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UNIVE AT URB . ' i ; jjf f Ji fct-ii ' t ' ' ;V(iil ' »v n ■ i ' Vi. 1 i !]■ 1 ■ ' ' ■ jr ' ' ' ' ' i fi ■■■ ' • - ' ‘- - • this book is dedicated to you, mickey mouse. why? because we like you! 1 ClirCS Chicago i university of illinois at chit circa: Chicago circle annual attempts to show the many different images of Circle students; their ideas of themselves, their attitudes toward each other and the campus, and their reactions to what is going on around them, circa presents this all ■■■within the particulars annual circle of 19 2-7 ' 3. the events on campus, in Chicago, in America, _and in the world, which made this a year to be remembered. Poem of Deep, Deep Today May 18th on The University at Chicago Happiness Felt the Campus of of Illinois Circle Your father ' s strolling through a brick and concrete crater, Luke, that could be on the moon. That moon this noon no bigger than your thumb. No cloud in this vast wilderness of sky as far as eye can find. from the Morton Arboretum- On our way home living museum for all the shrubs and trees- stands an immaculate white tower full of water taller than ten trees, its bulbous top a whale ' s egg or postcard of Brancusi ' s Muse reposed blown on a hill of ants. The tower is a monument to clouds. From THE LUKE POEMS by Paul Carroll. Copyright©1971 by Paul Carroll. Re¬ printed by permission of Follett Publishing Company, division of Follett Corpora¬ tion. ' ir ' z:ic:r III! t1ll «M3aiii5 1 -jg -. S j SSSSSlt s fsSss s J3i||“® - _ — Ir 1 Vt ’• j •■ ' ♦ N - ' I. -;; R .:vN ' -n " ' ( ' . ' ' ' , ■ ' V v ' rd ' . • i -1 •■ t • 0 t ] Xt i‘ ■ if. ■ i • university of illinois president i8 john e. corbally Chicago circle campus chancellor warren b. architecture and art college of Left to right: Raymond A. Dalton, Assistant Dean; Ann Goodfellow, Assistant Dean; Edward L. Deam, Associate Dean; Bertram Berenson, Dean. 21 college of businees administration Left to right: William J. Dunne, Associate Dean; Ir¬ vin L. Heckmann, Dean; Alvin D. Star, Associate Dean; Norman S. Smith, Assistant Dean. college of education Left to right: Van Cleve Morris, Dean; Geraldine Brownlee, Assistant Dean for Student Services; Emmanuel Hurwitz, Jr., Assistant Dean; David A. Wil¬ son, Assistant Dean for Business Affairs; George C. Giles, Jr., Associate Dean. college of engineering From left to right; Henry Setton, Assistant Dean; H. Dale Walraven, Assistant Dean; George Bugliarello, Dean; Herbert Stein, Associate Dean; William DeFotis, Assistant Dean. 24 From left to right: Ronald P. Legon, Associate Dean of Graduate College; Otis Dante, Assistant to the Dean; William J. Otting, Associate Dean of Graduate College; Frank C. Rotecki, Staff Associate. 25 Left to right: Barbara Mittman, Assistant Dean; Robert Corley, Associate Dean; Dean B. Doner, Dean; Richard Johnson, Associate Dean; Pat McFate, Assistant Dean; Wade Freeman, Assistant Dean; Ellis Little, Associate Dean. of liberal arts and sciences 27 Eugene Eidenberg, Acting Dean. college of unban school of physical education Left to right: Charles J. Kristufek, Assistant Director; Helen Heitmann, Acting Head of Physical Education for Women; Leo J. Gedvilas, Head of the Physical Ed¬ ucation Program for Men; Sheldon L. Fordham, Direct¬ or. 29 30 Mark P. Hale, Director. jane aaaams graduate school of sooial work 31 admissions and records Seated, I. to r.: William Bain, Associate Director; William Price, Director; Bruce Benedict, Associate Director. Standing, I. to r.: Robert Solty, Associate Director; L.F. Robinson, Executive Associate Director; Margaret Kaczmarek, Associate Director. 32 Left to right: Arthur Catrambone, Assistant Director; Rea Jones, Bursar; James Osborn, Director; Donald Scott, Chief Accountant; Thomas Halstengard, Direc¬ tor of Purchases. b usiness affairs 33 student affairs Oscar Miller, Dean of Student Affairs. 34 Marie L. Johnson, Dean of Women, Associate Dean of Student Affairs. - • Warren Brown, Dean of Men, Associate Dean of Student Affairs. 35 isj- George M. Safford, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Weyman L. Edwards, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs. 36 Barbara Roy, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs. financial aid Sitting: Robert E. Mahoney, Director; Standing, I. to r.: Elise Sanford, Assistant Director; Philip Baugher, Assistant Director; Christel McDowell, Assistant Di¬ rector; Mariko Gallaga, Assistant Director; Benjamin Starks, Assistant Director. 37 foreign student affairs Kenneth W. Phifer, Assistant Director. Laurette Kirstein, Director. 3S health service Dr. Vidvuds Medenis, Director. 39 Susan S. Erskine, Director. Left to right: Roland Swaim, Director; Richard G. Bickhaus, Assistant Director. organizations ancd activities 4G Jean H. Baer, Associate Director; Harold Klehr, Direc¬ tor. Ann Ochwat. student counseling service social security and veterans benefits 41 Left to right: Wayne Quinn, Assistant to the Director; Dale Brostrom, Director; Patricia Nelson, Assistant Director. Chicago circle center administration 42 John Kantarski, Director of Recreation. Audrey Mezio, Director of Food Ser¬ vice. 44 COLLEGE F81AF86 l-SPM liROO Stanton Delaney, Director of the Program Dept. HANK YOU 45 alumni association Left to right; Susan Rudaitis; Frank Geltner, Director; Marie Chris Petruniak. Pictured right are Grover E. Shipton and Abigail Spreyer. Ms. Spreyer was the Editor of The Circle, the Alumni Association ' s newspaper, until this past February. She left her position at Circle to study law at Kent. Grover E. Shipton, former Director of the Office of Public Information at UlCC, succeeded Ms. Spreyer as Editor. 46 auxiliary services Left to right: James J. Overlook, Director; Sally P. Dineen; Martin J. Farrell, Assistant to the Director; Rebecca Wilson, Assistant Director. 47 {■i 1 K J 1 J t g 1 ■Sr - Irf- r ' r y7Tf i| T tTK i Iv ' ' = ' ‘ iS: " :L ■ ' M ■ M iatfi Kn If ? r| l|f - A A -?iffft■ wJH [J l summer Ah summer! A time of relaxation, of sun and fun. A time for tennis, beaches, motorcycles and freedom. A time to slow down. Unless you ' re the average Circle student. Then summer means work. It becomes a time for full-time jobs, long hours and little play. A time to store up the bills so you can get through the next school year. And sometimes it ' s a chance to take those classes you need to graduate. At Circle, summer is winter and winter is summer and there doesn ' t seem to be any in-between for us. We keep on truck ' in all the time. 50 Many programs were offered for the community groups around campus. Volunteers,workingthrough the Educational Assistance Program, funded by the government, aided the blind, Latin groups, youth cou ncils and Black organizations. The neighbor¬ hood Relations Office sponsored a Community Clean-Up and Fix-Up program, their main aim being to instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in the young people of the community. Along with these civic projects, the Student Affairs Office, working with volunteer students, helped sponsor Project Read. This program involved personal contact with the slow reader, the child who needs encouragement and understanding. These social workers supplied an abundant amount of both. 51 This summer new classes were added to the list of the available courses offered at Circle. The Special Education department presents such classes as: a survey of the characteristics of the exceptional child; the child with special learning disabilities; characteristics of the mentally retarded child; and the psychol¬ ogy of the maladjusted child. These courses were directed to persons interested in closing the gap between teacher and stu¬ dent. 52 Chancellor Cheston received confirmation of the retention of Circle ' s Quarter System. There had been plans to begin a semes¬ ter system in the near future, however after an investigation by the Senate and the consideration of student disagreement, the decision was to keep the school calendar as is. Student Government announced itself to the student body on July through the celebration of P.T. Barnum Day. 10,000 tootsie pops were handed out. The philosophy behind this action was stated by SG treasurer Alan Nelson: " If you give someone a sucker, they ' ll remember you. " We asked a Circle student if this was true, his reply was, " Nelson who? " Another first occured this summer. The production of the first full-length animated sex film was seen on screens around Chi¬ cago land, namely Fritz the Cat. 9 freshmen weekend " We offer you people, " is what Freshmen Weekend promises. Sponsoring two weekends prior to Fall Quarter, F.W. gives freshmen and transfer students a chance to become acclimated to Circle life. The members of Freshmen Weekend, both upper¬ classmen and faculty and administrators, try to bring out the human element at Circle and pass it on to the new students. They emphasize that the college experience at Circle can be much more than books, long lines and the Pier Room. Keeping to this philosophy. Freshmen Weekend also sponsors events during the year to bring the students, new and old, and faculty, and administrators, together. Freshmen Weekend develops a feeling for Circle and is the beginning of friendships that will last long after graduation. Chicago circle players The Circle Players started their 1972-73 season off well with a presentation of The Three Cuckolds, playing to a capacity audience. Other productions for the season included: Children of Darkness, In White America, The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui, and As You Like It. n memonam carol ann frydnychowski Constantine CdeanD lamperis david toponis These students of the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle were among those who lost their lives in the commuter train accident on Monday morning, October 30 , 1972 . The university community offers its deep sympathy to the families of these students and to their class¬ mates and teachers. Our sorrow extends also to other families of this urban region who were affected by the tragedy. warren b. cheston chancellor Because of a lack of student and administration interest, there was no homecoming this fall. The Alumni Office did, however, sponsor its annual party at Papa Charlie ' s in lieu of the tradi¬ tional homecoming. All members of the Football team, alumni of UlCC, and students and administrators at the day ' s game were invited. It was a celebration without any fringe hassle. The prominence within Chicago culture which is associated with the Circle has always attracted people of reknown to its campus. The international and national religious leaders, the concerned social figures of the day, the politicians, the political activists, the doctors, the lawyers, the Indian chiefs, have all ventured through Chicago Circle. Among those to visit this year... Dan Walker spoke on campus during his campaign for the office of Governor. Senator Charles Percy rustled up some votes and heated arguments with his discussions and speech-making. 66 With the proposed tearing down of RAB, not only the cock¬ roaches and students were forced to move. The Office of Admissions and Records finally became readily accessible to students in its temporary!?) headquarters at the south end of the Library. The new OAR offices are to be in the proposed Student Services Building, to be located on the tract of land south of the Eisenhower Expressway and west of Halsted Street. Chancellor Cheston is also thinking of moving his office from the 28th floor of University Hall into the new building. Free sickle cell anemia tests were offered by the UlCC Health Service to all faculty, staff and students. University President John E. Corbally officially declared war on commercial and private term paper sales. Well, it ' s about time!!! The parking priority list was eliminated and key cards may now be obtained only on a first come first served basis. The Fall quarter waiting line started early Sunday evening; the office opened at 8:30 a.m. Monday. About 3000 students obtained key cards. On-campus voter registration added some convenience to the hassle of exercising one ' s civic freedom duty. ...J - " M- ■ The new Law Center started having financial and legal problems early in the year. Things began to look bleak. 