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- 1 ■ LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN C IZu3Yc 1972 j iiMi! :»-ai5Si v -1 | ■ ' ■ F_ J t il 1 ___ v . j_ MMIIMHI J Jl 5 " " s ' 8e mx ;.- w T -. H 8 1 1 xmL AS— hi VBLii vR " V- ! L Sk 3:V OSIE Chicago is a city of neighborhoods; of small, solid, ethnic pockets where native languages, customs, foods and entertainment are kept alive. The area where Circle now stands, was predominantly Italian and Greek. The peoples ' homes, stores, churches and schools were torn down to make way for the University; the land was cleared and the construction went ahead. Very little remains of the old communities except for a few sandwich shops and grocery stores, Madison Street bars, and restaurants representing various nationalities. Diana ' s and the Parthenon are two of the few restau- rants that still maintain their old ways. They play Greek music, dance Greek dances, serve Greek food, and cater to a mostly Greek clientele. The Italian neighborhood goings on usually aren ' t open to students or anyone who is not part of the ethnic clique but the lemonade stands, hamburger and greasy beef joints attract and welcome everyone. ere : m K » v .aft Separated from the Italian neighborhood by a park the Black neighborhood was affected by the construction of UICC in quite a different way than were its neighbors. While Circle was being built, housing projects were being erected in the Black neighborhood. This was all part of the great urban renewal program that had been planned for Chicago ' s West Side. Unlike their neighbors, the Blacks are not directly affected by nor offer reactions to the activities of the University administration or students. Adjacent to the Black community is the Maxwell Street area. It is a bizarre conglomeration of make shift stands, hustlers, musicians, prostitutes, pushers, and pickpockets. It is almost certain that Maxwell Street will soon be gone; replaced by further University expansion. Again these people will be pushed out by urban reconstruction. 1 1 3r 1 f. 3F • 1 m m •: BriK r -t ■■ VfC L M JP F E Hi A 3 ■ " r- jjt J ' ' " , " 5« £££» . v. - ?sx pgJIr 1 - A 7 ) 1 L H ■ 111 1 f - [ijili! 2 bob geltnar lVnT: • ,nf!!» nT iTin! M ' -MM Mr ' " ' " ffinfl [i | [ ii Mill inHU . ml " MIL m+ g • » B - W. V . ■ M | 1 oarflsor r kY ■ .. aft . Ifl . .X . -.•-•• • ; • • ■ 10 Navy Pier, the first Chicago campus of the University of Illinois, was opened in August, 1946. Its aim was to satisfy the needs of both graduating high school seniors and returning GIs for higher public education. In 1947, the University administration stated that any further ex- pansion at Navy Pier would be unwise because of its limited facilities and goals. In 1951, the State legislature approved the bill which led to the search for a location in the Chicago area for a permanent, four - year, degree granting branch of the University. In 1959, $50 million were allocated for the building of the new campus. In 1961, the present site of Circle was approved by the City Council. To the people of Chicago, the opening of the University of Illinois, Circle Campus, signified an important educa- tional and cultural advance. Academically, it was a chal- lenge to the older institutions, e.g. Loyola University and the University of Chicago. Former Governor Otto Kerner stated that with the building of Circle Campus, Illinois would undoubtedly become a leading state in education, as it was in so many other fields. He saw the academic and cultural united in the campus architecture; " The architectural style of Chicago Circle is a delight to the human eye and is indicative of our new approach to education at all levels. " The campus ' modern architecture, the concrete, steel and glass design made it a monument to Chicago ' s changing image as a growing, innovative city. Reflecting on the new campus and what it means to the city, Chicago ' s Mayor, Richard J. Daley said, " Our world is becoming more and more urbanized. Of necessity, a University which truly seeks and meets the needs of society must be a part of urban life. Just as universities make great cities, so too great cities make great univer- sities, and the U. of I. at Chicago Circle is destined to be one of the great universities of our nation. " To the people who were living in the campus neigh- borhood, the University posed a serious threat. Concerned neighbors organized community groups to oppose the building site. The location was chosen for two reasons: first, because its geographic position would make it one of the most easily accessible campuses for students from all around the city and suburbs, both by car and public transportation; and second, because from this point was to begin a great renaissance and rebuilding of the city ' s West Side. Considering these aims, the community ' s opposition was overruled and construction was begun. The bitterness of the community has subsided some- what over the years but even today, students and faculty living in the neighborhood claim that friction does exist. What mellowing has occurred is due in large part to the concern that the University has shown for the community: the facilities are available to the neighborhood people, summer athletic programs have been initiated for the neighborhood children, and the Jane Addams Hull House has been restored. li 12 •J 15 tt 1 ■■■ ■■■B r 1. Crazy Steve - Founder and Ringleader 2. Buffy Rosen - Publicity and Art 3. Tom Dus - Associate Coordinator 4. Bob Birdsall -Security 5. Jeanne Passin - Internal Musical Motivator 6. J. Lawrence Berquist III - Equipment 7. Bruce Koger - Equipment, etc. 8. Johnn Gizzmoe - Stage Crew 9. Arter Hader - Stage Crew 10. Tony - Organization Coordinator 11. Purple Ralph - Security 12. Bill Ruttenberg - Stage Crew 13. Ellen Silver - Publicity and Art 14. Dan Disilvestro - Security Chief Not pictured: Sheila Quinn - Secretary and Spiritual Advisor Stan Delaney - Faculty Advisor Craigus Olson - His Assistant Sue Luxen - Interpersonal Liaison of Love Justin Obrien - Stage Manager Betty Boop - Mistress of Affairs Beaver - Art Chairman Luke Palmisano - Gofer Rawl Hardman - Member at Large John Briattico - Undetermined Carl, Ken and the Guys from Euphoria - Soundmen Ray from Alice ' s Restaurant Dennis from Triad Radio Richard Sorokowski - Friendly Photographer 16 I 6 i 9 8 ■ 7 11 10- - 5 — 12 1 3 14- 13 2 17 n V « ?i 1 w 18 -MM S£ SPRING 1971 Each year has, within its 365 days, certain special events which differentiate it from any other year. It was the year of your graduation; it was your first year in college; it was the year you pled ged a fraternity or sorority; it was the year you went to the Carnival and got sick from all the popcorn; it was the year that you first became politically conscious and marched in your first rally; it was the year you almost flunked out of college. It ' s impossible to gather every student ' s personal impressions of the year 1971-72, but in the next few pages the Yearbook staff, with the help of the people at the lllini office, has tried to con- glomerate as many University-wide happenings as possible to make this past year stand out as something very special in your mind. It was here and now it ' s over; what was it like? —Attempts to eliminate the " E " grade from the College of Liberal Arts Sciences suffered a setback when the proposal was sent back to the Educational Policy Committee of the University Senate for revisions by the LAS faculty. —Charges brought against seven of the twelve students arrested in connection with the January 20th St)S rally outside the Pier Room were cleared. —Harry F. Rodman resigned as Director of the Office of Organ- ization and Activities. Susan E. Erskine became the new Director. —Susan A. Gould, a member of Women ' s Liberation was found innocent of charges, brought against her by the University, of disorderly conduct and obstruction of a police officer, during the January 20th SDS rally. —The Illinois House Committee on Higher Education passed a bill requiring all full-time faculty to teach, at minimum, 10 classroom-contact hours a week. — Chika gymnasts placed 4th in the NCAA College Division Championship. —Chicago Circle Dancers created a performing company to give qualified students an opportunity to perform off campus. —The University Faculty Senate decided to allot space for the Indochina Teach-in. Chancellor Parker opposed the decision because the teach-in ' s educational merit was questionable and because of the extra financial burden, i.e., payment of janitorial services after the rally, which would be placed upon the Univer- sity. —The second annual Earth Day was celebrated by a three day program of speakers, exhibitions and films. —A former Army intelligence agent revealed that of the hun- dreds of faculty members and students being investigated in Chicago universities and colleges, 80 of those under surveillance were at UICC. —The Student Rights Party, by gaining the support of 71.6% of the voters (which only represented 17% of the total student body) became the new Student Government hierarchy. Presi- dent, Jim Ladas. Vice President, Don Rubin. Treasurer, Chuck Langford. —At a special meeting, the Committee on Student Affairs passed a proposal to fund only one publication, i.e., Circula . —Chancellor Parker denied the Hartford Committee ' s Alternate University funds for spring quarter, thus overruling the unani- mous recommendation of the University Senate Committee on Student Affairs. —500 attend Kent, Jackson State Memorial. The day began with a morning memorial procession encompassing 50 people who marched through the Pier Room