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O the students, faculty and friends sea -' " , , , , I of the University of Illinois p qw O CE r P Ptmg 1 jx For the Junior Class of the Uni- versity its. Board of Editors presents this, the 1909 Illio, hoping that, whatever its defects or omissions, it may still serve acceptably its province of annual chronicle, and that in the reminiscences of passing years it may not he entirely valueless as a re- minder of happy days at dear old Illinois. We have written this tale of our life, For a college people's mirth i ln jesting guise-hut ye are wise, An ye know what the jest is worth. 'T' I Eu Glnlnnrl Ehmnuil CELIETEIII ilhsrhit rnuragvnua nnlhirr, ztvrn Ivarhrr anh gvnernma frivnh, this unlunw in hehiratvh with ihv rrzmvrt anh Inur nf thv atuhvntn nf Thr Hniuvraiig 71 ' . A.i..,i I , xx. ,f. , , K , , . jk ,. 1. A, ,LS-hz, - v , n . ft ff t all ,113 -734431 7-1Xh.Nl3,T ,wang -1 . fx-fame as .g if 7 eww.- '-6,1755 ' '??i"G1 .Hwy ijfflkf 1 V .Lu ,Z .1 V X.: A 5 2 MQEIH ff? A K' in x T ' f 113' 1 ,Qi vi rg-,gf V. 32, . Qi! 1 I . 1-427 1 -i. Colonel Fcfil1Ot, l'. S. A. Fiery son of Mars: Citllant old hero, ncvcr clicl fcur know Carries Ll sworn- ol' scars. Colonel FcvhCt. so thcy say. OnCe in his wilml vzirccr, Captured old Sitting Hull. gzwc his scalp locik at pull. l,ecl him away hy the cur. Coloiicl lfcvliitt. grim :incl gray FCLU'fflCZ1llllQ' warrior yct: Rigid olrl master. hrings to clisustc-r Th' iiitittciitivc Cuclct. Colonel l"cchCt. lf S. .X. Hero of inany wars: Laurcls eternal give to the Coloncl. Fiery Son of Mars. Glnlnnrl Ehmunh Cguatatn ilivrhbt BY T. A. CLARK - . Although he has been a member of the University community but eight years, few men have become more closely identified with the real life of the University than Colonel Fechet. No man is a more loyal supporter of the institution than he or has a stronger hold upon the student heart. Colonel Fechet had had a long and honorable career as a soldier before coming to the University. He was but seventeen years old when, in 1861, he enlisted as a private soldier in the Seventh Michigan Infantry. He was at once made a sergeant, and at the time of his discharge in 1865 he held the rank of First Lieutenant. He was given the rank of Brevet First Lieutenant and Brevet Captain March 2, 1867, for gallant and meritorious service at the battle of Antietam, Maryland, September 17, 1862. He was made First Lieutenant of the 8th U. S. Cavalry, July, 1867, was pro- moted to the rank of Captain in May, 1870, and was made Major of the 6th Cavalry, April 20, 1891, which rank he held when he came to the University in 1900. He was retired for disability in line of duty, July 9, 1898, and was made Lieutenant-Colonel April 23, 1904. He participated in nine battles during the Rebellion, among which were the bloody ones of Bull Run and Gettysburg. In the battle of Antietam he was severely wounded, being shot through the right lung. For the fifteen years following the close of the war in 1865 he was almost con- stantly engaged in operating against the Indians in the southwest, and he has spent in all nearly thirty years in campaigning against Indians in the Middle VVest. He was in the campaign against Geronimo, in 1884-1885, and commanded the celebrated expedition against Sitting Bull in 1890 which resulted in the death of that warrior and in the capture of a large portion of his immediate band. He was in command of the cavalry column which suppressed the war between the cattle barons and the rustlers-known as the Johnson County, W'yoming, war. He was for a time on tem- porary duty as commandant of cadets at the University of Nebraska. On the declara- tion of war with Spain he joined his regiment and went with it to Tampa, Florida, where he was in charge of the recruiting and the equipping of all recruits for the armies in Cuba and the Philippines. He is said to hold the record for having ridden the longest continuous period in the saddle of any officer in the army. . Colonel Fechet found the military department in good condition when he came to the University, but he has done much to dignify and popularize the work and to bring it up to a still higher standard. As a military officer he is rigid and uncomprom- ising. Few men have a keener insight into human nature than he, and no one has a higher regard for truth and straightforwardness. The cadet who tells him the truth need not fear for the result, but the man who prevaricates may as well prepare for the worst, Outside of his official capacity he is known as a thoroughly good fellow whom every one likes and whom every one respects. No general student gathering ever seems quite complete without his presence. May his shadow never grow less. Lua-.. g xx i u lg ,i f..f "' .l.,, L - igll' , N Y -A . f 7 Y X "' - f -' ' '5':f 4' 1 Fx "C 1 U 'gil 'he : 71 SQ E GP ..... 9:-E4.f51il. ff L fd! -- S : L..-gy' '- u.- : - I ""ln,n,' L l . 1, - if I U I1 U B 'E gg ri 151 f21D1951'?"f Q up db, 23 lgff' 1 b Cf Q I 1 25. 9 FQ 1 K f F2515 i X kg! fr HUFF Vie N , gk Q V 2 F 'mil' "4'Tf 1 5? 'Q mx , MINI? 3 TQNNQND no X D ff "1' h"5if':- I QH 006-E X .' , ,. ES :-uri.. QQQ GREENE X 4 X A . A f , R l Q ,il-J W X AW-X X -I A win ff J 'N fx MEI my V '71, I ,F . 1f""""f ,514 Viv .A - KINLJEY - 'W o Q Z PR ..,, 5 ff -nk 'X a 'ik wagiifhffgi 'K f N A- ....... n,1.1.:::, V 1, M I W" iz QPPI ERS 0 u W '-:fi - 1 5 1 Z 4 fmummm1u.1 sw xxxxx Q 3 2 S r 1 S mnuuumm muunn X . .mms Z F2255 V.-'Q-5'f '-' Eff? W L A WN 1 aff W7 I C THE1909 ILLIO BOARD OF TRUSTEES THE GOVERNOR OF ILLINOIS Cex-ofticiol CHARLES S. DENEEN, Springfield THE PRESIDENT OF THE STATE BOARD OF AGRICULTURE Cex-offrcioj GEORGE H. MADDEN I THE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION Cex-omcioj ' FRANCIS G. BLAIR, Springfleld E r . Term of Office Expires in 1909 Term of Ofhce Expires in 1911 LEWIS L. LEHBIAN, Mattoon, CHARLES DiXX'ISON. Chicago i MRS. LAURA B. EVANS, Taylorville MRS. DIARY E. BUSEY, Urbana I WILLIAM L. ABBO'fT, Chicago I I Term of Office Expires in 1913 MRS. CARRIE L. I'IATCH, Belleville FREDERICK L. IJATCH, Spring Grove , OFFICERS OF THE BOARD WILLIAM L. ABBOTT, Chicago ....... President YVILLIAM L. PILLSRIIRY, Urbana Secretary H. A. HAUGAN, Chicago . . . Treasurer i SAIIIUEI. VVALKER SHATTUCIQ, Urbana . . Comptroller F ' "Some give llL'Z'U7'di7lg' in fheif' means, some acriordiwzg io their mammary."-Y. M. C. A. BUILDING FUND. 5 I2 i l l i i. - EDMLKND IANES JAMES Y'HIiSlDI'iN'I' OI' THIf1ljNlX'ER5ITV n.n..A THE 190911-L10 ESQ OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION Administrative Officers of the University EDMUND JANES JAMES,1I1K 11,111 B K President A.M., Ph. D., University of Halle, '77 I,I..D., Cornell, VVesleyun, Queen's College VVILLIAM LOXV PILLSBURY, CD B K Secretary and Registrar A.B., Harvard, '63, A.M., Harvard, '66 SAMUEL XVALKER SHATTUCK Comptroller and Professor of Mathematics ILS., Norwich University, '60 AAI., Norwich University, '07 Council of Administration EDMUND IANES JAMES, Ph.D., LI..D. President THOMAS JONATHAN BURRILL, A Z Yice-President of the University and Professor of Botany A.M., Northwestern University, '76 Ph.D., University of Chicago, '81 LL.D., Northwestern University, '93 DAVID KINLEY, fb I' A, LIP B K Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Economics A.B., Yale, 'S4g Ph.D., VVisconsin, '92 EUGENE DAYENPORT, A T A, A Z Dean of the College of Agriculture and Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station DEAN lil'RRII,l. De 'h.I5., Albion Col A M. Agr., Michigan Agricultural College, '78 OLIVER ALBERT IIARKER, fb A CP Dean of the College of Law and Professor of Law A.l3., McKendree College, '69 A,M., McKendree College, '69 ICYARTS l5OIl'l'EI,I, GREENE, fb A 9, fb B K an of the Coll f I' ege o ,iteruture and Arts and Professoriof History Ali., Harvard, 'oog A.M., Harvard, '91, Ph.D., Harvard, '93 EDGAR JEROME TOWNSEND, A T A, E E1 Dean of the College of Science and Professor of Mathematics lege, '90, Ph.M., University of Michigan, 'olg Ph.D., University of Giittingenjol 'tlfuing good is a Zl7lll'S0l716 job."-T. VV. SAMUELS. I4 I""'?"'W"""-T"" """" ' -I' "' """" T' I' ' T ' ' T W' T ' I T' THE 1909 ILLIO THE UNIVERSITY SENATE . WILLIAM FREEMAN MYRICK GOSS, E El Dean of the College of Engineering, and Director of the School of Railway Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology, '79, M.S., Wabash College, '8S: D. Eng., University of ' Illinois, '04 THOMAS ARKLE CLARK, A T SZ, Q B K Dean of Undergraduates and Professor of Rhetoric B.L., University of Illinois, '90 LILY GARIT KOLLOCK, T K II Dean of Women A.B., Women's College of Baltimore, '95 Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, '99 WILLIAM EDWARD QUINE, A S2 A, N 2 N Dean of the College of Medicine and Professor of the Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine M.D., Chicago Medical College, '7og LL.D., University of Illinois, '04 GEORGE VVASHINGTON COOK, B.S., D.D.S. Dean of the College of Dentistry Professor of Bacteriology, Pathology and Therapeutics The University Senate CThe members of the Council of Administration are also members of the Senate.J SAMUEL WALKER SHATTUCK, C.E. Professor of Mathematics NATHAN CLIFFORD RICKER, D. ARCH., T B II, Fl I5 W Professor of Architecture IRA OSBORN BAKER, C.E., D.ENG., A T A, T B II Professor of Civil Engineering STEPHEN ALFRED FORBES, Ph.D., Q I' A, A Z Professor of Zoology CHARLES WESLEY ROLFE, M.S. Professor of Geology and Director of Ceramics DONALD MCINTOSH, V.S., A Z Professor of Veterinary Science ARTHUR NEWELL TALBOT, C.E., T B II Professor of Municipal and Sanitary Engineering SAMUEL WILSON PARR, M.S., Q A T Professor of Applied Chemistry HERBERT JEWETT BARTON, A.M,, A A Q, Q B K Professor of Latin Language and Literature "Great siayizzg powers."-IWIERBIE JUUI.. I5 x . THiE19091L1-I0 E553 THE UNIVERSITY SENATE-Continued CHARLES MELVILLE MOSS, PH.D., XII T, 112 B K Professor of Greek Language and Literature DANIEL KILHAM DODGE, PH.D., XII T, 111 B K Professor of English Language and Literature LESTER PAIGE BRECKENRIDGE, PH.B., X CID, T B II Professor of Mechanical Engineering ALBERT PRUDEN CARMAN, Sc.D. Professor of Physics GEORGE THEOPHILUS KEMP, M.D., PH.D., fir B K, E E, A Q A Professor of Physiology ARTHUR HILL DANIELS, PH.D., fb I' A Professor of Philosophy ISABEL BEVIER, PH.M. Professor of Household Science CYRIL GEORGE HOPKINS, M.S., PH.D., E E, A Z, fI1,A Q Professor of Agronomy EDMUND GUSTAV FECPIET Lieutenant-Colonel U.S.A. fRetiredj, Professor of Military Science and Tactics MORGAN BROOKS, PH.B., M.E., A K E, T B II, E E' Professor of Electrical Engineering FREDERICK LOCKE LAWRENCE Director of the School of Music. Professor of Piano HERBERT WINDSOR MUMFORD, B.S., A Z Professor of Animal Husbandry GEORGE A. HUFF, K E Director of the Department of Physical Training JOSEPH CULLEN BLAIR, A Z, E EI Professor of Pomology WILBER JOHN FRASER, M.S. Professor of Dairy Husbandry THOMAS EDWARD OLIVER, PH.D., 112 B K Professor of Romance Languages HARRY SANDS GRINDLEY, Sc.D., fb A T, E E' Professor of General Chemistry YGUSTAF E. KARSTEN, PH. D., IP B K Head of the Department of Modern Languages and Professor of German STEPHEN SHELDON COLVIN, PH. D., Z XII, 'iv B K Professor of Psychology 9fDeceased. I6 i.......Jan , EE THE19091LT-I0 TI-IE UNIVERSITY SENATE- Continued Nlcir. CONWELL BROOKS, 1m.n., fi, A o, -if is K I Assistant Professor of German Con lenvej NICXVTON ALONZO XVELLS, NLP., A T Professor of Arehitecturul Decoration JAMES XVILFORD GARNER, PH. D., 'If I3 K Professor of Political Science IIURACE ADELBERT IIUI,I,IS'I'ER, AAI. lligh School Yisitor with the rank of Assistant Professor TIIUBIAS XVELIEERX HUGHES, I.I..NI.,fI1 A KIP, II K N Professor of Law MAURICE HENRY ROBIXSUX, l,lI.ID., A K Ii Professor of Industry and Transportaition GEORGE MYGATT FISK, P11.lJ. Professor of Commerce FREDERICK GREEN, A.M., LL.I3., fIfA1IP Professor of Law GEORGE LUTIIER CLARK, AB., LLB., 111 B K .,. -,.,.,,,w,,, H-.- Professor of Law I GUY STANTON FURD, PH.D., 9 A X Q Professor of Modern European History i EDXVARD IIARTUXV, PH.D., 9 A X, LIP B K Professor of Sanitary Chemistry and Director of State XYater Survey XYILLIABI ALBERT NOYES, E E . lleml of Department of Chemistry I BARRY GILBERT, LLB., KF B K Professor of Law I ERNEST RITSON DEXVSNUP, BLA. l Professor of Railway Administration GEORGE AISRAM MILLER, PILD. Professor of Mutheniatics PIIILIP ISOVIER IIAXVK, PILI3., A K E, E E Professor of Physiological Chemistry EDWARD CAREY HAYES, PH.D. Professor of Sociology ALIEERT SIIERXYOOD NVILSON, AJS., B.D. Director of the Library School Professor of Lihrary Economy DEAN KINHZY "lf gray f1tz1'z's' 1 a xi '11 of tuisdozlz. mlm' of our fvmfx Tzwzzfd lu' fltIfLi.H I7 I I . SEQ THE1909ILLIO COLLEGE OF LITERATURE AND ARTS EVARTS BOUTELL GREENE, lib A 9, 112' B K Dean of the College of Literature and Arts, and Professor of History A.B., K DEAN GIS Harvard, '90, A.M., Harvard, '91, Ph.D., Harvard, '93 HERBERT JEVVETT BARTON, A A CIP, 111 B K Professor of Latin Language and Literature A.B., Dartmouth, '76 A.M., Dartmouth, '80 CHARLES MELVILLE MOSS, XII T, lib B K Professor of Greek Language and Literature B.L., University of Illinois, '90 A.B., Syracuse University, '77 Ph.D., Syracuse University, '83 DANIEL KILHAM DODGE, KI' T, KID B K Professor of English Language and Literature A.B., Columbia University, '84 A.M., Columbia University, '85 Ph.D., Columbia University, '86 DAVID KINLEY, 111 1' A, 411 B K Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Economics A.B., Yale, '84, Ph.D., Wisconsin, '92 THOMAS ARKLE CLARK, A T Q, 'Il B K Dean of Undergraduates and Professor of Rhetoric Director of the Summer Session ARTHUR HILL DANIELS, fl' F A Professor of Philosophy , A.B., Olivet College, '87, B.D., Yale, '90 THOMAS EDWARD OLIVER, 411 B K Professor of Romance Languages A.B., Harvard, '93, Ph.D., Heidelburg, '99 MAURICE HENRY ROBINSON, A K E, fir B K Professor of lndustry and Transportation ENE B.L., Dartmouth, '90, A.M., Dartmouth, '98g Ph.D., Yale, '02 GEORGE MYGATT FISK Professor of Commerce l A.B., University of Michigan, 'gog Ph.D., Munich, '96 SFGUSTAF KARSTEN Head of the Department of Modern Languages, and Professor of German GUY STANTON FORD, 9 A X A.B., University of Wisconsin, '95g Ph.D., Columbia, '03 STEPHEN SHELDON COLVIN, Z XP, 111 B K Professor of Psychology B.P., Brown University, '90, A.M., Brown University, '94 Ph.D,, Strassburg, '97 tDeceased. 18 Lu I THE 1QO9 ILLIO LITERATURE AND ARTS-Continued JAMES WILFORD CARNER, fi" B K Professor of Political Science BS., Mississippi Agr. and Tech. College, '92 Ph.M., California, 'oog Ph.D., Columbia, '02 CHESTER NOYES GREENOUGH, PILD. Professor of English A.B., Harvard University, '98, A.M., '99, Ph.D., '04 EDWARD CAREY HAYES, PILD. Professor of Sociology A.B., Bates College, '87, A.M., '90, Ph.D., University of Chicago, '02 ERNEST RITSON DEVVSNUP, M.A. Professor of Railway Administration A.B., Victoria University of Manchester, 'QSQ M.A., '00 EDWARD FULTON Associate Professor of Rhetoric A.B., Dalhousie College, '89, A.B., Harvard, 'ozg Ph.D., Harvard, '94 DAVID HOBART CARNAHAN, E X, KID B K Associate Professor of Romance Languages A.B., University of Illinois, '96g A.M., Yale, '04 Pli.D., Yale, '05 DEAN CLARK X L-............ . . . THE1909 ILLIO LITERATURE AND ARTS-Continued - OTTO EDWARD LESSING Associate Professor of German A.B., University of Michigan, '95, Ph.D., 'OI GEORGE HENRY MEYER, B 9 II, 112 B K Assistant Professor of German Language, and Literature A.B., Colgate University, '89 A.M., Colgate University, '92 NEIL CONWELL BROOKS, if A 9, 112 B K Assistant Professor of German Con leavej A.B., Kansas, '90, A.M., Harvard, '96 Ph.D., Harvard, '98 EDWARD CHAUNCEY BALDWIN Assistant Professor of English Literature A.B., Yale, '95g Ph.D., Yale, '98 HENRY LAWRENCE SCI-IOOLCRAFT, A T Q, CIP B K Assistant Professor of History Con leavej A.B., Marietta College, '95, Ph.D., Chicago, '99 EDWARD JOHN LAKE Assistant Professor of Art and Design B.S., University of Illinois, '95 NATHAN AUSTIN WESTON, A T Q, II, B K Assistant Professor of Economics B.L., University of Illinois, '88, Ph.D., Cornell, 'OI HARRY G. PAUL Assistant Professor of English Con leavej A.B., University of Michigan, '97g A.M., University of Michigan, '03 CLARENCE WALWORTH ALVORD Assistant Professor of History A.B., Williams College, 'QI JOHN WALLACE BAIRD Assistant Professor of Psychology Ph.D., Cornell, '02 GUY ALLAN TAWNEY Assistant Professor of Philosophy FRANK VVILLIAM SCOTT, A T Q, 111 B K Q Associate in Rhetoric A.B., University of Illinois, 'org A.M., University of Illinois, '03 THACHER HOWLAND GUILD, A fb, fb B K Instructor in Rhetoric A.B., Brown University, '01, A.M., Chicago, '03, A.M., Harvard, '04 ERNEST MILTON HALLIDAY, 'IJ A A Instructor in Rhetoric A.B., University of Michigan, '04, LL.B., '06 "Wlzat's in a name?"-MCNUTT. 20 THE 1909 ILLIO LITERATURE AND ARTS-Continued ARTHUR ROMEYN SEYMOUR Associate in Spanish B.L., University of Wisconsin, '94 HARRY STUART VEDDER JONES Associate in English A.B., College of Charleston, ' ' A.B. ' 99, , Harvard, OI, A.M., '04, Ph.D., '06 HAMILTON FORD ALLEN, A T B.A., Williams, '88, Ph.D., Chicago, '05 Associate in Classics EDWARD JOSEPH FORTIER, 112' A 9 Associate in French A.B., Tulane University, '04 LAWRENCE MARCELLUS LARSON Associate in History A.B., Drake University, '94, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, '02 LOUIS JOHN PAETON, KID B K Associate in History L.B., University of Wisconsin, '02, M.L., '03 Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, '06 STUART PRATT SHERMAN, fb B K, A Z A Associate in English A.B., Williams College, '03, A.M., Harvard, '04, Ph.D., '06 MARTHA JACKSON KYLE, 412 B K Instructor in Rhetoric B.S., University of Illinois, '97, A.M., University of Illinois, '98 DAISY LUANA BLAISDELL Instructor in German A.B., Smith College, '88, A.M., Smith College, '93 FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE JONES Instructor in French A.B., Oberlin College, '83, A.M., University of Nebraska, 'QI Ph.D., Chicago, '03 ISABEL ELIZA JONES Instructor in Art and Design A.B., University of Illinois, 'QI CHARLES GIDEON DAVIS Instructor in German A.B., University of Indiana, '98, Ph.D., Freiburg, '02 ARTHUR LLEVVELLYN ENO, 111 A 6 - Instructor in Rhetoric A.B., Brown University, '95, A.M., Harvard, '02 JAMES ALBURN CHILES, E N A.B., Central College Missouri, '95, A.M., Vanderbilt University, '98, LL.B., Benton College, '04 PERCY HAZEN HOUSTON, A T I'nstructor in English A.B., Williams, '03, A.B., Harvard, '04, A.M., '05 "The Ifouse of Thirty Candies."-BETAS. V I E l 1 l 1 l l THE1909 ILLI0 LITERATURE AND ARTS-Continued EDWIN VICTOR LAWRENCE Instructor in Art and Design EDVVIN LEE4 NORTON, X fb Instructor in Education A.B., Amherst, '93g A.M., Harvard, '97, Ph.D., 'oo MARY MINERVA WETMORE Instructor in Art and Design FRED KUHLMANN, X E Instructor in Psychology A.B., University of Nebraska, '99, A.M., ,OIQ Ph.D., Clark, '03 WALTER CLARKE PHILLIPS, Instructor in English B.S., Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, 'ogg Ph.B., Brown, 'ozg A.M., '03 CHESTER MARSHALL POOR, 112 I' A, II, B K Instructor in German A.B., Brown, 7933 A.M., Leland Stanford, '94, Ph.D., Brown, '96 JOHN GIFFIN THOMPSON Instructor in Economics 5 A.B., Wooster University, IQOOQ A.M., University of Chicago, 704g Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, '07 JOSEF WIEHR, fb B K Instructor in German Ph.B., University of Iowa, '04, A.M., '05 JACOB ZEITLIN, sb B K Instructor in English A.B., Columbia, 7041 A.M., '05, Ph.D., '07 WILLIAM CHARLES HILMER Assistant in German A.B., Charles City College, 7931 A.M. CARL CLINTON VAN DOREN, E A E, CIP B K Assistant in Rhetoric A.B., University of Illinois, '07 BERNICE MARGARET BRADFORD Assistant in Rhetoric A.B., University of Michigan, '07 MARY ELIZA FAWCETT, KID B K Assistant in English A.B,, Ohio State University, 707 SADA ANNIS HARBARGER Assistant in Rhetoric A.B., Ohio State University, '06 JOSE HOMS Assistant in Spanish "Bad actors are born, not made."-JIMMY LINN. 22 THE 1909 ILL10 COLLEGE OF SCIENCE ' EDGAR JEROME TOWNSEND, A T A, E E Dean of the College of Science, Professor of Mathematics and Secretary to the Council of Administration h ' PhD Universit of Gottingerx, Ph,B., Albion College, '90, Ph.M., University of Mic ., QI, . ., 5 y 'OI THOMAS JONATHAN BURRILL, A Z Vice-President and Professor of Botany Chief in Botany, Agricultural Experiment Station A.M., Northwestern University, '76 Ph.D., University of Chicago, '81 LL.D., Northwestern University, '93 SAMUEL WALKER SHATTUCK Comptroller and Professor of Mathematics B.S., Norwich University, '60 A.M., Norwich University, '67 STEPHEN ALFRED FORBES, CIP P A, A Z Professor of Zoology and State Enthomoligist Director of State Laboratory of Natural History Ph.D., University of Indiana, '84 LL.D., University of Illinois, '05 CHARLES VVESLEY ROLFE Professor of Geology and Director of School of Ceramics - B.S,, University of Illinois, '72 MS., Cornell University, '95 SAMUEL VVILSON PARR, sb A T . Professor of Applied Chemistry B.S., University of Illinois, '84, M.S., Cornell, '95 ALBERT PRUDEN CARMAN, T B II, 2 E Professor of Physics DEA N TOXVNSEND A.B., Princeton, '83, A.M., Princeton, '85g D.Sc., Princeton, 86 4 GEORGE THEOPIIILUS KEMP, KI' B K, E E, A Q A Professor of Physiology A.B., Johns Hopkins University, '83, Ph.D., University of Gottingen, '90 ISABEL BEVIER Professor of Household Science Ph.B., Wooster University, '85 P.M., Wooster University, '88 HARRY SANDS GRINDLEY, fb A 'I' Professor of General Chemistry B.S., University of Illinois, '88 Sc.D., Harvard, '02 "A great big good-hearted kidf'-VAN HOOK. 23 THE1909 ILL10 f . ..h..q.-nad COLLEGE OF SCIENCE-Continued WILLIAM ALBERT NOYES, 2 E Head of Department of Chemistry A.B., B.S., Iowa College, '79g A,M., '82, Ph.D., johns Hopkins University, '82 STEPHEN SHELDON COLVIN, Z XII, fb B K Professor of Psychology B.P., Brown University, '90 A.M., Brown University, '94 Ph.D., Strassburg, '97 GEORGE ABRAM MILLER Professor in Mathematics Ph.D., University of Gottingen, '98 FRANK SMITH, A T A, Z E' Associate Professor in Zoology Ph.B., Hillsdale College, '85, A.M., Harvard, '93 WILLIAM SHIRLEY BAYLEY, B 9 II, HIP B K, E E Assistant Professor of Geology, Assistant Geologist U. S. Geological Survey ERNEST JULIUS WILCZYNSKI, E E' Associate Professor of Mathematics A.M., University of Berlin Ph.D., University of Berlin CHARLES FREDERICK HOTTES, A Z Assistant Professor of Botany B.S., University of Illinois, '943 MS., University of Illinois, '95g Ph.D., University of Bonn, 'OI CHARLES TOBIAS KNIPP, T B II, 2 E Assistant Professor of Physics A.B., Indiana University, '94, Ph.D., Cornell University, '00 FLOYD ROWE WATSON, E E' Assistant Professor of Physics B.S., University of California, '99, Ph.D., Cornell University, '02 HENRY LEWIS RIETZ, A T Q Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.S., Cornell, '99, Ph.D., Cornell, 'oz AZARIAH THOMAS LINCOLN, CI, A T Assistant Professor in Chemistry B.S., University of Wisconsin, '94, M.S., University of Wisconsin, 'QQ Ph,D., University of Wisconsin, '99 JOEL STEBBINS, 'IP A 9, E E' Assistant Professor of Astronomy B.S., University of Nebraska, '99, Ph.D., University of California, '93 RICHARD SYDNEY CURTISS, E E Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry Ph.D., Yale, '88g Ph.D., University of Wurzburg, '92 "Was ever book, containing such vile matter, so fairly bound?"-1908 ILLIO. 24 THE190911-L10 COLLEGE OF SCIENCE-Continued SUSANNAH USHER Assistant Professor of Household Science B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, '98 CHARLES NELSON HASKINS Assistant Professor of Mathematics THOMAS EDMUND SAVAGE Assistant Professor of Structural Geology JOHN WALLACE BAIRD Assistant Professor of Psychology Ph.D., Cornell University, '02 ALBERT VICTOR BLEININGER, 2 X Assistant Professor of Ceramics B.S., Ohio State University, ,OI JUSTUS WATSON FOLSOM Associate in Entomology S.B., Harvard University, '95g S.D., ,QQ AMOS WILLIAM PETERS Instructor in Zoology Litt.B., Adelbert College, '97g A.M., Harvard, ,OIQ Ph.D., Harvard, '03 CHARLES HERSCHEL SISAM, P1-LD., E E Instructor in Mathematics JOHN HANCOCK MCCLELLAN A.B., University of Michigan, ,975 A.M., ,QQ Ph.D., Harvard University, '06 XVILLIS B. HOLMES, E E' Associate in Chemistry A.B., Harvard, '96g A.M., Harvard, ,97Q Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, ,QQ CLARENCE WILLIAM BALKE, E E Associate in Chemistry A.B., Oberlin College, 'ozg Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, '05 ERNEST W'lLLIAM PONZER, B 9 II Instructor in Mathematics B.S., University of Illinois, 'oog M.S., University of Illinois, '03 MARION BALLANTYNE WHITE Instructor in Mathematics Ph.B., University of Michigan, '93, A.M., University of Michigan CHARLES FRANCIS BRISCOE Instructor in Botany A.M., University of Indiana, ,993 A.M., University of Illinois, '05 FREDERICK WALTON CARPENTER, fb B K Instructor in Zoology S.B., New York University, ,921 A.M., Harvard, 702, Ph.D., Harvard, ,O4 SAMUEL C. CLARK Instructor in General Chemistry B.S., University of Chicago, '00 "The first request he made was, like his brothers, la be dressed."-ANY DELT. 25 A J..,LLL THE 19091141410 COLLEGE OF SCIENCE-Continued GEORGE MCPHAIL SMITH, B 9 II Instructor in Chemistry B.S., Vanderbilt University, '00g Ph.D., Freiburg University, '03 LEWIS IRVING NEIKIRK Instructor in Mathematics B.S., University of Colorado, '98, M.S., University of Colorado, '01 Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 'OI HENRY ALLEN GLEASON, E E' Instructor in Botany B.S., University of Illinois, '01, A.M., University of Illinois, '04 Ph.D., Columbia, '06 OTIS ORION STANLEY Instructor in Physiology B.S., University of Illinois, 'OIg lVI.S., '02 M.D., Northwestern University Medical School, '06 CHARLOTTE MITCHELL GIBBS, K K I' Instructor in Household Science A.B., University of Illinois, '04 ARTHUR ROBERT CRATHORNE Instructor in Mathematics B.S., University of Illinois, '98 Ph.D., University of Gottingen, '07 ELMER H. VVILLIAMS Instructor in Physics A.B., University of Wisconsin, '05g A.M., '06 WALDEMAR MATTHEUS STEMPEL Instructor in Physics A.B., Indiana University, '05 A.M., University of Illinois ROBERT LACEY BOERGER Instructor in Mathematics A.B., University of Florida, '93 A.M., University of Chicago, '05 FRED KUHLMAN, E X Instructor in Psychology University of Nebraska, '99, A.M., '01 Ph.D., Clark University, '03 RUFUS MATHER BAGG, fb A 9 Instructor in Geology A.B., Amherst College, '91 Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, '95 HELEN ISHAM Instructor in Chemistry A.B., Cornell University, '03g Ph.D., '06 "The mummy azn'z' had no fun for m0re'n ive ihousand years-why then be a dead 0ne?"'- JESS HARRIS. 26 THE 19091141410 COLLEGE OF SCIENCE-Continued FRANK WALKER REED Instructor in Astronomy A.B., University of Nashville, 'ozg A.M., '07 RAY THOMAS STULL Instructor in Ceramics E.M,, Ohio State University, '02 ALICE VIRGINIA FLATHER Assistant in ,Chemistry CLYDE WILBUR EMMONS A.B., Albion College, 1903 Assistant in Mathematics RUBY THORN DEMOTTE Assistant in Botany A.B., University of Illinois, '02, A.M., '06 GRANT TRAUER DAVIS Assistant in Chemistry A.B., University of Michigan, '03 HENRY ALBRIGHT MATTILL, Q11 B K Assistant in Chemistry A.B., Adelbert College, '06 ,IESSIE ELEAINE MORROW Assistant in Household Science B.S., Oklahoma A. M. College, '03 WILLIAM WARREN STIFLER Assistant in Physics A.B., Shurtleii' College, '02 CARL AUGUST HELMAN, E E, T B H Assistant in Physics. B.S., University of Illinois, '06 ADAM ALBERT HUMMEL Assistant in Botany B.S., University of Illinois, '07 JOSEPH EVANS DUNIPACE Assistant in Chemistry A.B., Oberlin College, '05g A.M., Leland Stanford Ir. University ROBERT MAURICE MATHEWS Assistant in Mathematics A.B., Butler College, '06 HUGH PRATT KEAN Assistant in Mathematics A.B., Albion College, '85 CLARENCE GEORGE DERICK Assistant in Chemistry S.B., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, '06 "It is a wise girl who knows the psychological moment to blush."-PETE POUK. 27 - THE19091LLI0 COLLEGE OF SCIENCE-Continued OTTO STUHLMANN, IR. Assistant in Physics B.A., University of Cincinnati, '07 HOPE HERFORD Assistant in Ceramics GEORGE ERNEST CARSCALLEM Assistant in Mathematics A.B., Wabash College, '06 THOMAS REUBEN ERNEST Assistant in Chemistry U. of S. Southern Illinois Normal, '07 CARL FRED KNIRK Assistant in Geology WILLIAM WELLS DENTON Assistant in Mathematics A.B., University of Michigan, '07 HELENA MAUDE PINCOMB . Assistant in Household Science B.S., Kansas Agricultural College, 'org Teachers' College, '04 . ARTHUR JACKSON ELLIS Assistant in Mineralogy CHESTER FORSYTH Assistant in Mathematics A.B., Butler College, '06 EARLE V. MANUEL Assistant in Chemistry B.S., University of Minnesota, '07 WARREN HAMILTON LEVERETT Assistant in Chemistry S.B., Shurtletf College, '04 S.M., Shurtleii' College, '05 JEROME STANLEY ROGERS, II 'IJ X Assistant in Chemistry B.S., Syracuse University, '07 JOHN TIIJDEN NUTTALL Assistant in Chemistry B.S., Northwestern University, '05 RURICK CREEGAN ROARK Assistant in Chemistry A.B., University of Cincinnati, '07 MICHAEL ANDREW LANE Assistant in Physiology B.S., Chicago University, '06 "Never judge a man by his rhert measureg hi: lungs may be full of hot air."-CAIRNS. 28 ,....1 THE 1909 ILLIO 'I I COLLEGE OF SCIENCE-Continued GEORGE CASE BARTELLS, JR. Senior Assistant in Chemistry C. M. SIMPSON Senior Assistant in Chemistry LLOYD FRANCIS NICKELL Senior Assistant in Chemistry EDVVIN JACOB BARTELLS Senior Assistant in Chemistry CHARLES FOSTER DIETER Senior Assistant in Chemistry ERNEST SHAVV REYNOLDS Fellow in Botany ALFRED VVILHELM HOMBERGER, A T Q Fellow in Chemistry CHARLES KENNVORTHY FRANCIS, X CIP Fellow in Chemistry EDWARD BEATTI STEPHENSON, KID A 9 Fellow in Physics B.S., Knox College, '03 M.S., Knox College, '07 LEW'IS ISAAC BIRDSALL Assistant Chemist A.B., Williams, '07 WVILFRED FORREST VVIIEELER Chemist in State Geological Survey ROSA SOPHIA DREW Scholar in Botany LLOYD SLATE DANCEY Scholar in Physics A.B., University of Illinois, '07 "A lifile Zearnizzg is a dangerous filing."-DORMAN. 29 rwcc I 1 I r I I Ei K I I I . THE 19091141110 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING WILLIAM FREEMAN MYRICK GOSS Dean of the College of Engineeringg Director of the School of Railway Engineering and Administration NATHAN CLIFFORD RICKER, T B II, ZZ E, 11 ID W Professor of Architecture' B.S., University of Illinois, '72 M.Arch., University of Illinois, '78 lD.Arch., University of Illinois, 'oo IRA OSBORN BAKER, A T A, T B II Professor oi' Civil Engineering B.S., University of Illinois, '73 C.E., University of Illinois, '77 D.Eng., University of Illinois, '03 ARTII UR NEXVICLL TALBOT, T B II, E E1 Professor of Municipal and Sanitary Engineering B.S., University of Illinois, 'SI C. E. University of Illinois, '85 LESTICR PAGE BRICCKICNRIIJGIC, X fb, T B II, 2 E gineering Experiment Station 1-his., Yale, '81 ALBERT PRUDEN CARMAN, T B II, 2 'EI Professor of Physics A.B., Princeton, '83, A.M., Princeton, '95 D.Sc., Princeton, '86 MORGAN BROOKS, A K E, 'I' B II, E EJ Professor of Electrical Engineering DEAN GOSS l'h.B., lsr-Own, '81, M.1c.,steveus. '83 NEVVTON ALONZO VVELLS, A T Professor of Architectural Decoration M.P., Syracuse University, '80 JAMES MCLAREN WHITE, fb 1' A, T B II, E E Professor of Architectural Engineering B.S., University of Illinois, '90 GEORGE ALFRED GOODENOUGH, fb I' A, T B II, E EI Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering B.S., Michigan Agricultural College, '97, M.E., University of Illinois, 'OO EDWARD CHARLES SCHMIDT, T B II Associate Professor of Railway Engineering M.E., Stevens Institute, 'QS JOHN PACALL BROOKS, B 9 II, T B II Associate Professor of Civil Engineering B.S., Dartmouth, '85g M.S., Dartmouth, '92 "I hear a hollow sound, who rapped my .vkull?"'--JOE MESSICK. 30 Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the En- THE 19091141110 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING-Continued OSCAR ADOLPH LEUTWILER, T B II, E E Assistant Professor of Machine Design University of Illinois, '99, M.E., University of Illinois, '00 CHARLES TOBIAS KNIPP, T B II, E E Assistant Professor of Physics A.B., Indiana University, '94g Ph.D., Cornell, '00 FLOYD ROWE VVATSON, E E Assistant Professor of Physics B.S., University of California, 'ggg Ph.D., Cornell, ,O2 JOHN WATROUS CASE Assistant Professor of Architectural Design FRANK OLIVER DUFOUR, 9 A X Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering C.E., Lehigh, '96 JAMES HERBERT GILL, E E1 Assistant Professor of Machine Construction B.S., B.M.E., University of Minnesota, '92, M.E., University of Minnesota, JOHN CHARLES THORPE, 'Iv F A Assistant Professor of Machine Construction B.S., University of Illinois, '00, M.E., University of Illinois, '06 ELLERY BURTON PAYNE Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering B.S., '97, M.S., '98g E.E., '04, Worcester Polytechnic Institute EDWARD HARDENBERGH WALDO, 112 B K Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering A.B., Amherst, '88, M.E., Cornell, '90 CHARLES WESLEY MALCOLM, A T, T B H , Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering B.S., University of Illinois, '02, C.E., '06 CHARLES RICHARD CLARK, T B II Associate in Architectural Construction B.S., University of Illinois, '98 EDGAR ISAAC WENGER, T1 ID W Associate in Railway Engineering B.S., McGill University, '99 LAVVRENCE GILBERT PARKER Associate in Civil Engineering B.S., University of Illinois, 702 JOHN MYRON BRYANT Associate in Electrical Engineering B.S., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, '01 "Praise the Lord, he hath let us live."-CAIRNS AND NOLTE 31 792 1 1 1 A 4 V7"""" . THE 1909 ILLIO COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING-Continued HERBERT LUCIUS VVHITTEMORE Associate in Applied Mechanics B.S., University of Wisconsin, '03 CARLOS LENNOX MCMASTER, A T S2 Associate in General Engineering Drawing C.E., Ohio State University, '05 ROY VICTOR ENGSTROM, fb I' A, T B II Associate in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics B.S., University of Illinois, '04 DAVID LEONARD SCROGGIN Instructor in Machine Shop FRANK GARDNER VVILLSON Instructor in Electrical Engineering B.S., University of Wisconsin, '03 EDGAR THOMAS LANHAM Instructor in Forge Shop TANSY RADFORD AGG,1'1 T3 W Instructor in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics B.S., Iowa State College, '05 WILL VAN DUNKIN Instructor in Machine Designs B.S., University of Illinois, '03 CLAUDE MALLORY GARLAND, E E Instructor in Mechanical Engineering B.E., Vanderbilt University, '03 FREDERICK ELLIS, I1 I5 W Instructor in VVood Shop HARRY FREDERICK GODEKE, T B II, E E Instructor in Mechanical Engineering B.S., University of Illinois, '05 SHIELDS CASPER Instructor in Foundry ALFRED RITTSCHER BENCH, T B II Instructor in Mechanical Engineering B.S., University of Illinois, '06 HARVEY ELLISON MURDOCK, E fi? E, T B II Instructor in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics B.S., University of Colorado, '06 RALPH BETHEL SLIPPY Instructor in Civil Engineering B.S., Cornell College, 'o3g C.E., '05 "He is wise who ialks but little."-R. E. POST 32 l THE 1909 ILLIO I COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING-Continued CARROLL CARSOX XYILEY, T B IT, E E' Instructor in Civil Engineering ILS., University of Illinois, '04 HENRY HERNIIARDT IIIRKS, T B H, E E Instructor in Mechanical Engineering ILS., University of Illinois, '04, M.E., '05 CIIARLEY ISAYARD GIBBONS Instructor in General Engineering Drawing ILS., University of Illinois, '07 CARL RANKIN DICK, A T S2 Instructor in General Engineering Drawing SIIERYYOOD HINDS, T B II Instructor in General Engineering Drawing I3.S., Michigan Agricultural COIlege, '05 EIXNIER IIOXVARD XVILLIAKIS Instructor in Physics AIS., University of NVisconsin, '05, A.M., University of XVisconsin, 'ofa VVA LI I E NIA R MATTHA E U S STE M PEL Instructor in Physics .-LII., University of Indiana, 'ogg A.M., University of Illinois, '06 MELYIN LORENIUS ENGER, E E Instructor in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics I3.S., University of Illinois, '06 JOHN JEFFERSON RICIIEY, T B IT Instructor in Civil Engineering ILS., University of Illinois, '03 GEORGE XYELLINGTOX PICKELS, JR., T B II Instructor in Civil Engineering B.C.E., Kentucky State College, '04 JAMES ELINIO SMITH Instructor in Civil Engineering A.l5., University of VVisconsin, '02 JOIIN TERRIL VAXVTER, T B II Instructor in Architecture KS., University of Illinois, '04 VIRGII. R. FLEMING Instructor in Applied Mechanics l5.S., University of Illinois, '05 GEORGE CONRAD HABERMEYER, T B II Instructor in Municipal and Sanitary Engineering ILS., University of Illinois, '03 lrjlldllhtldtlv fused with female g1'at'f."-SVI!UYL1-LR 33 , THE 1909 ILLIO COLLEGE OF ENGINEERINGAContinued LOMA VViI.I.IABI COIZICN Assistant in Maehine Shop ,IABIIQS MICRIHN DUNCAN Assistant in XYoocl Shop FRANCIS MARION P49fR'l'I'lR Assistant in Gelierul Ifngineering Ilrzlwing l4.S., Uhio State I'niversity, 'oy' IYIIILIABI XYARRICN S'I'Il"l.l'IR Assistant in l'hysics A.l5., Shurtlell' College, 'oz CARI. AI'GL'ST IllCl.l.BIAN, T I3 II, E E' Assistant in Physics Ii,S., Ivniversity of Illinois, 'oo UTTU S'l'L'lll.BIANN, JR. Assistant in Physics IYII,I,ARD AI.I"RliIJ KNAl'l', E Assistant in Civil Engineering 'I' .- li. S., University of Illinois, 'of HIDDGEIR S'I'IiI'IIIiNSliN Assistant in Iileutrieul Engineering Ii.A., University of Copenhagen, 'oo IIARRY GRAY IIAKE, ll li N Assistant in lileutricul Engineering li. S., University of Illinois, '07 LEONARD VAIQGIIAN JAMES, ll K N, Assistant in Electrical Engineering Tl T3 D' ILS., L'niversity of Illinois, 'oo JOHN BARISICR COOK Assistant in Forge Shop JOIIN 'l'ARI"LlNGI'IR Assistant in Ifountlry XYII.l,IABI CLARIQNCE I3RAlll"tJRl,l Assistant in Machine Shop IQIJXVARIJ l5IiA'l"l'l1i STIQPIIENSUN, II, A H Fellow in Physics I5.S., Knox College, 'ogg NLS., Knox College, 707 ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT STATION Sixx If 1-'. Emiusu ,TAXES Janus, Ph.D., LI,.IJ., President. XV1I.L1.xM AIYRICIL Ifio-iiiuxx Goss, lxling., lleun of the College of Ifn- gineeriug. .. The Zami Zazzgfz lfzaz' ,vjmke llzt' mmzrzl Ill!-lIzI'..'flil'l'I'A M,xiz'r!N 34 THE 1909 ILLIO COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING'--Continued I.I2s'I'HR PAIIIIT BRI2ci'IcIcNIcIII4:Is. Ph.l3., Director of the Engineering Experi- ment Station. XEXTHAN CI,IIfI-'IIRII RIvIcr:Ic, D.Arch., Professnr of Architecture. IRA Osnmex BAIQEIQ. UE., D.Eng., Professor of Civil Engineering. Ali'I'IIUI2 NI1:wEI.I. 'l'xI,Im'I', LIE., Professor of Municipal and Sanitary EII- gineering and in Charge of Theoretical Lllltl Applierl Mechanics. I,Es'I'IsIc P.xIr:E BREt3Icr1NIcIImI:I4:, Ph.ll., Professor of Mechuiiical Engineering., AI.sI:Ii'r l'IiI'III:x C.xIIxIxN. Sc.D., Professor of Physics. BIORGAX HROUIQS. Ph.l5., M.E., Professor of Electrical Engineering. -TABIES lNlf'Cl..XREN XVIIITE. B.S., Professor of Architectural Engineering. WII.I.I.xM MYRICI: FIQI-:I-:MAN Goss, lJ.lfIIg., Director of the School of Rail- way Engineering and AdIniIIistrz1tioII. EDWAIQII CII.xRI.I2s Sc'IIxIIII'I', M.E., Associate l,l'0i-USSUI' nf Railway EII- gineering. Rox' XVEAVER RIi'I"I'. BS., Assistant to the Directur. EI.IZ.XlSE'l'Il :XNDREXYS SWIFT, Secretary. SPECIAI, lNI'Ies'I'ItI.x'I'oIis. HERISIQIVI' FISHER Mumtri. M.M.E., Assistant Prnfessnr in Theoretical antl Applied Mechanics. DUFF ANIJRI-ZW ABIMMS, BS., Associate in l,:IlIOI':tt0ry of Applied Ble- chanics. 'FHOBLXS IIABIER AMIQINE. BS., First Assistant in Electrical Engineering. XVARD REIII ROBINSON, ILS., First :xSSiSt21llf in lmlwrutory of Applied Mechanics. FRANIQLIN WALES :Nl.XRQl'lS. KS., First Assistant in Railway Engineering. ALLEN l3III:'I'oN Cooler, HS., Drrtftsnitm. FRANK LYxI,xN BI'sI1Y, M.E., First Assistant in Mechuniczil Engineering. "I.w1'l it a bare io be haud,v0nze?"-MCNIUIEE 35 B- THE 1909 ILLIO EXBQQ THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE ICUGICXII IPAYICNPORT, A T A, A Z l71:1111 of the College of .'Aj,jI'IL'l1llllI'C and Director of the Iixperinient Station, Professor of Thermatology, Al.Agr., Michigan Agricultural College, '78 DEAN D.1vENPo11'r I DONALD MCINTOSH, A Z Professor of Veterinary Science V.S., Ontario Veterinary College, 'yo CYRIL GEORGIS HOPKINS, 2 E, A Z, KI' A T V Professor of ,'xgl'Ol1OIlIy and Chief of Agronomy and Vice-Director, :Agl'ICl1llIlI'21l Experiment Station BS., South Dakota Agricultural College, R14 ALS., Cornell, 'oog I'h.D., Cornell, 'QS ISAIIICI. IIICVIER Professor of Ilouschold Science I'h.I3., Wvooster L'11i1'ersity, 'SSQ Ph.M., 'SS IIERBERT VVINDSOR MUMFORD, A Z I'rofessor of Aninial IIUSIJZIINITA' and Chief of Aninml HllSl7Rl1dTA', AQI'lClllIl1I'I'll Iixperiment Station HS., Michigan Agricultural College, .QI JOSEPH CI'I.LIfN BLAIR, A Z Professor ill Poinology uncl Chief of Poinology, Agriculturail lixperinient Station ILS., Cornell, '96 VVILISUR JOHN FRASER l,l'lJfBSSOl' of Dairy IIlISl721l'lKll'y and Chief of I7z1i1'y IALISDBIIIIYX, :Agl'lCUlil1l'C Iixperinient Station HS., Vniversity of Illinois, '93 BLS., Lnivcrsity of Illinois, '03 HARRY SANDS GRIXDLIIY Professor of General Chemistry B.S., University of Illinois, '88 Sc.D., IIz1rv11rrl University, '04 I'IIILI,lI' ISOYIICR PIAVYIQ Assistant Professor of Chemistry NLS., Yule, '02, I'h.I'J., Colunibiu, 'O2 CHARLICS SPICNCIQR CR.-XNDAI,I, Assistant Professor of I,Ol'H0lOQ'y :incl .-Xssist11nt of 1lUIIlf7l0gy, Assistant :xg.f1'IClllILIl'fll Iixperinient Station HS., Alichigun Agricultural College, '73 AI. S., Alichigzin Agricultural College, 'So JOHN NVILLIAM LLOYD, A Z Professor of Olericulture :incl Chief Assistant i11 Horticulture B.S., YVheaton College, '97, B.S.A,, Cornell, '99 "Mama's pride, fafhef: joy."-SAMMY BROWN 36 THE 1909 ILLI0 COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE-Continued JEREMIAH GEORGE MOSIICR, A Z Assistant Professor of Soil Physics and Assistant Chief of Soil Agricultural Experiment Station RS., University of Illinois, '93 ALANSON PHELPS WYMAN, E E Assistant Professor of Landscape Gardening B.S., Cornell, ,97 SUSANNAH USIIICR Assistant Professor of Household Science l3.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 'QS LOUIE HENRI E SMITII Physics, Assistant Professor of Plant Breeding aml, Assistant Chief of Plant lireeclin Agricultural Experiment Station M.S., University of Illinois, 'oy X":' .1- Soil Fer JAMES HARVEY PE'l"l'l'l', A Z, Instructor in Soil Fertility and First Assistant in Agricultural Experiment Station Ph.B., Cornell, 'oo FRED HENRY RANKIX Superintendent of Agricultural College Iixtension XVILLIAM DIETRICII amy, Instructor in Animal Husbandry anal First Assistant, Agricultural Experiment Station l!.S.A., University of XVisconsin, 'og' CARI, EBIII, I.liIi Assistant Professor of Dairy Manufactures HS., North Dakota Agricultural College, ,Q7 LOUIS DIXON HALL Associate in Animal Husbandry IRS., University of Illinois, 'oo ALBERT NASH HUBIE Associate in Crop Production B.S., Purdue, 'oop BLS., 702 RUFUS CHAUNCEY OIERICCIIT Associate in Horse Iluslianclry B.S., Iowa State University, ,or XVALTER CASTELLA COFFICY Associate in Sheep Husbanrlry ILS., University of Illinois, '06 CASSIUS CLAY HAYDEN Associate in Dairy Husbandry l3.S.A., Ohio State University, for "Says nothing but plays ball."-SNYM-ZR 37 5-'C 'T 4 r E t E if l l L..,..4a4 THE 1909 1LL1o 'QIEEXB 8 COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE--Continued FRED RANDALL CRANE,h I9 W Instructor in Farm Mechanics BS., Michigan Agricultural College, '99 CLIFFORD VVILLIS Instructor in Soil Physics B.S., University of Illinois, oog MS., University of Illinois, '06 DANIEL OTIS BARTO, A K E Instructor in Agriculture BS., University of Illinois, '06 ORLO DORR CENTER Instructor in Crop Production B.S., University of Illinois, '05 CHARLOTTE MITCHELL GIBBS, K K 1' Instructor in Textiles A.B., University of Illinois, '04 BETHEL STEVVART PICKETT Instructor in Pomology HARRY ORSON ALLISON, A Z, E E Assistant in Animal Husbandry BS., University of Illinois, '06 VVILLIAM GEORGE ECKHARDT Assistant in Soil Fertility BS., University of Illinois, '05 LEONARD HEGNAUER Assistant in Crops A.B., University of Kansas, '003 BS., University of Illinois, '06 AXEL FERDINAND GUSTAFSON, A Z, E E Assistant in Soil Physics HS., University of Illinois, '07 NELSON VVILLIAM HEPBURN, A Z, E EI Assistant in Dairy Husbandry BS., University of Illinois, '07 ,IESSIE ELEAINE MORROVV Assistant in Household Science BS., Oklahoma College, '03 HELENA MAEDE PINCOMB Assistant in Household Science ISS., Kansas Agricultural College, 7015 Teachers College, '04 AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION EUGENE DAVENPORT, M. Agr., LL.D. Director of Agricultural Experiment Station CYRIL GEORGE HOPKINS, Ph.D. Vice Director Agricultural Experiment Station "IfVlza!, and wfmzzfe produced, and for what Elldfi'-IIAVXVARD 38 THE 1909 ILLIO COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE-Continued THOMAS JONATHAN BURRILL, Ph.D., LL.D. liotanist STEPHEN ALFRED FORBES, Ph.D. Consulting Entoinologist DONALD MCINTOSH, VS. Consulting Veterinarian IIENRY LEXVIS RIETZ, Ph.D. Statistician CATI I ERI NE MCCA LLL M MCI NTYRE Secretary IN Ackoxosrv. CYRIL GEORGE HOPKINS, Ph.D. Professor and Chief LOUIE HENRI SMITH, Ph.D. Assistant Chief, Plant Breeding .IEREMIAH GEORGE MOSIER, ILS. Assistant Chief, Soil Physics JAMES IIARYEY PETTIT, Ph.B. COn leave.J Assistant Chief, Soil Fertility ALBERT NASH IIUME, MS. Associate, Crop Production CLIFFORD NVILLIS, MS. First Assistant, Soil Physics JEROME EDVVARD READHIMER, B.S. Superintendent, Soil Experiment Field ORLO DORR CENTER, B.S. First Assistant, Crop Production XVILLIAM GEORGE ECKHARDT, B.S. Assistant, Soil Fertility LEONARD HEGNAUER, B.S. Assistant, Crops ARTHUR XVYNNS GREGORY, ILS. Assistant, Chemistry CIIARLES HUBERT OATHOUT, B.S. Assistant, Soil Fertility ANEL FERDINAND GUSTAFSON, BS. Assistant, Soil Physics ERNEST VAN ALSTINE, RS. Assistant, Chemistry ".-I :vis mn makcilz zz glad father."-P1I.LSBL'RY 39 ILLIO BW . THE 1909 COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE-Continued IN ANIMAL H ERBERT WIND Professor and Chief IIUSBANDRY. SOR MUMFORD, ILS. ' SANDS GRINDLEY, SRD. IIARRX. i L , Chief, Animal Chemistry VVILLIAM DIETRICII, M.S. Assistant Chief, Swine Husbandry PHILIP BOVIER HAVVK, Ph.D. Assistant Chief, Physiological Chemistry VVARD MCNEAL, Ph.D.' Assistant Chief, Bacteriology LOUIS DIXON HALL, M.s. ' 1 Associate, Animal Husbant ry H -XUNCEY OBRECHT, M.S. RUFUS C I Associate, Horse Husbandry VVALTER CASTELLA COFFEY, 13.5. Associate, Sheep Husbandry HARRY ORSON ALLISON, RS. ' ' l Husbandry Assistant, Anlma GILL, ILS. FREDERICK VVILLIAMS Analyst, Animal Husbandry IN Drxnw H rrsrsrx xnxx: VVILBER JOHN Professor and Chief FRASER, MS. RI ENIIL LEE, B.S. CA 1 I Assistant Chief, Dairy Manufacture CASSIUS CLAY HAYDEN, B.S,A. ' Dairy Husbandry Associate, GTHON BARNHART, B.S. JESSE MELAN Assistant Chemist, Dairy Husbandry CLYDE BESTOR COLEMAN, B.S. ' ' f Husbandry Assistant, Dairy NELSON VVILLIAM HEPBURN, B.S. istant, Dairy Manufacture Ass IN I'IOR'fICUL'I'URE. JOSEPH CULLEN BLAIR, M.S.A, h' f Professor and C 18 CHARLES SPENCER CRANDALL, M.S., Chief, Plant Breeding e crows, sing, sing a joyful sang."-G "Then sing y 40 EE LEE CLUB W! 55333 THE 1909 ILLIO 55,55 COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE--Continued JOHN VVILLIAM LLOYD, M.S.A. Assistant Chief, Olericulture ALVIN CASEY REAL, M.S.A. First Assistant, Floriculture BETHEL STEVVART PICKETT, M.S., Z E B.S.A., Toronto University, 7042 M.S., University of Illinois, '06 First Assistant, Pomology RALPH BARNARD HOXVE, ILS. Assistant, Pornology 'OSCAR S. YVATKINS, KS, Assistant Chemist, Horticulture BS., University of Illinois, '06 IN Boiixxv. THOMAS JONATHAN BURRILL, Ph.D., LL,D. Professor and Chief JAMES THEOI'I'IILI'S l3ARRIiT'I', BLS. Assistant, Botany ARTHUR DONALDSOX IiMBIli'l', BS., BLS. Research Assistant in Animal Chemistry HAROLD HANSON MITCHELL Assistant Analyst, Physiological Chemistry PAUL EDVVARD HONVE, A.M. Assistant Analyst, Physiological Chemistry T. A. RUTHERFORIJ, BLS., BLD. Research Assistant, Physiological Chemistry ' W. s. CHAPIN, An, Mo Clynical Assistant, Physiological Chemistry JOHN BERNARD PETERSON Assistant Analyst, Physiological Chemistry LENORE LATZER, A.I3., MS. Research Assistant, Bacteriology JOSEPHIXE KERR, KS. Assistant, Bacteriology "IVR all al some Iime have benz ft701I.Vb.T-'-CLAYCOINIB .41 THE19o91LL1o COLLEGE OF LAW OLIVER ALISERT IIARKER, KP A CII Dean of College of Law, Professor of Law, McKendree College, loop .fX.M., Melienclree College, 560 FREDERICK CRlilCN, II, A ill Professor of Law .-LH., Harvard, 'Soy A.M., llnrvural, log: I,L.l3., Harvard, '03 THOMAS XYEl.l3L'RN lll'CllES, fb A fb Professor of Law I.l..ll., fniversity of Michigan, lorg LLM., University of Michigan, '02 1 rx.1,., I BARRY Gll.llERT, fl, li K, B 9 II Professor of Law .-LB., Northwestern l'niversity, 'ogg LL.l!., :OI GEORGE LU'l'IlI'IR CLARK, 111 B K Professor of Luw All. Kenvon Collere, 'oog l.l..l3., Inclinna Uliiversitg '91 y , L 3 ELLIOTT ,lfllll NOR'l'llRl'l', A A fb, HIP A 'IJ Associate Professor of Law A.B,, Amherst College, ,723 I.l,.l3., Cornell, 594 DL'lJ1.liY UIJICLI. MCGOYXEY Instructor in Law ncliuna University, 7013 A.M., llnrvurcl, lO4Q l.l,.B., Columbia DEAN Ilnclclclz "fl wise and masfsfly ifzaufir'if-1f."-TW!ST 42 ,Wy THE 1909 ILLI0 SCHOOL OF LIBRARY SCIENCE FRANCIS KIESE XVYNKOOP DRURY, Z NP, 9 N E, 'I' B K Acting CIIeaclj Librarian A.I3., Rutgers College, 'QSQ A.M., '05, l'3.L.S., University of Illinois, '05 FRANCES SIMPSON, K K P, fi? B K, A K Assistant Professor of Lilmrary Economy, Reference Librarian ELL., Northwestern, '08, IS.I..S., University of Illinois, '02 ENIBIA REED JUTTON Assistant in Charge of Loan Desk RLS., University of Illinois, 'go ROBERT MORRILL MCCURDY Orcler Librarian A.R., Ilarvarcl, '00, I'!.I..S., New York State Library School, '03 PHILIP SANFORD GOULDING, 411 B K Catalog Librarian A.I3., Yale University, '98 ANNIE DAYIES SVVEZEY Assistant at liincling in Library I3.L.S., University of Illinois, '03 S'1'EI,I.A ISEXNETT Assistant Cataloguer H.L.S., University of Illinois, '03 HELEN VERA CALIIOUN, X Q Assistant at Continuation in the Library B.L.S., University of Illinois, '05 FRANCES MAROUERITE FEIND Assistant at Loan Desk A.B., University of Illinois, '06, B.L.S., '07 EDITH LILLIAN SPRAY, II B III Assistant at Loan Desk H.L.S., University of Illinois, '06 JOSIE ISATCIIEI,I.OR IIOUCIIENS, E K General Assistant A.l3., Tulane University of Louisiana, '03, B.L.S,, University of Illinois, '05 ALICE BIOSELEY PAIJDOCK . . Assistant in Order A.H., University of Michigan, '06 LOIS AXTOINETTE REED, E K Assistant Cataloguer ELIZAISETII FORREST Assistant in Reference B.I..S., University of Illinois, '07 "The mob of gClZflE71l6'IZ who fctrulf with casa CU."-II.I.INI STAFF 43 ima THE 1909 ILLIO LIBRARY SCHOOL-Continued RAY FRANK FAEGANS, 9 K N Law Librarian JULIUS CHARLES HERBSTMAN Assistant Law Librarian A.B., McKendree College, ,OI EDITH LEONARD Curator of Architectural Library B.S., University of Illinois, '06 ELMER ARCHIBALD LESLIE Assistant in Shelf LEA MIRA WESTERN, X B Assistant in Shelf ROXANA GALLETLY JOHNSON Loan Attendant on Sundays A.B. Additional Allied Members Through Library Schools ALBERT SHERWOOD WILSON Director of Library School A.B., University of Toronto, 'oog B.D., University of Chicago, '02 ANNA MAY PRICE Assistant Professor B.L.S., University of Illinois, 'oog A.M., University of South Dakota, 704 BERTHA ELLA ROYCE Instructor in Library Economy B.I,.S., University of Illinois, 704 MABEL ELMINA CONDE Stenographer "The silver imzgued 01'az'0f'."-QBJRYAN E519 THEI1909ILLIO SCHOOL OF MUSIC FREDERICK LOCKE LAURENCE Director of the School of Music, Professor of Music fPianoD GEORGE RAVVSON WVADE Instructor in Vocal Music and in Charge of the Vocal Department MAY EMORY BRENEMAN Instructor in Vocal Music GEORGE FOSS SCHVVARTZ Instructor in Violin, Musical History and Theory M.I3., University of YVorcester, ,975 A.M., '98 CONSTANCE BARLOVV SMITH Instructor in Sight Singing, Ear Training and in Charge of Public School Method Department XVINIFRED FORBES, II B 9 Instructor in Violin and Theory IIENRI JACOISUS VAN DEN BERG Instructor in Piano ALBERT AUSTIN HARDING, iii K XII Instructor in Band Instruments BERTHA ISADORE HOVVE Instructor in Piano and in Charge of the Preparatory Department MAY ELIZABETH FLOYD Instructor in Piano A Lois MCCOBB Instructor in Vocal Music SARAH DELANO MORTON Instructor in Piano "One of the few, Um immortal names, That were not born In d1IE.v-FRESIISIAX FLANDERS 45 ,fwv-.. mv-, -- Y V- '-'wr' ' THE 190911-L10 DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE EDMUND GUS'l'AYl'I FECIIET Lieutenant Colonel If. S. A. fRetiredj Professor of Military Science and Tactics GEORGE CHAUNCEY OLMSTED, II 9 Colonel University Regiment Instructor in Military Science and Tactics FRANK LEIYIS CUUK, A K E Lieutenant Colonel University Regiment Instructor in Military Science and Tactics HOVVARD CHANDLER XYILLIAMS, CII K XII Captain and Regimental Adjutant, University Regiment Instructor in Military Science and Tactics FREDERICK POST First Sergeant U. S. A. tlfletiredj Armorer and Military Assist:-.nt DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL TRAINING GEORGE A. IIEFF, K E Director of Physical Training JENNETTE CARPENTER LINCOLN, K A 9 Director of IYomen's Gymnasium LEO GREGORY IIAXA Assistant Director of Physical Training HENRY XVILLIAM IIACIIMEISTER Instructor in Aquatics ILS., University of Illinois, '06 FLETCHER LANE Assistant Physical Director and llasket Ball Coach A.l3. GERTRUDE MOL'LTOX Instructor in Physical Training in IYomen's Gymnasium MARY ELIZABETH NUCKOLLS Assistant in XYomen's tjymnasinm MARY EDITH XYILLIAMS, 'IP B K Assistant Instructor in Physical Training in XVomen's Gymnasium A.B., University of lllinois, 'o4g A.M,, '07 ROSA LEE CANT, A E A Assistant in W'omen's Gymnasium "Di.vguisrr thyself as Ihou wilt-.vfill flllfll ar! a biffer dr'auglz!."-S. D. DITNLAP 4C W"""" THE1909 ILLI0 OTHER OFFICIALS WILLIAM LOVVE PILLSBURY, CIP B K Registrar and Secretary A.B., Harvard, 763: AAI., Harvard, '66 JOHN GUY VVILSON, E A E 'Chief Clerk in the President's Oftice A.B., University of Illinois, 504 OREN ELMER STAPLES, Aztec Chief Clerk EVELYN ATKIXSON Superintendent of Grounds LEVI AUGUSTUS BOICE Clerk in Registrarls Office TABITHA BROADIIURST Clerk in Otlice of Registrar BEULAII AGNES BURROUGHS Stenographer in the Library GEORGE LOUIS DOBYNS Storekeeper for the Physics Department EARL DE YERE FINCII Stenographer to the Dean of the College of Law SUE WILSON FORD Clerk in thc Ofhce of the Dean of the College of Engineering ORYAL LEE GEARIIART Chief Assistant in Blue Printing and Photography ELMER CLAUDE IIARRIS Clerk and Bookkeeper in Business Ohice JENNIE MORSE LANE Clerk in the Oflice of the Dean of the College of Literature and Arts. ALBERT LEE Assistant Clerk in the I'resitlent's Office 47 U, ..,.,..-F ""v",. THE 1909 ILLIO OTHER OFFICIALS-Continued MANLIUS THOMPSON LINDSEY Storekeeper, Chemical Building LOTTIE MAE MANSPEAKER Stenographer to the Dean of the College of Engineering GRACE JOHNSON MAXWELL Stenographer to the Den of the Graduate School CARL FREDERICK MILLER Clerk for the Chemical Laboratory HARRY CUMMINGS MORAN, lb A A Clerk of the Moot Court in the College of Law EVA IOLA SAXTON Stenographer to Registrar OLIVE FAITH SAXTON Stenographer to Dean of Undergraduates JESSIE AGNES SMITH Stenographer to President ELIZABETH ANDREVVS SVVIFT Secretary of Engineering Experiment Station GEORGE LOUIS WEINRICH Stenographer to Purchasing Agent "Life is a jizzlef'-JACK MILLS 48 E THE19091LLI0 53313 COLLEGE OF MEDICINE College of Physicians and Surgeons of Chicago Faculty EDMUND .IANES JAMES, PH.D., LL.D,, 111K XII, LIP B K President, Lrlaana NVII,I.I,-XM EIJXVARD QCINE, M.D., LI..D., A Q A, N E N Dean and Professor of Medicine and Clinical Medicine DI-IAN Quixic DANIEL ATKINSON S'l'l'IlCLE, BLD., N ZZ N Actuary and Professor of Clinical Surgery OSCAR A. KING, M.D., N E N Vice Dean and Professor of Neurology, Psychiatry, and Clinical Medicine HENRY PARKER NEVVMAN, A.M., M.D. A fl A, N E N Professor of Gynecology and Clinical Gynecology ISAYARD HOLMES, B.S., M.D., A Q A, N Z1 N Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery G. FRANK LYDSTUN, M.D. Professor of Genito-Lrinary Surgery and Venereal Diseases .IOHN ERASMUS HARPER, A.M., M.D., N Z N Professor of Ophthalmology and Clinical Ophthalmology jAMES M. G. CARTER, M.A., SC.D., l,lI.lJ., M.lJ Professor lfzzrwilus of Clinical Medicine HENRY TURMAN BYFORIJ, A.M., M.D., N E N Professor of Gynecology and Clinical Gynecology XVILLIAM ALLEN PUSEY, A.M., M.D. Professor of Dermatology and Clinical Dermatology TIIOMAS ARCIIIBALD DAVIS, M.D., N E N Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery XVILLIAM AUGUSTUS EVANS, M.S., M.D. A S2 A, N E N Professor of Pathology FRANK BRECKICNRIDGE EARLE, M. D., N Z N Secretary and Professor of Pediatrics and Clinical Pediatrics FRANCIS ROISERTA SHERVVOOD, M.D., N Z N Professor of Surgery VVILLIAM THOMAS ISCKLEY, NLD. Professor of Anatomy and Director of the Museum "1 rwzfhi mtlzer ,lf 1-ight flmzz P1'esiJc1z!."--HENIQY Clnxx' Mmcsuox 4 9 +7 .. ,, ,, , ,, A.-. - . THE19o91LL1o , COLLEGE OF MEDICINE-Continued ADOLPH GEIIRMANN, M.IJ. Professor of Hygiene and Bacteriology ARTHUR HENRY BRUMBACK, M.D. Professor of Physical Diagnosis WILLIAM MCINTYRE IIARSHA, A.B., M.D., N E N Professor of Operative and Clinical Surgery MAURICE LOUIS GOODKIND, BLD. Professor of Clinical Medicine FRANK ELDRIDGE YVYNEKOOP, M.S., M.D,, A K K Professor of Biology and Embryology CARL BECK, M.D., N E N Professor of Surgical Pathology CASEY ALBERT VVOOD, C.M., M.D., D.C.L., A Q A, N E N Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology GEORGE PETER DRYER, A.B., P1l.D., fb B II' Professor of Physiology HARRIS ELLETT SANTEE, Pl-LD., M.D., A Q A Professor of Anatomy 'JOHN LINCOLN PORTER, M.D., N E N Professor of Orthopedic Surgery ALBERT JOHN OCHSNER, B.S., I".R.INI.S., M.D. Professor of Clinical Surgery ALEXANDER HUGII FERGUSON, M.B,, CAI., F.T.M.S., M.IJ Professor of Clinical Surgery ARTHUR MILLS CORWVIN, A.M., M.D. Professor of Physical Diagnosis CHARLES SUMNER BACON, A.M., PILIS., M.D., ii' B II Professor of Obstetrics ANDREW MCDERMID, M.B., M.D., F.T.M.C. Professor of Obstetrics EDNVARIJ FRANKLIN VVELLS, M.D. Professor of Clinical Medicine and Associate Professor of Medicine CHARLES SPENCER WILLIAMSON, B.S., M.D., N E N Professor of Clinical Medicine and Associate Professor of Medicine BERNARD FANTUS, M.D., A Q A Professor of Materia. Mediczrand Therepeutics WILLIAM LINCOLN BALLENGER, M.D., A Q A Professor of Laryngology, Rhinology and Otology ELMER DEVVITT BROTIIERS, B.S., LI..lS., E fb E Professor of Medical Jurisprudence BERTHA VAN IIOOSICN, A.M., M.D., A E I Professor of Clinical Gynecology "The world knows ll0f1lfl1g of ily greatest 7lIe'll.n-INICCASKEY 50 vw--' THE 19091141110 COLLEGE OF MEDICINE-Continued RAC!-IELLE S. YARROS, M.D., A IC I Professor of Clinical Obstetrics FREDERICK TICE, M.D., A Q A Professor of Diseases of the Chest and Clinical Medicine YVILSON RUFFIN ABBOTT, PH.H., M.D. Professor of Chemistry. JEAN MOTTRAM COOKE, M.D., A E I Professor of Microscopical and Chemical Diagnosis CHARLES DAVISON, AINLD., A Q A, A K K Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery HARRY SANDS GRINDLEY, Sc'.D. Professor of General Chemistry GEORGE THEOPHILUS KEMP, M.D., PILIJ. Professor of Physiology THOMAS JONATHAN BIQRRILL, PH.D., LL.D. Professor of Botany ALFRED CARENA CROFTAN, P1-LD., M.D. Professor of Physical Diagnosis and Associate Professor of Medicine CHARLES DAYISON, M.D. Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery L. BLAKE BALDVVIN, M.D. Clinical Professor of Dermatology JOSEPH MCINTYRE PATTON, M.D., fb P E Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Chest LUCY WAITE, A.M., M.D. Clinical Professor of Gynecology, Extra Mural YVILLIAM A. FISCHER, M.D. Professor of Clinical Opthalmology, Extra Mural GEORGE VVENTNVOR'l'll NEYYTON Associate Professor of Gynecology, Extra Mural VVILLIAM LINCOLN NOBLE, M.D., A K K Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, Extra Mural RALPH SHERMAN MITCHEL, M.D. Associate Professor of Clinic Ophthalmology, Etra Mural SANGER BROXVN, M.D., A S2 A, A K K Associate Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry CHARLES CLAYTON O'BYRNE, M.D. Associate Professor of Pathology LEE HARRISON ME'l"l'LER, A.M., M.D., fb B II Associate Professor of Neurology RICHARD HUNT BROXYN, M.D. Associate Professor of Clinical Laryngulogy, Rhinology and Otology SI viuLg..J. 5 , THE1909I1-L10 COLLEGE OF MEDICINE-Continued MARCUS PATTEN IIATFIELD, A.M., M.D. .Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics STEPHEN GANO XVEST, M.D., A K K Adjunct Professor of Gynecology ARISTIDES EDVVIN ISALDVVIN, LL.B., D.D.S., M.D. Adjunct Professor of Surgery CStomatologyj XVILLIAM ELLIOTT GAMBLE, BS., M.D., A K K Adjunct Professor of Ophthalmology and Clinical Ophthalmology XVILLIAM FULLER, M.D., A K K Adjunct Professor of Operative Surgery CIIANNING XYHITNEY BARRETT, M.D. Adjunct Professor of Gynecology and Clinical Gynecology EDXVARD ll. OCIISNER, l3.S., M.IJ. Adjunct Professor of Clinical Surgery EIJXYARD MILTON HROXYN, M.lJ., A K K Adjunct Professor of Clinical Surgery AMIE PAUL HEINECK, M.D. Adjunct Professor of Clinical Surgery ARTHUR EDGAR PRICE, A.B., M.D., N E N Adjunct Professor of Anatomy TNVING BROOKS XYIGGIN, M.D., A K K Adjunct Professor of Medicine ICIJXYIN GRAlfl"AAI EARLE, M.l7. Adjunct Professor of Medicine JAMES NVILLIAM XYALKER, M.IJ. Adjunct Professor of Medicine IJANIICI. NATHAN IflSIfNDRATlI, A.I3., 3I.D. Adjunct Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery CI.ARENCI'I BRUCE KING, M.IJ. Adjunct Professor of Neurology lNIANllNlll.lAN KUZNIK, l,L.H., NLD., E WIP H, A Q A Adjunct Professor of Anatomy MARY JEANIQTTIC KEARSLEY, M.D. Adjunct Professor of Medicine EDXYARD LOUIS IIEINTZ, PH.G., M.D., A K K Adjunct Professor of Materia Medica JOSEPII BECK, M.D. Adjunct Professor of Laryngology, Rhinology and Otology CHARLES NELSON BALLARD, ISS., M.D. I Adjunct Professor of Gynecology and Clinical Gynecology J. BRONYN LORING, M.R.C.S., C.M., M.D., A K K Adjunct Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology "Ami flclffl were young, and one was ImaufifuI."-THRONE, X Q, AND ZIMMERMAN, H B IP . 52 --nu WJ' , vw THE19091T-L10 COLLEGE OF MEDICINE-Continued FREDERICK GILLET HARRIS, M.D. Adjunct Professor of Clinical Medicine HERBERT RERTRABI VVENTZ, BLD. Adjunct I'rofessor of Chemistry JOHN -I. QUIRK, M.D. Adjunct Professor of Yenereal Diseases GOTTFRIED KOEHLER, MJD. Adjunct Professor of Clinical Pediatrics ALBERT ARTIIUR LOVVENTIIAL, M.A., A.D. Adjunct Professor of Neurology HENRY HARTUNG, M.D. Assistant Professor of Surgery CLYSES GRANT DARLING, BLD., E QD ll Assistant Professor of Neurology LUDVVIG SIMON, PILB., M.D. Assistant Professor of Obstetrics CHARLES EDVVIN IIUMISTON, NLD. Assistant Professor of Surgery FRANK SMITH, A.M. Assistant Professor of Zoology AZARIAH THOMAS LINCOLN, PILD. Assistant Professor of Chemistry RICHARD SIDNEY CURTIS, PH.D. Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry IRA XVYNEKOOP, BS., M.Il. Instructor in Biology CORINNE BL'l"ORD ECKLEY, N E fb Instructor in Anatomy XVALLACE MCM URRAY I3L'RROL'GHS, NLD. Instructor in Surgery CLYDE DALE PENCE, M.D. Instructor in Laryngology, Rhinology and Otology VVASIMIR A. ZURAVVSKI, B.A., 1,II.Qi., M.D. Instructor in Dermatology THEODORE SACHS, M.D. Instructor in Medicine and Clinical Medicine XVALDEMAR EBERHARDT, I3.S., BLD. Instructor in Diseases of the Chest FRANCES MORTON ALLEN, A.B., M.D. Instructor in Pediatrics VANDY FRANK MASILKO, M.D., A K K Instructor in Pediatrics "She 15 pretty Io walk with-but lo Ialk with-zvow."'-ICLSIE Soxxlmxo 53 THE 1909 ILLIO K COLLEGE OF MEDICINE-Continued ROBERT ARNOT SEMPILL, M.D. Instructor in Dermatology and Yenereal Diseases JOHN MICHAEL LANG, M.D. Instructor in Gynecology JOHN VVEATHERSON, C.E., M.D., N E N Instructor in Medicine XVILLIAM DAVID MCDOVVELL, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Medicine MATHIAS JOSEPH SEIFERT, M.D., A K K Instructor in Medicine MARY GILRUTH MCEXVEN, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Gynecology RACIIEL HICKEY CARR, M.D. Instructor in Surgery EPHRAIM FINDLAY, C.M., M.D., A K K Instructor in Clinical Ophthalmology HENRIETTA GOULD, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Laryngology, Rhinology and Otology EPHRAIM KIRKPATRICK FINDLAY, C.M., M.D . Instructor in Clinical Ophthalmology ROBERT CRUMP KING, M.D. Instructor in Medicine GEORGE ALBERT GARDENER, M.D., KID B II Instructor in Medicine FRANK ALBERT PHILLIPS, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Ophthalomlogy CHARLES HERBERT PHIFER, M.D., E 111 E Instructor in Medicine SOLOMON EISENSTAEDT, B.S., M.D., E KID E Instructor in Medicine GEORGE LAWRENCE MCDERMOTT, M.D. Instructor in Medicine ASA NATHAN DEVAULT, PILG., M.D. Instructor in Laryngology CHARLES NVALLACE POORMAN, M.D., N E N Instructor in Meteria Medica DANIEL HENRY CUNNINGHAM, M.D. Instructor in Medicine CARLOS MONTEZUMA, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Medicine EMANUEL O. BENSON, A.B., M.D., E fb E Instructor in Pediatrics "Fresh as the new mawzz lmy."-l3EvEIu.v SMITH 54 ...iv THE 1909 ILLIO COLLEGE OF MEDICINE-Continued CECII. C. IIACHELLE, M.S., M.D., E KD E Instructor in Obstetrics FRED DRURY HOLLENBECK, M.D. Instructor in Obstetrics MARY B. VVHITE, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Pediatrics THOMAS GRANT ALLEN, A.M., M.D. Instructor in Pediatrics PHII.I.IP IIENRY HOLMES, M.D., N E N Instructor in Medicine LOUIS FERDINAND ALRUTZ, M.D., -'IJ B H Instructor in Obstetrics EDVVARD F. MAGINN, M.D. Instructor in Diseases of the Chest RALPH E. RUGH, I3.A., M.D. Instructor in Diseases of the Chest ROBERT N. MORRIS, M.D. Instructor in Medicine SUSANNE ORTON, A.B., M.D., A E I Instructor in Gynecology SEVENNING DAHL, M.D. Clinical Instructor in Surgery. Extra Mural ULYSSES GRANT VVINDELL, M.D., E fb E Clinical Instructor in Surgery. Extra Mural ERNEST SISSON MOORE, PILD., M.D. Demonstrator in Pathology ARTHUR HERBERT DEERE, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Laryngology, Rhinology and Otology FREDERICK BAUMANN, M.D. Instructor in Dermatology and Venereal Diseases ANNA ROSS LAPHAM, M.D. Instructor in Surgery VVALTER S. JONES, M.D. Instructor in Surgery CORNELIUS LARSEN LENARD, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Clinical Surgery NVILLIAM ARTHUR CLARK, A.B. Instructor in Zoology CHARLES FRANCIS BRISCOE, A.M. Instructor in Botany ROY XVIIITE MCCLINTOCK, A.B., M.D. Instructor in Dermatology "l'Voman was 100 perfect so God made thc mqzwlfef'-JENNIE BRANT 55 'i .JLIJ V, ,,,, r E 2 I I L I ! I i i i i i r . I A he Y 4-- THE1909ILLIO COLLEGE OF MEDICINE-Continued FRED CARL ZAPPFE, M. D., N E N Instructor in Medicine JOHN EDDY IIASKELL, M.D., A K K Instructor in Materia Medica GEORGE JOHN LORCH, M.D. Instructor in Materia Medica HENRY EUGENE IRISH, M.D. Instructor in Materia Medica and Therapeutics CHARLES HUMPHREY TREADXVELL, M.D. Instructor in Electro Therapeutics CARL XVESTMAN, M.D. Instructor in Medical Gymnastics HOVVARD O. SIIAFER, M.D., A K K Instructor in Gynecology IRVING HERBERT EDDY, M.D. Instructor in Gynecology GEORGE GINDO ZOIIRLAL'T, M.D., fb Ii II Instructor in Gynecology JACOB LEONARD ALBRIGHT, M.D. Instructor in Senior Medicine GILBERT L. BAILEY, M.D. Clinical Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery FREDERICK HAMILTON BLAYNEY, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Surgery XVILLIAM II. CREDE, M.D. Instructor in Diseases of the Chest ERIC JACOB DANEX, M.D. Instructor in Materia Medica and Therapeutics FRANCIS DEACON, M. D. Instructor in Physiology MILO TRIPP EASTON, M.D. Instructor in Diseases of the Chest WALTER FISCHMAN EGON Instructor in Senior Medicine G. H. GARRETY, M.D. Instructor in Diseases of the Chest MARK TWAIN GOLDSTEIN, M.D. Instructor in Obstetrics SIGFRIED JACKSON, M.D. Instructor in Medicine "l"i1zgcrx Hue made before fl7l'A'.Yi7Ulljl then ea! pie with a kllI'fE?"1wYRIGHT. 