891 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY 11 [El 11 SI a HI m George A. Huff Ernest W. Bailey, M.S. Herbert E. Eastblack, Ph.D. A. Herbert F. Moore, M. S. Charles E. Bradbury, Ph.D. Floyd W. Mohlman, Ph.D. E. Brandt, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Kenneth G. Cooling J. Clarence Cormack Ivan Louis Fisher Benjamin Willis Calvin Juniors Clarence Leo Doerr Harry Ricker Shlaudeman Clifford Burt Gould Harry Henderson Chapman 111 [sl S m [H [H SI ■ S! ■I Ernest Louis Malapert Charles Hugh Whitelaw Sidney Warren Nichols Roger Mills Dawson Walter Sack Mueller John Ewart Newlin Sophomores Barclay Evans Ernest James Skelly George S. Seawright William J. Carthaus Myrven Frank Gift Albert C. Buehler Freshmen Herman Leonard Buehler Donald Reid Barcley Albert Louis Lanpher Denzil Maurice Hollingsworth Edmund Valient Young Maurice Kenton Mosiman Leonard Grills Hyde Irwin Charles Schumacker Tilman Benton Cantrell George Baillie Springston Owen Paul McDermott Mark Victor Chiesa Russell Bird Deeds Clayton Meves Zinzer Paul Cecil Baujan Curtis Patterson Kendall Harry Brooks Kendall ja5 ][5]IOI9SC SB4 Jjmc 3-L glLHOBC THJE 3jsr Kappa Sigma r- Hwtl-tsuf [m s SI [a IS SI fAA, f I f f f I I f f f. SCHUMACKER C. KENDALL YOUNG HYDE KENDALL MC DERMOTT LAMPHER BAUJAN A. C. BUEHLEB MOSIMAN H. C. BLT3HLER CHIESA DEEDS CANTUELL HOLLINGSWORTH ZINZER BARCLAY SPRINGSTON NEWLIN DAWSON WHITELAW CARTHAUS SKELLY SEAWRIGHT GIFT NICHOLS MUELLER EVANS DOERR CHAPMAN GOULD COOLING CORMACK MALAPERT FISHER SHLAUDEMAN CALVIN JBC £] DSIOI HC 365 DBIIvLIOBC ' hi Kdppd Sigma Founded at the University of Pennsylvania 1850 Active Chapters 29 Alumni Chapters 14 RHO CHAPTER Established 1892 111 III U il El H s EI MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Arthur Robert Crathorne, Ph.D. John Williams Davis, M.E., M.S. Chris Simeon Rhode, B.S. Arthur Cutts Willard, B.S. Paul Nissley Landis, A.M. Edgar Jules Schoen, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors LeRoy John Westenhaver Arthur Aloysius Dailey Alden Harwood Sulger Newman Romero Edward Paul Machovec Hawley Lester Smith 111 [m1 g s n n ® 1 1 Juniors Harlan Aretus Williamson Ralph Preston Benedict Robert Armington Ide Junior Liguori Frank Herbert Menzel Dickman Robert William Lorentz William Clyde Harvey Harold Fleming Cope William Layton Waterman Sophomores Dudley Liguori Frank Glenwood Haigh Kershaw John Keeny McDowell Frederick Gottlieb Maurer Vernon Densmore Peirce Howard Harbin Rath Edgar Lee Doyle James Bright McCorkle Freshmen Richard Edward Morton Thomas Morgan Beaumont James Bryant Mason Walter Joseph Addems HIX I«HC 856 3sr DHIULIOHI hi Kappa Sigma 1 ® Ml [mI n 9 in n ■ ' ■] [1 .«■ PEIRCE DOYLE BEAUMONT JIORTON ADDEMS MC COBKLE RATH MASON WATERMAN KERSHAW MAURER COPE MC DOWELL D. FRANK HARVEY GREIST IDE WILLIAMSON DICKMAN BENEDICT J. FRANK LORENTZ SMITH DAILEY ROMERO LANDIS RHODE WESTENHAVER MACHOVEC SULGEB JBE eioi Bc 357 oa HILLIOHC 351- hi Delta Thetd Founded at Miami University 18 8 Active Chapters 79 Alumni Chapters 111 ILLINOIS ETA CHAPTER Established 1893 n [■] m s H u MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY EVARTS BOUTELL GREENE, Ph.D. Neil Conwell Brooks, Ph.D. Joel Stebbins, Ph.D. William Abbott Oldfather, Ph.D. Warren Albert Ruth, A.M. Herbert Knight Dennis, A.M. JusTA Morris Lindgren, A.M. Frank Waldbridge DeWolf, B.S. Harrison Edward Cunningham, B.S. Guy Montrose Whipple, Ph.D. George Phillip Tuttle, Jr., B.S. John Rogers Musselman, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors ■1 S SI 11 a ® s SI SI Rea Lincoln Eaton Charles Dudley Wagstaff Harry Rowland Rathbun Nelson Reno Thomas Juniors HiLDiNG Franklin Nelson Fred W. Cravens Philip Lawrence Gilmore Sophomores John Arthur Burke Gordon Butler Bilderback John Caldwell Ralston Roy Ogle Reed Angus Donald MacLean Cletus James Boodel Freshmen Burleigh Beaumont Seymour Robert Lewis Harrison Myron Epler Mills John Lambertson Scroggs Carleton Gibson Howe JSE 3BI. ]S]IOI @ 358 aar Jml oSL IBII.HOlB " IH£ ar " Phi Delta Theta lEl [■ SI fil GILMORE BILDERBACK SCROGCS HOWE JIAC LEAN RALSTON HARRISON MILLS BOODEL REED NELSON RATHBUN CRAVENS EATON WAGSTAFF THOMAS BURKE 3B1. DSIOXdt! TfiE 3E9 JCi IIULIOHC 111 oAlphd Tau Omega Founded at Virginia Military Institute 1865 Active Chapters 68 ILLINOIS GAMMA ZETA CHAPTER Established 1895 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY David McFarland, Ph.D. Harry Franklin Harrington, M.A. Henry Lewis Rietz, Ph.D. Franklin William Scott, Ph.D. B. Smith Hopkins, Ph.D. Percy Ash, B.S., C.E. Paul William Allen, M. S. Nathan Austin Weston, Ph.D. Soloman Cady Hollister, B.S. Thomas Arkle Clark, B.L. J. J. DiDcocT, M.A. Ernest Reece, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Roy Sittig Kroschell [mI S SI HI III ® [■ HI IS Juniors Francis Marion Wright Carlos Elmndorph Lyon Hugh Ware Cross Andrew Hoyle Charles Russell Sherman White Elwyn LeRoy Simmons Glen William Frede Daniel Victor Snyder William Edgar McElroy Harry Cecil Clark Sophomores Harold Vesey Snyder Bertram Verb Nutt Roger Dickinson Carver Donald Ellis Richardson Stewart Derry Daniels Dewey Arthur Erickson Bruce Ward Johnson Reuben Godfrey Carlson Howard Haydon Cook Darius Charles Franche Freshmen George Henry Eberspacher John Bruce Butler Wesley Kern Wettergren William Barber Theodore Emil Frommann Robert McFall Cantrel William Lincoln Noele JBS aioi E SBl. THE 360 H IC 3«L. BILLIOBC oAlphd Tau Omega J % t I f f I JOHNSTON RICHARDSON FROMMANN CANTRELL EVERSPACHER CARLSON BUTLER WETTERCREN DANIELS NOELLE ERICCSON BARBER H.SNYDER KOCH FRANCHE CLARK NUTT MCELROY WRIGHT CHARLES SIMMONS LYONS WHITE KROESCHELL CROSS V. SNYDER FREDE [!]ii i9S[: S61 3sr H m m a n s ■I a ® n L JBILUOBC Active Chapters 60 hi g, amma " Deb a Founded at Jefferson College 18i8 Alumni Chapters 32 III [i m a E E m CHI IOTA CHAPTER Established 1897 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY David Kinley, Ph.D., LL.D. Stephen Forbes, Ph.D., LL.D. James White, B.S. John Detlefson, D.Sc. Will Walter Mounts, B. S. George Goodenough, M.E. Elmer Holbrook, E.M. John I. Ere, F.A.G.O. Arthur H. Daniels, Ph.D. Harry John Klotz, M.E. F. C. Crawshaw MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate F. H. FiSK Seniors 111 III IM M. M H. W. Gibson Jr. A. C. Beomm R. C. Haas W. H. Ferguson F. C. Larimer D. L. Rider C. E. Lovejoy C. H. Schoemake W. A. Lemanager C. H. Sheller J. F. Bohrer Juniors F. V. Herdman Sophomores J. H. Powell Freshmen J. I. Cravens A. D. Halliwell P. D. Hess N. B. Williams B. E. Davidson F. W. Meyer J. D. Gibson L. P. McKay L. Funk R. T hompson JBE 3BI. DSIOJ Ii d 362 HiL raiULIOBC hi (jdmma elta g (i 11 1 dl [i] THE PHI fiAMMA DELTA HOUSE IS BEING SHARED BY THE ZETA PSI FRATERXITY FOR THE DURATION OF THE WAR. Hi IS ® M m a IS MEYER RIDER DAVIDSON WILLIAMS LARIMER SHELLER THOMPSON FUNK BOHRER L. MC KAY CAVINS SHOEMAKE LEMAXGER E. MC KAY FERGUSON BROMM GIBSON HAAS HALLIWELL HERDMAN LOVEJOY LLUhL IBIOI HC aar 868 aiLLiOHi: Sigma Alpha Spsilon Founded at the University of Alabama 1856 Active Chapters 84 Alumni Chapters 40 ILLINOIS BETA CHAPTER Established 1899 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Oscar Leutweiler, M.E. Edward Harris Decker, A.B., LL.D. Walter Coffey, M.S. Harry Beattie, M.A. Charles McConn, A.M. Edward Arthur Reece, A.M. Frederick Noble Evans, A.B., M.L.A. Eric Allen Dawson, M.A. Merton Ford Banks, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Juniors Harry Wuertenbaecher, Jr. Edgar Sayles Raymond Baxter D. Arthur Frederick Edward Kerns E. M. Stewart N. D. Campbell H. H. Bentley E. A. Kramer F. 0. HiNE Sophomores R. Micenheimer Freshmen M. H. Raggio G. S. FiTZHUGH W. p. Armstrong L. E. Shallberg C. W. Reeder, Jr. C. W. Carter, Jr. Charles Kerns G. F. Watson DEIOI HC THE 3sr 364 DBILLIOB TiE a»r Sigma Alpha Spsilon [i [i Ml e1 i] m [1 [■] E [i1 H»iMrr [ll II n m ■ H! 13 SAYLES CARTER CAMPBELL KERNS HINE WATSOX MICENHEIMER KRAMER SHALLBERG BAXTER RAGGIO FITZ IIL ' GH STEWART ARMSTRONG BENTLEY WUERTENBAECHER REEDER FREDERICK E. KERNS jas DBIOI HC THE 365 f laiLuoac Active Chapters 79 " Beta Thetd Pi Founded at Miami University 1839 SIGMA RHO CHAPTER Established 1902 Alumni Chapters 103 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Mervin James Curl, A.M. Earle Horace Warner, A.M. Arthur Ray Warnock, A. B. Joel Andrew Sperry, Ph.D. William Shirley Bayley, Ph.D. Robert Graham, D.V.M. Thomas E. Savage, Ph.D. George McPhail Smith, Ph.D. Kenneth Mackenzie, Ph.D. James Manley Phelps, A.M. Cullen Warner Parmelee, B.S. Elliot Blackwelder, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Erwin Risely Brigham John B. Williams Ivan Roy McCallister John B. Crabtree Philip A. Niebergall Frederick Houlton Lauder Juniors Robert Parker Gardner David Alexander Taggart James D. Havens Alfred Dallas Harvey John Montgomery Crebs Miles C. Grizzelle George M. Kleder Edward C. Hays George W. Katterjohn Philip S. Lord Philip G. Simons Herbert N. Ewing Howard W. Harman Alvin L. Lang Sophomores Freshmen Wentworth C. Jacquin Chester J. Kreidler Reynold R. Kraft Maurice E. Thornton Philip N. Gould Henry H. Goss W. Ray Cameron Austin Fox John M. Niehaus Arthur Nelson Brabrook Harold R. Berlin Harry Redfern Robert Strehlow G. Hudson Mugge Frederick L. Ticknor Sheldon K. Turner Hawley Wilson Edwin A. Dyson Arthur S. Clifton m SI H m Si ssn. DSIOI IslE -ISE 866 SSL ]®IIJLIO®C 1S£ " Beta Theta Pi C J rtwtA , DYSON WILSON KLEDEB HAYS EWING HARMON SIMONS REDFERN CLIFTON GOSS KATTERJOHN HAVENS NIEHAUS HARVEY TICKNOK LORD MUGCE STREHLOW TURNER CREBS FOX CAMERON GOULD LANG GRIZZELLE BERLIN GARDINER BRABUOOK TAGGART CRABTREE MC CALLISTER WILLIAMS BBIGHAM KRAFT KREIDLER JACQUIN LAUDER THORNTON NIEBERGALL JBC I SHl. laioi Hc 867 aiULIOH Sigma lS[u Founded at Virginia Military Institute 1869 Active Chapters 76 Alumni Chapters 42 [i 11 El ® E m m GAMMA MU CHAPTER Established 1902 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY George Pickles, Jr., B.C.E. Lemuel Dillenbach, M.A. Fred Russell, Ph.D. Walter Gatward, M.S., E.E. J. Earll Miller, Ph.D. John Stevenson, A.M. Gordon Wetkins, Ph.D. H. O. SlEGMUND, B. S. W. Irving Brockson, M.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors ll s 11 [■I ® [■I III Harlan Harbicht Charles Spangler Ea rl Baker Leonard Murray Earl Stover Avery Harlan Glenn Misener Malcolm Watson Charles Russell Juniors Sophomores Franklin Hager Germer Petesch Harold Turner RussEL LaBier Walter Gast Scott Wilkinson Rodney Spangler Ross Baumunk W. Bradford Russell Freshmen Paul Weilepp Ralph Illsley Douglas Stockham JSS 3SI. SlOIdS aar 368 Jmi S L Sigma ]S[u B H S S j¥ ¥ — [h1 H in ® IS in [si 1] m! rrrrrrt STOCKHAM BABCOCK CAST BAUMUNK ILLSLEY WILKINSON WEILEPP LA BIER TURNER C. RUSSELL MISENER B. RUSSELL B. SPANGLEK WATSON HARLAN STOVER BAKER HARBICHT C. SPANCLER MURRAY HACER PETES DIEIOI E SSL 2-r 860 JSE 35L HULLioac hi Kappa Psi Founded at Washington and Jefferson College 1852 Active Chapters 47 Alumni Chapters 43 lEi [i] d Ii [S IMJ [11 ILLINOIS DELTA CHAPTER Established 1904. MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Hon. Edmund J. James, A.M., PhD., LL.D. Madison Bentley, Ph.D. Austin Harding, B.S. James Green, M.S. Albert Owens, B.S. Frank Lincoln Stevens, M.S., Ph.D. LocKWOOD Towne, Ph.D., B.S. Lester Ver Nooy, A.B. Robert Eugene Andrews Arthur Frantz Sweeney Francis Miller Clifford Howe Maurice Evans Willard Ilett William Lockwood Arthur Higgins C. W. Hawley Donald Bell Charles Liggitt Donald Miller Edward Hanson James McKamy Paul Van Doren MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Philip Corper Charles Randall Bear Harry Helm Lloyde Hunter Milton Norman C. H. Schimpff William Earle McEldowney Burton Ingwersen Francis Ronalds Mervin Phelps Newell Ford Ivan Goble Kenneth Hanson Carleton Drake Al Robinson 11 111 SI SI SI M St SI SI SI fa] SIC DBI 3ai_ HZ 3SW 370 u JSi aSL BII.HOB hi Kappa Psi i si i! m (mI fil HELM HANSON FORI) EVANS LIGGITT DRAKE BELL 3!C KAMY VAX DOREN GOBLE MILLER ROBINSON LOCKWOOD NOBMAN HICCINS RONALDS MC ELDOWNEY HAWLEY HUNTER EVANS HOWE INGWERSEN SWEENEY MILLER CORPER ANDREWS BEAR 111 SI SI [1 SI fit IMI [11 JXC sau DBIOI H 371 ■i 3-L IILLIOB Delta Kappa Epsilon Founded at Yale University ISUi. Active Chapters 43 Alumni Chapters 36 B a a ® HI DELTA PI CHAPTER Established 190i MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Maurice Henry Robinson, Ph.D. Charles Ellis, A.B. Morgan Brooks, M. E. Alfred Joseph Gunderson, B.S. Daniel Otis Barto, B.S. Henry Winthrop Ballantine, LL.B. Myron Arthur Meyers, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY John Eugene Davis Henry Noble Cooper Jr. Elliott Alfred Pritchard Jr. Wayne Thompson Wharton Arthur Edward McElfresh Joseph Sutton Mohr Seniors George Edward Salladin Jr. Marshall Campbell Juniors Leslie Spencer Southcomb Albert Brophy Moore Dalton Barnato Doncaster Irwin Soiihomores John Arthur Ingwersen Freshmen Edmond Lyman Childs Ralph Emerson Fletcher Erdman Wilfred King Charles Verbeck Quakenbush Arnold Cheney Schoop Joseph Charles Wilson Jk. Harry Mac Dunlap Robert Harry Fletcher Philip Gregory King Herbert Dyson Rycroft Stuyvesant Chatterir Smith Arthur William Young J m H 11 SI H m ■I a a a DSIOI t 3BI. 3au- 872 a ®[ B a a a a a B JaiLJLIOHC Delta Kappa Epsilon i n 1 1 ■ i ■ p. KING SMITH WILSON DUNLAP YOUNG R. FLETCHER E. KING CHILDS H. FLETCHER SCHOOP IRWIN INGWEBSEN MOHR RYCROFT QUACKENBUSH MOORE SOUTHCOMB COOPER CAMPBELL DAVIS SALLADIN PRITCHARD MC ELFRESH DSIOI I EBLT M 878 naiixiOBc Delta Upsilon Founded at Williams College 183U Active Chapters 44 Alumni Chapters 61 11 [i] [■ [■1 IS il ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established 1905 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Newton Alonzo Wells, M.P. William Trelease, D.Sc, LL.D. Edward Carey Hayes, Ph.D. Herbert Creek, Ph.D. Gilbert Cady, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Edward Bean Hayes Gerald Edson Murray Elmer Theodore Rundquist Sidney Briggs Trelease Harold Craigmile Vial Nathaniel Smith Vial 111 s II in m a III Howell Hart Barnes Walter Brown Remley Jimiors Richard Henry Moeller Raymond Washburn Fred Gottlieb Weber Franklin Hendry Allen Charles Vincent Arnold John Howard Paine Sophomores Fred Ward Alwood Kenneth Solomon Lewis Kenneth Leon Wilson Harold Allan Diehl Peter Henry Hienz Elmer William Marx Horatio Allingham Porter Freshmen Kenneth Cecil Furr George Harrington Kilpatrick Theodore Howard Merriam John Armand Stienmetz sioi ac aaur aiJLLIQB t }m i.- . jar " Delta Upsilon ALWOOD PAINE HEINZ WILSON WASHBURN ALLEN ARNOLD MERRIAM MUELLER LEWIS DIEHL REMLEY KILPATRICK PORTER FURR MARX STIENMETZ WEBER H. VIAL RUNDQUIST TRELEASE N. VIAL MURRAY HAYES BARNES IHII 11 ® Si jaa [5]IOI 9SC 876 " ' cAcacia Founded at the University of Michigan 190U Active Chapters 24 Alumni Chapters 5 ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established 1906 111 in III [■] [il [f [i I ■1 MEMBERS IN Charles Frederick Hottes, Ph.D. Ralph Kent Hursh, B.S. Leonard Vaughn James, M.S., E.E. Alonzo Plumstead Kratz, M.S. LeRoy Wilson, M.M.E. Harry Gilbert Paul, Ph.D. Ralph Jones THE FACULTY Nathan Clifford Ricker, D.Arch. Ralph Rodney Root, M.L.A. John McBeath Snodgrass, B.S. Ray Iris Shawl, B.S. Truman George Yunker, A.M. Francis Marion Porter, M.S. Joseph Albert Morrow Henry Berks Isaac Cutter HONORARY MEMBERS Delmer Darrah William McKinley MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ' Graduates Walter Elmer Ekblaw Arthur William Larsen Seniors Howard Greene Abbott Beryl Black w. h. h. buschmann DuANE Campbell Colmey Willis Harry Doerscher Ralph Gale Oliver Wendell Holmes Harold Harrison Morris Robert George Olson Irving Leonard Peterson Glenn Collins Smith George Walter Unger Leslie Wedge Harry Halme Love Leonard Ayers Hammond Emil Cline Bennett Lester Cloyd Cannon Harold Hoover Holtzman Kenneth Mills Coggan Wilfred August Diesel Oliver Howard Hayes Juniors Sophomores William Enoch Krieger Louis Morgan Mongreig Glenn Kennedy Wetzell Robert Roy LaFollette Harry Allen Reynolds William Henry Tucker Ralph Sydney Kilpatrick Freshmen ill 111 SI H 01 13 SI ■I @ 111 RoscoE Johnson Todd Thomas Jay Douglas jac SS1_ 376 I ' t Gc iTiL ;®ll.l.lO® oAcdcia t t till I A I BUSCHMANN REYNOLBS COGGAN CANNON MONGRIEG BENNETT GALE UNGER PETERSON TODD KRIEGER OLSON MORRIS HOLTZMAN WEDGE SMITH BLACK ECKBLAW ROMINGER HOLMES DOERSCHER HAYES LARSON WETZEL TUCKER KILPATRICK LOVE ABBOTT COLMEY LA FOLLETTE HAMMOND DIESEL DOUGLAS uc Ji DSIOI-OI TME 877 m HIIXIOHI Theta Delta Chi Founded at Union College 18i7 Active Chapters 28 Alumni Chapters 26 lMJ KAPPA DEUTERON CHARGE Established 1908 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Edward Bartow A. C. Callen MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate William Abner Moore George David Snyder Gerald Eugene Beck Merle Emmet Noble Seniors Joel Waring Greene Juniors Walter J. Risley Sophomores George Arthur Anderson Ralph Sanford Tilden Edgar Wayne Huntley Ralph Edwin Risley Donovan V. Mann William S. Giles Paul Johnson Gilbert Temple Freshmen Ronald Edward Foulke Harry George Haake Howard A. Yost George Raymond Peterman Philip Spring Westcott Frederick Tourtelot Harold Schluter Ernest Henderson Morris Musselman Charles Carnahan Rudolph F. Kurz u a 111 SI SI 19 il SI SI !1 jM C—r — 3SL DS :s]ioi«®c 378 DHIULIOHI Theta Delta Chi Lj s s ® a E H HI H SI St 111 ® Hi 11 IS n MUSSELMAN CARNAHAN ANDERSOX MANN TEMPLE HENDERSON KURZ JOHNSON R. RISLEY TOURTELOT TILDEN WESTCOTT SCHLUTER HUNTLEY PKTERirAN W. RISLEY BECK SNYDER FOULKE GREENE NOBLE HAAKE YOST llE JSC M dhioi he: T2E 879 ti Jac JBILLIOBC Sigma i Founded at Vincennes University 1898 Active Chapters 11 Alumni Chapters 3 PHI CHAPTER Established 1908 s E il ' V i m 1 — I MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Abner Richard Knight, M. E. Arthur Harper, M.E. Nelson William Hepburn, M.S. Cyrus Edmund Palmer, M.S. Harrison August Ruehe, M.S. HONORARY MEMBERS Albert James Beatty MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY NE VELL Wiedemann; McKinley Gardner Seniors Owen Chauncey Beatty Ernest Stouffer Louis Henry Schreiber Ml IS 51 H a s Isl a n n Juniors John Ralph Spencer Vernon Arthur Wenke Trevor Leslie Jones Cloide Claude Shade Everett LeRoy Clover Raymond Edward Imlay Dwight Martin Emrich Sophomores Dudley Leonard Marsteller Stephen Peter Vidal Ruben Stockenberg Ralph Everett Hedgcock LeRoy Merrill Foss William Henry Bartlett Lawrence Jay Lindsay Leslie Clayton Thompson Wallace Winthrop Brown Robert Harmon Harms Freshmen Edgar Jackson Rennoe Asa William Peter Jones jse BIOI HC -tmc. 380 Jmc lEJ !m] m E E HI n DHIULIOaC Sigma i I ill --■■- 1 ;r 110 ■ - LF ;jF BARTLETT HARMS BROWN LINDSAY STOCKENBERC VIDAL THOMPSON FOSS SHADE IMLAY EMRICH MARSTELLER SPENCER WENKE CLOVER BEATTY SCHREIBER BARDNER 8T0UFFER WIEDEMANN HEDCCOCK 3=L 381 s SI a [si ® n U a u m i ® a a in m E U a laiJLIJLOBC oAlphd Sigma Phi Founded at Yale University 18 5 Active Chapters 19 Alumni Chapters 9 ETA CHAPTER Established 1908 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Edward Chauncey Baldwin, Ph.D. Frederick Haynes Newell, B.S. John Driscoll Fitz-Gerald II, Ph.D. Tell W. Nicolet, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate Alfred Werner Meyer Donald V. Chapman Theodore Frison Seniors Harold Speer Reid Conrad E. Sandvold John George Yerxngton iMi m [■ HI Albert G. Black Victor Paul Dory Myron Day Downs George Harold Anderson G. Stanton Brazeau John Arthur Friedland Samuel Irving Heikes Ernest A. Koptik William Manford Michael Juniors Sophoinores Foster Mitchell Lalor Howard Robert Ryan John T. Thomas Lee Paul Rayburn Edwin A. Olson Harold E. Saylor Richard T. Seidel Stanley R. Swenson Harry William Werner Harold Caldwell Yeager James Walter Clarke Thomas F. Hay Freshmen La Verne Rapp Lyman N. Maddux Earl G. Mason 3®IOX«®C S82 JSZ BIIvLIOHC S oAlpha Sigma Phi i -I !r-i! I ' ■ m IS n a III m HI !: .1. Ji i O M 1 1 1 K KKBKM a 1 f 1 ? t f t 1 1 i Hi BSK i]C CHAPMAN UAl ' P OLSOX FRIKDHNIl HAV JIICIIAKL HKIKES SEIDEL MASON BRAZEAU MADDUX SWENSON SAYLOR DOWNS RYAN BLACK ICOPTIK YEACER ANDERSON WERNER RAYBUKN YERINCTON PRISON REI D SANDVOLD THOMAS DORY CLARKE 3EIOI ©H 383 BILLIOBC Zeta Psi Founded at New York University 18 6 Active Chapters 24 ® a H H a E E ® ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1909 MEMBER IN THE FACULTY Francis Kees Wynkoop Drury, A.M., B.L.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Kenneth Wright Carr Walter Theobald Ritter Seniors William Benton Hostetler Marion Collier Troster Ml [1 III E pi HI m! Juniors Arthur Leighton Barton Carl Frederick Grunewald Scott Corwith Greene Galen Victor Knight Philip Page Young Charles Shelby Carter Frederick William Kaempfer Chalmer Cline Taylor Sophomores Freshmen Walter Barry Rex Eugene Saffer Clarence Henry DeLong EwiNG Leavitte Kirk Frederick Dewey Wrobke Hugh Garrett Hobart JoYN William Stephens Ellsworth Johnson Westcott HI 5S1. ]SIOI @C 3sr 384 jiiiLLio ac Zeta Psi ® a a H THK PHI r.AMMA DELTA HOUSE IS BEING SHARED BY THE ZETA PSI FRATEKXITY FOR THE DURATION OF THE WAR. KIRK CARTER WROBKE KAEMPFER DE LONG TAYLOR GBUNEWALD WESTCOTT GREENE STEPHENS SAFFER HOBART BARRY KNIGHT BARTON CARK TROSTER HOSTETLER RITTER YOUNG JBC sat. a m s ® @ n DEIOI HC 3H 385 :aii.LiOB •A ' lli: Phi Sigma Kappa Founded at Massachusetts Agricultural College 1873 41 Active Chapters 30 Alumni Chapters 14 isl il li! El 11 a HI ALPHA DEUTERON CHAPTER Established 1910 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Justus Watson Folsom, Sc.D. Robert Calvin Whitford, M.A. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors John W. Dietz Louis Jacob Selzer Ralph Oliver Metzler Donald Nichol Gellert Walter Ernest Kraeckmann Juniors Ernest McEvers Walden Wood Hancock Sanfoed Curtis Miller Clayton Archibald McNaughton Charles Lucas Wilder Donald Greer Sophomores George Humphrey Baum Verl Fred VanMeter Hugo Palmer Gotti Dayton Schroeder RoLFE Miller Hays John David Kingery Leonard Ambroz Trenchard Freshmen Chester Arthur Boone John Hanson Gellert Earl Frederick Schoening John Mitchell Clyne Lorn Mathias Gossett Richard Eugene Kent Ralph Gibson Crammond Gordon Abraham Holdermann saru ][£]I| I @ 386 ® JSS DHIULIOa Phi Sigma Kappa - Pn-;. LEi m Si l i I I MC NAUGHTON BOONE MILLER TBENCHABD CLYNE 8CH0ENING CBAMMOND HOLDEBMANN HAYES J. GELLERT COSSET KENT SCHRADER KINGERY BAUM VAN METER GOTTI WILDER MCEVERS HANCOCK KKAECKMANN DIETZ SELZER METZLER D. GELLERT [Hi m m s ® Dsioi ac 387 ]®iLLioac TH£ sar ®] Psi Upsilon Founded at Union College 1833 Active Chapters 25 Alumni Cliapters 1 lEJ 13 H B il H [3 OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1910 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY J. H. Checkley, B.S. F. H. Rankin, B.S. H. F. GoNNERMAN, B.S., M.S. C. M. Robinson, A.B., A.M. Frederick Green, A.B., A.M., LL.D. C. M. Moss, A. B., A.M., Ph.D. -J. N. PoMEROY, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. MEMBERS TN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Walter Elliot Hayne Earl William Anderson Juniors Ralph Armond Carlsen Alfred Hammond Morton Albert Marvin Pike Harold James Orr James Beresford Edwards Stephen Askew Wilson Harold Recinus Pinckard John Clarence Depler Fred William Meyers Jr. Paul Gunthorp Warren Clement Arter Nance Harry Gustav Zimmermann Conrad Morton Bardwell Sophomores Freshmen George Washington Koch Henry David Mosier Robert Simpson Emery John Oliver Guthrie Clyde Manning Lacey Palmer George Craig Ralph Waldamaer Gothard Rodney Starkweather Mason John Tredwell Jr. il. s H S a a H [1 ][£]Ii Id[! nas 388 «]C t : laiLJLIOSC m Psi Upsilon ® c ' 1 Mfj ji nuir Vk lU ttf i im ft " ' mm 1 1- ■ t A ' - CRAIG MEYERS FEHRMAN DEPLER NANCE PIKE WARREN EDWARDS EMERY MASON LACEY GUTHRIE WILSON ORR PIXCKARD GOTHARD MOSIER CARLSEN MORTON HAYNE ANDERSON ZIMMERMANN BARDWELL KOCH ® a »IG J5E 3SL. ]®IOI ®C " THE u IS 889 _|JB[= 3=L ' - r I : aiULio® jar cAlpha Delta Phi Founded at Hamilton College 1832 Active Chapters 25 ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established 1912 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Herbert Jewett Barton, A.M. Roy Newton Fargo, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Senior Harold Lucian Parr Juniors JuLiEN Hampton Collins Harold Bruce Whitney Wilfred David Shav Sophomores Raymond Simms Firebaugh Charles Winfield Vail Raymond Earl Allen Bert Kenneth Murphy John Harvey Zimmerman Seward Henry Baldwin Clarence Edward Kohler Freshmen Robert Evans Tutwiler Henry Fairchild Doty Everett William Smith KiNNETH CHAUNCEY HORRALL Robert Holcomb Davis Woodford Dulaney Burnett William Annfield Seitz Preston Whitfield Grounds JK5 SBL i]ioi9[5]i: ■ 1 ■ HI « H 5 1 ■ i 390 w J=c IHIIJLIOH -1££ £sr a cAlpha Delta Phi 111 [m1 [■] [■] [e1 S B 1 " 1 mI HI III m HI ■ ■ dl HI [■I HORRALL SMITH BURNETT SIETZ KOHLER DAVIS ZIMMERMAN BALDWIN ALLEN TUTVVILEK DOTY MURPHY PARR WHITNEY VAIL COLLINS SHAW FIRBBAUGK JS€ »n. nsioi sc -!■ = 891 HIjLLIOHC IHT Tan Kappa Spsilon Founded at Illinois Wesleyan University 1899 Active Chapters 10 Alumni Chapters 3 GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1912 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY DwAiN Taylor Englis, Ph.D. Ward Hanson Sachs, A.M. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate Roy Le Fevre Davis Seniors Paul Ruytter Berryman George Stanley Halas Walter Frederick Straub Frank Wayne Valentine Chares Francis Krupak Juniors Paul Christian Doss Joseph Richard Frey Frank Allyn Gordon Earle Whitney Eldridge Parker William Bennett Sophomores Paul Burley Edward Adolph Bierdmann George Stanley Webb Lewis Morgan Sands Charles Noble Rockwell Alfred Ames Wild Jr. Howard Richardson Monroe RussEL Cal Keller Arba Loren Sagendorph David Krause Malcolmson Harry Edward Johnson Arthur Ernest Baldwin George Ellsworth Underhill William James Hart John Nelson Freshmen Norman Hugh Jones Hamilton Tew Plimpton Emerson Edward Raymond [ElIOI4»@E Hi H IS ta ® ® ■I la s «] I ii HC JSS HjnyLiOHi Tan Kappa Spsilon c3 HVM Isl II m ® n HI 13 -.Inf ' » ' t " r» ' rrrri» KELLER IIONROE SACENDORPH RAYMOND NELSON JONES WILD PLIMPTON HART BENNETT WEBB SANDS BURLEY ROCKWELL MALCOLMSON BIEDERMANN JOHNSON BALDWIN UNDERBILL ELDRIDGE KRIIPAR DAVIS HALAS STRAUB BERRYMAN VALENTINE DOSS CORDON FREY JBE IjbI. 898 IBILHOBC ' J hi Kappa Founded at Brown University 1889 B li] S E M i H (iI ta Active Chapters 5 Alumni Chapters 1 BETA CHAPTER Established 1912 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Edward G. Brya AlOYSIUS J. SOMERS Warren W. Furey J. Charles Manley Edmund J. Smith George C. Sullivan Francis E. Byra James T. Finney Bernard A. Lyman Joseph A. Kerrins Joseph F. Hollerich Juniors Peter J. Boesen Sophomores Freshmen Charles J. Lause Edward B. McLee Edward J. Garvey Bernard A. Hagen Clarence A. Bonnen W. Lester McGinnis Edward J. Walsh Frank M. Beien Lloyd J. Quaid Paul P. Somers George T. Hale J. Thomas Gunning ill iMl m ® m ® H HI s (1 SBl. [llIOId@ TC n® 394 -Die -tmi- ii ' " n so: ' PA iCczp cz [i] [a [i u m ® III ' ■ ' ? ; ! }} ■« LYMAN WALSH KERRINS QUAID LAUSE GUNNING HOLLERICH P. SOMEKS BEIEN SMITH MC CINNIS SULLIVAN ROACH F. BRYA FINNEY BOESEN HAGAN A. SOMERS MC LEE E. BRYA CARVEY FUREY BONNEN MANLEY ja nsioi Hi: Ll a 395 3@IXLIOB[ Dfe Chi Phi Founded at Princeton University 182Jt { Active Chapters 22 Alumni Chapters 13 r -i SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1912 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Elmer Theodore Janssen Robert Phineas Sheaff Clarence Eastlake Snell Victor Hubert Grossberg Arthur Wessels Howson Juniors Frank John Hurley Jr. Edward Tillson Howell Victor Cullin Ernest Lee Lynn Walter Rae Meyer Edward Robert Kilbride Robert Elliott Fulton Jr. Sophomores Thomas Eugene Kennedy Harry Chamberlain Haselton Philip Ward Raup a s a II m. m a ® H n rr Freshmen Alva Jackson Pelham Harold Frank Sadler Clarence Salmon Wright Lloyde William Colder Jr. Harold Leesmann Grotefeld Adolph Carl Ketzler Thomas McDonald Kenneth Wood yard Clark Standlee Irving Twitchell William Franklin Crill Glenn LeFevre Hoover DwiGHT Davis Earl John Friedmeyer Homer Reese Davison Arthur Peter Westlund JiS iSl. ]Bioi«ac 396 X or IBU . 3M a PAz H 111 n E KETZLEK PELHAM DAVISON TWITCHELL FULTON HASELTON FRIEDMEYER MEYER BAUP WESTLUND DAVIS HOWELL WRIGHT HOOVER CRILL GROTEFELD SADLER CLARK GOLDER MC DONALD KENNEDY CULUN HURLEY HOWSON SNELL JANSSEN GROSSBERG SHEAFF KILBRIDE lMJ s SI ® n I I 3SI. DBIOI HC im 397 m 1® 3iL iimOBc Chi " si Founded at Union College ISJfl Active Alphas 18 Alumni Alphas 20 ALPHA ZETA DELTA Established 1912 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Glenwood Charles Tanton Robert Ashman Perry Francis Bolton Mallory Robert Curtis Preble Wayne Rosleyn Bennett Robert Chapman Simms Seniors Juniors Richard Henderson Mallory Robert Alfred Bryant Theodore Fletcher Cox Irving Newell Bauer Sophomores William Frederick Pfuderer Luther Melancthon Bernhisel Gordon Clague Graham Robert Marion Green Joseph Sturgis Auner Henry Gordon Hullfish Freshmen John Francis Tanton Walter Chew Evans John Irving Vaughn Walter Blount H rs m. ® Isl ® m d n 1 398 JB? : bii.liob i: Chi " Psi HULLFISH BLOUNT AUNEB VAUGHN EVANS J. TANTON GREEN BERNETT BERNHISEL PREBLE PFUDERER GRAHAM SIJIMS BAUER F. MALLORY PERRY R. MALLORY G. TANTOX BRYANT COX JBC 3SL. BIOI BE a SCO 3Bl. DHILULOB Zetd etd Tau Founded at the College of the City of New York 1898 ® ® E a n Active Chapters 24 Alumni Chapters 4 I RHO CHAPTER Established 1912 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Senior Bertram Feuer A. M. Bremer Samuel Perlman Walter Bregman Morris Myers Harold Salzenstein EzEKiEL Epstein Max Goldberg P. E. Golde Simeon Heilbron L. R. Lewis Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Isidore Cohen Harold Schloss Albert Drucker John Rosen Arthur Tucker Julian Luster ISADOR Perlman L. C. Salzenstein Perry Segal S. A. Westerfeld ' t ■I 4 n a H a SI Hamilton Loeb jas iix i 9S[: 400 ■t . ®[ aSL ] BILLIOB C THi e i " eta Tau ® a ® ® Ci.Hi ' HEILBKON PEAKLJIAN EPSTEIN ' LOEB LEWIS SEGAL LUSTER SALZEXSTEIN GOLDBERG WESTERFELD JtYERS ROSEN TUCKER COLDE L. SALZENSTEIN DRUCKER.. SCHLOSS BREMER FEUER COHEN PERLMAN BREGJIAN II H HI m m m a n JB5 ]SIOI HC 401 laiJLLIOSC Lambda Chi oAlpha Founded at Boston University 1909 Active Zetas 39 Alumni Zetas 26 [i] a s a a a E CHI ZETA Established 1915 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY George Denton Beal, D.Sc. Philip Sheridan Biegler, M.S., M.E. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Albert Theodore Bumann Julian Gilbert Middleton George Madill Cullinane H4R0LD Hayes Sortwell Laurence Righter Taylor in a m m m a a ® a a a Louis Leonard Charpier Harry George Podlesak David Mirvin Shroyer Juniors Arthur Gustav Froehly Melvin Benjamin Skinner Herbert Edwin Stuart Walter Riley Baker Donald Maynard Losee Neil McLean Leitch William Alfred Mann Jr. Sophomores Edwin Charles Brede Laurence Duncan Lloy de Earl Joseph Sauer Charles Cameron Tapscott John Howard Custer Hugh Fry Allspaugh Walter Ray Foudray Leo Robert Kiley Forrest Luther Murrill Freshmen Walter Ewart Beebe Harold Emery Jordan George Frank Krupka Harry Morris VanDoren JBS 3BI. ][£iioi9@n 402 Jat J iglLLIOB C Lambda Chi oAlpha lEJ @ {■} n HI til 111 SI H II a ® ® rt ' f ' f » LEITCH BEEBE CHABPIEK PODLESAK SAUEB BREDfi VAN DOREN MURRILL KRUPKA JORDAN CUSTER TAPSCOTT LLOYD BAKER ALLSPAUCH FOUDRAY LOSEE MANN STUART SKINNER MIDDLETON TAYLOR BUMAN SORTWELL SHROYER FROEHLY CULLINANE BC DBIOI Bi: assr 408 JSl 35L auLLio®: eta Phi Founded at the University of Chica go 1911 Active Chapters 10 Alumni Chapters 2 u §] ® K TiT; DELTA CHAPTER Established 1915 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Charles Manfred Thompson, Ph.D. Jay Thomas Ford, M.S. Merlin Harold Hunter, Ph.D. Harrison McJohnston, A. M. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors David Edwards Field Albert Lyle Powell Edmund Anthony Martell Robert Bohumil Sladek Benjamin Andrew Stiritz Juniors Fred Adair Collins Silas Carlisle Peterson Fred William Orland Maurice Reuben Ransford William Charles Thompson Walter Earl Jones Howard Harlow Smart Merrill Wesley Whiteside Raymond Dewey Bergren Lloyd Wesley Lehman Frank William Mezek Sophomores Freshmen Karl Louis Reinke George Keen Leaman Archer Wold Harry Lyle Bramwell Frank Leslie McBroom Edward Oliver Sothard u ® IS in s in ® Lawrence Howard Sward 3BL DHIOTOHi: THE sar 404 Beta Phi s ® [E] a a ® m H ill aL 11 II ■I m s [1 SOLITHARD MC BP.OOM BERGREN LEHMAN BBAMWELL SWARD REIN ' KE SMART WOLD COLLINS ORLAND MEZEK r.AXSFORD POWELL SLADEK STIRlrZ MABTELL FIELD PETERSON JmS SSL DSioi si: 2sr 1 [f T e Chi Founded at Norwich University 1856 Active Chapters 21 Alumni Chapters 8 RHO CHAPTER Established 1916 MEMBER IN THE FACULTY John Pieper, M.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Harold B. Tukey Ralph W. Hummeland Thomas H. Brock Robert D. Bell Werner H. Monninger Lawrence H. Allen Jirah D. Cole Jr. Harold Greene J. Gray Lummis Louis R. Berner Juniors Kenneth I. Davis Sophomores Freshmen Charles W. Wall Charles Fairman Earl W. Bailey Homer A. Dunn Clarence B. Keehner Terry W. Edwards Floyed S. Cooley Merwyn Q. Lytle Arthur W. Schmoeller A. Donald Wiles SI 51 s n HI [ll III 11 I i J 1 1 I — 1 1 406 iBiLLioai Theta Chi iwxguae HI III SI 11 11 ® ® H 1! II COLE GREENE SCHMOELLER LUMMIS LYTLE COOLEY EDWARDS WILES WALL ALLEN BROCK MONNINGER BELL KEEHNER BERMER HUMMELAND TUKEY FAIRMAN BAILEY JSE 1]IX I [ 3S . 407 SSL HUULIOHC Active Chapters 15 cAlpha Chi %ho Founded at Trinity College 1895 Alumni Chapters 14 PHI KAPPA CHAPTER Established 1916 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY FRED Wilbur Tanner, Ph.D. Robert Edwin Kennedy MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates Harry Lee Andrews, A.B., M.A. Fred W. Leggitt, B.S. Leonidas Logan Smith Seniors Harold Patterson Owen Frank John Randall Juniors Frank Roundy Clark Wayland Dayton Elwood Bourland Cole Arthur Kingston Sanderson Raymond Lee Ward Robert Lilley Warner Crenelle Rice Robert Johnson Christ Ernest Fairfax Chritton Raymond John Sontag Sophomores Arthur Harold Bodenschatz Franklin Albert Torrence Clifton Eugene Barnes William Stephens Rex Roland Thompson s Phillip Hadley Fox Ira Otho Copes Myron Chester Goddard B. Howard Smith Jr. Erland Frederick Andren Freshmen Wherritt Werden Hegan George Foss Moulton Glenn Hale Printup Ralph Lester McClelland Myron Edwin Capouch Harold John Taylor William Donald Trowbridge iMi HI M H M in III @ Ml JBC 3B1. DSIOI BI 408 HIIXIOEC cAlpha Chi %ho MV III [■] El n If E 11 H SI m ® a n t t f ?f f I t f TROWBRIDGE B. SMITH CHRITTON TAYLOR UEGAN ANDREN PRINTUP MOULTON CHRIST FOX GODDARD CLARK CAPOUCH MC CLELLAND BRANES BICE LILLEY SANTOG THOMPSON STEPHENS WARD DAYTON TORRENCE OWEN L. SMITH RANDALL COLE SANi " RSON BODENSCHATZ COPES JB5 DSIOI Bi: 409 ■-■ aiivHOB i lar I I! BUss hi Kappa Tau Founded at Miami University 1909 Active Chapters 7 Alumni Chapter 1 ■J I ZETA CHAPTER Established 191( MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Newton Edwaed Ensign, B.S. Henry Elmer Hoagland, Ph.D. Newton Edward Vollweiler, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate William Chilton Troutman Helge Christopher Dieserude Howard Dickens Kiner Leland Edward Yeager Victor Max Henry Lyman Clawson McCaskill Edward Adolph Sandler Roy Strubinger Oliver Francis Quigley Sidney Jay Gray Doren Rea Lloyd Herbey Yeager George Jere Hough Earle Lloyde McKelvey George Robert Lacey Oscar Adolph Schoeffler Seniors Juniors Francis Lucian Shonkwiler John Merideth Knappenberger NoRRis Oliver Taylor Bruce Keith Brown Daniel Augustus Blair Henry Wenzlaff William Norman Wrobey Edward Emerson Stafford Sophomores Freshmen Hamilton Reniuard Bailey Richard Massock Allos Rand Sedgley Ralph Julius Herrcke Neil Bruce Chambers Thomas Shueman Humrickhouse Verlin Broaddus Hi ImI HI a ® n I i i 5SL ][£}IOI9SC nsE 410 n JBS IBIULIOBC las hi Kappa Tau ' ill a IE ® SI II iM IM n [si ■ HUMRICKH0U8E CHAMBERS SCHOEFFLER MC KELVY LACEY BAILEY GRAY BROWN BLAIR WENZLAFF HERRCKE QUIGLEY SANDLER HENRY MASSOCK STRUBINGER HOUGH WROBEY STAFFORD SEDGLEY MCCASKILL TBOUTMAN KNAPPENBEUGER DIESERUDE SHONKWILEK E. YEAGER KIXER TAYLOR L. YEAGEB JBC 3B1. :[£]ioi @E 411 JSc DHIULIOHC ssr i Kappa Alpha Founded at the University of Virginia 1868 Active Chapters 45 Alumni Chapters 32 BETA ETA CHAPTER Established 1917 B a m H E s [i] MEMBER IN THE FACULTY William Everett Britton, J.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Conrad Hansen Karkow Roland Earl Winkelmann George Landon Franklin Herman Geiler Waiter Lewis Crutcher Keeler DeWitt Pulcipher Marvin Greer McConnell Juniors William Monroe Hartmann William Ford Mautz Leo Everett Gossett Robert Bell Brown in 11 m m ® m 11 Ralph N. Melin Paul Brown Kelly Sophomores Robert Earl Burgess George William Temple Donald Eckhart Bean Earl Mason Stilley Louis Melvin Nelson Harrington Proctor Freshmen Albert Carroll Frank O ' Donnell Lou Rand Henderson Millard Edward Doran JBZ SSL nsioi is]: Tl= 412 J«E 3SL DHIIXIOBC i Kappa Alpha El S @ El m m m {H SI 11 HI m M a [si a a a n BEAN PROCTOR DORAN STILLEY NELSON CARROLL HENDERSON O ' DONNELL TEMPLE BURGESS KELLY HARTMANN MELIN MAUTZ BROWN GOSSETT GEILER CRUTCHEB LANDON KARKOW WINKLEMANN MC CONNEL PULCIPHEB JSS 3SIOI9S :® 413 III.LIOBC Active Chapters 42 Sigma Phi Epsilon Founded at Richmond College 1901 Alumni Chapters 17 u 111 B m a B E E B ILLINOIS ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1917 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Robert Eugene Cushman, A.B., Ph.D. Alva Leroy Prickett, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors DwiGHT L. Mink Wilbur Town send Woleben Arthur Hubert Gottschalk Robert Lay Morse Roy Taylor Anderson Frank Stanley Carter Robert Arthur Fask Juniors Robert Cessna Lambert Benjamin Penhallow Thomas Edwin Lowery Harry Wentworth Penhallow Sophomores Frank Josef Dick Julian Burdette Beach Alvin Gugeler Mathews Basil Gordon Rutan Field Freshmen Horace William Odendahl Calvin Arthur Burton Charles Henry Bartlett Orville Weaver Ellis Harold Fee Corson Lloyd Asbury Springer Lasche Pearson Donald Byrne Loomis iMl III s n HI HI II [11 SIOI BC assr 414 a JmB Hi s H E n BILLIOBC laE lar Sigma Phi Epsilon V3 afi L ' - " ' j: " iiii 3 i -- w I " 1 f r f ■1 [m 7 S 11 ® FIELD ANDERSON- DICK CARSOX CARTER SPRINGER BARTLETT PEARSON ODEXDAHL LOOMIS BUBTOX H. PEXHALLOW FASH MATHEWS WOLEBEN MINK GOTTSCHALK L. PEXHALLOW CESSNA LOWERY 41E Chi Beta Founded at the University of Illinois 1906 m IMI [i [■ (b] H] B H E E H ALPHA CHAPTER MEMBER IN THE FACULTY Henry Eugene Pengilly MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Arthur La Verne Kline Carl Clegg Arthur Lewis Francis John Leo Klein £i [Ml H SI m m n ■I m m m Juniors George Chester Sprague Russell Stewart Cooke Lawrence Evans Dickson Charles Redden Schuh Albert Charles Becken Jr. William Curtis McCreary Carl Henry Radeke Sophomores Ralph Warren Sawyer Harold Philip Bell John Stanley Probst William Lane Buhrman Roland Haworth Ludwig Irvin Hilton Funk Kenney Ernest Williamson Freshinen Theo Frank Eiszner Andrew Curtis Lovejoy Everett Ross Wills John Keryl McKinney Ji ]sioid@[: 416 4i M JffE ?SL Chi Beta ' ' ' - l!1 [H [■ [ft 111 s 11 SI m ■I E H 11 H EISZNEB I.OVEJOY FUNK MC KINNEY LUDWIG MC CREARY KADEKE BECKEN BELL PROBST SCHUH SAWYER DICKSON FRANCIS KLEIN CLEGG KLINE SPRAGUE COOKE 3SV. JSIOI BC -|9£ 4lf ailJLIOHE Ilus Founded at the University of Illinois 1907 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY III III @ ® in Ward M. Willits Frederick C. Kalthoff Harold R. Dyer Lee M. Mason James K. C. Trumbo William H. Evans Lewis Daly Wallace L. Yockey Raymond E. Gross Morris Hay Henry C. Harmeling Graduate Herald B. Fites Seniors Vivian Tillson Juniors Sophomores Walter F. Ramm Freshmen James M. Gray Merle A. Yockey John J. Bickel Glenn L. England Reginald A. York EVi ART StRAWBRIDGE Merrit D. McDowell Joseph W. Cannon Walter V. Stewart Harry D. Freeman John M. Pon Hi Isl HI 1 H ® II [■I ® il n :[i]ioid@c 418 I ®1 HC 3HII.LIOBI m5 t5: vwwce. f f t t f I » ' t YORK MC DOWELL IIARMELING FREEMAN RAMM W. YOCKEY STEWART HAY BICKEL STRAWBRIDCE DALY EVANS CANNON GROSS TRUMBO ENGLAND MASON DYER KALTHOFF TILLSON WILLITS M. YOCKEY GRAY FIXES DHIOI BC 419 111 ImI m [H »? B =fSL BILLIOBC ssr W Iris Founded at the University of Illinois 1908 It Isl I " . [■ 13 SI SI Hi HI 51 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Henry Baldwin Ward, Ph.D. William Horace Rayner, C.E. Charles Leslie Stewart, Ph.D. Wilbur Jerome Carmichael, M.S. Clovis Ward Lincoln, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Norman Ferdinand Brunkow Lawrence Morse Winters Edwin Stuart Moberley William Henry Schneider Carl Leonard Anderson Juniors Laurence Elias Hill Edward Carl Sternaman Amos Holston Watts Chauncey Brockway Schmeltzer Ralph Linden Smith Charles Griffen Birdsall m m n m m s m Robert Gardner Tolman Dewey Muscott Campbell Alden George Lewis Sophomores Russell Howard Morrison Lowell Earnest Thompson Leslie James Battey John Willard Nay William Weeks Bolt James Forney Partridge , William Wadsworth Watts Julian Nardi Freshmen George Baker Dunscomb Paul Ransome Williams John Oscar Kunz Ralph Gardner Slater Victor Gaige Nardi Daniel Willard Smith JBE 5B1_ ][s]IOI 9@E :h 420 -J -- BILLIOBC Iris [I [i] « f f i r r t I u SLATER nUNSCOMB BOLT W. WATTS WILLIAMS NAY KUNZ PARTRIDGE SMITH CAMPBELL TOLMAN THOMPSON MORRISON BIRIISAL LEWIS STEBNAMANN A. WATTS ANDERSON MOBERLEY BRUNKOW WINTERS SCHNEIDER HILL SCHMELTZEB JB= i] :Bioid@n 421 5B. DHJULIOaC s s s [Si E B S a a e cz Upsilon Founded at the University of Illinois 1910 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Senior Elmer Bennett Vliet Juniors John Roy Browning George F. Locke WiLLARD Floyd Keepers George Wilkinson Moore William Lloyd Keepers Lee M. Patton Leroy Evert Slaght Sophomores Harry Kenneth Allen Clarence Ems Frederick William Becker David Ward Pease Carlton Fred Steigle Freshmen Willis Henry Hitt Clayton Gurney Lichtenwalter ® H II ® 11 ® Lewis Fleming Sturgeon @IOI9E 2Hir 422 ILLIOHC eta Upsilon [■J [■1 dl [il El @ B E E HI H % It % n .• , KK9 t f jjt f ft H f (si IH 1 11 fil 15 ¥ n STURGEON VLIET MOORE CASTLE LOCKE STEIGLE W. KEEPERS EMS HITT PAITON F. KEEPERS BECKER LICHTENWALTEU ALLEN PEASE SLAGHT BROWNING DSIOIQS a 423 JSE 3lL taiULIOBC ■1 oAcanthus Founded at the University of Illinois 1911 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Charles Elmer Durst, M.S. Harry Warren Day, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors William Francis Coolidge HOLLIS O. Frey E. Arlo Norton Lyndon R. Wilson Wendell P. Hiltabrand Earl J. Jones Harold Tecumseh Meek Juniors Arthur W. Drummet M. Clyde Griggs Orus K. Berryman Henry B. Heseman Truman M. Crowell Milton 0. Naramore Jr. Christy A. Propst Sophomores Theodore Pierce Freshmen Clarence D. Griggs Robert W. Lambert T. M. Livingston Everett E. Wagner Hiley L. Ward William Malkmus 11 s IB III H H a s m ][ ]IOI9@C 1 1= aar 424 ■ a=L I BILLIOB C oAcanthus Pr.OrST NARAMORE CROWELL HESEMAN WARD C.GRIGGS WAGNER LAMBERT WILSON PIERCE DRIMMET .M.GRIGGS NORTON FREY JONES HILTABRAND COOLIDGE MEEK DURST DAY I ]BIOI«HC THE 2-r 425 Jmt m. Tfii JirLiOB T " Pi %ho Founded at the University of Illinois 1915 I MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Charles M. Thompson, Ph.D. Aretas W. Nolan, M.S. George H. Dungan, B.S. Frank H. Beach, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate Rudolph H. Gjelsness, A.B. Emet N. Hopson Richard J. Carlson William H. Cobb George P. Goodman Raymond Boudinot Bruce R. Wood Virgil K. Haldeman Chester E. Stahl John H. Dungan Edward F. Ernest Seniors Juniors Keith E. Sparks Sophomores O. D. Donald Pledges Willard B. Newlin Harold B. Johnston Horace W. Mulliken Gerald A. Lofquist Cedric Hale Ernest E. Seymour Henry J. HeIirmann Frank W. Newton Alden Frymire James W. McElvain [ 1 a m ® SI HI s Charles Wattleworth JH2 3an_ DBIOI HC THE sH-r 426 j biluob T " Pt %ho % li [i 1 (i [m il E [1 E E MK WWWu • ifet IT) liB; ' - ' _ .-w fL.= s m m ® n 1 % % % % % i WOOD MC ELVAIN FRYMIRE LOFQUIST WATTLEWORTH HERRMANN GJELSNES3 ERNEST DUNCAN STAHL HALE SPARKS HALDEMAN SEYMOUR ARNOLD NEWLIN GOODMAN COBB MULLIKEN CARLSON BOUDINOT JOHNSTON HOPSON laiOlOB 3sr 427 JST 3iL lUJLIOSC cAssociation of Cosmopolitan Clubs Founded at the University of Wisconsin 1907 Active Chapters 26 ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established 1908 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY isi W. E. SCHULZ, Ph.D. E. C. Baldwin, Ph.D. H. M. Westergaard, Ph.D. P. Bach y Rita, M.S. F. H. Rankin, B.S. E. H. Waldo, M.S. E. B. Paine, M.S. S. A. Walser, B.S. L. B. Ripley, M.S. .J. R. LiNDSEY, B.S. A. R. Seymour, Ph.D. W. C. Coffey, M.S. F. H. Newell, B.S. H. A. Hollister, A.m. H. H. JORDON, B.S. B. E. Powell, Ph.D. H. B. DORNER, M.S. W. Rudolfs, L.E. V. E. Shelford, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY H. Amsterdam H. G. M. Crawford Q. K. Chen A. C. Chakravaarty J. O. Chioco W. Emch d. horwich E. W. Mautner J. T. Chen R. Gaader P. Gherganoff E. K. Hall S. Gulley S. C. Lu T. TONG R. Agramonte M. Banerjee R. Carvalho S. Isobe C. H. Lowe D. V. Martins P. C. DE SOUZA Graduates Seniors Juniors Sophomores C. M. MacCay Freshmen H. A. Shonle E. R. SCHULZ Y. Liu C. C. Lowe. N. E. Sheldon D. R. Mitchell A. F. Meyer H. MONTEIRO RuY Pinheiro F. J. Schulz M. E. MacGillivray R. H. Antozewski H. V. Schlacks S. S. Gandheker A. JUNQUEIRA T. Maung C. M. MacCay J. DE SaMPAIO N. Yamashita T. E. Blair R. Pinheiro J. Minervino 111 III in SI HI M HI H a HI a ][ }ioi9[E}: 428 oAssociation of Cosmopolitan Clubs III {■] [■! m HI m [si [i I! ANTOSZEWSKI CARVALJIO WESTERUAARD HORWICH BANERJEE MAC CAY JUNQUEIRA MONTEIRO RUDOLFS EMCH MINERVINO MAC UILLIVUAY AGRAMONTE JORDON RICE GHERGANOFF MITCHELL SATO CHEN LIU CHIOCO MEYER MARTINS MAUTNER SCHULZ SAMPAIO BLAIR RIPLEY SOUZA AMSTERDAM BACH Y RITA LOWE WONG LONG ISOBE LU RENATO PINHEIRO PINHEIRO CRAWFORD WALSER MAUNG SCHULZ TONC HALL LOWE SHELDON SCHULZ GAARDER OLIVER SEYMOUR Jic DHIOI HC TEE 3=r 429 35L DHIIJLIOEC THE 3sr The Chinese Students ' Club ORGANIZED FOR THE PURPOSE OF CREATING A FELLOWSHIP AMONG CHINESE STUDENTS Founded at the University of Illinois 1907 u ® ® m SI m B ¥ IISUN KING LEE DU LAUPHIT CHEN LIANG CHUNG TONG LEE yU TSIENG LING LIU WONG LONG HO MAH KOO ISU LUI HSIEH HO HSUN WOO FUNG TSANG TSANG CHU CHU CHAN CHANG LIU LEE TSENG Q. K. Chan J. J. HSUN H. L. Chang Y. Liu P. S. Chung Y. Y. Chan T. Lauphit P. F. Lee T. Dong S. Koo C. K. Ho P. H. Lui Y. Y. Chiang W. S. Fung H. L. HsiEH S. F. Lee MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates W. N. Mah Seniors Juniors P. Liang Sophomores W. K. Tsang Freshmen P. S. King C. Du C. L. HsuN T. L. Tsu Y. F. Tseng T. N. Lee N. Y. Liu P. K. Long M. M. Wong T. Tong F. C. Ling T. C. Woo K. H. Lin C. Y. TSANG W. TUAN J. C. Yu m m SI B JS DEIOI HC 430 jL HIIJLIOBI s B a TAe Japanese Association AN ORGANIZATION AMONG JAPANESE STUDENTS TO PROMOTE FELLOWSHIP Established at the University of Illinois 1907 YOSHIKAWA ISOBE KEITOKU ITO MURAMOTO TAKASHIMA YAMASHITA ANDO YAMAMOTO MORITA MATSUD A SAGARA 5IAT0BA YUASA SATO YAMADA NAKANISHI MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates Hachiro Yuasa Sakae Keitoku Saichiro Takashima Ikutaro Ando Hanemon Morita Kenoske Sato YOSHIO Yoshikawa Seichi Isobe KiNICHIRO ITO Seniors Hajime Matoba Sophomores K. Muramoto Freshmen Torata Matsumoto Nobuta Matsunawa TOYOJI Shinomiya S. Nakansihi Narahei Yamashita Yasuzo Yamada Shunto Sagara KOHACHI YAMAMOTO S. Matsuda ® n m 11 SI ® in DSIOI BI 481 JStc. 3iL IHILLJLOH lEl m n SI 11 Fi] WHERE ILLINOIS YOUTH IS BEING PREPARED 3BI. JBlOI Bi: 432 fC I BILLIOB C IV Oman ' s an Hellenic oAssociation Kappa Alpha Theta Gertrude Sawyer Dorothy Warren Alpha Xi Delta Mary Kurt Mildred Knapheide Pi Beta Phi Margaret Hunter Margaret Fitzpatrick Kappa Kappa Gamma Rowena Kohl Lois Evans Alpha Chi Omega Cora Bergen lONE Ballinger Chi Om,ega Edna Mann Helen Ohlander Sigma Kappa Clara Armington Leta Straight Delta Gamma Mary Dixon Eva Howe Alpha Omzcron Pi Velda Bamesberger Beatrice Levy Alpha Delta Pi Virginia Boellner Nellie Balch ■1 SI n SI n a [si in ® GaviTna Phi Beta Elsie Suppes Charlotte Welch 3S1. nsioij sc a 43S ■ ■. II-JILLIOI " !! 5 — !■! 3a —■ Kappa oAlpha Theta Founded at De Paiiw University 1870 Active Chapters 41 Alumni Chapters 3-3 DELTA CHAPTER Established 1895 J MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY i] Mildred Bishop, A.B. Catharine Bard i tl [5] Arete Covey, A.B. [gl Stella Hague, Ph.D. Sabra Vought, A.B., B.L.S. [i Margaret Williams, A.B., B.L.S. g il y Marian Leatherman A.B., B.L.S. Mabel Wright, B.M. rj 3 S MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 1 ai Graduates Ifi q m Beatrice Copley, A.B., M.A. Frances Klank, A.B. ||) i} E Stella Percival, A.B. r [] H Seniors [i l m Helene Doty Berniece McNair rj i[ r— ] Dorothy Doty Gertrude Sawyer r- Marian McConnel Cecilia Ward Evelyn Miles Juniors Marie Cronin Dorothy Warren Josephine Greene Elsa Haase Nellie Flatt Sophomores Margaret Miles Eunice Lyon Winifred Carlson Katherine Eisner Harriett Halladay Martha Humphrey Emily Logan Harriett Fera Dorothy Gibson Charlotte Ward Freshmen Ruth Mann Margaret Babb Jean Egbert Addie Amsbary Susannah Huston Josephine Burt Mary Copley - -1 ll-1lO¥.Qfi|l 1 ■I 484 n JSc DHILLIOHC ISi IHT Kappa oAlpha Theta ' Xfc! ® s e III H 111 ® s III II [1 [1 HI [■I FLATT CnONIN AMSBARY EGBERT MC NAIR GIBSON HUMPHREY SAWYER E. MILES COPLEY HAASE HUSTON BABB EISNER H. DOTY MANN CARLSON GREENE BURT C. WARD LYON HALLADAY FERA RUSSELL LOGAX WARREN C.WARD D. DOTY M. JULES JBES SlOI f! ffU -ia£ 486 -Ul I, , i MU ? Beta Phi Founded at Monmouth College 1867 Active Chapters 52 , Alumni Chapters 52 ILLINOIS ZETA CHAPTER Established 1895 n s ® m s s s iij r-1 MEMBER IN THE FACULTY Agnes Wright, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Anne Siemens AuTHA Fluke Margaret Hunter Elizabeth Wheelhouse Grace Flood Martha Finnegan Luella Jackson Margaret Fitzpatrick Margaret Galbraith Katherin Huff Priscilla Paddock Dorothy Seidel Mary Ball Emily Jordan Virginia McCreery Mildred Johnson Seniors Juniors Lilly Treadwell Sophomores Ruth Duntley Freshmen Sara Moore Angie LaTeer Irene Held Alberta Andrews Francelia Sargent Mary Jane Kneeshaw Gretchen Fran kin Mildred Frommann Florence Graham Catherine Finnegan Florence Mott Charline Sargent Mary McCreery Elizabeth Patterson Hazel Hackman Dorothy Eydeshymer a a n a a a a a a a a V JBc 3HL ][i]IOI-9@E aar 436 Ill Jmc is] E 1 1_J; fil DHixxioac ? Be c P JORDAN PATTERSON- MC CREERY HACKMAN JOHNSON EYCLESHYMER DUNTLEY SARGENT PADDOCK HUFF BALL SFIDEL MOTT FINNECAN FITZPATRICK TREADWELL SIEMENS FRANKIN MOORE FLUKE FROMMANN CALBRAITHE GRAHAM HUNTER HELD WHEELHOUSE ANDREWS FLOOD SARGENT FINNEGAN KNEESHAW LA TEER JACKSON 11 ll 1 d m 1} ■I JBE SSL [ ]IOI9@L 32U- 487 JSi DHUJLIOBC: Kappa Kappa Q amma Founded at Monmouth College 1870 Active Chapters 39 BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER Established 1899 ® lid Jane A. Craig MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Olive D. Hormel Frances Simpson MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates Dorothy Bundy, A.B. Grace Green, A.B. Elizabeth Armstrong Ruth Calderwood Jeanette Fairfield Seniors Adele Masten, A.B. Olga Waller, A.B. Rowena Kohl Helen Ludlow Mildred Wright ■1 ® II SI IS II III ® Lois Evans Leah Eldridge Corinne Field Mildred Hirth Juniors Sophomores Marion Smith Dorothy Shade Pauline Weber Dorothy Zearing Frona Brooks Ann Coolley Margaret Davenport Louise Fairfield Freshmen Elizabeth Holt LiDA Hough Margaret Persons Louise Pritchard Elizabeth Rutherford JHE SSL SI I BE aar 48S m _ 11 H ® II ® m ' HIIJLIO® isr Kappa Kappa Qamma — ' ' " ticMWHMl, fC fi fr • " ▼ ff 0f ( 11 [1 Is [v] 11 Vf V i. ( J I-. KAil:Fn:l.l mitTii I ' KRSONS IIOl-T SHAIIK J. KAlIinhUI WKBKl! ZEARINC DAVENPORT CALDERWOOD COOLLEY LUDLOW ARMSTRONG EVANS ELDRIDCE HASTEN KOHL PRITCHARl) FIELD BUNDY WALLER RUTHERFORD BROOKS SMITH LJl BC JBE 331. laioi sc 439 BILHOB oAlpha Chi Omega Founded at De Pauw University 1885 Active Chapters 23 Alumni Chapters 12 IOTA CHAPTER Established 1899 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Elizabeth Bryan, A.M., B.L.S. Ola Wyeth, A.M., B.L.S. Stella Galpin, A.B., B.L.S. Ruth Morris, A.B. Sarah Augusta Sutherland, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Margaret Peale Evelyn Johns Erna Goldschmidt Elizabeth Leitzbach Cora Berger Elizabeth Byers Maude Marks Mary Ann Cross Florence Quinn Arlene Lumley Helen Watts Grace Woods Constance Risser Josephine Newell Elizabeth Bayley Frances Parker Ellen Fleming Helen Freeman Constance Newell Dorothy Lumley Zella Allenson NoRTHA Price Isabelle Losee Margaret Hedge Isabel Lock wood Ruth Bartholomew Juniors Florence Fuller Sophoinores Freshmen Florence Lindahl Ione Ballinger Beulah Prante Betty Wiley Lucile Wilkey Jeanette Busey Caroline Manspeaker Lela Billing Opal Cannon Anne Goebel Justine Winterhaler Hazel Cummings Adeline Clinkenbeard Aileen Crapo Helen Louis ■ s III m s n a a m a ' 1 IBIOI Hi: = " r DBILHOBC I I |i| i ' oAlpha Chi Omega 111 [si HI H n 1 ■ SI ® [■1 n MARKS LINDAHL QUINN BERCER WINTERIIALER FULLER FREEMAN NEWELL PRICE PARKER CUMMINGS D. LUMLEY LEITZBACH BARTHOLOMEW PRANTE WATTS RISSER A. LUMLEY FLEMING CANNON MANSPEAK CUNKENBEARD ALLENSON PEALE JOHNS CBAPO NEWELL DILUNG BALLINGER LOSEE HEDGE LOCKWOOD GOLDSCHMIDT CROSS GOEBEL WOODS BAYLEY BIOI BC TC 441 ■ liiJll LlOlill i-l 1- ' : r:;=ia ' - 1. i 1 i Chi Omega I i i Founded at the University of Arkansas 1895 i, 1 Active Chapters 34 Alumni Chapters 22 OMICRON CHAPTER ! Established 1900 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY I i @ Clarissa Rinaker, Ph.D. Queen Shepard, Ph.D. ji 1 ® Mildred Moore |i fi [H !i ] n MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY , Ij (1 s [« g HI Gradunte [i i] Hazel Brown i? I Seniors .j- m Kathryn Eaithel May Wamsley [j t Uj Cordelia Reed Ruth Lieber r (] r— t Rachel Talbot Rose Dennis Edith Kelly Emily Downing Marion West Lilian Thomson Helen Vial i ■• Juniors j Edna Mann Bonnie Hardesty Marie Wessels Helen Oblander Marguerite Meyers Wanda Cousins |j Eleanor Muth Margaret Hoffman Sophomores Lilian Baethke Winifred Munger Charlotte Acer Gertrude Burks | Mary Russell Fern Spiker Freshmen Marie Nading Marvel Klyne Clara Dunseth Elizabeth Hoffmann Dorothy Taylor Josephine Hardesty w i 1 ■1 iwioit jr i] 442 Jm JBIULIO® TtE .. 