University of Illinois - Illio Yearbook (Urbana Champaign, IL)

 - Class of 1913

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H925 4 'QS H925 4 'QS f. ' F' -.. , - X "f ' ' ll 'rd 4 5. I9 LL4-lgxwir - 5 fl . E , , - 53 QllllllIllllllmllllllllllllllllllllllIllIIllllUIll!lllllmlllllllllllllllllIlllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllilIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllI"' E l E Y-W - . v ' 1- "w- ,,f-- -- , -, -J ,' 5 E 'Qu-,:.:':1Lr:x,1.,faQ,u5g5:,' ,Q ' 1'.z1wr:'f.Jg:ir:g:1:.r1:: 3'3"'E 5 E :, 5 gf' "W "" Ng K K 1 , ,A-, ' -3 3 EQ 5 fi X - 67 3 1.3, . 5 2.1 E if .yf Q 1, X 1 + 2 :r 5 it 1' gf- , H1 1, , 3 ?J 2 51 ' 'V -. ' 1 2 31 2 mm ff '1 1 ' E gg 5 Q4.: .f14.. N QQ, 141.1 Q. .1 1 2 8 E 11' ...--. -......-- V .. 4 ..... ..... , ,... ..X-. .... . . CC V. L ' V - ' 1 ' -.,,,, . . . ,..-., .,..g .... .-Q , E E- L U, .,, ff' . . W , E : '-:':51'1Dl'vi!, 2' AJ 4 v1 I , ' 5 , -. , , :- if 5 - 'f " !- 1 1 fy A ' , 5 ?,l 5 ' 111,111,111 ,1fs,:.14fM, 4 51,111.11-A . -, ,, 1 11 1 A1. Y 5 iq E 1 . ,, 5 1 E E in E y wl ffrrf 'rf A f"' :r"'1'vr1:1+ - 1-frf ' fr ,rg-J-r111r" - S 1 A 1 5' E 2 2 ' 111' EU: ,lKr,!,1'!ii.1l,f1' 'Ll 1 .2 1 .iglif .1 S 1 f 2 SQ E ,. , I1 b 3 iffy 5 22 E 2 X J. 1 1 'S 1 5 V E 11 2 H I' WMF ' '1 '1WElX1!'i 12 aj 2 my g, 5 f1 , 2 .. - . 4 , , , . - ir 2 ' ' Q 1 5 5'l E In ' 11 5 7 E E." E 1 1 V 1 r Q : Q : , 5 ,V , 1 S 7 Z : M - 1 rg., . 31 ,1 1 E 2 1 , " 44, QF 1' 2, K. E W V E Eu E y i 1 , , . . ,.,. , E M . 7 E gli gf , ' I ' -1-1-qrgi! . iff 'g 'X 1 13 '-'VE -- -v "S A. " 'Q' Q I L E ai 2 ,pf A-if .1 ,HCI , 1.1 LLP!!-aL.?l .!.1L,,!,.,2' E 111,51 , 5 is -E 1 Fe- 3 ' 1 : EQ E ,Va n 3 'IF 7-E 5 E I N . X1 .:..- .,.,,. .,- . .. 1 - 5 ' x 1 : m m fi 111 F Q. I 521 121 WM 1 5 ri E , 'Q 1 E 'F 1' 11. 11 :: ?l 2 211 " "ij: i' 31-1, V11 W ,Vx in r1 rf-1 fw-131 -' ---- S 7 E gk 5 . 411 1 :l.Q.""A:-.ids lfsblpg fm 1 1 111. 5 , 5 gb : .1 - 71, x - " , E 91 E ,. ,. I S 1 x 2 SP 2 N 51' -1 'r -'V .-r-1 'yi guy r ,.'xf 'r' -115 -A 1--X-11 fx. - .-1 I ll ' , E 5 . . Vi llXv'LLrL1 1 if L CPL' 11,,,L,!l,l.J E 14 g ' E 5'l E " 1 A 11 Q '51 R' P E 2 ' 'Q L TJ.r71rg5,X.m..,, .,-1.5 ' .QNX , ,. 1,4 fa, E R K 1: 2 gi 5 .Fi l YvL,,fJJ-1iLDQ,-L! lg I I I Q W " , E Q 2 1, 'sum , X E gr :E W NT.: 4- X Q, E 5 51 5 M J fNIL1fg Q,l.,,J-5,3 J, 3 f 5 1 Sf E "-HM lg 31211: , P E ?l Q i t 1 .3 -f -- -X 1 X .- --,Ay - -P, -X 1, gk 3 1 V E f i ui Q,fLfmf12p51QfrfHXf1'fg,DA11r.Lg L11 , 5 if 2 1 1 A 'P 'T IN CN 'ffl' 1, E E 1 M 3154 1 11 ,V J .LJJW , , 'gm 7 E A i E Ilflf. 1' 1' " 1 Q nu g E fr 5 ws 111 W1 11 S 1 1, E I 5 A lxxxxmaxkxkkxxxxxxxkkixxxmxwixxxxxxxxmlLKiidxxximixQxW:LllkXmKXxxmxQiiMQiQxIS i .Y 2 er k 5 WH' ' 1 E ' ?l 1 E '- - I 1- E if E E - E 31 .. sl rf K lui l - 5 N. gg , i , - wiv Tv 'v 'Nr-Nw v' N vN'N.Aw 'y'NNr'xN.'N"'v' ,'1'xv'w 'vxv 'w 'v 'v '1'v'v 'v'v ,, 'Y' gg E f' ' - H' 'QfCLXY4'E'VkI3: jillIIIlllilllllllllllllilllllilllllllflllllllllIHllllllllllllllllIllHilll!!HlIilIHlllHlllIlllllilllllllllllllmlIIUIHHIHHHIllllllllfllllllllliIllllllllllIllllllllllflillllllllllllllllliif NATHAN CLIFFORD RICKER A ' - 21-LMf-- 'f' " v w" A Aff-1 'nkzzzmue-im'w,. 5 2 THE worms OF A4 ul! wg. xi x LH? 1 97. V A is LA, I Twkl r'1r1'PO1'-m DTVTCEP U T- r' ' - X i V 3 'O H5 6 4.3 ' DEAN C'--vw: wc:-Con MQ-T, f fvm fff? vwff AN F"l'jl"FfV' V faq iw, R !f1KF1P. AN writ-'ff ' 'gg . Q Y Y V' A K ' rx TEUT OF Msn 5 A Brammzp, or rsrrfryfgff Q1j55,' ,,5T ATPON ,, ,Wm 1 .. S ERS: A SQHOIAR. L ' , fi z fn T1?AffHm ,, AN 0mA nUf f'Qg ,. ,QQ 1 ZEVL. Aww A Forwwmg 5 A P'0URfsQuARE Cow NER STQNE OV THE ills f 1NwE1Q SfTY nu? LL' rf" ff INOISQ T0 f- WM WE 3 if , 1 313 ' WZDTCATE THIS' mom, fu-4 YS'Y'fWPY K I rx r.!BR,vv'-' 5 N fw f. , f f- , 31 w J, 'V :Pi .5 V f '.f, w, v,1v . V sb ' iw? 5'-f,,.f,,' ?mx g ag N F' Ryaff Q 7 -A X, . N : : ' ' " 5 4 .B itn:T,qf:,x.....L,-,..,-..-na K . , fr N f 5. 5 V -4:14. EEVN VERSITY QF ILLI QI NATHAN CLIFFORD RICKER Nathan Clifford Ricker. eldest child of lieneral Ebenezer Ricker and Mary Stacy Kicker, was born in Acton. York County. Maine. on .luly 2.1. 1843, liorn of that sturdy old New lingland stock which produces able men and courageous women. his careful training and natural aptitude for learni11g aided the develop- ment of an unusual interest in books. Any time that could be spared from the exacting duties of the operation and management of tl1e farm, for while the father was attending the Maine Legislature the son must be manager, was spent in study, His primary education was obtained in the public schools of his native state. In accordance with the custom of those days. that all young men should learn a trade, he adopted that of a cabinet A maker, and so assiduously did he ap- ply himself and so rapidly did he acquire ability that in two years he was made a full journeyman. He proved his efficiency by making four piano cases in ten days when the usual workman made but two in seven days. For several years he taught school in the neighborhood of his homeg then he accompanied his family,after the Civil XYar,to Virginia. where his father was to be a supervisor. From Yirginia he went west to his uncle in Illinois. At this time he became filled with a desire for higher education and by his own unaided efforts, in individual study for three Years in Latin, French and the sciences, he prepared himself for college. This was not accomplished without dithculties. for books and apparatus were not abundant. He made, for example. his own botanical dissecting knife from the steel hoop of an old hoop-skirt. :Xs a means of mental discipline. L'olburn's Mental Arithmetic was employed, and so engrossed did the student become in the solution of puzzling problems that sometimes in driving his horse would stop stock still waiting patientlv until his TH1z fl1.11 ld0MliSTl-ZAIY c cnteied thc Lmx ersits llluls in lanunx 16,0 his caretu ant tx iaustnc prcp11at1on win ning lmn advanced standing H stur ent htc was one ot activity as membership in l hilomathean l.iter- '1ry Society. presidency of the Col- unheeding driver became conscious of the odd state of affairs. i ll' e - "'w:i'of Ill' f ' 2 " . 'Q 1 ' l .. , I , .I . ' . ' . , ' , . ' .' 1-xg. .Lx- ,',:. izQ X , . 1 ' ' . ' f a , ,. :ajft-ifi' ' Ei:s'Y3.. El?i: - ' -1 .r . . is 1- 1' :.,1:,:1', gsfg3 Q 1 .. . . . - -' "t' - - . .VX-' , ' 4, A M, , l , Y ,,. ,, Qu X ' xxx ..-y Sabi, . 'U Ni' Q si if - rf me L s s B v 1 N X "-'V pc I ' Lt A N s A 'A ' ege government, and other posi- tions indicate. His service was not circumscribed by college bounds, for he was a member of the Stu- dent battalion which did guard duty N 'C ye ' 1 e 5" 1129-1 Nix-. 1 . 'i f' -V ' 1.Qggs11.e: 'i - . . ., wen..-Qfilc 'J TH1-1 M11.1. for a week at the time of the Chicago tire in November, 1871. In spite of these activities which so often occupy a student's mind and time to the exclusion of the acquirement of knowledge. membership in Tau lleta Pi and Sigma Xi serve to indicate that his time was being put to excellent use. He graduated in Architecture three years after entrance into the I-11 II-IE NINETEE 'TI-HRTE ILLI L'11iversity, afterwards going aliruatl tu study at llauacadeiiiie in llerliii, during the summer in the year 1373. After some mutitlis uf travel in lftirnpe, he re- turned to take up his life-wwrk of teaching. lflegimiing with September, 1873, he assumed full charge tif the deirartment uf Architecture at the Utiiversity of llliutiis. and retained it for thirty- seveif years. llisllmig peritltd tif Seri V fy:-b ,,,'-a vice las permittem him tu 1 ircct am aid in tl1e develwlmieiit ttf the de- Niglf ' partmeut trom thettime when lie jl. Mf,, il.4- 371.5 " W' ' ' himself taught drafting lll the same 'Ling' ' -'A'1'i 353' " 1'4 11,1111 that held a class of rhet-vrlc, tw .ti.,,,,,,,41, .3-ss -uf" the present. when the ilepartmeut ' fills an Cllllft' floor of Engineering '," e l Hall with offices, class rocniis. drafts ' , ing 1'4i11111s,'a11cl zilittve all. the iuagms D ,N licent HI'QllltCCllll'Hl lilirary, p1'ul1al,rly X 1 hvrliiis, --, the lvest Ill -the cou.ntry, lllQ'SCl1.'L't1H.ll --Leff-',4,',,j -' , X f tit lumks ter which he lumselt ls Tm' Mm DAM respuiisililt-.v -ln lQOO he received trtnu the Lmversltv the degree 01 Dectm' of Architecture in appreciatifm uf the alrility. devwtiuu and imseltisliuess i11 the development of his work. In addititm tu lieing head uf the deiiartiiieiit ttf architecture he tilled the posititgm of Dean of the College uf Engineering fur twenty-seven years. frwm M78 tw IQOS. lle was married to Mary Carter Steele tm ,-Xugust , 25, 1875. -ws His public service includes memliersliip in the llli- L21 1 nuis State Board of Examiners nf Architects, of which Ii board he has served as president since 13119. He is I, president of the recently aliintinteml tlviiiiiiissiim tu pre' 4. ffi 5 pare 21 revisiun of the lnuildiitg laws ttf Illinois. lfurther 'V K 'Sgt - he is an active and also an htmttrary lfellfww memlier nf A- 7 the American Institute of A-Xrchitects. Nlemlier .if St 1- x ciety fur I'rm1i1itim1 nf lingiiieering liducatitm, lfel- low of American Asst tciatit 111 fur the .X4lY2lllCClllL'lll uf Axe , Science. etc. ' DE I' , W... W Nwtwitlistandiiig the fact that his i wurk as El pmfessiuiiztl instructor and as executive ofticel' iff the ifwllt-ge nf lirigineering has left little leisure fur the 111'ey1z11':1tit111 :if wtirk fur pulwlica- tit 111, he has written a lit-1-lc +111 illl'llFSt'tl limits, which appeared in 1385. Later there were pulnlislied lay the lfugiueerf ing lixperimeiit Sllllltlll. three lrullet- i11s entitled respectively. 'HX11 lfxteiif Nlull uf the Dewey llL'CllllZll Classiti- t ttitiii tu .Xrcliitecture and Building." "A Study ttf 'Vrussed lirvrvfsfi and liase and llearing l'lates fur Ctrl- His Fucsr Fcumii. tsl VN VERSITY OF ILLI GIS unnis anil Girilersf' which were the result uf nriginal investigations by Dr. Riclcer, antl which cnnstitute distinct contrilmtiinis to technical literature. Nus inernus pimfessit-iizil papers antl reviews have been published antl architectural perinilicals. .Xn entirely new anil authttritative treatise un mnfs, which has been in care- ful lll'Cl?llI'2lllVPll fur years, will appear in 11112, Dr. Ricker has also cwntrihutcc'l extensively to technical lit- erature by translatinn into English trnni the tiernian and in Various technical lfrench. including part of the mwlcs of Gaudet. the faninus teacher uf design at the lfcnle iles Dealix Arts. K l'erhaps one of the most mlistinctive and significant ' -- f ' 'Ji nf his ClIlliI'llJUtlH1li tn engineering eilucation was the W" 2' yur. ,fii-f introiluction into :Xinerican , l technical sclirmls of the Sci- Q ' ence of Graphic Statics, the Eiga A' fisf value anil necessity of this ini- 'Q 4',' Q :fl. ?t55'-1 f t- 1- purtant stuily being early recog- ' 1 ' '- .9 . Q nized and appreciated hy him. Q Al .. lie was also instrumental in A i ,l'9fillTA"f wigs the lIlll'ilIlUCfl0ll anrl further- ance of lalmratm'y work in shop practice. renmvn tw her, as well as tn himst ' heliwerl hx' all with wliuin he has li Urn lfiuiixivs Ilns brief narrative tlties not pimnuse to be a story of llr. Rickens life. lt is merely a sketch to show linw strrnig anal restiurceful is his character, litnv bmatl and varieil his activities. The L'nix'ersity nf Illinois is his great tlelitttr. Tu his Alina Hater. antl tw her tlevelrvp- nient he has tlevoteil the best of his life, and has brought Lll Il , e is universally een associateil. cul- leagues. stutlents. neiglilinrs. Nut une uf the multitude uhm have crime intn his inlluence but has fleparteil with ll feeling uf gratituile fur the kintlly sniile. the xrarin S 4 Yi' . ' 4 - H RW HT greeting. anti the sincere interest he in i El ',gt57fijw vii' V ffxikbit Q1 l6l has shi iwn. THE NINETEENTHIRTEEN ILLI SECTIONS 1 . '1'1112 L'x1x'1c1 S111 H r1111f11111Lx1x1 111 1111 xx1fxr1f1xw IX 1111 11111 w1s111111x 1 111xw1s I 1 Miss Betty is playing the Prelude To open the book for us hereg She's sending our greeting loyal To Illini both fr and near. VNIVERSITY CDF ILLI GIS BOARD OF REGENTS Q- '-ff' Hux, A. P. f,1Rm'T Mics. L.xL'1m B, EVANS HON. FRI-ID L. HATCH HHN, XX11.1.1.xx1 L, .X1:noTT Mies. KIAIIY IT, Rrslix' 1 va . an if . ' X M , F W- - U 7 f is gt-elf? . '7' if , --' xi I, 'L X Y ' fs 1 ' H1373 . y Ihm, ,XIJTIIVIJ Mx 1 M IQ Allis, lx.XI1RII' .X -Ilxnmfxlmr' I101 Hux, .Xuxfx F. MOORE Q. Lg? 1.1 V V. N , 1 vi P 5 1 ' f 1 .H ,lf 'Tv ' 'f' fi' J' I 5 ,.,.1,g, , Hox, Ons W. lion' Q X M 1 A mx 'J--'17, N THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI BOARD OF TRUSTEES The '1fIVUTl11IT wf lllinoix 1lf.r H!ii1'1l11 CHARLES S. DENEEN ..... . Spf-ifzfffiuld The Presi11c11twf1l1c State Tlffz1r1lwf.Xgric11lt11r1- 41f,r 1 717111111 GEORGE A. ANTHONX '.... ,... I iezmzz 1 The S11peri11tu111lc11t uf Public I11wtr11cti1111 1lf.1' Ulfi .'z'. II FRANK G. BLAIR ,,.,.., . . Sfrizzglfiuhi ELECTIZD MEMBERS T 1'r' 111 T'.z' ff 1'l'T Y MRS, CARRIE ALEXANIDER-IZAIIRENFZURG, B1'!!u:'1'I!1' , . , 11113 FRED L, HATCH, Sfvrizzgl G l'1f 11' 4 , .,., . IOIQ A. P, GRUUT, U'1'l11'l1U5!c1 '... . 14113 MRS. LAURA B EVANS, T11y!11rz'1'll1- ,,.. , 11115 ARTHUR MEEKER, l'111'u11 St 1fT' k 5'1l!'1l.Y, C11 z'T'1 11111 . 11115 ALLEN If. MOORE, Jl1111tz'1'1'l!1f ..... . 11115 XX"II.I,.IAM L, ABBOTT, 1311 .I1i.1111.v Sf., L'l1i1'11f11f - , 11117 MRS, MARY E. BUSEY, 111111111 1.... . 11117 OTIS XY. HOI I'. Gmzvsw , , , 11117 1 HUN. GIQORME A. ANTHONY llux. L'11.x1:1.1:s S. I71-,Nm-N llux. F1:.xx1c G, HIAIIC I I1 T l HEVNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS I'm fum- x r lillxllxlf -hx: Q juli-is TI-IE NINETEE 'THl.llTEE ILLI . , Council of .XdI1li11iSU'llfiOll IIm1I'x1w-hxls .Tull 1 'If li 'I','l1 II K. ."n.w11iuul Hi :hu l'111g4-1-,qfyr X,Xl,, I"I1lb,, L'11iw1-my nf Halle, 'ffl Ll..Ll., 11-rnull, XXX-slcy':l11, iijlu-U1! 1 I-llugv, H1lI'KLll'11 TImM.xS -T1wNA'I'IiAA l'lI.'lclcII.l., .X Z, l'11C-f'm'xiffUr1l wf flip I'11.':'.'.vw1'!-x' mm' f'w7cx.wz' uf lifmlfly .X.M., NUTlIlXYL'NU3I'l1 L'111x'crxity. 'flag l'l1.Il., L'!liYL'l'XlIj uf ifllivzlgu. NI: l.I.,lJ., Nwrtlm- western L'11ivc1'aity. 313. D.-Wllw IQINLIZY, fb l' A, 'I' ll K, 170111 nj H15 tjmflmlfv Sul1fmf 4llI1f l'1'u!U.x.w1A fff lgmfllwlllh , . .,4 .gQ R . AL., Xnlc, 64, Phil., Huw-115111, 113. Erfsnxfi l.7.xvEN1'wk'r, Ll..lP., A T A, A Z, lhwm nf flu' Llflluw .yr .I11ri.11!r1rrg mul I'Iwff1'.v.f,fr uf Y'lzn'mzznrtuluyy. Kl..Xgr. ,xlidligilll .Xgriculturzxl ll-Ilugu, 'jS. 1.1.11 U1.1x'1-in ,X1.1:14.1:'r H.x1:1Qr.1c, fi- .X fb. lhwzu 11,7 flu' chlluffv fff l.u:.'41ml l'fvffm.wr uf I..1zu, XD. KlcKm11lrvc Cwllcgc, .0411 -XXI., AIL'1fk'll1lI'K'C 4.3-llcgw, 'ln XY1r.LI.xM fflvwxgp Qmjxxxi, A EZ .L N I N, lhmu uf ffm Qlflluyfp .ff .llummrp and !'wff.v.wr uf flu' I'r'.1ufim' nf jffillllfillf mn! Lnliumzf .Umlzrillu NIH, lfl11v:xg.1 Herlical lix,1NL'Q't', 'jul THOMAS JXRKLIQ CLARIQ, A T ST, 'I' li Ii, IHHIH HI' ,xlfll mm' l'f'f'.TCx.w1' :ff 1x'l1cf.frr'f HI., Lvmf x'urQily of Illiw-ii, NIO. I X"1L'l-1-PRlfSlIHliNT T. I. BL'm:laI.l. DEAN T. A. C1..x1:K II51 aww VERSITY QF ILLI 015 v 1 Iimx AIAM' E. 1'Im'uETT Aww, DEAN A, R. WARNOCK lirffhxic ,Tiiwxii Tuwxwiixir, A T A, 21 E. fhwrfz nf Hu' Clfifvyv uf Srimlrr and P1'nfc5.vm' Hf .Uiitlltillulzlx I'IiT!,, Allwiiiiii Li--llegu, .4701 PILAI., L'nix'cr5ity Of Michigan, 'QIL PILD., L'nivcr5l1ywf iYiHIliligL'l1. 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AB., Univerbity of Alium-win, T131 .MAIN Uiiiwrfitg' uf Alinm-si-tzn, '04, . . V. .. . , . . . v Nxxivifi. XX.xi.1iif1: 5ii.x'r'rlw1i, L,lz,, cff11rf1l1-fflluf' uni! l1'ffju,mu' nf flhztlzfimitzfs, BS., Nir- xxicli Lv11iXCI'NiIA', 'DDQ XXI., Xwrwicli, '76. Xivziiiris Ru' XX'.xisxm ii, I! H II, flf A -If, .I,,vmnr Imzn ,ff ,Ui-n. .-XB.. University of Illi- nois, 415, X.xiil,xx1ii. Hn, lI1I'41I4l.VIHjf .lglUf1f. Hifi A Iii xii-in Si.xi'1.iX, il' T, Kim-1 c'!crk, ,Iwi vii ,'Xi,i:i.ic'r Alilifium, .Xc:iri:i, ,Wifi-f'i111.'11fii'nt Nj' filllillflvlljfi Iixi-mx Xiiiixwx, .Yzffwr-1'11!i'm1'uuf iff' c,'mzmil,v ,Ixxiif Hl.IiI11i:T Iii-1.i.Y, Aczivin. Cilllff Ulurk m Nw l'r'v.v1lim1t's Offiur. B.S., Cmriie-ll, '003 .-KAI., Harvzirfl, nh ll,-xificismm Iiivxx,-xim bi NNINMII im, ll' A H, fl, H K, .-XB., ."I,Y.VI',YflllIf Nvgistrar, II41 ATI-IE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI QJLLLGL QV AI. ,PX V , 5- ' f P---ff-4-.. - A . ' V- . .V . , A -U 1 - f 9 I 1 ' ' ' - 1 N' 1 x- I Z .Q ' LZ. 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PHILIP BOYIER HAWK, Pl1.D,, A K E, E E, Prufvssivr uf PlIy5iuIug71l'IIl C!iuIr1I'5fry. GEDRDE .NBRAM iX1II.Lf-ZR, Ph,ID,, Iwrfvssor of Jluflzcrmitics, .'XI.IiERT XYICTOR BLEININ1-Dill, HS., Acacia, E E, Pmfv.v.vur of Cc'7'LIHlf1'X and l7i1'vrtfIr Departuzrnt of C'w'i1I11ir.v, PIENRY BALDWIN XVARIJ, PILD., fb li K, E E, Prnfrsswr of Zimloyy. FRANK CHRISTIAN BI-1'HT, PILD, E E, fb B II, .-lxxixfaut I'mfus.wr nf l"1iy.riDIDg7y and Hmd of tliv Dvpizrtlmwf. FRANK SMITH, A.M., A T A. E E, .I5X1VL'illfL' l"I'nfv,vsDr uf Zfmlwgy and Czmitffr JIIIXFIIHI. xYILI.IAM SHIRLEY BAx'LExj, PlI,lJ,, iffmipiirrl- l'mfp,v.wI' ,If Gc,I1,I,,y, CHARLES ZELENY, Ph.D., E N, lb B K, N E N, .4.v5nfiI1fu l'awff1'5,wr iff Zwrlivgyy. HENRY LEWIS RIETZ, Ph,U., A T Q, E E, .A1x,mrii1fI- l'rwfv.rwr Inf JIIIIIII-I11iIt1'i'.v, CHARLES FREDERICK HOTTES, Ph.D., A Z, .-lxsistuut I-'I'nj'v,v.mi' ,If Botany, JOEL STEEBINS, Ph.D., dv A 6, E E, .'!XXl.SfU7If I'rIIfI-gym' uf .'I5fl'0Il1Pll1j'. RICHARD SYDNEY CURTISS, PlLI7,, E E, .-lsxistiiul Pmfvssnr nf Cjfgllllff Clzmzzim-y THOMAS EDMUND SAVALLE, Phil., .'1S.Y!i5ftIllf Prnfvsxur nf StVI1ligrufI1zI'I' Gvnluiy-v, JUSTVS NVATSON FOLSONI, SOD., Pmfvsmr nf Iiiztfmmlngy. CHARLES HIiRSC'HPiL Sisui, Ph.D., Prufvxyin' nf .ilutlimiiirira CLARENCE WILLIAM BALRIIQ, PlI.D,, I E, .-Isxmiziir 1'I'uf.'5xDr Nj: lrwryizzrir Clzmihvtrv I171 University, V702 PlI.D,, L'niverNity of Cliicrigo, V811 Z, l'fU.'-I,l'U5I-c1'CIIl uf fliu l'I1i':'crsity and Prwfiwwr' uf I,I..IP., K, Pmfvsxm' nf .llzulytiful Clzruiixtry, um! L7I1'i'ufiu' nf nf Hu' uf Nu' ,Irtiug :If NIU EXE NIVERSITY OF ILL1 CIS DXYIII Ifmclw Kl1'I'x,KRI..KNlD, Pl1.I'7., A 'I' Q. A X E. E E, KT' B K, .-lxmviuuf f'1'nfc5s flzvzzzixfry. Emxyxluw XYn.H'1' XX'.x51l1:1'RN, Ph.I1,, .1,vsi.cim1f l'wfm.wr' uf I'1zy,vim! 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H1115 l7l'E5fcfL'Jlf f7'l'F5frfNIf Scfn'f11r'j' Tf'mlwrr'U1' t-.ll-, Imu .-1 WP S . ff --.Ax ,-,+- VV L ,lk , 1' - ,ic ir- --Q -J A- .Q 491 " A ' jnnx D.-x1.1vI.v lffmtlml! .llfznmlcf , llnffmr lfu.vL'rtlu1l! ,Umm.1Ur , Huh il lhxkrtfulfl All.1l14:y1m' H4IXz'l71IH llfllluyrrr' . Trllfk llflnzflycr' . flatnllpi Umtwr . Cluxx Omtur . . L'l11.v.v Pwr . Clays Ilistffrzlln . Chzxx l'rnfl1f! ll1lnir'rfwrzl111 . Sufrm1fo1'i4111 NIVERSITY OF ILLI CIS SENIOR CLASS CQMMITTEES .S'Ii.YlOR BALL COIIIIITTEE l,4HARI.IfS XYHAM, Clam Prr.viderzt PAVI. B. FRITCHIE, CI1II1'rman 1.1. XX'II.I.IAIxIS C. A. I..xmIa H, R. HPQDRIAN M. E. XYEIL C. H. XYARNOCK J. IiI.1.IO'I'r .-X. DELIIMAN R. H. NAU H. E. FOSTER C. L. SIMONS L. H:XI.Y. F. X. IXICGRATH H. S. XVILSON P. H, BICIQEE A. F. KENDALL L. M. APOAR E. P. BRADLEY H. H. BARTELLS 3'E.YlOR JIEJIORIJL COJIIIIITTEE CHARLES S. ROBERTS ...... Clzairman -I. HRAIILISY R. C. M4-LARTY H. F. GLAIR TXIARY BARRY C. M. SULLIVAN A. IXIONTGOMERY H. H. CRAWFORD C. E. DELEUW M, S. PARKHURST VV. P. ARNOLD H, CLARE nl. V. STEYENSON H, F. IQEIVILIAIXI SENIOR II.-IT COMMITTEE ROBERT Cl. BLACK .....,. CVIILZTVHICIII E. IIINCHLIFF A. M. BHIRRIS H, C. HAY F. E. BERGER F. XY. BAUER H. S. FIELDER SENIOR STAG CO.1I.1IITTEE GILES E. KEITHLIZX' ........ Clluirmafzy M. CARLSON C. U. FISCHER C. M. SULLIVAN M. A. ZNIONTGOMERY VAN GUNDY F. C. NICNARY A. C. VIXNZANDT L. M. NIATTHEXVS R. HABRYWICZ CITTO SPRINGI-i H. E. KIf2RKER E. V. CHAIIPIOX SENIOR INI'IT.AlTION COMMITTEE COURTLAND K. XYHITE ....., Chairman F. E. SWEITZER R. C. NICLARTY A. H. KERNDT .SENIOR CI.,-ISS D.-15' COMMITTEE NORRIS N, HITCH ....... Clzairwzau C. M. IQENNAN ALICE THAYER BTILDRI-ID TALBOT SENIOR CAI' .-IND GOIVN COMMITTEE RAX'b1ONTl G. REAL ....... Cxllllfflllllfl NY. C. BERKMEYER P. B. LACHER ALTA CHIPPS MAMII-. BALDWIN XYILMA PONDER SEXIOI6 BIfE.4KF.4.ST COJIMITTEE EVA NIITCHLLL ........ Clzairman A IXIITLIA GAY C. J. NEWLIN R. F. QUINN KATHERINE LEWIS GEORGIA FLEMING IN'IuN'l1:4n1I-ZRY CRAWFORD HRAIII I-:Y SULLIVAN KEMMAN 1,ELl'2L'WV ARNOI In'I's MISS HARRY Mt'LARTX' STEVENSON Tl-IE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI SENIOR CLASS HISTORY W fe ' lf m4.I,'fL, N the pellucid autunm uf 14105 the omnipoteiit class of Y ,T 1 ' lfsz 1' I V A mai 'T Q? N hint ' .Mile ' lfjl P aroused tl1e old University from a nap that she has since not been given a chance to resume. Though there have been other classes on our campus. for all the noise tl1ey made they might as well have been running a ct 1- operative dental parlor in a poultry yard, lllst briefly to lay before you a few of the accom- plishments of old Twelve. let us pause a moment for re- . , . flection. ln 14108, T,lIlCUlll Hall, the l'hysics Tluilding. the Natural History annex were asleep in the deep. The l.ibrarv loan desk was then about the size of a Canipbellite pulpit-only one or two' souls could lie waited upon at a tin1e. l'rexy and Thommy sported little two bv four ohi- ces i11 tl1e garret, while tl1e card catalogue was about the size of a family medi- cine chest. Such then in part were the disgusting conditions that leered at the class of IQI2, when its noble members girdeil up their loins and resolved to show what high minded energy could do Faltered they one moment at the gloomy pros- 4 pect before themf Ah no. lielieved they deep flown in their palpitating bosonis that success would be theirs? .-Xh, yes. liehold tl1e fruition of the carefully nurtured seedling. Du or Die. After four years of "Twelve" administration gaze upon a l.incoln llall, with its magnificent seminars, its marble stairway. luxuriant rest rooni for the memorial for a class tu leave this. Turn to the north and D its wonderful elevator and cloistered halls, and its professors. Could you conjure up a more fitting lint old Twelve could not think of stopping with consider the new science-stricken professors singing lullabys to handsome. myriad-windfiwed edifice was reared. spiration from many tortured brows, amid t nowned class of IQIZ. he Physics Building. with its con- the delicate instruments. This nioistened by the laborious per- enconraging plaudits of the ref And then to set the stars in old Twelve's crown before the sun goeth clown. stand before the gorgeous senior memorial. erected in the fragrant and hyacin- thine center of the renowned peach orchard. and venture to squeak that old Twelve has not left behind her the most magnificent fussing settee that has ever been permitted to feel the heavenly sunshine of satisfaction, XVhat more. then, need we say? Simply this: "XYell done good and faith- ful servants of old Twelve." 1351 GIS gtvixi VERSITY or ILLI AYEZU A 1' il L' fd ILLINI SENTORS ARTHUR NYTLLIAM ABBOTT Chicago i'1.f1r'it'11It1zm' 47 I' A Scabliziril and Blade: Major Cadet Regimentg Var- fity Truck Tefnn 131 L43 M D .XBNHY Hnrrislmrg .51Aiit'fIt'L' Pliiloingntliezni HERBERT .XUGUSTUQ ACER 41Iedina,New York Bizsiiicss 'P T Varsity Dancing Club RHODA HILMOUR QXDRIANCE f0l1115tnzw1,Pa. Litcrntzzrv and .flrfs XX'oinzin's .Xtliletic Xwvciatiori XYALTER XYILFCJRD ATNSWORTH Cl1andIr1'z'1'lle Lz'tv1'tiIizrr and Art: X B Glee Club Q25 t3il LU: Y, M. C. A. Cabinet C351 Y, M. C. QX. Cabinet and Council C471 Vice-President Y. M. C. A. 145 1 Freshman Varsity Football f2l2 Var- Qity Track Squad 133: Class Football C151 Varsity lfmitlimall Squrul 43i: Connnercial Club: Lincoln League RUSSELL ILXMRICK .XLBIN Genezfa LifL'7'lIf1ll'U and .-Irts Adelpliicz Cosrnopolitzin Clubg Union Dramatic Club: Mask :ind Baulvleg Lincoln League Senate Call-"Hvy Dulce, Hvy Duke" U61 ,THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI ILLINI SENIORS ARTHUR JOSEPH ALBRECHT Tzkkiliwa Literiifure and .-Iris Acacia Band 115 1.25 C35 f45il Glee and Mandolin Club C35 HAZEL ELLEN ALKIRE GP'6'FlIZ'l'C'TLf Litfnifurz' and :Iris A O TI RALPH ALLEN,jR. Dvlrwuu flgrifulturc Agriculture Club ORR ALLYN Hope,Ka1zsu5 xlgrirultnrc' A Z Agricultural Club GUY V. ANDERSON Chicago fifYl'it'll1f1lI't' l X qw l Varsity Swimming Team 125 5 LEO M.-XHLON :XPGAR L'r'Zmua E!vrtr'it'i1I Eizgzncvriizgy Illinois Union Dramatic Club: Preliminary Honors: Staff of Ullaiil of the Rimini" Q35: Varsity Fencing Team 135: Captain in University Regiment C451 As- sistant Treasurer Illinois Union 645C Senior Smoker Committee LU 1 Circus Manager 145 Z Senior Ball Com- mittee 1451 Class Treasurer 445: Engineering Dance Cwnimittee 145: Member A. T. E. E. Sigma Cl1ia.r.ru1'v.r 115 tlnzf Hwy nrt' .mviizy ii house funn' In build a symigogm' mir! dom' l37l gms VERSITY or 1LL1 ois l l GROVER SAMUEL ARBUCKLE Brorton i ilI'ecl1l1uii'11I E'I1fIill6CVl'7lQ A E FII' Students Section American Society Mechanical En- gineers: Preliminary Honors: Class Basketball L25 C35 145: Class Baseball Q25 C35 K45 WILLIAM PRICE ARNOLD Beach, N. D. Law Ioniang Onyx Club: John Marshall Law Club: Class President U53 Class Debate Q15 t25: Class Bowling C15 625: Sophomore Cotillion Committee l25: 1912 ILLIO Business Stal? 435: IOII Home Coming Commit- tee l45: Senior Memorial Committee 145' LOUISE ARMSTRONG Fenton, Mich. Liivraizlrt' and flrfs A X Q5 Illiolag1iJA 'Ifg K A X PEARL XYINIFRED ASHTON Kulanzason, .lIit'11. Ht?1l.TL'llUld Suieazvr CHARLES NYJILLIAM ATTEBERY Hillsboro .'lll7'iL'lIlf1U'L' Agricultural Club GLEN DAVID BAGLEY Elgin Elcvtrifal Efzgirzvwirzg T B Hg H K N3 E. E. Society Captain Signal Corps: Class Treasurer IOII-IQIBQ I Preliminary Honors "He is as dispmporfiozzate in his mmzizrrs as in his sl111P0."-"PMI" PARKER, 9 A X l 38 l THE NINETEE 'TI-HIUE ILLI OSCAR ROLAND BAINES Urbana Literature and ,riffs fi? B KI A K X Preliminary Honors: Scrilmblers' Club LAURA NINERVA BAKER lVl11'te Hall Literature' and xlrtg Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet 12l 13l 145 MAMIE ANNA BALDXVIN Rockfm'd Literature and Arts K A 9 Senior Cap and Gown Committee 141 GENEVA MAE BANE Pontiac I-Iulttifflnld Sfifllit' CID B Athenian Literary Society: Household Science Club: Le Cercle Francais JULIET LITA BANE Pnntiar Hnuxelmld Sfiwzfe QP B Athenean Literary Societyg Household Science Club: Le Cercle Franqaisq Agriculturist Staff MARY CORDELIA BARRY ClILIHlf7LlfglI Litvraturi' and .-Iris KI' B1 fb A XII Alethenai Literary Society: Le Cercle Francais: Ad- visory Board NVoman's League 131 : President XVoman's League 145: Y. VV. C. A, Cabinet 12l 135 143: ILLIO Board 135: Senior Memorial Committee 145 "0pp,1 fhg wizztinuiy. lmy.r-'Curie' Sullizuiu is Going! to mrs" U91 VN VER ITY GF ILLI CIS W ' x ' ' 3, go- 4 v lr-J, ,YW nf K - V li a 1 ILLINI SENIORS HENRY HARRISON BARTELLS CUlJIf'P01ll1f CCrt1u1z't',v ,' .-Jmria Class Baseball tll: ,lunior Prom Committee f3l: Senior Smoker Committee 1.15: Senior Ball Commit- tee 145 FRANKLIN XYILLIAM BAUER Compton Litcriltzzrv and .4175 T A: A K Xl Phenix Freshman Varsity Baseball: Varsity Baseball Squad KU: Varsity Football Manager: Junior Smoker Com- mittee: Senior Hat Committee. ARTHUR EDXYJXRD B,-XL'1I ,lgftvrfii Ltffftliurt' Und :IHS 413 E K KENNETH BEER Cf1it'i7g70 .-lg2'it:11lt111'r Scalibaril and Blade: Onyx Dancing Club: Lincoln League Senate: Glee and Mandolin Club KZ! 137 443: Class Basketballp Captain L'nix't-rsity Regiment Kl:XBFL FLORENCE BEBB .'lf115kUg7t'i'.O1cla. LZ'ft'l'tIf1Il'C and Arts CID B Household Science Club ULIYE RUTH BECKINGTON Bclvidfre L1'ft'ft'IY1U'C and .-Iris Roan Editor of Girl! Issue of Siren C nitir, rfafzi lmtvt in me a bum: fonzfwinzimzf'-PAPE, K E l40l THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI ILLINI SENIORS CYRENHQS REERS. JR, Kimi, Ind. .-lgr1'r14H1n't Agricultural Club JEFFERSON HALL BELT Sayliruolr Elertriml lfl1f11'rlm'1'1'11g Preliminary Honors CHARLES HENRY BELTING Vrliami .'lj7!'Il1'1!H!lVt" TAZAZ Phenix: lfreshniaii Varsity Friotlwall ill 1 Track qgig Vanity Irmvtlvzlll frm rpg Varsity Track itll 14a PAUL EVERETT BELTlNffi !Yl'l7l'llIlZ l.1Afu1'r1i11m' amz' .rlrtx T.XZKAl'I1'1'BK Fresliman Vanity Frmrlwall 127: Varsity Fr 43h XYQXLTER CILXRLES BERKEMEYER, 131137 St, .-lrc11iiv4'f1m1l lf11i7i'a1Cvi'z'1131 wotball Lmrix A-Xrcliitvctural Clulw: Klancl-vlirn Club: Egyptian Clullz Captain in Regiment: Senior Cap and Gwwn Commit- IQC' l4l ALICE HIESTER Ifrlzhfvn' Hozzxvlwlrl Sricllu' luloiiseliulil Science Clulrg Y, XY. C. A. Calvinet 54-5 From 11 1UlIlll'U'lC' in flrt um! Dr'.Ylj!lI-"5lt'1', tl1u1'v'.v Dr, Bagfvy just gfvftizig mit of lrix HILIA L HOI1, I 'womicv' wlzalr Mrk."-ll.AxzigL tmnir-xxciw, A X S2 l41l fig' 'X aww. -Q-F93 . ff-"LM N U .YA--, . - :, -'G . Rf" 'O' i -f.,.": ." -Qgl. may QVNIVERSITY or lLLl ois Bu! a knowledge of mlrulus will um' ILLINI SENIORS DE XYITT BILLMAN East St, Louis Law CII' A A Order of the Coif: Egyptian Clubg Philomatheaug John Marshall Law Club: Junior Cap Committee: Preliminary Honors. ROBERT OVERTON BLACK Urbana Liferature and .-lrts Class Football 615 f2j: Varsity Squad QD: Chair- man Senior Hat Committee EVA BLAIR Arthur Huiixeliirld 561.07156 Household Science Club EDXVARD BROXY BLAISDELL FallRiw'r,Mass. SL'l'L'l1L'F A T Q Helmet: Ku Klux Klang Shield and Tridentg Glee Club Cool' l'1ol: Freshman Varsity Basketball: Soph- omore Emblem Committeeg Junior Cap Committee: junior Council lStudent's Unionl 1 Class Baseball C33 5 IOI2 Board AUGUSTA ELEANOR BOND Urbana Litfrutizre and :Iris A A YP GRACE MAY BOOKYVALTER Gardner L1ilC7'flflH't? and flris Der Deutsche Verein cr make a girl fall in low with you.-PAUL RICH, B 9 II l42l l HE NINE l EE 'l HIRI E ILLI ILLINI SENIORS T 'T ' QE,, f RALPH WALKER BOOZE Sullizmz if A' ' fig? 3 Railway Elv1'tr1'u1l Enginccrivzg ' f ij : ZZ N: Ku Klux z' l - - " ' 1 A- ' ' N'-ll 1 .- ' '. ,. ' ' 1153 if - . -,T-"F-. J? Li," ""'A ' """? '. iii:iiw51S Q3 LANG FULTON BOXYNIAN Olney -ig f- Q ' 5f1AU11'f' ii ' Z2 M P A ' it . 11 is x "'N 'z iii' is X LL.- .-,,.,, ,, A -I HECTUR JULIO BOZA Limu,Peru ' "-', Aft? E-5333 BS. iRolla Selma! of Mines! IQII 3 A ' :A ,. Civil lfn51im't'ri11g . ' "M'f,w'6 ' v. .1 ' l,'1 P - It H' T B H 1 ' Chess and Lheckcr Club ' '1 Aiwa. gg , , . Q-xt-xx -Numa . :-- ' - ,PMN . . 1-vvk N 5 . :it X . '11 4. ' ' - ARTHUR JAMES BRADLEY Cmitir Rapids, Inwu -V ,b ' N ' 5 Q' ' 5 flfflll-ft'L'f1ll't' Scarab: Helmet: Ku Kluxg Sophornore Crwtillion in Alffgg f 1 Committee 1232 ,luiiior Prom L'-wnunittec 135: Senior .':'- m1g,,jv'N ' , 'jffffif Memorial Committee l4l , Qllgtg .,QQT"r1'iQ5'-i-ifx 5 X , -Qivfff 3 .-.,f1Af':.-:F.ijQg5E 'JF--fi ' EUGENE PATRICK BRADLEY Sf, Louis, .Um ' tx TX- 1lI1'vln1i11'r11I Erzg1iirvvf'z'r157 A 1 Q - 2 . X-' "4 Shield mul Trident: llelmct: bemor Hall Committee - 1.. 'I 5, 3 5 : Nz -X 1 x ' 1 '- TT " 4 1 , ,Q-fi: xc- xlhu Vx . ' Y J 1 ' 1 T' iff EUGEIXIA LRfXDLlzX Lua'a ix ja:-ig - 5, Liftwltnru and .tlrfs 'f ,R ,N V A ,',, fgjt 4-Q fi "ll'l1y ix tlzc Art and Dvxign Ig flux.: lilsv tl n'17z'i1zc11f uf ui: on their fwizivsfl l 43 1 'tI1V'j',JH "Tl11'y fulxsctl in VU'I'i4 L HEVNIVERSITY OF ILLI 015 X QSNY "W :F QQ, K Q'5fp3f9-RSETWQ -If 'AX-Yi bgbggfmeaaf is s ,, M, 5 -Qy,-,4k'K. 'Q -:M?g'lM3E3S15" 'fwfslllmgm-E W magma' Qpxxqi 121 11 W3 " L X2 r,-X 131461 Y Wm g .-7"if'w sw Wilt? X 1 1. '21 -A 'I' ink '35-REX N5 N555-gf-all x 1-1 Q-.-1 Vs 'X K X X. xx' bf.: si 1 ,Wx N ,six 'X' K ,, Q J-ri fx '-T X54 Gy 5 R W XSXHQQ Q 1 ggi N. leg , vw A 'x 1 x A X Ni -ANN B it N XYNX ,QQ xx? sf- w X A kv r- '9 Y Oki iff 1- v 3' 1 4? ivgk sw 1 ...W fun: wffxwi ILLINI SENIORS CHARLES NVILLIAM BREMNER La Grange Civil Ell!7lHf'l'VilZg A E fi? Illinois Union Dramatic Club: Civil Engineers Club: Maid of the Moon 133 3 Class Baseball 133: 1911 Home' coming Committee 143 CLARA MABLE BROOKS Sauncmin LiIv1'ar'y St'n'l11'f' E K Yo Bla: Illiola Literary Suciety ROBERT.-X MARGARET BROXYN Ashtnn HL'VIl,YL'lI1fI!i Svzriife OSCAR ERNEST HULKELEY Biatienlfmzf. V Civil Erzgiuvrrirlg CI' I' .li T B H Graduate of Knox College ARTHUR ERNEST BURXYASH Savoy .-1g7r11'1f ltu rv Track Team QVIOT 1'11l ROLAND GLENN BUTLER Lvfbdfltl .lIvt'!niu1'rt1I Eizgiiivurhzg A 2 CP American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Class Fftotball 131 141 C- W ', ' ' i..T. '- I-is - 1- ' +-Q 1' ., 4 P131 'H 11,1 th- - " fag-1,1 :',. 1- -,.. 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Clivuiiral Ez1571'm'criug fb A T Chemical Clubg Spanish Club ROY RUDY CARTER !t1t'!rs01iz'iI!e L z'z'il I:11g111vvr'i1n7 Assistant in General Engineering Drawing FLOR.-X M. CASE Urliaua Litvfutirrc and Arts Illiola Literary Society: Library Club: Preliminary Honors: Y. XV. C. A., First Cabinet 125 ljl "Yes, I wear a mustuclie fu kvep from living mismkcn l45l for a. ball buy"-MosHn2R, Acacia ,. + .1 :L 35 ILLINI SENIORS II XROI D LI XX FOX XI K XXI' Irbmza If 1 ruultural Club H XP H111 ar ELIYXILTII III XRII ITN L SQ 1 1 'A C1111 111111 X LUCIIQS URYlI.I.E CII1-XNIBEIxI,:XIN C111111111 11,111 1" L' 3' 1' 111111 E 1 YIN VAN MHTITR CIIXKIPICIN ,I1'a115fic'Id ' mst: SI11cI1I ' I Tri I 'IIKQ Ywxrmz Ciptain I nsi PAH V - j 3 1-A - .X V' Airccin' 1 1' '11 .' ill' I I 11' YUN-DIN CIIUNZUN CH,-XNG Sl111111711111', China .' 1111111 '1' 5 AfI'ICllII1lI'IlI CIIII L .' xu-nts' I -' ' -115512211 'if f 'If?flQf I I I .'IjH'I1 HIHT I L. 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Cabinet tlzlz Assistant Business Manager of lllinois .-Xgriculturistl Sophomore Class Secretary: Star Course Manager Q47 V.-XLENTIN CONFESOR Cubutuan, Iloilo Pr0t'z'm'v P111-1ffff7lt'S Elctfriuzl lil1gi11Ui'1'i1zg Cosmopolitan Cluh: E. E. Society: Student Member, .X. I. E. E.: Philippine Government Student QOSJ ARTHUR FOSTER CONN.-XRD Decatur' ,lIt't'lz4111z'fal E1Igfll1'L'fiIZg T K E Onyx Dancing Club IIDXYIN LEXYIS CONNELL Joliet Elcftrifal Engineering T B H A. I. E. E.: E. E. Society: Bachelors Clubg Preli- minary Honors Tlze essence of afeftednexs-C. K. XVHITE M31 ILLINI SENIORS ,-A. --Y-I., ifb',"" '.'., ,Li fqg Lgj:3AgS.Q Q I N 5: iff., - 1 5 . E v- , N . 1-ef. +1 41 1 JS'-T , HERBERT HARPER toxbrxxr bfvrzzzgficld , 3 i1Iefl1u1111'a1 Erzgir1cvr1'11g1 American Society of Mechanical Engineers at iii:-:f5'3" fi PH .. f- -iw.:-1 Ji, 1 pp ,Jai-af , f. gi, 'is- gi 1 f - -1555 if R 'E' si Q . - - . A. 12- -. .rw r, DELMAR GROSS COOKE Piper L tty - . ' -' 1. P-'i H'w'Sf.z-Q Literature and .-lflx SL ' 4 ii' ,, . X 17 ' V R "i .. E 5 ,j5g,'5,ff: 71 , , , 'f tr: 5 'H fi- LEON JOSEPH LORBEX Elgin iii? .'1l'L'fIffFL'f1ll'L' . , . 22 :sq V- Architeetural Clupz University Orchestra 615 155: ,I Engineering Dance Lommittee 1.13 . , Q -E . 35592 , ,- - , , .. . ii '5S"r.4,1fA 3' M JAME5 HER RX LOULTER Pittsfield 'Q . . . . 4. ' - 3','I'Qg C' 11111 ElLgIHt'L'fIHfl dv r Varsity Fencing Squad QIIP - Q' sn. . -16:-R-4 in - -I H-9-2-39:5-.:YEf'Z'tZ-' , Tl' when 'ski-Jw-K+ Y a r f gg-5.0-:gm i .!g?:'g:yO'51- - ,5- HAROLD H.-xi11LTOx LRAXXFORIJ 3 S Rocliester,jliizn, 5 - 'S Ei . "Q ' Lf- : ?,,e.'1f. 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DAVIS HOIt0n,Kan. .-lgrifulture 4'A93AI'P Varsity Football C25 C35 C433 Varsity F1055 Freshman Varsity Football Ill Phenix: VVater Polo JOHN VVALKER DAVIS P05e'y7J1'IIe,Ind. Civil E71fIlHt'f'l'1'71g T B II Triangle FRANK CLIFFORD DEAN La Illoille Journalism T K Eg 2 A x Scribblers: Ionian Literary Society: Lincoln League Senate: Managing Editor The Daily Illini C433 Editor The Slimmer Illini C353 Illinois Magazine Board C43 ARTHUR DECHMAN Clziraga Clzcmifal E7lglHFE'fi1lg A E fbi A X E American Chemical Societyg Chemical Clubg Class Vice-President i351 Class Football C415 Smoker Com- mittee T415 Chairman Chemical Dance Committeeg Senior Ball Committee 145' 1171011 Prof, Daniels dies, I suppose hr will apologize to the doftor for kicking the bufketu lsol THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI ILLINI SENIORS EVA AMES DEDRICK Geneseo Litvrzzturf' and Artx A EI A CHARLES EDMUND DELEUVV Jrlrlesomdllr Civil Engirwerivrg fi? A 6 IRVING POLHEMUS DEMOOT CI'O01v75f07l,llIl?lll. Liivralzrrv and Arts Onyx Club HERBERT G. DERRY Vermont Ele'fh'iml I?rzginvering JOHN JOSEPH DESMOND 1l'o0dstnrlr Elf'1'1'rifUl Elzglzzvvrifzg CID K Junior Prrwm Committeeg Class President Q45 3 Class Baseball Ui F. R. DEXYEND Moline .-lrl'l1itC4'l1m1l E11g1,11uN'1'11g Profrssor Hays: llliss Hnslcins will you please nanw flze lllws Edna Hoskmxz Idzols, 1llll7F4'll6'J, and vmrazncs I511 tlxrcc lriufls nf wvuls mindcll People' HEVNIVERSITY or 1LL1 ois ILLINI SENIORS XYILLIAIXI HOVEY DEXYEY Peoria Litfralure and Arty ' B 9 TI ROBERT XY-ILLIAM DICKENSON Paris i-1grz'rul!zu'e Agricultural Club: Varsity Track Team C45 CHESTER CHARLES DILLON Normal Sficlirv K A H HARRY ALLEN DOANE Sycamore' Electrical Er1gineer1'ng Electrical Engineering Society NYILFRED MORAN DOHERTY St. Charles Law Order of the Coifg Freshman Honors, Literature and Arts: Preliminary Honors, Law: Class Football Q32 446 OTIS BOND DORSEY Perry Electrical Eiigineering Electrical Engineering Society "Keithley says" 1- MCLARTY, X B l52l IHE NINEI EE 'I HIRI E ILLI ILLINISENIORS . , , ,ff - 'rw mms IDLNN 1f,fm,L- A .S lflzxiflrmi .l1l1111'H1xffv1trf'fz fl 'V A '1' if ' - X'r+x:m: Illini-Ar l'rf-m XQUIIIIIIIIUW' .' 11 ' ,.-Q -f 1 A515 Y. 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Agrlcultural Club v '.e-:Ls1-I-::-:.r'L-vZ-I-f'k1:rw': ' -' -'Y 51:2 . , f 5:11 ' ' ' -. -. 52Ej'23SgX EDITH MAE ELMENDORF Morrison 'TGH2 'afY-3:14--Q?vi:r..4f?--if, -I - 5-Agp,---5 ,- H ouselzold Svzence Easy. IS 212'5X-Gsifrsnkf asf- ' 5 -A , , . ,.,! S1-1:2 f ' I 4,1 '--:Y -',1-:--r',-r-A,- , j -jig 5g7"5-H-L. ,Q-7,1--.g,'q ',..ej , 5.5-- Lfgwf-.--'f'5-IQ-'iqfi-'Tj-hi., iQ L. X if . , Y' - Ll JOHN LOUIS ERNST East St, Louzs, Mo. 1'."'? -:f'?-ltiilljziwifq' ' gg . . . I fm- Arclntectural Engzneermg "1f?f5'., ,'Z5?f2?ff1gy'1f51fi2'f Q5 gs, Architectural Club .' '34-3. .lv '- fu- 3 -,Q ,r ,, ...,,,,. .- ,. ' Gif-':i2"Q ' 'fbi 5- 5 ff:-.E A Ll If-: Harlc I lzeur o roaring, mofller, karl: the thunder rolling high Hush, my child, you see thatir Claro and her Artie passing by. F541 THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI ALEXANDER XV. ERSKINE Oak Park Civil EIlQl'lIL'L'I'l1I-Q Triangle: Lieutenant Cadet Regiment Y35 NELLIE TANNER ERSKINE Hawurdeu Sr1sk,Ca1z. Literufzzre and Arts A O H ARTHUR THOMPSON EVANS llkllirzgtmz Sviencc Iris: Class Football K15 C25 C35 C453 Class Baseball Y35 : Illini Board Control 135 3 Sergeant University Regiment XYILLI.-XM HOWARD FARNUM Danville .-lrclzitectural El1gI.llL'L'l'l-Ilg Architectural Club PER ALEXANDER FAUST Rode Island lllerlzauicczl E11qi11errz'11g LOUIS EUGENE FAYART Springfield Literature and .-lrt: if A A l Illini Staff C35 UIVIUHIG, mama, who is that boy 'wlm is always looking like l1e's going tu say 'u'lmt15"" "There, there, Flassie, that is llfr. Herbert of ilze Daily Illini." l55l NIVEPCSITY P ILLI 015 HARRY FEDDE Pe0f011g Elvcfzimil Ezzgiazvcrilzg XYIXIFRED FEHRENK,-XMP .lIilwf11zlrvc, His. Lilimry Srimifs' A A A Entered from XYisconsin University CLARENCE XVILLIAM FICK II'iMnfield,La. Elvt'i1'it'11l Elzgillvmillg K Student Member A, I. E. E.: Class Basketball f25 35 145 JAMES STUART FINDLEY U'if11ifa,Ka11. Civil E11gi11c't'1'i11g Kansas Club: Civil Engineering Club: A. B. Friends University Xlfiehita. Kansas CHESTER OWEN FISCHER St, Louis, Mo. Lam' K E2 11? A lie! E A X Shield and Trident: Yoxan: Ku Klux: Shomeezg Pan-Hellenic Council: Class Football C15 Q25 445: Freshman Baseball Manager C155 Sophomore Cotillion Committee i253 Dope Sheet 435: Business Manager IQI2 ILLIOQ Athletic Editor Daily Illini 445: President Lincoln League 1.15: IQII Home-coming Committee Junior Prom Committee 135: Senior Stag Committee 645 LAURA ESTELLE FISHER Kimmuvidy Litvrature and .-Iris CII B K First Cabinet Y, VV. C. A.g Volunteer Bandg Le Cerele Franqaisg El Circulo Espanol f'After nature made Iziuz she broke the 7l10MId.u-PAPE, K E ls6l THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI LEXYIF- NEIITNHIQR FISHER Dvftttzzl' Cqiril l:'11y1i11pt'riHg7 H I 'I' B H lnztliglc ll.-XRRISHX frllllflll,-Xll EL.-XTT Ctzrrnllfnu l.ifurt1l11l'c tllllf .-lrtx GERTRUDE XY.Xl.L.-XCE ELEKHXG . . Clitzmfiaiglu I.l'ft'rtlf111'v and ,-lrtx :Im A q, llliwla Literary Sticiety: Scrilililc-rs' Club: Illinois Magazine Buard GEORGIA ELIZABETH FLITMING Clltlllzfvttignl Ht'f1f.u'71ultI' ,Tt'z'm1t't' llliula Literaryi Society: lltwuseltold Science Clulwg Scniwr Breakfast Committee 143 JOHN GOODFELLOXY FLEKITXG C'lmu1puig11 .'ll'L'!lTlCt'fIl7'l' .-Xrchitettural Clulv: Philclnmthf-an HERBERT EDXYARD FOSTER .4iIit'a,1m1', .-1r't'11itvt't1n't1l Elzgizlccriizg E X Shield and Trident: Chairman of Junior Prom Cum- mittee 435: Interscholastic Manager 6.0: Senitir Ball Committee l4l j1l7li0T-Hllvllflflj' 1116 trouble, Light?" Liglzf-"-4'ii', the fellow ufxt in mr in T, 8 A. M. 0 .wmrvd 50 loud that I fflllldlltlf .flee l57l s"1r Sid ILLINI SENIORS X IHLA CUXHT XXLI X TRANhR Ltad S Dal I X L L PXLL PLLHFR IRITLHFX O 11 v I LL lx I lllg llli xl' H015 Z-l.7lIlk. mxttge nt Lmcmln In ue Ecfyptmn Llull Comme-rclal Llulm Cl'l'ilI'ITl'lI'l Nunn' Bill Commlttee l4l President 1 5116 I'I1'1f19lIlD Claw l4l Qi llxI'Nl' NIXSOX ILXIX. Iurmm 1 L 41111 I' A Ll'1N51CEil Llulw A RALPH JOHN PDXRPER .T .-5 'fvzrl " Gibson City ' ,NMFS H.fXRLfXN 11xRLuNrR Tis -ilua ,'Ij'll'l.t'Il1fIlI' ' - A F P Iris: Cllairmnn S:ph vnwm Emlllem Cwmmittee 6- . . W RALPH PILLSBURY HATES 4 H L C'lzffagu l L I l Clzcuzisfry ' fi ' fl'1'A:.X X E llclmct: Varsity Enskg-tlmall til fgl C45 3 Freshman K' Ynrfity Basketball ill: Class Baseball ill Czl C43 5'l"'A'f Q i Q l 1 la .1 Q E-Q Jil- . Q 'fi ' f, K' H Y V A Y A 1,'I1An1r-13-lrvzrr y l I rf: : ll A if fe: - 1 , if A. ' , M L .- - .4 - 1 ev Q ' , 5 -Q I.Iturltzr1'e 7111 .41-rx . . ' K 2 .- , ,N 'N 1 B15 iss M: Illi " Mag .' 31 Y, M, C. A. :V Cnlwinet LU: Recorder Y. M. C. A.: Membership Com- lx,...' .1 ', ' ' .6 . 't f 3 ' 'L . " 4f..' 7'." " 'I l.l'fN'l1l1n" 1' .-I I' In fun few 1, N I , 5 L 1 lr ' 5 l ly y I l 3. "IFJ muy girly if ynu ffuly had the eyc.f."f"M.xm:x1i" llfxluels, K A 9 l53l TI-IE NINETEE 'TI-IHUE ILLI ri' ' ' - AKIELI.-X GAY Ruth Part ' U 'ff ' I.iit'mfm't' und ilrfx in V Eiipduxif W- F Illiola Literary Swrictyg Deutscher Vereinl Senior Rrcnkfnft Committee 14d 4, A HARRY FORREST GEIST Aurora lfIt'f!r'n't1l fff1gIim'cr1':1g Varsity Gymnasium Team ill l3'l 143 WILI-l.'XKl SUMNER GENTRY FVtIlIL'frH'l,IIld, plwlziluuizrral Eng7inm'ring A T Ku Klux: Helmet: Military Rami lib 123 lgl LU: Crywtal Dancing Club lil 2:1 G 1 ' A' REX GEST Rnclc Island ' .'lr't'l11'tt'V!11r't1I 1f7lfll'lIz'L'7'l'lIg Cfvstniiipolitaii Clulig .-MB., ,Xugustanzi College V035 AXRTIITQR S0l,OMUN Gil-JDINGS Clniulpaigrz Elcrtriral E11gim'vr'i:zg Electrical Engineering Society lull C25 Q31 C43 P.-XUL Hi-XRNED GILLAN Clznnzfuiign .'l!'L'1Ilff'l'fIl7'L1l lfl1g71'1lm'r1'r1g E A EI T B H Entered from XYisc0nsin University as a Junior "I can't help it 'rausv I'm l1is!m'ict1!."-lxiiz Dnwxixu, A 0 IT lsol " .' ILLINI SENIORS A, ,, XYIXFIELIW CURXYIN 1ilI-Kl1'JRl2 fnrtnu 5-L Luiz' 'M i Iris: Ionian Literary Swcivty: Imlni Marshall Cftllff - Llubg Y. Rl. C. .X. Calwinet 14l: Class Baseball 115 125 131 I Class Ffmrllwflll 1411 Class Howling 13l . ' ffl.-Jw-fe .... ' A g g: , IUISIJIITRT 1ilS1flR1'iE 1'iII1T1'7N .11I1'k.YL7ll'I'iHF ' ' LffL'l'tII'IH'l' rllllf .lrfx ' . A T: A K X ' f Hellncti Orange anll Blur lfiancing Clulig Class Foot- - Qifa' 3 ball 1ll 137 145: Class Bawball 133: Class Bowling . Z' ' 12h lm 145 I I ' HARRY rfR.1NKLtN 1isLrxiR c'11t't-apt, N- ' . .1 ,lffrlfl1111'rl1X If11g71'11tu'1'1'11y 2111 Aisix lk Q ' , Ku Klux: Ilelmctg Rlanclblin Club 115 121: Glee I ' Club 135 145: Yarsity Dancing Club: Freshman Var- ' FV j , sity Baseball: Smplimnore Clais Baseball: ,Iunior Cap le, V -S ul Connnittcc: Senibr RICIIIOTIIII Cnmmitteel Busine-SS i-.lll Manager 1721611 anll Xlanelolin Club 135 145 ' ' X rr'-r , -- G.