and the cafeterias carrying a coffin. Later in the day the 50 walked to the Civic Center and the Federal Building, there joining forces with demonstrators from across the City. —A small contingent of SDS walked into the lllini office and charged it as being fascist. —The University Faculty Senate passed a proposal which de- creases the number of student members of the Senate by four, and increases faculty participation by five. —Police arrested Alternate University Chancellor Steve Letzsch on charges of burglary, and held Vice Chancellor Allen Nelson for questioning. —The Committee on Student Affairs sent to the University Senate a proposed " Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. " —It was discovered that members of the Senate Board were meet- ing secretly one hour before the scheduled time, thus manag- ing to get free lunches. —The Carnival was here. 19 FALL 1971 -The American Civil Liberties Union, at the request of three Student Government members, prepared to become involved in the controversy over closed door meetings which were frequently held by several important campus committees. -The University of Illinois Board of Trustees approved a budget request of 216 million dollars for fiscal year beginning July 1, 1972. This sum is 20% more than what the University had received for the previous year. -The three vendors who frequented the area around BSB were stopped by Chicago Policemen and escorted to the 12th Dis- trict station and charged with five violations, two of them traffic. Previous to this incident, the University itself had brought charges against the vendors, but this time the com- plaining party was the Northwest Side Community Organiza- tion whose members resented the fact that the vendors were taking customers away from the neighborhood ' s restaurants. -An abortion loan service was begun through the Student Gov- ernment Office to aid female students in getting legal, out-of- state abortions. — Lunch Co-op was born and despite threats from the Food Service Committee and Circle Center Director Dale Brostrom, it continued to thrive. Arguments arose, tempers flared but eventually a compromise was reached and the Food Co-op comfortably installed itself in Great Circle Hall. —Mr. LeRoy Stephens, Chief of Police at Circle, formed an in- service training program for all university police officers. —Despite student dissent, the University ' s Legal Counsel main- tained the open meetings law does not apply to committees and subcommittees handling students ' fees and tuition money. Student Government maintained that it did and said that it would challenge the University in the courts if necessary. —University of Illinois President, John Corbally, recommended that the Board of Trustees enact a tuition hike which would affect students at the Circle, Medical Center and Urbana cam- puses. —Approximately 200 people took part in the Women ' s Libera- tion Day of Celebration held in the Illinois Room. Several speakers and the Chicago Women ' s Liberation Rock Band were present. —Eleven of the nineteen English instructors who were fired last spring filed suit in the United States District Court for 11 million dollars. —James Overlock, Director of Auxiliary Services, was still, in the Fall, unable to set a new date for the completion of the multi-level parking lot by RAB. —The College of Engineering announced that it will offer two degrees, and that the college ' s core curriculum will be under- going a major revamping. WINTER 1971-1972 —Following the recommendation of University President John Corbally, the Board of Trustees voted to raise tuition at Circle to $207 beginning Summer Quarter, 1972. —A two-year phase out of UlCC ' s entire College of Education was recommended by the Illinois State Board of Higher Education. The contention was that Circle has not been pro- viding teachers for the inner-city schools as successfully as have Northeastern and Chicago State. —The Illinois Board of Higher Education, concerned with cutting expenses, proposed that the Physical Education re- quirement be dropped. The Board also approved the elimination of PhD programs in Physics and Philosophy. —After 15 years of research, U of I scientists announced that they had discovered how to rid soybeans of their bad taste. " Boil the beans in water for thirty minutes. " —Dan Walker, candidate for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, brought his " People Politics " to Circle Center. A handshaking tour of the lunch-hour crowd in the Pier Room was followed by a short talk and question and answer session in Great Circle Hall. —In the middle of the lunch hour rush on Jan. 6, the BSB cafeteria was robbed of $600. —The Board of Trustees approved the appointment of former Assistant Vice President of Administraiton at the University of Minnesota, Eugene Eidenberg, as the new Vice Chancellor at UICC. —The Board of Trustees decided that major revisions and strenghtening of campus disciplinary procedures must be made. —Pat Nelson, former Director of the Program Department, was appointed as Assistant Director of Circle Center. Stan Delaney was chosen as the new Program Department head. —The University Administration voiced its plans to acquire more land north of the Eisenhower Expressway and southeast of campus for further expansion. —Draft Lottery. Priority was given to March 6. —Donald Page Moore, independent candidate for the Democratic nomination as Cook County Attorney, came to Circle seeking student support. -Red jackets, pants and mini-skirts identified the staff of the Burns Agency polling the number of people using Circle Center; the purpose was to determine, according to the amount of traffic, whether or not changes should be made within the Center. —University funds were made available to the Day Care Center on the third floor of RAB. Meanwhile, the student-run Parent ' s Co-op located in Circle Center was told that funds for their operation were unavailable. —A group of Circle students coordinated by Student Govern- ment member, Rick Stein, and working with Ken Denzel, a Chicago attorney, have been organizing a non-profits legal rights counseling service for University students. —Bobby Seale, Black Panther Minister of Defense, spoke before an overwhelming crowd of students in the Illinois Room. He defended Panther programs and attacked the news media for distortion of the Panthers ' activities and goals. —The UICC Senate turned down a revised academic calendar which would have shortened the Christmas break and equalized the quarter breaks. —Circle Center Director, Dale Brostrom, refused Tri-R ' s proposal that prices be raised. —During the course of the winter Circle Center Board heard many different proposals, some of them sound, some of them interesting. Among these were: to set up a record co-op, to improve food services, to set up an ice skating rink outside the Center, to reinstate the right of organizations to sell periodi- cals in the Center, to remove Playboy magazine, cards and puzzles from the tobacco shop and book store. —A program of religious studies was introduced by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Twenty-four quarter hours from three departments constitute a minor in this field. The theme of the new program is to study religion and religious phenomena as social and behavioral science, as opposed to the theological approach to religious doctrine. —RAB is to be closed for demolition by September, 1972. —An increase of 4.2% marked the winter quarter enrollment over the previous year. Total enrollments were 18,290 of whom 16,861 were undergraduates and 1,429 were graduate students. —A new organization. The Association for Minority Engineers, was chartered on Circle Campus in January. The organization was set up to help minority students by giving academic ad- vising, financial aid, course strategy, and recruitment services in Chicago area high schools. -Following Jim Ladas ' resignation, Don Rubin became the Presi- dent of Student Government. Many students were surprised at the sudden move on Ladas ' part, but it was actually the only logical step for him to take, considering his dissatisfaction and frustration with the post. —During the course of the winter. Skiing I Mini sponsored five trips. Considering the number of students who participated in the organization ' s activities, 250 - with many going on more than one trip, the season was relatively safe. SPRING 1972 —In a survey conducted by the Circle Center Board Bookstore Committee, only 10% of the responding students stated that they disapproved of the sale of Playboy magazine in the Center; 18% were neutral; 72% approved. 