11 ® ) ! I Chi Omega •X r J_E _ -.- rX _ WEST MANN NADING KELLY nOWNING BROWN RUSSELL KLYNK MUNGER TALBOT LIBBER REED MEYERS DENNIS ACER THOMSON MUTH SPIKER VIAL DUN3ETH BURKE M. HOFFMAN WESSELS TAYLOR J. HAKDESTY RAITHEL E. HOFFMAN WAMSI.EY OBLANDER B. HARDESTY . BAETHKE COUSINS Hi III SI gl ® 11 ® s n lac ]SIOI4 @C TK 3T- 448 na [i [■ a s ® E E n - fi lal - I gULLIOB C DE ;r» ' : ' , c )A Xi Delta Founded at Lombard College 1893 Active Chapters 24 Alumni Chapters 15 i ( KAPPA CHAPTER Established 1905 MEMBER IN THE FACULTY Frances Perkins MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Zelomia Ainsworth Lillian Egan Hazel Llewellyn Ethel Gliffe Ida Goodman Gertrude Cornbrooks Esther Kinsey Josephine Blair Eunice Gawthrop Mayme Hoffman Ruth Wikoff Juniors Merle Turner Sophomores Freshmen Irma Meyer Mildred Meyers Fern Shapland Beatrice Lovell Mary Kurt Mildred Knapheide Marie Llewellyn Eugenia Moss Mabel Pettibone Frances Wine ][i]IOI.9[ 111 nwj- (I T 444 : h DHIULIOSI ' 1S£ 3JU- cAlpha Xi Delta f f f f 5 A 9 1 f l!!f 1 If « ( £ ? 9 f ? f H. LLEWELLYN GOODMAN AINSWORTH GLIFFE MOSS M. LLEWELLYN KNAPHEIDE SHAPLAND WIKOFF KINSEY PERKINS KUKT BLAIR CORNBROOKS GAWTHROP MEYER TURNER MEYERS WINE PETTIBONE HOFFMAN EGAN LOVELL SIOI-OB 445 L1II.I.IOBC Sigma Kappa Founded at Colby College 187i Active Chapters 15 Alumni Chapters 13 U S H m m H HI JOSIE HOUCHENS Clara Armington Ruth Phillips Alice Carlson Margaret Pahl Victoria Frederick Leta Straight Mynetta Engelland Pauline Nichols Blanche Chapman Miriam Lapham Tress Gunning THETA CHAPTER Established 1906 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Fannie Brooks MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Gladys Naden Bernice Phillips Juniors Edna Sullivan Sophomores Mary Frazier Freshmen Marjorie Griffith Ruth Van Vleet Elinor Hull Bernice Munce Helen Grimes Lois Wilson Helen Fletemeyer Lois Wine Helen Rice 1 1 a a a n JB5 3BL SIOI B 446 1! ,1 I, ;i Jm i . .i wl— ] BILLIOB i: 2sr Sigma Kappa i ' a] s M S ® lij CHAPMAN Ml XCi; i.Al IIA.U PAUL IlLLl. KICK MCHDl.n WINE ENGELLAND WILSON VAN VLEET GUNNING FLETEMEYER FRAZIER FREDERICK GRIMES GRIFFITH NADEN B. PHILUPS ARMINCTON R.PHILLIPS CARLSON SULLIVAN STRAIGHT 111 111 SI SI d m ® SI SI SI SI SI ]S ]10I B C 447 ailXTOBC Founded at the University of Mississippi 1872 Active Chapters 29 Alumni Chapters 13 IOTA CHAPTER Established 1906 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Elizabeth Brush, A.M. Mrs. Earl Saunders, A.M. Julia Harper, A.B. Clara Ricketts, A.B. Leila White, A.M. Grace B. Sratton, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate Mildred Wright Nita Rollins Marjorie Brand Matilda Ireland Mildred Kessinger Mary Dixon Marie Geiss Eva Howe Mildred Wiedemann Hallie Ireland Helen Wall WiLDA Foster Seniors Florence Roth Juniors Sophomores Helen Spear Helen Buchen Hilda Kohl Galie McDougall Lucille Beedy Verle Steiner Jeanette Harrison Rebecca Showalter Freshmen Catharine Buntin Dorothy Aspern Virginia Sale Esther Barnes In [Ml 1! Si ® ® i ! M Jac DHIOI HC: L 448 -cr siL ]airxio®i ' Delta Qamma D ■ ll ■ [S ■ 11 H SI n DUNSETH ASPERN HARRISON SPEAR MC DOUGALI. ROTH BARNES WRIGHT FOSTER WALL M. IRELAND SALE STEINEK H. IRELAND BUNTIN BEEDY HOWE WIEDEMAN GEISS 8H0WALTER KOHL ROLLINS KESSINGER BRAND BUCHEN DIXON J5E SIOI4 @E THE 2=r 449 J-c !i H B ] m s « 1 BILLIOBC Active Chapters 21 oAlphd Omicron Pi Founded at Barnard College 1897 IOTA CHAPTER Established 1911 MEMBER IN THE FACULTY Gertrude Hooper MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate Gladys Saffel Alumni Chapters 13 Mary Caldwell Ruth Percival Velda Bamesberger Helen Brauns Elsie Noel NiLA Edmundson Bea trice Levy AiLEEN Hunter May Brady Shirley Mann Ora Williams Ellen Kittinger Ruth Terwilliger Seniors Juniors Mary Putman Sophomores Ruth Bernreuter Freshmen Martha Hedgcock Nina Grotevant Dorothy Iwig Ruth Holman Hazel Stephens Marion Kenny Muriel Thompson Edith Davis Ermina Smith Leila Sheppard Eliza Garman Esther Van Doren Ina Holterman EC JBE 330. ][£iioi-9@[: 3 " r H fi;( ' M ac JS gllvHOBC THOMPSON PERCIVAL STEIN HUNTER SHEPPAKD NOEL BKADY KITTINGER WILLIAMS BERNBEUTER MANN HEDGCOCK HOLMAN EDMUNDSON KENNY TEBWILLICER BRAUNS HOLTERMAN BAMESBERGER BUNN DAVIS STEPHENS GROTEVANT SMITH CLADWELL VAN DOREN LEVY CARMEN PUTNAM IWIC ]®ioi«H[: THE 2Sr iMl SI [9 u a 451 JHE IILUQ-BC oAchoth Founded at the University of Nebraska 1910 Active Chapters 10 GIMEL CHAPTER Established 1911 ® ® IS 11 ® s 11 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Fannie Brooks, A.B. Emma Reed Jutton, B.L.S. HONORARY MEMBER Sue Heath MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Ruth Andrews Margaret Finley Cecil Allen Marguerite Cline Margaret Keith Priscilla Affolter Harriet Bower Marianne Earhart Helen Wheeler Grace Hahn Juniors Elsie Rohrbough Sophomores Freshmen Velma Dumas Elisabeth Witbeck Elizabeth Andrews Ruth Daniel Miriam Leedle Vivian Benedict Dorothy Fultz Helene Randall lONE WALKUP 11 SI n li n m m ® n ]BIOI«OHC THE 452 DHILLIOBi a BENEDICT EABHART ALLEN DANIEL CLINE E. ANDREWS FINl.EV WALKUP RANDALL AVITBECK lUI.MAa KEITH FULTZ BOWER HAHN WHEELER ROHRBOUGH R. ANDREWS LEEDLE DSIOI BC TSE 22Sr 463 I glLLIOB j c ) d De c? Pi I Founded at Wesleyan Female College 1851 Active Chapters 27 Alumni Chapters 17 SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1912 MEMBER IN THE FACULTY LiDA Bond MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Marguerite Flock Lillian Barnes Nelle Balch Kathleen Taylor Gladys Joslyn LUCILE Hartman Roberta Doisy Leonore Scott Winifred Hetherington Marie Beck Juniors Mary Bell Sophomores Leah Todd Freshmen Gail Gaunt Elda McKnight Irene Williams Esther Scott Jane Owen Virginia Boellner Mildred Partington Beryl Davis Esther Mourning 111 II II m ® ® SI JBE 3ffL SIOI BE 454 JS 3iL 111 IS ® E IT BILHOB c ?Acz Delta Pi BOELLNER DOISY PARTINGTON TODD BELL L. SCOTT HARTMAN BECK DAVIS MC KNIGHT HETHERINGTON BARNES GAUNT E. SCOTT TAYLOR FLOCK BALCH WILLIAMS JOSLYN OWEN -J5 naioi Hi: aar 466 ® a s s ® ' 3iL HULLIOai 2sr ( amma Phi Beta Founded at Syracuse University 187U Active Chapters 21 Alumni Chapters 13 OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1913 MEMBER IN THE FACULTY Elsie Baechtold MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors LuciLE Peirson Lillian Woerman Alma Gerlach Helen Williams Ruth McElhiney Gertrude Swift La Verne Burgan Lois Scott Jamie Chester Hazel Barackman Charlotte Welch Mildred Welch Florence Young Marian McAnallay Garnet Zimmerman Juniors Sophomores Elsie Suppes Helen James Flora Hottes Martha McCammon Alida Moss Lillian Johnston Jennis Barry Frances Withrow Anna Bancroft AsTRiD Dodge Laura Kahler Edith Heizer Galdys McCaslin Helen McElhiney Elizabeth Blakeslee Mary Cooper Marian Treat Freshmen Margaret McCullough Helen Church ][i]I1 I9[ 5B1. " ; 1 JSc 3HIIJJQBC is- ' :! ; 1 « ,f c ' f £ S f f f t t f ' r f f f 5 f f f r i j ' f SWIFT BARACKMA.N |-.rrii:AX TRKAT BANCROI-T Zl.MlIER.M AX SCOTT GERI.ACH DODGE COOPER KAHI.ER WITHROW C. WELCH BI.AKESLEE MCCASLIN M.WELCH HARRY JAMES MCCAMMON WOERMAN MC ANALLY WILUAMS H. MC ELHINEY AIOSS YOUNG HOTTES CHESTER CHURCH SUPPES MC CULLOUGH JOHNSTON PEIRSON R. MC ELHINEY HEIZER JSS. jBL ® E SI m m a ® 11 a d 467 j; ■L •3«Jf C »i T ?e £Z Founded at the University of Illinois 1917 Active Chapter 1 MEMBEES IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Beulah B. Bentley Helen Walker Fae Duvall goldia butzer Dorothy Bahe Gladys Goodpasture Marion Fitzer Elinor Carmen Anne Hutchins Dorothy Eraser Juniors Madeline Sloan Sophomores Hester Allen Harriet Allen Winifred Wilson Jane Leichsenring Irene Doyle Gladys Everhart Agnes Sloan Irene Ten Eyck Ruth Reeves Dorothy Reeves 11 HI in [3 IS Adelle McClellan Laura Walker Freshmen Ruth Burton Sarah Walker Delia Morse 458 JS ■IILLXOHJ Chi Theta « ? « ? ' ' 1 ? f f f ? f ? t t f ■ SI iMl H m IS iM ® FRASEN LEICHSEURING D. REEVES TEN EYCK DUVALL MC CLELLAND EVERHART BUTZER A. SLOAN BURTON CARMEN EENTLEY BAHE FITZER WILSON HUTCHINS MORSE H. WALKER GOODPASTURE M. SLOAN R. REEVES L. WALKER S. WALKER H. A. ALLEN H. H. ALLEN Ji ][ ]IOI [=lC 459 HijjLioac ' Delta Epsilon Phi Founded at the University of Illinois 1917 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors Winifred Barnes Vina Freitag Mable Osborn Florence Downend Myrtle Bridson Maude Butler Helen Dart Hazel Eraser Carol Gumm Marion Brown Rosalie Moser Juniors Virginia Miller Sophomores Helen Parks Freshmen Amy Weir Pearl Weir Geraldine Daly Vallie Fallon Hazel Linton Bessie Marsh Winifred Montgomery Elva Moore Mary Jane Weir Grace Phillips Lillian Wilson m HI ® a a SIOI E T2E asu- 460 i f ■ f ' f t ' MARSH BITUOR ilOU.NKNIl MILLER FRKITAG HART WEIR I)U VALL MONTGOMERY OSBORNE WEIR FRAZIER MOSIER BUTLER FALLON LINTON MOORE DALEY GUNN HEIDLER WEIR BARNES WILSON BROWN PHILLIPS . PARKS BRlnSOX ISIOI Ii 461 Jmz 5SL lailJLIOBE tfil il iSl III SI SI n Isl a THE WOMAN ' S BUILnXC 3S1. SIOI BC T2E 462 Bi [ in. i 1 1 I JGTt 3SL HIIJLIOHC Ku Klux Klan THE INTER-FRATERNITY JUNIOR SOCIAL ORGANIZATION Founded at the University of Illinois 1906 ZIMMERMAN HURLEY KEMLEY BECK RATHBUN CORMACK CRABTREE COLUNS LALOR COX GREEXE WUERTENBAECHER HOWE HACER METZLER WILUAMSON BARTHOIX)MEW SCHNELLBACHER ACTIVE MEMBERS Delta Tau Delta J. P. SCHNELLBACHER Sigma Chi H. Bartholomew Kappa Sigina. J. C. CORMACK Phi Kappa Sigma H. A. Williamson Phi Delta Theta H. R. Rathbun Alpha Tau Omega E. L. Simmons Phi Delta R. C. Hass Sigm,a Alplui Epsilon H. E. WUERTENBAECHER Beta Theta Pi J. B. Crabtree Sigma. Nu F. S. Hager Phi Kappa Psi C. Howe Delta Kappa Epsilon W. T. Wharton Delta Upsilon W. B. Remley Theta Delta Chi G. E. Beck Alpha Sigma Phi F. M. Lalor Zeta Psi S. C. Green Phi Sigina Kappa R. O. Metzler Psi Upsilon H. G. Zimmerman Alpha Delta Phi J. H. Collins Chi Phi F. J. Hurley ■ m m II 11 ® ® III n 11 Chi Psi T. F. Cox 463 JmE HIULIOHC 1H£ 3sr The Illinois Union OFFICERS :i! a E [■ [¥ IT N. ROMEKO J. W. DiETZ Vice President F. R. Thatcher A. K. SCHIFFLIN Engineering Vice President W. H. Schneider Liberal Arts and Sciences Vice President A. J. SOMERS Agriculture Vice President Junior Council-men B. W. Calvin J. H. Collins V. P. Dory P. C. Doss F. J. Hurley R. O. Metzler N. R. Thomas iMi m m H HI a ® n N. ROMERO J. W. DIETZ JSS DlElIX Id@ TSE aar 464 , I- ' 7-n «l — DailvLlOHC The Illinois Union JS 1 1 i t, Ml SI 111 H 111 H ® H n 466 3BL. DHIULIOBC ® a H s a s a a ® TAe Student Council OFFICERS J. W. Greene President R. H. Mallory Vice President H. B. Gahman Scc? ' etari H. Bartholomew Treasurer Senior Councilmen L. E. Westenhavek F. H. Pearson Junior Councilmen F. A. Gordon L. M. MONGRIEG J. V. GREENE ei , B. II. MALLORY DHi r Hc: f " 466 H JmE aiixiOB The Student Council L B lij ® s H [¥ i n s II 13 m :ii]ioi @L aaur 467 IILJLIOBC Skull and Crescent THE INTER-FRATERNITY SOPHOMORE SOCIAL ORGANIZATION Founded at the University of Wisconsin 1907 Active Chapters 4 HELMET CHAPTER Established 1917 HONORARY MEMBER J. W. FOLSOM MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY a s Isl m E E Delta Tau Delta R. MORDUE H. B. DUPLAN Sigma Chi H. G. Baker J. LOWITZ Kappa Sigma C. H. Whitelaw R. B. Evans Phi Kappa Sigma F. G. Maurer D. L. Frank Phi Delta Theta R. 0. Reed J. A. Burke Alpha Tau Omega H. V. Snyder Phi GaniTna Delta F. C. Larimer C. E. Love JOY Sigmn Alpha Epsilon W. P. Armstrong G. S. Fitzhugh Beta Theta Pi R. P. Gardiner J. M. Crebs Sigma Nu R. E. Spangler C. C. RUSSEL Phi Kappa Psi B. A. Ingwersen W. F. Lockwood Delta Kappa Epsilon J. A. iNGVifERSEN J. S. MOHR Tau Kappa Epsilon P. B. BURLEY E. A. BlEDERMAN Delta Upsilon K. H. Wilson F. H. Allen Theta Delta Chi G. H. Anderson G. R. Peterman Zeta Psi F. D. Wrobke C. C. Taylor Phi Sigma Kappa G. H. Baum Psi Upsilon G. W. Koch J. O. Guthrie Alpha Delta Phi R. S. Firebaugh H. F. Doty Chi Psi R. C. SIMMS W. R. Bennett Alpha Sigma Phi E. A. Olson H. C. Yeager Chi Phi E. L. Lynn T. E. Kennedy Acacia W. A. Diesell W. H. Tucker Phi Kappa E. J. Roach E. J. Smith ■ [Ml 11 SI a HI n III SI SI SI n Sigma Pi E. L. Clover D. M. Emrich sai. ]S]IOIdSL JSc DHILXIOaj TSLE IHT f Skull and Crescent lil @ S { ] S [i] d Sll M f t t I iJJ in a n la 13 IS ® H i4 FITZIIUOII DUPLAN GARDINER FRANK MOHR BIEDERMANN FIREBAUGH DOTY SMITH TUCKER SNYDER ALLEN LOCKWOOD YEAGER HURLEY KENNEDY . MORDUE CREBS TAYLOR ROACH ARMSTRONG SPANGLER LOWITZ CLOVER RUSSELL B. INGWERSEN LOVEJOY LARIMER WILSON KOCH GUTHRIE FOLSOM WHITELAW SIMMS DIESEL LYNN BENNETT BAKER J. INGWERSEN WBOBKE OLSON EMRICH EVANS MAUBEB IHIOI BC 46D JST 3BI. iHiULioac ISf aar To ma SOPHOMORE INTER-SORORITY HONORARY SOCIETY Founded at the University of Illinois 1907 u [i 1 3 ] a] H SI ® a I STEVENS FIELD SCOTT STRAIGHT LLEWELLYN BALLINGER BOELLNER RUSSELL WELCH KNAPHEIDE WITHROW MOTT BANCROFT LYON GEISS HARTMAN SHEPPARD ENGELLAND MANN SARGENT BAETHKE WATTS CANON MC ELHINEY HARRISON OBLANDER KURT FROMMANN WEBER FLEMING ACTIVE MEMBERS Juniors Dorothy Warren Marion Smith Mildred Frommann Ione Ballinger Helen Watts Charlotte Ward Eunice Lyon Florence Mott Charlene Sargent Corinne Field Pauline Weber Opal Cannon Ellen Fleming Lillian Baethke Mary Russell Helen McElhiny Helen Oblander Sophomores Mary Kurt Hazel Stephens Ester Scott Francis Withrow Anna Bancroft Marie Llewellyn Mildred Knapheide Mynette Engelland Leta Straight Marie Geiss Jeanette Harrison Shirley Mann Leta Sheppard Virginia Boellner Lucille Hartman Charlotte Welch 111 HI in lEI SI HI [■I IHIOI HC 470 n JS Ui a aiJULIOBC " SI oAlethenai Literary Society ORGANIZED FOR THE PURPOSE OF STIMULATING INTEREST IN FORENSIC ELOQUENCE LUMLEY M. NEEDHAM VIAL LYON BROSHAR BADGER D. DOTY MARKS DODGE HARRISON FISH LIXDAHL BAUM .11. WELCH HOWE SCOTT C. WELCH BAYLEY ' 3A.MUELS HOTTES C. NEEDHAM WIKOFF BARRY REED Theresa Samuels P resident Elora Hottes Vice President Martha J. Kyle Elizabeth Bryan OFFICERS Cordelia Read Recording Secretary Ch. rlotte Welch Corresponding Secretary Evelyn Miles Treasurer MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Lois Scott Critic Margaret Baum Historian Beatrice Copley Marion Sparks MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Eunice Badger Jennis Barry Helene Doty Dorothy Doty Flora Hottes Catherine Needham Florence Lindahl Astrid Dodge Helen Vial Lois Scott Harriet Fera Vivian Fish Irene Seaton Charlotte Welch Mildred Welch Marguerite Needham Seniors Cordelia Reed Juniors Sophomores Ruth Wikoff Maude Marks Ruth Lieber Vera Edds Theresa Samuels Evelyn Miles Margaret Baum Arlene Lumley Josephine Greene LORENE BEDEWEG Eunice Lyons Helen Broshar Marcel Laval Eva Howe Elizabeth Bayley Jeanette Harrison 3SIOI-OHI: m. m m ® m ® ® m m la n Tae 471 t-. — -1 [ ii-JILLIOC " " ■ 11 1 ' ■ " • ' ■1 - -■■- - oAdelphic Literary Society FOUNDED FOR THE PURPOSE OF CREATING AN INTEREST IN AND ACQUIRING A PROFICIENCY IN DEBATE, ORATORY, AND LITERARY WORK Founded at the University of Illinois 1869 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY William W. Yapp, M.S. Axel F. Gustafeson, M.S. iRA 0. Baker, C.E., D.Eng. Henry E. Hoagland, Ph.D. Otis A. Barnes, B.S. HONORARY MEMBERS [i Nathan A. Weston, Ph.D. Eugene Davenport, M.Afir., LL.D. LoRADO Taft Lew R. Sarett, A.B., LL.B. Charles M. Thompson, Ph.D. J. Manley Phelps, A.M. Gerald D. Stopp, A.B. = [j J [i [■ [i [i MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY [i Graduates J. H. Armstrong W. C. Troutman g G. F. Griffen F. p. Wirth [■ 1 d n Ji Seniors rr 0. M. Clem C. M. Hogan B R. A. Antoszewski a. E. Klemmedson H R. A. Bryant L- C- McCaskill [i B. S. Harrison J- Z- Frazier J. B. Buckler W. W. McLaughlin Juniors W. H. Cobb H. I. Meier A. Anderson A. H. Gottschalk T. H. Armstrong R- L. Hamilton B. W. Calvin H. A. Neff E. A. Sandler L.TC. Davis J. C. Brooks Sophomores G. P. GOODMAN E- G. Tolman W. M. MICHEAL S. F. TOWNSHEND H. J. COPE H. G. HULLFISH R. p. MCKINLEY Freshmen D. A. WOLFF ' R. p. SHONKWEILER E. F. Ernest Donald Bean ■ ll-IIOIOI-ll 1 i| ' " ■■ ■ 1 " ' ' ■! — m m i 472 £ IHILXJOHC Ta£ oAdelphic Literary Society 111 HI [■] (eI SI [si HI a MICHAEL ANDERSON COPE DAVIS ARMSTRONG ERNEST -MEIER TOLMAN GOODMAN HAMILTON NEFP COBB MC CASKILL SANDLER WOLFF GOTTSCIIALK HULLFISH BROOKS ANTOSZEWSKI CLEM BRYANT PHELPS KLEMENDSON FRAZIER HOGAN 11 11 m a H H HI jac 3BL ][!]ioi sn aar 473 JE£ aai IILLIOB C oAthenean Literary Society FOUNDED FOR THE PURPOSE OF ACQUIRING PROFICIENCY IN LITERARY ELOQUENCE SEYSTER DANIEL WISE SARGENT LEW NEWELL ROHRHAUCH FRAME WHITTLTM WARD DE HART CLINE FIN LEY MOSS MC CAMMON GREEN NEWELL ROBERTSON TERPINITZ JONES HALLADAY SARGENT LOVE NEWBURN CALDWELL MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Ruth Kelso Margaret Hutchins MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Fay Swartz Martha McCammon Alida Moss Jeanette Fairfield Janet Ward Francelia Sargent Graduates Seniors Helen Buchen Stella Percival Esther Green Margaret Finley Mary Caldwell Beryl Lore Iva Newburn a a m ® s iii a a n Lois Seyster Elsie Rohrbough Edith Frame Myra Dettart Juniors Josephine Newell Marguerite Cline Florence Whittum Ruth Daniel Beatrice Levy Vivian Jones Eleanor Wise Harriet Halladay Charlene Sargent Helen Parks Sophomores Jennie Terpinitz Marian McAnally Edna Robertson Shirley Krea San Ethel Wilson Freshman Constance Newell JBE SBL DBIOI HC 474 DHULLIOH regorian Literary Society ORGANIZED FOR THE PURPOSE OF STIMULATING INTEREST IN LITERARY ELOQUENCE ® a a a a a a a BAUXES MEWHIKTER RICHMOND WINCHESTER WINE MORRISON ANDERSON NILSON THOMPSON SELMER FARNAM OFFICERS NULL LYONS Bertha Farnam Miriam Ni ' ll Florence Carman President Vice President Helen Selmer Secretary Treasurer ill [H IS SI n M. HI 1 1 iH 3 Dean Fanny C. Gates HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Clarissa Rinaker Dr. Allene Gregory Helen Grommon Mary Howells Edla Anderson Miriam Null Elenora Morrison Helen Craig Helen Gunder Ruth Mewhirter Helen Thompson Marie Zika MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Gi-aduate Marion Weiss Seniors Juniors Lillian Barnes Sophomores Bessie Winchester Freshmen Bertha Farnam Jean Richmond Florence Carman Martha Devere Mary Geiger LoRA Englehardt Mildred Kuch Edle Wilson Mildred Folk Frances Wine JBE 5BL DBIOI HC 475 Illiola Literary Society FOUNDED FOR THE PURPOSE OF ACQUIRING PROFICIENCY IN LITERARY WORK u Ml m HI a il m m B EI il a ALVERSON MC ELHINEY NELSON LEE PRANTE FLEMING CRATE BARTHOLOMEW CHRISTIE WITBECK KOHL LEITZBACH EVANS SAWYER PEIRSON PACK DAVIS BROWN GOLDSCHMIDT MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Georgia Fleming Fannie Brooks JosiE Houchens Ethel Bond Nellie Roberts Elsie Baechtold Katherine McGraw [m1 51 IS 111 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Ruth Alverson Gertrude Sawyer RowENA Kohl Mary Pack LUCILE Peirson Erna Goldschmidt Ruth McElhiney Lois Evans Beulah Prante Fannie Lee Ellen Fleming Anne Goebel Seniors Clara Armington Juniors Merle Turner Sophomores Elizabeth Witbeck Ruth Barthol omew Severina Nelson Elizabeth Leitzbach Mary Ward Helen Davis Grace Christie Grace Brown Antonia Fishbacha Ethel Grate Helen McElhiney Victoria Frederick JHE ][ ]It I [ 5S1. 476 JSl I BILHOB yamesonian Literary Society ORGANIZED FOR THE PURPOSE OF PROMOTING AN INTEREST IN LITERARY AND DEBATING WORK s I [i i i 1 [■ E [m II JIOWELLS FLEXEK IIACAX NORMAN BELL BURGAN COTTRELL FRIER JONES FINNEY KOCH LONG NORMAN ERACEWELL NILSON ALLEN BELL HUMPHRIES SMITH TURNER WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS RICHART CONDON STORER ROSE WISON Blanche Richart Presid ' nt Grace Williams Vice President La VERNE BURGAN Edna Flexer Ruth Howells Ruth Lang Mary Lyman Ethel Rose May Brady Cecile Bell Edith Condon Lowell Bell Dorothy Finney Pauline Frier Hazel Curtis Pearl Cottrell Ella Chapin Ruby Braley Fay Bracewell LUCILE Hogan Ina Holterman Edna Koch OFFICERS Esther Storer Secretary MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Helen Williams Treasurer Edith Condon Sergcant-at-Arms Seniors Winifred Urlson Juniors Sophomores Helen Stevens Freshmen Jennie Smith Mary Smith Katherine Slade Blanche Richart Esther Storer Grace Williams Helen Williams Gertrude Humphries Cecile Roetzhel Elizabeth Magers Winifred Eyrich Hazel Porterfield Ora Janes Ethel Nilson Elizabeth McKinstry Wanda Williams Lois Wine Margaret Norman Helen Norman Nellie Turner Hildur Steinert III HI SI m d ® JBS n. SIOI SC 3sr i 477 Jmi 35L DHIIJLIOa TEE IflT a! hilomathean Literary Society ORGANIZED FOR THE PURPOSE OF STIMULATING AN INTEREST IN DEBATE, ORATORY, AND LITERARY WORK, AND TO ATTAIN PROFICIENCY IN EACH Founded at the University of Illinois 1868 ® ill [ } B H m H KIRCKLANI) SEARLE liltKES TAYI.OB GBUNEWALD KADYK MYERS SHELDON BENNETT WALSER WILLITS KNIGHT HAYES CARMAN HOBEN MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Charles Frederick Hottes, Ph.D. James M. White, B.S. Thomas Arkle Clark, B.L. Stephen Albert Walser, B.S. Jeremiah George Mosier, B.S. HONORARY MEMBER Lew R. Sarett, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY (ll S SI H [« [■ IS [■ Paul Brees Truman Gorton Searle Ward Davis Carl Frederick Grunewald Horace Bryan Garman O. D. Arnold Robert Dudley Kirkland R. Shad Bennet O. J. Crews Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Edward Hayes Louis Horen Nelson Sheldon D. J. Kadyk Galen Victor Knight William Meyers R. C. Peltz Rez E. Saffer G. E. Taylor EC SSI. DSIOI E 3sr 478 (m SSL BILUOBI 3sr Scribblers ' Club FOUNDED TO STIMULATE INTEREST IN LITERARY WRITING Founded at the University of Illinois 1906 L S ® a s a s ® a a a n HARRISON LAVAL BELL BROWN BEMLEY SEYSTER ANTOSZEWSKI nOEDEN DALY EDDS HOTTES NEEDHAM LIETZRACU BUCHEN MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Catherine Needham Flora Hottes Vera Edds Elizabeth L. Leitzbach Lois Seyster Makcelle Laval Nellie R. Doeden Seniors Juniors Sophomores Helen L. Buchen Geraldine Daly B. S. Harrison R. H. Antoszewski Grace Brown W. B. Remley Ei [H 13 SI M 9 H ■I m M H H. p. Bell 3Bl_ :ii]ioit»[ 479 JET BILHOBC Le Cercle Francais A CLUB ORGANIZED FOR THE PURPOSE OF STIMULATING INTEREST IN THE STUDY OF FRENCH AND TO ENABLE ITS MEMBERS TO BECOME BETTER ACQUAINTED WITH THE LANGUAGE SCHULTERS CARRY MC KENZIE DOOCY LINDLEY DOTY SCHOEN REED BAILEY BELL STIFF NEEDHAM SERIS OLIVER HARRISON EERCER TIIOJIFSON BANCROFT SCOTT RITA RAINES isi Rex R. Thompson President Cora Berger First Vice President Lois Scott Second Vice President OFFICERS Anna Bancroft Secretary Benjamin Harrison Treasurer Prof. T. E. Oliver Faculty Adviser m MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Pedro Bach y Rita Emmy Becht Cecile Bell goldia butzer Charles Carry Helen Doocy George Doty Jeanette Fairfield Marguerite Flock Augusta Galster Myrtle Gillit Joseph Gillit Helen Gossard Helen Satterfield Homer Seris Edgar Schoen J. R. Shulters Ethel Stiff Myrtle Jensen Max Kramer B. H. Lindley Beatrice Lovell Anne Marks Frances Marten Vivginia Merrick C. B. Neely lucile nussle Anna Polkowski L. C. Raines Kathryn Raithel Cordelia Reed Beulah Sheldon Anne Siemens