-XLEN VAX RENSSELA-XER GLOYD ,lftictuzzb 1 - ' .'lz'r11ift'ft1fVU , ' ' 2 A E 5 I t P Scarab: Ynxan sin.: I ,f w zf . ' - fi 1 PEAR1- HAZELETT GOBEN Damiille A 'A 5, llnzmulmld Sz'iCm'e L Xnzfnaqf 5 rffr'ri"'j1v Exif" -, . N f - ivan S- ix JULIUS LUDXYIG GLJEEELKIR. Urbana ' . ,. I 1 Litvrnfz4r'c and Arts , ' . " 4.55. ,' Qj Aclelphic: Cadet Hop Committee 125: Sophomqre A 'f '- -ici Emblem Cfwmmittee 121 : Illini Staff C331 Harris Politi- ' ' V -1' Science Prize 131: Editor of Siren C452 Varsity Swim- Y ' ' Q: 'L-jLlfQ1Qg1i I ming Team 1411 University Orchestra CID 125 135 "Cmnt you .rmcll my Imir f0?11'1'f7H-DEAN NIEYER l60I THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI ILLINI SENIORS LOUISE KATHRYN GOIIFSEL Iitvriltirrt' and .-lrfx 47 B K3 119 .A AI' Urbana Alethenai Literary Society: lfreshmzm Honors: Pre- liminary Honors FRANK ELLXYODD GOODING Illvrlmuiml Engyiiierriiig Student Branch of American Society Engineers: Bradley Club BYNE FRANCES G1 IODMAN Litvrutiirs and .tlrfs AEA: KAHQQIIBK Historical Club CHARLES GORDON Peoria of Mechanical Clnmipaigiz Cliirago Eledrira! I?i1il'wi1y linigzilzvwirig Preliminary Honors FRED GUYON GORDON lvtllldfllltl .Mzmififial and Sanitary lfngim'cring T B H WILLIS GAYLORD GORDON Electrical Eizgirzwrixig H K N Tnwanda, Pa. "Somebody fall me at daybreak, felluuxv, but dun't lot il: sun rin foo blamed early BDI WILSON, A T A. l5Il vw 'Q '1' f ' r u lrfq - Xa' Q-va-X ll '35-N - .. A "tif . 1 ,V 1 ' gi'2ggQ iQ 1 ' -A ' 1 ' 1 1-24 ,,f-..v,,, .., ILLINI SENIORS TOHN EUBRNRQ COSQETT Clzampargu Bzfszncss Frekhman XX ater Polo and qmmmmg Teams CID X armty NX ater Polo and qWlI'l'll"Illllg Teams C11 K W Ml K-15 Laptam of Smmmmg Team Ml V3fSlty Foot lull Qquacl 643 LOLIS HILL I OL IxLEX LZILVLIYIHL and is 0 lx A H lib French Llull lmlmn Llub berma Sllrzngfifld Club Spameh FLORFNL l- H LXRRIET UR ABBE L rbana Hrrrzsdzfvld Sflfllt t Houxehold Smeme Llub LESTER HFRPFRT CRAYES ll'1'Imfite e'1'frz1'111 ling ' L'L".1fl Z 'PI L K N Phenix: Scabbwnl and Blqclez Helmet' Lincoln League Seniteg Major Univeriity Regiment' Class Bas- '- ,nll ill - A HOXYLARD RLCGLES CREEN Ambry u mmf! E11g1z'111'fr'i K 111- 11.1.10 Board: Editor Dcpe Sheet C43 L JOSEPH PIQXCOCK GRFEN Cl1ic11gw f1gr'if1fIl111'r '1 AT 1 Helmet: Suplwnrvvre Cfvtillion Llwmmittee f :S'n3j5:" ,nj - 1 v v D ff TS' ' f- Z, , A - M I M A 5 H , 1 1 , V V1 . .KVFLQL P ex , 5. V , K V. . . 2 ' , 1 V Y Ting A .Q E 3.1 - .. ,117 . .1 A--1' 1 BK Q, ' 1 Qliqhf. . N A 1 11 N 1 N n 3 ', 1' 5,41 i n: ., A Klub 1-if-5':,giQ5Q5l " Q "ji '..L'.fl'I.i:4: Jgglfifii 1 X 'Z lim-P-"., . .ra ' I 15:-45Q.igQ:, :- , r 315 fu 1' ,v v5 5 Q V FL Lf. X F ' A Q " jflyxt ' -. 'Q-1 LM ,, '- K 4.53 1 F HTRNQN 4.50 1 X ,Q v 1 Xl ' N ' Q El nu 111 X X It 1 v wg 1 X ' 1 3 1 N , mr. mm X 'xx L 'X wily, M R li 5? ,fix X71 fb Y 1 1 y ' x 531 " Q C 11 1117 , x K ix v ff Y fl A E xSP 4 1 , v 11 ,E F9 K' 1 .9 Ah. 0112? Lzwzzfs, llllfkllljl fur 11 ,wr :I 1111 tin' frainz and g11'11bI1i11g7 Fritz HYt1fll1f'l".Y 5Il0NIU7L'7' by mis- tukr-"Ul1, yirlx, l11'r1"s nur. l62l THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI LONSDALE GREEN, JR, Clzifaga Jlfz"fl14l7Iit'l'll Engillvrriug CIP A 9 llelmet: Swimming Team 12 435 4.15: Freshman Varsity Football: Senior Class Football SAMUEL ELZA GREGG Rantoul .llnlzriixiral Iizzginaering DONALD KAREL GROVES Chiragu Literature and Arts T A Class Baseball C15 f2il C3l: Vice-President junior Class Second Semester: Illinois Union Dramatic Club: Mask and Bauble Cast, IQII: Business Manager Illinois Union Dramatic Club, IOI2 EVANGELINE EUNICE GROVES Clzanzpaigu Lifvratzfn' and .-Iris Atbencan Literary Society: First and Second Y. XV. C. A. Cabinets 133 145 PERCY XYILCOX GUMAER Buffalo, N. Y. Elrrtriral El1gilIt'f1'l4llfI.' Litvrature and Arts Easterner Clulvg Water Polo igl l4l CHARLES LEROY GUST,-XFSON Bnonc, Iowa .-lrt'l1i!Frt11rc' 9 A X Yoxan: Scarab: Architectural Club: Glee Club C23 f3l l4l1llli0 Art Board 13,3 ll-ll "If Sears gui 10056 woilla' Katharina Clzascfr' l63l QEVNVE11 ITY or ILLI 015 VALENTINE BERNARD H.-XBRYL Chicago Elvftriull If1lgi11m'r'1'11g Class Fiwtlmall tjl 141 THOM.-XS LLOYD HAINES Turluuk,Col. Busizzess .'iU'H1lA7lfXf7'tIff0ll B 9 II ALBERT LEANDER HALL lfaukeguri Law A T A1 11? A li' Shield and Trident: Yoxan: Ku Klux: Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Freshman Varsity Basketball: Class Fomtball f2J 133: Varsity Football 443: Varsity Basketball tsl 1,35 443: Senior Ball Cummittee 445 HOMER HALL Beltidere Lilcrlifzirr and Arts Ionian: Seribblers' Club: Illinois Magazine Stat? AMY IRXYTN HAMPTON ilI1l5L'Ufl'11E', low! .lfusir .-Xcliotlig Atlienean Literary Society: Preliminary Honors: Y. XY. C. A. Second Cabinet f4l ALFRED CHESTER HANFORD Carbondale and Arts 1 fi? B KZ K A U Philomatlican: Y, M. C. A. Cabinet Q45 "Say, Bntssr, just wlzat did you say rn Sauvr' at the Chifago game?" l64l UTHE NINETEE 'Tl-IHUE ILLI ILLINI SENIORS JOHN PAUL HANNA Aurora Arl'lziz'6l'Izn'g fi? K XPS T B II Yoxang Scarab: Glee Club fjl 145 C573 President Glee and Mandolin Clubs 445 f5Jg Preliminary Hon- orsg University of Texas. 'OS PIHLLIP SYDNEY HANNA Aurora Business 115 K NIJ Helmetg Yoxanq Glee and Mandolin Club CID 125 C351 Band C13 125 Q31 5 University Orchestra C13 Cel: Sophomore Cotillion Committee: Pan-Hellenic Council VIGGO H.-XNSEN Jllnrris Civil Enginefrifzg li! E K Junior Smoker Committee fClass ,XID CLAUDE LEROY HANSON Batavia Civil Engineering T B H JOSEPHINE ALICE HAPPER Morrison Svievzre Aehothg Household Science Club GEORGE A. HARNACK Champaign Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Club "1 think if.: jnean, the 'way the Pi Plzis are roasted for spoonirzg. We arm? a bit zuorse than the C111 Ofnegasf'-CLARA SXVIGART, 1'I B 41 l65l ILLINI SENIORS ' I 'I IIICRNIVIQ IIXRIQISIJX Clmzufmigflz '43 I.1t.'f11f1I1'U mm' .1115 'rjpy ' Ii A II I ' Y. XY. If X. Scumwl 1'zlIvimAI l'IlI I IXZICI, VI INRIA VI"I'I'f II XRT C'!n1H1fn11'yI1 :gf l.1lI'ml11f'U 111141 AIVI5 N 'gg Im Vvruln- Ifzmqzaiwi SIPIIIIIXII l'IuII "Qi-71955 - AQ SUSXN ,XI,IIII'i II XSII lfIf.vzuvI!,lml. I ,-gh' Lllufulllfn' .mfl .Iris ' .X U IT ' XXNIIIZIIIIN XrI1II-ur .Xwwiznln-nz ISZIIJIIIIII Bzuka-tImlI I 'IH-:ml 4:1 I .wr , ,u , Y I ,. ,xx . I , 1 3. Ig1QI1IfR'I' -Il ISIIYX II XSSIfl.1,jL'IST limi' l.w'.1mi ' IlI'.'Inl11II,1f' l'rm1H.'Ur'1'115f .gg I I I - , , - . N ' l'I.AXRIfXl'I7 IRXXIX IIAXYIQX Cfrvrufvrfd RJ' ' ' ' .I1IllII1L'!f':lf mm' ,Nlrflilufrv ffrlglizlrffirlgl ' I I ,. 'IAri.111gIv ,sg ' ' -'+,!43, ' l by ,,,. ,, I I K I It mx iz. IlIxxx'1,1ix' A45pm, CM. , N Q b I .I1'rl1ilUrf1111' ' 4' ",A. ,V .XI'L'I'lIIL'L'Ill1'2lI I.'IuIv - .4 ' I' ' 7fL5I ' Ili' q Qwvfuiwgq "Ili Buys!"-.-X1:T11i OQLE I66I THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI DNN I.I.IiXX'1fI.YX IIKYS lfilll'r1'ff.v,.1lff11l l1'h'4'f1'im1l fi11ff1'11Vv1'z'11f1 lfIc'ct1'ic:1l I'ilI2illL'k'l'iI'Ig S-fcivlyi .X, l, lf. 121 Tram- N fn-rrwl frwm ,Xl'I'llIfl1T Iuxtitulv uf Tx-vlmlwll-gy ' HARRY N. HQXYS Bczzzrut 1, 1, '. 4 ' .lm'iuHlI1lru 3- - N ,x IIICRHIQRT R. lllfIlNI.XN f7Il.t'L!1f1l 1, J ' 3 SII,Clll'L' 1 E N Shiclrl :lull ,lNI'i1lk'llfQ Varsity' Trzlfk NIZIIIZIQCI' l4I1 " IHIJ ILLIU Hlumlg Yzllxity lmnciug Lllulvg SQ-11i1w1' ,L ' ' ' S1111-leur L'-m1u1i11n:c: ,luni--1' Prmn t1nu111ittcu: Swph- ' 11111-lrc V+-tillilm lbumnlittcci SHIUIPI' Ilzlll lFvr111nitt1:e 141 LLUYIJ INXNXIZS IHQLM Allvff-ffpnlix . I.ffC1'tIfI1l'L7 uml qlrlx Egyptian Club HENRY IZIQNLXKIIN HEXLIYY Cf1rz'ln1gr,l114f. bilfllfl' Class Hmvling Tczuu 1.41: ,Xgriculturzll Club: Hur- ticultuml Club Rl IBERT Ml IRR1 HX' HEXLFY f.iLl1'f!IlI5lL',Ill1f. ,fM'IC7I1'c' Agricultural Club: Horticxultllrsxl Club In Tiru' uf thu dif?'f'1'Cl1t vluxxux muuml the :wins at fllp .XxUf'll Clcctimz, it migrlzt lu' mil! lint cwllllif, K E,VgZL'Ll.Y Cftfffll Ivy fw'f'frl41r' fwfr' f67l gvixiiviin ITY or lLLl oi OTHO MANSON HENN Brockton Business YI' T HAROLD HARVEY HERBERT Freeport .I0'llI'1Il1l'l:SH1 XBQIIPBKQAKXQEAX Shield and T1-iclentg Scribblers Clubg Lincoln Leagueg Editor Daily Illini C45 5 Assistant Editor Daily lllini C315 Daily Illini Staff LID 1255 Associate Editor 1912 ILLIO QD BESSIE EDNA HERSMAN Hersman Literature and Arts fb A NP Y. W. C. A. Cabinetg Alethenai Literary Society CHARLES KAY HENVES Quincy Chemical Enigirwerillg A X EQ Q A T American Chemical Societyg Illinois Union Dra- matic Club: Chemistry Clubg Preliminary Honors JAMES HERBERT HEXVITT Lebanon Civil Engineering A.B. CMcKendree Collegej 1908 GEORGE EDVVARD HINCHLIFF Chicago .4rfI1itet'tural E11giuee'ri11g li? I' A Helmetg Scarabg Glee Clubg Orange and. Blueg Jun- ior Prom Committeeg Senior Hat Committeeg Class Baseball C13 C21 C35 14D "Why don't Smejkal wipe of his min?" l68l l HE NINE l EE ' I HIRTE ILLI ILLINI SENIORS N .K D. N, HITCH Clfllllllfllllgll . ,lx -. 4,,,,- ,,.'ixj l n i f LL ' A - ,543-aH,a3, f,i5.5. 1 1 1' Aclclphic Luc-rary Society: A.B. from Illinois in ,f,',, Q .gi ' f IOII. Chairman Senior Class Day Cfunmittcc 145 i Q ' i .V W 121 "V- - 5' ,A ii ' EDMUND Gi HOEPPNER Elm Claire, fm. , 9 Q ,47'f1Iffl'tifIH'UI El1gllIt'fflIljI '1 . 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' ' EYA JANE JACKSON Champaign Housclmld Sdezzre HARRY FRANCIS JAHN Chirago ,llzmiripul and Salzifnry Engineering Triangle ' LOUISE MARY JENNER Eziansville, Ind. O Huu.vflm!d SIlt'l7l'f.' f AEA , Yo Ma: Household Science Club: XYoman's Athletic I , Association ROY ERNEST JENYETT Bm'Iirzgt0n,Kan. Elmiriratl E7IfI1'11t"6'7'l71g 1:7- 6531 ' 'eh .aw-. :vt Q 5: 1 wi pez- fri E 'A 'f' iw 'N W. 'g I , - "A 1 ' 14,9 :A mm Thr fwvilfvxf umm, may nik iz fnolzlvlz q1It'Jff!l7l nun' and HIFII.-SULLIVAN, E A E E721 THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI ILLINI sENIoRs PAUL EVANGEL JOHNSTON Jacksnnziillr Clienzirnl Engineering Chemical Club: American Chemical Society JOHN LARIMER KAGY Salrnt Law Egyptian Club: John Marshall Law Club: AB. 1909 FRANK SPENCER KAILER Oregon Elfririral E11gf?1FFI'1'71Q E A E Yoxan: llelmet: Ku Klux: Assistant Manager ln- terscholastic Circus: Class Baseball '07, '09 TOM V. 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Railway Marlzaniral E1lgiHC6'7'i71g SIDNEY GRISWOLD MARTIN Clziraga Civil Eligiflvcrifig T AI T B H Preliminary Honors: Captain University Regimentg President of Civil Engineering Club CHARLES XYILL.-XRD MATHEXYS Marissa Civil Engineering FRANCES XYILL.-XRD MATHIS St.fosepIz .TI-IE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI Jgij ILLINI SENIORS l.lilGll RIERYL IXl.iXTTIIlilX'5 ,lluflure . .llnlltzrzitwll Enyincerzilig Varsity liymnasinni Team lzli Mechanical lfngi- neering Society Q25 135 149 3 Engineering Dance Cum- . mittee Ui: Maid of the Klntm 1333 Lieutenant Lini- versity of Illinois Regiment KM: Major U. of I. Regi- ment LO: Illinois Union Dramatic Club C4jg .-X. S. M. 1.152 Fe-Chet Neiiiorial Committee CM: Senior v Stag Committee I4 J 4 , - EARL N. BI.-XTTSON Cliiravgn fllecliaiziral Engineering A. S. M. II.: Class Basketball ill L35 Q45 DAVID BLAIR BI.-XYER Cliifizgtw Civil E11gi11vt'ri11g Triangleg Onyx Dancing Club: Freshman Class W f QQ 'I ' 'ew I"'0OIl1Z1ll NELLE IRENE MQQLURG t'fifim 39 Htrzixvlzirlil Scivritt 1 ' 11, B K llliola Literary Society: llwuseliold Science Club ANDREW HENRY MCCONNEL Reynolds Busizzvxs A K X NVALLACIT ROBERT NCCONNELL Mt. Sterling K SL'fe'l1L'C K A II ' Sturk on lzimself and has no ffm!-PONY IXIEYI-QR, E N ISII 4 EVNIVERSITY QF ILLI oi I.l ESETTE ,l, ILLINI SENIORS DXYIGHT XYESLEY MCCOY Vei'.rai!Ic'.v I.ifuri1t111'c and .-Iris Spanibh Club RLTI'J11LPll Xlvl'JliRKlET Sfufliu. lllislz. Elvv!f'm1! lfng1'11f'vri11g H K N Electrical Engincering Society: Preliminary Hmmrs EUGENE HARRIS Xlc'l7,XRLAND Vnllty Cqify, X, Dali :lI'i',IlfCL'fIZ1'L' H A X Hwlmct: Senior Class lfimtlinllg Architectural Clulw lil.lZ.X12ETll ROBERTS XlcGH-l- Uiirizgyo f.itu1'uli1f'u mm' .-Irfs AEA View-Prwiilmt uf Y. Xl. C. ,X. LU l'lR,5xN1flS X. 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Cabinet PAUL THOMAS ROBINSON Springfeld ,-Igririrlfzrrt' Ilus: Junior Cap Committecg Senior Memorial Com- mittee: Vice-President Senior Class First Semester T. L, ROBINSON Streatnr .llevlnznirnl Elzgiuefrirzg XY.-XLTIIR ROMAN. JR. Granite Cify Business '19 E K .-Xssixmnt Editor 101: Iruoz Daily Illini Staff C35 PIZXRI. IOIA ROPP Carlork Litcrntnrv and .-Iris A O III CIP B K XYOIHHIIYS .Xtliletic Association: Preliminary Honors FRNEST ,TFROME ROSSHQXCH Clzicuga ,Iliniug E11g7iiwv1'i11y7 Glee Club 4133 American Institute Mining Engi- nccrs fUnivcrs.ity of Illinois Sunlcnt Branchj Cffimiymfzzx, fnillzfnl lirtinrm, unlvly llnralf-K,xPPA SLI-iL'THs TI-IE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI FLOYD ELZA RUSHER Sullivan, Ind. .lgrirulture Agricultural Club: Chairman of Agricultural Dance Committee GR.-XCE ANNE RUST Brawizsfmwzl. Ind. St'iHll1.'c' K A H Athens-an Literary Society REUBEN LAXVRENCE SANDBERG Cliiraga Civil Eiigirivvrilzg HARRY OGDEN SAUNDERS Spf-ingfeld Elevfrifal .Ellg1'llt'6'P'lllg Acacia CHESTER SCHENCK LeRoy, Kaus. Eledriml Elzginvvring Congregational Guild: Kansas Society FREDERICK JOHN SCHLINK Peoria lllerliiuziral Eizginrvriizg T K E President A. S. M. E.: Preliminary Honors Her laughter was like music from a brass bfllld-XYINNY JONES, K A 9 E971 NIVERSITY CDF ILLI CIS HE ' 4 -- X 2-09x ILLINI SENIORS ALEXANDER LOUIS SCHOLZ Clzimgo Civil El1f7ilICt'7'1.?1g TENJES HENRY SCHTQLTE Lvngbzzry Ed11uI!z'm1 LEO VINCENT SCHUNDXER Sazmzuu E1m'trz'mIZ Englilzcvrilzg OTTO ,UQLIES SCHXYARTZ .Uayzuomi .4f17'fIZ1!fIl7'U :Xgricultuml Club: Ivrim Society ERICH XYILHELXI SCHXYAXRTZE ffairo ,1lL'AlllA1'fHL' KI' B H f Ulu-lmjixtry Club: I.iIlC4'IlI1 I.L-zzguc-1 COIUIHiSSiO1lEd Ufiiu-r lfzl-let RCgi1HE'llI1 Ruxh Nluliuzll Lollcge, Lmver- Nxty .wr L hlCflgO R.XI.Pll QLELXXD SKEUTT FH'i'vyll 1.1ff1'H!11l1' nuff .lrfx Vln-mix: Sc:1I,Imr1l :ami Ulnvlc: Vllilunmtlmefmi Cos- 111Up.ll1t:l11 Vlulmi Y, 31, C. .X, Vrcsimlunti Captain Uni- wrxiny RL-gimem: Lcmlcr Stullunt Y1fl111111-cr Band I azurvr lmzfv. uc:-rf lwnxfw-, n tw- Mzm11ACH,x1c1.r1x' Rmzl-.1:'rs. A K Ii N31 THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI ROBERT ST. CLARE SEESE Urbana Elvvtriral Elzgizzvwirzg H K N Electrical Engineering Society JOHN FRANCIS SEIFRTED Illayzwami Civil Ellglillfflillg 9 A X Civil Engineering Club: Preliminary Honors: Class Football C45 OTTO ERXYTN SEILER U'00dst0rk Lifvrafurc and Arts A A 411' ISTDORE SHAPIRO Chicago Bizmzess A K X CECIL JAMES SHAPLAND Sazuzerlzziff Civil E11g1'1zm'rir1g JOHN SHEAY Bemewzt .41grivuI1z11'f Ionian: Dixie Club: Horticultural Club: Agricul- tural Club 'Taint a krzazvirz' kind of cafflv That is kvtrlzca' wiflz nmzvldy ram-THE XVISE PROP. T991 VERSITY CDF ILLI GIS i X'lN,fXY.Xli Ylf5llll'ANT SHEXYADE Indore City, l'na'z'a Climuirul lfllgiiipmilig Clicmiftry Clulv: Cosmopolitan Club LYNX CALLSEX SIEBERNS Gridley XELLE M.-XRIE SIGNOR Urbana Liturature and Arts H B dv JOHN XYILHELM SIRIMONSHTR. Keitlzsburg Civil Engiizevriizg Acacia: Band L41 ALEX. M. D. SIMOXS Chicago Elarfrirtzl Erigiiievriiig -Cusinopolitan Club: Ivrim, Mathematical Clubg lzlvctrical Engineering Society CHARLES LEROY SIMONS Kentlaud,Ind. .'1gI'it'1!ifll?'t? 9 A XZ A I' P Shield and Trident: Yoxzmg Ku Kluxg H. H. Clubg ,Xgriculturzil Clulmg Class Treasurer LIN Sophomore Lotillion Committee: Junior Prom Committeeg Agri- cultural Dance Committee: Illinois Union Council: Pan-Hellenic Councilz Iljll Home Coming Comnutteeg Senior Ball Committee: Circulation Manager Illini C45 Patronize our Advertiser: liool TI-IE NINETEE 'THIKTE ILLI GEORGE AUGUSTINE SIMONS C1IL'IXklI,,1lI11I1. Busilzcss 4? E K COLIN CAMPBELL SIMPSON Dv1zwr,C0l0. Sa'1'm1re A T Q University of Colorado 111 4:7 CLARA SINCLAIR .-lrlzhmd Litcrainrv and .-1rz'.v K A TI VICTOR ROBERT SLADEK Clzirago .4lrrlzifvffm'al EIITHIICPYIIIQ E A E Scabllard and Blade: Captain and Regimental Ad- jutant University Regimrnt XYILLIS DANIEL SLONNEGER IIIU51lIllgf07l Litcratnra and flrfs E A E CLOYD CLAYTON SMITH Mt. Carroll Elcrtrirul Enginvcrizzg Iris Dulrlz lfVe1'.f-"YM, lim a Bvta. I 'ZL"l'l-ff? Nays, 1.111 guad looking and I gn witlz Julia Harfwl I 101 1 www VER ITY CDF ILLI 015 .XLDEN EUGENE SNYDER Kankakee il17"lL'1llflll'C Agricultural Club: Agricultural Glee Club C25 fgl 1412 Y. Ill. C. .-X. Cabinet l3l 4'iR.XF.XEl., ARC.-XNGIQL SOTO Stllulllll GIIZIIJU, Portn RUG .lIt't'1n1nl't'l1l lffiylifztrrilzg Cwsniopnlitnii Club: Spanish Literary Society: Gradf untc mf thu Insular Nnrnml Scliiml of Porto Rico CHARLES HERBERT SPgXL'l,DlNG Sfril1g7fit'Id Clzunliulf E1l51z'l1tw'1'i1g A X 2 Chemical Club: Clit-iuical llnnce CO1llllllIlBEl Ameri- can Chemical Society AXCBREY DAYTON SPENCE Camp Pniul St'I'L'llL't' Acacia JCPHX KICCLLVRE Sl'l'5NSl,ER :lft'zI'0 ,llvulzilnillwll E11f7i11Cm'i11g Rlcnibei' .X S. ll. E.: Kleclmnical Engineering So- cicty OTTO SPRIXHE Sl. Louis, JIU, Cvmulii' Iflzgfillrur-1'11g Shield anwl Triflvnlq Ccraunc Sfvciety: Varsity Flint- bnll 123 l3J 141: Xkimry Track Team H5 443: Sen- inr Stag Connnittei- l4J "Unified is tlzu din Uf Inllgmtv, 511:11 Slnltlnflc fn1.v.vCN1" l102l LTHE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI ILLINI SENIORS 7 AMBROSE CARL ST.-XHL Galeria .llvfliaziirill Eugzinrcring A 2 CIP A. S. M. E.: Student Section KI. E. Society NVILLIABI JOHN STEIXBREIJER Sr. Louis, JIU. SL'ICIlc'L' BGII CARL STEPHENS Clnlmfuiyn fuzirniulism fl. A X Shield and Trident: Scriblilers' Club: Miscellany Editor. The Daily Illini 14l: Editor Dope Sheet 131: Roast Editor ILLIO 13l: Illinois Magazine Board 133 143: Class Prophet 143 DIXNA HUGH STEVENSOX Elznstnfz Hlyrirzrltzrrt' A 'Z Agricultural Club: Illinois .Xgriculturist Stat? 143 JAMES VIAL STEVEXSUX Sfwutoi' St'li4.'Ill'F X B5 A 2 P: A. Z Phoenix: Adelphic: Agricultural Club: Class Debate 113 1.23: Illinois-Indiana Debate 12l: Illinois-Nebras- ka Debate 139: N. O. L. Representative 14l: Class President 125: Illinois Union Council 13l: Secretary Illinois Union 14,l: Lincoln League Senate 145: Illi- nois Home Coming Committee 133 Preliminary Honors: Philo-,Xdelphie Debate 133: Illinois-Indiana Debate l4,lQ Treasurer Senior Ilnll Committee 1i4il IRA BROK.-XXX' STIEFEI. Litrlijicld Elvririml lfrzyyirzccrizifl May your sliuduit' nrt-er gm'-ze' lvxx-I3t'1.l. Rouriars, A K E lI03l QVNIVERSITY or ILLI 015 ILLINI SENIORS CLARENCE MILLER STITZEL Nelson .-lgririlltzrrc X 'IJ Varsity Track Team Q31 642: Class Bowling 635 14.33 Agricultural Club LAWRENCE ORVILLE STOCKER Pima .4r'clz1'tvcturaI Erlgiiicwivzg E II Scarabg Senior Smoker Committee JOHN XYILLL-XM STOKES Norris City Elnfrival ElZgll1FL'7'fl1g T B TIZ H K N EDN.-X LOUISE STONE Morrison LIft'I'lI1'1t7'L' mm' .-Iris GLADYS LEE STRAIGHT Fonda Litwafzzre and Arts E K BERTHA HENRIETTA STRAUCH Cluzdwick ' Huusrlzold SL'I'01Zl'E Atheneau Literary Society: Household Science Club For the cclufzifioiz of young QCIZIIUJIIEIII To .study how to drilzk and take fobarco-T N E I104l l HE NINE l EE 'I HIRTE ILLI ILLINI SENIORS -- 1,- lilalvlx ll, s'l'l'l.l2s Cm-l1,,,, E .fl E - Civil 1f1lgli1ll'l'rillg1 13' i- 7 X ls: 'l' B ll A E ' 7' lice-lfresillullt l'ninn l'7r:lm:llic Cluli l4l: lllinnis A ff- Union Ylce-l'rcsillcllt frnnl lfngim-ering Colll-ge ill: ff., Cast Xlzlirl of thu RI.-nn 431 : L-Zllblgilll iij'l'llllIlSIlC TCZlIll -. 123 l.ll: XXI-xlcrll llltcrcrlllcgizltu flynlnzlxtic Champiml Y tgl l4l: limi llnmc Cfnlliilgx C-lllllnittcl-1 Frist Exzlnl. 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ILLINI SENIORS KIILDRED VIRGINIA TALBOT Urbana Lifvlwlfzrfv and .JVM X E2 Yoh Maz' .'XlCIllE'l1ZlI Literary Societyi Senior Class Day Lonmnttee 141 XYILLLXBI LINCOLN TAYLOR I.111m1stv1-,II'is. .5L'IL'llL'L' Land soaps G:1r1lunur's Club .XLICE CARY TIIAYFR Clzirugu I.ifv1'41!11m' mm' .Iris ,X A fI' .Xletllczmi I-itL-fury Smciuly: Scril,1I1Icrs' Cluhg XXYUIII' 1lI1'5 League Exp-cutivc C111muittee: Senior Class Day C- umuitteu 141 RAYMONI1 Rl NJIQRS T111 1XI.XS Iffwlcffml I?1rxl'11u,u A T Pllcnix: T"I'CSl1Ill1lll Vnrxity Babkctlmllg Varsity Bas! kmtllall 131: Irftxhlllllll Yrlrxity Bziselmllz Yarfity Base- I1:1II 121 151 1411 Lhllllfflill 1311 Clnxs H1151-cetlmll 1:1 HERBERT PIIIQCY THUMPSCIN l'h1i1z.vj9rId .Um'ln1111'ful ElljIIlll'L'I'IlIII Heavy Weight XX"rcQtling CIIIIIIIIWIOIISTIIIJ 131: Var- Nity 170111112111 Team 141 1 x'ZlI'SIIj' XYzm-r Polo Team Q41 ,IHHN NELSON TUDD Tulmr, Iowa ,lluffzulliuzl lj11y1ir1I'v1'1'11-17 .Xuu-ric:m Swciuty ut Mcclmnicnl Eugmeers fStude11t llrnuch 1 I1o61 ILLINI SENIORS ULIN XRTIILR THII tl 1x11 I 11111111 N N rmll 'mhnl HL! H IIXRRINUN TNI NIXN URI X XL XNIUX THXXNS I 1 lIIII rx L XIXRGAXRET JANE TT EAT I Q "1 "1III1fI'S ICR NEST DEXYNITT TURN ER XX'.XLTER VANE TURNER 1II1'1'I1111111'11I 131111111 H115 Club U Kring 1 1711! I1 1 1 Cum H11""11r Q' I C T11I1'u'.1, OIIIUU X N-A x fjjf Y NX 1 My XS Xt. if YZF- 'fl up ' .ul-Z ..f I HE NINEI EE 'I HIRTE ILLI . ' '-,5- I. ' E .f I I I ILL FI t 'W 'lc I , Y I W f.1t1"11I141'c 111111' .Irfx ' ' 715' -111z1izK.x11 ' 4 :SI Un 5 Auf Enslurn Illinois ftzm: .71 1 f' -I Q., I :HX we L1'f1'1'11I111'1' ami .I1'f5 v r ' , , I im- ' - A L '- N151 . , -, w?5j:.Q5.X cflbfv 125.215-S11 f - ' sl If .1 J' . . 1. V . - I V AA 5 H11 113' 1 IT1I111'1I11111 I - . ,gm llisto -' Tlub ' T L A .111 5 "QQ fi: T ., 1 Q 1 1 rl 11111111411 I If E I R II 111 111 RIN I-l11111II1111 I II: 5 x X X . SX S xx "H11rk! Izvard 311111 111,11 H111 11' I11,111f,x nf II07I A 1I1'1n111'f11I 11111 "-"BI11.T" Su 'IfRINllH,X VS gxfixiiviiitsirir QP ILLI 015 JOY VAN CLEVE Defatm' Litcrafzrre and .iris l LAURA LILLIAN Y,-XN CLEVE Urbana Lifc1'iitu1'i' and .-lrts K A IT .Xtlieneanz Y. XY. C. A. Caliinet llgXRRlE EARL YANDE-VEER Edinburg EIm'f1'ii'ill Eligfilivivillg X CI' Qnyx Dancing Club: University Band C25 C35 Q4j: Jnniur Prom Committee: Technwgraph Board: Cadet Hnp Committee .-XRCHIBQXLID EEEBE V.-XX DEUSEN Ezianston Elfrtrirul liizgiiirvriizg H K N Scaliluartl and Blade: Electrical Engineering Society: Captain and Carlet Regiment: Freshman Varsity Bas- ketball: Class Basketball Q27 137 LU: Manager Class Basketball 431 CLAUDE VAN GUNDY EIl.r'worth E1ei't1'iviz! ElIfllllL'L'l'fllg Shield and Trident: Senior Stag Committee 5.0: Electrical Engineering Society: Freshman Baseball Team: Varsity Baseball Team 125 131 QD: Captain l-U ROY L. VANIM.-XN Peuria Electrical E!Igf7IL'Fl'lHg 1IvAA:TB1'I:1IKN Preliminary Honors: Class Treasurer C25 l "Take things plzilosnplzirally as they carrie"-CHARLIE KENNAN, Y. M. C. A. lI03l ILLINI SENIORS .xRN0l.D C. xixx ZANIJT ciiiiiiipiiilm 11 , li'il1'l:cil.v , Ililili'fm'1i'i1tifi1l - E Senior Stag Culnlllittuu 14l h r KIIXNIIQ V4XL"l'RlN SULUVI' if- 7 - " .S'i'i'i'1lrp -w 3 Q - K A H i Scliinr llziskctlizill Tuning Vllllllfll' ljziflqetliall Team: Q, h , ' ,Xtllelle-:lil l.itcr:iry Sociqtyz Y. XY. Lf A. Scfwlld Cziliinet A ' ll XX lZRl.XX Y.XL'1ill.XN lllzrlry, S, Duff, ", , K ' an , , .llctiirzlw ' . , ' V ' ali X " V A Y li RllSll Kleiiliczil Q, Q' A 1 L llqXRl,l'.5 lzllll IX X IQXR 1 liirilgii .N ' 'y z Q, ' lflr,cir1t1f,1 . 1tli1lilli,ill'tlIifi11 f. i 3 ' ' fi ,' Alix fi. 4 ' V Daily Illini Stuff 131 1 Ciillllllcrcizll Clllljl Crystal L 1, V 'i ' liilflllflllg Club: Lincoln lrzigllt- 5 f ' , 9 , ' , " -A , . . JHSEPII BlcN.XL'1illT1lN X'I.Xl. 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A, Caliinet: Civil Engineering Club ".-Inn' the grcnfcrt in our English lifei'urIzazwr"-DOC RAY ALDEN I IIO1 1 HE NINE I EE 'I H1111 E ILLI ILLINI SENIORS lCl1XX'.XRlJ lLVliRliT'l'lZ XX .XTICRS ll'i11h1'l11', 111111. 111111111211 ' x ll M 1 1111111111 l.'1111111 11l'flI'll2l1lC 14111111 1,'111111111'1'c1:1l lfl11l1L x NX l-i11c11l11 l.E'ZlQlIl'1 l71'1wl1111:111 X'ZlI'SlIy 1511111111111 111111 lim- I?- kc1l1:1ll 1313 Claw l711111l1:1ll 141: Varsity l1a1ku1l,1nll 141 fl ', ClI,1XlQl.1iS PR11YlNE 11'E1111 151111 xr 11111111 11.1, Aff! U ' ' Luis' " fs , A, , Q ' 1 -11 .1 A L 1 11111111111 Cl11l1: l'l11l1'1111:11l11':111 L11cmry Swcietyz :1111lIl ' ' Kl:1r1l1:1ll LI111' 1fl11l1g 1'r1'l1111111z11'y ll1-1111153 Varsity ' k, ' 1,ll11'L'I' I.vz11lcr .5 1 . 1 , -Uk l 'X 1 ' - 5 , XMXLTER HARRY XX'liF1liR T11:1'fr Hill I f,'mjl,x1.n . ,,, - 1 l3'11.11111'xx 5 it Q A 11 12: .1 K X V ' 1-1, A1 l'l1c11ix: ,l1111i11r iNl1'n1l111r 5111119111 L'11i11111 011111111 A 1 K 131: I"1'es11li-111 111 8111116111 l'11i1'111 C11llllCll 1413 Ku Q V lilux: FTCSlllllZlll l'i:1scl111ll 111: Vanity Baseball 1:1 if , V 11 131 141 b in 4, Y ' l'h T, iff -Fiig, 11m.1'1N lilli'l1l1lERG 111211. C1111-11111, 1 5 ,. fi 1 lfl1'1'tr11'11l lf11111111'1'r11111 , 55 1 . j X -11 5' 1 1 4 ' Jxfltlllllli l.11vr:1ry F-1'1r11-ty: SlL1f.1CllI Nlernher A. l. 1' Efl E. Eg 1-11-1111111:1111 111 U1111'ersi1y Rcgillwllt 131: Sophfv- Y ,gg 1 1 .Q , 111111'c 171111111-111 1'1w111111111uc 1:1 -' 1fg. .'1x S31 ' 1 - 1 ' 'U lx. V T: 1 VL 1 11 11: . if ,l11llN R1111111111 1111-31.15 111111111-11 Q .-I1f1'1'1'11l11n'1' " N X 11 -if 121,11 5111111111111 111111 1111111141 151111111111 LvlllXCl'Xl1y Rc-g1111c111 9 141 . , - . . 'qfl' ' 1 my S1711 7 1 sf 1 1 51 1 ffll- ' QN 1 ' , - , , R.Xl.l'll 1111 11 IQLLS 111-11.111.1 N . , 5- ,1l11r1'111H111'1' W' 'V f A li lrif, 1111111111 Literary S1-vivtyz .Xgri1'11l111ral Clulu V YQ Q1 Q' - ,1gr111111111y 51'-ciutyi S1'1I,11l11lll11TL' li1cl1:11i11g Team 1:13 1 I 'X y -I Cast 111 l':1lnce 411. 'l'1'u1l1: .Xg1'11'11l111r:1l l11111cc C1'1n1111i1- 1 A' ' 'P ISC 1 H V ' I ik V p :- "Sl1i1111111 1111111111111 f111'c"-SLONNUQER, S A E 11111 - ILLINI SENIORS - 'i l I,.XXX'RENL'Ii MARTIN XYEXTER Chicago ' .lI1'1'l11111i1'11I E11111u1'1'r1'11g 'j 'T Ag T IT Kl:1nd1'1Ii11 :1111l Glec Clulm 151 1411 CI355 Bggkefball b 4 'Q ll1l.2J 1311.11 f'i"jg 3 K-ll.XRLIf,S 1111.111 C111'mf fig I 2 X1 A II 1' U V ian 1 1.11zu " Shield llllll Trident: Unlur of the Clif: Adelphic Lit- ' ' cf , 1-rziry S1 fcietyq 1111111 M:1rsl1:1llLz1w Clubg Egyptian Clubg ' X, Varsity Footlmll 121 151: llltlllillfl-lllll1C1lS Dclmte 131: ,H I'ruli111i11:11'y Ilmwrsg Law Dance L'11111mittee 131 1 Vice- X I'rcsi1le11t of Lincoln Langue 141: President of Pan! '- H1-llenic Colmcilz Presiduiit Senior Class Second 51:111- UNIQI' 4 f1 I 5- CLIFFORD IZ. IYHEIZIIJCIQ I-111111111 Nl' 1 . I11ri1'11I!z11'1' , K X, I A I 1 V lfL'1URTLfXNIJ IQIRKE WHITE R17L'kfL7fd I ' - AV 1- L1't1'1'111111'1' 111111' ,-Iris , Arla-Ipliic Literary Swciety: Scrilslwlers Club: Mask ' 1 K mul Iiaublcg I1.1.1o btatl' 131: :Xssistant E1lit131r Illinois . - Q I 1 RFS Blngzizilme: .Xssncinte E1lit11r Siren: Illini Stat? ' ' ' 5 A7 "xfq., I 1 .1 wg' QV , A b ' mi 1 M V. 1 LQ RUTH LINCOLN w111T,1x1qER Clzirago l . I L1f1'1'11!11r1' 111111 .-IHS 1 "' AEA ,L f GEORGE GLENN WILEY PV11rren ff Q 35 1l11'1'l111111'1'11l EIIgiIIc':'7'I7Ig 1 I I 2.22 IfQ,I-',f,fQ2Zff'f:ffl'i'i.j-511' .7 if :-f-2f314U- 1. 1. A -' 1-lv-" -.1 'QL ' "5 .isa-3 X Nita 11111 lady in z1i1'i11ity uf Third and John: "Law, but tlwm Delts do study late at nigh!" I X121 THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI LLOYD GXRRISON XYILLLXMS Elgin Law -11 K X111 4- A'-rl ILLIO Brmrml 131: Illini Truxtcug Glee Club 145: Law Dance 131: llnme Canning 141 BEN -I. XYILSON Clzivuylf Civil Ifllyfillvrrillg A T .X FRANK H.-XRLANTJ XYILSON Clmnzpaiyln Elm'lr1'm11 Elzgfirzrwimy HORACF SMITH WILSON Clzzlmllf Sfiwzn' A T ff Ymx:m: Glee Clulw 1151 S1-uiwr Dall Cmnmittec 14l NYILLLXM P.-XXTUX XYITT Kam' C'1':'Il Ellyimwrilzly COLLETT EVERKLXX XY1?1PLNl.XN llrlnzzm llgrzrzrlllzrc .Xgricultural fluls: .Xgriculturnl Glcc Club: Agri- cultural Dzmce LQUHTIIITIKQCI S1-nim' Flgmtlmll Team I lmzu' UIIC ffglllr mfzv, but 1'lI Iuka 11fmilzw'-fr-fur my rwfllwnrzllfuflYlixs, fb .X .X lII3l VNlVERSlTY or 1LL1 GIS NYILLIAM HENRY XXYOOLSTON Geneva 3 Svicncc 415 A 9 Phenix: Ku Klux: Yoxan: Vice-President of Stu- dent's Union from College of Science: Varsity Foot- ball 13: Captain Elect LU: Varsity Basketball C353 Captain 443: Junior Smoker Committeeg Freshman Varsity Football and Basketball til WALTER BOATMAN XYORSHAM Paris SL'1'E'llL'C Acacia: Shield and Tridentg Secretary Electrical Engineering Society 123: Treasurer Aero Club Czj t3l': Cadet Hop Committee lA2J2 Assistant Art Editor IOIO l1.L1.1o f2J1 Illini Staff QOZJC Art Editor 1911 ILLIO 131 : Business Manager Dope Sheet f3l 1451 1912 11.1.10 Board 143 JOHN EDNYARD XYRIGHT Hersflmr Electrical E7lgfPIL'L'7'i1lg ROBERT GARDNER YOUNG Harvard Elcctriuzl Erzgizzmrizlg GEORGE JOHN ZIMYXIERMANN Peoria Bzfsizlnvs 11, B KZ A K X Der Deutsche Verein: Commercial Club .-XDOLF EDXY.-XRD ZUCKER Ft, l1'ayne, Ind. Litwtlfzrrt' and .-Iris Deutsche Yerein: Transferred from Concordia Col- lege, Ft. XYayne 143 ELMER ROYAL BLOCK Cmmmflfgw Bll5lllC,i'.Y A T Q Colorado University ill CN: Vliisconsin Univer- sitv mb l l "Conte fulfltxvx yfvi ll Inmk from the Library." "JVM fur?" "I wanna see Lizzie Bfyfm snuff"-S'1'14.1N11111i11111iR, B 9 H l 1141 . yy x r' ' , we .3 .THE NINETEE 'TI-HRTE ILLI 1'1.xss l'uLuksf EIInu111.11 1171116 Class OH:1cers and Committees X . .s-'fi X .1 f. . V gb., . 9- 1.1 P. C. GAUGER C, A. HOLTON R. L. IQELLFY R. R. REIMYRT R. S. Gmgmz M. P. T.u'1.f1R I. M. BICKTNE J. li. jmws T.-xv C'..1.x'1N C. E. BICGREXV A. NY. KIMHALL T. V. ELLIS D. H. R1CGURR15K BELLE XVILLIAMSUN "" my 1"xr'.fI .5'1'HlU5tVr L. R. I.n.ur . . . . . . IW.-c..1m1t s Y A II. ll, Ilxxw-...Lx . . 1'1m'f1'rux1.1v1xt ,. H, Il. l'u-mnik . . .N -fvrmr'x' -' P- X. F, Xml xv . . . . . llmrxxfrrr xi -, .-X. R. IN-Ns . . . .N'vrgm1rzf'u1Y.A1rms , S u L' 0 nz 41 S U ul U X I U r gf: - 1 P.u'L U. l'2u'1:l-LR . . . . . l'z.-wlmrz ii' RIAML Xlclxrvxf . . . 1'11'1'I'f1-wlmr K f , .-X. lf, Uwlfll . . , N1'.'r'1'fm'x' F. l'. HAR!-' . . . . ln'u.fl1r'1'r Aff: Iiuxzx R-,mms . .Ycrgl4'mr!-.1!--1rmf JI, EDNV,KR1PXvXl.I.ACE . .... Ffmrlmll .Xlumzyzvr x .X. P. 1..xw.4+kI4: . . . . Hmkrtlmll Jlumnlvr V. cj.. L. Ii. XIATHFRS . . 4'Iul111mrBu5kuf1mN jluzzffflrr ,K:N':.'i3' f'Q'fl'-xl E. P. SHxP1..xND ..... Basvlmll llmmyfm -5 G. li. NYQWDS . . . . . , Tmulr .Hfmnylvr Y. H. Vwruxl-zur ..... Edmff- 1111? Him C. ICH . . . . . Bus. .Wlummur 1111? 11110 L. M, FHM . . . . . . I-lurulwf rlmrur Q Y Y K K K 1' R. 1,T4,llT .11.XlUR L .'I1' L 11.11.1117 1141: B. H. CR-MMR ........., L11mr'fr1m: T, A. FRITCIIIY Ii.I!.Sn1r:x Muuv Vim: Ifl--mm: Rwxwu Mun I. XY.u.1..wr .11'.Y1HR 1'NU.'l1 C'H,1l.1111x1'lilf C. R. Lxmn .........,. 1'mm1.'r11 I. K. MUFF!-'TT .......... Lqfmzrnmn Y. H. C.xRTxx'R143Hr H. H. IYxnum1n IZ. S4 lfhnfk mf XY, ,XIUQQN A. IW. S.xx'm.n C. .X. 0'kU.xNfR T. .X. FRHCHEY If. -I. Nwwsrrix P. H. XX'.um S. I.. P-1-Im-3 R. P. R-'LIU li .X. Nw-vl'x 4 Y Q 4 H K h T XY. ELLIS .11.XlU1C .blffllxlglf Cf7.V.'l1111D11 I. .-X. DIXUN . ......... L'lm:rr11.1l1 C. .-X. KFMPF P. .X. IIANMQV Ii. P. SuAPL.xN1u J. If. 1I.XRlfI.l'I' G. E. XYm,ns F. -1. I'r:lwm,rx'11.LE F. C. Il.-xkr .-X I-.. II1-Lui II. C4-mu' 12. ll. I71x.l.xM1N 1':L!XXAHIV WxLL.-WL Slf.Y1f71V .11lf,1lU1x'l.-ll. L'O.11.1l11'Tlf1f R. L. KPLLX' , . ......... L'1mfrmm if. A. IVQCUNNUR I. lf. 1'2.xmu'rr C. II. 17I.lTA'I'H-R N. I' Ill nu fi. E. XY4nm5 Il. J. 'I'R-wr XV. 5. XIII-111.1-nw R. Ii. IQHMI-kr .X, R. Txrxs T. .X. l"xl'rf11FY I. .-X, Ilvsrmq I.. II. ICkMl.1.vN45 h R. S. Wi-nn .SIA 1016 Hfll Lf7.1l.'l1111'EE tBffy.vl P. A. IIANDM: ...... ,... L 'lmfrrmzrx F. I. NAPRATIK .X. IV. Sxvmr M. P. 'I'.xY1.wn R. t' R1.T11?ER R. P. RULL-. S. L. I'm.rL .N'If.YlUN H.-IT CU.'lI.111TT1i1i Hiirlm RUTH 1'lAVl5x'vN . . . . .... . . f1111:rl1mu PEACH .Xxmerws Mmm. KICINTYRE Ynlln l'lwssx.AN1v t'wkx1x.1.x Xlullux 1"1LIZ.-U-BETH lhwwxs Fu' XIILLI-R KIARPI. 11NINIS Fl.--klwrx. Rfwxk "Tm11my .-Irfclvlv 11'rim'tif'v .vy.cfvu1'.v rm110-1-rm1v-"-NizMo Null.-xN 11151 V.NlVERSlTY QF ll.Ll GIS JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY ' QM NME say "Ig" is a hoodoo, but do not allow them lg to deceive you. In reality "13" is a lucky charm. a A i." '- talisman which protects and leads to success all - V-+ those who come within its powerful hypnotic influ- . - ' ence. The class of '13 has even been guided by that by talismang hence our success in accomplishing every- thing we have set out to do. . Ni -A , ii. - To be sure, our greatness is not of the spectac- f V- a ular kind recognized by the world at large. but ever - 4, i , since we were freshmen, our spirit has been that of 7 'auf' kindness and charity toward all. Not a class in the WQWLQ' 'Milk institution but has felt the effect of our altruism, and profited thereby. Realizing that it is greater to given than to receive, we began our career of good will by letting the class of 'IZ win from us in pushball. ln fact we like that class so well that we again be- friended them by giving them the championship in football. As "sophs" we extended our sympathetic charity to the yearlings of '14 and allowed them to gain the pushball title. This leaves only the freshmen of 'IS whom we have always generously protected from their enemies, especially at such times as the night of th freshman "Stag" We are indeed a noble-hearted, generous class. No one can gain-say it. XX'e could have won these titles if we had wished to. lYe have the stuff. just look at our championship baseball team of last spring: they delivered the goods. Call to mind our championship track team of last fall: they showed their mettle. Recall our championship basketball team uf last winter: they proved their worth. llut while for the sake of charity it has usually been our policy to please other classes by giving them the palms. in non-competitive life, in the social realm. we have always occupied the foreground. Xyhu can say that the unquali- tied success of our Prom and Smoker has ever been approached except by our own Cotillion and our own Sophomore Stag? s Tl1,,'rr'5 111111117151 .ru ilt'L'l7IIIL'X n num as irintifxt ,vtill1n',r.v nun' llllllllllllifjl-HERBIE PIIZDM,-KN, E N lII6l 13 K I - Q 0 xx u Q 4. f Q 2 I ' 1 K, ' CIIJU 1,Uflffr'.v-SIIAHQ Iiiux' ,ull Klxlclmx Class Officers and Committees F1'rxt SNIIUXIUI' Summl Ypm I3If.XX L'lI.xs1i . . Prcsixluut , . ll. I". H1 s Ii. I'!1f1.1:l-' . , . X'ICK"I,I'L"NIIIL'III . . I lx Im xx T. C. Sruw: . Svcxwlznry . . Ims Ilx wx -I. II. Ill-,1..xNo . . . 'l'rI-:lmrur . , V, Y XX ufyxyp N. .X. IX'14l4.HT . . , Svrgc:u1t-:mt-.Xr1us , . . IQ. L, I Xl 1 II. XY, RYE, . . !5ffffl7w1'l .Ilflmmvr I..XXx,XI1xrlc . II If llvmf Ii. R. I'1Il5'I'I'If . IE. I RXI'I'.XI'l'lR'I' . In .xx I, II,XhI-I II. II. I'II.rn 1:.x .X1.1:u-lvl' lYmNwIuR KVM. II. Ii:-1.N,xr' juux VI. Rlvfm' Ilxfxm' H I'.xl:1i1-QR XX'l1.I.I.xM If, I"1l-Lluin I' II xI4Jl'I'I44' .. ,.,xI, P. II. C.xu'1'zf1: E. KI. Rom: II, XY. BIANN II, IJ, OVSLI-x II. I. SCHxx'.u:,u'KH: C. Il. Igrnm-If R. If. THm1.xs L, R. .-XUILI. If. RI. I..I'IlII-1 .-X. I.. LITTLE '1f1'yfu'rim1 . II11!1lm'r'fi1,vL'.'fI Ill Ilflz, . fflzhlmyr' ffIl.vI'Utl lY!,Il1lI . lfmwlwrll .1l,,f . , . . . . . . f1IIIlI,Il51f. L14 J l'!l, IX LY 1.11.1111 'l'lfIi 7 , I rm'14II'11I l NI .,4,... . I'lmi1'm lf YY. IIl'l'm-l,s1fx Vluux H, .XII XX. lf, II: um' Ilrxm I XANIIII NI Iflaxxli Rl. lil-14. lim' II, XIIII I-'Au-lv .X. IInx1.Y II, P. IPxIw.m'1'rx II I S-sun XIl.XVIiI'li lIIm'.xm1 ,X. RIAIIIIXX 57114. I'U.Il.IllTTlil1 IY ...... , LVIIIH H1 If. I., Ii.XSl'.'XR lf. Ii. I.I-1vl'Hl,D Ii,II.IIu1-mxs li. R, Sl 'msn .X, NI. Ihlllvls I. H, I'IIlIl.Il, !'I'Slll4, ll.l. L'4JIl,IllY"lliI1 . . . . , . . . . L41f'!I11u IC, l.. Ix,Xrl',XR I', I7 Iiuummxx I.. I.. I3li1.uNx' .X. I-,l2:11nq If, II, P.-xmuxs li, IZ. I'HI.IIl-Nil LY J.Il.IllT'IIlfli . . . . . , , . . . C11I1ir111 Im, L,xxx'l,1 ss L. AIITIH vnrfxg Nw fmu! 1'f,7wI'U 11in15rIf"-I.P0 I H71 G. III! Q EXVNIVERSITY OF ILLI 015 SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY 'i1'l0I'fIIIlt' and 1:-iufmy .vit on tin' l11'l111"-Sl1.xK1csPE.xRE Lk 3 17 fd , . . -435,4 HH can fleelznre the 1111111111115 of 14, and by NN MW. whnm can her glnry he tultl? Her name has givin- ont tlnwfngli the ez11'th and her tleecls to the 1 enil tif the w1v1'l1l. l7111'tune zmtl victory are in 42- hex' right h:1n1l, 211111 i11 her left l1z1111,l lmiioi' and 1 ll1ICgI'lIj'. gl0I'j' tw II4. ft Uh that wnie lluniei' might rise to sing the if -12 PD glurief of Uni- class! Shall not we, who have f'fL-'ills til-2 fl-"-vw been ciwwiiefl witl1 the wreath of victory and 111' whwni the Sting uf defeat i5 not known, re- jfiiee? l-'111'tune. herself, fmiles with eniiteiit 11111111 her fr1x'w1'ed child. lleh--111 frwni lzut yezn' uni' liistwry as l:l'CSlllllCll. lli1l we, shrinkiiig in fGI'I'OI'. bllCCllllllJ tw the hzinglity S1,11il11111111i'eS. like 1111111 thme wl111 t-mug ligfijire ug? Nay, lint rising in 1'ighte1 ins iiitligiizttinil fnini out thc icy liHl1Cj'Iil'll, we snifite them hip :intl thigh, :xlltl likewise in uther puthe wzw nm' pmxvews malle kiiliwwn to the liiiveixity. N-ir in the liistrwy uf the sectiinl was uni' fume zilvziteml. liven as the aiveiigei' in Z1 e+111ql1e1'i11g Cl1Zll'l4'PI who lqnwws nut ft-ui' uf his enemies. so Clitl we elizwtize the rt-liellifius lTI'CSl'llllCll. None ewnlil Qtziy nur 1lI'1lgl'CSS. The prnud -Inniwiw, Lmil the niost high Seiiimrs. mlifl they nnt quail hefwre uni' heroes? Nighty were fini' 1lee1'ls :mil the glfiry tliereivf. XYI111 ix like nntw yr-n. nh '14. in all the Lll1lYL'I'ilIf'? xxilllil is like unto you, tlifing XX'HIlIlk'l'S :mil crfiwiiewl with gliiry? Sing ye In '14 fi 11' she hui t1'iu1nphe1l gl1v1'i1111Qly. 1- Q9 1 ffili 11 1155+ .,i, 1 New L' "' ., 5 'ff 1 f fl HPSR? M 1 0 Qi f - l :e1Mi'XTt'fij Killud' by if litiini nf fliifznylif l'HllHl.Hj1 llzrnzfglli his lmld-P1iRCY BEAL, A T Q I 1181 1 I HE NINETEE -THIIUE ILLI 1 1 5 I if 1.11 ., I f1 ' - -W1 1111 C1111-5 C'11!11111aIIL1'1. .-1x11 - F lxli XY Class OHiCers and Committees 1'H'.Yf .S1'1111',1f1'1' L. II, 'I'11.'r11N . II'. E. 11.11gNE1: . II. .X. R111-1 . . I' S 111111111 ., -. J. H, L, Iuxlis . . II, E. R111.11.RS . li. XY.1I31..1K1i . ,I . F. 5111111 . IU. IW, KICIQ11' . I.. D. T11.T11N l,xI1Ohs Ii, II. NI1I!111N1-11' G. .1, .X1'1211S H, II, IPIECKER I., I'. ICVRT .1 .1. CIIWITLL IT. II. NIKE . I"1'cNi1Ic11t , . XvIL'C'PI'CSI1'IEIII . , Secretary . . . 'I'rc:1s11r1:r . , S1-rm-:111t-at-.Xr111. 1111 1! S II 1' .51'1111'.111'r I, .X, XX11.1.11- III C R..15111x II XRII E S IIIIII ...1 .1 1.. 111 111 1' 1111lI1f1r 1l1111r ff11,vL'1'll111If.Il111', Ill H11.1'1'I111ll .If111 Nun! If 11! H111 1111 1111' 1 11 11'111'I' .U111 l'I'SHf?. 11.1. CO.Il.Ill7'7'l"lT II. U, U'II11NN11. VI. If, 511111-1 R. R111x1-1-1.1141 G. Ii. XX'.111+1f1.1. S.Ilr'Il1'El1' L'O.Il.Ill7'Tl'If IIQXFY ,... . , .1 R, ,I. Ii. 511111-1 -I, I.. KI1TK1a1'111'x M. C. S1n11.111N1: L. H. .X. H'I111Nx11,1. XX' F. 51.1.11 .-X. .1 11111-.LL .X. PI-'YI!,-XID F C II 1111 1'111y1.v 1111 Iliff j111111'1'5, 111111 111415 1111 l11'1' 1111's-.1111' 1111 IIIOI L 1111111111111 LXIN11111 II Il1l11HT1 I 1111111711 11 1 II I.11 11111 3 I. I, H1116 I XY XY . . LII1 11.11.1111 IJ l1II.XI'Kl. RI, Rnllllln Ii II. 5I'I,I.I-Iilir H. I7I'II.X L.111'1111x II. IQ1'N1 11.1. 1 U 11 111111112 .111111.11 .1111 111111 I11.51111111f1-1111 gg VN VERSITY 01: ILLT GI FREsH1y1AN CLASS H1s'roRY Hli fall uf Ifijll wpened with the eyes of a mighty and 111 1peful c11111n11111wealtl1 focused 11p11n tl1e rising youth mf lllll' great L'niversity. :Xt this crucial inonient, at tl1is time uf C41I1CCIlfl'3.tCl'l suspense, the class of IQI5 appeared up1111 tl1e scene. The w1,1rld staggered, the c11111n1unity entlured and the lung suffering faculty smiled a sickly grim antag1'1nizing patience. Nature. Sl1lNYly rcc11yeri11g fr1'11n the sl1r1ck, regained her equi- lil1l'illIN. and the l'l1Ul'lllIlg a11d the evening were the first day. The c1111ce11t1'ate1l energy 111 ll liend, 111alev1j1lent and 1,1n1niscient. could devise ll4l p11nisl1111e11t niure tU1'Ull'll0ll5 than the tantalizing suspense uf tl1e ill-starred l'Tl'L'NlllllL'll, lint the assid111111s. merciless class nf '14 did not allow the new- V1 PIHCIB 111 reinain lung ill gl1111INj' expectati1 111s, The dreadful "October Days," the 111111le1'n "Reign fvf Terr111'," z1ppr11acl1e1,l with the sure, lll'lCOl1'lPl'OI'l1TSiIlg swiftness 111' the guillr1tine. The curly auhurn lncks 111 many ll l1lushing yearling, the pride of a fond and 111 fling 1n11ther, succuinhed 111 the heartless blade +1f the eager S1Jl7l1Ol'llOl'C. like the lianges uf lndia. the pure Illlfl crystal Tit,1l1t'j'Zll'll grew slimy and pol- luted with the gZ1l1gl't'l'lHl15 carcasses 11f a111l1iti1i1us freshmen. Finally the storm passes l1y. the shears were ilHll1ltL'fl 11.1 the l1acteri11l11gy l21lNiII'1lTl'1l'j'. a11cl the pl11d1li11g li11ncyz1r1l again wczirily entered upi 111 its a1111ual track uf I.7lll'll:lC3tiOl'l. The struggle fur existence had hegnng Uct1,1l1er 20 was t1,1 deterinine the survival 111' llle litteit. The hattle was cruel and merciless. The freshinen f1'111ght with a courage l111r11 llf despair, l1ut 1111thi11g ci 1llltl resist the sl1,1w llI1Ct'1ll'lllI'tlllllSl1lg advance of the s11pl111n111re niachiiie. The yery life lll1'NlQl was crushed 11ut of the luckless yearlings, and lI'lll1STHl'lllL'4l int11 Zl dense uncanny steain hy the intense heat of 1'ricti1111. 'tA11d i11 those days," 11111111111-siewl the Gwml l11111lc, "shall men seek dezith. :ind shall 1111t hull iti and shall desire t11 die. a11d death shall Hee from llR'lll.u That night a dank, dark Ylilitll' hung iwer tl1e held 11f hattle, l'l'll.llTliI'1g the slirieks 111 the dead and flying. The s11pl11j11n11res had triumphed IO to O. leayiiig l1ehi111l theni a Cl'llllNlDIl trail 11f 1les1'1lati1'111 and woe. lt was truly the slll'X'lYZ1l 11f the nttest. l'-VHIII the remnants 11f the 1111s11pl1isticated lllfbll of humlding youth was 1n11ul1lefl an -1rga11izati11n Wtrfllly 11f the naine of Illinois, The dross had been 1'HllNlllllk'll. and the g11l1l relined. L'p11n the hacks uf this class d11 we place the 4'41lllillL'l'lL'k' 111' ll true and li 1yal L'11iyersity. ln theni we place Hlll' trust. Yiye la VIS. "Slm1'I3' fur 5l1111't"-C. P. XYEBB, 111 A A lI2Ol THE NINETEE 'TI-HRTE ILLI Sophomore-Freshman Pushball Contest "Tim luml 141115111 tlmf spfflcv the zwmnzt n1imz"'-P.xI'1. F1c1TvHr,Y, K E I 121 1 Nliss Betty is resting at present From dances and games and school. To think and to wonder and puzzle, And dream on the edge of the pool One year of college is over. She is thinking about it there, XVhile she gazes down on the ripples And her faCe's reflection, fair. Y-V -- - N T" . X ' 5 x.- x X' HX-nu' mlm x-N Yu V, ,x . K , ' ,-A: A 1 1. XX X "3 1 2 K ,xx s 3 x. " x . Q x ' . .fa 7 Ldzlffa Ja, riff- M ,ff , ' , jf ff?- ww af, 7 pflfiifiifk ff 544 "'l if-wwf-Af!-!J-V,Q5,Q1.,,f2 6'-vx N , f O7 Vwfv M W QTZMW glmwmmfig J MAT fgwxva LEW 96.2-.4 M Qpqyyxxw, ofenvwt - ,7 , fjzlxws .gdmfwf 17,647 f'Ok"' AA' VC-fcef6fo'f-df AVL? f- if '7 ty ' A 7 . fnyfffv Alnof'-f I -1-EK-2 'LO X, 4. CW J Mfgffbfgig f,fJ1:3i2f,r2ifMf C5 CHQYEY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION IT. Y. CHAMPION . ..,.... President T. II, THUMPSON , ..,...,.. Svurrtary-Treasure DIRECTOR O15 .-lTl11.liTlCS Glfnlcmi .-X. IIVFF .-ITHLIETIL' BOARD OF CONTROL .-Ilumui ,Ilvullwrs .'X1:'r111'R R. IIALL, Danville JU1mm:liSOI.UN PHlLl5RICK,CI'l21I'I11 Gmrcfmi R. PARK. Cl1icz1go Fllflfjfj' I1IL'lllI7FI'X PROF. J. XY. Ru'HARrms I'mw: lhimmx A. GOOIIENOUGH IJIRliC'l'UR G1-.omm .-X. IIUFF Ds-:AN Ol.1vri1: .-X. I'I.-XRKER Stmlcnt .'llvulIu'r5 II. R. IPIFIPXIAN T. IE. THOMPSON G. E. Ii:-.ITHLEY E. Y. CH.u1P10x .