56 "u THE1909ILL10 COLLEGE OF MEDICINE-Continued M. LEUERSON Instructor in Neurology and Diseases of the Chest THOMAS P, LYNAM, M.D. Clinical Instructor in Orthropeclic Surgery MINA MCEACHERN, M.S., M.D. Assistant in Anatomy J. MEVERS, M.D. Instructor in Senior Medicine ARTHUR K. STAGLAND, M.D. Instructor in Senior Medicine LESTER MILES STEARNS, M.D. Instructor in Anatomy GEORGE H. VAN DYKE, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Gynecology JOHN VVEATHERSON, C.E., M.D. Instructor in Senior Medicine WILLIAM GRAY ALLEN, A.M., M.D. Assistant in Anatomy ANNIE BARRON, M.D. Assistant in Clinical Obstetrics MATTHIAS MOES, M.D. Assistant in Obstetrics BERNARD MONTROSE CONLEY, M.D. Instructor in Neurology SAMUEL JOSEPH RUSSELL, M.D. Instructor in Neurology WILLIAM F. BERNART, M.D. Instructor in Venereal Diseases HARRY OSCAR WVHITE, M.D. Demonstrator in Anatomy FRANCIS MARION HAROLD, M.D. Demonstrator in Anatomy EDWARD THUERER Demonstrator in Anatomy EARL JEWELL Demonstrator in Anatomy SETH YVICKS, M.D., A K K Demonstrator of Biology FRANCIS MARION HARRELL, M.D. Demonstrator in Anatomy FRANK ABBOTT DWIGHT ,M.D. Assistant Demonstrator in Anatomy "0 wfziflzer shall I run, or whiulz way jZ'y?" I"resl1nzan after Calor-Rzcxfz. 57 T 4 E T ILLIO N H E 1 9 0 9 COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY fCorner Harrison and Honore Streets, Chicagoj GEORGE VVASHINGTON COOK, B.S., D.D.S. Acting Dean, Professor of Bacteriology, Pathology and Therapeutics DONALD MACKAY GALLIE, D.D.S. Professor of Operative Dentistry and Operative Technic GEORGE VVALTER DITTMAR, D.D.S. Associate Professor of Operative Dentistry, Technics and Superintendent of Infirmary CHARLES ERVVIN JONES, B.S., D.D.S. Secretary, Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics FRANK EVVING ROACH, D.D.S. Professor of Porcelain Art THOMAS L. GRISMORE, PH.G., D.D.S. Professor of Dental Chemistry and Metallurgy D.S., M.D. FREDERICK IZ. MOOREHEAD, B.A., D. Professor of Oral Surgery JAMES A. BURRILL, D.D.S. Professor of Orthodontia OSCAR A. KING, M.D. f Neurology N K. STEELE, M.D., Professor 0 DANIEL ATKINSO LL.D. Consulting Surgeon JACOB F. BURKHOLDER, M.D. Professor of Physiology COOP, MIS., M.D. FRANK ELDRIDGE VVYNEI Professor of Histology and Microscopy ITT BROTHERS, B.S., LLB. ELMER DEW Professor of Dental Jurisprudence MATHIAS JOSEPH SEIFERT, MD. Professor of Physical Diagnosis and General Anesthetics LOUIS E. BAKE, D.D.S. Associate Professor of Porcelain and Operative Technics ARTHUR G. NAUMAN, D.D.S. 'Y De artment Operatue p LOUIS MILLER, D.D.S. Operative Department, Therapeutics HENRY C. LEE, PH.G., D.D.S. Operative Department l', D.D.S. CLARENCE B. MEEx Prosthetic Department "-KU IKLUX "They work while you sleep. 58 .AM-4..,, ,, , ,,..........r-1.4 " i THE 1909 ILLIO COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY4Continued FRANK J. RYAN, D.D.S. Orthorlontia Department HARRX O. VVHITE, M.D. Anatomy LOUIS SCIIUTZ, D.D.S. Oral Surgery FRANCIS MARION HAROLD, M.D. Department of Anatomy HERBERT BERTRAM XVENTZ, M.D. Professor of Chemistry SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Olichigan Boulevard and Twelfth Streetl I-'AcU1.'rY. EDMUND JANES JAMES, PH.D., I.L.D. President. Urbana FREDERICK MARION GOODMAN, PI-LG. Dean of the Faculty. Professor of Materia Medica and Botany CARL SVANTE NICANOR IIALLBERG, PH.G. Professor of Theoretical and Practical Pharmacy WILLIAM AUGUST PUCKNER, I,II.G. Professor of Chemistry XVILLIAM BAKER DAY, Pll.t'l. Secretary of the Faculty. Professor of Histological Botany HENRY HORACE ROGERS, IDILB., M.D. Lecturer in Physiology EDMUND NORRIS GATHERCOA L, PILG. Instructor in Pharmacognosy. VVilmette ALBERT HENRY Instructor in CLYDE MASON Instructor in CLARK, PILG. Chemistry SNOXV, PILG. Pharmacy 'K-I Hills foo young Io k110':v."-I"R.xs1-JR 59 THE 1909 ILLIO ACADEMY CHARLES MAXXVELL McCONN, E A I Acting Principal of the Academy - Instructor in English A.B., Minnesota, 'o3g A.M., 704 MARGARET ANNIE SCOTT Instructor in French and German CELIA ANNE DREXV, K K F, Q XII Instructor in English Ph.B., Northwestern University, 'OO JOHN PHIIAJ GILBERT, E E, A E P A.B., University of Illinois, '05, A.M., '06 CLAUDE WILLIAMSON SANDIFUR Instructor in Physics AB., University of Indiana, T06 HARRY THOMAS NIGHTINGALE, XII Instructor in History Ph.B., University of Michigan, 7Q5 FRANK XVATERS THOMAS, E N Instructor in Latin and Greek A.B., University of Indiana, '05 AVA DU STEELE, K K I' Instructor in English A.M. GEORGE MERRIT PALMER Instructor in English A.B., University of Illinois, '07 ALVA JAY HILL Instructor in Mathematics A.B., Ohio State University, '06 ADOLPII GORE, fb A A Instructor in Mathematics A.B., University of Illinois, '06 FRED CROSBY KELLER Instructor in History A.B., University of Illinois, IO7 CHARLES MANFRED THOMPSON Assistant in Mathematics "The phwzey-g1'af!.1'-THE I I.I,IO 60 F A T .eo v,-.- Y ' 3 1 .A ' 1 .1 , ., .. Ivwy. , k . .5 f.-.,.,- 'A M , ,IT I. ,,,,-i, ,,. ,k , - ., , M.-J , , J, x -- - ,Q 1 . ,M - .v 4u,,,4,.4.' , . G, 4 , ,, 1 X ,s- , Q .X .vt . ,, ,Q 5 ,E ft-1 Q ,A 3 i- fi 14 1 -355 , ' I ' X , E 4 5 ' M4 ,Us 4.1- 'Q . .- " 7 'f rf" . r .,,. 1 :lg K I 6 K v 9 , ag f, if lx 1 X S '54-. 1 y W. 1 I. 3-.: ,V Q, I if f ,Ji :XE f vs j-Qi :Q ' , . 4 Aw V5 ,Q FE -1. QQ! .' is .vm ,f c tx V411-n,. r w if-Q K Q, 'Q ,, in I M 1.13 1, THE1909ILLIO ffm! .S'r:'llIc',i'fz'7' R. F. BROWN C. R. DEWEY . FLORRNCI-1 HARRISON W. I. WAROALL . M. H. NTCTVIILLAN A. H. D.xI2III.ER . li Ullman nf1HIIH OFFICERS . President . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer . Sergeant-at-Arms . Historian . COMMITTEES SUYIZDUI' Ball S r'1' ami' SL'lll6.S'l4'l' . D. I. GRIXN'1' C. R. DEWEY . HAZEI. CLII-'FOR11 . H. T. SCOVILI. . II. C. XVIIIIAMS . -I. P. BU'I'I.IcR I.. E. FISHER E. G. RYAN E. D. FINFII C. B. IJI'GmN H. C..WILLI.xMS H. J. PUXYERS F. VV. ROPI' I. W. BACII A, P. III'I:r'RI-JI. R. ARTH J. B. CABANIS I-I. H. ZIESING 1l1'I'l4fcIfl'UlI 6710111 1lIl'ffL'I' P. F. fiR.KDY St'1lZ.Ul' Sing C0711 llzitim' G. W'. ANDERSON A. F. HUNT A. N. HEANEY A. H. DAEIII.El1 ALBERT ALLEN PAUL ATKVOOD J. M. BATEMIIN M. R, TTAYXES F. BROWN Cajv amz' Gown Cmlzlizifffc G. E. PFISTERI-:R R. K. COI'c:III..xN Sz'lll'0l' .Wrzzzwzlrl C'n111111z'!z'n' LOUIS BUENGER XV. Z. BLACK B. K. CoI'GIIL.xN G. A. V.xNBRL'NT R. F. FI-:.xr:.x N5 H. M. FOREMAN W. E. IT.-KRT J. K. BIOORE Clfzxx Day C11 nz 111 iifvu I 63 . Chairman C. A. STEWART C. I. ITOGUE UR . Chairman . Chairman J. H ARRIS . Chairman . Chairman TVTARY HOWE ZELLA TNIACKAY A. XV. HTCIQEIN EY Chairman A3 J rw' 'Vi' THE 190911-'T-I0 E559 Qiainrg nf this 0112155 nf IHIIH I T was in the gay and gladsome days of mid-September when the am- . brosial zephyrs Haunted abroad on the campus the flimsy snare of the - spider and when stately elms cast delectable shadows on the Boneyard. wondrous stream of fragrant aromas, that a mighty swarm of strange creatures still in the freshness of their youth, appeared suddenly in the sacred realms of our Alma Mater. The ways of the aliens were -ii i":' ' ""':1" 'IME ": T not the ways of the indigenous inhabitants and their verbosity was not music in the ears of the sophomores. So it came to pass that oft in the blackness of night the rude impacts of the descending bodies of a numerous number of these new- comers disturbed the murky depths of that tranquil brook which trickles resonantly in the rear of Prexy's domicile. XVith a common cause for coalition this heterogeneous multitude could not for long exist in dissociation. Therefore an efficacious pow-wow was held and big chief Dyer was called from the chaotic heap of debris to lead its members in their gentle conflict for the defense of their gaudy, fluttering, emblem. Verily the struggle proved to be their conglutinative, and when the fumes of conflict had floated skyward the mask of uncertainty had fallen from the aliens and a mighty tribe of triumphant warriors stood disclosed. The archives had no record of a like achievement and there were none among the conquered to question the htncss of the strangers to dwell among them. Intrepid and venturesome were the newcomers, so when there were no other worlds to subjugate by physical prowess, they turned aside from scenes of carnage and sought the laurels of victory in the fields where eloquence and thought are the prime requisites of success. And behold! from the ranks of the herd came three mighty champions who thundered forth great volumes of oratory so that the enemy were sore afraid and blanched with terror. The record of these freshman orators is a suf- hcient exculpation for the dismay which they inspired. On through the gauntlet of university activities marched this motley horde of conquerors, grasping as they passed honors from each line. They fought for and achieved championship on the diamond and in the pool. Not in such helds alone, however, was the liveliness of this robust race apparent. Their social attainments are without parallel in the chronicles of the institution. But why comment further? The detailed recital of the triumphs and exploits of this illustrious class would create a far larger volume than the one in which this brief sketch is found. Once launched upon the enumeration of such events as the Cotillion, Prom, Smoker, and the like there would be no terminus. Yet to you who follow, the writer craves the liberty of directing a few words with the precept that you hearken to them and transmit the tradition, which they will eventually become, nuto your successors. As the tribe of the Illini was the mightiest of their nation, so we have been the mightiest of all the tribes at Illinois, Therefore when the stranger cometh upon the campus, make him an offering of peace and lead him unto the glorious realms of Memorial Hall where he may view the one material memoir which we leave behind. Rehearse to him the story of the Illini, and as he gazes in reverence at the semblance of a noble, copper-colored, aborigine say to him that the warriors of the Illini's most powerful tribe have left behind them this appro- priate memento of their sojourn among you, that they have scattered to accomplish greater deeds and the world will need no interpreter to construe their achievements. ' 'W ' '1 THE1909 65 Glnllvge nf Eitvruturv sinh Arm l'll,IZXBE'l'II :XlSlilYl', A E A lloopeslun ,ff llEIi0R.XII CII xsle .XKERS I X Decatur 'Ng Nllcstzfrll Collegv CID V ' .l x, AI,lZFR'l' Ar,l.1cN. E A Ii Mt. Vernon, Business IQO8 Nlemoriul l'ummitler f.lN7TZll Society flOI'l1IHCI'LflZll Club lfgyptian Club College lJL1llL'lllQ,,f Vlulu Q Kirin. ll. Axnlclcsux, A K li Roseville Plluenix Yo Xzm President Class mcg , llllillffllllll Junior Smoker lnuruluittee l'reli1uinary llomlrs Senior Stag Couuuiltee I-IUNA PEARI. l3xRYH.xR'r L'rlrzu1z1 Vrcsicluut Y. NV. CI A. .-Xletllclmi Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '05-'08 1' nz!! uf fha z.f1'lll."FSm:1Nu CE1.Em:x'1'1ux. ILLI0 Amenmg.. pr'- ' ""' 'W' TH 121909 ILLIO W Continued Fman PARKER BENJAAIIN, II' B K, A XVutsekn. Philonmtheun Illinois-Inflimm Dc-bale, ' ITNZEI. BESORE Urbana Glnllrgr nf Eiirrature sinh Aria v lm oh Ladies Ulm-e Club, '05-,07 3 XVINNINA ELM Ihmwxsfw ' Centrnlin Washington University g English Club N .. . . , 1 X'1CC'PI'CS1IlCl11 Nlathenultmcs 1 luh I"r.m:ENr'E Lomsn IzNl7NIlXlIl'f. TT B fb, fb B k Muskegan, Michigan Preliminzlry Hnnurs, '06 L C. H. HVSEY. 'IJ A H Urbana "Tim wry pink uf jmrjuu1ian."-l'1N11 II0u:LrE, N THE1909ILT-10 Glnllrgr nf Eitrrature anim Aria 3 Continued l l l.0I'IS llltbtxumc, II 6 Iimlwnrclsville Memorial CUIl1Il1lIlCP lllmolmxmtlmeun AK'I'lII'R P. lll'RIS'I'HXIH, X II lmmlee lfnglisll flulw her Deutsche Yerein President l'hilomuthe:m 4. V5 X5 1 lf wg' Hvu. llI'RliliS Frlmzum X ' 71 . f XX ff", Urlmnn lllglm Svlmnl ' ".Zy-: J l'l'I'HEI. MW lll'SllNIEl.Il. fb I3 K l'uxton Illioln 'lmw l'. lH"1'l.1c14 Nlmllicvllo Illini Stull' Q35 Q4j Scrilmlrlers Vlulm Cjj C.1j Iinglislx Fluln f4j "Tn frnwll 111 ,lllnzxzcw and In Xllllvlr' 111 A,77zIIII.H1l'1IL HAH.. 1 THE1909ILL10 Continued Rm'1'uICE M. lil"l'I.l'Ill. A E P Chicago Ladies Glee Club Qgj lllinois-llimliuna Debate Cgj Ilamilton Preliminaries fgj Im T. C,ARRI'l'IYEllS. H 9 Siumemin Varsity lfootball QU f2j Cgj Varsity Baseball Czj Cgj Varsity Track Team Captain Yarsity Fooilxill Team Phoenix Senior Society Vice-Presiclent Y. M. C. A. lllflli CH,-SPIN Champaign llliola Literary Society Y. YV. C. A. Czlbinet C4D Ihzm, CIAII-'FURIL dw A KI' Chnnipuign Athenerm Literary Society IIAZLE KAVVHERINE COOPER Champaign 't7'imu vlalmnzlfly tlmvwn away."-ENuI.1s11 UNDER 1'm1.uPs. Qinllvgv nf Eitvraiurv :wh Ariz CID C23 CU C2 QTQ THE1909 ILLIO QQ, Glnllvge nf Blitrraiure anh Aria Continued IRVING Ifltwznm' Cox. fi' A A, 9 N E Matoon University Orchestra Czj C31 C43 Glee and Mandolin Club, '04 and io7 lXl.Xl.'klCE G. Tl.'lll.XNT Hamilton, Business Varsity Football C4j Varsity Basketball Czj C33 Captain Varsity Basketball C43 Shield and Trident .kl,BER'I' ll.xk'rxr.xx ll.XlilII,ER, X B, fb E' Chadwick Philomathean, Der Deutsche Yerein, ling- lish Club, Seribblers Club, Student Editor Alumni Quarterly, Assistant Editor Daily lllini C4j, Inter-class and Inter-society De- bates, Chairman Memorial Committee, Mem- ber Auditing Committee, llatclict Orator, Phoenix CHESTER Roisrilci' Ihawm' Morris President Philomathcan John Marshall Law Club Freshman-Sophomore Debate Czj President Class C3j Yice-President Class C43 Treasurer tlratorieal Association C4j Illini Stall' C35 C45 XE1.1,E M. Dlrkixsox, .X F, fb A YP Eureka Alethnai Literary Society l "Can identify any dollar fha! eww' fanzc mln lrix lzarzdsfl-F. XV. lWl0lll,MAN. EYQ THE1909 I1-5-Iii0 Glnllvgv nf Eiierainrv aah Aria Continued Alun' iiER'I'Kl'llE lJUllEll'l'Y La Grange lingllslx Club .Xlvmllxi-1 C. ICISZNER Unk Park Associate Arts, Lewis Institute l Kulsrgul' E. G,x1:NE'1'. 112 I' A Plymouth X6 X , , sfX,g,g,,, 5. Slum Wuus'l'r114 lixu, Ii A 'li Churlutto, Vermont Vermont Acmlcmy President Alethcuui Lulivcrsily of lexus, 115 l"m'1'FV'l' ll1"0I'l'lL C'IfsFl1 fl, K 'lf ..,.x -,U 'l10lHZill8XVli, VVisconsin University of XVisco11:in, '04, 705, '06 Class Footlmll Pl1illips-Exeter Clulm "Tired l1llf1H'6l,V .mural 1'cJ!0rw', lmlnzy 5lirvj1."fIJIQ. NU14'l'0N'S CLASSES. THE1909 W' 1 ILLI0 Continued X'11,1u C. GEx'1'sri1r, A E A New Pliilaclclphizl, Ohio NAM' Goss Champaign l'lI,lZABE'l'H Y. QiRISXVOI.D Mt. Morris Der Deutsche Vcrein Mt. Morris College UQ ' A. li. IIAINES Gibson City Phoenix Editor Illini, 1907-08 l'iIlW.XkIJ L. HALL Danville Philomathcan Volunteer lizuiml Glee Club Soloist C41 J l lresirlent Y. M. C. A. "Too lalv I sIayea',' f0rgir'c fha t'l'llllL', Unhccdfd flew ifze lmu1'5."'-.IUE lYlESS1CK. Glnllvgv nf illiterature anh Ariz XVeslern Rcscrvc University, 1905-ob. C27 CAD 2 ff? R1 U ff l la. THE19091LL10 Glnllvge nf ifliternture zmh Arm Continued W iTii.x1:1,r:s Ru' Cnlclu-sta-r Adelphia Fuller Mont Cuurl A. l'lR,XZll'IIl Ili'N'r. U A X fliiczlgfx lfflllfll' 11,08 ll.l,Iu Crystal ll1lIlL'lIU1 Vluli K lizurnizm K up Lmninillvf- 133 Senior Slug f'Oll1llllllC0 l4j lilm A. ,l.Xf'l!liSliN Llfllllllll A Llicnczxn Literary Snail-ly iiriuiusrp lillblili jmlxsox. Z2 A li Ml. YL-rnnn, General lliisiiivss Ku Klux lfgyptian Cllulw College Dancing Ulula L'mnnici'ci:1l Club llinirniam Suphmnurc fntillion Vmninittcc Chairman Senior llul Lninmittcc RVT11 Kkiism Vfvliinilmiis, Hhin Alhcnczm Litcrxiry Society "1 am .vlnw nf .f!1m'y."Al"l.1c1i1' I,1Nn1iif:x'. THE19091L1-10 Glnllvge uf Eliterature anh Arm Continued lru I.. Ihxtmn, II B 111 Holcomb, VVcst Yirginia juxxm M. l,I.UYIb Girard lun- X fr,i'3 53. if LYMAN S. lNIANf:.xs +-f"' X ,,f Lincoln College, '04-'07 K lx ELLA E. Mc'Ix'rx'uE Urlnanu llcr I Deutsche Yerein ' Aucx-: H. Mr'IluNx1,lm ' Charleston MCM, fall if by .wnzr lwllm' mzmc. Fm' frimdxlzif 5601115 Inn mid."-IQRNII-3 .xxn P1f:mprzx'. Band 0 J Lmcoln .g1M,,,-, I-A E! I 1 lx 1 l 1 ?J THE1,909ILLI0 Clnllvgr nf Eiterature emh Ariz Continued NELLE M1l,1.ER, II B fb, 'Iv A Xl' Chlfllllliigll Am MAE MUVER Champaign Gluck hfL'Rl'11Y, A l' Tuscola M. Ii'1'nr:l, N.A'l'10N, ZZ K Chebanse jmssm Rvru Nmwons Champaign Champaign High School SERENADE OF IIELME'1's-"We wan! food." 1, 7 THE1909ILLI0 Glnllegr nf llitvrniure amh Ariz Continued W Mxluux NIVIIUL l'rh:mu llliola Y. VV. C. A. fnhinet 43' ki Ll'I,lT fl..XIlll-I O'II.xm X Nw 5 gf Ilzmrcl, Incl. ,Y - , President Illiulu hu 5,1 llcr Deutsche Ycreiu "M J " H Q ' , up QQ: Nlxxsm, Y:-:RQNA Os'rR.xNmcn Chicago KIISINIIC l,r:uxuk.x Ilxkmzlz. lx A 9, fb B Ii 'fzlylorville lurzxrz M. lixusoxs. fl- Ii K Clhcago, L. X A. and Music Athenean English Cluh "PIc11Iy of noise makcx a guna' Ulldllgfl argzmzwz! for .wfmr puu,b!v."-l'IElclfbl. THE1909ILT-10 Olnllvgr nf Elitrraturv aah Ariz i Continued XVINIFRED Amilxx PERRY Urbana liS'l'Ill'ZR l7FEII. Arenzville Normal University llowlxuln A. RAY Peabody, Kansas English Club NEI,I.Il'f IRES:-2 Rl"l'l.r:m:E Mt. Sterling ll. 1. Sf'UX'll,I., fb B K Rockford, Bllsiness Class Footlmll I Class llusketball President Commercial Club Q41 Treasurer of Senior Class "The pineapple of"-KEENI-L RICHARDS. THE19Q091LLI0 Glnllvgv nf literature anh Aria Continued li. Xxmrl Svlmlzlx l.:-xington Jxllltlltfilll I.. :XLDICN Sxlrrlr, II 0 flllillllllillgll Cfommercinl Club Class lfoutbilll Cgj C45 Cutilliun LQOIHIXUTYCC C25 liusiness lllllllilglil' 111118 l,I.l.IU Ilcwlx Wnriswu Sxlrrll Lrflklllll, T.. X A. uncl Mathematics Maltllellmlius Club Pwr, P. STONE lllllkjtllll, Business 329 lf? , fl 7 4? .. M W! in lpff .. ai 15 l'll.liIlA Ula YPZRF S'rl:.x1+:11'r, E K lfomlzx, Iuwn, I.. K A. and lilmrary SL-iam-e llliula "l,f1!wxl 1!I!vIIjfA' in xfmlllplu' xr ul."--ID. K. li. CKES'l'. l 4 A 5533 5513 THE1909ILLIO ESQ 1' rw 'A' Olnllvgv nf Eitrrature emh Aria Continued Low Swn:,'x1e'1', II B HI- l' llI'lI1k'l' 1 :ly .X. ll Sl'III-IRT! Tisliilwzl NMI, -l'.I.URICNl'I-I 'l',xYl.u14 T IISCUIII .I Rss! ri M xv 'l'ol.,x N11 l' rbuufl Atheneun J. M. XV,x'1'l111cs xV1llSt'kLl Ionian fl: flu fm ffm! lllmflu III llzw .X'f7l'l-IIA' fmiu' zlnlfzirlg Zu flu will: ffm' mzxf'."4I,lI.l.INulik ANU Nl xx' I1.xl.1m'lv TH E1909ILl..lCJ "l 1l!7i'1I1'.Y dun mimi 1 fuzz."--CIIIILF CLERK. Glnllrgv nf literature anil Aria Continued NINA M. XVICINHICIUE, Alplm Alpha Rushvillc Scriblrlers Club English fflulm lllini Stull' Deutsulur Ycrciu S'r,xNI,EY li, XVILKINSHN. 0 A X Kanllukee, Business filer- Vlulm, '05, '06, ,OS llfmw.,xRn Cu XNlbI.liR XVIILIXMS, 'Iv K Xl' lilgin 14108 lllio lionrd fvlllltlllll lllltl Regimental Acljutunt, ffxulet Regiment Seuiur llull Committee X 2 gf? l.El,T.X S. Wrrsnx lFQbX Mason City L K X Qt. w, linwm LEONXRII XVIISOW Joliet President linglish Club llrynn Club THE 1909 ILLIO l Glnllegr nf Eitvrature anh Aria Continued XVIEHE ALICE VVHITE Austin, Chicago llEl'l.,XII Minas Woun Petersburg t.1e,xf'1a Iuwixtz. A X Q, 111 A XI' Saint Joseph, Missouri, llouseliolrl Sciviiwe llousehultl Science Vlub GRAPE LOGAN Edinburg, Household Scitgnce EDWIN GRGYRS Rvxx, T A Chicago, Business Shield and Trident Scribblurs Club Varsity llasketlnlll Czj Cgj C42 Class Baseball junior Prom Committee Senior Ball Committee UPI! 7.fCl'.Y4'tl in "l1ri10lcs" and "SI1'aifi'."-Sl4lALx li.kPP.XS. "XY THE1909 ILLI0 illlinrellaxwnun College of Literature and Arts IZ l Fmvrx.-x :xIllHb'l"l'. X S2 Chicago llliola 1.1512 Ross lilfmlm, X Bcurmlstown Fhess ami XVINIFREIB Plenum' Chaunpuign Fairmount Vresiflent A-Xlethnai A. l4l'l'Y SXKGENT Exeter, N. ll. Qualified as Rhurules Scholar 11307 Clleckcr Club NIi1.l.IE NIILIIRED l'o1c'1'E1:FIm.lm, X Q XVon1en:-1' League C45 Q-'I-. I.-. 'lf fl -iw f ff . Li I wa "All fllllIAQ'.S' an' in mmnmzz auzwzg f:'1uml.v."fl'1.1m'l'u1:s xr x l+'1:.x'1'1a1cNI'1'x' lluvsr- 81 THE1909 ILLIO Hlliarvllanrnm 1 College of Literature and Arts l RALPH linwix SllliRIlfl". X I3 Rc-ynolcls Phoenix Philoniutlienn Business Nlllllilgffl' Illini, 'of-'oS Lorrslc Slnmux. K .l I-3, 111 A XI' llc Kalb Roast Committee IooS lI,l,I0 Assistant Compiler of Illinois S1 I.ENx Um XYIIITE Urllrmzl lhassnz Ilimox Normal, llouseholml Sui:-ncv Normal lligh School lllinois VVeslcyzm College of Ni llousehold Science Llnh Athenean Literary Sofia-ly l'll.ORl7IN4'E llxumsox llzlnville, llouscholnl Science Atheneun Literary Society Secretary linglish Cluh 'l'i'e:1surer linglish Fluh XV.flX'I'EIlZ A ganiga fm' zlnr Sig .lzmu Circulation Nlflllilgfl' lllini, 'oo-'oy ang l l!4lL' look 'mf' TH --,viii---Y 77- -Y - -- W E 1909 ILLIO ' 11.1 pw-ft Glnllvgv nf Emu IJ. I-. llf1111,0m':.x l'rt'ato11ic:l Amlclphiu Yan Twille-1' Court Rm' lI1x11.1N Ilmmwx. AJR., 0 K N, A E l' Syl-unmre Aclelphiu Manager Star I.r:utu1'e Cmirse, 19064141167 Presislent Suuim' tfluss First St'l11t?Slt'T w XX 11,1111 I'.1.1,sxw1e111 C IIII.I1 1 l'lilTITllTlgClfllC Fresh1111111-S1111l111111orc lJ4'l7flff', ,051 l'l1iloA 4 Adelphia Ilelmte, '05 Treasurer Oratoriual Associntiim, 'uh XVinner ot' Hzmlilttni Preli111in:1ric1s, '07 Philoinutlienn I,itc1'z1ry Suciety Yau Twiller C'uurt Rmz1c11'1' BURTON t'1 1111s, -I- .X A, 9 K N , , Urbzma - Egyptian tflulx W it 151 1 1. . John Murslmll Club Court I A 1 X ., LA LQ R. lf. If'1cxu.1xs, 0 K N Peoria Pl1ilomntl1e:111 l,i1rfr:1ry Society Senior AlVCll10l'l11l t'1nnn1ittc-c John Mtirslmll fllllll t'r1u1't 1-1 I11i11',1f."+lJ11N 11'x1 1-.. . Y wr' vvwwfn, THF-1909ILL10 Qlnllrgv nf Emu X Continued l'i.XRI. I7. l"lNf'II. Z2 N, 41 A 112 l'll0T'11 lfgyplifln Club Senior Ball Coinlnittee I.. li. IVISIIEN, B 9 TI Springfield Voxan Shield nncl Trident Ku Klux Clniirmun Scniur Hull Cmnmittec I IT. M. Fo1m.xx linst St, Louis Plllltllllllllltilll l.ite1':1ry Society ,, 1 Ilnizizalu' A. HWS, LI, A A, 0 K N -it Iilkville Egyptian Club John Marshall Lziu' Court flUSIIlUIll7lll1l.ll Vluln "t'izIm and zmumwd .vlnf 1m1!A'.v."-E'l'IlEI. HUGE. l nd. . t l ,IVAN 11. IIn..xi:1o l liritnngus, l'. l. l EQQQCQQQ THE19o9 ILLIO Glnllvgr uf Emu Continued .XI.I"1il'1lD ,X'I'XYUtbIl juuxsox liunvillc lfullcr Moot Court llltlM.XS l3r1,xf'l1 I,Eu1s,A 'I' A,-11.3 fl' N1 l" ui rl 1 u r y f H: Xortllwestcrn l'nix'crsity Sliiclrl :tml Tritlcut Musk :mtl liaulmlc l' lirumutic Clulm tllcc :mtl Mzmtlolin t'luh junior l,1'0lll. t'ummittcv "li l R. li. I.s'l:.x1ualc1-:. 9 K N .Xvtm Pliilrmintllcuu l,itcr1u'y Sucicty Yun 'l'u'illc1' Court I-lmxla ll. I.x':ti.xx - Peoria Fuller Moot Court Cu uu.1cs j. MuYN111.xx. li 21, fb A 'If VVhitelmll Y Varsity Football CID Czj Cgj Q41 Captain C45 "JIulutzZ Admirafion wt'iffiuxf'-A'1'HEx15.xx ANU AULLPIIIC. ,.-------w- --- fb-W -' ASQ THE 19091141410 Glnllrge nf Emu Continued W llARRY C. Moimx. Lb A A 1 Canton Clerk Moot Court john Marshall Law Court 4. j. I.. Momusox, KID A A llllI'lVCI'!-2 Yursity llasebull Cgj 14D Y iionxs XYlI,l.l.XM QVINIUXN T Springliclcl l,. IZ. Sxirrn, E A IG, 'If A fb Sycamore Phoenix Atlelpliie Literary Soeietyg Aclelphic-Philo Debate, 'OS VVit-na-ge-mote l Senior Member of Auditing Committee 'Vlass Baseball President Athletic Association, '07-'08 jmou Ax Mswuxn Swlsn ER XVellington l lonizm Literary Society , Fuller Moot Court P I 's "They slcrp by Ll,dj'.Ui1i.'XI'P.X SIGS. E L s L. , - ,V Q ee-ef fff -nr ESE THE1909 ILLIO Olnllrgv nf itlzuu Continued ll. J. 'l'11.xI. Cllilllllliilgll Fuller Mont Court mf- .Aj W.'u,'l'r:1: RAIN Wlxnmgu. fb K E, LD A fb Cairo 4 - 1 Ala., Lrnivmny of lllinuis, '06 ff XX English Club I ligyptian Clulm XVitnagemotc l.. A N Clmirnlan Law llzmue, '08 l t Lrzvx-znucrt' Clll.XSE Wr:s'r1alu'r11.'l', fb A df, 9 li N Shelbyville john lllurslutll l'lulJ Court tj. ll.xm.1Nu'1'oN VVUHU, A K li, fb A li' Petersburg Yan Twillcr Court Plxilomathcan Varsity Truck Tcaun Q'l'hree Ycursj j.xMr:s flI,AIWlJEN lil.l,l0'1"1', fll K E, 9 K N , Pueblo, Colo. l All., University of lllissouri, 'uh "Don't Ie! your ambition for stage fame go furllzer than college tlzcatrifalsf'-ANNABEI. FRASER. -1 l 4 l 5 . 4 THE 190911-L10 Qlnllvge nf Enginevring l li. ll. .xIPXMS,'lll'l21Y1glf' Stegcr, Civil lingillcc-l'ing 'I'. ll. AMRINE Clmnilmign, lil:-rtriunl Engineering QQ R. S. Al1'rnI'R,A T A Q J Unk Park, Civil linginccring X Shield unwl 'I'rirlcnt ff xi l., li. Iluuiuia llnlnvin, Municipal llllkl Sanitary linginccriiig il. M. I3A'l'EM.xN, X li, Il K N Urbana, Electrical lfnginccring Phmnix Varsity lffllllllllll, '05 Ionian Scriblxlurs X. M. Q. A, lnlnnct, 707 and 'Oh "ll ix fllflld IJ fum' Iufzwl I-1'1'41r1I5 M0111 lo ki,i'.v."ARl'SliINLi SEASON. i,,.,-- THE19091LL10 Glnllvgv nf Engineering C ontin u ed f4llXIil.IiS I3.XY.KIiIv l3.xxr1-:lc Nauvoo, Mcclmnicul l':llLIiHL'l'1'illg A. Llxx Bur: I5ljCLllll1', Vivil linginecring H. NI. l3IiliOIAZI-IIilMI'1R Chicago Heights, BIBUIIIIIHCRII Iingim-1-ring President M. lf. Sunil-ty KID Lawns N. ISQWMAN Mason City, Mechanical l'lT1gi1lC6I'illj1 YIRUN j. l3no'l'llr: lil Paso, Texas, ljlectrivnl Engineering ",U11Vgf1m'! 1'0z4l".v mm' Trftlltfj' f1u1f'."-'l'l-Llm ICAIJS. x A ,,,,,.,.,i.. iw,-1 THE 190911-L10 Olnllvgr nf Engineering , Continued 1 II. C. IZROWN, -Ik., fi' K Z2 Chicago, Civil l'illglllCCl'lI1g Il. I.. l3i'suNEI.I., T B II l'z1xton, Architecture Varsity Track 'liczuu fzj fs, i .XIi1'lllli S'i'AN'roN liizymcs, E A E, T B H X Sterling, Mcclizmiczll Engineering: Preliliiinury llonors l S. C. CAM1'1sE1,I,, T B II Marissa, Civil linginccriiig C. E. Club ,luim B. CABAMS. E X Kinmunmly, Civil I'i11gi1icm'ing Yo Xan , Phmnix 1 Manager Varsity Ilnscball 'fcum "This here is a cylizzdvr willz zz hole fflfdllgfl if l1w'i,'."--PROIF. CMQMEN. 1 THE1909 ILL10 l Qlnllvge nf Enginvvring i Continued Rnixinu' j. CfANnnic, X li, T li Il Alciln, Architecture .Xrcliitc-cis' iflnlm l'1'cli1nin:i1'y Ilonnrs Blumlxil-:R I-3. f'I,liYlil.XNl7 YVulcrl00, luwzi, !xY'LXl1llCk'llIl'C Ilrcsiclcnl .Xrchitectnrnl Club Q35 Associate lfilitnr 'liCCl!llUgl'11lll1 Q49 FRANK l,. COOK. A lf E, H K N Unk Park, lilcctrical l'1llglllLfl?I'lT1g l'l'mcn i x wiivj 4, HN arf M I lx, 1 i l Culrrxs liner, Coxxunn Ilccatnr, lilcftrical Iinginccring S'1.xxl.i:x' G. Cl'Tl,PZR. 'I' B H, 'lriinigle Cl1lCZlg0, Civil Engineering lfditnr-iii-Chief, thu 7'ri'h1zngn1fr!z Illini Stull' C43 President Scribblcrs' Vlulw President Ionian "lx .i-lm lafkzirlg uguifz ur '1'!'f.'u-.Xl.'l'.X Sn'n:x14'l'. V-"l?'7""" ' THE190911-L10 Olnllrgv nf Engineering Continued J. XV. CAIRNS llebron, lileetrieul Iinginee ring li. lf. IIEI-i'l'S. T ll II Sterling, lilccl1'icz1l llngineering U'1"1'o AR'1'1iL7n Invnl-1, K E St. Louis, Mo., Civil lfngineering Shield :ind Trident Varsity linselmll Q12 Qzj Y Cziptziin Cgj C.. lu. Llub li. W. Doxono, fb I' A Troy, Meelizniieal Engineering i flll.XliI.l'IS lililtkllli DnG.xN, Aztec La Salle, Railway Electrical Engineering Shield and Trident Varsity Club A. I. IC. E. Senior Ball Committee "T110.n' z'uil'zu1da1zl IMA-.i', 71151 zzznzziumvzi uf x!w11glh,"--I.Eo SAMSOX HANNA. THE1909 ILLIO Glullvge nf Enginvrring Moline, Railway l':l1gill66l'iI1g II. ll. DUNN lfiaxwx: XVkI4:1l'r IDVNNING, Iios Aurora, Nl0L'l1illllLTill lfngineering Varsity Track Tcfuu CID C35 Spalding Guild ,AW 4514? . L x 9 Il. t'. l'i.XIEER, II K N l Paw Paw, lil:-ct1'in-:il linginecring .1 ALJ l'lNIMl-l'l"l' Emiissox l".xs'r Princeville, NlK'L'llIlIllClll RIlg'ilN'C'l'll1g fnlxKXNlV 1.1-,oxxklm lwmsslnxxiv XVinthrop llnrlmr, NlECllilI1lCfll lfnginc-rring Captain l'nix'crsily Reginwnt Class Fcmllmzlll Varsity Truck Squml Vrelimilmry llmmrs 'Cl mzturu l'm'ulur."-HERN14-15 Sciwuulx. l l 9 0 lg 1 rf 1 THE 1909 Olnllvgr nf Enginvvring Continued P.u'r, filI.I.FSl-'IE Atlantic, lawn, Agriculture Iimzlcxrz l"R.XNKI,IN GILs'11:.x1', llus 'l':1con1:1, Vllash, Arcluitecture Crystal Dancing Club Arel1iteut's Club Class Bzislcetball Czj ll. F, GUNNERMAN, T B II, Triangle Dixon, Civil Engineering o PMTI. L. fiRADY Bloomington, Civil Engineering D. G. GRANT, E N, Triangle Chicago, Civil lfnginec-ring Yo Xan Shield :incl Trident Spaulding Guild Class Cap and Smoker Committee President '08 Class Cliuirnmn Military Ball Committee clHllttllll University Regiment "lf af frxi you dtlllif .r1u'feni, fry, fry agai1z."fD1CK ASHLEY. ILLIO .qv-, i A i T ininiifg 0 9 1 L L 1 0 lm l Qlnllrgr nf Enginvvring Continued Wlr.I,r,xM li. Klum-:x,'-I1 l' A Lisle, Mculiallical lfnginvering Ii. A. Gizmxlai.. K E C'lmn1p:1ign, C'ivil l'll1glI1?0Tll1g flll'l'III'R N. llI'I.XNEY. Acacia Quincy, Civil lingim-i-ring Trialngle Vrcsiclent C. li. Club 1'l1nirm:1n Cap :mil flown Cunimittee llu HxMP'rnx NlllSL'Zlllllf', Iowa, l'flertriu:1l lfngineering ww, Yv,,, l'RXNlx I,. Ilixsux, II lx N, l li H fllllvllgll, l'1l8L'll'lk'ill lfngim-ering lf. IC. Society Student Menilmcr A. I. IC. lf. lvniversity Urclieslral Q l'relimin:1ry llcmurs l "For My nzlw. mlnzivu, I would da azlyfhiug 1114! Jz'u."QUR. KIQMP. l i r ,T THE19091111110 EXSEBKESFLS Glnllvgv nf Enginevring Continued R. 0. IJARDER, Triangle Lockport Civil Engineering C. I.. Ilfxklcxnss Clizlmpnigu I.. ll. ll.xZ.xRn. T B H, ll lx R Ruck Island, lilectricul liiigiiweriiig Vice President li. li. Society Clj C4j K. li. llr11il.s'1'm'm, T A, T B IT, Il K N l':VI11lSt0!'l, Electrical linginewring President IC. li. Society Qzj. 'US Gm. H. HERRIN Bunker Hill, lilectrical Engineering "TIM girlfr Fnlui' r1ul1."'-Pl,Elb12IN1l SEASON. THE1909 ILLI0 Glnllvgv nf Enginevring Continued llmcxrirz fl, Ilumxs l'rmtinu, Iili-ctricail lCi1giiiewi'iiig If. lf. Society Stuclunt Nlsmlicr A. l. Iii. IC. XYL-stiiiiiistvi' killilcl L, l.llm:i'14:,1lfIx 2. Yinuunm-s, Incl., .Xrcliiteuture Yu Xml ' Sliiclcl and 'l'i'i1li:nt Architects, Club Senior llull Conunitice Gal, 9 I S9239 pf EA l.. 'l'i1ici:4mx R. llmvuic, 'l'1-inniglv Linculn, Civil lfnginrcring ! A. V. lliiwiicifl, Vziscyvillc, Civil l'lngi1iec1'ing NX xr. I. lll'lif'lil'Il. Cnsvyvillef, l'ix'iI Engineering 'Il fnrirfffjf ix 11 uzIxfm'!11m'. .I i'lz1l1Afunl 41 Ji'fm'rl11'ly, lin! 7.1hf,i'ku1'.r uw 11 flulllfi' imwl fi111l!."flDl4. lllllltilf. ,.,.-.---.W -f-V v., L THE 19091141410 Qlnllvgr nf iinginvrring Continued Il. H. Hiinsnx Gaim, Civil Engineering XY. VV. IIUFF Sullivan, Civil Engineering Varsity Baseball Team R.Xl.l'll K. IIURSII. Acacia Macomb, Mechanical Engineering Gen. E. JAQUET, T B II, H K N Falls City, Neb., Railway Electrical Engineering Armour Institute, 704-l06 President HLe Cercle Frzmcnisll Q35 C4j E. E. Society Student Member A. l. E. E. Installing Engineer E. E. Show ERWIN B. JORDAN, T B II Orion, Civil Engineering Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Hilllflu-drafrza. 11070 al1.x'1n'tz'- lima' yan haw xujawd al my hands.""-Du.-uIix'rIc CLUB. QQ THE19o91LLIo Cllnllegv nf linginvvring Continued lIuuHER'l' I':lllY.Xllll liAIII.EK'l' Carlyle, Electrical Engineering lfnxxli T. K1-:4:1,l1:v. Aztec Vrlmnu, .Xruhiteclure Manager Tennis Team, ,O6-'07 XY.XI.TER W. Klsxcrn. IT 9 Janesville, XVis., Civil lfngilicwiiig Class lfootball 13D C43 N ' 'Q x1f,'. - 1 , rf- zfizw ' l'llDEI, Vin.-xx, l,,m1:.xc'.-is Mnrincluque, l'. l., Municipal anal Sanitary lin- ginee-ring lf'. I.EInENm-:mile Champaign, Mcullzulicrll linginecring "fire mumjls rmlh1,1,'im1.i nr i1zfyf!z211z.v!"-fl11Ilzm'i!y.-l"lcl'l'Z XV.-XGNER. THE 19091141-I0 Olnllege nf iinginevring Continued l .l. A. Loxu, Acacia Amlioy, Civil l':ll1,.flllIfl'l'lll1f li. ll. l,0lJ'l'ZENII1Sl'1R llzmville, Mecllanicnl Engineering Rom. ju. Lovxc, T B H llrmpeston, Arcliiteclurr- Vresiclent Arcliiteuturul Clulm Q45 'l'. fl. l,l'lXYRV, Triangle Upper Alton, Civil l'f11gil1e-1-ring Class llaselmll fxgj llmvxmm I.. MWN lillllli1l.l'iE'B, lluilwfly I':ll'l'll'lL'1ll lingineering ".-H! flu' givin! rwllulgfu j21'rxiiz'u11!.v uri' rfli'r11z'.vI.i', Yu!! kzmw I xfn'i'if1I1:f.'J in -'l1u1111HvIry."-DEAN lim.i,u4'l:. THE1909ILLI0 i Qiullvgv nf Engineering Continued Ruimmzuic IJ. Aliicsiaicx. A T A St. Q4Illll'iL'S, Civil Iingiiiccriiig IC. A. Mimi: ixllllil, IClwti'iczil ifiigim-4-riiig Slurln-nt Mciulicr A. I. lf. li. iwllgm FX i Nl. Il. NIr'XIli.l,xx Spartan, l'ilCClI'iL'1li liiigiiicvring x Tv, - if M. Ii. MfZC,,m'. lrlainglc Cliicugu lluighls, Civil l'ilIg,filN'l'I'illg 1,1-Ixus ixlf'I,4lXYliI.I., 'l' I-3 II, Triimgln- Hmwiistmvii, Civil Iingiiic-4-i'i1ig CT. Ii. Club Y. H. C. A. Cnbim-L 1'i'csirlv11t Ariclphic "'7'f1m'e arc llI07't' lhillgi' ill lI4'zI7'L'H nm! nzrlfz flzalz are dream! of in your jvh1'I0.wjz!zy."-Hia. B'TN'IT'li 1. .:. - THE19091LL10 Qlnllegv nf Enginvvring Continued R. W. MCCRACKEN liloomnclcl, lndiann, Civil Engineering Il. S. ME.xnoxx's Chicago, Civil Engineering f'I,XRENI'E IS. BIILLER Boswell, lncliana, Electrical linginccring Varsity Track Team C35 C45 Varsity Footlmll Squzul C45 All Class lsoutlmll CZH Class lhlbketbull Czj C37 A. C. BIILLER New Athens, Meclinniczil Engineering M. S. MORGAN. Triangle, T B II N Galva, Civil Engineering "I am tl fwmzau umm' .Ylvlllllfd againxt than .vi1111i1zg."--Bliss llHU'l'Il. TH 1211909 ILLIO l'll II,I.I vs-S Qlnllvgv nf Enginvvring Continued tlniiis Ii. 3111111115 Congress Park, Electrical l':I1gl1lCC1'lHg' Track Squad C35 Q49 WUJFER R. N10I'I,Tl'DN Glen lillyn, Electrical I':l1glllCCI'lIlg Lewis Institute, '04 lf. lf. Society Stuclcnt Member A. l. li. llaml Q15 Q25 Secretary Athletic Association f 571' L liek 1 1 1 CX' fx lim' Ii. 3ll'X4il'IR. T B H 'Qlf' ' Rock lslanrl, Mechanical Ifnginecring joilx A11.xMs Nl-IVMAN. Acacia Springfield, Electrical Engineering Presiileut Teclanograpli Board C43 X'ice-President li, li. Society Q35 YiceAl'resiclent Senior Class Class lfootball QD Varsity Football Squurl QU l. L. NITZ, T li ll, H lx N Cliicago, lilectrical Iingincerilig llllULfHlX Senior Society Major fniversity Rcginlent Vice-l'1'esicle-nt lf. li. Society li X145-l'lUI'S'l'UX .-,771 rw Cf:-111111 THE1Q09ILL10 Continued 1 lil-io, V. flliMS'liI'iIl, II 6 Cllllitllllllilgll, Meclmniczll lfngineeriug Yicc-President Junior Class XVinncr llnzclton Medal, '05 Colonel Czulet Regiment l,llI7ClllX Mcclmniczll lfnginccring Society VV.XSlIlN42'I'1lNI VV PAR Klflz Qlnllvgv nf 'iinginevrin B lilgin, Civil linginucring 3 M, Q-,ii E 411.1111 1. , 7Q g 'Q n .ft L R. ni. 1'll-:lu'r:, '1'ri1mg1c, '1' ls II ll f SP Ogden, Civil linginccring Scrilmblcrs' Clulm CIIARIJ-IS S. 1'l1.r,slsu1cx', A K E U1'lJzuu1, Mcclumical l'lllglI1CC1'lllg lf. IL. l'lfIS'l'IEliER, U A X Sterling, lllCCll1llllC2l.l ll1I1gi1lCCl'il1g l i i K "They say I laik lik: iz book."-'1'11E.x1aoN l'iUL'51ili. X., THE19091LLI0 Qlnllvgv nf Enginveriug Continued llnmm J. Imxvriis, A T I2 -D Tzlylnrville, Civil lingineering Yo Xzm ' WX Shield :mil 'I'riclent Senior llall L'0lll1llillCC 0 Rumi llmiixrm Ri541.xN ' ClllL'llg0, Mecluniicall l':llgi1lCQl'lllg Captain, University Regiment J. F. RENU Browning, Mechanical Engineering M. E. Society University Ureheslru RAYMOND Emma Ruuixsex, T ll II Oak Park Mechanical Engineering l'lK.XNlil,lN N. R01'I'.'l'rianglc, T B II Chicago, Civil Iingineering Varsity Truck Tcami CID Q23 fjf Shield :incl Triclent I l i l " The lmney-tlwoafcd smzgsfer."-CLEAVINGER. , I TH E1909ILL10 Continue l"1u111v jmlx RUl"l'SUN, K ZZ Class Iinsclmall C1 A1c'1'lil'ii SVIIWEIKIN, Triangle Cll,XliI,lCS l,i'l.w:1: SIIIELDS llighlunnl Park, Meclinni 1.ii1if I'. Ii. Nmusmcc Christiana, Norway, Men M. E. Society Choral Society fins. M. Sl,.xm1.i1x12ii. Triangle Eric, Civil Engineering "Pre!!y Izadly lfafd Im."-XEL'M.iN, Anzifi Qlnllvgv nf Enginvvring d Tolcilu, Ohio, Civil Iinginci-ring D C29 fs? llurlin fton, Iowa Civil l'1Il"'lIlCCl'ill 1 n 1- ls cul lingincering hainicail Iingineerin Sczinrlinavinn Society .L fgv w ' TH E1909ILLIO "ll'ordr may came and Ti'Ul'LI'.V Qlnllvgv nf Engineering Conhnued ELLIS li. SMITH, Camus, 9 N E Joliet, Mechanical Engineering Truck Squad CID Czj Class Bowling Crixiian II. W. SM1'rH, CII K NI' Hoopeston, Civil Engineering Yo Xan Varsity Track Team CID C2j C32 Class Football Cz, Cross Country Yllfilllll CID c'W 1eQ QW 7 X efQgi5lYlx RN? gy R llizuunlu' Collis S'rEP11ENs Sycamore, Electrical Iingineering S. A. STINSON Colfax, Civil Engineering Iinxmiua A. S'rx'1.ns Champaign, Railway Iilectrical Engineering may go, Im! 'Aura' gums 011 fa1'c7'ur."--I'1i01f. CARMAN. TH Qlnllvgv nf Engineering W Continued l j. W. Swnmz l Mzmslield, Electrical Enginccring U. of I. Academy IC. E. Society Student Member A. l. IC. IC. Captain Co. K University lic-gimcnl Fmau TERRILI, Colchester, Mechanical Engineering liusincss Manager The 'l'CCl1IlUgYLl1ll1 Iimirzu A. TILDEN, O A X Canton, Ohio, Architecture Crystal Dancing Club Architects Club J. O1uuN"1'Uc'1iER, H K N Huston, Mo., Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. BURTON FLGYD TUCKER, H K N Boston, Mo., Electrical Enginccring A. I. E. E. "A lion among ladies is a most dreadful thing."-LION GARDINER. E1909 1LL1o 'wi THE 190911-L10 H9 l Glnllrgr nf Engineering Continued l'iIl.lNK X7AN Ixntxczux, T I3 II Champaign, Mechanical Engiiwering Phoenix Varsity Truck Team Qlj Q23 C35 Manager Track Team Q45 i Cir,-mms E. XVATERHOITSIC, Triangle, KI' A 9 Burlington, Iowa, Civil Engineering A.B., 1907 JAMES LTADISON WARNER. A 'I' A Syracuse, N. Y,, Civil Engineering Yo Xan C. E. Club E. A. WEBER, Triangle, T I3 H Champaign, Civil lingineering Captain Co. lf University Regiment "Aly rake ii' tltlltgfl.U-ll4lI'SElI0LD Sviaxvn I Glms. 14'1u'rz WAGNER, JR., fb I' A Q Chicago, Architecture Evra Phoenix ry Xl Class Baseball 415 423 435 he JL 1 QQ THE1909ILLIO I Glnllegr nf Enginvrring Continued 1 i,xie1iNc'E lf.. xVIf'IilCRSII.XM, ll K N Rusevillc-, lilcctriual Engineering Student Member A. l. li. IC. Il. Il.Z11-tsIN1:,A 'I' A Glencoe, Civil lfnginecring Yo Xnn Pliocnix C. li. Vlub llisicizi-ini flll xlci.1-:s Zlwn, Cmnus, 413, H N E Saint Flair, Mich., Meclmniuul Engineering Acziclc-lny, ill. lf. Sucivly Yursily Dancing Club Scrgm-unI-ut-Arms, Simplimuure Class flilllllllll Suplmiilrwc fulur Rush Flu-ss Ululm A 1, Tiiia Nifw AI'lbl'I'HRIlTN1 '24 rizmffillzfu Jw' dw- II.-nm-Jw lYHTIIII.U-lllilblf. lDl'1m1.iQx' llixlill. Nlf'Cjoi'xi:Y. 'T' ESQ THE19091T-L10 ESE flliiarellanruuu College of Engineering xVlI.lil'Il Coiumx lllmsoiimlrs, Triamgle lfrlwarclsville, Civil l':llg,flllCCl'illg' Varsity Football CID C21 Cgj, Captain, 706 Varsity Track Tezun Clj Czj C35 llliinzlcicfi' AMI-:lcv lhuxn. T ll TI lhuiville, Art-liiteuturnl l'lng.5ineering xl. Russ liiwxm. fxmf, 'i' is n ,fy l.n Salle, Civil lingineu-ring fx 1 i tlrzingt- :incl lllue llnncing Clulm P4-'ft i XR . N iii , ,,,,. R19 it ,X ,. f, Q sf- ll. J. PIOOIJXVIN Chicago, Civil Engineering President lvrim Civil 1Cngineer's Club ll. S. M.-xI,r'ol.M Roseville, Civil Engineering "7'f1u1'i".v flu! 41 .ffll-Vf amz' tl lmlf in all Ihriz' t'iu7zf1u11,1'."--vt'rrlxnc RVSH. THE1909ILLIO QQQEYQQ illllinrvllanenuz College of Engineering lfXI.l'lI .L l,ll.l,lNliliK, 'I' A Vlliralgo, .Xlwllila-L'll1l':xl l'lllglllK'l'l'lllLf iulla-gal llguwlllg 1 lull Y1ll'5llj' Sllllllllllllgf :xml Xvfllvl' l'ulu Yllkillll C35 C45 lflnss Swinmming 'll-um Qgj Cluss lwmllmalll C25 CQ Q4j ,N ,, . . Al. I..S1,x11c, l li II, ll lx N .Xllrm1onl, lflm'lric:nl lfrmgilu-vrlllg I'reliml11:1ry llmmrs Aczulemy, lC. lf, Sucicty lllkllltlllllll in Vmlvt lqkgfllllvlll Sluflrni Nl:-mlrvr .X. l. lf, lf. IQ. Nl. YN l'1':'l"1'1ax, ll U 1'l1:u11p11ign, iivil lillglllm-cling Class zmrl lT11ivv1'sily .xlllllllllgf l4UlIlll1llll'l' llaulrt Ilnp ihxnmlllcv lvllivehily lluml Q23 135 lqj liusincns Nlilllllgvl' l4,J "l'u111' Vlrllllfz' IX mf!--I fum' 11 lflllllfljf r.ufu1,ru."---KLifslil Ill llliIlCX XlXY. EB SQ TI-1121909 ILLIO 91:12, Glnllrge nf Agrirulturr PAN. W. A'ru'oon, Aztec, A P E Aurora Orange and Blue Dancing Club Senior Memorial Committee l Ut-ff fq 1 ,4 J Rosms L. lZ.xI,1.. E A E f Iiureka I J 1 AB., Eureka Vollege, '06 X X X 521 I A Elk W. Z. I31..xc'1:, X B Urbana Academy Philomatliean Literary Society Agricultural Club Manager of Agricultural Baseball Team, ,Of Business Manager Illinois Agriculturist, '07-'08 Senior Memorial Committee GEORGE Bovvoucos Athens, Greece Class Treasurer CU Commercial Club Agricultural Club Adelphia J. V. Roi-P, A Z New Memphis President Agricultural Club l "Ile ix nu! only dull lzinzxrlf, bu! the 5411455 of d1l1lnax.v."-PlilI.Ii1Ps. l w 113 THE1909 ILLIO Hillsdale llIR.XM LINVS limi Taylorvillc Qlnllvgv nf Agrirnlturv Continued Ii. M. D. Iliurxsx, A A 1.4 Mg YQQTFR I. S. BROOKS, A Z Beecher City IAIV jf I!! 1X"' President ,-Xgriuulturzil Club ' A hlll.0 I3i'icw.xsii Clmnipuign All Class licmllmll Teain, 0, lfmxiq Miixrnx Ilvicics. il 'l' SI, A P E Charleston Chief Clerk in the Umcc of the Dean of Un- tlergrzuluutes University Regiment H1X'lltI7i'ft'1l7gn' ix jmwur 1411111 ima 1'zazl1s.v the pain! ftflfrrr he krzuws it L1!Z.'l-IQIU. 4 HREF' .TT THE19o91LL1o QE, Olnllvgr nf Agrirulturr Oiuix ST,xNI,i-:Y Fisiirilc. A Z XV3Sl1lJllTIl Eureka College, 'oo-'03 W.xi,'rRR L. U.-xlxlas, A Z Crete R. A. fnIl,KIlXNl. lx E XVusliington, lml. jxxms HENRY Clkianxig. 111 K XP lluliuqne, luwn University of Chicago, '04, '05 iilec and Mandolin Clubs Q35 C415 Man- ager C45 W mn E. lI,x1,l, Monmouth Y. NI. C. A. Cziliinet W Agricultural Club l l "One llmrnz uf f7,Y!JE7'lz'I114 zi wnrllz a tulmla 1uz'hlw'm's5 uf aJ:'z'f':."--Al,1'llA CHI UMEKLA. THE19091LLI0 ESQ Qlnllvgr nf Agrirulturr Continued Sinxi-:Y Y. Ilnm' Oneida R. L. I,,-x'l'zE14, A Z, fl' E lliglilziml Agricultural Fluli Prelimimiry llunurs U. C. LOGAN f, Q X, 'T' .J D "1 SD ... ,Nlhl , ,I Fw XVB, guy. X -.M -A J ' EW ...A X, ARTHUR I,UMl3RIf'K, A Z Charleston E. l. S. N. S., long JOSE mi LA Rum , Philippine lslanils Agricultural Club Cosmopolitan Ululm Ulla must 111178 1'.f'm'1'1u'il u vzzzuilage ran the way llc' xliuks tl?'UllIld.NiSI'lISRIFID. 'IVV' E553 THE1909IL1-10 l Glnllvgv nf Agrirulturv l Continued llizimrzxumzimu Sl'1YIl,I.,X Malakon, Rizul, P. l. President Cosmopolitan Club Secretary Aclelphic Literary Society Agricultural Club Member Illini Stall' 1"1mNK Simvsnx, A T, A P E Puma Crystal Club ,T josh: ti. S.-xNx'n"1'ouEs Pusig, Rizal, I'. l. f i K- if 1 sri?" 'L L ft Q V' R. NV. SMITH Urbana IIUXVARD R. S'l'.XNl-NERD. A Z Chatsworth N Agricultural Club "A man who Ihiukx himself 41 wil Mould lalk inln zz jwlmzmgraplz am! lhrrz 118 mtzdcf I0 lisfc'1z."--ICNU. fm l........l 523365519 THE 19091111410 Continued f'll.XRl.l'ZS A. S'l'lcw.x1c'l'. A T, A 1' ZZ llCI1U2L junior Prom. Cumimllve liu Klux Senior Ball Coiiiiiiitli-if Shield and Trirluiil Varsity lfuotlmll, '05 :incl 'uh Varsity liuskctlmull, 'oh :mil '07 Class Buseluill, '05 unrl 'uh Y.Y.xx1M.xN.AZ Yircleu NlClJl1CY'S01l Cfvllcggc, lixmsus l'rcsi4lcnt Agricultural Vluln v W . fi V , w,,, X. M. L. A. Cnlnm-t, 00 :mil '11, l9'uotlmull 'l'0l1ll1, 'ofa unrl '07 "ll'!1uz'i.".f li'i'11a.' Ilmclv li'i'1m! Il'l1af'.v Num: Jung"'ml"L'u.X141J, Glnllrgr nf Agrirulturr 51:- M JQSLQ ,Xi dv xv- 5 'l Q , x"--.LHQY l':.KRl.lC A. XVPIIVE, A Z QQ- ' N .Xnliouh THE19091L1-10 Glnllvgv nf Svrivnre l W llxlucx' j. A'I'IilNSUN jnlict, llcncrul Science lnwix W. ll.xc'n Crlmzmu, General Scicncc l'l1ilomntl1can litcrury Sncicty College Dancing Clulm junior Sinokcr Cnnmiiltcc Music Reporter Illini Sc-nior llnll Cninmittcc Class lluskcllnnll, 113415-19011, 14,410-1907 linwix -I. l'i.XR'I'El,l,S. Acacia Czunlm Point, Clicmislry A-Al-l'll::'! liizmuzri C. l3.x1c'l'r:1,s. bln.. Acacia Camp Point, Chemistry I L4 lmxnii. M. Emi, A Ix I5 Mulino, fiCll6l'1ll Scif-nce "Ul1. .iw-.' I liflm' any lflzlllflixlll.l3Rl'IIl l'nn'l'if31:if1iam. THE 19091111-10 1 Glnllvgv nf Svrivnrv 1 Continued Iiclucsx R1"1'11 Iii-iimimiiqimqiq Chicago Heights, Vlieiiiistry 13100111 '1'UU'I1S1l1IW High School Ivrim 1101150110141 Science Club. luxlicr, L. Ciiiclsiniiilizu U1'13llI121, General Science l,II,XKI,l'.S I'os'1'1i1i 17IIC'I'ICR, 111 A XI' Chicago, Cheiiiiczil Iingilieering Al,l"l4lZlY ll. CROSS Atwuocl, Clencral Science FAU. J. IIAXZLIK , Cedar Rapids, Towa, Science and Medical President Komemuu Literary Society Jlliss Zimmurmazzu .rlzould fran' lvimwz fha! only a man nm f1ufv1'i7'c "Tsda'y" uf Mc "'Thr011e." 55533 THE1909ILL10 Qlnllvgr nf Etienne - Continued lim lll!lfl"MAN General Science CARI, F. lixnui, E T KI' Quincy, Mich. General Science Student Assistant in Geology Q47 lfitigla S. lnimill Monticello, Chemical hIlgll1CC1'lI1g RKl.1'll A. LYNCH. li 9 IT, fb A T Peoria, General Science Phoenix Senior Society Glee Cluh CZQ C4j Vadet Hop Committee Cz? Chemical Flub lllinoib Club Nlx'1:'r1,r: Mctixxxx N Iiloumingtou, llfllliiffillllll Science i Athenean l Household Science Klub Illinois Agriculturlist Stall' "1 was in iz railroad wzuwk mzfc-lzuuz' Fllti folliyiolz, you k110w."-l.Eux Ilpgriquu, -4 THE 1909 ILLI0 Qlnllrgr nf Srrivnrr Continued JUS. K. Moomi. Acacia Yorkville, Ceramics Coz-zinopolitun Club L'x1.xiu.o'r'r1c M. Nvuncnrzk Danville, Household Science llousehold Science Clnl- jn' ll. limi Paxton General Science li Q. E X " is n l' Q- i Ilel'auw University 1 x Cheinistry flub f l. s jlcssii-3 E. Rnmo DeLong, Household Science Illinois State Normal School AMY I,Uc'ii.E Roufxz Champaign, General Science "IVf1c1z in 1X,Ull1t' da file Ix'u11za11J."-MUYNIIIAN. 'WTI' THE1909II-L10 Qlnllrge nf Srirnre Continued I". GRACE C. SPENCER, A EI A Terre Haute, Ind. Chemistry C.x1u.ox TEN BROECK Pursoiis, Kansas, Medicine JANE INsl.r:Y THOMAS, A E A Ilomer, General Science Gigoucr A. VAN BRENT, X B, CID A T Kewanee, Chemistry Deutscher Verein Chemical Club CORA MAY VAN GALDER, A X Q Rock Island, Household Science Alethenai "llc mzpcrs-flf' flafzfcs-fur fmx rycs for youth."-INIR: NUIQTUX. P1 3 315 TH E19o9 1LL1o "I donit wan! I Glnllvgr nf Srrivnrr Continued XV1I,l,I.xM XV.xRnAi,r,, ill l' A Tuscola, General Science 4 Phoenix Ku Klux Class Treasurer Glee and Mandolin Club Football Manager 1907 Gieumzi-2 F. XV.-XY Gibson City, Medicine Commissioned Ollieer L7nive1'sity Chemistry Club Knox College, 1904 IJ. L. NVEA'1'1IEuHE.xn, 111 A T Moline, Chemical Engineering xVll.l.AllEl.I.E XVILSON Naperville, General Science Illiola Literary Society Vice-President XVomens' League Compiler, Illinois Song Book RIARY EMILY Woonskmmz Urbana, General Science he 'ZU01'1tl,T.1t.S'f one AYL1f1'0H.,l- AY PARK. .7 - Regiment '07-'08 'W-"! -.,. THE1909 ILLIO fllliarvllanvnuz 1 College of Science 5 German llmnntm Liooxs, A E P ' Bloomington, Un-iiennl Science l. S. N. ll., '05 Al:'r1II'R j. ELLIS Tlnrrntoli, General Science President Geology Club, '07-'08 lf. S. Lnmns Monticello, Chemistry .Mpxns Snxxxox, A EI A lfrecport, Housclnmlml Science XV1I.I.XUlCl,I iz Wnsox llllillllllillgll, General Sciense ".-I liar ,vlznlxhf Ilan' tl glflltj 111unz0r'y."flJlilfl' HRLJXYNIE. l""""'i"" ' NYY' THE 1909 Info l illliarvllanrnuz junx NIc'CAw1.Ex' Hman Olney, Law l':I,lZ.'XBE'l'H L.fx1fI.1N, K A 9 Champaign, Music Mrxlui Iinxroxlw Nitluclcicic. KID A 9, 111 A fb Clinton, Indiana, Law VVitnagemote l Nm.I.1E E. XV,xm:1r'l'icl. Q Cuba, Househrmlil Science Q Preliminary Honors E Vice-Presiclent linglish Clulm i Athenean Literary Society i V Ilfmuwli CLINTON XVIIITE Urbana, l.nw lfrbuna High School Fuller Court L. K A., '04-'05, University of lllinuis "lf al ffm! Mm duff! .v1u'r.'ud, fry .YOIPIB one ulxe."f'l'uMAIY Lliwls. . THE ' 1909 ' ' II-L10 ANNE APl'I.Et2.k'l'E Atlanta, Literature and Arts XVINIFRED Ii.tNNoN Joliet, Literature and Arts STELLA BEN N E'I"I' Belvidere, Literature and Arts AIAUD DELMEGE Des Moines, Literature and Arts DORA IJAVIDSON Sullivan, Literature and Arts W. W. EARN!-IST Bushnell, Literature and Arts JEAN N E'r'rE EIJXVARDS Champaign, Literature and Arts E. O. FIIRROWV. 41 A 9 Potontac, Literature and Arts Phoenix M.xRI' t1IRsoN, K A 6 Dana, Ind., Literature and Arts IIDIIE HERRICIQ, K A 9, 41 A XII Farmer City, Literature and Arts CARRIE TNLXRSII ITILL Chicago, Literature and Arts GRACE TQELLEY Urbana, Literature and Arts A. T. LONG St. Louis, Mo., Literature and Arts NICLLIE PEARL lNlA'1"l'HEXYS Champaign, Literature and Arts BERTIIA ALICE TYTILLER Paris, Literature and Arts WENDLA J. lNTI'CASKEY, X S2 Chicago, Literature and Arts CLARA L. CRIDLEY, K A 9 Virginia, Library Literary Club GEORGE TVTADISON Savanna, Literature and Arts Sentara VIOLA S0NN'r.u:, K A 9 Plainfield, Literature and Arts ELSIE SoNN'Ixu:, K A 9 Plainlield, Literature and Arts EDITH L. SPRAY, B.L.S., H I3 fb Arlington Heights, Literature and Arts Dramatic Club, Mask and Bauble "Friar Bacon Cast" B. A. STRAUCII Chadwick, Literature and Arts President Philomathean John Marshall Lau' Club ANNE D.tvIEs SWEZEY, B.L.S Chicago, Literature and Arts FLORENCE WII.I.LtMsoN, E K, CII A XI' Houston, Texas, Literature and Arts President llliola Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet, ,OG and '07 Y. XV. C. A. Secretary, '07 and ,US Varsity Basketball FLEMING W. CDN Champaign, Literature and Arts Il. D. ROTII Urbana, Law R. W. WAIIKZII Belvidere, Lau' W. M. ST.xNsEI:ItY Joliet, Law ITARRY BIIRm:Ess, Triangle Tunica, General Science CAR0I.YN IC. BI:sEv lfrbatia, General Science SIIERMAN C.-iss Champaign, General Science ll. GLASGOW Tennessee, Ill., Science R. D. Gtstsczuu' Tennessee, Lll., Science "ll'l1al ran't be rzcwtl must be enduwtf."-CEDARl5URtL. 5 THE 1909 11.1.10 GERTRUDE NEIDERMAN Chicago, Chemistry J. H. SANVYER Charleston, Science O. M. SIMPSON Alexis, Chemistry R. M. STIFF Harrisburg, Chemistry H. B. LiRBAN Gibson City, Science jesse Loc.-xx BARRE'r'r Henry, Agriculture Yoxan Varsity Track Team Clj Q23 fig, Cross Country Team Glee and Mandolin Club, '05 and '06 1-I. M. Rnonn-:s Chicago, Agriculture Auxes H u NT Ritlott, llouseholtl Science College of Agriculture President llnuseholtl Science Club ll. 0. BROXYN Lyons, Incl., Electrical Engineering P. H. BRADSIIAXV Dixon, Electrical Engineering G. F. BURCH Quincy, Civil Engineering P. BURGESS Aurora, Civil Engineering B. B. K. COGIILAN Kankakee, Civil Engineering GORIJON W. CRossE'r'1', H K N Salem, Electrical Engineering R. J. IJoitRR Decatur, Architecture J. F. lfN12l.lSlI, A T Isabel, Civil Engineering IQ08 Baseball L. R. EBERT Granite City, Civil Engineering M. D. Disoswav, A T Sheldon, Mechanical Engineering Varsity Baseball C35 Q43 A. J. ll.xRRIs, A T S2 llelena, Ark., Railway Engineering G. J. llAt'HMElS'liER Champaign, Mechanical Engineering W. W. K,w'rz Moweaqua, Mechanical Engineering J. W. SHAW ' Springfield, Mechanical Engineering M. S. Tours Scullin, Ind. Ter., Civil Engineering W. E. U NDERNVOOIJ Austin, Electrical Engineering W. B. Wisuuau g Urbana, Mechanical Engineering "The wurId'x mine oyster."-DAYY GRANT. wi f Q i -,iii Y, ,E K - ff-.13?z Sw- 1- Y . -H ,W . , 4- ---- -W -A--Qui -'---- "" - ,,- :iran I fF2? f 4 - ,. , ' " ml, If AUQFEQLQ' ' ' "Lf " ' ' - '. ..': frm , w wf o , . ul' ,il , . .J . ' 1 . ' , - 21", , xl. ', ' . ,L 'V'.l.' .U ' D uf- VL - . I . -. "',- , -" if W 1 -1, - , x 75, ' :W".w".f 1.. .+L 4 - -Q.: 1 If ' ' . ,., ' fy L-.1,..' .U U :V v 1 1 A ig- 'V-f55".' U 'V . ' Li " 'Hgff' 1 .I , ...A-' g , ,,,., ,Uk 2 rj: 1 , mf. 1,4-x - I 1 ... ' ' ,J -- . " -12' V - f . v "Q4'INf'if'3ff33 if' ' 'Z' fi-'wine . X -,7fH'Ql.g7 fin .'3'15,f3f" L 1 , QV- , , . ,-"nf"-'53, ,1,,ij1,',A K-ny f. ,QL pp, E ,gf pri x 9 ' "m.f,f1' A v ,:Cf.i1fg,::'f .',1,?:.'-if,-g., ,. w Mr. ' ' .5 a',zgu.,,'x . . -,,-335. gffres,y.q Wk wqw., f,.,x.,.+, vb. ,1a.g-52g,.n11-,M ' .-11 -1 4 . -rfffvfg-ir-Wil up ,- - 5 , A ' J V . , 1-' X Q J ,. , Y S A -- A v r V - 5 f . N . I no 5 f 4 o . X , THF-190911-L10 ' l"ir,vf Senzvx E. G. OVITZ J. C. CARPE14 B. M. I3E,xru J, I I. SONNM Fmcn BECK H Gllanz nf1HII'.J Officers iw' S L'f'41 IILIT Sm11r.vl.'1' . . l'rusi4leut . . . L. E. As111.r:Y Vice-l'resident . . F. IC. I'1N1iER'mx. ju. . Secretary . . B. M. HIC.X4'II rn . . Treasurer . G. 1. Sum' . . S6I'g6i1l1l-1lt':xl"H1S . . J. P. IPLUUIJ C'f1af11fm1'y1z. cwlIzINIfYt1fKQ'lZ f1'u1j1'7ul1rf'f'. ffm lIUf 41 Lf7'Uf7 fn nIll'IvIlA'. I3I THE 1909 ILLI0 Zluninr Glnmmittem Junior Prom Committee II. B. NIEGRAN, Chairman L. R. IQELLY R. F. FISHER C. P. TROTTER J. H. SONNTAG I". P. SNIDER O. G. WIIITEHEAD J. K. FOSTER J. P. STOUT C. S. POPE C. H. HAIKKINS G. R. SHAXV R. M. CAREEN FRANK WIIITE H. S. HORNER junior Cap Committee U. C. SIXINGER, Chairman B. M. BEACH H. J. WERNSINO H. S. HILL W. R. DRENNEN FRANCIS EATON junior Smoker Committee H. K. TALIZOT, Chairman IC. F. J. LINDBERG C. A. WADDI-:LL J. Q. PETTIGREXV J. A. FLANDERS II. F. ANDERSON G. D. BEARDSLEY J. R. FUGARD C. RUTH K. IQIEIJAISCH Senior Memorial Committee E. T. INGUIID, Chairman N. C. MERSHON W. J. RUSSEI. J. C. TIERBSTMAN H. D. OBERDORFER LOUISE PELLENS T. W. SAMITELS ZITA JACKSON H. C. DEAN Ii. F. IRVING F. A. COFFIN II. M. IQAILSIIACK O. C. STANGER F. S. IVIUSSER W. GOODSI'E1EIb F. II. LINIJLEY X. Y. Z. Committee JESSIE IVTANNK. Chairman IYIARY BICKELS BESS IVUCKOLLS EDITH BULLOCK ISESS MATHEWS Committee C. E. IIUTCIIIN, Chairman L. GIARDINER H. K. TALBOT R. N. ICRSRINE R. C. SPARKS "He spoke so loud llzai all zhe deep of Ile!! rexoundedf'-R. L. BELL 132 lTHE1909IT-L10 ESQ Ihr Gllaaa nf IHIIH Thirty moons ago there gathered VVith the tribe known as Illini In its tepees by the Boneyard, Many young and valiant warriors XVho desired to join as tribesmen. From the four winds came the warriors: From the village of Chicago, From the prairie lands adjacent, From beyond the Alleghanies, And the shining Big Sea VVater, From beyond the Mississippi, From the lands beyond the sunset. Hindoo, Jap, and Filipino- Many youths from other nations Travelled far with great endurance Longed to join the strong Illini. Then the greatest of the war chiefs Sent the youths to Chief Pillsbury Who examined them acutely, Asked them many searching questions Made them show their marks of honor. Some were sent back home lamenting, Some were sent down to the "Cellar" There to strive a few moons longer Ere they joined the strong Illini. But the many were admitted To the tepees by the Boneyard. Here in Council they were known as, Aughty Nine, or else, as Freshmen. Unsophisticated were they In the ways of the Illinig Never had they heard the war cries, Heard the thrilling "Oskey-wow-wow,U Nor the strident "Locomotive," Nor the "Siren's" high Crescendo Strange to them were all the customs, Strange, the way to wear the scalp lock, Or adorn the showy blankets. And, because they showed their freshness, Aughty nine was oft belabored By the others of the tribesmen. ' Aughty Eight, the class admitted Just ten moons before as Freshmen, Took the lead among the others In maltreating the new comers, Often roused them from their slumbers, Took them to the gurgling Boneyard, Made them dive beneath the waters, And, when on the bank they clambered, Pounded them with heavy paddles, ' Sent them home wet, sore, and weary. These two clans were always fighting. V Once the Freshmen took their totem, Hung it high upon a pillar,- Gathered 'round beneath the totem, Dated their rivals come and take it. "People who 'bury the haffhei' often dig it up again."-PEGGY AND ICARNIE. ,....J ,..-.-.--..-.--v.-,---Y--YW v-wr-.V i THE 1909 ILL,IO Aughty Eight the dare accepted, And with war-cry high resounding, Rushed to vanquish with their fury The defenders of the totem. Long the din of battle sounded: Aughty Eight, at last, dejected , And with noisy boasts all silenced, Straggled from the field of battle. Once again in fierce contention, With their brains and tongues as weapons, These two clans did try their mettle. Aughty Nine once more the victor Gained a high place in the Council. Soon another horde of warriors Came to join the strong Illini. Aughty nine, no longer Freshmen, Did not treat the young newcomers just as they themselves were treated. They, instead, all met in Council, Voted out the sin of hazing. Thus they gained themselves much honor, Thus they set for future tribesmen Precedents for them to follow. Then the clan, now wise and powerful, Held a dance, a great Cotillion, In the tepee where the war clubs Of the tribe are stored together. To the music of the tom-toms Here they met and danced together, Raised a tumult by their dancing, So said other older tribesmen, Shocked were all these older tribesmen, Said the clan was rude, uncultured. 'Twas the spirit of the clansmen Rising high and bubbling overg 'Twas the spirit that will make them, When their tribal life is over, Known as men of great endeavor. Aughty nine still struggled onward To the high estate of Juniorsg Held a '4Prom" 'mid scenes of splendor, Held a smoke-fest where the clansmen Met rejoicing, smoked together. Always learning from the wise men, Growing strong in mind and body, Furnished men that brought much honor To the tepees by the Boneyard. So that now when the Illini Choose their warriors for the struggles 'Gainst the bands of other nations, Aughty nine's strong doughty warriors Ever are predominating, Are the swiftest and the strongest, Are the wisest and most skillful Are the ones that win the vict'ries. When their tribal race is over, For their strong and valiant warriors For the deeds which they accomplished, Aughty Nine will be remembered Long among the strong Illini In their tepees hy the Boneyard. E. C. RA INEY. We . sl Lf'1,J5 L: 7 I' 41 : ,L 4, ' i21!d'554 9 Z5 A. XJ! 1 ' 5 'S v ,Z I 1 KUX' K jffggwlgli l ' " 1 1 L""" U 1.1 191' V '1 Y E1 ' 1,1041 l 11111, 1 aa V ...4 5 M ,I .. Z' fu 16-17' WH 1 W1 f -45,1 12 " 1" H, MQ! All lik xl li' ' Q UUL Uymmbf , lg gm fm rp, ,111 - 1 - 1 111 - , ga, 5191 '. ' s 'f y nv!! fnfp IIN ,,,... lx ,C F!! gaQ1,,f11!y 1 4 --174111 - 1 1 ,M 1 i wk. if 411 1111 111111111 11.111, 1 1 hegifizw ' 1l',1 mf' 1 1 of ,c- H-1 " 'ix 'yfjiliq !'A,H36,f, j, f r . 1,-' W "WW,-:Q AC- N-f' 'fx 1,111 2.1 1' 1-if if 41 1.14.1 ..,1 1!1 I .,,-. 411+ , "1.:S' R 2 1114? 1,1911 1 I , , 1 --1 ,- - .2f74f?5i"455f!f5'1' ,1 I W W' 'URI .. J A W- M ' ga. -325552214 I,Sfg2gf' 1 Y J L2 , 'QTY' fum ' lik 'f g Z,ffgf1i!eggg5fefi1giy51i:1'1af:1 ' ,f IU--x ,1 1.51 ' 1 ' f ' ff N Q ql 1 111--'1 I E. K- N I f. 11 fl, kr-. . ,,,:1'u' !1' -ffqgzrl ",f,',4',1 ' 1 ' " ' KZ lku- g nu 1 , , ,Gyr 10" X Wx.. I1, gl - 7 ,MIM ' 112' Ml, fil5?i?25lW9L ,- Wi" X K 3: Q- 'J 12 -67 . x 15"-a , 'r 1 1 V 1 11-1 roe - Ai ' , , . wu- Y w wiv NW-JJ ,I 1 is-iv , , -f x , -' ' , , :ff '. : V, ' 125513 . 1 f V Q .f it A V, '31 ' Viv. - H .ff . 'm 5 1 " - 'l -. 3-Sf-. .1 zx,r u ' - E . 4 -1441 . Vqg,1 i ,, f yy. 73, , ' ' mx- . , i ' ,- Ah N -j, . .,- 1691 ' YJ 51,83 L Qfff ,cg 153 "1 Q f , :ff THE1909ILLIO ll Gllauznflglll Ofiicers lfiryf Sgmgyfgr Second Semerier M, B. STEXVART . . President . . E. M. MILLER R. W. GRIFFITII . . Vice President E. A. PRITCHARD C. M. BELL . . Secretary . J. RICHARDS PI. II. RENN1r'Ic . . Treasurer . . L. A. DUMSER W. R. JONES . Sergeant-at-Arms . W. R. JONES Sophomore Cotillion Committee M. T. IIARMON. Chairman S. M. BROXVN C. R. CLENIIENIN E. J. BAIQER J. H. BALI. G. U. MORRIS H. J. POPPI-:RIfI'ss R. CUMPTON W. S. ASHBY E. K. STUART W. M. MCNAMEI-1 Sophomore Stag Committee W. C. KUNZ. Chairman A. B. SMVYER L. H. BARBER C. L. MAIi'l'IN Emblem Committee J. F. TREAKLE, Chairman R. S. IQIBIBALL F. S. KAILE1: P. C. CROWI-tI,I. "Do unto yuzzmelf ny llw 13,1-X718 say: fo do uzzlo 0If'zers."--HARKINS. 137 THE 19091141-10 I I 1, Q 7 Ml EU I VX J 1 ' iff, 'ffl L ff ' s T ia . . ...,.. -- . i W 21197022 A ffl H C 'Sf-5 fx u LL Cf C I x , 596' sjdv Svnphnmnre Qllaaa itiatnrg I Scene-Towers of Main Hall. Time-Spring, I908. MR. CLOCK-G00d morning, Miss Weather Signal, you are gay this morning in your glad rags. You seem to have planned some fine weather for the mortals below. MISS WEATHERSIGNAI.-O, yes indeed. These students have a hard enough time of it I am thinking with the daily up and tear to make S o'clock. You surely do move your hands lively. Just when we are all getting a good rest, you force us to be up and doing again. As for myself I have hardly time to brush my customs and make my plans for the next twenty-four hours before I see your face over there grinning maliciously and bidding me come forth. You never give any one a minutels peace. I like to make things pleasant once in a while. MR. C.-As I live and breathe, Miss Signals, there must be some one to set things stirring. I tell you this Uni would be a slow place if it were not for me--me and the class of IQIO. You are right-we keep things running, and a good run, too. MISS W. S.-Humph-you and the sophomores-well, you needn't think for a minute that an intelligent class of young people like these would be having anything to do with you. Oh, my nog Ha ha! With a dried up old fossil like you. You of the class of 1878. MR. C.-Yes-1878. The survival of the tittest you see. Gaze on that lad coming up yonder walk wending his way toward our walls. Well, he's a sample of these sophomores. Did you notice him in the color rush that IQIO won, the first rush to be won by the sophomores in three years? Through his leadership it only took two minutes to climb the pole, when forty' five minutes is the time allowed. The sophs won the class championship in football and basketball too. Even when they first arrived a year ago I thought they were going to be a fine bunch. Do you remember how the papers all around here in Illinois sat up and took notice? MISS VV. S.-They surely have more than lived up to our expectations. You speak of athletics. There is nothing narrow about them either. Look at their debating team. And they all said the Sophomore Cotillion was a pretty Hne affair. MR. C.-Yes, only you did all you could to hinder, by having an animated snow-storm, and stung the fellows for cabs. I can't say I admire your spirit. MISS W. S.-More than once have I regretted that night. My long distance connections had been broken all week and it was impossible to reach Jupiter and the powers that be. I have always wanted to make a public apology, but the cotillion pulled off so beautifully, that I let it pass. MR. C.-They surely know how to run things. When they were freshmen they were a pretty good bunch, though of various sizes, shapes and colors, but this year shows a wonderful development. The struggles they have had have brought out the good lying hidden within. As we live and watch their comings and goings from our little corners of Uni Hall, helpless to aid or hinder, we see them launched into affairs collegiate and grown into a part of the whole. Easy lies the head that wears a new bonnet.-C0-ED. RHP? W? Zffi Lf X! f ' F14 , EU ff f kr... .-- ami- 7' ' '-' U E 2 E a s 9 5 1 5 5 5 2 2 5 E H 2 E 5 E E 3 .. YW, Y , Y.. . gig THE1909ILLIO Fin! .Sernsstcr I.. II. BREMER R. N. Woorm' C. I'. VVEBB Ii'rnEL EMERSON A. DvNL.xP . H Gllareaxanflilll Officers President . . X186 President . Secretary . . Treasurer . . Sergeant-at-Arms . ICMILY M. XVHITE . . Historian . . Color Rush Committee M. C. PIERCE, Chairman C. A. GREINER C. W. Ikxkk R. C. Asmsv F. J. G.x1:uE1"1' E. PERSHALI. Cap Committee C. E. C.xLrmwELL, Chairman R, C. Asnm' P. A. Ifmxlmlas C. A. GIIEINER Second Semcxler . M. C. PIERH5 . EDNA 'I'1I1mx1s . W. H. XVYETII . L. VV. DELQIQIQR . . A. IJUNIAI' EBIILY M. Wrrrrlli I 'LSILVRR CREEK" "Pi Kappa Baia Kappa Phi Cfd17Z7l'ld.U1IVJURU'I'IIY SPIQAY. I4I l Q , ijiiiel with . ix tp ' Q eiiihh ,inc , ,.. . ,1 , ..,., .,,1. ,.....1 . . X lf 1, THE1909ILLIO QM We 5 Mitt NCE upon a time fifteen hundred fjjihl 4 TUA4 knowledge of the ways of the .I . .E ,WQQZ over the land 'ffrom Greenland's ' 6- '-: "'3i2f-'sfgliz'-1-, if:-.1 l 2:-5.235 world, were scattered broadcast icy mountain to India's wave h H beat shore, from fertile valleys, from snow-capped m o u n ta i n ranges and wind-swept desert day, when each might claim as his Alma Mater, the University of Illinois. The days passed by, until finally Father Time, exchanging his proverbial scythe for a hand- rake, gathered them together, and, them, in fear and apprehension, before the registrar. Their timidity and trembling were soon cast off, however, and in their place there sprang a growing assiduity in learning the ways of the l'niversity. In consequence of their ever-present dili- gence, they soon became familiar with 'iles curiositesn about the Uni- fi .f'1 n H Ji-2 1.113 MU' on the 18th day of September, 1007, led versity. lake bees, they swarmed about the sun-dial on the campus and gazed at it with an air of sagaciousness befitting the ancient philos- ophers, each, in turn, tasted the water of life, as it fiowed from the fount of rock, before the l'niversity llallg and some of the bolder and more courageous were even known to slip up in the friendly darkness, I . ant sit upon the Senior bench during the midnight hour. Through such trials they bravely passed and within a few days had assumed the air and attitude of the college man. This seemed distasteful to the Uwise foolslf of 710, and many a physical engagement was the result. VVe are glad to record that, in these hand to hand encounters, the class of 711 was many times success- ful, that the majority of the lioneyard skirmishes resulted in victories for the freshmen. ln athletics and in political methods they were equally eminent. Never, in fact, has Illinois possessed such a strong freshman eleven, and many were the close games they gave the Varsity. In other branches of athletics they were likewise prominent. The class, as a whole, showed their appreciation for athletic ability by electing for their leaders men renowned for their athletic prowess. Thus, although ground down under the tyrranical hoof of the sophs, exasperated bv ,Z the patronizing air of the juniors, and scorned, E7 3' 9 with a disdainful glance, by the seniors, their In -Emma' H 1-ourage never failed, and their untiring search Q - ' for knowledge, rooted in the deepest foun- ' dations of their intelligence, was seen to pros- Qi per. Thus, out of the valley of seclusion and Qi darkness they have marched, as an army,'al- k ways ahead, never faltering, never looking lg' hack, until the glorious setting of their first 5, 2- H year's sun radiates in splendor, and amplifies ig ,N the glory of the position, which they hope to fy! 5 achieve and to hold at the summit of the 'if ,fi mountain of university importance. is ' 2 "lz'1't'r1!hf.'