20 -The Office of Admissions and Records announced that it would no longer send duplicate copies of student grade reports to parents. -A motion by the University to dismiss the suit of eleven English instructors was denied by the Federal District Court. The instructors in their suit, seek to retain their jobs in the face of what they charged was arbitrary firing. -Ticketron refused to set up a Chicago Circle outlet. The re- fusal was due to the poor response from outlets at other schools. -The ground that will support the $8,000.00 Circle Court Shopping Center at Racine and Harrison is scheduled to be broken early in April. -In the NCAA College Division Swimming Championships held in Lexington, Virginia, Gary Dworski took 5th place and John O ' Neal took 6th place in the one meter race, and 7th and 23rd places, respectively, in the three meter. -Charges against University Police Officer Motyka, involved in a shooting incident in November, were not sustained because of a lack of evidence. There has been no thorough investigation to determine whether or not it was necessary for Motyka to draw or fire his gun. It appears he might be promoted to the rank of Assistant Supervisor of Security, thus bypassing the ranks of sergeant and lieutenant. -A small group of SDS members took advantage of the gathering of a substantial number of sunbathers, early in the Spring, and held an anti-war rally in the Forum. The highlight of the event was the burning of President Nixon ' s effigy. The audience reaction was negative to their activities. -The University announced plans for creating more space in Circle Center by enclosing several open areas with a glass facade and building a balcony around the perimeter of Great Circle Hall. -University Chancellor, Warren B.Cheston, announced necessary budget cuts for 1972-1973. Among these will be the curtail- ing of services and open hours offered by the library. -Student Counselling Service initiated a new program to help students and faculty improve and expand their vocabularies. By calling a certain number, any time of day or night, anyone can learn the concise definition of the ten words making up the week ' s lesson. — Illini columnist, Bill Chester, was attacked by three women from Women ' s Liberation who objected to a satire on the movement in the newspaper ' s April Fool ' s Day issue. —The UICC Track Team took sixth place in the Eastern Illinois Invitational at Charleston. —Rigorous champaigning, poster mounting, leafletting, balloon bursting and button wearing, marked the 1972 Student Govern- ment Elections. Despite endorsement from several prominent student organizations and heavy campaigning by certain political groups on campus, the two patties generally consid- ered to be the most likely to succeed did not win. What really counted in this particular election was personal contact between the candidates and other students; Free Party saw that as the key to their success. The trio triumphed over the other five slates with a 47% plurality. The new Student Govern- ment, as of Summer Quarter, will be: " Crazy Steve " Szegho, President; Rich Halla, Vice-President; Alan Nelson, Treasurer. Crazy Steve didn ' t even get a chance to vote for himself! —76.2% of the students participating in the election also voted in favor of retaining the quarter system as the academic schedule for the year. —The English Department announced the restructuring of its cur- riculum and the creation of two Major options: one designed for students planning to go onto Graduate work, and the other set up in such a way as to allow students to choose from a wide range of elective courses without specializing in any one field. —The Lunch Co-op announced the availability of a new delicacy from its stores of food - a 5 " pizza for only ten cents! Several student organizations co-ordinated and sponsored a three day Internation and Third World Teach-in. —Bill Roetzheim, UICC Gymnastics Coach, was chosen as one of four men from the United States to judge the Olympic Gymnastics Team tryouts May 18-20 at the University of California, Berkeley. —Mrs. Frances Sweeney, Director of Women ' s Aquatics , was named " Coach of the Year " at the International Aquatic Arts Festival in Williamsburg, Virginia. Her Synchronized Swimming Team placed first after three days of competition. —The Carnival, with all its cotton candy, popcorn, balloons and prizes, was here. —The seniors had their graduation. 21 ■■■■■■■■H (VZ) West-Northwest i Transfer not good on bus after using rapid transit unless time is stamped on transfer when ' saving station. The CTA brings thousands to Cir- cle every school day. It ' s a unique experience of feeling alone when you ' re surrounded by a crowd of people. You can kill the time of the ride by staring out the window, or pouring over a newspaper, or sizing up the other passengers, or whizzing through the day ' s assign- ments, or studying the ads plaster- ed on the ceiling. During rush hour it ' s the worst; everybody seems preoccupied with getting where he ' s going; fidgeting and watch- checking are a must during these times. If you ' re lucky enough to not have to suffocate through the rush hour jam, you miss the sen- sation of being just one more sar- dine in the can, but you can still feel the coldness and detachment vibrating in the air. Nobody talks, nobody laughs, nobody smiles (un- less they ' re nuts or with a friend). It ' s not the warmest place in the world but it gets you where you want to go or away from what you want to leave. 22 tt» " ' I ' •v. - m-i I K K. , ' 9 It. ;f: ■ WA wst t M m i ' • • ' ! W7 ■ ■ III m mm , ' .-TV Each building at Circle campus is unique in its design and function. Com- mon to all are the lounges, cafeterias, and impromptu meeting areas. People gravitate to these areas searching out those who maintain common inter- ests. This coming together gives Circle whatever sense of community it has. The following section is an at- tempt to reveal, through the students, the inter- workings of each build- ing ' s personality. B Amtf •■ i mm 24 , • ._ I Wm r ■BRBHHRHHIPH m Vi p cjy i ! A ' ' M -» ' 1 I I ii Hh b! 11 -r H — - ■♦s ; -• Piei rccrn The Pier Room. When you ' re alone it ' s a zoo; when you ' re with someone it ' s almost accommodating. 26 28 u f- : -7f - ' y » Ji fcS?$ 2nd fleer Icurice 30 m :. »! - -. ■ - -- ■ - -• « - - - m m TJn» 1 • ' m Cafeteria 36 Est 37 4tli f loci Icur e 42 COC Recreation IvsKiHHa O ■£T5w« , ,,? m BOT m ' - ' 3 B ] ' -:- r 1 r- -i l • l fes j r " — • — 1 l ' - 1 il 1 J IBSf IT 1 ■ " ■ :■:•:••• I II ssmvASivx 48 %ffi 8S _ .«» !«aoi 50 EfE " k N • 51 52 I II I ill I H 1 SI I P 54 - • . - . ' ■ ill I 41 • w XrtffiW.JsasSWKcC vSM 58 BBBSI ifejSk , . ' ' deli ■■■ 60 ««g ifiilffl iiillBII IB I 3T 1 j •fc 62 ' •■■■ ' ■ tit mmmiv ' mSBB ' ISII una ssssssggsm 69 : Hlfelcal Mart 71 72 Standing, I. to r.: Bob Beck, Coach; Eric Udd; Myron Uezurko; Tom Martinez; Gary Pietsch; Dan Molloy. Kneeling, I. to r.: Jeff Allen; Albert Hernis; Tom Beaver; Tony Molinaro; Robert Trela. : U I I §S The net was a bit too high this year for the 1971 Chika tennis team. Although the net- men only posted a 3 win - 6 loss record, Coach Bob Beck feels that the team had a fair season. According to Coach Beck, the 1972 season looks promising. Kneeling, I. to r.: Stan Miyake; Bill Tucker; Robert Rejuski; Ray Janeski. Standing, I. to r.: Tom Meyer; Dave Mayzel; Tom Wehlus; Mark Eson; Dick Rader, Coach. The UICC golf team has always been one of the high caliber. Going into the 1971 season, the last loss the team has suffered was May of 1966; giving them a total of 85 matches won. Coach Dick Rader led by team members Dave Mayzel and Bill Tucker ended the season with a record of 18 wins and 1 loss. The total record for the Circle golf team is 105 wins 2 losses and 3 ties. cdf 1971 GOLF RESULTS UICC OPP Opponents i4y 2 9V 2 De Paul 15 9 Roosevelt 18 6 Niles 23 1 Northeastern 23 1 U. of Chicago 15% 8 1 2 Wheaton 22 2 Illinois Tech 22Y 2 2% Chicago State 22 2 Northeastern 15 9 Chicago State 23 1 U. of Chicago 19 5 Loyola 15 1 2 8 1 2 Illinois Tech 22% V 2 Illinois Tech 24 Roosevelt 21 3 DePaul 24 Roosevelt 22 2 Niles 9 15 Loyola SEASON RECORD 18 wins 1 loss 76 ■ Bk-AI ■ Bottom row, I. to r.: Earl Dortch; Bogdan Pomazak; Bob Weniger; Gary Fiala; Terry Hospodar; Nick Baldassano; Dennis Leonardo; Pat Cox. Second row, I. to r.: Ollie Reed; Claud Czekaj; Joe Meir; Chuck Wasko; Don Murphy; George Sfondeles; Jerry Alcanter; Daryl Van Duck. Top row, I. to r.; Head Coach Les Miller; Jim Darrak, Assistant Coach; Jim Nasiopulos, Assistant Coach; Randy Dagastino; Howie Zim merman; Chuck Profryfke; Ed Gierut; Dave Cawley; John Kapecki; Frank Kematz. fcasctcill The baseball team, coached by Les Mil- ler, and led by Pat Cox (leading home run and RBI man) and Ollie Reed (who stole 29 bases), came within one game of winning its league title and the 400th victory for its Coach. They lost the title in the last doubleheader of the season, but they did win the Chicago- land College Baseball League Tourna- ment. The final season record was 19 wins, 12 losses, and 2 ties. TRACK UICC Opp. W L 103 31 U. of So. Alabama 1 41 103 Livingston 1 1 63 75 1 2 Washington-SL 1 2 61 83 SlU-Edwardsville 1 3 77 68 U. of Chicago 2 3 86 54 Lewis 3 3 98 45 North Park 4 3 68 77 Marquette 4 4 102 43 U. of Chicago 5 4 107 27 Lewis 6 4 76 69 Seasor Concordia s Record: 7 - 4 7 4 tncl? For the UICC Track and Field Team members, the 1971 season was one of the finest in its history. The ' 71 schedule included an increased number of meets and an improved level of competition. Twelve new records were set and two rec- ords were tied during the indoor circuit of the 1971 season. The outdoor program also established ten new records. The team, coached by Tom Wright, finished the season with a record of 7 wins and 4 losses. Sitting, I. to r.: Joe Garcia; Ken Ecker; Elmer Gray; Gary Ratidabaugh; Dennis Racki; Jose Sifuentes; John Brundage; Scott Kellogg. Second row, I. to r.: Nick Russel; Peter Camp; Frank Beck; Rick Jillk; Glenn Preston; Dennis Kellogg; Jack Scurte; Bob Templeman; Mike Preim. Top row, I. to r.: Tom Wright, Coach; Stan Johnson; Art Bogdanave; John Allen; Wayne Saunders; Tom Moylan; Russ Neloin; Ken Bitout; Darit Lindren. 