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qw- I, N ssl 62 35 ' Games - THE ' ILLIO 1 9 1 8 W W 5 , I M1 WI fi L H 5 W., . C os, 1 e .N . .11 . -- gig .T ' .. 1 ex 9- J 4'5" .rm High M3 9 4539- 93-.,... mfs THE ILLIG MCMXI IX ffrx Q Www 1 A-B I A 'U ham-K W X ami' A YEAR B 0 0 K PRCDUCED BYTHE UNIORCLASSAT THE SITYOFILLINO Y .3 " M 22 2' ,, M A, X K K ,,. X., 'lvwmv Q X , 5 ' ,ilgziff :LQ L51 ' .Ii .MAZI V M, ' 'Ill , : , - wr' 4' -' Z' -vm '--4 .'k- . 52 -5 M Q f , 'J nn " dm A I' L I F I ' 5.f'1,2'f1 1 IN ,Q L- 1 -f:l152r.- ..: ,.. 15i3S.5:?"Wg3Wi!5'S - idk' will ' :ff'IT"f4L' ' ' --' ' ' 13512111'i5Zi1:"::I-Q-,',f"".ti1' 11, WSV. ph' ' -I " ---- f ,- 55. XX-.ui -' .J f l .IS '5' .- , We -15+ . M . . PQ 'ag aifgigfi- . v P' omg 97- E IAWRENCE'MfWINTBRS Sdlron-In-cmd ad, I qv 6 snr- -:1 oi' 'zlffw' 1 ff o lv O ,, .f3.,ga18 . ,wg 'figs 3 . COPY'RlGHTfI9l7 RUSSBIJJS 'SVI-IITB Business Manager urns u an y 'r IL, 4 .5902 fit"- . . 3 QR.-PL ff' 5 5 D .. n- L, .nv - ., ,ot Q .- ' I - 1 ' a X L I " I by I -' .qv ' ' I. xl U! t I H H. -ai ,.,.. U . 5: U ? 8 of , Ig 5. 1 Q X . -q ' !- IWQCILYI' "ij I 9, O ,QQ ' A . 'r SL 5 Qt 4x. - ' f sufim'-I 592 58 as S L "1 n-.10 SI: ,Fi T orgy' Q- wigx X A:1fC E U 'lf A N :tba wo, 1 fd! 93 vis E .V v . rl f . a 4. 17 CD ,CG "' "xl STQQPQ 0 :Q 0 -b . UW? fm -1-'Ki O 1 ' giT5T?? 3? as TQWILUAM PREENLANMYRICKGQSS 'XVI-IQ'UPQN HIS RETIREMENT FROM THE PQSITIQN QF DEAN QF THE COLLEGE mga GF ENC-INEERfNG 'DXKESWITI-I HIM THE f-- EQ E SINCERE ADMQRATIQN QF THE FACULTY E AND STUDENTS QF THE UNIVERSITY QF W .N 52 ILLINQISWVE DEDICATE THIS BQQK I .Lx Q LQ' .N- ,'.g. v I F f U K 1 , , - 7112! H X' X X ,, - -'14-,,,g,..g..1 T , .Q l...' Q '. .- f'5f f-1,f:.wffsx-221. -ff .. 1 IJ rx 1 K 1 yup, f' ' ---.fixm-u ':N,ffa ,.5.:4g!w43Jg ., .5 X .AAL 4'-L Zig: U f.: L. .Ml .., ,l..,x. . .E ,.,,,.,1f J-1 Q L I 1 .1 E5 E2 I V L29 mg' 'T'-1'-l'-,,.-,P r.:'fv3f.: X , ,L .K G Q wa - r- , - . , - - .. f s , - ' - wry '4f1T1:"'13', f' The Library One University The gym c-Annex University TWO Th1 .C Lafw B Univ ersitgj f D QA gricultu re , University FGM "4W:?"'?!'Y9?'?"ff7W7' Tiilflii. 577' 'I'ff"Y ' 1 ' 4- ma.,-if .vikm - "'uhhMf:n5v.:Qs.eilw?"'1Ln.u.-. . f x. 1 3 ! 5 7 35 Y fa Ii' .., 51 '3 Lv ,F-L, 5. 'X '. ig ? 2 ,E H ,I I' ,1 5: . ii 9 R3 'Q fl . ,, , x si ,f 2? ii ' if fi HQ 53 F1 5.3 4 ., 'I 1, ,. E ye if J.: ,gg F: 9 41 E2 EEE F1 , jig Fi ,EI 3 fri , : JJ nA - l 5 , 5 2 5 5 H A jf E 2 E Z K E 'F I 1 when Fwd Umverszty A 'Q "' ' ru -rx. ,zum .m-fm 4 1 5 'lewfxlwiwhifkvhfvmwgwzfu L.,-.4 .wr u 5 8 , M5,3,3'LMlMmw'AI1,Lw,:54' 1 lf- ,V M, I , g . . . all. if, . Q . 1 ' 1' 1 :.11' 5 ., A Agf,-H! -V , - I -1 . 1, ,f ,uw , 5 ' .........,...,..,A... .W ,-W.. ,.. ,. ..1,LW,.M, ..,,,., L' 6 7 N v , 2 , +5 z V T' .ln X , ,.. .. . ,, A ...-f. -.-.-.... if nv-w1.a.sf5yuq.nxr,zg,gf:gf ..L.-.,-, -,rf , f..'u1,f 1.,-K M,-. .q.,f. ..J., Q ,A V, -,nA1A.r,,, my , 5, 2 , ,, ,. ,k . H "H " " " 4 'Y 4, ,' ,. - " W-' if-5-1' ,- W- w 'H-:,.y,.,---,,, . w LW f.,., . ...- , ,, , V f N A 4 . ,Q ,.,. I .. ,W 1 . .mx N 5...-,ma Qi, fm- IMI, . ., .1 ,, ,., ,EL 1 X A ' t t West Qreen Street ' University Six ? 9 r w -... J 1 I 5 I V 4 J L 1 , , X 1 A X. v .4 ,. T. J, ,. u ? I U, Ki , 1 ,Q we . Q S I 3 l Z A 4 '.i I a 1-. E ,, l Y u. n 3 3 5, X Q r P O . 1 11 Q, lr ,, 6 1 A 4 Q. A M n i 4 L YV E m z 3 x, 5 P A ? k. L r X. 1 A . ? X , H r - 1 x , , i an 4 I 1 I e 4'4 J' . 3, hi lr' ,1 mfr' .I A w if, EQ iw f . , . . L X: ' 1 I . I n . . 1 V. riih I-f V' ,. 5. L. V , . U V.. 1 North Campus , u n , -- ,-,-. f- .. ..YY.. . Swan University 4?-W - .. , --..-an-.Q Lr.'..fL.f, fy E 'T 5 V !....A..l ai "v Br s T Old Uni University Eight Cbem ist ry Nine University 'bf-, c-Along Wurrill cv4'renue University Tw h'I1'1v'u The CPresidentfv Home University Natu ral Histb ry University Twelve South cBurrill cvfvenue Thirteen University E I U nivefrsity The-cvfuditorium Fourtvcn Lincoln Hall ffm.-f-n University Lovers' Lane Univ evsity Si-View EDMUND JANES JAMES President of the Uvzivfzrsity Seventeen University fl-llllllllllllilllllllllllllll llllIllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllmlllllllllllllllllllllll 2 C x 2 K E I T E , TI-IE BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2 XR J I E rhig.-4 5 MEMBERS EX-OFFICIO g THE HON. FRANK O. LOWDEN ' E Governor of Illinois E HON. J. E. TACCERT 5 I sl President of the State Board of Agriculture E HON. FRANCIS G. BLAIR 1 E ., Superintendent of Public Instruction E S: ELECTED MEMBERS S E B I 2 ' TERM 1913-1919 3 X Q 2 ELLEN M. HENROTIN, Chicago .3 " JOHN R. TREVETT, Champaign 2'- . FLORENCE E. WATSON, Tuscola g-, - TERM 1915-1921 ' 5 ROBERT F. CARR, Chicago LAURA B. EVANS, Taylorville ROBERT R. WARD, Benton 2 TERM 1917-1923 ' WILLIAM L. ABBOTT, Chicago MARY E. BUSEY, Urbana E OTIS W. HOIT, Geneseo E W 2 1 1 1 I i 1 1 2 i 1 3 1 1 1 I i K 1 1 li.: OFFICERS OF THE BOARD 2 - 3 A 2 President g "-3 WILLIAM L. ABBOT 3 i - S Secretary X: HARRISON E. CUNNINGHAM : -' E . Treasurer 3 ' -3 HAZEN S. CAPRON ,, 2 . Comptroller 3 1 1 2 LLOYD MOREY 3 3 3 3 5 8 an 1 3 2 : an - - 2 , E University Eighteen 3 Q ,-nv ' lg!NllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllmmllllllllIlllIlllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIE IllNllllllllllllllllllllllllliillllllllllilllllllllllllilllilllilllllillllIllllllllllllllllillllllllilllllillllllll-Q If E e 2 W3 i ""l 2 is I 3 J 2 COUNCIL OF ADMINISTRATIGN I .-7 S E EDMUND JANES JAMES, Ph.D., LL.D. +1 E President of the University ' -fl- 1 - T H E -E DAVID KINLEY, Ph.D., LL.D. E Vice President of the University 1 2 Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Economics 5 - , -w , S EUGENE DAVENPORT, M.Agr., LL.D. I 918 2 Dean of the College of Agriculture E Director of Agricultural Extension Service and Professor of Thremmatology E . THOMAS ARKLE CLARK S E Dean of Men and Professor of Rhetoric E S WILLIAM FREEMAN MYRICK Goss, M.S., D.Eng. -ti E ' Dean of the College of Engineering E E Director of the School of Railway Engineering and Administration "' E and Professor of Railway Engineering E 5 KENDRIC CHARLES BABCOCK, B.Lit4, Ph.DI 5 E Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 2 2 I 5 E FREDERICK BROWN MOOREHEAD, A.B., D.D.S., M.D. E E Dean of the- College of Dentistry and Professor of Oral Surgery and Pathology 5 '- 2 3 DANIEL ATKINSON KING STEELE, M.D. LL.D. EJ. 2 Senior Dean of the College of Medicine 2: E Professor of Clinical Surgery and Head of the Department of Surgery E Q i ' I Z E ALBERT CHAUNCY EYCLESHYMER, Ph.D., M.D. - 5 E Junior Dean of the College of Medicine E E l Professor of Anatomy and Head of the Department of Anatomy 2: : I E E NATHAN AUSTIN WESTON, Ph.D. E E Acting Dean of the College of Commerce and Business Administration E E and Assistant Professor of Economics E 1 1 E FANNY CooK GATES, Ph.D. Q E Dean of Women E -E HENRY WINTHROP BALLANTINE, LL.D. Q E Dean of the College of Law and Professor of Law E E E E Nineteen I University 1 , 1 sq in Q EilllllllllllIllIlllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllIllllIIIIIUIIHIHNSUllllllllllllllfrff 2 1 lilllk la n lililiilllilfiikltilhklllillllilliliiitlHilti!!lliilliifllhhilillillllllllllllllllllllklliill!!IEIIllllllllllllllllillllliilFlilP THE COLLEGES ,J .E ' ,.. ,I .... K, ,.. M .... W, ,, -., .-1 Y . .m:1K- E J, ' lililillllllillllllllllllilllllli' liiliilili 35243552 I V-an J.. n-1 -on fs.. mm -nu. una 'us- .-. me. .-Q DEAN KIN LEY COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE While the University of Illinois was organized under the Land THE GRADUATE SCHOOL In education, private industry and public service, the present ten- dancy is towards the increasing employment of people of specialized efficiency. "An expert is a man who brings to the solution of any given problem the best information anywhere obtainable." The Graduate School is that division of the University which in- cludes the work of all the departments beyond that required for a bachelor's degree. The function of the Graduate School is to train people to meet thc demands described above. Its service, therefore. is three-fold: to train teachers for positions beyond the grades: to train research experts: and to conduct research through its own members. From 1892 to 1906 the total number of graduate students in the university was 169: from 1906 to June, 1917, the number will be 1081. Grant Act in 1868 and while agriculture was always taught. the first real stepstoward a modern agricultural'college were not taken until thirty years later, in 1898. when the legislature appropriated S150,000 for a building and determined to devote half theflncomehfrom In 0 federal endowment to a faculty and equipment or eac g I though the registration at that time was fewer than a dozen. This first step was followed by a campaign for students by the Illinois Farmers' Institute. Subsequent appropriations caused an 'increase in attendance until the 1250 mark was passed last year, making the col- lege one of the largest in America. These figures, in themselves, speak for the standing and progress of the Agricultural School. No more can be said. DEAN CLARK COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING The activities of the College of Engineering and of the Engineer- l DEAN DAVENPORT DEAN OF MEN It is the aim of the office of the Dean of Men to build character d to turn out good citizens Discipline is not its only function. Of an . course, discipline is necessary to better carry out its ipurpose. The ' ' ' ' ' nd till is managed Student Hospital Association found its origin in, a s by. the office of the Dean of Men. Supervision of rooming houses: aid in finding employment for the students who are working their way thru the University: information and advice on every conceivable subject: all these come within the scope of this office. Perhaps a better title to adorn the door would be "Student Welfare Bureau." Not more than ten per cent of the students who visit the Dcan's office are summoned, and of these by no means the majority are called for discipline. ing Experiment Station of the University of Illinois are designed pri- marily to be responsive to the needs of a state which in itself nearly equals in population and area the whole of New England. The College of Engineering has thus far graduated over three thousand men and double that number have profited by its instruction. As organizations maintaining cooperative relations with the engi- neering industries of the state, the College and Station promote the welfare of a large number of people. One-half of all the people of the state are associated with manufacturing, mining and transportation in- dustries. The College trains men for these industries: the Engineering Experiment Station conducts researches, the published results of which supply facts of immediate value to a large part of the population of the state: and together the College and Station have an important part in advancing the standards of engineering practice. DEAN Goss University Twgnfy ' 1' wflw' ilffii-ifiiii. .2..2iui2F"' ii2,fsi'i-'-WH! fl :g,.'.-,,' , illllillfi liilliiiiSiiliiliiiiliililll iii iii iiiilllllllliiiiiliiiiii 23 31232383 51ii3Eiilliiilliiiiiiiilliiifis5 ww- ,---. my V, .--M ww .-. ww .Q-, 'rw ,W ,, ,.X., -ya., -we. ,uc- , . iq, I--if ww, H-. an-. mfg, 4-vw. r.-v. ,..., -'ea sas- --Q 'us -ww. --.-my - -, . ...r -.., ,-wr ilu. .-4 I 'R' 'llllllllllillmllm21111111amidlu'-li,l.l,l.l'iHWll.i!'r1LlWlH1Hm:s'.a5xlsMrlarassii-rarffwpf2paa,:q.aww,.u.i.lii.ip-f' f - 4.1 ,,. F wr M g.13fQs A f 3-.g'tt'a., T I-1 E C 0 L L E G E S is A ,. "git Ji 5 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES l Qff QLZHKF li The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences serves four groups of V 'fff,flJv""'4 l students: regular undergraduates who want a general humanistic or ""i4"'Y515ij' - scientific training with an A. B. degreeg students who.desire four If "f--71,-f jg ,i years of somewhat specialized tra1n1ng'f'or business teaching. journa- if '.X--':m.Q,,Q,M,.n1f.,..ff lism, applied chemistry. or household science: students who must have Wg. fm., ' "KU 'ig' two years of college work preparatory to professional work in law or ' ff'--7-,fj'j"'i1,ggqL E medicine: and graduate students who seek advanced instruction in the ' 'W jx-,rf-fi' ""'l'vt- departments represented in this college. V The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is also the great service college of the university. In it the underclassmen of the Colleges of Agriculture, Engineering, and Commerce obtain their instruction in such departments as English, Mathematics, Chemistry, or Modern Languages. In 1915-16 the College registered 1549 students, but more than one- half' of this enrollment was from students registered in the other col- leges of the university. DEAN BAIKCOCK COLLEGE OF COMMERCE if The aim of the College of Commerce and Business Administration is to provide the fundamentals of a professional business training in a four-year course. It is not the function of the college to train clerks. but rather to lay the foundation of successful careers as managers or administrators. The curriculum is planned to train young people who are ambitious to obtain high positions in business life. The chief demands are knowledge and efficiency in organization and administration. The College recognizes the nature of this demand and attempts to meet it. Naturally the future development of the work of the College may be expected in the field of business organiza- tion, operation, and practice. The enrollment of commerce students has more than doubled in the DEAN WESTON DEAN OF WOMEN The most vital problem facing the Dean of Women is the improve- ment of living conditions of the Women at Illinois. By more careful inspection of rooming houses. by greater cooperation between house- holders and the office, and by the establishment of modern rooming houses, a University Dormitory, and cooperative houses. soon more comfortable quarters at lower costs will be provided. The Dean of Women seeks to improve the general health of the women by urging the need of thorough medical and physical examinations, by having a University physician, and the establishment of an infirmary. Through vocational talks and personal advice, Dean Gates is endeavoring to im- press upon the women to make more use of their university opportun- ities and to devote less time and energy to the more superficial social life, emphasizing the need to develop a spirit of unity in social life and to create a more democratic loyalty to the University. last five years. It was 219 in 1912-13 and 581 in 1915-16. DEAN GATES COLLEGE OF LAW DEAN BALLANTINE Twenty-one Why is the State justified in maintaining a Law school, when there are already too many lawyers? It is not because we need more, but because we need better lawyers. If we can equip our students with progressive ideas, if we can imbue them with the vital principles of individual and social justice. better courts and better laws will result. The majority of the young men who seek admission to the bar of this state prepare to pass the bar examinations in the commercialized night schools of Chicago. The official state university law school does not teach men Law merely as a trade, but aims by scientific methods to train men so that they will be worthy to be. not only counsellors and advocates, but leaders in the movement which will bring our legal methods and institutions abreast of the times. - University Q l o I , ,J ii fi wr, Q . ,K - i., 7 l ri tai Q X Y ,J ZllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllillllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllilllllillllllillE 5 1 Z A ff ' R Y J' E f --1 f 7 S X , Runnin ' FIX -E 1 g7jL5'lJLLQJQ'!JLSQJL5'llLS'4lLB'4JLS'lJL5'4JL5'4lL5'41L5'4lA'AJl-P41441LSlv. Lf, ,LL Ali! I Kiln efllflemnrizxm 1 Q I 9 I8 :J FACULTY f, - j THOMAS JONATHAN BURRILL E if 9 2 1916 3 MERLE LEROY SMITH 1' S :1 1917 ,Q g HOWARD RITCHEY FERGUSON E' 5 ALMA IRENE JENNINGS 1 5 LEROY CHRISTIE STILES 5 A 1918 J 'gb 1 WILLIAM JOHN GOUDY 1+ 5 ABOULLAI-I MALGANI , 5 11 1919 g j JESSE HAROLD BLAKE J 5 Q JAMES WALTER LAMONT Ji 5 Q RAY NORMAN LAUBINGER J -2: E 5J1f7ui'li?gi1i?i17 i1r?i"7i -7 i1r7i1r' '1' '17 ' -7 iv' i1r?i1r7i1'? i1'7.i1r7.i1r?51t1 if University - Sill!!llllllliilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlIHIIIlllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIINIIIIIIIIIIF , A. , ,K Ti , J fi 52 5 ,gl sz, ,P 'A 'R ., 1.1 ,Q mx ,w, V , y . i? I. fl 2 f 1 W ..f...uw...u.,.,J' "n0wN Tllli Norvrn QUAm:,xNr:Ll-3" COMMENCEMENT 1916 Fine weather added to the pleasure of the week of festivities, for which thousands of alumni and friends and relatives of the seniors flocked to the University. It was the forty-fifth annual Commencement. Eleven hundred and twenty-six degrees were granted to the wearers of the caps and gowns on June 14, nine hundred and thirty-two being secured by the Urbana de- partments and one hundred and ninety-four going to the Chicago departments. The "finest college band in America" opened the week with a successful "prom" in the Gym Annex on Saturday evening. On Sunday afternoon the Rev. Charles F. Wis- hart of Chicago addressed the seniors in the Baccalaureate services. Monday morning loosed their dignity once more in the class day exercises. In the afternoon the band gave a lawn concert, and the literary societies presented "As You Like It" on the campus. Monday evening brought the Senior Ball, one of the most pretentious dances of the year,-and the prettiest. Southern moss, drooping from over-hanging branches made a beautiful setting for the seniors' last undergraduate frolic. Tuesday was alumni day, the lawn festival, band concert, and president's reception filling the day. "owen 'ro 'rim NEW Armour" Twenty-three Classes THE COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS On Wednesday morning, following the Senior Breakfast, the class formed in front of the Library, and with the band, senate and faculty, began that impressive march down the north quadrangle, back of the auditorium, over to the New Armory. There President James delivered the Commencement address, taking as his subject "The Naval Policy of the United States. The presentation of diplomas went off smoothly, and as a heavy downpour of rain prevented the recessional to the Library for the sing- ing of "'Illinois", leave-takings were made in the Armory. The class of nineteen seven- teen was graduated. "A THOUSAND IIICGIIICES IN THE SIIADEH Clrmscs Twumy-four I 4... if . V 0 - gwmwwmwf WH2? 29139541- lx ,Arm I AL.. I ffff' W 'IfI',""9 'IIIIIITI' : , Qffdf 'III I II - IJ IM., FD Mm sy dpkg, Ighizagjggf ,Hr J g li!", 2r:f nh Do 90 I oo du: I I IIZI Qgfgpsgaw, , L. LI, 53, 4 Q " ' wagon Af'S"z'?'SW Ll ,:IIIII..-wi,-I5 9 as QQCSIL 'O 'LIIIIIILQD'-.?F?l., I W if' K? WEEE T30 'ff-M 0- I .wg Q.. sew Q fa I- IQ-swwwmm Q IDC-' QI 4. -r IIT- I 2 ,-iQ'?G'g,1L4g 'Q I I "I" ' QT - I4 Q .. II II I I , I ' -uvI' ' A l -Q : N-.1 nnnlI4.IM-gm - ' I .' . ,X .1 Ill' 4- , I :fx I, ..-WiF,.I"I 'IIIIf.IIM? , - ,f i . I N- -w x ' . I III' .Q "iii I . . I I III' ,JXXKQ ...NX -If., , .--'p?gL",,,,2- I "A' Q j"""m- if -K . ,ff 3 I IIMI' I 2:51, I In dll, IN I 'In 'Ho I Y II II ' I I I. "If :lug IIIIIJ I. , I 'III . IILI-LI? IM la" ' ' I If II IIII 7. 7 n. , f- A77 4 i. l :WI -1 :via G -o r- - - ... .Q .- -Q -- 14 -. - A ,. 7 , 9-,E I ' A ..... -.- i' X 4 H ' W f' If Q, 'Q' N. V. ' ' 1:4-E' -LiL ....,.f.,, -1:1 .-4 - 'P I, 'Q xl 1 I " I 'D -- gg f 4 JL-, W? :""5" y-- " W Q I -E5 :Z , II 1: 'i -- X ,pf I I, .I .- " I I I I. . . -- , ' :.I ,,' . I, 1 .' .L 4 XJ.. rl A -'I --WE 1 I UL' , .'I . I 1 . I .. I' .:L'.f,:1'.-2"-.'," ':.. ':. -T: . L2-u '. '- -'-L:.':.1.1 ,"'I'45, II I IJV 'L . f2I""'."1ffl - 4 -.,. .f .. ....-... ..... .Ch,iI' p. Q -4' hs'-'--"0-----"'-"l'--'T-T-Ll .-.T...4:. .I.:I,m4 47' ",rg .ln if A-m,,'4,I,' . V iq, .Fd '-:"'-- 'rv '44, , ' I I-. I' ', I I I - L- , 'IL PIII'sfivuf'5l,'f-f4I'r.!?f.- I' I I I Il: ye-'I -'-A - ' I - uf' I ff.L::gIpi41gf.' ..I.5r,II,If5Z,:II M. .f,, 4 JL. I., -219. IV, v -: - I I IZIIIIIIIIIQIIIIIIIQIIIWIIIIII .I -IIIII L I I i 32' l 4 ' I2 521, 141 ' ni ,p a .E ' I Ing ' E v' vgfy? f an ' 41. -n o o uc: o" It IE :- ruff '17, III , sooo ,, I , il I 0-00 ff .55 --g " -- 5, ' , I Q20 D .- 6 o is I rl nu. I- . .Massa-Q I , I I If D D G - I LP, Q f 0 j., .' IlIII II I l 165:55 glibc-9 e ,saga A 9.05 QT hath u Q I , 'T-.Zig fs' Q foo ,, ., ,. Q 'I-'fi I: 'Q 09 IPI- u ral G 9 .V I Lfoo W I ag, I. ofa, l 0 - ffl- 424, Q A gf I . . .I - ' vs-, ,I I I ' " " 1 I.,:- ,PQ , f II"fF' ,A o 4 'il - I II'I.' A i-,Ili I f -5, '1' ' I Il: -' I . 3 4, ru - XII 'IQ' , III ' .- 3: vo I. I I If: rw ,, Q I.: O NQQQ I .Hi -W"" ggh. I a fF'..fI -'UT II I I I .' ..x ' ' II ' JVM' "I LBII-w ' 'IDI I I I I'I I x N ' ' FIM" " l " ' 41 'QX X I I ""T ' 3.35 D 1 I I X I x 'X I WI I V ' ,f l 'f .wx . ,FI IW III' -I' n 2' I I III' by I Il f I ,IU M Q V .,,g- I x il I I I III"I I I 'I If' , L -I '-' I If " 'I 'I IIJI ' ' 0 45' mmf? ll If me 1 lgqwl- f A " Q Ill IIIL JH: I ff f , 4 JM-rf J? l ,w , . "'??, ' .mfr .fn-. au. an .nm un. .1- ua- :mm ws., ..,. . JN. . M--. av vm fn, 141 vu. um- .4-, ua. -nn- --QQ A. W. LANDSTROM I V -4- T-:fjliiiwilillIHHHHWl.l1!!3ll1Ei!lBHi!N1M553333335M8IIMIINIIHIISIHiiiiiiiililliwllil9H!HiIlilHS5lI!!1LQ -- in ax -an -alt! env wmv on' um up -up vn- nun- ru- .mu our ms- . IH Q-. u, N. A L. M. uxnsmv wfmn I-'LOCK we SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS .4 .fn , Second Semester President WARD FLOCK Vice President FRANCES JONES First Semester T President L. M. LINDSEY Vice President :LZ Secretary Secretary D. T. SWAIN LEROY BRADLEY ' Treasurer Treasurer PAUL BECKER 3" L. T. DAVIS 1 I. AQ :Xxx . W LANDSTROM SKVAIN JONES DAVIS BRADLEY Twenty-five Classes V"?J-WHi-I1131-555729FT'3'iQf,fiIFWI-5fv':I3' H I,II2,fi4ii2'afa2g-I f 25I?wIg1t': 1:-'I 5, -4, lf na- an Hun es? ISHS zum .ww- -Q.. ...- .M- un- an -- ms -mv we 4-0 vu.- .na un- an vm nv mn Q-Au an an -up um nn Q.. ff.. -vm rm nn can -wuz I-Q ,sm- ,. 0 .. S. fn. .1 nu- mu no. mu sw- .wa .-.Q .. .f fm my .Wm .1 ,I 1. Q... 4. gllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllillllfllllllllllllllIIQINFIE 'LEA x III! B 1 KKK III! TH E ISIS K '-w SENIOR WALDO AMES A. B. BROWN F. E. CAVETTE R. G. COPENHAVER J. H. CRYDER S. R. CUNNINGHAM CLASS COMMITTEES MEMORIAL J. WARD NELSON, Chairman VALENTINE DUPRE H. B. DUTTON W. E. EVERHAM DONALD FAY WARD FLOCK RAY GRANTZ H. W. MCCOY SCOTT MONULTA W. O. NELSON I H. W. MARKWARDT STELLA PERCIVAL P. K. VANWINKLE : I. B. COUNTRYMAN RUTH KINCAID F. W. PATTON E C. LAQ. DAY HELEN KIRKPATRIOK A. T. YOUNG -E 2: INVITATION E J. L. WHITNEY, Chairman E J. H. ARMSTRONG E. B. ERICKSON C. H. RUEDI 2 T. S. BROWNING DONALD FAY M. G. SILVER 3 I. B. COUNTRYMAN RUTH KINCAID J. H. TICKNOR E C. LAQ. DAY HELEN KIRKPATRICK A. C. WOODS : J. L. DEvLIN D. R. MOFFETT RALF Woons 3 STELLA PERCIVAL E E SMOKER : C. A. FLANNERY, Chairman 5 C. I-I. BURGSTON RAY GRANTZ J. W. NELSON g, S. R. CUNNINGHAM L. E. HOSTETLER H. 0. SIEGMUND : H. B. DUTTON I. L. LUMMIS G. W. STODDARD 3 W. E. EVERHAM F. B. MACOMBER G. S. THOMPSON E WARD FLOOK J. H. NEEOLER A. T. YOUNG E HOBO BAND E VALENTINE DUPRE, Chairman ' E C. W. BORTON E. C. HOPKINS T. T. MGCOY ,: TOM BROWN B. J. KOPTIK J. E. OTT : J. H. CRYDER J. J. LAOEY M. J. REED 2 G. M. CULLINANE O. R. MANLEY G. C. TANTON E HARRY DARBY, JR. H. W. MCCOY S. J. THOMAS 2 5 Classes Twenty-six L'-' oo an cu 1 i Z 11 1 as up 1 1 oo 1 up an ns -- no 2 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 up 2 2 3 1 1 1 1 1 9111 Z 1 It 1 1 11 1 Ili 1 an 1 1 1 1 1 C 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 L 1 1 ur ac 1 1 i i 1 1 1 1 i 1 i an 1 1 an i up 1 1 1 i - 1 1 1 l I 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 i I I 1 1 - 1 I I 1 I I i 1 1 mllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIll 21llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg l as in QR . Q J SENIOR CLASS COMMITTEES g l V ' r X fig-':'2f 54-QLPXR QM SENIOR BALL " -uggfff ' I J. J. LACEY, Chairman - fwii A. C. AMES G. F. GOREY A GORDON OTTO P1 'H ' J. H. ARMSTRONG CHRIS GROSS H. G. OVEREND C. E. BATES H .H. HENSOLD W. C. SAVAGE G. O. CoNsoER J. L. KoHN J. A. ScHUI.Tz J. H. CRYDER J. H. MIDKIRR J. K. STRINGER H. W. DAY H. V. NEWLIN J. P. TUTHILL Isla P. W. OTT CAP AND GOWN E G. C. TANTON, Chairman E C. A. BRITT KATHLEEN CHABOT A. N. LENDMAN -E A. B. BROWN GLADYS GILPATRIGK E. W. LINNARD 3 H. J. BLUHM HAZEL HULBURD J. R. LINDSEY : J. L. BROWN GLADYS GREEN KATHERINE MORAN 3 A. H. BURGER C. G. HowARn C. B. RoWE S H. W. CORKE A. R. KEMP G. L. SMITH E ' . A I CLASS DAY E J. H. MIDKIFF, Chairman 5 DoRoTHY BROWN R. H. ENGLE D. R. MOFFETT E MARY ANNE BOYD , W. L. KINGSLEY GLADYS SAI-'FEL I G. F. BINDER S. R. CUNNINGHAM RALPH ScoTT 3 L. V. COPE . H. E. LAMB M. G. SILVER 2 S. K. LI ' 5 SENIOR STAG E M. KNAPPENRERGER, Chairman .3 ' J. R. AMBRUSTER DONALD FAY MAX SCI-IECHT :E P. E. BROWN M. A. HEIN A. J. SHOCK "" G. C. BALSEN SAM HOPKINS I J. W. SMITH 2 ' E. C. DEWEY H. MARKSON C. A. STONE -E F. E. EVANS J. E. OTT S. J. THOMAS 3 E. M. FINN C. H. RUEDI G. M. TUCKER 3 SENIOR BREAKFAST V E LAURA HOLMES, Chairman E KATHERINE BoM GRACE FRAME C. E. SWENSON E ANGELINA BRocxMEIER K. B. MCCLELLAN VIVIAN WHITING E S. S. FITZGERRELL MAX SCHECHT KATHERINE MoRAN 3 ' BERTHA KIRK C. W. SMITH D. C. WELTY 7: BESS LowEY C. A. WILLIAMS 22 5. Twenty-seven 1 Classes E -1 Il: i ElllllllllllllIlilllllllllllIllllilllllllllllllllliillllllIllIllllllllllHMUHNNIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFR 1 "YOU KNOW ME AL" "Muff" RAY "NICK" "' Q K 1 1 ' ...MSA-L "man" "BILL, wAnn Classes zwwmey-eighe "YOU KNOW ME AL" HELEN KIRKPATRICK FAITH SXVIGART RUTH KINCAID .4 Z' "no-r" smvssox Num.:-: PATTERSON ' 1-'rmxcrcs Joxrzs , NY Twenty-nine Classes r "YOU KNOW ME AL" u I f-nsun-Q- K W' ' --- A-A-7:2 1 ' , W -my - .V -.1. H F ,- I . .i-MAJ uwEsn uGENnn UXVALLIEH sco'r'r "AL" RAY Classes Thirty f'YOU KNOW ME AL" , , Y i "PETE" HARRY "J ACK" Qi! -4-L.. aliv- 1 .F ,. I 5 51 ef '- Q N as 51 91 i- .4Z. 2' 5 :s :J Thirty-one Classes "YOU KNOW ME AL" 1 ' ' i I "umm" "Aura" "ANDY" Y W "JUnnY" HIIAPIIU "HAM" "FISH" Classes Thirty-two 1 11 1 2-liiziwliftlinfix'211121315111t?H1H?I:a4iiliwilllimzxluWill!M51251171Hlislwrmnsaimnravfuirwee1 - 11+1'lFu - - xi .-- H, '-f.i:,I ' ' " Seniors V ' -. N A 'ELLA ABRAMS Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Chicago Menorah : Gregorian. ESTHER MAE ACKERSON, 'lHI'A, ON Liberal Arts and Sciences Westfield, Indiana Jamesonian: Student Council: Household Science Club: Womcn's Ath- letic Association: Senior Illlnae, Vice President: Class Basketball 111. 121. 131, Captain 141: Class Hockey 131, 141. ALLAN MADISON ADAMS, EX Aflfivillfllffl ' Stuttgart, Arkansas Agricultural Vice President, Illinois Union. LEON ADLER, QI-Ar A Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering St. Louis, Missouri Chemical Club: Gymnastic Team 1211 131, 1-11: Staff, Daily Illini 121. ' SARAH Acc, ON, AQX . Agriculture, Household Science H Q Evansville, Indiana Preliminary Honors. , BEULAH Im-:NE AGNEW, KIIBK Liberal Arts and Sciences ' Villa Grove Jamesonian: Preliminary Honors. , LUCY' El.IiAB'1'ETH ALLEN Af1riculture, Household Science ' I . Dclavan Hssrmn ANN' ALLYN, ON Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Urbana Alethenai: First Council, Women's League 131 : Class l-Iistoi-ian 131. CLYDE Gosmn ALwoon, AT, APP Agriculture, Animal Husbandry Clinton Ms.-wan-da: Tribe of Illinif: Freshman Varsity Basketball: Varsity Basketball 121i,,181, 141, Captain 1411. A' A JoHN REA Amsxwsfmn, 'rim Agriculture 4 , 4 I 1 A V , Chicago Freshman Varsity Track: Class Basketball 111,'Cnptuin 121: Varsity Basketball 131, 141 : Class Football 131, 141. Captain 141 : All-Class Foot- ball Captaln 141. Th fr! y-th ree Cl!lfSS US,ritsiffumeaniinirmia41144111A1111.11-of:1a111rm4f4Llf1winfewi411w11'1wvfw1-zwfiw :ii 1 1 .fq,.l.,, 3 Qllasz 1917 7 Seniors ALBERT CARDER AMES Liberal Arts and Sciences Riverside Scabbard and Blade: Freshman Varsity Basketball: Class Feotbull 447 : Captain ln University Brigade 447. WALDO BOYNTON AMES, AT, AKAI' Commerce Oak Park Ma-wan-da: Sachem: Helmet: Ku Klux: Junior Smoker Committee: Senior Memorlnl Committee: Varsity Track 427. 437, 447, Captain 447. CHARLES WESLEY ANDERSON Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemist-ry Dixon Prellmlnary Honors. WILLIAM WILSON ANDERSON, Acacia Agriculture Ohio Freshman Varsity Football: Freshman Varsity Basketball: Varsity Foots ball 437. 447 : Trlbc of Illini. CLARENCE OLIVER APPLEGRAN, A2111 Agriculture Chicago Tribe of Illlnl: Varslty Football 427. 437 : Varslty Basketball 427. 437 2 Freshman Varslty Football: Freshman Varsity Bnskctball: Freshman Var- slty Baseball: Class Water Basketball 417 : Class Baseball 427. ANNIS LILIAN ARENDS Liberal Arts and Sciences, Ilouseholrl Science Champaign ARTHUR B. ARENLS Agriculture, Agronomy Melvin Agricultural Club. JOHN HAROLD ARMSTRONG Liberal Arts and Sciences Champaign Mu-wan-da: Preliminary Honors: Varslty Debating Team 437. PAUL WILLIAM ARNDT Agriculture St. Charles, Missouri Agrlcultursl Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Country Llfe Club: German Club: Stall llllnols Agrleulturist 437. GUY THOMAS Avmw, Plurenocon, IIT2 Engineering, Mechanical - Three Rivers, Michigan Student Branch, A. S. M. E.: Class Soccer 487. 447. Class es 7'Iiiriy1-four 15 fm.. ,, ,. -f- , , W1 -,wii1,,4g4.gfi5't1'!-i'ie1E'lvL',M:,.wg-all--111N1fM,5V'l1f'1'm.-1viiH Y I l l 1,1 M lug., uygum. 4. .,.,'.y4 l 1, 77' ffl ?l-fl 'vc Qllass Semors ROWLAND ALONZO AVERY Agriculture Sante Fe, New Mexico Agricultural Club. EDWARD SPRINGER AXLINE, Acdrrllhus, BFE Commerce Wenona K Scabburd and Blade: Commercial Club: Captain in University Brigade 4 . DAN BABCOCK, Triangle, APM Engineering, Architectural Anderson, Indiana Preliminary Honors. GERALD CLIFFORD BAKER, AXE Liberal Arts and Sciences Bement Chemical Club: Choral Society, Student Branch, A. C. S.: Stuff, Illinois Chemist 143. GUY BAKER Engineering. Electrical Orlando, Oklahoma MARGARET HELEN BALDWIN, FKIJB, ON Liberal Arts and Sciences. Household Science Ottawa Women's Athletic Association: Class Hockey 131, 143. MARY ELSIE BALL Liberal Arts and Sciences. Household Science Roseville, Indiana Household Science Club: Class Bowling' 121, 133 : First Council, Women's League. EDWIN FRANKLIN BARKER Engineering, Mechanical Rock Island EDWARD CARL BARKSTROM Engineering, Mechanical Chicago Student Branch. A. S. M. E. EARL CoNv1s BARNES, IEIKN Engineering, Railway Electrical - Docalur Railway Club: Electrical Engineering Society. . ,A--mm-.f A.+w'e1fwwf- Classes fglllillillflHHSQHHSHHHERMIMHH BHwwifnfilllzweHmflliirliriHziiaflrmfilriliulllflnylrfiimriiinMsnMEQIISHHHWfiwirfyrm!1f4!flam:fn'u51:5rsf4mmsfv lf- :Lp ,,f' 3 fl: iv , H'-'R T zvrgvgffbdb ""f,l'AfLY:,. 59' 1 faq an -uw -up we -war -ww -on wma an 'mv an -mn fan -no .up 'nm .mu -on. was -we na ri as it an an an -qv .sv 'wu- vm -as- :nm nn an -nu- at as as 'nu an an :np mo in -:uv .1 on- 1 1 up im- an .un an -1 zu na an -nn, ao- as nn an uv. new -u. mm an .su an Q- an was uv. -an .nn .nu-. an .mn mn --I0 an an up 1 .wr-, ,- an an- .nu no ww vm.. M-- ,,,,,, -mm an -Qu 93' .1-f -nu- 'nw mn- nv Classes Qllass of 12517 , Senforsf A HAROLD JOHN BARNES Engineering, Architecture Architectural Club. HELEN MIRIAM BARNES, KA Liberal Arts and Sciences . FRANK NEWTON BARRETT, AFP Agriculture Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club: County Life Club. MINNIE BARTELS Liberal Arts and Sciences - ' ' MARGARET MURRAY BARTO, KK1', KIIANII Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Joliet Washburn Chicago Chicago Urbana Alethenal: Women's Athletic Association: Household Science Club: Ad- visory Board, Senior Illlnue. ' . SALLIE CATHERINE BATTAILE Liberal Arts and Sciences . ,' L 'BRADFORD REED4 BATTEY, BFE Commerce University Band 111, 423, 133, 443. ' A ZILPHA CURTIS BATTEY, QBK, ON Liberal Arts and.Sciences, Household Science A Alethenal. , - x LEWIS' AUcUsTUs BAUDER Agriculture , 'L LILLIAN BEAN, AXO Liberal Arts and Sciences ' X ' , Class Hockey 117 : Senior Hat Committee. Champaign Tiakilwa Tislcilwa Berwyn 'Blue Mound Th irly-sim: ... N, Af' - ,.4. ...V L me 21:1 may ,nm ne, .LN ' :wp N . .is 'IH' iv., W, bm-1. me fl' Ll PP' ..,,, 35' -wx- -ff: r .rp if .Ar-. -.22 YI-7 :argl Qi 'W .uw ea-: X ru 'EL na- AL, ..a:' A-:r.1 2. .55 .mc QR: mm, me R aw I! M. .LL we cm, , A. -All. .N- I-85 .nn La , .nv nr.. ur ,uw 1-L1 , rs.. J :AH .sv V vm -an new yn. vi- '1'-.3 , .Q ,' 1 .nv ZilllllllllllzlllllllilllllllllllllllllWill!IF!HQEWHFIQHIEBITlllllllllllllllllllllllIII!!HMIlillllllllllllilllllllllllllllllliililgg -. .1 5.. .,I . I V"'V5'U-f13W1"V5W5'5l11131W1il'Li'WW1:1165f'fiWIkf1lil1'1lW5'51W5511111815lfV1V95'iWWW1v'"F11'Vii'?1 Mm! ' ,L L., ....4.fI'...I, .. . - I, Ivy 1 ,IIN I 1 "'-'H' " 'A -1 " '1 an . 1... WN I,-.w ..-I. , sw , , ,..:, I. . Li 'Cm ' Seniors PAUL BECKER Engineering, Mechanical Berwyn uc- WALTER HENRY BECKER, BFE COWLTIIBTCG Chigagp Varsity Tennis 131, 141. Captain 141. .,. Ons EDWARD BEERS Engineering. Mechanical . Elkhart, Indiana W, ,M WESLEY ARTHUR BEHE1., XVI' Engineering, Architecture Lake Bluff Ma-wan-da: President Athletic Association 141. gy: EBM NORMA ELIZABETH BELL Liberal Arts and Sciences Went York Der Deutsche Vereln: Centro Literario Espanol: Jamesonlan: First 3113?- Councll, Women's League 121. . 313 M.. -M? GEORGE FREDERICK BINDER, Farm House, AZ Agriculture ' Aurora G.-.i Agricultural Club: Staff. Illinois Azriculturist 111, 121, 181. 141 3 Y. M. in C. A. Cabinet 131. Q1 GEORGE CHARLES BLOHM, AXP Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicago HAROLD JOHN BLUHM, AXP Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chicago jg: Chemical Club, President 141 : Student Branch, A. C. S.: Class Baseball M12 111. 121 : Staff. Illinois Magazine 121. ' is EUGENE S. BOERNER Agriculture. Floriculture Cedarburg, Wisconsin Floricultural Club. President 141. 4' LYMAN Boo'rH, Acacia Agriculture Marshall Ionian. - Thirty-scvcn Cl1LSS GS all 'lil V. 1-. . .f.,.1r..4 ,,.,,1.f 1' ,I Iwi'-1'.',f ve" Lf' N' l1I'xV,w' -f' 'Wu I 2' -I-If .gr , h,. ...- giniiaf' . IH I 'F R .1aa.Ilu3.1,I1im...Fl1-111.1IliiiiinENf1ii'i1IaudQQ1G12Rflvl5Ufk1W.E.IIlvf.f1MiElM1115iiQ1:f.5135fiiG21M1ihEg11g1,4L1i1b1i14...43gi3i- ' WWW nicafhmi. - ' A Milli-,?,,ll'l'1s'.f 5 ' 1 Glass ,, , - ,, , ' l"'-A-...?f2ciA.::..-.,a,vf.1iff . Seniors' MABEL MAE BORMAN Liberal Arts and Sciences Morrison KATHERINE Lois BORN Agriculture, Household Science Champaign CECIL WALDEN BORTON, XB Urbana Commerce Scabbnrd and Blade: Graphomen: Railway Club: Staff. Daily Illini 127 : Chairman. Sophomore Smoker Committee: Sophomore Picnic Committee: Captain in University Brigade Q-1.5. PAUL MCCAULEY BOSTON, ATO, A1011 Yorkville Commerce Illinois Union Dramatic Club: Ku Klux: University Band 423. 433. Drum Major MJ. PAUL EUGENE BOWER Agriculture Olney Agricultural Clu.: Hoof and Hom Club. EMILY MAURINE BOWMAN Liberal Arla and Sciences Picrceton, Indiana MABEL INEZ BOWMAN, AAU Liberal Arte and Sciences ' Danville MARY ANN Bow, AXQ, fl1ANI1 Liberal Arts and Sciences Sheffield Yo Ma: Alethcnal. Secretary f27 : Women's Athletic Association: First Council 143 : Class Basketball CID, 425, 185, 141 : Class Hockey QZJ, CSD, MJ, Captain 123. V LEROY BRADLEY Engineering, Architectural Fort Wayne, Indiana Architectural Club: Manager Class Football MJ. ' Lovn BRADLEY, cmd- Law ' Carbondale Varsity Tennis l2J, 181. Classes Thirty-eiflhc .V I Ki N 'f""" ' . MMM,1l.J'U.'1l:'-1.. ,V,"'i ,,v,,'AM'- I I I ,..i.:l,i,,, ,',.p..l'.:frn, ,uv I l Serizors HUBER1' BUTLER BRAMLET, AXE Liberal Arts and Sciences Eldorado Chemical Club: University Choral Society: Student Branch, A. C. S.: Varsity Cross-Country 141. WILLIAM RALPH BRANCH, 1112K Agriculture Chafmpaign EUGENE FRANCUS BRAZEAU, ZWI' C01H1I101'C0 New Yorlc, New York Mask and Bauble: Illinois Union Dramatic Club. Manager 441 : Illinois Drama Federation. FLORA BERNICE BRIGGS, Achoth Agriculture. Household Science Champaign Household Science Club: Class Hockey 441. CHARLES ALLEN Bnrrfr Agriculture, Agronomy Penjield Scabbnrd and Blade: Captain in University Brigade 141. , WILLIAM ALLAN BRITTIN, TKE Agriculture Bufalo Hart Sophomore Picnic Committee: Class Vice President 181. ANGELINA LOUISE BROCKMEIER, KIDAXII Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Freeport First Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. 441 : Treasurer, Women's League Q41 5 First Council. Women's League C41 : Senior Advisory Board. ' FREDERICK AUGUSTUS BROOKS, AKE, HKN Engineering, Electrical Urbana Class Swimming Q31 : Class Soccer 111, 121 : Signal Corps Medal 621. VIoLA Bnooxs Liberal Arts and Sciences Urbana, ALLEN BROOKINS BROWN, GTA, EAX Liberal Arts and Sciences, Journalism Phoenix, Arizona Sachcm: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 181. Q41 : Y. M. C. A. Board of Directors C41 : University Band 121, 431. Og: Staif. Illinois Magazine C31 g Staff, Daily Illini 121. 131. Managing ditor 141: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Memorial Committee. Thirty-nine Clagges f'ilil'l 1iw'ffi'i"' 'i' I I If-.If,.i:.:,p4n'q!,.yg,,,L C H X , I x X ' -V -, 5? 751 gpyigmzvg ,P Ralf! "J ' " " Cllmx ex 'x.... 7 Seniors DOROTHY SARGENT BROWN, AEA Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Class Hockey Q11 : Second Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. 145 : Junior mittee: Jamesonian, President 445 1 Senior Advisory Board. HARLOW WOOD BROWN A gricul tu rc HELEN DORSEY BROWN, KKI' Agriculture. Landscape Gardening JOHN LAURENCE BROWN Commerce University Band CD. 121. CBJ. HJ. RALPH POWERS BROWN Engineering, Civil Geneseo Hat Com- Modesto Chicago Tiskilwa Chicago Civil Engineering Society: Class Swimming Q83 5 Captain in University Brigade Q33 . ' TOM BROWN, BOII, '1fM Engineering, Architectural Ma-wan-da: Sachem: Grnphomen: Assistant Editor, 1916 ILLIO: Editor, 1917 ILuo. KATHRYN ELEANOR BROWNE, IIBKIP Music Athenean. GEORGIA BROWNFIELD, IVIPB Agriculture, Household Science Vice President, Freshman Illinaa. THOMAS SAMUEL BBOWNING, ATO Engineering, Ceramic Keramos-: Helmet: Class President' 122. U EYLAR WILLIAM BRUNSKILL, B41 Agriculture Winnetka Associate Chicago Urbana Benton Pontiac l"o rt y :Q l"!J7'l.jj-0110 L.. L... .14nIllilliffmwillaiaarilzilamfallllgzmmlq:m35::1l1:szlilfmeliilllrlfalugsxlfll:rlzmaispnnrmacu-llgaruwsrlsgalmuma. .:ngasalma::2:i'lffj5,ij 11 ff' if Pis'w:fyf,,,,, Q e:f5Q7f.,4? 'K-..-,..eae+-' j B l':...,,v,1' '71 ,f H 'L-. "" J - RNJQW -'fi 1- jf 115. qrxlnr ,T Muze? 3 2' ,QQ 'X Y:7,..ri J . Q73 . . Qllass 1917 Seniors A . ' RICHARD BELL BUCHANAN, EAE Agriculture Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Helmet: Ku Klux: Schomez: Sophomore Cotillion Committee. ELAINE LoU1sE BUHRMAN, A011 Liberal Arts and Sciences Nashville RUTH S. BUMGARNER Liberal Arts and Sciences McNabb l ALBERT HAROLD BURGER Agriculture, Floriculture X Elgin Agrlcultural Club: Floriculturc Club. CLYDE HAROLD BURGSTON, BAE Agriculture Moline Helmet: Sachem: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Hat Committee: Senior Smoker Committee: Junior Councilman. Illlnois Union. BEULAH BURRELL, X0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Ejfinaham CLIFFORD KETCHUM BURTON, AAG' Liberal Arts and Sciences Oak Park Freshman Varsity Football: Class Football 187. 141. Lours STEPHEN BURWASH, B-If Agriculture Champaign JOSEPHINE KATHRYN XBUSEY, AXQ Liberal Arts and Sciences Urbana FRANK EUGENE BUTTERFIELD Engineering, Electrical ' Wilmington 1 . Electrical Engineering Society. ..,l A :.u l .f X Classes -A. ??'ll'iF:4'f!ffr'l'f'1l:1" .ls . 'H .1 E' ff ft' in V l 2 llilliul 'RE 'vi 2 Q Q L. filtr- ' .reall..all.smfnnralwr2':flwmmluimrame-.ivaxiliairelrluvrnvmmnuamwnnlimamr1laumcw's:fvcezss:4wf::+:ww:::L l . M 1 i ' -5 Iliff35:55ififfifiiiflIefillllliiliiikililiiliZilffiiiiiiilkflliiT43iHl'li.JIil!il1Il17?il1iIIllliiiiflllMHHill?i'lF53El"f'if"?1F'1'lTU5H1315 If if ' 1 ' L mir-: ww fl' 1 rp, ., ,, mr r A r fw:wlLl'1y"l!xfwl'y1'L-,H 4ifMrIflwf.if1',,.J if liwv 'fr 4 ,H :lv ,- ' ,pw f, claw 1917 ,, . 1 V4 r JF AQQ Q xx ! 7 Seniors GORDON FRANCIS CADISCH, X111 Agriculture Cleveland, Ohio Staff, Illinois Agriculturist Q21 : Class Treasurer 113. RUTH MARIE CALDWELL Liberal Arts and Sciences Milford CHARLES WARREN CAMPBELL, AA41, GT Engineering, Mining Coal Citu staff. Dany num can p sem, siren cam, qu. DUNCAN MCEVOY CAMPBELL Engineering, Civil Chicago Civil Engineering Society, Secretary CSD. MASON HERBERT CAMPBELL Agriculture Valparaiso, Indiana Agricultural Club. - CHARLES COULSON CANON, 'MCE Agriculture, Animal Husbandry San Angelo, Texas ANSGAR LILIUS CARLSON - Agriculture Batavia Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club. HARRY LEONARD CARLSON Agriculture La Salle Preliminary Honors. VERNON WESLEY CARR, K2 Commerce . Denison, Iowa Helmet: Sachem : Comitutus. JAMES BERNARD CARROLL, QA9, AIIM Engineering, Architecture ' Bradford Illinois Union Dramatic Club: Glee and Mandolin Clubg Cast, "The Maid and the Myth". Classes Fortif-two iuiuwrulil lin I 5,1i',.kfn.t , I' r Qilass uf - Sensors DREW WILLIAM CASTLE, BT, HT2 Engineering, Mechanical Gridleu , Student Branch, A. S. M. E.: Class Football 133, 143. FRANCIS ERLE CAVETTE, XXII, BFE Com mcree Lawn Snchem: Glce and Mandolin Club 133. Manager 143: Manager, Post. Exam Jubilee 143: Junior Cap Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Memorial Committee. KATHLEEN MARIN CI-IABOT Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Kanlgakcc Household Science Club. LLOYD WALTON CHALCRAFT, Farm House A gricullure Albion Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Sophomore Smoker Committee: Captain in University Brigade 143. JU SHEN CHANG Commerce Tsing-tion, Chekiang, China Chinese Students' Club. QUEH KING CHEN, Cosmopolitan Club Liberal Arts and Sciences Sonzee, Hunan, China Chinese Students' Club. . HOWARD MARION CHILES Liberal Arts and Sciences. Chemical Engineering Champaign Chemical Club: Student Branch, A. C. S. - ROBERT MEARLE CHITTENDEN, SAX Engineering, Ceramic Brookfield, Missouri Kernmos: General Vice President Illinois Union 143 7 Homecoming Com- mittee 143. WILLIAM CARL CI-IoIssER Law Benton Varsity Wrestling 123, 133. 143. ' LEROY CHURCH, IIKN Engineering, Electrical West Chicano Electrical Engineering Society. I"0l'L1l-tll,l'1'C CIILSSGS " IM" ii'iii'fr iii I J lbinlhi ilx aihiiawi 1 i"..L.pi'iJ,.g, lp .'?,2.wfv+. Mrk. :mi 'Pnl ' mn., V l r',.' f"J , 1 1 rf. fx , .1 515, .slfiil ,ll I Ng 'R:,,,.f-y .fra " fsawfl.1:,.fmfgl::l 'ma' 1:elmml-lvfrrlrzqlmmpfalgllsawnnidmecgmimgswmnlllllmfrlrafiwffzfffffsfsw:4sfz:1ffzms:12g:Q:1 fy: ,,K l ' MN" f an X. , I .1 4 ,-I 4,1 A 'gift , -L 1 wg: , M .,x I ..,4. lsr 7 R+.. ca B55 Seniors . BAYARD HAND CLARK, NPA, KAII Agriculture, Landscape Architeclure De Kalb Staff. Daily Illlnl 121. 181, 14.1 : Staff, Illinois Magazine 131, 141 : Cap- tain in University Brigade 141. CHARLES M. CLARK, AXP, TBH, ST Engineering, Railway Mechanical Wheaton Student Branch, A. S. M. E.: Railway Club: University -Orchestra: Technograph Board: Homecoming Committee 141 : Preliminary Honors. ESTHER CLEMENTS Commerce Champaign JULIUS COHEN Liberal Arts and Sciences St. Louis, Missouri Menorah. President 131 : Preliminary Honors. GLENN .COLEY Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Bcardstown ' ETHEL' Amos COLLIER Liberal Arts and Sciences . .. ,. ' Union Grove, Wisconsin Mathematical Club. - ' ' GRACE COLLINS, EK Liberal Arts and Sciences Bloomington EDWIN THOME COLTON, -ITA, AA2 Engineering, Municipal and Sanitary Kansas City, Missouri Ku Klux: Helmet: Tribe of Illini: Mu4Sc.n: Civil Engineering Soclcty: Varsity Tennis 121 : Class Baseball 111. C21 : Staff: 1916 ILLIO: Sophomore ?Totiilllor24JCommlttee: Homecoming Committee 141 : Secretary. Illinois n on . PAUL STANLEY CoNKLxN, XB,-IITE 4 Engineering, Mechanical. J , - 'Roscoe ' Gnome 0. CONSOER, A245 TBII, :T A Engineering. Civil V Oak Park Preliminary Honors. CZILSSGS 1"07't1l-f01Ll' Q.. ' . l'7"15if ifUi?if!fSll!lillill4ill1,l'!Ell1llilllHllWlilllllllilflillRJEHHHWSUNIIHHNHHWHUlllllil51li1H1lll!Elll'fiHl'llll'll1H5122 '!P4llFlFlllllHlilli5f ec .I -HENRY Ring Cox, EAE, AFP T : Comltatus: Freshman Varslty Baseball: Homecoming Com- 'iitlflililllldllkiilflliiiliflMil!!llllllllllllllilllllllllllWill!!Hllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliilllllllllliliildlllllillll9k5:i12iT?Tf'fiifl .2 5 lv' ' . --?.-.Q..,1..,.. -....-......-............. ,... ...,.,, ........... . ......,...-...--.----Q---A 4. K . 1 rf . x.. .:. Q, ,-.RNS , Q jr l l .A:i'f"t5X 1' ll ,'vwy5 -' 912751 ,L.k.,N'fvymg,4Jff' .J :Q 1917 Qllass 5 I A , V "1 Seniors EUGENE' Coox ., Engineering, Civil Odin Rov Cnlusonum Cooney Agriculture Clinton LEON,MORTON COOPER Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chicago Chemical Club: Menorah. Lonm VAUGHAN Com, Iris Agriculture. Horticulture Tomi Tribe of Illini: Horticultural Club. President C45 : Varsity Wrestling 121, CBD. 445. Captain 181, MJ : Junior Cap Committee. Rosmnfr Gnome CoPENHAvEn,-APP A griculture Polo Comltatus: Senior Memorial Committee. HAROLD WINFREIJ Comm, Plvrenocon Commerce Evanston Adelphlc: Commercial Club: Der Deutsche Vercln. DONALD SIDNEY CORNELL, AXP Engineering, Mechanical f N Western Springs IRVING BYRON COUNTRYMAN, XIII, AK'I' Commerce . V Dixon , Helmet: Ku Klux.: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Memorial Commit- tee: Homecoming Committee 147 : Senior Invitation Committee: Lieutenant in University Brigade 'GD : Treasurer, Illinois Union 447 : Junior Council- I' man. Illinois Union. W EDWIN L. Covey, g ATA Law 1 t . Peoria , Agriculture St. Louis, Missouri ' Ku Klux mittee C43 . . - 1 a P. "Z l"lH'l1l-jll'lY Classes .. 'Sr 'T e lisifskiiil 21 '1 'F' l l 1 .li l 15li'lill1Qfll'M'll?lFlQlQB'lQ'g'l.NlMHWMMllIEPWBHHUlilvllllllllllll-l'lllll'lMMlilllllllfllll MNlil1132Wi'5ii???l6l?TQ'biliwficwil'aV!Hi:l,r P- Sei' i ri . ni ...I L., rw- -1. f 1 ,pm ll Tamil MA 1 ,,:..1f,,- I..-,,,.,.:.1 +1.41A-3.4,,q,1g:,,,,if!,,g,W,-i,,..,., ,.,,.i5 V, A , ,, ,.,,,I,1,,l,. ..,,,, .,., i, ,,Qv.l ,.-, ,, , .,.,, .,,4, ,. I A xl Seniors MARY AGNES CRAIGMILE, X9 Liberal Arts and Sciences Rantoul Athenian. JAMES LOUIS CRAWFORD Engineering, Ceramic Macomb Keramos: Student Branch, A. C. S.: Technograph Board 135 : Assistant Business Manager, Technoxzrnph 145 : Captain ln University Brigade 149. LOUIS NOIRE CRAWFORD, AFX Engineering, Architecture West Lafayette, Indiana Architectural Club: Staff. Architectural Year Book 1115. RUTH MARGUERITE CRAWFORD, Achoth Liberal Arts and Scicnccu, Household Science Urbana Household Science Club. HARRIS CARSON CROFTS, QAX Commerce La Grange Comitatus: Student Council 141 : Class Treasurer 121. . I JOHN HENRY CRYDER, BT Agriculture Plainfield Comltatus: Class Football 143 : Class Basketball 135: Senior Memorial Committee. OPAL CLAREE CUNNINGHAM Liberal Arts and Sciences Urbana STERLING R. CUNNINGHAM, 'PAA . Law Biamarlc Ma-wan-da: Student Council 131. 141 : Manager Varsity Baseball 141 : Chairman, Sophomore Cotillion Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Sgigokerfommltteeg Senior Memorial Committee: Homecoming' Com- mittee , 4 . RALPH EDWIN CURTISS Agriculture Marcngo Agricultural Club. ' MAJOR CUSKADEN Agriculture Arcola Country Life Club, Treasurer 141 3 Captain in University Brigade 141. Classes Fm-g7,.,,i,., li-'55-f 1 i .- is-ulmwgglgfwl 'l wi'-iff lu V1illlllillllfllflllillililwilllimillllli'ililfliliil'5if1,W .ui ,H-.,,g,,.,,, .qxe,.e if l., , l"orl1l-seven . x. rf' Seniors WILLIAM STUART CUTHBERTSON, 'DFA Commerce, Consular Service Pueblo, Colorado HARRIETTE GABRIEL DADANT, I'CI1B Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Hamilian Women's Athletic Association: Class Basketball 121. 133, C477 Class Hockey 423. 137. 141: Class Bowllnl-'C 435, 147: Second Cabinet. Y. W. C. A. 137 1 Senior Hat Committee: Women's Glee Club. JOHN HERMAN DALE Aflriculture Mt. Vernon A MAYBELLE MAY DALLENBACH, A011 Liberal Arts and Sciences Champaign c3Clal2s,Basketball 415, 423, 431. MJ: Class Baseball 133: Class Hockey . 4 . ' - EWING PORTER DALY Ottawa Engineering, Mechanical Student Branch, A. S. M. E. HARRY DARBY JR., IPAQ, QT Engineering, Mechanical Kansas City, Kansai: Ma-wan-da: Sachem: Junior 'Prom Committee: Homecoming Committee: Junior Councilman, Illinois Union. President MJ. GEORGE CHARLES DARRELL, Ilus Engineering, Architectural Chicago Scarab: Ionian: Captain in University Brigade MJ. - HELEN PowERs DAVIS, KKI' Liberal Arts and Sciences. Household Science Holton, Kansas LEONARD HOADLEY DAVIS, ATA Agriculture Huron. South Dakota MILTON RUSSELL DAVIS, :PM Agriculture, Landncapa Architecture La Grange Landscape Club: Glee and Mandolin Club KZJ, 131, Ml : Freshman Var- sity Basketball: Varsity Basketball 127 3 Class Baseball C27 1 Class Track 121. y V?-.Ev-1,11 l Y M lu-ui-'ullMuzi!-+,':"4i c C lrisses HMliilliii5125151511M1259911i1311311133152338519ilE23iiiHMliHWQINMUMHQIEUFIBEMMWUHHHF1FJ3iiFJFlMSsl3i'.fil?i5IF3fii?i5!fii15iflillflifiil1'lIHWI'FW li' .fi-'fo f' 1:.."'4:. ,Y . , A .wx , 'Qi A1912 j 1 'xx 1 W.5l?f.fw H ' W., W , ,.,,.,, , , ,,.,. ..,, , if 1: A.-.11 'ix x " in 1 1. A .A 1+ A '4'-emf,r,A.- Q Nas r-11222153 1 FW 1.1: ,A N- ww -f , if X MES'--11,,,fg. ,nfliifirb S1551 RWM, ...f'mt, q".1Iw'b.Pi,yl7 -'gig 1,g'1',.5 ij" .V J ' ,MA-Q 9 '42 ,sexe " A J -V1 " '--, 128 iii. .453 1 E5 liiiikttiiiiiii 25 iiiitifiiiliiif liiiliiiiiiiii aan qw. ww ...N nu.. nm, ua- an su.. A4- suv -fn. in vw.. .ser sum. A, out 4... W... -1... sw. ' pm. qw., sw ...M Ma. sf,- vm. ww .. -rw Aw -nm M.. 1. .1 . -wr. .-. vw , me -wx , I-1.1, . .mv 'Wit x, 5 K' , :E?fQ.fff1g. ', .. ' K lass 1917 'I Seniors PHILIP FRANK DAVIS, EN Agriculture Westbrook, Maina Choral Society. CUR'r1ss LA Q. DAY, 'PAA Commerce, Banking Gibson City Graphomen: Commercial Club. President 141: Staff. Daily Illini 141: Staff, Illinois Magazine 141: Staff, Siren 141: Senior Hat Committee: Senior Invitation Committee: Senior Memorial Committee: Chairman, Junior Smoker Committee. HARRY WARREN DAY, Acanthus Agriculture Shelbyville Agricultural Club: Horticultural Club: Staff, 1916 ILLIOJ Staff, Daily Illini 121 : Junior Cap Committee: Class Secretary 131. VINCENT IS. DAY, IITE Engineering, Mechanical Springfield Mlgllechanical Engineering: Society: 'Feehnogruph Board 131. President EDNA MAE DECKER, X9 Household Science - Chicago WILLARD EARL DELQNG Commerce, Banking Foosland Class Football 111, 121, 131: Class Baseball 111, 121. 131, 141: Class Basketball 141. HAROLD LESLIE DERBY Engineering, Civil Kirksville, Missouri JOHN L. DEVLIN, 42142, AKKI' ' Commerce Chicago Junior Prom Committee: Homecoming Committee 181 1 Senior Invitation Committee. ELMER CLARENCE DEWEY, ZXII Comrneree Rockford Illinois Union Dramatic Club: Cast, "Maid and a. Myth." ESSEL RAY DILLAVOU, dum, BFE 1 Law' V A 'Champaign Staff. 1915 Inuog Associate Editor. Illinois Law Bulletin: Captain in University Brigade 141 : Preliminary Honors, Law School. Classes ffm-L11-einlw EfiiiiliilfliA3153ifiiilii51151E'l59lWPl7il?f'lf5il-Wilfii51511315815933'Z3153323WiiciiiiiiF5ii'ii3i1.?3LiiB55ESf2LEM?Siiililfidikliiiililii325313'Milli L5 ML gil!H2411111HllH1nwfxm11iln:Wmumslriritiidvlriwtlliiliilild51r1mJtSHz4Ul!!il1l4n!4HHH!liunmwwinsllranrfillaHs:rx11lzmiuwlrxtsmsrurfmuWfns'4f:f'12 1 ' ,,., , ww, V'-Qs -any luv -N sn au- .ua ws aus. --. -u. -.1 -un. -4. wg . 1... -. JL. mg. -nn.. un. wu- un. Q. 1-. -. -ge. un. -1. um aa. on -1. um --I ns. 1-N vu. an Q. on up uw 4- Q. un. -eq -. -. - vm -.. we N.. vm. -q, I... vs... A... u.. me --.. N... - - A -.. ug, --.. an--, .. K., -4: aa. -.... -4, -Q.. sa. 1--4. fx v-.. s.. sg, --.. . 1... -no fu.. vnu. ua.. me an ur,- ww vm .ar -ru. Nm mg. wc -nu N -. -IN. 1'-A -we ...L -1--A, -4. -Q, we -A - -s. -1 -. -Q. Q. . Q.. -4, -4. -.. -sg. ...D ul.. an -. '-le. um.. -in Q .fe - -. Q. Ql- -mm. ug. an, an awe, -on in 1-. -Q. -... --1 -. -Q. -, --. Etlass 1917 F07't1I'1'L1:'lt8 Seniors RALPH ELLSWORTH D11-PELL Engineering, Architectural Freeport Architectural Club. JOSEPHINE DODDS, X9 Liberal Arts and Sciences Champaign Class Hockey 485 : Advisory Board, Women's League. WEASTELL TAYLOR DOE Liberal Arts and Sciences Kent, Ohio JAMES LEo DoLAN Agriculture Amboy JONATHAN PARK DOUGLAS, IIIIP, AZ Allrieulture Bloomington Hoof and Horn Club. DURBIN RALPH DOWNEY, EN, AFP Agriculture, Landscape Architecture Sheffield Class Track QU, 121, Q32 : Class Swimming 111, 121, f3J. ' ' ARTHUR WILLIAM DRAPER Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicago ' JoHN CLARENCE DUFFY - Agriculture Ottawa, Class Baseball KU, 421, 187. ' GEORGE HARLAN DUNGAN, IIHP, AZ AU1'i014llW6 Richwood, Ohio VALENTINE HENRY DUPRE Engineering, Electrical Chicago Student 'Council Q47 : Comitatus: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Mem. Orial Committee. Ill L, -53298umninaeassanaausaansmanraummauummmnrnuurmanau:rsssarssruu4u.4.1musa1u1111rsua1rawf:m Classes A ,l Q4 W 'ri Et ia., ig z Q 1 iff 1, Nrzfwxggi, ' 4 umM,vH ,Mi f 1-.A xl :Mr 87,1 , . 'ii-f5',:.i'-7 C losses , . t . ' . l - ,. . . Seniors DONALD DURFEY Commerce, Accountancy Tolono HERBERT BUELL DUTTON, AKE, ST Engineering. Mechanical Oak Park Senior Memorial Committee: Senior Smoker Committee. - BEN COOPER EADE, Farm House Agriculture Elizabeth VERA ORIENE EDDS ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Normal Seribblcrs' Club: Alethenni: First Council, Wumen's League 141 : First Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. 131 : Bethany Circle, President MJ.. HARLAN HAMMOND EDWARDS Engineering, Civil Chicago Civil Engineering Society: Ceramics Club: Rifle Team 131. LILLIAN MARY ELDRIDGE 4 Liberal Arts and Sciences Kansas City, Kansas EVA LILLIAN ELLIOT, AEA Liberal Arts and Sciences Beresford, South Dakota ' ISABEL GERTRUDE ELLIOTT, AEA Liberal Arts and Sciences Beresford, South Dakota ROBERT TOLLINGTON ELLIOTT Engineering, Railway Civil Wilmington ESTHER ANNETTE ENGLE, EK Liberal Arts and Sciences Bloomington Fifty 1' W' H955'ilf3'l?'flV?'FEsfl!fffW3i'lf1f!'!IIWV i 'l X., 1,1 . x r 4-'.y"Ag,w,, ' mil, ll A ,l., S Fifm-one vm. f ' ' ' - 1..:'..u L Seniors RALPH NELSON ENGLE Agriculture Urbana ROBERT HENRY ENGLE Agriculture Freeport Phllomathean: Ayrrieulturul Club: Country Life Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Der Deutsche Verein: Varsity Football 121: Varsity Water Polo 141: Class Football 141: Staff, Summer Illini 121: Major in University Brigade 141. . EDWARD B. ERICKSON, Triangle Engineering. Muncipal and Sanitary Chimgg Mu San: Junior Smoker Committee: Senior Memorial Committee: Class Vice President 131 : Glec and Mandolin Club 141. CHARLES M. ETTINGER, Triangle, ET, TBII Engineering, Civil Prelimimlry Honors. DONALD GROVER EVANS, IIKN, ET Engineering, Electrical Chufmpaign Teehnofzruph Board 131, 141 : University Band 141 3 Class President 11.1. FLOYD EVAN EVANS, IITZI Bourbon, I nrliana Engineering, Mechanical Hincfclell Student Brunch, A. S. M. E.: Varsity Wrestling 121. WILLIAM EDWARD EVERHAM- Chicago Engineering, Mechanical Sophomore Smoker Committee: Junior Smoker Committee: Senior Smoker Committee: Homecoming Committee 141 p Class President 131. PAUL GEORGE EWALD A grieulture Mt. Carmel WARREN BADGER EWER, AAIIW, 1I'M A Engineering, Architectural A Cliieogzo Stall. Architectural Year Book 121: Manager, Class Swlmminsr 111: Manager. Interscholuutic Track Meet 141: Homecoming Committee: En- prineerinp: Vice President Illinois Union 141. ' STUART WILLIAM EXCELL Engineering, Civil Chicago Clvll Engineering Society. Hi fi plnf.,iwr,+get1 , 1 Cleese gyefxxeffysxaaesumnuunv113.umsaaasuantennaenmuuuaunnuuaumsnnuusufsuuusumsssunsmunnssmuuunsslunmlL! .. ..e Mc: .... . . '53 ,. ,M A . yen.. 'ww . -' ..,....w L EMIS' gl'-,555 . J - ,.1..., 4' ...- -Q.. v- . ...Q ...- -..-. .- ou- -1- an as an -an .np an -. an :nm an un. me .an nu- .nu .-we. -1 1 nu. -nu-. .sn .ma fr.. 4... an .nn .ru .nu .1 as pf -am 1. nn... ..- nun, - on -1 .Qs .nu- Aa v 1 ua .-. .-.-. an. an qu.. us. aa. of ms- f-me .1- .A . .-T. ..- .1-. .1- uu . -n-. .... ug. ...- .lun- .un 1. un, -. -an ..- -un 1. .uu- an 1 .-. ..- .4-, .- as -u .1 .gn ,v-. .u.-,. .Q -.-f. un. .nv an .o- .sv fum ...- .n ' 1 . . ty , Seniors L " f BERT!-HER WESLEY FAmBANKs, Farm House, AZ Agriculture. Animal Husbandry Champaign Agricultural Club: Lieutenant in University Brigade CBJ : Associate Edl- tor, Illlnois Agrlculturlst: Preliminary Honors. MICHAEL J osmrn FALETTI Law Standard Philomathean: Staff. Daily Illini 141. MERRILL CLIFFORD FAULK Liberal Arts and Sciences Urbana Philomathean: Daily Illini Staif MD. DONALD ALLEN FAY, 'NCI' A Commerce, Banking Urbana Junior Prom Committee: Scnior Memorial Committee: Senior Invitation 4 Committee. ' CHARLES RUSSELL FEDERMANN, KPAG, TB1I' Engineering, Architectural Brookville, Imitana - HAROLD NORTON FELTON, HKN, ET Engineering, Electrical Mendota A Preliminary Honors. Geoncx-1 ALONZO FERGUSON, B11 Engineering, Architecture Washington, D. C. Architectural Club. . V1or.A Louise FILE ' ' Agriculture. Household Science Irving MARION REECE FINLEY, Farm House A Agriculture Holmeston - Q . lagtgrlculmral Club: Country Life Club: Lieutenant in University Brigade . ' EDMUND MATTHEW FINN ' . Engineering, Architectural Lawrence, Massachusetts 5. Architectural Club. i, CIGLSSGS Fifty-two .55 -q ..- - .asv -9 nn aa :- 1. an 1. -n. .1 1. 1 lllblllllllllillllllllllllllllill lllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllltliilllllllIllllllllilllillllllltl U05 EU!! naw ..- Lu .Q Q. -2 -uf J.. 4... eu ,C an ar Q-f as .zz me 1 an an nm su an .L4 an za ,L zz .az sn as an 3 1 as zu 1, 1 1 1 3 1 .14 1 1 Z tn 1 1 en in nl i nan i as 1 1 1 1 1 as 11 an SIS ax zu 1 1 is 1 1 1 .in 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 Z i 1 ld 1 1 .1 1 ll 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 il Q-:ljIlllllllllhlllllllmllllulllllilllllllslflxtxlsllnsiHllllllll:malllumenllaclelsmnlslzalsalmrulmxllimzinilnlms:omg E fi- : I '-'--- '--- --'v1rf'fw""- ' P" 'H -I n- f' 2 f tg' ,H :: V3.3 2: yr -mf 1 3 2 .Jr-:,g-, bw 2 -EE E NN- Lf"'l I 15,3 E of1917 ' " A " 1- 5 E9 l E9 il : IAQ e E E E Z E Seniors i E E HARRY EASTMAN FISHER, Cosmopolitan Club, ATP ff-4 2 Engineering, Municipal and Sanitary Chicago :: : Civil Engineering Society: Varslty Gym Team MJ. . Q 1: E ' HOWARD J. FITCH T: : Agriculture Rockford L' Z' Hoof and Horn Club: Agricultural Club. 21 5 HERALD BRATI' FITES, Ilus 2-f LI Agriculture. Horticulture South Bend. Indiana : I, Horticultural Club: Preliminary Honors. 3 : - ' SYLVESTER FITZGERRELL :S :I Liberal Arts and Sciences Benton E E CHARLES ABUSDAL FLANNERY, EX, GT, AEWII ...... Q Engineering, Mechanical Chicago T' 2 Ku Klux: Helmet: Class Basketball ill : Class 'Baseball QD, 121, C81 : .lf : Chairman, Senior Smoker Committee: Senior Hat Committee. Q: in new : RICHARD GREER FLAUGHER, QIAKE :ff 2: Agriculture Cayuga, Indiana 3 2: y JoHN HERMAN FLEMMING, 1IfM E 2 Engineering, Architecture Davenport, Iowa E E WARD J oHN FI.oeK, A2-If, APP Z 2 Anriculture Sterling LII. :Q Helmet: Comltatus: Freshman Varsity Baseball: Varsity Baseball 487. 3 -- C43 : Class Football C23 : Junior Prom Committee: Senior Memorial Com- fl E mittee: Senior Smoker Committee. A31 A E I MERLIN ARTHUR FORBES ' Eff -I: - Liberal Arte and Sciences, Chemistry Horicon, Wisconsin gg : Chemical' Club. ' ' 5.121 E . I GEORGE HENRY FOSTER, 'PAT EQ 3 - Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Lsnoa: Dale, Mass. 13: I , ' . , J ' f 1 . y ,. fif 5 A I I ' H E Z Z Fiflll-three Classes Z2 i 'pf -an ill!!lliuilulluuaaszzanlurImanauuuuzluuwnummiauwunsaaawslrauwullluunlllunsllmsmnaauwuumlumasri it ffl Cillasz min 4 Seniors JAMES LESLIE Fox Idngincoring, Civil Englewood, New Jersey JESSIE LUCILLA Fox, ON, ASX Agriculture, Ilouxchold Science Granville Student Council. Women's League 131 3 Second Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. 141. GRACE BRYAN FRAME A Liberal Arts and Scicncex Champaign Atheneun. THOMAS FRASER Hngim'o1'inf1, Mining White Hall Preliminary Honors. EUGENE MARK FREDERICK, BAE Afnicultum Clarence Varsity Wrestling: 123. 133, 145. HARRY FRIED Affricultuvc, lIo1'tieultu.r1' Chicano Horticultural Club: Varsity Tennis 125. RUTH ScovEx.L FUNK Agriculture, llousefiold Science Urbana Household Science Club: Bethany Circle: Jumesoniun. HOWARD STANLEY GANTZ, AXP, APP Afl7'1:Cltltu7'Il Champaign Freshman Varsity Track: Varsity Track 123. 131, 145. CASPAR TYRELL GART1-I,'ATO Commerce Beaumont, Texan Class Soccer 12? . ' LESLIE GODFREY GEORGE, EX, 111A-If Law Staunton CZILSSCH Fifly-foul U ' - v H All M R , ' ., ' -4 n '- - , A ,. 4 . - - Seniors NICHOLAS GERTEN, TBII Engineering, Civil Chicago Civil Engineering: Society: Varsity Fencing: 183. 147. HOWARD CYRIL GESELBRACHT, Phrenocon A griculturo Chicano Scnbbard and Blade: Rifle Club, President 141: Captain in University Brigade 145. MAUDE ALBERTA GIBBONS Liberal Arts and Sciences Metropolis RALEIGH AUGUSTUS GIBSON, SAE Cmnnmrcc, Iiankinn Decatur Class Foetbull 141. SYLVIA R. GIBSON, AEA Lilmrul Arts and Sciences Chicago Yo Mn. MATE LEWIS GIDDINGS, AOII. IIIANII, ON Libmul Arts and Sciences Danville Yo Mn: Wnmen's Athletic Association: Household Science Club: Secre- tnry, Women's League. CHARLES RUSSELL GIDEON, Plwenocon Lilwral Arts and Sciences Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Adelphic, President 143 : Manager Star Course 143 : Captain ln Univer- sity Brigade 143 : Board ol' Orutory and Debate 131. ARTHUR EDWARD GIERTZ, Bfll, ST H7lfIi1'ICl!l'i7!l7, Civil Elgin Civil Engineering Society. RALPH EGLEY GIFFORD, ATA Commerce Onqrgg, Ku Klux: Manager Class Baseball 141. V LYLE HENRY GIFT, K2 A fl1'iC1lllU7'0 Pmnyg, Western Club: Chairman. Sophomore Picnic Committee: Military Ball lferorairnittee 145: Major in University Brigade 143: Winner, Hazglton e n . "'ifW'fi1'C Classes ':- .,. 5 ' ' .47-.:lLx,,u,1, V .SV Nl U-l I rf it i-if W2 U Val l 1 2 H1-HlilfifiilE1flrlllillizH:Utbil:liphflilitrillfalmfuliflmlflElflifllfmmbllmllflllizllhlllrllllfllllflllllllluA13:51 ns- an ...J or 1 or - at elm of'L917 . ,gl -' W - .' ' . " I ' 'f jg? 5 + "1 I ' , . e A Z 1- 7 . L, fs ' , ' , 5.53.13 , c I . ' --' ' .5 '- , . Sp . I IU 53 ' ' l' 5.4 . QL.. ...2'.f.ia2::SJ4L',...., A ' 1- 'I fi? Semors gm 'I' 4 '55 173 GLADYS GILPATRICK, AAII If jj- Liberal Arte and Sciences, Household Science Plano If First Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. 181, 141. ji ' RUTH MARIE Gmssco, ON P" Agriculture, Household Science Urbana ,QL Household Science Club. ,II HENRY L. Gocmvry 'li V, Engineering, Architecture Zearing, Iowa T11 Architectural Club: University Band 111, 121, 131 : Military Ball Com- .3 mittee 18l. 3 '-7 CHARLOTTE DEANA GOLDBERG 'E 553 Liberal Arte and Sciences Chicago ,Z gg Gregorian, Vice President 141 : Der Deutsche Vercln: Menorah. . ,I FRANK LYLE GOLDMAN V Engineering, A1'chitecI.u'ral St. Louis, Missouri jj Architectural Club. LQ A. LINCOLN GOLINKIN Engineering, Municipal and Sanitary Chicago ff: Mu San: Civil Engineering Society. 111' GEORGE FRANCIS Gonmy :tj Engineering, Municipal and Sanitary Joliet Q1 Mu San: Class Football 141. Q: ANTHONY READY GOULD, AZ Agriculture Urbana 1- Philomathcan: Scribblers' Club: Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club: :I Country Life Club: Granhomen: Class Snccer 181. 14D : Staff, Daily Illini .- 113 : Staff. Illinois Axzrlculturlst 127. 183 1 Manager Star Course 149 : Class 1211 Secretary 115 : Preliminary Honors. 7: MAURICE AUGUSTUS GOULD '- Engineering, Civil New Sharon, Iowa - Civil Engineering Society. 3:5 RAYMOND Lonnvrmn GRANTZ, me, IPAQ gl - Law ' Rockford fic. Ma-wan-da: Sachem: Helmet: Athletic Editor, Daily Illlnl 181 1-0: Athletic Edltor. 1917 ILLIO: Senlor Memorial Committee: Senior Smoker jj Committee: Class President 187. ff: 'un C lusx es Fifty-six Q, 121' TL" w'.l.ffyl'r4::i:, ill? ill Elill?llwllillilllWlilH53lllillilllllllliilllilllll'WilIlllllill!!llElilillllillllllllllllllilllllllillllllllllllllllll? Big ... -. ..- .., ...... -.... iw- vu. -1 -. U 1 -v v-u -ua -na sq up an an 1 Q. -- -- -Q -. -. on 1 Q.. at Q. -. ug up 1.- um - at n-. :- 1 in Q. Q an :- Q. 1 nn. Q- rn f-. -. . -n 1 "-u 1. -1. -. -u-. --. - 1. 1-Q -uw. um v. s.. s., vm. -N1 -p. -v-Q -N. wr- -v-. fn.. -1. an A--. -au- -uv. fn.. -S vu. -n-. -v--. -un- -nn.. --v. -an -Q.. 'mv -nf. 'wr- uv -nf. -un 'vm -Q. t. wr. vu... vm w wu-. Nr. -np. vp. -1, -v. ...M vw- -A 1-- -v. 1'-in my f. . -1. Q.-. -A. -,. -.. --V -v-. --W qw. qv. -we .-Q nv, --1, ---... -r -we-A .uv -uu- aw- -v am fm- mm .rs- -A-vt, -rg fm, 4.1 fm, A.. .... .M . inaizsuivuiseiiizfzlesp.mpeggmgageaiwueiaaeuvsiliRimesHmminnmanlnsiinlrnmrssnfzneiesaunuznn Qllass of 1917 Seniors ANKER S. GRAVEN, AND, TBII, NPM Architecture ' Menomonie, Wisconsin 1 llllnois Union Dramatic Club: Student Opera 131 : Glee and Mandolin Club 121, 13l, 143 : Architectural Club. LESLIE Roy GRAY Engineering. Electrical 4 Bloomington Electrical Engineering Society. I GLADYS GREEN Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Oakwood Household Science Club: Women's Athletic Association: Class Basketball 11l. 12l : Class Hockey 133. 1-ll : Student Council. Women's Lemzue: First Cabinet. Y. W. C. A. 13l. 147- B. WILMAH GREENE Liberal Arts and Sciences - Tallulu, HAROLD GREENHILL, TBII, ET, HTE Engineering, Mechanical Chicago Student Branch. A. S. M. E.: Preliminary Honors. ' MYRTLE GREENLEAE Liberal Arts and Sciences Waukegan EARL EUGENE GREENWELL Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Ifarfygu University Band 11l, 125, 131 : Chemical Club. MARION ELSIE GREGG, AOII Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Chigago CHARLES HENRY GREWE Agriculture Lawrence. Michigan Agricultural Club: Glass Swimming 187 : Class Soccer 141. , ' NEWTON Fox GREY Agriculture P Evanston Varsity Swimming 181 : Tribe of Illini: Bushnell Guild. Fifty-woven Classes szsxfixzrszshggg 22 FH .. 'pf 4' KS . ll LQ gf' "R'.',Q Agglfflijmrgmv' 1 nk tl wi-gin'-7' . -51-3, ,AL 'gil E-ir' " iliil ' ll 9 i 55 -.- ss-- we -. -... Nu. up me ..q 4..- vu cp.. .-1. Mr -- -.mi we, mf. .A ,. ww --.A I--A 1.4- we -.-A -, fe mw- 1. an v-.-. nv- -1- 'wu- --1. -mf. V- -0. -ff. ...Qi --,. . ,, MA. -u.. Q... ...- M. ., ,,.. -,N sn- ' -.1-I qu -uu- -an ' nf .rs tilNBuwweiuullimlulaallanmlAammiumasinPmmlvuusanwunnmizwmmzruaarenewwemmtimeaiaraenriviiahsivhanrgf 'N 1, "'wl::A,..,- , 4 ' - AL flllas 5 uf 1917 Seniors JOHN NEWTON GRIDLEY, KIJAG A griculturc ' Biggsville GLENN FRANK GRIFFEN, AEP A Liberal Arts and Sciences Traverse City. Michigan Adelphicg Varsity Debating Team 145. CHRISTIAN GROSS, NPT, AFP, EAX Agriculture , Chicago Class Swimming 121. 137, 141 : Military Ball Committee 123. 131 1 Staff. Daily Illini 145 : Captain and Adjutant in University Brigade 143. Lois GREENE GUILD, KA9, IIDANII Agriculture, Landscape Gardening Urbana Alethenae. . CARL ALBERT GUs'rAFsoN, TBII ' Engineering, Architectural West Fort Dodnv. Iowa Architectural Club: Preliminary Honors. ELIZABETH PURSEL HACKITEY Liberal Arts and Sciences ' Urbana Alethenai: Preliminary Honors. HENRY MERRITT HAGER, SAX, AKNI' Cmmncrce Dwight EMORY GEORGE HALL, IPAQ, A1011 Commerce Rockford Ma-wan-da: Ku Klux: Student Council 183. 145 1 Junior Smoker Com- mittee: Manaxzcr. Varsity Football 141. DoN HERMAN HAMILTON A griculture Paris ToM SHERMAN HAMILTON, AXE, fIPAT Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Paris Senhbard and Blade: Chemical Club: Captain in University Brigade 145. Classes ' Fifty-eight ' :1f"1r'-'wus I4 yu fl, . an lvl xe1Mf'H1' may ww- -A ,LA,Tl.,Eli.,.l.l.l?1?jZ5ll.l-f.f'Icllfll:-lw:.la1l,.ll5-tiff.....l!',' ' , Myne I -, .A -'Vl'g','-ttfr :ws"?V'f.'I"i"l M1-, le" 4 I , I ,Uglialil-EVs!lg-ll1-flrall-V,-rlllflliflvzwilflglr-w'siFvlllolmg.wxwn,:I-1,lg-ne, 5 L, l L x 'I Qllasz uf 1917 Seniors W. JACK HAMILTON Liberal Arts and Sciences Latham MYRON SCOTT HANCOCK, IIKN Engineering, Electrical Beecher City Electrical Engineering Society. PAUL NEWTON HANGER A grieulture Urbana Freshman Varsity Baseball: Class Baseball 123, 681 : Class Football 411, Captain 129 g Class Basketball C21 : Class Truck 131. LEO BERNARD HARDIMAN, fbK - Eriginecrinfl, Architectural Los Angeles, California , WILLIAM ATWATER HARDIN A gricullurc Kiethsburg HoMEa MUNDA HARPER Agriculture East St. Louis ELIZABETH PAYNE HARRIS, KA9 Liberal Arts and Sciences Clmmpaign HANNAH HAI-IN HARRIS, HIM, Liberal Artx and Sciences Champaign Yo Ma. ' WILLIAM RUTLEDGE HARRIS, EN, 4IvAfIJ L'-W' Macomb Law Club, Vice President MJ. ' RICHARD NELSON HART Agriculture, Dairy Husbandry Brighfgn Agricultural Club. "'ff'1"r"'G Claesee - ll f V. I+ ,nw,zwuwllsauslwiisiauumllitltilillkiHwilfwiitmliulHui:dwellLillillrszimgsmzgggzgplyA fi!! :,g.g1 H -5 .lv -Allure w zfvallu I ' ' ue :L 'A 'l' 4,AQAEYHIzffiiillliliflflliflilfl1l:t2l3l1EF5EIllll7llEElllllllilltlllilllilflllilNillfllrlMP2 -' I RF - l lf' 'M 5 ' ffyifiww J e :if QW ... LN , r E J iff' , ,z 2. -I-:Uii,V,,1uf JM! 5? f if :Z ' 2 Y S YW ' 1' lf g Q! fl A -Y GQ,-zvlifl V. if ac..1s:l,,.5 ,,, g L1 H t - s 1 . ,.,. fi gg 'M .Tl s '7 9 jg . Zi Semars 1 ' ALBERT WILLIAM HARZ, AZ --A 4' A griculture Champaign' fe University Band: Preliminary Honors. , HENRY CLIFFORD HAWES Commerce Alanta ff Commercial Club: Glee and Mandolin Club 425: University Orchestra 'fl 121, CBJ. 143 : University Band f2l, CSD, MJ. A COLUMBUS F. HAYES, 211,15 Commerce, Accountancy New London, Iowa 3 LEO. C. HECKLER. 1: Engineering, Railway Electrical Ha'r'vc11 'fl' 'Y' Ancnna Leo HEGENER if Liberal Arts and Sciences Bluff Springs If Adelphia. if ' MARY RACHEL HEIN, Achoth, .2 Agriculture, Household Science Champaign 3,1 Household Science Club. 4532 MAsoN AUGUST HEIN E Agriculture Champaign :F- SPENCER REHBACK HEINDEL Enfiinccring, Civil Stockton ""' PAUL HENRY HEINEKE, EN, 4'AfI2 ffl Law Strcator jj: Adelphlc: Comitatus: Sophomore Lid Committee: Sophomore Cotllllon 121 Committee: Junior Smoker Committee. 4 L' HAROLD HAMMAN HENSOLD, APP Agriculture Ionica 2 Agricultural Club: Junior Smoker Committee. j Ti 'Sl 1" Classes sixty A2 fE1.4lf:.',,1, f I ' . l fif5f1"l3T'l?lJUHl15Jl,?TP91735N'25?lffll?fT'ilil?l'?f"'lbllll'?75l?ll3H5lllUUllE:2l Sli' an be nn .sp iv an aa in zz :J an .np an-1 are -an an an ig ua: up as in .un sa as an an gr an .nn -as as :so .um as use an as an an an has an aa an an ui as lffillfiiiilililil if liililiiliiilli Qilass 1917 Eiiillllififliil S 85llillililililililiii'iiiiEi3llli555fli3'iii5ifi'?2HilliiS'i?!ili?ffl?S5iif?,iEi 3351532 iii C . i V Seniors FSFHEFHHE HARRY CLIFFORD HILDEBOLT, AZ Agriculture FEBHR ROBERT EARL HILL, 'PAQ NH S' 33 . U' G! G Ph : I 3 W -1 D '1 U A FP 'C 5 fb U FI. 5 R U-5 O D B ,. CD N, ,K A .. liliiiiilfb DAVID AVERY HILLS ' Engineering, Electrical P5QMENiaallllillilitfiigmm Civil Engineering Society: LYLE WILBUR HINES, XB Commerce Captain in University Brigade MJ. ' ROY EVERETT HIPPLE f37 - N2 JOHN A. HIRSTEIN V FFEEDEEQ Agriculture AARON ANDREW HOFFMAN minimise sf 5 2: 5 94 xl Fi l r- 3 il' ES E va CU 5 E N O 55 Q N Commerce Commercial Club. LOUIS A. HOFFMAN liiifiliilliill if Sixty-one .- Agriculture Agricultural Club, Vice President C411 Staff, Illinois Agriculturist 125, Eaton, Ohio Flora Evanston WALTER AUGUST HIMMELREICHER, TBII Engineering, Civil Chicago Technograph Board 131 : Preliminary Honors. Fairmont, Minnesota Waterman Summerjielcl Dwight H G'l"D91l Chicago ...I , fi "im-.14 59 143 iKig?" --ii .., 'ii ""'t.-,J""94H' ' ff 'xiii A- .QWM 'I lt' M if .I iXeQ.l1enI.u5BE:.M ' ' -. .,'..ff"7'T"'Q. 'i.f1'LU:f, . wifngyifwf, I ' - il vu. 'ml ' -Q rm mm, v 35 www .9411 ,I 4 fl 'N W Win' '5' Y J M V . I if-. I I 352 2' 5 W 15' In 0 i 5,4 la 1 3 4 gi. .1 13 . ...I lu. Ia... .a . W.- mf- . if li ,. Ju.. een. .A ,. 4' ,M Mm. um me .eel me au, .v... wi ..u.'. A .mi .i-. .141 nn . M .um .ur . a' J ,Li Ac. .1 . -f .ee ,ww ,na- nw -my hr- .I N 1 .,.. Classes nm- an M... iiiMalinlumuammnasi:svIummmsummmmsmsxmzffsa:mfiesismzwmmgfW.mW,Mfg N 'V -" Qllass 1917 Seniors HELEN HOLLANDSWORTH, Achoth Liberal Arts and Sciences Canton Atheneun: Der Deutsche Verein: Le Cercle Francais. LAURA CLARK HOLMES, Aohoth Afn'iculturu, Household Scicncc West Chicano Household Science Club, 'I'rensurcr Ml : First Council. WOmen's Lcnituc MJ : Gregorian. Vice President C45 : Senior Illinae Historian. EUGENE CANFIELD HOPKINS, II'T A yriculturc Yorkville Mn-wan-dn: President. Student Council. GUY BEATTY HOPKINS, IIKN A Engfnvvrinfl. Eloclriral Dclzwan University Band 117, 421, fill, C-H 1 University Orchestra. SAMUEL CURTIS HOPKINS Co nz. nu 1,1 cr Urbana HIROSH HORIMURA, IIKN Engineering, Electrical Ohila Kcn, Japan Electrical Emrincei-im: Society: Varsity Gym Team 427. 133. Captain MJ. WARREN REEs HORNEY, Farm House A flriculluv c Colfax Axzricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Class Baseball 435. . SIEGFRIED IRVING WILLIAM HORNKOHL Engineering, Architectural St. Jomfplt, Missouri Glee und Mandolin Club 125. 131. MJ, LLOYD EARL HOSTETLER, Acacia, IIKN, ET h'nf1inrm'ing, Electrical Chicago Electrical Engineering' Society. President MJ : Senior Smoker Committee. OIWILLE ADLAI Houc Commerce Down, Iowa University Band 123. 433, MJ. Classes sn.-fy-rn I I 'Q-ijv1jvf'Lv , ' 1' wa12WiWrrfkiuw'2mN2z?fiW-aiH:f.lFiRI1smut!iiliwbhililliirlIiirlctritliiiilllizltnflllmmfirlE12l:w11iQ1195452,-MF Nm. G ao 'ss If ' 5 "' 7 Seniors CARL GOOCH HOWARD Agriculture Benton Horticultural Club: Lieutenant in University Brigade. ZEN HSIEH Engineering, Electrical Chunglcing, China CHING LEE HSUN Liberal Arts and Sciences Nan-Chang, Kiang-Si, China, Chinese Students' Club. ANDREW JOSEPH HUBER, TBII, I-IKN Engineering, Railway Electrical Pm-ryvillc, Miggouri Railway Club: Electrical Engineering Society. , EDITH ELIZABETH HUDSON Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicano Womcn's Athletic Association 121. 131. 141. Secretary 141 : Class Bas- ketball CU. 121. 133. HJ, CHD'-Ri!! 131:.Cluss.Hockey 111. 121. 131. 1412 Class Baseball 131. 141 : Chairman, Senior Illxme Hat Committee. HAZEL EMILY HULBURD, EK, 4I1AXI' Liberal Arts and Sciences, Iflonsrhold Science Cleveland, Ohio Yo Mn: Women's Athletic Association: First Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. 111 : Class Hockey 111. 123. 131- IVAR NINUS HULTMAN, AXE, HPAT Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicago Chemical Club: University Choral Society: Student Branch, A. C. S.: Rifle Club: Lieutenant in University Brigade 141. FLORENCE J. HUNT, AEA Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Riilnn Illiola: Household Science Club: Class Basketball 111 : Senior Illime Hat Committee, . HARRY LEE HUSSON Engineering, Electrical Auburn Scabbnrd and Blade: Electrlcai Engineering Society: Class Football 121, 141 g Freshman Varsity Track: Major in University Brigade 141. JOSEPHINE LADNER HUTCHISON, HBIIP Liberal Arts and Sciences Mineral Point, Wisconsin g:,,.,,,.,1,,-,,0 Classes 3 ' 1 !i'i'i'i'iM 4I2.:H'i:T'f". 'ifktiilbiiillzitiLlWv?i5'iE1T5':'44 WiZiiiffliiiiif3fIl7Ii'if'i'i'i1f'ifi".rYl1" 1 + ' ,,, hu ,uliillflfill717il1+Hl.l'lliiililiiiiJUTQLTT-'?Z1'1i2i"iMillSfddhfliiiiliimUiiilfiirlijiiiiilflillTWH!731351ltiliiilzil1flii!35NHii5lilif'1l1fiVififilfllfilliffllllillllHWYif ,lf "".'3'-X., if f 712: Ei is x f'!Q"'1xf f,x",', -'Q . if f 4. -1, ,,. . f 1 'H X 1 l'v 2 ft I rx -wif 'fu . N,- JL' "- ,,,-A 1 fx - 'vm , :M .V W!5'...F f- Q. QI K' - r r ...ada W '- my in '-... K, mv 4-Q ..,,., .. ,A -ifigff-v' . , N A E233 L V' V' EWU . gf. 4.5.-T. www im.-5 :iii . . T., LJ' if A P thu. 4 x x-p 'J' i V -.1 ... .J H.. nu an new -4. .-.. v--. .-., fu. ...A f.. . 1- .. uv -Q M.. ..,. --. vs- 1.-. ...Q -., .-.L V-Q ..--Q. -1-4 M-. ...u .10 an , ,M V... - Q.. . W. 1 . Classes Ql ai! uf 1917 Seniors RALPH IMns Liberal Arts and Sciences HENRY NEWTON INGWERSEN, EN, AZ Agriculture, Animal Husbandry J E .so ' un. my .-w .v-.. - .nw av' --Va-v - 1. cm. ff? M.. Macomb ff ... -,. .ua Chicago Class Swimming 133, 14? : Varsity Fencing MJ :' Le Cercle Francais. jg' MANLY SEYMORE JACKSON .Q-,. Engineering, Architectural Pinc River, Minnesota Q11 Architectural Clubg Student Volunteer Band: Y. M. C. A. HARRIETT LILLIAN JAMES Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Illlola: Household Science Club. C V ZELMA JOCKISCH, AAU Liberal Arts and Sciences, Houfwhold Science First Council. Womcn's Leaxrue 143. ELFRETH GEORGE JOHNSON, Fwl"H'L HOMSG, Agriculture, Dairy Ilusbandry Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club. JULIUS N1cHoL1 JOHNSON, Phrenocon Conzmcrcc Scubbard and Blade: Commercial Club: Staff, Daily Illini Illinois Magazine C41 5 Captain in University Brigade 145. MARY FERN J oHNsoN, Achoth Music Atheneun: First Cabinet. Y. W. C. A. RADFORD MURRAY JOHNSON Agriculture Agricultural Club. ROBERT EUGENE JOHNSON, EAE, OT Engineering. Electrical Lawrenceb Helmet. Cnbinet. ITT . 1. ..-e 4- Amboy Tl: If .., . .- -.., 14-if .M Beardstown en. rm . ... in aw. AZ IQ M cdora ,-.. .nur Q.-. -f, Elgin E 4-an 1 staff. N, .r-. 4- 4. . -. Urbana ij: UA. my .. .. -4. Crossvillc '21 .-, .M M... .... -. .... urg. K cntucky ,I ..... ... .... L... - '5'74 -...., cm.. Sixty-four H-1. -p-4, -W- .rw--:aff:iaf4f:ivf"le'Q'lf" '.fl.l!-ifiwl'frf-Wai-:wrRfif f 1mlfwfr-'-+fHffv:f1sff:f::1wris2:msfJz1ww.1uHals11.::laim4:4:suMm nfl, , , :U ' ' H,,:1f'l'f-' ' U' ,1 1 ' qua,-ig umm? Seniors JAMES MARTIN JOHNSTON Liberal Arts and Sciences Chapel Ilill, North Carolina I PAUL EVANS JOHNSTON . Agriculture V Milton DUDLEY JONES, EX Engineering, Architecture Little Rock, Arkansas Scarab. FRANCES BEULAH JoNEs Agriculture, Household Science ' Champaign Yo Ma: Household Science Club: First Cabinet, Y. M. C. A.: Senior Council: President, Illinac 423. FRANK WILLIAM JONES, Farm House ' Agriculture Bloomington Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Preliminary Honors. WALTER ORTIS JONES Commerce, Banking Champaign FRANK MoNmu-H Junson, ATA, Alcqf, BFE, AA2 . Commerce Chicago Ma-wan-da: Sachem: Helmet: Business Manager 1917 ILLIO. HENRY WILBUR KAMP Liberal Arts and Sciences Waggclm Glec and Mandolin Club 181, 145: Classical Club: University Choral Society. ADOLPH HENRY KAUFMAN Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chicago Chemical Club A. REUEL KEAGY Engineering, Mechanical Hot Springs, Arkansas Arkansas Club: Major in University Brigade 141 A Sfxillwve Classes 4 1 1 ' 4 ' a 3 "lv '- ll ,fi-fi l" l ' 1 " 1 l .ww 1. ,dmc fi ,,vl,f.,y ' Seniors ARNOLD RAMAN KEMP, IIIIP Agriculture Waynotown, Indiafna. Hoof and Horn Club: Agriculture Club: Class Football CBJ : Staff. Illi- nois Agriculturist MJ . KAYWIN KENNEDY, BOII Law A Minonlc Comitatus: Mask and Bauble: University Band, 117, 127. 187, 141 : Mis- cellany Editor, Daily Illini C43 : Casts of "Milestones", "The Mob". EVERETT FRANK KENT Agriculture Gridleu FLORENCE KERN Agriculture, Household Science Champaign Vice-President, Junior Illinae. JULIUS CAESAR KERNER Engineering, Mechanical Cicero Student Branch, A. S. M. E. ' HELEN BERTHA KEUSINK Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Champaign Gmonca WILSON Kmn Engineering, Oivil Chicago Civil Engineering Society. CLARENCE EUGENE KIMMEL, QA9, 'PAQ Liberal Arts and Sciences DuQuoin Graphomen: Preliminary Honors. RUTH KINCAID, AF, ON, 'PAW Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household, Science Farmer City Alethcnai: Yo Ma: Household Science Club: Illinois Agriculturlst Staff 131 : Senior Memorial Committee: Senior Invitation Committee: Secretary Junior Illinaa: Social Chairman, Women's League. EDWARD HERSCHEL KING, QK2, AKXI' Commerce Ku Klux 1 Comitatus. Classes Athena - W: 1 v f1.1':f1:f' 1 4-11.4 ' 1 ifffqfmlm. , 1 iii?'ilW314?lQ3llll3G5lI!F5HSi!?E3lllllliifliilllllligitilllllfilllifllRllrllllilii55812535555555555NllllilllilillilllfiFlfilflfllilliliikllil952855L- Iiswill?,+fflf5T7tETf' vm-. - .f- 1 1-M. Mu :ma .4, .. ,.,.,. -ur . iw' can .gm -1 -bill' we eu, ,,.e.L .1 , .cgi ni... .Nt nu an. fan. no sm iw, -e L -mi nc.. wa.. -sl... 'une an-. -Q.. -3 . -an un v-aa, vm.. Ms. 4-1-, 1. an wh. W .. nu .-u. --... -4- wh -U .gn ug. -os. sv. mp. 1.-.c -in - me 1. sm.. we - s '- tw. -Q.. .. . ,., 1.-.., - in-, ff' -, Wm. .1-.. 4-. '-uf. 'nw 1-as sw.. ug rn, wr.. no f-my fm sm ne 1 w, sz. vm. .fr, vu -rr., sn. vw. 1- vm 'my uf fm it --c, vc. w 1 me 1, 1- q. -n -. ,,., vm an -we nf -w- -f-. we em -iv. N... -sw. A Seniors WENDELL LATHROP KINGSLEY Agriculture ' Chicago Class Track 113. V I , , ' ALFRED RICHARDSON K1NsaY, Phrenocon Agriculture V , Centralia Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Egyvtlan Club. JAcK'KxNsi:Y, :AT r ' Agriculture 1 . V Mackinaw BERTHA MAY KIRK ' Liberal Arts and Sciences ' Decatur Women's Athletic Association, President C43 : Gregorian: Class Basket- ball 123, 033. Manager 143 : Class Hockey 123. CBJ, 143, Captain 133. HELEN 'MARIE Kmxrlmucx, xo, -max, ON, KIDAKII Liberals Arts and Sciences, Household Science Urbana Alethenai: Yo Ma: Household Science Club: Staff, Illinois Agriculturist C43 : Senior Memorial Committee: Senior Invitation Committee: Class Sec- retary 183 : Treasurer, Illinw 423. ' . HELEN MYNETTE KISER ' Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Champaign NANCIE KLEIN Liberal Arts and Sciences Urbana MILDRED LOUISE KLINDWORTH Liberal Arts and Sciences Philo Gregorian. JOHN MEREDITH KNAPPENBERGER, Phreuocon ' Commerce Kansas City, Missouri U i 't B d CI3- 123. 633. C43 7 Daily Illini Staff C43 : Ill' l M - zinenSY:1ll5l 3,23 ?nClass Secretary 123 : Scribblers' Club. gmc B asa JOHN CHRISTIAN KNOCHE, .BGII ' Agriculture ' Onaura Assistant Manager. P085-Exam Jubilee 133 : Homecoming Committee MJ. Smllewcn Classes 52531531iillfilflliflllliiilifiliijlgqgiigQipjfyiijw5flMf4,121f1vjIll'lKiiii4l?5Q6l352llli3Wli2'3ilQliamlilllflilllf3ElliflllllllliilillMill?MH::Vigil1fffgggg:gi,,ggr,,qgl, 'AL JL ,E X. .. v -la., W. -- v'..' 355. .ggjuaawfl imager Pa: ' ' :ww 2? 4 5 4 4 i Q P ll 21. 'L 4 ini? W., .uw ' Tu? ,,,. ,.e. ,-. .tm vm. mv sm .vt me my im., we-. ,ww .1 we ,lv- ,1- ..- --., . L ,lx W .. 1- X ,W .A Seniors V HARRY GAYLORD KNOX Liberal Arts and Sciences West Lafayette, Indiana Varsity Track 135, C41 : Class Track 121. ELOISE BENDER KOCH Liberal Arts and Sciences St. Louis, Missouri First Student Council, Women's League Q31 : Mathematics Club. JOHN LOUIS KOHN Commerce Elgin OT'ro PETER KOLMER Agriculture Waterloo Agricultural Club: Egyptian Club: Hoof and Horn Club. BOHUMIL JAMES KOPTIK, APP Agriculture Cicero Ma-wan-da: Sachem: Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Baseball: Varsity Baseball 427, 183, MJ. ' HERBERT JOHN KRASE, 'PAT Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chicago Student Branch, A. C. S.: Chemical Club. ROBERT GRAHAM KREILING Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Chicago Chemical Club. AMELIA KREIG Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicago 0'r'ro KRIEGLE Engineering, Electrical Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria Electrical Engineering Society: Der Deutsche Vez-ein. ' J oHN GUs'rAv KRIEWITZ Agriculture Chicago C1033 03 Six ty-eight 5E21EatallnflmhnllullllmilllllblillhtlllwulllhGfllflrlfltlmlflililllmlillHllvlnwnunhhrfizrmmnlerzrsrfnrfmirflrisswfeiltsiaamzsglrzrmzaimsrcmrafg Q.. -...A -.. 9g ...W- , , , ,M ., ...h., ,,.., ., . T. .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, K, V A ., , A,N A ,..,,.i,. mi . M7-L, , 'df ,v 'f if an in 7 I, , :gi Nia... ' W' Mil Rm- i......'i.-A-M.,-A-A-1.4 9 1 1 il ixiili ' 33325535 Q' n W H A ,. , . . ,. .,,, is Mn foci vw- mv- -v. ww. -...A we A- . 1.1-... un. R... 'un ww. I Seniors Q.. . vu. lm.. fn. Q-A MARTIN BILLMIRE KUGLER, Acacia : . Agriculture Yorkville I NIELS ALFRED KNUDSEN Engineering, Architectural Clinton, Iowa .w .wi ,M ww ,.. ,. .A-.. 'M ...rf Architectural Club. MA .A - qv. -u-. sw- on JOHN JAMES LACY, Phrenocon 'A -o :am- -.sw -ws-iv an we E Agriculture Elwood 23 Graphomen: Adelphia: Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Asso- : clate Editor, Illinois Agrlculturisl: UD, Editor 145. E GUSTAF PETRUS LAGERGREN Chicago Engineering, Architecture Architectural Club: Vice President 145. I cs.. vu. .,.,.. sw.. -.A ov.. -nu. 3-ug WALTER A. LAING, TKXII, AFP vw Agriculture, Dairy Husbandry 'M Helmet: Class Football 117 : Student Council MD. River Forest 3-2 HOWARD EARL LAMB, Phrcnocon Liberal Arts and Sciences Hillsdale, Michigan ... Adelphic: Board. Oratory and Debate. President 141. -uv. Q up ' A HALLIE EUNICE LAMB E Liberal Arts and Sciences Champaign -ff " GUY LANAN A. -:L Agriculture Kingston - - -wc- - : ' A. WALTER LANnsTRoM, AXE, TAT ' :1 Liberal Arts and Sciences., Chemical Engineering Chicago Ch ilOlb:Staft,Illl i0h 'it 8J.Bi M g I VlceeI!:l'mden1?"f4D.: Prelinllgusry Igglnbrsf I us ness wager My can " ' ' g ' ' ROBERT JoHN LASCELLES, Acacia - .4 1 ' -Q. . G07Z'Q"'F3'09, , ' - . , A Capron Q.. - , . K - .Hier . K . b . W . --.. -un. -np- u.. 'ww , f--A 1, -fp fu- mr. 'w.. Agricultural Club. wk. -.Q SfQ'51l'WfM . Classes an .nn A... Lu vu Af' illulllubulnunlnaunmmulInuuuammuuueamiwuuwlwumsmeiwuunasrassamauuauwrsuu H Hrfrluuuxeucizfwuranrwuuv newllyezlszluainann, 4,-Q ix fi I f x ,W QA 1 ft Wy.. 'A 'N' 'i ., .,, 3 I A..- we Q... --r ,..-. QQ.. - -nf .vp .- -y ,L 'C If -, sv ,-r R, A.-. ' :JN mir: 'LH imfl. 2. . ff! ftiigfizmnilmlktiiimwxiefgismas:H41flzff:5fm'r:Pfriaifsilimi'flrziisswssn. . . ., .. will 2 , QIIELSS 1917 Seniors WILLIAM GRANT LATHROP Liberal Arts and Sciences Sumner RALPH E. LAWRENCE A Engineering, Architectural Rion, Wisconsin Architectural Club. ROLAND HALL LAWRENCE, XXII, ET, HT2 Engineering, Mechanical Chicago Scubbnrd and Blade: Student Branch. A. S. M. E.: Military Ball Com- mittee 425, 131 3 Captain in University Brigade 147. ELMER I. LEANDER Engineering, Civil , Chicago ALFRED CIIANG LEE Engineering, Civil Changsha, Hunan, China Chinese Students' Club. I FRANK LEGGITT, AXP Agriculture Urbana .?grlculturnl Club: Sophomore Picnic Committee: Class Vice-President 12 . LEWIS HARRY LEHMAN . Engineering. Civil Mattoon A J CHN FREDERICK LEMP Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Alton ' ALFREDHNOHE LENDMAN ' Engineering, Electrical Sterling Electrical Engineering Society. ' ALOYSIUS Fl2ANCIS LENzEN, KIIK - Liberal Arts and Sciences, Pre-Medic Peru Medul: University Band 113, 425, Q87, MJ. CllLSSOS Seventy :ww..g',ar'mfl5s1se1JaAgslfgfefmgfai?ixsiizfsnilfmzrslHH35Eiamlimiwnzmwzllimicufli'1In213LfsmLim1ii151lfm11'fmw m L. ,, -,,,. SPM' 'A :xi .mogul , U' ...,M E vm """l ,fm 'R' K " Ztl.. Jfj',i? 'ji .gifiijie -: , qfjlr rib I .. , ul, 5 1 5.22 if he A Q 3 ' L-of iid 22 is .l 3 ELS.: if is ' KMK 0 251' Seniors ' Q EDWARD LERCH, APX Engineering, Architectural . Rock Island Architectural Club, Treasurer 183 : Business Manager Architectural Year ' jr Book 145. ' , W? MADGE. CAMPBELL LESLIE Liberal Arts and Sciences . Pittsfield Z: I Second Cabinet. Y. W. C. A.: First-Council, Women's League. mb MARTIN CHARLES LEVINSON Engineering, Architectural Chicago 3-,gg SZU-KUANG LI, Cosonwpolitan Club 4 E Commerce, Banking Chairman, Kwangtuny. China Chinese Students' Club. :wh RUSSELL Bnooxnz LIEDEL, QAA Law Springfield If THIAN-KITT LIN, Cosmopolitan Club Commerce, Banking Hainan, Kwangtung, China Chinese Students' Club V MARY SEFTON LINDI-JR, AAII Liberal Arts and Sciences - Charleston W J oHN Roma LINDSEY, Cosmopolitan Club Egg Agriculture Urbana 73 Scabbard and Blade: Agricultural Club: Staff. Illinois Agrlculturlst 423 : 1,11 Military Ball Committee C25 : Major in Unlverslty Brigade 147 me LI:oN MAsoN LINDSEY,'ATA, ATP ' Engineering, Mechanical Ona-rm If Illini Board of Trustees: Junior Smoker Committee: Chairman, Senior if Hat Committee: Class President Ml. V ggg HARRY ALEXANDER LINENDOLL ll? Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicago TLT Chemical Club: Uniuex-sity Orchestral Society. I Seventy-onc my Classes um' lmglifjmgljilil-1,53Tfff gf.A1,,wI:I'e,I-iumnew21mus:4.iuH:2li3SddilliiiilribslzlilifrmafgigQMgiggggggmgggg5IMKWQMW5M4555 Classes T f i'!H!1E,z1i',:l'mz' uf 1917 fe . .. ,,-.,,.i-..,g,...,t- . T, . V .. ,. -,:,.-..l.-,..,.:. 1- 4 ,,,,, Seniors ELMER WALFRED LINNARD Agriculture Peotcmo Agricultural Club, President 141: Country Life Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Class Soccer 141 : Class Basketball 121, 181, Manager 141. ' ADELBERT DUDLEY LITTLE Engineering, Architectural V Genoa Architectural Club. ' ETHEL ESTER LITTLE, milf . Liberal Arts and Sciences Champaign Womcn's Athletic Association. I 4 l FRANK ALLYN LOGAN, 112EK, AKW, AEKII Commerce ' Paris Helmet: Student Council 131. 141: Junior Smoker Committee: Homew coming Committee: Senior Hat Committee: Class President 111. JoE LOGSDON, 111142 - Agriculture - ' - ' ' ' ' Shawneetown Egyptian Club: Dixic Club: Comitntus: Class Football 111. 121, 131. LEONARD FRANKLIN LoNc, AXE, TAT Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering' Toniea CLAYTON BENJAMIN LooMIs Agriculture Chicago FRANCIS LOURET Agriculture Waldo, Wisconsin McDoNALn LOVELL, ATU, NIIM, ATP , Engineering, Architecture Chicago Architectural Club: Art Editor 1917 ILLIO: Cadet Hop Committee. Brass LOWRY ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Lead, South Dakota Preliminary Honors. Seventy-two " 915131 1 M:flii:jr1:fl!lg:,1 1,,g,14, , ,cum of12ill7 . Seniors C1-HNG KU: LU Engineering, Mechanical h Moulcden, China ETHEL LENORE LUDWIG Liberal Arts and Sciences St. Louis, Missouri Housch old Science Club. A , HERMAN HINMAN LUEDER Engineering, Architectural Cherokee, Iowa Architectural Club: A. B. Degree. Morningside College. , ROY Mooma LUEDER Engineering, Architectural Cherokee, Iowa Architectural Club: Preliminary Honors. - IRWIN LYTLE LUMMIS, GX Engineering. Mechanical Quincy Scnbbnrrl and Blade: Siren Staff 133. Ml : Senior Hat Committee: Senior Smoker Committee: Lieutenant in University Brigade fill. . JACK VIRTUS LUND, Ilus, GT Engineering, Civil Elgin Class Basketball 111 : Class Football Q21 : Class Baseball 113, f2D. CURTCARL LUNDEEN, Iris, WM Engineering, Architectural Rock Island Class Swimming: C15 3 Staff. 1918 ILLIO: Staff, Architectural Year Book f3J, Editor Ml. ARTHUR NATHANIEL LUNGREN, Iris, IITE Engineering, Mechanical - Aurora Student Branch, A. S. M. E.: Spanish Club: Class Swimming 131, 14?- SIDNEY Josmrn LURIE V Engineering, Electrical Chicago Menorah: Class Baseball QU. CZD, 181, C47 : Class Soccer 121, 181, MJ, GENEVIEVE ARON Lusx I Agriculture, Household Science Quincy Seven ly-three Classes l s Amee? 2 ,3 M I nr ' Pe 'fi X 'fl :LEW ,,- 'a 1,1 :df .N . ,L.. ., . : - 131 "'Z5'7'l' 1 .- . site? 1, 1 5 A is eva? 2-2 li ffiilmlrfltifiilMilfMweHriziwffiilli.wiff fslfasafmlrlferzfrlcsesslaeelfiwsaffazixzifW4m.:mfl', pl I , W., ..,, ., . , .... 1, ,, ---"t"':'j' ': ',3f1:,,:?5j3,g1ft'. iz I 7' :gif ji 'T ,.::.2y-fr. 'Q -hen. g 3 -1.5 2.55 iiffiil Seniors Grrronn W. LUTES, APX Engineering, Architecture Lutcsfuillc, M isaouri EL'roN ToMHAs MACKIE, zxlf Agriculture New Orleans, Alabama Helmet: Dixie Club: Illinois Union Opera l23. CS3: Junior Cap Com- mittee: Sophomore Smoker Committee. ' FRANKLIN BARTLETT MACCMBER, CPIKSP, AKSII Commerce Oak Park Ma-wan-da: Sachem: Ku Klux: Helmet: Tribe of Illini: Glee and Man- dolin Club f13, 123. 133 : Illinois Union Dramatic Club: Varsity Football 623, g33. 143, Captain 143: Junior Smoker Committee: Senior Smoker omm ttee. K FRED RAYMOND MCCANDLISH Agriculture Toledo KENNETH BUTLER MCCLELLAN Agriculture Chicago JAMES FORSYTH MCCLOUD, 211, BP2 Commerce Sheldon Preliminary Honors. HOMER WALTER McCoy, Acanthus . Agriculture, Agronomy Mount Stcrling Agricultural Club: Class Baseball 113 : Sophomore Smoker Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Memorial Committee: Class President 123. HELEN MCCULLQUGH, ON Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Urbana ' First Cabinet, Y. W. C. A.. Vice President K43 : Household Science Club. Secretary 143 : Second Council, Women's League' C83 : First Council, Women's League 143. . NORMAN MCKINNEY, I Zus ' Agriculture Chicago SLI Comitatus: Ionian: Freshman Varsity Track: Varsity Track 123. 433. M3 : Varsity Cross-country Team 183, 143. RUSSELL LEAMER McKowN, Iris, WM Agriculture, Landscape Gardening ' Davenport, Iowa Scabbard and Blade: U. L. A. S.: Glee and Mandolin Club 143 : Illinois Llzilond Dramatic Club: Military Ball Committee Q43 : Captain in University r ga e . M, Class es S eventy-f our ,,,,,., W'lLEi3al.ifL..fifmfigiifilllvHill ll ilililllSillTlillilliiliiiiiiliiilllillLlllMililSwiilllliiliilillflllillllflWiililalllllli1i?i7ll:L5'l:lEliE'illfEvlfl!!will .V S mwziimaintwwfnninnnifs:eineninnnnnseaansmsssxomumscsnseseiinssiannummem.mairssgi MQ, ...em .0 1 1-,-L. .nn fr-. -.. -up cu.. -.1 -um me ..-.- ss., ...- on-. ...M Mit ... ,.. if 'diiffo l f .fn 'il K. "'k,.::sre,gfkie..r-"'l-qi vs-ki xss "cj -f ,. -,,-V.. , Liv ' W e I .gimp . ii. fl ig If? ll im . 4 maimed .W ,M -.. U 1 55.f,,5.- f IE 7 W 3 - , Seniors ..,,. BERNICE Bowen McNAm, KA9 Liberal Arts and Sciences Tolono jg r Sco'r'r MCNULTA, ATG T"' Commerce Decatur Ma-wan-du: Sachem: Mask and Bauble. Manager 487, President 445: V Illinois Union Dramatic Club: Student Council 135. C45 : Freshman Varsity H Swimming: Staff, 1917 ILLIO: Sophomore Cotillion Committee: Junior Prom ' Committee: Senior Memorial Committee: Varsity Cheer Leader 147 : Pre- W liminary Honors. jug: GRACE ERMINIE MADDEN, ' Liberal Arts and Sciences ,Jacksonville . 1:5 Athenean: Mathematical Club: First Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. 123, Q31 : Uni- versity Choral Society. M:- GEORGE WILLIS MAHN ' Engineering, Architectural Urbana Architectural Club. . KRISHNA MOHAN MAITRA, Cosmopolitan Club Engineering, Railway Mechanical Bonares, India Student Branch, A. S. M. E.: Railway Club. NORMAN JAMES MALLETT, QAX Engineering, Ceramic Altoona, Pennsylvania ' Helmet: North Atlantic Club. ' MARION MANLEY, KA6, 'PAQ' Engineering, Architecture Junction City, Kansas Illioln.: Architectural Club: President Women's League 141. ' O'r1s Rowe MANLEY, ATA Commerce, Accountancy Hai-'yard Assistant Interscholastlc Manager 483. MAJORIEA D. MANN, AF, ON Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Elgin Alethenai: Household Science Club. . ' PAULINE MARBOLD, AI' Liberal Arts and Sciences , G,-gaywiew " Sv1wnt11-are Classes 1212 ... i , ' .MgEslfwiwsr:Rilsilmlainii2mtiizffnnmiaiiilieieilltiliiliiililrililtlwwiwillbmzeiueiwasamsemiairuaxxaerimnirshrilrlfi llllll I l ' ig-jilillllllilllbEEIHMEHISQGtiteitllilflrlitRiililMHHFMHBCEIIESQIIHDHllllllllllllllllHillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUi 13? A... . 1-n fig M if Lili ...... lg ,, A, L M' A -ZZu..AA.f,..'f..,, J, l 11.-pn-,-G.,-.if 5, , - :PU-2-"i. A 9 -A .-A .- -1... Q- L... an me nu- -ns. .nm an mm an up 'mr -an vnu fu-1 'msn 'for -sa ww nm .,,,, -vw -cr um. .us we ,,,,. A... A. .. A. A.. A ... -,... ,,.. A. .... .... ... .... .... .... ... ..-. ,.. ,.,. .A A., .. .... ..., .,. ... ... - ... ..- ... A. ..,. A... ,... 1 .. 4... ...A .- A... IC' - 'sr f... .... .,,,. . L ... ali' 39 -.. i : Classes I' -gn Qllasiii uf 1917 A Seniors HARRY MARKSON A Engineering, Mechanical Chicago Student Branch, A. S. M. E. HENRY WILLIAM MARKWAEDT, AAIII, GT Engineering, Railway Civil ' Elgin Ma-wan-da: Snchem: Helmet: Freshman Varslty Football: Freshman Varsity Basketball: Varsity Football 421, 187 : Vurslty Baseball ISJ : Class Football Ml I Junior Prom Committee. GEORGE BERNARD MARX, EN, BFE Commerce, Accountancy . 1- Aurora , Commercial Club. ' ' ' WILLIAM RANKIN MA'rHEws, EX Commerce - Berkley, California Commercial Club: Staff. Daily Illini 127. Assistant Business Manager I CSD. Clrculatlon Manugcr M7 : Stuff. Alumni Quarterly 123. 185. 143. ' RALPH' KENNITH MAUGAN Engineering, Mechanical ' Student Branch. A. S. M. E. V ' LESLIE BLAINE MAXWELL Commerce Class Baseball ill. 123 : Class Basketball 113. CZD. LOYAL CLARKE MAXWELL, AXE, CPAT Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering V Chemical Club: Motorcycle Club. , W LEo SHELLABARGER MEAD, Biff l f Commerce - ,,' , ' Staff. Ds.lly'Illini 181. A ' , , -A . ARL ALFRED MENZEL A . C Engineering, Mechanical l ' , ' . Student Branch. A., Sm I ,, 5' A , , , l i Com LEONE,MERRITT,'.KA9,.'-Q, .Liberal Artsvand Sciences ' ' , . - I - -' Chicago Paris Flat Roch - ' pee Moines, Iowa fC"?'?"?9 . . - Fu. mf. X. H. r V, 'Ig .. ,rim-3.7. M.. 1 4 ,.,,4 .,,,.,D . ,1. .gg .. .7 A fain-.xq, ? I1 15 " Alethenal:'President, Junior Illinis: Advisory, Boar1l."Women's: 129 1 First Cabinet, Y. A. 48,3 : Breliminscryjillonors. X LW.. A -' ' , A ' ' W llff.fe2t"2.'?f.'Q-.Q-.'fJdYEZf1. ' A -, - , A 5 - g g . .-. , Q-fkgrlig-gQ2'!..5-Sa,?wk,iTi4T??jI.f4Z':i'f.ii4F ' ' ' " ' "'fJf"7,fY.f.' -- -T ?.L1?af.?ffs'-r:.ei - " w'r1A-MAY-W 1' w Seventy-six Z ..- at --A 1' Q' vu- -p we an Q nv -us 1 ao- sn cv -us -un 41 as 4- an an t up aa- -nw -an -1 an 1 i .1 vo Cv or 3 up an an fi :- as qu lllllllllll llllllllllilllililllllllll Ulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllillllillll Q. dll Z use t4 sm. :EL -ia uzf -ax. S. mn ,me nz 2: as 1 he Qs Hz an an as if 1 in TI at :xr xx 1 1 E I Z K 11 IE 2 E 1 I 1 1 3 E. Z 3 .EZ I il T i if 1 1 i - 1 .Z 1 1' 1 1 1 5 K' 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 I' 1 -1 I 1 1' 1 1 I l 1 1 .1 I .1 1 I' l 1 I 1 - i i 1 I' I 1 1 I I 1 1 1 illlllillllii 'LE 6:21155 aim 5 Fill Eh SsasaxiarifsdssasxffSiiitiiiiailiair '1 I I f 4 . .i A x L. QA . K 53541 Seniors PEB Hfiffliii A ALI-'RED WERNER MEYER, AEKD in Liberal Arts and Sciences A ' ALVIN FREDFRICK. MEYER Agriculture Deerfield "' Agricultural Club: Class Swimming 121, 137. Chicago SVS EDITH ANNE MIDDLETON, ON Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Chicago ,..g President, Senior Illinse: Treasurer Women's Athletic Association 145: Hockey 127, 187, 141, Captain 147 : Second Cabinet, Y. W. C. A.: Athe- nean. . JOHN HOWARD MIDKIFF, Ben, AZ t Agriculture SCOMMJIO11 Agricultural Club 1 Hoof and Horn Club: Managing Editor, Illinois Agri- culturist. ' MAY MILES, EK 'Y' ' Agriculture, Household Science Garden City, Kansas Yo Ma: Household Science Club. WILLIAM HERMAN MINKEMA, IIT2 Engineering, Mechanical Hi? S233 9338 HHHSEESHSISK 6355595522 Chicago GEORGE WILLIAM MITCHELL Liberal Aria and Sciences, Pre-Medio Class Baseball 137 : Class Football 147. 4? DONALD R. MOFFATT, ATA, -LAT -if Law Q Paxton Sachem: Junior Councilman, Senior Councilman, Illinois Union: Sopho- more Cotillion Committee: Chairman, Junior Prom Committee: Homecom- -ye ing Committee 137, 141 : Senior Hat Committee: Senior Invitation Com- mittee. ' L' . JUNIATA ONITA MOLYNEAUX L: Liberal Arts and Sciences Woodland xi Athenean: Bethany Circle. at -1, I1 GEORGE STUART MONROE, KPAT ""T Liberal Arts and Sciences ' fjiusbo,-0 M arion all nv- , .sv-L ww Sl"l'lC'll.f1l-Sl"U0'lI, Classes -M- ve I X . . , 5 2 15 'L y5m.4:r . L 5-1,1 .. ...N- IanImammmusmuusaaalsmniasuuuna:mmnnaasuawsaisimnrsausssuaiiszzaewasczaeszmsnffnxmw , Jw- 4.-Mex., .vrlfze 4, .N iz Q , , 9 , A L - iw' .-,QEH 5' .. if mill . . , W if W U A, V. ff 9 .1 , xi x . 1 H 4 ,wf'...,. ,qrwpsqllef , ..,,,, ,. A, .w -1 .. ,., .H -3 ' 5 ' 9'-.',.,j,-'f'j'f'iT'2' ., ' .ig L fe- , if ,sw ,, . , , -- ILM .'.ei'-- 1' err, tw..-'-'---15 3-g,j,...g.1 ,f.45.,?X lea 3 fi is if Ljlf Lhfzy Bc.. ' pilg- lf' Q ,ai H '. 1Hu,Q..i.1fY,1iv Rf JW! 3' f"V.'f io 1 1' 5, -This ,l :Zi .M 4 .f . ,WJ vi.,- ' M Y, K -E.. 4... iiilzgmggqqqlgliildillilillllMillIINMEEiiiiliiiillllilliiiiIllilliiiititiZiM3fi3'3'i' ,H :ggi,,m.f,,,i,,,,,5f'i' 'f -A Wifi!! -ALl,lll4,1M we fm .., ..-Q X 4 f '. v 1. XL l. X L -wg' 1 A " 1 " 'AJ' -1 " I ,e,.1.,1,,g.,4 'eff' ' If l,..,:r,Ei se 4 f 1 -4 4, we iii, - - rw ' 2' r ,- i Q. . . s-3 ' Q..-Q "' 5 'fl .V 5 3.1 v ,Mg- .ky .. . Q.. M.. ..... P.. I1 ..., S.- H.. .... ..- Ill' A.. ..... A... . .,. T21 ..,. ,.. QL Zvi M. .,.. If 1. QI. ..... .M -.N ,.... N. ...., .,, M.. mill' A... ll. 4, v-, N,- '- 1l,4ll'l4il'l'l 'illllll 4 1 Jmiliimzmaiamilldaaaeima-1:mmnewlillmnsstamzwflaararwfafmeaafivzlsslgim-aim:fm 'flf iilfwfl iff 1 ' 'W . , .,., , . . .. .... .....,..., .- .,., ,-.... , ,..,..,,...,. ..... .., V , Lim , , K o lass auf 1917 hw-..N . Seniors THADDEUS LEMENT MONTGOMERY, ZYI' l . Liberal Arts and Sciences, Pre-Medio A Dexter, Mwsourz Scrlbblcrs' Club: Phllomathean. HUBERT WATSON Moon, AXE Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemical Engineering Champaign Chemical Club. IRENE HOLBROOK MOORE, AAU Liberal Arts and Sciences Nashville Jumcsonian. MABEL ELIZABETH MOORE, AAII Agriculture, Household Science . Nashville Household Science Club. MARY KATHARINE MORAN Agriculture, Household Science Iiartlosville, Oklahoma Senior Illinzeg First Council, Womcn's Langue 131, 141 : Spaulding Guild. CLARA ADAH MOREY Liberal Arts and Sciences Macomb Der Deutsche Verein. MAY MERBOTH MORGAN, AI' f Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicago Le Cercle Francais. E - NELSON MARVIN MORRIS Engineering, Mining Harrisburg Eslyntian Club. . IVAN G. MORRISON Agriculture Fairbury l FLORENCE LOUISE Moss, AOII Liberal Arts and Sciences Charles City, Iowa ClfLS'S6S Seventy-eight ill! -Y ., l, ..,l., - ,.- .ft-ly ,.- Megs- .-1-1, 'Ms '-X., .aHmi'r3A13fvvJ,iwillpulse-'JE'.5,i'llF-2-iw?Inuziilimll-f2"1Jfiiiiss ' i,19qf.J,z-l.1w i 'l Eli55i53?1Ill1HliililillllillillBmllllllwllllllillllililiMlilllllllllluillwNWNBXSBMBHPQINUEliwlfllllliillillildsiliiliiiillilililiI5liili",fl5iE55lE?liii24 O Senior: RUTH ALICE Moss, PIPB . Liberal Arts and Sciences Mt. Vernon Alethenal: Scribbler's Club: Class Basketball CD: Second Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. ' CARL OSCAR MUELLER, Triangle, NIIM Engineering, Architectural Chicago HERBERT EDWARD MUELLER, Triangle Engineering, Architectural Chicago Preliminary Honors: Manager, Class Basketball 121. ' EDWARD RICHARD MULLINS Engineering, Architectural Champaign JOHN LEONARD MUNsoN Agriculture Randolph Hoof and Horn Club. MOTOSABURO MURATA Engineeringg Electrical Shingu, Japan ELIZABETH ADAMS MURDOCK, X0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Champaign GRACE MILDRED MURRAY, AI' Liberal Arts and Sciences Champaign Unlvereity Choral Societyp Women's Glue Club: University Choristers 433 , Class Hockey QU, 121: Class Basketball 117. 421. MOKI NAKAYAMA 'fl 'lv,nu,, . wulww r mv' ' ,V ,V U A-. fn ."' ,lx-,Q -, f. ,Q .AR R 1 . A un- ' ., , X ,T ,ii E... 5,52 QM ik ' ' , V WM .ix ,ex . .f MW? 'I fi, A XM: .. lf F 9 X' ,. ' iMewuif?w A ,. A Q fl "M-. Ami? , M 'RQ ,J ,V , A '-,.'f--:,Qwe.,fx,,cj je Wit." "f9ifr.-Jl'i1"?ii"V L W 1. n,.l,,7Q+ 3, . W :..,.,,1-H, .... , X A "f.:0r'.qJ:v inf? " 'fmt A E 1 C f ' Vywawm airline igizlpll '01 5 is E fl., 'flh -fl, , 'rv A NNI, um W. , ew Engineering, Electrical ' Agawa-gun, Kochi-Ken, Japan J ULIEN HEGUEMBOURG NEEDLER, AAT, IITE Engineering, Mechanical Chicago ' Senior Smoker Committee: Captain in University Brigade 141. Seventy-nine Classes 'gnlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllmllllllllllllllIll!!!IIll IZ. an ..- .... 2 I Efmrft ' THE l9lB ., ..., .. -,..-.-...,,. . .. .. ., . .. , ., , .,. . . ,... , of 1917 -. E . 5 X ftfz, f -A '1 5 I 3 'Sensors , ' an 'if--r " 8 ' ' ' 2 5 I 'I ' J. WARD NELSON, ZIP, AZ, AFP 2 I 1 Agriculture I ' Vermont -. V' Mm-wan-da: Snehem: Tribe of llllni: Class Football 111 : Varsity Foot- 2 v ball 121, 181. 141: Class Swimming 121: Class Wrestllnz 121: Junior "" 2 . Prom Committee: Chairman, Senior Memorial Committee: Senior Smoker .E ' Committee: Homecoming Committee 141 : Y. M. C. A. President 141. : , 1 WILLIAM 0scAR NELSON, BGII, AE4: f 2 ' Engineering, Mechanical ' Peoria : Ma-wan-da: Helmet: Scabbard-and Blade: Ku Klux: Student Branch, Q A. S. M. E.: Mllltary Ball Committee 181, Chairman 141 5 Junior Prom : Committee: Senior Memorial Committee: Colonel in University Brigade 141. E ' HAROLD VANCE- NEWLIN, KE 2 Liberal A-rta and Scicncm Robinson 2 Helmet. E V EDWARD STERLING NICHOL, fbK'If 2 , Liberal Arts and Sciences Columbus, Ohio 1' -Staff, Daily Illini 181. Business Manager I141. . ' E I G. WILLIAM NIcHoL , ' . ' Z I Commerce . 1 Anderson, Indiana "-I 1 JOSEPHINE MARIE'NICHOLS, EK ' ' fill Z Liberal Arts and Sciences ,, A A , Dixon E , CECIL RICHARD 'NiGKOLLS, AZ ' 2 Agriculture ' -Starlc E Agricultural Club: University Choral Society. ':: . . DWIGHT REED NoRR1s, Phrenocon . , f 2 Engineering, Civil - ' Newman 2. Preliminary Honors. ' S CHESTER ADAM OCHS1 ATO ' : Commerce ' . Chicago ,Q Freshman Varsity Basketball: Class Basketball 121, 181, 141. A - if . 'R ARTHUR ALEXIS OLSEN, Fafrm House :lv Agriculture, Agronomy Newark I Agricultural Club. V ' V EQ Xt-Q4 - " E4 Cllmscs lqighgz, T' Z, LE .-nv. f-ru' 1-an A at 1 1-cv 41: 1 up mmf Amo A no -ab gg., .11 -as fi 11 as 41 I In fn: -1 as 1 or 1 as 1 an 1 as ax :np JD mu as no we 11 our 1 as fun an un no an an rp: -1 11 in 1 -an n-v -1 Nl i we nn' in 41 to 'Y ng an .up -n ...- r -. 1... 11 cg I.: un. up as can I1 A-.Q 11 1-p an -1 ea' cl up 1 ll rx at 11 at . In vi -1 It 1 -uv -no -1 t en- as as 1 nu. 4-v af up an. .1- -nu .4 Q. W-. .. J- .cm of ...- cy as -Q an av an 1 -- -1 -u .-s -.1 41 QQ .1 -un .1 :vu -in fi 'um A nu. .3 qu an .wg Z-ilnllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllWWlHllilltlllllllliililliiilllmllllilllillBill!illllllllilllllllilllllllllllg Eli Q 3 Q.. Q-. il 'nn -Q, -Q 'i 1 ii -.Q 1- in -- au. --. Q. -. un.. Vi li -. -. 1 as 1-. an i 'lp 1 - Q Q -Q 1 - me vs. ts an in, in -ws- 2 up vu urn fu- an Q. an on -. v.-.. -is in nn -- en, v-e 1 un --. ns. wu- ua.: wi.. sum -no -nw am. ima, cz M.. In N., sm.. us.. .aw -4 -us, -1. can up -an, un, wg. 1-1 vw. ws., -.... was vc , an . ,,, Q.-u 'nm vnu 'un :la 'HUA tm f mr.- -rg, elm 'L-ul, wx, wa -.A -og -4. -q, -Q -up -ni we -1. -A Q.. ug -.. 4-f - -.- -ng ..-us .-. up -t on -in -as Q -ui -Q Q up ..., -Q up -an inn. um. -an.. .vw-.. run -rn. -mr, -.-.. --vm us vu. a-. lllllllllliiliiliiiliiilllliiiiilBllllllilllllilllllllllllllllillllllillilllIll!IlllllllllillillllllllllllllllllilllilillillllllllliilllllllilllllillliilHliilxiililiiiigg M10 f.4Z"'i nvfdfgkrf ' , .x.. sm I EL? gl sa in fa fw- .. ,,,. , , . .,. li -in M,-,,,-.,, Q - ,,,,, "Kt'??2"i2W7-"fjrr:'l'l' Ziff' We wi XM.-it ' T ,,., 1:5-' V ., A A W "1 1' I'i.I'l"' ' "lf NJ: . ", -'l .1 fuk, '-. M".' 19 ' A M' ,, , ,A .sq-w51,,gf,n 'Seniors V T . M.- t' fo . ' it sfffwx' f X33 a , 5'-AIALANHRIOHARD OMRARA, AKE, Am' X Commerce 'f , 3 H ' ' ' - , . Chicago 111 , ,,., -Mzdivah-da: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Track: Freshman Varsity Bal4eball.,:yVp.rsity Track 125, 481: Varsity Baseball 147: Junior Prom Qommime, , A 4 . .,1s Jorm EKERNT OTT, Ilas, ST Engineering, Mechanical . , Chicago .-it .N- w ,wi " ,, , ' " A Tribevof Illini: Freshman Varsity Swimming: Varslty Swimming 121, .M ..--. n- CSJ, 143 :'F1'eshman4Varslty Water Polo: Varsity Water Polo 133, 447. 'Cuptaln' 'MJ : Class Football C22 : Military Ball Committee Ml : Captain in . University Brigade' MJ. i A b Y . ' PERCY VWRIGHT, OTT, ,TBII Engineering, Municipal and Sanitary ' Mt. Harmon, Louisiana ' Phllomathean: Civil Engineering' Society: Dixie Club: Captain in Uni- W versity Brigade 143 : Preliminary Honors. - ' A 'GORDON OTTo, AT Agriculture. Animal Hunbandril Chicago Tribe of ,Illlnlr Varsity Basketball 121, 133. Q45 : Sophomore Cotillion Committee:'Military Ball Committee Q29 : Junior Cap Committee: Junior Prom Committee. I ,. V R ' HARRISON GEORGE OVEREND, APX, Tun ' .0 -M W.. wa 0-1 -...A ...Q Engineering, Architecture -. Edelgtgin K icabbard and Blade: Architectural Club: Captain in University Brigade 4 , , 1 V , , . . RALPH MARION OVERTON, BX, TBH, IITE, ET ' Engineering.-Mechanical ' I Winchester J4- , Senior -Hat Committee: Homecoming Committee Ml: Preliminary Honors. ' . A ' Y A A in ' SELAAiSABEL PAISLEYQMIKA Mnsidx' ' 1 ,Q ' " ' U , , Q f ' Urbana - A J ' A CHARLES SHATTUCKJSALMER, TKE, mfr 'Liberal Artahand' Sciences I ' , , , U,-bam kmPlil:o:nc2.gl3eg.rA :.w'lcE1u!ilub' zsgituigenth-Branchg A. C. S.: Staff, Illinois - ,fun k-C g'. tqnilgtsih Umveniwv Busted? Fwy. OD 0m91'e 1fl0 ei ommittee Lncu ' v . 'i" ,rf ' QCATHARINE ELIZABETH PARKS, IIB41 .N ,flfinrieral Arts.-:and,,,NSoien90k ' T , V Du Quoin ' - q'ffw,1 Josmrni JULIANV- PATTERSON: APX, ATP ELngineerinu.fA1'ohiteoture X " of ' ' . pm-mme ' ' ArchitecturalrClub: Glee' and Mandolin Club 423, 485. Leader Kai g staff, -I '19i5 Intro: Staff, i916.ILuo. X .-TT, Eighty-one ' I 'nk Clasgcg illlllllliilIlllillllllllllllllllllliltlllliilllllllilillliillllliiillllllllllllihiiHiiliilllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllillHlllllllllillilEWUBllillllrllliillelllflfigisi:QQ I X, - r Qilass 1917 -s Q Q 9 .. . . .- . -, 9, ., , ff HU.. LL, . . - A Seniors NELLIE RAND PATTERSON, AEIA, fbmlf Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Sciences Chicago Mask and Bauble 1 Illiola: Household Science Club: University Chorlsters: Drama Federation: Cast, "The Gentleman from Mississippi," "The Great Galeoto". "Our Wives", "The Mob". , FREDERICK WILLIAM PATTON, NPT Agriculture Montclair, New Jersey JOHN VEVERS PATTON Liberal Arte and Sciences Atlanta HOMER ARNOLD PEARSON Engineering, Electrical Thorntown, Indiana Electrical Engineering Society. - VICTOR ANTHONY PECCHIA Engineering, Civil Chicago Civil Engineering Society. Secretary MJ : Spanish Club: Student Branch, A. A. E., Secretary MJ : Military Ball Committee C43 : Lieutenant in Unl- versity Brigade Mi. Roy LEE Pecx Jn., KIIKE Engineering, Civil Oak Park Civil Engineering Society. HENRY RUSSELL PEDLER Engineering, Mechanical Chicago Student Branch, A. S. M. E. HARRY LoU1s'PE1.zER Liberal Arts and Sciences Champaign HARRY REED PENDARVIS, A2115 HKN, ET Engineering, Electrical . Chicago Tribe of Illini: Electrical Engineering Socictly: Student Branch, A. I. DE. E.: Freshman Varsity Baseball: Varsity Trac 123, 187, 447. MARY HONORA PENDERGAST Liberal Arts and Sciences Colorado Springs. Colorado Classes Eighnwwa 4--A-in v I Multi-' X wfwveqfvff,a:3eni:2M Wgzggaigmimlyesgl'wgngfiairlfiiirl5153635'2?r1i2iHzrf1vii?V,-M1 Seniors STELLA REBECCA PERCIVAL, KA9, MKA, WASP Music Champaign Athenean: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 187, 147 : Senior Invitation Committee: Preliminary Honors. CHESTER ALMON PETERSON, Cosmopolitan Club Agriculture Galesburg Agricultural Club: University Band 127. 