.v Mart' tl man with 50141 x0 Lllftlti ll'l1o Izcfw' Io himself hath 5azm'- 'D-11 .11iI1'farfy." illrvsahmatn Gllaaa iiintnrg ambitious youths, eager for the M-" YL Y i N ,iii E 1 4 X f AW-A T I? i - Lv l - Y ?d lr ,Hi - . IDL ? "Mui f" l, we f ' Sm I I' A t Z 45 ! ra 1 D W3 X X A .i.. f: ,. i .1 -,gl sw . : ZS . ? - I! 3 f f -'ik rv fy Nw H -if E TPHYQSIQIAISLS . KXf Hifi ig .V 55315 f fm V wfxsfu 5 A S3 gi Qi Q 9 -T 4 ' I in NX Cggw f 5 fax! ., mllilllllllllllll II cj HTL J if Pl ml wg L Hx K W 0 C ' A , hw fr lf-1: H I K . iz, 1 , i ff- b X 1' ??: ' gr - ww H f' V f ve, ' LJ fy. ' . f fl X-- u l' .,,,,,,.,,., s 1 i i i I 1 i I E E x l a E i I i 1 s i i I . THE1909ILT-10 Igvrnarh Iliantua, . E. Bernard lfantus, M.D., was horn in Budapest, llungary, in I8'f4Q he received his early schooling in Yienna, Austria, where he attended the Gymnasiurn. ln 1889, he came to the United States with his parents. Shortly after his arrival in the United States he served an apprenticeship in phar- macy at Paul l,euschner's drug store in Detroit, Michigan. Mr. Leuschner took an unusual interest in the young foreigner, and gave him a more thorough training in pharmacy than generally falls to the lot of the drug store apprentice. In 18112, he and his parents moved to Chicago, where he continued work in phar- macy at O. F. Ifischer's drug store. In due time he became registered pharmacist by examination before the State Board of Pharmacy. From early childhood his parents had nurtured in him the ambition to become a physician. Their efforts bore fruit, when he entered the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Chicago in 1895, and received the degree of M.lD. in 1809. Conscientious ness in his work secured him two tirst-prize faculty medals during his student years. llis ability as a teacher was recognized early, for while yet a medical student he conducted an optional laboratory course in pharmacy at the medical college. This course became Britax out l7XN'l'l'S. MJD. quite popular with the studentsg and has been the beginning of laboratory instruction in the department of materia medica and therapeutics at this institution. On graduation he secured, by competitive examination, an appointment to the house-statf of the Cook County llospitalg and served an interneship in 1899 and IQOO. During this time he continued to teach pharmacy at his alma mater. After leaving the Cook County Hospital, he com- menced the private practice of medicine in Chicago. In IQOO, he received an appointment on the faculty of his medical school, first as assistant, and later as adjunct professor of materia ntedica. Feeling the necessity for better training in pharmacology, he spent the summer of 1901 in Professor Cushny's Pharmacologic Laboratory at the University of Michigan. lle was elected to the professorship of materia medica and therapeutics in 1903, to till the chair left vacant by his teacher, Professor George F. Butler, who accepted the position of head of the Alma Sanitarium, at Alma, Mich. He married Miss limily M. Senn, a graduate of the lllinois Training School for Nurses. In 1906, Dr. and Mrs. Fantus made a trip to linrope where the doctor pursued original rest-arch work at Professor Sclnniedebergs Pharmacologic Laboratory in Strassburg, lflsas. The second edition of Dr. Fantus' "Text-book of Prescription-YVriting and Pharmacyu and the tirst edition of his "Essentials of Prescription-VVriting7i were puhlished by the Chicago Medical Book Company in Iooo. During his connection with the College of Medicine he has continually exerted himself to improve the work done in his department of teaching. VVhen he took the chair of materia mediczi there were 135 lecture recitation hours, and 30 laboratory hours alloted to it, At present there are 252 lecture and recitation hours, and IOS laboratory hours. There is probably no other medical school in this country that gives a more thorough course in materia medica and therapeutics than does at present the medical department of the University of lllinois. "Avo 'l11'1'1" rzjvfmrunI."-GRIFIPITI1S. THE 19091111410 Br. illiam 5-Xuguaia 1 umm Ur. 'William Augusta livans. Professor of Pathology. College of Physicians and Surgeons, was born in Marion. Alabama. August Sth. 1865. His early education was obtained in the public schools at his home. from which he entered the Nlississippi Agricultural College. receiving the degree of HS. in 1881 and NIS. in 1882. He then entered the University ol' Tulane to study medicine. graduating in 1885. lmmediately upon completion ol' his work. he went abroad to take up postf graduate work. after which he returned to Chicago to begin the practice of medicine. In 1889 he accepted the chair ol' Pathology in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the University of lllinois. which place he still holds. ln connection with this work he is pathologist to Cook Co.. .Xlexian Brothers. and Dunning hos- pitals. and to the Columbus Memorial l,abA Im' WILLIAM AUGVSTA EVANS oratory. Besides being an active prac- titioner. Ur. lflvans is a member of the Americon Medical. lllinois Medical. Mississippi Medical. Chicago Medical. and Chicago Patliological Societiesg a distinguished con- tributor to Medical Journals. and a prominent member of many social organizations of the city. An indication of the esteem and regard which the medical profession holds for Dr. llyans may be gained by the fact, that one year ago he was appointed f'C'oin- missioner of Health" of the city of Chicago, upon recommendation of a group of Chicagols best known medical men. He is a very able and interesting speaker. devoting considerable of his time to lecturing on Medical Reform. especially regard- ing Public Healthg his main work being connected with the HAnti Tuberculosis Movement." As a. result of his devout application to work, his ceaseless and untiring endeavor. and his broad ideas dealing with the relation ol' the Medical profession to the public at large: he has won a place of high regard, not only in his own profession. but amongst the entire commonwealth. 'The fin!!-Rumi l!ny.i-."---I'1i,1s'roN .-xxn Arnititsox ENWHMBE TFHE 1909I1JLI0 KEEEMKXE Ihr Q9uinP llihrarg Y It is only within recent K years that the Medical Col- lege has recognized the Li- ' brary as a part of the neces- sary equipment of the insti- tutions that prepare for their life-work the physicians and , surgeons of the world. The College of Physicians and , Surgeons of the University of Illinois was one of the first schools to recognize this necessity and to provide for its students the benefit of the best professional literature. lileven years ago the library was started. and has from its inception. been steadily 1 growing until at present it contains 12.000 volumes. lt is extensively patronized by the faculty, the students, and many other people who are interested in the medical science. The many donations gsxuxxxxnnnn 517 I I E O ,J o z UP f' C U EU? O cn O IT1 C. - 5 'Tl ' cv QE H o w W : 2 me ll Cn y ll a z ,4 W Cn 5 ll ssusuznsnsassxzunmu . 'oi 0: cm H 'T'-15' 'Q-'70 'J-5' DAQ?-5'-googmiy-JU. FDQ- trio'-,gplfb Ovsigmro'-ogy-13,515 2,,-.57 UQfr4' U'n-1 -OH'UF7LT' or-,"f' 02522 GSMDEA 550-4:1 vrfigfffg H5125 21,'j2UQ.-.-- adam sweags . ' V :'5wUff fD':'55"f: ff as emasst D42 Q-AH FDU1 O Nr-vs D3 H5 "9 1-rC'AO'-M m'-19397 if-1 mK'lOm,E f-+0 3 C dm ogilvfii.. wvznn v-ncv'4DU'rn feeling may have some tangible and lasting expression it has become the custom for the members of each graduating class to present to the library some gift as a class memorial. The gift of the class of 1907 was a book-plate, a cut of which accompanies this article. The original drawing is framed and hangs in the general reading room of the library, while a print adorns each volume in the library. Hlfvauly doilz z'f.y-aff' jvrim-z1rzrz'a."-Xiiamii-zrigic. 147 THE 190911-L10 EEE R. C. MCCORBIICIC A. C. KEI.I.Y C. A. ZEIGLER President . . IStViCC-PI'6SidCl1f . zncl Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer Editor . . Assistant Editor Artist . . Prophet . Ynledictorinn . Historian . Executive Committee . Chairman . Treasurer . . . . Secretary R. E. Down A. HARTUNC Senior Class Officers . G. W. SPENCER . J. O. LUNN . ALICE I.. LEE . G. G. GORDON . S. B. NORRIS . L. H. NOWAK . R. R. Essrcx . F. S. NIEADE . J. C. LALOR . . C. A. NIEYER . E. R. IfAYHURST 148 w UZ '37 71 7-' Q L A CT 73 '1 ,Q T HE 1909 ILLIO ANTI-IONY, ROBERT EARNEST ARMSTRONG, ROBERT WILLIAM ARNOLD, EDXVARD MAX ARNOLD, SAMUEL EDWIN, B.S. BATES, CHARLES RICHARD BEERS, BERTRAM ROBERT BERGER, JOHN MILTON, A.B. BERRY, FREDERICK AMON BENKER, BERNARD J. BILLINGSLEA, MARTIN TAYLOR BIVVER, EDYVARD THEODORE BRANDON, WILLIAM ALBERT Swninr lawn illnll BRI NC KERHOFF, ELMER ELLSWORTH BROXVN, MARCIIS FRANCIS BROXVNING, ALONZO ALCESTA RULLEN, CLIFFORD RUNDY, HERMAN WINFORD CAMP, FORESTER IQENDRICK CAMPBELL, ROY CASSADY, GEORGE WASHINGTON CRISTOPHER, ITARRY V. CLARK, FLOYD FERDINAND CLAYTON, EMANUEL HARRY CLIFTON, HARRY WARD, Ph.G COCKRELL, THOS. LITTLETON COMEE, VVM. CLYDE COOK, MARY LEAH COOK, WILBUR DANIEL COPELAND, PIOLLESTER NORMAN COUSINEAU, GEORGE LEWIS DENNIS, JAMES FRANCIS DOANE, GEORGE PIENRY DOERANN, AUGUST FREDERICK DOLAN, JOHN EDWARD DIJODOKYIXN, MISS YRPROUS MA DORNBI,fKSER, THOMAS FRANKLIN DOWD, RICHARD EDWARD DUFF, RODEN ROBINSON DURKEE, CHARLES AUSTIN ECKMAN, JOHN WESLEY, JR. ESSICK, RAYMOND BROOKE EVANS, JOHN HENRY FORTIN, WILLIAM HENRY FREITAG, BIATILDA MINA FUGINA, GEORGE ROMEO G,AUDE'1', J. ALFRED GEARIN, JOHN JOSEPH GEARIN, FRANK EMMETT GERETY, WILLIAM FRANCIS GOEMBEL, EMERY WELLS CTOLDBERGER, SOLLIE MAXWELL GOLDENBERG, MICHAEL GOI.IIf1BI1'1i, EDXVARD FRANK ?'Thoug JOHN RTIN II we GORDON, GLENN GODFREY GRAVES, PHILIP ABERNETHY GREER, EDXVIN JAMES GRIFFIN, FRANCIS JOSEPH, A.B. GRINDE, GEORGE ALLEN, A.B. HAAKE, JOHN ARTHUR HARTUNG, ADOLPH HAYHURST, EMERY ROE, A.M. HEDGES, WILLIALI ELIAS, A.B. HENNIG, ERNST LOUIS HERBERT, GAVIN SHEARER HODSDON, BENJAMIN FRANKLI HOSMON, SARAH LONGYVORTH HOWARD, WILLIAM JAMES HUNSAKER, CURTIS A. HUNTLEY, FRED MORTIMER HUTCHISON, CHARLES WESLEY IMVVALL, CHARLES WILLIAM ISHMAEL, OSCAR JAMIESON, EARL, M.D. JOSSELYN, THYRA HILDEG.XRDE JOYCE, THOMAS MATHIAS IQELLY, ANDRENV CYRIL N KLINCH,J. MCCLELLAN, D.V.S., M.D. KNAPP, JOHN LUTHER KUCERA, JEROME FRANCIS, M.D. LAI.OR, JOSEPH CLINTON LARKIN, WILLIAM RAPHAEL LAIIE, VVILMET PAUL, M.D. LEDERER, ARTHUR LEE, ALICE LULU LEE, NEWTON DEYOE LINDSTROM, CHARLES OSCAR LITND, JOHN M. LUNN, JACOB OSIVIOND MCCABE, BERNARD VINCENT NICCORMICK, ROSCOE C., B.S. MCGRORY, JOSEPH JAY, M.D. MARION, NORMAN EDVVARD MARTINSON, ELSIE MARIE, M.D. MASSMAN, VALENTINE NIAYOS, CHARLES EVERETT MEADE, FRANK SHERXVOOD, JR. MERCER, WHEDON WORLEY METCOFF, SAMUEL, M.D. MEYER, CARL ALBERT MIKKELSON, EDXVARD MICHAEL MII.LER, HARRY CLIFFORD, B.S. MORAN, JAMES MICHAEL IVIORROW, GEORGE NVILLIAM MOSSER, ROBERT TURNER, Ph.G. MURPHY, ELAM TURNER, A.B., A.M. NEEDHAM, FRANK STEXVART, M.D. luxe thee we lose fz0tlLi1zg."'-"SI,EEP I50 NEER, WILMER YOUNG NIEMEYER, GEORGE BEEKMAN NOGER, GEORGE JOSEPH NORRIS, SAMVEL BRONVN NOWACK, LOUIS HENRY NUGENT, OSCAR BENTON, M.D NUSSI,E, ALBERT CHARLES O,CONNELL, SARAH CONLEY OLKEN, DAVID MORTIMER, D.D.S., M.D. OSTROYVSKI, ROMUALD OTHELO OTRICH, GROVER CLEVELAND PARKS, JENNIE WINSHIP PARRISH, HOMER COUI.sEN PEARCE, WARREN FREDERICK PHILLIPS, ROI.AND HODGE, B.S., POTTER, LEROY CALKINS, M.D. QUIGLEY, TIMOTHY, A.B. REESE, FORREST LESLIE ROSENVVEIG, GEORGE SAMUEL DILLARD ESTOP SAMUELS, MAURICE WOLF SCHMIDT, CHARLES LEOPOLD SCHNEIDER, CARL OSCAR SCHROEDER, JOHN CLEVELAND SCHUESSLER, AUGUSTUS WII.I.I.AM SIIULTZ, IONE SILVERBERG, CHARLES WILLIAM SIMON, LOUIS J. SKVVOR, CHARLES JAMES SMEJKAL, HARRY JEROME SPEAR, JOHN FRANK SPENCER, GEORGE JOSEPH STANVICKI, JOHN PAUL STEERE, HAIQOLD HAINES, M.D. STEINER, LOUIS LEO STOCKS, ARTHUR LEMIJEL, M.D. STRICKLAND, GEORGE WILSON, B.A. STUDEBAKER, JOHN FRANKLIN, A.B. SUMMERS, MARTIN PERIGO TAYLOR, JOHN ELLSVVORTH, M.D. THEIS, VICTOR, M.D. THOMETZ, FRANCIS PETER, A.B. THURBER, :HARRY ROBERT TUCKER, GEOIQGE WILLARD VON STAUFFER, GRACE SALOME, M.D. WALKER, EYAHN RUSSEL, B.S.K. WALLACE, JAMES HENRY WEIBEL, THEODORE MARTIN, M.D. WIERSEN, THEODORE MARTIN, M.D. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM WOOD, ANNIE WOOD, EULALIE ZEIGLER, CHARLES ARTHUR M.D. Y"' DOLAN. 'WB THE 1909 ILLIO President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Editor Gilman Qbffirmi 'HH Uhr Zluninr lgrnm . W. E. Rosa . MYI.O LEE PAULIN1-: IQAPSA EMIL OCHSNER GUSTAVE E. ECK After a great deal of dissension among a few members of the class. the annual Prom, given heretofore by the juniors to the Seniors, was given on March 2. The expenses incurred were paid by the Juniors in attendance. The programs were decorated with a neat design of the Illinois colors arranged in a six leaf style. The event was a great success, and marks a prominent epoch in society life at P. Sz S, IKAMHCIL ado about 1l0Zfli71g."-MR. BROXVN. I5I THE1909II-L10 Uhr Ehminr Qllaaa ln the latter part of the month of September, 1005, the people of the West Side of Chicago suddenly were aware of the fact that into their midst had come as if by magic, a brilliant and comely body of young people. Enquiry revealed the fact that these verdant strangers, each, mirable dictu, with a portion of human skeleton under his arm, were to be seen at 7:45 o'clock each morning concentering to a common meeting point found to be the University of Illinois, College of Physicians and Surgeons. The mystery was soon solved. This new folk was the freshman class of P. 81 S. How diligently we clung to that scapula and humerus in those beginning days. How hard it was for us to appreciate those 'ipoints of interest" about which Dr. Price made us stand up and recite. But the time and space allotted for this article will not permit too detailed reminiscences. A few facts concerning the life of the class of 709 must suffice. Mr. George VVashington Post, with his long distinguished name and longer locks, early impressed us as a capable executive and he secured the first presidency. Later, however, in ways of politics known only to our class, we deposed Mr. Post and elected Bender to finish the year as our president. In our first color-rush we secured the sophomore flag after an hour's hard fight which sent a half dozen of our braves to the hospital for repairs. Henceforth we lifted our heads a little higher, even if our color-rush hero did try to disgrace us by using questionable means for securing his livelihood. The freshman instructors all treated us very kindly and we did not see fit to have any of them displaced. Dr. Price, instructor in anatomy, had our respect and favor from the start, and he was pleased to entertain us for one evening in his home, apparently having no fear for our behavior. Motherly Mrs. Eckley as she used to clap her hands and call out "freshmen, fresh- men," till we all huddled about her, was our guardian in the "cadaver0us" rooms of the Dental Building. May happiness and good fortune ever be hers. We are penitent now, 'fso to speak,', of the persecution we heaped upon Dr. W'ynekoop, who opened up to us, "as it were," the story of that marvelous, mysterious, prowling, provoking little cuss, the amoeba. But Dr. Zapfee was the man who made the freshmen sweat blood. Distinct in memory are the grades of 20 and 30 returned upon those examination papers in Histology, and it was "root, hog, or die," for us. We rooted. Credit for the fine conduct of this class is due in part to Dr. Wentz who lectured to us the first year on ethics, mixed with chemistry as a condiment. By the close of our first year we were showing ine form and came back in the fall with vim and determination for the second lap. A few "lame ducksv had to be left behind but there were enough new men, both wise and otherwise, to fill up the gaps. Our corps of sophomore instructors could not be surpassed anywhere. Remember the attack of spastic paralysis when Dr. Evans looked at you and said "What say?" Remember the proliferation of figures and letters that took place when Dr. Dreyer explained metabolism? Remember the bargain-day remnant-sale price you felt like when Dr. Fantus said "Oh, my, no," or when Dr. Santee stood waiting for you to grope your way along those neurones? Well, yes, perhaps. And those sophomore laboratories were a purgatory, making one better prepared, we hope, for better things to come. "Oh, what is so rare as a day in June," surely touches the soul of a sophomore in the spring. C. J. Leavy was our class president throughout those days of 1906-1907, and a trustworthy pilot he was. At the class election in May, 1907, VV. E. Rose was chosen president for the ensuing year. Hon. G. E. Eck, after much f'heeling" and "wire-pulling" secured the position of class editor. Arrived at a point where life looms up as a serious proposition, it is no longer the chief aim of our members to miss recitations and get holidays. With Rose and Carless, and Mme. French to spend our evenings with, we have little time for entertainment elsewhere. As Juniors Calmost seniorsj, in P. K S., we stand, proud of our record behind, hopeful for that yet to be made, peaceable and unassuming manner, but with a quiet dignity and power that makes mighty men sue and tremble for our good will." "Oil, how her fear doth make her mlm' rise."-OLGA DAVIS. 152 THE 19091111110 Aihletira ln reviewing the history of Athletics at the college of Physicians and Surgeons during the past season we are confronted with the ever paramount feature, viz. the loss of games through lack of time for preparation and the indomitable fighting spirit and bull dog tenacity which always characterizes the teams of this institution. This spirit is invariably present in the face of the most adverse circumstances and under the greatest of handicaps. The football season of 1907 resulted as follows: P. at s. oPPoNl-:NTS Notre Dame vs. P. CQ S. . . 0 28 Northwestern Medios vs. P. 81 S. . . II 5 Chicago Veterinary College . O O St. Vineents College ...... 0 34 In all of the following games the P. 81 S. raw material was pitted against teams that had enjoyed the advantages of sufhcient time for preparation and instruction from coaches of wide reputation. The game playing of our raw recruits against these odds aroused favorable comment from both spectators and opposing players. The environ- ment of this institution is a fair sample of the conditions prevailing in all Medical Colleges which militates toward what appears to be the linal elimination of all forms of sport from our curriculum. Our baseball team fared but little better. The following games were played: P. Sr S. oP1'oNl-:NTS P. 8 S. vs. Crane High School . . . 0 I P. 8: S. vs, McKinley High School . O 2 P. X S. vs. DePauw University .... 6 7 Of the basketball team great results were expected and in a measure our expec- tations were realized. Following are the games and scores: P. sr s. oP1foNEN'rs P. 8: S. vs. DePauw ...... 36 2I P. 81 S. vs. University of Chicago Freshmen . 37 26 P. 8: S. vs. McKinley High School . . . 22 27 153 if! . 1 w 1 l l L E 5 Q E THE1909 ILLI0 In view of the fact that the football team has been strengthened by new material from the Freshman class, we are looking forward to a more successful season next year. Among the best of these new men is Doyle who played tackle on Notre Dame for two years. Mr. Doyle was so impressed with the possibilities of the P. 81 S. team as shown by the game at Notre Dame this fall that he immediately applied for entrance i11to P. 8: S. in order to become a member of this team, in which laudable ambition he was successful. On the other hand several of the gradually declining ffrom a physical standpointj members of the team, who are members of the Senior class will not be with us next season. Manager Mortenson believes that he is war- ranted in the expectation of more consistent playing and better results next year. In this connection it might be permissible to add that there is a possibility that grave errors have been made during the past two years in the selection of the mem- bers of the various teams. Several men came out to avail themselves of the practice, which our limited time makes possible, who were not allowed to show what phenomenal ability they possessed. An example of this was Mr. O. E. Ishmall, the stalwart weight man from the University of Wisconsin, whose anticipations for securing a place on the team were apparently well founded until a specific disease developed which was complicated by a prolonged attack of Lumbago and Sciatica of sufhcient severity to keep him from practice until such a late date that he was unable to round into condition. The team has always had the loyal support of the student body, and the feminine element deserves special mention. They took an intense interest in all the games, and their loyalty to the institution was evinced by their faithful attendance and the prominent display of banners and school colors. This being the last year of the two authors in school, we go out into the chilly world with many fond recollections and tender memories of school days which as Dickens remarks "Fade away into oblivion like the swaying of a pendulum, like the fading of a shadow on the lloodf' in so doing we wish the various teams of the coming years God speed. "That grcal baby you .ree there is not ye! oui of his .vwaddling Cl0ufJ.,J-'MCINTYRE. 154 Y Y Y w 1 x x 9 2 Z w v 4 rw , ,,.,,, D I . l 2 THE1901-PILLIO l Huang i!1HPn'a Glhriatian Aaanriatinn nf Glhiragn Qlnllvgr nf lihgairinna ami! Surgrnna' Bvpartnwnt Committee of Management DR. WM. Ii. QUINE DR. W. M. PTARSIIA DR. C. W. BARRETT DR. G. P. DREYER DR. C. C. O,BYRNE Officers J. O. LUNN, '08 . . . . . . President Louis NOWACIi, '08 . Vice-President R. VV. FURMAN ,'O9 Recording Secretary N. M. CAMP, '09 . . . Treasurer E. R. TIFFIN ......... Department Secretary The College of Physicians and Surgeons' department of the Young Men's Christian Associaa tion takes the initiative in being a source of strength to the spiritual needs of the medical stu- dents. It is intended and indeed it has proven, to be very helpful to the stundent who, after having undergone the strenuous routine of college life would perhaps heed no further the call to eternal things, which surmounts all, were it not for the ever present advantages of the depart- ment. But again this organization serves for the symmetrical development of soul, mind and body. The regular weekly meetings are held not merely with the view of being evangelical in their nature but of educational and moral import with spiritual application which seems to better meet the demand of the student who may thus deduce many helpful things from his professional work in which he, of necessity, is delving from day to day. To this end we have been successful in securing the services of prominent men, such as medical missionaries, Chautauqua lecturers, and faculty members. Aside from the weekly meetings, we have also kept up a monthly lecture series for which we have secured as speakers men from the various medical colleges of the city who have dealt with purely scientific subjects presenting such problems as are being developed at the present day. Special musical features have been added for many of these meetings which have undoubtedly enlivened the mind for the reception of the sturdy problems to follow. A reading room is maintained, being well supplied with valuable reading material. This room also serves as a retreat for the weary student who could not otherwise find a quiet resting place. An employment bureau and rooming list are valuable features especially at the opening of the school year. when many appear who are in need of such assistance as these branches offer. The department keeps in close relation with the pastors of the various churches so that men who newly arrive may be welcomed by these churches according to their preference as deter- mined from the compiling of the religious census. Through the agency of the central Y. M. C. A. we are enabled to give the sick the necessary attentions and so make their lonely hours as cheerful as possible. The central department cooper- ates energetically and untiringly in every effort toward the improvement of the college department. Iinwlx R. TIFFIN, Department Secretary. 13. sinh 5. Huang mnmnfa Glhriatian Aaanriatinn The Y. VV. C. A. has conducted a liible Study class this year. Two women in training at the Institute for Y. W. C. A. Secretaries have conducted the class. Miss Melcher gave a course on VVomen of the Old Testament, and later Miss NVheeler gave one on Prominent Men of the New Testament and their VVritings. lt is seldom that a Y. VV. C. A. is able to offer such qualified leaders for their Bible Study work. Officers President . . . . MRS. JENNIE W. PARKS Vice-President . . CORA I. KIPP Secretary . . MARION FARBAR Treasurer ....... . . PAULINE TCAPSA " of him to same jifim' place' ana' thai wifi: 5fJFL'lf."'LCOOPERS'l'l'ilN. THE1909ILLIO ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA Eta Chapter Fratres in Facultate F. E. VVynekoop, M.S., M.D. Andrew McDermid, M.B., M.D., F.T.M.C. Charles Davidson, M.D. Sanger Brown, M.D. Ephraim Kirkpatrick Findlay, VVilliam Lincoln Noble, M.D. Edward Louis Heintz, Ph.G., M.D. Mathias Joseph Seifert, M.D. George J. Lorch, Ph.G., M.D. Twing Brooks Wiggan, M.D. VVilliarn Elliot Gamble, B.S., Y C.M., M.D. M.D. W. Kilbourne Jaques, Ph.M., Stephen Gano West, M.D. Aime Paul Heineck, M.D. William Fuller, M.D. Vandy Frank Masilko, M.D. John Eddy Haskell, B.S., M.D. Howard O. Shafer, M.D. P. Gad Kitterman, M.D. Seth VVicks, M.D. J. Brown Loring, M.R.C.S., C.M., Lester M. Stearns, M.D. Fratres in Urbe Henry B. llemenway, M.D. XVilbur M. French, M.D. Karl VVineiield Nay, M.D. Fenton B. Turck, M.D. Lucius Boardman Doukle, M.D. Frank Elmer David, D.D.S., M.D. Thomas VVilliam Parsche, M.D. Wesley John VVoolston, M.D. Richard Charles Steffen, M.D. Joseph Ambrosia Jerger, M.D. Lewis David Sheppard, M.D. Jay Latrelle Armstrong, M.D. rr Albert H. Burr, M.D. Oliver James Fay, M.D. Clarence Dryden Barker, M.D. Charles Edward Barnes, M.D. Cassius Clay Rogers, M.D. Curtis Elmer Kelso, M.D. David Horace Fitzgerald, M.D. Robert Garfield Savage, M.D. Edward Kent Armstrong, M.D. E. D. Hatch, M.D. R. VV. Swindle, M.D. J. E. E. Nelles, M.D. Fratres in Collegio Seniors C. R. Bates E. T. Biwer W. VV. Mercer J. C. Shroeder ' Juniors C. C. Ellis T. D. McCoy G. H. Musselman 4 J. C. Ryan Sophomores F. C. Douglas F. B. Frazier R. C. McElvin W. C. McKee Freshman J. F. Hart Pledges II. G. Knott Colon C. A. Meyer J. M. Morgan VV. N. Pierce J. Spear H. G. Erwin S. U. Marietta C. XV. Ruus A. F. Grove C. J. Johnston F. V. Johnston R. VV. Mc Nealy A. Pearson Gnmzx AND VVHITE ark of 'ZUII Together with mor! weak l1ams."-IDR, LYns'roX. "A param-rful .rt 157 M.D. M.D THE 19091111410 Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu Nu Xi Omicron Pi Rho Sigma Tau Upsilon Phi Chi Psi Omega Alpha Beta Alpha Gamma Alpha Delta Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta Alpha Eta Alpha Kappa ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA Incorporated 1888 Roll of Chapters Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H. College of Physicians and Surgeons, San Francisco, Cal. Tufts Medical College, Boston, Mass. University Vermont, Burlington, Vt. Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa. N. Y. Long Island College Hospital, Medical School, Brooklyn, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago, Ill. Maine Medical School, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me. Medical Department University Syracuse, 'Syracuse, N. Y. , Milwaukee Medical College, Milwaukee, VVis. Medical Department, Cornell University, New York City Medical Department University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Rush Medical College, Chicago, Ill. Medical Department Northwestern University, Chicago, Ill. Miami Medical College, Cincinnati, O. Ohio Medical University, Columbus, O. Denver and Gross Medical College, Denver, Colo. Medical Department California University, San Francisco University of South, Medical Medical Medical Medical Medical Medical Medical Medical Medical Medical Department Department Department Department Department Department Department Department Department Sewanee, Tenn. Oregon University, Portland, Ore. Nashville University, Nashville, Tenn. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. Minnesota University, Minneapolis, Minn. University Tennessee, Nashville, Tenn. Tulane University, New Orleans, La. Georgia University, Augusta, Ga. McGill University, Montreal, P. Q. Toronto University, Toronto, Canada Dept. George Washington University, Washington, D. C Yale Medical School, New Haven, Conn. University of South Carolina "For thy fonzplvxiozz shifts lo Jffllllgff' affair."-lloLYDIE. 158 Tv l THE 1909 IL L10 Wm. li. Quinne, M.D., LL.D. D. A. K. Steele, M.D., l.l..D. Oscar A. King, M.D. Henry P. Newman, A.M., Bayard Holmes, B.S., M.D. John lf. Harper, A.M., M.D. Henry T. Byford, A.M., M.D. John A. Wesener, Ph.C., M.D. J. M. Hardie, A.B., MB., VVm. A. Evans, M.S., M.D. Frank B. Earle, M.D. Francis R. Sherwood, M.D. lf. H, Clayton J. M, Berger, HA. H. Y. Christopher H. C. Miller, BS. A. C. Kelly C. J. Leavy R. E. Watkins Loyd Elliott C. G. Thomas De W. Vaile F. H. Henderson Emil Kittleson NU SIGMA NU Eta Chapter Established 1892 Fratres in Facultate Carl Beck, M.D. John S. Porter, M.D. M.D. Fred Carl Zapffe, M.D. Thomas A. Davis, M.D. Chas. S. Williamson, HS., M.D. Arthur Price, B.A., M.D. C. l. VVynekoop, HS., M.D. M.D. John Wleatherson, C.E., M.D. James J. McQuinn, M.D. C. U. Poorman, M.D. W. M. Harsha, A.B., M.D. Fratres in Collegio Casey A. Wood. C.M., M.D., D.C 1908 lf. R. Hayhurst, M.A. F. J. Grier Roy Campbell R. lf. Dowd R. C. McCormick, KS. 1909 A. ll. Kruidenier VValter Jacob J. Minke, BS. 1910 E. R. Parks Pledges Z. Saunders C. A. Link E. Caddick C. E. Burt VV. Hammond YV. McCormick "Marys Lamb."-BENNr:'1"1'. 159 4 THE19o91LL1o Alpha NU SIGMA NU Founded 1882 Roll of Chapters Alpha University of Michigan Beta Detroit College of Medicine Delta Western University of Pennsylvania Epsilon University of Minnesota Zeta Northwestern University Eta University of Illinois Theta University of Cincinnati Iota Columbia University Kappa Rush CUniversity of Chicago? Lambda University of Pennsylvania Mu Syracuse University Nu University of Southern California Xi Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York Omicron Union University Kappa Phi Washington University CSL Louis? Rho Jefferson Medical College Sigma NVestern Reserve University Tau Cornell University Upsilon Cooper Medical College QSan Franciscoj Phi University of California Chi University of Toronto Pi Mu University of Virginia Beta Alpha Johns Hopkins University I. C. I. University of Buffalo Beta Beta Johns Hopkins "Beauty, irulh and rarity Grace in all simplicizyf'-LULU 160 ...vt THE19091LL10 Alpha Beta Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu Nu Xi Omicron Pi Rho Sigma Tau Upsilon Phi Chi Psi Omega Alpha Alpha Alpha Beta Alpha Gamma Alpha Delta Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta PHI BETA PI Organized 1891. Incorporated 1898 Iota Chapter Established 1902 Chapter Roll Vilestern University of Pennsylvania University of Michigan Rush Medical College McGill University Baltimore College of Physicians and Surgeons Jefferson Medical College Northwestern University Medical College College of Physicians and Surgeons University Detroit College of Medicine St. Louis University Washington University University Medical College, Kansas City, Mo. University of Minnesota Purdue University University of Iowa Vanderbilt University, Medical Departnient University of Alabama University of Missouri Ohio VVesleyan University Medical School University College of Medicine, Richmond, Va. Georgetown University Medical College of Virginia Cooper Medical College John A. Creighton University, Omaha, Neli. Tulane University Syracuse University Medico-Chirurgieal College Marquette University lndizllm University School of Medicine 'Hllorl' I would lfll, fm! IIIUVA' I dare IIN! .YcI'1'.U-EI.NV.Xlil7. 161 lllinois THE19091LLI0 Charles G. Bacon, A.M., l'l1.l5., lNI.D. George l'. Dreyer, A.l5., l'h.l3. I.. Harrison Mettler, A.M., NLD. Louis F. Alrutz, MJD. George A. Gardner, MJD. lfdward Fiscllkin bl oseph Zaborkstaky ll. Barker Beeson li. VV. jackson ,l. F. Kearney Ray R. llarris J. Frank Dennis Frederick A. Berry Norman Ii. Marion Neuton ll, George ll. Doane XYallace IC. Rose llernard M. Pugh lidwin R. 'l'ilTen 'Louis ll. Miller Leroy ll. lilliston Sidney A. Smith llenry M. XVilson Fratres in PHI BETA PI Facultate George G. Ziihrlaut, ILS., IXLIJ. VVillia1n A. Brown, l3.S., Supt. of Lawrence I. Hughes, M.D. Hurry O. VVhite, M.lJ. Ludwig S. Simon, lVl.D. Fratres in Urbe l.. ll. Schmidt XV. ll. Gerhard! Cl. S. Snow F. j. XVOehos Al. ll. Holm if N. Allison Fratres in Collegiu Sun iorx Albert C. Nussle NVilliam 'A. liranrlon Roden R. Dull llnrry J. Slnejkal llarold ll. Steere Philip A. Graves Jim iurs liarl J. llyers llenry L. Kraft, Frank I.. llainlnerstrand Robert Melalllen Starling l'. Alderson XV. Raymond lily .S0pl1orI1w'f.r xvllllillll A. Gross Leonard ll. Clraner 1"I'C.S'hlIIL'IZ George A. Hass Alexander li. Melfornaek Franklin S. NVilson Lewis IJ. Harding l'lllIlCI' VV. Mosley llffdgfx NI. S. XViersen Nickel L. C. Quinn ll. S. Fertier "'7'hu .llfzfigv l!'iiIfm'."-Rims. Ir.xM1u:i'e1:r11:. 162 College We fa K 0 E 3 8 Q 5 'QS Q0 -0 ef, Pm I!r1l'. T HE19o91LL1o KMQN SIGMA PI-II EPSILON Beta Alpha Chapter Roll of Alpha Gamma Beta Delta Beta Delta Gamma Delta Delta Beta Alpha Epsilon Alpha Delta Eta Beta Theta Alpha Iota Alpha Kappa Alpha Epsilon Zeta Lambda Alpha Mu Alpha Eta Nu Alpha Delta Epsilon Chapters Richmond, Ya. Morgantown, XV. Ya Philaclelpliia, lla. Pittslmrg, l'a. Philatlelpliia, l'a. Chicago, lll. Boulcler, Colo. Xvilliamslmurg, Ya. Raleigh, N. C. Acla, Ohio Lalfayettc, lncl. Syracuse, N. Y. Lexington, Yu. Ashland, Va. Atlanta, Ga. Newark, Del. Charlottesville, Va. Fayetteville, Ark. South Bethlehem, Pa "G'a1'u.vl whom 1710 world farmol lmltl' t1r'grm1cr1l."-DR lXlFl'lIl'l I 64 THE1909 II-L10 E1 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Beta Alpha Chapter Established 1903 Fratres in Facultate 1'll.x1HR DE3VI'1"1' BROTHERS, ILS., 1.1..l1. SOI.031llN I51sENs'1'.xE1n', ILS., 31.13. .1011 N F1s11ER, M.D. l'1.yssEs GRANT DAR1.1Nm:. 31.11. f'EK'I1. V. BACHEI.1.1:, M.S., 31.11. CT11.xR1.Rs IIERBERT P1111f1:R. 31.11. .-X. R.xl.PH j011Ns'1'oNH. 31.11. 11 GUNDERSON, M.D. RORERT 11. OAKES, 31.15. IJANIEL G. BARGES, 31.11. WM. H. BVIII., M.D. 31.xx13111.1.4N Kl'zN11c, 1.1,.13., 31.11. JACOB F. BURK11o1.D15R, 31.13. 1103313120 CRUTCHER, M.D. H. 15. WENTZ, M.D. FRANCIS DEACON, M.D. lllxssus GRANT 3V1N1HEl.1., 31.13. Fratres in Urbe 1Rw1N A. GARDNER, 31.11. C. Y. 3VINSE'1"1', M.D. 1f31lI. RACH, M.D. JOHN J. '1'o1aL1.ER. 31.11. li. G. SEPPLE, 31.11. Fratres in Collegio Sc'l11U7'.f S. 13. Nmuus J. 1.. KNAP1' J. C. 1,.xl.uR F. S. 3111311 .fznzimzv 31. LEE R. W. FuR31.xN A. 3V. GR1c1:1s. Ph. ii, S. 1.. GABBY 13. A. 11.xRR1soN li. F. 111:R1.Ru'r I. lIOF1"31.3N J. A. 'fURNER, 1'h.G 12. li. limi .S'Uf7lIONIf71'e'.T L. 11. A'l'1mN 11. R. SXYORIJ W. R. IIEIDRIVK R. R. 1115131 l"1'1'.vhv11'r1 11. 51. Klux:-is F. 11. C.xR'r13R l'fe'4fg1'.f F. D. '1'11o:u.-xs Ii. 11. M. GRIFFITHS Hllluxiv fuLZSft!I'.H'1INGUl.lJ. 165 1 W ...J. I-fwwwv-W f - --W ,W i THE19o91LL1o Founded at ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA College of Physicians and Surgeons by Dr. William W. Senior Honorary Fraternity Agios Lodzelxefv 'rovs dkyoilrruc Roll of Chapters Alpha ot' Illinois Beta of Illinois Gamma of lllinois Alpha of Ohio Alpha of Pennsylvania Beta of Pennsylvania Alpha of Missouri Alpha of Massachusetts 1. Alpha of California Alpha of Maryland Alpha of Ontario Alpha of New York Alpha of Michigan 1902 University of illinois University of fllllfilgll 1903 Northwestern University VVestern Reserve University Jefferson Medical College University of Pennsylvania 1905 lVashington University 19110 Ilarvarcl University University of t'alifornin johns liopkins University University of Toronto 1907 lllllllllllllll. l'nivt-rsity l'nivt-rsily ot' Slit-higan 1908 Alpha of Minnesota l'nivc-rsity of Minnesota Root 1902 liyllffllll Mx fhrllIgllf.V ffm' fzulrrwlll-1' I-llI1I.L'.f' .v1'l.v."ft'l.xY'loN I06 THE 190Q1LL1o QE R. ct. E, E. W ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA Illinois Alpha Chapter Officers V. MffC,xlxE . A. Ail'IYIiR . A. BERRY . R. I'IAYIIURS'I' C. CUMEIC . . . President Yice-President Secretary Treasurer . . . NVurdcn Honorary Member J I R4uflf:ssOR AnOL1'H LORENZ, Yiennu Faculty Members WM. Ii. QUINE WM. A. Ev.xNs IIENRY PARKER XEwx1xN B.n'.xRn I'IOI.MES WM. LINCOLN UAILILICNLII-ill SANOER BROXVN CILXRLES D.u'1sON CASEY VVOOO Senior BERNARD VVINCENT M1'C.xRE CARI, ALBERT IVIICYER FREIJICRICK AMON BERRY lim-:Rv ROE Ii.'XYlIl'RS'l' VVll.l.l.'XM CLYDE COMEE AUOLRH FIARTUNG XV.-XKRICN FREDERIFK PEARCE JOHN CLEVELAND SCIIROEDEK FIARRIS E. SANTEE FREr1ER1r'R 'l'lc'E :XLliX.XNIll'1K IIIWEII l-'ERm:l'sOx BERNARO l'4AX'1'l'S CHARLES CL,w'rON U'l1x'RNE 'FXVING BRUOKS XVIHKEIN AIXXIMILLIXX KVZNIR FREnER1f'1Q fiIl.I.E'f II.xRR1s Members JOHN MlI.'l'lJN BEROER RICHARD 15Dw.xRD Down JOHN FRANK SPEAR ELMER ICLLSWORTH I3RlNm'R11:RuOEx-' FORREST LESLIE Rl-:ESE ROBERT IWUSSES LGUIS IIENRY NOw.u'R GEORGE H.xRx'Ex' I-MUNI-I ROsrOE CONRLING MCCORMILWQ "7'lm11 flux! mlfflzfr yzllllfi nur nga"-Miss IIEEIEXN. 167 , l l L THE19091LLI0 ALPHA EPSILON IOTA Founded at the University of Michigan 1890. Grand Chapter Established 1900. Delta Chapter Established 1899 Sorores in Facultate lil'IlQ'l'll,'l VAN lllDESEN. A.M., M.lD. S'l'l'll.I.A M. GARIDNM, M.lD. jig.-xx lNIo'r'rmM COOKE, M.lD. M.XRY QEILRUTH Illvliwizx, M.lD. R.w1u5l.1.i-3 S. X'.lRRlD5, M.lD. l"rc.xN1'Es ilrlCClDRlJ,. Slsxxxn Oivrox. A.ll., M.lD. MJD. Sorores in Urbe Anvil l. CoNKI.IN. M.lD. lflflil Y. l,.ll.'lS, M,lD. RM111-2l.1.11: S. Yfxmaos, lXl.lD. A1.lai:k'm Mc'Cr.L'Nc:, M.lD. GE1:Tlu'1D11: F. Tiioursox. M,lD. JESSIE ID. C.lRl'EN'l'ER. M.lD. Ilxu-:x M. S.1.sKo, M.D. L.xl'R.x loM1I.xl:EN. M.lD. EVA l'kEsf'o'1"r. M.ID. llnmzx IC. Glmsa, MJD. Rosh: R. VVISTEIN, M.lD. l.1-:elim li. llfXYII5S. M.lD. Mics. lhicicls li. SA Almixx S. H1i.l.s, M.lD. lll.lllY SCIIXVARTZ, M.D. fiEfDlillIANA M. lDx'oRx1i, M.lD. lCI.iz.usm'1r l3Ex'rEI.1c. M.lD. Rosi: E. ZALESIQY, M.lD. Cr..x1:.x P. SEIPPEI.. M.lD. Mus. Wuiuu If'1'1.1.i:u Mics. Ill-LRNARD F.lN'l'l'5 Mics. l'lli.XNK B. li.x1:I.xc Mus. llENRY P. N1-:wirxx Mus. CllAliI.l55 S. W1l.1.1.xxlsoN Mies. Jolly T.. ljIDR'l'l-IR N TE li Sorores in Collegio Miki' l.. Coma l'i'I'llliI. M. I,.u'1sol'1cNlc lli:NkIi1'1"l'.x lD.xMlcRoi:::lcia lllCl.l+lX fD'S17r.I.Iv.xN Voiu l. lfll'l' l'I1.Iz.xl:i:'riI N. VAN lllDlCSlCX Muay M. XVIIM-:Lisle Chapter Roll Alpha-University of Michigan . . . . Beta-Rush Medical College . . Gamma-I.:u1rn Medical. College . . Delta-College of Physicians and Surgeons . Epsilon--University of Minnesota . Zeta-Cooper Medical College . Eta-Cornell Medical College . Theta-Womanls Medical College . . Iota-University of California . . . Kappa-University of Southern California . . Ann Arbor . Chicago, lll. . Cincinnati, Ohio . Chicago, lll. . . Minneapolis . Sun Francisco, Cal. . . lthaca, N. Y. . Pliilrulelphia, Pa. San Francisco . Los Angeles uljtlllllfflll Species."--I DR. FISH ER. 163 THE1909 ILT-I0 19. FRANK LYDSTON, M.D. BIAURICE L. GOODKIND, M.D. ADOLPH f?EIIRM.XN, M.D. ' ARTHUR H. BRUMBACK, M.D. PHI RHO SIGMA Fratres in Facultate IIARRIS E. SxN'1'EE, Ph.D., M.D. ALEX. H. FERGVSUN, M.B., CM., I' . l Alb., M.D. AR'rHL'R M. CWRWIN, AAI. M.D. BERNARD F.xN'r1's, M.D. XV. LINCOLN B.Xl.I.I-INGERV. M.D. FREDERICK TIc'E. M.D. CHARLES C. O,BYRNE, M.D. CHANNING W. B.xRRE'r'1', M.D. lilmW.xRD M. BROWN EDWIN G. EARLE, M.D. IDANIEL N. E1sENr:R.x'r1I, A.IZ., MJ? CIARI-INf'E B. IQING, M.D. CrLRxRLEs N. BAI.I..XRIJ, ILS., M.D. VV.'XI.'I'ER M. Bl3RR0l's:1ls, M.D. jmlN R. BALLINGER, M.D. FR.xNR A. PHILLIPS. M.D. FRI-:xv D. IIALLENREctR. M.D. IRYING H. EDDY, M.D. FRANK A. IDXVIGIIT, M.D. WM. G. ALLEN, M.D. JOSEPH M. PATTON, M.D. AI,l"Rl-ZIJ C. CRo1f'1'oN. I'h.Ib., M.D. Fratres in Universitate XV. C. COMEE W. F. GERETY J. W. Ec'1iM.xN G. S. IIERBEk'l' D. CALEY W. P. SMITH A. G. ASCI'I.fXI'Eli B. F. LARGEN1' W. SEIGLER XV. C. ME.xr'l1.xx1 Ii. S. XV.-XLKER IJ. M. O'DoNNE11 W. I. I"1REv NV. L. BOYDEX G. C. OTRICH G. J. SPENCER CIIAS. IMWALL M. BROWN J. DONfXHL'E G. '1'muuJs0N C. ROGERS "And hw' name was .1Iam1'."-LfAM1'. 169 1 THE1909ILLIO 1111. 1111 1111 1111. 1111. 1111. 1111. 1111. 1111. 1111. 1111. 1111. 1111. 1111. 1111. 1111. 1111. 1111. 1111. 1111. 1111. 1311. 1511. NU SIGMA PHI Alpha Chapter Sorores in Urbe 111115111 P11A11 111-:1.11N S. R11-:11s11x 11.11111111:'1'1 S. JENNI 11. L11E1.1.,1 1IU1111.1. ANNA B. 11INDS 1C1.s.1 A. L1s11Es111.1N 1':1-'FIR Lomu-21.1. 8111111111: B111'1111.11'11 1111x1111-2'1"1'.1 F.111Q1' 11 111.111 B. S111.11vN .IENNIE R. CLARK M11111ox O. R11ss11:1.1. 1"1111N1iES DIc'1111:11:111x 1111512 EN131.1::11.-1x 1171.111 Ho1.111111s S111111 S.1I.1.Y C.1xs'1' 111111'1:1.1. K.1'1'11.1111N11: 01111-1111 KN 1'fD1'1'11 P111.1.111'1c 011.1111 B. NIARVIN ICMMA IC. IQUBBINS l':1.IZ.1BE'I'11 131111Ns M.1111:.111E1 M. juxris VVI1.1..1RD P11111 D11. 1,011.1 I.1'1'11.1.1a 1111111111 ' DR. A. I.111'1lsE KLE1111 :ws D11. M,111Y M. Coma 1111. 1.111155 A1'1112s 1111. 111cN1111:'1"1'.1 C2111' 1.1 1.11 1.1.11 1':l'1..11.1E W111111 ANN 1 XV111111 11.1Y171iE 13oN1m111:.111 1'I11N.11 V. D.11.1: 11AR1i11'I'1"1' S11'1111z 111111111-I Z11111151111.1N "Fin-1 bn 1.11 D11. N1c1.1.11-1 A. F1.1N1 1111. 1fS'1'E1,1.A IIORTON 1311. 1I.f1NN.111 M11.1.1f:11 111115. C. VV. B.11111121'1' MRS. 1f111311E111011 '1'11'11 .111sox M11s. DIARION S. To1.11.1N 111115. T. M. FLO111311 Mlm. f'11.1S. IJAVISON 11114. T. A. DA1'IS 111115. NV. L. 11111.1.13N1:1c11 111115. W. IC. G.1MB1.1-1 M11s. jo11N VV1f.11111-:11s11x N111a. 1.. NI. VV11:1:1x 31115. C. A. O'131'11x1: 111115. 011.1112 B111'.1N1 111f'1s Mlss 11'1A11G.111E'1' O. W1:11:11 1 N1 1x NIISS EDNA FIELD Mlss 1+I1.1z.111xE'1'11 M. 11111111 Mlss M1a'1"1'.1 M. I,11oM1S Mus. 11.1Y.1R11 11111.1111s 1111. 1'1l.1Z.1BE'1'H 13.111 1111. XX11.1.1.111 1'.1R1i Sorores in Facultate 1111. 1.1m1s 1.1x11s.11' WvN1c1111111' Sorores in Collegio , S1:'llf0l'.1' . 8.111.111 11'C11NN151.1. f11.1'1'1I.1J.1 FREI'1'.-111 111x111 S111T1.'1'Z Jun 111121 1'.1lI1.1N1C K111-s.1 1911111110111 arcs 1N1.1Ii10N 11311111111 1'il'L'5hlIlL'l1 1.1111x'1"1'.1 M.111E11 M.-111 11111111'N fy II17 711611113 7111111 "-11811.-1111-111. 1 f 1 1 , . , "l.11.1'l ffm' by Im rzmarly bmi."-NV111.l1'. I7O iff, " lT"""' WMI' W A vk 3' 0 L 1 . 4 -, rw 4 N XS .XX ex qv We N 9 "T'?TfX X 7 C. W, X Q W, , C' v YZ! 4 XXJ 3 . X W X Q I K Xxx K iz A A K .qt f r ' nun- --i" A- A -. 9. nav aw- ' X X X ,D R X I Q if I V K, 1 ,f mf P, HN X A X AW K X ' THF 190911-L10 President . . Yice-Presiclent Secretary 'Vreusurer . Scrgean I -at-Arlm Svninr Gllamaf Clbiiirvrn Wxmriv l'u1t'l'1ak xVIl,I.I.XMSHN i7I1Il.M.XR Ni:i,suN I"im.icic Aummw S. KISNICR . RAr.b:i4:1l EMM. . nlutllzs S'l'k.xf'nl-:N Mll.l.i:u Editor . . . Wll,I,l.xM Il.xRR14:l.1, Mu'r'rlcu Salutatorian Rlcxifmum Dr: 'l'oM1'mXS Valedictorian . .... . Ruuitzir lf.XRl'1I. Executive Committee Rrixlfolum Dr: '1'fmP141Ns II.xlwl,11 l,l'ltI.lCY I3.xl.1m'1N C'll.x1c1.xcs tl. Slci,l.s R,x1,1'l1 M. Kiran' lilliliy fi5lililSUN Slalxxrtlc Picture Committee lnzmlilc Nlcisux F1m,151:, Clzairmtzu XVAYNIC t'1cxwl-'mlm Dlcxsux CIIAIKIJCS I'1wi'l' tlizmuzrz tixiu, Wmrii Swzxvixim F1c.xNlu,1N Voss Invitation Committee Rl'lXl"UI!IP i5li'i'lP5Il'IiINS, Cfnzirvmzzz I,l-151,11-1 R. f'RXXYI'URlJ H. I.. Ru's1'ur:lc'r XVIl,l,l.KM l5.xmufr,r, Bi4Yl"I'l11li IVIMNIQ lCml1'x1w SIIIPMAN Pin Committee ll.x1:m.1i lNzm,lcv lix1.mv1N, l'h11i1'11m11 R.xl,Emn i':ARl'1I, Wl1.1,l.xi1 Iixiwvm, Rl'Est'H H. Aiwa. l,.xN1:i:x1iAN fJ'l"l'0 Al'r:l's'r l"lC'I"l' Cap and Gown Committee ClI.XliI,lCS 12. Sl'1l.I.S. C'lzair'm1m Ai'i:1'uN S. Iilsxmc lliititv fi,XNRISIJN Siuxxx-:R 174 'F' Irldkr ID ISV SNS GI INK1 D11 1'l,Xl.I.L'1OLlX Fl GI ,I J, 19Llup15 U r' 1 THE 1909 ILLI0 511940112155 nf IHIIH lt was on the morning of September 15, 1906, that I arrived in Chicago with the purpose of entering the College of Pharmacy of the University of Illinois. lf ever a fellow felt like Robinson Crusoe, I was the one. I was completely lost. After asking every policeman that I saw, and many other people whom I met, which was east, where would I find Grant Park, how could- I get to the I. C. depot, and divers other questions, I at last succeeded in finding the school buildings. I found our actuary, Professor Day, in the office, and at once in trembling voice told him who I was, where I was from, and what I was there for. After completing my business with him, I was about to depart to look for a place to put my shoes, when there entered two of the greenest looking country lads that ever you saw, Cas I think of it now, I believe there were others who had called at the office that dav who were of the same type-one at leastj. These were the first boys of the class of '08 that I met. Upon arriving at the school on the day of the opening, I saw in the halls a crowd of boys and young men, green lobking and otherwise, aggregating nearly a hundred in number. More kept coming until, when the bell sounded for assembly, there were nearly two hundred of us ready to start a new page in the history of our lives and of the school. The first day's business was the assignment of seats, laboratory kits. etc.. and as strangers in a strange land, we became mutually confidential. and before the day was over nearly every one had become pretty well acquainted with others in the class. The second day was the one day in our college life never to be forgotten. When the bell rang for the first hour, we were ushered into Materia Medica lecture hall, where Professor Goodman received us. I shall always remember the welcome we re- ceived from him. 'He was the first one of the instructors to talk to us, and after bid- ding us welcome, he laid down' the rules and regulations of the school combined with a great deal of good sound advice. From his lecture hall We wended our way to the fourth floor, where we met Professor Hallberg, who at once informed us that we would commence work in Pharmacy right away. At the third hour came the mystery of mysteries, when we entered Professor Puckner's room. Here we listened to astounding theories and facts about matter and space, how every substance, solid, liquid, or gas was composed of those minute particles called molecules, and these in turn, of still smaller particles, called atoms. When the bell rang for the close of the hour, every student awoke as if from a trance, wondering if what he had heard could possibly be true. From this day on we began to delve deeper and deeper into the sciences which were our studies, and it was but a few weeks until everything was running as smoothly as if we had been used to it all our lives. By this time the fellows were getting pretty well acquainted with one another. and in talking with some of them, I found that we had representatives from nearly every state of the Union, and from a number of foreign countries. The routine of our work was soon disturbed, when it was whispered about that we were to have exam- inations soon. This was a new mystery to be solved, something new to talk about. and nothing but suspense until the day was past. All this time one could notice that 176 'xl If 2 ... V 7 'L pg: C: Z5 11' Z4 21 -V 1 X! f.. FD -1 5-7, E2 711' 1: fr WJ' """' I, , l i L . ...--,-W-v..-.-Q THE19i09IT-L10 a gradual change was going on in the class. The boys did not hesitate in their work in the laboratories, as they had at first, afraid that their neighbors might notice that they were making mistakes. They began to take an interest in the class as a class, and the spirit of the work seemed to have gained a hold upon them. As a result of this a class meeting was called during the latter part of October, and the class was organ- ized with P. l". Schreiber as president. the writer as vice-president, H. A. Langenlian as secretary, and A. V, Paulicek as treasurer. From this time the class began to im- prove, and when the holidays arrived to close the first term, it was demonstrated that we had a class that had not been equalled in quality for a number of years. At the beginning of the second term we noticed that some of the boys had not returned, and it was a smaller but wiser class that took up the finishing work of the junior year. The novelty of the work was by this time worn off, and some of the boys gradually dropped out until we had but two-thirds our original number. The second semester passed smoothly and uneventfully, every man for the most part absorbed in his work, and examinations were upon us before we were aware that the last fifteen weeks of our first year were gone. The Enals over. we all said good-bye, and wished good luck to one another until we should meet again the next year to take up our work where we had left off. Our senior year opened with about half the boys who had finished the junior year. and a few from other schools. On the 1'irst day the main hall and the office were the scenes of the renewals of many of the past year's friendships. livery one had a hearty greeting for every one else. and it did seem good to get back into the old buildings, and see so many of the fellows we had left four months before. Although composed of nearly the same boys as had assembled just a year before in the same halls, a person seeing the little groups of well dressed, well kept young men would never have realized them as the same. The bell for the first hour put an end to our visiting before we had half a chance to see and talk to all our classmates. How different our senior year was to be from our junior year,'no one rea- lized. Our work in Pharmacy we found would be a continuation of the work of the year before, but in chemistry we were to take up a new branch-organic chemistry. Professor Goodman had a new study for us, Materia Medica, and there were changes in all the other departments. NVe found to our joy that the Pharmacy laboratory had new equipment. which made our work easier and more pleasant. After the excite- ment of the first few days, we took up our work with a will, knowing that we must make the time count if we expect to finish with honors. ln October the class was organized for the ensuing year. ln a hot and strenuous meeting XV. P. Wfilliamson was elected president, IJ. N. Fidler, vice-president, Raleigh liarel, treasurer, and A. S. Kisner, secretary. An executive committee was elected. and the class of '08 was pre- pared to take up its work in a systematic way. Q Since that time class meetings have been held regularly. and the class has grad- ually been getting things in shape for the finish. There is no longer any of the hilarity in the lecture halls and the laboratories that often showed itself during the first year, and everything is running with a regularity seldom equalled. These last few weeks will be busy ones with the extra work necessary, to complete the field of study and the examinations sandwiched in between. VVe are iiow living in the hope that when our work here is completed, and we come to the parting of the ways, that our work will have been such that we can say we have laid a strong foundation for a long and successful career in our chosen profession. 178 115 UA 'T' Z Z 1. -'I Z 7: N: --:r grfn I 1 '11 Zz' :ri If 735 'Te il in Z7 THE1909iiI-L10 Sveninr Gllaaa iKn11 AFREMOXV, GEO., Chicago ANDERSON, FIIEIT K., White Sulphur Springs, BALDNVIN, H. D., Hampton, Iowa BANERJEE, A. N., Benares City, India BI,.vx'r'I', JOSEPII A., Chicago, lll. CRAWFORD, L. R., Dixon, Ill. DENSONV, W. C., Minonk, lll. DAVIES, BYRON L., Chicago DOERR, WALTER W., Evanston, lll. DUNN, E. A., Du Quoin, Ill. EAREL, RALEIGH, Quincy, lll. FE'I"r, OTTO A., Chicago FIDLER, IDELMAR N., Watseka, lll. FRANTZ, B. C., Palmyra, lnd. GRAY, RALPH M., Chicago Heights IIEIMSATH, PETER A., Aurora, lll. IQISNER, A. S., Brownsville, Ill. KNICR, GEO. F., Hutchinson, Minn. KOIIN, NEWMAN, Chicago IQRAFT, H. E., Chicago IQUFLEWSKI, F. A., Chicago LANGENIIAN, H. AUG., Ahlernan, Wis. LORENZ, O'I"I'o J., Chicago LUKASEK, OTTO W., Chicago LUKEN, ED. E., Chicago LYONS, FRED J., Grand Junction, Mich. Mon. MILES, E. L., Chicago MILLER, JAMES S., Coal City, lll. NIOTTAR, W. D., Chicago MUNNS, E. E., Chicago OXVENS, A. B., Savanna, lll. PAvI.Im'EK, A. V., Chicago POXVELL, TIIO. B., JR., Vienna, lll. PROPP, CIIAS., Chicago, Ill. RAUSctIIER'I', H. L., Lake Mills, VVis. RENAUD, J. P., Chicago RUESCII, WM. E., Joliet, Ill. SELLS, CIIARLES G., Chicago SHII-MAN, F. E., Paris, Ill. SKINNER, II. G., Yates City, lll. SOUL'I', ROY M., Fredonia, Pa. STARR, CARL F., De Kalb, Ill. STAMAN, WM. J., St. Joe, Ind, STASZAK, JOHN J., Chicago STROMIER, FRANK B., Chicago TERVEIIN, W. R., Peoria, lll. VIXORIPKINS, REXFORD, DE., Mt. Sterling, lll. URBAN, J. J., Chicago Voss, S. F., Assumption, lll. WEBSTER, S. B., Winslow, lll. WILLIAMSON, W. P., Marietta, Ohio WIRTII, GEO. C., Duluth, Minn. ZUCK, F. J., Rockford, lll. 180 , ,,,,.i.. IE., .I , ,C -.-.............1........-,,a,.D ,W - D F"""! l I ,J 4 SNOINSIS -15' TI! Sl P Q-Q WC -1.. -I., 31 -F ZZ 1+ 25 -x ci C7 F! if 7' -r' ,- THE19o91LL1o Fresiclent . . Vice-Fresicleni . Secrctzlry . VI'I't'LlhlII'bI' F1101 . ALEORD, JAMES B. ANDERSON, CIISTAV A. ANDERSON, MARY I.. ANNIEAI.E, FRANK ARKINS, JAMES E. ARTIILR, IIOWARD BAKER, I.II'I'IIER II.XRNlC'I"l', IRVINO F. I'Ifk'I"I'AIII.IA, JOSEPH IIAZNI-IR, GI'S'I'.IV BECK, FRANK I.. HER12. CUNRAII A. IIEYICRMXNN, IIVOO F. I'III.I.S, JOSEPH I.. BUCK, VVILLIAM IIROWN. CIIARLES W. BRIIZICXYICZ, JOSERII ISIJRESCII, I.OI:IS A. III'-JEXYSKI, 'I'IIADDEI'S J. CIIT I' XVIII IM K . I II. N, . , f.II.AIiRI'1SI'I, YINZENZO CAI.IIXYl'1I,I., ROBI'IR'l' II. C.-XRYl'1l.l.I, JOIIN CAzEL, ICRNEST CII!-II.I'ISKI, JOIIN K. fiIIOI.IiXYI NSKI, ANDREW F COIIN, IIAYIIJ COMES, L'RIIxN Y. CONNERS. HARRY II. COVER, Al'4IIIS'I'llS F. CRlbl'l'lCR, IIEARI. A. CZAJA, I.EO M. CONKHY, AARON VV. DEMERS, fjI"I'AYE J. IJOXYNS. CASIIES C. EICIIER. ANNA ECK, CIIAS. I'. EDLDND, ARTIIITR EI.I.I0'I"I', LEO E. ELSON, JOIIN L. IIQNGLIINII, ARTHUR 'I'. EVANS, OLIVER M. FERNIIOLZ, EMIL G. FINGI., ANTON W. FINOL, ICIJNVARIJ G. FITZSIMMIINS4, ROY FORD, IQOISERT E. nv iluninr 0112155 EKIIII IFRISII, FRANK I.. CDANS, ARTIIIIR GAMALSKI, JOSEPH G. GOLII, IIYMAN GOI.OMIsII-:WSKI, JOIIN P GROSS, SCIII'Yl,ICR Y. R. IIROSSE, BENJAAIIN C. IIRGVE, JOIIN C. GIJNNING, IYICLANCY T. CIIYNTIIER, I':IlNVARIJ XV. IIAIDER, vvAI.'l'liR IIAI.l'Al'RE, EDWARD J. IIALPERIN, I.OI'IS IIAIMER. I.I'ION.KRD A. IIEATII, CIl.XRI.ES F. IIEIMSOTII, IIENRY C. J IIERTER. IIENRY A. IIIBBE, CIIAS. IIINDMAN, FINIS IIOWELI.. JI'I.I.XN B. IIOWLY, JOIIN G. JENKINS, WILLIAM I.. JODAR, LOUIS I'. JOHNSON, WILLIAM F. JOHNSTON, JOIIN L. JOSENIIANS, IIAIFI. R. KEHOE, JOIIN C. KINO, CIIAIIIES A. KNOX, XVII.I.I.XM I'. KOEYLANSKI, JOIIN F. KONOPA, JOSEPH F. KOIIKALIK, AI.III-IRT IQOWALSKI, CZESLAXY II. KRAI., FRED F. IQREMER, FRANK IQRIYPICKA, JOSEIIII LEININCER, O'l"I'0 W. I.INDsTRI'M, CIIARLES E I.ISK.-X, JOIIN J. LOGAN, CHESTER A. I.ONG, SIMEON IC. LIITZ, CARL W. NIADISON, Ij0I'GI.AS T. AIARCOTTE, AIJEILXRIJ NI.-XRKS, I.I-:O A. NIATOY, CII.XRI.ES IVICIDONNEIJ., I'IlIl,II' R. IVICN'AMARA, 'l'IIOIxIAS J. I"RAI'ENIIOI-'I-', FREDERICK I.. MIc'1IALEK, JOIIN J. IVIIIIHN, JIISTDS IVI0l"l".X'II'l', FREDERICK If.. INIUN'l'Ll0MIiRY, IIIIINICR C. MORI, KIMO IVIURITZ, JOHN A. IYIRAZOK, CH.kRI.l'1S J. IWIUEILER, J. FRED IVIYERSON, EDWIN S. ZNATIIAN, IJAVIIJ NAVIAIYX, tXI.I3ER'I' R. NII-:LSI-:N, CHARLES F. IYIEMEYER, AI.BER'I' I'. NIESEN, THEODORE Ii. NIEIIZXYIECKI, I.I-:O J. NIIJOLINII, IW.-XR'I'IN UISERII, CLARENCE J, OIIERG, OSCAR C. OOO, ROY R. OIIIEARA, xVII.I.IAM A. OSISORNE, THOMAS I,.XREI.I.A, SALYATORE I'EI.IKAN, EDWARD J. 1'IiI.I.E'I"I'IERI, AMEDI-:S I'EI.LETT1ERI, JOIIN I,EI.I.E'l"l', WALTER J. PESKA, ALEXANDER C. 1'E'l'ERS, IIENRY, JR. IIISANI, Av1TO I'I.Ol-ZTZ, XVILLIAM IC. PRI-ZNTIl'E, SAMUEL ll. RAINS, ERNEST K. RAMDO, JOIIN M. R.YI'A-IIK, FELIX J. IQIIWISA, JERRY E. ROSI-:NDAI:IsI, FRANK A. ROSENSTONE, Iil"I'III'IRFURII C. ROTII, XYICTOR RlJIII.EAIf. FRANCIS J. RI'MIxIERI-'IELD, LARRY I.. RDTII, GROVE H. SAMMARCO, NESTORI-: SAVOIE, FEI.ICE J. SCIIINDEI., EDMIJND SCIIMID, ROSE SCHNEIDER, JOIIN II. SCIIROEDER, OTTO A. SCIIERESCHEXVSKY, RI'IHlI.1'II Sl'IINII'ZI.ER, S'I'I'Il'lI.XN SHERMAN, LEWIS J. . WM. F. JOHNSON JOIIN F. VVENIYI' 1.1-:O Ii. El.I.lU'I"I' . RODT. IC. FORD ALDERT I'. NIEMI-1Yli14 SIIII-SMAN, I IIARLES SISK, JOIIN E. SAIITII, ICLLIS G. SMITH, 1IAI.I.EY A. SPENCER. WI I.I.IA AI S. S'I'.'XNIFUR'l'II, GEOROE F STXRSIIAK. AI.I'IIllNSI'I I STI-IIN, SIOAIIIND STOCKS, ROBERT II. S'rOlf1fIIAAs, O'l"I'0 STRzOD.x, PETER A. STITLIK, CHARLES STREIT, JOSEPH C. SICIIRIZS, THOxIxS J 'I' XI.M.fXGE, NATIIAN TERRI'1I.I., EDWARD 'I'E'I'lI, FRANK J, 'I'IIOM1'SON, IVIILTUN XX TIJISIASIIICIC, F. E. '1'RAc'IIMAN, CIIAS. v 'I'R.xNSEAI:, XVIIIIAM R 'IiRliMBI.I'IY, EDWARD TlTGXVEI.I., RICHARD J. TIIRALSKI, W.xI.TER J. TYRRICLI., FRANK J. UNIJERRINER, HARRY A XYALENTINE, CI,ARENl'I'1 I XZXNDUSEN, RICHARD YENN, IIENRY YESELY, ANTON Y. VOSS. fIEllRGI'f K. WALL, VVARREN A. VVAI.'l'ER, CHARLES E. AVA'I'ERMAN, BEN C. WATSON. DANIEL C. YVIEISH, 'IQIIOMAS E. XVEI55'I'ER, CI.AIiDE A. WENDT, JOHN F. WENIOMAN, PAUL JR VVEISSTER, GUSTAV A. WIEIIN, JOIIN W. WILLIAMSON, MELVI I.I.I5 I WYINBOIQN, ELMER X. VVOI.'I'ERSDORF, OSCAR WH EELER, ROI' ZIRIAIERITIANN, Cl.liMl'1N4tl ZITO, ROCCO ZIIR, VIC'I'OIi E. f- Z -4 Z 1. A Q : Af 75 'A ESB T HE 1909 ILLIO PHI GAMMA SIGMA Beta Chapter Established December 13, 1906 WM. IE. DAY CT. M. Sxow F. E. BI..-XKIC Rmw. F. Ilxlxx-is KARL ANDICRSIIN M. D. I31f.'KIfu1m Ii. IT. C.-XSSIN II. CI. IUIINSTUN Ii.x1cl-11. A. M. Ihxksl-:N II. A. I..xNur:Nl1.xN F. IC. SIIIPMAX IJ. N. Fmmsk II. ID. IiAr.IxwIN F. J. IIYONS Fun. F. S'1'.xR1i II. tl. SKINNIQIQ lfI.l+IM IQNVE Z1 M M ICICKIAN GIA. Axnsksux W. I". Jouxsox Luv Ii. El.1.1u'r'1' Ii. Brhxllwxilc Fratres in Facultate A. II. Clnxlui I-.. N. I-.x'rlIlc1u'4 Fratres I". F. Iirxvll L21-zu. ICISELI-1 j. I'. LEE AI. IC. Minas P. U. III.-XR'l'IN Cf. R. Yvxme R. XV. '1'1i0k1'1c II. W. SMH11 Fratres in Universitat: Seuiurs W. II. INIwl"1'.xk S. F. Voss il, C. XYIRTII lfaumzm' IC. Iik.xF'1' CI. CI. Shins U. A. I"h:'l"r I,. R, f'R.XXYlfHIilb ,lulzinrx ,l. F. XVRNIVI' II.'l'.GUNN1Nu L'u.xs. P. limi S. Y. R. Gauss lf. A. LOGAN Falun xkmxal. AND Bmvlx l"lu1uer SCARLEI' CARNATION 184 I-XI. K SF E Q fs X X x g XMNI X Sli XI X l- Tiff: 'A' 1 M HUM , t .1 '0 Nah ll n ,, I V- FURCE tous ' gy lf' X r l fin' l, vt 7 X h 4 ' 5? ' N it l it 'rf it X tl lllllt W xt J" ,ttuw ' flmfhi iight? KQX 'X QS x e "hz- V i 't 'I tml ll KK L 4 f M . , . ttqttuulfl limi-mls: Fmtkgllqw My when gstmetsy mtl" !"'llW .lwllttwtll , mtg. .tt tl Fan: IFE' 'itil WK, 4 3 .X , ft, X .J ill A gl ' l ffl w ill A t l f- L Quanta pf, Om' nznxl mzlittilflt' t'!t'11zcr1Ix in fha .vlmf,1' 'JL of K'ht'111i.vl1'J' htttdi C.vI,t'Il'Al-+.Xn earthly light that brightens even the stars. B -P , Iirnnie-tme of the worltllsthree greatest com' 2 N5 posers, the others being Gas and Chlorofortn, .ijt whose airs are popular among the suffering. rf" Yzil 25581. SIIAVER-:X metullic form of Opium, smokecl by V 'ff In-esiflenttal impossnbtltties. 'lS1'3"sl lfl ff? l. Since stutlying the science of plant life Kisner 73 fi ,.i has cleciclecl that the simple life is the only one for him, Qllown on the farm, Brownsville, lll.j XYe unnlerstuntl that the 'tlforce Cereal Co. of 'Nt .0 liutl'alo" has been reorganized ancl is again put- , Sig? ting its procluct on the market. 'LSunny .lim tif' Lukenw will be the western "Agent" us well as t't'hemistl"ancl he assures the public that they if will receive gootls that Comply with the Hlfurl' tt. ,f . L ,iv A i :zfs1e'a'2s:e1's:1 loocl antl llrugs Att of blunt. 30, oo. emaile- It is fl relief to "Sells" to know that this is his last year in school, as one ot' the opposite sex '3 - M' ""' has been patiently waiting for the time to come, when his mintl coultl be tlivertetl from researches for Phflrmaceuticall :incl Vhemicul knowledge :incl give il little :ittention to fltllllllllllill Felicity. K N . . , . . lbw -xrhi Davies hus a noticeable purtialxty for pluicl --X 'N I 'l'rousers. X- wg 2 0 0' nt 0 f ox, 0 nf Prof. llallberg has cliscoverecl :1 new process, XY 461 czllletl "l'he l'neumaIic l'r'rcf-ss," whereby the . sleeping germs, which invzule the ltliairinucy ture Room, muy be securetl. ' From ull inclicntions it seems as though LA' ,77 . ' I ' Stark hus 1 ' - tn mstuu, tltrslre to tuke home with him CDeliulb, lll.D our pretty little stenographer. tus woum mx: 'ro ss: MR- Xw' ' 'D mf ilffa Q' k f N! N " X f X I I K . i tu,.t .it - it gli' VVilli:unson regrets that the college building Wttttx ' time IN, is not equipperl with a special reception room A where he might receive his numerous lady callers pt fl A l I A Few or's cm.t.exs Skinner enters l'. S. next year. Ile has the ,fn f aclvantage over most men of that profession, us ef W 1 his name hus alreucly been made. M I Qlltffdx 4i X. t lt W 'bl W! W 1 Pavlicek relates that his work has been inter' ul l rupted by t'l.eap Yeur Proposals." Mfg K1 2-J I i Q, QE 136 egg 5 L if ,, . 13 S, is ks kj I rc fa L ,Fx- Gw Jia '23 'f ff Q' M 'IQZFI 0 7 f fc . fy 0 J 'Lin g' AM 5 90 000 2 ,fm ff C5559 G "3 X f lg! W f 'ly X X 1 lf' ff 53 l::b lx Z 0 9 Esiliilllllllll -C f K f VX Q DENTISTRY THE1909ILLIO EIIWIN PAIII, Swx I. A. LARSEN . NIAUD M. YV.-XRNER II. I. ICAUFMAN M. E. PONTIUS W. T. BURKE . C. F. BANIIELIN II. L. WII.cox 'l'lC li Svvninr Gllaan CLASS OFFICERS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE R. A. STONE lf. A. BI'IvwoR'I'II li. I". KLIAII: C. W. DAVE ARMs'I'RoNc:, NEII, IIoI.I,.xNn BANIJELIN, CARI. FREDERICK BERNARD, FRANK JosEI-II BII1JwoR'1'II, CLYDE ALVIN BIIRKE, WII.I.IAM TIIEII. IJAYE, CHESTER xV.XI,'l'ER EIIERT, FREDERIcrK lCIIw,xRn liIIRI.Ir1II, GEORGE 'IYIIEOIJORE FELIISIIER, NOIXII IIUIIGII, MICIIAEI. FR.'xNc'Is IIQIIKINS, HUGII BENJAMIN JONES, IIENRY I.Ys.xNIIER JOYCE, FRANK LERUY KAUEMAN, IIENRY I0sEI'1I EARLY, WILLIAM F. FAEI-:R, IIENRY N. F. J. BERNARD fIKEEN, JAUOR KI.Ir1xIIs, IYIBXYARD FREIII-:R14' KoRsII.xI:, IIARRY MAN I..xRsEN. JAMES ANDERSON BII'I'l'IIl'II.I., xV.'XI.'l'Ek 'l'1IERuN NEXVMAN, IABITIS PIJNI-E, FRYYNCISCO l'oN1'IUs, MEI.vIN IC. RAMSEY, PAUL H. S'l'0I'K2H'l'llN, ELMER BIWEE STIINI-1, RI-:I7EEN AI.ExII's Sw.x'1'EIc, EDWIN P.xI'I, President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Valedictorian SIIIIIIZIIOTIZIII IIistorinII . Prophet YIIN DER IIEYDT, IIIIRRY IQIRI. Wmrox, HENRY L. NVARNER, CLYDE IIERBl'ZR'l' NVARNI-Ik, MAUI1 BILTRIEI, KINGS1.EY, AUSTIN C. I . THE19091LL10 3luninr Qllama OFFICERS President . . . . . . . JlTl.II'S H. J. SEIDEL Vice-Prcsiflcllt and Secretary . Treasurer . . . Rosa ARON CLARK E. l3.xILI:Y A. BERLIN CECIL A. 15RmvNI: WALTER I. DROBERG RICHARD Flslc CLYDI: D. tiulamx ju11N C. WILLI 181: CLI l'A'l'UN II. jon NSON III5R1:ER'I' S. Ihxsux BIARY Mmnows TIIORLIEF I. I,I:RI'IIE JULIUS H. J. SILIIJEL HI:RnI-:RT S. PIANSON . CLARK E. BAILEY BIAITLAND V. SII A VER RIQRNIVIQ E. SIIIYNIQ AMS S33 THE1909ILLI0I 9' Nreahman Qllamn CLASS OFFICERS Hruu A. Ihbxklcrx . .... . Prcwirlvnt W1 I.l,I .x M A Nnlmws Vice- I,l'l5hIIIl'lII NN. I.. I.XIf'I' ll. li. bn XI'IfIi Axmurws, W. l I. , . IIr::.l.mvs. II. N. l'uf:111.lx, W. l'. Iilwrli, .X. l'WICI"l'IIiM.XNN, V. I!1cm.lN. W. II wus. IC. Ilrixxrxumc, IL' I. AIxf'uI:s'1'1c1N. W xl. KIQICSSIN, I.. bl. Inumax. II, A. I..x'rn xml. I.. W. I.I'.I'., X. 190 NIf'Nl'I.'I'Y, ,I xs. NI I'1IU'IiR. S. NIUUAII-ZY. XI. I.. Xmuncrzx. Ii. I. lI'IIu1:,x, 'I.xs. Ii.xsMr'ssr:N, l'. R1'ssx14m'. S. SIIXI-'I'IIl. II. IS. SII,XIfI"I'1Ii. LIN. Sf'1rxr'lI'l'. C. II 'I'.xlf'r. W. I.. X xxx, I.. II. Wll1'l'1-illmn. sl. SUCl'L'11lY'y I I'l'1lSIlI'I'I' 3 '-.r .QL ' , . WW! fa? f , M 3 A' f!CS . z 1 JS 'LQ ,D h H Val ,E ehlx KRW Q E in X 5 ... . H., 1' P' 1 ig ,.,, . A Q 2' i i E i ! i 1 I 2 I E 1 I n 1 I y K THE1909IT-L10 Athlrtir Ammriatinn Lfwirvrn L. B. SMITII . . . President R. M. lVl0lIl,TON . Secretary-'l'rer1surer Director of Athletics -' G. A. 1'IUFF N QQXX Athletic Board of Control Vi? AJ j' fy Student Members XY. j. VV.flRl1.ll,I, J. B. CABANIS F. M. XvAN INWAGEN Alumni Members R. R. HALL. ,OI, Danville GEO. R. CARR, 701, Chicago JUIJGE SOLON 1'111I.B14ICK, Champaign Faculty Members Puolf. G. A. GOODENOUGH DEAN O. A. Ilxluusla DIRECTOR G. A. HUFF "His cardinal viriues are in his hair."-S'1'EwART, '10, 193 -WE11lI9BIP5- FOOT BALL. GAQDINEQ PETTIGPEW DADANT VVHVTTI " BAUM LUTT IPAILSRALK DIPINOCK VAN HOUR ' EEN CTR we-1Ar-11 BASE BALL. DICKE MQPL? xsorl OV ITZ Bunn NKTLL. HU FF VANDAC I2 :Fr SHYDHSI2 - BYE12 'TAYLOKP .CARR l'r'Hx:re'.3 :VANS GUHHI NG DISOSWAY TRACK MAY LINDBEIZG4- JENKlN'Q LAZEAR DUNNINQ QJARDINE B f??OUigl'5 CAQQITH PSD DUNHAM NORRIS ROPP VAN INWA EN E BARRY: SMITH xYm.1.Ei? Rxcrmwmson BLOMFELDT BASKET BALL wxzifr FAU. C E P P1 ACK DADA:-IQ' IJTENVA 'T' RYA-ri JUUL. .ag FUD ALL 1 THE 19091141110 Haraitg ilinnthall Umm Name X Position L. GARMNER, Captain . . , Left Half Back I.. B. I.11'r'r . . , , A Full Back I- Q. I'E'1"1'1f:REw . . Right Half Back M. G. DADANT F. F. E. H. F . B. P October IQ October 26 November 9. November I6 November 22 D. RAILSBACK . C. VAN HooK . A. VVIIITE . S. GREEN . L. WHAM . F. BAUM . SINNOCK . . Illinois Field . . . Madison . Iowa. City . . . Illinois Field. . . Bloomington, Ind. , Schedule of Games Illinois . Illinois . Illinois . . Illinois . . Illinois f'PU1'f6ff Ladies."-SIM CLEAVINIJER, JOHNNY 196 . . Right End . Right Tackle . Right Guard . . Center . Left ,Guard . Left Tackle . Left End , Quarter Back Chicago . . Wisconsin . Iowa . . . Purdue . . Indiana . . L1 1.1.ARn. 4 P Z f ,- '1 'I 'T' A V A Y 'T ... W P -E :- 32 Z Jarluluzw 'H1:p,u:M UEYI F T F rv' L :pon lu!-X :10oH E ll M usalgy 2 ww 1 A-.J 6' THE 19091141-I0 lj Uhr 19117 ilinnthall Svvaann The football season of 1907, though far from being the successful year which had been ear- nestly looked for, was probably the most encouraging season which Illinois has experienced for some time. It was also satisfactory because it clearly proved the efficiency of the post-graduate system of coaching. YVithout a doubt the 1907 team was the most carefully and conscientiously coached team which ever represented the Orange and Blue, and with the same able coaches to devise plays and coach the team, with f'Van', as leader, with nine 'AIT' men as a nucleus and the typical Illinois spirit to back it, the T008 team should be the "Champions of the VVest." 