-X. E. RATHILIAN "Our illustrious, dear old dass of 1910"-EKBLAW, Acacia l!26I I FOOTB LL RVNIVERSITY CDF ILLI GIS Qian X, .rf x 1' ...,, ,- - X, 1 Vx I 4, T 1 211 ff l FOO T Atl, 1911 FOOTBALL REVIEW K , 'WX F T tlwse uf the IUIO f-11,1thall seashn, lllinnis, Miiiiiesota. and Nlithigan were cwncetlerl equal claimants for the champiun- ' the XX'est. :Xfter the woiitlerful 1't'C4'1l'K'l achieverl hy the 1 11 mge and lilue tluring that seasun nu less a title than that 1 c iam ii ng in 11111 was ctvnticlently expected hy the mot- me ins eat uf laying claim tm the first place, Illinois n1ust atter the seas1,1n's battles have been funght, he euntent " 'S' with ft nrth place in the Conference. X, jf I , l the ' it, -s NG., 1 A . x - ,ve J I H V RQ! 'V 7.x S1111 ul e " 'X 1 'z ' l , ffl -I U- l 1 ll s tlll1ligf X' 4 ers. Their 1'11nfl flreams were not tu he realized, liuwever. ferr J f "'- ' t l 1 1 N., . - , if im T V L . .51 5 T' 1 1 Wg., Zjhi In W y ,,,, - " x.. L 1 Pnly four men hail heen lust hy graduation and a large numher uf veterans were un hand. The IQIO "l" men tw return were ealitain Rtiherts. Springe. Belting. Xxillfilll. Oliver. Seiler, Klerriman, llillhn, XY1V1t,1lst0i1. llllllllll anfl Davis. llther capahle material was fiiunrl in llall, l'aul lielting, l'rince. Tliwinpsun, Xliatswii. Carter anrl Tillson, amfvng a squafl tif ahijvnt fifty, l'r11spects were hright hut the run nf ill luck which was to pursue the team tliiwiiglifviit the season s0r111 set in, Xxillillll. 21 tackle un the 11110 team, accepted a pwsitiun as instructwr in the faculty. and Lanum, who shiiwetl great l'll'1l11'lliC uf cleyeliquing intir a lineman. was thrown out uf the game fur the seas1 in hy a himken ankle. The lwss nf these men was rather seriwns in that Liaptain Iintzer anil Twist of the IOIO team, hatl hy grailuatihn left a hig hnle tn till in the fmnt row The seaswn tqmenefl 1111 Illinfiis lfieltl, Uctnhei' 7, when Blillikin appearefl. The liiecatur team was easily flefeateil 3 Itu O, anrl althuugh nut marked hy any hrilliziney the play tif the Illini was such as to encourage the rooters in their llupes for a Cll2ll1111l1vl15llll3 team. Un Uctuher I4 the St. l.onis L1l1lYC1'SlTj' was met and ilefeatetl hy a sctire nf 1, th 0, The team was given a linal gimtniiiiig fm' the Chicagw game which was playerl 1111 Marshall lfielfl Hctuher 21. liefure three tliimnsantl lwyal Illinois root- ers the Illini WIll'1'lHl'a, Tighting tu the last, 1111 a liehl resemhling a sea 01 mutl. antl in the miflst uf a driving rain, went clwwn in rlefeat hy a score 0f 24 t0 O. liefwre the stntlent htnly ctinhl reetwer frtnn this shock the linncloo again apiiearerl. this time tlisahling Seiler :mtl Klerriman. hhth veteran qnarterhacks, J l lin' latex! 11111111 111 t'111':'u1'Ak111.1.14.1,,1z ll.xxr'1N1: C1.1'11 I 138 I within fl wc1-11, 1,111-11110 1111- 111-xt 1111 th1- x1'111-111111- 111111 1111 X1111-11111g1' .1 w1-1'1- 111111-11 A 11111 1 1' 117 2, 1111 N 11.1111111111 1111 111111t1111111111-11111111 111111 111111 ' 1 - 51' ".i11'1-111". ' 1: " - 1' 111111' 1Zl1i1I1g' 1111- 1111111 111 1111- 111111111-11 1'1-11-111111, 111110 g11I1l111 XYIIN 1112111-111-11 :1111 111511111 1111111-N 1111111-. '1'11c f111111wi11g 521111111111 1111- 11-:1111 111-111 141 11111i:1111111111iN 11111 1111-1 1111- 111111511-1'N. 11113 11111111- 1-11111-11 111 Z1 11 111 11 Nl'1l1'L'. 111 11111 K'11111K'N1 111111-1 thc ttlllllii illll' 1-1111 11215 N1-111111111 111j111'1-11. 1111 N1111-111111-1' 18 N4i11.t111YL'W1.k'1A11 l'11111k 111 1111111115 1711-111. '1'11c 1'111'1111- 111111 White 41l11.tL'11 with Il l'llN11 11111 1111111111 1-:11111 11111'1f 51l'11l1tLf 111111 i11 21 11111111-51 11111-11 wi111 1-x1'11111g111111x 111111 37 111 13. 0111- 111111'1- g111111- 1AC1l1fl111K'11. t1111t with 11111111-111111. 1111- giant S111-111-N 1':1111 with a w1111111-1't'111 1'1-1'111'11 111111 L'YL'1Af' 1-t1'111'1 1111i 111:1111- 111 1111- 1111111111 1'11:11'111-N 111 111 1111-ir 1111-11 1111' ll g1'11u11i11g 1JZ1111L'. 1 111 X111'c111111-1' 35 1111- Qlllllt t41111'f 1111 111- 1111 1111 111113 1'1c111 1lL'11ll'L' ll 1'1'11w1'1 111 t11'111N11.1111N 111 9t1.111K'111N :111g1111-1111-11 111' ll gm-111 1111111 1111 111 41111111111 w1111 112111 1'1:1111'111-11 14111 1111- 11111111111 11111111--1'11111i11g. 111 1111- 111-111-N 1111111c 11f 1111- 11-111' 1111- 1111111 w1-111 11111111 i11 11efe111 111-f111'1- 111111-1'i111' 111-151111 111' :1 NUUIAL 111 11 1110. 7111111115111 1111- 111-51111 11:11 Z1 111-tc11t. 1111- QZl11I1l11 tight 111:111c 111' 1111- 1 11'1111g1 111111 111111- 11111-11 L'YL'l'5' 1-111111-1' with lHA1l1L'. Thu K1i11111-111111 U11111c w11N 1111- 11111 1111' L11 1111111 1111111-1'tx. 111111. SL'11L'l'. 111-111'1 5 . 111-1ti11U. 1'1'1111'1-, 11J1X'lS. 31L'1'1'1l11lll1, 1'11111 111-1111112 '1i11lIl111x11l1, S 11'1111f1-. 1111111111 U F1 Ps 151111111 ZlIl11 H1111-1', These X'L'1l'1'1ll1N 1l1lY1' 111x1111g11ix111-11 1111-11111-111-N 1111 1111111 1 1 1 111-111111111 1111-11' 11115 w111 he 141-c1111 11-11. 1 1111111111-1-11-1't 1111111111111 R1 1111-, 111111 1'11i't1-1 1111- the "1" 1111-11 wh11 will 1'1'1lIl'11 111111 1111-1' wi11 fH1'111 ll 1111111-1'1111 11111111-'11 Nll1'111 1111016115 1111' 1111- 1111: 1e11111. T a c111111111i1111f11 was 111-1111-1'1-11: 111111151 111111 1111 prmse. 1111' Hghtcrs. t 1111 N11 g111111- 11 tight 111111 they 1111- 11111 11-11111 11111 111w111s 111- k1111w11 llx 5 1 111- 1111 1 111111111111 SQ1151111 111 111111111N wax 11111 ll 511011-ss 1111111 1111- 1'11-1111111111 111 . ,N 111c11r1l111:11'1' 111111-1'1'1-11 11:1111c 1'i111'11111c 1111111-11 11 1119, 111111 111 11111w1i11g 1111 1111111 1111 111 11-11111. 1111111-1'1-1'. 11 g1'1-1111-1' 1'i1'1111'1' 1111111 111111 111 XX'1l11l11Ig g:11111- Ill 1111' 111111- 1,11 111-11-111 111111 1l1151471't1111k' I111lX'L'I'N 111111 11111111111 1'11111c11 l1L'NL'1'Y111Lf 111111- 111' t1 11- highex Il 1'11-1111, gz11111-, g1'it11' 11-:1111 111 I- ..- ----. -Q' x 1.1-.1115.1.1-1111 LIIIL ,11111 D111 1.611 G. 111.12 1115 1'11ll111'f .Y1111'. 111.1 'lc-ifc is 11.111111 if fur' 11 11611 I1:111 gg VN VERSITY QP ILL1 015 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM 1'111sr1-11 V. R11111-ms . . C'11111111'11 I'11.xx1Q1.1x XX'. T1,x1'1aR . .1I111111571'1' .X1:'1'H1'1: R, ll x1.1. . . . 11A1'11d L11111'11 .Il'+1'x Xl, l.1N111,k1 Y . . . . . 1.1110 C1111111 1,E1x'.5N11.XvgX'1f1. Ifwwf Xl, R11xx1i 11'111111 111111, 1.1111 1111111111111 111111 S1'1:1N1111 . . . 1.111 T111111' 111m H. t'.x1:r111 .,... 16111111 E1111 C. 11. 4l1.1x'1i14 . . . Lvfi 151111 -I XXII-5 12, I..xN1- .,..,4 1x'1,11111 1i1111 .X1.1:11c'1' S. II.x1.1. . . Q11111't1'r11111'1' 17XX'II1 Lf VNINKKI' . . . 18111111 11111111111 X71TT4l lf. S1-i11.1-.11 . . . fu1I11l1'fL'1'171l1'A' Ii I' 'I'1111x11-wx .,.,, 16111111 1l11'1'11' JOHN R. 1I1'1:1:1x1.xN . . Q11111'11'1-1111111 V. ll. XX .x1's11X . 1x'111111 7'111'1'11', 161.11111 421111111 lf. lf. lJ1LI.11x . , . R111111 11111f11111'k 1'Xl'L, Ill-1.1'1X1, ,,.,,. 161.11111 111111111 XX, H. XX'11111.s1'11x . . 1. F111l111111' V XX', 11,XX'lS .4.,... ,. L'1'111r1' Lf Lf R111:121:Ts , . . 1.011 H1111l11111' 1 . Il l1lI.IAING . 1.1111 111111111 II. S. 'I'11.1.f11x . . 1.1111 1111111111111 TH1iSlf.lSr1,X' H1111-115 31 Xlillikuu . O 111111-111 1:10111 . 4Y1Ct11116r 7 IIl1111-1- 11 St. 1.11115 , 0 IIl111111x I:lL'11l . Uclfwlwcr I4 III1111-1x 11 lflmiczlgw . 24 Klzlrshzlll 15111111 Uctubcr 34 IH11111i5 , 1: I'u1'1l11c , . 3 Ill111111x Ifivlrl . NfYX't'IllhCI' 4 Illmwix 11 111111111111 . . fl I111liu11Q11111liQ . N1'1x'eI'n11er I1 lIl111111N lf X111'tl1we5tu1'11 . Ij lfx:111Nt1111 . . X11x'c111I1cr IS III111-11s . , I1 Kli11111-511111 . . lI Illinwii Fichl .... X11x'elnl.1cr 25 'j 5.1 , 1 ETD A 11 31 5 1: 5131:-521411111-m ai +aMxms3Q:. cwsxfssg i ' Nz +23 :irq F92 1-j-lf, ' ' gp: ffmw- 1 1 11151 1 .Uwe--E ,, 115:1 7 A. K-1, i. . gi: . X5 ,FEM A f .' .. 3- , ll . ig-51+ t' ., '-"'ii1 1. ,.-1 ,Q .1 1 1 1 . Ffgi 519- th e Q , fx? H 1, 'U XJ R uff? -E'W1vLiFA1'. gf 1 J 1.1 5 1 : Aa A g. 1 . q w, aqzw K1 Xi 1 N' 1"f .'-'- 2 1, 'El' f '-e1w'. .- til. fl - ' fn? 1- " - .F-1-1 - ' f""1--1'-' -L.-...Sf -- V . 'I-'V ' f' ' 'A 'A ' 5 PY A. 1 . 1 ' A- -rf:--'.f 21 1-g,,1.1'gsf ff-11....Q:MstE'fi11f?1-ci' N15 .. . . . . A . " Kiflfee.-.. A 'ix A 1 ' 121' 1 1.5 4 1 Q 1 .1 1 1 113 - " . 1,,Wk1., V,,,,. M . .. , .. f , 1 , 1: .Y 'Mijn 51,111 1J1h'. 1 px I V U'- I :fig I W .1 1111 11 11g1,5f 5 '1 A .111-1 ffm WL.-w .1 - -11. f .525 4 1 ' I, U '-5 'X-,f'X:' Q 1' ' ' H 'T - . 11 ,QE - 1 -111. . UA j:..fji'. fi . 4 : Q-.,Tt. igi?Ti:.'5l.f "p 1. 'L ' ' I ' U ' A 1- A ' ,Q .1 ig.,,,,,,Q, -- g iw - mm .T -Y 1 . . 11 1' 111.vl 11111 111 :vm 1111.1 r11'1'11'1111 111'1v111.s1' Sr111'1"s L11I'C'1111j' 11111d1' a date with 1115 girl 10 161111 1116 111111111 111111'1'11-MHNK DE LETIXN' THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILL C A 7 f- E if 2 I S Z3 , Li 4 .-... v-H .- .,. 2 5 4 I 1 4 7, 7 P F J 4 1 E -1 -- P ,.. P 2 P-4 p-. if 'Z C. L7 m E 5 2 Z 'I :- 4 2? 7 C I 5. : E I i' z P 2 .- E 5 U1 fc -A 2 Z 2 ?I H .L 'ffll XIX I V q.....a., fzgg - w2:.1f:' -f , LHI1NTLlx LCJRXXIN RHPI RTS In L iptain L-ull Robtlts the team fou11d a leader ot wonderful yeisitihty 111 the new gElIl16 and of ton sistent ability 111 the old hm smashing plays He yy as 11 hen things looked the dalktst thereby often suettss fully holding the opposing line and tllflllllg defeat i11to vietory. .-Xlthouffh ll'llllllC'1lJ1W64'l by injuries i11 tl1e early part of t1e season "l3ull" played for the Uiaiige and ue i11 tht l'1ttr contests, and especially the one with Nlin- nesota. witl1 as 111ue1 'Ape 1" as he had exhihitec at half lnek during his two previous seasons. 1 " 1 1 r 1 ' ' 1 1 T ' 3 r ,E . H 3 ,, an ,V 3 . , QQ ' V K-4 . . . it i . , f ' ' ' . 1 . ., 4 . I' N' . A .N Q I". 7 Q as , is also gifted with the power of encouraging l11s 111611 - Fey- be . . . X ' ee' . "li, 1 'X 'I ,O 1 . L - l -. ' . lil 2 'FSS - ' 1 sir s ,M L l I s L l 1. ,N L,J'w- sq: Q'-rl .141 1 4 Efhitfsssss, X av 1Vll'l'O SPRINGE "Ott" Springe was found to possess all the requi- sites of an excellent football taekle. He had plenty of weight, distributed over a rangy frame, strength for a hard. sure throw, dogged deterniination, and i11 addi- tion a football head. Last year was "Reds" best. Few gains were 111ade through his territory. He IIOK only was a dangerous nian to a line plunger hut he looked tl1e part and his very aggressive attitude caused the opposing leader tu try out his other plays before attempting a plunge tl1rougl1 taekle. Springe was i11 the gilllle hard every minute of tl1e time and whether on defense or olifense l1is presenee was always felt. -IGH N Rl LEY MliRRlBl1XN "Merrie" eanie i11 for l1is share of tl1e seasons hard luck. His shoulder blade was broken early in the season and resulted in l1is being kept on the side lines for the rest of the Year. lt was his last year of football for Illinois and his spectacular hroken held running, his quick execution of quarter back plays, a11d his good judgnient as a field general are now tl1i11gs of history in the annals of Orange and lllue football. hut they will not soon be forgotten by those who have seen l1i111 i11 fighting tri111. Say, now really does mferymie ham- Io fry at the Senior Hnwli'-C. K. XVHITE H321 TI-IE NINETEE 'TI-IIRTE ILLI rJ'll'I'H IZDXYIN Slilldili The rltiiirlfw seemed lmuund to eliminate every avail- alile quarter-hack fur somi after "Nlerrie" met with his accident f Pttu Seiler was laid up with a similar in- jury. This was one of the wurst calamities that cnuld have liefallen the team at the time fin' Uttrfs wonder- ful success at drop kicking tif the seasrin previous had caused the lllini to rely upiin him td register many uf their points in this year's ciintests. lt is nut tim much tn say that had Uttw lieen in c-vnditi-in during the en- tire season Illinois would have had a larger twtal scwre for the year. CH.AXL'NL'liY TER l STUI, Ul .IYIQR Aiiutliei' uf the twelve seniivrs whit appeared on the gridirnn fur the last time in the Klinnesuta game was "Llliink" 1 Pliyer. une nf the finest ends ever deyeliqwed at lllintvis. llis hrst season he played at tackle with great credit, but liecause of his speed he was shifted tn end where he eyen surpassed all the lwedictiwiis that were made concerning him. "4 lllieu shone at going duwn under punts. and it was new l1IlCUl1lll'l4Jll thing tu find him dnwn the lield ahead of the liall ready tu down the runner in his tracks. The trickey furward pass was handled effect- ively hy Oliver and he was alsw a givml pnnter. L'lll'3STl'.R LllfXlQl.E5 l3ll-l,1 IX lt has lmeen the euncensus tif iipiiiiim that "L'het" Dillmfs quick dodging and twisting thr-vugh a lirwken field, his speedy runs arnund end. and his heady wiirk in critical inwinents cnmlmined ter make him the must spectacular player uf the year. .-Xltlii-ugh fine nf the lightest men un the team he held the 111 isitii in uf half- back tlirmigliiitit the seaswn. making up fur his lack of weight hy his speed and ciiurage. Tlirnugli Dilliiirs graduation in hlune the flrange and liilue will liwse one of the must aggressive lmaektield men slle has had in many years. Tlzcy agrct' like l'11i:'crx1ty tlifrkx-A T l Iss I ' si we Atv. 'Rr ss, sgv fs -z .1 4 I L.,g,. :fp - - . :gTQ"1f:5f2 Q- f-Q, ' 3gj.pi1q4.fg J 'md 'lf I' A EQEVN VERSITY CDF 1LL1 O18 L1 111 S1111 1 N N 1 N N 1 It 11111 11111 11111 1 1 fl 11111 1 N11 1 N 2,1 1 111 '1N 1 1 11 11N1 111.1g11111 Q. N I1 1 lllf 1cN11 N M1111 11 Q 1111N . 1 tl 111 1 11 1N 111 1x11111111 116111 21-11 N 1 N 1111 111111 1 111 N1111t111g N bf 1 1N 1 Q1 1 g 1111 11 1 1 S 1 DX 111 111N1 11111 I11llI1g1 U ll PN N 111111 21111 N 11111 NNk11L1 1NN 1'1Lt N 11111 1g 1111111 N N1 2111 N 1 12111 1 N11 N 11111111 131 1 1111 '1111 1111111111 11111111-t 1 1111 1 1 U1 13 111 11111 N N 111 KX 1N 1111161111 N U NK I1 XL 11 N c LX N 1 11111 L1 111111111111 1 l11X11l11g 1 U11 1 1 HON ' . ' - " 5 ' ' 1 5 1'1 " '1' 11 .' - 'cNte1'11. " 1- 11111111' 111s gix' 1 ' 11 ,' 5 -- ' 1 ' - 1 1111 1111':111sc 111 11s ' 1'1 , 1'1111N1N1e11 1 gffillgf. 1' ' ' 1 1' 11'f1s ,-11111111 ,11 1 114 11:1-11Nc 'l1l4 151-1 N . N '1111' 1i1111'N 11 11'f1N 11N11 ' " ff - ' 11N gn' N 11'c1'c 11s11'1 11' S11 1- , '11111' . . A Z1 1' 5'lL'L' five' 1111 11'11i1 few e111'11s ' - '-N ' ' '1 11" J X 1111 Q '1-giN1c1' 'N 1 1 111111 1' 1' 11'e1'1' 11111'11 11 ' , 111 i "1s 11'11'l 11' 1e1'111se 1 113 11111111:i1'c '111i1ity 11111 'LN ' 1 - .1 - 'L'S11'l'l1. He f1j111g11t wi 1 'L'1'11111lI1t1 11 1 ' e 1111-1 1A Ur 11111 1-13 t111,111g11 A 1-CN1111 llf 1110 game 11e111f11111'11 11131111 it, Ylrkc hw' uf' t1'r111'1'111!y, lzjf hm' :11111 1'11r1',' f11,1ll11f111'11' .111 .1'l1'111l1'1'1y, 11-111111 411111 ,111 fair- 1x.11'H.1111N1f 11I..1NK, K 9 A l 1341 THE NINETEE 'TI-HRTE --4 k.HI..,.. . 1 1- 1.511-.R 111151 'X D,XX1b "111111" 11ElY15, 1l1I1j'1l'lg 111 1-1-1111-11 11115 11 11111111 M 2155ct 111 1111 11-11111 111-1-211151- 111 1115 1'111111111-11- 1c1111w11-11331 A 111 111211 111111111'121111 111151111111. 1115 211111111711-1' 111 111l551llg' 112111, 211111 111-1'211151- 111 1115 1-111151511-111 f1L'1L'1141YL' w111'11 t111A1111g111111t 111c CI111I'C 51-L151111. 11c 112111 g1'1-211 c1111111'- 21111'e 1111w1-1'5 211111 XYZIN V1-ry 5111-u11y 215 NYZLS 1-11119111111 111' 1118 11121111' 1'1-1'111'c1'11-5 111 111l11111L'S. 1121115 1111'1-1- y1-2115 " 1111 111c v2111511y 511112141 w1-11' 1.1.11Ak'U Yk'11.1'S 111 1121111 211111 f1111S1v1C11tl11115 w-11111 1111' 1111- 111-51 11111-11515 111 1111 1021111 211111 1-V1-1'1' 1111111 XYZIN V011 g12111 111 51-1- "111111" w111 El I'1'gl11Il1' 131151111111. 11.1XX'117 1'11AN1J1.1C11 1'1i1X1'12 15cf11rC 11e1'11111111g ll 12111111 1111 1111 Y1ll'511j' 12151 12111 1ll'1l1L'L' 119.11 11121yc1'1 1,111 1111- K11L'111g21l1 f1'1-5111112111 211111 1111 1111 1111111115 f1'1-5111112111 1C1lIlls. 1111115 ex11c1'i1-111c gave 111111 11121115' 111 1116 11112111111-5 111 il YQ11-12111 a1111 c1121111e11 111111 111 5111111 211 1115 111-51 11-11111 1111- VL'1'j' 111:g11111111g1-11 1111- 512151111 111- 111111111 111111 21111' 1i111- 111151111111 1-1'e111t21111y S111 111211 w11e11c1'c1' I1 511111 XYH4 11L'L1C552l1'Y 1'1'111c1- Wils 1116 1112111 11,1 c112111ge. H1- 111211011 ll 11211'11, StC1111fv game 211111 w215 2l1XYHj'S "1j111 111u jl111,U 11 15 111 111- 1'cg1'e111-11 111211 he 112111 11111yv 11111- YCZII' 1111 111s VH1'S11j' 31111 1115 21115c11cc w111 111- 11:11 keenly 1111 111-x1 5112151 11115 11-21111, 5 1'1XL'1.131i1.'1'1N1j 11 15 21 1'211'c 11111112 111 111111 111'1,1111c1'5 1111111g 1'cg111211' 1110511111115 1111 1111 1111111115 11-21111 211 1110 5211111 111111-. 5111-11 XY215 the ca5e 12151 12111. 1111wcx'1:1'. when the 1iu11111g b1'ot11c1'5 111-111 1111w11 1110 111-11 g11211'11 1111511111115 f1V11- 1111 1-111111 51-351111. 1321111 XYHS CHl1S111L'1'Zl1,J1j' 1ig1111-1' 1112111 1'1Cl1l'j' 11111 11121111- 1111 1111' 1115 1E1L'1i 111 weight 115' 1115 5116611 211111 21gg1'6SS1VCI1C5S. 116 w215 I1 g111111 1112110 11111101 111111 was 121111-11 1111 1113 1151 1115 211111111 211 5ex'1-ral 1111311-1'c111 t1111c5. 1-1c 61111-re-11 1111- L'111v1-1'511y Z1 -1111111111 511 110 11111 112141 13111 11116 year 1111 the YZll'411j' team. 110 11-215 a steady 211111 1:x11c1'1e11Cc11 1J121y131' 111111 1118 111150111-c 111 1111- 11116 2111de11 51rc11g111 111 the team. ,5 14,- A-111111-1-111 111:11 1111- 1I'1'11d 111111 111-1'11.11, 111111 I 11'1111'I f1'1'1 111-11 rrzyxrlf-,Il'l.1f1' 12111111-1. I 1351 QVN VER ITY QF ILLI CIS 6'-fs 4-- DONALD HUME CARTER Don Carter ohtained his football experience in Champaign High School. That his training was thor- ough was evidenced hy his hrst year's work on the varsity. Ile exhibited a complete knowledge of the game and also proved to he a hard tighter. Early in the season Carter was placed at tackle where he played a very etlicient game hut it was not until he was given a chance at end that he showed his true worth. In the Minnesota contest especially his playing was spec- tacular and was the cause of much comment and many predictions as to what might he expected of him during his next two years. l1lU'lRl,il2 LIAMIZS LANE l.ane was not fortunate enough to get into a full game and so was not awarded an although he lvroke into the game at several times and was a val- uahle suh, He was a fair lineman but seemed more at home at end. This year's experience should he of con- sideralrle aid to Lane and he will undoubtedly he one of the regulars on next year's squad. ENDS MARION RHWE Anyone who was familiar with Rowe! work on the freshman team was not surprised to sce his advance to the varsity as soon as elegihility rules permitted. Rowe was a spectacular line-plunger and also shone at smashing interference. l:l'l'Plll all indications much may he expected of him during the next two seasons. His one XQZIIJ5 experience on a team of veterans ought to prove valuable to him and to the teams which are to prolit hy it during the next two years. "llfr1vif" llffiumu, xmznfr. lllljllllllltl nf lilimry rink, "Hole do yllll 5101 ffsyclmlogy hunks 0111 of I IPM' fm I 136l TI-IE NINETEE 'TI-HKFE ILLI HIZRUIZRT PERCY TllOMl5'SVJN U'IiOlDllllCH is equally prwtieieut at guartl and tackle and his work in the latter position in the Klin- nesota game was especially worthy mf praise. He had a hard part to play against the "beefy" opposing tackle hut, through sheer pluck ancl rleterniination he was able tu withstand the tlupliens attack. Froin all indications next year "'l't.nnmie" will he a regular. CHALTNCEY HRK PXYN XYATSON XYatson had cuusiclerahle experience in water polo heforc he made the f+.mtlJall team and this exper- ience was no clcvuliit of C0llSlIl6l'ZllllS value to him in several ways. He played tackle anrl guarcl with a steady effectiveness that helps tu win games, XVat- smn was quick and heafly anfl also had his share of pluck ancl grit. He has another seasun with the team which. if Clnpe is wwrth while, should be his crowning une. HAROLD LUTH ER Tll.l.S1'1N Tillsun, who was the star half on the freshman team of mio. was another of the Illini who suffered had luck. He was kept out of the game must of the season with a hum knee. The injury, linwever, was nothing permanent and the ruoters hnpe to see "fil- lie" in the lime light rluring the next seaswn. Pmf. Buyer' in filzgflislz IO. ".llr, Bwzzzvff, i'L'1ILIl zx ti 4 Bill, "Kz'111l' of tl limit, Lllillif il. I 1371 X' Mgmt !IJII'!lI'.IJlIIw1If IIIIIIIIN If IQIIIIIIIIN I IIIXIIII IA IIII.IIIx IFITII SIIIIIXMI XII:IIII I. IIXI.I -IIIHN IQ XIII:IIIIIIx XX IIIIIII ll, XXIIIIIXIIIX IJIIII If SI-IIII! III Xllllx II IIII IIx-, I'IIII'xIII IIVIIIIYIII IlIIX!IIIXX.I7XXI- I IIIIWI IX I1 XX IINIIX "I" I XI'S IIIIIIIII ,I I,IxI lfI',II fx' IIIJIII KIIIIIN IQ, XIIIIIQIIIIX. XXIIII' IIIIIIIII II XX. III:IIsI X If III ICXX I-II 1115, IPIIIIXI I'II'I. ,I IlI:III XXI XX. .X I4III'I If XX III II XICII I'IQ,XXIX, II XII IJI'IIX -I. R IXXIJICIIY IRIX' I. XIIII--IIIII "I" I XI'S IIII:I:IIII 'I' I.I-I -IIII Ii IZI'I:X- Ii IN! l!.Il,l IIIIIII IQIIIIIIXII Ii. 'I'IIIIxIIx I.IIx Il III IIII: II XIIII X'IxIiI'NIII I I XIII x-I IIIXXI-I IIXIQICX XXIIIIII IIII:L:II1I IIIIIIIIII IILXI III II. XX XIII- !5.Iflfl'llf.Il,I. IIIIIJI XIIIIIII I. IIXII II-IIIIII XX IIIIIIIIXIIII XX IIIIXXI II XXIIIIIfIIIx IIIICIlIIJI 'If I,III XII lIlIIll,XII XX Ii. XHIXIII III,II ID, S. III IIAIINI' Il Ii 'IxXI1III III xx I'IIIxI "I" I'XI'-,II I.IIw IQIIII:I III.IIIf'fX' l'rPl,r1 XI ,I XIII, I', XXf III IIIIII If. I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Il Ii I'IIxIII.I- II I' 'IWIIIIIINIIN I,I IIXIINIII N-I-.IIII XIJII I- NIIIIH I LINI IIII..I I,. II-,I ,-I I'I:I IIIIIX IIIXXII II I XICTIQII I X II XI I4 XXI IIIIIIIII',I1II XII 'I I.I IIIIIIII- I. IIII IN IXXII ,X, IIIXIII I XI FIIIIII IIIIII FIIIII I'I:III I'IIIII'I- I XII I, RIIIIIII-II I IIIXI'X I'III'l XII Ix XIXIX NI, Q ' I IIIIIXI-I DI, XXII III II I'II XI"IIIII IxIIII'F I IIIIIN Ix I,IIII-II IIIII XIII XX XII I III II II- I. XXIIIII I,I'lI I.III- 'I I II TIIIIIIV- IIIx IIIII IIIII-I-X II. I' IJIII ICI! I I1 XX II-Im 'NIIY I If-1711 If III III' II IIIIIIIIIIIIII IHIIIIIIUI' III XVII Il IIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIX IlI.I' III I I IIIII II IIII! 'IIII IIII III IIII XXIIN, Ii Ii II TRA Ii F: D iii NIVERSITY QF ILL1 CIS , X cg' 1.11531 de. 2 A Q t- ii' REVIEW' OF 1911 TRACK SEASON Ill IUII 1 jlllfltitil' Truck at-:lswll ftzlrtt-rl wtf with el vit'tln-5' twt-1' 1il1l'lillL' ttv thc stwrc ttf UQI 3 to 4713 tm May tith. 1'l1l't1uu wax 5ll'H11g in the flashes. zmfl i11.1I'fi1L'N. zmfl alftv wtvn tht- mile hut Illinois Q01 zlwzty with llillt- fllxtr. AX wt-ck lzltt-l' wc rt-pczltctl hy bt-ating Lfllicago H11 their uwll tit-lfl hy tht- gtrwll st'wl'c of jllj to S4 3. IDux'C1l1w1fl't Qtzlrrctl fm' thc Klzllwmlls win- -i llillg tht- 330, NNO, :mtl Nt-ctllltl ill the IOO. lf. l7l'ZiiiL' tit-tl the Illinwie l'QCtPl'1i ttf 35 KI,-5 ft-ti in tht- 2.20 lllirtllt-Q :mtl 1i1'2Ii121111 will tht- little vault I 111 I3 fcut. Tht- llt-xt 511111141211 ht-ttli't- tht- Illtt-lxt-llwlzlxtit' t'l'ww'tl lllillrviw XYVII1 rt tltfse lllt-t-1 tlwlll XYiNtw1llfill. litlth tt-:lilly wt-it wt-ll hxtlzlllct-tl. fiat-It tt-:llll wtnl xt-Yell 111'N1X hut lllinwix 111111 thc rt-lily' :mtl gut Z1 ft-w mutt- xetwwlltk :mtl thirtls. The i'iI'L'Ni'I111L'11 ht-:tt Kilt-x hmlly :lt tht- szlmt- timc. 1 ,ll Xiftj' 37 the fI't'a11111L'I1 sntlwt-tl lliltlt-1' tht- Cllitulgtl fI'L'411111Cl1 741 tt, 39. 111: wt-re :ull-mg thwwc furpriwt-rl hy Bliewuri ill the ctvllfcl'e1lt'e at Min- lit-zlp--lis. hut 5L'Yt3I'11i ttf Mui' mt-n XYHI1 gtmtl lvlztct-N. The 1111.2 iiirltmr 561141111 N11l1'1C4'1 with rt mic-Qitlt-ll cxhihiti-nl in which wt- ht-at I'lliwll1t- 70 tw ltv. Liztrt-lcssllt-ss ill tht- lllilc which tzluscd ull our 111611 to fall gzlvt- 1'ut'thit- tint- ttf tht-il' twtm tirfts. In Hur tww mt-t-tx with Lllit-glgw wt- ht-:lt tht-ill 1111114151 as hzully till thcii' own titltn' :lx wt- tlitl ht-rc in xpitt- wtf tht- fzltt that Xlllrphy :mtl Cust- were ullahlt- to t'H111IhL'1L' up tht-rt-. In tht- hflmt- mt-ct tht- Rt-lzly 1t'Ztl1l ct PIIIININU1 ttf llurlcc. Hllntt-r, XX'ilwn. :mtl tlfrtix t'lippt-cl tww full ft-twvlitlv tiff thc gf'l1111Ilr1lll11 rct'+n'tl placing it :lt 32411. 'l'ht- f1'L'Ni1Il1t'11 211511 XYU11 Ivy lzllgt- Nt'11l't-4. lt XXZIN in tht- lmltltlr 1111l11L'1'L'I1k'L' :lt tht- l':lttt-ll 1i1'I11llI1S1l1111 in 1iYllI1S1t'l11 tm Niilltil 30 that tht- tt-:lm tw-vt-l't-rl itft-lf with glwry. Tht- gl'-czltext l'zlt'c mf the sca- xt P11 XYQIN S:llltlt-li x'it'twtl'y twt-l' thu Nl'lIlINYNL'lily illx'illt'ihlt' Ij11YCI11JtlI'1 tif Chicago. Thi- mmlt- up ful' Ill4L'Y1'FUN :li-21111ttliiltillt-ilts in tht- mile :mtl twtl milt- and Set a 110W illfhull' l't't'lrI'11 111 23.2 3-5 wt! 111111 llfltllillg 1011 11111 1110 l'L'1Zlj' 1116 SCMYC -tw-fl 37 tw 311 in fzlxwt' ttf XXi1Nt'Hl1f1l1 with NlPI'Ii1XX'L'NIL'I'll third and Cllicago ft m111'1i1. .1 llzt' tlffrun llftfn Ilzyir llf-x My fzku tl Xfltltfwfn' ttf li lltfwriuff L'1'.f.v-Sl-Nlnl: Lxws 11401 THE NINETEE 'TI-HRTE ILLI if 12 'rl 'E . "'1Qg1- , bf. -4+.fm1s- 1' si - 3-feQ,s:ifsFf '7" ' 3 "V - ..f:-"init ,vfr ji i.'f-1921. 1 T, " . iRf'if '1is Lf - . -'-Qfffsi . A -if ,. x ,4:f,,"' . ,x.,, , , :qu 5.- V--. .-3 , ,,., V , 2, suis 3, l f v f' .,, ,tgie--1, ,. U. IZ. SICILIZR the flisc iuuiiy pui SENI OR TRACK MEN Xli st-iiiiirs will hxixe rim their lust race hir llliiiiii- hy th: iiighi .if ,Tune iirst. The Qf-iiifcrviiiie meet tfilfiis l!lfli'L' f-ii thiii mlzite :ti Lzifaiyette, liiil, ulfisiiig the l1i'1fs1'lli sifilvtll. fllllllllll lfrziiik ll, Murphy leziils the list, uhlllflllln wfiii thi,- piilv xziult Iigillllst Lliiezig'-i iii the Iirst meet Ht his -Uph- iliiiiiri: yuzir ziiiil hzis het-ii repentiiig it pretty v-iiisistifiitly t-wr since, llt- hiilcls the wiitilii-ir cifiifvri,-life recfiril wif 1: feet 4 It inches :mil iii the l'liilrulel1ilii:i ini-et lzist yt-:ir he tit-il fiir Iirst :it IJ feet 51, iiiclies, lle shi-ws hy his wiirlq iii the ltrll iiiiliiiir niet-ts ihrit he lliilisvlf will lireiilx tht-se recwrils if ziiiyiiiie iliies llttiw Seller, xeternii ul iiiziiiy meets as well :is iiiuiiy fiiiitlizill griiiies also leaves the ti,-:im this yezir. llc hits lien-ii ll very re- liiilwle siiriiiter ever since his siiplifif inure year, iifteii wiiiiiiiig :mil zilwny- rtiiiiiing :i giiiifl race. Guy I.. Bliirrill is the thirnl man whim has wiiii his "l" three yefirs iii siiccessiiiii uri the truck tuaiiii. He has rarely misseil iilziciiig iii ri high jump ihiriiig these three seiisriiis :mil has ii large iiumher wt lirsts tw his nrt-slit. llis lfiss will he felt New yezir. lfliilrles ll. lleltiiig in zuliliti-iii lil his twfitlmll Mime has :xii eiiviulile I'L'lllIl1lllHI1 iii the weight events, llis fnxwrite is the lifimmer tlirww, in which event he iilricc-sl sc-wiifl iii the ifpli t'iiiifereiictz lle :ilw stzirs iii F- V'-51'fH"HY us :mil shut with which he has with ' I llls, his M-do 4 I r 'PI .Xiwtlier weight mari is llerlmert ln. Leu. ' His specialty is the shut which he has liezivcnl , fur mziiiy Iirst places iii lllllll meets, 'l .Xlthwiigh this yeztr has lmeeii his lirst :mil . 1' t will he his lust 1-I' Varsity cwiiipetitiiiii, lliiw- ' - 5 :irrl Cheney has :ilrezifly sliiiwn his ziliility :is , ' fi pwiiit winner iii the intl-mr meets. llc wiiii 'A 'A " his "l" iii his sewml meet. Q, Ai, 3- lii zulmlitiwii tw these six "l" men there :ire three wthers, Gregiiry Yigcziiit iii the half f-P mile :iiifl lf. lf. llisliip :mil R, XY. Dickeiisoii .ig iii the two mile. These mt-ii lizive won points in the imlmir meets Liml shwulrl all win their A- l-t- l-fiiil--'fm 'sir' Q1 x . ' at mrs it rt tit 1.1. ii 1. ur, H. BELTING Gm' Mtmitiri. "That girl sniffed at mv." h.I.0IlkZ'7If,' ut you slit' i'u1zli1'ii't lzvlf' ffl'-SI FRAILI-ZY, 6 A X gggvw VERITY CF ILLI 015 VARSITY TRACK TEAM f7f'ffL1fffx'.N C1141 VI. R11111:1'14 . , . . Capfuinz 1514 xxlx Ll. Kl1'1:1'Hx' , , C11p!1z1'11 Elm! H11:1:1 1111 H1111A1,xN . , ,U111111g1u1' H.x1e1:x' L. fxlll, . . CTULIIII f"!f!1'.5'c,'X,X'l1i. 01111 Ii. S1-11114 H. IF TH11x11fs1Q1x 43111111-111' Y11.1 ANT F. XY. B1'1.1..x1111 Gm' L, Rl111:1:1I.L M. R, 131.1111 ELA111 S, 11111141 C, ll1'x14x' l21:1,'r1N11 XXN111-1 II, Il1:.x141f 4fl'1Tu S1'141x1.1-3 ,T1111x R. M1-1:14111 xx P.x1'1. I, l'211,xH.xx1 1511111 91111115 -T111 K. I'!1'1:xs 11111 - ,-X, HVXTLR XY. ,X C1111- Lf Kl.S'111f11. A, Ii. D1'1m'.xsH I. L. l'!,x1:1u1x H111:111-141 T. LEO XX11.'1' lr, ll1111:11'1Q AX11 xx X111v. Hefkvf.1f!1u'1'iIw'-I1'lmtls' in a nazzzv? I 1421 THE NINETEENTHIRTEEN ILLI '1 I P 7 Z' T E LL , - - 1 5 I E f 5 r 1: ' Q T 4 1 .. Q X Z Q 2 F . 1 I ,T I 'f, H11 27 Z --1 . X Z r C ,..4 FZ '-' E? 4 " 7 ? UP 3 K' 5:4 L1 2 T 71 ale 4 1 I A fi 1 g y -Q 7 ,, ... 5? iw: Q 5 3 :FTA - , 2 D. IT' F C QQVNIVERSITY or ILLI 015 liven! mo-y:1rml Dash . I2nAy11r4l Hllf4'llCN 220-ynrml Dash . 320-ynrfl Hl1FlllCs 4-10-yzml Run . RS0Ay:1r4l Run . Rlilv Run . . , Two Milc Run . High lump . . Shot Put . Puh- Vault . Iliwus Throw . Ilruzul -lump . . ff'Z'4'Hf 100-yrml Ilawh . Blilu Run . . . 220'5'nr1l Dash . 4.40-yarfl Daxh . TWH Klilu Run . 120-yzml llurdlcs 220-y:1r1l llurdlcs llisfus Thmw . l'1mlc Vnlllf . . lligh Jump . . 16-lh, IIIIINFIICI' . llruzul ,lump . . RSO-yznrrl Run . Relay . . . . , Ru 11.111115 P. OUTDOOR MEETS, IQI 1 II.I.I.YOIS uv. PVICDI7? .IT I..IF.'Il'l?TTE. IND. MAY 6, 1911 I'1r.1f Tllfrd 5 Ufulld SlilLliR, l. IQESSLLR, P. M1:1:R111.xx, I. lfliSSl.l'H. P. CURTIS, I. SE11.1:11. I. ll111Fm.xx, P. l71c,xK1i, I, . XY. l311.xk1f, I. IT. IIIIAKIQ, I. R11'H.x1:11s, P. LAURTIS, I. l'll'NTlili, I. ST1'rz121., I. . l'l.x111u'+N. l. Cl.1ix'1f1..xx11, P. ll1i1:1e1rK, I. llfxssux. P. C1.1ivl-11..xN11. P. THl1BIl'SlklN, I. , l51'1,1.1x1111, I. Ro1:1a1:'1's, P. Goss, P. . l Nlu1el:11.1.. I. and BlCV.x1'1.1'1, P. tie-ml Ilfxixxs, P, mul BICBI4, I. tiud B1-LLTING, I, Slfluxur. I. STH! KTON, I. . Xl1'xr111', l. G1:.x11.x11, l and GANNON, P.tied Srurlvrox. P. RVIQNS. I. I31iLT1N1:, I. GMI-1.xA1, I, Rlclmlclvs, P. S1i11.121e, I. Score-Ill. fmll, Purrlue 4711 1l.I.l.N 1115 ruv. L'l'1'lL'.lciO .IT JI.-IICSII.-11.1. FIIELD Mn' 13, 11111 Timv .10 :15g -911 .--J '26E 7533 2103 4 T552 IO 1082 5 ft. HJ ll1. 40 ft. 2.2 in. Il ft. S-in. 123 ft. 6 in, 20 ft. ll in, First Svrwllz' Third Time lT.x1cL1c, C. l.J.x1'1iN1fok'1', C. STRA1'111-i, C. :log Crmvr, l, Ro111c1:R, I. I,oNu, C. 41415 lJ.xx'1iNPuR'r. C, EARLE, C. CURTIS, I, 22,3 . Cmnwls, l, S1c1NN1aR. C. l'Il'NTER, I. .502 l2l'Ru'.xsH, l. Rurmlik. I. l31'l.1..x1w. I. 10:26 lfl'H, C. W111'r1NG, C. IJRAKIAQ, I. IIS2' . E. l'l1uK13, l. li1'11. C. W111T1xu,C. 2252 . liruxs, l. I-Z121.1'1r:1g, l. Gu1:T'11.r1R, C. 122 ft. S 111. . G1:.x11.u1, I. Nl1'1:1-1113 l. and Rouliks, tied 12 ft. KlliNAL'I., C. :md RIORRILI., I.-Go15TT1.1a1:. C. and BE1112, I. 5 ft. 8 iu. B1s1.T1N13, I. Luo, I, Bnfxxs, I. 146 ft. 61' in. G1:.xH,x11, I, KUII. C. NIZVINS, I, 21 ft. 4 iu. LIAVICNPORT, C. Cuvlz, l. T1Mlfl.1N, C, .ZZOSE I1.1.1Nms Scurc-Ill. 715, Chicagu 541: "Oh, Psllawf'-AI. Nl'lVINS, Iris II4-11 SSO-yd. Run . . THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI Ezfunt loo-yard . . . Mile Run . . . zzofyard Dash . T20 High Hurdles 4.40-yard Run . Two Mile Run . Discus Throw . Pole Vault . . 220 Lriw Hurflles 16-llw. Shot Put . SSO-yard Run . High Jump . . Hammer Throw . Broad Jump . . Relay Ezwzt 100-yard Dash . 220-yd. Dash . . 440-yd. Dash . OUTDOOR MEETS II.I.I.YOIS-ll'ISCO,YSI.Y AT ILLI.VOIS FIELD AlAY 10, lllll Mile Run . . Two Mile Run 120-yd. Hurdles 220-yd. Hurdles Shot Put , . Discus Throw Hammer Throw . Broad Jurnp . Pole Vault . High Jump . Relay Race . Firrf S'1'm111I Tlzim' Tllilllt' . RICHARDS, XY. Sl4.lLl-ill, l. SANIII-TRS, XY. IIOE . CLEV11.-xxlv, W, Cwvli, l. LAM1-14.RT, W. 4132? , R1C11,, XY. CURTIS, I. S.xN1113RS, XY. :JJE , ROHN, XY. XY. DR.xR1i, l. All-LICILIMAN, I. 110 . R1cHAR11s, Vi. CURTIS, l. HUNT1-.R, I. :gif , B1'L1.AR1:, I. LlI.liVlEI.AND, XY. GR.x1'v1ss, XY. IO1.ZO?l, . TlELT1N1z, l. TIINSWORTH, XY. PIERV11, XY, 118 ft. 75 in. . Kl1'R1'11x', l. :mil GRAHAM, l. tied :Xll1liClil4, XY. ll ft, S in . E. DR.1xR1:, I. W. DRAKE, l. ROHN, W. 125g . PIERCE, W. LEO, l. B1:1.'r1Nu, I. 4: ft. .15 in , SANDERS, XY. H12RR1n'K, l. H1'N'r1-QR, l. 2:01 . BIORRILL, l. IUHNSQN, XY, XYIS-li1'bClI., XV. 5 ft, IO in, . B1:1:r1Nf:, l. P1a1:v1:1-1, W, Woorl, XY. 1.13 ft. 0 111. , N1-:v1Ns, l. G11.L1:TT, XY. l.YISKlM'lI., XY. 30 ft. if iu. . l1.1.1No1s XYISCONF-lN bcwre-lll. 60. XYis. S7 Ol"TDOOIC CONI4IiIx'1i.YL'Ii AT 1lIIN.VIi.l I'OI.I.S' - JUN11 3, IOII Firxf S1'm1111' Tlzira' l7uzrr1'I1 Time XVASSON. N. D. XYILSON, Coe STRA11B1:, C. lf.XRLl-Q, C. 102 XYILSON C. R1c'H.xRDs, XY. E.-xR1.E, C, STRA1'1a1-1, C. 22? D,M'1iNPoRT, C, T!1aR1x10ND, Mo. CURTIS, T, ll11.1., M. 41:2 DAVENPORT, C. BERM0N1w, Mo. Dl4IX'lNF, N. D. C1.1eV12L.-xN11, XV. 1562 JOHNSON, Mu. XYOOII, Cal. TH1ilRSliN, N. Xlfxssox, P. 4,272 STEELE, Mn. C1-13v121.AND, XY. XYW11, Cal. ST011sx'01.1w, M, 11:50 N1u11oLsoN, Mo. W1L1.11x1x1s, N, D. QU.-xRNsT11Rx1. M4-urn. B1:1.soN, Cal. A152 K1Rs1ax', Mo, BE1zsoN, Cal. W11.1,1.xx1s, N. D. ScHw.xRTz, N. l'Sfl MEN.-xL'1., C. P112RC11, XV. H.x1.1:, Cal. ITRANR, M. 43 ft. S in. ROBERTS, Mo. STUURTUN, P. FR.xNK, M. l?12LT1N4:, l. 1:3 ft, lOl in. PIERCE, XV. l312.L1'1Nm:, I. NX'4m1v, XY. CrUl1l1.XRl1, S. D. 1.11 ft.Si11. 1X1.1.1-LN, Cal. XVAFSON, N. D. 'l'.xm1R1f1cT, Xl. XY11.1.11xx1s, N. D. lj ft. 1 iu. Cm'1.E. C. l RIURPHY, I. '- All tit-11 for first Kllilllql-li, W. 1: ft. 41- in. LGR.-XHAM, I. l JHHNSON, XY. l N1cHo1.soN.Mo,l BTORRILL, T. 1' A - 4 BEESON, Cal. FRENCH, K. I 5 tl' U L m' P1aT1aRs0N, M. I ILLINOIS XX'1srrmxs1N Kl1NN1isuT,x 3 :Rl Gee and Huw ug711i11.' If .lIl's. Humz s11i11', "Him: II11w," 'why did :mf Lro GH' 11451 QEVNIVER ITY GF ILLI CIS Fzwzf I'11In' YIIHII . 39-yannl IIIISII . 411-y:1r1I II11r1lI1-S KIIIL- R1111 , , ,I-1l'l-j'IlI'1I RUN SI1111 PIII , . II1qI1 ,I1111111 . Q-Wir-1'11rfI RIIII . ,INXXII FI1Ic R1111 IIuI:11 Ilzxfn' . !,.111f I'l1I1' XIJIUII . :R-1':11'1I IMRI1 . 411-1:1r1I II111'1IIcS XIII1' RIIII . 4411-1z11'fI Iflll. SI1111 I'111 , NN11-y11r1I I41111 . IIIQI1 -I1111111 . IQXKI' NIII1' R1111 Ii:-I:11 Ii:11'v INDOOR MEETS, IQI2 f'I'RI1l'li rx. 11.11.1015 I1,1,1x111s G1'11x.1511'11, I'-I-illlilf.-KRX' 11, 11112 lk1'111l .Sp1'1'11f1' Tllirfl' KI1'1:1-H11 I P'111a1.1's, P, IQ111-1f,I, SFIIIIQ, I PIII'I.I'S, I, L'1wx1f11, I. I.Iz.1NXIX41, P, C.1sl, I. C11s'1,11c, I. l2.11:11N111, I' T!11,x,11'. I. THr111Ps11x, I, S,1x1-1 wx, I. 01111151 I If11Hx11f1, P I111. I I,IIIINI'.Y, I. IIl"I'l'S, I. IIIHIYIN. I. KI11111:l1.L 111111 P1:1N11i I'141x11-i, I. II1x1111,-wx. I. Y1f,1i.1NT, I, Ii1.1.1-11, P. II:N1,111', I. Il1'1,1.11111. I. l.:XI,II-fll, P I1,1,1w11x iXY11,511N, ST1'1'z1gL, H1'N'1111:, T31-1114141 Scwrc-IIIi11wis jo, IIIIFIIIIC 16 ll.l.l,X'4 IIS fav. Cliff. IGH IIl.Ix111aI11 XIX XNIVNI, I'I-,I1I4I'.XIiY If, IIIIJ f711',11' .NI1'1'1f111f llxffltlvf If111'1.1. C. KII'IlI'I'IY, I, IfIlI'I-', I. I'111'1,1'N, I, XXYIINIIX, I. I.A.X5XI-II. 1. l'XSl', I, lf11X1111, I, ST1x1,11', l". 1f111'1,, I IIlI,N,XI', I. 'I'1111111w1x, I. IJ111-x1'11111', If, S.1x111-11s. I, 1'1111'1'1s, I. XII-N XI'I,, lf, S1 1111111 If, I.1-'11, I, I1111 YV11111, If II1-N111 IQXIIN. I, IAH 1x111,11c. C. IYIIII XI 1' I KI111111111. I III 111-II 1,151 I IIl'I.I 11111, I1 I!1:11111', LA. II1f1.111', I. I1.1 1N111,5 lD1'111q1-, IIIYNTIQII, XX'11,w11x, 1fo11'11sl SCIDIX'-IIIIIIIHIX FN, IIIIIUIIQH 25 Tlllllt' II fr. 5 in. 1042 :OR2 .1148 15.13 3QfI,RII1. Q fr. IO in. 3:00 Illilg 1.41, TIIIIL' II ft, 11 in. .041 -Om. 4:48 3533 42 It, 41 111, 14011 3116111 IO 1102 lZ4f1 ,-lm! zulu- dwvs fvlm' QNIII'!'I'CVIS 1u111'l11'r 11I:1'11w1'.1 1111111 1115 IIIIIIII 111 Hn' Drlfu 111111111111 H'1111.11' I 146I TI-IE NINETEE 'TI-IIRTE ILLI 1?f'1'11f 511-y111'1I IIIUII . 50-yrmil II11rdlc-5 .1411-yzxrri Run 880-yard Rllll Milo R1111 . . Twu Mile R1111 SITUI PH! . . II'11IL' YZHIII . Iligll ,Iump . Rc-InyRace . EI'L'IIf 50-yard Dash . 50-yard Hurdlvs 4.10-yarrl Dash N80-y:1r1I I1:1sl1 Mile Run . . Twfw Mile Run IHHIQ XIIHIII , II1gI1J1111111 . Shut Put . 0110 Mile Rulczy 1 H.l.l.XUl.S 7.1, LHlL.Ic,'11 I'..x1111.1'r1l1x'x1x.xw11'11, M1111 11 11, 1411 F1131 .S'1'1'11111I 1 flIl'll R1'1'11rd . I'1111.Ps, I. Sl-II.l.R, I. RI.x1111x1f. C. , l.'11w1'.1H, I. NI11.1.1-11. C. NIx11111F, I. . lD.xx'1-x1'1114T, C. t'1111T1s, I. n1.111x L. , Il.-11'1-1Nr'1'11:T. C. II1-x111f11a11N. I, 111111, I, -, . I!11.x.x1'. I. 'I'1111x11'wx, I, XX1111115, I. 4 . I11'1.1.x1:11, I I111 lil nmx, I I1111..-xx1111:, I, 111-11 13. . NII'X.Xl'I., C, 51 1e1'1:1'. lf. l111.r1x1,, I. 44 11. N 111, . l11IXI.I. lf. Ii111'r, I. I.1111.11:, Cf Il ft, N 111. l.'H1-x1.Y, IQ. I mill NI111114111, I. I, ' NI!-XAVI., L I Qui, l . S 511411111 , I1.1.1N111a 1bT11'z1.1., II1'xT1'R, Luzerls, S.xx111-11s1 1"'1'1'.17 l'.1xN, N. I .NSI-, I. S.xx111ns, I. I1.x1'11x1-11R1', l.'1.1-1'1f1..xND, XY S1.XT11N,u. KI1'1e1-111, I. XX'.1111,, XY. I'.I,I-'ITIII-'R, X. l1.1.1x111Q I1.1,1x1115 . XYIS1 11xs1N N1111'r111x'1fs'1 C1II1'x1.1'1 , KI1xN1is11T.x I'1'11111'1. . 5L'11Tc 53' J-3.21 l.X'l11111l1' U1.X'F1il1'l'X'c I I'.1T'r1fvCi1'x1N.w11'x1.3I.x1111,,.11, 1111: i C .f1'1'111111 T!11'1'1l 1711111111 XX'11r1m, I, I7.x1u11-1 XY. 1'1Nx11:, I. I'11-1:11. N, I'II2Y3IXX. XX' ll.1x'1x1'111cT, C. C1'11:'1'1Q, I. S1'111.1-11 XX. III-Y111l:s11A. I. S1'li.1I'11llN1w11Y, 3I.M1111111', XX' 'I'1l111cs1N, Y, I'lIc11111sH, XX. L'11I'1f, I. 4 XXIIIVII, XX 1'11YII,l4. RI1N.x1'1., 1 l'11Y,l'. M1-N.11'1.,k ' XX11.w11N IIl'N'IIIi 111:11Q 'S.xx11111N . I- ST I-RN . lVx.XI.YIY, I' RAY, X. I P111-1.1'N. I'. 1 M 111--1 . If11.xx1-Q, Nl. UNE Tlifrlwl-N, N. 111 IIUI I' 1, 111-N1-1' I KI111:1111.1., I, 1 I11's1f1c, XX .11 SI N.,-, 111. JO 4 31 TI111, YIIAIII T111I11'y, 1111 fum 1III1I 1111 1111111-S1411-31' I51x1x111f11 X T 0 I1 471 fx'1'1'11r'11I 11 111 IO i11. 35 111. EQQEVNIVERSITY QF ILLI GIS THE RELAY TEAM r '45 fi " ' wwf" -E iff: vm X . , img X is QQQ Q . Y Q f X E -4 .1 " f i ' Q Q. , 3,152 Q v , L ,ul ., . , X V 4 5. , ,Q Q QQ ' ' 4 - ' kiflf..-Q, . p V N32 El 5 ' '. , " ,A A 1 4 M E25 4 X ' . ' f'Q.'e'x,,1 95 - ' -V 4 I .4 f -4- -4 1 :A Q. Q f -- A, Q , LH: X , ,"' K N. 4, E , ,. ,, 7 .lb . ,, ,,,.,., f nuff- . ,. ' ' V Q . A A -1- 4 4 , i:4,,,. , ' .ff-'11 . -"1g'2e fF5'-,sig-:I in EQH1 :f?ksTf'F'T- ' E Q ' ,V - fi ll ' , 5914.5 N57 -' 14- F? . A A - e 4:24 , 1 H4 24 .5 4 . ., FXM14, f 4 4 - A - T J- .:- '34 ' " "L r.i ,'if:'-5,51-A 3- 4 , " Qi 'Lf' ' 'ws 2'?"':'a lafvifs-4 V ", .4 '- -THQ 1-'u9"P'3f T- . im-52 W2 if 5.31-Elly 5, --, .2 'ffm 'f ' - hgfx -4 'f ' -, X 1' x E 'Sf-X 5 egg- 'ig 1,1 5553155 Q , Q -Sf, E W..- -4 ,4,:,-'5 "- keirfv -E -. fEgi1SxAEl:: .:,, - gf ,, X I ui Q,,Lj'Qfg5 atfu A? 4 ' ': ,-,f 'B rf-:I Q ' ' bfi 'Ni:2?,EQfIsfiLi"2 wi.: - 4 41 X 3vT34- - f . NYILSON PIUNTER Cmms SANDERS 'I 4' 2 4 1 , V V Y 1 1 , 3 3 Q. , ,.,i..-4-o-P "'5a I - I W , , 'I-7 ., 415. ' .vi , ' , - ,v ,-f ., ' 5 1 -4 Q4 .- -v If , Q Q 1' - .4 4 ' ' 5,4 ' Q f Q Q Q x f , X 3 , ' 4 A .Q I , ' 4 4 .4 4 2 4- .gn W - . 4 4 E - 4. n'-fs P. '. QI N513 :Q ' 'QT 'Lf QQ f-V Q Q -P 4 n Tv X' 'Q Q 4,' N4 . Y ,4 .QQ 4- - 4 - 4 Q . 951 .L 4 ,iv t-1 K at - , 1 " -. I iff' 1 1 'X 15' ' 'gqusvhixf Y Y QP ' V 1 f . L 1 -' ,Q " ' ' . he " x Q F9 4 , . - -g , . .. pf . . + 4 ., :A+ . .- . .rxm-'jig QQ- .,. -, r Q . V P, ' Q Y , 1 I l ' 1 , - - '---fvyfqfgi. -,I-'74, -7:4 X wr-W -. ,E 1 .- 2 ,, 4: ., A .. mm A . ' 4 V 4' 'I 1 url: Ha . '-14.2 -' ", ' 49' , . Q. , Q Q ,Q Q Q , - 1 '. b . - A , " ' .. . 5 , " ' - . I, . ,-Q .3 1 E' ' , -. ,Qnsl .- "1"7Y. Nlvlerux' X'.4xV1.'r1N1: U:-rr-lmml at .mmf ,vfwxvz "Tun 1.uu1I1flf1"-lvl mv nv. "Ol: yrs inf! it tlmt l1mzm'ary frat?" H431 THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI EVENT 100-Y11 nl 220-XIZITCI 1:0-Yard :Ju-N :ml -I-10-Xvilfll 330- Yzml One- Mile Dash . Dash . I lurmllce Hurmllcf Run . Run . Run . Twn Mile Ruu . High -Iump . Bruml ,Iump , Pulc Villllt . Shut Put . . Discus Thrmv . Hzlmmvr 1'x'f,NT 33-Yzml S0-X'flI'lI 40-Yzml 440-Yzml SSOAYQ11-sl Uuu-Klilc Tum Klilv TllFKIXX' , Dash . Dmh , Hurfllus Ruu . Ruu . Ruu . Run . High ,Iump . Pole Vault . Shut Put ILLINOIS TRACK RECORDS Ol 'TIN H QR 1x'1fQ'IUIx'DS u4+1.m41: QXIAY, 'rim , IZHJ. . . . , . Iiuxlf, I-.xzE.u:, Enmxx . ILIIQUXYN, 'IO . . Nlula, I,lxI11c1-lu., III-'lilill K, 'II . l'Il-.lilill K. '11 . Fmr, I0 I Ll..x1,1x . Iil1.X'l'lIl! , RIu'1:1'm','l: . I'1l'nu:mw.11s . I11:1'x1-.ul Ill'l:l44uI'l,llS 1,X'l1r1rP!x' 1CliL'Hlx'l'5 ul mm- x: Mug 'oo MAY, 'ou . U4 1, I Fu'm'Y,.lrxK1xw,'lm I.lNIIlllulil-, 'Ola BI1kLlI'l.l.Y . . CUl'l-I,'Ij. . G1r.1u-,usux . Km1i1'.x'r1mJ K RIl'Iil'lIY, I2 . R1'1uun'4.11S 'AII'vll. tlzvy say that tlz H491 ru-.4 mm 'owi ,v 1212 116 . 1252 IO . gui, ll, 555 I 4 i3-I . . w.,4f 6 ft. ,l in. 22 fl. II iu. I2 ft, .gl in, .44 ft. 72111. 1:0 frl 152 ft, U1 in. lflmllilf ful 'mgf ogf fin :iq 1-A A - 440, ., . . Iflnrlff R ft. II lll, , 12 ft, lm. . 43 ft. 3 Ill, 4- In-51 fl-my ffrlmgc uluxpxf In ilu' uw1fml"-SHmcrx' IXIILEQ, VNWEPKSITY QF ILLI O15 3 I I lflxusu mf Two Mme, XXVISCOXSIX XII-1I1'I' A 1 1"1x1sH OF :zo HURULES, NYISCONSIN BIIZET Fzvxlzzzlazr. ftiljjilljj af ri-zu Kappa Kappa Gamma lmzayc, "Clmpcro1w, rlzaperonr, w1m's gut the fl1upv1'onz'?" H501 111. ,,11'WmQ11 1:11 1 1 1-1 11 111 1-1 1g .1 11,-1,1 I 7 1 1 The 20111 Illinois l11te1'scl1ol11stic Nleet Q11 I' I-QSI'ITIi1l11g 111111 111-111111-r1I11ri11g 111:11 11111114 III.'l 1111- 11111 1111 1 111 1 I1z1r1I 111111 1lr1-1111111-11 1111- 151111111 111x1:1r11- 11111 1:1111 1-1 1111: 111111 ,"'-1 1111- IIDII 11111-rN15I11-1:111101111-11111111111xI11gI1 1'1-11111.1111111:1111I 1 ffifj H - :1 111111--Q 111 Q11-ry XYIIX l'VlXk' 1111111111111 1111111-11,-1 I-l"'II1 1111111 IN be 1111:111-ly 1-M1111 51111111111 111-111 1111- 11Ilic1:1I- 111151 1111111 Il V10 1 111 L - f 1111 :1111-r 1. 11. Ill, M1111 111 1111- lIILlI'IiN 111:11I1- 111-re 1.11111 11111 1 .,1 111-11' 1'1'c111'1I 11:15 111:11Ic 111 1111: 111iI1- .X 11e11 Q11-111 I1IINj'1f1lT 11 1 Q 1 1111- 1411-1:1111 111gI1 111111111-Q 111111 1111111 1111- 1111111111-1' 111' 1-111111w IN 'M ' 51111: 111 111' fl ftllfllfx' III s11c1:1-e1l111u 111131-11 111' IIIIN Claw L" M' ,- IQ11111-r-11y Ilieli 1111111 I1rs1 11I:11'1- 1111' 1111- 1l111'1I 111111 III 'T 1 ,M if 1 - Niicu,-Ns11111, 111111 Jil 111111111 IIy1I1- l'.ll'Ii 111115111-11 N1-11111111 XI 1 H. E. FOSTER I I-1115 N 1' F-0.5-a1'rl IMQI1 . lllll-yard lla-I1 . 3311-yard 1111111 . 4411-y:11'1'l R1111 R80-yzirrl Run Une Mile Run , . llflvyarrl 1111111 Hurclles . 2l1'l.yard Low H111-dles . Iligh 11111111 . . . Ili-11311 11111111 , . . Pole Y:111l1 . 12-pou111I 91101 . 11-110111111 lla111111er Diwus Tlirow . . . T11 :Ht HRIKIVUH P11110 Szg works" T I1 r1'111' ISU 1111111153 111114 lbllflf 11:15 1111111 111111 If 111111111 111111 I 1111 T1-QI1. 5111111111-11 111 111111111 Tl1C'oC 111111 5011111115 f11r11iQI11-11 1111- LIIIPNUQI Q 011111111-11111111 1111' I1rx1 111111111X :11111 1111' 11111er5 1Ii1'i1I1-1I 1111 1111111 1171: I1-11. The lowest score 1111i 11111-- l1:11f of fl 111'1i111. L1111111iN 111 L'11i1'c1'Ni1y l1igI1 11:11 the i111Ii1'11I11z1I s1:1r 111 1111- 1111-1-1, s1:11ri11g I3 111 1I1e 25111111115 11'1111 111 1111 11-nm, X1111111111 111' l11'L'1l1llT wt Z1 11e11' I'CC11I'11 11111-11 111- I'lIII 1111- 111iI1- . 111 .1 111111111ex. jf I-5 N1-15111111N. ScI111I1i11g1-1' 111 II:1r1:11'1l ScI111111. rI111 1111- 131.1-I11gI1 I111r1II1-- 111 111 Suc- 11111IN 11111, I L. nterscholastic Records and Holders H11111111 11111 l111r1le11, Hyde l'.11'lc . INWH , lf13k1grS11l1. lIy1lc I'111'k . IU113 llar1'1e1'111, 1x1'.1111: , l'f'H1 . XV, XY. Huy, R111311eI1e . IWW: . Izckur-1111, ll1'1lu 1':11'k , IWII5 . lickei-11111. Ily1Ie I'n1k . I"113 . Klarlin. H1114 l':11'k . IWW . , Yfnee, 12.111-NI1111'14 . . . I"I1I . X1'11111:111, 111,-0111111 . . . IWI1 , ScI111I1111141:1', ll:11'1':11-11 511111111 . . l"I1 , . 111111, X11r111a1 .,.. l"11N . lD11111gl1e1'1y. lI1E11i1'ilIe . 1111111 . I.:-wie. Pittffield , IWW . . If1111, A111111 . . IWIH . li1111I1r1lI, LaGrange 1 IWUN . 11,11-11, 111111-1ff1 . . 