137, 147: Class Soccer 147: Military Ball Committee 127. REUBEN WALTER PETERSON Agriculture, Dairy Husbandry Chicago Freshman Varsity Baseball: Class Basketball 137 : Preliminary Honors. TIMOTHY EDWIN PETERSON, EAE Agriculture Mesa, Arizona FRANK HOWARD PETHYBRIDGE, AKE, AFP Agriculture Chicago Sachem: Helmet: Tribe of Illini: Hoof and Horn Club: Freshman Var- sity Football: Freshman Varsity Baseball: Varsity Football 127, 137 : Var- sity Baseball 137, 147. ' MANLEY Ross PETTY, AZT Agriculture Sumner Ma-wan-da z Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Football 2 Varsity Football 127. 137- 147- CONRAD LOUIS PFEIFFER Engineering, Electrical Chicago Der Deutsche Verein: Electrical Engineering' Society: Varsity Gymnastic Team 127. 137, 147 5 Illinois Drama Federation. RUDOLPH SALISBURY PEETEFER, HT2 Engineering. Mechanical Peoria Lois PHILBRICK, KAO Liberal Arte and Sciences Champaign Athenean. MINNIE ALICE PHILLIPS, AOII Liberal Arla and Sciences, Household Science Sullivan Women's Athletic Association: Household Science Club. Eighty-three Cl0fSS6 -- I i':-- if " J 'lm' 1 ' ir" 1 1 f 1 1 gi.gqilx.l.w1d'i1ilM,warmiiwflzwx-:,.,fi'fieiifufwl f'?l--Uhfziie ' Wai fillH215Lmllltllilllilil'llfiiaiwflllfliilllfllilliafzldfiriw 1'WI1f:fwf'.l:ff11u2fllAnHyrfnganagqgguyyuy51:,1gf3q4m,gzgA,1gangfggfggqgqwggggfflfrfygffagggg333. ' ly. fr A M, QF' Lt'--2: .ZEi2fT1f1.i1 5? M T1 . ,2' 1' ,sy 11: :lf ',1"5 be f"f':.:--!,''.fS'42, ll m.q,,.v7"'?31.- , ' ... H f,1.uu.i,.,f .1 "Q-Kgj'fv'fv'T'Xf"1.. - 96.45 " .-- A 1 Eff .R ...- -. ...- -- 1.- ,- -.v -Q 1-.4 +-f ,.-f ww -v- -1 .mf .1 an -e .-, - .-R. .-., - .W-E -1 -1. ,-. Nu .N - nf, -, I., we Aw 'fm -Q vw ...A .1 .1 --f -0 .f M .W -f 4-. - - -H 1..- -... -1... rv, ...T -K, ,-... ... ln, .- -fm .ue .W A.. .. .. -A. M. V-E ...- .-. .- 1..- .... ...t -.11 ... M ,-1 -.. ...- -.f ...- -up .mf ,-.wr av V-Q ..... Q l K vj Senior? EDWIN IVAN PILCHARD, Farm House Agriculture. Agronomy Mansfield Glee and Mandolin Club 121, 181 : University Choral Society 123. 135 : Agricultural Club. . LEWARE PITTARD Agricultural, Household Science Winterville, Georgia ERNEST HOWARD Poor., ATA, fbAdw Law Ottawa Scabbard and Blade: Law Club, President 147. LEONARD SPROULE PooR, BSI! Liberal Arts and Sciences Strcator Comltatus. ' HARRY HUBERT PORTER, AT Engineering, Mining Gcrlaw Homecoming Committee 14J. f URBAN STUART POSTEL Commerce Maseoutah - GLENN EDWARD POTTER, HKN Engineering, Electrical Springfield Varsity Wrestling 121 3 Prcllmlnary Honors. Q JOHN HOWARD POWERS, ATU Commerce Decatur Ms-wan-da: Helmet: Scublmrd and Blade: Athletlc Board of Control: Manager. Class Athletics: Class Baseball 113, 12l. 131 1 Class Swimming 113: Class Basketball 121: Military Ball Committee 147: Lieutenant- Colonel ln Unlverslty Brigade 143. RAY AUSTIN PowERs Agriculture J olict Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club. ' LoLA IRIS PREssoN Agriculture, Household Science Champaign Household Sclenco Club: First Councll. Womenfs League. Classes Eighty-four -2 Q an ..- 1. ...... -P. .Q wr- me -1 rv r: v. 1, -.v. uw -n A uv- f.. .nn wa mn no vs A 7. .rr .,:r rm .r., x rn: l...:- wr. .--4 ..-.. za xx, I Lv. .nm fr-. vw ,-rf. -reg. 'nm EllllllllllliilllllflillllllllllllillUMW'lilNlilllllilflflililNlllllllllNlillllMilli!!IN!llll'l51l1??Hi5-l'il!2'5'!Sil3l:1Zll3ffg 31 fill rfblnl'Ifk'lsIfrlvlqplggmxmimigpyusgffzUmmnE1z1f112i1l1!1l':fzi:1:urlukllrllmwillmlrL171r1iMti1fi:rrlE mnmrlIitl',lif5MVa ii:m1r.mlii b1Imi:Mz1lf5H'liII,E5 as .m 2 r' ' xg, .f ,"23fl-AL V-ff I iw F' ,ibyxayf 5 ,f l,'j4.fg.,qif V- sl, --2' ,ff I fl N... ,"v ,' -35' I 5 I 15Q"r,,. 3'X'i'm-,,, , . ,,,u,.,,r,,w,,,, -u 4.1 Qllass 1917 - . , . ,H awk., - l BEN B lg! Y . if E .iii . ZZ' 3, Semen' 'g MELVILLE HALSEY Pmcn: 1.1 Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicago V-:Q 'li ADA ROBERTA PUGH Agriculture, Landscape Gardening Champaign ffl N, Household Science Club: Jamesonlan. 212 :Q ,fl lf WILLIAM THOMAS PURCELL IZ. -if Engineering, Architectural Chicago 'I 'gl Freshman Varsity Swlmmimz. , 2' Lt: :X -A if -- CORAMAE QUANDT 5 -I' Agriculture. Household Science Urbana xv 'QQ 45 Zz" HARRY QUICK, 9X ' jf Engineering, Civil Tislcilwa :fi- jj Class Football 137, MJ : Class Baseball 115. 127, 435. " Q23 RALPH S. RAABERG 'QQ YT Engineering, Architectural Chicago :L IVAN RACHEFF, Cosmopolitan Club E2 .12 Liberal Arts and Sciences Waukegan 131 PAUL ALBERT RA1soImN, TKE, TBII, HKN :N Engineering, Electrical Eldorado ' ITE --'- Egyptian Club: Electrical Engineering Society: Staff, Daily Illini 125 : '-3 :I Preliminary Honors. ' TI JOHN HUBEM RAMSER, TBIT, IITE iff Engineering. Mechanical Alma Preliminary Honors. TT GRACE LOUISE RANDALL Q11 Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicago luv L. 11- Eiflhtu-Jive Class es 33 .A 4-4 ua. av-4 allFIMQHWHHwnirmwuuuasswtmlaavnmmiu:,lmlsn,I.-slsmmzafriewwsHenilr1ur+anms1e4a415 ll 11115155 aiumlunustldflnalllMlllclllllllilltllhfw- l 1 2 3 Qlla55 1917 Seniors CORA CREAGER RANDOLPH, X0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Kansas City, Missouri Lc Cerclc Francais. JOEL ALDEN RANNEY Agriculture ' Cazenovia. Agricultural Club. WILLARD PARMINTER RANNEY, AZ Agriculture Cazenovia Agricultural Club: First Cabinet, Y. M. C. A. 141 : Preliminary Honors. SAMPSON MILES RAPHAELSON, Cosmopolitan Club, ZIAX Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicago Scribblers' Club: Graphomcn: Stuff, Siren 121, 131. Editor 141: Staff, Illinois -Mnsmzinc 121, Assistant Editor 131, 141. ' FREDERICK JAMES REED Agriculturen Agronomy Volant, Pennsylvania Hoof and Horn Club. MAURICE JOHNSON REED, AXP, GT, TBTI Engineering, Mining Emerson ERNEST FERDINAND REHNQUIST Engineering, Civil Chicago University Band 111, 121, 131, 141. GUY BENJAMIN RENO, 'PAA Law Browning A. B., Unlvcrsitv of Illinois, 1915. HARVEY RUSSELL RICHARDSON, IIKN Engineering, Electrical Morristown, New York Eleetrlcul Engineering Society: Railway Club: Staff. Tcchnograph 141. MCLELLAN WARREN RICHMOND Agriculture Genesee Agricultural Club: Hoot' and Horn Club: Preliminary Honors. CZILSSGS Eighty-six l l I Qllaaz of Seniors JOHN GILMAN RITTER, 'PM Engineering, Architectural Chicago MALCOLM DOUGLAS ROBERTS, XXI' ' Agriculture Flushing, New Yorlc Captain in University Brioide 143. MIRIAM SELINA ROBERTSON Agriculture, Household Science Champaign WARREN ISAAC ROBINSON, BT Agriculture La Salle PAUL T. ROCKEY Engineering, Architectural Freeport Architectural Club. HEDWIG ELIZABETH ROESNER, I.lKA Liberal Arts and Sciences, Music Moline Girl's Glce Club: University Choral Society: Jamcsonlan: Der Deutsche Vercin. ELSIE MARIE ROGERS 1 Liberal Arts and Sciences Havana Women's Athletic Association: Household Science Club: Second Cabinet. Y. W. C. A.: Class Basketball 413, 123, 133. HENRY SHELDON ROGERS, KAII Agriculture Marengo EDWIN GEORGE Roos, AAQ, WM Commerce, Railway Administration St. Louie, Missouri Helmet: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Swimming, Captain: Fresh- man Varsity Water Polo: Varsity Swimming 123. 433. 443 : Class Football Q43: Staff, 1917 UILLIO: Staff, Daily Illlnl 423: Teohnograph Board 113. Q23 : Homecoming Committee 683. GEORGE HOWARD RoscoE Agriculture Blue Island Agricultural Club: Varsity Football 143. Eighty-seven Classes , :xl K1 , Al IRES of 1917 Seniors HARRY ALBERT Ross, AZ -4II1'iCulC141'0 Champaign Gymnastic Team 131. 141. ' CHARLES BARR ROWE, KE, NIIM, ET Engineering, Architecture Chicago Architectural Club: Glee Club 141 : Illinois Union Opera 131 : Class Bas- ketball 111, 121. 131, 141 : Staff. 1917 ILLIO 131. JACK LEROY ROWE Engineering, Electrical Chicago Electrical Engineerinp: Society: Menornh. JAMES RowE 1 Engineering, Mechanical Three Rivers, Michigan CHARLES HENRY RUEDI, KIDEK, AIKW, 'PM Commerce St. Louis, Missouri Ku Klux: Helmet: Shomeez: Clnss Basketball 111, 121: Junior Prom Committee.: Senior Invitation Committee: Homecoming Committee. W. B. RUNDLE, XB Agriculture Clinton Agricultural Club: Class Baseball 111. 121. ELTON CROMWELL RUNNEBERG Agriculture Crosby, Texas BENJAMIN FRANKLIN RUSY, A2111 A griculture Chicago Illinois Union Dramatic Club: Illinois Union Opera 111, 131 : Class Base- bull 111. 121 : Class Foot ball 111, 121. FLORENCE RUTHERFORD, KKF Liberal Arts and Sciences Newman ' GLADYS DEFoREs'r SAFFELL, AOII Liberal Arts and Sciences Urbana Yo Mu. Classes Einhtu-eight LU -Q-. -- vs- -. -... 1. -1 -t. -. .-1 Q. Q.- sus up . n-. an -an - -4 s -. -. un. up un- 3 1 1 un 1- :- -- un - Q. us ns 1. 1: en. uu- in an cu - 2. Q- o-. '11 an- 1-1 -. uu- a-. w-I -ls an nf- Q. 1-. 1.- -un Q.. -Q vn- sn- :-. an o.. an-. nm -1, vm rr. an --. nm -v-A sw- -ur, fwn .... fw- nm mu . fav. -Q. .vm gn-. Q.. i 1-. Q. 'H- 'nn' -Q. rw. vp. qv an.. -ws -mf. ,,,,. -ez. vm. 1-W. vm W. TCS? ,R N-- nu. --. -Q. .,,., -.. nm -an . wr- 'fm vn- .-.0 -rv- -W .nv-. -rw vm -In on .rv-. -f-9 ...., -vm- ll!llilllllllilllilllllillHlllllllllillllllllllllilliflllllllllllllllllllltllililllllllllllllltlllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllg Qllass of1917. 1"1"'1 "'-' "T L. " 7 4' .. C Seniors I W 1' ' I ,ANNA ELLEN SAGER, -PM' ' I - A 5 Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Belvidere I Q C Pgeslgent AY. W. C. A. 147 : Household Science Club: First Cabinet Y. W. - J UANITA LORRAINE SANFORD Liberal Arts and Sciences A ' ' Lebanon, Indiana , I WILLIAM CHAUNCEY SAVAGE, AKE, AFP Agriculture I Oak ,Park ' Horticultural Club: Assistant President. Athletic Association 1811 Junior " Cap Committee: Homecoming Committee 187. ' . EnwARo G. SGHAUMBERG, Ben A Engineering, Architecture ' A St. Louis, Missouri , Architectural ' Club : Scarab. - ' , MAX SCHECHT Liberal Arts and Sciences , Brooklyn, New York A -JOHN FERDINAND SCIILEIFER . Agriculture n - - Nashville Preliminary Honors. ARTHUR CHARLES SCHNEIDER Engineering, Electrical , Galena University Band C154 127. 181. ' ARTHUR JOHN ScHocH. HKN - Engineering. Electrical -Tower Hill 'V Class Baseball CU. 121. C87 5 Class Football ID. , - f. - ' I HERBERT FRANK ScHoENE,mI?M l il 4 ' - EnlrineerinpfArehiteeturall "', . 'Chicago QE E' HAROLD HENRY SCHROEPPEL, HKNQ' TABII - 31 ' Engineering, Electrical 4 - ' Mt. Carroll A -1 X , "Class.Soccer CBJ. f4lg - A ' 1: Q 3"i'f1 1, , . A L L E Eiyfhty-nine Classes an nn., A 'IU 2 f. I I1 -1. KI 43' TS' :::. -.- .-. lim l9lt3 no ..- Ip- 1 -. .sn vo 1 was fun as nur -uv va nn- wr 1-r wr un uv fm- my if us nv rw W' an -.A mf- -'WU Pi' we nr ...f -nn- 1' uu- fur -f an fa Q 1.- ..- Q-A 1.- -mf- -ru- .:,,,. ,,,,, ff- fu. m .Y we we bm M. .,., 1, -,Q fu -... -- .W ... ...f- ...- 1... A... W. .-4. -Q -..., -M ... -N -M W.-I Qt -- .M- :- .W A... as Au- if 1... i - i -an -un ,gn an 1 - -wx ill!!llllldllllllllllllllllIIllIIlllllillllllllhililtlllilllllllllllllhlltlllBIlilllIll!!NHllllilillllllillllllillmllllli Seniors H JOHN A. SCHUIZZ, Cosmopolitan Club Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Elmwood Chemical Club: Der Deutsche Verein: Spaulding Guild: Class Football 411. DIXIE HOWARD SCHUMACHER, Aehoth Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science GERALD RUSSELL Sco'r'r Agriculture Staff. Daily Illini 415. RALPH ASA ScoT'r Agriculture EDNA EVELYN SELLNER, AGX Liberal Arts and Sciences I MATTIE ALICE SENSE Agiriculture, Household Science ' Bethany Circle. JAMES SHARP, IIIIP Am-iculturc, Agronomy Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club. ' FREDERICK Woon SHAW Engineering, Civil MARY LUCILLE SHAY Liberal Arts and Sciences Gregorian, Treasurer C41 1 Preliminary Honors. HAVEN MCKENDREE SHEETS, ATA, Cosmo Agriculture Classes Rockport, Indiana Chicago Rock Falls Quincy Watseka Champaign Chicago Decatur nolitan Club Georgetown 4 A W iii535lilENEGl?Ef355li5L2i1UU3BiiSilEililillliiillliiiillgilliilHillIBEEBliillllllliEESEFEEQFSHEKE?Flilillilllililllllflliiilgg :wt mae. ..... - :nr -M xr ..... ,,.,, .... ML A- .... .., .... ...N .... y r.: ri 'K f--4 -E ,Q "- -A-., -.... V '15, ,., x.,.-4 ,A nA1,Y.. Y- 3 , ,. ,.,.,,, ., -. ' lkx ' ' E 11 in """ M- 1 -up -.Ai E ,K j x vw Q I -I 1 ,A Lf, W u-- ' L, .-'. M3935 Lfsrh' Q, ,W ,I .W . A I: U' , 'ii , :E u , A Z ll , 'N' ' 1 ,rx I "' 5791 a A -.., ,,.,,, -.--. .Q- -.. -4 sw. ...- . A.. 'W' M.. """ ma on no ' "W -v li' Ili' L. . - , .... "M mu- ,,,, ' h' wo W., . W gg Semors -W- .M -N.. mr' uf. Sh Q- CHARLES HOWARD SHEPPARD, Triangle, 6T A-1 A Engineering, Civil Edwardsville ' 111. Class Swimming 121, 131, 141. If MARY BEALL SHERIDAN, AI' 'J -U Liberal Arts and Sciences Sullivan RUTH ELMA SHo1"r .-A -v -r-. .. Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Crawfordaville, Indiana '- ' -af- P" Household Science Club. - HELEN ELIZABETH SHRIVER Agriculture, Household Science Champaign :- Grcgorian: Centro Literario Espanol. - 3:- HUMPHREYS OLIVER SIEGMUND, EN, TBH, HKN, ET Engineering, Electrical St. Louis, Missouri Ku Klux: Helmet: Scnbbard and Blade: Freshman Varsity Swimming: Class Swimming' 181: Senior Smoker Committee: Captain n University Brigade 141 : Preliminary Honors. I MILTON GANS SILVER, SAX, ZAX Liberal Arts and Sciences, Journalism Clayton, New Jersey Ma-wan-da: Ku Klux: Helmet: Staff. Daily Illini 121, 131, Editor 141 : Staff. Illinois Mazazlne 141 : Athletic Editor, 1917 ILL1o: Junior Prom Com- mittee: Senior Hat Committee: Homecoming Committee 141 : Preliminary ig Honors: Junion Councilman. Illinois Union. --A- RAYNA S1MoNs, 'PM' lf Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicago 1 Alethenai: Scrlhblers' Club: Staff. Daily Illini 121. 181 : Women's Edltor 141 : Staff. Siren 141. EARL BRUCE SIMPSON, Bib Law Eldorado , LUTHER FRANKLIN SIMPSON, TBH, ET, HT2 '. Engineering, Mechanical . Moweaqua cscabbard and Blade: Preliminary Honors: Captain in University Brigade .. NELLIE LUCILLE SIMPSON Agriculture, Household Science Macomb ' .. -1. .., -. mi 'A -MN ag ., un. . L, -M. N incly-one t. Classes -'M -unc AEEill5561313155ildlltliiilliiliilitillIMMliliiiiiiilliilillllilliilliillliillllliillIlillllllillliilllilliiihlhllbfil: gsawmmzm:srlrleunlrwfsuiruemnrQewfanfrrmuaueeseunwemimmazmnanummsmaller!!wHnsa:fus1rHmvaluesag. -4- ,ef 'Tie . r 1 "r ff " X :If f:fi'ih:-.43 .Q . 1, . , .-.,. M: V-. 'ha V. . J lfl 'lil ui , Q 1 s sez-' -...f ,.. . .. ..... f... T.. ..... ... ... .M ...D .M V... .... -we M. .W an D... N.. .1 nl.. -my .- ,f. we mv 'u , M, w fm- , TL 1..- rw: ru .ul H, .,. -ff. we W I.. -W . ...I -1 .M M.. .SJ 1. l. .- -.. L.. . of ...- .w M- ..- ,-. - J.- wr ,-I ,- .4- ., ...J 5 ry- gr Classes Qllass 1917 Q ...F 1-n e-. -1 ..- -- - .o ... ..- .... N .. ..- Q- 4- -L.. nn- 1.-v ..- - vw on il Seniors ' n :i THOMAS MOORE SIMPSON If Agriculture Alexis 2: Agricultural Club: Illinois Soclety of Agronomy. 35 'SU CHARN JIT SINGH, Cosmopolitan Club Engineering, Electrical Kapurthala, Punjab, India gg GEORGE EDWARD SLADEK, EAE,'AX2 Engineering, Ceramic Chicago Kcramos. ' L: 'W AMELIA MARIE SLOAN, ON, ASX :Q Agriculture, Household Science Harrisburg :P Household Science Club: Preliminary Honors. W: J. P. SMALLWOOD Z: Commerce Doealur If Commercial Club. , ALFRED SMART Engineering, Municipal and Sanitary Chicago Varsity Wrestling 141. 3 CHAUNCEY HARRISON SMART, UT QS Agriculture V I Hinsdale Class Soccer 121 : Class Football 110. fr-Q EDWARD SMIDL, TKE, 'PM IZ Engineering, Architectural Chicago Architectural Club: Varsity Gymnastic Team 183. 143. CLARENCE WALTER SMITH Liberal Arts and Sciences Decatur f: Phllomathcan. President 141: Glee and Mandolin Club: Staff, Daily -- Illini 115, 127 : Captain ln University Brigade 145. ' E . GEORGE LE LIE SMITH, .EH V it Agriculture Genesee '12 Junior Cap Committee: Military Bnll Committee 123: Captain ln Uni- 2: versity Brlgude 143.1 : . 1' f I if Ninety-two 1: Si. Wi-Q 511311122--' 3 f' .l, 13 1151355 .lilflllil lfiiiDifilllE39illliiWbiilfiiviiillllflllI3Fll'lllllllilllilblllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllillllilillllllllllllllllllllll 525iiiifii'4I5'l'l'ilYJ'li'lH'l'2N5?51flil!!3'l551fQilIillfllES41LiiWifiifiliifwill3M51uz3fi1i5g1igm:3'I, g I + glgiqgggg-IW K Q.- 1... fm . - r 1 QIIRSS uf19l7 Seniors GLADYS LOUISE SMITH, EK Liberal Arts and Sciences. Household Science Rochelle GLEN COLLINS SMITH Agriculture Greenfield cgeabbarcl and Blade: Agricultural Club: Captain in University Brigade JOHN WESLEY SMITH, EH, IITE Engineering, Mechanical Gr-noseo Scabbnrd and Blade: Military Ball Committee 131: Homecoming Com- lgllttcll MJ : Captain in University Brigade MD : Student Branch A. S. M. BARBARA BELLE SMOIIL Liberal Arts and Sciences Vandalia WILLIAM EVERETT SMooT, AFP Agriculture - Greenview JOSE CUBA DE SOUZA, Cosmopolitan Club, 25 Engineering, Rail-way Civil San Paulo, Brazil Spanish Club: Railway Club: Latin-American Club. GORDON ALFRED SOWERS, AFI' Agriculture, Animal Husbandry Kingman, Indiana Ialooaixnd Horn Club: Agricultural Club: Lieutenant in University Bri- an e . - CYNTHIA EUGENIA SPENCER Liberal Arts and Sciences Vandalia Class Basketball 413, 421. Q RAYMOND ARTHUR SPROULL Liberal Arts and Sciences A Mazon GEORGE KASSON SQUIER, ATG, TBII Engineering, Mechanical Rockford Ma-wan-da.: Varsity Football 425, 131: Freshman Varsity Football: Freshman Varsity Basketball. . IN'inr'l,y-tlxwu CZILSSCS 4-. xll1i3'llM'l5if'l1ii.ilillllfii1731517212EMif?'FE1'k5ll2A5'!WE1'zxllifiililililfNlli-INIE1SEV!IE 5 0 5 L I s t I of 1917 Seniors WILLIS PRESTON STALL Agriculture Agricultural Club. ELMER LEON STANLEY Agriculture Agricultural Club. FREDRICK LOUIS STEINHOFF Engineering, Ceramic Ceramics Club: Class Basketball 131. ETHEL GERTRUDE STEPHENS Liberal Arts and Sciences WAYNE MACKENZIE STEVENS Agriculture Agricultural Club: Spanish Clubg Preliminary Honors. AILSIE M. STEVENSON, ON Agriculture, Household Science Preliminary Honors: Household Science Club. DOROTHY STEVENSON, TIBCIN Agriculture, Household Science CARL RUSSELL STEWART Agriculture, Animal Husbandry Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club. FRANK STEWART, TKE Liberal Arts and Sciences, Pre-Media Mcdui: Freshman Varsity Football: Varsity Football QZD, ' FRANK SAMUEL STEWART, AZ Agriculture, Animal Husbandry Agricultural Club. Classes Champaign I Downers Grove Chicago M urphu.-vb ore Taylorville Peoria Gilman Monmouth Burnt Prairie 133 . 141 . Monmouth Ninety-five . Seniors THOMAS ELMER STOCKDALE, TBII Engineering, Civil Grand View, Idaho Civil Engineering Society, President 141 : Preliminary Honors. GEORGE WELLINGTON STODDARD, ATA, WM Engineering, Architecture Milwaukee, Wisconsin Illinois Union Dramatic Club: Illinois Union Opera 121, Assistant Mana- ger 131, Associate Manager 141 : Assistant Manager, Interscholastic Circus 131 : Senior Smoker Committee: President. Illinois Drama Federation 141. CHARLES ARTHUR STONE Engineering, Ceramic Chicago Menorah. FLORENCE THOMAS STOUTZENBURG - S Agriculture, Household Science Greenville Scribblers' Club: Household Science Club: Gregorian. GRACE BRUCE STRATTON, Al' Liberal Arts and Sciences Chattanooga, Tennessee Yo Ma: Alethenai: Women's Athletic Association. J osEPH KENNETH STRINGER, 111K Commerce, General Business Dubuque, Iowa Comltatus: Junior Prom Committee: Sophomore Cotillion Committee: Homecoming.: Committee 141. JAMES KIBBE STRONG Agriculture Keithsburg Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club. TRUMAN JEFFERSON STRONG, APX Engineering, Architecture Spokane, Washington Architectural Club: University Band 111, 121, 131, 141. DoN T. SWAIM - Commerce Danville Scabbard and Blade: Commercial Club: Class Secretary 141 : Captain in University Brigade 141 : Illinois Union Opera 121, 131. ' FAY WOOD SWARTZ, MKA Music Urbana Athenian: University Choral and Orchestral Society 141 : Advisory Board, Women's League 131. 1 i Classes gjilllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllliiillllllllllllllldllllIllllllllllllllllllllflllllllHill!! 'FC ' ' 1 f- V--.1 .QL . 44+- 6x2 qlasg 1917 , .- 7. 3 lil llllllllllllllllllllllll 53 2 S. 5 5 23- 2: 5 Ss: 2 sf us Q ' 2? 2 5 2-57-3 rn g' 'E 2. 520 Q -sn. S Q 3-53 3 5-L-J 5255 "1 5- 9. m EZ S : e -a eu 5 5 2 if Rl U1 KD C4 S E E S 3 5' 5 r-1 H ,H v- z 'Q Z eo on 3, m gf 5 Pi A O ' 52 5 - 3 El 5 .E 9 E E 31 0 M . 5 p- E' fe gl we 5 5 W S S Q ac-5 .S :- A5. 9 3' rf? 'S 'E c :E JoHN F1NDLm' TAGGAM, Ben 1 Agriculture ' Woantic, Ohio E 2 1' E Latin-American Club: Spanish Club: Student Branch. A. S.fM. E.: Class U Soccer 187, 6-D. Cantaln Mb. ' - 1 MARY ETTA TEETERS Liberal Arts and Sciences, Ilousz-hold Science Auburn, Indiana Jamesonian: Household Sclcncc Club: Country Life Club. i -EMILIO ALvEs TEIXEIRA, Cosmopolitan Club .Q Engineering, Mining ' Cassia, Minas, Brazil . llllllllllllllllllllll FU o nu sa :J we UU 5 o Z H S? su 5 M Cl S' Qc-1 5-el 03 gl.. if S 9: Us Fa. ra 2. s 2 C S 3 3. Ill - FRANK HUL11' TENDICK Liberal Arla and Sciences Canton Chemical Club: Illinois Chemist Staff. KATHARINE RANDALL TENER., EK Liberal Arts and Sciences ' . East Cleveland, Ohio First Cabinet. Y. W. O. A. 147. Z I up ns 2 ' Ross HENRY THIELE, APX A .1 Engineering, Architecture ' - Ramsey 3 Archltectural Club. -Ei A f. 2 Clrzsxes , Ni1w1y-xi.1- mm. w 1 .,,, li! f-.f, ,0- I-1-. ffl 'bib 'lv -.qw 'ill .nn- vii? --an 1 -un. -as mp -vm -1.- an .W- .n-, mp 49 mn as -1 an 1 4: -as -so -an an uns I mv aa: an- -- an -vu an vnu- 41 on ua an -nw l an uw our 'sn an -an lv E 'Q 5 -my ft' is tl .1 Asn . Q I me . -v .np un u-. no 4 na nu an La. un usp' mb mo any an -.vo ah' 1.1 .uv un: mu, mv' no no up nn- as 1 no -up an suv fav up Ao 41 -an as un- ann uv -n was un. wo ...- an an .- ,- L .nv an ..- .1- up -4 .1 no .np . 1. -Q an f-an .-.- un' ll an .nn in-n .1 an rx mur- fx- mn- f1 1:1 ms. ns .ng KgllllllllhliillllllIHHHHIUIHUIHBHillllUF159555533333IINiilllillliilmllllllillllIilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfi www-- -tsfl .1-fr wias14Painlufznnfssmlwzsufmua:m:m:mussfwwznlimuuwfurmimmnrxnwummminmmiuuunaununii11s1uz1m1m4114111fiiwlwlilf-'f ll 1 li ' ' I 1 ll' " I ' Seniors STANLEY JEREMIAH THoMAs, Iris, ET Engineering, Municipal and Sanitary Vincennes, Indiana Mu San: Sophomore Cotlllion Committee: Hobo Band Committee. GEORGE SYDNEY THOMPSON, GAX, BFE Liberal Arts and Scicnccn Elkhart, Indiana Comitatus: Manager, Varsity Truck 143, Assistant Munuger Q31 5 Senior Smoker Committee. ORLANDO STEPHEN THOMPSON Agriculture Ilarvcy Agricultural Club. RUSSELL HOPKINS THOMPSON, AT Commerce Sullivan, Indiana University Orchestra Oli 5 Stuff. Siren 133. MJ 3 Commercial Club. WILLIAM WHITE THOMSON, 'PFA -Liberal Arts and Sciunccx Iioclcvillc, Indiana Ciunlversity hand 1251, MJ: University Orche.-,trng Glee and Mandolin ub. JAMES Horcnmss TICKNOR, 15011, WM, ET Engineering, A'ran1tecz'u1'al Peoria Junior Councilman, Illinois Union: Assistant Cheer Leader 139: Stnlf, Siren tzj, tau, up : bopnomore mu Committee: Junior Smoker Uummlt- teeg Senior invitation Committee: Senior nut Lxummitteeg nomeuumlng Committee lzi, lan. MJ. OT'ro GEORGE TINKEY Iu'ngincc1'ing, Electrical Decatur .lI4ll!Ctl'iCH.l Engineering Society. THOMAS WILLIAM TOLMIE, XB, ATP, WM I."nyincw'in11, A'l'CllZCl.'0t1lf'I'0 Dubuque, Iowa Architectural Club, President Mi: Freshman Varsity Baseball: Varsity Baseball Q21 : Vursity Gymnastic Team UU. t4l g Varsity Swimming Lily 5 Supnumore Uotillion Committee. ALEXANDER IVICJIUNKIN TOWER, EN, IIKN, ET Engineering, Railway lvloctricai l"01't Wayne, Indiana Graphomen: Electrical Engineering Society: Railway Club: Editor, Tech- nopzruph MJ 3 Junior Smoker Committee: homecoming Committee Gil. CLEMENT EDDY TROUT Agriculture Shelbyville Agricultural Club. Ninety-scum ,mmm-W,g,1,13g,eiiiiinqgiilfliniil.?+1Jw1i1.te11HMMsllM11l11'i'ii2'!M-,iiI.i.1If+6n.+,t+wiQii1Wiiblllilalitflilsl C lass ex +f1q111gfwf.f'1'e1..1 ,,,gi.i,i u ,5 1-Lax1iHgb":lf1Iq1,H.f',3,f.P4.-.1 q V .1 wig, ., , . . aw, 21:1 fl .. 1 l 1 11. ' . vm-..l' 7' A T"'.":'!53'..l , ,' V .Jr Ili -v"::'-1--milf 1 I . x l L 4 1 . f I 5 I 1. .. 4 -, .,... .,.. .14 'A MI. ., ,,l..,,,, X 1 H cum 12517 ,..,,..., ' I Seniors WILLIAM CHILTON TROUTMAN, Phrenocon Liberal Arts and Sciences Carl Junction, Missouri Mask and Bauble: Adelphia: Cast "Winters Tale", "The Mob", "I'm Neutral". "As You Llke It". A GUSTAVE MORTON TUCKER Engineering, Ceramics Chicago Student Branch. A. C. S. WALLACE GERRY TUELL, Acacia ' Engineering, Electrical Canton Electrical Engineering Society. ALEXANDER HARVEY TURNER Agriculture Lada Agricultural Club: University Band 183, MJ : Preliminary Honors. ' I CHARLES EDWARD TURNER Liberal Arts and Sciences Mount Sterling .Iunior Cap Committee: Class Treasurer 487. CHESTER CHARLES TURNER Agriculture Champaign Agricultural Club. J. PIERCE TUTHILL, B-If, ST Engineering. Civil Elgin Civil Engineering Society. FRANK MACKNET VAN DEvEN'rER, SAE, IITE ' Engineering, Mechanical Decatur Student Branch. A. S. M. E. EARL HENRY VANDYKE, BT Agriculture Plainfield - JAMES CRAIG VAN METER, KIPAG, GIDAIIJ Law Mattoon Preliminary Honors. , Classes Ninety-eight I l im -nwpsrji-V l K N x r r- l -Y ."l' .vl4., , - Y l. I 1 Seniors ALEX VANPRAAG Engineering, Civil Decatur PAUL K. VAN WINKLE, Iris Commerce Chicago Commerce Vice President. Student Council: Manager, Class Football Q43 : Junior Prom Committee: Senior Memorial Committee. EARL CHARLES VEDDER Liberal Arts and Sciences Lockport, New York WILLARD LEWIS VEIRS Medicine Urbana Medui. MARIS HURFORD VERNON, fI'1'A Engineering, Civil Moline Gomm WADswoR'rH, A011 Liberal Arts and Sciences Connersville, Indiana Der Deutsche Vcrein. GUY EARL WAKELAND Agriculture ' Hoopeston ABNER WESTON WALDO, ZZAE Commerce Libertyville Commercial Club. - ABRAM FRANKLIN WALKER Agriculture Aurora STANTON WALKER Engineering, Municipal and Sanitary Champaign Mu San. Ninety-nina CZILSSCS 4 4ej3q"'fl" J -1-Ml'l1l5'f'll'llfll1l'fA1 M, -lm :fl3I:l:2.lfgfl1lr1f1sl1lei qlrihiill 3 1lllillllllillfilllflllllllilllllllflflHllllllllllllllVif'1'liHf'f W' fW"'HlIif!!WilfllllllllllQlllfillllllllill'l'lilWlSlFlIl'l'f '1-LH ' -.ow 1, ,wv1.,v' .11-, lm, .-.. LT: 55? M' Ulf' 733 A 1 K i QE.. it - , 1 A-M., :Q Kimi? 'A '31 :.: ,C I M ,rc 725. . J' 'Z X gy l -A ' -. 1 1 -4-- 5, x -. 1- fx. .1 ,f f J L .4 ., --1'f'r'q-. ,.'-"U-4, f 1. ffP'.X,e,,,,., , :ff -v .J .. 1, ryfww- A R nanny n " " 3, rg- -QI, --Q , "Civi l el: 4 ' ' W 1 Q Q i 1 , 5 , 5 ... : ,, 1 , ... , , H , fm 4 yy A Q - f f X., W, .- . -, il '-.f -J. -1. ... ..- v.-, ,qw u--, ..- -., ... .f .Q - .A .... W -, ..- -.... H. .- ...- -. ,.-- ...-, .- . ff. ...- 1,- -Lv -X., .-1, M. .. ,- 1. .M ... -1. ...V 1. M.. ., lm. ' ,- .. .- lm .- ,-.. f.. .- .-5 :- .- .LI .N-. -.. .. ,- -.. If .W in , wr- r. . 14 .4-, .N- C lass es Seniors MARGARET MAGDALENE WALKERLY Commerce ' DOUGH HARRIETT EDYTHE WALL, Al' Liberal Arts and Sciences Sttnmtvrl JOSEPH CHARLES WALMER, Adtwlftb Commerce Cairo STEPHEN ALBERT WALSER, Cosmopolitan Club Agriculture Broolclzm, New York Phllomathcan : Ayzricultural Club: Dcr Deutsche Vercin: Class Soccer MJ . LEO BERNARD WALSH Agriculture Rantoul Agricultural Club: Varsity Basketball 131, MJ. JAMES K. WALTON, JR. . Agriculture Arma Egyptian Club. MANIERRE BARLOW WARE, SAX Agriculture Kenilworth Scabbard and Blade: lglslneas Manager. Slren C45 : Cadet Hop Commit' tee 621, 183 5 Major in nlverslty Brigade 143 : Prellmlnnry Honors. ' LAMBERTUS WARMOLTS Liberal Arla and Sciences, Pre-Medio Captain in University Brigade 141. Orcnou DANIEL EDWIN WARREN, AZ - Agriculture Belvidere Agricultural Club: University Choral Society. 4 ' LOUISE HALE WATERMAN, IIBfI' Liberal Arts and Sciences Chicago Om: Ilumlrcrl ,- L,'HHYQfl'i5jl,jfg N A lflrlil-3 ill fi,-1,12f.lils'.:5,!1l:'lw'Wil'nfl'l!'1l11NP,'f -on w 2.4. ff . 4:-4, 1, . 1.1 dvr yn, ,, nm. lu' any an rue, ne: KI rv , . sv 2 N . rx... -ur A, -s-. ,,.., 1, mg ,.,. , we Q1 ,,,., 1. . if 134' 12, E 9 1. 'Q mf mu rf L.. ,.,.e, xr, Arn SQ .M lu em lmlflafarlvzrlwg QE J'4I92ll!llzid U HHHHlllllllllllllllllhlllllHllllillllfllllfillllllllllilflhllllllliliillllBlillillliillhWil-lilMlihlllliilllkliiliiEhlllllliilillllfllll ilWllllllllllilillfikilEllllllll,-L12 -4 ff-1. 3 'P' - ""' an ""X I --.-.... --, , .-- L :JIM Q :FEW ' za 4 QHESS Uf'19l.7, A llll U is 9 I -1 -.A... . on S-O -in on ..... Q25 Seniors W 33 "' Y' E MARY ELIZABETH WATERMAN E :Q Liberal Arts and Sciences Galesburg -6: .., . .,, ffl: RAY MARCUS WATSON, IIIIP 3' 1 x ' Agriculture Cobden . 3 jj, Adelphic: Agricultural Club: Hoof and Horn Club. 2 Z ..-.- sw. :x LILLIAN RUTH WEAVER, AXQ LT. Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Cumberland. Iowa 1: 1' T' 7... FREDERICK FARRAR WEBSTER 'ff Aoriculture Oberlin, Ohio IT.. Tribe of Illini: Varsity Track 181, Ml. 1: l -.,. M. , -nr .Am .-. ,,... gl G. G. WEBSTER, Acanthus, ATP E if I Agriculture Washington, Indiana 1' 1. Agricultural Club: University Band QD. 123. 573 RUTH ANTOINETTE WEENINK If Agriculture, Household Science Dillon, Montana :K E RUTH CARMEN WEIL ' 2 1:5 Liberal Arts and Sciences . Oelwein, Iowa ' 3 -M First Council, Women's League 145: Der Deutsche Vereln: Le Ccrcle 2 1: Francais. : -W n LAURA ELIZABETH WEILEPP, AXO, QAII' :Q Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Decatur 3: -- Illiola: Hou ehold Science Club: First Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. C43 : Second 'Ig I Cabinet. Y. W. C. A. 621. . Nf- Sff . ELIZABETH WEINBERG, AAII ,E :ju Agriculture, Household Science Rualwille I 2-3 'T Secretary, ,Sehior Illlnse. . 33 - 22 --A -- wu- :,.- A MARION VIRGINIA Wmss .... .1 Liberal Arts and Sciences Champaign -1. - Gregorian, President MJ I Preliminary Honors., I un . - .em uv K :nv au- 4... qw .0 -M we . un. Av an -. xl :T One Ilurzdred One Classes I., iillllillllllllllLlllllllliflliuilllllliklillllFEWWlllllilrllliilllllNll1lW5llllllHl111Hl1l1llWHT? L5 Hrf?flhllll1'i'4EiL1l1UliHkillllL1llEEl5llll'!lilIlillliilllllklkllllllkllllllklifglg If Y J' E .. X. 2' - 'if V "VI HI- e ' VMI ."f "5 vf"l': 1 .. A 'I' Vw 'Jv:-'J- ,,.fI, If-www 1 fi 4',,m,'-l.,1,.1.-,,,.!,. 'I lf f' 'll' limi. I m I 4 4'4'VSllfvllNl1fL:-!"'12MIN 1-fill,:IlalfgjglfnilnEN.-AlfLM504L4:55lJ5lisLfflHl46lf:Hnlsulrlflvlllllfl.llllmiilfillfxllliuMllLll14l-lil',mf'fvgflllfw1,101 , , 4 5 fx L., xiii- ,,,,... 4' lv l"1'.w' ' 1 - .41 ,I L' Q' 1 1 "L, if-""' we-I .V .ifkf .25-m"A I -fi' f fl . -, It my .rfiw 2 ".x9I.e"1'-A 243 I Ir - I , 4 we - V4 ' 36 5 lil 5 1 A f V' ' Y -1 , IRWIN: - :Z i ffl ' '-336 It Mr I 4.,. 1 -,JF - so ..-w ei- -4,- -.- - -... ...- ...M wr A..- X, -N. ,J .xxx VU, so 917 , fl" ,- , 1' , , ' , - Seniors DAVID CHARLES WELTY A griculture Amboy Class Basketball 113, 125, 187 : Class Baseball 121. 133. LINNIE MINNIE WEST Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Watselca JAMES HEImoN WESTBAY, IITE 3 Engineering, Railway Mechanical Monett, Missouri - 4 Student Branch, A. S. M. E.: Railway Club. - , 1' BENJAMIN WHAM ' f-4, Law Cartier -if Ma-wan-da: Adeluhlc: Egyptian Club: Innes of Court: Varsity Debating , Team 135. 145 : Manager Star Course 143 : Staff, Illlnois Mazazlne 147 : Class President 141. f ADELAIDE CYNTHIA WHEELER, EK Agriculture, Household Science Laurens, Missouri ' WILLIAM ERAs'rAs XVHEELER, JR., ZX, 'PAQ Law East St. Louis Board of Oratory and Debate: Eszyptlan Club. AGNES C. W1-II'I'E,'AAII Liberal Arts and Sciences, Household Science Marion Yo Ma: Women's Athletlc Assoclatlon. MARION KINGSLEY WIIITE, HB6 Agriculture, Household Science St. Joseph, Missouri Yo Ma: Household Science Club, President 145: Chairman Junior Hat Committee: Preliminary Honors. JOSEPH LAFETON WHITNEY, AKWP, BFE, AEC? Commerce ' Oak Paris Commercial Club: Manager Interscholastlo Circus 147 : Assistant Mana- xzer Class Athletlcs 133: Chairman Senior Invitation Committee: Senior ,Hat Committee: J unlor Smoker Committee. L - ,Iv LEONARD HILLARD WHITNEY 35: Engineering, Mining Downers Grove .. CIILSSCS - - One Hundred Two ,..,,. ffm. 1 H :uJE.T.l15tlftfl'q1 ,M.f,fJ3'sflwtmlUsweitll:-lallrlileeflriixd-4'1.i.iIMill:,llrflllflwltlazill-1-J. ,132melm.:IWWiaai3lt1-W Ar Qllasz 1 f rf- I "1 -q -- N - H... su 1 , 5'klixEIQQZYZQERHiliailliziziiliaFlifiiiliiiiiilfiiffl'FP!1i?il!!5?UW1!l!!tiUlHH5UFiiUlUI1UNWNUBBWil?WHEN?IWiBliitlllIllIilllil!lFHHllBlHDl!HE!lllf fig HHHEYUQHQIHQSZZSHZiiiilfiiiimiiiiiiiiii525595599i?iE5!5i5'fi?-3'??Ef'?i5193335F-iiiiii?-i6'3?i'Hi?E'!!!4!HQHHUU4lUUHiilUlHHlH!3iIHUU5!ii? 9 E 5 Q- Q 9- i'Iia -' w S. "" n Pm '-'Q . 212: 1- ss- sfs- E: Sie- 2- -' -Sak 2 Qs 'Q-9 is if sz :ra QQ: 2 E55 E S? 152 25 5 gg 3 E5 595 E "" ""-- . o 5-'35 rn 22- fi' ESQ 3 Uv 2' Era E359 :Q g- 2. 3 3- fam 3' F1 :Q 2. 5:--3. .2. . A an , -- In Q FU ca Q -- SE s Q 52. o 3' e-L-1 -4 E " s ms 3 ?E 3 N Q 2,-S Zfiw 3, ,pa ssh- aff -4 5-. m S 3 raghg . Z ng g'g 'a""E 52 S Il! 9-4 EY 1 ggQm55QciE:'g.,g,gE .-4 4 ' '? 5' La 5 r' Q Z I, E C2 5 Q . ' Q P- f-"H af Q "' 2 4 W na 3 EP. 5-L' U. fi.. 5 -ijm lf! m Q O nl. 4 E is fd. N .gm q - nm, H-tv Q Q 512 S o e. Pi 3 Q-H 31 . AS -ra g Ei E 2 S 5 E 5 af MZ '6'i WI- A m 5. S .w S F ,m g E '4 2,5 as . Q ..,.gE QE L Q gg n F 3 na .. 0.5 gg I 4 1"3 o"3 , CI ng 2- E 5 w Q Q S' N Om . 92? - m E- E ij, :- P 5 5' -- Qi S H A , ' "' ' 0 - fi 5 - -- 5 E af "1 5 B ts- F4 -f A gh on a N z 5 M -- fn - Q E nz U2 2 z 5 w:1Q4- Qfaa. " O ,9 E . E S ' S: 5 :wa 5- P 2 . af 5, Us ga 2 mf, -- "3 n- Qc . 5 ,, :J , g f Q af 8 - 9 1 ..- QE, - gg- E' Q ali Q f' --.'v . . A " - I-1' V '5' --,T I-H - 4 A , A2 A 4 S - 0 QS 5. E' , .E ' 3 E 2. A H5 AS Q 5' un 2 M . K .N ., A, - wf""',..... "fr ' x. Eun!f5i5fF!!U!ilfl.i!i35+aiililiimiilillififllin!I!llflllmlNlllHQ!nllH5Ulullllllllllilnulnfu -....... llnqmlii 5 - H 2 -Ili. 22 sa .rib 2: xx 2' 2: xx 22' Q FL Ee. 3: T-L xx E IE 21 :nz iz :A 3 ll EK -53 t QC S2 Sa: at 1: sz si xx 2: tv 2 -5 1: xx z '1- IK. 5 z sl: 2 rs 1 Il 3 is 1 in tn R xx 2: 1: E xt zz 1 :sl 1 iz 3: 1 rn 'Il 1 in it tt: zz 1 -H 1 3 ss as 'zzz rn 1 1. fa: 1 1 1 as zz 1 :ne- 1 1 Q: 1: an az an-z an an 1 .. 11-.., J A lllfllltlil't.l NvlllllilllllililulfM2113 5,:1Ili:HH1l?f.fL2:ExflM:fiM3Nlfiflllfljlfmflfllihfll!Hllill5JHHWlfl5'HWllfllillllllllllFiflfflillllfltliflillll:H!1l3Vf1li!ififlHf?1!V?IlVlQ?1iiIU14jfQI? is-J f . Q 4 r . ul' ' -- 4'-. -ea ' tm, .7 5 .4 sf? -' . af: 15.1" ,J 2 k.k,:t,:L- x Q N-e.. rio! 'H 4' ' f .Q . 4 -.,- .lf wut, 1 1 f.,.' - :af V.-.1 X l HN C new lil l Hs.. lil i lf P-51 '39-.. L", 1 . ...4 5? '--3 E E-la: . J' .- Q. fu... -an my f-. .. 4... ..- ..r.. f-1. Q, Classes fflitl l J l 1 ' ' Semors ELIZABETH PAULINE WISEGARVER Liberal A1-tn and Sciences, Household Science DeLand Gregorian: Bethany Circle: Women's Athletic Association: Class Basket- ball f1lIClElBS Hockey ill, ISD. HJ. YIN Woo, Cosmopolitan Club L.. Commerce Pin-Yang Shein. Kwang-Tung, China Chinese Students' Club. ' W HELEN ERNESTINE WOODCOCK Liberal Arte and Sciences, Household Science Ogden, Utah Household Science Club. - ANDREW CHEVALIER Wooos, Jn. Engineering. Mechanical ' Chicago Junior Smoker Committee: Senlm- Hat Committee: Senior Invitation Committee: Class Treasurer 189. V RALF CHARLES Woons, TKE Agriculture Evanston Freshman Varsity Basketball: Varsity Basketball 123 U-ll. MJ: Illini Board of Trustees: Senior Invitation Committee: Senior Hat Committee. RAY JAMES Woons, 'PKR 1 Commerce Evanston Mn-wan-da: Sachem: Varslty Bnskelbull 423, 131, 141, Captain 131. H. F. WOODYATT, X411 C0'lll7ll07'D6 Dixon Helmet: University Band ill. 127. 133 : Student Council 147. JOSEPH WILLIAM WRIGHT, Phrenoeonl Engineering, Ceramic ' .Herscher Keramos. - Wx-:I-Yon WU 4 - Engineering, Electrical ' . Hunan, China Chinese Students' Club. - . , TsAo SHING YANG, Cosmopolitan Club: I Engineering, Electrical ' Singhwa, Hunan, China Chinese Students' Clubj A ' .lex One Ilunrlrcd Four PQ . xg 1 .2 flifillvl li 3? fi 7? if HHH H ll lfliliillill ll NNN li lf H WHL! ?1lll!FlUl!llHl3l1lllllllI IlllllllillillllllliWETl1ll!T!illf1lIlll15llil?llllFflJlwlllW17lHUP5lll1I'ilitflllril Quaggnflgxf Seniors GAN CHYO YU ' Liberal Arts and Scicnceu, Chemical Engineering Changing, Hunan, Chin Chinese Students' Club. ARTHUR TARTARIAN YOUNG, AKXP, BFE Chicago Commerce Commercial Club: Assistant Mnnzuzer. Varsity Track Q33 : Junior Smoker Committee: Senior Smoker Committee: Senior Memorial Committee: Home- coming: Committee 435, C117 : Class Secretary 111. JAN PAUL ZALESKI, Cosmopolitan Club r'ifl1'iC'lllt'lM'0, Landscape Architecture Sczepietowa, Poland U. L. A. S. WALTER ALFRED ZIENGENHAGEN, KIIM Engineering, Architectural Oak Pm-Ig One llundred Five Classes T' Qllass Q -',.,,.- . ...Q .. . .M .. . V. .....- - ...L .. ,..-,... . f,,, .. . Classes Seniors Chicago Departments OLIVER TOEY AGDESTEEN Pharmacy Chicago BENJAMIN WILLIAM ALTSTADT Pharmacy Chicano SANFORD ANDERMAN Dentistry Chicago Menorah. EDNAH BLANCHE ANDERSON Pharmacy Dow City, Iowa P. H. C. Class, Vice President ill, Secretary and Treasurer CZD. MARTIN RUDOLPH ANDERSON, 'PQ Dentistry Lynn VICTOR SCOTT ARMSTRONG, -PEK, QP2 Medicine Sioux Falls, South Dakota B. S., 1915. University of Illinois. CORYDON AEPIIALIA BABBITT, KXI' Pharmacy Chicago Class Treasurer 111. WILLIAM GLEN BAIRD, X119 Dentistry Chicago Class President 182. WILLIAM ASA BAKER Medicine Richmond, Maine ' EDGAR GRAHAM BEANE, AXA Dentistry McKean Rocks, Pennsylvania l One Hundred Six J 5 Yin: 2 sv 1 3 QIIESB of 1917 Seniors ERNESTO VAZQUEZ BENEDICTO Pharmacy Manapla, Philippines A. B., Rizal University: Ph. G., Ateneo Rizal, College of Pharmacy. . HARRY WEBB BENJAMIN, 111112: Medicine Forrest A. B., 1914. University of Illinois. MAURICE A. BERGE, NZN ' Medicine Ransom CHARLES BIDWELL Pharmacy Albion WILLIAM BLOCK, AZT Pharmacy St. Louis, Missouri Junior Class Honors. WILLIAM ARMSTRONG BYRNES, SAX, 111112 Medicine Minneapolis, Minnesota Class Sergeant-at-Arms ffl! . GUILLERMO CALDERSON Pharmacy El Paso, Texas Spanish Club of Chicago: Circulo Espanol: Club Phenix: Graduate Agri- cultural and Engineering College, Chihuahua, Mexico. HERBERT C. CAROTHERS, AKK, ADA Medicine Chicago CECIL RAYMOND CONROY, AEA Dentistry Belleville LoUIs PAUL DAME Medicine ' Chicago One Hundred Seven Classes Classes Pharmacy Pharmacy Dentistry Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Dentistry Medicine Dentistry Pharmacy Seniors CHARLES PERCIVAL DA'rz RUSSELL LOWELL DILLOW JOHN LEWIS DOLSON, AEA JOHN PATRICK DOWNEY HATTIE ADELA DYNIEWICZ Chicago Dangala Charlotte, Michigan Chicago Chicago J OSEPHINE MARION DYNIEWICZ Chicago EGNEE AMANDUS EKLUND, AEA SHAKIR ELIAS FAR JOHN H. FELZ, N110 O. P. FERRING , 1 Cleveland, Ohio J erusalem, Palestine Chicago New Vienna, Iowa One Hundred Eight ' v N A ,,,+, ,,-rv, ,, a,-,mln ,N vgmgy 4 ,,,,,w,1,.f Uv .4g.,.,,v -' :,'.,,.1 '-34 "' in ,..,. ,,.,' ,.. ifi?NWNllliillldliiiigliililiHHQQIIIHHEBNHRNEIIMHERB!A131Hllblkieiriiir1?i2iMEiu.1.1ff-1 ,inw'WwYi 31' 'x. Wa , f W -R 1... A... -1 PM --v-. --A -Q. , ln, W.. A-F -5. 1-. nv. .-., .xa- -Q. -. .L- .,. an -Q ....., v-1 W? ---. -E 1 1-1- -11 TWH K! 'EY 9, 9 mi, .1 -4 'YW sv -rr 51' y- -Q- 'x- H .,. 'rv if Jn: zz' '91, is me 'ne QL, 'fm w, 149 fr Q., gr, - -Q .1 .1 -ra sox was 1h -in Q -v.. an za. vw. .n w-1. -p ps . 1m -vi. . .- fn- . A . , J . . Nc 33,-, W 1 4,1 ir x 'JI Lk: tA"-- ,c - W ,,'i..1 -", A' 'H A 5, .4 his X.R,.g ,Q Q" 1' ' Ll 'fm U sq, 4 A NVQ '-fs A - - fl ws in I 1" 9 Seniors HARRY BEIR FRANKLIN Dubuque, Iowa Dentistry CARL ANDREW FRIEDLEY Pharmacy Chicago S1x'ro Acos'rA FRANCISCO Medicine Batangas, Philippine Islands CHARLES FRANCIS FRANzwA, AEA Dentistry Mondovi, Wisconsin WALDO EMERsoN GOLDEN, 11:92, KIIAK, EMP Medicine Champaign B. A.. University of Illinois.. SAMUEL GOLUB, Zum, Medicina Chicago B. S.. 1914, University of Chicano. CONRAD R. GREEN, Kqf Pharmacy Herrin CALTON BARNEY GRISSOM, QIYBII Medicine Syracuse, Kansas Class Vice President MJ. ELIAS GRANT GUILD Pharmacy Gencsco CARL FRANCIS HAEFNER Pharmacy Bloomington Om' Ilunrlrwl Ninn , ' rg, My ,, ,Is .Aff 111 " 'A " ii" . ,', 2' "1 E 57, Q E ' L V R, K 4, . J A A ' Ag 1 ,QI , 3. This , k' 'if' wc Classes ...- . ..., ., ...R E, .,.l,vf, wgr1.,.f,1-,A , EWGWBMIWrMM'1'WnamrrMmMmwzunwmwrt5wemmfmzxztilizwtzw- , 1 mum-u.i,,,.,:Lf,,N-.rl.mAmir ,I-" , , I ,4-wg - innmsxx 1 nr' ,4 ff X mn. H.. .M ---..o , 'nu lo nv- nm gL"1i5!!!5'1?2!F1l!!Vl3!!lL'BI!ML'7.222SIM!!!55SESESUEHHSIIIIIIIIIDIIllllllllllmHill!!!IIIBIUBUHRIIRIIEUBHBWNHIIHHHHUHHNIliff N 'K F L. Ng Q2 mi' -Q' Ma ' is 2 my .nu- .uv- .bel .M u- A.- u:jvf'.".:Af- I-S, M - Qllass ut' 1917 :EE THE ' - Q :rs I, ,'-31.4.5 V X A I I r V A N' ' EE 1 Q Q .W W .Q I? 5 6 1 ' B P 9 22 1: IIC Z ' A M BASIIKORMAN HARTWELLQAKK, ADA ' f Eff 2 A ' I Medicine , ' ' I ' ' A - 1 . ' ' I ' A 1 Mausville, Missouri ,W - A . n ,Roy EnNns1gMH4,nvEv. . . II 2 ff ' ' 'Pharmacy h ' ' f 91' , 'LD , Alma 11' E Gmzrnnmw Hnrpnnsbrgmgn, . ' M 'M - M ii :Q Pharmacy 1 , ,, ' .H ,V L' -' Iyrg, ' M .Quincy jg: E' Class Treasurer, l4?. I ' ' ' - ' Z 'Q ff'-Lf' f - 5- YI' ' -' V LEO CARLTON HlBBARD,.'I'fl V nn ... 2 DHHHSEW ' - fake GQQLUUGQ' Witconsi-n jf: Sf . 1 ffl f - ' E Gusmv JOHN Hrnnmnnmnn' - f :' , Medicine , , Shebqimdmf Wiudonain E ' KAWAMURA Hinos:-fr 'fi' ' 1 f,,L - ' :I Dentistry ' . I , , ' --jTokio, Japan hr: E I ,P WILLIAM A. HUHN Q, - A G ff, Pharmacy 1 'Q ,I ' ,I Ai Chicago if -7- A DEAN ELBERT'IHDE,- AEA A A .. 2 DGNHSWU V ' ' v Waupun, Wtaaamiin. .11 :ff Lows IvEnsoN, amz . A M57 7: Medicine 1 4 Baddor, Minnesota 1 Class President MJ. 1 V ' S5 ' Josmrz-1 Enwxxm JAnos, xlfn " E D6'MiHC1'II ' Chicago .. ' :rf Cla-9303 A Ona llunflrvd 'frm ar . .nu 'li X nn EHEQEHHBMHHHH!!!UIHSUHWHHUIBFUEEEUBHEQGWHEBIHHSW6Bidib?U3!ii'?ifW?'!4l7H!Wl!B!iWQGQHEHHEWBUIQQIQH853335813353 21 -1 un su. 1-nr 1 vm an. au Ju Q- ..- .nu- .nn an .an nh vn- .ua .wi 4- vu -an foo mn- .Q uv. 'Al 1 1 lu no no an Q Q of 'Q an is t- 1- 'ln -In Jim su- Qu A v tr Q -rf -yi Q rn an 'ae' ,. vu:- A xr: mae -2 1- 'E fx: -:ra can fu. rr xx- 3 C5 fm: rx or tl. ml: Nz: me ll: -lt xv aaa, XE. :sz af:-. -11: -'D sw at if I '11 -rn- 7' -:rr un. an :wr 1 as rr 'v vu. me an an ,-v -'rs nu -uns.. .us -as nn ms .pq am fm nw 'hr .1-an ru -r :nw no wx or .wu- mv -mn an fr mn- -wl- -nu 1. 1 1 mr 'nn IRIISHN!lihilillllllllllllllllIllllllllIGUBIIMIIRHEIINISOBQBINIRHHS!!!IHllldlliimlhillllIHIIUIIDQHIJSIBJIZSQQQ . ,, ,,'3r'-f-v-"j'x"":w1,w1-1r'fe.,-ffm.-,. sp. , 1 f . Qllasso of 1917 . . .., M, - ,l,,.,'.,7 4 i Q 1,.,,m.,..,,, .L ..,,,.W ..,,......,,.-,,,. M ,. . 1 .1 ' fgxgf-5,.:., y , !2':,'.' 3 . ,, E '.,.-Q.. ' 4.' .A fffSeniors" A 5 FRANK' ALFREDEJARRETT, AEA '. I ' ' T' Dentistry - . Chicago ' Class Treasurer CID. JAMES ROBINSON JEFFR Y, NEN Medicine ' Nortanville,'Kaneaa MARTIN BUSHNELL JELLIFFE, AKK, QAK ' - Medicine ' . Manajlald, Ohio ' A FRED Rromuzn JOHANNES ' Pharmacy ' ' Chiqago ' . AA HARRAL RICHARD JOHNSON, AEA f ' Dentisml ' Aurora CLEMENT J ORDAN Pharmacy A Wapella ' V . ' SAMUEL SALMONEKAPLAN, AZT Pharmacy A ' Chicago' KENNETH MASON KERN, AEA ' , 176113582111 ' Toledo, Ohio ' A BUEHLA KLINE Pharmacy Q . Downers Grove A N WAGLAW KUBACKI, AEA Dentistry Chicago Class Treasurer MJ. One Ihmfl-red Eleven Classes E ,, Mm? 'EFMB li N JJ Q4 A J ' 5 W I Saw 2. 5 S L 9 W' 10 .3 ..,.,. 1-Q as vm .ln - U, or mn nr ur -an . z.: ms. K- . :m .H-, nr as 5 1, S uw 1: unL mx Q -no-A -S. .nz mx mr -wx- .C - an fum -1-- 41. I-H' UF' 'iv xl lr FEJV -1' 3' ,fi T Q A -il .wx I1 M 'ws -1- .WC Q NIB .,,, , 1 .Q . N. A ff. - M i'tv ' Sl' I2 WJ? ., Q fm JW .ug ug wr W,- AT. ill Q2 ILO . 1, . - MQ! nf .. 'Ulu W. un. ..,. 1-.. N... -. -W M -. 'UD X 1- 11 '12 KIA -. an I 'MWHSHNIIPHIQIIIUMIIIIINIIIIHNBIINIBISBUGGMEIBISIHiiiQEHMRBGEM5iRi?l'I8535HWS3ES2BMlM53BB535iW!F5?3 725' .,,I I 'nn ' 1 33,55ifW1E3'if1iiifflwviil-151551137311I3H2!f!HHv15u 1'l8l'iB.U1Ei4 8 . ..,,., F' vu- -':1.-,Vx fi' Big' is-fi: 3 x Riff' Ev W" Nl QI k""-f 'WPG if if ' T ,r ,ir K ff- UI. ,, . A- v49t'H-iff +g:wi",5 -A 1 XA" J., ,,..f,-W, ,, my-e.,,,4' ...,,I...,-.,..-,.,,,,,',. ,1 ynfj-1, , V,--1 E ... f' ,g,gLI,. I .' ILQXE3 I I.. f.,,,.,. .aI..J y k u ja, '1 4-31 K : 6.- N,- an on .v ,.- --s -Q -... -... ...... -v-su av un- ww -nw- -n mu un 2 :nr uv- ne pn an on -Q 'nu- an nu :- on sun an sun fn.. -nv, an an nu un Au.. Q.. -L -- 'M -I. -A. .uf no an-. no as an oar an an un- au ..- mv. nr, -4-- nn- 1- - .-.., mf .... - .1 I af'- -L .1 I v U.. an mn. W. -L -.aa rm -p. If 1 .ui nz. nes aw In mu I rv .ww E 3,- fn 1-E, , ff ,,,,A fw- wr- 'rv fur if if v 5. I' N C lfmxes 551' WWW HNIIHHSNIHTHMHHQNMHWWQHKJHHLYMi?21Zi3HW5l3lIIFd37B1'3F1!ik1?ifdElijfiHi1!lIN!!flHfi2H1llffllfifi - ' Qilaif-B 0f1917 Medicine Dentistry M crlicinc Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmaoy Dentistry M cdicine Pharmacy Pharmacy .Seniors HARVEY LoUIs LANGLORS, NEN, ASIA Kankakee CARL S. LEE, AEA . Mondovi. Wisconsin SAMUEL BRODY LEISERWVITZ Chicago JOHN EDWIN LEONE CHARLES EDWARD LowE OSCAR LUDWIG LUNDGREN, KHP JAMES LEO MCCLURKIN, AEA HENRY JAMES MCCOY, AKK WILLIAM JAMES MCDONALD WALTER THOMAS MCGINNIS, KAI' Oak I 'ark Marion, Indiana Highland Park Girard, Ohio Chicago Murphysboro Rochelle fJ77l' llmulrrzl 'l'u'rlm' ,1- ,Is '.f,.If f uf, -:ri .zu an-. .mg 1 fx . -w I ,rv 1-W uv- 1 ,-. -4. . W . A.. '... 1, 1 L? sw: A . mr '4- ,..-I. u ..-4 ,M IM N- .Lv .:.x. f .v ,A ,, m rv wa -A, -A M ... , Q1 J.. A.. .an -u . q. S.. . -. 1. ,av 1 ,,, 1-v - ... 'Q 'iff H2-if?11J"JI' f.JsJ,fI4fJ'i2FIfl5J:7T!Q55i:lI'Hfiliifi1139 Vi3Uf13W!V?li W91511125EiiifigiliiIfhmiflilllilili?WJU?fWH5E'ffI2f?1Z5iiWUI!ili!JL!liLilfiitigiiiifiikllmly w In N9 2 3 QHRBB uf 1917 Om Ilnmlrrd ll Seniors HARTLEY FARNHAM MARS, AKK Medicina Newport, Minnesota I ' L. W. MARTIN, ARK, mx Medicine Plainwcll, Michigan Ph. G., University of Michigan. EDWIN RALPH MAY, EfbE, KIHBII Medicine Clinton E. C. MEGGERS, KE, NZDN Medicine - Wallccr, Iowa Pharmacy Bushnell JAMES D. MERSHIMER, -1152 Dentistry Chicago CARI. T. MILLER Pharmacy Chicago CHARLES ANTON NEMECEK, 'PQ DUTIH-8l1'y Chicago Class Vi HERBERT LEONARD NEUMANN, KKII Pharmacy Aurora LINCOLN HARRISON Nonwoon, Ach.-I Medicine Nassau, Delaware iirtran Classc .. R4 I 1411 144YWJ,Jl1I Classes l 2 Dentistry M cdicinc Pharmacy Dentistry Pharmacy Pharuiacy Pharmacy Pharmacy M cdicinc Pharmacy cum Uma 7 ' Us A Seniors HERMAN OELSCLAGER, AEA Chicago CLARENCE WILLARD OLSON, KIPBII ' Eacanaba, Michigan BERNICE ANTOINETTE OSTROWSKI Hammond. Indiana THEODORE CHARLES OSTROWSKI, W9 Cicero ALICE EL1sKA PEHKAN Chicago FRANK D. PERSON - Chicago CHARLES WESLEY PETRANEK, KAI' ' Kankakee HENRY ANTHONY PIEPER, KXI' Jacksonville ISADORE PILOT, Afbzl, KPAK Chicago PAUL HENRY POHLMAN Palatine One Ilznldrvd l"ourtr'vn ' 1 i I I V L Seniors RUDOLPH CHARLES RADABAUGH, Acacia, XPS, 1IwP2 Mcdicinc ' ' Znmbro Falls, Minnesota B. S.. University of Illinois. RAFAEL ALPUCHE RAMos Medicine Carnpcche City, Mexico EMIL PAUL RAUCHERT Pharmacy Lake Mills, Wisconsin GARNSII-I H. ROBINSON, Kxlf Pharmacy Rockford HOLLACE REc'roR ROYSTER, AKK Mcdicinc Frankfort, Indiana Class President ill. 123. 433. EDWARD ALLEN RUBIN, AZP Dentistry Chicano Menorah. - SCHEELE RosE RUDER Pharmacy Chicago SPERO MICHAEL SALPAR Mcflicinc Chicago HERBERT V. L. SAPPER, ZX, 'I-BH Medicine Norman, Oklahoma A. B.. B. S. ALBERT F. SCHLITZ, '-PA9, X110 Dnntistry Iowa City, Iowa Class Secretary 131. Ona Ilunrlrcfl Fifteen 4!"'1fQ 4 Classex Glass uf1917 8, Seniors JOHANNES RUDOLPH SCHOBERT Pharmacy PAUL JAMES SECREST, AEA Dentistry A LYLE ALBERT SEIBERT, KYI' Pharmacy HARRY HERSHALL SERED, ZMQ Mvdivifw Milwaukee, VICTOR JAMES SHALEK, 419 Dentistry LEO HAROLD SHAPIRO Pharmacy ROBERT I. SHERMAN, AZT' Dentistry V Class Secretary 125. DONALD FLETCHER' SIMMONS, KW Pharmacy BURNE OLIN SIPPY, B.S., IIKE, NEN AEA Dentistry ' IRVIN MILES SLEPICKA Pharmacy Class President Q41 : Banquet Committee 111. Classes 4... ......,.. . .f -7.1. ,. , . ,....,....T,,w,..tE:.:T.,c ..A. -.- - v-A-v..v..?:- Chicago Delavan Ashlcy Wisconsin Chicago Chicago Chicago Girard Chicago Cicero Ono Ilzmdr cd .Smctccn ,V -11... u L r 4 w ,. xi Ill.-1,3 of 1917 Seniors JAMES CRAIG SMALL, me ADA Q" I ix fx'-Aa 'x Medicine Chambersbury, Pennsylvania BARNETT QUILLEN SMITH, AEA Dentistry Carrollton, Missouri DAYLE ALBERT SNYDER Pharmacy Astoria Class Vice President. EDWARD DIETRICH STEFFEN Pharmacy Whitefish, Monlafna WALTER CHARLES STEINWEG Pharmacy Chicago JAMES STEVENSON, ASIA Medicine Chicago CLAYTON PERRIE STILL Pharmacy De Kalb ADAM THADDEUS SZWAJKART, fI1P2 Medicine Chicano Class Secretary and Treasurer CID, 125. CSD. LEO A. TARK ' Dentistry Chicago RALPH RICKEY THOROMAN Pharmacy Mount Sterling Ona Ilundrcd Scvcntccn Classes ,nm W . .I ,WEN Tgmmzrm':ma'm1i11lxk:1W:!z!,2.udH2112,1Heist?.'!UI?!HnEm:aE2 ZW'-1"'lKl NNW -ww ui 6 1 A,g.,w1. 1' 'lf ' ' Lme'ff'f1f'f11"'1ffl-vwww iw "1 ww :wr wlllzlill '.,1-,.,uy,- -A - - 'T1,'l,1f ., 1 11' " ',wr'.'Hw""4fv Classes Seniors EDWARD OSCAR TURNELL Pharmacy Chicago LOUIS EDWARD UDE Pharmacy Chicago HANS W. VAHTTEICH Pharmacy Chicago JOSEPH P. VovEsNY Pharmacy Chicago LESLIE E. WARREN, KW Pharmacy Libertyville ' GEORGE LESLIE WEIR, AEA Dentistry North Platte, Nebraska NED AMos WELDEN, AKK, QAK Medicine Wheaton Class Treasurer MJ. ' LESLIE GEORGE WHITE, AT, AEA Dentistry Golden Class President QU, 141. OMAR HARWELL W1-n'r'r1Nc'roN Pharmacy Chicago Class President. CHARLES WILSON, KNI' ' Pharmacy Pomona, California Om: H 'zmdrrd Eighteen ' 21114 we H15fi'ii'f'11'l3'U:WilfL'fii3'i7fffl:'i'iAi"1 1 IQNWEv1w"?im1?'E+i5AlQ'!59WPY'1'1'W?1' W5'?1??ll1lif!'Ylf'9ff?f'l5!fl:'f1lf!?Y?W'1U' 41 Seniors JOHN FRANCIS WILSON, X119 Dentistry Straubcrry, Missouri RUTH WILSON Pharmacy Chicago Class Vice President. BEN WILLIAM WYNKOOP Dentistry St. Joseph, Michigan B. S. DEGREE, JUNE 1917. DAVID S. BEILIN, ZBT i Medicine Wilmette WINFRED P. DANA, fI1BII Medicine Tacoma, Washington MAX E. FISCH Medicina Chicago JACOB RACHMIEL GREENFIELD, A423 Mrfdicino Now York City NATHAN Fox HENRY Medicine Chicano - JOHN WILLIAM HILBERT, AXP Medicine Chicago SAMUEL AZOR LEVINSON Medicine Chicago Om' Ilundrwl Ninotecn CZILSSGS l..v' rx I Q V. Q41'!'I5i3liX'1ifITlT1'Ifl?121?1?1533533521-iii!!IHNYHST52151N31H53152191515fll3H!IHf!i'IfJ7if1f?'57If1!3.!fW!2!?Eflf!t?i1f3f1P3M3'if'lHl1"W3'1W"HU T f ,.,.-I -, A .mx .. iff. XQQ--,N KN if.1,fE2 1 qw' is Q I XX YS"-1...-Y, V 3: I:1,.L..-11.4 'x 4 'X "VF XXI' Q I I -R 2-U , ,xii-' LMA --f '..f. 4 1 T - A'7243'i5i4:5 I 1 I Lgrm-vi W V QI' hm I k If I S I I I ..,.z W I 1 - 2 Hy.,- ..f 'uf ?M11'l'7fi.: : nffvfi I I WILL A. MALCOLM, QBII I Muamm n,..I If Elf lf' W f!H27M?2I!HWf4P5fiK"W"'795AfFI' I WILLIAM TURNER Rooms, UAB, AKK I Medicine JOSEPH ANDREW ScHAcH'mn I Medicina V . ELMER JACOB SCI-IMIDT, 4:1311 Medicine PAUL LoUIs Scunonnmz, QBII Liberal Arts and Sciences, Pre-Medio y I MICHAEL. E. STEIN, Afbz . Medicine ' I EMIL Vrvrmx, 'I-BII Medicine ' g A - ' X I . Nm: , 'S ...-L .Q Seymour, "f.:"f'1'-rm -4 .. . Chicago Hama Chicano Wisezmain N aahvtllc Chicago Chicano Classes One Hundred Twenty smI.ifImlP3535:1IJslfiflwirsiilliiiiii1311232315B23f3ffH!25l15UZJria1Ieif!as'EWisiiffii46i5EG.'BLfik21il1si1ufJsmHImmsrafnq-slasum:ruI I '4 "1 WEE 'ami- ' A X X X .1 .,,,. -. ffHFFlililikfliifilffliiftililiiENIEHIKHSEBHIHH!EHRQHNHWQM15111253TMSHMEMNHI!!IE!BlilI8E??f!AI'!i5Ef1S'if9f!.fE!it'!FQff2i REYNOLD KRAFT PAUL BZCIIIIYMAN JUNIOR CLASS OWFFICERS Second. Semester President PAUL BERRYMAN Vice President ZELOMIA AINSWORTH First Semester President REYNOLD R. KRAFT Vice President MARGARET HUNTER Secretary Secretary A. K. SCHIFFLIN K. D. PULCIPHER . Trmmwev' Ti'erLsu1'e'r G. S. DAVIDSON G. S. DAVIDSON 1 HUN'mn ' SCIIIFFLIN DAVIDSON l'uI.c1r'1mn AINswom'H One Hundrcri Twenty-one CZILSSGS 'I v "-Rf -A r 4 U 1 '.'w..'f" y 5 . 'iw f'iL'?A75?Q. ty Y,,,"fi:?fIzf,l1 if 1 ,LL1 gk 3v,,,m,,X,r,1:.- ,A N .K f n"lI"'f' f ' wav.. mi ein... 'ix "'j...1l:m. A 35-. .5 , ,W . ....,,,. A NJ.-wg 2 ' ,W Ziff am .U we Zi E33 mmm W 4. . ...fe . .. a.-... vm 2-,QlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUmlllllIlllllillllllmlllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllll I Q Qs ef K fll.l Q J XVIII? THE R E. ANDREWS FRED HALL W. F. BURKE R. H. CHAMBERLAIN J. N. CosT G. S. DAVIDSON I9l8 Q I I JUNIOR CLASS COMMITTEES JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE H. BOESCHENSTEIN, Chairman J. W. GREENE K. C. HALL L. T. JENNER Sco'r'r JULIAN T. H. MCCORMACK 1' JUNIOR SMOKER COMMITTEE 3 H. E. BARBER 3 REA EATON -f FRANK GODFREY : CARLETON HEALY : R. HUMMELAND 2 L. J. HONNOLD E H. BOESCHENSTEIN 3 G. M. BRINKERHDRF 3 A. A. DAILEY "' G. S. DAv1DsoN E JOHN DIETZ - W. H. EICHHORN R. C. PATTON, Chairman H. E. HAREICHT C. J. KREIDLER W. H. KANE A. D. LADEHOFF GEORGE LANDON .SENIOR HAT COMMITTEE L. H. GHISLIN, Chairman M. M. HART CARLETON HEALY R. R. KRAFT L. T. JENNER T. H. MCCORMACK C. F. MERCER ... SENIOR INVITATION COMMITTEE i 2 E : BARBER 3 . BEARDSLEY . .. BRIGHAM E .BRYANT - W. F. BURKE PFW? PFUSDFJ W. E. HAYNE, Chairman H. N. COOPER T. R. GIBSON FRANK GODFREY GEORGE HALAS L. J. HONNOLD E. McEvERs S. D. PETTER R. W. PHALEN N. ROMERO M. T. STRAIGHT R. E. WINKLEMAN C. F. MERCER J. G. MIDDLETON R. T. OLMSTEAD H. P. OWEN C. L. STARKEL W. H. SCHNEIDER C. L. STARKEL EARL SWAIM H. M. TAULBE R. E. WINKLEMAN Ross WINKLER R. L. WORCESTER R. T. OLMSTEAD H. P. OWEN KATHERENE RAITHEL FRANCILE SARGENT THERESA SAMUELS ,E R. H. CHAMRERLAIN R. S. MERCER C. E. SNELL : LEROY CLARK FRANCIS MILLER L. R. VEAR 2 PHILIP CORPER FRANCIS PEARSON L. M. WINTERS : B. PURCELL E E l 1 l I," Classes One Hundred Twenty-two an 5 S: S : E :: : E 5 E E S E i i Q i 1 i E E 5113!illllilIIIIIIlllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllmlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmlllIIE 5345 'N 1i'IHimmamLs.11:14aaa:nie4w:aefaf1p1n:1,44mi4uznra.a.mfaammmmmumnnmmw,mmm,z.a ammmmm.: mwamgr 5--J un --4, um .1-1 -nv .-.1 uw uw -...H -am mu. wa. Q.. -1. uw. ug. H4- Qn . un.. -... up... .Q . aq- ww.. -qu vu . -.. nm vw- 1 un . Q-. . u-sm -mn sm un, mm. un. -.V-U vm. w-. mm. ea J -.Jn mu an., um. -an wk. wx. .nl L.-. in-., 1... va.. f..-V Y sw... .11 . v -. ...-, 4.4. vu. . .,-Q.. . -4. U-. g... ww... ew. .--5. nz. L.. M, . -.,., . mf... .,-. .LJ . 4. '4. Mg. M... u. .M 41, n... K aw CAMPUS SEENS umm! u,mNv- ..mKE,, 7 V I Q . 1 9 Q 1 Aunm runm D. AND H. now "Mmm" HUNTER MEIN-E "cum:-"' mo One Ilundrnd Twenty-three Classes '1ff2'lM341w:e':14:f"wwfifswmfziw.s:11'z1+w+if A mfg... w..- sf. :nl ,,,.. 'B-. If ,-iff, 211 ' - 'fl wx' 'P . an Wnh. -.- .M- ,Yn ...Q . , Q... 'W-TLP-' 451928 ' -,Aw 3 ,ig-I my ., ft 3 ,,LW:qQ,S,Pf K? I - .. ...- .s-A .--A ,sn ,. N. , .1 A... M.- .N vu ...A um ma ,mn -.vm . .4 , u .nn :sr -A .us .,,. 1-lu .ws .-H-"1 '. , w,.3.f . gff?: . i,,fjgggqgfg:g g3Wa :1f::fzeQ: f-:1an2szseasss:fsffmf1:mfruzxlrmususe-. CA M P U S S E E N S 11 a"'l .lm ki' ' ,r , , ik: .4 V ,, sh, sfnvuw, -,M.'5f.,4 ' , - , ,x-.Y,,,. 'A-TT.-:xc t.'?:'if" ' , fQ1T,g'r23EJ4 A . In .f , .. Hifi T ag 5 Q . 1, F.. . 'Mi I ,-. fs Pg 1, A I RWM il .,,.' 11143: Kwai 1,1 , . LQ .....a .,,1 Y. ..g . r QE a "Jon" "BECK" "nAl.LY" n ' WI ANNE NVllCll0l.lYl' "sm," AINSNVORTII ALICE ARMSTRONG i "ness" "max" "ARMY" Clas-903 Ona Hundred Twenty-four A K. , we fr x qw ur: ua.: L 'uv .us .nm mu: gm vm an fun ww we. .nf- ..,.. vm- -.4 vw.. gn, mf- mf.. wf fu. ng, Q Q., M. X w . ,,, . .,.-, ...,,,, ,,,, , ,,,X,, .. , . ,,H 'H3a1: Milt rf. 4 JJ ' " 31 3 VWMM 54445walk?:.'1iu3'f2if,3.i.11191,z Q:2:3'il:9'11l.il5lQT"'Mi?3"1"i il 4113 r mi 3.15 M!53Ha53 1311 MUHQM, 5 2 :Q CAMPUS SEENS ' y N----. . .M T..." , .- fr-L ,1"'f..i' wry , ,.,A In , Hg, 1 :xx ,, WH rn. I ya.- ,J E B -' J fiffivf , Q' "3 "' lg 1 ggldw' 'W A 5.1-qi? A ,Q s --. .f" If . . wh , - mx., "N ' . if 1' , . nf WF.. M", HU, Xuan- - .A 'H 4, jf: ... - ' ' "1VlI'.'.f ' ' " A ,JT f,Ai1?LZ 5 1 5 Y 1 amz. ,f::?2i':af.fs. ,, f 5 1 'Q v 'mx .K ,. jwefgifw - ,Lf I 1 "f 1, LAS. .5 : an 1 M7 1 0, , ,. fx "nomEY" "1-AresoN" "non" I'-I DERNECE Mc NAI!! MAY WALMSLEY "caan" wmv "DICK" "STAN" soon' One Ilumlrcrl Tzucntu-,live Cla-9868 JJMQ3., 4 ,1.xu w ,mn win r 1 ur s me xr 1 r 4 rm anssnnr1ur.rf4m1r:rsf.e:saeimf:smg.:ef:re:4ra4::,'z-fm ffe:f'fzmnanzfrfz-5,rwrmmlM1m.rfnzsmummz1mammflsffml Im! I' ,eh an ,M QU! ' A..- .., -4. ! x Q 5 TEEN .,f- - -. fp., QC U.-A 3... CAMPUS SEENS 5 1--'v ' ar- ! fm ' mn nm- ww 'ww .1-v,-s ,rm f.-Q-. 1 .11 K. ..Jj," 'L-L, M, .frihvptw '1 YA' a 4-if P , .J ' f3Q:f,u f., 0,50 -"-f 'mfr' ,. KQVLLXUW 2 . 'if . ' P-2' Ar 1 f gf ' L 'iff 1 ".1'.:g'f'vi,l?'E ' A n 5 I 1 2 4 lvl! fs mmm 5335258322EESNUiiiiiififiliimiiill on -az, ww, .vm vm, fur. .nf- .-. . nw.. n 11, M.. M- , 1... lm. . .-4. .-11. fn ,-0 . -4 :K f -mv U. .uf . -rf. nn ,...1 iw-, an -, nm , -, -. uh ...Q 131115 qw .1-1, FT NI' .,,. ,JE , ,vi usw,EDEn ncnoolcn unALn fr' -:wr JEAN nmsox mm FERN SIIAPLAND ff "wAu.m" "mance" "suon'rx"' Classes One Hundred Twenty-six V 5'Q"'1Z" f"VlIY'E r '1'L"'a1'viW'firv,-'v."w3:e,Lp--, ,--'f -,Q 1yw'N,,m:g1,-.--..4. 15 ' '-9"'-- ' 1 I 'H ww 1 aw-1':aEfW1c-Wiilfl1viva'-1111UiQff:f.EN2fiSENH.2.:,v4i:.:rf',':lM, H'g.Q.g,,5g N Q lHillIli!llllllllllllillllllllilllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllilllllllllIUIIIIIIIIIllllIlllllillllillllllllllllIg i 1 3 1 1 i' 1 i Z tr 1 2 1 3 3 1 i 1- 2 i i if Z 1 if 1 i i i i i 2 1 i i i 2 i 1 1 i 1 3 i 1 Z i 2 1 i 1 1. E 3 K 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 3 2 1 1' 1 1 in cu i 3 1 i 3 if 1 1 2 3 1 X 1 L 1 i i Y i i I i I 1 1 1 1 i 1 3 cs i 'Z i 1 i 1 1 on L Q. -3 Q un 1 1 1 1. an an as an i 1 1. un 1 in 2 Z i 2 to 3 gn L 1. Q- on 11 an oa- an L G. E. BECK EARL ELDRIDGE SOPI-IOMORE CLALSS OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President President G. E. BECK EARL ELDRIDGE Vice President Vice President MARY KURT DORIS NEWTON Secretary Secretary HELEN VIAL C. C. SHEA Treasurer MARK NIEL One Hundred Twenty-seven Classes 31 rn sl XXVIII! THE I9l8 Jr I J, E E an ax 1 2 1 1 3 1 . an 1 an 1 2 i 1 an an A- un mm. -1 1 un is fx 3 ug up nu may -q i -1 3 tg i if SliillilllllllllllllllllllllllllliiillllllMilllllllilliilillilililllllliSimilllllllilllllllllilllililllhlllg-FQ jlgliiilllidtliliiillHbMHillHill!!-lliHHMSMi8UlIIlMIIINH!iMilN334E3idillliiiiiiiilliiillllil!-141HH H-HH in 3.- 3. -. pu we-g -f -- ...- 3 .1 .,. ff' -fr N7 MD. .xlh , ..,f?,1 X , YS-iq - A A J.2.A u.. ,..:.,-,-, .ww 14 -gan' - ww: . ., . i MDS I9 2 V, .-.5 -.. --. ... -0- ..- Q. 1-. -.Q Q..- as -.. Q. af. -. 0. -1. on Qu -- an un- n-V -.. Q. Q- ..- -um .4 aw .- uv Q- ,.. ..- -- -- Q.. ..- -.4 un. ...- -0 4-. -1, -.- ...- -. N.. -,. -- .M- 4... 1.-. ...- -N. N. - R. R. LA FOLLETTE FRESI-IMAN First Semester President R. R. LAFOLLETTE Vice President -W. MORGAN Secretary RAYMOND WARD Treasurer HOWVARD SMITH Classes N W c. s. LANGENSTEIN CLASS OFFICE Second Semester President C. S. LANGENSTEIN Vice President MARY WEIR Secretary J. W. RANDOLPH Treasurer B. K. MURPHY One Hundred Twenty eight :W3Jvfi'Jr1'fH31'r2i4.i'f'?Uffw-likiivifiiiiiH 1 " Um I glIlllllllllllilllllllllllIHIINMIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllililllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg -0 2 2 E. 'PAN-I-IELLLENIC COUNCIL 2 Established 1911 I 2 Delta Taa Delta Delta Upstleh .GQ E DONALD MOFFET HARRY PORTER sw E KARL BURNSIDE THOMAS MCCORMACK J.-.. 5 Sigma Chi Theta Delta Chi TH E E DUDLEY JONES NORMAN MALLETT E HAROLD BOESCHENSTEIN RONALD FOULKE 'Q Kappa Sigma Zeta Psi ' 5 VERNON CARR EUGENE BRAZEAU l9l8 3 KENNETH COOLING KENNETH CARR I E Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Sigma Kappa 7:1-' E , LESTER DEVLIN FRANK LOGAN 5 5 NEWMAN ROMERO JOHN DIETz .3 E Phi Delta Theta Psi Upsilon E,-' E JAMES VANMETER JOSEPH MCDONALD E , '-5 MARION HART NELSON UTLEY 5 E Alpha Tait Omega Alpha Delta Phi E E SCOTT MCNULTA CLIFFORD BURTON E '5 SCOTT J ULIAN ROBERT PHALEN 5-3 -E Phi Gamma Delta Chi Psi 5 E FRITZ FISK EARLE CAVETTE 5 2 WILLIAM READ RICHARD MALLORY 5 5 Sigma Alpha Epetleh Chi Phi .E 2 HENRY Cox IRVING COUNTRYMAN E 5 DANA TODD JAMES COST E Beta Theta Pi Alpha Sigma Phi -Q :: JAMES TICKNOR HENRY PENDARVIS : LI STANLEY PETTER ARTHUR VANDEUSEN 5 Sigma Nu Acacia E E HUMPHREYS SIEGMUND LLOYDE HOSTETLER E fi THOMAS GIBSON ROSCOE OLMSTED :gf :E Phi Kappa Psi Sigma Pi 2 E WALTER LAING DONALD SHARER -E '-1 JOHN CRAFT IRWIN OLIN E If Delta Kappa Epsilon Tail Kappa Epsilon E E WILLIAM SAVAGE RICHARD WORCESTER 'E gg JOHN DAVIS EDWARD SMIDL E :E Phi Kappa E 5 JOHN LEWIS '5 5 WILLIAM BURKE E an - 0-' up -u - 12 Om: I1 undrcd Tivcntu-nine O'l'glVrLiZat'l07'LS an un- sq- tnv cn. gllllllliiiIHHHllmliliIlilSHWHHIIHISllilillililH!iliilliiiiiillIHliiliiHSNIHHliiiiliiiliiillililg 2-Q-lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllIIllICllllllllllllllllllllflllllllllllllllmlllllllllllllllllllllllllllg K .if Q Q DELTA TAU DELTA 2 6 J Founded at Bethany College 1859 -E W E I '1 E I' , 1 Active Chapters 59 Alumni Chapters 35 5 BETA UPSILON CHAPTER S L 14lhn?57! ' . g 'vggw " Establzshed 1872 COLORS: Purple, Wlute and Gold 5 , THE , RESIDENT MEMBERS . 2 WILLIAM F. BURRES, M.D. CHARLES B. TAYLOR 5 LOUIS M. TOBIN , CURTIS C. SEYMOUR g l BERTRAM C. NELSON ROYAL A. STIPES 5 .918 F. W. RAMEY GEORGE RAMEY g I HARRY BEERS . E g MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E : KENDRIC CHARLES BABCOCK, Ph.D. MARTIN JOHN PRUCHA, Ph.D. 3 g EUGENE DAVENPORT, LL.D. FRANK FOOTIT, A.B. 5 E IRA OSBORN BAKER, D.Eng. FRANK SMITH, A.M. : : EDGAR JEROME TOWNSEND, Ph.D. GEORGE FOSS SCHWARTZ, Mus.B. B PHINEAS LAWRENCE WINDSOR, Ph.D. HARRY TORSEY BAKER, A.M. 3 Graduates 3 5 ERNEST HOWARD POOL, A.B. 3 : E Seniors '-I 2 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E E EDGAR DEARBORN WALLACE OTIS ROWE MANLEY E : DONALD ROMAIN MOFFETT FRANK MONTEATH JUDSON : g LEON MASON LINDSEY LEONARD HOADLEY DAVIS E 5 RALPH EGLEY GIEEORD CARTER PENNELL BROWN 5 : GEORGE WELLINGTON STODDARD HARLAN BROWN GRAHAM : Q EDWIN LYNN COVEY 2: E Juniors E 5 RICHARD HARRIS CHAMBERLAIN DONALD CHAMBERS DODDS 5 -.: ARTHUR LEWIS GLUEK EARLE FRANK SWAIM :: 3 KARL ACKERMAN BURNSIDE GORDON BAUDINE GWILLIAMS 2: 5 JOSEPH WASHINGTON PERCIVAL E E ' Sophomores g : FREDERICK DREW MOREY ROBERT KEITH HOSKINS 5 E WILLIAM FRANK PERCIVAL LAURENCE J ENKS CURRIER : E JOHN WELLINGTON FOSTER ROBERT WALOR GRIESER 5 -5 KENNETH HOPKINS EDGERLEY JACOB PAUL SCHNELLBACHER : 5 GEORGE BOCOCK DITEWIG PERRY LAFAYETTE SMITHERS, JR. 5 5 Freshmen 5 E GEORGE HOYLE WRIGHT RALPH MORDUE E 5 WILLIAM ROBERT ALLEN THOMAS GOODFELLOW 5 5 MYRON LESTER REES CHARLES EDWIN CAREY : E LEWIS BERNARD PAGIN HENRY BRACKMAN DUPLAN E 3 RALPH LEWIS LANUM 5 5 5 E 0'l'gU,'rL'izati0'n8 One Hundred Thirty ' E 1-'I 5 EmllllllllUllllllllllfllllllllIll!!!lllllmilllllllIlllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllIT:-52 WWII 1YY.INNFliliiilrilllillilliflWZZYIVQi4k3IL?'lHel9El3XY7llfTT.illiWIEE2i??5'31Wf!1li5'W3'5:WW5135"W'WflP5 "ITF 'V F ""Z W TU 1 5? l'?!i'EW E i ' a A IW?" .4- I., A ', f- wa. 5, X . - 1- 'vi M Q-X.. . . x 'Qi 'N W ' ' fi mr-wr: . V' 'lg 1' X r -.,- kf-. ,..' , ww, .-M . .. WV. , Y: S . -ufilv , .- J f .. -wen . Ni- . ,,'5f'3Q",.-...- fi . . gwhvbm . Pe gf. g we :fe gkwieiaami x. YV I VV 5. z' 'Y 1 I 1.1 ,.-.14 ,A 1 LJ xl 22 iv f-A if-rj nk 'Er' Mi, 'L .. . ,Q-b fig .W W. V. . . A. ...M ff: fy. -. Q-, fi ' ""Q.'u.1iAT' V., 1 Jw 1? K I.. 23. ,Zvi ' X: Q '. 1.9 ' L f fr. g lf 'K ilga .,,. -M .J .gg .-M T73 .737 'III 'Lf C715 iii Ji , f f . ATA? .4 27: .5 'V' :rv ' .nf 2:5 wiP:Y2.afi. ,A L., ,wif-5,z,L." :Si .-f TIN' '52, 71 Tj .-Tv. -V. Encmnmv CAREY nUm.AN ALLEN MFINEI-'EE w.PmrcIv.u. cunnmn GRIICSICR mans nrmwlc LANUM wnmlrr coonF1cl.I.ow Monmf sclIN1-znumclll-:n GRAHAM nnowN Monnun: K CIIAMBFIIILAIN smrrmtns J.l'ERCIV.AI. IIOSKINS annum Lmnsmv BURNSIDE MOFFETT DAVIS wAr.l.Acls I-AGIN sronlmnn MANLEY Fosrl-in GIFFORD GWILLIAMS JUnsoN One Hundred Tlzirty-one O'I'gll1'l,7:Zllt'i0'N,S J' w"' xv- 'np "' r 1w'1"' 1 4 44 , f r ww s,:,1.. 'mn -. , , , W . , r gllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllliIllllli!NlllllllllllllllllllllillillllllIllllllllliilllllIIDHIIHIIIIIIIIll!U5 E 5 - ... 'U' an .- " :S , S I C M A C I-I I 5 1 , A- , Founded at Miami University 1855 5 r J- ? 1. C' Active Chapters 69 Alumni Chapters 58 is x. Q 12.4 5 KAPPA KAPPA CHAPTER 5 - K! Il " "' XL I Established 1881 COLORS: Blue and Gold E THE' E A RESIDENT MEMBERS E I . FREDERICK DANIEL RUGG CHARLES ALBERT KILER E . ROBERT DAVISON BURNHAM GEORGE MCKINLEY MATTIS : f FREDERICK WAY WOODY WILLIAM I. ROYSDEN E l9lB CHESTER M. RICHARDS FRANK T. CARSON : CLYDE M. MATHEWS J. C. SHELDON -E : ALFRED M. DANELY JAY CORYDON TAYLOR : 5 THOMAS J. COLVIN R. M. SHUETT 5 E CHARLES B. SPENCER JOSEPH C. NATE E : PHILLIP F. ARMOUR VIVGIL HENRY DUVALL g E A G. GELDHOF J. E. WITTERS 5 5 REED TAYLOR A. C. KAYSER 5 E WILLIAM MATHEWS H. BALCH -.: 2 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY 'E E CHARLES RUSS RICHARDS, M.E. JAMES BYRNE SHAW, D.S. E I DAVID HOBART CARNAHAN, Ph.D. EDWARD OTTO HEUSE, Ph.D. 3 'E TERRENCE 0. WESTHAFER :: E:-5 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 5 E Graduates - 5 LESLIE GIDFREY GEORGE ARTHUR ALLEN ODELL E E Seniors 2 ALLAN M. ADAMS SAM HENRY COILE : :: CHARLES A. FLANNERY LEONARD C. HOSKINS E E DUDLEY E. JONES WILLIAM E. WHEELER 5 E Juniors 5 E' FRANK GODFREY JAMES MONROE SEXAUER L' E HAROLD BOESCHENSTEIN TOM LEEMING E GEORGE EUGENE SCOTT JAMES XENOPHON KING 5 . if Sophomores -E EE ARTHUR M. CLEVELAND WILLIAM LEWIS THOMPSON 13 E WILLARD FORD LARKIN CHARLES BACHMAN MOORE : 5 ELMER CLIFFORD ROBERTS JOHN O. MORRISSEY E 2 WILBUR MAXWELL CARTER HERBERT BARTHOLOMEW E E EARL F. POCHMAN 5 E Freshmen E 5 CHESTER W. CLEVELAND JOHN PAUL JONES I5 if FRANK M. WALLACE F. LINDEL PETERSON E :: PHILLIP MELANGTON CHARLES K. BOESCHENSTEIN : E HAROLD G. BAKER JACK LOWITZ if Er W. IRVIN POSTON LEENDERT W. VAN RYN 1:- E ROLAND M. POEHLMAN -.5 12 Organizations one Hundred Tm,-ey-awe 'El mo' 4- nm 3,EiiaiiiaiifiiliHSHIZZISEEH32555123IEEIIQIIIEZHIS592iii?i5mB'i1Ii3H!i!!ii5lliiiiilllnliiliiiiiBllllllllllilfl ,V . , s .. ,qw w p.. 'f,. M., . 1 -k,,i'w1,nNg,wIMG,' . f-Iii X , 1' , ' .5 MORIIISSEY Il. HOIZSCIIICNSTEIN Sl-IXAUER GODFREY J. P. JON!-IS XVALLACE K. IXOISSCIIICNSTEIN BAKER A. CLEVELAND ROIIEIITS CARTER THOMPSON KING PETERSON IIARTIIOLOMENV MELANGTON POSTON C. CLEVELAND LARKIN SCOTT MOORE LONVITZ R. POEIILMAN VAN RYN HOSKINS ODELI. COILE D. JONES ADAMS FLANNICRY NVIIEELER LEFIMING Om: I I umircd Tlzirty-tlz.r1'c O9'gll'l'L7fZl1. H0128 H.-an f S .wi Q, JZ. ak ' F1 ?-:jllllllllIllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllvllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllQ 5 5 KAPPA SIGAMA 'g 6 , .1 A Founded at University of Virginia 1867 5 :Q 7 Active Chapters 84 - Alumni Chapters 30 2 x ,, ,X : ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER 5 Sxxmnuz T' .. TEE: Established 1891 COLORS: Scarlet, White and Green E ' RESIDENT MEMBERS 'E WALTER STERN NEWTON M. HARRIS : JOHN H. TREVETT GEORGE A. HUFF 5 'gl 8 BERT E. SPAULDING WALTER B. RILEY : THOMAS E. SAUNDERS - J. WOODMAN HARRIS E- PAUL J. DANELY ALBERT STERN 2: 5 GEORGE C. FAIRCLOE RUSSELL A. SPAULDING E 5 SEELEY C. GULICK SIMON H. FREEMAN : .3 J. D. WHITE W. E. C. CLIFFORD 5 S MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY S E GEORGE A. HUFF ' - HERBERT F. MOORE, M.S. : E ERNEST W. BAILEY, M.S. CHARLES E. BRADBURY, Ph.D. 5 : HERBERT E. EASTLACK, Ph.D. FLOYD W. MOHLMAN, Ph.D. 15. 2 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 2 2 Seniors , E' E HAROLD VANCE NEWLIN CHARLES BARR ROWE 5 : RALPH THOMAS NEWLIN VERNON WESLEY CARR : E LYLE HENRY GIFT 5 P.: . : : . Juniors gg Q3 ALLEN GILMAN BUTLER KENNETH G. COOLING E 3 N. GRANT STRATHERN CHARLES HOWARD HOULT 5 E DAN WILLIAM ELWELL CASPER WILLIAM SANDEHN '.: E CLARENCE LEO DOERR HAROLD MERIDITH PAGE 5 E ' Sophoniores 4 E I E , CHARLES HOLCOMBE PARKES JOSEPH CLARENCE CORMACK 13 -3 HARRY HENDERSON CHAPMAN BENJAMIN WILLIS CALVIN : 5 OSCAR CLIFTON CHISUM ERNEST LOUIS MALAPERT E : HARRY RICKER SHLAUDEMAN IVAN LOUIS FISHER 5 E WILLIAM VERNON DUSTHIMER CLIFFORD BURT GOULD 2 :: gg Freshmen 3 E PAUL CURRAN SMITH ROGER MILLS DAWSON I-3 Q-E WALTER HENRY ANDERSON CHARLES HUGH WHITELAW 5 :: MYRVEN FRANK GIFT ELMER MARSHALL MILLER : E-1 GLENN CAMPBELL ERNEST JAMES SKELLY 'E 'If SIDNEY WARREN NICHOLS URIEL BARTO BERINGER 5 -3 WALTER SACK MUELLER JOHN EWART NEWLIN I 5 E ANDREW BURKEY GWINN ,- ': 3 T, as I-2. 2 Z 07'Uan'izU'ti07'53 Ono Hundred Thirty-four 5 gllildililiiiilllllllIIIIUIHIllHllllllllllllllllllilillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll-E Ii H H IHHVIIii!Hifl11fiWf12129WlWmrifum IMTJIJ-3f1 1'm14fH fm 14.1 1:x1mnmw1z4r1rxm'1.m.1?mie1'1 1.1 1.1 'HA112m,1',a:mmrsaawrgg 5 255195 , ft R: :fv we M :r ' If:-W 6152 :ff ' " .nv N ,ggi :fri s ' ' I T22 W2 K! Q' rf" -n. WIFI .11 .fi R ' jgggg iflghl 33 5- t'Tmf'T.,4:J V. 4-1-:Q I, iff ,453 . if 19912 iS: .3 v- Cf".-. ANDERSON KIRKPATIIICK XVIIITELAXV THOMAS SKELLY PAGE NICHOLS J. NEIVLIN DAWSON IIAIIINGER M. GIFT SMITH SANDEIIN MILLER CHAPMAN CAMPIIELL GIVINN MUELLER FISHER MALAPERT CIIISUM CORMACK SIILAUDEMAN CALVIN GOULD DUSTIIIMIGR PARKES DOEIIR IIOULT L. GIFT Il. NEIVLIN II. NENVLIN CARR IIOIVE COOLING STRATIIERN BUTLER One Hundred Thirty-nw Organizations 7,1'Vf"j'gl!Hl1Q.!?'!'Y 4 ' ' lgjglyjvgj 1 '1'?,l'Q'?'QE"1-iv: t U w lg-Illlllllllilidi SINIHIHIHlllllilIIHHHHIHIIIIHII HHIIIIIHIIIIIIIHIllllIlllllmllllllllllllllllfllllllllU: ' PI-II KAPPA SIGMA r Active Chapters 29 :"'fGW1"7"" S Established 1892 'gl 8 X FORTUNE STANLEY BOGCS - GEORGE GERALD GOLL Q Founded at University of Pennsylvania 1850 Alumni Chapters 15 RHO CHAPTER COLORS: Old Gold and Black RESIDENT MEMBERS I ALVIN EDWARD HUCKINS, B.S. THOMAS EDWARD LYONS, A.B. I FORREST LIVINGSTON HAINES, B.S. ...- an Q. I-'-"- MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY ::: ARTHUR ROBERT CRATHORNE, Ph.D. ARTHUR CUTTS WILLARD, B.S. - JOHN WILLIAM DAVIS, B.S. CHRIS SIMEON RHODE, B.S. ,-.- .nn- -- 4 PAUL N. LANDIS, A.M. "" MEMBERS, IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates 2 RICHARD GREER FLAUGHER, B.S. 1 on as nun wp nu Z: ROY LEE PECK 2 JOHN LESTER DEVLIN - Seniors EDWARD HERSHEL KING CHARLES COULSON CANON IZ JOSEPH EZRA LOGSDON ' un -A... -...Q gi WILLIS FRANCIS SLAYTON Juniors - I EDWARD PAUL MACHOVEC 'T LEROY JOHN WESTENHAVER NEWMAN ROMERO vu ARTHUR ALOYSIUS DAILEY -55 ROBERT EADIE DEPUE pw. -I... ' V355 J ULIAN WALTER DEVLIN HIRAM RUSSELL IDE HARLAN ARETUS WILLIAMSON Sophornores WILLIAM WALLACE WHITE ALBERT STAFFORD LOWE, JR. PAUL MAURICE BROWN MALCOLM VREELAND BURTON ROBERT ARMINGTON IDE E73 JUNIOR LIGUORI FRANK 1... nn , an ns- - gg MYRON JOHN EDGEWORTH ZZ JAMES COOPER E . ROBERT WILLIAM LORENTZ -1. --: JOHN KEENEY MCDOWELL HAROLD FLEMING COPE MARSHALL PRICE CORL Freshmen DUDLEY LICUORI FRANK WILLIAM CLYDE HARVEY FREDERICK GOTTLIEB MAURER GLENWOOD HAICH KERSHAW WILLIAM LAYTON WA'fERMAN :T A RICHARD WENDELL REICHLE' au- .qu dam mm on-4 no nun .-I. if Organizations A.. 'uw One Hundred Thirty-sim ?f?3HIifE?iIi??!iIiI IZIIHYIESSIESWCI EIHHIIMHHQNHIEEISIIIHSIIIiHim!!!IHHIMIHMINHNIHBBIBBIMTF' my 1+11-:- 1 ,,.,-., ,, , X IHMQR R R ,"1'M wwe' Rwrmmtp f Q an 'nu :jf Qt-D. E . ' Fffx. - Km ,X XVATICRMAN REICIILE MC DOWELI. COPE COOPER D. I.. I-'RANK IIARVICY KERSIIANV BROWN EDGFHVORTII J. L. FRANK CORI. R. A. IDE l.0RlCNTZ MAURHR BURTON LOXYH Il. Il. IDE XVILLIAMSON DAILEY MACIIOYEC XVICSTHNIIAVER J. XV.DlCVl.lN XVIIITIQ RIIOIIE LANDIS PHCK SLAYTON KING J. L. DEVLIN CANON If'l.AUlilIl'lR LOGSIYON IDI-1 111315 Ona Hundred Thirty-.woven Orgu,ni,zati0n3 .JV 2 if 22,3-jillliliilillillllllllll lilliliiililiiiiiillilillliIHIMIHIIIMIHIIMMllmilllllllllmiillilmlbilliliifilla!!!iL5 E I E 6 . V PHI DELTA TI-IETA E K I A 4 F Founded at Miami University 1848 E Active Chapters 80 Alumni Chapters 105 K Katha ' C Ig: W ? ILLINOIS ETA CHAPTER I 5 Established 1893 COLORS: Argent and Azure White RESIDENT MEMBERS it L RAY C. SPARKS C. B. BUSEY IE l9l B C. M. PEARSON E. S. SWIGART if I. C. B. WARNER E .3 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY ' E EVARTS BOUTELL GREENE, Ph.D. JUSTA MORRIS LINDGREN, A.M. E 5 NEIL CONWELL BROOKS, Ph.D. FRANK WALDBRIDGE DEWOLE, B.S. .5 : JOEL STEBBINS, Ph.D. - HARRISON EDWARD CUNNINGHAM, B.S. I: E WILLIAM ABBOTT OLDFATHER, Ph.D. CHARLES HUGHES JOHNSON 3 E- WARREN ALBERT RUTH, A.M. GUY MONTROSE WHIPPLE, Ph.D. , 3 : WILLIAM CHANDLER BAGLEY, Ph.D. GEORGE PHILIP TUTTLE, JR., B.S. 5 E HERBERT KNIGHT DENNIS, A.M. JOHN ROGERS MUSSELMAN, Ph.D. .QE E . MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E Seniors 2 HARRY DARBY, JR. RAYMOND LORIMER GRANTZ .5 5 EMORY GEORGE HALL JAMES GRAIG VANMETER -,.-1 : JAMES BERNARD CARROLL HARRY HAVENS ALMOND 5 E CLARENCE EUGENE KIMMEL JOHN NEWTON GRIDLEY 3 7: Juniors E-2' 5 HENRY SCOVELL BEARDSLEY REA LINCOLN EATON E 3 MARION MURPHY HART MERTON TANNER STRAIGHT E 55 CHARLES DUDLEY WAGSTAFF A ROBERT J. COLSON g -E U Soplioinores 5 A NELSON RENO THOMAS HARRISON BRUCE BEAVERS : 3 GEORGE GERALD WATERS CHARLES SMEDLY CONRAD E 5 HARRY ROWLAND RATHBUN LOWELL WILSON BARTLETT 5 5 JAMES LEONARD PENNY LEONARD ELMER ANDREWS- I: 5 HARRIS LEE ROY ACKERT 5 : :S ' E Freshmen E 5 JOHN ARTHUR BURKE . ROY OGLE REED E 5 CLAYTON SCHIRM NICHOLS GORDON BUTLER BILDERBACK 5 3 BRYCE L. MCCANDLESS DONALD DULANEY JAMES :: A3 WILBUR MORRIS FULLWAY HURD CURTISS ADAMS E E JOHN CALDWELL RALSTONN 3 sg ' E 2 - : S I 2 : 07'ga7'LizUft":07'L-9 One Hundred Thirty-eight 5 3 : glllliiilllllllIll!lllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllIIllillliilllmmlilllllllIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllilllllllllll-Fri 1 . f V ' ,slums IIIGI-Ill lllI.lPl'Illl!ACK wM:s'1',xl-'I-' luvluil-: 1-'Ul.l.Au'M' JAM:-is llAl.S'l'0N M4:c,xNlIl.l11sS lil-IAYICRS 'Hl0M,x:: lm1'llnl'N coxlmn PIQNNY NIcllul,s llAR'l'l.lC'l"I' ANIYIIICWS unnsox l':,x'1'oN s'1'1mN:l1'r IlICAlKlYSI.l'JY IIAIZT WA'I'lCIlS ,u'lix':I:'l' GRIDLI-IY CAl:lc0l.l. IDARIIY ll,xl,l. VAN Mli'l'l-in uu,xN'rz Ammxn lcmxll-Il. Om: llzmflrcrl 7'lLirLy-Him' O'l'gtLll,f.l'lLl'i0'HS JTIWQQQ1111111,111mam-m1115111titlmlmlllnflim!-1N!zlZMi'115l!'5'l'iijlf?,'fZiiiikilf'Ei ik-his:.i1f:5fjwgafa+l,g m'Ii'!'.l gl-JllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIUH E S 5 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 5 I r Founded at Virginia Military Institute 1865 S - .4 S Active Chapters 68 E THE ILLINOIS GAMMA ZETA CHAPTER E Established 1895 COLORS: Sky Blue and Gold E ' A 2: RESIDENT MEMBERS 2 CLARENCE JOHNSON EUGENE BURKE E l9l8 ASHTON CAMPBELL ALBERT MULLIKEN : - LOUIS 'BLUME KING EDWIN FLANIGAN 5 3 JAMES BRANCH 5 -5 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY 5 E WILLIAM F. M. Goss, D.Eng. THOMAS ARKLE CLARK, B.L. 5 '-5 DAVID MCFARLAND, Ph.D. J. J. DIDCOCT, M.A. - : HENRY LEWIS RIETZ, Ph.D. ERNEST REECE, Ph.D. 3 5 B. SMITH HOPKINS, Ph.D. HARRY, FRANKLIN HARRINGTON, M.A. 3 : PAUL WILLIAM ALLEN, M.S. FRANKLIN' WILLIAM SCOTT, Ph.D. E NATHAN AUSTIN WESTON, Ph.D. PERCY ASH, B.S., C.E. 5 E SOLOMAN CADY HOLLISTER, B.S. I.. vw mv E MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E E Seniors g 'Z '11 'IQ :ltr E LOUIS GUSTAVE KRUG JOHN HOWARD POWERS AE E GEORGE KASSON SQUIER SCOTT MCNULTA 5 5 PAUL MCCAULEY BOSTON HARRY OWEN BARTLETT 3 3 MCDONALD LOVELL CASPER TYRRELL GARTH 5 5 THOMAS SAMUEL BROWNING CHESTER ADAM OCHS 5 E Juniors : 5 ROY SITTIG KROSCHELL LOWELL E. GILDNER 5 : SCOTT JULIAN WILLIAM CARLETON HEALY 3 E RUSSELL SHERMAN WHITE ROLLIN BARNES HARRINGTON 2 E Sophomores 5 FRANCIS MARION WRIGHT HUGH WARE CROSS 5 -.: WILLIAM VINCENT MARSHALL, JR. HARRY HAWKINS TOOTHAKER 3 E ELWYN LEROY SIMMONS HOWARD INMAN MCBRIDE 5 E CARLOS ELMNDORPH LYON JAMES CARROLL KING 5 . 5 GLEN WILLIAM FREDE DANIEL VICTOR SNYDER 55 E I Freshmen 5 ' HAROLD VESEY SNYDER HOWARD HAYDON COOK 5-In E FORREST HOWELLS WAYNE DARIUS CHARLES FRANCHE 5 E PAUL HALLER POWERS CLARK LEM MEN RODGERS :zz :: BERTRAM VERE NUTT HERBERT MCCLAIN ARRICK '55 2: ' bln .nw "5 ann! 'il L22 "" I... Z2 :: '- ..- Z! .. , , M. 1: Organizations one Hundred Forty :gg are "'! --- T2 ""' -A-an 5222522SEQRES!!EfimlliiliEF?322ii32323332235135151131HHH!!!llllllliiillillilillllllllilliilliiIHHINSBIITEQ S"'sH11Qiiliwliliiw11dWi'!:,ii2HWSH'WHHTH?fiWHmiiiaxailimraaamzmxx:salmanmwzmiilasiwea 'izeimaifr W..- -.Jn .fum mx wx, ..f -Q.. -Q W-. .du-. , 4-J ..,.-1, x--, Q.. M -uv .1 4 -J... R S.- ' 1 ga: .. :Mf- ,.. ,.... ,ffffu "fri 4 ,ix L W xg I -.gtmru 1 L. ,H K1 tg 27'-'T ff' ,f 'Y Z3 ' 'AMY 'wa X ' Wd i xH'1'.1"H"!vQ L1 X A 'y I , giiiliiig , .f.f4 ,W ,.. ' . fm. 'r..g L: .- i.. hm o,.,Zg...'. -.,. fmIf'+'-A 9 - - . .' s, 9 31 xqvpgs m f , ,V . -W 9'-I :J -A . 1 1 . 'Yu KING XVAYNE FRANCIIE ARRICK IIARRINGTON COOK RODGERS P. PONVERS CROSS LYON FREDE MC BRIDE MARSHALL NUTT Il. SNYDER NVRIGHT IIEALY HARTLETT KROSCHELL GILDNER JULIAN NYIIITE TOOTIIAKER V. SNYDER SIMMONS TON BROWNING SQUIER MC NULTA LOVELI. GARTII J. PONVERS OCHS KRUG BOS Ona Hundred Forty-:me Organizations 4 gllllllllllllldl4illlllllllllllllllllllllilllI llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllIllillllllllllillllllllllllllllhf. I X G 31 I ' . rg PHI GAMMA DELTA Fozlnclecl at J ejferson College 1848 'XKLEIII ' THE Active Chapters 59 A1umn1 Chapters 32 I CHI IOTA CHAPTER Established 1897 Q Q , COLOR Purple l9l8 RESIDENT MEMBERS JAMES C. THORPE JOHN W. WETMORE -3 WILLIAM G. PALMER CHARLES R. ADAMS E MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Z DAVID KINLEY, Ph.D., LL.D. STEPHEN A. FORBES, Ph D LL D 5 ARTHUR H. DANIELS, Ph.D. HARVEY W. MILLER, M E nu an A 1 1 1 1 1 1 as an 1 1 on as l an - an l an in . 1 l an l an 1 1 1 1 1 i as as no i ' .- 1 -- an an an 3 3 1 1 i i 1 i i I if i 3 i i JAMES M. WHITE, B.S. JOHN DETLEFSON, D.Sc. FRED B. SEELEY, M.S. GEORGE A. GOODENOUGH M E ELMER A. HOLBROOK E M JOHN L. ERB, F.A.G.O HARRY M. WEETERS, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY F. H. FISK A. B. BROWN W. G. READ H. W. GIBSON R. E. 'MURPHY A. D. HALLIWELL S. W. COOK R. C. HASS C. P. MCCORMICK F. C. LARIMER H. D. WARREN D. L. RIDER B. E. DAVIDSON IL. D. SEARCY Organizations Seniors M. H. VERNON C. V. ROBERTSON E. T. COLTON Jimiors H. SUTHERLAND A. C. BROMM P. M. SPINK ' Sophomores . F. V. HERDMAN W. H. FERGUSON P. D. HESS H. R. HASSE W. L. SHELLABARGER Freshmen A N. B. WILLIAMS D. A. STRAUSS C. E. LOVEJOY F. W. MEYERS J. H. POWELL OncH d alll!!!lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIF I I II, I 1 I K 'I J .,I ' Xi- -. A ,Iv I ffl ,. rr ! K I -Ahyv I.-, , I. 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BENNETT ROY MENELEY Ross -E E GLEN THOMPSON Ross 5 E MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E E,-' OSCAR A. LEUTWEILER, M.E. EDWARD HARRIS DECKER, A.B., LL.D. E 5 CHARLES M. MCCONN, A.M. EDWARD ARTHUR REECE, A.M. 2-Y' :-, WALTER C. COEEEY, M.S. FREDERICK NOBLE EVANS, A.B., M.L.A. E 2 HARRY BEATTIE, M. A. ERIC ALLAN DAWSON, M.A. 2: 2 ' MERTON FORD BANKS, B.S. E MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY S5 E Seniors ff UD E HENRY RAY Cox EUGENE M. FREDERICK E :. CLYDE HAROLD BURGSTON T. EDWARD PETERSON : E J. G. ESTILL KIPP RICHARD B. BUCHANAN E :: ROBERT EUGENE JOHNSON GEORGE E. SLADEK ': RALEIGH GIBSON '-j-E EI- - - Juniors E E FRANCIS EDWARD RICHARDSON GAYLORD STILLMAN DAVIDSON E : J. IRVING RINAKER JOHN C. NEELY -.,-: E BRUNER GRIGG DANA LEE TODD 5 -E . WILLIAM ALBERT NOYES, JR. 3 S Sophomores if E ,GEORGE RIDEOUT HARRY E. WUERTENBAECHER -E E MALCOLM EDWARD SCHROYER GEORGE V. BUCHANAN, JR.' E' 5 S. C. STOUT ' 3 E' Freshmen E 5 D. A. FREDERICK E. L. KERNS E : W. H. TUCKER E. M. STEWART E If PAYSON PEARRE L. B. HANAFEE E E. B. COLWELL S. T. REID 21 Ef G. S. FITZHUGH N. D. CAMPBELL E m R. F. BARLOW W. P. ARMSTRONG 5 5' R. R. BOYNTON E 4? E' lu' Organizations One Hundred Forty-four E gliifilwiiIEEEi55355555HIZHHEQWEUQ83933335213ll?liIllHHUNIIUEISREIZIHIWiilllmiiillllli959522331263 'JililllfiillilliihllWiiSl12DW?EAWil12'?IH'3HSiiiiH'I is -'wHHI"' 'l'x'JLlIIIIiIIIy'Iy1x' " , 33" if W " "QQ, -, . ....,. I. , .,, Qt' G' If KERNS REID CAMPBELL STEXVART HARIZOXV BOYNTON TUCKEII IIANAFFE I"IlEI1ERICli STOUT FITZIIUGII COLNVELI. PEARCE ARMSTRONG NOYICS RIDEOUT NEELY SCIIROYEIE NVUERTENIIAECIIER DAVIDSON RINAKER GRIGG BUCHANAN RICHARDSON COX ICIPP PETERSON E. M.FREDEI!ICK IIURGSTON JOHNSON ILILBUCIIANAN GIBSON SLADEK one Ilunda-ed Fm-ty-five Organizations A ,M 1 . , W u . -5X . ,W , yy , , Of!! x V1 1 K. H4 glllllliilllldllilllllllldllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHllllllllllMIIIIHIIIIIUllllllllllllllllilllllilEIIHHHIlj: 5 BETA TI-IETA PI E , '1 Founded at .Miami University 1839 :- I Active Chapters '78 ' Alumni Chapters 103 . . SIGMA RHO CHAPTER , Established 1902 COLORS: Pink and Blue RESIDENT MEMBERS '22.Lf" 'A MARTIN S. BRYANT FRANK B. HEIBERT TH E ALBERT EISNER J R. WILLIS W. HUBBARD EDWAR.D EISNER - WESLEY W. HANFORD ROBERT EISNER GEOR.GE CAROTHERS MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY MERVIN JAMES CURL, A.M. THOMAS E. SAVAGE, Ph.D. 'SIB EARLE HORACE WARNER, A. M. GEORGE MCPHAIL SMITH, Ph.D. ARTHUR RAY WARNOCK, A. B. KENNETH MACKENZIE, Ph.D. . JOEL ANDREW SPERRY, Ph.D. JAMES MANLEY PHELPS, A.B. - on LEON DEMING TILTON, B.S. H. O. CUSHMAN 5 F. W. CLIPPINGER : JOHN H. MIDKIFF 5 LEONARD SPRUE POOR '-3 CHARLES C. BATES 5. ARCHIBALD R. MOTTER 5 TOM BROWN E KAYWIN KENNEDY 5 JOHN CHRISTIAN KNOCHE 1 1 -u an mu 1 as ns' -u 1 cs- an an sua an an 1 an -on as .nn no no ERWIN RISELY BRIGHAM CHARLES C. BROOKS WALTER CARTER BUTLER MARION B. HARLAND REYNOLD RUDOLPH KRAFT CHESTER J. KREIDLER us wsu JOHN B. CRABTREE PHILIP N. GOULD PHILIP A. NIEBERGALL ELLIOT C. MCINTIRE 'T , JAMES DEWEY HAVENS A. DALLAS HARVEY JOHN M. CREBS, JR. HAROLD R. BERLIN FRANK B. CLANCY W. RAY CAMERON i f 1 Ii, 'L is 1 an 1 fi an in . I 1 UD 1: ann .B Organizations i CULLEN WARNER PARMELEE, B.S. ELIOT BLACKWELDER, Ph.D. 2 WILLIAM SHIRLEY BAYLEY, Ph.D. - MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates C. H. WEEKS VIRGIL BROWN D. M. CROWDER GEORGE CAROTHERS WAR.REN LANGWITH EDWARD GEORGE G. SCHAUMBERG A. MCKAY Seniors ' WILLIAM OSCAR NELSON JAMES HOTCHKISS TICKNOR BENJAMIN EMERSON PIERCE JOHN FINDLEY TAGGART Juniors ROY IVAN MCCALLISTER STANLEY D. PETTER WARDELL D. WILKINSON JOHN M. SIMPSON WENTWORTH C. JACQUIN JOHN B. WILLIAMS Sophoonores MAURICE E. THORNTON CHESTER W. COHAGAN F. HOULTON LAUDER 1 HENRY,H. GOSS .. Q JOHN AUBREY PROSSER fi Freshmen' ROBERT P. GARDINER MILES C. GRIZZELLE JOHN M. NIEHAUS, JR. STANLEY C. GOLDEN V DAVID A. TAGGART AUSTIN Fox A. N. BRABROOK One H undrcd Forty-sim QlneaaasawuusaummumumlunIzlummlIIIIIIIInImmmmlmuulmImmmumumulmla 1 p BON' 5 V25 HUTLICR IXlCCAI.l.IS'l'l7lR XVILLIAMS HICICLIN IIAVIGNS GARIIINICR IKRIGIIAM XYILKINSON IIAHLANII CAMERON KRIIGDLICII MCINTIRE I'H'l"I'lilK HRAHROOK LAUDISR Goss CIKEHS Fox GOI.nEN Pllossrilz GRlZZl'Il.I.Ii lv. '1'A4:GAn'l' .I ACQUIN t:0UI.n KIiAl"T KICNNHIIY J. TAGGART KNOCIIIC NELSON 'PICK NOR IIRONVN PIICIKCE SIM l'SON COHAGAN NIIEIGICIIGAIJ. CRAIVITIICIC CLA NCY 'l'l I 0nN'1'0N Nm! IAUS Om! Ilzmdrcd Fo1't11-seven O7'gCl7'L'iZ'CLU07l,S 'Mr glllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllillIllIIOKIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIQ E E Q Q S I G M A N U 5 Za- ' L1 l 2 f I Founded at Virginia Military Institute 1869 -E I 7y Active Chapters 73 . Alumni Chapters 40 E X. an ' 9 -'ffl-S--BJ GAMMA MU CHAPTER 5 -muff 5' 3,- 1 THE: Established 1902 1 COLORS: Black, White and Gold E . RESIDENT MEMBERS E MAURICE L. HECRER ORLANDO S. MURRAY :: ROLLIN C. GERE ARTHUR D. SAVAGE .E '9l8 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Q'- I GEORGE W. PICKLES, JR., B. C. E. WALTER A. GATWARD, B.S. : 5 FRED H. KAY, B. S. W. IRVING BROCKSON, B.S. E -.1 LEMUEL C. DILLENBAOK, M.A. J. EARLL MILLER, A.B., A.M., LL.B. E E FRED A. RUSSELL, Ph.D. JOHN ALFORD STEVENSON, A.M. -3 E MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E Graduates 75' E WILLIAM R. HARRIS, A.B. V. G. STANBAUGH, B.S. 2 1 Z an . :' : Seniors .. E MAURICE EDWIN-REAGAN ALEXANDER MCJUNKIN TOWER E 2 ROBERT HATCH HUMPHREYS CLIFFORD SHAFFER BERNARD 2 2 HUPHREYS OLIVER SIEGMUND PAUL H. HEINEKE E E GEORGE BERNARD MARX PHILIP F. DAVIS : 22 DURBIN RALPH DOWNEY ' PHILIP MOREY : 2 CHARLES FOSKEY SPANGLER CASH L. ALLHANDS 5 Q Juniors I E E CHARLES ALLEN PAVEY RALPH SPEARS REDING E E THOMAS ROBERT GIBSON ROY WOODRUFF TOMPKINS 1: 1:4 HARLEM E. HARBICHT 5 E ' Sophomores -'J E JAMES RAYMOND GIBSON GERMER PETESCH 5 5 FRANK STAFFORD HAGER JOHN B. MALLERS, III .3 5 IRVING KELLOGG PECK EDWIN C. BARNUM : :sg MAROELL HENRY WHEAT W. HAROLD PEARCE , 5 :. LEONARD ELY MURRAY EARL B. STOVER , 5 EE- . BENJAMIN HAROLD RYAN ROBERT C. PALMER : 5 PAUL DONALD SHIPLEY EDWIN H. WETHERELL E :: GEORGE A. CARLTON HORAOE L. WITTY 2 our EY LOUIS F. HECKMANN, JR. : W- E E. Freshmen :.' on and E RODNEY- E. SPANGLER ST. CLAIR D. WELSH 5 .Eg HENRY IRVING KNOWLTON EINAR BENJAMIN HOFF 3,- 5 CHARLES H. CRAWFORD CARLOS W. CAMPBELL 5 I lf- E O7'gll'I1iZCLt'1:0'I'LS One Hundred Forty-eight E A IHIIIIHHSSIISSHHHH!IINSHHHWUNINIIHIIYNIIHIlil!WllllmllllllllilllllliillilliilllilliHIIIIIIWIIHIBI I. I R 4 ' -I G. IIOFF CRAXVFORD KNONVLTON NVELSII II. CRAXVFORD STOVER, PAVEY T. GIBSON PFICK PFIARCE TOMPKINS PETESCH CARLTON RICDING NVETIIERELI. NVIIEAT BIALLERS R. SPANGLER SHIPLEY RYAN BARNUM IIAGFIR MURRAY R. GIBSON PALMER BERNARD IMARX DONVNEY C. SPANGLER SIEGMUND REAGAN IIEINEKE IIUMPIIREYS TOVVER One Hundred Forty-'nine O'I'ga1'LiZl1ti07lS MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY gwunnnnunnunnnnnnunnnununnununuunnunnnnnnununnnnnnnmnunnnu! E 2 Q Q R 6 3' ' PHI KAPPA PSI F g , Founded at Washington and Jeyferson College 1852 L Active Cha t 46 ' .eww I D GPS Alumm Chapters 48 THE ILLINOIS DELTA CHAPTER E8tl1bliSh6CZ 1904 COLORS: Pink and Lavender RESIDENT MEMBERS ISIS D. G. SEVANNELL F. E. HINES H. G. JONES W. O. WILSON G. K. LINTON E. S. NICHOLS 1 on can 41 3 1 an i an i 1 i 1 1 1 3 1 i X L 2 l 3 Z CQ i 1 1 1 2 1 i i 1 1 i 1 1 8 i 1 1 1 1 1 HON. E. J. JAMES, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D.R M. I. BENTLEY, Ph.D. R. M. HILSCHER, B.S. A. A. HARDING, B.S. L. J .TOWNE, B.S., Ph.D. H. W. BERKS, A.B. F. L. STEVENS, M.S., Ph.D A. W. OWENS, B.S. C. V. BERGER, B.S. J.'H. GREENE, M.S. R. BOYLE, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors F. B. MACOMBER , W. A. LAING D. A. FAY Juniors G. N. BRINKERHOFF W. VANCLEAVE A. F. SWEENEY J. C. CRAFT Sophornores C. HOWEW ' R. C. COWLES R. C. COLTON B. F. WOOD M. W. EVANS ' Freshmen B. A. INGWERSON A. E. -HIGGINS , P. F. CHAPMAN C. W. HAWLEY W. F. LOOKWOOD B. S. EGBERT Organizatzons B. VANCLEAVE P. H. POTTER R. C. BEAR FEW? EMQH Un' 5' SSE? SUITE mg an 5 5 m grew E. ALLAHEN . M. GOODWILLIE H. HUNTER M. MEYER W. MCELDOWNEY . H. PETERSON B. BASS, JR. A. TAYLOR M. OUTLAND FUHTUZFU One Hundred Fifty R-:NllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE 1iIEH'l,4f1i1fa4H31-x,n 4H11l4A,BMH444s11H,itmIH1 ,1rf1,1MaI1111WHMfU5I5MZ1E1Il 1Ai11114MTl-'MilliwSi2iE35f!!335HTmEm159123 ,iqm1l 1f.i.4 i.ijia1 536.4 1 , ' ,." , . XM . hHlM1uu1wHM1wH+wwwMuHaumurufwwmwwiwlwuwww1MHw1H1w1wvU2W4wmmwvrfmfM 4'WWvwHW Q, P M115 ' at- 1 ,Y 'L ' y t , '-.JN-"Q.f'r ..,.,. NYOOD T'0'I"I'F1R IIAWLICY 'l'AYl.0li IXASS INGWERHON l'IllIlER'l' LOCKWOOIU HIGGINS T'lC'I'I?RSON ISITTLAND COWLIES SMITH ll. VAN CLICAVE li0SXVOR'I'll COLTON NV. VAN CLICAVIE MG EIMONVNICY GO0IYWll.l.lIi lll'lINKERU0l"l" SWNICNICY ANDREWS CORT'I'IR MEYER CHAPMAN IIOWE ALLAHIN LAING MACOMHHR BEAR EVANS Owe IIu'nrlrr'rl Firty-om: ' O7'gfl,'IZ1:,2'!1fif07lS ,,, . . 1 X .. P N x 'Q 'Mex 5 ..x. W, .H w I .Y U "wi, P 141' ,sxuf f'3 Hr-' X X 5 M 1 QQ muh? . ' v.' ,.-' Av 24 ,V ,,: tj ,. lf, , If ' Q ,W lm' 1-4 1' J 'x 'W"'5'q7' 'wscmPa119"' 1 bf" -K cw -,A V 'ru' .ff JWANW' 1 1- wg , 6 W1 1 A , E Ez 1 41,-!a.6wn.3 H52 ,..f- 2 ff r x n 1. :r n :f : .1 fy Q x r :+ :ua wx. .4 .w vu U. 1 -:vw x uw. Aw mx .1 a, 'rx ara. 'ma mfr. 'vu '14 mv WM ..,,., , .w-L wx fx 5- 4' 1'-llllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg E if Q S 6 A B ' DE4.LTA KAPPA EPSILON E Founded at Yale University 1844 E ' Active Chapters 43 Alumni Chapters 30 E THE DELTA PI CHAPTER 5 Established 1.904 COLORS: Red, Gold and Blue 5 Isla MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY .E MAURICE HENRY ROBINSON, Ph.D. ALFRED JOSEPH GUNDERSON, B.S. 2 .., MORGAN BROOKS, M.E. CHARLES ALTON ELLIS, A.B. :-, E DANIEL OTIS BARTO, B.S. DEAN HENRY W. BALLANTINE, LL.D. 5 E MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E gi Graduate E E HARRY REINHARDT FRITZ 2 E' Seniors E E ' HERBERT BUEL DUTTON ALLAN RICHARD OMEARA E 5 FRANK HOWARD PETHYRBIDGE RICHARD F. BARNUM E : WILLIAM CHAUNCEY SAVAGE JOHN ELDER PYRON : E FREDERICK AUGUSTUS BROOKS E 2 Juniors E 2 EDSON LOWELL NOTT MARSHALL CAMPBELL E " HENRY NOBLE COOPER, JR. JOHN EUGENE DAVIS E 5 GEORGE EDWARD SALLADIN WAYNE MARSH LOWE 5 E ' Sophornores A A E S EDWIN LOTT FLETCHER WAYNE THOMPSON WHARTON 'gf E KENYON PHIMISTER COMSTOCK LESLIE SPENCER SOUTHCOMB : :: ELLIOT ALFRED PRITCHARD ALBERT BROPHY MOORE Z I CHAUNCEY DARLING COMSTOCK RUSSELL SYLVESTER SLOCUM : "-I ' PAUL GALEN CHRISTENSEN gh an 1 an an nh an in ann. -v .am an an -4 vu -1 un. '- an no -v an rn. pa --u -0 -an .-4 on pd- nn- pw pa an Freshmen . A KENNETH ADE EBI JOSEPH SUTTON MOHR I CHARLES WEER GOFF SHERMAN BARTHOLOMEW CRISSEY JOHN ARTHUR INGWERSEN Organizations one Hundred Fffiwwn rua nv an-v up uw on -as: 4-p ann on no Iu- aq- Yun vb fc: nas can num on vnu: mu: It uns Us -no was mx -an au- 3SiivlitillilillifililiilHINFHEWIFH5WlfliflilllI!WI5imiklillnlllilliillllillilllllllmlllEIIINIIIIIMEA wwe MILWN11 3 W ,fx . if ' QQ? GOFF MOORE MOIIR CRISSEY INGKVERSEN SOUTIICOMB K. COMSTOCK CIIRISTENSEN SLOCIYM PRITCIIARII XVIIARTON EBI C. COMSTOCK COOPER SALLADIN NOTT CAMPBELL LONVE FLETCHER BROOKS BARNUM OMEARA PYRON DUTTON SAVAGE UAVIS PIGTIIYBRIDGE One Hundred Fifty-three . O7'gCL7'LiZtZif0'IlS , A 'jjllllllllIllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllH4IlllilmllllllllllllllIIIINNIWUIIIll!IIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilLL' QI f ' A A C A c: I A Founded at University of .Michigan 1.904 Active Chapters 25 Alumni Chapters 5 THE ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established 1906 COLORS: Old Gold and Black l9l8 E L 5 n j ' ' gh - . A :...4.2-.53 'XWI ' 1 an an ns 1 Jn 1 1 1 no so 1 1 1 1 iv 1 i 1 1 1 Z 1 Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 iv 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 as 1 1 as an an 1 an 1 1 1 bl 1 1 ex 1 1 as un 1 tn an as I- 1 as 1 us . an on an an an 1 1 1 1 -Q --1 an qu an nn 1: as an so -an -Q , 1- -an ans in as an 1 1' RESIDENT MEMBERS BONUM LEE KIRK CHARLES H. KNOWLES WILLIAM B. MCKINLEY CLYDE M. WALKER HENRY WOODSIDE BERKS ORVAL LEE GEARHART LAWRENCE REID HUBBARD ELVIN VALENTINE KRATZ MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY PEMBROKE HOLCOMB BROWN, A.B. CHARLES FREDRICK HOTTES, Ph. D. RALPH KENT HURSH, B.S. HARRY GILBERT PAUL, Ph.D. NATHAN CLIFFORD RICKER, D.Arch. RALPH RODNEY ROOT, M.L.A. LEONARDVAUGHAN JAMES, M.S.,E.E. JOHN MCBEATH SNODGRASS, B.S. RAY IRIS SHAWL, B.S. RICHARD L. TENPLIN, B.S. ROY H. WILCOX, B. S. LEROY A. WILSON, RALPH R. JONES ALONZO PLUMSTEAD KRATZ, M. S. ALFRED THORPE MORISON, B.S. JOSEPH ALBERT MORROW TRUMAN GEORGE YUNCKER, A.M. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates ROY S. SCOTT AUGUSTA WASHINGTON HAYES Seniors WILLIAM WILSON ANDERSON ROBERT JOHN LASCELLES LUMAN BOOTH WILLIAM R. MORRISON LLOYD EARL HOSTETLER WALLACE GERRY TUELL MARTIN BILLMIRE KUGLER JOSEPH CHARLES WALMER ' Juniors LOUIS LESLIE BYERS KENNETH HICKOK GORDON PHILIP WAR-D CARBAUGH HAR.RY HALME LOVE LINN PALMER COOKSON ROSCOE THOMAS OLMSTED LORENZ STEPHEN FOOTE IRVING LEONARD PETERSON RALPH A. GALE CHARLES ARTHUR WAGNER, JR. Sophomores LESTER CLOYD CANNON CHARLES OSMER HERR LATHAN HUNTER COLLINS LOUIS MORGAN MONGREIG Freshmen' CLAUDE D. COLLINS HARRY ALLEN REYNOLDS WILFRED AUGUST DIESEL JOHN T. ZALESKI Organizations OM lnmfzf-ca Fifty-four 5-IiilllilllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllilllllllIll!IllilmllllllllliIIIlllllllllllHlllllillilllllllf' +1IJllIi1w1m'1411'HMgq2::'i+ 'smamw '2lHl'l1I'1W14Hf" wwf, ANDERSON FOOTE K UGLER IIOSTETLER ZALESKI MONGRIEG COOKSON MORRISON I.. II. COLLINS LOVE DIESEL GORDON IIYERS XVAGNER CARBAUGII NVALMER IIERR BOOTII PETERSON OLMSTEAD REYNOLDS LASCELLES C. D. COLLINS CANNON GALE TUELL one Hundred Fifty-fm Organizations I 1 fl?-Illlllllll llllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIHKIIHIISHIHIHIIIHHlllllfllllllifllllllllIlllllllllllllINIIEIIIIHDIHIBUILQ Q x G 91 ' DELTA UPSUILON f X Founded at Williams College 1834 Liiqfpisff' Active Chapters 43 Alumni Chapters 61 U ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established 1905 COLORS: Blue and Gold RESIDENT MEMBERS l9l8 REV. MILTON WALDO IRVING WEST JOHNSTON ERNEST MARSH VENNUM WAYNE ALVIN JOHNSTON .. JEAN KNOX LOUIS DALLENBACH ax an as up -an am an an an a-n msn -nm an 1: be -5 nu az 1 1 au- 1 1 on u- on -- aus 1 an an as Q- 1 .sn - nu 1 nn an 1 -1 1 an -Q 11 an an -n .1- -- -1 in an an nm nm qw. 4-1 on nm mm -nn.. --, QQ .--.S ..- an -'I -as 1... -.Q an -- an -. uno -au., 'lun i an- an an -an on an au. -:- ...S uns in -um an uu- an ..- -n nu- mn un an uu- gm an nan no-1 an-A -.ns MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY NEWTON ALONZO WELLS, M.P. WILLIAM TRELEASE, D.Sc., LL.D. BRUCE WILLET BENEDICT, B.S. HERBERT L. CREEK, Ph.D. . EDWARD CAREY HAYES, Ph.D. PAUL HOWARD DOUGLAS, A.M. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY I Graduates JAMES HARRIS CLEWINE, B.S. M. S. GOLDMAN, B.S. Seniors CLYDE GOBEL ALWOOD HARRY HUBERT PORTER WALDO BOYNTON AMES SIDNEY BRIGGS TRELEASE GORDON OTTO RUSSELL H. THOMPSON Juniors THOMAS HUME MCCORMACK EDSON GERALD MURRAY ELMER THEODORE RUNDQUIST HARRY A. THOMAS HAROLD HARTWELL WHITE . NATHANIEL S. VIAL FRANK H. ALT, JR. JOHN HOWARD BANNISTER JOHN BENJAMIN FELMLEY EDWARD BEAN HAYES JORGEN EDWARD JENSEN Sopliomores HOWELL HART BARNES RICHARD HENRY MUELLER JOSEPH MILLER DAVISON WALTER BROWN REMLEY WILLIAM HENDERSON RAYMOND A. WASHBURN VANCE R. HOOD FRED GOTTLIEB WEBER Freshmen FRANKLIN H. ALLEN CLARENCE BELL FRED W. ALWOOD LEROY HARDY CHARLES V. ARNOLD KENNETH S. LEWIS HALE PORTER Olflanizations One Hundred Fifty-six REIIQIHSEEBZQEEENSIEZISIIHIllUIFHIEIHlfilfllllHHHill!!lilIllNHISHIIIIIIIIWIIIHHIIIIIIIIQIHIIIIIIF fy NIH!ilHiif:1WWN-"WINw ,TfiW2nm'f-.E,'111iH.11VIH31MiflillilgifLi:'1Qii1i1AZ2,n v T3XllHIQ5Eali,, lk i11!1m21a 4 Y-HI" , fn? 'M .-- A I w X K A - - ,all 1 3 Q, ff' hz' 'I " "7a,'. . l n .riff . , .0 n . a 0 .lu un- 5 , XVASIIHURN MILLIKICN IIENDERSUN RUNDQUIST MC CORMACK. IIAYISS NVIIITE BARNES ALLEN NVEIEER F. Anwoon ARNOLD Mom.L1m nm.L 11. VIAI. N. VIAL DAVISON ,uxr IQLQMLEY LEWIS Hoon FELMLEY MURRAY JENSEN 'rmnnx' 'rllozxms 1-'. I'0R'l'l7IIb 'rruaLmAsla OLEWINE GOLDMAN C. Amvoou Amis 'r1IOMPsoN ll. 1'0m'lcr: 0'1"ro One Hundred Fifty-seven Ofrganizations "fTl1I3flii1 . 1' ' v 1 I. 4, , 1 1 1 5 x aw, . V-:vii X TP if -mm ,x QE - J -,b A: il, 4 -.' ,. . J xx 4 :Me " aw J ':,,, wwf ,R r .W .w ' 1 A354 ,.,,3 w '.,.1P , J filllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllIIINllllllllllllIllIIllllllllIIN!llIIIHlllllllllllllllllllllillllllllIllIIS 'z 3 , N , JJ ' THETA DELTA CI-I1 f sxaim-, J Founded at Union College 1847 I 'w e' 'W Active Chapters 28 Alumni Chapters 26 THE KAPPA DEUTERON CHARGE I Established 1908 I COLORS: Black, White, and Blue I9 I 8 RESIDENT MEMBERS WALLACE PARK FOOTE ROY VINCENT EDWARDS REV. EBENEZER BEAN WILLIAM CHESTER MAGUIRE an un 1 - l an 1 i an i 1 1 an an D 1 an an i 1 an an an an 1 up Q 1 l . ,nun 1 3 an an 1 1 fi i us an i l an -Q 1. an as i l l 1 1 - an an on on .- 1 an i 1 an i i l -p - up 1 1 1 .- - '- qv an an -. .- .. .- - .- '- '- .- -- - -I Q. an an - 1 cn Q- an - .- - .- an I an ,- 3 1 1 CHARLES LEROY GUSTAFSON CLARK WESLEY BULLARD IRA WILDER SMITH MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY EDWARD BARTOW, Ph.D. ALFRED COPELAND CALLEN, E.M., M.E MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors MILTON GANS SILVER HENRY MERRITT HAGER GEORGE SIDNEY THOMPSON ROBERT MEARLE CHITTENDEN MANIERRE BARLOW WARE HARRIS CARSON CROFTS A NORMAN JAMES MALLETT Juniors JOEL WARING GREENE LLOYD HAVENS GHISLIN RONALD EDWIN FOULKE GEORGE DAVID SNYDER JAMES WILLIAM SHEDDEN Sophomores LOUIS J. ALEXANDER CHARLES HAROLD GROVES EMORY MERRILL BARKOW HARRY GEORGE HAAKE GERALD EUGENE BECK WALLACE MILTON MCGREW CHESTER COCHRAN DOHERTY MERLE EMMETT NOBLE Pledges DAVID REED AGNEW CHARLES LAVELLE GEORGE ARTHUR ANDERSON GEORGE RAYMOND PETERMAN KENNETH MILLS COGGAN EARL CLIFFORD SHEA EDGAR WAYNE HUNTLEY RALPH SANFORD TILDEN Organizations one rzummd 1-my-ligne 51llllIlllllllllllllllllllllIlIllllllllIIIlllllIllIllIIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll f . Y Mi -"MilliHHW+-''fMr"f' fvm.5-:f1fi1r'x :L-1L l'1I+!,ifH. mtHi1l'lr1zfn:2.p.zwxrm1f.m1HH.fE-'IW Lktlckivlw-H !P'W+'v:7l:Lryk ,W 2 1 1 ,-1 v v . f. .4 . ,, .ww- IQ, 4- - , I, 1 . xukrl., f-' xr! 1' 1, :spy ,QQNJL .V X' my-1 ' - ax .W W-'-w ww.,,,,yq,.fx W: FIST. fi' NWN'-w'-wixsv' r ' ' EWS ,f I - -1 -X - -'iw 'X-W.-' 2-. Qi mb H-4 . M, .vi-fftm. f " .M a..fS5..?,1.g:-53,3 '2 -5 "W .ily XV : QX .1.' 'U V, - 'I ,,, .m , , . , i nw V W :zz 2 , A fra Nm i' y 5 fm- , ., , W -ff 2 . 7 'J V ' L M24 'M " Q. 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I1,-. lgyifsj ' ,g,1'w,.',,. ,H YH A .,, Psrwwriflsl lfwQ , 1mfgmw,umeumf.ux11:se:.12mu2ft:mfP z:xYmffwmI-w.:1Hww12 rm!H4kiwi.Wttil!f-fHIQ! hPMw1wKLL'kms'z.n:w9 r': 1mg-1g,. . -QlllllllllllllllIllIllllIllllllllllllllllIIllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllNlllllllllllmllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllLQ E j S IG M A P I 5 Q T Founded at Vincennes Univei sity 1898 S n u! Active Chapters 10 Alumni Chapters 1 - www PHI CHAPTER THE Established 1908 COLORS: Lavender and White RESIDENT MEMBERS if ERNEST THOMAS HUBBARD HARRY EDWARD KERKER : HUBERT ARGO SMITH PROCTOR ALBERT NOWLEN 3 I9 I 8 SEELYE WRIGHT MCGEHEE g - I MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E E ABNER RICHARD KNIGHT, M.E. HARRISON AUGUST RUEHE, M.S. : 2 NELSON WILLIAM HEPBURN, M.S. CYRUS EDMUND PALMER, M.S. 2 E CLAUDE LOWELL HARRELL, B.S. ARTHUR C. HARPER, M.E. : 5, HONORARY MEMBERS S E ALBERT JAMES BEATTY NELSON WILLIAM HEPBURN 5 E MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY F.: 2 Graduate 2 I ALBERT JAMES BEATTY 2 .. . E - . S eniors - 1: E J I f X - 1 I s.,,.:..." g i 1 2 JOHN WESLEY SMITH : GEORGE LESLIE SMITH g DONALD DAVID SHARER 3 NYLE JACOB BALBACH E NEWELL E. WIEDEMANN : IRWIN BLAINE OLIN E WILBUR BARRETT BARBER S HARRY ANTON KIR-BY : MCKINLEY GARDNER RAYMOND LEWIS BRITT ROBERT BYRON TERRY ALLEN CENTER WILSON JAMES FORSYTH MCCLOUD J nniors LOUIS HENRY SCHREIBER OWEN CHAUNCEY BEATTY LEON HENSON BEST JOHN FOREST STAPLES ELMER AMBROSE BORG 5 Sophoinores : 5 JOHN RALPH SPENCER , DUDLEY LEONARD MARSTELLER " E . VERNON ARTHUR WENKE STEPHEN PETER VIDAL E E TREVOR LESLIE JONES . JOHN HARDENBERGH WALDO E :Z CLOIDE CLAUDE SHADE FOREST ASTLEY BARR 2 E RAY THREADGOLD DEVOE g,- 5 Freshmen ... E CHARLES P. WIEDEMANN JOHN STANLEY BENNEHOFF 5 'E EVERETT LEROY CLOVER EMMETT EARL KERR : :: RAYMOND EDWARD IMLAY LESLIE CLAYTON THOMPSON E E DWIGHT MARTIN EMRIOH CHARLES CLIFFORD MARTIN 2: S Q :: O7'gfL7ZiZlL t7f07LS One Hunclred Sixty "-1 i i 10 i EIIIilllllllillllIll!IlllvlllvlllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIllIllIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllIIIHNIIIIIIIIIIE ' R ' A f 1fn-fwwwaxiis,ww-Hswfafw"wwNIM'' ' Q' , H pm, - - - , 4 , HHH X , , .,, .fflfliillllllilllivliiw?'wifi'.IW'-1,11-lf!I.lH1H53'131313114'.155-1fMf03M- - -A 7 A 1 - R 4-. THU :vu ...W , A if , V 'fl'-x If ,rfx W, A. .1 f-J e-2 Wfw f' ,M 5 mm. -L M.-ARM ' N.. 4 Ae fr: ",.. :Q -Q ma gy"- M, ,. , , SU 'if' :ln ' lr .v.-wks N' I1 wfixcafii :::t N J-i,,g7-,,..A--kim Wy. ty .-,.s,,w-a..a. -71 3 M., A. 1s51"fT3"f" J-- :.1: N"x?"f"N' R "A 'pxgffn , bw M' 1 ' v ' gl W- .. T 1-:fra-1 .Z 521,14 V' ' .. A .' 5 L . . , ,. 1 'QW1 fx E3 1 , , N-..,,M X.. I.: ..-. .., ..... ..,. IL: ...- ...M .. I Bulb X 'IZ . M.. N.. , , fl: ,.-. K -, ... 'Y ,. . I "" 311 ' L35 " " "T: ,H 221 ' - H --f af. l.-r- xt . . . . . A . ,W , A A . -.., ' TI W. LIC 21 null' ... . , I.: 3 Y , " mann nmvon N. XVIEUEMANN scnnmumn JONES wmucr: sr-IUNCER REA'r'rx' norm lmsr vuml. MARSH-1m.lcR EMIIICII IMLAY BARR '1'noMl'soN I f CLOVICR c. P. XVIEDEMANN slmnm GARDNER IIENNEIIOI-'F s'rARl.ns M.xR'1'IN 01.151 -N mum' XVILSON IIALIKACII I!Rl'1"1' TERRY J. w. SMITH Mc cmun G. L. sMl'1'1I srmm-:R lxARRER ll ,.. One Ilumlrcd Sixty-one Oyganzzatfons . - N ., ,y,. ,, .1.., Q- in:f:"v1"-' W'1""H:.3.M fill' .pfIif-SL121'1.l5I'13,5'1'-!,f:,iwa-:a,l21Him'wi:42A.1MU'1x3'l39'iW4n , ,,51.4.14.i -Mm-4'..,sJ-Us-..:A -HllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllilll!llI!llIlllllllllmllllllllllllllllllllIllIQ E Q x , JJ E ALPHA SIGMA PHI :Q Foiinded at Yale University 1845 W ' LfaR.,...,sJ Active Chapters 17 Alumni Chapters 9 'Kwik "' THE ETA CHAPTER Established 1908 COLORS: Cardinal and Stone Gray RESIDENT MEMBERS lglg JAMES SUMMERFIELD BARTHLOW WESLEY WILLIAM POLK MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY -E JOHN DRISCOLL FITz-GERALD II, Ph.D. EDWARD CHAUNCEY' BALDWIN, Ph.D. 5 FREDERICK HAYNES NEWELL, B.S. - MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors CLARENCE OLIVER APPELGRAN ALFRED WERNER MEYER GEORGE O. CONSOER HARRY REED PENDARVIS . WARD JOHN FLOCK MANLEY Ross PETTY E BENJAMIN FRANKLIN RUSY 3 2 ' Juniors I E DONALD V. CHAPMAN HAROLD SPEER REID 2 THEODORE FRISON CONRAD E. SANDVOLD 5 RAYMOND MICHAEL GLEASON CHARLES LESLIE STARKEL : DEWITT ROBERT GOOCH ARTHUR STOWE VAN DUESEN - JOHN GEORGE YERINGTON E Sophomores LAWRENCE OTIS PETTY G. WELLINGTON RIDER HOWARD ROBERT RYAN VICTOR STANGEL JOHN T. THOMAS SAM HAYWOOD WALLACE E ALFRED BAILEY CARROL 5 C. WILLIAM CLEWORTH 5 MYRON DAY DOWNS : FREDERICK B. KOMPASS E FOSTER MITCHELL LALOR 5 RICHARD WILLIAM MICHAEL 5 JOHN JOSEPH YOUNT 5 Freshmen 1 3 CHARLES ELWORTHY BULLARD LEE PAUL RAYBURN g JOHN ARTHUR FRIEDLUND HARRY WILLIAM WERNER E CLAUDE EMIL NOGLE HAROLD CALDWELL YEAGER - v :,. . 5 2: an E Organizations One Hundred Sixty-two i i i 1 3 1 3 2 : A: E E 5 2 i i 1 1 2 1 Z 1 1 1 3 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 an 2 1 1 1 i Z 1 3 S 5 gllllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllII'-:a "N,1l1fl"l11:f-'vyp1'L':wfw' ' ' W W',l'Q5i'2'fQg'jHN" R , :mv af w, , ' -1 .A-,U I ' WTR 1 4, f Q ..,-5 A , Ms , 9 ' .'nv-.y.,qk2f' ,4 Vx ,p ,311 . 'f ui. M45 " I fy ' I x - :X...f1,' '3,flMe'5"f'f,'-iv .54 3? "Xi E5-'2:3b f gx ls' X N i L v 1 RAYRURN XVALLACFI YEAGER FRIHDLUNII CLE WORTII NOG LFE ROM PASS LALOR , CARROLL HULLARD YOUNT CHAPMAN STARKEL C. PICTTY DOWNS MICIIAEI. RYAN YERINGTON SANDVOLD VAN DUESIGN FRISON STANGIGI, THOMAS GOOCII RIDER NVERNER RUSY APPELGRAN R. PETTY REID PENDARVIS GLICASON FLOCK CONSOICR. 'MEYER 1' One Hundred Si:vty-three O7'gll'I'LiZCLfiO7LS 4 , X, xy,1pm,w,11--f.lx-.WV -,'.!4',.3, ,-iv. x,,w-1-,W4 1, K V 4 .14411m1'1'+"'Mvhp:-RCN-iw',1. N' 5 ,pf ' L if w ,nf 'f "-2' . , v. ,A-Z i 53 L:.5EfWg,ii A ,, 1 r X , Q'-JgjlllllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllilllllillIlllllllllllllllllHllllllllllllllllILL-E E 5 rg x J f z E T A P S I www Founded at New York Unwerszty 1846 THE Actlve Chapters 24 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER .918 Establzshed 1909 COLOR Whlte I f f 5 E RESIDENT MEMBER : E ' JASPER WILLIAM PORTER 5 5 MEMBER IN THE FACULTY 5 E FRANCIS KEESE WYNKOOP DRURY, A.M., B.L.S. 2 2 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E 5 Seniors E E EUGENE FRANCIS BRAZEAU ELMER CLARENCE DEWEY .12 E ELTON TOMHAS MACKIE JESSE WARD NELSON 5 : KENNETH STODDARD WHITTEMORE g,-, 7- Juniors 21: 5 CURTIS LOVE BOARDMAN KENNETH WRIGHT CARR E 5 CARL HENRY GEWALT WILLIAM BENTON HOSTETLER 5 3 JAMES SHIPP MCCARROL WALTER THEOBALD RITTER :-, E MARION COLLIER TROSTER NORMAN E. WALDRON E T: E . E R Sophornores :- E SCOTT CORWITH GREENE ALBIN GEORGE GRIES 'gi E CARL FREDERICK GRUNEWALD GEORGE WILSON JONES 3 E GALEN VICTOR KNIGHT ' PHILIP PAGE YOUNG 5 g,-:E 1 Freshmen E CHARLES SHELBY CARTER CLARENCE HENRY DELONG E g EWING LEAVITTE KIRK FREDERICK DEWEY WROBKE E E E E 0'Vga7l'izUft'i077fS Ono Hundred Sixty-four E 3-'I'-ElllliilHISIIIIHIIHlllllllllllllllllllllililiilliIlIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE 4 w I I ' 90 " 9 000199 rs . F , isfx tr ' A 5' XVALDRDN TROSTER GENVALT BOARDMAN IIRAZEAU CARTER NVROIXKE GRUNENVALD . KIRK JONES GREENE DE LONG GRIES YOUNG KNIGHT RITTER CARR NVIIITTEMORE NELSON DENVEY MACKIE IIOSTETLER one zlumif-cd sixty-me Organizations gllllllllllllllllllllllillillbllllllillllIHHlllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllIllllllllllllltlllllllllllllllllllllIllLL L75 . E K :Ill 1 Qs S C J! s ' PHI SIGMA KAPPA g f x T I Founded at Massachusetts Agricultural College 1873 E "" ' 01 'Q Active Chapters 29 Alumni Chapters 12 E THE, ALPHA DEUTERON CHAPTER E Established 1910 COLORS: Silver and Magenta E I RESIDENT MEMBERS Q' 918 ALVIN TODD BURROWS DWIGHT IRWIN JOHNSTON 5 KENNETH BUCHANAN ARTHUR DANIEL RUPPEL 3 5 JOHN CHRISTIAN DALLENBACH, M. D. EDMUND BURKE 5 E FRANK STEVENS LEAS OTHMAR LAWSON MOORE : 5 ARTHUR MAURICE METZLER HORACE A. RYDER E E FR.EDERICK LEO THOMPSON E 2 3 5 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY 5 E JUSTUS WATSON FOLSOM, Sc.D. ROBERT CALVIN WHITFORD, M.A. :Q E CHARLES FRANKLIN PALM, M.A. 5 E MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY g Q 1 an , an :: S enzors 2 5 WILLIAM RALPH BRANCH CHARLES HENRY RUEDI :E E FRANK ALLYN LOGAN JOHN WARREN TEASDALE : 2 Juniors E 2 JOHN W. DIETZ ERNEST MCEVERS E : WALDEN WOOD HANCOCK LoUiS JACOB SELZER : E i Sophomores E E ARLO JAMES WAINWRIGHT ARMSTRONG JESSE RICHARD LONG E E CHARLES MACARTHUR CARMAN RALPH OLIVER METZLER -3 5 DONALD NICHOL GELLERT SANFORD CURTIS MILLER :: 5 WALTER ERNEST LOUIS KRAECKMANN VERNON GATES SCHENCK 5 2 Freshmen E E DELMAR ALLMAN GEORGE HER.ETH GARDNER 5 -E GEORGE HUMPHREY BAUM CHARLES MARTIN LEGGETT 3 5 DONALD MORRISON BYERS THOMAS SCOTT MCDOWELL -3 5 ' LAWSON STANTON TALBERT A 5 E 5 E E .-'E I E E Organixzations One Hundred Sixty-sin: S glllllllllillllllltllIllINIHIIIllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE H!HIHIlIl"1i4l'i'HWi'lHllHlliHllUl'HI4l113H21lH'HM1N112-HUM!I'Hi1li1l1l1i'l1l1'?AVH.+fN 'ff'Q"' ' 1 " f w " 1' I .- ' ,I . 1 ,, 'U O. DF -' 'S' 9 Q, I, .' . -,J , .c., fn -q.': XC .. r, , . i I - 4 ' ' ' 'LT 'rf-vw-pM'.-fx A 1-1 LONG SCIIENCK ALLMAN Mc DOWELL LEGGla'r'r GARDNER '1'ALnmr'r IKYERS BAUM METZLBR ARMSTRONG CARMAN GELLERT KRAECKMANN MILLER DIETZ MC Evmns TEASUALE LOGAN RUEDI BRANCH slsLzEn HANCOCK One H undrcrl Sinsty-seven Organizations , . 3 V . 4,1,A3J'vfw3y'g. , , 4 , y,w1w,A licmlmm.1,1l,1iwu+,11 ,.1mm,L mug N, 4 My ff Fa! . ,shim - gllllllllllltllllllllllllllllllllllllllIII!IIllllllllIllllllllllllilHllllllIIlIIllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllfl 5 E Q ' N :if C I J, E E f P S I U P S I L O N if r ' A Founded at Union College 1833 5 5- - J' Sl Active Chapters 25 Alumni Chapters 1 EE -win " ZZ V OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1910 COLORS: Garnet and Gold I:-5 RESIDENT MEMBERS 'S ISIS G. F. D. ZIMMERMAN J. G. PRUITT -2 C. T. MOSS 5 2 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY S 53. J. H. CHEGKLEY, B.S. J. N. POMEROY, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. E E H. F. GONNERMAN, B.S., M.S. FRED HENRY RANKIN, B.S. 5 2 FREDERICK GREEN, A.B., A.M., LLB. C. M. ROBINSON, A.B., A.M. 5 E C. M. Moss, A.B., A.M., PRD. H. J. WEILAND, B.S., M.S. : gi MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 2 mn: E S eniors E, E WESLEY ARTHUR BEHEL EUGENE CANFIELD HOPKINS 5 E CHARLES RAYMOND GROSS JOSEPH NELSON MCDONALD 5 5 CHRISTIAN GROSS FREDERICK WILLIAM PATTON : :ft , Juniors E E WARREN JOSEPH ALCOCK WALTER ELLIOT HAYNE E -E EARL WILLIAM ANDERSON HENRY WILSON LINNEEN 5 : JOHN MANCHESTER COOK NELSON MONROE UTLEY gg E FRANK CLAIRE VON ACH 5 E Q Sophomores ' 3 FE CONRAD MORTON BARDWELL MARION DAVID RENTCHLER E E RALPH ARMOND CARLSEN RALPH MITCHELL SOMMERS 3 E ALFRED HAMMOND MORTON HARRY GUSTAV ZIMMERMANN :: un- , 11 ..- at .E Freshmen 55 -no use 2 ROSCOE RICHARD BETZ GEORGE WASHINGTON KOCH 5 E JAMES BERESFORD EDWARDS HENRY DAVID MOSIER 5 5 ARTHUR LAWRENCE GENUNG HAROLD JAMES ORR : 5 JOHN OLIVER GUTHRIE ALBERT MARVIN PIKE E 15 ROBERT BRITTON KEGLEY FRANCIS JAMES PRUITT 5 E5 , STEPHEN ASKEW WILSON E 2 :: :: ' : C Organizations one Hundred sim-sign: E 5-lllllillllililllHHHHIIIIINHINI NIHIIIIHIINNIHHllllllilllllilllllllllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE 'Mbltwl X MN , y , X EINYARDS BETZ GICNUNG PIKE KOCH ANDERSON KEGLEY GUTIIRIE LINEEN ORR Rl'3N'1'ClII.HR 1'IllVIT'l' NYILSON IXAIIINVELL CARLSEN VON ACH ZIMMEIIMANN COOK ALCOCK NORTON UTLEY XVEILAND PATTON C. GROSS IXICIIEL HOPKINS C. R. GROSS HAYNE Ona II1L'nd1'1:rl Siarty-nina 07'gCWL7:ZfLfi07LS 2,1-lllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIHIIINIIllIUIIHHI!IlllllllllllllllllllmllllillllllllllllllllllllIMIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIL45 E 5 C J F Q4 ALPHA DELTA PHI -.4 540' 'sp Founded at Hanulton College 1832 XXIII!! THE Act1ve Chapters 25 ILLINOIS CHAPTER Z Establzshecl 1912 COLORS Grden and Whlte ISIS I 5 RESIDENT MEMBER . 3 -3 ROGER F. LITTLE E 'r v 5. MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Q E 2 HERBERT JEWETT BARTON, A.M. ROY NEWTON, FARGO, BIS. 5 gf MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 5 E Seniors -EE DONALD KENNETH SEARLES HENRY WILLIAM MARKWARDT 5 : HAROLD LUOIEN PARR WARREN BADGER EWER E E CLIFFORD BURTON EDWIN GEORGE Roos 3 E CHARLES WARREN CAMPBELL ANKER SVERRE GRAVEN .E -' JULIEN HEGUEMBOURG NEEDLER - 2 3 - E E 5 J nnzors 3 3 2 - JOHN 'BLAIR MACAULEY- ROBERT WILLIAM PHALEN 5-- ' GEORGE SNOW VALENTINE RALPH HIPPEL DEAN - E I A STANLEY DAVIS ANDERSON 2 E I , Sophomores g E I J ULIEN HAMPTON COLLINS GEORGE STANFORD PERCY E 5 I ROBERT GOULD MOREHEAD I HAROLD BRUCE WHITNEY :: HENRY EDWARD MOTTER WILFRED DAVID SHAW : LAWRENCE TATUM MC,CURDY ROBERT EVANS TUTWILER :: E DANA THURSTON RICHARDSON EUGENE PHILIP STRUHSACKER E 2 NELSON WELLESLEY CAMPBELL CHARLES WINFIELD VAIL 2 5 RAYMOND WENTWORTH ALLEN CLARENCE LEVI JORDAN ' ' 'A -E I Freshmen 5 1 E Omamwtzvns one Hundred seventy g ,C-: :Z glllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllmmllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfi w fx' -4-. x. ,r Q... 