'tArtie" Hall and Lindgren have the full confidence of the team and with the promise of their return a big step has been taken to start the 1908 season along the path which leads to the much coveted title. Illinois holds it in track and baseball, and it must have it in football. The only men who will not be in their moleskins next September will be VVhite and Dadant. During the last year XYliite's work at center was at all times first class, both on defense and offense, and as hard and earliest a worker will be hard to tind. Dadant, playing at end, was a strong man in the new game owing to his remarkable ability to handle the forward pass. lt was his tirst year on the varsity and it is much to be regretted that his capabilities will not be available for the two more years of competition to which he is entitled. . Of the old men to be on hand next fall, seven have been playing together since their freshman year, and having their last opportunity to work for thc Alma Mater, will put forth their best elforts. Two more have had the benefit of their freshman year and their last year's experience, and the team work should be well advanced early in the season. The leader of next yearis team is a man of whom we may well be proud. Feared by all other teams, a clean, hard player, a conscientious worker and a mountain of strength to the team, Van Hook was the logical choice. The confidence of the whole team is his and to Captain-elect Van Hook rightfully belongs the honor of leading the IQO8 team. The lack of preliminary games was clearly shown last year, when on Oct. 19th the game with Chicago was lost by a score of 42 to 6. The first half 1 ended the score IO to 6 in Chicago's favor but in reality the advantage on the Illinois side, but early in the second period Chicagois superior team work and the poor condition of our team began to show and the outcome was apparent. V. C 1 The mistake of having an important game the tirst one on the schedule, was readily seen and the seven game ruling will eliminate this trouble in the future. The following week the team went to Madison, better prepared for a hard game and deter- mined to win. The resulting score 15 to 4 in our favor was well deserved, for NVisconsiii was outplayed in every department of the game. Illinois was their superior in the use of the forward pass and XVisconsin in their inability to return punts lost ten to twenty yards on every exchange. The team showed a decided improvement in physical condition and at the end of the 'Taft surf: fIffft'7'lIL'.l'.V mier into ffm Izuarf of Ike g0dfjf?,'-'VIIC'I'OliIA BROUGHAM. THE1909IT-L10 second half were playing as fast as at the kick off. It was the first time that Illinois had defeated W'isconsin in football, and the victory did much toward encouraging the team. On Nov. 24 our old time rivals, Purdue, went down in defeat by the score of 21 to 4. The game was played on a muddy field and the score hardly represents the relative merits of the two teams, for again and again the Illinois backs broke away and then slipped on the muddy ground. For the same reason accurate kicking and passing were made impossible and many of the gains were made on line plays, although at times the forward pass was very effectively used. The following week the team met its second and last defeat of the year at the hands of Iowa. The trip was a most unfortunate one from the very start. Leaving Champaign Friday morning, train connections were missed at Peoria and not until I A. M. Saturday morning did the team reach Davenport. It was then necessary to rise at 5 A .M. in order to catch the train for Iowa City and thus with barely four hours sleep and a tiresome journey, the physical condition of the team was hardly what it should have been. Van Hook was also very sick and in reality should not have been allowed to play, but the big fellow was determined to get into the game and did Well con- sidering his condition. YVhen in the beginning of the second half he was taken from the game, the whole grand stand cheered, and the Iowa team threw their head gear in the air and yelled for joy. The work of the men was hardly up to the standard, however, and the game closed with a score of 25 to I2 in Iowa's favor. Two weeks elapsed before the Indiana game at Bloomington which resulted in a score of IO to 6 in favor of Illinois. Indiana's score was a result of a fumble and a ninety yard run. Again the Held was muddy and the slippery clay made it difficult for fast work. Several times the ball was within easy striking distance of Indiana's goal but the slippery condition was too great a handicap. It was the last game of the year and the men worked hard and earned their victory. The new game seems popular with the rooters and is no doubt an improvement over the old style of play. The fact that five men played every game of the season, that only eleven men re- ceived "I's,' and one man an "I" cap proves that it is not so hard on the players. Sinnock was without a doubt head and shoulders above any man in the west in the art of forward passing and his ability will be valuable next year. Van Hook was unanimously given All-WVestern guard and Railsback at tackle and Sinnock at quarter, were given places on the second team. Many of the other men were given honorable mention for their work and with this nucleus and strong addi- tions from the freshman team, the outlook is one to bring joy to the heart of every supporter of the Orange and Blue. LIoN GARDINER. "I want sonze one lo love mr."-S. A. IC. ALLEN. THE 19091111410 pw H 1hP1Pt1m GARDINER From the time the whistle announces the beginning of the fray until time is called at the end, "Gard" is the embodiment of the brutal football spirit. The Dr. Jekyll of his nature glares forth with terrible predominance. lle bucks the line with the impetuosity of an exasperated Hliillyv goatg he sweeps around the ends like a Kansas tornadog and he tackles the opposing players like a famished catamount. Blood, hair and detatched portions of football armor always fall in the wake of 'Tlardl' when he charges down the field. The game over, he assumes his usual sunny disposition. He is 22 years old, is 6 feet tall and weighs 170 pounds. VVas captain of the team last season. VAN HOOK 'fYan" was reared among the crags of Mt. Pulaski. As a child he was fragile and girlish looking, with dreamy eyes and long curly hair. llis chief diversions then were, dressing dolls and playing a minor role in the game of "Drop the Handkerchieff' At the age of twelve 'fYan's,' ideals suddenly changed. lle dis- carded his dolls, had his long curls abbreviated, and began to associate with a gang of wicked boys. Under the influence of this new environment his feet began to grow rapidly and the rest of his body followed suit. At the age of twenty-two he entered the Y. of l. in order further to develop his remarkable physique under the instruction of the famous Leo G. llana. At the age of 22 he stands 5 feet IIM inches in his hare feet and wears No. I2 shoes. llis specialty in football is to play three or four positions at once. lle is All-VVestern Guard and Captain-elect of next season's team. llis avocation at the University is the study of Science. SINNUCK just before the Chicagoelllinois game last October, the Quincy Clarimz, the leading paper of Sinnock's home town, handed out the following dope: L'This game will decide who is the greatest quarter back in the VVest-Pomeroy Sinnock or VValter Stefan." VVe hope that 'fPoms" Hfellar citizensv were not misled by the results of that game. To the eyes of Illinois students the marvellous Midget still looks pretty big when compared with the elusive "VVallie," f'l'orn" is only 5M feet high and he weighs only I3O pounds. Since he is only 2I years old he thinks he has yet a chance to enlarge somewhat. lle studies Mechanical Engineering after the football season is over. 200 THE19091LLI0 y '39 Q5 EAU M "Benny" hails from the sage brush region of Arizona. XYhen he was a child his chief amusements were, to chase jack rabbits and build air castles. ln order to develop his talent in each of these lines he entered the U. of I. to play on the football team and study Architectural Engineering. He is 20 years old but looks younger. lle is 5 feet 0 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. f'l3enny" is confident that he will make the All-VVestern next year, and he has the courage of his convictions. just when and where "Rails,' originated, just why he jail at present, and just how he managed to gain admittance obscure uncertainties. lle has his own explanations, but one swallowing them. He asserts that he is 22 years old, tn log poundsg and there are a few people who believe this plays tackle on the team and players. He has been known yell. lle is an ffAg', and has dissertation which he recently Trees in Alaskaf, RAILSHACK to be true. takes a Hendish delight in mutilating the to fall upon a prostrate adversary just to a high standing in his college because of a learned composed on the subject of "The Culture LllT'l' happens to be out of to the University, are should hesitate before feet tall and weighs f'Rails" opposing hear him of Shade XYhen f'l.itt" decorated with his enormous nose guard goes crashing through the opposing line he looks like an angry rhinoceros charging through a jungle. This big full back has another advantage over the ordinary gridiron warrior besides weight and speed combined. His hair is so red that it dazzles the eyes of the opposing players. HI.itl' is yet an infant, being only 20 years old. lle lacks 2 inches of being a 6-footer and weighs 180 pounds. He is reported to be a "Shark" in Civil Engineering. I? ETTI C R If VV A facetious wag said that "no one of l'ettigrew's opponents would ever accuse him of being of petty growth. Petty isn't such a 'monstrosity as to size but he makes a mighty impression in a football game. lle considers himself to be a gridiron hero and he has a talent for making the rooters think likewise. llis curly hair and graceful way of sprinting down the field make him popular with the Co-edsg when the yell leader calls ffNine rahs for l'etty,'l the feminine falsetto almost drowns out the masculine bass. f'l'etty', is 22 years old, 5 feet Q14 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. He is a Mechanical lingineer. Xext year he intends to make both the All-VVestern and the Tau Beta Pi. 2OI THE 1909 ILLIO Q IJADA NT t'l7ad" loafed around the lfniversity three years before he finally decided to become a great football player. He believes that had he begun his gridiron career sooner he might easily have made the :Xll-Western. Ulladw is naturally tender hearted, but he sometimes forgets himself when an opposing player attempts to sweep around his end bf the line. He is just barely old enough to vote, lacks a half-inch of being 6 feet tall and weighs 165 pounds. He will graduate from the College of Literature and Arts next june. WIII'FI'l 'tI'rep', came loping across the prairies from Antioch Cwherever that isj years ago, and tried to butt unceremoniously into the University. He was coralled in the "Cellar," however, to wait until his accomplishments had caught up with his zeal. In his first year in the Academy he "went out" for the Varsity football team and was highly incensed because the coaches would not give him a chance to win an "I," By hook or crook he finally scraped together enough credits to enter the University where his foolehardiness soon made him center on the team. He is 24 years old, 6 feet tall and weighs 175 pounds. "Prep" graduates from the tfAg" College this year but he will probably return next fall and try out for the team again. GREEN Green plays at guard with a nonchalance that makes the game easy for him and difficult for the opposing player. Nothing ever excites him, he never gets in a hurry. Illinois yell leaders are always instructed to keep up a continual clamor of ftoskey, wow-wowsi' and tthulla-ba-loos" so that Green will not doze during the game. Next to Van Ilook Green is the biggest man on the team. He is 6 feet and 1 inch tall, weighs 198 pounds and is only 2I years old. According to latest reports he is now making a. bluff at Municipal and Sanitary Engineering. VVHAM f'Freddy'7 gave his first infantile 'tOskey-wow-wow" in Salem which, by the way, is the birthplace of another great man-VVilliam Jennings Bryan. He gained his early football training at the Southern Illinois Normal University where he once accidentally made a touchdown, grew conceited as a consequence and deter- mined to give the U. of I. the benefit of his gridiron prowess. In the two years that he has played at tackle on the Varsity team he has passed through every game without taking out any time. Some think that this is because he doesnlt know enough to know when he is hurt. He is 23 years old, is 6 1-6 feet tall and weighs ISO pounds. lIe is supposed to be studying law. 202 gf:-,.:...-M THE19091LLI0 V. M-X Jlcizzbezxv Ovrrz . Iilrsuxnu. IIUF1-' . GUNNINLJ NIURRISON SNYIDER B1-:vi-114 . IJIFKE XYANDEGRIFT CAR1eI'1'HE14S EVANS Dlsfmsxxuxv 'llwmu 'O Eauarhall Swann 151117 of Team Position . Pitcher Pitcher . Pitcher . Catcher . Catcher . . First Base . Second Base Shortstop, Captain . Third Base Left Field Left Field Center Field Right Field "By gush, fm from Roseville-this Sftlftlu--ANDERSON. 204 A ,ISHV NVHJ. 'VIVSIGISVSI .KJ A -71 ". I. 5' Li 2 F I 4 G 1, A M ul! xggmup '4r: H Lpxmg UNH Ulf, '9?1fTHI 1 -1 7 G 'TF THE 190911-L10 Qlnllvgiatr Eaarhall sinh lgrnfvaainnatliam Gizoiics A. Hififr. CSince the inception of the reform regime in college athletics, Director George A. Ilufl, except in conference meetings when his opinions were verbal, has refrained from any expression on the present athletic situation. This article is regarded as exceptionally valuable in giving in decided terms the opinion of one who is considered the foremost authority on college athletics.-I'Id.j HIC University of Illinois will not be represented by baseball teams 551 ,U in the future that will ec ual those of the ast. The reasons are not ,VE Qi. W I P RA far to seek. ' f ' ' ' The four year rule be ran the deterioration. This elimination of , , 1 1 3 .- . 5 . to xqluig men who. having finished three years of collegiate work. were on the threshold of graduation was to my mind the most X foolish legislation ever connected with college ath- letics. The only excuse for its enactment must have been that no other avenue presented itself whereby the committee could further restrict participation in athletics, and since what had been done up to that time did not satiate the desires of those who would minimize athletics to the extreme. this was thrown in for frood measure. to The rule requiring that a student be in attendance one year before being allowed to take part in conference athletics will hurt the baseball team probably more than any other team in school. for so many of Illinois' best men have received the appellation best because of their fourth year's work on the baseball team True freshmen may play on their class team, but they do not get the experience that accompanies playing on the varsity. do not get to play so many games, do not face so many good twirlers. and are not under the direct supervision of the coach. And. too this rule causes the team to change one year faster. ll'ithal, however. the freshmen rule has proved a salutary one and I should be reluctant to see it repealed. XVhile it will hurt the strength of our team. we have the satisfaction of know- ing that the other teams in the conference are hurt likewise. and after all if we are better than our college rivals. that is about all the rooters ask. The fact that some will lugubriously com- pare the teams under the old rules with those under the new to the disadvantage of the latter will be offset by the beneficial results brought about by the freshman one year attendance rule. The standard of scholarship has worked eliminatingly on the base- CAi"1'. Dickie g ball squad. Now a candidate must be a university man of one year's good standing as a matriculated student. Not a single objection can be advanced to this rule, for now we are sure that our baseball team will be composed of standard university men. I believe a regularly vt matriculated student may be called the standard from the standpoint of university representation. .5 . High school baseball is rapidly decreasing as an academic sport and this will be a factor in affecting the scientific aspect of the team. "li'zrxfY1f lx'u.v.v" uri!!! .vfzu i1'.ifi'.v.' THE 1909 ILLIO ' for many candidates have come to me with the rudiments well learned, due to high school playing. The ban placed on professional baseball for college men in the summer time prevents a material development in the personnel of the team. This rule I am op- posed to in every manner, shape and form, for with our scholastic standing as strict as it is at present. with a stipulation that all participants in college baseball shall attend each year from the middle of September till school closes in June, there is absolutely no danger if the bars of professionalism are thrown . 'iff' down to the college man. Why? An example will best explain. Sw' Suppose I want a pncher. 'Fo get one as good as enher M of the two I have this year, I must go to a man of Class A calibre-one who is good enough to draw a salary of from fif- H teen hundred to two thousand dollars. I tell him that he must before the 'season begins next year. If he is already a profes- . ,ee ' f sional he must sacrifice the early spring trip with his team as m an ff? 2? attend school a whole year, carry his work and 'be matriculated F X , .E ,.f '-2' well as seven weeks of salaried playing before school is out in ..- ei ,.-' man must be so good. to be able to get a contract with a pro- . fessional team allowing these leaves of absence that his services V . would be almost absolutely indispensible to his team and since V, - this can be said of about one out of ex ery hundred players there will 11Ot be much danger of professionals casting their lot with a college team. Besides any man good enough to demand and get a contract calling for absence in the spring and fall will i demand such a large salary in major league company that he . , would probably not think of losing so much money to attend college. The amount of his salary would be so high that even granting a college engaged in commercialization of players the expense of keeping such a man in school a year before he was eligible and the expense during the remainder of his college career would be so enor- mous Qand if any man comes to school because he is paid it is safe to say he wonlt come if there is anything better out in the active worldj that the ever ready charge of Upaid athlete" would mock itself because of its own pre- posterousness. IVhy can't a man earn as much money in the summer time as his ability will allow, whether that ability be as a baseball player, circus tumbler, lecturer, etc.. and still be eligible for l'J intercollegiate athletic and debating teams? He can on debat- in teams, for to my own personal knowledge at least two men who have represented Illinois in debates have received money a-. .. neiagg--' 5 June and safely four weeks in the fall after school begins. A sf 5? ae' J, it ' A 1 a ,2 7 CAPT.-E1,i:C'r SNYDI-:R to their eligibility, As the vast majority of college men spend their summer in making as much money as possible for use during the school year, it does not seem right to me to com- b pletely bar the baseball player, to the advantage of all other avenues whether physical or mental. VV ith the scholastic qual- ifications absolutely in the hands of the faculty, if anything should be wrong with the scholastic standing of the men, they alone would be at fault. Then with such a con- dition as this. why should they object to a man because he plays ball for money in the K I Q . for lecturing and public speaking and still no conflict arose as 1 .' qv i .b' svfxi" "Blurb 100 goad for this tuifked world."-E. L. HALL. I THE1909ILLIO Si summer time if a glance at his record in the registrar's office shows him to be a real college man? This, it seems to me, is the end most to be sought, and besides it is safe to say that the veracity of a number of college men playing college baseball throughout the country would be relieved of a severe test if a cross examination on their amateur standing were omitted. Baseball teams here should do better than at other schools in the conference. with material of the same calibre. XVe have the armory for early practice and this is a great help. ln this building last winter nearly two hundred and fifty candidates appeared to try for places on the team. After practicing in it till good weather comes, two weeks earlier than at any other institution having a formidable team, we have the best baseball diamond in the country to practice on. The development of class and fraternity games has had and will have its effect in adding some strength to our team, for every now and then in those contests a man with baseball prominence will attract suffi- cient attention to warrant his being taken on the Varsity. This year, Shields, who was prominent as a class team player, is holding down shortstop, and several years ago Rothgeb, afterwards a brilliant player, was given a try out because of promise shown in an interfraternity game. . To divert somewhat from the theme at hand, l want to put myself X .a on record as being opposed to a college man's going into professional baseball, and never in my professional career have l advised a man to do so. This decision is not based on views in accord with those who would rely on dissipation and demoralizing conduct as reasons for discouraging the professional career of the college man g for from personal experience I can say truthfully that the average man in professional baseball, especially in the big leagues, will compare favorably with a like average in any walk of life. Just last year the Chicago NYhite Sox boasted of eighteen of the twenty-one players it carried on its payroll being total abstainers. liveryone knows that the Chicago Cubs can equal if not surpass this. The whole idea has been put by a certain college professor in words that are unanswerable-"l don't see why a man can't play professional baseball and still be a gentleman." But to return to my opposition. There are greater opportunities for the college man who has Hnished his course creditably in his chosen pro- - fession than in baseball. The whole fault lies in the glaring pecuniary inducements held out to him to get him to enter baseball, and the serious, Q x conservative, not-too-promising prospect of being compelled to Work ' r from the bottom up to a position far in advance of what his baseball career could possibly be, which contrast most generally results in favor of the imminent advantage to the sacrifice of the remote but better de- sired and loftier profession for which he was Etted in college. This condition is unfortunate, I admit. True the men are making V and saving money, but with the attractive personalities possessed by sev- Y eral of them, together with the intellectual possibilities they manifested while in school. these few to whom l refer, I know would prove irresis- tible forces in the activities of their chosen profession The unfortunate features of their whole life, though, will be, when they become useless as baseball players-just in the prime of life-that very time will find their contemporaries of college days in law, engineering, etc., on the threshold of a score of years of active, successful, and truly professional service. xt we 7 4 fe? P A 'L a 615 - 52 - 'wi' ' ' I 5? 9-! 5, li , . , f, , ' 1 , 37.4 - M ' - .-.ii X : 1' ,, , 1: i"f' as YJ , Ng? Q V: 1 , K :sax-i .5 - 1 U . ' 1 1 ' '1 I .,7 WI, h ff w ff Q ,, J 'H ,,.V f " ' fl? x 7 V rf gfm r . ' ' in gg H Q " ,frg if ,AA ,,,:i! 7 Q' A Q l' - f if ' . . ' ' 1 ' ,if-. O ' S . 1 ,3 .' 4 A hi N- , Wg. ,3 " " E .L if 1' my XA THE 1.909 ILLIO NK Haraitg Cflrark I nam fIRE.XR, Captain MAY LINBERG BIJRROUGHS JENKINS NORRIS LAZEAR RICHARDSON DUNIIAM C.xRRII'IIERs M ILLER BI,oM1f12LDT SMITH R01-P BARRETT IJUNNING XYAX Ixxxxxmznx GIIRIIINER W "What in bl did you ever do ia become fanmux?"-G. K. joIINsoN. 210 77 w T? Z P' -JQ :rf E ri C' FS - v 5 T93 :Sv :""I1 3 : Q. 9. 7 FT P E C 52 .- -.: fv :5 H 7' T17 ,. 'P 412 2. 20 :FT ETZ E55 Q - Z 5 F7 51? Ei 5 C F O 9 1InLp1.xn1 .la 111311311 ua 5 E 5 1 77' y R 5. 1 5 :- E THE 190911-L10 H Efrark llvniem fur 15117-19113 HE track season of 1907-1908 was a success. The victories over Chi- cago and Purdue in the early meets ranked Illinois as the leader in A the lVest. By annexing the Conference, for the first time in the his- dlx ' tory of the institution. Illinois showed her right to the title, f'Cham- HM,-iam pions of the VVest." Ever since the arrival of Coach Harry Gill . ,,..,, 1 . . . . . Illinois has been a strong contender in every contest in which she 0 ,...-.- - ,X has been represented, The transition from a second rate team to con- ference champions is a change that few generations of students in any school have ever seen. The season of 1907 showed the culmination of this change to Illinois. The indoor season last year was a complete success. The first meet of the year was held in the local gymnasium on February 18, with Chicago, and resulted in a tie score, 43 to 43. This score gives a good idea of how evenly the teams were matched. At the start Illinois rolled up points surprisingly fast but the Maroons braced and slowly wore down the lead. The result of the meet hung upon the pole vault. Nor- ris who had been doing over 11 feet in practice failed to clear the bar at 10 feet 6 inches and the event went to Chicago. The features of this meet were the work of Merriam. Carrithers, and May. Merriam reeled off the quarter in .53 3-5, breaking the gymnasium record of .54. Carrithers with only one day's practice won the shot- put with a throw of 40 feet 4 inches. May won the dash handily in .04 2-5. On March 8 the team faced the Maroons at Bartlett Gymnasium and lowered their colors by a score of 48 to 38. In this meet Lazear downed the much-heralded Steffens in the high hurdles going the course in the record time of .06 4-5, equalling the track record. Jenkins and May took first and second in the dash and Norris equalled the gymnasium record in the pole vault. On March 13 at the annual A. A. U. meet Greer and Burroughs landed firsts and Norris and Watson thirds. Greer, in the vault, broke the world's record when he cleared the bar at ll feet 8 inches. On May 11 the Orange and Blue completely covered the Maroon in the first outdoor meet of the year by the score of 78 to 48. Lazear showed his heels to Merriam in the 120 yard hurdles going the distance in .l6. and Gardner treated Steffen in the same way in the 220 yard hurdles in .26 2-5. Burroughs covered himself with glory in annexing three firsts in the shot-put, discus. and hammer throw. He broke the Illinois records in the shot and discus. May also starred in the dashes, getting both from Quigley of the Maroons. Illinois won all places in the half mile and shot-put. On May 17 Purdue was defeated by the one sided score of 102 to 24, the Hoo- siers getting but one first, in the high jump. The features of the meet were the per- formances of the Illinois men. ,Burroughs took three firsts, broke the University record in the discus with a throw of 127 feet 1 1-4 inches, broke his own record in "0 rare the head piece if but the lwains were Iheref'-DELT REEVES 212 M2223 THE1909IT-L10 the shot-put at 44 feet 7 inches, and hurled the hammer 152 feet 6 inches. breaking the field record. In the quarter mile Lindberg broke the school record in .52 2-5. Barrett broke the university record in the mile with the time of 4.36 1-5. Illinois took everything in the shot-put, 100 yard dash, and two mile. The track season of 1908 began with the meet with Indiana on February 1 in the local gymnasium. The Orange and Blue administered to the visitors the worst defeat in the history of intercollegiate athletics. The final score 67 1-2 to 1 1-2 shows the uneveness of the contest. Indiana scored her lone point in the pole vault. tying for second. On February 14 the Varsity defeated the Maroons 52 to 34 in the second meet of the year. Lindberg starred in the quarter, making the distance in .53 1-5, beating the gymnasium record of .53 4-5 held by Merriam of Chicago. Another feature of the meet was thc double defeat of Steffens in the dash and hurdles by May and Jen- kins. The latter equalled the track record of .05 2-5 in the hurdles. Washburn defeated Schommer in the high jump, clearing the bar at 5 feet 10 inches. Miller's excellent work in the meet equalled his performances in the outdoor work in 1907. The First Regiment athletes were the next to fall before the prowess of the local stars. The eligibles, assisted by the freshmen and the three year men, took the soldiers into camp on February 22 by the score of 59 1-3 to 26 2-3. The features of the meet were the performances of Burroughs in the shot-put and Rennacker in the pole vault, and the fact that Illinois won all the places in the half-mile, with Hanly first up. At Bartlett Gymnasium the Maroons defeated the Varsity in the last indoor track meet of the season by a score of 55 to 31. The poor condition of x - the men and peculiar shape of the track were largely responsible for the ,I--Q5 defeat. fy Q' GN A brief review of the season as a whole shows the development of +. ix J Gill out of unknown material at the beginning developed an excellent team. The teamgwas well balanced and included in its members some F of the best men in the west. The development of Miller from a 3 . mediocre runner to one of the best distance men in the IVest, the phen- 3 omenal work of Burroughs, the point winning ability of Lindberg, Jenkins and May, with the consistent work by the whole team accounts for Illinoisl success on the track. The team was second to none in the West. Illinois may feel proud of her track men and their coach during the season of 1907-1908. . ts ,ra one of the best track teams in the history of Illinois athletics. Coach ' T. E. GILL. "The fall In arms."-Deaf: Bmfrils pravlafnalimz demanding imflzediaie 1,far'r'i1zaIiu11. 213 THE 190911-I-I0 CEill'a Qlnnfvrrnrv winners---Obtrtlnnk fm' Cflhia Hear NOTHER triumph for Gill. This, I believe, epitomizes in a short single sen' tence thc main feature of our annexation of the often coveted banner as victors over the intercollegiate conference colleges in track at Chicago last June, for H to come here when our track outlook was as it had been for years, lugubrious, fl 1 and when a few points in the conference meet were the sign of spirited exulta- Q A tion, and in the short space of three years time to go to Marshall Field and N , L 'li' J' W V srl.: fl ' , ' bring back the banner emblematic of conference victory, after becoming supreme in dual meets by a preponderating string of victories over all competitors, makes the statement "another victory for Gill" as applied to the conference last spring a logical sequence to the real force responsible for our wonderful progress on the cinder path. Such is the unanimous tribute of track fans to the ability of Harry Gill. Bashful, seldom heard, a strict tabooer of "I did thisf' and all other egotistical phrases, but always working, watch- ing and studying, this man Gill is truly a wonder and his work in the development of embryo athletes has been marvelous. But he gets the results as has been shown so convincingly all along. And why not these words of encomium then? The foregoing prelude to a write-up of the conference meet may seem hardly coherent asso- ciated with an account of that meet itself, but would it be fair to generalize on that event itself without stopping right at the beginning and placing a big deserving laurel on the brow of Harry Gill who as "the man behind" made our success possible, and who does not get the credit he so richly merits for his conscientious work? Now to take up the conference meet itself: "Billy" May, in the IO0 yard dash, ran so fast that in Spaldingls year book he is placed in the front rank with a mark for the century of 9 4-5 seconds. He was closely pressed by Huff of Iowa, who, fortunately for us, will probably not be eligible this year. May is eligible again this year and, with Watson, who will probably be our only other entrant in this event, can be counted on for fully as good a performance as the one negotiated by him last year. In the 220 yard dash lluff of Iowa led the Rochelle lad by the scantest of margins in the fast time of 22 I-5. As this is really a stronger event for "Billy" than the 100 yard dash, he can hardly be expected to do anything but finish first with anything like an even break of luck. He will have Lindberg, the great quartermiler to run with this year and this will help mightily, for if he gets first Lindy is good enough that somebody will have to count hairbreadths to choose a man who finishes between Capt. May and Lindy, Hutf, as stated before, is most likely ineligible, so on dope even the Illini captain is Hrst choice. The 440 yard dash brought out that same old hair raising contest between Lindberg and Merriam of Chicago, with the latter just a step to the good. It will be too bad for sport's sake if these two lads donlt tight it out this year again. Chances now seem unfavorable, for Stagg has given out the report that Merriam's time will be devoted wholly to the high and low hurdles. However the pistol finds them lined up, Lindy has a good chance to win, for he has been training faithfully hard and is in better form than ever before. He will have Richards as a team-mate this year. ln the half we didn't get a place. The time last year, 2102 2,5 made by Meyers of VVisconsin, who is ineligible this year, can be equalled by Hanley who is on this team for his tirst season, so if paper predictions can be depended upon he has a good chance for first, although he will be opposed by Ganet of Chicago who has beaten him twice indoors. "fl fommon law Inform."-ll. S. GIXEEN. NJ. vsmjl :49Nr'n15l,mog IN i - THE 190911-L10 In the mile event we didn't show. Lyons of Chicago, the winner, is not eligible this year, but the Maroons have worthy successors in Lightbody and Comstock if they are eligible, which is undetermined at this time. However their eligibility results, Hinman of Illinois stands a better show for a place than any man Gill has turned out since he has been here. Steady, con- sistent, a good faithful trainer, the Champaign lad can be counted on to put up an exhibition which will be under 4.30 in 511 probability. We were unfortunate in the two mile. Miller, on whom we pinned our faith, was taken seriously ill before the contest and was prohibited from entering the event. Jackson of Missouri won first in 10.07. Miller has beaten this numerous times and if luck smiles his way this year he stands a good chance to be in reach of the tape when the winner breaks it. He will have Redhed as a team mate. In the high hurdles Lazear had hard luck in the preliminaries and didn't get in the finals, which went to Smithson of Notre Dame. Brown and Jenkins are two men who have developed wonderfully in this event during the past year and should finish strong. The low hurdles went to Merriam of Chicago, who was followed by Gardner of Illinois. Lyons certainly bent every nerve to show his heels to Steftin and he did it. This event occurred when points seemed to count more than at any other time during the meet, and Lyons' defeat of "Wallie" seemed all the more sweet. He and Brown will clear the barriers in this event again. Now, we come to the mighty Burroughs, who won the shot put and the hammer throw. He is gone to the team this year and we have no one who can approach his wonderful work. The cruel three-year rule keeps him from competing this year, else we should have little need to worry over conference prospects. Carrithers captured third place in the shot, and he too will be among the missing. Of the new men in the weights, McCord and Railsback in the discus and Liitt in the hammerthrow and shot are the most promising. Burroughs was off form in the discus and did not place. Messmer of Wisconsin annexed nrst place. The pole vault was the cause of a third place going to Illinois, Norris getting the point. He will not be back this year and our hopes lie in "Jocko" Jones and Ritchey, the high jumper. Jenkins cleared more surface than anybody else in the broad-jump and consequently got the gold medal. He will take his last leap as a rah, rah, this spring and with Watson, the Lewis Institute star, will outdistance by far anything else in sight at this time. We ought to get a first and second out of this event. The high jump was disastrous to us in that we did not get a point. Ritchey, Washburn, and Watson all have class though, and one of the three should place. All in all we are very proud of our team, and have reason to be sanguine over the prospects of this year. Though with Burroughs, Carrithers, Lazear and other stars of such magnitude gone we must not have such high hopes that the disappointment will be keen if we lose. C. J. IVIOYNIH.-XX. "Abused and srarned, it still lives on, fix glory and respect long gone."-THE ENGLISH CLUB. 216 1 ,id .-.u l 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 l l 1 1 THE 190911-L10 Irerrk illilvvba I l Illinois vs. Chicago Outdoor Dual Meets Purdue vs. Illinois Chicago, May 1, 1907 Ifrwlfs 100 Yard Dash High Jump . Discus Throw . 120 Yard Hurdles One Mile Run Hammer Throw 220 Yard Hurdles 880 Yard Run . 440 Yard Run . Pole Yault . . Shot Put . . . 220 Yard Dash Broad Jump . . Two Mile Run . Total . . Illinois Field, May 17, 1907 Illinois Chicago lftwzls Illinois Purdzzu . . . 6 3 120 Yard Hurdles . . . . 8 1 . . 6 3 Shot Put .... . 8 1 . 5 4 100 Yard Dash . . 9 0 . 5 4 One Mile Run . . 8 1 . 4 3 440 Yard Run . . 6 3 . 5 4 220 Yard Dash . . 8 I . 5 4 220 Yard Hurdles . . 8 1 . 8 I Discus Throw . . 6 3 . 3 5 880 Yard Run . . S 1 . 5 4 Two Mile Run , 9 0 . 9 0 Pole Yault . . . S 1 . 5 4 High Jump . . . 3 6 . 4 5 Hammer Throw . . 5 4 . 8 1 Broad Jump . . . 8 1 . 78 48 Total . . 102 24 The Conference Uzzifferzvily Poinls Illinois . SI Chicago . ZQ 1-3 VVisc0nsin . I7 Missouri o Drake . 9 Iowa . 8 Grinnel . 8 Ames . . 7 Notre Dame 5 Purdue . 2 1-3 Minnesota . 1 1-3 100 220 440 220 Yard Dash Yard Dash Yard Run . Yard Hurdles . Shot Put . . Shot Put . . Hammer Throw Broad Jump . Pole Vault . Illinois Point Winners 2 MAY . . 3 ill.XY . 3 I.1x1v1s1r:1u: 3 fl.XRIJIXl-IR 3 l3UR1z0L'G11s . 5 C.xRR1'r111-:Rs . 1 l5I'RROUGIIS . 5 JENKINS 3 NOIQIQIS . 1 31 18 THE19091LLI0 Indoor Track Meet Illinois vs. Indiana, U. of I. Gymnasium, February 1, 1908 Etfculx Illinois Illtfltllld V I' ' 35 Yard Dash . 8 0 40 Yard Hurdles 8 0 ,Q .,-J 440 Yard Run . S O ' 4' 5480 Yard Run . 8 o Shot Put . S 0 5 - High .lump S 0 ,- Mile Run . 8 0 5 " Pole Yault . 62 IV2 f - Relay Race . . . 5 O Total . 67M IM X Indoor Track Meet Chicago vs. Illinois, U. of I. Gymnasium, February 14, 1908 Erwuts Illinoix Chifago 35 Yard Dash . . 6 3 40 Yard Hurdles . . 6 3 One Mile Run 5 4 440 Yard Run . . 5 4 Shot Put . I 8 880 Yard Run . . 3 6 High Jump . . 6 3 Two Mile Run . 6 3 Pole Yault . . 9 0 Relay Race . . 5 O Total ..... S2 34 Indoor Track Meet Illinois vs. Chicago, Chicago, March 7, 1908 Ewen! Illinois Chicago 50 Yard Dash . 6 3 50 Yard llurdles . . 4 5 440 Yard Run . , I 8' Two Mile Run . . I 8 Mile Run . . 5 4 High ,lump . . . 4 5 Half Mile Run . . I 8 Pole Yault . . 9 0 Shot Put . . O 9 Relay Race . . . . O 5 Total . . . . . 31 ,N "A ftllllil-LitlfU for Ilzfr ill. R. S. cfU,g'I'4'U.U?S,XIi.X lixo. 219 .lg THE 190911-L10 I! fdllinnia Irark Qernrhn IxD00R OUTDOOR Event fllau Time Illan 35 Yard Dash . . MAY . . . . 4 1-5 50 Yard Dash . . IYIAY . . 52-5 100 Yard Dash . BELL AND BIAY . . 220 Yard Dash . BELT ,... .. . . 440 Yard Run . LINDBDRG, . . .531-5 MILI.S AND LINDBERG 880 Yard Run . NICCULLY . . 2.04 llERRICK .... . One Mile Run . RICHARDSON . . 4.30 BARRETT . Two Mile Run . . GI1,KRRs0N . . 10.02 2-5 MELIN 40 Yard Hurdles . . JENKINS . 52-5 50 Yard Hurdles . . LAZEAR . . 64-5 120 Yd. High Hurdles KLINE AND LAZEAR . 220 Yd. Low Hurdles MACKEY .... Slllinnia Zllielh ilwrnrha Ewell! Pole Vault . . Shot Put . . . Hammer Throw . Discus .... High Jump , Running Broad Jump I N DUOR OUTDOOR fllazz Dislanfe Illau GRI-LAR. . . . II ft, 7in. NORRIS . . . II BI'RR0UGIIs . . 43 ft. 3in. Bl'RR0lfLjHS . . 44 BURROUGHS . . . 152 BURROUGHS . . . 127 . . KIRIQRITRICK . 5 ft. II in. CLARK . . 6 IQEATOR . . 22 "A IZ owl, but only in apper1ra1zm."-ANY K.-IPPA. 220 Time . .IO . .21 4-5 . .50 2-5 - I-59 3-5 . 4.36 I-5 - 9-58 4-5 . . .16 - -25 3'5 Distmzfe ft. Q 3-4 in. ft. 7 1-2 in. ft. 9 I-2 in. ft. 1 I-2 in. ft. I-4 in. ft. II in. I THE19o91LL1o QQ! VV e llls We His Av 4111 rmnriam "NIM miss his figure, bent, blue-clad, honest face that ever had A greeting bright. miss the well known ery "0 'lllazg' " high-keyed answer echoing back, Prompt, clear, "All riglzlf' ,vv A man he was with power possessed His lowly office to invest WVith clignityg His warder duties to achieve Yet hold our love with his naive Benignity. 221 IBSZQISIFXE on ll ll Mlibli it I V , ' X, T09 ' 'gym W ,J THE 190911-L10 1 'IN I 131.111 1 1 if A 'VX gm Y xx QXAP Y 1, . A 4:2 ff no fa 'WE i l . NW ml I I v -- , .L I4"','+ , 1' Harmig Basketball Umm IJ.xmN'r, Captain PENN Po1feERFL'ss li1u'xn.xcn THOMPSON RES NACK 1111 W.x'1'sox I I o11N RYA N RIFSVIII-I BRIGGS December December December December December December December December December December january Jan uary .I un uary .I an uary January January january january February February February February March March March March Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Varsity Basketball Scores . . 33 36 . 92 56 - 39 32 58 . 36 . 41 34 22 31 2I . 46 35 . 24 . 20 - 39 21 . . 36 16 . . 36 . I7 18 14 . . 23 222 Decatur Y. M. C. A. . . XVashington University . Cairo A. C. . . . Memphis Y. M. C. A. . Ft. VVorth Y. M. C. A. . Ft. Worth Y. M. C. A. . YVaco Y. M. C. A. . . Temple Y. M. C. A. . Galveston Y. M. C. A. . Beaumont Y. M. C. A. . Mobile Y. M. C. A. . . Columbus Y. M. C. A. . Montgomery Y. M. C. A. . liirminghrun A. C. . . Rose Polytechnic . Purrlne . . XYisconsin . Indiana . Chicago Iowa . . Minnesota . Purdue . Chicago . Northwestern . VVisconsin , Minnesota 9 ZR 71 'T' wi I2 r r H rf Q 7 H 1 1 -1 Z 4 5 mxgxgl 4 IT SEN C amp fl rv rpnuuag I 19 I nBupun.15I 4 Qmglaxhlufl THE1909IT-L10 1 l Iaaakrthall iKPuivm I P The varsity basketball sea- son just ended, though not an unqualified success, has demon- strated the fact that lllinois is to be ranked well up among the college teams participating in this branch of indoor sport. A call for candidates on No- vember 20 brought forth abund- Ni9' ant material, former varsity play- ers as well as the bulk of last year's freshmen team being on hand to comprise a spuad which bade fair to uphold the univer- sity along these lines. Practice immediately commenced in prep- ration for the southern trip taken during the Christmas holidays. This trip, beginning with a THE TEAM xr NTEBIPIIIS game at Decatur on December I8 and ended at Terre llaute on January 4 was one long series of victories, broken only by one defeat experienced by one sec- tion of the team at Montgomery, Ala., while the other section were defeated Columbus, Ga., the same night. Not only were such teams as VVashington University, Memphis, Mobile, and Birmingham defeated, but the champion- ship of Texas was also annexed by the victories over Galveston and Ft. Worth, the two claimants to the title. The team returned not only with a good record, but with the feeling that our chances in the championship race to follow, were anything but poor. With but tive days in which to rest from their long southern jaunt, the varsity made ready for the harder college season. Of the eleven sub- sequent games, six were won and five lost, making the percentage slightly over 550. The team was uniformly successful whether on a trip or at home, demonstrating beyond all doubt, the influences of the trip south during which the players had learned to contend with all sorts of floors and all sorts of officials. It may be well to note here that of the five defeats four were in games lost to Chicago and VVisconsin, beyond all doubt the two strongest representative teams of the west and probably of the whole coun- try. The loss of the game to Iowa is to be greatly regretted but may in great part be attributed to the condition of some of the men after their long trip in going to their destination. In summing up, we may fairly say that the 1907-8 season has been successful. Handicapped as they were by the lack of any competent coach- ing, the players went through the season in perfect harmony, each one relin- N quishing any personal feelings that the teamwork might be better as a U ' " whole. The losses of Watson and Rennacker during the early part of the CAPTAIN DADANT season evidently weakened the team to some extent, but these are han- dicaps similar to those which must be met by any team going through a long college season. With the loss of but 'two or three of this year's squad, and with the addition of such a strong representative freshmen team we may confidently hope for a team next year which will Hnish well up in amongst western college teams upon the completion of its schedule. M. G. DAmN'r. 4 , fa -xx' X' X w X X ,fx gfJ1f2,?YwQfM, ' b m X, X up EN frj YWXXYX X 'fl gg! iw - F-A NXYXXX '- . '1 Xw. 'Q' F ' O . 1' X. NX 0 - m 'H If' N hm' P ' J V wixx .' H X U X Xu , ' -' E Mlixxlg Q4 . x, M, gi Ms P , , X2 X' "V N ' 's 'N ' ,A,, NN 1 ' WN -f'Q if n K L-4 WR W 1- Z H SSX X ' fx fl O WTQL, wx My ' Xwx XS5 0 E X tl Harzeitg ,Swimming zmh main nln 'ram Swimming Captain . Polo Captain . 4-XNIDICIQSOX BELL C I "l"fIiR Blwolis . R, II.xr.1c . sl. A. FI.XNl1liRS POLO TEAM I'1Nv1qNr:Y Mr'M1LI..xN fl, IIAu'14xlr:ls'l'1i1c '1'.xI,1:oT. CSuh.j SWIMMING TEAM Plr,I.1-:Numa XYUSISVRG "TU fu' 1i,'7't'tIf I-J' in fu' 111f.v14111fwz'xIfuu1'.U"jurliu Jrwlis. 225 Uk' 'Q' L - ,,,,A,,7,,, , v , J N xx 1 k I J J rs! ,f u xx x 1 x Q .5 I, X S Z . K, ,Y .1 , if 'ff 1 hw'- xT..v ' It sf , 1 I 'ff Lpz f' X 4 V f xx A A K4 'KM A N X eff.: I, f ?, Q, 1 I 'Xxx A N1 M X if QV' fw ,ci ' 'Q 'N 5 Qld ll!!! V' Jun., V .r, HW i E THE1909 ILLI0 N K .Vx Il 'rz H.XIi'1' VARSITY Dnxmro TENNIS T ICA M WASHIIIJNN TXVICE TENNIS CIIAMPION Ulf' 'IIIE UNIVERSITY. 229 IQEGIIEY THE19o91LL1o ESQ H Ii Tennis season of 1907-OS was without a doubt the most successful Q ever known at the University of Illinois. The Faculty as well as the y students took an extensive interest in the game. 1 , EHH, 3 The 'LAnnual Fall Tournament" was exceedingly good, being full of hotly contested and exciting matches both in the singles and doubles, and watched with marked interest by faculty and students alike-Washburn last year's champion-won the championship again this year in the singles from Guild while I-lawk's and McNeel of the faculty-succeeded in winning the doubles. The prospects for a winning team this year are very bright. Hawk's, champion of Connecticut and a player of recognized national ability has been secured to coach the Varsity and will do all in his power to build up a championship team. With such men as lVashburn, Kautz and Musselrnan of last year's tennis fame- along with the many other likely candidates-the result should be "Western Honors" for Illinois. Games will be arranged with at least three of the "Big Eight," most likely Chicago, Wisconsin and Iowa, to be played this spring. The team will also be sent to the Conference meet which takes place in Chicago sometime in May. Tennis at "Illinois" is a success in most every sense of the word, it supplies an athletic need to every member of the University-which no other game will do, and is taken advantage of by a large per cent of the members of the University. LISLE IVIERSHON, Mgr. "A foliage jake In rum flze tl1u7lLj7S.v-BII.LY KL1-Lxvrn. 230 .7-Xthlvirrz an an THE 19091141110 Hrenhman Harnitg Zlfnnthzlll 'ram GVM LAYER PIERCE PARKER BERXSTEIN IIUNTER POSTOX H11 1f1f VVYETH WAY Wlvrsox UKEI N1-QR IZREMI-:R l'1c'1'R1E B1'TzER S4'4JT'I' XVAGNER S XVIISEI CCapt.j "All arf :mf .mldiers who :war 1-ad mam."--FI.oR1sxc'1-3 IiRI'Nn.xn:E, NELI. PERRY. 232 v--ww, THE1909 ILLIO ilhfeahman Hamiig igsmrhall Umm RICIITOR MASON SIEVERLI N12 RAx1IAsB.xcK H1-:INR1r'l4soN "lla!f'z Jigfzed lv many bu! loved but amz" CI.r:.xL Mc'KH1,x'r:x PAQNN BUNN Bl'xIc'K SCHAEFER 233 -PHI PSI GREEN. 1 I Q. ,Lx XJ , ,fi , THE1909ILL1o EWG!!-ISHS Hrvnhman Haraitg Efrark Umm PERIRRA WOODROW PIERCE BURNS TRYON JONES VYANCE HERRICK BUTLER "Conseil, than has! in VERNON ALESRIRE CMgr.j PIOPKINS WAY HENRICICSON BARLOW CCapt.j STEPHENSON BUSH BUYER 7711 a 10011 mzmpmziafzf'-GEORGE ANUFISON 234 THE1909II-L10 Hrenhman 'Hamitg Ezwkrthall Timm Hom' 1'E'1'1:1E P.XLMQL'IS'1' R0C14w1N:I.I. POSTON QCapt.j DE BUTTE BERNSTEIN "Shu xpeaks ,wi .vfzf says 11411111'11,g."-III-LR'1'H.x Scwlxxixkfl Ull 235 THE19o91LLIo NNN ilfrvnhman Haraiig Swimming 'Pam Woomx um Ifnxxnhmv SMITH PETRIE IDIETRIL 1 IIEXRY Bkmn-.R Gruxls IZQGHAM NIr'CAs14EY "S!zyneys 114 1 was My blame."-1'1 PIII 1"1cP:sHx 236 THE1909IT-L10 19113 0111155 3115111111111 11111111 SFUVIII Klclclc G.x11x1- I 1 Doxouo iilcslclm Bowm.-xx KERCH lfnsslhxxlv. QMgr.j xV.XI,lIliINI SMIHI WILSON YUSIZI 15113 611155 I311511111111 11111111 RIIVTSON XVAGNEI IiEI,I.0C'G SIIII-ILIJS CCapt.j "Noi CLASS CHAMPIONS Imwlcx' RYAN Nll'INlII1I,.XN 'l'1c1uul,r. HH ll'fXlL h1I7'1' rdf fILlfl'."'-RUSTY ROSS. 237 Ilnx-:ku BEAIAI libllili K I2 1: lf IC f A THE 19091111110 Q IHIIEI Gilman Mnnthall 'Pam PARKS BRUNDAGE REYNOLDS MABIN MCCASIQEY L1NDBERc: CMgr.J LINN IVIOSBY CAMPBELL CCapt.j JOHNSON KORSMO STEWART , FARR IHHH 0112155 Eanrhall 'Pam JENNINGS CAMPBELI, BEVIS IIANDLIN WRIGHT fCapt.j ' RAILSBACK HUMPHREYS CARPER IRVING CORRINGTON "BMI .still her Iozzgue goes OILHW'-IZIJYVINA ROWE. 238 'YES fl X uk 4 3... THE190911-'LI0 IEIIIH 0112155 Zfiamkethall Gram BICCREA XVRIGHT AICC,-XSKEY BUTLER fCapt.j MYERS "The greatest of all faulty ix la be corzxcious of mme."-Flmcrzxcl-2 BRIYNDAFE THE1909ILLI0 POPPERFIISS RENNACKER WILLIA Ms ID.XI.I.ENB.-XCH CLEAL J. SMITH H ANLEY Voss 19111 Inna ilhnnthall fMgr.D RIQNNHQIQ ' P21111 'I'14uM,xN Sm-zum' S0l.'TIIERIA.XXll G. II. SMIT11 RICH1-:Y QCapt.D NIORRIS ANDERsuN Sc1rME1,zl,E 447712 Lllflffflwey 471115 falizf' bark ln xflmol. 240 THME 19091111410 ASSE-em K,-. fff L A V rv fix' J fx- IHIII lawn Igankrthall Umm Class Champions RENNACKEK CCapt.j McADow Blcos C. LORD W. LORD PAETON BUNN SCHMELZLL HANKE NIURRIS DIILLER RICBRIDE Ifumflv In mfla' 1J7'0ff'.Y.Y0?' Sears. Goa' lfluxs him- Uriv funny and dan? know if. 241 S2335-SSB HE1-QOQILLIO mmm 1911 Gllaaz 3Hnntha11I 'Pam TXVIS1' l3l'1.x.u1x1 Il SMITH BERRY CUSHING lim mx-:R M.xx'14:1c 1111511411 us Iixxox IJOIJY 110140 BAND 242 U THE1909ILLIO SE SS CE? , X J. Q1 ,fxffg If -Wx I Fx Tu .J 'L N 1511 Gllana Eaakvthall Gram ' REEVI-is PARK PARKER GEUTHFIX joy POND LEAC11 INGIIA M IIIZTN' M211 lrufrrd lfzs lafrxf .fralldafW'-VIOLA 243 THE19091LLI0 2533 Elntlzr-Zlkaternitg ignmling Flnurnament ll 1 II WON uv Dmxiux U1fs11.oN 155121 T11E'11x PI, Second Ilighfsl Izzdiwidual Jifvnzgv I. E. BARLOW, Beta Theta Pi . . . 174 Iliglzesl Izzdizfidual Gaim J. E. BARLOXY, Beta Theta Pi . . 235 Delta lfpsilon . Beta Theta Pi . Phi Kappa Pai . Delta Kappa Epsilon Sigma Nu . Kappa Sigma . Delta Tau Delta . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Tau Omega . Phi Delta Theta . Sigma Chi . Phi Kappa Sigma . Phi Gamma Delta . "W'eary l'ViZZic."-SA'1'lgR. 244 14,355 14,342 14,323 13,073 13,929 13,819 13,417 13,444 13,132 13,1 I4 13,036 12,712 12,325 THE1909ILLIO 15595235 'hr Jntrrarhnlaatir M221 Ewen! Mile Run . . . 440 Yard Dash, Ist Race 440 Yard Dash, 2nd Race 50 Yard Dash . . . 220 Yard Low Hurdles . 100 Yard Dash . . 880 Yard Run, Ist Race 880 Yard Run, 2nd Race 220 Yard Dash . . Shot Put .... Pole Vault . . Discus Throw . . Running Broad Jump . Hammer Throw . Running High Jump . Relay Two Third Mile . 4' ax, 9 , xx A x , ,, xg, 9' 2 if May May I4 . . . May IQ May I5 May I5 May 12, May 16 May 16 May 16 May 16 May 16 ,Ilan Sfhool BARNES Oak Park . MORTON University High . MOUNTJOY Atlanta IQUHN VVendall Phillips lJ1'r1f Atlanta . Rsxxnom-11 Oak Park T1MB1.1N McKinley High PERCIV.-11, Champaign RANI7Cll,l'Ii Oak Park INIENA111. Englewood Exos Alton G1rr1N Joliet SANTE1: Moline 5 Hiznoacovlc -t Greenfield ' Q IDEGENIIARIJT l Hyde Park Coxwsxv Peoria Oak Park Winning Schools 1893 ...... Peoria 1894 . . . Urbana 1895 . Englewood 1896 . Rockford 1897 , Englewood 1898 1 . East Aurora 1899 , Biggsville 1900 . . Biggsville 1901 . . . . Englewood 1902 . . S. Division, Chicago 1903 . . Hyde Park, Chicago 1904 ...... Pontiac 1905 .,... Englewood 1906 VVendell Phillips and West Aurora 1907 ..... Oak Park Sixteenth Illinois Interscholastic Program C on Time or liixnzlzfe 4543 2-S -55 -53 4'5 -05 3-5 .26 2-5 .IO 2-5 2.02 2-5 2.03 1-5 .23 42 ft. 2 I-2 in. IO ft. IX 5-8 in. 112 ft. 3 1-2 in. 20 ft. 6 3-4 in. I-154 ft. 7 in. 5 ft. 7 3-4 in. 2.10 certs. Chorus of 350 May 11, I2 and 13-May Festival of the Choral Society. Three VOICES, Orchestra of 30 pieces. 14, I5 and 16 ........ Annual Art Exhibit in University Hall The Wlinding of the Maypole, 250 participating . . . Chicago vs. Illinois, Track Meet Chicago Freshman vs. Illinois Freshman, Track Meet . . . . Chicago vs. Illinois, Baseball . Annual Interscholastic Oratorical Contest . Sixteenth Illinois Interscholastic Meet . . Chicago Vs. Illinois, Baseball Presentation of Medals The Annual University Circus . Interscholastic Dance in Armory 245 3 "' 1 ' V ,.. N .. I A 3 .fin PHOTO BY STRAUCH NDAEHLER .M f I 50 L INTIC li SCI IOLASTIC C I Rl ITS E Hinmmfa Brpartmvni N , , P 1 THE1909ILL10 DEAN KULLOCK WoM1aN's BUILDING 248 THE1909 ILLI0 ll Uhr nmmfa livagtw Officers 1907-08 Officers 1908-09 President . MILDRED Poi:1'si:r1sl.n President . . Bess NUcKoLLs Vice-President WILLABELLE WILSON Vice'President Fava SEILER Secretary . . MIXRY Howr Secretary . . ELv.x PEASE Treasurer . Hazel. Cl.II"lf0RI7 Treasurer Mwxlox Goonwm Q HE VVomen's League has come to occupy such a prominent place at Illinois that the college annual would be but imperfectly reflecting upon our uni- L , S versity life if it should not give a short sketch of the history, purposes, and bf' if present achievements of this organization. Embracing in its membership all ting 77,4 Illinois women, the League exercises a unifying and democratic influence alto- Wt gether in harmony with the spirit which should pervade a state university. 1. -.. - , 1 :TSN . ian . EJLQQMV -' As all senior girls probably know, the VVomen's League supplanted ano- ther organization known as the VVatcheka League. This League also had for its object the unifying of the women of Illinois. lt failed, however, to attain its aim, perhaps because of the money-basis of its membership, perhaps because of its loose organization, whatever the reason, it died out in the spring of 1905, and the Women's League, a stronger and more effective association, came to take its place and to accomplish its purposes. The new League did away with the financial qualification for membership, deeming it better to secure necessary money by having the members work together over fairs and bazaars. All women in the university are members by virtue of their registration. One way in which the League has secured an especially strong grasp upon the women students, is by making its advisory board an assembly which meets regularly once a month, made up of representatives from all of social affairs in the strictest sense of the women's organizations. This advisory board has been unusually successful in devising methods for reaching girls, raising social standards, and overcoming Two years ago, the League put in operation the group hoped to give each girl in the university an opportunity for social affairs. Each Friday afternoon a differeit group of entertaining the other members of the League. Yet ease in financial difhculties. system of entertainment, by which it acquiring ease in the management of girls assumed the responsibilities of the word has been by no means the only good which the League has sought to attain. Its fairs and bazaars have exercised the business and executive talents of its members. VVorking as it has, not merely for the purpose of securing money for its own needs, but also in order to make enough to furnish a woman's ward in the hospital and to establish a loan fund for needy women students. Through it many girls gained their first experience in managing business enterprises. This year the League has attempted also, a work which interest is not confined to the feminine element of the university. Realizing the lack of songs at Illinois, it set about getting up a new song-book. It offered prizes for new songs, and used all other incentives to stir talented song-writers to exertion. The new book is a good illustration of the efficiency of the VVomen's League. VVISTERIA: "Yes, Port comes or telephones every day." 249 .A THE1909 ILLIO ' I mtlmrrfa Athlviira I ' z EVE L -VEQ HERE are not many people who know much about the womenls athe letics at the University of Illinois. A few words about what the girl athletes do will not be out of place in this book. The women's athletics are divided into two classes, out-door and in- door. Basketball is the favorite in-door sport with the girls. The X' games are played in the gymnasium and are witnessed by women only. There are seven players on each team, three forwards, a center. and three guards. This year there are iive teams. a Varsity, two Freshmen, one Sophomore, and one Junior. Since the Varsity is not permitted to play games with other institutions, a schedule is arranged which includes inter-class games and also games between the dif- ferent class teams and the Varsity. As soon as the weather becomes warm. the out-door sports begin. A play ground for the girls has been made just south of the NVomen's Building. On this play ground there are swings, horizontal bars, eight rope ladder giantstrides. rings, and trapezes. A track has been made, and a track team will soon be organized. There are eight tennis courts. two basketball fields, and a hockey field. The girls of this university are very fortunate in having a lawn-bowling set. This is the only western college which has a lawn bowling outfit, so the students should be proud of it. Better results are obtained in women's athletics every year. and it is hoped that, at some near future time, the girls will equal the boys in athletics. "Amit he rum?"-SAM 1ll'Nl.Xl'. 250 T' 'W VL , v?rra THE1909ILLIO ll ag- nlr lirnimn ' " " lllj first May-l'ole dance at the Q A ' lfniversity of lllinois was held Qlm fz B E in May, 18:78. ln this dance there were twenty-four girls, the .iprincipal figures being thosexof ' ' the waltz and two-step. lhe Ef ilnext year there were Hfty-two girls in the dance. The ligures were composed of fancy steps, plaiting the Orange and lilue on the May Pole, From this time on, the May Pole dance became an annual event and grew in proportion and popularity till the south campus could no longer accommodate the great crowds which attended. Since then the dance has been given on lllinois field. Each year new figures have been added until now the dance consists of the grand pageant, milk maids, peasants, grand may pole, classic and folk dances. The L'niversity of Illinois ranks among the lirst colleges to establish such a custom, and it is through the never ceasing efforts of Mrs. Lincoln, director of physical training for women, that the May Pole dance has become one of the traditions of the Uni- versity. Mrs. Lincoln has not only given us a tradition which inspires every student girl, but she has emphasized the value of the spirit of play in one of the most artistic and beautiful forms of out-door life. EI.IZ.XliE'l'lI Bvlff'K0l.I,S. foo. ".-If! lfzzugy zzzzul t'mz'. rlficr jim, ycrzziv of f1f11'djfgfzI1'11tg I gin' up MU sflijhf'-SI1:M.x NIT CHERRY. . Q43 TIiIE1909ILLIO EB Huff Kirk Ufinbery: BIcRulxic,C:1pl. Brownfield XYhitc Stevens Rube SOPHOBIORE CLXSS BASKETBALL TICAM Dayton Jacobs Craig Nuckolk Clark MuCrm1n1g:hy Bencflcl JUNIOR CL.-XSS BASKICTBALI, TEAM-CLASS CHAMPIONS V THE 19091111410 Meucly Presiclcnt . Vice-I'residcnt Secretary Trezlsllrcl' . Sergeant-:It-A rms Director . . I':I.1Z.Xl3I'I'l'll Nl'1'IiUlII H,xRRfxRIx CROXY II.-xzm. IDuIII.INmsI1R ZI'I',X JACKSON lirm Pmsbz jIcssII-1 MCRUIIII: .S Reid Leonard Llewcllyll Smith Moore Rogers Frnzcu FRESHMAN Cmss BAsRI-:'I'Is.'xI.I, TI-1,nI 2-Xihlrtir Ammriaiinn . EIIITII W1I,I.IuIs . . ICINA l'I:.xsIf: . H.xRR.xR.x Crum' . II.xzI1II IJm,I.Ix1:IcR . IfI.IZ.XIil-ITII Nl'1'Klll.l.S . . MRS. -I. LI I.IxmI.x Members xl.Xl'IJE Bxcox NIAKION Kirmmux Alu I',x1sI,I-ix' EI,ILc.xIsEI'II KIRK MARION RUSS M. YIf,"I'0RI.X liR4uI'm:1I.x:sI YIZRNA BROOKS MRS. BAIRII CrEK'l'Rl'IlIi IC. NI0l'I,'I'HN VILRN.-I IQERKER M.fxI:I:I, NlK'CON.XI'GlIY IZIIITII VVII.l.l.XMS MABEI, FRAZEE ffklililli RIILI: MRs. J. C. I,INmI,x FRANCES LEONARD LoI'IsI: Cl..-KKK .ALICE TIIAYI-IR , 1. III: Hoczmzv TIQAM 'hlmz' LI woman shall lmd lhr'lll."-FRI-ISI!MAN l':IIEff'l'IUN. 254 ur- ..-. .14 -2 -r' li' ...L 0 Quo FLY DEBATE :-"'. Q fk va 4, U . . :JI Oo -'Us' 0 D 0 " o , : .',::T?J.'-J ' "fi B L' ,'f:: O 0 3 oo 3 2 . . Q .::...,- ' o o oo oo x vlmxlxx '.' Q-1-ag.-ng o 0 . . -' 1 0 sf ' 0 0 bo 0 , 0 0 Q gb, U F? ,,. ,A.,, ,,.,. Ei," .., " 5 , '::::q-5-3, -- E '--.,'.-., ., .'.,,5,....,. ..- Q., ,L x ,.. . . ., 1 . , . .3 .flu-.3 'I x T92li'f"f'f- ::Z5'l'Z"1'Z -. 1'-'ffzb v. Z Bgigiifil ww .9 I O ' 53020 ff. 7 ,s,.:3.,f.g,,.,., ,. ,.,.' .g pg.: .-9106 ' -'SGW '.' ' -:EI-3-:-xg, G Q4 X --1 ' Q '-' ' 17" ar c avis QW ,l Q o 0 O 0 C f 1 ouao 9 no on I . o Q ,cocoa ooo ,I t,. 0 0 o o 'X , 0 Q I. -0- 1 O .4 s 0 ' . 9 ooo oo 0 l ' J, gf ' I N 1 o ",,: f f . ? I 'x ,. ' s Q ,..,-11 1 I , ' 'ul 'Qs i1"': -'11 viii' ws al ,U '.- 'HJ ' -,.-.av C 'N' ..r 1-.J 9' ig? , - 5 9 . X s, K f 1 'Y X Q x lb M W, -5 X ' 'H 1, .y V wif", g I' .v 41 ,f ,.:',' . . .I , 1' . ' w THE1909 I1-L10 li Uhr Brat in tlbratnrg sinh Eehatr The year 1907-8 has been one of great progress for the Oratorical Association. Early in the fall a joint mass-meeting was held with the Athletic Association, at which speeches were made in behalf of both organizations. A great deal of enthu- siasm was manifested, and at the close a call for men to try out for the Wisconsin and Iowa debates was responded to by more than fifty aspirants. This debate was held in the new Auditorium on Dec. 13, and was in some respects the best debate ever held at Illinois. President james presided and in spite of the fact that the night was bad, a larger crowd was in attendance than had ever before listened to a debate here. The question debated was the federal control of transpor- tations. Illinois was represented by R. F. Little. G. H. Coons and H. B. Hershey and received the votes of two of the three judges. The same evening another Illinois team, composed of G. M. Palmer, T. C. Angerstein and j. I.. McLaughlin upheld the opposite side of the question against Iowa, but failed to receive the decision of the judges. On March 13, Illinois met Ohio and Indiana in a debate on the question of the exclusion of Chinese and japanese laborers. The Ohio debate was held in the Auditorium and the decision of the judges was two to one in favor of Illinois. The Illinois team was composed of VI, C. Herbstman, C. C. Ellison, and R. W1 Griffith. The Indiana debate was held at Bloomington and the decision of the judges was in favor of Indiana. Illinois was represented by IJ. S. Dorman, H. Bandy, and F. P. Benjamin. Besides the debates, other interesting numbers were offered by the Oratorical Association. Early in the fall, an excellent recital was given by Miss Bradford and Mr. E. M. Halliday, instructors in public speaking. The local Hamil- ton contest was won by j. H. Zearing, but he was not admitted into the hnal contest at Chicago. A peculiar feature of the Inter-Society Declamation contest was that the girls' societies received all the honors, the iirst place being won by Miss Mabel Gridley of the Illiola, while Miss Grace Clow and Miss Alice McDonald of the Alethaeni and Athenean respectively tied for second place. The local 'equal suffrage contest was won by V. Halliday. Another excellent number of the course was the splendid recital by Prof. Robert I. Fulton of Ohio University. Mention should be made here of the excellent work of Mr. E. M. Halliday as coach of our debating teams. Illinois sends out four teams each year, just twice the number sent out by universities which we meet. The work of coaching an intercolle- giate debating team is far greater than anyone would think, who has not taken part in such a debate. The fact that under the circumstances, Illinois won two of the four debates and put up such a strong fight in the other two, that the audiences could not judge beforehand what the decision would be, certainly reflects great credit upon the efforts of Coach Halliday. M. C. TANQUARY. Caul and Ames-The Illusical C.'amea'y. 256 THE1909ILLI0 Gbftirvm nf GBratnriralA55nriaiin11 . . BI. T. K President Q Ixxm xxx Vice-l'ref'rlcnt . R. XY. 42 lllfl I 1 H Secretary . J. II. Swim 'lhfusurpr . C. A. Dum 'A1fxp1.,f. 'rx nf 1195 duup nj t'1g1f.:1a! l,ake."-Du. Rlmz ANU Y. W. NIXKQVIS 257 IPR y"""'W'N""""" 111' 0 THE19091LLI0 Star Blvriurv Qlnurav Held under the auspices ofthe Men's Literary Societies MANAGERS R. F. LI'l"l'I.E . I.. S. l,.XNI'IiY . NUMBE Mrs. Beecher uncl Heerman Quartette . Dr. Frank Dixon .... Sen. Fred 'l'. Dubois . Judge VVillis Brown .... Sousa and his liuncl, Matinee Concert . Leland T. Powers . . . Gov. J. Frank Ilanly . . ' . Ohio-Illinois Debate, Special number . Lorado Taft .,.... Amherst Drnmutic Club, Special number R3 . Pl1iI0n1athe:1n . Adelph November II, November ZI, December 5, January 13, February 8, February 22, . March 12, . March 13, . March 26, . April 3, "flats off .-1 lllF7'zI7',1f U11g1'114'w'."-.IIM BATEMAN. 258 ic 1907 1907 1907 1908 1908 1908 1908 1908 1908 IQO8 1.9 . THE1909ILT-I0 'he Miarnnzin Evhatr Ilmsuisv I,i'r'r1,i-1 Cooxs THE ILLINOIS TEAM The second of 3 series of tive debates on a tive-cornered debating league, including Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, NVisconsin and Illinois. ILLINOIS vs. WISCONSIN Af L'z'lfa,'za, IZ11'1mi.v. l2uru1rzI1m' 13, 1908 lfcwlrfvtl, That the federal government should have exclusive control of all transportation corporations doing an interstate lxusiness. Constitutionality granted. Dm'1'.f1'o11 for IZXIIIUIX. ffm Aji'i1'nzal1'7'c JUDGES Illltll-'. -I. Sc'o'1"r Clnxiclc. Evanston, Illinois joiix M. READ, Iiso.. Iles Moines, Iowa Piaol-'. li. A. XVIl,r'ox, Iowa City, Iowa "Huw lang, O Lord, hmm f0JIg?H-SPIKIC IIUNT. 25o W1 1 -1 2 I I I 1 I l 1 I 1 at I 1 t 1 l ...J I E THE19091LL10 Ihr llnum Evhatv PALMER ANcr:us'1'1a1N iNIt'Ii,KI'GI1II.IN THE ILLINOIS TEAM ILLINOIS vs. IOWA Az' Imva Cily, Imam, llmwzzfler 15. IQON If-t'.f0I7'Ed, 'That the federal government should have exclusive control of all transportation corporations doing un interstate businu-ss. Constitutionzility granted. IVUII 113' 107041, ilu' flmrlzzafiiw' JUDGES Prior. GEORGE D. Arms, Lincoln, Nebraska HON. A. O. E1zERH.xR'1'. Mankato, Minnesota Pnor. Glioxuzn EI.1.1o'1"1' llowxkn, Lincoln, Nebraska "A robbw' of lim poor old-rlvlllffs 777d7l.n-Iylilfl' FIRE. 260 0 L LL THE19091LLI0 BANDY IJmc:smN BENJAMIN THE ILLINOIS TEAM Ulriangular league Ethan, ILLINOIS vs. INDIANA UNIVERSITY Af Bloanzingian, Indiana, fllanlz 13, 1908 H. J. BANDY F. P. BENJAMIN D. S. DORLIAN lfcsolzfed, That the immigration of all Japanese :mtl Chinese laborers to the United States should be prohibited by law. Q . ll"on by llltlyl-111111, Ajirmaliife ,IUDGES junur: SELDEN P. SPENc'1eR, St. Louis I. E. HfJLI,ETT, ESQ., Indianapolis JUDGE A. D. THOMAS, Crawfordsville, Indiana "Mr, Hill, 1'm na! hurl, and l'm nv! honey."-SARAH VVHITE. 261 ,,,.--.--.vfw -t - V 'W wp-v' THE19091LLI0 Iriangular Eragur 'Erhatv ILLINOIS vs. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY ,lf Ufjlfaam. Illinois, illarrlz 13. IQOS 'C. C. ELLISON R. XY. GRIl"lfl'I'II -I. C. IIL1RBs'rMixN Rusvirwi, That the imniigmtion of ull japanese and Chinese laborers to the United States should be prohibited by law. l l l'Vo1z by Illinoix, ffm Ajfrmaiiwe JUDGES Hox. I-'mix T. INICXVHIRTER, Indianapolis Jrfmm Osr'AR H. MoN'rGoME1w, Indianapolis lXIIiRRII,I. MOORES, ESQ., Indianapolis "By hard cansfientious labor, I made enough money fa go Za Europe."-SPIKE HUNT. 262 L , THE1909 ILLIO Hrvnhman-Sqnphnmnrv Evhaiv SOPHOMORE TEAM 'K G1iIFFI'I'lI Rmunox FIZZELI. F R I-QS li MAN '1'E.XM FISHER li.x1zmx'r11.I. lhxlmx' QUESTION Rpynlfwzi. That the immigration of all jupzuicsc :md Chinese laborers to United States Should be probited by law. S. M. 'I'Hm1Psux, Presiding Ofricer JUDGES PROF. E. C. I3.xr.ruwIN PRUF. GIZY 1901111 MR. E. M, II.XI.I.IDAY Ulm by My SUfJfI07llt7i'c'5 Ufziwersity Cfzapuf, February 7, 1908 "Ten Niglzix in a lJ,t17'I'IN7ll1.n'-SY. JI. Cf. A. slzarkx mlleciizzg "i'f'ia'e11fe." THE19091LLI0 EE t N AMLERSTEIN Mc3LAli4:111.1N SMITH AKJELVHIC TEAM iihilnmathvan-Ahrlphir Bvhaiv A QUESTION Ramliwl, That the United States should adopt 8. system of parcels ,ost carrying packages up to and including twenty-five pounds. IfVon by Adelphm Illvrrfffv fluff, .-ilpril 4, IQUR "My pnpularily will asfofzixh you."-MARf:AREI POUK. 264 -.4 THE190911-L10 jonxsox INvRMAN Iimusnuv PHILOMATHRAN TEAM lihilnmathran-Ahvlphir Erlmtr DEAN DAVID KINLEY, Presiding Offwer JUDGES JUDGE SOLON PHILBRICK PROP. J. XV.4GARNER MR. T. H. GUILD ,f ' "You kll0'ZU''II12.u1P0l,I.ARD ELEC1 xox ILERING 265 T A 1 W ,Lg F N i quell Svnffrzigv Glnnivat Fine Arts Building, Chicago, May 4, 1907 PROGRAM Taxation XVithout Representation .... SHl'R'I'I,Fl"l' COILEKIE An Issue of Justice ........ L x1v1c1qs1'1'v UF ILLINOIS 11cs'r IXHIZIC AXYXRIDFIJ 'ro I II 7b . D. . .Lxluxc J. H. ZEARING A new mmf-ily.