John Van Horne Frances Wine Lois Wine BIOI SC U 4S0 jSc. n. DHILJLIOBI Centra Literario Espanol THIS CLUB WAS ORGANIZED FOR THE PURPOSE OF AIDING STUDENTS IN THE STUDY OF SPANISH Founded at the University of Illinois 1907 RODRIGUEZ SHELTERS SCHMIDT MARTINS JAMES MONTEIRO SOTO BACH Y RITA FITZ GERALD RICE FISCHBACHA WATSON BEACH TRAXLER CRAIG SERIS WILSON LOPEZ FITZ GERALD BARNES SERIS SOUZA PINHEIRO AGRAMONTE GOMEZ PINHEIRO SOUZA FONESCA BURLEIGH OFFICERS R. Agramonte President H. Monteiro Vice President A. A. Gomez Secretary Hazel Craig Treasurer John Fitz-Gerald P. Bach y Rita Elisa Curtis Manuel Lopez MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Homero Seris Rafael Soto Jane Watson John R. Shulters MEMBERS IN THE Mrs. L. a. Fitz-Gerald Mrs. F. L. Stevens Mrs. H. S. Seris R. Agramonte Hazel Craig J. G. Eppinger J. Francia Helen James Amelia Kreig Leonor Lopez ' Alba Mohr J. B. McDonnel P. C. SOUZA J. C. SOUZA J. Sampio J. OCHOA R. PINHEIRO E. Taxler J. Written UNIVERSITY Irma Barnes Amy Beach Inez Burleigh R. S. Carvalho G. L. Doty Antonia Fischbacha A. A. Gomez D. V. Martins V. Matuszewicz G. Miller H. Monteiro Esther Nilson C. G. Harper R. W. Schmidt K. Rice A. Rodriguez V. Talbot Ethel Wilson J. Watson oc JSC 3VL sioi4)S[: THE 481 IIXLIOBC Club Ldtino-oAmericano A SOCIAL ORGANIZATION OF STUDENTS FROM THE LATIN-AMERICAN COUNTRIES |j ill a ® s s E fi] ACRAMONTE MOXTEIRO CUXHA BLAIR SAMPAIO OLAZDCASTI JUNQUEIRA PINHEIRO SOUZA SARAMAGO MARTINS FONESCA MORALES RODRIGUEZ CABVALLO SEYMOUR OFFICERS A. Rodriguez President M. FONESCA Vice President M. E. Morales Secretary E. Carvallo Treasurer ® E SI m m m H m s MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Dr. R. a. Seymour R. A. Soto MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY J. Sampaio Y. Saramago L. CUHNA A. Junqueira A. Rodriguez T. E. Blaw T. Blair M. E. Morales R. Carvallo V. Martinez R. Pinheiro P. C. SOUZA Y. Minervino M. Fonesca T. Olazagasti A. BORRELLI R. Gomez BlIIJLIO®! TSi lar T e oAgricultural Club AN AGRICULTURAL, SOCIAL AND LITERARY ORGANIZATION [1 [i] 1] il IS ffl [■ E (m FIRST QUARTER W. H. ElCHHORN President OFFICERS SECOND QUARTER W. W. McLaughlin President IM. ® S H [■I C. L. Albee R. B. Anderson E. Baker W. J. Baysinger C. L. Beatty R. D. Bell C. E. Born W. B. BUNN H. M. Canady S. S. Carney R. S. Carvalho W. K. Clifford P. S. Chung A. B. Close W. W. Dayton R. D. Fitch J. Z. Frazier H. Goss E. E. Graden E. K. Hall L. G. Hon NOLO MEMBERS J. E. Harris H. W. Hudson H. G. Hutton H. E. Johnson, Jr. A. A. Johnson A. W. P. Jones T. KiBLER A. L. Kline E. B. Knight J. Lamb S. H. Lloyd R. R. Lafollet P. K. Long C. H. Lowe H. A. LuER L. C. Madison C. Mann T. B. Manny R. D. Mercer D. Meeker A. Mighell C. E. Vogle C. E. Yale G. B. Moore W. K. Moore W. R. Moore P. H. Millar g. t. moulton F. B. Ohlen C. PUGH W. F. Purnell G. H. Reed N. L. Rice E. B. Roe W. J. Roth C. W. Ryan G. S PRAGUE R. J. Tarbox E. J. Theim R. Thomas H. B. Tukey H. P. TURLEY G. F. Ueberrheim M. 483 HILLIOBC The Horticultural Club A CLUB FOR THE STUDY OF HORTICULTURE 111 [■} m m O O m FITES BROCK FROHARDT FACER TUKLEY MOORE VOGELE BIERBAUM MC GKATH TUKEY PICKETT BLAIR OFFICERS BAILEY SAILER H. B. TUKEY President T. W. McGrath Vice President A. C. VOGELE Secretary H. B. FiTES Treasurer J. C. Blair C. S. Crandall B. S. Pickett H. B. FiTES H. B. TUKEY H. E. Tueley E. P. FROHARDT E. A. BlERBAUM C. E. Born T. H. Brock MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E. W. Bailey S. J. Bole A. S. Colby W. S. Brock MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates Seniors Juniors C. J. Bangert Freshman E. Orrico W. P. James Frank Sailer W. K. Moore G. E. Eager A. C. Vogele T. W. McGrath Haig Belgian H 11 n n III isl m m [1 JBS 3BI. ]SIOI (s] 4S4 ■ NirLIoSl -ll Hoof and Horn Club A CLUB ORGANIZED FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE STUDY OF ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Founded at the University of Illinois 1912 I » f » f 1 1 1 ! 1 BUNN HOPSIN CLOSE GOELITZ SKINNER BROOKS BRUNEMEYER PUGH _ J r— 1 CHEN MEr.CSR HUNGERFORD LETT PUSTIN CLIFFORIl BORN CHIOCO _| DAVIS WOLTER ALBEE WHITMAN LAMB EICKHORN PURNELL 1;: SI ■ SI SI OFFICERS IS rsi C. L. Albee H. F. Woltek a [Mj Herds-man Recorder of Pedigrees r 11] F. A. Davis John Lamb t: ' i ■ Assiniant Herdsman Commission Man l ' j in W. B. Bunn 5lj Swipe rr rl n [S MEMBERS p Frank Purnell A. B. Close R. D. Mercer P. H. Millar H. F. Wolter F. a. Davis W. H. EicKHORN H. D. Thomas J. T. Chen C. S. Dustin J. M. Burks D. F. Merker B. M. Hubble W. B. Bunn Juan Chioco G. B. Whitman C. L. Albee N. L. Rice W. A. Goelitz H. H. Holtzman L. G. Honnold J. C. Brooks John Lamb B. E. Skinner H. H. Lett W. K. Clifford C. E. Born L. C. Madison H. N. Hungerford H. R. Brunemeyer E. N. HoPSON C. Pugh !1 ■ ll-110¥.0f-li 1 ■ 486 SSL oAmerkan Society of Mechanical Engineers Student ' Branch AN ORGANIZATION FOR TECHNICAL STUDY IN CONNECTION WiTtt ' WORK IN THE UNIVERSTY OFFICERS H. C. DlESERUDE President J. T. Kelly Vice President 3. J. Kalivoda Secretary Dean C. R. Richards Honorary Chairman P. L. Krauel Advertising Manager R. Rahn F. L. Sho.nkwiler Open House Managers 3B1. SIOI S 486 ff I BILHOB t American Society of Mechanical Engineers Student ' Branch MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Dean C. R. Richards Prof. H. F. Moore Prof. M. Brooks Prof. O. A. Leutweiler J. H. Platt Prof. G. A. Goodenough Prof. A. C. Willard Prof. H. F. Newell Prof. A. N. Talbot A. C. Harper Prof. E. C. Schmidt H. F. Godeke J. M. Snodgrass A. P. Kratz W. H. Severns MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ® El 11 ® m A. K. Schifflin R. Perry H. J. Gillen H. N. Grain L. B. Penhallow W. J. Bolton G. S. Oberne R. Stockenberg R. B. Johnson R. L. Mors e L. E. Heydock W. E. Kellog H. Kruger G. A. Loftquist M. C. Malcom Seniors R. G. Olson J. L. McGregor H. E. Matson E. C. POHLMAN D. Forty Juniors L. K. Bandy J. A. Jakubowski W. N. Cassella A. Vanderpoole G. Nesheff Sophomores O. H. Olson G. E. MiSENER R. J. Drake A. M. Lies R. W. Lilly O. I. Lyons H. 0. Frye W. J. Ritter K. W. Carr R. Rahn J. L. LOONEY H. B. Heme J. G. Stevens C. Z. Rosecranes N. Feldman C. J. SCANLIN W. F. Gast J. H. DUNGAN H. E. Johnson P. H. Liu 111 H m 11 m ® a s Dick Gossett E. M. Henderson G. L. Meyer M. T. Bartholomew J. H. Smith H. J. Elliott 0. M. McCULLOCH Freshmen N. B. Smith D. W. Stockham J. S. Bowman R. W. Frieder W. B. Russell R. E. Newcomb W. F. Krahn M. A. Whittier M. H. Branham E. P. Hoerner R. L. Greist E. E. Schapiro J. F. Keller E. COOLIDGE G. R. Caskey m JSS. ][£lIOI9@E SET 487 Jac IILLIOHC Civil Sngineering Society AN ORGANIZATION FOR THE PURPOSE OF STIMULATING INTEREST IN CIVIL ENGINEERING Founded at the University of Illiyiois 1888 OFFICERS H. E. Kelly President J. F. VOPAT Vice President A. D. Ladehoff Secretary F. W. Klenk Treasurer Prof. F. H. Newei. Prof. I. O. Baker Prof. C. A. Ellis B. L. Bowling J. T. Nolan E. W. Carrier H. Koepke P. J. Mackin G. S. Halas C. B. Schmeltzer C. A. Nagel C. F. Henning B. E. Mittleman C. E. FURRER J. L. Van Deusen L. E. Peterson E. C. BussE M. P. Flickinger M. D. Catton L. C. Herwig P. E. Langdon F. W. Mezek MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY ,l Prof. J. E. Smith Prof. C. S. Sale C. C. Wiley MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors E. W. Deering C. B. Taylor J. C. BURGESON J. L. Gary Juniors S. LiLIENTHAL L. A. Gannon E. J. Smiley A. A. Lundgren L. S. Pappmeier P. F. Kent C. H. PlERSON Sophomores C. W. Carter W. H. Spindler F. W. VOGT A. L. Rehnquist W. Bernhardt Freshmen H. F. Allsbaugh D. N. Clausen N. B. Garver W. H. Rayner R. E. Davis C. Weiss A. W. HowsoN S. Koo R. De la Garza L. L. HOREN C. Clarahan C. H. Crim A. A. Brensky G. T. Felibeck R. W. Stead L. S. J. KUPPERMAN S. O. SiGEL W. F. COLWELL J. P. CUNNEA W. L. Waterman K. Leinard J. F. Novak M. P. Benson JS n [ijioi si: 1 m 1 1 ■ 1 ■ ■ C i i 19£ 488 i _J1 w a =]®ILJLIO®£ ilway Club A CLUB ORGANIZED FOR TECHNICAL STUDY 11 m E OFFICERS O. F. Haas President E. R. Brigham Vice President Charles Spangleb Secretary F. A. Peck Treasurer E. R. Dewsnuf E. R. Brigham C. H. Clarahan J. G. Clark W. H. Doerscher MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY J. M. Sncdgrass H. H. Dunn MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors O. F. Haas E. P. Machovec E. A. Martell D. B. Ohrum R. W. Cornelisen L. Cunha 0. E. GiSH F. M. Andrews E. Elg D. D. Gray H. E. Campbell R. L. Harrison P. L. Johnson Juniors S. Koo W. B. Overbee E. V. Sayles Sophomores F. H. GULDNER A. D. Harvey W. H. Rohe R. J. RUEDY Freshmen H. a. Kanis J. MiNERVINO C. R. McEwEN O. S. Beyer H. p. Owen F. A. Peck L. L. Smith L. E. Trickle F. R. Shedden M. B. Skinner T. Lau W. Q. Taylor S. G. Webb P. S. Westcott E. R. Prouty L. L. Smith D. W. Woodbridge 1 JSS SBL nsioi BC 22sr 489 1 JSc =!■! aiixxOB s s III m a s E Electrical Engineering Society ORGANIZED FOR THE PURPOSE OF TECHNICAL STUDY W. E. Bull President H. V. Shlacks Vice President OFFICERS G. H. Simmons Librarian K. W. Miller Secretary G. M. CULLINANE Treasurer i 111 ® IS ® m ® HONORARY MEMBERS E. B. Paine, M.S., E.E. Morgan Brooks, Ph.B., M.E. P. S. Beigler, M.S., E.E. I. W. FiSK, M.S., E.E. E. A. Reid, M.S. A. R. Knight, M.E., M.S. W. A. Gatward, M.S. E. H. Waldo, A.B., E.E. L. V. James, E.E. jas 3BrL SIOI S 3—r 490 JBSI SL ISILLIOBC i Electrical Engineering Society MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate C. L. HusN m s n ® [■ d [i] W. E. Bull R. J. Craigmile J. A. Craig G. M. CULLINANE F. W. Foster J. H. WiEN O. F. Bakklage A. W. Bartling H. W. Baumer P. J. Boesen H. V. Shlacks F. R. Shedden F. C. Armstrong T. E. Blair H. R. BOSWORTH F. S. Carter F. S. Cooley L. M. COLWELL R. H. Dawson F. D. Spofford C. F. Andrews K. K. Barnett W. R. BURNELL A. D. Caskey r; v. Ray Seniors M. M. Jones G. V. Lambroff F. E. LUNDGREN R. E. McKeever A. R. Miller Juniors F. T. BOWDITCH C. L. Brunes- W. J. Geiger C. R. Hollingsworth G. H. Simmons Sophomores R. Drake G. W. GULICK V. C. Heckman H. J. Herrmann W. L. Kenney R. L. Kemler A. A. Kral C. D. Stahl Freshmen C. W. Crickman P. M. Fye V. K. Haldeman R. C. Henson C. C. Smith R. P. POPPOVE C. E. Randa W. S. RiSSER W. S. Slack E. D. Swanberg G. A. Zehr G. T. Jannison J. C. Manley K. W. Miller W. B. OVERBEE L. R. Wilson E. R. Devol J. W. Leeming G. OCHOA D. Rittenhouse J. L. SCHOTT H. S. Seibert D. Smith W. G. Spicer G. J. Wahl J. Howard P. L. Johnson K. K. Keeley J. C. Porter W. M. Young Si s IS ® 5 ' Bi) jae 3l£}IOId@C 491 DBIjLLIO®[ ar Chemical Club A CLUB ORGANIZED FOR THE PURPOSE OF PROMOTING TECHNICAL STUDY IN THE DIFFERENT PHASES OF CHEMISTRY H lal SI m M HI 1! m OFFICERS ELME " ? V. VUET President Marion Swanberg Vice President Walter R. Kirner Secretary Gerald J. Cox Treasurer B. K. Bkown Custodian ][E]ix id@i: T2E 3ST 492 HILJLIOB lar Chemical Club 111 m III [mI [1 W. G. Adams F. A. Anderegg P. A. Anderson William Appling A. A. Arnold J. B. Baker L. Bell J. G. Bennet L. R. Berner Charles Birdsell J. F. Bredehoeft C. E. Broecker Bruce K. Brown M. E. Brown H. D. Carter Ella Chapin D. Church F. R. Clark B. E. Cohen H. L. Cook S. H. Cook G. J. Cox D. COWEN M. Crew R. H. Davis R. W. Dawley W. F. Day K. L. Dern E. 0. Dixon M. Doubet M. E. Dreyfuss M. Dunne W. F. Einbecker C. J. Engelder D. Ferrell B. Feuer S. FiSHMAN R. Fogler W. Fogler J. R. Fritze W. Fulton R. P. Gardner R. Gerke F. H. Ginnings MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY H. Greene 0. Hale M. H. Hamilton J. Hanson V. Harnock M. Harris R. Harris A. B. Haw H. C. Heckel F. HOBART J. B. Hoffman K. Holaday B. S. Hopkins Edna Howe J. HSUN Charles Hudson J. Hyde J. Johnson F. S. Kimball W. R. Kirner W. KOUPAL F. KOZLOWSKI N. W. Krase Ruth Lander H. Lebeson A. Lewis B. LOGUE D. F. McFarland M. McHenry M. Marrock F. Martin E. Mautner Helen Miner W. Monroe 1. Morgan R. E. Nelson R. S. Nelson M. Neuman S. Newman Ruth Okey T. Olazogasti H. Parr M. J. Pearce W. Pierce L. Peterson Evelyn Ponder H. Potter A. R. Powell J. Precott W. Ramm Myra Robinson R. Robinson C. C. Russell S. Sagare R. Schneider W. H. Schneider D. SCHRADER M. SCHRERO J. Segur F. Shumway L. Siegrist p. Simons Marion Sparks K. Sparks J. Spelce G. Steffens G. Stege R. G. Stevens F. Straub W. Straub S. Sykes Marion Swanberg M. C. Taylor A. Thal E. Thiele E. B. Vliet V. Voorhees Esther Wagner H. Walcott H. Warren R. Webber E. Webster L. S. Wells R. Westerman A. Wilson L. Wold N. W. Wroby L. Yntema II HI ® m n m JHE 5SU aioi Bi: 498 w BILLK aiL isr Household Science Club ORGANIZED FOR THE STUDY OF HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE u 111 Is] H !b} III m ill I I I i HOWELLS JOHNSON Kl,i-;.M- liNG SMITH WHITTUM GOODING HUNSLEY LYNCH BARNES NEVILLE RICHMOND LEE EUFFNER ALLEN AI LEN MC DONALD WIER MAGERS PIERSON PACK ROSE RANKIN PEALE NEWBURN GOLDSCHMIDT SWIFT OAKES WOERMAN OFFICERS IVA Newburn President ERNA GOLDSCHMIDT Vice President ASSOCIATE Winifred Barnes Martha Hedgecock Margaret Peale Secretary Grace Malsbury Treasurer MEMBERS ila monahan Ada Pijgh MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY SI U m n M 19 ® 111 [1 Kathryn Albaugh Harriett Allen Hester Ai-len Grace Christy JANIE Chester Sara Englehart Ellen Fleming Alma Gerlack ERNA GOLDSCHMIDT Laura Goadings Gertrude Humphreys Olive Huntsley Mary Howell Evelyn Johns Fannie Lee Margaret Lynch Helen McDonald Grace Malsbury Elizabeth Magers Edna Mann Elnora Morrison IvA Newburn Olive Nuielle Ella Oakes Mary Pack LUCILE Pierson Margaret Peale Ruth Percival LuRO Rankin Jean Richmond Ethel Rose Rachel Ruffner Margaret Rutledge Agnes Sloan Madel ine Sloan Valda Smith Bertha Stein Marion Swanberg Gertrude Swift Hazel Stephens Helen Vial Pearl Weir Florence Whittum Elizabeth Wheelhouse Lillian Waerman iilC JSE SSL SIX Id@E 494 225r m m 55L s ' uSJ a i I HILJLIOBG Comitatus THE DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL STUDY CLUB Founded at the University of Illinois 1913 CHAPMAN WILUAMSON WEBER W. F. KEEPERS HELM LAWLOR CREBS PEBCIVAL THOMAS COLLINS MC CALLISTER W. L. KEEPERS CALVIN KENNEDY LYNN DICKMAN CABROL GRIZZELLE SHEAFE KALTHOFF MASON TUTWILEB HURLEY COOPER ARMSTRONG DODGE BECK GRAY GROSSBERG HONORARY MEMBERS Daniel K. Dodge, Ph.D. Clyde B. Beck, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate J. H. Armstrong, A. B. James M. Gray Frederick C. Kalthoff Robert P. Sheaf Victor H. Grossberg William F. Percival A. H. Morton JuLiEN H. Collins Herbert M. Dickman Harry H. Chapman W. Floyde Keepers Frederick G. Weber Thomas E. Kennedy Miles C. Grizzelle Senior ' s Juniors Harold D. Thomas Sophomores John M. Crebs Jr. Henry N. Cooper Jr. R. I. McCallister Joel Greene Harry G. Holm C. Carroll Frank Hurley H. P. Williamson Lee M. Mason Ben W. Calvin W. Lloyde Keepers Foster M. Lalor Ernest L. Lynn Robert Tutwiler ]SIOI4 ®I THE n® 2=Lr 496 HUULIOHC olonia Club THIS CLUB WAS ORGANIZED WITH THREE PURPOSES — PRIMARILY TO ENCOURAGE STUDENTS IN HIGH SCHOOLS TO ATTEND COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES, — TO ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO DEVELOP AN INTEREST IN POLISH AFFAIRS, — TO CREATE A SOCIAL INTEREST AMONG POLISH STUDENTS IN THE UNIVERSITY Founded at the University of Illinois 1917 111 [l] 11 [!l El m H m H m PASTERNAK GURDA KOZLOWSKI SZATUNAS POLOKOWSKI OSADA ANTOSZEWSKI MATUSZEWICZ JAKUBOWSKt (Ml m II s m m H s m [1 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors R. H. Antoszewski V. Matuszewicz Juniors A. POLKOWSKI S. A. Jakubowski Sophomore F. S. GUARDA Freshvien T. Pasternak F. KOZLOWSKI F. J. Szatunas S. M. OSADA JBE IBIOI HC 3sr 406 L BILLIOB lar leneva Club m H 11 H (El s ® COMPOSED OF THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN IN ATTENDANCE AT THE GENEVA Y. W. C. A. CONFERENCES THOBNSBTOOH NEWELL DODGE RITSSELL BARRY WEIR EDDS MOSS MILLER SVIFT ADAMS WILLIAMS OFFICERS Gertrude Swift President Marion Kenny Vice President Jennis Barry Bessie Packard Cornelia Mather AsTRiD Dodge Florence Long Olive Cover Sylvia Cover Ina Halderman Dee Dorsey Marguerite Stinson Zada Thornsburgh Virginia Miller MEMBERS Helen Williams Secretary Margaret Fin ley Treasurer Tabitha Broadhurst Francelia Sargent Alida Moss Katherine Slade Vera Edds Pearl Weir Mary McCullough Helen McCullough Anna Sager Josephine Newell Leota Adams Florence Downend s SI 11 M m ® Frances Russell DSIOI E SSL 3»r- 497 Jmzz SilL HIULIO® lar r. M c . TO PROMOTE CHRISTIAN STANDARDS FOR HUMAN LIFE AND CHARACTER — THROUGH SERVICE III S III H m m ® ta IS H. W. GIBSON H. E. WILSON OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester ARRY W. Gibson Ray C. Haas President Henry E. Wilson General Secretary Cabinet Fred. W. Leggitt E. Stuart Moberly Harold J. Orr Ray C. Haas L. C. McCaskill David Malcolmson President Hi in m ® m HI [■I JBE SBL ][£1I I (=1E iss 498 .m-Jmc Si SI a E !«1 Sit aiLXIQM r M C A. m ® m n a Isl SBTL ac IHI I BC 499 BIIXIOHC -|S£ aar ushnell Qutld men ' s religious organization Founded at the University of Illinois 1915 [i [■I 11 s S] MEMBER IN THE FACULTY E. C. Faust MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors K. L. Bern L. K. Bandy P. F. Kent H. N. Myers S. F. Townsend L. M. Wells G. D. Tombaugh Juniors Sophomores Freshmen K. M. Holaday W. N. Cassella J. L. Van Deusen L. N. Shaddle W. A. Richardson R. M. Richardson a. m n II n m E 11 H a 3B1. DSIOI SE THE asr BOO J5c :@lLUOBC aar j I ® fin ushnell uild 111 [m1 IS nr HI m HI a a s n WELLS W. RICHARDSON SHADDLE R. RICHARDSON IIYERS VAN DEUSKX CASSELLA TOMBAUGH BANDY HOLADAY FAUST DERN KENT Ji St. [i]IOId@C 2er 501 I? [W [■ ' (B JST HJULIOHC Spalding Guild A RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION FOR CATHOLIC STUDENTS Founded at the University of Wisconsin Estahlislied at Illinois 1905 OFFICERS Rev. J. A. O ' Brien Chaplain L. H. Galvin President R. Agromonte W. C. Amberg E. Anastassiades D. W. Angst D. Bahe P. C. Banjan V. A. Baragha C. H. Bartlett H. J. Bassman H. W. Baumer C. A. BONNEN A. C. Beeckler F. M. Beien I. S. Belle E. H. Berneis L. J. Berry J. F. Best George Halas Treasurer MEMBERS E. J. BiDWIGER E. Biedermann T. E. Blair E. R. Blinn P. J. BOESEN C. A. BONNEN F. BOHN E. H. BOLAND C. BOODEL A. BORELLI L. F. BoRUCKi M. Bradbury M. Brady E. G. Brya F. E. Brya L. Campbell F. Canty W. W. FUREY Vice President Irene Doyle Secretary E. J. Carrol A. Carrol C. Carrol C. S. Carter R. S. Carvallo C. Cassidy G. G. Cassidy M. Cavanaugh M. Chiesa J. M. Chine W. B. Coleman F. M. Condon E. Condon A. Crapo J. F. Creedon G. M. Cullinane L. Cunha ■ m SI i s in m SI JSc ]®ix i Hi: r m 602 JR 3SL I IBILLIOBC E. Curtis H. M. DeCunha E. J. Daggett A. Dailey G. Daly J. E. Davis W. T. Diaz J. A. Donohue M. Donovan V. P. Dory I. Doyle O. J. Feldhake J. T. Fenney M. FiNIGAN C. FiNIGAN E. O. Fontaine D. Forty J. Fisherkeller G. G. Foster D. C. Franche J. N. Francia D. L. Frank J. L. Frank W. W. FUREY L. H. Gallivan L. P. Gannon E. J. Harvey M. Geiger H. P. Gotti C. B. Graft J. Greene T. Gunning T. J. Gunning F. S. GURDA B. A. Hagan L. L. Hagan O. F. Haas G. Halas G. T. Hale C. Hammond B. W. Harrington E. C. Harrington W. J. Hart J. L. Henneberry J. H. Heuer M. Hoffman J. F. HOLLERICH E. F. Horton E. Hotlinger J. B. HUBER L. W. HUBER M. HUBER R. A. HUDLER R. E. Imaly E. J. JOCBI S. A. Jakubowski H. F. Janicke J. B. Johnson W. J. Jones A. JUNQUUEIRA F. M. Keiser J. Kelly R. L. Kemler T. Kennedy A. Kenny -1S£ J. A. Kerrins L. R. Kiley J. W. Kimman R. E. KiNNARE C. KiRWAN G. Kleckner J. L. Klein L. Klein W. E. Kraeckman G. F. Krupha M. Kurt J. H. KUSEMAUL G. R. Lacey M. Lacey C. J. Lause V. Law J. J. Ledsma C. H. Lemke B. A. Lyman M. Lyman H. Lynch C. McCarthy P. J. McCormick O. McDermont T. McDonald H. McGinnis L. McGinnis C. McGinnis J. L. McGregor R. E. McKeen G. McLaughlin Geo. McLaughlin E. L. McMahon E. P. Machovec P. J. Machin J. C. Manley E. Mabtell J. F. Martino D. Martius V. Matuszewicz E. Marx C. B. Maner J. Meder F. Melin R. N. Melin J. Meyer C. Miller D. J. Miller W. B. MiLLIKEN P. C. MOONEY G. F. Murphy E. Murray L. Murray J. T. Nolan T. J. Nolan J. F. Novak L. J. O ' Brien F. O ' Donald J. H. Ogg S. M. Osada F. V. Ostronski B. Paul N. Pendergrast A, POLKOWSKI E. C. Pohlman H. Pike E. M. Poirot M. Prindivile L. J. QUAID O. F. Quigly J. QUINLAN K. QUINLAN R. A. Rafferty C. J. Rafinski L. J. Reis W. L. Riedle F. Rhodes E. J. Roach M. Romano K. Ruckman W. J. Russo J. DE SAMPAIO J. R. Saramago T. Sassin K. Savard E. J. Saver C. J. Scanlan J. A. SCHOK F. J. SCHULTZ G. C. Seibert F. Seiler F. Shade S. A. Shermack F. W. Shumway J. W. Sinclair E. J. Smith D. V. Snyder G. D. Snyder A. J. Sommers P. P. Sommers J. Solota M. Sowers L. Stoenener A. Straub E. J. Straub G. C. Sullivan J. SWIGG F. J. SWATIMAS E. Szwajhart E. W. Thiele M. E. Skach F. TOURTELOT T. H. TULLY M. TWIGG J. TWIGG D. Van Bramer L. V. VOHS M. L. Walk E. J. Walsh S. E. Welch P. Weber K. Welsh E. L. White W. E. K. White A. A. Wild W. Williams F. Woods A. W. Young G. L Young 60S IIIJLIOHC TS Bethany Circle GIRLS ' RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION Founded at the University of Illinois 1911 Active Chapters 5 ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1911 s s 111! B S E I p f f | f» f ? f f f f f RUSH WINE WHITMAN JONRS FRIER COTTRELL CLONK PARK SEYSTER RHODES ARMSTRONG BENNETT RHODES WHITMAN KEATTY WILLIAMS ROSE RUSSELL ANDERSON LEHMAN EDDS YOUNGBLOOD MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates Amy Beach Dorothy Cook Jennie Anderson Vera Edds Hazel Armstrong Elsie Beaty Marie Bennett Martha Park Opal Rhodes Lulu Jones Pearl Cottrell Marie Dobyns Pauline Frier Seniors Frances Russel Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Edith Oonk Ruth Lehman Ethel Rose GoLDA Rhodes Lois Seyster Beulah Whitman Beulah Williams Alta Youngblood Helen McConnel Clara Rush Vera Whitman Lois Wine 3SL SIOI B Ml 1 m SI SI g H a m m H 604 J_ JSTc BILLIOH a Congregational House girls ' religious and social club Founded at the University of Illinois 19 H NICHOLS PICKK.NS FLEXER PHILLIPS PULSIPHER KUGLER ALBAUGH ROBINSON BULLOCK RANKIN FRAZIER MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY G. Nichols L. Pickens E. Flexer H. Phillips B. Pulsipher M. Kugler K. Albaugh E. Robinson G. Bullock L. Rankin B. Frazier R. Eaton Jmc. HIOI HC -!■■= Ml ® H HI HI a a a a i; I :h 606 a H H a s a a HI HIJLLIOB SNOWBOUND JBE SIOI SC I ® a a a a a a a a sau— 506 i! - I , Jm gII.LIOB[ lar Home At Last, You Old Scandal-Mongers The usual apologies cannot be made because ijue are doing no one wrong, it is all self-inflicted. It again proves the simple and homely adage that the truth ' will out. Whereupon we offer : cAnd the fight is on. 3BI. DBIOI HL TSE 11 m m i ■j in s 607 11. mL ]BlIJLIOH[ DAILY FILTH ni ® ® in IS HI s E IS DE-AN T.A- KNOCKS OUT FOUR IN ONEr 5E-NT£-NCfr AT HiS Amu L HYGitise- te-CTOR s TO TH - F-;zosn! Sept. 13. — Just a few of the last year ' s models show up who couldn ' t get into the army because of sore throat, ingrowing toenails, or general disability. Sept. 17. — Red Armstrong and Hugh Cross drag Red Landon to the Law Building and force him to register on time, despite protests. Sept. 20. — Mad rush to increase the size of Greek organizations 500% begins. Betas and Kappa Sigs tied at the end of the first day. Score 8 all. Sept. 23. — Fourteen Juniors intending to continue their education withdraw from the Uni to enter the army when Frank Hurley and the great Brigham return to the community and threaten to register. Sept. 30. — Pulcipher proceeds to improve The Daily Illini by recruiting all avail- able females on the campus including K. Rathel. Kappa Sigs announce their pledges and beat Betas by 8. Oct. 3. — Bobbie Andrews and Al seen in the vicinity of the Armory unchaperoned ; but during the day. Dean T. A. knocks out four in one sentence at the annual hygiene lectures to the frosh. Oct. 4. — Helen Morris ' intended comeback fails so she decides not to register and returns to St. Louis to do Red Cross work, she says. Oct. 5. — Red Landon breaks training together with about fifteen others. Oct. 8. — Grace Flood discovered to be again in the Uni after a year in the cold out- side world. Marie Cronin for the 1000 time asks a man seeking a date whether or not he is a good dancer, whereupon Marie stays home. Ill a H IS ® Si p t e-THB-T, G-UP-F K ' 3 CKTEr AND 6Pe-ND6 NOTIWCi- ftt-F-ORE- HE-R. I)l%-35inG TftBtE- — - WHt- E VJPON NO OKE- u IHIOI HL 1SB 2Hr . :! 