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CHARLES SHATTUCK PALMER E Juniors E GEORGE STANLEY HALAS MERLE RAYMOND HUSTED I PAUL RUYTTER BERRYMAN WALTER FREDERICK STRAUB .E RICHARD LADD WORCESTER RICHARD CLARENCE BRANDT : CHARLES CULBERTSON BURGETT HARLEY DANIEL HOHM : . LOYAL MARTIN GRIFFIN E Sophomores I PAUL CHRISTIAN Doss ERVIN CHRISTIAN HARTMAN E JAMES WALSH KENNEDY HUBERT ASHINGDON KEYES 2 . J ULIEN EDWARD MEE E ' Freshmen 1-, LEWIS MORGAN SANDS HUBERT CECIL BITTER I PHILO HOWARD DANLY MYRON GEORGE DIBELKA Z . EDWARD ADOLPH JOSEPH BIEDERMANN 2 ' 0'l'ga7L1fZat'i0'rL8 Ona Hundred Seventy-two on .ua- giZiiiivifiiiBSFZESIHZLHJUEHEH!!!1533!HH5?HillI3!HIHHWH!!!H!'HlI!HH!!!!!IIUIHHIIEIilllllllllllm ww UW,-Nl, .Agway ,qi UNI!-vlw,m..1w. A 1 Q,41y1fu,,1vf'f-wlmw' X -wwwa ll IISTEII M EE BIEIIICIIMANN SANDS lllT'1'ER NVORCESTER DAVIS STRAUIY KICYIZS DAN LY IIAHTMAN IlURGE'l'T KENNEDY IIRANDT ROSS BERRYMAN IIOII M IIALAS GlKII"l"IN DOSE R. C. NVOODS AMIIRUSTER SMIUI. PALMER S'l'l'1NVAR'1' llRI'l"l'IN R. J. NVOODS RAIIIOURN Ono Ilundrczl Seventy-thrcc O'l'gfL'l'LiZtLi'i0'rLS gllllllilllllttHIHIIIINIIIIUNIIIIHHH!!IllIlllllllIIIINHHIIlNHHHIIHIIlllllllllllllINNHNIHIIIIUNE 2 'E x E f i! S : f 3 f gf P I-I I K A P P A E . . : Founded at Brown Unwerszty 18.92 I: 'XXI-ull! 'FH-E Active Chapters 5 Alumni Chapter 1 E BETA CHAPTER 1 S Established 1912 A COLORS: Purple, Gold, and White Q-3 I I8 A f 55 9 ' RESIDENT MEMBERS ' .E : J. J. MCQUAID W. B. HAYES E 5 E. C. ENGLISH W. J. DoLAN 5 : C. W. NUNAN W. B. WOODS -3 E P. P. SCHAEFER J. F. DOYLE 5 E LEo P. KURT 5 V I i 1 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E Seniors E J. KENNETH STRINGER JOHN.T. LEWIS LEO B. HARDIMAN T. TRESTON MCEVOY - 3 EMMET G. MARTIN E ALOYSIUS F. LENZEN i i an ,, ' Juniors FRANK E. GOULD EDWARD J. GARVEY WILLIAM J. DOYLE WILLIAM F. BURKE EDWARD G. BRYA EDWARD B. MCLEE 2 D GEORGE J. KLOPPENBURG 5 Sophornores E 5 LESLIE B. MCCAFFREY WILLIAM G1'O'NEII:"' " E E WILFRED H. HOTZ CLARENCE A. BONNEN E :-. CHARLES J. MANLEY RICHARD J. BRINKMAN 3 E WARREN W. FUREY ANDREW W. GARTNER : E BERNARD A. HAGAN J. ANSON MURPHY E g-..- EUGENE C. WILLIAMS ' 5 E Freshmen E WILLIAM C. WALSH EMMET J. ROACH ,, JAMES T. FINNEY : JAMES T. BRENNAN E GEORGE C. SULLIVAN an Q use 1 1 1 1 -1 at i 1 1 1 Z EDMOND SM DONALD R. CHANGNON FRANCIS BRYA BERNARD A. LYMAN JOHN J. HAGEN PAUL M. DUFFIE ITH S . . 3 . Orgamzatwns one rlumzf-ed s ty : E an 4 - iillltliIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllNillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllfi un. .am ...M Q ..,, ...- ..-... . .N H I hu. .1-1. mn. um. Q. v.-J, n.-, . url .vn- up 4, ws ...- an Q, .. m .n . ,V -Q, M. -D -ff A, . -nf- -uf. 1-. -uv -we . nm ml nm hm.. -ur -1 .. ..m,. vw W a -1 I-. an -1.-,X sn -w. -fn -U. -of mm .nm ma. .W fn. . of . Q... 4... -9. 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"im f ' Ismzap uni-w-Inawwn ap-, 1 1- asm Lf Ag wg sa Sf- j ,mums Himlal p..g,.m-me L :. tiff!! 1, 3' wana' ,NA . new 25555 :uw 5:sfsnfssifzssifssgzigeggsssmffessaiza rkigf 55,54-52 Q Itfifiiiifiiiii S Zifliiiiiiilli .M N . -we nn. fn. ww new -.Q-4 msn an 5IEiEl5KJff5fEw!ifFIPfkfflxfsWWf3!5L3'f2?Q23!!NE5!W3i'!rZM-WEEEWb!4HZiHbb3?WEEEi3H53QEIBEEQWTEIEESLIEWEIEEBFELSMEELEIS111?l?ijf.9? ' ., 3 vp. glllllilllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllIIIIllmllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllLL,-E-n :z lex E CV E I J L t X - 5 C H I P H I 5 'XWIHI "' :- Founded at Princeton University 1824 g TI-IE 5 Active Chapters 22 Alumni Chapters 7 E SIGMA CHAPTER E, ISIS Established 1.912 COLORS: Scarlet and Blue 2 2 RESIDENT MEMBERS E E JAMES CLIVE BUZICK EMERY FORD HOLT -E 5 ARTHUR PARKER HOLT ' 5 F3 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 2 ' 2 Seniors E S IRVING BYRON COUNTRYMAN GORDON FRANCIS CADISCH E 1: HAROLD FRANCIS WOODYATT ROY ST. LAWRENCE BIGELOW 5 E Juniors 5 5 VICTOR HUBERT GROSSBERG RALPH LINDSAY INGRAM E E ELMER THEODORE J ANSSEN ROBERT PHINEAS SHEAFF 5 5 HORACE MANSEAU ARMSTRONG CLARENCE EASTLAKE SNELL 3 :: . PAUL LEO ARMSTRONG DEMENT SCHULER 5 E JAMES NICKS COST U CHARLES EVERETT KECK 5 -Ei Sophovnores 5 E DONALD EUGENE WILSON - EDWARD ROBERT KILBRIDE E :,- HARRY JOHN -BLUM DOUGLAS SCIDMORE CAMPBELL : E JOSEPH LEXINGTON COOLIDGE HERBERT LUTHIE NICHOLS E : MARK CRAWFORD NEIL FRANK JOHN HURLEY 5 .E-: DONALD ALONZO CUMFER HARRY HALL FLEMING 5 E ' Freshmen I E- E ' HARRY CHAMBERLAIN HASELTON THOMAS EUGENE KENNEDY -E 5. CHARLES BRAND MAURER FRANK WELLS SAYLES :: : PHILIP WARD RAUP ERNEST LEE LYNN -T E VICTOR CULLIN S 'E E 5 S 5 3 i i - .- ' 5 Q 8 T 1 1 2 "' 0'r9an7fzat'50n-9 Ono Hundred Seventy-sis: -. QilllllllllillllIllHIllINIIUllllllllllllllllllllIIIllIIllilllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIE mmlmiamzwwfw-'waf1R::'W+wR R R K+ RF? ,nf . ' l ' N I Rx , MAURER CULLIN LYNN NICHOLS SAYLICS RAUP KENNEDY IIASELTON IIURLEY KILHRIDE NYILSON NEIL HLUM CAMl'liIiI.L COOLIDGIC SHEAFF K PICK II. ARMSTRONG CUM VER P. ARMSTRONG COAT SCIIULICR GROSSHISRG SNELI. JANSSEN XYO0IlYA'l"1' COUNTRYMAN CADISCII IKIGICIDXV INGRAM Ona Ilundrcrl Seventy-seven 01'gfL'YL'iZfL f'i0'l'I.S QflllllllillllilUHIIIIHHIllllllllIINIHIHIIIHIIHHHllllllllllHill!IHllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliIINL'-E E E C J -.: I :- Jim C H I P S I TH E 'Founded at Unzon College 1841 W Actlve Alphas 18 Alumni Alphas 12 l9l8 ALPHA ZETA DELTA - 2 Established 1912 COLORS: Purple and Gold S E RESIDENT MEMBER 5 E HOWARD RIDGEWAY VAUGHAN, A.B., 'D.D. 2 E MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY : -S , .2 S S enzons 3 E GLENWOOD CHARLES TANTON ROLAND HALL LAWRENCE :-:E 5 MALCOLM DOUGLAS ROBERTS , Q FRANK WILKINSON GRAVES 3 : CHARLES CLINTON BUELL f A FRANCIS ERLE CAVETTE 5 E Juniors g E ROBERT ASHMAN PERRY WILLIAM HARCOURT BROWNE 5 E MARVIC HECHT PETERSEN GEORGE EDWARD REHM, II g E RICHARD HENDERSON MALLORY ROBERT ALFRED BRYANT 5 I5 S E Sophomores 3 E 2 FRANCIS BOLTON MALLORY IRVING NEWELL BAUER E 5 ' ROBERT CURTIS PREBLE LEWIS BURNHAM ROCK '-5' - FRANK KERR HAYS JAMES HENRY GREGORY - E JAMES GARRISON WEART 2- 5 5 E ' Freshmen :: - : E U ROBERT CHAPMAN SIMMS WILLIAM FREDERICK PFUDERER E E WAYNE ROSLEYN BENNETT GEORGE JERE HOUGH E 2 S E E E E E E :: 07'9G,7'L'LZat10'rLS One Hundred Seventy-eight 2'- : E SllllllllllllilHIIHIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllmlllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllf-IE A v IT J-1 : ,SITES xe at J .QI , , ,1 Q-5 VIA' , M., .14 Q, slums xroucn PREBLE noel: ISENNETT rl-'Unmucn cnrsconx' HAYS BAUER xmowme: n. xr. MALLORY l'E'l'ERSI'IN umm BRYANT F. u. MAr.LonY nusu. nonmnrs TANTON cAvm"rra mwmcxccm crmvns PERRY Ona Ilunrlw-cd Seventy-nine , O7'ga1L'lfzai'i07LS I 'm"mfU'3 N gllllllllllllllIlllllllIIIIlllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllL5 E 5 tg x 5 f l! 5 f 5 - zllhxsqa H.: www f' Z ETA BETA TAU -.5 THE' Founded at the College of the City of New York 1896 2 Active Chapters 24 Alumni Chapters 4 2 l9l8 E -A RHo CHAPTER . E -2 Established 1912 COLORS: Light Blue and White S 5 RESIDENT MEMBER 5 S 2 PHILIP A. LOWENSTERN 2 1 1 1 I 2 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY TE' 2 Senior 5 2 BERTRAM D. FEUER E 5 Junior .S ' 5 ADRIAN J. EICHBERG 'E E Sophomores E E EUGENE M. ADLER ' JIM S. DE LUE E 5 ABRAHAM M. BREMER DAVID L. KAUFMAN 2 : ISIDORE P. COHEN SAMUEL C. PERLMAN E E HAROLD SCHLOSS 5 -E Freshmen , ' 2 E WALTER I. BREGMAN SAMUEL EXINER E . 5 H ARTHUR E. COHEN GEOFFREY M. FIELD 5 : ALBERT DRUCKER JOHN ROSEN . : 5 DALTON N. URBACH I 5 E E - : E E E E E Organizfltions One Hundred Eighty S :fi-:llllllllllilllllllllIIIlllllllllIlllllIIIlllllllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllillllllllllfrfi 11, ,,. .,- 1 , . 1 1 1. 11-.1 1 A 1 1, , 1, .1.v111,,1.,,.1p1,1,y.x,1111,vs f.V.1 .14 K1 -,1,1v1!, 11-111 11,1 1 ,1 1 w 1-L .1 1 'lJ,.141.:, 1fff,r.,1g,1', 'Mu g:,'g,r5E-1?f'3'J1 . 1 ' 1 1 I ' - rn. um ,M W1- My ,111- 1 1 ,. 1 1- .11 -1 .,.,. w-11 -.N nw -.y vw. v v na. .qv ,1. 4 J... nn 1. .1 Q-A ,-1, .1-- -.f. ,, ,4, w. u N .f. 1- ...I- -.1 u 1 1 1 v a 1 - 1 EXINER ROSEN A. COIIEN URHACII DRUCKER SCII LOSS BREMER DE LUIS PERLMAN IHIEG MAN FIELD AULER KAUI-'MAN EICIIBERG FEUEII I. COIIEN one HW1111-ed Eighty-M10 Omfmizations 4 i '1 1 , '-Ag . ,31.1,.,,. 1 LM Pr, 1 ' J v-' , 11.41-5 if 5 b in ua . , . ,.x.1 r".1 f1 51-5, 5,4-y?,1.1igfQy-' ,os .r,,,, 121 f' YQ is-is f' if SWE x,K1,4w11'c'g pl! xfufin? i.-.-,-mb' 1. 1, ,M .. ,,..A- ., -ww-+,.. ,-...M-. .. ,J f-f,.-- ... rv l A .1. 1' :1 .J , 12 , , 1, , 1. Q x 1 N5 en, 2 ' "nr, if' 1 1... ginmnunnuuunnnmannummmaaummummmmnmnnnmmmmmmmnmnmnmmmme E 2 Q Q x 6 3' r KN:-U41 -L,,,g,N-Pm LAMBDA CI-II ALPHA WWI! " ' , -3- Founded at Boston University 1909 THE , Active Chapters 28 Alumni Chapters 25 'SIB CHI ZETA CHAPTER 3 Established 1915 COLORS: Purple, Green, and Gold 2 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E Graduate E EARL ALBERT HUSTON, B.s.A. 2 Seniors E ALBERT THEODORE BUMAMN GEORGE MADILL CULLINANE ' .E ARTHUR BAILEY CHRISTOPHER LAURENCE RIGHTER TAYLOR 5 Juniors 2 JOSEPH JULIUS CERMAK ORVILLE ROBERT SWEET 5 J ULIAN GILBERT MIDDLETON CARLETON BYRON TOWER E HAROLD HAYNES SORTWELL RUFUS EMERSON VAUGHAN E Sophornores E ARTHUR GUSTAV FROEHLY DAVID MIRVIN SHROYER E MAURICE ROWE GAYLE AUGUST KRAFT 5 ADOLPH KRAFT WALTER RILEY BAKER 5 LOUIS LEONARD CHARPIER E Pledges E' ERWIN CHARLES BREDE HERBERT EDWIN STUART E HARRY GEORGE PODLESAK MELVIN BENJAMIN SKINNER 5 SAMUEL PARKS LONG 'Q' Organizations One Hundred E ghtu t ,us 1 alllllllllllllllll-IlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllplllllllllllllllllllllllllllli .,,. .... v.:, 11. -.L u- , 4.1 ns- .IL qu. un , ls. :+L N. x .,- .1 I 5. Wr'!11fmw1m -4 1l?l1H!lH111LI!1M.' M A K :XS lj: 1. Y'. 1 lmlu-In slmovl-:lr c:M'LI: FROHII LY POIYLESA K uname mm FT swam' SKIN Nlcn VA UGIIAN clmnm lc M IIlDl.l'I'l'0N KnAxf'r IIUSTON nuM,xMN 1'M'l.on CULLINANE CIIRISTOPIIER sonrwau. TOXYICR Ona Ilumlrcrl Eigluty-three 07'gtl71'fZfLiiO7LS Q15919UU-m1:m1q1q,l51dS1BNi 1-ViiuwiaH11S,ur4Af51AHU1nihi:!S'9iJifI1lH1lHiM41iL1if3+ue4':53'3i5 iA,1,3,u:vxml1,! ww QlllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllfllllllllllllillllllllllIlg Qs BETA PI-II 6 3 , r Founded at Unirersity of Chicago 1911 WWII? THE l9l8 3 1 2 1 1 1 1 i on 1 1 2 1 1 1 i i 1 3 1 as an 1 1 1 1 L 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 an 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 an 1 4- un 1 no an 1 - nh -s an nu 1 an 1 1 , n-u gn xv qv na I 1 -- 4-Q ..- nun an 1 us an ui -Q -o -s 1-n an - an 4-1 an yu up nn 'J Act1ve Chapters 9 Alumni Chapters 2 DELTA CHAPTER Establzshecl 1915 COLORS Orange and Blue MEMBER IN THE FACULTY CHARLES MANFRED THOMPSON, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ' Seniors LOUIS STEPHEN BURWASH EARL BRUCE SIMPSON ARTHUR EDWARD GIERTZ EYLAR WILLIAM BRUNSKILL JAMES PIERCE TUTHILL LEO SHALLBERGER MEAD TROY WAYNE CLARIDA Juniors ROBERT BOHUMIL SLADEK DAVID EDWARDS FIELD CECIL REEDER HAZEN LAURENCE PACKER SIMPSON A. LYLE POWELL CHARLES WILLARD MUNNS EDMUND ANTHONY MARTELL CLARENCE JOHN FISHER LESLIE ALBERT WILLIAMS BENJAMIN ANDREW STIRITZ I Sophomores RICHARD COLE BURTON WILLIAM CHARLES THOMPSON FRED ADAIR COLLINS SILAS CARLISLE PETERSON MAURICE REUBEN RANSFORD SAMUEL JOSEPH STALLINGS ROBERT EDGAR LENTON Freshmen KARL LOUIS REINKE LEO BERDELL CULLEN V MERRILL WESLEY WHITESIDE Organizations One Hundred Eighty-four 2 llllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIll NIH 1 can on nn. 1- sun to can :Q no an Q1 -u an can an 3 Qu vu i 1 un i Cl! 1 at up 2 in as fx: an i :nn 5IMI!Hi3iH!!lllIllHi!lllllIllUU?IIIIHIIIIIIIlHIllllllllllllllmlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllf-:Tri vrlqlt 3,2 'fyfywllxrls W' x Il a-""' 5, 4 I B .Q I NQ 'Z 4: : Q 9 I -QQ' xl STALLINGS COLLINS IIIUNNS IIUIITON FISIIICIC IIANSFOIID STIIITZ THOMPSON SLADEK CULLISN I-'IELD RIIEN KE MART!-ZLL XVIII'l'ICSIllE PETERSON MEADE IIURNVASII E. SIMPSON TUTIIILL GIICRTZ IIIIUNEIKILI, I.. SIMPSON One Hundred Eighty-Jive O'i'gfL'I'LiZCLti07'LS -,pf 9.- EilllllllillllilllllilIlllllllIlllllllllllIlllllllllllllIUIIIDIAIIIIIIINIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg -S - 2 Qs Lg, 7 T I-I B TA C I-I I 0 gf Founded at Norwzch Unwersity 1856 xmny Actlve Chapters 19 Alumni Chapters 7 THE RHO CHAPTER E Egtabliglwgl 1916 COLORS: Military Red and White gf I9 I 8 -1-' RESIDENT MEMBERS , g f l A 13- 31 7 - : s:Il:Lxs E fi ARTHUR FRANCIS COMSTOCK, C.E. WILLIAM MACY STANTON, M.S. : - 2 2 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 3 I 2 . 2 : Graduate g 5:7 JOHN PIEPER 5 E Seniors E 'E JESSIE LESLIE FOX RALPH MARION OVERTON 5 : IRWIN LYTLE LUMMIS HARRY QUICK E 2 2 E Juniors . 5 2 EARL WILLIS BAILEY MILTON GETHMANN 5 : FORREST PROW BARRETT FELIX ARNO GUNTHER 5 E CHARLES FAIRMAN RALPH WENDELL HUMMELAND 3 5 HAROLD BRADFORD TUKEY 5 1 1 5 ' Sophomores 3 2 E E THOMAS HUGH BROCK CHARLES EATON I 3 E WALTER WILLIAM BROWN I JAMES HERBERT GILLISON E 5 EDWIN J ONAS COOPER BURDETTE GRIFFITH 5 5 .HOMER ALBAN DUNN JOHN EDISON HALLIGAN g E . HILTON CHADFIELD NICHOLS 2 E Freshmen E 1 1 : ROBERT DANIEL BELL HARRY GERALD MENDSEN 5 2 MATHIAS ELLSWORTH DEZEE ALBERT SPORS ,.. 5 CLARENCE BUEFORD KEEHNER LOUIS DAVID STRUBINGER 5 E : :: 3 1 1 Z an sa 2 Z 0"'9a7'W:zat'i07'L3 One Hundred Eighty-six 3 - E ill!!!INHUIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllillilllllIIIllllllllllllmllllllllIllIllllIIIIIIIINIIUIIIIBIIIIllf-ri P iflfviiiiHH"H"'11+.f4W21-w11.11ri'1fifW1Mam1.1+m:-1:.iJ1I1l1I.ur.1:1AiI:i1'1I4.ma1,am1mna1z4ow:rQsx:iffIa':ww ww ' 1'-wiki-Zz-1 . I I 1.11 ,I ill - f 271 155 I Eif?1ll.gI, :ir ff 1,1 gf-114. mi 3 4 Y.,---' , . , .k W "ff . - 'M-mi? .,,f I, , f I IQ' -Y-"WIA ff' M N" ylf , X gg ws: fv, l . M . ,,",.v .wil ' 'u YV-ALKLA af. -- .- ' K, A , -JU-Lg, 4.13 H51-fa1 4 ,Lf In ,. A11 1 I I 4.5 , I , . ,,... N. -,. 'I gf' 3 N" v 14.X....a, 754 . ,1- 4 ,-1 rw f-1,1 fl ,R W . K I ' ' I 'I Ig, jv X , TK. W, ,, , ,.- .Il , Y.. K m, 111, nu, 1 ..-. ..,,, W. F M, ..,.. .nv ' ':- ff' M- ,. f - 11 Za 14 .L Q .xy 4 f 'Ti ' I 'f v 12-If . WK rap 3.51 - , -in -.:, ' za: zzz- "II rm L"f' iii ' JTC .. I vp. L I - f T . L 4 ma. .-.QL . M I Qu.- I fr I fn.. A . , I , 1. 1 DE ZEIG IIELI. SI'0IlS MHNUSEN STRUIIINGER KEIEIINER GI I.I.ISON IIIIOXVN GIKIFFITII EATON IIALLIGAN COOPER DUNN NICHOLS BARRETT TUKEY GETIIMANN IIAILEY IIIIOCK FAIRIIIAN GUNTIIEI! OVERTON LUMMIS QUICK I-'OX IIIIM MICLAND l'IF1I'ICIl Ono Hundred Eighty-scvcn O'I'gfl'l'L'fZfLtf0'rLS ,J11l1ly'v-1'-la f. 1, , , :V 1 I QllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllIIHHIIIIIllIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllflllllllllllll.-Ng C J A L P H A C I-I I R H O 5 L X Founded at Trinity College 1895 .3 fx 'J Actwe Chapters 14 Alumni Chapters 13 E K""' PHI KAPPA CHAPTER 5 1 HE Establzshed 1916 COLORS: Garnet and White 5 RESIDENT MEMBERS E REV R C HELFENSTEIN HARRY F. FERGUSON l9l8 '37 x :t 1 . . . ' llllll d MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E E DR. LYNN HAROLD HARRIS, Ph.D. ROBERT EDWIN KENNEDY E '53 FRED WILBUR TANNER, Ph.D. 5 if MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 2 E Graduate 5 5 J. LAWRENCE TEARE, A.B. 5 : I i "' Senzors 3 E CHARLES M. CLARK HOWARD STANLEY GANTZ S 2 DONALD SIDNEY CORNELL HAROLD JOHN BLUHM 5 E MAURICE JOHNSON REED FRANK LEGGIT I : 2 GEORGE CHARLES BLOHM ROBERT SOMERVILLE BLACK -E 2 FRED W. LEGGITT , : E - :Z 2 : J unzors ':-1' 2 LEONIDAS LOGAN SMITH GERALD EDGAR DICKSON E 5 HAROLD PATTERSON OWEN ROBERT WOODRUFF MEALS : gt FRANK JOHN RANDALL ' WILLIAM STEPHENS E 5 ' Sophomores E E. FRANK ROUNDY CLARK ARTHUR HAROLD BODENSCHATZ 2 E. WAYLAND W. DAYTON FRANKLIN ALBERT TORRENCE ,: .E DAVID EUGENE COULTAS CLIFTON EUGENE BARNES E -- ELWOOD BOURLAND COLE WALTER NELS LARSON 5 E ' ARTHUR KINGSTON SANDERSON RAYMON LEE WARD L-' E, Freshmen E E ROBERT W. LILLEY PHILLIP HADLEY FOX E :: WARNER GRENELLE RICE IRA OTHO COPES 5 E ROBERT JOHNSON CHRIST MYRON GODDARD . 3 Pg' Oryfmizativns L one Hundred Eighty-eight if if 1-.. 55ZHEH!3S3Ji523!W!HZ.iilihllllilillllllHllillllllllHllIilllllllmllllilllllllIlilililllIHIIIIHNIIIQIIIIIYE 1 1 1 .wr ' 'llil1ll1!11M.1Q,."!11'1'11L'.'11f,1yQl!111l1LI,LH'1:1I4 4111, ' ' 1' 1 '11, 14 "' " """" -- --1------A-...,.- .151 5 K ,HQ , flj 1' . s111I'r1I COPES c11n1s'r 1.AnsoN l.Il.l,lCY mcusox '1'11.xu1c 'ronrmxcxz BARNES COULTAS F. R. CLARK NVARD 1z1c1-1 1mx"1'0N Mn1x1.s Fox s'1'1s1'11ENs COLE ONVEN 1mN1m1.1. sAN111c1zsoN RODENSCIIATZ LIZGGITT 11LAc1c n1.U11n1 GANTZ c. M. c1.1x1r1c 111.01111 nmtn c01:N1:1.1. Ono Ilumlrcrl Eighty-'nine O7'gfL'VLiZflti071.S 11,1,1,, I 1-11-11 5 'N. N1 . 1 3.5 , TUX . X1 V5 . 1-QL ' uv'- fvk 1 ff ,mg mwhf .111-11 1.15, 31 gf U 1 '1 A0 1 'I El-:1!!!tllilllll!lIllllllllllI!ilillllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllilllllillllIIlllHlllllllllllllllllilllllllllllILE! E ' 3 , N E i j, E C ' I E P I-I I K A P PA TA U E 4 Q Phrenocon J 2 Luauss i A E 'mylar 'I c 1' Founded at Miami University 1909 E I THE 5 ' Active Chapters 5 E IllIU 5 ILLINOIS CHAPTER 5 Isle Established 1916' COLORS: Lavender and Gold E 2 RESIDENT MEMBERS 2 E- LESLIE ROBERT LUMLEY HAROLD MCLEAN LUMLEY Q 2 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E QUINTON FORREST WALKER, A.M. NEWTON EDWARD ENSIGN, B. S. g E 2: '-5 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 5 E Seniors 5 E WILLIAM CHILTON TROUTMAN ALFRED RICHARDSON KINSEY E E DWIGHT REED NORRIS P I CHARLES RUSSELL GIDEON 5 : JOHN JAMES LACEY HOWARD EARL LAMB - E JOHN MEREDITH KNAPPENBERGER HOWARD CYRIL GESELBRACHT E E GUY THOMAS AVERY JOSEPH WILLIAM WRIGHT 2: 5 JULIUS NICHOLAI JOHNSON HAROLD WINFRED CORKE E 5 - Juniors 3 E LEONARD RAY VEAR RAY WALKER WILSON 2 5 HELGE CHRISTOPHER DIESERUD LELAND EDWARD YEAGER g : WILLIAM A. GROSSMAN LYMAN CLAWSON MCCASKILL 5 E RALPH MORLAN NETZ CHARLIE JAMES CALKIN g 5 BENJAMIN CECIL SCHWEITZI-:R 5 S Sophomore S 2 ' PAUL ROBERT MOORE 2 E Freshmen E -if LLOYD HERBEY YEAGER DOREN E. REA 5 0 S : "9fm'izf"fi0WS h Ono Hundred Ninety E SlIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllflllilllll E511HYH'FPmHlll!HlHKllllFPlFUFNUH!lFlF9llNlPlllililliiiikiillBIHMHllll!UiHfHEWHM+F5f NllFHLH5I iiHMHllllll!S 'Q I' .J -J Ill! Kiwi? TI-IE l9l8 , 33 2' 5 S' an 3 1 i, Q -L 1 1 1 'I 1 1 on Q: 1 at 1 .1 Q Q: 2 3 1 5, 1 1 1 .- out .. 'am ' 1 1 ' 1 Q1 2 1 1 1 V -1 .-5 1 rg. 3 -1 in un. up Q up an an 3 -:Q -an 3 1 'U .1 'if -1 1 -1 -. as 1 an as an -1 '- : 1 an "' -an : w- an 'W' mn. Q- Q I 221 Q- .1 an l 0.0 1 an ua. I- an : AVERY CALKIFI NOIIIKIS GROSS BIAN REA BIC CAS KILL BIOORE zz : DIFSPR D YVRIGIIT CORI'F' Gfvsqlfl IIRACIIT YPAGER VFAR VIYSFY TOIINSON 1 ZH 2 N 0 C 'Y 'Q i l an-. 5' -an 3 -,S an 2: Ona Hundred Ninety-one 07'g'G,1L7,Ztlf?.0'ILS : ..- 1"' llc E3EElGREEN!B1llIIIllllllilllINIIlliWliWHlYiiElBBIlllSIUIUIHIWIEUFWEEE?WCPMWHYBURIIIEFMEGHUIDIUIHBBIE Q-lllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllIIllIIll!IllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfllllllllmllllllllllllllllilllllllllIllLl! E E CHI E5 S I ww, I C H I B E TA THE Founded at Universzty of Illznois 1.906 COLORS Yale Blue and WhIte l9l8 RESIDENT MEMBERS 2 : BYRON BILDERBACK HAL WYNAN CONEFRY 2 2' MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 3 3 ' . Seniors S E THOMAS WILLIAM TOMIE LYLE WILBUR HINES E 3 A CECIL WALDEN BORTON W. B. RUNDLE E WALTER HONTOON BON DURANT PAUL STANLEY CONKLIN E 2 Z i 1 i i 1 l : . i - J nnzors : - Z 3 i 3 FRED BARRON GALLAGHER JOHN HALE HACKLEY 2 2 ARTHUR LAVERNE KLINE JOHN LEO KLEIN : E CARL CLEGG BENJAMIN HERBERT BRIGGS E 5 ARTHUR LEWIS FRANCIS ZEAN GOUDY GASSMAN 5 E Sophomores E E J. EDWARD RIPPLINGER, JR. GEORGE CHESTER SPRAGUE : E JAMES WALTER VAN DEN BOSCH RUSSELL STEWART COOKE g " . CHARLES B. STEAD Z 3 - 3 2 E Freshmen E " : 3 i 3 i 2 CHARLES REDDEN SCHUH RALPH WARREN SAWYER 5 ALBERT CHARLES BECKEN, JR. HAROLD PHILIP BELL E1 WILLIAM CURTIS MCCREARY THOMAS JOHNSON E E E E 2 S 3 1 1 5 S 3 . . '- E Organzzatzons one Hundred Ninety-:wo E V :: ISI-EllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllIllIlllllllllllllllmllllllllllllllllIllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE QQ!3iiiiiiill311MJ1il!ll!!!il831lSli3BN1!i39H3353i3HQ381iiHlIllllllllll!!ii1il513I8llSIKQHHSESHEEEWQEQZZSERSZIZXQSQQQE E fs: 21 x ., 1-Sick -1' X 12? ,. ff: X :z Q -1: I :: wif wg Jxv ::: Of' 1 1251 . " I H-M il' W .... z: :: I f K 'MZ .., O - l ' 2: wLkrx:f ,i gr-ll, ..., b A .- , x E if'-.Jig , I I2 - " .. -, , ...x V Q . --A THE Q-I .,. I ,,,,, , , 012 ' , 4111 W., N WIKI.: Y :mn ,, ' 1111 X Q' ' -9 8 1: 3 O V5 ...Q ., ..... M, x!I.v ox .-.., -5 .,., ,,.. 1111 'kr who 9.9 U... ... ine sl.: N. ,- 223 1,-:, E :IZ Um.. mth SAB' .ag vnu- 2 .M sua: .M ...M .... O-, .., .,.... ..,. XIII JCI. W., .... K... . 4... 2211 V . "-.-,. M... ZS, :X nw mu- 5, mm 'AA13 - XX" ' :: ., ,, :irc 1 WB - 2: gg-3 , . mr.-A 3 -mm ,. ' - ' ,-' 0- .... J... -nm f ' I ""' ..... .... nan ' 2 215.1 1,2 .... ... I.-JI! ggi kiln' :WM ....... ... W, M. Q.. .... was , on 3413 W" A .... 21, ...- om. :f W-0' fin Lg K5 :I 333 M-' N-M 1.-.. Z: , .... T1 --3 22N :: I2 M- ,,,,, M... .... :TZ Am W' Q31 'SSI .M .M 321 W- ..- N... ... .,.. M V... 173: 21:4 ma. 'Q If da h-nr SAWYER JOHNSON COOKE BELL BCIIUII DECKEN MC CREARY .M ..... REPLINGER FRANCIS KLINE STEAD SPRAGUE BRIGGS IIACKLEY VAN DEN BOSCH KLEIN RUNDLE BORTON HINES BON DURANT CONKLIN TOLMIIC CLEGG IZ it I .,- ... .,..... ... M W-. , , ..... jj: Ono Hundred Ninety-thrcc O'l'g0t'l'L'LZlLt'l0'nS W.. 4.11, 50' W Eihddi8JM3iliiU41BXlH1ii4!Bd1953512162434433iSiiii3!45!iiiii!iUf525EQHHEHJQQQSSSQQEQA3i2ii!X?iiQ?E5?l"iQ9!uEi5H QlllllllllllllllIIHHIIIIllIlllllllllllIIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllMIII!lllllllllllllmlllllllllllllllllllIllNg E QS E K 9 2 r .4 5 X :: I L U S 2 'xxuny is i . 5 -2- Founded at Unwersity of Illinozs 1907 E THE 5 V COLORS: Purple and White E Isla RESIDENT MEMBERS S ARCHIE H. HUBBARD ARTHUR C. STRONG E 2' HONORARY MEMBER E 2 FRANK R. SMEDLEY E 5 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 3 2 Seniors gg E JOHN E. OTT NORMAN MCKINNEY 2 E HERALD B. FITES JOHN V. LUND : 5 GEORGE C. DARRELL E E Jnniofrs 5 2 WARD M. WILLITS WILLIAM O. TROWBRIDGE 5 : FREDERICK C. KALTHOFF JAMES M. GRAY 5 E VIVIAN E. TILLSON DANIEL W. HIOKEY g 5 MERLE A. YOCKEY 5 E Sophomores E 2 HAROLD R. DYER JOHN J. BICKEL E 5 LEE M. MASON GLENN L. ENGLAND 5 LE' Freshmen 5 E RUSSELL G. CONE LEWIS DALY E. E JAMES K. C. TRUMBO HAROLD S. WILLIAMS 5 E . WILLIAM H. EVANS REGINALD A. YORK : 5 CHARLES F. YOST b EWART STRAWBRIDGE E E MERRIT D. MCDOWELL E 2 Zi 2 5 E 0"'!IU'7'LizU't7:077f3 Ona Hundred Ninety-four E AgllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli A- nb! .W W K -.5 EEEEF W'A5i153'ZEWAEESSSSZEHBQEBEEMEESEEEMEEEZ5EEiiE3?EiZE2B8bB233993iiQ93iiE8EBUE2i6ESiiS3H25SEEN8988588355855959E2259EEQB59iiiSE5EESPE5iSB5iiFEQWSF MEN. HES LWEESEEEBE opml ,pa!qunHnnqwbwaQQqwQ5prVpmaiwbfkhiiFNkvuunnunbvhtvuvHuruUHUHvNvVrrtvvVuuvrtnvueeairvnvx1u!cvKv'vvwEQwfwRftl!1rEWtb' if' iz 16 Q55 ?5.V' ,M LMJW -M. 'm'Wi9"'?Y ,-Eff: f' -. ' f YOST CONE ENGLAND DALY EVANS S'l'RAXYllRlI!Gli XYILLIAMS MC DONVELL DYER TROWBRIDGE NICKEL IIICKICY KALTIIOFI-' MASON YOCKEY XVILLITS DARRELL MC KINNICY OTT LUND FITES 0110 Humlrcd Ninety-jivc TRUMHO YORK GRAY 'FILLSON Organizations Hh.V V Q QL., 'R wg ,Ur THE EE? E. QL X ww' J if-f, ,1 vi. .54 vi r 1 ' Y , , ,yi , .nam um.. an nn- mm nup ,mu no mu nur 1 .num fm rr, :ve no: -Ju: nr: fm? .mn :ge n .D um .ln as 1 4. 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CHARLES LESLIE STEWART, Ph.D. g , E MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E E Graduates , , V E E ELMO PAUL HOHMAN, A.B. MILTON NELS NELSON, A.B. 3 E z E Seniors 5 E I STANLEY JEREMIAH THOMAS CURT CARL LUNDEEN E E LORGIN VAUGHAN COPE RUSSELL LEAMER MCKOWN : 5 PAUL KIETH VAN WINKLE ARTHUR NATHANIEL LUNGREN E g JUSTIN FERDINAND KOHL .L E Juniors E .5 NORMAN FERDINAND BRUNKOW EDWIN STUART MOBERLY 5 E LAWRENCE ELIAS HILL FRANK JAMES ENGLISH g 3 BURTON ELDRED KING WILLIAM HENRY SCHNEIDER 5 E - LAWRENCE MORSE WINTERS OLIVER GALBRAITH BRAIN : : CARL LEONARD ANDERSON 5 5 . Sophomores E 5 EDWARD CARL STERNAMAN PAUL ALBERT GRUNDMAN E E ALBERT EMANUEL NORLING ROBERT HENRY SCHROEDER -E E EDWARD BLASIER HOWES AMOS HOLSTON WATTS E 5 CHAUNCEY BROCKWAY SCHMELTZER 5 3 ' Freshmen E 5 CHARLES JEROME HUSTON EDWARD AUGUSTUS CURTISS E E JESSE ALFRED PEEL DEWEY MUSCOTT CAMPBELL 5 13- E 5 S 5 Organizations one Hundred Ninety-Aix E- glllllillllilllllllllllllllllllilllllillllllfililllIIlIIlllllIllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllhiii U ry, ,' ' STERNAMAN CAMPBELL SCIIROEDER IIUSTON CUICTISS GRUNDMAN NOIILING IIONVES IIIIUNKONV ANDERSON SCHNEIDER SCIIMELTZER NVATTS MOIIERLEY IIILL IVINTERS VAN IVINKLE BRAIN ENGLISH KING KOIIL LUNGREN NELSON IIOHMAN LUNDEEN MC KONVN THOMAS COPE Om: Hundred Ninety-seven Organizations QlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllIHIINQlllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllIllllllIIIIIIIIIIUlllllllllllllllllllI.. 55 7 ACANTHUS fGr-4 1 s Leg., Willy THE l9l8 2, 1 LQ- ' 'W Founded at University of Illinois 1911 COLORS: Blue and White RESIDENT ME ARTHUR B. BIN MBER GHAM MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY DUANE TAYLOR ENGLIS, Ph.D. GEORGE BURR MCMILLAN A B CHARLES ELMER DURST, M.S. MAYNAR.D ELMER SLATER MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates NEWTON LYMAN PARTRIDGE, M.S. ERNEST W. SEYSTER, B S Seniors HARRY WARREN DAY G. G. WEBSTER HOMER WALTER MCCOY EDWARD S. AXLINE ROBERT N. WILI-'ORD J nniors WILLIAM FRANCIS COOLIDGE EARL J. JONES HAROLD TECUMSEH MEEK CLARENCE ANDERSON G. HARRY REICHELDERI-'ER WENDELL P. HILTABRAND HOLLIS O. FREY E. ARLO NORTON LYNDON WILSON DANA C. LAMBERT ARTHUR DRUMMET JAMES D. KNETSCH DWIGHT ANDERSON DONALD D. CENTER Sophomore Freshmen S D. WEBSTER MCGILL CHARLES T. GILDERSLEEVE JOSEPH RICHARD FREY PAUL STRAWN ORUS K. BERRYMAN ARTHUR P. DORAN RALPH L. DORAN GECRGE E. WISEGARVER KETCHEL FARRAND Organizations one Hund d N ty glllllllilililllllllIllINllNillilllllllilllllmlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllll' 1 W.eH4lHH1lIl1lH5!lHlSHl1HHHllimxlmnew. aww-.-:.,111a1:a A 1w1,f:fmf,La, 1 Ita.,--I .,, -I .Q- . .- ig 'Q '4 . fs'-4 ' . 9 H 21- Q, ' ,SLS v I yt- 9 sus .Vg 0' .' J . R. FRHY CFINTICII STICAWN DRUM MET XVISICGARYICI! K NICTSCH MC GILL R. IIOIEAN GII.Ill4IILSl.I-II'ZVl'Z MHICK D. ANI!!-IRSON CO0I,lZ7Gl'1 IZII.'l'AIlllANll A. DOIIAN C. ANDERSON WILSON RHIC!IFIl.lll-IRI-'l-Ill DUIIST NORTON lH'21!IIYMAN l.AlIllERT SEYSTICII ll. 0. lfkm' wlcllS'rr:R AXLINIQ lun' XYIl.l-'ORD Mc cm' Mc AIILLAN .loxns Om: llundrrll Ni1ll'tU-1li7lC O7'gll'lL'iZlLt7:0'I'LS 7"s:f:'n:1 ' N"'1H 1'1'?!41Hi41zs11-wlzazvw 1 glllllllllllml llllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllIllllllllIIIIIIIIAIIIDIIHULE Q. I KF .. PSI DELETA 0 W' ' Founded at Unwersity of I llznozs 1912 I: TH E COLORS Navy Blue and Maroon MEMBER IN THE FACULTY l9l8 WALTER ANDREW SHEWHART, A M - qs- R E r j E. : HONORARY MEMBER 2 2 ROBERT EUGENE CUSHMAN, Ph.D. E MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY I E Graduate I g E EARLE UNDERWOOD RUGG, A.B. "' : S Seniors 2 BAYNARD HAND CLARK DWIGHT L. MINK g ALFRED WILLIAM THURSTON Z 3 Juniors E E- ROBERT CESSNA , HENRY GURLER LUNDBERG 2 5 EHME JOHN J OOSTEN DONALD AMOS PANCOAST g : RAY HENRY FREARK LAMBERT ,BENJAMIN PENHALLOW 5 E , BRUCE GURLER LUNDBERG LOUIS IRVING PHILLIS g 5 IVAR WILLIAM TURNQUIST . E "' 1 E ' Sophomores :E E WALTER SHERIFF BOWLES ARTHUR HUBERT GOTTSCHALK E E MERWYN HARDEN CABLE FRANK WINSTON ROY : E Freshmen E E ROY TAYLOR ANDERSON BASIL GORDON FIELD E .E JOHN PHINEAS BROWN WALTER FRANKLIN MEYERS E : ROBERT ARTHUR FASH ANSON NYE SMITH ' 5 E ii E E E E . E Organizations - Two Hundred -E- SUIIIHIHIIIIHIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllINIIIHHlllllHillUlilllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE 1.,- -5 'I Ill I-IIIMINIlilillliiliiitiliwvilxIWWEm!I,!'I2!meH?1I1I-IIAIIIII!IIHIIBMUIHIIEIIIIIFIHHIHIIMII-IIIHIIIItnnmvw.,-4.1.2I U, ffaf' . Y, la',iuA4QtvX h ,. . .. X wx., 'X . u..' ANDERSON M PIYICIIS TUIINQUIST 'I'IIIII!H'l'0N Two Ilunrlrcrl Om: I .,.:, , ,WI V I J ffI-!-,'Ii.:+IFr'a+fHI- CICSSN A CAI! III-I PEN I I AI.I.0NY FRI-ZAR Ii IIIUIW N ROY I IICLI7 Il0WI.I-IS .IO0S'I'I-IN PANCOAST FASH SM l'l'II I'IIII.I.IS LIfI'l"I'SCIlAI,K IIUUG MINIC II. IIIINIIIIICIIG GLAIIK II. IJINIIIIICRG 'I H". wmv- -I . . . 0I'gfL7li.1'!LfJl'07'l,S 30 . .41 1 "fx, . ' x 1. 5 I ,a 1 ig 45' .' ,-' L: qw.. , I . Xu. I '!'hn..,,,,,y--QQ ff'-Q,,, " ,- -wi .mfg l'f,E,ff?:'g I I I 11 ies I If UU ' 4 . l Jr.. .M -5-. v. -1. .. ..- ..- ..- M... .R ,. M- M- B. - ..- -.- vu 5? W-.. -- - .- ,. .-,. W .-- M.- -N. W. vw ,,,,,. un.- -- ...- --f li mu. ,- Q-. -1, .... T-.. ..- W- 4... .- ..- W. ... ... -- -.- -.- es- Mn F.- xm- nn -4, -W- Q- ...1 ' wc .fn ,W -. ..- 4,-. .- we un an -.. fm nn -... -.0 . .4 , A I vf.,, ' ' IMQUIzmwghgfi-'I5':'.'f fr JTIJINI- ' ,' "-I gllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllillllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIQ C Ee xxxyuy THE BETA UPSILON 2 Founded at University of Illinois 1910 5 Isle COLORS: Lavender and White 2 2 f s-A l E MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E E Seniors S E DREW WILLIAM CASTLE WARREN ISAAC ROBINSON B : JOHN HENRY CRYDER CHAUNCEY HARRISON SMART 3 E EARL HENRY VAN DYDE E E 'S E Juniors E E ALBERT LE ROY CLARK CHARLES HENRY NICHOLS A 5 5 ASA FRISBIE MATHER LEROY EVERT SLAGHT E 5 Sophomores E 2 CHARLES HAMEL CASTENDYCK ROY PALMER KIDSTON E 5 WILLARD FLOYD KEEPERS ORRIN RICHARD SMITH 5 : WILLIAM LLOYD KEEPERS CARLTON FRED STEIGLE g 5 HERLE ALLEN THOMPSON E : Q - as E Freshmen 5 E ARVID HENRY BERG PAUL GORDON NORTH E E CHESTER GALEN BROWN MILTON FREDERICK PETERSON E 5 JOHN ROY BROWNING HARRY HOWARD STEVENS :: : ROBERT GRANT CALKINS WARREN ARMSTRONG TIPTON E Q KENNITH HUBERT WALTER E E 5 E E E 3 5 E : E : ' 1 E Organizations - Two Hundred Two 5 1 i .,. . up gill!!!lllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIHIIIllllllllllllllllllllmlllllllllllllIIllllllllIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIE llllllllllllllllllllllllgg E!illllllil!ISl!U!!l iiE5Elll!!E!iiE2EEEEEEEEGEEEEEEBEEESEESEEEE n..,J U -. um . an L. us: my on -up an wm emu -an nm van un mm wx, un . .. on . vnu Ein um una uf.- up um' un, un our uw we -an can was up .LL- -.H . .adm .um um emu -an cn. cu. un, ua ha.: 0-.N una .pa qs an up mlm an no ua- um as an -no 1 an .um an up- .ps- qu: 4-1- SilQQKi!i!lilllll!lIll!!Illllilllllll!Hll!ll9QBi!9Q!!!lliliiilliillllllliliHiiidddil8HHlB055!IiJiAiJ3316314111145 ,4f' it 15: ...- ..- X' .M ...- "".,'!4 K, , f' bm qs, Lx :I V r.,6' 'z : S.- J K r ' . sarnnaf JSEB 1 ' HUB :QQ ., 170'-I V -iGRi ?V fl A 'f- 11. NORTH CALKINS XVALTER TIPTON BERG STEVENS PETERSON BROXVN KIDSTON SMITH WV. F. KEEPERS CLARK NICHOLS NV. L. KEEPERS STEIGLE CASTENDYCK THOMPSON MATIIER SMART ROBINSON CRYDER VAN DYKE CASTLE SLAGIIT Two II-zmdrcd Tlwcc O7'ga?'L'iZ0fi'I:0nS manaaasaalwmaaaaauamawaamamnmmmsmvamamaeamsasmmmmam1.211af4uwia:awaa.mmaaaaaasssws ll!! Qiiliiil' I Zlizzsziiilllilii iiSZ?iiii323Siii5i 2 mr... 1 va f -4. Eiilliiiilliiifiiiii2332? zsilix Yi , 'H' iiiizsfziaieaiifsrzz 121- TL1 ElzlllllllllllllllIllIIIllllllIllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli! 3 3 'Q x , C 13 ,I :- f P I P I R I-I O gpfallhxqsj ' 'NEW " Founded at University of Illinois 1915 THE COLORS: Royal Purple and Pea Green RESIDENT MEMBERS l9lB B. A. HEDGES , S. E. FISHER E. R. BROWN F. H. BEACH 2 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E O. I. NEWLIN, M.S. A. W. NOLIN, M.S. I E C. M. THOMPSON, Ph.D. G. B. MOMILLEN, A.B. 3 MEMBERS IN THE UNIYERSITY E Seniors E J. P. DOUGLAS G. H. DUNGAN E C. C. CHAPPELEAR A. R. KEMP 1: L. R. TAYLOR J. C. SHARP g R. M. WATSON E Juniors E A. E. PARR N. B. BENHAM E W. B. NEWLIN G. F. COURTNEY 5 G. W. WHITMAN I 3 Sophomores 5 R. J. CARLSON F. M. MORGAN : W. H. COBB H. W. MULLIKEN 5 J. W. BELLAMY M. B. SKELTON 5 HAROLD JOHNSTON CLOYDE SMITH - C. D. KEMP K. E. SPARKS - Pledges I M. F. BALDWIN I. C. GILL 2 R. BOUDINOT x R. M. KEATTS 3 G. B. GOODMAN R. L. PATTERSON 5 ' W. F. CAMP E 0'r'gCL'rL'iZat'i01lS . Two Hundred Four glllllllllllllIlllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll' A W1HlHlUlllW'iiii'51'31?'li'lH'ikl1i'lW5i'i'2WSHHi'1HHl1H31HiSW-3i4i1HJ'1?"w1.!-,QZS1W,JlEl1I!HIV1"I " ' A I I A , 'ng-A - X ww, fa A K' if I R r. 4 'Q ,,l, f ' , JMX Q'- 2 If . 17731 v " L-5 KEATTS l'A'l"l'l'lRSON JOHNSON CUUIITNEY XYllI'l'MAN IKOUDIXIYI' NIIWLIN l!lCl.l,AMY C.h. Iil'IMl' BALDWIN GOODMAN CAMP SPARKS MORGAN HENIIAM PAIH: SMITH slim.'l'0N COIN! MULLIKICN CIIAPPI-:LEAN UUNGAN XYATSON TAYLOR DOUGLAS A. .l:. HEMI' SHARK' CARLSON Two llwndrcrl Five 07'gtl7'L'i,'ZlLi'I:07'LS fx, 1 .,, M 13114: SN xii" ,E N 1 Q if L' M-as t Yah. ' 1'1" """HX N " A: ' t , . ..', .J .ja K ' nf' - mei-'K Q' ' V , 7 Y wrf- ,ay .- I X ,. 3 : , in 1 f.uiKw..n -A ww-, A " H711 . -5 gif ,' 'KID' 14 -V-f.1:..q.. 3. fa. 'f A-, "L .,A ,:, fm. W, Q , A, iuujn fl Q, ,,,1,1! J '4 1 if' P1 ' x Qllllllllllllll IllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllB ASLSOCIATION OF COSMOPOLITAN CLUBS LE , .W Founded at University of Wisconsin 1907 E 2 I Active Chapters 35 E 'J H if gmzk-..,, ILLINOIS CHAPTER ,5 31157 I Established 1908 COLORS: Cardinal and White g THE V : MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY A E. C. BALDWIN, Ph.D. F. H. NEWELL, D. Eng. E B. W. BENEDICT, B.S. E. B. PAINE, M.S. .: W. C. COFFEY, M.S. B. E. POWELL, Ph.D. ,E l9l8 H. L. CREEK, Ph.D. T. E. OLIVER, Ph.D. I5 N. H. DEBEL, Ph.D. F. H. RANKIN, B.S. . Ig H. B. DORNER, M.S. J. C. Ross, Ph.D. A : H. A. HOLLISTER. A.M. W. F. SCHULZ, Ph.D. 1 1 1 1 i 3 1 i at 3 1 2 1 E E S. LITMAN, Dr. J ur. Pub. et Rer. H. W. MILLER, Asst. D. Eng. W. A. K. MORKEL, M.S. H. W. NORDMEYER, Ph.D. C. V. BOYER, Ph.D. H. AMSTERDAM L. S. CHEN Q. K. CHEN H. G. M. CRAWFORD E. M. K. GEILING J. T. CHEN K. EPSTEIN H. FISHER S. K. LI T. K. LIN J. R. LINDSEY K. M. MAITRA S. ASAI H. E. BARBER J. O. CHIOCO W. EMCH . GAARDER UP' WW Q U an :J an :rf Z o '11 '11 AMANA 0. HUACO . AGRAMONTE . M. MAUNG 'BDU O Y 'Q Q 3 S. N 9 Sf o 3 N0 A. R. SEYMOUR, Ph.D. H. J. VAN DEN BERG G. H. VAN RosSEN, Ph.D. H. M. WESTERGAARD, Ph.D. E. H. WALDO, M.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ' E"CJPi F' 29 osgswo 'U PEDQSUW U Graduates C. HAO MIKAMI B. RIPLEY W. REECE G. M. REINECKE Seniors A. PETERSON RAPHAELSON L. EPSTEIN M. SHEETS A. SCHULZ SINGH DESOUSA Juniors K. HALL HORWICH C. LowE E. MURRAY F. E. H. MEYER Sophomores Freshmen 0 PINTO W. SAHUD E. W. SEYSTER E. R. SCHULTZ H. A. SHONLE S. TANABE R. P. ZIMMERMAN E. A. TEXEIRA S. A. WALSER Y. Woo T. S. YANG , P. T. ZALESKI I. RACHEFI-' A. C. CHAKARAVARTY C. H. MONTIERO R. PINHEIRO N. E. SHELDON F. J. ScHULz M. M. WONG M. E. MACGILLIVRY M. W. OCHELTREE T. TONG L. J. SAMPAIO N. YAMASHITA - Two Hundred Sim slllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllilllUlllllllllllllllllIIllIllIllIlllllllllIIIIINIIIIIIIIIIIIIIF 1'-jj Ulilllillllllilhlilllll Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllll!llHlfflllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllll ll IIIIIIIIES "' "". . if L E Q F 5- 433 5 ,ri , .. 'E 2 J -f V 2 sd E ,waging-O, I 'XXVI II ' : all 1 Q gf 1' H L : 2 8 i 2 - .. L 5 ISIS ... -., 'Q . : .- -., .... I' L-"2 N un W ..- E 'K H I 2' : 3 3 TZ : uni -' S2 : -as :: P'-A : S3 "" L1 :' 3 : 2 :I on - E if 1' L if E L E I: 2: .. L.. "' 211 2 su- 'li D 2 Z i, H ""' Z 5 4: -1- fl: E fi E 1' : 5 1 i .,. .. : '-1' 3 E 5 E 55. 5 -T41 :: I-' Ki 5, .- W V V T. 3 f- 3 PINHEIRO AunAMoN'rE GHERGANOFF4 rmcu GULLEY SCIIULZ s.mun SAM1-Axo maven mN'ro MAC GILLVARY nlmco E E WANG 'rom LOWE MoN1'mno xmnumn OCIIELTREE HALL uonwlcu cum: Mummy GAARDEII smcu SCIIULZ DIEHEI. I 2 BHELDON nmNmcm ssysmn LINDSEY noss MORKEL NVESTERGAARD smuwoun YAMABHITA EE :Q SHEETS ouvnn RACIIEFF rmsnsox WALSH!! SCIIULZ 'mrxl:mA ZALESKI Anisrrannmr FISHER MAITRA : :Q SCHULZ GEILING srxoN LE nmssm MIKAMI GINGUJI RIPLEY c1mN nm soUzA TANALE "-Z". E. woo EPPINGEI! CIIAKARAVARTY MAUNG YANG :mo nAPnAr:LsoN cum: LIN :L Z :J 3 i V ' . 'i E Two Hundred Seven 07'ga'rL'LZG.t't0'nS :S 3 tn " 22 5 FEBQEHUBSBNBUGlllillillllllIllIllllllllllllkilillihmmillWlilllilililliillil Milli!!!IIBIIHHUIBHIIHM IIE QllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllI! 'B E Q ' x 6 21 7 CHINESE STUDENTS' 'CLUB Founded at University of Illinois 1907 'Mg-gil ' THE MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY U Graduates H. L. CHANG T. C. WONG F913 K. K. FENG L. S. CHEN T. C. HAo MISS C. N. WONG 5 Y. LIU A E Seniors E J. S. CHANG P. F. LEE E Z. HSIEH C. T. SHING . 5 A. C. LEE Y. Woo : T. K. LIN G. C. YEE E C. K. LU Q. K. CHEN 5 T. S. YANG J. J. HSUN : T. L. CHANG S. K. L1 E C. L. HSUN E. L. SUN 5 W. Y. WU 2 Juniors Q W. J. CHANG N. Y. LIU 5 T. N. LEE M. M. WONG : T. C. TONG T. LAUPHIT 5 B. C. CHOY ESTHER LEETOMA 5 ' Sophomores. E A. AMANA S. Koo 5 W. JEAN C. L. TONG 5 - J. Y. Moo Y. Y. CHAN 5 Y. M. WONE L. CHU : , S. S. CHEN C. C. LOWE 2 1 T. TONG E . Freshmen 5 C. K. Ho . P. H. Lux 5 u W. K. TSANG :-'E' Organizations Two Hu d d Eaht A 51lllllllllllIIlIllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllIllllllIllillllmllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltllllIll' "A II4iIHHHIifliilidNmIBIHQWQINPSIIM14-1'H5I11'H'A1JmaasmammzlmafauaHH11I41'1mn1:14mmm:wi:ac'fi+ff f- f 2 H fr. gfgfm 5 4-' 'vw fy V-- 1 . MQ if fm .L W qmqff ' ,W I ,,,fw,'.,,M,, A - f ga f :H 5 V. ,' . ' 1 .I '-A." " ' I4 ' . I, .Eff-QLY . Z - V ., I 5' v gf wx: ,QI , .w um ESISIHI IIAO JEAN TONG LEE LOYVIC CIIEN INI00 XXOYG IIO SUN I 00 LIU VU LIIAINK CHU III WVONG TSANG CIIANG LIU IISII II CIIUNI' IIWXUNI CHAN I XUIIII1 I l0'I' I.I XY00 Llll N III XII Ill Two Ilundrcd Nine Orgcmizations HHI14 " ' ' I I .-....L.,, 2. w if I ai j wx 1 1 wr..- 'FW' .L+ ...Tl U R .ifyi?hi?ai212:zsu8nuIIIIaafeefmrsMMIIaunaiausInnueirlvisnumaaissseiIfiiimfftzmIkmvsimrfiiumuuunsbhftIHINHHHHHII Eff H' c..u hy., m Q . .va ..L.,. . , W way , 4. ik. iff f""x tx in L THE 53 E me ' cqufjf :LT MADISON FRENCH RYDER CALDWELL GANT TURNER CUMMINS DAVIS NVOODS ... WM AMOS JACKSON YVILSON MAYO TURPIN' HICKS mu Iv..- mm, am KAPPA ALPHA PSI E Founded at University of Indiana 1911 nw. U Active Chapters 7 A1umn1 Chapter 1 BETA CHAPTER ' Established 1.913 COLORS: Crimson and Whlte -Q-14. -ua RESIDENT MEMBER '-'53 H. H. WHEELER wr.. ..-.4 :K HONORARY MEMBERS ,S-ff, H. W. JAMESON, D.D. ze n I H. E. ROWAN, M.D. .sv A. R. LEE MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY I... ' vb--, wmv M . I-av if Graduate D. J. AMOS, B.S. 3: Juniors T. H. JACKSON J. E. WILKINS T. B. MAYO C. L. WILSON :sg Sophomores W. C. ADAMS EARL RYDER V. L. HICKS C. U. TURPIN Freshmen gg ELMER BROWN A. E. MADISON A. S. CALDWELL GEORGE SMITH 5,-2, H. S. DAVIS C. TURNER it W.-M. FRENCH W. E. WESLEY EDWARD CUMMINS ROBERT WOODS E VIRGIL GANT Organizations Two Hundred Ten 'PH 5i'1:I2lIf!MII:-simsI:I::smIIIsIs:eIsIIIIWIRE:ImaII:'fIIwI:IIIvsII+,mRIIImIIsRIIecmwmfnrnsrssnur-I1fr l r N N glllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg Q iff E , jx E If 5 A f 18:5 -:J E WOMEN'S PAN-I-IELLENIC ASSOCIATION LTQYT2' 5 1' II L: 2 x OFFICERS E President E LOUISE M. WATERMAN 2 S t d Treasurer 5 le1'QiIi2ii,.'L'l EYMAN '9'9 2 Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Xl Delta 5 E GERTRUDE SAWYER FERN SHAPLAND 2 ,-E MARY ANN MCCONNELL FRANCES PERKINS 5 L5 Pi Beta Phi Sigma Kappa 2 E LOUISE WATERMAN HAZEL HULBERT E 5 MARGARET HUNTER, CLARA ARMINGTON E 5 Kappa Kappa Gamma Delta Gamma 5 E MARGARET EYMAN MARY BEALL SHERIDAN 2 5 JEAN MASON MAE MORGAN 5 5 Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Omicron Pi E 5 MARY ANN BOYD MARY CALDWELL -E 5 CORA BERGER VELDA BAMESBERGER E 5 Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi A S E ' EDNA DECKER ALICE ACKERT E 5 HELEN MORRIS ESTHER SCOTT 5 E Gamma Phi Beta E E FLORA HOTTES S " LUCILE PEARSON : 3 I 3 : 3 1 1 1 : , 1 3 2 5 fi 3 2 3 1 1 1 2 1 : E . i 1 3 E E : 1 , , Q1 3 Two Hundred Eleven ' Organizations :D E I : DllllllltlllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllIllllIlllllIlllillllllllllllllllllfi' glllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllllllllllIlllllliilllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIg E Q Q KAPPA ALPI-IA TI-IETA' I N Founded at DePauw University 1870 g Active Chapters 39 Alumni Chapters 33 f -xaJ?7f57 DELTA CHAPTER THE Established 1895 COLORS: Black and Gold RESIDENT MEMBERS' MRS. J. A. BROWN MR.S. C. S. GRIFFIN MRS. JOSEPH NATE MRS. E. L. BOGGART MRS. LOIS GUILD MRS. C. F. NEWCOMB ISIS MRS. PAUL BUSEY ELIZABETH HARRIS MRS. W. A. OLDFATHER MRS. T. J . COLVIN ISABEL JONES MRS. GEORGE RAMEY ,., MRS. ALFRED DANELY MRS. R. T. JONES MRS. E. J. REECE E HAZEL DAVIDSON MRS. BESS KELSO JUA ITA RICHARDSON 2 MARY DAVIS 5 ROY EDWARDS 2 MRS. ALBERT EISNER, JR.MRS. D. M. MCFARLAND : MRS. J. H. FINCH 2 ELIZABETH GREENE JANE LINK MRS. E. B. LYTLE JULIA MATTIS N ETHEL RICKER ALICE RILEY LOUISE ZILLY MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY MRS. A. D. MULLIKEN ANN STALEY MRS. P. L. WINDSOR : MILDRED BISHOP, A.B. ETHEL SABIN, Ph.D. E ARETE COVEY, A.B. SABRA VOUGHT, A.B., BLS. 5 STELLA HAGUE, Ph.D. MARGARET WILLIAMS, A.B., BLS. : MARIAN LEATHERMAN, A.B., BLS. MABEL WRIGHT, B.M. 3 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY : Graduates ' 2 BEATRICE COPLEY, A.B. FRANCES KLANK, A.B. E Seniors 5 MARION MANLEY I LOIS PHILBRICK : STELLA PERCIVAL FAITH SWIGART 3 Juniors 5 RUTH DETWILER MARIAN MCCONNEL ,, DOROTHY DOTY BERNECE MCNAIR 5 HELENE DOTY GERTRUDE SAWYER I CECILIA WARD 'E Sophomores : ANNE CHESLEY ELSA HAASE 5 MARIE CRONIN LOUISE MURPHY 1: NELLE FLATT DOROTHY WARREN I AMALIE WESSELING : Freshmen an 1-1- can as ei 1 1 1 WINIFRIED CARLSON KATHERINE EISNER HARRIETT HALLADAY GRACE HEITSMITH MARTHA HUMPHREY i 0 . - L' rganzzatzons go- MARJORIE JONES EMILY LOGAN EUNICE LYON MARGAR.ET MILES CHARLOTTE WARD Two Hundred Twelve HIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllll 1' 1 1 1 1 1 L 1 I 1 1 i an i an CQ 1 1 1 1 1 np 1 an 1: an 1 2 in an 1 1 1 1 5 glilllllllllllllllllllIIHIHIIHIUIIIIIlllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllf-1:5 Illlllllgg llllllllllll 9 ff A iiliiliil I . "1 39193 illllil 9929! Q so llillilll .4 Q-Y SXVIGAWI' l'llIl.I!RlCli LYONS HUMPIIRICY CIIIQSLICY CECILIA WARD SAXYYICR FLA'l"l' WVARRICN CIKONIN MC CONNICLI. LOGAN Ill'2I'I'SMl'l'II XYI'ISSl'Zl.ING I'HI!ClYAl. CHARLOTTE XYAIUI HISNHII CARLSON MC NAI!! M.XNl.l'IY JONES D. DOTY IIALLIIDAY MURPIIY DETWEILICR IIASSIC MILES ll. DUTY Two fl1L'I1d?'L'fl TlliI'Il'f"ll 07'QlL7Z'fZfl,liO7ZS i 1 i 1 1 1 1 if 1 ui 1 il If 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 1 1 1 1 I un t I 1 1 1 i an 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 3 fn Q 1 1 1 1 1 Z '1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 '1 su K TC 11 i ww 7' 1 I 1 1 1 1 '1 E iii up -an X 1' - 5 mn 1- we -rr fn- s In -uv- w- -nn T' ,Q 1.- -- Q- wa -ff: fa fn, -. Q.. .Q IllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllilillIllllllllllllliillfllllllggg EE -. Ls ...- - ,, lddlhsxqi " mu: A THE l9l8 1 X A !.'."'.. --nn ,nv :D K I x lilllllililllliillillillllillllllll 9Silllllilllllillillil!Ii!!!is!l!3!!!ll!lfIlllllillI!llllllllllllllllllll! Ri QllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIII!llllllIIllIIllIllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllIllllllIlllillllllllllllllllllllllIllL! E 2 53 J Active Chapters 51 WMI? TH E Established 1895 MRS. L. B. GADDIS 'SIB MRS. A. L. STERN MRS. W. C. SEARS a s L 75 GEORGE FAIRCLO A. M. STOOLMAN HARRY HERRIOK G. A. HUFF D. C. MORRISSEY MAURIOE HIELSER ROYAL A. STIPES 5 MRS. E MRS. 5 MRS. 5 MRS. 5 MRS. 3 MRS. 5 MRS. " LOUISE WATERMAN MARION WHITE 1 1 3 i Qu 1 i i Z an 1 i 1 an i i 3 ALBERTA ANDREWS : ANNE SIEMENS " AUTHA FLUKE SARA MOORE ETHEL OVERSTREET - 5: HELEN WARD MYRTLE DREW FLORENCE GRAHAM BLANCHE BISHOP CHARLENE SARGENT -7- . . :', Orgamzatwns ..- ... PI BETA PHI Founded at Monmouth College 1867 Alumni Chapters 52 ILLINOIS ZETA CHAPTER COLORS: Wine and Silver Blue RESIDENT MEMBERS MRS. EUNICE WEAVER MABEL MOINTOSH MRS. E. S. SWIGART VERA TURRELL MRS. E. H. SCOTT MELISSA TURRELL MRS. E. L. PILCHARD GERTRUDE HARNSBERGER MRS. RAY SPARKS NELLE SIGNOR MRS. D. R. ENOCHS RUTH SIGNOR MRS. C. F. ALVORD HAZEL CRAIG MRS. CHESTER RICHARDSJESSIE GADDIS MRS. GATWARD MARJORIE SPAULDING KAT HRYN MCINTOSH J EAN ROBERTS RELSA KILER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY MARY C. DEGARMO, B.S., A.M. MARIE FREEMAN, B.S. AGNES WRIGHT,fA.B. 1 . MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY J OSEPHINE HUTCHINSON DOROTHY STEVENSON ELIZABETH WHEELHOUSE MARGARET FITZPATRICK MARGARET GALBRAITH Seniors HANNAH HARRIS CATHERINE PARKS MARGARET HOUSTON KATHRYN BROWNE Juniors MARGARET HUNTER MARTHA FINNEGAN FRANCELIA SARGENT MARY KNEESHAW ANGIE LATEER IRENE HELD Sophornores MILDRED FROMMANN PRISCILLA PADDOCK Freshmen FLORENCE MOTT DOROTHY SEIDEL KATHERINE HUFF CATHERINE FINNEGAN MARY BALL Two Hundred Fourteen RamanIaauInmnmmuummmuummII1nn:ummmmmmmmmumunnnunuuurri EJF1iunmlumliilNUIHinQMQHHHflN?133393!SUN!if!UNiU1UIIIEN95MiFiSH541141155!lIl!lllliHlHliiiiliIRliii3ii'l'iiifi :7 '22 I2 E a v ' if 'Tana 5 x""75STW' EZ E918 5 E ,, ff p 7845 2 ' f ' 4 Bak..-..,,2 H w ' 5 .suv an uf: em ,fu , L, A, xi QA, .ra-a, ff: -x. 'P' :gr f f . - zz -L ix. MOTT FLUKE MOORE 'IIUFF BALL GRAHAM! ia, FROMRIANN SEIDEL GALHRAITII PADDOCK C. FINNIGAN NVARD ANDRENVS KNEESHAVV SIEMENS F. SARGENT HELD C. SARGENT FITZPATRICK OVERSTREET DREXV BISHOP FINNEGAN R HUNTER LA TEE!! IIUTCIIISON IIRONVNE PARKS WVATERMAN NVIIITE STEVENSON HOUSTON WIIEELIIOUSE '-E W 2.2. 3,-if I D I U. gg Two Hundred Fifteen Organzzatzons nn.. an W, XA., ,HA ...fn BMS sfxmwea mmnxiaemassvmwsmmwmaeummmuaem :m esmva1aaQ'maEiaiduiefnmesaaxeisxmmmfm we-lEslAf11ia5?2ffl QllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmmfllllllllllllllllllllllllllllflllllllflII! . E f-'N KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA g f' Founded at Monmouth College 1870 Lfums-y,, Active Chapters 40 Alumni Chapters 37 www 'I THE BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER Established 1899 COLORS: Light and Dark Blue RESIDENT MEMBERS .918 MRS. O. S. WATKINS MRS. W. A. RUTH MRS. A. F. FAY MRS. ELIOT BLACKWELDER MRS. FRANK SMITH CLEMENTINE TAGGART MRS. W. C. BAGLEY MILDRED NATE - MRS. A. P. 'CARMAN OLIVE DEANE HORMEL 1 3 1 1 i i 1 1 1 i i I 1 i MRS. MRS. MRS. T. O. WESTHAFER E. F. NICKOLEY J. S. MASON MRS. LAWRENCE HUBBARD MIRIAM KNOWLTON HARRIET BARTO 5 ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG I 5 E MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E FRANCES SIMPSON, B.L.S. JENNIE CRAIG, B.L.S. E E MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY g E Graduates gl.: "' CONSTANCE FERGUSON . MARGARET GOLDSMITH 3 5 FLORENCE CROUSE E E S ehiors E 5 HELEN DAVIS : MARGARET BARTO FLORENCE RUTHERFORD : HELEN DORSEY BROWN E J uuiors 3 5 MARGARET EYMAN JEAN MASON 5 - HELEN LUDLOW ELEANOR JEWETT 3 - MILDRED WRIGHT J EANNETTE FAIRFIELD : ROWENA KOHL E Sophorhores 2 LOIS EVANS DAISY MARTIN 5 JANE CURTIS MARIAN SMITH E AGNES FAIRFIELD ' KATHERINE WEBB E RUTH LIGGETT 2 Freshmen 1 1 1 1 cr an so on an 1 ct nn, 1 an 1 1 -um 1 u-o IX 1 1 :Il in 1 anv- HELEN GOULD DOROTHY SHADE DOROTHY ZEARING Orgarlizations PAULINE WEBER CORINNE FIELD RUTH CALDERWOOD Two Hundred Sixteen glIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllilllllllllllllllIllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllii QIIJEEFIFIMEIIIIHIIKII llllllllllllllllllllllllllmliH!USFWSKBB!!IIllSEEIHBFFFHHIHIIIIIHIHUEI!il8P!M!!Qi.E : wa-Au, ns, I1 ..... .W .1 1---5 Q. 3' 0' f -f -' Ui ra.: . - ., N ,H . Q .,.,. ...... , ., :il ' "', 1' ' - 2 N m ' , X -. V ,,... . . .1 ..- .Z N ' :P W' " I , : 1 5- 'Q i N' -. - 1 f X ... A . V we A 1.. ".F'f . ai 2' 1 ' ' xmlnl -' -. I : 1 -, , : 5 fl HE - I : ' in ' 1 , K 1 1 1- w -, V . -.. 1 1 an E -. i ,L . "' I M, , me ' N' ' l9l8 -.., E .W . , vm' V ,,,, 1 , 'M 1' 'l A mm 1 ' ' Ill Qu. "" ' cu-1 :K , ' i .4 -nn -. , . - . .f...-. cu 1 ' g- As.. vu' -,w .... ' "' " 1 ri vbl. xii' -I M. -K rw. -F, .M an 1... 19 110' '- 9. L .1 ,Q ve -'-rfw -' 1: my ,,f,., . W... -A ff- . ' . rs: N 'un 7' 1 . - ' YUM :Q ,wr -- 231 " wa 12 W" ,W mm ,W IIB ...L Vx ,, , ,.,. f--hi ' mn it ' -X r an gun ,-.. ,..- N.. , M.. I2 V... M' vs: " " vi! "' ' ww-rl .F ,.... ..., lf? -mn "ff- um "Y vw. Q'-' vw. N W ,,,, an H-vw -.., M- '-me 'W' N- Tl in -1... 1.. ..... E nm- -n -- .-. ..,. 9. ...,. W -M M- ... .M .W .-1 -...., W ..,. M 24.2 1-H4 .., N 1,, M 3-Q .M -:f I I 1 M. .-,f xv 'Tl A. FAIl!FIEl.D cunrls uoumm c,u.nmnvoon wmncn GOI,DSMl'l'lI wmxn " if J. FAIlilflICl.ll l.UDI,0XV l.IGGE'l'T s1ul1'1r ZEAIUNG lfucnn slmmc EVANS Ju,xn1'1N N -.f. MASON wnmm' EYMAN Nom. ISARTO ,,,. ---iv nwrurczufonn DAVIS BROWN ,A W -3- .iw -1' .21 'tg ..... . . .... ,112 Two Ilundrcd Svvcntccn Orgamzatzons M: v-2, CIT! 'F' --4 .Nm Nw' 1i?55?El1MYI 2f?LU'f5liFfHNEHEZZQRHE?H?c!1iYitiEii!M 5EkiixwkfiiiiHi?54,faiiiiliiWE-i i36?.9iEY5E3Sfri:ZEh iH55EsAf,..' ,K . fm.. a f ' O QlllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllilllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllI! E - ' S ALPHA CI-II OMEGA K E , -X Founded at De Panw University 1885 r X I 2 Active Chapters 23 Alumni Chapters 12 N ME-- -'-Q IOTA CHAPTER THE Established 1899 COLORS: Scarlet and Olive Green RESIDENT MEMBERS MRS. DAVID KINLEY MRS. R. M. CAMPBELL OLA WYETH MRS. A. H. DANIELS MRS. W. W. YAPP GRACE MORGAN ISIS MRS. A. S. PALMER MABEL CHESTER CARRETA BUSEY MRS. A. E. HUCKINS ETHEL STEVENS FRANCES BUSEY ,, MRS. J. W. HUSS MRS. W. H. MUMFORD ELIZABETH BRYAN . Tj MRS. J. TAYLOR MRS. E. J. TOWNSEND HELEN BRYAN '-5 MRS. WILSON MRS. CLYDE ELVIS LORENE TOWNSEND Z MRS. J. A. FLANDERS 3 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY . E ELIZABETH BRYAN, A.M., B.L.S. OLA WYETH, A.M., B.L.S. 2 STELLA GALPIN, A.B., B.L.S. RUTH MORRIS, A.B. 1 I i 1 no 1 1 Z as 1 1 1 Z 1 3 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 as an 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 -un no an an 1 1 1 an 1 1 an can no - - zu 1 4: a- an 1 1 un- an an r can -n an 1 1 as 1 i an 1 ann Q-u an an 1 as an 2 -n .un - an 1 -an 1 1 gm gn U-v i -ps- MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY V Seniors MARY ANN BOYD JOSEPHINE BUSEY LAURA WEILEPP LILLIAN BEAN RUTH WEAVER - Juniors MARGARET PEALE ELIZABETH LEITZBACH EVELYN JOHNS FLORENCE QUINN EDNA SHEEHAN CORA BERGER ERNA GOLDSCHMIDT MARY ANN CROSS Sophornores ARLENE LUMLEY J OSEPHINE NEWELL HELEN WATTS I FLORENCE LINDAHL GRACE WOODS IONE BALLINGER CONSTANCE RISSER ERMA DIETRICH Freshmen ELIZABETH BAYLEY JEANNETTE BUSEY FRANCES PARKER MARIE SCHLAGER ELLEN FLEMING CAROLINE MANSPEAKER DOROTHY PLACE LELA DILLING MARIE LEWIS OPAL CANNON HELEN FREEMAN RUTH BARTHOLOMEW ANNE GOEBEL O 01'ga'n'lfZllt'i01L8 Two Hundred Eight 2-ITIIIIIIIIIUIIQllIllllllllllllllllmlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmllllllllllllllmllllllllllllIIIHHIIIIIIF fi!IllIIIIHINIUIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg 5 5 5 ' Til?-i-3 E li-W l9l8 llllllllll , S 1 an N Q - 1 . 1 9' I , up 3 :- as 1 1 to an -. ' an 1 , 1 ' 1 5 , Ni Q S E 3 Q N : 2 ' , 1 r 41' 2 ' , 3 " ' I - : f U- L I I! - , -. Q- lp ' i -5 rv cn 1 a .-, -D 1 up r an .un- 0" UQ -1- 1-Q - I - an 1 'I "' 5' I mm .. - :: 1 in i un! 'F uv... i , at .. . N .. on . 1- L,-, an an : BERGER SCHLAGER LIETZBACH BARTHOLOMENV FLEMING MARKS BOYD ': '-0 MANSPEAKER J. BUSEY PLACE BHEHAN GOEIJEL WOODS RISSER NEWELL : 1 4 ICH WEAVER CROSS JOHNS BALLINGER 2 1-'nr:r:MoN1' BEAN umm -U: 2 LEWIS CAN NON LUM LEY PARKER WEILEPP PEALE LINDAHL GOLDSCHMIDT -. :: BAYLEY QUINN DILLING V WATTS J. BUSEY , 2 E Two H wndrcd N inctecm O'l'gCL1L1,ZUft'L0'll.S : i 'i CZ- EilllllllllllllllilllllllllIIllIIlillIIll1!iHi'lilIlliIllillillillilllllliiliiiilmllillfliiilillS!!!5K4!i!iiji7T'-J L'-Qilllllllilllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllillllll IllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillI2 Q5 I C I-I I O M E G A 5 I f 5 E f "N Founded at University of Arkansas 1895 5 f D1 Active Chapters 34 Alumni Chapters 21 5 EIR? - 5 1 4555- .-' OMICRON CHAPTER 5 flffql-E3 Established 1900 COLORS: Cardinal and Straw 'E ' RESIDENT MEMBERS E HAZEL SHAW EVA DODDS MABEL WARINER .5 MATHILDA Voss HELEN SHUCK HAZEL DALLENBACH E l9l8 FANNY DEWOLF FLORENCE SMITH MARGARET H. SARETT 5 MARY R. NELSON BERTHA HARPER PEARL GOBEN g : SARAH N. WRIGHT BESS Voss FLORENCE JOHNSON : E GLEN D. CATON GERTRUDE GOUNERMAN WILMA PONDER E 5 mn V BERTHA JONES 5 : --Y.fu.dfL1. . . V ' 5 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY 2 E CLARISSA RINAKER, Ph.D. QUEEN SHEPARD, Ph.D. 5 ' MILDRED MOORE E 2 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY .E 2 Graduates K 5 - 1 3 LOIS DODDS FLORENCE ROBINSON 3 Seniors q BEULAH BURRELL ANN VOSS MARY CRAIGMILE J OSEPHINE DODDS HELEN KIRKPATRICK EDNA DECKER FRANCES JONES ELIZABETH MURDOCK CORA RANDOLPH ROSE DENNIS Juniors ALICE ARMSTRONG BONNIE HARDESTY RACHEL GALBOB EMILY DOWNING MAY WAMSLEY MARION WEST EDITH KELLY KATHRYN RAITHEL HELEN MORRIS LILLIAN THOMSON RUTH LIEBER CORDELIA REED ' Sophomores HELEN VIAL VIVIAN MOORE JANET BUTTERFIELD HELEN OBLANDER WANDA COUSINS RUTH KERBER : MARGUERITE MEYERS ,, "' Freshmen E1 15, CHARLOTTE ACER LILLIAN BAETHKE E E MARION CLARKE REGINA GUENTHER E : MARY RUSSEL KATHERINE WHITTEMORE g E Organizations Two Hundred Twenty gl :illlllIilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIHUFIIE lilllllllilmllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllIIHIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllif IllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllli lllllfi LEX L- 1 5 I s I Be 1 XI M le 9' X Q' SQL '-- I w - g I SX , THOMSON TALBOT XVHITTEMORE HURREL XVAMSLICY DECKER KlllKI'A'I'RICK KERUER llUT'l'lClIFIEl.ll MORRIS ARM STRQNG JONES LIEIKER RUSSELL REED DOXVNING CRAIGMILE MYERS CLARK GUENTIIER RAITIIEL DODDS COUSINS RANDOLPH IIARDESTY XVEST KELLY OIJLANDER MOORE HAETIIKE VIAL MURDOCK ACER DENNIS Two Hundred Twenty-o'ne Organizations J gd 5 L fatsner., , 'xuyun 2 THF 'Z on ..-. ' is f " Z L D L4 lllllllllIllliIlllllimlllllllllllllllllllIll!IlllllllilllllllmlllllllIlllllllllllllllllll Q1 Emalunmu ji!-:lllllllllllllllllllllllIllIIllIllllllllIIIIlllllHllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllII! -2- 5 , X ,, tf J ,l E , X- 1 ALPHA XI DELTA n Founded at Lombard College 18.93 'XNWIVII ' THE ' Active Chapters 23 Alumni Chapters 13 , , KAPPA CHAPTER A Established 1905 COLORS: Light Blue, Dark Blue, andtGOld '9 I 8 RESIDENT MEMBERS : BYNE GOODMAN MADELINE D. KELSO E LUNA A. SHEETS NELLE BRANCH E NELLE BARNES RUTH F. GARLAND E CONDIT MILLER EMMA BREITSTADT 2 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E HULDA BREITSTADT FLORENCE HUNT L: MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E Graduate -E DORA KEEN : Seniors A 1 1 ' 3 1 1 1 1 i cu i 1 1 1 i i 1 NELLE PATTERSON DOROTHY BROWN RUTH WIKOFF DOROTHY DAVENPORT MARION BROLIN FRANCES PERKINS LUCILE JONES ISABELLE ELLIOTT J unlors EVA ELLIOTT SYLVIA GIBSON MILDRED MEYERS FERN SHAPLAND LILLIAN EGAN IRMA MEYER ' HAZEL LLEWELYN ' Sophornores ETHEL GLIFFE IDA GOODMAN HELEN MCDOUGAL MARY KURT RUTH SNOW MILDRED KIRTPATRICK Freshmen MILDRED KNAPHEIDE MARIE LLEWELYN ' J EANNETTE BOWLER Organizations Two Hundred Twenty-two 1 I 1 1 1 as 1 1 1 Z 3 1 1 1 3 1 2 1 1 in 1 Q no 1 1 3 X 1 1 3 1 1 1 1, HllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll-E llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllg lllllllllllllllIINIllIIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 9.1 Q 1 1 tv 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 t 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 L 1 I i 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4-n -n lllllii Qs at kzllhx 1 X NXNUIIII THE Q on '-,QA ti I ' -QD.. , 'T-F' ' x Y w J 1 . E ' i I- I , ,L P Q R I 5 ' Wx s .' ' I 'I A. KURT II. LLEWELLYN MEYERS BOWLER BRONVN M. LLENVELLYN BIIAPLAND E. ELLIOT SNOW GIBSON I. ELLIOT KNAPIIEIDE EGAN WIKOFF KIRTPATRICK GLIFFE MC DOUGAL GOODMAN KRENE PATTERSON RROLAN MEYER JONES PERKINS Two Hundred Twenty-three Organizations IIIlilIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilmllllllli 5111llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll gllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllmlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIQ E 5 Q33 I: 'w 5 ' fm, .4 SIG MA KAPPA "ff Founded at Colby College 1874 'I H E Actlve Chapters 13 Alumni Chapters THETA CHAPTER Establzshecl 1906 COLORS: Maroon and Lavender l9l8 LE HAZEL KEUSINK 1'-1 MAE BUCHANAN 1 1 " I ' x 14 wJ 5.14ltlSQ.3 Lf ' RESIDENT MEMBERS MARCIA HATTON HELEN CRANE .5 LUCILLE D. WHITING E 5 JOSIE HOUCHENS MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY' FANNIE BROOKS MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors HAZEL E. HULBURD . KATHARINE R. TENER JOSEPHINE M. NICHOLS ADELAIDE C. WHEELER - GLADYS L. SMITH GRACE COLLINS ' 5 ESTHER ENGLE HARRIET L. JANILS 5 MAY MILES E Juniors ' E CLARA ARMINGTON ' 'BERNICE PHILLIPS E RUTH PHILLIPS MARIE VOIGT 5 GLADYS LA ORA NADEN E ' Sophornores E LUCY D. WENSLEY ALICE M. CARLSON 5 MURIEL HILL MARY MADISON .5 NAOMI MOFFATT ANNE EWING E Freshmen 5' MARGARET PABL LETA STRAIGHT ::. MARCIA LEEDS MYNETTA ENGELLAND E VICTORIA FREDERICK EVANGELINE HIGHSMITH E E I I 1 E Organizations X Two Hundred Twenty- lg-Illllllllnlll Illlllll I lllllllllllllllllllllllll IllIIllllllllllllllmlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllf' llllHlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllNHlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIILE illlllliliiml0lllNHlll!lllI!lHlllllllllllllilllllmlllllllllllllllllllllll 3 - 'V xx au , 4 , ,YAZK - 4 ., 52 .siVs'5'.'g,',Q , K V , , 5 I ln A 0 , , " ' , Q, K ' ' , A ., , r A .N ' .. X 1 1 F W 5 , , A , 3, . ,g , I y " ' n ' 5 0 0 O - I A f 1 V :1 ' N ' I 1 - . - .. AnMING'roN mucsmrrn PAIII. s'rnAlmrr JAMES FINGELLAND Lnnns CARLSON volm' NAUEN Fnrcmsmclc MADISON MOFFATT ls. PHILLIPS EWING n. I'IIILl.II"S HILL NYEINSI FY nuxmmn coLl.lNs ENGLE MILES N1c1Iol.s XVIII Ll I R slurrll 'mman ' Two Hundred Twentql-five O7'gCVI'L'iZCtii07LS Qx 9 42523 Lallhx Q,-1 'XXVIII' ' THE E 1 xi' Z l' ' ' I ' L1 lllllIIIHNIHI!Illllllllllllllllllllllll Q gillllllllllilllllllllllllHillIlllllllllllllllllll illlllllllllllllllllllllIllIIllllllllllllIIlllIllllllllllllllllllllllilllllIllIIlllllllllmlllllllllllllllllllllIllI! E 2 Q x 6 21 . E f -N D E L T A G A M M A r D Founded at University of Mississippi 1873 X I Z N' sl Active Chapters 29 Alumni Chapters 13 TH E IOTA CHAPTER Established 1.906 COLORS: Bronze, Pink, and Blue RESIDENT MEMBERS I9l8 MRS. JOEL STEBBINS MRS. GEORGE FLOM MRS. SLEETER BULL MRS. PHILIP WEGENG MRS. EARL SAUNDERS MRS. ALFRED GUNDERSON i 1 r ag 1 1 1 3 3 1 i 1 2 1 i 3 1 i i i 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 3 1 i 3 i i 1 1 i i I 1 1 1 . 1 1 l i i 1 i 1 1 1 i i 1 i l 1 i I 1 i 1 11 - 1 1 MRS. LAWRENCE FOGELSONGA RACHEL WOOLMAN ETHEL GWINN MABEL RICKETTS AVIS GWINN MARGARET MURRAY HELEN GERE LENORE RICHARDS MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY LURENE SEYMOUR, Ph.B., B.S. I HELEN VAN ARSDALE, A.B ELIZABETH BRUSH, A.M. CORNELIA BROWN, A.B. JULIA HARPER, A.B. CLARA RICKETTS, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates LEILA WHITE MARY BRODBECK Seniors RUTH KINCAID PAULINE MARBOLD NATALIA CARSON GRACE STRATTON MARY BEALL SHERIDAN MARJORIE MANN MAY MORGAN GRACE MURRAY Juniors MARGUERITE FUNK ANN WEIBOLDT HELEN SPEAR NETA ROLLINS MARION JOHNS MARJORIE BRAND HELEN BUCHEN Sophomores WILMA MCNUTT MILLICENT ATKINS GAYLIE MCDOUGAL DOROTHEA BUCKNER k Freshmen MARIE GEISS J EANETTE HARRISON LYDIA BROWN ELIZABETH WEBB EVA HOWE 0'l'y!l'll7:ZGt'i07lS Two Hundred Tw ty alllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllvlllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllF' llllllllillllllllillllllllllllilllllllllilllillllllIllillllllllllllIlllllilllllllllllllllIlflllllilllllllllIllllllllllllllllllillllillllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIQS IIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll8llllillllIIIlllllllIllllIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISIIIHIQE A 5 4 irq: x Af ' . L .1 1 ? A I 'uf , K: I 1 .3 Q! I 4 .1 X r.. K x W , ' 1 RDLLINS BRAND VVIIITE nowm WIEBOLDT STRATTON MURRAY FUNK BIIODHECK ATKINS MORGAN Mc NUT1' wmux MAlmoLn GEISS Mc DOUGAI. SIIERIDAN lmowx SPEAR KINCAII! BUCIIEN NVALL ' CARSON nUcKNmz MANN HARRISON JOHNS Two Hundred T1uc'ntu-seven O7'gCL'VLiZ0,i'Z0'rl.S -Q Z latin QQ 'WNW 'ITIEI I5 :sue E QW Iil!!ll!lliiikillilllililllllillll lililiiRllillllliliiillllillll iliilliliiillllilill lllllliilllllilililil EU 5 in gllllllllllllllvllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllI S C BN 3 Y , -I E 5 Q g ,ALPHA OMICRON PI E I ig? ' Founded at Banard College 1897 E T H E , . E ACt1V6 Chapters 18 Alumm Chapters 9 5 IOTA CHAPTER S 'gig Established 1911 COLOR: Cardinal E ,, RESIDENT MEMBERS E -E MRS. CLY DE MILLER MRS. CHAUNCY FINFROCK E 5 MRS. BON L. KIRK OPAL TROST g : MARY KINGSLEY MRS. EBERT I 5 5 ADA PAISLEY MARIE RUTENBER 2 MEMBER IN THE FACULTY ' 2 E GERTRUDE HOOPER 5 : ' 5 5 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 5 2 A Seniors ' Q 5' FLORENCE MOSS ' GOLDA WADSWORTH E 5 MARION GREEG MAYBELLE DALLENBACH 5 : MINNIE PHILLIPS GLADYS SAFFEL g 5 ELAINE BUHRMAN MATE GIDDINGS 5 5 Juniors E 5 BERTHA STEIN A MARTHA HEDGCOCK 5 : MARY CALDWELL VELDA BAMESBERGER : E RUTH PERCIVAL LOUISE WOODROOFE 5 E ' Sophomores -E 5 HELEN BRAUNE BEATRICE LEVY ' 5 E MARIE STEJSKAL ELSIE NOEL 5 E MARION KENNY NILA EDMUNDSON g 5 HAZEL STEPHENS AILEEN HUNTER 5 2 ' Freshmen 5'5- E LEILA SHEPPARD MARY PUTNAM 5 E JESSE WILLIAMSON 5 5 'PE E Organizations Two Hundred rwenm-ligne Q Eallllllllllllllllll I lllllllllllll lqllll lllllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllEA 521tllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllIIIllllllilllllllllllllilllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllh llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll1lllllN llllill!!IllllllllllllllllIliIIIllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllillllllllllllllllllilllllli 'IIIIIEE Q , 1 ad I Bsx 1. 'ntxuvllff 1'l lil li 'E cn l vu.. 1 -' "'b . 1 4 1, Q .. "' '- ' Q I ,rw W, 1 1' K , ,M .- 1 i fm 4, l i 1 0 9 0 Q' , X . . 1 K V . r ' 8 I, 'll l x f .11 1 l f 1 i . 1 I l i I I nw 1' Q 1 ' ' E 1' HUNTER SlIEl'l'AIlIl STIGJSKAL IHCHGCOCK GRIGGG SAFFHLL ITAMICSIHCIIGER. NOSE GIROTICVANT VVOODROOFE LEVY PllIl.l.Il'S IIALLHNIIACII STICPIIRNS CALDWICLI. NVAIFSXYOIITII XVILLIAMSON STEIN NOEL EIHVIUNITSON KENNEY IKRAUNS IXUIIIIMAN PERCIVAI. GIDIIINGS PUTNAM Two H undrcd Twenty-nina . O7'gCL'fLiZl1,ti0'fLS Q lliiiiilillllIHIIIIIIIIIII!lillli!!lllllIlli!Sil!fi!ilIIIlllllill!l!iQ8hllEQRHlEllDlfiilililll!Eli!Siii3iUi till!llll!llllllilllllll!l Qiiiliilillliillillllllllll .J- ml. l IliIiiiiiEi!!iililili!iS5i5E5252 iilliiiili mn ilililliii Su gllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg 5 E Q Q x 3 G J-5 5 ..': I 1 I: 2 A C H O T I-I I 5 WPI '4 - - : A Lldlggz Founded at Unwerszty of Nebraska 1910 E '-175.1777 " 5 THE Active Chapters 8 5 ' GIMEL CHAPTER E Established 1911 COLORS: Sapphire, Blue, and White 5 I9l8 RESIDENT MEMBERS ,ig HAZEL BOWLUS MRS. FRANCIS HURSH 5 -E BESS CLINE A PAULINE OSBORNE : E BLANCHE HOLLANDSWORTH EDITH TILTON 5 E J OSEPHINE HOPPER PEARL WEBER 5 E BERNICE HARRISON 5 li MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY g' 5 FANNIE M. BROOKS, A.B. ANNA S. ROGERS, A.M. E : EMMA R. JUTTON, B.L.S. ANNA W. WILLIAMS, A.B. 5 E MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 5 E I Graduates 3 5 HELEN E. FRANCIS, A.B. RUBY GRIMES, A.M. E E Seniors E 5 FLORA BRIGGS LAURA HOLMES 5 5 RUTH CRAWFORD FERN JOHNSON 3 : MARY HEIN DIXIE SCHUMACHER 5 5 HELEN HOLLANDSWORTH ALPHA TORNQUIST 3 'E Juniors E 5 I RUTH ANDREWS . MARGARET FINLEY E 3 VELMA DUMAS GRACE HAHN 5 Ei . Sophomores , 5-1 5 CECIL ALLEN MIRIAM LEEDLE 5 5 ELIZABETH ANDREWS FLORENCE MOORE 5 :: MARGUERITE CLINE ELSIE ROHRBAUGH : -E IRENE CORSON 3 5 A Freshmen : A Q PRISCILLA AEI-'OLTER MINA DAVIDSON 2 5 MARIANNE EARHEART MARY MCKELLY : E I I 5 E E -": 3 E 5 E Organizations Two Hundred Thirty 5 an-v 0 : 51.-TllllllllllllllllllIIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE 2'-ll 1 i 1 k 3 1 i i 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 an 1 1 i 11 1 i 1 3 3 i Z 1 1 1 i 3 3 1 1 2 3 i an 2 1 i Qc 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 in 3 1 in an an 1 on - no as on i an QQ an -an i cu- as 3 as 3 Z in 1 the ui 1 1 ann fi so 1 -so 1 1 in 1 1 1 un an 1 1 on as ans 1: -an -um an an an un: .nn- qu. -sup as as .nn an an 1 an in 3 11 ns- 11 an -41 -sv 1 .1 no 1 no mn: 'ns no 4- un an .nun ann ..-. II1NIIUWIIHIIIIHilllilllllllilllllllllllllillllilIll!IlllllhlillllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllg .- gl 44 XVIII? A THE l9l8 1- Q u..,. -I. x', an X A 5 . V n ' 1 .. pw , f ' N ,Af V' ' ' av' Vp' 1, ff Us 5 l l , ,. l ,. .. , ,. , ,.,. . ,.... ,- ..-. ..- ,..-..,,,. -.,..-,..,-.,. .,.. .- ...,, . ,.,... .... . ..., ,-.. .,- , nuzvms FINLEY ALLEN uommss nonunmumx consox E. ANDREWS rc. ANDREWS IIAHN Moons CLINE .lon NSON uol.1.ANl-sxvolml uma: EARHAR1' DAVIDSON crmwvonu Mc KE1.v11.:Y A1-'F0L'rsn LE!-IDLE BRIGGS sc11uMAcuEn Two Hundred Thirty-one Organizations . .. , - , -MW , as 1 1 un 1 1 as 1 1 an an unl- 1 1 on ul- on an ss no 1 1 an an as cn an cn an an an up on nun an :- uu- -an. an , un. un' -p - .- -.4 .us -4 in en. an -0 an can an 1 ' - -Q - up .- .- ...- .- - -. -. -na an any n- nu. -.- as un -up an an .- ..-. -4 ..- on nu u- un ua uv -. -. M., mu sq Us in lx. ns. an in -su liIIHQMHNlliililiillilllHS!!5MNH!iliiiiiiililiililHHHH!!!HHHQIHISSH!UWMNSliSS3i!Cll3S!33ii?r:Ei gllllllllllllllIlllllIlllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliflg 3: 5 fgx 2 I f J 5 ' N 5 r ' , A L P H A D E L T A P I L: .Founded at Wesleyan College 1851 5 'KKHIIII ' -2 Active Chapters 27 Alumni Chapters 17 2 SIGMA CHAPTER 2 . Established 1912 I COLORS: Pale Blue and White E ISIS - 5 - RESIDENT MEMBERS : 2 I PAULINE GROVES RITA STINSON' 5 MRS. T. J. COLVIN, SR. MRS. E. C. HAYES 5 MRS. H. S. GRINDLEY E MEMBERS IN' THE FACULTY 2 MARGARET PERRY LIDA REED .5 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E A' Seniors A : MABLE BOWMAN ZELMA J OCKISCH E AGNES WHITE MABLE MooRE : - MARY LINDER IRENE MooRE 5. GLADYS GILPATRICK ELIZABETH WEINBERG E Juniors I E ALICE ACKERT MARIE BECK 5 GAIL GAUNT ELDA MCKNIGHT : IRENE WILLIAMS NELLE BALCH E MARGUERITE FLOGK E ' - - I Sophomores E KATHLEEN TAYLOR GLADYS J OSLYN : ESTER SCOTT JANE OWEN - E E HELEN NEWTON E Freshmen 5 .E GRACE BEATTY BERNICE LAWLER 5 5 E i l C 1 i 2 3 2 S i 1 2 : S 2 2 2 -'S : E ' : 1 1 2 . . E : Oryamzfmons Two Hundred Tumi,-:wo 3 1 -' 5 -alllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE 4 52,1HHHHillVHHQUHFFtfwirm-pL5W5,241151W3f 1 1 W:z:t-.M,yt-eW1Tkl,TiIMmrvlwtviHiHiNHCLWWLEHFM1LL?-E.L1ES1E4bM:2UftMiQ'gfQ5'i1i,QL1 FQ P. I ,-"' il:fL"r-,,, ,!"fVj:'fygff L M Me-wi,-,T mm, iwiilf' if ,f mg H ir" If AWN M, iii H -.Vg4S3i53rgwz11 ,,,, . .- +' i ' iM 4 if , I lf? L I E3 'df x . :If M'7'm.f M. mf 25: ZZ: if 3 'Aly 75 w 9 L ' tif H w. Q ff' ..,.,. 'A' ' ' 99 ., , 45 f nf .. .. kgg J J XVIIITE GAUNT NVEINIIEIIG TAYLOR HONVMAN ' BECK LINDER ACKERT ONVEN BEATTY BALCH WVILLIAMS FLOCK JOSLYN M. :MOORE SCOTT NENVTON I. MOORE JOCKISCII LANVLER MC KNIGHT GYLPATRICK Two H1md1'ed TlLi'1'ty-tlwuc O'I'gCl,?'L'If2'0, HOYLS K V 2-,ljllllllllllllllllllllllIHHlllllilll!!ISMHNIIlllilllllllllllllllmlllIlIllllllmlllilllllllllllllllllllllllllI2 I f f GAMMA PI-II BETA 7 Founded at University of Syracuse 1871, X040 -vf, Active Chapters 20 Alumni Chapters 10 KK! YI!! I 9 I 8 g g i Z i 1 3 i 3 Z an 2 1 3 1 t 1 3 1 i 1 3 an 1 3 2 1 if i 2 iv 1 i 1 1- Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 2 i if 1 1 1- 3 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 Z Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 in 3 1 1 1 2 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 i I i 3 i 1 1 i 1 i 1 1 THE OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1913 COLORS: Brown and Mode ' RESIDENT MEMBERS MRS. C. M. MOSS MRS. E. C. SCHMIDT MRS. W. H. RAYNER MRS. J. M. MATHEWS MRS. C. A. HUCKMICH MRS. P. V. B. JONES ALICE CART MRS. BARRY GILBERT MRS. F. W. MOHLMAN LELAH BROWNFIELD NINA GRESHAM MARY BARRY MARGARET Don-GE ER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY SADA HARBARGER ELSIE L. BAECHTOLD MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY HARRIETTE DADANT RUTH ALICE Moss RUTH MCELHINEY ALMA GERLACH GERTRUDE SWIFT LUCILE PEIRSON LAVERNE BURGAN ALIDA MOSS MARTHA MCCAMMON ANNA BANCROFT ASTRID DODGE FRANCIS WINDROW FLORENCE YOUNG GARNET ZIMMERMAN CHARLOTTE WELCH MILDRED WELCH Seniors Juniors GEORGIA BROWNFIELD MARGARET BALDWIN FLORA HOTTES JENNIS BARRY LILLIAN JOHNSTON HELEN WILLIAMS LILLIAN WOERMAN HELEN JAMES ELSIE SUPPES BEATRICE VONBABO Sophomores HAZEL BARACKMAN JAMIE CHESTER MABEL SPERRY LOIS SCOTT Freshmen LAURA KAHLER HELEN MCELHINEY AMY TILLOTSON EDITH HEIZER 3 . . E Orgammtwns Two Hundred Th tu frm ,un us 51llllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllNIIIIIIIIIIF glibNPNw!-mnnwmmaiuannmnmaaamnassnmzmunaWhwmmamnnunnnnnannurmrannumamma-auxasmwmzsauanwzeaswagi :1 ...- Gr -Q v A Jag? 'X-'f ' --:ug CIR 1 E Qffzjfi 'IK .ly i U 6' ,J f Azifkf' csv f - .W ,.,. "" - - W I GF, me ex: A 1,5 un nu an-sl up -l' un- 'nu Ulf 'ne 1 124m 1 .,,. um-- KiALv F' fgyx Q-S' ur, . me C Z ' ,Will gif 0 ,. ' me mn- ,A 4 o',f gf! mm '-1' is R Q R 4 1' M" fm, 1- . . . i 4.1 mr.. V r u ' 1,..c 1-"Hr J 11 'g If -um um- - X' 4 J 1 aa- .-M L XL . .P A , 01: rx 1' yi cn. . , V. A - A-.. T' v V 55' ,. Cl! -m - .Wg -- 0, ... ,,,,, nm W. """' our .-5.1 uv. ,um -M. fm.. ram- ! I . 5 mmmllllHllilllfllllmiagiimllli35325533N! Uiiiifiiilliig? E 5 1 : 5 Z s ' .- A P s 2 :H Z 2 2 E- , E' 5 5 5 E535 M E' A M5 K E520 - Q 2 9 . , E515 J . 5 E S Z I ' -' 2 : E E - Z 5 Qi , E F F J' N 5 2 S E A z Z Z P O .1 Vt ', Z E L ,Q-1 l 2 E Q L W sins - -2. ' a : 6 Q O E 3 E tl J A' ' xr - -2 y S 7' Q 4 :- -1- vs , S Q +- 5 2: 3 CID SG QQHHIEEWEWHIHHEEEF53525SiiilllllhiilifigiiliiiQWEEEQEQEESEEEEEEEESQ jilllllllililSMIHIINQIIIIINlIHliiliiihiihiiwINBIIHIHMFRNUINBIUMHNHaiBNNUHIYNHIZIN5iH43HLl4N99fi43QFid?iEiN:i'5 I L I ' I I 2Iwsff-1-Isla:mI:rs'r:ra,"m1mH'ffrI ACKIEIVI' ARMINI' l'0N '4MII'II NVIIIEICIJIOUSI' MC CONNBII SIIAPLANH OIIIIANIIER IMC NUTT NPN PON EIL0T'1 SANVYER KURT W ARIII NI III IICFR NVATTS STlIJ'4l'AI. MUIIPIIY BU IINI I R QTII III XS I OIII. MOORE PI XII TXIIIOT ATI INS MADISON FKIRFIIILD SIEMENS BABCIIOFT MC I'LIII1NI'Y INAIPI N III IISOY GICAN ROIILICINS WAI NISII Y MASON NVARI7 FROMANN XVITIIIIOXV XVENSI EY YO MA INTERFRATERNITY SOPHOMORE SOCIETY Established 1907 Flower: Narclssus COLORS: Emerald Green and Straw Yellow MARION MCCONNEL GERTRUDE SAWYER JEAN MASON ROWENA KOHL ANN SIEMANS ACTIVE MEMBERS J uniors ELIZABETH WHEELHOUSE CORA BERGER MARGARET PEALE MAY WAMSLEY LOUISE MURPHY DOROTHY WARREN AGNES FAIRFIELD MARION SMITH MILDRED FROMANN HELEN WARD IONE BALLINGER HELEN WATTS VIVIAN .MOORE HELEN OBLANDER MILLICENT ATKINS RUTH MCELHINEY Sophomores RACHAEL TALBOT NITA ROLLINS LILLIAN EGAN FERN SHAPLAND MARY CALDWELL GLADYS NADEN CLARA ARMINGTON ALICE ACKERT LUCILE PEIRSON WILMA MONUTT MARY KURT HELEN MODOUGAL HAZEL STEPHENS MARIE STEJSKAL LUCY WENSLEY MARY MADISON ESTIIER SCOTT HELEN NEWTON ANNA BANCROFT FRANCIS WITHROW O7 UflfTLi21flfti0'l'LS Two Hzmllwd Tlmty am: K agpurarqx pruiwmlal PM + H 2 N , 0 1 x im ' N 17 5 Wa" f V Y 17 : glIllllIIN!IllllllllllllllllllllmlllllllllIIIll!!lllillllllllllllllllllllIIUIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllIUUIHHIIIIIQ M A - WA N - D A SENIOR HONORARY SOCIETY Founded at Unwersity of I Zlmois 1912 1 1 Q, XXVI! THE l9l8 2 I f Q CLYDE GOBEL ALWOOD 3- WALDO BOYNTON AMES .-: JOHN HAROLD ARMSTRONG : WESLEY ARTHUR BEHEL E TOM BROWN : WILLIAM STOKLEY CARTER E STERLING R. CUNNINGHAM 3 HARRY DARBY, JR. E HOWARD RITCHEY FERGUSON E RAYMOND LORIMER GRANTZ E. EMORY GEORGE HALL 5 EUGENE CANFIELD HOPKINS r, FRANK MONTEATH J UDSON 2 BOHUMIL JAMES KOPTIK 2 FRANKLIN BARTLETT MACOMBER zo. SCOTT MCNULTA 5 JESSE WARD NELSON E WILLIAM OSCAR NELSON 5 ALLAN RICHARD OMEARA Z MANLEY ROSS PETTY :E JOHN HOWARD POWERS E MILTON GANS SILVER - ROY CHRISTIE STILES E RAY JAMES WOODS -44 -su an 1- 1: nu mn- -1 one as -n-u max fp. S' Two H undrcd Thirt11-seven - 07'gCL7L'iZCtf'iO7'LS RilllilimiilIUiimlllilllNl!IIINMIIIHIWmiilllllliililillllllilimilFNEIIIIIIIQSENHZEMZ9 L A ao- no an nn- an an .xs- 1 an an cl 1 nr an- f an 1- 1' 1 1 1- nu- 1 . 11- an an 1 an on our 19 1 ts 1 1 Z 1 It' 2 11 usb an an cw an can an as 1 .-s -ss an mun- .nn nf mn- au no an up an an an nn- - ns .-A Q.. -ua an Rn. an ug- an an nm :nm ans- as nu uns an an so Inn in um an an nn nn. an 'hun un nu mn. wus' ua. up do ua fv-4 'nn un in wan me me s-A I-wa, M ..h,, . I X A--R I Y .I . " ff I I I I I I PII' I 'v , ' f I -,F . I' , ' I I - I "" -' Ig I-.J.:' v 'Iv hm. if, v I, X, V. ' f Q, a . A 4, iraq, U Iv I . I Y , . ,. J .' - " I ' 119 '--1,-, f 'fx .4 'E ' A2- , -1 IT I ,vw I .. ,lxv ,fa I, I A, I Us ITM I U5 I . Q , li! ,f I, ,, ,mv ' V r ntl IIIHIIIIIIMI IIANSCIIRIANN IIOMISIIO KLEIN JENNER RUNDQIIIST IIALAS MXLIORY AIUISTIIOYC' II. II. NVIIITE IIEALY IIUSTIED CIIAMIIEIILAIN IK. S. WIIITF1 IVAIII Y IPTII I! AINIIRFNXS PIIAI I N GIIISOX S1 IK KIFIIT IUIAFT IIEARDSI.IIX NN IN'II IRS IIOI SCIII NS'1I'IN Ovganiza tions HONORARY JUNIOR SOCIETY I Founded at University of Illinois 1914 ROBERT EUGENE ANDREWS HORAOE ARMSTRONG HENRY SCOVELL BEARDSLEY HAROLD BOESCI-IENSTEIN RICHARD H. CHAMBERLAIN ARTHUR ALOYSIUS DAILEY GEORGE STANLEY HALAS WILLIAM CARLETON HEALY FREDERICK R. HANNSCHMAN MERLE RAYMOND HUSTED HARRY WILSON GIBSON, JR. LAWRENCE TENNEY JENNER REYNOLDS RUDOLPH KRAFT JOHN LEO KLEIN RICHARD HENDERSON MALLORY HIRAM WODRICH MOORE STANLEY DUBOIS PETTER ROBERT WILLIAM PHALEN ELMER T. RUNDQUIST NEWMAN ROMERO MER.TON TANNER STRAIGHT HAROLD HARTWELL WHITE RUSSELL SHERMAN WHITE LAWRENCE MORSE WINTERS IW!" liiwwyllwgy 1.11i'g'j,i!I:1I1 I, I my II, A KW, 7 ACKERSON MANLEY QIXIONS JON! '-1 HARTO SAGER PERCIVAL BOYD I IRI PIVIRICK BROCKMIIIFR GIDDINGS l IINCAID IIULISUIID Ml ILFPP P H I D E L T A P S I HONORARY SENIOR SOCIETY Founded at University of Illinois 1900 ESTHER ACKERSON MARGARET BARTO MARIAN BOYD ANGELINA BROCKMEIER MATE GIDDINGS HAZEL HULBURD FRANCES JONES RUTH KINCAID HELEN KIRKPATRICK MARIAN MANLEY STELLA PERCIVAL ANNA SAGER RENA SIMONS LAURA WEILEPP Two H umlrcd Thirty-nine O 7'ga'rL7fza tions Qnnmmummuunuanmmnummnumuunummmmmeuummmsmmumummmmag 5 : ALPI-IA ZETA 1 , , HONORARY AGRICULTURAL FRATERNITY r' . Founded at Ohio State University 1897 r X 1 Active Chapters 25 MORROW CHAPTER "MW " Established 1902 COLORS: Mauve and Blue I RESIDENT MEMBERS THE C. H. OATHOUT H. F. TUTTLE B. H. QUESTEL MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY . DEAN EUGENE DAVENPORT F. H. RANKIN l9l8 C. G. HOPKINS J. G. MOSIER L. H. SMITH J. C. BLAIR ,, W. L. BURLISON W. C. COFFEY "" W. J. FRASER W. W. YAPP : S. A. FORBES A. F. GUSTAFSON H. W. MUMI-'ORD C. F. HOTTES E D. O. BARTO F. A. FISHER 2 F. W. WASCHER E. A. WHITE : S. O. HOLT G. E. GENTLE i 1 1 1 l 1 L 3 3 Q 1 as 1 1 Y 1 cu 1 up as 3 1 1 up an as no an as an 1 az an an 1 -f an .- an nn un 1 up an an nun up 1 as -ua -- up cn an - 41 as -n , -n ' na an sn- an -n I... 3 no 41 ar -an -p nn -n 1 at I1- an -nm -sm .-. .-. nn. -as -I ...L- an no as -an un- on .- H. S. GRINDLEY - W. J. CARMICHAEL E. K. AUCUSTUS R. R. SNAPP W. I. BROCKSON R. H. WILCOX J. E. WHITECHURCH ' H. A. HARDING W. B. NEVINS H. FAHRNKOPH ORR ALLYN 'H. C. M. CASE J. B. RICE M. E. SLATER J. W. LLOYD H. K. RULISON N. W. HEPBURN W. A. K. MORKEL C. O. REED H. A. RUEHE G. W. WHISLNAND ELMER ROBERTS H. P. RUSK J. B. ANDREWS W. H. CHAMBERS W. G. KAMMLADE MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY - Graduates A. T. FISHERMAN V. T. KERN Seniors G. F. BINDER A. A. OLSEN H. A. ROSS W. P. RANNEY J. H. MIDKIFF B. W. FAIRBANKS J. W. NELSON H. S. HINRICKS G. H. DUNCAN J. P. DOUGLAS D. E. WARREN A. R. GOULD H. C. HILDEBOLT H. N. INGWERSEN E. J. JOHNSON A. W. HARZ C. R. STEWART F. S. STEWART . Juniors . L. S. FOOTE G. C. GILL D. R. MITCHELL W. A. GOELITZ M. B. HARLAND Organizations Two H d ed I' gmliliiiiilii!33EiiI35139515335Wii3Hf!!5i5??3W3i34IH3253llilulmmlllliiiifliiliiiillilmillllliUdilllillf' 'l13lllUlIIIf1'i'E'"'f,1IEFI'X'IV3fHif'WW' 'V' V13 VG' 'M w. ff . M ,X X J f .1 11 NYARICHN JOHNSON IIARLANII GOHLITZ GILI. GOUl.ll l"00'l'E C. R.S'l'IiNVART 1IIl,l1l'III0l,'l' ROSS INGWERSON I". A. S'l'IiXYAll'l' Ml'l'CllI-DLI. DOUGLAS IIINRICIIS DUNCAN OLSICN IIINDIGR FAIIKIIANKS HARZ RANNHY MIDKIIWF Two Hundred Forty-one Orgfmizatious I 3 If..- -Il. wr xyL IHMIH IHIIIIIIIII F 55 I. fl v if ,A I I . . X If if .42 " , If F -.7 V ,V 1 IQ A, ,,, ...j Mg A ,f rr- " ' z 1, ,. .1 ,., ".'.gL f 1 I xf ' Qin:-lgffgd 55 'A mv' I J' .. ...I , I f-K?-l:"wr? F ,li'swa'56A665IiI65sI5 if I 'Aw fl 'If 1' MIT. :IL If leaf IIN. -- gr rg' -yt' :,2..1'v"i5 A, ,U MC CLOUD IIAXVES KNIGHT BECKIIR AXLIND AI BAUGH JUDSON YOUNG IKATTEY CAVETTE ROSS XVIIITNFY 'IIIOMPSON MARX ' BETA GAMMA SIGMA HONORARY COMMERCIAL FRATERNITY Founded at University of Wisconsin 1907 Active Chapters 4 ALPHA CHAPTER I fEstablishefZ 1 912 COLORS: Maroon and Gray I MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY HON. EDMUND J. JAMES, Ph.D. DEAN NATHAN WESTON, Ph.D. C. L. STEWART, Ph.D. A. C. LITTLETON, A.B. DEAN DAVID KINLEY, Ph.D. MAURICE H. ROBINSON, Ph.D. H. T. SCOVILLE, A.B. G. B. MOMILLEN, A.B. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates PAUL KENNETH KNIGHT Seniors ARTHUR TARTARIAN YOUNG JAMES FORSYTHE MCCLOUD FRANK MONTEATH J UDSON HAZEN LOWELL ALBAUGH GEORGE SYDNEY THOMPSON GEORGE BERNARD MARX Organizations KENNETH DWIGHT ROSS JOSEPH LAFETON WHITNEY FRANCIS EARLE CAVETTE WALTER HENRY BECKER BRADFORD REED BATTEY EDWARD SPRINGER AXLINE HENRY CLIFFORD HAWES Two Hundrcrl Fort11-two J" +f"fw-rfrizmam ' I I I I ILEESE ANTOSLEXVSI I CLEM I NIGII1 ROBINSON NVIIAM STEVENS IIAYES NVILLETS ARMSTRONG D E LTA S I G M A R H O HONORARY ORATORICAL FRATERNITY Founded at N o1'tkweste1'n University 1906 Active Chapters 37 ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established 1906 COLORS: Maroon and Black MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY LEW R. SARETT, A.B. JAMES MANLEY PHELPS, A.M. GERALD DARFIELD STOPP, A.B. WILLIAM E. BRITTON,'A.M., J .D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Gracluates BENJAMIN WHAM VERNON THOMPSON STEVENS LEAL WILEY REESE HERBERT CLARENCE HELM Seniors JAMES HAROLD ARMSTRONG HUGH FORREST WALKER R. J. ROBINSON Juniors EDWARD BEAN HAYES WARD MAURIS WILLITS ORLIE MARTIN CLEM Sophomore ' GALEN VICTOR KNIGHT Pledges ROBERT H. ANTOZEWSKI GLENN GRIFFIN TRUMAN G. SEARLE Two Ilzmdred F07't1l-tlL7'Cl7 O'I'gfL7'Li2.'fLf7:07'LS I 151141 "' " " 3 I' 35 A ' A gf, I . ,, . "mn, u-- , . I Q. ,. M , , if JK N? 5 -gala -f awmggi ,wk arm, X . 3 I S1 'J '1 2 ,I 52 , 4 :ME X -3353 'N,.. J' , gllllllllIIIIIIIIIIQIIIIllllIlllillillllll!!!IllIlllllllIllllllllllllIllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllg E E Q N ' 5 f i! 5 :: I 2 :' E T A K A P PA N U E. HONORARY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY 7.5. ' my I Founded at University of Illinois 190.4 . 'E THE , : Active Chapters 1.2 Alumni Chapters 6 E ALPHA CHAPTER . ' 2 '9l8 RESIDENT MEMBERS lf- R. N. FARGO L. R. GULLY E -E W. S. NELSON W. T. BURNETT 5 E MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY 5 E ELLERY BURTON PAINE, M.S., E.E. MORGAN BROOKS, Ph.B., M.E. E E CHARLES TOBIAS KNIPP, Ph.D. ALONZO MORRIS BUCK, M.E. 5 5 EDWARD H. WALDO, A.B., M.S., M.E. PHILIP SHERIDAN BIEGLER, B.S., E.E. .": : LEONARD VAUGHAN JAMES, M.E., E.E. IRA WILLIAM FISK, M.S., E.E. 2 5 ABNER RICHARD KNOCHT, M.E. JOHN WILLIAM DAVIS, B.S. E 5 PETER JACOB NILSEN, B.S. WALTER ARTHUR GATWARD, B.S. E 3-E HONORARY MEMBER I S E DR. C. P. STEINMETZ E 2 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E E Graduates E E H. T. GALLAHER H. R. PENDARVIS . .E E R. S. QUICK : 2: Seniors : 5 EARL C. BARNES FREDERICK A. BROOKS 'E :: LEROY CHURCH DONALD G. EVANS 5 E HAROLD N. FELTON GLENN E. POTTER : E HUMPHREYS O. SIEGUMUND ALEXANDER M. TOWER : : GROVER C. WILSON M. SCOTT HANCOCK E E GUY B. HOPKINS HIROSH HORIMURA 5 5 LLOYD E. HOSTETLER ANDREW J. HUBER : 5 PAUL A. RAIBOURN HARVEY R. RICHARDSON E 5 HAROLD H. SCHROEPPEL ARTHUR T. SCHOCH 5 E Juniors iz E WILLARD E. BULL J. HOWARD EUSTON 5 5 ROBERT E. MCKEEVER ROBERT A. HARVEY : E HAROLD E. OLESON CLARK H. STRUM 5 5 ' E E 5 : 2: -E O'I'gan'iz!blf'i0?'LS Two Hundred Forty-four 5 giiiiilliiiillilliiiiiiiHill!!limiilHHSHNIIIlllllNllllllllllllllllllilliISINIll!!iiliillllilliilllllig lllgj -ZfiiittilliiiiiilJli!!Hiii!!HillSISQHB31iiillmiiliiillillllilliliiIIillllilllilIMI!!!Ill!liliililllllllllllilllNIH .-Q 2?23E?2!!?23? 2333? ,,.. ,. .A 4:-fa fr, -.-.- vw. -ya- v. ,, -. IIlllllliilllllllilllllfllllllllilllllllillllfllllllllllfllllllliillililllllIEBIMIIIIIIIIPEIIYIIIIIIIIINIIFEUIHRHEE Bi -un- 5 iffmhff- . lx, , 4 , Yi I 55 ual " I Nos., I-w , X B' 47 If, . gi . v' x I ' ,'1X , vin' V 'A' -. ,f 4 'QS .J ..:,s HOIIIMURA GALLAIIER BULL MC KEEVER OLESON HARVEY HANCOCK STURM EUSTON NVILSON HOPKINS CHURCH RICHARDSON PENDARVIS BROOKS SIEGMUND SCOCII BARNES FELTON NILSEN FISK BUCK NVALDO EVANS BROOKS PAINE KNIGIIT DAVIS GATNVARD QUICK A Two Hundred Forty-five Ofrgfmizations f. .,'u1 .,- I ' '-1' 1 E 'I' ' N 'Z 4 f 1 MEM,sqifvnflffi.LIHHFIY-HH-E,zf?'faf'71i'Ab iffxfinlwfflffife m .M -. :ma g'1'HE V li, .ww llliillllliilii12313233liiiliiiiiiiiiiiiii Si 33212 -.N 5352555312 'wx -.-w : 4- -.f .M- E!-jllllllllllllllllllllllIllllIilllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllL9. '- 5 Q x g 1 2 G A M M A A L P H A www 'I GRADUATE SCIENTIFIC FRATERNITY THE Founded at Cornell University 1899 Active Chapters 10 'gig ILLINOIS CHAPTER Established 1908 COLORS: Gold and Black E RESIDENT MEMBERS E T. R. BELL T. H. LAYNG E G. D. BEAL S. A. BRALEY E A. D. MACGILLIVRAY D. A. MACINNESS : W. J. CARMICHAEL F. W. MUNCIE 2 W. W. DENTON C. O. REED 5 I. W. DICKERSON F. W. REED -3 D. T. ENGLIS H. L. REITZ 5 N. W. HEPBURN J. L. RICH : R. S. HULCE L. H. SMITH E R. H. HURSH G. MCP. SMITH : L. V. JAMES H. J. VAN CLEVE mn 1 T. O. WESTHAFER ACTIVE MEMBERS 3 P. L. BAYLEY S. KARRER : H. J. BEATTIE A. P. KRATZ E A. N. BENNETT E. M. R. LAMKEY 5 J. S. BEEKLEY R. H. LINKINS :: H. T. BOOTH , . C. S. MARVEL E I' J. M. BRAHAM J. R. MUSSELLMAN :: A. M. BRONSON E. A. REES : W. H. CHAMBERS E. ROBERTS E E. E. CHARLTON G. W. SMITH E S. J. CROOKER R. R. SNAPP E J. W. DAVIS L. H. ULICH 5' J. T. FORD H. P. VAIL : C. F. GREEN E. F. VOIGT E C. F. HILL E. H. VOLLWEILER 5 E. A. WHITE TE' O1'ga1z'izations Two Hundr fl F ' 'EIEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllfllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllli 'yH1111411414l4l44.n,1'1'-Wmfqilmfgmluaxnmmas-111,. ww,A.w.'.,M,1:,fz,4.4,e.w.1 , . V N . "Ti, -. BEEKLEY VOIGIIT CIIARLTON VAIL BRUNSON n0o'rn DAVIS more FAZHL ULRICH SNAPPER mms BRAIIAM nmnvm, vo1.mvml.En IIAYLEY Gum-:N clmmlxlsrcs BENNETT mmm 1mA'1'z IIICATTIE IIEATII wmfm LINKINS cnoolmrc HILL SMITH nom-:ms Imnrrlin MUSSELMAN Two Hundred I"orty-scvcn 0'I'ga'rLiZfLi'i0?'LS af,,?!f:.! ' N,g..,, . v, l ,W b .N 31.5 aw.- -1 , 'ff 'fffv' f . 1 a1.ii'A x z-.. ... rf. x. 41 9. my 11. 2 x 3: '. :ffl .rn Ja un Ai.. an up in ws: ax. fa, 'fin r u 1 v..' HH!im1414lwiufl-iMi4lM1f1M,1-1-1lI4Hr1ll141m11 lM!1f1GHHi.iu,A.Hi,'i1.1 '4faaumamimmaf1:1,'anflvn1'h1Ltli,isZHf .mu 1+ 3 ,I 1 .el .wif ,lr Tb rmIspeemmfmSimimeAmea1epm,II:fv!211MfIaWiIi2IfIM'IHE1hLi1:1ewmmI2rMWEEWWHHEEBHLIMFEIIIP-IIIIf F H T9 1 -nv um mm an vs- Q. nw. nu n-:I an an rw nr-4 sw u. ..- ng '-nn, sq ,ua v-- n-.I mu on rm Q- I+ up v- u an aw LM .- . .4-s -W we Qu.. N. . .1- KLINE XVIIITMAN TUKEY GARDNER GASSMAN PAGE IIEALY GREENE IVIWIKLEI! LOXVF H INTI RS BORTON HOP! INS BROYVN IIEARDSLEY PULCIPIIER DAY LACPY G RA P I-I O M E N HONORARY INTER-PUBLICATION SOCIETY Founded at University of Illinois 1911, COLORS: Red and Yellow HONORARY MEMBERS I THOMAS ARKLE CLARK HARRY FRANKLIN HARRINGTON GEORGE ALFRED GOODENOUGH WILLIAM LEONIDAS BURLISON CARL STEPHENS WALTER CASTELLA COFFEY MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors CURTISS LAQ. DAY CECIL WALDON BORTON ALEXANDER MGJUNKIN TOWER EUGENE CANFIELD HOPKINS SAMPSON MILES RAPHAELSON LEAL WILEY REESE JOHN JAMESLACEY CLARENCE EUGENE KIMMEL ANTHONY READY GOULD TOM BROWN HAROLD MEREDITH PAGE Juniors KEELER DEWITT PULCIPHER ARTHUR ALOYSIUS DAILEY LAWRENCE MORSE WINTERS JOEL WARING GREENE HENRY NOBLE COOPER, JR. ARTHUR STOWE VAN DEUSEN, JR. WAYNE MARSH LOWE GEORGE BRUINGTON WHITMAN Ross WAYNE WINKLER A EARL FRANK SWAIN HENRY SGOVILLE BEARDSLEY WILLIAM CARLETON HEALY ZEAN GOUDY GASSMANN HAROLD BOESCHENSTEIN HAROLD BRADFORD TUKEY MCKINLEY GARDNER ARTHUR LAVERNE KLINE Organizations Two Hundred Forty-eight Hui Qlllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllIllIIlllllIllllllIlllllllllllllIllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfllg 5 I I A Ce I 2 f f b 5 I L 7 : I A JQSQI : I n'. .1 Kdadhx-ST : I '- TCQT77' 1' 1-. I -- -"- I 11114, 2 1 . 5 SWARTZ R I GTO DROW N R0 S R P CIVAL E 1 D OCK GA DIS PAISLEY OIIDRTY 1 E MU KAPPA ALPHA E : HCNCRARY MUSICAL FRATERNITY '-1 E Founded at University of Illinois 1913 2 ff RESIDENT MEMBER E2 LULA DEXTER Z Q 1 1 QQ 2 in ng -5 Q- HONCBARY MEMBERS E E DR. C. H. MILLS J. L. ERB : E MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E.: 3 . i 3 .': Graduates Q MARGARET DOHERTY PEMBROKE BROWN 51 E Seniors E STELLA REBECCA PERCIVAL SELA ISABEL PAISLEY E gg HEDWIG ELIZABETH RCESNER FAY Woon SWARTZ 5 5 LAURA EMILY DoLE 5 E Juniors 5 J ESSIE GADDIS CLARA ARMINCTON E 2 FREIDA BLOCK E 5 Two Hundred Forty-nine ' Organizations 5 gilllillllililllIHNOIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllillilllllllllilllllllllllllllllilillililllrg I, . '-I. .mn ?"mw 3x , -.H I. I ..... 1+ 4 .. "Him -iimtiiivzllvirmaliiwi112I1IH111KeigjgeuswasIWIIIAIQQHMMIIIIWm'aIrI'1A?wmiliifflae -11,9 , A .WM W. .W ' 'L ..- I' Is! I , ' -., "-I ' I . RA K-I ,R dxf .,QM W I ,, .L ' SIA. ' ww- Q. A , . I , I ,-A ' 5 AJ ' 4I...."4:',' -, MU' "-Q ,I'5l':2.4.1.Q3, wi' 5 . ,wi wfrfl' I IlIx4 my 111 N' 5 -v I '., f-- uv 4" 'A-'S IILV! 'X A u .. 1- -4-1 R-.If no .wa .su -I- no A-r uv.-f 4... ...L - vu ...un . mf ,,. I'!35'11fHllIIIHHHlll ALLYN NVAIT MANN GIIIIYINGS ACKEIISON liIlllil'A'l'IllCIC li Vl"l'l-'Y S'l'I'Yl"YS VT FOX Xl llllil IFTOY ll Xl DWINZ CIIURTOY NIL, LUI lOl I II NIUORI LROII I INQ HI! 'il U VN CIASLO O M I C R O N N U HONORARY HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE SOCIETY Founded at Michigan Ag1'icultuo'al College 1912 Active Chapters 10 EPSILON CHAPTER Establishefl 1914 COLORS: Lavender an RESIDENT MEMBERS :MARIE RUTENBER ALICE CARTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY ISABEL BEVIER NAOMI NEWBURN RUTH WHEELER ' MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY MRS. YONKERS ESTHER ACKERSON HESTER ALLYN ZILPHAH BATTEY J ESSIE Fox RUTH GLASCO HELEN KIRKPATRICK HELEN MCCULLOUGH MABEL MOORE AMELIA SLOAN O1'gm1,izrItions Gracluates BERNICE WAIT Seniors I' UH! HILDA CROLL SARAH AGG MARGARET BALDWIN FLORENCE CHURTON MATE GIDDINGS RUTH KINCAID MARJORIE MANN EDITH MIDDLETON HAZEL REED AILSIE STEVENS d Pink Two Ilunrlwd Fifty .f. M., Nga IN, ,IJ -!.. 511Iiefw,,!Ti4?,IiM111I1-Im I,wu,,,,,tA www IlIIImls.n'.1m:Mi1HWIAJQ1-3QJ'l4A1I'1H4114iw-1Ala':'i.I1'4'I+'IfJi:4IfIF41afw1il"l'14'1'I11HiIimimaiwwlI-'A nfwlnj., 1.1 V. N I-ZDXYARDS DAVIS 'l'l'Illl!lC RICH XR! '40N SIMPSON WXIIVICNSON I AX TOY H01 IISTER l!0ll HENRY SANTEN lil' Xl PX P I-I I D E LTA K A P PA HONORARY EDUCATIONAL FRATERNITY Founded at University of Indiana 1906 Active Chapters 17 Alumni Chapters 4 PI CHAPTER Q Establislzed 1914 COLORS: Red and White MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY . GUY MONTROSE WHIPPLE, Ph.D. SIMEON JAMES BOLE, A.M. WILLIAM HOR.ACE RAYNER, B.S., C.E. JOHN JOSEPH DIDCOCT, M.A. WILLIAM CHANDLER BAGLEY, Ph.D. HORACE A. HOLLISTER, Ph.D. CHARLES HUGHES JOHNSTON, Ph.D. CHRISTIAN ALBAN RUCKMICH, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Gracluates ALBER.T JAMES BEATTY, A.M. WALTER WILSON JENNINGS, A.M. ROY LEFEVRE DAVIS, A.M. WARREN KENNETH LAYTON, A.B. FORREST GREEN EDWARDS, A.B. ALBERT MER,R.ITT SANTEE, A.B. THEODORE SPAFFORD HENRY, A.M. JOHN ALFORD STEVENSON, A.M. LOUIS JOSEPH HENRIOI-I, M.S. GERALD STAMPER TEBBE, M.S. CLARENCE HUDSON RICHARDSON, A.B. UncZe1'-Gmfluate SEBASTAIN SOLON SIMPSON Two II H71 rlrvll Fifty-011 rv 0 J'g!L7'LiL'ft1ff0'V1.S .Ml Q . .K f- ,X ml' ,I L W. K' xx ,' iff fm A -5 ii Haw- ASM' g ,A 2 gg,:17"""R-1 'X ' x'RA,v-'vr.,f .- 'J y 'Lg -N-I.L'-ff X UN, ,"189,vi I T15 -f 4 , ,W .5 , f w K li,5f,.g.,,::' V ' .S'f""'1izf"' -gx ,nf . -JI. I, i.z,',x 13.3-qllv -- .Sf 1-'1 Afwfifgaffai ' 23232. up A SL X .5-, 13111 MEP' IYRRAIA , Q -I W . ,A -W. .Li 5 1, , ,,. ry' QV I g..,fv,x.,1 R Z1 ,,,. ,Ag GEN 2-.VIR-amy" L-I 'Zi ..aII'l'l'i'rl!IF'Vl'l'b'1l'I,Il"iHHFisFi'LI II'.wfrsffafsvrVfmzmi'IrwfIHI'-'w1:w'fre4tfnsflrrrfewfnI'vwI 1 I- E 19- K1 . 'I ' , . NEXVLIN 0'CONNOR BURNS KIMMEL BUNTING RAPP MOORE CAMPBELL LEE DUVALL VAN MFTI R IIIII IILINPI I' XVARXI R IISKF WVIIAM POOL HARRIS GEORGE GRANTZ MOI I'l:.TT XVIIFFLER P I-I I D E LTA P I-I I HONORARY LAW FRATERNITY Founded at University of Michigan 1869 Active Chapters 46 Alumni Chapters 17 LANGDELIJS INN CHAPTER Established 1901 COLORS: Claret Red and Pearl Blue MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY H. W. BALLENTINE, A.B., LL.B. JOHN NORTON POMEROY, JR., A.M., LL.B. OLIVER A. HARKER, A.M., 'LL.B. JAY EARL MILLER, A.B., A.M., LL.B. E. H. DECKER, A.B., LL.B. BARRY GILBERT, A. B., LL.B. FREDERICK GREEN, A.M., LL.B. LEW R. SARRETT, A.B., LL.B. W. G. HALE, B.S., LL.B. ARTHUR B. WARNOCK, A.B., LL.B. .MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY. Seniors LOYD BRADLEY LESLIE G. GEORGE RAYMOND LORIMER GRANTZ WILLIAM RUTLEDGE HARRIS ROBERT EARL HILL DONALD R. MOFFETT Juniors GEORGE ALBERT CAMPBELL JOHN HOLLY RAPP ROBERT LEMAN WARNER OWEN MOINTOSH BURNS ' C. E. KIMMEL ' Sopliomores JOHN NORMAN LEE Organizations BENJAMIN WHAM ERNEST H. POOL WILLIAM E. WHEELER JAMES CRAIG VAN METER PAUL H. HEINEKE VIRGIL H. DUVALL LLOYD DANIEL BUNTING FRITZ HARRIS FISKE RALPH THOMAS NEWLIN WILLIAM A. MOORE MARTIN EARL O'CONNOR Two Hundred Fifty-two .1. zz. ax Lax' ur: 1.3 cn .zz fm.- ma.- .sr 1.4 .np L...- 1.1. um- ug. ug., In.. mn, m.:f L4 6.1. ..u A...- E... . LA. on-.1 -sac. af., 5, um. .ay :jj ng-4.1 I U 143.1111l.i1.1'1l.1-fl13313332111713WNM9I'i3hi11125319IWiIfTJ'Il11MINNIHXHHIB433li'11I'll-IHHIIN lvWiMr1r4iIr4+i:WI.QQim nr ...J -..I Z' M 'xn ma. - xx.: un: -411 Lx.. I C., .Z IIAMIIJFON MONROE OXVENS MARVEL I'Al.MICR XVINKLEMAN FOOTIT JORDAN IAIISON IIOXII IL OII NIINW TAXLOR YVTIWIA RI XI INON XII91 II NIIR MA'l FIIFNIS CIIANDIPII Z LONG I RASI' RFI S IIR UIAWI BRONX N IIUI IVAN N01 I XI PII FI! XX FII NNI MAXNVELL IIARYI 4 I VLIFT XVIIVIII III I SCIII N KR! MFIIS IIRAIFY IIAI I AI IFR NNI I IS LANDETROIKI -P: MC FAIILAN D IIIIOIDI IISON IFN IS IIFAI SIIITII IIOI I INS NX ICIII RS I XHTI KCII IIALI. IIFNIIIXG PI-II LAMBDA UPSILON HONORARY CHEMICAL FRATERNITY Founded at University of .Illinois 1899 ,P , :gg I ig. . , . - . ..- ,,,-. K, lb. k, ' aww 1 I TH E I f'-I U3 F!-lhdyh f1 .,, C . wav .ur -1-1 -ar- -nv' .-mm .-If Active Chapters 12 Alumni Chapter 1 ' ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1899 COLORS: Red and Blue A MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY . Gfracluates S. A. BRALEY H. A. SHONLE O. A. BARNES A E. STEARN E. M. A. CHANDLER L. H. REYERSON E. E. CHARLETON E WICHERS Umlev'-Gracluates L. ADLER A W. LANDSTROM F. P. BAKER C. C. LARSON L. R. BERNER L. F. LONG G. H. FOSTER A O. MATHEWS J. L. HALL G. S. MONROE R. G. HEESCHEN L. C. MAXWELL T. S. HAMILTON C. W. NESBITT I. N. HULTMAN C. S. PALMER H. J. KRASE E B. VLIET W. V. WIRTH Two Hundred Fr.ft1j-three O'I'gCL'lLiZlLii077.S I ' fx-1-ill-wi Iss 1 1"n'1' I vnlllllillufmf-f.21 - 1.w1..11144w.1 W A 1 El:-,zjllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllIlllllllllllllllllilllllllIlllI2 2 3 -. jx f ! SCABBARD AND BLADE 'W Z' ' I HONORARY MILITARY SOCIETY THE, . Foumlecl at University of Wisconsin 1.902 Active Companies 17 Alumni Posts 3 I9 I8 COMPANY I Established 1909 COLORS: Red, White, and Blue E RESIDENT MEMBERS 2 CAPTAIN G. B. RICE MAJOR E. H. POOLE E CAPTAIN J. D. WHITE CAPTAIN E. A. DOISEY 5 EDMUND J ANES JAMES Q MAJOR R. W. MEARNS, U. S. A. : CAPTAIN C. A. TROTT, U. S. A. 2 CAPTAIN J. H. BARNARD, CAPTAIN L. R. LUMLEY U. S. A. E MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY SERGEANT F. W. POST, U. S. A. frtd.J MAJOR W. J. CARMICHAEL CAPTAIN R. N. FARGO CAPTAIN M. E. SLATER E CAPTAIN R. R. WELSHIMER, U. S. A. CAPTAIN E. K. AUGUSTUS .': CAPTAIN W. J. DAVIS, U. S. A . CAPTAIN L. E. THORNE E CAPTAIN E. C. O. BEATTY 2 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 5 COLONEL W. O. NELSON 2 LIEUTENANT COLONEL J. H. POWERS E LIEUTENANT COLONEL W. F. QAMPBELI. 'WW' E MAJOR J. F. LEWIS : MAJOR J. R. LINDSEY E MAJOR M. B. WARE 5 MAJOR H. L. HUSSON 5 CAPTAIN G. C. SMITH 5 CAPTAIN R. L. MCKOWN : CAPTAIN E. S. AXLINE E CAPTAIN H. C. GESELBRACHT E CAPTAIN HAMILTON LIEUTENANT J. F. KO CAPTAIN L. CAPTAIN L. CAPTAIN H. CAPTAIN A. C. CAPTAIN G. L. CAPTAIN D. T. CAPTAIN R. L. CAPTAIN J. CAPTAIN C. A. CAPTAIN C M. SIMPSON L. DAVIS O. SIEGMUND AMES SMITH SWAIM LAWRENCE JOHNSON BRITT BORTON . W. CAPTAIN H. G. OVEREND LIEUTENANT J. L. LUMMIS HL D : O7'!llL7l'iZll.ti0TLS Two Humlrcd Fifty-f 1 1 gun 01L'l' ill!!!IllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfi v... me-L 1 .1 ,uw rIliHIH5IIt'r4'rfx'mium.ULlxpfarlilmi1r,gwW'1,m:py1M:m I1!4J:.r1,H11uiAmzmrr'1'lmfhWlHfwvliiiwzrwiHimIIgrfl5.:.r:sf,.p.w,?: 35 "' 1' iq I- S j , b xv! . V1 .y-l',1,,, Q ,4 WJ! rc: ,gg , . M, . f' vi .', Y i 1 iq 1' I , , 1 -E vv- ' ' -S .. 1 , .X M' P 1- ,1 . .. . ,. - ri :L Q Wk. -.4 H , -- ff-.1 '15 'Vi .'3g:.L:fT?ff an i -aw- ix .,,,,- 73.1, M '. 21 ,E ,gmixzqf HE .V Q5 - - fb , V FL ral I P 8 'W W V ig z. ,. .E :il - 1 g 7 - ,H 55 Livff QFXN , ww, . V' ..- ,I N A 1 ,.- Q" ' M ,r if L ,- 7 ,., .Z ... -If. AV.. .. -,L A, fcx ' is if . V ' W 'ffl 'Q I Y QT! ., ... .. ,.,. Ll 4-wx li ffl 1 'll T 1- " MF' vt 'A-Ml, L L .- .NA .N 1. 'L 'Y K C1 it --- M, T we rg u ,f mb ,-- UK' LZ' , - -5... -- N.-1. T 'TI .W En! Q nu. ff Lil' Ill 'W :-I :Z 1.1 v.- -f: .... 2 3.1 M TSI M. M. Llcwls IIIHTT Gl'1SEl.liRACII'l' nom'0N IWIQRI-INII 1rAMH.'r0N mc I-zvm' 71 JOHNSON LANYIKENCIC Mc KOWN AXLINIQ NVARIC SWAIAI liolll. DAVIS LUMMIS SIMPSON 'E G. I.. sAl1'rlI Llxlwsl-:Y vowlslcs NELSON All-:Arms All 1-:s G. C. sMl'1'1I s11':4:AIl'Nn IIUSSON --Q , 4 2 ,. 23 ,"1. I Two Ilundrvd Fifty-five O7'gl'L7'LiZCLfZf0'VLS ,,pgpLzs4iredraeelvirrrsmgngpatxtklwildnzzxkyvypgmyfurynevzhrrrrrttxlilt6ii!VillVFtxiitratLLrafrrr4wrItIHi1V S I mm IIE .. .. ... 1 .1 .1 ,. -1 Ii 1 -I .1 Ii if 5. 1 1 I 1 Z. Qi 2 in :Is i 1 -it -5 .5 -1 .1 1 1 .X if 1- ul i E 1 R 21 ri 3 1 1: .1 5 1 1 1 I 1 I i 1 1 I 1 I I 1 1 1 I 3 I 2- 3 1 1 1 I 1 1 Z 1. S 2 1 if 1 1 1 1 Q 1 1 I 5 1 l BQ in 1 if i 1 in ni, ... MIKE A 9 S tllllillll xwn THE ISIS 2 ll!!! li lil. S 5 :E Q T' 55 'S U, I-4 EE m -4 Q M y D 53 E E O S' l" '-I 'Q IP ,sg E 5 55 O '-' 2 1: S5 5 'S z '1 E Q '1 E 55 mmmmmum 3 HONORARY J OURNALISTIC FRATERNITY an ns an as xr 3: Founded at De Panw University 1909 E- E' Active Chapters 26 -2 ILLINOIS CHAPTER 15. ,if Established 1912 COLORS: ' Black and White E RESIDENT MEMBERS SIDNEY DALE KIRKPATRICK MARCUS S. GOLDMAN LE 5 HONORARY MEMBER E E. RING W. LARDNER i MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E LE: FRANKLIN WILLIAM SCOTT, Ph.D. HARRY FRANKLIN HARRINGTON 7- A: 35 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E5 E ' Seniors E 5, MILTON GANS SILVER SAMPSON MILES RAPHAELSON -E - ALLEN BROOKINS BROWN HAROLD MEREDITH PAGE 73' 'iv CHRISTIAN GROSS - Juniors E EET WILLIAM CARLETON HEALY KEELER DEWITT PULCIPHER E5 HENRY SCOVELL BEARDSLEY HAROLD BOESCHENSTEIN E ZEAN GOUDY GASSMANN MCKINLEY GARDNER 22 5 0'f'9'anizations Two Hundred Fifty-six H ,4Wii3i'eLz 1 ' J 'W5543417NdillliliiiiiiiiiidHSNiiiiiliiliiliiiillliiiliiiiz 'H1lHIlIllH'lllHIiii'i1liililllililiiil'H'l'I'liliTH'HJill3'IfIWeil'-3tan5i2AI'zw41Qzfmu1111.435-z,31..Him '.-L'1I.f'i"",'H V ,. 1 I , ,. ,I .ai 1 yi gym. .fum f J. ,- .. wi.. ,A I .X .11 M 5 HALAS LYONS GIIEENIIILL EVANS CONSOER IIAIEIIICIIT OVERTON IIUTINSIDL I I' SIMPSON TAYI OR I-FI TON 1IOSTI"TLI'R I XI. SIMPSON TICKNOR IIUCI FIIOIKIAS ETTINGFR IAXVIIENCE TONVI IB I AX IS SIII MUND PENDARVIS DENT SIGMA TAU HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at University o f Nebraska 1904 Active Chapters 12 Alumni Chapters 5 THETA CHAPTER Established 1914 COLORS: Blue and White MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY PHILIP SHERIDAN BIEGLER MELVIN LORENIUS ENGER ALONZO MORRIS BUCK IRA WILLIAM FISK JOHN ADLUM DENT WALTER ARTHUR GATWARD CHARLES ALTON ELLIS SOLOMON GADY HOLLISTER CHARLES RUSS RICHARDS MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates FRED CHRISTIAN NORLIN HARRY REBB PENDARVIS Seniors ALEXANDER MCJUNKIN TOWER ROLAND HALL LAWRENCE LEROY BRADLEY LEONARD LOUIS DAVIS' , RALPH MARION OVERTON GEORGE O. CONSOER LLOYD EARL HOSTETLER WESLEY ARTHUR BEHEL HAROLD N. FELTON CHARLES BARR ROWE DONALD GROVER EVANS LUTHER FRANKLIN SIMPSON CHARLES MCKINLEY ETTINGER JAMES HOTCHKISS TICKNOR HUMPHREYES OLIVER SIEGMUND HAROLD GREENHILL STANLEY JEREMIAH THOMAS Juniors HARLAN CARL HARBICHT OSCAR IVAN LYONS JOHN MILTON SIMPSON CHARLES BAGWELL TAYLOR ROBERT A. HARVEY KARL ACKERMAN BURNSIDE GEORGE STANLEY HALAS Two lllmrlrrfl Fifty-seven O'l'gfl'YL1:ZfLt'iO'I'l,S I:1lIlH1ff'H'lN-124-IH1 .:44vi2.iX3l1liil2E1i2 xfnyxltfw 'Q 'ia Q, 3, ERI 1 -is , . QlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIll!lllllIlllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllmlllllllllllllilllllllllllilllllllllllIIg I E Q, TA U B E TA PI rg 1 ,aw . HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY 3 f P 7 Founded at Lehigh University 1885 4 3 x Q X ' 2 Active Chapters 32 'E 'Aww ' : THE I ALPHA CHAPTER E Established 1897 COLORS: Brown and White RESIDENT MEMBERS l9l8 E. M. BURR L. R. GULLY H. C. MARBLE H. E. SMITH 3 H. F. POST 2 ' MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY 2 W. F. M. Goss E. B. PAINE C. R. CLARK : O. A. RANDOLPH A. P. CARMAN E. C. SCHMIDT E E. H. WALDO L. H. PROVINE H. H. JORDAN :: A. F. COMSTOCK J. A. DENT P. S. BIEGLER E C. R. RICHARDS G. W. PICKELS O. A. LEUTWILER E MORGAN BROOKS L. E. YOUNG N. B. GARVER : F. B. SEELY G. T. KNIPP G. P. BOOMSLITER E H. F. GONNERMAN A. C. CALLEN C. R. MOORE 2: J. M. WHITE H. D. FRARY W. S. WOLFE E N. C. RICKER G. A. GOODENOUGH A. N. TALBOT : H. H. STOEK ' C. C. WILEY W. M. WILSON E M. L. ENGER H. F. GODEKE S. C. HOLLISTER E J. W. DAVIS J. M. SNODGRASS H. F. MOORE 5 I. O. BAKER F. H. NEWELL 2 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ' E Graduates E M. L. NEBEL u L. J. LARSON' H. P. VAIL E R. L. TEMPLIN R. S. QUICK F. P. STRAUCH E B. PEPINSKY E Seniors E C. M. CLARK J. T. LEWIS C. M. ETTINGER E G. CONSOER P. W. OTT A. S. GRAVEN E' C. R. FEDERMANN P. A. RAIBOURN H. G. OVEREND E N. GERTEN M. J. REED R. M. OVERTON : . H. GREENHILL L. F. SIMPSON J. H. RAMSER 5 C. A. GUSTAFSON G. K. SQUIER H. H. SCHROEPPEL . : W. A. HIMMELREICHER T. E. STOCKDALE J. C. SHERRICK if A. J. HUBER H. O. SIEGMUND " ' Junior 2 i 'T i i i 1 11 2 1 rl' O ' t ' ,, rgamza ions l J. H. EUSTON Two Hundrvd Fifty-1-ight glllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillI!IflllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll' i,.2ug+'-..1 qv,j,',:,.g, .1y:,':,1xa11,,i-, "m,I.M.-MWQMQQAX .1 ,-,,Vl!-e:3'qH'H.g"-U-p'i'3,:"f1Wm:-4-p'nn,-ff-5 ' --m'f,A131irNl1m .. J ' " I 1' - XX. :T T. is ' QA, xy X W . , , . 'V J 1 Q. 1, 1' ,V Q, 'Z' 1,1 Q.. ,,' W "':. r- , Y-:Q li? M 1 " 1"g:,, QA I, 1" 131: ,jj 'fl ,LJ X13 1 .-gg 9,-T . ,, Hg. ff Uzgfgax Yl,,,,,,4F-, .Q T- tf +f'j"f?' Pj , R. k "Q-:L-A5- 1.:. V - , M X. ,. .x.,. . N V- . ' .4 yr --, 1 - 'ya - 1 ,,1. I+-pi' 5 '-N' QLJKIQC' .f '1 P J: :1 Q: 43 3-. . - I 1 W Em +2 w' 51:11, ss -.1 11 'fl 'Lff TN! K L' I xi. ' A Q V L, , 7,13 ' H ii, l QI, ll. M. 55: E11 ,M J.: X iii Elf 7.21 E22- if, .- scillrov-lm-lil. Llll-I ovrslcl-:Nix mmvl-:N Il0I.l.lS'l'l-Z!! SIll'II!RICli 0'l"r IlIMMI-:l.l:lf:lcl!Icn QUICK SQUII-IIC VMI, IIAMSIGII CUNSUI-:lr lws'l'0N CLARK STRAI YCII I-I-:l'l N S li Y 0Ylil!'l'0N 1-:'l"1'1 Nlllil! LARSON RAINOI 'HN 1:lm'l'l41N 'rl-I Al I'I.I N . SIICUMUNII In-INT slInl':-mx ulclcl-ZNIIILI. 1:l1s'l'Al-'sox I-'I-IDIQRMANN s'l'0clilml.l-I Llawls llillllili lwlxl-:li fi Two llrmrlrvrl Fifty-avian' O1'gfI'I'I,'iZfL1'f07'LS ,V ,,, ,yy,,,, 1 ,r,?,.,41--ww 1-,.y4,,1.,4n,.1,v,.f4:-555335: xl. f I r ,Ml:t,z' a: w. ' . W- W K , gIuIuuuunuumnamummauummmummmmmmmInnIlImuImmImnnmnmmnllaL! B S ALPHA GAMMA RI-JIO E i f 'K I PROFESSIONAL AGRICULTURAL FRATERNITY E r Founded at University of Illinois 1908 E :-5.4, 5 " Active Chapters 9 COLORS: Green and Old Gold E . THE ALPHA CHAPTER S - RESIDENT MEMBERS S lgla JOSEPH CONRAD LAWLESS HORACE BALLON ENGALLS 5 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E A S EUGENE DAVENPORT, LL.D. CHESTER O. REED, B.S. 5 E FRED HENRY RANKIN, B.S. JOSEPH HARVEY CHECKLEY, B.S. E 5 SLEETER BULL, M.S. ALFRED GUNDERSON, B.S. 5 -g HENRY PERLY RUSK, M.S.A. CLAUDE HARPER, B.S. : E JAMES BRUCE HENDERSON, B.S. 5 :T 'S 5 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E E Seniors 5 5 HOWARD STANLEY GANTZ CARTER PENNELL BROWN 5 : PHILIP J. MOREY THOMAS TRESTON MCEVOY 5 ,E WILLIAM EVERETT SMOOT FRANK HOWARD PETHBRIDGE 3 :.: GORDON ALFRED SOWERS JOHN WARD NELSON 5 ,E HAROLD HARTMAN HENSOLD FRANK WILKINSON GRAVES : E ROBERT GEORGE COPENHAVER CLYDE GOHEL ALWOOD 5 : 'BOHUMIL JANES KOPTIK FRANK NEWTON BARRETT :E 5 CHRISTIAN GROSS HENRY RAY COX 5,- 55 WILLIAM CHAUNCEY SAVAGE DURBIN RALPH DOWNEY E 5 WALTER ALEXANDER LAING WARD JOHN FLOCK ,,-g E Juniors E E JOHN MILTON BIRKS BROWNLEE MARTIN HUBBELL E 5 PHILIP HARRY POTTER JAMES MONROE SEXAUER : BRYANT FRANKLIN PURCELL HENRY HAVENS CARRITHERS '-,E if REA LINCOLN EATON 4 HENRY NOBLE COOPER, JR. 5 EEE HARRY A. THOMAS .. rv as snr L? Sophornores : E JOHN WILLIAM KIMMAN HAROLD D. THOMAS 5 2: 1 RONALD VENNATI RIKE WILLIAM MAURICE KIMMELSHUE 5 E CLYDE EVERETT MAXWELL NATHAN LYMAN RICE : 2 RAY L. GARMAN ROY WILLIAM LANDSTROM '-,E I MARION FINLEY CRANE 5 'E Freshmen E E CLARENCE R. LASH RUSSEL VERNON E E, RAYMOND VANCE WATSON FRANK H. VAN HOUTEN E E. MELVILLE CRANDALL LEROY H. MARTIN 5: 5: 0'l'gfl7L12'at107lS Two Hundred Sixty .' nv 141, 'ff . QHl2iL!LI2iI11Ifi!JISHHJISMSIRIJiiflliiiffiiiimifiiiGMIfiiiiiiiifllllliiiliii5'!!!'?iI,5iET4?SimiIHILRSEZWP I-u 1 H-, , , I I I M WT W FW W-VIE UHFML'Wk?'FTi5L?IV55'?'EWWF7E?f?!Y1!?W'271F5YNEf5?Tfi V? fiIfW'3'W5K?5EUEF?7WF9'I'LHIYFYF F' f 1' ' M7ff5?I?Fv if W 32 'f'T'lf"" fffffl 'A' I , , , - .., 11 xv . NVQ rr ...MQ XY - ,- X1 .5 X4 fy. v, . if 2 mi? ffl H-.h..,g,.X , A L KWH-n. ff'-Eff I + , L , ,WJ ,7 H, 1 V, 5 -ns - .X 1 ., , K mx MK If 59. 'Z QQJIAIW ,'I I -- , 5 SN CRANE LANDSTROM VERNON LASII II. A. THOMAS A KIMMAN GARMAN HUBBLE II. D. TIIOMAS KIMMELSIIUE EATON CARRITHERS BIIIKS SEXAUER SONVERS NELSON COX GANTZ IMOREY GROSS FLOCK GRAVEN DOXVNEY BARRETT HENSOLD COPENIIAVER KOPTIK SMOOT SAVAGE BROWVN RICE BIKE MARTIN XVATSON VAN IIOUTEN CRANDALL PURCELL Two Hundred Sixty-one Organizations . I ' I ..', .MV ., ,, - - u '!i?lx1.'17'v A ,,,, Iv "-J A' 'H , qw " " '1,L"'iW"!. 5 ggi , A 1 w 5, J -U, I asf f ix , ,,.-1 ' 'lamb Q' ME :E 'Q E ,msd NNT , r' , .f gllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIll1lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllI2 E fg j ALPHA CI-II' SIGMA U , .X PROFESSIONAL CHEMICAL FRATERNITY 2 Founded at University of Wisconsin 1902 tiwiffig 'Q Lmiffqa Active Chapters 26 , Alumni Chapters 3 -xxggif TFHE ZETA CHAPTER ' Established 1908 COLORS: Blue and Chrome Yellow RESIDENT MEMBERS I9l8 F. L. MICKLE, A. B. R. S. BRACEWELL, A.B. J. H. OLEWINE, B.S. A. R. POWELL, A.M. : H. E. REDENBAUGH, A.B. - MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY EDWARD BARTOW, Ph.D. TEST? J. BRODERSON, Ph.D. SMITH HOPKINS, Ph.D. F. KOHMANN, Ph.D. B. LEWIS, Ph.D. . W. MOHLMAN, Ph.D. W. A. NOYES, Ph.D., LL.D. S. W. PARR, M.S. D. F. MCFARLAND, Ph.D. A. L. WHITING, Ph.D. ROGER ADAMS, Ph.D. F. W. TANNER, Ph.D. R. C. TOLMAN, Ph.D. G. VAN ROSSEN HOOGENDIJK, Ph.D H. C. ARNOLD, A.M. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates F. F. FOOTITT E. A. REES W. D. HATFIELD L. H. RYERSON . E. H. VOLLWEILER H. A. WINKLEMAN S. D. KIRKPATRICK H. J. WEILAND WARREN A. RUTH T. O. WESTHAFER W. G. KARR L. F. YNTEMA H. E. FRENCH ' Seniors G. C. BAKER H. B. BRAMLET T. S. HAMILTON I. N. HULTMAN L. G. KRUG A. W. LANDSTROM L. F. LONG L. C. MAZWELL H. W. MOOR G. E. SLADEK W. V. WIRTH Juniors G. P. EDWARDS R. G. HEESCHEN K. C. KRUEGER C. C. ALARSON H. S. SNELL .Pledges A. N. BENNETT W. A. NOYES, JR. C. W. NESBITT P. A. ANDERSON 0"'.UfVn7:zfLti07'L5' Two Hundred Sixty-t gilllllllilllllllllllIllIllHilllllllllllllllllllllllIlillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllilillllllllllfli ', 2li4llilljiltlilII1H!1.i'1lI1.li2fI'i!1ll'23il',m'J.t4leawmtmslllllwwh ' - 5 hy f fl H 1'0w1sl.l. HAM! l.'l'0N YNTI-:MA M IC K 1.14 MIN N m"r RICYICRSON IIIIACICNYICLL ICDNVARDS VOI,IAYI'fll.lCli l"Rl'INCll IIA'l'l"II'Il.ll RICICS I"00'I'I'l'T lllilvxsclllw KRUI-:GER SNICLI, l.AnsoN Nl-:Slx1'r'1' NYIRTII W. A. NUYICS Jn. l.ANIlS'I'ROM M.xxwm.I. lmlilm W. A. NOYES llllAMl.l'I'1' JiUI,'1'A1AN LONG 11001: Two 1l1mrlr1'rl Sixty-three 0'l'gfl'I'LifJfLt7:07'LS W:,mll,4,!, .qw 4.4.,1w'Et,.,, rx. 1 lx EIIIUIIIIIIUICI lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IlllllllllllllllllllIIIllllillllllllllllIIIIIIIIHIIIIIHULE-f 5 E Q N E ' 'X I2 E' A L P I-I A R H O C I-I I 5 PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL FRATERNITY 3- zv ann-fi, A E 'IL' Founded at Universities of Illinois and Michigan 1914 3 T H E 5 Active Chapters 4 Alumni Chapter 1 E ANTHEMIOS CHAPTER . if l9l8 COLORS: Maroon and Navy Blue -E 5 MEMBER IN THE FACULTY 5 -:L WILLIAM SIDNEY WOLFE, B.S. 5 S HONORARY MEMBERS E E NATHAN CLIFFORD RICKER, Dr. Arch.JOSEPH CORSON LLEWELLYN, M.S. 5 2 LORING HARVEY PROVINE, B.S. CLARENCE HOWARD BLACKALL, M.S. - E ALLEN HOLMES KIMBALL, M.S. NORMAN FOOTE MARSH, M.S. 2 E JOSEPH MITCHELL KELLOGG, M.Arch.GEORGE WESLEY BULLARD, M.S. 3 E MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY I E 1 ,--- . i 1' Seniors -"" i 1 i Z -9 E JOSEPH J ULIAN PATTERSON EDWARD LEARCH :.: TRUMAN JEFFERSON STRONG GIFFORD W. LUTES 5 E ROSS HENRY THIELE JASPER PHILIP RUSSETT g E KARL MARSHALL WAGGONER THOMAS SHERIDAN TANNER -E E LOUIS NPIRE CRAWFORD HARRISON GEORGE OVEREND g 5 Juniors E E EDGAR IRVING KOBER EDWIN ELWOOD NEWCOMB 'E jj GEORGE LEONARD LINDEBERG' GEORGE FRED KECK : :.g LESTER HOWARD CHRISTEN ARTHUR LEE 2 1'-5 GUSTAVE HERMAN DUECHLER BERTHRAM MARSHALL THORUD E -- GODFREY HARTWELL 2 I3 - :: Sophornores E' an .3 -un un -E. CLIFFORD WALTER HUTTON HOWARD WESTON HOVEY L: 5 WILLIAM STUHR HARRY ANDREW HYLEN 4: 3 HERBERT B. BREIDLER WALTER GILES BISHOP E : BRENT GIRDLER WEBB GEORGE RICHARDSON POSTLE E if EDGAR ALBERT STUBENRAUCH 5 I E 0'rytl'n'iZat'i0'rLS Two Hundred Sixty-four E ,,,, un Fi' , l EIQIEIIIEIEIAEBIUISNNIEHIQIEIINIIIU HHH!! HHH! iiiI12WN!NIH!QI!WINHHHIIIFIHIIIHIEIIIIIIIIDIE .H MNH gy t H i L l11 m1aumazwreresseifnvsai:img rf. g.m.'mf1,am emmewwsmcm mr vw 5 mlHlz s few me r mama-srseaawmn, ,uw ww -, L , 1,5 1 mf- :wn - sv- umm 'tv-L mr, mr ms: nu. new rx-an mm- crm. -:nm fn cm Ji:-, .yy ,wx a- -: 'yew V, -Aw .ww mn wa FR.: vm vue, Q mek qw.: 0..- .,f-e. vw.. -nm .mm om ww ,W 4-nr uv .-1. my nn rx' um -sm. any ur- ue. wa uw e--1 M ff-, vm ,. in-L ,f Q -.wr mj- wm. 4 "' G "1 .vw mi. ' -4, aw , 'ITP ' rm .J L, . fan: 'ff 3, - uw. ww nm. W .mm ww UW -ma Xa: : um' -nr: can U,- ,vw .nw ma .mm mf am .93 fn: -as -4 x ,-,1 .uv . f -r ff.: .mf .Wm 'nn ,ifq-, 31256 ... E '11 P1 3 S Fl ... E Zia :ass E ca o EE ww I o 'v ... Ei: 04 Pi:- za Z ua 2-1 QE '12 :1 b C1 o .. .-. 2 Sm -1 .. I .- .1 -1 o U2 -a F' za E 'rnonuu cums'mN msucnmrc s'1'noNa 1.1Nn1an1mu um lmwrwrcm. , . 3 LUTES LEARCII 1-A'r'1'1snsoN OVEREND TANNEI! 'mmm wAGGoNnn cmuvmnu if ...H my .M-. L., i . 1322, Two Hundred Sixty-Jive Orgfmzzaizons fm .M Nun, A' ,.f." .fi -N ' X .-1 K 9 , 1' ,Q 15 V ,kj ,f 'J' :i'?v'Yr" ff W " I q,.f"3,j"w11:..R.x., ' ' W .'f'f' GMM ,M ' .21 'gif K" 'lg .N . M .1 K' mw43W:7A.T. fi " q'.i.iiEifv1. Ai A"' ff? ' ' 2, 7, Y l v ri U23 M ... wsu: -, ,.. ..,, .,., .., .... -.. .... .,- has ..,.. .... ... ... ... ,.. .,., .... ..,. Jn ,M .., W. .... ,m .., -. .M .,. ..- . .1.. .- U. .W ..,. ,... .M .M .,. .... .... .M .M ... ... ... ,., .., .,. .,.. , .K -Y ..- ,.. ... ... .W ,.. -l. .... ..- .... M... ... ,. ,. ...w .M ,..w .., N. .., .,. ,., ... ,,,. ... .. ...V .... ,. M., W. M ..,., A., -N M.. ..A. .M .. is-ifmememmam1wwamwseamemexemeuckemamQme saezsaemwswammfemawxkvnvumaammrfz : Lf!?"-'T 3 -I F A R M I-I O U S E PROFESSIONAL AGRICULTURAL FRATERNITY Founded at University of Missouri 1905 Active Chapters 3 ILLINOIS CHAPTER ' Established 1914 COLORS: Green, White, and Gold RESIDENT MEMBERS WILLIAM ROBERT JONES - BENJAMIN HARRISON QUESTEL GEORGE SAMUEL HEDRICK MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY HENRY PERLY RUSK, M.S. JOHN BENJAMIN RICE, M.S. JAMES WILBUR WHISENAND, M.