-PHI BETA KAPPA. 266 THE1909ILLIO MABEL MOON J. H. 7EAR1NG W, 'L' THF-3190911-L10 Svvrnnh Annual ilntvr-Svnrirtg Eerlanmtinn Qlnntrnt Alcthenai . Illiola . Athenean . Philomathezm Ionian . Adelphic . l!71i:w'.v1f1' Cbfzjzwf, wftllllltlfjf I7 Society Representatives WON BY Miss Mrxxsm. GRIULEY At the end of L0'ZlE7',.S l.aue.-THlL'11x HOUSE. 267 . C,1a.xc'If: Cmw Mmm. GRIDLEX ALIVE BIFIJHINALD II. P. I.1NmFx . I. C. SEARLE . li. M. BfII.I.EIx T1-1E19o91LL1o Eifj, WMM X.: WWZLLK QQUWT Senior I.. A. l3I'sr'II R. II. HIIOWN W. IC. CIIIIIJ R. Ii. I.x'B.xRuEII. D. F. BARI,01:,x T. W. QUINIUIIN C. H. Worm Juniors H. E. VVILSON T. E. GILI. ' F. II. RAILSIIAFK J. P. FI.oon P. K. Jonxsox L. A. SIFIIIIQIQLAND Freshmen W. F. BARNHIVI' XV. E. BRIGGS W. A. MII.I.s R. II. IDAVIS J. E. HARRIS E. M. BUSH R. M. IIAYES C. W. GRAHAM Kalzlcr! fan If. E. lripj "1 TUUIIIIIFV 7C'1I"V I mfr r fan make lim girls smile al me. 268 TIQTTIIMJ NVA .IQIHKJTJ 13211121151 4121121 IELIO P""I,'I H5 :pomp li 1 C' 5. 'L' 2 -c i 5 . 5 2 u T C E nr 5 ! 1 2- E as I 2 THE19091LL10- I I ilinllvr uni Glrmrt j ' Fin! Senzcsfcr H. C. WHITE H. G. TIIAL . URIS B.-XRTH . EARL WINEMAN Founded at the University of Illinois, Oct. 31, 1906 OFFICERS, 1907-08 . . President . . Secretary and Treasurer . . ShuritT . . Clerk Seniors D. V. D,Iv'roN A. A. jon NsoN WM. M. STANSBEIQRY juniors C. A. BMIIEN ORIS BAIITII C. G. CA mu-:I.I. L. L. l.I'EI:II.IIe'1' Freshmen C. R. Ilmjmx I. lf.. l.,wIwI:x R. II. I.,x'I'IIIwI' "Thernzah0mzr1'cs."-IZITII SMITH 270 Samzzd Semesicr . A. A. JOHNSON . BYRON R, LEWIS . J. H. PUIISIEULI. -I. A. SWISIIEII ll. 11. 1II.xI. II. li. VVIIITI-2 fl Ii. III"I'c:IIINS -I. II. PUksIIfuI.I. H. C. WHI'I'P1 f'I,vImE H. NV.-KLKER lfmiln VVILSON lix'IeoN R. LEXVIS CIXIIE H. PARR i,1ll'IS R0c'KwIsI.I. ,4 . H- ,L- ,- '7 ,Q 'T C A V f-' fi '1 ,.,l 3: Z E f- F: 7, S fx f -Q 1 I 1 I .IJNHHAX 4 ,,7 ,.. THE19o91LL10 SEQ JIII .E LAW IIZLKJEI 'm I. NI, lnXIIiIH R IZ. i mm: IQ In I'r.,x4':,xx:s lx. S. IMVEIQ 1' R. Ib1iwf.x' xl ii. FII 510111-1 bl. Nl. JOIINSTUN ' w . Ip, I.1.'.1x1, W II. II1f'1c51.xx il jwzrxrmx IS I. IxNIuH'r Seniors EI. .X, II mf H . MUIHN AI. I.. M1v!cI4ls1mN I.. C. XVI-151 ICIQVICI 'I' Juniors A. . . .l1rYFs If. II. Tl If R. A. 'l'w:1a'l"1' F1 :Winn Freshmen I". Lux-1 G. Mrilclaln 1, 1. A. S'lRXI'1'II P. XX GEO. xvwlilr "II zrfz f7'Er1114'fIl xnzzfu. .vm Ifrmzu' .vw Mmf. .WN f'11uf'1'.f lln' llmzrl and 272 zwxfx ffm' n1il1a'." '. 'l'um11-sox iMus. jxmfis. NH of AM" I 'YIVHSN VW SITYID 1.. rc v 5 -Q Z -71 II. if : 3 5: c 34 n 3 Qmau low A J Q r- UQ q0f Ll H nnrsxg V 1 pf x-Q 5 f: E ff 4 A ru 5 E1 C if THE1909IT-L10 WUTFQ NA-JGIE DMQTVIE U , SUPREME COURT XV. 13. Wxlzlwlclc . . justice J. C. 1i1i1c1:s'1'x1.xx . Clerk Senior Court J. C. Klum' . . . . . . . Clerk Nl. li. Xlcuulslik W. li. Wuzmcx w C. Al. INlm'x1N.xN I.. IS. Sxlrru junior Court R. F. 1.I'I'l' . . . .... Clerk G. D. lim-ix1c1usI.1:x' ll. IC. lixpxxs F, il. 'l'11rm1fsoN W. II. Yxxxl-:MAN J. Ki. IIliRl5S'I'NIXN j. Ii. XVIIITIC 7710 xfmlwzl .Ig I5 11a114z'1fa,lvjn'1I', wfzuzz lm 1711151 azwmlx Il fam TUUIKZJ fnurlq Il .Y:'n'I1l.f In him Ivl'7'U7'UI'I77If. In .vii upon a u'aT'rl1j7m'l. 274 Q:jQQEgf,C53 THE1909ILLIO lj linmrniam Surirtg President . . Vice President . Secretnryf'1'reasurer Sergeant-at-Arms J. F. JANDA JOHN KARMAZIN L. V. CAPEK U. lNI.x'1'oL'sEK Ii. F. SLAYIK OFFICERS MEMBERS P. J. II.-XXZLIK . . JAMES ZETEK . E. F. ZAHROBSKY . F. SLAVIK JAMES ZETEK P. J. IIANZLIK E. J. IIANZLIK O. W. FREMER E. F. ZAHROBSKY ".1IafrimoniaI Agenfyf'-ScHU1.zKE AND ROHRER. 275 .,.. , ESQETQ THE1909 ILLIO I4 77 I'rcsinlvnt . .. , . OFFICERS XlL't"I rn-sxrlcllt Recfmrcling Secretary i'rn'rwps1mIi11g1 Secretary I LI" B. li l I't"lbllTt'I' . . I". Sk'I'g,fk'illll'ZIVJXYIIIS If Critic . . . . . P. MEMBERS Seniors W. Z, lirwla C. R. Ill-im-Qs' lf. I' Iirixjuilx A. I'. RL Ms'1'1-pw H. NI. IWIIUIXN li. .X. S'I'R.Xl'1'Il ll. R. C'm:1ll.xx R. IC. SIIICRI1-'lf' I. XX liwn A. H. II.XliIIl.liR juniors IB. S. Ijuml xx S. M. 'I'l1mr1'snx H. 1 STXNCZICR Il. 13. Ihilcslxlax' I'. R. jmxxsux I.. I Iivxlzlixra Sophomores G. IL. EVANS I.. G. I'1I21u'L7 Ii. R S'rL'.x14'l J. Y. 3Il.'IX'l'YRl-I W. I'. RVI11. IC. A. I.ESI.IIi K. K. Rmmmx R. IE. I'IlZXIiI. if. II P.-XRR I.. M. VVLis'1r1:x II. If. I.lNIHI,Y Cl. XX Sf'IIUIiIfl'l"I . X. I'' Freshmen A. A. D.xF111.1-in C. P. XYEISII I. I'. I"L11.1,mvs Honorary Members '11 E. GILL R. S. BAULIQ l"7'1'f'fzd.rf.1li11115 QZllZ71!Zfjf aflrr fllflifftlfl-011 nf HHN. 276 A. STRAUc'H I.. il. I'IIiR1'li K. RI-Txiclummx XY. I'. RVH1, P. Iirixj XNIIN l'. H1 BIhlIuXIv K. Iouxsm R. F. 191-.wxxs H. IL. QIVNNIN A. C. II.x1x1iS Ii. I.. II.x1.l. R. I". l,l'1"11,1c C, U. CL XRIIN ICR 1.. L. I.1'1'1'l.E U. E. I'12xc'F D. L. I3II.I.M.XN R. I.. Cx1c1:Ii'l'T G H A BI 'IIIH O VGI I I.I.V N N Q.. 5 m v, LT .. rw If 0 n 73 11 N X FT r : f- V2 I D C 1 7 f- C I If 7 E. -1 ff ff 1 4 IT Li ffl 3 'f if y'-v-'--- wp-rv THE 1909 IL L10 Ahvlphir Iirst Ierm President . Second Term President . Ihird Term President . Iourth Term President . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Frefmsurer . . . GEU. BQUYOIICUS R. II. BROWN F. A. COFI-'IN D. F. BARLOGA W. F. BARNETT L. A. IJILLON J. C. I'IERBSTM.XN A. A. JONES F. C. ANGERSTI-IIN VV. VV. IJALE K. M. D1XI.I.EXIi.'Xf'II C. C. EI.LIsox R. VV. fiRII-'I-'I'I'II D. If. HARRISON II. J. RANDY R. W. BARIIXYEIII, L. S. IDANCEY OFFICERS MEMBERSHIP Seniors C. R. IIoI.'I'oN Juniors Ii. C. RAINEY Sophomores Freshmen R. M. 'I',xI.RoT Post Graduate R. II. IIROXVN C. R. IIOI,'r0N IIEXVIS NIC'IJON.'XI,D GEO. Iifmlwnlvcos . D. F. JONES A. A. I'I.XRRISON VV. F. HARNETT " The Dramafir' I1IIl'1'I77'.,.T 278 LEWIS IWIf'IION.XI.Il I.. IS. SMITH I.. Ii. LONG M. F. LORII C. IE. LEE J. I.. INICI..XI'lQIlI.I J. J. INIIIIER I.. I". NICRI-:I,l. I.. 'II HINMAN Ii. S. HI4:II'I' A. G. IIl'GIII'1S IC. 'I'. IiRl'E11IiII Ii. M. MII.I.ER I". II. RXII,SIS.XI'Ii Il.. B, PI.E'I'l'1II'1Ii C. M. Tnoxxrsrmx G. M. P.xI.MI:R MR. QIIIILD. N --W UIIIITFIKIV w .. C I' mrs ru: 191 21 5 :T : F' 113 ER 9 :- 71 - mi img, n 03 :- Hn FT ... 5' 5' :, EL rr Ii O1 5 5U fi v G :T F -1 DC :T E' 2.2 :f1 E' 5? 2 5 5 Q Z C E :r Ez' E ..- F 21 E vu QU :r I IT. E E. :...v mn- D13 7 2 5 .. :E U pd 5 3 C 2 2 : P: : 5 13 p ,.. 3 L1 E 5 pl,-V 7 O riww . 1 THE19o91LL1o N if W6 3 ig ' f an .--:STX f 2 .,,,fg5!EZiEEE5!!553 . Ni Will? WSE? iieii' .Q-q-.J Wai :im ,-xp? 'hug qui 42-3:3 Am: H-11. 1' 1 lllll ul I' 912125 'KW-Q - ::f?r?""" iw' 30 I. ' .. Mf!A i N , ' f A QmW , .' ' f 7 1 - . ., f f x.. . In " f 4 .f f f 9 4 f ' ..-.1 11- A 1 Abi 3 I5-4 g I Zfigtzf ' 2 'xi elf - mb' I -......-- ' '+ OFFICERS Prcsziiczzi First Quarter . j. M. XVAT'1'ERS Second fJl1llTlCI' il. A. SWISHEI' Third Quarter . S. Cl. CUTLER Fourth Quarter . 'lf R. HOWSEIX Yin:-Presiclellt . . XV. H. IIIVKMAN Rei-oriling Secretary . ti. S. IIl'B13.xR'1 CflT'I'tSI14JINli1lg Secretary . R. S. IJlETRI1'lI Treasurer . . . . j. II. ZMRINP Sergeant-ut-Arins ......... KI. A. SXYISIIER Honorary Members, belonging to Faculty of the University I". C. K1-1151.1-'14 NI C 'l'.xxQL.x1:v Seniors J. M. W.ix1"rERs J. M. BATEM.-xx S. C CI"I'I ru T. R. Howsmz Juniors C. L. PIARKNFSS Ii. II. IJIE'l'iiIt'lI W. M. IVISIIBACK R. S. DIETliI4'lI j. G. FII.I,x14m1:1c W. J. SWISIIER AI. A. SXYISIII-IR R. G. CLINITE j. E. Avlsxlcr C. L. SWISIIER C, S. STEXY.-XIII' A. F. IIIYNSAKER J, H. Zmiuxu F. F. Bnxiw W. H. HIFKMAN Sophomores C.. S. II1'm:x1:'1' B. R. I.1cwIs I. K . 5lz.fXKI.E G. H. Smru If. H. hu'1'rs Freshmen A. L. SMITH C. H. Af0'I"IIER W. '1'11cmM1'suN S'npi'r'f71m1z.r qzmfzliffif.-CII.-xVlilczvxE. NVINOI U' 'f 5 7 .. I 5 5 I7 7-7 gg 77 : cv ll ? 1 I 5 3 'E 3 E 'Q ff 5 .771 H E 5 E f f .T- 3 2 -1 927: 1 7. C . ., ... E. 5. 1-Q. ' .1 I Y ,- 4, SE K' cz fi fi -. ID 5 7 .E if-1 rt ,, P- -1 Eg n :T 2 -71 7 ru .4 -1 , THE1909IT-L10 , N , ,i X , H ' "if i f-L f' if .. "W" Q F ifi' '. PM '- ffl-fi 521555-32 fi' 5' Fil 3,?5":'3-1:53-.. 7 " fi if 'Z ' ii 1 ,,f- ' if if 9 4 gi ii i f 32 1 A'.- i 22325213 i H N f ff X , i Nxt xy I: Illh li.. 1. F5 Emi. , 1-.-5 IIIV, ix s f ff, . , .,,.'4 -.-, ,A lllbz ii-A--5,-,Z K FX -. A Q ii i i iii TfT. 1: :l5I'f X l1N ."-5 ' OFFICERS President . . , . Suu Iixu Vice-Presiclent . . Recording Secretary COI'I'CSIl01l1iillg Secretary . Treasurer . Critic Historiqin . Sergeaint-:il-Ariiis . Mus. Iixiicii Prixiu. lixicxiixiu' Iixix Iiiixrzifini. Rl rn Iii ififmi Giuvic Cww f'l,.XlliE iH1XVOI,lf' Nif1i.i,i1 lliviii-:Nsux .'Xl.I1'li li ms.: Suu limi Fic xxi ics Ii,x'mx Hiieixxi lil'l,.XLflI Nl'1l.I,II11 l9i,E.xsimN Sim Ilxiqiuicizi-31: IXI.xicx' IIUWE . CORA XYAN G.x1,m1l: . EL1mm-:'i'ii I'.-um Hr:i,i:N JAMES , FRANVES IC.x'1'nx iNiIIiIbRED l,UK'l'IilQlfIFIiZl . . Gic,xr'i: Kimi' . NEILE Iliviqiixsux ROLL OF MEMBERS Iwi N1r'IY'rx'1 "I jusz' dlfllif 11,4171 In MM' alumf, 1 tI,fi'LI'1'A' X050 my 111 ffm Phi Dull :I'IIIIlt1I. 282 Fi i Auxics IllrN'r Iii-:mix jixnuss l,i1.,x Nlvliizxxm' NI XRY NIANN IXIAIQY NIORRIS ICi,i..x Niawmurz 1'1liIZ.fXIiIE'I'II 15.1414 I.1ll'lSli I'.xi:i.ES Rliliiiqrzir ix0R'1ERI" IiIili'I'Ii.X Svnximziq X'l1,i,.x Si'lmf:irE MAE S'I'l-ZICLE Al.I4'I'1 'l'imY1sR thin Vw GALDER uc aim' fulzwz I am so Exfift.'ll'.!i1liIdfE Illorrix ww- 7 P- n 75 5 fr 4 P-E :V 4 C -1 ! rn S1 ru E ,- rt 1 41 E' E UQ .T- 0 7, 5 7 ,- In ull QEJJOIQ IIJAIIIITIN IU ft Z L.. fi X' 7? -Q f -1 7 ,- f-y fr cr -1 GWBKG THE 19091111110 I H lllliula Eiierarg Svnrirtg OFFICERS lresldent lIrSt Quarter . President Second Quarter President Third Quarter . Vice-President . . Recording Secretary Treasurer . . Critic . . Sergeant-at-Arms Special GRACE VANNEMAN Seniors FLORENCE XVILLIAMSON ' WILLABELLA XVILSON EDVVINNA AIIBOT BESS LIATTHEVVS EMMA PONZER LUTA GOFF FRANCES CLARK MAUDE ALVERSON AL'I'A HROWNINII AIJIIA BEROER ROSE ABBQYIUI' BIABEI. LEAIQE RUrH BURNS CLARA BROOIQE NIARIUN NICHOL Juniors Sophomores HAZEI. MANIIEI'II.I.I-: Freshmen . . CLAIRE Oili,-XIR . I'iI.URI-INCE WILI.I,xMSON . . NIAKION NIUHOI, GRACE VANNEMAN . XVII.I.ABEI.I..fX XVILSUN IIAZEL M,xNImEI'II.I.E . . LAURA PARSONS . FI.ORI-:Nc'E VVIILIAMSON CL.-'XIRE O,l'IAIR FLEDA STRAIT M.XE CHAI-IN LIJRA PARSONS BTABEL GRIDI.EY ERNA FINK JOSEIIHINE BURNS MALDE XVILLIAMSON I'iRANiIES Al:IIO'r'I' ICNIMA DEVVITT VERA HARIIER LfJI.,'K HICCLURG ROSE FLEMING IIENRIE'r'rA HOUGH "Yes, fm a Kappa mar: MOORE than ever lhis year."-JIMMIE ELLIOTT. 284 -gpm- ng,, VFIOYYII v ,.. w :: Q. U 4 E 2 4 n 4 E 5 E 5 -Q Z: E 5' I 2 E. an EC S : m f- ., :. E X9 zuod 13 1931951 OCNV 51 Er. H UU 51-H313 E E I E ,-'T' c E 7 .H n su mum H WAA9 CI '1 nqun 913 I . T31 W I I f l s-F f 4 ,A I THE1909ILLI0 fisf ix, fi" + 1 SSOSFII I ? ,,.,W , .. .... ,,,. lj fb 'ii fi' I M - fe' 'F' "A:' ij Q, f W ,l i I ffl Q 1,31 President . . . Vice-Presicleiit . . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer . . . Critic . . Sergeant-:It-Arnis BRSSII-: IJILLON Elm -IACOBSEN RIITII KELSO IRI:NI-: PARSONS XVINII-'RED PERRY NlJ.X5II SCROOIN I51.Iz.xIsI2'rH STOIJI' I,I"I1x iw.-XRTIN I50l.I.Y IFHURSTON FI.ORI,NIfI: ANDERSON I,III'II,R ICAYS INEz IIIOIIFILI. N1ARl'EI. BIURRAY fc Bution, buiton, 7UIl0,.S' OFFICERS Honorary Member MRS. C. B.fII.nwIN Seniors Juniors LUIS TEAI. Sophomores GWINN PARSONS Freshmen gal the bulton ?"-A Tl . RIYTII KEIIS0 NUXKII S4'RO4:IN Iilm ,l.xf'OlsSI-IN . INI-zz IIIn:IIlfII.I. . JI-ZSSIIQ 'l'OI.ANn . VVINIFRI-III PERRY . CWINN PARSONS JILSSIIQ 'FOIRXNIJ Il.xzI-11. 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ABBUT L.xl'R.x PIERCE LIIKISE WOODFURD Firfl Semester President XI.l1'l', lllhxm I,1'r'x' Sxmslcm' ' x II. X. lx0liIili'I'S CT. I". IPIICVIIR f'0IiIllI.IS Vxx Hmis M. lx1'1usc:l'I 'xlsrwx suxu Srxr xx' If 1-1l,1x SLM xx' Rlftxlcmm X .XI.l41Rllu ,mms A. XX Irixlak -Qczav '. 'xrlfllzugx' IIIIIIII lx III l'xn1.uCT.Slx1uNIx1 C' xums A. XVIENER Second Semester President . . XY.XI.Il1iRIAR DI.xZ Vice-President . . . E. N, ,ABBUT Secretary . . C. J. BIULLEN Treasurer . MISS Llictx' SA14cEN'1 151 fmfglz slifk, wztidfa' by a Imzzwzy, fmzffzluxzv In-zflw.-l'1c'1'1a's l311.x' CLVB. 288 llwifilirs 15 'T if , . YQ I N ,. w"' ' e ggi- ' f'f. 17 Nix ge! W - 2 42 ff 4 ' 3. " ' iw '4 9 '-1. 51 W: , ff A ff? I gum' X 2 fs, f it A - X7 M1 W ,L QQ X QA W A , QYXX1 ' W J ' Wa -v - grxx is gif! vw M 1' A . vlllaffmzf V! ' - , W ' , vi -. 'V Z W ' ' Q4 ,f du U 1 5 ,, H fn. ,,,, N , -fy , -Y 'Mf' , I df mxxx I!! I Wm '- ff 'ffm 1' w f N X ' 1 ? 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IDOYLE Librarian . . H. S. TH.xYr:n Second Semester President . . . . . K. E. IIEILSTROLI Vice President . . I. C. NI'I'Z Secretary . . D. DOYLE Treasurer . R. M. BEACH Librarian H. S. TIIAYER "I"fz1'u7w!l, fh0Il ar! 100 deaf' for my gf,-FliA'I'IiliNITY MAN 'ro IJRESS 811111 294 .fJEI'l?I D HNDIGIHN I DNGI 'IVUDI '1 SIU ix WX 111" TEC LVB f ' X Xxx I II X OFFICERS Flrst Semester IIrcsi1Ic11t Ll Iruu Secrcflnrx' . . . . . '. .1 .IIS 'I'rcz1s111'c1' . . . . . R. S. M15 Second Semester IIYCSILICIII . . . . . XXI. II. 151121 111 Iru11I Il 1 FLICYCIHTX' . . . . . . . "1 'III'L'1ISI1l'l'I' ..., . . . R. Sf'IIl'BI,fXf'H XNIJ ' 1. XXII ' '. XXII ' I .XNI1 .1 . 'l'11.11:.' . v. CAND111' 7. KI1'Q.f1' . -. L1 " .. 5. 3 'VI.XI"IX' .. .T.:'z..1. .I..ICt-I 1 4. X'.11'x1:1' '. KI. DIJEIQIQ '. . 31111111111 . '. Frm.. 1 . N . C.XI3I-TICX I. . 1111121111 . .. 'Il' .31-1 . II1111N1:11 . 4. .-X N111511srj1N ., C. .-XSHEY .X. Ia, IS1111111.11.1. XI1ss .-X. BI111'1'1N 12. X'. R. G1,111'11 Nhss N, R1'sx1-11.1. II. IJ. 11111-:111111111f1-3 XI1 5 B 11s. S I'.f K Honorary Members XX III FE X' 11.1.5 " ' '1' Q1 C T11 I.1511x. . ' .... XX""f' I..XI" 3' Tm: N V7 Q 1 , ' ' 1 Active Members . .. 'III i' . . .I' XIISS 1 . '. 7 b, . . Q17s1'.11fs N A U X '. C. IIY111: C. T. BU1.1.oc:1c . '. Bom: . I .I11N1cs MISS B . '1f:11: . . '1 . '. M 'ID1i1x.11.11 XI1ss B.N11'1:1 .1 . ' 1' ' -1 ir' ' '. '. I.XI'NOSI' 1ss1:xs'1'E1x I.S1' '. ,' 1- . .D.11'1s f. . IfJ.11'1s ' IS" ' 111 1: . 2, 111" 1ICSf'I 1' ' ' ' '. DA1' . . '. DUNHA111 I '. I. NIIIIER l11c111s 111. . 1 . I1.11'1511 '. 3. --15511 ', '. As 1111' '. II.IN12 . . S. M 1sr1X ' ' . '."'11111s ,- R1'ss1c1, I, . ' 11:11-t ,. . .,1., 1.1.,INN.. R. R, R11111111.11.L IC. A. LL'L111'IG II II.111111s R. bl. Ii1.1-:IN R. XI. XIII.S'IIIIXI' C, li11111'14x11x R, l'. II 1111115 .X1.1:12:1'1' SXXE R, II. kluxrs G1iI1.I1:C!11 S1Illki7,if7L'L17'I' "Y12.1'. law is llze Q-.1 L1I,,-3. , ' " 175-f - A1-if-r '-: ,-K- .--1 H, .2 .Y- . 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Q Z A I '1 'T 'T' 34 ZR ,- FI 1 ,l .1 ,F f .I f . 1 M ' rug U , X ' I in Qi W gr ing ,J fx. k ix 4 '.,4 .S-Kfiu W -, ri W ff THE1909ILLIO V " ' C - - ' - 51 , . -txqiiiil' ch:--'?'?i: fi- ,-,gZ"4 s' ,,,, I ', I I 3 l M iv I O I I ",..x,"1f'fNl"xx . X J .Qx V xl A 1, rx Q X ,Il Q I ' V , In ' fy If N '-" 'MII I fa El, J -Q xg XRQJI' 1? I1 HIZW' I 'V I L! A ' f w . iw: ' 1' f I 1 H' IA ' IRR .f f' f .., IP I .I A if 'IR y I K XI X . f . . 1 ' 'E' 'M M If Us I I ' 1 ,S I Q OJ A M511 5 . XII 92 : El, f ' , . ' 1 ' r 'I Ii I + 'f' I 53... .l."' ' " R I I . 1 Q f RI Elxlkwu 5' fl X 3 - I 4,f,f!,f.l1n... - I x ' .f A ,-7' Lf ,hr OFFICERS Presicient . . . J. Y. BOM' Treasurer . . . . I.. L. GRIl"I"I'IIII MEMBERS J. Y. IIIIPP C. j. ROBINSON R. IC. BRAND A. BRIGGS W. A. SAWTEL Y. Y.xNIM.xN R. R. SICYMOVR U. II. LEE II. IIASSETT T. VV. ELIASON II. XV. S'1'Ew.xR'1' M. C. I'.x'l"rON R. J. IiI.I.xSON S. GILMORE ,l. C. KINCADE -I. P. S'I'0L"I' II. I'0I.KUNYSKE Ii. K.'I'l"I'ROX I.. BRIGGS LOGAN SNYDER W. Z. B1.Ar'R K. Curl-REI.r. R. IJ. BI..xr'R II. BOGER IC. M. RHODES A. I.I'MBRICIi F. G. ARENDS C. A. IIARTEI. IN.. E1.1.sRERRx' ALVIN RODGERS C. I". AIOBITRH IC. J. VIQIIOMPSUN II. S. CASH II. CRAIG CI. T. BOND I.. JOHNSON NV. Ii. RIEGEI. II. C. GICLKERSON IJ. INGI-IAINI II. R. STANFORD I.ESI.1E M. VV.IKEl.FY E. I.. IRWIN S. S. IIUSSY C. BAUER M. A. COOPER C. II. TI-:E1. I". I.. S'rOI"r C. A. ROIIGERS A. DREYV I. II. BURR VVII.I.l.XM IIENITZ I. S. BROOKS S. C. IVI.xjI7MD.xR I. IVIINER P. A. FLANDERS J. D. NI.I'I"l'IIIiIVSON T. I.. NV.-XRRICK G. K. 'I'RAcY B. STEXYART N. I". GATZERT I.. XV. IDl'Nc'.xN C. P. AIII.I.S I". IICRNETT IIIUSLEY MR. GERNERT J. H. IIAIRIH F. XVIIITE T. I". XVII.I.OL'GHRY . IC. I'I.-IRT J. H. PEASLEY E. Ii. IIISRINS S. Y. IIOIJI' I.. W. YORRI-IEES A. VAN DUYN NIR. BURLESON L.. W. Sm'r'r II. I,INKER'I'0N II. I.. DEAL G. IIUGHES G. A. GILMAN I. DI-2 I.A RAMA R. VV. IIARMON IC. A. VVHITE Ii. IIALI. P. I". MIIHARIIY A. S. ARG1rEI.I.Es W. A. S1-:VMOIJR I.. E. IIONVERS C. FOREMAN S. M. KNOX J. IC. Wl1I'1'CIII'Rci J. S. AIII.I.S C. XV. IVJAVIS M. TAYLOR VV. II. BALIS I.. IIIIIUN VV. I". I'II'I.I.ENXYI IC. IJ. VV.II.KER B. RIVES O. S. FISIIER J. R. XV.x1,mI-: I.. S. I'R.I'l"II B. I.. IIR.ISlfIEI.IJ B. LEE R. IC. BRAND H. C. XVO0IPXYUR'I'I'I C. Ii. IIVRST ID. IJEPLER SYAIONS I.. I.. GRIFFITH P. A. IIO1fIfMxN Ii. M. IJ. BRACKER IC. R. LANG I.. IIIIELPS j. C. RIINDLES I.. S. l.E SVRE G. I". UNREN C. I". REEII N. 'TNAGORE I.. IJ. WILSON J. S. S.xNGS'1'm F. A. FISHER W. IC. IIAIBEY IIREGGER II. SI-:vII.I.A J. B. ITMLL2IC'l"I' 1. P. FRI.I.OwS CI. NV. BAKER IC. IIEIIGECOCR j, II. IIAPPER R. I.. I..x'1'xER I. VV. IIOLMES I.. IC. FOGELSONG M. SIMPSON GLENN GII.M.xN VV. I.. GAINES I". C. IIERSMAN Ii. P. KIPP 3 i E 3 ,.. 6 Q I R 4. THE1909IT-L10 f .. , ll ,A 5 7 ' 'fuu- I i Ei 'iEiEEE? Q 7 D i 5 ,I ' OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President . . Ii. I. BARTI-:I,I,S President . . . F. S, LODGE Vice President . U. C. STANGER Vice President . . J. J. MILLER Secretary . . W. C. NIARTI Secretary . . C. L. VVAGNER Treasurer . . J. J. MILLER Treasurer . B. H. H.ARRISON Honorary Members DR. W. A. NOYES DR. G. MCP. SMITII PROII. S. W. IJARR DR. C. W. BALIQE DR. R. S. CURTISS DR. H. F. BAIN DR. A. T. LINCOLN DR. Ii. BARTOXY DR. W. B. HOLMES MR. S. C. CLARK Active Members L. L. ALLEN If G. FRANKLIN W. E. IQNAPP I. F. NUTTALL E. B. STEIAI-IENSON Ii. D. ALLEN F GARLAND II. W. IQORPER -I. B. PARK IC. D. SEM.-XR L. H. ALMY N. H. GATES F. W. IQRESSMAN W. A. PHILLIPS W. O. SPENCER bl. P. AMNER F GIBBS R. II. LEXVIS W. A. PEORAM R. M. STIFF R. C. BARIIWELI. F E. H.AGIE F. S. LODGE la. Ii. PERSHALL C R. SWACIIIIAMER F. J. BARTELLS F C. HAINES R. E. LOGAN J. B. PETERSON T. li. 'FHOMPSON G. C. BARTELLS E S. HAMILTON R. A. LYNCII A. R. POLLARD L. C. TVRNOIJII A. W. BEEMER R F. PIAMMER W. C. MAR'1'I II. PURTIO G. A. VAN BRUNT H. C. BENNETT C. H. PIARKINS H. A. M.A'1"1'II.I. W. PORTER C. L. VVAGNER S. V. BURTON B. H. PIARRISON C. E. MERRY C. G. REARDON D. W. WARNOCIQ NI. BLOOMEIELII P. E. FIASKETT C. W. MEULLEIQ I.. S. RIES L. A. vV.K'l'T C. K. DAVIS W. M. 1-1.-XTTREM A. F. TVIELLEN J. R. IQYIXN F. II. VVIIITTFM L. M. DECKER H. S. HILL C. E. BIILLAR O. R. SACIISEL F. XVILLS C. F. DIETER H. LIOPE Ii. M. BIILLER O. C. SCIIULZIIE R. C. XVILLIAMS L. T. FAIRHALI. F R. HUCKIN ' J. J. BIILLER W. L. SETTLEMIRE W. S. XVILLIAMS M. T. FUESLE C. L. IIUDELSON C D. TWIITCIIELI. O. M. SIMPSON E. D. WISE L. A. FLETCHER II. W. HACIIMEISTER H. H. MITUIIELL Ii. F. SLAYIK R. VVREATH J. C. FORBES PAUL HOWE J. K. MOORE S. J. SPELLERBRRG A. F. WUSSOW C. A. FOSLER II. S. INGRAM I.. F. NICIIELI. KJ. C. STANGER D. S. WEATIIERHEAO C. C. FOWLER W. R. JONES rr The policy of the Illini this year is-"'-DUTCH DAEHLER. O. S. WATIIINS Q FC S T P1 7 4 ,. ,.. i 5. igf 5 J J- N? is ' Lf THE1909ILT-10 .L "f'flIllIlIl'll'1f..a " ' .. 5.1 , V -i ff 7? :"9' N Vg -: 323.4 11 . N -"QM, 3 58501.25 . A lwgfjgliiigsgjsg-al , .wr 'Vg Bw 'ul' 4 f f lyggx ! Y! X fx . i MX Efx 'Vx I Wi . V.. Y f Q . . 4 W . Q4 , 3 if 5 x x V 4 ' -I J mf ' 'S 3-nf u 9 OFFICERS Prcsiclcnt . , . . ll, 'I' Sr Vice I'rn-siclcnt li, IJ Lu Secretary . . I Treasurer . . . , bl. XY, ICN 4 MEMBERS li. ll. IJIE'l'RIL'Il CYRII, Iiruxs A. Nl. Iwzxclgxxs II. 13. Nl1c1m.xx H. T. SITOYILI. I", M, Il11l'1-'MAN W. V. KVIII. I. A. l,lwn1a1-im: W. S. REIJHI-IXI1 IE. C. XYILLIS 1'11xx:1.1-is NY, 1.m'1-1 li. if Cxlucx' Iuvin I'r1'r1:1k: Y. M. Puck H. Cf DAY H. I.. Osmmx l'. C, l'L:1N12 O. I.. Illanxlmx .l. Y, M1'IN'rx'1:1f: I'. P. Iflsulila Il. M. R,XII,SIiU'Ii ID, H. XYlCI'I'ZliNl'l'1I.Il I.. livrll -I, Ii, Lyxx ll. I.. BURTON EI, XY. IQ5slNqg'rujx I., A. SMITH lfvlul, A. Illwws W. Il. Ilxluslx A. N. Ilrnsux ll. SI'IIIJIil"1-'EI. I.. A. lQ.XIiI!i.Xl,l1I ik. Y1c.x14 R.xxnm.1-rl lilm-1 H. S. UURIPUN PAXl'I, P. Swpxlq S. M. 'lkxwius ci, lr, Cxmyg "lu my lux! Iwrl1r1'.'."-I?1c. XOYICS. Q02 HJ. GI INNOD TI : ID D 'IV 'I HH 9. D- O ff 4 Blnqpllyl .UU ply E 1111151 pI.qll9Z1y1Ax 7: n I rv 2 5 I 5 PT 5 zz 5' ,- Qi 5 EC 5 c :: 'U ru '-31' E, 4 ,UIQ Xsjjsnmxpg unlugu H ,IQAIIJLL 4 4 I ,. ,lap 4, . ,. X vs- ""' R R .. - , - X- v V .M -, THE1909I1-L10 . V .AH ,'f"'f, -. '. 7. . .- X ' - QQ' 5 - , A 52'-.mff'f:PcSr"'-.51'-:Q-D4-gk- M.. fffzfz-, f ' :H ' ' ' - 1 12 ' Q- F' pl-511 'Q 'Aj 'V-'Siu C f I V If I 5' .P E- A 9 A .- " , ? B . " fig' " ' lr, D 'V V Af ff-"f?:?h F' ' A' I. "f2i..F'-f'3iE i. f 1 xwf.. vw- ' , - .,, NX. PIKE OFFICERS President . . . GEORGE E. JAQIII-YI' Vice President . Secretary-Treasurer IQTIIEL FURBFS :ANNE APPI.EG.XTE L. R. BLOHM PROP. D. II. CARNAIIAN M. G. DADANT MRS. E. J. JAMES HI-:I.EN JAMES DR. FI.oRENciE N. joNEs GEORGE E. ,TAQIiE'I' ELLIS P. EGAN PRoE. T. E. OLIVER MR. E. J. FURTIER MRS. I. FORTIEIK MRS. H. F. RAIN . CARRIE HII.I, . . . EIIIS P. EGAN MEMBERS EDXYI NA AI: R0'1'fI' NIAUIJE WAI.Im MRS. M. H. WAIIRI CARRIE I'1IIII. BIARION E. SPARKS JOHN L. POLK, JR. LEON LvRB.XIN IURS. N. C. RIQRER LIic'Y SARGENI' ERNEST H. I.ou'rzENIIIsER DR. IQEMP MISS PRICE BIABEL DTILI-ZS 'NI S I' D E I R . 4. . D .XX EVA C. DEWOLII 'uI.If UNA IIORINE lfis voife, his nzafzrzwj. and his walk, But wars! of all, his .vfream of Ialk.-GRIIPFITII, 304 THE19091LLI0 CQSSE3 M mimvmemey M 4, , CMM V l ' President . . . Secre IJ1+:I,1,A NlDli'l'1IEY' MR. F. K. W. DRURY tary and Treasurer . Executive Nmmir Committee Mc NIELI. Library Staif Mlss Swlczizv Mu. A. P. Nusox Miss I'1e1f'r: MR. G01'I.11INc M155 jpy-my Mic. Mc'C1'1em' Miss Ilrvwxxiixs Miss Slxivsrux MEMBERS Seniors Miss PIIlI,!,IPS Miss H.V1"1'ERSON Miss S'l'R.XIGH'1' - Miss LANGE Miss S'roUT Miss 1vIc:M.u1oN Miss Ii1r.I,INf:sI.Ei' Mlss IIl"I'K'HIXS Miss IJHNNY Juniors Miss fViEI.'I'M.XCIiER Miss RI'l'1'lIII-I Mlss KIf'.XNlfL'1Y Miss Swim Miss BICINTIRE Miss SVIIXIQIIFER Miss NIITBTEII, Mlss SMITH W s -,'ff11f,,,-. l A w' ffff We ffm ANX.XI3EI, FRASICR NIARY BII,L1Nc:sLY M R. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss A bffaufiful znalhwizzzlinlf JUN!UIlJ'fVlIfi0ll.i1VIURDOCK. 305 Dlalrlw I 2 P: N N 1-:'1"1' C.x1,11m' X Fmxn SPRAY l'.mD0c'1i GllIllI,lfIY BIGELUW Iilwxlmrslc l51:v.'xN CTNA14: ERWIN F1'1'ff11 Fosiizlc Ilour: Tumi vsrux 'I'ol'z.xr.1N W1 1 ITIS XV141114 THE1909ILLI0 SCL1 DI .CIVIL1 MMIII r ' 'I I Mm If ggy-1 ' '-I 1 qw 'il - 1' I 1 , .7 '4lv?onl-ul?" 3 CLUB OFFICERS President . . . . . . JAMES C. LIVNIJ Yice-President . . BERTIIA Ii. H1-ixsux Secretary and Treasurer ....... THORBJONN K. ENGIEI! HONORARY AND ACTIVE MEMBERS Du. D. K. IDODGE Ii. PETERSON AIRS. D. K. Domzx F. A. 101:61-Lxslcx Dk. L. M. IARSON S. G. Sxuxsox Mus. L. M. L.xlzsox G. H. Joi-rxsox Plcolf. G. M. F1514 C, IDA!-II. MRS. G. M. F1514 J. R. Nusox XDR. G. E. IQARSTEN Miss S. L. IJEXVICY Mas. G. E. ICARSTEN Miss M. Ascmx I,ROIf. T. E. OLIVER Mlss E. L. Swnlsox MRS. T. li. OLIVER Miss J. C1IR1s'1I.xNsEN Q DR. J. VVIEHR A. S. IQARKOXV 17. STEPHEXSEN A. W. LINDSTROM L1-311-' SoLBERa1 C. Puxksox G. L. FOSSLAND E. ERICKSON H. J. Horr A. A. Axurzksox M. J. ANDERSON J. LYNN A. F. LAURENCE J. S. G.xNc:s'11m F. E. LINDBLOM C J. STRAND fi. F. NIELSON CT. F. Blourlus +Deceased. l"1'u.v1H11a1z 111 ffm fwhlvflllgfti gl7UlL'THH'!ltlf an Tuff fzappy for, a11y11.07U?"' 306 THE1909ILL1O 4 TS WAS- 'C X"".a-' I X ' .1 - .1 X ' I ,Azz ,.,:. E' '-'E X 3 -,-QE ' 'L" 5' W 'iQ' ' 5 f ?1..:'-.i:gAf 'ij-. , if L5 , . ,, w I Prcwiclcut . . . Yice-Prusirlcnt . , Secretary and Treasurer . IC. J. TOWNSI-:NIJ K.. A. BIILLER C. H. HASKINS II. L. RIETZ C. II. Slsnr R. L. BORGER I.. I. NEIIQIRK A. R. CRATHORNE Iilaxxesl' VV. PONZER II. I'. KEAN I.. S. IJ.xNc'1:Y tl II. R. NI. BI.XTIIIiXVS F oksyfu ' xv--' W ' V H OFFICERS MEMBERS XV. VV. Dlixmx ..Xj . . C. W. lixlxmxs . XYININIA lllunvxsox SMITH . . l. W ti. IC. C.xRsr,:.xr,l.HN II. C. NIORRISON I.. Ii. PETTY W. W. S'r1F1.xk A. Gum: NIARION B. YVIIIH: Ihzxr. COOPER IC1.lzAm-:III Ii1cNNlL'r'1' Qllmmz A. XVIL1.1.xMs Suum: E. NELSON 17I.fbRI-INCH G. B,xx'1'1-:R -IllSl'1l'lIlXI'f RYAN llolwrlix I.r'f'Y Ii. LEWIS H'uf1!1, C1711 Ii!!-fm! fl! ffm IIHIN' zlzediflgj bl mwlfl he r.x'fi1zg1rf.vM'dfn 307 ATIG DBV THE1909ILLIO 1253 XX f l ull ,y A .2 ' ,H M! 1 i .li Il L p q - N . L . . 0 . m it A 3 'L "tim Z' T Ti lf fl lllllllimil w w O O o o E ill lll"ll r' ' ' V Davin- e BOARD OF DIRECTORS DR, T. J. BURRILL . . . EDW. L. llAl,L, '08 . . . DEAN T. A. CLARK GEORGE SKINXER L. F. NICKELL, 'OO VVARREN R. ROBEli'I'S, '88 K. HUGHES .lLDNV. L. HALI. . IRA T. C.XKRl'l'llERS CHAS. F. CUSHING . L. F. N'lfTKEI,l, . lDVVIGH'l' W. VVEIST . W. A. iVlK'lfNlGH'l' WARD E. HALL C. L. HARKNESS , F. B. NICODEMUS . jAs. M. BATEMAN . LEwIs MCDON.4I.D . T. W. SAMUELS . F. IIOYVARD Swlrs . L. W. SCOTT . . ELMER A. LESLIE . li. B. JORDAN . . F. D. DANFORD . II. E. Ci'Nx1Nc:HAM OFFICERS . . . . Chairman . . . . Secretary PROF. S. W. PASS PROP. I. O. BAKER E. M. D. BRACRER, '08 O. S. PENCE, 710 R. F. LITTLE, '09 . . President . Vice-President Recording Secretary . . Treasurer . . General Secretary . . Building Secretary COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN 308 . . . . Membership . . . Finance . . Missionary Religious Meetings Bible Study . Bible Study . Employment . Visitation . Social . Advertising . . Music Publications 5 w 1 , 5 Z3 -3 a E C 7 5 T 2 ,-. ,- ., fl .1 ff 77 'J FT , , Z E. :T77 'FU EF H: m 5. U7 D O5 'UTD ..- LUV' 9 W . T Q , 1:7 THE1909 ILLIO O5 O Ccaczfg' + S 1- ,R af S ca" 1 UPS y y f - ULIIGH -.. f A.: T Cfiurii Nll'Kl'llY . MARIUN NIVIIOI. . lf1.0Ri-:xcia NY1I,l,I.xMSoN FR.xNf'r:S liiwox . FR.ixNf'1cs LIIARIQE . LUTA Ni.Xli'l'lN BESS Ai.K'l"l'lll'1XYS . XYERA ll,xR'1'1iR . liux Nl-Il'li.Xl'Eli . Bi-:R'i'n,x SXYXR'l'ZKOl'1f RIAE Ciuifix . . LENA 'l'1i1fRS'i'0N . AIABICI. l3R.xf'KER . Q lS.xi:E1, l'R.xRl, l fx f x .E 4 E- S S J Egg GX fig ' xi. ,i f' f li, PEARL lm 5 r. FRANCES Emmy , c 6 V 3 VI WT OFFICERS l"L0RENc1E VV1r,u.xMS0N l.l'Rfx l'.xRSoxS , BIARY AMORIQT l'.x'1'c1-IIN McQL'm:N Wicna . COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN limi RR . Recording . Yicw . General Hiblc . . Bible Slucly Religious Meetings . Missifvnary . Membership , Finance . . Social . Music School . . Calling lntercolleginlc . Music . . ljmployincnl . . Aczidemy Ruonls and lillrnry BOARD OF DIRECTORS r.XliNll.XR'l' . . M .xR'rim IQYLE M wmv: BICCLAIN IMO MRS. President Prcsidenl Secretary l'reuSure1' Sccretnry Secretary Prcsiflent . Secretary T. J. iilllikllil. l3.xKliR Xicxu Woomux MRS. EIJXVARD FULTUN V XR MRS. J. C. MOOR GRAVE P,xRMlN'1'1:R, Chicago W! "UT do llllf Zine, we jus! exi.v!."-PHI KAPS. 310 -'gn F4 i O P Q 5 cc P-4 +2 v1 P-E Q Gi rx- 2 E. 3 E w :J -1 S nl V had gdoalz111:MqD 9X qi! s E Fi H 7 I' ugu unquaeg smaqm: N PAK J J IOSJU S umsxuqjt 7 -- E 5 VI DJ - :J n 1931 WH U01 lI9!N X I0 HEIIEA LU U05 ETB THE1909ILL10 4, 1. .,... . 1 I Leucler Secretary ff? "Xxx X .xx i X X 'QW irgf? xx - afl ii XX U X X-- ,ff x , Tw. ' -4? f Xnaff 5 W' -fffxxf I gk ff 2.7 094-f xTQn 5 f- 7 N 1:5 fg- R f X-- A mf! 4 :ak X. .D N NIEEBEZNU IRENE H.x1,I. BIARIUN ZVIVIIOI. .X1.M.x H1-21'MxN D. XV. XVI-:IST AIAE CH.xP1N IC. A. VVIIITE F. B. NICODEBII G. H. SMITH F. H. Swrrs Jxssuc DE.'XN MUNI. LEoNA1m 15. T. IQREUGER O. S. THAI. C. T. TRIMBLE .5 FR.xNf'Es C1..xRK1-. E. L. HAH, .AMANDA Raxlriq I.. M. D. Iiluclilclc "No rmI1111'11,g ruumz' Me jmfl' al uigfzl. 110 .fjromziug in fha Izriglzf 77l0UIZ1l'g1lf.uiSIG SONG 312 THE1909 ILLIO WffmymmllfmnwflmllulllllmIllmrlllllmlrflllllmlllllmyalllflnillllrrln , . S .1 C g ' 5 I 1 I 'gWl QWHWWWM7 MIZW JWllW:h2 I LE 2 1411111111mmuumlfmllmwmullllzI1uwllrmlmlzwllmWWIW0llzullm EI ' I U A fy-11-if I-545' 5' A 2 E . ' ' ' N' 7 15? EI E nnnsnuuuvng:-4 I.-9-.-----. ' , -if? E 1 i - I .g5"I3I'3M:'M'K?A1Ei51R'5x, .7421 :mains-not-a-4-.S """""1sS Q,o'X,,quxaIn-gg!nu-EQKQQQ '5'21q1v1'I'9'1 E Wmmwlnmfmvwlnzzzzww- 4 P.-'-" "" '-qgx ,Q ,.-,qv 1111197 if S IIXIIII,I g-E A.-gym 1, XA ,..f5.aE..3I:i::IIW I . '-' .-N. -"-,2g:'-" X IW S I W fm .-:"4-2'-'nik!F55f'vIvIU"H I A X . r:::: .. W-'.IIf1 f I NS E Is:-r ..,.1.'-i:-1212122ffiw"" . ' A I f XI.: v , ,asf I E , .-f.',a'aI2I2a:fWWf'A .IIN '-I Sf,' I-. N' f Af 'V ':'LA"II3E.fff5J7fF:"1W ."A.ix' A "M '32-. Z if-:L-'eff' IW . 'X S' i Ci X '?ffkih?flllll!l .I-iq V my -'- .N I-Ei.. . .. , . ,.- z 11' f I XJ ' X N X I HIIIIIIJW f - .,..If,IM'J I X ll00lIllllLYIIIIILWIIIIHICIIIIIIDYIIIIIIIIIVQI U .IIIININIIARRII XX - Q - N 5 ' - Z KEENANQ XX IIWIIIIIIIIVAIIIIIIIIIIAlIll7ll0M4'lIL7f.'!I OFFICERS President . . . . O. C. STANGER Yice-I'reSicIcIIt O. S. THAT. Secretary . . ERNA FINK 'l1I'6Z1Sl1T6l" . . F. XV. INIRESSMXX Honorary PRES, JAAIES Plilllf. AIEYERS :XIIELINE EIZNER XV. C. BIARTI MRS, JAMES A1153 I.AY'I'ON UI-ISSIE EIZNER MARIIAREI' VVEINBERG MRS. E. C. SI'IIAIIII'I' MRS. COLYIN O. C. SIANIIER IQIIIIII AVILLIAMS IJEAN WIIIIE DR. PAETOXV F. W. IQRESSMAN MISS IQELLY IUEAN GREEN DR. KARSTEN Cdecensedj CURA ,IACOIIS IC. PARK DEAN RIEKER MRS. IMARSTEN EMMA PONZER MISS Sco'I"I' DR. ,IOSEI-II ZIcI'I'LIN DR. ICEMP l.AI'I-:A IQAICMPEN MISS XVIIITE MISS FLOYII MRS. IFAY WM. C. HII.1NIEIi MISS LANGE MISS BICCOBB MR. FAY IRWIN BACII LAURA PIERCE DR. GLEASON A. E. VVI'ES'I'EM.-IN MARY CONNARD MARY BIANN C. R. FRANCIS A. II. IJAEHLER IIELEN IQRIGBAFM LELA IWICIQINNEY PROIP. CARNAIIAN E. A. WEBER MARY FRITIN l'. IC. XYERCKSIIAGEN DR. IJODGIC MR. ICNO MRS. RRRNNEMAX MISS BEYIER PROP. C. CD. IIOIIIQINS MISS IMILIC MRS. C. ll. SMIIII l'ROI'. I.AWRENl'E PROP. ANII MRS. OLIVER li. VV. PONZER FRANVIS SIMPSON SUSANNA LYSIIER II. VV. HAHI MEISTI-IR PROE. LESSINO MRS. IIESSINLI DR. COLYIN MISS BI.AISDEl.I. DR. POOR DR. XVIEK TERESA BERULZHEIMER AIAR-IORIE GAIIE L H 1 . IPIETRICH CLARA STR.-Xl'i'II B. C. STRALIVII FIAJRENCI-I HARRISON C. R. IIOLTUX A. P. BIIMSII-:AIA EIINA 3It'L.Kl'Gl-il.lN CLARA O7I1AIR 1'.I,I.X Mr'IN'I'IRE NINA WEINIIERG BEA'I'RIr'E BI"l'I.ER ILRNA FINK YIRIIINIA Hmflf AIAIC LLOYII IES SIE '1'OI.ANII MARY IUOHERTY fx!-117. VVEINRIVIC BERTII A Sf'IIwARzKoPIf YERNA IMERKER IIUIFISE ZILLEY JESSIE NEWEOMII MAE BROIFIIIITON G. W. Si'IiUl'1FI"EI, F. G. ZILLMER MISS STFIBIZINS I'. P. STONE MR. IIOIPF R. L. RIiSIc A. A. DAEIILER MAIIEI. OSTRANIIIQR MISS IUAY MR. GOEIIEIQE K. M. IJ.'kI.!.I'INBAf'II J. T. IiI'RI5E'I'T 1.. BI me U. H. NAIfIfr'IGER TIIUS. HRIQGGER O. A. BAUER C. A. HEI.I.BIAN fJ'1'TU THAI. AIAUIHE CRANDALL LILIAN GAIILIN ADDA BEROER ALTA BROWNING RUTII BURNS IQLEANOR PERRY LENA VVIIITE SARAH ENO ICTHEL BICANUI.TY MISS NEIYRAUER HELEN JAMES HELEN AIILLIGAN KATHERINE YORIIEES W. W. ICARNESI' H. Ti. KERIII-:R H. F. LINOLEY THE 190911-L10 FNIN Q5 ,gf OFFICERS' l,l'CSi1lClll . . . . . . Nllss Nl. Y. lluolwzu U1 Yicc:-l'1-esiflmmt . J. IJ, Slll"I'IlWICIi 1 'Vrensurer . . . R. ll l'11f:1cr'r1 Sf-urn-tary . . . Nllss Amcmxm-1 4ju.x11.xx1 1 C'1,rrwpomIing SL-uremry . .... Mlss Iilcxx Ifxxla I. NI, 13x'1'1-:xux I. XY. IJ1f'1QE14sox' RI'I'lI lilclso J. D. S4llf'I'IIXYIC'li W. ll. BICYIQRS Iikx x M. IPIXIQ XYIXIFRI-Ill DI. Imam' .'XI.ll'IC CI rlxll wma NI. YII"1'URlX HliUI'4lIl.XM U. li. Iflexzm tl. li. Pvsr JHSIQIWIINIE 'l'll47Nil'S .X. l:l'l'XIJXl1E Xlxx Qllclcsllxxl R. LI P11-inn: S. NI. 'l'IwNII'SwN xl. l'. I31"1'1.P:1z NI. .XINEIAIIPPI tllcxlxnl Klum' F. lilrli A. CI Yxauuvs C. I". li.Xll'I'XYRl12Il'l' KUKIXXI UlCRI,.X1'lI AMY Ruin: NINX NI. NYl'1lNlil'IKi Q. li. CI"1'1.r:R A. If. Hl'N'r li. ti. Rxixx A. II. f7.XliIII.l-Ili I.. il, Hrzss Ii. il Rxlxus' 'Q ,, ug 'f--- HONORARY .X. I.. Iiwm C. C. VAN Ilumcx A. l'. 1,HORM,XN lf. XY. Scwrrvr K Nl. tl UX'Ik!iN Y, 5Q1,?v ,3',f " X',,..2 flu' 71111 a,xY.f . gmzni uf Ihr fzmllmfl ft'1U7Z.-XKXN Ilrnm, U: O .. ,. P-4 : :c 73 m Q C : Q Zi 1 f: -1 E. .- V E rT -1 75 E. rw '4 -1 nz m 'J' E I 3 il U N na uosxaapyl umu Qing' uslag :Ll J. S uosduloq 5- L up axag SJ Ubi N .rallug uvwao E mil UOSCI LU QA Slum THE1909 ILLI0 X , ,', Af g l'-A I' .'o ' Nd 2 V ' . I 516' Y F 'I 5 MAS II IITIIIBIIE llqw fy lx - v , I - ,-:, 4 . l lyk' yo , l ' ,A if H OFFICERS T. B. LIEVVIS . . . . President W. C, GI:.fxN'r . . . . Manager MEMBERS Q .XX ., A Nxrarzl. l'wR.XSl'1R ICIIITII SI'I1.w CLARI-:Nc'I: Ml'EI.I.I31I IJmzo'I'IIv S1'I:.xx' Nl.xIafsAIeE'l l,4ll'Ix Pmkr, BENLI .I M 1 N VV. M. Glu NI' TIIOS. Mc'N1"I'T NYM. AVI-:I:II,I. .MMI-is LINN T. B. LI-:WIS JUNIOR MEMBERS IZYEIXN 'l'I'rc'mIB I':I.IZ.XBETII XYI'I:'1'II NIARTE S1:o'I"r LUIS TEM, LILIGII I'.x'I"1'oN RAYMOND SMITH BEN NP1I,SIJN' ICSTIIER Fllu-:Iz.'xI1csII IZ. A. KING IRXVIX Bfwu HENRY IXAIIIX RALIJII 1111.15 R. F. I,I'l"I'I.I: COACHES ' -IEANlC'I"I'lC S'I'EIJlX1.XN F. K. VV. DRURY Ist Semester-'AA NIGHT OFF." Q' 21111 SenIestcr-NYM? NEVER CIN TELL." 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SIMPSON Sophomores If. S. XVIIAINI M. T. PIARMUN R. C. LIVINGTON R. 'I'YG1sTT . J. K1RKPA'rRIc'K C. J. IIR.x'rHER S. E. KREBS R. CQARRETT C. II. DAVIS G. E. EVANS W. J. FoRRES'rRR IE. S. IWNNEBARRR G. C. BARIQLRV I.. R. ICELLEY CT. II. MNNGOLD A. IB. REMICK Oriental Cvlmxr I'I'RPl.R AND XVIIITI-I "I"z'.s'. fl was my Twin' Nm! 701772 file SFIZIITJ' I'fw'ffrr11."-IIIRAM POWERS. 318 2lf1'lfD NVIJ,fl,KS?l Q vf:. FB -. Cf W i Z P F DT' -Y: Q 'S 2 O .. 7 I " rt 251 -Q 1 77' 4 -: 5 E E E -1 77' ,- 7 .. -N D L7 -r I E E ,1 ...Q H :-. O 4 7 :' .N - S2 va - - w-g Bm'-1 S W fv 2 mv 77' H! 'C :I 2 E 5- 1 , C - 2 " L I Q Q7 F: H 1:7 -1- 41 7 - I7 Z .-. 2 5' K E '1 'L F w Q rr W I-'Y .1- CD -. I ... 5 .V Q-v D L "' '1 5-9. E C Q 71 2 0 ,- T :A fn F 1, .. ' rn -1 I I It O 4 : 0 2 '11 E' E' ff C - .-. 5 ' 'za I O ?? fn ,, THE19091LLI0 ...fx -X SX 3 -7 I, . ',4y4' ,EZ f -E . 1 ,..,,,.,,,,,..nmK Z1 wi 44, 1 f X ' f 21 pw' , N . A Lg ww' M- 2-my W4 7 . ,319 W f ,n1"" 14 4 1' fix x X X - A JIM' E? f 5 3 . ' ' ., -ess J X xx, "hm F sgfvmv- OFFICERS g First Senzexiezf 'vA,!g.- President . . . J. M. HOMS fiiggjllgiiigggg . R. N. JAGORS Secretary L. D. IIINMAN :ggigxiigmiiugvggi Treasurer . . . J. F. IIILARIO 5:-f:-1Zf 5. Sefand Senzesier President . . . . . . R. N. JAGORE Vice-President . J. G. SANVICTORES Secretar K. M. 13,-XLLENBACH Y - Treasurer . . . . A. S. ARGUELES . , A Honorary Members J PRESIDENT E. J. JAMES DEAN J. A. CLARK W R. C. O. F. VV N. I.. J. A. G. A ffgzelzline Republic . A. BENITZ W. DIAZ, 710 J. MULLEN, '10 I. SUMAY, '09 J. SUMAY, '10 China Jlfq. '09 HEI-L.-XI England F. FAIRHALL, '11 M. JASPER, ,IO HO1'E G'7'CL'L'L' BOUYOUCOS, '08 Active Members India N. GANGULEY, III C. BIA-IUMDAR, '00 N. JAGORS, '08 Japan SATO, ,IO IIDA JANNAMA, '09 Jfexifo E. ESPINOSA I. GARZA, '09 XIALERIO, ,IO PlliliP17i71E Islands S. AKGUFLLES, '10 CRUERRERE -T. F. HII..ARIO, '08 F. V. LARRACAS, '08 R. LICUP, 'IO V. Y. OROSO, ,II -T. DE RAMA, '08 A. RAMOSO, '09 I. G. SANYICTORES H. SEVILLA, '08 Unifed Siates PROF. E. C. BALDXYIN I. O. CEDERBERG, 'OO VV. XV. DALE, '10 K. M. DALLENEACH, ,IO W. R. HANES, 710 I.. D. IIINMAN, '10 Pam E. I. IQRIIGFR, '09 CARLOS A. VVIENER, '09 P. J' MEHARRYJ ,U Russia PROF. A. C. BATES A. I. SHKLOWSKY, '10 T, W, SAINIUELSI ,CQ Spain PROP. A. R. SEYMOUR I. M. HOMS, '09 E. HOMS P. C. SIMONINI. ,IO -,-,V V.I.IrI01IOIALSOO N WTO SI Z I 2. '1' 7 H FD :r' 71 -1 -4 51 -1 r: Q... Q: F :x : 77 E, L: E1 u.. 5 gr- I 5 Z O If. V5 JPG. 'sa ip-Q -1 '3 Q FT" Lf.. w I 2 Q71 5'--4 i F Sf av 'L 4 :T ,- 5 71 F '4 2 K1 4 F :. 2 E 1 F3 TIC 2 if 7 Sq P1 m E. 7 U7 U vi F THE1909ILL10 Q Qs I . X 'T --. ' . 7' . ,HW ' "'-1 M f 4X1 : 'f s' ff .- f f Q.: .ff X . ' xW :'S '44 'J V iv-M2.'l"i'Q V 1 'XX I m 1' I ' K Ilia' ,K Hy. F N D 'ff QVC ab xv'-52 ,7 ,171 fy iijfg, X A f+..-.- ' '. .!,, 1Y'-,,,:2.M4f . fgjx ' jw X- X lw i 74 v?f'fm-:lx NWZLEFWAEZW OFFICERS President. . . . . . . . E. L. VVILSUN Vice-President. . . Mics. NP1I.I.IP1 WAUGHTEI. Secretary and Treasurer , 1"LoRENc'11: HARRISUN Advisor .... . . DR. H. S. V. jones MR. C. XV. AI.YORD Miss Ismam. ISEVIER MRS. T. A. CLARK Mu. R. L. Exo Associate Members MKS. E. C. B.-xwwr DR. E. C. BALDWIN JAMES BATEMAN S'rELI..x BENNETI' NT.-XRY ISTVKEL Jrtssns Bk.'xCKr:Ns1c'1q LYDI.-x BRAUER WINUNA Buoysox V1C'1'0RI,x BROVGHAM A. P. BUMSTEAD J. P. BUTLER I. S. CLEAVINGER A. II. D1XEIII.ER LARUE D.xY'roN DR. D. K. DODGE INIARY IDOIIERTY MYRTLE CASTEEL A. W. Elsxxnmvl-:R Active Members Ii. I.. XV1I.soN Mic. T. II. Gl'H.1u IUEAN KINL1-:V Miss Frnxxxvi-3 juxl-Ls MRS. J. C. 1.lNf'l7l.N N Nr:1.l.11a fiI.IQ.XSOX MARY A. Gli.'XIIrXhI VV. C. fiRKN'I' l4'1.oREN1'L: IIARRISON Am-iuxrz -IENNEY MA1z'rH.x I. KYLE Mmuslx I.1N'I'0N NIARY MANS ALIVE MrfDoN,xI.1m IRENE P.xRsuNs I.1+:oNoR.x Pxclucv XVINIFREIJ PERRY Hmxixlcn RW I. D. SOL'TIlw11'1i Cxlu. Xfxx Dom-iN VV. B. XVAIQIHQR NEl,I.II-I VV,xl'c:H'1'r1l, Like a had peaifzy-,Uagzlire fnrzzs up again. 322 THE1909 ILL10 I' Gregnrg Eaptiut Cgnilh Director . President . . 3 Vice-I resident Secretary Treasurer Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Membership Committee . Social Committee . Finance Committee Athletic Committee House Committee . Music Committee . . Religious Life Committee Advertising Committee . Sunday Afternoon Committee. REV. R, W. NlERRIl'IliI.D How,-mn G. Bkowxsox C. E. WICKERSHAM . . ETIIEI. ll.-XLI. . HARoLn B. PROUT . D. R. PA1.MQL'1s'1' . Louisa PARKS C. E. VVICKERSHAM . . I. P. VVILEY . J. R. FUGARO . EDITH Lieoxakn . H. R. STANFORD . W. H. BEYER F. C. KEELER GUII.ID PIOUSE-IOO2 S. Sixth Street, Champaign, Ill. fw1tl'.Y8d is 114' who shows hir frat pin ta llze Ag Faculty. 323 5 THE1909IT-L10 nf Ihr Hninrrniig nf Jllinnis II rigrnrg nnnig Gllnh , President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer J. E. ACIQERT H. C. BECK IE. F. BLAKESLIQE B. A. BRACKINBURY R. BREITENFELD J. W. CAIRNS G. D. CAIRNS II. S. CASH R. D. CI.ow W. R. DIENER O. M. EASTAIAN J. G. FILLMORE C. VV. GROYES iVIRS. C. W. Guovrs PAULINE Gizovrzs H. C. GILKERSON EDITH I. HAf1'm'H N. W. HIQPBURN NIAYME IIUTCIIINSON G. II. .IOHNSUN OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester MEMBERS . J. VV. CAIRNS . . J. E. ACKERT . Miss K. RENICH . R. NIIIAN . II. W. STEWART . B. A. BRACKINBURY . M.xYMR HUTCHINSON . . R. E. NIHAN J. F. M.xc:lcEY Ii. B. MEGRAN R. E. NIII.XN IC. S. PETERSON AMANDA RENIFH ii.-XTIIERINE RENICH R. J. SHIELDS I.. Ii. SMITH R. H. STEVVART MRS, R. II. STEYVART H. W. STEWART CQRACE E. STEVENS T. R. STROBRIDGE EVELYN VIYITCOMB L. B. TOOKER C. L. 'FRYON I.. M. xV.XKEI.l'1Y VV. ART WAL1.,xf'E VV. VVENIKOLZ 1.. D. VVILSON "Thu Caflcgn lVidrmfe1f."-VAN DllIiEN. 324 mr- HJ. EI N JO ,XTIXEIII3 N ,KJ X ELYIJ lk Z nv LIL: .KQIDNIUAX l ,- rx. 7 7 7 ni qzqunqg IS q:m:H 'H U Ax 0 qrmguapl qwxrg C E. if 4 fi 7 ri 1 ,. G. FI 2 E. ft -1 A K , '4 llnfflfrv THF-31909IL1-10 I-HIL.: EM mum mm NUDE I I I ijnuaehnlh Svrivnrr Glluh OFFICERS AGNES HUNT . . . . . President J BESS NUCIQOLLS Vice-President EVA M. BENEFIEI. . . Secretary OLIVE PERCIVAL . . . Treasurer MEMBERS STELLA IIUTSUN IWABEI, LEAKE ZELMA EELLS RUTH BEROLZHEIMER LEILA IIOLLAND MARGARET IIERDMAY JESSIE RAMBO FLORENCE ANDERSON GRACTE EwINc: FLORENCE HARRISON IIILDA STRAUCII LUCILE E. ICAYS CORA VAN GALDER NORA DUNLAP ALICE F. SEIIIER CHARLOTTE NYDEGG,AR CLARA STRAUCH BESS DILLON MRS. NEI.LIE WAUGHTEL NIARY JANE CASE LEONA B. GAlZRE'1"I' NIYRTLE NICCAIN IRMA BOSTON f:ERTRUDE E. LEE , NELLE SVVARTZ CAROLYN BUSEY HAZEI, BERG NIYRTLE KIALKBRENNER JULIA BUSH MARY HOWE IWABEI, NICCONOUGHY Honorary Members MISS BEVIER MISS frIBBS MISS MORROW MISS USHER MISS KOLIIULTK MISS I'INr3OMIs "J mnuilz lm fan whispw' in his own earf'--HAYWARIJ. ' 326 X J "FEV uH3snuH HIYIQ SIUXHIDS Ll'I THE1909ILLI0 EE I U fsniziz 0,0 O E X K ' n um: Q ,.,. . rf fkg gsy . I g 0 5 , T T 1 .y CT, 1 Q, Q' V ,rf 5 ' ,V X i as - ga g F A X J 2 X OFFICERS V. B. Ijl'flXN . . . . . . . President li. Ii. FREY . . . . Secretary :md Treasurer MEMBERS II. C. Zlxr' I.. H. Iilildlllili S. S. Ifrnxfillmvs il. L. Rumi xs lf. G1N.xr'HIo xl. E. IWURRIS DI. K. I"fas'r1a14 A. L. 'l'L71.1. II, B. NIEGRAN II. C. vVII.I.I.XMS R. O. f'0Ml"l'0N In S111 vsux The zwvrffi wi!! FUIIIL' fo 1111 ami :uhm lfdfwizz fft7'Ti'l? 510125, amz' Ray lX,f?lIl1tll'kf?V slarlx ialking, 328 1- -- l .KJJSNVA YID ONIDX Vi A V., I3 ? G N IT 7 -. C I EE R.. gr 'fs V1 I x 1 X:-1 CF: 'IT' , 4 5. 5 VL :Z Z 5 -1: Z, W -. G-c 3:1 'EE --. . ,ri THE19091L1-I0 Y., ,f..E1??f J ?: S ...... . fJe' - "+.g5iNFY- ZZ? ff E 'if X F ' ff V ffff' '24 'L '-K2 - Y , W x xx 'N . ' ,f " - .-. i xx N L, f 17, QE V5-iii.: -6 2 U 5. W' 5' . 'jf , fi g 5:41 f 2. J gLQX : 1 Q X X E K ff OFFICERS PAU L W. ATWQOD . . . President I.. GARDINER .... Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS P. W. A'1'W'0OD L. GARDINFI J. T. HANLEY M. R. HAVNES J. H. LINN C. W. NIALCOLM - J. J. RICIIEY VV. C. 'IWAYLOR H. W. WYANNEMAN L. J. WASHBURN R. F. WHEN "Paw give me zz nifkel, I wan! fo be laugh."-JESS fiARRIS. 330 GITJX VHO I-LTIH CIXV I 15 SNIDXVI 'I HH um u H Xaqag 101501 Jaugpmg poomlv saumzg XQILICH H AX qs umu9uuuA umq IUUIEINI lu THE1909ILL10 ACRYSTLIL DNC INC CLUDN f f -fran., Z! OFFICERS Prusiclclmt . . Y .. . XICC-1,I'CSlllC'I1l 5t3CI'til1lI'j' '1'TCi1Sl1!'C!' MEMBERS A. l'. Ifriucwkm. A. If. IIITNT lu. A. VFILDEN W. XY. REEVE Il. I". GILS'1'1z.xP Il. F. Axnmasox Ifmxii SIMPSON CT. VV. LOVE tl. R. SHAW' W. S, GENTRY Ii. If. I.INnmt1aG ll. M. 4j1I.STR.XP "Ye Cody, ZIOTC7 1 Hale ffze f70jfS 332 ."-l31f1'1'11 I5oo'rH If X FRANK S1A11'soN VV. W. Rlfil-:ma L. F. fl1l.S'l'R.Xl' H. I f. .XNIHCKSIIN xj xx.f If UNKUNVK 'IVJ.SA?If3 SIH'lfJ sassy! nH uUStI lu ES 1275132-:HH dullsug dcllslggj " PIU. j UQ ' Juaf A J QPUV UOSJ A01 3 -'QQPUVT Z! Mtlqs :l THE190Q ILL 1: Wg dawg 01115715 600 IRWIN W. BACII B. A. TQING . CH.Is. W. YEFK TRVVIN W. BACII LvI,E IVIERCHON fza 144,-A---Y OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester 10 55.Q '-7 j 5 X .. I . I W 1 TTI . A T5 W . . President Secretary and Treasurer . . President Secretary and Treasurer . . . Assistant Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS CII.xs. W. Yum: G. K. JOIINSQN Lx'I.I: BIERCIIUN C. RUTII ALIIERT ALLEN IRWIN W. BACH H. E. BIQLI. C. TNIAGUIRE R. A. PILLENGER B. A. ICING W. M. ATCNAMEE M. W. BAYSINGER S. KREBS C. XV. JALIES "Bath-house John."-FIQESIIMAN FLANDERS. 334 UXITJXVH EIfJf'I'I'IO3 ELYILJ I E .-:' Lwsllqof USA 31 NI 971 '31 2215113 HV cr 77 71 v 2 ri :r 9 77 H rw m CC' rv v i -1 7'- 5- E E L THE1909 ILLIO K t Ghz Qbngx Qlluh President . Yicc-President Secretary . Treasurer VV . A. F. CONNARII C. L. T. OFFICERS MEMBERS E. NIERRY I. W. MILLER L. P. VVILLERTON XV. D. MARSH , I I5. WEBBER A. D. L. B. ALTEICRUSL . L. E. HIINER T. P. WILLERTON . L. W. BIILLER C. NIILLER C. PATTON B. ALTEIIRUSE E. BIINER C. ROXVDEN S Z na f 4 FT -1 'TJ V C 2 F ,- 4 L1 If 7 E D- ru THE1909IT-L10 OFFICERS S. S. SNVOER . . . . President H. J. PONVERS Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS 22 X B 9 II A T Q lil 1' A S. S. SNYOER W. R. DRENNEN F. W. BOSTON J. H. LINN J. B. MESSICIQ R. F. WRENN . A. HANSON T. I-IARDION W. D. MCADAMS L. E. FISHER . J. POXVERS B. SAVVYER C. P. LEVIS L. R. IQELLY A. J. HAIQIQIS CrARDINER G. D. L. J. WASHBURN F. H. LINDLEY J. WARDAL W. W. L. E. SXVETT F. W. BYERS WAGNER C. W. R. A. LYNCH S. CLEAVINGER H. SCHULZKE W. T. L. E. MARTIN L. JONES E. GARNETT E. E. JONES R. H. RHOADES H. SONNTAC. W. I,ONOHO I am faking a romfse in lowing."-Bess Boothiv joke of the season. SCHQQ CDF' MJEK SC S ff 4-Zwfgt UQ'E h X H ff E 'Gs ff df? ,QA A f X S ss AGE fi' '. 46 S, Wyb O X VV 5.9 1 KJ W1 .eil ey ' X ' H,-5.551 1. L . , 1nr!1I""' N ". za, I W 00 -Q52 QQN 5, 6 ,ll ,,...:ff" X 4 1 ' : gd, 3 F Z ,Wu 4' 2 2 hi xg V j f! . ' .f " ,1' f-?-.f5 g- 1' ,,. Q' 5 ' A I F-L - , , , ' F1 1 4. THE1 909 ILLIO 7 C A - E M. 'I L! ROSTER AI.IIIaIa'r AUSTIN IIAIQIJING, Director R. M. XYAN PETTEN . Business Manager F. M. LESCIIER .... President If. E. HAGIIQ . . Secretary-Treasurer CT. L. XVAGNI-IR .... Librarian A. B. SAWYILR . . . Drum Major Chief Musician, . M. LIcSc'IIEIc Ser',g'Uant.v l'm'jJanzI.v I. F. RIINO F. S. Coma M. H. BIK'NfII.l..fXN . XV. AMES XV. P. RENNI-:R M. 0. GIl3SlJN F. E. IIAGIE VV. S. ROBINSON Instrumentation S010 Clarirzcls Bam l'lari11I'f I-'. M. I.I:sCIII1:I: LT. CAVI. IQQEDEN .irI.v0pfImIL'J A W , CIIIRIS Fnhvl Clawncix IC. MCMILLAN J. R. SIIIITERS W. S. GIlN'1'RX' J. L. BIIIQT S. INIANGAS Sefmzaf Clarifzefx 1,-Zum and 1,1-N020 A. J. ALIIRIQCIIT II. H. SIMMONS II. L. IIxIII.IeY Third Clarinets C.. PEMIIERTON R. E. DoIII3R'I'v Alto-Clarinet O. M. IIENN Tubax j. E. ACKERT A. B. SAWVER Basses M. H. iWICMILI,AN F. D. DANFOIQD Snare Drum I. I. MI-:RSI-ION S. IIANNA Ohm S. Imimmzlc If-flaf f7t17'ilI1'f M. STMIPILI. lffzxsomz C. Com:swEI.I. Hass Drum l3.xCIIM.xNN yi-1'Nlf7tll1i, l1'I'U,sj. aiu. W. AMES Solo Carnal: P. RIQNNI-in B. HENDRICIQS Firx! Corazcls R. H. JIINISS M. O. fiIBS4lX Trzmzjzefs R. R. NVXGNICR j. E. MrvSIM.xN HI1r'1zs Ii. A. I.I:SLII: W. S. RIIBINSIIN A ,Z I ..... N A. RIATIIIS D. .-XBIIIVIT Twfmlxollcx F. RENII BIQILITI1 N IfuI.II H. Cm-1 M. VAN PE'I"I'EN Baritonfs E. H.xf:II1 L. WMINEII 1 4 i 1 if 1 r 'E ," 'H . -1 v-4 F1 --4 W P Z -4 V I THE19o91LL10 I - ' H L W..-I ' Z f f Q - 1 D W' Z . I Q I 'AA-0:9 ' xx IV ' :rL1f.::. . I :I . :.x,:1..:. . ,. 6... ' . Ll Illl ' ' . . I I 1':f:i:5:II f- Ill 1 . . .. . 1 . . I" 1-::':::"' S ' I I IIQ1.::g. xx, ..-,7 ' P x RTQSNERHRI ' N Q. I. H. C1021-ixlli. 'OS . . . . Business BIHTICIQCI' VY. XV. DAY, 'IO . . . Assistant Manager V. W. NI1'1c1.1.1:R. '10 . . . . Assistant NIZITIRQCI' GLEE CLUB EI. S. C1.11.n'1x01-211, '00 . . . . . Leacler KI. G. S1c1:1,x'. '00 . . . . . . Accorulmnisf l'11'.ff 7'.'11111'.v .S'.'1'1111J Y'1'1m1's lf11r1'l11111'.v lf415,w.v S. IC. W11.1Q1Ns0x. '08 I", IJ. IJ.1N1f01111. 700 R. II, W'.x'1's0A, Alla., ,IO IQ. A. LVNIJ11, '08 I. I. XY.XI.I.ICI7llXI. '00 C. W. RI1jE1.1.1c1:. ,IO -I. Ii. NIOSIXI xx, .IO Ii. L. II.x1,1., '08 I. R. l'1l'IJ.XIiIJ, '00 II. WT. Xfxxxl-:x111N. A08 If. A. Wfxlum, ,IO I. II. G1:1s1:x1-1, I08 Il. N. g'I'HI.I -II DI. S. L'1.1a.x1'1x4:1-211. '00 IQ. A. Hxwsox. '00 W. II. I'.xR1Q1x. '00 MANDOLIN CLUB if. I.. Il1'N'1', '00 . .... .... I .under ...Y "Q 4... Fizzvf Jlazzflfrlilzx SLTOIIJ 1Va1za'aZin.v G'11i!1z1'.v A J. II. G111f1nN1c. '08 W. CT. UN111-:1m'1101n, '08 lf. II. A111.1:11111. 'IO I , W. W. IMY. ,IO R. I.. C.11w1PBE1.1., 711 W. C. SNOW, ,IO I J. NI11.1.S. '07 S. IC. VV.x'1"1'S, ,II CQ S. I"111u:1's0N, 7II I I.. M. B1..xff1i, ,II W. II. I'.x1:1c1x, '09 Jlaudola I. H. Cox, '08 - Tfzira' LWamz'oli11 'I'. I-3. I,1cw1s, '08 4 7711113 J. H. MERSHIIN, ,IO Ffute ,X P. S. HANNA, '09 'Cello , - G. C. B.-UQKLEY, ,IO ' "l'11.vf1f Puxfzf flimb! CYZIIIZIIJU 7 lffv My .vfaic wc go "I'11.vf1 .' 1111311 .I Clinzlz TIM 1111131 fum' 7116 X' .' Clz'n1b.f" umm.-'I'11141 SONG OF '11112 A1 1111.1 A1.1f111s. 1 w 1 .J . , I f Y ,- .4 X X, X ,. .. , . ,- gg My .h . -A " , 'Ark' , , 1' A ,.,,-'x.. 1125, . 1?13--Lrepws ff , 451, , ,N 'VM' ., , , .- . . A v ' .J f W V . - .. K 1 , 4 , 1 , af. f - . A -'QW - gui, f QA.-, ' .' e it we ,L 1 ,.x,.,,,,. Y .,,, Inq .,. ,xu s,k 'px af.-,, H 1 I. ' Q- lf., ,N 1 1. i 'r l.-fs' '.z,,, -' ...N ,. sf. . N"ff,'!.-Aj, Q21-' -- - ' -.iwxj -'gf-A X - , K' ' qw,-,j:, .-an ik ,,,, I Q ,Un I. ,,.h,,-55 ,w , . 1 1 ",-1' Pf . Q.-rf - - ', , . .N .,,., ,Q ,,.,,L ,NW 6,0 ,i , I .Lv K .,.,. 1-, . Q - ' , .MJ , ' .Q ' -ve-N1 - A 'L ' '15 133i ' 151.3 rfvj 'fisgi,g, J., .. .few , ,4 ., 4 ' 1,51-,Egg fx lf fQ "x' QU, , 1 D 'XF if ' .,'r.f'Xx , f ' F ZR' ff v 2 xx? , fyvzwxfxf C I 6 N Gy xfmgxfx 1 1 Q xyfsjxj, Wu.. lyk IV uenwv' D01 5421165 ff t 7' -L , tn . -f' .yn Ja ' H?-.2 Q 5 ' , A NW ' Wx X I t fi: '4 Y 5-'-"Z-f,,1'?-F1ggi?-i ' -. 1. ' ' ,. X .- 5,5 ' ' A V ' Jae .IE f" Ei?-55,1112 I Eygf ,FS r X M X ' i yflgu-' 525555: ' ""L!gr:ii::E ,W X' AX X R N mum? ? 1 A ,T Mic, e-75 rg filafff 5. 1251" , A H1 L4 , E - A ' 9 I ' I xl EMA V THE 19091111-10 I I 'hr Qlahvt livgimrnt Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel . Major Ist Battalion Major 2nd Battalion FIELD AND STAFF Major 3rd Battalion . . . Captain and Regimental Adjutant . . . First Lieutenant and Adjutant Ist Battalion First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Major Major, Major, Major, Color Sergeant Color Sergeant and Acljutant and Adjutant Ist Battalion 2nd Battalion 3rd Battalion Chief Trumpeter . zntl Battalion 3rcl Battalion G. C. OLMSTEAD , F. L. Cool: W. II. SCHIFLZKE . I. C. NI'fZ . I". NI. Iiizvaks II. C. XV1i.1.1.xMs H. E. ERCANBRACK R. A. Co1.I.1Ns R. D. GI,.IS1If7XX' . I.. G. JONES . .X. L NELSON . I". A. IAIRENZ C. PIIELPS I.. R. GIII,I,EY R. j. S'rk.xssER R. L. Ii.x1:mvi:r.L "A full fiedgea' Izrothcr of a gavcrzzmezzf mule." l.EU'I'VVlI.ER. 345 I I .f e I . ,X ' IIGIXOISSIIYINIOIW IGI 91:1 :I 0 S X 4 THE 190911-L10 Olnmptmg lbftirera I I Company Captain . . . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Company Captain . . . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Company Captain . . . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Company Captain . . . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Company Captain . . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Company Captain . . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . UAH A . V. J. BOOTHE . J. P. Sroor . L. II. ALMY UBU . R. H. REGAN H. F. ANDERSON J. K. ICINCAID 4-C.. W. W. PARKER C. C. Iiunmnr R. G. CLINITE .DH H. E. ICAIILERT II. R. CAXVOOD H. E. Asnnowx MEN E. A. XVEBER . H. ZEHNER . H. C. IDEAS 4-Fu A. P. IJUECKEL . F. F. BEEBE Company Captain . . . First Lieutenant . Company Captain . . . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . Company Captain . . . First Lieutenant . Company Captain . . . First Lieutenant R Second Lieutenant . Company Captain . . . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Company Captain . . . First Lieutenant . F. XVHITE Second Lieutenant . Battery First Lieutenant . F. M. SIMPSON Second Lieutenant . . J. H. LINN Signal Detachment Captain . . . V. LAWRENCE First Lieutenant . W. H. PARKIN Second Lieutenant . Ii. B. MURRAY 1 HG., . D. F. GRANT . C. B. LEE G. L. Fossmyn R. H. RIESCHE K. N. VFAITBOT HI., . VV. H. ALMY F. H. LINDLEY HKU J. W. SWARTZ W. Rot:NsEv11,LE . I. W. FISKE ULU E. O. Fukkow J. J. WALLEDOM J. H. SONNTAG ttM,v B. F. 'FUCKER O. H. KIMBALL . G. F. WAY "Jlu.vf of the 071117112111 men in history lmzfe lzvwz diminutivfe in .Yfdfll7'C.M-XVEBB. M'wT i l 4 ll THE19o91LL1o Mm? Ig Enhiuihnal Glnmprtitiue Brill FOR HAZELTON GOLD MEDAL WUN uv L. G. jomas 350 A 7 ": 7 P i THE 190911-L10 First Lieutenan Gunner . . P. J. fr. G. Sergeant . Corporal . Corporal . . R. H. J. lminnvrz Glnmpvtitiur Brilln BATTERY-FOURTH DETACHMENT HILLIPS, Commanding . . A. O. DADY . W. F. BARNETT J. A. COUNTRYMAN . F. K. SHRADER t .... G. D. P L. BARTON C. G. RIPLEY V. IIOUSTON O. G. HIVELY M. ILG J. R. FUGARD A. VANBRUNT C. MCCOOL G. D. CAIRNS Signal Detachment Signalman Privates L. LOGAN II. L. MYEIKS S. IIILL I. E. MORRIS F. TREAKLE Target Squad-Company "G" L. R. BEAR ....... C. W. M UELLER - 43 I. CARPER ....... 39 C. E. CORRING'rON 40 C. S. IJEISLAR . 39 S. A. STINSON . 40 201 POSSIBLE SCORE 250 COMPANY COMPETITIVE Won by Company "M" Captain . . . ..... , F. H. WHITE, Commanding First Lieutenant . . . . . . V. H. BOOTHE Second Lieutenant . . . . . . L, H. HAZARD Sergeants H. R. CAVVOOD H, ZEARING F. H. LINDLEY S. WILSON Corporals W. H. CAMERON E. L. HASTINGS S. G. CUTLER J. A. ROBER'F C. E. RAMSER Lance Corporals H. E. BENNETT G, R, MASON L. R. HUBBARD M. J. OVERHOLSER A. O. W. LOUCOMP O. RIVES Sophomore Privates W. H. BEYRER L. S. DANCEY J. J. MILLER W. J. RUSSELL P. BURKE J. D. FROELICH C. B. RICHARDSON S. M. THOMPSON M. E. CRAIG B. L. JONES G. L. ROBBINS Freshman Privates G. ARGENBRIGHT A. S. ARGUELLES I. J. BERKEMA G. T. BOND E. C. BULLOCK H. M. BUSSEY H. J. CARLSON W. E. EAST P. JERVIS R. B. LATHROP R. C. LIVINGSTON . S. GOODENOITGH C. B. MAUTZ W. R. MORSE J. P. MORE E. E. NICHOLAS C. E. POTTER S. GALLARDO R. GARRE1'T E. A. GROXY'EG A W. M. IIASKELL J. A. HOLLAND A. E. HOVDA O. H. HUNTLEY C. R. WOODIN G. W. SCHOEFFEL M. SCIIOLES F. M. TAYLOR R. G. VANDOREN P. VANDUYN D. M. WEST F. H. WILLIAMS T. P. WILLERTON "Blessings on him wha invented sleep."-COYLE AND HARDWVICK. W ANVJWO9 iJ ,.,,,-7, VW VY... .. ,.,-. -,,,,,......... Y-7. .-v. Y.v.-v-.ww ..v..f,,., -v-' W.--wr. r ---W -V - ---v w -W---mf -.Y-v-1----v-.-1-v-71,T.r.'-,w-,,,N'vf-fm-fwwpv-Q-v1- LL' M.. -....,......'..l,.. L, J QL-g,..,,.,. .. ,f....4,..- 1 PUBLICATQ NS i 1 I Q ,fi jp? , H ff, "'27'.'lfz, , aff-ji, ll., ,if ,f 1 'Z Wgzgiigf fagwyff P J 400 -v W, 1- x pmm'M? ' Kxvvgf HW- .0 R50 ,QQ-6 .. Y, ,. ,Ji 'fm ,- :fif -12231 137245 my 1 'Nz 'ix 11 4f'fifF742' 1' ,wx ffggiagqgf 'Qfg-,lp I ff2QgxffaE?mE? bff ff , 9 f f' . ---' ' L . Wy, ,fd 41 , . J, , .54 K' ,. "" 's Z M 1.I Qn51f!!m fff -E x 'ff' rf! 1 Yi lf Y 5 - fu ,X f' I f if Li -I I ' f I V f ' 6 f if , - " S19 ' of 'ZW -, Q A if 4J THE19o9ILLIO EEEQEQ 415 ll. NI. R XII.5I:,xf'Ii . . Iidihlr-in-l'hicl XV. XY. NI XY . . . Uuwincss 3IZlIHlQ.ft'Y' tl S. ll1"1'l.1ck , ,'xSSiSl21I1I lfllillll I'. lf. I'1qmf:l11, P A D F II C. T XY Ci Stal? W. liowmx Ihqrxn mx-1 S. Iluluux C. RAINEY Au Z1 T Ii. Illclcsllm' lI.II.x1c1i1NS W. 5.XML'Iil.S C. 1fX'1"I'IlIiXYS IC. limi ru Iixxzrilc x Jxrlispw I.ol'1n1L l'1cI.1.1sxs 356 . .Xrt lfrlitnr N-.,v ,Q Af., , MK fr, -1,ff1f'n,.,-v -Q fs 1,4 :,-A, W 1 v ff' Wwuvff' THE1909ILL10 4 O . up f' fix . . I f. f , r 4 W R9 fl s lim. Q I lln.Q f Hgllk. 'ilu 155: 52: li-1 r r 1 E!! i i::: 4 ll f Ez: 1 'ee s-lei "" Jung - use pr OFFICERS A. QT. ll xixiis . . . . . . litlitor R. l'l,SllliRIl1'l4' . Ilusiness Mrmuger A. ll. lJ.xE1I1.r:n . Assistant 1-Qtlitor C. H. ll.xRi41Ns ..,,. . Managing Editor A. A. ljAEHI,lCR . . . . . . Circulation Nlunnger A EDITORIAL STAFF- College of Engineering College of Literature and Arts J. M. l5.x'1'mr.xx , Chief Reporter j. P. lll"I'l.l'1R . . Chief Reporter S. G. l'I'T1.l-:it . . . Reporter J. Y. Mf'lx'l'i'iuc . . Reporter I.. A. llrxisick. . . Reporter lf. li. NY.xm'xsr:1c . . Reporter College of Science College of Agriculture jourx Al1Iilil'TR . . Chief Reporter F. E. l'IN14r:lu'oN . . Reporter 0. C. S'rANm:r:R . Reporter Il. Siiriiix . Reporter College of Law C. R. Iiiiwizx' . .... . Reporter Athletics XV. C. GR.-xN'r . . . . . Track Reporter T. IC. HILL , . . . . Football Reporter Music School I. XV. IMCH . . .... . . Reporter M. V1f"1'0RI.x BR0I'4:H.x1x NINA VVEINISERG . 1'lI,IZABE'1'II A1sB0'r'r . VV. M. AICKTABIEE . W. M. GLENN . IQARL lDALI.ENliAL'lI . C. 0. Gxkoixicrz C. S. l51"rI.E1a . . li. S. l'1cxxr1n.xi4E1c . L. Lf l'IvE1ui.xR'1' . I General Staff . . . . NVon1en's Fraternity Reporter Assistant Assistant Reporter . . . . . Czirtoonist . . . . . Cnrtoonist Business Stal? . . . . Assistant Business . . . . . Advertising Assistant Circulation . , . . Assistant Business U0 pij77u."-lJ1f:n'i:Y. Klan ager Manager Manager Hrmnger -if 3? xl 4 i' 1 Ebe Daily Illini. Wlixxwxs M TIL!-l!.lh.lY!N ixlllllihfl' --Q--,MMM --..v....x. ... ........,. 35 l we Q 'Y 5-L m VIIDUXIISI. QIQLASEQMM A..-.Mu M, DK nur' ou 5' 1:12 W fi Q:-?3f1if9'iA:, ,M ,.,.l,, .ll xt 4- V Y V THE 19091141110 fr A H - , E M e - f ,Nfl A ii i X 1 ,nl .Q w v:n-- I Q -5 5 -it it I f' GD , 'K r i X, W f el I z , ' .ggfmwrf fb MQMNN I7 K X ' C I J ' Hari Davis L C I. W if. c. E. F. H. J. li. C. C. R. ju B. LRE . M. Evmlm . . Z. Iinxmtii . I.. SToL1'1' . P. MII.l.s . J. Tuomlsox . E. Hosicixs . VV. STEWART . V, BOPP . . M. IJ. Bkixmii-tk . J. ROBINSON . E. Duksr . R. SEYMOUR . SSE RAMBO . STAFF . . . . Editor . Editor, Jan.-June, IQO7 . . Business Manager . . . Associate Editor . Assistant Business Manager . Circulation Manager . General Agriculture Animal Husbandry . . Agromomy . Farm Mechanics . . Diary . Horticulture . , . Alumni . Household Science "A man of wide acquahzfaazce in Ihe city."-HARRY DICK. 360 V-1 n-4 'T' P 'T .,, '73 C V1 .4 A Z W ZR P 'Tl fi E 7 Z5 7 A "ms, 52 1 X :-3 Q 7- C C if S E I 2 5 ? C 2 l ull THE1909 ILLIO 3 I I Vx l 1 1 lv! , Zyl TW? Q! finif V' - mr 'WANT f A Q 'ff t ' 6 Nw! f 4. 2, , S L. ' I ' , j f' 7 f 2 t y f WTF Officers S. tl. l'l"II.IER. '08, tlli. . . . . Editor-in-Chief Flililk 'I'l-1lmlI.I., '08, M.lC. . . Business Manager KI. IS. f'l,ICYICI.XNlW, '08, Ai-eh. . . . . Associate Iirlitor R. V. XYi1:xHR. '00, CIC. ...... Assistant Business Manager Publication Committee J. A. Nui xi xx. '08, 15.12 ..... . President li. li. Hrissil. '08 A. tl Yielirlxns. '04, , MJ.. . . ,1-.1.. . . . Vice-President . . Secretary T. R. Howsisli. '08, C. IC. E. T. INGOLD, '09, M.E IZ. M. Bi:.xc'H, '00, 15.12. V. G1I.LESI'IE, 708, Arch. XV. V. IJUICRR, ioq, Arch. Advisory Board I'1c0if. I. U. Bikram . . . . Civil Engineering l'k01f. J. t'. VFIHJRIWC Mechanical Engineering l'1:0lf'. I. M. Bkiixx 1' . lilectrienl Engineering Pimr. Amxm AYlCI.l.S . . Architecture .411 ,f1ff1I4'I4'! Hy Ike gudx, all alhfelcf-HURROUGIIS. 362 'I' e -s Q : Z Q .. z Z -Z1 H- I C sf 2 - ., 1 C' F 52. -E :zr ra o I 2 'JT C Z 'fi :G C rw 4 Q ri AA H38 IH .la Llsll Qgdsan 7'U5IVl9.X 4 THE19o9ILL10 ll cribbler fllagazine MEMBERS Editor . . . . . . Miss M. Y. Iikoiiclun 1 Assistant Editor . . . E. C. RAINEY Business Manager . . I. D SOU'rHwIrrK STAFF Miss ADEL.xIm1: CiRAIIAM VI, M. Ii.xTEMAx Miss BIIRIAM GERLACH I. P. BL'rI.E1: "il lfaifzuy day."-l1,1.1NI lC1,1cr7'r1oN. 364 'vf' , N , .. F MV If f ... C I 4 4 N . l I ,-K .Z X .. i, -a I 1 " f' -. ., V ,.k.ufr' , 2' JST", ' -z 4' J, ' ' ,. fgfxff! , .. V K V ' fp? r,,ZN,k..1 -' K ' ' ' I - ,, --,.v . E,-.ll Q J. vii,-I ,?1,'?y-ESQ: A . ff ., .x an .V - . Ng .4 .43-1' 3' , mr.,-1 . ,Y A. 1 X ,Aww ,mtv , , K QM' .M . A , .5 1 1 me ,- 1 T3 f ' - r-x . . - m .1 'YUM' '- A' -"af-HUA. V, 1 1 , wg '. -w. ,. I J' ' . ',,' S .L,1. X " ,M 4 v I , ' 1 THE19o91LL10 9' iliraternitira In order of their establishment at the University of Illinois Delta Tau Delta . Sigma Chi . . . . Kappa Sigma . . . Phi Kappa Sigma . . . Phi Delta Theta . . Alpha Tau Omega . . . Phi Gamma Delta . . . Pi Theta . . Aztec . . Comus . . Oax . . . . . Eos . SOCIAL 1872 Sigma Alpha Epsilon . 1881 lieta Theta Pi . . 1891 Sigma Nu. . . 1892 Phi Kappa Psi . . . 1894 Delta Kappa Epsilon . 1895 Delta Upsilon . . l8q7 Acacia . . . Local 1903 Tau Lambda . . 1904 Chi Beta . . 1905 llus . . 1905 Onyx . . . . .1907 Sororities Kappa Alpha Theta . . 1895 Chi Omaga . Pi Beta Phi .... . 1895 Delta Gamma . Kappa Kappa Sigma . . 1899 Alpha Xi Delta . . Alpha Chi Omega . . 1899 Sigma Kappa . . Local Phi Delta Psi Cjunior Sororityj . . . 1900 Yo Ma QSoph0m0re Sorority . ' Alpha Alpha . . ...... 1907 Professional Tau Beta Pi fEngineerir1gj . . . , 1897 Alpha Zeta CAgriculturalj . Phi Lambda Upsilon CChemicalj . . 1899 Phi Alpha Delta CLawD . . . Phi Delta Phi Qlaawj ..... . 1901 Sigma Xi CScientificj .... Theta Kappa NuiCLawj . . . 1902 Delta Rho Simga QAgriculturalj lflta Kappa Nu Clingineeringj . . . 1904 Phi Chi CGermanQ . . .. . Delta Sigma Rho COratoricalj . . 1906 Phi Beta Kappa . . Medical Nu Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Rho Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Alpha Kappa Kappa Alpha Epsilon Iota Alpha Omega Alpha Dental 1 Xi Psi Phi Delta Sigma Delta Psi Uniega 1898 1902 1902 1904 1904 1905 1900 1906 1907 1907 1907 1 900 190 5 1906 1906 IQOQ' 1 902 1 904 1904 1 906 1906 190 7 l.l.i.km4 DTN 1 l l l 4 l 1 1 T HE 1909 ILLIO SIGMA CHI Kappa Kappa Chapter Established May 31, 1881 Re-established December 22, 1891 Fratres in Urbe VVILLIAINI A. I-IEATII CIIARLES A. IQILER IQOBERT D. BURNIIAINI XVILLIAM I. ROYSIJON C. W. RICHARDS ROY GRIFFIN F. W. WOODY RI-xv. GEORGE C. MOOIQE CLYDE M. MATI-IEWS ROYAL VVRIGHT F. T. CARSON FRED D. RUGG J. F. SPERRY .GEO. BI. M.x'I'TIs Fratres in Facultate IEIIWARD HEU SE DAVID II. CARNAHAN DI:uI.EY O. MCGOX'NEY Fratres in Universitate Seniors J. B. CABANIS S. S. SNYDER II. V. JUUI. Juniors P. -SINNOCK II. F. MORRISON R. S. HALE 'W. W. IRWIN J. B. MESSICIQ H. C. LIBBY ' K. K. KIEDAISCII Sophomores II. T. BROWN G. D. MANN C. BULLOCK F. MCADOW J. SELLARDS C. P. LEVIS D. RUGG T. ITUSKINS R. LEACH FXYESILWIEIZ N. B. SCOTT C. F. IDYER B. BARTLETT C. W. CRARY C. JONES W. D. MCADAMS P. R. SESLER C. BEALL VV. IIERRICK Colors-Blue and Gold Flgwgy-.-White Iloge II M" VWUIS UID 911 :pgu '1 f- 7 E CL v Auol' If H 5 1? nz. 2 fm -, U 7 ,.. L z S lu xlwlltuag NI N591 fill! 3 LT 5 -1 fu 71 E. 5. Q. s 1 G' THE1909 ILLIO SIGMA CHI Founded at Miami University 1855 Roll of Chapters Active Alpha Miami University Alpha Xi University of Kansas Beta University of Wooster Alpha Omicron Tulane University Gamma Ohio Wesleyan University Alpha Pi Albion College Epsilon Columbia University Alpha Rho Lehigh University Zeta Washington and Lee University Alpha Sigma University of Minnesota Eta University of Mississippi Alpha Upsilon University of Southern California Theta Pennsylvania College Alpha Phi Cornell University Kappa Bucknell University Alpha Chi Pennsylvania State College Lambda Indiana University Alpha Psi Vanderbilt University Mu Denison University Alpha Omega Leland Stanford Jr. University Xi De Pauw University Delta Delta Purdue University Omicron Dickinson College Zeta Zeta Central University Rho Butler College Zeta Psi University of Cincinnati Phi Lafayette College Eta Eta Dartmouth College Chi Hanover College Theta Theta University of Michigan Psi University of Virginia Kappa Kappa University of Illinois Omega Northwestern University Lambda Lambda Kentucky State College Alpha Alpha Hobart College Mu Mu West Virginia University Alpha Beta University of California Nu Nu Columbia University Alpha Gamma Ohio State University Xi Xi University of Missouri Alpha Eta University of Iowa Omicron Omicron University of Chicago Alpha Epsilon University of Nebraska Rho Rho University of Maine Alpha Theta Mass. Institute of Technology Phi Phi University of Pennsylvania Alpha Zeta Beloit College Tau Tau Washington University Alpha Iota Illinois Wesleyan University Psi Psi Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y Alpha Lambda University of Wisconsin Beta Gamma Colorado College Alpha Nu University of Texas Omega Omega University of Arkansas Beta Delta University of Montana Alumni New York Boston Baltimore Detroit Louisville Phoenix Chicago St. Paul Bloomington Hamilton Manila, P. I, San Francisco New Orleans Minneapolis Charleston Harrisburg Memphis Springlielcl Pittsburg Denver Cincinnati Indianapolis Nashville St. Louis Milwaukee Kansas City Cleveland Lincoln Peoria Toledo V Atlanta Columbus Los Angeles Philadelphia WVashington IV Xen X ork Nan lrancisco l hiladelphia Nlilvx 'lultee BEEN THE 19091141110 DELTA TAU DELTA Established 1859 at Bethany College Grand Division of the South Lambda Xanderbilt University Beta Theta University of the South Lniversity of Mississippi Beta Iota University of Xirginia W ashington and Lee University Beta Xi Tulane University Gamma Eta George XVashington University l'et1 Epsilon Imery College Gamma Iota-University of Texas Grand Division of the West Omicron Beta Gamma Beta Eta Beta Kappa Beta Pi Beta Rho Beta Tau Beta Upsilon Beta Omega Gamma Alpha Gamma Beta Gamma Theta Gamma Kappa Nu Grand Beta Delta Epsilon Zeta Kappa Mu Chi Beta Alpha Beta Beta Beta Zeta Beta Phi Beta Psi tiamma Delta Gamma. Lambda University of Iowa University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota University of Colorado Northwestern University Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of Nebraska University of Illinois University of California University of Chicago Armour Institute of Technology Baker University University of Missouri LaFayette University Division of the North Ohio University University of Michigan Albion College Adelbert College Hillsdale College Ohio Wesleyan University Kenyon College Indiana University DePauw University University of Indianapolis Ohio State University Wabash College West Virginia University Purdue University Grand Division of the East Alpha Gamma Upsilon Rho Omega Beta Lambda Beta Mu Beta Nu Beta Omicron Beta Chi Gamma Gamma Gamma Epsilon Gamma Zeta Allegheny College Washington and -Ieiierson College Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Stevens Institute of Technology University of Pennsylvania Lehigh University Tufts College Mass. Institute of Technology Cornell University , Brown University Dartmouth College Columbia University VVesleyan University Alumni Chapters Indianapolis Twin City Cleveland Jackson Toledo Pittsburg Cincinnati Richmond Atlanta New Orleans Detroit St. Louis Association of Far East, Manila, P. I. Boston THE1909ILLIO DELTA TAU DELTA Beta Upsilon Chapter DR. CHARLES B. TAY JUDGE C. C. STALEY DR. VV. F. BURRES BERTRABI C. NELSON C. BIAXIMILIAN APP ROYAL A. STIPES ' EUGENE DAVENPORT, EDGAR J. TOVVNSEND, IRA VO. BAKER, C.E. Established 1872 Fratres in Urbe LUR Fratres M.AGR. PH.D. PERRY BARKER LOUIS M. TOIIIN ARTHUR G. STEVENSON REV. CHRIS. GALEENER WILBIJR GYXLEENER EDXVARD E. CHESTER in Facultate GEORGE F. SCHWARTZ, M.B. FRANK SMITH, A.M. CHESTER FORSYTHE Fratres in Universitate ROGER D. MARSDEN, B H Active Chapter Seniors JAMES M. VVARNER THOMAS B. LEWIS ROBERT S. ARTHUR HENRY H. ZIESING JAMES R. STALKER Juniors WILLIS S. ROBINSON JAMES H. MITCHELL OTIS G. NVHITEHEAD GORDON H. MABIN RALPI-I O. BECK RAYMOND R. SMITH Sophomores JESSE F. TREAKLE ROBERT D. RAY CLARENCE W. NIUELLER PIARRY W. STEADMAN NORMAN B. PAULSON ALONZO B. GALBRAITH WILLIAM M. MCNAMEE Freshmen HARRY C. BEERS ROY B. CASSINGHAM GEORGE E. RALIEY JOHN D. FRAZEE C. FOXVLER REEVES MADDRA J. HEWLETT CURTIS .SEYMOUR KENNET1i G. FRASER DANIEL CONNELI. BENJAMIN J. WILSON XVALTER D. DOMBROYVSKI Pledge: PAUL BROWN J. FOSTER MORREl.I. Colors-PURPI.E, W1-II'1E AND GOLD FNZOTUEY-PANSY VI E P P ,- .4 v 'T' X jf Z 7 E ,- 59 :vu .fr E :- :. LL E 41 fi 5 '11 -1 P 73 1: ru V -1 lv 3. :r F: Q f SEA UJBAA Z Ja Q. L. :E If nw K4 E f P.: 7 5- n 71 v E rv N ,- 'J' '1 'L Ev rt I' H F5 Lv F ru 7 3 Z rt -1 O i 2 7 G : 1: V v H il 5 SQAQQH H alma 6: -1 :mg Q1 99213131 II N .mrloolg THE 1909 ILLIO KAPPA SIGMA Psi Alpha Rho Beta Kappa Gamma Epsilon Gamma Delta Alpha Lambda Gamma Eta Beta Alpha Alpha Kappa Gamma Zeta Pi Alpha Delta Alpha Epsilon Alpha Phi Beta Delta Beta Iota Beta Pi Alpha Alpha Zeta Alpha Eta Eta Mu Nu Upsilon Beta Beta Delta Eta Prime Alpha Mu Alpha Nu Beta Upsilon Alpha Beta Alpha Tau Beta Lambda Beta Beta Eta Theta Kappa Lambda Phi Omega Alpha Theta Founded 1867 Chapter Roll District I University of Maine Bowdoin College New Hampshire College Dartmouth College Massachusetts State College University of Vermont Harvard University Brown University District II Cornell University New York .University Swarthmore College Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania Bucknell University Washington and Jefferson College Lehigh University Dickinson College District III University of Maryland University of Virginia George Washington University Randolph-Macon College Washington and Lee University William and Mary College Hampden-Sidney College Richmond College District IV Davidson College Trinity College University of North Carolina VVoliord College North Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical College District V I Mercer University Georgia School of Technology University of Georgia University of Alabama . Alabama Polytechnic University District VI Cumberland University Vanderbilt University University of Tennessee Southwestern Presbyterian University University of the South Southwestern Baptist University Vlll LA., THE 19o9ILL1o 3656 KAPPA SIGMA-Continued Alpha Sigma Beta Theta Beta Delta Beta Nu Alpha Zeta Chi Alpha Phi Beta Theta Alpha Gamma Alpha Chi Gamma Beta Beta Epsilon Beta Mu Beta Rho Alpha Psi Alpha Omega Beta Gamma Beta Sigma Beta Chi Beta Theta Xi Alpha Upsilon Gamma Sigma Iota Theta Beta Omicron Beta Omega Gamma Gamma Beta Zeta Beta Xi Beta Psi Gamma Alpha Gamma Theta District VII Ohio State University Case School of Applied Science Washington and Jefferson College Kentucky State College District VII I University of Michigan Purdue University Wabash College University of Indiana University of Illinois Lake Forest College University of Chicago University of VVisconsin District I X University of Minnesota University of Iowa University of Nebraska District X WVilliam Jewell College Missouri State University Washington University Missouri School of Mines Baker University University of Arkansas District XI Millsaps College Louisiana State University Tulane University Southwestern University University of Texas District X II University of Denver Colorado College Colorado School of Mines District XI II Leland Stanford University Unive1'sity of California District XIV University of VVashington University of Oregon University of Idaho IX 1 THE 1909 ILLIO KAPPA SIGMA Alpha Gamma Chapter Established May 31, 1881 Re-established December 22, 1891 Fratres in Urbc FAV MORRISSEY G. A. I-IIIFF ALBERT STERN VVALTER STERN I. D. WIIITE WIIIJTER RILEY JOHN R. TREVETT DAN MOIQRISSEY, IR. SEELY GIYLICIQ VVM. H. NIONIER BERT SPAULDING IVEXVTON HARRIS J. H. NIONIER Fratres in Universitate Seniors C. J. BIOYNIHAN R. A. GRAHAM E. A. GRUBEI, O. A. DICKE I. MCMILLS Juniors F. GOOIISPEED H. H. BIEGR.