44% of all Circle students are receiving some form of financial aid, whether in grants, scholarships or tuition waivers. The formal process of admission will no longer be necessary for students transferring between the Circle and Urbana campuses. Tuition refunds are no longer made after the tenth day of instruction for the quarter. So if you ' re leaving Circle or plan to change your full time status by dropping some courses be sure to do so before the end of the second week. A new study lounge has been set aside on the third floor of the Center, right above the east billiard tables. Jane Fonda spoke to an overflowing crowd in the Illinois Room this Fall. Ms. Fonda summarized her feelings on the Vietnam War by saying, " I don ' t care who ends the damn thing as long as it ends. " Tom Smothers appeared on campus to support George McGovern ' s Presidential candidacy. Fie urged the audience, which packed LC A-1, to work for McGovern, stating that " ...if Nixon is re-elected, my brother and I certainly won ' t have another TV show for four years. " Sherman Skolnick presented a series of lectures on civic investigation. His original outline for the seminars was: 1. Records, public or otherwise, and how to shake them loose 2. Who owns and operates the banking system 3. Court records, what they contain and show 4. Tracing the movements and money of spy government 5. Assassination research 6. Records and information on corporate ownership Unfortunately, due to a combination of dwindling attendance and lack of support from previous backers of the lecture series, the seminars were reduced from the originally planned ten week duration. The Circle K was formed this fall. It is Circle ' s chapter of the college level Kiwanis affiliate. Republicans swept the U. of I. Board of Trustees offices. Those elected were Ralph Hahn, Park Livingston, and Jane Rader. 73 tf L field hockey OPP UlCC Rock Valley 4 4 Beloit 5 0 Concordia 1 0 Southern Illinois 2 0 Western Illinois 1 1 Wheaton 5 0 Midwest Sectional Madison 0 0 Minnesota 6 0 Milwaukee 2 3 Kneeling, I. to r.; Sabina Romanowska; Carol Sawica; Terri Burns; Penny Reesman. Standing, I. to r.; Karen McGoorty; Andrea Seckelman; Terry Judge; Anne Klinger, Coach, Sue Batdorf; Diane IMelsen. 74 Kneeling, I. to r.: Nancy Hildwein; Carlin Anderson; Carol Chen; Laura Fiala; Sue Labay; Laticia Manrique; Pat Gallagher. Standing, I. to r.: Rose Rouse; Debbie Bird; Fran Krischunas; Lila Torchala; Sandy Mindak; Teresa Skwarek; Judy Sawicki; Mary McGrath; Mary Kapsalis, Coach. volleyball country ♦ ■ ' 4 cross OPP UlCC Wisconsin-Milwaukee 27 32 Loyola 23 37 Wisconsin-Par kside 19 44 Wisconsin-Madison 15 48 Northwestern 18 45 N. Central Invitational 7th Notre Dame Invitational 28th Western Illinois 20 42 Illinois Intercollegiate 11th Southern Illinois 26 31 Missouri-St. Louis 26 29 77 FOOTBALL RESULTS Sitting, I. to r.: 42, Rudy Altergott; 84, Keith Wojtal; 17, Don August; 37, Steve Cleary; 69, Dana Elisco; 52, Roger Hopper; 60, Carl White; 41, Dennis McGahan; 35, Bob Polonsky; 65, Basil Romaniszak; 64, Frank Rivera; 14, Dwight Wilson; 23, Tom Ochala. Kneeling, I. to r.: 22, Cliff Panek; 13, Pat Boy; 16, Dave Anderson; 36, James Neal; 45, Jim Robinson; 76, Willy Bradley; 74, John Famer; 44, Tom Ringa; 71, Ron Fiala; 77, Jim Sirota; 63, Harvey Rubin; 66, Bob Carter; 75, Randy Rostkowski; 87, Jim Bychowski. Standing, I. to r.: 79, Greg Knowles; 53, Charles Dykin; 31, Len Hendricks; 20, Chauncy Jones; 43, Tom Nuebaur; 70, Jim Conklin; 51, Howie Nodell; 82, Pat McNally; 83, Bob Lukacek; 80, Ron Boyd; 10, Tim Foley; Hal Nemote; Len Gramaressa; Bill Fudala; Larry Vogt; Lou Pasquesi. Back row, I. to r.: Victor Nunchek; 54, Jim Jenson; 27, Rich Barber; 12, Randy Saks; 47, Andrew Buczina; 72, Peter Judakis; 15, Lou Tancabel; 78, Jay Shapire; 26, Moe Harris; 81, Lee Cataland; 55, Kim Shanas; Mike McGovern; Rich Fameya; Gary ?. OPP UlCC Winona State 13 0 Eastern Illinois 28 13 Mankato State 60 0 Wisconsin-Milwaukee 28 0 Ferris State 63 0 Wayne State 34 0 WSU-Platteville 31 6 Hope College 32 14 soccer Wisconsin-Green Bay OPP. 6 UlCC 1 Cleveland State 1 0 Wisconsin-Parkside 2 3 SlU-Edwardsville 5 0 Akron 1 1 Missouri-St. Louis 3 2 Lewis 1 4 Eastern Illinois 3 0 Northern Illinois 1 2 Western Illinois 2 3 Quincy 4 1 Michigan State 1 0 Missouri-St. Louis 7 0 17 liT ' , oil nter Numbering over 250 members each year. Skiing lllini is the largest active organization on campus. Although the prime objective of the club is to organize ski trips for students and faculty, it plans various activities during the spring, summer and fall. Bike hikes, canoe trips, bowling parties, camping outings and party parties are some of the fun things that keep the group together during the off season. Pictured on the opposite page are the officers of the ' 72- ' 73 season. L to R, Treas. Carl Pretzel, Sec. Connie Pogar, Pres. Jim Dillon, V. Pres. Eric Drogos. ’ iT - The Student Government Assembly impeached one of its members on February 7 by a vote of 11-2. Rob Freeman, Student Government Member-at-large, was indicted by the S.G. Internal Proceedings Committee (IPC), which submitted majority and minority reports that called for censuring Freeman and removing him from office. Freeman was accused of using the name of Student Government to further his personal interests, of being irresponsible in action as chairman of the Note-taking Service and of disregarding Student Government ' s by-laws and methods of procedure. Michael J. Bakalis, Student Superintendent of Public Instruc¬ tion, chose two Dice students, Edith Terwilliger and Philip Steffen, as the first student representatives to public higher education governing boards in Illinois. Steffen will represent Bakalis at the U. of I. Board of Trustees ' meetings, and Ms. Terwilliger will attend the Board of Regents ' meetings. Bakalis, a stauch supporter of student involvement in the governing of education programs, sees these appointments as not only ful¬ filling a real need within Illinois ' educational system but also as setting a precedent for other governing boards to adopt. Although the Illinois Board of Fligher Education ' s proposed budget for 1973-74 is higher than last year s by 6.77%, the increase is insufficient for continuance of programs at their present level. Unless the Illinois General Assembly grants ad¬ ditional funds to the U. of I. campus growth will suffer in the crunch. !rV.-7sc- Vr 93 rrar ' V. basketball Kneeling, I. to r.: Elaine Rosenberg; Sabina Romanowska; Dawn Norman; Nancy Stafford; Denise Susin; Mary Ellen Cloherty. Standing, I. to r.: Rosemary Briesch; Linda Fudacz; Pat Coleantonio; Diane Nelson;Maureen O ' Meara; Mary Hough; Pat DiBennedeto, Coach. 915 99 track Sl field Bottom row, I. to r.: Nancy Wyrestek; Diane Nelson; Anne Klinger Coach; Mary Lulek;AndreaSecklemann;Meira Belanger. Back row, I. to r.: Terry Garvey; Sabina Romanowska; Terry Judge; Kathy Hitzel; Vilija Eiva. 100 The UlCC Aquiana Club won first class honors at the Inter¬ national Aquatic Art Festival at Winnipeg, Canada for its stroking number " Truth is Marching On. " Top row, I. to r.: Pam Spiegel, Coach Frances Sweeney, Janet McGarr, Becky Dionesotes, Diane Bara, Linda Dionesotes, Cindy Cole. Middle row, I. to r.: Pat Tardi, Nancy Gorski, Dorothy Lazuka, Joanne Kulis, Bev Munz, Irene Kuntaras. Bottom row, I. to r.: Carol Porker, Freida Shaw, Suzanne Polinski, Ann Kelly, Judy, Daniella Zaluda. uicc aquiana club 101 Central Michigan OPP 72 UlCC 64 Illinois Tech 70 65 Lewis 70 69 Illinois Benedictine 54 84 SLU-Edwardsville 78 71 St. Xavier 78 60 Purdue-Calumet 73 87 Clark (Mass.) 75 77 Wisconsin-GreenBay 66 37 Northeastern III. 64 66 Missouri-St. Louis 54 51 SlU-Edwardsvile 92 77 Wisconsin-Milwaukee 94 74 Chicago State 98 73 Illinois Tech 74 59 Wisconsin-Green Bay 88 59 Illinois Benedictine 62 82 Purdue-Calumet 74 81 Wisconsin-Milwaukee 89 78 Northeastern Illinois 107 81 St. Xavier 72 69 Chicago State 81 78 basketball Top row, I. to r.; Clint Lewis, Anerson Hill, Tom McKraven, Kevin Dean, Whitfield Lambert, Jim Wagner, Jim MacElroy! Gary Wilson, Carry Allen, Frank Reed, Coach Ed McQuillian! Bottom Row, I. to r.: Thomas Novak, Monte Roberts, Phil Strieter, Ben Martin, Jerry Townsend, Randy Voels, Jeff Bzedlik. 103 fencing OPP UlCC Tri-State 10 17 Cleveland State 10 17 Notre Dame 15 12 Milwaukee Tech 6 21 Wisconsin-Parkside 15 12 Ohio State 17 10 Illinois 18 9 Chicago 8 19 Air Force 19 8 Wisconsin 17 10 Minnesota 4 23 Michigan State 19 8 Wayne State 19 8 Detroit 18 9 J04 On March 29-31, our gymnastics team went to San Francisco to compete with 32 other colleges in the NCAA Tournament. Out of this competition, ten Circle gymnasts ended up as finalists in the NCAA National Championships. Their events and places are as follows: All Around Bruce Boult 5th Chuck Wanner 3rd Vaulting Bruce Boult 5th Parallel Bars Bob MIesk 2nd Chuck Wanner 5th Side Horse Roger Wojikiewicz 1st Chuck Wanner 4th Greg Anderson 3rd Floor Exercise Tom Fogel 5th gymnastics Top row, I. to r.: Jeo Jenkins, Paul Kahovec, Dave Schubert, Larry Vogt. Row 4, I. to r.: Greg Czajka, Ed Pavek, Al Pinkus, Chuck Wanner, Bob Misek. Row 3,1. to r.: Coach Bill Roetzheim, Doug Anderson, Chuck Klapp, Roger Wojtkiewicz, Bob Hoffman, Tom Cirko, Asst. Coach; Ed Zimmer, Bill Bevil. Row 2, I. to r.: Terry Sakurada, Neil Footle, Bruce Boult. Bottom row, I. to r.: Joe Burke, Laddie Vanac, Jeff Jensen. 105 swimming ice hockey Oakland (Mich.) OPP 10 UlCC 2 Hillsdale 3 6 Northern Illinois 1 3 St. Cloud State 3 6 St. Cloud State 8 1 Northern Illinois 1 5 Illinois 3 7 Lake Forest 7 1 Lake Forest 5 1 Mankato State 5 6 Mankato State 8 2 Western Michigan 9 4 Western Michigan 9 2 Lewis College 5 7 Illinois Benedictine 0 10 Hillsdale 2 5 Western Michigan 8 3 Loyola 3 9 Loyola 3 2 Illinois 2 3 St. Mary ' s 10 4 St. Cloud State 8 3 OPP UlCC Rockford 46 67 Knox III. Intercollegiate (4th) 42 70 North Park 26 82 Northeastern III. 25 85 WSU-Whitewater 38 74 George Williams 23 82 Wheaton 68 43 Wisconsin-Milwaukee 53 60 Chicago 46 65 Oakland (Mich.) 74 39 Valparaiso 76 37 Wayne State 92 21 Ferris State Illinois Tech 45 68 106 wrestling Top row, I. to r.: Ray Carlson, Tont Petrone, Walter Roberson, Geza Vella, 4th National; Coach Ellsworth, Jeff Litch, Ealter Peterman, Fred Peter, Joe Vlahovic. Middle row, I. to r.; John Durland, Kevin Gray, Ruben Amesquita, Scott Whalen, Carlos Guevara, Wayne Sladek, Tom Fudacz, George Russow, Al Linnerud. Bottom row, I. to r.: Mike Okubo,Tasso Kachiroubas, Jerry Keilbasa, Joe Fernandez, John Katsis, Jack Quanstrum, Dave Baron. 107 • . . 5 ' I . ■■,m ■ ' iS y.-. »rT w ‘•I. K . UU irs X. 4 Ron Owens, new Assistant Dean of the Office of Veteran s Affairs, is very optimistic about OVA ' s future. He hopes to expand job placement by enlisting greater support from the Illinois State Employment Service. Other possible improve¬ ments: more refresher courses, and more relevant, new-student orientation programs. Senior Kevin Dean, an education major, was presented the Most Valuable Player Award for the 1972-73 Chika basketball team. Averaging 12.2 points and 6.7 rebounds per game. Dean also led his squad with a .525 field goal percentage. Two records were set by Circle trackmen as the team went on to place eighth in the Illinois Intercollegiate Championships. Long distance runner Wayne Saunders won the Intercollegiate steeplechase in a record time of 9:05.4. He also placed second in the 3-mile run with a time of 14:16.5. Sprinter Burham Green, also set a Circle track record, his was in the 100 yard dash. The X-Tasy Party ' s victory celebration, attended by about 250 UlCC students, was held at Alice ' s Revisited. Highlights included live music, and plenty of food and beer. The Chika baseball squad finished the 73 season with a disappointing record of 10 wins and 20 losses. The Circle aquatics team received the highest award possible at the International Aquatic Art Festival held in Winnipeg, Canada. This honor was awarded for the composition " Truth Is Marching On, " and a Second Class Honor was presented to Circle ' s team for the number " The Dixie Belles, " a stroking composition. For the second straight year. Circle ' s golf team completed its season by capturing the Chicagoland Intercollegiate Golf Tournament title. Mark Eason tied for first with scores of 78 and 82, totaling 160. However, in a sudden death playoff, he lost on the first hole and consequently dropped to second place. Leroy Sanders finished third with an 80 82 162 total. The Chika ' s season record was an excellent 13-4. 