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY V Seniors HERBERT STASSEN HINRICKS WARREN REES HORNEY BEN COOPER EADE ARTHUR ALEXIS OLSEN BERTHIER WESLEY FAIRBANKS EDWIN IVAN PHILGARD GEORGE FREDERICK BINDER FRANK WILLIAM JONES LLOYDE WALTON CHALCRAFT MARION REECE FINDLEY ELFRITH GEORGE JOHNSON Juniors GEORGE BRUINGTON WHITMAN HAROLD NORTON HUNGERFORD LOIE JAMES HONNOLD GILBERT STEWART WILLEY DELOS MAURICE CHALORAI-'T WALTER ADOLPH GOELITZ WILLIAM FRANK PURNELL EVERETT LOUIE JOHNSON ARTHUR BUCKLEY CLOSE Sophomores HARVEY EDGAR BREWBAKER BERTRAM EUGENE SKINNER PAUL FISHER Freshmen EVERETT ROLAND READE ALDEN BOWERS FRYMIRE Organizations Two Hundred Sixty-sim HONNOLD E. G. JOHNSON FRYMIRE GOELITZ E. L. JOHNSON FINLEY SKINNER READE PIIILGAIID NVILLEY HUNGERFORD VVHITMAN D. CI-IALCRAFT PURNELL BREVVBAKER L. CIIALCRAFT OLSON BINDER HINRICIIS FAIRBANKS JONES EADE HORNEY Two H undrcd Sixty-seven O7'ga'YLiZ0,ti0'nS 'EWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIImeIIIIIEIEzIIIsIIIsalIIIE,.IIIsII.vIIIInmmmummIIImean:summersEmsmrrmmmeIII, Mr' 1... .A-fy-'I if 'Erw- ,-1 'v .X 455. In ,Is A., .na .u. ..- as-S 1-. ov f F" 1118" " -un -xswrg... rg, f g:, -4' g ,1 T2 XF ' 1 Wfy :Q ..:.: - 4- on vrsllguvs v' Lug, .Iv .. . ., THE "' f-YA V ' l ' ' ale- -' f- XT- E j vi Q I :zz il ' no . A.. f 2 , W 5 ...V .. I 2 'za' I X52 4, KING GIIISLIN TROSTER VVIIITE DEVLIN 2 "AI'- RR:-"' Ic nmnnnn BOESCIILNSTFIN ARMSTRONG UTI FY HEAR PIIALFN : :H XY IIITINEY I U Y K LE JFYNER DIFT7 COUNTRYIIIAN IIUEDI JUDSON II XGPR BOSTON YOUNG NIACONIBER AMES LOGAN' OMEARA : nf. vm .-I S.. mn .-Q vw- u-. .S -M. In n my-. f-,Y eu- n-. qua nu zn- -nm um vm.. 'um - an an -an -in :- ,iw nn- fm.. nn- pu-- .-4 .um as wav -nm Q- .--A Q4 I-uf. V1-1 fn-uw nu. fn.. .-A. nu, -I... nu. ..- u-4 -. 1 -A NI. an -1... an Ita 2 an -ALPHA KAPPA PSI Q um mv PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL FRATERNITY 5 Founded at New York University 1905 ' Active Chapters 14 .Alumni Chapter 1 EPSILON CHAPTER E Established 191.2 COLORS: Blue and Gold 2: RESIDENT MEMBERS Q JOHN F. DOYLE PHIL D. ARMOUR E ARTHUR METZLER ZZ MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E DAVID KINLEY, Ph.D. LEWIS YOUNG, Ph.D. 25 NATHAN WESTON, Ph.D. HIRAM SOOVILLE, A. B. rg MAURIOE ROBINSON, Ph.D. WILLIAM BRITTON, J. D. 53 HARRISON MCJOHNSON, A.M. PAUL DOUGLAS, A.M. ::, MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 5 Seniors 3 l E .. ... un., an 1 IRVING B. COUNTRYMAN 3,-A rf 1-O. nn. vu.. A.. nv. y..- .wi S-I uf I, -v-.. ARTHUR T. YOUNG HENRY M. HAGER EMERY G. HALL FRANK A. LOGAN JOHN L. DEVLIN PAUL M. BOSTON FRANK B. MAOOMBER WALDO B. AMES FRANK M. JUDSON J. LAFETON WHITNEY CHARLES RUEDI . ALLEN R. OMEARA HIRSOHL KING Juniors LAWRENCE JENNER HAROLD BOESCHENSTEIN MARION TROSTER CARLETON HEALY LLOYD GHISLIN GEORGE SALLADIN LEO KLEIN RANDALL BEAR HORACE ARMSTRONG CHESTER KREIDLER NELSON UTLEY JOHN DIETZ HAROLD WHITE ROBERT PHALEN O7'gfL1Lizaii0'rLS Two Hundred Sixty-eight fimizi. wereIasfmsszzzI2zzllzasmzaazzmmzIsa:IIIummnrmlmnammumunwmlnlllmmlm 'llHH11111wmw1vaiw-awflwuxirax-II"1f4411f11I1s12'-W Iff'II-'-W-wrywQff f"1"14-I ' x- I .,f, I .f. I .-1w..q.I. ' 1.1m.n.-1 f,., .I:v.1- I ,R1 SOIETWELL IIUMMIQLAND GETIIMAN IIRONVNING DAVIS ' IIUISKHN CIIARII 9 C1II'lTl"NI LN SLAFDPI l IFIV S'Il INIIOII BYI RS IIURSH PARMFI I'I IATFS H RH 111 CRAXVFOIID XVASIII URN AIIYOI D K E R A M O S PROFESSIONAL CERAMIC FRATERNITY Founded at University of Illinois 1915 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E. W. WASHBURN C. W. PARMELEE R. K. HURSH H. C. ARNOLD HONORARY MEMBERS R. T. STULL C. W. PARMELEE A. V. BEINENGER E. W. WASHBURN R. K. HURSH ' MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors J. W. WRIGHT , CHARLES E. BATES T. S. BROWNING, JR. F. L. STEINHOFF J. L. CRAWFORD , G. E. SLAEDEK R. N. CHITTENDEN Juniors M. GETHMANN R. W. HUMMELAND GORDON KLEIN R. E. DAVIS H. H. SORTWELL L. H. BYERS T. H. MOCORMAOK H. A. HUISKEN Sophomore A. CHARLES Ilumzp-cd sim,-nm Organizations ' . , , . I .wi I vs RISSINGER STANLEY SCIIULTZ CIIENOWETII SODAIIO DIETMEIER DENNIS MAYNARD SCIIROEDER SMITH ROST SKELTON WK RIGIIT DOOLEN ELESON LENZFN SPICE!! IRICK PETERSON PROFESSIONAL PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY Founded at University of Illinois 1911, COLORS: Red and White MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY J H BEARD, A.M., M.D. J. S. KINGSLEY, Sc D W E. BURGE, A.M., Ph.D. H. B. LEWIS, Ph.D R D. GLASGOW, Ph.D. J. A. SPERRY, M.S Ph D MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors E. R. ELESON F. STEWART A. F. LENZEN t W. L. VEIRS 1 Juniors H. O. DENNIS C. C. IRICK H. R. DIETMEIER J. A. PETERSON G. W. DOOLEN F. L. CHETOWETH G. W. JONES W. K. MAYNARD A. J. RISSINGER T. A. RosT W. E. WRIGHT Sophoinores D. F. STANLEY C C. MAHER R. H. SCHROEDER L. W. SCHULTZ M. B. SKELTON B. A. SMITH J. C. SODARO Organizations Two fli d d Se u FISHER SIIARER ERICKSON GOIIEY XVASIIHURN PIDIISON C01 ION 0 '1 XX ALI FR TIIOM KS M U S A N MUNICIPAL AND SANITARY ENGINEERING SOCIETY Founded at Uniilersity of Illinois 1916 COLORS: White and Gold MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY EDWIN THOME COLTON EDWARD BINGLE ERICKSON HARRY EASTMAN FISHER GEORGE FRANCIS GOREY PERCY WRIGHT OTT T Ilundrcd Seventy- Seniors FRANK HARLAN PIERSON DONALD DAVID SHARER STANLEY JEREMIAH THOMAS HARVEY STANTON WALKER JAMES WILLIAM WASHBURN Organizations Qllllllllllllllllllllllll!llIllllllIlllIIIIllfllllllllllllllllllllllimllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllILg 1 3 Qs l i Q ei , J -. 2 I S' - snfllzhxqaj 'Willy ' ,l PI-II ALPHA DELTA Mi LAW FRATERNITY Fonnflecl at Kent College of Law, Chicago, 1897 THE I , ACt1V6 Chapters 36 Alumm Chapters 12 MAGRUDER CHAPTER - ISIS Established 190.4 COLORS: Old Gold and Purple - RESIDENT MEMBERS E LYNN S. CORBLY, L.L.B. S. N. KANE, L.L.B. 2 A. B. WRIGHT, A.M. 2 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY 3:3 CHARLES E. CARPENTER, L.L.B. WILLIAM E. BRITTON, A.B., J .D. 2 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 5 Seniors ' E FRANK A. SCHOEMBS CURTISS LA Q. DAY : S. R. CUNNINGHAM GUY B. RENO E HOWARD M. ANDREWS T. SHERMAN MORGAN : ESSEL R. DILLAVOU RUSSELL B. LIEDEL E FRANKLIN H. GEILER 5 Juniors E GEORGE LANDON DAVID A. WARFORD 5 WILLIAM H. MARTIN . OSCAR W. BURGESS : ROLAND E. WINKLEMAN HARRY D. ALBERT E CONRAD H. KARKOW E U Sophornores E JAMES A. PETERSON FORSTER G. MITCHELL E HAROLD EMERY DALE BILLMAN 2 WINFRED G. SKELTON F. MERLE PETERSON 5 . WILLIAM H. HARTMANN 'E ' Freshmen E - WALTER H. CLANAHAN JOHN BOWMAN : PAUL B. KELLY STEPHEN S. STARR E EARL BURGESS GEORGE W. TEMPLE 5 CECIL MOORE E 07'Qa'l1izati07LS Two Hundred Seventy-t1vo will Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllll 1 1 1 1 1 llllllilll 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 t 1 1 1 1 1 1 an 1 1 an 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 i 1 5 1 1 1 L . glllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIBIIIIIIIE U ll!illlllllalllliivilll-X1H1ll'iHF'II12HZHHHEVINNIEwqlwwwf '13llimfmffkiiiii".V-"EV . fl ,V A E. IIURGESS CLANAIIAN KELLY STARR TEMPLE SKIGLTON HOXVMAN MOORE EMISRY M. PE'1'l:IRSON IIARTMANN J. PETERSON ANDREXVS MARTIN 0. IEURGESS MITCHELL LANDON ' KAIRKOXV XVINKLEMAN HILLMAN MORGAN NVAIEFORD LXlCIll'IL RENO scuox-:Mus CUNNINGHAM DILLAVOU GFIILEII DAY Two Hunrlrcd S1'11cnt11-tlwcc O9'gG,7'L'iZfLi'I:0'I'LS 1 L 1 NXXA VY ,V If . ,wb I' A J! . W' ,wid . ffg L i r lg f L: 'J 9 . , . SMITH LYONS ICRAUEL CLEGG VAN IIEVISNTICII CASTLE RAIIN SWVENSON RAM SER DIESICRIH1 XVICSTGAY CON K LI N MIN KICMA M ATSON' EVANS KX OXIZRTON RIIENIIILL A LRX LUNGRICN NEED! FR LK RFNC TA U S I G M A PROFESSIONAL MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY PI Fozmded at University of .illinois 1915 Active Chapters 2 . Alumni Chapter .ALPHA OF ILLINOIS CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY W. F. M. Goss, M.S. A. G. WILLARD, B.S. G. A. GOODENOUGH, M.S. B. W. BENEDICT, B.S O. A. LEUTWILER, M.E. R. E. KENNEDY H. W. MILLER, M.E. A. P. KRATZ, M.S. o. R. RICHARDS, BME., HONORARY MEMBER L. A. HARDING, M.E. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY G. T. AVERY P. S. CONKLIN F. E. EVANS R. H. LAWRENCE - W. H. MINKEMA R. M. OVERTON J. H. RAMSER J. W. SMITH F. M. VAN DEVENTER C. C. CLEGG Seniors Juniors D. W. CASTLE V. S. DAY H. GREENHILL A. N. LUNGREN J. H. NEEDLER R. S. PFEIFFER L. F. SIMPSON C. E. SWENSON J. H. WESTBAY H. C. DEE O7'gll1l'I:ZtLf'i071.S Tn-0 Ilundrcd Sc c yf BULTIOCK HILL CARROL REID GRAVEN ZEIGENHAGEN VVEIDEMANN STOUFFER TOLMIE MC KONVN SMIDL TICKNOR FICKETT H. E. MUELLER C. 0. MUELLER BRADLEY FLFMING TEASDALE SCIIODNE LOVDLL DAVIS WILLIAMS INGRAM HANSCHMANN SELLER BROXVN STODDARD ROVVD RITTDR P S I M U PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL FRATERNITY Founded at Univesrity of Illinois 1914 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY A PERCY ASH, B.S. RALPH EDWARD MUEHLMAN, B.S. RALPH STANLEY FLEMING, B.S. WILLIAM MACEY STAUNTON, B.S. RHODES ROBERTSON JOSEPH EDWIN BURGERS LEON DEMMING TILTON, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors D. H. BABCOCK J. B. CARROL A. S. GRAVEN J. W. TOLMIE R. L. MCKOWN E. SMIDL J. H. TICKNOR C. O. MUELLER H. E. MUELLER L. BRADLEY J. H. FLEMMING W. B. EWER J. C. SCHERRICK H. . REID L. SELZER - F. HANSOHMANN . INGRAM WFW 5 Q 0 5 S 'QU 9, . E a. F' U2 as C m 3 vu ? 'HX Q Q Q .Y Q 9 3 Q . N 9 H- Sr O 3 V3 J imio rs H. O. BARTLETT A. W. LADDEHOFF J. W. TEASDALL H. F. SCHOENE W. ZEIGENHAGEN M. M. LOVELL C. C. LUNDEEN M. R. DAVIS C. H. WILLIAMS T. BROWN G. W. STODDARD C. B. ROWE J. G. RITTER K. G. COOLING E. L. STOUFFER E. W. FICKETT L. E. HILL D. V. CHAPMAN '1.+ QIIIIIIIm-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWIMIIIIIIIIII1:4mfasmxusazmuaiwmassawwmmummmuzmnnsawzmaIIIIR3 .AIT .L 033. 'TMI f -' 'I--I 'I r 'EFS-If 3 5 . .-' -v 5.01- ,gvanw Rig, I... ...W f :rg , V Xfllf-15:6-I-Q i I - MX., ' J J..l..X L .-If . . -.Avy ywJj'?-' A ,. .. ,.A?'d'Jf' 5 fff s-? 'f 974S'. .I J ef. ,. ,.I.!J'L Z ' 'Q -f"'g i 5 E 2.1 Q 559 I if I ' ff : ZS 'H 1' I I it im . ...hz .xi r,., Mix. R... . A' .Aw .I In ...- .L -a Ms 4 he BUIINSIIPE SODICIIIIIZIIG IIIGRNARD GEYVALT CRESS SM ITII MUESSEL VAUGIIAN INGXVIERS A'I'l"YI'V II ICI' IIIII' IS NI"I'l Y I IIX l'AIII'I'IIOI' ' IIAII I AIC 'I' CAIIVFY IIUNIPIIII IS I III L JON S S .NS .MAN COII. I LPNVI DAIIRI' IMARTIN PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL FRATERNITY Founded at University of I llinois 1909 Active Chapters 4 Alumni Chapters 2 KARNAK TEMPLE CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY JAMES MCLAREN WHITE, B.S. FRANK CUSHING SMITH, B.S. NEWTON ALONZO WELLS, M.P. LEMUEL C. DILLENBACH, M.A. RALPH RODNEY ROOT, M.L.A. CARL VICTOR BURGER, B.A. WILLIAM C. TITCOMB B.S. OWEN J. T. SOUTHWELL, A.B. ROBERT TAYLOR JONES, B.S. FRED N. EVANS, B.S. C. E. PALMER, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY W. A. BEHEL C. S. BERNARD S. H. COILE - G. C. DARRELL K. A. BURNSIDE H. SODERBERG C. H. GEWALT E. E. CRESS L. L. SMITH R. A. MUESSEL H. F. VAUGHAN E. L. NOTT K. W. CARR G. W. SCOTT Organizations Seniors J. T. LEWIS Juniors M. T. PETERSEN x R. H. HUMPHREYS D. E. JONES E. G. MARTIN H. L. SENSEMAN A. H. INGWERS H. G. ANTENEN J. R. HODGE E. G. REHM J. C. NEELY E. T. BLIX F. C. KAHLTHOFF R. B. HARRIS W. J. ALCOOK E. J. GARVEY Two Ilnmlrrd Seventy s an JR " ' t'I"'f"?f 2 -'4'wrfms-.?1s,.-g'."'- Q- v.-I, 4 Ig I ww .A " - a xi:Hr:A?-:m:1:3f,,:.f?3aIirawfw-I-IIE:? fp UPL Q1Sidi31312HfQiEE3.YiiW1"1kff'MGP?EIMIHIZEWANEPIMNSTQWHQHM'11':rf'lI!i'E1i2'5lPEW'iW'f5Ili'IfEQ?2'WPWPQHILEIELQELKTEQH MWMfrZ!lHif'235' ,W ,, Y I Y' . 'I '. I .Aw J mb, R7 ' V E YA - :RER X' I ' I Qffi'f'T4-ff my ,ITL V. ,W-A 1 Irv-V. M-Mfffdv'-' 'M' 4 gi fff . ik A . K "If - l 1 'JT :iigmtjv mg, A., -- .... w' I' I A, IIA I- . A ' ?'. .1 -" 344' u g 'qm I. I sg. -I Iwi 'Y 3412.1 i 1 5. J IIROXVN IIALIINVIN 5 REMLEY LAVAL IIOTTIZS GNAEIPINGER ANTOSZHWSKI SEYSTER HEESIC IIEIIM W ' 'I...,f"M RAPIIAELSON SIMONS GOULD MOSS DAY IIIDDS STOTZENIKIERG K NAl'l'liNlKEYlGIiR NEEDIIAM B B L E R S' L S C RI C U AJ. l OFFICERS 43 President Secretary CURTISS LA Q. DAY Lois SEYSTER Vice President Tfrerzsurer CATHERINE NEEDHAM RUTH ALICE Moss RESIDENT MEMBERS OLIVE HORMEL AGNES WRIGHT MRS. E. M. NICKOLEY MEMBERS IN-THEIEAQULTYMAQ-A Qwnmwwg- 'WTIRA' DICI?ERsoN NELLIE ROBERTS K. J. T. EKBLAW R. E. TIEJE MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY I Seniors RUTH ALICE Moss CURT1ss LA Q. DAY RAYNA SIMONS J. M. KNAPPENBERGER FLORENCE STOTZENBURG SAMPSON RAPHAELSON GRACE TAYLOR ANTHONY R. GOULD VERA EDDS Juniors CATHERINE NEEDHAM LUCILLE REESE ELEANOR JEWETT G. EDWARD REHM FLORA HOTTES ROBERT H. ANTOSZEWSKI ROBERT J. GNAEDINGER Sophomores LOIS SEYSTER GRACE BROWN MARCELLE LAVAL WALTER B. REMLEY MILTON F. BALDWIN Two Hunrlrcd Sc1,'r1zty-:ICUHI O7'gfl?'L'fZU,ti07LS 'N 'HI2SAISSWWIIQTEQIW!!IHEZWEEHFMEZQFWNQGSSSHEQ59EEE3553? L f' f BENQ?-"'.'1?3 ...I W. -A. -I. T R I A N G L E PROFESSIONAL CIVIL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded at University of Illinois 1.907 Active Chapters 4 Alumni Chapter 1 ILLINOIS CHAPTER COLORS: Old Rose and Gray ' RESIDENT MEMBERS ROBERT C. WAGNER, JR. JOHN R. DONALDSON ROY R. ZIPPRODT MEMBER IN THE FACULTY HARRISON FREDERICK GONNERMANN, B.S. HONORARY MEMBERS MELVIN LORENIUS ENGER, C.E. FREDERICK HAYNES NEWELL, D.Engr. IRA OSBORN BAKER, D.Engr. ARTHUR NEWELL TALBOT, C.E. JOHN PASCAL BROOKS, M.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate WILLIAM LOVE PARISH Seniors CHARLES HOWARD SHEPPARD EDWARD BRINGLE ERICKSON CHARLES MCKINLEY ETTINGER DAN BABCOCK EDGAR THEODORE MULFORD LEONARD LOUIS DAVIS CARL OSCAR MUELLER FRANK HARLAN PIERSON HERBERT EDWARD MUELLER JAMES WILLIAM WASHBURN Juniors EINER THOMAS BLIX FLORIAN LAMPERT, JR. ELDRED EVERETT CRESS NORMAN ELSWORTH SPRAGUE JOHN REED HODGE CHARLES BAGWELL TAYLOR HERBERT WILLIAM HOEHNKE LYLE AVERY WILSON ARTHUR DETLEF LADEHOFF HAROLD LEONARD SENSEMAN FREDERICK ROBERT HANSCHMANN ' Sophornores JOHN CLAUDE ALLMAN DONALD DANA GROVER COURTNEY HAROLD CRIM EZRA EDWARD BAUER VERNON-LESLIE GLOVER CASPER FERDINAND HENNING DANIEL CRECELIOUS SI-IUPING O7'gll7L'iZ!Lt1:0'7LS Two Ilundrcd Seventy ght --J GROVICR ALLMAN LADEIIOFF IIENNING CRIM CRELS LAMPERT IIOICIINKE NVILSON liLlX IIANSCIIMANN SENSICMAN SPRAGUE IIODGH 'TAYLOR PARISH XVASIIHURN PIERSON DONALDSON MULFORD ERICKSON HANCOCK SIIEPPARD ETTINGER DAVIS C. MUELLER II. M UELLISR Two Ilundrcd Seventy-nine Oyganizations ...Au ,,.,. 1-"CCH-4"ii -...I Rf ,. -H. P... .-.. -.-.. .. -eff:-1 1 --lk yfgtfkirw Y A J T ' .... t if I . Qqqvvfx. 'T--ff , ... J W H.. ' ,N RER ZA I -W J' ,Y TI-E U EJ 243553 Q., 1 I PM . 1 :na ILL, -Y T'jjf"f-, -. 75, -, - ,v4- . f 5-.ww-." V , 3 .If-Q..ft,g,,,'...gLg' ' 1 .4 ' , A ,, 5 -n lu.- H.. wm- -0 .un U.. fa-+ 44, -ni: ,,,,,,. mn. -.v-. wa, fum. fu- -nun Mtn. -an 'Inu um 1-nr. an nn- if- ui. uv an an 'urn an -pq was -an up an un- -vu, nn na nn as an na. eq nu -sn an an -c nn- .-w . am nn ,vnu an uu- um an an an an wg an us. nw nu M.: -N. um sn. nn um. - M- na my .vm .dm um Av- un our -4 our an 4-ar an Iwa- -.. ., 1- .S wr mmf' we vw- 'nu .. 14 .,,.,, mm, 1-c .fe -vm .,,,,.. qw. aw rm-r ...if- fn-M ,,.,,., -E . ,Mn 'Q' ""A F1L'2!IQ'5ES!f'MEi'!?F?VHISIFEFBEXIE?SSWEETIQSEHEQKIRUIHWN!MFMS5'ElEE'EESI1IillllllkifffllfkllgkhflfbiIFIFFIH-EHFHW5 FLANNERY HAYNES REICIIELDERFEIT FOULKE KRAI-'T K IIOESCIIEI. IIICKEY TIC EVFIIS PFTTER TUTTI E NEXVTON OTT OWVFYS CLARK GIFRTY LUND SIU PARD PFCK NEEDLER MAI!! XVARDT CAMI HFLL REED TI-IETA TAU A PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Foimclecl at University of .Michigan 1.904 Active Chapters 10 COLORS: Dark Red and Gold KAPPA CHAPTER Established 1 91 6' MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY HARRY WILARD MILLER, M.E. WILBUR M. WILSON, MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graciuate RICHARD LAWRENCE TEMPLIN - Seniors WILLIAM OSCAR NELSON ROY LEE PECK J ULIEN HEQUEMBOURG NEEDLER HENRY WILLIAM MARQUARDT CHARLES WARREN CAMPBELL JAMES PIERCE TUTHILL ARTHUR EDWARD GIERTZ JACK VIRTUS LUND ERNEST MCEVERS ROY SITTIG KROESCHELL HAROLD PATTERSON OWEN G. HARRY REICHELDERFER DANIEL WEBSTER HICKEY Organizations J imiors HERBERT BUELL DUTTON' MAURICE JOHNSON REED HARRY DARBY, JR. ROBERT EUGENE JOHNSON CHARLES HOWARD SHEPPARD CHARLES M. CLARK JOHN EKERN OTT CHARLES FLANNERY REYNOLD R. KRAFT STANLEY PETTER ROBERT KEITH NEWTON RONALD EDWIN FOULKE WALTER ELLIOT HAYNE Two Hmzrlrcd Eighty -..Q ......, ,W-1 , un .--W , ,M .-wr: c-mi f-wr 'von :mm 'nm f up f 'lm 4 wr --1-I J an f-we mv: fun. rss., Im: f Usa fm, mu. on vnu., flu naw fmt flu rx ,U rp., rua ffm., vw., cv! 1:4 clam rms- fum rm, rm ,I rm., 47-m new fm.: ma, au.,- cf., una :Av uw any -vu: nav um -if .-nf .I run! 4 in mow Inu I -my nur: raw rleu rm, cwu I rv.-.4 1 -au.. wo my 4 nv in-.1 nr-I 552 fav nur, mm mm mn- mm nm: fx-4 1 I sm.: ru-ev av-9 'Bd 'an an, mv: rin 1: elm var .Inu ovv fa-17 rv f ww :vw may 1 my fm, fu-Au mn, .,., fp: J I ww I'-ww um.. ffm new ri.-J . my . ww. .rw-. .gp -me unn- fum. mn M--A nm , ..,, . 1.1 I wg I nw, ,ww-, A--s fun. ,uw fun Inu I-um 'Sa- ,sw 4-...,, ug 'am an iiiiifiiiiHEHEIEKHNMI?IM1iaiil6JaiLMfQ2'iIf?3 ?FZ"iEiHliM3ENEE5EEIWFFIHWWEIYYEIES ZEBLFEEINS 13EFMHEHSRREEEHEEEEESIEii if: H!MH!fCLLYHIl.!3lR!IHIEFIHEHSSXSIEEEIf!!-iii: MZ.5557223.i?.23'HH'2Le2f 'L'Z374fHgT'flgQ!ZQ'QgHQQi5fHyH2QiiiQ 53 1 HARRIS REID FICKETT DAVIS MC KONVN THOMAS CLARK UNIVERSITY LANDSCAPE ARCI-IITECT'S SOCIETY Founded at University of Illinois 1913 Active Chapters 5 R. R. ROOT CHAPTER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY J. C. BLAIR R. R. Ro0'r C. M. ROBINSON F. N. EVANS L. D. TILTON HONORARY MEMBERS E. DAVENPORT W. N. RUDD H. B. DORNER MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors R. L. MCKOWN B. H. CLARK J. L. THOMAS M. R. DAVIS Juniors H. S. REID R. B. HARRIS E. M. FICKETT Two Hundred Eiglity-one ' 01'gCL'IZiZllii0'l'LS HMI:LE3flIfILal.I:.e.f.mgm3E 1 ' 12 .qv f -I. gf . '.'fL'ff". A ' ft 'ff' 'Wh Qvvfl-I' J i. "V ff A .W my V 1, ig XQQMNTT ,ffm VH .fi 1" fl f' ,f '-Mv,E'?.'wg, "L A IWW., . ' 'Is - '75i.'i"' an' ' , .f am . I '-.f2f 'gji' W If 3 iraq' 3 , I ith! I 2' S . . WU ...V . ,JA F . .,.- ,.. .vw igtw-39 wa M3 ""'w,Lg: IH!! lllillllllltillslllnnuillHH!!!2H1511lbllllfg1,14f4'jg1,yl,g.,gHqfIgH,,U-MJIMMUHgHi5q.I,.,q.f,r,!.1.,.,,H!HIHNH4H ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA 5 In the Chicago Drpa1'tmf"nts Founded at Dartmouth College 1888 . Active Chapters 41 U Established 1899 ' U COLORS: White and Green A ' MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY H WILLIAM B. BARSHA, A.B., M.D. CHARLES DAVISON, M.D. " -NORVAL PIERCE, M.D. WILLIAM L. GAMBLE, B.S., M.D. J. HAYES HESS, M.D. J. BROWN LORING, M.D. E. K. FINDLAY, M.D. CECIL V. BACHELLE, M.S., M.D. EDWARD L. HEINTZ, Ph.G., M.D. CHARLES H. PHIEER, M.D. GEORGE J. LORCH, Ph.G., M.D. HENRY E. IRISH, M.D. H. O. SHAFER, M.D. R. L. FURBY, M.D. MEMBERS MARTIN B. JELLIEI-'E HARTLEY F. MARS, Ph.C. JoHN,.ROSS HARGER, B.S.,' M.D. WESIQEY J. WOOLSTON, M.D. RICHARD C. STEFFAN, M.D. RAYMOND W. MCNEALY, M.D. EDWARD KENT ARMSTRONG, M.D. A. J. GRAHAM, M.D. I F. RAYMOND CROOKS, M.D. JACOB C. KRAFT, A.B., M.D. OSCAR EUGENE NADEAU, B.S., M.D. WILLIAM B. WEST, M.D. KARL A. MEYER, M.D. EDWARD F. SLAVIK, M.D. LYNDON HARRIS, M.D. LEWIS S. HOFFMAN, M.D. IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors HERBERT R. ROYSTER HERBERT C. CAROTHERS LEON WADE MARTIN, Ph.C. ARNOLD K. SUTCH NED AMOS WELDON HENRY J. MCCOY EDWARD F. SLADEK, B.S. GEORGE KOPTIK, B.S. PAUL R. HUBER, Ph.C. DUANE W. PROPST, A.B. EVERETT R. LAMBERTSON GEORGE ELVIDGE THOMAS T. RACKLII-'FE LEWIS T. BAXTER CARL H. MEYERS Organizations FRANK J. SAUER BASIL O. HARTWELL Juniors JAMES E. FEATHERSTONE, B.S. HAROLD E. HOCUM, B.S. CHESTER H. PERKINS, B.S. Sophomores WALTER R. FISCHER Freshmen JAMES W. PARKER FRANKLIN L. RUBRIGHT DONALD E. FAXON CHARLES E. MERRILL JOHN J. DOWLING Two Hundred Eighty-two Helwnws' I ,aww-I N ' I' ' f kt BACKLIFFE M ERRILL. FAXON RUIKRIGIIT BAXTER FISCIIFIR, PRGPST ROYSTER KOPTIK LAMllER.'l'SON PARKER IIOCUM ELVIDGE DONVLING PERKINS SLADICK IIART WELL MC COY BUTCII MARS IIUBER FEATIIERSTON WVELDON BAUER IRISH JICLLIFI-'E MARTIN CARDTHERS Two Hundred Eighty-three O'l'gCL'I'LiZOIfti0'l'LS glllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllilfllli IllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIININE , ' x G 91 fN,,,1.,4 DELTA SIGMA DELTA . In the Chicago Departments I Iii Founded at University of Michigan 1882 ' Active Chapters 25 ' Alumni Chapters 28 RHO CHAPTER l9l8 Established 1901 ' COLORS: Turquoise, Blue and Garnet MEMBERS IN FACULTY 5 FREDERICK B. MOOREHEAD, M.S., D.D.S., M.D. :: DONALD MACKAY GALLIE, D.D.S. : GEORGE WALKER DITTMAR, D.D.S. 2 FREDERICK BOGUE NOYES, B.S., D.D.S. : LOUIS SOHULTZ, D.D.S. E LOUIS E. BAKE, D.D.S. ll FIQQUUQPDFQBI lllll 999119599 Um O Y E 3 E. en- S. 5. 1 1 nn- 1 1 3 3 1 3 1 1 1 an 1 1 i 1 an in un 3 i 3 i in 'SOLOMON P. STARR, D.D.S. FRANK J. BERNARD, D.DS. JOHN C. MCGUIRE, D.D.S. W. IRA WILLIAMS, D.D.S. EDWARD J. KREJCI, D.D.S. MELZOR W. DEIST, D.D.S. WILLIAM CUSICK, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY . G. BEAN R. CONROY L. DOLSON A. EKLUND F. FRANZWA E. IDE A. JARRET R. JOHNSON' M. KERN P. BELLAN C. BRIGGS T. BREYER BROWN W. CARROLL D. DURSEMA B. FREEMAN L. GORMAN Seniors J nniors W. KUBACKI C. S. LEE . J. M. OELSCHLAGER I J. C. MOCLURKIN P. J. SECREST B. O. SIPPY B. Q. SMITH G. L. WEIR L. G. WHITE W. D. OLSON J. S. OWEN M. J. SENTY J. W. STUBBS A. F. THOMAS W. E. TURNER R. E. WILDER O. B. YEATMAN Two Hundred Eighty-four SHNIlllllifllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllIllllllllllIlllllllllililllllllliIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIF Q Wi!L1WlI?111T1MW1Z114iJZif4.'12lIMLl333.H1!i!53059353diiililfi-lil-1PM1l"H'4Ti'HZQJEWHSNUl7iM:3Il:NHTH3l3HLi3f3,H1151315 314 M3 iMLHfl-NWI!-Ei 3455513 .,1., M 1' wfzffgx ge: ' 4' 4' T: SL ., 7 Qi Q - .,.. J A ' Q. J r T?-4 , 3 N . Q' TE ' wx ff""'V -f. wwf" M-A-1 M.. 'K 'N V' it X A f-zz' iiiw,-25191540 'H' "EMM 0 ' Y X- W ' - A . mr 1-M'--sw-.5 ,J -4, C41 1 ' 53? 1' 2, 'g . - gjgg a1!e.5,. .,. R if K., f. ,4 . 5 E-xi A RK ft? il 'iii SRM L 279' ' mm ,lwvr G" K.-. 'Sill ., ....,.,. X M .M M ...,. -V W. . - W iii H' iii' 757 Q 14. at , M, M. If TIT iff. 'TLT KA YK ' Q Q , lm, . . E. J' .M 2,11 Lf. L., . W rig: YQ: Q W wiv U K ,M ., .. ff Ziff 2.33 M, 2-111' W. U., R12 Q'-Rv TURNER FREEIUAN CARROLL DURSEMA OLSON HRIGGS KERN BEAN CONROY WVEIR OELSCIILAGER MC CLURKINI EKLUND SZ' IHDE KUISACKI SECREST FRANZXVA SIPPY DOLSON NVIIITE SMITH W . it, YEATIMAN OYVEN HELLAN SENTY STUIIISS TIIOINIAS GORMAN 11: EZ X'-TJ' :SIT fifi ' ,ZLL 1522 n . L.. .,,. ,fm "ful Q41 'Ur I ,A M J 22 ,Q . ...L M RTT' if 2212 if I Two Ilumircd Eiglnty-Jive 07'g!L'l'L7fZllfi077,S .3 r 1, at 1, 'H .Iva-fl -"M -R, .f wr ,,1ff-'1w'1w!M'11VTniiml ' ',,f??M141,1iU'Z1'i'fI-Milk. ' Y N' M.- ' ' fx 2541.2311i'1Ti41ff-Wim. Q I .J ' Ii-Y LI' -:r'gLIj14ygIlr',i.n:VI, II II - ,,1.-. ,.!,4,.,,,,,,3 ,,'! 'rt ,V V N IIN Il If - 13.1, fi' 1 , , .iw HM I l'.f 'w!"I'l"3w',.'f"Q-,j!f'54Q'M'f7i.jfIHIHIHHIfl I NU SIGMA NU I 'X In the Chicago Departments Founded at University of Michigan 1882 I Active Chapters 32 'H " 'E ' ETA CHAPTER , Established 1892 I COLORS: Wine and White , MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY 'f W. E. QUINE J. C. BECK A ' O. A. KING - L. H. MAYER . C. WILLIAMSON Y-IVEIAITHERSON T. . DAVIS . . OLMES W. M. HARSHA A. K. STANGLAND J. 1?V?vRTER JONES C. . OOD . INSSER FI. SHERWOOD K. STEELE . YFORD . MITH E. S. MOORE E. H. HORSTMANN W. H. BURMEISTER E. R. HAYHURST F. D. MOORE J. M. BERGER F. G. DYAS C. C. CLEMENT F. G. HARRIS ' J. W. BURKE . B. L. T. WOOD I . MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ' Seniors EDWARD. CHARLES MEGGERS HOWARD EDWARD CURL MAURICE AURELINS BERGE HARVEY LOUIS LANGLOIS JAMES ROBIN JEFFERY MAMES HENRY RAY GEORGE EDWARD SANDERS Juniors THOMAS BURTON NILES MURPHY CHARLES EDWIN IRVIN ARTHUR HENRY ORCUTT GUY LEON WAGONER RAYMOND JOHN MERCEY Sophomores CLIFF OAKLEY ARMSTRONG ' EVERETT CLYDE KELLY JOE OLINER PETERSON LEONARD CLARENCE WHITMIRE OAWELL EUAN MORIN LOUIS PETER GRAAS - EARL WILBUR WILLIAMSON Freshmen REA ERNEST ASHLEY GEORGE EDWARD CLARKE EDGAR THERON BLAIR ANDREW SAMUEL ARNQUIST WOODRUI-'F LYNDEN CRAWFORD RAYMOND A. MCDERMOTT HAROLD FONSECA DA CASTA CARSON KING GABRIEL HANBY LEWIS FORD GEORGE STANLEY METCALF CARL JOHN KEISER BELAND GUERNON Organizfitions Two Hundred Eighty-six W23775iff I VL 'i.!I'ifL'4'.wI3 I.w?'1I1ii!t"!l'4fI1z1 1 ARNQUIST Gul-:RNON METCALF ASHLEY CLARKE 1-'onn m.A1lc GABRIEL Gnoss WHITMIRE w1l.l.1,xms0N mc DlCRMO'l"l' CRANVFOIID MAIIIN lmlsnn KELLY mwm 0ncU'1"r NVAGONER MIIIBPIIY NIGRCEY AnMs'rn0Nm: .lm-'l"nr:Y 1,ANm.ols nl-:mule MHGGERS RAY SANDERS Two Hundred Eighty-seven O7'glL'VL'fZaii07LS ,111,i',24 ,,rIx,MQ1H Av JllllllllllllllllllllllIllIIlllllllllllHlllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilIS ll XVIII TI-IE l9l8 1 1 in i 1 1 L 3 1 3 i 2 2 1 i i 3 if Q 3- 1 i 1 1 1 1- 1' 1 1 1 1 1 up 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 gs 1 an i 11 1 as if 5 1 1 1 an 1 an 1 1 1 1 an an 1- 1 1 , an 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -In 1 an i 1 1 aj I B E T A n L6 Lica o cparmvns Founded at University of Pittsburg 1891 2 QI PH PI G , 1 tl Cl 0 D i I :" " S xr A M . Active Chapters 42 ii IOTA CHAPTER 2 Established 1902 COLORS: Green and White E MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY S C. S. BACON, A.M., Ph.B., M.D. F. S. WILSON, Ph.G., M.D. 2 H. S. BROWN, Ph.C., A.B., S.M. M. L. BLATT, M.D. 5 L. H. METTLER, A.M., M.D. L. C. QUINN, M.D. : F. L. STONE, M.D. G. N. HISKEY, Ph.G., M.D. E E. W. SCHNOOR, M.D. R. G. KLINE, M.D. 2: C. J. FISCHER, M.D. W. H. THOBOLD, M.D. E G. P. DREYER, A.B., Ph.D. C. A. LEENHER, M.D. E W. H. BROWNE, S.B. E. F. LEONARD, M.D. - C. E. HUMISTON, M.D. M. KUHNS, Ph.G., M.D. Q O. H. ROHRLOCK, Ph.G., M.D. H. H. STRAUGH: S.B. 5 H. J. SCMEJKAL, M.D. E. W. MOOSLEY, Ph.G., M.D. .3 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Lg: Seniors gt A. C. D'VORAK, S.B. E. R. MAY 5 C. B. GRISSOM 'A C. W. OLSON : H. H. HUGHART H. V. I. SAPPER, A.B., S.B. E Juniors 5 R. A. ANDERSON, S.B. B. Q. DYSART, S.B. E L. F. WALDMANN, S.B. 5 Sophoinores E W. P. DANA, S.B. W. A. MALCOLM, S.B. 5 R. E. DYER, S.B. R. R. MUSTELL, S.B. '- J. H. FRASER, S.B., M.S. E. J. SCHMIDT, S.B. .. W. B. GRANGIER, S.B. P. L. SOHROEDER, S.B. - E. VRTIAK, S.B. 3 Freshmen E G. A. ALLEN W. J. NOONAN I H. W. CHAMPLIN M. M. OOHS E G. M. CLINE R. R. RAAB 5 E. P. GRAMER A. J. RUPPENTHAL : L. W. DRAPER H. S. SCHMIDT : ' " A."HOSPER W. B. STRMBERG 5 G. B. IRWINE F. R. THOMPSON 5 ' J. LUTTER H. H. WILLIS z M. H. MILLER A. E. DOUGLASS E E Ufyfmfwiivns Two Hundred Eighty-mn: 5 EE gn-1MI!!!illlllllIIIHIIIHIIINllillllllllllilllll!IIlllllllilllimllllllllllllllllIlllllllilllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE WIXI-NUmUNHUH11HiHii'Wwi"l'lCH'l'l-11HlHlfH5.lH?5H11MRHFM'dlMAA4,111-11-Ii'!llH'H3H1i.3,iLil1HHMJ:3Hi?i!,'E1i'1' f':14+E' ,V-.4 . r ui. -4. faQW?SeiQ625123iizgzissmiitisiiEES C3592 . x. 4. ... xg., mg. 1-.1 u Q ....f. mv.. .un ,,.- . n 1 n . fn . ., X.. -. .., x Q. nm.. '-4. Q-:gy mu:- K fl. uv, un. mm sw.. -vu., suv sup. ws, ue- xg. .Lf y .1- .uf .1-.'. .1 1 vi. 44, 444 sm ...A Un .un . 4.1. ur. .. .c. -Je.: , A 4 .. . -... na. s'l'r "fx ,r ...Aer-.X ,f 1 :L -.A I f ' -Af. 1'---. x k -K N.. gax X' 3' 'gg .I K. , dy'2'!fm2-Q4 x v '- '- 1...1' 'fic' ""' .- 1- fg! J 1 Z 'wigf'-.,'...Z4', R- f., xr-. . 1" '.f 5:,.3.?i ,.f1.-41.3 N Q v 'x 'MY' 1 .4 . L 'i F Q fl 4 fa'fMi?+.j s- . .. .11- 'Nxfaf A - ...Q lm, -..Q ,. .. ..,.. yr . , - 1.-1. W..- .-W. . ,.. w -1 ... u-. A.. 1. y-.. I. . ,.. 1 .,.. s A ,. , mu 4- rm 1 L a v a ,Q . ,.. .. mn am. Q. .,,,- X.-. A-A a .4 .1 ,- ..1 vu .... 5'-4 nrmmzn CIIAM1-LIN 'mom-sox x.u'r1'mz ALLEN WILLIS noucmxs IRXVIXE xmmx 3 DANA emma :mm Mu.ucu crmnuncn Frmsnn NooN.xN ocus s'rnomnmnc ig MALcol.M scuuommn wAummN m'sAn'r ANDERSON MUs'rm.1. SCIIMIIJT vm'1A1c 'll' sA1'1-un unowxlc nvonmc MAY zxuulmnr swmuczll Gnlssonr ol.soN if :I M -.M . . IT Two Hzmdrcd Ezghty-mne 0'l'gCt'mZat10nS --f .., -f.. fffll'11l41111H41121-HHH'H1'liiiDHHH4M'lJ1-HHHrHivU.1-1i71f'M?'E.'f'i'dfTll3lW.!"iIl.1Hii.i,lf..'3ii"15l'E 6w!5l"il4Z ww. V . M f IIBEQLTQEEZWH 'I' ff-'X 55' , 5 - . Jj111znrnz?g,mv1Qiru1 1Fru.f12r11iip XY, 'Hlnibvrsify nf ffllinnig JNL' f JFiiS1u:i11 I I Cl D 09 5 T II 17. A' SUCH d M-yviylw "JM, w 4. mfsfv C.mPfwuz'fr .AEAIEL wiv V f ppn 0 51 19111111 ' ' fl l'1 ., 1,1 , 111 Ex'f'1ln1uunnunummnm,nu'ummm v 4 mrnkofwfr I w ' ik Q , p . 'J-4 fi 'W' E lu rzlfmma LSI EN Gfmn-,',-:, , ,ng 5 assfmmlvr - I rl. f, ' sie- iv Q ,f v amrfomaw. lu W x .' ll. V x . 7 5 1 Q dlffcmtnm "" mcozszzwmv. X55 V , . . X ,A I .T I, - ,M-,ll k Jag! - ,. .E 7"-'LP , ' 12 c.1-cwasaw C K0 K ' so r ' I ,mips .mfr 1-efssfff mgggqgw .. :,--s.,.- , . In thc 'Chicago Ilvprwtzncnts I M yfuwmv K a A .zmmtefm , I Z .E HWFFEV xx-, I X . i . Mm form . Q X 4 c. agamfrr Two rmmzmd Ni-ncty-one Orgfmizationg ... , 1 iq 351 ' ? A -.,. .. ff V -"WX A 'flfffQ?5l" ,Q A ,., 1, ,, , ,I 7 I 'I 3.s...Jf.' I SEN" ? 5 w I ,.,. -.1-l , . A! .f ,3 2 " ' 5 E A, 'W-l"wl.r.61rv -.5 N 1" lilltIIHN11I1.1iHH1Jf2H'!f-111113IHHHHP:mvw-1111512ff4l:f.u4+fi.2w4a'Sl:lA"Mz1H-1':'2A1HAWi2fJ1L31svfa51z4is.n+214f111141111131Ilf Al.l.GEIEIl ARNESON CAMl'IlEl.l. SAVAGE LINCOLN IIUSEBY IIIBBARD JARUS SCIlll.'l'Z SIIAII I XXI!! IISON I-Pl I XILRSIIIXIFR Nl NH CFI I I llqliill I IIIUCKSON Dll I ll NVILSON H OOD HCR! NS PSI OMEGA In the Chicago I7opa1'tmonlx Foumlefl at Baltimore College of Dentistry Active Chapters 46 Alumni Chapters 28 BETA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1903 COLORS: Blue and Whlte MEMBER IN THE FACULTY F. H. VOORHEES MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors M. R. ANDERSON J. D. MERSHIMER W. G. BAIRD CHARLES NEMECEK J. H. FELZ T. C. OSTROWSKI L. C. HIBBARD B. J. SHALEK Jos. JAROS A. F. SCHILTZ R. G. LINCOLN J. W. WILSON Juniors J. B. ARNESON E. V. ERICKSON J. H. ALLGEIER OSCAR KORSBREK V. J. BERENS L. KOZINSKI A. R. DIPPLE E. H. SAVAGE A. S. DREA A. H. Woon Freshmen G. A.. CAMPBELL K. SHALEK R. HUSEBY O. M. SKATEN R. T. PRETTOW W. R. SMITH J. RUND O'i'gfL'I'LiZ!Lti0'fLS Two Ilzmrlrcri Nmrtu fuo '4.!,:. .Ii ,lx . ..,. I I LJ i .Nh-ur 17 F X PMS . - 1S K F . 1 -Y K I . . fi gmgfm Q .' . . i 4 ,. ,ffm n 'in' I .-5 Qrgw. 1 f pa., H 1 , QilillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllIlllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllg 1. un 3 1 - i i un 1 1 1 an 1 an -1 E CAMPUS E Student Organizations 5 Illinois Union, 294, 295 -E Student Council, 296, 297 : Senior Illinae, 339 E Junior Illinae, 339 I Executive Committee, Women's E League, 340 ' 2 Senior Council, Women's League, 341 E Stgfiilent Council, Women's League,' Literary Societies 2 E Alethenai, 301 3 Adelphic, 302, 303 E Athenean, 304, 305 E Gregorian, 306 E Illiola, 307 : Ionian, 308 E Jamesonian, 309 E Philomathean, 310, 311 1 - u n 3 Miscellaneous Organizations 1 E Centro Literarios Espanol, 312 : Comitatus, 323 2 Club Latino-Americano, 313 E Der Deutsche Verein, 314 Egyptian Club, 335 E- Inter-Collegiate Dixie Club, 336 SOCIE-TIES' Le Cercle Francais, 315 Polonia Club, 337 Western Club, 338 Inter-Fraternity Societies Helmet Club, 298, 299 Ku Klux Klan, 300 College Societies Agricultural Club, 316, 317 Mechanical Engineering Society, 818, 319 Chemical Club, 320, 321 Civil Engineering Society, 322 Commercial Club, 324 Country Life Club, 325 Elsgtrical Engineering Society, 326, 7 Hoof and Horn Club, 828 Horticultural Club, 329 Household Science Club, 330 Illini Motorcycle Club, 331 Rifle Club, 332, 333 Railway Club, 334 Religious Societies Y. M. C. A., 342 Y. W. C. A., 343 Bethany Circle, 344 Bushnell Guild, 345 Student Volunteer Band, 346 K3 an J an no xuvll ' 'l HL ISIS as 1 un -n .us .nn qs .1 .19 -O 1 1 gun -Q 1 ui 1 1 3 1 .-n 1 1 1 3 1 3 cb 1 1 11 1 1 up an 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 -nn -n -un 1 1 2 3 1 1 up up as an can on- an 1 1 Q9 1 1 3 1 1 as 1 1 1 in 1 nun un- 1 1 1- u-n 4- an umm -un 1 nu i tb i 1- -an - :qs 3 up on 1: if cn- up 1 as 1 1 1 11 i i ,, . . 1 : Two Hundred N ivwty-tlwvc 07'gGf7L'lZllt'L0'r'LS .1 Z 1 Q i 5-.lllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllillllllllliilllllflIllllllllllll llllllillIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllg iiwlfllliilija, 1 TI-IE ILLINOIS UNION HARRY DAIKBY, JR. R. M. CIIITTENDEN' OFFICERS President Liberal Arts Vice-President HARRY DARBY, JR. A. W. DRAPER Vice President Commerce Vice-President R. M. CHITTIQNDEN P. K. VAN WINKLE Secretary Law Vice-President E. T. COLTON D. M. MOFFETT T'1'cfLsurer Junior Councilmen I. B. COUNTRYMAN W- H- MARTIN , l I , S. D. PETT1-:R Engineering Vice-President JOHN DIETZ W. B. EWER R. E. ANDREWS , , , H A ON Agricultural Vice-President ORTJJF Roiqhgigg G A. M. ADAMS FRANK GODFREY The Illinois Union is that organization through which we 'hope to se- cure "the union of hearts, the union of hands, the union of Illinois men for- ever." More practically the Illinois Union is striving to collect funds for the erection of a Union Building near the campus, which would be the headquarters for student organizations, a common meeting place for under- graduates, and a place where all returning alumni might be entertained. It is a slow, arduous task to accomplish the main purpose of the Union. Nevertheless, progress is being made, and the year 1916-17, while it will not see the culmination of the years of efforts, will see the Union Building much nearer a reality than it was a year ago. I 07'gtl?'Li2'!Lti0'l'l,S Two Hundred Ninety-four .zllltllllilelrfw Two Hundred Ninety-five Organizations QhtiiltlrrlwnsafrnnesmsnisrnsmrmsmiascilliiizwillIiiInlmwfnvrflwlwielvirmwiitulHHHrHIHHHI ig, if- qu- .-..-A A "SNZ43?" ,Q llllll were wi.: AMN' .-nf-. .-... Aw. 1-.Rn an .mn cm-. one mv- an mr. Q-we pm am mm. mm. mm an an-. -aw fu-uc -fun sr:- 'ww .,,,. -an fn: vw 'na any Iwo. 'ur ir.. 4 fi ws. an vf r in - 'ou ,,,,.. .-1.4 r .Y -rm , 'vm nm me mv .. . -.- . . V .W ...M- M.. ...W Qs. r-., ,.. - . -.. .... .. - M. --A -.... ... 'i "UI s.. ...I .R A-4 N.. sw em L-.. aw.. -,.. H.. . . W... . .. 1-., mv ...A Q... --.N A... uf. 'pw nf Tv are ,. .1 I . 'u TI-IE STUDENT COUNCIL EUGENE C. HOPKINS NVALTEII A. LAING OFFICERS President Secretary EUGENE C. HOPKINS LAWRENCE T. JENNER Vice President Treasurer WALTER A. LAING LEROY JOHN WESTENHAVER Senior Members WALDO BoYN'roN AMES HARRIS CARSON CROFTS S. R. CUNNINGHAM VALENTINE HARRY DUPRE EMORY GEORGE HALL EUGENE C. HOPKINS WALTER A. LAING FRANK ALLYN LOGAN T. T. McEvoY HAROLD S. WOODYATT Junior Members RICHARD H. CHAMBERLAIN D. ELWELL LAWRENCE T. JENNER RICHARD H. MALLORY LEROY JOHN WESTENHAVER The Student Council, with an increase in membership the past year, has assumed a policy of investigation in matters pertaining to student life at Illinois. Some useful enterprises have been initiated with the idea of promoting student welfare. Aside from this are the usual affairs that come under the direction and management of the Council, such as the ap- proval of class committees, the supervision of mass meetings and rallies, class elections, the election of a cheer leader, student dances and the or- ganization of the freshman class. Adequate representation in the council from the en-tire student district will be obtained in the near future when members are selected from precincts by popular vote. Organizations Two Ilundrcd Ninety-sin: lfllilfif' ' ii'i'?l?9??!'f5?E3itEE?!EFF5!EFtM?EEiffFPEl'iliPl J V x , v , Two Hundred Ninety-seven Organizatiohs I . ElllllllllllllilllllllllllllIllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmllllllllllllllllllllIllIS Q , 1-1 E L M E T C L U B A SOPHOMORE INTERFRATERNITY SOCIETY X Established 1907 f gf COLORS: Blue and White wwf 3 ACTIVE MEMBERS . JOHN MoRREssY Y J 2: I N- - TI-JE Delta Tau Delta DREW MOREY L. J. CURRIER Sigma Chi I9 W. M. CARTER 2 Kappa Sigma EE J. C. CORMACK C. C. CHISUM 2 Phi Kappa Sigma V E J. W. DEVLIN M. V. BURTON Phi Delta Theta C. S. CONRAD N. R. TH-OMAS E Alpha Tau Omega E H. V. SNYDER '-3 H. H. TOOTHAKER E Phi Gamma Delta E ' RAY HAAS . E ' . W. H. FERGUSON - Sigma Alpha Epsilon If H. E. WUERTENBAECHER 5 MALCOLM SCHROYER E Beta Theta Pi A: J. B. CRABTREE P. A. NIEBERGALL M. H. WHEAT J. B. MALLERS 5 Phi Kappa Psi E D. M. GOODWILLIE E R. J. COWLES, JR. 2 Delta Kappa Epsilon 5 C. D. COMSTOCK E P. G. CHRISTENSEN - Z Sigma Nu ' 1 1 if . - 5 Organizations i ... Delta Upsilon W. B. REMLEY D. J. BARNES Theta Delta Chi G. E. BECK W. M. MCGREW Zeta Psi S. C. GREENE P. P. YOUNG Phi Sigma Kappa R. O. METZLER J. W. ARMSTRONG Psi Upsilon R. CARLSON Alpha Delta Phi S. PERCY G. MOREHEAD Chi Psi R. C. PREBLE F. D. MALLORY Alpha Sigma Phi O. PETTY Chi Phi H. J. BLUM MARK NEAL Acacia L. MONGRIEG L. H. COLLINS Phi Kappa HUTZ MALEY Tan Kappa Epsilon J. W. KENNEDY E. C. HARTMAN Sigma Pi T. L. JONES J. H. WALDO Two Hundred Ninety- ght ENEIIHIIIIIIIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHIllIllllillllllmllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll' EEEiEE!E3ES3SE?ESESSitiiii?EE?E592EEKEQEBlllligiiiiiiiiiiiiSillIIEQQEEEEEEBEBili5353555938553533686SPESSBEBDDlllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllillililllliIIIIIILEE GOODNYILLIE MOREY MOORIIEAD MALLORY JONES PETTY IIUTZ MONGRIEG COLLINS CONVELS FURGESON MC GREW' MANLEY CIIISUM COMSTOCK NVUERTENBAECKER BECK MORRESS GREEN BURTON IIARTMAN ' PERCY BARNES CORMACK NEIL PREISLE NVALDO KENNEDY YOUNG TOOTHACKER ARMSTRONG XVIIEAT REMLEY DEVLIN CRAIKTREE CURRIER METZLER SNYDER Two Ilundrcd N incty-nina 01'gCL'YLiZlLf'i07'LS .. - i P i 1 - .. i i S .., - 1 1 I 1 'K 1 1 I 1 I -1 1 1 1 1 ui 1 I - 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 Q 1 1 1 1 I Q I 1 Q I 2 -1 1 1 1 -1 in 2 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 D 1 1 1 1 Ii i i 2. 1 1 C 'I 1 1 id, i ul si i 1 in i i .. 1 i 1 Z - ... 2 .. .. ,.. ... .. Hlilira I b ldlhxx 2 3 5K,XWfl E m Ill! iiiiiS??5?S23iSi5iiiiiliiliiilillliiiiikllilillilll 5limiEfiiiizizlzzxiiiizassfEmassiizaziissiiiiiiiii? k It If xi ni ai .1 1 as 5 as i I 1 is 3 lui in 1 3 if T 2 I 1 3 1 i 1 1 i -3 3 fi as E ,ns an 9-'E .3 in -il if -f 3 1 1 of li iz 1 an 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 i lu 1 1 use .1 if BS 1 11 -UH if it Xi' 3-da- SS . . 1:2 .1 1 its 1 fi 1 .rt an i i -41 al 21 -W si nie mi can .13 ., an an an Q- .3 an .ag .cs ..n.. .ug an u-4 . -sa Qu!! YERINGTON JENSEN MALLORY ARMSTRONG PAVEY READ VON ACH GRCFNE PETTER MC EVERS DAILEY TROSTER BTRAIGHT BOESCHDNSTFIY SALLADIN CHAMBERLAIN COOLING JULIAN K U K L U X K LA N JUNIOR INTERFRATERNITY SOCIETY Establishecl 1906 COLOR: Black ACTIVE MEMBERS Delta Tait Delta 1 R. H. CHAMBERLAIN Sigma Chi H. BOESCHENSTEIN Kappa Sigma K. G. COOLING Phi Kappa Sigma A. A. DAILEY Phi Delta Theta M. T. STRAIGHT Alpha Tau Omega S. M. JULIAN Phi Gamma Delta, W. G. READ Sigma Alpha Epsilon G. STILLMAN Beta Theta Pi S. PETTER Sigma Nil C. A. PAVEY Organizations Phi Kappa Psi A. F. SWEENEY Delta Kappa Epilson G. E. SALLADIN, JR Delta Upsilon J. E. JENSEN Theta Delta Chi J. W. GREENE Alpha Sigma Phi J. G. YERINGTON Zeta Psi M. C. TROSTER Phi Sigma Kappa E. MCEVERS Psi Upsiloii F. C. VON ACH Alpha Delta Phi R. W. PHALEN Chi Phi H. J. ARMSTRONG Three H und ed Wy., , ,.. A 5 4 11-gwjq, .l EDDS I-IACKLEY WVILES IIOTTES WVENSLEY MOSS MANN DODCI' BOYD MARKS LINDAHL BATTEY ALLYN SCOTT NEEDHAM H. DOTY D DOTY BADGE!! IIEIIER SAMUELS MC DOUGAL VIAL SIMONS NVYCOPF BARRY I IRI PATRICK BARTO ICINCAID STRATTON ALETI-IENAI LITERARY SOCIETY COLORS: Yellow and White OFFICERS President Recording Secretary RUTH KINCAID Corresponding Secretary , FLORENCE LINDAHL Vice President ELIZABETH HACKLEY Treasurer HESTER ALLYN LUCY WENSLEY MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY MARTHA KYLE MARIAN SPARKS ELIZABETH BRYAN SADA HARBARGER - , BEATRICE COPLEY MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors BERTHA WILES HELEN KIRKPATRICK GRACE STRATTON ALICE Moss RAYNA SIMONS HESTER ALLYN J nniors DOROTHY DOTY FLORA HOTTES CATHERINE NEEDHAM RUTH KINCAID MARGARET' BARTO EUNICE BADGER JENNIS BARRY HELENE DOTY Sophomores VERA EDDS FLORENCE LINDAHL HELEN MCDOUGAL ASTRID DODGE LUCY WENSLEY HELEN VIAL Three H undrcd One ZILPHAH BATTEY MARIAN BOYD MARGERY MANN ELIZABETH HACKLEY RUTH WYCOFF THERESA SAMUELS MAUD MARKS MARIAN SMITH RUTH LIEBER Lois SCOTT Organizations 3-llllllllllllllllIllllllllllIlllllllllllillllllIllHlllllllllllllllllIlllllllfllIH!illIllIllIIIIIIIHIIHIIIIIIIIUIULE I R 6 11 . A.DELPI-IIC LITERARY SOCIETY THE ' HONORARY MEMBERS I. O. BAKER EUGENE DAVENPORT N. A. WESTON V LORADO TAFT l9l8 L. R. SARETT C. M. THOMPSON 5 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E- Graduates 5 B. WHAM E. U. RUGG A E A. T. FISHMAN H. C. HELM E O. A. BARNES 'E Seniors : C. R. GIDEON H. E. LAMB . E E. C. VEDDER G. F. GRIFFIN 5 J. H. ARMSTRONG W. C. TROUTMAN E J. J. LACEY A. L. HEGENOR : Juniors E R. H. FREARK ' F. P. WIRTH : I. A. DENISON C. M. HOGAN E I R. H. ANTOZEWSKI A. E. KLEMMEDSON 5 O. M. CLEM C. FAIRMAN 5 C. W. MUNNS R. M. NETZ : A E. J. JUSTON R. C. GORE E W. A. GROSSMAN L. C. MCGASKILL E A R. A. BRYANT A. L. OLSEN E Sophomores 5 W. H. COBB A. H. GOTTSOHALK - E. A. SANDER C. D. KEMP 5 J . BROOKS J . FRAZIER 5. W. S. BOWLES F. SAILER 5 H. A. NEFF W. GOEBEL 2 Freshmen 5 C. T. HAMMON G. TAYLOR - E A. N. SMITH G. C. GOODMAN S Organizations Three Hu d d Two 11 41 illlillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHllllllllllllllllll!IllllllllllllllllllllIIIIF ,Q??EFBfilf!lEEHlfHlfHHFFFPHFPENFFEQHllliimlMEYEREEFEHEEFHPFIIIFFEKSEAEEEWEW39555555915WM!KWiHH452ifffEY2QfE SILER TUKEY FAIRMAN ANTOZEVVSKI KLEMMEDSON FREARK BROOKS BRYANT CLEM GOODMAN NEFF GROSSMAN IIENNISON HAMMON HOGAN KEM I' SANDLER NETZ COR!! IIOXVLES GOTTSCIIALK GORE VEDDER TROUTMAN ARMSTRONG XVIRTII GIDEON IIEGENOR BARNES IMUNNS Three Hundred Three 07'g0f7'L7:ZUft7:07'l3 w 'YfUfEifI iAPEfFPi1!HSFSELIQM Haxiirzmwfsf.?sfn2s . R me wsu: " 2 ' 4"JLF', .. . A ' , A M, A . Q 31 R ' '. I: 1 . ,WJ mn 5,5 41 .g " bf 1-J 'ey ' 55 2-I R ' :af EWS Q is f mi . x X, I ' x"'Wri-f?"1' M xv if :rv 1:2 ra .- ,., , M.. mv- ., -4. -Jw . ,,. 4... E-lzjllllllllllllllllHHHNNIllllllllllllIIHUmHlllll-lllllllIIIINNlllllllllllllllllillillllHlllllllllllllllil ,Z ... : '-7 ... H E Q ,jx 5 I : E ATHENEAN LITERARY SCCIE,TIY 5 L-fllhsxqj ' . ' E 1 1. I 7' COLORS: Green and Gold -.3 THE 5 I A OFFICERS E U ' President Treasurer E JUNE MOLYNEAUX MARGARET FINLEY gg I9 1 B Vice President Historian E MARTHA MCCAMMON FRANCELIA SARGENT : Recording Secretary Sergeant at Arms Z: 3: ALLIDA Moss META SALISBURY : E Corresponding Secretary Press Reporter E E GRACE FRAME RUTH DANIELS 3 E MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY I 5 L". RUTH KELSO FLORENCE HARRISON -E 5 MYRTLE RENZ . MARGARET HUTCHINS 3 25 ASSOCIATE MEMBERS 5: 5 ESTHER LEETOMA ANN WEIBOLDT 73 E Lols PHILBRICK STELLA PERCIVAL -.: gg HELEN BUCHEN FAY SWARTZ , 5 "" , nn. 'W' ' rm -np ,,, Z: MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY 23' -4- fw. ,,, --up ,,, gr, Seniors 3 -..- EDITH MIDDLETON JUNE MOLYNEAUX E gg GRACE MADDEN HELEN HOLLANDSWORTH 1: If-I GRACE FRAME KATHRYN BROWN E E ' Juniors E: j-E FRANCELIA SARGENT META SALISBURY E JEANETTE WARD IVE NEWBURN 1-,, si: ALLIDA Moss ESTHER GREENE 5 32 MARY CALDWELL MARTHA MCCAMMON :z xr ETHEL OVERSTREET MARGARET FINLEY 5 ...Y- FAITH J . FAIRFIELD 5 E , Sophomores 2 BEATRICE LEVY EDITH FRAME E2 E5 FLORENCE WHITTUM MILLICENT ATKINS 5 3 EDNA CHILDS RUTH DANIELS :: 17- LOIS SEYSTER ELSIE ROHRBAUGH E M HAZEL SHAW MABEL SPERRY S , BERTHA BASINGER I E --1 nn, an-. -nv "W ,M as .W on-. an -um -A aw., .mu an ...V .,, --'I A-. R.-. nm nm un. 3 Organizations Three Hundred Four gipflitiiiliiiikii5SSiiititifiiiiiflif815553533255H?135ISIIIIIINIIZZIIHBIIHWIIEUliiilllllll5N!?2'i!lilliE -:11iIi11,iiQ1i:sm.w- Iv-vaarlzp www, . I SARGENT ROHRBAUGII DANIELS E. FRAME FAIRFIELD MOSS CHILDS GREENE MC CAMMON LEETOMA SPERRY SEYSTER XVARD IKASINGER NEWIXURN 0VERS'l'REET CALDIVELL XVIIITTUM SALISHURY MIDDLETON G. FRAME MOLYNEAUX MADDIQN IIOLLANSXVORTII IHIOXVN FIN LEY Three Hundred Five Organizations "I I we mftff-'f"' .:2r?e2i'f2N.fLrstsIHHLH'w'Uil3!IHf!'l'H111Wi!!WIUIFIJIIIFHIHIV BARNES FAIIMER KLINIVORTII SELLMER SHRIVER I Ni Il IIARI' II FSSIIVC V INCIII STPR STOI Tl! VIII IN OIIRIVIAN AIIIIRS AIUIANIS ITICI 'ION 'IIOI IIT! N SIIAY lil II KRT III ISS KOLDIIICIKG IXOXNI AIBRXIIAWI GREGORIAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS President Secretary MARION WEISS MYRA DE HART Vice President Sergeunf at Arms Tfreasurev' CHARLOTTE GOLDBIERG ATALA BARNES MARY LUCILLE SI-IAY HONORARY MEMBERS DEAN FANNY C. GATES MRS. G. A. MILLER MRS. H. A. HARDING DR. ALLENE GREGORY ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors CHARLOTTE GOLDBERG MILDRED KLINDWORTH HELEN SHRIVER ELLA ABRAMS OPHELIA AHLERS MYRA DE HART LUCILLE ABRAHAM ATALA BARNES ELIZABETH BAYLEY MARY DICKSON RUTH FARMER RUTH LANDER LILIAN LYONS MARION WEISS J uniors HELEN GROM MON Sophomores LORA ENGLEHARDT Freshmen BERTHA KIRK MARY LUCILLE SHAY FLORENCE STOUTZENBERG RUTH I. OHRMAN CLARA B. MOULDEN MIRIAM MILL EMILY REID HELEN SELLMER EDITH VERNON ELIZABETH WANDERER SELMA WERT AMALIE WESSELING BESSIE WINCHESTER 07'gCl'n7fL'll tions Three Hundred Six ww iWiI'i!"I'VH' I In f'f"n"wI""Im1 I ':"I'I+4"' :Vw 11- 'WWI-Q',".?'I',-3' .fwvff Myer! ,':i4,fII.1 , -W - ALVERSON ARMINGTON DAVIS YOIGIIT EVANS MURPHY NVIIITIC MC CONNEL LEE IISIIIIACKA JAMES NELSON FAIIII II"I D AINIQU ORTII TURNER MARTIN MC FILIIINEY XVICILEPI' PIERSON PACK KOIII. SIIAPLAND I RANTE LEITZIIACII ILLIOTLA LITERARY SOCIETY A Fonnded at University of Illinois COLORS: Green and White OFFICERS President Treasurer Critic ROWENA KOHL FERN SHAPLAND GRACE BROWN Vice President Recording Secretary Sergeant at Arms MARY PACK LAURA WEILEPP BEULAH PRANTE Corresponding Secre tary LUCILE PEIRSON MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY GEORGIA FLEMING ETHEL BOND HULDA BREITSTADT FANNIE BROOKS NELLIE ROBERTS - ELSIE BAECHTOLD J OSIE HOUOHENS FLORENCE HUNT KATHRINE MCGRAW MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY g Seniors ERNA GOLDSCHMIDT LAURA WEILEPP MARION MANLEY HARRIET JAMES f I K Juniors ROWENA KOHL MARY WARD LUCILE PEIRSON RUTH ALVERSON ZELOMIA AINSWORTH ELIZABETH LEITZBACH F ERN SHAPLAND MARY PACK SEVERINA NELSON MARION MCCONNEL GERTRUDE SAWYER CLARA ARMINGTON Sophoinores GRACE BROWN FANNIE LEE ETHEL CRAIT DAISY MARTIN KATHERINE WHITE Three Hundred Seven MARIE VOIGHT HELEN DAVIS LOIS EVANS AGNES FAIRFIELD ANTONIA FISHBACHA BEULAH PRANTE LOUISE MURPHY MERLE TURNER RUTH BARTHOLOMEW Organizations I MAYNARD MONGRIEG PETZING GILMORE MARSTFILLAII GARDNER STAFFORD XVFNKE SEARLE SWEITZER Ol GCI BOOTH BRITT DAI XVUERKER I E IONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY COLORS: Orange and Black 4 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY O. C. BEATTY W. J. CARMICHAEL F39 WP' SESS FFF? O 'I Q Q 3 S. N Q 231 o 3 va R. CLEMENTE M. HEPBURN BOOTH L. BRITT F. FOGLER GARDNER E. GILMORE . K. MAYNARD L. MARSTELLER M. MONGREIG 'R. PETZING Graduates F. S. STROHEKER Seniors Juniors A. K. WUERKER Soplzomores T. S. N. L. J. H. G. B. W. T. G B. B. C. T. G. F. S. J. D. F. M. E E. V. A. MORGAN PARTRIDGE RAPP RENO DOE MAY SWEITZER SEARLE SHY TIFFIN PETERSON STAFFORD WENKE Thrcc Hundred Eight LIIEWELLYN BEAN AGNENV GANTZ MILLER IIYRICI KNAPIIEIDE KENNY ROESNER SPATES SCHNEIDER FALLON COVDOV MC GINNIS FUNK STORE!! WILLIATVIS ACKERSON IHIOXVN TEETERS RICIIART CAGE MOORE ' OFFICERS President Sergeant at Arms Secretary DOROTHY BROWN MAE BRADY GRACE GANTZ Vice President Advisory Board Treasurer MARY TEETERS MRS. RUSSEL M. STOREY IRENE MOORE MRS. AUBRY J. KEMPNER MRS. JOHN A. STEVENSON MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY BEULAH AGNEW LILLIAN BEAN ESTHER ACKERSON IRENE MOORE MARY LYMAN GLADYS SPATES EDITH CONDON ANNA MILLER EMILY DOWNING EDITH KENNY ETHEL STIFF HELEN MCGINNIS MILDRED KNAPHEIDE FLORA BAKER SOPHIA CANADY Three Hundred N ine Seniors ADA PUGH BLANCHE RICHART RUTH FUNK MARY TEETERS HEDWIG ROESNER Juniors ESTHER STORER HELEN WILLIAMS Sophoniores VALLIE FALLON MARGARET MOSER EDNA PICKER GRACE GANTZ Freshmen MARIE LLEWELLYN MARION CLARK ETHEL HORTON CORDELIA REED HELEN GAGE ISABEL HANSEN MYRA ROBINSON DOROTHY BROWN MAY WARREN HELEN WOODOOOK ELLA OAKS EDNA FLEXER NORA SCHNEIDER MAE BRADY GRACE WILLIAMS GLADYS MCCLEARY EVA HOWE J EANETTE BOWER RUTH DETWEILER ANNA HUTCHINS ESTELLA COSSART WINIFRED EYRICK Organizations QlllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllmlllllllIll Lg '-2 Z IRA. uf K malta Huff? THE PI-IILOMATHEAN LITERARY SOLCIETY. I9l8 1 1 i 1 COLORS: Crimson and White , MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY . U . CHARLES F. HOTTES, Ph.D. JAMES M. WHITE, B.S. THOMAS ARKLE CLARK, B.L. JEREMIAH G. MOSIER, B. PEMBROKE H. BROWN, A.B. ELMO PAUL HOHMAN ROBERT H. ENGLE KARL EPSTEIN A. L. EPSTEIN STEPHEN A. WALSER PHILIP W. CARBAUGH EDWARD B. HAYES MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates Seniors Juniors LEAL WILEY REESE MERRILL C. FAULK CLARENCE W. SMITH MICHAEL J. FALETTI ANTHONY R. GOULD LORENZO S. FOOTE NELSON E. SHELDON W. M. WILLITS Sophomores : O. D. ARNOLD ' FRED T. BOWDITCH E HORACE B. GARMAN . JOHN R. JOHNSON 5 W. A. JOHNSON G. V. KNIGHT 3 M. W. OCHELTREE JOHN H. WALDO 5 Freshman E H. L. FAULK iz: Organizations Three Hundred mi 1 I: 1 i 1 1 1 3 llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllll 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 i 1 lu an 1 as 1 1 2 Z i 1 1 1 1 Q i L i 1 1 1 i 1 1 i 1 3 1 i 3 L in in an an 1 an no ax 1:-'IlllllllliillIllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllIIIIIIIIlilmlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll-'fri . ,., r.. A.-X ,, , 1., .-.naw L' 'HHHH1-H,lL11N3 i13'i5i 1iW H HHH1H'1 HIH4HlilHii'l.1i1x 1'amzwime-1:1-32321-AIU'i:l?3-iz!H H.i1H 5 inf 1 GARMAN ARNOLD KNIGHT OCHELTREE FAULK SIIFILDON HONVDITCII FOOTE CARIIAUGIK HAYES JOHNSON IIOIIMAN' FITZGERRII. FAULK FALETTI SMITH GOULII ENGLE 7'1m-.' Ilwflmi klwvn Organiza tions X,W'WilllHSHH414H'iH1'!i1HH1llI1l5i14'ii1HIi,i,1 l- 1w1N41f. "iK1'1J' N5 al 11.1, ' 'W' 'W'We'EYE?'T!'?3f5???W?5?iEZ??lF MEYER O. ALLEN A. GOMEZ E. GOMEZ II. GOMEZ AGRAMONTE H. SIIRIVER A OCIIOA NOLLAN GUDBRANDSEN FITZ-GERALD SARGENT SOTO DOTY BELL E. HUACO M. LOPEZ SOUZA TEIXEIRA J. OCIIOA FAARDER C. SOUZA BACE! RITA JAMES PINIIEIRO STORER COLMPY I-'ISIIBACHA EPPINGER BURLDIGII L ALLEN XVILSON SHUI TFRS NI L01 E7 D HUACO NVATSON ROIRIGUEZ L. BHRIVER CENTRO LITERARIO ESPANOL Founded at University of Illinois 1907 OFFICERS President Secretary DANIEL O. HUACO f . GEORGE OCHOA Vice President Treasurer EMILIO TEIXEIRA HELEN SHRIVER MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY JOHN D. FITZGERALD LOUIS ALLEN JACOB KUNZ . P. BACH Y RITA A. DOWSON MANUEL LOPEZ RAFAEL SOTO . O. D'AMATO C. H. MOORE LOUIS COSTA J. R. SHULTERS MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY MRS. N. LOPEZ MRS. F. L. STEVENS KATHERINE RICE RACHEL SARGENT MRS. L. A. FITZ-GERALD LUTIE SHRIVER GRACE BARNES NORMA BELL LELAH BROWNFIELD INEZ L. BURLEIGH HAZEL CRAIG ANTONIA FISCHBACHA K. GUDBRANDSEN HELEN JAMES WILLIS G. NOLLAN HELEN PETERS Organizations ESTHER STORER GRACE STRATTON VIOLET TALBOT ALICE A. THOMPSON JANE WATSON ETHEL WILSON ROBERTO AGRAMONTE OTTO ALLEN D. C. COLMEY GEORGE L. DOTY JOHN G. EPPINGER ROLF GAARDER ALFONSO GOMEZ ERNESTO GOMEZ RAMIRO GOMEZ EMIGDIO N. HUACO A. N. LUNDGREN FERDINAND MEYER ALFONZO OCHOA S. H. OSGOOD ANTONIO RODRIGUEZ W. M. STEVENS Three Hundred Twelve MARTINS RODRIGUEZ ORDONEZ A. GOMEZ Ii. GOMEZ CARVALIIO GARZA PINHEIRO 4 A. OCXIOA SAMPAXO AGUIIIRE SEYMOUR PINIT0 T 'l0U7A P SOU7A AGRAMONTE MONTEIRO E. IIUACO D. IIUACO TIIIXIIIRA GOMLL SOTO fCLUB LATINO-AMERICANIO Founded at University of Illinois. 1911 COLORS: White and Yellow OFFICERS President Secretary DANIEL O. HUACO RAMIRO GOMEZ Mexico Vice President Treasurer EMILIO TEIXEIRA EMIGDIO HUACO Brazil Peru DANIEL HUACO RAMIRO GOMEZ ROMAN GARZA EMILIO TEIXEIRA R. S. CARVALHO Three Hundred Thirteen HONORARY MEMBER ARTHUR R. SEYMOUR, U. S. A. RESIDENT MEMBERS JOSE AGUIRRE, Mexico V. D. MARTINS, Brazil P. C. SOUZA, Brazil MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Cuba ANTONIO RODRIGUEZ Porto Rico RAPAEL SOTO Peril EMIGDIO HUACO Mexico ALFONZO GOMEZ ERNESTO GOMEZ Brazil H. C. MONTEIRO R. PINHEIRO D. O. PINTO ROBERTO AGRAMONTE ALFONZO OCHOA BENITO ORDONEZ L. J. SAMPAIO J. C. SOUZA Organizations ZigiiilllliiiiiiiidlliliiiiliilllidiilrliH4345143115J!IllillllliillidikiiilllmlilllllillilllllilllI!lI!393L!!i1W'Il!E 1 l . :f ""'+ is 'X L Xu x:QM 23 .3. , Q 5332. I4 QA.. KRUMM KRIEGL CORKE NVAGNER BEEIIOUSEN SCHNEIDER PFEIFFER MEYER CHRISTENSEN' BELL SCIIWVAGMEYER EPPINGER BOESNER BELL 'WEIL KAPPS NVANDERER f: CONNER BDI I ARNIIT IIOTTES BECKER JAMES VVALSER SAMUELS RAINES .wr- -as ur- -an un -an .uw .qv an an -an .nn 1-mv our up emu an p an ww 4-up an mm -.O -fu -nn -up was ous was as -an up .un fm. . 0 new .mm- 4.-A U. .. O.- .un AMA 1... .A A- AA.. -. mm A I vw- M.. 1 . ..-Q. H. .-... DER DEUTSCI-IE VEREIN Founded at University of Illinois 1905 COLORS: Black, White and Gold RESIDENT MEMBERS JOHN G. EPPINGER FRANCES KLANK MABLE RICKETTS IRMA GOEBEL LELA LUTHER R. C. ZIMMERMAN ANITA RAAB MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY M. J. RUDWIN B. A. UHLENDORF MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors PAUL W. ARNDT WALTER H. BECKER NORMA BELL RUTH M. CALDWELL HAROLD W. CORKE K. L. DERN RUTH ALVERSON CARL A. BACON J. HAL CONNER WALTER EMCH CECILE BELL ETHEL L. CHIPMAN ESTHER A. EPPINGER FRANK KOEPKE LILLIAN BAETIIKE LOWELL BELL H. CHRISTENSEN Organizations ROBERT H. ENGLE CHARLOTTE GOLDBERG H. M. HOLLANDSWORTH OTTO KRIEGL GRETCHEN E. KRUMM IRENE H. MOORE Juniors ERNA GOLDSMIDT I FLORA HOTTES HELEN JAMES KURTH KRUGER Sophomores FLORENCE LINDAHL NORA SCHNEIDER ARNOLD SCHROEDER PAUL SEEHAUSEN Freshmen ANNE GOEBEL W. F. GOEBEL RAYMOND A. HARRIS CONRAD L. PFEIFFER HEDWIG E. ROESNER GOLDA WADSWORTH JENNIE A. WHITTEN STFPHEN A. WALSER RUTH C. WEIL FERDINAND MEYER LESTER C. RAINES THERESA SAMUELS ELLA SCHWAGMEYER J. B. SEGUR LETA SHERMAN ESTHER A. WAGNER ELIZABETH WANDERER SUE KAPPS LEILA SHEPPARD ERNST W. THIELE Three Hundred Fourteen wx- .5 .-. 1- g..,gAy,'f:- jvilw ,V 1 .:' ,V f v gf sif1v5?.g11:M H" " '.,,'::M'1ff4x-:fs J J'BHHfWfhf'f-3'l'53T?g'?'L? flwwii .nw .-...I Nm -...I S -mn mam .qu eu.- um fun me um, me -an an an :- tn -1. ua an una mu um can uno aus, nm uw mm uw.. ,. ,.. W 3ilWHI3Will!GQQQIHQMQIQIHIIIHIQIBQTIQHW!QMUMQIMIIIIBWIIIMNSBIUHIIHIIHMMMIIJIIIHHIW31l3Hi?iHSi1IIQgg uw um.. -mu -sm.: -S, I.-I uni Q mn .uv mu um ...iw I..-.Ru mm ww wg. DAVVSON NOLAN NEEIJHAM THOMPSON NVEIL DOTY ANASTASSIADES :Qi CHLLDS MAC KENZIE MARTIN MORGAN HARRISON SIEMENS if.: n 252 LE CERCLE FZRVANCAIS 3.12 li L 231.1 OFFICERS President Corresponding Secretary DAISY MARTIN ANNIE B. SIEMENS Vice President Treasurer JAMES B. CHILDS BENJAMIN HARRISON .fl Secretary Adviser MAY MORGAN DR. KENNETH MACKENZIE I .I My -.. I I mu.. LR. . ww-- -.I--rf. IMA. 'Im -nu., I-M., EAA IM. uf... Wm .fm Three 5-?H?!'Hi13fWP' MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY E. ANASTASSIADES C. S. CARRY H. A. CHRISTENSEN G. L. DOTY CONSTANOE FERGUSON J. W. HAMILTON M. L. LOPEZ VIRGINIA MERRILL CATHERINE NEEDHAM P. POWELL MAX SCHECHT R. R. THOMPSON Hundred Fifteen f'."1E'XH:lHi'l'4 O. W. ALLEN L. P. COSTA E. A. DAWSON J EANETTE FAIRFIELD R. W. GAUGER H. HEINICKE JANE F. MARTIN CARRIE NEEDHAM W. J. NOLAN BEULAH SHELDON J. R. SHULTERS CATHERINE WEBB ii.. RUTH WEIL Organizations 4 I I ' ' I I 1 I ... 4... fffir, ...E ....-.I .... -m-1 - WATER- ' I 9 I H " "" 2 -' I-1 Ir. ...- 4-.I W-- Sm. ..-, - fr- ' M.. we I In-of A . ,- m...I . ,I-. .. me 4-or - .ww .Ive fm- uw -.SE I .IA . -wr -Im .an me vm an um -m -.zu -wr -vm .. ., . A -If ww In. . M, . fm ' THE AGRICULTURAL CLUB First Quarter President MASON CAMPBELL Vice, President R. E. HIPPLE Secretary H. M. SHEETS Asst. Secretary F. B. MANNEY Treasurer F. W. JONES First Asst. Treasurer O. B. GRAY Second Asst. Treasurer W. H. FISHMAN Third Asst. Treasurer DEE SMALL Sergeant-at-Arms RALPH PICKEN OFFICERS Second Quarter President E. W. LINNARD Vice President A. R. KINSEY Secretary H. E. BREWBAKER Asst. Secretary E. L. JOHNSON Treasurer O. B. GRAY First Asst. Treasurer W. H. FISHMAN Second Asst. Treasurer DEE SMALL Third Asst. Treasurer H. E. TURLEY Sergeant-at-Arms T. E. KIRKPATRICK Organizations Thrcc Hundred Szxteen TIH E .ACEIII C L7I.TlJ RUAIQ C LIJ H. G. ABBOTT E. T. ALLEN THEO. ALLEN L. A. ANDERSON R. B. ANDERSON ARTHUR ARENDS I. H. ASH R. A. ANERY C. J. BADGER F. W. BARRETT WM. BARTLETT CHAS. BARTLEY J. B. BEACH E. A. BIERBAUM E. F. BINDER . C. BLOOD C. E. BORN P. E. BOWER W. R. BOYD H. E. BREWBAKER. J. C. BROOKS H. BRUNNEMEYER M. E. BULLIS L. W. CHALCRAFT J. Q. CICOCO FRANK CHMELIK A. L. CLARK M. G. CLARK W. K. CLIFFORD A. B. CLOSE F.' H. CONGLETON R. G. COPENHAVER L. L. CORRIE C. CORZINI FINLEY CRANE F E. B. CRITCHETT R. E. CURTISS M. H. CAMPBELL A. L. CARLSON H. L. CARLSON W. CHADDERDON M. CHALCRAET W. H. EICHHORN E. E. ELLIOT CLARENCE EMS R. H. ENGLE M. R. FINLEY W. H. FISHMAN' S. J . FLEMING FP L. S. FOOTE C. FRANCISCO J. FRAZIER A. H. FRICK WALTER GOELITZ A. R. GOULD R. N. GOWD MEMBERS F. W. GRAVES O. B. GRAY C. H. GREWE HARLAN GONIGER G. M. HANCE WM. HARDIN R. N. HART W. O. HEISE M. HENDERSON HAROLD HENSOLD LEEL HINDMAN R. E. HIPPLE H. H. HOLTZMAN H. J. HONNOLD R. F. HOWE H. W. HUDSON R. P. JAMISON CHAS. JAQUES E. G. JOHNSON E. L. JOHNSON R. M. JOHNSON F. W. JONES ELMER JOOSTEN A. R. KEMP D. M. KERRICK R. P. KIDSTON A. R. KINSEY T. E. KIRKPATRICK A. L. KLINE 0. P. KOLMER EARNEST KUECHLER J . J. LACEY W. D. LARI-'ERTY R. J . LAIBLE D. C. LAMBERT GUY LANAN A. L. LANG FRANK LEGGITT H. LETT R. LINDSEY . W. LINNARD . R. MCCANDLISH C. MCCASKIL . B. MCCLELLAN . G. MCKAY DAVID MCNISH mmrwmwg MARSHALL MALSBURG WM. MANDERVILLE T. B. MANNY C. B. MAY C. C. MARKWELL HAROLD MEYERS EUGENE MIDDLETON W. P. MILLER E. R. MOBURG J . F. MOONEY G. B. MOORE W. K. MOORE E. J . MORSCH J. L. MUNSON G. E. NEWBURN JOHN OLDS A. A. OLSEN R. A. PAGE EDWIN PILCHARD R. A. POWERS A. L. PRICE B. J . PRINCE W. F. PURNELL J . A. RANNEY W. P. RANNEY EVERETT READ L. RICE A. RICHARDSON EZ W. M. RICHMOND A. B. ROBERTSON R. M. ROGERS A. R. SABIN F. SAILER R. E. SHADDOCK J. C. SHARP H. M. SHEETS E. J . STRUM D. C. SIEGRIST T. M. SIMPSON DEE SMALL R. C. SMITH A. J . SOMMERS GEO. SPRAGUE L. STANLEY W. M. STEVENS E. H. STEVENSON C. R. STEWART F. S. STEWART J . K. STRONG R. J. TARBOX P. H. TEAL G. D. TOMBAUGH R. H. TUCKER H. P. TURLEY A. C. VOGEL W. G. WAGNER L. B. WALSH D. E. WARREN R. W. WATSON 0. R. WATLIN R. N. WILI-'ORD G. S. WILLEY H. C. WOODHAM H. H. WORNER W. H. YOUNGMAN Three Hundred Seventeen O'l'9ll7l'iZllt7:077fS B I ' f'f'sI'11frfr1fn:fw I .w-vl nu.. HA I ,,.,, l., STUDENT BRANCH OF TI-IE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS Pfesident SGC7'6tlL0'flj V. S. DAY O. T. ISAACSON Vice President To'eas1w'er R. N. OVERTON F. E. EVANS HONORARY MEMBERS DEAN W. F. M. Goss PROF. H. F. MOORE PROF. B. BENEDICT PROF. F. H. NEWELL PROF. M. BROOKS PROF. E. C. SCHMIDT H. F. GODEKE PROF. C. R. RICHARDS ASST. PROF. O. A. LEUTWILER ASST. PROF. J. M. SNODGRASS A PROF. A. N. TALBOT 07'gmzi:r1tio1z,s V Three Ilumlrcrl Eighte ,fyIllIllllllllllllllflllllllllllmlllllllllllllllllllllllllltllllllllltlllllllllllllllllIlllllillllllllilllllllllllg an 1 i i ex l 1 1 1 so 5 3 i 1 i 1 1 3 1 i 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 3 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 i 3- 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 t as as an 1 an 1. 3 2 on 1 1 an '52 Z 'Q K 15- STUDENT BRANCH OF TI-IE ' 5. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS ' ,X Elllllxxqm MEMBERS -xxuyff ' Seniors THE C. CLARK F. E. EVANS C. K. LU H. DUTTON W. 0. NELSON S. J. BESS ' A. N. LUNGREN D. W. CASTLE R. H. PEDLER E. SWENSON L. M. LINDSEY H. MARKSON L. SIMPSON I. L. LUMMIS J. E. OTT . O. BEERS E. P. DALY ELMER SwENsoN H. FIELD R. MANGAN V. S. DAY D. S. CoRNELI, J. RAMSER J. W. SMITH : P. BECKER J. WESTBAY G. T. AVERY 5 K. MAITRA R. S. PFIEFFER H. GREENHILL 3- F. STRAUCH W. MINKEMA P. F. LEE 3 C. MENZEL F. M. VANDEVENTER R. N. OVERTON 3 G. W. KUE1-IN E Juniors 2 A. SCHIEFLIN W. LINNEEN J. KELLY -E L. T. PHILLIS L. BORUCKI C. CLEGG 3: R. A. PERRY D. FoRTY F. PEARSON :L P. L. KRAUEL H. E. MATSON F. SHONKWILER S R. RAHN C. CALKINS O. T. ISAACSON 3 G. WADDINGTON J. GILLEN H. FREY 2. R. OLSEN W. CLEVELAND H. C. DIESERUD 3 M. DENICK C. BACON A. R. KEAGY 2 L. PENHALLOW 5 Sophornores 2 H. DEGRooT P. NELSON L. HEYDUCK E- L. BANDY V. BARAGLIA C. CARMAN : O. ARMSTRONG J. STEVENS J. G. FINN g A. SANDERSON O. GISH W. CASSELLA 3 H. CHAPMAN F. MEEK E. STERNAMEN : F. DOYLE H. LocIcHART Y. WONG 2 A. NORLING P. SWEARINGEN C. ROSECRANS 3 N. KUCHEMAN W. HANAWALT R. REECE 2 R. JOHNSON E. HOWES P. MOORE E U. LATTNER A. CHAKRAVARTY E. POHLMAN 3 R. MORSE E. LINDBERG P. GHERGANOFF 2 C. JOHNSON E Freshmen E M. RUMLEY C. SPINDLER G. BOHN E J. DOBYNS A. LIES R. BOWER I V. WALKER H. REYNODLS J. KAL1vcDA E W. C. LADD M. KOLB E. BROWN -3 L. W. CHARLET W. KELLOG C. M. KAHL 2 G. ADAMSON E . Q Three Hundred Nineteen Organizations 03 i 1 ilglllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmilllllllllllIllllllflllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfgr I I CHEMICAL CLUB President OFFICERS HAROLD J. BLUHM Vice President LAURENOE R. TAYLOR DR. ROGER ADAMS LEON ADLER SARAH AGG C. C. AMES DR. F. O. ANDEREGG JENNIE ANDERSON PAUL ARMSTRONG D. B. ATWELL M. M. AUSTIN DEAN K. C. BAROOCK M. S. BADOLLET G. C. BAKER - DR. T. R. BALL C. E. BARNES PROF. EDW. BARTOW Organizations Custodian ROSCOE H. GERKE MEMBERS D. A. BASH J. T. BATSON ZILPHA C. BATTEY DR. G. D. BEAL E. E. BEAMAN L. H. BEAYDRY L. R. BERNER J. W. BIRCHARD H. J. BLUI-IM H. R. BOWDITCH HARRIET J. BOWER S. A. BRALEY E. C. BRAY H. B. BRAMLET L. H. BREDE Secretary LOUIS E. DAWSON Treasurer FRANK R. CLARK RUTH BREYFOGLE MARIE BRITT DR. H. J. BRODERSON B. K. BROWN J. L. BROWN VEILA BROWN W. T. BRYANT . J. BUMANN IP H. R. BUNTING L. L. BEYERS E. E. CAMPBELL W. J. CARTHAUS L. K. CECIL E. M. A. CHANDLER V. D. CHARLESTON Three Hundred Twenty CHEMICAL CLUB O. A. CHERRY H. M. CHILES G. P. CHRIST F. R. CLARK MARY C. CLARK R. W. COCHRAN B. E. COHN S. V. COOK L. M. COOPER G. J. Cox MARY A. CROSS HILDA M. CROLL B. DANA , L. E. DAWSON R. H. DEAN DR. H. G. DEMING K. L. DERN E. O. DIXON R. H. DOUGHERTY PARK DOUGLAS M. E. DREYFUS DR. H. E. EASTLACK G. P. EDWARDS W. F. EINRECHER DR. E. W. ENGLE RHODA FAHNESTOCK S. L. FISHMAN F. F. FOOTITT M. A. FORBES G. H. FOSTER A. J. FRANKS W. J. FULTON, JR. C. F. GANTERT MARGUERITE GAUGER LILLIAN GENTRY R. H. GERKE PAUL GINNINGS R. J. GNAEDINGER I. H. GODLOVE RUTH GREEN EARL GREENWELL E. W. GUERNSEY T. S. HAMILTON R. L. HAMILTON J. E. HANSEN W. T. HARDING R. A. HARRIS WILL HARSCH VIOLA HART W. M. HARTMAN A. W. HAYRORD H. W. HILL K. M. HOLLIDAY C. V. HOLMES P. F. HOOTS DR. B. S. HOPKINS R. B. HORNEY E. T. HOWELL L. B. HOWELL J. J. HSUN I. N. HULTMAN E. A. HUNTLEY H. W. HYDE T. L. JOHNSON Tlwcc Hundred Tvvcntu-one LOUIS JORDAN S. ESTHER JUNKEN DR. O. KAMM A. H. KAUFMANN S. KEITOKU THERESE KIRKLAND W. R. KIRNER W. G. KOUPAL H. J. KRASE N. W. KRASE R. G. KREILING MARTHA KUGLER BESSIE KYLER A. W. LANDSTROM J. K. LEMP DR. H. B. LEWIS MORIE LEWIS . H. A. LINENDOLL B. W. LOGUE L. F. LONG C. B. LOVELL VERNON MADE W. A. MANN, JR. MARGARET MARCOTT WILMA MARLOWE MILTON MARROCK F. A. MARTIN T. M. MAUNG L. C. MAXWELL W. L. MCCLURE W. C. MCCREARY VASHTI MCCREERY M. D. MCDOWELL F. W. MCELHENEY DR. D. F. MCFARLA DR. D. A. MCINNES MARIE MCMURRAY A. W. MEYER C. F. MILLER VIRGINIA MILLER G. S. MONROE HUBERT MOOR C. B. MOORE ISADORE MORTON C. P. MOYEN W. S. MUNCIE R. S. NELSON C. W. NESEITT W. H. NEWCOME EARL NIEMAN LOUISE E. NORMAN PROE. W. A. NOYES W. A. NOYES, JR. RUTH E. OKEY C. S. PALMER PROF. S. W. PARR M. J. PEARCE MARGARET C. PERRY LESTER PETERSON S. G. POWELL MELVILLE PRICE C. H. RADEKE W. F. RAMM R. V. REAGEL ND H. E. REDENBAUGH J. K. REED E. A. REES R. W. REINECK W. G. RICE O. AREY RICHARDS ETHEL M. ROSE F. E. ROWLAND C. C. RUSSEL E. P. RUSSINOFF META E. SALISBURY I. C. SAWYER H. R. SCHNEIDER W. H. SCHNEIDER J. A. SCHULZ R. A. SCOTT DR. G. W. SEARS F. F. SHERWOOD C. H. SIEVER G. S. SKINNER AMELIA SLOAN B. H. SMITH, JR. E. J. SMITH L. M. SMITH F. P. SOMERS MARION E. SPARKS J. E. SPELCE R. G. STEVENS ELMIRA STEVENSON AILSIE STEVENSON W. F. STRAUR F. P. STRAUCH J. A. SULTZABERGER W. W. SUNKEL MARION SWANBERG L. R. TAYLOR S. C. TAYLOR T. A. TAYLOR F. H. TENDICK R. B. TERRY A. F. THAL E. W. THIELE V. E. ,TILLSON PROF. R. C. TOLMAN W. H. TUCKER L. H. ULICH RUTH VAN DEVENTE E. B. VLIET V. VOORHEES BERNICE C. WAIT H. M. WALDER CHARLOTTE B. WARD H. T. WARREN DR. H. C. WEBER R. A. WERBER T. F. WEISS LANSING S. WELLS SELMA L. WERT EDITH M. WIGHT SCO'rT WILKINSON W. V. WIRTH D. T. WRIGHT G. C. YEE Y. F. YNTEMA Orgcmiz R ations 5gg!lfB2ak1s2r1,IsHIlsaIIImmmamrsxmsIIIImamzmsanmxIhnasfmiIssfmfrxshiMmSIIFIISIEEEIIEEEIEIKUEEHKMEH5155, I?"',1" J... ...L 11 f'g""'4v'm L22 -, L. .xv ff :iff ' ',,1,,,.'.Jf S .-.. no ,U I . ntxgsqpl TILE 'uid A. A-A - M.-f. A "f.,,' ,Qggff Iwi 'A , mu -ru J.. --E an as uv. zu I CIVIL ENGINEERING SOCIETY :- fan.- - OFFICERS 5 Pfesidem Secretary Treasurer 7.3. T. E. STOOKDALE E. I. LEANDER WALTER EMCH 'nu-I mr. MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY NEAL B. GARVER, B.S., C.E. GEORGE W. PICKLES, B.C.E. WILLIAM H. RAYNER, B.S., C.E. RAYMOND E. DAVIS, B.S., C.E. C. STANLEY SALE, B.S. BENJAMIN L. BOWLING E FREDERICK H. NEWELL, B.S., D.Eng. :. IRA O. BAKER, B.S., C.E., D.Eng. 12 CHARLES A. ELLIS, A.B. JAMES E. SMITH, B.S., C.E. E WILBUR M. WILSON, M.M.E., C.E. 53 CARROL C. WILEY, B.S., C.E. 2 MEMBERS fl: nu E-I CHESTER B. CAMP H. H. EDWARDS A. C. WILSON E PAUL LANGDON H. F. KOEPKE H. E. KELLEY 3 EDW. BUSSE F. KLENK C. M. ETTINGER Ei BALDWIN STEAD A. LUNDGREN R. P. BROWN 'I J. P. TUTHILL A. E. GIERTZ L. L. DAVIS E LOUIS HADELMAN A. BLACKSTONE N. GERTEN If D. SIDEMAN C. B. TAYLOR T. E. STOCKDALE 2 SPENCER HEINDIL A. WILSON E. W. CARRIER vm 5 MAURIOE A. GOULD S. W. EXCELL W. J. VOLK W WILBERT BERNHARDT A. D. LADEHOI-'F E. W. DEERING D. GAULT D. R. NORRIS D. M. CAMPBELL ROB. T. MILLS W. A. HIMMELREICHER E. I. LEANDER jg R. M. SCHROEDER E. E. BAUER WALTER EMCH :n W. H. SPINDLER J. T. NOLAN H. LEHMAN '51 D. EMRICH J. C. ALLMAN E. COOK J. BENNEHOFF JOS. F. VOPAT O7'!IfL7'li53'f6H071S Thrvv Ilzulalrwl Trvcnty-tzvo -I-M. -S., 'f 10W.":""l1,' v -I -'H-I-,-,:'Reew'I q .-,, I. " 'I If H I f--9'f?QgI7f?'If?!5ffSl5ffU'Iwk V 3.QTLg,f2,2ffZ,WgQg,,.,,,H ' mv, f--U .-M:- In-v f-S .1-S vnu, far.: f-.9 -:vm Im.. 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FRG RAPP ARMQTRONG KFNNFDY KING -are an an on an S COMITATUS E DEMOCRNHCCLUB an Founded at University of Illinois 1913 an I5 COLORS: Blue and Gray Qi MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ' 133 ra lb 3 S. i Us Il!! 1113 mmQgcmweww4 HEFHH . W. CARR L. G. GEORGE I: KENNEDY L. S. POOR W. FLOCK A V. H. GROSSBERG T. S. MORGAN Z . MCEVOY CARSON CROFTS NORMAN MCKINNEY R. COPENHAVER J. K. STRINGER PAUL HEINEKE -'I S. THOMPSON . R. Cox :J . C. HOPKINS T.: J. H. RAPP vs : . J uniors no a-n R. T. OLMSTEAD C. L. STARKEL J. H. CRYDER .... B. F. PURCELL W. W. HART sun :: J. N. COST .nm na su- an 1-nw an so .un nn- no vm ,... EE Three Hundred Twenty-tln'c'c 07'ga1L1fZLlti077,S ,no 7... - W...-was R ,L . M .- Q um Q NN! ' 5, Rf' A i f --4 , , an -up on mn runs an mum i - nil: rx an mr-s 1.-an me om ,Ab mae 'sw cum mn an mum new an I an mu- Km: mam no UIQ -:no m-an are an mar um ann un an me an wa-in ww 'nm wp. fan.- on. nm .mm me .v-4. In-v mn- -Arm auf -us: nur um 1-qs wmv mm .nm I--my mm 'win mm 'pw- nn me fn-1. -vi I mm .amy .an-q mm mm., ww mv ww nw. vm may we .-L.-. f-an um mn. .rw an .nw .nu nun. nu- o-. an vnu- -uns are nu, cu -an ag . ans wan an Qmnmmmumumnmumnmmmmmmmumumwmwmwmmmwmwmmmmmmg MINK MAURY JONES XVIEDGE CABLE NVESTUROOK RASMUSSEN MARTIN FUI TON HRXAYT LICNVIS STU I-ORD NVALMER DAVIS TOIHAS KFLLY SCIIWI ITII Il HOFFMAN' DAY NVALDO STEVENS STRONG TOXVER MUIUI KX YOCKEY NETZ TIIOMPSON' VANNVINKLE AXLINE WUERKER CRANE IIAISII IYANAFOIUI GEIGER XVALKEII SPENCER BPER-RY COMMERCIAL CLUB Foiinclecl at University of Illinois 1902 OFFICERS President Sacremryf R. C. THOMPSON M. A. YOOKEY Vice President Treasurer P. K. VANWINKLE R. M. NETz MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY DEAN N. A. WESTON DR. C. L. STEWART MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY V Seniors E. S. AXLINE W. O. JONES R. C. THOMPSON C. L. DAY D. L. MINK P. K. VANWINKLE T. A. HAISH J. P. SMALLWOOD C. WALMER A. A. HOFFMAN . W. WALDO Juniors R. A. BRYANT R. M. NETZ . W. WESTBROOK R. FULTON, JR. R. M. RHUE L. B. WEDGE L. C. GEIGER B. C. SCHWEITZER M. R. WHITNEY W. H. LEWIS R. E. SPERRY L. M. WINTERS D. E. MAURY J. W. STRONG A. K. WUERKER Cin E. MURRAY C. M. TOWER M. A. YOCKEY Sophoinores H. M. CABLE W. J. JONES E. E. STAFFORD C. S. CRAIN - P. J. KELLY J. H. STEVENS K. I. DAVIS C. B. MARTIN FRANK TOBIAS E. J. HANAFORD H. E. RASMUSSEN E. P. WALKER S. F. SPENCER Organizations Thrvc Hundred Twenty-four LINNARD MANNY JOIIR MC REE PARK NVILLIAMS STRONG GOULD AULD IIIFPLE MYERS NULL ROBINSON RUSSICI. IIARDIN DEAN LONG NVILSON ENGLE STI VLNSON ILOIIINSON SWIFT TONIIIAUGII TURLEY GRAY CUSKADIIN COUNTRY LIFE CLUB Established 1912 Active Chapters 16 OFFICERS President Secretary GERTRUDE SWIFT Program Committeemfm O. B. GRAY Vice President G- D- TOMBAUGH Treasurer H. E. TURLEY M. CUSKADEN HONORARY MEMBERS ' . MRS. A. HAMILTON PROFESSOR A. W. NOLAN A. T. MORISON E. ROBERTS DR. C. L. STEWART MEMBERS E. R. AULD W. C. LADD FRANCES RUSSEL M. CUSKADEN E. W. LINNARD L. STANLEY OLIVE DEAN RUTH LONG E. H. STEVENSON R. H. ENGLE F. B. MANNY J. K. STRONG M. R. FINLEY A. R. GOULD O. B. GRAY W. A. HARDIN R. E. HIPPLE MYRA YAHR MARY MCKEE EMMA MYERS ALMA NEILL MIRIAM NULL MARTHA PARK MYRA ROBINSON C. ROBINSON GERTRUDE SWIFT G. D. TOMBAUGH H. E. TURLEY HELEN VANINWEGEN W. K. WILLIAMS .ANNA WILSON Three Hundred Twenty-,five Orgamzatwns mm MM gilllllltdIiiilllllllddiliiiSlNUMQA!WH335ll!!Will!lllllllllllillllllllilIll!!I3llllillllllllllllilllilllI8H!L13 IZ an an i..- x.. Q.. - ,-any 1 A , mm no .- -0 Au. ..- ..- I. . 0 . 1 -.4 --, .un fav un -n an -an fuu- .um -an an aa Qu wa-Q. ms 11- fu-: - -.4 . .M au' uv .1- .-.Q an Mu- up fame - -4 A .. 1: 1-4. .A- ...- nm . .A .uf A-A. aa M An ,A- v L, .1 ,, -.,, ,. -- ' , ,.-,.-,., pg nm -.1 .M nw a nm vw .mr an ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS' SOCIETY OFFICERS President Treasurer A L. E. HOSTETLER D. G. EVANS Vice President Secretary C. A. WAGNER E. D. SWANBERG . Librariari H. L. OLESEN HONORARY MEMBERS S 2 QPROF. E. B. PAINE I. W. FISK PROF. MORGAN BROOKS A. R. KNIGHT If PROF. E. H. WALDO J. W. DAVIS 1 P. S. BIEGLER P. J. NILSON ' L. V. JAMES W. A. GATWARD A if Organizations Tm-cc Hundred rwmy-six if rv bv? ...S 14" ff 1 viii!!LiL3Hi5ii5??'3l5fi5f'?i?5'?3kj.f555355225?kT?S2?li15!REI4If3QZ22f :- fr vs. 1 1 an CD . 3 1 to 1 as an -n an so ex , 1 an 1 ' as an as -n an an .1 an ann an E E EUIlllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllmllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg E ELECTRICAL ENGINEIERS' IHIIII Ill llllllllllllllllllll ll lllllllllllll Ill f1'1l'9Ff?'9'1S'1SF'iF1i'USS'1W?U9?19S?'iF7 EESPZHFHEEHEPFQREUOEHB as by r' Saigigiagssggfiiggsgg ERQQWQHEHEFZOEEE Qin: BIN omtli UJNZ H rm Pd 2 new rn "3 I-'ad 1:1 -'11 Q O z U2 EE o 3 C: r' su cs H: SHEEP' 'QEP11 i 1 Z 1 . L. ENGLAND H. EUSTON G. EVANS E. EVELAND G. FEE N. FELTON W. FOSTER E. GADDIS W. J. GEIGER R K 1 1 an on if 1 2 as 1 1 1 as as 1 1 10 as at as an as an can an . GOODWIN E Three H undrrd T1vcnty-seven MEMBERS K. H. GORDON M. E. GRAHAM W. W. GRAINGER L. R. GRAY O. F. HAAS G. M. HALDEMAN M. S. HANCOCK J. W. HANSON R. A. HARVEY W. HECKMAN A. C. HILL D. A. HILLS H. HORIMURA C. R. HOLLINGSWORTH L. E. HOSTETLER A. J. HUBER H. L. HUSSON H. L. HUTCHINSON H. P. JENNET J. E. JENSEN W. KENNY H. KNIGHT A. KRAL A. N. LENDMANN F. E. LUNDGREN S. J. LURIE R. E. MCCLELLAN R. E. MCKEEVER D. W. MCGILL A. R. MILLER FFFWHWFUWQ QI ay., SOCIETY B. MEYERS NAKADA K. NEWTON L. OLESEN R. PETZING A. RAIBOURN REICHELDERFER R. RICHARDSON D. ROMIG M. ROSE J. L. ROWE H. A. L. RYDER J. A. SCHOOK L aoscq xmny TI-IE l9l8 A fi ' 1 . T. H. H. SCHROEPPLE H. R. SEAVEY G. H. SIMMONS C. J. SINGH F. H. SMITH W. S. SLACK C. H. STURM E. D. SWANBERG W. G. TUELL L. TURNER G. E. UNDERHILL C. A WAGNER L. A. WEST , G. C. WILSON L. R WILSON J. H. WIEN G. P. WINN G. A. ZEHR Organizations an 1 3 1 up 1 an 1 an 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 as 3 so 1 1 cu so 1 1 1 1 In Q0 1 3 1 1 i on 1 us -an can an as an as sun- on up -as an -n. .nun .ra an so an 1 can an as as as -nu an ns up an .un -. 3 -s on un nn can .-n an an one as un. 1-n 1 ..- -up is an an .np on Jun 2 an i - an. on -mn inn Q in -on 'ns it C4 3lllllllll!llilllilllllllllIIllIIIIIHIBIIIMllllilllllllllllllllllllllIllllIIS!lil!!!l!ll!IIllIllI!lllIll55f7-5 I'????EEV'H LINNARD F. S. STEWART KINSEY ENGLE L. XV. CIIALCRAFT IIORNEY GILL NVIIITMAN SABIN ARNDT RORN RICIIMOND IIIRKS SOWERS SHARP D CIIALCRAFT ALBE EICIIIIORN REID LAMD PURNELL HENDERSON RICE DUSTIN ELDRIDGE CARTER IILISE FITCH C. STEWVART EIVALD STRONG BOW ER KEMP BARRETT MUNSON 1 OLMPR IIONNALD H O O F A N D I-I C R N Founded at University of .Illinois 1912 H efrdsman A. R. KEMP Assistant Hefrdsman F. N. BARRETT W. F. CAMPBELL H. G. FITCH L. W. CHALCRAFT F. W. LEGGIT J. L. MUNSON E. W. LINNARD R. H. ENGLE W. H. EICHORN D. E. COULTAS E. B. KNIGHT W. MCGRATH A. R. KEMP P. E. BOWER E. W. ELDRIDGE H. S. BEARDSLEY H. C. VIAL W. M. RICHMOND G. B. WHITMAN R. VANDEVENTER H. H. SUTHERLAND W. L. CARLSON J. J. LACEY C. L. ALBE ' OFFICERS Swipe E. W. ELDRIDGE MEMBERS M. HENDERSON R. G. COPENHAVER I. C. GILL P. G. EWALD C. STEWART G. H. SOWERS F. S. STEWART H. D. THOMAS J. W. KIMMAN N. L. RICE E. JOHNSON W. R. HORNEY C. E. BORN F. N. BARRETT J. LAMB R. A. POWERS J. M. BIRKS, A. R. GOULD F. CARTER F. W. JONES O. P. KOLMER W. G. WAGNER A. R. SABIN CLUB Commission Man J. L. MUNSON Recorder of Pedigrees P. F. BOWER E. W. BRUNSKILL B. F. PURCELL B. M. HUBBELL A. ERICKSON J. R. ALLEN D. M. CHALCRAFT H. SHEETS W. H. HOWELL H. A. HEIN A. R. KINSEY J. P. DOUGLAS C. D. KEMP P. ARNDT W. O. HEISE E. R. REID C. S. DUSTON J. K. STRONG R. M. WATSON J. C. SHARP H. H. HOLTZMAN L. I. HONNELL W. C. PURNELL D. JOHNSTON Organizations Three Ilundrcd Twenty-mhz ' mmM1AiwaImnutmwttibtifhmnawaaiwiiirsatmssmxssaWILL.:HIIIIFLELWSSHIEQ HHISM-w I I. 54. I. c I ,J L"U! NVALKER LATIIROI' LAWIIIERT BULLIS SIMPSON BROCK TUKEY IIIERBAUM VOGFLE DARNALL XVILFORD IILOI-IM DAY KNISTSCH TURLEY FITES HOWARD COPE PICKETT BLAIR BAILEY BROCK FRIED I-IORTICULTURAL CLUB OFFICERS President Secretary L. W. COPE H. E. TURLEY Vice President Treasurer E. A. BIERBAUM H. W. DAY MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY JOSEPH CULLEN BLAIR E. W. BAILEY C. S. CRANDALL B. S. PICKETT S. J. BOLE A. S. COLBY W. S. BROCK MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate C. P. LATHROP Seniors - , L. V. COPE W. C. SAVAGE C. G. HOWARD A. F. WALKER W. BIEGEL E. P. FROHARDT, O. E. SIMPSON H. G. WOODHAM L. G. BAKER H. W. DAY HARRY FRIED H. B. FITES R. N. WILFORD Juniors E. A. BIERBAUM F. SAILER H. B. TUKEY I A. C. VOGELE H. E. TURLEY Sophomores T. H. BROCK P. E. BLOHM D. C. LAMBERT H. H. FLEMING Freshmen J. KNETSCH W. V. DARNALL Tim cc Hundred Twenty-nine M. C. BULLIS Organizations ww, Q 'fx w I f.. -15 if 542-1 A ,.- wr ff J.. I. . .. a -... .IN uv -rv mf ggjidiwlliiaili'-3 1411111333231 iii 1 iuiiiiblfi 11!T!iif31IWi41 2161151113ilfiUW!i2lN35!?1?W?3IJZH!?l5Q5W!5!3Nll3El31!4421.1N HH!! 3 E in-up Ay' , SWIM ..- M ...- . X A ww 1 12 ,yy ,A , A -'1"vYw4'w :wif 11- 1' -:J ?zM ,.!..,f, ,v 1' . Y .1 xg. I, , A '1 2 g Y - f Ig. I 51513 I ,. 3 5 R I e.,,f,.ri V2 ,I 2 GW-wel 1' .r:'.4 RQ 'J I- , ,A fl- uw., -v Q. .--1, -I A-. -- -4.4, .ww Q.. .., -.M I-'LEXER SMITII BARN! S LUDXVIG FOX SLOAN CRANVFORD BRIGGS NVOODCOCI JONES NEVVELL STOUTZENIXERG CIIABOT NVIIICELIIOUSE ANDERSON NENVBURN FERRED SAGEIC XVEIR RUFFNER FUNK NVFILLOPP GOLDSCIIMIDT OAKES NIOORI' IIOI MES XVHITE MC CULLOUGII RICHMOND LUSK PACK MALSBURY SCHOTT HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS President Secretary MARION WHITE HELEN MCCULLOUGH Vice President Treasurer HARRIET JAMES LAURA HOLMES MEMBERS ESTHER ACKERSON OLIVE ANDERSON MARY ELSIE BALL WINII-'RED BARNES MARGARET BARTO FLORA BRIGGS KATHLEEN CHABOT RUTH CRAWFORD HILDA CROLL ' LETITIA FERREE EDNA FLEXER J ESSIE FOX RUTH FUNK MATE GIDDINGS RUTH GLASSCO ERMA GOLDSCHMIDT GLADYS GREEN MARY HEIN LAURA HOLMES MARGARET HOUSTON RUTH KINCAID HELEN KIRKPATRICK ETHEL LUDWIG GENEVIENE LUSK GRACE MALSBURY MARJORIE MANN HELEN MCCULLOUGH WILMA MCNUTT MABEL MOORE IVA NEWBURN JOSEPHINE NEWELL ELLA OAKES MARY PACK MINNIE PHILLIPS ADA POUGII LOLA PRESSON LURA RANKIN HAZEL REED JEAN RICHMOND ELSIE ROGERS META SALISBURY RUTH SHOTT AGNES SLOAN AMELIA SLOAN MADELINE SLOAN VALDA SMITH BERTHA STEIN AILSIE STEVENSON FLORENCE STOUTZENBERG MARION SWANBERG GRACE TAYLOR MARY TEETERS ALPHA TORNQUIST LAURA WEILEPP PEARL WEIR MARION WHITE HELEN WOODCOCK ELMIRA STEVENSON MAY MILES ELIZABETH WHEELHOUSE HARRIET JAMES ANNA SAGER MARION MCCONNEL FRANCES JONES DIXIE SCHUMACHER 0A1'!1fU1i2fHfi0HS Tm-ee Hundred Thirty an 1 an IK' xx. rm aa. :um ag sq, 1 .vm 1 an ll- l cm an xn- .az an mm .Q T us eu .3 nn if I nw iv 11. AI! an Ha 'ru In 1.114 sm no 33 .nu J:- E.: .mv an .41- .11 3: :Az -:cn Mg. an ua sz. it? ,:.. .n- .AE vm A-f A' 1IQISHHHiiiiffiielillf-Jfiiviiwimmmwifeefeiiaiiaiaie 21IlllllllllllilllllllllllIUIIINNIIIIIIIIIIIIIlilllllllllllIllNilllllllllllllllllllllllillllllilllllllllllllllllllg .5 9 WSH-J THE ISIB S I .S 3 X I E K Q,-ga. 1-1 1 1 as can as xx an 1 ,, " 1 . :D an .mms : an 3 1 1, 4: 1 1 Us g. nm -Q an 1 41 an 1 no ai- nan -is 1 mus- mut- E HUDSON A. LINDSEY TURNER EVELAND R. LINDSEY SLAGHT 5 E SMITH 0. TINKEY EVANS T. TINKEY FOLSOM : E E E ILLINI MOTORCYCLE CLUB 5 E OFFICERS Zi E President Secretary-Treasurer ' 2 2 L. M. TURNER J. W. FOLSOM Q:-Z 3: Vice President Road Captain 13 3 R. E. LINDSLEY R. A. PERRY LE - Assistant Road Captain E E D. R. DOWNEY : 3 MEMBERS 3 3 D. R. DOWNEY M. V. MAXWELL 3 S. "' ..... EVANS I. G. MORRISON ... 15 H. E. EVELAND R. A. PERRY ij :: J. W. FOLSOM L. E. SLAGHT 5 E C. E. HAMMANS H. A. SMITH 'ETS 5 C. H. HUDSON H. L. SMITH 5 A. H. LINDSEY O. G. TINKEY 5 :: R. E. LINDSEY T. J. TINKEY 55 E L. M. TURNER E E Three Hundred Thirty-one - O'l'glL7I.'lfZLlti0'7LS .-. wurr an -mm gill!NHiillllilllilllllllllIlIUSNliillililliiillllllllllNilllllllllibliiiilliiiiimlll1iMl!i1!ll43llN!!iFl ??kfii.ii.HLhmr:-neuabufferzwsswfx 1.1411we:mmkfimfwfmb'ew-gr 155.11 e f ...M . ,... ,,.... r .. r fsaig. U ffwk ,, Q wg wsiaff,fg.!E V51 f-.'fA A""'X 1 EVIF . -fmlgxrf fl , D ff... ,o f ,Vs .44 4 ,lil 3t..'?1:,1:L"p.1'tJ1:A-I f , 5' Q. 1 ' ' wrt' ' , ,.,W.g.5.57..E?, ,? :j. , 'FM f7 g4:s.:a.,,.,3 V 5 1 if 'A ' i. x 51 i li -,g y., 1 . ,- I 31 .21 vnu., . " xy. f' vw-A Q..-. -- -H --K fm me ,uw .-.K nv N.. ww nf-. nm on Q..- .-.1 'Mo .--4, M ,f ,. . rsh M EUEZIQEE...Lk:MZRIMMiL5i1'I?Tl!i!llHml!F5F?tXFPHfH1315 -.11 1 n . un . ,pw -up .,,. -av- '- f-ef. 1.- u-- wr. rf- um nu. -ww .vm v mr- yu. haw -nv. ff 1-nz ,-Wy rv. .. ., nw .-cn au, -an nv. -we n-, .mv uf- rvr. , L.. X . W., - -rm .-4 . M. . Q- Mn. za -wa. -M RIFLE C LU B OFFICERS President Treasurer H. C. GESELBRACHT A. K. WUERKER Sevretary Range Ojieer O. G. BRAIN D. R. BROWN 0'I'gCmiZaf'1f07'LS Three Hundred Thirty-hoo 4 -nv. uv W., ,,,.. ,ww HM. qv. -.uv ggjliliiilliiitlllliIlailillllllllllllllllliIHIDIIQISQBIIlinlliuaslillIinllllalalnnlallIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIxaazzifrvazarqg -.- -of. .--1 -S-.I -am our an ss: -an -I ua, un- -In ann- EQ R. E. APPLE 3 E. T. ALLEN Il L. ANDERSON .... E. T. ANDREW E J. H. ANSBROOKS 7: M. M. AUSTIN 3: A. E. BACH :g C. A. BACON 3 R. F. BARLOW :gg F. N. BARRETT : W. BARTLETT :gi H. L. BIESECKER Tti H. BLACKSTONE :Ili M. C. BOIOE 23:2 C. E. BORN Lf' D. F. BRACKEN M. B. K. BROWN Ji, J. P. BROWN :Zig R. H. BROWN X22 P. B. BIJOKY 3515 C. E. BULLARD R. BURNS E. C. BUSSE L. L. BYERS W. J. CARITIANS ZZ. D. CHANT '-3' L. W. CHARLET TQ E. F. CHRITTON T21 L. A. CLARAI-IAN W H. D. CLARK W. K. CLIFFORD I. W. COAN :I B. E. COHN G. H. COLLINGS '-lil' F. J. COOPER M. F. CRANE W. N. CRIGER. F?FFF?N9PFSm!9FPPONFPFSHFT K. DAVIS H. DAVISON DEMETER DENBY E. DEPUE W. DR1vEN J. DOUGLAS F. DOTTY O. DUKE DUNBAR DUPAQUIER E. DURIN FAIRMAN FIELD V. FIRST A. FORBES M. Foss FRANK L. FRANK FROST FRYMIRER GADDIS GARMAN GORE GOSIIER . GOOCH QQFGWH 'i P' W G G 5 5 w fi D.. 'RB E 4 L E .L B' 'K 'B Q o fl Q Q 3 S. N Q 95 9. S FI.E C LIJ B MEMBERS S. J. GREY M. C. GRIGGS J. GRISWOLD K. D. GRISWOLD M. C. GRUHA F. S. HAGER W. C. HAMILL L. B. HANAFEE H. E. HART H. C. HASELTON J. HEDENBERG S. J. HEIKES C. O. HERR R. J. HERRIK F. HOBART E. B. H01-'F H. E. HOLT H. H. HOLTMAN E. B. HOWES C. Y. HSU C. HUDSON I. N. HULTMAN R. JAMISON N. D. JENKINS D. J. KADYK P. L. KESSELER R. S. 'KILPATRICK L. H. KINGSLEY C. H. KINNANE D. B. KIRKLAND H. I. KNOWLTON H. KOOS W. G. KOUPAL N. A. KUOHMAN W. C. LADD E. LAGER F. E. LANGELLIER C. R. LASH W. W. LAUTERBACH K. E. LEINARD A. D. LITTLE A. N. LIES R. LIRONATI E. LIATZ A. D. MACHEAN D. MALOOLMSON J. E. MCKITTRICK T. MEDER F. J. MEEK C. R. MELIN H. M. MEYER B. W. LOOUE P. E. LANGDON F. IJOVECT R. W. LOVENTZ H. H. LUEDER H. MEYERS W. H. MEYERS H. E. MEYERS C. H. MILLS W. S. MORROW W. J. MUMM A. L. MUNSELL B. K. MURPHY W. O. NELSON G. M. NEWLAND W. J. NOLAN H. L. OLESON L. S. PAPPMEIIIR B. PEPINSKY L. PETERSON R. A. PERRY G. R. POSTLE H. A. POWELL D. L. RIDER R. M. ROGERS W. H. ROHE P. E. RUPPEL A. R. SAEIN F. W. SAYLER W. J. SCHERNEKAN C. B. SCHMELTZER A. SEDOLEY R. T. SEIDEL C. SHAKELFORD B. E. SKINNER C. H. SLOAN W. H. SMITH R. SONTAG J. R. STEAR A. A. STRANE R. E. STRAWN J. W. STRICKLER E. D. STUBBLEFIELD W. SWICKARD H. P. SWINDLER C. TALBOT Q. TAYLOR R. L. TEMPLIN L. E. THOMPSON R. R. THOMPSON F. TOURTELOL E. H. TRUMBO G. E.- UNDERIIILL B. B. VORIS J. K. WAGENSELLER C. A. WAGNER J. C. WALMER H. B. WATERBURY, R. WATSON R. M. WATSON T. F. WEISS H. WEI.LER E. H. WETIIERELL P. WILKINSON S. WILKINSON W. H. WILLIAMSON H. T. WILSON 4 J. WING R. B. WITT H. H. WORNER YIN WOO .T. T. ZALESKI ZIMIIELMAN TURNER 1 A-4 QL? KQTE E again? Q xi 5H !8. K WM r-fp,"1v .'-6215.3 n"T..""1 'y If 1.L2Yf"-A PM , . .. -,N x . " A .- + J: J" . 0 . ,, ' S.. . if gif ,f . AS.i:ef.ge1gj - if'.1.4.. . . . J+....,fQm .4 Ji... 1 A KA .. .j.+.:,v . A fr A. '1 32-T 2 ... .- ... E ' 1 144. y U 5' F .' . L . , M,,. . I 3 524 'Z .xiii 354 uimvfgg 1 " 4 Q L 'N' 4 -. .-. .... V . , .vlx,'x . .ap -mfililr.rvHlIlIHHHIH'13l'4 IUF!5fFi'Y9'FH!55'aFUPEIH1Kin!F:VifwiiiEkFiFi!!JPilF5F'f.I'Ef?EHHHHHHHIU11 f W1 x R A I L W A Y C L U B OFFICERS President Secretary D. B. Ormum G. S. OSBERNE Vice President Tfreasurev' K. M. MAITRE J. H. WESTBEY MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY E. C. SCHMIDT, M.E J. M. SNODGRASS, B.S A. M. BUCK, M.E. A. F. COMSTOOK, C.E MEMBERS D. B. OHRUM E. P. MACHOVEC K. M. MAITRE E. L. DAVIS J. H. WESTBEY E. R. BRIGHAM C. W. BORTON G S. OBERNE J. C. DE SOUZA O. E. GISH C. M. CLARK C. C. LOWE E. C. BARNES V. CULLIN E. C. HECKLER W. H. CORK H. -R. RICHARDSON L. THOMPSON C. H. CLARAHAN H. B. BASSETT W. L. KLINK R. PINHEIRO O'I'gU'TLiZfLLi07ZS Thrvc Ilundrvd Tlurly four --. pr. rf. .- I. .4 S um sf nr -4- ..- an r- is -an ng 1 an ui nf 31QHFFQFYILKQFIIIFIIIIFH PIVIIHIPIIHMIIIFIHIIIHHBifHIEEURIE!!EUIHFDFHERWEFQFEEIFIBESENHEQHSEHIFHIHEIZEQ -G .1 p.- un an .- :liz ...-4 r,...w -J 4 N 1 HHH Af na .Iv-M ...- .- as E 5958 K HILLMAN STARKEL CASSIDY MORRISON HARPER XVIXKLEMAN NVARFORD XVI"4'1RRO0K I OI MIR THOMAS MORRIS MARTIN IIONI XX KOIIL LOGSDON NVALTON XV KI MPR LEE EGYPTIAN CLUB Founded at University of .Illinois 1906 COLORS: Purple and White OFFICERS .. First Semester Second Semester President President W' J. K. WALTON, JR. JOE LOGSDON iii? Vice President Vice President GEORGE WASHINGTON BRISTOW CHARLES C. CARROLL Secretary Secretary W. H. MARTIN G. G. CASSIDY gg Treasurer Treasurer 73: W. M. MORRISON, JR. N. M. MORRIS jf: Historian Historian 1: D. A. WARFORD D. BILLMAN 3: MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY if O. A. HARKER, LL.D. FRANK W. SCOTT, Ph.D. "W MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY .1 Seniors fi B. WHAM A. R. KINSEY WM. MORRISON if L. D. BUNTING J. C. WOLMER P. RAIBOURN M- J. K. WALTON H. M. HARPER W. E. WHEELER ff: J. E. LOGSDON E. P. HOHMAN N. M. MORRIS 3 H. C. HELM J. KOHL F. SCOMBS ZZ T. S. MORGAN ' ... Juniors E O. P. KOLMER M. M. HART W. H. MARTIN jj D. A. WARFORD R. E. WINKELMAN C. L. STARKEL Sophoinores jg G. G. CASSIDY J. THOMAS 75.5 C. C. CARROLL H. W. WESTBROOK D. BILLMAN ' I Three 111411.11-cf: Tim-my-pvc ' Organizations 33,- IIO .2353.3iifi-PHEHSKHISSI2613542, .u2c.Heef,.z.sI.I:Q.f if Q' 'fe I .53 ffijiiliiwisamiibnlsmwmmmamf:PM:imgmi!2IMQINJWQEGHETSIwi!3i,!1IM69N99!II5b9iIil!M'!1J?11141q11U 4: ' . ,Luiz L ., f"is.'3. L.. YK 1 if .,,, . N'.'f.x'Q x 1 S7 f :. l 'ligrE:f"'33 " 5.4. ,ci ji fl T11 X1 A," 2':.7:'f'.Af"L .ff I I 1' .An M-qu! .Ls L A'-, .SSH -f fi ' .X ,,,.1 554' Y 'QQ 91" f-.vrpjshw r . f ,er ., . ' 1. Ara AH W www H -na x.f,.A..f..fv .r . 4 ,.. Ig. A N.: VW fi X ... F F CICEASON PONVELL CARTFR ST H I IYF9 GFTTLF KERR KFNNFDY IDE MASSEY INIUNSELL AC Y IX AVE IS SNII FR IIU OV I D ON! I RICKIIOUSD LYNN JOIIIVJ IARS'lIlIl"I'l L I IOIINSTON IIOXVELL IIUTCIIINSON XVILSON MC CARIIOLI MC CLUER LOGSDON INACKIE DTT INTERCOLLEGIATE DIXIE CLUL Established at University of Illinois 1.911 NATIONAL SOUTHERNERS' CLUB OFFICERS President Secretary J. S. MCCARROLL C. V. LYNN Vice President Treasurer L. H. HUTCHISON P. W. OTT MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY JAMES WILFORD GARNER, Ph.D. CARL VICTOR BURGER, B.S. C. V. LYNN B H. S. V. JONES, A.M., Ph.D. JOHN MABRY MATHEWS, Ph.D. ERIC ALLEN DAWSON, A.M. GEORGE W. PICKLES, C.E. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors E. T. MACKIE W. O. WILSON J. B. HENDERSON J. M. JOHNSTON P. W. OTT D. MCCLUER J. E. LOGSDON R. E. JOHNSON Juniors J. S. MCCARROLL L. H. HUTCHISON S. D. PETTER H. W. GIBSON E. S. MOBERIJY Sophoinores H. R. IDE H. L. MASSEY D. MARSTELLER R. A. IDE G W. SNIDER O. C. CHISUM H. B. BEAVERS P A. NIEBERGALL W. HENDERSON D. L. TODD J. P. LACKEY SAM WOOLFORD A Freshmen J. H. POWELL S. J. STALLINGS A. T. MUNSELL S. C. CARTER . C. F. HUDSON L. BRICKHOUSE J. H. HUDSON E. B. JOHNS E. E. KERR G. S. FITTS-HUGH F. S. GETTLE W. C. HOWELL W. H. CREASON W. L. KENNEY 07'Ua7lizati0n3 Three Hundred Thirtysu: , , 4 , A . , I ' 1'-H11 11"'v-!sfs4.,.-iny, NW l"""I."1'w444- ..nxaz111xa:1muw'I'i"ww'LMI wwvws-'I I ' cmm-nc .mxunoxvsxu mnoz numm ANTOSZENSI 1 1011 ous: 1 1 xx 1 SI 1 xr KTU"lll xx ICI I-nzYm'szNY P go L 0 N 1 A C L U B - A POLISH STUDENTS' CLUB Founded at University of Illinois 1916 MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Senior J. PAUL ZALESKI Juniors VERONICA C. MATUSZEWICZ R. H. ANTOSZEWSKI CASIMIR S. CIERPIK Sophomores CASIMIR PRZYPYSZNY FRANCIS S. GURDA STANLEY AJ JAKUBOWSKI RUDOLPH J. MRoz ANNA POLKOWSKI Three Hundred Thirty-seven 0'7'gUf7l7:zat7:07l3 gill f lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllIlllllllllllNNIll!lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllL-, La, Q K at THE 8 2. 8 J, T,,,,,,,-,,,m .L I S... ,L ,,,V ,I I. I llllll 3 an 1 i 1 1 1 1 1:1 i 1 i i as as i 1 an 1 -1 xv 3 1 1 , 1: ru: an an -n 1 1 1 i ar un 1 1: 1 sv 1 -n :- nu an -n an , - .1 an 1 1 1 1 1 '- l 1 as i 1 - ci an 1 1 or i 11 as 1 an 3 an cu ann 1 ann 3 Sums: S L. GIFT SNYDER POEH MAN POE L AN ANDERSON ROBINSON IIONOLDS BERLIN 0 AS X ELS MDR GRIZZELL FR NCHE NUTT M. GIFT W. POEHLMAN FREDRICKB DIETZ STAR noss Founded at University of Illinois 1916 COLORS: Infantry Blue and Artillery Red MEMBER IN THE FACULTY R. R. WELSHIMER MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY ' Seniors L. H. GIFT C. V. ROBERTSON Juniors R. E. WINKLEMAN J. W. DIETz C. L. STARKEL Sophomores J. T. THOMAS E. F. POEHLMAN D. V. SNYDER W. G. POEHLMAN Freshrnen R. M. POEHLMAN D. A. FREDERICKS M. F. GIFT M. C. GRIZZELLE F. S. RONALDS B. V. NUTT W. S. Ross H. BERLIN H. ANDERSON D. C. FRANCHE C. L. ROGERS r Organizations U Three :femme Tnmy-em: BllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllIIlllllllillIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli -.- is my xmLHz1:"rs'.Lge-ytiwl'i.:.L?,krf2,LQ1"- rl!-?yi'5? x 5?n'!r1?',e1'1pg"3gH:H,iHi-:fig1 r 1' ,uw ,. L , .. ., ' ,,-A ACKHRSON XYEINIHSRG HOLMES 'MIDDl.E'l'0N MORAN OFFICERS President Secretary EDITH MIDDLETON ELIZABETH WEINBERG Vice President Treasurer ESTHER ACKERSON KATHRYN MORAN Historian LAURA HOMES l SIIAPLAND IMC CONNELL BADGE!! NEEDIIAM NEWIIURN OFFICERS President SCC'I'6tfL'I'fIl FERN SHAPLAND MARION MCCONNEIJL Vice President Treasurer IVY NEWBOUEN EUNICE BADGER Historian CATHERINE NEEDHAM Three Hundred Thirty-'nine 07"gUf7ViZUft'i0"7f3 1 f 1 191' ..,..,k. QM M 1 f',-,yiifw J AM-if, .Agr- i , A Wmslitisiizm.-5iafmllgpQWHS:31H211FHS?5STNfiaiwfllfllifiiiiililSJMHSlilliiillwlliliifiii 543113 -A,.,A,. A , I fl uf , J iw " , lax L Z, 1. w... ,. ., ,. ., ""Y5'W",l 45. R21 J il, L E 1- EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, WOMEN'S LEAGUE OFFICERS President Organizations MARION MANLEY Vice President FRANCELIA SARGENT Treasurer MARTHA M. BROCKMEIER Secretary MATE L. GXDDINGS President in Pan Hellenic Council LOUISE H. YVATERMAN Three Hundred Forty ' 5'i21.1GIY51Vfffi5EiEMit-iE2i'f ' J I'fl?3f-EWfii.I2 ' 2 1 X ' . STUDENT COUNCIL OF THE WOMEN'S LEAGUE GIIOMMON KLEIN YOCKISII HALL HONEY ELDRIIK L LESLIE LYNCII GREEN SIIRIVER NVOODCOCK RICE JENKINS INICIIOLS IIIORAN IVILSON MC CULLOUGH IVILES EDDS LIIIMAN SENIOR COUNCIL OF THE WOMEN'S LEAGUE FOX SI MONS DARTO NVEINIIURG IVEIIFPI' JONES Three Hundred Forty-one O7'ga7Vi"5at'i0ns 1 ,fp .,. -wx ,WWE vw - wit . ,714 f 1 , ., ,.' AJ , X 4 ., ww Q gjiillliiilillllllllilllIlllilllllllHHHQI1Q4KMIllllllllIlllllllllllllilllllllIllllllIlllllllllllllllmlliiillIIII L1 E ' E , F E L m. Lfafss A - 45' 'wuz - HUB ISN .nm M.- -.Q ...M an .umm -.1 -vu mn. no fou- nn cm nr an nm may 'sr' aw an .1 'um 'mr luv nw an 'vm nm' as mu an- 'fx-vb v .w .sm .nn .-mu . -un -na ..,.w: M n 1.1: .r -., .ww nw: .mu Ez- 1 fi -wx .gm .mv an :vw -rn ann. ma .5 A .mu my Q, -au, ff-c .um ., .sr am: f .yn fan .Leaf mf! .um sn.: 3.1 nan -A.: . .rc mr um. nm. EEQSEHSSSEZSSEQEEEQ fm... ,,..,, 532852333 El' .Jul n Q LEGGIT WEHBER IIASS DAVIDSON GIBSON KLINE ' JACKSON KENT H. E. WVILSON NELSON NV. 0. WVILSON CRYDER RANNEY Y. M. C. A. OFFICERS President J. WARD NELSON Vice President H. W. GIBSON Recorder V. H. DAVISON Treasurer PROFESSOR I. 0. BAKER General Secretary H. E. VVILSON Office Secretary F. W. LEGGITT O'rgl1.'n'izati0'rl.S Three Hundred Forty-two Wiifviii3Q1i3HJSEIWEZ.i59FJ5i?5522i2553'i555?2?315:EHifi?3355?3!3!3lYHWi'S3!ii1iSF35221ffiliifeiilmiillilil123192352 lllillllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllmllllllllilllIllillllllfa H URM iiilliiilllilllllllllllll Hill iilfiiffiiflllilfllSE2SlilllllfiffiliHllllliilllllliiliillliil -.fn 11111111111111'111'11111'B11" 1111 1'11'1111111111A1111s 'A'1 11 ' 1 ' 4 .1511111 '1-.112 'x. . , '.1.'111.1,,11111111.1.1111.111111111111111111-15111141-11"-1 FIRST CABINET MC CAM MON TENER STEIN IIROCKMEIER PACK DODGE MOLYNEAUX SNVIFT BARRY CRANVFORD BARNES FAIRFIELD PERCIVAI. TIIORNSIIURGII GILPATRICK SARGENT XVEILEPP GREEN KOUPAI. ' XYILSON SAGER MC CULLOUGH EDDS NVIKOFF Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS Corresponding Secretary GLADYS GREEN President ANNA E. SAGER Vice President Treasurer HELEN MCCULLOUGH VERA EDDS General Secretary M. ANNA WILSON Recording Secretary LAURA WEILEPP Ojiee Secretary AGNES R. KOUPAL SECOND CABINET vox wElm NVITIXECK sPA'rEs NVEIR LEETOMA ATTEHURY ANDIIEVVS Mc lnoNA1.n nnowN w1l,soN Mc CUl.l.0UmI nowEl.1.s SIIAPLAND Cn.x1'E Three Hundred Forty-three O'l"gll'I'L7:ZfLf7:07LS ,.,1w1fs1m1 11112 I11111.11'1111l1111Y1l1I1iH . A SA 1 mlb -1 v- ,, -- 1 1 KJ."l'1 1 1' ' ...E-4,Lf' 1 12. :J jj' L X . J .1-1 J it. .. .. 1 ar, if . ,ff .V , K I L... f 1 s.. ,- .,,,Tii,f -w .,'f,. ,,,....F . "v"v'--wwfm '5"'H"' 1 wwf., Mfg' w,.,3.Hg,. n gm' fgfnigfqg, 1 Fr. .5 Q 17 4 " ' 1 . a tg? 1' 11 1 .,. .,., fum. 3 I S.fQ"I'f'f wg ,1fw?-aLw:aww1:-,UF-'.If1l3:ep,9:g.!7gVH'e I I A ,m ,w .A+','. L51-,.'ifI-f fr' XVIRT SPAINIIOIIR JONI S NVISLCARN ER IlAIlTEl.I.S WVIIITMAN SNIITII XOUINCIILOOD REID MI XIII Y PLNI I'UNl SEYSTER NVOODS BENNETT PFI' ARMSTRONG RIIODI S RIIOIIES SHERMAN SENSE RUSSELL PARI KRII C FPDS SIIASV ANDERSON W IXTERS COCK BETI-IAN Y CIRCLE Founded at University of Illinois 1911 Active Chapters 4 ILLINOIS CHAPTER COLORS: Green and White FLOWER: Daisy MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduates MAUDE STIPP OLLIVE MENELEY Seniors VERA EDDS AMELIA KRIEG VERNA WIRT , RUTH FUNK MINNIE BARTELS PAULINE WISEGARVER Juniors FRANCES RUSSELL LENNA WOODS JEN NIE ANDERSON Sophoinores OPAL RHODES GOLDA RHODES MARGARET SMITH LETA SHERMAN DELIA SHAW HAZEL ARMSTRONG MARIE BENNETT LORENE BIGELOW MARY FEE MARTHA PARK ' Freshmen HELEN MCCONNELL LULU JONES ADELL FUNK Organizations DOROTHY COOK LILACE KIDD JUNE MOLYNEAUX MATTIE SENSE EMILY REID NINA WINTERS ALTA YOUNGBLOOD LOIS SEYSTER BEULAH WHITMAN ALMA SPAINHOUR ESTHER J UNKEN GLADYS STRUBINGER Three Ilundred Forty-four '5?'5i4?I?"'I-?7E IIOLADAY SORNDAL KENT GOODELL SIIADDLE ROSS HANDY GREY DERBY GILMORE KENT FAUST B U S I-I N E L L G U I L D Foimclecl at University of .Illinois 191.4 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY C. S. Ross MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Graduate E. C. FAUST Seniows N. F. GREY E, F, KENT H. L. DERBY Jimiofrs K. M. HOLADAY W. E. GILMORE Sophomores L. K. BANDY H. H. GOODELL P. F. KENT Freshmen L. N. SHADDLE D. A. SORNDAL S. J. GRAY Hnmdf-cd lem-ny-yivc Organizations 2.-lgiiilliliililiillilil Ill il Z, an , -. 1 THE :ms 1 Ill! nu... ..- -- up .-n -Q nn. -un- ann up as -:- nur' an nn an an .nn an oo an an an - N nm -u up an an nun Ann no an an as v-up -an ua M.. Nu. --1 . nu .-1 1 M .W- ...N .rw -. ,- .nv- -.4 mf, ...- ...- -M nb- W- af. -...Q hm n - uw- . w.. , .An H 4 , vw ...- Q..- --v gr.-. .. 4.1 .ww uw .ff . 41-Q. Bk' -Q i G. HUFF Director of Athletics Three Ilundrcd Forty-scfvcn AULZGHCS Athletics Three Hundred Forty-eight 21Ill!IlllllllllllilillllllmllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllIlllllllllllllg J LQ XVIII? ATHLETIC BOARD OF CONTROL THE I9l8 - FACULTY MEMBERS .3 5 ' 'W 2 G. A. Hum-, Director of Athletics 5 E PROF. G. A. GOODENOUGH E E PROF. O. A. HARKER 5 g PROF. J. W. RICHARDS 5 2 ALUMNI MEMBERS E 1- L. M. ToB1N 5 E C. A. KILER E 23, STUDENT MEMBERS fl ' E WESLEY BEHEL, President of the Athletic Association E E STERLING R. CUNNINGHAM, Baseball Manager E E GEORGE F. THOMPSON, Track Manager E -I EMERY G. HALL, Football Manager Q E WARREN B. EWER, Interscholastic Manager E Z: J. LAFETON WHITNEY, Circus Manager 5 E J. H. POWERS, Interclass Athletics Manager E 1: - ' i Z Z :I ' Z 2 2 3 - "" 2 I: - - Q 3. 1 3 3 l - 8 i 5 E E E . 1 1 " 'Z 3' Z: :- 1'-. 1' 2 2 . I2 3 Three Hundred Forty-nine Athletics - - 5-nlllllllillllllllllltllllllllllllllllllllllllmlllllllllllllIlllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIHINIIIIIIIIHFIE f . ggenuevmwnsnssamesmsuainanemiaIsimfzaaiiameiafasuxisamslxsnussnasmswammeIIIszeansrsmafmrnn2IfIie, mn mg. nm :aw W EE , Tux f I :xc W". J at V 3. "UP ...ff I 5 491 H NE.. E TRIBE OF THE ILLINI .:::. Established 1914 COLORS: Orange and Blue OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer if WALDO B. AMEs REYNOLD R. KRAFT HARRY R. PENDARVIS EE ' MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Football .Baseball Track W. W. ANDERSON J. E. DAVIS W. B. AMES fm-1 C. O. APPLEGRAN GEORGE HALAS B. BENNET 5: L. L. CHARPIER H. D. HOHM O. W. BURGESS :Q P. G. CHRISTENSEN B. J. KOPTIK ALEX. BUSH I :ff IHANSCHMANN I J. L. KLEIN IQIANTZ . . LEIN 4. . OIIMAN R. O. KNOP Ba8l6eZmZLW00D M. R. HUSTED fff R. R. KRAFT C' 0' APPLEGRAN A. R. OMEARA :gif F. B. MACOMBER D' W ELWELL H. R. PENDARVIS I" J. L. MCGREGOR G6RD6N OTT0 P. M. SPINK H. H. MORRIS R. C. WOODS F. F. WEBSTER I IIEIIFJITIIEIIVZRIDGD R' J' WOODS Wwftglngg L: O.. PETTY Swzgygfng R: E: H255 M- R- PETTY D6N 110322 E. T. RUNDQUIST 13: P- H- POTTER L G K H. A. THOMAS fm E. T. RUNDQUIST - - RUG Tennis IIC H. R. SIILAUDEMAN J- E- OTT C Qg G. K. SQUIER E. G. Roos 1 'R. S. OLTON E E. C. STERNAMAN Gymnastics WALTER BECKER 'M FRANK STEWART N. GERTEN Golf if D. W. STRAUCH H. HORIMURA J. M. SIMPSON Athletics Three Hundred Fifty fzQ?.,.fIe:EQi2ii2F21 QPlf?3?63ELsE.', 21? 555533532353LSWN?IWIBHLSF?F?E35232!,1lNiBf!?2F?I552i'lfE?E!Ei5fiM2l3isifl1fEEEEiI3iIllttlrlkhiikkfn FODTBALL ii rv 4 ..,,., . WI Hill' I I I UWiiifilillillWliilfillliEllfiilillimffi-FivifE.fS1ikfi"L'5 l F 1 S FH Ffflifwwflililiiiiilili'-Fi'5'E-Siilxl lliliilffi El' FH ?W'Qi'5-ffillwlw M. A qv. -.E . R-.V fx: 1 uw. un: rw 1 S3293 can me mm: 833589155 SSB 3 2325383323229 vy.. -vc -:rm H5353 . ,,. E . or Q .iv fr 1 . , ,- uf ,- cm was mn. -mv- mv um cu an- mn an on. an .lf ' mf- T-, V wr - W-.Q .-vw 1.1 J . .f . , wf -. U., v.--. .W ,... sv or" 'rr :nf 0. W.: .nz .2 W. an f an F .TY I O. PETTY SIILAUDEMAN RUNDQUIS1' KNOI' POTTER MORRIS CIIARPIER STENVART KLEIN CIIRISTENSEN STERNAMAN HALL fMANAGER, ZUPPKE fCOACHf ANDERSON KRAFT MACOMBER fCAl"TAIN1 STRAUCII R. PETTY BILIK CFRAINEIU 1916 ROBERT C. ZUPPKE, Coach J USTA M. LINDGREN, Assistant Coach , F. B. MACOMBER, Captain EMERY G. HALL, Manager PERSONNEL 5 QL ' :.:L 1 Nl 'S 'L D 'haw f-ff . . . 1 . M., M ,CQ IE 22- .re ,, M . ,mm me .Em ...K .mx f w A 'vw ,fn m -fn -fm -an mf' ,fm an qu .E rl .um N.- . a. . .A- .M- A-I K, un ...ff .mu wr .-, un an -T.. rw. .,,,,. un- .nu u-1. ww. --.uw M. um Q.. J.-- w. -. 14-Q ww. -ws vc.. wa an 'mn -vu ANDERSON, Half-back MORRIS, Half-back BREWSTER, Half-back NELSON, Fall-back CHARPIER, Tackle M. R. PETTY, Tackle EE CHRISTENSEN, End O. PETTY, Tackle ,M CLARK, Guard POTTER, Guard ff? CONRAD, Half-back PRITCHARD, End DOGLE, Center RUNDQUIST, Taclcle GOELITZ, End SHLAUDEMAN, Center :Jig HALAS, Fall-back SCHNEIDER, Qnrw-leo'-back 2:1 KLEIN, Half-baclc SLOCUM, Fall-back KRAFT, End SNYDER, End :pit KNOP, Full-back STERNAMAN, Half-back W MACOMBER, Quarter-baclc STRAUCH, Quartco--back MCGREGOR, Half-baclc STEWART, Guard ETL? WOLEBEN, Quarter-baclc Thrcc Humlrcd Fifty-one Athletics 1 mm f.1.-wu-.,".- 'Ll I - luv 641.1--1 -wrww..1 mm .mn . - , ' ml. .f, . 1, V , A'f'HUf5l" 'TV' -.M-'4.b.X" 'ML NYM vw-1-H""'5"w" "WYEEEH''l-'ibutTH5H"g"'i'fVlfi1'l:I'IHHP It ,,.,. .,,. ,. J. ,,,,,,, ...., ., .v 1,.y .,. T v f a.,, . ,,.,wz Qgjggfszaiaulaumamaasmaemaiaianflezini14asiainQQmaiaaazainaiiaiiassensamisilmsumamsimaslmasllixi fiblsi, THE SEASON '25 . Was there ever a more erratic, deceitful football S A season? , 3 -N, , I Everywhere in the gridiron world the dope was as .rf-' ,, . twisted beyond identification. In the east, Yale came up II:5Q5Ia:I:J"'9",O, fromI behind and wrested a victory from Harvard--the '- first in seven years. In the west, Minnesota, a team which mia 'eww ii i 'li i U Mu nw- mw ' -1. an 4-W. M... an mv. uw -.0 own-I mn. .--, n,-n fu... an-. -w, u rut up-. -aa. 9-.. me en.. u.., vn- .nm ow, am au an on A... Q.. M.. an-fa 1 - A .-we .-as .yn .Ma ...M -as f.. .. .1 ,... .-vw an .uw .W-.. .M -wr -we ma uw fn- in-.. ww nn . ow' 1... 1 . -. .4 . .. iw. nm Un ..-.W .N- C..- qw W-M .ww .1-N' .mi- f AM. was touted as the best in the country, tied with North- western for second honors and let the infant Ohio claim the championship. I Illinois started with a rush. Kansas was swept from its feet in a 30-0 shut-out. Watson, Squier, Clark, Pogue, Breneman-none of them were in the line-up, but a 30-0 score boosted high the hopes of His Majesty, The Fan. Of course, no one had been downcast anyway. The name Zuppke, Robert C., still appeared on the payroll of the University of Illinois. Colgate came to Illinois with an advantage of seven weeks additional training. Probably a better coached team never stepped onto Illinois Field to meet the Indians. They were too much for the Zupmen and the score went I I east at 3-15. Anyone who knows the eligibility rules and conditions of competition under which Colgate plays, and the status of its team in eastern football circles must expect a Conference team to be handicapped. Members of the Colgate eleven said that with two more weeks of coaching Illinois would probably have won. It's also rather nice to know that Colgate was well represented on the All- American. Illinois might claim an alibi or two for the Ohio fiasco, but Zup wouldn't like it. The Buckeyes were fortunate in getting the ball close enough to the Illinois goal at the close of the game. Earlier in the contest Mr. Wilce didn't care to send in a substitute for every play. Harley received rather good support from the other half of the Ohio team, especially when they were helping him change shoes to make the goal kick which beat Illinois by a 7 to 6 count. Lafayette is a nice town. Everyone welcomed the Illinois delegation, and the Pur- due football team treated Bart and the rest of the boys fine. Iowa had beaten the Boilermakers and the latter were out for vengeance when the Zupmen met them on Stewart Field. The score is said to have been 14-7. Zuppke outguessed Williams in the Gopher game. The little Dutchman came across with a Waterloo that brought considerable grief to the northern Napoleon, and others. Walter Camp and E. C. Patterson watched the game with interest-and sur- prise. Minnesota expected to run away with the championship and hide it where it would never be recovered, but they didn't. According to dope-if there were such stuff in 1916-Williams should. have developed from his veterans a team superior to the 1915 bunch, and the 1915 bunch did well, too. But Illinois simply couldn't be stopped on N orthrup -Field. Time after time the anxious crowd on Illinois Field heard the announcement "Wyman's -pass intercepted". Many people remember that Ren Kraft was one of the interceptors. But winning from Minnesota didn't bring the cham- pionship to Illinois. Mr. and Miss Chicago spent a pleasant day at Illinois' Homecoming celebration. Mr. Stagg had previously drunk his fill and they were mixed drinks-cups of suspicion, censure and defeat. But of what consequence is a defeat at the hands of Carleton Col- lege, Northwestern, or Wisconsin when Illinois is properly humbled? It's mean to remind anybody, but the score was 20-7. I I I I It was the proverbial cold, wet day at Madison when the Ill1n1-Badger wading tournament was staged. Wisconsin abolished Crew a few years ago, but the old course was in fine shape November 25. Neither side scored. The water polo teams might have been commandeered. They would have felt more at home than the gridiron men ROBERT C. ZUPPKE did. Stewart, Ross Petty, Nelson, Strauch, Anderson and Macomber all played their last college footballgame on Camp Randall at Madison. Someone will have to fill the holes in the line and the vacancies in the backfield. Who will it be?' Freshmen! Front! Athletics Three Hundred Fifty-two limwif4'+'f'l'?lif?F'l1 ' H W1 1 JflfMli3QS5ll5i'5iii'i1weif-smmlialllmsiapl ub- nn- an' 0. 4 new f . Q. 1. um fr .x- -- .uw u .p Q-.. r .r 1 aw. f i 2'-ij liliiliilillliililuilliliiiliilmlllliliiiiiliMilli85IlilHiiilliiiiiiiiiliiiilliiililiiiiiiiii iiiiiiifkiiiiiiiiklfg -Q -U MM -uv. ,, U.. an ...... ...U .... .- ...- .-. ...- ....... ..- .u- -... - -D ... .-n -Q -U ,-. ... ... .- ...- .-, wr- it tr -. ..- ...- .... 'Ku ...J ...H .-, M.. '10 J... mx iw... .- - 1...- qu. --, uf, ..-, M, qw W.-. .,.-..- W... 0- . W.. W. WD. , .A i... : ... W.. . e .. . -it... H71 1..- -M , vm. ..,... .,-1... ...- .-.. ..- -.. ... -- .- .. ...- ...J 0... Q... ...M .nm W... cs.. ... N, ,... sn., . ..,.. .im .mn ...X Q-.. . M. wi.. 1.-.. . ... .11 1 ,. . . ,A A mm M... 'Ulla W.. -H... up -it U.. qw 1. W.- .1- ...M ...D ...W ..-... ,W ...- N.. .X E.. 1... -.... ,W .t ... ..-.. 1. ., ...Q- ....-., ..- ...- ...X M.. , ..-. ...... -..... ..-.. ..-.. .1 ...P ...- aw .num nu- sw-1. .nm- may ww. rpm, mm. .wr- v...f, aw uw- ,if K' 'nur 'l9lB , Qs illlll An Illinois pass wus intercepted on the goal line and the ball went to Colgate. Anderson punted into safety. The score ended Colgate 15, Illinois 3, but the easterners had a battle they'll remember. ff, I Captain Maeomber's toe was a point winner in Ren Kraft. who succeeds Bnrt as captain, has many contests during his three years on caught numerous the varsity. passes. Three Hundred Fifty-three Atllletics Q- iiiiiiliilifiiiiiiililiiill an an nn as fp- on nf new ni- vw, 4 M. .nn Q... mv. v s- 1.4 um. -...- mm. l.. ,.. .M Wm Q. .. N- W-- ,iw nm an 1- uu- -me -W. un. un u.- M- M--. .df me g.- v. sm in-f. W-. ..,,.a ...s -.N vw. -.vm ...... mv, nv- -v-.L mn um uw 01 nn, w. -u. uw- wsu nn 5... mu un... unu- any nv :un 1-4-Q mv. W N EigiiiiiiliiiiiiH3iiiiiiiiliiliiiiilliiiiiliiilfiiiiiiiiiillliiiiliiliHHfiiiiliililiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiilliifiiiiiiaimlihilwg . 2.5 rs llllllllllllllIIIIllIll!!IIillllllllllIIlliillllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllillllllllllllilllllllIllU -1 Ni'-4 s 11100353 funny! THE 5.5 co gl T X ' f llllllllllllllllllIIllHlllllllllllllllllllll lilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllll ll 9413 .rf 5 n. starred thru- Colgate's first attempt at a place kick was a failure. Gillo, full-'back on the eastern eleve out the game. Sure of judgment and fleet of foot. he was seldom stopped. VUF Bill Anderson was a fast and Several husky half-backs have met'Swcde Rund- faithful half-back. quist andlremembered lt. AULZGHCS Three Ilundrvd Fifty-jour f llllfllllliflllllllilllllllllllliililIlllilllllllllllllllllllllllliiiillliliillml!lillllliilllllimllllllE lllllllllllllillllillllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllli lllllllillili lllllllllllllllllimillllllllllllIlillllillllllll illiilliiliilliilllillillllliill fi llllltf' IIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlIIllllIllllIll1llIllllH LZLLL- E --Q -I v- ni K ldlhxx 1,5 'XXNIIV TI-IE Purdue, coached by a new man, fought hard. Here they are. all piled up. Huffinc, full-back, was used V often. but the Illinois line worked too well. llllllllllllllllillliIllllllIllllllllllilllllllllllllllll Minneapolis papers mentioned Stewart's visit there "Bullet" was the proper nickname last fall. He was a guard of note. for Strauch. Three Hundred Fifty-five Athletics lllllll 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I i 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L 1 1 1 ? 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 3 1 i 1 1 1 -an an I1 1 at I Us cn -1 an U! -no 1 :I un an va 1 sa an vs we 1 -.v --r ua fn. vn- il Q n 3 l l 5 3 i l 1 Y 1 l 3 if' ,IP U In 'UNM :itll SJ' Hiti1llliliiHillZllllllliilllilllllllllllllllllllllll -nn mm- vm um nu, an an -up ww, as .N vw- -,1- vu.- an my rn 1-an -4 nn. nu an .un an 4-we -.Q ,vu-1 n-w :nom -an um. an pq ln... -nw an as van an an wo on -.I su. U.. .1- an --H on -an can um. use as -.. 1, eww urn QglllllllllIilllllllllllllllllIllllllllll!Illlllillllllllllllllllllllllilllil!llllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllIll .- PJ .4 4... ..- .-. x -. x -f -- fi. .... -- Z: THE ISIB' -1 4- Q- 1- Q- gn -. ..- -1- no fu- vi. .-. on up .- an no no qos ua can nn- eq. --. mu- -up aw, gf uv- .mn -bo mn W... .W- am '- - -vu wl- .-H.. QM pw., vw.. N- ,....,,. M. ,qw 1 tm... an W-- rw-1 .mf nf-n is-41 .,,,.,. M.. f-.. 1 in ,-f ,-Lv., ..1.- ff..- 1-- .wt- .--an ,,...- .wg W.. .--1 .vm ...W -4.-V F- 0... ...V- .pm ,. N ww me wa 1.-f .vm cm.. -- 4.-r ww, un, .nv 4.-..- ,mr .nv- mf.. unv- 1-4.-f -wu- --1-f .vw . , , A tlzle tics l ,..... , S A Au Another hr.-up of intermimrled Illini and Boilermakers, not so fm' from the goal line. A happy crowd left Lafnyettc that night: the score had been Illinois 14, Purdue 7. f"'A 'iziv from the But the family will still be represented by Petty the elder-hc'll be missed Otis, tackle. line-up. Three Hundred Fifty-six il? QQQQEHEZFEQiilliliiliifiiii??lillZ2il5533AQE55iiEiElilillililllllillfiliillfiiilifZliilillililllillllllli lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfi IlllllilllllllllllllllllllllilGIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!! ll!!! Il lllllllllllllll gill EJlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllIllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllll.-f -.4 an .-a .4- as -- -W , Q- -Q 1 -- - 1- 1 no uu- up an 1- on in i 1 i 1 as up 1 so us 3 '- -- - an - 1 un - -Q 1 vu an on -. -Q. - us. -n- 1 -1 .... V an - an - un- up on 2 Walter Camp. Ring Lardner, et al were surprised when Minnesotafs "best team in the west" fell before .. the Zupmen. The score was 14 to 9. Imnenetrable defense and merciless attack "' featured the Illinois play. -- L - -1- - cu- no -Q on un l Q iii?Silliiiiiiiillililllllll "" Q-. ..,... . ...- ..-.. .... ... ... .- -. Chl X ..- -- ... WMO -,. U.. -1... N.. 1. .... .... -- ..- .. .. ... -.. ..- ...., ... ...... ... 0. .- .... .. .... ..... -... ..- .... W. -. ..- ..- - .. .. 1 .- .- : It took Dutch Sternaman lcss than one season to Chmstcnsen IS short. a fmyzcr but long on reachlng become a figure in Conference football. passes. .N 11 TI 3 Three Hundred Fifty-seven Athletics rw. up no ..-an as ww qf an wa., ul- Q-.lp mn. ..- wen mu. wa mm em- w. M ns. ,. my 9. .W- -M .W ..,.., ' uw wm- an-. wa. W.-an w W. 4 H... .V ,W Wm. .aw M. 1.-An -.-. W, .,,, -1, --, ff-qu .. uw . M. illliliflllllllllMiililllllllllllllfilllliilliil?iismilfiiisf332333!CHN5iii? 5iflfiiiiillllll32i?5afoi?iiii3ff55f25Q5 x I Illll " J .L-fauna Qqq: . 'NWI l ' -t ..,' , , . . . .. ...K .. V . 4 Jr .. . - .- U I rg, ' V THE .-1' . ' ' vi 'W-U' ft! 'V' gg 5,1 Q' ,rv 7- " n , I 4 X " my Q ,Mc is -f Asif Wai W, My"sa, - . , !' Q Q,' 4 "I Rf X: .' 'Q 14 :L i"l.'i:- ':Q.-:Tit-5 .I-. 'i '41-:.T:Z4n -'n'x"A- n'.'i .'.- '.- 1 . Q f - - - gn- - -1- X! .- . 