77 f ■ 9 $ 9 j: J, fO 3 BaiP 2 Third Row, I. to r.: Head Coach Harold Nemoto; Assistant Coach Len Gramarossa; Assistant Coach Bill Fudala; Ron Walkosz; Doug Kopczynski; Andrea Perkins; Charles Clam; Willie Bradley; Jim Slattery; Keith Wojtal; Larry Neibor; Bob Guch; Bob Fisher; Ken Valence; Frank Zgonina; Joe Schlender; Assistant Coach Jim Izral; Athletic Director Walter G. Versen; Assistant Coach Rich Fahey; Assistant Coach Mike McGovern. Fourth Row, I. to r.: Don August; Chuck Dyxin; Steve Cleary; John Panek; Joe Marschke; Joe Urbelis; Otto Mueller, Tom Rysiewicz; Paul Fedinets; Tom Ringa; Mike Kraft; Pat McNelley; Ron Fiala; Randy Rostkowski; John Famera; Barry Heaney; Jay Shapiro. Front Row, I. to r.: Bill Norwood; Tom Ochala; Rudy Altergott; Pat Boy; Larry Bunchek; Frank Rivera; Roger Hopper; Dennis McGhan; Carl White; Nick Vranas; Sal Godinez; Mike Regan; Al Allen; Dennis Fletcher; Henry Velasco; Cliff Panek; Don Dalton. Second Row, I. to r.: Trainer Lou Pasquesi, Jr.; Assistant Trainer Frank Kmetz; Joe Kielbasa; Chauncey Jones; John Homa; Tom Finn; James Jensen; Jim Neal; Jim Wise; Ron Lakomiak; Dave Anderson; Ray Clay; Jim O ' Brien; Mike Galbreath; Larry Ellen; Ronald Crigler; Rich Ciciora; Darit Lindgreen; Harvy Rubin; Bob Johnson. 1971 FOOTBALL STATISTICS Opponent Scores UICC Opp. Grand Valley State 27 7 Eastern Illinois 21 43 Carthage College 7 47 Wisconsin - Milwaukee 41 Ferris State 21 24 Wayne State 37 Luther College 55 Winona State 19 11 This year ' s football team, los- ing 6 out of 8 games, did succeed in winning the home- coming game. Led by Quarter- back Bob Fisher, a senior, and Keith Wojtal, a sophomore, the Chikas had their best sea- son since 1968. Despite the loss of Fisher for next year ' s season, Coach Nemoto antici- pates a fine 1972 team. Of great value in recruiting and develo ping talented players for Circle ' s team will be the pro- posed athletic scholarship pro- gram. (§ frw 4 Bottom I. to r.: Wayne Saunders, Tom Moylan, Jose Sifuentes. Top: Bob Walowiect, Dennis Ricki, Glen Preston. Coach: Bill Leach. UICC OPP. 25 30 Loyola 50 15 Chicago State 20 39 Wisconsin (Milwaukee) 20 41 W.S. Stevens State 28 27 Wheaton 36 22 North Park 45 15 Elmhurst 40 18 Wright 32 24 Marquette 22 38 Wisconsin Parkside 33 24 S.I.U. Edwardsville 35 21 Mo. St. Louis 20 40 Vincennes U. Wins Losses 8 5 Record North Centra Invitational 4th Place Illinois Intra Collegiate 8th Place MH4I 1971 SOCCER STATISTICS UICC OPP. 1 4 Cleveland State 1 1 SIU - Edwardsville 3 Wisconsin - Parkside 1 Northern Illinois 10 Roosevelt University 1 3 Eastern Illinois 2 2 Missouri - St. Louis Wisconsin - Green Bay 3 4 Western Illinois 2 St. Louis Chika Soccer Coach Sam Donnelly viewed this year ' s season of 3 wins, 4 losses, and 3 ties, as a disappointing one. Led by forwards Adam Guzik and Ibrahim Adel, the Chikas were, at one point in the season, ranked as 5th in the Midwest. -n-n on • " iiil -•—■--- ) flrH 7- 1 £d r ■ m ■ — rtl n _.•: i 82 bftslstl ill Front row, I. to r.: Tim Theisen; Jeremiah Townsend; Phil Streiter; Scott Gierke; Jeff Prestinario; Randy Voels; Stan Guozaitis. Back row, I. to r.: Tom Russo, Coach; Monte Roberts; Frank Reed; Chuck Lambert; Joe Ryan; Kestutis Ambutas; Kevin Dean; Ed McQiullan, Assistant Coach UICC OPP. 62 85 78 88 75 79 81 88 73 72 72 77 63 82 78 98 57 72 63 97 72 100 70 108 82 75 82 100 98 101 87 82 71 99 81 90 81 96 99 73 73 128 at Lewis College at Chicago State at Illinois Benedictine Wisconsin-LaCross (Tourney) I. IT. (Tourney) Chicago Wisconsin-Greenbay Missouri-St. Louis at Chicago at Missouri-St. Louis at SlU-Edwardsville at Wisconsin-Milwaukee Illinois Tech Chicago State at Northeastern Illinois Illinois Benedictine (OT) at Wisconsin-Greenbay at HlinoisTech SlU-Edwardsville Northeastern Illinois Wisconsin-Milwaukee B4 85 Iiccfcey Front row, I. to r.: Patrick Carolan; Anthony Danlow; Richard Smith; William Sherman; James Glowa; Mark Sarnowski; Valerio Belmonte; Louis Porn; Dwight Sherman; Timothy Guare. Standing, I. to r.: John Kantarski, Coach; David Gray, Mgr.; Nick Moysich; Thomas Kulpa; Gregory Zeimetz; Michael Kelly; William Korona; Richard Rogers; Terrence Mankus; James Kobus; David Krantz; James O ' Hara. ICE HOCKEY - - WON 9, LOST 7 UICC OPP. 9 1 Loyola 8 Wisconsin State 6 3 Northern Illinois 7 5 Purdue 9 1 Oberlin 2 7 at Western Michigan 3 2 Northern Illinois 4 5 Mankato State 8 10 Mankato State 2 7 Western Michigan 17 WSU-Whitewater 10 2 Marquette 8 2 at Marquette 1 8 St. Thomas (Lake Forest Tourney 4 14 Ausburg (Lake Forest Tourney) 5 3 at Loyola 86 SHllTllTlir Front row, I. to r.: Neal Jack; Dave Oda; Ken Metz; George Sterling; Bill Hellmer; Dennis Krie- ger. Back row, I. to r.: Ralph Mackl; John O ' Neal; Tony Kiefer; Kent Morikado; Chris Sym; Terry Lemberger; Gary Dworski; Tinker Lysen; Gerry Sorensen; Larry Bar- cheski; Bob Danner. UICC OPP. no team score) UICC OPP. 48 74b 83 41 (4th 64 38 26 74 place) at Ripon Relays Oakland University Northeastern Illinois Chicago Bradley at Stout St. Invitational 51 46 33 61 41 62 67 68 52 72 (2nd place) at Valparaiso Wisconsin-M ilwaukee at WSU-Whitewater North Park Wayne State Chicagoland Intercollegiate 87 cymiiastict i UICC OPP. 139.55 71.35 Chicago 154.60 78.60 Triton J.C. 155.30 (4th Place) Big Ten Invitational 153.35 151.50 Indiana 146.10 93.55 Ball State 147.85 127.55 at Miami Dade - South 150.35 130.00 at Miami Dade - North 154.70 128.00 Mankato State 156.65 152.45 at Western Illinois 153.85 134.30 at Western Michigan 157.80 160.90 Michigan (at EMU) 157.75 146.90 at Eastern Michigan 156.85 161.75 Southern Illinois 156.65 144.50 at Eastern Illinois 154.60 161.15 at Indiana State 155.20 156.35 Minnesota 158.35 165.05 Iowa State 153.00 138.50 at Wheaton 156.25 135.10 St. Cloud (at Wheaton) 156.50 (1st Place) Mid-East Gymnastic Meet 149.15 (4th Place) NCAA College Div. Champ. 88 - ftrciii Kneeling, I. to r.: Anthony Soldano; Michael Mikrut. Foil Captain; Pat Walsh, Team Captain; Bob Young; Jon St. Marie; Allyn Fischer. Stand- ing, I. to r.: Rich Sikora; Peter Chow, Saber Captain; Keith Kleehammer; Fred Rhodes; Renard Haygood; Steve Mashl, Epee Captain; Earlest Carter; Allan Jones; Gerard Porter; Chris Pelopoulos. UICC OPP. 6 21 Cornell 27 Purdue 16 11 Chicago 7 20 Wayne State 5 22 at Notre Dame 13 14 Oberlin ( at N. D. ) 14 13 Wisconsin-Parkside ( at N.D. ) 27 St. Thomas 16 11 Minnesota 5 22 Illinois 7 20 Ohio State 16 11 at Wisconsin 14 13 Chicago ( at Wisconsin ) 8 19 at Detroit 11 16 Michigan State ( at Detroit ) 12 15 at Wisconsin-Parkside 14 13 Milwaukee Tech ( at UWP ) 16 11 Tristate ( at UWP ) 17 10 Missouri-Kansas City ( at UWP ) 1 wi ttlii % The UICC Wrestling Team placed 4th at the Eight States Invitational; 2nd place at the North Central Invitational; 3rd at the Lake Forest Invitational, and 16th in the NCAA College Division. ! Bottom row, I. to r.: M. Okubo; J. Siprut; J. Kielbasa; J. Quanstrum; L. Magas; D. Baron. Middle row, I. to r.: G. Vella; A. Linnerud; G. Guevara; M. Katsis; J. Fernandez; R. Lewandowski; J. Kielbasa. Top row, I. to r.: J. Katsis; J. Durland; W. Ptereman; R. Carlson; M. Corrales; M. Skrack; S. Angelos, Mgr.; M. Ellsworth, Coach. UICC OPP. 15 20 - at North Park 48 3 - LIT. (at North Park) 9 36 - at Indiana Central 36 15 - Franklin (at Indiana Central) 29 14 - North Park ( at Ferris State) 22 18 - at Ferris State 28 15 - Joliet J.C. (at Harper) 54 3 - Wright J.C. (at Harper) 12 21 - at Harper J.C. 40 9 - at Lewis 27 18 - Grand Valley State 20 30 - Wisconsin-Milwaukee 20 22 - at Notre Dame 43 3 -at North Central 31 11 - Elmhurst College 30 9 - at Carthage 51 - Concordia (at Carthage) 34 9 - Carroll ( at Carthage) 54 - Chicago 30 21 - Wisconsin-Parkside 15 21 - Wisconsin State-Superior 90 wcrneri§ f spcr t§ Left to right: Marsha Davis, Chris DeIRe, Janet McGarr, Pat Tardi, Lynn Wallace, Frieda Shaw, Jan Golik, Diane Bara, Ann Kelly, Daniella Zaluda, Linda Dionesotes, Anne Huizd. ■ ;■ mamma.-. . » -,a M? y j pu 1 . ;-- w s Y N C H S R W I N M 1 M Z I E N D G Kneeling, I. to r.: Lois Krai, Carol Lewis, Suzanne Polinski, Jan Bedner, Sue Batdorf, Dana Stingley. Standing, I. to r.: Miss Licausi, Sponsor, Pat Burda, Rita Anders, Kris Krevchena, Nancy Zolpe, Nancy Hillman, Karen Hodorowski. rrf " 93 W B O A Bottom, I. to r.: Janet Maslan, Dawn Norman, Melody Norman, Sandy Chakonas. Standing, I. to r.: Mary Ellen Cloherty, Eunice Borrelli, Rosemary Briesch, Linda Fudacz, Ellen Sitton, Diane Nelson, Lynn Saccaro, Carol Siekman,Sue Trefny, Lynn James, Miss Linda James. C D I A R N c c L E E R 94 CIRCLE CHEERLEADERS Elevated: Bettie Louise Robertson. Left to right: Judy Blaho, Sandra Fontadez. Not pictured: Delphine Griggs, Michele Smith, Marva Barry. CIRCLE TWIRLERS Left to right: Naomi Velazquez, Nanette Baver, Linda Waltz. 95 icr ; ■ - - 4 A The Chicago Circle Players provide an outlet for the dramatic inclinations of the students on campus. Known throughout the city of Chicago for its fine performances, the group presents a series of pro- ductions each year. Front Row, I. to r.: Michael Zeminick; Steve Farris; Mitzi Feinn; John Taylor; Drew McMahon; John Spellman; Mike Houlihan; Richard Puigdamamenach. Background, I. to r.: Dolores Moore, Allen Ambrosini; David Child; Bill Raffeid; Donald Kubesco; Don Abbinatti; Pam Busch; Lauren Okeda; Greg Washington; Sue Kosek; Ken Block; Rocky Sisto; Sharon Liss. 9 LX 4rto 98 fi jS . w Wt. HP M RMn ADIM 6L w b.NE ' | Freshman Weekend Committee is one of the main organs in orientating new students to the campus life and people at Circle. " We create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for these people to know each other as individuals. At the same time we try to provide thoughts and ideas that might be helpful in their future years at Circle. " Rich Halla. First Row, I. to r.: Fran Zmuda; Roger Novak; Kathy Puryear; JoAnn Hittie; Dennis Fukiyama; Kathy Montemayer; Judy Poklenkowski. Second Row, I. to r.: John Fleming; Rich Halla; Tom Pelicore; Happy Rons; Warren Allen; Ken Harder; Carla Santos; Pat Nivens; Alice Lee. Tau Alpha Rho seeks to achieve th sponsoring parties, folk nights, roar Front row: I. to r. - Lou Woo; Mark Muce Second row: I. to r. - Ray Martinaez; Da Joe Petrosaitis; Luis Morales. Third row. Dan Anelli; Bacchus; Ken Vandenbroucke ' Kneeling: I. tor. - Frieda Shaw, Sec; Marcia Hicks;Susan Polinski, Treas.; Rita Mann; Andra Seckelman. 