113 I i Circle made national headlines this past March—but not in a favorable light. UlCC graduate student and teaching assistant, Harold Miller, was arrested in Asheville, N.C. after he purchased a twelve year old girl for $30,000. He allegedly sought to marry her. ' The present system of granting academic rank and tenure to members of the academic support services is under study by an all-university committee. Those under review include members of the library, 01R, computer center, student I counseling and health service. I A new policy on confidentiality of student records was ap¬ proved by an Executive Committee and Chancellor Cheston. Under the provisions of this policy, an outside party can only learn whether a student is enrolled at the University and if he has received any academic honors. Only if the student has j consented to the publication of his address and phone number I in the student directory may this additional information be released. Information dealing with the student personally, such as his grades, academic programs, class schedules, unlisted j phone numbers and addresses, and medical, psychiatric, and j disciplinary reports will not be publicly released. Chancellor Cheston vetoed CSA ' s $11,000 appropriation for the " Contemporary Political Views of Oppressed Peoples " sponsored by the Black Students Community Alliance. Cheston agreed to spend between four and five thousand for the conference, but the additional sum must be appropriated from other sources. Robert Callahan, Classics Department teacher and volunteer j counselor for the experimental Liberal Arts Bachelor Degree 1 Program, was dismissed at the end of spring quarter because of j| his lack of progress toward a PhD. Although University officials and Board of Trustee members of the Art Institute are formally negotiating over the con¬ junction of the Goodman School of Drama with Circle Campus, ' I ' Goodman students are generally against the proposal. They feel this move would jeopardize their status, and kill the unique atmosphere and nature of the school. Graduation ceremonies were held at the Chicago Stadium on June 10th, 1973. The " White Elephant, " otherwise known as the SES-SEL walk¬ way covering, is in need of repair. Loose frame pins cause the covering to vibrate every time there ' s a slight wind. The entire structure had to be tied down with guy wires. Crazy Steve Productions and Student Government sponsored a free rock concert held in " X-Tasy Park, " the field across the street from SEL. Featured bands included; Siegal-Schwall, Son Seals, Buddy Gur and Junior Wells. The Houserockers, Hearts- field and Hound Dog Taylor were also there. Four Circle students presented their artwork in an exhibit en¬ titled, " Where have all the hippies gone? " The showing was held in the Ward Gallery and featured artists were Maiia Musielak, Ben Shabanov, Danna Thompson and Vic Bider. " Deep Throat " star, Linda Lovelace, was interviewed on campus by Circle student Graham Carlton. Ms. Lovelace was promoting her book, " Deep Throat, " and also the flick " Deep Throat II. " Georgia ' s Democratic State Representative, Julian Bond, spoke in the Chicago lllini Union on the topic of " Politics 1973. " Kathleen A. Steven, a junior at UlCC, was named the Gordon Lee Goodman Scholar in History for 1973. This is the highest honor available to undergraduate students. Sophomore Mary McGrath was selected to try out for the U.S. Women ' s Volleyball Team competing in the World University Games in Moscow this August. Mary will attend the training camp in July as one of eighteen collegians competing for the twelve team positions. The fifth annual Quitana Sweepstakes were held during spring quarter. Candidates for worst administrator, worst teacher, and worst T.A. were numerous. Charlotte Eileen Holey, a UlCC student, was awarded the Maria Leonard Fellowship. She plans to apply the fellowship to her studies at Rush Medical School. baseball Top row, I. to r.; Coach Les Miller, Randy Dagostino, Bob Kriz, Dave Cawley, Keith Tilden, Dave Cornish, Mike Moyzis, Mgr. Steve Weinberger, Asst. Coach Jim Darrah. Middle row, I. to r.: Kevin Leary, Dave Millar, Rich Gleffe,Tom Cirej, Rich Farhner, Terry Dandy, Ed Horn. Bottom row, I. to r.: Steve Frescos, Dick Hacker, Earl Dorter, Rick Shane, Ray Jablonski, Terry Meyer. Not pictured: Gary Diplato, Ed Mayer, Chuck Syperski, Jim Sarros. 118 tennis 119 Ku american marketing association Alpha Kappa Psi is a nationally affiliated professional business fraternity open to male students attending UICC. Through the development of a strong rapport among the brothers and their involvement in numerous planned social, athletic, professional and service activities, the fraternity adds another dimension to college life that is geared towards the growth, self-improvement and enjoyment of its members. The University of Illinois ' Student Branch of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is a professional engineering society. The majority of the members are aerospace engineering students, with students in other engineering fields and non-engineering students also represented in the member¬ ship. AIAA meetings and activities concern themselves with making the members, and the UICC student body in general, aware of the latest developments and advances in the fields of aeronautics, astronautics, and hydronautics. Back row, I. to r.: John W. Yree; Robert Wierzal, Treasurer; Masseud Kaviany-Nejad, Secretary; Edward Derybowski, Secretary. Front row, I. to r.: Robert Laurence; M.J. Kasiuba, Chairman; Leonard Restis. The chapter of the American Marketing Association usually schedules one activity per week during the academic quarter. A typical quarter ' s activities include three or four guest speakers from the business world, a marketing-related film, an industry tour and several general meetings. Members receive publications. These are; 1. The Journal of Marketing, a well-known quarterly. 2. The Marketing News, the official bi-monthly American Marketing Association Newspaper. 3. The Marketing Club News, the Circle Chapter newspaper. The members are well-informed on current national, local and campus marketing news, research, developments and other achievements. Other benefits of the Circle chapter include job recruitment, resume, and interviewing information, personal advice on both academic and non-academic matters, graduate school guidance and opportunities to attend professional con¬ ferences, luncheons and conventions. The Circle chapter bridges the academic and business environments. It allows the student to hear, see and personally meet professionals in their field. More importantly, the chapter allows its members to complement their " textbook " knowledge with " real world, practical " knowledge. The American Marketing Association is the only professional organization having a collegiate chapter in the College of Business Administration at the Circle. Current membership numbers over one hundred. Students do not have to be marketing majors to join. Back row, I. to r.: Thomas Pavlini, Vice President; Chuck Klapp, Ira Steuer, Treasurer; Lee Hurston; Gerald Kasper. Front row, I. to r.: Jan Deswik, President; James Evans; Mary Karnezis, Secretary; Jaro Shoji; John Condon. 121 Chicago circle broadcasting Chinese students’ association The Association of Minority Engineering Students (AMES), was organized during spring quarter of 1972, under the directorship of Mr. Dennis Daniels who is assistant to the Dean of the College of Engineering. The organization ' s main objec¬ tive is to aid freshmen and sophomore minority engineering students by tutoring in courses such as math, chemistry, physics and systems engineering. Sitting, I. to r.: Dennis Daniels, Co-ordinator; Samuel Bishop, Assistant Co-ordinator; Russell Pike, President; Leonard Brown, Vice President; Misael Guerra, Secretary; Anthony Thomas, Treasurer; Ricardo Peralta, Lab Technician. The Bahai Club at Circle sponsors films, lectures, and informa¬ tion booths to acquaint students with the Bahai Faith. Also, it serves as a meeting place for fellowship among Bahais and friends. Representing Chicago Circle Broadcasting: Standing, I. to r.: Gil Munoz; Pat Marco; Tom Broderson; Patti Lynn Rozycki. Sitting; Bob Levy. Pictured from the Chinese Students ' Association are, I. to r.: Carol Moy; Mary Moy. The officers were: Frank Soo Hoo, President; Susan Fong, Vice President; Edward Jung, Treasurer. 123 graduate student association Membership of the Folk Dancing Club was diversified and varying from week to week. Representing Gamma Gamma Gamma: Sitting, rear row, I. to r.: Sue Sup; Karen Brandt; Gemma Gianinni; Beanny Hebenstreit. Sitting, middle row, I. to r.: Chris Wenderite; Ruth Bauer; Lillian Rangel. Sitting, front row, I. to r.: Debbie Jarnutowski; Denise Guzy; Janice Giralamo. The Graduate Student Association is a registered student organization formulated in 1969 for the purpose of providing a channel of communication among graduate students, the University, and the community; to attend to the needs of the graduate students in the financial, social, and academic aspects of their lives; to promote intellectual stimulation among graduate students; and, finally, to act as a liaison between the University administration and o utside agencies whose activities would concern the welfare and academic rights and privileges of UlCC graduate students at large. All graduate students at UlCC are represented by the GSA. In the past academic year, 1972-1973, the GSA primarily solidified its organizational make-up and constitution. It has worked to establish a closer understanding and more open communication with the campus administration as to the needs of the graduate students for increased financial aid and uni¬ formity in teaching assistantship duties. Presently GSA is negotiating with the administration regarding the acquisition of graduate student housing. Much work has been done, but this is only the beginning. The five GSA members pictured ' round the conference table are, I. to r.; Syed Iqbal Razui, Vice President in charge of Committees; Charles O ' Connor, Executive Vice President; Bill Schack, Treasurer; Robert Gall, President; Bob Deutsch. As always, with a personal thanks t o the lllitii staff, we ' d like to present, I. to r.; Susan Figliulo, News Editor, Janusz Maciuba, Editor; Don Markay, Managing Editor; Patrick Rigney, Writer; Dan Gresik, Business Manager;Steve Hashimoto, Photo and Graphics; Sabina Romanowska, Sports Writer. 