1. I .. Jef:-r -1 -1 . . .3 ra. hifi, , HJTLQI, nf. ,fra ...AID-..'l.2L5l'-4-.AL ff' -' . s. : .'f'4. , i'.',f-', I rg.,--rr' w -4'i..- J 1 . f . , , ,. . ,. L. . . , . .. 1. 50 W '-, '-' -' A- ,-'f:i'p4.'fQQ9. , -1.1 "i,'1 Q' xii ', ' - ' if . , 1, i 3 J + .rr 1 me ..'.-1 . 1 A i l. Qtr, -. , 5 4 lx I M ' ft I .ni :My K 1 . V K. I : ' ,, f . ,--. -1 -. -1 ' . af ' - 'F ' N t -4 'U 'H .wh 4' '. L . . . . , . 4 V ' ' ' 4 ' -- - ' f vi , I' 1-'Ir . -J .. .. I9 Y5-I'4a"W! ' .'+':'. ., - - .4 , M, F' -. A N!! 7 . 4 fi . ' ,-- f' 7'yt'f'1,'w'qft'l'L,g'Qal 'Q' , ' - ' . ' uv -- "f -, , '. 5, ..T"'. 44 1 , .. . ,- 4 V , ' ' ' M v, - iv' -'.r" A ' '51 ' i. 211,-.44 -"'- FK! A' ..' fl uw -1-.1-.ff - 1 ' .f,'f'z1z- -'f'3:3':e Afiififfwr' ' ' E? . f?i'fZh?7Y:f?i5.- 1 'i WFP 1 4 '5't't:-QL1 7511221 M-.wfil-a3r5f'ff'i Qiiib-3-f2ii3'a:41"MZ" " Q-.ziffwi 'Y . W ' l js- My if-1 , 4.5. . - " -1Q','1"4-f..,'1:.+ 'l f.. '55, .rx .ig -f 1 ",," , in-. Q' I gg, ' 1.1 'jL.,'.L'-'f3"'f 7..,' X , F ' J,,i:gr'4f?w.,1 4,17 If 2-f SL'-C QT- ' 'rr2!'ia""' ' ly: -,,,yAu,,gf,1,i..-3 . M 7 3z.....! A, 1-:tm ',l,M,,r.,,,4 l T ,,1l',Ti., F J,,1f4...: ....'-gm"-4. 4:43 ax LL .ragga r'4L"1,?r"-li' 1 ",T.:l ' f" .L 'T " .""' -ff 1 - ' .' '..'i:I:1"f"f"i" 1 - - -'Lf . i - , 'fix -,Q mx- Q ' .gr -L 1- .' .. - - ..f. 1. ' - -gt' -.W ' .,',: 'J , "M .-J'-' ,Z-. ..-2. 1- -5' ' W-5, as-H" QQ 4' -- ,Q M . . ,, -Lf -. .-' Q ". 'z ' . ,,. - Jim, is . :H ,,, m ' ,Nur ,y 'J ..- , 'S - ,I ' . , -iii.. . Q A . 4 i if-, A , to 1'-P gf i . si .f fr W. ,. VM- I . A 1 .I A 5 .A 1. k W 6 I r, , 1 A A ,Q 1' k U A' , v 1 . 'MQ r, ,Q ' ang? A rv- L ,N llllill 'iff' A- . 2: H A.. . 4 K ,Q NSA!! in ,swag LM Aiwa. !.'.wf'1'J:v'uF6w:.,M ve xblithnlitsivw 1 "lf 4' if 'Y"' " Vg? 1. v :viii w,H- - v-,, fi aa, L4j.C,,,9"'S.n.. 'P""' :-N "M-' 'R' Aiwfwwfw ' - fwwtfffruww wr" Q t i V h -rl , + M ,. Y N., 3551, N ' w 5 M '. lf. LN ,i V -I Y I ' deaf in.4...-,.' H- ' It V, LL' .f. ..., .:, ..,,g'-Q..., The 1016 championship was decided in this game. but the band wasn't allowed to welcome the team at the station out of reverence to Sunday and Minnesota. When will the odds be 5 to 1 again? lillillllllllll lilillliillliilliilliE2iii!!iiiiillliillilliiiiliiillillll ii .-Q "" me from California shoes at center. Shlaudeman ca to fill Wntson's Charpier's frame at guard brought him an All-Western berth. ES lillliiiiiiiili Athletics Three I-Iumircd Fifty-eight flbii an as ns. an Qs. as me 4-.1 1.- as an ans nn 1. svn as -Jian cw an dn. us an -as an are' NPS uu- sa .in in 41 in i 1 i 1 I i 1 -K 1 i i 1 L 1 it i 1 19 'IDD i is l ale X as l 1 1 I' I 1 3 I I i 1 1 1 1 1 1 it 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 - 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 1 I L 1 1 E 2 llllllllllllllllIlIllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllig ll lllllllllllllllllilll333Illlllillllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllilllillillilI Iii 8555536iilllllllllllllllillllllllIllllllliElillilillllllllug 3652 nv . I.. 3 . llllilliillilii 5253538 -4-. .an 55535332333 if-fv -f,,i - -mf-. iiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiif .-vm, -1-,, 1- L. 4... Nm. -nn -4.6. VM. mn , nw, ..m,. 'rm- .ww J-mv -Lu mu.- Q - MA. J... illllllliilllllliilitllllllilnliliiaillS!llliisil3532013311its:annaunix!ittllsililllaasisoaliaaasnsesiisazlalxiulxgg A M ", . Sw E CJU ,K I' mm Now and thcn there was an interesting moment. Chicago had the Illini "animal", however, and the victory wont buck to the Midway. The triumphant march wus in 20-7 tempo. When Knop plunged. a :rain was Leo Klein was n fast hall'-back. elusive and almost certain. n fighter. Three Ilundrerl Fifty-nina A.tlLIBt'iCS Si?E5EES?liiiilllilliiiillllill - .wi ,- ,iw -fn. .f. M- vw... 4-0- -fu . -4 nl. ,fm- mn.. A.-.,.. .W .N ,N ..,,..,, 1... - U.. 1 'fissliliai .-all2:1212issiiliiiiizllialafif92:vfavaefzs5 Hifi iifhffg f:TsQ4qilgga:ilf,f ' , x 57f??3fW'!3?f'ii4HiililililiilllllllillE!Hi513322235152iiiiiifilllfillillHIilillbiiiiiiiiliiliilillllillliiiiiiiifLSE .I . .W- .,.. ,, .1 ., , ,,,. ,J-1 ....:. t, ,4- ,ff ' ral.. 'fw-zi xg A ,fi we wa. V fzilifilr ., gift, 35517. "" 'fwdih ,. ff, ff .5319 ,fl 'Mi-.4,L ' VK- .4-",vg-f X .M N, ,lvA,,m,y wyffwr if - - A MW Q,-1 D f its ' figiiiiik' W Q W Z Iii .i fhix X-nr viifymi w i ,, 1 . 3 2 . E i -lm Q E id Q Q ,MJ , ,J sm" M.. ...- ...- I-.., ....., W.. M.. M. W.- ,,... Ml, W.. ..-., n... .W .V H . ... -.4 .M ,mv -mi The Homecoming :mme wasn't cxactly satisfactory to the sixteen thousand grads and undergrrads who sat thru the contest. The play was listless and faulty, with neither team keyed up to form. Phil Potter has blocked many u play in his two Mori-is was one of the fleet half-buck years on the varsity. corns- Athletics Three Hundred Sixty 8 i X 'F ,M . ., . ,...,:- 4-. -Y ,vm ,mu Q .. M... 4... -wi mv. ww View 'nn .up my on fu. .au -an W-.- M-H .wh wi., M.. .Nw .vs mi .- --0, iw. .-Q. 4- . ne. mn' mm wa- .ak .sn mf- . uw .- .van mn .Mn- 1,-G .rf an . wr -nw 1-N mn ...Q . ,Ny , v..J It was a stubborn battle at Camp Randall. Four times Illinois seemed sure of n score, but twice the mud on Bart's shoes spoiled a place kick and twice Wisconsin rallied, holding' Illinois for downs within the ten yard line. The score was 0-0. V' ' .J . -. A .4 Herc's the backfield. Kicks from placement netted six points in the Ohio State game and undoubtedly would have brought home the bacon from Wisconsin but for the mire. "Andy" and Knop don't pose this way when there's real work to be donc. . Th1'vc Hundred Sixty-om: Athletics yrll.'ilwfly,:,l!'-i-V 4, ul 1 Zulm never has to toll u story to vary the "monotony" of 111'uctir:c. Hu has to ocuusomxlly, tho, to give ihu buys u brcnthins: Snell. -YK' V ' 209'-G' , T . -av- 4- V K 4 1 The coaching: staff: Jones, "Lindy", "Prop" While. "Cup" Squier and WV1mzcr, along with Zup, tell 1110 boys how to do it. Athlcticg Tlnrw' Il1L'nrl1'crl Sixty-l.:v0 Q,sEngLL ROY ' S?I'lLES 1 U"1" w ll I 4""IH!" ' .1 .4 cmlzlc 1:01-'rllc Annuclcnlc THOMAS DAVIS uolnr 14l.mN s' C IIKIAQ 1 Rl 1'1'zEn UIANAGIERJ 1 ru ns GUXI ll liRADl.lCY fCAI"l'AlN1 xx IMIAQ IIUFF fC0.-KCIIJ 1916 GEoRGE.A.IIUFF,Coach JOHN'L.BRADLEY,CGpUUW LEROY CHRISTIE STILES, Captain-elect R. W. KRITZER, Mcmager S. R. CUNNINGHAM, Manager-elect PERSONNEL ARBUCKLE, Center field W. HALAS, Pitcher BRADLEY, Catcher HOHM, First base CLARK, Left field KLEIN, Pitcher DAVIS, Pitcher KOPTIK, Short stop GUNKLE, Pitcher KREBS, Third base G. HALAS, Right field THOMAS, Second base STILES, First base Three Ilzmdivll Sixty-tIu'c0 AHLIGHOS Alix H-3 , N. 1 l '.:'531-7? ' A . . ,Qs QlllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllLS '1 .J T1-IE SEASON s o J K fan any Huff? THE l9l8 . jx 3 on np uns an as an 1 an ou as an an an on an an 1 fi 3 3 fl -1 1 an 1 1 2 1 1 2 'i 3 3 2 1 1 3 1 as 1 41 on an i as no 1 1 Lost one game-Indiana 2 and Illinois 1-is an en- viable record for "G" I-Iuff's team of champions. The baseball championship is apt to be regarded by some of us as so permanent that we lose sight of the fight necessary to win it. "G" does not always have a team of veterans to represent us in the Conference-there are always one or two places vacant. But when the time arrives for the first game, leave it to "G" to have an aggregation of ball players who are full of pep and will fight to the finish. The Armory furnished the place for work-outs prior to the southern trip, as the weather had been such that outdoor practice was impossible. "G" evidently was in the same boat as our grate-fire strategists, who argued long and loud as to who would make the trip south. Prac- tically every place on the team was hotly 'contested and even at the last minute it was doubtful who would make the journey. According to "G", the southern teams were as good and better than those we play in the Conference. ' At that, only three defeats were chalked up agains the Illini in eight games played on the trip, and all three of those were hard fought. The southern jaunt put the team in fine trim and furnished the necessary pep to start our own season here in great style. The line-up was practically the same as it had been on the southern trip. The hole left by Bane at the first sack was most ably filled by Captain-elect Stiles. I Our one defeat started the conference season, and with that out of the way, the Illini steam-roller flattened out everything before it. Indiana's glory was short-lived, as an 8 to 0 drubbing was administered when she visited us at Interscholastic. Un- fortunately for them, or perhaps for us 1Daily Maroon please copyj, both Chicago games were called on account of rain. Let us hope for better weather this season. Did we have any stars? Well, "Red" and "Jack" are keeping big league company now. To the invincible battery of Bradley and Gunkel belongs much of the credit for the team's good showing. Davis and Klein did consistent work on the pitching staffg "Potsy" Clark, famous on gridiron and diamond, handled his bat well, pounding out many a long hit during the season, Krebs, for his work on third, and Arbuckle, for his performance in the center garden, also deserve honorable mention. The one sad thing we shall remember, which followed in the wake of the season, was the death of Captain-elect Stiles. A great athlete, a gentleman, and a real friend GEORGE A. HUFF ... is the memory he leaves with all who knew him. 5 THE GAMES E Illinois .............. ........... 2: Illinois ,............. ........... E Illinois .............. ........... - Illinois ..,........... .........,. 1 4 3 -, 4 3 Illinois ...........,.. ....,...... 4 2 ' Illinois .,............ ........... 4 - E Illinois ,..........,.. .......,... 8 2 Illinois .........,.... ........... 2 : Illinois .....,........ ........... -Z: Total runs .............. .................. 3 7 Indiana .............. Purdue .................... .............. Ohio State ,......... .............. Wisconsin ................. ............... Ohio State ........ Northwestern ....,.,..,... .............. Indiana ........,....,...........,... .............. Northwestern Wisconsin .................. ............... Opponents ........... ............ 1 0 " Games won, 8 3 lost, 1. an an cu 1 an an can an an we D E., Athletics Three Hundred Sixty-fo 9 1 1 as at 'IM' 3 3 1 1 1 i i 1 i 1 3 1 1 1 li 1 41 1 3 3 5 z E 1 1 2 is 1 3 3' 1' 1 1 3 1 3 1 1 1 2 iv i .1 i 2 i i i 3 1 an 1 1 1 i 1 1 i 1 1 3 an 2 3 1 1 L 3 1 3 3 1 ag 1 1 2 i 1 i 1 L i i 1 1 1 i 1 i i 41 i 2 fl 1 iillllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIll!!lllllllllllllllllllllllllm if llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll El Annnnnnnn.A..1...14........1.................-.-.......... , ,, , e ,,,, e,l , e llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIll This isn't a foul. because Jack B1'adley's mask would be off. The batter evidently found the ball. tho, and for that reason the pitcher has been cut out of the photo: he didn't want to be exposed. U IYK ' llIllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllilllll Captain Bradley had n deadly "Rod" Gunkel. also owned by Roy Stiles wng to have lcd the DCM. He's now with Cleveland. was considerable varsity this Cleveland. pitcher. A season, 2 Qinalassaoauu Three Humlrcd sixty-five Athletics 1 Qfgliilillilllntiliie IrMlliflilfllliiillHiGMMWEE?WHEN!'WWiN!9l?MWifi!!IIIIHHIIHFIUIIEIIliilliilliiiiliEMFLLS -.4 . ".-7. ll!! - j , gf ,,,....X A :zz I' . I 'E " 1 E A N. " ' -J ' or lg ' "KN M40 1 Sislllllilllllllllliifil "Cherry" Krebs made more hits at critical moments than any other member of thc squad last season. With two out and two on, "Cherry" usually picked El vacant spot in one of the gardens i Ulliiliiiiliiii Ui Hill fiiiiiiiilliilii nu. -fm 1-uv an nm. mn, .nu .Ma I5 ...J 3.4 Z '12 Ill! LZ' The above-mentioned Krebs poses for Patsy Clnrk wus a slumzer of note. He's said to a picture. have played football. IJ- Il'-I A.. , I yt Athletics Tlwcc Hundred Sixty-sw: UAF' ig :wg it N4 113731789 mrflxrn.-lime iflffl1f1t,r3.Qntp1rwxl,t'g-'lv wi. -, i-'gpi..r,'-r1'n,l .npr iff ri -I M ga, .'p,g'f' ,-fllmmiiillwisail:ww2'isi'lifmvg'.Ef?m'wwf?.,winifMfl1!fEffZl:.laf"fiiilllmimile26E,f?lh'rw5.fiQ.liwiiqllnfifiill-l55fEi:f ililllillilllii Rillllllillililiiiillllllilllllilllillliiiliilllli ,EiliiiU3338Ziiiliiilliiiliiiililligi SS 5 Q.- 5 553333353333 ...W an Sillilili gi Z5 , .H- f.- ,gt W Q, iiiiiiiiifiiii gziiaiiil FTMEN-ll!limililiilillllllllilllllilllllllllllllllllillllllltlllHHflirt!lvllrlr!-llllll!l.lslllilSilliillililliiilllllgg1 ,HJ .232 .-...L kms ' 391 I - 4, f f .... .3 , .x . . Y My uv: fr: S hifi' - "H" 1: ,,-Q 11' ,. :: r X A '34 I fa 5 an H" -. .... . . 22 , - ... Q.- V , i as l xzi P' A .. 1 1 - 1 '-'rg E ' kxwnv 5 4 4-. - li,'5',i', , N 1 vf- , - , -.- ..- -. I , 1 i 1 . : l9l8 .- - Z .- .- .... ... 'N Z I ..": W3 0 Ig :Z -.- .Q L, .- If .1 .. Z -. ... .- Z: 3 I T322 Q .W : lri , ...- Z Arbuckle registers u first bnse with nonchalance and dignity. "Buck" has registered before. therefore he -M ... isn'L bothered. At left nearby, stands Speedy Hohm, semaphore. I.: ""' am. 'JZ -- w-4 -rv ws -vu- .fu Qu- -vw -uw nn um -il , --an no mm. Q .,. 1--. up mv' nu- ua. am 4-. um. -, -- mu .mu na. -up nm up ww- --vu um - 1. ,J N. Smoke Halas used to fan 'em pretty A fly WHS Im out in Al'lJUCkl0'S consistently. 1211111011- Three Ilunrlretl Sixty-.vcvcn Al'JlLlCt7:CS -fm p .. nw vw .1-a mi. 'wh -nw -vo un -...Q -w. -.4 M- Q .- ..u- vm. wm- .ii 1- -wa ...u .. M, ,fixLMlijcfi:P?TifMQMQQQGWIMMWEWHmitesMiwiiiiieiiifiiiiiHWiifiei-wif?R-TiaREi5?qr3r.'i1arf'Higig Q-5li-',:sai5msirrqeA,f, EljilllllllllllllIlllllllIIIlllllllllllllIIIINllllllllllllllllllllllllNlllllllIIIIIINIIHIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllll llilllill Athletzcs Three Humlacd Szxty ezght L! IIIIIUI I 1 to S. gii x EJ lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIHINIHIIllllllllllllllllllllll .. 1. I :rl '1 INN' 'MMI ., Q., L- aa: rd ff ' L4 : 51 : 9 - : N. : : 3, - E 3 "' :: 5 2 E - si E-.' 2 .2 5 ' ' - Y ' rf. X 5 2' 5 mg I 5 'ty V Q-E ff - 5 "Q , W rg 2" 2 'Q I I " . fx ES 2. .2 Q . 7? 'D 2 : z EZ 1 '1 2 1 P o 1 5 2 53 E 2 E 35 2 E ig : 2 gs E 1 pm 2: 'U' 1 57 gg E H. 23' .. Q' IJ : 5 ag E 52 1 JQ E 25' , 545 : '-'Q 'S-5 3 - 29 ' A 'A 53 S x 3 m E'-Q Q : Q 55 ' : ' E 45 . 1 n : . 5 5 5 2 2 E S l Emi lllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ll IIQS llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!ll!llllllllllllllllllllllllllll Eillllllllllllllllllllllllllllli Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllitllilllllllllliillllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllgi iii Qs i 1IILlll::: , L rllllx 3 3 XVIII!! :nuns 'lflil IED me ff co M of l ef- 'N llllllllllllllllll K . This is an international picture. Bradley is received by the second baseman of Waseda University, Japan. Something about Jack's feet seem to interest the Jap: he's forgotten about the ball. la. 4 .gk llllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll George now l'CD1'CSCIlflSlth0 Halas Speedy Hohm is well known for family. his pep. lllllllll 2 E- 5:7 51 Three Hundred Sixty-nine Athletics fgslinnilelsmasmfzsmammalmeulmlmesisammmmlmlmzmumMlmlmlmllmllltlllllllllllllllllgg K3 fm.. - U.. V liilillllllf ll ..-., an SBS!! du 5- l 5' as me 23 N. nk -xxx :W 3 lil! THE 's S! illll 1 il! l9l8 H3 :V 1, I ,, ,.,. N W W Z l I 'ws-. si I . if fp ' 0 l Sllllill llllllllllllllll il Qiilllllllll llllllllllllllll 3122355 Everybody moving but Jack. Chances are that Jack wasn't supposed to move or he'd bc on the go. As captain, he ought to be allowed some leisure. Just now he's probably Htnllun' 'er up". 3532544533 on am. po -nn an i-235553355 if5gsfiiilllillliiiliiilfliiiiliiif 2SiE3il3lili SHS my EE "Gyn" Davis says that every mime must have its .Leo Klein was another of the mpund artists. Leo lf: Climax-or Piper Heidsick. cnn't go to the Giants until next year. 235533333 . - .M W,-'nu' .wa Athletics Three Hundred Seventy 3355132 ,W- ww. xiilllliililll E ? 7 l 3 i ll lil-5 ll ffl twill fl-fllixllflfl 3 E 5? 3' l l lllflfilfl 2123 illllillwlSilllllwillnillvl-lblilllllilllilllllwiliilllillrir TRACK N1'MlN'6-o rm T A- ,, , -,, H' J-fa ,M it .AQ .W Q.-SX Q.. ., k ,,,, 4A,,, vm., rv ca. , G 4. -.gig u Ni UF fy... I" 1 1 Ax-H' Q J A 1 ,M 5,1 'inf 'fx-c w 51 a f',. My-4 5,J"'ut -1,"tWJff mf' ., h 51 JM- I' '4 ,ii ,,.. 44 .hx X H 5' 1,3 " Jw Q E 7' I I 'si' ' I1 1 'V 7'-F Q 2 ' f 'Nl Iyvfv . .21 A v r 1 wx .S ,fs N15 g M' lv' K , . Jfzif. 9 1 5 ,f fwfr 1 1 - I K, .--Mgt, ' " mf! - ? , 'u' ,ri 'n,.,,,v1. X, F39 ey " ,M 2357! ' Y 6. 'xv 4 ,fit Arg., 'gig U - ' ,sr -1, ' .A vw. A , " .tfflx 5: .,,. , . L, - -' .M-Af5Z:1:925ff' 'ffef1.2971 V -.,'Y'5,j2?'43.f.1m.'e.q. f.h:A,'vflq'x2Jw :.,,. .. J .W f fgn.-1+ 'gk v- : -1 .1 541' 1 y ni- ,figlwa 1.3, iff? bg.-ff: 'J.'v'.fg I. F-f"1:gg V9-' .hfg'n"- 2 Zvfffi- Ks' F M3 . F, . ..- -' Q .- 2' f i 1,1 , 1 w .1 A ':' .--2.9. A gd? ,jxfffifgg ., , -?f:',.,-, ,',,Y..-152771 s-vi 'ICQ-,'jj3, Jqlgfvfyiff 15 4,0'fQgf..5'aE,.:7 H -' A. tf.'f.r-1:-2:11 f H--1 " . - 'V -fl'-A 3k':11'q'.:1.'2-til "f'f','!f'-'7'.. 21' '13 'v"G', -?Jj'1v 1, Q.. ,AT 1 5.11 ... ,-.1v.f.-w'1.!. ,f-P ' ,luv gf ,, Q' ?w,., ,- , ,, Q .J .,,. , f,,,1,f ..f,-A .HN . f - Lg. .JJ-'.' -I..'. 1 .5,Q'.-,,..,,1:,4'-I .'vkwfq,,,, ',1,.., . 'iff f'-1 . :-'-.".1,i4L:r 'Hia-.f:.::.f ::"'f1".A'-V'-"Fw 12-'-ffixitp-"-"'.-f - Q: ,'-..-,:.4.'n,, my .i 4.5.3,-1.55. .' -.g.':.r:'tf: H.,-va-'f":f,: . 5' !,i-55,-fra ..g,,:g-'g,, ,V ' ,",,1.l,5, , Q ' I.2,f,g.Sfsgf,5,e,,kg,gf ,A ,35'341:'g,R,.'t:-.3 i f.'i'A-,.Y-vf,-'yt---'f 151' x'g,,-,f,. .,:g-., 11 ' . vm. , .Fm '1-.- Q-L - . 'Z 1. .- Z4c',I -'Zw.. 1' 'P-vw:---ap. ,, .f-,A f -'. L, TY .Ta e-V :4-'L2s." ' ''.'I'f va , - 3 -iff. ff'if?u'5f!" 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'mi 6 3. . ,f 1 ., A H gllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIlllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIIIIIllllmlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Lg Qs TI-IE SEASCN g g fb ! xxx ynfz rm: I9l8 1 From the beginning of the track season to the very end Coach Harry Gill and the Illini track aspirants put forth their best elfortsg every meet and every event bears testimony of their sincerity. To Captain Mike Mason and Captain-elect Waldo belongs much of the credit for the many points scored during the season. Mike seldom seemed content with running a lone mile and more often annexed both the one and two mile events. Ames never failed to account for the particular events trusted to him and Bush, working hard under the tutelage of Gill, de- veloped into an efficient supporter of "Wallie" in the hurdles. The diminutive Hohman, running' under a han- dicap, seldom saw the numbers on the backs on his oppo- nents in the dashes. Pogue and Carter in the broad jump, Jack Culp at the pole vault, Husted in the weight events, and Webster in the high jump all proved themselves able assistants to Mike and ,Waldo. In all it was a prosperous season, not however with- out reverses and perhaps fatalities. Conference records were broken, Illinois records went the same way, and even world's records were unable to escape the vengeance of the HARRY GILL E Indians after they had been sufficiently warmed up in the earlier meets. 3, Recall the first indoor meet with Wisconsin? We lost, but gracefully-even heroic- 2 ally. Waldo Ames equalled the Conference record in the 60 yard low hurdles and 2 Mason led the field in both the mile and two mile runs. The relay decided the meet. 3 We lost 44 to 42. Perhaps if Nick Carter hadn't been on the sick list with a bad knee E the result might have been different. Smith of Wisconsin led Hohman to the tape by : a chin for a tie of the world's record in the 60 yard event, a Conference record tied, 2 i 2 1 E E 5 2 E 2 g , . E Captain Waldo Ames holds two world records in "Mike Mason was Illinois' greatest 2 the hurdles. And besides. he is a high jumper track athlete"- :Q when necessary G. Huff. 1: 1 2 . : Athleftds Three Hundred Seventy-tivo lllllllllllllllllllll sf S E 51 .1-'Jllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I l Ill llllllllllllllllllll-L llllllIllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllll llliIlllillllImilllllllllllllllllllllll Ill . 2 and all Illinois records smashed except the pole vault gave our boys reason for a feeling I Q of victory altho the actual figures denied it. , B The indoor meet with Northwestern was too-one-sided to arouse much interest I among the track fans. Yet two facts are worth recording: Culp added an inch to the E r Armory pole vault record and Webster boosted the high jump mark two inches. :- As this is expected to be a statement of fact, We must include the action of the 5 Council of Administration who on March 16 temporarily hung crepe on our track tea r X I for suggestingthat the Missouri Athletic Club's meet at St. Louis be entered. Mean- -A-J while, Mike and his co-workers journeyed to Evanston and copped the Indoor Confer- ence in great style. This apparently served as a stimulus, for the Council relented its 'gf' former action and granted permission for the St. Louis venture. So on March 25 Mike lopped thru the mile in 4:21, while "Aus" Harding and his band played merrily on. TH E Pogue and Carter showed marked improvement in the broad jump after a few weeks outdoors. As the Penn State games neared Gill said to Nick, "You're going to do the hop, step, and jump". Nick did, and after they'd finished measuring it 'all up, they decided it must be a new world's record. To summarize: Illinois to.ok one first, three second places, and two thirds. "Quite an accomplishment for a little mid-west school" someone said. I 9 I 8 On May 12 we entertained our Interscholastic visitors with a bang-up exhibition in which the Chicago boys were the victims. The Indians gathered ten firstg Chicago, live. Husted proved himself an individual star and with the aid of Messrs. Mason, E Ames, Hohman, Culp, Burgess, Pogue and Bush, our opponents returned northward : glad that rain prevented the baseball game, which was scheduled for the same day. E We avenged our earlier defeat by whipping Wisconsin at Madison. Mike Mason 3 with two firsts, and Hohman with another pair, were the boys who stood out that day. 2 Ten days later the Conference meet went to the Wisconsin team at Evanston, with Illi- 3 nois a strong second. And the end of the season saw Illini fans firm in the conviction 3 that Harry Gill had hung up another nice little record. E . fi 5 5 Et'- E Hohman '16 was not only Gill's best sprinter, but Jack Culp was not only the best pole vaulter in also the winner of the medal for combined honors the Big Nine lust year: he was also the all- in athletics and scholarship. American jokester. Three Hundred Seventy-tlrree Athletics g- an in Us 1 1 an an .on an 1 as .nn in 1-.- to Cn in in to 2 Q1 SzlllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllIlllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllIlllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllf-lg QgilllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllHHlllililllllIllllllfllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllI P5111 an -. .-. ...- .TS-1 .... ,sa CM. 1' nt' QL iiE?'lef9 ' Iw i J, ..:.. .nu M.. 1.- an gm- lt ...- fs..- ww. ,.,,, . rf lllllfi lllllll ' -1 llllllllllllllllllllll A EliilllllilillllSlilliiiiillllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Hcre's Mike breastinyr the tape at Mndison. Sport critics said that it would be impossible for anyone to win both the mile and two mild races in one meet, but Captain Mike Mason did it. He won the indoor Conference by that very feat: the fact that hc lowered the records in both events was an incident. But when the outdoor season came, Mike's health failed him. He went thru the schedule winning consistently until the Western Intercollexriate meet closed the season. There he won the mile and lost thc two mile. his last race under Illinois' colors. When the news was received the campus was sad for a moment-not because Illinois hadn't won the two mile, but because Mike Mason had lost his last race. liililiii Si! 5 0 i dy I x ,If 'I ff' . X " , tr K , In I 1 is.: - f I j' " ge .., 1 ' l f aes ff , is ft :A"'jw ' Hnl Poprue '16 had a funny way ol' kicking thru Jimmy Stirton was a quarter miler. vintage, '16, ff' the air for 23 feet once in a while. We'd call He lost a shoe at Evanston. but that didnt fl-4: him a broad jumper. SUJI7 hlm- gp- AHLZGHCS Three Ilundrcd Seventy-four ' 221' . ' , -zmiimpzeaifilllu.l.l,a.e.?i Q r ,.1liillillilfllillilfllllfami EQ!illllillwlnllilililliiiiiiilllllllfiilillllll'l,i'llll1l'l3l.lilil.9iWllilllllilllilillilllliiliilliilllilliflilii 1 . I is l V ,. i,al.,,j.,- fvigli ' l ,ff lllgfliiiflfffl-113.3 E11 fwlgmf... ik, IE- 'flwlllyiifj qty' .., . QM ...- M-, 1,1 .wi The Chicago athletes flirln't show to mlvnntayze in the meet at Interscholn.stic. Here is one ol' the closest finishes in the entire affair. but El Hohman is there to save the day. His consistency in the 100 and 220 dashes was phenomenal. Only when his health failed him in the latter part of the 1915 season did he falter: otherwise five, eight, and often ten, points were his contribution to the point column. .1 T ,sq , X K A :V N 'l 4 N' ' 'H t Q. - . -g f .1 , L' 'N 1 ' ' . . jx! V. ' his . l . ,V l , 1, 1 , jg if-1 I 1 l x M u g ' Burgess is out of the game this season because of Burgoon was one of the 1916 lone: distance squad. 11 gunshot wound. He was billed to succeed Culp He wus also a member of the cross country ns vuulter premier. quintet. Tlwcc Ilwnrlred Seventy-five AthlCf7:CS 'l:?.'Vf -- -.1-wr-f'rif, X"'b.bL.y-1 - " u El ' 'M 2:2 iii 1 if '..l1.?1m Mil G V: lli.i,.iax,i3 E 5 .Vg rn? ,q .pw ki .J 22 NRE ,,..4 ugh Eff' Qllllllllllllllllllllllllll llNlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmllllllIllllllIIINmllllllllllllllllllllll 1 IMI 3 51 5 zllhmqq .I ' XVIII? ' T11-wi-3 119 co E -If , nxt Nlllllll 311 Here are Waldo and String "doing their bit" to humble the Chicagoans. 'S Webster is considerable high jumper. He not his Pendarvis is the handsome quarter milex' you have training in Oberlin Academy and then went to been asked about so Wisconsin-fox' a semester. Offen- Atllletics Three Hundred Seventy-six llllllHillIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIl8llllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllIlllllllllllllllllll fmlllllllllllllllllflll!lmlllllllllllllilllllllm!QilNNllllliilllllilllllllilllllllllllllllllllilllllllIIllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllmlllllIINIIE 'L ll!! 3lllllllllllllllllllllHlllllllllllllllllllilliiilllii .W Q... vw. on 4- -n - an .- - in up nu 4- up ..- un - 1- an 1- up .vu -vu .an up .-1 1- .- nn. up 1-an .,. f. -.9 was as un- aus -nn Qu an -na uv an .- as --u .-0 .,.... .fu .fn M. 1 .- .-1. nl. an -m an - an -no up as -yn -fp aw an 44 u mm -an fm. wc me IillllllllllllllllllllillllllllillllllllllillllillllllilllllllllllilllIIll!llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg -1 Q N i J f 'raitzzw TI-IE ' l9lB HGl'G'S a nip-and-tuck finish in the 220 at Madison. The judges say, tho. that Hnhman had it by an Adnm's apple. F i 1 . A le M, K, 2. Lv Al Omeara is another of the middle distance men. Bennett docs He has stepped some lively quarters. Three Hundred Scvcnly-seven things with the hammer, shot, dis- cus, shot, and javelin. Athletics 'H ll"ZfiiiliNWSVW?EWEE2i'WHiW1l'PlFHii" Q- l5F1"'i 'li IiiiiliiiiiifiEMMiiiiililiiiliililifinlii- i l. bg! 1..'Mn .,'..,3 va wp un we no an v-. mv- -a -n-. uv an 4 - 1-an -n an an- un an -an qv. -, nn- an an - va. nw- -wp M- . -.- .. ...Q -Q., ... -B v..- vn- ww. W., . -.Q-. ...Q ...M N.-. -.- J 1 1 ni L MIIBAQ, W 'r ' XX! Ill? 'IflEI'l2 we '-4' In I 7 4 is 1913 T I-I E M E E T S ,:- ,Fr 2 K4 Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llll llllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllll i - , Carter hadn't tried it often. but he won the hop-step- jump at the Penn games last spring. I-Ie was one of! the broad jump staff. ,v 4 .ix i i . ' It I 11 wi .4 ' I E L , B 4 ' r A 0- . at Phil Spink runs the middle distances. He will be glad when Dismond graduates from Chicago. probably. ik , INDOOR February 26-Urbana Illinois, 425 Wisconsin, 44 March 3-Urbana Illinois, 7195.5 Northwestern, 1436. March 17-Indoor Conference Illinois, 4455.3 Wisconsin, 2894 Chicago, 23 OUTDOOR' May 12-Urbana Illinois, 90 2!3g Chicago, 44 1X3 May 20-Madison Illinois, 725 Wisconsin, 63 June 3--Outdoor Conference Wisconsin, 495 Illinois, 35345 Chicago, 2052, -rf Alexander Bush. who also t "Strin " or answers o E "Skeeter"-did his best work in the 1916 season. Chemist- ry proved nn insurmount- able hurdle this year. 'fff Y 7X Merle Husted is successor to Arlie Mucks as the foremost weight thrower in the Con- ference. Illness kept him out of the indoor schedule. Afhl6t7l6S Three Hundred Seventy-eight 1 5 -3 5 2 5 2 uni LE : lnlummnmmmmnmmmumIummmounmmmuuumummuumumlunmmuuummmunmlnomunmlmlllmlllIn Qi 5 E : 5 'li il .qv . 'ani ' 4-v umm -nr' .an- uw nn' on- -ax nm -nm unu- an. ora- csv -nu' 11 an au- nn 2 1, can on nun- can us: -un. u-u um' un. nm . -1.-1. xt-. -mg x mm um Q-N -um -vw -mm rum an . N- A vm 4--fr.. ...A -1. vu. fm., -wr. we. A-1 qu- -nua- on- -pm. -An.. un u.. ww -4. M . ,.. ,. if-L11 1HiNi3I1UNil!llHHHIIHIHI!il!i3Bi3ii3!il!l!Mi8BllillilllillHIIIIHIEMIRHHlliliiliillliISHN!!!4113111315 -r vw. mu. a. v.. GILL fCOACl'U NEXVLIN 'ruoMPsoN KMANAGERJ CARLSON CHAPMAN GANTZ Mc KINNEY DRAM LET ig, VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY 1916 ff HARRY GILL, Coach G. S. THOMPSON, Manager H. S. GANTZ, Captain PERSONNEL A. H. B. BRAMLET in 3 H. L. CARLSON '21 D. V. CHAPMAN ff H. S. GANTZ NORMAN MCKINNEY Three Hundrcrl Seventy-nine Athletics , f , ...- br. mia . 1 5.4 :iv , 11 . . 1 "7 My .1 " r . Q "fm.w.-. 1,1-1 1 I . . A , A X 2 I ... ...A ..... .... ..,, ..... W M. A. m. ..., ...,. ..... ...A .-.. ...A ., qv-'vw -v...,-.. .,,....mT.-X.. ,V X, ,MMM ',1.l-UH iz. giHwfflyNia.,-3312,g.j.lS?',5.f 1 1 ...- -.-. -..I ,Q ,... ZijllliillllllllllillilllliiltilllilllliiliNlGNUlillllllllllillIIIMIUIHIIIIMII illllllllllllllliHlFfl RlEHlHliF E i 12- - , . - E , ,-Q31 , A Il V . ' f fhgkww--4fnQfL-r'L Q' Q 'WM4 ,TH f X A ' "2 xii' ' e. ..,:. ,Q Wt 'Nampa . y ,,M ,,,,m, l9i85 .um an 1- an an. -am, uw un. an-1. an au' 'nn Nw fn-.V Asn un. we mm an an -- su-, svn mm un, nv -N. an 4-my on 1- can ww un af.. -4.-1 lf..- on fn. pf- nv vu.- vw - .- ...w 1-.. ,,,,,,, W. -. . . . " 'F an-. -W- .. , f.. ...M -v -vu W .,,,, .N- -..- .-.. M . . W va Q. ,I .Q - 1 - . z Q 4 .li .. G., 'if Athletics Three II-zmdrcd Eighty ,d.. ,...,.Hk,,t1J,,, rc I . ,V VF., f 1 K X O15 l .4 l.f f ' ',1Z4sfI'l,,-.1 1 '?'5'f'.'!s-Mini? 3301811189353illllllllllfllilmliligf lliliiiiililfiiiililllii fi5S53i?5E?5f553355328133233335333?!!E?i?3555E33E2SSii2 32353933 1532? SML: -like-'V1 P si?efz?:5!ffEi I-.M SKETBALI. llllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll N':f,mml'6-o 1 . 1:f'f-4.2 . Q : : -"3 . N U A -I .sQf?'M' g1ag1Pi53ff,f.,,. 1 114 115411 : I K.. , ' .' 'V , .-wi-Mtn-tial whey- 55 . j-U ',i" , . " , ' ..,.,." , -4 - C I . n g'gLQ..17'v'f.1,, ,,7f,,-' 141-,vf, 'E-,y.mi,.1fQ'b-9,2 ,Q -, 1 ,uifxz . p - -,.i.v.,Qg,. ,- HMP, LM WJ, fm-wf - Q -,,-.:g.,. .v ii- .. x KA , vr.9u,.-391' 1. ' 1 : git' WJ 3-xWA:PKi..fg'+kjg'a"?1K5?j'?fy .' ,-,, 7-'5.'gi : 1. ' K . 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'2' 'l., 5Ff'V::5lwScn.fSg-11'-:'3-:aww-.ff-,f ' ' :7?'-ar'fr1-"wk - ,-,,.'w:af3, ,A :V,.,g n-..,.,q"-:f- gf: ' ' ' " 3 1 ",?f',.,,f.-15404 .44v,4:!t,il-5-,.:.f,gI.-' X , 4 if ugh ' fs'.9,.2Lvw .-1.3.5 1 1 -1'ce--yummviv.1gl:'1Q'ij3a:5H??5f -'i w Q, 1 -V .A--M4..---AM 1 if .L I ll Q1 I . ,'-f'1-WW' -'-"' "eil,-.if.6,.Pt,:f'?f'335-" HAM ' llllllllllllIlllIllllilllllllllllllll ALWOOD llll I M W: lm:1.3.fQ'Q1PsiPNNLiiifyiaiividkMZWB.-1.3M ' LQLMLTAQ , 'muh N pm... ...J ..... H ...W .,. WC., ,,1 JONES fCOACIU STEVENS CALVIN SCIIROICDER IIAAS IIULLOCK fTRAINERJ RALF NYOODS MC KAY AIAVOOD fCAI"l'AlN1 IIALAS RAY XVOODS SCIINI-IIIIIZIC FBl.Ml.l-EY VARSITY BASKETBALL 1917 Tlwrr: Illmrlrrrl Eighfy-one RALPH R. JONES, Coach MATT BULLOCK, Tvaineo' C. G. ALWOOD, Captain PERSONNEL C. G. ALwooD, Center B. W. CALVIN, Guard J. B. FELMLEY, Fo1'wm'd R. C. HAAS, Gufwcl G. S. HALAS, Guard E. G. McKAY, F'01'wfm"d GORDON OTTO, Fo1'wm'd W. H. SCHNEIDER, Guard R. H. SCHROEDER. Center J. H. STEVENS, F07"lUllf7'd RAY WOODS, G'mm'd RALF WOODS, Fo-rwfL'rcl Athletics 'ASA nf, ...-on :MX 5 W. , Y 1 , 1 ,A .,wb,." Q ,th - J' :sg 3 ii ... .1.,1. .. 'x 4: ..4' 'v ,I Eggfmlminnrrivlierlasznenaslsrasaz'iissslez'xsma:fr:aura:amiuulmmnmlmzsrHswsms:wslfamrsllrfrrrffrfleIrrfua .wii , w'iXl.g!, l ml: hgh. Q9 iw.. ygzpgg r f K. ,,t' , 9, ,-N 4 I 5.-13,5--lgiff' . ...M 1- ..g5,.gg'g.i1 'Wu M.. . H1 1, I l we X " ,V ..,, 5 :gf ff' fn, .rflfff-,. .. wfllerwig f m,.,!9.a .vi ,, M, I f.,....f,,., . ., . ,s .. 4f"i"fff-1 ' I 1 1 ff 'fl ' J 5 J fiwi 2 1 ,Qi f f'fa"mQ-tsafl E' Q, 5 52 2 lf X 51 In .ua hal Q ., . . 5 :fl -'u- I J 212 .',."' i 'I H . , t, , S - .113 vm. .ww -fi M. M... ,lm , if X TI-IE SEASON As one looks backward over the 1916-17 basketball season he is likely to wonder just a little if there has previously been a schedule more replete with thrills, more closely crowded with sensations. It was a season of narrow margins, of hard fights, of brilliant offensive play, and sturdy defense. It is said to have been one of the hardest fought schedules that Coach Jones has led a team through in recent years. Illinois and Minnesota halved the champion- ship. The Gophers met their first defeat in the Gym Annex. Fighting from the start and lead- ing at half time they did their best to keep their slate clean. But Ralf Woods was a better free- thrower than Captain Douglas, and the victory didn't leave town. And then after Illinois season had been closed a week,.Wisconsin dealt the blow to Minnesota that decided the championship. It wasn't all Minnesota's, thanks to the Badgers, and Illinois came in for a half. The customary practice games with Millikin started the Illinois season. Wabash played at Urbana and won from a team of cripples and substi- tutes, and then the holiday recess came. Jones allowed his men but a few days vacation. They returned to their training camp where Northwestern RALPH JONES Ham Alwood, 1917 Captain and center. It was Ray Woods is probably the best guard Illinois has Hnm's favorite stunt to tilt ai ringer at a time ever boasted. He was captain of the when the extra two points counted. 1916 team. Athletics Three Hundred Eighty-two ' 'E :wr ll'f.i,f,.ai215d5-2a.'..:.',-:fuss8g33El",x'g: ,T 1 - .-f,.v N,.,.-H., ,cw ..t,,.,,..,.,.,,,x,,, ,,,,,A,L :ii-I IHillIlllllllillllllillllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltmlllllIllIlllllllllllllIHIIIIHIillllllllllllllllg our .- it ix -5 i 3 1 g, College, of Naperville, had stationed a squad to drill with them. An ex- 'J h1b1t1on game with the collegers was staged immediately after vacatlon . . . . . . . , V I 35' and then Captain Alwood ventured forth to conquer the Conference. Q N 5 Lafayette was the first stop where the Boilermakers yielded a 28 24 I 3 tempo. Then the 'team came home and humbled in turn Northwestern an ' A. aimw-wg GE: Chicago, by scores of 47-17 and 20-10. ' IQ? count to the invaders. Columbus was next and Ohio gave up in 38-1 : Wisconsin and Minnesota lived up to tradition by defeating the Jones XQTHE E family on the Northern trip. The Madison score was 14-25 and at Min Q 31 E I E neapolis it was 11-20. But the team returned full of fight annd determina- 1 ,: tion, and the Illinois losses were history for the current season. 3 Between semesters the Orange and Blue met the Maroons, with the E result that the Illini were dominant in 19-16 ratio and the Midway escut 'SIB : cheon received another smear. Ohio played at Urbana next, and the result '.: was satisfactory-35 to 21. E The next game was the memorable Minnesota contest, in which a team : 5 of giants were beaten by the comparatively light-weight J onesmen. It was - E a battle for single points, and if the whistle had been delayed a moment the E E score might have been 19-18 for the Gophers instead of 18-17 for Illinois. E . :, Unquestionably the Minnesota game was one of the brightest spots in a 3 schedule of unusual brilliance. "' :il Purdue's rooters couldn't save her from a 27-16 defeat when the E 5. Boilermakers came over for the second game with Illinois. The visitors 5' us 1 1 so 'P' wsu un our :: -an E pared. "' fought hard and their following cheered hard but Illinois was too well pre- "' 4 1 A -1 an an in -un nn an -- - -nn was up ma .- .w-Q. ,--. uu- an l uu- fn- ...- fs..-. . , Q- ... Q.. H- -. ' . -on .. ,N - iv.- -nr .V-v. an -. Just to prove that we know thc Woods twins l, I ' . . . E - apart worn ten you that this one is Ralf, forwmd. Holes Haus. who docs cvciythmg in the lmc of lm ':: His caging of free throws was many an encmyvs athletics. He has been. accuscdgnf guarding "too gl- :Z down'-an , enthusiastically. .. I ' un. W .-U. jf, Three Ihmdv-cd Eighty-three Athletics if .-ww tlitFE5itE!!INHIIIIBNS0159391592359Klttliliiiiiiillilllllflilllllmtilil?UENlHBHlilitiillillllblilllllilg 2:-llillllillllilllllllllll Hi ll lllllllillli HHN!!IlllllilllllillilllilNllllillllllllmllllmllllllllllllllillilil Ll: iv .- -u-5, , 5' A 'am' , " -1 if I f .ilfll 'YYY , PL Ti! llllii Isley Q. an -4 -- an -v- A-4 1-. nv -- -. no no no no su pq -- .up .ns- can nw ua N. 4-.Q -4 .4 nu- nm- an an ,0- -.4 ua 4-- 4-4- -W. Mu .. s .... .vw -wp -f s .-Q .-. an ww st, .H- -is, N. ...W 4... im. .-.- . -.- .fi- nu- --. mv ...- 1-4 .M ,H- nw.- -Q. .-Q.. -We ng nm. we s.-. -.-Q, .-.M .H -- Q... -ew. is n we-L -r 4 I mu 1 we-w fn, ,. .. .w- '. '-f-'1'."f UiH!"'.l "3 NNW 7"-fC3r"? yiliilfpf-S l4,'4l-'Wg tl-15 iv-"' ln,'1"w?'7'sf:-lil' Wisconsin put up a bully fight. Doc Meanwell's style of play always commands untold respect from the whole basketball world, and his men carried out his tactics to perfection. But Illinois got the pleasant end of the 20-17 score. The season closed at Evanston with a relatively easy victory for Illi- nois. The score was 21 to 12. The Methodists didn't have their 1916-16 team and it wasn't the hardest game, but it found the Illinois quintet ready to hang up their jerseys for a year. Seldom has a Big Nine team fought more desperately than did the Orange and Blue squad of the season past. Captain Ham Alwood and the Woods brothers again led the play. And not only this year's success but the brilliant records of two preceding seasons must be credited in large measure to this trio. They have shot their last baskets for Illinois, but they will always be on the basketball Roll of Fame. To Ray Woods must go the distinction of being one of the greatest basketball players in the game. Had he been a better basket-thrower it is likely that no one in the history of basketball could touch his record. Halas stands foremost among the new men. He had never played much basketball until Jones got hold of him, but it didn't take long for him to learn what was expected. Schneider and Haas are other guards who showed to advantage. McKay and Felmley, forwards, are looked to as the mainstays in their department for next year. The freshman varsity will contribute some- thing, of course. Just how much-wait and see. Bill Schneider played several halves at grunrd and Ernie McKay appeared this season at forward. held down men considerably heavier than Luck was against him on n few occasions, but he himself. performed creditably on the whole. Athletic-3 Three Humirnrl Eighty-four SEN255EIlliifillililrlwiliflli3323113555?iililiiliiiilliiiilzifliliiS F' ' iililikiIiilalllliiiiillliiiiflidiiiilidliiiililflilllllllii31?EliM?EB!BiS57fi2iilli??if2337i3l.lll5li3sTi5-' Illinois .....,,......... .. Minnesota ,..,. ....... . . 10 Purdue .........,...,. .. 7 Wisconsin Indiana ..,........,,. Chicago ...... Ohio ...,... ............,................, . . Northwestern .... ......... . . Iowa ......,.......,.....,........... ....,.. Illinois .....,,.,,. Illinois ........... Illinois ,..,...,... Illinois ........... Illinois .,......,.. Illinois .......,... Illinois .....,,..,. Illinois ........... Illinois ........... Illinois .,......... Illinois .........,. Illinois .........., CONFERENCE STANDING Won Lost Percentage 10 2 .883 2 .883 2 .778 8 3 .727 3 4 .429 4 8 .333 3 9 .250 2 10 .167 1 8 .111 THE GAMES Northwestern......,....... Wisconsin.............. Minnesota............. Ohio Minnesota-1.............. Northwestern,......,....., 9 ,- - n .' ' an L nge, I -'E Johnny Felmley is a forward. He'll have more Gordon O1,to's bud knee wus his hnndeicuu ull chance next season when Woodsie is gone. season. He played 11 fast fo1'wm'd on the Then watch him. 1916 tenm. ' Ne A.. '52 Zlf2i2Qtgm1'f5"' Three Himdrcd Eighty-five Athletics I ' . 1' il. -. -.-M ,W .,,M,..,w. L moew, ,I .P fi w , H., ., , . . .ir v-1. 1: - u-QWWW ,m avg 35 U1 TVA, by ,IM wa 1 I .1 L. Q. ga. Q. . s l I " T 441, 1 " iz if I I ' 1 . 5 5 5' 7 mf--k' -.Q l 1. fi .1 5 2 Ui I J "' rv. ,-. In v.-m+upf'i'eg.:frn ,vpf .:' -- v A A F Y f t ' ., . W: . M.QMJZEJ1-Eif,k-FEM'EHMMFIJILIIHIHHPW VIAL LINIEEN OTT ROOS GARY MANLEY fCOACIU REB!! GREY YOIIINS FIFIELD MCDONALD QCAPTAINJ MAFISEN CRANE VARSITY SWIMMING, ' 1916 E. J. MANLEY, Coach A. P. MCDONALD, Captain D. C. JOHNS, Captain-elect PERSONNEL E. A. BEBB E. G. Roos D. W. CRANE W. B. BARBER C. E. FIFIELD G. P. CHRIST N. F. GREY C. H. CREWE D. C. JOHNS J. M. GRAY L. G. KRUG H. D. KINER 'O. A. LANSCI-IE J. L. MCGREGOR A. P. MCDONALD 0. MADSEN R. MOONEY b R. L. SCHIESSWOHL J. E. OTT G. R. SCOTT H. C. VIAL AHI,lGt'i6S Thrcn Hundred Eighty-six 21llllllllllllllliiliMillllllliillllllllilllllllllllillliilililIillllltillHH!!!HN!illlillllillliiiimiiiiiliiiiil-2 :ax HIP' , .un gf 1HE SEASON . X ,Qfi-,T J' Early in November, 1915, the first, call for re- ,2..,1fa.-,3:3:,.., cruits for the 1916 swimming team was made. The V Am4 .5 turnout was good from the point of view of number but there were only six veterans left from the 1915 ,A"555"f'f"ii'7'fi team. It was with these men as a nucleus that Coach Manley was forced to work. Although the re- l9Q,.l,fi sult was not a championship team, it was a fighting 55 53 team. The season ended with Illinois well up in the ' R conference rating. The first meet of the year, that with North- western, was held at Evanston. The Methodists, true to their reputation, scored 49 points to our 19. I However, on February 19 we retrieved our fortunes in a meet with Wisconsin, drawing the better end of a 56 to 16 count. On March 1 the team met Chicago in their own tank and were again forced to admit defeat. This was probably the best meet of the season. Redmond, the Chicago plunger, carried off the conference record for his event. The last dual meet, with Cincinnati, was held here and resulted in a walkaway for Illinois. The score was 54 to 6. The All-Conference meet, the big event of the swimming season, came March 17 and 18. Here we were rather outclassed. Northwestern and Chicago tied for first place with 45 points each' and Illinois ranked third with 12 points. Don Johns was undoubtedly the individual star of the year. He won every event in which he was entered during the year, and at its close was awarded the diving championship of the conference besides being placed on the all-conference team. "Sandy" McDonald's work in the plunge was also of a high caliber and he too remained undefeated in all except the one event at Chicago in which Redmond made his record. The water basketball team consisting of Captain Lansche, Krug, Bebb, Crane, Ott, and Mooney played only two games during the year, one of which was lost to Chicago in an extra session game by the score of 3 to 2, and the other of which was won from Wisconsin. Of these men Lansche stood out as the best and as a result he was given a place on the all-confer- ence team. J. MANLEY Three Hundred Eighty-seven Athletics WW f"!'5i??l"iiiiiifi'iiiiiilliiiililEi-iti'MEii?ifiii'iii5f?iiiiiiitiitililifiUfiifi iiiiiigiiitrgityigfvf .-.,,.,, V: .uhm rw im- v-... -W v. ..1. 2 .. 1 ws. -fm ,Mu me .nl if... 1.. 1 .Wu -.W in ww .sv- ...-.. -...ln pu-- vac un .we - . fi wal we vw.. W.. sm ...N ...W M.. ...-, 1--at vi. ,. vm M- .-. 1, ., ,, .f...., N. we 1...- .. , -1-. Z' sl gfgsaaasnliaassaausueaanmasannals-macmnmrmmensrmmffwmnaaalrmmmimmiauasmmcwe msn. M. .M ,VARSITY FENCING, WRESTLING, AND GYMNASTICS uf: 797' l 7--I 1916 ,I 1.1: ff li- , f ' -. .Y 4 NI'4pQZ'ffff'- --"'Q,H'f ...M in RA dr, N7 .Ta gg- 'K 1' 1 -- -ZMLWJ1. Lf' ' 'xx 1 - ff " , it w ,fy I., , up ..m. .v-4 .-4. M -W. -,..n 4... . .. ., N. .L FENCING By magnificent handling of their foils in the Conference meet, the Fencing Team finished an unusually successful season. Chicago was met and defeated in a dual meet Feb- ruary 26 to the tune of 3 to 2. Then came misfortune and the team was nosed out by 1 point in a closely contested dual meet at Madison on March 25, the score being 22 to 23. This was the only blot on an otherwise perfect season. After this the two man team, composed of VanNatter and Gerten, came back strong and more than redeemed itself, shattering Wis- consin's hopes, and claiming the Conference meet at Min- neapolis in a most decisive manner. In the three events Illi- nois took first place in each, VanNatter claiming the fencing and dueling matches and Gerten, the broadswords event. The ' score was Illinois 10, Wisconsin 4, Chicago 3. This year the N Conference meet of the Gymnastics, Fencing, and Wrestling Teams will be held at the University of Iowa, Iowa City. ROY N. FARGO WRESTLING The Western Intercollegiate Gymnastic and Fencing Association Meet was held at the Minneapolis Armory, April 8, 1916. Illinois was represented by the Wrestling, Gymnastics, and Fencing Teams. In wrestling Illinois secured fourth place. When the finals were reached, the team was badly crippled, both Cope and Thomas being in the hospital. Hill in the 125 pound class tied for first place in his match. Rundquist was second in the heavyweights, while Kurtzrock and Fredericks each took third place in their respective bouts. The scores were Iowa 1416, Indiana 14, Nebraska 12, Illinois 1156, Minnesota 10, Chicago 4. Though the team did not carry off high honors owing to handicaps, it deserves just respect for coming within 3 points of the winning team. Four dual meets were held during the season, Illinois winning two and losing two. On February 26 at Bartlett Gymnasium, Chicago was defeated 13 to 10, on March 4, Illi- nois lost to Indiana 10 to 13 at Bloomington, on March 11 Illinois was defeated by Purdue 10 to 18 at Lafayette, Wisconsin lost to Illinois at Urbana on March 25, the score being 24 to 0. Coach Evans is very optimistic for the 1917 season. All the old men have returned, and there are some very good men coming on who will make the regulars fight to hold their positions. GYMNASTICS Just by glancing at the scores of the 1916 season, one would not allow the team the credit it deserves. At the be- ginning of training Captain Kamm injured his knee and did not recover his usual form. In the first dual meet at Chicago on February 26, the tumbling team was handicapped by an injury to Wagstaif which kept him out the remainder of the season. Horimura secured first in three events showing per- fect form on the parallel bars, the horizontal bars, and in club swinging. The score was Illinois 106616, Chicago 1174. On March 25 Wisconsin defeated us 118814 to 1035. In the Conference meet Wisconsin showed splendid form and easily won, Chicago, Minnesota, Illinois, Nebraska, and Lutheran College followed. inthe respective order. All the men except Kamm and Pfeiffer have returned to school, and, if two of them can regain their eligibility, Coach Fargo believes the I team has a very god chance to place well this year. XVALTEI! EVANS Athletics Tim-0 rmmzmz r.'ig1.a1,-ffm: """" "f 1..v.ff .1 , I 1 FREDERICKS HUNITQUIST ILUNNEIKERG TIIOWIKS cor-lc 1c.x1-'mlxj EVANS fcmcm KUIITZIIOCI HILL VARSITY WRESTLING 1916 WALTER E. EVANS, Coach L. V. COPE, Captain PERSONNEL W. C. CHOISSER L. V. COPE E. M. FREDERICKS J. E. HILL R. R. KRAFT E. V. KURTZROCK E. T. RUNDQUIST E. RUNNEBERG H. A. THOMAS H. A. WHITSON TIIVVI' Ilumlrcfl Eiylzly-nirzf Athletics ,igllllliislliilllllilllilIM!! HiiiiiiiliiiH535255ifM'imi!Ii5Z5?f9J!HIIl1IIQHIZW3iI81NiHdiliilllillllilllllllIHHiiiU! Q.. Q-. 'ii xv 1 B.. 'gif 4-VZ gg . .E , .... 4- rw. .1 an Anmcn smnx. I wAcs'mrr P1-'Emfnn noss Hommurm 'rornm' mnco fcoAc1IJ 1 Mm jj VARSITY GYMNASTICS 1916 R. N. FARGO, Coach R. N. KAMM, Captain PERSONNEL L. ADLER H. HORIMURA R. M. KAMM L. C. PFEIFFER H. A. Ross Q: E. SMIDL T. W. TOLMIE 'jjj C. D. WAGSTAFF Q1 1 . . av.. 'uve ..w.1,l I on uw- W. .V 4 , ...N Mm A thle tics Tlurcc Ilundrcd Ninety 1-.145-,yr ,MQ , -:152'7'f+1H'ffL251 f U 5'-'3'l'if'S'i'iH!?.'1., J :U IllllllllllmillllNUIIINIWIONIIIIIHIUIHOMMIBINlllillhtliiilililmililhllillilllliltli3iillll!l!I1!2g-gg 11 ...M it '45 VARSITY FENCING 1916 A. ROMEISER, Coach M. VANNATTER, Captain PERSONNEL NICH GERTEN F. M. VANNATTER 'DW 19MWQQQBIMUHNWGQWPRWQWM'M?5'5'7!?NB3?I+?i55'?H1i?W?E'i'i'i"Yia'2 E'ii'f1w-f1'f1 'flifiaisysx -i,' 1 hw KK! D :sam msn -uv mu- mw- .pun mu ua as np- m1 um .nu .au nn- M.. Q-N. mv um- vm.. , ...- .W-. mf- N my . fa ww . W, 1 w fm, . . ... W. ifilllllllliIllllllllIKillIlllllllllllllli3lllllilillllllilllllllllllllilllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll VARSITY GOLZF 3 F Q 1916 -xxwuf THE I p I PERSONNEL JOHN Ii11I1i1?s3VNIiI'g'Japtain I C. L. WEEMS ua an an - - an an 5 on Q- our an us nun an un- as in L an - an an an -- -up an na na an an an an on an an an new an am- -Q 4- .- -.1 qu on ...sf ur an 4- -4- -an ..- na- +M- -sm me an me Q- s -. au- a...- -Un -- -- vw.. an ...- .M- rm ...Q mm- of -.4 .ms - Q.. new vu. ww 4..- -in an M.. .....-i pn -..-.. ,M-. 1-I... ...- .vw-' ww sw- ..- ..... 19" so wnqillifi'33S?filiiliiilNlitiliilillliiiiiiiiiiiQillillllillllliililllilllllliHlillllllllliillitlttlltiililg J. N. MCDONALD HUSTED MYERS l R. T. BARNUM "snon'rY" wnrrm "JOHNNY" s1MPsoN With three veterans of the 1915 squad back and three new men of considerable abil- ity and experience on the roster the 1916 team gave promise of playing well up among conference teams. ' Johnny Simpson, Shorty White and Chink Weems were all men who had been well tried during the previous season and whose consistent playing had re- sulted in the annexation of the Western Intercollegiate Golf Association tournament. The other three, J. N. McDonald, Husted Myers and R. T. Barnum had placed in the university tournaments and their addition to the squad assured an accurate and well balanced team. . The year opened May 17 in a dual meet with Chicago at the Ravisloe Country Club, which the Illini won by a 6 to 1 score. The second match, played at Westmoreland, resulted in Northwestern's defeat 11 to 1, John Simpson and Shorty White playing in the low score games. On September 14 the team travelled east and contended with seven other teams in the intercollegiate tournament at Pittsburg's famous Oakmont Country Club. A course in perfect condition and splendid weather made the competition unusually keen. Cor- nell secured first honors, but not until they had defeated the Indians in a warm match by the tight score of 5 to 4. After the tournament the team returned West to discard its clubs until next season. - So, in its second year as a minor sport, golf has gained many interested supporters and has assured its place in athletics at Illinois. With White and Weems back for this year's team we can hope to see the game placed still more securely among extra-cur- riculum student activities and intercollegiate athletics. Athletics Three Hundred Ninety-two Q E an 1 11 1 an as 3 up 1 Z 1 1 l i 3 In 1 um 1. om 1' Z as 1- 2 1 1 an Q ri 1 1 Z an an 1 an 1 In up no .cv- In 1 an -an 1 as 1 2 1 3 cn an 1 3 1 C12 1 -um in .nw ln- nv um ww gm. nn. aw. nm -nu- uv, 4... su-- .Q-as ur on an .ow nv un- an-0 nn- av., nw qw mu or-1: ww 1 -um aw nu. uf- 1 on uw' -aw- ...M 1 M -ww we -fm, f.--1 - sm. me new va. uw nu .vu rf.. -ww me fu, yn Q-. an - .-.D an buf 41- 4-K me -new N. 1-.,, ww mm lu' Am mr- sw nw UW ew nu. 'RFP HUM. my if ms- an .um .em .uw- .nn 'llelanli'ii'i"lii1'hi"i'i'Z'Hii'1I'liIHQl""5L1 "Szlliil1ir'ii r'if'3llHllllivi3? ' VARSITY TE XVALTI ll IIECKER 1916 N N I S 'SM A .1 PERSONNEL R. L. MOSES, Captain fl ,W V7 VVALTER BECKER R f""1'-5 A. S. BUHAI A J oHN FELMLEY A log, lx wif-- After a season which was not particularly successful the varsity tennis team came back strong in 1916. Moses and Buhai, the Orange and Blue veterans, were again out and Felmley and Becker were selected to complete the team. Of the five dual contests staged three were won and two lost. Northwestern was defeated 3 to 0 on April 29 on the home courts and again by the score of 3 to 0 on the Evanston courts May 6. Wisconsin came May 17 and went down to defeat with the third 3 to 0 score. The last two games were both lost, however, one going to Chicago by a 5 to 1 and the other to Leland Stanford by the fourth 3 to 0 score. In the conference meet held in Chicago May 25 to 28, Illinois was represented by Felmley and Becker. The first round saw the elimina- tion of this pair in the doubles, but Becker, by a series of brilliant attacks went into the final round of the singles. The future of Illinois tennis is hard to pre- dict. Becker and Felmley will both be back on this year's quartet and with the addition of McKay, the freshman who won the annual fall tournament, Illinois should be able to equal her record of last year. Thru- llundrvd Nim'fy-tlu'r'c THF! COURTS A Hzletics .M ,. ,1 E "7'2 ,E fig.-gr , ., . Mag, v 3 nil! ,5 viii! , xl. 5' cm- s 5.3, if l ' 1 11, .Aj fn- .' 1' QU T.. l. W Vg,. ,z .f 71 ,'f'1,,3Y,f . 6 ...- s 'Xl fn '.-mu! ,. m""'o-.., ,-1-',. s Q-gf SVI.. , if v-IL mhz. I 9 I :' i E 4 L , ,J-5, IE.: V.. i!! gi 1. t1'il'2l.-I'l.1H'fi1 l'!l'i'21I5121513iiHHill3-fl'l'lIfl-limHllilllvllliliiI-iiliiiiillliiillll!ll-ll-2l?ilTll'i'li3lllllllllllfllllllllll GESFILBRACIIT WORNER KINGSLI-XY IIOWES DRAIN SWINDLER IHIONVN 'FUIIIXI R Nl URI HY MEI I COOP!-ZR R I F L E T E A M 1916 PERSONNEL H. H. TURNER, Captain O. G. BRAIN F. J. MEEK D. R. BROWN W. J. MUMM E. J..CooPER B. K. MURPHY H. C. GESELBRACHT H. 0. SWINDLER E. B. Howes H. O. WARNER ' L. H. KINGSLEY H. WELLER During the year of 1916 another sport was added to the list of "I" activities. The Rifle team, which has long held the attention of a few undergraduates, was granted this honor after having travelled considerably and competed with other college teams. Since then the competition for places on the team has been much stiffer. The system of intelcollegiate meets was changed at the first of the year. The team, instead of touring the country remains at home and shoots on its own range. A schedule of twelve shooting periods is arranged and the scores registered at these peri- ods are placed on the conference records. The team whose total score is the highest is awarded the conference championship. Two matches on the schedule were shot early in 1917 and although the results were not phenominal they are above theaverage. The increasing interest in preparedness and military instruction finds a reflection in the increasing interest shown in the Illinois Rifle team. With the help of that inter- est the new sport is sure to become popular. AHLlCt'iCS Three Hundred Ninvty-four l " .I fi' f!l1lili'I.'l ww:g,.,-.,1- . ,. .":.'.-yi-S,".1F'C-i"3Jf?I1L'5J -- 1, .. -' " -. Zff:.--f1:.1if-1-f--2:':'...psfW, ,. , ,. - gy, fYp,.-,.-g-g,gp.Qq.g- -,,.f,.,.. , . I I ,, 1 I .1m7j.':,'gf.4--jj3.5-gi.: ., J-fa,'.1fF':41ay' ' --ii" 1' c: .L2 ' fy. ..-- . 'xi 'wif 1: V I Hum . i K A . 1 ,A , .-1.' . , . ,, . :.r1'-.',..f,QL-H,-j-. iz-,F-.,-1, :-,.g,i . , V ,A .,:Aff,a-1235.2.a9'f..?f.f:-gf.12-.mqaig f-.xg 1. . ug :f-zz .:2.1.1g."iz,a15:-ra-5:--'q frm. 12 X ' - '"1-'1-'-.51'."r.f,': 51- 1'--11-, .4 29'-wf1"-:-12.2,--rw ' ::.:: .-1 ' qv 11,--L2.'f'?ZE',.'-t1:1 if 'ii-5-z.-, .7'1,1",-: - '.G.Cj.1Y-Lf., h -Q -5?-Ea! tif, 9:1112-i.'Jff',:. Eval" '13 buffy.. 1'2:f":T-1 :I-1-1 11-,jE5?,5 ' gvzfg:-.:1,5 ' uh. IE.: I3-gpgi.-5 ' rits".-f3HJ:fg3 fur b1i.L.:5,f'F-'12 ' :fi-: ri' ., -sn-1:'17'.' ' - . i'f.-S211'-A-2.2:'Ef:'f.':l?f.5,r3r::3 '1i..2-51,-.,3:.1e-f'fgg Hfi.-1'-213: - I 'i'fviiififjfkfii'?9-IEFVEN' ' T5-l'r'fii?:l:' 'Qi.I.?f'fS - 'L ' :fi.'iC1-I ,y..,l,i1',z. ,. -,111-' E" .fff,4'2:v1' fill' if-:' - '1 55511 it-f5f'2'f':S7.'1?Q-fi' f:'5E23a1Si"' '.'C'?7.9'f 3- ' -' 1,-I-:':.::. f'-'vS'.a's15.1'i'f" ' B -15:51 1-ff Iv,1":j:'I1g-I, 'i'C12'.1-' ffl! 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JONES, Coach ii : BAKER, End Koen, End E if: BARRINGER, Tackle LANUM, Half back E 5 BROWN, Half back LARIMER, Full back 2 5 CLANCY, Tackle MILLER, Guard 2 3 COLP, Guard NICHOLS, Quarter back 2 Q CRISSEY, Guard REICHLE, End E Eid EDWARDS, Half back STRUSACKER, End E EMS, Guard ' SWIFT, Quarter back elf GOODFELLOW, End Wmss, Guard IE E INGWERSEN, Center WILLIAMS, Tackle 3 2 JOHNSON, Tackle WILSON, Full back E E YEAGER, Half back E E E E E 2-E 1?-I 175 Three Hundred Ninety-five Athletics E W' num - 5, ii' QEUQIHBHNNlllliliillllllllIUIIIHIIIBWIWHQBI1UllllllllililllllilllliliiMliiiiiilIUiillMi!9!'!I!5i1IIi1i3W:g QEEFEEBUMMEFEEUIHHHIIIIKiilliiilHaiHHIHIMSHQHREHHHHHHEHNHHMIMHKKIIKHUHWWBIIIIll!llillllllllfl!IEl8ihl1ffF4ffHFfM'FMfHiHILE? E1 1. ,' A , -e vv' P DIP. U2 .-. f if i .. MN ' 'D' .N .L K ,.m 'r r nn. cn- an Q.. mn, an mu. aus an cm an 1-n. an an fum ann in an :sw an wg. an an mu- on an QD .-,U can mu an 1 -an ,um nu. fun. ...N uv:- ww nw ww 4-.. , fum,- , W. , ,ng , uw f-1. eu z.. inn- , . ,M f-. .nv- -.M '- f pm ,vw en an we , me . .-1. -ve-. , ,-... rw ...Q PM M. M.- v-. 1--.. . .. . FRESI-IMAN VARSITY BASEBiALL CLASS OF 1919 I -N. 11:-f CIIABTREE COOK ANDREAS MC KINN RYAN RENTCIILER ACKERT JONES fCOACHJ RATIIIKUN PETERSON PERCY SCIIULTZ XVIIEAT DE IIUFF HAYES TIIURSTON SANDVOLD IIARRINGTON ZIMMERMAN DEVLIN PE RSO NN E L ACKERT, Pitcher ANDREAS, Catcher COOK, Outfield CRABTREE, First base DEVLIN, Outfield HAYS, Second base HARRINGTON, Outyield MCKINN, Outfield -PERCY, Infield R. R. JONES, Coach PETERSON, Pitcher RATHBUN, Infield RENTCHLER, Pitcher RYAN, Pitcher SANDVOLD, Outfield SCHULTZ, Pitcher THURSTON, Outfield WHEAT, Infield ZIMMERMAN, Outfield ,una mmm an -11 une -nu. 1 van fun an up faq: 1-up may my f-11 runs 11: as su: 333583305533 881855 IIIIQDSQDEISHQSSHQZQ 8181353523 :sro .var U , em 'rm 'am rpm .ww :um an am .rw .ru mn .z up 'nw 'mn -sm also mr, M: A 1-ff -fm, -ww iv-1:2 ..., Q,-5. ww-V. lg ,wp 1 AULZGHCS Three Hundred Ninety-six .Nea ' x' . . M, . , , A 1 1 I ,,.r,b ff, " 'K-nity-i, ,J l 3 x,L.4gf,.1M i5i,,rm.' i 2 we, ,EVENf,E,I,1,gi.Q,1,!f3,,g,ff,Tf if, ,E 1... 1Illlliilillimiwm'1:1tW2'!1lftlll1.iH1!m'11rulziwPL1:mmf'11.1.1m1fL1'1w'+' , w.1....1w". FRESI-IMAN VARSITY TRACK CLASS oF 1919 Three IIIZIIMANSON fCOACll, STHAD l'liRl.BlAN XYAI.l.AClC ' CAIRMAN OVICRIBICIC GAIIVHN LAYTON IIACICN FIl'2I.l? CIINNINGIIAM GIIEUORY LANG VEITDIQR CHAPMAN CAIIROI. PERSONNEL H. L. GILL, Conch, C. M. CARMAN C. CARROLL, J R. H. A. CHAPMAN W. J. CUNNINGHAM H. FIELD, JE. N. GARVAN J. E. GREGQRY B. A. HAGEN Hundred Ninety-seven C. HERMANSON A. L. LANG S. C. LAYTON W. B. OVERBI-:E S. C. PERLMAN R. W. STEAD E. C. VEDDER S. H. WALLACE Athletics vt.. X ff! w I was V95 Ln, 3.x l LEHHEsiiifrhlflI'ilIHIBLwaiwfiI1'aHl!riF1?IEflimiiilrgryf.HIM ff 4'MINI!IIlEBM:ff:EIflfmc:eI.esIt1iHlTlI'lfUpm,y, ,... FRESHMAN VARSITY SWIMMING CLASS OF 1919 :':"1 COULD IIICKICY MOTTBR IIOEFER MANLEY KCOACIU CARNES XX IIITE XYALDO FALKENBERG BARNES MOIITON FAIRCLOTII SLOCUM NVICNZLAFI FII NIINC REED EMERY PERSONNEL Athletics I-,I ,I H. H. BARNES C. H. CARNES H. R. EMEIIY S. G. FLEMING S. E. FAIRCLOTH G. V. FALKENBERG A. D. HOEI-'ER D. W. HICKEY, JR. E. J. NIANLEY, Coach II. E. MOTTER A. H. MORTON EDWIN J. MANLEY R. W. REED R. W. SLocUM J. H. WALDO W. B .WENZLAFF W. W. WHITE Thrcc Ilunrlrcd Ninety-aight Ml lfE+EHL!HHk!il'RESH FBHEEIHSSKEHXIIKIIHIIHWJWHBlEH2!2!1kKKEERRERBIUFGEIIHEEBEFMBEQEKRHfwlifklkiiiiHWFULQ3 FRESI-IMAN VARSITY BASKETBALL cLASSOF192o T ZUPPKE fCOACI-If KINER SMITH ROCK KIMMELSHUE BENNETT 1 1 - -Ev' BORN TAYLOR CORK INGWERSON NVILSON IIICKS JONES JORDAN JOHNSON FARRAND IJREDL BONE ANDERSON STOUT FREDERICK MEE PROIXST PERSONNEL R C. ZUPPKE, Coach - E. W. ANDERSON C. L. JORDAN W. BENNETT J. P. .JONES G. D. BONE W. M. KIMMELSHUE F. BORN V. B. KINER E. C. BREADY J. E. MEE C. BROOKS F. L. PETERSON W. H. CORK J. S. PROBST E. K. FARRAND L. B .ROCK E. A. FREOERICKS O. SMITH J. HICKS S. C. STOUT B. INGWERSON P. C. TAYLOR A. C. JOHNSON KENNETH WILSON Three Hundnwl Nivmty-nine Athl0t'1:0-S' .lfittittiliway1411 1 IMI 'fel !L.,oumsst THE S? on r j i 3 j X' 1 - ' 1 ., xg." VJ, llllllllllllllllllillllllll llllllllllllllllliill 4- -1. an -- -- nop up uw. an up .- an -an .su -- - ..- .- an ,1-1, --nu .- pn -- nw. mm -- -uw -an pq. -nu- pn- na- .am .-, --qi .-, --, on -me ,wr -mi pq, mn- l... -z mm W- ms .fu nur .nun uu- rmi 1 V., an A .1 "wi N +331 i Mutt Bullock needs no introduction to the Illini Doc Bilik consents to pose. Doc is consiflerable fans. Trainer and mnnafzer. and several other trainer, and this year. his first at the Illinois gym, things all at once is Mntt's line. He's jack-of-all has proven him as competent ns any who over trades and master of several. taped an Indian's joints. e, .-r-ey . V ,, o ..:'m5413: i The Band and the Rooters have a good time between halves at LaFayette Athletics Four Hundred 4 w 4 1.4 vm i1A:W,v4JWWw,- . w . fe, 'V' :i'ffv'46K'!f 'je' 1,-wwf" ,gi '-H iiiW352wf5lf1ififietaiiiiiiliigilfi , i i23fi73Sli?l337?Q42xlili4QQ2lH2UiiiillW5iiWs IE S 5 S! E 2 w iillllliiiililllllllllllillllilllllllllllllllililllll!lllilillllllllilliilii na Ei' 5 Ellilliiiififiillllllillliifiliiiiiiggii g iiliiiliiiiiiiiiifilllilill mm pm. on , ,AQ - 25 iw INTER-CLASS ATHLETICS J. H. POWERS J. H. POWERS, Managefr Class Athletics have been steadily gaining in popularity at the University. It has been estimated that 1200 students took part in some branch of class ath- letics during the year, this being an in- crease of twenty per cent over the total of last year. Not only has the number of students competing become greater, but the competition between the various teams and the various classes has be- come keener and more interesting. Ev- ery series of games has been fought to the finish and the interest of the classes has never lagged. And so the class rivalry has become greater and greater each year with the increased interest in class athletics. Illinois spirit has grown out of this in- terest and is, at the present time, de- pendant upon it. ALL CLASS FOOTBALL l!lil!llYMAN COPE : v:-v I l.I.lLIII.R XOIN RMAIN LAUDLI! XX IL! 0..D LR XVIRII CIII I ICSLI FYI Cl XR! ARIXULJ H NI UH NX XRD1 Four H undrcd One Athletics SENIOR CLASS FOOTBALL XVILFORIT CLARK SCIIOCII SMART EVANS QUICK 11008 MlTClllil.l. LTIYIYICR .XMIIRITSTEII !lUR'l'0N CASTLE GIBSON ' VAN XVINKLE fMANAGlilU THOMAS COPE 1IAIlIiXVAlll1'l' E ICKSON JUNIOR CLASS FOOTBALL SMITII BARBER TOMBAUGII CRAFT QMANAGERJ PATTON FRICK BENNETT ERDMAN CALKIN JONES CIIURCIIILL IIARLAND CLEVELAND SPRAGUIC JIOTTER AtlLl0f'iCS Four Ilundrcrl Two SOPHOMORE CLASS FOOTBALL UOSS RANDALL MC COLLISTER LAUDER MC LAUGIILIN FRICHIC STRANVN GARTNICR fMANAGElU IXATTEY KUFISCII I.0ll FIREY LOWE Fl.E'I'ClllCR KRUG UJOACIU YONKICRMAN ' PERCY GILIYERSLEICYE MC GILL NORTON STIEAUSS CRAUTRICIC FRESHMEN CLASS FOOTBALL MARTIN HARPER UIOACIIJ CROSCIIE HICRRYMAN SCHNICIIIER IKRAY RANDOLPH POWERS XVAYNE STARR TEMPLE I KNETSCII Four Hundred Thrcc Athletics SENIOR CLASS SWIMMING LUNGRIGN fMANAGERJ MEYER SHET'1'lCRD BROOKS GREXVE INGWERSEN JUNIOR CLASS SWIMMING SLAIDHK FRANCIS IMANAGICRJ GREY OLSON CIIURCIIILL MONCIUICI-' CARY AULl0?f1'6S Four Hundred Four -Jijlillllflli15133HEEEHHEKUHEYSWEllflilllliilliillifiliiliH5159tillitlllilliillllMlhlilliliililtiilillltliiflfilkltillFHMEEFESI-1S2t1Fi4wl'l3WPa'Eiii!EWU' it WH ll FRESHMAN CLASS SWIMMING L nrcimnnsozv QMANAGERI VOWEL 1-'mn ALDERSON Mum-uv nerr INTER-CLASS ATHLETICS FOOTBALL , ' The 1916 Inter-Class Gridiron Series was run off with more real snap than has been the custom for some time. The Hrst game of the season, between the Seniors and the Juniors, uncovered some Hashy bits of football and foretold what was to follow. The final score was 6 to 0 in favor of the fourth-year men. Bad weather seemed to be prevalent on Friday afternoons when the games were played, yet the struggle for the championship continued. The Seniors continued their winning streak and took the championship by defeating the Sophomores 9 to 0 on the north end of Illinois Field before a Homecoming crowd. On November 25 the All-Class team met and defeated the Freshman Varsity eleven while the Varsity was battling with Wisconsin at Madison. BASKETBALL A spirited contest was held preliminary to the playing of the actual interclass games to select the men for the various positions on the class teams. From the first to the last of the series the result was in doubt. The Juniors and the Freshmen ran on even terms for the larger part of the season. The deciding game was the last one be- tween these two teams. As a result it was a battle royal throughout. At the end the score stood 18 to 11 in favor of the Juniors, giving them the championship. The Senior team placed third and the Sophomores occupied the cellar position. BASEBALL Competition in baseball was very keen and some excellent material was brought out by the series. The Seniors won the pennant after a close race with the Sophomores. Hits in the pinches and clever base-running gave them the edge on the second year men. Following the regular schedule the Seniors played a series of three games with the Freshman Varsity, losing the rubber game by one run. All three of these games were of the highest class and created intense rivalry. The Freshmen uncovered several stars in their lineup as the series progressed. The final standing of the teams: Seniors, Sophomores, Freshmen, and Juniors. Four Ilumlred Five Athletics 22315Hiw1l2ml1ldAmam:SSamirflzdfvamfwliiltlliH!-1Wim!34El.aimiliifalqmzrlgiqggmggggqgg,f3,3,gg.mgmmmgmqmfg3g,4.g,4gxQA nf., 5--.. 'WV 1-L '-FTF' 4: si' ..f.s,':"'i' im ' 1 'Nt ,ns 'ur gift SPRING INTERCLASS MEET '1- ' L 3,1 'A 1 .,,' ug 'tf"'i,7-:J du, The spring inter class meet was mainly a struggle between the Sophomore and 'if' Freshmen classes. Both annexed approximately the same number of firsts and seconds. . , ' ,B xi the smaller polnts being the deciding factor in the result. The Sophomores scored 38 : Q 'V points and the Freshmen scored 35. The appearance of several of the, 3 EF' 7 ,... 1' -all ay ff! ' J .-Mb. 25 points and the Seniors last with 19 points. 13, .,., V., f placed, showed the versatility of Zuppke's charges. The junior team placed third with g I :- '-"-glut-if K ' V A .1 mai' 1:39, 1 . w 2 it Lat' H illigfi ' 2 FE: ff H.. R32 1? "' i finished in a dead tie, 45 to 45. The Sophomores came next with 24M points and 'the T gg Q13 Seniors annexed -20V2 points. Allman, the giant freshman, was the individual point 33 SLM ggi? winner of the meet easily capturing the shot put and the discus throw. Ames and Bush, 5' 'Elf' both varsity men, ran a dead heat in the 120 yard high hurdles. vm f ...-. I M.. M .un nv- ' The .Inter-class swimming meet was divided into three divisions this year 3 senior, E M intermediate, and novice. In the senior division the freshmen won after a close race :F- with the sophomores. In the intermediate division the former also copped, scoring 34 33 points to the junior's 19. And again in the novice the freshmen ran away from the ff? other class teams running up a score of 38 to 8, the score of the nearest competitor, the 'TJ sophomores. The whole meet was essentially a freshman party. . ' Q . 1 L" 1 , - in 1. TIIE SENIOR soccxan TEAM c0NsEN'rs 'ro rosa AthZ9t7:CS Four Hundred Sin: ' wr1.I'5f!1!1-1f'.'3i1.:.qfi' fizi1lf'iHii':ifi'?' Q "N f particularly Sternaman, Anderson and Knop, Charpier and Stewart, all of whom -3 ua FALL HANDICAP INTER-CLASS TRACK MEET Z: The annual fall handicap meet was held this year on November 14. The day was 5 cold and the track rather heavy so that there were no spectacular performances. How- 21 ever, the meet was full of close finishes and interesting competition. The Juniors and 3 my the Freshmen, after alternating in the lead during the progress of the various events, -.. uf :SZ INTER-CLAS SWIMMING MEET ff nw: 1: .1 4- we v-r 'mc 2,- .1 we vw 1'-. -QQ-7f f-X Y'-T: as JAY ii 1 Www T 51 A HLETICS Inl- -,mai 'l rl' "'l"'i'i1'-V' 'ISl'llllllllltmillz'mI+Itill-WIVIIIIII11132-jylililiilrl'I-3-iii'iflhlllfll-lllllifl-'lf"f-It I re ,I v DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL TRAINING ffl . Ag -5 ew-N? Y, T V - - -We -I . .N i JY.. . 4 ?. nf.,-,,.q.v.:,,,,,e , ' rv ,..414..."f A fee. 'VII me ' iPlff?'..5'f'3,g "4 lei ' V' ' f-rw..-gg' , 1 .,W.,,3x-A-I lfaapwne-594' i 5 'ti One of the most ,Q attractive campus , ,A scenes at the Uni- , , , 2 Nici All Y, versity of Illinois is V, M,-.2 the activity wit- il ,Q Iwi: nessed on the Wom- Q3 3 iff ,, I. en's Athletic Field ,I during the pleasant weather in the fall. .dl Every girl is given 331 her choice of an out- door sport which she 'Al plays at the regular class period. With a LOUIS FREER playground, baseball Difvvivf diamond, a basket- Instructor ball court, five ten- ' nis courts, a large space for archery, and a hockey field, more than a hundred girls may participate in healthful outdoor exercise during the class hour. . u With the cold weather, indoor work begins. This consists of marching tactics, Swedish folk dancing, light apparatus and games. In addition to the regular courses are classes in beginning and advanced aesthetic dancing. Thirty girls are enrolled in the teachers course. Two large classes of children which meet every week at the Women's Gymnasium afford excellent opportunity for practice teaching. Eight girls are teaching regular classes in Physical Training in six of the grade schools, four have given work in the high schools and three have evening classes at the Social Center. Nearly five hundred girls and eighty children took part in the Shakespearian May fete given last year by the department of physical training. The preparation was a part of the regular class work and meant no extra practice. The Women's resi- dence hall now un- der construction is near the new ath- letic field for girls. When a gymnasium is built adjacent to the field an ideal center will be found for the growth and development of the interests and activi- ties of the women at Illinois. VICIK NA BROOKS ANNA LEE HUGIUTT lNlll.l,lH ICILEFIN HUSSELL Instructor Instructor Four Hundred Scvcn Athletics ,,I,.I,.,I 4,731 yg:I'vI's I 1'i,'1'. li lillfxil l.l,li-l.' 5 fig, 1 uv .ul .H . ,- ifill li :J '1 is rf lx! 1' fl IH v, i, . W ,, .Q .,,, ,. .M-. was ,J ' -, 55'- S' L" "1 , .au ,J -, in xx iffy. 17,1 ' Ei f' lag -' 1 , , I " I "6 A"-u 'w I I w-...,,,,,,rg-iw, I X 'h V J i . : 1 If ,M , ,iq V ..,. . , .1 45' --L' :Vi "'li If -f l - -,Q-Qfjg iw-4...1"""'1vf M 1.i...,...,,,-f.: Lv- N is .Q-Y, X, V-VV. ' - .. 'win . - - H Wfiilfffy.-'w. .' iw P wil in at il. ll rw...i ai,- - E2 H md' 1. 4. 1. 1.4 -.-. ws. 1 . 'ff u ...T 4--I me nw ?lfLl'l'lzkrlrirz rr1f,n:ris-willy? an :'lfE'l1lll.E-lll.l'tiilllHllfl Ill! WE BROOKS FIIIUER IIIIGIIITT RIOINS IIUSSELL GAUT STEIN MARCOTT RANNS IIUNSLICY RUTZICIE Illi IIART RAIIIE XV. SIIATIFFICR LUMLEY S. SIIAEI"I'I:IR NVATTS POLKONVSKI IIALLINGER SPATNY KIIAMETIIAUICR ISASINGER IIARNIGS CIIRISTY RANKIN TALBOT KISSER ANIIREXVS YOCKISII NVIGIIT RUFFNER MC KEIC MONOIION NVARIJ SMITH IIAIJGER NVILES GREEN GIDDINGS ACKERSON KIRK HUDSON BOYD WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Since the establishment of the Women's Athletic Association at this University in 1903, the organization has banded together the representa- tive girls of the school to develop mental and moral efficiency through the help of games and athletics ' The qualifications for membership are one semester's attendance at the University with a satisfactory scholastic record and the winning of twelve and one-half points according to the point system established by the Asso- ciation. Points are given for Hockey, Basketball, and the other sports, for playing on class teams, with additional points for championshipsg for swimming and apparatus after passing certain testsg for perfect attend- ance, a grade of 95, and class leadership in gymnasium workg for walks of tive and ten milesg and for work in advanced physical training classes. The Women's Athletic Association has charge of all interclass tourna- ments and awards letters and emblems. Besides this, it fosters true sports- manship and the democratic spirit which characterizes our University. The Association brings all gymnasium girls together in informal parties such as the annual masquerade and outdoor picnics. It has entered a new field of activity this year in taking charge of several all-University dances. It aims at all times to create an atmosphere of friendliness and good will in the gymnasium and on the athletic field. Here the girl learns to cheerfully bear defeat, to value honesty and fairness, to develop ability for team work and self-control,-in short, to learn the attributes which dis- tinguish the "all aroundi' college Woman. Athletics Fam- Hundred Eight fx.. mf,- r:-1 f-:rp 13m 1 ner. fs-A-K W., Huw fi.- ,-, rm .1 11. fi-:JJ fa ,az . ,..J cu , ct :Wu 1 ik: cn' fri r-L1 1-Q 15", nu.. uv' f::.n cu., run 'ww 1 v-as .mt vp..- fha if-, l vt 4.. sv:-1 -.1 'rv fum, ' 1 .,r4. MN. FRESHMAN HOCKEY TEAM Q' 1 E ffm ' I: , Q... ,Y MC!-ILIIINEY IXOWICIK IlITTl.EI!GE KNAPIIEIIWE Ill-ZA'I"l'Y SLAIIIC IZOELLNICII XVOLGAST LYON I RTSIIAIK ZIIKI MI-IRM A N S I I l'Zl.'l'0X C'ZSSAAl!'l' JONI-IS XYICSS TIJNLI K YLEIR Prcrmnn 4c,xl"mlNl SOPHOMORE HOCKEY TEAM IlAI.I.INGICll CONDON IKRAUNS GOLDEN CIIZISTEII RISSER GOODMAN llENNl'I'l'T MAIiC0'l"l' SCO'1"l' NILLICR llU'l'ZEll l"I.A'l'T XVATTS HAIIE POL KOWSKI UTAPTAINJ LUX! LICY SlIAEI"l"ER JUNIOR HOCKEY TEAM ' r , s 1 MDCK Moxmrox GERLACII SHAPLAND IMDGICR cumswv ANDREXVS STEIN lxAMIcslmnnm: A'l"l'ICllI!Ul!Y '1'RUFlfNEll Four lhmdrrd Nim' Athletics e . X IM? J U1 H z I-I O 1:1 m O O w m Q4 I-3 E1 :P Ei J lL.fuvau. -nv 'WXKIUW THE NVEISGARBER KIRK DALLENBA WILES HUDSON SCIIUMACIIER MIDDLETON KCAPTAINJ ACKERSON BALDNVIN BRIGGS 39 I 8 FRESHMAN BAASKETBALL TEAM TH iilfIliiHll iiiillliliiliikiiili il iiiiiiiiilii 552235 an-. 1 an m M A no nn Nm.- Wm- M.. .. 1 r ...- 4..- . .Q ...Q- 1..- ...M .w my .W-, 1-.Q W . nn , ma. mu .aus .uf -no -an f..-1, An. .un- 1 an ww wa. wwf ,nw me f fn mu 0-. wn , -an mn. .nn A ,af .,,-5, mm ..f -6 um ,pw .,,.,.. ,vm BELL BOWVER CANNON EYRICK MONTGOMERY GUMM CREMEANS USIS MONOHON HARRISON RACHMAN PICKARD CARMAN LACEY SOPHOMORE BASKET.BALL TEAM --fx DANCROFT Sl-IAFFER NVOODS Im'-KOXVSKI SIIAFFER Athletics Lw1wiH1.i f4JMf74E ,H 1 ,. 4,,,A ,Q L-Va jfw-ff1.,,..q.f.,7g2Sww 'z gf-pf, MR "J1'i ' E 22f52J2115ayJE,lHJ443?K3sQq5fQ?3e?,5QaA COLLINS BARRACK MAN IERUNER ANDREWS CONDON CRONIN Y' 'HIE MC CORY Four Hundred Ten ?1H?l?2E??Z4H?3iiIE125?52?33i2i33i5iQHi38SBHQSWQQ3 W I? 'li 5 E 2 S! E S mmumuusmmanumnamnmamllusulnllllltuusfi EES iii? Eiiibiiil EE EBEEEIBIFEEE i l!E?f5iiEE!KEEEEEi332ZLkifiililiii Eiifii 2 55955355 ar-ar E, Q, P55 Eiiiiiiiibfili -Bm' -u us- an no 4-mu ann an-. as was -an fm may un M ., QL ii ff .U -Mu Q u M 1, nv my uv: -0 vm, m mn 1-fn -no .4- U pu- iid1HiHH31i1-INM333Wi'l33Ek3?s1?3M21M411Y31t1333M7i2!AlflFlQH333.134313fiiimlih-liAf03.1,f31.SWE42.1M5i4f1WA1r1.iMWM 4!i3HJfliQ? xt 23351 JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM fi X . W' SM ITII IXUTZEIK FLCCK SAM UELS ' IIANOLEY CONN BADGER SMITH MC KEE RUEFNER TRAXLER SA'l"I'ERFIEl.ll AIJXAUGII ANDREWS TALBOT RUSSELL XVIEl!0l,llT SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM A , A4 A-4 i 1 MIIIDLETON HUDSON KIRK DADANT QCAPTAINJ ACKIQRSON DALLENBA BOYD A 'rim swmmxc Pool, Four Ilundrcd Eleven Athletics PT'?!E?ZV 'i1?2'fAi4l3P" ' W5"?'fjiJ'lV 1 if .Ti ,a - U.- , f, -'ff' fl Us 'gAM:J','r " 1 N I Q' An V - 1 9 YE if Te90'fiE?S9i'Bd,. W 'HHEMESL fi PU Qs ' M if 7 riiwiifl, wif' gglllilliiiiiisillliliitlliiliillliiliifiiitllfiflllliliiillllllllllIIllllfliflllllillIilllllillllilitllllEFEYBEFWFU ii 9 I 4 1 fl "J- : .3 -f'- ...- . ,... .,... gi -fs-" Qi..- THE ISIS an no gn. an an -an um . -Q nn. an -N- nu. -ev- Q.-1 ,W- -vm, uv an was nw .pw aw .. uw- pw ...- A.. .wo as.. 4.--X vo.. -...M mn-- ..- lm. -mv AM -M N... f- L sw. Q- vw 1.--. 0 . .W 1.-4. 144, 1- -f, mu, .vw W . .M wr --.N -.-N.. am. .W .nw 0.- ,.... mm, u.-. ,W sr- -,M-4 nw ' cu- msisssiessse TUE RANGE BASKETBALL Girl's basketball at Illinois creates great enthusiasm and keen competi- tion. The inter-class teams are very closely matched. A team of five is chosen to represent each class in the annual tournament which is held dur- ing the second semester About sev- enty-five girls try out. A faculty team adds much interest in the final series. PLAY 1xAl.i.! :lthletics ARCHERY Archery was added this year to the outdoor sports for girls. The girls have entered into it with much enthu- siasm and are becoming proficient ar- ehcrs. To handle the bow and arrow correctly one must have good posture, bodily poise and control. Archery dc- velops the chest. arm and shoulder muscles and trains the eye in accur- acy. It is an excellent form of exer- cises for the yzirls who do not play the more strenuous frames. .,,ve7fQ V'-1: - I Xi' .xx THE GAME BASEBALL Baseball is a comparatively new sport for xrirls. but interest was im- mediate and has increased steadily. until lust season nearly one hundred girls played the game. Of this num- ber, fifty participated in the inter- class frames last spring. The season closed with a tournament, in which the class of 1918 triumphed. Four Hundred Twelve Q25 393i5333!C!5933iiiQi83!9535331 I35Qi2S5!i33333SQii!Q2Z!85S35 ii ii ,igiliiiiiti 4 .2 Eiiiiitiiiiiiliiiit iiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiigii QQEEQEQSZES A 1 Eiiiiiiiiiiigiiiiiiii? . . . , ,W i i ., .. , .i . ,. .V i . .. ,..- i A M .. f i 1- 5tbiiiiikitiiiLi?t2fiiSti5iliiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiitiiiiiiiliiitiiiliitttiVfiililiiiifliiiitliiiitliixb ,M-E!?1E'."." '4 fl IMI ,wg4:1-fq,'ag'.'.v,., W ,-l.. ,.l1 V1 w VOLLEY llAl.l. KEITIPS THEM MOVING HOCKEY Hockey is one of the best developed sports for girls at the University. This year two hundred girls nlnyed in class sec- tions :md eighty played on class tenms. Fourteen seniors entered the tryouts for their team. At the end of the tournament. which is held in the fall, a silver cup is awarded the winning team. l 1 , SOME MIGHTY FINE IXOXVLING ALLEYS ARE PROVIDED CLASS IX m'MNAsTlc DANUINQ: Four Ilimdrvd Thirteen At1Ll8i'f6S 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 4 1 1 lMH'nnnl..l.IiffHlllilllflillllllllliilllllilllllInunnnnlnnnnnnnnnsn 1 1 1 4 :Q as 1 as an 1 1 cu up no 1 1 1 as 1 1 an 1 an as up 1 1 an -1. un an :nn an 1 :lv in tl -nn- THE TENNIS COURTS AND ATHLETIC FIELD TI-IE WOMEN'S RESIDENCE HALL The Women's Residence Hall is a three story, fire-proof building of colonial de- sign. It accommodates one hundred and two girls. There are both double and single rooms fhaving a lavatory and built-in wardrobe for each girlj, suites for the two matrons, an emergency hospital, kitchenettes for fudge parties, and rooms for the ser- vants. The basement contains the kitchen and two large dining rooms, which are partly above grade. There is also locker and shower accommodation in the basement for non- resident girls .who will use the athletic field which is located just south of the Hall, and a portion of which is seen in the picture above. The Hall lies to the extreme left of the picture. l On the first Hoor in the center is located the large living room with adjacent par- lors. The wings on either side of the first floor are at a higher line and are given over to dormitory use. . ?leeping porches at the south end of each wing on each floor ir s. are for the use of the g The plan is a "U" shape with the court facing south. This feature is made very attractive by making the enclosure a sunken garden which allows large windows in the dining room to be entirely above grade. The terrace in the court which opens off the living room is brick paved. The view below is of the north and front view side of the new Residence Hall. AS THE ARCHITECT SAYS IT 'XVILL LOOK A-thletw-9 Four Hundred Fourteen QilllllllllllllllllllllllllllHlilllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllIllUIllllllllllllllllllllllllll' Ri gg?IllFlIlllFPWiMHFHEEghfiihgikfhbhfkiRhN9FF95FHiZFBEBWfQQEFVEHKEFKIkFkLFP6lZFPLPkLi?i?YLEiZiEiEiZFhhhBRBNR8kJ2fSfi?QE xr, an am. ,.- R5 iUESi53!1i3lUlliDIH!lil R513 fn: HHIESQHBBRRBHIHKEBQH!EEUU!! HUM -mn' an 11: -1:1 5335352 EWS RHSYSHF3 .v rn: W f M ii me ii!! ii I-2 ..f,c nn n .::: in an me -fr .au- an gr '3 ,f 331315 Q! 7? ' :ff , N B A R B E C U E B O O S T E R S 533,312 'V 'QZ:,1."?4f 'ff I B , K Elillwf 1 Www L. 'J ' 19 i B B '-A,' B '11:,n"' 1:,x1'rm-zz, 4 mmm' lculrr Gmnws NADIEN il I 3 ...-. . .... B 2 4 L' 'i Nil .- il' Url 6. II - 2. ' uv- Z. .TI- i 'il 1 "SAL" AINSNVOIITII IIELEN KIRIiI'ATRlCli RUTII KINCAIIY :Z 'TT l-'AITII SXVIGART AUTIIA FLUKE JEAN MASON .JF The Barbecue Committee extends a 'vote of thanks . '-IVF. ,.., row- Hundred Fifteen Activities .fi .,mQ, ,, n 1 f. ,.,,. ',..,,.f1,,.,,1wf .- -Mau R 2-J 5 H I H I.H-6LHf2ieWJ!'?2fKI5!Ci!4!it--.I 93 NLT :G E i W 5 KSHE H M2E.?q?':N,'Ex: 3? P LE 1 I U H f Li 1 YH Lie aww:LM-mmswwP1112.m.r4er1c15w'B-ef QgijiiiiiirliiililirirliMHiiii121111iiiiiiiiSimiMHHtmliliiiiiitiiiiiiiiilliiiiii5134541iliiilliitiiliiililliiillliiidilJ .., ..... ... --1-:rs "'.:-.11- -J Q.. ,Q f... f "FOR ALL SORTS OF THINGS AND WEATHER MUST BE i: -.lim TAKEN IN TOGETHER, TO MAKE UP A YEAR " 5 is wf"" 4' . " -...Q A u- f -.... ,, -Q , ' ..-...f,4 4. ' . , .- . , E Ja :zdiliisx gi 'ran va 1 14.41. tr-f .3115 t,,,Y,,,.i .A . -1, , fr. o v. nf .mv rm in-. iv-vu. as-s iiiiiii 1... sefismillitiiIHHinimimxmiffmss we M. U.. . .., ..-.4 r Activities s February 8.-Registration day: things start with a rush: lllmi criticizes registration system as usual. Fatalities in the Uni Chapel reported hourly to be increasing. February 9.-Cosmopolitans. thanks to Brother Raphaelson. win the Post-Exam Jubilee with "The Evolution of a Rag". fLater: Friend Sampson alters attitude toward said Jubilce.J February 11.--"Rost" contest of the 1917 ILLIO closes and the Pi Phis breathe easier. February 12.-Zeta Psis. lZates. if you pleasej hold their annual Lincoln day celebration with an Orpheum party. February 15.-John Masefield speaks at the University. The only lecturer who really interested the Arcade bums- and that was because John was once a bartender. February 26.-Military Ball is a grand success-but that was before Jack Powers and Bill Nelson and John Ott got hold ol' things. February 29.-A day of days. Graphomen. by its own sweet self. wrote B. L. T.'s "koi" in the W. G. N.. and Tommy Arkle Clark's "Fraternity and the College" was put on sale. March 2.-This is the forty-eighth birthday of the Univer- sity of Illinois. March 8.----Phi Beta Kappa elections are announced. So far as it is known, both Pick Dodds and Joe Percival were missed. March 7.-Beta Lambda of Kappa Kappa Gamma experi- ences the joys of quarantine for twenty-four. hours, due to a scarlet fever scare. and the First Battalion parades for them-Major Troster evidently forgetting that Kappa formals come in mid-winter. March 8.-Beta Kappa elections are announced So far as it is known. both Pick Dodds and Joe Percival were missed. March 10.MFrate1-nity grades were announced. lNo. friend, it was not Kappa Sigma that led this time.J Marian Manley manages to slide home a winner in the race for the presidency of the Women's League. March 14.-The air is full of war talk. "Battery F is ready to go to Mexico." says Captain Benedict. B-r-r-r-r boom! Basketball season ends with Illinois tied for sec- ond place with Northwestern. March 18.--Gill's speedsters win the Indoor Conference when Mike Mason breaks two records and Waldo Ames ties another. March 25.-Somebody decides that "there ain't-a-going-to-be no Dope Sheet", and the Pi Phis and Delta Gammas breathe easier again. March 26.-Track men compete at St. Louis. Mike Mas-on sets the pace for Joie Ray and Potter. of Cornel, wm- ning the mile in 4:21. March 29.-'Tis announced that on J. H. Euston. with the modest grade of 96.29, led the University in scholarship for the Hrst semester. April 1.--Heine Sellards stars when Mask and Bauble Dre- sents "The Mob". April 4.--Citizens of Champaign go thru the formality of voting our I'air and glorious city dry. Indignation meeting held at Phi Delt house. April G.-Ward Nelson elected president of the Y. M. C. A. April 9.-Phi Beta Kappa initiates-it is said Ken Barber was absent from initiation. At the close of the spring training, the footballers stage a regular game-Blue vs. Gray, with the former victorious. April 13.-Illinois Eta of Phi Delta Theta comes to thelfore when Brother Darby is elected president of the Illinois Union. He ran unopposed. "I'm Neutral" is staged and gets away well. April 14.-The University loses a great scholar and a fine man. Dr. Thomas Johonthan Burrill. CX'Dl'CSlKlCI'lt. dies at his home in Urbana. April 19.-Now it's the D. U.'s turn to rejoice when Brother Alwood is elected basketball captain. The new Chemistry addition is being dedicated -Aand aired. It needed the lat- ter. Spring vacation came right about in here. Four Hundred Sixteen ' A-'-':'i"'i"iff1flffii.:'J'f7'.'f!?41ii'SiJi331,I?iriqIii7iil,.i!4li tie fiiiiliiiittiifiiii 35358535255iiiiiiiiitiiiii iiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiifi3232235555 .. f .,,. .., an-1 :- fy .nf-. .s .. as. .5 . .sa ,N ao... we 1-1 -FHL. ti, LE June 5.-Exams: senior functions: exodu ii EiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSi!itiiiiiiililillllliiiliiiiiiliiillili vw. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil . on ma . em-. 732 its -ff nfs' skis - shessf. rr evn . X-.A - .sms we - .un- .wt-1. tw.. .,-.M . -1, M 1 -4.- ,.v .ms 1 -.fs .mm su su- not un . .vo ua. ws' mn mm .su .an iso... 1 .J- .4 s v V4 April 26.-Wisconsin is talking about fighting a sham battle with the Iliinois cadets. . April 27.-ILLIO and Illini editors and managers get their jobs, Drink. cilrars. 'n everything. April 26.-Another big election day. Omieron of Psi Upsilon welcomes Brother Hopkins as president of the Student Council and Phi Delta Psi, the ladies' Ma-wan-da chooses its members. April 29.-HBaseball team stages its first home game and Ohio is handed a 4 to 0 defeat with Red Gunkel in the box. May 1.-The 1917 11.1.10 is placed on sale big. May 2.-The total supply of the 1917 year according to the press agent's report. May 4.-Profs and others are exposed at banquet. Enough scandal released to sections. May 8.-Howard Ritchie Ferguson, editor DKISSCS Elway. May 11.-Intel-scholastic with usual stuff. head is the center of interest. Ter schoolers. Rains like the old scratch the party. and she sure goes book is exhausted. the first Gridiron fill a dozen roast. of the 1917 It1,1o, Ma-wan-da arrow rible mob of high and almost spoils May 17.-Army holds competitive drill--but who cares. Ex- gym rats become varsity managers. May 19.-Raphaelson announces that nes be "impudent". He must be kiddinlr t year's Siren will us. May 21.-Big day in athletics. Illinois defeats Wisconsin in both baseball and track. the baseball dual track championship thus being championship and cinched. May 25.-Seniors start trying to get out oi' final examina- ' s but it isn't foin to do an good. The frosh have tion.. ' L xr D Y ' a big party and burn thell' headgear urn. in the celebration May 26.--Champaign holds its preparedness parade. May 27.-Champaign's parade was such cadets decide they'll go to Chicago for The military bug is in the air. June 1.-Exams start and. just as we ex are among those present. June 3.-The brigade goes to Chi and "d a success that the similar CClGbl'8tl0l'l. pected. the seniors oes its bit" in the preparedness demonstration. while the track team bucks some stiff competition at Evanston place only second in the Conference. and manages to June 4.-Last Sunday of the dear old year. S. September 18.-Well, we're back again. The University opens with the usual calamities in registration. Dean Gates replaces Acting-Dean Kyle and Ballantine will try to keep the lawyers straight. Battery F boys fresh from the border, come over from Springfield to register in their over-worked O. D.'s. September 20.-Now we're all registered up and ready to start. Prexy lectures to the freshmen at convocation and Zup begins official practice on the gridiron. September 21.-Just to show how wide awake they are. Stu- dent Council and Daily Illini start the anti-shack agita- tion. September 24.-Phi Psis. Brother Brinkcrhofl' and all. turn over their lawn to the anti-shackers. Ward Flock makes his first political speech. September 25.-The Union is now campaigning for members in great shape. Brother Darby takes the two-bit pieces with little or no eompunction. Zup begins secret prac- tice. Jim Gossip starts his line in the greatest college newspaper. September 27.-Fraternity pledges are announced. First Siren appears on the campus and is sold by pretty co-eds. Great press agent stuff, Sam. September 30.-One hundred more or less good looking maid- ens receive sorority bids and kisses galore. On-lookers from the Delt house say that stock is "fair". Varsity and freshmen hold first practice game and regulars wade thru the youngsters for a 41 to 0 triumph. Four Ilundrcd Seventeen Activities r 1 4 1. A -:milletMHiiiliiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMill!1i1i4i1iiii'io2'wi!i'iiiQ1iGiiiiiii?iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'ii1iiii'i13iHiiitiiWiti1fi:'Ziii?i?iff54iitiiails LB - 1 5- 1 i .. 1 .t if I .. usb .. 1 .. 1 .. 1 I 1 i 1 11 1 1 i Z ll It i 1 I 1 1 1 if 1 if 1 ui- ii X- 1 'X E WK Y 1 E il 1 1 i 1 I i .. 1 E 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i 1 i -X it 2 - .. 1. 1 1 in 1 vlb QQ 1 fl dl 1 1 .ir i hh 1 .. j 1 2 1 .. .. 1 .. 3 H. .. - liira 1111 ...a '- K hm Q, NWI!!! TI-IE E cn iliiiii I ... .h r .xxu iiiiii!ii!iiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiililiiii Si ziaiasa ,,.. . nu- ms vu- an ta... an on wa .W- ae... .sn .sn an tw- .-. .- -1.-. W-4 M.. an-as ,aww .mn fu we N.. r as --.s 1.-. - -sa ,Jw- .L .... mt... an mu vw my -.M fm .- vw -vs 4...- vs. .vu sw. uf.. -vm v-.Q mu. ....,, . pw N... -ww . an filllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllNl!llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllilillmliliiF 'Q -J -J up fllhss 15, ' XXVI? az... 'lfllilili 119 m X s lllllllllllllll!lillllllllllllllllllllllilillll li lllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllll iiiililiililllillllllilll I October 2.-wC'1'0 getting Dretty well settled now. Politics Lrxrntlhe air. Republicans hold big mass meeting in Ur. October 6.-First mass meeting held prior to Kansas game. Hal 'Boeschenstein mixes with a flivver and goes to the hospital for repairs. October 8.-"Double B" yell th l' ht f d 1' ' triumphs over Potsy's Iizsriszds bgysfE30 to Oily as I 'mms October 9.-Ralph Jones comes home from the Maine-Colgate gamemnd there are whisperings that Colgate is "some cam . October 10.7-First sophomore dismissed from the University for hazing. October 11.-Now the Democrats are holding a mass meet- Press agent Raphaelson starts the wrist watch agi- ion. October IS.-.Terry Beck and Ren Kraft have big day: class elections, y' know. Red Sox win world's championship. October.14.-Colgate 15, Illinois 3. tells the story of the inter- sectional contest. But it was a corking game. Charges of irregularity ln class elections are made. October 20.-Battery F gives exhibition drill-only the weather spoils the party. October 21.-Corner stone laid for Women's Residence Hall. Chick Harley changes his shoe and kick's goal. Ohio has beaten Illinois 7 to 6. October 24.-Ground is broken for the Smith Memorial Hall. Class committees are announced-"To the victor belongs the spoils". Two interesting scraps are on: Siren vs. Law Club and Jim Gossip vs. the Man from Yale. October 26.-Shorty White defeats Johnny Simpson for the golf championship of the University by a stymie on the 36th hole. McKay wins the tennis tournament and the Beta Hotel is robbed of S200-according to Tom Brown. October 27.-Freshman win the inter-class track meet and the high school teachers flock to town for their conven- tion. Dunne and Bryan speak in the Twin Cities. Hal- lowe'en party is held at the Women's Building. But dur- ing all this excitement everybody is over at LaFayette Iviatzchizng the Boilermakers fall before the Illini huskies, o . November 2.--Varsity leaves for Minnesota. Something's in the air: guess its going to be quite some trip. Hank Cooper saves the Deke boys from robbery-Gyp's jewels are saved. Discipline committee is reported to be doing something rash about that Purdue trip on the assumption that some of the pilgrims did not behave well. November 3.-Senior class team starts its march toward Championship with a 31-6 victory over the lowly frosh. November 4.--The days of days in Illinois athletic history. The Varsity is greeted in Minneapolis with headlines "40 to 0 victory is hope of Gophers" and "Minnesota can break up any kind of play" Then the "greatest team the west ever saw" is defeated by Illinois' fighting eleven, while the Minnesota fans look on dazed. Swigart turns the town over to the studes-which was a mere formal- ity. as they already had it. The fall handicap meet is Aheld. November 5.-Team is welcomed home. And it was some welcome. November 6.-It is estimated that up until noon today 96.5296 of all the students in the University of Illinois have written friend Ring Lardner ragging him about his Illini-Gopher predictions. November 7.--Election day. Woodrow Wilson wins. but we aren't going to know it for three or four day? yet. Ground is broken for the Education building-getting to be quite a habit, this ground breaking. "Lines and backs make Illini win" says the college daily. Wonder they wouldn't give the rest of the team some credit! Activities Four Hundred Eighteen as 1 wmawasinaa mmmm umm in is u ll sirrszsmzswmfsszzisxszrsxssgszzmsaefr , s H .W wi in ml in in magnum QE 995 Illllililliiiii Illlllllllliii!!lllillilllillllliltiillil I msmnumiinummmmummlmmsniaislllmum llliililliilliiliilllllllll llllli if 333633213lllllllllllllll1358253339353illllllllllllilillillllilClllllllillllllilllllillllllillliiitil!!IEElllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllfi it November 8.-People are still guessing who won the election yesterday. November 10.-Woody has won. The Aprs frolic thru their annual party in the Gym Annex. November 11.-Open date in football but the Varsity Cross- Country team is handed a good licking' by Purdue. On a pzeolofry field trip. one A. A. Dailey. commonly known as "Mike", makes the remarkable discovery of a shark's tooth. estimated Qcstimated, noticel to be five million years old. November 12.-Chrysanthemum show. November 14.-Junior Prom tickets go on sale. Sachem votes that cribbinx: must bc no more. The first' of. the Federated Women's Clubs' convention in the Auditorium. November 15.-Prom tickets all sold. and hardly anybody that wanted them got them. November 16.-Monk Stoddard almost gets married. but it didn't take. Everybody is getting ready for Home- coming. November 17.-Homecoming. Seniors win inter-class foot- ball championship: Hobo Band is worse than ever. "Pair of Sixes" by Mask and Bauble draws full houses when Sally and Scott put on their li'l old dark corner skit. E. C. Patterson says that Macomber is "the greatest football player the west has ever seen"-and he is supposed to know. November 18.-What happened today is better left unsaid: Chicago 20, Illinois 7. November 20.-We get back to work after the orgies of the week-end. November 23.-The football team is off for Madison. The high school conference gets under way. November 24.-Thanksgiving: Barbecue is now in the air. "The ten best sellers" distribute the tags with becoming coyness and businesslikc alacrity. The German Club gives "Der Dummkopf". with that "cute little Chi Omega girl" starring. fWonder who she can be?J November 25.--Football season ends with a scoreless tie in the mud at Madison. Dutch Sternaman goes out for the count with a kick in the head and spends the week-end in the Madison hospital. November 29.-Everyone quits work to get ready for first "all-present" Thanksfrivimr in the Twin Cities. November 30.-Barbecue. church, and a charity dance kept things humming today. Harry Darby. Jr. breaks into the limelight when he and Polly Adams make a wild dash for freedom-from the press stand. December 4.-St. Louis Symphony Orchestra entertains. December 6.-Another building being dedicated. This time it's totally a new one-the Ceramics Buildimr. Tom Browning is in his glory as he shows visitors thru the grounds and buildings. He's a ceramic. you know. December 7.-Ren Kraft is made captain of the 1917 Varsity football team. The 1916 team is feasted at the annual Kaufman-Hatch affair. December 8.-The Illini debaters win a double victory. De- bate secms to be "looking up" of late. The 1918 Junior Prom is danced and pronounced n success by 99.34'Z, of all those present. A new stunt for servinp: refresh- ments is especially pleasimz. As usual. cabs are at a premium-and then don't arrive. But what makes a Prom. anyway? December 9.-The basketballers are working hard these days. Today they took Millikin into camp twice-first and sec- ond teams. Class swimming meet is held. December 11.--Chi Psis stage their annual rbbbery. This time the thieves must have brought a dray, for 'tis re- ported that the lodge boys lost seven badges. What's the matter with the A. T. O.s? They haven't had a robbery for six months? Four H umircd Nineteen Activities .. .. 1 I 1 1 1 1 '1 1 1 1 -1 .. 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 11 1 1 l 1 1 1 i l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 'l 1 1 '1 1 '1 1 1 Z 1 I 1 i 1 1 I 1 B 1 Z- 1 2 'ID 1 Z 1 1 .. 1 1 1 .. S1 3 .. i l 'l 1 1 .. 01 .. 1 1 1 1 1 Z 1 1 .. :z 1 1 .. l fl 1 .. .. - lirs .fill .pu -I- -n ll1.lNS Q w 'Nxxufll A VTTHET gi? Lili lilll .. N E f 3lilillllliliilllzlllillixl!1all!!!153llllllltliitil!!lli!S!!lllllllli!!lliltllililllilillllllllilllllll 254 Q s-af i 315 rf: :J 3 xi: as as E :sz as lil' E in l T15 3 7 as ,sa Q E sz nn 1m un an 16 -3 in is ms :az an s Q is gs 3 3 :sn Q. 5 -me an 1 1 me an 1 X 1 um Q in me nn un It l me if an ur 'l i 1 Q 8? we -as 'Z an 1-Q Y- its vs TS' WP 1, -.1 in 7? 'W' -F. wt- 1'9" -sv ,sf rw 'lk -Q- 'ss rf rs 'QF yr Y,- es, 1.1, ' 1 -v 1 , v. Q S i 'N 3 tml! 1 .- L. faraiseqa -suyneaf ' ' m S9 - -1 lllllllllllll iliiiiiiiiiliililliiiiiliiiillllliilllllllliiillilll illiillli lillllilii ll lliillll lllllliiill December 12.--Somebody says Michigan is going to come back into the Conference. fNote: Decision on her en- trance in the Illinois Relay Carnival doesn't seem to show much antagonismi. December 13.--Research agitation is started bv the Daily Illini. It started something: can it finish it? December 14.--Helmet Club. acting thru Brothers Morrissey. McGrew, Devlin and Crabtree, announces that it is op- posed to cribbing. December 15.-Something slips and Wabash secures the long end of a basketball score. December 16.-First annual "I" night is tried out under Ma- wan-da's watchful eye and pronounced a success. The Senior Smoker in the Gym Annex. Nuf sed. December 17.--The research agitation goes merrily onward. The Illini had a good hunch on how to fill space. any- way. CEd.'s note: Did you notice how many of those communications in the "Others' Opinions" column were anonymous'?l December 18.-Millikin takes another pair of beatings on the basketball floor. G. Hull' has his baseballers working over in the Armory now. December 19.--Student Council falls in with the Daily Illini and announces that stickers are small-town stuff. December 21.-We depart for home and mother. Evidently the boys havcn't been reading the college daily, for stick- ers are as numerous as ever. . January 3.-We return to work-real work now. because ex- ams are on the horizon-and right off the bat. Jones' boys defeat Northwestern College. January 5.-The Sophomore Cotillion is the big party today. The committee got some good bunches from the Prom and then improved on them a bit. Nice dance. January 5.-J. J. Lacey, editor of the Illinois Agriculturist, announces his withdrawal from the race for the senior presidency: now it's up to Red and Ward. Chem Club open house is held. January 6.-Illinois 28. Purdue 24. January 8.--Illinois 38. Ohio 14. Another rung up the cham- pionship ladder. January 9.--Jack Powers, Bill Nelson and John Ott offer to the clamoring public tickets for their S5 cadet hop. January 12.--Illinois takes another scalp: this time North- western, last year's runner up in the Conference, is the victim by a 45 to 17 count. Things are looking-up. January 13.-The Sophs hand out the corn cobs at their annual smoker. January 14.--Max Eastman and Professor Hayes stage a little get-together and the overflow crowd hears Lorado Taft tell the Ag short coursers about "Greek Tradi- tions in Sculpture". January 16.-Illinois 20, Chicago 10. Shades of football, hushl It was a goodly battle, tho. January 18.--Band gives it's annual Prom concert. Class politicians are working like fury now. January 20.--Judges decide that Chief Healy and Theta Delta Chis know most roasts and the ILLIO cups are awarded. Theta Delta extend vote of thanks to Brother Thompson and T. A. Clark. master' detective, starts in- vestigation of E. Normus letters. January 21.-We lose our first basketball contest-to Wis- eonsin. Waldo Ames goes wild on the track and smashes another record. January 22.-While thc Minneapolis Symphony entertains here, the Illini are taken into camp by the Gophers at a 20-11 clip. January 23.-The Seniors start the mustache contest with a loving cup as a prize. January 24.-Gene Hopkins withdraws from mustache con- test. January thaw makes .it look as tho it won't be long before the baseballers will be cavortmg on Illinois Field itself. January 25.-Exams again! Another year's slipped by. ACii'Uil-ies Four Hundred Twenty ii 2.2 Y gui me as al: ua. an-1 as sm. Ax AQ .na ae... -ue 4-4- sen .nw an as. Q-az aw .ae gms. ae-- -hi' af... -an 1513? hi? isa ,me -. .Q an ax -E342 52 ae.. was -sg. sm.. .-as fin, S?-1: in .. .rei- Jimi' as has 4-as up 1 1.-ms. 2 an 1 use i sus 28 i ' Z i- 2 ik SAYI- ma: il .nn .zu ki .. .5 S ua LR: .xg bei EQ El E i ,mm X is ,lp an .dh in 2' 2- -ex. 1 an if -Q ,tie .1-2, .tau if Sui fu. hm H1 na il, E 2 lllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllii illllllllliilillllllfillllll!lllllllllllllllllllllllllllhlilllllllll Ill!! ri wg is 2 iiillllllllllliiii iii ii lam 4 X L, 5' nib Qyve I fill HM ,ll e 3q'fyff1:,ngfwasriWalla,lwfiflmilw?lim 1 PT l 5 'mllallkflriHSV.. QUEEN ELIZAIKETII AND Illill COUNT INTERSCI-IOLASTIC Thursday afternoon, May 11, between four and five thousand people assembled on Illinois Field to see the May Festival. It was called, "May- Day in Stratford" and the spectators apparently enjoyed it from the arrival of the fairies with their queen, through the various dances, to the exit of Queen Elizabeth and William Shakespeare, followed by the dance of Puck and the Will-0-the-Wisps in the dusk. There were villagers, strolling musi- cians, and court ladies, so that it seemed as if Stratford must have been re- created in the present for our benefit. In the evening the Auditorium was filled while the women's organiza- tions had their annual Stunt Show. The "stunts" were all so good that it was rather hard to award the prize, but it was finally given to Alpha Xi Delta on the strength of their clever and well staged ridiculing of the senior memorials. Alpha Omicron Pi put on the best looking stunt, "The Little Tin Soldier," and were awarded the cup for that class. The scene was a toy shop in which there were many dolls of various sizes and kinds includ- Tlllf Flhlllllfsl ' Four I1lL7ldl'l'fi 'I'u'm1t71-0 Activities r w fy, ,, w fy nm HMV l 4, THERE XVERE SOME CLOSE FINISIIES ON THE TRACK I gl F E lg W ' , E , T A E STARTING 'rxlml ox-'F IN 'run MILE cnmn Activities Four Ilundrczi Twenty-two dllilWill!31335110iivlllllillllillllllliillllllmllllilillllMMIBlllimlllililiiBllmlllllfllllllllfllflllllllllllllllllllg ing the little fairy dancer and the little tin soldier himself. The decisions 3 A it A' of the judges seemed to be the popular decisions, too courts. It was not too wet for the high school track men, tho, and they waded around for the preliminary heats of their track meet. In the after p T -4 "H we jx i n J . , 3 , Friday morning it rained and kept the prep tennis players from the l ' -4 noon Gill's men proved they were better in the heavy going than were the men from Chicago for Illinois came out ahead in the track meet. G. HuE's baseballers tried to play, but the weather man was against them, so they had to give it up and Chicago had the good fortune to suffer only one de- feat that afternoon instead of two. After dinner some went down to meet arriving high schoolers, while others attended either the Oratorical contest or the Glee Club Concert. Still others stayed home to pick out favorite radiators, mantels, or shelves on which to sleep that night, for they knew there would be little chance of a bed. . l Saturday morning the rain had stopped, but the ground was still wet and the track slow. The Interscholastic meet started as scheduled, how- ever, and the 600 athletes went through the regular events with little de- lay. The high schools entering were divided into three classes: Class A, all Illinois high schools having over 400 enrollment, Class B, Illinois high schools under 400 enrollment, and Class C, high schools outside the state and all acadamies. The arrangement worked well and gave the entrants more opportunity to earn honors. Joliet High School won Class A5 Har- risburg Class B, and Evanston Academy took first in Class C. Because of the slowness of the track there were no remarkable records made, but there were some very good performances, chief among them being that of Lan- ders of Oregon High School, who won the pole vault and the high hurdles without much trouble. He was awarded the Ma-wan-da shield which is presented to the athlete who does the best work of the day. 'rim FLIHR XVAS A mc nrmwmc CARD Four Hundred Twenty-three Activities J... ,, .- 1, ,,,. ,5 W V' -'ag' 7 .,s 'llivlfi2-!.1.l1.'v4,l3lrMUJ -"NJ lgi3.13llllilifl?14l..H"ExiM5Zllillliil-illiil-M21 9 H slfwwf'-' KWH f ' un- in-s an -um .nu- an au, ,fo in-ns iw-nl tum my Hmm, nu. mm - uni -an-go new .nan ws, +n ,va .WM win -my .U .u fu- 1. A . 2 ..: new .mw- -we :wa mu.: .uw -tziiiihi 'lip ' " 'm ."' F , Le 3 fr 1 4, H M rw-n, ,xMMR,Iyj.!HIliHHtf:f1 ' NAIS ARI-I 'l'lIl'I Ullllllll Nl' 'I'llI11 IN'l'I1'llbiCll0I.AS'l'lC CIRCUS Qi' Q4 -u A ctifvitias 'l'IIi-I UGAl.I.I-IRY GODS" Nl' 'l'IlI'I MAY l"l'1S'l'lVAL t gi Four llunrlrrrl Tmroz ty-four An. illllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllfllllllllllllllllllllHllllillllllltllllllllllllilllilllillllllliblllllfllflilllillii-2 Saturday afternoon the baseball team showed what they would have done to Chicago had they played the day before by defeating Indiana 8 to 0. It was not a fast game because of the wet field, but the Illini had their mud boots on, or something, so that they came out on the long end of the score. But the big show of all came Saturday night. Before it was dark the multitudes began to assemble on Illinois Field to witness the "greatest show on earth" and they weren't disappointed, for, from the "big parade" with the "three big, brass bands" to the end. when the "hundred world famous clowns" had the "three big rings and two enormous stages" to themselves, there were always several things to see at the same time. There were new and unheard-of animals and ingenious machines which did and made al- most every conceivable thing. There were fancy divers, bare-back riders, gymnasts, and other things too numerous to mention. The manager had promised a calliope and an aeroplane. The calliope was marooned in the mud on the way from Chicago, but the aeroplane didn't mind the mud and got there in good shape, so that there were several flights on Friday and Saturday. The night of the circus, however, there was so much wind that the aviator didn't dare go up and so we missed an artificial Halley's comet. It was a great show-the best ever--and everybody had a good time. Sunday night the last of the visitors had left and, as the sleepy "reg- ulars" fell into real beds for a change, they all agreed that one more suc- cessful Interscholastic had shown the prospective frosh what a great school Illinois is. I0 ,A- 559 SOMEBODY woN A our ON 'nm STRENGTH or 'rms ' Four Hundred Twenty-five Activities Zi- l9l8 pf - . 1-f up up can -Q so no mn -1- an up an no on on an 1 an gal up an an an qv an np un on no ui -on -nn un an -an can 1 unl- an no nn- so was an an vp. an an on ns- un.- -.- an an an an uu- up -an su. un ann -M snip 1... -W. vu -1.- nn .Q -an np.. nw. Q- un- an fn. uu- uu- -un- up -vn- 1- uw- -.... .-. up pn- au- .vn- Lu- .4-Q sqm. Q- Q-. -..- .-.