2nd Row: Colleen Sheehan; Sandy Crab- tree, Vice-Pres.; Vivian Harlan; Rita Blanks, Liane Szymenski; Marie Shafron; Linda Folladori; Helen Gregorich; Mary Mench, Sec. 3rd Row: Linda Fudacz, Pres.; Barb Flannery. Not pictured: Miss Licausi, Advisor. Women students who are majoring or minoring in Physical Education are welcome to enjoy the social and academic activities that the Physical Education Major ' s Club has to offer. To secretary Mary Mench the organization means " . . . meeting other people in our field through conventions. " But, this group also has its fun . . . " making 200 taffy apples on our day off " , Linda Fudacz. Sigma Phi is a sorority that aims for friendship and sisterhood yet maintains a sense of individuality within each member. It functions within both academic and social spheres. Jo Gayle, Treasurer of Sigma Phi, feels that " Sigma Phi signifies friendship, happiness, sisterhood, charity and scholarship. " mmmkziWMiim Front Row: I. to r. -Jo Gayle, Treas.; Alyn Peskind, Vice-Pres.; Norine Hackman,Pres.; Judy Blaho, Corres. Sec. 2nd Row: Andrea Young; Donna Schwartz, Diane VanHecke; Helene Kamish, Marietta Badal; Gail Hasilow; Nanette Baver; Ivy Cohen; Anita Neiditch. 3rd Row: Celia Zemchuck; Marcia Cohen; Linda Waltz; Sandy Cohen, Rec. Sec; Carol Wagner; Frae Lucas. Although Gamma Gamma Gamma is a social sorority, it has been active in promoting charity drives and seminars. Left to right: Janet Clarizio; Christine Manski; Debbie Jarnutowski; Karen Brandt, Donna Michals; Susan Galowitch; Chris Werderits. ' j Front Row: I. to r. - Monica Basko; Elaine Pierce; Diana Norkus; Phillip Baugher, Advisor; Chris Abele, Pres.; Susan Pawlak, Corres. Sec; Linda Horonzy. 2nd Row: Violet Cortes; Cathy Montemayor; Elizabeth Toro; Jan Guska; Mary Carol Sharp; Lauren Wisneski. Not Shown - Wilma Watt, Vice-Pres.; Diane Dubina, Treas.; Lynne Zuro, Rec. Sec. To serve the communi- ty as well as the stu- dents is one of the goals Sigma Phi Alpha, a social sorority, has set for itself. Chris Abele, President, be- lieves, " Sigma Phi Alpha provides a social life that Circle ' s atmos- phere cannot match. Besides the fun, Sigma Phi Alpha is involved in community service, sports and academic achievement. " ' ' Al . ' ■It ' ll t The American Society of Military Engineers seeks to encourage, foster and develop relations of helpful interest to the student in engineering. Sitting, I. to r.: Eugene Solokowski, Pres.; Denise Marszalek; Conrad Szymczak, Vice-Pres. Standing, I. to r.: Ronald Buzil; Craig Harju, Sec; Tony Wilson; Gary Fritz; Richard Stadelmann; Joseph Abbate. Field maneuvers and hand-to-hand combat and diving are activities carried on in the Special Forces Company. This organization enrolled in the ROTC program. 1st Row: I. to r. - George M. Gulcynski; Conrad C. Szymczaki; Helmut Schoblocher; Keith G. Cantine; Vito J. Giardino; Melvin J. Harris; Robert J. Escobar; Ronald Buzil. 2nd Row: Major Bacon; Richard Gabryszewski; Phillip E. Saver; Ernest A. Stone; Russell Nelson; William R. Twohig; Paul G. Frueh; George P. Crump. 3rd Row: Joseph G. Abbate; Eugene J. Sokolowski; Gary R. Fritz; Charles F. Storey; David F. Larson; Richard Matulewicz; James Andrew; John L. Schieler; Staff Sargeant. 102 First Row, I. to r.: Wayne Sabo; Paul French; Jim Erhardt. Second Row, I. to r.: Tony Wilson; John Rost; George Gulczynski; Richard Gabryszewski; Phil Sauer; Steve Kajdi; Irene Gulczynski. The National Society of Pershing Rifles was established to encourage, develop and preserve the highest ideals of the military profession as exemplified by the life of General John Pershing. . . to unite cadets and midshipmen through common bonds of activity, respect and brotherhood. First Row: I. to r. -John Hind man; Don Seidler, Treas.; Nathan Shigemura, Sec; Mike Merrion, Pres.; Tom Northfell, Instructor; S. Sugiyama, J.K.A. Director. Second Row: Wsewolod Bojkewycz; Jennifer Carter; Ken Gardner; Len Stocker, Hilary Karp; Robert Chun; Jan Murphy; John Marshall; Cecele Janski. Third Row: George Kosten; Norm Thoeming; Edward Russell; Wayne Tolletsen; Keith Tomes; Daniel Belding; Jeffrey Yaki; Bob Templeman; Joseph Samaan; Izzy Cumquatt; Rich Marks; Arlene Waller; Aldona Starkus. President Mike Merrion posited the purpose of the UICC Karate Club presentation of t he sport of Karate as a means of physical conditioning and self- defense to the students, faculty, and other university personnel. The club holding weekly group- instruction sessions and con- tends in tournaments with teams from other universities. ■ " K S ' • ..A • ' 4 • ,r " f " ; tfj One of the policies of the James Scholar Ad- visory Board is to help freshmen James Scholars to adjust to the University. It also speaks to the director of the University Honors Program on behalf of the honor students. Left to right: Michael Ostrar; Rosemary Krimbel; Rick Morimoto; Marlene Galante; Joel Greenstein; Terry Sakurada. WWB m -. u Sitting, I. to r.: Mir Sajjad AM; A. Gaffar Shedbalkar; Miss Rukaia J. Muhammed Bey; Mohammad A. Salam; Abdur-Rasheed. Standing, I. to r.: Faroog; Osman Meah; Rashid Rahim; Feroz. Through a program of lectures, films and slide shows, the Muslim Students ' Association proposes to acquaint Muslims and non-Muslims with the Islamic religion and culture. f 9. Y-. " .- J- ■y m 4 1U4 i The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is the largest engineering society in the world, with a membership of over 165,000. It strives for exchanging ideas and developing attitudes and habits inherent to the profession. Front Row: I. to r. - Dean Henry A. Setton, Advisor; Harold Dawson, Sec; Carl Wisler, Chairman; Ronald Bartels, Treas.; Dave Roach, Vice-Pres.; Henry Alder, Pres. 1st Row: I. to r. - Frank Geltner, Advisor; Alice Lee, Pres.; Larry Hersam; Miss Agnes Tandberg, Former Dean of Women; Warren Allen; Ann Trampas, Sec; F. Gaylord Cox. 2nd Row: Jeffrey Goltz; Dr. Barry Greenwald; Marian Watt; Lina Stepovy; Beth Cohen; Denise Morrison; Sandra Diggs; Bill Voda. 3rd Row: Robert Geltner, Vice-Pres.; Constance Hawkins, Kevin Sullivan; Frank D ' Alexander; George Somer, Treas. 4th Row: Kenneth Pawlak; Kenneth Harder; Andrea Young; James Bachstrom; Irvin Schmakel; Joan Karpiak; Joseph Serena. 5th Row: Anthony Gouledas; Frederick Stephens; Patricia Weinstein; Frank Dolik; Herschel D. Wallace, III. The Activities Honorary Society is a group of students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and service through participation in extra-curricular activities. By inviting these stu- dents to join its membership, the society hopes to promote their, and that of other students, further participation in University non-academic events. 105 The Management Area Student Advisory Council is a professional organization for students in the management curriculum. They are a communications link between faculty, students and administration and together they work for the betterment of the curriculum. Left to right: Jane Downey; John Scalan; Larry Grant, Treas.; Chuck Lee, Chairman; Gary Piehl, Sec; Frank King; Ron Bernhardt; Jim Webb. The Baha ' i Club seeks to acquaint any interested students with the tenents of the Baha ' i Faith. Membership is open regardless of nationality or religion. Sitting: I. to r. - Dave Bragman; Nancy Gunderson, Treas.; Mary Porth; Gil Vital. Standing: I. to r. - Vicky Fantus; Howard Weiss; Christine Snodgross; Abolfazl Beizayee, Chairman. Not pictured: Joe Galvin, Secretary. 106 Extending marketing knowledge and enhancing chances for better goals within the profession are the chief aims of the American Marketing Association. Left to right: Gary Lees; Theresia Wolf, Sec; Robert Shapiro, Pres.; Ann Trampas, Vice-Pres.; John Beton, Treas.; Frank King. Students wishing to involve themselves in politics would do well to consider joining the Independent College Republicans at Chicago Circle. President Alan Lifchultz states, " Most students have no con- ception of what politics are. It is our job to explain the records and goals of the Republican Party to students and to encourage their active participation in positive political efforts. " Front Row: I. to r. - Alvin Leibling, Asst. Attorney General; Mr. Albright; Marge Zalewski; Nijole Viscius; Jeanie Siepka; Christa Walz; June Dragert; Charlotte Toerber, Vice-Pres.; Alan Lifchultz, Pres. Second Row: Greg Martinez; Steve Maicn; Lee Steinberg; Egan Netzel; Fred Ettinger; Mike Groppi; Bob Worth; Dr. Charles Hunt, Advisor. Third Row: John Matic; Rick Walter, Paul Matic; Mark Wolbrun. 107 The primary purpose of Zeta Psi is to aid and encourage stu- dent members to achieve those developments of character, intellect, understanding and capacity for human relation- ships, which are commensurate with the highest aims and purpose of university education and training. Zeta Psi forms a life-long bond of brotherhood, devoted to the fulfillment of the ideals expressed in the ritual and to fellowship of its members. Zeta Psi is a nationally affiliated fraternity. 1st Row: I. to r. - Officer Steve Murphy, Frank Mueller, Jeff Hirota, Andy Dutczak, Joe Lawniczak, Mark Gould, Jennifer Tadla, Tom Ryan. 2nd Row: Ed Russell, Wally Waljeski, Dan Roig, Vic Balundis. 