125 james scholars advisory board lambda alpha epsiloi omega beta pi 126 newman community The purpose of the James Scholar Advisory Board is to provide the James Scholars with a means of communication with the Director of the University Honors Program, to sponsor and organize academic and extracurricular activities, to provide a vehicle for the James Scholars to get together, and to act on complaints and suggestions from honor students. Standing, I. to r.: Ed Truss; Greg Kukulski; Rich Miller; Mary Ann Suero. Sitting, I. to r.: Marc Nelson; Dolores Zemont, Chairman; Chris Carroll, Treasurer; Ray Strikes, Co-Chairman. Lambda Alpha Epsilon is a fraternal organization devoted to the furtherance of professionalism in the area of Criminal Justice activities. Under the aegis of membership, with repre¬ sentatives from several agencies in local, state and federal jurisdictions, the fraternity sponsors public educational pro¬ grams, seminars and promotional activities at many levels to en¬ courage participation in the Criminal Justice careers available to qualified people. Membership is restricted to people who are actively engaged in the Criminal Justice field or in a college level program related to police science or criminology. The fraternity publishes THE LAE JOURNAL, which reports the activities of the organization and timely articles written by concerned persons in the Criminal Justice system. The goals of the fraternity are to elevate the standards of personnel relating to the fields of Criminal Justice in the fol¬ lowing ways: 1. Encouraging further educational achievement. 2. Offering incentive for outstanding work done in their field. 3. Providing scholarships for deserving persons desiring further educational achievement. Standing, I. to r.: Paul Wallace, Region 6 President; Ed James, Chapter Treasurer; Ed Sindles, Chapter President; Al Sprengel, Chapter Vice President. The Newman Community is a student organization sponsored by the Archdiocese of Chicago. Its main functions are to respond to the religious needs of the students and faculty, foster maturity among its members, and promote Christian ideals. The fulfillment of these goals is achieved by our four-point program of religious, social, social action, and educational activities. Newman is a place where students can be themselves, relax between classes, and participate in planned activities which can benefit and enhance their years at Circle. Sitting, I. to r.: Pete Bella, External Vice President; Karen Reed, Treasurer; Roger Novak, President; Nan Card, Internal Vice President; Alexander Fiedotjew, Secretary. In disguise, from Omega Beta Pi: Standing, I. to r.: Pickard of Palestine, President; Bob Sanders; Bob Maack; Rick Hay; Horrible Jack; The Walrus, Vice President; Lois Nora; Linda Frederick; Marie Musketeer. Standing middle row, I. to r.: Kristine Musketeer; Jeaneen Maker; Kathy Fenyen; Larissa Musketeer. Sitting, I. to r.: Sunny Sanders, Secretary; Carmel Marteely; The Pigeon; The Lapped. Not pictured; The Gench; Pierre La France; Smarty Mack; The Whooping Crane; The Waller. Pakistani students’ association pi alpha tau polish students’ association 128 Representing the members of the Pakistani Students ' Associa¬ tion; Standing, rear row, I. to r.: Derick; S.l. Kazmi; Rasheed Belagam; Dogar; Khalid Rashied; Adil Qudrat; Father Soloveu. Standing, front row, I. to r.: Haider AM Khoja, Mir Sajjad AM; Mir Shoheth AM; S. KhaMd Anwar; Farrog Meah. Sitting, back row, I. to r.; Ken Phifer, Asst. Director of Foreign Student Affairs; Laurette Kirstein, Director of Foreign Student Affairs; Sister Joanne Seiser, Faculty Advisor; Yasmine Tiwana, Vice President; Shakil Ahmed; Shahid Abdulle, Treasurer; Hiader Khan, Ahmed Khawaja. Sitting, middle row, I. to r.: Wayne; Herschel; Dannialla; Gaffar Shedbalkar. Sitting, front row, I. to r.; Rashid Rahim, President; Syed Feroz, Secretary; Eileen; Saudur Rehman. Gathered outside are some of the members of Pi Alpha Tau, the original co-ed fratority on campus. Sitting, I. to r.; Bob Cibiec; Rose Kulma; Jim Ruffolo; Debby; Jarrett Pasewicz; Chuck Witt; Bill Voda; Linda Bucholtz; Conrad Pomykala; Pat Stephens; Nanette Guido. Kneeling, I. to r.; Wally Niewara; Holly Dieckmann; Kim Gilbertsen;Tom Losacko; Lenore Aradi, Paul Siebal; Dilys Jones; Lori Glad; Sue Nisuiace, Bruno Vandervelde; Gary Daniels; Andrezej Haszlakiewicz. Standing, I. to r.: John Lamberg; Joe Kipinski, Rich Makcem; Chuck Gorski, Chris Kester; Mr. Gaylord Cox; Lester Aradi; Jerry Zywczyk; Geri Augustine; Judy Francis; Tom Schatceder; Pat McDonald; Mark Skiba; Debby Tubman. Officers of the Polish Students ' Association are, I. to r.: Helen Biskup, Treasurer; Wanda Jen Drejowska, President; Henry Grey, Secretary; Anne Kowik, Vice President. 129 sigma phi alpha society o sigma alpha mu ilitary engineers Pictured, are just a few of the members of Sigma Alpha Mu coaxing a prospect to become a little sister to the fraternity. Standing,!, to r.: Jon Simons; Ken Hoffman; Marcie Goldstein. Sitting, I. to r.: Carey Resiberg; Jan Farmer; Mark Jacobson, Vice President. Standing: Gary Chesin, President. Members representing the Society of Military Engineers are: Standing, I. to r.: Curtis Kreiser; Gary Hazard, Vice President; Conrad Szymezak, President; Richard Sahlen; Major Witkier. Sitting, I. to r.; Florida Kimball; Tulin Ersen. 131 student government uicc concert band 132 uicc choir travelling illini The beaming faces from Student Government are, I. to r.: Steve Szegho, President; Rich Halla, Vice President; Alan Giuffre, Treasurer; Janet Boyle, Corresponding Secretary; Susan Smith, Secretary. 133 photo credits: john burlinski sam cozzo bill dossos mike giovanni nick grib Steve hashimoto andrzej haszlakiewicz gar johnson michael landek george philosophos conrad pomykala irv schmakel larry schwartz richard sorokowski bob szebert 135 in-riiTii’JraisjXii 1 Warren D. Anderson B.S. Mathematics Maryann Allison B.A. Speech Education Joseph Arnold B.A. Psychology Myrna R. Adams B.A. Biology Cozetta Alcorn Carol Anderson B.A. Psychology i.enore Aradi S.S. Physical Education Lester Aradi B.A. Criminal Justice Evelyne Aguirre B.A. French Efi Andrianopoulos B.S. Biology Diane Adkins B.A. Sociology Michael Alexander B.S. Special Education Akinsanya Ajose B.A. Political Science David Andersen B.A. Political Science Dianne Angelico B.A. Spanish Marc V. Arquilla B.A. Psychology 138 Wayne R. Ashby Jr. B.S.E. Communications Engineering rw 1 Adriana Baldassi B.A. Slavic Languages and Literatures Diane Bara B.S. Physical Education Adrian Basden B.S. Biology Patricia Ayers B.A. History James B. Baker B.A. Sociology Larry Barcheski B.A. English Beverley J. Batts B.S. Personnel Management ■»V5 Elizabeth Bachelier B.A. Sociology Dominic Bangura Jr. B.S. Chemist ry H istory Kenneth Barnas B.A. Criminal Justice Ruth Bauer B.S. Education Kingsley Baffour B.A. Finance Economics Janice Banoul B.S. Geography Janice Barner B.A. Elementary Education Marcella Beacham B.S. Mathematics 139 Walter Bilyk B.S. Mech Robert Berczynski B.S.C.E. Structural Engineering Mary Bertucci B.A. English Education Janis Bednar Anthony L. Bilotta B.A. Mass Communications 140 Morris Bindsm B.A. Sociology Wendy Black B.A. Speech Political Science Fred Bernal B.S. Management Gerald Bibergall B.S. Bioengineering Kim J. Beasley B.S. Structural Engineering Miles Beitler B.A. Psychology Walter Belin B.A. Psychology Ellen Bernstein B.S. Management Susan Bernstein B.A. Elementary Education Wendy Becker B.A. Psychology Carroll Benford B.S. Social Veronica Bober B.S. B.A. Sociology Education Psychology Harold Blaszka B.A. Political Science History Sophie Blazejewicz B.A. English Catherine Bloss Mary Ellen Bozyk B.S. Biology Alonzo Bonds B.S. Criminal Justice Mehdi Borhan B.S. Mechanical Analysis and Desig n Karen Brandt B.S. Marketing Frank Brady B.A. Political Science Henry Brandolf B.S. Structural engineering 141 Geraldine Brazley B.A. Elementary Education Leonard Brown B.S. Communications Engineering Francis Broccolo Linda Brown B.A. Psychology Michael Brooks B.A. Speech Paul Brown B.A. Psychology Debra L. Brown B.S. Management Rhonda Brown B.S. Marketing Marsha Brutzkus B.A. Primary Education Jim Brumage B.A. Sociology Michael Bruns B.S. Marketing Quatalyne Bryant B.A. Elementary tducation Janice Buda B.A. Elementary Education Ambra Bryant B.A. Special Education John Budzynski B.S. Accounting 142 Robert Buffa B.S. Political Science L r Becky Burkhart B.A. Spanish Evelyn Campbell B.A. Criminal Justice Thomas Casale B.S. Biology 4 Thomas Bugajski B.S. Criminal Justice Martha Burns B.S. English Sammy Canerday B.A. Geography Dennis Cassettari B.A. Philosophy Angelyna Bugrak B.A. Russian Claire Butkovich B.S. Chemistry Diane Carr B.A. Physics Manuel Castillo B.S. Biology Mary Ann Bulanda B.A. Anthropology Ben Butler Jr. B.S. Mathematics George Carrasco B.A. Spanish Political Science Donald Cemak B.S. Psychology M3 .1 Sharon Cernansky B.A. Spanish Education Daniel Chin B.S. Communications Robert Chun B.A. Sociology ivy Cohen B.A. Art Education Samuel Chan B.S. Computer Science Ling Ling Chow Gary Clawson B.S. Chemistry Debra Cohn B.A. Spanish Yuk Quon Chan B.S. Engineering Alan Chen James Chun B.S. Communications Oscar Cifuentes B.S. Mechanical Analysis and Design Bruce Cohen B.A. Speech and Theater Charles Collazo B.A. Psychology Kathleen Coleman B.A. Speech Beryl Cohen B.A. English 144 Robin Cone B.A. Elementary Education Leah Colombo B.A. French Alice Collins B.A. English Mary Colletti B.A. English Leo Conway B.S. Industrial Engineering Helen K. Cooley B.A. Sociology History Atthea Cooper Hazel Copeland Michael Copeland Sheila Corcoran B.A. B.A. MS. B.A. Elementary Education Elementary Finance English 145 Edward Cordova B.A. Criminal Justice George Cumpata B.S. Accounting Donald Dennehy B.A. Psychology Eric Deyericr B.S. Marketing Managenriant Muriel Crawford B.A. English George Daszko B.S. Biology Debra DeRiggi B.A. Elementary Education Basim Dihu B.S. Chemical Engineering 0 Carolyn Crokett B.A. Elementary Education Gail Davis B.A. Elementary Education Mohmmad Desai B.S. Chemical Engineering Remon Dihu B.S. Chemical Engineering Thomas Crowley B.A. Political Science Ann DeLeon B.A. English Rosemary Dettloff B.A. Psychology James Dillon B.S. Psychology 146 James F. Disney B.A. Criminal Justice Bruce Drouin B.A. Speech and Theater Steven Drueck B.S. Chemistry Joseph Dudak Judith Dumke B.A. English Cynthia Dusza Michael Dziubla B.A. Psychology Gail A. Douglass B.A. Elementary Education Ramute Drutys B.A. Elementary Education Emmett E. Dunham II B.S. Biology Jack Eadon B.S. Management Eric Drogos B.A. Business Administration Stuart Dubin B.A. Political Science William Durr B.S. Marketing Economics Kenneth R. Ecker B.S. B.S. Biology Physical Education 147 Abdelfattah El-Abour B.S. Chemical Engineering Robert Eisenstein B.A. Criminal Justice Megan Eoyang B.A. English Psychologv Nadia Eskinazi B.A. French Leslie Feldman B.A. Education Moshe Erez B.S. Electrical Engineering Ann Ewslt B.A. Special Education Louise Eng B.S. Mathematics Omotayo Fashoyin B.A. Political Science Economics Charlesetta Ellis B.A. Elementary Education Ken Felix John F. Edelbrock Jr. B.S. Mathematics Aberra Endeshaw B.A. Management James Evans B.S. Marketing Linda Erpelding ' B.A. Psychology B.S. Management David Erazmus 148 Laura E. Fitzgerald B.S. Accounting Mary Flores B.S. Psychology Dennis A. Ferrantino B.S. Mathematics Wayne Fiedler B.S. Computer Science Linda Folladori B.S. Physical Education Royce Field B.A Biology Lawrence Fine B.A. Political Science Yolanda E. Fiorentino B.A. English Jerry Ford B.S. Political Science 149 ; to u Maurice Fortune B.S. Chemical Engineering Franz Frank B.S. Communications William Friedman B.S. Computer Science lementarv Education Nicholas Z. Fountas B.A. Geography Michael Franks B.A. Pre-med. Jesse Fuentes B.A. Sociology Teresa Gallion B.A. Psychology Olga Fountas B.S. Communications Engineering Carole Freeman B.A. Theater Education Michael Fung B.S. Accounting Luis Garcia Camilo B.A. Political Science Robert Fox B.A. Geography Ted A. Fried B.S. Mechanical Analysis and Design Donna Gaida B.S. Physical Education William Garfield B.S. Management 150 Alberta Gibson B.A. Psychology David Gibson B.A. Criminal Justice Randall G. Garrou B.A. Pre-law Psychology Krystyna Gasowski B.A. Geography Spiridon Gerolimatos B.S. Biology John S. Geroulis B.A. Psychology Kenneth Giacomino B.S. Accounting Gemma Giannini B.A. Psychology Sheila Gibbons B.A. English David C. Gingrich B.S. Finance Dino Gavanes B.S. Michael Giovacchini B.S. Electrical Engineering Joyce Garrick B.S. B.S. Biology Psychology Arlene Gazda B.S. Marketing Mehdi Ghassemi-Pour B.A. Metallurgy Mary Anne Geroulis B.A. Elementary Education ISI Samuel Girgis B.S. Biology Laura