- -ann u-4 ' an as as 11, A ww nu wa-Q .FliGiltGiEiiftiflifi'tfllillilllliitililililliilliiliiiiliiiiliilliliitililllliiillilllilllilkiiill4ll'liZi5lil!lE1!lE ,ff , sa Q p' ,ff ,st 1 M' T ,.,.f-W1 . ,, , .,x,f'.,, ..,4,,',.,' ,, . . ,5 . , 1 41,-.ww ., ,, I N V, ,N .54 N 1:'.ml1'E, THERE NYERB IIOARDS OF CLOXVNS 1 '- .4 via 9 7' 'in 4!1,lL ' ""' i THE CHINESE STUDENTS' CLUB PUT ON A FEROCIOUS LOOKING CRENV Activities Four Hundred Twenty-sin: '.Z.'I'w!.i1:v "f'1U.?,5'!1!,'j'1' ww' - Awffwfw w2' 111' ' f ' '41w'mf wm: .'aAfarvszzrwwwwf .1ml2s1Ja::s'rWf14azn1'waa:1gm1.wwfl I-lo MING ---1 fl, llfflli yltzllglilltil SOME HOMECOMERS "clams" scllollllvc rl: "Milne" nmsnrr "NlcK" CARTER ".lnulx"' STIRTON I-IOMECOMING 1916 Homecoming has "came and went" and now it is time for post-mor- tems. If only the referee had-but let's begin at the beginning. Festivities started Friday afternoon with the Hobo Band and it cer- tainly Was "quite some band." There were beautiful girls on horseback and on foot, Gold Dust Twins, President Wilson on a donkey, Diogenes with his tub and his lantern, a scare crow, tramps and just plain clowns. There was the ever present red paint and the daubing committee wasn't SOME MORE HOMECOMERS H . I 1 1 1 - 1 N . 4,4 ,.f i 4 i "HAL" POGUE llxos llowll KR'lIl II XI L VAN lloolc Four llunrlrcd Tzvcnty-seven A6t'l:72'lft'i6S 4 . X' Q IIE TIAS THE HIIIGIIICST STANDING" A RFIALISTIC SCARECROXV ONE OF CIIARLIE'S IMITATORS. XVOODY XVILSON RIDES ROD THE DONKEY THEY NVERE NUMEROUS. -ONLY IT NVAS A HORSE ACti1lif'iG-9 Four Hundred Twenty-eight Q1llllllllllilllill-lllllllilillillllllllllilllllltlllilillilllllllillHHHllHillllllllllllllillllltlilllllll LIKEWISE HOMECOMERS i V t I . , ' l FRED 1.1cn1'En E. c. 1'A'r'rIms0N "JACK" 1mAnl.mY "non" 1moNsoN very particular where they put it. This bunch of variegated bums marched through town and ended up at the north end of Illinois Field where E. C. Patterson, Zom, Bert, Del, and Fred decided who should get the brown derby, the salmon-colored socks, the epileptic muffin, etc. They say that Applegran, who walked on crutches because of a broken ankle, was given a prize because Patterson thought he imitated a cripple so well. And yet this same Patterosn is supposed to recognize a football player when he sees one. After the first excitement had subsided a little everybody adjourned o " ' , . M ""' i-', . if 1-'- I A i i fy , ff' 2 -, L-nz., '- , ALPIIA TAU OMEGA w0N 'rim l'RATlil!NI'l'Y mimi' Four Ilumircd Twcniy 'mnc A0t'i'v'ii7:eS ' 1 9 Sf'u?wfNii'f,'7j'-li 1 Fill -- :- Q- uv ..- Q- -r Q '- M.. an .1-. -- -vu- .- .-0. w. ... ..-.. ...,. mn- vw- an -an am ol an Au: w 4, -.v ,lu- -N.. Q . fi.. -4, -.M CHICAGO GETS NVITIIIN STRIKING DISTANCE Q V I. , , wu,.H,T. .. , ,-.-...-..,,,.......... f M - ' ' - r 'rim xmnooxs Tnusn Nuxmnovs Inxsslcs ACti'U1fii6S Four Hundred Thirty A FEW MORE HOMECOMERS "sANm"' mc noxixnn 'tl-Erie" KNrsIsl.m' "cumuzY" xcnmxs "nucIi" Anrsuclimc to the practice gridiron and watched the Seniors beat the Sophs 9 to 0 for the interclass championship. Both of these teams showed some real foot- ball, but the Seniors came out on top principally because of Rube Mark- wardt's ability to haul the ball out of the air and Ambruster's knack of dis- guising himself or making himself invisible or something like that when- ever he had the ball. The Seniors were all there to yell and the Sophs turned out in force, so that there was some real rooting and a lot of excite- ment. Friday night Scott McNulta, Merle Turner and several others team- Lim' . v 'pta Y ' . ll. 'J - ALL s'rANn wmmc 'rim BAND PLAYS "1.0YAl.'rY" Four llundrvd Thirty-one Activities 'TLLHKFGW 1 vHlbellkswfiiwmmxtmwivmakEmsimltmlvimwimnrmsssmwsfwfscsssxmxmuieiesaeamwi 1 1 L 1 ' ' vi 'l' l 5 .1.,'eaL. ,--" l ,. ii -fl, . T If J, 711214 -Y,-" ---Z HN, x., Pfi-v .."""5:f -X.. .. .,.- M A - w -RY . Y --v ff-1 ,,,..f ' 1.-vw-' ' -' .-c,l,lQ'.1H ' - J A 1 S 024' Hilti? Hi,f.' l P 5 f" Q 'x ga T15 E U' ,W ..... W v v w 1 up A r-'mv or-' 'nm "vAn11ccA'mn nuns" ...-,,, ..,... . .-- ,, ,W F i V V . I I P .. I 51.1. ,tw ' THE BAND HAS AN INGENIOUS NVAY OF TURNING CORNERS XVI-KEN IN TIIE BLOCK "I" FORMATION A-0t'i'U7:t'l:6S Four Hundred Thirty-t1va ..-Ln1llNIM!mill!!!milmllnmlnlmllmHmmHmmmmmlaaalisalxiaiaamfeal2:1slezmm: AND STILL SOME MORE HOMECOMERS ALAnAM" HENDERSON "LAnnm" Mc 1mowN EVEN DUNER ' 1m"rsnMAs'rEn worked "A Pair of Sixes", the Mask and Bauble play, to a big success at the Illinois theatre. They had a large audience and it was the first time on record that a pair of sixes has been successful against a full house. It was the most popular play that Mask and Bauble has staged for some time and that means a good deal. And we must not forget the mass meeting in the Auditorium right after dinner. A full sized crowd turned out so that there wasn't any extra room. The result was lots of real "pep" and when the shouting was over there was wasn't a person there who would admit the possibility of any- thing but a great victory for Illinois in the big game. Saturday morning the inter-sorority and inter-fraternity relays were run. Kappa Alpha Theta seemed to be the most popular among the sprint- ers, for they beat the Chi Omega's to the tape for first place. In the fra- ternity relay one of the D. U. runners dropped his stick and had to stop, so the A. T. O.'s managed to get first with the Betas second. In the afternoon there was the game, and not much can be said about it that hasn't already been said a good many times. Chicago had the breaks and they had the fight, so when the stunned rooters came into full consciousness at the end of the game they found that Illinois had lost to the Midwayites, 20 to 7. Just two weeks before this Illinois had beaten the wonderful Minnesota team by sheer fight and the idea that the Maroon warriors could down those fighting Illini would have been laughed to scorn by any Illinois fan-before the game. After the game--there were only excuses and explanations of how it happened. It was hard, but every Illi- nois man knows that the best thing Zup's men do is "come back," and more than one grad was heard to say, "Wait till we get a chance at them next year." ' Four H untlrcd Thi1't1j-three Act'i77it'i9s 1HHIllillli9f1?'iii3iED1lf'5'?? 'i I li i E3 M -- ..- .nn -. -up -M. nm - Q. .- .M gyllllllllllllllllliliIllllllillllliHIREHHitllIHHIHIl!IMIIHMNIIHHllllillllMilllllllllllllllllllllllllILE .LE I-. THE ISIS When the game was over about five hundred of the grads had a big get-together in the Gym Annex Every branch of sport was represented and The Tribe had a big turnout Van Hook Rowe Rue Hal Pogue and Gene Shoblnger who have helped make Illinois football history were here to see this year s machine 1n action and it s dollars to doughnuts that they wanted to get out on the field and help things along Babe Lichter 'md Sandy McDonald two big factors in the success of past Illinois swim- ming teams were on hand Basketball was represented in Duner Willi- ford and Dud Crane all former stars Of G Huff s ball tossers there were Krebs Arbuckle Herb Kemman Wallie Halas and the famous battery Gunkle and Bradley Andy Gill could have gotten a championship team without much trouble from the track men who were theie Mike Mason Fred Henderson Kink Sanders El Hohman Bill Goelitz Nick Carter Jack E Cl H an ' 7 :T ' l U as ' V - 9 r r 9 9 a . , . . . . , f x - 9 4 Lalzxm r ' sw., C 9 ' . r - 1 9 9 9 ' - r 1 a s 1 9 ' Q 1 1 9 n r 1 r 1 an -n an an nm cu 1 an can sa no -ln an an on an 1 1 an an an an an su 'Inn up nu no nu lun an nan no 1 an vu an use nu nv nw an nm an an -no .na -mu -no 4- we - can no -nu up an -umm on qw 1 vw- wa- -.vm an an 0.4 an -un -u -- up . as ...- we -up. an nn. an an nu an an- an new an -qu an nu an ma. as an un- up nn no no 100 .rm no-u on pau as wav- asv ll!! ma .nr Culp, and a lot of others. These aren't near all the old athletes who showed up, and then there were men who weren't athletes, but who made a name in other lines. It was too bad that the big event could not have had a more favorable result for the grads' benefit, but we didn't have to win a football game to make it a successful Homecoming. What more can the undergrad ask than to have the honor of sitting before a grate fire in a semi-circle of Home- comers, and listening to their stories of the "good old days"? And they enjoyed it, so did we, too, and we can all say sincerely, "lt was great! I wish Homecomings like this came oftener." ,' - ' ' X V iw, l' . ,... il iv. xt' . - TAflx'lli.' .v 'Q -,llc , 1 norso BAND "uoMEcoMmns' SPECIAL" . Activities Four Hundred Thirty-four iailllllllllll5HSli?lfiililliilllillilifltlEitiiiiliiiilllil53ililwillillEEE2ilii?Zi'llll!iFlI2!lllMlliNIllllllllilfflui F' . V. , .wwfu '- Lz't3sUl.twf'--' n 1 I xw I fi I .1 L1 f-A 11. BOARD OF TRUSTEES THE ILLINI PUBLISHING COMPANY FACULTY MEMBERS THOMAS ARKLE CLARK, B.L. GEORGE A. GOODENOUGH, M FRANKLIN W. SCOTT, Ph.D., Ch Four H undrcd Thirty-ji'ue STUDENT MEMBERS Seniors LEON M. LINDSEY RALF C. WOODS Juniors JOEL W. GREENE ROLAND E. WINKELMAN .E. airmcm Activities ..f ff A .KLE- X.-Af 9 an no -an up .nn an no nn 1 if an an -1 no can an -an one wp- num- an no aun- no an 4-an :ur ww an -qv .wu- 4-is me up an mn nw an an- .un- nh- wa up on was an- an .mu mw- -Aa 4-n on up mv .mn an -no an - ...- mn our -f sun 'sun - -i-A um 4- -an nn -no 1 -an ...- .vn- un. -no an an ns uma 'nun up -n un ..- -an 1 .an no .us llllllllllllillllllIllllillllilllllllllllillIIIIIIIllIll!!IIlllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllll lkf Mawson E. 1 M. G. SILVER . E. s. NICHOL 2 l TI-IE DAILY ILLINI E MILTON G. SILVER, Editor Q 5 E. STERLING NICHOL, Business Manager 5 EDITORIAL STAFF E ALLEN B. 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HALLIWELL A. E. SCHWARTZ -'J L. B. MCCAFFREY H. S. WILLIAMS 2' W. G. SKELTON P. S. SMITH E "" TZ Activities Four Hundred 'Thirty-six E um gilllliiltiiiliHHUHHH555iifiiifltfiliiiiiifiliHi fiE!HiEmm!lllllllllliimhllliiiliiliilitilllllllni THE ILLINI STAFF Hundred Th ty Activities THE ILLINI STAFF , . Y. M,s'rnr:ws' ii A I' SAMUELS v . I 1 . , . , 1'.' r -Y ' , . . . .V U11 'A .A , Q I 1 -1... 1 ' fsnvgous ,FAIRFIELD - JonNsoN 1 1 u I . 9 I McCArrlu:Y ' HART ,SWANBEILC f.: . ! ' E r scmnrrm 4' crusun TON ' ' ' ARMSTRONG Activities Four llzmrlrorl Thirty- ly t 1 . .bi P1 , Im.- g 4361 an Wm .f-.1 Mn. .M ww' .fm ...M A... -H -nm- ,M v. -1. , ,,,.,,., -M . fz .-vf, .M . f.-1-. .-w. . ...v- H53 nw., na. , N-. , ,N 1 1... VV.. -4.-u Wu 4.- 2wumwnmuwmMwnwwwmwmumwmmnmnmmwwmwwwmwwwHvwfWx9 +MMwWNMv W" C uf aw 'TP1E II.LI N'I S1fAI7F nwwhwx f ' 321' 'jw2..'I,,,,4' N v "" 4- , "5"-fW- ,v "LZ, -- f 6 Mm nATg2r'WT, PQWMWQWJ rw W'W5W ?Q M..31a.11 25353 umm? 1 i ! I"our Illwulrwl Thirtzl-nivw Activities ,,1.n,a,,fjx.K N, u if , A , ,gmxgnnu ,umm ,gsm , Lew, A y x -wH1fw1vh1LarffvvTEQQQJQQSSHFS212522356341313aH9?1?haieA?.viivrsfiiiifiwnl:Bias :i5f1 5?7'?,u ..-.M EMM!!! HHH!! U HHHHMNHMEHtltlllllitilililiYMIINNIWMIIGIIHIHHMFIIIHllllllmmfliml if nv an -we - -n -4 an me bm. an -up an an up an naw un 'lan an an an um. an an 1 an ss up an au urn um as lun up mm mu mu- um nm M- M.- wu- an -1 mn qu up -.4 up aw an -..- -.- R... -v.. ...fn my mm ...- aw- an for 1... -R.. my nn .-B. .-. . 1. A ...- nw .M -1 fr- vm.- ...Nq- -...- ... 14.4 .. 1 ef.,- .ww , fv- ' mon L. M. wmrrzns R. S. NVHITE :Z li-' ohm 0:1 cn:- an T1-1513 ILLIO 1918 2 LAWRENCE M. WINTERS, Editor-in-chief , RUSSELL S. WHITE, Business Manager .,... EDITORIAL STAFF HENRY N. COOPER, Associate Editor J. E. FETHERSTON, Chicago Editor ZELOMIA AINSWORTH, Dramatics Editor DOROTHY DOTY, Wornen's Editor . EE Athletics Activities E CARLETON HEALY ROBERT A. BRYANT JOEL GREENE EARL SWAIN E HARRY W. GIBSON ROBERT W. PHALEN Art Staff Sophomore Assistants A. A. DAILEY ' HUGH W. CROSS E NORMAN F. BRUNKOW HARRY HAAKE 'I-:ff DON V. CHAPMAN FRANCIS B. MALLORY CHARLES E. KECK ALFRED H. MORTON F-'..:f CURT C. LUNDEEN CHARLES H. PARKES EE? , BUSINESS STAFF LAWRENCE T. J ENNER, Assistant Manager Sophomore Assistants , HARRY J. BLUM P. A. NIEBERGALL Q53 L. E. DICKSON Activities Four Hundred Forty J., . r.Q.fsssB:me.zeHf mevswssweaRzmswsmmuseum-asmmssissmasalasamsm:Elf 2 iv if Div 1' flu li' TI-IE ILLIO STAFF HEALEY GREENE, ' GIBSON VL V DOTY - '.Q ,QSWAINA .PHALEN Amswomn . .'f"N- I L: I ,LUNDEEN ,Kf.c1g V . flffd F' 't Activit 'M--. o q y , V ,Ar A, ,. .J ,,,, M X , Aw1-A -11.m.fH1w f-wfm 4 fff.: 1-f,.411fwf:aem' f , ' lH""Y2W'f?.T11'.I1' .,J"' v' K , H.. l, W 5332+ 4 -. A., k , ,M ,,, U 'iw-uf ' b -V 'W "Q,Xl7'f1 , ' i,,m4,,f J Q., 3.2, "9Q'SfwLf,Ll1,5'.'fQ'ilfd ' V 1. M, X J, -Q., W M ,, ha' 'few ,nc nw Q 5 : . 1 , a THE IILIO STAFF Q i I' x BRXANTV g,IEN4NBK x J , . 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KELLY, C. E. Society C. M. CLARK, Railway Club M. J. REED, Mining Society KELLEY IIARBICIIT SORTXVELL COOK TAYLOR TOXVEII DAY IIACKLEY CIIAXVFORD RAIIN Four Hundred Forty-thrcc Activities Q-,IlllllllllllllllllvllslllIlllllllllllllllI1IHOSIUii!lllllllllllllllllllillllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllL'-S EE 5 455 W-g-J Ill! 1,3 KKWIVI THE l9l8 . L -V H. M. PAGE H. L. ALEAUGH 2, as : Z uv 'i 1 fl - l 2 i Q i - 1 2 T 1-1 E I L L I N o 1 s 5 Eg' HAL M. PAGE, Efzttoi--mchtef S E HAZEN L. ALBAUGH, Business Manager E it . fi on -at 2 EDITORIAL STAFF S E Assistant Editors 2 E K. D. PULCIPHER E E A. S. VANDEUSEN, JR. S CARLETON HEALY, Athletic Editor- E 2,3 GEORGE UNGER, Art Editor E 2 FLORENCE LINDAHL, Wornen's Editor E :Sf ZELOMIA AINSWORTH, Assistant Woonen's Editor 5 E Contributing Editors Z7- 5 MARCUS S. GOLDMAN ARTHUR H. GOTTSCHALK 3 E BAYARD H. CLARK CATHERINE NEEDHAM QE 5-T CHARLES H. PARKES ELIZABETH LEITZBACH IE E M. F. BALDWIN MARCELLE LAVAL E ,-, . A-. ,,,- -1 U- fu- ,,. un.. E Business Assistants S E D. M. CHALCRAFT 2 -Ez: W. H. ANDERSON - S .. I.. -. -. Il l i . fi' i 0 i l C' fi is fi .... - fun -,. aus ,,,,,, A -A i l X 3 i ll .,, I I . :slu- ""' A0t't'U'tt2eS Four Hundred Forty-four I.. -ua ,-. .vo .un ?3lHHiE424d-li!titJlNSHIIHHHHIHHHEHQHHHiifltlilrittiWNIHIE!U!IIIEINHBHIIIHIIIIHIIIIIIlillffz qgypx. mmm, 1151- ,,., , ,,1.,,,q,gA,1, 5 . H, .411--x 135M:13!Wa557ife,su4. 4::M:2',..r.J if .v,1?i!!'91iaf5'E'rsVh' THE ILLINOIS STAFF I ,yn HLALY wYAN D1:usLNg'1 ,PULQpPHnn GOLDMAN AINSWOKTH 1 GOTTSCHALK UNGER: , Vdvmucrzs I zz II 1ulrvclForty-five ACt'i"77:Hf53 H ' f my , , . AIU: ,, W-H ' if ,X N. , - A ,V I, W uw L, w X ...K fe, , , ,- 2,2-EEFIEIEUEIillimllilllllllllIlllllllll1HIMHEMIKllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIUIIIIIFNIIIIIWFM!WINL02 mln uno an up I- .1 " ,- if ... 1 .. S f-- 'L - on 1. ..- ..-, . -my , :rn -- 1 1, A . - .. , Q ' f ' -S -.S .-. A ' - ' ' ' " -ur, 4 lr Sum fn. Y S. M. RAPHAELSON M. B. WARE 1: "'9 Il mm 1 '15 I P :I iifilt A W.. . an-.V I ' "" -11-nu 'i ,AA .um -. . an .-.1 1 but l nan.. 1 -A-.. nn Glam 415 THE SIREN ZZ 2 E SAMPSOM M. RAPHAELSON, Editor-mchief E E M. B. WARE, Business Manager EEZ JAMES H. TICKNOR Art Editor Q, . une, an .-an ' 11 Ti EDITORIAL STAFF GEORGE BUCHANAN C. E. KECK iff. C. W. CAMPBELL E. MALAPERT E E DON V. CHAPMAN H. T. MEEK E ' V. N. CLARK GLADYS PHILBRICK PHILIP CORPER , RAYNA SIMONS A. A. DAILEY R.. H. THOMPSON T. R. GIBSON . HAROLD TURNER -um. M., N.. me LW .,..,,, - f V . .H -lm W... 3 ...Q 'N' nn' " ' mg, 3: BUSINESS STAFF . -, ang A... :nb E. R. BRIGHAM I R. A. BRYANT 7'-'5 I F. C. KALTHOFF I. fn 1: . , , -J fn-1.1 'ns S 'cv uw flu 'llii mio to 1-n hm nu Im.: "Il . . . M5- V-' A6t'L'vZt'L6S Four Hundred Forty-six 22 uf - -rum laizeszem pm!5313MZVIHIHIZSMNE8221553IHEZNEEE-HUT!!!iE5i?fc5MHiiiiilil551i5fP3'W2aE+XW5FE illlllllllllllllilIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg an L an aa ..- SHINlllllllliiiliillillli Siiiiiiiiiiilliifil no on ivan -Q was an an on .-or. 73 fa- :Y "rt ,,, . 'A - -n wr ..- ,am M- -w .1 vs wa. .sn -Q -ns mn - fn -fn IlilllIll!llllllllllillilllllllilllllI!lllllllINN!!!illllllllliltlllllilIlmmmlml THE SIREN STAFF TURNER HUNTER MOREY CROSS GELHERT CHAPMAN NOBLE THOMPSON BARKOWV BRYANT EHALEY DAILEY KALTHOFF MEEK STRAUS HECK MASON HAGAR KAUFMAN DAY BUCHEN SIMONS TICKNOR RAPHEALSON NVARE PIIILBRICK AINSVVORTII PATTON Making no pretensions to humor, with the modest slogan of "Impudence and Sentiment", The Siren commenced this year with several freaky advertising schemes. Whether it be her effective publicity, the stimulation of her impu- dence or the appeal of her sentiment, the fact re- mains that the Siren's circulation this year has been three times that of any previous year. 'Ad- vertising, too, has increased in volume-but not in proportion. Although humor was not promised, it was not found lacking. However, the editorial policy has been not to seek humor, but to recognize it when it came. Many vital undergraduate problems were touched upon with enough accuracy to arouse much discussion and resentment, which has been pleasing to the editor. 9 an an lu! 'T' an nun :la an un: qua nv' an an an an on at no -ao- -an me mu on nn- -4- an kan 4- - -if . on --nw sn- an son vm nn nm an ua fn ,W- pn an -an up sn --on an un nw- mn- -sq. an mn my ..-W wr - .--H mn ...M sw M . M.. 'M- wi. -M ff.. . fe. . 4.1. w - -we .-nn .nw .ww W, N... 1- .. -A. Qui we Four Hundred Forty-sw an Activities EQ vw ,, M-f. ... K ' T2M534llliliiiiilliiiitiilZiillliiii-tilliiillliiiliiliiiH255iiEiiViiii312iia,:2lirlzainiufillallgl'P' lm, F' gilnuunnnuaasnnannmammsmmmeannasawwwunwise:saswanlnnesmmnamllllalluuammyI-A CTL - -..-. '1'l"'V if: .,..- -.- wi? E55 "Sf" , .,-, V, ,414 .1........ -Q.:-1 -f 'ywr,L,:! ...T f 1. . NL1' ' H-.wa ' lv.. . , . ...W .5 2.5 5 . '. 11: 255555 .....9..- A 3 I QA 'ML 'N E 'AVI 1 .hw f..--+A' 'Af . ..- ..,, M.. .-.-. fm.. .1 .- ...ra ,Mf- ,.-,-. ,,,.... -om rj. 'mTHEiILfNF A J- J- LACEY J. H. MIDKIFF TI-IE ILLINOIS AGRICULTURIST J. J. LACEY, Editor-in-chief JOHN H. MIDKIFF, Business Manager THE STAFF ARNOLD R. KEMP, Circulation Manager HELEN KIRKPATRICK, Household Science Editor J. H. CHECKLEY, Alumni Contributor BOARD OF MANAGERS DR. W. L. BURLISON PEOF. W. C. COFFEY JOHN J. LACEY , JOHN H. MIDKIFF GEORGE F. BINDER JUNIOR ASSISTANTS ' W. H. EICHHORN M. B. HARLAND R. F. HOWE A. L. KLINE E. B. KNIGHT H. P. TEAL H. B. TUKEY R. W. WINKLER ACtivitf6S Four Iilmzdrcd Forty-eight ENB "A'V?'fiE57E?7i I4 " SYM323E3f933iW3i?fi,i35323331395333WHS223539533932 2521533 an 41- -so -me mv -.nt .4- 1-. U-, ..,.. . .-.-.. I -Q V. Q -.Q W. ..- -.Q V.. up - vv 53,1IilIllllllllliilIIHNHHHHHillllillllllilHHH!!NIHWMM!NIIINIUIIIIHIHIHMISSION!!Sliiiiifiliiiiwgg ..... -an -.H ...- -u .-Q an . TI-IE ILLINOIS AGRICULTURIST STAFF -eu , ,, ,YN , un i 1 I -na .SIM 4.- an 4 ,, ,f I. -6 ' 'Y1:Exzz,,f2I75"ff ,LM K I I I I I 3 I 3? iii? 'I ' 5 Q 5 8 Lf I M. Four Ilzcmlrvcl Forty-11 c . Activities 'Hn -w. .Q Q- Q-..- -..- .M .- v P... uw- M., .. up .1- -mn fw- uw nav 'ww- aw . -.- .fu w .-I., --.- -.. N.,- -.,.. W.. N- W. -A-4 mn 0.1 -vm fn --u Q-Q. -ln I 51 5III5l2I sIIy 1 2f3T1H5M3fI1lS2502Iif?INIIUQ'SISII'H1'II?MW2MEWf9!1HM+IHNIIIINEISIIZIIFQIWEMH,iiVIV. I I Z' R..- 5. ,f gvgweezmnsemmwmwwwwmmmzmsemfafAmammaiwssARRMenwaswvfammnmwimmlmlmlklitmmirPML HL. ... ...g.."I"' ffl. E if . ..- mf.. . ,,m.,v.:. Md .X .C .J 'nv' . 2 ' f .,-1" Ill, I' -.A2:f,4v'ff:':f ' -'L ...-.ff-R.. wer. Af- f- ., "Pat ...J , ".f.1. .. ..-1 .An , f- ,-. lvl .' 'I J.-2 wif , ' A 1+ - "f ff. l 4 W 11. 1 .3 we -an ww- .1 We: : I 15 2"K'f'? nifnffgiif .. ,., ,... - .,w,v 'AJ W ,,,. .R .4-1 me 4... W. ..... A...- fu-.. um aw, nw.. M.. nw.. ww -1-.. -14 mv. fm. W. M.. A W... Q. .A W . A ...L an .Uv W... . , A ...M ww. V..- 'wwv Al ' -- THE ILLINOIS I x I . V1 . A I 1 N n QUARYLIILV rm 'nm uummm ar CNLHISTKYW TNL'Wl'VUlSl'I'V I1 ILLINQIS A VM.l,lll.l' .wwuv mr 1 5 vnuomuwu ' , A ri----l-Q 1 W. F. STRAUB A. NV. LANDSTROM THE ILLINOIS CI-IEMIST Activities W. F. STRAUB, Editor-in-chief A. W. LANDSTROM, Business M anageo' THE STAFF H. R. COLTON W. A. NOYES, JR. G. P. CHRIST E. E. RANDALL J. L. BROWN A. H. MORTON B. K. BROWN R. E. FULTON R. H. SCHNEIDER EDITORIAL BOARD E. A. RESS, Chairman E. E. CHARLTON, Secretary D. F. MCFARLAND, Ph.D. G. W. SEARS, Ph.D. S. D. KIRKPATRICK W. F. STRAUB B. S. HOPKINS, Ph.D. G. C. BAKER F. D. TENDICK A. W. LANDSTROM Four Hundred Fifty 1,1n'4-'-':'wfg- lf., .,. .X-,,.n g..' J-H : - - 4-i,,.,. ..... A ., 1 1' . , ,r 4 ' 1- wr -'x'-'f ' ' LA . grH'svR-s4v'9,': gy.nmmmmmummummmnmmnnmmmlmmnmmuumumznnmnmmmmnrrxfnmg - : un- un 1 un. an an -nu -I wa- - u-4 np -u un- no nn, an us un. an 1 3 no -an as -no uv nu :nr :nn- as an an an uun un. mm :lv nu in un In ua us- no in va. zu ..- ...L ...i R M. us. .fn ow, wa 1 .. uw un wx ,M .R nw.- .nn 11 um wr 1 -nu- 1: um an an use uu- nu -me vw M.. nw.. 1-4 - N v - , A. .,- Q... i... . Q-R .R 1 .on -1- .- fu u .R 1,- wx ..,,, 1... uw ww .vu -. -s sf. -an uf. 4-4 .4- .f-'ff V :Z l4:vf THE SENIOR BALL JUNE12,1916 Last year the university closed with the most successful society event of the year when the Senior Ball started with its Granch March led by President Harold Pogue and Katherine Granger, followed by Chairman Miller and Frances Klank. The Ball was held in the Old Armory, but the hopes of the committee were fully realized when the adjective "old" was supplanted by "unrecognizable." Branches were hung all around and from these Spanish moss drooped, giving the place the quaint ap- pearance of a southern grove. The orchestra caught the spirit of the occasion and, playing twenty-four dances, gave the seekers of the terpsichorean art every opportunity for gratification. The numbers were well selected, well played, and well led. After the'twelfth dance a light supper was served to the dancers and then the fes- tivities were resumed until two o'clock, when the orchestra struck the last note, leaving the girls in an anticipating mood for future Senior Balls and the seniors themselves in a mood to "conquer the world." N. D. BELNAP J. T. BRADLEY R. R. BROWN GEORGE CLARK D. W. CRANE J. W. FREELS E. L. GANTZ SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE HAROLD A. POGUE, President D. E. MILLER, Chairman W. M. SUTHERLAND O. S. IMES S. D. KIRKPATRICK L. R, LUMLEY W. K. MCCRACKEN E. F. PIHLGARD C. RAIBOURN G. S. SCHALLER Four Hundrcd Fifty-one Activities .f ,-yxfpf THE 9 nu- .un ...- .1- un.- -- 4-0 -v un nm . an ...- .4 me --e qu.. -van nn- nu -.fn .nur -an -nn ...- W H q . an--. -.Q ef.. vo- - mn 0... -1-. an fn-u 1-. nu -1 on mn -Q -N . ., ... W.. .,... ...v ...H 1-A v. , I iijllllllililiiilllllllllHiilNHMHiH'HHiiNl5lHHNNNNINIINNHIH'IillillllliillllilliIlilliiiiIiillillll ij, Piffl. .W ,,m-nu ffl v. 'QR X 'ff .rw ,.....f- . 'FIX :WL ,vw Zffjivi QL ,C , . 4, f ' ii Q mi ai . in f .,,,r 2 WWF W- A -4- v -.Q - A -4 1- . .Q ......, A.,- ul- .W- W .. .vm- ..,, , --u .W ..- V -M ...sq -fn -was -40 .1-4 .np yn an .am :zu -eww . N M.. HAROLD IXOESCIIENSTEIN REYNOLII R. KRAFT THE JUNIOR PROM, DECEMBER 8,1916 The chimes of the twenty piece orchestra striking the hour of nine started the three hundred couples wending their cheerful way thru the Grand March of the Junior Prom. President Reynold R. Kraft and Marie Cronin were leading, followed by Chairman Harold Boeschenstein and Martha Flannery. The Gym Annex was decorated in pines and hemlocks fresh from the South, giving it the appearance of a southern forest. This work represented the best effort of one of the most noted decorators in Chicago. The orchestra, composed entirely of stringed instruments, and hidden behind the southern pines and hemlocks, sent their soft melodious strains out to the dancers in a most pleasing manner. An innovation was introduced which proved to be one of the outstanding features of the occasion. Supper was served according to booth assignments from the sixth to the twentieth dance, thus doing away with the many inconveniences which have for- merly characterized Junior Proms. The supper was served a la caberet, on a portion of the balcony from where the diners could watch the couples below. After twenty-four well conducted dances the couples reluctantly left the iioor with nothing but praise for the untiring efforts of the Prom Committee. Activities Four Hundred Fifty-two H "li"iilEiff?2fl5f'?l i ''5'Zi'7?5'l'l"'il"'?"fllii5f'CllISW!?fW2f'El7l5iliiil1!iii'fitimliit 52145-an fun-lug, ,wiiliiiwfwinxiililh u .Q 1-. 1. . W.. .,.A.,f.1..r, ,M . it if 4. m .wp .,i.w,,v A .4 ,..-. v 1 .wsu .-. -. -4 un -uf --q v-4 no -fm --r - vu up on on 1 1 su un an an up as on as as nu cu 19 as on 1 nn un urn wa um so us vw . .- an .nu cf. vw- -w. F.. - ...- -4. -H we ..., -...W of W. .an .- .. .- .- - 4- ,.. ...n M- -. 1,- ..,-. T-.F , EHEHFYESEBHZQMWEGZUiM!'IPi5!lHE4!H'lNiHiRHHiliiH!iEHli!ii!H1H5iEEii3iHHiHZZHZHZESQRQQSE6255.55 .. ARMSTRONG ROMERO MC CORMACK JULIAN HALL IIURKE PIIALEN GREENE PETTER ANIIRICNVS XYINKLEMAN MC EVERS STRAIGHT DAVIDSON BALL IIOESCHENSTEIN KRAFT JENNER CHAMRERLAIN JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE Four Hundred Fifty-tlwcc REYNOLD R. KRAFT, President HAROLD BOESCHENSTEIN, C R. E. ANDREWS .FRED HALL W. F. BURKE R. H. CHAMBERLAIN J. N. CosT G. S. DAVIDSON J. W. GREENE K. C. HALL L. T. JENNER SCOTT JULIAN T. H. MCCORMACK E. McEvERs S. D. PETTER R. W. PHALEN N. ROMERO M. T. STRAIGHT R. E. WINKLEMAN hairman Activities 1554-19' HL. 59 .. .-. Qs .242 sl L ll-S! ww ' THE, G. E. BECK M. A. PETERSON gllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllflllllllllllllflllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIU5 r j S" .- at an -1 an an 3 an 3 cv 2 na 41 L an on can an 3 -up an -3 3 can ua an ann an an 1 il an mu -an aus -no -an 1: can up an un mes aa na can at an an an on ,no an nn .un an W.-. up an an nun an as Q. 1 .-.- -.n msn 1 an um nw. - an up in an an -no nu on - on an an as -nq ..- 1-Q so an -un 1 no an in an av- an 1-:- una -- 1 an no pc at an .us THE SOPI-IOMORE COTILLION The Cotillion of the Class of 1919 proved to be one of the smartest parties of the year. On the evening of January 5, 1917, the Gym Annex was transferred into a garden of evergreen with the brilliant colors of Japanese settings as a background. Elegantly furnished booths lined the dancing floor. The orchestra was at its bestg the music could hardly be improved upon. President "Jerry" Beck and Mary Kurt started the festivities of the evening by leading the Grand March. The luncheon was served in a beautiful Japanese tea room which was arranged at one side of the room. The usual congestion was avoided by serving acording to numbers issued as the couples entered the building. The role of floor manager was well filled by A. A. Dailey who made it possible to stage twenty-four dances before the hands of the clock pointed to the time for the last step. Activities ' Four Hundred Fifty-four ggllllilllilllllllllilllHNIINIIHilllliiilllilllillillllmllllllllIllllliilillllllllllllilllllllllllilllllffa 1MNHImiM'l21HMHaiwdliimfasx-:sm4113333SIIWIMiImmmIsa'ImwMIsf4QMIMQIQQIIIIIIQ.4If . ' id, .. If ga 'RRY . COLLINS ALICXANDICR llllill MORICY MORRISSEX' IIUNTICR MALLPIIIS PENNY SIMMONS SMITII IIALLICGAN XiELI.EY STANGICL IIBYLIN PICTICRSON HEC li MIGTZ LHR RIDEOUT SOPI-IOMORE COTILLION COMMITTEE Four Hundred Fifty-five JERRY BECK, Presiclent J. A. PETERSON, Chairmcm VICTOR STANGEL J. O. MoRRIssI-:Y J. L. PENNY DREW MOREY E. L. SIMMONS J. B. MALLERS L. H. HUNTER J. E. HALLEGAN R. V. RIKE R. O. METZLER J. W. DEVLIN O. R. SMITH PHILIP KELLY CHARLES CARROLL J. B. CRABTREE L. J. ALEXANDER L. H. COLLINS G. R. RIDEOUT I Xa r II I II . 1 . ,I -4 3,,I I. f 1 K. . .I . "" .Yin 4, ... -...N W.. f J . Us .W ,N I L, .I L .X I, . .yi I . - ',f?W'fWJ5:---Ql1"' Ig gm gg -53 w f .. . . I I, A I. ' ww. is QI N A. . , i ? . f 4: M 9 I ' If A ' TY, ' "W I rg Qf1,f'.! 'il J ,I I..." 3 1' 4 .r -fgilillillliliilliliHillillHillfillEZillIlMEilillllllilvfllIE4i"l,ll'l5Plll'lNllllflI!IilmilfllilllilllfllWlillllllllllllillillfrl L' 2 51,5 QL-" 5232 i'i'5-ex . T-fi?Q!f,fj 'K-1 3 ff? 'df '. :Raza--' uv, I .i-fwi, ag,-, :'lffW5F--'3 "'4,tJzm,,--" Av 1ql:1:. " A r ' ,Q l 'ii fi, Qi n er 1. gil sts: .J I .Yil .. ,agp f i l Exif l tix ,nxxnf w. 0. NELSON V.,- M- -fa -.-.. an -M -an Q.-. W ., nf. wi.. 4.,.... M-- .M - .. Q-... -4-.. .MU l THE MILITARY BALL Amid a medly of red, white, and blue, the annual Military Ball for 1917 was held. The national colors were the main part of the decorating scheme of the committee. Promptly at 9 o'clock Colonel William O. Nelson and Katherine Eisner began the Grand March. After that the dances seemed to be almost continuous. A new innovation was presented in having two orchestras which alternated num- bers. The effect was the elimination of the long intervals between dances and the "pepping" of the musicians thru competition. A light lunch was served in a manner which was conspicuous because of its con- trast to the methods of old, the rush system. The music of the two orchestras continued until two o'clock and then the departing guests declared the dance the best Military Ball since their inception years ago. Activities Four Ilxmdrcd Fifty-six Z1 x ,y pg-Q-7,1fy.!AM'w, a'l'iillciIlll glIllIIIIIIIllllllllllllilllllllillllllllNIMHIHIIIliMIIMINI!!!IIIIIIIlllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg 'S C-J K ilu 2, xmnzf THE - I9l8 1 1 1 fi 1 so 1 as f: PREIEIJE COLLINS . : : TANTON FOOTL HROOI S RISLFX MALLOIRY N KV CLEAVE : up : LARSON MONGRIEG POXVDRS NELSON Gll T OFT IIORTON : 1 -1 I I 1 1 no 1 1 3 E MILITARY BALL COMMITTEE 'E 5 MAJOR ROBERT W. MEARNS, Commandant E E COLONEL WILLIAM O. NELSON, Commanding Brigade 3 Z 1 3 i E LIEUTENANT-COLONEL J. H. POWERS E : CAPTAIN J. E. OTT '-3 -- 1ST LIEUTENANT L. S. FOOTE E i 3 1sT LIEUTENANT C. C. BROOKS 2 1 3 1sT LIEUTENANT C. C. LARSON Z 1 l 2 . SERGEANT MAJOR W. J. RISLEY '-I 3 3 'I' 1ST SERGEANT L. MONGRIEG .: E SERGEANT L. H. COLLINS E E MAJOR L. H. GIFT 2 3 CAPTAIN C. W. BORTON 2 2 1sT LIEUTENANT H. R. IDE E E 1sT LIEUTENANT W. VAN CLEAVE E E 1sT LIEUTENANT R. H. MALLORY E E SERGEANT MAJOR R. C. PREBLE E 2 1ST SERGEANT A. H. MORTON -'L' EE G. C. TANTON 5 un ,- as 1 an 1 1 I- an up -1 an 1 1 3 -up 1 '1 Il i 1 -1 CD .1 pu 1- nu -. an an up ng ns up il.: Four llundrcd Fifty-sgvpn A6lfi'U'l:l5iGS E i 1 EINIHMUHNNIllHMI!!!IIIHNNHNHMINIIMMIII!!!IHIHIIIHNHHHIUHHNHIHIIIIIIIIIIQIIIIIIIIFIEZ I H' , Qi' . x" ,' w ..- ' 1 ' is 1 Am -.-.1 I 6, 'Q ' wig? R! '7"'M 1. 'x.,,..' --4' "W . ' 1 14' 1 . ,. . , Q M.. .,. 1. 'M VA... in 'R Mbna . nf. , iam11:11:21was11'feaA:.1:mmam11::9mmemage:mmmQeagmwusaaHan1?iaiinaaaegwfzfqamgmm-gvm44we M, J A., A ll . wr N CIIALCRAFT TOMBAUGII IIARLAND KINSEY JOHNSON . MIDKIFF EICHHORN BORN I IIENSOLD I.!NIlSI'IY CAMl'Illil.L XVALSII WVILFOILD A G D A N C E GYMNASIUM ANNEX, NOVEMBER 10, 1916 AG DANCE COMMITTEE MASON CAMPBELL, President C. E. BORN L. W. CHALCRAFT W. H. EICHHORN F. W. GRAVES M. B. HARLAN12 R. N. HART H. H. HENSOLD R. M. JOHNSON A. R. KINSEY J. H. MUJKIFF G. D. TOMBAUGH L. B. WALSH R. N. WILFORD Actfvifivs Four llumlrcd Fffzwcfgllf Agn 3. ,Mu ...- :nu- ...W ul Mu v. an aw an un: 1 .1 .-L.-A 1 1.- r YNY' V I lx V v X 1 fl! " W w QE H 42 HF 1.23 X P31122 fx 3 Ff1'xX N Mg W7 , V 1 A 5. W A , ll xmg lx l fm V lm ,M ', Y 1. x ,,,, ' f K v is 4 N X W! X! I X K I' XXX M X by kwnix ffl I n 1 N1 1 Q! I T97 AS You LIKE N E LLB PATTERSON AS ROSALIN D IN THE XYOOD THE CAST Rosalind, NELLIQ PA'r'mnsoN Orlando, GEORGE K. BRAIN Celia, SlcvnmNA NELSON Oliver. M. C. Woman Jacques, HEINIG S11:LLAnnS Audrey. Mmmm: Tuimmn Touchstone. Anruun METZLER Phoebe. Vzvmx KAY Duke Frederick. T. H. BUELI. Feeling that the literary societies should do something ln recognition of the Shakespearean tecentenary, Adelphic and Ilhola presented Jointly one of the masters most delightful comedies, "As You Like It". Two outdoor perform- ances were given, the occasions being the last Fmday ln May and the Tuesday of Commencement week. Mr. Charles Woolbert of the Public Speakmg department acted as coach for the production. ART METZLER AS TOUCIISTONF AND MERLIC TURNER A5 AUDREY "ummm IS rc0sA1.INn?" Four Hzmdrcrl Fifty-nine A0ti'U7:ti0S -cu 1- 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 an .nn 1 up on 1 1 -3 1 1 as an 1 :- -in .qu an 1 Q- .-v .nn -as 1 .nn -an nu an -an an nu 1 so .-s .- - nu :- an an an as um- no -an nn- .ga 1 fu- .-un .ss -an ua .no new 1 .qw uv ltllltltlllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllllllIllIll "TI-IE MOB" Hgi il H THE DINNER SCENE THE CAST Stephen More, M. P., HEINIC SELLARDS Katherine, his wife, NELI.E,PATTEllSON Olive. their daughter. EUNICLQ Gosuus Captain Hubert Julinn, Katha:-inc's brother DANA Tonn Helen, his bride, ZELOMIA AINSWORTH Alan Stelle, Mo1'c's secretary, Clrnnmcs Kmcii General Sir John Julian, VICTOR Gnossxsrznc Chm-les Shelder, Anrnun Mmzmn Mark Waco, W. TROUTMAN James Homo. G. E. GOULD V William Banninrx. T. H. BUELL The Dean of Stone. E. C. EwArc'r Nurse W1'el'm'd. ILA MONAHAN Wreford. Hubcx-Us orderly, J. GILLISON His Sweetheart, ELIZABETH BEYERS Edward Mcndip. editor, C. A. DRAKE The Footmnn, Henry, KAYWIN KENNEDY The Girl. KATIIERINE RAITIIEL DAN A TODD AS IIICINE s1':1.i..xnns AS CAPTAIN STEPHEN Moms numcn1' .IULIAN ACLi'vil'iCS Four Humircd Sixty ummmuunullllllmimi Il Lil llllllllIlllllllllIHllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllniulnlmnuunum! E31 1 .. .. ... - ... .. .. ... .. ... ... .. .. .. X i 1 1 - .. l l I 1 1 i T 11 1 I i l Q T l X K 1 3 i H I i Ch 3 'l ... .. il 2 -. ., ., 41515 QD K ... 3 ... ... 3 O! K 1 ... i .. lf .. .. .. Xl ... 1 1 .. 1 - l 1 Q 1 1 1 2 ... 1 l l .. l 1 i i T i 1 I 1 i -I-Ei i 1 E i ..- Y ... all 5Mlil-llllllillllllllMiliillilllllllilllilllli?illlii33iililiililtlllillllllliilllilkih .SMHiliiiiifiia-.lpkfisim V lf "THE MOB" ffl THE CONSTITUENCY THE PRODUCTION - In its production of Galsworthy's "The Mob", Mask and Bauble achieved the seem- ing impossible. The spectators, who came to the Illinois Theatre, March 31 and April 1, 1916, expected to see a strong play interpreted in the mediocre manner that most amateur productions are. But they left with an entirely different idea. They re- alized that they had witnessed a performance such as had never been seen before on any but the professional stage. Credit is due in the first place to 'Q the coach, Mrs. C. A. Gille. Her un- 2 V tiring efforts, her excellent inter- U pretation of lines and moods, and ' ' her advanced ideas of staging and QT' , ,NX lighting did much to make the play r It ls 1' the stupendous production that it - ,' E: ' ", was. ,- , Excellent acting was done bv the A - 'J' A-' " whole cast and especially by Heine A N ' ' Sellards in the leading role and by :Aj .Q 5 M ' Nelle Patterson, Dana Todd, and 1, f'f"3' l Zelomia Ainsworth. A M' L m ' " , NILLE PATTERSON AS ZELOMIA AINSIVORTH KATHERINE AS I'IEl.HN' Four Ihmdrvfl Sixty-one Activities 1fmmiaMammizmmgmzyewoibazavzserfilf5252325212ifibtmlliliii52251 Amlwvlalf-lla 4 F awe' J? ...- -fa lllllf: Q .J fn.. r N ,, .1 v.. L. -Ls yi- . was m rm an vm :wa lu we -1-1 1 R Kvm A 1 1 , A f f' 1 fr Wsfcsiflzsr "A PAIR OF SIXES" Ki. I A rv ff ,f 'LM fag , 1 i "x'oU'nE A rmm. OP A 1.,xwx'x-:n" THE CAST T. Boggs Johns, Sco'r'1' MCNUl.1'fK Florence Cole, ZEl,o1x1.x Alxsworrrn Mrs. -Ncttlcton, ANNA WEInol.nT Mr. Nottleton. P. LEE MENEFEE Mr. Vamrlcrholt. lawyer, CIIARLFS Kncu Cnddlus, maid, Mmzuc TURNER Tony Tolcr, BEN Hmmlsox Oflicc Boy, Pun. YOUNG Kromc. huokkccpcr. I. L. PETERSON Mr. Applegate, l"ormrcs'r B,xl:m-:'rT Miss Parker, stcnournphcr. DORTIIY SEIDICL Shipping Clerk. W1l.r,.xrm NEWLIN SCOTT NC NUVFN AS 1'nr uonmxc Mx' Lvclcv QUEEN 0F T. norms Jmxs n:c.m'rs ACIfi'Uff'1:GS Four Hundred Sixty-iwo ,I -vi'-li' upiinqwi:,i,L-rlwigwrw it-,gi .wmv.Hillizrt-ifwilfgfyfi' , ' .4-.,.-1 W-Lumw-' -, ',,i,vl , wwf, ,lf ri if w - - "THAT PAIR OF SIXICSV' THE PRODUCTION Peple's Farce-comedy, "A Pair of-Sixes", which had already achieved so much suc- cess on the professional stage, was chosen for the annual Mask and Bauble Homecom- ing production and was accordingly given at the Illinois Theatre, November 17 and 18, 1916. The play, a typical American comedy, dealing with purely American topics, bus- iness and legal compacts made on bets involving card games, is a lively one. "A Pair of Sixes" is filled with delightful situations piled one upon another to make the play one long laugh from beginning to end. . Excellent work was done by Scott McNulta in the leading role of T. Boggs Johns. He was clev- erly aided by Miss Zelomia Ains- worth in the role of his fiancee and by Charles Keck, Merle Turner, iAnna Weiboldt and P. Lee Mene- ee. CHARLES NECK AS THOMAS VANDERIIOLT CODDLICS ,llllilllll-I TURNER AS Four Hundred Sizvty-three ADHD ii'f6S 4 ,, "A PAIR OF SIXES" f if "l--1 ,w .VL , . .li l i , ,, f'iw.,.,,,,,, I it -,H ,.- i f 1 L, -W. ....-" nv -, -"' J . ., ,. jfwngjl' --1, A ' iji'L,,?-i5VLJge'f'E-jg? .. ef, ' bw f 6?'i5lfA.Ei?g1'si 2, - 25? 2 2? iz ,fs P Le lf: 1 'Y Y 1 sw 461: r ' 3 -xl gl. .. ...Q W, 1 , - 'ill A by Q-., -W rn,..'A QUNIIN1illlllillliilllllI1illllllIH!Illlllfllilllllllyllll -Q 'QPASSERS-BYW f"'UNX' K 1405: Mill!!! THE IGIEPV y an y an up -Q -n -n 1 an no -an na nn - .ss no on .- -an no -n nn an an -- - 'Mlllllillflliill-IIIlelllliifiiimylllllilllH!M1l,lllllNlN Ui an an in on an as an 1 -Q an no an 1 1 as 1 ns no 1 an 1 1 as 1 as an an 1 no 1 3 as 1 1 1 Us 1 is an 1 as 1 1 an as 1 1 if N su an 3 2 S -1 " ul 1 1 T nu. U' 1 1 so 7 .- ,. E as 1 i ,, - -. Q i 3 2 -'I Q. 2 W - an 1 " ,,, . no - z 2 so i .- .. 1 .. .. -v gg 2 if 1 3 Mn. BURNS EINJOXQ A 'MIPAL 0 .- Z : '4' l -9 1 1 1 2 : : -- i 1 ,Q 1 1 1 1 i 3 THE CAST 3 Il ' Q l i Peter Wuvcrton. DANA TOID : Margaret Summers. : NELLE PATTERSON - -Q- Burns, a nut. Sc0'r'r MCNULTA Nighty, n. cnbmun. A. S. GRAVEN Beatrice Dninton, BERNICE McNAm Lad H rl' ' 1' ' y u Ly, KAIIILRXN BRONVNE Pine. the butler, W. SLAYTON The housekeeper, LUCILLIC ANDERSON .. 2 3 .. 1 I0 3. -3 nun I Q l Z 1 Little Peter, M1XS'l'ER Hnclmxz . 1 1 -N us ..-. - :L RIAIIGAIIITI' NND lIIA'll!ICI X, cs- 4-. E 5 IKDX HIRI FY ... ,,. .., 1' - Q . gg Actwztws Fam- Ilmlaf-cd Siiliflj-f01U' in 1 ,.,. 51'-lllilllliillIMIllllllllllmllllllllllllilliililllIINQlllilllllllllllllllllIIIIIllllilllllllllIIWl9W5MMlifi lo 1 up 1 an 1 1 an lp in no QI lllllilllilliillillillilllilillliiliilNlHIMHIHIINMIUHlillllilNHIHIIIINIQHIIMIHllllllllililillllilllg' "' FL q-4 our -mn am -1' -an un- 'of an an as , 1- "P'ASSERS-BY" 199 1 an un un. an can in an in an -on 1 -1 in Q vp -nu so up 1- . an no on BURNS on -ul an IITTIT' PFTFTI RETURNS THE PRODUCTION Mask and Bauble chose for its mid-winter play Haddon Cham- bers' drama of English life, "Pas- sers-By". The play was given on the nights of March 9 and 10, 1917 at the Illinois Theatre. The secnes of the piece revolve about the character of Peter Wav- erton, the principal theme the old love triangle, but treated here in an unusual and entirely new way. Dana Todd and Nelle Patterson shared honors in the leading roles. An excellent bit of acting was done by Scott McNulta in the character role of Burns, the half-wit. Mrs. Gille continued her excel- lent work begun in former pro- ductions, in this play and the whole plainly bore marks of her artistry and coaching. NM!!! THE l9IB wa s i .1 an an 1 an up no 1 on 1 an an -no an no M,xno,xnrT suitwucns AND "-I Il'1lR ix xvlsnToN I: .us on 'Q 1 "-' . . . .. 2' Four Humlwcrl Sixty-jivc Actwltws : an ,Q tx gllililililiiliIMlilllillilillllllillllliliilffiiiillllillIHIIHIIHIHIHIHNHHINIIIIllllllllilllllimg EjjlllllllllllilllmlllllllIIIlllltlllIlIIHill!!IlllllllIlllllllllllilllIll!llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllg -.Q 45 M NEUTRAL fa! 3 XKWIIV 3 THE l9l8 c j A 7 T 5 " - T Z: THE VICTROLA CHORUS :LE THE CAST If Max Atlas, A. S. GRAVEN : Colonel Studebaker Burton, D. T. SWAIM E Betty Burton, H. M. PAGE 1' Dr. McNutt, T. H. BUELL Midge McNutt, E. L. MALAPERT Wilbur, an entomologist, W. C. TROUTMAN Psychum, a patient, V. H. Gnossnmnc. "Skee", F. B. MACOMBER "Sunny", S. D. KIRKPATRICK Smithers, E. F. RICHARDSON Percyval T. White, a sleuth, A. M. METZLER Speck von Oberdorfer, another, P. P. YOUNG Gomn, a canibal chief, A. A. DAILEY Queen Lel, Hawaiian, B. F. CURTIS Q 19 ..- I: MIDGE AND SKEE .--. i i E Actmfzties Four H undrcrl Sixty-six an ,uv can 11 no 1 to t as U1 tg cn 3 1 3 as 3 414 H1 41 3 in 1 I i 1 1 3 1 2 i i fi 1 K1 in 'io I ui 2 vi ali 1 fi an 1 l um 1 or 1 1 1 3 if i 1 i i 1 l -lr ICO '17 auf- .un- . up ll -up -vp. -- an K1 --9 l fi li Ii It 'TW il 'CIR 'SP 43 1 -3' .-uv E 'i 410 :PU mill Q. 'IIW 401 W nu. '10 fi fl f .3 ui Ui ri ru- 1 i ev 1 l I! -Q -Q 1- - up ,mf 3' fa- Q .uw f-9 Im -.BRI ,me- - nu. 'UIQ '1' if fi! mn an Ui 'Bn 'nm 3 Nl 'R 'uni 114 fi' l an - E gllflliliiiiiiiiSMHIHHH'HUHQQWWHWWHEFIIIH5lmilliiliiiilNIBIIENNNMIIIIIIHIIUEUUIIBWISEHBW 21IllIIIUWEIPBEIIMMIIIIllllllllllllllliillilHHllMMINIllIMINIllIII8illllliillllllllillillll an an on -n. ui an i t 11 1 - 1 in 1 as 1. 1 Cl 1 rx 1 'Q 1 un- 1: ua 1 an 1 if 1 1 1 1 us cs an uns L an un as qu- - su cw 1: an an an an 1 an an un us as as an nn usa mm was an sn cu sn an so an nu -an is an un no an no on cn- an an an on um 01' mn- ,W-, -vm sou no un an sun -n we un ann no may 1 up all cur sm ns -an an ru mn an am .un vm nw uv- am. an "I'M NEUTRAL". SOUTH SEA ISLAND PASTIMES THE PRODUCTION This year's student opera "Pm Neutral" was evolved from the best parts of two operas offered, "Zingu1and" and "Pm Neutral". The playwrights and composers of the new play were then Denz, Miller, Harwood, Kimmel, Carlsen, Stevens, Beards- ley, Gauger and Hill. Under the direction of Mr. Herbert Stothart, who established a reputation for himself here by producing last year's opera "A Maid and a Myth", the play was brought forth Friday evening, April 14 and Saturday afternoon and evening, April 15, 1916. The book and lyrics were cleverly written and novel, and the music was tuneful and above that usually found in musical productions. The cast was good to the man and the chorus was excellently trained. On the whole the opera is the best one the dramatic club has put on thus far. Four Hundred Sixty-seven QUEEN LEL AND RAYMO DENZ Activities giliiiliiiiiHiWiiiiiiiii5MMiiililiiliiititiiiiiiiNHSHHliliiliiliiliiliWZBHRQHQESiHiEtEiE?lE'HSU ' QllllllllilllllllllllIliIllIIllIlllllllliIINilllillllllllllllllllllllNNI!!1l1llllimlllllllllllllllllllllllllIll C41 R fl! I is if-J kklflfll THE l9l8 R 3 2 1 1 Z 1 1 in Q 1 1 I 1 1 Z 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 at 1 1 1 1 -nn st 1 1 1 1 .1 as no an 1 1 an 4 or 1 1 1 1 1 no 1 an as .1 an 1 . an 1 1 1- as as 1 1 1 an 1 Us 1 1 1 1 1 1 an 3 .1 1 1 ns 1 1 an' 1 3 in as 1 1 1 1 1 1 THE SUMMER PLAYS ,xl r 'i ff' f- a- TIIE MAN NVHO NIARRIICIY A DUMB Xl III f "THE TWELVE-POUND F' U LOOK" f 'li THE CAST -X Kate, the Hrst wife, ZELOMIA Axwsworrrxr ' ' x Lord Sims. BHNJ. HARRISON , P i K -, ,gpg Lady Sims, Mmrrufx PARKS f ff . .,,,, ,- Butler. NEAL CALnwnLr. Q91 ' "THE MAN WHO MARRIED A DUMB WIFE" ' 1 A THE CAST l N Master Leonard Botal, Anrnun ERICKSON 'ex in i Master Adam Fumce. BEN HARRISON I Muster Simon Collins, Ronmvr Ronmsox ' Om I B t l'. 'fc KATIIRYN Bnowivra 1n. o a Q wx . Alison, Botnl's servant. Bmvrx-IA BING A Blind Fiddler, WAnn FLOCK OI xi no'ru"4 uni' Vvrlc, Tim smwocrmririn THE PRODUCTION Following the usual custom, two plays were produced in the summer of 1916 under the auspices of the Summer Literary Society. They were given under the direction of Miss Nell Barnes in the Auditorium, July 19th, 1916. The personnel of both plays were well suited to their several parts. ACii1liii0S Four' Hunrlrcd Simty-aight mmmllmuulmulti ill lllll lllllllllNlllllllllillllllllllllllllllillllllllll gnu 5 ilnlunulmuuuuumnu 1:-Q IllNllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHill!!lIHlllllllllllllllilllllllliflllllllllllg 2 "DER DUMMKOPFN an H-W--H so if 1 1 an on an 1 an 1 1 1 as t 1 an Q 1 3 1 1 1 Q 1 1 H 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 in 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 it 1 3 1 ann 1 . un - 1 as THE GERMAN PLAYERS an 1 as , 1 1 1 -an ' 2 E THE CAST E Dorie Wicgurd, an American girl, HILDIIZGARD CI-IRISTI UNSEN : Der Dumkopf, S. F. WALsEn : His Cousin, C. F. BAcoN : Lisbcth Shirmcr, Ln.uAN BAM-Ima Q: Mrs. Shirmcr. THERESA SAMUELS 2 The Poet, C. L. Prmrmn : The Doctor, K. L. DERN : Lucy Hcnsel, GRETCHEN KRUMM 2 The Judge, W. H. BAKER I His assistant, P. H. Sclmomnrn 2 Court Usher, PAUL SEEHAUSEN Rosa, the maid FLORENCE I.1Nn,xn1. i I E Servant to the doctor, A. W. THIELE an 1 AD rx an I THE PRODUCTION .. This year Der Deutches Verein selected for its annual production the German : comedy "Der Dumkopf". The play was given at the Belvoir Theatre, Friday, Novem- 2 ber 25th, 1916. A good cast and an excellent coach brought forth a well acted play g spoken in very understandable German. 1 ar - 1 ua cv an 1 .- .- I Four Hundred Sizzvty-nine ACf'VU'lt10S 1 .- 4 - Lulu o xwmv .l.4 THE l9lB 1 cs as -n Us an an as 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 an on 1- 1 i 1 1 1 i 1 1 4: on 1 nu 1 1 1 an 11 an in sn 1 11 on an un 1 an us :up an an mn on 1 in -Q go un 1 nn i un on an an 1 an un an on as as in an an as sh On as nn -f an - on an 1 no an 1 so un su nu ann -- us -an an om on .aan su in 5-llllillllIN!NHHHWHQNHNHHHIHIHHIIIHHHHHIHIIHHHIIlllllilililiiliilllliilillifilllilllffi MW lfg .sf -hiwvyw I , ' WML-.313 Eli? ..., 4,4 .nn ga uv mf gg 37 in 'W ,lguppzvdz 2 3 I Z: f"Q.r3w,1 .-,Q-V vlix PM 2: it Eyre 7: ""'t?t?3-ft' Z ' 3 2' ' 5' , 1' aww tm ...4,:..'4r,..-. 'J ' 1-.l.:-A41 "fm 1 Y S Irs ,, ,Z ,ple Z"l't ,.'4r' V23 m..L.lta'f it FR? .nf .,... ....,. '--. M. X ,ff ,- -v.. an H.. mi vw ,an -my W. I 1.-1 mf ui.. nn.. am KING OF THE CAMPUS THE CAST Dale Gordon. Hmmm Sm.LAnns Inez Gardner, ZELOMIA AINswom'u Happy I-Iardingg ART METZLER Helen Carmen. RICIIARDINE Woox.MAN Eduardo Salazar, QUINCY Klum Betty, VIVIAN KAY James Blake, CHARLES Knox: Stella. the grind, Manu: Tunmsn The sorority chaperone. Mns. T. A. CLARK mv THE PRODUCTION With this array of campus dramatic celebreties, the pro- ducers of the first all-university movie set to work. Mrs. Vivian Kay, who took the party of Betty, was the author of the plot and the scenario. The actual producing was done in and about the campus in the intense heat of summer. The filming of the various scenes took the major part of the summer days. Especially uncomfortable to the participants were those scenes depicting a college for- mal. The stiff collars rapidly wilted in the hot sun, yet the camera clicked on. A star ofthe whole production would be hard to pickg on the other hand, every part was admirable filled, making the film, as a whole, a splendid one. As the first all-university movie in the country having a plot and all-col-lege actors and actresses, "Pro Patria" has traveled throughout the country. Usually it has been shown under the auspices of the Illini Alumni Associations. Everywhere it has re- ceived a cordial reception, both for its idea and its splendid acting and interest. INEZ IIETUIINS ALli'S PIN Emmnno lvnmnls or BETTY A0ti'vit'iGS Four Hundred Seventy .,,..l-.,.. - .1 1 ll lnpl.-14. ' w'e,slw-wana. fl illlflilllllllliiillillllll lilltil E135352!H1SliMwiilfl5iNti2fl'tiliitlttlifltililtiiititIMlE'iEMQllll'5l.5tl'il'il5HMlillildlliillliliillll1H qw -. .mu vu ln., .nw un an -nw W. .W fm. mv . .vw gm aww .W nn.. -nu an -V... mwmwumwmwuwf 'MW THE POST EXAM JUBILEE w EAIILE CAVETTIC, MANAGER "All things improve with each succeeding season" says the old proverb and cer- tainly this year's Post-Exam Jubilee has proved true to the saying. The stunt show, given under the auspices of the Y. M. C. A. on the night of February 6, 1917, far out- shone all previous eiforts. It was snappy. it had originality, and it was not allowed to drag along as has been the case in past years. The stunts were presented with a View to ending when the supply of really clever efforts ran out. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, by gliding, often tearing, thru the whole range of music, won first prize. Second place went to Lambda Chi Alpha, who put on a clever stunt which embraced the ever-popular movies. lhe awards were made by a committee of judges, instead of by the vote of the audience as has been the custom. .The long intervals between the acts which featured past shows were eliminated by the lntroduction of individual stunts for which suitable cups were given. Arthur Van Deusen, working m the guise of a clever magician, received the first cup of this class. SIGMA ALPIIA EPSILON, XYINNERS ov 'fills 1-OST-EXAM Four Ilzmdrccl Svvcnty-one Activities aug E 5 E 5 S ME 'ffm JV1 O 'T1 32 35? Q71 IP E32 UU Cm 25? 43 Eu-1 39 'fa hu L-1+-I 559 rn 73 Ui 'N ,-: .Lf f- e T 15 A lilllllllliill lllll lilliiililllllllllllilll N. ns ar, . XKIVWI 1 THE ... usla 3 : SCOTT MC NULTA V. II. GIIOSSISERG E E 2 1: 2 E g HONORARY MEMBERS 5 E THOMAS ARKLE CLARK MRS. T. A. CLARK 55 E F. K. W. DRURY DAISY BLAISDELL 1: E F. H. KAY MRS. F. H. KAY E : H. N. HILDEBRAND MRS. C. A. GILLE : 2 STUART P. SHERMAN E : :: - 'D 3 Seniors E S E. F. BRAZEAU SCOTT MONULTA E E K. KENNEDY W. C. TROUTMAN 5 -' 3 Z ' - Juniors E :-, M. ZELOMIA AINSWORTH VICTOR H. GROSSBERG E E MARY CALDWELL CHARLES E. KEOK 5 : DOROTHY DOTY DANA L. TODD g E MAUDE MARKS MARY BRODBEOK E 5 ANN WEIBOLDT . FORREST P. BARRETT 2: -3' ROBERT A. BRYANT F. E. GOULD E 3 E E V Sophomores 'E E MERLE TURNER PHILIP P. YOUNG E E H. I. MOBRIDE A gg E Freshman E 'l i 2 P. LEE MENEFEE i Q -nn 1 L" an 1 -U I . . . 1 1- ACt'L'U'Lt't6S Four Hundrcrl Seventy-tzvo "' ll i .1 E1-.WIIIIIIIIIIIHIIHIIlllllllllllllillllUlllllllllINllIllillllllllllllllllllllllllllKill!IIIIIIIDIIIIIIIIIIIIFE :jiIllHillllillllllllllillillillNiillilllllllllllllllHHillNIHillHHHlllllllllllilllllllllllllllIlllllliiiiiilg-gg 1mAz1c,w iucxxicm- '1'0lill MIGNEFICIE imianzwi' wn-'noi wr 'rnoirru .W vom n 'l'UlCYl"R info" YOI'Yl' mz'nur'c" c umm ll KROSSI rm. n non mc ixui 1 x xixsxxoxun Ill! xx r M un ss no 1 mu MASK AND BAUBLE DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS SCOTT MCNULTA, President VICTOR GROSSBERG, Business Manager DOROTHY DOTY, Secretary ROBERT BRYANT, To'erz.suo'ev' Great strides in dramatic progress have been made by Mask and Bauble in the past year. Although it is an amateur dramatic club, the work done has been decidedly professional. This condition may be attrib- uted to two causes, exceptional talent and the coach, Mrs. C. A. Gille of Decatur. ' Perhaps the most notable play the club has produced was its presen- tation of Galsworthy's "The Mob" last spring. It was, without a doubt, the biggest thing ever attempted by a college organization and it was suc- cessful. "A Pair of Sixes", chosen for the annual Homecoming play, served to keep up this standard. It, too, was exceptionally successful. A third play, "Passers-By" also received praise which compares favorable with that given to the two former plays. Two movements, new to the campus, were instituted this year by the club. The first of these was a series of dramatic hours given to the un- pretentious staging of little one act dramas. Without exception they were well received. The second of these movements was the offering of a twenty-five dollar prize for the best one act play written by an under- graduate student. That the play should be entirely new and original was the only restriction set upon this contest. The presenting of these plays and the movements for the betterment of college dramatics has been Mask and Baub1e's record for this year. Without a doubt it is doing its share toward the advancement of dramatics at the university. Four Ilimrirvrl Sr-vvvzty-tlzrrc Activities ., . , . . eu 'lf!'H2?H i34Il1FEl'1!5"'7"""' Jflfllllzigiylqrll'l'gl'5lQl45aEllslzZ'1lslgggigsgiIElf!--lv-Wxifiiilxbi1.'.'vlf.lif'!i'5, F .- 2. X...- fl x f , L 7 r L :bis Y, ,, ' ',Iv4jJLgJ P lsgifi tilts u vu a -- nn vm- nn an v-Q an mo our an on an un nan no so uv ua -as up an as -no un no an un -no an as no an an so un an so an - an no un.- Q-- -- an up an nn ms- an nn- su- ... u- ..- M- 0... an om wa M. vw. n- we- -in ...- -1- -L... - -.. W.. .. -in -.- -.- an Q.. v... ...ff 4... wi ...Q uf- a-li. N.. ...M -T. l QQJIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIumInnmmxwmaxnlmusmmlmammumunmmnmammllnsulnmmulsamInL95 -r.: 3 nm W 4 TI-IE PIERROTS I ' . N !' Y : A--I ,.... M, I A .... ... .... .. Ia. f I I 1. 1' ' H ..1: - " fx . , Mill? ,.i ,., 'IQIIIEISQ I...m,..f ,,.., E. F. BIIAZEAU Graduate 'S. D. KIRKPATRICK Seniprs E. F. BRAZEAU C. P. BROWN A E. C. DEWEY A. S. GRAVEN H. M. PAGE W. C. TROUTMAN D. T. SWAIM - Juniors A. A. DAILEY W. H. BROWNE V. H. GROSSBERG F. E. RICHARDSON Sophomores E. NIALAPERT PHILIP P. YOUNG Activities C. P. BROWN F. B. MACCMBER P. M. BOSTON G. W. STODDARD R. L. MCKCWN E. T. MACKIE SCOTT MCNULTA E. D. WALLACE L. M. WINTERS N. G. STRATHERN G. E. SCOTT C. D. WAGSTAFF GOULD MOREHEAD Four H undrcd S til I H4 ui 5 niiuwiwitn' H1 ll 1:11-r3ia'11il l'mvaM1if'w'w4 V"--will irl'www1'vfwww lil' -iv wifi-l's1'wl1ldf ""l'if'1'i'ii' nl, .af M-f'5-vixiy' ,..'l . , .ri .l.1'n'.l, ,Jilin i9i4.M-1:wii1fwf,.l: iii.,1.ft' -,im-ws,i,.1..v'-ie-w".i" PAGE DAILEY GROSSBERG STRATHERN RICHARDSON GRAVEN' MALAPERT Xl AGSTAI I' SH AIN! BROXVN DEN! X MACKEY WINTERS MC KOWN YOUNG I IRI PXTRICI MC NULTA MACONIBER IXRAZEAU BRONVN BOSTON STODDARD C. P. BROWN, President E. D. WALLACE, Vice President P. M. BOSTON, Secretary E. F. BRAZEAU, Business Manager After the successful staging and producing of the student opera, 'Tm Neutral", the Illinois Union Dramatic Club and the Student Union by mutual consent decided to sever all former relations. The main reason for this was that the Union and the Dramatic Club had different ideals and purposes in the production of an opera. This led to difficulties and both organizations felt that the breaking of all direct ties was the best solution of the problem. At the beginning of the year the old club, reorganized and adopted the present name, "The Pierrots". Then they began to look around for the 1917 opera. Mr. Herbert Stothart was again engaged as coach and with his aid the club selected "Step to the Right", a clever musical comedy with books by Kimmel and Beardsley, lyrics by Healey and music by Carlsen. The operas will continue to be produced by this new club exclusively, but the Student Union will receive two-thirds of the net profits to be used toward the building fund. F011 1' lluiulrvrl S1'zv'11ty-fizm ACti'lJit7:GS ...Q .-.4 W, .., .uk ,' . If I 'X in f. ll ig- .tex 'awe -' rr ,QQ ft Wav' ., it ,' i C1'V,,,:1"i-njfi,,...v4 . ,T - -- ,... law- J 'Q W-lumLdv7Rv,.1- H" " 1 ' 3? rr 9 iw.. ,r-mfg , , We il? .sf ', 'X M ata' 1 X-RFQ". ,i ilk? LM'5"f-, '.',xn.1.,.i 4 .' ' wx . wa ff! in in will We -1 .w'ff'fZv- if. . z i i . Qs W1-J Kath Q5 'Willy " fi'-1 .THE TI-IE STAR COURSE 'Mrixx gllllllllillllllilllllllllllltlllllll!IIIHMIIUlllllllllllllllllltlmMMIIIllIllIllmlllllllllillillllllIIllllL, E :: . A I J f .' 2 . M - 2 , g . ' Z 3 1 in 1 1 1 l 1 1 in 1 an i 1 t 1 1 1 1 3 3 1 cu 1 1 1 1 nu Q 2 an an an up an as 1 cu an un 1 an an 4- an an an so 1 no as an an an an .- an an. 1 1 - an no up as au an an au an an an 1 -Q an - 1 an an -nu 1 1-n can an . as .1 an -n an - an .nr as on 1 i .1 C. R. GIDEON A. R. GOULD MANAGERS CHARLES R. GIDEON, Adelphia A. R. GOULD, .P17.il0'l77,CLt1L6fL7'L THE COURSE JOHANNA GADSKI, November 8 EVAN WILLIAMS, December 1 TILLY KOENEN, January 16 PORTMANTEAU THEATRE, February 19 MISCHA ELMAN, March 8 STRICKLAND W. GILLILAN, March 19 For the first time in the history of the Star Course, every seat in the Auditorium, every available chair that could be placed on the stage, was sold long before the scheduled appearance of the first number. This tells the story of the Star Course for this year. Although it is a relatively new organization on the campus, it is fast taking its place among the older ones. The explanation for this success may be attributed to two causes. One lies in the fact that the management has placed no limit on the field from which to draw material for the concerts. The other may be attributed to the realization on the part of the students of the wonderful opportunities oEered by its programs. As a result of this awakened interest and the liberty of the manage- ment, the artists oiered this year have been far in advance of those pre- sented in past years. The talent was exceptional and varied, and there- fore well received. The managers are: Charles R. Gideon, representing Adelphic, and A. R. Gould, representing Philomaethean. ACf'i'l!'it'ieS Four Hundred Seventy- l gnillllllllliiilllllillHNlN3l2Hil'IlHlilllllillllllllNlillllllllfilllllllllINNNINIIIIIINIlllllllllllllllllf' LZ 5 :UIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHlllllllllllllllHllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg THE UNIVERSITY BANDS A. A. HARDING, DIRECTOR The University of Illinois Military Band is the largest organization of its kind in America. Up until this year it was the largest college band, but during the general prosperity of the country Director Harding man- aged to raid the Uni coffers to the extent of five thousand dollars, and by a successful bear movement in the ammunition markets secured brass to the par value of his gold. These brasses added to the previously purchased instruments brought the total equipment up to ten thousand dollars. Be- sides this the band owns its own library, all the Way from Yankee Doodle to Cavalier de Rusticana, about three thousand selections in all. The organization, because of its duties and unwieldiness as a whole, is divided into four sub-organizatiions. The lst Regiment Band, which is the Concert Band, has eighty membersg the 2nd Regiment Band has sixty membersg the Reserve Band fifty members, and last but noisiest the Trum- pet Corps thumps along with twenty-five little drummer boys. Of these it IDRESSEII UP 1-'on coxulm' nm' Four llundrcd Svvvntyqwgn Activities .s an qv,-, xxsnu' THE l9l8 , Ji f an -nu an no as ax -Q 1 at an un no an -1 -s an no 1 an so un -s 1 1 as -nr co- as no an uno an un no Q an 1 an 1 nu an as un -s - - an an an up up un 1 as -u. -n up as an so up 'Q an 1 as up - an -Q -4 - -n -0 1 up on 4-A an as .- on -n up sn vu an - - as -up an on 1 in 1 1 1 up up an as cm i 1 in eq un ii Qu TIIHIHIHIIHHNllllllllllllilllllllllHHHHIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfi l 1, lgllllswilriLltflu-blamerrurimisiaw4:1iii ' xwgei' ,J .um Ei". um W. vw f"'L'4gEJ ct., H rllliiwm silflffQBfillliilEiiitdtiiillfilliEHHEHHNWIQHBEKEEMNEFSBEKW!!?fl'VfiFQf1iltllTlHE'!ilFillHllfilllllllllllffllUHWllvuQ-+1 it giupg .- 21. 'VV Q il yi G i 1' 2' .. . Q, ' 'mv A Fa Q. .. ,izllff ,.. IT TAKES TVSO BANDS T0 BE HEARD OW THE DRILL FIELD is the first that gives the concerts, makes the tours and accompanies the athletic teams in pursuit of victory. One large concert is given annually at the University Auditorium, by the Concert Band, the program consist- ing of the better pieces of high class music. A tour is also made every spring, the glories of Illinois thus being spread through the surrounding country. Last year the inhabitants of southern Illinois reaped the benefits of actual contact with our famous band, natives of Carbondale, Centralia and Olney surrendering their seats at the cracker box for places in the front row at the "Oprey House". The Pride of Illinois also invaded Mis: souri, taking St. Louis by storm to the envy of all natural born Missouri optimists and in the face of a "Show Me" opposition. And, although never awarded an "I" or a gold and blue banner, the band has helped bring home much championship bacon. It makes all trips with various various athletic teams fexcept the golf and rifle teams, pos- sibly fearing competitionj and when the banner of the Alma Mater seems about to be dragged into the mire, the band usually steps into the breach and scares off the offensive. Possibly the personality of the director of the University Military Bands is the reason for their success. Mr. A. A. Harding entered the Uni- versity late in the 1890's and registered in the engineering school. How- ever, he evidently felt the call of' romantic battle in his veins, for in 1900 he became student leader of the band. At that time it counted thirty members, being in its extreme infancy. When Mr. Harding graduated he continued his musical Work, being appointed Director of the bands. Today these bands comprise a total membership of two hundred and fifteen well trained men with modern equipment, a large classical repetoire and a solid gold guaranteed reputation. So, although we may fall before many other foes, our bands' records can never be broken. lim. . A ,, 1 ,Q xx , . . , iL 1 . AT PURDUE AT COMMENCEMENT A6tiUiti6S Four Hundred Seventy-eight f'ilfHlillfii3 yy ..r"jQg,,,'Q,,' JJ, ' ik,1-ri:t',:x,,m1r1cl,,I"MUHflWW WIVIHEWIWIWW"4i'w'fF"Y'L-V''iI'P'GHV'l' H"-1'1'WP"'i L 'f L'-' i '-Q - K , 4Qw,,',M.,.p ma, X H I I 2 CONCERT BAND IN THE AUDITORIUM OFFICERS ALBERT AUSTIN HARDING, Dii-ectoi' H. C. HAWES, President S. J. BESS, Secretary D. G. EVANS, Business Manager G. C. TANTON, Financial Secretary P. M. BOSTON, Drain Major Four llundrrd Seventy-niow Activities 'Q-jllllllllllllllIllllIllIllllIllllllllllIIIIINIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIINNIIIIHIIIIINHIOHIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllL45 5 2 an 1 1 i 1 53 l Kahn 1 3 Willy THE l9l8 4. 3 C f 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 au i 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 3 1 as 1 1 1 an an an 1 1 1 FIRST REGIMENT CCONCERTJ BAND Solo Clarinets R. T. OLMSTED W. C. HEALY C. H. SIEVER F. S. SHY CARL CLEGG E. J. JONES First Clarinets W. L. MCCLURE I H. T. BEETH A. E. LINDBERG ' MILTON DREYFUS W. K. HRABIK Second ,Clarinets XVALTER EMCH . H. CRIM M. H. COOK A. H. HARZ G. C. TANTON S. M. MACDOWELL Third Clarinets B. R. BATTEY C. P. WIEDEMANN WALTER WYNE A. N. SMITH B. E. DAVIDSON Bass Clarinet ROSTER Baritone Saxophone T. J. STRONG Flute and Piccolo H. C. HAWES G. B. HOPKINS S. C. HOLLISTER V. T. STEVENS E-flat Clarinets F . M. LESCHER J. R. SHULTERS Oboes H. S. BLAEUER W. K. HRABIK Bassoons W. W. THOMSON R. I. SHAWL Cello D. S. CAMPBELL String Bass E. I. FJELD E-flat Basses L. A. RAHN C. C. WINDLE F. A. WII.Tz Solo Cornets W. I. KIRBY E. E. NEWCOMB A. N. BRABROOK J. T. REID First Cornets A -S. J. BESS C. P. HARRAH, R. E. CHAMBERS Trumpets THEO. HEMB M. H. HUNT R. R. BOYD R. E. KENT French Horns G. B. MOMILLAN W. H. HYSLOP J. M. KNAPPENBERGER S. J. CROOKER A. B. BROWN T. S. TANNER Trombones W. A. GATWARD LESLIE PLATT W. V. WIRTH L. C. CANNON M. C. BACHMAN -' J. H. E RAP? BB-flat Basses N. E. WALDRON 3 Soprano Saxoplwnes. . D, G, EVANS CLIFFORD KENT : O. L. MOORE HUGH FITCH E I . 3 R. A. CARLSEN B. L. KIRK 'W Hmmm Z L. E. HILL Z Alto Saxophones Snare Drums ' E G. B. HOPKINS H. E. KENT Barztones : R. W. MICHAEL A. B. CARROLL 0. A. HOUG 2 F. A. PARKS DAVON SMITH 2. Tenor Saxophones Q E R, M, PARKS Bass Drum Tympani E C. H. RADEKE KAYWIN KENNEDY R. L. CASTLE -'T-3: Band Clerk Librarian Properties l 2 H. L. GOGERTY L. J. CONANT M. H. CABLE -E ' .R. W. GREISER E . . . 5 Activities Fam- mmm.: Emmy 1 3 ug i 3 1 1 1 lllllmllllllllllllllll HHIIIIII an 1 1 1 1 nn 1 1 3 1 1 1 as 1 1 2 1 3 1 1 1 lllllllllllllmlIllllllll EEIIIIIIHIIIIHIIIIIllllllllllllllIINIllllllllIllIINNIlllllllllllllllllllllllHIIIIIIIIIINIIlllllllllllllll-E 2'-:IllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllIIIHNINHIIDlllllHIINNIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg 2 SECOND REGIMENT BAND E Clafrinets Solo Cornets Trombones R W 3 . . MIOHAEL : C. D. WAGSTAFF Z S. BLAEUER 5 . W. DRUMMET : C. Z. ROSECRANS 3 P. W. BENNETT 3 P. M. GINNINGS 3 E. S. HUFFMAN .E H. B. HEMI-I E Oboe 3 A. H. GOTTSOHALK 3 Flutes and Piceolos E REHNQUIST : WARREN : A HINRIOHS - J.. T. SCHOTT L GF? WFUQ - . G. KRUG - Sacvophones E U. S. POSTEL .. L. M. WILSON -- R. M. KEATTS E Drum Major 2 C. H. GEWALT E Clfwinets -1' J. E. HANSEN 3 C. T. HAMMON 3: W. A. DIESEL 2: PAUL BURLEY E Flutes mid Piccolos 2 R. D. CHANGNON I L. F. I-IARFORD I WM. WENZLAFF i I TE Saxopltones .. W. F. STRAUB 3 R. M. OUTLAND -E Solo Cornets E I. L. REVEAL -5 C. A. PETERSON -3 C. G. TURNBULL 3: C. B. LANGENSTEIN Z HAROLD ANDERSON E REG. GHER : E. E. RANDALL, Chief 2 C. H. DELONG 2 WALTER MOORE 1 : R. H. MORRISON : L. E. THOMPSON 3 E. F. CHRITTON 2 E Fam' Hzendwd Eiglity-one : . E. D. SWANBERG E. F. REHNQUIST R. R. BOYD W. G. SPICER R. W. LAMRERT First Cofrnets . G. H. KERSHAW T. G. SEARLE V A. J. JANATA W. J. FULTON Second Cornets T. E. STOCKDALE A. H. LINDSEY F. W. MCELHENEY Tliiwd Cornets H. W. MULLIKEN R. N. WHITTINOTON Horns T. S. TANNER B. A. EDIE P. R. MOORE M. R. BEEMAN RESERVE BAND First Cofrnets L. P. RAYBURN G. W. LUTES W. R. MORGAN KENNETH ALLEN ROBT. SCUDAMORE Second Cofrnets H. P. FOLKERS R. W. SLOCUM E. A. PRITCHARD W. E. CAMP Third Cornets W. H. NIXON WALTER MOORE B. B. VORIS C. H. DELONG H Owns M. R. BEEMAN G. STOUTENBOROUGH O. W. HOWELI. H. G. MCMILLAN H. W. HILL TRUMPETERS H. D. CLARK W. E. PURSELL R. A. WASHRURN H. D. MOSIER W. D. CLARK J. L. BROWN A. H. LENZEN A. H. TURNER R. P. SHAPLEY J. R. FREY L. D. LLOYD Baritones G. W. MOORE S. H. WENZLAFE Basses N. E. SHELDON C. C. WINDLE E. C. MOORE Dwums C. C. BUROETT H. C. YEAGER S. S. OMANSKY W. E. HAYNE R. E. BOYD Libwwifm G. H. REID Pfroperties M. L. REES R. W. BANNEN Trombones L. D. LLOYD J. P. CARROLL D. O. SCHRADER M. E. BRAME H. E. BREWBAKE C. W. HAWLEY Baritonesl . W. V. SCHOOH O. S. FASIG WM. WENZLAI-'F Basses G. M. KLEOKNER M. G. MILES C. W. LAWTON L. F. BARTELS Drums H. C. BITTER W. P. MOCK R. B. JOHNSON R. B. TERRY C. C. NOGLE H. F. LEWIS J. C. RALSTON CHAS. MAURER K. H. GORDON FRED WALTER H. H. JACKSON W. H. WILLIAMS R Activities QI Swann Q www THE l9l8 , T 1 1 no 1 1 an 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 an 1 L: 1 an 1 1 at an as 1 an 1 un 1 3 1 1 1 -5 -1 -9 11 1 1 as 1 1 an is in tu to 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 l as 1 an 1 1 an 1 1 1 i 1 i i l ETIIIIIINIHIHHIHllllllIllllllllllllllllilllllllliilIlllllllllllllllllHUHHHllllllllllllllllllllllllllfri .J if- - .Q ri int. -g ., l.. . ,.f,- ' f'i'l'w"42 111.11121-1' f f .'.:f 'f""l'illJlT5l'Jr'liJr-''-'ii' in-rfltlfzllflillllllllill" GLEE AND MANDOLIN CLUB On May 12, 1916, the Glee and Mandolin Club closed its twenty-fifth season with the Annual Concert given at the University Auditorium. The year was entirely successful, the competitioin at the beginning of the year having been the keenest in the history of the club. An unusual number of prospective warblers turned out at the first call and winners of places represented the pick of the University's musical talent. The Interscholastic program was divided into two parts, the first half of a formal nature and the second half, informal, a series of specialty num- bers leading up to theclimax, a takeoi on grand opera. This part was very successfully played, a clean farce full of fun and comedy, and it served to balance the first half of the program very cleverly. During the Christmas Holidays the club appeared at several cities near Chicago. The members were well received and entertained at each place and they did much to renew and instill "Illinois Spirit" in old grads and in prospective students. For a time hopes were high for a tour over the Santa Fe lines, but these plans did not materialize. The club is now contemplating a short trip at Easter time through several eastern cities, and also one 'or two trips to take place before the season closes. A pro- gram was given at the ground breaking of the new Music School, and it is expected that the club's activities will in the future be more closely allied with the College of Music, and to student activities in general. AClfi'U'it'i6S Four Hundred Eighty-two i 1 i A 1 v i . . I - I 1 21 1 3 3 i i as i 3 1 1 1 1 1 i wi 1 3 1 3 l 3 1 sl 1 fi f 1 1 1 1 A1 1 1 1 mb as 1 'as W dh Bb 1 an -an 1 i 1 1 un mis Ai 'Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 si mb 1 'L .in mm .1 .un .sn an 'sm in uu- -sm- mu -it -has .mm uw sum .um an wus -do nb in nb 1 1 1 1 mu if 'wr .eva .nv . ,W an-n una us: ann- nu. pu... 1 'ann rum :nw .nm- 'nr no mu me to 1 on up in in fun as su an ul .ur -u-1 un new vm, wx: im U, 'yn .vm an fn vu sn no nm lllllllllllllllllilililllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllilllllllIllWIN!!IIINIHIIIIQIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIE A e Ci QQ X f jj .V 3-" r GLEE AND MANDOLIN' .CLUB OFFICERS ' 3?-nfl uwuf " R. S. BIGELOW, President , " ' A. S. GRAVEN, Secretary-Treasurer TH E - F. E.. CAVETTE, Business Manager j C. E. SNELL, Assistant Manager, Glee Club I A. D. LADEHOFF, Assistant Manager, Mandolin Club. 5, l9l 3 MANDOLIN CLUB GLEE CLUB b M. E. REAGAN, Leader K. D. Ross, Leader , 3 J. L. COOLIDGE, Assistant Leader C. W. SMITH, Assistant Leader First Mandolins First Tenvrs E ' R. S. BIGELOW M. E. REAGAN A. D. LADEHOFF L. J. SELZER H. H. ARCHBOLD J. L. COOLIDGE Second Mandolins M. R. DAVIS R. L. MCKOWN M. R. THOMAS G. A. KRUEGER E. C. ROBERTS Third Mandolins R. P. KIDSON First R. M. DAWSON R. B. HARRINGTON Mandolas D. BABCOCK L. W. SCHRYOCK Guitars Seam J. J. BICKEL A. W. HINDS C. H. HOULT Mando Cello S. I. HORNKOHL W. H. TUCKER, Pianist J. B. CARROLL H. W. KAMP C. E. SNELL E. B. MALAPER1' J. W. ARMSTRONG N. W. CALDWELL A. A. MENDSEN Second Tenors F. E. CAVETTE E. B. ERICKSON A. S. GRAVEN W. H. MANDEVILLE S. E. WALWORTH V G . . SOHENCK R. G. CONE Bases I K. D. Ross C. W. SMITH N. ROMERO W. L. WYNE O. L. MOORE H. A. NEFF D. A. STRAUSS d Bases D. L. MINK C. ROWE W. W. THOMSON P. BERRYMAN P. A. ANDERSON W. KRAECKMANN F. P. BAKER Four Hundred Eighty-three Activities -as 1 -1 -so fl mum ,una -an -us an 1 'an an an :uc- -uv' no un an an can -1 an qn cu 41 1 -1 an an um as CQ an -ab was us nw ,uw nu.. ,um mu. an nn um no -ve ma aug. .vw an -an um ww un un- uw us.- ua .aw Jus: .un 1.-N. an an ne... nw uv Aw-1 .se ww M- uma me an .Q us L.. -.L wa an um an mu an mn- -Q. -M an .-as .um an as 1 lil -um as wall in vw WHWQYSQWIQ UHQMHHH!!NNW!BiiwiillliiiilillllliliiQMEIZSHWQSH!i?iiHiflFSM1iHB'ill EUQSTEHESCESMEHFEE -'liliili liililllllltltlililiHiliiiliiiSllifiltliiliilliFfllillllultlilllfilfI2iHHiilimflllllliiiiilliii WEL ll VAN IIDUTICN XVILLICY l'll.ClIAllh IIUNGICIIFORII ll'LLN 'Vl'Ul'Yl'R Nl KDFVII II' TFKI '1'Ul'l'Y WIVWIXURY T I-I E A G G L E E C L U B PERSONNEL H. BRUNNEMEYER H. N. HUNGERFORD M. J. MANDEVILLE G. E. NEWBURN E. I. PILCHARD P. H. TEAL F. H. VAN HOUTEN G. S. WILLEY The Ag Glee Club is an organization of nine men, chosen on a com- petitive basis from the membership of the Agricultural Club, and its pur- pose is to serve the better agricultural interests of the state by familiar- izing them with Agricultural College at the Unievrsity and the work it does. Being small of size the Club can go into very small communities, thus carrying its purpose in the more isolated sections of the country. Trips are made to outlying towns by steam and electric lines, and to parts nearer by automobile. During the year programs were given at Georgetown, Rantoul, Oakwood Township High School and the Bethel com- munity, the expenses of the club being paid. The members of the club are also usually reimbursed individually by being set before heaping portions of regular farm products. ' The leader of the Club, E. I. Pilchard, and its members deserve credit for the work they are doing, and we hope that with the successful start they have made this year they may broaden their scope and continue their efforts toward doing good in the surrounding rural communities. ll ctifvitics Four Ilzmrlrcrl Eifflity-fou r g 1 1 Q ' X Z 25IllllllllillllllllllllllIIIUIHHIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllilllillIll!IilHHH!llllllllllllllllllll uuuumg 'JE 3. ORATDRY AND DEBATE ,jx I f J A E BOARD or ORATORY AND DEBATE -S"-'- A THE H. E. LAMB, President E. B. HAYES, Secictwry-Trercszwco' J. H. ARMSTRONG P. W. CARRAUGH C. G. HOWARD J. II. ARMSTRONG ROBERT ANTOSZXVESKI This year sees Illinois attain a still higher place in her fight for foren- sic standing. Our university has made an enviable reputation in athletics because athletics are enthusiastically supported by the whole school. Pub- lic speaking contests, on the other hand, which repay the team member and the "rooter" at least as well as contests of brawn, and which are just as interesting, were in a sad condition until two or three years ago because of lack of support. The only way to get this support is to win contests, and the public speaking coaches have had to solve the problem of bringing home victory. There was nothing easy about that. It was as if athletic coaches could not get men out for baseball and football because .there was no in- terest. The difliculty of winning championships under such circumstances is almost insurmountable. Laboring under such a handicap the men who control public speaking at Illinois set themselves to make the work a success. Every time a man of real possibilities appeared they made the most of him. A fortunate succession of such men is the chief reason for the rise from defeat and in- difference to victory and some real enthusiasm. The events which the ILLIO chronicles have considerably advanced both the standing of the activity at Illinois, and the relative position of the uni- versity among its competitors on the platform. The yearly contest of the Northern Oratorical League, composed of the Universities of Illinois, Mich- igan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Oberlin is the most important event of its kind in the Middle West. This contest was held in our Auditorium last spring, and Robert H. Antoszewski won second place for Illinois. We were first in the League two years ago and have since been among the leaders. In the Annual Peace Oratorical contest we achieved equal success. George K. Brady was our representative and won first place in the State contest and second in the Interstate competition. Fam- llundwrd Eif,my.nvc Activities so 1 an 1 -nu 1 1 1 an 1 1 1 nn 1 3 1 1 an 1 1 -n 1 1 as an 1 1 1 on an 1 1 -as 3 1 on 3 i 1 1 on 1 an 1-n an as up on 1 at on 4- uno -1 an an on - -n -n in as an an -up an uu- - an us as - -n an .- on an -nu .- nn an .- an ua an as ua ..- - un an an so un gn .us .1 Q.. .un- J- 'uso in-Q 'lun -asp. .un -es. 4-Q mn --an .uu- 'qlilllilllliIHIlilllllillililliiillllllllllliillllllilllillllillilllHH!ill!HHNlilllllllllliiliilliilillillg bzlllim ',f-"wl1i14lj'v:i, , 1 fg:1gf,gggppg,fyfqjgigfqy1L 4 Illinois is a member of two debating conferences-one with the Uni- versities of Iowa and Minnesota, whom we, meet early in December of each year, and another with the Universities of Michigan and Wisconsin, with whom we debate in March. In these latter debates last year we broke even, winning from Wisconsin on her own platform, and losing an evenly fought contest to Michigan by a majority decision. The first of these teams was composed of W. M. Willets, J. H. Armstrong and D. F. Fleming Cleaderj. The members of the second team were Edward B. Hayes, George K. Brady and Ralph E. Himstedt Cleaderj. But it was in the fall debates this year that Illinois distinguished her- self. She won all by unanimous decisions. It is the first time in the his- tory of the conference that this has been done. The first of these teams was composed of Truman G. Searle, Glen Grifiin and Edward B. Hayes Cleaderj, and the other, of Benjamin Wham, O. M. Clem and G. V. Knight Cleaderj. They are the first teams for which coach Lew R. Sarett has had full responsibility. The men who have worked with him expect to see a continuation of this success. Hence forward the Public Speaking Department, in conjunction with Delta Sigma Rho, will award a silver cup to each of the two seniors who have been most prominent in debating and oratory. We have had our third year of success iin these activities. In our fall debates we registered an unprecedented triumph. We have able men to direct these affairs and an awakened student interest. Illinois has power along these lines, and she is on her way to become one of the leading forensic universities of the West. NORTHERN ORATORICAL LEAGUE Robert H. Antoszewski took second place in the Northern Oratorical League contest held in our Auditorium last spring. Mr. Antosewski is a Pole, and his oration was a ringing protest against the crime and injustice by which the "wolves of Europe" have humiliated and distressed his coun-- try. His climax was a picture of the ghastly effects of this last war upon the unfortunate land of the Pole. The Universities which with Illinois make up the Northern Oratorical League are Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Oberlin. V PEACE ORATORICAL CONTEST George K. Brady won first in the Annual Peace Oratorical Contest of the State of Illinois. His subject was "Peace and Education". Then the winners of the State contests in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Indiana met in an Interstate Contest in which Mr. Brady was second. 'rim 'rEAI.t:1 NVIIICII NYILI, REPIIICSICNT 11.I.1No1s IN Ti.-L srnmo DISIIATES A6t'i7Jil'iCS Four llimdrcd Eighty-sin: ,111llillllldlilifll1MJQllflfman-l'12lil.:mf,1z1li.V1d'H2115493111111ipewswmwrmizaaipmiamlltliiiimzsiamai1332235.452 MID-WEST DEBATING LEAGUEK MARCH 31,1916 ,if l 'H The question: ' ll "RESOLVED: that the Federal government should own and admin? , ister all public service telephone and telegraph lines 3 constitutional-U"--1 ity waived." ILLINOIS-MICHIGAN DEBATE URBANA Afiirmative flllinoisj EDWARD B. HAYES G. K. BRADY ALPH E. HIMSTEDT BRADY HIMSTEDT HAYES The judges: PROF. CLARION HARDY, Noi'thwestei'n University. PROF. C. W. SNOW, University of Indiana. DR. J. D. MCINTOSH, Wabash College. The decision: Two to one for Michigan. ILLINOIS-WISCONSIN ' DEBATE MADISON Negative flllinoisj W. M. WILLETS J. H. ARMSTRONG DENNA F. FLEMING The Judges : W'lLl.FI'l'S ARMSTRONG FLEMING DEAN HALL, University of Chicago. MR. GEORGE PALMER, Cl?,iCag0. PROF. JAMES LARDNER, Northivestern University.- The decision: Two to one for Illinois. Four Ifundrcd Eighty-seven A0t'i'Uft'i6S Qlillllllllllll IIHHIIIIHIllllllllllllIMlIllllMillillllllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIll lg E E3 J, I. M. I. DEBATING LEAGUE FQ 2 " DECEMBER 8, 1916 5 -fi I he question: S f y, J "Resolved: that the Federal Government should own and operate E I I AN'-'V the railroadsg constitutionality granted." E - xunw 5 , : I N ' ILLINOIS-IoWA E THE DEBATE E IowA CITY E Affirmative flowal E RUSSELL LUMLEY I : l9l8 RoY BURNS 5 ORLEN J. WILSON :: E Negative Clllinoisj 2 -E BENJAMIN WHAM E 2 ORLIE CLEM g E GALEN V. KNIGHT : E The judges: E PROF. A. B. WHITE, University of Minnesota. E E JUDGE ROBERT OLMSTEAD, Rock Island. 5 5 MR. GEORGE PALMER, Chicago. 2 E The decision: Unanimous for Illinois. E - : nn an 7 .- an .. :- as : un ., f- as it " 1 'V' on 5 i ILLINOIS-MINNESOTA 2 5 . DEBATE 5 - I URBANA 5 an - 2 Affirmative Clllinoisj E ... TRUM AN SEARLE 2 -E GLENN GRIFFEN E 3 EDWARD B. HAYES 5 -in Negative fMinnesotaJ E -' PAUL JAROSCAK 2 .- an V FITZGERALD " 2 A DAVID LUNDEEN :DE lv SI'.Alll.L HAYES 1-RIFPEN gp li - 3. an -in ., E The judges: if 2 DR. .I.'D. MCINTOSH, Wabash College. 'Z E PROF. J. A. JAMES, N ortliivestern University. 2 ,E PROF. C. W. WASSAM, University of Iowa. E E The decision: Unanimous for Illinois. Q 3 i ,-3 . . . -- .. Activities Four 111mm-cd Eighty-eight 'I'- : E I-'J fr.: QiliiiiiiitllHHH?iiiiiiiiiiiiililliHiiHl.HiilHIHiiilllilitiiiwililiiiHH!NIHiliiiillliillli-liNNWIHNW NVIIAM cI.EM KNIGHT 2 8 'W' The Illia 1918 Vanity Fair The mio ms Vanity Fair 7-111' llI,',, 191.9 Vanity FILM, v, 2 V ,- .1. .g:,5 .'5,,:: .., .-a , ' 'pr' , . V QW ,1 .X Ny, ,. 1, -rl J '4 '5,q g. '::. , ' ,R-.1 ' - ,K A ." ,.'-' - ,' 3 ru .xv U., ""' "H - X ' : 1.f ., 1. ,qi K, 5 V ' ': ' . . -'1V,M.'- .. 5 1 A 1, . ' , Q - ,' N. -X K. Au., .,. , . 4, MAJOR R. W. MPIARNS Four llznulrrrl lfillllfll-'llilll' Acmvltws l P Q ,Q 1 I ""'r NL ,.,,.,,,:Fr i -till-wrisflrwiif I -ffulfuu 'iilillfl f , fmt 'il-I. . l,AlllZl'1S'l' ANI! lllCS'l' 'l'lll'2 l'NlVI'IRSI'I'Y ARMUYIY TI-IE MILITARY DEPARTMENT In this, the second year of Major R. W. Mearns administration, the military department has taken huge strides in the direction of practical in- struction. No more does it offer the chance to get easy university credit: on the contrary, it has dropped much of its monotony and has developed into a course of study in which more and more of the students are being actively interested. This may be due in some measure to the newer note in Americanism, but without a doubt it is also partially ascribable to the per- sonality and energy of Major Mearns and his staif. Soon after Major Webster had returned to the regular service our present commandant undertook to obtain as many regular army ofiicers as possible to assist in the training of the student brigade. As a result of his agitation there came to Illinois four captains, all fresh from active service. With them, Major Mearns began to change the old order of things. The drills held under the supervision of these practical men have become hours in which the rudiments of military science are thoroughly mastered. The classes in Military Tactics, formerly conducted by the student officers, have been turned over to the regular staff who have developed them into pro- ductive recitations. With this increased stringency in the policy of the de- partmentthere has came a realization on the part of the students that it is for the best, both for them and for the future of the country. Illinois' reply to the cry of preparedness can be seen on four days of the week at the Armory, but to further the cause of national preparation the student brigade was taken to Chicago to participate in the mammoth parade held there on June 3. The action was put up to the individual stu- dent and it is to the fame of Illinois that more than 1500 men responded to A 0111711 IBS Forty llimdrrzl Ninvty 1IIlanuimlanamltaialldlmialslamml lHiil'llll.l'4'l 42111311mm!!illlflillfi-iw? illMM!!ll-l1d:1f1+ml1laf4iilslisenifg PROFESSORS OF MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS S . 2 v R. Il. WIILSIIIMICR C. A. 'I'R0'l'T R. WV. MHAYINS XV. J. DAVIS J. ll. BARNARII the call. Then there was the Champaign parade 'of the same nature. It, too, remains a tribute to the spirit of the school. And last, but by far not the least, there is the establishment of the three units of the National Reserve Officers Corps. President James, col- laborating with Major Mearns, influenced the government officials first to the establishment of a unit of Infantry and later to the establishment of units of Engineering and Signal Corps under the same laws. Of course, the full significance of these acts has not been made apparent as yet, but in time due praise and appreciation will come to the men directly responsible for their institution. The military policy of the last year, so auspiciously begun, can but mean a step toward maintaining Illinois first in the ranks of state univer- sities. as I 1 ' ' i L AS THE IKIIIGAIII-I PASSES IN REVIEXV Four Hzmdrwl Nivwty-one A6l'f'b'if'iGS jaw .N I ' M...:': ,1'.L ' ' :ti A , , t , fc, , I K5 ' , 3 "x 0215 ,N 1' "" ltanfm ..- nf 'r 'Y' x XM: ' wifi? mini, We .Pe ui 50:1 'nw 4 vWlH!'7ll U 'r l ff .V E3 'X 'P 2- X Y' -E ,, iff-lp wr HU ' Nyc gi, V Q X J Ili-B 1 1 .-- , 'Il ' ri A 'uf 1, ,I V C, P 513 .. ,W . ff at .ae .lm iffi' 012451111xml114.14mw114'1?ffl3i'iulz1.llimlllll4131ff1i'ldilli!2l?'2llllliiiiiflllfi'l"Ql ' 'H 1 . I ' ,!.,TfYilii'l1"H7 -will si, Q, 1 . uw .I pw- ,EIN I '.f'I,.,,. MW, . . -- "1II'III,'I,.-LII,3" ,'1fILxg"ix.I, ,-f'-A17 sY"WT'j3k'-' " I Il rf ', 'L II, 1 I I xp' yum ' "H" Ng M 'I' M5059 'hu C1 41, IIKFAWIIUIII' ,v I OFFICERS OF T-I-IE BRIGADE yu .f , 4' ,' .: H 1' if' .' '.. ' MI IZ, 1.33 I ' .Md , .ML 1, 1 uv' I V 'TG X ff. I ::,n I W' 'h'1.,'-"?'f'1 ' ,ufryg I .' lg 15" falfffi 1' i?.m,xM I. Yr if " I git. I5 in 5 fl f I I x " 3 A lf? . '44 1' I K, QI I .M I I,II'IU'l'. COLONEL POWERS COLONEL NELSON LII-1II'I', COLONEL CAMPIIELI. SENIOR OFFICERS IIOIITO N SIE!! MI IND SNVINDLEII ROBERTS NEEDLER. CIIAXVFOIIII POWEIIS-I CIISKAIYI-IN IIINES LAWRENCE NVAIiMOI.'I'S SMITII SIMPSON 0'I"I' C. XV. SMITII IlAIiIlEI.L SIIAREII IRON DUIIANT SNVAIM AXLINE G. I.. SIMITII NVAIIE I'IC'I'ZING CIIALCIIAFT J. XV. SMITII JOIINSON NVI'II.SIIIMEI! IIAIINAIID MEAIINS 'l'I!0T'I' IIAYIS NELSON GIFT IIAMILTON IXIIITT KEAGY LINDSEY AMES OVEIIEND GESI'ILIIRACII'l' MC KOIVN GIDEON Activities Four Ilunflrad Ninety-two :rr -ai' rf-, .,. ,. ,.,, f F 1 I f- v., , v. v ,.,.. fu-2 -1 I , f-un ws, V-fm ,f....,, ,..,,,. I- .1 . ..,. 1 f w r A I na. an f. 2 OFFICERS OF TI-IE BRIGADE JUNIOR OFFICERS REICIIELDERFER GREGORY IKRIGIIAM VAN CLEAVE HALL DICKSON 'I'URNQUIS'I' SWINIILEII MILLER I-'ICKE'l"l' GRAY GOOCII CIIALCRAFT DIESERUNIP CLEVELAND XVILLITS LUNDGREN 'PETZING IIUISKEN LEE OLIN GARE TAYLOR COST HACKLEY IIAILEY SCIIIFFLIN XVAGNER MOIKERLEY PARR CDOLITIGE GROSSRERG ANDERSON IIUMMI-ELAN!! HROOKS XYUERKER XVELSIIIMER DAVIS MEARNS 'l'R0'l"l' RARNARD MEEK YEAGER EICIIHERG FRICK MALLORY FAIRMAN IIICKEY KAL'l'IIOFl" YOCKEY RRAIN KOR!-IR HARLAND TUKEY ANTOZWESKI SOPHOMORE NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS PATTON SKINNER MEANS NELSON MILLER DOXVNS MURRAY KINDALL II. S. NICHOLS SIIELLARARGER IIENLEY GARMAN JOHNSON COLMEY SMILEY NORTON XVOLEHEN MC NAUGIITON NAGEL COLE FELDMAN RISLEY 0I.CllIl.TRlIl:I XVELSIIIMER DAVIS MEARNS 'I'R0'I"l' IIARNARD EINRECKER G. L. JONES IDE IXROXVN SCIINELLUACIIER XV. P. JONES PREHLE RANDALL Four Hundred Ninety-three ACt'i'U'ii7:6S mm on num mm am anno -nm ann arm nuf- mu. mum .nu- urn nw nur new ann paw an nw .paw -an IIllllllllllltlllililllllfllti HERllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIFIMIIHIIlllllllllllllIIIFIIIUIIIFIIRFWV OFFICERS OFC TI-IE BRIGADE COLONEL W. O. NELSON, Commanding Brigade MAJOR J. T. LEWIS, Brigade Adjutant - FIRST REGIMENT E J. H. POWERS, Lieutenant-Colonel 22 FIRST BATTALION E R. H. ENGL-E, Major E C. FAIRMAN, First Lieutenant and Adjutant 2: Company "A" Company "B" 2: R. L. SWINDLER, Captain L. W. HINES, Captain 1: H. R. IDE, First Lieutenant R. HUMMELAND, First Lieutenant :Q J. M. GREGORY, Second Lieutenant D. M. CHALCRAFT, Second Lieutenant :I Company ucv Company uDn Q: G. C. DARRELL, Captain C. A. BRITT, Captain 3 A. LEE, First Lieutenant J. N. COST, First Lieutennat 2 W. F. COOLIDGE, Second Lieutenant F. E. LUNDGREN, Second Lieutenant E SECOND BATTALION ' ' ' . 23 J. R. LINDSEY, Major 21 E. R. BRIGHAM, First Lieutenant and Adjutant Company "F" I. L. LUMMIS, Captain H. A. WELLS, First Lieutenant C. S. PALMER, Second Lieutenant Company "H" J. N. JOHNSON, Captain C. E. SNELL, First Lieutenant L. H. SHREIBER, Second Lieutenant ' BATTALION Company "E" nuke. 'num J. E. OTT, Captain R. H. MALLORY, First Lieutenant E. W. BAILEY, Second Lieutenant Company "G" J. L. CRAWFORD, Captain W VAN CLEAVE First Lieutenant 4-me au no .nm on, ann am anna A..K. SHIFFLIN, ,Second Lieutenant ' THIRD ...nan uw K Company 'I" C. A. DRAKE, Captain J. M. GRAY, First Lieutenant W. J. ALCOCK, Second Lieutenant , - Company "M" C. W. SMITH, Captain R. C. GORE, First Lieutenant M. A. YOCKEY, Second Lieutenant Supply Company R. H. LAWRENCE, Captain Company "K" V. H. GROSSBERG, Captain W. B. HOSTETLER, Second Lieutenant um cn.. -an nf.-R Company "L" H. 0. SIEGMUND, Captain F. H. MILLER, First Lieutenant H. T. MEEK, Second Lieutenant Headquarters Company W. T.'T. McEvoy, Captain W. J. RISLEY, Regimental Sergeant Major A. K. WUERKER, Second Lieutenant H Machine Gun Company 33 M. D. ROBERTS, Captain Ib?" g? H13 NPI QE " O rg? SE 3.5. EE' QQ' 2-5. 22 SS Nw NBER Activities Four Hundred Ninety-four ii mlm? Qlmllillllllii UBHIGHIICIII I an uv I-1 11 an fum vi: ci U33 urn :nn :mn mme an -m us: 1 1- um 1 li '11 'mv 111 mm um Q 1 1 as U1 an una mm 4:11 in uno am cm 111 1-11 - :uv 15 umm WhtiikittifitttiltiltitttitttiitiiitiiltHEWIJZMZEMltiltttfillllml!!Emil!!!EtttilttlitlllittttltiIEEREIBYE gjlltllllllllllttlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll-5:1 E : E CJR aa- E ,Q f : gf E r X I 5.021125-1 v: myyiglll ' 3 ..,..- 5 '1' H I2 if 5 I llllIJ .-'E ' ISIS : OFFICERS OF THE BRIGADE I 5 SECOND REGIMENT F., I W. F. CAMPBELL, Lieutenant-Colonel :: E FIRST BATTALION E ,: . A. C. AMES, Major E Z L. S. FOOTE, First Lieutenant and Adjutant g E Company "A" Company "B" : : R. L. McKowN, Captain G. L. SMITH, Captain 2 I F. D. BALL, First Lieutenant H. S. OLESEN, First Lieutenant "-'Z E E. M. FICKETT, Second Lieutenant J. S. MCCARROLL, Second Lieutenant E 3 Company "C" Company "D" gg: : E. S. AXLINE, Captain D. T. SWAIM, Captain gg : I. W. TURNQUIST, First Lieutenant F. N. VAUGHN, First Lieutenant 2 3 H. A. HUISKEN, Second Lieutenant I-I. REICHELDERFER, Second Lieutenant S 3: SECOND BATTALION :E :, H. L. HUSSON, Major gg 2' W. M. WILLETTS, First Lieutenant and Adjutant '.,",: E Company "E" Company "F" E g- L. F. SIMPSON, Captain C. W. BORTON, Captain gg 1 O. G. BRAIN, First Lieutenant C. W. BROOKS, First Lieutenant P.: 3, A. J. EICHBERG, Second Lieutenant M. B. HARLAND, Second Lieutenant II Company "G" Company "H" gg ZZ A J. H. NEEDLER, Captain H. G. OVERENT, Captain L: 11' S. B. TRELEASE, First Lieutenant G. E. DICKSON, First Lieutenant IT. IZ E. I. KOBER, Second Lieutenant H. C. DEISERUD, Second Lieutenant .."".-'S 5' THIRD BATTALION 55 -i Company "I" Company "K" 'gg' E D. D. SHARER, Captain H. C. GESELBRACHT, Captain :.':: : W. H. BON DURANT, First Lieutenant I. HULTMAN, First Lieutenant Z.: .1 E. S. MOBERIIY, Second Lieutenant D. W. HICKEY, Second Lieutenant 2 Company "L" , Company "M" 2 L. WARMoL'rs, Captain T. S. HAMILTON, Captain I E N. 0. TAYLOR, First Lieutenant H. O. SWINDLER. First Lieutenant 1'- gs H. M. TAULBE, Second Lieutenant C. A. WAGNER, Second Lieutenant : Headquarters Company Supply Company "-I C. Grcoss, Captain M. CUSKADEN, Captain E ,gi B. E. SKINNER, Regimental Sergeant Major H. B. TUKEY, Second Lieutenant gg 3 Engineering Company Signal Company I E P. W. OTT, Captain J. W. SMITH, Captain .."'I :Q V. A. PECCHIA, First Lieutenant C. M. ROBERTS, First Lieutenant E :Q E. R. PETZING, First Lieutenant G. A. SOWERS, First Lieutenant ': I A. C. WILSON, Second Lieutenant F. B. OLIN, Second Lieutenant :Z E, - Machine Gun Company - -:pl L. L. DAVIS, Captain :Q C. C. LARSON, First Lieutenant : A. L. KLINE, Second Lieutenant if Four Hundred Ninety-five A ctivities .1 3- an - .uu- -an uu- 1-an 'nun - -nn 41 -in -up -an i can 5583BHIHWIEEFilIlllllllllIlltllliillllllllilllllllllllliiltillllliIICllttllliimlikililllilillllittiilillfi Egtliiiliiliiitilliiiliililidtllltihliiit15125312525Filly?iliititlifilttttiiliitiiillliillfiiillilMH?iiliitililiiiiliiiiifiiWilliHlii-- uv 973. 11- .333 ff., , . Eff"""ml 3 .1 4- -- f Y... a,56'L h :lus ty ' gs i tial: 134 . . 1 We 5 4 -1...- ,..- M.. .vm we- t- M- f- W , we -an-. 4... we me M.- . 0. we ww aw. Aw , ...,. Ms. A. am -uw- .-M, s M, , .vw .W A-wa ..,.-.Y .,. .mm PREPAREDNESS Illinois has a reply to the pre- paredness cry. In fact, there are approximately twenty-two hun- dred answers. They may be seen any day of the week except Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Ar- mory about four in the afternoon. Preparedness, has always been heard, altho in an undertone, about the University of Illinois, but dur- ing the last year it has been every- where about the campus. Drill, which used to be considered as more or less drudgery is taken more seriously now. The instruc- tional staff which the military de- partment has obtained go about their work in the most business- like manner. Everything military breathes preparedness. With this undertone there has been outward demonstration on the part of the students. First came the Champaign County Preparedness day, May 26. The whole Brigade, Bat- tery F and the troop of cavalry militia gave considerable military atmos- phere to the turnout. The march was long and the day hot, but the parade was successful. Altho it was not known at this time, this march was mighty good preparation for the longer, more strenuous -march which was to come. - That march was the Chicago Preparedness Parade. The details of the plan for taking the Brigade to Chicago hung fire for several days. It was even given up once, but finally the Chicago alumni made the arrangements for the trip. It was a volunteer affair thruout, and it is to the credit of the University that over fifteen hundred men responded to the call. Assembly was blown at 5:45 and the two special trains were on their way to Chicago by breakfast time. At 10:30 the Illini brigade was at rest in Grant Park. Then came the long march. It was a winding one about the loop district, but in all the miles covered, there were no gaps in the Illinois ranks. At the end of the line of march, box lunches took the place of a regular mess and about three o'clock entrainment for the return was begun. Champaign greeted the tired soldiers about sun-down, but everyone agreed that preparedness has its good points, even for a march. THE FIRST REGIMENT STRUTS HIGH IN THE PREPAREDNESS PARADE Activities Four Hundred Ninety-six -' an w-i.,- 4 '- WU ,nf ' Vi' " .ug i.,w5q..,, 11,Hi31143 l'XQfi23i1MSufi2-i12ifMf2iM'6MSa2iimmilarsfyw4W'a1zf4. 1A4QMmeLa: ::zwiw1aszmwailifim-vwvii J f -4 , . . 1 .....1 ,A-L., .mn -1 V 1 ,-.A . -m .M -wh .... . A-M -V... -,.-. . -W . 1 K 3 - v 1 , vm Nm 'mm .mn -ww, .A-V. v -14. v. ,, . L. .M L -1 W sf 1. 1 1 ,e - N , Q x x, K I 'ri . SJ, . 7'T'!.-'I 1 wr " 5 5' n,,Y1f'A,j' V iv "9 "HV I ..,. ' V-,. lu. ,V ' 1,1311 ,W 'Qrrfiiin .w"7-Q-'W' had P jmfqgkff ,pw 'A Q ,141 1 gc ',QiP5,:1 . G- Mi f. , . 5 ff 'J E , 'V Q 2. Q wr 5 1 5 5f.,,,',. 3.2 ,-.f V. . 131 xg 1 ., Y - an I 'rms 1-LANIQ, AN OBJECT orf Muon culuosrrv nunmc INTEHSCIIOLASTIC . T7 1 4 'A - n. -A Q I , ., J. "l'RI'ZXY'S" 'rlzouums IN GETTING A Pnm'AnmnNxzss AUDIENCE Arm Fnw ' ' AJ' ' V-1 ' ' '- FV- ' . ..,--,qgv-v 1.11: 1 . .,S5a.7'l - I , 'rim BATTERY Usms Muon Goon POXVDICH Fon sA1.U'rlas Four Hundred Ninety-seven Activities g3y'gyy1:,114f1 'wx 1 ,,A - 3 Q4 2 M JA Qi? ,1- .M1 V. wi fu 1-A-,-u fr.-:rs mn W. . -1 - rn w -4.1, .ww 1.1--1 mfs V W . ,au -ie ,mm :wr fp..-4 , rum f -I., L.. rv J.. fu -Q IsliirelnxliieazxnreniivanvsrfislvaesfliefwlilnzisslavfnmlivsslaaannlwlnnuwwwnriwnrrllfitIHtrllfllflc w-1 .lu- 0 1 4 1 1. 14. cn THE ENGINEERING CORPS GFTS BUSY TF I-I I3 E5 l-I ik lvl I3 JK if if I. EE 1916 f- ur .1-i .mg an K . or fv- i. nr .. in vu nh fn A u rv r- ten an nn 11 wuz rm . 1 The sham battle held in May was, in reality, a substitute for one which was to be held with the Wisconsin brigade. The plans for this meeting were branded as impractical and so the battle between the two regiments of Illinois corps was arranged. The Second Regiment left the Armory with an hour's start and en- trenched themselves in the broken Crystal Lake territory. The First Regi- ment was to be- the attacking force. Captain Kingman, the inspecting officer and the military staff were to be the judge. The Second Regiment started off on the march to the battle fieldabout one o'clock. The route was directly out Lincoln Avenue and then across country to the position to be defended. The First Regiment followed the same route as far as Urbana and then spread in a wide circle about the positions taken by the enemy. The day was one of those sultry, mean days when work is a real hardship, but the boys never lagged. They "Double-quicked" time after time. There was a lull just before the rattle of blank cartridges awakened Urbana after the fashion of real warfare. And then the battle began. It raged on even terms for some time, but fin- ally the attacking force began to gain ground. In several places they broke thru the enemies' lines and captured men. Later, as the sun was losing its brightness, the judges proclaimed the invading force victorious. Then came the long march back to the Armory and the brigade as a iuinit admitted it was the hardest day's work that they had done for some ime. A Ctivities Four I1 mzdrcd Ninety-ciglzt WA37 l '.'T???lf1f T15'?7'w55'?'ff7'7i5flM'llF?fIl2F?l'llililHill I .m, "SUSl'ENI1 FIRINGI" PROIIAIKLY 'l'IIE ENEMY HAS RE'I'RE.Vl'ED OUT OI-' RANGE. AT LEAST TIIESE SOLDIERS Il0N"1' LOOK XVORRIEII. 1 ' I . 4, MIM. - Aa . A COUPLE OF IIIACIIINE GUNS COULD XVRECK '1'IIIS CIIARGE ACROSS AN OPEN FIELD. IIIIT ALL '1'IIE DEFENDERS IIAVE ARE BLANK CARTRIDGES, S0 TIIE LIGIIT IIRIGAIUE ISN"1' IN DANGETI. IT ISN'T S0 BAD BEING TAKEN PRISONER, ESPECIALLY NVIIEN YOU IIAVE T0 NVEAR A JANUARY UNIFORM IN JULY NVEATIIER. Four Ilzmdrzrd Nimwty-n inc -A 5 lfivities ggsisfreiwziiaziiaaiiasiimifziiiri 1i:w1.1.1'41-iss ililliiiiliilHM5lill1lrtfi?lfStf!iil.illlvlr?iflWldillliiziialtiiiiiwlilltttiliiilM nw. laps ,.fj?3.f, 1 rm N- -- ,l' .-If :'I7""' NN 'iw 9 11 J 'WA' if .: J' H' :Fin ty jqjji uxkuw. ,.,.c--ik, . Tim.-g..v" n....,,L.i.i.LLI'.v'L. ., 4 ww qty , Y jy-3, '-115.419, 3 I iff 2 if! is 5 5 i sl fs ii 5 1 if " 1 . " get i t, at 'M I I rr.: "ml," .J- . ,.. ..,,. J... .n ...- ... n ,,, U, -1 may IIATTERY F, FIRST ILLINOIS FIELD ARTILLERY ILLINOIS ON TI-IE BORDER Battery F, the Illini battery, was on its annual encampment near Homer Park when the call for the Illinois National Guard was sounded. It was June 20, just after the strain of finals and senior parties. They immediately returned to Champaign. After two days of hard work in preparation for the entrainment they were oi for Springfield, the point of mobilization for the Illiniois troops. Then came two weeks of compara- tive inactivity at Camp Lincoln. There was equipment to await, inspec- tion and a hundred other necessary things before they could even start their visionary campaign against the "greaser." Finally the time came to muster-in-it was June 28-and twenty-six of the men who had survived the terrible strain of having nothing to do fell by the way-side, downed by the exacting army surgeons and the oath administrators. After this there was enough work to make even the laziest step, but it Was work of the kind that grows monotonous. So the period, up to the time that the order came for their movement, is looked upon as one of idleness. I A.. 'I ,, AE .ix 1cN1'rmIN1Nu 1-'on Hsoisimvinsrm IN TEXAS" Activities Five Hundred it ' I i i 1 L..- -, ... . n ' .J I I H ! l li lllllllllllllllllllllll lil 'll l HH 9 ll llllllllll -' I ll ll I illill ll! H ll Ill H E I H I lIllNISElllllllllllfililllallllijiv .-.1 A TEXAS OASIS ENROUTE T0 LEON SPRINGS The time for action finally arrived. Although it was not known at the time, San Antonio, Texas was the destination. There the pretty girls, southern hospitality and Texas watermelons alleviated the unrest and homesickness. Life, the army life there, was one round of practice and drill. Every day was much the same., But at night the lights of San Antonio and the parties given for the battery made the routine of the day endurable. Then there was the trip to Leon Springs, a little jaunt of approximately 20 miles. For some it spelled disaster. For others, a week of excitement. But for all it was a deviation from the sameness that had begun to gall them. "From raw recruits to finished soldiers" might be the title of a story written about the battery and its experiences, for such is the summary of their trip to the border. They left Champaign without experience, but they returned to school with a full knowledge of their duties and-veterans. The stiff workouts, the discipline, and the hardening effect of the experi- ence made real soldiers out of raw recruits. I . It was a hard taskbto replace the visionary battles and the spirit of the service with wood chopping and ditch digging, but it was accomplished gracefully by Illinois' own battery, Battery F. i , V ' l , ' l l l l - , l A J A , YO! IIEAVE HO! . FORAGE HAS THE RIGHT 0F WVAY Five Hundred one Activities lst 1 ilflwliiliiiililllitStlilliilltililiiliiiillllliilllilillilil'filliillliillillfiflflbl:iiiit' 9' ...Q .-. ...- mv.- -Q pn .n --an -mf- no-n -an ,nw .na www can 'nn fn- -nv -4 1- - .-.1 uv -v ..v- -w -.- 1 ...M ww mu- mn -nm aww -an .pw .un in mu M vm no fu-V. -- -.M vu u. W., w 4 M .-M.. ., - Q.. Q.. ..- -.1 me M.. .iw 1 9 W.. W mr -.Q new G N. fun xxwnf THE l9l8 -J I' ANNUAL ,COMPETITIVE DRILLS 1916 SERGEANT MAJOR CHAS. FAIRMAN Winner University Gold Medal I PRIVATE W. J. RISLEY b Winner H dzelton Gold Medal JS uc: at sn- no an an 1 1 on :1- 3 1 1 fn:- Vi ni 1 an on if 1 iz il if 1 Q 1 un in 11 Cb an 1 1. 1 in 11 an ami at nu elm uw an 'lam on aus an atm an 1. mu as an Cl fi It 1 any use mm can an arm, oun- mln .quo so 1: an ' 1 cu. cu. 1 as if Cb 1 ca- as 2 an 1 Q0 i 2 1 41 i no 0-u is 1- in L if emu num I1 in 114 can 1 if gt 1 1 C0 UNIVERSITY BRONZE MEDALS COMPANY Sophomore, Company E, 1st,Infantry, CAPTAIN L. S. MORRILL Freshman, Company I, lst Infantry, CAPTAIN E. F. PIHLGARD ' SIGNAL COMPANY Flag Section, PRIVATES W. W. SCHREINER AND R. D. NORRIS Key Section, PRIVATES E. L. DAVIS AND W. L. SHELLABARGER Wireless Section, PRIVATES K. R. CALDWELL AND J. C. ALLMAN Heliograph Section, PRIVATES F. L. GOLDMAN AND T. R. GIBSON Semaphore Section, CORPORAL R. BROOKS AND PRIVATE F. J. HARTIGAN ENGINEER COMPANY Knot Tying and Lashing ' 1ST SERGEANT V. A. PECCHIA SERGEANT C. F. MERCER PRIVATE J. M. AUBUCHON Map Sketching CORPORAL B. A. WREDE CORPORAL K. W. CARR PRIVATE A. HOENKE HOSPITAL COMPANY COMPETITIVE PRIVATE N. FELDMAN COMPANY RIFLE COMPETITIVE I Company L, 2nd Infantry Company I, lst Infantry UNIVERSITY WINNER MEDAL NVINNFR or THE HAZELTON Activities Five Hundred T-:ro Hg lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllll 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ln an 1 1 i 1 1 fa: 1 i 1 1 i 1 Z i 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 1 if -1 1 i Z 11 3 1- 1 1 1 1 ul :- 1 in -n an an an nun- nun an no in un- nu 1 sl On :- nur In lux 1 in an i 1 i in an un QQ 'ns giiiiiiliHUlilllllliilllliilllllHilllplliliiliillifINI!!!l!l3HillY!ll!llI!llil!iilllillllilillllliiillliiliIME 21IlilllililllllillllllllllllliimillllillllllllllillllllllllllilllllllllllllllillillilllllllilllllilllllllIIHIMIL-E Q, FOREWQRD: Dear Prospective Spectators and Other Temporary Friends: Throughout the preceding pages you have been reading the loudest, boldest, self-confessedest eulogies that the world has gulped at since the time of Des Jardien. The seniors wrote their own ads, but each department editor has also done his best to make the inmates of his section feel all puffed up like the poor victim who has been stung by the Council of Administration. The values which are attached to many of the articles in the preceding pages are as high as the price of the book allows. You have now reached the Discount Section. Herein we attempt to show the Net Worth of everyone. Iniiated Prices must be punctured. And nothing can elim- inate the Useless Vapors better than Distillingg nothing can stifie Incubus of Ego better than Heat. Throw open the blast, Clinkers, and let the caldron sing a dirge. Prepare the victims for the grill. Everyone we know of is going to be scorched! We've promised you all a little sizzle. There's not a person men- tioned in the following pages who hasn't been heard of-or from. It you're not among the Infiammables it's a sign that you don't deserve the recognition. Only the biggest and choicest cuts are used in this barbecue. Scraps can go to the dogs for all we care. We don't serve hash. If you are on the menu it's a sign that you're big enough to fall through the grate. - b And now, if Pyrene will be kind enough to hoist the as- bestos curtain we will continue our performance. Ointments will be distributed at the exits. I' llc dr:-d Three N. an cv XXIII!! THE ISIS j s 'W Roasts at 1 1 1- 3 2 1 1 2 i Qi an .1 l in L cub 3 1 1 1 1 i if 1 1 5 on 1 X in 3 ul .1 3 1 as 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 us 1 1 1 1 1 una as 1 in as 1 1 no 1 lin ni 1 1 as In :un- 1 an an 1 qu an 1 1- 1. 1- 1. 1 Q as- 1 hs 1- 1 2- 1 T- 1 Qu 1 3 if 3 1 1 1 Q 3 if 1 1 1 'un illllllliiliIliIIHNHIIllIIlllllllllllllllilliliilllllIll!1llllillllilllllllllllllllllIlilllllllliiltmlllllig Qi if A , I glllllllllllllllllIIllIlllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlillllllNlllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllQ e i E , ' E E 1 E 1 x, - . E f -5 ' tyre ' 5 THE 5 D E D I C A T 1' o N 2 ft Isle 5, V5 2 To ,those few fnlles I E 1? E 'who are so small that we are afhzid I :il t E to run a skewer thru tlzem this E ' E. section is fiigidly S E dedicated ' 535 ' E We 'want tbem to be V E A . 5 mentioned sometime during the E V 2 obsequies and now we , 5 2 feel that our duty 5 E d ' is done. 5 'E 5 : ' R0aStS N s 'Five Hundred Four ,E ilglllilllllllllIllIllIIIllllllllllllIIlllIlllllfllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllE 7 . sl ..,. gt-I ,,,.i,,-,'A,,,,,y 5 1.145 5. '.,f..,, 1 2 ,iw-pill!gftv.,.1,f3rxwatt, .'Q,,liu1!wi,i. . tarp..-.i,. 3-. i- H.--0 v.x,g.4.'n ,Q . msn s-nksw.w1u.1'.4 Awami-L ., A college career cannot be successfully started, let alone completed, without a careful perusal of this veritable mine of information, compiled with infinite labor by our own ' guardian angel, ANANIAS, '. ix - -ns THE FRESI-IMAN'S BIBLE Upon arriving at the University you will fo t an know that you have come over the Illinois , Central, Big Four, Wabash, or Illinois Trac- l tion System. Beyond that, what you know i could be written on a one cent stamp and 'N you'd still have room for the Beta chapter roll, which is considerable roll. You will be ,l met at the station by various dignitaries and - confidence men from the Chi Beta Boarding Club and other menaces to the public health, .A but BE CRAFTY! l I Size up the Phi Sigs X b i before you choose your feed box. One of the , IX IX' ,fl if , 1 'X ii l 'kXX. 1 best things about the Phi Sigs is that Bro. i Metzler runs a butcher shop. They're always well supplied with hams. If you are fond of if JMS, prunes take a look at the Phi Psi's pet vari- XXI 5 ety. That Brinkerhoff, from the Springfield 1,5231 vineyard, is the prize specimen. And the Phi ' Gams have a rare assortment of lobsters. "Ui-oN ARRIVING AT 'rim The Kappa Sigs keep the best eggs of the soft Ummm."- boiled variety, but the Dekes maintain their corner on the hard ones. Now that we have the menu disposed of we must give you some advice upon selecting a place to sleep. If you don't care for cockroaches keep away from the Alpha Taus. They are a specie which nothing' this side of the flames of Hades can scorch. If you are of the fair enough type and-not quite up to fair you must look up the Gamma Phi Beta poultry farm, near Dean Clark's country home in Urbana. They have the rare collection of birds, guaranteed to be young and undefiled. Be sure that your room is equipped with a garage, automatic burglar alarm tif you have any valuable guns like Eddie Wallace'sD, a cuspidor and some other door. If there is a table in your room throw it into the back yard unless it is a green-topped one, in which case sell it to the SAE frat or nail it to the floor so they won't steal it. Not all of the rooms in the TNE auxiliary are fully equipped. Be sure that your room is sanitary, with a collapsible drinking cup and a garbage can fyou may want to dispose of Van Cleve some timel. Make a definite contract in writing about your room. Make Five Ilumlf-ed Five Roasts ix S . r ,J if ij . .A an '21--1 ' l 5 i I filiiiiliiiiiiiiliivllflfl l1'ls1'l l'iN3ilifl'l'I2il1'l lW3'i+! 'I33-liiiflMMillINHUINBNM4331iififildddtmdiflilllllllfllllliiiillfiiiflUi lilliif, -P'-'1 :2 Lqx f , ,",,,:', I Q 3 " '- -515 L. af: ' J " my . J lglfli mm ' 1 --sf .- 4-4 .... Q-.1 .us .uw 1- , un. an nu unv- -an- .nn an 4- .mn an ua .pa In pu .. as A- 1. -4. -wg .wa .nf au mn an me - -- .hw- -1. .-p . .- -n I ,Q Q-. nf.. ..- .-. 1 ..- ...- Q- .-v ....'. .uw M. . U 1 ,aq- mn. ..-nf -- .-0 r .W ..r- ... .4 . ...N pm .nm 1 ,.va:.g1!vau -.lilffllllaa f A is ii ys w two copies. Keep one to wrap up your laun- 'lp dry in and give the other to the landlady be- cause she'll take it anyhow. Your landlady ,,, will keep the document under her pillow but " you must obtain it. The Sigma Chis refuse to take anyone who can't beat his landlady. - fThis, by the way, is the only qualification.J Never make a contract for more than one semester because the dean may decide that L- . ' , 1 Hi .I fi of I ,Q of 1 I the climate isn't good for you or you may .12-.7 -'-If'--1' want to become a fratter. One circumstance I, I X is as fatal to your self-respect as the other 1 g unless you become a Chi Psi. Of course no l , one would ever know about that. Be sure l' V' 3 that your bedding is clean when you move l ,fi T- ---- -- ' into your room. That's your only chance to enjoy such modern conveniences as integral l-fiZA4 ' sheets. The style now is to use them for table cloths and since Pan-Hellenic let down the bars there is a demand for several addi- tional Ku-Klux uniforms. You may want to register in the university, but even after thirty years of experience we can't give you any advice that will help you to get started. No one have ever entered yet without losing five years from the rear end of his life. Noth- ing can help you, unless the Beta chapter is withdrawn. Don't ask any questions because no one knows any answers. If you finally are admitted to the university there are several pastimes in which you can spend your first few days. You can sleep, write to the girl, get acquainted with Shorty Whitney and his corps of exploiters or go down to look at the armory. Class attendance is supposed to start at once but most people know the meaning of the word supposed before they enter college. Be careful in choosing your classes. Never get into the same section with an Acacia. It seems that there are no baths in the Acacia house. Never go to an eight o'clock class on Monday. The instructor will notbe expecting you unless he is the exception, which is Simon Litman. Be measured for your military suit at once. You will want the alterations and re-alterations made in time for the Military Ball. Do not miss the first lecture on person- al hygiene because seats are assigned at that time. It is the most profitable lecture of the entire course. You may have some trouble with your money. Every one else has. Ask for advice. You'll get it. Don't follow it. Everyone else has. Start a bank account. You must gain the notoriety of having passed a worthless check or you'll never get acquainted with the money men of the city. Start out to live within your income, and then get converted. Don't spend less than 1507, of your allowance. It isn't good to be conspicuous. Don't buy everything. If you don't wear corsets there HB0 NOT MISS THE FIRST LECTURE ON PERSONAL lIYGIENE." Rvfwis Five Hundred Six "iii: .1Mfffifll'l1'i??ilni 1 inIxfiiliP513-3il?ilE,El5l?.ffi:lYiflliiiidiliilll'l1HH'iHQlla11will .zilili1llllliiliililllilillllilliMN!!Miiliifliliiiillisll8813381313113inaaalillmalamllIi14111334455sddiilllliiiallg "JE is very little excuse for purchasing one, but fo oi ' L 1 -N . everything that you might have some pos- i h ,S j sible use for should be bought and cherished b , Q I 5 , but not paid for. Don't join everything. The ' H ,+L -X Y. M. C. A., Country Life Club, Theta Nu 41 'A ' 7 Epilson are worthy. If you want to get ac- 1 . P' I uainted with a big circle of folks, join Sigma ' "' L..