111111 . . . Ili-1-ry. l1!car1IN11v11-11 . I'II11 . I . l!y1'1l, Nlilford . . . . , 1011! . . BI, .X11131111 R1f1111:11 af .01- I11 111111111 1 512 11-13 1111111. I 4 111111. if 111 1e1-1111111 321111. 511.11 II 812.1 Il 11. L 111 40 ff. 111 1 1111 fl "1 111 IEW ft. 3 1 1' t1'1'z'1111'11' zrf' 1115 111115 l11'111L', y1111'111 U1111111111' 111111 111' 2111.1 H11- -, Q1-51111111 SUMMARY OF 1911 INTERSCHOLASTICS lLLINoIs FIELD, Bl.-XY 20, IQII SCORE LlNIVERSlTY HIGH, Chicago , 23 HYDE PARK, Chicago . . . 1856 OAK PIARK . . . . . I7 LANE TECH, Chicago . . I6 5o-yard Dash. Henke. Lane Tech. 1I3: Loomis, University High, 123: Kellogg. Hyde Park, 133: Kendall, Chillicothe, C43. Time, 52 seconds. Ioo-yard Dash. Loomis, University High, 1I3: Brewer, Urbana, 123'3 Henke, Lane Tech.. 133: Grimes, Momence. 143. Time. II seconds. 220-yard Dash. Kellogg. Hyde Park, 1I3: 3Yard. University High, C23: 1IcCornell, Gibson City, 133: Hart, Benton, 143. Time. 23 seconds. 440-yard Dash. First Race-Goelitz, Oak Park, 1I3: Mathis, Danville, C231 Knight, Virginia. 133: Largeut. Champaign. 143. Time, 525 seconds. 44osyard Dash. Second Race-Smith, Hyde Park. 113: Harron, Oak Park, C232 Bluett, Lane Tech., 133 1 Acker, Springtield. 143 : Time. 532 seconds. S80-yard Run. First Race-Fairiicld, Oak Park, C133 Brooks, Paris, C231 3Yhitlow, Chillicothe, 133 1 Rodman, Hyde Park, 143, Time, 21062-. Wo-yard Run, Second RaceMNoonan. Decatur, 1I3: Merrill. Chillicothe. 123: XX'ells, East Aurora, 133: Barron, Oak Park, 143. Time. 21022. Mile Run. Noonan, Decatur. CI 3: Merrill. Chillicothe, C233 3Yaage, Lane Tech., 133: Fairheld, Oak Park, C43. Time. 4 min, 375 seconds. l2O'j'IiI'Cl High Hurdles. Schohinger. Harvard School. 1I3 : 3Yard, University High, C23 C Riedell, Oak Park, 133 : Leiserpwitz, Herscher, 143. Time. I6 seconds. 220-yard Low Hurdles. Loomis, University High. 1132 Pollard. Lane Tech.. 1231 Johnston. 33'est :Xurora, 133: Soluni, Murray F, Tuley, 143. Time, 262 seconds. High Jump. Phelps. R1 vchelle. CI 3 : Lieseking, Carlinville, and Honold, Paris, 123 : Allen, Clinton, and Dickey. Fairneld, 13 3. Height, 5 feet o inches. Running Broad Jump, lleusted, Roodhouse, 1I3 3 20 ft. off in.: Carpenter, Rochelle, C23 3 20 ft. Sl, in.: Staunton. lfniversity High, 133. 20 ft. 25 ing Hailey. Normal, C43, IQ ft, S2 in, Pole Vault. Scholiinger. Harvard School. 3Yagner, Hyde Park, Hell, Hyde Park, and Bachman, Englewood, tied for hrst. Height, II ft. Putting I2-II3, Shot. Nickerson, Champaign. 1I3: 44 ft. lOl in.: Currier, 3Yest Aurora. 123. 43 ft. SS in.: Bachnian. Englewood, 133. 42 ft. o in.: Scholwinger, Harvard School, 143, 42 ft. 53g in. llammer Throw. Berry, Beardstown. 1131 155 ft. 5 in.: French, Greenfield, C23, 146 ft. 3 in.: Nickerson, Champaign, 154 ft. 2 in.: Allen, Decatur, 143, Ijl ft. 8 in. Discus Throw. Bachman, Englewood. 1I3, II2 ft. 105 in.: 3Yard, 3Yest Aurora, C23, III ft. 3 in.: Stanton, L'niversity High. IO4 ft. 3 in.: Nickerson. Champaign, 143, IO4 ft. Relay Race, 3Y'on by Springtieldz llyde Park second: Georgetown, third. Time, 1:37. f'Sny, gotta r1Ir1c'?"-ED NOTH, fb K E I 1521 5135? E W3 ""'Ull HHHIIEH El.. BALL uw: wwww Q 'I"f:I , wil IHII H1Ir1lHllIlIll1llnh "WWW v t ""' HI tn... IQIUHH E112 1X11VERS1TY OF ILL1 015 A l 1, . fi ' 1 A1 Q, G E I F' 1' N 'X 1 jx! X MJ 1 111:-izal 1 1 -1 11 kb 111 1 111"1 R. 1 E 11 Q B. lk iw , hm G r111Qf1,1....1 ff. 1 1 V 1 al- X - - ' -ff 1 . 1 1 1 1 J- -if I. 1 BAS11BA1,L R111 11111 1 Y Q. at A11 -.. 1 'SJ " fl X , Q .I1-.X 1111211 111111-1'11111, 1111- 1l'l111.1I'1C ,Y Q15-C - 21 X-gs ' 111151-111111 1-x1111'1. 11115 nQ1f1:11 141 make 'wk 1 0-- - U ' ll 111'1'1111'111111 1111.11 111111 111111111 XX'11lI1'1L' - 1 NX ' . - fg K N ' ' ' ' . 1 1- f 1, 1-11:11111111111511111 111 1111- 171g 1c11g111- 1351 N 71 1 ' ' ' .- ' 11-:11', 111- lx 5:1111 11,1 111111' 1'c111:11'1w11: ,1 . - Y . " 1, , 5 - 1-.1 '- -,. "111-1111111115 1-111'11' 111111- 1 11111111 1111111111 1 119 .5 ff J 11111111- ll 1'11111u1- 11111 1'11 11-11 11111 11'11211H1 X --- ,jg - f 11111 1111-111111 111111 111111 15 111111 "U 'S' 111.111-.4 1111111 11111 11111 1111- 111-511-1'11 1'11111'c1'1-11111- l '11111111111111511111," 71111111 "H" 11115 1-111111-11' 111-51-1'1'111g 111 t11c 1i111111111-111'1- 11L'1-1' L'X171'k'X'L'11 111- 111111- 111111' 111111 111111511111 111 1'1-q111x1-. N1-111' 111 111L' 1111x1111-5' 111 1111111115 111111 1111' 11111111-1111 111' 1111' 1111111 111-1-11 111111'1- 11111'1-1'111111 1111111 11111-11 5111'111g 111'111'111'u 111-Q1111, 1111-1'c 11115 111c 11lN1i11f 111-1'1-11111111g I1 I7111x11L'1' 111 1111111 11111111 1111- 111 7k1t11'I1 11111111-11 111' 1111- 11111 1111111111- 11111111 1111511'1s. F1-11L' 111111-1' 111111' 111 t11L' 1lfl1.1k'1'f' 111511 1P1'k'NL'I11L'11 ll 111-111111-111 1111- 1111111 11:15 11-1-1-11'1-11 111:11 1-11l711l111'C1L'111 N1rll11,1'N 111111- 111111111 111- 1111:11111- 111 14L'1111.1'l. '1'111'1-c 1'L'1L'I'I111N 111-1'1- 111N1 111 1111' 111111-111 111' g'1'111111:1111111. "111111 '111 511-11 111111 11115 1111-11111 111111 11c1'1-11111 ll 1'11:11111111111511111 11-:1111 f1'11111 11111 111:11c1'1:11F" 11115 1111 1111- 11115 411 1-1111' 1,1'1l11gL' 111111 111111- 1111111-11 11111-11 1111- 11111 1111' Kx1l1111111.1L'N XXLIN 1'N11L'11 1111-1'1- 11'2lN ll 11111111- 1'1-511111150 1':1'6l'j' 1111111 111111 1-U11 111- 112111 1111' 1k'11N1 111-g1'1-1- 411 111151-111111 111111111 1'1-111'11'tc11 1111' 111'11111ce. 111-51111-5 1111- 1'1-g111111'5 11111111 411- 1111' X1lll'5 411 111c -Ill fl-L'N11l11C11 11-11111 11'1-1'1- 1111 11111111 111111 111511 51-1'1-1111 111111 111111 17L'L'11 111-111 1111 111'e1'111115 16111114 17k'L,1111NL' 111 1111-11g1- 11111111 S1 11111 11 111-1'111111- 1'1'1111-111 111111 111K'1-L' 11118 1111-1111' 111 g111111 lI1211C1'11l1. 'l'1111'a1'1,1 111L' 1-1111 111 11111111 1111- 11'1-111111-1' 111-1':11111- 51111111111' f4l14 11111-1111111' 111,11'1c. l11111'11111ie-C 1111111 1111' 1111-11' 11111111111 111'I11'11L'L' 51-1'11-5 111111 1111- 1'1 11111-115 5111111 1-11111111 111111 111u 11-a111 11111111- llx g111141 ll 5111111'111g' z1g:111151 1111- 11-11g111-1'5 llx 11111 11111' 11110 10110 111-1' 1'1-111 11-11111. .11 1i:1511-1'111111- 1111- 11-11111 X1'1lN 111111-11 111 1111- L'1111'1-1'5111'11f .x1'1iZ1l1N2lF 11111 Il series "Thu 1'111111!1'1- 111:11 f1p.1f1,'g 111' ,Y1':1' 1211-111'111111' 1111' j11111r 111111' 1'111'11',1"'-D1.1N 11111-QISNIE 11541 THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI K ul' three games. 'lihey' rlrnppeil eine uf thewe tn the time wi 3 tn J entirely heeanse wt harrl luck in lieliling, ,Xhwnt thix time lllinnis hnpex reeeiyeil a aevere hlww' hy the annwnneement that Smejltal. the weneatinnal iniielfler, was fleelareil ineligible heeauee wwf pi'ufe5win1ialis1ii. l.ater the liiincliw manifesteil itself again when lqrincliville, who gave great prwini-e a- a Nlah artiwt. fulfereil the same charge. These inisfwrtunes manly serveml to malqe the reft wf the team work hariler anil their lahrviw were amply repaid hy their heing ailjutlgetl twin point uf reefirfl the thirfl hest team that ever representetl the Urange anal llhie. ln the liietnry tif the L'nix'er5ity there have heen tww teamf which have gune tlnwmngli the Urn- ferenee seawn without a clefeat. The .II team mixseil "lhigey" unly hy slipping up in the next to the last game of the aeawn playefl at l'urrlue. lfifteen lpn- ferenee games were playefl anal fourteen nf them were x'ieti1rieN, lfruin a Iielmling stanrlpfvint the wwrlc uf the team was not seneatinnal. Many remarlcahle plays were maile nn the hartlest kind nt ehaneewp at times the play was somewhat ragged and erratic. .-Xt the hat, liwweyer, lllinnis exeelleil any nther f1'll1fC1'C1'lL'C team by lung ntlils. livery man on the squad was a clangei-wus hitf ter and trunk a hard, healthy swing at the hall. Lung hits were ahnnxt aw twine niun as singles. Un the bases the players were alive anml nwewl gnnil jnilgment, The pitching was gilt-etlgetl anfl pullerl the team wut nf many tight sitnatiwni resulting fixiin slips in fielding. AQ has always been the ease with lllinnis haxehall teamf the play and lmmw'leilge uf the tiner pnints uf the game were manifesteil in every nitiwe of every player anfl gave hetter trihute tn the ahility and sincerity of "li" than any w'm'rls of praise that might he hewtwweil upon him in the llasehall Review of the seasfm of Iijll. , 55igiG1f"5515 5 " 4..,,.,f:. , .w,.K.M . if., 'a p p ' -.-.- , . 'fffk ti-r ,V n A .K :A A, ..q, -"f:"., vi a . P - -g ,f,l.y,v.-:- af,-3, -" .- 11:1 Q5 5' J, ,ii f. f A agar: 't -Iliff!-iiil' "1 " . 'f-:gg gave, f ik q"'y3f'CwE!'?f6!2g1:.!,i..Q :... 4 26:1 Kr-j5L ',,. L ,- - A . fy pi ,, V ,' A -' . N-1 sr., v w w, - . ,-.. f 'F 5"ef1' -5 ' -,Lf ,fi 5:51 21 lf -- ' - ' . ,-N -4 ' .g--..,,.- , Q f-..-V ec. L, e .4 gf?--Q,-.--.-Q , . 5 H: "'- . I. ,M 5' .3 ' W . -- :L I 1 ' -"',,'11,3 "x '- -ff " .3-"a1fgy,..4f1F ',.J1,,-LQ ' l' -'.-ur' ' 1-in fp' - I A ,,. - mm F 'T53 ' " Ffa, . T- . - t " ' 'VI W?-"'7"f. " . - Ke' lim. i1::y.y-lumix..-Q.-3t.5,: Al ',,.-F:ii:f?f::.A-,ii-:SV F Q: H- I 1 K V VS .ul 'j.. !.Se., .23 .V zTf.,L:i'ag-Q K T PEL p. ' ' "" we fixxffi ' I . j V jf:..'g..-.1,- , Qg 1- gf -i fa '- Q it .. gy ' J' ,ge-,Vg54L,z.,:..5,i5,Q5:A:.lf .-54 --eq ,-1 1.-:J '.::'igTd . - I I F Q'f"" f-"'.Ii,,f-4-'11 .7Tfq4:f-Pia-IP-fff-L 1 :'rr.f.- . - . - W" 'K .g11f..g-fi--fl 14ai-Q - ' A . if 34 f :fr-fi-1 -4 1 W N e ' " If all the wwfd was ripple pie, and all the sm was ink, I And all the trees were bread mid ul1ez'st', what SIIUHILIY we lztwv for driukf'-E N's lI55l Egggvw VER ITY QP ILLI Q15 .Xpril .Xpril Xpril 'Xpril :Xpril Xpril Xpril .-Xpril Slay May May Mzlv Nay Hay Hin' Nay Xlzly Nay Huy L. M. DECKER . R. R. THOMAS . Cirfmma .-X. HUFF . FRANK DT, NAPRSTEK CHrx1:I.1as H. Frmcmgu Hmunrinr F. KEMMAN C'I..'xIjIu2 Y.xNGL'Nm' CLAK'I1If II. XYATTS L. R. L11.HT . . Hsmlex' Ii, XYEBER . 431-iOR1Ql-1 A. Iii-QMPF . GLEN IJ. BUTZER . R. R. ,FHUBIAS . CI..'XI4liN1fE Twrsr . Emu-nur W.u.LAc1- . G, U L.x1Nr,: , . LI Rxsnrix , Illinuix . Hlilluia . HIIIIVYIS , Illinrris . Illinois . llliuwis . Illllluw , Illiuwix . Illinrfix . Ilhmiis lllmms . IIHIIIHS . Illinuis . Illiu-us Illmuix . Illlums Illinwia Illiurris . Hlimwis . THE TEAM OFFICERS . .Uahagvr Captain . Coafh f'1?RSU.Y.Y1fI. , . . . . CLIfL'lIL'I' . Cmlffflvl' . ..... Pitfhcr . . . Pitrlzvr and Utility Firxt Bum' and Right Firhi . . . . SLTUIIJ Bun' Short Stop . Third Bust' . Lrft Fivht . Cqmtcr Fivtd Right Fivtd . . l'tihty Right Fivtd . . lvtitity THE SILAISUX . 6 .XI'kZillSIlS , . 6 3 .Xrkrmsas . . 4 . 4 .Xrkausas . 2 . IO Irma . 2 . I4 I-rwzr . 2 . 2 .Xrkausas , . . 0 . S Nortlmfsterll . . 0 5 Indiana . . . 4 . 4 Chicagu . 3 . I2 AIi11I'IC'S-fllfl . 2 . 6 XYiSC01'ISil1 . 5 . 5 Purdue . . . 0 U xYiSCHl1Si1l . . 5 0 Clucngo . . . 4 . II Chicago . . . . 4 . S Northwestern . . 7 . 3 Purdue . , 5 . 1: Indiana . . 1 . 5 Lxhidlgn , , 1 l'i l'hi 4'1ILlfFI'1IlI4' fl'tlHItllgY infn tht VHUIII at 10:30 P. 11.5. "O, .1111 Bh1i5z1'ClI 1 sec' yzlll are Jlfiltlfl yzfln' twrmtzwiz lim?" H561 ,- 'I Q z A ,il 2 'Z' -4 '-I Q P 1 7 5 1 6 L' 1 , , I .-. 2 5 'Z g 5. Q 2 5 f 4 1 x 75 f 5 1 4 3' 1 7-4 7 qmiullvlgp INT!-IYX 1 H 1.111 'fl ft N "1 UT' r-4 NO r-1 r- 4 . FIT 7 il E32 VNIVERSITY CF ILLI GIS 4.- x s 'Ii -3. tn: A 5 RAYMOND ROGERS THOMAS A'Shorty" Thomas. captain of the Illinois Confer- ence Champions proved himself worthy of the honor in every respect. He was without doubt the fastest fielder in the Conference. His base stealing was the feature of his play. and was the means of many of the teams runs. "Shorty" is a sure fielder and covers worlds of territory. He was one of the best waiters on the team, and was given many free transportations. which coupled with his speed, made him a much feared man on the bases. He has one more year of varsity ball and the coming season should prove him one of the lllini's most valuable men. tfl.AL'l'DE Y.-XX HUNIJY "Yank" most valuable asset was his versatility, llhen he was chosen as utility man for the All-XYest- ern there was not an Urange and lllue rooter but felt satisfied that he deserved the honor. As a pitcher "Yan" could deliver the goods whenever called upon. He was one uf the best exponents of curved ball pitch- ing in the tfonference and did excellent work in every game in which he partook, As an outfielder he was fast and sure. Throughout the season he was a clean consistent hitter. Any iniield position he could till creditably although "G" found little use for him there. Un the bases "Yan" was right at home and he combined the rare faculty of being able to worry the pitcher and at the same time use good judgment as to the proper time to steal. He plays his last year with the 11312 team of which he is captain, l'l.XRRY lil'JXYlN XYRHER llarry XYeber was one of the bright lights on the IIJI 1 team. lle played with his old time accuracy and sureness and was always depended upon to start a batting 1-ally or che-ek one uf our opponents by some spectacular stop or catch. llis fielding was his feature and once a grounder was started his way it was a sure will with his fast whip to tirst. He iilled the short- stop position as a veteran should and our past suc- cess was due largely To his steady and consistent play- ing. Much is expected of Harry throughout the IQI2 season which will be his last collegiate baseball, look liorfirizltzwv aim' Irtlrucu' in grtzff-KlA'r P.-x1:i4H1'i:sT H531 Tl-IE NINETEE 'Tl-IIRTE ILLI GLEN Di lL'til.A5 IEL lllzli lilen IJ. llntzer, the veteran wuttieliler nf the lllini team played his last year uf uniyersity baseball in sen- satiernal furm. His w'urlq in left lielrl was uf the same steacly nature which inarkeil his preyirius year's wnrk un the varsity. l!utzer's liatting was a feature uf al- must every game anil iliml much twwarcl lllini 21ggI'6g?l- tiiin at the Llinferenee hearl. lt was his timely hit in the tenth inning tif the llliii-'vis-eliiezigiv game that saverl the fflrange and lllue frwm a rlefeat at the hanils of the Klzimoiis. lle leil the team in batting with an average tif .350 All tnlfl. liutzer was line mf the nirist yalualmle tielrlers in the "Mig S." L'l-l-XRFXCIS TXYIST 'tkilaryu Twist is an example of a lrall player with the natural ability. He was a gtiiitl helrler with griiul judgment of a tly lint with urine tim many iimi.ii'ttiiii- ties to display it. As a batter he hit the hall hai-il anll true hut never seemetl faxwweil hy luck. .-X sure hmne run would hit the giwwtiiicl wnly a few feet frvul. lYith a fair trial anll a little luck Clarence wwultl make a ball player that the Orange anil lllue wwulil he piwinifl of. He has playefl his last on lllinwis Fielfl. H liRl1liRT FRED Klill MAN The fnll appieeiatirvii tif what Kemman wliil ffir the Illini liaselwall team in the spring .if Illll cannot he written. The tall pitcher easily anrl tliwrifiiglily lilleil the place left tri lritik Sw threatening hy the grailnatiwn of .lfillll lhisielc. The efvllege pitcher must nften gets the Credit for titles wmni anml tu the lllini whirler nf last spring a inajm' part uf this liwiiiir lieliings. lt must he rc-memlieretl Trim that Kemman clitl nut have the arl- vantage nf years training tin the varsity, lint his was the natural kind of lwaseliall, rlismyererl only tlirongli transeenflant 1vei'fin'ina1iees on the class teams. ln iiietmprilitaii sptirting etilnmns they wfiulil call him a hnil. He has still anwther year tn play. ll'l1y .rlinzrlrlzff Hit' l'i 17115 ln' fwfultiix' ffiilfff they f'1'r'7'l4I't' H16 Pan Hell fr7l'HllIlfi l 159 l Q if fm' Hit' Missy 2't'fr'i'.v11H1t'i1f.r af ITY CDF ILLI Cl Q VN VER ,A-X 95' 1'5- if ia "l?11I1'1f1111l 11 lftulr the 111 fr FRANK -l11Slil'H XAli'RSTliK XYl1en R1 iger lluff left the varsity and the fa11s began tw Wfblllltil' wl1e1'e they cwulcl place their hands on a man tw till the hack-st11p p1wsiti1,111, .X e1111l level headed man was needed witl1 a tl11'11'11ugl1 kiiuwledge of the gaine, and "Nap" stepped into that place and l'lZ11'l1llC1l it n11'1st efficiently. lflis I'CCUYt'l'f' fI'Hl1l wild thrnws was speedy and he had a wing to the second sack that was fatal. Klany well earned steals have been snatched fr1 1111 runners hy his accurate and speedy throws. Few runners ever gmt t11 first when a hunt was in his ter- l'll11l'j'. Altlinugli he was the smallest player in the LiU11f6I'Cl1C13 his playing average l'Z1IlliL'1l him aninng the trip n11tchers at the e111l of the seas1111. Illinois will have little t11 fear in the future if tl1e respective p11si- Illllli are filled as elliciently as was the hack-st1i1p for tl1e 11111 season. usllflllllln has twtw years yet tri play. Iilft 1141 Ili .'XR'l'HL'R KIZKIPF "lilllIt'l'lH Kenipf was one 1'1f the surprises 1,1r tinds 11f the year. After displaying g11111l xYlll'l'f as a Fresh- man he stepped i11t11 a regular herth at third base and played it like a Illlljtll' leaguer. llis 111eth1'11l of tagging lwase-runners was 1111e nf the classiest plays seen 15111 Illi- 1111is lfield last year. lle is quick on his feet a111l l1is pegs are accurate and fast. .Xs a hatter he was feared hy all 11pp1'1singtea1ns hecause of his cowl attitude at tl1e plate and l1is lung hits at the right time. His home 11111 in the L'liicag11 game will long he l'L'l11Cl,lCI'6l'l. 'XYe are sure 11f the leading third baseman 11f tl1e CUl1fCI'L'I1Ct' llLll'lIlQ' the tw11 reinainiiig years which he has tri play. LAVRTIS RUY l.llill'l' "Nig" Light was une Of the ineinhers of the star l'il'L'Nlllll1lIl team 11f -IO who early in tl1e seas11n showed pr11n1ise of varsity calilmer. Eventually he was ch11sen t11 Bllt 1lll1lc'l' the I'CsllU1lSllJllliy of lilling "Sl11'1rty" Iiiglitt-r's p11siti11n, tl1e key-st1'1ne sack. and l1ef11re the Nt'llk'4lllll.' was 11ver he p1'1'1ve1l himself a very almle sue- 1'ess111' t11 tl1e Suaneinin veteran. "Xig" was Ullfthftllll- ate fr111n his WWII hut fortunate ll'111ll the lCZ1I11iS stand- piiint i11 that l1e played his lmest games away fr111n lirwme. lle was a clever tielcler and l7HSSCsSC1l a11 uiiderhand tw lirst that caused the 1l11w11fall of 1111 ire than one aspire ing hitter. llis hitting. thivugh at times erratic, was 1111 the whole llIll'1l and timely. lle has tw11 years yet t11 play. . 1 lc, uf 1-11f1111111l 11:11:15.111111-51-111.1-.11 s l1.1s1'11,11.1. .Xl41Il'MliN'l' lI6Ol THE NINETEE 'THIRTEE ILLI Cl ,.-XL'I Ili HAIQRISL 1 N XY.'X'l"l'S "Lefty" Watts, the fliminutiye first sacker was a finishewl hall player and well scliuuleil in the intricate points nf first hase tactics. He was ahle Lu uvercnine the hanrlicap uf a small stature hy the ease and cer- tainty with which he hanclleml thrwwn halls. His Snuth-paw peg enahlefl him to heave the pill acrtiss the mliamnncl withuut twisting himself intu the awkwarrl anrl uncertain pnstures necessary fur a right-hantletl first hasenian. "l.efty" was in the game from hegin- ning to enrl and was one uf the Illini earnest anrl haril wurking men un the team. He hatterl left hanileil and usually met the hall squarely nn the nnse. He hail inure than his share in clwuting harcl flriyes intw the mits of waiting fielflers, making his average fur the seasun wnly meclincre for the seasnn. This htmweyer is nut a fair iiiclicatifm of his ability as a hitter anrl player as his sliwulfl rlemunstrate ihiring his remaining twrv years uf play. l2DXX'.'XRD XX'Al.l .Acli :X utility man is as necessary to a team as any une uf the regular players. Su was lfiltlie Xyallace to last spring's team. He was a filler-in-surt ttf a lacl -tu hit. tu run and tu fielil-all of which was his par- ticular fitrte in a pinch. Players like Nllallace are in- clispensahle tu any team, trio light tim stanrl the cnntin- uerl gait. tu eratic tu act in every scene. Httweyer they make excellent unclerstutlies anfl in the inure- ments that they actually perfurm they fiften wuthlazen the man whu gives way. We want inure mf Erlrlies caliher. men with ginger and amlnitiun. He is the kind nf player that gets nut the gmail tn the full, the kinml that gives eyery thing he has. the kintl that is 'Q as J.: Q 2 Q .. -. -ir' 1-'fee 'A ' Ur"-at ' ' '- ,-,ri .'-me 'Q A "M ""Q'4'A' -. el my 'gf' -,gl f . r Qgifff A -l. -S f.f':"' S Zh . 1 ' - N 4 JF rf.-, f'f-1':"- 'Q -ig 36:-'L F jlqfz " f-1 I-:,5LlI'f 5' "f'f2fY"i Q' 4 ' f 7-'ISHS' -VX. " 2' Wm. 2, 2' ' .-ezsxif. '..r1fi'?: I-ef., f fiifgn -.fs D -. , -,pig .,ff,!yl. ,A -Vg year 1 f ,-:Sl ffl- itil' 'P .L "1 'J AQ t- -il, ,H sd' f If,.'5'!i -fb ,g,,.g.i?,?i'X4 V . 5,7 ' 4- ' , . ' 1 ,,.' 4 g,-ew' . ' rf- s r L - - tk ,, ',.fa"riJ - ' str . ,ff-,Q f' A e ,, -W fe sr . , . .r N.. 494 t. 4 . .M s '...L.,VEf,.,,,,.r,.,,. ' . F, -azlis -,N 1 -,,,, g1,.Te,.. 4. ' 4 - 53. tw' i' a ' f f ' X f '-'r.tfv,V.- K V.. V , ',g,:.! Y 'L t in - -'. '7 I 5 W- 31'-h.f'.F.' if ' , ' -F51-Qi. Q .i J . '3"I3-'W 1' ' i ,.,,h'.,v- I ,, X 1.3, 5-'V ,Q Y- in- 15 V. . lk, 1 ykgew-, ,.f:..':, 3. 1.fff'?' " M 7 -4 f- .iS3'H"'.5:fli-5 l 1145: :pr rg.j?g::A V, i- Irv, .NA 'Y?ffE:w il ,-' 'i' , - -.1 '-iff ' ' vi? lf -si f-k"fl f 55431-QL ffm' 53. aa rg, pr 4. -Ls: 1 kx tex mn, 1 -1 f M- fbv-12 P! Hina :ut Elgin 35. 5..,ef, f' Aiq ,tiw:rQ"f3',5'.4H' A girfjf' M I useless after the game is river, hut never falters tince while wearing the harness, We will hear more trmn him heture his twin remaining years are fimsheil. Rascher. Fletcher. antl Laing, althnngh they flifl nut make 3 permanent pttsitifm nn the Varsity, were instrumental in making the men. whit were huliling the respectiye pusitinns fur which these men were trying, keep un their tries anfl put forth their utmost. fff these men. lfletcher hafl the greatest upprvrtunity nf shwwing his real caliber. His recuyery uf the hall on bail thrnws was quick ancl his wing to the secuncl sack was unerring thus cheating a number uf fast runners and guml sliders out uf a well earnecl steal. Rascher anil Laing were both fast in the uutfielel and were especially gtml in cuyering territfyry. Pi Phifrvslzman-"l.vr1'f ff funny tht' Kiifvfulx ull u'1't'.r.r in filtlrk tif flzcir iriifiilffmlf' 11611 ff WV! LH N X BASKET BALL ' 59 if 'P WVNIVERSITY CDF ILLI GIS Lge, l' WJ it 'ix iii UQ Mfr Xa? www is ww wed? BASKET LL nl' ,liamlnry ,lzmunry ,lzmuary Vlzmurxry I 4 zo ,- -1 THE TEAM rPl"FlLxl:Ix',S' XX'lI.L1XXl H XX'+111IsTuN Cqzlffalfll TllIlAl,XN li 'l'lmx1l'suN A Cnarlz l'l1lx'XfJ,X'.X'liI. .X1,1:1-HT I.. ll.XI.I. . , . Rlljlllf lffwrtwmz' Ilmml-'lc XX'. I,.XIIlCIXliI4K . Lvft I7nr"Zv4mi II:-:flu-:lsr T, I.:-In . . . Cmlrvr XXl1,1.1.xx1 II XXuul.sTux . . lx'z'g1f1l fjzmni NH-TS G, XX HITIX' . . A iff-I Cfmmi Rxu-H I'. XxX'I'lih . . l7m"zmr-fl' X P, l.x1:u1:m . , l"nnn1ni 1: Illmwu lllinmx Illinmx Illm-uw I'Nk'!?Tll2lI'X' In Illmvm lwlmrllzlrv 7 I'1-Iyrlmrv IU lllim Illm-ns xix l'1L'lll'llIlI'X' W Illmms March Xlzxrch March IXI:1rcI1 ' 5 2 lllin-ne. 9 Illinwnx 11 Illiwm ' Illinwis Tllli f4l1.IMi,X Hllvlly, nn .VIUUFI f lllr 10 Nlinncwtxl , II XX15c4ms1l1 . JI Clliczlg-1 . gn l'ur:lm- I4 I"ur4luc 24 Irnliznlm , II Klilwucwtzl , 34 lmlizmzl 35 Nnrtl1wcstm-r11 , 14 Clmiczlg-X . , 30 Nurtllwcstcrn . IS XX 1smms1u . jing, un!"-JUHNNX' IQAISI-,R I 1641 2: Xlinm-upulix . 26 Nlmlimn 2.2 Urlmnn . 35 Urlmnzx . :S I42lfElj'L'ttC . 25 Illrxwlllillgfull . 8 Urlmnxl . I4 LVFIDZHIIL IO Xrfllllilil . If L'l1ic:lp:,w . IO l'iX'Zll1SIul1 .15 Lvflillllil THE NINETEE 'TI-HRTEE ILLI VARSITY lifXSKIi'l'I1,-'XI.I, TIQAM 'lNllHNIl'suN Ulvnchi l.1 ww Ihxllulx-.1414 XYIIIFIFQ lifxn-uw f7IlNlzR l.r-+ XVIHvIxI'4YfN1l,1C1pl.5 IIXII lixlmzw x l'l'f'fv.umf' l'Uil','1u-"Yfu' !'lfll11'.xl nHz'w11f ll .wf Girly fUfl1,rfnlw1' IX In fu' lin' fkzfflur' uf 11 1 'BIUS' " IIM51 Egg N1vE11s1TY QF ILLI 015 TICS 4' 1- '- ii: ?? 1 1 41- MlT Q - 1- Y Y 1111- x11i111111111g 111111 111111-1' 1111111 11-111115 111111111-11 1111- N1-1151111 111 11111 111111 Il I'll511. My XY111- 111112 1111- 1111111.-1'1-1111 111'1111111111g 1111'k'1 111111 111 1'11111-11 111-11111z1x111111. X1111'1'l1 11.1, 11J11 1111- 1111111 11-111111-11 1111- 111-N11-1'11 1f11:11111111111111111, This NKl1H11l1L'1Il11l1'1y 111 11. R. X'1111111rg11 1111- 91111111111111rc X1I11' 111111 111111 115111, 11111 311 11l'1111N. 1111 1111- XL11111- 1112111 1111- 111111.-1' 1111111 11-:1111 111-11-:11c11 L'11ic:1g11 111 1111- 11'111'1- 111 7 111 11 111111 111'1111g111 11111111- 1111- 11111-r1'11111-g1r11c 1111111 11111: 1.2111-1' 111c 11111-1 11-11111 1-1111-1'1-11 1111- .X1111-1'11':111 1'11:11111111111511111x 111111 :1111-r :1 1111111 g:11111- 111'1'c 111-:111-11 1111 1l11r11 1111111 111' 1111- 1'11111:1g11 S11i111111111g 1'11111. F1-111' 1111114 111' 1111111111111 111.-11ry :11111 1111511-11 111r1111g111111t 1111- 11-111 11:11 11111'111'111:11'11- 1'111111111-1111111111-. 1111- 1111-1111111-11 -1111111111112 111111 1111111 11-111111 :1r1- 111 111- c1111Q1':111111111'11. Thu fuucc-5 111 11113 11-1111111 11:11 1:1rg1-11 1111L' 111 1111- 1:11'1 111:11 1111- XI11'Nl15' 111111 111 1111- 1-11-1111111-11 11'11r1111- 11111111111-1115 . ,. . , . . , . , 111 1111111 111':1111'111-s. 111- 11111 1.-1111-C1 111 11cz1r 11111111-1' 1111111 111-:111 1 1111w1- 111111 11. 5 131-111111111111 111 s111111111111g :11111 1.1111111111 511-111-11 111111 11. R. 111-1111-1115111 1111111 Y.XRS1TY 1'1 11,11 '111-1.151 Y-11111111111 I!11111'1111111'1-.1-1 501111111 11j1111c111 Mxx 1111111113: 11.11111 IIIQNR1' 1i11sx11 I'l 1C:1p111i111 M111-.1.1.11:11 1 THE NINETEE -THIRTE ILLI C2 A TIC , CHIC.1'1111-ll.l.l1X'11l.5',1llfIiY 11.XRT1.I-'I'I 121 x1N.1f11'x1, .X1'1111. X, 11111 Iffwzf l'iIiI'A'lL .N'1'1'11l11l 7111111 Parallel Bars. . . S1111-is 1111.1 1212151 1111.1 11.11'1f lK'111 1 1111riz11n1z11 Rnrs . S1'1'1.1,s 1111.1 11,1115 1l,i1ll,1 111111 x1,1x 1111,1 Side Hwrsu . . . ST1'1.11.s 1111.1 11.x1'1N 1L'1ll,1 11111,I,N1XX l111,1 Flying Ring: . . STx'1.1ib 1111.1 11,11 if 1Li11i,1 1Q11.Xl4Ix1' 1111 1 T11111151Ii11g' .... 11.11'1X 1L'11i.1 XX'1f11.1' 11.11111 511111 1111.1 f1l111 Swinging .S'1'111'1'-111i1111iw ll . . R1111.1,x111N1111.1 IXTlTNL'1ll,l.l11j1.l'l'li 11llfIjT 1,1.x11'11.1-11' 111'x1x.xs11'x1, C1111.11,11, .Xi-1111. 1.1, 11111 0.1141 C'11icz1g11. 111111111 XXisc1111Ni11, 117115.11 Kliiiiiw-1111, 11.131 N1-111 Ifivuf l'1r,1't 5'1'1'11l11! 1111111 P211-11111,-1 112113 . . . S1111-s 1111.1 v1'I1XX'1,R1NU11.1 11.1115 1L'111.1 1111riz1111t:11 Bars . Srvus 1111.1 11151-1,1 11'111.1 L'11,11111'1x 1K1l1111 1 Si11c Hnrse . . . 1Y11ilST 1111.1 S111' 1.11: 1 XX 11,1 121111111111-11111 1 Flying Rings . . R1111c1iE 1111.1 1X'1,.-.1111 1 X1-11. 1 11,1111 11511111 Tl1Ill1,11111Q .,.. 11.1x'1Q 1f1l1.1 S1111 N 1111.1 S1,11"111111XYis.1 f1ll11 Swinging . . 1'1111,1.x1.xN 1111.1 TI.x1.11w1.: li,-111.1 191111111115 1 Wif 1 1iYK1NAS1L'l1 '1'1f.XK1 siiif' '1 - 1 1Il'5TX1EU'l1ll'11:!1.11 11111 l,E11fr. I1ANNA1C1'1A1'II1 H111.1.11.xN1Cupmi111 R11,x111Q1-, knee Q ' Q Q11 ,- I -. 1- VN VERSITY CDF ILLI GIS P lf:-msn ll lixmau 4.-Xcling Mmmngerb 1 I ul NI.'xl'l11l:N I'Iwl4x' I run Il 1 Zu'!l-Jf:rffffuff imnll-v fm lvflzfiirm-I11,m IQ I HMI THE NINETEE 'TI-HRTE ILLI - TENNIS -- llli sn-1151111 uf llllfl-lllll witiicafull the ll'Hllll1llI'1lll4rIl -if :1 nuw fL'liIllI'L' in tn-nniQ L'Yt'lllS at lllinnis. This was thc "L'1iix'L-nity TL'ZllTl fTTl2lIllIJl4Pllilllllrl Iffinr mr-n wcrv sr-lcctul frnni Qucli uf . , TIQL' l the fuur classes lmy tliu Cfillfll llbr. Hawkl tw ce-iiipvlc f-wr Ilia ' fn' 'iii al 11' ' 1' Tl- Sv Q lflll 11' 1- 'f f 1 I Y I V,, .2 gwl.111ip1rw11Sl111,A lk ,uliura K ,1 Tr, 111-trugg, T1-.llllll .1111 'xl' 1 Lvrvgswclll clctuzltcrl lllL'VTlll1l1II'S lfllivgr, lngcrwlli XX ilxiin Zlllll '71 "WV "T," lxlivtll, lvllilc thu bwvpliwlliivrcs l.Xtk11i-51111: fvflfllfll, lxzlrlww 1 5" JY, g'--bib zlnll I'rz11lcyl lust tw tlike T'I'L'Sl1Ill111l lLl:1H111: Xlclxzly. 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'13, were the coiiipetitwrs in the iinals. The gulf ewiirse of the L'nix'er5ity Club is 1.11.21 yzmls lung for nine holes. Bogey for the FQ xxx xpaz ' f X wurse is 41 anal Par is 33. :X 1111.we111c11t was Starteml this year by the faculty lIIE'llIllL'l'S of the club for the lruilding of ll eluh lirvuse lm the course. 1 XIX f . if . . x '- " . ' . XIX , . -1. M I ., .13 ' '1 -I 1 Q! ,I Lx 73- fX . 1' fx l""- N ,' D422 I Wx N I ix xxx .,f . Q. , xg Q . I ' i!'x.1'D4 V ' ' ' 1 ' N' xii: 1 AJ I ,fi 5 K H I3 1 f 1.1- I Sf. If 5:1 Xlvestern ,llIlL'I'Cl-f1llt'glHtC Golfvfourha- ment is hel1l :luring this year the l,l'l1X'E'I'S1lj' lflulr will he wt1'w11gly l't'llIACSCIItCll. The team wwulcl lmvlralqly he picked from the f1fllwwi11gpluyerxi R. l'. Hates, '12, R. K. ll'illiamS. '13, Frazer Hale. '15, I. M. Iielilwr. '14, II. S. Sliellzmliarger, '14. S. l.. Steliliius. '14, E. li. Ilopkius, '14, and If. K.. l'I'41IlIX'. '14, 10- 'Nz RM-PH GATES R. C. 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GADDIS NV. IWIARTEN W PARK L.4 SEVERSON XV. SUI ROEDER N. SPARKS IiOSMER A. KANE J. LYONS D. WIATHIS W, NIAXEY NIEYER IQUISENBERRY W. ROBINSON li. RODEIIIEYER C. SIGERSON M. SPI-INCE R, SPENCER ll, STEVENSQN C. STONE B. XVEBER R. XVELCH YVELLS B, WERNSINIS H. XVOOLSTON F. W'I.vonwARtI . . . . Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . . Sergeant L. HILLMAN B. JONES I.. POGUE M. UNZICRER 5. STALLINGS M, FORT R. IiuImELsoN RRAMER E. MANN ROBERTS A. SKQGLUND G. WHITE "Does Paul Hanna always wear his mustarlzefr' "I'Vl1y 3165, if 9"07'U-Y 0 I196I n him' ,THE NINETE 'THIRTE ILLI LTNIYICRSITY MILITARY BAND COMPANY HA," SECUND BATTALION XVINNER OF COMPANY COMPETYTIVE ll'ri!v. Ivrifr, Zx'VfIF.' 1'ru41'm'c, frfu1'1n'C! H'ritr fm' mfr. und nut fur zfxu-.Uwttlf uf IHIQII fllaguzizze I 197 I MILITARY DAY H 1 5 tlmn ur' wise lH'j'HIId thy ymrx-T. 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TII.1'1,lN, 13 F J. f,1m11.m1, IS GIRLS' ISSUE BOARD OF EDITORS EVA M11'11'111-11,1., 'Il ....... . U1,1v1-: R. B1:1'K1N1:T0N, 'IZ . I,.x1'1m G. W111Tx111aE, '14 . J. L, Go1Q12121., 'IZ . . . Im KIM' SIIOTVVIQLL, '14 . P. H. XYARII, '13 . . . . . . . . . . . Ifdiffu' pIS,m1'f1lfC ff11'1f11V . , . .-Ir! llflllffll' Bzmzzvss .'ll11m1g71'r . . . . . :Is.1ist1111fBzlxiwlvss.11111111g1vr If1.'R1111. XX'1:11gHT, '14 Ia. E. M1'n'111s1.1., I4 I-, W. R1xMs1zv, '14 . . , Editor .45.1m'iut6 Edifm' . . :iff lf1f1'f11r' . Rr'A.I!lf1lr Edifnr Busincss .'lIm1ag7vr' Bzaxixzcss .1l11m1g7vr 31111 gm' Ilzuf in flu' P1'1'.v11z'm1f'.f 11Im'111'1' 11111111 m'.1fm115il11'lity full.: 011 mv-Dru' CANT 12141 r Y , L U-QVVX :i+ l f -z M' 1,1 W WWW AJ .J X3 l X - J I .fb ff-'QW' L'5 2 Msgqgbf fi' ' X55 Z' 1 ,f Tun! !w A + W "Y-Xxxgyzxwy + ' xhk I ' ,z ' 1 X ', , , .XE f, L,,jlI,. 'N ,Wk ""'x"3N ,Q mx W ,lx'Y K '1 X 'Q W9 5A f ff X X 7 A 2 , la Q 1 V ik 1M Mxljf' Y 'W 5 pl V mfE,'Qqm+Xm + , 1 W9 A V' W A gf WN ,jew 'NT15 D i E NIVERSITY QF ILLI OIS THE YEAR IN ORATORY AND DEBATE 1 1 , .' I . Qi. 5 CM f' n st IIIC I'nix'ersity tleliating teams, four in number. en- gaged this year in contests with Iowa, IViseonsin. In- tliana. antl Iflllio State Universities. All of the contests were fought with artlor and with skill. We divided the honors evenly, winning from Iowa and XYiseonsin in the Ileeeinlier tlelvates. and losing to our eastern neigliltors in March. In each case the decision was "split." This serves to emphasize the closeness of the Contests. 5. Li. I. team was especially notewortliy as it was the tt sutt 'eil in a string of successes which hegan in IWO7. The IJ' as , . .X I H A , .I The vietory over the tir, Itrealt Iowa hz I, vet tlefeat was zulministeretl o n her own platform. In spite of this, however, Iowa still holtls tirst plaee in the total numlier of tleltates won sinee the organization of the pentangular league, with eight vietories and four defeats. Illinois is a close seeont . 'i . - 'li x' ' if teams to her eredit. Wie are the only member I with stxti x mninb of the league which has never Iieen floultly tlefeaterl in any given year. .X large num selertetl matle stro tests with I Jhio antl that with Indiana at Illoomington xx ere hard fought antl the result was in grave tloulmt un- til Ille tleeision Wits Zltillollllfetl. Nlr. blames Yial Stevenson, who has appeared on thre tlle UIIIICNI of Ill Ifvanston on May Q. Although Illinois is the young- est memlter ot this 1vrganization.her three former rep- resentatives have aerluittetl themselves most ereflitalvly, antl it is prewlietetl that Klr. Stevenson will sustain, if not improve upon. the reeorrl already set. t- tleltating teams. will he our representative in Iver of men trietl out for the spring tlelwates and the teams ng showings. Iloth the home eon- e Nortliern Ilratorieal league at . The situation. in general. is extremely eneourag- - - V. V. STICYIQNSON ing. Never Itefore have so many students been regis- I 7 ' I' ll 9 I 'tl ing, while the interest in debating and oratory teretl in the courses in u I ie . le. 4 manifested Irv the literary soeieties is strong and active. tk ht 1 t ' K wniliirzfl, dvllil you l'r:nfe"-MARx' BARRY "IU, .I.f1itx'.' "I tru mr .to .tt I316l TI-IE NINETEE 'TI-IIRTE ILLI ILLINOIS-VVISCONSIN DEBATE 1'IiN'I'R.XI. IfIfI3,XTINGIjIR1L'I'I'flIf XXIIQIQIIQX ,XI IYIIIIICIVXI, L'lvl:.xx.x, Illluum 1: S, 1-,lr QI 415714 fx Rusu1,x'1,n Ilmt the Im-flurnl 4h1wr1.111v1wt slwuIlI :ul-'pt :1 pwlmuv uf 5l1i1Ip111f' sulwidies .Nflirlllzltixu illlmuisi Xcg:It1w iXYixcu11x111J I, XI. IIu1:.x1cT X 1' RII4 XY. DI. IIIIIINVI S. II, Sm HTFR Ia IY.Llf1lx'xN11 I " II. X. XII lwxr-,R J I w fI'I'HIl:S vIL'S'l'I4,'l-' II. IT, IVIIQI-LIXIFIQ .,,. . Rl-II Unk, If-wa PROP!-iwslrlc IL IT. SH.xx1l:,x1w,11 . Iuwzn City, Iowa IION, VI, I M1 CUNXILI. , . Il-C1IllI' Iizlpille, Iwwn DlfC15!mlX Tm' 'nf UNI-, rm: I1.1.1w,us Fur frnm gay filivx and thc :rays of u1v11-L'RRANA I 217 I QVNIVERSITY OF ILLI GIS IOWA-ILLINOIS DEBATE CIZXTRKI- IIIZILXTINH CIRCUIT OF AMERICA IIm.x KQITY. Ill-I'IixII:IiII H, IQII QI '1i.5'TIOX RI3soLI'IaIw, Tlllll the Ik-III-r:II G-1xcr1IIIIuIIt XIII-ulfl 11111111 :I pwlicy uf shipping subsidies .-XHirIIIaIix'e ilwwab Xcgatiw llllinwisi I. lf .XSHTIIN R. G RIf.xI. R. L Rlmswx L. E, F1:.xII.I-'Y O. K. P,xI'rox ,X, V, EssIxI:Tox vii' aj ' , .E .23 K. X ' Q- - X nv- IPF5' ' - W, qxgsg JVDGES PROFESSOR IZ, B. CONANT .... Lirmcoln. Nebraska DEAN XY. G. HIXSTINWTS . . . Lincoln, Nebraska PROFESSOR C. E, PIQRSINGLR . . Lincfvln, Nebraska DECISIUN Twn TO ONIQ FOR ILLINOIS "Out uf llmxv fI1f, msy-guizzy lzzmkx uf lm111I1lIity"-"CHUCK" XYARNOCK l2I81 THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI INDIANA-ILLINOIS DEBATE THE STATE UXIYIQRSITY IDEBATING I.l2.Xl9L7Ii lii.iiiixilxi.'nix, lNivi,xN.v, KT.Xlf4'H S, IUI2 QFES TION T21-QF-OI.VEDI That lcgixlntive iiiitisitivc ziiiml refer:-mltiiii bliiiulil lit- iiitriiiliicwl liy our ernmeiits Affirmative fTlllTiIll!Zli Negative Illliniiist JOHN Swizaxi-Lv L. M. Foirr FRANK Dpxviiisox C. RI. :KENNAN R.4LPH RICHMAN f. Y. Snivnxsox :ture gov JUDGES JUDGE J. H. BROMWELL .... . . Cincinnati HON. H. F, BURKET . . Findlay, Ohio RTERRILL RTOORES, ESQ. . . Iniiianapiilii DECISION Tvvn in ONE me INDIANA Substaiifv and Slmdiiw-DICK Gixiuznv, fb K XII, RTARY Hizwivr, X Q IJIOI EQEVNIVERSITY CDF ILLI CIS ILLINOIS-OHIO STATE DEBATE THE STATIC UNIVERSITY DEB.-XTIXG I,.IiAGl'E I-XI'IwlTm:il'xi. U1cn.ixNIx, IIIARCH S. IUI2 QFESTIOX Ri Wi,x'i,rr: That Iugixlinivc iniliziliw :md rvfvrviimliini should he introduced by our State gov- CI'IITIIE'IIt5 .Xffirrimtivc tIlIi1iwisI Negative l0hio StateI C XY. Rigmox A. S. BURKET I. F. IfRAiLFx' E. .-X, IYEFLER If. B, Igioxmiv E. W, KELSEX' JFDGES C. W. Mooivrs, ESQ. . . . . Indianapolis Rifv, A. B, PIIILPUTT . . Indianapolis lf. R. IYILLIAMS, ESQ. .... . Indianapolis D.EC1S1O.V 'I'xm 'ro Oxii FUR OHIO ST.-wi' .Iliunx ijuizizrzfy-Tlzu E K ",v!iiffiir.v" ai flip I11ti'r'-sfworily Fnrmal I 3:0 I THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI FIFTFFNTH .XXNUXL INTERSCHOLASTIC ORATORICAL CONTEST THE AL'DI'1'URI UM 1flc111.xx' ILYISNTNKL, Mn' Xlxlirl-1-xlu, 1'PII 1, 1.,HT 0 CI,I'H'Ii I'lx'ESllJl,YLI f7ffl:lC1fR MR. Ii, M, H.xl.1,1DAxY SCIIH1JI,S RIfl'RliSICNTICI5 l71'xfr'U'f A511 mluv' Om' -TOLIET NEW Tuma f71'.vff'z1'f .XYIHIIIYCV Tum FRITPORT Klomxrf fPi.rf1'11'l AVIIIIIIVVI' Tlzrpp K,xxK.xKra1f NIINONK Dixfriu! LYIHIIIVUI' Fluff' -T.xC1csoxvxI.1,ri fDL'INCY f'ix!r1l't .XYIIIIIXVUV Fixx' FAST ST. LOUIS P1NKxx-ix'v1I.LE IJIDCIVIH playing docs 1 mv in lmmiy tclzvnz you Imzn' Huff!!!-III? tu ,my-H1l:Hn,xr,L XYILSON, A T 9 lzzzj Q VN VERSITY or ILL1 ois THE LAKE GENEVA STUDENT CONFERENCE L'RlNG the latter half of the month of .Tune each year about 500 col- lege nien from Indiana, Illinois, Xkisconsin, Missouri, Iowa. Minne- sota and North Dakota meet for a Conference on the shores of Lake Geneva. No more beautiful spot could be found for an out-of-doors conference of this kind. The life in the tents. the opportunity for swimming, boating, fishing, tramp- ing and all forms of athletic sports, to which the afternoons arc wholly given, make this an ideal outing, The conference is not an outing however except in so far as an outing will help a nian to attain the objective. lt is a council of war, where an earnest effort is made to help every man to he a trained leader among his fellow students. ,?'1f,f -,K -'g .I ,f. ', '-j A '99 71 , 1.1 i ' , X ' i . , :UP 'gyi'7'.,f U5 -5 ' -wig, 'f ,. ,fs .-775 - fav and no man will be hanv at , , ,J ., 4, ., . .2 ,,,, . . . ,, . - LW!"-.-'i fif ' 1 1 'W' ilfzv if-fi--"45is.?.gQ2i-fr 4' . 1 . .1 f, 1 Wt .Hp U tf .,. -W gpg., 1 ,X 7 r 995, Y t.5-mg.-Qui , -R1 ieneva yy ie ls nr. yy ing o 1 ' ' O- ful' i f' 5 1'-.S ,' ' - f - , ,i ,ia i m play this game. The Lonter- Q im- -Wi ' ' L" .' ence endeavors to help each . 7 ,N N V . . . , f A Prix '1 3 ,- .1 E3 , delegate to be a leader, bv ' 1 'f ' V .1 G , 5 i . . . . ' l -Y . , h , ' 31 ' helping hnn in his own per- '-zf " ' Q .. . , - ff X aa, - I "e'- . ,, , -, sonal lite to have a real Uri rw ' r '-- 1-. Jw ' . X- C' ' fl 1-Efgg Q. ' L' -A A - on fundamentals 3 answering 1 nianv perplexing questionsg A' .. 'tiflfeirfaw L fx - -' V - - -' - ' -- - as-M We V is-f':.',s,, f -1 V ,Yii2s.3,5Qgq,Ss: I Jing giving hnn a glimpse of xv hat other college nien are doingg showing hini something of the needs of the world and the conquests of the Christian religion: offering hiin an opportunity to acquire the personal friend- ship of great. living personalities: granting hini a vision of what he might do and he in the world: and giving his a closer touch with the personality that gives power to attain. That the fon- ference has done this for the de legates in years past is the tes tiniony of thousands now occu- pying places of trust and respon- ' 1 sl nnty. The LvlllYL'l'NlIf' .'x55llClH.tlUl'l "Aj is well represented each year. Tk The Iljll delegation nnnihered I 30 nien. The conference is open to all men of the L'niversity. "'l'o111 lfzoin ix rzlmoxt rloizv, Nic 5011 of u gun" 12221 wx if nr In VI rx! J! W' -bf I' .x Eahwmj fx ' N ,IQ I 3 NCQ jf, rx .Q " J TI-IE NINETEE 'TI-IIRTE ILLI A-,', - ,Ii :HQ I 'I fa A"4 I If? I f' "1' I' if 7 A I, K M I .FQ FD, 'L asv In I ,, f, N , in - -, R. :I ' Q ':'1'-', Iir'3kli2'frfffiI'I"f1I If -' f -- I I I A f I - 1- 1-1 7 , I 3 O9 I -' .L - .gr ' . lv 1 IXI.-XSK ,-XXI! 1:,xL'1:1.IQ VRIISIQNTS The Lion Rampant IZX II. XX. XX I-IS XXII IIIIIHY If Ilmxwlw XT III IYUIS TIII7 XTRIAI Y1lX'IfXII1IfIQ 14 .XXII 23 Crlaxf ffl QIIIIVI1III'1.I TI-II Iilr1pgxIcy ..., , . II. XXV. XX'!IK Puflgl . . I.. .X, Itslmx Imn . . , A IM-wxlrv Ix, tix:--X14 AIM- Ilqnlfy . , . . . Rrru Ilxxrr-we Fvumk Ilmlp-5 cI7rIItIIur -If Xluel , I Klum XX'l1111 Rmhnl 'IRIIIIIII-tml , XIINIXM Iim-ul wx Nlwl XI.mIh-I , Ifxx XIIIIHVI XX'vII1I-rslyy , . lfxu IN XX'H1rl Nlxw Imtf-n . . Iixixm I'r'wv rx' XI:mfII- Ru.-Imr-IN Ifm1I1 Ru xv-Nr: Ilruum . , II Sunil SIQIII'-fr-I . ,Inna IT. Iixsaxl- Ilxmfn , . XIXYIQII Ixluzsc jmk Smith XIIXYQIX Ifrxru-,fx Frzmk Immlxxnym , I XX' IQIHIYI' 'I'I1.,v11pwx1 . XX' II, -I xl uw! 'Q T114-m.IN .,.. . . , Ilxnl-In I If-Hsu: The School for Scandal XI'HXIEI1X'IXI"IX'If XVT5 I1vRnrr.xmI Iilelxmlx' bnummx l'1'vw11IrII lu' thu .IIIUINIII um! llfzwlu l.1'IrmrQv MII 11 Ina NIIIIQIJHXX II.xll,Lxlxl1:xl1x .Ir IIIIXIIIN TI111rwI115 mul Ifriflay IQXTIXIIIQN, KIIIITII JN mul Ju, 11:11, Izlght Iwll-vk L:IIIy uf, s IIIRIIIIHN XII4, I, XI. IIXIIIIIXX' T! ' ' II' l'uI.wll.v H7 flu' IHIIV 111 ffm' rmlm- .17 .'I1f.'r If' Smmurll . . .,.., . :ml-cc , . , , BL-rvnllt th I.:IfI5 NMI-1'xu'II . ,Inn-'III Surfznu .,.. Harm , . Mrk. L'nn.I-'ur . , l r:1I-trvv Su' I-4-nlilmm Ilqnrklnu- Imlx' 'Ik-znlv . Fil I RIIWIL' I'4'tc1' Ia-:UIQ . v. . , Sn-rvrml U. Su' IN-lsr Nr Uhvcr Nuiuu- , XXII:-I-X . . . Trip A . 1'I11llI4-s Surfznu- 1f1n'cI: -x . . , Sl! Ilzury Ilumpf-r XX'1lIx:m1 . . XI flwlzulmm' :mul Iixmxlrwx . R II .Xlmw XX'. Ii RI 1:1 Ira' I, lx, XX II Ixxrlxmxwl lkllxxr I xv wx XX'mlx11x1 X. X, Iwxlw-,T--Y I. .X Swxmk . l'Lxl:x Iilwnkx li. Ii-mrfwlb I", Ii. RXNI: . IQ I. Iirnx . Lfuu 1'-Inn: X R. Ilwwnxlfk UI, II, Iinmxx R Il IIINXIAX .X. R. IQHIIIIINII VI ,X, Ilvvuw II, R Illwsunw- 'Ihr Im!! in flzc ulmm .vlwf--"IZnu li" Suu- 11 It H II I 3:3 I CAST HF "Tl l Ii LION R.XHP.XNT" .1 s X i ta 4 SCENES FROM "SCHOOL FOR SC.-XND.-XL" 'N 'QW I All NX xx ff' an Y 1 zz 4 X D Suu' X, 1 X XX- F' . -1 U w .-5 , X ' ':, I , L 'L . '- X ' - ' ' , ' 5 , 44, L' 'N ' , X v. A4 , . WQNM .Xu ., E hr QA X X LX' ,pf rn- X ,S X ' M :: ' ,' 1 X 'fif--,X -, 'IM . ' !-l v f i A X. , , , 'W m -,.w r x1, .X , L X Xi.. my 7' xc- 'v-W' A: X- ' ' - --X-XX.. X . f XX - - -X - V . ' ' PJ X I - ' , T1 ' X L - G X . f- X v -X 1 'Q V ' I 'f ' - if N X ' ' -. 'P A .' X ,. W ,. ' l 5 A lf "Wi Y fig ,ik ng-'HZ X V' . 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Q? .4..Tl.,Sr111'1cr."' Slllfkf, ".Y411n7l1r fwfillr m1nf1l1f, mmfzlzt. naught" H561 TI-IE NINETEE 'TI-IIRTE ILLI THE GIRLS' ANNUAL STUNT SHOW T the clnse uf last year's Maypf-le came the tiirls' Stunt Slinw. .Xll the features nf the prugram we1'e hright antl clever, retlecting cretlit uppn the variwns nrganizatinns. The hest of the stunts was that put nn hy the .-Xlethenai. lt was calletl "The Illini. a Klprality l'lay," anil hail two acts, the lirst rluring the reign nf t'Stuflent Graft" anrl the secnnil :luring the reign of "I"aculty Saints." This pantnmime was very clever annl meriteil the silver luving cup. Of the wther stunts. that put nn hy the Thetas was especially pretty. Their hig hlack cats with their hlinlcing eyes were as npvel as their sung was flelightful. The Gypsy antl Mystic wlances executeil hy the Chi 1 lmegas anfl the Alpha Omicrpn I'is were hpth fascinating antl graceful. The l'i I'hi Min, strels were laughahle and their entl men were vignruusly applantlefl. The take pff un the College Serenawle which the llelta tiamnias gave was amusing ancl the yells were quite realistic. The Iiappas gave a very pretty Chinese scene with an original anal appropriate sting. The "Tug uf XYar" which the .Xlpha Xi Deltas literally "pulled off" was certainly funny anil the water in the "tuh lake" was real. The visit of the Legislature twenty years hence. was especially clever ancl well given. In this act the .-Xtheneans shuwesl Us that the I.egislatwrs wnnlfl he wwmen antl in spite uf their exaltefl state they were still feminine enpugh tw he scared out uf their wits hy a tiny muuse. The Alpha .-Xlphas 1.Xlpha Delta I'hiy Spectre was huth mystic and realistic. The Illictla quartet gave a liiitiiurpii- little skit callefl "The Prtiifessur at Heine." that was well sung antl actetl, The Military Ilancl of the XYoinaii's League mamle a very attractive opening number. The hluck I furmation antl the gesticulatipns of the leailer were particularly good. The girls from the .wssnciatiwvli Iluuse clcvseel the program with a lively anfl much appreciated pantnmime. entitletl "An Elnpenient untler llitiicnltiesf' The pantomime was very amusing antl the living furniture was as funny as 1-nc crinlcl wish. try- A fm. s itimf . alll ti ive' Tim murfi for the filftlni Triax-Tlic Phi Ginn.: nn mic side-a rlinrrli M1 ilu' etlivr dim' tl saloon acrusx the xtrvet H571 EVNIVER ITY 011 ILL1 GIS lwvrzvu Pl-I-ll-IX' l'11x1v IXIArHr,R CAKTPLR Cul-1.1-.Y IlL'1'l'x' Iiunv BACON KNIGHT LEARN-z'rT Imx'mmx RHICHINS IXICG.,xw Iixruxux Blues IYEI-.TPIIAM RIM I-Islwxi Srm-,rw XYILIN CUNSH1-R Srzxrvfxsvk-,211 Mrurjk GRIFFITH BRADERIQK Lawn Kluxxxmury 'l'11.xYr3R Hman' Rwlxmx RI. I1l'rL'x' Hrzlimmx 'liulurr 1.6! Gm-rg: llylf I!