508 " — - Jmc ]BILLIO®i -IMI .sr DAILY FILTH A CASEr OF- I)AD JUDG-MErNT ii lli IS] Oct. 15. — Gyp Davis starts telling people about his many attempts to get into the army. Too bad he can ' t make it. Oct. 25. — Phi Delt chapter reduced to one table. Also S. A. E. Excuse, the war, but the boys couldn ' t stand the company any longer. Oct. 26. — Ethel Gliffe forced to dress hurriedly and rush to an eight o ' clock with- out dressing table preparation, whereupon no one recognized her. Oct. 30. — Whop Westenhaver shaves and washes up a little and leaves the Arcade to take dinner with the Phi Kap brothers. Dekes assert that they are " coming back " as Gyp threatens to leave school and join the aviation corps. Nov. 3. — Ash Hallowell loses complimentary ticket and is forced to pay to get into a dance for the first time in his life. Harry Zim drops out of competition for Nelle, the belle of West Champaign. Nov. 5. — Sal Ainsworth discovered to be still in the University when four hicks present themselves at the Alpha Xi house on the same night for the same date, where- upon Sal pulls in some of the celler gang and takes her pick of the gents. Nov. 7. — Jack Guthrie and Irene Seaton asked on the quiet to use more discretion in their dancing for the betterment of society. Nov. 10. — Chi Psis awaken and announce the pledging of about eight freshmen passed up in the mad fall scramble. Nov. 13. — Nels Thomas, Bunny Rathbun Et al gather in front of the Phi Delta stable, reach under the porch and discuss current topics fluently for about fifteen min- utes, incidentally honoring about all of the brothers in the service. Nov. 18. — Sal offers editor of beauty section enticing overtures if he will run her picture again this year. Jan.2 6. — Bartholomew and John Williams each get 48 on a final in the same course. Hi n SI [S ® a PHIUlP PAC VOUNG 1H1 The object OF MANY AO " iBing( ' ) GLRNCeS) DURING THE- EVENiMG Of Tl ' t JUNIOR PROM. u ]HIOIt H[: 509 JS aiLLIOHC Ja 111 III g [i El tn 11 [I HI 1 ■ 1 li i 3S1_ ]sioi9@: 510 J JSl SL HliLIOHC WAR 111 [sl H Si [1 Hi [51 UL EC SIOI S 611 i SSL B H ® a |¥ [■ [¥ ¥ BILLIQBC This is our iiudr section offered in proof of the proverbial statement that ' war is h — . We have gathered the following material at great expense to ourselves. It surely " will he " war for some of us. Commodore Greene - - . -0- ' •- - Facsimile of last words of Private Split— The sector broke Priscilla has had much experience with war and warriors. Oh yes, indeed! She loves them!!! Oh, my goodness, yes, indeed. JSS 3 a s [Ml ■I ■[ H 111 DBIOI lElC 11 512 J5 3 BILLIOHC THE FACULTY AT WAR 1 1 Hei-man Stewart, the Fieiich cliabcr, and " Matey " Ward, inclined toward the Scotch. Ping Bodie, who left $10,000 salary to become one of the famous. .r-.r. Ire-:. S 1- %. ' € ru..,. , - .0 Z ' . ' ) ' CA.. l. ,l i- ' SI [Ml E IS HI ® dl ® [■1 J . . ' -t iy- L°f ' » StRticn - M : t■ Re turiieil %y X-L-t.- 1- A (To c : ii ' il-ri in by Battalion Crderiy) Approved H.B. Hen leaving on a pa ' 5? for forty pign ' the ab onteo bock in the .Comrrrind- leaving thi ' -- =L ' ' t:-;n for duty elr-e ' .iher leave must si " n on in fr iDcok in the r forty eirrht hourr, or more raupt ' ice, also men returning fron t ' F Office. Didn ' t take, did it Sid? DBIOTOHE 613 DHIjyLIOHC a a HI a a a a a 1 3 ■ ' - ... . " ' — 1 ■2 : ' ,.■--_; V .:. ... + , ' .--. ... ..■ . .. . ■ , ' ' •Urvvuvv ' •VJ - ,-.., ■ t»-o. Xcv. c War " Bride Pslumber i -P • - P . r ■ : ■ J H 8 -4? - fh ' i 1 i I - -I JH nsioidii 3SL aau- 51 1 HILLIOH War ride ISl mber 111 [l [i [i [£[ d ! r Jou JU -A t c:tZxi . - ' • ■iL L4l :iyi !- UtAaJ ' - ' ■ ' - " ;• Ai s4- ■vv V ?x. Z .,, - ' - " :u " V7 ' ; ' :, " 4.:..4 I. e KC l.i. ' -l f .12_. C ' Hjl t--: ' n . s- c ' ,- yt. V .!juU- tu, , C-t - -,6 «.tf- . J -. ..- ' ' ' . T t.Ii ' lCuj! - o a u 6 0;v t- .i- ' --- Edith Kelly ' s bit. Can you read Morse Code — see bottom corner left hand side. IB II ® ® « ]aioi©Hc TC 615 JaE 3lL a ® a E s a a a a B lULIOHC 3sr War Terms Up To Date GAS 80 V)BS " lAOZE. OEfiiDL-y THAN THE. vj A L E. " GAS BOMBS: Kay Raithel Bernice McNair HAND GRENADES: Chi Omegas FRONT TRENCH: Uni. Hall TANKS: Delta and Harry Wuertenbaecher DUMB-DUMBS: Kappa Alpha Theta Beta Phi Chi Omegas NO MAN ' S LAND: Alpha Chi House Delta Gamma House A COUPLE OF- ILUINI TANKS CONVOYS: Tommy Arkle Dean Harwood 1 a a a a a a M a ]®I©I4 HC asr 516 Al l AUugJ 3»r • ■i ■-■-A : J War Terms Up To Date SUBS, K 9 ' S: Bob Lorentz Bob Hoskins Bob Tutwiler OPEN TO THE DRAFT: Florence Mott Wanda Cousins Lois Conner Nell Flatt V. Moore BASE ENOUGH FOR A BASE HOSPILTAL: Kay Pulcipher Charlotte Acker Mr. Reins COMMANDING GENERAL: Ruth Lieber DANGER ZONE: South Campus WESTERN FRONT: Pi Phi House TH£Z «(IC«De OANC Boe iotrnr CAMOUFLAGE: Mrs. Jimmy Isabel Lockwood Florence Lindahl HOI POLUI: Beta House MOSQUITO FLEET: Doty Twins BUMBS: Gyp Davis Red Cormack Franklin Allen Johnny Crebs ITALIAN, LINE: Rousseiau ' s lilHU i_ A PAliC 3=1. BIOI HC 517 L BliULOB i i ]f (:: m s EC 3sr V . 3 I 1 ' 7 tx,«.4. ; ,,, Miss -l-WT T-l " " JTecauI? ' War Funds of her ability to get money out of feeble minded male, was a most eificient collector of war funds. The photographer of this picture contributed fifteen dollars. Well, wouldn ' t you have, in the same position? II]®IOI®[ ir w m J I — ' 518 JL w Jm 3a. DHIiLIOBI 2sr War Scene LSI g [Si II ® 11 HI ® in SI s NO MAN ' S LAND THE PI PHI DORM. JSS ]SIOI @ 3sr Sl» JScrr-: JBIJLJLlOaC -SBC: sr OUR FACULTY " Our Faculty! In their intercourse -with tts may they always be right; hut our faculty, right or wrong. " FACTS AND FIGURES The following may be old stuff to some, but it was news to us so we thought others might not know it. Hence we spread the light. Or as Prof. McJohnson of the Commerce school would say, " You never can tell how far the women get ahead of us till you see. That ' s why I get up to see the Follys once a year. " We rise to enquire, " Is that why you are always on the verge of snoring at your eight o ' clocks? " Also — Dean Clark ' s sweater growing tendency is an attribute of his youth. His Saturdays and Sundays in his college days were often given over to washings and iron- ings. Lord, keep that dark ! ! ! During the Annual Faculty Golf Championships last year Dean " Cemetery Road " Richards of the Engineering College was awarded the first cup for possessing the rosiest golf vocabulary. This is a good one One day he asked the little boy standing at the fence if they had come to see him play golf. They said no, they came to hear him play it. Hah — Hah ah ah, here comes the dirt, here comes the . Old man Ward, zooligistically famous, has come out openly and claimed that the tender meat of a whale is the absolutely 212 degrees of dining. And The reason that the Greatest College Organ is always out of shape is because of the ability of Colonel Erb as a profound musical acrobat. This is the tale the janitor tells. Did you ever notice that our revered Dean Babcock is the best dressed man on the campus barring only John Dietz, acting president of the Student Council. ' Strue. It is also rumored (we hope falsely), that Dean Davenport is bringing his daughter up " temperancely " as the furnace tender, who told us of it, said. And although Ira O. has no legal option on the blue sky, he gives it away, gratis, to his beloved studes. Hitch your wagon to a star. W i Ji ]EIOI HC -TEE 520 3 BILHOB I HEAVEN III ® [il SI 11 As Webster has it: Bright (brit) n. Clear; transmitting lijrht : transi arcnt. Help Plan Details For Sorority Dance U.t » Ethrl (iliflt. Ui» Adflik Gritt- •T»Hn Oama Clwpiw tf tK Vu A [MM svmlijr antl sin a Oanc toWKhl In I « rad n»f» pf lM Mo- lal LitHiillf.. IIIM Kih l flllRt ao-) MM AiMUa a»» HT IVD «f th wba hav Ui« Matr tn ehus . n« «««i JM •»« tM (IrU : I I All of which Koes to prove that brains are no barrier to glory. u JBc ]BIOI«[ 3Kt. -iwcr; -r:.:_--,- 521 ® aSL BILHOBC IBE Cbct.i flu Epsiloii I ' .-iK ' i.m- fir ni A- 17 No. 10 l 3 8 T.A, In the good old days ir O Aer ooJ C m 5 TAe old Dust Twins Motto — " Let us do your Work " . Irene Seaton and " K " Raithel. Pledge, but incompetent Salomia Ainsworth Two In One Club Motto — Date ' em Up and Take Your Choice " (Note — Membership confined to those who have been successful in accepting at least two dates for the same night. Add note: Ed. thinks it is an experience only to go out with something like this). President, Sal Ainsworth, (Of course) Cooperating agents — Alpha Xi Delta Cellar snipes and kitchen help Victims of the organization policy: Scott Greene Ash Hallowell Jake Schnellbacher (pronounced Snelbackur) Anyone in the Uni who wants a date DBIOI-Og -|B£ - -! S ® HI IS [1 i ii=. 522 " - - lil JmI 35L ailXIOHL HI [l [■ !m} ai [S m ■1 s m n 1 s 1 Ji 3BV. DBIOI Hi: H2r 623 • m . " -n T " ;t 1 5 1) h5 h rrf After a H ai BI I HC THE; aar 524 laijLLioaL IMMORAL DANCES PICTURED IN PLEA AGAINST BARS Juvenile Association Says Soldiers Got [ Drinks. I ! 1- s B a B ■e [i] fil lie- H irl- •es [a a -as K -ul s E 1- it m It B •Jd 1 — ' .1- een lesa me- t he ate ting and jnty reet lotB hat ind eo led :he ».i Young girls In skimped gowns. Im- proper atatudes oTToyo TnTglrls, young women drinking near the bar. and soldiers being sold liquors are de- scribed In the report by the Juvenile Protective assoclaUon urging the abol- ishment of the speciaJ dance hall bar permit The dance most rebuked was that of the Valley Rose Benevolent associa- tion In the Sokol Havlcek hall, at 2«19 Lawndale avenue. " Seventy-flve minors Were Illegally present, " says the report, " and at least 20 per cent of them were served drinks. Four became Intoxicated, and two soldiers also were intoxicated. " Tells How Soldiers Got Drink. The report explains that the mode of selling liquor to soldiers was novel. A baitendcr would set out a glass of beer and one of soda: the soldier would toss off the beer and stand innocently fin- gering his soda glass. Two soldiers re- mained at the bar from 10 until WO o ' clock, and the sale of liquor was continued Until ' 2:16, it is charged. Po- licemen ;536 and 579 were present- " Misconduct of various sorts was observed, " continues the report. " Girls I sat on men ' s laps: twenty Instances of impropriety were noted; .60 per cent lot the couples had arms alfout part- ners ' necks and tKentycmjpIesdanceS v ith faces tpgetne Rvo gff|y7BWff ft i- in smil; Wft ' aibers from the waists as a substitute tor skirts. " I The report also rebukes " tJemoral- Izlng condlUona " in a ball given by the Black Base association at 1814 South Ashland avenue, " where three girls about 1« years old drank beer at a table on the dance floor near the en- trance to the bar. " Some Dances Commended. Dances of the Honore club in School hall at Fofty-elghth street and Honore street, and the Silvery Bells dance In Columbia hall at 1700 -West Forty- eighth street, ajid also of Ihe Barry Athletic and Benevolent association at Areola hall at 3651 North Clark street. all were commended by the report as being well behaved and conducted with strict decorum. The report is to be handed to Hinton G. Clebaugh. Samuel Insull, chairman of the council of defense, and Chief Schuettler. FLAG DEFAMER CI Chi ' pare thaw weathr eert O j thousf city ' s I mfid w I The I school etreetf curb Ben ' has ■do li M) I ters ! the ■ qu( I be an hr Of Achoth pives Midnig ht Party: The Achoth sorority entertained their vlalting alumni members and a few invited guests at a midnight party last evening. The .nature of the par- ty was kept a ecjgj. The following ilumni members were present: Hazel Prye ex ' 15; Ruby Grimes ex- ' 14 and Eda and Clara Borgelt ex- ' lS. All have been the guests of the chapter while in the city attending the High School Conference. m %o 1, ' - (? udZi u o amL am 525 I IE III QiU JHc 3iL BIULIOSC " TSS The Faculty at Play ISi My Pony Theodore W. A. NOYES Were You Ever Born? iihmi Ver . Kri. UlulHy I -i " l ,iji .-yt iTT ..II BlHt.k.-.! William Chauncy LangJon, P. M. Anna Held ' s Naughty Eyes E. L. BOGART O. A. MARKER See Washington First . ,1 V,».ll,, V!l J. » „. ■ p.. ' v., K. H. NEWELL For Sale shf;tiiK ' FrJ «I R? --t.-!«» .. t;„„iu- ti. Calif ' c.iH. J. N. Pomeroy Bad Words H. E. CUNNINGHAM RefereDcc— Dcnn Ri haids Why Be A Socialist Mb. iit i ' unti! llt - tiithu g- ' ut. l-pptuFP Tfljiir: ■•Wlint liaiiTH-iiwi H. F. MOORE Are You Mentioned By • ' WHO ' S WHO " ? V. V. PHELPS " Root. Rodney, Root! " My Grandfather Was Old King Coat sii.B lit. ' a s«sM. A .lt m.- «if,. H. H. STOEK The Darktown Strutters The Univereity Club Minsdets Ladies Night, Friday evening, 11 January, 1918 At tiK Ckb House MUSICAL PROGRAM ( ' •-■..iiiBfli. ' nw- ■■Sniliiii. ' i.ij tlir U.nrv Cmi I ulI.T liy lUii Arm- " s..i„- -n..- Lin:., irwi, (!,.,■ ■■ _,_. ,,Ai, J!..!iji( ■Til " .Mi-Jii II.. I. ' ' . ., l.hii.Tii.k. " ' A Fn,.iilT ' -i- ;:. V..r.Kl0 link JL-rr, Srijitf- " Till. imu ' litnt ' nt V .iir -iiiilc ' Kniiik I • [ P.a 1 »iT.v .(HI.-I .| iril»; (hi- JnimKr I S.,111.- -Tin- lt».ij..;.m(I.- |i;.inli;.-inrn- M.-7.- litii y .ui I Ki, ...!-,. :, ' ] y.iii wmi ' . Jipiv ' h iiuI IKjv ' il ' riK.p .A r mrliofun.k ' litinm-. - ' lii-. iMIH.. ..,1-1 t " .nis-A HaWm ' -I • - |!...r. .,,r.:. I[.iJ,;. fl.. Wnrd- H!i.I luiwi l. If. F. lp-..t. ' Diiiit Kniitapr t!-- H s.-rif.ii. ASSJSTiNOTHe EIStTKF ' TA (■•[■li--iii..i- r. S. Kb)? Mi M..|i--I!.,i„. F. K. W. Hr .■ Tm-tiI...- H. F lt-,r . ■ ,■ MENT COMMIT-reE Ml Sinning hv I), ' Kintni srti..r nixl Liirhliup Effect b. X- A, WilU AjM ' riU " inpnt« wlii-it.-tf i)y H. . HHrrinslun TliiH !itl iirrvjo Ili(f i f ■mr own U in liimi.,- " f ( . s Iti;. r. .- -lilt luai. who wtis nitrnmont-d m Wnnhini: (nil iifi.-r-. ' fftvtiTif .. ' iiri ill linmc «p jitk ' -s. Ilw « " ai Lit- i " vn Mheo Uy A. C. HarpT. Si(in ' Em Alive is my Hobby 1.1 jol.v llmt .-BiKi- b. ' Mrt f;.il.h-- ..n.l .tflm ..Jfilifr .l,.|n,Ty. AM amcl.- wr qii....} Ill r..,l J. M. WHITE SpKiil— A OeUcioQi Door Jamb at $100 Each Dogs I ollow My Footsteps Thf Dumb AimnalE ;. V. BOYER BAll ..OWNS DESIGNED M Hjndsomc Co5iumi-s Mjfce the EYES BULtJE Aimee Wells Learn to Drive a Car Without Talking I Bjtve a Mnr Hethed i ly a (■| ' .-l si... i. r.-.|,iii-.) I,.- y-Hir «ir,. .1-. III. .■..iivrisiii.j DEAN F. H. RANKIN TRY A COMET-FIZZ i: ■ JUPITER COCKTAIL JOEL STEBBINS " THE CARES OF A HENPECKED FATHER " Sstiifjttion NOT GuurantMd Watch Me Drill 1 w». 111.. t.i..i, ' i.t i ' l. .i-i.iii-.- .u»i JAKE ZEITLIN WHY OWN A FORD? nil IhiT-wi-U ami wilt., H. W. BALLANTINE HAVE YOUSEAD MY Speeches for Every Occasion " Orange Peels and Lemon Rinds ' Iliimrh ■■v. ' ryh.Hiy lik.-s ' .-ni. I iirwr t-U thr name joke ivuf. I am a wbisi. I-1-1 in.- writ. ' yoin- n- i iiiipr-imi-tii ip. pi-h. Ss.i imr. ' .liii-uoii iiuide mtrrr)- K. C. BABCOCK " Itji.. iii ' «r ht-ik .,f Kways im My Darc-Devil Ex] Fiiy. .li ' . iiaiitipr. ll.M■k vi||i mirtli rfiatiinc nnp " F un - r. ' iii- cliJiis-i ■ I- I i.jiii):.-!.- Mitlii.ii! Ihi-i h " imehi»lrf post. T. A. CLARK StitTtacm—Kutcy, or Any Student Abcut ta Flt.nk JHC SBl. DSIOI BC 526 ■li ii:; si 1k ' Ul I (- ' - r JEt III li s H a ® r HIULIOSC Ttrrr: ISHT A - ■ - ' ' ' ■ " ' Coin -►.ruL. JUL. , Y n ). rw t Ju fwu. a -C- 0 I Ai A i tW A fetr So i f f w L — -t.i • t ?■ Sola (dinplft of Al(ihii iCmittmi Jli ,11 ,x7 utxt ( .vamt: 111 i »■! y j t — — , . «. - l ' ' amily jifjlJ --MA Father ' s busipc ' Kcsidencc lisl M - • ' ' ' ' ' ' High uchool ffrxAZ " Remark. ,0. Kecoatoiended by y .t w- aA ■ It certainly is expensive, this bringing sisters into the eternal bond. It ' s worth it though, if you get them like this! JBC JBI I B THE 2=r 627 i; i— sil- si» ll i Howe come Bromo — how come. Are you a man of many loves? JBIOI H aar 628 I aSfc " ■r WUXTRA UNIVERSITY SCANDAL Coed and Fiance Swept out by Janitor 1® THAT r.-.v : ifltll ChampaiKn, night court, January, 1918. An interestinK and uniciuo case was tried here last niKht. The Participants, a short miss of twenty some serene summers and an emaciated youth of some sixteen wicked win- ters stood before the judge. The jury, com- posed of the victims father and the accused ' s mother. President James, the Dean of men and women, a local minister, the presidents of Delta Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Alpha Theta and Women ' s League listened in silence to the girl ' s story: — I was a good little girl till I met that D. K. E. of mine. But you all know he done me wrong He said that dancing wasn ' t half the fun As many things that he had done With door locked tight And little light. But now I know he lied to me For I have tried them both, you see He was my man But he done me wrong! We were at a good dance Up in the Woman ' s Building There were about a million chaperons He led me to a room to get a coco-cola But all I seen was coccain snuff I never seen that cola stuff. That ' s how I know he lied to me. For I have tried them both, you see He was my man But he done me wrong. That I will go to that celestial blue Called heaven, I don ' t doubt. But thei-e are those who say That ' cause the Janitor swept us out Some hours later with a flop And called a cop And used a mop That I will go below — Where all you do is sing and shout And sit on coals And meet lost souls He was my man But he done me wrong ! m :!!!!!S:!:S! ■■■■■iBivfliiiiiiiiiB ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■itHaiaBsiaaii; !! " ■!!!!!!£! ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■iiiiifl iiiiiiiaiiiiniiiitiiiaiiiiBiiiSS ■ ■■■•■■■■■■a ■■■ ■■■■■■■■■aiii ■•■•■■ta ' Ut iiiii iiiiiiigiiJS: ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■! ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■•■■ " ■■•■•■I ■■•■■■■■■•■■■■■■■■■■■iiiiiiiiiiiiiii ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■•■■■■■■•■■aiiiaii ■■•■■■■ iMiasiiiiilvi ■■■■(■■■■■ail ' •■■■■■■■■■■•aa ' ■•■■■••■■■•■•■■■•■■a (■■■- ■■■■■■■liaaaaia ' ■■■■■»•■■ ' ' v Oai ■ ][i]IOI.9[ 3® fl 1 629 giLLIOB REINCARNATION I i ® s s a m s a [¥ ¥ Have you ever looked at a person and said to yourself " Ye Gods " , isn ' t she the spit- ting image of Jenny Wren? " , or " Heavens and earth, that fellow reminds me of an Australian flying sword fish. " Of course you have. A perfectly nice poppah and mom- mah will have Twin sons who bear a striking resemblance to some animal. It happens in the F. F. ' S of most any town. Perhaps your own parents have mentioned some such thing to you — though they usually see this likeness to some animal, in our dispositions rather than in our facial expressions. We look too much like them for that ! Because there seemed to be so much good material and the subject as yet uninvesti- gated here, the staff engaged the services of one of the foremost authorities (at half price because of the war), to conduct a thorough examination here. After shadowing some of the most prominent Seniors and other students, he announced that his theory " That animals are reincarnated in people " seems to be upheld here. Only one failure was noted — that of Mr. Jo. Green, in whom the expert failed to find the slightest re- semblance to any living thing. " He resembles nothing, " the Professor said. A partial list of his conclusions is printed below, — if you believe in his theory and care to become an investigator yourself, call at the office for his book, " Animals in U. S. " , price, thirty- five cents. Also if your name is not among the rank and file below — and you believe it to be rank enough, call at the office IT IS PROBABLY FILED AWAY. Autty Fox — Wire-haired terrior. George Siemens — Yold of an egg. Zuckerman — Jelly-fish. Bartholomew — Ant-eater. Sal Ainsworth — Percheron. Tess Salladin — Jersey cow. Ralph Metzler — Tarantula. Nutt, A. T. Sr.— White of an egg. Pistoffice McConnel — Mosquito. Ingwersen — Grasshopper. Roy Kroeschell — Aramadilla. Harriet Fera — Mole. Bobby Lorentz — Piggy-wiggy. W. Kohler — Hippopotamus. Lil Beth Eke — Monkey. B. McNair — Vulture. Torchy Armstrong — Woodpecker. K. Raithel — Ground squirrel. Nelson Thomas — Bull-dog. Maj. Collins — Oyster. Ethel Gliffe— Snail. Peg Miles — Sole-fish. Corinne Fields — Field-mouse. Frank Hurley — Hyena. Owen Reeves — Stork. Mr. Facing — Rooster. Mabel Pettibone — Walarus. Eunice Gawthrop — Flea. Romero — Ram. Ethel Stanges — Shark. Kal Pulcipher— " What is it. " jsa 3aioid@i: Ta£ 580 JSTc Missed In The Running Li S ® m S E S m i t i ;»s? - Slitz Slayton looking up to the Great Romero. Paw Knappenbergrer over the week-end. Why screen the interior from view ? Suppose that ' s a dark secret. POSITIONS WANTED. Female. — Wanted porch climbing ard fieccrd story work to do. Carry own line, though weak. Camouflage easily as lady-thug. No scruples. PEGGY MILES. Si gerre i » v rnis ' » A«r«- i ' «| tr COUVICS TArvtAL. T-o nte POSlTlOK WANTCO FSMAUe 111 HI SI in n IS a s ■•tr cM ' cyZ u fil ISIOI BC a 631 -imc LiiLlLJ£ .i.Ua aar OUR SOCIAL REGISTER Interesting sidelights on our best. This page has been compiled for the purpose of putting before the public the more personal history of the great and near great of this institution — largely near — some not so close. The following list of statistics can be used for the purpose of making out fraternity date lists, care being taken to match brothers with sis- ters who through earlier training may be congenial. In this way surgeons ' daughters and undertak- ers ' sons, grocers ' nieces and butchers ' grandsons, haberdashers ' youngest and milliners ' best and policemen ' s offspring and jewelers ' first born can be put in the same limousines. It will also relieve such perplexing situations as having a banker ' s heir hob- nobbing with an income tax collector ' s heiress. K : g JUL Name Nelle Flatt Grace Flood Alberta Andrews Irene Seaton Florence Lindahl Autha Fluke Marion Smith Lois Evans Lillian Baethke Corinne Field Maude Marks Ethel Gliffe Sara Moore Rosalie Bourgeois Helen Grimes Pauline Weber Edith Kelly Wanda Cousins Julie Collins R. O. Metzler Frank Herdman Red Cormack Bert Feuer Bob Bryant Tess Salladin Ray Haas Walt Ritter Ind. Home Toivn Champaign Terra Haute; Urban a Quincy Wayne Chicago Cuba Monticello Glen Ellyn Chicago Plymouth, Ind. Chicago Danville La Grange Danville Olney Camp Point Lord Knows Chicago Champaign Winnetka Chicago Chicago La Grange Milford, -Neb. Evansville, Ind. Chicago Father ' s Occupation Grain dealer Architect Retired grain merchant Railroader Tradesman Printing contractor Farmer Grocer Merchant Men ' s Furnisher Income tax collector Electrical superintendent Contractor President of Robischem and Pech- am Co. Wholesale House Chief Clerk of Electrical Dept. Surgeon Jeweler Motorman Policeman Butcher Contractor Contractor Merchant Undertaker Banker Musician Furnace Salesman ii . ]®Ii IS HC Tl= 2Hr H® S I 532 JSc iLxioac RUN WITHOUT COMMENT E B 11 a i] IS 11 11 KCtntDtl SOCHn 40 NL FRtCPOOT TI« NOV 3 HIT •UISS FLPPPNCr ' ?TT t1 E«3T CBEEN 87 CH«yPAICN ILl ««V.ECTrt TC SEND YOU SPECIAL fOR SUNDAY CUE TO TK f«CT 1 HAW NOT BEEN AlU TO REALIZE THE DAY • 8» THE KEEK I AM «tLL AND UNHAPPY ANT WILL U Tlr»I KAY OUTIL I SEE YOU LOADS OF LOVE BOt 1 124tH " f vs Sot " « -«, »fft ■f ' » cL n Of M««t nHMi IK ■-i. ' TJrja SOB KomiM 10 FREEPORl TEXAS 206PM NOV 28 1917 WISS FLORENCE WOTT 61 EAST GREEN ST CHAl PAJCH ILL AM QUITE WORRIED WHAT IS TROUBLE WRITE OR WIRE LOVE ill III H HI [M IS 111 B ISIOI-OBL THE 2Er 533 DaiULIOl 3iL ■W-r- 2sr OH BOY! CLASS or URVICE synuoL CyMuiMi DtyUnw Mm N Mmh. NIH N«MUtM Nl It now ■( MM UVM .yiMMli UPa» ft r MM cfMdi (KumbM d NCWCOMB CAKLTON, PHI SEORQE W. K. ATKINS. nniT vici-Piia otNT CLASS OF SEKVICE SYMiOt II«M i« OqU» BiM llt«IM»M NiW .KIlUUll. • lv iijiSr sr " RECEIVED AT u SI ® ® ® iMl a 11 a in ® 3ICH6 xa 30 BALLOU ILL 150P JU;;E 8 1917 MISS ALBERT ANDREWS ,807 SOUTH THIRD ST CHAMPAJUll} ILL WILL BE IN CHAMPAIGN SUNDAY NOON BE FREPARED TO LEAVE FOR EVANSTON SUNDAY EVENKiS THE FOLKS ARE GOING TO LAKEGENEVA THE FIRST OF WEEK WANT US TO GO WITH THEt BOB 22CP 516 ,« .U .o«t.s Nt ■SlOO .S to. - ' to , , • VK) ' .rSTJt- ' ' t? ,.• 3 . ■ ■)0 CO -I - ,..o«;T, S-J ' " ' .,, UT, ' ' ' -- „„ .-Its fC,W ■ •i •JO ,0 s« ■ V .CA ' ' « uO«S «SO ' i a a u ® ® ® ® ® ® .ii-H(JP IS Ml CHCO ILLS 3 1517 1S0P THEA DELTA CHI HOUSE E.STGRfEN ST CHAMPAIGN ILLS S ' « SISTER SLIPPED ME CHI. AGO GAME T, CKET ,LL MAKE REPARa TUN FOR TONIGHT DONT HaTE ME " EPARaTUN Mar I AN K SMITH u S iaep JSE ][£]IOI [ ssr 684 L H 1 i] i 5 1 H 1 Q li [ il [] Q i] i] [ r i] ll 3-L PaiLLIOBE Look Where Johnny Got His Start We kinda like Hattie ourselves. Who was your Ceola? Ifc; C..I «o!f i CM, S. [yn ANO lii VOK Aihielic Ktli- Aihktit Ass.«i.i(ii n i ' ritsi(ifn( , ' r.-, ,.-,.r 1= ■■|l .t ■lval ■■■. OTHER JUNK 11 ® H m m m ® ® Hi s A.r.M,. Burton Holmes Travelogue This is a close up of the Alpha Zi house. The van at the door is bringing a case of rouge and a barrel of powder — the war paint of a true Alpha Zip. Their chief charac- teristics are thick ankles; desires to wear evening dresses, even to classes; knitting in Jimmy ' s bar; whiny or nasal voices; rolling eyes; $1.98 hats. Duncan ' s studio window. Aviator ' s looking at the AT and KKl " pictures " Well believe me! I never saw anything that looked that good over there! " :®ioi«HC m 688 =rsL HIIJLIOS III Ei m a H E H II - f.. " --.:?r; ,z- b. a.. - Another love gush directed at Florence Mott. This beats the stuff back on paKe 533. S II m n M. III @ IS HI BIOI HC aar 536 i JSi HILLIOBC i ® [■ El SI E [■ m rii a In Br-own Boifie [ ]IOI [ SBL s 637 iaiJLL] SL OUR LITTLE SCRAP BOOK And here are the Chi O ' s playing hide-and-seek with Lambda Chi Al- pha. We recognize them al! but the one on the left and Edith at the extreme right. JBc Philip Melangton, ex-president of the Soi)honiore class, and Pe i? Mun- ger are among those present. Do you known the rest ? When Elgin was a Florence lived there. Elgin has grown. small town. Since then. n. ]®ioi«ac ! ii " TH£ 638 JBIIJLIOSS B MORE SCRAPS (Or there will be when this comes out.) m L«j ■ la Picture to the right is Wanda Cousins ' little Xmas gift. Yes, Ben Calvin used to be one of Wanda ' s friends. Can it be? One of the D. U. Fresh in his home town. Girls, watch him ! ODE TO BOOTS (Owed to Boots) To you old Boots With sly unsuspecting air; You have filled us with spirit That drives away care. You, in your dark, dark cavern Have done your duty well. And many a tired worn student, Who on your door step fell. Was given drink and sustenance Which braced him for the morn When dreary Deans delved deftly Into the yet unborn. Oh Boots, may all the univers (ity) Your praises broadcast fling, And may you have undying fame, To you, old Boots, I sing. 3C ® H SI H M ® ® [■I —■I =IT ' Ju 639 ZDBILLIOBC 3sr ® H m m H a E E In the good old days when mother was a child. Bet the second one from the left in the second row up shaltes a wicl ed sandal. 