-.,mZ,.U ' y, Chi. If you want to be known as a sport T N . join Loyante or Pi Beta Phi. Don't ask to 5 join Ma-wan-da. Allen Brown didn't get A away with it. Join the Student Union. It l on I doesn't cost much and you will be able to call l we-9 'N f' T ' 2 yourself a member of it. That is the chief l 2 1 S918 advantage. Don't be in a hurry to pledge l Q wi X , ' yourself to any fraternity. It is never too , xfmawlf.. 6 3 ' 1 late for Kappa Sigma or Alpha Sigma Phi. l NJ '1 Mk A If you have any dates at the Sigma Alpha JT is 'WW-l 5 L , , , Q :I Epilson house be sure to provide yourself with a good antidote for chloroform and sew up all the button holes in your coat lapels. If you wish to drop a subect from your course do it regularly, every week or so. If you roN'r Asi ro .mm MA-WAN-DA. AlLrv nnowix DI N'T GET AWAY wrru rr." want any information or advice on anything in the world ask Harry Gibson. Before selecting a physician consult a member of the faculty. They get commissions. Begin to study as soon as your lessons are assigned. You'll soon get accustomed to the ways at Illinois, and anyhow it is never too late to mend your ways. If you want a job go to the Y. M. C. A. and then to the office of the Dean of Men and then strike out for yourself. That's what they'l1 advise you to do. In choosing your course do not feel that you must prepare for some definite end. You are likely to choose wrong. Look at Lovell. He wants to be an architect and he should be a manicurist. Get a liberal education and something will turn up for you. Red Burgston re- members, however, the night when the Jack of Spades wouldn't turn up for him and he had to pawn his watch in Danville. Kennedy is another advo- cate of a liberal education. He educated himself to be present of the band and then didn't get elected. He is useful though. He is an ornament to any bar-room and we can almost say every bar-room. Some people should never go to college: those who do not care for books fexcept Boccaccio, e. g. Earl Cavettej 5 those who have no intellect, like Boeschensteing those who have no ambition, such as Crook Straightg those whose chief ambition is to make money on the first deal, like Phaleng the morally weak, such as McCarrol1g and the physically infirm, like Rube Markwardt. Girls like Lois Evans, Peachy Andrews and Marg Hunter should be in the Follies instead of in College, and others, like Seidel and Siemens should be in Wool- worth's. Some professions require college training. Ann Voss would Five llundrcd Seven ROCISLS' Y'.4!Qi3P"fH453Ii511fi'Z?i1f-'K'T'7'VWl9lUi'ls!i11zl'Tiii4 ?' ?'WM'7'f3"l 1. .H-yi , .. it., .y nm- uv .ww .uv ma sa ,ner ww mb un ma -el na we -mn me sm sw 1 -mu 'mu' mn- mn 'mt was un- nr uu- no :fur me ,f ,N :fn Mu -wa - ww. . . u ..,. no .,. -..., ww mm -,..., ws. 1 f fain:meisumuserflwmvsrlufrllifu ...Qi TM 'i .2212 W.. ,,..g..a: f-A-P" it i never have anything but a college-bred A,A L3 mx ff QM, 55 chauffeur and it is surprising even then if i"a . TEAMWWQJ that Pethybridge-of-the-I-cap qualified. I . ff fly JNMXGK1 The choice of your profession should be xl 3, N 1M,,.,....4, placed in the hands of your rich relatvies, QM.,,..fg',Q..3fjLnl,.,'l"i .l 5 XQX X Yi, 'GMM your girl, and the editor of the home town in . , weekly. One thing, however, if you are XX: built like Bunks Gravens or Margaret X Fitzpatrick don't try to be a second Castle. - I . 2, 5 ' A freshman is always easily known unless X the button is lost from his cap. The but- ' ' ton is the only thing which distinguished . W-EW a freshman from the scenery. When Ken- 'wf' nedy busted in from Minonk he was so ver- W 4 Q-,f M--. dant that even the Betas had to take three M J votes to get him in and then they gulped in "'XfN"'i-'A' the swallowing. So it makes no difference if you come from a Decaturesque hamlet or a metropolis like Aurora, a freshman is a , freshman unless he is a Phi Kap pledge, and then he is a victim. But in a few weeks you will become accustomed to the university-long before the uni- versity returns the compliment. Each year the crop of freshmen is blighted worse than before. The yield increases but the quality degener- ates. John Holly Rapp states that he has survived seven crops of fresh- man with surprising tenacity. The answer is that Rapp never got past that stage himself. Some freshmen, e. g. Menefee, get wise to the institu- tion in a remarkable short time. They learn that you have to knock three times to get into Norah's place and that there is a way to sneak out of 228 Natural History building without getting caught. When he is able to roll a cigaret with one hand the education of a freshman is almost ended. All that remains is a little practice in practical argumentation before Dean Warnock. But don't try to convert the natives of the home hamlet to the Phi Gam method of balancing a tea cup on the knee. The material in Phi Gamma Delta is so soft that it is easily noulded. Get over the notion that you are supposed to study. Do your work in the summer time. The Kappa Sig bar isn't open then so it isn't a crime to waste a few hours studying the chaste chapters of Beaumont and Fletcher. Never drink mixed drinks like malted milks and pousse cafes. Stick to beer. Have it delivered because if you go to Boots' place you'll always have to buy for Deuce Hart. Hart is a bar fly that never hibernates and he'll squeal to Dean Clark, his bosom confidant, unless choked with a fresh bottle of Budweiser. Boots doesn't mind delivering beer anyway. What sight is more pleasing to the John Street eye than to see him balancing bottles of brew, en basket, on his bike, enroute to the Sig Chi house? Smoking dulls the brain, so if SIEMENS S OU. IE IN V001 ORT S Rowsts Five 11-ima,-cd mam ,- i, .,.,-,ily-5 L , lf'- LL- il illiiiiliflililliitiill,lilllilililliillllliiilllfi'i'i'Si1l'1.!'l lfiill?l'llil'Ulllllll!M'1N!3'lfl11Zi3ldfllilllllllll lil filil9l3'd9'l'i3iliil'Mi?!3lil:' you can't afford to take the edge off yours, don't smoke. The Iris brothers are to be commended for their foresight in recogniz- ing their faults, and there is no smoking in the Iris home. One small puff from the butt of a cubeb would register the Iris chapter at another state institution that is about half- way from Champaign to Chicago. Respect fine, intellectual, high-minded women such as Martha Kyle and Sadie Harbarger. Bea Cop- ley can scarcely be included. Choose your own associates as far as possible. Of course there are certain fellows like Bill Matthews who can't be avoided unless he's in quaran- tine. Keep away from athletes. Their mor- als are low and they should be discriminated against-although we hate to eliminate Delta Upsilon entirely. Now about going to your classes. There has been a growing tendency for the religious work of the students Ces- pecially the Dekes, who have been trying to JW? f' . - if fl fill? x , N ,ff f' xxvgfl xx' . 'ww fi" 'ff' fi is , 7 il' Q . fu.-at .Ilan I . gk 2 y f H 7.121 ,. K . ,. M, ., It -T l A- hmm' -4115 -qw' I IIN I A "3-idfltimav W.. 'Q-wj-iff A 1 A wi fizleimw i fi 1? , L' jl, i CX. il- 5, mi L' . O 5cwa'lT.vv- L, L 51-h '1- 120 ROW'-1 U , F i ii 3' 'fic' -V . Lg l V 5f,wj'1 J 'ui x suvnu r cum or 111 umm put the bootleggers out of businessj , to interfere with the real work of the university. Prayer meeting may keep you up all night before you get the chips back but be sure to go to class in the morning. Nobody but the Betas and Alpha Taus can get away with that class-cutting stuff. They own the deans. And the funny thing is that they own up that they own the deans. Now, according to the ideas of your home community, studies are the im- portant things in college. Of course no one at home knows. Why anyone should study Ec. 3 when there are so many interesting things to learn about the main entrance to 807 South Third Street fwhich by the way is not via the front doorj is harder than the oft repeated and somewhat related ques- tion "How does Red Gwilliams get by". A Phi Beta Kappa key is a 'nice thing to have if you want to enter the ministry or library work, but if you want to be present of the United Statesachoose your pin from Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Kappa Psi, or Theta Nu Epilson. Woodrow Wilson belongs to them all. Go in for athletics. Picture the great Markwardt, ADP fAth- letes Developed Patientlyj and then envy him. According to the press re- ports written by brother Po Field, Rube was the second Stahl, Sauer, Page and Shevlin all in one. And that's the reputation Rube had to live down. Doc Glimstedt once said, "Markwardt is afraid to hurt his handsome face. He might be a good football man, a fair basketball player and perhaps a pitcher, but he's too good looking. He's only a mediocre tennis player." Doc was probably jealous and besides he forgot that Rube is a bear at bean- bag. Now of course you will want to join something. There are plenty of pins to go round. Some have Greek letters and some have blue back- Fivc Ilumlrcd Nino Raasfg r l Fr 355' lx ill' , . ,Ji ,. W xi.. at .... ... glliiiiiltldhhhlftiElllkkfihibtllblillitil!EiHHSHSHHBREMEHFINHHRHUUIIRHNIIIFUIEHHHPEliHBEitIBIliIIEEihhblliifhmlflttlsltflllflEB25 ffm. nm 11. ffiiy V W I A' C 1 grounds with red triangles on them but all of them rate the same. Men with religious ten- 7 lf dencies will find many excellent opportuni- E -. VJ ':-v .....,qI,,,Y,,.,,'7 . YEHB an mn mm. aw nw nm an au, an no as -an an Q- 2. :- 'nn- can may un ann an-4. 2 is 1-m 'un zu. env an 'na an -hm un. .am an wsu u nl.. ,us pa. . ,..,. 1- an mf. 1-4 un. ve, cw pf, tx: nw no -1. 4-vm. :nn- mr. an -my .hu- .-K. pn- num in .un -.-, -an 1- un- -. uv- un. sw V-4, - as 1... nv.- M.. na an use pn fu... -.L .1- -. v-. un sm. --., -nn- .1 rw mu. mn. un van.. -nw -44 v-o fu...- -1- un 1. . vu -uw pw- ,un -uu- vw uv- 4-1 ,- .iiiiiifiiigekl ties. The Y. M. C. A. is in good with the authorities. It hasn't been raided in three years. In the basement is the dyspepsia fac- ' i tory and Mr. Gaston's extortion shop. On the first floor is the office of somebody who's never in. On the second fioor is the roulette room and there are six solo dens on the top 1 If S 1 f I w ,fm , ,ww iw l ff! Yugi iloor. There's always a poker game in pro- ! gress. One dollar admits a man to all of the ' UN activities and entitles him to two compli- .,n ,M A we mentary blue chips. Prominent among the l A activities of the university is the Illinois kTlne filybfz 1514 Zoo if Union, an old and suspected organization. Its purpose is to sell autographs of the presi- dent for 25c each and pay his way into Ma- wan-da. An outgrowth of it is the Student Council. One night in the back room of Lon Brannigan's place the Beta and Phi Psi brothers were conducting a little party. McCracken and Crebs were both determined to be presidents. Said Wen McC., "There's jush one job and I'm gonna get it." "Take it, take it," said Crebs. "I'll make a job for me," he continued, and, turning to the Beta rothers in congress assembled, , P - - . I gg "Won't I?" "Yesh shir," they said at inter- l 7 vals. And right there, under the roof of Lon Brannigan's emporium, the Student Council ,gy X was founded. Most boys would like to wear f' X . the "I", unless they've seen Jimmie Colton wearing one. In the old days any Phi Gam f who was strong enough to toss a piece of rye - - bread across the table was awarded the cov- eted insignia, only it wasn't coveted then. Another thing to remember is that an "I" sweater is the first step to Delta Upsilon. l Are you a musician? Don't join the band. Tote a gun and be happy. Don't play a trom- , bone and make every Convention of Sewer Diggers unhappy. Be a pride to your fam- ily. If you can't do that you can at least be a pride to your fraternity, especially if it is Theta Delta Chi, because most anything would be a pride to it. And with these kind words the book is closed for better or for verse. THE ALPHA TAUS HANE N0 EXCLUSIVE VARIETIES. 5 f 4 ix - ,E-fd "ON 'rm' Fmsr noon IS TIIE OFFICE OF SOMEli0DY'S wno's NEVER IN." RO!!-STS Five Hundred Ten ls':sir::iiaivzimas-isaisi..1s.rfs4liiaizlamafieziaisinanni.aa:izszs:si.nniiismiiiiinwrmssaaermi:f'isaws IllHlllllllllllillIllIllIIIIllllllllllIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllf lllllllllllilllllillllmlllililllli-MllllllllllllIllllllll I8 llltllllllliilllliil llllllilllllllltlllllllmlillllllllillllllllllillllllillllillllllllllllllll!llllllllliltlliiillllltllllllllllllllllllllllllg . ' .na 'Q WITH OUR SELF-ESTEEMED CONTEMPORARIES I ,r 5' 'E I -W , X h yhnlgi-1 GAMMA MESSENGER .- s " t - THECKAPPA SIGMA FRATERNITY ,AS, .. Ti' We S 123' -A - -A,,,,,,,A-g,-fQ,,,f, AAA, ,,,-, A AA 'f The Silo-x6 Wi? QV! C,4.1nnerl'f,L1tz,f5'n,4rf9,ff' THE A -AA AAAAAAAZAAA AAAA AAAAA'AAAj AAAA A 'fketm vo. - - ' ""' .LILY ' 1.f.f """ ' TL """""""" ' """'A"'"""A"""'"T'f"""""i'i" Q Joe was captain and quarterback on the fresh- - man football team and was chosen quarterback Mllllll Gflmmll H22 RIWF-WS 1321 QE! Ml' on the second All-School team. Joe also "tickles libilill' QSQQ UlLDl'0SD9CUV0 lllen. and this Will' the ivorit-s" very well. We are nll pulling for she has lived up to her reputation jlltll-Zlllll fl'0lll him to return next year, as we need such men as the men pledgedf- Last fall when the brothers him il1Olll'fl'I.lll3I'llily- E returned to school the upperelassnien were con- Norman R- Booth' our lllll lllulldc l-wsllllllllll E Spicuous by their nbscnve' and ittwns Sewuulm halls from South Bend, where he has an envia- Z we would have to rush harder than ever n we bll, romlmlloll as 3 foollmll lllayelz --No,.l,l.-- gg were 'O fnfllllmlr our high 5tm'di"g :""0""7 the played tackle on the Freshman Varsity team and E fraternities' but' although "lol wow mwlod he wlll no doubt run some one a hard race t'or 1 badly lo fm the places' of the mm who had 'wud' Il live position on Zuppe's Champion team next: 2 'lated' Alpha Gamma was l'.....HWllll'1+1 t2 59'.!'ifE" tall. Booth is also a member of the Hellenic 2 quality ion quantity. As the result et' careful llnosier Club. Booth is also a Helmet. E rushing we were able to land our slnire of de- -sf-1-Q--L----W---w r-- ,--- -----V-:-:-v-f--W - .-. slmble men who entered llle lllllwlslll, lol. llll, I Allan Gaiman Butler, our diminutive freshman, 2 tlrst time. 'ln pledging some fraternities special- is fl "alive of llllnols and resides ill PCUVIU- E lze along one or two cerlalll lllmsl mul ln llwsu "Tall" is a demon for his school work and prom- 3 frets. it man must have an excellent record as ises 'O 'nuke an ll? noffy f".3f9.."'1lLY boftm' ho 3 an athlete before he is even consldcrcd, or lit! loaves ufose classic walls- when it 0011195 10 If must be enrolled ln some cerlaln school: lull basking in the sunlight of the Co-eds' smiles Al- I: not so wllh Alpha Gamma. We reallw llllll. lllew lan takes second place to none. and we expect .E are many branches of school activities which are lllm to do the fusslng for the b"0the"5 who me 3 practically ot' equal Importance, and wo desire to '00 'milf' engaged ln other 'mes' , E have our .chapter represented in all theso phases Clinton Albert Pierce. who hulls from Brooklyn. :: ot school life-keeping it n well balanced lnnteh. N- Y-, is 01112 of the host 11010112 ill UN: Ul1iV0l'Sily- 1' Alpha. Gamma desires men who can wear-a dress "-Usoll0h". HS he is gellemlll' Ctlllotl, iS'r1 real E suit as well ag 9, f55tba11 slim men who ,lim govfi Ensterner and you only have to hear him talk to : the 'stump and help a brother obtain 3 coveted guess what section he ls from. "Clint" survived 2, q1gf1nf1m"1e5sg, mgn all the cuts made by the director of the Student :I who are afbETtf1Joost her along ln scholarship. Union Opera. but he was forced to drop it- This year has been no exception, and we expect i 2 the class to obtain many honors for th cha-pact' IFOTT5 J22531?icitlgcgilllgilxfllgi E beforefthey ltgeosghool. owfyyq, the chief retiuisite, "luzlncss'. "Mae", notwith- , standing his peplessness, plays an excellent game - Eg l RESULTS ' at shortstop on tho Freshman Varsity baseball E Joseph Monnlg. our hum phonograph, ls at team and has acquiredfthe name of at slugger. E St- LOUIS Dfvdllct- When ij' COIIIGS to talking Joe Baseball is not. Macs only line of activity, as he 3: has a dry goods box politician backed ot! the is somewhat of a dog with tho ladies and warbles 'Z map: but he ls also go -at doing things. Mon- like a canary. McCown is enrolled in the Engl- Z nlg's real was st. somewhat to the chap- neering school and has had several years' expe- gter. -as he left school t the end ot the llrst se- rlence ns an electrician. T. J. ls also elected to f: 'snestertol attend Washington U. His leaving de- Helmet, the honorary 'fSoph" society, and is Vice 1: prtved us of the best bowler in school and a sure President of the Dixie Clun. -E libsltlotig on ,the Freshman, Varsity baseball team. l 3: 'E in 41 i if E Five Hundred Eleven Roasts xv-. ah. giizltlill-llitllllllllillllllimHtlllliltitlllllllllllmllllllllllllllllliltlllll-llllllllEW?Elilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllni president of I7 Wab Br1tt1n. and seven ll llllllllillllllllItlllltilllltllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllE an U n Jlll I rv lT.l VJ 5 4 ITI .U 5 rv 1-1 as Ci 71 uf 'U 'U :D lI1'.l 'U Q 5 Z ' J" , 9 ' 0 'YK LOWES 2 A W ff QX , THE5 THE GAMMA GAZETTE llllitllllltltllllllllllllllllll Volume I Number 1 P . S E ug ECOMING gg wit X nfl can 'Ilan Ra H " ' our 5 ndng ytntxxensecguwr use 3 very' ls IgMUr1,: . bus. - c Q li t u S, l9l8 - A .ff Q . - ' the vane. E ttxedatu Crysow Sp,-aub: 1- ,Q U . ww ti yditid .1 3594 , 'gigmwgmb L ' ' me am2f,Ti10wv:::Z..' xf'of,,:n:i1T seismic: """'d1: QM ilii'QiLSfSf'31"z1.::1 ?5::i' nt rc i t . mo? c -AM - 5 . ot. , . rrgdciztgciivixlulqotxgrlgettiiis bbc' Q glml' mutti 3 Q4 ucliltwc DDM 73 Poli E shall have difficulty m matching l in 1916-1917 our political achieve- ments of last ear ' lillt . .. y . . W resident of '18 ax o man the vice- . , . . OFFIC tics Ball Committee, we did fairly well. This year we have obtained only one membership in a committee so far, but the prospects for next semester are bright, especially in the senior class. ii!!liiliillllllliliitillll 06641 good committee jobs, i ncluding the Senior To narrate briefly the enviable accom. twlishments achieved by Gamma men which 1ust1fy such strvllg statements. it is neces- wu- .t .1- uw- -M. Mn - Q.- M.- ,mn pn un .1-4, vi- -an fn-- nw- um., sun wu- au uv nw --1 nu, one .-ar .us- -me U... ...- -ui -an nm qu- nn- ., 1- -sw ,va- ..- un.. uw- -Q-1. .1-1 inn 4,-4 qv!- mn-- .mn our -uv MW ,,,.1-v - " 1 :viii 1 CRYSOPHELOS' REPORT FINANFIAI. CoN111'r1oN GAx1111.x Cuaxfrmz ni-' Tau KAPPA EPs11.oN SFZIVFHMNHK 15, 1916. .flssfls Cash in bank ...,...,..,,.......,.......,..,...,....... 5 21.74 Dne from members f1915-1916 billsj 912.98 Less accounts judged bad ...,..........,... j2.JO Net due from members .,,,.............,........ 180.68 Furniture ............................... .....,... 7 23.61 Total assets ......... ........ . 926.03 4-L 7 l.i11l1iIilir.r Credits to members from 1915-1916 .ji 1,11 Due trndesmcll. IDIS-1916 . ................ 244.92 Duc house fund . ..,....,....,....,........,..,....... l80.D0 McKinley nntes fdne, April, IQIGJ 500.00 'l'ot11l liabilities .,........,,.......,.............. 926.03 P. A. RAIBOURN, Crysophelos. 4 ' fn 'QTA Roasts Five Hundred Twelve 11-iifssasfiatiswitfzfzswiilliitlmss1ii.:ft11111111111111elsaltiltlaatstttlsttssm1111111t111s11111111111 lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Ui 55illiliiitliliiiiiifiiiilf3513135535Eititlifiiflitlillll7Si!liliiilillilllllllllllllllllllillilllll I it2525?SiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiEiii?iiii!!iiitiiiiliilfiiiiiiltiiiiiiliiiiitilill!!llilliillilililllllllllllllllllllllli-2 iiiiiiiliii W,- may iXt-f -...M 5223 .im ii i .ne ia.. Niki! IitllllillllitttillIitillltiiillillllllliliilllllillillllltllllillllllllllllliilllllililllllltllltlilllltllllilllllgf Z 2 -A i RESERVED FOR TAU KAPPA EPSILON , X .Q f W gf - f sl Ak L aanisqz, W K! III 'i 6 THE GAMMA GAZETTE The Gamma Gazette Price-The hole m a doughnut. l N Advertising rates free on application. . FOUNDED A' D' IQI6' , C. S. PALMER, Alumni Secretary. published annually by me active members W. F. Srimun, Assistant Alumni Secretary. , of Gamma Chapter gf Tim Kappa E. C, HAk'rMAN,Asst. Alumni Secretary. Epsilon, University of illinois, STAFF Champaign, Illinois. The rest of the hunch. 'the -fr, - ' E ' c Gai 'YLQ 3 AI E l E rn Z t: 59. E11 ac 'U E3 n-I Q. -V' 'Z HY is Tau Ka E silon placed offered us to hreak into the University of U-: m Baird's "Mantua of o egc Chicago The importance of this oppnr- E Fraternities" in th divis- tunity and the utility of such a chapter, if jg: ion along with .eta eta 'l'an,W Kapm we are so fortunate as to ohtnin it, cannot Z Klpha Psi and other Hebrew, negro, etc.. he overestimated. lt gives us a loophole 2 etc. organizations ls it because we are at last hy means of which we can escape :S i ter oi men, in deeds, or our- provincialisin and become a real ff in organizati n t the 'it tional national fraternity. 'S frmemmes? We are informed on excellent authority E E ' "m99'5l'A'4- that the Grand Council purposes doing :Z Why must we always append explH11' until thc Conclave next April. We are : ations when we inform f"l""'d5 that We are informed on even hetter authority that thc jj: members of T K E ? Why :iff We so chance of a local fraternity existing at " unknown, so little regarded outside of the the Umversity of Chicago for A fun School E half dozen colleges where we have planted year is approximmely Zero. Immediate : Cl1f1l11C1'5? action is necessary to securcbthc prize. , BECAUSE WE NWT 'N ON'-1' TW' STATES Frater Alumnus, we protest against the 321' , VVOF THE F01iT1"F'U11T- 4 indifference of our governing body, wc II. UM , Why have the Tekes remained small and protest against the muzzling of the snhject 12 insi nitic nt and isolated, when Sigma Pin in the "Take", and the almost total ignnr- X 'psilon, Alpha Chi Rho, Beta Phi, Theta ance in which the active chapters are kept ffl Chi. Alt1l121'51E111i1 Phi. ig5NT1b1lf1 Chl AlDl10, on this vital question, and we ask your fill Pi KUPDB Phi' 55811111 Pi. 11ll 01 5910111 1l1C support in making our protest eFlective. -:I same HEC, 211111 501110 11'111Cl1 Y01'11Hf1'- l1F1VC We have passed the time when a Grand -rv: Spread fr0t11 C0351 to C0350 Prytanis could boast that nine requests for L' Tl-ue,-some of' these fraternities do not chapters have been turned down during his if represent the standards the conservative adniinistrationg we have passed the time :rj Q5 which TKE has endeavored to when the labor of a man in building up T.: preserve: true, we have not desired to lose a local should go for naught, 1?- our principles and our solidarity. But we WE D0 N0-A ASK RECKLES5 CHARTERING QF 3 have attained 11 SiZC. 21 Sf1'011S1l1 Wl1iC11 HAs'rn.v roman otzcanizlmons, wp no NOT should cause us to throw aside undue ASK A LOWENNG OF STANDARDS' mn- WE no Q cautionsness and start upon a propaganda DESWE A CAREFUL C0NS,,,E,,A-,-,ON op -mmm' Of l0Eical eXPP1115lD'1' vuosrscr Ann 'run nsnmno or 'rua wnom rs: For tive years Gamma Chapter has stood xcmzncv or Tau Karim EPSILON 'rowaun V3 alone as our one chapter in a major uni- TAKING oun mzorrzn PLACE IN 'run FAMn.v gg: versitY- Now a splendid Omlortunity is or Fnarsimmss. t Q l 1 K -me '- - - 1- .. fl ai. atiu E -.. E Figzc Hundred Thirteen Roast? :I Tl 1... M ,ngggninatttimniiaitt9itSiistia'iii1tt'initiintttttzit5tttttiittitiiitiiiiisisiiitiinznaiiiiniitihilif QQUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIIll - E '1 2 , B WITH OUR SELF-ESTEEMED CONTEMPORARIES f E 1 X ' ' , ,I I .. , 1 ILIO TA TTLER . ' -J I Sain-sqqa OF ILLINOIS BETA. OF SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 'KNVVI " -""-' Champaign, lllmols. November 6, 1916 0 a o THE sl E IS snows saaons 'naw' ANNUAL 'mu ' mm L, I . I PRUSPECTS BIG IQ I 8 SWUQIIY ACUVIUOS KIIOW "Sli MPN" HRH: DAY 'BRAWL' GWEN!Homocoming and Ghlcaio Gamo Should ES IAM-him Semi ' I, Emice "om awww mn I-lonogs QM II ,, --........- - , QILL. BETA ASSN T0 GATHER : .l0HNS HEADS WATER TEAMK- "" """"'- ' E ,,-M ,IFIRST HOUSE 'WRASTLE' !v I M U .. ' ir ' ' 'IVY GI W and Banquet On C.: 'mmon am Man Shawl up wana -PROVES GREAT SUCCES MWIf'DT"'v-In P'9Pi'iN9?'4 41 in Polltlcal Fields and Alh' If ,IIIIIIMIIII I ncaa" Sheldon to : letlca-Freshmen Indies: 'I . ' :A Prealda at Tabla. : """-Item speed. ' 'UNIVERSITV SOCIETY FIXGHTS FOR! Homepomhm Is unc . . Anmlsslon-coins Moa . ' ' - 'H mme M 'Wid- : f In ,gudem nelgvglges me ml y..I,,-I1 GROCERIES- land ll in wilh eager anticipation that : llllnols Beta has been well rcvruacnt- I'm"""' I-WU' 'B UNCH m0l'6 Hill!!! : nd. We helluva that tho Ideal cltapufryl """"' Affllmy tn, welcome her alumni, wg 1 is composed nl men who tnaku thu-nr 1 'ref' Z9 UM il IS Only through your : ,elves I-on Mound school IM won usb 00" Rxinl::-1lsn.hG3'dHlK .Prlrhdmnrforts that we are able to stand as n Q In-anna the rlanaar hr-uae. with una: UL 'W "' ,strong and lndg-aendenl chuvwr today. : ldnn In nxlnd wa Nou that every lr-:sh-f llllld wir want to havn a change go : :nan lnkas un some form or student 2-haw YOU how much WB BDDFSCIB'-8 as nctlvlty. Thla wa hullnrc lnflns hlln what you hnvo done for ua, We have : aa wt-Il as tlm chapter. loupll from past axporldnce that : ln the old polltlral mnnlf, an 334 'lln1nernmIhKH04!sblgcvery otheryanr. 1 IEE! dm' Q,-,L-my ,hum of mm-,,,,I llfm- that rn-Wm. we sv .-.v A a.......,u I-... : ' "lied" Durmxton was 5-th? Senior : Snxokrr commltler. Gaylord Davidson 1 wus elected Junior class lrutlnllmr nu' 2 well as securing an apnnlntnwnt tu thu I: Junior Prom, commlltcu. G.-orgn f' 2 Rldnout was placed upon tln- Sunh- V as omore Cotllllon cnmmlueu. ' : ln nthlatlua we are umm I ly whll 4' : represented. Don JohnaTTl'5'T5at yrar A 17 nn non the lnncy dlvlng rhmnnlonnhlp ol Lf S : the conf:-renee. has this your hz-nn rw- 0 : lvcted lo raplaln the swlnulnlng tt-ann. K J . 2' : Eugene Prvdrlcks last your was an sun- 6 0 6 ' 1, polnt KL-lter In lhe ITL-nnunzl rlnw In A x ' : the ronlt'l'ent'e wrestling nn-als. :nhl Is Q N' en uxnnrlnuh this your to "4-oh" or! Ihr! xl I : ronlvrenra- clmmplnnuhln ln that 1-vt-nt. 0 Q' ' : George Slndlrk was "rnnn1-r-up" ln tln- 1 ' VD K. : annual lull tennis lUllI'llLlfll0lll and K 0 1 was only he-atcn lor the sr-hool chant' " 0 fi : plonahlp alter xx hard llght. llu ls : practlcally assured of a place an lln' ' , Cv : team uf dnuhlf-s next spring. lu rlasu x Y : lootbull Fl'r-drlukn, Klpn and Glhsnll C' : are playing: nn :lm Sv-ulor team. und QC 1 urn: uurn ol gsetllng llmlr nulneralzt, : llill Turku-r, one ul our nlntlue-H. has 4: nlrvrady xhown his 1-nliln-r, wht-n ln: GX 1 won for hltnsvll tho jul: ol plunlal nt : thu Ulf-me and Mundnlln rlulnilm -- : ln hnnorx I 1' . vs-'Wu have':il""""---...IIII- ,-. I I I I I -N.. I.. plusrnl n fall rm prtaentnllun. ,IIN If : "Itch" .0 msun in n nu-mln-r ot 'rn-ant ' ' - I, Aa Q gg, 'l'nu. nu honorary 4-ngim-mlm' frnu-1' V" I I I . : nuly, whllv "Dov" 'l'odnl hultla nn-nutu-r- UAAN.k' AK O 'J- N: alan nn Mask and llnnhlv. nn hnnnranv I: llnnmnlir mgnnlvntnuu, T3 l l an I-' :Lv R0a3t-9 I Five Hundred Fourt. 9 ICO IKE Ill lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllll ll illlillilillIllSilllillllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllilillllil gl K :hi sn- Q- Q.. ...- ug. if 153 - -Q -.Q -1 up l an nn 1 -m 1' me ol fan 'Z l me 'li as sa.: ce mm nm if ue: .rs ei-9 QQ Wm any an I1 1 91 ex mg mg 1 +1 1 1 1 i 1 1 I 1 1 1 i 1 xv 1' i 1 3 1 1 1 -n -1 1 1 Us 1 1 1 no in L 11 1 li 1 1 1 1 1 an 1 In if nl 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 in an i an .1- iii E Were he not Wallie Haynesg E The hollow molar of a fly GE Would safely hide his brains. mr: -1 1 il .va was 2,-'J IillllllillilllllillllllllHIRE!lilllllllllllllllllllllilililiilltliillllllllllllllillllilllfilillliilllllllmlliillllllgi 3 E an :-u. ' 5 : t Mis: Q OUR ROLL OF SI-IAME 3 l-' I r ' 2 Q so s , : b r E The first one on our Roll of Shame fp . Q E -Who would you sure think? ' . - h ' E The vote seems quite unanimousg KA A- -THE E The honor goes to Spink. X " -A V , Q i 5 'N ll Ill 5 I H A . T T' 5 .' .m.i-, if f' 'B E He would have been class president R " 4 4, Z: A . an ' .s...... are ",, 'I K .ef ie .. 1'-:T 5 . . WN I: Van Deusen he 1S said to be- - ' . y - A J G3 I: A mess that's hard to beat: fn: gg To make this prune digestible . '35 Would be a kitchen feat. A uns: .lo -sn- 'L I 5 5,15 S-,AK ,..f'.... W 11: ug, ......-Y , 3 i Here is a prize, please step up close, a ., - i gg It's Cooling, known as Keng I-I If we have seen a poorer fish . Q- We don't remember when. mm, E 2.-I X f-'T T Q 1 ' 'lui E Beside us in this rectangle g g E We have the missing link lf. 5 The G. D. A. Kroeschell, he's called, fs ,iw - E A Sigma Nu, we think. 'L ' W Q: I ff 'IIA' 4 E 5 A- if- .5 V V l Y l in Five Ihmdrcd Fifteen Roasts .vu -up un ..- mn- .fn ll .pn au:- i nl' fu an 'ua H- 1-. un l an 1' ,sq ill! CIE 'po UI!-' 7717 an -176 yn an OIC -Tk an -an ll 1' we 'il il 1 fu- mn- -nm .,,,,,. I,-as .pw- snr NPV: vm- .nw uw an .Dai we .,. -i mv ,gm Vw - 141 -.4 -as -vn- wn , nm., me vm nn, iva- me an:- -In an you um mu ian- are no uw l rw an -no rv.-n 'uni uv mn, w. A, -. nw -4.- up nm fw- ,www nm ,nn was .ru .rn ae un w-4 'un my is nu. -11 .ss --A QliilllillliiEBSliliilllilillilliHRWIllIWIHYEIIIPIWFHIHIIHIHEMWIN!!ii!!! Wiiilllllliililli ll Ellllliililikliliilli giliiiliiiliimliiiiIHWFT911Ibitilimiii513151355MlllilililiilNllililllilllillI54843551l!'il5NilIl1!,iil543lf3iiliillillilQL5-, ..- 4: .3 :.. :TN ... -vi -- -- -1-K . 1... ..... xl ... wwf! l N , , Max ' 3 5 A . , .ar 9 5 lllidg . . ,. Q l QM P2133 NJ OUR ROLL OF SI-IAME rx eil l ee n er WA U o g x I -V , 152,121 AJS- Q 4 vu, ktf. la' nh 2 A' j 'P fl 'P if y P , lm gf A Q af,'. ' 0 ' I o U . . 9 U N - ' fe- .fs lg A 'Aa 'ii iii" Pete Cunningham, or Hinky Dink A sly and cunning fox Why don't they have some black ones In Ma-wan-da's ballot box? Deuce Hart, one of the human race fPhi Delts they're sometimes styledJ Of people Who would speak to him We'd say their tongues were wild. The Phi Gams took him and they say His name is Allen Brown Why didn't someone have a gun When that bird lit in town? Bill Hostettler, the very same A weakling' of a guy. Would you not hang your head in shame If joined to Zeta Psi? Old Gomez Thompson, he's the same A Theta Delta Cheese We'd rather meet him on the street When there's a goodly breeze. Roasts Five Hundred Sixteen f1nvv"'1-,- .-+51 Yr ' ""l2Cii4I.w 2 ,if-::Zl1:'5f?P ?'f"l'i?lF73liT' OUR ROLL One Harry Gibson you now see A boy of wondrous Worth A Wiser or a sweeter lad N e'er visited the earth. Now here we see one Dana Todd Who wears the Styleplus suit. - If he should- near a firing squad They Wouldn't wait for "Shoot". In Red McCarroll you now View A sad eugenic blunder When we are visiting a zoo We think of him and Wonder. And here in Richard Chamberlain A reptile poor We see Hes low enough to bring disgrace Even to DTD. A poorer egg than Brinkerhoi You've probably ne'er seen Whene'er We see him we regret That there's no guillotine. Five I-Iundrcd Seventeen OF SI-IAME h 1 . 'll ll igfl. Q, J J I YP ,32- 1 - -I vga ll .- ' r , C, I 7 ff? L. eg ' 't , X U .,.- Q F. , ' . A , :fwmf-f' A Raasts iglilliiilllillililiWillfill1'iilflilllll.1li'lWill33H1liiliillillfliiillllliifliliiQlllilll3-lf14MQlLHfldidllll-113W-13591illlillliWi4134Il LL CTL -.. wp. C5222 .ft ...I gr. W.,-' p W... , W ' . ..-1 .vjw A--P... , an , ,..4-if . among. 1' V ,, w '.i .4 illllll si TFL, El 3? it 'iw-..,. wsrfw an' ...- .au ...vm .un ...uf .M- we .mn -4.4 'K ,. ia u OUR 'ROLL lf: ,lv 12' R -2 ' . . fd? Qing? "Y 1' 'I i B-2,1 , . rg ' VYOBQ l l!"'i-e'-- we E .fizlgi T" ' A ' fi- ' Ep J 39 ,ULU Q A Roasts OF SI-IAME Here's Gideon, of Star course fame, Also of hotel Bibleg If we'd been born to such name We'd sue our Dad for libel. Minonk gave us some specimen In Kawin Kennedyg Thank Heaven that he's hidden in A large fraternity. A Pan-Hellenic in himself, This Kappa Sig disgrace. Why did they put Hal Page's mind Behind so cute a face? Pots Godfrey-quite a clever kid No doubt a hum-taown devil. If to his funeral We were bid We'd surely want to revel. Now gase a while at Satan Day Of aero fame, that's all. Some time while making his display Why can't the flyer fall? Five Hundred Eightcv ,hw g wel:-,1':!v.-, f ,,,.,.- H, a IMI-,I-2.414 nl ,.-fffirlwirvzv 1 wif'?q.12g-l:i::.y M Qi!llllNm!!llilllifllWUIUDIUHHWNIBQIIIQUIlmlllllllIMIIlilmllliillllllllllllllllllllllllilllllIllllllllllllllgf 1 i 1 2 1 ,pl 2 OUR ROLL OF si-IAME VT' ' ' E 'Tis Troster of the maiden smile gg A lime if there be one 3 Nobody'd have to tell you that I-E His name is Marion. 2 Now this is Mr. Winkleman, E A second Bath-house John. if For fear your stomach will rebel E We'll hastily pass on. E Now here we have a Well known man E An Irishman named Mike, " He's of the Phi Kap Sigma clan, 5 E Protect us from the like. ei? 5, 428' 2 This Kalthoff person ornaments The Ilus house they say. 53 We've heard that he is famous on cm' Q The strength of dad's cafe. I 2 John Cook they say he was baptised 'Twas in a church house too. if ' Of course religion is renounced cn., .wh When one is pledged Psi U. . J.:-Y an msn -wmv an um -an . van mm un- nun -in can an mu. lam -pf ll mm , sl no uso no all mm um - 1:2 Frve Hundred Nmctcen .1-, 1.-. . ..,.. um 'Q' si 'lg 'W L p K l fs-ff'- l '. ft. 'Q lf n ..l, Q, . 33 F 5 Y if in , ' Q41 ILT 1 ax 4"i Q 5 1032, xwnn THE l9i8 f i e X . f ll' Q -':...'-.:. .. .- v . 1 - x'- eggs-- , I 'I i' .. .. - . tl' A .5 ., ffffi Iii.: K3 . 1...-. , ,jg 'ffl' fi xc i" I 31 1' I l L viii.. Roasts so as ua- an an .nh-, an -as as an an up pm 1 Ji 1- fi 1: 1. UI! -an di- S5 mt. -an un' 1 uk. an um. .mn Sli -Lam un flaws -mn 'la an an nun on an mul on-.4 un an-4. -v -.4 Qw- swf. um. .ws vm .,l,..,, 4.4. ww- .Mu ww .fu-v. -au e un no. -mo. . wa ,nw .mm 4-A. .un any an .wa .W-. ...- A.. mn ,un as rm-A nm an ws :vu pm. me nu. fm- nun ww, ...N mn si- um- an nu. .un nun can nv. nf..- .- nu .vm In-Q un Ilus Ula! own 1-an D! lm: um. :iii335liiiiliiiilillllillilllIMllliiM!PlilTiMlM'2Qilliililliliilillliliiiliifiilliitlillilftiiiitlili5:iiil!i3ti'S5EEii!8Elld1Iqi,3' A-'nt v.- 1 l t i Q 1 l lflfllfillflvlltiifllllillllllllllf'' OUR ROLL OF SI-IAME i y ll O1 A l Q 6 Load Guilliam's brains upon a flea all And we can safely bet ' A A- That it could lope to Mexico I i j j And never raise a sweat. e f 1 l :J I 1 --V SLNQ L 3 ' Stan Petter is this g'emman's name Q -,MZ An import from Kentucky 3 Now isn't it a filthy shame 3 6 The Bates are so unlucky? QQ 'N' fl . Bob Phalen stands behind this verse X , . One of the blockhouse kith f M We seldom get a look at worse kv But think of who he's with. gf J 1 Z 8 J "' X -i. " 7 X, 'E . -jf.: , i Why waste such hair on such a bloke? ' gf fi' Naught else lies 'neath his bonnet. 4,3 Our Roll of Shame would be a joke 3? .r .. If Richardson weren't on it. N' I I s To say that Cooper is a man ' Would be untrue, we fear W -'A He wished to have his picture in 1 , f So we have placed him here. H' ROILSZS Five Ilumlrvd Twenty - + I 1 1 l V gl IHlllllllllllliilllillllllllmlllllllmlllllllilllllllllllllilllllllllllllll!lllllllllllllllllllllllllllliilllll-'rg G54 5 at jx E , as V M -.... l . . .. .. - A , 5 'B n , gf cf M :ye ,Q . f f-3 : 1 ,J 3 S, , 13+ ,. Al is 3 -a-5 1- ,3- 5 ,. S . L , v . H' : 4 , A H Y , T A. L 'W H., i 5 C E W I ' .L fx ,ink I, ., rw Q L da , Y s 1dlz! 1' 'Q' AQX .V,, Q ' "" ' LZ , E 4,M, G?Q Q My Img E V L , I F V -0 - F X . .1 f f , Q f '31 L1 4 . X 5 Isle : . . . Q ' ' f :I , ?' 1 in 2 Q f f, 1 - ' , Q - E A " 5' k 'P -Q . F' "' I ' 1 - E : ,A ' 4, I , rf". ' I 'Li' L' ' A Q 1 E E 1 .Q Q if 'L fl -A b ' R? 1 V.- L E E ,M nfs. - U ,gg -- . . V , ,J gg 'E K ' A 'vi A 9 1-54 in I 7 gf 43 E E W fg . Q. 4 2 E A N Q X f W' 'Q X' Y: v E : , . J' f 1, ff 5, ' Ar , K, fl : 5 - A v A 5 1 T.. -,f 5 k kj' 'I "L .. L.: . ,E 0 f , ' P' 1' vf Q E : :I -v 1' V '-' at yy 3 V gm , ' : : K , .A 9 . 5, . . uh- 4 b I .NH - - .W ,f 2 E A 'Y 'Z ' .UQ f ' I 'a' " : E M tv Q 113' ' H3 , 5 :l M it f I i, J ,M Q. . . 3 E 1 'by Y' . fl 4, I H' N. .J aj b 'AI' W E 5 . 1. 9 is f QK l 5? M A 5 E I . mn N fix 'T' M' 51+ . Z E ' 4 fx f -, Q 9 ' --y " .Q '- ef E : ., B 0 V9 fx: .NE J l V iff , Y , V ., E 2 " tg V Y ' ' A 'I N 19 ' .V , Q 5 9 1 . f v. A mv f I 5 : df ' E' " Q . fi' i I 5 E 2? 6' Q -7' , Q . J , i 9 " E I: ' 7 b . . -' fi 2 : its 3 ' 1 '- eg W my A Q A 5 2 9 b aw, V Q 4 N9 ff 'Lw K . 2 - X - A N K , ' . L '. if f 2 2 ', A 1" : E ,Ny .f q fv ,- 'lf E : ff,ff f:- , Ua : E Five Hundred Twenty-one R0!lSfS 3 glllllllllllllllHlllliflliCHIIIINNNIHIOIHIIIIHIHHHIIIIIIIIHHIllllINHINNHIHNllfllllllllllllgrif 4,',....-'jfs . ,, my X sei., a K, , If 4 'frlkfz ,t V M. v , Wa '1- a'!n-ts-'--i.s ' nl T,-L 'Isl lp M l4a15.n,r.g ' I M if ,lf I K-Elili A elazwiliizmmifiniff1linen.:1fsml::1ei, ifHHSI221'lriiirlll-i.liZlil'5iJlffI2i'HE5JMHQlll3',iXQ.QllB?l5Q'3l1Ml'3EQEECQGH mlfqggp in I l l 1 l l I I I TIIIS VEHICLE IS NOT A IIEAIISIC, AS YOU MIGIIT GUESS AT FIRST GLANCE. IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE. TIIE ALPIIA XI LAIVN AFTER TIII5 FIRE SALE. Rods-ts THRILLI G RACE WITH THE 191 ILLIO DEADLI E Alpha Xi Delta Qualifies for the Roast Section Just In Time SACHEM SOCIETY ATTENDS IN BODY The Ides of January drew nigh. It was afternoon of the fourteenth and down the street tore the Cham- paign Fire Department-ladder wag- ons, hose carts, aerial extensions, et al., followed by the Kappa Sigma Volunteer Brigade. With grinding brakes and unmuffled profanity the equipment came to a halt before the Alpha Xi Delta nunnery, which is just west of the tabernacle. "Where's the fire?" shouted the Chief. "There ain't no fire" trilled the A1- pha Zips in chorus. "Someone musta turned in a false alarm just for a joke." "I fail to see the point," grumbled the Chief, and spat so vigorously that Helen Morris, who, because of her speed, was detailed by the Chi Omegas to run to the aid of the sisters in dis- tress, had to have her white shoes cleaned before she could go to the Green Tea Pot for dinner with Mike Dailey. But the crowd was not disappointed. Lined up in front of the house were Ethel Gliffe, Peggy Elliott, Francis Perkins and the other corpses. The morbid crowd gathered close about them, but the undertaker in his high hat Cvintage of 19025 had already taken charge of the situation. Due credit must be given to the members of Sachem, who were assem- bled at the Beta house. They did great relief work in rescuing Skinny Egan from the top floor where she had gone into solitary confinement after her engagement. Nothing of importance occurred, in- asmuch as there is a chapter rule that all of the Alpha Xi sisters must be dressed and presentable before two o'clock on Sundays. Fivv Huvidrcd Twcn ty-two glIHHIIHIUNHIIHNNIlllllllllllliHlllllllmlllillillllliINNOllillllllllmlllllllIIIIUIMNllilililllilllg Fellow sufferers, bear with us a moment before plunging on into unheard of horrors and cast an eye upon the fascinating title of this, the opus major Our Own CBared Other works concerning American college frater- nities are published which, in many respects, would make Ananias blush for shame and hancl the toga of champion liar over to someone else. But our manual knows neither friend nor favor. We wear no pin, except the one that keeps our vest ancl pants from separating, and furthermore we ic o::lcln't be a fratter if St. Peter and all the angels were brothers, so what we say is the plain, unvar- nishecl truth. To other manuals we wish to give our thanks for the spelling of the Greek letter names. They are authentic. Otherwise we are inclebtecl to no one eaccept the I. C. for putting us in this frame of mind. THE EDITORS cnty-thrcc , Roast-9' -.5 fb? KX!!! ...-':..... TI-IE !9l8 L4 2 nur an -v nn- -an -v an as -u no up no no -- -uu- -an an ua -an -. ...fu -- nn- fu-n 9'- wu- -nm- ms in -rm qw- -as an can an in uw nu- vu. an ...- .ns an an ,vm -- mn. mn- mm nou- ua- . Mr nw. ww 0..- nn- Apu -na. .om .fun -an .nu -un nw .nu ...- -.- was -no .vp .-Q -4 uv- un -nn -uns on no on nu an mu- -uw uv. ww uw --.4-4. -we an -mu -no ve- was an -... fm. www -1... nn -m an on una any an gp... -an zlwiblilllliNHUHNFMSHHIHNQHUZHUiiiiiiiiliiiifiiiHNHNW9NiiliwimiiPHi!iQi!I'!i!l'5i!ii!i!lllifl:':,:i glllllllllllllllllllllllIllIlIllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllL'-5 3 : is + L lllhxx Q6 'XXVI THE l9l8 . 5-4 3 Q- as 1- an up on an as i 1 as 1 1 qu 3 1 1 3 1 in 1 1 has 1 1 no as 1 1 3 1 1 1 L 1 in 1 as no 1 on on an .- on lv up an up as an qs 1 1 an 1 I 1 1 1 xv 1 an 1 an .- on an -3 Q- fs- 1 cu 1 1 1 nn as 3 :A 1 1 1 1 3 1- - -n an an 1 an an an can -nn 1 an an - 2 1 Z 1 3 3 1 fE'EEi'Q.x QI:-2 'dmv EE-HL! 1 ' f T DELTA KAPPA EPSILON We hadn't intended to print obituaries in this book, but the heirs of DELTA KAPPA EPSILON insist that she ,be given some space. There is nothing to say, except that the obsequies were attended by very little grief from the by-standers. She died an inevitable death. Death and oblivion was a matter of but a short time with her, feeble as she was, and she is better dead than alive. On the pin is a scroll bearing the three letters, Delti, Kappa, Epsilon. On the scroll, which is the fraternity roll of lzznor, two names are etched. They are Gene Shobinger and Dug McRobie, for they brought more notoriety to the old frat than all other members combined. The pin is shaped like a diamond, copied from the Zeta Beta Tau design, and at each corner is a star. Several other frats have stars on their pins, and the four stars on the Deke pin represent the blemishes of all other fraternities. The Dekes never did an orig- inal thing yet, except commit suicide. . D k Delta means Deceased. Nothing could be more aptly said of the e es. Kappa represents Knocks. The Dekes were well acquainted with this enigmatic expression. Epilson stands for Everyone. How this could be connected with the Dekes is beyond us. Archaeologists have been consulted on the problem, but even the ark doesn't add light to the mystery. If the word stands be interpreted to mean stands-up for we're afraid that there's a mistake. The Dekes never stood up for anyone, except to cheer Red Gunkel at a ball game. If stands means equivalent-to, you are wrong again. The Dekes are certainly not equivalent to every- one. They are exactly equal to no one. But anyhow, Epilson seems to mean Everyone. Deceased Knocked Everyone. Now we understand. The heirs of the late lamented sing the following knell: We used to be up with the famed Sigma Pi's But now we are burdened with grief g Perhaps we'll catch up with the Kap Alpha Psis,' Even that will be quite a relief. ' Our Own Bared oo 44f100fZ, Pura R008 38 Fivc Hundred Twenty-four an 2 3 nz 3 5. 1 ug 1 1 3 1 3 3 1 an no can i L as an 1 3 an cu so Ai- fi 'L I 1 1 3 I fi 1 1 i 1 1 ll 1 3 1 i 3 1 Z 1 1 Gr an 2 1 3 i Z 1 an an an 1 1 1 2 3 3 1 i 1 fi ll 2 1 1 7 l l 1 i L 1 -Cn 1 1 1 2 2 i 1 as Z-5-:llllllllllllllllllllllllllllliillllllIllllillllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllizli dlIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllil!HHHllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll-Eli Tis 1 ' I L. il W bl:'l1fv3 7 x l"'l+'f4g.f:V"l"t"'l' X V ll'llf5c ' if ,',l' ll l ' f ,'.1llllllllllflllr.,l 1 1' S I G M A C H I SIGMA CHI was founded one hot afternoon at Miami University out of spite. The Betas had organized shortly before, and some fel- lows got together in another society just to show the newly-manufact- ured Betas that anyone, no matter if they were the scum ofuthe school, could be fratters. Sigma Chi has ever since reverently lived up to the spirit with which its founders established it, and today it 1S the prize roughneck organization of the modern world. i For that reason it has one of the longest chapter rolls of any political party. Chick Flannery started to go down the list of fraternity brothers 1n hopes of getting a job, but after spending from June 14 to August 11 he had only reached PURITY, Simon, initiated into Enny chapter, but later expelled by unanimous vote. The reason he started with the Zs, Ys and Xs is that he knew he'd find most of his brothers from the Illinois chapter among the unknown quantities. l The pin is a bloated cross. The short arms are connected with chains, and it was on these links that Abe Walton practiced golf until he added a ninth cup to the Sig Chi collection. Seven of the previous eight were also added by him. On either side of the center are storm clouds, supposedly wind clouds, representing the syllable "Whiz", which has a prominent place in the initiation ceremony. Above the center are two keys, which complete the ritual started a few lines above. It has been said that the aforementioned whis-key is squirrel whiskey, because sooner or later it gets every Sig Chi. Below the center are seven stars, representing the Seven Little Sisters, a favorite constellation with the brothers. Of the original seven sisters Art 0'Dell is the only one visible from this planet. Sigma. begins the meaningful word Scgregated. When the chap- ter was founded, respectable people segregated themselves from the Sigma Chi bunch. Chi represents the word Criminals, because Sigma Chi is the only fraternity which does not exclude convicted criminals from member- ship. This account for Pots Godfrey's presence. Segrcgated Criminals. May she segregate them in the future as succesfully as she has in the past! on Mnoofz, Pure Om' Own Bared Fwc Hundred Twenty-five R00-9t3 1 no 1 1 as 1 -n 1 no 1 an on 1 al 1 1 1 1 1 as 1 2 gn 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 3 1 2 8 1 1 I 1 1 in 1 do 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 an 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 uc 1 an 3 3 an 1 -n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 3 i 3 as 1: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L i 1 1 1 1 1 S 1 H i L i E1lllllIllllllmllllllllillillllllllllllllilillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllffk' QlllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllll-llIllIllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllilll E :R I -f 33 . I e- fd? I r M5 Kfdlzhxqa Z -www "' A ,N A ii ? : " 11?3'li I ste Ei'- nsue J i i ' 2 L : ,J E ' if 23. S E P I-I I K A P P A P S I E PHI KAPPA PSI was never heard of until Slooey Chapman came 3 to Illinois, but many chapters sprang up soon after. This conspiracy : is said to have been running s. r. for some time. Slooey Wasn't a 3 godsend to Illinois after all, because he unearthed a hitherto harmless : hoax. Slooey was, however, a god-send to the hoax. 2 The pin is a shield, with a bargain counter arrayed on it. Among 2 the various items which we see at a random glance is a lamp, shaped E like a gravy boat, in keeping with the soupy-est mess we have ever 3 discovered. At the top of the badge is an eye, with a star on either 3 side. These StCL'I'S are typographical errors. We would much prefer 2 to see scars on either side of the Phi Psi eyes. 3 Phi represents Pledges. This is all the representation the pledges E get. : Kappa means Kept. Kept alone doesn't mean much, but it had : to be a word that would rhyme with wept in a frat song. :',, Prisoned is symbolized by the letter Psi. Prisoned are the sec- : rets of the frat 5 prisoned also are most of the members at some time I or other in their careers. I d Pledges Kept Prisoned, is it? We've often wondered how it was : one. E They sing it this way: I With Slooey Chapman we were blest. E And brother Bart is stellar : But when he's gone who of the 'rest 2 Can 'raise as from the cellafr? E Our- Own Bafred 99 A,gf100Q, pu,-e E E R00-S18 Five Hundred Twenty-six LQ 2 5 : E 3' 1 1 is 2 -1 3 -in vi 1 an 2 si vi 1 1 ft +1 at 2 2 1 1 1 -1 as 1 on so 2 up in up up up an lu. cu. cn up on in no 11 av an 1 aus 1 1 an 1 1 1 fi L ei 1 -an i 1 an an can u-Q un us may liillllllilillllllliHHHIHH1NllllllilmilllllI5IIlilillllllllllllllliilllllmlilllllllillllllllllllllllllf-I5-E PllilllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllIIINIHIMNIIHIIHHIIIHIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllliilllllllg, --1 11. -ug l cu 3 -1 1 asv - -9 2 1 nn 1 1 1 no 1 us 1 us an 1 us cu an an i ss an an can 1 un an 1 an an 1 1 1 up 1 1 1 qu as Q. an an gs -- as an an an -a -- -Q as .- an -an up an 1 as so uv up on 1 an an 1 an 15 1 1 an on no on 1 1 an as up no ns in or wo an -us an as an an nu an up 1- an an in as 1- ss on an -as an un an an ov an no as an so on gp .as an qu or an our c r L: QQQWQEQ , P P HE Qi li W4 ' is - mm QV' - -gl- Q l9l8 fr, E 2 QQQEDSCQQQ j-5' PI-II ALPHA DELTA PHI ALPHA DELTA-Wilson belongs. The most important facts have now been published. There are, however, a few points of interest. These points are Pete Cunning- ham, Satan Day, and Roland E. Winkleman, a gigantic political tri- ialmvirate that makes Ceasar, Antony and Crcesus look like a mere uet. This so-called fraternity was organized for the purpose of pro- viding a home for a certain class of people in schools where Theta Nu Epilson was excluded. PAD is like a ticket booth in front of a movie show. PAD is run openly, but the rest of the organization, Theta Nu Epilson, is back in the dark, under cover, and to it no one may gain admittance until provided with the proper credentials by PAD out in front. Phi in this case represents Publicity. After what the lecturer has said this evening about PAD and publicity the connection may be easily discerned. Alpha means Aud, a word which indicates that there is more to follow, something yet to come. Something will come all right, but Dean Clark and the Sheriff of Champaign County haven't decided what it will be yet. . Delta stands 'for Duplicity. Dupe is a half sister to Simp Licity. Publicity and Duplicity. Paradoxical it sounds-PADoxical it is. Their uproar sounds like this: We have such a problem, it's driving us mad- Whenever in meeting we sit, We get our secret work tangled up bad With the Theta Nu Epilsou wit. 99 Mnoow Pura Our Own Bared Five Ilzmdrvd 7':1w'utU-m'1u'11 R0flStS an 2 an 1 1 ue an 1 1 or as an an on - 1 1 1 no an no as uv 1 can an Q an 1 an un us as -n un- un- so an was -Q. up -Q- wg -ns -ns -1- un - -as an on. un sq an e -. an -v. - -up -un .- ..- -- -u. -Q -. -nn no ann an up - -an up -an no is ..- as -un was an on on as can up :- 1 .ng ,un- -- 1 an -4 Qu. -un an no 21:3llllllllllllHitIINIHlllllllllllmllllllliIHNIIIIHHHlllllllilllllilliliuilllllilllllliillllllllllillifg-rg QjlillllllllilllllllllllHIIIIllIllIllIllIIN!mlUllllllllilllIIIIIHIINIlHIlllillllllllilllllllllilllillllllllI LQ :1 4 . J KX!!! Q THE I9lB H ' 2 1 as 1 aus 1 1 on 1 1 1 as 1 11 5 1 2 1 1 1 7 so i 1 3 so 1 1 as 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 no 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 an as an an 1 as 1 1 az 1 so so nn nn 1 so no 1 an 1 an an nn 1 cs 1 1 1 an 1 1 1 1 -n an on , 1 an 1 as 1 1 1 -s 1 un 1 nn 1 1 NQx :-"' '--' f I xN.xI5"'i: l . 4. XX- 5 5152:-EXE!-f., , - -'f--4"-"" -1- re f- 1 f , , l,.i'D, . l : 2 'E E y ' . HSE l. ' ll 5 fnlfwfnr U ll Wlkfffffff , ,ff4w,,,,,, V mm' ,H DELTA TAU DELTA DELTA TAU DELTA was founded at Bethany College, but as soon as the Delts got away from Bethany they ruined the name of the school and the poor little institution went broke. From the class of students they had we'd say the school was pretty low anyway. The pin is a sway-backed square, with the symbols Delta Tau Delta emblazoned upon it. At each corner is a star, because some- thing had to be stuck there to illuminate such a sad enigma as ATA. Near the top is an open eye, the only un-bleared eye in the fraternity. At the bottom is a third of a ring. TN E and PAD are the rest of the original ring. This sign will be left off of the pins in the future be- cause the Delts' power has now been reduced to a mere point which would be scarcely discernible on the pin. The first Delts is for the word Driven, which means that mem- bers aren't there from their own free volition but that they were driven to it. Tau is for To. This word was selected for the middle initial be- cause it has so many meanings. It may be to, too, or two. The last Delta is for the word Drink, which is a word stolen from the Delt ritual by Noah Webster. Driven To Drink is half the ritual of Delta Tau Delta. After driving rapidly all week end they sing this song: For Delta Tau Delta let's shout our acclaim, We may never gather againg Suppose the cops raided-'twould sure be a shame, To close up this boot-legging den. Our Own Bared 09 Jmhoofn. Pure - E R0tLStS Five Hundred Twenty-eight an an i no nm is us 2 as 3 1 i 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 2 1 i 1 1 1 2 i i 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 Q 1 5 s 5 3 5 5' 5 5 i Shamanaanmmuummmumuuummmmnummsmmlnumuunmlmmmmmmunnlli 2,-ii IllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIHHIHINIIlllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll-5 su as -an 11 -u 1 at 1 uw sn at an- 1 1 1 1 1 i is is 3 in 1 1- 3. i as 3 1 3 in 1 in 1 1 1 2 in 11 3 i 1 sl is 1 in 1 at 1 1. an um 1 1 3 11 3 1 1 2 1 3 3 1 1 1 11 i 1 1 1 I 1 i 1 1 1 3 it 1 1 3 1 1 1- 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i 1 1 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 Z 1 3 3 f 'Q 'wi i aaa it 5'1" 'y S illllviulll l ll 5 TE llll...lllili. lhlU ...lllluhl ilu.. 2 PHI KAPPA SIGMA PHI KAPPA SIGMA was founded during the great war by Snap- per Belnap and Bill Goelitz, who received world-wide distinctionin the relief of the congestion in Pilsen and also for their valiant work in the Battle of the Budweiser. For their heroic deeds they were awarded the Iron Cross, and that is now the badge of the fraternity. The emblem also bears a skull, signifying the close affiliation be- tween Theta Nu Epilson and Phi Kappa Sigma. The red eye and green eye are missing because of the increase in price. The top of the badge shows a star, which is supposed to be the only thing con- nected with the fraternity that will have a place in heaven. The Phi represents the word Pledges, one of the foremost con- siderations of the Phi Kaps at all times. That's no more'n right, be- cause they have 'a hard time getting 'em. Kappa is the initial letter of the word Keep. No, ma'am, the pledges aren't kept-the pledges keep. ut Sigma starts the word Sober, said softly and reverently in the r1 ua . The three words thus formed, Pledges Keep Sober, constitute the slogan of the fraternity. This is the opening ode of Phi Kappa Sigma. As soon as the last note of Dailey's beery baritone dies away the "Compliments of Gus- tave Pabst" are taken out and the bottles are opened. Now let us try some 'rock and 'rye To wash away our sofrrowg A gallon or two for me and you, Will last 'til noon tomorrow. so Mnoofn Pure Our Own Bared Five H ufnrlred Twenty-nine R 00LSt8 an 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 gs 1 1 1 in ti 1 1 1 43 1 3 3 K 1 1 1 1' as up as no an 1 1 as 1 an up an an 1 1 lun 1 1 an up 1 1 1 :Q 1 no an un 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 an xp is 3 1 1 1 1 1 in an 1 an 1 on S glIllllllllllllllillllllmllllllllllllllllllliiilllillllllHHIHIIINIHHHIHNHINIIIHNllllllllllllllllg 2'-ijlllillll MNHIlllllllIlilllllliiliiIIiiililllltQllHill!IUUIIlllllilllllllI!IMINIlllilillllllllllllllllllllllll A X ' X X 'F ' P ,. , lp VI nun fl ,iu..ilfl 'a-Will, :exe ' X up an up -nn up 1 an an an lun can 4- lul- :- un as 1 as -u an as an - uv an can an on nu- is up an un. an nn nu -an na -on an -m we -an .nn my no -u -in 11- -. -n -au- oa- up can an nav Q- an nu any - -I-1 nn ...- -.4 no - -vm M. -- -in vu -- an -an an -.. -an an an an qw an an -- -an - an an 1 use ua num- our -an uint .an ans -we an .1 an nur nt an I5 I3 'I' idx 4 'I' I-I I3 'Il ral I9 I BETA THETA PI was organized as a corporation for the pur- pose of conducting a building and loan association with a summer resort hotel in connection. As soon as a guest is registered he is taken around the place and the various points of interest including the statues of the historical figures of Bill Nelson and Kay Kennedy are indicated. He is then given a lecture on the many great men who have lived in the hotel in previous years, and the guest goes to bed worn out and pepless. After three nights of this ordeal his baggage is attached so that he can't escape the wrecking crew, consisting of Strongarms Simpson, Brown, Petter, and with Niebergall to adminis- ter the anesthetic creep stealthily into the room of the guest and nail a buttton to his coat while he is asleep in his double decker. In the morning when the victim dresses he has a dizzy sensation and when he sees the button firmly stapled to the lapel of his coat he thinks that he is marked for a murder or some other interesting calamity. Such an event would be to him a profound pleasure, and all day long he marches the streets, displaying the button before all suspicious look- ing characters, patiently waiting for the axe of death to fall upon him. ,Betas wear an oblong badge with the corners worn off. At the top are three stars, representing Three Star Brandy. Below the stars is a fake diamond. When the stars are shining brightly the fake diamond looks almost real. Beta stands for the word Bouta, an ancient cryptic symbol for something. Theta represents Thousand. Thousand is the maximum number of pledges any chapter may have, except in time of war. The Illinois chapter had only eighteen of the last year's heroes back so it was some job to bring the regiment up to full strength. Pi is the initial letter in the word Pledges, as usual. In the Pan- Hellenic languages Pi rarely means anything but Pledges, and in this case it represents the rarest assortment of them we've ever had the privilege of watching at one time. We ,are reminded of the crowd at the Homecoming game. Bouta Thousand Pledges, a slogan of which any chapter might be proud-if they wanted to fight the Germans. Oufr Own Bared gg Mgooqg, pure RUG'-9t-9 Five Hundred Thirty li! 5 un, wmv as 41 up 1 1 in Q A1 1 an :Q 2 an IU up an .1 -up 31 -so i an 2 2 3 if an at an .an fx V as .nu up an an an -an no uh- lv 11 3 an an in iii 'rw mu. up ,sw -aa '5 .nw -'lv .num wut -an -nm .qv 'vm --. ,nn .un .mu .sn on on an .ms mn. an au- nn ,gn nav an .un nw- fum- are .mn an an vs mv .mv .qw -uv -cs- Mv . om as an ma- nn .fn naw wp -so mn- au. .nm an- Ana. Iilliliiliilfiiil Sli!!! llliliii glllililillllili iii l I 5 ll lfililliilillilliliwliiliil ii5Milli!!!Nil!llliilllillllliliillllllIlllllllllllillim if-it iliHiilltilliilllmilllllllimlllllllllllllMillilillilllllilllllllllllllllilllllllliilllllllliiiiiiiiiliiiillltii CiQ,ef'5" Q1 H 'ln Q I Il W0 QSQQ 612' l ZW' 1111 HUGPPLW 2 wg jc-'fx f E35 .Ms 'ii .lu- V -5 WI 1918 U." 5.- 'ff-ff. f J Q6 WBKJAAIZQI 14 'V 'llgfiy ff 1 '63 El Tblielw P . THE QQ gg ' nun fe I :QC ,-7, 2 Y , K Y . . W wi -. .- .. ' vi' ',. nl., A i X 1 jo , f , .... x Y , , L' N ' NS 'Y A, ' f' I V . ,. x ' - If tx Ll' ' vu' LP '. S I ' l G . . , T , f, k i 4 ' a 1 V' . r " . '- I '4' ri N1 . ,f X .I - I. , N V -X I N: f . .1 1 " - 5 V. wa "' -n . 1., f' I . 1' wi pf-nil -T '- .1 5 ,I M. fdfaafcelce ALPHA TAU OMEGA ALPHA TAU OMEGA was founded during the Revolution or the Spanish American war, or some other time when the authorities were too busy to pay any attention to them. They have recently been in refuge under the protecting wings of Thomas Artful Clark. The purpose of this conspiracy has never been made public, but it is sus- pected that. it is supposed to keep the Phi Gams from spending all their time 1n church. The badge is a Maltese cross with a knoll in the center, bearing the greek letter Tau. On the top and right arms of the cross is the initial Alpha and at the bottom and left the initial Olmega. Reading Tau Alpha, so that the brothers will recognize the pin regardless of their degree of sobriety. The pin also bears three stars, which indicates that Hennesy must have been one of the found- ers. Another of the Alpha Tau Omega firmament is Frank Scott, who is the censor on this section. Alpha means Agitation, in this case. In some cases Alpha might stand for Anheuser, but in this case it is Agitation. A Tau represents merely the simple word To. What a harmless littlel syllable is the word To, and how harmless are the ATOs, and Slmp e. Omega stands for the word Ostracise. Of course you knew it from the first. Agitation To Ostracise, and we back the cause heartily. It should have the support of every liberty loving man in school. The official publication is the Palm, to which the Dean is said to contribute freely. If he told the truth about the Illinois chapter the Palm would be better reading than this section. When the cops are drunk and the town is asleep the ATOS are likely to get together and sing: We're proud Alpha Tausg We are proud just because Dean Tommy is one of our crowd. If he should renounce us, Rebulce us or bounce us We'd just have to quit being proud. 99 traced, Pure Our Own Bared Fwc Hundred Thirty-one R OCLSZS an - :- Q- un. up uno an an 1-1- qu -n nn an -v sun un- as an nu- -us . nm an q-sf uv -nu uu- us: an an out -an nu- an an mu an an an nu- um 1.0- .vw Mn mm., -vu -W-. .ws -.fs wt.. -v- -U.- -...A -on mn -A .sv- un an no van -- nw- up on -N -.. -. .W a..-. wa.- ...- ...ui -an no am -,-Q -v-at mm -um- uw. na- uw ..-.. I .aus am ,ws- .-. mn.. -an up -an pw- uni -Q.. an -nn- can sq. mn. an an ug. . rillliililillllilii'ilili!iHiEMilitliiiliiiiiiikliilliiIllHIIlillliiiiiiitillliiiiMilli!illiiilillllililtltiiil EglllllllllilllilllllllllllIllilIli!llllIlliillllllllllllllllllllllllllilIII!IIIll!!llIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIlgg 1. .. G C-I L v Q36 LCQM45 Q X-1'-4 L fllhmq 'KWIUI ' ' l9l8 c l' I sh 1 E : :: E -E : : E 1 E E 1 an as i 1 :- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -0 1 1 1 1 1 an an an i 1 1 1 1 3 1 no an 1 i 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 W 'ff '3 r N IIE? Tig THE . . . K nun ' 4 0 O Q 0 . M f O A xg 4' M ' 'I C9 9 dw? mf 5 KAPPA SIGMA According to the members of KAPPA SIGMA their fraternity was founded by Solomon, St. Peter, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Napoleon and Charlamagne, so the compiler of this man- ual is unable to give any definite date. It is suspected that it was actually founded in some barroom by 'six guys who were so stewed that they thought they were the above mentioned notables. Kappa represents the word Kept. Sigma stands for Secret. For obvious reasons Kappa Sigma was kept secret for some sev- eral centuries which makes it reasonable to suppose that Solomon was retally connected with the organization in at least an advisory capa- C1 y. The badge is a star and crescent with the greek characters Kappa and Sigma imposed in a circle within the star. Just how such an or- ganization could wear the same badge as the Y. P. S. C. E. is difficult to ascertain, unless it is by way of contrast. The crescent moon in- dicates that every member of the frat is always at least one-fourth full and the star doesn't mean anything. The star was put in the badge just so the frat songs could have something to rhyme with bar. The Kappa Sigs have more chapters than most of the white fra- ternities put together. It is also interesting to note that a certain brother was not allowed to enter the University of Mississippi be- cause he was a Kappa Sig. There was a law suit over it. We should say that being a Kappa Sig was sufficient reason why a guy should be barred from any state institution, with the possible exception of the penitentiary. In their saddest moments they sing a song that goes something like this: Why we're Kappa Sigma Is quite an enigma, We know it is hard to explaing It's really quite humorous, . We are so numerous, ' And our chapter rolls constantly gain. Our Own Bared 99 J,4f100q, PWS R0llSf-9 Five Hundred Thirty-two on n-9 lllllllllllllllllllllll Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllll an E E 5 5 5. S 5 QJ IIIlllllllllllllll!NIHllllilmlllllllllllllllHHHIllllHHNllllllllIIIHllllllllllllllllllllillllhllllllllllg Q1 3 Q: ii up 1 i 3 as q- 1 asv 1 2 1 1 1 I 1 1 an Qu 3 1 2 i is i i 1 3 1 3 i 3 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 3 3 1 Z 1 1 1 i in 1 t -1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 in 3 1 L i 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 2 in 1 3 2 1 1 3 1 3 1 3 2 1 1 2 1 Z Z 3 1 1 3 1 i i I 3 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 an 1 as 1 -1 i 1 1 1 an an in 1 on 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 cv 1 1 1 1 1 1 an an an 1 an 1 an E " 2 tl Q 0 W g . '29 w 'rim nw a- ' nun ,lsieseselsl '9'8 DELTA UPSILON DELTA UPSILON was founded by Hercules and Atlas a few years ago as they stood hand in hand gazing at the Colossus of Rhodes. Then and there the idea came to them that there should be an organization of strong men, sinewy of back and infinitesimal of mind. Thus sprang into existence the good frat Delta Upsilon. At the present time a rushee at the D U house is conducted to the examination room where his lung capacity, blood pressure, grip strength and lifting ability are tested. If he is up to specifications he is bid. The rest of the ceremony will not be related, out of deference to the size of the D U brothers. Delta is commonly supposed to mean Darn and Upsilon, Unfor- tunate. Upon good authority this manual presents a different motto. Delta really stands for Dimensions. Upsilon means Unrivalled. Truly the dimensions of the average D U are unrivalled. It is said that Jess Willard turned down a D U pledge three times, and we have also heard that the Chicago chapter requested from the national body fcomposed of fine, large menj the right to initiate Jack Johnson. The request was refused, not on the grounds of color, but because Jim Jiifries was probably a D U and Johnson didn't treat Jeifries in a brotherly manner. The badge of Delta Upsilon is a Upsilon with a Delta stuck on it. The Delta loks like the triangle of the Y. M. C. A., but the D U brothers have changed it to Muscle, Sinew, Brawn instead of Mind, Spirit, Body. Delta Upsilon is not known for its singers but the brothers some- times falter through a ditty thusly: Here's to yon, Delta U, h,ere's to you, Delta U, here's to you, Delta U, We will gather in the sweaters And the numerals and letters, For the great Delta U, Delta U. 99 llnoofzy Pure Our Own Bared Fiw' Hundred Thirty-three R0tlStS an an an as 1 us as no 1 an 1 1 as 3 5 1- 1 can 1 1 1 gm qv an -un can an 1 1 5 an 1 on 1 3 1 cs 1 9 1 on in on as as an so 1 as 3 on an ans an 1 rn co in an i on on 1 an an 1 1 an .- ua 1. 1 3 rn 1 so an can as ua: 3 is to an an 1 up an 1 1 on an -1 an ta on 1: an an On QQ as 1 an glllllllllllIHNHIIHHIIMNtHHH!!NIIHHHOIHIIHIlltlllllllllllIHHH!IHMlllllllllllllllilllllllli PLEDGE DAY TIIE TITLE OF THIS FASCINATING ISIT OF SCENERY ISI TIIE CURB MARKET NVATCIIING THE BIDDING TIIE AHSENCE Ol" Sl'ECTA'1'0RS AROUND TIIE ALPIIA CIII OMEGA ESTATE INDICATES TIIE SCARCITY OF ACTION IN TIIAT LOCALITY. AN ALPIIA CHI PLEDGE IS RARE, IIOXVEVER, AND NVORTII NVAITING HOURS T0 SEE. R003 ts l'x!'1.'C Ilundrcd Thirty-four 1,l1.lli!l1'1H"fv-'N "sVwi"'Nv 'QA' 4 NW M1 ' PLEDGE DAY GAZI-I NOW l'l'0N LOUISE NVA'l'I'Il!MAN, WHO HAS CAI"l'Ul!l'lD l-'l.USSll'I M0'l"I'. SALYOS 01-' Al'I'I.AI1Sl-I I-'OH l'l IlI4I'l'A PIII. fl"LOS2-HI-1'S IIANIIS ARIS TIICD l!l'1lIlNl! IIIGIIJ TIIH CHI 0'S l'IXI'I'IC'I'l'ID T0 IGNSNAIUG ONLY ONE, S0 THAT WIIICN 'I'W0 CAME T0 '1'lll-Ill! ASYLUM, ANO'l'llI'IR lllill IIAD T0 IHC ADDED. Firm Ilzmrlwrl Thirt11-jivu R0fLStS ,A B J 1 Q fa 5 155 . H. ,Xxx u 131,-Hfqfnfny 1 2,1 ' fzfm' ' AS FEATURED BY... MY PIRATE ' sl-nf by K Lynn mv , 1 SIGMUNH KGBIIIERG pin M will HAROLD ATYERLDGE . non ' ikuhinsrm Qlrusue. Elf. ' ' A umm Eunvngqnn wnn AL JoLsoN - n an-4 y, .l The Winter Glldrn Uumplny u... -A mu. u, sm- rf M HAROLD -XTFEKIDGE SIGNUND KOMBBKG Ihd EDGAR SMITII 'N '9"""""" V - um.: A ll,4M.l!Yn-1 MIL .scmmn z :Milam NLmlu'ls mul' ul: . lin had lmlblnnn Llulu Mm Pmvuuu. vl-m--: nm rx-.n sn n mu n my u-.umm- uy Nm. may ummm- onw- snu...--n my- vwu nm In lamp vm' wmv. xv.-rn mm-M nw 1 me um-H. lm uf an .fn -uw. wut: nn .- Roasts Five Hundred Thirty-sia: 2-'J IlllllvllllllllllllllllllliliillilllillllllllllIIIIIHNHNHIHillIllIllllllIIIHIIIIIIHIHIHIIIllllllllllilllllg 1 nun 1. T i un -x 1 'i 1 1 -qi an un- an 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 an on 1 an an 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 as 3 1 un 1 Cl can 1 1 1 1 1 an 1 qs 1 1 1 cn un an at 1 1 as cn 3 an 1 up 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 3 I 1 1 3 1 as 1 1 1 1 1 i 10 1 1 llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll BOOK REVIEWS -J .X THE INNER SHRINE, OR KEEPING THE BALANCE or POWER By Earl Cavity Of all the authors who have attempted to use this theme for a comedy, Mr. Cavity has been the most happy in his choice. His comedy is not the ribald or raucous kind that inspires much half-witted mirth, but is, rather, extremely subtle, as is Mr. Cavity himself. He describes with great satire and cleverness how an excuse blank is filled out, and his picture of the dean dropping a man from school is bubbling with infectuous mirth. His short telephone dialogue is also extremely witty, ending with the snappy and' rather classic phrase, "Good-by". In short, the reading public is indeed indebted to Mr. Cavity for this gem of scintillating comedy, and we may hope for another, equally funny during the coming year. SEARCH AND RESEARCH , By Milestone G. Silver Mr. Silver has indeed given us a wonderful treatise on the ultra-modern topic of "Penning One's Way to the Pen", in which field he is a leader, and we feel that his effort is one well deserving a successful outcome. Subjects akin to the pen Mr. Silver is emminently able to discuss, and his title of Search and Research gives a hint of hid- den themes not usually aired. As most pen subjects are not as well treated as this one, we bring it to the attention of state university faculties and state legislatures as lay- ing down a workable set of rules of conduct to be maintained toward their superiors in numbers, the common people. The world is indebted to Mr. Silver for this his master- piece. THE KING OF HEARTS, OR ATHLETIC PROWESS AND THE GENTEEL v By Dana Toddle This essay is unusual in that, although autobiographical in nature, it is free from the disgusting egotism and jarring conceit customary to such works. Mr.. Toddles says, "I know that this book is good because I wrote it", and the feeling shown in this simple statement is carried through the book. The main purpose of the book is to bring before the public mind the relationship between gentleness and physical prowess. Mr. Toddles says, "I am a great bowler, but never allow this to interfere with my attitude of courtesy and gentlenessf' He shows that the continuous exercise of the jaw-muscles strengthens the face, thus making it simpler to smile in the face of great. worldly difficulties. He also says, "I am some- what lionized by the women at times because of my extreme simpleness and sincerity", and then shows that this quality is a benefit received by walking to and fro from school daily, as he says, Lincoln did before him, and as he is doing today. We feel sure that the book will have a great induence toward straightening up the gilded youth of this age, and we congratulate the author on the worldly attitude he has been able to take. Five Ilimdrvd Thirty-seven Roast-5' I W X il- THE l9l8 . so as 1 1 1: 1 as 1 uv an is 1 1 -1 1 an 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 an 7 3 cs an ct Q il 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 an 1 on an 1 as up an L 1 sn su up gn nun 1 1 1 1 1 cn sn 1 up i 1 19 as -nn on 3 on 1 1 1 an -n 1 1 3 1 1 1 as su as 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 an an 1 an i -nu 1 1 1 -Q on l Q 5-.lllllllllllNHHIHlllmNlIIlllltllllllllillllllllllIllIIHlflillllllHilllllllllllllllilllillllllllllllllgfnr Q, iyjiimlflisiimiidldliiiiiiiiiitliiiiM1MMW5113iii!!MimEMMEN!!!WMIWSMNGIOIIIIIIIilil!BH!3S1!H3!!Hi5,1gf.: vu- .nav :M L-'5 i til "' nm N0 womnmc HE cm wa: T. 1- no I . an i an 3 i 1 , X 4 au, V. .U H1 , mu .- - '- ...- W ww- . ! UU E "W X iii up. aw ...- un- 'M4' 1 -"' ns N' as TZ "' .wa "" A. -4 mu. 'W' .vw 'W' .nf 'A' mn """' .' pu- ma : gn f.. n .,,,,, -M-' .nu nw an ln' V Ona Chapter Tn Mfnonb 1 .iw 4 n DAILADIDE LOST. :tt .., -. M, .., .., ,,.. .,. .- M, M. nw: 'J' Iklr N" vu-.- ""' -an -Q -., , , . vw W' N '41 X W .2 a:..f KJ 1 . 4 . x as .-rn UNI ..- .W Mn uv, ,-. qi, wr . ,.,.. , - W, Ngw here we aaa among Lb frfandb HT5 name Ea M3 n 51 vah X- .mn M, ..,., x . .W W. ... M'H G 5'I 5 I O Fl G V20 I VG V. E LY. 3:1 V gg III. 1 "' Pm-1-A-LLTE. 5 ,,,,., w un Ei: 5 EE A , , ,..-.- - .,, ,.:., .., - I tt ,,,.. W., 'jf Roas LS Five llundrvd Thirty-eight 111 ,,,, ,M ww .an Mn -my i' -'40 "W -X.,.1.f- 1.., ..v-14,4-ri. 14.11. ..,e,M7 3 -ygwvnfrjf V' L ff fgg X --f .,,J.'-'- gghy""7L" g53ggggg4ggg,qgfg 3ggggagsgggg'3gg5i5g3i,1i55f g.gAArgAQ5i23J5H1,m5a54m.Q1ll4Ei2E3M..wJ!.1,S!1335333335155EMQWWJMEMlm 1 1 no our fifaror bog. fl 1 an ,Bur wid Sag In was aHo3. mm -wu- www , I 3 H 11!1a'I1x,lQmN.1LH.ix,:,1'l'1i1!'2ifl,lQmq:144mmf yu r ly 4.',,,1-,',:1,1-Aw.: wr 1 ' , ,sim I fpr Rehchbs Hei'e?ThsyQ Boy Was Mar- MONIQ caves uv cu.mAcY. l , ,. -. ,.... -.,, .. . ..,. . , . Five Hundred Thing-nine Roasts u 3 K X' M 1 addardsg , gllllllllllllllllllillllilIlil!NNHHINNISillllllllllllllllllllmllIll!llllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllilllIll E5 '1 Jlvg Pdf CD YX7 fI'l-I I5 53 CI II CJ CD I. II E5 Il IQI PJ , if J ' I E r :I fScene: the supper at the Frat House. Enter Sid Kirlcpat- 'lp r X I rick after the boys have been seated.J - My The Boys, "Hi'u Sid. Lo Sid. How are ya Kirkpatrick." . I hi ' u 'v n -T--7--a-53 Sul, H1 u Boys. -Eg-Q, Hank Hager, "Here's a seat up here Sid, next to Darby-he Se' ' came over to get a change." W I Sid, aside to Darby, "The only reason I came is because I ' didn't have the change." Aloud, "I'll tell you how it was Boys: X I was over in Champaign and I tossed up a nickel to see whether I'd go home and get a square, go over't the A. T. O. House and get , , Euler a glad hand or come over here and give the freshmen some advice." old Kukplmk 3 Freshmen ftogetherj, "Yeh Sid." ' A I Hank, "any Timor? noise from you freshmen and I'll put the goves on wit eac o you. cn i- 3 1 3 ni 1 an 1 an 1 an an on so dv 1 1 1 1 1 an an -U , an an an 1 1 1 1 an an Silence and the clattering of knives and forks. Milt Silver, "Say I had the funniest thing happen to-day. Fall hands vnu Sanofnyun was 1, I' ,, . , 6 I i ig' -Q Great laughter, Harry Darby, " they?H You know old Snoozle-block the Ec Prof-well he called the office and said he had something important he'd like to see me about. I went up and when I got there he talked to me a while, and I knew he was leading up to something big. Pretty soon he reached over and pulled a slip of paper out his drawer. 'Mister Silver,' he said, 'Here's something I'd like to have you run to-morrow. I had you up so that I could be sure it would get in. Thank you.' Well, I said he was welcome, beat it down to the office and shot it to one of the boys, told them that if it was good enough to run it on the first page. About two minutes later I heard 'em laughing like the devil and Hal Beardsley dashed in and said 'Here's your front page feature.' Boys I almost died when I looked at it. It was an ad- lvertiscitment for a servant girl who could cook and tend furnace for IS wi e. l and continued eating. Say, Milt! 1ot's of funny things happen to you don't Milt: Yeh- today a Pi Phi came into the office." Sid: "That must have been rich." 2 Gomez: "Say Harry, you want to be a little careful about speaking .P I at the mass-meetings. Gene told me he was sore because you'd hogged the last two." Milf' Harry: "That's all right George, but I heard you were a bit peeved because they picked ef ff .SIX ff N ,Q ' ' Roasts Doc Todd instead of you to ride the Holstein cow at the Barbecue. How about it?" Gomez: "Yes, Darby old top, it would have been poor eat- ing when I got through anyhow, but- Milt: "Bull, George, Bull." Harry, "Yes, that's what it was. Howeverin Skinny Mallett: "Wait a minute Harry, we've got a song here. It's a good one. Ready boys." The famous quartet led by Skinny. "One helping for one Two helpings for two Three helpings for three, But a platter for Harry." The freshmen: "Yea for the old boarding club." Harry: "Bright freshmen aren't they? Have they all joined T. O. C.?" Five Hundred Forty i 1 1 an .1 1 Z 1 1 3 sg- llllllllllllllllllllll 41 2 un 2 1 1 2 ai 3' 1 Z 1 1 1- 1- 1 1 2 :A 1, if 1 1 1 1, fi 3 i vi fl it -1 11 vi 2 1 to fi li 1 1 3 4: -5 1 1 1 si '1- 1 i 1 3 1 1 Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 41 It Q 1 i i 1 3 K Z Q 3 ii 1 i i EQIIINIIlllllllllllIlllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE if-l:,illllllllllllllllllllllllllilillllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllilllllilillllillllllflllllllilllllilii'lllllli'lflnlUllilligg Q-r .MM -,Q wa -Q . - -f- --, . . -4'-mm -... Q f' jg: .S i E Hank: "My Gawd, yesg 1et's go." "'..'! All rise from table and file into the liv- I M V' -E ing room. QQ? f Z: Harry: Well I must be going boys. I ' ' I-' certainly enjoyed your dinner, and I hope 3 that any of you will drop in any time you - ' A 22 :Z cans, Q QQ K 'fi' I" ... . ,Q N . at E The boys: "All right Harry-You betcha D-qw ltsffpfffifwffiqf J 3: ---S'1ong kid.---" 7 ' T1 Milt: "And remember what I told you 'Z about letting that other bunch in on the :LT stu ff-eh? Alright1S'long-". 1':l5rffifi-Nr' A II 'I 1 I ' 3 Q S msn AI. 'xa- E 1l9lB -ns vu .,. -vu. Delta amma 5 Z Common E Editor? Tbte: 57, is a very low estimate E Q-E We should say they are about 957, common E MW, Af' gov-59? MMM mfg! M365 PWM S ,,,X,-fy-"-7: 'D' an nu ma ov- -an uv- an -vu- ,-uu. ,-, . -ps -L 0... X-, V , l' mil' x .... Q .-. , -- - -... 1 ...- .-pi , .- at ' -4- V new no F ..-. f ...n - .vu- wm. - nl- ' vnu- f Q- 9 -n- p .1 3 li tw up up -- - - - -- E These stocks are issued to raise capital for the purpose of connect- E ing the almost unknown Island of Delta Gamma with the Cham- 5: paign Fraternity District. For prospectus, inquire of - 5 in y PAULINE MARBOLD, Underwriter 6? Unclerweigbt an , 1.-. no -. -n un un ng -uh on Ei Five IIu11dr1'rl I"ort1j-:mc Roasts Z2 i it ., -1... ylglliiillilllllHIIIHHSEBHNHNllhllllilHH!lHHH!llIlllllllllliillillillillllllililliilsllllltiiliiiliillllig QQ!H:wmrrtslrham'mznnrwwWffmrmszsalz,aw:fw:fr1ef:sff'r12memsrffliwm4sfmmwkfwwramflMrkMv1w1! FHrQnnMMzrfrkftrtI MfifE1i+PH5155 'A f'A!,f'g Qin N I, f wg' ffqf my ,f , n, ,.. :E ff! 5' .. V 1 X .. ,.,w,.,f5'u'N H, M" X , ill. J A 3 A M uv, . ' 4, 4. , .- 1 :""ff?'Wl' . ,...-A , "Lw.:.,f'ff' ' x Zn, V, , ,"I, ' '--'1xiQwLq-- V- f x vi. f Q-Qapfm, - ,. A l ,X P - . M . - - A H ' -3. N , w Y, . H fr,-,. 1, il f, i:.!i': . L ., , ,' ' ' E 5 -W 4- . T 9 5 .. is 'fl , f 1 fu: ,Lf aw. 1 hyd.. f 'Z .WZ - '- 'V1 1- y A 'L "H ffl! 14 up K, J' . , W, Wing can' someone Burg im There. it-jx M . A - 1 , 1 .. w My I A , uv. L 'W' 1-ve' "" ns.. U" --Lug, "H ,,..f V . 'wr uf -g ' .. 7, N MM L. , Tropkol, fowl. if ff X- 1, gm, uf. in 'W ' af-.ny 4-. , .-,,,, . .M ,MV fn ,L I rr-nw an. , ww u-ra 'vw nm. we. . v ,... -,W M . ..., wa 'nw num. ww Q- 'uw rn- va -L- WITH ' , ,,. "' Dlfw 1 W k M S' ..,,x .W BATTE KY F vm. 'uu- ,f BFOJIHGP may fakes qui: 'mx-, 1 TT W fy Micbumqr bath ON THE BORDER Q J fm, ,W IM. T: 17-T 1.4 1 -V-Y uw . , , -NI' , V J..--, ,,,- ,,,,,, -.1 Lf... ,M .... ,LM i"". ""'f 'U' -5'Vlv N-' funn. 'jjj Roagfg l"iv1' IIu11rlr1'rl Forty-two ,ga M. A ,.,..f, ,Tig 73--'WE :MI-f7,'2'VK"Z f',"5fiL' I ' K N'H".'1M-rnvaz. 'Lu www "w'+r"'!'f" g5E,E:gFw, fiiikrnfvlH-'5Uflw,. H M x ' 1 w15:'e'!7if:1M5LLQfb-.FmadfvL'H',5LHc3f5ii'i4Ii143Y- uw , mr-,V .aw '54 ll!HlllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllillllllllilIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg' 5 " I : ' 1 5 AN AFTERNOON WITH T1-IE BETAS E O' ' 5 NOTHING TO D0 2 LTI-IE E Q f 7. E K I Hello! Yonder approacheth Kawinius Komicalico Kennedy, once can- 3 didate for the presidency of the University Band. 2 -. "What ho, Kennedy, what ho! Is it true that you are trying for the E E- position of Campus Scout ?" . E : "Trying out, is it? Say, kid, Watch me. I am-I am the Campus ' 5 : Scout" quoth Kennedy, with a flourish 'of his generous feet and a tilt of his -E 2 imitation borsalino. :- E "You need a shave and a shine, Kennedy." 5 If "Cant afford 'em since I trouped with the band this summer." 2 5 "Why don't you have each of the Beta pledges contribute a penny 2 3 apiece so that you could get a shave. There'd be enough for a shine, too." 5 if 4,4 1 an 3 ' "There ain't more than sixteen pledges,'f wrothily spake Kawinius. E 2 "You haven't been home since lunch, probably." 2 5 "' Sthat so ?" E as -vt an 2 "What was this dog and pony show you were with this summer. They :: an un TQ tell meyou played a drum." - E "Yes, yes sir. I played the drum, not a drum." 5 E "By the Way Komicalico, who is the head of your chapter now ?" E 3 "Bill Nelson, the colonel of the brigade." I -1 an : "What's his official title in the fraternity? If he has charge of the 2 freshmen I s'pose you call him the centurianf' QL! E E.-' " il " an :I Fivr' Hzmdrvd Fo1't1f-tlwcv R0fl,StS -we a, 1 an 3' gllllilliiilliiillIllllllllllIllllllitllllllillUllllllllililllllliilmiiKH!ltliliitlilllltllllllillllllllllfzqi? un -any fittjiiliiiiiiiililliiiiilihiiililiiiililiiiliNZMiiiMNHUIYMPM3l9'iINlH'HHHllHllllilliliiiiiHNHHIIHIIIHHiU:-f ff ua nz: pq ..... iw ,N-.-4 as -- -us' Qu. 1... -. -. ,- .fn an A P ' A .33 10" l um l 5 l " , on W1 Lovf conf M0 l This T5 wlzal dglplga Oiznaga 12:6 2 L? K wad lo irlmgr-gunrllan Olo job- lx E 2 ' ' 4 -9-4 l--- 0 li mn- .on nu-' 9' nu- no our if If Sou will gum righl S S paliarillzj lwo monlco , E E will coma lo view. Coulrl L5 nn an nn- .-.. -5 -1- - a mcm wear Juelz cu. l l 55 on Q- -Q vi i .... -.Q -nv QQ qrin and ba cz Sigma lllul, l -no , as Md :: 12 -4- ROCLSKS Five II1md1'1'tl i"01't1l-f01t7' 'XI if il 5... "' . A.- QillillliliiilliiliiQEHHIEESISS52252EIHESHSSSSSSWENH!i2ii'iilmIiiiwimiiillillllmillitlilflfffflifflif? ,vp glllllllllllllltlllllINNllllllllllllllllllllliINNIHHHIlIlINNHIilllllllllllllillillllSlllliillttllilliitllllfif : ' I'- E FANNY'S FEMALE FILOSOPI-IY I , Ji E O I' 3: - 7' E r I 2- GLEANINGS FROM GATES GIRLS' GUIDE -'3 ' xr, Q EE Oh ye untrained, small town daughters, : Hear ye to my good advice. 'P' U' :FD Z! Men if given agiy cliance, , 'V -- N , p Z By an action o a g' ance, ' "" " Q' 1'-' Will be devils at a dance. E So be nice! E Treat men coldlyg keep your head. 2' Don't wear hose of brilliant red. ' I Tho your figure may be neat, .Z Keep it covered up complete. I B I! Go to dance--to use your feet! Z! Is my advice. A : Beware the low and mystic strainis, Q 2 When a sensuous dream waltz reigns. 3 :: Imps write tunes like that for men, LS :I And if they hold you closer, then E E Just drop something-start again. 2 - Use your brains E '- no "' --ur "" -Q - And now to close, my dear young misses, 3 :: Tho men scoff and call you prisses, E -5 Wear not clothes to attract attention. -'- E There is time for honorable mention. E 3: Some day sure you'l.l get your pension- 7, : In form of kisses. 4 3 Z Z2 I Qs 1 E E 2 1' .. .. I 2: 22 :I ..- .S Hear Ye! Hear Ye! E 5 Seven masons founded Phi Gamma Delta. E :E They ought to be kicked out of the union for laying a poor foundation. 5 2 And the superstructure is even Worse. :: an -- -Q up an an- .- -. us no -Q en as -so -s up no up in ww- an -an Q- no nu -as on as an as J.. ...- Q 1 1 -. ... 2 Fivr Ihmdrvrl Forty-five ROCLSIfS --u .- il-EllllllillllllNllllllllliillllllmllllllllllfHHIHIIIHHHHHHHNllllilllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllflti -1 -J 1: roi! K- album: SKKWIIV ...ia- THE THE ELUSIVE SIREN Once upon a midnight dreary As I wandered tired and weary Up and down the walks of John street John street with 1ts frats galore Suddenly I heard a tapping As of someone gently rapping, Rapping-at the Chi O door! It was this and nothing more. Ah! distinctly I remember How I'd adored each Chi O member And the winds of cold December Seemed to chill me to the core. vi tv 1 1 3 fi It ei i l I ui 2 ci 11 ui 1 X 11 2 1 3 Qllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!till!IllIlllltllIllllllllllllliIllllllIHillIllllillllllllllllmllllllllllQ 5 2 Qs y Z K . . . 2 " ' J: ' 7 - 1 E an an-Q -as an -ua nun an 11- su as no 3 sn. on an is 1 1 3 uh 1 sin 1 an Q.. up an as as an as C0 1 1 an an 1 is 1 -as no 1: no as an un as 1 nu 1 can on gn an ou an an an an an on as as na an 1 an -Q an an an un- 4- au an 1 - no 1: on -, an an as ana nu 09 an - num ns on as an as so 1 nn up no umm. aan mu- par -nv pn gun- an an uw- Could it be some thieving mortals Gaining entrance thru the portals, Portals to the inner door? It was surely nothing more! Oft some silken clad young skirt, in This same house had set me i'lirtin', Flirting as I'd flirted often, ' In the good old days of yore. So I thought my only duty Was to catch the thief and booty, As he came out thru the door, Merely this and nothing more. A CASE OF EMPTIES BOBBIE AND ALBERTA-ANDREWS VAN DEUSEN Roagtg Five Hundred Forty-sim E : E ,: - i i mn ni 1 1 no 1 num 5 li 1 li an -if vnu can an an 41- i mn as so my cn an sun 1 1 1 to 'lo -K 3 1 sq all 'L an tv Us man aiu ru- -an mg -up mn glilllllillililiflflllllliiilllllliilliilHHH!!IllIiINFUWMWillliilltlliiliiilillHillIIIIIIUIINIBBTMQEHEIE fn-ijIlllllllllllllllllllllllllilllUllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilINNllllIllIIIIlllllilllllllllllllllllllllilllllllilg 3 'B 5 TI-IE ELUSIVE SIREN Q, : Deep into the darkness peering i ' X E ' Long I stood there, wond'ring, fearing. N' 'T' E 'Til his shadow came before him, - Q' ' I 1 E Came before him thru the door. ' : Then I quickly jumped and-nailed him! E And, at first, his speech-it failed him. W", 2 'Twas some moments 'fore he swore. -E QI am thru forever more.J E t y - "Sir", said I, "oh, tell me truly, 1 2 Why you're standing there so coollyg ig I I E Tell me, tell me, were you robbing C E These poor Chi O's? I implorel" ' 7, Then he spake, "By gods before us, E See this map of Helen Morris?" E 2: flt was nothing Pd adore- E This it was and nothing more.J i uw- : "We have tried with all our cunning 3 E To get photos that are stunning I For our daily which is running, F, E Which is running them galore. 3 3 But this lady was so shy sir, .1-'Z 3 She would send us no reply sir! :E E So I stole it from her boudoir E Midst the Chi O's gentle snore!" E 3 Yeh, evermore! 22 ... ... i 8 U an 0' - i -1 L" ' 4: .. - 1 2 of VACANT LOTS 2' ii i :: HUMPHREYS-QUINN PHALEN-FLOSSIE Mom' ,E 3 ,, ..... M1 Q- -. V an an 1 :S Five Hundred Fo1't11-seven RO!!-S158 :- l i 1 C! I5-'llllillllllllllllillllllHHllllllilillllilillllllllilllllIIIHIHIUIHHifili!lHH!Nilillllltlillilllllllfarg , J QE? igjlllillllllllllIIHIHHIDll IHHHIIIHIIHIINBIlllllllllllllIll!!!NNN!!lllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllI LE 1 AT THE FRONT r .,:: .gi :1:' A , Sam' Tj mnyf ' 'L' THE A TIT I :':' I 9 I 8 X I 1 2 T E E ff E: 11 :..mlallmumm V ,M 31:5 .Sax - , F E MI I ,X 1 H I n .I W yu '. -2 Y ff Y P 1 mf ww g T ?n Q' T 1 1 1 1 1 1 an A 1 1 1 as -n nn- -n -un mum an 11 no m an . as - 1 3. 1 1 un no an nn as V 1 ' cn an an an A T pr172EFRf5HM5NV5 .mamm- ,fTf.,f T f IQWHI 'Xian' i?'F' V- J W I A, , .:A,,, V H all I --gif ,Q T T ig: I LEARNING, TfmmAf 'ip f- Kf5EAIZN E v T i 1 . .1 S 2: A TCCQVASQYV mi Wm iron!! Q 1 l 2 1 l - 3 i l - Qggglph Vis.. if : R0f1,SfS Fwc Ilundrcd I' L Q -1 1 1 illlillllllllHHHIHllIININHIIIIIIHHHIIIIIIIIHIIII!Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfi Q-ifllllllllllllllllllllllllllll-lllliillllllllllllllilHIHHHHllllllillIlllillllltlllll LATEST FLASHES FROM THE FRONT if .H ...- -L. ,nn ..- -- lilli!lllliliilillllliflliiig Special correspondent, Arcade front window-February 31-Special . Small detachment of Phi Kaps found half shot near Danville. Shorty Fay of the intelligence department reported many dead soldiers in the vicinity. Somewhere in Urbana-February 31-Special Two girls seen wandering on streets without proper guard protection. A quarter squad, with camels, were dispatched to their aid. FLASH: Aid party not heard from at late hour. Arcade-February 31-Special Several men killed in patriotic riot before counter at Arcade Bluif. The call for the men to take the injection of coke serum ensued in a riot for places at the injecting table. Two of the first in line were torn to pieces during the efforts of their fellows be- hind to dislodge them. 'I hornhill Sector-February 31-Special Charge of the six hundred surpassed when some crazed per- son entered the first line trenches about four o'clock and offered to buy. Upperlip front-February 31-Special A Twenty seniors have sought concealment in the brush. The scarcity of foliage at this time of year and its slow growth puts the lives of the twenty daring pioneers in some considerable danger. FLASH: Detachment of female hussars have put twelve of the loyal defenders to rout. The remainder are still in concealment. Five Ilundrcd Forty-nine R001-9t-9 'Q- -.. -- M TI-IE lS-HB no an .- -- nn- in .Q -n -- an -n on - on nn -s an an -up -o an -an no no ..- -r an .0- an an as can qu an su .nn Q- t uu- -Q as 1 an -4 q an -v an on so- as in -M no -- -Q Q- an - an an up as up qs.- an -us - Q.- an an -an ..- - qw. -- an nn as I an pn an na an uv cs an sn - an mp an 1 1 it 1 V1 .os an -i -2 . in 11 1 1 2 -L -1 ii ns- :illlllllllllllllllllltlllllllll3NNMIHUIHHIIlllllllllllllilllllllililNHHHHHHH!llllllllllllllllllllg 3,-LjlillllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllHHH!!llllilllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllll-lllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllIL4-E T lun Law Building-February 31-Special E 1 s-. 1 . J Law Club oifers peace negotiations to Raphaelson. Parley : zu l tv - an i 'Nto take place at once .. Marshall sector-February 31-Special E ' WWW ' A secret conference took place today in Fred Marshall's q 'gf Cipher messages were sent out to the higher officials in the Ar- 5 THE I cade Circle. Following is a reproduction of the code cipher mes- :: sage dispatched: Z mm ....... ....,.....,...................... ...t.........................,.........t...........,.,....,........,........... 5 iQ I 1 -U -up on I Urbana, February 1, 1917. : .- -- "" as 4- an -' an 55 Mr. Michael Devlin, :.- E 511 E. Chalmers Street, Q E Champaign, Illinois. 5 5 4 DR. - - In account with E 22 FRED MARSHALL 5 E Arcade :Z -' Auto 6789 3 i -- : ... . E Dec. 6 1 pr. Gloves .10 fi 5 6 1 collar .15 E 5 7 1 pr. Woolens 2.00 2.25 2 on -up an as ar lon Us -1- no an A an mu. 1 at fan no i up .Tn U' nn " ,,, an an . ......................... ,Q ,,,, on no 3 ,,,, as u, 1 mv -9 na an no 5 FLASH: .. 0" no "" as : Oflicials returning from the conference said they had noth- - . 5 ing to give out at this time. : an as 2 1-'E' Daniel front4February 31-Special -Z: 5 Beta Company of Irregulars announces the addition of E 1- 5 twenty-seven recruits. They are bivouaced at the Daniel street -- barracks. 1 un 1 can 1 me 1 2 1 K 1 Q 1 1 nn- v1 -'I :I Roasts Five Hundred Fifty "" E fgllilllillllllllHiIHIIINUHNIiii!!HHJNHllNiIIIIlllllllllliliilllllllllIll!!llliliiiiillilillllllliilli ,iw me A -un uf nr mn nu- -uw an as -Q. 0.1. 1-. K- -1. .u .-4 .Q .nl u 1 W. .wg -wu- nu igil!UilllltiliilllilliillilIllllllllliliillllllillliilHHN!!llllllllllllIllllllllllillilllllllllllMl!!!Slllilliigf an Q-5. MII -um ""' 5 Third and Daniel streets-February 31-Special up N' Q Phi Sigs announce indications of eictensive mining opera- V ,J 3 tions in immediate vicinity. House rocked upon foundations, as X 5 if by an earthquake. Squad dispatched to investigate. ' 2 if rl -.4 5 FLASH: Af V, ,i x Q , , , H' 6, -E Learned from Kappa Slg and Slg Alph plckets that a Ford - -1, . s.uf " - had just passed down Daniel street at a high rate of speed. Chi Psi outposts-February 31-Special 1 h c :Q News of the advance of the Foreign Legion of Zeta Beta Tau 5953 if upon the stronghold of Pan Hell announced here today. The lat- ' , 121 ter is expected to succumb at any moment. ff .-.-1 i wa. -an .-.V uw an ... ... ... ... ,,, .... ,, 'n' k 08 ...s .... 3 1 tt 1 M .... ... wa , ..... p .., mul. W' lllnr 'W' V4-vu W9 mol' 'W' Z S 5 C9 ,NI - f"' r E one Reason For ThQ Ruse 96 Payer- STOCK 5.-5 Qown5l7:9.K wrmug his Qldxlkl growl 'E 94. an an nn ,N . xi- ,Um an Hr -7 gg' Five Hzmdrcd Fifty-one Roast-9 Z lzl' i -sn, -mm A """' .va """' 1959553599tlliiliillliliiliiHMimllmlliWtlillliiillliiilllliiililliiWliilliiiiilllliitiiuiiiiiliitltiiiiifii fflzllllillllHHHHIIllllIMI!IllNllHHU1lilltlltilllllHllllllllllliilIIIIIIMIIHHIIHIHIIIHlllllllilllllllilLEE ..- Z Q. A cn- 5 x .., rllhsx vm: Tirn l9l8 f- , an an - an up an on an an sn 1 1 an an an uu- on an an an una on 1 an an 1 no an an as up L no -un an an an an .-up vp an nu at 1 sn as 1 1 an 1 no -o nun so an an an can on on as up an an so 1 .-in 1 no up sa -p an an 1 an an 1 an an an 1 1 1 an 1 1 an no 1 1 1 1 L 1 no 1 1 as 1 -u 1 1 EVOLUTION Finding the conditions in the school community particularly odius as a result of snobbery and selfishness of fraternities, a group of high minded young men organized a non-fraternity club and called it the Loyante fpronounced Loi Anneb a contraction of Loyal Anne who at the time was their cook. They rented a house and managed to live just like a regular fraternity, thus combating the false idea set up by these groups. Their work progressed well, their uplift in the community was noticeable, their alley was always clean, they gave an exceptional dance which closed promptly at twelve o'clock, they increased their enthusiastic number to fourteen, and they were held in high esteem by all who ate at their table. In the course of time they found a greater field for their work and so, they changed their name. They called themselves Phren- ocon, Phreno from Frenzy, and Con from bull. They reached out and seized the non- fraternity man and uplifted him fthree of himj into the open and mystic secrets of Phrenocon and future happiness. They cut the grass on their front lawn, taught their freshmen that laundries were for washing clothes and not for furnishing amusement, passed up all of the frivolous sex on the street, and hired a new cook. The vista of life opened up to them by this noble and self-sacrificing work and gave them great insight into the workings of the human race. They felt called upon to again enlarge the scope of their work. However, having already uplifted. all the non-fraternity men upliftable, they decided to plan their new work so as to unlift the fraternity men. They realized that in order to reach this class they would need to be in sympathy with them, they would need to be as one of them, heart and soul-and name. And so, with many heart- felt regrets and many longing sighs and much scraping of gilt paint they changed their name. They called themselves Phi Kappa Tau, meaning in the original Greek "Help Thy Neighbours." They picked up the threads of their new existence with a will. Uplift received A E 4-n -1 as 1 an un an -. an an 1 CU L lllllllllllllll ? ' i3?5E9?55? 'S I 1+-'50 '-"..-.D-00 Z, F0 275 '-4 mm I ' J "'2am'v..s-'af' ... an uf. issmsiazia l ll Q l'5g35's5'f25. CW I ll :llc-ameri C 1 ' l 35 Q"4m1-v-Sv--5" x .N ' . 0 l'l',,lIgg.5P,gg-51113-N ,, ylll, IG: 'I . 'H ' 1-f:1.,.,- 285 "'-X l u 1 no 4' . I ssarsmse f OI' . HH-5-1065569 X 11-' ll llllllh Neff' 'WR' f ""'f':' 1' gl' , ' pr' UEEBEEESW X I Ip' il Q-5.fwa':2 I ' , ul E- C-:""w'J2S fl - Q. I 'Il .,. mga-g.g-wr 1+ v-s 5,-, cn ! ' ll sgmrrwomn' A- I l,l.l FiSB.S.Ogmgg - o .il ll 5,3653 22.89. 11 -n 3 Q f, .I , 5 cur-:ov-is-,1-12. 1" Lilglgn : :::::Z5!!lf lsQ I , 51152222 f -P 'D was Q 3 5 fs 1: I... 3 gggggsisf - gg, I gggdggsggg " ' Irsswfiii- 1- - :H-...mos-sa. ' " ' , Q4 mo.--i'-'--- fl up " I :m1vs'S .rg as jg 3 I m TQ: "3:1. L. gsgsxsfe . rp 0 Hz, UIQ- D.-0371-r TQ 5'2U3'f+mSE' mffmgsr-5 Ekfx X' III 022.25059 Q' B v-s:..m ,U cb . N KQV QQQSSMEQ - X 'X I cn0"-?"'- me-9: E' ff- fl '15' ""'r:HDf+ 1: 4-I gh-QD-fb s I l :""f?r.'SHf5 2 "" :"m Q-O" S , I 402 ,U P11-r Q- I I 335'-'-'1"'f '4 P5 mgvgdomgg Q.. '-" '.:h"5"f9' ' .2"d"4:mS-'ZBCD '21 . S' ---P-1'-'45 ,112 g5U'd-ers' 5 A T WBQFQES S I' 5-'EEO 9 - S ' in-M D-Cbifqzgp lmlllluumllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllIHHHllllilllllllllllllllllllllillilllllllil SillllllllllllllllllllIIHIIIIIHIINIHllHHHIllIIlIllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllIlllllllllllIl'llIIllllIlllfl"5 21 5 CURIQSITY AND THE K. A. T. 2 Or 2 PRAY FOR THE LIGHTS TO GO OUT 2 A Duet by Miss Adams and Mfr. Darby 'Twas in the bleak November : Just after the Barbecue 1- That Harry and Polly together : Took a walk fas they usually doj. They passed by the field where our athletes Had fought on its gridiron floorg The stands were deserted and lonely And a slumbering silence hung o'er. The silence was broken by Polly With this question, "Now Harry, dear man, Just why is a press-box a press-box? Explain that to me if you can." "It's hard to explain an old ress-box", Quite craftily Harry Eid stateg "But if you will step on the field dear, I'm sure I can illustrate." So they went to the top of the grandstand And looked at the curious cage And they must have discussed it completely For they stayed there a perfect age. They were still there when sunset's faint flicker Had settled down into the westg So Polly said she understood it- It was time they went home now, she guessed. qu 1 1 1 1 -- But lo, as they stepped to the grandstand 3 There burst like a pent up flood The gleaming rays of a searchlight And Harry said, "Our name is mud." -xv -1 va an 1 an Q- -1 up an at an an 1 1 The light followed them to the gateway And every step Polly would shoutg But Harry said, "Why waste time yelling, Just pray for the lights to go out." so 1 1 1: 11 -1 so ns -1 .1 l 1 an -li at 1 1 as i : Five H undrcd Fifty-three Roas ts 1? l Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllilillllhlillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg .Q .. --in Q- VN -1-.1 .AJ THE l9l8 ...r .fp v-is ' , r 'X Lu s. m nu... -I -. wg wwf pf v if 0. . .fn-.. ,W . -qm- gn- .nf- sw. nu. as an qu- .vu- uo , no an -vm. ul-- can 3 1 1 1 1 1 3 2 ann up cn sus nu- un an- nn., uv. au- nr nun Q1 an ug qu an as ,nn nu -an an -um. -wr -. Q ,,. . aw. -an -. un.. ivan ..- 4.4. .-A. ...T mn naw us --us ...- un. nn -on -on an on nu. .- un un- -so an on 'vnu an wa. -. -vu- -- .nn- mo- -n is as 4-n um. -up www ,mn glIllNllbllilllilllillllilllllllllllillfillililHlllllliliiHiiiiililliiiEliliilliilQHimililllilliilllllliiiiqg i 11 1,1 ':fgQgil1,,.," i,.v,i.i+ . .V f' V -T .152 X J fr?" -"K 2 , wfsrifzf A ,-11"-I M, ' f - +5512 'E X 2 K s f' sf W!!! ly ' IC rift ' 514 I My "' l'!7fl My J hw l 'f jfs 7 1 x bs ff Aamir. - I, I-" Two .POINTS OF v1Ew..1 CScene opens with Faith Swigart entering Beau Monde Beauty Parlor and Polly Adams seated at hair dressing table.J Faith: "Hello Polly, why all the preparation of fancy waves in raven tresses. You're surely not going to leave the fold and saunter out midst the bold bad men ?" Polly: "Yes I am, certainly. Goin' to the S. A. E. formal." A moment of agonized silence followed this retort. Faith, fslowly receiveringj: "Gosh girl, why are you so careless? Who asked you? When'd he ask you? Couldn't you tell him you were called home or something?" Polly, ftartlyj : Oh, do stop dear. Please don't act the dismayed pro- testress to me. Before you begin preaching to me learn to take care of yourself. Where are you going tonight." Faith: "Oh, nowhere, I was just-" Polly Cmoclclhglyj: Oh, nowhere, I was just-l. Faith Swigart you're lying to me. You are going to the Alpha Delt dance. Isn't that right, Miss Swigart, isn't it?" Faith Cslight C07'Lf'llS6flD : "Yes, it is Polly, but honest, I couldn't help it. He, no I won't tell you who, called up three months ago and he was so nice I just couldn't throw him down. I did all I could to discourage him but it was no good. Isn't it the awfullest thing, I swore a year ago that I would never-lv. Polly: "Oh Faith, that's the very thing that happened to me. That poor boy just asked me and asked me and I just couldn't help it at last. Well, I don't care if they are a bunch of prunes, I'm going to have a good time, anyhow. --See how I'm having my hair done this time, it's a new style, and-i- " R0flStS Five Hundred Fifty-fmn' ll 4 aI1"il'i' i f. Mtn 1 Cx K Q o .I i 0 H", 0 "'f fi: 'N Q Ti iii I Awe H qifx K ,. 4 .,,g.N.-. maize ,,. 3 K f A Q "' gf ff Q ss Y S X . sgS'. If 5 O 0' I X " - in i Xxx xx in e ' ' ' t xr 5' " C' ' 2 ,. ' f' sf K f 3: f ll f' Ei -2-' .1 1 .1. Xi I 5'- '5 Q LDMQI K TWO POINTS OF VIEW- II C Scene opens in Kandy's Barber Shop, Rube Markwardt entering and Ray Cox seated in barber's chair.J Rube: "Hi ya Ray." Ray: "Hi Rube." Rube: "Why all the massage? Where's the big party?" Ray: "Oh, a little formal's all." - Rube: "Is that right. We're having ours tonight too." - Ray, fwith big grinj : Huhg no wonder I had such a devil of a time getting a girl. Called up five before I found one." Rube: "That's nothing on me. I called up all I knew and then I had to let Chink Weems get me a date. He finally managed to get hold of one over't the Theta House." Ray: "No--the duce he did. Why that's Where I got mine- yeh. I almost died laughing, because I guess she must 0' thought she was about the sixth oneg she was as reluctant as molasses in January. My gosh that's good." Rube: "Say it sure is. I didn't care much though about who I took, I've been so busy I havenft had time to monkey around trying to make some small town girl think she's the only one I ever could dance with and keep out from under my feet. fYawningJ. Yeh, it's a gay life. Say, Ray, hoW'd you come out on that last Ec quiz. I thought Pdl-." ' MORAL: What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. I ivrv Ilimdrrrl Fifty-five ROCl.SiS .r -1 w- " HI 1.51111 ,. fu ."Q'.fv?.ww-.-,,' pi,..,,,I, .. M , fu .rw ,Mm INTERVIEWS WITH FAMCUS MEN-VAL DUPRE . I i "Mr. Dupre, we believe," said we with the becoming diffidence called for by the presence of a great man. "We have been sent to interview you." , "Oh yes hum just a fl ' 1.4.1, few minutes and I'll be ready. Pretty , ,L .W :Ill busy just now-got to figure out some- - jill Wil' thing to rouse the spirit of this blamed ' I J university. It's dead, absolutely dead. f X Just a second or two." . - "Yes, sir, be very glad to wait sir," we in-D said with becoming diflidence called for by the presence of a great man. D And while wife waited ave saw thaltll Mr. upre was rea y a very usy man. any E,-Z students came in to seek his unprejudiced advice on sundry topics. Ward Flock was there to get Val's opinion in regard C-awww to the Senior Ball, how to collect money for tickets, etc. Gene Hopkins also e dropped in to get Dupre's O. K. on a Council dance. Finally, when he had dis- patched his more urgent business, he turned to me very kindly, I thought. "Now, what is it I can do for you ?" "Why, we were sent to get your opinion on the effect of the lack of responsibility of the administrative council on college spirit. We refer, of course to the 'boner' which the council of administration pulled when it forgot to open up the auditorium after you told them particularly that you wanted it. Can you give us some inside light on the matter ?"-all this with the diffidence becoming to the presence of a great man. i "Why, yes, I can. Of course, I must be fair to them 3 they are as hu- man as the rest of mankind, and they're bound to make mistakes. But this was a rather important occasion, and should have called for more than usual care on their part. It made it rather inconvenient for me. It was, in short, stupidity on their part. You can say that for me." "Oh, yes, thank you, sir. There was something else. We heard that you had received an urgent invitation to dinner at the Pi Beta Phi house. Of course, we rather doubted it, knowing your distinct aversion to the softer aspects of mankind, and your level-headedness in regard to all mat- ters of community interest," said we, slightly diiiident. But Mr. Dupre did not deign to reply, dismissing the subject with a mere wave of the hand. "Very well, sir," said We, "we understand that the subject must be very distasteful to you, indeed. Is there anything else?" said we, our throats partially dry. "No, that's all." "Very well. It's a rather hot day, don't you think---rather dry?" our Adam's apply popping up and down as we swallowed. "Quite warm, indeed," said Val, turning to his business, "there's a bubbly fountain on your right as you go out." is . .. I, Q 153 rw Roasts Five Hundred Fifty-sire f'-:U IlllllllllllllllllIIHHIIIIIIlllllllllllltllllilllllllllllliliillllllllllIlllllllllIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll,-5 .. ..- E 1' Q Z 2 P A , s E W . , ' f 5 1 : P , f1 1 5 .'.',f - PLEDGIL4 ' ' , 2 1- , 1 f A . 2 fifrmmqg yin can 4hc1p. 1 . f I , E nfPs7'bf Pfpmfhf' to, ubtmnpom LL I i Lzllzxsxs -Q iq une of alcoholic liquors. in-, A , --1.----53" E Ludikag Hue. pier abd qider, and N - Q- 'om the use of the eigxirenelnd ' 1- ' ' " 44 E I yi.n all forms, fund I from T66 T E Q E hnff , . , .1 ., .. , f , A E Q , . .3Q..:1. .J UI QQ 7 U - ' V , 0 , X U , ,Ai Y E fouls IIN His NAME. ' , ' ' 4 : 1 6 J. W. KPIRRCR. r ' 3 ' ' . , ' ' ' W E Y ,,,,, , . -, ....., ..... .........-- M,.s.-.-.--..--...--,--- - I : - : ' ' : E : Y , I , N -I: E . 'Q ,f E 3 " 3: E ' . E "' ' Pu 'I L. 2 s.: lib ur rl 9 fzaguz. . T.- .- : ' Q . 511.29 3: - - ur' . , . ,,. E H Wx 5 ...U .-.- Nv Q n 2 E ' 1 E Q" , 1 on E 5 ' '-'I w l 5 i Q 5 i 5-. , E YJ w- . .5 f 'A . 4 .L., ,,. " X ::: Q T, -3 X if ' -23 2 ! . lv 'iffy 31 1lf?5'?f53i6Icf5f5?f?f'5'Q'4?f ffl . g f 'f ""' I . ' W' .1 I 9 1 .4-. P 9i'mVl.7'f'4'! 9' 165fe'iFiYb"115?tii245df"ffZds'?-ivifmiilf' 5 'W 'f f l' ' T f "Q :Z U,-, , ,Hin ,-l,::t'+L.'1.A WI.:1b.': G i wmlvl.. , V: .h Y V4 Y, rr: l m y N 5. V .Q M- . vm 11 ,Q 3, B-.Qwfvmxlfmxw . 15- iP" ' ' f4:e5..' 4" ' - 5 1 4. . ,+ ,Ew5Qfxefw i? -if: 4i afvafags3f1'z2u2'4,Szffu.a,a 3vwH E !" ew 'gl 1 2' - ,,.'1G':z ,- - N11 f ., , 1 I T , V- .1 - H V 'Qsfif' " ' W Z'f1f?r 51dQf. fm!!! 315441 0f!f'?234' f Jgliif' Q, 3 : , A if wQ ' -f 1 A ,Wa3,,., AgS'SQi245gS 2 2 ' - F, Q ,. T fi-n 51 ..' Q. iN 5?.1 . "'i'f..Q 2 ""' i - '.1..L.1.::4Q.liS4.f:l" ' " A7 fl "' "-37 ! 1: "W?fLrf?Ts..-was '-M 'z'fQ1F""'-f::r".w -Juni? , 2 ""' I '5"Mfmm If .Q12'1"Wf'r":1vg:i32-,. , " f'7"1F2f" "" 'f4'g - M' pyggislgi' 4- "' E ' ' 'E i I 10 Q rf 'kdlrbe ms . -. EE i Q JO! DQ . , gg S5 ' - ' ZF. .- 1 .. 3 1 -'Z 1: ' IT., E 5 E 3' 5 'E 2: 3 Five Hundred Fifty-seven Roasts : If, 4: 181 . i 2 V ::: 51HIHIUllllflIHHIUQIllHNIIUNINHIIHUIHIHNHifillfiniffllllUNUIHIlliiilllllllllliiilvlHlillwfi F:-:lnl!lllllllliMl'lllllllllllllllllilllilSlilllillilllMilli!l'lINNl'NlllK'MllllllNlllilllllllnllllillllllillllliIllill C1 .- an -- ni si . 1 v Q ca n --x HARVARD PEERLESS CHAIR M Brought to the Dental Profession as The K Harvard Company's highest accomplishment 1' XJ ,yer ' in giving to a Chair artistic effects, conven. ience to o erator, and comfort to atient. 5 P The only Chairpawarcl- ed Gold Medal at the E Panama Exposition, also E- 'SIB' the Chair adopted by E the United States and "" Foreign Governments. - ,us up fun in in 2 an - mn an sm lun I1 nm E Harvard Cabinets are particularly 3 E attractive to those desiring Dental ,-, 3 Furniture of solid, massive effects E rich design and proportions so per- ? fect that they shall be beautiful -3 Don't fail to see Harvard Goods 7: demonstrated before purchasing, 2- as we can supply you with the E most modern and complete line 2 manufactured in the world. and convenient. E' Write far Catalog. : The Harvard Company an -n E Canton, Ohio 2 : Branches: Suite 110 Marshall-Field Annex, :Q Chicago: 1403 Widener Bldg.. Philadelphia: .- 401 Monolith Bldg.. 45 West 34th St., New 2 York. ' -T. J. J. CRIMMINGS Co., 136 Boylston St.. 2: Boston. Mass. General Sales and Distribu- ': , ting Agency for New England. 