Gladych Karen Goldman B.A. Elementary Education Dora Gouvas B.S. Mathematics Janice Girolamo B.S. Mathematics Walter Glucklich B.A. Teacher Education History Richard Goodman B.S. Biology April Grebb B.S. Special Education Diane Giza B.A. English Alan Giuffre B.S. Accounting Alice Gmiterek B.S. Physical Education Dan Gorman B.A. Economics Howard Goldman B.S. Accounting George S. Gottlieb B.A. Speech Evelyn Green B.A. Psychology Sherry Green B.A. Elementary Education 152 Helen Gregorich P.E. Physical Education Juanita Guillermo B.A. Sociology Ardith Hanson B.S. Biology Linda Guillermo B.S. Sociology Sandra Hager B.A. Sociology Glen Grosser B.S. Marketing Loretta Hanak B.A. History Margaret Guider B.A. Special Education Hugette Hansen B.A. French 153 Marcia Hardy B.A. Criminal Justice Sociology llene Hecht B.A. Political Science Girish Hemani B.S. Chemical Wdhalminia Hicks B.A. Elementary Education Andrew G. Haszlakiewicz Tereza Hatzopoulou B.S. B.S. Biology Accounting Adriana Heller B.A. Photography John Heidemann Patricia Hendron B.S. Mathematics X Barbara Hill B.A. Sociology Thomas Henek B.A. Speech JoAnn Hittie B.A. Chemistry Elizabeth Hay B.A. Music Chris Helopoulos B.A. English Joyce Hentschel B.A. Elementary Education Gerald Hlivko B.S. Mathematics 154 Manford Holmes B.A. Special Education Sharon Horton B.A. Sociology Criminal Justice Nabila Husseini B.A. Psychology Diane Hoffman B.S. Biology Michael Hoban B.A. Architecture Janice Hoirnes B.A. Elementary Education Rosetta Hopkins B.A. Political Science Linda Hoppe B.A. Elementary Education Nancy Hong B.A. Education Gene House B.S. Physical Education James Hunt B.S. Marketing Pamela Howe B.S. Advertising Philip Igoe B.A. Chemistry Richard Imielski B.A. Management Alan Inciardi B.S. Management 155 David G. Jacobs B.S. Structural Design Thomas Iwanski B.S. Accounting Debbie Jarnutowski B.S. Mathematics Nicholas Jawnyj B.A. Political Science Richard Jess B.S. Accounting Vincent Jartz B.S. Management Mary Anne Lasowski Jedinak B.A. Design, Comprehensive Carolyn Johnson B.A. Sociology Edward James Jr. B.A. Criminal Justice Martin Jasionowski B.A. Education Alex Jenkins B.A. Architecture Eugenia Johnson Josephine Javorka ' B.A. Sociology Psychology William Jensen B.A. Political Science Devendra Jariwala B.S. Pre-med. Gary Johnson B.S. Mathematics Computer Science 156 John Joseph B.A. Political Science Linda Jones B.A. Elementary Education Monica Johnson B.A. Political Science Marcella Kaider B.A. Speech Education m Shirley Jones Mario Juruk B.A. B.A. Elementary Education Political Science Charles Jonas B.S. Marketing Santiago Kao B.S. Biology Karen Kalman B.A. Elementary Education Edward Kallas B.S. Accounting Loretta Kaiser B.A. Special Education Mary Karnezis Marlene Karbin B.S. Biology Samir I. Karadshem B.S. Chemical Stauroula Karabatsos B.A. French Giota Katelanos B.S. Mathematics Gerald Kasper B.S. Quantitative Methods Finance M.J. Kasiuba B.S. Aerospace Hilary Karp B.S. Chemistry Edward Kelly B.S. Political Science Scott Kellogg B.S. Biology Virginia Keck B.A. Design Curriculum Massoud Kaviany-Nejad B.S, Aerospace Bill Kohl Gregory Kempski B.S. Sociology Fred Kluss B.S. Accounting Marilyn Kijewski B.A. Political Science Kathleen Kiska B.A. Elementary Education Sandra Koeplin B.S. Chemistry Michael Kelstrom B.A. Accounting Trudi Kiebala B.A. Political Science Rodenick Kimmons B.A. Political Science Gregory Kizior B.S. Mathematics Computer Science Losay Kendor B.A. Criminal Justice Joseph K. Keslln B.A. Psychology Kathleen Kirch B.A. Psychology Peter J. Konopka B.S. Electronics Computer Science 159 Keith Korinek B.S. Mathematics Anthony W. Kopp B.S. Management Mary Kostakis B.S. Accounting Jack Kramer B.S. Accounting Joseph Kucera B.S. Biology Robert Kozoman B.S. Accounting Linda Krawczak B.S. Elementary Education Gregory Kujawinski B.S. Computer Science Monika Korth B.A. Elementary Education Maria Kozonis B.S. Biology Dianne Krukowski B.S. Sociology Edward Kula B.A. History Valerie Kosin B.A. Elementary Education Robert A. Kraft Jr. B.A. Criminal Justice Nancy Krzyzowski B.A. English Diane Kulak B.S. Elementary Education !60 Toby Kuppersmith B.A. Elementary Education John Kuta B.S. Marketing Julius Kwasek B.A. Architecture Judi Kwit B.A. English Lila Kung B.A. Elementary Education Narendra Kumar B.S. Electrical Engineering Michael Kupfer B.S. Marketing 161 Tai Kwok 8.S. Industry Judy Langston B.A. Photography Industrial Design Wilson Lazzar B.S. Electrical Engineering Rcserr-ary G, Lee B.A. EieiriRntary Education Kimball Ladien B.A. Political Science Chemistry Patricia Larrieu B.A. Psychology Noirin Leahy B.A. Psychology Alfreda Leisz B.S. Anthropology Joanne Landrune B.S. Sociology Richard Laskowski B.S. Communications Chunghae Lee B.S. Accounting John Leone B.S. Mathematics Yvonne Landry B.A. Elementary Education Robert A. Laurence B.S. Aerospace Engineering Ji-Min Lee B.S. Mathematics William Leong 162 William W. Li B.S. Biology Peter Lisicich B.A. Political Science Anthony J. Lombardo Jr. B.S. Finance Management Baroukh Levi B.A. Chemistry Ralph Liebhaber B.S. Marketing Rosemary Liu B.A. Special Education Bob Levy B.A. Communications Henry Lim B.S. Printmaking Randy Liveris B.S. Industrial Engineering Maurice Lewis B.S. Marketing Alan Linnerud B.S. Management Lesly G. Lochard Frank Lombardo ' B.A. English Literature Terry Long B.S. Industrial Engineering Catherine Longerman B.A. Psychology 16 . George Lopuszynski B.A. History Aaroh Luster B.A. Political Science Diane Lucinski B.A. Anthropology Lara Macaltao B.A. Elementary Education Janice Lugo Rego B.A. Criminal Justice Carol Mackay B.S. Psychology David Lum B.S. Industrial Engineering Barbara Madorsky B.A. Elementary Education Sylvia Maffia B.A. Sociology Linda Maggard B.A. Special Education 164 Peter A. Magnine B.A. Criminal Justice Bruce Mantia B.S. Accounting David Marlow B.A. Special Education Shirley Mason B.A. Elementary Education 1 Sylvia Mahone B.S. Mathematics Computer Science Carol Marasovich B.S. Physical Education Gary Marschke B.S. Management Donald Matthiesen B.S. Communications Engineering Robert Maitzen Jr. B.S. Accounting Donald Markay B.S. Political Science Bruce Marshall B.A. Management Happy Rons Matthiesen B.A. Philosophy Kathleen Mangos B.A. History James E. Markham B.A. Economics Kenneth Martinson B.A. Criminal Justice August Matthusen B.A. Anthropology 165 Howard Mead B.A. Geography Anita McCreight B.A. English Rosemary McKillip B.A. English Michael Matwijiw B.A. History Jonathan C. McClure B.A. Sociology Howard McArthur Eileen McDermott B.A. English Patricia McCann B.A. History Gloria McGarrity James McAHoon B.S. Management lijr! B. McKwanin B.A Fhii.- sophy Mary Mead B.A. Anthropology Gaurang Mehta B.S. Information Engineering Rita McGowan B.A. English Walter McKinney B.A. Electrical Engineering William McKinney B.A. Chemistry 166 Virbala S. Mehta B.S. Information Engineering Barbara Merkin B.A. Elementary Education Darlene Mileski B.A. English Education Thomas Moore B.S. Pre-med. Mary Mench B.S. Physical Education Jeffrey Mendelsberg B.S. Aerospace and Fluid Flow Claire Mendcison B.A. Elementary Education Carolyn Merrifield B.A. Education Carol Meyer B.S. Physical Education Ronald E. Michalek B.S. Geological Science Mrs. Pola Mishell B.A. German Ashwin Mody B.S. Chemical Engineering Peter Misurec B.S. Biology Ella Morgan B.A. Primary Education Jerryce Moore B.A. Psychology Jacqueline Morgan B.S. Chemistry 167 Rose Moy B.S. Mathematics James Mueller B.S. Communications Janet Morris B.A. Psychology Richard Morris Digna Morua B.A. Spanish John R Moy B.A. Art Shek Tung Moy B.S. Industrial Engineering Fernando Mosqueda B.S. Economics Adrienne Motyl B.A. Psychology 168 Renee Mui B.S. Mathematics Frances Murray B.A. Education Maria Naval B.S. Biology Miroslaw Niedzinski B.S. Metallurgy Ronald Mullins B.A. Speech Education Therese Murray B.S. Mathematics Diane Louise Nelson B.S. Physical Education Laura Nixon Will James Murff B.S. Management Thomas J. Muskus B.A. Law Enforcement Joan Neudorf B.A. English William Norwood B.A. Criminal Justice James Murphy B.A. Finance Spanish Patricia Nichols B.A. Elementary Education Roger W. Novak B.S. Management 169 Sandra Novak B.S. Mathematics Chris Olander B.A. Political Science Criminal Justice Linda Orth B.A. Special Education • ind-a Pacitowicz BA Coni. ' nunications Design Cynthia Nowak B.A. Elementary Education Abubakar A. Olasewere Debbie Ortman B.S. Psychology Joseph S. Pacyk B.S. Applied Mechanics James O ' Brien B.A. Management Thomas Ochala B.A. Political Science Raymond Ontiveros B.A. Sociology Howard Orchow B.S. Marketing Mark L. Osborn B.A. Psychology James R. Padar B.A. Criminal Justice Deborah Otis B.A. Psychology Velissarios Palassis B.S. Information Engineering no Gail Pavur B.A. Special Education Mitchell Palmer B.A. Criminal Justice Betty Pappas B.A. Speech and Theater Diana Parkinson B.A. English Bettye Palmer B.S. Management Thomas Pavlini B.S. Marketing Patricia L. Pandocchi B.S. Management Carole Parker B.A. Elementary Education Valerie Patterson B.A. Sociology John Panek B.A. Accounting Mary Paluch B.A. Criminal Justice John Paraskevoulacos B.S. Engineering Claire Pecka B.A. Sociology Lucia Palcan B.S. Biology Daniel G. Parker B.A. Criminal Justice George G. Passias B.S. Structural Mechanics 171 Joan Penczak B.S. Mathematics Unanan Persad B.A. Economics Krisana Peterson Abraham Pera Ricardo Peralta B.S. Aerospace Science Stan Perrin B.A. Speech Athanasids Petropculos B.S. Chemistry Janet Petrunis B.S. Chemistry Hana Jakubovic Peurye B.A. English Jahn Phillips B.A. Elementary Education 172 Louise Phillips B.A. Speech Education David Poedjokerto B.S. Marketing John Predkiewicz B.A. Management Walter Puterko B.S. Electrical Engineering Russell Pike B.S. Communications Harold Pollack B.S. Accounting Carl Preiss B.A. History Robert Radlowski B.S. Accounting Robert Pines B.A. Political Science Joanne Polloway B.A. Education Sandra Plummer B.A. Elementary Education Helen Poulos B.S. Mathematics James Prosser B.A. Political Science Riza Rahman B.S. Industrial Engineering Savo Rajkovich B.A. Management 173 Robert Przybylski B.S. Chemical Engineering Sharon Reed B.A. Elementary Education Harry Randell B.A. Spanish Michael J. Ricard B.A. Sociology Patrick Rigney B.A. Political Science Gregory Ratliff B.S. Mathematics Tomas E. Revollo B.S. History Mark Richmond B.S. Quantitative Methods IMita Riviere B.A. French Juanita Ratliff B.A. History Barbara Rizzo B.A. English J.P. Rivera B.A. Sociology Arthur Reynolds B.S. Economics Itzik Rief B.S. Manufacturing Khalid Rashied B.S. Chemical Engineering Lawrence S. Reiner B.S. Special Education Physical Education John F. Richards B.S. Management 174 Sandra Robertson B.A. Elementary Education Mark Rosen B.A. History Economics Karen Rocco B.S. English Sydney Rosenberg B.S. Management Robert Rogers B.A. History George Rossi B.S. Marketing Harvey Rubens B.S. Mathematics Gedininas V. Rygertas B.A. Psychology Steven Rubinow B.S. B.A. Biology Chemistry Gloria Ryzner B.A. Special Education Paul Ruffolo B.A. History Education Linda Sabo B.S. Structural Engineering Javier Rosales B.S. Physics John Rotunno B.A. Criminal Justice Romas Rupinskas B.S. Thermomechanical Engineering Parhad Sadighian B.S. Communications Engineering 175 Artoush Safari! B.S. Communications Engineering Terry Sakurada B.S. Mathematics Homer H. Sanford B.S. Mechanical Engineering Allan Samson B.A. Political Science Leslie Sal kin B.A. Psychology Elso Salazar B.A. Chemistry Pamela Schaaf B.A. Elementary Education Jacqueline Sbarboro B.A. Design Christel Sauer German Mora! San Juan Structural Engineering and Materials Richard Schepler B.A. Accounting Andrea Schottland B.A. History Jack Scurte B.S. Mathematics Donald Schulz B.A. History Neil Scheufler Brian S. Schroeder B.S. Management Charles Schwarz B.A. History Joyce Seaberry B.A. Speech Scott Schiave B.S. Management Linda Schroeder B.S. Sociology Wilbert Scipio Karen Sederberg B.A. Elementary Education J. Schnulle B.S. Elementary Education Thomas