-PEG DODIIS I-2531 THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI ALETHENAI LITERARY IXCTII' Ifirgvt Smrzaivtrr ALICE TH.u'Ek . GRAIE ROBINSON . BEF-Sli HERSIIAN . EDITH SExIIENIII'RI C.-xI4I4IE HEIIIIMAN KATHERINE LEWIS SOCIETY lfuInIdI'rl Ilt l'r1i:'vV5ity nj lllifzfvix, 1SfI E Sw Il-.Til-S, 3 UIIIIIIN-T'I'l!Im' IIIIII 1I'lzitQ OIWICEICS SI'm1Izl 51 Ima Ir , , . President . . KERAIIIA. Romxsox LH . Yicc-President . . Recwrmling Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . I li5turizIII . . . . L'urrespIIIuliI1g Sccretary . . IXIILIIREII TIxI.IIoT . AIQIVIII.-x Mcihxxv . Lufx' BRAIIIQRIUK IIA , X1 . , In I ILLI-.R , l'.I,IZAU1i'l'H Bkuuks . . SE'T1IL'2lllY-Ht-Aflllr . . . :XLlL'li TH.-XYER .IIITJIIHEICS IX THE 17,-1L'l'l,TT' M.-xRTIIA JI KYLE Sxm .Xxxu lI.xI:I:,-xIu.ER JIZSSIH B.-XLIPXYIN .-XI:r,x GWINN .TIIEJIBERS IX THE I'.X'lI'ElC5lTY GI'IlIlmItI'.v ELIZAIIETH BRYAN TNI.-Xltlpl. TQNII-IIT RI.,xI41,,xI:I-,T HI-IIIIIIAN 5I'I1I'wrx LUVIEI- 4'2InII:IfI. KIAIII' R,xIII:x' BESSI- HEIQQMAN ,XLII I- THIYII4 GRACI1 RnIIINsImrv RATIII-IIINE I.Exx'Is Flmxq I-i5 IxIIeKxx'omD Ijm' MII.I.IfI4 Unix I-,LTA XIATHER EIIITII SIQNIIIQNRURC Lu Y FZImIIIiI:II'K RTTLIIRITIP GRIFFITH BIARY XYILLS C.-XRRII-Q IIERIIII,-xx AGATII.-I Mcfi.-xw LI'I'II.I.E NIZI-'IIHAAI BE.ExTIm'E CIvIII.Ex' RVTII RIIEIIIINS EIIITII Row H S GEN IZ qlIfIlV'dtlX IIIglIf .QIIIIH ln' :IH my mI'I'. tn I YIIIXIL D Jnzzimpv uf'fIIf11IIfI'v.v Ims Russ 1Tl'I'S1IIIIFlI INIII.IvIcEIv T,xI.I:IIT Tm IlIiwIfx' NI.wI.,xnI3T T7l'l'L'X' 1,II:.Eu li Hxmx LIIVIEIQ G.xI:I:I-TT Bllfll-X CUNEIII-II Rl,"I'li D,w1sI1N TiI,Iz,xI:r'TII SI-II.-xI.I'I EI.Iz,xI:ETII TIIIIIIIIQE ALII I- M4155 .'Xl'lPlHiY I'IIfIcvE I-XLI4 E C.ExIc'rI-II: YEIINI-1 PIaI:I4x' . . . . . , , TIIIEEII-, IDIRI: .IITNSII-I PIl4R4'l-i l'I'l'Y f1Im'Ifm' mv nII,rI' IIIIII' fur! my IIIIII Bonny XYRIGHT, X Q I 2501 EQEVN VERSITY QF ILLI CIS H.I.IOI..X IJTERARX Nl JLIEFX v v . .341 Fl-IN1I,lzY IIVN? 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I:6:1 THE NINETEE 'THIKTE ILLI ATI-I EN EAN LITERARY SOCIETY C'IrlIII'.v-KIIII-.I-,N ANI, GIILII c2FFlCI5lI'5 TX RAN!-1 . , . . l'I'I'xI'dwIf I Itil I NIE f,I.SllN . , l'II'I'-Frvszf x DEXTER . . lx'I'I'IfrII'I'zII7N III .I xms EAIIE . , , TVL'cI5IH'I'l xxf:I-:LINE GRIWI-is CHI-r.-.vfIIIII uw Ir NNIE V.xI'TRIN . ,N'I'IgII'IIIIf-III I: II-IRINQE BAXTER . ...., . , Critiu l1'O.YOR.IRB' .1l1fJlHIi1x' MRS. E. C R.XI.lrXYlN ME.1l'l9!ilI'5' IX Tlllf I' ICl'l.T3' LORA ATKINs HENIIIN JESSE BICPIARRY I.lI.I.lI-X5 'N .xx LLI BI-tRTH.x STR,Xl,'CI'I KIINNIE X'Y.XI'TRIN MILIIREII SEYSTER GRACE REST NF-QI.I.I-Q RIETZ LfVIIIl'11IIfI'x SUIIIIIVJ x' I LITA IZANI. .714 uinrs TNTATHHRINE THEILI-:N PEACH ANIIREWB IRI-:NE KTICHPQ ETH!-QI. 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Dear Betty is sorely troubled For she likes them one and all. E5 wr-- .X .S in . X X1 0,- 4 A 1 v X Y tx. elf " v no igwyr , 1 x6'.,:f ' . 1 .. .L QF' -- X :. I. ., . ff M ,fw- -mel. w -ff- x I 1 M xx I ,.-.' U. K -'xy " 43'-k --fn X . Zu 'ii "fi X -fs? F - ' , W , . ,,.x . -Je... U: .,'-ff , ..- W'-i A ' ,- " in-.. Q- N X ik-N'5?iwY3.-l.4.5,U-gm 4 5 a ' J .- 'W 1 ..,, . -2.3: '::. X: ui ,+,',g.:- ,-+ X .-iz+'v????.41.. ' f: J , h A. ph M., .FZQSSI-"-, K ' '- 'ff' 7'f5'- ,Ap . .Q Ya v - - -' -qw- QQ ' x ' K R x - I . . 14 N Q .X 5 ev-fix: ,K X B ' X . . vy Y --.X '- f . 'WY-'fx-...... , N" v. X NX ,,359x'fx ' - -N- Q '. " - - xg?'fQ53':---S:L'f"'Il-':-ff?:Y ' 4. gf gh. 4 fi-QQQTQA., ,Q X:--"3-'L,,iLx5'3,,"',.f Y ,l " 9 -,if 'N' . -' . pe- f .,,Qxj:-Q fxhxrbf, .. . . J ...,- . -- , ., - f- ....f.':g. N-N -3e...g.- X ,,.-.Q ,.5,.. : " Wx? x -Aw: Q- wi. .- 'T W"W""'9'g 'X1?i?.-': 'FN'-9:-:2f'1:x.f' 0? 7' 1 M. 1 . - x xfamwsfz....:fq4--,,w--.'i--- EY. H - 4 Q' .11 9. 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GESS, "IZ J,M.CCHNETUFlRfI3 FUFPENCE WOODM A N, fa ,ij ,, I-1691 SECTION THREE ORGANIZATIONS 4' wi J U ! I PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL O1'111I1zi:1'11 1011 OFFICERS CH1xRL11s XVHAM . CHESTER C. ROBERTS . LQNSIIALE GREEN, JR. . E1'1:1-:NE P. BRADLEY . P1'r.vi11e11I . 1'1'1'1'-Pr1'.sidc11t . T1'v11.v111'1-1' . .gL'L'Vl'1UVy SENIOR :IND J1'1'X'1OR DELEGQJTES Df'1111 T011 I-761111 G1i11R1:1-1 E. RAM!-ZY, 'IJ H.xRr11,11 5. PFRFFIQR. '13 511111111 C111 CHARLIE XYH.-XM, 'IZ WILLI.-1111 E. LRVIS, '13 1x'11f1f11I 511111111 LAHESTIQR O. FISCHER, '12 THR111111RE .X FR1T1'HIzI', '13 17111 1x'11f1f111 511111111 Lfwzs M. RI'5s131.L, 'IZ GRIIRIQIR: E. Wonms, '13 P111 DU1111 7118111 L11xs11,-11.5 GREEN, IR., 'Il L',xssI1's B, L'11NR,x11, '13 .-11111111 Ttlll fjlllffltl I'I11I1A1'11 S, XYILSIIN, '12 JOSEPH O. BIITCHELL, '13 P111 121111111111 D1'1t1I RALPH P. GATES, 'I2 RICHARD S. GR1a1.1z, '13 511171111 .-11131111 Ep.vi11111 EVURN1: P, BRA111,1:Y, '12 L'L'RT1F- I. L11aHT, '13 1'.v1 1'f1.v1'11111 H0111 71115111 2, , 2 , CJILES I-2, Ix1aITH1.Rx', .2 HARRY H. II.11m'1'11111, I3 S11111111 X11 CARI, U. M,xI.M1I1'Rc, 'Il HIIRULI1 B. LANVM, '13 l'111' 1x'11f1f'1l Psi ,IHHN P. H.-xNN1x. 'IJ HIQNRI' C. Iflmy '13 1761111 1x'11f1f'11 1ff1.v111111 L'I11if'r1iR Lf R1.1I:1aR1s, '12 PIl'liI!,-XRI1 F. D11111.13x, I3 1111111 l'f1,11'11111 IJ1-3L1:1sR'1 G. GIRTUN, 'll QILIHN R. C.-Isa, '13 T111't11 DL'11ll C111 L'HARI.1:s L. Smoxs 'I 1 IRA :X, DIXUN, '13 ZEN! P51 XX'1L1,1.xxI H. HI.'I.L, -1.2 -IUHN L. ALREN, '13 1'111 511111111 Kllffif C1-1ARI.Ias H, XX'.xRNo1"R, '12 M.-xN1'11L TALCOTT, '13 FRANCIS X. IXICGRATH, 'IZ ,I1'1s11RH H. CHECKLEY, '13 i11y" 101111511111 to .V1'11 Ll'lId5I1j', 111 S11f11111u1111'r C11t111I'111I-"l1'l1at did you 110 2111111 t111 1111 t 111 your .v1I1111'zx'i1'11 111111111 you gut 111111115711 1'111'71'I'11g 1fE"' I NVERSITY OF 1LL1 015 IIA-swan Ulflll Am HMM 1,5111 GIZURIQI5 lux' IJYIN livrrll-ra l'...,1 1- MvG1'1Rr: 1I.4xHx Ilvxl' I.xl1L1r. I'-fwwx Smal ly lixxlx 'mul r xYHhImI.I'li .I-mxsrwxa F-'SHR 4'l:xl11-Numan-1: lfmsm-x lv, llrmmgu l'nvHI'l4l. W. klsmlvss IIKAPH IUCCUNE I:74I THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI SIGINIA CHI FD1III1i1'Ii III JIIIIIIII fv7IlI'l'VSlfj', Iftjj AC'I'Ix'Ii CHAPTERS D5 ,-XI.Ij:xINI CHAPTERS 45 IigXPPI-X K.-XPTYX CHIXPTER E.rt11b1i5l11'd May 31, 1381 CDIIIIK-EIIII' an 4 II Flx'.AIY'lx'lfS IX VICBE FRI-ZIII-QRIVK IUANIICI. Rum CHARLES :ALBERT TQILIQR ROBERT DAVISDN BVRNHAAI TTEORHIZ RICIQINLFY MATTIS FRANCIS THUAIAS CARSON JOHN THOMAS COLVIN FREDERICK XYAY Woom' XYILLIAM IRA ROYSDIN JXLFRFD DAN IZLEY CILXRLFS I2LAREI.I-Lx' SIWQNCICR WII.I.I.-ur HEINE SELLARDS vIIIsIiPI-I LRRIRAIAN NATI2 KQHARLI-IS BIURC.,-KN C-'IEN JAY CDRYIIDN TAYLOR LAWRENCE :ARTHUR GLENN ,IDHN I-XRMSTRIINIQ SI-'LLARDS CHESTER RICHARDS FR.-ITICES IN FDICVLTATE DAVID I'iUH,f'xR'I' CARNAHAN. IA MI-15 PYRNIS SH.-XXV, DS. CHARLES Rus RIIJHARDN. NIE. ll-XRI, PI-XXKIN SHERWIN, HS. FR.-ITRES IN L'.Y1I'El?S1T.'1TE SFIIIUVS HERLCTQRT EDWARD FOSTER CHARLFF XYHAM Juniors G. XYIRT XHERRICK HUQD JDSI-11111 HIXIIN PHILMER XYYNIDND D.-xx' HENRY XYHITIZ RYTIIVR GEDRIJQ THALLI,IN GILI. XY,-KYNIQ D.XS'liI'Q HRRRIVIQ JOHN OTIS JXTIIC FRANK FDRKNI-R SIQARLE TEITORHIC LXXLIQ CRIT'1'IiNI!I-.IQIIISR XY.-XLTIiR RHODES LENS GEORIIIQ XIII..-KN HINT LESLIE GDIIFRIQY I'2ErmRI.E ARTHVR ALLEN ljI1lfl.L CHARLES FRANIIS IIIQsI'I'.II, jr S1'fV1lIlHIHI'L'J FrI'xlIIIII'II H751 NATIIANIIQI. PINEHARD HEATH JIISEPH KIt'LTR:XRY RlvL'I'NI-' XX'II.I.IANI EIIWARD I.Ex'Is .XNIPRIZXY JIIHN JIIHNSDINE HILNIIANIIN SIDNEY FINHIIR I2ARNI'sT CLEVELAND T'I,II,II,I' I-'I,m'D lixIIiRsoN PDNTDN I-XLIIRIQD LEUNARD LIT'rI.Ic L',xLI,INTI's JAMES ILNNIS XY.U.TIiR -IDHN BIIRGVIRIQ :ALFRED XY.XLl'IiMAR GRDNS EIIW.-XRII BVRDELI. Ffws'1IfR HI-iN-T.-XBIIN ALUNZO flSXY.XI,T XYILLIANI I-fI:As'rIis XXTIIFHIIR QQ NVERSITY CDF ILLI GIS 1111111 SIWPIQXM W1-lm l,'HI'RVl'lH.I. NU-lmxlx-114.5 lfR.xzr.1: .XXINVAILII Ill-.XIY llvhkrwm l,'Y'KliIEIi Sxuru Ill-1-'Km Ihzmilor XY: N1- Hl'l I'1-r lfl hli l2.x1xr'x1 NIvWI-mx' 1-'lwY1wGRwwxlxN 11llIl'l'4 BIUNQI-.1.1. 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FRANKLIN WILLIAM SCOTT, A NI NATHAN AUSTIN XVESTON, PILD, HENRY LI-ZWIS RIETZ, Ph.D. DAVID FORD IVICFARLAND, Ph.D. THOMAS ARKLE CLARK, A.B FRATRES IN I'XII'ERS1T.'lTE Serzinri BENJAMIN SALISBURI' PFEIFFER RVSSI-:L FIELD HUNTER HORACE SMITH XYILSON STAI-I' KULLINS BATES COLIN CAMPBELL SIMPSON THOMAS DUNN EDXVARD BROW HI..-xISIIELL J1nIifJrs JOSEPH QRLANDO BIITCHELL STANLEY LANDDN PUIIUE CHARLES FONTAINE IXIAURY x Plf'RCY LHANIDLIQR HINRI' PAUL HEIPAQES IVIIBBS Smplzanmrcs DWIGHT EMWREST VVYRE JDHN GARLAND RUCI L JIIHN EDGAR XVANSBI IUGH LYMAN JESSE BUNTING NYARRI-iN XVRIGHT CIR.-XHAM RALPH WALIIO FRENCH XYILLIAM RICCUIKIP PFEPLES -JOHN PERCIVAI. BI-ZALL PAUL LIIWER .ALBERT AIIZRRIHLI, .XLLYN CHIISTHR HIAQRIIJHILL ROBERT ELLSWURTII TI-IDMAS BENJAMIN HARRISON BLOEBAL' M CONRAD HENRY AICCLURKIN JAMES EDWARD XYADDELI. HERBERT LIPDILE LANDDN TOBIAS EDWARD BRADLEY Fre.vlInIe:I I 283 I FIELDINIL BOND ST,-XAT CGEORCE XY.-XLDO BALI. 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ST.-xNTI'IN STEVENEIIN .-I CTI! .IIEIIII-TIZRS JAMES EIIWARII ACKIQRT SAMVI-.L HERBERT :XNIPERSON STUART JEFFERY RATFS JMIES EDIQAR BELL LAIIRIE LORNE BIIRGESS VIIILLI.-XM IVELLS IJENTON STANLEY PRINCE FARWELL LEONARD VAI,II:HN JAMES ROBERT XYCIOIP KEETIIN DVNCAN ARTHUR IXIACINNES HIIRERT LEONARD OLIN IIHNRY LEWIS RI!-iTZ XYILI.IA1xI FRED SCHALLER LIILIE III-QNRIE SMITH NIAVRICI-f COL!-f TANQILPIRY II.xRI.EY JONES VAN CI,E,u'E ,XRYID ROBERT ,ANDERSON ALONZO PLUIIISTEAII IQRATZ GEURIQE DENTON BIEAI. ARCHIE STANTDN ITITYERS CLAIiDE EIxIANI'EL BURGI-iNER XYALTER ELMER E,KBLANV PAIIL EDXVARD HOWE RICHARD HENRY JESSE, JR. PHILIP AUGUSTUS LEIIENDALER LLDYD FRANCIS NICKFLL CHESTER IDTIS REED SIDNEY .TXRCHIE ROXVLAND GI'Ql'!RI'iE INICPHAIL SMITH ELLIS RIYIILEY STOIJFEER THIIIIIAS SMITH TAYLOR I.-xY XII.-XI.TER XYIIIIIIROW Ii.-IRL .IUHN 'I'I-IEDDORE ERRIAIII .fIc'TII'IT CHQIITERS CIIRNELI, LINIVFRSITY JIIIINN IIIIIIIQINN LINIYI-NSITY IL-XRTNIl'II'TII C ULLEISE LINIYPRSITX' III-' CIIII1-xI.o LIN IVIERSITY DIP LINIYIRSITY III-' F3551 ILLINIIIE XXIISCONSIN www VERSITY QF ILLI 015 Nlfmlpxx 'liamzns 1'l'I'4RAl,I. Al,m41:gu Klkfllfllflf INIAUM Inu-gsm Ilkwlm SVIQIYIIIMXY RI-,IMERIX 5I4'IN'I'YRE XYEHH KIMBALI. 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Ph.G, SW11111.- , 111111. 7 . 1 ' T 1 f, fs- ' ff 'f i' fp' .- ' ' ' .' 1' ' ' 11 V VV' VV F Q I n X N 11 1 1' J aj 1 1 ay X! , 1 'gif 1 Ba " ' 4 ' L' X ff' L T A P.1v.1x.11I 1 ml 1 11 I Xxx x 11 x 12111 t I , H I1 STI KID 'X N 14781 THE NINETEE 'TI-HRTE ILLI CLASS HISTORY OF IQI2 lll. llkllu-1 Fetwlmel lat. Ilitnh, IU A. Xl. The place-The lirfiacl verflant cainpnx tif the tlillege tif Physicians anil Surgeitns. The Scene-1 ine nf excitement. eiiiifmitiii anwl what at tiiwt glance appeareil like primitive liarliartmm warfare. The annual claw rush wax in prtigreSS, We the green, ignwrant, nncevuth. pestifernnS vermin tif the class tif ml.: tjnSt then arrivetll hail accepted the flare attack. the mighty array nf the wpli- wintireS. Recfvrcls Say that it was a glni'iu11S tight anal many were the valwruuS ileetls. I-'urtnne clicl nut Smile nn 11S thiS nur first tlay at Liwllege tthe latter accounts fur 1-ur -tick tn it-recfirfl Since thenl at 12 A-X. Xl. weary. mncllly, egg hespatterenl, Shirtlev, hrnisecl and turn we were fwrcewl tw heat a retreat, carry- ing nur wwuntled herne-S ruff the iielml in iiiglmiwtis ancl hitter nlefeat, Class wrganizatinn came next anrl Mr. fl. llerrin waS chwen as 1vreSi4lent. ln which capacity he proverl a hustlerg So much Sn that at the enml uf the lirSt year an nnanimi.+uS vnte replaceil him at the helm fur the Secnnfl term. The excitement uf thme ilaysl Huw will we rememher the ainiielia, para- meciak expttunilerl tw ns hy IlrS. XYy'i1elttiip. llnw furmiilalile tirayk anatwmy ap- llCIll't'tl'-lblll' L'ncle De XYhite Struggling with tu with might anil main, hut finally we accumnlatecl much kntiwletlge cuncerning the human lmtly. 4 th, weary clays anrl nightSl The freShman year pametl at last anil we Stihl nut title "Il TS" with a Sigh Of relief ancl with a few exceptiiins retnrneil hiime tw tell the f-vlkS all alu-nt it. The suclflen ancl fletvlwralnle wleath nf Mr. Kilie caxt the finly Sharlfiw liver our tint year! cuurSe. The fall tif 'City ftinnil nimt tif the claw l-ack at Uillege. A few uf nur num- her hail left us fur "wayS unkniiwnf' l'rmaic wnrk claimetl tn frinn the Start. lke trml the tangletl 11athS wif phy- Sinlngy. the fliSeaSe Stricken wayS uf patliivlifgy anil the intricacieS nf thera1weuticS anrl iiliaiwiiaciiltigy. The memnriee tif thme liwnix tif tnil in lalwi'z1t1ii'ies where lurkefl cliSeaSeil callx, antl liliiml veSSelS, where farailic anil galmanic electricity wivnlil get mixefl np. XYhere inctiinpataliles anil vile -inelling ctiiiilintiiitls must ht- maile! All thiwe will ever he with us. The .luniwr year wpeneil 2ill4lllClHllNlf' with a r-ill call uf lglv. Klany new faces were in nnr midst: a few inure hail tlnippetl tint frwni tliSaSter met with lin the rocks tif Supliiniime year wr frum Shear wearineff. Mr. S. .X lhvnahne heltl the reigns ttf gnverninent ancl Servecl the claw as a gntncl leacler sliunltl. lYe were intriitlucecl tw llr. XX'illiainwn antl the lJiS1venSary lleiiartment anil then learnefl what we tliil nut lmmvvvultiiiiex might he written! lfntler Ur. H7111 Www VERSITY CDF ILLL 015 liztrle we received Hur medicine, whu expuunded tu us the basis study. .Xs tuberciiliisis :ind typlioid were discussed our interest slowly but surely we begun tu acquire the link of nieclical wisdoui w teries 111 niedicine stamps 1111 une. lflectiwn uf wtticers was held during the latter part uf the term lfergusi 111 was elected president. V Hctivber lvl. 1111 I. fwund inust tif tiur number back, eager for lfzirly in the tirst semester. the death tif nur must respected and hm llr. llugh .Xlexzinder briiuglit stirrww tri the hearts uf every senior l"ergus1111's ability :ts ll surgebii was unquestiuiied and as a teacher all his pupils. :Xt this stage uf wur career life in all its se1'i1,1us11ess luullla for our later increased and hich the mys- at which Mr. the tinal lap. tered teacher. student. Dr. was lovccl by up before us. T11 think in 11 few nitinths we shall be graduate Kills, The ster11 realities of medical practice will be befure us, XYith 1111 une to guide us ur point out our mistakes. N11 longer can we sit Ull the benches and watch the destruus pit staff under the guidance wt Mr. Mziltteyg push carts and assist the bi we lwuger expect to hear chief 1 Vllerriu and Hr. Russ discuss the tit-ns lthe fate wt the Russ Clubh. lint with the szune deteruiinatit 111 that has 'lauded us safely g 01105. Iltjl' C811 leading ques- thus far, we shzill gird 11111' r11'1111'+r un still inure tightly. :md step ftirth to dp mur share Of the battle luyzilly, :ind hwpeful that tute nmy be kind tw us. when we ti Illt' Sellwul nf lfXIHCl'lCllCL'. :AW-0 4.7-Q I4SOl rst register in THE NINETEE 'TI-IIRTE ILLI Alpha lieta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lamhda Mn Xu Xi K Jinicron Pi Rhm Sigma Tau Cpsilon Phi Chi Pei Omega Alpha Beta Alpha Gamma Alpha Delta Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta Alpha Eta Alpha Theta Alpha Iota Alpha Kappa Alpha Lamhda Alpha Mu Alpha Nu Alpha Xi Alpha Omicron Alpha Pi ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA 1601. I. Ol" CHA l'TEIx'.S' Medical Department Darttnnuth tfnllege, llaniwer, X, ll, Ciillege nf Pliyyiciane and Stirgenna, San lfranciscii, Cal. Tufts Medical Sclinnl, llnstmi, Maxi. Medical Department University nf Yertnrint. llurlingti-n, Yt. jc-Ht-rsnii Medical Cirllege, Pliilailclvliiti, Pa. l Lung Island Lfillege llwpital Medical Schnnl. lin..-klyn, N. Y College of Physicians and Surgeniix, Cliicagn, lll. Maine Medical Sch-will, lliwwiliiiti Cwllcge. llrnnewicla, Me, Medical Department Medical Department Medical Department Medical Department Rush Medical Colley Medical Department V A Medical Department lfiiiversity nf Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Uliifi Sterlingfldltin Medical University, Cnlmnlinx, tlhifi llenver and Grits Medical Ccillege, Denver, Culp. Medical Department University uf Califnrnia, F-an lfranciscn, Cal, Medical Department University nf the Smith, Sewanee. Tenn. Medical Department Univerxity Hreg-in, I'-irtland, Hregnii Medical Department University Nashville and Univerxity Tennessee, Nash ville. Tenn. Medical Department Medical Department Medical Department ville, Tenn, Medical Department Medical Department Medical Department Medical Department Medical Department Syracuae Laiiverxity. Syracuse, X, Y. Marquette l'nivcrfity, Milwaukee, XYiw. Cnrnell Unix ersity, Yew Yfirlc, X, Y, Llniversity nf IR-nneylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Q Cltiul i lll , -iv . tml, . Xnrtliwextern Univeraitv, Chicaq-w, lll. Vanderliilt lliiivt-rsity, Naxhville, Tenn, University Minnemta, Minneapiilis, Minn. University Nashville and University Tennessee. Nash Tulane University, New Orleans, La. University wif lficwrgia. Augusta. Ga. McGill University, Montreal, P, Q. University wt' Twriiiitw, Tfiriiiiitw. Canada Genrge XX-Zlbllillglltll University, NYashingtnn, D. C. , New Haven, Cnnn. Yale Medical Schnnl Medical Department Univeriity Michigan, Department nf Medicine and Surgery, Ann .Xrhflr Mich. University College Medicine, Riclnnimd, Va. Medical Crillege of the State nt' Smith Camlina, Cliarlewtrwn, S. C. Medical Department, St, Lnnis Uiiiversiiy' gt. Louie, Mn. Medical Department, University uf Lfitiisville, I.fvttisx'ille, Ky, Medical Department, XYeStern Reserve llniversity. Cleveland, Ohio lfniversitv Medical Cnllege, Kanxas City, Mtv. Medical Department of University of Pittshurg L'nix'ersity nf Texas. Galvestwn, Texaw l48I l Egg IVER ITY QF ILL1 GIS H821 A Z v .I 6 11 Z 4: f w 4 L Fx ,- 2 I ll P- I- fn E 4 1 E7 ,f-Z ,- ,.. .En E- Z QI J' Nz zz -4 E2 I 'Z YZ L-'lm :if r: z 4 mr ff FE 57 I 2 4 2 .L C LC .i 2 FL W' -Q Z L 7 V7 9 4 I 2.1! Lx E V7 5 if 7 f-, N., Z 7 Z LC f 4 2 z 'Z I 7 5 if 2 3 -. H D' I-L. i V.: .- THE NINETEE 'THIIXIE ILLI ALPHA KAPPA KA PPA Dfzrlnzfflztlz L'ffllI1I1I', 1A'A'l Clflnnw-Il'lIz'fI' und Crrvzz .'XL'TIx'I L II.xI'TI-.Rs, 31, HTA CI IA PT ER l"R.LlTRES IN VRBLI Ii.-XRI. XX'INIfIIiI.II NAY, M.D. I"IiN'mN B. TURVK, M.D. FRANK E. Ix7AYII', R. N. SWINIILR. M.D. IYIiSI.Izx' -I, XY0oI.ST4.IN, M.D. I.IfwIs D. SIIEI'I'.-XRI1, M.D. :XI.IIPR'I' H. IPIVRR. M.D. l.1I.ARI-IIN CE AI J, HAR KER, M.D LASSIVS L. Rm,I4RS, M.D. RIIRI'R'r 11. SAV.-xI:If. M.D. D. IIATVII, M.D, L1I'.oRI,I- H, MI wsu M.D. - I-IaSI.II4. F. AIL'DI.XRBIIIv, MD XXIIIIIAAI II. DALIZY, M.D XX AI.'I'IiIS LP. MVKI-:Ii IIRANK 41, Ij0I'1.I..X5, M.D. I-'lxbl TRIE LI-IARI.I.s ID.wIwx, M.D. SAM.:-R Blmwx. M.D. IIIQNRI' FZ. IIFAII-NIx'.xx'. M.D. I.l'c'lI's IIIINKLI-, AI.I7. I". Ll. liNAI-I'Ifx:RI-RI.IiR, M.D, 'I'IIIIAI.-Rs XY. PARSI-IIS, M.D. .IIN-.I'II A. JoR+.I4.R, M.I I. .IAY I.. .'XRAfSTRuNI,, M.D. lII.Ix'I-.R DI, If.-xv, M.D. LPPI.-'xICI.l'9 If. R.XRNI'.5, M.D. I-I.-XYIII II, VI'I'rzI1IaRAI.II, M.D. l1IIwARII IR. ARAIHRIIKIQ, M.D. I. E. If, NI4I.I.I4w. M.D. V. XY. Rus. M.D. l.l'I.'XI4I.liw XY. IZAII-s, M.D. RAYRIIINII XY. AILNL.-XLY, M, D. .AICTIIVII I". GIIIWI-3, M.D. .XI.I:I IH PI- xlcwx, M D STIQVI-.N LI. XX EFT, M.D IX'II.I.I.xxI I.INC0I.N NOBLE. M.D. AIATIIIAF josm-II SEIFERT, M.D. ITNYINII BRIIOKS XYIGCIN, M.D. XX-lI.lil'N M. FRIQNCH, M.D XYANIIY FRANK AIASILKO, M.D. IIOIVARII 0. SHAFIQR, M.D. SETH XYICKS, M.D. I'IARRY KNUTT I.. D. II.-XRRIS XY. I,ITTI.I:FIFI.rI R. CROIIKS . D, AIVRPHY . R. FISK 'JU7ZJf'FIf'11 L, S. LIIIIIT E II. PI-:A If. N. CLIFF E. F. SLAYIK C. LINDSAY R. -I. IIARRIxuToN T. BAXTER . H RENF-CH 93 Ti? 33? Egl I1-FD .7111 4,3 552 I-712 IT! A. NY. SANDALL S IX FACULTA TE IF. E. uvX'N!fli1IIIlf, AIS.. M.D. ITPHRAIM K, FINIILAY, CM.. M.D FIIWARII I,1II'Is IIILINTZ, PIIG., M D IIIIIRIQI-. I I.11RI'II, Phh.. M.D. XYII.I.IA1I E. GAIIIRLIT, BS., M.D xYII.I.I.-'IM I"I'I.LI-'R, M.D, -Ioux EIIIIY H.-xsKI3I,I., HS., M.D P. IIAII KI'ITI:RRIAN, M.D. VI. Yhxmxx I.nRIx4:, CM., M.D. I.I3sTIiR M. STIIARNS, A.M., M.D. -IDHN Russ I'IARl'1ER, A.M.. M.D, IIARRY ITIMAQNE IRISH, M.D I.IiwIs XY. IVIflFMl'.RM.XN F1691 TICES IX UNIT 'ERS1 T.-1 TE Seiziurs ,IIIIIifIr5 .S1ffH1lI'lII1fI'I'-Y Frr.v11Ir1I'II Pledgzxv I 483 I L'IIARI.Is R. BATIQS, M.D., MRL 9 RICIIARII CIIARLIQS STIZFFEN, M.D LPII.XIiI.IiS L'oRNIfI.III5 CLARK, M.D I", E. FI-III-RIAN O S. OI.soN . HI'RK.A DI. -I. IXIERSHON S, M KR.-XITT R R . W. RIRRRS R. I.. TVRIIY D. I.. DAWSON L. A. SELRY S. C. FLMIINIQ E. M. THIIRI.-xs U. P. HARRIS Lf XYISIZ MAN D R. . RIIIIINSIIN XYALTFR S, MIX JESSE H. ROTH ARTHUR W. HOAGLAND DI. M. SL"I'H I-,RLAND EEHEVNIVERSITY OF 1LL1N01s P' 2 1 1 3 .1 7 -- 1 2 , 7 z 4 7 .L zz .Z 4 A -. 'rr E Z, 1 Z 1 3 'TT A LZ ,: xr- .--I 7 f 4 1: JL4 A 1 Q. ZZ ZT? L:z 1-Q .444 :VP -V-1 -..f 1 A-f -Z 4: Z Z , 1 4 4 :J .I I I. 4 4 Z THE NINETEE 'TI-IIIIFEE ljfjif EAl1lfYff.YflFzf, XYlI.l.I,X11 NU SIGMA NU Iwflrilxlmf I! lIlIf'4'I'XlfX' ul ,UI lmmfl, MAJ 1 Su 2 I 7 I? I1.43l'IYI-' IN' xl: .X. Yxlxu IJ, A, lx. I'il4.XXK I an H,xx:1.Vs TH11x1,xs XY. NI, H jmrx L. 'N 1 L Am, Tm STI'I'L L Dxlxl, 5, XX1r.l.l.xx1mx .XA Uwxs .-xlqsnx P11151 rin K HENRY Iix'r-Amen F, H. HI Q. L. J. I: JY F. H. R, .X, Li. .XYNI Y lflxlfl YA! P. RILA I me J. XX AIAER S, GORIVON J. UATV4 T. Gk.xx'sToN l',xx'l.Hx' E. XYEHH C. Frmx RVTTS J. Ihxlclcrx .XL'1'1x1-' l II.Xl"I'Il' I ETX 1'HAXl'TI'.R Clfffffw--111110 IY'lx'l:,N' IX Init! l.lAlTl1 l'lc mls ll, Xluum- I' fr, IHIXS IUIIN XX I-,.X'!'lIlflQbON I' H l'Im.mis .X. lx 5l'.XN1,l..XNIl ,um 1: L, ,Tum 5 I' KI, IImw1xI,xx I.x1Hx R ll .IIIHX Xl. IZrm,1-1: -, J . :X YHI,'lx l'vl:T XXWIIM blmlx KI, limi: "'lYI'X'lI'1'lUQ'l'l'lT1w X115 A , ,BUIIZUVY jllflfllfi Sffpl1ff1111fv'Uv Tx, I.. Imlrwmx 1711',v1z111u11 I 485 1 F Ih'nN.Xl-lnli JUNAHHV Nl, NflI.I.l'R .xfl T1 XYVLQ H F N.XlVIf.XI' Rl Nvzlwr GuT1'Hx2r,1f J. F. H.x1:'rx1,xN L. JOHNSON Pl x Ii 1-'rvrnx EKQVNIVERSITY OF ILLINQIS f 1A-T ' -S f L. 4 f TE ' fx W w " 23 ,9 Q Q ' m M861 ILLI THE NINETEE 'THIRTE PHI BETA PI Lvl1iZ'67'.YI'fy of IJIAHXIYIIIQI, 18111 L DlIfr'.v-IfI'.'rII 171111, IVIIIIF B. BARRER BIZESHN, MD. XYALTI-LR P. GERHARD, M.D. L. CARDINAL QUINN, M.D. GEORGE A. HOSS, M.D. ,XKfTlYlx LfI-IAI-TIfRS, 3 IOTA 4.'ll.XI'TliR lfsffllrlislzmi .JIIIWII 311, 11111 1513.1 TREK IX VICUE J. F, Ii!-LXRNEY, M.D. E. W. JACKSON, M.D. W. P. DAVENPGRT, MD. M. F, EASTON EARI. J. HFYFRS, M.D. XY. .X. FRROSS, M.D. XYAI,I..XfIZ E. ROSE. M.D. EDWIN HI-QSS, M.D. R H. M. XYILSON, MD, F. S. XYILSON, M.D. . R. KIFLSARTHY, M.D L. D. PIOYVE, MD. NEWTON D. LEE, MD, H. I., INR.-AFT, M.D. R. R. BICCLALLAN, MD. F. LEE STONE, M.D. F. L. I'JAMMERSTRANfl, MD FRED A. BERRY, M.D. L, H. FERANER, M.D. S. .X. SMITH, MD. L. D. BARDING, M.D. .-X. E. M.AI-CORNAEIQ. MD. N. E KIARION ELMER XY. BIflSl2I.I-1Y, M.D. L. H. 1IlI.l.liR .X XY. SCIIOIIILEDER, M.D. L. S. SIMON, M.D. H. H. STELRF, M.D. FRATRES IX 17,lCI'l.T. CHAS. S, B.-WON, AM., Ph.D,. M.D. GHDR1 If P. llREYIiR, .-XB., PlI,D. H. CTS-CAR XYHITE, M.D. L. HARRISON BIETTLIZR, .-X.M., M.D. EDXVARD FISCHKIN, M.D. 'LII-QORHIE .X. GARDNER, M.D. R. R, DUFF, M.D. la W YICKHI., ND. SIMON LUDWIII. PlI.B.. MD. I,OI'IS F. .XI.RI'Tz, MD. ERICK J. DAN!-IK, Ph.G., M.D. L. M. SVHMIIDT L. J. HUGHES, MD. L. G. WITHERSPODN, .'X.M., NI D XYII.I.IAM H. BROXVN, B.S. G. J. ZOEHRLAVT, M.D. H.ARRX' SMEJI-:EIA MD. FRA TREE IX IYYII '1i1x'SIT.4 TE Swlifzrs EDNVIN R. BVTTERFIELD EDWARD A. LHRISTOFFERSON JAMES B. RAUII R, A. LOGAN J. M. CONERTY F. E, BRINRERI-IOEE ELWDENE A. BIACCORN A. M. FRANK JOSEPH S, LUNDHOLM THEODORE D. BURGER RAYMOND M. XVALL WILLIS H. VVATSON MAX BRACHVOGEL H.ARRY E. PETERS XV. B. SNVACKHAMER XVALTER E. BIUELLER CLARENCE SMART R. RHODES E. KING R. NIARCUS SATHE R. E. BROXVN FLOYD H. POTEET O. H. RIIHRLACR, M.D. JDI-IN F. XIARTIN 'JOHN H. LYNN CI..xRIiNI"E H. XYIENIQRI-L L'I,IfMI.NT J. FISHER JAMES F. PEATTIIC ROBI-.RT F. l"I.EIiIzER .IIIIIISUVX HOWARD S. PERRY ACK P.xI'I. S. HAGEIIIAN IMIJS P. RICE .-XNTHONY F. DELFOSSE STEPHEN M. BURDILIN .-XI.I.AN F. HRIEEY M. LOLI.AR SOJIIIIIIIIOICX GEORIIE N, IJISKIQY C, :XRTHUR JOHNSON A. E. SHELL H. G. CHAIIIPLIN D. R. Frrxlzrrrvxz R. SICCORNACK F. HAHN C. REINHARIIT Plvdgm H871 KIKRI. A. ANDERSON O, M. GOCHNAUR LIEROY H. HARNER NIVER ITY CDP ILLI GIS FX A . '41 - . Q. ,R rf 1 .xg AQ 3414 -515 'ae ti .-:egg - 6 QS U I gl v 3 S' -'rf 't i 3 A 3 5 KT - '- Q X ., .' 1 'Q , - -1 r- . ' , 1' X 5-1 cb' wg 1 1' :1 , x fr f ' I ' .1- xx 1, ,V ff, ,, ,..,.' "fp .-. ,G-f K, , .- ' 'S sf VL ' -V -xg - kr Nr: ' xt' g 1' N' - Sv " 'v :, N' 1 I W A.. . H Q 'lx i " 97, I ,511 pa" - h w- N3 I F' - 1 Af " fi. L1 5 ff NE. 1-X I 1. R", F5 5' A , ,V . E , I r - 1 1 Ns ,, h A -X., 'xA.?Q, 'AQ -Xa". ,"'1 xg' '- A' K: 3 Q: g 1 :El f ,SL 'ff' - . -1 x' N.. he: 1 , 1 :ww 3 ' , Q i' ., , W11 Nll 1'1n11x GMQE AfXI.l'llY llrwwx Myne II.xx1.1-:1'1' I'l1WEI.I, llrgvszke K1-,1 1 x1- li ll-1111211 C1 .wx I11111m11f11-'1.11 AI1'11:11s L111w1-311 111 4jx11N.x11Ax A'r1111x X',wK1111-. l,.xm:.xN I'.x141c 'l'xY1111s lifnzxclxw '1'11-1x11w-1x 311--1R14 M1 BIVLI IN S1x1x111Nx li1-xv.-11111x l'x111:1-mx' Rlxl'IPl4'K NI1N1f14 51111111 Y.x1'1:1-xx 'l'1'1'1'1f1s ,I-111514: 14891 THE NINETEE 'THIRTE Iygif SIGMA PHI EPSTLON RIJIIIIIIIIII. I'iI'1fI'1IiII, Imvi L"IIlIII'.v-lxlwi IIIIU' VIII' ILLINOIS .Xl.T'lT.X KfTT.XT'TliR If.viIIfI!ix!1I'II' IPIYUIIIIIIII' l.X', mug FN. I 'l'lCl:S' l.X' VIC XIXIII I.I-.I-, XI,li. TZ. .X. H.xRI:ISI'w, XI.TJ. F, TT. XT. GIQIFI-'ITII. XTT7. Ti. ,T. TllTfl.l.lZTi. XT.l'I. G. .X. TJIi.xx. HTTP. G. T?,v,TuPIx:IIX, NTD. E. XX. XX IIITIQ, XTTT Tflum I9 Ihixmux, XT T7. 111: .X. XX'. X:RT4.1Q, XTTT. T. TT0IfIfxI.xx, XT.Tl. L. TxR.XI'I', XIT9. MX. XX TXSTTT, RTD. XX'. R, HIIIIIIVIQ. XTT3. .X. G. JOHNSON, KLT7. T. ,T, XTEXM-X. NTT. TT.xI4TIInI.IIxIIfw Tivxxx .X. .X. TTI.I:I:xI.xN, XI.TT. l.. R. .T.-xI'IqxI.xN, XTTP. T5. 42. T!.xI4I,Ifss, XTTX. V. l'iI'NIIIfI:wx, XTT7. S. TT, TQVIIN, XTTP. -T. -T. XTIIN.xII.xN. XTTT T.. F. SMITH. XTTW. XX'. Ti. Hxme. XTT5. ' T. Tf. SIIIXIIII, RTD. FIV. lT1x'lfS l.X' F.-ICNT 7.711 Tlf .X. R. -TllTTNS'I'liNT7, XT.l7. if X". T1.xvIII'I.I.I-, XID. T2 TTT. BI-xnxx. Xl.Tl. U. Tl. T7I'xIiIIIuxx'sI-'14, XTT3., TES. H. XX'IfNT7. XT.Tb, -TIIHN FT5lIT'.R. XID. N. TI. D.xI:I.INI1, XTD. XI. VIAZNIIQ. RTD. .X. XX'. FTQVFFF, XTTJ, FR.-ITRIES l.X' I'.X'fT'Ffx' Svuifvrs P. XT. -TUYVIT .-X. 'TTTTUNlT'SUN T, TK. XX'.xI.sI1 H . XX', XI.-xI.TIw Ti. RIIHIIINQ XX' R. X'.xI'I.HN .TIrIIiIII'.e WT. T. T'1IXX'I-'I.T. TT, XX'. TI'T'T'TfR XX'. R. Rsmwx G, TT, SMITH TT. .X. KTYFRF- DT. TT. RIIIIIXIFII-'I.rI N. X'. XVTUXIFS XX. TT. TI.xxI.IfTT .S'1'fIfl11lll17ll'5 R, TT. TI'I'I:s X". X'. TiIfI.I.xI.I. FRIII li. lI.XI:I4 -T. .X. XXXN TJII:Ic FVCXII IIINI XX'AI.TER C .-XT IIIIN Plcdqfs O'CoNN0I: I... XXX. N IIxx.xI:, XTTJ. ITT XX. 1. TTxxx IIIIIIINI-, T...X, XT N V. TT. PIIII-'I-II. XTTP. T, Tx T'!r'IcI4IIIII.Iu-Ie. XLT? If. ll, TXIIIIIIIIWIS, TLS.. T.T..T3 XX XX ITTTF. XTT3. N. TTINIANIXIIII. Rh.. XTTI. SITJTIE R. XF. TAYLIIR S. R. NTUURF II. X.. TQVIIIIICK .X. Ti, X3.XI.T4 lf ,T. XT1'KTl'T.I.TfR .X. kf EIIXYXRITS T. U. CXIIIIIIIZIQNY R, T7. TTUXYI-'T.T. T.. TT. STYXIYXIONF- T. TT. TXXRNIi'l'T lf. .X. SXIITI-I T-. T,. Ru: I4If XX, Tn. XI. TWT-iX'T'RTX XX'. TT. TXTTNITR .-X. T. T..xx1,,xN XX', TC. C.XliX.XII.XN XX'.-xI.TFR S, STIWERTTI XTVNSON git NIVERSITY or ILLI ois SIGMA PHI EPSILON ROLL OF CHAPTERS Alpha West Virginia Beta Pennsylvania Beta Pennsylvania Gamma lllinois Alpha Colorado Alpha l"ennsylyania Delta Virginia Delta North Carolina Beta Ohio Alpha Indiana Alpha New York Alpha Virginia Epsilon Georgia Alpha Delaware Alpha Arkansas Alpha Virginia Zeta Virginia Eta Pennsylvania Epsilon Virginia Theta Dhio Gamma Vermont Alpha Alabama Alpha North Carolina Gamma New Hampshire Alpha District of Columbia Alpha Kansas Alpha California Alpha NVashington Alpha l4o0l Richmond, Virginia Morgantown, XVest Virginia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Chicago, Illinois Boulder, Colorado Philadelphia, Pennsylvania VVilliamshurg, Virginia XYest Raleigh, North Carolina Ada, Ohio XVest Lafayette, Indiana Syracuse. New York Lexington, Virginia Atlanta, Georgia Newark, Georgia Fayetteville, Arkansas Ashland, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia South Bethleham, Pennsylvania Lexington, Virginia Colurnhus, Ohio Northtield, Vermont Auburn, Alabama Durham, North Carolina Hanover. New Hampshire XYashington, D. C. Baldwin, Kansas Berkeley, California Lermmitt, XVashington THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI Alpha Zeta Eta Theta Iota Lambda Mn Nu Xi tilnncron Pi Rho Sigma Tan Up:-ilon Phi Chi Psi Alpha .Xlpha Alpha Theta Beta Beta Gamma Gamma Delta Delta Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Theta Chi Theta Pi Delta Phi Upsilon Pi Phi Sigma Psi Rho Sigma Iota Pi Phi Beta Kappa Delta Theta Upsilon Alpha Mu Phi Rho Sigma Upsilon PHI CHI t ll.l1'Y'E1i' RUL1. University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. University of Texas, Galveston, Texas Medical College of Yirginia, Richnionil, Va. University College of Medicine, Riclnnonfl, Ya. University of ,Xlah:nna, Mobile, .Xla. University of Pittsburg, Pa. Indiana University Medical SClliiul. Indianapolis, Ind. Birmingliznn Medical School, Birmingham, Ala, Texas Christian University, Ft. XYortli, Texas Tulane University, New Orleans, La. Yanderlnilt University, Nashville, Tenn. University of Cliicago, Chicago, lll. College of Physicians and Surgeons, Atlanta, Ga. Medical College of the State of South Carolina, Charleston Atlanta Medical College, Atlanta, Ga. George Xlasliington University, NVashington, D, C, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa. University of Michigan, .Xnn Arbor, Mich University of Louisville, Louisville, Ky. M1-stern Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio Baltimore Medical College, Baltimore, Md. Bowdoin Colle,-Ze, Brunswick, Me. and Portland, Me. College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, Md, Georgetown University, Georgetown, IW, C. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia, Pa. University of California University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. Pa. Chicago College of Medicine antl Surgery, Chicago, Ill. Northwestern University. Chicago, Ill, University of Southern California. Los Angeles, Cal. University of Illinois, Chicago, lll. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md, Temple University. Philadelphia, Pa. Indiana University, Bloomington. Intl, St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. Leland Stanford. Jr. University. Palo Alto. Cal, l4oIl EEHQVNIVERSITY CDF ILLINOIS 2 2. 'V' Y 'Q .ES Q if -:Aki Q in :O .K bg Q N . ,V+ za ,, 5 Vw, 4 -Q -+-o Q: 5' f Q 1' y gk 'E.34by'f UJWQ E L8 5. f eg . ' fight 3 E ,,fA u W 'f ' 3 2 Q Q ,"' ' M. 1 -Q Q 1 f Iwi THE NINETEE 'THIRTEE ILLI I 1112'N'.v1tx' uf I vrlzmzzf. PHI CHI INV' Lwlw1'.v-t1f'I'I'11 If I .X1'IlX'I' lII.XI'TIIir. 3 .X1.1jx1x1 K H XI"I'I uw, 1 I'III IlI2'l'.X ifIl.XI"INlfR lf.x!I1I'Ifxl1UII l'I'I'I'1f1Iw1' jj, 11114, FR.-l Tlx'li5' IX I'.X'lI '1:lv.YlY'.1TI: Ifkl-in DI. 1'l,!RT H1-Qxwx XI. jf-.xx I-.1.L XX .XI.fl',R XX . Liu-.ff I-3, G. STIQPIIIQNS-HN R1I'H.x1x1w A. 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SMITH HQVNIVERSITY QF ILLINOIS F4941 THE NINETEE 'THHUHE ILLI PHI DELTA 1.01151 Ixlaud C4'HL'fIL' fIH.vf1'ru!. 141111 L'fflar.v-lfhifk und Gull! .-M 'rlvii CHAPTLIQS, 10 RUIJ. Oli C1I.'lI'Yilffx',f Alpha Alpha , , Lfmg Island Cwllegc Ilwspital. Rrimklyn, N. Y. Alpha Rcta . , Uhiw Rlwlical Ciiiversity. Cwlunilmx, Ohiw Alpha Gamma . . Laiimi L'nix'e-rxiry, .'Xlli:my, N. Y. Alpha Delta . . Wiswiisiri Collvge, iXiliWZlllkCt.', NWS. Alpha Epsilon . . University Medical Cfvllegc, Kansas City, Xl'-. Alpha Zeta . . . Nhusliiiigtwn University, St. Lf-urs, Mo. Alpha Mu , . University of Minnes-ata, Klinneapwlis, Blimi. Alpha Nu . . Chicagu Collegu of Ncflicine aml Surgery, Chicagfv. Ill Alpha Chi . . . St. Lfiuix Ciiivcriity, St. Lmlis. MH. Alplia Ornicrim . L'nix'crsity uf llliiwis, Cliicagw, lllinois :XLPHQX UKllCRON CHkXl"TER Exfulvlixlznl' IQU-9 FIC.-I TRIES IX VRBIT T. H. NlQr:ifHA1x1 ,l. IX. VAMLNTINE R. XY. PRATT H J. DUFFY F. J. Coxlcox' rl. A. Biuiiam D. C. M0U1.111Nr: I I.. LEBHAU C. R. R,xssLER ' J, XY. RNQHEIIHER R.G.F1si-nm R. L. VILNA I-'R.A1Tlx'I?S IX Fi-ICI 'LYII TE VVALTER C. JONES Aiwa P. llEINECK Bl. T. Gmiisrmr FIC.-lTRli5' IX l'.N'1I'liIfSl YIITE E. C. S.-wx B. B. PARKER W. S. SCHILIJQ R. R, RTITCHELI. C. R. VAN Grxm' H. S. AIAUPIN A. ALLEN L, NY. CHILDERF- F. J. CH MFLIK J. H I. LEACH . V. GQULD E. J. STEIN H H. L, Tumi . H. MOORE G. O. Pla.-x1:cE C. iXlICHlZL . ENQQLRSATHER LX. J. PETERS J ll. L. SARvELL.Ax F. J, SCHICK V Plrdgrs R. F. SVHIELE A W. KARCH I4o5l L. lil A I-. TVRNER . R. D12 HAAN . E. VV,-XNDILRER EEXEVNIVERSITY CDF ILLINQIS Q- , Rf? ,l hkf '!g'2'lM47'fL F1 HULLf4gDf'fi,2? fVfiff7fjffV ?gFNWll0 H ff? 0 f KZ? ' 1 xx . . fl 111193329 Ignghlllieg 1 P, wwf of Nfeidki ,- rnlfq Af. - . " U' U Lula w ' X kay , , ff' . -, . . 4- , X- U IllV0l'Slt.V ' A of llhuons 3 ffmfwf .,,, if-5- " Q I 1 Cano? n Y Q ,ff .,,, Y 'N 9 .XM ' - .f R ' Q, ssfuivff? ' I 1 !fHFi'E21LlL'H xx X, R P XX 135' Q xl M 1055 n xxx 1. M M J QS EEFPHL CH I, ,V , - 1 . we . at .1 fa. X M A X-: I Q X! :if xx-ai XM' x.,, ,X 1, 9 4: Q 4 Gmssww ' N ' -, V m 4 A Qi' . ' s 57,Zf,V 'Cb ' HMEVINHI if: . I, .Z -.Y u -LY, , 1 A H E M VA V Q. 1 fuf f sfrr , NF osffw mpw,mf144wy.ye0. . ' 'A araambgsimcnfyo, , . H1961 THE NINETEE 'THIRTE LL ALPHA PHI SIGMA IJV11i'Z't'l'.YIfj' uf l1li11111'.v, 11,1111 111111111 lm I :XL'I'IYI-1 L11.x1-T1-115. 1 A1.1'x1N ALPI I .X CI IAPTER Exl11l1l1'xI1vd Mm ILIIXIIII 1 LIST UF L'U.'Il'TE1x',5' .'XIpI1I1. L'111x'c1x1t3' uf IIIi11 1 I II1 1 I X 1 lk Ruta . . . N111'tI111'ustsr11 L'11i1nrx1tx X 151111111111 . ,... Rush AIL'1IIL'JlI L'-1111 I l"lx'.IY'lx'lf,V LY I'1CB1f KI. T. Go1.11s'11x1. MID. XX I.. II.xN1 1 IN NI I1 I IR1f1-wr XID I IZ. I.11111:x NII1 I,, H, XXHI.I". XIII XI I'1111.f1'1-lx l1l1'.l'l'lx'lgS' IX l".lL'I'1 Y' III II.I.I1.x1'1w,KI.I1 KI. I.1x11f11x, NI I1 E. I-11:.xL'111f. M.I1 .X I1xx111-111.11 Xl IJ ITN. ITl1'!jS IX IQYII '1fl1'Sl YI! T11 51'111'111'5 H. .X1.111ss 11. 1.111-111 .X, I71:1f1i11.xN S1-1 W1 Ii II, I I7111f11x11f1. I. Ii. IQIIHY .7111114111 L. G1..xssx11xx I. S. 51-.11.x1.1. I-I. F1111-'11s11-'IN L. Gn111.1-.11 H. II. 11111 11.11 II S. GI4I'I-'NXI.XI.I1 .N11f1I11fl11111 II. l.1111xf1x1 IIITXIII IIUII I. S1i11.1N I4117I II XI. Kwlzxl S'1'11N I.. L-. I 11-11.11 .X II I 1 1 Lum I. 51-111.1N .X.H1111fw11111 Qi EQQVNIVERSITY OF ILLINQIS ,Qt A35PTZ1QIhVHj.T'fFl' 1911 E ' EE 'E' ? Q , . A 'I 5 ' gg Y! E 1 X Z 1 I . I if L ,lhr A ' Iliff ' . ., V , J . 1 ' 3.5 i131 ,THE NINETEE 'THHUE ILLI PHI RHO SIGMA FIIIIJIIIUIX. JNOO BETA CI IA PTER l'lI'.Al7lx'l:.5 1.X 1:11 I 1. 12, FRANK LYIIETON, M.D. ADOLPH GEHRMAN. M.D. MAURII F L. GOOIIKINII, M.D. ARTHLR ATILLS CORWIN. A.M., M.D. BERNARII FANTIS. M.D. WILLIAM L. BALLENOER. M.D. FREDERICK TICE, M.D. JOSEPH M. PATTON, MD. IPJANIEL N. EISENIPRATH, A.B., M.D. CHANNINI: XY. BARRETT, M.D. CHARLES C. O'BYRNE, M.D. EDWARD M. BROWN, M.D. EIIXVIN Cz. EARLE, M.D. CLARENCE B. KING, M.D. .ARTHUR HENRX' BRUMBACK, M.D. IRVINIJ H. EOIIY, A.M.. M.D. TRI TIL I. M NLLSUN M. PFKKX M Q X ' -X M M D X ELI.s, . .. . L. ROYCI-', M. H. E. SANTEE, A B M D E, A. CORVORAN, M D H. T. FLANNERY. M D E. S. CHEVVER, M D J. S, NAOEL, M.D F. S. CROQKER, M D G lf. BLTLER, M D L. BLAKE BALIIWIN B 9 M D C. D. PENCE, M.D D. L. SHAW. M.D C. N. BALLARD, M D If A, PHILLIPS, M 9 MD M. Rl'RROl'l'2H9 I' T ' M II ALEXANDER H. FERILSON, M.B., C.M., '. .M.b., . . FR.-ITRES IA' CULLEGIO SNILUVS A. J. FERIISON F. M VN'r.I.IIz 1. H. O'MAI.LEx' J. R. SMITH E. J. BIILLFR T, H. REAIQAN L. L. LORENZ R. F RKEHPEN H. F. SLAHRAM Jzmiurs C. YY. S'II4.MAN G. HAR, F. R. PATTON C. NV FONSER NV. J. REAM C. L. CASEY F. P. COLFMAN H. T. KNIIQHI J. H. LITZAK R. NY. MVKINLH 5JWff1lVIIILVft.X H. F. BIEACHAM G. A. Cvsrux NV. P. ATILLER A. C BOEHMI-LR R. D. THOMPSON H. T. GLFASUN F. M. BIORHENROTH E. H KNVTSON T. E. CONLEY W, S. SCOTT W. L. HOWARD A. L. BRYAN C. E. LYMAN C. S. HVRST Frfslznwn S. H. ANIIERSON E. XV. TALBOT F B. LANCDON J. E. NVANDEBERG G. M. FITZGERALD J, NY, D0UI.H-fy C. E. SENESEN Plvdgex F. R. SCHROEDER L. S. STLART T499T QQVNIVERSITY CDF 1LL1 015 ,X1lr11ll 111-111 11211111113 11c1tH Iipiilim 21-111 141111 '1'11Qt:1 11-1:1 ,X11P11Il 1-fin Beta Kappa 1,:1111111'1:1 X111 T111,-1:1 Tau N11 X1 1 1111iC1'O11 1'1 Rrta 1'i 111111151 111113 Sigma .X11-11:1 H1111-gn 111-Ip, 1'11i 1'11i 1K1 Bom 8141111 :11111 Sccptur 1 11x11m1 PHI RHO SIGMA ROLL OF C'HplI'TERS 11w1icz11 Dcp21r1111c11t. Nurtliwest-:r11 L'11ix'crsit5'. C111CZlg1'l. 111. K1u+1irz11 Dc11z1rt111e111, L'11iversi1y 111 Illinmif, Chicago. 111. R11s11 Medical 1Jt'1JI1I'lI1'lL'11I. Chicagii, 111. R11-41icz11 1i,ClJ11I'l111Q111. U11ix'ursity .if S1w11t11cr11 Ca1if11r11i:1, Los 1-Xngeles Dctrf-it K1e11i1'z11 Collsgu, 15Ct1'1vit, Klich. R11--1ic:11 D1-pz1r1111e11t, L'11iversity uf Micliigan, Ann ,Xr11or, Mich. 1.iTL'1211I1!11 Klcdiczll College, Q111:111:1, Xc'111'. A1k'111C1l1 1JCl1ZlI'fIHC1lI, 11z1m1i11e U11ive1'sity 1,'11ix'1-nity 'if N6'11I'2lS1iI1. Dcpzirtim-11t mf K1L'C11Cil1tf, 1-1llCO11l, Xelir. L'11i1 unity uf NC17I'f1S1il1. 17ep:1r1111c11111f Meilicine :11111 S11rgery,i1111:111z1 K1L'I1iCIl1 Dc-1m:1r1111e11t XXVUSICFII Ruicrve 1.'11ix'crsity, L-1C1'U1I1I141, 1.11111- X1L'111L'4V-C1'11I'l11'Q1CZl1 1Q1111cgc of F11i1n1,1c1p11i:1, P11i1311c1p11ia. Pu. L'11i1'crQity uf 111wf1, 1'Ju11z1r1111e11t uf K1e11ici11c :md Surgery, Iowa City X1c11i13:11 11u11z1r1111c11t, L'11i1'c1'fity uf K1i1111c5v'1ta, 11i1111e:1p411i5 11:1r1:1r11 1,'11iwrsity. 111-p:1rt111u11t uf Me-1ici11e and Surgery, B1,1stCv11 K11'11ic:11 151-11z11'1111c11r, -11111115 Hopkins University, Baltiinore, Md. X1'is1'1-11xi11 L'H11ug'c of 1'11yaiciz111s 111111 S111'gc1j1115, Milwzlukee, 1Yis. 31141111111 13C1PZlI'1l'llCl11, L'11i1'cr5ity uf 111l11Zl11Z'1, Iiidiaimpolis. 111r1. N11-1110111 111111111-1111s111. L'11i1'rrsi1y uf I111,1i:111:1, B1131o111i11gton, Ind. -1ci1crw11 R11-11iun1 Q11l11CgQ, P11i1Z111c11111ia, PR. N11-11ic:11 1,7C1l1l1'I111Cl1f, U11ix'ersity uf Virginia. Clmrlottesville, Va, 111111311-1 Liiivursity, 111111111-1, X. X. R11-11icz11 111-11:1r1111e11t, L'11ix'1-rsity uf Pittilmurg. Pirtshlirg, Pa. N11-1111-111 1Pc11z1r1111e11t, L'11ix'ers1ty of Pe1111sy1x'n11iz1, P11i1nde1p11i:1 L'11iwrwi1y nf Lblfiiramlfv, 13o11111er, Colo. X11-11ic:11 111-p:1r1111c11t. Yule L'11i1'Qrsity. New 11Z1YC11. Mass. 1'111x'1-nity lfivllcge 111' X1L'l11C111L'. Ric11111111111. Yu, 15001 THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI ALPHA EPSILON IOTA l'11ir-umily uf J1z'1f11'ff+I11. ISUH Llflffrx-Il'l1iiu, IUMA nm! ffVL'L'II .Xu TIXI-1 L H Xl'TI'llN, ll ITELTK Q'II,XPTTiR lfxmlvl1'.vl1ml l.X'm,r CII, ll'Y'lflx' IW 7l,l. .Xlphzx . LvIliNk'l'biIj' 'rf Nlichigam Dum . , Rush Blwlivul tfullu-gr. fl1ic:1gu Ifvlta . . Vwllcgc mf Vllysiciaulx zmfl Surgn-'mi Ifpxilmx . . LvlliYt.'I'NiTj uf XIiClH2,IlI1 liummn . . 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Fkvrsllluf T.xLr:1rr , Iluxfx-,N M:-lg Au-'Fxrax' 1111 IK , Ihemxxlxu , . KIM QAHIQNUQ DR, Srl:-mmm, LINEUP ls02l Cdffdfll Right Furzvurd Lvft Fmwur-d Lvft Fn1'tc'ar'd' C6lll'Ur Right Guard Left Gzmrd Left Guard Mmzagcv' COLLEGE OF mf j X X PHARMACY s NIVERSITY or ILLI 015 L'l.YIJli MASHN SNOXY l.YDlf MKS! PX SX' NY was htirn at ljarlvillc, lllinois, in ISHS, He re- ct-ivt-tl his t-arly ctlucatiwn in thc liuhlic scliotnls at that place ancl graduate-tl frtwni its high sclmtvl. after which ht- attended thc Maryland Military anil Naval .Xcatlt-iny at Hxftirtl. Kltl.. llryant anfl Stratton's llusiness Ctvllcge at Chi- cagw. antl latt-r rt-ccivccl tht- tlt-grcc tif Master of Arts fr-,nn the Lvniversity of Xi1llllIll'1ll54l. ln 181 ,R ht- t-ngagt-rl in thc rt-tail tlrug traflc at lfarlville. and during the four yt-ars ftilltiwing was ciiipltwccl as Drug Clerk in various lllinnis cities. llc t-ntt-rctl the L'11ix'crsity of lllintwis, School tif l'liarmacy in IUOO antl was elcctctl President -if thc Lililss .02 in which hc grafluatt-tl with hon- tirs. ln itcwgiiitiwii tif his liI'Ul'lL'lL'llCf' and abil- ity as a stntlt-nt he was appniiitctl assistant to Pro- fessor llallhcrg who hcltl thc chair of l'har1nacy fi-twin tht- tinic the Llvllcge tif l'harniacy was unitt-rl with the l'nix'crsity until his death in IIHQ, AXf1t-1- the tlcath tif lliufcssm' Halllderg, l'1'rvfcss11x' Snnw succcctlctl him as .-Xcting Pro- fcssnr tif Vharinacy, which ptisition ht- still holds. llc was assistant tlirt-cttvr tif the Natirwnal lnsti- tutc nf llharinacy fur six years. taught phar- iiizitwgiinsy antl pliarinacy at the llarvtw' Metli- cal 4'-illt-gc ansl pliarinacy at thc Lihicagn tlillegc of Klctlicinc antl Surgery. l'1'fift-sstvi' Snnw is a mt-inhcr tif tht- lit-visitwn Unninittee for thc National l-hrinnlary. .Xint-rican l'harniact-ntical :XNsHt'lE1llUl1, lllintwis lVll'lZl1'1llZ1CCllllC2ll Asso- vizititin. antl fratt-rnally a Klastin and a mt-mher of the Kappa Psi. llnring his ctm1ict'tini1 with tht- Sclititil he has inatlc a wiclc acquaintance :inning pliarinacisls gent-rally anil a hnst nf frienrls amnng stuclents and alumni, wht' rttwgnizt- him as an incisivc antl instructive tt-achcr, a persistent quizz niastt-r :intl an artlcnt antl t-nt-rgctic siilmptwtei' mf any thing faxwrring the atl- xanvt-nit-nt tif l'llZll'lllZlCf'. I504l THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLINI SENIORS 7'f Q 1. .. 2' Cziw-fu l. A HRX mmx I ll I qs J xx! wx l - S..IU5SNl,,. Ur. Ilufuzrf fjzffpr f:.'w1,vM lmfl,' .1 lp.'z,M.'fw1'1-l'rurf'rx.w1' 1 Jidfff hmm' 11 tuwnl .vflp ,mmf 15051 V ILLINI SILNIORS W H ' ...ei 4 . F V 1 JOHN C. CARYHLLI Cllivago . , Z HENRY H,XUI-IfY fUPEL.XNVP A ' f Gl'LlIIdJIrIIl'fi17l1, Cain. if K XII - Exlfcullvc K,-ullllllilltt' . ,. W:-A Aaywfrf I t JOHN ,x, 1mRJAx1 1x Blur 13-lim ' X 1,1 Pin LQUIIIXIIIIICC J- Lz. KI H . . .fXXliEl.H RI. FERRER Pmzuv, Porto Rim U 4 ,'Q VX r 541' JAMES HOXXQXRI3 FINNIGAN Sprifzgjhlli . Illvltzltiwlw Ll-unllittee A-,Q 2 , ISIIDURIZ A, FLJRSTER Chifagn 1 I Q Fxwurive Committee S 4117 of Hfflkf? Pfnf, .SLrzff:.'-lf'lz,12 IN flzr 1 Ryu' .5111fIf:-Sfzlzflm Laciis I flficzhl 1.41t1'r1 fiflv nf nj 5061 ILLINI SENIORS Y A Q' JESSE H. GXLLOXYAXY Clfimzgn Q. Executive Cwnnnitteu 4 ' ,fait L JAH r1 : 1Ql1LIJS'l'lTIN Om-U, Iiffxfr 'ff' Iilm,-rtniunlr-m L1'YUlIIlittCC Rf! 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I.INDEKI.XN FLIVIIICI' City A 1 'jf' , flags President IUII-'Ill Lluss Xl4IC'Pl'C5il,lCl1I 11110- Q ' 'II 111155 Ilditwrlfrll-'12 51 11. n y .. Q gbx liliXX'.-XRIJ lf. lf, l-L'l2l,3'I'li11 Ulzifugo A . ffwffw fff .Nxflffiu 111 l1ixf'4'11x11111-".5ll,x', In' dulfl cfm ffm! Quay ill Eff71'7lU H081 ILLINI SENIORS " V- ,A A ""'..-XT, I A-..4 . ' , , , , . Vp ? ' RUN MCNI-.ILL Hurrizr . - if ' K XI' iq ' V A f":S1 I R.XLI'II I, KIII.I.IfR CIIVIIHII IXIIHIIII, NUIY. ' I - ' K qf I XII-nllmr wt' Pin l,lv1111111ztf:v A ' -5 ,A xrliwrx I,1,m'1f Nfvmls fff,-1.-W, lffffmv K XI' Illvitflti-m lf-1111r11Ittw T - . i 1 ,I IQRNICST I' UU ITN .-Irma ' H I fs, I .mv :I I"R,XNCAI5 IQLIQIX I',X'I'IQIIfIi 111111 if 1 Ii Nlf ' .J I 'fn TIIURIKF S P.X'I'RIL'Ii lwln - K 'I' l'r,,7A. S,w:.'