'l 5 1: l 5 - E '1 sl up - an fin i 7- - : : Advertisements lam- :midi-ca Fifty-fight L: li - gilllllllllllllllllIHllillllllIllNIHllllllllllllIllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHIE 2:1IllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHilllllllllllIlllllllllllllfllllllllllg -an 'nun 111. i if 1 1 an 1 1 -1 1 -9 3 1 an 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 on no Z 1 1 is 1 -ns ... C74 W Ord to the Wzke zk Sufficient 6 j The Advertisers whose names appear on the following pages have 2'- Tl-IE ILLIO possible We hope that you will show your appreciation of their support by patronizmg and boosting them at every opportumty. 'l INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Abe1 nathy s Studios American Cablnet Co ............,,..,................. American Clay Machinery Co ......,..... Anheuser-Busch s Brg. Ass n ............... The Appollo .....................................................,...... Aultman Taylor Machinery Co .......... Arcade Billiard Parlors .........................,.... Eisner Grocery Co Eversharp Pencil Co ...........,.. Richard W. Farmer Co ............. Ferinand Kr Beckers ...,.................. Fetting Mfg. Jewelry Co. ...........,............ P. D. Foster ......................,..,..............,.. Frank Bros ..,.............,.....,....,..,........ THE l9l8 ann an 1: on 1 nn as 1 can 1 1 1 an 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 aaa contributed about Three Thousand Dollars toward making this volume of 5 , A - E -- ' ' .....,......,..,.......... ....,.. 581 ' ............... .......,.... 580 Alexander Lumber Co ..,..,............................ 588 English Bros ................................,... ..,.....,.,. 6 37 ' ' 603 ' ' . 561 ' . 610 F ' ' 592 7 . 597 563 572 591 586 606 619 B 578 635 622 576 594 G 566 639 626 583 568 582 626 631 629 615 630 637 H 572 562 564 563 581 3 Bassett 8: Bassett ........,........ Thos. Franks 8a Son ........... E Beardsley Hotel ,..,........ : Belvoir Theatre .,...........,................... Ray Gallagher ..................,.....,. : C. A. Berger ....,..............,........................... Garlock Packing- C0 ."..'.....' : Bermingham 31 Seaman C0 ------A------------ E. P. Gaston .............,...,...,.......... E Chas. H. Besly Kr Co .....,.........,.....,............... The Golf Shop ',.".'....----4-.,-...A,'lA-,.. : Jos. C. Bowman ...................................... Goodrich Transit C0 -A....A-..-v-- 2 Ray Bowman C0 --------------- G. R. Grubb Eng. Co .............. 3 Brad1ey's ...,...,.,......,............... : Bray Kr Kates Co .,........... D. E. Harris E grevgorg Hotel """""""' Samuel Harris Co .......................... 1: V503 SB """"""""""' Hart Grain Weigher Co ........... I B '.ld' T?-IW bg "" """""" The Harvard Co ...............,..............,. 2 Bm ers um er """"""""' Hercules Gas Engine Co ........... : urr-Patterson Kz Co ................... Chas M Higgins Co 3 l C Hite Bros ........ ...............,.......,.,,.... : Cable Plano C0 ----------------------------4----------------------- Hof-Brau ........................,...,.... 2 Central Union Telephone Co .........,...... Home Telephone C04 '--4-I---.. E Central .Supply Co ........................................... E. I. Horsman Ce .'..'.A...A.' - Champalgn Ice Cream C0 ------------------------- Howard Studio ..................,.. I Champaign Sanitary Milk ........................ L. K. Howse ..",'-A-l,.l..l,-.'-'..',-'1-... 3 Chicago Bridge 8: Iron Works ............ Hunter, Rourke ge C0 -..A-..,.'.A 2 ghicago gollegeBof Esteopathy ............ I 2 itizens tate an .....,......,.,.....,.................. - - - 13 Columbia Quarry Co ..............,...................... Ii'fSfi?S'CE0 """"""""" E gonwnogwiagh Eglson C0 """"""""""" Illinois Traction 3 C- - g0H.u1'i5 9 --------'----'---'--'--'--' Illinois Central R. R. C6 .......... . -v ooper .1 0 '"'"""""""""""" """" Indiana Quarries Co ....,..........................,.. 3 T. H. Craig ...,................................. ...,........ J E Crofoot' Nlelson KZDCO """""' J ahn Sz Ollier Engraving Co ................ 2 . . Jerrems ........,..,,.,............,............,........................... . - Danville Brick Co .................. Jones 85 Lamson Machine Co E Davis :Sz Kreeger ....,....,..,............ K """""""" 3 llgearbogzn CChemical Co ............. Kandy,S Barber Shop 3: eers o ........,............................. '-"--4----4-- 3. Deisel Wemmer Co ............ S' nlialigenfgl BHEP6 ""'-'----'-----' - I Detroit Twist Drill Co ...,.....,. J' I 331 gan C 0 "'-"-"""'- E S. E. Dillavou ...................,........... gelkeliiler Sser .0 """""" 5 .?0'lflfS??1e13551fiTTfl?f?f?iii11i31'61ii Kinsy 6 Mahler C0 '-.---.----.- : Dress Suit Rental Co ........... L : H, F, Duncan ,,.,,,.,,.,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,, Lammert Sz Mann Co ...,.............,................... "' Five inmdrcd Fifty-nim: Ad'U37'ti39'me7ltS 1 1 1 1 in Cn no 3 1 L on -Q -0 1 11 1 fi 1 an an 1 1 1 1 L 1 1 an 1 an un 1 1 L 1 1 1 i on nun fun -Q 1 1 1 i Ch l T' i glIlllllllllHIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllfg' ..- 2.."l , -1 , - ,f . :r.,..,,-i 1' 1 if N... -.A .. M, I. .A . ' "l"'l.f . ' egg, ' '4 ... J.. . .... vu... xt. . .T x.,M,. luv. ...w-w.:mX aj . I 'W ' 1 H. :gigs x MLK fl.. ,XLS iq1,z.f.,Q27 im1,,jff:..if'f.'!E, my ' -,fi-LC.. Q. V 4-'Q .1' ' ,.s.-hge.. 32? i Y, 17, ..,. ir. i ., sr-I fvfs A, .. Y liiff? 'Lt . W -4 . ' K' bi' ,...,.5Z,, ...M ' vis?-ifii 2 1 ., .... 5, flflllH'1ifl2ff'wMwwwf+:i:1f14Hwwmlm3mmn.l.nalrlfamasaaa1ismaintainummmzfwwlfzamlan U Robert O. Law Co .................... ........... F. P. Lewis Cigar Co ............. ...,....... W. Lewis Sz Co .......................... ........... D .H. Lloyde .....................,.... Lyric Theater ........,.............. M Maguires Studio ................. The Mahaffey Co .,............. Mariner 8z Hoskins ........... Fred Marshall .............,............. Mecca Studios ............,.................... ........... Mehring Kz Hanson Co .......... ................ John Mohr Kz Sons .............. ..............,......... , ...... E. R. Moore Co .........,,.,.............................. 618 Morava Construction Co ....................,....,.. Morse Twist Drill Co ............. .........., V. Mueller Kz Co ................................. ........... Munhall Printing House ........... ........... N New York Blower Co .,........,.. ........... 0 Oakes Brothers, .......,.............. . Ogilivie.8z Heneage .......................... .......... . Ohio Injector Co .............................,................... Ohio dz Western Lime Co P Park Theater .........,.,........................ ........... Parlin Sz Orendorft' Co ............. ........... Paris Dry Cleaning' Co .......... .........,. Penick 8z Ford .............,........,.......... ......,.,.. Percival 8z Kirkpatrick ,............. ...,....... Peterson Nursery Co .........,...... ........... Albert Pick Kz Co ..................,. ......,.... Pitzenbarger Sz Flynn ............... ........... Frederick Post Co ................. ........... Professional Directory ..,,...,..,. ........... R B. A. Railton Co .......,....... Jacob Reed's Sons ,..,. .......,. Renne Studio ........,....,...... E. H. Renner .,..........................,.. Ritter Dental Mfg. Co .......... S T. C. Schaffner .................... Fritz Schoultz .................. John Sexton Kz Co ............ Harry G. Smucker ........... L. B. Souder .....................,.. Spies Bros ...................... R. A. Stipes ........................ B. A. Strauch .......................... H. Swannell Kz Son ........... Swearingen's ........................., Mabel Sykes Studio ...........,.... T Taylor Hardware Co ............. Third Street Delicatessen John R. Thompson Co ....... J. A. Thornhill ....,......................... Twin City Printing Co ....... Twin City Roofing Co .......... U University Drug Store ......... U. of I Supply Store .......,.,.. Urbana Banking Co .............. W Wabash R. R ....,...................... Walworth Mfg. Co ................. Warwick Hotel ............................,. L. E. Waterman Pen Co .... Watterson Sz Southward... Weller Mfg. Co ............................ Western Brick Co ..,..,............,. Wilkie Sz Sellery ...,............. Charles F. Williams ............. Henry Wittbold Co .........,.... A. E. Wuesteman ,.................. X, Y, Z Y. W. C. A ...................................... R. E. Zombro ................................. No Leopold, this is not the waiters' anion. Gaze upon 'yon youth in the wmdow Notwe his supplicmt mten and folded hands and you'lZ have no trouble in identtfymg this conglomeration of crumbs as the Iris H-isterhood. Advertisements M.. ' . Fwt H'u.nd'rcd Sixty ir. lil-li-lim3-'iHl85iM'iKfi33i'1iHMHQUWE1 4 ,23:m2115LBHMVHSNE2iii'3?Z'WH3i35iHWEKMWQQHHH2? .t ..... ' 1 J' ii f , ig ,. -Qi . iz, 'H in '95 5. y 1 EIEPEMP BOSTON SAFETY fl 4 6? X 5 PERFECT POINTED PENCILS PERFECT POINTED PENS I 5-fl ' i if , p , THESE two splendid writing instruments f jf are made in a factory equipped with the finest if. machinery in the business. The elegant de- 1 sign and beautiful finish of these two devices if 335 is not matched by any product in the writing 2 W field. 1 'J Mil l TI-IE EVERSHARP is the only pencil ever placed S on the market which successfully eliminates the f fl sharpening nuisance. For class room it is indispen- l I sable. It is made in many styles and prices rang- l N111 ing from one to fifty dollars each. We highly re- p yi commend the gold filled grades. Plain S3 eachg 5' . 3. Colonial engraved S4 each. f jjl T1-IE BOSTON SAFE? Y is the most accurately T i l made pen in the world. It is equipped with a- pat- jlili ented feed which makes the ink How freely and Y ' prevents dropping. It also has the latest lever self l f filling device, and can be furnished in many beau- ii, V4 ii .-,V tiful styles of gold and silver mountings. We highly i V recommend the No. 75 menium large self filler l' 'J at 935. iii ALL EVERSHARP Pencils and BOSTON Pens i l Ti' i' 1 are guaranteed fully and must please or your money is will be refunded. CH We will send direct if your 5 an 1 , :IN ylil iii M l Ml iw! iii ' M ,Nw ,i li ,4' PM i l l Wi l ll I I 4 ll i l l dealer cannot supply you. xv EL ."lnI,1i , if 'N il I llxnjlllx yi ,R it . lllli ':' 3 ' E, I 'S il ls I: 'I Q IN. we all li ,Id hi, :ig i' lr ,ii!l'II,ul I-.:5i:f.'g:I l liill i l i i M, 1 L, " ll V ii il W . E ERSI-IARP PENCIL CQ. PEOPLES GAS BUILDING CHICAGO Five Hu'nd1'cd Sixty-o e Advertisements W" glulllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllHIlllllllllllllllllllllllllillllIll!lllllllllllllllllllllllllmllllllllIll lg EE - E QI' V THE BEST CANDY MADE 2 are our famous y "'x::E'5 g' ANDY" Chocolates 5 THE I 5 6Oc If the pound I9 I8 They are soft cream centres, filled with fresh Brazil Nuts, Havored with QE. Vanilla and covered with delicious Maracaibo Chocolate. Packed in '- : boxes from one-half to five pounds, for safe shipment to any address E E you desire. ' I: 3 D. E. HARRIS 3 : Ioffgfnmf .md Jlflakerl 3 5 CI-IAMPAIGN, ILL. 5 1 as 3 -' -1 1 1 1 1 K 1 1 i i cn 1 41 5 In Buying LW Insurance 'why not buy the best? E 5 Let us jigure 'with you. : Q We GUARANTEE 'where others promise 5 5 ILLINOIS LIFE INSURANCE co. y S E I Greatest Illinois Company 2' E. J. I-IUTCI-IINSON, fora. :9VIgr. I: 5 403-404 LINCOLN BLDG. I -E CI-IAMPAIGN, ILL. 1 E Automatic 2140 Bell 3170 L 3 1 1 -1 2 1 I 2 1 1 i f i 3 3 i 1 E Advertisements ' ' E ., - Fwe H undrcd Sixty-two ., 1 -- E gllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllIUIIUIIIIIIIFQ G, 2 us Ii i 211'1HHIEHIHIIIHUlllHlIHlHUHHHHHHHHHNHHHHEHH!IHIH!!!!HH!HH!HHHH!-IHHHIHIHHHBQE .MJ 4' 2 I2 .. i E-'-. DELICIOUS :M .,,. L. - mgklgy jeuhjef gm l D z .va W ygwvxwv 11 I HK , N 1 N JI. ,1, . , X.. ., , an " Mimmrff H . NL-m511"" M -5. Y : 5 ' 1? -11 ' 55? ' Q - .rs I I 'f ' 1 -,, I 1' N1 I 5111 1 , :hx -n PQ? ' X nr mr v :A fr 1 1 .Wu 2 Ah af. ' - ' " " , 11-11: : F121 ' " E The Great Refreshing Drink E Relieves Fatigue Renews Energy E ILLINOIS PARFAY COMPANY -p CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS " C'01Vf1.'C77011'fPY I: Mouyxos Bnos. 3 URBANA. ILLINOIS 3. For Best Malted Milks 5 and Candies sv I r J.: Y ' ll ' 'lflqgigs i' N ' .1Q34f'fv!-Z:1Q ' -' .1 'r, Vo9"1-'I ' f. 0 ' , R , ,3 III --just broken in on decorations at Illinois Floral Decorations of any kind Dances, Receptions 6? Banquets Can come up from Evanston for jobs of S100 or over or can send your boquets, Smilax or any number of flowers at I wholesale prices Wedding Work a Specially I-IEN RY WITTBOLD CO. cfm kr GEORGE WIITBOLD Phone Evanston 829 Nursery ana' ':Dirplay Ground: CENTRAL and FAIRVIEW, N. EVANSTON The Betas Hear cl Speedy I 5 I SAMUEL HARRIS 65 CO. 23: 114-116 North Clinton sem CHICAGO, ILL. E ' MORSE DRILLS E mdllfy 55019 W by s::eJ11:fMOND I ' Y HACK SAW BLADES 1 . as 1 5 1 1 1 un QUALIT REED VISES AND PIPE TOOLS BORTON EMERY CLOTH CORTLAND GRINDING WHEELS i Z Five 111111111-ca simey-1111-cc Advertisements ,Ei Qi 1 s - "1 w . ISHS I -- -1. -E. an -- -nn -up up -nv up so ua an un mu an an ul an ou an an dn am va qv vs un ou as in aw so an qu an un as Ou a-. up qu ,un pn an on has o- an - uv- -mn -1... ...- on an one an on no an .4 -fn an ua. an we -1. an no .un -1 ..- .aw- .--1 eq ua our on no nm qu no in an -an on 1-1- nn .-Q on an ,on ,nu un is .cu an can pn- man uns K to i if -on il me 'Cn 'I 5:lIllllHHHHHNNHHNININIINNHYHHHIHIIHSHBHHHHHHHHillHHHHHH!IIIQIIIHIINHHIHF Ql'LlllW3'Yll553llHill-YUM-llEPMI-'lllllllflllH5MuiH5dv!3535?lM!'?MMi3lQ!vif'lEs15f'.i5553'1-311413535.313159323315131l1.2l5lb55i3?lHl ll -' ,. .-. ,-.. si.. .,-:.t"'- 9 .tv y-, ,i 11: , 1 ...,. y F, . 1 1--Q 1" - sz" i .' 4 1 y 'lg' - l f ff""'rf'1'l mf -'i l'w"7W ., ,5 ,- . , J' SLI Q fm I Kr,--r ,A ..- H A., HLA 4' tr- ,F 3' Mlm, 7- 5 '--5455.3 S " E-'wiv-.si1' W sm,,,m-s ,jeff - Ti' f 5 , - V, es- - ,ff ,...,,.3--fs,-1-S31 X'-' -:TA ui R ,,- Mg 'Ts1fFi.fg N...--Q4 a. M111 1 FWF .1 . t 5' L. 'A .e..., Q'1,"".lf ' ! -A pa REET your friends in the cheerful, mocl- . ern surroundings of the hotel most fav- 9-fi--! ored by people from the University of Illinois. C H I C A G O Madison Streeg east of La Salle 350 Rooms Fireproof Up-to-the-minute service, unusual fore-tlrouglzt for the "weUare of guests. In the center of the Loop, conven t ta every form of transportation. Laurence R. Adams, Sec'y 6' Mgr. - Owing to the fact that We have had to re- place so many articles of furniture and apparel since the departure of Sister Polly Adams, Kappa Alpha Theta announces that it-will hold no formal in the social season of 1916-17 DAVIS Ei KREEGER cDecorators and Contractors in CPainting and glazing Telephone, Wentworth 722 Established 1886 211-213 W. 63d Street Chicago, Ill. Advertiseonents F H df-gd Sixty-four l l 3'T,ltl-'i Oel-I O 6? H Productions are the choicest of correct dress requisites for young men EUGENE SCI-IOBINGER 1915 Jlfiamzger COLLEGE SALES DEPARTMENT 11,5257- vi, fsf, ni NM W Lf I "'r rj X li" A ls x if Lx ' , 9 x ,Q - , W fm' ' ' 13:51, QQ NX! no N Xxx v X2 r g? 4 ff I xx ff m MW f .X W Wg Wi' ' u M? A Lf ww 1 Emu IN N N X ,,,, N X I n MEN's W STORE - Ugillvie Ss H-Hceenueamge 20 CEt,ff.f1c-knoll f0ll!06'Cll'd Cf ica 0 fl d S mf Advertisements 'lflzlililllilillllllllllIllIliIll!INNHHlHHHHINUIlillillllillillillllllIllllillllmlilllllllllllllllllilllllll IE E E ' ee--I 11.1. Ray Gallagher Kr Co. E Sanitary Plumbers E K, I tw and Heating .E Engineers 3 E948 E 1 an -Q : 104 N, Market Street' Before an Alpha Tau house party. E E URBANA ILLINOIS Michael Angelo McNu1ta on the E : ' right.. Chee-Hee! E an "' nun "' 1 1 so " nn on no no 5 DEARBORN CHEMICAL COMPANY E In- 2 Manufacturers of : 1 E,-'E Tozler Feed Water Treatment E: 40' 1 E Prepared on Scientific Lines for the Prevention of 5 Z Scale Formation, Corrosion, Pircing und Foaming -. I: : l kivil-74 i our U' fn- no S2 Operators of Laboratory on Water and Fuel Analysis E.: E and Testing of Oils E ' I "" ... Dealers in : E High Grade Cylinder and Engine Oils E if and Oils for Special Purposes E.: -4 ,- as .- up -. LE MCCORMICK BUILDING, CHICAGO 5 E Telephone Harrison 3930 'E 2 5 E E : A- : gn """ an " Us um LL' Ad11e1'tiseme1zts Five Hundred Sixty-six E T1 l 33 , lu glllllllllllllllHIlllllll-lllllllilillllllililllllHillNllllllliwiliilllllllIllINI!llllllllillillllliillllliiugi 2-illllllllllllllllllllUHNHNHlilllllINlNNHUHI3lHHH!!HfillliNUHllllllllllllllllliilttllliii iiilllllilligl an no an 5 22 5 . A x -5 r j! 2 PA AMA LIMIIED ' 3 . i . . . ,, -ridlhvqg 5 The new train de luxe in the interesting history 'iggf E of American railroading. New, from engine pilot EQ to observation platform, each car a jewel of the Mn- . Q E car builder's art, and of solid all steel construc- .1 tion throughout, it stands supreme today among :I the fine trains of the country. . 5 :exe if Operating between fi EI Chicago St. Louis New Orleans 2 rr: on the fastest schedule ever put into effect between E EE these three termini, the Panama Limited has demon- I E strated its value to the territory served and is today i E one of the greatest factors in the building up of that if E as well as territory tributary thereto. E if It is a solid sleeping' car train fno coaches carriedj E E and its equipment consists of drawing room sleep- E E ing' cars, buffet cars, dining cars and composite ob- 'A E E servation lounge cars. i if E Among its special features are: Barber Shop, H E E Shower Bath, Ladies Maid, and Valet and Telephone E : Service. Nomextra fare. -E E H. C. Knapp, City Pass. Ez Ticket Agent, H. J. Phelps, General Pass. Agent, E :Z Champaign, Ill. Chicago, Ill. E E Five Hundred Sixty-seven A.d'v67't'iS0'I7L6'ILfS E gllllllllillHHHIHHIHHH!llllilllllllliiiiIHHHHHHIHHHHIHHHHlliilllllllllllillllllliilllllllig 'Lil' ' P'-iw-fqfirzsrnv' fu' GASTON'S HAIR CUTTING PARLOR Solicits your patronage Five Barbers-All Workman Open all year Y. M. C. A. Building E. P. GASTON, 'Proprietor Auto 1118 Bell 278 WILLIAMS BROS. CO. cPaints cUamislJer Wall CPape1 CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS Clksolu tion - WE, the brothers in Sigma Chi, Wish to extend our thanks to the University for providing the cute little Ford in which we ride to lunch from our eleven o'clocks. We further wish to thank the University for putting our chauf- feur, Bro. Art. Odell, on the payroll. CSignedJ Sigma Chi Fraternity. How do You keep your GINQJte5? ' N- This loose leaf system is al- phabetically arranged. Many A t a bl e s are common to all branches of the profession. I letter on the cover the follow- ing or any heading you de- sire: UWEIGHTS AND MEASURES" "ENGINEERING DATA" "BUILDING CONSTRUCTION" "POWER TRANSMISSION" "ELECTRICAL DATA" "MACHINE DESIGN" To the first 500 sending sending 32.750 each I will send cover, indexes and many tables. I want to get this started. GET IN ON THIS. The price should Abe 33.50. Send check or bill. W D BROWNING BOX 738 - - MEMPHIS, TENN. P. S.-For a cover to hold 6"x9" sheets ll" thickl with many tables, 53.50. I can furnish tables to suit your cover. AOI'IJ6'NJ7fS67?w?'LtS Five Hundred Sixty-eight llllllll-lif lllllllllililllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllillmlllll Z 1' 1 K l' 1' 1 i 2 i up i' an - - i as .nj 1- i lilllll NIMH ll liitltllllimllumumnulu gn nn qs -nf an Q!!QQ!lmllllllIlllllllIIIUIIIUQIIQIHHQHIQHllmllllllllllillillllllllllmllllllllllllllilllllllllllllIllllllll-5 fx! Q 2 1 ' R. JN, EE a E 1? Fas sa it 2 K , ff jggiggwwxe5'w1fi:::::::: 'WM1-Im ' -' YYVYVVV f'----A-'---A--+444---"-----,,-,,,,--,1- M ---,,'AA-"',,,, M ,,----,,,A,4-- f z J - if ...,,:.l...1,..,s ..... T ....... I ..,....,... so ..,,.............,...... We Qzzz ..... ..... 2 i :.:: s , E f 'T ft. " . ' fi?-,Q . t ' , " . ".' rv". " " ,..:i,.iQ:.1'fg1f51'1Q12 " A I f Q 'A ,....-g,..:. " ,V ' - , 1. it ' Q '- ' 'if ' "If-.iiffe f' iff '- Av. ., M - a p J A . " . t ri iii? -1-'fa-3'i .4 s K i ' in ' ' ,ii4lffZe1'i-Q 'V A Qffyiru if". or-J ' 1 - 'ii A riiirli' A Wg ,..A.. ---fe--A--W!-meshes ,iffhf i . ,ffggi A I1 ,- Qxfilfi +3 THE Ei J, ' ' .. ' ff' 5" .- -' ' .. - 1.I W, mm iw ' P' Q TY: . et us help you 4 M ' ' . . I9l8 Tp- , ' m arranging the gi. 1' 47 V S it equipment,furnisi1ings ' 15 gl- --r-. ,, E and decomtionsofjour 5 ' V , 41. 5 4- b 'h i nie? hoffices, a s:lr0ice 5 wh at ii e.i.-Q od Q Q! I We Whlc We ere ren. img E 5 A, - 4.-. 1 I if rw gii t e profession Wit out : 3 Y ue ,Vi -bu X in A HE! I ivk M . - , ., , D, . in 7 4 -, , uri U .N up cost or o lgation. ,,, , fig 1 1 Y,g- I'j-1-fQggi,f .A "ip i: 'uri , J Our experience in this if H' I 4 APA' ' ' "U fi .' v'1 - 'A ' f f2f7 4 4i.fQZ f w w.- ' ffiliiiiiifbii '15.,iT E Pie 'f' my -' 1 - 11 bl ls 1: i y if H Jbvm fsule MW! Qf xwg so Oingt esepro ems, 37 : qi ciraftmg detailed pians g fi ' . 1 'i I : fi9i"5i'?771ii N and offering suggestions 2- i ' T fri' 'Fl t N I ii - wi ' W - - 3, r g -4 X I 4 P, gd: t ,'fg:?1g5f1g5 to Ht Qourparticular case. 3 51 ,' I xa' I IWI!I1.JEfg ' "Fifty-1i0e Nfociernn E . 55. I V- li 3? . N, Dintali Ofgce Plants. E r m gi, fff fx-1-rf I x l .rp W 4 our . oo. , Exp afnmg Lis : so in X - Mun, : ,,,,. W I ' E E ':', ,? Nag, 5 f "ig SEYOICE m etai ,toget er 3 qualfq x ,,. ' iw' with interesting catalogs E jj: Mag V F iiifixi 4 i of Columbia lDental 3 " ff 3 9' '- :A ?? X' -f- fs ii X 7 lj 5555 Equipment wil be sent : -with our, compliments E XE upon receipt of request E Mfy' 'T , 4 V N X , S and ciealer s name. . 2 ' ' 'l1"5 i ' 6 1 V, I V rex. THE RITTER 2: 5322! 5 r , .,jg1g-il A DENTAL MFG. co. 5 ,QW ,ff a 1 """7 l' in tj if V -.i '2f"' "V ' - Rochester, N. Y. 3 ' ' .. L ,LLf.Le::jv, , fi -' NevJYork PM dl H Chicago 3 'fi f4:h"f"?1 .,M....:....QL1i.ic la ep N L: f, p Q. ...,,, gi .... 5 fl . , ' LQ -,NW c9x.UMg!v ,E ..L- -QgI.E.j1 -, A '1f'fgEf,"M7i'fjt,", - if .- X- f ,:' ,MWA ,:...,..,,,, ,,,. . ,,,. ,,., Y, s ,,,,.c .A 1677... l . .A , H H uv my g E .......-.s . .X, ,L 1' -------, ,,..,.--:f..:4:.--. r ' 5 , , ...Aa .1-1- f- --fi-.A .ii .. XX : im ' -.V's ,- iilf 59.94 Ill- ' ' A . f: 1, i"' ' "i""' lei "i' J "" llw' VAVV "A'A f "", n VVVVV VVVVV V V ,i,,A""i",""A"' """"' A"' V 1 1 'i"'iii'iAiAi A 'A'i""""' f: is: 1 s--e- V.VV -..enum -J L- '-'Z 5 'K 'Q F'i11r Hundred Sixty-nine Ad'U6'l't'l:S6'l'VL87'LiS 'E fl Q gllilllillIllllllllllllilllllll!IE!-llillllilllillllillllllllHilllllllllliilmHHIIHNKIIIIIIliillliikiiklllg E M .f fiffsfr' H1tilIl'1,JlU?HjjMH1itflaigqygglqunn-may irffl ini.-: 1 1--. .,--. ,,,,,, ,,,,.,f.f4 ui 'iiiiliii Iiill F YOU TRY BURR, PATTERSON of co. SERVICE For Original Designs for Class and Campus Societies, For Best Qtiality Fraternity Badges and Latest Novelties, For Highest Grade Stationery and Emblem Embossing, For Courtesy and Satisfaction- You 'will try it again BURR, PATTERSON 6? CO. Detroit, Michigan Senior c'Atlzletic Jlflana ers - 3 'J WELCQMME? are hereby notified that my auto- I A mobile is at their disposal at all 7 V!! Q times. ' 5: RALPH METZLER - L i fPbi Sigma Kappa, House ,I E 3 All Twin City Roofing Company ROOFING AND SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS SPECIALTIES Cornices Metal Skylights Ventilator: Metal Ceilings Warm Air Furnaces Champaign and Vermillion County Mgentx for THE EVANS-ALMETAL FIRE DOOR Phones: Bell 105 1414101763 201-205 SOUTH FIRST STREET CI-IAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS Main Oiiices, Danville, Illinois Advertisements Five Hundred S ty 'I ' ""11e11a' 1 , I , ,,,,4,. ,, , , 11x411S1:f,wzs1i,a.+flm.,.m44s-ala.Iilvlmutlilllmills'. TIMIU Hill., iliil..1.l1lQ . LOUIS MOI-IR, 'President EDWARD MOHR, Secretary ALBERT MOI-IR, Vice-Prex. WILLIAM MOI-IR, Trear. JQH MQHR SONS SOUTH WORKS 96TH STREET AND CALUMET AVENUE TELEPHONE SOUTH CHICAGO 654 Largest and best equipped BOILER SHOP in the world I ENGINEERS DESIGNERS MACI-IINISTS 1, Q-f 1 kb-' I :Cue 4 ,, 1 lg 1 I 74 - e. l 1 .ai I -f ull up 3 ' hz Steel plate and structural work of every description. Boilers of all kinds and of highest grade and efiiciency. Blast furnaces, hot stoves, cupolas, mixers, converters, sterilizers, steel ladies, furnaces, etc., etc. In fact, everything and anything made of light or heavy steel plate or structural material. NORTH WORKS 349 TO 359 WEST ILLINOIS STREET TELEPHONE MAIN 1584 CHICAGO Five H undrcd Seventy-one Advertisements If "ff qi 'lf 1, ,G ,. if .,-, rj I 45, , ry 1 , f Miwwlrv-Ivsllf 1 ,:.r1jl.Niy ,aL,1,,,1.n..-,,v.1rfwf Ar 4'-'ffl 1 I -Mlaf H--+f'M+wM V4 I1 .ffm -QH11fmeIJIl!ialQmnrlr1HanWHWeP1E1Wfri:WiwifiHwrflllfiifisif5,miAti2fl:f4f4fI:fpgmy1lpmmprfpqgypp5HHH 5 ffm ML , . ,,l, 1 I 1 A- g XI, .a QQ I L I '35 Q V? rkhf' ' f ' ' 1, f, P- I, . 1 1 Mum? K K l i N 'v ' I ' N Q xg k QL .i 1 gl V 5 wi I fi I 2 ,-if , fu .1 +lIllIniiiY"' f I I f -I .5 QMIII II. E I E I - Za Q IIFRO DOITDS AIND IIIS NOBLE STI'I'D AT SAN ANTONEH RICHARD BRAY, Trcsidcnt A. T. KATES, Ser'y-Trcaf. BRAY 86 KATES 'CO. Manufacturers of MILK CANS PLAIN, STAMPED ez JAPANNED TINWARE ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILLINOIS ' EE R D PN? N D 515 EF KI ER? 2 El? F1515 Commercial and job CPrinting Catalogues and Wooklets 'QQ' 'PhoneMain1188 C H I C A G O 127 NORTH FIFTH AVENUE AClU67'L?:S67lL671,fS Five fIu'l1dI'4'fl Svvmty-tivo M, 2,-:JlilllliliIlI!lIlllll1lIllllllillllillllllllllllmilillllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllilfillllllMIBIHIIIIIIL-Q 5 1: E . "S 51 ,jj I E I ' - I 5 U ,f l Z- 'N 3 '- Q " E . I , 'Auf Ixus-:gem 2' -4' 'mv ,If f ra 'V In V Y .. .-.- 5: I THEI nun Q I g . 3 2: 'I :: : P E, Cn , 2, 5.9 rr: :: if si' :I L". E IES E JACOB REEUS SQNS ig Manufacturers of Unfnrms of Quality x: ir.-I I. ,,, I iw E OFFICERS OF THE ARMY NAVY MARINE CORPS and LEADING MILITARY COLLEGES E5 and Schools throughout the UNITED STATES 0.1. M, ww, ,M qw., 0' mm 4,-an ,N . su. -fn. "' -an, "4 -nm. 'num 45, 'M 1-N 1424-1426 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA nw., ,H mm 94. I .mu-. au am: H--I ,-,, uc.. ww. 'Uv' mm nw vm: vm mr , 'U' A. , up uv- Fiva lfumlrcd Seventy-three Ad've'rt'Zsements -1- ' ww t?Ig?3?Wli53!!QS1MIHQSMHFWBiiilifmiiilhiiiidiiiIHNEIEMMQEQSQSESFSWQEQSMH SSFSVSEf1iEZ2ZU3SEf1'E'SWWii?NNE ,..iQ I . ,.n ,.. . . w Ulillllllilllllllllllilllliifllliilislr1xiilihaifl1'i'V'y-i"fr'.l'f: IW' " 41 M i s I i 1. .lmf..ff.isf'4i.rmixrrwrmimi!!!H11 av r 1-- .,4',.V,f - , ,Vs I -i.-f'ffffg"x..,,l.,ffm. 7-' 1... 1 , .. ,, . . O CICDQPER ,J 5 gg , of-ilrrenrzon ! f 111, Qi: - " 'Q .Q . 6? . x:ffl5'ii?Y?'., 'Y HUMANITY ' . A Need: you ' E PRoFEss1oN Q ., "f' O Is not overcrowded . 5 QJ'.."f,',I" ,1S" E in L E 1 Milli gif OSTEOPATHY l li aw' D is a complete school of medicine S . . , 8, , l E A H Well 'worlla invesligating We f SEND FOR CATALOGUE 7' 1 Wm. G. coomsiz, Pres. ec Tre... :P l-i...i Henry Hill, Secretary H mv- ' ' TK... wif M Clucggo Colklage of Phone Wabash 1876 5115 .L 542 i steopat y 1422 West Monroe Street 411 WEST JACKSON BOULEVARD x CHICAGO CHICAGO, ILL. C1 be UNI V ERSITY DRUG STORE GREEN STREET PHARMACY B. E. SPALDING, Proprietor COR. GREEN and SIXTH STREETS V ' STOVES, HARDWARE, AND TINWARE MALLEABLE RANGES, RADIANT HOME FURNACES BOTH PHONES CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS V E St du Indianapolis, Ind. u '05 Danville, Ill. SYRUP Dayton, hnsn't any comperition in goodness. It climbed over Sllgghe jtxst-3-goods and it sin: :xx t?i1becnLgeit's I efcn an vef ,vcf UIUC e el' Eh of Ina! ' syrup. At your :rncei-Xa-red or green cans. y qjbofogfdpbeff exfluflvely to the Send hr flee lmnlclet of rocking and candy retciptf College Student PENICK C? FORD, Ltcl. l NEW ORLEANS, LA' 536 N. Pennsylvania St. INDIANAPOLIS Ad1lG'l't7fS6'I'lL67LtS Five Hundred Seventy-four 155255525 " i I ' I V 1- .LtfliililliltkllitliilHIHHELHF6fT5BMEii:iSIFMiSIi1'RSIUE!!SYEIIWRIPWIMW11mwsz+'2pwfi-MQKW Q29 X Jafz Q59 UK ' nqsF"'I'1I I. 5 ENGRA VING PANY g CHIC!-Lao I I . .v-,I -, I .M QF, A ,III : mf-X I -5128, ' I - .... fir- IF" v " .' ,- I we? vw: . 1 fa-9233-." f -.u!r.r"fsg. fe.-lj' ' I '- JI!" Eff - mf' ff 'WIP I 1 Jw- :N .- I- ' 14+-. --mv . 1-' .f 1 I QF' iief' "" - V"-y',f5g,f, "" 3 . I I I H'?f"' g' i f ,.-If 5 I -I 'fr-.J fu ,' q,..fgsl.2w5::aI+ I I 1. L- ijfi-"iQ, P" I I ' ' 'J'L.5.' I I Q ' 11 9 1, 1, QFFII-v,f",' 'S u. e " f. I I My' -f .e:i5Qi-'51 I I ECT ER N. ' I : ,., 1.5 ,gs I .M'fwwwhm, I--I- mwwwg I ,W 4, 'r ' ' xg. gf --I -'I H.,- . ,.-' N any ll:-bv. 1 'A .Ig , .M.k,,,- -' Q' ' 'N ,: 1- 5 .. Q, ' Q' '. "bl: ' ,.- - K, f , 1 .15 , Mn 5.15.3 wife-425 5552 .ah Q2 L fxiwfx U n a - "?1 1?55I5!!.-T-1: , 'Q 4 32.5. ' -xfffqg,-. 'Q Tf'f',f 'N ,Jilfifw--.-E'i :4:: V' Wi I.: x . f.'5'J'-1I.'27 ':!k '2 :::j'13 "'5ff7:.S."I T, I I . MINI "' 5354--g5g'Z,3Sg32l35g-jTf,". -Jw. I-577 jfkdk QQQZLZSIW' sl-55' 'fr-., ' .,m1Qzif'2r-I..Lijg'-wc?55:65. . I ' L ,V ,,... .,..,.Z5:'X . 1442? .. Qi' - ."'l3QE1WX-f":"f-'W' Qs I ' .--M-I--"QB "" :lf .SMI . ,' Q , ls 1 NN M N21 6 I .WI L, -' ' ' " " '- I I , W I 3 1 I I X 12. I K I .- .,- .. .- -I - -If 55.-3 5:35 - ' , I ' ' - F 5 .IIII Makers O 2 -M ' ' I I -'-' .- f1?.6l70Sf Qudbfy : 'Ig -' Deszo ns and Plafes I Img I N I I S I I liar Co5le5eq1nd .5'cl1ool ' ' """':' I nn ua s - , BRANCH 0FFlCESfATLANTA-COLUMBUS'DAVENPORT-DESMOINES'MINNEAPOLIS-SO. BEND I v1j05' -yfeb 6 Q.. X Five Hundred Seventy-five Advertisements I f 1tikwffitfiliivtiihmiwffw ,memememIam.-bS.',2i.I+.Ta:.Q ii3.i.EL:+t . mffgwp. ..JI,a-,I 5 w .f v' w " 9 T' ,f .U I, .nf X, ., t .'.' .S , .jp HQ A",1I"W V Lk J! 41- 4 A'-M" uw, we Q! 5, xj, ""y.gj, .M My - ' r:mzr:Ig:'H:, - -TUi'fI1t'i . 'II' fi,g.xfgi' I WM, 3 fm 2' if,i.2iE Ms sew I I L . ,,I l , xt.. ,,,,. W M...- ... 4 M... 11.--.. -vm rw . 4. ,M Q.. -I ,qw -M ,wa v 1 ' ,: 'I if , ,... ,. V. 'UM , 4,434145,54lqgqggmHilgjgfygmll,W,gglqiiizl14314212iWI3fiE1rWi3'1i4i1iiifllflll'illilWll?l4i'1il1i'lfil3!1l'lTll'l'lfTilllllllllllll' Vi,.fQ5'f FINE INKS AND ADI-IESIVES I .5 A -A For those who KNOW ,,. , . 'L NY iwmn 'wzivgfw I 1 1-'gjfjijp h e ii .. 2 , M.:-:":fF' A, 5, 1 Drawing Inks Eternal Writing Ink Engrossing Ink Taurine Mucilngc Photo Mounter Paste Drawing Board Paste Liquid Paste Offi P ste Higgins' CC 3 Vegetable Glue, Etc. Are the Finest and Best Inks and Adhesives Emuncinntc yourself from thc use of corro- sive and ill-smcllim: inks and adhesives and adopt the Higgins Inlm and Adhesives. They will be n revolution to you. they are so sweet, clcun. well put up. and withal so efficient. At Dealers Gcmrrally. CI-IAS. M. HIGGINS 66 CO., Mfrs. Branches: Chicago, London 271 Ninth Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Q31 STERLING DROSS CUNNINGHAM Dealer in POLITICAL POWER I can get you any office you want from custodian of Prexy's toothpick to Dean of Men. I represent the strongest political order now extant. PHI ALPHA DELTA CLUB, T.N.E. Bldg. THE BE RDSLEY 'Table CD'Hote and 014 La Carte Jlfleals We Specialize on Qanquets Operated by The Beardsley Hotel Company C. B. HATCH, President Arlvcrtisements Five f1'lt7ldTf!Ii Seventy-sn: A illMlIlll2'WlllBflB!'ll3lWiilllilllilllllllllll898851B!Hllliillillilllllllllllilllli8!1iMilHMlllllilllllillllllgi if 5 mm I The W ell CDressed Jlflan To be well dressed is to be becomingly dressed, and to be becomingly dressed demands that clothes be especially adapted to the requirements of the individual. In the busy life of the American man there is but little time to devote to the study of dress. Yet every man knows the wisdom of always looking his best-the really great influence wielded by being perfectly garbed. Years of study and experience directed towards the de- velopment of artistic clothes-making have made us experts in this line, and the results of our efforts are at your service. We show attractive variations of the prevailing themes in fashion as great in number as the types of men we clothe-each being designed with a special end in view. We have been making suits and overcoats for College men for over twenty years and know how. . WILKIE 6? SELLERY C1 a z lo rs JACKSON BOULEVARD AND WABASH AVENUE CHICAGO STEGER BUILDING Telephone, HARRISON 7 Fw 111L7NI1 :cl Seventy-seven Ad'lJC'l'f7:S07?'l,6'I7,tS nm, an -pn ...- me .9 .4- ,ne .va -an we -N -.vs -as vm an -an mm nu .pi- .1 as we uf.- af-. 1 was l- -n ww -ow- 'uni .wp f-as if-ar 1 -. -up mu uu- -ni. um fn. vw. in.- ms. M s Nv- va n uf - if Q -M .W- on .mn nn- - vu- n-. nn. in-1 1- as Us an -an an .ua -an an.. 'ln ','14l1'TH' 1T'i'E!4!?lM31lf?M233llillllilli3ilJ'l?lflTl'iil433743553Zflllilfliilillliliil333l3l3ll,I3i5iiVi5'Z2If54l'2+il'5MSE2li1QiiQi3liillIff Qfllhkktliullmunw allsrrlnrnlmwvnusuxeuslmmmeuaiuhmflrlimmrlllwzfurNmuullwluiwfwillfrfwtzriiflflwrfl4 :numeric al!!! an fm' di? . , ,assay my nz X 4 THE illramk 'Ernihrra Zllifth Anrnueliinnt Shun i e At 48111 Strut an E New ljnrk :si f f? an tau ern an fl! .ww mm mum man earn uma nm 'aw Macomber could sing like a calcium kingg Art Dailey's "Bert Williams" is fine. And Wicky Mills, too, with his old Dan McGrew, Was easily god in his prime. But of ragtime and Service's stories, I'm sure that We've all had our fill. Put a skid under these entertainers, Give some space to the men who keep still. Give a line to Abe Gluek at the Delt House And another to Campbell the Deke, And a score or some more to the men who don't roar Out their tunes by the day or the E week. E. 515 amz W m 5: 5 I V 4 I I You'll wear a Jerrem's suit twice as long as ordinary clothes ffrf -because you'll enjoy its comfortable Ht and good style. Tl'1at's what makes our clothes so desirable and so economical. ' Suits, ,530 to S60 fun- . sm -we en-uv A m 1 :M uu- fu., an nu. an .ann Tailor for Young Men ...Q . Iii Three Store: UQ E 7 N. La Salle Street 314 S. Michigan Avenue 71 E. Monroe Street an isn- 'xwu . nw .rm -na -uw. 'nn una. mul E A dvefrtisements Q... 3 yew Five Hundred Seventy-eight Seiilllthtilllilliliillllliilllllflilllilllllillllllllllllliilllilllvlfimilflrimygmuyggggggpgmygggfgfggggngngfw ,ii -.1 ll I l l'l.'l1lljllllfl'N5.. 1 1. ,V l,iy, The WIN CITY RINTING o PRESENTS l The 1918 Illio as a sample of the high-class work done in their printing shop. The work has been very pleasant, and we have put thought and time on its execution, in order to co-operate with the staff in producing a book that would be a credit to the University of Illinois and a pleasure to read. We hope to serve you in many 'ways in the future PUBLICATIONS FRATERNITY STATIONERY ENGRAVED CARDS STUDENTS LOOSE-LEAF SUPPLIES ' MENUS PROGRAMS Located at 116-118 North Neil Street in the City of Champaign Illinois 0 I1 41 4 S 11, Aclvertzsements 14-ve' iilllilllqlil I 'lil l l N :' Electric Lamps ': Some novel ,MM l!.iI l' ,' Ni,li ll orutive uses 1' I., - ' V ' ' -some of de- cidedly attractive Hnishes -s ome with art glass Everything or silk shades ofbenutiful Electrical . coloring in soft tint effects or flnt tones. 011. Display ELECTRIC SHOP X 72 Vfffitlkiigrgigtreeti Jackson and Michigan Blvds. A A Will li ,Lx I 1' -7 Q .. Hill! li gi ll, . m e 3 in . W i f n -f1'liLlLlliN l y n n - A - ll EISNER GROCERY COMPANY fofmfbufm of University and Library CANNED GOODS H. SWANNELL 86 SON, Reliable CDruggists The REE- Store ' Established 1860 Older than the University The reliable store far your Trescriptions, cD1ugs, ana' Drug Store Gooalx Cut "Price on Toilet Mrlicles No. 1 MAIN STREET CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS A. M. Burke, Pres. E. l. Burke, Vice-Pres. C. L. Maxwell, Cashier THE CITIZENS STATE BANK Your business is desired and we are disposed to grant you every consistent favor. Corner Neil and Taylor Streets CI-IAMPAIGN, ILL. 4clvc1'tisf:111.cnf:: Five llumlrf-fl Eighty ,fflFill5lllllllllllllllllllllllfkflllikiilifill'-l3lllH5551F4llll?5LlEi?E'ZElslii'fllllllllilJllWill?M7ll??1Ell3ill'.Yll4KSIMLE'l5iWH'F'l L 5 I E'NHYFEE'EtYil5fll.'l??NE-, ff" ,-qs. M ., mn, '- 1 -,. --.ew rx.- .zu si, nw um. W, vi--r n - wc me . gw mm -mn vea- x Q :uf - au, mu vm an-a mu- :mm xv u-1-. .ua .mm- ww, :u-at mm. is :nw naw wr -H. ww. mf. wr .nv- :am -5. .mm -.1 mf rw- -fr .W sw. U. , ,W -m 1,4- W, vw. n.-L wi- -vw ww- r-f, vm .rf W, .une ms: mv .4 up S4 ,F -.., ' .ff 5 l. .,,. 1, l ,Z :is 2 0 I will pose for a limited number of portraits during the next few months. I am an experienced poser, having had several years of experience DANA TODD Sigma Alpha Epsilon House ESTABLISHED IBIB Lott in u 121 653 , iz C3 XL l' . Qrmltlruuenks urmshmg Quota. MADISON AVENUE COP. FOPTYFOUWTH STREET NEW YORK Telephone Murray Hill 8800 A complete Establishment operated continuously for nearly One Hundred Years under the same name and still in the control of the Direct Descendants of the Founders for the Outfitting of Men and Boys from Head to Foot with Garments and Accessories for Every Requirement of Day or Evening Wear Dress, Business, Travel or Sport Our New Illuxtralcd Catalogue Containing more than One Hundred Photographic i Plate: will be :ent on rrqucrt BO TON SALES- OFFICES NEWPORT SALES OFFICES T c Bo 5 ll 2 2 O B t I. I. A ..' .V Q 1 Ahernathyas Two S tu a'i05 623 South Wright Street 313 North Walnut Street C I-I A M A I G N Fivv llzuulrvd Iflfflhtil-0110 Adve0'tis07nm7,Ls JI-lie Q W. "" PQ' 'Q ' 4 x '-'-mf. "' .if f,. .' M1-"i 1 rj ' V ,Qt ' ll lx 'af W . li - , aw,- Ji' "-.W QQ: R . . ,MN , I ., -ru., 53- yi , ' N NL., 1. ,J X th.. .. we F Ai wks .h W t I ...Min ya :mug-Ma E" .'.'f' Y'f ".i,,.'fg :Y X4"2f'f' , - 225' 1 Iii ,vi-,,.q f -W 44 lifeiyiwaiftag :lx 5 i 5 ml 'ig V 9 3 Q: me ' 5 ff 1ein.n.,5r.,s5 1. in l xii " A " l'-' 'U X. 1' Our Ntrnher Sixteen Catalogue OF MACHINISTS1 MILL AND RAILROAD SUPPLIES BRASS, COPPER, BRONZE AND GERMAN SILVER IN SHEETS, RODS, WIRE AND TUBES BESLY DISC GRINDERS BESLY HELMET TEMPER TAPS Is usecl for qiefsrence in most of the leading Engineering Colleges ana' Institutes Copy on request CHARLES H. BESLY Ei COMPANY 118-124 NORTH CLINTON STREET CHICAGO, U. S. A. 208 N. Neil Street CHAMPAIGN, ILL. Catering to those who appreciate the best in photography. Barb Phones Aflvertisenients Five mmzmz Eighty-t ggi4iiilllllliiiilllllUH!!!lifliililiilliiilizlimllllllllllmilllllllllllllliiQHHHIISWSImililitlllilllllliillllg - an 2 Bermingham 85 Seaman Co. E c9VIanujQzc:urers and Natianal Distributor: of Qaliry E BOOK PAPERS I V E I UU O E, yi' Gm sm 2 2 tame? i : I wang, ,X '-I e-u L ' TQ, 2 P611 ' 2, if . ' .Q ,G is ,was J .1 ... Q 3539! ., 'L .f as an gum un sw an um an can ,un an um: an 5 Daily capacity, Book and Catalogue un: as-,u va: um -Q Papers, 1,000 tons. Large stocks in vm ww 5' warehouses. Branches in all impor- gg: 5 tant printing centers. Car load ship- 2 A-w ments solicited. Samples and quo- ,,, Iii tations on request. Communicate fp.: VU' ww. cami ' ,W um an nm. an Qi: with nearest branch. if 3 nm A W warn I wmv an if: fa- cm TN b 11- ,.,, P-1 .... as 14,-Q "V Pnl ' an 1 EPM W W. .W ,M ,,, wif mu. ww -.. IRIN' rl? ...., ... 'OK 1 'W' A ... Alba! yn iv!! I rv. I .... '-4'-' mn 'ik ' mn ...L :Zip 1-3 RM G-. M -f-- A- L... ,,,, ' CHICAGO NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA BUFEALO DETROIT MILWAUKEE MINNEAPOLIS ST. LOUIS E Five Hundred Eighty-three . 1 Ad7J0'l't'iS6'I'l'L67LtS glzflziiiiillliii4iliiliiliilmililfiilidviiiiiiiiidliilitliiliiH'l!iMNllliiiilblifllNfifillilililllfililiw lil!! fiiiiiiliiillliiiii lfiflflli ?t?W?4ifY 5 H r H P I. W f P 1 ff L' HL' F1 ttf' f' F Hr Siu bluff?ef3:Wirrtffiisfiflmug:zfg4yi:',fifef.4rrfmf?Fifa:-1121if'Mf'5, fir gw52fs!1ffif!2liM.:15 ,., ,iran ., ,,f'.sf..,, ,Ji 1, l iff ,V -n',qQ'fQf? 7 a , I . . , f Q e9VIr. CDe'vlin If I VV il, engaged in lzis 'I researclr 'work on ff M' ' J 1 AI, Q 'Relaxation EQ? if S ' : ' fl, f I. Q l gg --- I 1 i f, Q , i ww, W ,ns ik l l i get f x-5 Wills, gy, Q - : .- -I x',W x 1,5 ,..1 if F if r.:V,?:Z62iy,-,. H Mi- lil rg-.1 egai it ww ,512-ff" ff , fl i do " Q The busy little bee, they say, improves each Qjqre You d Bee ' shining hour. Surely, you're as good as a bee. If you are not, if your leisure is wasted, if your recreation is not 1007, efficient, read my latest work on "PERSONAL EFFICIENCY." Expert on Relaxation Lammert 86 Mann Co. ENGINEERS AND IVIACI-IINISTS Wood and Walnut Streets Chicago Mauufacturers of Rotary ' Vacuum' Pumps For highest possible dry vacuum DEPT. C Electric Trucks For Heavy Service DEPT. E Full particulars upon request Single Stage Water Cooled for 27 inches 'raruum at :ca level. . . A flve7't1Se"7'1'entS Five Iluudrcd Eighty-fou'r KW i nx--J Light Draft Plows Built for Service Three-Quarters of a Century of "Knowing How" Hammered into Every One of Them 1 ,..wr - - . . .44 A--. A .. . The Home of N9 y , The product of the Parlin Ka Orendorff Co. has always been noted for simplicity of construction, great strength and ease of operation. It was upon such a basis that the founders of this business made their implemements, estab- lished their reputation, and built their factory. It is upon the same foundation that the business has been carried on to this day and in 1917 we celebrate our Diamond Jubileeg 75 years of practical experience gained through constantly striving to provide for the exacting requirements of three generations of American farmers. For an even three-quarters of a century we have met the demand, and today we operate the largest and oldest permanently established plow factory in the whole world. 'tIt's the way we build them." Parlin Sz Orendorff Co. Canton, Illinois ST LOUIS DALLAS KANSAS CITY OMAHA DENVER MINNEAPDLIS SIOUX FALLS OKLAHOMA CITY PORTLAND SPDKANE Fw IIu'nd1 cd L'zghty-five A617167 f7,90'l1L67I1S lin! I Hillllfi l 1 I I I I I li I ll IH I I ll I I I i I I I I i I 1 I I li I I l"7Yl1I1lIllil'vI.l:'H2I-i?Li1,i1i2lWU! IIN Il I H1111i'lH'i1t4'Tl'IlHJlHilileilifl' lllllll flfl' Wrll A- I-I - F ETTIN G MFG-JEWELRY-co Hs ill. L1BERT?s'I'f' BALTIMORETME Jlflanufactufer of GREEK LETTER FRATERNITY JEWELRY Memorandum package sent to any fraternity member through the Secretary of the chapter. Special designs and estimates furnished on medals, rings, pins, for ' athletic meets, etc Don't miss it-1 Night only Dean Fanny C. Gates dressed in a gown of flaming red, her handkerchief firmly chained to her wrist, Will demon- strate modern dancing to the strains of "Allah's Holiday" played on a saxaphone. BENEFIT 0F THE SPECTATORS WESTER BRICK CG. Furnished the face brick for Ceramics Building and girls' Dormitory atllofl Manufacturers of Shale Common Brick and Hollow Tile ARTISTIC MEDIUM PRICED FACE BRICK - Including "DORIC" and "GOTHIC" SHADES STIPPLED TEXTURE A naua lcapaciry over 100,000,000 I Advertisements Five Hundred Eighty-szx 11l1l111111.11'1 1111-121 111211111 15 1 11 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1.1,1.1i1'111'1 1"1.1'l 1 1 1-1 1 1 1.1 il 1.1 1111.111.11111:1.-111'111'111 ill -1-1111 -lil 311 CPrinting by Electric Light CROFOCT, NIELSON Ei CO. 1 .911 BLUE PRINTERS ' Blue Printing Rectigraph Photo Prints Black Printing Mounting and Blue Line and Supplies Color Printing Special service always-Speed and Results Big floor space ana' equipment for 180 W. Washington Street C H I C A G O .I-I ' F ' DUNCAN ' CProfessional CPl2otograpl7er will supply your wants in photography in all branches ' solicits the patronage of every one and caters largely to the Illio and all student trade. .ifigi-P,l1 L Donchaletemtellyaclifferunt DUNCAN ' ' 614 East Green Street - - CI-IAMPAIGN r I1 d fl rghgy Advertisements l lf' - ,lillllll 1 " - 17 o we W Qu DEERE A , f - H' " , 'X QF D lf iff: H' CU G, s ................. 3 , 'W ................ QQ 3 A Ik .- f I ll-l rs John Deere was born Feb. 7. 1804 at jf' il Rutland, Vermont. During early man- K H, - ., hood he operated a blacksmith shop at V. ' fy , Q A - I .- ,f1,'ii2f' J.. Grand Detour. Illinois. Farmers com- ug' I,fg,"- -it -, 'lf' - V . plaincd that they could not get a plow El915,1.j,J,f" ,' if." N N X: .W I .r v ' A4 ' f -' - which would scour. This caused him to f., - f . - . sv '- r V! i. , 4 experiment and in 1837 he perfected the , ' - , Fhrmkk ,U ' y first successful steel plow by shaping: a , fl. g ' f' ll.,- J '4-X, M v7 J X, E lop: to the correct form and bending a ' , l l, L- l rg ff I f , 'Mu ,,ll'Wi"' ,?f - , 1 saw blade over it. fl" it ,,,, 5" I , - .Jfafl qtj 'H' , ,, . g This plow worked so satisfactorily 5 K, K.-,Q.fx.7 J, . wlwgu ' -vvtxif' 5' 533 1 that he commenced to manufacture it. , "ll m y ' wh -' ijt: p J .myfmllh In 1846 John Deere used the first slab f- I ' 'wt lf, ,i'jf47,v5f",H of steel ever rolled for a plow. In 1847 i 47 9' '. will f x fhl V. I 'Nl ,j, he moved to Moline where the factory ,'.,'i','U',f 'Mly1,!15u5l 3 X-.J J-.59 - ,tg -QQ, , V'-Ll X, k finally became the largest steel plow V141 .uf . - ' 'ff ,hwzlj g ll' fy, works in the world, making every style TW: in n LJ". ,lx ff'i'l'J' SE' V y l5fJl'i"gft',.'A4Ij4 ,, " Nutt! D- f of walking. riding and emzine plow re- ' Q f ij' -'V 913, , Q?w,'l.gQ-5 wfgfllw ,fpwi -.f':ff2' quired. by la - urn 'lt' 'll " if 'F ' 'ft A ' Deere Sz Company has numerous -fs. 'fr 'f!lf' i'f'.f3 Vi" A 'f , ,lv 'Q ' C 'JU'- factories throughout the United States V' f"' Lim-A" If ' g l,j 'R ,Q ', ' and in Canada, each separate factory f ,J 11 xi w.lll,1, ,J ayllfk 5, M I ,, yf making: a particular line of farm tools, A' 1'Q1,fffQ5-f '53 .Ja U r- - 4 J n! '5'f,.'.?,,1l'Q 941, V,,:A' IQ ."- I the best way to maintain high quality. x v Q' , Q, 'iff ,grill if! ,jjlw 'UV' If interested in any kind of a farm , , .r i sh' QR 'Ll 'Af' , :Qf,. 'Uf"H,Fl!' i.Q6Yfl. implement write to Department of Pu- , .1.'l.,,,- ,-QNV !j' 1-,liwilf ' LMI W J qflf w blicityi' Deere 8: ttlolmpany. Moline,bIll.. ti ff ' -' . , f' ,gg 'La ur or a ree copy o t elr new farm ook -l"l' 5Ef,'fl-Hlgg'1' if-'ff "' . - . " ' 1, ' " N -"Better Farm Implements and How ' W-'HV'-"3le:2S4f'fwir".-411'-- '-3 'gm' -- . tleg6Use thong-anl interesting bcaok of li: ' pages. exp ains just whic type f,'-, p "-:w' jg of plow should be used under varying: ji qs he faTVn1ev.of+'oday Proudly "! ioillconditifins. slilows how to adjust the 3 179601193 1115 S011 what 1118 - ' itc , cxpains ow to make a good fy ' ' -V 3 4 seed bed. how accurate planting: pays. 254157. own falthav -tauqhnb hlm ' ,vw V ,hr in dollars and cents, how to cultivate fllffj to 1180 B John DQQT2 .t properly and how to harvest and store .Tx-2:-is .fi J'iwLf:f'i':F5?4fbi crops to the best advantage. Y Polly wants a cracker! Polly wants a cracker! Polly Wants a cracker- 'Cuz she's going to marry a nut. ALEXANDER LUMBER COMPANY e9VIanuf2u-turer: of SILOS, WOOD TANKS, and Everything for the Farm C. A. TUCKER, Yard Manager. WM. SCHMIDT, Factory Manager. Champaign, Ill. . Compliment: of The DEISEL-WEMMER COMPANY, Lima, Ohio Makers of the San Felice and 61 '7Uer5o Clars A lfl'UC'I't'iSC7lLC'l'LtS Five Hundred Eiglttu-cigltt f piwgliffpggit f 'K L 2-141lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllmlllllllllllllllllllillmllIIllllllllllllllllllillIllllllllllllllllg G, fmt-Q'-4 N. n XXII 1 THF Robert O LawlCompai1y , ISIS -if C 6 , QQ iz 5130012 CBina'ers E E 633-641 Plymouth Court E : ' E 5 Chicago ' 2 2 We bound the Illio 2 an un' ann 4" ,,, an up 'll' .. 0- il f i 13 -, -, -n. ,,,,,, l '93 Ili ED l K! 3 15 .uf nw an -'H .' 1' 1 M'- Q, M... W. are nw 1' mu- : "W W-1 1 wk, 1 mm an up un. as an an un' in ' as qu- was -in un uv ,., un. ull: 'N' an ""' " -nv nal . j""' an .,,,,,' an ,-,G so an - an -E We Specialize on College Annuals - Jun an un "W an un -U19 3 E Dummies and Prices furnished on application Ei i 1 'an ' an 3' an v Q an 1- cn in Q 1- 1. 1 5 nn- 1 7 3 an X ,, . 2 2 Five Ilzmdrvd Eighty-'rufuc A.d'Ue'I't'LS6'm67LtS : i .- 5-lllllllllllilllmlllllllllllllllllilllililiilHillllllli!lllllllliililiiIHUHEEIElimi!NWSBQMIIIIUIIICTE . 1, fi -ty 1. tl!! A11 Mygiiiiljl 1 "wp X 1 ' i""'fwasfwirIrf'r1f'1.z11rarr:it aa No, friend, this collection of eggs is not from the Zeta Psi ranch-merely Y. M. C. A. stuff. i:li'r f,1!1' My ,- K RPE FUR ITURE The criterion of good taste and the standard of value. Its possession is a pleasure with succeeding generations. Reasonably priced by fizrniture dealers. S. KARPEN 86 BRCS. Designers and Manufacturers Karpen Gum-zuxized Uplxolfiercd lfgcnfggggglg, cf-11cAGo MICHIGAN CITY, that increases faifml, 1 ft .taa IND. - NEW YORK f1ClU6'I't'tStZ7ILG?'LfS Five rlundred N 1 ' l lulllililailiwilllliliilhllflilfliliil'lliflllillfllllllllll'lil'l?l'l'Wl4Ellilllll-Wlflklilffliill ll!-flH!"!:l.'ilfl'l.EWlil?-l'l5l1EtBfl?1lfFHEwiEWEE'-f DO YOUR FARMING THE AULTMAN-TAYLOR WAY AND YOUR SUCCESS IS ASSURED WHY not farm the Aultman-Taylor way? It's the modern and money- making way of doing things on the farm nowadays. With the power of a sturdy Aultman-Taylor Gasoline-Kerosene Tractor you can plow just as deep as you like, for the tractor Qunlike horsesl, never grows weary. You can sow your crops in a carefully prepared seed bed, at just the right time. When the crops are ready to gather, with the aid of an Aultman- Taylor Tractor, you can gather them in double-quick time and before there is any loss on account of weather interference. For the belt work on 'the farm, such as silo filling, threshing, hay baling, grinding, etc., an Aultman- Taylor furnishes a steady stream of power that enables you to get the best of results from these machines. Then in the Spring when road work is in progress, you can use an Aultman-Taylor at this work at a tremendous sav- ings over doing the work with horses and men. In the Fall of the year you can use it for hauling your crops to market, etc. It will save you from 2594: to 50070 on every power operation on the farm. An item worth while considering, don't you think? AULTMAN-TAYLOR GASOLINE-KEROSINE TRACTORS CBuilt in three sizes-a size to fit your fafrml There's a size Aultman-Taylor Tractor particularly adapted to your needs. Each tractor is backed by an iron clad guarantee, by an old reliable firm whose reputation for honest building and strict business integrity can- not be called in question. Our Catalog Tells You All About Aultman-Taylor Tractors Write for a Copy of this Book The Aultman-Taylor Machinery Co., Mansfield, O. BRANCHES: Indianapolis, Ind., Decatur, Ill., Minneapolis, Minn., Kansas City, Mo., Wichita, Kansas, Great Falls, Mont., Portland, Ore., Lincoln, Nebr. Irv II1mrl1'crl Ninety-one I-l.d'lJG'l'ilS6WL07'LiS ..,,. Fi 99 ,. L., ...Ju- , Av ,.,..3,. l--Q----M . .Q ,nf-f -w S151 "": WU! If J' .":,'1uy' 5 B, :...:' 'Ti- 4i fl' . f' -"i'v1,.f, 44 'lofi Y " lv., .. .. i v' "'H:rE ' -W J, RY N .M ,. , ,.wi.,?4,, - , , il .nlmbrjvx Ed ... J N w 9 'J tr-. . .1 4. v 4 -'fn-if -'ffl-'I 'I X 61 ' - j.i.w. :Qi ,rl '- qc ul' Ml 3 . iiieilll HK T. . if 'ri s :I -.' xv, A.. "'IlHI'llH'll1ilii" ' l l l'll'lilI'i'll'2lll'3l'l af'Ii1'S'H3"":Ml'1'1"va""t""V1'l'llllllnllil ll , 1 K i A I ' ' A nf' 'M' ff.: - . A-Q, "fb-'l ll 3: flvr-As'I1l'.v.'11 ff 4, w'i"sf5'?lV HH' 5 , df J 1' ' . 'M 5Wabel Sykes Stualzos f i140 North Sraze Street Chicago TGQQEI? We cater especially to the student trade. Let us make your Senior picture for the Illio. The Vanity Fair Section of this Illio is a sample of our work. O 41 TRADE MAF!!-' A Liquid Food Tonic For Young and Old Sola' by Druggists and Grocers A Cl?7Cl'lf'fSC'17LC?'LtS Fiuc llnnrlrcd Ninety-tu I ll drvd Ni ',!iHw,' w1s4'W1Q4' ixJJfl11.2IH1'1Jil71S!'JUIIVN 'H 1 I ,. ,.+,. , f .HJ .V-1-N, 1-1-1.1-mf! LARGEST EXCLUSIVE ME ,mm gs 1 'K A milk'-X ' lg gb: Q.:"dg3 ' He. ' ESTABLISHED 29 YEARS RCHANT TAILOR IN CHICAGO HARRY G. SMUCKER 3VIoderate CPrices - 40 MENTOR BUILDING STATE AND MONROE STREETS CHICAGO Telephone Central 706 CBest 6Ualues uvty-tlwm: A dv ertisem en ts In -I ws-risfisizririf 1 'l 'I wwf Z i ,..,.,,VI:':y. gullyI-fM:ff.l-Hxl-MwstI?MUNIHIKIMMWV-l I 4 lIlll'l'eIvI -ini,-. X The CBeczutQful Qulildiflgf Ticturea' In Tfnk Gzjolume are a source of pride and pleasure to every loyal Illini. We take great: satisfac- h ' of the lumbing tion in the fact that we were selected to furnis a portion p and heating equipment for these buildings. CENTRAL SUPPLY COMPANY, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Supplies for Water, Gai ana' Steam Plumbing Fixtures IH We are prepared to furrfish Women to play in court-room scenes, mobs, and other places Where female roles are required. For reference write A "ONLY A WOMAN" COMPANY Delta Gamma lqwire fgelfmir EE. Qllnrss-elIi5U1l'la1Iz1ger Qifiglq Gllzr,-as Ellllyutn Flags llluah tirantinm:-I if i I' Ilzmdred Nmet f Advea' isemen s QIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllillilllllillllilllllIIlllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllilllli,-:lf " 5 The Ohio Injector Company of Illinois 1437 Monadnock Block - Chicago tus 1 fi M 5 THE OHIO BOILER TESTER AND WASHER Jlanufactures of THE OHIO LOCOMOTIVE INJECTOR THE OHIO COMBINATION BOILER CHECK AND STOP VALVE THE OHIO INTERMEDIATE CHECK 1 as 3 1U nt pn an 00 on Cllr Q! 1 1 ul an 1 so an sum mm on ft-wr -Iwo -vt. mf .ym an mn sw -nu. .rn ,nn THE OHIO HOSE STRAINER THE OHIO CAB SQUIRT For Sprinkling Coal THE CHICAGO NON-LIFTING INJECTOR I Standard "R" THE CHICAGO LUBRICATOR With Solid Sight Feed Glasses vnu :nn vb wt fum- mu use qw-ew art -sm- rf: uw: pn avr, zur ou. .un ,r 1 mm THE CHICAGO FLANGE OILER f Elliot System J mn- :uw- M m iii W.. .M ,N "W K A .W H-1. -M ,Q- DS .J .M- W I, .s-4. If wi. sw, ww: vu-.. pn uw... E-E F Ilundrcd N incty-five A dv 39'ti39'l7w?'ltS wp- cy-, ...W qu- mn- ' ' A- ... .... 1' '-i f I 155 I jx N7 3 . , if wav I I I 9 l 8 K ...C .... ... .- 0111 H... .,.. fi .H bw J... -.- .W ... .,,,, .M f--Q UAW M ,..i ...- 1910 ...G ...,, ..., W, M..- Un, M ... .... 'Iii W.. .... .... ... .... ... .... .... ma. .-Wi, 1-ha. f--. x ' W N m 4". 91 ff., w ii 1' I2 If." Lf' M, ---,L .-f' ,, '5rrnI.v,.'w1I , ' gr,,5,.-ff ,A ,rms v 'I " M,.v,x WH! J' Hzlfi lf: iii! J 1:1 y 2':'5iHS5i V312 I -Q42H'5i,il32!!ihi31WSSFHN4ki5S5fiiHSf!M3:E9a+Y'59?i3'5!iLMll9Mif2ffWiii-ii,35,?FSHI has um 4.1 rw- an .aw - our an I The fvllowing frms are bereby declared I .L - az msolvent: L 1 - 5... PAULINE ADAMS-LOUIE KRUG FAITH SWIGART-BART MACOMBER V11 ...L .AH A.: -fa fu V W 5, E, DILLAVQU sas N. Walnut st., cl-IAMPAIGN B A Farm lllacbinery, Farm Sealeg Velaicleag Ga: Engineg Tractors I Aubrey Prosser, President Roy Hill, Secretary BUILDERS LUMBER COMPANY EVANSTON, ILLINOIS KAN DY'S-9 chairs-Sanitary Barber Shop I I 614 E. Green Street Largeft in Twin Cities Auto 2265 Ad'll6'I'C'iSl3'rrL6'niS I 1 H mrlrod Ninety-s a: u v I. ELLIOT-CAP SQUIER M J ' s Q Personality! Has it ever occured to you that your neighbor might strengthen his per- sonality by selecting the proper tailor? It is an undisputed fact that clothes will add to one's personality when properly tailored and carefully select- ed. They not only improve one's appearance, but give them confidence as well. This is only one reason why we feel you should see us when in the market for clothes. One of the important features of our service is studying the requirements of our patrons, and it hs met with the approval of the most discriminating clientele in Chicago. T11 , . ard Falwo 'Chr Cflnvgy I6 W. JACKSON BLVD CHICAGO N Arlvea tzsenwnts ilmsainfauemfal:Hasiiclleltitlaaepm-: '+I M- -' -1 -. I X f:f':'erz',i1' n'g':f'-:- mials!4l.H'l'4r:e,4HillJlJ1i?ti.1,J5Mf,',4I!i-l.-'Mil Students Doctors Lawyers cProfessional Men All take advantage of Con-ona's convenience "Handy as a Fountain Pen" PAXTON HEEQYESFEE 612 E. Green Street CHAMPAIGN, ILL. Established 1856 MARINER AND I-IOSKINS CI-IEMISTS AND ENGINEERS 2009 HARRIS TRUST BUILDING 111 West Monroe St. Chicago, Ill. Analyses and Essays Consultation and advice on the appli- cation of chemistry to industrial prob- lems. Special facilities for research, de- velopment of new processes, improve- ment and economy of production and operation. Reports on new enter- prises and processes. Nearly Sixty Tears in 6Business . F you want accurate information re- E' all garding any branch ofthe nursery X Um, 'mlf '1 business, we are in a position to A N gf Q give it to you Our know e ge I' em I f? l ' qi! Atv- . . . . Ml I e ld -fy-s ll of varieties, hardy ancl of merit, in this climate is unlimited We sell and plant Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Fruitsffo' Perennials. r CPETERSON GNURSER r 30 N LA SALLE sr CHICAGO JVIAIN 361 3 Advertisements Five Hundred Ninety-eight ww QIllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilIIlmllilillllllilllllllllllllllllllillmllllllllllllllllllg s : fha-.1 JN C d -I 5 Students of tlre University of I S Illinois ' ' ' 'Try one of our l9.l8 E SPECIALTY 1, -u. un- E SUITS n E We cater to the student trade T5 SUITS 6? OVERCOAT S 531 1-, um was mi I .X Q A --fx elm I am. au 22- X X V I II! Q 57:2 'W' .un un- , ful. um- un- mn, M1 -nw mm mm 'um Mr. 'mm dna' WATTERSON ef SOUTHWARD nn. .ww Jlflercbant 'Tailors fri - mu: Association Bldg. 19 S. La Salle Street CHICAGO gf :gm , ,,,,.. ,wr .nn mat - mu -Q1., ., fa. no rm, Q.. .fum is-1 V ' ,wh rn, :uw A, 4 'nun .,,,. -W. um pw un. 1: M- we -ut-. I-we .um im mm- 11... . nu: .nw nm -Av W.. .1-1 zum . v wan ,,,., .nm ...,, an ,M .am .1 - W .stu ...,- .sm v...... an ...M so -.4 mm vm- fmn nu was ,mm ww ww, nn: A M no M N , an as """ on un 'll' IT: on . .4 -1 we mn Ny. us- nm. gd nw uv- an nl' .wa- na nu- ., mm, 3, lp... ma. pn 'nu un- ann ""' , an l .-,I an E Five Hundred N inetu-nine Advertisements 1' 'Nil 5-IllllllllilillililllliliiiliiillllllikliillfliliMiiiiiiiialiiEE31Hi'HMQMMBtliiillllilillitllllMM5l!5Ei9l9NEl5?in ""H'llllllllllliIlll lil l 4 f Lime for building purposes Write 5 "Zf'2Z5"H"g"fultu'dl The Chio 6? Western Lime Co. P P Huntington, Indiana HE PHI GAMS are responeilole for Kappa Alpha Theta. Certain F131 brothers 4295124 Wrote the Theta ritual, etc. We've often wondered how Phil Spink got by with three dates at the Wright and Daniel chateau. ffust a little compassion for the brothers il . l gi M o R AVA ff CONSTRUCN COMPANY' Engineers Chicago Marshall Igggaggnex Bldg' Armory, University of Illinois Ad'uc1't'is t S If ,1 4 lf'-,UIllIllllllilllilillHHIIHIHIHIIIlllllllllllilllllllllllllllilllllilllIIlllHlllllllIHIIlllilllllllllliflilliligfr . :J L villas ' THE 1 I9lB 1 1 cu 1 1- -nn ,A -u. - " an " up 7' iii I- an -.. an an no -s no nu. qs no or an .nu au an an on cn nn. Q .,, 'I' as !! an ' sum C' -vu- an "' an "' un " no Q- Q- : 3 K i X iq. 1 "" no -an 1 an an- 'l an -an an nu -. an x 1 an ,i t E NEW HOTEL DORMITORY E S For Young Men- 2 :E STRICTLY FIREPROOF E 2 Modern, up-to-date rooms ,510 and up E Q First class restaurant, barber shop and haberbashery E fi Telephone 'in each room E 5 HOWARD STUDIO on first floor in north east corner of building 5 fi A quiet comfortable room at right prices with every convenience 5 -q pm mn -. E. L. MELTON 5 Q: Manager Howard Studio and Promoter of Dormitory E E eoz ac 604 East John street CI-IAMPAIQN, ILLINOIS E dn un- uvn wu- ua 4- 11 -- ww U- Jn :- ' au- vu " un T5 : . 2 .f Sim Hundred one Advertzsements ig: 2 ,- izigllkbiilllllM5GGFHHGMIHIHUMUNI!!!IISSHIIIIHIIIHIINIHHNHHBillEH!!!NlMlNHl!M!llH!lElli9l?Fi pu Q., l IH vU"""4i1i"""l 'l':""1'll"H'il''Mil l lf' 'ilu 411: .f'f.nH,1w4, HERE University Men have always found a wel- come that has never been altogether commercial. ZONPS The managing editor of the Daily Illini after one of his biggest beats. GQ11n'rPH0p'6 . 4' ifsifi 2 - Central J ww Union 2 " it ,- Ls' e 'ir 511 svsf' QV 603159 'Q' l OU Students of the University of Illinois: Remem- ber that Mother and Father at Home will be pleased l to talk to you on their birthday or anniversary. Why not remember them hy The Telephone Way. In emergencies -day or night-it is more satisfactory to talk the matter l over, than to wait for an answer by mail or wire. You can always depend upon , Central Union Toll Service, the ideal medium Receivers, Central Union Telephone Company Aclveviisements Siu Hundred Two I I l 'wi rf- , ., - new rjllllillwlla1ip33ggq,MMgdaMwMg5,m,,3NM,4gm-.,.gjgfa-.12i'Za"15 ni ,w.gi3L',-15.5-HM3..ztgf21?i212,fy,Qv,3a2mfl5HltEf-.TM .m.lJ4Q1iai54iv-ffillu CABINET NO. 60 I I I f A in E allow a liberal cash discount, or our goods can be combined with Chairs, Engines, Switchboards, Cuspi- dors, etc., and sold on one contract on easy monthly payments. l1 AMERICAN CABI- ET COMPA Y Two RIVERS WIS. g efore furnishing your office, get our cat- alog from your dealers. It shows a most com- plete line of Operating and Mechanical Cabi- nets, Waste Receivers, Laboratory Benches, Operating Tables, Drinking Glass Cabi- nets, Switchboard Mountings, Etc. CABINET NO. 94 , .fkn Si w. Ilumli cd Tlwcc Advertisements 5. CW' 5 lin rl, ' 5 ll ' 1' 1 a .. 1. I , 'Ml'-.yy afar' ., 1 'KM-.t..fwx"' V' . - - -MN . ' 9 V., , 'ffl X, 'wp J FJ, if 'QTFW' . W7 Hg il I ' i lu Y I v 1 N 1.-.n V .u 4 at wa .4 .nm .ww ww .ww 1? H 'II viiiP3'2"'F'f!2filMf5115235555Wl6555ilNl4Q2SVWi-fWi'2i3:'551515iS'l'll:?4'?3IHMi532"?!?l'i?L- J is EILMl2.H5'!'l2lH'li4Q:li'.-,M f iw. 1 in lWll'liiiIi!"WW"I ,l.fifi,.ei f fi:ftffv"'5fiif f ,f :ii 1 , , i- fn.: ., Morse Twist Drill 6? Machine Company ' of New Bedford, Mass. Twist Drills, Cutters Taps, Reamers, Chucks, Grinding Machines, Etc. i An experience lasting through Fifty years is an eflicient guarantee of the quality of these tools. For service buy "1-9VIor5e" I coming. Note the decorative scheme. 1 , ON VERY EASY I ' 'I' PAYMENTS - - YOU CAN OWN an UP-TO-DATE FIRST-CLASS and DEPENDABLE S URVEYI N G INSTRUMENT Write us for our Catalog which shows and describes Instruments for many pur- poses, and the small and rea- sonable payments monthly which will give you owner- ship. Instrument is placed in your possession as soon as we rc- ceivc the first payment. You can nay for it by the work you do with it. Ask for Bul- letin 522. . I. TI-IE FREDERICK POST COMPANY Surveying Instrument Division, Irving Park Square, CHICAGO Advertisements Si.v Ilunflrcd Four One of the old Psi Us returns for Home- :JJIllllIlllllllllllllIIIUIINIINNINIlillilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllOlllllllIIIIIIIIIHHIIIIIE QOLDEN MNNIVERSAR T I867-IQI7 lLDIYDE'S FIFTY YEARS OF SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS Two Stores 7 MAIN STREET Auto Phone 1493 606 E GREEN STREET Auto Phon 1538 5, J K an xwuz THE I9l8 f-w f an no -n ns 1- an -Q 1 in an .nr an .un uu- an -nn an no an an qs -an min nu pn an -- -up os- an an an -so nu -su an nun me ' an nn- was as fun we an up ww in .pn qw -...ns -1. MQ nf- an an no -4- -Q .l-fm .N --M mn- ,Q we Bell Phone in Bell Phon zose 1: Pianos Music Sewing Machines .... Books Developing, 3 Kodaks Printing and Z Office Supplies Enlarging. 12 Typewriters Mimeographs Talking Machines Stationery Athletic Goods Post Cards 2 Artist's Material Stereopticons E II d Advertisements 2 93 fill!!HHH!IINIHINNNNHIIHGHMIIHUHHOQHHINIHNUUIHMN!NHlil?itHN!!!MH-liliiilllliiillffi Q14 n Illinois '0 Ylllrwily 2 l Institution U I2 I 9i AnyH0ur 3 e 8 4 ILLINOIS 7 6 5 TRACTION - SYSTEM i Tlre Road of Good Service BILLIARDS AND POCKET BILLIARDS WE extend a cordial 'welcome to the Uni- versity of Illinois men 'who demand the best playing conditions-first-class tables and equipment in an atmosphere of quiet refinement. ARCADE BILLIARD PARLCR K 7'Lt SHddS llll ll Ill!llllillllllllllllllllll lliiiliiilliiliiillliifliiiiiiilillllllllllliillllllllllIHIllllllllllllllilllillHllllllllllllll ll! l HSN! lillllllllliilili 'EJB IHliilllillllllllilllllllllllllllllllllillllillllllliHillMNH!!NllllillllillllllllllillIllllllllllllilllllillig Save the CD1 ference 125555, ' 1 ani W i i iydwf EE Wesnssse . vw' mv-,, .anne I Q-vm l K .Ava 3 7 wmpwsvwenw an ,. --l ll ""'n!r5-:'f9zi' -5- 1 1 Y . g Q V' ., 1 .,gV 3 -. N -"' -2 f-1 ' '. :'f ---1 W sshsfhaef vvfwflf llil .0 . . V 1.MmeffH, 'w4fffV ff ' ,J l ik . .T Wil' :Tu - ... ,. - 1'5"-I . v -, . 'fs Z Mmmmmmmmm M 5.1 "5 ,se ,'9',Y Ss" ' 4 I mill? 4 . li!-..,, f .. -- '59 ' l . -- . -..,H- ., Q .1-if - v .. P f'.,':'i1:.-F? -' , 1 'i+'.2:,f.. "if ' ''li"2-f:Qr,1'rff'fvsmmf. .Fu ww' ci .vv 'zu I W , ' il fri! ' " Siffkj I ', ' 1 M: ,. .,", .. "P" 1 F' N' 1 -.9153-Qgf7X5gj5r:zgi,fg,It,11,bi-x--Sfzw ' ,.-.. 1.5 17, Na- '. 1 l ,f ill 1 " 1419.115 if .. L 1 , rs. ih, . "' ' c,1 ' . 1' 1 N 'fivi J 4 . . A . , . f ' . 1.3, . M lam , M if f. Q Wk 1 .2 f l' ' !-- ....-.... E ,f , iw A , I -u--qv. fi' x H 3 AW.:-Q 1, .. 1-.11 I I . 1 X ' M B qw: 1k,p'.u,: ,-., 4- 1 zgf.: 1 hiya. f 1 L 4' K , 'Df.7m,'.. H A. ,A l ii . 'aff-'1 'fu 4 3. . JY viii? .Q -ix LQ 4 i . f , il' i'g:if1'E2?c?"l X 'M , km' . , we 134 . 51 ni X A55 f' ' x ' 'X Ii. TQ. N i a 25, ' . . . mg! f .'.'w ' . Le 'fs 0. .. f , 1 1 . 1 A The New Hercules Throttling Governed Kerosene Line 3-5-7-9-12 H. P. "Save the CDzfference', Fuel consumed 1 Operating cost Operating cost Net saving per Net saving per Net saving in H. P. full rated H. P. per day on per day on hour by using day by using 200 days by load 10 hours gasoline kerosene kerosene ke1'osene using kerosene 3 30 pints .79 .34 .0456 .45 90.00 5 50 pints 1.31 .56 .0715 .75 150.00 7 70 pints 1.84 .79 .1015 1.05 210.00 9 90 pints 2.36 1.01 .13175 1.35 270.00 12 120 pints 3.15 1.35 .18 1.80 360.00 The average price of gasoline thruout the United States on June 3rd, 1916, was 21 cents per gallon, while the average price of kerosene was 9 cents per gallon, a difference of 12 cents or 133 1-3 per cent. Hercules Gas Engine Company Evansville, Indiana. U S. A. Sim Hundred Seven Advertisements 'rs .aj 4' BJ 11lhsxQa 'NWAWDAJI ' THE 'E on Illllll 31 iiiililllliillllillll iliiiiilililllillllii .nu-. fm ...W W. .1 ny. mm mm -mv. .nm mm -on an mn -up my wa. -M -an illliililllflllliliill553313153513 it UI? I 1 K 3 ,T Q K AUD .. 'Er ti wil: v6 wt 11 ul 1 K 03: 2 X 1 T K iii -1 li 1 3 i 1 2 ISE EB ... is ... SQ 1 1 if 1 3 4? 1 TL 7 I K .. 1 19 3 3' i FD 5? 3 it .. it 1 -I 1 I SQ .... li-li QF! wi I 19' KE- FF' 'CEP ... i i 1 1 EO 'ID 1 E C? .. fl i ... - 1 Q1 .. ... ... E .. .. ... 1 T- ... .... - ... ... sailillllll fijllllllllllllllllilllllIllIllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllillllllllIllIll!llllllllllllililllllllINIHHHIllIIN L-2 B: :z on -su ' for 5Wen Only Buy Your Groceues at PWS 'rms Ci , whl 1 4 O e To1n1ny's advice Booze? I9 I 8 ' College Hall -h y Alpha Sigma Sigma 5 W frolesomeness The owl 5 and Sorority pins Q Dependability PWS -L: Boilecl shirts :E udfdnfeed Chocolate stirs me -q up -v -4 nv na ua ns up wp an-v nn. ww ma .1-Q .--, - we -N- -, -nn 1--.- -0- ...- -aa- -1. -..- ...- -W ,.. -v -M .fu Jw rf.. . -W . U- we fre.. N .. -M ...- -.M an .nw -up -Q -.. .-p .-u -Q un nu -me M., nu -M., ...-4 an uf .-1. -ow n-1, nv- an an yur no has ,u- pn Mail us your order today fs 'I', 354153510 O 2 1: gl iifii JoHN sExToN 68 COMPANY W bolesale grocery U Chicago, Ill. Largest concern of its kind in tlne 'world COMPLETE ' EQUIPMENT The highest grade equipment, the strongest and handsomest furnish- ings can be purchased from us at prices lower than those quoted by other houses for goods of the same quality. We are the complete out- fitters of Fraternities, Sororities, or Clubg we design and construct our goods to meet the demands and to stand up under the hard usage of these organizations, For the BEST goods, goods attractive in appearance, pleasing in design and sturdy in construction buy from Pick's. Our new 1917 catalog is out and we will be glad to send a copy post- paid to any secretary or president of a Fraternity, Sorority or Club upon request. A postal 'card will bring it. ALBERT PICKvC0r11m.-Y 208-220 West Randolph St. CHICAGO, ILL' A dv ertisenzcn ts Six Hundred Eight glllliiililiiillililiiiilllliilililiiiilillillillilllii2Nillililliililllllwlihlliliiilillllil-liii'illll57t'lEllllii1': :glIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllliiillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg i 1 an i i i i 1 1 :lr 1 1 1 1 1 1 i Z 1 1.6 , J E .- J -3 rbi?-if E INDIANA QUARRIES COMPANY WWW ' E P. M. B. 66 Hoosier Blue, Buff and Gray T H E BEDFORD INDIANA LIMESTONE Quarries and Millr, 'Bedford Indiana GENERAL OFFICES 112 West Adams Street I 9 I 8 CHICAGO ,QP f 1 E .t .4 2 HI' p Profit by the experience of generations of Engineers E E I ., and equip yourself with if 5 , I ' N . E E , V. K E 3.111-veying Ixfqstruments 2 3 F3, . " ' easuring apes E 2 ' Leveling Rods, etc. - : 3 - 1 : E - Qi fl The fact that Engineers all over the world regard K. 66 E. E E fn' - " I-:Z W: products as the standard of excellence is not a mere coinci- E L: ' ' "iii "I my ' dence. It has taken exactly fifty years of close attention to :E E Kg- . hh, ll. 'IQ the needs of Engineers and much painstaking effort on the Z 153. 74 part of our manufacturing department to achieve this dis- E 3 Q- "1 . . 2 : tmction. E E I Keep a copy of our catalog on your desk. 13, : KEUFFEL 8C ESSER CO. OF NEW YORK E 3: 520 SOUTH DEARBORN STREET 1 "' CHICAGO 7: E4 General Offices and Factories, Hoboken, N. 2 1 an cs 2 1: Six Hundred Nino ua an no up 1 3 L Advertisements 2 i 21:3llllllllillllllllllllllllllllIIliNillllllllilllllllmllllllllllilllllllllllilllllllllll Hlllllllillllllllllpl 'af Jay.. , -. li, EXEQX in qw lgmiafmfaQwflmaewsief::za -lsizmisfff.zmnmfsaiswiitfmw Sit9e'li5:iiiEi:lssbfsailttttltlM5315ll!l5B!Rll'l!RilSE f . 4.1 w 'MJ' Q' All-X: X -A .431 5 7 , f'if:w1a.,f Q 'A wif im 4' ,J f' -w1- ff ---' ..,.-Q :fl full 3 , V.: E A KN jf fb -M-wf2Ff"MzQ1 ., j,:ff"'P ' Uiiwus-v1,,1" -L , ,4,1.x..fz.-WC., A '19 "'-:jimi-If fv fy .l, 1 'A'.s1gyi- J. y -ww' gvf' 'a , I ' ia l A E 'SQ l til WJ ...fn fi.- ml. ...N 0 M. W .1 W.- um. vu an an -am mu nw me nm. n.. un. 4 vw- an. nf-. Grad Shoes Formal Shoes 1627 T I i 9 CBuy , Shoes i CHAMPAIGN ILLINOIS "Drop the hamZke1'ehzef" Ship McCa-rrol . h , Street Shoes Morning S oes MaJ,07' Englislz it ma. S . an - a e 3 J 55! Gi ar 13 Extra quality tobacco . "" samlld, ...anv- fragrant 'razr smliwlllwlm .mm c ix .K 307 East John V Phi Sigma Kappa Easter Phi Beta Kappa Bobby Andrews Two-bit clrinlcs The whole ct--n world sl 1 I ' g . 2 1 . T95 ' W' Z H' . 9 ftl,get,.,,es M.. 'frfff L i.'9"'. ' nfl. -'--- Q'-.5 1 5 N-. ' SUCCESSFUL CLAY PLANTS X In the operation of our plants for the manufacture of clay working we conduct a clay testing department Where we make sure that the material to be used is suitable. I With suitable material assured we can guarantee the equip- ment because we know that every machine we build is right. You are interested in making good and you will find that our machinery will assist you. It is "Built Right and Runs Right". A dollar of "Quality" for each dollar invested. We build everything required for making clay products. You are invited to visit our plant. The American Clay Machinery Companyg CBucyrug 'Ohio Advertisements Six Hundred Ten , -14 si ' raszgu ,A.lil1eaal1'?s,w1Ngs. l' gfff 5 , A , L l isewe'ill-famislllrx.-at-.nlaf- . QIlllIIllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllilllllllllllllIINIIUIIIIIIL KJ C1471 Instztutzon Faczng the Campus T1-113 Co op Fifi: lg 1 - , JK S C . . . E f -'X E All University Supplies 2 5 Telegraph Station E E LongiDistance Phone Booth E E Post Office ' E 2 ILLINI BANK 4 2 E Rest Rooms 5-ff Z' Roycroft Shop ig gf Art and Gift Shop 5 'E Illinois Songs and Song Book 5 E . Aeolian Vocalians 1-5: i 1 " 1 "' ' YIZITIEV 1 cu 1 un ., up as -ll 1 3 1 , an -, 3 -, L -, as 1 1 2. Six Hundred Eleven Advertisements 3 : 1 gllllllllllllllllllllllllllIINIlllmlllllilllllllllllllllHHllllllillllIN!INIllNilIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE gjllllllllMINIIIIllllllilIIINIllIIll!IIlmSlllilllllllllillllilrillHlllllIIllllllllllllllmllllllllllllllllIllI Ll-'E nn- -an -le -u Fi The House of E f' Kodalcs E 0 xg I- Finishing 7 E ' 5,0 ',,, ,J Art goods T E " Artistic framing S S E THE The Kodak, QAM, and gift Shops 3 D U azs s. Wright .nz N. Neil CHAMPAIGN, ILL. 5 me 1 e -Q Q Lost, Strayed, or Stolen-Our best freshman who an- 5 I-' swers to the narnle of Fuillafvay. lllmo1s,Eat of Phi Delta Theta 5 E cwtmout po 'ice p ease notice .- -un at as mu- an an -an .mu an -an nl: an un- an uu- -u so vu up mu an -:wo -our an A u- nw. nm- mn em ,..-as no 1 wp -wr -.W we an ww up an no Q-4 .aw .M- '- I. ww up -M ,ew ft... ...M mm -tm .-. -4 .mv . on an .N .U- - -an an no -an an up me -u- Qin an -an ,aa- .va ,nv mu- nr: nn- run .uv Sizes no an an nd on in 1 an vo nn an Nb vg an un- an . an us an-A -sv vs- an .oo ' wi-IY NOT TWO INSTEAD OF ONE ? If you make your drive strong enough, why not drive two spindles in- H' can ss uw -. stead of one? If you make your turret stiff enough, why not put on two sets of tools 3 instead of one? If the operator has to stop the machine to put in one piece, why not have him put in two instead? If you have any desire to practically double your output per machine, 5: per man and per dollar of investment, why not get a Double "" Spindle Flat Turret Lathe for your chucking work? -.3 -M.. mf uno ow up -p - .-1 nn is as JONES 86 LAMSON MACHINE COMPANY i Springfield, Vermont, U. S. A. A' X na was ans he Advertisements Six Hung,-gd Twelve 5 3 1 491 lllililllltIliiliilliiilliiiililliiiliilifili!!iitillSflll1lNl'llllDll4lH3lil5ll?'lilllilllillsllilltltiwllllitlffl 2fjii'EH54l'i?iii???il wa vw . ma -1.-. 4.- nu- Q..- -.4-sa vu -ua w- uw- uni -an un uve zu nn on mn .wr av- ..- .1- an eu.. wi. uv um no mn -1: no -nu vm we an on in wx me an ws- up mn uu- env. au an pn e... na an Q.. -.4 ern me ..-1 -.- -w - nn v. Q-- an an Q... v- -.-. nn -4. aw- vs-. ...w- fn am. ..- W . me -0- .wa v-4. -uv. .An .an ws nm Q-. an -f- 4-- an nu nf. on uw 4 .- -v-.v 5.4 1.4 .L 4 .ar . .mu .N -an vn- ni... - ,- a.. .4- ,J- .fm .4- , l r illiii'lfii'9iE?QiZi?iilifllflliliiliiliilliiiilfiiiilliifiinliililiiliill'Tfffifiiilllililiiffli ilfillij'-'p 4 f 1 - K ' wi l . L xl l'f"'l "VN Q X, , ,lm it lg 'f fla ,jf up , Ki' SWCCtCI1 OLII' S011 V I . -, ,WT 1 ri, J But don't make the mistake of using Quick Lime, or Hydrated Lime -because this, as you will recall, burns out much more than its own weight of manure and other Valuable plant food, within a single season. By using two tons, say, of exactly the right proportioned sizes of ground limestone, the immediate effect for quick action will come from the finer particles, and the slower, following season, effect will be ob- tained through the larger particles. In order to obtain precisely the right mixture of the small sizes, from dust to a grain of wheat in dimensions, depend upon our product. Columbia Brand Specially Prepared Ground Limestone If you want full information on the en- tire subject of soil liming, from a practical standpoint, ask us questions. Our own famous "Wilco Farms", 2800 acres, right here in the heart of southern Illinois prove that we know our business as farmers. Columbia u General Offices, Fullerton Building St. Louis, Mo. And the financial success of the, "Wilco Farms" will convince any investigator that what we have done for our own poor land. making it now among the most valuable in the entire State. can also be done on other land. Your land, perhapsl Ask us questions. arry Company Quarries, Columbia, Ill. fNot far from East St. Louis.J ROY L A. STIPES CI-IAMPAIGN OFFICE 609 N. CHAMPAIGN ST. Phones: Auto 1754 Bell 215 URBANA OFFICE ORCHARD 6a BIG FOUR Phones: Auto 4347 Bell 478 Sim Ilumlw-cd This-teen Advertisements .,:5,1.,z:un, .mf 1 ,. .. . ..s mtv I r u1uv'9'H!!1'i slum ' i,:l:'4"-ll2a. li .i.nuquzweu.' 4 .,. . ,M . , - .4-., vi at K, Clif . ..-:,.. ,- pw... mlb Lw:Ef:-- vsfx. cf '35 . V , 14 l1a?t,ah,. . 1 if f ., 4 ri. 1- . v .:, gp ., up iw.. I , , iwywff.-M sf-4-mi E," rr 532 Fs'." rw 6 iii l S lv- vs. 9221225 N. . 'M' ...M J.. -x.. .-W .1 t .M 1 I ood q3ictures and A 6' sqm CDM' M3gU1f6,S Stucllo, Urbana Elllllfglmilfg Mllfqjlyaifi flfffehkiih flzssmkik l il?-ixhlliffa , xl, Q y 'V' ,fra XV. 1 'I W I-' f PJ,-x lg flea jg l lea al lea J he - f -f f Dockstader fi Sandberg Chicago ,l X 1 Catering Especially J v iff. to the Y' ' ' " M51 ' A Clothes Requisites of , ELA I' College f9VIen l 2 "' 4' fn ,IC ' i an Our representatlve VISICS Champaign each ' 'wxfxx 'J- season with a complete line of the latest ideas in fashion. Aclvertiscw nt S If d dp t ,..,., -1, . l..J,ik,,.,y.L,. , .1 . fl.. w.'Iv'r.b1, ,mm'ilimiiwilimqxfll1f'il,.,,, lllllllllllrllilillxi'-H11rlflilll'lllliltlllplzyllligllllamilgl.l,.f,x4.w-l'i'll.1fi'h1x.f.11-1 nh-'-J. fi' 'liwliww 9- ,.f , - "Dori t get Gxcztedl one hh D t t . h I I-IORSMAN 0 e O Y Wms as mere Y ldlilly'-1 TENNIS RACKETS left the other page, refusing to W Ilfif f ' gll unsurpassed an as Yam A vi' . l ' Fulfill every demand ofthe be stared at the l if iw Tennis player ' ' ff ',- I R 1' it D r l c R k c f Parby fellow his Q I - 191c9lixcixtiley?dual1av2csein iillie present condition ' if "ln L5 new MODEL '24-A-A " 'fi A i V If your dealer can't show it, Wflfe to ul X ll E nl I -2' k gp. Y 2-.. illfl -1 1 n E J ' 'Q " .. i 'luke w iii L' X '--4"v J ' ,l E l Y. Y .ii if xxx llill . g , ' X lg? The PERFECT Tennis X l Ballisthe"AYRES" , PQ U d h orlcl o r la l c ho know. We are xl Q. ser gviiistribriorsl, Puziijfii catalogue. i. L X I, Nw E. I. I-IORSMAN COMPANY K L 11.15 union sq. Wes: NEW Yoiuc CITY ffemmgew CD0 You Fina' it Dnfcult to purchase a dainty birthday or holiday gift? Isn' t it quite a problem for a man to decide just what he shall send ber, and for a lady to select a gift for him? To exhibit our entire stock and to offer our expert advice to the person who says "I ' don't know just what I want", is an inlinitely pleasant task. We respecqfidly solicit your patronage RAY L. BOWMAN JEWELRY CO., Inc. Hamilton Building Everything in Jewelry Champaign Expert Watch Repairing Six Ilumlrccl Fifteen Ad1I67'tiS6'mG7'LtS lllllfllw frlllliiiillilillillilllllil2l3ili'g.2iL22ali1llXll5l ' i'.?'1lE2fl-illlll' iiiIflliilllillllllllilllillilllliZiNfH?lQl'li'i1::',' X . l f' ,J A, . 5 .K QQ-N, il. !, eq . .ies i A342 1 V . ,M V . .5 . YM , ..-.,....,a....4a M-..-. gllllllllllllllIlllllllIlllllllllllllIl!IIINIlllllllllllllllllIlllllNlllllIlllllllllllmllllllllllmlllllllllllLl! 5 E A YOUNG WOMEN'S 2 THE CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATICN g of the E l9l8 E : UNIVERSITY of ILLINCIS E no an 1 fi i 1 . 1 1 i -an 3' an D 1 ,-, an .,, l Q Ch rn i Q -D :ana 1 as np up an as an lx on t 1 un. an 1 l ll an 5. what rhe Y. W. C. A. Has E El l Room and board accommodation for forty girls E : Assembly room E E Reading and social rooms 2 :-:7 Committee rooms E E Bowling alleys I E E Oflices E QE Your Support will be Appreciated E.. ' cflddress SECRETARY of Y. W. C. A. 5 'E 801 S. Wright Street Champaign, Illinois EL' 3-" 2 : 2 5 : 2 - ii i 3 2 3 2' : Advertisements Six Hundred Sixteen 2'- "v 2 gill!!!HHHIll!!llHIIllllliliiUmlllllllllillllmllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIQIIIIIIIIIIIE E911IllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllillllllllllllillllllllllllllllllillllllIlllllilllllllllllillllilg :Z G- 5 ENOS H. RENNER 2 cPri'vate clmbulance Chairs and Tables to client , E I BOTH PHONES URBANA, ILLINOIS - , X - I E A 5-117 E. UNIVERSITY Ave. O Q-5212, rl 3 3 I I Ice Creams Slrerbets ana' Ice: 11 E E U-l"" CHAMPAIGN ICE CREAM COMPANY' E Q Both Phones Bell 175 Auto 2107 5 I9l8 E TIME: Evening of the Pi Phi formal. E SCENE: A gir1's boudoir filled with gentleman guests. -,g E RUBE MARKWARDTICKGCG, this girl has a lot of lovers-just look at the 2 : pash autographs under their photos I" :: E RED GWILLIAMS Cmoving over to inspect said evidence closerjz "O, S E no, she just writes that on the glass for such occasions as this." E I1 i 1 ..- of Ulu 1: un i as 1 I 1 an 1 un 1 1 vu 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 g CONVEYING MACHINERY -. For handling crusher-mn stone, ore, or talcum powder 3 or any material between these extremes. M 0.14- 'flco-0 E- Elevating Machinery E1 For handling any kind of fine or coarse 2 material in bulk or in packages. 2: Complete systems for any purpose. Send fbr Friction Clutcb Catalogue I-27 or E.: 3 General Catalogue I-zo. i nb . . . 1l 3 Power Transmission Machinery : 1 Complete systems for handl' ' ll " : to any number of individuallrlhichllxlgroefcglzstllsffblvl CO' :: : means ofbelts, ropes, chains, gears, etc. CHICAGO : E E E E 1' as 1: Six Hundred Seventeen Ad'U6't't'lS6'm0'niS E gillMillB5liMlMllllillUNHliltlllllilllillllllllllNlHHlllllllllllHHIlllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllg gumnnnnammmnismmmessaansweimammm.:msemmnsaanmmummmmnmzmmamL15 fn- rf 1 f""'x-A 'M f EE tx. . "af""1 M N lair. 'li 'fu-A 1..,... oi fllw ,,' - -fn-vmvyvr . 1-ji Mlif. ' 'aj' ?iQ,1f2'vi,f: ,. s ' vu . , ' ,A Qi - 'L' :Hui KAW '1- 2, will 1 2 zzz. sf' an fm- --an .1- ..- fv- --1 an my an -n .eq -vn- an .-. -u e... s nn M.. -nu N... me -.1 -. . --4 uw an - Q an .nn mv 1 nw -..-4 .M- an ans an -an .-a. U- an -1. N- -.- -.-vo -av- -- nf M.- .M .im .W -1-as ui.. -H.. N- .mn Q.-n an Q n -4. -M .in -- -. -an -fn Q. on an no --. -un nn. wa -nv no uv .ss was .- an un ua mn- -an my ' un- an an . up rv -un an Renting of Caps and Gowns to Graduating Classes a Specialty E. R. MOCJRE COMPANY Maker. Of Collegiate Caps, Gowns and Hoods Originator: of Mooreis Official High School Cap and Gown 932-938 Dalcin Street CHICAGO' ILL' The thrill that comes once in a life time to ill! a Ka a. v-. PP an .... ... i .... ... Telephone Frank 2769 40 Years' Experience gg ann or as MEI-IRING 6? I-IANSON COMPANY 5 up ow- I-Ieating, Cooling, and Ventilating Systems 5: Power Plants Power Piping 5 General Steamfitting gg Chicago, Ill., 118 N. Franklin Street-Minneapolis, Minn., 113-117 N. 7th Street E' ' 5 The Third Street Bakery TZ .. b.- 65' Delicatessen - C 3 en .uv ou. Cafeteria in Connection 3 ' rs.: 1 l The little shop witlr 5 an lla "" ' 606 S. Third Street, just off Green : E gtg G. A. Ostrancl, Troprietor E 1 Z: S Z: :Z 3 . --- gg Advertisements - - six Ilundrcd Eighteen E yo- mu can . -ug H... gliilillllillllllillill'lliillillilillflllIilllllilllHZ253DE'lili'illlilllli5!ill3NEWfiiflllilllliQimflfiiwfllllililili gillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilillilllllllllllHIMDUNN!lllllllllllilllllllllllllllilillllllllllg u-r .HI -n W. -. ...- -fj El- ..... IA.. ' X Q5,. l?5jG:65" ' i 5 in A. UU FURNITURE OF STYLE L Y--R. g ,Ev U ,AND CHARACTER M l : N50 J le' ll ' ,3'f1"' . E ' ll 1 aim Well macle by Hrs:-class workmen i f V E M l ll givesfsatisfaction for many years E j 7. . ' That? fl., kind 'we'sell E , 4 We frame pictures and sell V I ' xx X E rugs and linoleums as well 5 9 E 8 5 P. D. POSTER ... 3: PLANING MILL -- gy Cabinet, Ojice and Furniture Work C. A. 'E : S. CHESTNUT, ST. . . . . I 1- CHAMPAIGN ILL 24-26 Main St. Champaign, Illinois : E Remember this- 2 mv W in,-,gym 3 E n -55 Ideal E will give better service, last longer and help you more in your E studies than any other writing implement. It is an economy. E E Waterman service extends everywhere. Prices: 32.50 upwards. E E Sold at the Best Local Stores 'E El L. E. Waterman Company, 191 Broadway, New York . E V ,A,,,,,,A,..., -pn qv np. .- 1- can .Q v. -n no ww in ll no '- -u "' - nu - -Q u- ., .- an 'lr .., sv 1 l 'Q E The largest assembly ever photographed. Yule-Harvard Football Came T 'E 5 E 1- :I 1 l El sm 111mm-fd Neuman Advertisements E on - an un su an . sn.. lllllllllllllIlIIHHHHH!HHHHHPHHHHSHlilllllillllllllllllllHHHHBHQIUNH-Elliliillllillllllllflg l . ' nsazf:-ji Q3-gllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllilIIHlIIllliililiilillllIllllllllllllllllflliillHH!!lllllllllmllllllllllllllllilllI LE-'f ll... qs. ss... ,,.-gig' 176, 1 V 'Amity wiv. nw. uw. mn.- nm wp -ws- aw ws... un- --nv fa- un aus no- -nf.. -mv. Ann: aww an -W vu .pm nun --nu tn -an -nv -an an Ima -hx- inn- mm an an new 'nu .nu ww- an fum an no um -as .un an nu. an fun .uw an - an .nn nn- .mu .-su an un, sm Ann .wa an ew .-. . fn- we-. .mn us. .ws 1- .sa 1 1 4-ws sun nu. Me. .--u was mu.. V I nw in-an 'sw .-as -- .nw an ,aa was ina mn I-Q --uv 'uw us s -um N .- am. an mu s-ms 'ww -su un- in 2 SPIES BROTHERS We s7l4anujQ1cturing ffewelers and Stationers 41:17 as lj I if 2 S 27 East s9VIonroe Street and sw Clncago AOB fi ll an sn-or fn:- up as um an an -- 1-Q on up un- to in an em sm mn- an an at nl! as as an aur- -nz-. Jewelry for Fraternities and Sororities E' Class Stationery Commencement 3 'Send for Catalogue . 3 fCDon't congratulate us on 'em, tlvougbj y E-I "Gyp" Davis fLitman Vs. D. K. E. againj 5 "Jimmie" Purcell fLeh1gh Dekes were too hard?J 5 "Chink" Weems Cone semester packing ice yvas enoughj gg "Sch11tz" Slayton Che returned to rescue Phi Kappa Sigmab gs I-Il I E BRC I HERS, in College Hall 5- . , , . . . ,.., Ladies and gentlemen I 6Pres5zng ana' Slzoe Slnnzng 5? 'E Percival-Kirkpatrick Hardware Company 5 Builders Supplies, Fire Place Furnishings, Cutlery 5 'T CHICAGO BRIDGE ef IRON WORKS '55 ' ' We Specialize in the Design, Manufacture and Erection of 2 -.5 ELEVATED STEEL TANKS AND STANDPIPES 5 V ' For Municipal, Railroad and Factory Service 3 ' ' " ' We also build Oil Tanks, Coaling Stations, Bridges, Turn- ' l tables, Buildings and Structural Material -P 5 Our catalogue will be gladly mailed to you .upon request. Write ' our nearest sales office for prices, plans and specliicatxons. : A l sALEs OFFICES E I Chicago, Old Colony Bldg. Bridgeburg Ont.. 156 Janet St. 2: ' , , X New York, Hudson Terminal Bldg. Seattle, Wash., L. C. Smith Bldg. 2 1-4 -, dl., . Dallas, Texas, Praetorian Bldg. Los Angeles, Cal., Union Oil Bldg. um 1-I 3, J ' g, ff Greenville, Pa.. 106 Pine St. San Francisco. Cal.. Monadnock Bldg. 2 .V , - ' , , Z, M gicksoavilli, I2a.,RFlolzg:izi3f2ge Bldg. gig:rgf5k1sciCi::y,F'libaihhfgezarns Bldg. 1: 15.1 - J '-,' ,I 4- aro e, . ., ea . 1 , xc ., r . an I . SHOPS 'J il"""""' F"-'H iff' Eastern: Greenville, Pa. fPittsburgh District! 5 Central: Chicago, Ill.: Z A Canadian: Bridgeburg, Ont. I: '12 . ll Advertisements Six Hundred Twenty Uh: mn wx an who lilly illlalllzlleluntillmsmelllilmllnlllelliililziizlzllsalllsilillllimililllmiiuaulllunilsilllilllli gl-J IllllllllllllllllHlllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillliilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllf E S Z E Built Right Run Right j QQ THE l9l8 E Yes-Tested hefbre they leave the Factory E E The universal use of our heating ancl Venti- E E lating apparatus in the universities and schools E E of this country is our guarantee that our in- E stallations provide more air with less power. E E Our engineers are at your disposal. Ask for Catalogues No. 65 and No. 67 :ll 2 The New York Blower Company -2 E General Offices Archer Avenue 66 Canal Street CHICACO, ILLINOIS 5 E Works BUcYRUs,o1-no A 2 i .1 3 2 Six Hundred Twenty-one Ad'Ue7't'iSe'me'nft3 E Z 5IlllilllllillllilllllllllllllINllllllllllllllllilllllIIHHIHIIIINHIlllllilIllllllllllllllllillllllllllllige s o fi?-,lllllllllllllllllllllllIllllIllNllllIliIllNCCUllllllllllllllllllmllHI!IIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll':'f E ... 'Qi E , 6 , T1-los. FRANKS ef soNs 5 'C , The Florists ofthe City if - .f 5 I 2 "3" From our exclusive stock, costumes of any description E THE far any occasion can be secured from FRITZ SCI-IOULTZ 6? COMPANY E - TELEPHONE CENTRAL 1765 19 W. LAKE STREET, CHICAGO E l9l8 I 5 COMITATUS AND REPUBLICAN CLUB E g NOTICE 5 E Beta Theta Pi wishes to announce that in order to raise funds i E E to pay interest, upon a charge of two dollars 1525 any political or- " I ganization may have its picture taken in front of the Home, with S E any number of the Beta brothers as supers. g E Too bad the Birth of a Nation has been filmed! :fb gi The Seniors ofthe University of Illinois E 2 always get their caps and gowns fam me H E : is 2 s E. R. Mooa COMPANY 2: 932-938 Dakin Street CHICAGO, ILLINOIS : E "ZOM" attends to the distribution : l i 1 l 1 MILK is the richest food soldg it is also one of the cheapest foodsg it is found in 5 E every diet of the human race: it can be the most healthful or the 'most 3 : dangerous of foods, according to the way it is taken care of on the farm, E : the dairy, or the distributing depot. There is only one solution of this E .2 great food question- E 5 CPasteurizecl Milk I S E' CHAMPAIGN SANITARY MILK CO. S 5 415 E. University Avenue E , 2 1 , i 1 ' l E Advertisements Six Hundred Twenty-two -2: ' 1 i 51-:lllllllllllllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllIllIllIllllllIllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE Q14 good Education and :llIllHlllllllllllllllOHIIINNHHNOIllllllllllllllllINNllllllllllllllllHIIHIHIIIIIIllllllllllllillllllllllll-Li' . . . . . A N ESTAURANTS n PI'lI'1C1P3l cities of I J., 1 - the United States and Canada are renowned for their Cleanliness, 5 1 Pure Food and Good Service. TH OMPS ON 'S THE Look for the Pure Food Sign llllll l9l8 good Clothes go together They both make for success. Well tailored garments, made to meas- urements essentially your own, mean that exclusiveness of detail and style that all young men are looking for. A. E. Anderson 6? Co. 'Tailors Chicago have made a specialty of tailored clothes for a quarter of a century. Hare them make yours Fred G. Marshall ,-Qi nlllllr "F'N!'i3lillh WVWW I il : 7 f ll it I u It E' ly Y .a fi' i 1' f ' 1 Q j N? lf ,Q I X J! Ah illh In f l Ill 1 w In A f u l ..f, , f l ' x N 'NS N r 2 l ' l l W E I iff' I' l' ll, V , Tailoring 6? Furnishings SJ! XX l BRADLEY ARCADE CHAMPAIGN XX S Hundred Twenty-tlwce Ad'v67't1l96'm6'I'l,'CS -n ana no an uso an as no un an un 1 nun up 1 1: nn 1 1 1 1 an 1 1 an 7 1 3 1 3 an 1 up 4 so an 1 1 3 3 1 1 1 on 1 on 1 1 1 as 1 1 as an nn qu so an up an in 1 an 1 to 1 -n L 1 1 as an 1 3 un 1 1 3 3 ns 1 an 1 i 1 1 1 -nn an is 1 1 1 no 3 1 an L 1 i 1 an- 3 i 2 3 1 Q it 3 Tl'llllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllillllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllIIHIIHIIHIIIIIUINIIIHIIIIITE- J ,1.i..,. ..,..w4w.f.4 1 I4'i'fyHii"" ' ll! ll '1'l,1'rl'1.. f l K 1 V Y I FlRST"'THEATRE. '3 Shall Like Tins Theatre "Big Gun " Brand 6Dress Suits For Rent Call and see me when you need a dress suit. I have all sizes. Phone Central 4875 T. C. SCI-IAFFNER We Are Specialists in the making of good clothes, for men of discriminating tastes. Our prices are as reasonable as qual- ity will permit--ask the fellow who wears one of our suits. Pitsenbarger ef Flynn 130 N. State St. CHICAGO Cleaning Pressing Repairing Wm ni ri . V ,292 A Real Elevatzng Plant ll ' . .3 + HART BUCKET g, .f I 5 I-3LEvAToR fl V ,V.,,. 1 21- M J. ,. '3:,. , it ' QW For installation in cribs, and warehouses. izfgfii 'ff I . ,QQ 1 5 i i Handles grain, coal and many other materials. 3 . s 1 .4 I 'xi A "" 15" , w ' 7 i :w:'1 i :ii I Ny fii iaiw xx itr2fi.......-, sn. " , f' li I " MX .fl . xx, E34--sQLQQQ-..if..i 1 ' "' Wi" Y ,X N I-Iart -Portable Grain Elevator C"""-'ith' b ,b w Q Handles all kinds of grain. .1 iiii H If interested in Elevators, catalogs, building plans, etc. willk' A' ' I-" ii be gladly furnished. HART GRAIN WEIGHER CO. PEORIA, ILLINOIS Aclvertiseilients S Hundred Twenty-four i4382313133-llillliiNUIINlllllilllllliiiiillilliiliiMUHHHNNlllllllllllilmllililiiililliimiliiiifiiiiilm ..4. -rv um. sus um - uw uw if 1 - ET WAREHOUSE CAPACITY I: In Minnesota, 190,000 Bushels Q In Wisconsin, 185,000 Bushels :L In Michigan, 17,500 Bushels -I In Illinois, 4,000 Bushels -I nn. nu.- 1- -Q E CAR LOTS SIS Special Attention Given to 1: SEED ORDERS Ei' In Straight or Assorted Cars 192 mu. as. The Mahaffey Company Shippers and Commission Merchants Cabbage, Potatoes, Unions, Etc. North Clark Street CHICAGO Shocking! No one would ever suspect it of a Kappa! Your Banking 11,45 ,C "ff , , ff f 21: Connections J XW7 .-a-.11 -wu- Q With the Urbana Banking Co. ' 353 means s I .mu V,-4. :: FAFETY nun RELIABILITY ...- A Nt HONESTY ww ,M 1, 117. Gut Service to individual depositors is --.. A. '-"f just one of the features which dis tin- fn- Am mv- ! x 2,U,lUl"l1PN I1 'U I 11 NIL, u r n Ki ,i ,,,.. if! Li LQ .Q gflf The Store That Serve: 7 ,E guish this banking Institution. You gen THE URBANA 0 BANKING co. WLCW15 f?C0. 3 Champaign Six Himdrcd Twent11-five Ad'067't'I:S6'I'l'L6'l'LfS Q-si an .el .MW ...U .--Q 'A xl' ..-Q, ...-E, L- M. 1 . gram, ,af -9- ur- N., .M , a. ' - ,..'J'.L.r, K , 'mfg , ,fffff vi :sim , ii HUB Wa. ,-mn Q- .- u- - . -- ...- .--Q i-.4 .- ..- ,Wm -M- -uw- .-W. ,we ma- fw- -mn ...- ...M ww J. 9 ww us .1-nn vi.- ww- ww :mu- -Q.. A --.- W., -wn we u-.n .mn -an 'ma -we wh My ifiwiiisiisiiwesimiiiiefiiisiiiiiiiiinwiiimimniismeiiisiiiiiiifwiiiii aiiiiiiiiiisiii-an:iiaiiitiiiiiiifx QvjllllllllllilillllHlllillHilillililiiillHHH!HHH!NSI!!!HllillllllilllllllllllllllllllllHllllllillllilllliLE ..- ZZ.. f tg: 'JCL-""s ..-.. is l9lB us as up 1- an can up as -- on cu an an an do - 1 1 an un as sun 1 as su an 1 so oo on qu as an an ns an no up cu nn -so up an an an an -Q as an nu an an -n -n on 1 an up - 'cu as an an an up an no -n an an an an -- -ur an .- an an un an no as nu 1 as 1 1 -1 an up an 1 1 -1 f .N 4. M53 This Trade Mark stands for SAFETY FIRST ALWAYS I ' You take no chance when you buy from us. Our packing is best by test. THE GARLOCK PACKING COMPANY 326 W. Madison Street CHICAGO Branchegin all principal cities 'f . .if Nix I 2 I 1 5 ' Q1 umm-m ,qw .. . N. M. A FEW OF OUR REPRESENTATIVE STYLES No. 200-Ring for High Presure Steam. No. 333-Ring for Medium Pressure Steam and Ammonia. No. 260-Ring for Inside Packed Plungers of Boiler Feed Pumps. No.' 1907-Special Duo for Outside Packed Boiler Feed Pumps. No. 900-High Pressure Sheet for use where good gasket is desired. No. 22-Red Sheet for general service. 2 IH This fascinating bit of scenery discloses one of the impressive mo- ments in the Alpha Sigma Sigma ritual. HX -f BETWEEN , NINTH FLOOR Mwlsmsnowot , I ,ip4,, ,4,, pp,pp , ,IP Sirvms BUILDING ,,,, 771 WAnAsnAvtSl1ovS . I E E i STATE SISnoP o U v I ' CHICAGO 'TQM only is this shop the largest of its kinaf but it is in fact, the only one of its kind EVERYTHING TO USE AND WEAR FOR GOLF LADIES can be outfitted from footwear to hats at quite a moderate cost. Set of clubs complete at as low as 56.00. MEN may have anything their hearts desire and ' the price is always reasonable. The Mail Order Department is in charge of Golf Experts, who know what you want and will see that you get it. Illustrated Catalog on request. Ad1f0'l'tiS0'P7w7'LfS sis Ifumzmfz Twenty-six gllllllllllllllllItIIIllllllllllliNNIillllllllllHIIliilllllllllllltllllllllllillttlllllllMllllltllllllllllfl: -fi!llllllllllllmlillllillllllllllllllillIIHHIIIHIIlllpllllllImilllHlHllHl.lHNIllllillIIIIHIIIIIIIIHHIIHL-li Q, H O F B R figs-e KK 'IW 16-18 W MAIN STREET THE DANVILLE, ILL r : 2 5 e - ' -. 5 ,js E 6 E ' 'N 2 X . -4 S - fd mba 3 ' L. ' E The finest Cafe in,Illinoi's E 2 Most exquisite E 2 Best equipped E :E Cuisine of the highest order 2 E Sunday Table D'I-Iote is unsurpassed 2 5 Prices reasonable E : . E 5 Service best : up 1 as 1 1 1 an 1 1 1 un 3 .." an 1 1 1 1 : on 1 1 ,-. all as 3 1 1 un 1 ' 1 1 as 1 1: 1 '1 as '- Z 3 i 1 an an Q '-D 1 -n ,. aus " uns iv .- 1 as an 1 1 so an 1 un an lv Q 1 1 1- up an 1 2 Hof-Brau Catering pCo. iii? : A E i 1 3 3 E sim Hundred Twenty-swan Advertisements 2 ., 1 2 A 2 mllllllllllHlllllllllllllIIllIlllllllllllilllilllllllllllllHHllllilllIllllllllllNIH!Nllllllllllllllllllfi filjsllilllllllllllllllllllillllMiililllll14lil!llllilllllllllllllillmHIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIL95 1. .-. fi --. i f 'W MBIS I an up ...- . nu -ur uno an an ,qm- an uu- no .1-um fun mn M., an on mn' mn -mp num wo' 'mu an -., rm nm -I-nn no :mn mn: wap mn was use ewan fan ff-an .mu .nw up on .mu mn. any .mn aww an .wp .aw .ww mv.- wu- .1-sv me we we W... -mn -. V.,-e .1 ,w ..-L ew . . 1. -we .wa M.,- eu. uw. my -we an .- an fn, .ur -up an an - aus an wq .nm -an an an 1 pa -ann nn I no -an an an .am .nu- an- no no an aus min- paw Advertisements M DON'T TRAVEL MUNHALL .TALK PRINTING I, HOUSE Use the Automatic 17g?'QI?'i'i?gIEIET It brings your friends neafef 'I' The Society and business printing Oivgnu nd embossin Home Telephone a ,,, g Company ELEPHONE cAlways the newest and latest H. c. MARBLE, Mg.. up L. K. Howse 'QSOKS Wholesale ,ISR Fruits ana' CProduce Champaign, Ill. W. R. TAYLOR F. L. HUTCHIES, Manager TI-IE TAYLOR HARDWARE CO. Phones: Auto 11863 Bell 795 74-'76 East University Ave. Backed by years of experience, and sujierior equzlbment, Our work is the very best L. B. SOUDER, Dyer and Dry Cleaner CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS gmlliiiiiiliiliiiiHiiiiiliiibklFEWbririfiiiiiiifEHiMiliiiwiiilllliimfirlpiii2HSM?Hifiwwiwiiiillliifli S Hundred Twenty-e ght nur -nw -v -. ...- -W. me -rl- an wa.- .qw un uw anu- up 'un In un no 19 mu un- an mm up up an-vu ml. uw aww if in Q i.-A um wa Ma. ana an .-.,,,,. pa we z-.4 ui..- mx Mm Q .1 num mf 1.4. mu- 1.. .x :mu 11- wr wa .iw 11 a.,.. sm .W 4 vm Ann -.uv M... ws. .-sf.. u fa as L 4-.Y iq. vn- .au an um in vu in no -1.- .1-J .I -. uw nn- sw.. nu ave rua -4-r .mf .-.2 aww' nw nu.- aw., ww Qu. am W-. mf. vw . W. vs. av- -as as-av au. unr- up am.. we- ,uf- N 4- - ww ww ,,..v Wi, W. 1-W an aw.. W.. ,us n. fi ,- w- iv m ww um. aw.. v- Q- an an um. f . A iw 9. .1 , 3'-15QiiiiiflilllliilfiiiiiiiiiH953iiiliiiwllllliliiiliiiiwiiimWiltbiiiiiiiklllllwllfiiilil?' iiilfiiliilii ' 'fiilifiii or y Style 65 Durability Msfe far Oakes Bros. Sweaters lj Jlfladc from highest grade Worried Yarn l Sold by RALPH JONES at There are still several loads of debris in the Athletic Depmmem the A T O house. I The Goodrich Way Established 1856 From CHICAGO to MILWAUKEE, MANITOWOC, STURGEON BAY, ESCA- NABA, MACKINAC, and Soo, GRAND l RAPIDS, GRAND HAVEN, MUSKEGON, WHITE LAKE and MICHIGAN points. ll The only year 'round Great Lakes service. Travel the Goodrich Way, the money saving is worth while. Vacation Guides Free It is f01'GSighC t0 Dlan your summer outings now. There are a score of wonderful lake trips. Write for our Illustrated Folder. or Resort Booklet. GOODRICI-I TRANSIT COMPANY Docks: Foot of Michigan Ave., Chicago.-City Office: 58 W. Adams St., Chicago. Six Hundred Twenty-'nine Advertisements ilk A"'Q1,.1,vg:,S'i,'.q'f':r' i?,jyi,'.1,13 -A - f Comfort 2 PREPAREDNESS ALWAYS has been our slogan to show the best goods-the standards of quality- in assortment to please all. Here you find the higher grades of goods in gold and silver-made by the oldest and most reliable makers. UNIVERSITY Emblems of all kinds in sterling and 14k gold. Silver Flatware with seals of the University, 31.00 and up. W U E S T E M A N Clmmpaign's Leading ffeweller The Temperance Beverage X Xhhl w h K X X X S M v t x .K In gt Mm 'X XNXXNW O L D M E ' H QXSNXEX-XX st X xx Q X - X W W- W-N..,x ...xx -X X X , ESTABLISHED 1853 Advertisements Six Hundred Thirtqf an -as -sn 2-. to the Sigma Chi Wine 1 --fy .aw u-m.-vrmm-vu-an-uuvu-w 2'-,UllllllhllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlillllllilllililliiliiiligi -- -on Z . I-' - x E flf you buy it of T. H. Craig you lcnow it is right! ,,, , E UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS L., : Pins, emblems, souvenir spoons, wall shields in bronze, smokers' articles in brass with University ., ' S seal, brass book r ks with seal, and many other useful articles in brass suitable for the desk and :" 3 den. Write fo' prices and illustrations for anything' in University of Illinois jewelry. E EST mmm 1896 T. H. CRAIG, ffeweler ci-IAMPAIGN, 'ILLINOIS g, M L- 1,L.'NY , Z K I, ' -'I DRESS SUIT RENTAL CO Fun Dress' Qutaways' Prince Al' THE :N ' berts, Whlte Vests, Tuxedos, 1 : 1224 Masonic Temple Chic0E0, Ill- Striped Trguseyg, N A : Largest Co'ncz:r'n. Making Specialty of and Opera' Hats : Formal Dress 1 i' 'l 2 me 1 e : , E Building a new entrance : cellar. gn 1 uu- up -an cn uv- 1 an up .gn nn as an on S ffoseplr C. Qowman y 5 YOUR DEPENDABLE JEWELER E Where Qems 6? gold cffre E Wgbtly Sold an as -an pg We have one of the largest Opp. Lewis 66 Co., on Neil Street E stocks of diamonds in central Chamlmgn' nl' E Illinois. I E Expert Watch and jewelry re- Wireless time service E pairing. Reasonable prices. faur times daily E' Six Hmzdrcd Thirty-one I A-d'U9'7't'ZS0WN37LtS nu pp on .fn no no as an us an an no i an on an -s an was an up no no an an no -an -ev- -us- -- an un- an or up -n an an an we on an sn -up up or un us up up an nn -an -an up up -qu -mn -n ua up nn- - an -a an -Q .un an no an -an on as 4-s nn an an un- in 1 an -- an -u nun 1 no up cu 3 no un un as no un an as 1 sq t 1 :- illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllHllilillllllllllllllillllllllllllllilHHNlllllllllllllllllllli glllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllIIOlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIll!llIlllllllllmllllllllllllllllllIIIIllQ -if Z "' E i tx!" 5 t g: , --, WABASH RAILWAY co. '51 J S If you travel between the East and the West or North and South use Wabash Service, E double track, stone ballast, heavy steel, Luxurious, Up-to-the-minute Pullman Stanclarcl E ,,z Drawing Room Sleeping Cars, the perfection of Dining Car Service ancl unceasing E A attention for the comfort and pleasure of patrons. E 'rm-3 5 ' C. H. SANSOM, Agent, Champaign, Illinois E D. MCNAMARA, P. T. M., St. Louis, Mo. 2 WE TAKE OFF OUR HATS TO li Nw Rnei 5 S 'SS S S S S S 'bot Todd S E -rs l N fm E E f' ' -3 E f-of 5 I 5 E 9' xi -9 X 2 E I . , ' 2 E V E :: Helen 11 E morris pdl 'Rage E E Auumseq, . 2 3 Because they are such perfect ladies. E .un Q, 3 1 0' i 'D 1 'U i Il' , 1 so 1 5 V MUELLER ef COMPANY 5 5 MAKERS OF INSTRUMENTS '5' E for the Specialist in every branch of Medicine and Surgery 5 Apparatus jbr the relief of deformities 5 E Sick Room Supplies E -E Hospital Furniture and Equipment E E X-Ray and Laboratory Apparatus 5 -U i dll 1 ll- to au 1 4- 41 E 1771-1783 OGDEN AVENUE E 2 CHICAGO 3 -u du 1 tn an i 1 sq n-p i if 1 3 TZ 5: Advertisements Six Hundred Thirty-two l can Y" -up an Zi-ililillillilliH?Si!i2ifIHIUW?38HHHGill!Ill!!!ilIllllllillmlllllillilllIIUIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIiii 1- -n an an an ,-. ac' 1 on' an any an .cn- .um an- sc- -qu- -nn. mum. no- un, uu- an 1. un- any 'cw un- is unf- -uu- unn- uu- as 'we are 'with you. EU illliillllIIHIIUINWIUIIUNNNIBIIMMNNHHMHMIHUNNNHBHINNNWHHNWBMNQiilllllllilllllilgf '-'S I -vi -. Il -v 1 -1 -nv at an WALWORTH MFG. CO. 220 NORTH DESPLAINS STREET CHICAGO, ILL. FACTORY - BOSTON Wfmufdffuffff of Malleable and Cast Iron Fittings, Brass and Iron Valves and Tools Also carry a large stock of Wrought Iron and Steel Pipe of All Sizes. We hope you are as 'well SATISFIED 'with us 1- E 5Wr. ana' 345. fimmy Z2-S ... .. .. ..... The c-14 rcade Con jQ'ctionery un. an-. -Q .nv .av -an ...-., inn wa. -Q.. .qu- f-ns, um. any -nm ,Q fun.. wm- LYRI C THEATRE mn, -um .wa- -nn- may we PRESENTING HIGH CLASS FEATURE PHOTOPLAYS .ww wan ,,,.,,, Q9- -an mun- us, f-..n .nv VITAGRAPH "William Fox" WOEZEPFILM Features DeLuxe Features Supreme i W Features 'ri every every every jf: Thursday and Wedngsday 3: Saturday .... Friday ofa - ..- W- on nf- -an nv., ww .un we .no gg Matinee 2 - 5:30 cvfdmisxion zo cents -Q .Mr .n .W m-- up ,,",.I, 9 ll fl dll tytl am .wi zzwz a .' 'V V. : mffflf-,iwamf Qzzsww. AP-is T i.k,.' PMN, Night 7 - 10:30 A do efrtisements ... .-. , Q 35 W .ww ' fp . 2 . 4 V? ji 1'0" . E S8 E3 R ., .. ... ,. ., ,. W .., ., ,.. ... .,. L ., ... .. .,. ... .,. .. W. .i W. .,,. .,. .2 ...H- -0. wi. my ww. ...W -Q i.. nw wr- vm. nf. -.., -.. .-vp Q..-. .-A. .ms -mm was vw-un use , K ,,,v. il, ,J -1 ...I 4 1 Q' 4 1 ff 1 ,-,A ,f :If '.'J M - xr, L A ,twwx ,f I 1 -I ju ." 1 ', 3- , f. " ... P21 A , I I rf . QW-'W I KT. :. I Mp? ww on A.. .I 'gh .J .R J, , . .fv ...ou M .- .Qw- ,-... .v .- ,.,,,, .a I Coffee Roasters Importers Manufacturers DOTY III B. A. Railton ec Co. ,. Wholesale Grocers 373-405 West Erie Street Chicago, Ill. Fralemities, Sororities and institution: fumixbea' at wholesale price: Telephones Private Exchange All Depts. Superior 7970-7971-7972-7973-7974 Automatic 32-332 This one 'isn't at Illinois. She's at Mad- ison, wlzerefore we demand a freapyzortion- ment of the famous family. One reason why tlmle one looks better fed that she is in charge of the restazwrant in a Madison hotel. 1" 4 - ' L ' '-ip?" ' f ffw- . FREE lf: I f .P11"'::1 .4 Send for a, copy I aw D.-3.31-jqfiggag-Qgq-Q-2153-:g51,, ,253 of this booklet of .I:1'llB' I ,lip :BQQQKH-.l:4::h interesting d a. t a, g..j-3g1,,1,j55921.g 5 on the Monolithic ' ,-ijgigijiflf'Q'f?!ifEl'5"if I Type of Brick 'fx 'fs-1-Jef-941: ri 1 - ' -.'k a:'55g7ig1H'H Roads and Pave- 'X ..,. , ..,. ments. WIRE-CUT-LUG DANVILLE REPRESSED BLOCK UNIFORM IN QUALITY WEAR LIKE IRON DANVILLE BRICK CO., DANVILLE, ILL. 31? . . "1 f fy" I , , f, a 'V H1 " . or -'.v gie!J""1" Gen'-: 4, X' ' , -I A6l'l2C7'i'iS6'I7LGTl,tS Sim Ilundrrd Thirty-four 31539 DISTINCTION FOR EVERY OCCASION Grace of Model Reflnement of Finish The Assurance of Correctness that ever marks the Wardrobe of Discriminating Folk V M E N'S S H Q P REPUBLIC BUILDING CHICAGO ' E935 B UB Model Iyndon Dinner Cent Ad t t "1'I!"'? 'M 'H-'I Z t frfpghfpslw trim, """'1"'?'f1i ,'y:a5:r,H3q?gQ,v'w f gr 4 wfwf I-'gif Y. H --va-rm. U ' 'U."!nfI'rf,f-, I H ul' iI,l,:1,, WE WANT EVERY MAN AND YOUNG MAN THIS STORE INTIMATELY IT'S A STORE YOU OUGHT IO KNOW A PLACE WHERE THE WORLD'S FINEST WEAR- ING APPAREL FOR MANKIND IS ALWAYS -IN GREAT VARIETY. WHATEVER ' WE HAVE AN- SHOWN YOUR PREFERENCE, YOU FIND TICIPATED IT. JM.KAHFMt33 LS S - sa D IIXK1- DWI' .. 'sq QD -47351 guzfzua:-m.nM.... ,.,,. . .sg u , A :ls-. J. :V - SPA ' ' 5956 ?'4Ir D lr D ' Rd P RIS 0132515 '20, cPark Theatre CBuila'ing Champaign B ll 1 44 Auto 2 1447 12 'A 135 Plant, Bell 1944 Telephones: Ofcc, e 7 , Satisfaction Guaranteed Incorporated 1884 1850 KINSEY 6? MAI-ILE E AND FITTINGS Esinblishurl IRON PIP PLUMBERS' MATERIALS STEAM 6? GAS FITTERS SUPPLIES ETC. COPPER AND BRASS WORK PEORIA, ILLINOIS R CO. Aclvertisemcnts Six Hu .,., ndrcd Thirty-six 'ml' 5 'l if52l4i'f'?'?ii'ilEllil-iM'El53'flilllfllvliliilllllllliIil4H?H-5lf!lEl'?l ' ' l liffiiliif'4535-f'll'Ei-'f'HlilFl'f E GLISI-I BROS., Contractors 'gg jj 2222123 BUILDINGS ERECTED FOR TI-IE ' UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Lincoln Hall Agronomy Building Entomology Building Auditorium Beef Cattle Building Heating Plant Womanis Building Ceramics Building Horticultural Building Stock Judging Pavilion Administration Building CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS Dickery, dickery, dock, Dickery, dickery, dock, I'm learning the camel walk. There's a boost in political stock. The box where they voted was triple- I can't pay the rent-get my meals by the steel coated, scent- When the seniors elected Ward Flock. For all that I own is in hock. For fifteen years, John Schuler 6? Co., new owners of the have made all the ices, creams, and candies, and will continue the high standard. Sin: llimdrcd Thirty-seven Ad'UC'l't'iS6'l'VLG1LtS 02 , i ii 6 ,N ,l .Swim 'Iviwy' ., l .3 2 S l ill . f-1' plat,-ll Q: 0 Let us gure your bzlls 'K . ff HUNTER, ROURKE 6? CO. The Lumber, Mill and Coal people URBANA, ILL. PLANING MILL Ee' DRY KILN We, the undersigned, respectfully petition the Council of Administra tion to install class bells in Jimmie Thornhill's so that we can get to our eleven O'clOck's on time. CSzTgnetZp MICKEY DEVLIN GIZZARD GHISLIN GOMEZ THOMPSON RAY GRANTZ GAYLORD DAVIDSON Conover Pianos Cable Pianos Kingsbury Pianos Wellington Pianos Solo Carola Inner Players CABLE-MADE PIAN OS and Inner Players are the choice of the University of Chicago, University of Minnesota, University of Ne- braska, Chicago Musical College, and of scores of other prominent ecluca- tional institutions. Catalogs, prices ana' term: mailed on request Euphona , Home Electrics H irq, 11, I WABASH ea JACKSON ill 5, We M W 1, D lAj1l. g?,jx U CHICAGO illwhj ii1' i?A - :l. W' I vi ' Q.- t'Ifl'UC7'IlSl!'l7LC'tZlS S Lv Hun drod Thirty-o i 21IllIllllillllllllliilllllllllllilllllllillllllWill!!INNlilllilllllllllilllllilllilllllllllllllllIllllllliilllllli D 6' PROTECTION I THE l9l8 1 -p , 1 an ' 1 V no -. un 1 an 1 "J 'D ' 1 2 Dependable Insurance 2 :il Covering all Risks and in all E 3 situations, honorably dispensed 2 2 with intelligence--and good-will Q E 2 C. A. BERGER E 2 ffl INSURANCE EXCHANGE cH1cAoo, ILLINOIS 2 -g . no 1 "' 1 "' 1 ut -' I: ' in -A , 1 ,,,, 1 - . 1 an as " nn ""': " -- an -up un -aus ,, .-I 1 """ can "' "' -as cn- ""' Q, -- 1 -an ,,, usa as " ' an "' ,. - can -. an as ll' gg us . ' un 09 2 SECURITY an 2 1 2 Sl an an su ,sn nu gp . .ass :Q L' an i 1 . -n . an I l 1: Six l'Iu'Itd7'l'!i Thi1't11-'nine Ad'U07't'I,86'Il'Le'l'LtS an l i gllllmlllilliIlillSHUI!HH!illiiiillliiililiilillliliilllllllllliiiiSWIlilillIN!lliilllilllllllllllllig 5 - A glllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIUHNilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIES . . 'E ' Q PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY If j DR. OLEAVES BENNETT Physivifm fmfl Surgeon DR. W. L. GRAY I up f' :LT Rooms 418-420 Illinois Blchz. 412 Illinois Bldg' Chnmpuixzn. Illinois H0m.H'11-12, 2-4 ' 11--12 and 2-4 ISIS DR. CHARLES H. SPEARS DR. R. W. HULETT Eye, Ear, Nose and Thxroat 1 an an 1 i 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 3 i 3 1 1 1 3 I- in 1 1 1 I1 i X in 1 3 1 19 1 3 1 Q 1 no an 1 1 as 1 1 an mr 1 at an as can ns an 1 1 ln -u us an an an 1 an fx up an 1 an as so 1 un. -u 1. an 1 1 nun 1 I 1 as an 1 an 1 1 no cv 1 ,np -n ',1 un 1 as 1 at it if no- glllllllllii Eye, Eafr, Nose and Throat DR- ELLIOTT G- STEVENS 304 Illinois Bldg., Champaign, Ill Auto Phone 1245-Bcll Phone 408 Dentist I 432 Illinois Bldfz. Chamrmifm. Ill. Residence Phono-Auto 1263, Bell 1238 Office Phone--Auto 1261, Bell 952 DR. JAMES. H. FINCH DR. WILLIAM HARTFORD Osteopathic Physician Suite 308 Illinois Bldg. Chamnnlfzn, Ill. Office hours--11 to 12 a. m.. 2 bo 4 D. m. Chronic Diseases fl Specialty--1807-1917 U. of I. Gymnasium. 4:30 to 5:30 n. m. Telephone Auto 175 Robeson Bldg., Champaign, Ill. DR. D. E. YANTIS O. O. STANLEY, M.D. Urbana, Ill. Press of TWIN CITY PRINTING COMPANY Champaign. Illinois l ' Advertisements Sim Hundred For lllllllillll llllllilli llllllllllllllllillIlllilililllllmlllllllllllil!!lllllillllllllllllilllllllfi

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