Schroeder B.S. Chemistry Mary Scott B.A. Sociology Kathleen Selwa B.A. Sociology 177 Michael Simmons B.S. Electrical Engineering Jeanette M. Skiera B.A. Psychology Karen Smith B.S. Mathematics Maureen Shanahan B.A. Psychology Mark Siegel B.A. Technology Maryann T. Sirota B.A. Elementary Education Ramona Smiley B.A. Eie.T.entary Education Carol A. Skippet B.S. Physical Education Stephanie Smith B.A. English Ronald Smetana B.S. Operations and Industrial Research Jacob Smith-Andoh B.S. Accounting Andrew Serowski B.S. Biology Paul Shrimplin B.A. Psychology Edward Sindles B.A. Criminal Justice Edmund Shiu B.S. Information Engineering Anthony Simotes B.A. Theater 178 Cheryl Sopicki B.A. Elementary Education Allen Sommerfeld B.A. History Sonia Sorejian B.A. History Bill Spaulding B.S. Physical Geography Mary Sfiroles B.A. History Debra Stanford B.A. Elementary Education Dennnis Stanley B.S. Marketing Franklin Soo Hoo B.A. Accounting Management Laurie Spak Susan Srnensky B.S. Physical Education Lillian Stanton B.S. History Choo-Teck Soon B.S. Structural Engineering Mark Spandikow B.A. Psychology Joan Stalmack B.S. Mathematics Thomas Stellwag B.A. History 179 I Jeffrey Stevenson B.A. Art Christopher Stewart B.A. Criminal Justice Tim Stiglic B.S. Communications Engineering Lynn Stephenson B.A. History Ronald Stigler B.A. German Sandra Stoffregen B.A. English Cathy Stieber B.A. Psychology William Stonitch B.A. History Carol Suhr B.A. Elementary Education Adolpho Suweis B.S. Engineering Philip Strieter B.S. Accounting Nihad Swais B.A. English Thomas Strnad B.A. Political Science Eleanor Sussey B.A. Sociology Fawaz Sweis B.S. Chemical Engineering Suwat Suwandee B.S. Management Eddie Swift B.S. Biology Steve Szegho B.A. Communications Liane Szymanski B.S. Physical Education Ronald Tamada B.S. Environmental Engineering William W. Tang B.S. Chemistry Linda Tasch B.A. Communications Design i -. Eva Tomaszewski B.A. History Patricia Tardi B.A. English Gregory Tiedt B.S. Energy Engineering James Trent B.S. Marketing Marja Tymann B.A. German Robert Trinzo B.S. Marketing Alma Tyson B.S. Psychology Criminal Justice Thomas B. Tessenyi B.S. Engineering Gustavo Torre B.A. Spanish A. R. Troxler ' B. A. Criminal Justice Pre-Law Mary Anne Uchanski B.S. English Lydia Tarasenko B.A. Psychology Diane Thurow B.A. History of Art and Architecture Michael Tracy B .S. Physical Education S;- ' SEP. ! urnei 3. A ’ SVchoitiViV 182 Ehimare Ukegheson B.A. B.S. Chemistry Biology Carol Vanderhack B.A. Elementary Education Anthony Vidlak B.A. Architecture Ronald Voigts B.A. Psychology Sociology Lucille Usher B.A. Elementary Education JoAnne Vasquez B.A. Elementary Education George Vinakos B.S. Communications Constance Vacca B.S. Physical Education Roland Vanagas Patricia Vesper B.S. Physical Education Vanessa Velissaris B.S. Mathematics Connie Vlahavas B.A. Education Paul Vladem B.S. Accounting Philip Waid B.A. Matherrwtics Stan Vymyslicky B.S. Computer Science Ruthann Wachowicz B.S. Elementary Education 183 Robert Wolowiec B.A. Economics Tim Wang B.S. Information Engineering Wilma Walsh B.A. Speech Paul Wallace B.A. Criminal Justice Rita Ware B.S. rllsto.’-v Rita Ware B.S. History Political Science Susan Warland B.S. Biology 184 Stephen Warns B.A. Psychology Richard Wasilewskj B.S. Management Christine Werderits B.A. Psychology Riette Wicks B.A. Art Education Habib Warwar B.S. Civil Wilma Watt B.A. Special Education Carl White B.S. Education William Wikar B.A. History Biology Gloria Washington B.A. Elementary Education Warren C. Webb B.A. History James White B.A. Political Science Pat Williamson B.S. Biology Paulette Washinton B.A. Elementary Education Robert Weinberg Penelope White B.S. Elementary Education Deborah Wilson B.A. Education 185 David Winner B.S. Economics Richard Wojcik B.A. Philosophy Gary Wong B.S. Energy Engineering Alonzo T. Woods B.A. History Bryan Yonan B.S. Industrial Engineering Yvonne Yuen Valerie Wright B.S. Accounting John W. Yore B.S. Aerospace Elia Zabaneh B.S. Information Engineering Louis Yee B.S. Information Engineering Kathy Young B.S. Biology Edward Zajac B.S. Marketing Victor Y. Wong B.S. Computer Science Cindy Yeung B.S. Chemistry Charlotte Yu B.A. Chemistry Daniela Zaluda B.S. Chemistry 186 Margaret Zeglin B.A. P.G.A. Richard Zubko B.S. Communications Claudia Zuccato B.A. Criminal Justice Michael Zylberman B.A. Psychology Harriette Condes B.A. English 190 A ADAMS, MYRNA R. Karate Champion in form and self- defense; Freshman class president; Pres¬ ident of Black Student Association; Chairman of College Presidential Com¬ mittee on awareness in learning. ADKINS, DIANE AGUIRRE, EVELYNE Honors day recognition; Commence¬ ment ' 72. AJOSE, AKINSANYA Soccer team; Swim team; Vice-presi¬ dent of Black Political Science Associa¬ tion; Alpha Phi Alpha. ALCORN, COZETTA ALEXANDER, MICHAEL ALLISON, MARYANN ANDERSON, DAVID Dean ' s List; Varsity Football. ANDERSON, CAROL Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship. ANDERSON, WARREN D. ANDRIANOPOULAS, EFI Member of the Hellenic Club. ANGELICO, DIANNE ARADI, LENORE Major club-P.E.; Pi Alpha Tau. ARADI, LESTER Skiing lllini; R.O.T.C.; Pi Alpha Tau ARNOLD, JOSEPH Skiing lllini. ARQUILLA, MARC V. ASHBY, WAYNE R. JR. I.E.E.E.; Industrial Scholar Award. AYERS, PATRICIA Dean ' s List; Transfer Student; Univer¬ sity of Wisconsin. B BACHELIER, ELIZABETH BAFFOUR, KINGSLEY Soccer Team; Ghana Students Union, President; International Students Or¬ ganization Member. BALDASSI, ADRIANA Alpha Lambda Delta; James Scholar; Dean ' s List. BAKER, JAMES B. Malcolm X College Dual Enrollment Buddy Program. BANGURA, DOMINIC JR. BANOUL, JANICE Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Theta Upsilon; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasur¬ er; Gamma Theta Upsilon, Secretary Treasurer; Student Advisory Council. BARA, DIANE Aquiana Synchronized Womens Swim Team, President. BARCHESKI, LARRY Publicity Manager, UlCC Spring Carni¬ val; Swim Team; Circle Yearbook Staff; Pi Alpha Tau. BARNAS, KENNETH Intermurals; Dean ' s List. BARNER, JANICE Black Student Union, Black Chorus; AAU, Womens Volleyball Team. BASDEN, ADRIAN BATTS, BEVERLY Member of Student Board; Manage¬ ment Committee; Student Branch of American Management Association. BAUER, RUTH Gamma Gamma Gamma. BEACHAM, MARCELLA BEASLEY, KIM J. Tau Kappa Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers. BECKER, WENDY Transferred from University of Wiscon¬ sin; Organizer of All-Student Fine Art Photographe Contest. BEDNAR, JANIS BEITLER, MILES The Student Poet; Pier Room Club; Honors Day Commendation. BELIN, WALTER BENFORD,CARROLL BERCZYNSKI, ROBERT American Society of Civil Engineers. BERNAL, FRED BERNSTEIN, ELLEN Phi Sigma Sigma. BERNSTEIN, SUSAN Dean ' s List. BERTUCCI, MARY Newman Organization; Homecoming Queen Candidate of 1970. BIBERGALL, GERALD Bio-Engineering Society-Secretary. BILOTTA, ANTHONY L. On campus TV show " Sidelight " ; Media internship; Dean ' s List; 01R worker. BILYK, WALTER Cross-country team. BINDSM, MORRIS Intermural Softball team; Dean ' s list; College Honors; Departmental Distinc¬ tion 1. BLACK, WENDY Daily lllini. Staff writer-U. of I. Urbana; Chicago Circle Broadcasting. BLASZKA, HAROLD BLAZEJEWICZ, SOPHIE Polish Club. BLOSS, CATHERINE BOBER, VERONICA Tour Guide; Ukrainian Club. BONDS, ALONZO BORHAN, MEHDI BOZYK, MARY ELLEN BRADY, FRANK Pre Law Society; Spanish Club. BRANDOLF, HENRY A.S.C.E. BRANDT, KAREN Alpha Lambda Delta; James Scholar; American Marketing Association, Gamma Gamma Gamma. BRAZLEY, GERALDINE BROCCOLO, FRANCIS BROOKS, MICHAEL Foreign Language Representative; Pro¬ ducer-Director for Sidelight. BROWN, DEBRA L. BROWN, LINDA Black Studies. BROWN, PAUL Tau Alpha Rho; Bowling Team. BROWN, RHONDA American Marketing Association BRUMAGE, JIM Dean ' s List; Departmental Distinction; Trips. BRUNIS, MICHAEL M.B.A. Program; American Marketing Association, Dean ' s List. BRUTZKUS, MARSHA BRYANT, QUATALYNE BUDA, JANICE Track Team. BUDIS, JOHN BUDZYNSKI, JOHN BUFFA, ROBERT Zeta Psi, Past member of Independent Collegiate Republicans. BUGAJSKI, THOMAS Phi Kappa Theta. BUGRAK,ANGELYNA BULANDA, MARY ANN BURKHART, BECKY AOTT-U. of Toledo Chapter Freshman Year. BURNS, MARTHA BUTKOVICH, CLAIRE Skiing lllini; Sailing lllini; Track Team; Secretary of Seawolves Unlimited; Scuba Club; Former Co-chairman of Far N.W. chapter of Campaign against Pollution. BUTLER, BEN JR. Track and Field. C CAMPBELL, EVELYN CANERDAY, SAMMY CARR, DIANE James Scholar; LAS Student Advisory Committee; Physical Undergrad Educa¬ tion Committee. CARRASCO, GEORGE CASALE, THOMAS CASSETTARI, DENNIS CASTILLO, MANUEL B.l.T.O.A. CERNAK, DONALD Dean ' s List; Honors Program. CERNANSKY, SHARON CHAN, SAMUEL CHAN, YUK QUON CHEN, ALAN CHIN, DANIEL I.E.E.E.;S.A.E. CHOW, LING LING CHUN, JAMES CHUN,ROBERT Phi Eta Sigma; Karate Club; Pi Alpha Tau. CIFUENTES, OSCAR A.S.M.E. CLAWSON,GARY COHEN,BERYL COHEN,BRUCE Chicago Circle Players. COHEN, IVY James Scholar; lllini Staff. COHN,DEBRA COLEMAN, KATHLEEN COLLAZO, CHARLES COLLETTI, MARY Alpha Lambda Delta; Newman Com¬ munity; Concert Choir-president and Vice-President COLLINS, ALICE Black Sisterhood; B.S.O.C.; Newslet¬ ter. COLOMBO, LEAH Proofreader for Imprint; French Tutor; Dean ' s List; French Club; Newman; Freshman Weekend Committee; Fresh¬ man Weekend Counselor. CONE, ROBIN Theta Gamma Phi; Phi Sigma Sigma. CONWAY, LEO COOLEY, HELEN K. Dean ' s List; College Honors, Depart¬ mental Distinction; Teacher Education Scholarship; Alumni Association. COOPER, ATTHEA Alpha Kappa Alpha; Parents Coopera¬ tive. COPELAND, HAZEL Student Mobilization Committee; Stu¬ dent Caucus, Dean ' s List. COPELAND, MICHAEL CORCORAN, SHEILA Sailing Club. CORDOVA, EDWARD CRAWFORD, MURIEL Dean ' s List. CROCKETT, CAROLYN CROWLEY, THOMAS CUMPATA, GEORGE Transferred from C.U. D DASZKO, GEORGE DAVIS, GAIL DeLEON, ANN Spanish Club; Young Democrats. DENNEHY, DONALD Veteran ' s Club DeRIGGI, DEBRA DESAI, MOHMMAD DETTLOFF, ROSEMARY DEYERLER, ERIC A. American Marketing Association. DIHU, BASIM DIHU, REMON DILLON, JAMES President - Skiing lllini. DISNEY, JAMES F. Lambda Alpha Epsilon - Sargeant at Arms. DONATO, ELENA DOUGLASS, GAIL A. Dean ' s List. DROGOS, ERIC Skiing Illini-Vice-President. DROUIN, BRUCE Phi Eta Sigma-Historian; James Scho¬ lars; Ecology Program-Treasurer; Chi¬ cago Circle Players; Dean ' s List. DRUECK, STEVEN James Scholar. DRUTYS, RAMUTE DUBIN, STUART Intermural Handball, Football, and Baseball; Dean ' s List. DUDAK, JOSEPH DUMKE, JUDITH DUNHAM, EMMETT E. II Tau Alpha Rho; Sailing Club; Student Government Assemblyman; Student Advisory Board to the Chancellor; Dean ' s List. DURR, WILLIAM American Marketing Association. DUSZA, CYNTHIA DZIUBLA, MICHAEL E EADON, JACK ECKER, KENNETH R. Cross Country; Outdoor Track; Indoor Track; Baseball; Swimming. EDELBROCK, JOHN F., JR. Phi Eta Sigma. EISENSTEIN, ROBERT Students for Prison Reform-President; UlCC Cook County Jail Volunteers- Co-ordinator; Dean ' s List. EL-ABOUR, ABDELFATTAT ELLIS, CHARLESETTA Dean ' s List. ENG, LOUISE EOYANG,MEGAN Alpha Lambda Delta; James Scholar; Tai Chi Chuan Association at UICC- President. ERAZMUS, DAVID Chi Delta Phi ; American Marketing Association. EREZ, MOSHE ERPELDING, LINDA ESKINAZI, NADIA Phi Kappa Phi ; Phi Theta Kappa; Mem¬ ber of L.A.S. Student Advisory Com¬ mittee; French Department Staff Meet- ings-Student Representative. EVANS, JAMES American Marketing Association. EWALT, ANN James Scholar. F FASHOYIN, OMOTAYO FELDMAN, LESLIE Dean ' s List. FELIX, KEN FEROZ, SYED Pakistan Students Association-Gen.Sec¬ retary; Muslim Students Association. FERRANTINO, DENNIS A. Dean ' s List. FIEDLER, WAYNE Duncan Student Community. FIELD, ROYCE FINE, LAWRENCE Cable Coalition; Writing Program; I.M. Basketball. FIORENTINO, YOLANDA E. Italian Club; Chicago Circle Concert Choir. FITZGERALD, LAURA E. FLORES, MARY James Scholar; Dean ' s List. FOLLADORI, LINDA Major ' s Club; Chicago Circle Dancers; Circle Dance Theater-Vice-President. FORD, JERRY FORTUNE, MAURICE FOUNTAS, NICHOLAS Z. G.T.U.; Helenic Club, Young