3rd Row: Hector Joya, John Rogers, Ken Lucchetti, Mark Eson, Chuck Roig, Joel Schaffer, Lance Thompson, Helen Terada. LlflJ X J Located in the lower level of the library, WCCB broadcasts via closed circuit system to the East Cafeteria and the Ward lounge. Besides providing music to these areas, it allows students to try their hand at broadcasting techniques. L. to R. - Brian Shankman, Harold Penix, Jeff Aran, Tom Collins, Ben Frankie, Dan Teslon, Lee Ruber, Brian Dolen, Bob Rycraft. Seated: Rosemary Kumbel. The Cadet Association seeks to encourage and assist the academic and social interests of the members of the Reserve Officers Training Corps Battalion here at Circle. Left to right: Ronald Buzil, Executive Officer; Wayne Sabo, Deputy Commander; Anthony Wilson, Treasurer; Charles Storey, Secretary; Craig S. Harju, Commander; Keith Cantine, PIO. The goals of the Organization of International Students are to enhance international understanding and to strengthen the relationships between foreign students and the student body at large through study groups, lectures, parties, and cultural activities. Sitting, I. to r.: Therese Samulski, Chantal Delfosse. Standing, I. to r.: Mohammad Salam, Sami Musa, Ziad Nshiewat, Abu- baker Olaswere. 109 W ' M K £ V UICC Chamber Choir Front row, I. to r.: Ingrid Warren; Will Gertig; John Persson; Alan Miff; Camille Wilson; Susan Turney; Elizabeth Hay. Second row, I. to r.: Mary Alice Lee; Floyd Sallee; Wayne Schwartz; Phil Nothnagel; Mike Davis; Mary Anne Uchanski; Jan Johnson; Audrey Kick. Third row, I. to r.: Mary Colletti; John Zimmer; Connie Radasso; Giacomo Hotnutti; Natalie Iglitz; Aldona Pikelis; Fran Hepburn. UICC Concert Choir Officers Standing, I. to r.: Mrs. Harriette Tiegreen, Accompanist; Miss Maxine Mandell, Director; Scott Heise, President; Natalie Iglitz, Treasurer; Mary Colletti Vice President; Camille Wilson, Secretary. 110 YiViViVi ii 1 1 ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 ill i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 IJ-I.l.l.U.l VlVlVlVlVlVlV i;i;i i Vi.i 1 1 j i u iVlVhVlVl ' sVlVlV 1 1 1 1 1 ii 1 1 r ii i 1 1 1 ii !i!i j j It u l.l.l.U.l.l.LU.U The Concert Band at UICC provided musical entertainment at all past Homecoming pa- rades and continues to perform at all the home football games. It also gives quar- terly concerts and takes part in the Honors Day and Commencement programs. First row, I. to r.: Pamela Miller; Richard Romanowski; Louis C. Brown; Carla C. Schmakel; Katherine Warden; James Hebda. Second row, I. to r.: Kathy Maruszak; Wilma Griinke; Luis Gonzalez; Dennis Strausy; Randy Berman; Pauline Dembicki; Elizabeth Hay; Ruch Grenvich; Daniel Nelson; Denise Okasako. Third row, I. to r.: James Dimitrious; Bob Kaiser; Carol Forch; Paul Bubinas; Stan Kimvra; Bob Fox; Donald Brodnick; Terry Nelson; Chester Bords; Terrence Divers; Stan Soparas, Jr.; Wayne A. Kona; William R. Demos; Alan Appel. Top row, I. to r.: Nicholas J. Valenziano, Director; George Sawyn; John Smith; Debby Sands; Rich Martino; Mike Greenberg; Neil Hecht. Ill Left to right: Peter Samuelas; Raymond Chin; Donald Ladner; Professor Robert Bryant, Advisor. The purpose of the American Society of Civil Engineers is to explore areas and prob- lems of civil engineering not covered by university courses. Through speakers and individual projects, the society helps in the professional development of its members. I Bottom row, I. to r.: Doris Rosen- stadt; Kevin Sullivan; Dr. David Gorenstein; Dr. Clifford Matthews. Second row, I. to r.: Narlene Greenberg; Bob Widing; Peter Stif- fel; Howard Blaz; Larry Kosobud. Third row, I. to r.: Steve Rubin- ow; Sally Estella; Bob Minard; Lynne Goffman; Sherry Bowen. 1 112 Left to right: George Kwitka; Larry Pawnao; Jan Sufie; Ron Jendryaszek; Jack Horbal; Nathan Pickard; Rick Hay; Alan Frydman; Joseph Sadowski; Brian Krause; Dominick Detommasso; Sunny Sanders; Rheinhold Fisher; JoAnn Gross; George Krempel; Anita Mahajan; David Berkowitz. Omega Beta Pi is the Circle Pre-Medical Fraternity. It brings together pre-med students from widely varied backgrounds for the purpose of preparing for a future in the medical profession. This is accomplished through guest speakers, medical school tours, and other gatherings. The American Institute of Chemical Engi- neers attempts to attract and unify stu- dents at UICC with professional people involved in chemical engineering. The events sponsored by the Institute are directed towards acquainting the students with the developments and possibilities existent in the field of chemical engineering. Sitting, front two figures: Paul Gutierrez; William Franek. Second row, I. to r.: Daniel Bakk; A. El-Abour; Robert Bradly. 113 THE TRAVELLING - The Traveling lllini brings together people interested in traveling to foreign lands. The organization provides a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and friend- ship among traveling students. The club also plans occasional tours to foreign lands. Left to right: Bob Szebert; Paula Staisiunas; Jurek Rakoczynski; Adam Smrokowski. Gamma Theta Upsilon, a National Geographic Hon- orary Fraternity, attempts to further interest and strengthen training in ge- ography by providing a common organization for those interested in the field. Front row, I. to r.: Jocelyn Miller; John S. Chekatis. Sec- ond row I. to r.: Betty Wil- Imschen; Janice Banoul; Chris T. Simenson; Ed Vincent; Zafar lhaha; Keith Lindahl. 114 Chi Delta Phi Fratority is the sec- ond co-ed frat on campus. Its purpose is to encourage and assist in the academic, social and com- munity interests of its members. The group also tries to serve the community and university as best it can. Sitting on the floor, I. to r.: Kathy Pappas; Darlene Jablonski. Sitting on chairs, I. to r.: Tom Brindisi; Diane Landsinger; Jose Teller; Tony Nagin, Jr.; Ed Pyzik; Adrienne Chaloupa; Gary Minasola. Standing, I. to r.: Phil Laurisella; Marty Carrillo; Casey Rog; Rich Imielski; Mary Redwitz; Gary Brichetto; Linda Bertolozi; Dave Erazmus; Mike Dra- gosic; Nick Cecola; Ed Vedral. Editors and staff of the Chicago I II in i First row, I. to r.: Gary Lipman; Mitch Pravatiner; Karen Furnweger; Donald Markay; Pete Aristedes. Second row, I. to r.: Dave Hustad; Bob Logan; Ed McCauley; Mary Sue Zivalic; Kevin Sullivan; Pat Rigney; Linda Sands; Janusz Maciuba; Ron Bara; Tony Ebersole; Angela Peters. 115 1 Phi Kappa Rho First row, I. to r.: Carla Santos; Joe Guenther; Terry Judge. Second row, I. to r.: Andy Pagorek; Ann Doyle; Kim Affolter; Frank Lombardo; Dolores Compton; Phil Kotas; Kathy Prendergast. Third row, I. to r.: Pete Lorenzini; Karen Reed; Janet Murphy; Ed Mayer. The purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta is to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning and to encourage superior attainment among the wo- men in institutions of higher education. First row, I. to r.: Eileen Hecker; Mary Nykiel. Second row, I. to r.: Agnes Montz; Sue Blickhahn; Janice Banoul; Velda Davino. e : £ •. © jv: The Hellenic Club serves as a social organization and offers financial assistance, in the form of a scholarship and loan program, and tutorial help for its members. It also stresses education in Greek culture and outlines for the Greek members the dimensions of their heritage. Sitting on the floor, I. to r.: Christine Koutsogeorgas; Ethel Rousakis; Helen Demakis. Second row, I. to r.: Olga Fountas; Natasha Oprea; Georgia Bursinos; Chris Karvelas; John Athanasspoulos; George Pan- agoulias; Lucia Pappas; Afrodite Koronis; Pat Fassos. Third row, I. to r.: Tom Caravaselas; Bill Korakianitis; James Alexander; John Chordas; Angelo Papadas; Thanasis Karabetsos; Evangelos Fasos; John Sorogas; Charles Melahouris; Tony Vasilopoulos; Peter Economou; George Douros; John Pardavellas; Gregory Evangelou; George Vlatsios; Peter Biris; Steve Kastanis; Manos Gianakakos; John Paraskevoulacos. Sitting, I. to r.: Judith Ann Olenec; Martha Lawrin; Maria Senyk; Helen Drohomyrecky; Vera Krestiuk. Second row, I. to r.: Irene Horajsky; Roman Kowalski; Christine Sharon; Michael T. Fader, Jr.; Lynda Black; Lydia Sajewych. Third row, I. to r.: Oleh Saciuk; Andy Wrublinsky, Pster Drohomyrecky; Victor Botwin; Basil Kowalczuk; Tamara Bidney; Nick Smyszniuk; John Lozinski. One of the many eth- nic groups on cam- pus, the Ukranian Club seeks to pro- mote the spread of in- terest and knowledge of the culture and his- tory of the Ukraine. This is accomplished through the use of lectures, field trips, seminars and exhibits. 1 II m W vA il tt Jjl • ! t. :f Q 0 m Kv XsvJOwy JOHN E. CORBALLY JR., President ] lfllfl From left to right: Edward L. Deam, Associate Dean; Leonard J. Currie, Dean, Raymond A. Dalton, Assistant Dean. THE COLLEGE OF ART AND ARCHITECTURE 123 From left to right: Dean Van Cleve Morris; Geraldine Brownlee, George C. Giles, Emanuel Hurwitz; David A. Wilson. THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 124 •:■- ' ■• .••.