1« E g SI ® M [3 E Five ffuesses — no, seven — who are it? Yeh Homer, that ' s Belle in the middle. Ye Gods, look at Sarah next door. Yes, it ' s the Pi Phi ' s. H JBE ]aioi«H[ 640 Jmz l»i Ml m B E m ]HILLIOHi: Ode To A College Boarding House (Food for ThouKht) No turkey rare, or bill of fare Of canvas back or grouse Will grace your place through time or place, Oh college boarding house. Your stews and hash are but a dash Into the day just past, Scraps fro m the plates, of thing school mates. Are in their mixture cast. From kitchen doors the odor pours Oh, gassy greasy smell That covers you and smothers you Ah fate! I know it well. If death e ' re came, before I ' d fame Then fame for me arouse Just mark my bier, " He lived a year At a College Boarding House. " C, .M. Ml Conn. llCKi tnu- H E. Cf-XNINGHAM AWst;tnl Reifihtrar UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS THE REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE URBANA L. A. Boici. Recorder I. H. Smith. BxamiDer Q. P. TUTTLB. Examiner Kovember 24, 1917 Mr. C.S. Moore 1616 fiorth Vermilion Street Danville, Illinois My dear Sir: I beg leave to advise you that your daughter. Miss Sara E. Moore, has withdrawn from the University. Yours very truly. Jf Recorder ja [i]ioi 9[Ein THE s=r 641 I ' I ■ s rii IBUvLIOBC A TOAST Here ' s to the college without any clubs, Soliciting sisters or brothers or dubs, Who talk a blue streak until late in the morn To get you to join their great club, Hoof and Horn ; Or after they ' ve shot you a pro-german line Will try to entice you to Deuche Verein; Or who in a manner both trite and blaze. Will get you to join the Le Cercle Francais. Oh many there are, and many the ways To get you to be a good member who pays. So give me the college of dull care and ease That hasn ' t been loaded with clubs such as these. (ihr Jlurnh ' . (6rrni aiift (611I1) lit ?;itmtiaa 1£1U Miiliu 1B.K1B. Penn.ylvanra 3Bt r Chari)ier gets inspii ' ation from the Lambda Chi Alpha. Swede ' s booster has kept his name dark. V — —-r- " y.K ' -i iTllTnoIPI ' -IiI ' PROSPECTS i I AR-E-l QOR laiOI HC THE 642 dk 1 3BII.LIOBC -!g- -■-p WITH OUR BETTERS Zeta Delta Peptone " " + M. Bemhiicl, ' JO r " F. B. Uariory. 9- CHI rSI HOME COMING NuvcmbCT 24lh . ii thr date let for Alpha Zcia Urlla ' i firil dance of Ihe year. At many of the alumni did nol reiurn (or the lllini KoniF-ComtnK, we »re trying to make the date of Novembrr S4lh. a Chi Pii Home-Com- ing. The Minnooia-lllinoii game which ac- cordini to dope proAtitei ' ' game, will be an eicelleni brother! to get acquainted with who are now active. Thi« if i ' important quetiiont are ariiin; erniiy and the co operalion i greatly needed. Our alumni our call in the past and w« hope slick by ut ibru the uncertain Alumni, remember Ihe date! Alio, jeur FRT ■If Pans Alpha. . retted me in the every day m . mighi h( of interett to olhcri. At Zeia Delta Ihe lighi» go out down- •t» at 7:jo ■t ' l ' very one if in hi» room. tl« «• m Ihrn on there ii little noif«. and vifit- whom pprrclaiinian in each room, ani] he if re- d« i ' e iftble (or what foet on after that hoar heart III room No uiiderclaifman goii outiidc T the Lodge on a itudy nighl without the hopet rrmiiiion of an appointed fenior; --■ — - ' ' • ' • leu hii gradei are up to standard tmall chance of gelling taid permifsion. inierert. The " itorm " tyitem if uicd very tucceit- probabli (ully and when you go to bed you have a fair extrarti ' chance of getting ' your forty. ' " 8 " ' A furprii to me wa» the attendance at ■» " . " ' brtak(aft Nearly every one »rife» in plenty lahlifhe o( time, and a few luper-iealou onef are up the l-ni » n- and around long before the brcakfaft hour. An morning you can find a gang ( Kribtng the fireplac aik f M:-- THE FALI, BUSHING SEj SON Se ere ' ihi. fall, lucky lo get ti " gooa clait at we Hid. for our lift wai Ruihin if one thing in which the alumni ■ ' ■■■ II be abfolntely together I tiich a .iu.i •! the beginning of the year. The Tuthing chairman mailed Iclteri lo all of the alumni, but we dtda ' l gel ■ many recom- mendationi at we hoped for, and lome of , j, thftte that came in were to late that we were , ' 3(vx unable to get hold of the men. Now if our !■ A " Alpha It going to live thru the very hard .Aj ' year. htvi head, we have got to have eiceptionaj ' ? ■ [, „ keep her_ going, and to get them t.. (JC 1_£ S. " e Ihe flyinj S K ing wedge about them ( iiif miimic inry lel loot in Oiampaign Wi brothrri here appreciate that many o( Iht ■lumni are in the service, but o( Ihe alumni ' jAji Ji. who are U ll at home we aik added co-opera- ' t i lion, a little more care and earlier promptnets ' " " " - in tending in rccammendationi so that we ' will have plenty o( lime to get the men in jj " ' ' line, and with liiat help we will plant the but- ■ " " ' ■ loM. and keep the Alpha going ctrong ' " ' " " ' ■ m o( activity, Tlicy are all abl lo find some- f ' o, " " fl , ' jj. ■ ' ■ . Ij ' «.. • - 5, thing (or which their " ' ' " h ■ " " " ' " ' »» - , " ' ,l j ' A. " A, " h- r ' , ' , ' le frhe bunch isn ' t perffct.f Hit they ar alive, l V _ ' ■ ' ' .-a " ©, " T Oi| " ' At, ' •v ' ob, ' andV ol alraid to !ry new fh ' ngs. and are hunt- I TtLi S.,,; 4 ► C A,. ' •. in iiig d»vrn their faults and correcting them f ' ,,. ■ » ' " ., I . " f ill In my opinion they arc a peppy crew, and H ' V«, • ' V ' i., le aliho we have been hard hit by the war. we ' ll st - J ■ V ' pull thru and CTii Pti will be proud of her M. ' f; .,, ' » baby brother. Alpha Zeta Delta. BROTHE " a IN THE SERVICE ...Q - ' " ,q«- , CO t ? st,— ' ■ " « Iw, ! ■««,( C«, iBt ■ o«. ' M ' o " ■ ' held the " ■TOin ' 8 trip. ' " " ten, ' " ■ hundr- ' , ' ' " " " r chaL ' " " ' ' « Mr, , " •cfcool. ' j. ■ cf,, ._ " ' ■e . i„ , " ' f ' xh- givt " Plhe ' Jnoii »nd o " g-flitu, Id ».« ' «• e»8 . „« A " w " ;ei vW ' ?« " ' , W w " W •-CA - X " ™« " •».. SOU Ill ■I n SI HI ® n vo " ' @ioid@i: 543 5SL DBjnLLJtOH AVIATORS A Hate Song By A Male Co-ed Next, they act so Darned Aloof, We don ' t mind their being so cocky In their uniform and white bands But when they ignore us completely, Just as though we were The Scum of the Earth, Or a sort of early morning mist to be stared through; Our blood boils. And when they talk " Farmans " Nieu- ports " and never Fords, Over at our fraternity house And we don ' t get a word in edgewise Well no wonder we pray for the re- turn Of last Fall ' s Plague. I HATE AVIATORS. THEY GET ON MY NERVES. First they clutter up the Campus, Running around a hundred strong. Getting exercise by shoving us off the sidewalks. Twice a day they line upon the Lib. steps To have their pictures taken; I think they send them to the Rogues gallery. They form a complete blockade in the Arcade door. And Jimmy can ' t keep Hersheys enough for us all ; We do without. Their series of Horns and Bugles Produces in us something like Shell Shock. Oh! that I were deaf and dumb and blind! ■1 II 3 SI ■ ' SSI. SIOI B u 544 Jmc. HIIXIOEC Aviators Hate Song u I I And they make us feel like Slackers. They love to do it. They work overtime at it. I wonder if they put the Ground School here Just for that reason? And when they look at us as though try- ing to decide Whether we have glass eyes, Flat Feet or Dependents, Flinging " There ' s An Alien Enemy " look our way No wonder we camouflage in our drill uniforms — Drawing a salute now and then. Ha ! Ha ! But anyway they can ' t be Eays ' s or Big Boot ' s pets- Not in uniform! ' ■(V 5 H f.i ..t And last and worst they vamp our girls. They line up to the Army ' s reputation Of having a Wicked way with Women. But you notice they put nothing down in Black or White? On Saturday nights up at Bradley ' s they " appear in droves. And no matter if they dance like the Devil The girls all beam on them And want to " Join the Army " right away. Or they run and get his dimensions For a form fitting sweater. Yes, and though they oogle and catch cold In the Y. M. windows, they are forgiven. For they wear 0. D. suits — Speak lightly of Death — And the girls adore them! I HATE AVIATORS. THEY GET ON MY NERVES. IS s [si ■ [■ ' @ IS iii « DSIOI lEl 546 [S ili H il S E a m B u J IILHOI aar GYP AND RELATIVES They Paid All Costs Saturday And Charges Were Dropped Monticello, Dec. 3.— A delightful lit- tle domestic scene i n the Lodge cabi,n two and bnfchalf ' miles north of Monti- cello, was interrupted shortly after dusk on Thanksgiving day by Sheriff George Lindsey and as a result two well known students of the University of Illinois g . Kins and J E. Davis, were placedunaer arrest. Two gqro Ity gl j:la. ne of whom resides " in ohei oflEcSMkirtowns of, Champaign coun- ty,, were with the young met)! at th ' ei lime of the arrest. The parties are charged with di siurb|u ; the peace, having entered the Lodge cabin with- out any consultation of the owner and -having ken complete possessio n When the ottic ' ers arrived tney rourTt ' the quartet were playing cards so hap pily that it seemed a shame to inter- rupt them. William Lodge, one of the owners of, the cabin, accompanied ' Mr. Lindsey when the arrest was made. The two students returned to Monti- cello on Saturday and paid the costs of the case, $5 apiece, the charges being dropped and it ' beinf agreed not _to publish the names of the young ' wotQj- }iJST KKKP THK- t-AOieS ' I VAivrrs 007- o ir yot f A » V. !i _l- i; -- g X il il :;, i P 1 y 3HL. DHILLIO® IS n SCANDAL For those ivho enjoy their lives in proportion to the view they have of other people ' s lives, is this page mournfully dedicated. Herewith!!!! Did you know that the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (on John Street) had awarded several cups to the Chios during the year, cups for their mantle-place. The Pi Kappa Alphas are strong for cups, and have tried to share their joys with the Chios. It was empty enjoyment for the sisters, though. A female T. N. E. is in our midst, better known as the Matrix Society. Its motto is " Unity for both parties, where there are two points of view there is enlightenment. " They contributed greatly to the success of Lois Evans ' election as president of the Woman ' s League. We have been given to understand that our two affiliated Pi Phi sisters Fritz Mauer and Ash Halliwell, and charter sisters Irene Held and Gretchen Franken looked like a Chinese puzzle when they were suddenly outlined by the glare of a porch light from 705 S. Third Street. Brother Halliwell had to crank a Ford for an hour so that they wouldn ' t find out who he was. There ' s a rich morsel. While on our daily run of janitor work, we stopped back of the A. D. P. house to clean out the waste baskets. The following is an extract from a chapter letter received from the chapter at Baton Rouge: " Three of the pledges who were left down town in their kimonas and bedroom slippers have taken cold and will not be initiated until March 14. " And the wind whistled through their rigging. We hand it to Sal. She has brains as well as braun. In the law school she bril- liantly finished a course with the high grade of C, which same course our Varsity De- bater, Sandler, flunked without a chance. All of which shows a great amount of dili- gent concentration and attention to work on the part of Sal. The Phi Sig brotherhood have often expressed their chagrin at not being able to determine who the rest of the seven Pi Phis, besides Sara Moore, were at the annual smoker held in the third story front room of the old Pi Phi house at 806 S. Third, late last year. And Herb Bartholomew never would tell us who the Psi U was that attended Sal ' s Alpha Zi house party with him the night after Xmas vacation started. It was kind of a smoker, too. Also, have you heard about the Urbana Boarding house that was put under arrest for running a blind pig? We also must remind you of the girl who had an accident at the Phi Kappa Sigma house, and had to resort to the cloak room for protection. Irene, where art thou? Before we forget. Who kissed Edna Mann goodbye, on leaving for the front???? Ash her, she knows. Why, oh why, did the Pi Phis move the porch swings so that you can ' t see one from the other? " That may be characteristic of some houses but it certainly isn ' t of ours. " Attractive touring rates have been offered for parties visiting the surrounding country. A group made up of Red Langdon, Vi Moore, Cleland Smith and others, made the trip to Mattoon, Illinois and return, on Wednesday night, March 27. A good time was had by all. This is one of many trips Miss Moore has made.. For rates apply Pi Kappa Alpha House. One night we passed the Congregational House while a water fight was in progress. They may be congregational, but we are looking forward with keen delight to their next open house. We feel that we know the girls so well. The Betas have finally affiliated with the Sigma Nus. The promising Beta cook ' s daughter (she ' ll promise anything), has engaged herself to a promising Sigma Nu. We often wondered why we never found Alpha Chi couples in loving embrace be- fore their brand new fireplace. The secret is out. The sister with her longing partner hie themselves over to Laura Bussey ' s home where they establish themselves on Laura ' s davenport in front of Laura ' s grate fire. Ask them if this isn ' t true. Laura says. Why not give them a chance? HI ® SSI. :bioi ohc Ti= ssr 647 eiLLIOBC WE HATE TO SEE Corinne Field ' s flirting Jimmie Oakes Irene Seaton ' s " T. m. L » ffA i, L n m m m ® m m m Jack Guthrie ' s sophistication [?] ick Mallory fussing [ -J " ....x:,. Wanda Cousin ' s Mr Ethel Gliffe ' s iivar paint Most oAviators shifting waist line 111 [3 11 SI dl IS ® Is [9 il el i » ■niiL Mart ' s Sig pin on Sal!!! JSc i»L DSIOI BC aar 648 tf . JiL BIXLIOBC ADVERTISEMENTS Alpha O Pi is the only good bet, We must have the life ' s history of each girl we get; Only pedigreed persons and social pearls, Oh, to tell you the TRUTH, that ' s why we ' ve so few girls. The old-fashioned dears Alpha Delta Pi Must have crawled far away To some corner to die. I ' ve been to the dances And asked all the boys: Are they still in existence At dear Illinois? Gamma Phi Beta You ' ve some good looking creatures. But the rest of your crew Have a lack of good features. Your standing so high • In your studies remains As long as you sacrifice Beauty for Brains. Ml ■ fil Alice Stamey and Vivianne Moore at the ages of eight and nine respectively, all dolled up for a party. Isn ' t V the cute little thing. nBIOIdBC 649 3SL E B S M mi S H la m B IBILLIOBC ' •r INCOMPARABLE SUCCESS OF THE PEERLESS HARVARD DENTAL CHAIR is demonstrated by the character of its purchasers. The U. S. Government sought to purchase more PEERLESS HARVARDS than its manufacturers could deliver in the required time owing to tremendous private purchases having already depleted the stock of the dental depots and the manufacturer; yet the requisitions for and The Harvard Company deliveries of PEERLESS HAR- VARDS have been unprecedented. 410 already delivered for use in the U. S. Army and Navy. If fact all the permanent dental chairs bought for the Navy have been PEERLESS HARVARDS. All by the Red Cross, fifty in addition to the above, have been PEERLESS HARVARDS. All for the Motor Dental Cars ftirnished by American dentists, Dr. S. M. Weaver, chairman of the purchasing committee for army use, are PEERLESS HARVARDS. The purchasing boards tor all these departments seek first of all the highest quality. The PEERLESS HARVARDS is being more rapidly installed in the highest class offices and industrial corpor- ation dental departments than any other chair. This also could not prevail were it not the best chair. THE HARVARD COMPANY CANTON, OHIO mx. ISIOIdSC 550 ]® I 11 SI SI 11 ® SI a ■ §1 JBe HB. DBILHOaC IE ■ 4 til , OUR ADVERTISERS The following index of advertisers gives you a list of reputable firms with whom you should trade. They have done their part in making the ILLIO possible. You can show them that it was worth their while by trading with them. And when you do mention the 1919 ILLIO. They will appreciate it. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS A Alexander Lumber Company 566 All-Makes Typewriter Company 561 Alswel Farm Company 600 American Cabinet Company 575 Anheuser Busch Company 609 Automatic File Index Company... 558 B Barnard Company 553 Bass Camera Company 554 Chas. H. Besly Company 589 Bissell-Weisert Piano Company 577 Joseph C. Bowman 580 Ray L. Bowman 613 Brooks Brothers 590 C The Cable Piano Company 583 Geo. B. Carpenter Company 610 Central Camera Company 555 Central Supply Company 555 Champaign Ice Cream Company 568 Champaign Sanitary Milk Co. 607 Chicago Bridge Iron Works 578 Chicago Pump Company 590 Citizens State Bank 607 Columbia Quarry Company 588 Commonwealth Edison Company 554 D Davis Kreeger 577 Dearborn Chemical Company 603 Deere Company 579 Del Prado Hotel 565 A. P. Dickey Mfg. Co 563 Eugene Dietzgen Company 616 Deisel Wemmer Company 566 S. E. Dillavou 573 R. R. Donnelley Sons Company 562 Dress Suit Rental Company 616 H. F. Duncan 578 E Eisner Grocery Company 570 Engineering Agency 560 English Brothers 590 F A. H. Fetting Mfg. Jewelry Co 581 P. D. Foster 611 G J. Ray Gallagher 584 Garlock Packing Company 614 E. P. Gaston 583 A. E. Gilberg Company 576 Green Street Pharmacy 573 G. A. Grubb 607 Gulick Tailoring Company 576 H D. E. Harris 604 Samuel Harris Company 566 Hart Grain Weigher Company 560 The Harvard Company 550 Hercules Gas Engine Company 564 Chas. M. Higgins Company 583 Home Telephone Company 568 L. K. Howse 591 Hunter, Rourke Company 565 I Illinois Parfay Company 572 Illinois Traction System 567 J Jahn Oilier Engraving Co 612 Jerrems 584 H. W. Johns-Manville Company 557 Johnson Field Mfg. Company 561 Johnson Service Company 580 Jones Lamson Machine Company 591 K Keuffel Esser Company 597 C. A. Kiler 572 Kinsey Mahler Company 570 L Lammert Mann Company 595 F. P. Lewis Cigar Company 577 W. Lewis Company 603 D. H. Lloyde 559 Lyric Amusement Company 608 M Maguire ' s Studio 608 Mariner Hoskins : 584 Mecca Studio 614 Mehring Hanson Company _ 585 Metropolitan Business College 574 Ja SI II H S 11 a ® m s 3® DBIOI HE 22U- 561 r JS 35L John Mohr Sons 587 E. R. Moore Company 568 Morava Construction Company 598 Morrison Hotel 606 Morse Twist Drill Company 585 Moser Shorthand Company 593 V. Mueller Company 569 Munhall Printing House 566 N New York Blower Company 601 O Oakes Brothers 580 P Page Shaw 572 Paris Dry Cleaning Company 585 Parlin Orendorff Company 596 Pauline Millinery 586 Paxton Typewriter Company 600 Percival Kirkpatrick 607 Pitzenbarger Flynn 554 Frederick Post Company 594 Professional Directory 617 R Receivers, Central Union Tele- phone Company 574 Jacob Reed ' s Sons 556 Renne Studio 615 Rex Typewriter Company 605 Ritter Dental Mfg. Company 592 W. J. Root 615 S Schuler Brothers 611 T. C. Schaffner 577 Fritz Shoultz Company 568 Harry G. Smucker 571 L. B. Souder 572 Stoltey ' s Grocery 594 B. A. Strauch 572 R. A. Stipes 567 H. Swannell Son 570 T Third Street Delicatessen 573 J. A. Thornhill 598 Twin City Printing Company 602 Twin City Roofing Company 581 U U. of I. Supply Store 582 Urbana Banking Company 569 W Warwick Hotel 586 Weller Mfg. Company 558 Western Brick Company 589 A. E. Wuesteman 611 Williams Brothers 611 X, Y, Z Y. W. C. A 599 R. E. Zombro 591 Another Leaf From The Scrap Book Ml H SI n IS ® ® g E " A Wet Nitrht and a Rough Party. " Or was it " a wet party and — " No, the first is right, because Sal is with it. l-JIOI S ssr 552 I ?SL BILLIO[E isr BARNARD dc CO. diamonds 1300-1302 N. AMERICAN BLDG. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS ISI [■i 11 ® ® n (a JBE [£]IOI4 S assr 663 JSl 3 IHIJULIOBC An Inviting Selection of Electric Lamps Newest Patterns, Fancy Creations, Artistic Styles, Delightful Variety. Everything Electrical on Display EiECTRic Shop ■CHICAGO 72 West Adams Street 3jsr PITZENBARGER FLYNN Suits Made to Order CLEANING PRESSING and REPAIRING WORK CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED Bell Telephone 11)6 612 E. Green Street Champaign, Illinois CONUNDRUMS: ® n m m m H IS HI Why do the Doty Twins remind us of Tuesday? Because they are meatless. Everything In Cameras From a big Press Graflex to the newest, neatest, Vest Pocket Eastman may be had here at surprisingly reasonable prices. We specialize in saving you money on all things requisite to the taking and making of successful pictures. BASS will take your old Camera in trade The savings possible on new and " good as new " items ranges from 25 to 50 per cent. If you will signify your desire to have our latest BASS Book of 1001 Canera Bargains, we will gladly send it free. Anyone thinking of buy- ing anything photographic simply could not afford to be without this book. Write to-day BASS CAMERA COMPANY 1096 Dearborn St., CHICAGO, ILLINOIS a i SI I an isioi Bn nsE 3ST 554 3SL aiLLIOHC i«r U. of I. buildings ' Squire the est in Plumbing and Steam Fitting And it is but natural that we should have had the privilege of furnishing plumb- ing and steam-fitting equipment for several of your splendid edifices. CENTRAL SUPPLY COMPANY. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Gas, Water and Steam Supplies Plumbing Fixtures IM It Barracks No. 3 (as the aviators have named it) Save 25% to 60% on Graflex-Kodaks-Ansco, A » Rexo and Premo Cameras 10-Day Free Trial Guarantee — If unsatisfactory, money will be refunded in full. Complete line of Motion Picture Cameras 1 FREE — Our Latest Bargain Gate listing hundreds of slightly used and new cameras, also supplies of ev No matter what camera you want, we can save you money. Com with others on slightly used and new cameras and we know you will of our satisfied customers. Our prompt and fair dealing will plea, lished in the Photographic Business over 19 years. CENTRAL CAMERA CO., 124 South Wabash Ave., th er be ie D« ' g description, ' e our prices another one you. Estab- ;pt. 0-1, Chicago u 111 s K 11 ® III ¥ sioi ac 2-r 56E JSi =iL lILLIOB [ isr 111 JACOB REED ' S SONS Manufacturers of Uniforms of S udlity for OFFICERS OF THE ARMY NAVY MARINE CORPS and LEADING MILITARY COLLEGES and Schools throughout the UNITED STATES . Ji ■I 11 HI »! E ill 1424-1426 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA HC ]EIOXOHC ssr 556 ■■ [?] is] m s lIULIOHi: Fond mother: " Bobbie, come here. I have some- thing awfully nice to tell you. " Bobbie (age six): " Aw — I don ' t care. I know what it is. Big brother ' s home from college. " Fond mother: " Why, Bobbie, how could you guess. ' Bobbie: " My bank don ' t rattle any more. " COVERS ' THEOQNTINI PRODUCTS Acoustics Asbestos Cloth, Felt and Paper Asbestos Twine, Tape and Listings Asbestos Wood Asphalt Mastic Floors Boiler Insulation Bi-ake Bands and Blocks Brake Linings (auto) Chemical Filters Clutch Facings Cold Storage Insulations Conduit — Under- ground, Electric, Steam Crucible Linings Deadening Felts Electrical Insulations : For Starting and Lighting, and Igni- tion Systems for Switchboards. I) Johns.. Manville Service Your individual problems — of ainin power, of cutting down waste. problems that chal- lenge all your skill and knowledge, — Let us help you solve them ! We are constantly in touch with thousands of just such individual problems, and are help- ing engineers and power plant managers by suggestions and recommendations that lead to greater efficiency and economy. Put it up to Johns-Manville Service! H. W. JOHNS-MANVILLE CO. CHICAGO 0 Factories — Branches in 55 Large Cities PRODUCTS (con.) Fire Extinguishers Fire-Resisting Cements Heat Insulations Locomotive Lagging Moulded Insulations Packings: Sheet, Rod, and Piston ; for Steam, Air, Water, Brine, Ammonia, Alkaline and Acid Solutions Pipe Insulation Pump Valves Radiator Valves Roofings Refractory Cements Smoke Stack Lining Sheathing for Railroad Cars Speedometers Steam Traps Waterproofing Materials [i]IOI @ ifil II m 1 [■J [■1 asr 667 MPANION A filing cabinet that is making good with executives, heads of departments, bookkeepers and others for quick and ready reference in the biggest offices throughout the country. ® i] ® s EI HI ® Note the ready to sei ' ve Automatic Expansion you get when this file is open. Why not have one along side your desk for your daily attention filing matter on 30 days free trial. There will be no expense to you if you decide not to keep it. Our catalog will show you shoi-t cuts in filing methods and a com- plete line of all kinds of filing appliances. We will be glad to send it with Factory to User Mail Order Proposition. Write for it today. The Automatic File and Index Co. BLOCK 100 GREEN BAY, WIS. We saved this quarter for a picture of Nellie B. Flatt and her man, taken from the office window but we got so many pictures that we would have had to use a whole section, hence this thirty dollars worth of advertising space must be laid on the alter of the impossible, in other words sacri- ficed to Nellie. MANUFACTURERS AND DESIGNERS OF ELEVATING, CONVEYING AND POWER Transmitting Machinery Weller Manufacturing Company 1856 North Kostner Avenue CHICAGO NEW YORK BALTIMORE PITTSBURG SAN FRANCISCO SALT LAKE CITY H II C ill 111 SI SI n IS 13 ]®IOI©HC nsE ' 66S HIULiOHI d El MORE THAN FIFTY YEARS 1867 HAVE ELAPSED SINCE ILOYDES 1918 TWO STORES. WERE ESTABLISHED We have watched with pardonable pride the phenomenal growth of the University since its very first conception in 1867, for we believe that we have contributed in no small way to its success; not only in gaining for and assist- ing many of its students but also in furnishing to its many thousands of matriculants the very best to be obtained in Books, Music, Office and Drawing Supplies and Sundries In giving this service, we have grown with the University and shall with it continue to gww because both institutions are founded upon SOUND PRINCIPLES. First University Bank SAVINGS- COMMERCIAL- -FOREIGN Champaign, Illinois ■ 1 ¥ ® JBC ][£]IOI @ [i TC 669 DHIULIOH ® il M El m a H E s NO CHARGE UNTIL WE SECURE YOU A POSITION WHY? Because we are confident of our ability to locate a position you ' will accept that njuill be -well lejorth the charge live make for our service THE ENGINEERING AGENCY (Inc.) 1601-1662 MONADNOCK BLOCK CHICAGO BRINGS TOGETHER AVAILABLE MEN AND POSITIONS EST. 