Republi¬ cans. FOUNTAS, OLGA Helenic Club-Secretary; Society of Women Engineers-Secretary Treasurer; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. FOX,ROBERT Gamma Theta Upsilon; Student Advis¬ ory Committee; Concert Band. FRANK, FRANZ I.E.E.E. FRANKS, MICHAEL Tutor; Choir. FREEMAN,CAROLE FRIED, TED A. FRIEDMAN, WILLIAM I.E.E.E.; Dean ' s List. FUENTES, JESSE FUNG, MICHAEL G CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS of 73 Compliments of Alderman FRED B. ROTI GAIDA, DONNA P.E. Major ' s Club; W.A.A. Extramural Volleyball; I.M. Volleyball; Social Chairman of Womens Physical Educa¬ tion Club; Dean ' s List; Women ' s Ath¬ letic Association. GIANES, PATRICIA GALLION, TERESA Women ' s Fencing I earn; Black Students, Secretary; Psychological Association. GARCIA-CAMILO, LUIS Phi Theta Kappa. GARFIELD, WILLIAM Help Stop Pollution - Vice-President; Circle K. Club-Vice-President. GARRICK, JOYCE Alpha Lambda Delta; O.B.P.; Student Advisory Service; Karate Club. GARROU, G. RANDALL Tennis Team, Skiing lllini. GASOWSKI, KRYSTYNA Skiing lllini; Sailing lllini; Geography Club. GAVANES, DINO Zeta Psi-President; Engineering Advis¬ ory Board, Advisory Committee to the Chancellor, Educational Policy Com¬ mittee, American Society of Metals. GAZDA, ARLENE James Scholar, American Marketing Association, Dean ' s List. GEROLIMATOS, SPIRIDON GEROULIS, JOHN S. GEROULIS, MARY ANNE Student Caucus, S.E.A. GHASSEMI-POUR MEHDI Ski Club; A.LA. GIACOMINO, KENNETH Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma. GIANNINI, GEMMA Gamma Gamma Gamma. GIBBONS, SHEILA GIBSON, ALBERTA 191 GIBSON, DAVID Dean ' s List. GINGRICH, C. DAVID Wrestling; Concert Band. GIOVACCHINI, MICHAEL Amateur Radio Club; Yearbook Staff; Photographer; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. GIRGIS, SAMUEL Dean ' s List; Soccer. GIROLAMO, JANICE Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Gamma Gamma. GlUFFRE, ALAN Delta Sigma Phi; Beta Alpha Psi; Stu¬ dent Government-Treasurer; Commit¬ tee on Student Discipline. GIZA, DIANE Spanish Club; Campus Crusade for Christ. GLADYCH, LAURA GLUCKLICH, WALTER GMITEREK, ALICE Track Team; Gymnastics Team; Wo¬ men ' s Athletic Association, Freshman Weekend Counselor. GOLDMAN, HOWARD Beta Gamma Sigma. GOLDMAN, KAREN Theta Gamma Phi. GOODMAN, RICHARD Sigma Alpha Mu. GORMAN, DAN GOTTLIER, GEORGE S. GOUVAS, DORA GREBB, APRIL Illinois Council for Exceptional Chil¬ dren. GREEN, EVELYN GREEN,SHERRY Hillel; Yawneh, Secretary and Vice-presi¬ dent. GREGORICH, HELEN Women ' s Athletic Association; Major ' s Club. GREKOWICZ, DIANE GROSSER, GLEN American Management Association. GUIDER, MARGARET Activities Honorary Society; Imprint Magazine; Council for Exceptional Chil¬ dren, President; Newman Community, Vice-President; Student Government assemblyman. GUILLERMO, JUANITA GUILLERMO, LINDA College Honors and Departmental Dis¬ tinction. H HAGER, SANDRA Dean ' s List; Student ' s International Meditation Society. HANAK, LORETTA Campus Tour Guides. HANSEN, HUGUETTE HANSON, ARDITH HARDY, MARCIA HASZLAKIEWICZ, ANDREW G. Circula; Tennis Team; Pi Alpha Tau, Treasurer; Skiing lllini; R.O.T.C.; Circa Yearbook, Photographer and Senior Editor, I.F.C. Bowling. HATZOPOULOU,TEREZA Hellenic Club. HAY, ELIZABETH Concert Band; Concert Choir; Chamb¬ er Choir; LAS Student Advisory Com¬ mittee. HECHT, ILENE Theta Gamma Phi; Teaching Assistant; Student Advisory Board. HE I DEM ANN, JOHN HELLER, ADRIANA HELOPOULOS, CHRIS Fencing Team; Fencing Manager. HEMANI, GIRISH India Students, President. HENDRON, PATRICIA Alpha Lamda Delta; James Scholar. HENEK, THOMAS Chicago Circle Broadcasting. HENTSCHEL, JOYCE Track Team; Dean ' s List; Music Tutor. HICKS, WILHELMINIA HILL, BARBARA HITTIE, JOANN James Scholar; Imprint; W.A.A.; Fresh¬ man Weekend CoChairman, Executive Secretary;Sailing lllini, Treasurer; New¬ man Committee. HLIVKO, GERALD Graduation with honors; Pocket Bil¬ liard Champion. HO, BYRON HOBAN, MICHAEL HOFFMAN, DIANE HOLMES, JANYCE Black Students Organization for Com¬ munication. HOLMES, MANFORD Black Chorus, Treasurer. HONG,NANCY HOPKINS, ROSETTA Black Student Association, Roosevelt University Torch Newspaper. HOPPE, LINDA Lutheran Student Organization; Vol¬ unteer Montessori Teacher Assistant. HORTON,SHARON HOUSE, GENE HOWE, PAMELA HUNT, JAMES HUSSEINI, NABILA Student Government; O.A.S. I IGOE, PHILIP Alpha Phi Omega, President; Pi Alpha Tau; Student Government; Founder of Life Science, Co-Founder of Help Stop Pollution, and Zero Population Growth; C.S.A. IMIELSKI, RICHARD Chi Delta Phi. INCIARDI, ALAN Alpha Kappa Psi; Interfratority Coun¬ cil. IWANSKI, THOMAS Dean ' s List. J JACOBS, DAVID G. American Society of Civil Engineers; Intramural Football; Taft Hall. " JAMES, EDWARD JR. Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer. JARIWALA, DEVENDRA JARNUTOWSKI, DEBBIE Gamma Gamma Gamma, Treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta. JARTZ, VINCENT JASIONOWSKI, MARTIN JAVORKA, JOSEPHINE Pi Alpha Tau; Interfraternity volley¬ ball; Interfraternity baseball; Dean ' s List; Teacher Education Scholarship. JAWNYJ, NICHOLAS JEDINAK, MARY LASOWSKI Student Advisory Committee, Art and Architecture. JENKINS, ALEX JENSEN, WILLIAM JESS, RICHARD Alpha Sigma Pi; Transferred from Uni¬ versity of Iowa. JOHNSON, CAROLYN JOHNSON, EUGENIA JOHNSON, GARY Yearbook staff, photographer. JOHNSON, MONICA JONAS, CHARLES Karate Club. JONES, LINDA Delta Sigma Theta; Black Chorus; Cook County Jail Project; E.A.P. Student. JONES, SHIRLEY JOSEPH, JOHN Football team. JURUK, MARIO K KAIDER, MARCELLA KAISER, LORETTA Alpha Lambda Delta; Council for Ex¬ ceptional Children; Track Team; Dean ' s List. KALLAS, EDWARD KALMAN, KAREN KAO, SANTIAGO Chinese Student Association. KARABATSOS, STAUROULA KARADSHEM, SAMIR I. Organization of International Students; Organization of Arab Students. KARBIN, MARLENE Alpha Lambda Delta; James Scholar; Chemistry Student Advisory Board; Student Affiliate of American Chemi¬ cal Society; Biology Advisor. KARNEZIS, MARY KARP, HILARY Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; James Scholar; Karate Club, Treasurer. KASIUBA, M.J. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; R.O.T.C., 2nd Lt. KASPER, GERALD American Marketing Association. KATELANOS, GIOTA KAVIANY-NEJAD MASSOUD Soccer Team; AIAA. KECK, VIRGINIA KELLOG,SCOTT Cross Country; Track Team; Lutheran Student Association. KELLY, EDWARD Football, Taft Hall; Instructor in the Federal Summer Youth Program at UICC. KELSTROM, MICHAEL Dean ' s List; Transferred from College of DuPage. KEMPSKI, GREGORY KESLIN, JOSEPH K. Skiing lllini; Sailing lllini; Bioengineer¬ ing Society. KIEBALA, TRUDI Student Government, Assembly Mem¬ ber. Member-at-large, Internal Affairs Vice-President, Executive Vice-Presi¬ dent; Freshman Weekend; Chicago lllini; Activities Honorary Society; Grail; Newman; Student Discipline Committee; Book Exchange Co-Chair¬ man. KIJEWSKI, MARILYN KIMMONS, RODERICK Track Team. KIRCH, KATHLEEN Dean ' s List; Circle Day Care Center. KENDOR, LOSAY Graduate of 1972; B.A. Criminal Just¬ ice, B.S. Political Science, President of South Africa Committee. KIRCHBERG, THOMAS L. KISKA, KATHLEEN James Scholar. KIZIOR, GREGORY Honors Convocation Recognition; Dean ' s List. KLEIN, MARTIN KLUSS, FRED KOEPLIN, SANDRA KOHL, BILL 192 KONOPKA, PETER J. KOPP, ANTHONY W. KORINEK, KEITH KORTH, MONIKA KOSIN, VALERIE KOSTAKIS, MARY KOZOMAN, ROBERT Dean ' s List. KOZONIS, MARIA KRAFT, ROBERTA. JR. KRAMER, JACK Sigma Alpha Mu. KRAWCZAK, LINDA KRUKOWSKI, DIANNE KRZYZOWSKI, NANCY KUCERA, JOSEPH College Republicans. KUJAWINSKI, GREGORY KOLA, EDWARD KULAK, DIANE KUMAR, NARENDRA KUNG, LILA James Scholar. KUPFER, MICHAEL KUPPERSMITH, TOBY KUTA, JOHN American Marketing Association. KWASEK, JULIUS Student Chapter CSI. KWIT, JUDI KWOK, TAI L LADIEN, KIMBALL James Scholar, Comment. LANDRUNE, JOANNE LANDRY, YVONNE Gamma Phi Delta, Dean ' s List. LANGSTON, JUDY Chicago lllini. Imprint, IOC Comment, Campus Crusade for Christ, Concert Choir, Freshman Weekend Committee Counselor. LARRIEU, PATRICIA Chicago Chronicles Nutritionists, Black Cultural Arts Festival, Illinois Institute of Juvenile Research, Black Students Organized for Communication. LASKOWSKI, RICHARD LAURENCE, ROBERT A. Dean ' s List, Honors, A.I.A.A. LAZZAR, WILSON LEAHY, NOIRIN Dean ' s List. LEE, CHUNGHAI LEE, JI-MIN LEE, ROSEMARY G. LEISZ, ALFREDA LEONE, JOHN LEONG, WILLIAM LEUNG, MARILYN LEVI, BAROUKH LEVY, BOB Chicago Circle Broadcasting, President; Fencing, Cable Co-Alition, Organized video tape division of CCB. LEWIS, MAURICE Sigma Alpha Mu. LI, WILLIAM W. James Scholar, Dean ' s List, Chinese Student Association, Treasurer; Fresh¬ man Orientation Leader. LIEBHABER, RALPH Veterans Club-Vice President; Intra¬ mural Boxing and Pool; AMA; ROTC; College Republicans; Newman Club. LIM, HENRY LINNERUD, ALAN Wrestling Team LISICICH, PETER Political Science-Teaching Assistant; Skiing lllini; College Republicans. LIU, ROSEMARY Council for Exceptional Children. LIVERIS, RANDY LOCHARD, LESLY G. LOMBARDO, ANTHONY J. JR. lota Lambda; Business Administration Club-Vice President; IFC Football. LOMBARDO, FRANK Freshman Weekend, Newman Club, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir. LONG,TERRY LONGERMAN, CATHERINE LOPUSZYNSKI, GEORGE Gamma Kappa Rho. LUCINSKI, DIANE LUGO-REGO, JANICE Sigma Gamma Rho. LUM, DAVID Chess Club; A.S.I.E.; Chinese Student Association; Dean ' s List; I.M. Football and Basketball. LUSTER, AARON Honors. M MACALTAO,LARA Concerned Latin Students; SEA. MACKAY,CAROL Intramural Volleyball; College Honors; Psychology Laboratory Work; Dean ' s List. MADORSKY, BARBARA Theta Gamma Phi, Phi Sigma Sigma. MAFFIA, SYLVIA MAGGARD, LINDA James Scholar, French Club. MAGNINE, PETER MAHONE, SYLVIA MAITZEN, ROBERT JR. Newman Community, Freshman Week end Committee. MANGOS, KATHLEEN MANTIA, BRUCE Accounting Students Advisory Board, James Scholar, Dean ' s List, Honors at graduation. MARASOVICH, CAROL Intramural Volleyball. MARGOSEIN, KIMBERLY Dean ' s List, Political Science Teachers Aide, IFW, IPMS, Civil Air Patrol. MARKHAM, JAMES E. MARLOW, DAVID Student Education Association, Presi¬ dent; Student Caucus, Chairman; Acti¬ vities Society Honorary, Human Rela¬ tions Committee, SEA, Chairman. MARSCHKE, GARY Activities Honorary Society; Vets Club, V.P.; lllini; Business Admin. Student Board, Chairman; Student Advisory Board to President, Chairman; Student Advisor to State Board of Higher Edu¬ cation; Student Govt. Assemblyman; Vice Chancellors Advisory Committee. MARSHALL, BRUCE MARTINSON, KENNETH MASON, SHIRLEY MATTHIESEN, DONALD Dean ' s List, Sailing lllini. Freshman Weekend, IEEE Student Branch, Circle Law Center. MATTIESEN, HAPPY RONS Activities Honorary Society, Sec.; Pro¬ gram Executive Committee, Circula, Circle Yearbook, Office Mgr.; Phi Zap¬ pa Krappa, Imprint, Sailing lllini, New¬ man Community, Freshman Weekend Co-Chairman, CSA Subcommittee Chairman, Dean ' s List, Circle Law Cen¬ ter, Homecoming, Orientation Leader MATTUSEN, AUGUST MATWIJIW, MICHAEL MCALOON, JAMES MCARTHUR, HOWARD MCCANN, PATRICIA MCCLURE, JONATHAN C. MCCREIGHT, ANITA 193 MCDERMOTT, EILEEN MCGARRITY, GLORIA MCGOWN, RITA MCKILLIP, ROSEMARY MCKINNEY, WALTER MCKINNEY, WILLIAM MCKWARTIN, DAN B. Dean ' s List, Ghana Students Union, UlCC Rep at 58th Annual Conference of Speech Association. MEAD, HOWARD Gamma Theta Upsilon, Geography Club. MEAD. MARY Anthropological Student Association. MEHTA, GAURANG James Scholar, Phi Eta Sigma. MAHTA, VIRBALA S. Dean ' s List. MENCH,MARY Synchronized Swim Team, P.E. Major ' s Club, Cor. Secretary, Newman Com¬ munity, Dean ' s List. MENDELSBERG,JEFFREY MENDELSON, CLAIRE Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Hillel, Students for Israel, James Scholar, Dean ' s List, Student Govt. MERKIN, BARBARA Theta Gamma Phi, Dean ' s List. MERRIFIELD, CAROLYN MEYER,CAROL Badminton Team. MICHALEK, RONALD E. Tennis Team, Ski Club, Geology Club. MILESKI, DARLENE Newman Community. MICUREC, PETER Skiing mini. College Republicans. MOORE, JERRYCE Black Student Newspaper. MOORE, THOMAS