-KN R. R. BOOKwAI.TER F. E. NEWLIN R. C. If'I:f:ARD Q J. W. PIARRIS G, G. KEEI.ER Saplzanzores P. W. ARMSTPONG Q J. E. IVICNIILLAN G. C. BARKLFY N. L. GOODSPEED H. H. PETERSON R. C HARRIS Freshmen A. M. SAXE W. H. FEALLOCK R. H. VVILKINS F. C. MOHI.MAN F. VVAGNER L. SYVIGART W. J. LINIISEY G. R. C. GREINER E. O. E. FAXON Pledges W. D. NORFOLIQ J. G. SMITH X .LIYTI Y VIYUIS ff- 7- ri C. E' 1 7: C LL 1 C' F 1 Fr 2 fr -1 'P : 5 71 7 - 9 f 1 E rt Z E 1121 ,PKI 9 ww lntlull. 12130 N ll E. rr x THE 1909 ILL IO PHI KAPPA SIGMA Rho Chapter Established 1892 Fratres in Urbe F. S. Boccs R. E. WELLS A. IIICCLENNON Fratres in Universitate A. R. CRATIIORNE Seniors W B. WARDER H. C. BROXVN C. I. HOGUE J. G. ELLIOT Juniors F. D. Yom' R. M. CABEEN N. C. ELL1o'r R. D. PERRING W. J. RUSSELL Sophomores C. B. WVISSING M. T FUESSLE R. A. G1z.xN'r C. H DAVIS G. N. CARLISLE VV. A SHIRK C. W. LovE Freshmen J. H. BRANEN W. II. WYETH W A. S.Axw'1'ELL L. M. RUSSELL J. D. MCCOIKD R. O. LOUDON J. A. SCANLAN S. E. WATTS J. R. SHIRK Pledged Z. C. FORBES Colors-Black and Gold Flower-Fleur de Lis ii- IHJ VJJVTI VIAIOIS ,. wx wus in -Uma 2112 IH -Iawffm 1051111 'f vm IIJQXAX lllZIUUUS IOSSHN 'AA IIZJQMIZS LIOPUO I IQSSHN ' 1 'IUUJ uaumgl 9I5H,uzfj a uv! HLQSSEAA uasqvtfj saqxokq QISSQWI Pwovw fi-H141 wus 'H wum 'O 'N l!J ffl SRQQEQW THE1909ILLIO maxim PHI KAPPA SIGMA Founded at University of Pennsylvania 1850 Alpha Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Mu Rho Tau Iota Upsilon Phi Psi Alpha Alpha Alpha Gamma Alpha Delta Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta Alpha Theta Alpha Iota Alpha Kappa Alpha Lambda Alpha Mu Alpha Nu Roll of Chapters Active University of Pennsylvania Washington and Jefferson College Dickinson College Franklin and Marshall College University of Virginia Tulane University University of Illinois Randolph-Macon College University of Columbia Northwestern University Richmond College Pennsylvania State College VVashington and I,ee University University of VVest Virginia University of Maine Armour Institute of Technology University of Maryland University of VVisconsin Vanderbilt University University of Alabama University of California Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology Georgia Institute of Technology Alpha Xi Purdue University Alpha Omicron University of Michigan Alpha Pi University of Chicago Alumni Chapters Philadelphia Chicago New Orleans Richmond Pittsburg New York Baltimore XIV l ,xy THE19o91LL1o PHI DELTA THETA Founded at Miami University 1848 Roll of Chapters Alpha Province McGill University Dartmouth College NVilliams College Brown University Union University Syracuse University Pennsylvania College Allegheny College University of Pennsylvania Colby College University of Vermont Amherst College Cornell University Columbia University Lafayette College VVashington and Jefferson Dickinson College Lehigh University Pennsylvania State College Beta Province University of Virginia Randolph-Macon College College XVashington and Lee University University of North Carolina Gamma Province Central University Vanderbilt University Kentucky State College University of the South Delta Province Miami University Ohio University Case School of Applied Science University of Ohio XVesleyan University Ohio State University University of Cincinnati Michigan Epsilon Province Indiana University University of Indianapolis lianover College VVabash College Franklin College DePauw University Purdue University Zeta Province Northwestern University Knox College University of Illinois University of Minnesota University of Iowa XVestminster University University of Kansas University of Colorado XV University of Chicago Lombard College University of VVisconsin Iowa XYesleyan University University of Missouri VVashington University University of Nebraska University of South Dakota T,,.,,, I P l THF-19091111410 ESB PHI DELTA THETA Established 1894 Fratres in Urbe EDWARD S. SVVIGART CLAUDE B. XVARNER HENRY E. CHESTER FRANK H. MC'IqliI.X'1QY EVARTS B. GREENE NEIL C. BROOKS JUSTA M. LINDGREN JOEL STEDBINS ARTHUR L. ENO Fratres in Facultate ROY W. RUTT EDXVARD J. FORTIER RUFUS M. BAGG EDWARD B. STEIIIIENSON FRANK W. DE VVULFE Fratres in Universitate Post Gmduaies HOYVARD M. JUDSON SELDEN G. IIOXVRIE CHARLES E. WATERHOUSE JOHN L. POLK Swzior: ELMER O. FURROXV HIARK NEEI-:r'KER BOWEN BUSEY Jzmiorx CHARLES S. POPE WILLIAM H. BURCII GEORGE D. BEARDSLEY WII.I.IANI VV. MAY RAYMOND C. SPARKS WALTER J. HUGIiES IiERMAN NIOHR ROY S. KIMBELI. ALVA B. RIEEK IVIERLIN C. ALESIIIRE ALBA W. DAZEY ARTIIUR H. HARMS . Sopfmrnorex Fffeshmefz NVELLIN GTUN III'FE.xciK ER IIENRY P. LYMAN ERNEST T. INGOLD WILLIAM C. WATSON GEORGE B. MATIIEWS LEXVIS V. MANSI-EAKER EUGENE S. CUNNINGHAM ERNEST SNYANSUN SIDNEY M. NIURRIS SAMUEL M. BROWN CARL P. WATSON CHARLES E. 'PRICES GEORGE S. VVARD CLYDE L. VVAY LYMAN S. XVEEKS WILLIAM A. HI-:NITE JAMES G. ALEXANDER , Cofmfs-Argent and Azure Floww'-NVhite Carnation XVI ,il ..- ,... P- S i E i 1 4 C 1 4 I 1 7 E ar' ft -1 Y 2 I T3 7 5 1 C ..- 9. , , 7 1 I 7 u.uu,I PIQQIY 'K 1 77 I E C 1 1 F 57 0 -1 E if Q G 1 .. S 1 J' ru L Q 1 'I eayu SPI ,lapkmxfbly Q 1 4 V--W ,W--W---. THE190Q1L1-10 Burlington, Vt. Boston, Mass. Harvard University Providence, R. I. New York, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. Schenectady, N. Y. Pittsburg, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. VVarren, Pa. Baltimore, Md. YVashington, D. C. Richmond, Va. Louisville, Ky. Lexington, Ky. Nashville, Tenn. Cincinnati, Ohio Akron, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Tacoma, NVash. Fulton, Mo. Bloomington, Ind. Fort Wayne, Ind. South Bend, Ind. PHI DELTA TH ETA Eta Province University of Georgia Emory College Mercer University Georgia School of Technology University of Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute Theta Province University of Mississippi Tulane University University of Texas Southwestern University Iota Province University of California Leland Stanford Junior University Kappa Province University of Washington Alumni Clubs Athens, Ohio Toledo, Ohio Hamilton, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Franklin, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Crawfordsville, Ind. Chicago, Ill. Galesburg, Ill. Bloomington, Ill, Peoria, Ill. LaCrosse, YVis. Milwaukee, NVis. Menasha, Wis. Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn. Sioux City, Iowa Kansas City, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Hutchinson, Kas. Omaha, Neb. Oxford, Ohio Greenwood, Miss. Columbus, Ind. La Fayette, Ind. Tipton, Ind. XVIII Elkhart and Goshen, Ind. Denver, Col. Columbus, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Macon, Ga. Montgomery, Ala. Selma, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Meridian, Miss. New Orleans, La. Austin, Texas Fort Smith, Ark. Oklahoma City, Okla. Salt Lake City, Utah San Francisco, Cal. Los Angeles, Cal. Portland, Ore. Spokane, Wash. Seattle, Wash. Frankfort, Ind. Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Aurora, Ill. Madison, Ind. Waterville, Me. -may THE19091T-L10 Alabama Alabama Alabama Florida Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Louisiana Texas Illinois Illinois Indiana Indiana Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan VVisconsin California Colorado Iowa Kansas Minnesota Missouri Nebraska Washington Ma Ma Ma Maine Maine ssachusetts ssachusetts ssachusetts Rhode Island Vermont New York New York New York Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Nort Nort Sout Allentown, Pa. Atlanta, Ga. Birmingham, Ala. Boston, Mass, San Francisco Chicago, Ill. h Carolina h Carolina ALPHA TAU OMEGA Founded 1865 Alpha Epsilon Beta Beta Beta Delta Alpha Omega Alpha Beta Alpha Theta Alpha Zeta Beta Iota Beta Epsilon Gamma Eta Province I Alabama Polytechnic Institute Southern University University of Alabama University of Florida University of Georgia Emory College Mercer University Georgia School of Technology Tulane University University of Texas Province II Gamma Zeta Gamma Xi Gamma Gamma Gamma Omicron Alpha Mu Beta Kappa Beta Lambda Beta Omicron Gamma Tau University of Illinois University of Chicago Rose Polytechnic Institute Purdue University Aclrain College Hillsdale College University of Michigan Albion College University of VVisconsin Province I II Gamma Iota Gamma Lambda Universitv Beta Alpha of California , of Colorado Simpson College University Gamma Mu University of Kansas Gamma Nu University of Minnesota Gamma Rho University of Missouri Gamma Theta University of Nebraska Gamma Pi University of Nebraska Province IV Beta Upsilon Gamma Alpha Beta Gamma Gamma Beta Gamma Sigma Gamma Delta Beta Zeta University of Maine Colby College Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tufts College VVorcester Polytechnic Institute Brown University University of Vermont Province V Alpha Lambda Alpha Omieron Beta Theta Alpha Iota Alpha Pi Alpha Rho Alpha Upsilon Tau Columbia University St. Lawrence University Cornell University Muhlenberg College Washington and jefferson College Lehigh University Pennsylvania College University of Pennsylvania Province VI Alpha Delta Xi University of North Carolina Trinity College h Carolina Beta Xi, College of Charleston Virginia Beta VVashington and Lee University Virginia Delta University of Virginia Province VII Ohio Alpha Nu Mt. Union College Ohio Alpha Psi VYittenberg College Ohio Beta Eta Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio Beta Mu Wooster University Ohio Beta Omega Ohio State University Ohio Gamma Kappa VVestern Reserve University Province VIII Tennessee Alpha Tau Southwestern Presbyterian University Tennessee Beta Pi Vanderbilt University 'Tennessee Beta Tau Union University Tennessee Omega University of the South Tennessee Pi University of Tennessee The Alumni Associations Cleveland, Ohio Denver, Colo. Columbus, O, Cincinnati, O. Dallas, Texas Miamisburg, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Washington, D. C. Atlanta, Ga. Indianapolis, Ind. Kansas City, Mo. Los Angeles, Cal. Charlotte, N. C. Louisville, Ky. Olongapo, P. I. St. Paul, Minn. Montgomery, Ala. New York Philadelphia, Pa. Pittsburg, Pa. Reading, Pa. Charleston, S. St. Louis, Mo. Dallas, Texas Seattle, lVash. C T HE 1909 IL LI 0 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Illinois Gamma Zeta Established May, 1895 Fratres in Urbe EIIXYARD CLARK FLANIGAN ALIsER'I' DANFORTH Ml'I.l.I1iEN IiI'OENE IRVING BURKE LOUIS BLUME KING CILIRENCE EVYENE JOIINSON J. J. DAVIS ASHTON ELLSVVORTII CAMPBELL R. J. TAYLOR Fratres in Facultate 'I'IIOxI.xS ARKLE CLARK, B.L., lib B K FRANK W. SCO'I"l',. A.B., A.M., dr B K HENRY LAWRENCE SCIIOOLORAFT, Ph.D., fb B K CARLOS L. Mc'M.xS'rER HENRY L. REITZ, Ph.D., E E1 CARI. R. DILTK. B.S. N.x'rII.xN A. WESTON, Ph.D., fi, B K A. W. IIOMBERKIER, A.B. Fratres in Universitate Seniors II. J. POWERS A. J. HARRIS .IuIZi01'5' F. H. LINDLEY F. W. BOSTON M. S. MEEKER Sophonzorex W. T. WEIIRSTEDT M. E. THOMPSON C. R. CLENDENIN C. E. PIIELPS R. A. IJANSON Freshmen H. K. IJICK F. H. POND R. E. SUDBRINK H. S. WILSON Colors GOLD ANI: BLUE F M. BYERS J. L. JONES J. S. CI.EAvIN1:ER C. S. BUTLI-:R J. H. SONNTAG li. A. GROWIQ1: J. W. TIIOMSRN L. H. HILL S. E. KREISS C. R. DUBOIS C. R. WANSRROUGH JOSEPH KEENAN- R. E. VVEEKS Flower-WHITE TEA ROSE XX CE. 'Fha L... VIId'IV fl V J. VUHWU L ,. 2 Z E Z E 723' ?'?C 33? 53 577 WS EL E. n-gr 37 -r E! :LV FC '40 fb F' ?'ft . CF Q71 4 53 712' Sir 1C gx 35' fm: 39, , F' 2? :F 52 TR - 5,1 :Pi CU 771 F6 7 7-rt W K -. 1 lf SFC 7:75 , 4 2 F E C 1 :r l 1 Li FI 5 E 2 e 1 C n :r -1 Lf: Q 1 F3 7 n C 7-7 O n 5 c P '- -4 3 4 fn n FC f E Z 5 k 0 ff ,i L my THE19o91LL1o NEWN KAPPA ALPHA THETA Delta Chapter Established October 3, 1895 Sorores in Urbe HELEN TREVE'I"l' FINCH ISA HEI, STA. I,Ex' IEANELY JULIET SCOTT EDITH WRIOII T GRIFFIN JU IIIA MATTIS EDITH WVILLIS BESS TREVETT H.-KZEII DAX'IDSON ALICE RILEY ETHEI, RICKER ELIZABETH GREENE LOUIS ZII.I,v Sorores in Facultate JEANETTE C.xIufENTER LINCOLN INIARY J. FAXVCETT Sorores in Universitate Pax! Graduafe LORA WRIGHT Seuiorx EIISIE SONNTAI: LOUISE SHIPAIAN CLAIM GRIDLEY IMIOPE UERRICIQ RIITH 1'IYNIm1xN XYIOLA SONNTAO INIINNIE PARKER ELIZABETH L.x1fI,IN Suu ENO Juniors NIARY GIBSON FTW SEILEIQ LOIEISE ZIl.1.x' Ilm hfAT'I'lS MABEI, HANSON LUIS GREENE . ALTA SWIGART HELEN MAY .S'0,f1f10n1u1'If,v NP1l,l,lE GI.EIxsON PEARI. BENJAMIN M.uw JANE CASE GI-:II'I'k1inE IIMIIPIIREY ANNE S'l',XI.EY lVI.xRcmkE'r NIX'EIi BERTIIA BAIRD Freshmezz VERA ROGERS BIARIOX MOYEII IIELEN JOEIINN EDWINA ROWE EI,Iz,xlsETII I3RO.wIwL7s fv17fI77'.Y'v-BI.,Xf'K AND GOLD Flmaer-BI..xI'IQ AND XliI.I.UXY PANSY XXII I 71 Q IP P ,- v-1 7 'Q H- v- 'T' I' Z 5 5. 5 I 1 11 6 ... ri 4 f f f 1. ri E 2 'v T Q - rr 7. i 4 N-X-an Ag..-...,-........,....4 FT x r t l r l f l l i L w t t l l l yy-v.x,f a THE190911-L10 KAPPA ALPHA THETA I Founded at DePauw University 1870 Chapter Roll Alpha District lota Lambda Sigma Chi Alpha Beta Alpha Delta Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta Gamma Alumnae Eta Alumnae Nu Alumnae Alpha Beta Gamma Epsilon Eta Mu Pi Alpha Gamma Alpha Eta Alpha Alumnae Epsilon Alumnae Zeta Alumnae Mu Alumnae Kappa Alumnae Lambda Alumnae Delta Kappa Rho Tau Upsilon Psi Alpha Theta Alpha Iota Beta Alumnae Delta Alumnae Xi Alumnae G Phi Omega Iota Alumnae Cornell University University of Vermont Toronto University Syracuse University Swarthmore College Woman's College ot Baltimore Brown University Barnard College New York City Burlington, Vt. Syracuse, N. Y. Beta District De llauw University Indiana State University Butler College VVooster University University of Michigan Allegheny College Albion College Ohio State University Vanderbilt University Greencastle, Ind. Columbus, Ohio Indianapolis, Ind. Cleveland, Ohio Pittsburg, Pa. Athens, Ohio Delta District University of Illinois University of Kansas University of Nebraska Northwestern University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin University of Texas Washington University Minneapolis, Minn. Chicago, Ill. Kansas City, Mo. amma District Stan ford University University of California Los Angeles, Cal. XXIV vpnvr-m THE19o91LL1o PI BETA PHI Founded at Monmouth College 1867 Roll of Alpha Vermont Alpha Vermont Beta Columbia Alpha Pennsylvania Alpha Pennsylvania Beta Pennsylvania Gamma New York Alpha New York Beta Massachusetts Alpha Maryland Alpha Beta Ohio Alpha Ohio Beta Illinois Beta Illinois Delta Illinois Epsilon Illinois Zeta Indiana Alpha Indiana Beta Indiana Gamma Michigan Alpha Michigan Beta VVisconsin Alpha Chapters Province Middlebury College University of Vermont George VVashington University Swarthmore College Bucknell University Dickinson College Syracuse University Barnard College Boston University Womenls College of Baltimore Province Ohio University Ohio State University Lombard College Knox College Northwestern University University of Illinois Franklin College University of Indiana Butler College Hillsdale College University of Michigan University of Wisconsin Gamma Province Iowa Alpha Iowa Beta Iowa Gamma Iowa Zeta Minnesota Alpha Kansas Alpha Missouri Alpha Nebraska Beta Louisiana Alpha Texas Alpha Delta Colorado Alpha Colorado Beta California Alpha California Beta Iowa Wesleyan University Simpson College Iowa State College Iowa State University University of Minnesota Kansas University University of Missouri University of Nebraska Newcomb College University of Texas Province University of Colorado Denver University Leland Stanford University University of California XXV THE 1909 I LLI0 MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. D A G E E G PI BETA PHI Illinois Zeta Chapter Established October 1895 ' Sorores in Urbe . C. NIORRISSEY, JR. . L. STERN . A. ITUFF NICE WEAVER . S. SNVIGERT EORGE FAIRII0 NELI. MCWILLIAIIIS BIABEL MCINTOSII LOIS FRANKLIN ISESS STIPES IQATHERINE NICINTOSH lVIARIET'1'A BUSEY KATHERINE DOYLE SARAH IVIONIER MRS. CHESTER RICHARDS ANNA RILEY VERA TURRELI, VIRGINIA BUSEY YVIRGINIA CHESTER Sorores in Facultate WI NIEREII FIIREES EDITII SPRAY Sorores in UI-Iiversitate Seuiars LUIS SWIGART IIIA LA NGE H .IXZEL CRAIG LOUISE PELLENS FLORENCE BRUNIIAGE VVINII-'RED BANNON NELLE MILLER Juniors lYIARfiARE'1' VVOOII LUCY WILSON Soplzomares IWIARION GQIIIIMAN IQATHERINE FIXIRBROTHER MARION ROSS INEZ TIJRRILL EVI-:LVN T ITc:oMIa IRLA ZIMMERMAN SARAH WHITE IIELEN HONEYXVELL ETHEI. DOUGLAS RUTII SIGNOR Freshmen MILIIRED WHITE NELLE SIGNIIR JI:ANE'I"I'E BRANT C'a!w'.v-WINE .IND SILVER BLUE lflmvw'-REII CARNA'I'ION XXVI W --nr 'CILEIEI Id IHJ w 1 -1 L" 72 E 0 : ::?2 3, 5 :E C 2 IT' 57 Z 2 E? 2 71 5 '11 E 5'- CD -1 O :z E. 5 w 4 -'I H fb ': T1 G. E I Z E 71 I 71 T HE 1909 ILLI O PHI GAMMA DELTA Chi Iota Chapter Established October 15, 1897 Fratres in Urbe JOHN W. WETMORE WILLIAM A. MCKNIGHT VVILLXAM G. PALMER Fratres in Facultate IJAYID KINLEY, PH.D. CIIARLES M. POOR, PH.D. ARTHUR HILL DANIELS, PH.D. GEORGE ALFRED GOODENOUGH-. M.E. STEPHEN ALFRED FORBES, PH.D. JAMES CHARLES THORPE, M.E. JAMES NICLAREN WHITE, B.S. ROY V. ENGSTROM, B.S. Fratres in Universitate Post G'nIa'uate-V. A. CLARK Seniors EARL W. IDONOHO FRITZ WAGNER WILLIAM B. GREENE RALPH G. CORNELL ROBERT E. GIARNETT EVERETT B. MURRAY WILLIAM J. WARDALL WILLIAM H. SCHULZIQE JOHN W. STEXYART furziors GEORGE A. BENOEL J. HOWARD LINN LION GARDINEK MAURICE F. LORD HOWARD M. RAILSBAOR JOHN G. SEELY Soplzonwres FRED H. RAILSRACK CIIARLES L. ENGSTROM M. TERRY HARMON CIIARLES W. CUSHINO ALBERT B. SAWYER LEON E. SUTHERLAND LEON URBfXIN WILLIAM A. AVERILL Freshmen ELMER F. BLAKESLEE PAUL S. MCKEE J. ROSCOE EVVBANK EDWARD M. BUSH OTTO F. SOIIULZIQE W. F. BARNETT llanu Heliotrope Colqr-ROY-211 Purple XXVIII ..,.,,, IIIJ V.l,'IEIi I VNNVU m CC 5-. Q F wr 41 QS ,-C iw 12 'ri Wx W.: Lv. A-:- Sf? QL E -cr :rags .rv-1: ws-if C: :rm 5-1 fi' rll' fb. X21 5.174 53' 220 21.25 V,-Q fc.. Ns: 5... 2 ,E fi 5: QE -5 ... 3. F! :r G m ni ::r' IG 71 my Q: wa Q Zn :7 - I 'Z EZ' G E G? 2 E 5 -1 X4 'T 4 4. THE 1909 ILLIO PHI GAMMA DELTA Founded at Jefferson College 1848 Roll of Chapters Omega Mu University of Maine Iota Mu Mass. Institute of Technology Pi Iota W'o1'cester Polytechnic Institute Pi Rho Brown University Delta Nu Dartmouth College Alpha Chi Amherst College Tau Alpha Trinity College Nu Deuteron Yale University Omega Columbia University Nu Epsilon New York University Theta Psi Colgate University Kappa Nu Cornell University Chi Union College Sigma Nu Syracuse University Beta University of Pennsylvania Sigma Deuteron Lafayette College Beta Chi Lehigh University Delta Bucknell University Xi Gettysburg College Gamma Phi Pennsylvania College Beta Mu johns Hopkins University Omicron University of Virginia Zeta Deuteron Washington and Lee University Rho Chi Richmond College Alpha Washington and Jefferson College Pi Allegheny College Sigma XVittenberg College Theta Deuteron Ohio Wesleyan University Alpha Phi University of Michigan Lambda Deuteron Omicron Deuteron Rho Deuteron Xi Deuteron Zeta Lambda Tau Psi Lambda Iota Kappa Tau Nu Theta Tau Deuteron Alpha Deuteron Gamma Deuteron Chi Iota Mu Mu Sigma Chi Upsilon Pi Deuteron Zeta Phi Lambda Nu Chi Mu Delta Xi Sigma Tau Lambda Sigma Alpha Iota Denison College Ohio State University VVooster University Adelbert College Indiana University De Pauw University Hanover College Wabash College Purdue University University of Tennessee Bethel College University of Alabama University of Texas Illinois Wesleyan University Knox College University of Illinois University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota Chicago ' University University of Kansas William Jewell College University of Nebraska University of Missouri University of California University of Washington Leland Stanford University Iowa State College Graduate Chapters Indianapolis, Ind. Dayton, Ohio Lincoln, Neb. Lafayette, Ind. St. Joseph, Mo. Chicago, Ill. New York City Cincinnati, Ohio Seattle, Wash. Toledo, Ohio Pittsburg, Pa. Denver, Colo. VVindsor, Ontario mr Y H or YlA..,.......L 1? 'il THE 19091111110 F3153 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Founded at University of Alabama 1856 R011 of Chapters Province Alph a-Massachusetts, Maine Boston University Ilarvartl University Massachusetts Institute of Technology Worcester Polytechnic Institute University of Maine Province Beta-New York, Pennsylvania Cornell University Columbia University St. Stephen's College Allegheny College Dickinson College Pennsylvania State College Bucknell University Gettysburg College University of Pennsylvania Syracuse University Province Gamma-Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, University of Virginia VVashington and Lee University University of North Carolina Province Delta-Michigan, Ohio, University of Michigan Adrian College Mt. Union College Ohio Wesleyan University University of Cincinnati Ohio State University University of VVisconsin District of Columbia Davidson College NYofforcl College George Vifashington University C Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin Franklin College Purdue University Northwestern University University of Illinois University of Chicago University of Minnesota Case School of Applied Science University of Indiana Province Epsilon-Georgia, Alabama Georgia School of Technology University of Georgia Southern University Mercer University Emory College h ,Xlabama Polytechnic Institute University of Alabama Province Iota-Kentucky, Tennessee Central University Bethel College Cumberland University Vanderbilt University Kentucky State College n I I Southwestern Presbyterian University University of Tennessee University of the South Union University Province Zeta-Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa University of Missouri VVashingt0n University Iowa State College University of Nebraska University of Arkansas University of Iowa University of Kansas Province Eta-Colorado, California, Washington University of Colorado Denver University Colorado School of Mines Leland Stanford Jr. University University oi Washington University of California Province Theta-Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas Louisiana State- University Tulane University Boston, Mass. VVorcester, Mass. New York, N. Y. Philadelphia, Penn. Pittsburg, Penn. Washington, D. C. Viiilmington, N. C. Atlanta, Ga. Augusta, Ga. Macon, Ga. Savannah, Ga. University of Mississippi University of Texas Alumni Associations VVashington, Ga. Detroit, Mich. Alliance, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Chicago, Ill. Chattanooga, Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. Americus, Ga. liirmingham, Ala. Florence, Ala, Telladega, Ala. Kansas City, Kans. St. Louis, Mo. Little Rock, Ark. Denver, Colo. San Francisco, Cal. New Orleans, La. jackson, Miss. Evanston, Ill. Iowa City, Iowa XXXI Kansas City, Mo. Lexington, Ky. Lincoln, Neb. Schenectady, X. Y Los Angeles, Cal. Louisville, Ky. Madison, VVis. Milwaukee, VVis. Minneapolis, Minn Nashville, Tenn. Seattle, VVasli. THE1909ILLIO 5S9 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Illinois Beta Chapter Established 1898 Fratres in Urbe CYRUS F. NEWCOMII W. C. CoIfEEY JoIIN G. WILSON E. F. IQAESER L. B. SMITII A. S. BUYERS J. V. W.xImI:EI,I. H. S. HQJIQNEIQ E. H. TICE H. J. VVERNSING H. S. GREEN F. A. XVARD F. S. KAILER E. H. RENNICIQ C. C. HUNTER R. M. HAYES GROY'ER XVILSON A. M. CLARK H. V. IIILL HAROLD A. RAY O Fratres in Facultate OSCAR AIJOLPII LEUTXYILER CARL WLAN DOREN C. M. BICCONN Frater in Universitate Senior: Junior.: Soplzomorus fl7'L,5h77ZL'll Pledge JAY HOR'l'ON ALBERT ALLEN G. K. JOHNSON ROSCOE L. BALI, Il. E. BELL CIIRIS'I'oI-III-:R lVIAMER G. V. R. GLOYD AVERY BRLTNDAGE F. D. IJANFORD R. GUY XHXN DIIIKEN C. K. VVOODIN W. G. SIYEARINGEN R. C. BERRY M. W. BAYSINGER HUGO LAYER C. VV. GUILD I. E. P.-.GELS Colors-Royal Purple and Old Gold Flower-Violet XXXII 'qv I 71 .,. 7 ,Q P 9 ,.. ,.4 .1 ,- P -r i I Z V 1 4 E QE S? rw 0 ,- ..-4 :fu 10 Q 7 C It 4-4 LTO :W C -1 1. gf QE 51- E1 gf? 77:- 5 I .... -I- 5? I E E -1 1 4- Ei, n IT ,-1 4 IT Z. :CO yn THF-19091111-I0 awww KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Founded 1870 Beta Lambda Chapter Established April 1899 MRS. A. F. FAY MRS. A. P. CARMAN MRS. DR. MASON Sorores in Urbe MRS. FRANK SMITII MISS LETTA BROCK MRS. J. D. WALLACE Sorores in Facultate FRANc'ES SIMPSON AVA D. STEEL ANNA C. DREW CIIARLQTTE GIBBS Sorores in Universitate Seniors ANNEBELI, FRASER GENIEVIEVE ROHRER Juniors ANTOINETTE SCHVVARZKOPF DOLLY THURSTON GERTRVIIE DAVIS HELEN MILLIGAN MARGARET POUR ELIZABETH CASS BERTHA SCIIWARZROPF GERTRIIDE TAYLOR MARY XV.-XDDELL RUTH LLEXVELLYN ALICE EAGER MADGE GUNDY ELIZABETH EIRER ESTHER FIREBAUGH Saplzamarcs Fresh rn en NI,-KRGARET IIERDMAN DIARY MOORE ELIZABETH PARR HELEN JAMES ELEANOR PERRY EVA M CINTYRE BEATRICE DREXK' THEODORA ABBOTT Colon'-Light Blue and Dark Blue Flower-Fleur de Lis XXXIV VWWVD VJJVH VJJVTI Blnocl N qfimzqexgj ,Tw ,,: PC 193123 Jdoagz emqng 11 ASH lmlup .wsuqj fl PW 5 n UH '4 -f QW gdosizuumqsg ,Quad P' smql IIQPPEAA ,und lIOJS.lIH.LL ' H V-1 v 5 S9 sseg SEA? axoow M211 SL ll X 19 aoe1IuM uox UOCNV WON CI AKG! 'rw ' ' 'ww THE 1909 ILLIO Boston New York Syracuse Philadelphia Meadville Pittsburg Columbus Des Moines Beta Alpha Beta Upsilon Beta Gamma Beta Delta Xi KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Roll of Chapters Alpha Province Phi Boston University Beta Epsilon Barnard College Beta Sigma Adelphi College Psi Cornell University Beta Province Lambda Buchtel College Adrian College Kappa Hillsdale College Gamma Province Delta Indiana State University Iota De Pauw University Mu Butler College Eta University of Wisconsin Beta Lambda University of Illinois Upsilon Northwestern University Wooster University Beta Nu Ohio State University University of Michigan Beta Tau Syracuse University University of Pennsylvania Beta Iota Swarthmore College Gamma Rho Allegheny College University of West Virginia Epsilon Illinois Wesleyan University Delta Province Chi University of Minnesota Beta Zeta Iowa State University Theta Missouri State University Sigma Nebraska State University Omega Kansas State University Epsilon Province Beta Mu Colorado State University Beta Xi Texas State University Beta Omicron Tulane University Zeta Province Pi University of California Beta Eta Leland Stanford, Ir. University Beta Pi University of Washington Alumnae Associations Los Angeles Adrian Buffalo Bloomington, Ind. Beta Iota ' Indianapolis Pi .. Greencastle Washington State Lincoln Cleveland Texas Akron Bloomington, Wooster Chicago Denver XXXVI Madison Milwaukee St. Louis Iowa City Columbia, Mo. Minnesota Kansas City New Orleans uq',W, TH E 1909 ILLIO EE ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lambcla Mu Nu Yi Alpha Bet Chapter Roll De Pauw Universitv Albion College Xorthweslern University Allegheny College University of Southern California New England Conservatory Bucknell University - University of Michigan University of lllinois University of Vllisconsin Syracuse University Simpson College University of Colorado University of Nebraska Alumnae Chapters Alpha Chicago a Beta lnclianapolis Gamma Gamma New York XXXYH T HE190.9ILLIO ffgggiifgg ALPHA CHI OMEGA Established December, 1899 Iota Chapter Sorores in Urbe FRANK BUSEY MABEI, CHESTER IMO BAKER DAVID KINLEY MRS. MRS. A. PALMER MRS. E. J. TOWNSEND MRS. A. H. IJANIELS HELEN BRYAN MRS. R. CAMPBELL IQAFE BIISEY EDRA COLLINS BESS STEVENSON MRS. A. IIUCKINS BLANCIIE BRECKENRIDCJE Sorores in Facultate - MRS. DIARY E. BRENEMAN SARAH DEI.ANO MOR'1'UN Sorores in Universitat: Pos! Graduates MAY ALLINSON SUSAN IQEED Seniors GRACE EWVING CORA VAN GALDER Juniors GLADYS BRECKENRIDGE DIARY Goss RUTH BUFEUM PERCIE GARNETT ,IESSIE V. MANN BESS BRYAN Sophomores BESS ROSE LUCY LEv1S EMILY FECKLIN BIARIE SEEBACH Freshmen PEARL SI-IIPLEY RIIOIJA REINHARDT ELIZABETH WYETH MABEL STONE PEARL SWVANBURG FAYE LE NEVE PAULINE DRAKE CIIARLOTTE BAKER BERTHA BOURDETTE Specials HEI,EN WALLACE IRENE BURRILL Calor.:-SCARLET AND OLIVE Flower-SCARLET CARN ATION XXXVIII lm-, "-' ---'-4" -Y Y , 1 :ff ..... VHQVIV VUHWO IHS I wwe: P3921 .3.ll'lql.ll!MS :moms asog :QAM '-I VI QAQN U!I'19!.'I azpgluaxpxg uluggng SEMI! C 2 W 'E Y- VT' rv W O C -1 Q. rn -Y -v cv PU 2. :1 :r- u - sz. ,-V C 2 : 9 H. E.. Q. ru -1 1' C .gl 5' e rw ID ro fb U F3 rv 5' 7 ,- B :J I PT E :1 rn O m vm D' In H -v E: 71 2. in ET 'Fl FF Ke 'E rp ,, I 5 I I I L I L THE 1909 ILLIO C2319 CHI OMEGA Omicron Chapter Established June, 1900 Sorores in Urbe MARY WVRIGHT BAIN HELEN CALHOUN MARY I'IAINES EMMA IQEKN BERTIIA HARPER ALBERTA CLARK Sorores in Universitate Post Graduale HAZEL SHAW Seniors EDXVINA ABBOTT XVENDLA MCCASKEY IVIILDRED PORTERFIELD Juniors GERTRUDE LEE MIXRIE ENGELKEN NONDAS RUSSELL BI-:ss NIA'l'HEWS BEREXICE SCOGGIN Sophomore: JULIA BARRETT GRACE STARK ADDA BERGER Freshmen ONA HORINE CLELLA GARYEY ROSE ABBOTT CLAIRE DE WOLF EDNA TIIRONE RIIIIIA C.xI.I,Acs,xx RUBY SUNDEEN FANNY DE VVOLF HAZEL MAIILER BERTHA JONES RL gngn-:wr --H -- VUEIWO IHS UOWIV 'H sauof 91917 N I sm MSC AWG uaaplxmg 1155 Bong UI UCI! H. '1 o -4 - N -1 :H EL Q. SE iw N W3 A911 Aafung 5 rn aug1oH -1 O 5 ru WJ Wi ness: mms www S E 21 G U9 110' NV THE 190911-L10 CHI OMEGA Founded at Fayetteville, Arkansas 1895 Roll of Chapters Psi University of Arkansas Chi Kentucky University Upsilon Union University Tau University of Mississippi Sigma Randolph-Macon VVoman's College , Rho Tulane University, NewcombCollege Pi University of Tennessee Omicron University of Illinois Xi Northwestern University Nu University of Wisconsin Mu University of California Lambda University of Kansas Kappa University of Nebraska Iota University of Texas Theta YVest Virginia University Eta University of Michigan Zeta University of Colorado Epsilon Columbia University, Barnard College Delta Dickinson College Beta Colby College Phi Alpha George Washington University Alumnae Chapters Fayetteville Knoxville Washington City Chicago Atlanta Kansas City Lexington New York City Oxford Texarkana New Orleans Xl..l 'gzeyvz-' .t -v-mr Y, ,,,, W THE1909 ILLI0 BETA THETA PI Founded at Miami University 1839 Roll of Chapters Amherst College Boston University Bowdoin College Brown University Dartmouth College University of Maine Columbia University Rutgers College Stevens Institute of Technology Wesleyan University Yale University Colgate University Cornell University St. Lawrence University Syracuse University University of Toronto Union College Dickinson University Johns Hopkins University Lehigh University University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State College Washington and Jefferson University Davison College Hampden-Sidney College University of North Carolina University of Virginia Central University University of Texas Vanderbilt University Bethany College Cincinnati University Miami University l Ohio University Ohio State University XLIII University of West Virginia Wittenburg College Case School of Applied Science Denison College Kenyon College Ohio Wesleyan University Western Reserve University Wooster University De Pauw University Hanover College University of Indiana Purdue University Wabash College Beloit College University of Chicago University of Illinois Knox College University of Michigan Northwestern University University of Wisconsin University of Iowa Iowa State College Iowa Wesleyan University University of Minnesota University of Nebraska University of Colorado Denver University University of Kansas University of Missouri University of Oklahoma Washington University Westminster College University of California Leland Stanford Jr. University V VN ashington State University 1 4,4 V- L. ....,... ,,,, . ., - ... -... ,.......-.-.....,v.Yv.vf .nf vi W I I r i I THE19,09IT-L10 BETA THETA PI Sigma Rho Chapter J Established February, 1902 N I Fratres in Urbe J JAMES R. SCOTT ' ALBERT EISNER I ALGY P. GULICK HOMER W. .HARPER Z Fratres in Facultate J E. W. PONZER G. M. SMITH 1 W. S. BAYLEY J. P. BROOKS f b BARRY GILBERT i Fratres in Universitat: 5 Seniors I 5 L. J. HESS L. E. FISHER 5 R. A. LYNCH A Juniors , WALTER DRENNAN R. F. VVRENN 5 R. W. ROUNSEVILLE L. E. SVVETT J C. T. RIPLEY 1 Sophomares i C. L. MARTIN R. B. RIIOADES I L. J. WASHBURN VV I3 ASHBY J T. E. THOMPSON R. J. BANNON ' R. C. COGSYVELL H. S. SPRINGER N G. O. COGSXYELL L. R. IQELLY NV. J. FORESTER , Freshmen 5 L. S. WOOLINGTON F. M. O,DONNEl.L J R. C. ASHBY W R. QIIAYLI: 3 J. E. HARRISS C. E. CAI.DwELI. W W. J. CORBOY E. V, POSTON J H. A. TUPPER L. J. LORIMER J J. E. BARLOVV J XLIV I f vi!- I 1 -.4 W F1 'H IP Pi I 'fl E 3' .4 A 1 2 5 ll 9 Ax g 1 11 'E Z 'fl E 'fl 21' Q ,. -1 : G' I Za : 2 E f E -e -Q : 2. T, 1 ': CI ,-Q 77 1 gr- : o Z4 cm. fe rn : m C Fl L C -. 7 5 x 9 E M 4 591 5 . : fb M f Fc 12' L 3 w 2 0 Y F 'T 2 .5 E! 5. E 2 C. E 'LC EL 4. GE 'J Z4 N YJ '4 PT GBSGBSGSS ,www WWW 1 , .Ww--,mmmmmmWEWWLWL. ,wmmw .E-Yn,-W THE 1909 ILLIO EBDGBSEBS SIGMA NU Gamma Mu Chapter Established 1902 Fratres in Urbe R. A. RUSSELL G, W, Fratres in Facultate J. A. CHILES F. W. A. W. GREGORY PICKELS, JR THOMAS Fratres in Universitate C. A. CHERRY F. P. SNYDER D. J. GRANT A. B. REMICK S. S. HUINIPI-IREYS E. D. FINCH F. SPAFFORD BENJ. NEI.SON B. P. BURGESS B. B. SHAW C. PEMBERTON J. L. PICKERING C. F. IIASSENSTEIN G. L. ROBBINS D. C. MCCLfXIN Pledges H. H. GRAHAM L. Cf. JONES R. R. SEGER G. F. ALCOTT BERTRAM CLEAL W. E. KNAPP H. L. DITTMER H. L. HECIQER R. L. WINTER P. E. GUM H. E. SHIPLEY T. C. EADS W. B. VERNON SPENCER OTIS, JR. J. R. LOBDELL H. C. HEL1' Colors-Black, White and Gold Flower-White Ros: XLVI Q- V NIDIS AIN VI S z A 0 5 n c: v w 'II I 2 E 5 5' -1 2 "' if 1 F U .- S 3. 5 m 72 0 v, Z' ET : F '4 I H ." Ii 4 .- 54 .- fb E "' ro ,-'lf rn' 5 5 2' 2 2 0 I -'T' ra n .- ., H -1 . VI I I 3 2 2 I 5 -1 n 25 5 I If F ri 'J -1 3 : 2 W rv Q 5 S? 5 :- 77' Lv Q 7. I 5 33 ,- a 3 gr:- ng 2- Z 1 ,- ...H rr 2. 711 w-1--U. . suv,-v ,Y ,. ,.,, THE19o91LLIo SIGMA NU Founded at Virginia Military Institute 1869 Beta Mu Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Epsilon Nu Pi Eta Xi Rho Upsilon Sigma Phi Psi Beta Phi Beta Theta Beta Beta Beta Nu Beta Zeta Gamma Eta Beta Chi Delta Theta Beta Eta Beta Iota Beta Psi Beta Mu Beta Rho Beta Xi Gamma Gamma Beta Tau Beta Upsilon Gamma Alpha Gamma Chi Beta Sigma Gamma Beta Gamma Delta Gamma Epsilon Gamma Zeta Gamma Theta Gamma Iota Gamma Lambda Gamma Mu Gamma Nu Gamma Kappa Gamma Xi Gamma Omicron Gamma Pi Gamma Rho Gamma Sigma Gamma Tau Gamma Upsilon Gamma Phi Gamma Psi Delta Alpha Delta Beta Birmingham, Ala. San Francisco, Cal. Pueblo, Colo. Denver, Colo. Atlanta, Ga. Chicago, Ill. Indianapolis, Ind. Davenport, Iowa Des Moines, Iowa Louisville, Ky. Lexington, Ky. Roll of Chapters University of Virginia University of Georgia University of Alabama Howard College North Georgia Agricultural College VVashington and Lee University Bethany College Kansas State University Lehigh University Mercer University Emory College Missouri State University University of Texas Vanderbilt University Louisiana State University University of North Carolina Tulane University Alabama Polytechnic Institute De Pauw University Ohio State Purdue University Colorado School of Mines Leland Stanford University Lombard University, University of Indiana Mt. Union College University of California State University of Iowa University of Pennsylvania William Jewell College Albion College North Carolina Agricultural and Rose Polytechnic Institute Georgia School of Technology Mechanical College University of Washington University of Vermont Northwestern University Stevens Institute of Technology Lafayette College University of Oregon Cornell University State College of Kentuek University of Wisconsin University of Illinois University of Michigan University of Colorado Y Missouri School of Mines Washington University University of West Virginia University of Chicago Iowa State College University of Minnesota University of Arkansas University of Montana Syracuse University Case School of Applied Science Dartmouth College Alumni Chapters Shelbyville, Ky. Baton Rouge, La. Boston, Mass. Detroit, Mich. Kansas City, Mo. Columbia, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. New York City, N. Charlotte, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. XLVIII Y. Canton, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Toledo, Ohio Portland, Ore. Pittsburg, Pa. Nashville, Tenn. Dallas, Texas Seattle, YVash. VVheeling, W. V 3.. Milwaukee, Wis. THE1909ILLI0 VVashington and Ieiierson College Allegheny College Bucknell University Gettysburg College Dartmouth College Amherst College Brown University Cornell University PHI KAPPA PSI Founded 1852 Chapters and Alumni Associations District I Dickinson College Franklin and Marshall College Lafayette College University of Pennsylvania Swarthmore College District II Syracuse University Columbia University Colgate University Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute District III Johns Iiopkins University University of VVest Virginia University of Virginia University of Mississippi VVashington and Lee University Vanderbilt University Ohio YVesleyan University YVittenberg University University of Ohio DePauw 'University University of Indiana University of Wisconsin Beloit College University of Minnesota University of Iowa Easton, Pa. Meadville, Pa. Boston, Mass. Washington, D. C. Anderson, Ind. Cincinnati, Ohio Newark, Ohio San Francisco, Cal. Duluth, Minn. Kansas City, Mo. Case University of Texas District IV Purdue University Northwestern University University of Chicago University of Illinois University of Michigan District V School of Applied Science University of Kansas University of Nebraska Leland Stanford University University of California Alumni Associations Portland, Ore. Johnstown, Pa. Philadelphia, I'a. New York City Baltimore, Md. Indianapolis, Ind. Cleveland, Ohio Springfield, Ohio Denver, Colo. XLIX Lancaster, Pa. Pittsburg, Pa. Buffalo, N. Y. Chicago, Ill. Bucyrus, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Toledo, Ohio Minneapolis, Min Omaha, Neb. Seattle, VVash. 11. T TH E 1909 ILLIO PHI KAPPA PSI Illinois Delta Chapter Founded 1904 Fratres in Urbe D. G. SWANNELI. H. W. BERKS G. K. LINTON LEWIS C. GARY S. G. HUBER E. G. GESELL FRANK I. ODELL WARD FISHER CHARLES LOCKWOOD FIBCYCS in Facultate EIIMUND J. JAMES, LL.D . A. A. PIARDING Fratres in Universitate PIOVVARD C. WILLIAMS JESSE L. BARRETT PHILIP S. HANNA HENRY M. SCHUYLER FRANCIS M. SIMPSON CHARLES H. HEALY CLARENCE F. WILLIAMS JOHN R. FORNOF HORIKCE C. SWANNELI. NOAH DIXON JOHN P. HANNA EDWARD D. POSTON CHARLES EVERINGHAM THEODORE D. MESERVE Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen I, CLAIR H. W. SMITH JAMES H. GREENE JOHN V. HOUSTON ERNEST G. OVITZ JOHN B. WIIITE HOW'ARD R. HAY SAMUEL S. COOK LOUIS R. BEAR LEE M. BLACK FRANK TWIST CLARENCE C. TVVIST BENJAMIN C. YOUNG SAMUEL D. DUNLOP PETER W. SEYL ws.- ,.. , ,.. .- '71 .7 "': ,.. Q 1 'L H rt 1 : 1 fl v VE F -4 Q E 1 4 F 7, 7. rr I 0 E. A if 7 G '4 4 3 1 7 E 5 E. C. Z. fi -1 E w W ESQ THE190Q1LLI0 E-5535.133 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Delta Pi Chapter Established December, 1904 Fratres in Facultate lll.Xl'R,CE IIENRY RomxsoN,PH.l'J. llIOR4E.'XN Bkouxs,, M.l2. l'11II,11' BEVIER l'lAWli, I'1r.lD. JOHN NN',x'1'Rnl7s CASE. A.I3. IDNXIPII, 0'lzlS l5AR'm, HS. San in rx C. S. PIl.l.SISl'RY F. L. COOK ll. A. F1 .xxmixss IJ. M. limi, C. M. DEIAXY J. li. Sxvmixc I.. lx. P.'.'r'1'nN Rm' G. Rrixf.-wlilix R. O. Conxfmx ll. M. Hkomis Cirzxxc ll,-XB1II.'IUN l'. A. INIceL'.-XSKRY ll. A. I"LANm2lcS H. ll. HENRICKS INZI-IICNE lilrlillms 1 P K.Xl,l'!l lTXNlf'UR'l'll r. A. Ilzrcfixx fzmim' v I. A. l-'1,xNzmr11:s S0f7hHl1IU7'l'.Y j'll'l'.YA 7lZt'lI Ph'flgv.v ' I,Il Gsm. H. Axm-zksux C. H. Woon H. L. Mmmxs C. P. Mc'CAs1ax-:Y IAS. M. jolixsmx I.1"rHr:14 liuusx-31: ll. C. ITAY R. H. QUAVLI-1 J. W. ICSSINCIUN C. P. L.-xxm' RAY ISMQER Roy 'I'. Co1.l.lNs L. M. llxavmila T. B. SMITH .- ff' X, P-4 K. '1 IP 7 3' 'ff 3' 'T If .- .- L fx N., 7 .- E' C PT' L rr ,1 i rw -1 ., - 'Q Z I 2 717 ,.. 2 X' E 12 E C 7? ' rt 7 -1 F1 C 1 E' 77 1 -'x S R: .- 7 E C: Z ! Fr E? G -Q E 2 G QI Z. E -5 F -'ich-57 T" 3 E- :if uv-7 - - E. C .T C 2 7 -' rf In : V' 0 -I r: E 1' ,H C 2 ' 1 Z C 2. 77 E -V, E E Z, -Z 2 I E I fe W-1--qvw - f - ,Wup- 5,29 THE 1909 ILLIO i L I r l L.. T M42 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Phi Theta Xi Sigma Gamma Psi Upsilon Chi Beta Eta Kappa Lambda Pi Iota Alpha Alpha Omicron Epsilon Rho Tau Mu Nu Beta Phi Phi Chi Psi Phi Gamma Phi Psi Omega Beta Chi Delta Chi Delta Delta Phi Gamma Gamma Beta Theta Zeta Alpha Chi Phi Epsilon Sigma Tau Tau Lambda Alpha Phi Delta Kappa Tau Alpha Sigma Rho Delta Pi Rho Delta New York City Boston Chicago Detroit San Francisco Washington Providence Buffalo Lexington Roll of Chapters Yale University Bowdoin College Colby University Amherst College Vanderbilt University University of Alabama Brown University University of Mississippi University of North Carolina University of Virginia Miami University Kenyon College Dartmouth College Central University Middlebury College University of Michigan NVilliams College Lafayette University Hamilton College Colgate University College of the City of New York Rochester University Rutgers College De Pauw University XVesleyan University Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute Western Reserve University Cornell University University of Chicago Syracuse University Columbia University University of California Trinity College University of Minnesota Massachusetts Institute ot' Tech- nology Tulane University University of Toronto University of Pennsylvania McGill University Leland Stanford University University of Illinois University of VVisconsin Alumni Associations Cleveland Indianapolis Minneapolis Denver Troy Springfield Rochester Nashville Hartford Memphis St. Louis Austin Chattanooga Seattle Grand Rapids Covington Syracuse Tuscaloosa LIV f E ,Ta FUIIIQ THE 1909 ILLIO DELTA UPSILON Established at Williams College 1834 VVilliams Cnion Hamilton Amherst Adelbert Colby Rochester Middlebury Bowdoin Rutgers Brown Colgate New York Cornell Marietta Syracuse Michigan Northwestern Harvard YVisconsin LaFayette Columbia Lehigh Tufts DePauw Pennsylvania Minnesota Technology Swarthmore Stanford California McGill Nebraska Toronto Chicago Ohio State Illinois Roll of Chapters VVilliams College Union College Hamilton College Amherst College VVestern Reserve Cniversity Colby College Rochester University Middlebury College Bowdoin College Rutgers College Brown University Colgate College Xew York University Cornell Vniversity Marietta College Syracuse University University of Michigan Northwestern University Harvard University University of XYiseonsin LaFayette College Columbia University Lehigh University Tufts College DePauw University University of Pennsylvania University of Minnesota Mass. Institute of Technology Swarthmore College Stanford University University of California McGill University University of Nebraska Toronto University Chicago University Ohio State University University of lllinois l,V 'rv A ' A T Ma TH E 1909 ILLIO I'Iu1I'. X. .X. XII DELTA UPSILON Illinois Chapter Established Dec. 21, 1905 Frater in Urlre In U. XX xmuvllxic Fratres in Facultate ,IIS I. II. Ii. II.v1smN Fratres in Urxiversitate NI. II. III evfxx xx' I1 5 I. I. Iaxvxl m . 1 , .7 .'IJ11'.1 I.. II. III-.xm Il 1 s Ii. RI. IEN Ii I. U. f'IiIII"IillI-'I' XX. C. Ixxrm .l. x , . I". IQ. .X' ISI'I-LII II. I.. NNIKIUI .5'NAl7f'1If111I I M. Nur I,. XX x v XI . .H N34 UNM VIN VN X S'i'1fwxI.1 Q I 'x41xs1"' l XX sv xx' Pmx If. I,. I'INI15I.ICY l'. IIx1.r.l4xz:xf II I". I. l2151u'r'111w I.. II. IV.III KI. T. II.xx1.Ex' XY. lx. XII-:mn ti. ti. II1N1cu'I1sb:w I". -I Wam,1as:I' S. I. 'I'Ij1cN1w II. N I'IfI1-:uf IX 191' f'.I ' IIZIIIUIL Ii. II.XNNISI'IiIQ ,I.I III-.xrlv Ii. II.xxxls'1'Exa W. S. lixcxI..x I.. IS. I'l:1N.xM W. II. Imxwl. .cu In. I. Iiuuu' I '1'miyI Ii. W. STIINI' Lvl lf- 1 C '1' T .-. A H1 Z '1 1 1 1 1 Z'- 7' 9 7 :- ,,,.r V n : 5. - 5 r v r c: 7: 7 5 -7: f r: 'E 7. E ' E ff: cr A F 1 E -1 -.Tl Z. Z I rv :T rf af' .v Q71 7 n -1 ET :r -1 Ngmzgm THE19o91LL1o Ngxqg ALPHA XI DELTA Illinois Kappa Chapter Established December, 1905 Sorores in Universitate Senior: YIIJA CENTSHI AI:NES SIIANNIIN Juniors liI.IzAI:ETH .ABBO'l"1' NTARY BICKEI. KATIIERINE BLAKE Snplzamorcs SAIIIEE NEI.SlJN LOUISE IQETZ EVA IQULE Freshmen GERTRIIIQE EDBROOKE EIJENIA HUNT I.L'RA CASE LYIII GRACE SPENCER JANE 'FIIOMAS AIYRTLE COKER LI'CILE KAYS CARRIE RULE EYELYN STRAXVN VIRGINIA STRAWN MINYSIE NIARTIN JEANETTI-1 RE'rz 1-ul-' IX VILYIV V.I,'IEIfI 193-lflfj swag I 5 :I .-V 5 5 if m 5 2 2 C Z: 5 -.- Z1 n 77' fn C 2 :L w L J 'E P1 2 ,- IT r N 73 2 1 Z 'I' 2 LIS V D:100,lruvQI QV' N -.... - .. .. " if Q1 THE190911-L10 ALPHA XI DELTA Roll of Chapters .Xlplia--I.onilJarcl College lleta-Iowa Wesleyan University Claninia-Ht. Union College Delta-Bethany College Epsilonkfniversity of South Dakota Zeta-VVittenlxerg College Eta-Syracuse University Theta-University of VVisconsin lotrl-University of XVest Virginia Kappa-University of Illinois Lanilnla-'Tufts College Mu-University of Minnesota Nu-University of Vlfashington Alliance Alumnae Mt. Pleasant Alumnae Boston Alumnae LX Ualesburg, Ill. Mt. Pleasant, Ia. Alliance, O. lietliany, VV. Va. Vermillion, S. Dali. Hlmringlielml, O. Syracuse, N. Y. Madison, VVis. Morgantown, NV. Va c'l'lLlI11IJHlgl'l, lll. Boston, Mass. Minneapolis, lllinn. Seattle, XVash. Alliance, O. Mt. Pleaisant, la. Boston, Mass. -'AJ ' ' .,1- I I. w KE-F3 THE1909ILLIO 535,353 Fou Alplia Delta Epsilon Zeta lita Theta lotu SIGMA KAPPA nded at Colby College 1874 Roll of Chapters Colby College Boston University Syracuse lfnivcrsity George lllisliington University Illinois NYeslcynn lfnivcrsity Laiixersily of lllinois llenxcr lniiversity Alumnae Chapters XVa1terville, Maine Boston, Blass. Portlaiisl. Maine New Yorl: l.Xl THE 1909 ILL I0 E553 SIGMA KAPPA Theta Chapter Established February 22, 1906 Sorores in Urbe GI-:IQALIIINII BAIQEIQ EITIE BAUER MABEI. XVAMSLEY Sorores in -Universitat: JOSIE IUJITCHENS 1"I.ORI2xr'Ic WII.I.I.uIsON ETIIEI. IIOGE GwIN'I'III.EAx PARSONS H.-xzsr, EI.I.I0TT ELOISE NATION RENA OWEN IQTIIEL NATION PNLEIYA STRAIGHT JESSIE UARD MAUII WII.I,IAMsoN lim SAXTON LUIS REI-LII GIAIIYS STRAIGHT EI.I:ANOR MACKEY XvERA IIAIITER CLARA BROOKS FANNII-1 BROOKS Pledge LUIS TEAI. Colwrx-Maroon and Lavender Fl07C'67'1XviLllCf LXH 'T VJJVN VNUIQ ,T- 71 5 E 73 re rv CL 2 I ll -1 .-v fu -1 - .4 E :L O 5 L Z 21 E7 DJ -1 c c vc- 1 o F! 'fi -1 5 vt' M W YQ:-ISHN Y. P' I5 E, 7 ,- if TG -s 'L 'ff LL .- -x N E. 5' E SE L3 E 2 I E :- re 71 Z. E 5 5: E. 7 4: D pf , , . THE 1909 muh DELTA GAMMA Established May, 1906 Sorores in Urbe MRS. VVM. JAEGER MRS. CLYDE EMMONS MRS. JQEI, STEBBINS AIISS NIABEY. RICKE'l"l'S BTISS XENIA XVOOLMAN MISS GRACE IQELLEY Sorores in Universitate Sen iors INYELLE DICKENSON IRMA Bos'IoN GRACE GLOW CLARA RICKE'l"I'S EDITH SIIIVELV MARIA HOL'fON BIABEI. SMITII funiors Snphonzorvs LoI'IsA Ross i'17'l'J'Il 771 PII ETH EI. EMMERSON JOSEPHINE MCPIIQE , Avxs GWINN GRACE hII,'RI'I!Y IVIARY IWORRIS ISABEL OSBORNE 11AZEL IEIRG NEI.I.E WIISQN BERNIxnE'I'1'A LAVERY VILLA SPRAGUE MAY COXGAL ETHEI, GXVINN Colon'-Bronze, Pink and Blue Fluww'-Creanl Colored Ruse 1,xIv , -WF' ' 'w.?'j-f7P.:w ' ll V .I ,'T Sl V N NVQ C E E? 'Z r: 'Z 'FI rv 1. fi wo N il 7 'Z 7: .Y.., THE19o9 ILLIO SGNK I. Kappa 2. Upsilmi 3. Bern 4. Zum 5. Alpha 6. litu 7. Tlietxl S. Iota Q. Lninlwlu 10. Xi II. Rho 12. Sigma 13. Tau I4. Phi 15. Phi Ib. Psi 17. Omega XE. Cuuuuu DELTA GAMMA Founded 1872 Roll of Chapters l iiiversitv uf Xe-lmrnalcal, I,lIlk'Ulll, New. ' ' ' sity, l'ulu Alto, 1,1-limcl Stun tru fl L mx nr XXY1lSlllllg,fI0Il Stale, S4-altllu .Xlliioii Vollnrgs, Xllmiuii, Blicli. Mt. L num College, .Xllizlncug Uliiu liuclltcl College, Alxrmi, Ohio l'i1ive1'sity L'nive1-Airy l'l1ivc1'wity L' lllVCI'5l ty of lncliauzl, Hllklllllllglllll of Illinois, Llflhllllil, lll. uf Minuesutzx of Nlichiguu Syrncmc l'niversity Nrwlllweslc University lfliiversity Cornell lfn XVOIIILIIIVS 4 Lhiversity l'i1ive1'sity rn L'nivc1'sity of Iowa of Vulrmlxinlu iversity ollegc, llziltinmre uf NYisu1m5i1i of fllllll-lJl'l1lZl I.XVI C11 SQ THE19o91LL1o HGQEEW ACACIA FRATERNITY-MASONIC .Xlm-ph lk-th ilimul Imlcth Hc- NYAW fuyiu 111111 llvth Ymlh lizlph Lzum-rltll Mem Nun Snmuhk R011 of Chapters Llmuu-1-my I.cI:mcl 5Il L'nix'vrfily LvUiX'1'l'5iIj' Lvl1iXl'I'SiIfV Hhiu Slam Ifllflllllblllll IIIIVYIIVL1 l LYN1X'K'I'Sllj Lv11iXl'l'Silf Lv1liX1'I'iilN L'11ix'nf1'sil5 LvHiYl'l'4ilj C'm'nvll L' Vurxluc I IXX ll 111- Xliuhigzm nfurzl l !llYc'l'5 of lxzllhzlw of Xclnwulxzl uf l':1liT'fn'ni:l l'11iw:1'sily LQUIIUQV3 nfvcxwity of Hlinwif of I'u11nwylx'an11 of Nlilmln-wld of xYihCOH5i!l uf Nli-suuri . . r Il1VL'l'S1 L5 Il1YL'I'Silj' QE THE19o91LLIo BE NQ ACACIA Ilx X Illilllx IIIrf11r1r,uxj ,I. .x. XIxx1:xxfxx' IP N. tl IQI"I'I'I' A. X. In Lrxlx-.14 II. I,, I'x1l S. I, Ixxlxl XI Nxfm-,lxxv ,1 ..., 'I' Ii xl-,Q AX.X.III'xx1x IQ. K, Ilrvqxxx ,lx xx. 1, In City ,-X. .-x.SIxx11.x Faculty ,x. ri. IIILI .Slufzuf ' I' I'XI'II' I., ,. v,x .. 71111mf.x' la. X. IIfnxr IIXI If .1 I' I'Ix'I'I'I I' j.XY.XIf'NI1Ilxx .N4.fff'1wf11w If I I'ws:xfm1z4 If I3 xt: mzxxx If. U. Imxxxs l"1'f'x'fI111I'r1 NX. It. Izlsm, xxx IAYIII IIA IIICXIIII XI I XXICXILII llcxxl II. JXXIIQIXI' -Ixxll-if 'Ixwn x1x Xlmxlil Nm Nl Iixml-'11 Iirjwlillx Iilxfx Ihmlzlx Vim Inxxx x XII! . Yvv. -v . ' si i Q .mqixsg 5: 1. , 7' ,.-. v 74-- 7: far , f 1 i 1 4 1 Q i 1 1 1 1 3 4 4 1 1 1 ! i 4 5 bi il 1 1 1 5 4 3 4 i 4 3 3 i 1 4 3 v 4 , EQ THE19o91LL1o mgmg PI THETA Faculty 1f'uxx1:1.1x W. MARQH Resident OLIN I.. HIQUWDER Sgniars VV,x1.'l'EI: XV. Klum: IRA T. C,xRlu'rHr:1:s Lows Bmzxuma Jznzinrs Axmuew 'l'11oMsoN HARRY W. Y.xxxr:xl,xx ROGER F. I.I'l'TI.E lirioluzzz XV. BEN .S'ujw!zm11mu,m Ii.U.l'li N. DICCORD E. 1Cs'1'Es 1'1eusu.xI.1, Ar.I.1s0N L. TULI. 1"rv.r11r11sfz EDWIN Au'1'm:1: RxN1mA1.1. IIENRY H,xx'1'S CUUILXRIJ I,. L. L1'1"1'1.1s I'If'dgu.v LXX W. Iivsslanl. CT,x1vl1- S Rnranm' M. VAN Pmrr-IN Kim. C. f,I.MS'l an 11:81.15 Arm-:N SMITH IIARRY li. Hrilasum' If. C1.1l-'mlm Pm1.I.1rs J. Kvu-1 Fosrriu 'I'Z AR'1'Hl'zc XV. I':ISENBI.XYl-ik Ii1.ME1: J. Hxlcrik. ju. lixwlx If. I'1.l'xl1: IQALPII S. Fxucx-:su CH.XRI.l'1S Ii. llxvxs F. lhlzlaxxsfm p.- E ,-1 ..- P GSSFBELGBEWB THE1909ILLI0 F1:m11:R1CK GREEN M. R. I-IAYNES P. VV. ATWOOD C. B. DUGAN F. T. K1zG1.1iv, JR. C. B. CARLSON C. A. XVADDELL R. E. ERCANBRACK G. J. P11U1TT Il. VVILSON R. C. B1x1:nwE1.L 4 AZTEC Faculty F. H. RAx1Q1x Clzapier Roll C. NV. G1u11.xM Pledge C. LAWLESS LXXII E. S111 111.135 BRYAN XV.u:s:r1x111: l'1i4z11.x:x1 F.-JJ. Z1x1111:1m.1xN Ismwsux B111-131111: W. IS.x1u1w1:1,1. B1unux'1 11.11. So1.1f1s1:1'1ac: R11 1 .xx ..,,,1...,...1.,.f.1 P .- -:3 F 1 1 7L 75 tg- H I I T 1 : I C -:-v If : If - ff - LL A Lf: E E A E lf : x 5 E 1 -1 0 '- 73 . C 1- 7 X- : T Z r THE1909ILL10 N ' OAX Founded at the University of Illinois, Feb. 7, 1905 A. F.1II'N'r U. li. l'IfIsTI:I:ER E. F. J. IJNIIIIEIII: A. I'. SI IeIiI'I-' j. J. LANGAN j. T. SMITH 1. VV. SMITH B. H. BI'I.I,wINIiI.I R. J. JIIRDON B. C. XYILLI5 W. C. VVARI: W. H. II.xMII.ToN T. H. Sroxsiir. MEMBERS .QUIIIIVVS J1mim'.r C. H. iW.'UIl'IRli SnphU11z01'f'x J"1'vshu1c'I1 Pkdgex C'0Zm's Cicmsox AND 1'E.xI:I. GRM' LXXIV E. XVILKINSON A. 'l'II.nIcN IC. 1jOI'Ilf1R'1'Y N. HACQEIQ A. I,IxImI:I:Iu': LT. l1I"I'TI:I: C. GRANT L.xI nm I..xIrnIeIe D. INGIIIM I.. Ii.IIcI.IsUI1N C. Woonwixkim L. NII1.I.IiIi : 9. 5 3 V -. n C fi E rc f Q 2 :T 7 'TJ JZ v ra -1 J 3 rr :- FF...- Q. k 5 . f 1 V V 5 r , E f i i i. F l P V F W E E L..,, 1. - THE1909IT-L10 E519 CD1-imma EARL FREY ELLIS SMITII C1u:s'1'ER C. 1f'mv1.E1: B1u'vE A. Kms JAMES V. RIC'll.XRDS Rm,1,.xNn J. S'1'1c,xssm1 XVII.I.I.XM A. Rl"l'I.EIM H. L. PARCEL Roy M. Lxxulmx COMUS University of Illinois Safzimxv I.. C. 'l'mcNm'1-C immzus R. Wrtrur IIE:u:1cR'1' C. Z1 N I: Jmz iam HMQH A. 5IvL,1uca L'llrts'1'E1: Rvrn C'1.IN'mx P. 'l'K0'1"rm .S'nfzl1amm'U.v l"1'e.vfz mwz lIuu:1.1w RUHIQIQR Hmvbzs 1..'xxx'Rr2Nvr: H. VVII.I,I.'XMS R,x1.1f11 A. BI-QXNVIT RIHIARD li. SI-:INNER 1is1,EY E. JOHNSON Hvx!:kY H, '1'.xvmu I'1mfgf' 1 FRANK E. lirun I.XXYl 4 SJINIO3 '4 x19.x LI0 I' 7 Z' T1 rl C ft ' 4 Q 7? 1 v 7 54' J 5 I pf I I I r aML-u,,. HAL 125335553 THE19091LL10 TAU LAMBDA Founded at the University of Illinois 1906 MEMBERS P051 Graa'14aff C. W. YECK Svuzm I K. IC. IIi:i.i.s'rnoM R. A. P1Li.iNr1ER Juniors I". IS. IiAl.1ww1N A. 0. IMIJY F. T. Hi:x'r.E Sujvlz 0 m 0 rcs If. II. Aiimiclm R. II. 1j:XilY A. T. Ilifssiiv l'iJ'U.I'lI7IIt'H R. L. CAM1'iaEI.i. W. F. GASMAN IJ. K. Gimvfs l'f5LI'gU.Y J. L. IIONVE Cofnrs Cfiziisismr Am: IIr.Ac'K LXXYHI Ii. G. RYAN A. U. Joi-INs'mN O. G. IIIVELEY V. E. McC0o1. I". C. VAN H0014 G. H SCHMELZLE ID. M TILSUN IJ. E. Voss Ii. Q IRWIN IJ. I, SMITH H. R XVALIJRON . A. W. IIom,Ei: '1' .5 ff I' f lf. f: .1 'If . -II 1. IJ 4- -.-I I, .. 1' I .,-f,.'.g'..f.'. ',1'.'1v:' ::'."' ff.-gf.f,.f':.' - ' ' V ' - '-. lf ' I .11 , , , I ' 'sf M"' ?QA: 1z: -1"' -'B iff'-.1' Vff.-Tiip?-'f W' 'Wig Z 'J ' l' T7 ' 'fJ:f-'M '1 , ,f.,,..-.-..,3.f. ..,-m, - H... . -.3 , - -I , ,. I. - I Y, f55Qi:1'ffvqf'l"vfif 'Q' . .A 1 ' 5 f A - I - ' . v . :lk I ' , , - I v .L hi-4, Irki. .1-Q' Tiff U ES.Q THE 190911-L10 xr. llff ,I-: A.. .L I i c A 'A Founded at University of Illinois 19ut. ' Posi Graduate--W. C. MADDOX ' Seniors .,, . jf-'i I. M. BATI-:MAN A P. BUMSTEAD If . 1 53252 R. J. CANDOR H. DAEHLER Biff- W. Z. BLACK E. SHERIFI-' L. R. BLOHIVI A. VAN BIIUNT .gf N H1 . ' Ju11w1'.v P. M. CLENDENEN S. LOFQIJIST C.,P. MILLS L. RIJSK C. B. LEE 4 P. S'I'ouT AIX C. E. WILLIAMS .15 S .I 1. Saplmmores qf.: Q 53+ J. B. IDAGGETT L. PENCIL ij. L. K. ELLSBURY 4 S. PENNEIIAKI-:Ia E. G. FRANKEN H. Swrrs ff- 'R. W. GRIFFI'ffI A. PRITCIIAIIII rf .. . E. A. LESLIE M. WESTEIIN .,l "'. f J. E. MOSILIAN K. STUART A I Freshmen -' G. OLSON L. S'roU'r .,.4 A ggi- , , Colors-Blue and VVh1te ff Qfilgn iff? SQ K Y LXXX I T, Q, ilff. W .. ITT., I . L. ,. ',Ii.11i,f-" . .. . , 15,-uf. bw P I ii.3J:e'k't2H. ...xr .. -. w ' f-'+f 'F.'f?-be 'ea . V 1 I 1 -I ' N -v ' , ., 4, . 4 ' ,I Q .A , ,. .W .I ,. u?4 ,. f ' s H 5. H:-v . .. . . . . +5595'?7Y'Pi3bQ9?'7IQ'V51.3'?2fir--'-93'f1?:?f?f.?.i'-'f'If9.i-555-f'A "?4?Q5'e2i'f5af'.- -,l"Z."'I.l1 -1 ':ff-Qiflvifiigiffg-gQZ.g vg-.i?f5fqQ 4, 353 f ff, .511-gf ! . f - .- ' P ' A x . 'T' v-4 ,-. S- E P .- .V E. 71' 1- 7 5 E F z 7 v .. W vr., ,. v-.,, .w,,,,.,.,.. p r L Y E . E Q J EEIYQE T HAE 1909 IL LIO E559 X ILUS Founded 1907 Ilus Roli U11i1'vrsiIy R. I'oLL.'xun S. jrsxxlxus VV. BICIJUYVEIJ. L. joHNsToNn: Po1.r..xRU H. STONE G. GAY Q. I'E'rTIuREw NV. SPEED!!-3 V. lixmI.l-iv Im. ASHLEY L. SIIUTE IC. BICICEEVER M. GII.S'1'R.'XI' F. XVILSON S. BIASON F. G1I.sTR.x1' E. IIWFCHIN H. BEAN L. RICHARD D. HoL'rzxr.xN Pledge H. lCux,xx'1'Z C. 1"1mEM.xx Colbrs-ROYAL PLTRPLL: AND VVHITE - .. -...A,.,.-..- ..... . .,-.-M--.-- LXXXII .fi r-1 .- x C Ill l'l'Y ELI SO 9 FU v T' A Zi Z T5 S Z rt 77 n I: rt -1 1 n 1.. nw :T IQ v -1 Z 0 .1 0 5 rv I THE1909ILLIO PHI DELTA PSI Scnzors FI.oRENc'E W I LLI.-NM sox H.'XZEL CI.IlfIfoRu ANNEISEL FRASER EVELYN XVARDER EI.Iz.-xRE'rII BRYAN ZEI.LA IXIACKAV UxIIIxE CASSANDRA IHINERVA DIANA UNDINE Cmmo PANDORA r LOUISE SHIPMAN Jznzmrs IJAPHNE Colors-GREEN ANI: GOLD FZUTUE1'-ENGLISH VIOLET LXXXIV GERTRUDE LEE NEI.I.E DICKINSON GRACE EXVING NIARY Howl-2 LUTA UIARTIN NEI,I.E BIILLER A'PIIIiODI'l'E Lore ELEI PROSERPINE JUNO PIEBE SCvI.I.A CHARYEIIIS IHJ J V.l.rIEICI IS QL ? nf 1 'I ,- rv 7 5 -Q V sllinrpfq L10 QMOH .YIIFIJHIQ T' rr fr .?.1 1 4 i 4 i 4 2 I I 1 4 4 4 4 4 J 4 4 A 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 H 4 4 1 1 4 4 I 4 5135.3 THE 1909 ILLIO YO MA Founded at the University of Illinoxs 1907 Sophomore Local Sorority Members SARAH XVHITE BERTHA SCHWARZKOPF BIARGUERITE NIX'ER GI.ADx'S STRAIGHT JULIA BARREI' LOUISE RETZ CLARA BICCLAIN ELIZ.-IBETII ROSE IQATHERINE FAIRBROTHER HELEFJ BIILLIGAN GERTRUIIE HUBIPHREY JOSEPHINE STARK CARRIE RVJLE TIELEN IVICCULLOCH LXXXYI 1 1 Y 4 i Y i 1 1 4 E 3 5 1 5 w f 3 .ll Q E J 4: w 2 ? V: w N -Q Q 1 -45 3 C4 1 , , , 5 l J' Y: 1 E Z W 70 Z: X " 'R!'W"" r E P K r r i l I I y I I r l THE1909ILLIO- QMGNBW PHI DELTA PHI Established at University of Illinois 1901 Fratres in Urbe BENJAMIN F. HAIIRIS, JR., LL.B. EVERT B. IJICCORMICK, LLB NEWTON IIARRIS, LL.B. CHESTER W. RICHARDS, LLB HARRY E. COFEMAN, LL.B. Fratres in Facultate JUDGE OLIVER A. LIARKER, A.M. ELLIOTT JIJDD NORTHRl'P, A B LL B THOMAS W. HUGIIEE, LL.M. FREDERICK GREEN. A.M., LL B GEORGE L. CLARK, A.B., LL.B. BARRY GILBERT, A.M., LL.B Fratres in Universitate Swziors W. B. VVARDER L. C. VVESTERVELT M. E. NEBEICER E. D. FINCI-I R. R. BOOKXYALTER J. M. JOHNSON H. W. XJANXEBIAN F. P. SNIDER G. D. BEARDSLEY E. S. CUNNINGIIAM R. M. HAYES J. E. :HQRRISS L... ,L L.-..hD,,,7 L Jurzim Y F. H. RIXILSB.-XCIQ Freshmen LXXXVIII C. H. WVOOD L. B. SMITH C. J. MOYNIIIAN T. B. LEWIS P. K. JOHNSON H. TICE L. R. IQELLY R. F. LIT'1'I.1i WV. W. IRXVIN J. B. NIESSICK F. D. X'OTT C. W. GRAHAM "F ... ,- r- v-4 LC '11 2 T v- H-4 v- 'I un 0 s 7, w E O -1 f ... 5 EV 3- 5 2 'L 43 5 1 41... 5.13 G 5 E m VA r-1 I M1 7 1 T s Z 'F :C E.?F5- if: E PT' 1 4 L. Q - L - rt I if v ff E S 73 5 7 , .. 7 C .. I ' 1, 'G+ 77' Z 2. E v. PT' 5 Q A -1 uf fl THE1909I1-L10 NBKGBKG PHI DELTA PHI Roll of Chapters l'niversity of Michigan Northwestern University Cfbllllllllltl University XYasliington University University of California flfllllllllllllll University ol llnion University Boston University University of Cincinnati University of Pennsylvania llarvarml University Yale University New York University Uornell University niversity of Missouri niversity of Virginia l'niversity of Minnesota llutlalo University University of Oregon University of Wlisconsin Hliio State University Unixersxty of Iowa University of Nebraska Lake lforest University Stanford University University of Kansas Syracuse University lntliana University XVestern Reserve University University of Illinois Kent l,aiv lleprlrtinent liooth Law lhepartnient Storey low Departinent Cooley l,:uv lleluirtment Poineroy l..1w llepurtnient Nlarsliull l..1w Delwartnient ,lay .Xllvany l,:1w Sulio VXI-luster Law Department llnmilton Law llepartment liiilvson Law llepzlrtinent Vlioate Law llcpartnienl XV:1ite lun' llepnrtment l-'ielcl l..uv Department Conlaling l,:1w llepzlrtrnent IilC1lL'INIU'l Law llcpartmenl If Minor l.axv IICINITUIICHI I' llillon l..1xv llepalrtnient lluniels l.:1w Depurtinenl Phase l.:uv IIEIl1ll'I1'llt'l'II ll:1rl:1n lam' llepzlrtment Swan lain' llepzirtment Mcflain I.:1xv Ilt'l!ill'lIHCllI Lint-oln l,uw llepzirtmem lfuller l,:1v.' llepurtznent Miller I,IlXV llepartment tire-en Law Department Comstock l,:1w llepartinent l'Dwigl'1t New York Law School Foster Law llepartnient Runney Law Department Langclell Law Department Brewer Department L'l"liCf1Q,,fU, Ill. New York, N. San Francisco, Cincinnati, Uh Denver University Alumni Chapters Y. Cal. io Xl Kansas City, Mo. VVashington, D. C. St. Louis, Mo. Portland, Oregon THE 1909 ILLIO PHI ALPHA DELTA Roll of Chapters Blackstone Campbell Fuller Marshall Magruder Ryan Storey YVebster H ay Garlnntl Benton Capen Kent College of Law University of Michigan Northwestern University University of Chicago University of Illinois University of XVisconsin Illinois College of Law Chicago College of Law YVestern Reserve University lfniversity of Arkansas Kansas City Law School Bloomington Law School XCR THE190911-L10 ESQ PHI ALPHA DELTA Magruder Chapter Established at the University of Illinois in 1904 Fratres in Facultate E. M. IIALLIDAY, A.B., LL.D. A. GORE, A.B. ' Fratres in Urbe S. M. COHEN O. A. EHRGOTT Fratres in Universitate Seniors H. C. INIORAN H. A. II.xx'S R. B. CLARK I. H. Cox I. E. MORRISON Juniors F. XVHABI T. M. MCNUTT W. GVLLETT R. TYGETT C. L. EDELSTEIN S0pILU7IZ07'6.Y H. B. FASMER R. LOWE C. W. JABIES O. M. BARNES R. B. LATHROP Freshnzmz G. W. DIERRITT L. C. BIILLER W. C. BARNES K w I XCXI 'V ,- -1 -1 r-4 Q ,- v-4 P lf- f'f P1 P Q X If 0 E 1 7 ,- F '4 C 1 7 F -Q v ,- N., THE 1909 ILLI 0 C ALPHA ZETA Founded at University of Ohio Morrow Chapter Established 1902 Fratres in Facultate E. 1J,xx'ENPOR'I' J. UBURRII. X J. C. BLAIR .ICIAIOSI-I C. S. HQJPICINS M. LLOYD H. W. KIL'1Il"URD H. RANKIN C. F .IIOTTER G NIOSIER J. E. REAIIHIMER II. PE'l"I'I'l' VV. C. CUFFEY D. H.fkI.I. 1.EON.'XRl3 HEllX.Xl7EIi I3 . CENTER C. H. COLEMAN O. BARTO H. 0. ALLISON F. Gl'R'fEIFIiEN C. H. fW:kTH0l'T W. HEI'liL'RN Fratres in Universitat: Seniors V. XVAXIZNIAN V IIOIXI' R. I.. I..-XTZER M. D. HRACKER H. H. S'I'ANIfORn S. BROOKS XV. I.. GAINS A. XVIIITE J. V. BOPP S. FISHER ARIIIUR LII1sIBRIf:Ii fuuiors J. P. STOUI' C. B LEE J. K. IQINCAID R. E. BRAND C. J. ROBINSON F. C. HERSBI.-RN E. E. IIOSKINS H. W. STEXVART J. G. SEELY XCIV if C -Q TZ T: Ui in :H 7: fl- 0 -1 I E 77 EVE EE. .. Iv O Z Z : 41 :4 5.7 EH m 5: 39 A77 rg' 5:1 .- .V E Q. TZ '10 Sz 57:1 I" 5, O 77 -f'?: ,-70 M IJ" ft THE 19091141110 Townsend Morrill Ezra Cornell Morrow Kedzie Granite Nebraska Massey La Grange Green Mountain XVilson Babcock Centennial Maine Missouri VVashington ALPHA ZETA Roll of Chapters Columbus, Ohio Pennsylvania Ctate College, Penn. Ithaca, New York Urbana, Illinois Michigan Agricultural College, Mich. Durham, New Hampshire Lincoln, Nebraska XVestIRaleigh, North Carolina St. Anthony Park, Minnesota Burlington, Vermont Ames, Iowa Madison, VVisconsin Fort Collins, Colorado Ornno, Maine Columbia, Missouri VVashington XCH THE1909ILL10 TAU BETA PI Founded at Lehigh University 1885 Roll of Chapters Alpha of Pennsylvania Alpha of Michigan Alpha of Indiana Alpha of New Jersey Alpha of Illinois Alpha of XVisconsin Alpha of Ohio Alpha of Kentucky Alpha of New York Alpha of Missouri Beta of Michigan Alpha of Colorado Beta of Colorado Beta of Illinois Beta of New York Gamma of Michigan Beta of Missouri Alpha of California Alpha of Iowa Lehigh University Michigan Agricultural College Purdue University Stevens Institute of Technology University of Illinois University of VVisconsin Case School of Applied Science Kentucky State College Columbia University University of Missouri Michigan College of Mines Colorado School of Mines University of Colorado Armour Institute of Technology Syracuse University University of Michigan Missouri School of Mines University of California Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts Alumni Associations Chicago Pittsburg New York XCVI I T HE 1909 I LL I0 TAU BETA PI Alpha of Illinois Chapter Established 1897 Fratres in Urbe H. C. MARBLE Fratres in Facultate E. M. BURR N. C. RICKER L. P. BRECKENRIDGE J. M. WHITE A. N. TALBOT I. O. BAKER G. A. GOODENOUGH O. A. LEUTXVILER INIORG.-KN BROOKS A. P. CARMAN C. T. KNIPP E. C. SCHMIDT I. P. BROOKS C. VV. MALCOLM F. W. MARQUIS T. H. AMRINE C. E. NOERENBERG I. C. NITZ A. S. BUYERS S. G. CUTLER R. E. DEETS H. L. BUSHNELL R. J. CANDOR L. MCDONALD H. F. GONNERRIAN E. B. JORDAN R. J. LOVE G. E. BKIUNGER R. C. PIERCE L. H. HAZARD Fellows Sezzimfs .7unio1' H. C. IYFEAN XCVIII Ii. C. R. J. J. J. H. H. G. C. A. SH G. H. C. W. VV. J. M F. E. K G R. F F. M. S. H. C. E. PENTER R. CLARK V. ENCSTROM M. SNODGRASS T. VAWTER J. RICHEY B. DIRKS F. GODEKE C. HABERMEYER C. XVILEY R. BENCH ERWOOD HINDS W. PICIQLES E. BIURDOCK A. HELLIIIANN R. ROBINSON L. EGY L. STAIR S. BIORGAN Af.-'KN INXVAGEN A. WEBER E. LIELLSTROM E. JAQUET E. ROBINSON N. ROPR L. HANSON R. .HAYNES C. CAMPBELL A. BRAND S. fILLSBL'RY 'WW E .D G' .4 W 'T' fi 2 +1 ,- E : I 0 E 7 5 r-1 rv Z T 'Z' F Z: E. 1 4 rt 5 f-r C - n 1. v O 7 7 E. E 'Z Z E Q 'v ... 1? C --1 7 4 F :V 77' v TI. 5 I .- E Z O 9:3 5 V- -. if va 2 ru EL 1 - Z, -1 9 y-- -71 fl. THE 1909 ILLIO PHI LAMBDA UPSILON I-founded at University of Illinois 1899 R oll of Chapters Alpha University of Illinois Beta University of Wisconsin Alpha Chapter Honorary Members DR. W. A. Novi-1s PROP. E. BARTON llxov. ll. S. GRINDLEY PROP. A. T. LINCOLN l'RGlf S. W. PARR DR. T. J. BRYAN DR. G. MCP. SMITH ACTIVE CHAPTER lwznm' ll.-uussn H. A AIATILL J. M. BARNHART C. F. DIETER P. E. Howrp G. A. VAN BRUNT ,l. M. Llxmzxaw F. W KREssMAN F. W. UILI. W. C. NIARTI A. ll. IEMMM1' H. C. BENNETT R. A. LYNQZH C. C. Fowuan D. L, xVEA'IllERl'lEAlI A. F. D. Wussow tl. B. PETI-IRSKJN J. J. M1L1.ER IHII XO'IIScIf'l VGEIWVT 77 7 1 .HMOH pltnlllaqlixzvxm 77' ro -1 f 1 7 1, 5 F fx fr Iv' 4 -1 ,- E. r: -1 7 v- 7 .Q 1 ,QW ' , A 4 4 Y I 77" ' l I i THE 1909 ILLIO ETA KAPPA NU Founded at the University of Illinois 1904 Chapters Alpha University of Illinois Gamma Ohio State University Frater in Urbe W. T. Bl'RNE1'1' Fratres in Facultate RIORGAN Hkooics Cims. T. KNIPP VV. C. Mxnnox T. H. AMRINE I'I.xRRY G. HAICE L. V. JAMES Fratres in Universitate IJ. C. F.x1sER A. J. IIARRIS F. L. ILXNSON J. L. Smm K. E. HEILSTRUM C. E. XVICKERSIIADI JAMES B.x'rEM.xN G. E. JAQUET L, H. llixzfum P. M. IMRMER IE. F. TVCIQER F. Coma J. O. TIICKER H. C. IHEAN I. C. NITZ I. VV. FISK G. W. CROSSETT J. W. BIATHEXVSON B. O. BROXVN B. M. BEACH C. T. RIPLEY A cu fl X Vdd VH Vlfl E 7? C -Q 7, 77' L4 m .1 uawx-L13 7-? 7 x - f- F mmf KKK lm lull-.m E 7? 2 31.1 I EN rn Q 5: -s 1 Z THE1909 ILLIO DELTA RHO SIGMA Founded at the University of Illinois 1905 Seniors F. M. BYERS R. A. GRAHAM F. W. SIMPSON C. A. STEWART P. H. A1'w0oD .fmziors R, F. WRENN C. P. TROTTER G. L. Ronmxs J. G. SEELY A. B. KING R. C. WVKAY Sopfzomares G. D. MANN E. H. YVAGGONER M. T. HARMON H. F. Monmsox A. B. MEEK W. C. VVATSON W. C. CUTLI-:R J. J. LANGAN C. H. HEALY L. J. WASHBURN CIN' VIXITDIS OIITI V.T."IEIl I 1 5 42 Q: Z. -Tr I. Z ,427 f-Q: gm F -1 v HI fx 25' ii 1 C 77 2 III f SP 0 - nu, Z: f 5 fa Q2 :E fl 5 2 0 -Q 23 O: gi gm :gn "'7" 4 E 'D' W A. 'J 'I' D -1 C- v 1 1 5533 THE19o91LL1o DELTA SIGMA RHO Honorary Oratorical Fraternity Chapter Roll University of Minnesota University of Chicago University of Illinois Northwestern University University of Michigan l'niversity of Ohio IC J. C. R C R M Ili.. T II. I7 University of Indiana DELTA SIGMA RHO Established at the University of Illinois 1906 M. II.xr.r.1n.xY P. Girlzxkr E. IIVTCHIN F. I.I'l"l'I.E J. RIUYNIHAX H. URONVN C. 'l'.xxQt'.xkY v1'lu:'r: Br:'r1.ER XV. S.'X5H'EI.S B. IIERSHEY S. Dommx Members CVI . C. ELLISON W. GRIl"l4'I'l'H I-I. JOHNSON H. ZEARIN4: C. HERxss'rMAN I.. MCI..XITlJIII.IN M. PAi.xu-:R C. ANGERSTEIN H. Cooxs J. RANDY P. BENJAMIN VL' I GIVI V N918 HN CJ G I g, E I 7 E I 7 X, N C 3 E 5 Ik E Z VG. I 0 W ct -1 ,- rv v :Q THE 1909 IL L10 fx 15'- 14 8' . R SD 3 5. QB 52 G CS. . Sfrefgnmnn . iam xi KI-Ionorary Germanl Uiegriinbet 19015 Ilniberfitutci Sliinois Rittrr in Clnmmunra Emp YI. llittm: in Zllarultatia 'lfirf-5 85. Giobefe Grandi 3. Rittn- in liiuiurraitatta Ciuebler 59. .Sbacbrneifter 65. Siuiier 91. 