26 YRS. Testimonials BART BARTHOLOMEW Kappa ' s may be wonderful And Chi O ' s may be fine, But give me a night with an Alpha Z, And a bottle of sparkling wine. WAYNE WHARTON Whether they be short or tall, Or only in their teens. The Thetas are great, when they hesitate At a dance behind the screen. c4 ' J eal Elevating Tlant HART BUCKET ELEVATOR For installation in cribs and warehouses. Handles grain, coal and many other materials. Hart Portable Grain Elevator cu,a,rigk Handles all kinds of grain. If interested in Elevators, catalogs, building plans, etc., will be gladly furnished. HART GRAIN WEIGHER CO. PEORIA, ILLINOIS u la SI H H a ® ® nsioi oHc H 560 3SL BILHOB C I 111 III [i [■ E LE SI The cine Fanning iMill COMBINED GRAIN GRADER, CLEANER AND SEED SEPARATOR Bagging attachment holds two sacks and saves wasting grain and seed and the work of two men. One man can clean more seed grain than three men can clean with an ordinary mill in the same time. No farmer can afford to plant imperfect grain or weed seed. Selling the " Racine " means this: You make a good profit on each sale and by saving time and money for your farmer friends and increasing the value of their crops you are helping your- self toward profits on other goods they will need. If there is no dealer in your town handling this mill, write us how you can get one without costing you anything. Johnson dc Field Mfg. Co. RACINE, WISCONSIN Testimonials RUSS WHITE I picked out a house where there ' s very few call, Where you say your good night any place in the hall, Where you ' re not even bothered by rats or a mouse; I ' m the only male caller at the Sig Kappa House. RED ARMSTRONG My hair is red, my eyes are blue, A shape like a sack of potatoes; And yet I ' ll admit I make quite a hit, With, at least, a few Gamma Phi Betas. TYPEWRITERS Low as 15 ALL MAKES GUARANTEED) FIVE TEARS SEND POSTAL FOR LIST 560 models turned in by corporations clos- ing down, moving, etc. Remingtons, Smiths, Royals, Olivers must be sold at once! Every one Al condition — inspected by experts — guaranteed five years. Aslc for Free Trial Offer with all descrip- tions, prices and special lo days discount offer All-Makes Typewriter Company Central 6034 193 N. Dearborn St., Chicago 11 [Ml 11 II 13 H 11 H 11 H II JBE ]l]IOI.9@C 661 JSl 3HL ® s a H a a naiLxiOH [ [M PTQ [ [ SINCE 1865 the quality of the work of R. R. DONNELLEY 8c SONS COMPANY has been building a reputation for unques- tionable value and prompt efficient service. Today the house of DONNELLEY commands a national position as the largest high grade complete printing plant in the world. Part of the responsibility of upholding and retaining this reputation rests upon the Art and Engraving Department. Consequently only expert workmen and the most modern equipment can be employed. It is our policy that every piece of work, no matter how small or how large, shall be so produced that it will reflect credit upon this department and strengthen the reputation of the organization. This pride in our work and in our plant is more than mere sentiment. It is pos- itive assurance to our customers that their orders will receive more careful atten- tion than is customery. By use of only the most improved equipment, mechanical perfection is as nearly attained as is possible. When better plates can be engraved, DONNELLEY will engrave them. The Art Department embraces a staff of competent men of remarkable mechanical and creative ability. The combination of the Art and Engraving Department supplies facilities for the production of School Annuals, Catalogs, Booklets, etc., with the least possible friction and the greatest possible co-operation. Years of conscientious effort have gained our reputation for us and it is still our policy to do our work so well that we will deserve the appreciation and patronage of discriminating buyers. Art Engraving Depdrtment R. R. DONNELLEY SONS COMPANY CHICAGO 5 n. DSIOItXs] 562 33- DHILUtO® To Keep the Chi Beta Rough-Necks Quiet " duties in the interest of tlio house. Lit. 13. All furniture broken or (iesj jmyl shail be replaced by the Board of Ivrreclors. They shall loeafe ' the responsibility if damaged by a member and shall cause tlie expenses to be eharj ed to his aceount. 14, Lights must be turned out when leaving a room. Failure to do so will esull in a fine of 10 cents for eaeh offense. 15. . Exeess ve eaj nlHviiy is incompatible with the house efficiency in ' .Work and sludy Tht-refon ' it will be permitted oidy between the hours of 13 p. ra. and 1 p. m. and 4:00 p. m. to 7:30 on study days. Monday, Tuesday, Wed- nesday, Thursday, until 12 midnight cm Friday and Saturday; and not on Sun- day. It shall be confined entirely to the library and living room. Violatiott of this rule are subject to a fine of at least 25 cents i..iposod at the discrdtion of the Seniors or the sergeant -at-arms. 16. There shall be no iiitoxieatin ' , ' li(]iiors allowed in lie house OINING ROOM — ' " -=- 17. No one shall be allowed in the dining room unless he is properly dressed for the meal. No soeliltisN feet, no shirtless bodies, or bathnibes will be permitted, No skutbcaps, cither. O 0. unifor ' iis with coals are p ' enniBsible except for din- ner Thursday night and Sunday noon and sp-i ' ial occasions. 18. No one shall be admitted to the liii-.nj room after the curtains have been closed or after a reasonable length of time tins elapsed after the beginning of the meal unless it be by special dispensation of the commissary, tio one shall eat in the kitchen. 19. Ra i ding the kitchgn is punishable by a fine of 50 cents for eaeh .f ' r aaeh -ifferw .. Cr ' X). These ruie . shall be enforced by the serjeant-at-arms or by one ap- J ointed to act in his place. He shall keep a record of all fines and turn same over to the house manager once iach w - ' -k. who shall enter them upon the wc- counts of the members ineurrinp imoosed fines. They shall be paid with the following monthl v assessment. fJ Ax f- 1 l- J a. L tt - Without it 1 perso - DICKEY MILL THE CELEBRATED A. P. DICKEY FARM FANS NEED NO INTRODUCTION The unsurpassed record made by these mills for the past sixty years has given them a world- w i d e reputation for their simplic- ity, strength, ease of operation and great clean- ing capacity. Send for circu- lars and net prices to first one where we have no agent selling them. A. P. DICKEY MFG., CO., Racine, Wisconsin Hi 111 SI n m m HI ill @ m [1 :bioi®hc 1® nsB 563 aiLLIOBC HERCULES GAS ENGINES Sare the difference The new Hercules Throttling governed KEROSENE LINE 3-5-7-9-12 H.P. Save the difference between the cost of gasoline and kerosene ■1 HI a 11 a m n Hercules Gas Engine Company Evansville, Indiana 3BI. DHIOI HC 664 Et V I a LlILLIOBC Let us figure your bills HUNTER, ROURKE CO. Lumber, Planing Mill and Coal { URBANA, ILL. s Is il a n Planing mill and dry kiln We are the Pi Phis The Pi Phis are we We cannot lose our dignity Men and dates at any cost Our dignity ' s gone So it cannot be lost. The Chicago home of the Illinois University Boys Hi [mI SI m s St The beauty of its surroundings is one of the chief charms of the HOTEL DEL PRADO, Chicago, III. Situated on the Midway Boulevard, right at the ent rance to Jaclcson Parli, which overlooks Lake Michigan, and adjoins the Chicago University on the West. The most elegantly appointed, beautifully arranged Hotel in Chicago — where the Tourists, Transient and Permanent Guests may peacefully rest free from the dirt and annoyance usually found in the downtown hotels. Trans- portation, the Illinois Central Railway. Time, downtown, 12 minutes. The house has a front of 700 feet ; has 400 rooms with access to private bath. Send ior Descriptive and Illustrated Booklet H. H. McLean, Manager. i! 1 M. Ji DBIOI HC THE 53L IILJLIOHC u a E B B B [i] B ® B B B 5d 5 Semi-Semester Sojourns Early to bed and early to rise cAnd off to Chicago with half- sleeping eyes; If you re up there on business, then Sal we implore Why, on the return, should you sleep so and snore? MUNHALL PRINTING HOUSE 1 Taylor Street Champaign Society and business printing and embossing cAlways the newest and latest Compliments of The DEISEL-WEMMER COMPANY, Lima, Ohio Makers of the San Felice and 6 %)erso Cigars ALEXANDER LUMBER COMPANY Manufacturers 0 SILOS, WOOD TANKS, and Everything for the Farm C. A. Tucker, Yard Manager R. S. liassett. Factory Manager Champaign, III. SAMUEL HARRIS CO. 114-116 North Clinton Street CHICAGO, ILL. Stalky Shop Why MORSE DRILLS CARD TAPS BLACK DIAMOND FILES QUALITY HACK SAW BLADES REED VISES AND PIPE TOOLS BORTON EMERY CLOTH CORTLAND GRINDING WHEELS a ® B ® B ® ® ® 666 JSc 3aL. HILLJOHC THJE 3JJ- THE BEST WAY " There and ' =Back ? Illinois Traction System (McKinley Lines) ill H SI m 15 in ROYAL A. STIPES COAL, SAND AND GRAVEL Champaign OSice, 609 N. Champaign St. Phones: cAuto iy 4 Bell 21 Urbana Office, Orchard and Big Four Phones: cAuto 434? Bell 4 8 fc DSioi : 3BL Wl ]HIIJLIO®[ Tfic ar H B S il S H fa ® s B M ' ' ' ' ' " " " ' Sherbets and Ices 115-117 E. UNIVERSITY AVE. W CHAMPAIGN ICE CREAM COMPANY J L _ Bo ' A fAonej Bell ly Auto 2ioy From our exclusive stock, costumes of any description for any occasion can be secured from FRITZ SCHOULTZ COMPANY TELEPHONE MAJESTIC yy s 58 W. LAKE STREET, CHICAGO oAnd these took the " 3Aoan ' out of dV[atrimony Elizabeth and Johnny Lois Evans and Bowes Mallory Russ White and Helen Grimes Art Sweeny and Mildred Meyers Wanda Cousins and Heine DuPIan oAnd Cease Ward put it in Renting of Caps and Gowns to Graduating Classes a Specialty E. R. MOORE COMPANY Makers of Collegiate Caps, Gowns, and Hoods Judicial, clerical, baptismal and choir gowns Originators of Moore ' s Official High School Cap and Gown 932 to 938 Dakin Street Chicago DON ' T TRAVEL TALK Use the Automatic It brings your friends nearer The Home Telephone Company H. C. MARBLE, Mgr. m SI m M HI ■=-igL nsioi s 668 381 ® fa] la] •s Connection with a Good Bank MEANS as much as be- ing connected with a good school. The open- ing of the new semester should find Student, Faculty men, Business men and Bankers of America form- ing a solid square with am- ple strength and resistance to meet the strain of war- time production and finance. Make this your bank, your welcome here does not de- pend upon the size of your account. URBANA BANKING CO. John H. Savage Presidcn t John H. Thobnburn Cashier ' y m .. . d y ii i 1 jx j l i 1 1 Charlotte out for Fat V. MUELLER COMPANY MAKERS OF INSTRUMENTS for the Specialist in every branch of Medicine and Surgery Apparatus for the relief of deformities Sick Room Supplies Hospital Furniture and Equipment X- ' Ray and Laboratory Apparatus 1771-1783 OGDEN AVENUE CHICAGO 1 ■ i_j m. Jl- I n® 669 3iL ® s a a a a a a a IHIULIO® Established 1850 Incorporated 1884 KINSEY MAHLER CO. Manufacturers and " Jobbers of IRON PIPE AND FITTINGS PLUMBERS ' MATERIALS STEAM GAS FITTERS SUPPLIES ETC. COPPER AND BRASS WORK PEORIA, ILLINOIS Six oAlphd Z s left their college toys oAnd ent out to play i£jith the High School boys. If you ' ve no escort when the college teams play, For the love of Mike don ' t lead the young hoys astray. EISNER GROCERY COMPANY Distributors of University and Library CANNED GOODS H. SWANNELL SON, %eliable 1)ruggists The R ecall Store Established 1860 Older than the University The reliable store for your ' Prescriptions, T rugs, and ' Drug Store Goods No. 1 Main Street Cut ' Price on Toilet Articles Champaign, Illinois DSIOI l! =Hr ♦ i i SI n 1 m H 11 «1 L 570 Jmc la la a n JBILLIOB ?jpr Established 2g Tears LARGEST EXCLUSIVE MERCHANT TAILOR IN CHICAGO HARRY G. SMUCKER 40 MENTOR BUILDING STATE AND MONROE STREETS CHICAGO 111 III [1 HI HI a SI Telephone Central y 06 SModerate ' Prices ' Best ' Values JH5 3SI. DSIOI9SE = " !r 571 ]®IIJLIO® :i " r Backed by years of experience, and superior equipment, Our work is the very best L. B. SOUDER, " Dyer and " Dry Cleaner CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS ® s a B E E B STRAUCH ' S ' Pictures, Frames, ifts. Cameras, Films, Supplies, Picture Framing and hoto Finishing of the better Class The Art Gift and Photo Shop T7VO stores in Chicago 120 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE PEOPLES GAS BUILDING 8 SOUTH LA SALLE STREET OTIS BUILDING Delicious Lunch and Soda Don ' t forget to take home a box of PAGE SHAW The " Candy of Excellence " Famous for o years DELICIOUS The Great Refreshing Drink ' lieves Fatigue lisnews Energy Illinois Parfay Company Champaign, Illinois FURNITURE OF STYLE AND CHARACTER Well made by first-class workmen gives satisfaction for many years That ' s the kind lee sell We frame pictures and sell Rugs and linoleums as well cAgent for Victor Victrolas C. A. KILER 24-26 Main St., Champaign s HI ■ 3BL ]|i]IOId@C Tl= 672 , aiijLij HEAD TO HEAD CLUB M.M.A.D. T dce Any Dance Floor Time Cool Evenings otto " Two Heads are Better Than One " , or " Turn the Other Cheek " (jrip You have seen it, It ' s no secret. Members Torchy Armstrong Wanda Cousins Hoyle Wright Wop Mordue Phil. Melangton Lincoln Woeke Winifred Munger Bunny Rathbun Irene Seaton Gyp Davis Winifred Carlson Bernice McNair Ben Calvin Florence Mott Dot Seidel ( " when there is no one looking) Mingling Mange And Dandruff S. E. DILLAVOU 335 N. Walnut St., CHAMPAIGN Farm Machinery, Farm Scales, Vehicles, Gas Engines, Tractors The UNIVERSITY DRUG STORE GREEN STREET PHARMACY ■3. E. Spalding, Proprietor Comer Green and Sixth Streets The Third Street Bakery mm Delicatessen nra Cafeteria in connection The little shop ' with the ig Sats 606 S. Third St., just off Green G. A. Ostrand, Proprietor JBc ]BIi I©HC 2Er 578 H r aj sl m. S m s ® El a E s m m DaiiLIO® B METROPOLITAN BUSINESS COLLEGE cA high grade Commercial School featuring a strong Secretarial Course. Courses, also, in Bookkeeping, Shorthand and Shortwriting Colleges in every part of Chicago — also, in Joliet, Elgin and Aurora, Illinois. Phone Randolph 2205 for detailed information ! ' : ■ Kappa Sigs ijuith our f tional 8 We pledged it early and used it for bait, Thought we ' d get some suckers with the tan colored car. But at that we had to stun ' em with the Kappa Sig bar. Central Union Keep The Home Fires Burning Don ' t forget that the home fires are always burning for you. A lonesome and yearning heart can be made happy by the sound of your cheerful voice. ' Bell Toll Lines reach everybody everywhere RECEIVERS, CENTRAL UNION TELEPHONE COMPANY O. F. Clark, District Manager n n. BioiijHi: TSE aau- 574 a . JBILLIOaC M B B ® m E ® ® n You Make No Mistake If you select either of the two Cabinets shown on this page. Both are in hundreds of den- tal offices and are giving the very best of satisfaction. Why experiment? Our new catalog shows a very complete line of furniture, inc- luding several new designs. Shall we send it? Our goods can be combined with others on one contract on easy monthly payments. THE AMERICAN CABINET CO. TWO RIVERS, WISCONSIN fit ' L:-: JK ' - DSIOI IslC S 675 ll B jl] S E g] S ® E E B J5c HILXIOH FINE TAILORING Largest shop in Central Illinois making its own garments 22.50 and up Don ' t fail to see our Suits 25.00 Special Made to Measure They surpass anything on the market Come upstairs and save $10.00 Gulick Tailoring Company Neil Street Over Woolworths Ladies Tailoring cAlso ' Jieasonable Telephone Central 880 A. E. Gilberg Co. (Incorporated) CANNED FOOD PRODUCTS COFFEES - TEAS GROCERS ' SPECIALTIES 305 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago aioi i:]: asr liC I ■! n L ic 576 ! i I JSc laiULIOHC u [i @ 11 [Bl m s s il SI m PIANOFORTES Established i82j Jor ninety few years identified with Americas Jlimical ' ProgKss Ol reeminently O ie reat ytmerican Tiano O ie BISSELbWEISERT PIANO COMPANY ' jburth ' JhoK ' yineJrts ' BiMng 410 South Ti ichipanyfvenue ' ' " Big gun " Brand " Dress Suits For Rent Call and see me when you need a dress suit. I have all sizes. Phone Central 4875 T. C. SCHAFFNER 130 N. State Street CHICAGO 1 m k 13H oAutha arrires in her car A Fresh Hand-Made 5 Cigar Extra qualj tobacco. It ' s a mild, fragrant smoka. DAVIS iSf KREEGER decorators and Contractors in ' fainting and (glazing Telephone, Wentworth 722 211-218 W. 63d Street Established 1886 Chicago, 111. M ■1 SI HI a a j-E 3BI. SIOIdBE » H ■1 ' -r CHICAGO BRIDGE IRON WORKS Wi ' SiM ' cializc in the Dcsii n, Manufacturt ' and Erection of ELEVATED STEEL TANKS AND STANDPIPES For Municipal, Railroad and Factory Service We also build Oil Tanks, Coalins Stations, Bridges, Turn-tables, BuildinRs, and Structural Material Our catalogue will be gladly mailed to you upon request. Write our nearest sales oifice for prices, plans and specifications. SALES OFFICES Chicago, 1300 W. 105 St. New York, Hudson Terminal Bldg. Dallas, Texas, Praetorian Bldg. Greenville, Pa., 106 Pine St, r ,( Jacksonville, Fla,, Florida Life Bldg - " -l Charlotte, N. C, Realty Bldg. Bridgebury, Ont., 156 Janet St. Eastern : Seattle, Wash., L. C. Smith Bldg. Los Angeles, Cal., Union Oil Bldg. San Francisco, Cal.,Monadnock Bldg. Salt Lake City, Utah, Kearns Bldg. Detroit, Mich., Ford Bldg. Havana, Cuba, Apartado 2589. San Juan, P. R,, P. O. B. 924. SHOPS Greenville, Pa. (Pittsburgh District) : Central: Chicago, III.; Canadian: Bridgeburg, Ont. E B 5] B E m s H E E HI They are still being born at the rate of one a minute ' hi Kappa Tau Pledges II Sept. 29- 13 Oct. 28 - 1 Nov. 11 - 2 25 - 3 Feb. 12 - 2 13 - 1 22 Feb. 25 - 1 °ZV(o one knows how many others, that might have been missed by hurried research, have fallen by the " wayside. T uncan 614 E. (jreen Street Portraiture The picture Duncan makes for you is entirely out of the picture class — it is a faithful portrait, taken with the kindliest lighting conditions and in a pose characteristic of you. Every Duncan Portrait is a master portrayal of its subject — his work has received national recognition in direct competition with the fore- most of the country. ® SI m m. 151 EC n. 578 SI HfjULIOBI THI How a Blacksmith V Made the Plow that Conquered a Wilderness Put yourself for awhile in the place of John Deere, young blacksmith, giant in stature and strength, owner of a little blacksmith shop in the little frontier village of Grand Detour, Illinois, in the year 1837. Around you stretching in every direction are illimitable prairies and muck-lands, black of soil that extends down nearly as far as a man can dig in a day. Rank vegetation covers the land, growing on hot July days so fast that you seem to see and hear the growth. Around you, too, are scattering farmers — hardy pioneers, among the first to press west- ward from New England and the Middle Atlantic states — who have stopped here at- tracted by the promise of this land of wonder- ful fertility. But there is gloom in the community. There is talk of resuming migration westward in search of a different soil, or of return towards the land from whence you and the farmers came. For the rich, black, gluey soil rebuffs every type of plow in use. The farmers are unable to put in crops. There are frequent consultations in your little shop. The farmers know that you are a good blacksmith, and they look to you for a solution of the problem. You tinker skilfully with the plows that they bring in — plows of wood Vvith iron-tipped shares and iron-patched moldboards. They are the best plows the world has yet developed; they were serviceable in the light soils back home in the East; but here in this wonderful new land of locked soil-treasure, they fail in spite of all that you can do with them. Experiment follows experiment in your little shop; but still the problem remains unsolved. Then one day a new idea develops in your mind, telling you that the necessary plow must have a steel moldbcard and share, with the moldboard curved in such a way that it will r itself as it works in the gluey soil. No plow of the kind your imagination sees has ever been built. You have no pattern to fol- low. Painstakingly you carve a pattern on a log, carefully fashioning the curve that means everything. Then, since you have no other steel, you cut a piece from an old mill-saw blade, dimension it exactly to fit your purpose, place it over the pattern and carefully hammer it with a wooden mallet until it fits the pattern lines. Your plow bottom is done — the first of its kind ever built. You bolt your creation to a frame that you have fashioned from white oak rails, shoulder the assembled plow and go to a nearby farm for a demonstration. A crowd of farmers look on — some cynical, some hopeful — while you hitch a horse to the plow. You make a few final adjustments, cluck to the horse, lift up on the handles of the plow, and then, while the horse plods on and the farmers gasp, the thing which you have created voices a low, continuous whisper as the black, gluey furrow-slice turns clean and true from its moldboard. Your plow has solved the problem. It was thus that John Deere planned, built and demonstrated the world ' s first successful steel plow, launched his long career as the master maker of farm implements, and unlocked the treasure-hold of the world ' s greatest agricul- tural region. The hungry world is turning landward. The plow-maker is coming into his own. And the world gives special credit to the sturdy black- smith who evolved a new plow that conquered a wilderness and inaugurated a full line of John Deere implements that leads in the work of pro- ducing food for the world. John Deere, Moline, Illinois 11 SI 11 IS E S ® i n laioi Hc H 3sr 579 JSc JBILLIOBC THE Joseph C. bowman YOUR DEPENDABLE JEWELER Where Qems and Qold cAre %ightly Sold if [ll m s E SI We have one of the largest stocks of diamonds in central Illinois. Expert watch and jewelry re- pairing. Reasonable prices. Opp. W. Lewis Sc Co., on Neil Street Champaign, 111. for Comfort Style Durability oAsk for Oakes Bros. Sweaters I SMade from highest grade Worsted Yam Sold by RALPH JONES at the Athletic Department Install the Johnson System of Heat Regulation and save 2 per cent of your Coal Bill t Write us for complete information Johnson Service Co. 177 N. Dearborn Street Chicago ill s SI HI SI !S ® n IBIOI HC I THE 2-r 580 ll Just can ' t help forming a few new Organizttions THEDA BARA CLUB otto — Any thing to Iconck ' em dead. ' ' resident — Ethel GlifFeeeee Understudies Vivian Moore ' Corrine Field Irene Seaton Flossie Mott Pris Paddock qA, h. petting SMFG. JEWELRY CO. SManufacturers of Qreek Letter Fraternity Jewelry Special designs and estimates on Class ' J ins, ' Jiings, etc. 213 North Liberty Street Baltimore, Md. Twin City Roofing Company HENRY BIRELINE CO., Proprietors ROOFING AND SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS SPECIALTIES Cornices Metal Skylights Ventilators Metal Ceilings Warm Air Furnaces Champaign and Vermillion County oAgents for THE EVANS-ALMETAL FIRE DOOR Phones: Bell 10 Auto 1 62 201-205 SOUTH FIRST STREET CHAMPAIGN, ILL. Main Offices, Danville, Illinois J a ® HI IS IS HI is! a a 581 til in [■ i! H III SQUAtir ii ]®II.LIO®{ Jf SOUABr 50UA n A « Illinois Students! Have you a copy of the o ILLINOIS SONGS T Every Student should know the famous songs from their own College. " By Thy Rivers Gently Flowing " By Walter Howe Jones Th -HE SONG that has spread to every state in the union — because of its melody and words, many schools have adopted it, the State Centennial Commission is about to adopt it, you should have a copy in your own home. OUR BOYS in training camps, in France, our sailors on the big battleships, every patriotic citizen will sing it— Why not rOU? Other Illinois Songs — all on sale at Illinois Loyalty Oskee Wow Wow For Good Old Illinois Etc. etc. The Co-Op mm m m i . 