-111 IVIIIII Iwrm ix Uni l.1'1'I'r Ui! 5UfI1r'.' Iffflzrrlcy-111 fzrlfx um! 111111 flllfj I SW I gg NIVERSITY QP ILLI GIS ILLINI SENIORS X- . ,S ...Q Q .ka CARL s4jmrEI-1N4s WALTER CARL SCHULZ VIRISIL FREDERICK SEII-ZFRT K 'T' FI'IIt'TI2lillITlCI1I Cunmmittcs CLOYDIT VY. SNYDER Editor WILLIAM JAMES STINSON K YI' ROBERT H. STOCKS K NIJ Class VTCt"I'Tl'5T1lCITt XYALTER SWIECINSKI Prof Day-I7rfinf' fU'1lf'1Ij'1lll'ffl' Ozvcn.s-.-In untixvptif mul: brush ISIOT Chairnmn Exrcutive Cfvnumitteel Clzifagn Clzifugo Aslzlvy Chirngo Assistant Class Hinsdale' Chimgo Chimgo LTI-IE NINETEE 'TI-HRTE LL ILLINI SENIORS IHCRMAN H. 'I'AXl'I'!IiR Cup zunl f9UXYIl tkmlrllitivc Il.-XRRY :XRTHLR TAYLOR JOHN I.Ulv0VIL' XXXLENTINO Dzmcs lfunlxnxttec MINERVA VAVRA LILLIAN VORSANGER IIAYDN H. WORLEY K Nl' THEODORE J, ZIIQLINSKI C511 zlmzgw :I nfivrll C'11ifa17,' Cillifllflrf C'11iragn Tnulvn Ch l'1'0f7U Prof. Smfu-l1'Imt is the sounr of Ilmzryf Goldxirizz-Tlzr lzunfy-ber 'F . v 11- g 'rx' X IC ' F L 19 wi' L f .,S.'.+s5 Prof, Smlis'-Thru 1 suffvsc Ihr .wurrf uf milk is ilzf milk num? 5 Ill I EEVN VERSITY OF ILLI O13 HISTORY OF CLASS OF 1912 sraxirirt crass OFFICERS FRANK H. LINDHM.-xN . . . l,7'F5it1t'lIf Rumikr H. STOCKS . . lice-Prc51'tieiz! H,-xicntti l-l.yNsEX . ,..... Svcr'ctt1ry BEN C. Gkwssli . . ,..,.. Trutiszrwi' Curtis XY. SNYDER . . C'l1t1i1'11mr1E.i'cr11fir'ct'ni111111'z'tce URING the latter part uf September, IQIO, there stepped frmn the trains at the varinus deprits in Chicagu about a hundred would-he pharmacists inquiring the shurtest ruute tri Twelfth and Michigan. Upon their ar- rival they were jwined hy abriut a score of City Sons with the aspirations. All were ushered via the lightning elevatur to the third Htior. and. after regaining the hreath lost in the whirl-wind ascent they entered the office where they were quite curdially received and duly relieved of their few shekels in a very pleas- ing manner hy :Xctuary Day. after which ceremony some sought a place to further their educatit-n in the Sclinril of Experience and incidentally In in a measure till a vacancy in the several wallets caused hy the deletiun tif the aforesaid shekels. On Septemher twentieth was l.nurn the Class of IOI2. an aggregation of hrain and hrawu with a limited pmtitiii tif feminine heauty representing not only i'1'PI'tH Rich. ligypt and many states in the Liiiifm. hut Milwaukee Ave. as well. .Xll came determined to assimilate and ahsorh an ahundant knowledge of Chemistry. Materia Medica and Pharmacy, which were severally administered hy ahle pi'wfess1n's and instructwrs at tirst in small doses hut gradually increasing until the maximum was reached. lfarly in the year the class was wrganized with Grosse l'resident. Lindernan. Yice-l'resident. Sullivan Secretary. and Strwehig. Treasurer. We were grieved when hecause tif his illness we lust the tutiirship tif Dean Guufliliztii hut nur grief was turned to jriy on heing informed that Vrrifessnr Day wriuld further guide lla in Materia Medica. The class had the distinctiwn during the -luniiir year rand maintained it as Seniursi pf winning fur itself a reputatiun as never a class in the histriry nf the st-lint-l has enjpyed. it heing such that the Faculty apparently exhausted. de- clared a tive mpuths vacatiwn, during which time they were enahled. as we found later. tri study up must perplexing examination questiuns. .Xt the ripening tif the Senirir term we missed several faces, srime perhaps thuught they wpuld require annther year tu digest the .lunior mnrsels. while pthers hecame entangled matrimunially. Likewise. we greeted several new faces. .' ff fwtrlflf .fizziiiff-lx iffflti rilinrfzr. f'f"'l 511' Ii'--NIIFU. iliu'.v11't if lmrn y'n1l1'fnirkvf.vf l5T3l THE NINETEE 'TI-IIRTE s11111c fr11111 111h1:1' scl111111f 111111 s11111c f1'11111 1111-1111111 L11Z1.NNCN. 111111 1111- 17lJC1111lg 1'11111c 111511111111111t1111111t. B111 1.1111g1-111111111. thc 111111- IlNN1NIill11 111 1111-1111x11'1', 1'L'N1g11L'f1 111 ztfccpt Il p11si111111 111 1111- C111-1111x11'1' 17L'11lll'1111L'l11 111 the L'11i1'1-1'x1t1' 111 1X'1s111111A 51113 111'1X1'L'YL'I', 11'c l1I'L' g11111 111 sec 111111 111111111 111g11L'l' the 1.111111c1' 111 S111'1'1'w. Thu 1'111'11111'1' ix 111111' 1lL'111g 11111-11 111' X111 11. XY. l.11P1N11I1. 110. M11 121C11L'1'. '11, 11'11s 5C1L'1'1l.'41 115111111111 111 1111- 1'11111'111111'1' 171'11111A11111'11t 111111 1111l'1l1g 1111 51111, 1h1111g11 5111111 111115 f111'. 11115 111'111'1-11 l11111L' 011111111-tc111 111111 1111 111'c111ct f111'111I11Zl 111111111111 11111111-. 1"1111111'11111', 1111- claws this 1'c:11' 1111s 111-1111 1'x1'1-1111111g11' 111'1i1'1: 111111 Zlf1L'1' 11111611 111111119511 111 11111111-11 1.1111,1c111:111 111 1111- 1111-51111-11t'5 C11Zl11'. S1111'1cN, 1'11'1--1111-51111-111, 111111- 5011, SL'C1'L'1Z11'f' 111111 1i1'114w t1'e11N111'c1'. 1111 411. 111111111 111-1-11111111-11 1111-11' 1111111-N 111 1111-11 of 11151 cx11cr1c111'c. S1'11'111111' 211111 ilk a 1111111311111 1.1-11111 thc l'Cg111i11' 1'1111ti11u 1111- 111111 1-111111111 ll 1111111'e. Z1 1111-11111: 11:11-ty. ll 1:111111111-1 111111 11c1'111'e thc LXIYYNC 111 the j'L'1lI' 111 1-x11cc1 111 visit the 1111111ts of 15211161 111111 1i1111'k, L'1111':1g11. 111111 111 1'1l1A1iL'. 1J111'11 K L'11,, 111'11'1111. 111111 11'e h111'c the :.l551l1.2l11KvC 111 1111 c11j111'1111l1: 115 111-11 111 111-t1'111'111'u 1'cc1'1-:1111111. L1'111ki11g 1i11'c1' these 111111 111'11 11-1115 111' 11-1-1 XYL' C2111 11'111hf11111' N111 111111 111 ll 012155 thc class of 11112 11'11s 11 11L'11L'1' 11111- 111 g-1'11111111ti4111 1111111 111 115 1111111 111 111111, 111111 as 111611111613 1-11011 111'11111't111g 11'1th thc 1'111'1-11-11 1111111111111 f111' 1111111111 11c X11 111111 bistc-11111' 111111j11'e11. 11115 fill' 111-ttcr l11'L'1Jfl.1AC41 1111 ll 4111'1'1wsf111 11a1'sc1'. 111111 11111 11111 1111 1111111 111 his 11e111'1 Z1 11'a1'm s111'11 f111' the L'1111'c1's111' 411 1111111111 514141111 111: 1'11l11'111IlL'1'. 1.11. 5NXI1I',R. , 1-' -, w i v F. -- df . ' X 1 5 ,f 1 P1 1 Qi - ,Ir -. ' - -21 Mi,ez:s1w1.J '1 - -53, Q .gg F ,if 11 JV OI11 fm' 1111111 l'1'1'1i1l1'l1t. 51'1f11'11!-5'f1ll 1111! 151.11 EXEVNIVERSITY CDF ILLINGQS E G 1, 5 We 'X ,Mgr Ti Q j 1 lsml THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI THE JUNIOR CLASS JOHN ii. Hr-.NNI-TT . FAY XY. BROWN . . RELREN W. XvAL'l'lll-.R . GI-IURl-I2 XY. HOLOERREAO CH.-KRLIZS H. H1-.TTBERO . A1mr.EA1AN. ROY C. IXNDERSON, J. A. FXNIHERSON, RAYMONO ANDERSON. C. .-X. .ARNOLD GROYER C. BAOOALEY, WM. BAUTZ, XYALTER BAIRD, FRANK, JR. BEND!-LR. CLARENCE R. BENNETT, JOHN G. RERMPQLE, WM. M. BEYERMANN, W. S. BLL'MENS-FHIEIN, H. BORYCKT, Emv, A. BROWN, F. XY. BVCKMANN, G. E. RVRKETT, .TXNTHONY M. BRYKOYYSKI, FRANK CIVIS, MATTHEW J. CLARK, F. E. CLEYELANIT. H.'XROI.ll V. COOK, SXIJGIZRT COOKE, LAXYSUN CORLETO, Jos. F. CRAXYFORIP, .-X. L. CVNRAOI. R. CURTIS, S. R. DAHAIS, A. TX. DANCEY, THOMAS Tj.-XVENPORT, ROYAL DAYTOSON, CTI-.O. E. DONAHVE, EIIW. T. DRICEGOTT, E. XY. EICHOLTZ, GVY ECK.-XRIHT, C. XY. FINNEOAN. HULH F1SvHER. CHARLES J. FISK, A. COVRT FISLER. OSVAR FRASER. R. F. FROLIFHUWS-KI, JOHN J. GAMRELL, R. V. GIIQSIYN, Ii, .TX. GOLOSTINE. HARRY GOl'XYliN!4, PFTI-QR GVSTAESON, XT. If. HA: Hl.I+.R, GNT. R. H.-YTNES, HARRY li. HANNEMAN. L. I'. HARALSON, L. C. 1-1.-XRT. JOHN AI. HERRERG, C. H. HEIDBREDER, ICDOAR HEIN. AIARY R. HENRY, CARL J. HOLDERREAO, GEO. M. PIOLSFLAXV, F. H. HOLTMANN. J. li. HLLTTEN, C. .-X. HL'TTCJN. M. L. HUSA, FRANK JAEMI-ik, CLAYTON If. JOHAKNES. XX'ALTER C. JOHNSON, HARRY F. JOHNSON, OST AR NYM. Ii.-XEEL, BARON T. K.fXTZt'lXK'SKX'. L. J. RINO. FIOY. KI. TRISNLR, TALN1.u.E KNOYYLTON, XJFNI-Q HOST, Wm. R. KOSZLTA, MAX TRRAI-QMER, GEO. C. TRRI-IJUI, JOHN LANE, ELMIZR C. LARSON, R, I. LEE. WM. .-X. LEIB, F. L. LEVISON, W. F. LEW. OTTO V. LIERMAN, FRANK H. LINZ, R. G. LOCHRAL'M, TRLIQY S. LOGAN, .-XLRERT XY. LOLLAR, E. H. LONG, G. A. LLEKTESH. Elm: LOYYREY, JUS. C. LVKASEK, .XLFRIZD M. LVKAS-ZI-JW5KI, GEO. KTANKOXYSKI, CHARL1-iS KT.-XRRR, JAS. D. RJAVRVR, CEO. H. ,Jfllff and .7vj?'-GROSSE ANR TAVHFR Islsl l'rv.v1'41w1I I'iz'v-I'n'x1'1lU11t .5'L'tJl'Cfll ry Tnwlszrwp- 51'rym11!f411'-.'I rms MTOIQLNZTE, JAY NTVNIQILI., ROY NTIQRNHAT. R. li. NTIQTCUFF, 121.1 XTl'RI'HX'. JAS. S, NELSON, FRANK A. NELSON, JOHN NUVAK, OTTO Ii. PANK.-XV, FR.-YNLTS .-X. PORTER, H1Il'5TLbN PRIME, GI-10. RAL'KAXY.'XY, .XLVA VVALTILR RICHARDS, XY. J. RTECK, HENRY T. RVSCH, AOAl.RTRT SANDMAN, R. E. F-YHLOSSRERO, R. S. SCHVLTZ, CH.-YS. J. FELRINO, C. .'X. SNYDIQR, FOREST f:v'l'.-XBLES, HARRY F. STECH, F. J. S-TODTJEN. TQARI. STRAIN, STEYYART STREET. FAY G. STFLI1-C, GEO. SVRERT. F. J. THULIZN. H. T. THRVSH, J. T. TORT.-x1x1R'H14l., ROR. P. TON. JXDRI.-KN VANN, JAM:-ex S. XTESI-QI.liY, .TXNTON XY.-XLDU, R. H. XY.-XLTFR, GEO, I". XY.-XLTHPQR. Rl-.L'I7l4QN XYAROZAK, JOHN S. TYR.-XYFR. JOS. H. XYFISS, TTI-.NRY N. XYHITIXMTON, O. H. XX'Ir.L1AmS. IZRYIN R. XYOKOVN, FRANK XX'OI.T1fRSOORE, fJSl'.XR XYRTHHT, KVM. R. Z.'XJIC'IiK, .'XIV0l.I'H ZARORSKY, UTTO If. VNIVERSITY CDF ILLINQIS ISIN THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI KAPPA PSI l'lfnmr'm1 mfg CHI l'II.XI'TIiR lixlzrlvlfxllmf l'krlvr'1nl1'-V 3, mln FIV.-1Tlx'l:.S' l.X' f7.'1LK1'fT.'lTff XX'M. H l'Mv, I'h,C. X'I,XIP!, XI. Sxow, P1111 Xllll. H F1 XII 'hf VIXXIVXIP Y 4'x'rm1'w1x1 ,,.,x .g.. lnmvlr: K, Ihlxn , K . 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A . ' 1 ' 111l1111gN 1'1-11111 111 1'11111'111111'11f:1111 Y l11I1 1111111 w111x Nl' 111115. -11151-111 11115111 1x11 .1 1 1Q1-111111l1-- 1111111111111 111111 111-N1-1-1"11v 131- 11111111 111111 11111111 11 . N 1 'z - '11 ' U' 111111 1l1c .V Q ' ' 1111111 111' 1111- 1111111 11-1111111 1-- "11z1' 111N1' 1111- 1'11111-r-111' 111 l11111111U" 111111-11 111w11cr:111- 131-N111111111. E 1.--- A, ' 15- --1 1'1I11111111'11.H A' 11' 11111 1111111111111 1111- 11r:111-, 1111111g11 1111-1-1111-NN 111-5111111111 11111'1111uc11. sc-17611 rf' "' - ll Ill 1111 -11'1111g right 11:1111l. g1'1111'11-11, "1ii11- 1111- 1-1'1-ry111111g," 111141 110 gut 11. 61,1 lu- K X Q111111 11111:1r1- j:111' 1111111 11111 1113 1111-11 111 s111y !lIlj'1.1l1llQ. - '11, 1111- Il 1'1111 11111:111y111u :111-11111 111' ll 1111111111' 1-1111' artist 11r11g111'1s11catcs the Q .N IYIITIHW' 111' 1111' 111111111, 12:111 1- 1llN f11r1u. 1111111g11 111 11110 time Il hair 11r tXVll gf ff 1 ' 111111 1115 1111111-r 1111 111 11111r.11'11-11 11IN :1111-11111111 111:11 111- 111111ke11 111-11 c1111rs1'e 111 if 5 1 111-w 11 1, I 5.18 I TI-IE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI lI.XlQ1 11,11 ll.XlQX'1iSTlilQ 1l1L1Ql21ClQ'l' ,,":' 11ar111l1,l liarvester lleArl1ert, lz11lit's H1111 geuts. 1Jt'1'PlClQt'l1 here 111 Q the 1lI'lF-llllk' l113WllC11t'I'j' 111 1111-sse11 e11il1ll111111,l, l1:1r11l1l reveals 5411110 'i 1'1f the 11L'fll1tj' that has lately lllI'l1C1l all the C11-0115, hezuls. See the 1102111111-111 eyes? See tl1e 1111izrie:1l, 1':1vishi11g 1lllCliQl' 111 his Tlllly- 11111't:11e11 1111111111-the strawl11-rry-ti1111-11 11e:1el1-l1111u' 111 xvhiell l1:11111ts 11110 even in laelcaclay 1lr1:z11ns1 Then, 11111, l111r11l1,1 sl111ws in this 11l111t11er:111h the tell-tale l1111l1li11g 111 ll 5111110111110 1'hi lleta 1i:11111z1' 11111erie l1r11xv that feeu1111ity 111 i111elleet11z1l 1111111i1111te111'e 111 1lCCl131t21l 1v1s1111111-say 1141 11111re, Slllfglh-1'lZlI'1111l llzirxester 1s 1111- I11L'11SL'l 1l:1r11l1l is grezltuess t11 the 1'11re' 1111 MURR1 1.1, buy 1.yn1:1n Altlfflll, girlsg muy 111 lxexvaiiee, thus 111 full, 11111 y1111 realize that Guy 111111 zilxvavs heeu as 1101111111111 11s he is 11111v? 1X'ell, after 1111g lung Q11l'2111lllI'6'1l gave :it this e11it11111e 111 e11tt-11t-ss, 111111 1111211111 s:1ytrutl1fullv t11y1111rsel1 that y11u have never 111 j'11llI' life St'L'l'I zuiything half s11 sweet, 11111'-f1111rt11 s11 angelic, 11111--eighth so r:1vishi11e, 11115-S1XtCL'l1I1'1 s1'1 serziphie, 1111e-thirty-see11111ltl1 s11 1111tsy- u'11tsy, 11111--l1utlet11s 5111171 T1Q'lllllL'I'i', l1ef11re this lyric s11r11uts wings :11111 11z111s aivay. ,'xllj'll11XY Guy is l1ei1utif11l t11 the t:111-r1111ts 111 his eutiele, s11 111- isl X111 C1111 see it 111 this ehilrlish 11ll1'1i1'1, girls-'1let-11 ive Gaul 1 , X 1' xl . . L, N V' C11 .1 'e is 'I 1 ' 1' S, 'll is -I " sl 11111 X113 sweet, Vs f ' ' ' 51' '1' ll Q i gg. j s, 111' is 1111 y11u -'Q' ex 11111' e 11'11g', ,.4g 1 v Q 7 "+:' ' V 1 1 f "Q, 111' ' .Yl St-wing , " ' 'T 1 " fl i, 'L ' 'V' 1'1'l1l1L'11. llt- 11111 it, l111xv1,-v1g1', " 1 'r' " ' L ' 14s, ' -'- -11 ii 111 - 'zitelv an 41. V 1 1L'C1 I . '1lI,,, I -1. i 11-4 1, E ' V' ' J" fl - - I 'e 111914711 - -' XY1S1l , Q' as 11ee1111111is1e guy A ' 's '1 'Ms Q. ' '11, 11, 1 'iz ,: gran 1e A 1'11W TT1l 11111 11' 1 N111 1 s 1 ' w' Xi iff isfliifili 1 1 -' 111111111 111' S1 111 111 little 11111 l lsu 111 1111 111 A ' 111 iust 11111 Llllllllllx t11 11xtl1111- ve ' 1 Q. A l 111 littl 1111111 11 s '111' 1"1" j -.a1l'QQ7:.'S1 H 11 1'1l1ht KX 1 u11t.11111 tr1 Ill the 1 11111011 Lilies 11 1 " 1, 1' Ciitlt h.1s111vt1 liktll s1t1s11tt11r1lx 1x1l. ' 1 11141 t 11111111 ll1l1V111t 2111111 lsllllll 11111111111 XX11LlL 1t1 11 11111111 lv 111111 1 11111111 111111 '11111 ina lt 1 111111111 1st 11t 11111 lt 111111 s is 11 11 111 1,1-111111 111111111 11 ut hten l1ttttr1111tt111l l111t 11 111111 1 ti ll 1111s 11111 1111111 111 1 1 11 1111 thin s uith 111 V Img- XXl,'f'llll1 -sutl ls Lhi 1'et1 .1111 11111 1'1 11111 1 1l 1111111 Tl ' tlii lX 111 his enter 1s 1 1 1111111111111 X1l11111 tune ll 1 t 4,1 1 11:5 1: '- If 1 ,z vga 1 's 11 I the Sttn Sl11'11v, when 11e 1113116 1-'ete ,Mlznus hlush. l".Xl'1, lil'C111iR FR1TC1l1fY 111-27-3-1061 Over 1111- :1 t1'1uel1 cl111vn! I,l.ll1l1i1'lEl111,11C Cil'1!SNlIlg wins! XX1111 is the hem? XYhy, P1,1lly Fritchey! 'Ray for Fully! Such au ?1l.1s11lC1'1l1S hegiiiuing, such a iuagnilieeiit 11l111t11gr11pl1, c1'111l11 111711 hut inspire the re1lo11l1t:1l1le youth to greater victwries. C0111- iug to 1lli1111is t1g1 rev1,1luti1i1nize f1i11s1tl1all as it was played there, he was persiizulecl l1v the athletic 11ireet13r that such llll1'1llCllC11Zill1E lires of :1l1ility xvould l1est l,1llI'l'l in 11tl1er places, T131n1111y .Xrlcle said, "Let Friteliev he liusiuess iuzuiziger 111 the llliuois Magaziiief' and Fritcliey was husiness iuauziger of the 1lli1111is Klagaziue. Xlhat puzzles us n11,1st, is 111111' can El man of such rigid i1le:1ls he Z1 11l6I'l1l,1CI' 111 1113111 the 1.i11eolu League, and tl1e Egyptiaii Chili? 1 U C1'1.XRL1iS 111 JXYARD XYARNOCK 1 Finest of the line, Charlie 11131 left the narrow sehnlastie at- inosphere of Ouarga 211111 came t1,1 the l1r11acler one of Cliainpaigu, f' where he has f111111tl a wider antl r111'1re receptive lie-111 for his act- ivities. The demauil f1'1r his services 1111 all 11ecasi11ns and for all purposes, has heen S11 great that we have been compelled to put :111 extra page in the IQlj 11.1.10 t11 list his numerous honors. Tl1e 1111111 climactic acc11mplish1nent nf our hero was securing a place 1111 the University .-Xiicliting c111n111ittee, as a result uf which he will drive home in an ZiLllOITl1'T11l1C, The hand will please play "XVhe11 Charlie Comes 1X1archi11g Tome," and follow it with "See the C1111- queriug Hero Comes." Vive la Charlie! Vive la Ouarga! 15391 1 1 ,11 QQEVNIVER ITY or lLLl ols lllTRl3liR'l' FRED KEMMAN i Laliirange aplreareil on the map of .lllinois at the same time that Herlfie lxemman appeared on the Lniversity of llhnois haseliall .liaiiinnili L'niler the able tutelage of Pigs Dietrich and .-Xxel Iinstafson, llerhie llevelopetl into a pitcher who coultl fleliver al- most any kintl of gooils: so when the Ag hasehall team heat the freslnnan varsity, and the freshmen heat the regulars. G. began to take notice. llerlne was 3 meinher of the I'Jll Home-Coming coinniittee, anil flisl all the work Maiinni Rho sn 1 . ecessfully. anll ha-l the mumps in 14:12. lle was late in getting in his senior honors anil rather than eonneetecl with it. lle also rushed :Xlpha such a famous man shi-ulil lre forgotten, this hiograpliy was pre- pare il, .Xntlrew Carnegie, millionaire, pliilantliropist anrl what not, always L'lrll2S'l'liR UXYEX l7lSfl'lER Gaze on Chester, chilmlren. Chester is ing iilioto. taken while the clear chilfl was purity of darling virginity. This picture rlear Chester lmeeame a liappa Sig, lvefore he saw the light of the association of senii-lfgvptian selninllrels known as the Showmeez safe-crackers' society. Then, ton, Chester Uwen wlisl not at that time know the corrupting influences of the Lincoln League. of whieh. niinil yon. he at present unlwlusliingly advertises himself as l'ruxiilunf. lt is possible. really, that a full-grown man. in the full possessioii of his faculties, could have descended so low? lllushingly we feel houncl to amlmit that clearest Chester has done even so, Sweet eliilrlliootl iliinples have given way to the political rznnilieations of Chester the NIZIIGSTIIHI1. Owen, the Great. Take a last look, ehilrlren, lvefore the cover is serewerl nn. Bye-bye, lfllester. l'Jon't oo cwy- liere shown in a fetehs still in all the stainless was taken long before C. ll, 4fll.lYlTR ilifl have an eve open to future industry. Un llay 3, 1324: the report uiiiif- to him that a great hero hail arriveml, .Xnmly iinineiliately sumnionetl llls lir- tker :intl nrileretl lnin tu liureliase a ling tarm, llis oliieet was to r.n-i ho-is to suiliili the fntnre ileinanil for pig-skin. Xot that he w-iulfl N , use the skn-s to make leather mellals tor our hero lint that he might Illllllt' the lntles tor splierniils to lit- kieke-l antl punteil alrout on a grassy 'zu-lil known 1 " rs a gridiron Tllls seemingly innocent pastime was to he known as fonthall ard it ini ht hut uri g 1 ' 1 -veil a very meek and miltl game hail not our hero si vlexirlv ilt-it-lout-il llllll self into an invineihle warrior whose thnnrler- l-tilt if-ok the forin of tfwtlialls. Great heeame his fame and the inilustry tl uri lltfl hiv nil tht lonlltst lioiwts ot tht tinnx Xnlx who ow its . 1 S . ,-V, , . . . -Q . A IP, . U . 52-.t- tlizn ti I with ut the niar-if -lons skill uf the lusty Olly the great enterprise or the izlrni wonlfl have lglllllllllllflllgvlj niet an untimely extermination. -,..-.Q l l R.-XYKH lXl5 L'.XlQl'Si'J RlCl.ARTY .Xll the world likes to know ahont the youthful, the formative epoelis. in the lives of our great men. .Ns one of the vast multitude of heings with rights tn know, gaze in hallowed veneration at Ray- nifwnil Varuso Klcl.artyf Still in the spotless virginity of his hwy-liood, hehold Raymond lwetraying even in this precious ealwinet panel the unsurpassahle sweet- ness of llispositioii, the cunning charm of the Sistine Rlaclnnna, the uiifnrgetalile something we call genius, nay, talentl For Raymond is giftell, Raymond is talenterl. Raymond is there. Let not an unholy expression escape you while viewing the portrait. Uiicon- Nl,'CTIllk'Kl lie the very taeks in the shoes of you who heed not the afliiioiiitifliif l54Ol THE NINETEE 'TI-IIRTE ILLI .XS IIIILN RIz,XI.I.X .XRF yr. - N fx 1 1, - 1 ,A Q F"-Jli?'. J. ' ' A . - - - -5 - I ' .sgfixg 'f FN' . , Q' ,gy w 1 ?', '-HQSPNJVAI fY: .4 N59 NL' . Cp' l If ff, f x. , A-,lg ,,' Q. . ., -V . U 1 lk U, P l Av, I .. . . "i a, tn., x': ml f, 'P' ' " 1155 L 75 19 1 -'iisbl 'gasp f . I .- I L.-f' Q ' ' ' , U -.Q-fk.f:-,'z- .1 ' A ,,1., Q, j A X 1 f N gi, 9, QAUD ,am 5" ' 11' ' ' I5411 J Q 'hm 1.4 as VNIVERSITY CDF ILLI GIS THE XXll,lfRlill RUVIICQUET EI.liCTlTD IQIHTUR Ulf "lLLlO" ,XT VIIQXMP.-XIGN Mi IvlN'l'n XX xx:-it XX .limi lx lfuxrasr XX'l1i1u-11x llR.Xt'Tlk':Xl. Pouiies lltawrin llliliillxl-'NT' l'.-ner - liitirmqsuii' ls .X liIS'l'INl'TI4lN ,Xtter a pivlitical liattle, which, in the Latin-rsity ttf lllineis, assumes as large pro- pwrtitfns as a presidential electiun iltit-g in the rttuntry at large, XX'ilfred Rtipieiluet, sun wt ,Xttwrney and Mrs. R. XXY. Rttpiequet ut this city. was elected eilititr-in-eliief ttf the "llliw," an annual pulvlicatitin uf the Slitiels ltig sellrml, The "llli-V' pifrtrays in a semi-litiintirctiis manner, the year's events in the sclimml and In he eilitwr :if the pnltlicatitni is a dis- tincti-tn sttught lty many. This vt-ar the tight sinnnered drawn tit a "l"r:iternitv," and an ".Xnti l"raternity" ticket. Xlr, Ritpietitiet was the candidate ttf the ",Xmigf' l'raetieal pi-llties were resiirteil In hx' lieth sides and it is said shine ttf 11125 selieines t-ytilyeil hy the emliyrtt pttliticians will lie :ulftpterl hy the Taft, Riuisevt-It and XX ilsnn campaign managers during' the clim- Ill! Ivresitlential light, Xlr R1-piequet is a student in the iriur- ',"ll"ll' 'lfltartnient ttf the university, and rin' swine time has lveen eftnnet-ted with the lnilflirxttittii -if the "Illini," the dailv news- Inlllel' ttf the seliinil, ' XX'XI.'I'liR XXHRSHA-XXI IIIQZIIIX' IlltN4tRIilJ 'Mi nr- Tn:-xii Siritixis Sll,lt'l'l-,lt ,xs Xl: Aim its wr 'ini Sllll-l.lI ixif rlilfllll-NT Xitetliei' liniiwi- has lieen lit-stttwt-tl upqiii XXLllli I' li. XXiwI'sllilIll, llle yiiiiyig l'gli-je H1311 whit ls inalxnig guild at the Lvnixersitv of llliiieis, XXFfrsliani was 1-ne ttf the twientv sttnleiits elitist-n Iirttin the entire class ftfr mtnil-1 rship tl- the Shield and Trident httn- f-rxtry setiiitr Wvieiy at the L'niwrsity. The sfwicly is Vlflllltll'-L'1l ttf the twentv men whit liaxe made the greatest shftwing during llltlf V"llt'!e can-er and se-'ni tw have the :nest pri-sp.-t-t- fin their leaxing rwlleee. XX1tr-hani i- tht Iirst l'aris ltftv tt. gum tlqig li-tnitr and hi- l-teal friends hiaxe inst rea- s--vi ti- -hart ln- pride in the aeliiexeiiieiit. l542l PRESS ILLINI EDITOR MAKES GOOD l"m,rPuRT P.-xru: Tr:1,i.s OF THIE .'XCCl'lBl- i-i.isH11i1Nrs UF HAROLU HERBERT Freeport vluiirnalz Harold Herliert Of this city. a former member of the "leur- nal" news statt, nitw a student at the Uni- versity of lllinwis, has had a lnrilliant and interesting recurd since enrfwlling at the L'nix'ersity. Here it is: lfditirr-in-chief of the "Illini," one of fttur seniors elected tu botli seniur socie- ties, tix. The Shield and Trident, and the Vhttenix. he having chosen the fitriner. hut lv-wth have since united: menilier tif Delta Kappa Chi. the littiinrary cnmniercial so- ciety tw which ttnly those are eligilmle who have "made gitmlu in some husiness capa- city: littnoi-ary member of the Scrilmlmlers' lflult, cuinpused tif those who write for puh- licatiwns: charter member of the Fwurtli lfstate, a club fur newspaper men wnlyt nieinlver ttf the Chi Heta, local sucial fra- ternity and ltttarrling club: and his latest litin-tr. the electiwn tu the Phi Beta Kappa. the highest htiiinr to he attained in his cttllege. XIICIIINA BUY SAVES CHAPTER IIUCSE The Medina friends uf Gewrge .X. New- ell, Jr., will he interested in learning of the narr-tw escape uf his Chapter House of the sticiety of Theta Delta Chi, at the Univer- sity ttf lllinuis. at Champaign, Ill.. recently when tire threatened tu destroy the lvuilel- ing. due tw the tire frtini an open tire place cuinniunicating tt- the Hour of one uf the rttttnis. Mr. Newell was arwtised by the snioke and immediately awakened his associates who turned in the alarm, and with the help ut' the local tire department qnelled the tlanies. The tire had a good start and hut f-tr the prompt actittn of all hands the stu- dents might liave been placed in serinns daiieer.-l"rmn ,llrtliuu Daily Jnuriml, .-XRTHUR, Tllli ONE BEST RET Ofticers of the Daily Illini for the next cullege year were to he chosen at a meet- ing this afternitmi, H. H. Harwttttd was expected to lie unopposed for business man- ager. .'X. l-l. Ogle was Dean Clark's choice fur Ullllfbf,-Cilltllllfltlljfll ATFTUX. TI-IE NINETEE 'TI-IIPQTE ILLI MMR OF STUDENTS FIRFS A TTIILAXTRE ll.-xieitigiu I-'mmf Fin-31-2 Siifvrs, l.'NirEitsI'rx' UF li.i.ixr1is Reprints Tier TU lliisrittw l'll'II.l1IX15 l.Tf't'1'1'1Il DfSfWtIf1'fl ft' flu' 1'ft'I'1lltfI Cliainpaign. lll., Friday.-Bec:1use they were tleuiefl il free show hy the Orpheum Vauflerille Theatre ttinigltt, four hurulrecl hll1flL'I1lS nf the University of Illinois startetl a lwntire lveneath the floor nf the huuae when it was crnwtletl. IXUQICITCQ of the theatre fciuncl barrels on tire and put wut the lwlaze withwnt the knciwleclge of the anclience, thus preventing a panie, liefnre the tire was cliscm-eretl the stu- 1Ient- haul engaged in a Illlllll-ll?-llilllll cun- tliet with the theatre attaches anml the po- lice, They were repulserl with cluhs. The theatre dimrs were lurnken tluwn anrl lirick- lvats were hnrletl through swine of the win- tlnws. The Stntlents then vented their tlis- pleasure hy tearing tlnwn the college ctilors which ft-stnmieeil the theatre liuilfling in t'eleliratinn uf the annual fall hcime-ciuning. Several hunflrefl stnrlents within aflnleml a final tunch tn the cmiftiexirwii Ivy standing nn their ehairs and demaiitling, "Let them he thea- that he Illinois lITl4'PI'I'IYlXY Iii4'ipl'lCI' in." Sanniel Harris, manager of t tre, aclclressetl the sttulents. stating had mmle arrangements with the Students' Union fur a free show tv night in caxe lllinfvis tlefeaterl the invaders. Thin prnptigiticin wa, hisgeql "Hu1irge11iseI" as Nr, Klclfee hurrieil liaclc to I'IiS Ilutel. General censure nf the rioting stutlents ii expressed, lt in feareml that the faculty will, as pnnibhment. tnrliul the L'tll'I'llIl! next year. lit une- HUR IH IYS STILL KIIXKIXG GOUD Liliainpaign. lll., April 33.-liilitcvr The Patriut: The fact that nur hnys at Cham- paign are making gontl is still true in that Lyman lX'heeler, tlue to his high Scliolastic Stanclinghas latelyliecnnie a rneml1ernfTan Tleta Pi, the Iiniwrziry engineering frater- nity: anzl Ninian Bnrruss, after a cnnipe- titive tryout, has lveen ehtisen as one Of four men uf the Cnllege of Agriculture. who are tn he sent tu Purdue University in the near future tn present Il prngram nf agrienltnral interexts liefcvre the Stuclents in the cnllt-ge ttf agriculture at that place. I 543 I Roth theme yuung men tleserve much crerlit for gaining the h11n11ri wlnch are theirx- lfrmn Citlrrnlffifii I'1iti'nff. ,-XNOTIIIQR l'1El-l.EYlLLli BUY RE- UIQIVTCS IIHNUR ,XT STqX'I'li UNIVERSITY .Xi:rH1gi: Il, H1,i,if, nr Tliis Lirx' Riti,ix'i1i1 Iliuit llnrwiis lim: tlnnii Xlnitic llnxif lx Twu Yi-parts The llaily Illini, the stntlent nexupaper nf the l'nirersity ttf lllinnix, repnrts the hwlrling nf the Iirxt lfnireraity cuiivnczltifiii nf the year, last week, at fhainpaign, where nver twin thtiusanfl penple were t15eernl1le1l, ,XJUHUM wther thingw ilcine at the c111ix'i1c:1- tion was the zinncmunceinent of preliminary lllfllltfi ZlXYZlI'llCll tw UI Ntntlents fur the heit graale nf wurk tlnne tlnring the pmt tww years. In the list uf Cu appearx the name uf one Belleville lmy, :Xrthnr H, Ugle, sun nf ,'Xtt0i'1it'y anfl Blre. IX. ll. llgle nf liast li Street, There are nrer 4.300 '-l1llIClllS enrnlletl at the state n1iiverQity. anfl it is very apparent that to he wine nf the tit preliminary hnnnr stutlents iw regartleil ln' the xtnilent lintly ancl the faculty :tw Il very great niarli nf tlistinctinn. Klr, lilgle expects tn cuniplete his bclitinl wwrk with the claik nf llilj. IIRIC XIQS XYITSTERN REU IRI! Rximii hxxiiieiw Hn Litmii l,H,xx1ii lint: Um' xiiwc I i-11 xi Xlinrtl wax receiveil hy ll, T. Sanflers frnm his min, Ralph, whfr is attentling Nflltltll at the lfiiiveraity' nf Illinois, that he wtin lint place in the 4.10 yard tlash :intl lirrilce the recwrrl, clipping 3-5 of ll St'CUl1l'l frnin the recwrtl helfl hv Dzweiiptirt, nf the L'nivt-rsity uf Clnczign, time 5: .t-5 mecnntls, llaveiiport won seenntl anfl an Illinois man third. Sanrleru accnrtling tw the "rlnpe" nf spurt- ing experts is the fastest quarter miler in the West t1-ilay anal with any kintl uf luck will he alniurt sure uf a place on the Amer- ican Olyinpic Team, which goes to Sweemlen next summer to compete with the athletes nf other cnnntrien fi-r the XY11rlil's Chain- piniwliip, NIVERSITY QF 1LL1 015 IIURIIQ MRF!! VOR IIITIVS Xu I xx'--rft Ntflx' It ilu- XI1rI1L1 LIII Iwuw :III mght, The Ifvt IIIH6 I Wai Ovcr I Ilml lruwl Iwrugul .HMI Njlllll I-Ir Im'--.nlffzx-1. II-:mc grub fur 111ir1c"'-Nunn BVS!-,Y, L'I'IIlll'lIl infix, I , N 4 lx 1.-7 , u if' . .191 .133 g-Zig X'Z'Z?5Fi .vgzffl .:-gl--N 45,,f .MI 55.355 9 A If -4' II.I.IX1 IIN IIXIQIPXX IXIQI. CIff'f'I'V-I'L'IC lmzff--'I'ilu X'x'mIw II1v11gIm1xtN 'n1rf'Vx'-.Xllllvtlv prvlipcct-, IX1.'f.'.' -I --111111--H IIICIIIIIIN I-t cm:11I:'1t101w fwbwuff-N-t III L 111. IILIII. fx'lIf11m1-'IQIIQ XIiIIlf-lmlrc liiwl, 51,11.111-Lflmllmpzxigll Strcn-tx 'ffwlrr-I-w1'x Imc I-f ICIIIQ in I", T. Ym--5111-rt-I11-r11 Npwrtx. 2' nf-Illv IgrI1Ur1In1x Ntlmlrlcll. "II I Ii SLICICI' SIX" l. Rlxr XIX'Ig'l'IIIXXr 4. Un- I I,XI.l'Y 3, ,I M lx .Xm-1 4. Inu. I.l',x'1s 2, Ru SS II1'x11',l: 0. ILrxXX'I1,wx XX'1Ilfl'l.l-Tfzlux' Ill-fuzzy mul tl Grunt KIHIIU-.N'Im'f ,fn mul un mm' HH-.IlI'X'fIIi71j7 I-I mx I 1:-lx'mi fhfpfwy I Su I THE NINETEE 'THIRTE llgij THE LOVERS .i - Eiflllillllllllflilllliliilllillllll will , l i i l ,.l,l, ll,,,lilV il l1.l "lll,'li ll 1. lil 'lixh V," will 'N il llillxil will Tl ll l ii1ii!,1iWi li X iuviul KQQLW ,liiiwvtl ii f N i f' lil lvl ir. X ,ff ff' l'll:li'lcN l'iirvi'll IINXX' is IlIlSSlIl2, hy, .X fzlir mliiil U11 hix zlrm, Tix Kliw lirzlcu llllkillll, Nlim :mil lvl'-ml lli' gllIlI'll5 frfiill :my hxirm, llchwlil lhc pair, Sl-rlzilc :mil fl-iw, llE .Xrlhiir Sllllllillll, sue. .Xiifl wllwk the ilumscl hy his side? Uh lhzll is Xlixs lllipuy, llcrcl llurlvic Heilmzm, Lillian Niilh, Oli wlizll ai Stunning pair. just xx.lli'h him cya- l'lCI' l-wiiigly. .XN shi- Slrllls wilh H1150 in air. Nun' lhif is liig ulju-l" Rainey. tall. ,Xml wilh him lilllc Nell. ,Xllliiiiigli shc may llc lilly, Slick mighty, sn they tell. lsisl 'Ili lil Npriiig limi- xxhi-li th-f walls Illn X Xiill xxwi-llii.irlx lm, lull l.lIl', llkll lmur- l'll ii lhcm XM lirc: lu l ii lllljlll iw. i irli .ii slriillmg Xl xx llllt' wulll Clllllllllx Illl' Ill ' lll Ql'irllIlN ill IXX 5l4,'IlX Ni'illIv'l1lil l i 1-l. . . ww' Xml N mi .lr l'lllQll1llQ 'fix' 'mil li L .Xiiil h., . Nlllll' llI'4' llllll1llllQI'Il1Q luXX lhi iii-xl fu cv l 1-.iii llnlliiiiwl-1-iii l L l "l"l'-ig" xxilh lilly llill, lhi-5 :ill Nil limit .mil vltflllllfi' l'i-1'll:i1iQ ui' Nhi-lilil lull-ii llll N 1 'I L A . N . Gig EFX 4 I .'-35 L if if O1 I ,X1111 11urc is -1C'NN1k K111rx1-. 11111 we. Q :ffl 111-1:11111 111' 111-1' Nl11S. 4- 1, 11111611 111:-1' C1111 1111111 t1-gn-11101 111115 Y . T111-ir 1111111g1111 1111- 11151 1111-11. 1? X L 111-rc 151111168 l1t'fl1' 17111r1-11c1- R11y1-1'. 1111111 X E 115 111111 S141-11:r 11, I11L' 11-:111, ,F T111-1' are 1111- 1111'111g1-51 1111'111g 11:111- f X '1'11:11 ever 11:111' 111-1-11 N1-1-11. Q ' ,, N., -mzrg f I xqg. Q! ", fN " Q 1111111111 1111'I11 1'111111-N Q1'11:1t1' 11111 "1'r"4' 3. X1111 111111111111 Sy111z1 Cf, Y1111 11111-11 1-111' 1'1'Q 1111 cs 1F11t1'111c 511 111-'11 my 11111-11-'1-1 111-111 D. 1111N 11 11-1111g xv1'Y'11l1 1f1111I11-1. guy, 11111 111111 11L'1' H11l111,u 11111 -1-c -J Q WW 1111-1 :111 1-1111111111-11 12111111-1111c X- 11111111 :1x1:111 11c. ,xy '1 '1k111N 11-11111 11 X11111-I"'K.'11l" K1111'fcttZ 1111151 1111- QIF1 111111 111111111 111- g1'1Cs? 1 1111 I 111111'1 11111111, 111- 1111151 NI115. 5-11111 111-11 11111- 1 N111l1l41Nl' I 11 '11111 1111-1 1- 1'111111u .11-1111 1111111-1.1111 1i 11111 111111 111-1 1111'11." 1-1111 111-1. H111 1- 1111- 1111-1111 111:111," 1111- sllyx. '1 111 V, 1-11-1 1l1l'1.u 1111 11111111 11111-111111 1111 1'111111- 111 Night I 1 l LJ X11 111- 1121111N11'1 1111- 1:11111. 1 11 11 11.1111 11111111-11 111111111 11111 wr. X111 1-.1111 111111 1:1I111'1'1111- 1'1:1111:, u J if ff Z , A U . , X2 I 11.1:1:111 111111-11111 1-1,-11111-1 111 ' 1'1111- 511-turt. 2 15461 1 5 E! 5-9 TI-IE NINETEE . 1 V . X1111 111-r1-1 Klux 1l111111,111 11'gg1. 1.111 11 1111111l1'1'111'11I'g1'. N1Xl'1'1 11111. 1111-xv 11111111 ll1'l' 1-11-1' 111'1g111 111111 3111. 1111-1111' 1.111 1111-111 1:1113 X111111g 111111111 1111111111:111 111':1111'1-N 11:1-1. 111- 41'1L'H 11111 NL1' 1111- 1'l'111111x, X11w 111-11-11 1':111'111-1111 111 1llN N141K', '1x1I1'11' 111-1111- 1111- 111 1111- V11111-11 111-1'1-'N 1':111111-1' X1111'17:11'11111-1 111111 1'11,f',' 11 11,111 1111 111- 11-1111' 1111-111 111'1'l': 111-11'111w, 1-1111111111, 111- 111:1111- 1'1'1l1j'. 1111-1' :1r1- 1.1 11111- :11111 111-:1r. 1-1- 1113 S121 11 Q-,X 1111 5 4 LLJ JJ ,A-,Qf -+1121 THIRTE sggif 1'11XY11, 1 1 J-AP 'CA 111111-1-1, 11--r- 11111111 X11 1111141 11' 111 11.1111 K1111'1'1x. 11111 11111111 X11 11111-11.11111-1 1111111 5111111-111111 111111 1111:1' 1'1' 1111'IAl1'11 111 11111111 X 1111 I 11111 w1- "111111'11" 1111- 111111 v1l11ll 11111 '1'111-y'r1- NIIV1' 111 1111-1' 1111111 11111 -111 1.1 11g111 .111 1- g:111-11 11.11r 111 111111 Y1111'11 11111111 1111-1 11 111111 -111 .111 s 1. 1111111 11 1111- Y11l1111 111111 I1 X1 111 1,1111 '1111I11N X1111'1':11', 1, 1111'111- 11111 1411111 .XII11 1111- 1111111 111.11111-11 111' 1lIN N141 '1x11Il1 11111 11115 IN X11x:111-11-r. .Xr1. 11 M111 I'1-rry, V111 1'. 1111- R:1g111111- 11111111 l1f.l11N 1111l' 1111 1111. 1111115111111 XX1111111- 111111' 11 1S 111-r 1'111-'11 11111 111 ll 15471 N. l Hcre unites 15215 :mil XYillie, ,f5 Thcy'ru lmving heaps uf fung - X4 Q'f ,f "7 lle trails lnchiiiil hig "motlier" Z ,Xml she lcmli her little "smi." iii. X Y This last is Xlihtcr Lowery. see, , Klisx lielgt-rtfm's the maid, ,Incl K Tu sec them wc have waited long, Nfi: l fq limit ywu think that it has paid f 1. ka f- - -- - 1 ' ' Ah' The himiir is lzntcg we caimot stay XX Tw watch fur lines more Slow, x Sw wish for :ill that happiness .Xttciiil wht-rc'cr they gli f Y- xi Now tht- vcret- ix written mit. tif, G00 J Rtizul it straight withwut a privut -2 Rt-Lul it iwr thc writer Haut. ...-I NN T00 MUCH FOR THE POET l54Sl ,TI-IE NINETEENTHIPJEEN ILLI "ALL" CLUBS TIITC .-XLI. SXTNTS L4l.l'l - :X -,,,,-Y fif? E' L PAQ g 5 L' ! f' X X f ff fli 1E iff -I ?fQLvf il' X xt , fs E- , K I Av K 'Y-Z X3 X 1 Y X ff QM W, ii ' LW xf f X xx fu f , ' fe b ' ': X , - A l P f x, 1 L 'f Eg XL Q! Q 122 MX Q f ix 'iz X I E' 'Q 1 yg ' ' 2 - VF VW nf U if Y if 125,2 52 -.FI " L ' Y 1 , 1 g THE "ALL r F' K" CLLB ,,.1 ,? ' - gn Q - ff 'l ix i L d w swf ff 5 F a lma Lffhsiia f -.QL I ' , u v vvg-.-i g rn, 'f 4,30 31 i401 egevixi viainsnr or ILLI 015 COM KI L' 111.111 lioTTi.l41: 1 hliss Ilolilhie XX-TIQIII. over :lt llle Chi Kliin-gn house, is :tfrztiil some one is going to st-nil into the li.x,io a picture of her u v:1r1ng' her l1rother's suit, :intl wants you to sem' that it tlocsn't appear. lt if comes in, will yon plezise get himlfl of it find return it to liohhiel Yery sincerely, Dos T1NcH1zR. -los. lxI'I-IN SOX, Iilllllllllillgll, Ill, Hi Yrs: l notice that you have Dulilished some picture-. of popular Illinois men in your hookli-t. I think you sl1ould have included inine. lou, for I think l stanil pretty high :nnonil the student politicians, and then l'w' lleen to New York, so l know how to wear clothes the right way. Yery truly yours. .Xiernvii ll, S.xv.u.ii. Ili xi: Nha. l .ncrwicioiirg l ti-ll you frankly that I liielieye it pays to lie on the gooil side of the eilitor, and I lllivsl certainly want to he good friendg with you now Tlit-re are so many things that people can roilrsl me :thout that l'in really scareil for ft-:ir they will do it! and if yoi1'rt- :1 friend uf inine you XX'liI1't put in any roasts .llnrlll inc, will yon, Klr, Cart- NVIQIII Z Very sincerely yours, Blum' llxiuzv. ,l. li"HY N Vo.. Iiliznnpziign, llioxi: Silas: Xlhen next you get out Il lmooklet of pop- nlfir Illinois nu-n, please ilonll forge1 1111-, for I honestly lielieye l'in one uf the 111.151 popular men in the Liniversity, Last fall they 1-lveteil nie eliiel' elieer leailer, and fl fellow llfls to lu- rt-Jilly popular In gt-1 111511, Very truly yours, Vn is. Roiziiirs. Nlx lli xi: XII: I xi:'iuicn,II'r- l :nn sure yon like frieil clniiken, so l :nn going lu tziki' 1i4lx':1iit:igeoi il. lfyo11'II pi-oniise not lo put :1 single thing in next 5l'fll'IN ll,l.IU Jiliont nie, l'll pronnsi- to invite yon to nnlinntcil vliiwki-n-ilinnvrs, :tnil l'll N--.1 that you get :ill the cliii-ki-n you can NIC SSDI .XTIONS 11111, 31111 fl lot of other good things liesides. lloesn't that sountl good to you? Yery sincerely yours, ALICE Ri-Qnniin. limi: Lfxivrx' 1 Say, will you lie sure that all that dope ahout me gets in with iny senior picture? You see, I think Illll the only man who has ever inaile those three committees-the Sophomore Cotillion, Junior Pronrand Sen- ior Ball-and I want to he sure that they :ire all put in. Yours, IAIIIRB Hiinxmx. MR, Rorriamt: I am writing to you because I hear you're going to have a place on the ILLIO staff, :intl I wish yOU would see that nothing goes in ahout ine being engaged. I know there are lots of people who are talking ahout it, hut I cannot imagine where they got their information, for there is really nothing to it-yet. lf you will please see to this, Rlr. Rott- ger, you will have the sincere thanks of Yours sincerely, Klwxtiili .X B.xr.1iwiN. IDFAR CAi:'rwi11i:HT: If you are a friend of mine, would you just as soon cut out any roasts that come in ahout the Delts? I think we'y'e got more tha11 our share the last few years, and we'd like a rest. especially since we tIon't ileserye the ones we do get. Ill like to have you Come over for din- ner next Sunday, if you can, Sincerely yours. ,l. K. KIIIFFIZTT. "Dear Miss Lihhey: I ani a very hand- some young man, a senior in my state uni- versity, and very popular, Some time ago I hecame infatuateil with :i :lashing chorus girl. Now, alas, she no longer seeins So attractive to me. l hecaine engaged to her :intl she will not release ine. She follows me from place to place and makes life mis- erahle. Tell me how I may rid myself of her.-ll. Ii. Kinkiclzf' You are a silly, self-satislied person. Tell the girl you no longer care for l1er, and risk her to release you from the engage- ment. TI-IE NINETEE 'Tl-IIKFE ILLI UL R l'Ul'L LXR MEX K- 5-, -i. f74l, f ,IG3 f' ,- 6-Tflll -" A SHEET FROM KL'HX'S EXPENSE .XCCI 1L'N'1' JUS. KUHN ANI? SOX. CLOTHIIZRS +gHAx11'.xuzN, 11,1.s. . 2 N .E E E , Feb. 1. IQIJ 1 Dress hunt tor Murphy . 310.00 " " " Y Suit fm' Roh-arts . . . ' 0.50 " " " " " Naprstek , . W 0.00 " " LEM . . 2-3,00 " XX'mmI5m11 II.75 " Thumas . . 0.50 " " Vuslmurgh . . . . W N50 Issrl Egg VNIVERSITY CDF ILLI GIS Vswxl XX AXHTIHS SHI HH Bmw "'l'lII2 IJAXU UF THE I'XDI2RGRpXD" iffvgafqgq- 4 1 'P Mani' Aan' f I x -Lam f I gf fpr zerdwy X499 I 'F r 1 dev Qm azz yygyffy Q' Q-1:1-if , - f- 4 I ' R ,Z f QR Y' . , . . w J f ffmjgfffff V ' . -'I I f f: Q- Jf"22 j?'f'y,,'g:.y4d ' N 1 3' 'N' L. B 1 'W Q N wx XXVX f1.,,.J,L 'Q Q J X X Q ,Q x IW -- 17 fi'JMA:2f fjfnaafffy J X X V 'T -I x W rn, ,ff pr. f.:-.qfggvivgf V g, Cav, fA fx A 117 9- 1 f X 3 71 1 I: fn 1 vi E , x ' +5 'S EJ-if I 1 1 I' I J lr! 1 "' ' . , If .EP 'I 04: yffbv from Q 1, an I ' -ff ff ll 7 M -- I Zn,-Q, . 2 for I-mm, X uf? 434. if ,ii-ff " I I ,,' L ,J ,X I 3 Mffff df flzxf ' - ' fmf ,fu uw! IHA. . III. 43 U M ll?ll,Il1Kv fi' l 2, Z! -9 Y V A A . - , s "fjf'lld,, am H s 5 1,-fn. fx Ln Q I SF-' I LL SUM E FUSS SINGLE UTI I ERS IJQ 1 I - .jg 'Q' ,ffF,- . 1 W -'L 2-, QI , -wx 1 1 , ' ,WP nb- 'Kgs if V ' 'L f x - l,. ., R -zz:-1:3 M i s' 'V A W + 57 'ffl fr ' A' F Q :, xv' .guru ,X , " 45 rw x a , A ! jbigifq? . Ag -L T4 51 96155 - ' 1 Nfl- ' ' Eff - "-LM.- "- . 75:9-f '. ' . ., , . HEX 1 4 . 5 4 1 3 gg . X x v. J ltfffo, , , . r ,, L If v- , - 1, A,-as . Exifwf.-5,1 ' ' r - A- if .w :S .F-L.. .,.4 1, ,. 77- F + ., M ,A .C il. I ,,, 'Lifw '. fn 3111-'1Lj'n0" ,, E, . mix F 's I Q' 5 , r I, -v Q 55. 1- ' gs.. .IM 3,6 . . , A 1 ' - A ' - Eff., .Zig V" ' . ' 'Q-fr' S f ,Lp k 'E , A ,, ' ' Lf, , . T, ng'-uv - 'v V , ' " ' :-I-,. ,. ,, A .-, x If ,ai ' 4-1' ,"'1-.ivi N K 'Q , ,, ISR' Q 'Y J '-xi . xx fst- I J ' - i..., SF 'QJUIZLE H531 fr 54 . x 3 x-Ea? A gms' ' .-5.5:-xl J v I QVNIVERSITY CDF ILLI O15 LITTLE TALKS AMONG THE SISTERS I-Cl ll OMEGA Put.ciot's liiriter .-tsp SISTER livo: l shall pilfer a few moments between dates to answer your last lettergrani. The Omicron Chapter is in a supertnagnorious condition this year, XYe copped the cream of the freshmen as usual. XYe'x'e cut out the butterfly kids, and are going after the maids with the sky scraper brows. XVe've chopped the chorus effect and are trying to live down our past in spite of Bobby Wright, Floflie Johnson and Mary Hewitt, These girls are continually queering the game. Mary returned last fall wearing a Tau Nu Epsilon pin. XYQ haven't a prize bunch of petunias for the beauty show but we have the sub- stantial girlies with the deep folds in their cerebrum. That medal winning flock of scratching G's-started some sneaking semesters about a cab stop- hens-the D. gossip between ping in front of their house at .t ,-X. KI, and a mysterious lady wearing a 16-inch wil- low plume, alighting and going through the ll, G. bat-k yard and entering Chi Clmegas kitchen door, XYe went over in a body a few inornmgs ago, loaded with bricks and hair tongs and made that gang of sutlfragettes eat their gossip without the sauce. XXX' are bors, the li. Gs and believe me we are Llegg will sit on their necks. Hee Kid, we almost landed a Delt going to have a tug of war with our lovely neigh- going to heave them into the boneyartl and Isabel date. We had Xig Healy booked for our annual but he had to leave school. Tinfoiled again. XYe are stronger than fathers sox with the llt-kes and Theta llelts. :Xt the latte-r's annual, the decorations consisted chietly of en- larged photograplis nf Ruth Lindberg, and festoons of forget-me-nots. Tl i- girl art- all sore an P-gggy 'lds. ,Xll s 3 lo-s is , J' I 1 s t tg v Dot ht-morrhagt-s about lit-orgie Newell, Her mo .Xnna Landee aspired to be an apothecary blonde but made about a ten karat job of it. lloblty Xlright applies more kalsomine than t-wr to her countenance. Xlihen any of the girls want to do the leading lady act they tnalct' up with litrlmliiqis purple coat and lfltillltfs hat. Klaylit- wt- aint the procuring kids, wt-:tring the boisterous hardware. XYQ still. usp tht- famous standard Chi Omega pt-rtutnf-. llvrt' got,-s tllt' 5L'illlN,'l liitl. ll ltll ootlles ol love. Pi-un. Gosizx. l ht 1 t 1 to sit around and have oral iologue is fatiguing. 5541 THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI NI11f. 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T111-ir 116:111- ROUK' ye-1-IFMS '1 11 11111 1'c11l11 t1':111s1111rc11t-cr. wc , , , I I 1111-1111 111111501-111121111 11 ""' ' 1111111 1111 111- 110111111 111 11111111 All 111 111-111' 1111111 111-'11- 111111, 5111111- .el , 111 1111- .X1111111 11111 1r:111:r11111 tr1u1l H- Y -Af-H1-' .1..1-NE..- LZ. 111 111111f 111?1A1'1'11, 11111 1111- 111-111 1111y1 1' . - , Wfiiiiiifi 11111 c11111c 11r1111111l, :111 right T111-v . ...'1c.,Qu 1g.. 5: V . ' 1 1 ,. 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March 35. ting. l li ,tw "l I.Xl'Hf Yt-ir, tht- 'liht-tns Jtrt- Ntill in the ring, 'Kfntir-c, iiwning their tiwn house tht-y tlitln't hztxt- in twtrrzil ttf inztny t-f tht- fztir st-t-kt-rf -if rttinrtnct- its ynur erbtwliilc pztlw, the Pi Phis. Ytin will chunk yt-urself in the rihs ttf hcztr thztt ninrt- thztn tht- usuztl nunilmcr of the tiltl ,lztnt-5 wt-re :tt tht- ring Sith: when the gong snuntletl -Nt-x't-it-xx'linnpf, niy flt-nr. Xlhztt it hunch! Sonic says 1 V innrt- Q-iultl hxtyt- annie hztclc hut I has my tjlniihts. Peggy R 9 - -. lhiuglzts lilt-xx' in bright ztnrl eqrly, snrt of expecting Ed 3,1 4 3 , ff ,D Lytinf to slimvyiip ttir the tot-thall Se-mont. lint there ' V " ' It iyztxitt-tin gztsnlint- aint-ll Ztrtrunil. :Xntl sn Peggy vztn- i isht-tl ttir iiztrts titikiitiwii. ' -' E7 N X' 'Xtither tif tht- tiltl guztrrl, 1:1127 Hrnwn, hats hccn ' ' jim NV '., ,tl - if hanging :irfiunfl wrt uf intermittently. 