■-•:■ From left to right: Henry SeH on; George Bugliarello; William DeFotis; H. Dale Walraren; Herbert Stein. THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING 125 Front row, I. to r.: Allan Howard, Assistant Dean; Patricia McFate, Assistant Dean; Dean Doner. Back row, I. to r.: Robert Corley, Associate Dean; Robert Hess, Associate Dean; Ellis Little, Associate Dean. THE COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES 126 THE COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Left to right: Alvin D. Star, Associate Dean; Irvin L. Heckmann, Dean; Norman S. Smith, Assistant Dean; William J. Dunne, Associate Dean. 127 THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Left to right: Frank C. Rotecki, Staff Associate; Joseph I. Lipson, Associate Dean; Howard F. Koeper, Associate Dean; Miss Otis Dante, Assistant to the Dean; Jan Rocek, Dean; William J. Otting, Associate Dean. Placement Services Left to right: Roland Assistant Director. Swiam, Director; Richard G. Bickhaus, Office of Financial Aid Above; Robert E. Mahoney, Director. Below, I. to r.: Mrs. Christel McDowell; Mrs. Constance Wilson; Mr. Phillip Baugher; Mrs. Mariko Gallaga; Assistant Director. Health Service Sitting, I. to r.: Mary Lou Roach, Chief Clerk; Carolyn Cykes, Nurse; Kathy Gdalman, Nurse; Irene Mitchell, Secretary; Jewell Adadevok, Receptionist; Wendy Russell, Nurse Technician. Stand- ing, I. to r.: Daniel McCarthy, M.D.; Edward Isaacson, M.D. Gloria Hilker, M.D.; John Rogers, M.D.; Arthur Klawans, M.D. Maurice Goodman, M.D.; Gerald Schon, psychiatric social worker Habib Ghannad, laboratory technician; Herman Schuchman, Psy chiatric social worker; Vidvuds Medenis, M.D., Director. Office of Foreign Student Affairs Left to right: Kenneth Phifer, As- sistant Director; Laurette Kirstein, Director OSCAR MILLER Dean of Student Affairs CO —I o CO 130 DEAN OF MEN, DEAN OF WOMEN Sitting, I. to r.: Marie L. Johnson, Dean of Women; Warren Brown, Dean of Men. Standing, I. to r.: Ronald Brown, Assistant Dean; Barbara Roy, Assist- ant Dean. 131 Left to right: Audrey Mezlo, As- sistant Food Service Director. Pa- tricia Nelson, Assistant Director; Dale Brostrom, Director; Steve Chaplin, Assistant to the Director; Sally Dineen, Room Reservations; John Kantarski, Director of Recre- ation; H. E. Summers, Assistant to the Director; Mel Smith, Director of the Bookstore. CIRCLE CENTER ADMINISTRATION AUXILIARY SERVICES i c7 ,r- v- h f MM if : " ■ " ;v ji Left to right: Martin J. Farrell, Assistant to the Director; Charlotte Melzer, Assistant to the Director; James J. Overlock, Director; Rebec- ca Wilson, Assistant Director. Photo top left: Eleanor Probst; Marie Chris Petruniak. Photo top right: Frank GeltnSr, Jr., Director. Photo center right: Abigail Spreyer, editor of the Alumni Association Newsletter. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION I ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES Sue Erskine, Director f s F S 133 Rosalyn Abrams B.A. Special Education George Adderson B.S. Industrial Engineer Euclides Agosto B.A. Spanish Education Henry Alder B.S. Bio-engineering Nick Alexander B.A. Political Science Theresa Alexander B.A. History Betty Alwin B.A. English David Andersen B.A. Political Science Alan Anderson B.A. Sociology Janice Anderson B.A. Special Education James Andreou B.A. Criminal Justice John Andrews B.S. Computer Science Verne Andrews B.A. Psychology Daniel Anelli Michael Angellotti B.S. B.A. Quanitative Methods Accounting Herb April Sannoshin Arai B.A. Economics Katharina Arnold B.A. German Debra Arthur B.A. Political Science Adrienne Ashford B.A. Political Science Antoinette Auery B.A. Speech-Theater Mauro August Velma Avchie B.A. Accounting Rive Bachrach lames Backstrom 3.S. Accounting Carol Bach B.A. Spanish Education Patricia Bacom B.A. Special Education Thomas Barr B.A. Communications Design Charles Baylock B.A. Photo-Film Laura Becker B.A. Criminal Justice Joan Behrens B.A. English 137 warn Kathleen Bender Meredith Benjamin Darlene Bennett B.S. B.S. B.A. Biology Biology English Jeffrey Bennet B.S. Psychology Michael Bennon Kathleen Berg B.S. Education Victoria Berg B.S. Sociology John Beton B.S. Marketing Dawn Bettenhausen B.A. Design }1 t ; Barbara Bidlo B.S. Physical Education Robert Birdsall B.A. English Literature - w ilif " " r . V r ■ JF f Eva Bismayer B.A. Political Science-History Gail Bledsoe Rose Bledsoe B.A. B.A. History Education Sociology Colette Block Wsewolod Bojkewycz B.A. B.S. Elementary Education Engineering Richard Bokor B.S. Psychology Sally Boness B.S. Accounting Arthur Booze B.A. Management Eunice Borrelli B.A. Criminal Justice Linnea Bostrom B.A. English Barbara Boyd B.A. Sociology Richard Boyle B.S. Accounting Carmelita Branch B.A. Anthropology Robert Brandys B.S. Engineering Ramune Brazis B.A. Chemistry Barbara Brennan B.A. Education R. Bridgers Darnell Brown Milton Brown B.A. B.S. Elementary Education Accounting Robert Brown B.S. Engineering Robert Brown B.S. Engineering 139 Fred Bruegmann Cynthia Brusch B.S. B.A. Communications Engineering Education James Buchanan Terrence Buino B.S. B.S. Communications Engineering Accounting Stanley Bukala B.A. Political Science Larry Bullock B.A. Sociology Raymond Burg B.A. Industrial Engine ering Patricia Burke B.S. Math Education Murion Burse B.A. Design Georgia Bursinos B.A. English Delia Butler B.S. Psychology James Butz B.A. Management Rita Cabernoch B.A. English Education Christine Canchola B.A. Sociology Thomas Cantwell B.A. Finance Sandra Caplan B.A. Design Carole Capman John Cara B.A. Psychology Robert Caro B.S. Chemical Engineering Lewis Carrozza B.S. Biology Helene Castro B.A. Special Education Elena Cereceda B.A. Psychology David Cernak B.A. Geography Sandra Chakonas B.S. Biology sft ]■) " A m k ' 4 v - 1 Hohngone Chan B.S. Finance Lai Chan B.A. Sociology Chemistry John Chekatis B.A. Geography Mary Chin B.A. Elementary Education Chuck Lee B.S. Management Walter Chyterbok James Cichantk John Peter Ckuj B.A. B.A. B.A. Business Management English German 141 Dorothy Clark Kathryn Clark William Clark Charlotte Clayton B A. B.A. B.A. English Education English Sociology Michael Cleary B.S. Biology Geneva Cobb B.A. English Davis Cohen B.A. Criminal Justice Lucretia Collins James Conley Carmen Corniola Daniel Cozzp John Cunningham B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. Biological Science Criminal Justice Mathematics Psychology Alicia Curry B.A. Political Science Kenneth Cybart B.S. Industrial Engineering Susan Czepiel Political Science History Orysia Czorniak B.A. Elementary Education Elmer Dalbke Frank D ' Alexander John Damusis Burt Danelson B.A. B.S. B.S. Business Administration Engineering Metallurgy Houshang Danesh B.S. Civil Engineering Carol Dannenhauer B.S. Accounting Wayne Daren B.A. Political Science June Dargert B.A. Education " Gail Deguchi Artin Deguermendjian Carl Dellanina Dolores Del Monaco B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. Psychology Mechanical Engineering Psychology Biology Education Vito De Mario Barbara De Reus Therese Diliberto Janice Dillon B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. Accounting Physical Education Elementary Education Elementary Education 143 William Ditter B.S. Industrial Engineering Marlene Dolan B.A. Elementary Education Elli Dolgin Robert Doran B.S. B.A. Manufacturing Engineering Criminal Justice !. Kathy Ann Dorsch B.S. Math Education John Dotson B.A. Philosophy Jane Downey B.S. Business Administration Edna Downing B.A. Elementary Education ► V L fl Irene Drab B.A. Education D eborah Draper B.A. English Education Robert Dresdner B.S. Aerospace Engineering Helen Drew B.S. Chemistry Lawrence Dujsik Thelma Dukes Roland Duputch Bernard Dutko B.A. B.A. B.A. Criminal Justice Elementary Education Criminal Justice Julia Dyer B.S. Biology John Dziak B.A. Communications Address Lawrence Eagan B.S. Accounting Hurlebert Eaton B.S. Electrical Engineering Simon Edelstein Esther Ehrlich B.A. English Nancy Eizenga B.A. Elementary Education Lydia Elliott B.S. Accounting Sharon Ellis B.A. Education Rose Emerson B.A. History Carl Enck David Erickson B.S. B.S. Sociology Education Biology Education Edward Escalante B.A. Spanish Susan Ettema B.A. Psychology Fred Ettinger B.S. Engineering David Evans B.A. Psychology 145 Thomas Ewalt B.A. Anthropology Karl Fabian B.A. History Eugene Fabry B.S. Accounting Gerald Fahey B.A. Chemistry Ron Fallara Vicky Fantus B.A. Elementary Education Nancy Farris B.S. Physical Education Elizabeth Fedor B.A. English Education Richard Feineis B.S. Engineering Michael Feldman B.S. Biology Patricia Fend B.A. Sociology Bradley Fernberg B.S. Management Economics Rosalyn Ferst B.A. Education Paul Fine Kenneth Fitze B.S. B.S. Marketing Biology Susan Flanagan B.A. History .tl . in Kathleen Flowers B.A. Communications Design Rasalita Flowers B.A. Speech Theater Michael Flynn James Foltz B.A. History Arnold Fox Kathleen Foy Joan Franckowiak B.A. Elementary Education William Franek B.S. Chemical Engineering Susan Frazier Maria Frazin B.A. B.A. Elementary Education Sociology David Fredricks B.S. Accounting Arthur Freedman B.S. Mathematics Roxann Freeman B.S. Sociology Robert Frejlich B.A. Criminal Justice Edward Friedman B.S. Business Administration 247 Christine Frigo B.A. B.S. History Chemistry James Furlong B.S. Engineering Mary Galvin Frank Gazzolo B.S. Accounting Michael Froman B.A. Political Science Bruce Gabbard B.S. Biology Kathleen Gausselin B.A. Education Richard Geary Russell Fu B.S. Dentistry Maria Gabiner B.A. Art Education Peter Gayford B.A. Anthropology Thomas Geever B.A. Theater I Robert Fukomoto Susan Galowich B.S. Accounting Richard Gazdik B.S. Industrial Engineering Robert Geltner B.S. Economics Management Y Ethel Georgis Adrienne Gershon B.S. B.A. Geography Education English Literature Aldona Gineitis B.A. English Literature Phyllis Gittens B.A. English Richard Glassman B.S. Accounting Jean Go B.S. Chemistry Stephen Godek B.A. Political Science Lynne Goffman B.S. Chemistry Laurel Goldberg B.A. Art Education Paulette Goldblatt Samuel Goldfarb B.A. B.A. Elementary Education Political Science Thomas Golz B.S. Biological Science Robert Goorsky B.S. Biology Dora Gouvas B.S. Mathematics Lawrence Grant B.S. Management Michael Greenberg B.S. Chemistry 149 Ronald Grenko B.A. Design Mary Ann Giece B.A. Elementary Education Ronald Griffith B.A. Sociology Sylvia Grislis B.S. Mathematics I Geir Gronli B.S. Biology Michael Groppi B.S. Aerospace Engineering Karen Grover