1 sou Alt BIOI HC 3sr IfJ JUi 582 Jmc SSL aiixiOBc Tai i»f " i ■ r ! ' I GASTON ' S HAIR CUTTING PARLOR Solicits your patronage Open all year Y. M. C. A. Building E. P, GASTON, ' Proprietor Five Barbers— All Workmen I f- " As the first letter of Thanatos, the Greek word fiDr death, it (Theta) was used in passing sentence of cap- ital punishment upon a culprit, and hence it was named the unlucky letter. " ...... Funk Wagnalls New Standard Dictionary of the English Langnage. It certainly must be a punishment to look, at the girls after four years of it. Somebody " strafed " Sister Peggy Miles pretty hard. Ifili CABLE ' S for PIANOS Mason 6 Hamlin Conover Cable Kingsbury Wellington or INNER-PLAYERS Carola Inner-Players Euphona Inner-Players Euphona Home Electrics or VICTROLAS and Virtor Records Catalogs mailed on request CABLE PIANO COMPANY Wabash Jackson CHICAGO FINE INKS AND ADHESIVES For those who KNOW Higgins Drawinff Inks Eternal Writing Ink Engrossing Ink Taurine Mucilage Photo Mounter Paste Drawing Board Paste Liquid Paste Office Paste Vegetable Glue, Etc. Are the Finest and Best Inks and Adhesives. Emancipate yourself from the use of corro- sive and ill-smelling inks and adhesives and dopt the Higgins Inks and Adhesives. They will be a revelation to you, they are so sweet, clean, well put up, and withal so efficient. At Dealers Generally. CHAS M. HIGGINS CO., Mfrs. Branches : Chicago, London 271 Ninth Street Brooklyn, N. Y. » w JSC Dsi iQiMi: isi ii 13 T " 5; 583 m {i [■ aiLuo® J. Ray Gallagher Co. Sanitary Plumbers and Heating Engineers I 104 N. Market Street URBANA, ILLINOIS Established 1856 MARINER AND HOSKINS CHEMISTS AND ENGINEERS 2009 HARRIS TRUST BUILDING 111 West Monroe St. Chicago, 111. Analyses and Assays Consultation and advice on the appli- cation of chemistry to industrial prob- lems. Special facilities for research, de- velopment of new processes, improve- ment and economy of production and operation. Reports on new enter- prises and processes. - You ' ll wear a Jerrem ' s suit twice as long as ordinary clothes - because you ' ll enjoy its comfortable fit and good style. That ' s what makes our clothes so desirable and so economical Suits, 35 to 70 7 N. La Salle Street Tailor for Young Men Three Stores 314 S. Michigan Avenue 71 E. Monroe Street JBc; u a a II ® tsi [1 III [■I SIOI BL Jleij 684 i ' Hi .s imc: THINGS WE HAVE GIVEN UP BECAUSE OF THE WAR The girls: Marriage The men: Wrist-watches The fraternities: Heated discussions Monday nights Phi Beta: New members Professors : Peace talk Civilians : Military brushes Chorus girl: Red, White and Blue tights Mitsic: Der Vaterland University : Girls ' new Dorm (Continued on another page) ■gUlvLIOB a«- Morse Twist Drill Machine Company of New Bedford, Mass. Twist Drills, Cutters Taps, Reamers, Chucks, Grinding Machines, Etc. An experience lasting through fifty years is an efficient guarantee of the quality of these tools. For service buy " 3Aorse } Telephone Frank 2769 40 Years ' Experience MEHRING HANSON COMPANY Heating, Cooling and Ventilating Systems Power Plants Power Piping General Steamfitting Chicago, 111., 118 N. Franklin Street— Minneapolis, Minn., 113-117 N. 7th Street PAPTQ " Dying and J Cleaning Co. ' Tark Theatre ' Building Champaign, 111. Telephones: Office, " Bell 1744, Auto 2i j Plant, Bell 1 44 Satisfaction guaranteed T m [Ml m m a ® HI a m n iaiLLIOBC Warwick btel ' fix Jul! ' ' StLouis FIFTEENTH AND LOCUST STS. Rates $1.50 to $3.00 New! Fireproof! Every room with private bath, circulating ice water, telephone, electric fan. lAMES E. BUCHANAN President and Manager THINGS WE HAVE TAKEN ON BECAUSE OF THE WAR The girls: Knitting The men: Four years drill The fraternities: The unfit Phi Beta: Mold Professors : Alien enemy looks Civilian: Poverty Chorus girls : Belgian babies Mtisic : " Someone else will be there when I ' m gone " University: Olive drab hue ■ : : j| 1 1 Pauline Millinery ' Designer ■Ji Smart hats for young ladies 40 j Kemer ' Building ; North Wahash Ave ' : Chicago, Illinois a Ml H IS II SI ® HI 1 ja= ]t£]IOI9SC nsE HiLLioai: LOViS MOHR, ' Preiident ALBERT MOHR, Vke-Pres. EDWARD MOHR, Secretary WILLIAM J. MOHR, Treas. JOHN MOHR SONS [B! ; — ; a ill! SOUTH WORKS 96TH STREET AND CALUMET AVENUE TELEPHONE SOUTH CHICAGO 654 Largest and best equipped BOILER SHOP in the world ENGINEERS DESIGNERS MACHINISTS ill [ll IB II ® HI IE jwj HI ■ Steel plate and structural work of every description. Boilers of all kinds and of highest grade and efficiency, Blast furnaces, hot stoves, cupolas, mixers, converters, sterilizers, steel ladles, furnaces, etc., etc. In fact, everything and anything made of light or heavy steel plate or structural material. NORTH WORKS 346 TO 359 WEST ILINOIS STREET • TELEPHONE MAIN 1584 CHICAGO SIOI HC 3sr ®[ n " ir Is P . IS I® A Zeta Psi, bottled in the bonds, returning home at a late hour. Use Columbia Ground Limestone The size of the finished material is exactly right — some of it is finest dust, some is about the size of a grain of wheat, the balance ranges between these two limits. It provides an immediately available supply for the coming crops from the dust like particles. During the succeeding years, the larger particles gradually do their work, so that a single application benefits the soil for years to come, just as the best cropping practice requires. Insist upon Columbia Ground Limestone, because it is of high quality, and properly ground. The increased crops, as every scientific agriculturist knows, will easily pay for the cost of liming land, in a single season. All the succeeding increases are clear gain. Write us for further data upon this subject. Columbia Quarry Company Fullerton Building St. Louis, Mo. 1®I -tSIE. ■ h: J 688 -Die . i 11 ® SI ® m SI JHIULIOHC ■c: fBESLYl CHICAGO Machinist ' s, Mill and Railroad Supplies Brass, Copper, Bronze and German Silver in sheets, rods, wires and tubes. Besly Grinders Besly Taps [ The leading Engineering Colleges and Institutes hare 1 found Besly Service and ality a decisive factor J CHARLES H. BESLY AND COMPANY 118-124 NORTH CLINTON STREET CHICAGO, U.S.A. u a WESTERN BRICK CO. DANVILLE, ILLINOIS Furnished the face brick for Ceramics ' BuiUing aud girls ' T ormitory at U. of I Manufacturers of Shale Common Brick and Hollow Tile ARTISTIC MEDIUM PRICED FACE BRICK Including " DORIC " and " GOTHIC " SHADES STIPPLED TEXTURE Annual capacity over 1CX),000,000 JSc. BIOI HC -15 -ism- w ® a E M m s a SI m jsr ■L fFi z e calming the wild waves, Dewey Campbell and Bro. Anderson in the Iris tub. ENGLISH BROS., Contractors R. C. ENGLISH E. C. ENGLISH ' 02 Lincoln Hall Auditorium Woman ' s Building Stock Judging Pavilion BUILDINGS ERECTED FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Agronomy Building Beef Cattle Building Ceramics Building Administration Building Entomology Building Heating plant Horticultural Building Educational Building CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS CHICAGO PUMP COMPANY High Grade Electric Pumps Multi-Stage Turbine Pumps, House, Boiler Feed, Hot and Cold Water Circulating Pumps. Bilge, Condensation, Vacuum and Air Line Pumps, Sew- age Ejectors Pneumatic Water Systems, Pressure and Vacuum Regulators. 904-10 WEST LAKE STREET CHICAGO MULTI STAGE TURBINE PUMP 5BI. Z]®IOI®HC 690 ir E III 11 III b1 m m ® m s m II " BILLIQBC L K. HOWSE IVholesale Fruits and ' •Produce Champaign, III. T: ' EN YEARS of honest and intelligent service to the apparel wants of University men has well-nigh made " ZQM ' S " an institution. ROGER ZOMBRO GREEN STREET WHY NOT TWO INSTEAD OF ONE? If you make your drive strong enough, why not drive two spindles instead of one? If you make your turret stiff enough, why not put on two sets of tools instead of one? If the operator has to stop the machine to put in one piece, why not have him put in two instead? If you have any desire to practically double your output per machine, per man and per dollar of investment, why not get a Double Spindle Flat Turret Lathe for your chucking work? JONES LAMSON MACHINE COMPANY Springfield, Vermont U. S. A. iMC SBl. DBIOI HC L5i in 691 BIIXIOH J LI II L a a [il uality oAccuracy Character Consistency in the maintenance of standards of quality and ac- curacy are two of the basic operative principles of this complete plant, equipped with modem machinery, operated by skilled me- chanics, and devoted exclusively to the manufacture of Ritter Dental Equipment These standards are reflected in the character of work being done with the tens of thousands of Ritter Chairs, Engines, Lathes, Air Compressors, Distributing Panels and Unit Equipments that are in daily use in dental offices throughout the world. Free upon request: Interesting illustrated literature describing our product and service to the profession and also, if so desired, a little booklet explaining the practical and convenient deferred payment plan, which makes it possible to install and have the use of a com- plete modern outfit, while paying for same. Lli si THE RITTER DENTAL MFG. CO. ROCHESTER, N. Y. CHICAGO PHILADELPHIA NEW YORK J5€ 3SL ]®i ' ' » ac Ta£ 592 3«t JBIJLHOB MOSER SHORTHAND COLLEGE A Distinctive School for the development of high grade stenographers snd secretaries. Enrolls high school and academy graduates ex- clusively in the day school. Courses are unusually thorough. Surroundings refined and con- genial. Located opposite the Art Institute Students may enroll any Monday. For detailed information write, telephone (Central p 8) or call personally on the Principal, Paul Moser, Ph. B. University of Chicago. Moser Shorthand College 116 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago John Hesitates, Then Acts. (In one act) Scene : L T. S. Interurban about to leave for Decatur. Time: First day of Christmas recess. CAST OF CHARACTERS John John Crabtree Lizzie Elizabeth Wheelhouse Elizabeth and John sorrowfully await departure of interurban for Decatur. John : " Well, we ' ll see each other in two weeks anyway, dear. Lizzie: " Yes, but just think we haven ' t been separated for more than eight hours since last Sep- tember. Conductor: " All aboard. " (John picks up suitcase and gal- lantly accompanies his amour into the crowded car; car begins to move slowly while John looks around hastily and discovers high brow University popidace.) Elizabeth ; started. " ' John the car has John (somewhat uneasy) : " Yes dear, but, but, the crowd! " (Car now having moved three blocks, John gets enough courage to perform the ceremony and de- parts hastily, leaving poor Lizzie to face the disgusted crowd.) Exit John. Curtain I i a JBC ]aioi Hi S93 HILJLIO® 33r W. H. STOLTEY W. F. STOLTEY STOLTEY ' S GROCERY 105-107 East University Avenue Champaign, Illinois The store of real service and best quality Try us and be convinced AUTO PHONE 1214 BELL PHONE 1199 HE m f i i; : is m tfWlt i ' SB THE FREDERICK POST CO. Manufacturers of Dependable Mechanical Drawing Material and M T Supplies CHICAGO San Francisco, Cal. Los Angeles, Cal. Portland, Ore. " We have maintained the usual high standard in pledging girls and in the neophytes we have the pick of the school. " Extract from Chapter paper of the Kappas 1 " ' =lfft - :5 594 JS5 HIULIOHC aar PSTASLKHID ■•!• m is] MADKON AVENUE COR. FORTY-FOURTH STREET NEW YORK Telephone Murray Hill SSoo lOOTH ANNIVERSARY APRIL 1918 A complete Establishment operated continuously for One Hundred Years under the same name and still in the control of the Direct Descendants of the Founders for the Outfitting of Men and Boys from Head to Foot with Garments and Accessories for Every Requirement of Day or Evening Wear Dress, Business, Travel or Sport Send for Illustrated Catalogue and Centenary Booklet Uniforms for Officers in tiie Service of the United States HAVE I ANoTMee?! j:m o vcr v A wHae a ifE-ri ci T Lammert Mann Co. ENGINEERS AND MACHINISTS Wood and Walnut Streets Chicago Manufacturers of Rotary Vacuum Pumps For highest possible dry vacuum DEPT. C Electric Trucks For Heavy Service DEPT. E Full particulars Upon request Single Stage Water Cooled for r- ?p 27 inches ' vacuum at sea level. wJf iMi HI li [MI S a ® ® 11 n i, i: JBS jsioi a IBB 3sr 596 [i1 J= 3 1. ]®IJLLJ[OBE Light Draft Plows We are Tillage Tool Specialists Walking Plow, Riding Plows, Tractor Plows; Drag and Disc Harrows. Planters for Corn, Cotton, Beans, etc. Cultivators, Listers, Stalk Cutters, Beet Implements, Potato Diggers, Etc. Parlin OrendorfF Company Canton, Illinois d s s n II 11 si ( 596 frj 3iL BILLIOBC ■ULE u B B B B B B B B B HOUSE RULES STUDY 1. Underclassmen shall bo in their rooms at 7:30 p. m. on Mouday, Tues- day, Wednesday, Thursday, and one oU er night during the week-end. In no case will they be allowed any more nighte froni study except by special pertnin- sion from their sponsors. Violations of this rule will subject ofTenders to the action of Felix. 2. All visiting between rooms, loud talking or any other noise in halls bath- room, living room or study roouis must oease promptly at 7 MO i . m. Failure to abey this law will result in a fine of 10 cents. 3. A fresbma?) shall be detailed to study on the first floor each study night. His duty shall be to an.swer i one calls and the door bell, to see that all but the necessary lights are turned out at 7:30. and to take the mail downtown to the station. AI 4. All gd and all mnsje and singing on study days except between noon l A ,nd 1 p. m. ami bftwtcn yrjlO and 7:30 p. m. shall cvase at the request of any brother who ilesires to study. xr — GENERAL HOUSE MANAGEMENT. 5. The freshman in charge of the fire shall see that the living room is straightened up by 5:30 p. m. (12:30 on Sunday) pjid shall keep up the grate fire as instnicted. 6. I ' nt farrilv is n)rbid ) at all times. Failure to control its use sh lilt in H tini ' It ' KtTCutjj. ■-— , " " 7 The toilet articles of the bmthers shall not be allowed to remain ' m tbe bathroom. The sergeant-at-arms iihall hold such articles for redemption at 10 tents. 8. A]l clothing and books must not be allowed to remain on the table or furniture in the living room. 10. Brothers whose rooms do not pass irtspectioq for neatness shall be fined not less than 10 nor more than twenty-five cents. " 11. Any member who does not maintain the general atmosphere of quiet in the dormitory shall be fined twenty-five cents for each offense, 12. The Board of Directors shall have full iwwer to assign members to any OUR NAME OR TRADE MARK on Drawing Materials and Drawing Instruments, Slide Rules, Surveying Instruments, or Measuring Tapes, Is the same as an ironclad guarantee of tiieir correct design, construction and accuracy You Cannot ' Buy ' Better cAsk any Engineer KEUFFEL ESSER CO. OF NEW YORK H iMl II m m n ® la 520 South Dearborn Street, Chicago New York St. Louis San Francisco General OiEce and Factories, Hoboken, N. J. Montreal JSc BIOIJJHi: nas B97 m ;S3iL 3BII.LIOB To all our old and new customers — We extend our hearty thanks THE ARCADE CONFECTIONERY SMr. and iMrs. Jimmie Looks like the Alpha Z Porch MORAVA CONSTRUC ' N COM PAN Y Constructing Engineers Chicago Marshall Field Annex Bldg. Chicago Annory, University of Illinois DSI I Hi: 698 r JSTE -J BILHOB i: r ' " i-r — II H J The YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION of the UNTVBRSITY of ILLINOIS t What the Y. W. C. A. Has Room and board accommodation for fifty girls Assembly room Reading and social rooms Committee rooms Offices 111 [«I 1! SI IS m M II n Your Support will be Appreciated cAddresi SECRETARY of Y. M. C. A. 801 S. Wright Street Champaign, Illinois :sioi [ 599 HC nn. B 11 B E E a E E E E P fFi JBILLI-OB[ Students Doctors Lawyers ' Professional Men All take advantage of Corona ' s convenience. " Handy as a Fountain Pen " PAXTON IZ ' ' J l 612 E. Green Street CHAMPAIGN. ILL. Sandler pulling cave-man stuff in Monticello. Can ' t blame him very much ;A))lg w cl " FARM Breeder of High-grade, Full-blooded ' ' Registered Guernsey Cattle Wm. J. Lemp, Owner Sappington, Missouri SBL iai.-oi.OBi: inf [Ml m m ® E a B ® ® ! :s 600 iiairxjo®: IVho Will Furnish Your Heating and Ventilating Apparatus? A TURBIN DRIVEN PRESSURE BLOWER-ONE OF OUR SPECIALTIES The New York Blower Company —OF COURSE — " Uncle Sam " gives highest rating of efBciency We have installed our system in practically all the buildings at " ILLINOIS " GENERAL OFFICES— Archer Ave. Canal St.— CHICAGO Works: Bucynis, Ohio, LaPortc, Indiana Sales Offices: All Large Cities 601 @ a a 11 SI H m 1 III HI a n JE ilLLIOB C Twin City Printing Co. m O. CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS ' fFering a modern and efficient service in the production of College and University Annuals and publi- cations, High School Annuals and work of a like character. ' Printers of THE 1918 ILLIO THE 1919 ILLIO THE ILLINOIS MAGAZINE at the University of Illinois oA Special Representative Will Call DBIOI HC: 602 i. BILl.IQaJL JVritten in honor of Miss Mary Ball and read before the local Chapter of Pi Beta Phi at a banquet given at the chapter house on the e e of Xmas igiy Litde Mary came to college Just one year ago; She was a tame young freshman And never raised a row. We wondered at. her manner, She was not dee that ' s true; And when we knew her better We found her 9-10 PURE. The Store That Serves You ' Best W.Lewis 6 Co. Champaign DEARBORN CHEMICAL COMPANY rr Manufacturers of Boiler Feed Water Treatment Prepared on scientific lines for the prevention of scale formation, corrosion, pitting and foaming. Operators of laboratory on water and fiiel analysis and testing of oils. Dealers in pri SiLftE High grade cylinder and engine oils and oils for special purposes 332 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago Telephone, Harrison 3930 Ji 3SL nsioioB cos IM 3m. ] ! L JBII.LIOB K .I3( ( - -()- V-vJL O. THE BEST CANDY MADE are our famous TaNOY " Chocolates 70c the pound They are soft cream centers, filled with fresh Brazil Nuts, flavored with Vanilla and covered with delicious Maracaibo Chocolate. Packed in boxes from one-half to five pounds, for safe shipment to any address you desire. D. E. HARRIS [Originator and SMaker] CHAMPAIGN, ILL. 3H1. HI I H TEE K 604 " JBc DBILLIO® B El Ml H m s E til IS i! ' ! " ME aar NEW 1918 NATIONAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITER And weighs only 9 3-4 pounds. Fitted in a neat traveling case with . o J I Hjrti, lock and key. Can be carried any where — used any- High where. Absolutely the strongest typewriter made — front, side and back plates of cold rolled steel — frill size Universal key- board — frill width carriage — two color ribbon — tabulator — back-spacer automatic line space lever — costly ball bearing carriage. This is not only a portable typewriter — but it is a condensed, standard visible type- writer, capable of unlimited speed, perfect work and lacking no essential features. The NATIONAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITER including the per sonal carrying case costs less than half as much as a standard typewriter, it is less than half as high and weighs less than one third as much. $48.50 In- Yet it prints as well, prints as fast, has all the essential eluding Case features, is stronger than any cast iron typewriter made, is rigid, durable, dependable. It is guranteed free from defect of ma- terial or workmanship. 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Full Dress, Cutaways, Prince Alberts, White Vests, Tuxedos, Striped Trousers, Silk and Opera Hats Largest Concern Making a Specialty of Formal Dress DSIOI BE 3sr 616 JSE HILLIOH PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DR. CLEAVES BENNETT Physician and Surgeon Rooms 418-420 Illinois BIdg. Champaiern, Illinois 11—12 and 2—4 DR. D. E. YANTIS Urbana, 111. DR. R. W. HULETT Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 304 Illinois Bldg., Champaign, 111. Auto Phone 1245— Bell Phone 408 0. O. STANLEY, M.D. DR. WILLIAM HARTFORD Osteopathic Physician Chronic Diseases a Specialty — 1897-1918 314-15-16 Illinois Building Champaiffn, Illinois isi III m HI HI HI HI til a a a IF YOU CAN ' T GO BUY A LIBERTY BOND nsiox sc 1SE 617 IBILHOBi: TS£ aar jif j -i m Vi B E E [ ■ IN CONCLUSION UR last frenzied search for the name of the last man in the second row has been made, the last call for the picture of the girl ' s freshman soccor team has been answered, the engraver has unwillingly compromised and given us our way about the color of the third half tone on the sixth section, page four hundred and seventeen, and our task has been completed. Our work is over, and we await the result, hoping that our effort to make the ILLIO representitive of the University and the students has been successful. It has been a long task and at times a trying one, and blue disapointment has followed keen satisfaction in the compiling of the material. Men of the staff have left school, and the burden has been taken up by others, new in the work but always enthusiastic. The actual has fallen far below the ideal, nothing has seemed to look just as it was planned, but we can feel that it has been our best effort, that we have put our whole soul into the work and that it must stand or fall by this test. We ask for your lenient judgment, and not too great ire at find- ing your name spelled with an o instead of an a. We pray that the picture of the Country Life Club run with the Motorcycle Club name will not lose either many new pledges. We crave your indulgence over the rough spots, and hope that the book fills a real need in your college days and that it will be a pleasant memoir in your graduate days. If we can be certain of this, our purpose will have been accomplished. Of the work of the staff, too much cannot be said. Only their untiring coopera- tion has made the book possible, and to them must go the credit for its comple- tion. Especially is the work of Walt Remley and Bill Thompson, in charge of Athletics, Jim Fetherstone in charge oi the Chicago Departments, Florence Lin- dahl in charge of Women ' s Activities, and Mike Dailey and George Unger to be commended. The steady efforts of the sophomore assistants has also contributed largely to any success that can be attributed to the book, and the counsel of last year ' s pilots, Larry Winters and Rus White, has helped to smooth out many rough places. Ail have oUr very deep gratitude for their generous help which has made the 1919 ILLIO possible, and we hope that its final appearance on the campus may be in a small way compensation for their work. 1919 ILLIO MANAGEMENT a n II m m a is i II m i ' ' .I 618 ii n Jbm r ' ' ' i wL. MiLXioac s a ® n BOOK INDEX Acacia 376-377 Acanthus 424-425 Achoth 452-453 Adelphic Literary Society 472-473 Agricultural Club 483 Alethenai Literary Society 471 Alpha Chi Omega 440-441 Alpha Chi Rho 408-409 Alpha Chi Sigma 320-321 Alpha Delta Phi 390-391 Alpha Delta Pi 454-455 Alpha Gamma Rho 322-323 Alpha Kappa Kappa 338-339 Alpha Kappa Psi 328 Alpha Omega Alpha 347 Alpha Omicron Pi 450-451 Alpha Rho Chi 324-325 Alpha Sigma Phi 382-383 Alpha Tau Omega 360-361 Alpha Theta Chi 316 Alpha Xi Delta 444-445 Alpha Zeta 300-301 Archery, Women ' s 190 A. S. M. E 486-487 Athenean Literary Society 474 Athletic Board of Control 242-243 Athletics, Men ' s 241-296 Athletics, Women ' s 185-191 At the Gym 286-288 Aviation School 47- 48 Baseball . 259-268 Baseball, Women ' s 185 Basketball 279-283 Basketball, Women ' s 188-189 Beta Gamma Sigma 309 Beta Phi 404-405 Beta Theta Pi 366-367 Beta Upsilon 422-423 Bethany Circle 504 Board of Trustees, Illini Pub- lishing Company 163 Bowling, Women ' s 185 Bridge Engineers 46 Bushnell Guild 500-501 Campus Societies 463-505 Centre Literario Espanol 481 Chemical Club 492-493 Chi Beta 416-417 Chinese Students Club 430 Chi Omega 442-443 Chi Phi 396-397 Chi Psi 398-399 Chi Theta 458-459 Civil Engineering Society 488 Comitatus i 495 Commencement 59 Congregational House 505 Cosmopolitan 428-429 Council of Administration 51 Dean Babcock 53 Dean Ballantine 56 Dean Clark 53 Dean Davenport 52 Dean Day 57 Dean Eycleshymer 54 Dean Gates 55 Dean Kinley 52 Dean, Moorehea d 54 Dean Richards 56 Dean Weston 55 Delta Gamma 448-449 Delta Epsilon Phi 460-461 Delta Kappa Epsilon 372-373 Delta Sigma Delta 340-341 Delta Tau Delta 350-351 Delta Upsilon 374-375 E. E. Society 490-491 Eta Kappa Nu 304-305 Engineers and Signal Corps 39 Executive Board, Women ' s League 180 Farm House : 326-327 First Regiment Officers 44 Football 245-258 Fraternities 349-431 Freshman Class OflFicers 149 Freshman Girls Committee 184 Gamma Alpha 302-303 Gamma Phi Beta 456-457 Gargoyle 317 Geneva Club 497 Glee and Mandolin Club 238-239 Graphomen 313 Greetings to Class of 1918 17 Gregorian Literary Society 475 Hobo Band 162 Hobo Pictures 155 Hockey, Women ' s 186-187 Hoof and Horn Club 485 Homecoming 155-162 Homecoming 1910 156 Homecoming 1917 .157 Horticulture 484 Household Science Club 494 Illinae Upper Classmen 183 Illini Staff 164-167 Illinois Agriculturalist 173-174 Illinois Chemist 176 Illinois Magazine 171-172 Illinois Union 464—465 Illiola Literary Society 476 Illio Staff 468-470 Ilus 418-419 Interclass Athletics 289-296 Iris 420-421 Jamesonian Ltterary Society 477 iMl H m m m ® m n n dsioi b: n® 619 I B IH m lEl m B Japanese Students Club 431 Junior Captains in University Brigade 42 Junior Lieutenants in Univer- sity Brigade 43 Junior Prom 220-221 Junior Class Officers 143 Kappa Alpha Theta 434-435 Kappa Kappa Gamma 438-439 Kappa Psi 345 Kappa Sigma 354-355 Keramos 330 Ku Klux Klan 463 Lambda Chi Alpha 402-403 Latino Americano Club 482 Le Cercle Francais 480 Mask and Bauble 214-215 Matrix 314 Ma Wan Da 61 May Day 192-196 Medui 329 Military Ball 224-225 Military Department 39- 46 Military Oflficers, Seniors 42 Mu Kappa Alpha 310 Music ■ 233-240 Nu Sigma Nu 334-335 Omicron Nu 312 Oratory and Debate 227-232 Organizations 297-347 Pan Hellenic Council 349 Pan Hellenic Council, Girls 433 Phi Beta Pi 342-343 Phi Delta Kappa 315 Phi Delta Phi 306 Phi Delta Theta 358-359 Phi Delta Psi 62 Phi Gamma Delta 362-363 Philomathean Literary Society...478 Phi Kappa 394-395 Phi Kappa Psi 370-371 Phi Kappa Sigma 356-357 Phi Kappa Tau 410-411 Phi Rho Sigma 336-337 Phi Sigma Kappa 386-387 Pi Beta Phi 436-437 Pierrots 216-217 Pi Kappa Alpha 412-413 Pi Pi Rho 426-427 Pi Tau Sigma 331 Polonia Club 496 Psi Omega 344 Psi Upsilon 388-389 Publications 163-177 Railway Club 489 Red Cross, Women ' s 181 Resemble moi 28- 29 Reserve Band 237 Review 41 Roast Section 507 Sachem 297 Scabbard and Blade 307 Scarab 333 Scribblers 479 Second Regiment Band 237 Second Regiment Officers 45 Senator Lewis 41 Senior Banquet Committee 64 Senior Class Officers 63 Senior Council, Women ' s League 180 Senior Farewell Dance 219 Senior Invitation Committee 64 Seniors in Chicago Depts 129-140 Senior Smoker Committee 64 Seniors in Urbana Depts 69-126 Sham Battle 46 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 364-365 Sigma Chi 352-353 Sigma Delta Chi 308 Sigma Kappa 446-447 Sigma Nu 368-369 Sigma Phi Epsilon 414-415 Sigma Pi 380-381 Sigma Tau 311 Skull and Crescent 468-469 Social Affairs 219-226 Sophomore Class Officers 148 Sophomore Cotillion 222-223 Sophomore Non Corns 43 Spalding Guild 502-503 Stage 205-218 Student Council 466-467 Student Council, Women ' s League 180 Swimming 284-285 Sororities 433-462 Tau Beta Pi 298-299 Tau Kappa Epsilon 392-393 Technograph 175 Theta Chi 406-407 Theta Delta Chi 378-379 Theta Tau 332 Track 269-277 Triangle 318-319 Tribe of Illini 244 Trumpeters 237 University Board of Trustees 50 University of Illinois Military Band 236 United States Lieutenants 40 U. S. A. A. S 30-31 Vanity Fair 197-203 Views of the War 17-27, 34, 36- 38 War Section 17- 39 Winner of Hazelton Prize 41 Women ' s Activities 179-196 Women ' s Athletic Association 191 Women ' s League 179 Women ' s War Relief 35 Xi Psi Phi 346 Yo Ma 470 Y. M. C. A 498-499 Y. W. C. A. Cabinets 182 Zeta Beta Tau 400-401 Zeta Psi 384-385 ii cz DSIOI I ML. 620 •: . vmammai fr. BB mmm i:

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