James Scholar, Track Team, Intra¬ murals. MODY, ASHWIN India Students Association, V.P. MORGAN, ELLA MORGAN, JACOUELINE MARKAY, DONALD Honorary Activities Society, I Mini, Re¬ porter, News Editor, Mg. Editor, Editor in Chief, Exec. Editor; Student Govern¬ ment Rep., Headline Journalism Club, Circle Independent Democrats. MORRIS, JANET Delta Sigma Theta, Black Chorus. MORRIS, RICHARD MORUA, DIGNA Dean ' s List. MOSOUEDA, FEINANDO Latin American Students. MOTYL, ADRIENNE James Scholar, Aquinas Swim Team, UlCC Dance Theater, Psch. Undergrad Society. MOY, DICK MOY, JOHN R. Dean ' s List. MOY, ROSE MOY, SHEK TUNG Chinese Club. MUELLER, JAMES MUI, RENEE Alpha Lambda Delta, James Scholar, Honor Day, Dept. Distinction in Math. MULLINS, RONALD Phi Theta Kappa. MURFF, WILL JAMES MURPHY, JAMES MURRAY, FRANCES MURRAY,THERESE MUSKUS, THOM.AS J. National Honorary Society of Persh¬ ing Rifles, Rifle Team. N NA80ZNY, JULIAN mini, Sports Writer; Soccer Team, Spanish Club, President. NAVAL, MARIA Pi Alpha Tau. NELSON, DIANE LOUISE Phi Theta Kappa, W.A.A., PE Major ' s Club, Campus Crusade for Christ, mini, Kakeidoscope, Extramural Field Hockey, Softball, Basketball, and Track and Field Teams, Swim Timer, Pres- Council on Fitness Day, Majors Publici¬ ty Comm., Sect. Sportsdays. NEUDORF, JOAN James Scholar. NICHOLS, PATRICIA Black Choir, Dean ' s List, Intramural Sports. NIEDZINSKI, MIROSLAW NIXON, LAURA NORWOOD, WILLIAM NOVAK, ROGER W. Activities Honorary Society, Newman Comm., Pres.; Freshman Weekend Co- Chairman, Karate Club, CCB, Indep. College Republicans, Senate Coordinat¬ ing Council, Center Board, Urban Sciences Taks Force, Orientation Comm., Student Govt., Dean ' s List, Business Admin. Student Board, In¬ tramural Volleyball, Indep. Voters of Circle. NOVAK, SANDRA Circle Christian Fellowship. NOWAK, CYNTHIA 0 O ' BRIEN, JAMES Dean ' s List, Varsity Football. OCHALA, THOMAS OLANDER, CHRIS Phi Eta Sigma, James Scholar, Intra¬ mural Swimming, Weight Lifting, and Handball. OLASEWERE, ABUBAKAR A. ONTIVEROS, RAYMOND ORCHOW, HOWARD ORTH, LINDA Illinois Council for Exceptional Chil¬ dren, A.C.E.C., Dean ' s List, James Scholar. ORTMAN, DEBBIE OSBORN, MARK L. OTIS, DEBORAH P PACHOWICZ, LINDA Skiing lllini. PACYK, JOSEPH S. PADAR, JAMES R. PALASSIS, VELISSARIOS PALCAN, LUCIA Ukrainian Club. PALMER, BETTYE PALMER, MITCHELL PALUCH, MARY PANDOCCHI, PATRICIA L. Dean ' s List, American Marketing As¬ sociation, College of Bus. Student Board. PANEK, JOHN Varsity Volleyball and Football Teams, Circle Guard. PAPPAS, BETTY Sec.-Tres. of Joint Students. PARASKEVOULACOS, JOHN Hellenic Club. PARKER,CAROLE Dean ' s List. PARKER, DANIEL G. PARKINSON, DIANA PASSIAS, GOERGE G. American Inst, of Astronautics and Aeronautics, Dean ' s List. PATTERSON, VALERIE PAVLINI, THOMAS American Marketing Association, V.P.; Founded the Marketing Club News. PAVUR, GAIL Council for Exceptional Children. PECKA, CLAIRE PENCZAK, JOAN Alpha Lampda Delta. PERA,ABRAHAM PERALTA, RICARDO A.LA.A., El Cuadro Latinaomericano, Student Comm, on Latin American Studies. PERRIN, STAN Circula, lllini. Student Govt. Assembly Member, Newman Community, CCB, Center Board, Food Service Commit- 66 . PERSAD, UNANAN Advisory Commi ttee on Foreign Stu¬ dents, OIS, Executive Committee. PETERSON, KRISANA PETROPOULOS, ATHANASIDS PETRUNIC, JANET PEURYE, HANA PHILLIPS, JAHN Dean ' s List, Honor Student, Black Chorus. PHILLIPS, LOUISE PIKE, RUSSELL Association of Minority Engineers, President. PINES, ROBERT lllini. PLUMMER, SANDRA Circle Chorus, Black Chorus. POEDJOKERTO, DAVID POLLACK, HAROLD Dean ' s List. POLA, MISHELL POLLOWAY, JOANNE Dance. POULOS, HELEN Hellenic Club, Circula, Orientation Leader for Freshmen. PREDKIEWICZ, JOHN PREISS, CARL PROSSER, JAMES PRZYBYLSKI, ROBERT American I nst. Of Chemical Engineers, Chairman; Freshman Weekend. PUTERKO, WALTER R RADLOWSKI, ROBERT RAHMAN, RIZA Soccer Team, Dean ' s List. RAJKOVICH, SAVO RANDELL, HARRY Dean ' s List, Spanish Dept. Comm., Teacher of Spanish 101. RASHIED, KHALID Karate Club, International Students Organization. RATLIFF, GREGORY RATLIFF, JUANITA REED, SHARON REINER, LAWRENCE Football, Basketball, Track, and Wrest¬ ling Teams, Grad, with honors. REVOLLO, TOMAS E. REYNOLDS, ARTHUR RICARD, MICHAEL J. RICHARDS, JOHN F. RICHMOND, MARK Student Advisory Committee of OM Department. RIEF, ITZIK Israeli Student Club. RIGNEY, PATRICK lllini. RIVERA, J.P. RIVIERE, NITA Dean ' s List. RIZZO, BARBARA ROBERTSON, SANDRA ROCCO, KAREN ROGERS, ROBERT ROSALES, JAVIER ROSEN, MARK Sigma Alpha Mu, Phi Eta Sigma, Student Govt., James Scholar. ROSENBERG,SYDNEY ROSSI, GOERGE American Marketing Association, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, James Schol¬ ar. ROTUNNO, JOHN Phi Eta Sigma, James Scholar, Spanish Advisory Board Rep., L.A.S. Advisory Board Rep. RUBENS, HAR VEY Dean ' s List. RUBINOW, STEVEN James Scholar, Student Advisory Board for Chemistry and Biology, American Chemical Society, Tennis Club, Chess Club. RUFFOLO, PAUL Handball, Tau Kappa Epsilon. RUPINSKAS, TOMAS Lithuanian Student Association. RYGERTAS, GEDININAS V. RYZNER, GLORIA S SABO, LINDA A.S.C.E., S.A.M.E., S.A.E., S.W.B. SADIGHIAN, FARHAD SAFARLI, ARTOUSH SAKURADA, TERRY James Scholar, Gymnastics Teams. SALAZAR, ETSO SALKIN, LESLIE Alpha Lambda, James Scholar, Univ. Honors, Student Advisory Service, Pres.; Dean ' s List, Counseling Service. SAMSON,ALLAN SANFORD, HOMER H. Veteran ' s Club, A.S.M.E. SAN JUAN, GERMAN M. American Society of Civil Engineers. SAUER, CHRISTEL SBARBORO, JACOUELINE SCHAAF, PAMELA SCHEPLER, RICHARD SCHEUFLER, NEIL SCHIAVE, SCOTT Circle Center Board, Recreation Comm. Chairman, Interview Comm, of Center Board, Dean ' s List. SCHNULL, J. SCHOTTLAND, ANDREA Phi Kappa Phi, James Scholar, Dean ' s List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Yawneh, President. SCHROEDER, BRIAN S. Intramurals, A.M.A., Dean ' s List. SCHROEDER, LINDA SCHROEDER, THOMAS SCHULZ, DONALD Young Republicans. SCHWARZ, CHARLES SCIPIO, WILBERT SCOTT, MARY SCURTE, JACK Track Team. SEABERRY, JOYCE Dean ' s List. SEDERBERG,KAREN SELWA, KATHLEEN SEROWSKI, ANDREW Bio-Engineering Society. SHANAHAN,MAUREEN SHIU, EDMUND SHRIMPLIN, PAUL SIEGEL, MARK Dean ' s List, Sigma Alpha Mu. SIMMONS, MICHAEL SIMOTES, ANTHONY Chairman of Circle Players. SINDLES, EDWARD Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Pres.; Dean ' s List, College Honors, Student Rep to CRS Faculty; CRS Rep. to L.A.S. Ad¬ visory Comm. SIROTA, MARYANN T. SKIERA, JEANETTE M. SKIPPET, CAROL A. Transfer from S.l.U. SMETANA, RONALD SMILEY, RAMONA SMITH, KAREN SMITH, STEPHANIE SMITH-ANDOH, JACOB SMOLA, FRANK SOMMERFELD, ALLEN SOO HOO, FRANKLIN SOON, CHOO-TECK SOPICKI, CHERYL Newman Tutor. SOREJIAN, SONIA SPAK, LAURIE SPANDIKOW, MARK Phi Theta Kappa, Football, Baseball, and Cross-country Teams, Chess Club. SPAULDING, BILL Alpha Phi Omega, Intramural Basket¬ ball and Volleyball Teams, Circle Christian Fellowship, Band, Geography Club. SPROLES, MARY SRENSKY, SUSAN STALMACK, JOAN Alpha Lambda Delta. STANFORD, DEBRA Black Chorus, Dean ' s List, Asst, to Asst. Director of Educational Assist¬ ance Program. STANLEY, DENNIS STANTON, LILLIAN PAPA CHARLIE S CONGRATULATES CLASS OF ’73 LET US HELP CELEBRATE! 1014 w. taylor 195 STELLWAG, THOMAS STEPHENSON, LYNN Circle Dancers, Women ' s Gymnastics Team, Band. STEVENSON,JEFFREY STEWART, CHRISTOPHER Department Honors, College Honors, Independent Project. STIEBER, CATHY STIGLER, RONALD National Society of Pershing Rifles, Dean ' s List. STIGLIC, TIM I.E.E.E. STOFFREGEN,SANDRA STONITCH, WILLIAM Dean ' s List, Historical Society. STRIETER, PHILIP Phi Eta Sigma, Basketball Team. STRNAD, THOMAS SUGANO, MICHIKO SUHR,CAROL Alpha Lambda Delta. SULLIVAN, SEAN SUSSEY, ELEANOR SUWANDEE, SUWAT SUWEIS, ADOLPHO Organization of International Students of UICC. President. SWAIS, NIHAD SWEIS, FAWAZ SWIFT, EDDIE SZEGHO, STEVE Student Government, President; Center Board, Crazy Steve Production, Pres.; Recreations Committee, Activities Hon¬ orary Society. SZYMANSKI, LIANE Tennis Team, Social Chairman for Ma¬ jor ' s Club. T TAMADA, RONALD TANG, WILLIAM W. TARASENKO, LYDIA Ukranian Club, V.P. TARDI, PATRICIA Aquina Swim club. President. TASCH, LINDA TESSENYI, THOMAS B. THUROW, DIANE TIEDT, GREGORY TOMASZEWSKI, EVA Student Advising, Student Tutoring Service. TORRE, GUSTAVO TRACY, MICHAEL Golf Team. TRENT, JAMES American Marketing Association. TRINZO, ROBERT American Marketing Association, Taft Hall, Intramurals, Dean ' s List. TROXLER, A.R. Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Student Govt., Delegate to School Constitution of Ken- nedy-King College. TURNER,SUSAN TYMANN, MARJA TYSON,ALMA U UCHANSKI, MARY ANNE UICC Chamber Choir. UKEGHESON, EHIMARE Senate Comm, on Student Discipline. USHER, LUCILLE V VACCA CONSTANCE VANDERHACK, CAROL VASOUEZ, JOANNE VELISSARIS, VANESSA VE.SPER, PATRICIA Intramural Volleyball, Extramural Track and Field, P.E. Majors Club, Dean ' s List. VIDLAK, ANTHONY VINAKOS, GEORGE VLADEM,PAUL Phi Eta Sigma, Treas.; Phi Kappa Phi, James Scholar. VLAHAVAS, CONNIE VOIGTS, RONALD Dean ' s List. VYMYSLICKY,STAN Soccer Team. W WACHOWICZ, RUTHANN Dean ' s List. WAID, PHILIP Newman Community. WALLACE, PAUL Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Pres.; Student Rep. to CRJ Faculty, CRJ Rep. to L.A.S. Advisory Committee, Depart¬ ment Distinction, College Honors, Dean ' s List. WOLOWIEC, ROBERT Phi Eta Sigma, International Athletics Association, Crosscountry and Track T WALSH, WILMA Debate Club, S.U.I. WANG, TIM Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi. WARE, RITA WARLAND, SUSAN WARNS, STEPHEN James Scholar. WARWAR, HABIB WASHINGTON, GLORIA E.A.P., Choir, Missionary Society. WASHINGTON, PAULETTE S. WASILEWSKI, RICHARD B. Chi Delta Phi. WATT, WILMA Sigma Phi Alpha. WEBB, WARREN C. WEINBERG, ROBERT WERDERITS, CHRISTINE Gamma Gamma Gamma, Intramural Volleyball Team, Cheerleader. WHITE, CARL Football Team, Co-Captain, Scope Board, Accestion Directory Chancellor, Mission of Athletic. WHITE, JAMES Student Govt., Assembly Member ;Spon- sorship Committee of Student Govt., Chairman; Financial Officer of Lunch Co-op. WHITE, PENELOPE WICKS, RIETTE Delta Sigma Theta. WIKAR, WILLIAM WILLIAMSON, PAT WILSON, DEBORAH WINNER, DAVID WOJCIK, RICHARD Sadhana. WONG,GARY wong: victor Y. WOODS, ALONZO T. WRIGHT, VALERIE Circle Center Board, Business Dynam¬ ics, Society of Women Accountants. Y YONAN, BRYAN YORE, JOHN W. Dean ' s List, Honors, Veteran ' s Club, A I A A young;KATHY YU,CHARLOTTE American Chemical Society. YUEN, YVONNE YEE, LOUIS Chinese Student Association. YEUNG, CINDY Z ZABANEH, ELIA Arab Organization. ZAJAC, EDWARD Phi Eta Sigma, American Marketing Association. ZALUDA, DANIELA James Scholar, Alpha Lambda Delta, Synchronized Swim Team. ZEGLIN, MARGARET ZUBKO, RICHARD ZUCCATO, CLAUDIA ZYLBERMAN, MICHAEL Congratulations to the CLASS of 73 Chicago circle center Barber Shop 196 YOUR FIRST BABY WILL COST YOU S26,000 By the Time He Finishes High School T hat’s what it comes to when you add up food, clothing, school, medical bills, and all the extras. If you’ve got that kind of money, fine. If not, maybe birth control can help. Birth control means having your children when you want them, and can afford them. Not before. And here’s something you may not know—The most widely used form of birth control in the world today is still the man’s contraceptive. That’s right, the condom is still the most popular method worldwide. It’s safe. It’s simple. No side effects, and requires no prescription. And now there’s a major new development in men’s contraception: PRIME. Highly effective and discreetly packaged, Prin e is made by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of men’s contraceptives; it meets the most exacting government specifications. What’s more, Prime and other top-quality brands are available through the privacy of the mails. Population Planning Associates, 105 North Columbia, Dept, p Y 6 9 Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514 198 I

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