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Cie XXX ff! t Fw ji! i K K J L53 THE NINETEE 'THIRTE ILLI 11-1i,X1'1'1X .X1.1'1I1X '1'11Ii'1',X 111111x.1, 11.1, .111 111.111 111.11 SUN: - 1-11 111, 11113, X1111 11'111 1111-z1s1- 111111- 1111- 1'111111g1- 111 111111111111-1111 I111- 111-11' 1111111 111lN 11141 111111111111 111111 f1111r 111111115 .X 1'1-g111:1r 111111111 I 11-11111' 11111111 1111111 111 1'11:111g1- 11111 I 1-1111-111 111:11 I 1111g111 111 111111- 111-Q11 1111111111 11111 111 1111- 11151 1111111 I 111111-11 11111111- 111111- I 2,171 1'1-11111-11 11111- IIIQII1 :11111 11'11h I111i11g QQV1-111111111-5 111111g Z1 111c111r1- 111 Z1 T111- 21, 1111 - ' -11 1 11 4 A 1 I 11 111 1 111' 1111 XL1 1111 11111111 "S11'11i1- 1111- 1111111111 sziyx 1111- 1,1141 QIFI 111111011-11I1S111y 111111. "1111r11111g I1g111-1111 11111.11 N1-1'1-r1c111-11' 1-X11-tv 1,111 ey, 11111 11111? S111111- hright 11,111 111:11 girl! gut. S111-:111111g 111 1111- Thutns r1-111111111 1111- 111:11 11111 115111-11 111 111111- 1111- 1111111-. 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Xi, X.. ,ij Xfxb xg' 11 1 5591 Jiha- 1XX'1iRY .XXII MISS E1'112iRT1,1 f eievixi VERSITY GF 1LL1 015 Mx' lll-.Alt lll-,MI-,l'f Ilefnre l xqiexne my eherisheil thrnne tn partake nf the pezieeful :intl snotliing slumluers. 1 must unrxlxel tn you the engnitiwns which Lirise in my eerelvrum. lntzi chapter prepiirefl fnr the strennnus :activity of the year liy ll ezireful seleetinn nf freshmen. julia's success :is ruslnng eziptziin hzis lieen :is prulitztlile :ls has lieen her pnpularity. I nm gifmitl, li-iwever, that nur Iielnrenl :intl cherisheil trwiphy cup will overtlww with mnre freshnien nzimes that we can hnnille. Sylvia Casey has :llreznly ciimtrrtctecl with the engraver anfl her nzime will heziil the list, After two years of intlustry and wearisome toil. she hits tiliiznineil the requisite stzintling nf an unsiipliistieuteil freshman. Her latest pur- suit is in :in entirely new Iielil. Nut szitistierl with the inniiotoiwiis and contemptilile huni-lrum nf lwezil fnrtune seekers, she has nnw unearthed za new suitnr through the lfveal hezulqunrters uf zi iiizitriiiiniiial agency. Say Kiel, have ynu heard of nur two llelt pleilges? Cutt was here so much that it was absolutely necessary to pledge him. But Hutt is as strung fur us us Boliliiy lYright's refresliments, :mil unless some pemxifle lilniitl enters nur mystic circle. his presence will nnt he lust. The nther harmless :mil modest tlunky is -lnlninie Joliiison froin Pu- sey County. ln his nwn mind he is zihout the strnngest ll. G, man zilnng john Street, .Xt -'nr last meeting the question of hav- ing mpen hnuse wzis rliseussecl, hut the iilerx wus ilisenurzigell, clue tw the meager fur- nishing in the hnuse, Until the Sigma Chi's replziee the chairs they ilemijilishetl, entertains ment will lie iinpussilile, Our ehzipernn is at peach. She surprised the entire chapter :i shnrt time ago hy ring- ing the hell :it ten ifelnek. She sleeps here :ilmnst every night. Yernzi Vnnper is nur must pnpulzn' girl. Whether it is her airy warlile or glistening L-3-.gel we :ire gill lienighteil. Helen lim-re tickles the ivnries fur us while Dorothy Dwrner -lnnxxni LITTLEVIUI-IN, iggirnls gniiniiiziiietilly, .Xrrngnmtly ynurs. XXX K1 xfihbss nllllhsl X Ci A4 ex :fly . I QQ si' I I l xi 3 f A-'X .-11172 Xe fix if-f ess f Q X Q , . 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Rijvrkl-il CHJIIQAIII I must inilite an epistle tn inform you that the Beta Lambtla Chapter is in the throes 1-f a calainitous eatastrnphe anll is suttering frmn fractured cardiacs. Prepare for the we-rst, tlear-nut une nf our seniors mafle Phi Beta Kappa. However we have not lost 1-nr ilrag with the faculty. they being ivutnumbererl at Hur annual only by the Phi Gains. Spine nf nur Cuterie hall a tentlency tu becnnie worlllly minded early in the season, abanilnning 1-nr tavf-rite pastime nf checkers and ' bean bags tu master the fundamental principals pf l pnker, The equipment fm' this game was presented to us by the D. C's but in a few days they requested the return pf the same anrl thus the dignity of the chapter was saved from contamdemnatinn. XYe are now launched mi the correct career. Florence Hall, Alice Redhed and Helen Abbott are settlement workers. Mabel Klclntyre. Betty lloyers and Margaret Dupuy are members of the Y. W, C. .X. Cabinet. Fay Armstrong is our only wayward anfl irrepressihle one. But then yoti know she is nut true Kappa type. She ought to have been a Chi Uinega ur a Pi Phi. We are cautious as ever about forming acquaint- ances with the males, .X man must present his cliildlill-'ul certificate nf attentlance to Sun- -lay Scltl-ul anal a Y. Xl. C, .X. membership caril lveflvre he I-btains gootl standing with the liappas. We gave a Crocheting anil enibrnideriiig party last Friday night. the Phi Gams being the linnnrable guests. Tag, nur laely Slierllvekw anal Nemesis nf thieves has hail her heart stolen away antl we are nfiw casting abnut fur a new chapert-ne. llelen .Xbbntt is acting as self appmintefl unarilian. XXI- are having npen hliuse nflw every Snntlay .intl are uteetine with tnagnilicent siivres-. The inaseulines seein tw appreciate the quality iff nur ellnnnissary ilepartment. IIIIISIIIQ trnni the quantities ill tiwrl-stints N-nsnineil fin Sunilay alternnnns. , Q51 Xrl Funpsi-n, Steve hlallin ainl llri-ther 54 Xlnunts are inclulleil in nur lixtures this year. II t' um' llfl li':i'r1,ili Iezflr if iltlvzla' In klmft' Iulilzf full lwillim' alll! flu' l'l11 l'.vz llrlzyfr l sr'-K Ihr' llkl NJll'1.'ll4lXX elassetl with the uni . , J N 5-gf' pllssibli' lhe repnrt came tn Us that une Ht Q 1 lllilll na- ixluullt ilrinlqing a llilttle uf ginger ' yy' 2" I .Ili We art- I-liiyrnttiiie them n-iw as we ilu A A Z itll tllIlll'4'Xt' wt such ilelmiit-lit-ryp "" A- X . ,ep- xlllI'!.ll't'l llupxuy, .Xnielia fiay. lletty Iiwytrs anil inyselt are ilenynie tlurselves -it bpeartnint and are ltnartlmg nur innney tw Iliff' fl IIVXX llress next year. We expeet tu startle the entire chapter by our up-tn-dateness by pnriliasinu at least IIIOJ nilnlels. lbparliuu Irwin Vllslwlll this year we iliil nut reject rushees whn pcvssessell curves. tF"H1lf'11'5. 'lnnples aiwl k'HIlllll1'XIUl1 .Xngles anfl hfimespun features are nw lfwnger helrl '-I lu a xirluw. I iiar that I have been inn lnqiiaeiuns anfl will desist. Ynurs very humbly. Auce Rl-Qnuiib. l562I THE NINETEE 'TI-IIPQTE ILLI X-,X1,1'1l,X 11X1lL'1Q1 JN 1'1 Miss 12L.1x1'HE C1111P1:11. 131111111 Secretary llf .Xlphu 111111111111 Pi. T11-I.'XkliST S1sT1:R: Alpha f1111icr1,111 l'i C1111 harrlly 11111151 111 il 1-1-tier c11:111ter 1111111 111111 uf l11i1111iQ 1 1111111 il lovely frat 11 he quiet 111111 Qeclusive. These 11111er 511r11riti1's 111-11 gz1111li11g z1r11111111 1111 the time, 11111 X 17 U111i1'1'1,v11 Pi will get 'em yet-just rc111e11111er the stwry 111 the turtle 111111 the hare. Even 111 year we 11111416 'em sit 1111 Zlllfl take 1111ticc' lay giving the Ilrst 11111111111 111 the 56215-1111. That 11 ix 1111 XX 1 111 1111 101111 11 T'1 111 11111111 1 11 1 swine z1111111a1 1 . Ve 1: A 'S .'X111l1z1 C1111icr1- ' ' ' " " igl S 11111 every 11 Q T11e ClElS9 111 171,155 we gm wirh is 11ey1i1111l repr11:1c11. Every 111111 111 them ls 11 regulnr 1'1Lll for study. 211111 1v111 stz1n1l XX'lIllI1l1K hitchmg fl11X'XX'l'lCI'C', XX e l1ZlX'Cl111 much 111 11i'fer 111 e wily 111' news, XX'e are quietly 1v11rk111g fm' .'X1p11:1 411111111111 Pi, 111111 111 El year 111' t1v11 111 1 break 111 with 11119 big splaah. XX'z111'h this Space! Y1'111rs f111' the 51st1'1'l1111111, E'1'1.1 LAN RULES FUR THE PAN-HELLENIC 1-XSSOC1A'l'10N EGR MEN 1 1 UF THI-f LvN1X'l"lfSI'l'X' 111 11,1.1x111s :lf 11I1' 1'1'5l111111' 1111'1'11'11-11 111 1111' 1'1111-111'111'1111' .l1x111'1'11111111 11.1 11lL' 1'111r'1'11111,1' 11,1 1111111115. 111'111 1.11 11112, 11111 1111111z1'i1111 1111111 i1'1'1'1' 1111111111111 1111- 1111' 511111111 j'L'171' 1171 1111:-'I3. 1. 1'11'11111' 11111' .v111111 111' 1111' 11111111 ,5'111111'11'111' 11,1111 1'1'111.111'1111'1111, f11'11f'11111117 11111111 111'1' 111131 f1'111x 11'f1. ,, X11111' 5111111 1111111111z1'1'11 111 11111111111-1' 11111 1111-11111111 111- 111-1'111-111.11 111111'.1 2111111 11 1115111112 5. .XY11 11111121 'Z1'1111 1111115 1'11.f111'1'5 1111111 1'1llI 111' 11111111111l1111'11l1'11. ,,1. 1511111 .11111111111111 r1'111'11 i1111i1111'11 1111111 1'111'1'y 111 11'11.v1 1111111111-kv 111111 1'. T. 5 ,'1f11'1'11 1'11.v111'1' 1111.1 1lL'L'1I 1'1111'1'l111111'11 111111. 11 1111111 1'111'111.111 111' 1"Z1'H 1'141l1Il'1'ff1'A'. O. .1 111011116 111111 1111111 111' 111'111'1'11 11-1' 11511111111 111 1111' 1'1'1'.11111'111 11,1 11111 1'111":'1'1'511-1' 111111 1111' 1Y1L'll1I llf 11'111111'11. 7. 1C11x111'1'.1 1111131 11111 1'1111 1111111 111.111'r.1', 1'1111.1111.v 111' .1I1'1'1'1111'111'1.1 111 111'11'z'1' 1111'111111'1',1. .XI 1x'ix.1i1111 1'11.v111'1'.v 111'1'111'1' f11'11111' 111111 1.1 f111,1111'r'1'1,1' fr1111111111-11, 12. f111t1'1'Z'1'1' 111111 111'11I'1' 1111'111111'1'.v ,11'1'11 't1'1'l1111111 1I"1lI,Y 111111111 111.1111-1' 21'111 111' .v11111'1'111 111 l'1111-f11'11 1-1'f11'1'111111111, 111 .111 1111110111 111111' 111' 11111111' 111 1111' 1111111 1'1111-H1'111'1111' fm' 1111' 1-1111.c1111'1'11111111 111 llllj' 1'.1'1'1'f111111 111 1111'x1' 1'11l1's. 15631 muse, 111111 we f'111C1'1Zlll1 11111111 111111-rf 1-very 111+1v 211111 1111-11, 11's lllkl tw aww VERSITY CDF ILL1 015 SOME SOCIAL EVENTS .Xl'Rll. 1f,Xll l"wnl's llziy. .XIHIIILIIICCIIIUIII uf scincstcr exains: this is nn joke, Brewers c11n't play well in il elry tnwn: we win, 5 tu 3, ,Xl'Rll. N-PIHXCVN mul' l""'W'l1S ulillll' ll-fysng unc of thcin, Thatcht-r Guild, hy nann rixals li ll, Snthcrn. .Xl'Rll. II-lilcw' :intl Klaiulfvlin tlnlvs start Hn trip. "Snrrv --::-- ,Hd . sir, wc c:1n't rt-nt ywu fl llrcss f ET, 15' 'gd A- E ,fb sint :lt prcsvnt: tlicfrv all 1 Y-K 7 5-b V nut.. Y ' 4 A I -f - I V 1 1 ! 7' .Xl'lQll. I3-P1 llhis win snr-frity fl :H Nj I l ' ll! cnntm-st. ".Xrcn't wc the wits , x CL,- ty things. thnngl1?" LO r Quin XPRII. ggilfnr the sccfwml time f 7 6" if ffiggfalh Z4-L.,4 , 1. . I ,, ,kw ll, ,"l,f .54 Q1 f' f' ffjnnuxxxl s- -f in tww rays, mul t.1 L Il. N 5 X -fitxfx ,HXUJ -sl. X lwittvr lncflicint- frmn Hr. ' I llnll, N H .Xl'Rl-l. glisll-1. lik :tntniiiwliilc X 4 glitz ANA fV1ANJol.:-i Cxlubdfl VI l'l tzlkus tw ilstlictic llnnf- ' I ing llll4l ll-ws Il ullltlilllil Fling" frnni tht' l.11w l-luilfling fl-iwn Eurrill .Xx'enuc. MAY Jfslglllll kfln warns lizippu lffllillll iiznnnm tn lnwer tliuir wintluw slmrles. May 3-Iwnfcssor llnllge purcliusrs Z1 haircut, lsilltl lcnncke it 11 nnle in the elcvcntli 3 tliv XI:1rw-ms are again lnnnlvlell. X , N Rl.-XY S-llc-linut initizltt-s furnish a little Illllll L E E S, l E .i , ,i QA, .fix 'G' E0 lllinl-is Lllllill linltls lPflllllllCt. lm sti K5 S Silk -'S-QQ lnniqrv, let! lwczlt it fwcr tn Titds zmrl vet XZ K kt-v ' ' . .. b lx f 'Lis 7 ' ,"' iPi'gC' s-vnhftlnng to cnt. J ' ' ' W ' . , . . Q? A.: ff ' MAY In-Sigma kln llnusc party: kappa lxapu A If 'f liillllllllll serws nwtice nn tliuin that the shzulg jf?" strc np. Z- KLXY I'-Slilllil Xi clvctif'-ns. 'Alf l'd inzulc T111 1 f - . , . 7 litlll :intl Phi liutzl lxztppn, l cnulrl wear en X " :ull nn fl full likt- lil-mily Xnerciilwrg flue HAY lN4lMpc shunt wut. Swine clopel Girls Stunt Slinw, Ralph Scott nttcrs ip-, 4?-U ,Dodge fur :A scat nn frnnt rfwwp HAY 1-1-lntersclinlzistic, XYl1y nnt plulge tln pr-ispuctivc frcslnnsn nfmw and SZIYC tln riw-nlilp uf it tln- inllnwing Syptviiilmri .l 1-Vlinn nn-n lirvnli intn print in Ilipp IHI'1lZlI1'S list ,T-5 nl nnp.n4l lllnn siilw-c1'ilu,-rs. 41, ' , .. , , , f' .st 'L 12 Xl V1 gn-1 llim LS"-lt pnnrs' "XX nnhi yin kinllly X M XM-gg QQ turn ilmt ninl-iw-llzi znrnnnil sn tht- wrltcr wnn't ilrip riff 'XL-"' .j JSA g?'1,4g f 2 :If it 'lnfl l'llll il vwn -li" X l 'If liffniiaiffll 3' - + 1115 Hu X. ,.,' f'.:..41.1.:.i,+ l I I , , A V Y - if- .-:Ji ' , 75' :-As Xl XX J: -Slnwrw-1 llill f-lwvlt-fl swnnnnng fflptznn, ,Nfl ,V ,i ' ,h lj ,f Nl NN -'T l'H"lIQl1 Q-iiilims Jn Ng ll-:unit llxniqnmt tw sup- 'ti 1' 1 l' l ply .ill lln l lnnign luis-Aluill fzlna fur twn ,vglxiviix '44' gk I ' w" "Q, , , , ' f- - 1-N .f , f .-:..'g.X f Xl Nl in - Xiiutniiiv-liilf' rch-.-X :n lnilizniripnlisl 'tl ll tmll you 'v Yfll1'lfS. l fl wi lint I lixul-n't any nuts lt-ft sn llllk' in thv fwff4'+f-Y ffw 3' 'H CIRCU5 H641 XIXY 31-lllifm slIll'lI'Ill'lxK'!l lJ1'lXX'l'L'll St. l,.HlllN :1111l l1l'l'l', I ,ll'NlQ 1-l11,111N 11111, X lux l111111l1'wl pwq .fx hurt lwuzlmu tlu-rc xwru 1111 1'-mah Il I I ' 1l11-1111 "Klum :nn-1l1Q11-1111-tu1111pul:1ri1x L 11,1-1i,,1.'-,, ,lL'Nli 17-XX 11:11 11 111111 lx 911111111-1 5111. 1 x, '1' "IM rn-gistrslti-111 111' il Nlll-l-!'2lQ,k'IIL' Cllllllllllgll? v x l' ll -lL'Xlf :X-5111111111-r wlw-ml l1:1wI1z1ll tn-11111 1' l 14:111ifmlg ll11111,l1-rfl:111.111:111:1gvr. XXX, l1:1x1 .. 'sh 111 111111 w1m-tl1111g 111 111:111:1gc 111111 tl1:1t lln I ' , , , ' at ' td! lllllll ,lwll 1wwx'u1'. if 'K "nfl ,lL'I.Y r1f1'g11111111x wing 1111 S1f11tl1 lhlllllllll J "K Ph girls. llmx' I'HlllllI1llL'?' " K! I 1 .lL'I,Y 14-lffl. Xlwrriwny "llk'Il1lS tl11'vc 4l.1x ' xx11rlc111g IPI1 ll pmglur fur ilu' "S11111111g1' l'r11m " m-wr km-xx that K'lIlll'l' l1u111111'1xtN ur 1l1 5, lL'I,Y I5-llllllgyl 111' S3.4j3,S1111,1u1 IN :1 11r11x'11l Q , ll X .1 I ll Q' Wim! llllllllllm'l'lL'TClI1'l'1XY. X 'K V ,ll'l.Y JU-.Xrl Sillilgt' plzlfcs '4S111111m-r l'r11 'J ' Iislwlx 1111 Nlllk' 211 IW11 1l11ll:1rs, "l'1'11111" mln UL -1 ' .. . ED Y iq' A clznrwl ull' ,Xrvnt the mule' 1lllt'IIll1lI1lN at DR.,f"1O9i'l55EY b H S11111111vr Sclw-11 fu-son nr 1l11n't thu ll FOQW5 F'05Tf.l 111:1lc"s 1l:u1cr? PQ SUMMER ' x" f ' f 1 OIY1. h . L11 .1fllc.ll1 l,l.1rlx guts IH Kwlflnlllw, X L no gf 114-wr lmcxv tl1:1t uxtlu-r l11111111r1stN ur mlm tvutixvs mlxwlt tlwrr. U5 Pc' ff! Slil"l'. 1-5111110 NTll4lt'I1l5- are flll'C2lllj lllgglll A 114' - I rlf-wn 111 ilu-11' trunks Slfl"l'. lSil:2iL'l'i tw -cluwl :mal it walk mini aj I1111. 5k'1ll1II' l11la :mrl 1111111-r Huw Ill vu -ln-mc: lllvl nur xww friumlx. f ,111 11111W1 'lfpm 51 X l .nl l f 5!lum:t I ' - --11 ""' v 'll I WN N QS g-J my , llllllll1 QM 1 11 1 ll-g X It 'alll 1 Wy, V' v- X -I - I JA! b,l!1j N In 31111 1!:1 1i,..1:f11N' l 111,, ,... 1 f ,Mm ' ff - Hass: xl VW .Qi 40:-2 - dc -11 fl lll11 1 N 11 ,lf1"1 f 1 7 1 I X 'iii gig I S05 I 2 A1N1 VERSITY CDF 11.1.1 0 111 N19 111 1 1 115111. . 1 E16 JSA 'D 0 '1J 1 V 4 113 si fy 11 W1 11 1 1 Q X ,Z Q 1111x1112 1- .4 Q V2 ,fl XR 1. 1. ix 21 S1z1"1' 111-Y X1 1' .X.1Q11111111i1111, V17111' 11111 N11-1-11111 111111- 111-:111 1 1:11'1c gnu 111i 11111111111 :111 111? 111 I1l1' 1-1'1'N11 111L'I1. l'1-ggy 1xl1111g1:1x. 111.111 1111111:1g11 is Y1H11llIQ Lvnif Xk'l's1Ij' 11111111111 N1111 11111111 111111 11-1- 111 wc, 1 -11151 111111 111 I'1.111 111' 111111Qi w1-1'1- g.1111g. S1-1'1 311-11111111-'111111 111-g111N-111-11 11111111 111 11111 111'XK s1a11'1' " 11J1111i 111111111111 .j171Xl111i 1.1:lll' V1-1111111 111-11111 1-x1.'111-111u111 1111111112 I111' 111111111tx, N11' x1Jl11 11:111- 1'1Ll111 11:111Q111fr15', 111 11l1' 1-111111r1:11 111 11111 1'1-111'1:1 111-r:1111-'1111111011111 1'1.'1l1l'11N 111111 1'L'2IX11'lN 111 I111' 111111'11:111w11-Q 11L111ll1'111lC111 "1 11.11111 1'1'11'1' 51' gli ., . . .1'1. 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Drizggirfs Dearborn Drug S: Chemical XYOrks .... Knowlton Sz Bennett ................. Spaulding K Quirk ..,.......... Swannel, H. K Son .......... EIrt'tl'it' Supplies Caldwell Electric Shop ......... Ideal Electric C0. ........., . Swartz Electric Shop EllgI'tI'Z'L'I'S Indianapolis Engraving C0. ... National Engraving Co. .... . Farnz ,lltIt'llI11UI'j' Dillavan ...................... Hardy .. ........,....... .. Florists Franke A ,... . ........ . . . jolinson. Gus. .........,. . FIlI'llIf1K7'6 Laurence. G. XY. ......,. . Mittendorf X Kiler ...... Percival X Moorehead .... Ljzwrvrg Eisner , .........,. ...... . .. Hegenlwart K Dickerson Co. .. Lynch, john .......1...... . Nelson K C0. . ........... HLIl't1iK'tI7'k' Doyle. john .................. 653 and Hall Hardware C0. .. .. .. Saffel 8 Co. ..,........... . Thomas Hardware Co. ...,. . Hll1'lIL'J.Y Shop XYitt, Chas. F, ............. . fflvfvfx Beardsley Hotel ........ Cumlwerland Hotel .... La Salle Hotel .......... Marquette Hotel ........... Irv Dt'alc'1's Smith Ice C0. .....,...,..,. . Twin City Ice X Cold Storage Ixzszzmure' Jgwz! Sniedley. Frank R. .......1 . Jt'2c't'It'rs llowman, Ray L. ........ . Bunde S Upnieyer Co. ., Klaulrcr. Chas. ....... . Rubin ......... . . . . Smith. ,Iohn O, .. XYIIESTEIIIIIH ..., 'Clif f ff 600 633 644 63 1 590 6.18 598 614 580 599 602 607 621 637 63, 408 605 62, 633 641 642 627 648 593 635 993 644 641 624 59-L 650 649 619 629 644 620 588 649 58 64 61 593 9 S I.lIlllItfI'ft.'S Champaign Steam Laundry limpire Steam Laundry .... Soft XX'ater Laundry ...... Urhana Steam Laundry ..,. XX'hite Line Steam Laundry Livery llerrick K Stoltey ......... Illinois Motor Car Sales Co. . Kline, XX'. ........,.. .. Shohe, O, E, .........,....... . LIIIIIIHVA and Coal ,Xlexancler Lumher Co, ..,... . llunterNRourke Co. . XX alls Lo., XX. XX, .,..,... . illuizirftirtrzrws lln1111Cl' Cn, ....,.......,. . Burr Co. .............,,., . Carson-Payson Co. .... ,..... Liharlottesville XX'o0len Mills .... Llarke, L. X. 81 Lo. ................, . Dearborn Drug X Chemical XX'orks Dietzgen. Eugene Co. ,...... ....... . lfvens-Howard Fire Brick Co. lireeni Engineering Co. ..,, . Higgins Ink Co. ,,...,.,, . Johnson, XX'. A, Piano Co. . Lufkin Rule Co. ......,. . Lunkenheimer Co. . ,. Mohr Sz Sons ......., Morgan Rug Co. ...... . Norse Twist Drill Co. . Quaker Oats Co. ..... . Reeds jacob Sons .. Starrett Co. ..... . X'ilter Mfg. Co. .. XX'eller Mfg, Co, .. XX'estern Brick Co, ..... . ,lleufs Ross 8 Boyle ..........,. illillimfry Bergen, iXlrs. A. L. ..,.. . McXX'illiams Sv Gleim ,..... I'fmiogr11,h!11'l'.r .-Xhernathy ,,...........,. .. Renne . ......... , ....... Stephens .., ............ .. Strauch Koflak Finishing Pl11mIn'r1r Carson-Payson Co. ......... . Johnson Bros. ,..., .... . ............ . Reliable Plumbing K Heating Lon... 611 618 6.10 601 6:1 594 7, 092 6 o 54, 6 3: 628 64: 63 1 64: 647 636 64: SQO 614 628 593 6 36 630 590 610 604 642 010 635 613 638 610 6 6 4 625 605 651 643 600 615 606 613 647 630 64 1 15871 1'ri11f1'r'.r limi I-JltI7ll.Y1lr'I'.X treo, lianta Pulvlishing Lo. ....., Lroioot, Xielson X Lo. .. lI.I.IU, IQIS .,............ Klunhall Printing House ... .... University Press ...,..........,.. ,... 7iI't7lISf7HJ'ft1fi1HI Detroit K Cleveland Navigation Co. .. Illinois Central R. R, Co. ...,........ . Illinois Traction System ,.,. Ren! Ifstult' Vanneinan, F. XI. fo. li'1',vft1:1f'1111lct lluslmfs llairy Lunch ..... .... fave ................. .... College Hall X firille ., . 4 . . Martens .... ,.....,, ..,, Y, Rl, C. .X. Cafe ............. Ciicrwil .llt1rl11fu1'!111'w' Quaker Oats Lio, ,.,... ...... . 5i1iZI1IUlX 111111' Co.llt'g11'x l2rown's Business College ....... ,.... Dickson Voice and Piano School College of Dentistry ...,,,........... College of Metlicine ,. ...,.. .. .... College of Pharmacy ... .,.. 5114785 foes X Young ............ . ..,. . Sllffllifi for Sflltlifllfx Loop ............,.,....,....... Lloyfls .... ,...,. ..... .... G.XC.IXIk'YFi1llIlC1P. .. Tennis Rtirkvfs Horsman, E. I. Co. .....,.. .. .. TUG tllllf Crfflift' Calumet Tea and Cotiee Co. , Tlmifrrx Crystal Theatre .., .... ..., Illinois Theatre . .... Lyric Theatre ..... .... Orpheum Theatre ... . .... XX'alker Opera House .,....... .... Tl'tIJI,YfL'l' and Stomnyt' O'l?1yrne .............,........ .... llvflnffjtlfn' .U1'tIfL'l'x Eisner Grocery Co. ...,,.... .... l.. R, House K fo. . 608 65g 5-'ng 618 61o 634 603 506 5110 62.1 611 1 640 636 6 1' -, 365 6811 6 30 500 645 601 5118 5o1 505 611 1 63.5 6s ' 60: 6.40 545 636 636 631 642 63 3 WE DON 'T MAKE WATCHES NVQ' mln nxalie Sure, lions-vs-r, that cxcry watcli iltlllgill nfL1S I5 C0l'l'PL'lly' Iliad? lleiillff' NYC sell ll. Our system uf Carefully inspecting every watch lllUKOI1ll'Hl befufi' ll IUKIVES ULN' store 'TSS PHTTIPQI for us :I reputation of imemg depvnrialmlc in exery- lillfltl k'UI1l'lCClCd hllil fill' XYEICII IIUSIUSSS. . . . ,, "Bowman Prices will interest you. How is your watch running this cold weather? ll it goes u rom: ue can make it izo right Over tlnrtx xears ul lmnost dealing has helped us lu nm tlir publicis vu-nhdcncc. OUR WATCH WORDS ARE Carefulness, Courtesy and Capability Xyallfwrl lperzi Holm- flxrnnpaign. Ill. Where the Quality is Always Right Can you try Ky1e's Domestic KyIe's Domestic Bakery There is no table richly spread without a loaf of Ky1e's Domestic Urbana Illinois Phones: Bell155S, Auto 4912 l .Um wx ftfftmmlz - Xlt l'tt l'x1t l-l OLDEST LARGEST BEST Vsft- make a specialty ulclean- ing lrme- fabrics. STU DEN T TRADE SOLICITED Niain Olilicc Walker Opera House Plant 506 N. Neil CALDWELL ELECTRIC ix M I' l f 1 0" ...if WW' .'g,',f", f 451715 N ,W Ig Carries the largest stock For Over years U' tl h'fI 't'l t 'I . Jes le 'L' M35 L nys ma erm We have been witli you, always llie Hforks the highest class men leading Shop for College jewelry and souvenirs of every description. No uluum stuff," only tlie better grade goods. When in the City always re- TI . . H I . member to call on us. 1 ' ' ' V Y ' ' 7 I ' . - M D. ze ,eu-Wm H 13 Om Mmm? lvlalung to orcler Sorority, Fraternity 1-Y U19 U10-Vf -Yllff-YfUCf0f'3' or Class Pins our specially. Chas. Maurer JEWELER and OPTICIAN Phone for us and we'll work for you 41 Neil Street, Champaign B C R h O W 3 N III 7 S p B 21 U 1 S 8 I n N , E g 1 l E3 iii L +L Ai ' he i H OFFERS THREE EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG COURSES n The Combined Course The Buxiness Course O 0 The Shorthand and Typewriting Course. ' 0 This seliool prepares you for success in business, Our courses are l--r 1 USE not ornaments. OPEN ALL THE YEAR. Handsome neu L Catalogue freewseml for one, S ISSSI F. M. VANNEMAN, Notary Public lR. N. FARGO, Manager F. M. VANNEMAN 81 COMPANY Orr speciality is the accommodaticn of the University community in locating building sites for private homes or FI'21I6I'I'lltl6S, finding satisfactory homes for private families or clubs and protecting property against tire and wind. We have a special blanket policy to cover the property of individuals in the same house. Phones: Auto l57-l. Bell 922 612 East Green Street Champaign, Illinois Want Clothes That Are Different? GO TO The L. 8z P Tailoring Co. 213 W. Main Street, Urbana, Illinois Dearborn Drug 81 Chemical orks Nlanulacturers ol Scientihr' Boiler Feed Water Treatment, prepared to niet-t actual requirements shown by analysis Ol water used, to prevent st-alt-, corrosion, pitting and loaming. Conipounders and inarlteters of highest class lubricants for all purposes, tilperatvrs ol analytical laboratories. Physical testing and analysis ol oils. DEARBORN DRUG 81 CHEMICAL WORKS ROBERT F. CARR, President General Offices, Laboratories and Works, Chicago I -'t1'1IIfl Xtwl.Nl'iiii1 1'-.Iiflm llflttt 1711 tw CO-0P-CO-OP Exclusive Distributors of all Varsity Supplies Mailed or Expressed Prepaid Two Dollars and Twenty-five Ce ts THE CO-OP, CHAMPAIGN, ILL. l!'llIrf': llrff-if ll.-mhmu mf fiffzuu ffzu .ffrrrl Is'l'ffyl 1,11 Xml: f',f,"f'w:.1'f111 "Pre,x'y, Prexy, IVh0I'C IIUVQ YOU b9?11?' ' A Clironivlc of 15901115 at the lYl1i'1'k'I'Sifj' "I'1'e been to Germany 111111112 1911-1912 To see my Karreen. " Cloth - - - 52.00 Half Leather - - "P"L1Ix'5i' Prexv, Fllll LOLlIhCl' - - S-. U liyllflf did you there?" EXPRESS EXTRA "I ate Cheese and prezisels ADDRESS 1913 ILLIQ And dr ank lager beer. IIHMIIEIIIIN IIIINOIS WE SELL SERVICE YOU BUY SATISFACTION The Illinois Motor Car Sales Co. Solit-its Your LIVERY SERVICE LIMOUSINES On a basis ot fair prices and courteous treatment l':irti4-s, Country Trips, Transfer Calls, Over Town Sight Seeing lrlniriqi llram-Ii Champaign Branch limi lifvwl Xifflll O'l"'1'I IOS Vvyest Hill Street l'llum'x, Phonggg l "W-7 H' PIII' Bi-ll 375. Auto 1361 l.:"Jl I VISITORS TO TOWN . should visit us VJ ow G J Souvenirs here for them 'QPPLW' Nlnst cvr-ry ne ants same little thing :L .1 i'Cllll'li1lH'ill"lCl'. ' Quito inexpensive. ours tire, anti qlxllff att ac' Green chain grate stokers lm., and ,lung --,hc lpnngj' Geco ratchet ash drag-S Tlwy comprise a great varlvty ul- Univnrrsltx puns In golrl and silver, belt pins, fubs, liat pins GBCO DTPSSUTG W11t6l'b11CkS ami nn assorllncnt of sterling spoons with t-:timer i . ' time iwuilrlings or seal on imntllo :mtl tin' rust Get-0 pneumatic ash handling Systems woulil nut stop any-me from owning lwm'ol,lllc'l11, Geco ventilated flat ignition arches 51.00 and up G 6 E ' ' C Be a looker I' CII I1gII1CCI'1l1g 0+ 28 East Jackson Street W uesteman CHICAGO THE TIFFANY OF CHA IVIPAIGN 3 Y A L E L S T li 0 L V E D S E R A S N H D A R R D A N G lg? THE CHARLES A. HALL HARDWARE oo E 115 S. RACE St. Prompt attention to all URBANA, ILL. AUJ' fvvl' UVA' t1f'mI,x'.vt1.vIUff vtillilji' I lr! llzuzn turn 1.11--I.Xt'li llI4ISS. .l A fl, lmsl AUTDIVIOBILE LIVERY Limousines and Touring Cars fur- nishecl for parties and sightseeing HERRICK 8? STOLTEYXS' GARA GE S Clil th Sifffet Cwl13lNI1allln STERN BROS. CLOTHIERS 23 Main Street Champaign, Ill. The Young Men of today appreciate good clothes, espec- ially the college men, who always set their taste ata high standard. This store has always stoocl lor the hest in wear- ing apparel. The new Hart, Schalliner 8: Marx suits lor young men comprise the seasonls newest novelties and most desirahle liahrics. 318.00 to 32500. IVa1k Over Shoes, Emry Shirts, Everwear Hosiery HGTEL BEARDSLEY Xxx W Y 'ikxvqz 2? sem xe- 4 ij twiki lv? X1 ivw f-" x-4,-'-,f l S5 fl" -:Il ' . I I-+11 i' 1 ,fs . , 1-AP: 3f1'1B1e1'.f -V-LL-V ,f1's'5.f-f',:m'+ wav- sa, st f ' 'se 1.25 P, 5 git! '1 .,, Q :. ifsiit :ws-1 " "iii 32 5' 1' lffif ,ff'5i'ia'i"f5F?:'Q Gif '13 :-4:5 gig-2Hi1-Qv, 5 tgxzl' A ji.: fstuifi "mf?...j'iu...T -fffszf 5 mi feb., ,Wg-f 5 my- s ':,1-Me. , " .. .. 'fsffif--"iz:.:'st1 s-1.55 4 Y K , ,l ,fi n .A ,N .s-e,1--gyms. N,-,N 31? 41: f"'i,,e E r,' : .gg ,ling-iti:?l,"..5 rf r. - - . it , , , . , , Q. isglr. :,,:4: z -sh . .-Q-, . ' -:, ,lE', if , ' l Aj!--11,-939532124 l. . Bt,,. t 1 ., , , 5-.nvflf t. :tv vii?-:' .-i T 'ss Q.-.., -at '-A 3. iff 1 A H sissy? 2 1,fgb!,,Lr,,,,'.4..4.. Que'-" " "' -I .l 1 My if , 'GAL r:f'1:F',g..,fQ -' - .4,, 1' i, ,. .. .., : -g-. Af ,. ..4:.7-L"' ' r ,.13'.t,,,--.L' H" 5' W- .- J'T': a,5T'f- -F-, -- f 'z',i4. a5' i + A A' ea. " 5 1 .7 j . lf-1' .-' L A f, - .mtg -tv..-T:-'fL1r'xrsfrf '4' ll fEi5l,,l' L' SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO BANQUETS Q f-r'if-i' N:-il nrirl llill bln-els Both I'Im11e.v Champaign, lllinois 1 nu ffm! Xllt' ix mf! fliflrl-Ilt'lf fu fzllfivt' ll fir-yvt xii'- XX' . Kuff-11" if? Y f' 1 V . 1 qi' 'AV I EP Mgr ..- A H. me 1 iRY,.?:r:.:, . :,:iL.Jx,.Y 4 - V Y X B C N f f ,, 7 ff ff I 1 600 L' Green Sr . 'MMF' 1, DJDLZ Elm 'QE 7 Ala fr: .Str-Qef ch a f f NSN 7 Main Sfreef 000 f- Green .Smear CHAMPAIGN !ffll70l5, if 'iz The Illinois Traction System lMcKinley Lines? Danville, Urbana, Champaign, Decatur, Clinton, Bloomington, Peoria, Lincoln, Spring- field and St. Louis FAST, FREQUENT, CONVENIENT Trains Protected by Automatic Electric Block Signals Luxurious Parlor Cars, Maxiinuin Comfort at Miniinuni Cost Sleeping cars between Peoria and St. Louis, Spring- field and St. Louis Take the "Road of Good Service" lswil Ladies' IfVork ll Specialty ll'ork Called For :mal Ilulivered Telephone Bell 1237 BRAMAN 81 MARR TAILORS Suits Made to Measure Cleaning, llycing, Pl'L',Y.YiIlf.f and Repairing 118 South Race Street Urbana, Ill. One on the Spoonoid The day after the Ag Dance, the Campus Scout printed a notice in the Daily Illini that if the man who had held the girls head on his shoulder did not send a dollar to the office the aforesaid man would be exposed in the column by Tuesday A. Nl. By Monday the editor had received 27 dollar bills and four offers for pugilistic encounters. THE CORN EXCHANGE NATIONAL BANK OF CHICAGO lil-sul lQm'ls lvlllvll-is Tum- Li-ans - SI-H-,fi25,7!39.85 I parm -i x ii xml 1, i',.,.t.:.-in Demand l..-fans N,Sll5,51ti.75 S-lfl,li'il,2Sli.lill tilts I, Ill It IlIXsl1X,X,.. 1'...,,1 I trhvmlrahs ---. 4.99106 CH-Xl'Xl lX ,I lil XlK,N:1--YI'ii's:w i l'n.i.'fi Si1.iQsl3..n.lS - b 1,7lllLtllIU.llU " A W" ' "W l"'f"""n'f""' mlm Bonds . t . - 2,587,Utill.0ll 12 V eU'W'Nil't'f"'W'1"'tf Bank Bmlflmg - - . 2,lltltl,tltl0.Utl ""'N' W 1" X e"""U'i Cash un hannl - 313,-l7?3,38t5.3-l IR xx ix H XXII I H' Li"ilW' 1 i - ,I IIKXXXIxl1XlXXSX,.fX-sitit-lint: l liccns lor vlwuriiiq V Q Muse - - I 1'S36'139,H ,I xxii s-, xx tit: llll,l1, xslt pi.. i.-an i,, . s.:a45,5oo.24 ' ' U 'N " "WV ru' " A' Tr.-at. LIS. 222,UlltlQLQSi,H72.tJYltiitlQ l'll4lV1Hl-TX g73'3g35.jg53,53 Clmrl--5. H. Wm-lter lxlzirlin .-X. Ryerson . W fliaunu'-x .l. lilziii' Capital - - I i XI-AILI ldih. Sjjvlpfllujljfjbotj Ellwzirtl li. Butler Lilinrle-s li. lliilhurul 5.1.-plus - - . 5,lltlU.lllltl.lltJ L If-ff'-iff' IM-lx'-wlwf-'iw' Linda-.ii.-.1 P.-tithe Sl0ti.H2ll.5ti HffW'1"f1 K i"'P"'f"" N t'.f.-.,lat.,,,, ..-. 51:4,:as17i5o V Q 1 'plc Mkqff lymdPnL1S L'npm,i A , , 932.00 VN arson l'. Blair lyilmn Li. l'.,rvm:n Dvmgm i Bggnl-,5 S Bgmkvrs S3l.6hlI.3tI71l1 flmrlcs l. llulrliinson i SI i ' lnflluflllill 32-M3-S87-60 hri-S74-lqlhl Eiluflril .-X. Slimlil Fri-:lt-rlrlx Cru:-.ln S7ii,293,ii5fi.68 Ernest .-X. Hzmiill Foreign Exchange Letters of Credit Cable Transfers I5-fri Spaulding 81 Quifk Grocery DRUGGISTS SS Exclusive selling agency W in the Twin Cities for Chase , . 8: Sanborns teas and coH- Q ff. ees. Nelson s U of I Hour. Creve Cour canned goods and Huntley 8-I Palmens line 59 North Neil Street Nelson's Sanitary and of EIIQIIISI1 BISCLIIIS. Green and 6th Streets CHAMPAIGN ILL. TRY NELSONS FIRST eiT PAYS Coes and Young Shoes THOMAS FRANKS 81 SON Thr l"for1'5f5 of the City IF-M JOHN HUGHES, ltflanaiger Something Electrical for Everybody The Ideal Electric Company ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION AND SUPPLIES Complete line of gas and electric fixtures on display Plionesa BeIl70h. .'xlll0lTl1lKlCll72 51 NORTH MARKET STREET CHAMPAIGN, ILL. THE APPEAL OF ., ZIIIKIY MEASURING TAPES ...M to the man starting out in Engineering Lines' railway, Inin- ing. municipal, civil or Inechanicalflies in the lact that they are considered the standard hy men ol long experience in these professions. These men have always found them to he the hest the marlcet allvords. UFMNFULE 0 'SAGlNAW. lVllCH., U. S. A. L.,,,,, ' New York London. England Wiiis1Jr,Canada s ,xi 3- fxilllj - -m s E?i'f,j-V. tiff Tsai N5-5.E"" COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY University of Illinois Member of National Association of Dental Faculties Recognized by National Association of Dental Examiners An institution olliering unsurpassed clinical laciliries. Six story huilding. inodernly equipped. Extensive Chemical, Physical and Technical l..al1oratories. lnlirmary liurnislied with one hundred Operating chairs and fountain cuspidors. Personal instruction a marlted feature ol' the curriculum. Competent faculty ol' tliirty teachers. Advanced standing given to men and women possessing pro- fessional degrees. When writing lor catalog, address DR. G. W. COOK, Dean Corner Harrison and Honore Streets Chicago, Ill. 4 y my tn Llllilt' l'It'lli'll ivffllfwilzfiiflliif If f'i'I'.n'i'1f'lIIfIiI-ll lm! .vlmfl I fn! III l.'t'.t'l lruf. bzifm' tf'lm'I'I'111f!l-if -Vrflt fffful A'llHIt'.Y4l-l',N'1f, fhflllilxk-i'rfII1t iiivyililwig fn' Ii'.iI1'f ku I IIS Illlllll tix ynn ilu, .lyk mv. I l.'1Iff'1i'. Ist,-II 1 II11- l111111ls111111- Lis F1rs1 Pine 1- 11 ms ll l ll N lillli Kill H i l 1 1.111 -i 11111 111lll1111l 1l1a1 they are xvry l11111111r1111s. Nix 1'1111s's -111 ll1 1 1111-x11111l gills. 111 g:'nr'1'al .1rP 11:lrI11'11l111'l5 liumip :intl l1'111- I11 l1li1' l11r I l x 111111111 111 l1t 11 L n 1111l'1r 111111 l tlie 1111111 -1 r 1111 l l l l 1 l l11-l11'x1- Il1.1! ls.l11111l1l gr-1 Vlit Rim:-I lille. Wall Paper Paints Oils Varnishes Glass Mouldings Picture Framing Parquetry Flooring Floors Finished Ready to Walk on Papering Graining All Kinds of Wood Finishing We make a specialty of Frescoing Large Buildings WILLIAMS BROTHERS l'l111111-,1 ll.-ll 278, A111.111111111- 2252 lb XVnlnut Street. Champaign. Ill. To the Roast Editors g l 11I1r lI1 l1r1111 r11llx1111n111,ll1 1l 11 illl l111x 11 ll Svlw-1l l111'S1'11r11l11lMlV111'1l1r-past ye:1r.11111l l l11l11-x1'l:1111 1111.1l1l11-ri 11111:- - 1 1-11 ' 1 11 5 mrnf-ml 111111 11111 1111 Der:-111h11' .ffl .l:11111111'x lil a1r11l R. E. Z0 BRO Tailoring and Haberdashery 604 E. Green Street Champaign lr11111l OWL CEMENT --i f ee' P0llTlAllIl CEMENT wonxs LIE - ll- A Eurlliintl Lvuit-:il ill llit' lllgliwd quaillly GERMAN-AMERICAN PORTLAND CEMENT WORKS E. L. COX, General Sales Agent Nl.-XRt3LTlz'l'l'E BLDC. IIIrIICAGlVl XV-wits: I,z-:Salim-, lllmms Urbana Steam Laundry John Vwyhite, Alaiifigcr We Cater to those who appreciate good work. I0lllrI1t'5 lltll 877 Amo 41511 223 MAIN STREET Opposite Flax Iron .N The SCHOOL OF PHARMACY ffsiyfff? of the "wx-I A N '75, 1 . 'gxvfgfr-9 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS '- t- : " X Wi., 'alex ,f'f,,?o3li.f"Tg,5 jg. Ni . ' '-4 Qriers the teehnieal trulnmg neees .ii 'Q I TEX" sary lor the successful praetiee ol- Phar- f' ,f fgbiw iff , . A ,,?"7E 1 'W' r maey. Courses leading to the degree ol w" af ' ' i Wy? gi 67-fi ' I Z ,. . Graduate in Pharmacy and oi Pharmaceu- ' -'f' " 5::'5i-W' . . f f" xg ' " tical Chemist. V 'f"gi'5' " 'T' ' - ff A QR, In Thelifty-third annual session begins - L M r E will -1 'ii ",' -1 'L' September Il, 1913. For ann iuneement or other information address. W. B. DAY, Acting Dean Michigan Boulevard and Twelfth Street Chicago, Illinois ",N'lfffafy, !tr'l .mtl trim 1 1 it i1,hfm11'.f ufwn lily .ti m"'eIQi'i:i lfttellli Illllll "Let Us Figure Your Contract" Gas and Electrical Fixtures SWARTZ ELECTRIC SHOP J. W. Swartz ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING No Job Too Small No Job Too Large llh SOUTH RACE STREET URBANA, ILLINOIS CRYSTAL THEATRE Champaign 's Largest and Best MOTION PICTURE HOUSE Matinee daily 2 to 5 ADMISSION 10 CENTS Evening 7 to 11 The Best Famous F Chocolates La Vogue Made Are Chocolates 60 CENTS THE POLNIJ Packed Carefully in any sized box for shipment anywhere HARRIS 8: MEAD 608 E. Green Street f1ll.'XNll'.XIGN ILLINOIS twirl mil IIIUHI M! l,1ll11ffr L rqiwfzx i'nHljw,v111,fu 1 1 1 111 flu' m'i1,v.r, I .1:'f'.1, I ffvwlznzur' -Um' S:u1'ir1'v15ki lfmgl i When Homeward Bound OR ON Summer Vacation Trips remember that you can quickly and comfortably reach your destination by the fast and efficient through train service of the x5 CE QWLRQPO 4 "LIMITED TRAINS" 4 as well as other equally good L'Specials," "Fast Mail," and Locals EFFICIENTLY SERVE A VAST TERRITORY to and from the following points and territory Panama Limited Chicago New Orleans Seminole Limited Jacksonville, Florida St. Paul 81 Minneapolis Limited l St. Paule Minneapolis Omaha Limited OmahaeSiouX City New Orleans Special New Orleans, Louisiana Fast Mail Memphis, Tennessee Daylight Special SpringfieldfSt. Louis Diamond Special y St. Louis, Missouri Hot Springs, Ark. El Paso and Houston, Texas. California Tickets, fares and sleeping car reservations may be had on application at Illinois Central ticket office. H. A. POVVELL, Ticket Agent W. W. XVILSON, Trav. Pass. Agent Champaign Champaign ltirrjl JOSEPH MOHR, President EDVVARD MOHR, Ass't Secretary ALBERT MOI-IR, Vice-President VVILLI.-XM J. MOHR, Treasurer LOIQIS MOHR. Secretary and Conzulting Engineer John Mohr 81 Sons Largest and Best Equipped Boiler Shop in the World ENGINEERS, DESIGNERS AND MACHINISTS Steel Plate and Structural Work of Every Description. Boilers of all Kinds and of highest grade and efficiency Blast Furnaces, Mixers, Steel Ladles, Hot Stoves, Converters, Furnaces, Cupolas, Sterilizers, etc. In fact Everything and Anything made of light or heavy steel plate or structural material vm I II XX Univ. 50L'TH WQRK5 .WI no ,WI XY. Illinois Street '-Pbth Street and Calumet River lvl IIIIIII NNI Tel. South Chicago 1154 lluql ROSS AND BOYLE Cash Meat Market 105 SOUTH NEIL STREET CHAMPAIGN. ILLINOIS The Fellows that do the Bzlsirwss I Roasts Instructor in HouseI10IcI Science -'What is in ,- lard made of ? V Kappa I:resI1man --We-II butter is made 'K-5 , I OI C0w's milk, so I suppose Iard is made QCSQLD ' from pigs mill-1. . I -cf,-' -wfvrgy XQ, 45:91 ,,- He that mal-cetI1 a Iyasf-IJaII team engag- sth himself with A Y or X 'P Ml Y 5 Roses Q3-D it Cal natlons -- It Thu, .L ' .Q 5 .55 Deeora tlons E ' g fiftlq ,p I GUS. JOHNS N Q I I f .I 306 East Springfield Avenue 5- , ,.,. HS' I 1: I CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS The Assistant Florist. who will appreciate your patronage PHONES Auto H71 Bell ll7'J H vin' jlI'I'L'lI up fffttlltfj' IXtf111'mzlu'ryf dlzrwyf l.t-111-KI.x1:t,.x1:x I I.,xt Hmxlv txt' Itluxws ILM H5051 Photographs That appeal to those who judge not by prive alone. STEPHENS Urbana Illinois 1 I lf 1111 11111,l'.' 11 11111111'x' 1111111 11 fu' 1 Hlrf 1 rl 111 M1 11l11f 16061 f'4.'w , fqw e e'i!'igaf ' Wife,-is - 1 if .2 1 1 e 1 lx' illl'l:1zfff7Y7 ' Alf' nl , .wwf 1 ,fi q M- WIID HDCUJILUSI it i, ll' 'rl ' fl if " filbb.-'Cp' V ', 'lt EQQNUNQ A ogg, fs 1 fi-:Q ' llxlgff : N EXETER llllil' L ' -5 25' " Q 4 gqjtyf, ly Etiewllwvilfm wt f - ., QDIMDANW g '2:?:LSg:'t:1r,.K viii:-runngsi ie ":"""Jib 'mhgiigilxk Y ' A Svzmuv xs:..f:-fi Qg3NA,,,.4Nx-.1 i- L1 The engravings for this and for the 1911, and 1912 issues of the Illio were made by us. We solicit a comparison of the cuts with those in the general run of College Annuals, and we be- lieve our cuts will be found different---better. Write for our proposition. M071 LJ gl gl. 'LLJ-xfvz i - V, ,z ,Vf-jxfl f f AA in X' ' ' i "" Q Iwi' M6 , i X p'Ii":-fm Qu ma tm uni ma "l ' ma " 'nn cm 1' l 63321 'T i ' 'F v lg' if. 1- gl H A Word from the Printer 5 B if fl s . - . . il ll H15 BOOK is the Jrmlnct oi 21 j ll l F 4 E plant built and organized for tllc ' one purpose of serving thc college H and its people. Long' experience in this lg 3 HL-lil. has Q-pulrleil it to uttiiinnn clegree of ll Gl'l'li'lL'l1Cy lan' lmeyoml possibility lll ll gen- 'V E eral printing CSlilllllSllIllL'lll. The uhnos- i pliers is clifl'ercnt. 'llllL'l'L' is Z1 l'znnili:n'ity E with thc Cfwllc-gc zlnnnnl llml l11illiL'S slnoolll X thc prugrcss of sm-li Zl lmoolq llll'OlIQ'll t'Yt'I'y iw li " slugs of itsflcwliqnllcllt. 'L S x , . , . i li E llsrc also is the lunnc ol over 'rlnrty 6 U G1't6li-ltlltl' anal cnllcgiutc pillmlicutinns. 'V if Q S Thr cclitors' ncuils :irc 2lllllL'llJ1llCil ln' men S E wllu lmuw ilu-nl tlll'H1l:L1'll lillnwlcclgc of llic cf-lli-gr lill- :mil culla-5,50 llllllg,fS. It is T711 E g f'nffijQ'if1i4'I'1'i'.v,v,lm-czlllsu il is in thi- llllllllhl g of wvllcgc pcuplv. working for cnllcgc pw- rl .1 pp, Q l l " ' U ll A, . g F 2. Q F - 5 H ., ol 6 ' - . . " ll Qin' Qllllfllllilll' i.lI'l'51i N F3 gg l 5 GEORGE BANTA PUBLESHENG CGMPANY EL rx 450-454 Ahnnip Street MIZNASHA. NVISCONSIN 652 5233 fl. T., J' -, Cqfxon cm an un an em u cm cm n cm air? vp :PN-'J 9 .af Q., 7 mm Q W AQEGSQIZYXE L I -- - 21 fm W i 4yxyT, -i H1031 Snow XVhite High Lights and Coal Black Shadows With Absolutely No Details in Either Makes a Very Uiiclesirable Picture If you want a Photo that is a true likeness full of detail, with all the fine gradations of light, have them made at ABERNATHY'S .l. . . P1 ffrz .lrimir-illtlfmfzm' mf Jn flip 1.zlu'i1ry Itiol pl . , THE VILTER MANUFACTURING CO l " ci Z " F 1 hi' h d 1867 i "Q- 'ut .sa use It s. ig W NS' + es I Q. 1 ' 5' EZ. MILWAUKEE. WISCONSIN Q I I - Corliss Engines for Belted or Direct Connected Service C V Ice Making and Refrigerating Machinery f Y... - 5111" I crtxcul or Horizontal , gn X 4Jg,g5,,,-: Vertical Ammonia Compressor for Belt-drive NI G TWIST DRILLS AND MACHINISTS' TOOLS Carbon and High Speed Steel Every process of every tool is subjected to rigid inspection. There are no wealt spots in MlVl0RSE" DRILLS and TOOLS. They are high quality goods. Guaranteed to give satisfaction. Send for illustrated catalogue, lree. MORSE TWIST DRILL Sz MACHINE COMPANY New Bedford, Mass.. U. S. A. ln the manufacture of i if. g LUNKENHEIMER PRODUCTS ,liti- 1l"""F"""'if- the udetailsu have heen carefully considered. and through nearly half Aw a century of experience and study a perfection of quality has devel- " L- ,Q oped that is recognized hy users all over the world. A Their individuality is distinct and it is universally acknowledged that Lunltenheimer goods are heyond competition. They are strictly speaking-The Goods That Last and Satisfy. The line includes brass and iron valves, water columns and guages, guage cocks, hlow-olli, pop-safety and relief valves, whistles and whistle valves, cocks. hrass and iron fittings. unions, injectors and ejectors, gas engine specialties, luhri- catnrs, oil pumps, oiling devices. oil and grease cups. MOST supply houses sell them-yours CANgil they donit or wonitftell us. Nvrite for catalog. THE LUNKENHEIMER COMPANY Largest Manufacturers of high grade Engineering specialties in the world. General ofhces and works, CINCINNATI, OHIO, U. S. A. Branches NILVV YO!-'l-I LONDON, S. E. BOSTON CHICAGO 64-68 Fulton St. 35 Great Dover St. 138 High St. 186 W. Dearborn St., Cor. Lake 'i l iff! In11m1'1'wzt'-XX'iI.1.1s Claexlziz, It 9 II 16ml ' 1 I cC0rm1ck s 61 North Nell strc-cl Good C3IldlE'S EiUd COflfECllOllS El A New N wEBs-rER's NEW INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY THE MERRIAM WEBSTER The Only New unabridged dictionary in many years. An Encyclopedia. Contains the pith and es- scm-e of an authoritative library. Covers every field of knowledge. The Only dictionary with the New Divided Page. A "Stroke of Genius." 400,000 Words Defined. 2700 Pages. wiw- 77-y 6000 Illustrations. My Cost S400,C00. fx ,pf Q .5 K Xfsii j Let us tell you about f -Rex ' ' this most remarkable : e q 6 1 single volume. if 'Swish Write for sample pages, ' ' ' Yi-ix vista:-22:3 X'3,..y, full particulars, etc. Everything home made ' ' :jf XXQQ-gy W, ' , If 65- Xml .Ma Name this paper and ,vw .sri N . we will send PRHE 3 M of Pocket 6 mf-A ' ' "QP MSDS- -, f f M5- W!tml!-' -, Y.- ,. 11. Q" ,- it f' .f 2 -Q " f . Q - G. 81 C. MERRIAM CO. JVIac's Catering is Famous if " SPliINUFIELD.3ll55- I-27 , 74 fy .N l' . Champaign Steam Laundry OPPOSITE WALKER OPERA HOUSE THE OLD RELIABLE MONROE 8: KEUSINK, Proprietors Student Trade a Specialty Phones: Home 1115. Bell 897 30 North Neil Street l6III Amateur Finishing Selllflg Agenfly f0I' Copying Enlarging Flashlights Post Cards Thesis Photos Lantern Slides Kodak Finishing Shop ABOVE CO-OP Cor. Wright and Green Streets Ensign Film Cylco Paper Ansco Cameras Trays Developing Tubes Hypo CHAMPAIGN Printing Frames VIGWS 11115 Flash Powder Commercial Wlorli Mail your film to ns Cramer Plates 'O' N 3 'Q 7 A s . X! I Z Q fri Q., I QN . ,V 3, f!1LiFlBQFI...i,,Q!l,SQ: Tm: A,,- V xhll ig K . ,. . l ,,. A. .,.r - ., . , . 'i 1 -iv - I7-10 XVALNUT STREET Both Phones IVUII Paper. Paints, I'l1l'lIf.S'lIOS Etc. Contractors for paper-hanging, house painting, decorating and hard wood finishing J. M. Kaufman and Company Kill.