63 Saber 65. . Marti fl. Citunger 13. LIIX LE. Bueftemunu QB. .Sbncbllleiftcr 53. Slamrvnce QB. Bairb 3. Qraf G. Ban Elirunt 3. 2Buifom li. Sinf Sdyneffel QB. 65. Qtllmer G. 2Beref5Ipagen IX HIJ pc -1 rs v Z rr E E Z, 2 L... f- Q 5. Ii rn -: 2 IT' E I 5 C 77' 3 Q, li c -s Cl? T2 rr -1 ,1 4 7 v 5 4 lunxgl ST1-'III .mlqanu url :N rt -r , I me 1i9R f'9 -1-.-.f gif'-.. ,f M SIGMA XI Illinois Chapter of the Sigma Xi The Sigma Xi honorary scientific society was founded at Cornell University, in 1886. The Illinois chapter was organized in 1903, and received the nineteenth charter granted. There are now twenty-four chapters in the society. Officers President . . . . . A. N. T:XLBO'1' Vice-President . . . FRANK SMITH Recording Secretary . . A. T. LINCOLN Corresponding Secretary , H, VV, NIUBIFORD 'Treasurer . . . . W. J. FRASER Councilor . . .TVTORGAN BROOKS 1' S. C. CRANDALI. J H. W. TVIUMFORD B 1 f El , ' If.. C. SCHMIDT oarm O eetors . i J. P. BROOKS I C. F. IQNIPP l C. F. HOTTES Members H. O. ALLISON T. H. AMRINE R. M. BAGG H. F. BAIN J. W. BAIRD I. O. BAKER W. S. BALLARD C. VV. BALKE EDYVARD BARTOW W. S. BAYLEY A. R. BENCH ISABEI. BEVIER J. C. BLAIR J. C. BLEININGER L. P. BKECKENRIDGE J. P. BROOKS AIORG.-KN BROOKS 4 J. M. BRYANT T. J. BIJRRILL A. P. CARMAN F. W. CARPENTER O. D. CENTER W. C. COFFEY C. B. COLEMAN - S. S. COLVIN A. B. COOKE C. S. CRANDALI. A. R. CRATIIORNE R. S. Cl:RTIss EUGENE DAVENPORT H. B. A. D. DIRKS EMMETT M. L. ENGER R. V. ENGsTROM S. A. FORBES W. J. FRASER C. M. GARLAND C. B. GIBBONS J. P. GILBERT F. W. GILI, J. H. GILI. H. A. GLEAsON H. F. GODEKE G. A. GOOOENOUGH W. F. M. Goss H. S. GRINDLEY A. F. GUSTAFSON C. A. H.-XR'F C. N. H.ASKINS P. B. HAWK LEONARD HEGNAUER C. A. HELLMAN X. W. HEI'l3URN W. B. HOLMES C. G. HOPKINS C. F. HO'rTEs P. E. HOWE HELEN ISHAM G. T. KEMP W. A. KN.-NI'P C. T. KNIPI' O. A. LEUTXVILER A. T. LINCOLN J. VV. LLOYD W. J. iYT.ACNEAI. CX D. MGINTOSH G. A. MILLER H. W. LIIIMFORD L. I. NEIIQIRK VV. A. NOYES C. H. OATIIOUT S. W. PARR A. W. PETERS S. B. PICKETT J. E. READHIMER ETHEI. RICKER N. C. RICKER H. L. RIETZ W. R. ROBINSON C. W. ROLFE T. A. RUTHERI-'ORD T. E. SAVAGE E. C. SCHMIDT S. W. SIIATTUCK C. H. SISAM FRANK SMITH G. MCP. SMITH L. H. SMITH J. C. SPITLER JOEL STEBBINS A. N. TALBOT J. C. THORPE E. J. TOXVNSEND F. R. WATsoN J. M. WHITE E. J. WILCZYNSKI C. C. WILEY .ra ,.-G ii' 1'-frwqiif -4 L. :...n 4. ..J,n.i ,W Graduates of Illinois and members of the faculty elected to membership at the foun- VVILLIAM L. PILLSRLIRY GEORGE H. THEYER MAIIRICE H. ROBINSON HERBERT J. BARTON MRS. MARY E. FAXVCETT HENRY A. BIATTILL STEPHEN S. COLVIN Resident Members J. W. BAIRD MRS. D. O. BARTO EDKVARD BARTON' N. C. BROOKS F. VV. CARPENTER G. L. CLARK T. A. CLARK H. XV. DENIO PHI BETA KAPPA Gamma Chapter of Illinois CNot Charter Members IJAYID IRINLEY EDMUND I. JABIES THOMAS E. OLIVER Affiliated Members EMMA G. JAECK SUSAN W. REED VVILLIAM S. BAYLEY CHARLES M. MOSS FRANCES SIMPSON FRANCIS K. W. IHRYRY GUSTAV E. IQARSTEN EDWARD H. VVALDO JOSEF VVIEHR MRS. FLORA E. VVELLS affiliated with the Gamma Chapter of Illinoisj BARRY GILBERT FREDERICK GREEN P. S. GOULDING T. H. GUILD BIARGARET HlT1'CHINS fiEORGE T. IQEMP B. F. BIOORE I.. I. PAETOXV C. M. POOR MRS. C. M. POOR MRS. A. R. SEYMOUR S. P. SHERBIAN' BIILLICENT STEBBINS JOSEPHINE G. THOMPSON I. ZEITLIN dation meeting, November 11, 1907 PIOKVARD G. BROXVNSON THOMAS A. CLARK DAVID H. CARNAH.-KN ETHEL C. FORBES CHARLOTTE M. GIBBS JAMES W. GARNER ELIZABETH G. GREENE EVARTS B. GREENE MARTHA J. IQYLE IQATHERINE A. W. LAYTON CHARLES S. PILLSBURY FRANK VV. SCOTT IQETURAH SIRI CARI. C. WLAN DOREN NATHAN A. WESTON MARY EDITH WILLIAMS Initiates, March, 1908 FRED P. BENJAMIN TUINNIE L. PARKER FLORENCE L. BRUNDAGE IRENE M. PARSONS ETHEL M. BUSHNELL HIKAINI T. SCOVILL CXI THE 1909 ILLIO THE TRIANGLE Civil Engineering Fraternity Established University of Illinois 1907 Honorary Members IRA O. BAKER, lJ.lENr:. JOI E. B. ADAMS W. G. BURROUGIIS S. G. CIJILER R. O. IEIARDER T. R. LIOXVSER E. KEOUGII T. G. LONVRY M. H. MCCOY M. S. LIORGAN A. M. KORSMO G. M. A. ILC R. A. COLLINS R. C. VVAGNER, JR A. H. HUNTER VV. C. LOCKE W. L. DUNN Seniors R. A. C. L. F. C. L. II. A. D. J. GRANI' Jznziars F. II. R. H. F. M . li. CXII IN P. BROOKS, M.S. C. PIERCE SCIIWERIN M. SIAYAIAKER A. XVEBER N. ROPP IE. VVATERHOUSE NICIDONALD F. GONNERMAN N. IIEANEY lf. BEEBY E. ASIIIJOWN A. ROLLO H. BURGESS RIUSSER K. JORDAN L. JONES SVI 'FJNVINL GIHJ. C Z5 :F 3-1 O 5... in 3 71 5 ff 5 FD '4 vi? T72 :C .1 gf if 5 57 D -1... P? EE Z. 5. I 25 77 Q Z7 9,5 Q4 E 5 : I O T5 Q.: EVE QE -'IK F3 H- 5317 F: -1 5: FU E E'-5' 7: ft? If 9 z -Q o i T' 5 rv' c FD. mp .Y .wssnlq P 1 THE 190911-L10 TH ETA KAPPA NU Honorary Legal Fraternity Established at the University of Illinois 1902 Fratres in Urbe J. E. FII.soN W. I". Worm W. G. PALMER Fratres in Facultate O. A. H.XRIiER, LL.B., A.B. G. L. CLARK, LL.B., A.B. FREDERICK GREEN, LL.B., A.M. E. J. NClIi'I'HRUP, LL.B., A.B. T. W. HI'I:HEs, L.L.M. BARRY f1II.BERT, LL.B., A.B. D. U. BICGOVNEY. LL.B., A.B. Seniom' R. H. BROXVN R. B. CLARK R. F. FEAGAXS R. E. LYBARGER I.. C. XVESTERYELT H. A. HAYS Juniors J. L. iuCLAUGHI.IN O. BARTII F. A. WILSON E. H. TIFE CXIV Pi - ,- -7' 3' 71 P 'T :S 2 r" F I. Q S 77 1' .lnrunq H 1I0.x.lD1SQAx JI 5? T2 7 THE19o91LL1o News!!! ALPHA ALPHA Founded at the University of Illinois, April, Members M. Ylwulzlx BROI'GII.XM Lx RUB lD.w'roN CIIRISTINA ITEXNY ICRNA FINK Hixzlci, Umm Horn M. lI.Xi.IiE'l"I' I..xI'RA li. KAEMI-lex Homin M. Iixriunrkcz I,U'r.-x M.-xrwlx AI.1c'E B. BIf,'IYJ0N.XI.Il MARY F. RICH ALIVE C. 'l'11ixYER JOSEPIUNI-2 G. THUMPSON BIARGAR1-Tl' XYEINBITRG NINA M. Xhclxuiilccs Colors GREEN .xxn Wurri: VXYI 1907 -R' VHJIV VI-ILVIV UQIJCIY 5. -Q V rt 7 : 5 1 v 4 1 w i w '1 Nw 1 ,1 w 1 l J pr -- W- 4 THE1909ILLI0 NBYGBXG EOS Founded at University of Illinois, December 16, 1907 Members i Swzior F. W. IJUNNIXID Jmzimfs H. C. R,xI.CoM 1 B. II. DIE'1'lc1c'n 3 FRED BECK i E. F. Zxulconslix R. S. lJ1i:'1'x14'u Snpfznnznfes XY. R. i'iOBI.INl2I-II-' 1 R. li. W'1I.c'ox 1 R. C. Rownux R. Ii. l.m:.xN R. lf. IMMEI. W. A. I'EG1mM A. I.. SMITH 1"l'U.YfI171f8l1 R. II. Ii.x'1'Es W. Ii. l'E14K1Ns W. li. 'flPPE'I"I' X Colors I OLD Gow AND Mucoox N w V N CXVIII I N L Y rv f 1 Ji ft 119pMuN THE1909I1-L10 YOXAN Founded at the University of Illinois 1905 Faculty Members IJ. H. CARNAHAN E. W. PONZER DR. G. T. KEMP ERXES1' li. MEIEIQ J. M. WARNER R. R. BooKwA1.'r1eR J. B. CAB.-XNIS S. S. SNYDER H. H. ZIESIXG F. P. SNIDER L. E. FISHER H. I. POVVERS IC. G. Ovrrz H. J. WERNSING I.. GARDINER W. R. IJRENMAX 5. Town Members F. H. MCKELVEY Active Members Seniors Juniors S. HUMPHREYS CXX W1 I.l.IAlI II. DEH N f1I'IURGE A. Iil7FF A. R. HIXIQIIINCZ XV. R. BR,x1v1,1-:Y F. IJ. YO'l"I' C. I. Hoon: H. A. PIARRIS J. L. BARRE'1"I' C. W. SMITH G. H. ANDERSON D. L. GRANT E. O. FURROW F. W. Bos'roN R. F. WRRN P. G. SINNUVK J. A. FI.,xNm:Rs -r NVXOA IE c 93 Fi gn 'Z CL. 0 E Sl ra -e v IIT LT' 11 A0 u V rv -r U05 s.iIv.1qdIlIl1H .xaxlmngoo gl l :pouugg and THE1909ILLI0 GREEN T. F. D. P. C. O. C. VV . A. Ii. SHIELD AND TRIDENT A. CIARK YV. Sc'41'r'r J. Glu N '1' S. ARTIIVR STEWART A. DIFKE DUGAN Founded 1893 Members in Faculty O. A. I.E1:1'xx'11.1-:R Members in University H. Sf'm71.z1cE F. N. Rom, C. W. XT.-IND.-IGRIFT CXXII 77mg J. M. I.INDr:mcN D. II. CARNAI 'I'. IS. LEWIS Ii. G. RYAN II. S. POYVERS C. I. IIUGUE M. G. DADANT L. E. FISHER S. S. SNYDER I IS .I XFICIINJ. KIXV CVIEUI 5 s E -1 5 D I :- -1 ,- 2 7 E A T L.. .C an I .- Z U 7: E 'E 5 arlzxlnqug 9513111 V 'H THE1909 ILL I0 PHOENIX Founded by the Class of 1907 Honorary Senior Society Faculty Member C. C. XY.-KN DOREN Members in Universitate VV. J. XV.xRD,x1.l, F. VVAGNE1: G. H. Axmausox F. L. Come I. C. Nrrz G. C. O1.Ms'rEAn I. S. C.xRR1'rHERs L. B. SMITH li. O. Fnrmzow J. M. H.x'rEMAN F. VAN INWAGEN J. B. C.x1x.xNIs A. H. DIXEIILER L. J. Hnss R. A. LYNCH R. E. SHERIFF A. C. IIAINES H. H. GIESING' CXXIY IOIIJ XIX Il' S ro E' FJ -. 12 :4 n Z .-Q N alsuqw pw: E. E? G u E. E -1 1 HEPWAK um: IKSBQMU 191119811 LIS ru -1 34? BH sou! 4 Z E. A N 5. Z. Ti Mu,x.xn,1 uoszap u V u 31 1: AX fb -e THE 1909 ILLIO HELMET Founded at University of Illinois 1907 SOPHOMORE SOCIETY I. I.. I'Ir1KERIN1: B. li. Siuw W. R. NIORSE F. J. G1NNoc'1l1o W. M. INICNAMI-:E C. VV. iVIUEI.I.ER G. N. CARLISLE R. A. GRANT VV. B. ASIIBY L. J. WASHBUQN N. I.. GOODSPEED I. RICNIILLAN S. M. NIORRIS Active Members CXXVI BROWN K.x11.ER VAN DOREN RENNACKER CUMPTON I MRMON SAXYYER CLENDENIN PHELPS BIFADOXV LEVIS HAY IIEALY .L H lil IXVIFIU PI 75 C -71 v rT 71 F -1 V -v v, z- .1 Z.. Q V c 5 -1 dspu pan U'fII!IY9lXI co 5 2 ll zugxaylzngf S 5: Z 71 3. A C 2 E. SE THE 1909 ILLIO 'EQ Glnntrihutnrz Hhixiugraplgs Ilrnfraainuzxl Abenatliy Stephens Hall Miss Collins Scliaudt Amntrur Straucli Halliday Ernurixlgs Proelil Matthews Davis Sutton Brady Glenn Musselman 494 XDOA STS !'F""'7"" . l V Oiluzv I vi : V :QV A , Qi gf.:-X : ' dgau- lnIi.f9 ' te , 2 ,flilefffi . 9 I l lim H 1- ' QS. Q J -ll f"' lil' l" ll ii-:ig U ' 2 .P ' 2 F 'I f . gggjv , wA,, , 9 ff f iS2, l lllllllllllllllll l l Wlllllllw fl llQv7llllQl'UMHlllllyf.MiMHlll1l llllhlllllllllmlllllllllllIllllllllllMllW mlllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllhllllllmll.1 At night the co-ed goes to bed More glad than when she rose, Something attempted, some one done, Has earned a night's repose. ' GET A Mols! ' Q i F ' S.",."f v vnr-:Tug mm? ,F ff "C5'II.7?? C7313 A if Yhlv A 1 KW i M . 5:7-411 WM Raina, gl .'I '- ' fi, Q' ,, , I, , N' ,i,k, .. ,.,-.,,,,,, .-.f 1, ,..- ' , Q J 1-elullsts A aww 'ff x A lfh if Q rneswmw MACHINE r. ,t A lf XO QI e 1 12 ly ' 1 WW' I2 iz' tr' 1 Yr, ,.- 1 gs? if lui E is do ' grail few pr -, , N5 J fig J ' mn V e rl 5 lf ' V nun.-an :gran - Q BREAKS oowm LADY BABLY 1N.lulED, gp '0 5... Eenoas FROM THE FRESHMAN ELECTION. Sound the trumpet, beat the drums! Hither James M. VVarner comes, Comes, and comes, and none can know Whether Jim will ever go. On October 7th, the Day After the Sorority Pledging Compact Ends Delta Gamma furniture departs. I 63,35 Chi Omega Alumnae go away. K " it th Also Alpha Chi Omega Palms. t 96 if 3 Also town Thetas. 2' ,ox Hammers laid to rest. . I I . i A LJ A slight thing like pronunciation V" Cannot prevent their exultation WVho rime their quality that's "happy"- VVith their best prize--Phi Beta Kappy! - J K.. Extracts from Freshmen Letters "Uh yes, I'm very popular. l'm being rushed by all the fraternitiesfl-BEV. SMITH. "Pm still wearing my white sweater and long black gloves and making a great hit.'l-f'SPEC." EMERSON. "Dear Mother :-I'm staying at the hospital now until bid day. After that send all my mail to the Kappa l1Ol1S6.,i-NELI. PERRY. 496 ' f T H E 1 9 0 9 I L L I O Df , Mrahuatva 1923 James XVorkaway W'arner, Doctor of Bugology and l Sociology. Admitted to Phi Beta Kappa and several 'S' '51 honorary Engineering Fraternities. Has been on the j lg, MWA rims ml. f l I mlm l flip l l It 'nil "Qu n. S Q. I. nQnk.h.g . MH 1 if' h u gg!I:E3zg55E::. :.rsur5E'- - X - N ' .,. 5337 following representative University societies: Checker Club Ccharter memberj, Gun Club, Marble Club Cno longer in existencej, and Glee Club. Some of the old settlers aver that he lived in Chicago at one time, but his home has been at 410 Green Street for several de- cades. Herbert Always Busy Juul, A.B., BS., B.B. QBach- elor of Baseballj Yaledictorian of the Class of 1923, Remained in school as long as his governor was in the State Legislature. Prominent in all University pastimes. Member of the baseball team for a number of years, and one of Doc Moorls right hand men, being head usher at the First Baptist Church at Champaign. XVe under- stand llerbert intends to enter business with his nephew at once. F. XV. Industrious Boston. Blew into the world at Yorkville in some pre-historic age. His degrees are as follows: VV.L., CW'on't Learnj, and M.F.T., CMaster of Feet Toastersj. Sings well and was a member of the Choir at the Methodist Church, before Prof. Rolfe dis- covered he would make a good stone cracker for the Geological Department. Mr. Boston has been among us for a number of years, and we regret his departure very much. f X Km ,if WLM A. L. Bryan, Forest City, Iowa. CNot a relative of VVilliam Jenningsj Beloved son of Mrs. and Mr. Bryan. Aged 45 yrs., 2 mos. and I2 das. Interment at Spooks Cemetery. Time announced later. The de- ceased was attending the State University where he was seeking an education, and would have completed his course in June, 1928, had he lived. He was active in all affairs pertaining to the Institution, being a char- ter member of the lndustrial Club. fForest city papers please copy.-Ed.j Ill!!! llllffa 3 wc Q ?v bid or 6lf"'1' Take-It-Easy Hanna, evolved at Aurora, Ill. Doc- tor of Birdology and Science. Member of the Owl Club, Hygiene Club, and State Bacteriologist. Take-lt! Easy llanna is noted for his researches in the Ornitho- logical Departmentg he has received several flattering press notices, particularly in the Aurora Borealis. For a complete list of Degrees see catalog Librarian. 497 I -4 , ,L Aziz'-5 wig 4" "" ' Lflfi! 'zo' of J., ug Q.j . . W, v ""' ,W 4 V -..-R-, vft- ,t Y - Q v ' 1 -F 9 1 v -2 fuk W 2 v Q V Q, , ,,.V E ffff A 2 U ' 0 4 l v -A . --jiialf Y Y,,M -- ' . P ?.liE:- -1 Z lmllllllllllllllllllltlflmllllllll Wwllllllllllt X If 1 - lllWIllllllllM1llllllllllllllllllllMllWWW llllllllIllllllllllllllllllllll'lIllllllllllllIlllllllll The Who-Who and What Box ALL OUERIES ANSXVERED BY THE WELL KNOWN AUTHORITY-DEAN CLARK Dogtown, Iowa.--How many field goals or drop kicks did Pettigrew make during the last season ?-Anxious reader. CAnswerQ Pettigrew made but one drop kick the past season, and that was made in practice. VVhile making this drop kick he turned his ankle and was unable to make anymore theremainder of the year. Chicago, Illinois-CAD Can you tell me how many votes Cairns received in the football election last fall? CBB Also the number that Drennan received? tAnswerj President James has the number that Cairn ' d s receive locked in his vault. The exact number is not dehnitely known. Drennan received 260. Strawville, Kansas.-NVas money tight in Champaign last October and November? R. l. P CAnswerj Yes, the financial stringency was very severe. Cherry waited on tables for his board, and Harney Funk sold one of his automobiles to help the Phi Psi's lift the mortgage on their house. Horse-Shoe, Kentucky-ls Champaign wet or cl 7 l ' . . , ry. am BHXIOUS to send my son there and I should like a few particulars first.-Colonel. CAnswerj Yes, the town is dry. All the bartenders have left for the "Bluegrass," and you may send your son here with im 't ' ' ' punl y. Nothing xx orse than the city water. Huck-Eye Junction, Ohio.--What is Prof. Baldwin's record for vests, neckties, and collars ?- Anxious reader. fAnswerj Prof. Baldwin wore a different vest and necktie for forty consecutive days. His record for different styles of collars is not definitely known. See Pooles index. Hawkeye, Kansas.-Did Coach Gill ever Wear a stiff hat, or laundered collar?--F. J. M. tAnswerD There is no record to that effect. Danville, Illinois.-ls Dean Greene married on single ?-Sororit G' l. y ir fAnswerj SINGLE. but there is no hope for you, as he is a connrmed bachelor. 498 f'l . za., ,V ' Q f LQQKA '71 ,Lf 5 'B-7??'i" .' f J. ci ' f , ffl, I lf? .,, Hr fff 1 f' 4 ', fl If f f l f it f, A ., f ,iv - A ' ' fr V, If ' . 'X ' i k ' Haier- L A X -f f ---if , 1-ii ' 'lil 5 A l ' 'if . I ' A 1 fs' I' "" an r ' 'Y , ' aff LX' 'Am " " ' J x ff' X f X l'rbana, Illinois-VVhat are Frank Scott's duties at the University?-Student. CAnswerj lie is the watch dog of Dean C'lark's office, Professor of English, and Ex-attache of the Chicago Tribune. llis pet diversion is the publishing of University Quarterlies, Bulletins, and Catalogs. Chicago, Illinois.--Can you give me the dimensions of Colonel lfechet? VVe are trying to estimate how much it will cost us to make him a suit of clothes.-S10 Tom Murray. C.-Xnswerl Neck, 22 inches: chest, 60 inches: waist, X feet I0 inches: hips, 7 feet 9 inches: legs, 40 inchesg height. ti feet 2 inchesg arms, 33 inchesg weight, 325 pounds. fNotej Conhdentially Gulicks charged him thirty cents a pound for suits and twenty cents a pound for overcoats. Buttons extra. This makes rather an expensive suit of clothes, as he tips the scales at over 300 pounds. VVe doubt if you can make much on your 510.00 suits. Chicago, Illinois.-VVhat is the record for rapid playing in your Chess and Checker Club at the University ?-Michelson, VVestern Champion. fi-Xnswerj The record for fast playing in the club is held by Lawrence Hinman of this city. llinman made a move after his opponent had been asleep for 4 hours, 23 minutes, and S7 seconds. VVe have no records for slow playing. New York.-Have you an extra editor on hand that can help me out?-Brisbane is dead.- XY. R. Hearst. C.-Xnswerj Not at present. Bateman is in jail, Haines is sick from overwork, lless is asleep in the library, and Smith is in Chicago seeing the stock show. . Thomasboro, lllinois.-XVho is President of the VVomen's League at the University?-A. CAnswerj Miss M. Victoria Brougham was in the race, but lost. Therefore no further record of the election was kept. How to Be Beautiful BY MADAME RAREFAX Dear Madam: l am troubled with a growth of hair on my face and neck which gives me much worry. Can you give me a prescription which will entirely cure me of this distigurement.- Dr. Dodge. CAnswerj I assure you that the best thing to do is to consult a tonsorial artist,4step into the barbers chair, and have the obnoxious growth of which you speak shaved off. Dear Madam: l have been sorely bothered by a disligurement which threatens to cast me into a fearful dilemma unless immediately remedied. For weeks my face has been bleached, and in several places little red spots have begun to make their appearance. Any suggestion will be wel- comed.-Prof. Ii. Chauncey Baldwin. Ci-Xnswerj Try a change of raiment. A white lay me down stand me up collar with a green vest and a pink necktie ought to bring relief. .wo , 59 Sufi xiaaaikf avg: ', Jw ' ,W '1f"'f gym.. . JT t EIS. sis, M '.,'., .' t.:.- fig 9 i, .'., . 43 4 l fl f jj" ei- iwwivuitwg i ' i kiim' in ,X fi- A .2 ' y - ll lmlillilii li 'iiuiiiilillizfmiiiillmliWMDlfvietltilllilillwieliw in IIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIWWW i til " lllllnniululnvllmiwll1llml Easy Prof. Greene fin Ageneyj : "ln the lust ease the agent signed the nume of his principal. Mi Messick, how did the agent sign in the next ease ?" Judge fwnking upj : WNVhy, ah-er-ztlifwith a pen, l suppose, Professor." if VVIQARERS or 'rim I. A Lament A dear little maid from the city, NVho's face was exceedingly pretty, Kissed twenty-three men Une night before ten, But she's not in School now, what ft pity. BY 'FOMBIY LEWIS. There was fl young girl from Chi, VVho was awfully pretty und Uflyf' She came to Champaign And I needn't explain That now she's at Pi Beta Phi. Cnx'riuei5rE1a iii' rite '1'1rE'1',xs. There was :L sweet maid from nowhere, VVho had the most beautiful hair, But it w0uldn't he hard To guess that 11 yard Only cost 00 cents at the Fair. CuN'i'iuBL?'l'i:ia in' ISURCH, 'flue WOMAN lIix'i'1-ZR. , nf1.f,j.1l. f ', f . if r'l'Lf.4,y 4 fr Z f K. I fl K .- " f ii' ' ' 45, g - :WB T ' A . r f X is X 1 It . iff af Q WI' i Dean llarker-"Your client has got a judgment for 355005 Tommy Gill-t'I'd get 5750, if I could." what would you do? 'f f -le ff' 1, fi, i i , ' W "i N 7 x Z va P- , , . I TV fig if 5 HDvH . , S N ' f -iai"iGlg:il E il if il I W ,ii:':7 "- .IE ' 1 -ilu " " ,F lk. I 'Y JY is? . 'A ' l' ,. u.,Qki5s,.l?fl.. Tuff N iwywgy if DEM? ' X ..l., 1 S! 'i l' A GLW 'zfrfifiifaf' I' NIS MASTERS VOICE The visitor to the University was strolling about, admiring the beauties of the campus. Suddenly he paused and listened intently. Strange cries came from the north end of the campus. The visitor turned pale. "Such cries as those can come only from human beings in the most intense agony," he thought. Visions of the recent schoolhouse fire disasters floated through his mind. A Sophomore came by. The visitor seized him by the arm. "Tell me from what and whence come those awful shrieksf' he cried. Calnily the Sophomore listened. "Fret not yourself," said he, Hthose are but the noises made by Leo G. llanais classes in lung exercise. Little wads of cotton, Little rolls of wire, Make the lovely figure, All the boys admire! 501 7 1 l ,AW vx, Q 5.42: :lcv 1 L V' ,, 1 . . . to G Q 4,5 ',.d,,,,2.f.' ufviv "ig 0 6 immmamm .,., ,Q W 4 . fa d " we 'ip '7 ' W if 99 gd , . -. X 0 6 f I Q vj at 0 JA L -E -7' if Mfg? Mm ,, yy X f e W". BE' ,Af y "EQ, illwll ' ll 'P i QS 'J ' f ei ff: Q ' IIIIIIIWIIWWIDIIIIWI 'H HN liikmmlllllllwllmfml lllwllllllllllmllllllllIIlIlIlllWMllW NIIIIIIIlllliulllllllllllllllllllllIWIIIIMIlllllmlQ "To illustrate what I mean by 'iden-motor activity': you sit in the gallery of a theater, and the desire comes to you to throw a program down below, and the idea is so tantalizing that you wish some one would hold your hands. At least I have often felt so." MR. TAWNEY in Philosophy, 710. 9 we 'F c,of"l ' PM W ,435::gLf:: 39 f ff! ww il 4X 'Y , , 4 42 ' X ,V 1 fl! nw zj, eff Tun ANNUAL CUSTOM. Lives of the flunkers all remind us We must learn to "toe the mark," Or depart, and leave behind us Fond regrets with T. A. Clark. Who Is the Victim? Time-Between any two classes Place-Anywhere on campus- Girl-MARY MORRIS. Professor Breckinridge would be Better adjusted it is said, Had he less beard upon his face, And more upon his head. 502 , W , 1 4,1 ,I ' o f , , I I-W giiry ANN ' M-gli ' A13 f ff ' I f f ,, A f I 00,1 ' I X +2 V v L fn f i J, r. qi Kff xQ Q g xhk rwagyh " -- - fx. .m s 2" f ,f 1 my, ,Elin M f l z I 'JUL- W X, J if f ,f f ff Xfff XX . THE PRODIGAL SON Ajoke, But No Fable There once was a certain man who had one son who was a son-of-a-gun. One day this son spake unto his governor, saying, "I'll take what's coming to me, dad,-l would fain in- fair? vest it in an educationf' " I ' And the father gave unto his son of his substance, and the son departed into a far country, wherein there was located a State University, which was already famous before the sonys arrival. Immediately upon his entrance to this wondrous institu- tion, he proceeded to invest the long green that was his portion. it And the son dalliecl with Ficlfs cigar machine, and often tool: li ,559 shots at the hot bird and the cold fmillcl bottle, and there-by got V a head and a wallet that were exceeding full of emptiness. And the son was sorely vexed with himself, and went behind ' Y, rw' the Hall-way House and administered unto himself three severe I Q well-placed kicks. Now it came to pass that in this extremity the wayward and A,,, repentant son remembered his dad, and decided to pen a mis- f sive and negotiate another loan. And he scribbled thusly: ff' "Father, I have blown all the dough that thou gavest me for a 'I ffl, F' "" Y'.2L', 5 15 , --l- Frat pin'l am no longer worthy to he called thy son. Thou - mar wilt please remit, as it draweth near the time when my hoard I ' falleth due, and indeed l have not one simoleon leftfy And the son was much pleased with himself, saying, ul shall rejoice and make merry, for have I not distributed the salve a-plenty and drawn the handanna over the old man's optics? And when the old boy receiveth the sad tidings he was exceeding wroth, and as this was in the days of electricity and hop-ale, he straightway sent a message which the son receiveth in DUE time, and thereupon stareth the following in the phiz: Form mm THE WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH COMPANY. a4,ooo orncss IN Amamcn. cAsfLs ss-nvncs 'ro Au. 'rue wonua. 'nnn C.-nnpnny nmssnrrs nnd mauvzns mnsng-5 only on onnninons xnniung ns unnimy 'neun :me men nvnvm ui ny me nf-n.-mn! mernilnwmgmngqn, i wins un ne fnn.i-and ngninnr only ny Tr-nnnn 1 niewign nm: w um nenfnng ,1.n.n.n mr winpnmnn, .na me cnnn,-any -an :nn nom .wig unmn :nf nmnnnr any-n In trnnnnnwnn or dem.-ry of unmpe-mn n-una. beyond me .nwnnwf mls pw u-mann, nor in my gun when me ninnn nfnmnrusnuu in -mug mmmany can .rw inf nn-snnnn is mm wn.n me vfnnpnns nn Lmnmisnnn. rin., is nn usmsrmxn-su nu-zssa l-:. ua is ueuww ny mum. ol mu sender, under me annmunu named noun. ROBERT C. CLOWRY, Presldent and General Managar. RECEIVED at 54 cn 4w AR, io Paieaxx Oswego Il1,'0Ct. 25 Mr. C. A. Cherrv, Goa Green St., Champaign, I11. EBL YQLLI' d--- frail PIII. Father. illv1'nf-7hi'1'.".i II 1 11 III Q2 xg? NLL-P' xv, A- ,:a'.,5 :js gg. E 34. E - E -O I alslllllfl I. fl of N5ll'-,jlgllllfaa I T A I . B 511 Il , ,, .,,, .ee y y B1- J lil T lv ll lllllll f llMllMTAN5S2fINl2'OI7TIl1llIlll:T1fff.'4af'5,Iukllllelllllll'lil''NII NT ,JZVZIIZHM lllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllmlihllllllmlll linrlmmitirh Aim Frank Nathan Goodspeed BONDING AGENT I have purchased the business for- merly owned by my brothers Frank and Nathan Goodspeed. Ollice at Kappa Sig Bldg. Ryan-Haines 81 Harkins MONEY TO LOAN ADl,lP'l' OUR BUSINESS METHoIJs READ OUR BOOK "The Evils of Graft, and the Value of the Auditing Committee". ATTORNEYS AT LAW CASES IN PLEADING CoNTRAc'rs AND DIORTGAGES JUUL 81 MESSICK Dr. Thomas Arkle Clark Consultation hours 2 to 5 P. M. MY SPECIALTIES ARE CoI,nIfEE'I'Is KTIIIIONIC CAIwE'rI'rIs Soma EYES Ar'I"I'E ll.xN.x'ronEs Termx lfaxy FEES IDI-:I-'ERREIJ INDEFINI'I'EI,v OFFICE 316 LIBRARY BUILDING "B cl: t H r a Ii". "Tile Simirit ziafllilarvard Students as Compared With lllinois Students". "What l Expected to Fincl in the Far West." . All by Arthur Llewlzelleyn Eno. Spring Bargains Three party dresses, empire style, Chicago made, goocl colors. IRLA ZIMMERMAN. One pink satin gown, fits anyone. BESS S'rEvENsoN. A pair of No. 2 shoes. NQATE TEOODSPEED. Card and catalogue of Senior class votes. IRWIN EACH Phi Delt pins-lately founfl over-stock. B. BUSEY 504 ,Ei f ii? fx .6 J-if X ,, , ,' fx fr .ff EZ? fy LE I t l fl A T as ,. . ,, Q r 8' , . F' i ff T! wh ? its ' Z f , I X, :' 1. f ,, X V 1 fi u 'Ji 'til' K X A X w if, ff' ,L "Q1'.'mj'. f '- VI Z! f flf linrlaznitirh Aim Continued Mr. Sam Kahl USE PRESENTS -- -- N A H ERBI E IU U L THE GREAT SUBSTITUTE Assisted by ABSOLUTELY SAFE No Violation ol the law in the Laughable hit entitled University Agent "When Herbie took the Bar" B. MATHENY, lVl2n'f'r. Tllli DliBATOR'S TREASL' RY ISV D. S. DORMAX There is no greater ability than the power of skillful anrl forcible debate. This little book instructs one in the art of self tlefense toralj. That old llernosthenian idea of putting stones on the tongue is all bosh. After carefully reading my treatise and consistently practicing the gestures Coriginal with mej before a large mirror, one should be able to secure np- plause from an Ag stutlent. A cloth bound copy of 'lThe Life of Abraham Lincoln" given free with each sale. Personals VV,xN'rEl1-HA position as guicle to the various points of interest in Chicago,-C. H. ll,iRKINs. NY,ixTEn- hV.XN'I'l-1IJ- lihifllllli llli WTxx'rEn- XV,ixTE1i- To Iixchan e, Wlflaniin Uscar," our auto for Z1 new Dllllltl.-rllllli Suas. , To Exchange. VVill exchange Bev. Smith for something. Nlotor Cycle thrown ities. To rent. A nent two roomed cottage.-TIi.xr1IE1c tit 1l.n. To Exchange. A Phi Kap stand in for a Phi Psi tlI'3g.1N0Nl7.XS RVSSEI.. W'AN'I'15li.-To Exchange. XVill exchange liill Irwin for something more interesting.m-limi Lxxtziz. NYe suggest that the D L"s write English on their tloor. 'Na H' . sy fl Q ' " XMK .' w Q v i - ff 51 .'-- ,915 t 'Q :-TR? N' .Q.i : ui' fa Q er ' it at ,z X 'H K' Ja E3 tr -2337351 I Q6 Q ' 1 llvl' Q ll ,X H, ff LEP: or--. 9.3 Z! Milli! I " 1'1" Qx Llxjg' ' 'M' -gg U 7 , iw will f . A it - -E. ' 1' l ll l llllllll llWWAlllllUllHllll!llYlMflWrl'lfl Hlllllilllllflllllllllllllllmlllllww llllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllil Qbuiz in Hrhrztrianizm For Champaign Students 15? 'w flflllflll ' . Qc. 1 -- . 0 VVhat is :L crossswnlk? A cross-walk is an obstruction of rnucl or slush, puicl fur by citizens :mtl controlled by the shoe-polish trust. Xxvhllt is a side-walk? A sicle-walk is something to walk beside, visible only in time uf drought. VVhat is :L snow-sllovel? A snow-sl'10vel is a relic of the nge of chivalry, still in use in snmt other cities. The street-cleaning clepartment is an annex to the XVhat is the street-cleaning department? cemetery. lull, G -amy X- f tftttt I Q 'Jw ttitt' J Ullllllllllwllllll - --.., ll ' xi gl As YIEXVED BY THE Ruxmi, Ifovtrmffrz. 506 i JZ Z' X 1 PN- -- , I W 1 'K I mf" ,' vlx 1 'xii' ,fn 1' I 63' nal 'v ff f 4 'rf f .f ,?",- I? l R ': kt if ay aff., , 1? AL z i lll f :' , "" f 1' fr, 2 ' 3 I Z f il' . f ' 4 a "Q n ,4 x ,, X , J, X Lf? - W. . .1 X f Z' lfirst his AJS., then his BS. Charles S. l'illsl1ury sees. lle goes not hastily, l guess, Hut leaves us luy clegrees. - a4Gn IN v76 The Tale of the Soda Dispenser A sweet little l'i l'hi named Jennie Szticl, "Kiss mc, darling," to many. She suifl it to llownrcl Qwho wusn't :1 cownrdj, And he Llicln't hesitate any. Piaint of One Who Can't Trip the Barn Dance Without Tripping jerky rugtiine, You c:1n't two-step, Sounds like jag time. .Xml that new step- l.isten to the music sputter: llurn the tangle-footecl thingg Synuupztlerl, Une, two, three, Kick. Agitalecl It makes me sick. Sort of time: well l should mutter. The inventor merits shooting. 507 x YJLQP' 1 N. I pf.: :js ig 'fp . W 0 O ' fl 6 qs v U., " A G e OK . 1 ' ' I V I 6 9 Q 4 ', 'Q " W' .A , e' --emi. ,R 4 if rf 'V 'l 3 v VK V Q9 A -:,-4 za-mn f - - - V 0 6 W 06 ' 'I I il. ,Z 1 ff tl 4 :ea ,, Q I It FI- I i G 'J - ep AL EEK f fiiiir Qs 5 ' ' fzl J ' ' .. . - ,WT-gaw. ,.. . " ' 1?-.. - l lllllllllllllllllll lfllllllll ilkWEQllU1lrllUllUlVffZ!Zf4'lll1l I IlllWllllllllllM1lIlllIlllllIllIllIII!lMlll NIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllfflllmllllllml Books-New and Standard The Slim Princess-IZESS CASS. The Traitor-PETE. An Interesting C356-DIARY JANE. The Children's Hour--When SIM calls On BETTY. O H A Shining Mark-DISOSWAY on the Held. 5- .f g Q 9gX M . , New agazines D Q Century-EDITH SPRAY. In I Smart Set-PHI BETA KAPPA. Everybody's-PHIL HANNA and CHARLES PILLSBURY. W WA' WOrld's VVOI'lC-FRANK SCOTT. Red B0Ok-IIOPE HERRICIC. VVoman's Home Companion--RAY ASHBY and N'ATE GOODSPEED. Country Life in America-KLEWER, IR. Popular Songs "Making Eyesw-Mlss MORRIS. "Experience"--NELLE INIILLER. 'tDreaming"-DOLLY THURSTON. t'Honey Boyn-TOMMY LEWIS. Ulllinois Loyaltyw-JIM WARNER. "Kiss Me, Kiss Me Againn-FRITZ VVAGNER, Con being congratulated at the Theta IIousej. 'tldahon-"SPEcK" EMI:RsON. "When Eyes Like Yours Look Into Iiyes Like Mine"--CI-ZIJERBIJRG and EMILY FICIQLIN. '4Oh, Gee! Be Sweet to Me, Kid"-IRLA ZIMMERMAN Cto any manj. "I VVould if I Could-But I CHI1lt7l1FI.0RENCE HRUNIIAGE. "The Great Divide"-IIoUsE AND TOWN TIIETAS. 'fLights Outl,-SUGGESTIONS FOR BETA SEARCH LIGHT. "There Is No Place Like Home"-ALPHA TAI's AND PHI Kfxes. '4Life Is a S66-SHW77-EXAM TIME. "Every Little Bit Added to VVhat You Got Makes just a Little Hit More"-TI-IETAS. '4The Land of Nodv-DEAN CLARKJS Cl..-XSS IN RHETORIC, 3 e. "Snuggle Up ClOSSI'7,--JESS HARRIS AND "TEra"' TIIRONE ON ALPHA TRU PORCIIK' f'DipIomacy"-MIRE IXIURRAY. 'iThe Ossitied Man"-PROP. DODGE. "Just a Little Lovins NOW and Then"-LOVINS fAcaciaj, "Steal Away"-BOOKS FROM LIBRARY SIIELVES. 508 fx '14 m ,, .ti,g'f"w. fi . Aff w il l t ll V rt f we ,fe ' W ll 1 f ff ' t Z X f X' 3 X I I J kv! X f X , . J -. -" ,,. , "1 ' I I "MP ' ' - gi. ..445,ff.- '-'- 2 'plglg ' .. F N il -A ' .- , I .fu-31. ff' s e ,. . , ' A 3 ,M . - f 1 f . A".- ,f'f " I he img I htm, ff? ,Ji ,HI NCIS upon Il time there Nm Q was a Triumvirate that 3 put the Romans in the Q lv '1'wa1ight. liaeh ofthese nights was Joker Iligh , in his own Iiuehre. ln the Twin tities were thehat pegs of their tlreatnesses, and they might have been some Grotesque Triplet, only they wasn't. This trio had two fiTC1ll Qualities, Much Brain and TCX- eeetling Brawn. lt so happens that Good Qualities are never distributed equally among Mortals, nor was this Principle violated in the Endowment of the Nlights. The Brawn was heaped in Much Quan- tity on Two-Thirds ot' the Triumvirate, and on them also was bestowed More or Less Brains, while on the Other Third was layished exceeding Gray Matter, and More or Less llrawn. lfaeh was a Pivot of a Dilferent Sphere. Vvhen they Frowned, the VVorlcl Trembledg when they Smilecl, the XVorld Laughed. There was one Triumvir who was lT, with a Block l. This Might was Commonly Known as MLN' 'tOh, G," said liyerybocly and the FOOTBALL TIC.-XM when G was Boston Bent, lured by Much Gold, "don't goff It transpired, nevertheless, that G went, but came back Soon, and Everybody was Happy. . fn C2 owned the Gym and leased One Room to a Beauty Doctor called Leo G., 9 who had a Pair of Perfect Shoulders, and who was in Personal Iistimation the ,K Main Blaze in the Lighting Scheme. silt? X G was Supervisor of the Pool, and allowed his Yarlets to Splash in it, pro! I vided they bought one ot' his Patent Lockers. This, Although, was not his only jf Pastime, for he took Great Pleasure in Cutting Hut Ps, whence it happened that he Annexecl the Title, Doctor. T' ln the springtime C Sprawled his Yast Framework over Three Seats of the '.l5f,,T?1O Bleachers, which surrounded the Arena called A Diamond. On the Diamond W Mortal Combat waged, the Combatants being Knights of the VVillow and Mitt. Q-'fx XVhen the Huge Thumbs of the Mighty ti directed Attention toward Terre Firma, rr 509 F U x. fl'71,'." Udo U.' , L gf P, ,.l. . ' .. 'IFN . .nf J., N. 6 .,"L."f-Ll 303456 ,lg i if Q F' tttt I Q I I . Q LIETMTWTIIIIIIJZIWIW Imxuixmwmuunnuunmuumnvmmmlllunulummmnl minnwf a VVould Be Knight of the Nine bit deep into the Diamond Dust, and, Blind with Sorrow at the Thought that Now he would never have an I, was hastened back to the Gym with Little Com- punction. ' Moral-Better to be Born Blind than Go Blind looking for an I when you can't See for the Dust. In the Twin Cities there was a Library. It was a Great Struct- lw ure, in Which, Queer as it May Seem, Despite a Certain law Prohi- bitory to Smoking in the Building, they nevertheless kept Pills in ff X the Clerkls Office. In this Great Edifice one of the Triumvirs Stayed and Stayed. T. A., as this Might was Commonly Known 1 when erstwhile elsewhere, Although he possessed an exceeding Meek IJ' I ' Voice, much Serene Smile, and but Slight Stature was the Big Noise .1 in the Silent Building. He gave Prexy Desk Room, on Condition ! !f,x V L- U ia' that he should be Never Seen and Seldom Heard. f' '79 In this Triumvir's room there was a Floor, and on this Floor a ' Q Green Carpet, and many was the Nervous Tread that measured Said -3.14 1 G'-ei Carpetg for this Triumvir was, indeed, the Literary Light of the eg-J Triangle, and had some Rare Sherlockian Tactics, which would have caused Watson to Stand Mouth Agape and Wonder. Numerous calls issued from the Secret Councils of this Might, and many A VVolf in the guise of A Lamb Gamboled on the Green, supposedly in Playful Joust, Only to find that the Great T. A. was playing No Trumps with an Excellent Suite. If he tried to play Injured Innocence and Deny Everything, Surprises would come Thick and Fast, and he would Exit in a Jiffy, toge- ther with the Realization that a Certain Lean Countenance Knew All. Moral-Don't drink Hop Ale. In an exceeding Large Uniform and Behind a very Heavy Moustache Lurked a Corpulent Hulk, the Third Triumvir. He was indeed a Heavy Weight, or as it were, extremely Ponderous in Flesh. In fact, those who know say that he Dealt in all Corporal Quantities, bestowing Chevrons . on the Worthy. His Mission, likewise his one Particular Amusement as he Ambled over the Drill Field on his Tide VVater Gait, was to Give Impartially and with Stern Visage many demerits to the Unworthy Freish Preps. His i t I t - 2 Vast Importance, alas, they never could discern until T00 Late, when, Tornado- 1 Like, he swept down upon his Victim, and in a Voice exceeding Full of Rasp, L would wheeze: "Take that Cadet's Name, he ain't paying one bit of attenshun, fif3f?25 twenty-five Demeritsf' W"'W'W l Full of Misery and Fear the Poor Cadet, with Knees so Atremble that ,Ulf ', 3 l he could scarcely give the Quite Proper Salute, would Wilt in His Tracks. 1 f' ,I V Then Manifest Great Joy was to The Tyrant. He proceeded to a Secluded Nook in his Lair, and laughed in Great Guffaw. Mirth rolled over his Great -452' SIO ...jx ,a' 1' at M21-Q5 ff flaw 3' ff , K .1 A fi. ,f 2 A f .141 I fi. - : If f s A f l ff 'if .3 iff. XXX V Frame, and His Flesh became Much Corrugated, even as the Mighty Ocean with VVaves. lle Unbuckled his great Long Belt, and laying aside his Mighty Sabre, stood by his Post, who was, indeed, a Pigmy beside the Great Triumvir. Then he Planted his Huge Thumb in the Ribs of His Post, and said with Exceeding Sternness and again Much Rasp: t'Sergeant, Iyll have them Cadets understand that PM Dean of this Military Department." Moral-VVar is H - - -, likewise the Life of an Academic Soldierg or, You can't get at all Kernels by VVorking a Shell Game. C1.'01'11Es MAKE THE MAN. Ernest lngold Qtaking Nell Perry down the receiving line at the Sophomore CotillionQ-- "ML Stewart, meet Miss Rogers." T. Gill, to girls, section of the bleachers: "lf you don't like my looks, why yell!" Chorus of girls: "We can't yell loud enough." SII --1 2 1 1 1 . , THE1909ILL10 1511111 Ehrg will Ennk in 1525 'Ll,adies and Gentlemen, small boys and 2 211 ll . 7-HEJQQ4 3 little lbabiesz XYe have something here that E X will interest young and old alike-appeals xl I wig to the head and to the heart of everyone.- ge E S V01 ",A EY' 7 . SXIXQE Many years ago he wus captured in the wilds gsiiv daags E of brluana. lle is ii marvel, stands seven E- A f'1i"f1tff'2.., W 3 feet one inch in his stockings, has teeth like ' .4 a horse, eyes like a monkey, and can twist .?,. TIYWZ v,A. Y X1 himself into 11 thousand shapes and forms. l page ':"ii' l "" IQ ii' i " The lust chance to secure tickets for the great E"'j,"Qj0 . Q show-Slili siuiqn HUNT-the renowned X distorsio contorsio, performing acrobatic stunts N' Twiusu 'V unequalled in any side show or circus in the I "' iff' world." ff' . it wt ' ,i t f ,, tw 1,' mm ,fs eu it - ,Y EV, t Qi! jx i lg-new Wgigtlyf MQ -ix W t 17 'B g r i Q lelblki ij! I ll X F W X "f"y1 H517 1ff,ffrlUTQleu5'f:'f-5if-V Al----" "Mauna l Q5 ff:-'-fizaifrm, "lr by Y,','+e?T 1 ygffu-f H 1 -I i t,w,g','w e, ". ' fe 1 t' .-,nz sa-11:4 -f, ,. fm? ,'.f','ReL ,,-fr 6-A-qwafirimqaiggtm ilqitir .4 W , 4' Q- ' -ess. vi f fr l iii ' Q ' Y .fff1!f'w LIE !fJi1! if-' Q-, V. -I f" W i fi- QUE i: fjrrffvf -,jr-31' X- e Vfktgl A Q e e r 1:1 f ' y lf -EW: Hi fftigfs s ' c N ,,. , Pv t 1 'ix lf IWW' l l ,KKK .Tal W. lIt'!Itr1irv,jf,-jx X, , ff ... ,.. in , 17, ,?4ut1ffv,J!!u if il-bi , PK , tmgwm YH.t.',,,!tl1-ENJ K- bg X 2' n rw 3 , ,J 7712 Q,t'E?2"" - S35 ' fa YQX 1 'XXX X 1 , V Yknnu '7vf?, V -X 44, ,, ,JAM f is fr ,png i.-M.. , WWW M f f-+ hmzzsefmfs VM WMM. T0 Tu: ST omnrusn -PERKINS Do not wa TV13GlS35l'l IIN' ' 512 News item from Daily Illini, Io2S.- "Albert Austin Harding and his band of musicians delightfully entertained a large and enthusiastic audience of music lovers in the Auditorium last night ..... The liand, and its leader especially, is known around the worldg it contains tifty musicians of the highest class, and is now making its fifteenth animal tour ..... His band is probably the most noted one in the coun- try if not in the world, and the management of the Star lecture course feels flattered to be able to orfer such a number on this year's course. Perkins-"What a change has taken place in the last twenty years-then l was Dean Kinley's oftice boy and Hunkeyg now l am the respected and honored head of this great institution! There is always room on top if you can push the other fellow off. l have done this, and more too. Really it doesn't seem possible that I have been President for the last five years. THE 190911-L10 Exim Ihrg ill illnnk in 1923 lCONTINUlCIll ook Mn-ro Y-T13 igifi ,A Q...-.. . ,ig 35 - I .mil gi? ' iii, Y? Buv n 5 f 'fel Mun, - unveil: el , Vi oi LII? T sw '53 RGER - ' " iff T0rv1V I-rms R5 I , 'now'-4 warn Rum! '1 as -ru: cull!! OF we womn h mu snow-o as TRRIQPLED uuung F""'1'nxRn: Nam e H-e Q 3,45 X x O x You Pass on 21 'QQ fil mm xero' ns A "" ' 1? lf ff Svvveu-yarn flvmillllllldg 353' 'iifilf H 111.-YA-Ksii ' -- f VI r YLa9:.r .!s5:if!!!!: ' f I fl ll u ll I' N W4 A x f f .su Lak hoo ufiue'.u.,A.'.Q eff. M "1 ll l f li 'inf ii - , , I aw ff ,ilsaufi 1 tg, Kim I T sql 'jg u. fu ig ' 1 f - 1 " I lull x m l Ii. 'YI W 7:7 A! jf Q 'N lf' , J Q , 74 . - I -W jfvwi I . F il f fm ,Mlm ,,,. f Ulf' 'dif f .:,, 'T ,, vi , ,ffl I , , itumqia 4:12-"' jf lk I P- If f A- V' llllllllll fi l' " V95 M .rum nf -., Z-7+ "A' illlllliw. ,lllllllfl W ' lfywlo I will? I llfflfw fi I I 411. " wnouw- 32. 513 Ilear Mel HEAR ME! HICAR IVIIZY You whiskey doped Hends of the BOTTLIC. I am here tonight to point out the sins of alcoholic indulgence-to show you the error of your ways and to warn you against the use of narcotic stimulants. Beware, Beware, Be- ware of King Alcohol and Queen Rum- they will destroy you and cast you into ever- lasting defamation! I, JESS MANN, the protege of Carrie Nation, am in the field to tight the enemy, and trample under foot the hideous creature which has desolated hun- dreds of homes and wrecked thousands of livesfl Frank Scott, Jr.-Say, dad, can you give me ahout fifty bones? Ani just out of mazuma and smoking tobacco, and then my Alpha Tau dues have to be paid this weekf' Frank Scott, Sr.-"Young man, when I was your age I was out hustling for an edu- cation. Twenty years ago I was working my head oil' to earn enough money to get married on. NOT ANOTHICR CENT. Davenport-"Drat the luck anyway. My wife always did tell me that I would end up by being nothin' but an everyday farm hand. And there's my friend Rolfe diggin' ditches for a livin'g what's the world 11-comin' to anyway W' How They Will Look in 1928 ,.Pf'vX., f,a.aa,, can we , A-2 i 0 uf- 9132555 I ww H 2 i A 0 'z HQWQQ V - 6 V -A v Z ' 0 -f . I g + ' l , Qt N ' ' l In umm Mllll lll llllllllllMWHMIHIIIHHIIUIWIWIIIVW IHIIIIIIIIllIilllllllIlllllllllillllllllmllll H , -,Y .. v's f' 'Q we Y " W ' Mi, ,wi it Q :Il HJ Mil' 2 it ' t li l ij iw ff X nil fy i i ' l KK l lv : 't1:.'.:534f " 'W 1 2 - ' l n, 'j X M A A' Li r l Ji X L 1 was QY 4 '1 W f 1- A K Q V L I ' tw we we 9 , , l aft Q IM ll H5312 fit li I A M X' E fri. ' Q: - cowi V Z Y 'Q ,X ' gm DRY ' , if A."-911 X K KN wr ' 7"iS:,,tu r-W' ' ' A ff he Li. vu' -' ' f 5 ffff' , Continued "VVa-al by gosh, Sheriff, old boy, who would a thought we'd a been out here in Dakoty in 1928 anyway? Married, a home and something to live for! Gosh all hemlocks, but the time does Hy. Only twenty years ago and we was back in Illinois. Them was great old times." "And say Haines, remember the time l got kicked out of school-ha, ha! Say but they was down on me right for runnin' that actresses' picture." t'You bet they was, and it's at wonder you ever got re-instated. Say man, l'd give Z1 good deal to see the members of the old ILLINI stall once more. Give me another match, Sheriff, old boy, my pipe's gone out." WE ADVISE ,x CHANGE or Ocf'l'PATroN FOR MEMB1-ties or 'run FACULTY IDUKING THE SVMMER Moxrns. A , l f X I A VE? 4. ly 1 II '24 N9 I I nf l Juv, , l IX' V , 1 1 - 7.447212 jv':'3j5?, K X L f-'- X, 51, " "'13Q:m-21. J. . mf ."" 1 ,I X!.ff ,,,, 'hr Sung, nf th? Zlllunkrh I llfll the 1111111 who Ilullkc-cl Math four .Xml two: II' you sm-I4 Ll 1112111 xxith ll1111lc5 g11lor1-, I'II do I clruw II11- letmm right LIIUIIQ, I I111 the flown gr .Xml t'VL'I'j'II1IDg I AX few. I Iilldt IIIC cu11rscs VIII! mc, zulu guofl illlil s tru guuas is XVl'0I'lg', that look goml ,Xml I In my IISI till ILE il mul, . Iiul gee . IIN' way I land wlu-11 lluuls coxue Nlllbl surc- ly shock lllt ungvls 511111 .Xml put tl1c system on thv Inum, I I .Xml spree. lint xxlml cz e ? 1r1 I I'41r 11 5 11 pipe 'I'I111t I .X111 pi1'l4i11g,5 1111 tlu- fruit tl111l's rilu .Xml why .X flunli 01' Iwo slwulnl IJUII11-1' 111' Is somethi L ng that I 1'1111m1l acc. U, My rmuly SUIIIIS slill full uf gIee+- Iif ' ' ' .. 1- N pw. I I mg 1 v fhI,l-.IiIil'I'II-QS IX SIL! S111w1'N'1' NI1 I'1 J '. 11-low, I slwulfl liliv to t1'A - I 1111 I-TI 'III-I. IL N rl1llc1'1-111 Ill l'l1iv11go. You scv,rl4-1'1- alex' lvll Ll glh' once 4111 ,.1 1rl1 clamu UIIII 51111 111 1l11- Ikrlilli 4111 I l1.1x1 mul IJQLII IJlI1kl'lIIX IIIIIIIIEKI lIl'lI I I- v H . Y. 1. "HL , " 515 11111 to gn." W M GLENN . . 1 I111tN 1ll 1111f1x1f1' li N' 1 1 QR f3 x"g fw.a.' v wo: ., if 7wMn"' 'X " 'Ki 0 A Q by , gk ,y ' ' ,jgsfaj ' ' I. , As ' f ' 'V-P X u -iam, X ' 'U' .9 V e f gm f'3i,'ii'iiii' Xi ' X' ,, Lif'37':'! W, 'X Y ,Y ' , ,, B9 vi ' ' ' A Y ' H ny- Tx ,. ,ff ',', , X-9 Z til' 'MH rift , ff. Y 'L Ee ga xiii ' I iiiiiiiilllllllil 'W FJJ WWTHYHYUi1MHiWWMif5ii3fiiWN WWW' Ill lllll IWWIIIWIW illlllllillllillilll llll lillilwlmllllll I lj CLUBS 0: X 1 Der Wiener Vereln K NS MOTTO:-"IT WAS THE DUTCH." N ww K OFFICERS DD 1 A President . . Gus Moynihan r J DZ, D - 'sig Vice PI'CSiCi6Hl - Wilhelm Reardon UUWM 5 '7 P15 T 0 Gll 114.9 H , an reasurer .... tto 1 'Q' I WHIP Keeper of the Spigot . . . Heine Flood Prime Requisites for Membership-A keg of nails and a mug made in Ireland. , X The 0rder of lncorruptibles OBJECTA--TO ELIMINATE GRAFT. ,H R R j' 1 all rv MOTTO DO OTHE S BEFO E THEY DO YOU W 3055 'N ,tk ,792 'N xx.- in , X R, -Zia-I Z, I W' -17 I 7 JW 1 if M7 f 'V 'ffffpfi Jff , " if President . . Mr. L. Alden Smith Vice President . . . L. Alden Smith Treasurer ..... Fat Smith Secretary No minutes keptfnothing but the coin Members Fatino Smith 516 A fwf r? " v 926 'v ,f L N Q. ,I J -wiv-v - 1 5 ff , , I l' ' J i q' 1 T 7' jill. L i S A., -' W ff' M ' -1 ff f' - 'flh- x ff f,,,,4Q'ff or 2 A 0011, 9 ning. Z, s The Knockers Club at MOTTO-"Opportunity knocks but once at every man's door- but there's no limit to the echoes." OFFICERS X Foreman of the Pile Driver . Jess Harris Q L Chief Wielder ol the 16-lh, Hammer Viola Sonntag . In i . HAMMER AND ANVIL CHORUS Ray Ashby Hvicn Sherman Lawrence Bremer O NN 0 0 The Rough Rider Brigade eo - S P , 2 pf' 07000 Z, ' , 5 A", u OBJECT 'To provide means of conveyance for decrepits who J ap cannot afford a chauffeur. yiig' " MOTTO-"Where would Sitting Bull have been by now if the 6 :" 'W P Colonel hadn't used a pony?" ,gy :Eg Al w ,A l ALUMNI MEMBERS 75 W 4 U4 Dean Greene 6 Prof Rolfe f W - I' ' . o as so Dean RlCliCF ACTIVE MEMBERS Far from learningls classic halls, or stren th 517 g ening similar organizati ons at other schools. .J 'M l l l l 5 Q- ' 'aff J L' ,ll lllllllllll Illllllll H M lQlUnlllHlllM! ll rf ll H AIllllllllllllllllllIlWlll llIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll The Grouch Club MW OBJECT The Red ct1on of the Poor Old Landlady s Gas B 11 MOTTO A Llttle Learnmg Is a Dangerous Thmg or All Sharks L1 e Near the Water ' e MEMBERS Red Cleal Judge Messick Selme Hutson Blll Grant 5 925 Lie a 4 . ' X, s he 1'.', 'U' ,' W 5 i'E'g4 M 42: 4,1-Q-,1,.75:, 'fi' 17" 'b ll ..1 : U Alliyl 'H 5 V 9 Q fu l? Qu' ll ff? Q y lfllklgllfwikx up H M D, i V f i ,fi .f enlu ii ATS, 411 l lm ? 'fuillfflf ll N M SJ " , , f f l ' , E WYKWOLWY nu . . . 515 sg 'v ." y , Y 0' J The Funnel Gang ,lf I ' ' 37 1 1 MOTTO "DOWN WITH HOP ALE." L7 uno X613 Meetmg Place--Any Bazaar. fi, f QU i 0 OFFICERS r I 7 Chief Boose Holster . Slm Cleavmger X X Snake Charmer . , McDonald XJ' XO K Heacl Suds Blower , Dewey N, Stopper of the Jug Perkins 518 I I I I 1 I- f .7 V25 fx-- 1 2" , 4- . ,nrfzffv 4' l - '- Y ' f ei, "'i115mZ. if -"'4.. IW f 'fi' f U! 4 2 X I'l a J. I-L N Q Z M R ri, if ff it 'ff I ' , , ff 7 1 lk' rw f 'f ,gif Lk 1' ffl af 1 J I 4 THE LAST UF 'I'IlI'f OLD Gl'.XRIl. Q- Qs XYhen to Chemistry I. I gn, ,gfiiflxllfxl V: A little prayer I nttei low. XQIX N at E I say in accents soft but deep, ' X I WOO. pf wp No Noyes! I lay me clown to sleep. I ' I g,. If 5" . L INSTRI'K"I'4Ill-HXVIIHK is your Major, Mr. You?" 'I h XIOTT-'uI':COl'10I'l1lL'S l." 5' Qigfv WS J V ,' .- .a lI.x1a1mw1f'Kl-1 Con being asked whether he had voted for senior class presiclentj-ttNo: l'n1 rt 77 junior this year, but it' yon will come arouncl next year l'll try and help you out. Plcolf. IWlAI,t'Ul.M, Cin Graphic Statics Class, explaining 11 proof' in a bool: written by him selfj-HI End that this proof is the most intelligent one that has ever been writtenf' gm K l Qi xv' x . . f.'f..' 3,3 :gg ,L 6, Q ix.. , 4 ,, ,vii-nf, 1 , ' . 'L-L4 A 104. ' . 11' , Cf 01 i " """u"""""Xh""""""" K W -'qlm . 'fi ' - ' . ' 'P V ' e f Q i to .-lx KJ c f 7 " a' fl lv Q A D f ge.,,"-55, p fgfywlwxw R555 H 9 . l ' 'U l l . lllllll dlllllll Wg9xbi3h6Al1iQ,f2"UllEllUl:lIiiQfjzkllffiiWriWHlHll17Hf1f-'ll WWW ww lIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illlllmlf. An Explanation While Dr. Daniel Kilham Dodge has uncomplainingly submitted his charms and graces of face and figure to the experimental whim of every aspiring lllio artist for years past, we doubt not but that sometime somewhere in the secret musings of his heart the good Doctor has felt himself travestied to the point of malignity by some tyro's ill-advised expression of self-suspected talent. Actuated there- fore not only by motives of common justice, but by appreciation of the unselflsh spirit which impels Dr. Dodge to press onward with- out demur year after year to the fulfillment of his mission as an inspiration to University cartoonists-sustained perchance by the ffaizz hope that an occasional worthy one may thus be discovered-we have secured the services of a preeminent professional artist to represent him, for the once, as he appears in life, unembellished by the extra- vagant, fantastic fancies of rah-rah art. Behold the Truth! Miss NIORRIS, Qtu Iirnie Ponzerj-"Don't you want to walk dow PIRNIE-"Nope5 l'm too young." - vigil, X LXX ,XJR ff! bl. .XXX l,fNfskw -NN f " 7 00' 'wil 4. be-T' M, 'W .' "l7,,,.f JN X Y 2 :3 " f X i N we X 0 t j f: K 6 if MW U' ,U PREXY'S Fmsr SIGHT or THE Paixran NuMERALs ox rm: 520 ' lllllllllll a If ' i x5 -L, 1 N :Egg Q, 1, M efk 3, ,h if 9 'll xv l A , xl ,U 9 Q , sb A' ,slashes 1 V fx 1 's Q - Lei p pggg' 19 Kl v' I K J oc A JOXUJ o lrtp n street with me, little boy?" CAMPUS VVALKS. "PF""""' IW W f .if-X. X f 1 ef , . ,I-gg? ,Q 7 ZZ .5 X I wiv ff ,fx 7 , A gf"-'il 'iff .Vi 'V rt X. W ,, . A, f il' j f " g 5-,i rig v, Xi, Ahuirr in the ilinur illnrn lAnswers by Dean Kollockl ,ff I .. VI N!! yy! . f I 1 'li 'A - Y l , I Q ,ti J W f f T Q all y I' f'- via' " R f ' 7, -,, K .wc i Dear Miss Kollock: l ani twenty and deeply in love with rt girl of eighteen who refuses to marry me until she is twenty. Please advise nie, as I am very anxious to marry her. ls it proper for me to send her jewelry as a present?-JENNY VVRENN. The girl is quite right, only she should have said twenty-three instead of twenty, You will know each other better by that time, whether or not you love one another well enough to bind your lives together now: besides, eighteen is ridiculously young for a girl to be married. Dear Miss Kollock: l am a young girl of nineteen and deeply in love with a ball player of more than local reputation, to whom I want to say "yes,'i but father says I should not marry a ball player, because they are usually considered "wild," I want your advice and want it bad, so please send it to me by return mail. The man I love is in favor of elopement, but l will wait until I hear from you, Yours in trouble, PEGGY Dorftzms. C.-Xnswerj I believe you will be wise to obey your parents, at least until you are twenty years of age. Baseball as a rule is a very lucrative vocation, but you know that Mabel llite was very unhappy and she married Mike Donlin Ca ball playerj. Tell your sweetheart the circum- stances, and I think he will fully agree with you in every particular. Dear Miss Kollock: l am in an awful predicament. You know this is leap year, and I want to propose to a certain young man, a fine fellow, but the girls all say it is not proper. He is a little bashful , but if I could only say the word he would take me quick as a wink. Hurry up and send me your reply, as he is going to call Sunday evening. JESS MANS. CSpecialj Yes, leap year comes but every four years, and I should advise you to pop the question at an early opportunity, provided he is as nice a fellow as you make him out to be. Try to win his promise when he calls Sunday evening. 521 1 Y, r, ,B+ NW 31 .., fi ':'u E fggdfoaff . -Egr jlkg C 0 Q " ft 9 o -QV YI. .'qv0 'uv uzal Xjpfeeggb 0 4... ' o f 1 Ar-I V A Y ld wit' 7: . M 1 A Z, 3 9 iiw uFiw Xu! V, 'JB tx . ji - , x I ? qi Y Y Y Th f 9 O l lilll ll if Q Q on eo iff 1 Wu1l', 1 i 7' V W --' - K J K -iii N, WE, v' fifiigfflmli'MM, - it fi -5451 . 9 -ff y Z 111' mmltl ffnnmgmfggiilf xv wt Illlllllllilllliuilllllll To a Fair Co-Ed Yes, you have heauty--we know it, For you're ever so eager to show it, But our critical eyes Make us sometimes surmise That Nature clicl never bestow it. V5 -fl, rl A lfkrzsu MAN 's D1cr:.x xi, Now this they tell of Lois Greene, That she has often smiled, XVith most beguiling smile, to think That she will soon be Guilrl. Ther been tweye thinges that worken mooehe VVhoever cometh neye, Dean Ii. IS. Greene in Historie, Anal eke Pi Beta Phi. Yearly Happenings In a Sorority Town The Thetzfs have put in a new l"AXVClC'l"I'. The Delta Uzunmas have secured ll BOSTON Commissary. The Pi Phi's put in VVOOD early in the fall. The Chi Omegus have a THRONIC. , This semester sees u BAKER at the Alplia Chi House. The Knppzfs xvon't have spring suits this year-their TAYLOR has gone :uvayg but thex are already PATCIIICN up! , ,' v A V, ,,,,?n:,,4 , I , ff 1 ' , YZ?" K VI 1 . NG .. 2 il 4 - 1 il ff gf i - --- , f" 4 fx f ,iii , 1 fy 0,,1 X 1 3 X I 1 lb' L f '- 1 W "h,..r' , by A Mfg ..1.1"' Q , ' 5 'I' ' ff 1 - I k f ' if X Ill' Xf X -. ff! X 5 kj! . On the Bleachers Nliss 'lf Qpointing to a group of lxaseball playcrsj l'XVho is th ll, S.-"CJ, you menu l'ursifull?" 'Igu a ' ' at lull man?'l ish . U no, no-l mean that llllljlllgtfflt looking fcllowf, Outdoor Sports Q l I -. ff. . ' ' J ,S S ff V 7 1 X x .c "' y SPRING. V, fi-iff SUMMER. I 05 .5" X' I ff o r .f ff L ' G c lf. 19' -A -f 6' ls, AVTUMN. XVhen I um old and have forgot The jokes that used to pall By being in each Illio, If l should chance to fall Upon il picture of Ricsche N01 to be personal-- Perhaps I still could chuckle at The lviggest joke of all. "Rf, . 4 Q l X I l 31 . Q t.--2 lj'-LL' "' f ul if: E A-'ff fy Zvi I .,. e I r.- fl l' T ,III I, X , ' ep f r- .lst 471 l " l - iliilh Qs el i ' 7 P ' -I -I, I-h'IiIIIIIIvI III I " . l l l llllll lflllfllldlllll W K EJ 1llWMl'UlllHllll!lVWZ'II1il Clubs at Illinois IMI f If clubs keep multiplying thus, IIQQQ' ' ' I A new on ,' 1 'fizy e every breath, l fear democracy will be I Clubb efl fatally to death. is Q Q ur R Xxx X-mf E. L T 2 mlm I .. X , T 1 W ,f.. ll R M' -2659333 l 1" rust. dgiiff " ll 1 gl Ihfl WI, " , ' 'wif mi, ' ,'l7Julf"f l ll ' rl" WU ll lr 2. Wj Qi5,i5iLJi'lFEl ,ll we , wg, ' , ws T TAI lu l l,ll'...ll " ff ' IM III: All X1 X-5,1 ll mm Iv D I ' I A nt ,rf it it Ae, ii f ' gigs Wil 1 H l II' fb. EI I Jl?11,s V F' V X S ' N'5bfiYS 0 . II Q I,I,.1- I szgry Wi. Q JH X- QD H, .A .KI M Y N- N v " ' f xx ' W My , ' ln 60 alll-- ' 2 V V Ib W, We 1i,,,If:Ir,uI!I! . I Au Q QI I Q y mx 'L ' I 6, 48 1,13-I' I, II is . I 1 "1 W j " 11 " 1 ': ' A H 1 Ki ' iii, ik . ,f wx' I H Al, 1 an 1 will .Z S or -rms I ' f' fd' "WE U IIN mx , v u E lu ' N" . I ' I MI W ix ,Q e f 0 7' 11,75 4. , u , A I Lp X 5 I V 95, IS r I 1 I Xxxx I Q Ps, : AAN 'X' ., .-v Q E 5 ' l fl' l f ,CW f X 3 N 1 of qi L0 'I ZZ ' l l I y 1 I 0 F 1, ff I 1 1 I W 'T iff 1 Q7 'f RIWR uc N x f suv vw Illl W 55- x 'FINE 5 K 3 DOINS x v,. . ,ff .X l ' X N W I he O M I l l W SH ID I " ' II I KEPT Of i -' , 5 oo. s v . 7 0 -:,.-.II 21" X J 1, 1 li"' r' I r. , Ha' ,SI , V It 1 ,Mraz ,y I t l f- -- 'i III, f 1IIjIIIjI,Ii, X I 0 1 fi iv' z' w" L I, I, my R ullmlllu E "THE GREAT DIVIDE.D Instructor Bryant in E. E., Cexplaining why an electric machinery in the eveningj: "There are man' l ' picked up at night." power plant has to run more y p aces-the saloons for instance-wh 524 Q ere the load is 1 ,W L, , u7, ..L..... llllllllllIXWIIHIIIIIIMIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIWHIIWW lllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllilllllllmilllIlllllllllit ' 1 vvY"W" m , ,4 K7 X , ,f . 1 . V, 4 I 1155 'A if Q of J s at I f' , we . , .I V I A In g KM' 1 ,7 1 , A .. I ' sf ' 'ilw ' 5 ' I if Wi- ' X -' X .--zip ff .g f 'Jim ff x A I ll 1 , ,I ' X f- I' .AQZL .1 'aff f.'U'7lf4. K X 1 , X Jfjf c' c t rum 5121115 Our Tom One of Humboldtls boys has recently won high honors at the University of Illinois. Excused From State College The influence of 'tpulln in the State Uni- versity was shown last week when Ralph Tom McNutt, who is pursuing a legal educa- tion there, was elected to the office of Sheriff of the University Court by his fellow students a few weeks ago. This is only the second year that l 'X president of his class. Tom has been going there, but his experience in the sheriff's oiiice of old Coles county made his fitness noticeable at once. Coles county has the best there is.-Humboldt ,Ve71f.v. Fri- day, Feb. 14, IQO8. A Chip Off the Old Block Ed. Miller, who is learning to be a chem- ist at the State University has especially dis- - tinguished himself this year. The Miller fam- t, ily has cause to be proud of its tive repre- A sentatives there, but Ed V , has done the best of lm any. Although he has UH- been there only two 'Elf years, he has forged to A the front in politics, Q and last Week he was g'l unanimously c h o s e n Besides this honor he has taken part in two oratorical contests, and he would have won one of them if the judges had not been pre- judiced and given, the girls all the prizes. Keep on, Ed, you shouldnlt want to win against the gentle sex.-Geneva CKane Coun- tyj 1fL'f7N17Hl'tl1l. March 7, cqnnvmeu X V, ONE Mu.: I7 f"t 5 A n Q 2' rluxru ' . - Ummm . gf, ,J ul J 1 tw at - Q A ' 'lf Sheriff was dropped from the University of Illinois. Ralph has been managing the student paper, and of course a good deal of his time was taken in that way so that he could not get his lessons. The injus- tice of the action is in the fact that a great many men who are not students have been allowed to re- main. Ile was always one of the best boys in the high school here, and the facts show that his dismissal was for some other cause.- Reynolds fRock Island Co.j Press. Sprained Her Ankle lfflrafzt from Hd77'd1'Li Gazelle: cc Miss Mayme Hutchinson, whom Har- vard proudly boasts as its representative at Illinois University, attended the Military Ball last week with Robert Nihan, also of Har- vard. The occasion was very enjoyable until Blayme sprained her ankle by laughing at a Mr. Scovill, who attended in a strange suit. It is hoped Maymc will recover soon." At Prof. Ro1fe's Nickelodeon Sleepy student in geology class where lantern slides of rock formations are being shown on the canvas: "Cleef I wish that they would vary this by an illustrated song." Well Versed in the Scriptures Professor Colvin in Psychology class: t'Now in order to illustrate this point we will take the Twelve Commandments -.W 525 I .e t p . ' 0 ", Z' .vo '., ' il gt' g'f . ,...x,, Y, .z "'r astaggqsas Q? ' Lfsiefiz " 2 1 as ref Kwrs 2 for eff 4ae.2 x. J 3' mi' in 5, W E 'V X H L S, I gina .I W'. g,:QforM.Q.efffi s3asia-4 W lliiiillllllllllllflilllmtllll l ll llliit X 1f TFl'UllUlllU7lMZ.i 'HM i 'J lllllwlllllllllllllllllllllIllllIlJlI!WIllV Illlllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllfiilm flu mm lltema Continued Factory Whistle Will Soon Blow The Sycamore pickle works are arranging to begin the season's P E 1' work. They have re- ceived a carload of salt and the plant is being prepared for the receipt of the cucum- bers. Mr. F. W. Bos- ton, an expert in this line, is in charge. He has the advantage over most young men in this occupation, in that he has two years of a col- lege education. The Squire Dingee Com- pany can certainly con- gratulate itself on be- services of a man so capable and reliable as is Mr. F. W. Boston. ing able to secure the From the Auburn flll.j Citizen. Our fellow-townsman, John Flood, who has taken many honors while pursuing his legal course at the State University at Cham! paign, has just lately been awarded one of F the highest honors it is possible to bestow by his class. By popular vote he was elected sergeant-at-arms of the junior class. After a hard political iight, he won out from his two competitors, getting as many votes as both of them together. This is f ,, ,. Vx ,kjbfb W1 'V li . Wx X 1 ,X JN A .i 'C' Whyfmf all tt' f Wm . l t, 6645 A ,l as lil in 'N I ilttesifi A u Fwy ,W 'L' ,,:4 14 , nr' I ,yr H 1 1 only another step in the rise of John, for whom we predict a glorious political future. He has been sheriff of the Law College for one term, and has been one of the big guns in city politics. He has the congratulations of his many friends in this township. FRANK SCOTT TO WED Centra1ia's Professor at the Illinois University to Take Urbana Bride Prof. Frank Scott, son of W. W. Scott, and known by most Centralians as being one of the city's brightest boys, has at last suc- cumbed to the seduc- tive wiles of Cupid, and will become a husband. Frank is steadily advancing at the State's greatest univer- sity and has an import' ant part in the univer- sity work, besides be- ing one of the profesa sors. S c o t t ' s Centralia ON New HRR0,v."TN 'MST Cvr My an Tw Nl J ,N H IRT givfmsk if X iQ?:lzf1:1l,ii'Lk" -:rr . 2 9 .un x Jr!" NCS. I M , friends extend the hand of congratulation. We always suspected it of Frank. To the Front A letter from Walter Jones at the U. of I. indicates that he is up and coming as a student as well as an athlete. He was a stu- dent in the O. H. S. under the instruction of ye editorls wife, and he is a fine lad, the son of Dr. Jones of Redmon. Walter is taking the work of a medic and after three years work at Champaign he will go to the P. and S. and complete his medical work there. He is a vaulter on the U. of I. vaulting team. He made II feet indoors. He has three ribbons. Ists, against Indiana and Chicago, on indoor work. Keep your eye on VValter Jones. He is an 0. li. S. Alumnus.-Oakland Zllesserzger. 526 1 x ZZ", 4 AX tfigpz.. '. ' 1' i ff . :Q-I -QM ' ., gf, 4 A T- x-:gg 1 e . ' ipfmi. .f ' f AIN If ft, 'v X 07 ' f If Kllf-xiii il Q 1 'T V "1 'f 'f its ' .1 f lik' , ff , Ililk , A . ' ff B! ' ' X w f X X emu Enema Hard Work Does PayYA1bert Saxe Learns As an illustration of what hard work and practical experience will do, it is interesting was x- svx 'QW HE A if Qi: it ia . snr ,, to know that Albert Saxe, son of Mr. and Mrs. A, T. Saxe of Aurora, has, by reason of hard conscientious plugging, been allowed to do sketching for the professors at the Uni- versity of Illinois, out- ! ,fiiyi D , El B BV ' ' ' 1 ' fMBER1'JQ'KE-RVRURA 5 side of study hours. ,af ,ff:' f,,,fWf. f It 15 very unusual for nrst or even second year students to do this outside work, but Al- bert informs us that he has given the best of satisfaction in his drawings, and that he is daily winning favor in the eyes of his instructors.-Aurora Daily Iferald. iiilr' Mattoon Boy's Fine Work In Drilling Ernest Ramser, a son of Paul Ramser of this city, and who is a student in the Univer- sity of Illinois, writes 3 home that the military "I company in the Uni- WW' 2 versity regiment in li- which he drills won Xq 07 lk? the recent competitive Q H? NAKB Q drill prize for etiicien- ' QF : cy and that each mem- HONOK 5 ber has been awarded Z ' :SQ a bronze medal. The 4- grade made by his 45" Qt? . fx company was Q8 per cent. the highest ever ofticers. Young Ramser is a corporal this year and has been instrumental in drilling the fresh- men, consequently he is entitled to a lieuten- ancy for another year.-Mattoon Jnzufmil- Gazcifc, -Tune 1, 1907. given by regular army l 1 l i "Wl'IAT'S IN A NAME?" Not Much, to Be Sure, Unless the One Who Bears It Backs Up His Name With Deeds. This story has to do with two Sycamore boys, who, for years past,l'1ave been fitting them- selves for their part in the world's work and whose careers thus far present some remark- able coincidences. Their names are Smith and Brown-Lowell Smith and Roy Brown. lioth sons of parents in moderate circumstan- ces they began to go to school together in childhood, went through all of the grades of our local schools, graduated from the Syca- more lligh School with honors and entered the University of Illinois. Always friends they were roommates dur- ing the first college year. Both decided to study law and this is their last year, as both will graduate next June. This year they are again roommates, and their boarding house has the unique distinction of having four presidents sleeping in one bed! Smith was elected president of the Athletic Association of the University for the year IQO7-O8 and has been on the base ball squad for three years. He is also president of the honorary Legal society and a delegate to its National Convention. Brown has just been elected president of the senior class of the University and is also the president of the Adelphic Literary Society. lle has also represented the University in several intercollegiate debates. ln addition the boys have been keeping up their regular University work! Smith and llrown, shake! Here's to your good health and to your continued good work -it isn't Ngood luck," alone. Your friends here know that such results come only from good hard work, and they are glad you have come into your own.-Sycamore Tffibufze. 527 7-vi l",: L-f,'-V .-, gan' ,,,.,,,, :IK .-' uf t fi 'z U gif l yll Allea 552:25-1 ..:r' ., I. - . 1 I d ,ffeifzfi ' f 1 Hllllllf NW if . -Lfiii, ,., - 9 2 ll "fl ' utwlmlllumuuuullmmlumlsrwm wllllumumlllmulnlllmmmumull, PROP. HUGHES-"I'm afraicl I must instruct the jury to return 11 verdict of not guilty." MOYNIHAN-'fYour Honor-r-r-r, P ? ? ? ? I ? ? l ? l PROF. HIJGHES-"Do1i't, Moynihan, I take it all backf' A Freshman's Prayer HO wad some power the giftie gie us, To see the soph's before they see us." At a Faculty Dinner Pkor. QIOODENUIQGII tscaring the flies from his bald spotj : "Flies are bothersome." DEAN GREENE, Qabsent mimledlyj 1 L'Hm. Not if they are cooked well." Nm W ' ,hs fl. f 'f " 1: QI' W Pr: 5 E N ' Mlllb l I .SQ - U J F- l ' 2 iffwlf Incongruities JOE MESSICK as associate professor of law. A 'fMac"less Gym. The truth in the Illini. A baby carriage on the Library steps. Pearlllienjamin in a home for mates. Van Hook and Sinnock tieing in the pole vault. Artie Haines in a bowling alley. Cleal in Phi Beta Kappa. 528 Q lo 7' ."1lu-rf ,Q :f f l r f' l vm ,rin 1 X ,, ,f w ,f f .",Z1Z", L fx! 2. f 1i.g.5,i..z -, . ,, fs, f Z- , wif' , . I 'L ' A , Q ,A Q KM., 1 75,77 il X A V f X W y ff' gf - ""i3.:m.fl. ,f ?f ,'l'-if l X! MX If X X51 X X ' ' fc Lf ,, 1 W, The Short-Course Ag J ,f The "short-course Ag" has gone away, ff I His college days are overg ,ff If Succinct but blissful was his stay, X77 X I He lived as pigs in clover. M W Ile knew not of the vigil clrear, A A A af! VVe regulars must keepg ' f He kept his brain from cleep thoughts clear, Z l'gEfkJ11'b"i And had his ten hour's sleep. M sF'E55:i N , s iff' Ile plucked the rose of college life, 0 0 EE- Nor felt its keen thorns Jagg U V l envy him pleasures rife, N U O happy short-course Ag. Reserved Gesell arrives after the sent assignment in Economics 30, and being at n loss as to where to sit clown, looks inquiringly at Prof. Fisk. PRO!