-XMIX-XlGN'S LARGEST STORE lmzl Jacob Reed's Sons Gold Medal Uniforms FOR OFFICERS OF THE United States Army, Navy and Marine Corps AND STUDENTS OF PRINCIPAL Military Schools and Colleges We are splendidly equipped to supply Cus- tom Tailored and Ready to Wear Clothing of exceptional quality and Making. Haberdash- ery, Headwear and liveries of every descrip- tion. Presentation Swords, Swagger Sticks, Scarf Pins, Presentation Belt Plates, etc., etc. Exclusive and only authorized distributors of Greek Letter Fraternity Hat Bands and Neckwear. Jacob Reed's Sons 1424-1426 Chestnut Street Philadelphia H3131 ESTABLISHED 1860 I-I. Swannell or Son Juris AND wizis Il E I, Ii-XBLE IJRLCGISTS Fell on the ice A A They toolx an awlul tumble Older tlian tlie University Tlic Relialile Store lor your Prescrip- Julia Iussed tions, Drugs and Drug Store Goods Weis nearly cussed CUT PRICES UN Cause tlie fall made an awful Toiuir ARTICLES jummeh Tlue Rexall Store NU. I MAIN STREET, CH.-XIVIP.-XICN 39, EUGENE DIETZGEN CO. I Manufacturers is - . TZGEN , Engineers D Surveyors A SUPPLIES SURVEYING INSTRUMENTS as mznnuliavtured by us, possess improvements of design and construc- tion tlizit are- recognized luy tlie Engineering profession as being tlie best, Made complete in our OWI1 factories, from tlie largest cast- ing to this smallest part. Assembled and linislied by slxilled men. Iii ollivr xworrls.l1l'IldE' fight. Complete line of Field and Office Supplies. Send for catalog today f.IIIf. VLO NICXY YORK SAN FRANCISCO NEW ORLEANS 'I'OIiON'IiO l'l'l"I'SI3l'RG PHILADELPHIA Principal Factories: Chicago and Nuremberg, Germany Rs.-presented in Str Louis Mo. by L. Rl'CKIiR'I' Sc COMPANY, 517-321 Merchants Laclede Bldg. l"I-tl Caterin g to those who ap rec' h Sap Y p late t e best in photo r h :ax N. NEIL S'I'Rh.E'I'. c'll.m1r'.,xlL3N Ill ui ,INK If-'Sl Y , 50 A i' , cn an N Z H Z 5 J fn .2 2 45 . Q 1' C4 - Q: Z us Q -.3 : -E D A 'Q E Z L Z Q - 2 Q. O Q Z - V2 a ' 1 'N W D: 2 W a- V9 5 : 5 Q Q E., m E :J C s Q 3 2 Q H I jx. 'W' 'vu 03:2-Q7 "'Q:gQx " wg- Q .. . xi Q YK .Q Yimlibd fy, ' iff, yn,-J' , - :QQA W2 Y f 1 'X f . 'fa-P N X P , - .4 -- -- 14 I ' :A fjf , 4 ' K ' -iff: "',, 1 ' -. ,J-' x ,,.,,ggiQ 'if f -fg " P A " Ef f 5 m y , N Q Q51 5 5 4.:' 1 'f'?'5 '4-vw , ' ,- " ,..,Q::1,' A- ' , - ' " ' ' x--V 1 ' . -N xx: W 4, rw- iv - g ' , N -V uw J' - ----f -- ,wv tgwz-grip. , 1 1. :, "' ., ' . 1 rl 1- 3 555: gf so 'ff' ...I f,....? if , li Sapa ,Ei 5 I -x,. 1gf11.,. P ' . 5 Q ' Q 12 ., , ,ra-5:-91:11-::xL i. ff f w :1 sm. - ...Y - ' 1 ' ix EE- V - f --- -- 3 fig Q E 32 N'Q- f ' ' 5 - Xiibffk Q.....- if ' ff' "' 5 " - , : - , r " ' ' ' ' T' ' , , 4 1 5 LP - .,.---,-. ., - its I XE , 1:42. 2 I fix 1 1 K., ' 'Q-x R gi- .5 9 .x QW n - a w J . ' 9 Wu?-' A I 'f 4 Q gi m 1 Ak x- , Xl , mfs, I ,Mm A' lg: , -JL xx N - -, 1 v il' L, l6161 STATE BANK OF CHICAGO Established 1879 OFFICERS L. A. GODDARD, Pr-sldent HENRY A. HAUGAN, Vlce-Presldent C. EDWARD CARLSON. Asst. Cashxe HENRY S. HENSCI-IEN, Cashier SAMUEL E. KNECI-IT, Secretary FRANK I. PACKARD, Asst. Cashier WILLIAM C. MILLER, Asst. Secretary Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits 353,700,000 GROWTH IN DEPOSITS As shown by Offlcial Published Statements january 9, 1911 March 8, 1911 june 8, 1911 - September 2, 1911 December 6,1911 February 21, 1912 April 19, 1912 DAVID N. BARKER - J. I. DAU - - THEO, FREEMAN L. A. GODIPARD - HENRY A. HAUGAN - H. G. I-IAUGAN - OSCAR I-I. HAUGAN - A. LANQUIST - WM. A. PETERSON - GEO. E. RICKCORDS - MOSES I. WENTWORTH - TOTAL DEPOSITS - 323,739,212 24,038,851 24,601,292 25,287,446 24,995,109 25,318,541 26,025,305 BOARD OF DIRECTORS - - - - - - Manager jones. lKI.:n1ghIxn Steel Co. - - President Reid, Murdoch CQ Co. - - - - Retlrud Merchant - - - - - - President - - - - - - - - - Vue-Presnlent - Ex-C-fmptroller Clnpllg-T. Mxlvxuxnlcce X St. Paul Ry. - - - Manager Raul Esmte L-Inn Depnrtmcn! - - - Presnlunt Lnnqlnst bk lllsley Co. - Proprxctor Peterson Nursery r Chxcqgo Txtlu bk Trust Co, - - - Czxpxtnlxst YOUR BUSINESS INVITED S. E. Cor. LaSalle and Washington Sts., Chicago lm7l JUSTICE RIGHT HONESTY , Q o . PPINTING l10U5E John O. Smlth CIIZIIIIDLII-Q71 's AJUIISOIIGIIIIU Jvutffer' Expt-rt Tvalch Repairing I I cI vii Y 1 M nw 'L The Students' GRADUATE oPTIC1AN P R I N T E R 5 Fraternity .Ie-weIry maCIe to orcIer ' xoux r 10 Taylor Street Opposite Beardsley Hotel CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS Telephones: Home 1502. Bell 7-I8 EMPIRE STEAM LAUNDRY Shaw 81 Plotner Brothers, Proprietors 103 West University Avenue BUNDLE, FLAT AND FAMILY WASHING THE ILLINOIS BILLIARD HALL Hfv11fq1n1rff'11r -for Cligurs, Tohucco and Smokers' Supplies I3II,I,I.-XRIYS AND POOL C'nx'111111I1gI1 Bros.. Prop. FIRST I'I,IJUR ,NND B.-XSILMENT NO. 6 MAIN STREET IUINI The University Press MILES di PARRIS 201 East Main Urbana, HL Z The Same Old Place The Same Good Work l """ Parlfcufar Printing for Parlfczzfar PUODIU Danve Programs and Sovfely Printing a Speciafly TALK ABOUT ti, MR. CLANCY and ALL WORK DONE WHEN PRUMISLID T H E M A R Q U E T T E Y"'1f Pf"V"nf'!l' 5"l'f'fElI The original first-class popular priced Hotel in America. 400 rooms Phones At ST. LOUIS, MO. Bell Auto Hotel for your M-Ilher, Wlte and S t - QTJ293 'ill GQ'fQTfll . A ek AJ- -1 Y 'X E .. 7 A I -X W 5 Q .-alfqzll - I 1 I E- I. 4 ' , .- rr Xl' AB M7 S55 'ami f, J Fig? ii! i ' V, f' me ' fm " rl" 'I ,xafifgm ' -E - T r f 5--,v 4 W ll .Q x rl M .Ill E A 2 , f I 1 2 lil , L . . F 1- I ffm 4 A' 1 ,Inn fi' 7 THE CAVE 1'Illl'l'IX1l7l fllmizlrfl Lfzuffcx fluff I3 rf C 111 I' H1 lilly 1 91 V H' 'wif' F or Alflulll FIGURE EE Northwestern jbfuzfual Life 1hSUHUMI?Q?UDUHQ of jbfilzuczzzkee 1912 THE Company was incorporated in 1857 and com- menced business November 25, 1858, on a purely mutual basis and has always been so conducted. Statement January 1, 1912 Asst-ts -------------- - 3285,575,219.+a1 Liabilities, including S1l.8Q2,S53.lO ac- cumulations beld to meet preferred divi- dc-ncl contravts payable in 1912 and SlllJSt'flLlE'I11ly --------- Funds lu-ld lor annual dividends payable in 12112 and lor contingencies ---- 3 lut-omit ------- - ------ S 5-1,535.1+1.78 ljolivim-S in Form- lnsuranvt- in lforce - - - ------ S1,1s17,273,523.00 mllln' r-xirnoraltnary progress ol the worlx ol tlw Northwestern would seem to .lf-niunslruw tliut tlie publit' not only rt-vognizs-s shi- strengtli and solidity ol the ft-xnp:uxy :uni tlie ltlmt-rality and aclaptalulity ol its polivy Contracts, but also time low 1'-ist -fl tin- Ill-llI'3I'll'l' liurnislied by it." FRANK R. SMEDLEY District Agent l urs! Hunk liuilaling Chgimpglign, Illinois I I l.l PHONIQX l!lil,l, l'P3. .'Xl'lO 1041 'mol I 5 , 4 V l - A THE O'BYRNE TRANSFER AND STGRAGE CO. lgI'fiIll'lH'H The Caw Spmtllding K Quirlfs Tite Wud's THE WHITE LINE STEAM LAUNDRY Our aim is to ph-asc you aml gin: you what ywu pax' lor. Plwm- giwf us 3 trial. Yuurs truly, M. G. SNYDER AND HARRY STEWART Bell Phono 406 -Xuto PI I 0 VISIT ROYSDONKS BILLIARD HALL 606-608 South 6th Street "Bill" Roysclon an Qld Varsity l man, Proprint A puff of your 1J1lA'fl1C,S'.Y.YOliL'ifl3ll L'lum'!nl!, IHIIIL' .vu z'f'a'l-lljll-I, I,hm1m ffm BELL PHONE 972 HOME PHONE 2139 CI-IAS. E. IVIUELLER Ice and Coal 118 South Neil Street Call O E. SHOBE Sc COMPANY Fancy Livery and Closed Carriages Baggage AISO DeIivered. We Cater to Students Both Phones OPPOSITE FIRE DEPARTMENT URBANA, ILL. Third Street Bakery AND Delicatessen MH South Third Street 'VIII-1 I't1I'II..-XR STIIIJILNTS' STORE Bakery Goods, Fruits, Candies, Cigars I.'w'v'.lIri1ig QHUII In mit G. A. OSTRAND, Prop. H A R R I S Caterer I Dainty Catering for All Occasions Banquets, Buffet Luncheons, Dances, Receptions, Smokers 1 I Harris Ice Cream Co. "Quality Cream Makers" Phones: Auto 2107. Bell 175 Telephone Randolph 960 HARRY C. SMUCKER Tailor to particular people MODERATE PRICES E. JOHNSON, Designer SALESIWIEIW Nace E. Murray R. Paul Ray A. M. Craigie Richarcl Fitzgerald Melville Engle David Floseen 4th Floor, Mentor Bldg. State and Monroe Sts. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 11,411 "Smokc up you 're going out' ' "Straight Tip ' ' and "Sealed Tip ' ' Built by FRANK E. MATHENY' Cliunipuign Illin0i5 if Repairing of all liimls : 2 ffl" F, 'S . 4' i T , , . 4 Ch 2'l1'lC S F. W it t A i ' Y Y , , . "f"'F?gQjfiifSSgg . .ll-35 N. V! nlnut bt., Clmiiipaxigli. Ill. :,. 2 "': ' , 1.EI ,,:a,f5-' . Qfigf, - Valzses and Trunks ldlciriiesses of every liiml a specialty i' i' Buggies and Curricula s . '.3:'--P: is "il:--' Busby's Dairy Lunch ' Try our famous twenty-five cent dinners and suppers KANDY'S FIVE BARBERS T TAILGR SHOP TW" PUVWFS l Collect and Delivery System Szmitzlry Sliop This Year PIIHNITQ .M7'I'rm 2265 510 EAST GREEN STREET N141 "Western" Medium Priced Vitrified and Impervious FA C IN G B RIC K Sold at prices midway between common backing and mechanically perfect pressed Brick. Capacity 75,000,000 yearly. Western Brick Co. DANVILLE, ILL. Write for catalogue I l Charlottesville Woolen Mills HIGH GRADE UNIFORM CLOTHS FOR Army, Navy, Police and Railway Purposes And the largest assortment and best quality of Cadet Grays Including those used at the United States Military Academy at West Point, and other leading military schools of the Country. Prescribed and used by the cadets of the University of Illinois lrigril HEGENBART 8: DICKERSON COMPANY Groceries 1 and 3 North Neil Street PHONES: BPI L 1038. AUTO 1670 ai l l ll Agents for JONES DAIRY FARM Y. IVI. C. A. Restaurant The Place to Eat lV,1Pl'C Fifteen cents nzakes u nom Like u quarter Quick service SHllS3l:ft'S BECCTI Bllfi HHUTS T Hi O S o F . D A L Y Dont afraid of I DQESSYRS G. . 5HADow Buy clotlies ol JOS. KUHN dk CU. Cliampuign You will prosper PIANOS FURNITURE And Nlusicnil Instruments Victor, Columbia and Edison Tulliiiig Nlncliines Vvle Excel in Every Line NVQ Carry 22-l-226 Wi,-Si lxlcivn Sim-i URB.-XNA ll-l,lXlJl5 The Champaign National Bank ACTIVE CAPITAL 3200000.00 TIFHIISBCIS 3 QBIICFZZI llalllilllg l'lLlSlI'lCSS Evans Howard Fire Brick Co. ST. LOUIS. l'. S. K Makers of Sewer and Culvert Pipe, Pays 3 per cent on time deposits Fire Brick and Cupola Blocks, Locomotive and Furnace Tile, Chimney Pipe and Flue Lining. OFFICERS IQIWWARIJ HAILEY . . is s. B.-XILICY . . xf', w. R. mm' .... Cashier l',L,M. l'lIIiliTliRS . ALL FIRE CLAY PRoDUcTs Let us llgure your bills HUNTER, ROURKE 81 COMPANY The Lumber Mill and Coal People Everything in lumber and building material All kinds of coal Anything in mill work made in our house finishing mill HERE and dried in our moist steam dry kiln HERE The best equipped plant in Central or Eastern Illinois HUNTER, ROURKE 81 COMPANY The Lumber Mill and Coal People Urbana, Illinois SBI I T H I C E CC DBI PA NY BI .XXI 'I".XC'I'I ' R ERS Ulf' Il 'IG HOOD ICIC HICST SIGN VICIC YICLLUXY XVAHONS BELL PHONE 1333 AUTO PI-IONIL 14 O Johnson Brothers PLUMBING AND HEATING Gasfrtting and Sewerage 76 N. NEIL STREET CI-IAIVIPAIGN, ILL. E. W KLINE SUCCQSSUI' ln I. If. Nlcfiurtv FINE LIVERY LIGHT LIVERY and BOARDING STABLE 28 N. Hivlwry St. Champaign, III. BOTH PHUNIQS 3 pr-r Cent paid on time deposits IURBANA BANKING CO. Capital 31 00,000 Rv.vpm1.vibiIiry S I 011.000.0110 LIBAN-X IIIINMIS Visit 4-rin: GN., Gia! French Confectionery with- out French Prices 3 MAIN ST. Both Phones G. D. Vaky, Prop. FIRST, LAST AND ALL TIMES With us it is Q U A L I T Y With HART SCHAFFNER 81 MARX Clothes, Arrow Shirts Collars, Cooper Union Suits We can please you Lowensterns URBANA Oliice and Factories of W. A. J OHNSCN PIANO CU. MANUFACTURERS Chzlmpnign Illiggig C mr"-R1"rH D.XX'IlPS4, A 0 H --:w.n..w-vo 1. S'IOO.L A.LI"lVflO HHNNOH sgougm 'uigndwnqg n 13.435 Jag '.vaqJ11a.4A,1 .s.1aaug3z1g 's'a1pua.aA,1 HS A4 achd 's'aqoua.4 og 'saq::ua,4A,1 N JO J3ll0 fs - syasgqg plog 'sung nmlg sung Md 'szzayd sag 's.1ayJa.4gA4 'suayynd 2114015 'suayd uoyvugqwog 'saqoua.1A4 ugvqg NVW :IH HHILLDV SH :IO f . V r i s . .1 a ,, Z5 9, hi em Q E Qduxod 3ug.1m.u .D E H J' if , F.. 'gg- X Ll . 'I' ..., 1 , If ' ,. Q 'fi 'T i- U U F. , ,:..-- Q 4.34 f 2' rw W if U14 r i 11 5 O. N I E .46 w 5 G J ? ' .- L1 . f .+ 5 1 I xhx xx I ,fx R' - ,R--X Q P 1,5-X,-1 NS?-X , I 5 I , .,.... 'x 'X g N A if : ' ,Yr Ryzgzg X. I-A -V ' xi. I q. ., -.rzggqu X., 1 . . -X M1:.::- xzfgf. if ' 5 -' . -wezaixgzs - ef-- :-R 'E' ,QQ :R-M Q.-QQ 4 .- : Q EE' 1 , , r gap: 3 1 - ' " F Ni? : ' ' I ' ::1.s1-eg:,.:1Q11I' Xb-N 3 Vo: if.-".g:j'X '53 f '54, x 2'fbf13Lfsf'r3-Rsiv ' ll - W Q- 0 N xx Xl -M-xiii. yy: -cv 55: , .K 9 .. gg - 1 ff X -rw Y. - :lp -s 5 1 ,if X -X -58151: 4' 1 A: -1 we -QA -f- 1 Q' 153 , . .12 EP X482 .- H. xv. X X 3 RX I AY X X r Q: . A SL I .Q + QL -r xc J: ' nz- - Sy N-' X. s A . xkff L Xxx A ffgfq xii Q qxXi??'Qk xi? Q 5 im Ss':,? s w, , NI N N S I 5 1 sf? 5 xf fl. 'T'- Qigxixlfli , 5' . ' -33' "', A I .QLSXW . L, --gmj J u , . I - I 'FP-:JY : ' Til? RQ ,' ' T 'Q N1- My ' A S X I6sr1 w r Ae i - Y-..Y . Y i.....,-..., B A .:"iQ .xrz Y I --lr: , . ,xl K - - :.,.,,.kgg1'.-Tqtgg. A,wt.::m1- 1 , S V- v V, ,,.A:n- - ' ': ,V -- --A """fU -- X are-1 'Y' - . we --.2 Ke X- M- Wm. M Price Estate Window Glass. Paints and Varnishes Wall Paper and Room Mouldings PAINTERS AND PAPER HANGERS Phone Auto 1118 Neil Street opposite City Building L. R. Howse and Company Ii'l1oIesalc Fruits and Produce Champaign Illigoig Ifrjll The Flat Iron Store Co. Flat lrun Bulllllng, llrlJzm.i, llllnuus Fourteen Large Departments lil Outlittcrs lor man, woman and cliilcl. Tlie slorefto get goocl merclianclise at llie riglit price. lt will pay you to trade at tliis store at all times. ll V' 1 ' HORSMAN Tennis Rackets None Better Made Vi... -Axi.,.i..u E .NX smmls in :I -lass ln :Im-ll.. lllrnl lnuy lililil uni limi' 'sv-vn il. Xxlrili- xv, In ns ll xwlir :lm-zilvil' ' R 1-annul slum it. I XVI' Luiz- solo' nge-n!S in ' lln- l nah-ml 5lnti-fs lfir llll' x'i'l1'lIl'1llFll Ayies Qhzimpinn- ship Lawn Tennis Balls. I llnlls num rr-ally . , ,V lm' ilisirilmliilnn. Si-nfl lor n nf.- '-' ' lngni-. ,KT Q E. I. Horsman L'Q:14f 'f-Q 365-367 is d H The Flat Iron Store Co. s l ' ,ff,fk""y IVIITTENDORF gl KILER wif Furniture, Carpets John Doyle sl? Hardware, Stoves PICTURES and Tinware and FRAMES 4, The largest line of pocl-:et i knives in the city. Undertakers fl' 28 MAIN STREET 24-26 MAIN STREET Champaign Illinois Champaign Illinois l633l THE CHARMS OF OUR SUMMER SEAS Spend your vacation on the Great Lakes, the most economical and enjoyable outing in America WHERE YOU CAN G0 No matter to what pomt you want to go use D 6: C L1neSteamers operatmg to all Important ports Darly :er-vrce between Detrort and Buffalo May lst to November lst Cnty of Detront lll and Cnty of Cleveland Ill the largest srde wheel steamers mn the world on tlns dnrsuon ,Iune l0rh to September lOth Daily servrce between Detrort and Cleveland Apnl l5th to December lst Dunng luly and August two boats out of Detroit and Cleveland every Saturday and Sunday night Four trrps weelclv between Toledo Detrort Maclunac lsland and way ports Danlv seruce between Toledo Cles eland and Put m Bay Spccral Cuteamcr Cleveland to Maclunac Island two trlps weelcly June l5th to September lUth stoppmg only at Detroit every tnp and Godench Ont every other tnp Special Day Trips between Detroit and Cleveland Dunng July and August div Thureclay and Fnday out of Cleveland RAILROAD TICKETS AVAILABLE Tickets reading via any rail llne I between Detroit and Buffalo and Detroit and Cleveland wrll be honored for lranspartatxon on D Kc C Lme Steamers ID either direction Send 7 cent stamp for Illustrated Pamphlet and Great Lakes Map Address L C Lewxs C P A Detroxt Mrch Phnlrplel lVlclVlrllan Pres A A Schanlz Cren l Mgr Detroxt 8: Cleveland Navigation Company 4sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxv 5 I , ,' I . I , ' A '. . ' - 1 I . V- e V . fi ' I. ' , I Tuesday, Wednesday', Thursday and Saturday out of'Detroitg Monday,Wcdnes- 1 7 ' . A P A ' 1 4. l6,:4l fS1ABL'5"fD 'W N Advantages offered in our feff ff T oun Mens Clothing ,-.,fJ.! aff' Y g Qwffflji X! jjfwwlf Durablle mategials, exclus- kwf A mx. fu E7 , . ive sty es,mo erate prices x if ,Q fi In furnishings as well, -iiiviiilrnlriui 257111-iimlilngtfmmuas. hats, Shoes' trunlqss bags M BROADWAY iofwTlf5!Pf'5Ec0ND5T' and traveling cases. English Blazers, Polo Ulsters, Angora and Shetland Gar- ments. Send for illustrated catalogue. W A N T E D Five thousand Illinois Students to know that JOHN H. DOYLE can supply their cutlery Wants. 28 MAIN STREET, CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS That Persuasive, Fascinating Flavor in Datmeal Have you ever thought how lavish Nature is with oats? She has made them a hetter hody, hrain and nerve huilder than any other grain that grows. She has crowded the oat with more digestible protein, organic phosphorus and lecithin than any other cereal-a vim-producer and energy yielder 4-beyond anything we l-anow. And, to climax all, she has given oatmeal that liascinating llavor. ltis the hest- lilced cereal which comes to our morning tahle Thus the elements needed lor the growing child are made enticing to it. The vital loods lor growth, worli, play and study are made the most attractive. ualaeir Qatts But the linest flavor lies in rich, plump, luscious oats. So we select those oats hy 62 separate sittings. We get hut ten pounds ,Fil ol Quaker Oats lrom a hushel. ,ij These selected oats, prepared hy our process, form the hnest Y It ii , oat lood in existence. The cost dispite its quality, is hut one-hall ' - ' . wit cent per dish. if.. , l K1 ,ki Regular size package 10 cents 1- Family size package, lor smaller cities and country trade 25 cents jj, , The prices noted do not apply in the extreme VVest or South The Quaker Oats Company C hicago ,. - " u . ' , .llc limi' und -Iv xii' Simi, Linux tfissl Open Day and Night EAT AT RTEN'S 57 Nlain Street, Chmnpaign, lll. Individual struts that made men famous Slmrty rl-ll'IOI11LiS' lvlince. Clalln-in's Hop. Bt-rt Spaulclingfs Qeeana R uSl1orty" Vwlelnlfs Patter. O Il. all 9 HIGGINS Aretha- FINEST and L72.'5f:fw."L':' BEST GOODS OF LE A THEIR KIND DRAWING INKS ETERNAL WRITING INK ENGROSSING INK TATTRINE MUGILAGE PHOTO MOUNTER I-'ASTE DRAWING BOARD PASTE I.IQl'lD PASTE OFFICE PASTE VEGETABLE GLUE. ETC. I xln.nI.Ip.xtcynvlywll Il'-vn mln- ::sz'.ll4.lrr1m1x1- ,lwlvll-slx1rIlwvv,1InI.s14ml B ' I 1 .ntln-smfs a:nI.vl1-pt ml Himzins Inks and Adhesives llu-X mll Iv: .I r .- ' ' If-wl.n4-I1xl-3wI1,1lv ,lf-,wx -ul, -1-.11,u,-llmntup, xlunlwllw mul S ul mg 15 If 6' vm, nflut I I l A1 Dxnfnlers Tieneliully HK A v 1 ' V , . Cl-IAS. NI. HICCINS R CO. Mirs. Dm Fulmml S TMO Sl' ll' :xml-nl-5: chicago, 1,0m1.m, ' ' 27I ginlh st. BROOKLYN, N. Y, ORPHEUM THE TRE Three Vaudeville Shows Daily, 3. 7:45, 9 P. M. Evenings 10 and 20 cents Daily Matinee 10 cents fflltllzge nf Program Alonday llIll1Tl11ll',Ylfl1j' WALKER OPER HOUSE Playing the best attractions obtainable Booked exclusively by KLAVV Sc ERLANGER New York lrlugrjl " 2 ,. 0? , 1. .L .5 ' a x6 M , , 'P X . 6 i . cz Ag N' tl , U 4 . Q -'ww-.,, .4 . . S r fo to' 5 V Q. - , , . . M-. ,5,,5g---:,, X 'K N f' v My Qmxfm x A' s X .v w . , if 5- vi.. xx X . , N24-fi Y Q '16 .5 4 tel. . 5. It xi if Y 'A 't 'x x rf-'4"s ffssvff' .fr K. , if 4954 .V 4 Mini, THE HAT SHOP Mrs. A. L. Berger Styles and Prices to Suit OUR UNIVERSITY GIRLS FOR THE COLLEGE GIRL bpvrinl tlist-mint ul 10,14-r vm-nt ltlCtrli1'i1t,' girls Kid Gloves in all lengths, Sillx Fahrie Gloves in all lengths, a choice Collections ul Gracluating Fans, Commeneenient anti Class Day Dresses, Silk, Lingerie, Crepe ancl Voile. Waists, Shoes, Ux- Iorcls, and Slippers, Silk and Silk Lisle Hosiery, lVIillinery, Norfolk. Nlaelciiiaw and Tourists Coats. F. K. ROBESON 47-49 Neil St. and 105-5-7-9 Church St. CHANIPAIGN. ILLINOIS S. S. DILLAVOU Farm IVIHCIIIIIETY, Vehicles, Gas Engines. Etc, 67 North Waliiut Street CHAMPAIGN. ILL. 78 N, Neil Street Champaign, Illinois HAYES 1 W, H rourwheei if ardy DEALER IN 'Ii -,Evra Agricultural -"E-iii ffl I 1" f-'29 Im i r - 'S 'li -1.1 . H 1-1 A 1 if P amen S n-I-EYFFP ""I?Fl:1'?f ' ' S416 3' X E R 'Q' I52'g1ii llllll ""4' 3 . sim- 1875 jiiginggzg ' ,e H, R 'siegiiw 36 I SM I I University Ave. A QI CHAXIPAIGN. ILLINOIS lfisr I ,, ,W . iig- t s 1 . six-,,vh' 1:5 1 H Q l 'K "E ei: an i ' ' , . , .- X, 1., 'Y '- - 'ox L 1Wgrlilmliillm l l .W 'lg 94 X9 i A w 1 i i fl? l l 1 33 X if 'if 9 l icuii ' 91 li I K ii l l in ru ul 28 GDI W are preferred by engineers, A Q machinists, car enters, mill- Q V J moles' - H P x., K wr1ghts,1ewelers and crafts- A men, on account of their well-known superiority in respect to accuracy, workmanship, design and finish. Starrett Transits, Leveling lnstruments, Steel Tapes, Plumb Bobs and Drafting Apparatus are of special Interest Q' ' t ll T h ' all -tt.A' L-mr- - 2 eg M iv lg get to a ec mc V gg g A 0 Students and g ,V Graduates. i ,ful A Com- i i i plete Catalog of fm tg t b nt to anyone who aslcs Starrett Fine Mechanical Tools will e se rl - . 1 H for lt. It is worth asking for. THE , .J PA .fflfi T t 'f1-Wsrrss iils . s ' L. S. STARRETT Co. f Athol, Mass., U. S. A. s Nt-wYo1'k Chicago London rm IMUQNI DICKSON VOICE AND PIANO SCHOOL A Professional School, lor thorough preparatory and comprehensive study ol Practical and Theoretical Music. Miss Mary E. Dickson and Miss lsaline C. Diclison have had experience as heads olipiano and Voice Depart- ments, in University Schools ol' Music. The Art of Singing is success- fully taught, either as a profession, or as an element ol culture, including Sight- singing,Chorus,and Glee Cluhplnraining. Students here receive the highest grade ol instruction in HOW to play the XR- . Piano, together with education in all V the allied branches ol study insuring a hroad musicianship. SUITE 504-5-b FIRST N.-KTIONAI, BANK BUILDING Champaign IlliIl0iS 11- ' 4 , --1 i D I , r" TI' .. YW! i ii 1 --e, X- ' I --.s'g5r1 , ' ' X . All L Ji Eg , Y: El A Jf, l I S N A , fi" A i ' 'f'?fZeg ' i "5 r' ' . a is -Q suis - . i- f 44..- i . I M .i - fzfr z,-'L ix l --- L N 1 ,f as 1..f' ,i:j4:.TLL:Y, life:-Egfq V E N I , -. ' fs lf'.2'il Soft Water Laundry ILLINOIS THEATRE Urbana The best there is in vaudeville GIVEN BROS and NYBERG Proprietors Playing the cream of SULLIVAN 81 CONSIDINE'S BOTH PHONES Great Acts 127 North Race Street Daily Matinee 10 cents URBANA, ILL. Nightly 10 and 20 cents Pi Phi Rules For Eating l. U1111111 plztvt- walls 11fCl1x'WlI11" ffnin on tht- lIll4It'l' ville of tln,-t:1l1lt-x for they :nrt- ' A F. H w . . . . 11--nl.: :tml 111ll not Nlllllll tht- xtrzun. Its-.111 l1:1vc1111t il 11a111lke1'el11t-I in XVlllL'll tu place IL 1w1I. Il 111141 :1 111-:1t l1z1ll:111d 1z1lc1- with w:1tt-1: J. N11--11 AV1111 nnfoltl tht- nuplcine 1l.1n11t wave IIIQIII in the :1i1' 11s tl1imlift111-he the . ,,. 1111-X-1111l11-1-1-1.1111-' Y N1-vt-1' want- tht- lcnift- ZlI'Hl1lltl i11 tht- uir for this ia tlzingt-111115 :mtl lmsidef the lilllft' lN 1-1111 lv --:1t In-:u with. 1, Ni-1'1-1- t.1llt with1l1t-1111111111full:1stl1t-11yo11111isstl1t-fulltl:1v111-11i'tl1t-fowl. It' Ax'-111 1-.1111111t tintl I'IlUIl1 1111 1111- t:1l1lt-fm' y4111rli11ifc gently l1:1l:111t-1- ll on the xl11.11hl1-1-111'II11-X151,-V tiqfmu-n,.X1t,,w,u- 'V I Nvvvv' 111411111 1111 the t:1l1lt- with ytllll' tiiig,-1-is 01' the silvt-1'w:11't-. lt is0:1S1el' to lll5lli4'lIH1N1' hx w1'1':111i11g' V1HlI'4'llJlIl' l1z11'lc :1111l fortli. ., lliht-11 tht- ri11,g'i-1'l111wlx:11w.-pzuwtl 1l111111t ual: for soup and :1 town-l. ll lll'll 1'-111 N1-ill W1111-tl1i11g'o11tl11-t:1l1lt- cloth vztlinlyphat-yo1i1'lt-ft1-llmwttvt-1'itv College Hall and Grille The house with a belief CATERING A SPECIALTY lrqml , ...Q I ' 4 , N,,. . . 111' cj I I gf S 5? are ' ' N .Yr g S Ei KR ,-O - . aR.AY"U. w, Bu 'M . -f Wffe 5 ,K Ixrxny V3.5 L V mg . , 1 ,ag - TE wg 3 , h ae. ,mf1,... ,x...:-, Q , "-- 1 - -iw-rWf?:f - X L ..., 8 'A' BELL PHONE ess AUTOMATIC PHONE 4l6I J. C. THOMAS Builders Hardware a Specialty FURNACES, STOVES. FURNITURE. TIN WARE, TIN WORK OF ALL KINDS 108 Main Street Urbana IIIIFIOIS PERCIVAL MOOREHEAD Furniture, Rugs, Hardware Q X9 I lux ef, ,A .' . 'lf .f.. W ' flaw. abut: IW ONLY COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS IN CHAMPAIGN COUNTY l641l It your hocly needs repairing consult a reputable physician. It your watch needs repairing consult AARON RUBIN EXPERT WATCH MAKER You will hncl him at 25 IVIAIN ST, CHAIVIPAIGN, ILL. . if ',t,1.-'nr , ,. Q . .I L img-, g1,.g'fgt35.53131-E-.f ff:-F'-I - 5Q" !' - , , , J , h il 1-' I il' 5: ' If ,, ,, F. 4 , I , , noi 2.1 'I, In Ulf" '11 'I tit' L 'SI 'I ai Ply H si Ui-In 'Iii i L I fi All I 'Qi .gf J, K.: .,...-115.113,-. 1,',..w.-.--lvl. 'ai E f if 3, A ,fin 'fltgcqw fi- ,mg -. '. ---- ,gpx-1. .,, 5.4- I , YT 1 "A . x . f . - ' vi" ' 4" N 505, 51.53 - 9g5',.i::r,5::,,, ., It, 'vt 6 c'II"rI's I-,,',Q-.4 JA ug Ajit Pvt th X' w 1i1rnQ, will ig, ff, - 1 , .ci A I I' 'X f 1 JK 1i 1: II! i i ,X I I 3 1 I 4 It I J, 31 V E ,, - IIJIK! J u k. m tg I'1 I I x 1' L Q I' E 4 1 , Y . Carpet and Rug cleaning. Rugx .Undo from Old Carpets MORGAN BROS. MANUFACTURING CO. B-nm P11-:nes COR. WALNUT 8: VINE TI-IE BURR COMPANY E. M, BURR. President I-'irc Iiscupes. Iron SIZIIFNYLIYS. Spiral Stairs ClH.kNII'.'XIGN. ILLINOIS COOK BROS. S11 0 P F U R IW E IV Tumi Stores 510 Ii. Green St. 12 Main St. W. W. WALLS 81 COMPANY Mill XYOrk and Coal r,IIXX1I'.XIf,N ILLINOIS Ifisnei' Iirocery Company IjI5'II-iIBIJ'II'LRS OF I..IIrt'1II'5' ZIINI IlItIX'f't'StIy CUIIIIUCI CEOUCIS . . CLARK 81 CO. The Monument Men URBANA, ILL. Our Specia1ties+IVIonteIIo Wis- consin Chocolate, Pike River Wiscon- sin Grey, Wisterx'iI4s Black Swedish Granites, and the Colorado Yule Pure White IVIarhIe, all ot which are IuIIy guaranteed hy contract. I fi . 1' GC Ss ,gains ir? 1 12' if .' :Q ',1' 'MQ 'N mmf 'I I J. . 1 f ,i '3':-2 X . 7 1 A ' 3 I, . v ---1, t 9 4 ., . in jifggi ,.-., L ' This is the 525,000 monument at Princeton, Incliana, huilt hy the Clarks, and made ot the famous IVIonteIIo Granite. Base 2'-I It. square: height 65 tt., Statuary OI standard LI. S. hronze. 1 ,M . 1-1 H' KIT sf' ,ff , I, ff M.- ' McWilliams 8z Gleim MILLINERS cis "The Home of Fashion " lu VVQ have the latest thing in Hats ! .J 71 NORTH NEIL STREET 'f , X . . . Q fy ly Champalgn Ill1no1s 'f 1 EH ' W t .- '.Q:ws':::.: ..,, - " , 1 N ' " .,.5.,.g::'::-32-f::g1'ff' 5 ,. -5 1 .:" : g, R' , :- f:E5: f:Q21 .W ...N M ., 4 1'-r jg: :gn I ::::s:25g1g- . -R: ff 1 1-f h a V M3 " NS2?+ '- ,. . A 2 A 12 . gt --tt . NS-H S - sw F sit 'W J. " S 222355 'F EEEEI --Mf- ., . . 2- .-at :E Qt.,-t1,2ff"f?Qf f '1Q.42r2v. :2:,:"':I" .,.. Q: , -x-Q--ff, " -.WM A .,,.t X X pw .rim ' .-fflx? sf Lf? .gt 5 ls.: s . 515-1'I-ff:f3E7:5 ' X 4.1 : - .M . W A . .,t- 5.5 .321 Q, Qu., uf, tu:-fa E' WJ :.,:f.::- Q- , .,zge5,:g::f, A , ,g:g.vq.54:2,2g v 1.5-g:.5,'5.5.3i:1gg5.It ,J - f E-, Q , Y 5r""+-: I ffl I 45? 2 - 55,5323 E: " - 'gif 5 ':?-iff-Z"Q.i v 5.fs:."- 5 3 - I-' 'R 2' .11 Q.: A Qfifi f fa 'i'1a::::1y-3:5:g:::g-21 s D' f'-X ..:.z..5Q.Z 55 ""h3':i' :si RNM1 -fzfffl ,T q' ' "f:': - - ':3.r:'15,rf".C2'2-fi' Ei f 1 'ff " -W A ' 'I ' S' ' ' W.t.t, O ' ' ' if f I A Q ww Q 4 A 5 YOURS FOR PROMPT SERVICE RELIABLE PLLTMBING AND HEATING CO. 5 Per C. D. BTOWHCII 15 North VValnut Street I6-131 STUDENTS ATTENTION Take no chances on your health. Use SURE PURE ICE and Distilled Water. Made under Sanitary Surroundings. IfVe invite you to visit our plant and see for yourself SURE PURE ICE costs no more than other kinds Delivered in green wagons on red card signal Twin City Ice 81 Cold Storage Co. coil. WASHINGTON AND MARKET srs. The Store For All The People Vwle helieve- that stores lilac this one owe something to the puhlic licyfvntl tht- mcrc gathering and selling oi merchandise. Vvle lielit-ve that the hig store oi today has no husiness selling poor goods, no matter whether the huyer has discerning judg- ment or not. Vvve helieve it is the tluty ol a store to malce sure its goods are worthy he-fore they reach its counters. Vwie have carried this principle to extreme, perhaps- as few stores are as careful as we are. But we lqnow that the puhlic appreciate our ellorts-'we know that people have learned that it is always safe to huy here, and us long as we know we are serving the people he-st we feel that tw art- lilling tht- mission that is expected hy Champaign's Leading Department Store W. LEWIS and COMPANY limi C CHC CCFROM MAKER IIEABEB l Tailor- Mme L11 E . , RETAILED AT Lyric Theatre Chnmpnign's Bright Spot H. H. JOHNSON -armies-+o WHOLESALE I I Prop. and Mgr. 55 College of fr gllaj HA- Physicians 81 Surgeons " T" 4 "1aQ'i " ' i ll - 'in 'apigi i 'if' 'L' 'iiiglfl it at 1 t- . 'ivli 1. 4 I iif ill. of Chicago Collegiate Year begins October 1, 1912 Four Years Course Students permitted to specialize in electives Completely equipped laboratories. Unsurpassecl clinical advantages. For catalog and general information address Dr. Frank B. Earle, Secretary Congress and Hooner Streets Chicago, Illinois .llllllv fl hlrnf ffllllll lnrnj uf In lu' lllt' llmfk, .lrlv Cu-ml l'UHl'L'fIlIll for l, II. L. xl I645l '7 A. M. BURKE. Pres. E. I. BURKE, Vice-Pres. C. L. MAXWELL, Cashier The Citizens State Bank Your business is desired and we are disposed to grant you every consistent favor. Neil and Taylor Streets CHAMPAIGN ILLINOIS Complete Equipment for all Transmission, Elevating and Conveying Purposes The crust ol power trzmsniissmn may be ,qi V 1 1 v 91 A 1 decreased, and its efhciency increased. by the rn- g ,, .V ', s.tallatml1ul WELLER-Made machinery. - A , WELLER equipment is well known tor 2 e- , tlwroughness in design and constructwn, and lr-r Y, ' -.rrtistact-wry operation. and is used continuously ff . 1 by many ol the leading firms in the country. W A ' 'N H war A Y, Our general catalog is a text-book un elevat- -,if Qt? ,J ing, conveying and powerstransmrttmg machin- K:-r Agp , .V ' ,-J ery and a copy should be in the hands nl every xml. 'Qi' My Lf' present and nruspecuveengineer. Sent tree upon if Q iff' tm' request, T5i4LLLa., ' Weller M'f'g. Co., Chicago H1461 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS BUILDINGS ,fwlm CONTRACTS EXECUTED EVERYWHERE Al'lJl'I'0RlL'Nl VYOMANS llI'lI.DINfQ HIGH GRADE ri WORK A A 2 it ix . 1... ,LL ,Q A :A S.. -1-f,-CY-..-K .-. f - -,.Y,.v:?q-.-.1 .Hip rio:-QPF FFF FFF Fai W me SPECIALTY , CIQRANIICS Heating, Ventilating, Plumbing, Power Piping, Tempera- ture Control, AirWashing, Sewage Disposal, Water Supply EEJMSENDPAYSUNE GI-QNFRAI. OFI-'lflli DANVILLE, ILLINOIS BRANIIHES Champaign, Illinois Indianapolis, Indiana Let Us Figure Your Requirements F6471 JOHN LYNCH, Grocer 410 E. Springfield Champaign Our University patronage is increasing because 1. John Lynch handles A-1 groceries 2. John Lynch delivers the goods on thirty minutes notice 3. John Lynch rebates 311 per cent on all cash sales- 50c in trade for S15 cash rehate stamps Grocer 410 E. Springfield, Champaign Bell Phone 210 Automatic Phone 4126 Knowlton Sc Bennett's You will lind in our drug room everything you need in Drugs and Druggists Sundries. ln our hook room everything in Mis- cellaneous Boolas, Stationery and things that belong to such a line. COME IN AND SEE US Cor. Main and Race Streets Urbana, Illinois li. P. BARNHART, Pres. VV. R. BARNHART, Sec'y THE SAFFELL COMPANY Furniture, Rugs, Curtains Paints, Hardware, Mantels Three Rooms Both Phones Third Floor 208-210-212 URBANA, ILL' JOHN LYNCH, Grocer 410 E. Springfield Champaign Our University patronage is increasing because l. John Lynch handles A f 1 groceries 2. John Lynch delivers the goods on thirty minutes notice fi. John Lynch rehates 313 per cent on all cash sales! 50c in trade for S15 cash rebate stamps Grocer 410 E. Springfield, Champaign N431 la .Kgtzl 155 alle Y' - La Salle at flladlson SI The central location excellent service elegant equip ment and furnmhlngs and home like atmosphere make Hotel La Salle the most popular hotel in the cltv Five magnificent restaurants each the best of its kind 0H'er a most delightful place for F luncheon dinner or after theatre Supper v if R 4 TES Lili A 'J V One Person Q w N 0' dl :init . 4, g - ,S me '11 ff N 1 ' nfl , 'W tggiii- I 3? u l 1 ix iss M TG 3-1 F' 233 is Room with detached bath SZ to S3 per a Tuo Persons Room with detached bath Room with private bath - - S3 to S5 per a S5 to S8 per a Tuio Connecting Rooms uith Bath : Two Persons - - - S5 to S8 per a Four Persons - - - S8 to S15 per a Sllif9S : S10 to S35 per day All rooms at S5 or more are the - I' '-" A mfiifzfj l I x i ' -- nliwmar Sag ll I same price for one or two persons P QI. 5 42 1, 111 - ll N I 3 '- Q 2' - +4 - Q L1 , , , 1! 'I Chlcago s Flnest Hotel I l- r, t. , -, - L. ' 'S' f . 'f . . " , . I qu B . Ks . . . 'R A - ' ' - - -l'mgl4 --. . .Il -l- a t , in "' ..f':.. A l ,s5,Es-95 - '-1-ir. : 15.1 f1xf 1'ig3gb'a ' , . 4 y f' .,f SQQZ- I X .Q , , , ft" gil 5 Q ll' 1 h" f,l?' 1. Room with private bath - - S3 to S5 er da as' ig: fi P Y - W of : -N J N ' , X 7 , ' ,ply E 3 335 G: 2 E . ' , 'Egg' . . - - gY v F I S a y . . . 5 Y N 3 Y. ' 7 5.651 1 'H :rl l d y n'n 'sf ' A Q .1 42' d y Efglgy X I " 'E-I ,, rg. la FU In x , , C n 1- 1. , 5 1, V T " A' H ' 1 3 gh 'L J W l I -1 Ernest J. Stevens, Mgr. Fraternity, Class ond Club K L Emblems I gy . 15515 School and Society X45 Stationery f 4 "X 7 xx Programs and Invitations ' lsxl Y X XS X Samples and prices on application Xi 'XX X3 irq Bunde-Upmeyer Co. in xii Nlanufacturing Iewelers , 'X ,KW F A fprflg ffmlx C 0- Milwaukee Wisconsin JUNE CJZOSSLAND I 6401 LA ,F , f A. 4 :v' ,'. , P, , G5 ' ,Jie ' X ' ,gi dt K t - X X 7 X 'Z 9 2 E E IX 5 N it i ul-In-W it Q If i J fvx- i , iilf iV'X'YCBf'fti1i1 --A Fifrtgn ' Purity Perfection N OT TO 51912 ING Lxik y X 2 Originator of "Chocolate a la Boston" ---Students Delight. J Main Street Champaign IUPUI il W eltome E ffgflffig Hotel Cumberland We-ar 50th Sir et Suhwax and 03rd Street Elevated Station and All Surface Lines BI'03d'vNZi5 Cars lI'OIU Gfalld CClllI'3l D6D0l DSSS lllC ClOOI' 7th Avenue Cars lrom Pennsylvania Station Kept by El Colleg ff 7 f p! J.i:'g!A ill' ming 11515 ' - f l is .Till e. Ufgrum ,E e limi?-fi 5 5 5159512 e Nlan 3 El grggugftllgll V av- 4, r' rn" r f 1Q"4-1, f ' , Q A 2 1 f, - 1 Y: ', f, f 5 3 H ' JU I i Sllll' E5 5 - 11 1 4 L 1 1 5lL"FlE 6' " ,IIEIQEIE fr LE: We iaglilllql K , L :Hg MS fl L T . lil l e" - f 'bk 5- ,ff New and Fireproof Rane R6lQOll1ll3l8 52.50 with Baths, and up Ten Mlnutes Walk to Thirty Theatres SP ND FOR BOOKLET H XRRW P STIIVISON, lurm.-rl, mth ll 1 I I 5 l HL udqlulrtwxv for Illinoig Special Terms for College Teams lflill F, D. CROFOOT PRINTING BY ELECTRIC LIGHT CROFOOT, NIELSON 81 COMPANY Blue Printers BI P ting, Black Printing BI Line and Color Printing SPECIAL SERVICE ALWAYSfSPEED AND RESULTS BIG FLOOR SPACE AND EQUIPMENT FOR RUSH ORDERS 180 West Washington Street PHONE 759 MAIN CHICAGO IO .6 ,45???:f a a.57!er gif U00 766 scnf - '.-:"f' 7 ' ' f-es6mow- 466'lVq1-4' if E31 N' . e KN .I ' ggqff fi 9991 5 , XS E' 'pf Use .side Door 0411, W , - LhanHu5 093 gy 7597" ffilks bcuz' GH? Erbjf 'CTW Calumet Tea 81 Coffee Company 409-411 West Huron Street NRI I0 flllll XXII Ili I- NIIIIS 16531 Have You Learned How "Chicago AA" - r - --' Portland Cement is made? , ' rum-lIriRAWm ,gg g WQNIYQPBUWB 'viii 2 It is a story of great interest to the man who uses cement. It tells how the raw materials are taken . .t from the quarries, how they are weighed, proportioned, crushed and conveyed to the millsg it de- scribes the "Chicago AA" process I If 5: n. thru :Tl ' JT' N 'L ,, , .. . r " v ,., 1 t Qvgix C flia ltrff- if f . . ,, "From the Raw to the Finished Product" -a T2 page booklet descrip- tive of thc ' 'Chicago AA ' ' of drying, grinding and then bum- ing the raw mixture to a "clinker" and explains, in an interesting way, the method of cooling the "clinker" f I t 5' hhlfft and grinding and re-grinding it, LakcnatZi',1rn1ill5,p thus producing "Chicago AA" Portland Cement, "the best that FREE can be made." "'Ci,"Qi'2,igili'5' fo' Read this story: It will enable you to better appreciate the super- iority of the "DoubleA', brand- 5 it will guide you in the selection ofa cement for your work in the future. 49 Chicago Portland Cement Co. S Q? so No. LaSalle street, chlgo, Ill. cgiiigo Manufacturers of the CEMINT 6 6 . qw Chicago AA Brand -. "The Best That Can Be Made" Present Barrels 1,500,000 Almaty t6ssl H A ,XU2lL'lil ,.. .xfllutll .,.... .. .Xmlclphlc .,.... X,1lXL'l'IlHL'lllt'lllS . Ag. Clulm ,.... Kg. llancc- ...... .Xlctlit-nai ..,...... .Xlpha Chi Omega ,Xlpha Chi Sigma ,Xlpha llclta Phi lF1'a Xlpha Iluelta Phi 1501. .Xlpha lipbllwll Inta . .-Xlplia Gzunina Rho .. .Xlpha Kappa Kappa ,Xlpha Oiiiicrrni Pi ., .Xlpha Phi Sigma .. .Xlpha Sigma Phi ,Xlpha Tau Unix-ga .. .Xlpha Xi Delta .... .Xlpha Zeta ......, 1hlll1lllll .,.......... X 9 Nl F iX1cl1itcct11ral Chili .. .Xtlu-nian ..,.,...... GENERAL -----3J- t.l .... ..... l 1Xtl1lct11-5 ....,,... .. B llaskctliall lKleLlicsl I , , 11-ta l1llt'I.l P1 .,.... C l. l lllli K 1-rznincs Llulv ., Chcin Chili lilivin llaiiw ..,..... Vl1i11c5c Stuilc-nts Cluln Chi lic-1:1 .i.....,.., Phi 4 11111,-ga .,....,. . 1 ln l'ln I -1ll1-gc llancing Lluli 1--ll1"'1'11f Xlvflifillc . R-11111111-11-nl 1 lub 1141.101 xx limsllllllllllllflll llulw , 4 114141 ll1'1l11.1 ll1'lt.l Ilvlla llvllil l 11111111110 lilnlm D 111111 ,.,, lxappa lfpsilnn lillllllllil , ,, lxappll 4 hi , I'8l1lC'I'lIl llclla lllllL'QJl ,,,, llvlla Slglllll lh,-lta , ll1'lI:1 Siunia lilin H l11l1.1 lan IJ1-lla llvllil Lilmsllfvll V V 1 In-111111-y lll'NlIlHllIl, ,lwhn ll 15151 Pr ll1':1111.1ln1 E l"1-111111-1--' l'lul1 lf l' 811111-11, H lqxplian I llllr 4 l'lIL'llll'l'l'lll! ll.1111'1- lilii li li: appa Xll , , F ivully Un-11f'r:1ll , . . ,386 1 a 1 298-299 404 414-415 585-653 424-425 230 258-259 -387 "-353 312-313 303-399 501 346-347 481-483 390-397 466-467 304-305 282--83 300-391 340-341 -1 434-435 423-429 262--63 125-184 502 288-289 430-431 438 440-441 232 462-463 332-323 388-389 318-510 238-239 407-50' 242-243 SZI 450-451 240-241 -- 6 204-205 304-305 360-361 323-320 532-534 343-340 272-273 2116-297 510 535 33 2 252,-2.24 454-455 432-433 452-453 233 342-343 12- 24 l554l INDEX Ifaculty lDentistryJ .. Faculty lMe-dicinel ... I'l'C'Sl'llTlZ1ll Class ..... if rnntispiccc ,. .,.... . G Gannua .-Xlpha ........ Graduate Schmil ...... Gridiron Dancing Cluh ... ... Harsha, KY. Mc. .. Heintz, E. L. .... Helmet ........,... ............. l-l, H. Clulm ............. 4:10 H1-innrary a111l P1-mtessioiial Organi- 23,3 zatiuns ............. Horticultural Clulm ...... Hwuscliulll Science Cluln ... ... I Ill1111 .............,... Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Union ... ll,l.lll Board ... llliwla ..,.... llus Cluh ...,. In Meinprialn Ionian ......,. Magazine .. ..... ... Trevei-1 .....,. Iris ........... . Irish Banquet ... .. Ivrnn ..... juhn Marshall Law Cluli -Inninr Class . ..,...... ...,. . ... ,Iuninr Class lI'l1a1-lnacyl 11111101 Prmu ...... ,,,4,... .. K Kansas Sucicty .,.,.. .-Xlplia Theta Kappa Kappa Ik-lta Pi ...,... Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Psi ....,.,..... Kappa Signia ......,.. L Lakc Gencva Clflll ferencc Lanelscape Gai-elm-rs Chili Law Dance .,............. . . . Le Cercle Franqais ...... Lilirary Cluli ........... l.inc1-:ln Le-ag110 ,.................. Lincoln, 1Xl1raham, Letter Of ,..... M Kla-ak anfl Ilaulmle Rlaypnle .......... Klilitary ....... Xlilitary Hall Mining Snciety Klntnr Cycle Cluh .,,. Music ....,,........,. . N Nu Sigma Nu .,..... .-Xgriculturist ..,. IJI'?t1llZ-lllf Club .... ... 520 403-469 119-120 I 354-355 25- 26 244-245 471 470 374-375 ' -457 437 264-265 204-207 210-21 I 420-421 208-209 332 410-411 200-203 260-261 324-325 268-269 410-417 326327 246 461 446 1 I5-I 16 514-515 226 453-459 380-381 362-363 384-385 516517 276-277 .222 439 231 436 447 426-427 I24 413-419 254-255 191-198 227 445 424-425 185-190 484-485 O Unyx Dancing Club ......., .. Orange and Blue Dancing Cluh Urtler of the Coif ...... Uratory and Delmate .. P Pan-Hellenic .-Xssociation P2111-PIEIICITTC Council ..,. Pharmacy ......,.. ..., Phenix .... ...... , ... Pl1i Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Alpha Delta .... Beta ......... lx. . P Beta Beta Chi .,..... Delta Delta Delta Delta Qamma Delta ,. appa . . l 'Piiiff P51 .,... Theta . . kappa ........ Kappa Psi . ..... Kappa Sigma ....... Lamhcla Cpsilon Pliilomathean ......... Phi Rho Sigma ..... Phi Sigma Kappa .. Pi Beta Phi ...... Pi Omicron ..., Psi Omega . , . Psi Upsilon ..... Publications ...... Pushhall Contest ,.,.. R Railway Cluh ......... Roasts , ..........,... . S Scalihartl anal Hlarle Scarah .,......,..... Scriblvlers' Cluh ... ,..... Seniors ........,.,.,....,.... Senior Senior Senior Senior Class llistory fkledicl Class Prophety 11361114-l Ball .....,...,.. . ..,,..... . Class History 1 Pharmacy 1 . . 242-243 33-1-335 357 ll S-221 379 271 503-SIS 3707371 344-345 4oQ-401 370 4811-487 -1017493 41:4-495 338-330 403-403 280-281 384-385 316617 2937293 273-279 334-335 412-413 41618-SOO 308-300 3337383 330-331 5211-531 310-311 11111-214 IZI +18-440 S37-584 --Q n3H'S59 356357 ,-- .H I H7114 H3 -170' 512 528 480 t655l Seniors lllentistryl ... Seniors lMe1licall ........ Seniors K Pharmacy J ,.,...... ..,.. Senior Memorial Committee .. Shielil and Trident .......... Shomecz .....,......... Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi .......,... Sigma Kappa ....... Sigma Blu Rho Sigma Xu .......,.. Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Pi .........,. Siren ........ Snow, C. Xl. Social Atiairs ...... Sophoinore Class .,.... Soplioinore Cotillion Spanish Cluh ......,.. Stunt Show .....,... . T Tau Beta Pi .......... Tau Kappa Epsilon Tan Lanilula ...... Technograph ...., Theta Delta Chi Triangle ......... . . Trustees , ..... . V Varsity Dancing Cluli .. Volunteer Hanml ....... .... KN' Xxilllilll, Chas. lClass Presidentl XYo1r1an's .Xtifairs ,..,,... ...,.,.... Xhilllllfflii Athletics ............ , xxitllllllllk League ..,. Y Y.Nl.C. Yo Bla ..... . Yoxan ..,.,.,, . .. Y. XY. C. .X. .. Z Zeta Psi .. .,. 97-527 472-473 505-511 34 368-3611 460 286-287 27-1-375 39-3-393 366 ZQO-.ZQI 488-4110 303-303 214 50-1 225-246 117-118 229 +44 250-257 330-337 314-315 320-321 .212-213 300-301 350-.lil io- ll 236-237 464 33 7 247-207 250-li-I 248 408-40 1 405 272-27 1 240 306-307 J eff Y"-x 4, f 'L , F T, . abl- e fn!! 5 X- uk, 1,,f.,i,.,,,4YN-Y. -.--...,g '- ,' ."1 5'ff'?3 UQ' 'Li'-, .""A' W Q , .V -Q,-.I'3gfHf?':IQ 211 -' ,liz 1 Y' ' 'f Q12 'fy - ' N ,QL-,-fi, ,. -' . T",:, SZ, 'L'-L f.V.. flghzflf-'Ag.-41:4 4-flu' ' E M' 'N ' 5-615' f,- ,ff T, i S 752 a :fs X ' X X? ' 1. X X f wi' ff 'R 5, 5'0- :. HU'- . .-: '.ei.i.I , 05" r',,. -' Qs,-Q 'fu-.H wok, . .v 21.9 , f -. Q 4, ' ' L' lil" .rf . Jn.,- ,rl . ff X f YHECOLLEGIATE Pwsss GEORGE SANTA PUBLISHING CO MENASHA WIS u 3- - wufq E534 13 Li 'Q' +V?-rl H .4414 aff' -sf J 9 Q T if J TF NWQ- -4 -0 em 4 ' 41 :I f 'QP 3' -L 5 -l -L Eta 1' if 4 -if if-Q1 hi + L'1J,, 1 +' 'W ltxgrsll- 2. Y il-A-+ 4 q W 1 He L 4 4-E J? -i- ' -EI.: .dl "QE-1 4' .JEEHHQ nfl OI" L ' my 1 1, 1.1 - 4 -.- V' 5 i Q l fl-9.x ,,,, 5 M555 kQJL,iQa 4+ H4 , A-4 -- Q il' Y QQ ' fp + .Eb M74 ' , . T,+!3,"HM4 - +L I J,-1. i fin + 9'- . . 431 jig? 4- 4- Q -L 1 11 Jia .L er i it are Q L Z I ' -415 +- I I 'LIL u 3- - wufq E534 13 Li 'Q' +V?-rl H .4414 aff' -sf J 9 Q T if J TF NWQ- -4 -0 em 4 ' 41 :I f 'QP 3' -L 5 -l -L Eta 1' if 4 -if if-Q1 hi + L'1J,, 1 +' 'W ltxgrsll- 2. Y il-A-+ 4 q W 1 He L 4 4-E J? -i- ' -EI.: .dl "QE-1 4' .JEEHHQ nfl OI" L ' my 1 1, 1.1 - 4 -.- V' 5 i Q l fl-9.x ,,,, 5 M555 kQJL,iQa 4+ H4 , A-4 -- Q il' Y QQ ' fp + .Eb M74 ' , . T,+!3,"HM4 - +L I J,-1. i fin + 9'- . . 431 jig? 4- 4- Q -L 1 11 Jia .L er i it are Q L Z I ' -415 +- I I

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