-'. F1514-t'Mr. lloskins, whose seat is that next to yours." llUSKINS-"Nolmcly's." l'1mF. F1511-"There's your seat, Mr. Gesellf' A ...vile I .QNX 54 fr' I' x Wm I .i 's.,, ,J A . 4.1! A X' HU' fi 2 7 :"" 5 Mm, ' Kyfiyll 'V .sfC.f.y L, il 4- i ,. .X ff ,W . N. IVA lx ff N 1 ff ' X 1 4 ' -' 1' if L ff X N gr, xx ff 'VXI -X K fly Hflhi ,x A Xe .v 'A ev ' X i 1, .B-fkfflt li Xgqwrl, 1 L, ,lf -.u.... wif K V - xi, L--l 1 """"f'r ' :rf w -W ik X flaw - fx Y as U17 ff 3 fx ig ,ts fi e Ji i ii w X XXQYL? I" ix.,-Jfyi H l !1.q,W!!,, 'ri 4 ,Q QTJLQJSZQ 'f R WX f y L Nu-ff--1' tbl,--' Xf D T mf f X K is Y Yxf X f 'XJ Y fx x Xxx il' U f W Xxx X X i X iliiu' XX I x x X 1 , X .3 X, All .i . . , F If Q 'Q ' C -:.... Nt NA fy, X , wx ix! 3 V G? lip, U ini .3 USPKING II,xs C.xm:." r,,,,.,Y, ,, L r f1'0i?3E::iilE D, -fn 4'.: ." ,.:?. ' 'Fi' " .,,..,, ' QQQH .M THQ, l a ., ', A 1 ga : U ggi- !n .f9 I . it 6 I iii 'ZS' Q li, ,Witt B 52-fil. A, f ' 'fi 1:4 ,V ' , ' -. ,. - .i,4-Iii.. -,,- 9 'Xi K l lillllllllllll llwllfmllllllll f llllllllkT7!IUlUMlllfMf'ZliTWW l l llllklllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllMlli MllllllllllMl!IllIllllllllllllllllllllimlllllMli Glnnhnlvnrr Scene-K 2 house. Time-Night of freshman election, 7:15 P. M. Characters-Saxe, Misses Throne and Zimmerman. ' 1 SAXE, THE SMOOTH C7216 P. MJ-Hello! Chi Omega House? 'tls this Miss Throne?" MISS THRONE Qwho by a strange coincidence happened to be at the phonej-"Yes." Foxy SAXE-'tSay, I want to extend my congratulations on your decisive triumph. I cer- tainly was glad to hear the result. Although I wasn't there in your behalf personally, I was there in spirit and I want you to know it." 4 Miss THlcoNE-"O, this is so kind of you-a thousand times I thank you? In f 5 ' INTERMISSION. 1" 2 l 2 -e SAXE, 'rim SAME C7:22 P. MJ-t'Hello-o-o-o, is this Zimmy ?" i v9IZL.LlPW . MISS ZIMMERMAN Qbetween sniffs and the profuse shedding of tearsj-- glmt "Y-e-e-e-s." '- it ' THE STEADFAST SAXE-t'This is A1 Saxe, Zimmy. Say, I want you to know how sorry I feel for you. Oh, if I could only bear the stigma that - must have accompanied your defeat. You can rest assured of one thing I 1 though, I'll stick by you through thick and thin. Miss Throne just called me up and tried to rub it in, but I wish you could have been present to have heard the retorts I made to her every onslaught. Youlspoke to me about some cigars you had purchased to give the boys when you up , were elected. I believe I'd not say anything about them to anybody, x .JI ' U 3 it won't help matters any. If you want me to, I'll keep them for are you and won't say a word to any one about it. Ashby, Cassingham f l X : and myself have had our heads together this evening and we're going ,K I to get even with Zimmy, all for your sake too. Well, I just wanted X og you to know how I felt, and I can tell from your sobbing that you're I 69" feeling badg so I shan't bother you any more, so good-bye, Zimmyf' 530 1? ' -C 2.7 -' H f ..- , f., t 1 I5 t ' . f ' g. my ' VL' 'N E 1' ,ga-1-f .-4',, Lf- : V I, 3,451 .- , wsu, .- I, I VJ - f f , tn-- 19 ff: I3 ,JL I f ff f mgbw l L! 4- iff ' " ft if Q. f .fy Q41 y W f. f ff 7 f A f .tt f X7 f ht pk f X If ' . f , Z I X ri i f X gzf lf' J 71 K K ,, X x Xi f f Zia' fW fx 1 as ,122 fe? ii? fiiiiiiw ftiiiih C 117,59 fly ,fl 4 ff w i twffm 'li 4 . I ' n I7 U U Uifl Il '3 we , f QQ? N ' 'WC - fm X,,,.UiJll " 13X 'f, W, ff if -2' 'f ' W me U" 1 ti , N . l fix MX f W9 6,51 I , j ex . Q 1, lmlffeyffm + at fi 7.,,i'V'wf4Z.., .. 7441!f'y1-Ay't"' ,I 45 if ls 'j se V p I wil, li'i'4'i It ? w d XZ ,l iigftfll if N t - 1' Eg!! Q K X i -wifi VI. ': A w wit 4' . -1 ff Q f-' X wf,..a-' .. .2 .1 f.' t t, 4447 ,sl X tt X 1-t,t"j',lQwf W WREQ ,,t",u.I.',,A6.'g.ftjytftil Vai? f " t".tf,ff f , f Q0 ' ' , .f eaTfgf,ttlt.i-nm,1,'tm J, , ' f v 2 ,w of f,., U 0'-53 mg ' UMy'L7Q,1,ffQ,l2'1lTf."f,',,'W,,lf,yfff4 '23 CZ' X g,2,'J4y'Q', j,j,,f,-ti. fl N171 l Nunn' Nxt' Con campusj: "Ah! At last my ambitions have been gratined. l have become a student in the lfniversity of lllinois. Methinks that it will he well for me to call upon Pres- ident James and tell him that Nervy Nat has come to honor this institution by his presence." IVERVY NAT Cbefore libraryj : 'tl am told that it is more difticult to see the head of the Uni- versity of Illinois than to get an audience with His llighness, the Czar of the Russias. XVhat shall l do? Ah! An idea punctures my turret. Nervy Nat is always there when it comes to planning." lin' -.C ,i Ad-Q C l 4. 9 t PRLXVSIZ jff l - oFF'ffi , if f I L '- Q 1 7? I ff! Z f f A t? , 'Wal 1 if ,Q-1 .vm f. f, , ,lf i 6 H ,f W6 5 ,-- if r 14 Ei ' 1'fA 1 ' ,f 1 fi? , . 'lf Wit! li ll ,ff 5 it lllfilit 'ii lil! X' 913 HW ll " f tt!! -' el 'W l,-JV! 'mr Ci' f - MW , NERVY NAT Cto president's secretaryj 1 t'Tell your master that Sir Nervy Nat, chairman of the International Commission To Put Curls In Macaroni, awaits him with the notice of his ap- pointment to a place in this august body." CLERK Cbowing lowjz "Yes, Your Lordship, you shall have immediate audience. These mere students can wait," L, NEKVY NAT fpropelled into the open by a husky kickj : '4Stung!" NICRVY Nm' .xr rm: IINIVIERSITY OF ll.l.INOIS. Sloppywrite IQO8, by Fudge Company, Publishers. Qu ,:.f-ifzjlig XVI.. . ,IN px: 58 R, M -. -' S555 ' ' h.,.nuu, 'WW il' 11 N 'FQ' : v -, "" 9 U wa s X, N. H if ,diff 'A' - ' ,f ,H'if gW V ffm M' ff sim xv ji 1''1qlfwW '1+ w ,L S3 551511 V W JJ!Y'11W" W'W'i s s 1 -, F s, , "Lis: M ?'1WlW 'lllllllf ff I MPM! 'WMMWWWUWAWMCMUMHMNWWVWM IIIIMIWWJW WKTMIII lllllmllll lllllfllll In the Faust Class Uiftidcnt lfriiulein Qlrnlnslutingj-Hlhxln-the-n-Img-lvlv." Herr Meyer fin loud tuncj-L'Bed bug-say itgit won't bite you." 120151-LIZIQ X 4""T co'M5NnfcHQ E WE N: DAN - V I7 Q 'llpy Q, H . 5 u m JUVN1- hai'- s5,fYi5 U ,' .- ll 0 bwllllngy ' Z NIYLYL X ' kkxuiqal Alu- I JJ f UO? Cupmg L., Y- A M diff ' fl u gf ,W 'LW KEEP 2' ' 5 7 IW 3 ks, X x ' ' 'x y H 'Q X f f 's U J V J . 1111, fl Z 'V' fm. Nyf f U 1' 1, f I I in CQPID IS 3 f'F5:f 'AN .ESTESEJK-A' 4 v N pmvenswv ""-'J - Hmznns- 191 xx C1 ml: SI'E.XIiS xr t'1114'u:4m ox "'l'm-2 Gnu, fjI'I-2S'l'IHX Courtesy Ulzzkaga .inm-if ,glefvaww rl , .XQX QE I5 m,... . lllf 1,0FQ'XJ"I' I'Fmw1' 'nm 'l'lllf Rnzrl x14s- IIE's UMA A X ou Nllulxl A 'W Y +A ,S ,wp f-ffj 'I A 'cf . ,f , ,Q ff iq if jf ' 4 1' f If ing' - . ', , ,, s 4 1 wi u. ' I "A fj ' i . I l l X x if X 1! f 'if' tl M ' f i' A V pay ,447 A- : K N, ' 'E'.jJ,f-Z - ' . 1 ' .i I I . , i f f ff, , l X ff ff' g A I ,f qi V U ff ff DEAN GREENEW-"VVhy, how clo you do? l urn glzul to see you here this evening." BIAIDEN fblushingD-f'VVhy, professor, have you forgotten? You brought me." 4 Howl-1, K .X 9 Cat girls Pan-Hellenic daneej: "l c,lon't see how you all urn N , lead. I um so usecl to following the men that l have no will of my own." X Q A Scrap from Maurice Lord's Expense Account llarning cotton .... . .05 "N 'L Shoe strings . .02 Stamps . . . .06 Vzindy for Nellie . .04 Paper of pins .... .og ' X it-, . Mi' A 9 W X-Slllllll X I u i V E ff i ffm The gift of common courtesy All upper clnssmen luck, You hear them greet liuch friencl they meet "l'm glrul to see youire lluclif' lfrom several occurences that have trzxnspiretl season one might surmise thnt the llepzirtment of -Edmund Janes variety. in the uthlelie worlfl All lllinois this list Athletics wus suffering from the jinnnies Nell Signor, to jnclge Xewlin, at the Kappa Sig clnnee: "Are you the new plerlgt-F" The .luclge gzlspecl. "Ohl pardon me! You ure il freshman." S33 rwvv, WW-.,,.. I . . I l l Y F 1. I I n -6 L- -i.Q7'vX.. f,o'4l,' O01 "' . 'Q 4' ' -'www'- : 2 I' .f 10 - Q0 of, " vf"""' 04 I ' 4 .,.,....m...I. t,.,,W,.,w.,. 'g P lv I J Len, 2: f :G X "3 -' fl 726 ' I r v' 'X 1 q wavy Q1 0 Fax- 3 KO f "aisle: 215' W l 5' 5 , " I ' Aff", O G , I ful . ll f .2 9 " '5 1 m l g M V ll Q Z .f 4 4 l ' Sw I My Ei' II' UI "rl ' , I mmin FIIIIUIIHHIIIIWWII-I -' munfnulrmmlllmfum uuuumwauln n m i mi. Athlviir 4 umm DISCUSSION THROW 440 CLASS HURDLES 2 MILE HOT AIR . STANDING BROAD GRIN . ' IIIGH BLUFF . . gf HALF MILE THINK . . ' I2O YARD HAIR RAISER . I6 POUND HOT-SHOT . SIMEAN CLEAVINGER . CLIFF CHERRY . RUSHING SEASON . BERTRAM CLEAL JENNY BRANT . "RoSY" DUBOIS . LEE MARTIN . EDWINA ROWE . RALPH LYNCH MAY COGDALI. . SYD MORRIS . . lVIOYNIHAN . FRANTZ BOSTON . HFANNYU SIMPSON AKDAUBERJJ FLANDERS . LEO G. H.ANNA . . MCNAMEE . MARIE ENGELKEN . UBILLD GESELI. . CLARA GRIDLEY L. Earl Foglesong, Cafter receiving an invitation, Signed by Dean Kollock, to attend a recep- tion at the Woman'S Buildingj: '4Say Fellows, do you think Miss Kollock knows that I am to take her? Do you think I had better telephone her that I will. call for her, or just go around without notifying her ?" lIDON'T SHOOY I 'LL . PAY J QQ -V 12.4. it: ml' f 1 MESA? I - r ta' Cx R A ll. . 1, I' ,X 'wb I -, , R l R ' ' ,. f , 452215. ff"77'7" XWEZI 4 W Sr 4 '.. 'lii:if::ii'W'W1g12l 0 : 'A ffffffslf: 5?-EEE V , '. H li-1' ' . ' :.--'F W 41155: ff Af A Hawk f wuz:- Zfzi5:,.-:San ' ffw 'j j' ' 5" lsuiliu 47.235225 f15tQ4+',t:" 05 .zz 5:5 eeaemgaa 16-::2E"' ff, ,, yi:-I: .::::::..: 4 A -f 1151-E5n:::'f: Q! . Ti MM", ' U 1 gli' - Yi" ""1 5' '-l,,4, tl Nu ,,., HHH fl THE CAB QUESTION. 534 A,,. un., --'-'-H1-iw'-w-v-f , 1, ,ffv A f QQ-',2 K. Q I1 11: , f ,, '-, 5' 91" ' f ,f , H V si f. f 111- .Q ff Wx ' ,IX4 153 1 1" f fl! I , .,44'Z27,l IJ. I Z' I 1 iii , " ff tp I f "" iiimg-21. ,f 4 ,""Wf.. X X' f X! , Favorite Topics of Conversation NYl'2I,I,E BIIIIIIER-"-IllSt two nice boys in the two towns'7-Urbana wins. 5111111 CS. A. E.j-Wfhe ndvuntzlges of joining the HOSPITAI. ASSOCI.-X'I'ION are too numerous to mention-why just Iook what I drewf, TOMMY LEXVIS'u.'XffCI' I pass the BAR EXAM-then I promise nevermore to pass another bar." I'II.OSSIE BRUNIJAHE-"I just emit decide how to wear my Phi Beta Kappa key, but then it looks peachy any pIace." I51L'1"1'Y CASS-"No Sim, that is not 11 grusshopper, that is a I1eifcrAbirrIf7 VIIIIE PIII I's1'S-"XVIIEN'S 'I'IIIC NEXT KAPPA FIRIC DRILL?" Conn lI,xr11x11:1s'1'1:11 'l',1141xu II1s F11cs'r Llcssox. Modern English XVOSSQIICIIOUQOI? Ifirsn un1herseriI1ble1's. lfnLI1inkinit? Iiotutonnnyrot . 535 I 1.4.1 'X as ... E :raw ff "fn 1' l ll" I N ' .q'9' ef 1.5 3 7. ,,,L . . Q' -1 M, -'eg I." 1? 0.629 J 1'lwll4.lJl" l' l" ll 1 f' X' ' 5 -9 MZ ' I A , 4. iii 9 12 ' llllllllilllllllllll Elllll llllwllllllllmllllllllllIlllllllIWMllf IlllIllllIIIllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll mil "What is your destination, My pretty, pretty maid ?" I seek my vaccination," The pretty maiden said. "And may I follow after, - My pretty, pretty maid ?" How saucy was her laughter! "You're impudentj' she said. in - .J . Chi' Ai' LATEST REPORTS, UPEGGYJ' WAS LEADING UERNIEJ' A llflERRY CHASE. The Seven Great Wonders of the World I. Jim W'arner7s coming graduation. , 2. No Chi Omega announcement yet. 5. 3. Prexy at a ball game. Q, l If 4. Bess Stevenson in a blouse. YWVKQ 5. Dr, Kemp taking a nap. 6. Miss Bevier speaking in mild tones. 7. Dolly Thurston awake. will .,- 536 f .iii "Jia" ., L R . il' Z AA f ,ji X WI' A1 W, ,f f '4 1 ,ff xvgp. , , f f 2 ,- ,4 k i ff f 1 , l ff ' 1 155' il 4 I K. ,f I f f 4 D- I J uf :zu ' ' fy if x ff X x XX SOPHUINIORIQZ A freshman could not well aHord in Ireland to be seen. PQRESHIWAN: VVhy so? Soi'HoMoR12: They're hanging people there for the wearing of the green. , if 'EE' ' 14 A M fl X eeee ff nl .. --fr--fa -T afaf . . .- T Qfjff k,'fth" ! k?- R ,fl ,ff , ji 'W W ily If Q- . .53 1 '37, 4 3 -, ' K Tj 75 in .4 T 'S ' T +233 1 -5' "' 'l'm4: 1112141-3 PINR PAJAMA PARAM1-FEB. 21 OPERETTA IN ONE ACT The Time, The Place, But Not The Girl f. 1 Q, Af 7 Sci-QNE: Alpha Tau Week, Oct. 26, 1908. Dark- ' i ness reigns supreme-sounds of falling glass and moving X freight trains. iff HARRY IDICK Ctaking Mary Morris in his arms in- Xl. quires TICNDICRLYQ: My clear Miss Moyer are you ' ff, hurt? 7 , l MARY NIORRIS Qin freezing tonesil: This is NOT ff XY Miss Moyer! MXN HARRY D1eR: Oh?'mf!l Q' ilillli Som! 537 THE1909ILLIO Uhr Iirixnrr B 15 for Ag., Il very 1111141 l'I1llI'9L', NYhere S1l111l'l11S l4f11r11 114111' 141 11111146 51141511g4- 14111111 l1411'54-. B 15 101' 111111-1111111 541 11c:1r1y 111111 11,1116 111116 1111111 111141 11111416 11111141115 1111- LYI'11l11l11 11111. C 15 for "f1lll11l1Qu :111 41111111154-11115 5111, If you 111114-11'1 1JL'QLlll 11 11111 5111111141111 111'g1l1. 1 D 15 1411 IP411Ig4- 11111158 541111 l'1.Q11l, '115 14l'1lI'l'41, 1"411' 114114111131 1115 14113 15 1115 51-1141111511u 1lt'lll'I1. E I9 for 111111 W114151- 111511114-114111'5 ll 1111111, 111 111u145 11151 111115 11-111-1'5 111- 111-111g 1':I111llg,f11. F 15 1411' "11llI11xu fl X'l111,jilI' 51111111 W01441, XY111u11 511414145 L'Y6TfV 5111414-111 11'114-111:11-1' '115 111-11111. G15 101' 1511111 111141111541 1411' 11111, ,1111Cj' 1114-1111 11151 1116 5111114-, 11111-1'u111111g1- 1114-111 111 11111. H 15 1'411' 1111111111 1111- 11111111-1'11 A11411111, .X 111111111111 1'X1l111I71C 11111 1'1-4-511111e11 141 1-111111XY. I 15 1'41r 14111 ll 14111g11c 114-41 y411111g 11111141, XY1141 411 1141141 4'4111e-gc 5111414-1115 15 L11NV1lj'!-5 11f1':1141. 15 1'4'11' '111111-5, 54111142 1114-1111 111:11 110111 111110 11151 11111114- 411 "-1411-1441," 1111- 111111111 411- 1114- 21111 K15 1111' 1Xl'Ill11 1114- gm' 1'114'411114-111' 1111' 11411-1411' 11114156 11111-1-414114-5 111: ul' 11111 141 1-1111-, L 15 1411' "I.11111y," 111c 111111141115 111111c1c, .X 9111111 115 141 114-1141 111141 11 11111'1- 115 141 I1-1-1. M 15 1411' Il14l1l1'j', 1114- 1114-1111 114- 1154-, 71-17 11115' "-1ll1l11I1j'u 511111114-5 41111' 411'e1'1,1111- 411105, N 15 1'411' 111-115----I':11'1111y 51115 l11u 1111111 Will 111: 4-4111711-514-41 NX1111, 111 1114- 5111-1:1 1111- 111111 11517. 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U 15 1411' 1.111-4111111-111c 1411111141111 11111115 X111I'l1. 115' 41111' 11111111111 guc51 1111- llI1QfZl11l1y 5114111 11411111 V I5 1'411' Y1111 11l1411x W114154- 1Jl,lI'1111l'Ul1S 111115, 11111 1'DI11IlQ 141 t11S2lS1l'1' 51111111 IV5 1114114-g4f5. 5 1-111' XYi1114-, 11'11415c 11151 11141114- 15 S1114-11 WQ11' ' 11411 11114- 111 111155, 114- 5 1151111111' 11114-11 X15 1'111'X-111115---1114-y'1'1- 1-:15y 1'l11lllg.f11, 11' 1,7116 11115 l11l' 11115111 51111'11 14111111-11 1111 1115 l111113f. Y 15 for y4:115, 1114- 541111114-5 411-11g111, VY111c11 1'151- 1111111 1111- 112111145 411'111c 1141114-1':11'41 111 111151111 15 1411' Z1!11x7'I111lj' 111- 51111 11111 111 INLINS, ZX1141 g'I'l1l'L' 115 11 111e111114-1- 1114- 11ux1 S1'Il111I' 411155. 5.15 QTHE SIRKUSQ Q liggxig W N W 9 x'5Ew2lIl!l9 u K , J f X s' X xiii! IESENESENEEWB T'I1 E S I R Kill S IESENEENIEEHB Ah urrtiavmrnta L A T E S T B O O K S Love ls the Sum of It All ' When Hearts Were True A beautiful booklet, brimfull of heart- llv Swann Hwxuiv. beats' tenflef love vghlnciest Soft Speeches, ln this little sketch the author delightf and mcrq hlflff mlnlxlch' fully describes the changeable moorls and BY F1u'1'z XVAGNER ixxo Louise SHIPMAN, caprices of his charming heroine. W0 f 195 TNHT ' il l ' .f . UU FRRNK . t , G rev, gf' -fx The Love Affairs of W WR X ll Literary Men f lt lx .X story dealing with the personal heart Nm! fffb interests of two of our best known literary Xt 'lggwgllik ,Natl ty celebrities. Q Hx' 'l'. ll. Gl'II.IJ .xxn FRANK Sr'o'r'r. f nnw l Af A teiiil NXLL- Hills ' S X2 le wwf Nm K. S4 To Have and To Hold HY Sums IQELLEY. A pleasant but heartbreaking romance, the portrayal of a bold hero's attempt to have and to holcl the fair Nelle Miller. S A li PUBLISHING CO. Rambling Recollections A quaint olcl story of times gone by, interwoven with charming little memories and 5 ' ' " ' experiences. lhe booklet fzurly bubbles over with reminiscences of happy college clays ot' yore. Ih' JIM VVARXER. ,vlulhof of "1"01'!y Yfars af Foliage." A Blighted Career 1-'CHM p0Ll nHN0 ft . 1 N x - I An all absorbing story of a bril- jx Om! AQ liant life which was wrecked, ruined, . X ki ll and cast among' the tin cans in the XL 1 K- allev bv the relentless, hell-born . P , 114 . . gs . 52159, . BY Lynn MERsnoN. R? N Mpc -J -fl X 'ff?1'Zi3:,J5-'.a5:':i'f-TJ' -, ' c ' elm' I Y ' ' "W "' THE SIRKUS Ladies, Gentlemen and Students XVe have a show that comprises wonders collected from all parts of the civilized and un- civilized world. VVe have the greatest aggregation of hair-raising specialties ever seen in the twin cities. Have you seen Doc. Moore, the human billiard-ball, who has been captured and tamed by his trainer, Prexy James, at risk of life and limb and - I WW 'M' untold mental agony? If you like this, pay twenty-five cents and ., j,,l,,p1W' lg see the Congress of Outernational Beauties-Jess Mann the Cairo X fvllqg W W Maiden, Hess Stephenson the Persian Princess, and Alta Swigart 'ez k 7 the Turkish Trophy. Have you seen Chawncey Baldwin the IM "ai: , A human Ostrich? Eats and digests everything from Shakespere ' 2 f X J to mowing machines. The show would not be complete without l Madamme Kollock, who will be seen at the entrance of the side- 3 show, feeding ferocious beasts with her right hand and taking P Q the money with her left. In the side show will be seen a group lllgwf 1 of antiquated and fossilized ponies, standing but six inches high. These were the steeds ridden by T. A. Clark and David Kinley in the Semester Campaign of '76. Though these animals are ancient, they will still roll. At one o'clock will occur the blood curdling diving exhibition, fraught with daring and skill. From a flag-pole in front of the Armory, Monsieur Hachmeister gracefully drops, and alights head downward in the bone yard, only to appear again at the rear of Prexy's domicile. At three o,clock in the afternoon the thrilling, balloon ascension takes place The hot-air balloon, specially constructed for Preky James of the National Balloon Com 5 I , , , . 5 C 1 - h . mission, will bear him aloft from the university campus, and after all have had 'L chance to get a good look at him, he will steer eastward to reassume his regular duties at Washington. Do not miss this opportunity of catching a glimpse of your President. In our menagerie will be seen Peccadillo Pete, a petulant pet of pretty propen- V sities, who recently escaped only to be recaptured in Danville. See Mouthful il. Moynihan, who holds the world's record for cheerless cheers, in his amazing master- l X piece, "Me and Madame Schumann-Heinckf' Parrots, owls and asses are here galore. X! K' Come, and buy a dope-sheet, worth ten cents more than the E. E. dope-sheet. I Price, ten cents. If ou like the show tell your friends. lf you don't, try Grape- X Y F- Nutsftv f Pl ll .cl CN tVVhen writing to advertisers please mention THE ILI,1o. ,Q 54' rr' 'H'-" THE SIRKUS Ailuertiwzmentz POPULAR NEW FICTION WNDR fs Boyhood Days on WH-OR - J X the Farm l A WWI li l' i I is U WH- ' K j I V mx Y Lrf,H 1-.1trxs1:sG. X,! If 4,:Am,0' ,T MD f-'4' 0 T" ' ln this new book Mr. Vllernsing de- 2! V " K W scribes the pleasures, charms, and de- ! li I A www lights of farm life. Ile has spent many ff 3 My years hurdling the furrows and corixing X-TLT f N 5 wif the virgin soil, and knows whereof he I 5 speaks. The Weight of a Name BY 1f1mNC1s KRESE WYNKOOP DRURY. I THE sPolLERs We BY P1 THETAS. The author is too well known to need any COITIIIICHI. The authors need no introduction to our public. The House of Mirth The Lost Goddess Bv LioN GARIJINPIR Little stories of loves and blisses of a number of charming co-eds. In a simple but charming manner the author tells 1'n1s1.1si1i:it-II B 111 Housls. of Trusty Rusty Ross, who was lost forever. WE T , ssl - og-fNH'fL3, 55 2 The Romance of an Old Fashioned Fnsiuouiv . ayggttmlgq Jgwl, Gentleman BY ' .ions 1-QJMRN 2 ,C 1-T'mn1E9 L RX'jfJHN NEUMAN Z WW 'Zz A touching little romance Of the college Zdays of a lovable, RUM!! I 'R rl, benevolent old man. I LN f af 542 'H' THE SIRKUS Uhr CBrrai Grain Elnhhrrg ,, ff fff ,, ,W , , ,, 'ia .fy 'fff 'Aff f Don't fail to see the greatest, - 'If' gaucliest, extravaganza of the age. X6 g The awful, awe inspiring hold-up, ffylf' fe ' -Q of the freight car, the hair V774 3,-3, W JX raising pursuit and the final capture MMM llrutruumm.-U. ' - V- - ,,,, ,,,-1, , , .I and incarcerratlon of the ullain. AWQQQV T r o VZ. 4 A ' 1 ' ' ' ff- ' Msfseqfatmuesif-efzee a ' .- .aE3EE3ll?:"T' , ' Ywauglh V ' ' . lxillfiakfl 1 ,f 4 x 4 zgiggiiizb' The iirst act opens with hurdler ' ,fx l X r h S Ai" T Jenkins slyly and serenely sneaking'-'TTT' If V X X - up to the rolling stock and lighting " X i on the lantern. fc . X v i, X :Ei ig T th 1 1 ri it QM. ' i M MM, The next uct shows the erst-while fence climber connecting with Mother Earth at long intervals and breaking a record in the two mile clash. But the glirn is not a light affair, and Corporal Mathews, who is do- E ing time on the police force and in THE lf the half, and who was ll cracked 'TWEF 'Bm Nl f broad smiler in his college days, ' ' , pursues and eventually overtakes l llll 66144 the robber :md leads him back to the "5 4' Little Brown Jug. 1 X 1 no WFWWW Q W w I ,v Q V fh X Q :J Q f-1 , f f - N The final scene pictures our hero gnawing the l ' AA l T' rust off the bars of his cell. 'mamml 1 f i Mgr I r l any Z K4 1 ir' l in fm l l ' Q ml CELL ffwf' MT ?" 22374- Z7 THE SIRKUS Ah nertimementu LATEST SONG HITS "If I Had Another Finger I Wonld Have It In The Pie" As sung with great success . BY 'rl-I1-3 PI THETAS "When We Are M-A-RR-I-E-D" ' The great hit made in college days by Nelle Miner and 'P O "Once I Was Pure As The Driven Snow, But Slush! I Fell In The Mud." As sung in the popular comedy "Poli- tics," by T. VV. SAMUELS. "Man-Man-Man" Everyone is after it-everyone whistles it, lt will set you crazy to hear it. Sung by Jiass MANS. "I Was Happy Till I Met You" The song that drove the whole town mail. Hear it sung in the HMiller" by BAUM BUSEY. "Just A-Wearin' 'Em For You" as sung by the college girls in "Sf JRORI I'Y PINS" 'TX . HIC, ATS H , . H My I I m Afraid To Come Home In The Dark" ' LIFE! NUIUQ , The very latest. Q gy, . li 0 X i -"ff Z 3322522522: H IEW ' 1-.131 s zpiagizleszff V iii-22 4W'fW"i3EE2iZ?,2" 34.11 0 5:31 qu-1.-.I gqilglgia . iaaw . 1, V 'fn 5 add' XVILLIE SATER. "lf I Were On The Stage" The latest hit, by BILLIE Giuxr. 544 THE SIRKUS Uhr Aquarium Frsuss NRE -norms - To as seen Do uo'r 'rmzow nuwmm- an THNK 'WT 'ED7 ,, T Svzffyxwfxfffwfunlfbffffylhywillffwfvfwgldwaawlxffff , zg 1 Q A l V f l l .. ...... I+ it r df i F' l L54 -, 4542 1 N ' sais-'gi f ll' " ,fri if i I 1 il r"ii lin: il 'i 3" :Wm -ww, if ill i. ll ww Q llll I .A ll ,llIlll'ill' liiiiiiagnn P N ll l l J ll llill! i ll 'l 'lull -:giiiil - :ill " ii lg Z fnr lll N ll Il -11 ., ' ll-, all l i' ll l ll f pl' fl rl- l f i 11 " i ll ll, ll I I 1 N lk ii i -l. 4' l 'l 1 If W' l Vlf fl" SXllll1ll i lull i -f l l, ffl: X ll'ilUWIl"'l llml ,fl ill i Q m lm ' l .- ' ..... -... llllmmmfl l - 'lllliff e-5!!5lw .,:r-.!!l!!l!-i. .E2g l Sharks . Bull lleucl Gold Fish lVhnles . Bass . Eels . Octapus . Cat Fish . Nlinnows Carp . Pikefrsj . . L'I'ut " Smith, pink ,cf-J 2171 N ,ff 9 . Q, Q 7 Z .. ,. 545 . . 117' B K . . Brernmer Cleal and Bullwinkle HG."-"Col."-"l'. A." . Herbie Megran . . Albert Allen Conly living specimenj Cairns and Pershall . VVebb and VVilson Dewey and Forman Perkins and Gilstrap ?""' THE SIRKUS Ahnvrtizemvnta THIS MONTH'S MAGAZINES , . DELINEATGR Womans Home Companion The May Delineator contains articles A magazine devoted wholly to w0men's on correct fashions by a number of Promi- needs and wants. The authors have been nent People. The latest thing in Collars, engaged in catering to these for some time, lies, et Cetera and some others will be dee and are perfectly competent. Leading ar- scribed. tiele hy PUBLISHED BY THE D. K. E. A 'I' S2 T IE ll T3 H N f A .X . SATURDAY EVENI G POST ' IX llie A V WING to the fact that it has been im Jossible ei, ,lil I to open either 21 bottle of ink or a keg ot ' nails, the usual Weekl number will not be I' ll' Jublished. l ':::., I I' ' If K A P P A s I G s TOWN TOPICS .I U D G E Rare and racy news. Published weekly A crfmic magazine, full of jokes and by II li KIA puns. ill A A, Publishers. M 1 R R 0 R COSMOPOLITAN Cherry. CMC of Sigma Nu. A nmgazine devoted to all natggililigies. COUNTRY LIFE FASHION PLATE fl' K E. X S2 EVERYBODY'S THE SUBURBAN X Sl Tu' T.,xMim,x. 546 THE SIRKUS Uhr fllrnagrrie Admission Free MY NECK is Fl ulT1uE Too LONG' by-uX O I an ' 4 e- W W it i f .. ,,,, 1 y , , f A THHT LI N ! W WWW 0WIWlwWlW 2 f if mlb? UPF LOOKS R Lurr Look HT DRN'tl" 'N 4 5 ' A THE BIT mme nv THOSE THE ll-'DNS SRY-JIM -, I HTRS5 ow 'MENU -rams-rY DEN- W' HRS H B'."D'l ' "n3uBsn.Es' CHME-145 yHH'HR hong IQ. fx' KT' ' 'WUC Nurs T0 I i NJIM WHRNER 4. Q ' x is QQ W Q Z t I f 1 yt ft f, ' I , I gli. t, , f f 'S' sv Hlwlff f felt 1 we wing 4, 14 f - X , , I , ,, ., Q f l l V X X Q X f:,Tx X 5 Y HN WD 1 WMM gxlqgqghfgi ftfail l 2 - ,f igiii .73 - - , , Z, ju iT 1- WH Lions A new variety, lately discovered in the center of darkest Champaign, called social Lions.-Jim Green, George Beardsley. Girailes ...... Jim VVarner, Delt Mitchell Gazelle A wild animal imported direct from Wisconsin- Z1 great favorite with the women. Billy is one of the pets of the Zoo. Bears ln this cage will be found Dr. Daniels and Arthur l.. Eno. Zebra . . . ....... Port Arthur Ant Eater . . ...... Young Flanders Elephant . ...... Yan Hook and Big Twist Camels Sigma Chi CThese animals go 40 days without a ' rlrinkj Raccoon . ,,.. Nate Goodspeed ..-. I .--"' I ml ' '- ,.-' n ln 'df ' ., ..... f an fvis I ..... 7... ..i, W 1. I In I X - me-H--W-W-W THE SIRKUS Sihv Shu Admission S12 a Semester VON pEPtN H5 15 wi nw false ' See the Man with the Simple Smile, the Piercing ' ' Steel Gray liyes, and the Theodore Roosevelt Teeth. 'Why new 02 THE 7--+ I W ' , . t- ,..- . e f i W7 3' , 'A--V',n' Af Z. :Q . Wu 1, ,P QQWQ ,e,N "E QI' ly 'Q . t 1 Leo Garbage Cannu. Lifts 4,000 .1 , ff 4 ,f - pounds and never bats an eye. 'fffil HV Shake hands with ,lim VVnrner, the man who is older than Methuselah- " lN1ne hundred years olcl and still work- yy. ' N -00 , i112 Cfhv fHCHlTV'7 'atm ' , wg., 4' .29 ' .azeszszgtz-"W t9'o!4?f:4-.. ul: -2:9024 1440! WW' tax' :fi 'sisiigiffgggff 4 f f !'i:55Es5:,,Q'.'f' 'Qsiisiygs Xi 'Wiki' """ nv: 1.. ' w f ,, X 0 Q Whig See "G," the fat man play ball. VVeighing M ""n0 K 625 pounds he can run bases faster than il 3 year , "" ' Om Umm. R f 'my ,'rfr.fIflfN! M l I - I ' Y - H11 , Q92 me , M. H tb V' Z? ' V C as T.. if ' ' Swim . w ,f ' -P 'W f"11i9'i'l5i5fl3553z?, Dr. Dodge, the hairy man. Imported direct from MW QQ f.fV0,lQjfg7 darkest Europe. It would take IQ barbers 365 years W l to give him a shave. l :Tux 1 mg. if '.I.l'l5' Mft' 548 THE SIRKUS Uhr Aviarg X i l Rnowev, l ik an rm DNMY FI, X 6' Moexmb li X W KIRO-l or kiln J w - M l' 'Q g W l T l . f!, Q , g l IM Fl USEFUL Q NX 1 f Bama Jvsv 'A GEEK l LTHE SHME Zuni, l l tk W N TKH'-'bn l l 4 Q 4 l l ff A i l fi? fm n0rum',,1,,. ' gf i Bur A r pfe WRROW if W flf' 'gf ' : K :A if W 4tE::f-ref - Ilia cfmf le Mucking llircl VVoomlpecker . Nightingale . Sparrow . Eagle Lark . Thrush . Yellow Hammer Turkey . Jays Stork . Pearl Benjamin . Florence Williamson . L'Sh0rty7' XVilkins0n . . . Nelle Miller . Tommy Gill and Samuels . . . Zimmerman . Cleavenger 'lRusty" Ross . "Cupid" VVarcl . Bell and Baum . HSpike'l llunt . -Q' MW Q C5 u ffm l A ll . f 549 7 l 4 l 1 1 A.....J 1 EEMNBS TPIE SIRIYUS EMWBWEW A Erin Baum the igikr 32555-as - :E-ga gg- gg bf Mllliwf 12"-3'-1 pu ' ,...--- "K, x J'2f1:D'1'gmj -"'..5 A ' H E.. 'ff-L. N wx: Xxx :Sm N25-O-W ,x HN-- ETSELQEFSZ WML V' 5-in 74:75 NSXX gw 522.23 fi' E ' O' N MMV 'D E 3 S E 2 w"'9gI xmxmxxximxibxx 2 in HHH Q UQ gy wy5 'Q3g1' if: , 51 2' 5' 1g X"'PNXw'l,11xb f' gf 3 Q 5 5 m 5 S f W s Q Q 4 yQm3x"w, w 2 L8-E3-gi "' 1 Ear?-'TUE Tk? W S ,.,, ,T 3: M EEE? x 1, X WSW: X X X X A 5'f5f.": N M ix 3523 , Q-31 -Q WHS: avi? X N' MSF! 'I Q, v. -'-H -f D' A9 -'JSA A ggwo cn M K O X22 53513 '5 v' -EF 0 X4 ro K' DEEP 91 Q :'a1E'9 A 4 A 55-Eff? rn m -to ' WH wo ---A 2 re Gif EEE-W S Z. 9529 n-- ' ri 3?s:r anna gl A221 I URW, ,,, E Fl ?0AZH N gulf '-'Z S nf 'A gf? ,-. E 'H - f 44,31 Haw '-fighvi 5n':fD",.i x Qlarqzh 25,33 7553 W 12 'Q 2' 2 Y3iMM S " fb -'H H " 'U ,.,,,,,,, S-2,3003 0 HUA' S-r.w'?7Q C Q - X 35:5-gg 'D' X12 935555 Qinw, gigflqw Skgcmxfzm V3 2 E 5 5- 2 G ... F- o 32,7-5-an :e,I'4,xPQ m:g,T': D -110 E XX mm :H ,Tj Eg-n N :smiwvc ...-. Qi W :E -D -gun:-1 N E QSASW K E LNJ E H 3-, S " Nxvwwxmmxxxxxxmm Ffgisvi 91 nge' 'ix x QSf5E El'-'SE Tr-'O PT',-Ei:-nj. C'-1:5 H 5-'5"'y1 mr: UQ O '1aD"K.b Lnmpi.. E..-,nn NQHUQ ff- vf,"'-rn Bowl-'f 5?'5gE 0 2-90 U IT:-v 535 m f-ec,-' if-M3 rn 'qmgif P-I E35-g 53:5-7 :r Q dm rp -1-"4 O G 1:5-, 'O-:fr ,ami 0 Sm: Q :+1'fm " 5 SC? -mfg 9215 .II,rr Sea-,S-4Z6',1-' :'. 1+ F1 O v-313 X. Hmm SQ mag O. W f S U1 U1 T -OQOOO Sf.-fn 1, ' ani if V 532 4,45 xx, ...VN , ,, Q K - I 1" , f X X r F in , 'Q A A I I If fl I . I D f -' , ,,,fa2f Ira 41 'K if"'w.K '9 f x :afzlfff ff K - ' ex , 12.11123 4 " f' f f x Y ' X ' 1 'ig ,f f K gr' 1 J Q X xxx ,f ' , . X V. 5 X qify M if Aw v' 'QI' W' 1' 1 z W fl' fl In ,Ml 1, I If W ff mx 11 1. - , Xfxfx f I ,ff fx A XX N X 'V ' f X NX a 'X' Y5' f ? m x X 1 f ff X KX H ,f Q. K f X AKA - Q XX X gxvjf . .1 XX XXX , X 1 f ' XXX X , ww ' ' 441 'XX fi yi X -f f ' ,-2:14 ' F WAI!! Vy X ' N ' ,lf X. 11N gg' rx ,. g j ' ,, , mv- ' fffywff f 'sf' N '111 ' Y - ,1 "" 1 :J-23:4 09 111.1 11-11' lv X I, '11 1 ., , f Q49 Q 1 Q, - 1I'j'1 ' -1 '1 ll s, " 4 A' J 111.1 .' 1'1" 11 1 1 "'1-11111 , '- 'L'S'l' 511165 ' 111'11s 'Q '1 ' ' 1 1 1111 kee 5111 1 1'11111111-rs 11s yu '. 3 1' A' 1 ' 'i "1 r. Y11111-, 1 s 1'1'11c1 s '1 -ss ' 111111- 111111 f 1- 1 llS1L' 111111 y, 1: 1 'f'y 5111111116 5, - 1 "1111 1 R 1 -. 'e11e111 A 1ss'1 1 11rs1 si 1' .' 11 11 1z11111s XYA 1 111111' 1- , . 1 XV1 1. 4' rfyytf f 'P 4 11 ' ws 1 '., J I ' f 1 J f 5 1 11 .11 f Q 42 W 5 X1 1 D IJ U!!! 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M11y111har1, 11 clark horse comes from 11e1111111 111111 puts 1111- 1111111111 Sign 1111 1111: 11s111r11t10ns 111 other c1111111111111-s. 552 -- Yr j H QQQQZ-L l--'i'l1C triumph of :trt ovtfr k'01NINl'l'l'iillihlll. lfruntx Boston tliseontinues the pickle intlustry :intl the atttenclztnt emnltttion of lleinz tu return tri tht- pursuit tif higher ethi- etition. 2-Supreme justice Lintllierg tif the junior eliiss hantls flown at lengthy lt-gztl tlecisitin tlistluixlifying Uvitz as il eanclitlalte fur the t'l:1ss presitleney. ln View of tht- iinality of the ruling, lfrnie shtiultl :it least he grntt-t'ul for 11 stntt-tl -. tlistutrwzll of any intention "to rc-ilt-t't on his litness for tht- oltietf or his tlutilities :ts ti gs-ntlenmnf' 3 . 352575931 . Q-P' I Q v V , ' ' 4 , E5 ! -. K gf WDM ? jpgnf Out. 3 RVTENTIUN liijf Willa , X 'Ni A Wi? 1 lll ip. R fi fa-T" ' l i it Wil , .se ,, lil' ilix 7,1 l ' OX xv A D .ff I -ff . 77, -21 ' , ' fat llt'i. 4 3-.-X. Mettnnns, I.. ll. Hill, tintl l. S. liutler, war wtirn veterans of tht- Xittitinttl tlutirtl, tire sunnnunetl to l':1ir0 to guartl l'resitlt-nt Rouse-x'elt ztgziinst tht- :ittztelt IllFIl1OStllllltl8SUIl his trip tlmvn the Nlississippi. 4gR. C. liurtlwc-ll is suspt-ntletl' frtnn the Liniver- sity on :L ehttrge ut' vzintlulisni, ineurrctl through lnek of at proper sense of tliseriininfttifni in the tlisehtirgt- ot' his tlttties :ts it meniher- of the Suphonmre Bill Posters' lfnion. 5--Sorority pletlgcs ztnnotineecl. The pletlgc-s won' tler at their lightning trzinsfurintitirm from "thc clear" tn 'Lthe hateful thing." 7-The Aentlt-niy Athletic ,'Xss0eitttion is Ul'g'f1l1iZt'tl. Ratt ehttsinff is :lilo mtetl :ts the stxlnflzirtl iustilne. rs l l Sglleltzt rliilll Deltit tlisni'mi's the reportt-tl pletlg- ing of C'het Nletluire :tt liutler tpllege. Meljuire nn- nuunees that tht- Ilelts :ire no inure nslminetl of it than he is. Q-The Ytirsity belt appears. This, kintlly hear in inintl, einehes fur Hotiyutietnis il front sent in the Hall uf Fame. 553 l l 1 CALENDAR 5529 85555 OCTOBER-Continued lO+lll31lD Iiollucle D11llQCS Ll hit with the stuclenl hmly y plnniiing a svrics of l't'k't'l1IlOl'lS ill the XYo11111nAs lluilil- NW 4 1 . ,,I , ing, livrt-trmtore rcgzirrlerl Ili suurccl to the llVlllllllS ol the .. M fagfii-fi? W, l wlillutt , . .. . ' "" x J l 1 II'XlSlIHllUll ut' the "Rail l'l:1gt1e. .Xninl tht' gun- ., Y A ' N vrail liystwius clizirxlcteriziilg Kccl's rvturn frtnn 'liviiiicssee 1. tu put on l1is blllllllllllg jairla siivcinlty, then- uri' yet those , ol' us who ure grzitc-t'ul thztt his tling :it thi- lfiiivcrsity I ' I L'UIUIl'tI1YlilV is conlinccl to nniscltfss lnng rzingc antirs 115 ' l 1 . Xl, f If lm-:nler of ll routiiig vhorns. Utit. 12 I2'l'il'l'?l1TUtfN Il, Varsity 0. C'm1grass111:1i1 Muliiiilcy, in il t1'e-int-iirluus hut poorly aiiineml laiuk-ntl vtlnrt, spztttvrs the suil of Illinois Fit-lfl UYUI' hull tht' ln in Citivs. WHHT THR BLEHKHERQ SFlNky rlignity of his new kioh. r the lilt-aicliers SLIIIW.-Q lQ'l'lI'CSl1IU2l!l llllfltill throngli the llli11i appeals to his class- nmtes fm' their stipport in his uzlniliiltiuy fur sergtfiilit-:lt-z1r111s. 3 I4+XYO1lllll1lh Athletic .Xssocizltioii ciitt-rtiiinnitfiit. M. Yictorin l11'11ugl1:1111 :loss tht' llighlzinil Fling. 15-,I unior grzilit coniinittec guts untlcr way. I0-Ciollcgc ut' 1.1111 ixsscmhly. l. P. lflcrncl is cluctecl Slim-ritl' of the Moot Court, :incl rt-spmicls in 11 sptfc-ul1 QOI111111-iistirate with the LS-tl. lltichimfistcr swziys thc t'NtH'IDUllh inass niecting luv 21 thrilling inmlivicluzil rt-nrlitifrn nf his puptilfir hit, "Tl1:1t's VVl1:1t l lift its ri f ff 3' 65' l IQ-'l'l1v lioozt- l'iLlIHlllt', together with pro- 1 R longccl inactivity ot the smnll boy, rcnrlers flncf' ix r P. 'U ' '. f .any N v ' of Police fXlclii1111tfy's tenurt' of ollivt- precririuus, X - m,'YPL1l!W ltZ, . . . , " l 4. P! 4' - ' :intl in nrrlm-r to rlv111o11stra1tt- tu l1'l1:1n:1 citizens A N uh' X- "" . . . .. . -- ..'x X V-as -..I Ng his inclispciiszilnlity he ftrri-sts llL1l'lX'l' nnml Miss 4x I VllilliiI1S fur lust clriving. Hy: I X , l ,I If 4 l '. e 3 em 4 s V: 1 5. 1 MU Hut, in 554 'P S n CALENDAR OCTOBERgContinued zo-Cliicago 424lllinois 6. To knou' that footliull is not the only intercolltrgiute sport helps some. 22gW. R. Quayle evidences il trait startlingly pcculiur to In liiinst-lf us :tu ill ulussrnuu by hacking LIXYHQ' from his proposccl 25-' iioniinntion for class prcshlcnt. 23-llusky Mr. Niglitingulw makes u phenomenal stroke on the golf links. 5 K 1. O 7 YA ', w:Q ..-i S I xx 90 Q , 2 -I.. li. Smith cnticcs himself uv in 3 tru 1 nloor :intl nxlivclv x 4 l l , RX ,MA M, U ,oy3jE4 falls down the stairway hclow, llc is hurrierl to Burnham llos- , MM... ,WA- 'Mn X pitul, where it first lieuonies apparent that the-rc is method in his lm' ij madness. nffig-'.. 25-Color Rush, The self-atljiirlgecl lleutl- liner, ,Iocko Jones, propels himself into the spot- X N light, utter which the L'niversity's force of jig- . X l l ' x X gt-rs iuclulges in 11 covctcrl hczul busting carnival. N v , ' . 26-llustc this in your hat. Illinois 15, Xvis- ,-f' 5--1.54 :I't6'E,.-1 ' J . I affix' 3 1 ' cousin 4. '7ff'f1?,j Nqf' 30-Ibafly Lllltl Simpson, battery heroes, stick K A -1 vulorously to tht-ir posts until the lust gun in ' - honor of lleuu Goss is lirecl. f 'i i Oo 0000 I ffffffl ioolfgg ' u Kg! Y AL, . M: 03 0 D fs " T.-is i v if If " N. X vo D Q. i wi x Oct. 24 W i C A V 69:9 ' Q l 'W X .Q i - 0 , ff 7 ,'g ' I 42 Z- 'U A? - 5, Zi M X 2,5 " :IUMA ' ' X L H5712 lf I 'sd X R LQ v X L i if l f QQ? f f Unit. jo 555 Y '3 .,4..4 I M I eight peaches-and Ilm one of them. 'lima ,, .Q I VW I ' K . ,li me . I . I ' - . 1 b I3 AlJQ .lrp g ,gi W. " 'N X 'Jig 1 f 1. ,n v I ll 1 I I -I ! wulilil l X f 1, lllilllllll f lnlll l l fl f fl ll, '.1 1 PU! . . fi fjff fogff fl ."Y.,..4 It f 1 Ig 1 A 'f af 1 gf' ! - . ff '- nz I 4 m JI I . If ' , . ff I 'X 1,41 ,Nt ,l uf, I 3 I wt V f f f yy , , 1. f' I ji tx moi I W 1 L. 'ru In Ulf A I 'xf I X I-The C. Ii. Seniors go to Mnhoinet on zi bridge in- specting tour. Ziesing, from the dizzy height of zi decayed stump, tells the gaping pupils of fl nearby country school that they should love their teacher, and exhorts them to strive to emulate their illustrious fellow country-men, G. X! ' L" XVashington, A. Lincoln, and I.. G. Ilunnn. H ,f , 4 , l,,,il.l"lvix l f ,A 2-Illinois slims over on the lioilermukers its time k X K ff I I honored joke-Illinois ZI-I,lII"tlll8 4. ' ' '-The Bloomington I'z1nt:ifra wh in some wav uc: uires .J Is I . I n delusion that the students :ire plugging for rt shortening of the two- I day 'llhzinksgiving vacation, :md comments Hatteringly on the credit- Ax able thirst for knowledge rtnnpunt at Illinois. 4-"Three thousand today, n nickel yesterday, wait for to- Ne, 't '1' it h 1 f ' K ""U?::?ll 1norrow.' at 'e t e money now ant orget it. Q 11 , ' - Iiifmm ghllr. Ilodge and Mr. Lake outgame the rest of the faculty in I , ,Kiki . . . ,, ' " ,532 I 11 contest to decide the appointment of delegates to ct meeting of Ihe '2' v . . ' "' I I 4 VVisconsin State Teachers! Association, and depart for Schlitzherg If v x with ll ten days sulllvly Of towels and cracked ice. I . , . . . . , 5 'E en 'ts ieqrt rom, e pftr y o I seniors ouring -c . .I ts-'Wh I.:tI . I f th . t' f IL. Ia. Q t the f- -'mf Iiast, with Professor Morgan llrooks ut their head, were hitting it ' bq 5 ' . . LTL- 4 up in the neighborhood of the Bowery, e f J - EX X . . . . I IO1I0XY21 25, Illinois iz. IJ-N the rabbit. Nm, I Bess W'yeth, over long distance tele J, .9 5" G Q I V ,, IV, , Nov. xo phone, on the evening of bidding day-UO, yes, we ot E af 556 'Ng' HQ CALENDAR EEE NOVEMBER Continued ll l N Rifltlle anrl .l. l". linrnes Ilit silently 5 liuclt to the iiztrrn. l'i4lLlC1lllt!Il srvnietiines pulls. .1 3 l3'll1 nrcler to insure the success of the XYeih- 4 sr? I5 2 nztchtsfest the llentsche Xt-rein 11l11ns il cnrner on NLE, J ' wnrst and llIlllJllTj,It'l', Sf il lb-lllini Gun fllllll competition hunt is :ln- W6 nouncecl. .X l'ni1'crsity ll1lllll't'-ltlYOI' excites himself O ff! unrluly. ! I lhflltllll liinlt-y outlines 11 few tirst-:1icl-to-tl1e- . AMW injnrecl renin-:lies for the ti11:111ciz1l crisis. llis appezll t11 stnrlents to 11rc-sent only small checks frnni honie Nnv. 16 meets with instant, even if usually l1IllHtCllllOllHl re- sponse from 22-The fireworks, tlunces, anal other evidences 111' goocl will accorflecl tht- t'1111tl1z1ll tcznn :it lllilillllil only partly clernoralizes them. Illinois 10, lntlitnm 11. 24--"Une of the girls"-forttliiutely fur her the fel' lows :ln not know XYl'llUll niiefwnlfs nhont the men's agreement tn rlisccmntinue the use nf carriages at format! parties. 25-Ytllltltlgiflfl organizes 11 snipe hunting expedi- tinn, with R. li. Schaller, A. U. Spierlingg, :incl C. YY. X- J 1 1 f i 'I FQ I . fs f 1 1 L. 11X liellman in the rule 111' "urine uns." Ynmly goes 0 . X Qxx A ,A 01 X1 f 11- ' I f' A . .L : 1 ff! xx If 1, 1 if V 1 V 11 -1,1 1"' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' , f I 'fp 5 I 5 N X ., , 1 , x lx., Q, 1 j,l1'.,lf' ff-Q Y X i 5., , Q3 . KF. 111: Y X if Nov, 25 2:17 ut tu beat while quick muin sucks. patriots ull ulnng the line. J 'Wh M L J ? U 7,l,1fZ!UO Jinx fm Off, 157478041 f0f,' VL 96176 Nov. 114 um the hrush. 1 hr" ' I1 lt 4- r s - - I C 27- 11' f Turkm- yfest. ' 1 Z6 tle t ei f thi rt if A 0 hultl th I 1111' fi th- P ff -fs! 1 XM 1 c l ' Q 1-X L, X V 3 mf Nm: 2 ffzftf fkitvf ,X K 're Qs e if i I-801116 of us get brick. 3-The cast of chnrncters in 'LA Night OW' is irre- mediablv depleted by the thoughtlessness of James J. Jeff- ries' bull dog in eating Novelli's parrot, and the simul- taneous unavailability of Tommy Lewis. 5f'l'he Sophomore liludgeons appear. 6-Morris, NICNHITICL5, and XV1lSl'1lDl1TI1, promoters of the Inter-fraternity Dance, deplore the inability of il number of their fellow Creeks to distinguish between principles of amateur high finance and the spirit of lynn-llellenism. '-Ovitz lends the 1' pick rt Ill hi Psi football stnlwarts to Ludlow to 1 lemon, Ludlow fu, Phi l'sis 4. Jw IT payskullilvedlbr Lf, i i Y IO-Illini notice. Cairns won't let us forget that he is a ' ff' 2 I A ? candidate for football manager. f" ' '- llfwffff , 11-lfootbzlll election, Xve forget anvhow. f . li' 1' ' f' f- l I2- im lirttemun uncorks some of his booster iro iensities nv! l l iff, , .. fin ,ff 1 , , , , , l 'ggallf on the I rbana populace, und is luncled in the city dungeon in ' "W r , record time. Dec. 12 . , , . . . I3f.ll1Hl0T l rom. Sparks 15 uncertain its to the conventional number of violets to send his friend, and Judson pipes F-A him oti. The Sparks purty appears with it fair sized X ix , Ni section of the green house in tow. .. . , Sw 17- l he YY omzin s ,' 'li ' .. League Bazaar Ill-l-0TllS . f' - ,nimmg-. ", 5 Q -- I vv "A larry lless an oppor- 1 I , f 1' -57 . . . Q fl I f tumty to indulge his . 'fr 11? , W ,W t ' we '41, if, i 4 f f,, vc penchant for dolls. ' .rq,"'A ' In 5 ,me si . C-.2-1 is t M, f 4.3 ' L 19-mek to the A. .A ,J , pq QW- v , gf,-5,2 ' W N fztmily Hreside. . T lg? N lf. ' ' V 24fBlurcler wi l l AQ f' ffl Ulfxlx-il: -A.-' "1 f' W.- -- "" . 'A gl 1 vp out. Yun Hook is i722 ,4 55 -, Q V- , . lrii 4- - heard from as lender x- v. L ' Al-J of a eotillion given in ' f lieu: U l Per. 24 luis honor ut Freeport. 558 ,i H ' ,Sp ks Q fi'-, fp C' 15,1 ' pLH7T.112L',' ' 'im 4.',L'iA iw' Wh. Z E 5 j -up JV .lzu1, 11. .1 x g xg? ',. xx 'f'1assl'1ggf,,Z A 3 dl5"'59 B517 ', ' ., SHONOR I 5 g YSTEM J K I . num! faq, f , ? ' Y .Q f j illl. 20 gi: Q x 1 3000 FLUNKS ali .531 1 'Q K , X, ,l1xn. 2 4-in ..4,17 ff 4,2 Tflilftllfll of ilu- rzunlxling w1'ccl4s. S-4l'l1e lllinois Magazine cros- ses the lmr. Q-Une linnilrecl :incl twenty lrusli lczlguers lcmpe Olll ol' the lurush in re-spmise to the cull for linsclmll caliiclirlaltcs. TOfflI1SD4'T Yvliitncy C is in e s across with his annual joke ol' se- lecting nn All-Anicriunn lcuin. G93 g, img? ., .7 I xl . . . ,lx , IIf5oro1'1ly l' il 11-ll e l l 0 ll 1 Q in lliUlCl'. The girls lH'IHlOl1lll'l' it novel, lmut--. 'EX . . . . Owiln 14:--NlV1Cl1lg.fZlH cleciclrs tru gn il - 4 ill iilime, :ll the 5:11116 tinn- :1r1'og:1tingto lu-rsclf :1 liulo oi' purity in VVestc1'n . Xtlilelivs. Xxvllill rlo yuu lcnow zilmut X llmt? , Igglfo li. z1rr1111gcw to cluniln- in found ilio lvopulncc by smgiiig Il few O of his :1c1'0l111tic thrillers. Y ' 11, ISflifl.SliCllJ1Ill1XXvlSCOl1SlI1 28, lllinnis 20. 'llcums rcpreseiililtive 'lim' 'E nf the Yalrsity lmsebnll uncl football sqimrls mugli it in ii curtain rniser. A 20fNli1SS niifeting. Diwuussion , Q . - .ml the lmnor system. K 2 ,911 is , . 'i ,ll 22-Sllorl burns arrive- for I llicir two weeks' fling :lt the vlnss- ' , sins. A 1 - 23-,141-C1111vincing prom' of ilie A gL'I1l1illt'l1USS oi the Rmirrl of Arlinin- Y iwI1'111io11'Q plain to ruisi- tlie uvzirlcniiu my sluiicluril. ' 1, My M . A ,lim ,zz 5 59 , 17-I if- 4 'f Jlf fs .X N: Q Q fy, .I Y l il lx ,f I, Ap g A Z WflJ9p.1 , Lfff i X l N' d:!7-4 'WEEE ' is l if lg QM l 1 lfff g Cl N X lllfiezfp Z' X x W ' iyll ll ll Z ' N li if fl f is 'J X 4,, i ,z'., f l'l,U5l'0X1lIll,llll3ilQ't'. XYli11l's llie use? Z--Illinois Oylfj, lnflinnzx I','3. lnmlinnn win :ll leusl lmve lln' satisfaction nl' luwwing llinl she ilopenl our prospects :lu- viirziln-ly. 4-The lntersclwlastie ni:1n- ugeriieiil offers twenty-lix'e mlnllnrs tu :my unuplm- ulio will ln' nizir- ric-ml pnlzliuly un the evening uf - 'g circlx. "1 X- ' ' , . r. Bln'Nl:islc-rp. Q N e il ' I ' A 1 x ' ' NYS' lit: . , .il 1l,'l' '. t 6' '-- ro my x ss, - 11' urine, poses or ie :rl va X ..!lI'11l1l 1 ' 5 sc 1 1 "' -' "14': A -"V 11 ' ' ' - K sw An. ,Qui ssgmw 'W"'1ll.. . "v ils "" ' I N in lib , gl I' A ' -', ill' A -' ' L - 5 -elusl . l l l , -A A c im- Vey ff s new nn :i .'-nes e1"s 1 ISCUIISIIL icugu ' Q ' il ' 1 1 ' ' Y e Y Q 1, - l CII' '-s men truck tezun were eligible. ltls asking us to 3 iicvl s mm x, J X 'G Hflflfl luelieie 11 lot in tlnf fucc uf their fI'L'hl1l1lCIll5 defi-:il :it the linnrls of ours lun Mn in I4-Small-pox scare. llenllli 1ll1llNH'lIiCS slum the suspects to their rooms uncl lJo:11'cl tln-ni in. ' I0-lit'l1L'I'lll xzicuinulimi orclereil. NYilcl entliusinsni on the my fi A 0 F Q pnrl of the sluflents. f- ,. 14 fx X ZQ "'s----, wi . , . . . 4 M 907 up-junior class election in the corrlclor ul the lmserncnl X' 'QQ 7 u u Slliblllil this still harass Ilia- intellect of some clyspepliu liigli-lmrrm Q 1 6 ' W 0 F we suggest the cattle-lmzlrns as 11 pussilmle Z1lltAI'll1lllYU. f ll U ' 9 I v y O L ZO-rllllc Germans plan their :mnuul ulmservuxice of St Q Mgifiiii, l'11triuk's clay. , . ruzifqgggs f v::: :::!i . , . . . . . f. llll, 21-lli Seuvill :xppenrs at the NlllllZ1Tj' Hull :irruyecl in ll uni f - .:: HI. , , V Y 1 I liifb lurm that his frunclmom furuffecl in :it Xallev Purge. lulfmne X M, is i 1 U , Ml '5 X! lfeehet blows np. N 22-This clay is jointly coniinclnorntive of tlic nlorul fruits ,Q il hix if ul' George Viisliinglrmii nnxl Army XVilli:1rns. A 4 L ga g fisii 244l,i l'l1is give Z1 lmx party an the Crescent. Van. 21 ' Zh-l'lTt'SllIll11Yl election. Miss Tlircnlc luncls tl ic vice-presirlenrp - . 9 77k .5 i " U 'QBTQ iff, . ..,,-.. ,l., Q 'I effbgwb: f ' .nm--:f, N . .:.,a,,53, J. ' M' 4.2 A ' :V P V 5 W I 3' 13" xx" l 2+Sex'en game proposi- tion settled. Northwestern bucks up and decides that she can take a chance on it fl W Pi three. 3-Final call for lllio pictures. This is no joke. 7-Track meet-Chicago 55, Illinois 31. XVe're willing to furnish 11 little encourage- ment occasionally. Q-,'XI'l1lllI.'ll spring student Q2 EEMEKQQQ Q . .. 1, NL'- i 3 . 'r.iQ' oi f , 'T a "fp, wx figjgglil' W E 1 , ... Mauro 9 parade. The primary purpose of this affair is to aitord the relief necessary to keep the towns- people frorn chocking to death for lack of something to knock about. I2-Hiram Thompson Scovill is sorely mystitied 'A hy the action of Phi Beta Kappa, which in a moment SW Q 6 l . . v 7-f. of thoughtlessness invites hun to become one of 1lS I ' W W 7' , number. l , ' 'mi Igfillio election. Goodspeed stung. '- 14-Varsity defeats Ohio in debate. -1 ,ff I7--SI. l'atriek's Disciples whoop 'er up at the If A, 1 .K 'Q Ji. , L yuy- If Ill ? f its , M o . fax I 1 Q f 1 . wp f .gal I I 11 W ' V 7 f KV ig? XHU 1 fe ' A ' iw' ff ,75 MW, fl , 1 , 1 lleardsley. ' f IN--lix-President Draper makes a hit in an address MAMH to the students. At his suggestion they let Prexy James to-'4Rillyi' Sunday tarries at the University long pressure reform t1lHIl'1lU1ll0I1. . ee WWI I- in for a modest share of approbation. enough to touch off a little of his high- of drill prizes announced. Aspirants for individual military glory demolish the furniture of their rooms in frenzied practice. , 21-Dean Clark receivestho third degree in the Knights of Pythias, and is hauled home in A f the ambulance. M o, 3 Lf! I -'1 -e IL ' - Xl le"'s 23fC. P. Mills narrowly escapes annihilation from the explosion of his distiller. 4 fb N 26-Appearance of the Tech- nograph joke book. ff Wm Zgfzxflel' the Junior Smo- , A ker, Dr. Kemp entertains the . fl ., owls with reminiscences of a Y v ,.,,, S-1 jf well-spent life. Shame upon you 1x1ARfH 20 for a naughty man, Dr. Kemp. 501 in a 1,-Qi"f 13 " iz. do Liu-5 15?- x3 ' 044 sniff if O 5 f 'sf -- -W BIARCII zz X, .N iv 1 1, L- ,1ff.pQg"'l fggt y. . QQ-.. gzgkikgp. J gym' ' ' ""'9 "V 'W' " ' ' ' F" V' V' U" 'Y -' , 11J9.f.,.,1w . -arg A 1, f 4' - " 1 .3 A, ,- ,lv ..gB,mfFE. .Qfv-9 4 ,Q .K . , 1. - Q71 Q' .' '. ij. Q.. , , h I 1 V. .f Q 1 f..,. VL' 1' Yfersi "ffl ,. .5 KJ, . 1 LQ: ,L L - wg. bi! 4 Q.. X f. w. 1, ' rt i ' ' :fy Vi .39 . . f ,, I 'fu rex Ag' '. 5? :V ' ky. X -A Q-L .Z 5 M -4 7 vp lx' .41 . ,Nm .N . 1 . 1. L." -Y' A 1. ' :J -fd! Lil V , Tv 15. 4: . f-2 1 2 V -0. 'Q wc, 'rw ls .K , A ff V' " 257 ' ' . 'i Eg:-"fy ' -- 1 B. , . . 3 . -.L-e,,.,....--m+m"q+1' ,, ' - ' '35'ZQ. fff i' . .- um, f-Q.1if??TH"Erfi?'r:e'5'T'Z'1f'fA X ' 5 'f ffV',F:"f57f3f!'fff:5E-.3,'n53ef, - 1- ' ., J.. .-101325. eI.L,?.1'iL4-1,,.''. "'...L.4..l.:-..4..:a1.x3..1z.Q..Z::..s.Znmi:? X-AX-X: xx O' X gf xg tg X fx :L f 1 1 M M! w Q, N w K X X x X :Q I vrrfv University of Illinois THE STATE UNIVERSITY EDMUND J. JAMES, Ph.D, LED., President THE UNIVERSITY INCLUDES THE COLLEGE OF LITERATURE AND ARTS tAncient and Modern Languages and Literatures, Philosophical and Political Science Groups of Studies, Economics, and the.Courses in Businessl COLLEGE OF SCIENCE iAstronomy, Botany, Chemistry, Geology, lVlathe- matics, Physics, Physiology, Zoology.l COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING tArchitecture, Civil Engineering, Municipal and Sanitary Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engi- neering, Railway Engineering.l COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE iAnimal Husbandry, Agronomy, Dairy Hus- bandry, Horticulture, Household Science.l COLLEGE OF LAW iThree years, coursel. COLLEGE OF MEDICINE icollege ol Physicians and Surgeons, Chicagol SCHOOLS +COMMERCEg RAILWAY ENGINEERING AND ADMINISTRATION: MUSIC CVoice, Piano, Violinl, EDUCATION. LIBRARY SCIENCE, PHARMACY, CChicagol, DENTISTRY tChicagoJ, and the GRADUATE SCHOOL. A SUMMER session of nine weelcs is open each year. A Military Regiment is organized at the University lor instruction in Military Science. Closely connected with the work ofthe University are stu- dents' organizations for educational and social purposes. fGlee and Mandolin cluhsg literary, scientific and technical societies and clubs. Young lVlenys and Young Womenls Christian Associationsl. United States Experiment Station, State Laboratory oi Natural History, Bio- logical Experiment Station on Illinois River, State Water Survey, State Geological Survey, Engineering Experiment Station. The University offers 628 Free Scholarships. Registration I907-8, 4,735. Library I03,000 volumes and 40,000 pamphlets. For cata-lugs and information address A W. L. PILLSBURY. Registrar, Urbana. Illinois Yi -Twa- Purity Perfection M The name that made "BUS T0lVS" famous, and raised the standard of Confections to a degree of excellence commen- surate with the greatness of lllmols 9 Main Street Champaign avg . "ay 53.3" w ' ' ' .-1 Inf" ' - . z . '. f- w - ' ...r 1. ri- ,Q .1--at . 'fu-A02 1-"7g7l3v -1, NM, Nr!-' -' -v ---"-n,, 1 .1-"MW ,Nr-,.a .-run. .emi-mi ,,.,. " 11 .'y'.",,n3:' x32-,nz-I ,Su---54 , .1 3, 1 Y v 1--., e we 3--167137 is-'rim 5:1212 arf.-:sl .ws 1: eng-fn .fn :- - at--.-. .-151' 17.07.-' ,- :'. v ' " gal ls the only local firm dealing EXCLUSIVELY in UNIVERSITY SUPPLIES. It carries a complete line of Text Books, Class Room Neeeysltles Atlzletle Goods and College Novelties The Co-Op Cash Registers give the patron a receipt for each purchase, and a check redeemable at 5 PER CENT of its face value. Every effort is made to give rapid, accurate ancl courteous service. The Co-Opis highest aim is to PLEASE THE CUSTOMER U. of l. SUPPLY STORE QCO-Operative, 617-619 S. WRIGHT ST., CHAMPAIGN, ILL. iii-"i J I o -o or or ' 3 We cater to the Wants 'll A"" E ' 'Sgr 4-fi' if V r i. :: i IZZ of the young man in CLOTHING SHOES HATS AND FURNISHINGS , Of the better grade sem en S T I 3222355 .'-5121121 i E1 i2:- 52 313267 J. 7:-3.-' Z -:Q I - .rl y 4 .1-1? -1-2-:lsr I ' '1fi71iL3Z7'395-P' cuhvlovvlb , , . wg 19g""...., 3w finial, :,,.A. ,.: "li itis new itls here 'Tiff If itis here it's new." 5AURwAf, CHAMPAIGNS GREATEST OUTFITTERS S Qu fe L .fr gg 1 refill ,.::1fi-.':':'1'E5i5i5 iii i .-"S: .-Et5E5E535EA-55525551 "',lL2I" - , .:252.s5zf121:sEa:-..,221 iv .sif 15251 3525 :EF 5 fl, M ,, , ,. f ,jc f 2 1 4 I f S 4 'f 4 .1 Q if 2 0 W 5 f' 4 .- X ' if fs 5 ffffflf ggi 1 I 711 ' , Qi, 'I A 1 1 5' 1 1 I '7 ge I .' K i ' f V? f , 2 , ,,z, , f ig Z , I I 'A I If 92 if V I I " 0 f ff if 1'- K lg if ' if 5 g 5 i 42 . T 5 , is 2 H i A 3 Q f gg 2 I 'I 5 E 5 s 5 Q, If ' 0 . N X ASK I-L0YDEiHE1SNOWS , NLT SHEIAIMH "Knowledge is power." it is also dollars iv .555Q53gifgf ,4,-, in your pocket to huy a camera of a ,F it man who has made himself an i ,-g:555i35i5E'ii5:T -iiiiigitiuv authoriiy On the subject of 772'-M, Photography and who ,aff 1 97375, agrees to give a ..,. i"1 , .isi2E 2 :z: : A FREE COURSE OF INSTRUCTION .,-,. with every camera he sells esiiff I I " - - "ii . he .feeemefee e FreeDarkRoom. D. H.LLOYDE Champa1gn,lll TI-IE ELK BILLIAFQD HALL 39 NEIL ST. Superior Tables. Level Tops. Lively Cushions. Round Balls. Good Cues. lil. CIGARS:-Domestic and Imported. The finest brands obtainable. fl. CIGARETTES:--Egyptian, Turkish, French and American hrands. ill. PIPES:flmported Briar and Meerschaum. Smokers' Sundries. 333,000 WORTH OF GOOD READ- ING FOR YOU EVERY WEEK. The literary and art contents ot the Sunday Magazine of THE RECORD-HERALD costs on the average 33,000 a week. Only the best is good enough for our 200,000 readers, and we have long been in a position to command the best, regardless ot cost. Such sums as 325,000 for Conan Doyleys "Sir Nigel" and 321,000 tor Mark Twain's Autobiography are ot' course exceptional, even with our Sunday Magazine, but 38,000 to 315,000 for serials and 3,1000 or more for short stories and articles are payments frequently made. UNIQUE AND UNRIVALLED. It is but a simple statement ot tact that no other publication ot the kind in the world approaches the Sunday Magazine ot THE RECORD-HERALD, either in beauty of illustration or in value and interest of contents. We pay the highest possible compliment to the Saturday Evening Post when we say it is the only independent weekly publication that can in any way compare with our Sunday Magazine. GETTING THE HABIT. A course ot a tew weeks in reading the Sunday Magazine ot THE RECORD-HERALD makes it a fixed habit-+and that's what we want. We spend more than 3150000 a year to attain that end. We are making a magazine that appeals to sane, persistent, clean-minded readers-f-those tor whom it is worth while to get the bestgreaders who demand and appreciate the choicest illustrations and the finest fiction that American and English genius can produce. WHY NOT HAVE THE BEST? You must haveasunday newspaper. Why not have the one that will do most to brighten your home titty-two weeks in the year? Think ot itl The best and costliest entertainment that the literary talent ot our day can producegall without extra cost as part of a great Sunday newspaperl If you are not a subscriber, order next Sundayis RECORD-HERALD and see what you have been missing. THE CHICAGO RECORD-HERALD Order of your Nevvsdealer in advance. ,..A......n-i v,,.-,- MITTE DORF Sf KILER N N-,-94 ., I. I I SME-'s dag v Wi x Furniture, Carpets and everything for the furnishing of the home. Do you know our helpful store? If you don't, come and see us. C. W. Kellman 'II J. W Thom, '11 . V I SI T G U Sy :: THE NEW 1: . QQ COLLILGIQ INN ef "ft, ggnmIIgg2IgaIg,gggme,I F fu Z K ' QWWIIIIIIIF FULL LINE QI CIGARS X' X ' -- '.-- I TOBACCO, FRUIT and C :Z :Z He is II I"l-wwer tnlilurover .mt thc Flower Mill NYild Flowers tanned :Ind t e fiowers Inude mild He make: you wild xx hen 'ou sr-ltle your hill x , COR. THIRD AND BELL 1179 SPRINGFIELD AUTO 1411 Bellphone Main Floor C00 1512 510 E- Green I 'ui-HIREI, mi M4325 IIII I DRESS SUITS 'IUXEDQS Geo. . Luck , TAILO R Specializing College Menas Clothes 115 Dearbon Street CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Samples and Prices Cheerfully Sent on Request ...A FRED KAUFFM NN Tlze Amerieaa Tailor CHICAGO ILLINOIS Puts into his tailorin g that niftv style, That swagger tone that College M en Admire. Let us make your Evening CI th ll 0 es or Glee Clubs . Hops, etc., to measure :: :: 1: STERN BROTHERS Agents, Champaign When You ll lil? I Wllgl .g,uR:l'5l' lan' : if Wil: :J I' X my l-4 Ili i L PlayMUse the BES HORSMAN Tennis Rackets Standing lirst in design. workmanship playing qualities duralnlity. NEW MODELS with special up to date features for 1908 are unrivaled AYRES CHAMPIONSHIP Lawn Tennis Balls are not only the BEST, lout the CHEAPEST. for ONE ball outlasts TWO of any other make ..,t,,, ..???i5E'iEiQa -. 'u:i::E:i:l::::::a-. AM... gm, assssmas..ii. :fisssa .:nl:::vuuumn lun 5 . ':i'E!::. 'gmail ":::E5i! '-:QEHEL ssgilsivf' ARE. the Best. .-EEE'EE:i:Eif"l"' f" . - "ilEii5'E'1::.:-' "fm 'i1ssss,a,,vaii-555555 ' - ""'EE55!!E!lE!5 "f ' A v ' g . 1 i ' v 1 ii All lu V llllll rl if Authorized by the U. S. N. L. T. A. tan .UI .4111 A H1 J or 11.v fzlrmlrx fu le 7 ' ll Sl Sll g' 'lg Z f ll f E11g,'l1'.rhB11ll Il I S Send for new C E. 1. HORSlVllXlile- Co., 365-367 Broad way, New York. T WE Make just the kind of Photos you like Say fellows, drop in and let us fix your looks right. gqap Pima Sam st door west ol W. Lewis 8: Co. CHAIVIPAIGN 'H Champaign Steam Laundry THE OLD RELIABLE 1L x 1 L-'es eff N ti li l ll 'V Z NIONROE Sc KEUSINK, Proprietors 30 N. Neil Street Home Phone 1115 fopposite Walker Opera HOLISC STUDENT TRADE A SPECIALTY The lfniwersily Press FRANK L. FRAILEY Society Prz'ntz'1zg and Emaorring PROGRAMS, MENU CARDS AND NOVELTIES First National Banlc Building URBANA, ILL. Walker 31 Mulliken Carry a large assortment ol Roll and Flat Top Deslcs Oflice Tables, Filing Cabinets and everything in omce furniture 43 and 45 Neil Street, Champaign ?...J vw STEPHENS FINE PHOTOS FINE PHOTOS, STEPHENS E 3 E f- 1 E I 0. Z 2 A ' M 3 ZIZZ E 3 C2 m Ld E E 2 Stephens Makes Photos E For Some Preps For IVIany Freshmen For More Sophomores For Most Juniors For All Seniors 'U :r: Q Q- 5 W hy - E UD CD 11 S E r- O -U If I Q. O ,.1 I-LI o E cn u. URBANA, ILLINOIS EITHER sucsoasrs THE OTHER FINE PHOTOS, STEPHENS STEPHENS FINE PHOTOS REGULAR MEALS AND LIGHT LUNCH AT lee Claw THE BEST BRANDS OF CIGARS, ,CIGARETTES AND TOBACCO Strictly zz College Man'J House P' p ., I sA- i n W.J.R ROCIiSIE'S BILLIARD PARLOR STUDENT'S HEADKJUARTERS OOK, PROPRIETOR COR. VVIIIC-PHT AND GREEN ST., CHAM r 5 r L L e T he George Bmw Pzzb!z1s'lzz'f1g Co. College Annuals and Catalogues . . f 165-167 Main Sfreef, Menasha, Wiy. "1 T College of Physicians and Surgeons OFCIHICACSO COLLEGE OF MEDICINE .UOFTHEU University of Illinois Collegiate Year Begins September 29, 1908 Investigation of Equipment and Advantages Tiff ails Cordially invited if or F our Years' Course. Students Permitted to , Specialize in Electives I Completely Equipped Laboratories Unsurpassed Clinical Advantages For Catalogue and General Information Address DR. FRANK B. EARLE, Secretary Congress and Honore Streets Chicago, Illinois t K l L JERR vs TONS URIAL PA RL OR 51 0 Green Street 55 Ptve Hrst-Class Artists Work is Superior THE ILLINOIS BILLIARD HALL HEADQUARTERS FOR TOBACCOS, CIGARS AND SMOKERS' SUPPLIES BILLIARDS AND POOL CAVANAUGH BROS. NUMBER 6 MAIN STREET " 1 Glnllvgr 162111 will be erected at corner of E. Green and Fourth Streets, and formally opened September 15, 1908 lgnpular Eining Qlluh sinh Ball iKnnm Reserved exclusively for University Students. Secure reservation at table and make your dates novv ' through L. Washburii, Commissary and Agent, 305 E. Green Street. Both Phones EoTH QUALITY AND BEN LQNG' S PRICE ARE HERE FOR Y o U R PATRONAGE BARBER SHOP --1-i-l- N Gulick Tailored Clothes Are the Best Styles Best Materials Best Worlcmanship and Best Values 7---CHAIRS-7 Q Everything New and u x Strictly Up-to-clate ff. is ' Tiutomwg S 9 Main Street Champaign xii- 0 A gni 37 NEIL. STREET to 34. wt , -'F fW W -1g!rTEfih' ' ' T 'Jar we ' , My V- are 4 1 f "' T Q5 gf' rfINNUu'1LcrIll 'Q sj 'U 11" Il61!Wcb1g'a11 xfr Jwlwauivc WJ Mr Business Manager, We respectfully call your attention to the illustrations in this book which were e ecuted by us Our organization for high grade college worl is positively the best 1n the country, because we are not only practical artists and ergravers with ability to carry out your own ideas, but also college men who know the requirements and can make valuable sugges tions ln our large and well eouipped plant your work receives the personal atterticn of Ly-to-date experts in every department Our experience enables us to not only make your book original but to get it out on time. Give us a general idea of the sine of your annual and we will be glad to quote you our prices and tell you more about the advantages which we have to offer. Very truly yours, HAMMERSMITH Engraving Company Q I A Y W V f H x bxf ' gf 'I ' l . fa A V ,fl wx , , x U s "ic: A urgaw Q: , X 'fu' COLLE G-E 'QSM' -1 ,. :I 2 V ,x V ., ' -gi' -'ni ' 4 mg 0 the I ' f . ' , . Milwaukee U. S. A. Chicago ? Clothes for the College Mon ULThe lrwin macle clothes stand for what is neat in style, lit ancl work- manship, and for the best grade of cloth. llllvly hest references are my customers. 1lLlVly prices are those that appeal to the college man. GLA complete line of samples to select lrom. J. H. IRWIN Over First National Bank CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS ...I-IOTEL... Complele your jfle of C. B. HATCH, Prop. I 0 S Copies of the 1909 ILLIO can he ohtainecl l SPECIAL l ...f'rom... ATTENTION l I GIVEN l H. M. RAILSBACK ' TO Q i 401 John St. Champaign, lll BANQUETS il rf- W until the supply is exhausted COR. NEIL and HILL STREETS The ll..LlO malces a very acceptahle prese t CHAMPAIGN Both Phones PRICE 51-50 , .1 . ........,,.4....4..-- A T V EIMER 81 AMEND lmporters and Manufacturers of C. P. Chemicals and Reagents Clzemieal Physical aaa' Seieafzfe Apparatus, Assay Goods We Handle Everything Needed in a Laboratory 205-211 Tlmircl Ave., Cor. 18th St., New Yorlc Bell phone 1601 THE STUDENT AGENCY :: FOR :z Ti-I E MOEQEL EAU NQRY lil.0UNIINK1'l'l3N, IIALINHIS College men lcnow wllal is riglil to wear. Tlial is wl'1y tllcy insist on liaving tlieir launilry worlc dom 'jiri E IVlODElL WAY" FRENCH DRY CLEANING OF THE HIGHEST GRADE Sx1ii'A1i3N1'sf'l'lfHSDAY FOR FRIDAY DICLIYERY AND FRIILXY FUR TLFICSDAY IllCl,lYl1lRY E. IVLWATKINS, Student Manager - CHAIVIPAIGN, ILL 'im nil,l3'. 9 QE 'fo ll 6 A I Q: 5 will l l , x Ex S' , Q 'Ur E 065 ' sw sd , ' , E, I l l . , . I mm Qifrrl LEJ QIXQRQYFEEI I 4 'B TAPES AND RULES "1,'j,Q2U ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD Made by mf Lax-'1mv,?aLf60 Fon SALE EVERYWHERE Saglnaw Mich U 3 A SEND FOR CATALOG New York London Eng Windsor, Canada. PHGTOS The berfmflzy S TUDIO Are uttmctive, up-to- date, second to none in Hue iinish :md work- manship ..... Abernathy Studio 53 North NValnut Street CI-IAM PAIGN ' 'Is University of Illinois School ol Phwzginacy Glfers the technical training necessary lor the successful practice of pharmacy, courses leading to the degree of Grad- uate Pharmacy and ol Phar- maceutical Chemist. 49th annual session begins September 22, 1908. For announcement or other infor- mation, address W. B. DAY, Actuary, Michigan Boulevard and l2th Street, Chicago Morse Twist Drill .and Machine Co. New Bedford, Mass., U. S. A. MAKERS OF Drills, Reamers, Cutters, Chucks, Taps, Dies, Arbors, Counterbores, Countersinks, Gauges, Machines, Mandrels, Mills, Screw Plates, Sleeves, Sockets, Taper Pins and Wrenches IG ORNER ROCERY "l'R3f5f3ff. A-5 NELSON E: soNs- TW Sole A ci gCI'1lSll'lll"llS ty ll th li C C b d f Cl g d Gold Medal Flour, and Chase 8: Sanlmornis Teas and Cohrees. A. S. NELSON Ei SONS, Wholesale and Retail Grocers. Tlzree Phones. Cor. Clzurclz and Neil Streets, Champaign ' Ol" 8 HITIOUS FCVC Dellf ran 0 Ciinne OO S, 7 -l The University View Book Thi- Best Ever Issued, S ' Contains 24 Principal Views Q of he Universi ', postpaid Q Y v - g6'Xvi Xexvi-5N0QiQjcxN2-Wei 0 S Q0 XS QPNX 99 4,554 SELECT LINE 625 PENNANTS, BANNERS, UNIVERSITY PINS, Foss, BUTTONS, 0 56.6 ..l. S --Q I G N SPUONS ! is the ONE place in the twin C, 1 . 5 cities where you get THE BEST in TABLE SUPPLIES: where 853 all of the imported and domestic delicacies are handled. 21 varie- ties ol Cheese to select from and the lull line ot'Huntly Sc Palmerys Biscuits shipped direct to us from England. Curtice Bros. Canned Fruits and Vegetables, for which we are factory agents. We invite you to call. C. H. BADDELEY, 9-11 Neil Street, Cfzampazgfn, IU. Ill-I s. H. S. 8: M. Clothes Cater to the Wants of the College Man Walk-Over Shoes APG X011 H1118 Y0111' BPM' UL That is, are you using them to the hest advantage in your tailoring. ls your tailor up on all the late Hwrinklesf' is he always receiving the new and nobhy patterns, does his cutter turn out that snappy stuff which you want? ls your tailor ahle to read youg put himself in your place and advise you as if he were the purchaser? Does he put you neXt to all the "ins,' so that your suit is truly representative of the tailoring ART? UL Now if your tailor is negligent in any oneof these details, we solicit a visit to one who will supply all and more. Yoursatisfaction is his only consideration. l IN REAR OF .lERRY'S F L Y N N 510 E. GREEN ST THE STORE T was l l l Older than thc Um- l l versity, 48 years of l l . i MANY ATTRACTIONS l honest drllg TJUSIUESS l l l i l A 1 is our record. Con- flT.F0rgraduation and wed- l i fm I . b '. 1 R ding gifts, jewelrywatcllcs X I wus Y In ubmesb . and silverware and cut . h X glass, hold full sway. l Since 1860. i I l mln touch with the best i sources in the world to luuy from and the best and most up-to-date jewelry store :T in Champaign to huy for 'llST"'1 -growing every dayg thanks tothe appreciation of our puhlic. 'Z' 1 :'1"'Z H.SWANNELLE'fSON W U EST E M A N DRUGGISTS ThE Tllliiilly of Cll8.IHD3.lgI1 A Main St. Z1 ZZ Champaign I 1' UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS SUIVIIVIER SESSION June I5 to August I4, I908 More than 100 Courses will be offered by regular instructors of the Univer- sity. A good opportunity to catch up or to get ahead of your class. AbuIIe- tin may be had of the Director. Thomas Arkle Clark Urbana, IIIinois ANY 1LL1No1S STUDENT QAN TELLYQ WHEBEE IT 15 0 1 yVczr5z?y Candyfhop fcor. Wright 8: Grcenj The place where you get the BEST of everything in the refreshment Iine Prompt Service White Treatment VAXVAVAVAVAVAVA AV VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV QQQTE log Fouamiam Ferl THE WORD EdeaB MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE THE WORLD 1 GET A FOUNTAIN PEN BEARING THE WORD Q Ideal ' AND YOU GET THE Pen . THAT HAS BEEN Rscoemzso WAWAXVAXVAWA A5 THE STANDARD SINCE FOUNTAIN PENS WERE FIRST INVENTED Look for tha! word ., in fire World ii L.E.Waterman Co. l75 Broadway,NM XVAXVAXWAYAXWKVA C: v 7iVANVNANi'ANV0?hNMVAXNWYANVRMXWXX N NW 7NfN-f"N!N'7NfNfuVlN7AV I A AYXVIN KX A AVN IVIXVIN AVN AWN v aivilrxr vvvfirlgv vhv V I-rift' rig: E I - - g , , iii fi S Ax 5 2 A S4 ox '4 5 ' va f 1 as .A 1 Wt 5 I -E r.ii AL ',r,.,,m,,,,r1 I 5 'G fx . , , , x VA'A AVAVAVA AVA A AVA .AVA AVfAXVfNlNfN'mW W2 6l Neil Street USELL Not How Cheap But How Good is the A I NDY l Locallon Eatables Above """""- All, Should Be Phone Clean- Automatic -.l-.T "Claz:Zr::ngs is H32 Godlinesg" WALITY FIRST Drop in Any Old WALITY LAST tgwvl:mEciu5's Q Exclusive Time WALITY ALWAYS ALLEGRETTYS Agents NO MORE "INK TROUBLE" TWV xx .J ID I:-:-n-zGiERI S o S naaae Flows Freely Positively Waterproo Dietzgen New Waterproof Drawing Ink PERFECTION AT LAST Dries Quiclcly I INTENSE, TRUE AND BRILLIANT In Black, Blue, Carmine, Yellow, Orange, S I t G B B lc d I IJ I r d car e , reen, rown, Any co or c. er ric Re ,Vermi ion - oz. otte, os :ai I 25 p 3 4 p I oney refunded ifnot found to he all we claim EUGENE DIETZGEN CO. DRAWING MATERIALS l8i Monroe Street Chicago, III. Green Traveling Link Grates Highest Capacity Highest Elliciency Automatic smokeless Labor Saving Cheap Fuel Green Engineering Co. Commercial National Bank Building, CHICAGO Farmers Banlx Building, PITTSBURG lVlissouri Trust Building, ST, LOUIS

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