B.A. History Education Gregory Grudzinski Stephen Gruninger Tova Grycman B.A. Elementary Education Jon Guenther B.S. Engineering Robert Gumiela B.A. History Edward Gunia B.A. Communications Design Michael Gust Paul Gutierrez B.A. B.S. Spanish Chemical Engineering William Haas B.A. Criminal Justice Louis Habryl B.S. Biology Charlene Hackman B.A. Elementary Education Norine Hackman B.A. Elementary Education Bradley Hahn Joel Hamilton B.A. Speech Theater Linda Hanias B.A. French Education James Hanna B.A. Design John Hans B.S. Communications Engineering Kenneth Harder B.S. Economics Carl Hardiman Margrett Hardman B.A. Political Science Craig Harju B.A. History Education ■i Connie Heiss Carl Heitschel B.A. B.S. English Education Engineering William Hellmer B.S. Industrial Engineering Thomas Hencinski B.A. History Political Science 51 w £J t • m l ?: ' -Y ,, s agj •• ' ,-,- BT H Br wJ BV - ' ' H B TOP - - — WW BB ■K BW «u Br " H v ki , rf Br . . S " TB l " ■ ' : B , bW BF ' ' HB ■AP ■ BBBB9 % ' mbbI Jr I i. « Sandra Hennings B.A Elementary Education Dale Herrstrom B.S. Mathematics Rosa Hill B.A. Psychology Albert Henry B.A. Criminal Justice Amal Hijjawi B.S. Mathematics Frances Hepburn B.S. Biology Carol Hill B.A. English Education Nabeel Hodi William Hoeninger B.S. B.S. Communication Engineering Finance Albert Hermis B.S. Information Engineering Lynda Hill B.A. Elementary Education Gregory Hogan B.A. Management Jean Holland Robert Hollis Thomas Holt Manfred Holzaepeel BA. B.A. B.A. B.S. Criminal Justice Criminal Justice History Chemistry David Honeycutt B.S. Biology Karen Horace B.A. Elementary Education Edward Hoskins B.S. Accounting Terry Hospodar B.S. Biology " I Michael Hriljac B.S. Biology Laverne Hughes B.A. Political Science Dawn Hullison B.S. Accounting Sandra Humphries B.A. Education Janice Husser B.A. History Education Robert Huxel B.A. Psychology Lucrecia Iglesias B.S. Political Science Natalie Iglitz B.A. Speech Sunday Ikoh B.A. Geography Arthur Isom Jr. B.A. Political Science James Isono B.A. Quantitative Methods David Jackson B.A. Communications 155 Delores Jackson B.A. Elementary Education Robert Jaffe B.A. Political Science James Jamer Ismay Jackson B.A. Spanish Education Tatjana Jagatic Lynn James Sally Jackson B.A. Art Education Jerome Jagla B.S. Speech Janet Jamontas B.A. English Education Carl Jaeschke B.S. Management James Jakubowski B.S. Industrial Engineering Norman Janczak B.S. Marketing Sally Janik Marilyn Jansen Tom Janus Joseph Jasnosz B.A. B.S. B.S. B.S. Psychology Elementary Education Mathematics Computer Science Communications Engineering Eleanor Javor B.S. Economics 1 Josephine Javorka B.A. Sociology Education Psychology « Joyce Jenkins B.A. Elementary Education Jeffrey Jensen B.A. Physical Education Essie Johnson B.A. Elementary Education Roger Johnson B.S. Accounting Stanley Johnson B.S. Mathematics William Jonas B.A. Art Stephen Juska B.S. Finance Marianna Kaczmarek B.A. Education Bernard Kadow B.S. Marketing Burton Kahn B.S. Electrical Engineering Rudolph Kaldi Jr. B.A. Psychology Ronald Kalivoda B.S. Management Mary Kamys B.A. History Ronald Kaplan B.S. Chemistry 157 i Anthony Karahalios B.S. Finance John Karahalios B.S. Engineering William Karnezis Stephen Karwoski B.S. Engineering Chriss Karydes B.S. Structural Design Steve Kastanis B.S. Aerospace Engineering Kerstin Katnik B.S. Biology Geography John Kavanagh B.A. Mass Communications Michael Kearney B.A. Chemistry Doris Kellam B.A. Psychology Michael Kelly B.A. Economics Michael Kenig B.A. Political Science William Kertz B.S. Engineering Janet Kim Michael Kim B.S. Communications Engineering Kin Chee Chan B.S. Computer Science Ml Frank King B.S. Marketing Management Donald Kittler B.S. Accounting Sanford Klein B.S. Chemical Engineering Krzysztof Klincewicz B.S. Electrical Engineering Anthony Knezevich Michael Koehler John Komosa Werner Kopp B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. Communications English Education Math Education German ' Maria Korkatsch Mary Kortanek Larry Kosobud James Kougias B.A. B.S. B.S. English Chemistry Engineering Mimika Koulis Christine Koutsogeorgas Basil Kowalzuk Judith Kowalczyk B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. Psychology French Education Mathematics Economics English Education 159 Patricia Krauthaus B.A. Cr iminal Justice Dennis Krisik B.S. Biology Kris Krevchena B.S. Physical Education Janice Krupp B.S. Mathematics Michael Kraft Alfred Krakau Kitty Krambaer B.A. B.S. B.A. Criminal Justice Accounting German Education Dennis Krieger B.S. Communications Engineering Zbigniew Kubit B.S. Communication Engineering Robert Kranz B.A. Quantitative Methods Nila Krimitzer B.A. Speech Theater Sandra Kuprenas B.A. Psychology Daniel Kupski William Kurylak Shahzad Kutcharian Donald Kwasman B.A. B.S. B.S. Management Finance Biology Hoi Kwok B.S. Economics Tai Kwok B.S. Engineering Charlotte Kyles B.S. Math Education Mary LaBelie B.A. Psychology Sarah LaBelie Judith Ladner Russell Ladson Maureen Lane B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Urban Systems Engineering History Sociology English Education Charles Langford B.S. Accounting George Langlotz B.S. Physical Education Cynthia Lapinski B.S. Marketing Richard Lapke B.A. History Felix Lazaroff Barry Leavitt Alice Lee Robert Lee B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. Communications Engineering Psychology Accounting Management 161 Gary Lees B.S. Finance Eugene LeFave B.S. Computer Science John Liefel B.S. Computer Science Diane Leisen B.S. Mathematics ! :3 Michael Lekavich B.S. Geography Sherman Leong B.S. Thermomechanical Engineering Edward Lerner B.S. Accounting Charlotte LeVee B.A. Design Susan Levey B.A. English Philip Levin B.S. Math Education Jill Levine B.A. Art Education Walter Levora B.S. Communications Engineering Thomas Li B.S. Chemistry Larry Liberman B.S. Industrial Engineering Joanne Lim B.S. Anthropology George Lloyd Geoffrey Locander Alan Lonn Patricia Looney Maria Lopez B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. Management Metallurgical Engineering Education Elementary Education Rose Louie B.A. Elementary Education Thomas Lucek B.S. Engineering Jacqueline Luga B.A. Psychology Maryann Lugowski B.S. Mathematics Stephen Lushniak B.S. Communications Engineering Leonard Lutecki B.S. Engineering Freddrenna Lyle B.A. History Allen Maag mi 1 John M. MacDonald Jr. Effie Magafis Joanne Maggio Marie Magnine B.S. B.A. B.A. Management History Sociology 163 Robert Majewski B.S. Physics Josephine Maraffino B.A. Elementary Education Pamela Marchewka B.A. Elementary Education Martha Marczak B.A. History Alex Markos B.S. Urban Geography n Ann Martin B.A. Criminal Justice Norman Maslankowski B.A. Political Science Alvin Matthews B.S. Personnel Management Richard Matulewicz B.A. Management George Matwyshyn B.S. Biology Jean Mazawa Alice Mazur Elizabeth Mazzone B.A. German David McCann B.S. Management Kathleen McCarthy B.A. English History Marjorie McDonald Donna McDonough B.A. History Wilhelmina McGee B.A. Special Education Rodney McLean B.A. Music Marjorie McNichols Dorothy Mench B.A. B.A. English Education French Education Evelyn Mench B.A. Spanish Jerry Menezes » Gus Mestrapa Howard Meyer Thomas Miceli Donna Michals B.S. B.S. B.A. Chemical Engineering Finance Special Elementary Education Michael Mikrut Frances Mildice Dianne Miller Gary Miller B.A. B.S. B.A. Psychology Special Education Education 165 1 Mary Jane Min B.A. PGA Joseph Minelia B.A. Criminal Justice Lina Miranda B.S. Biology Nicholas Misirlakis B.S. Electrical Engineering r. •3 Diane Mitacek B.A. Liberal Arts Henrietta Mitchell B.A. Sociology Ronald Mitiu B.S. Business Administration Terry Moan B.S. Biology Barry Mogil B.A. Accounting Deborah Moglin Jill Mollico B.S. Mathematics Michael Morrell B.S. Mathematics Irwin Morris B.S. Psychology Jun Moy B.S. Mathematics Karen Moore B.S. Psychology ! . -I m r A r " l Ruth Moy B.S. Math Education ■■ SooLon Moy B.A. Sociology Education Gregg Moyer B.S. Metallurgy Thomas Moylan B.S. Math Education John Mularski B.A. Political Science m Frances Murray B.A. Education Jeanette Musial B.A. Speech Theater Russell Mysyk B.A. History Education Arliss Nail B.A. Finance Angelo Nardi B.A. Psychology Gloria Naurocki B.A. English Donna Neal B.A. English Education Candelario Negron B.A. Criminal Justice Edward Nelson B.A. Finance Franklin Nelson B.A. Communications Design Gerald Nelson Rachel Nelson B.S. B.A. Manufacturing Engineering Sociology 167 I ' j f¥bfc?y " H » m cm. ' 1 % M . mi i - %m ' ♦■Q ■ 1 Zrtui r J i( J ■ ■ --• ' i • j 1 . i UdP Blj ' i» fA ■ ' . ' , ' . ■ ■ ' «v " 1 » I 1 Bk.jB t j 1 1 B t £ ' " " f ? fit H ::: »» " %» w . CHICAGO • ■ i Rp an» T ■fffi fci. . - Thomas Nelson B.A. History Egan Netzel B.S. Marketing James Nevers Patrick Nevins B.S. B.A. Psychology History Rowana Ng Susanne Ng Diane Niedoborski Lawrence Nieminski B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S. Chemistry Art Psychology Political Science Raymond Nino B.S. Biology Frank Nordt B.S. Chemistry Melody Norman B.S. Physical Education Gerald Norris B.S. Biology Patricia Nowak Martin O ' Connor John Oehrke Kathryn Oher B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. C ' mmal Justice Business Administration Psychology Criminal Justice Chiyo Oki B.A. Anthropology Wendy Oliet B.A. Elementary Education • ' " ;-,.- Glenn Olofson B.A. Economics J I Robert Olsen B.S. Engineering J ? Frederick Orth B.A. Biology Thomas Osborn Patrick Oshea Gerald Ossowski B.S. Management Edward Ostrowski Michael Ostrowski Victor Ovando B.A. B.A. °sychology Spanish June Paciga B.S. Biology Ivan Pacold Monica Pajak B.S. B.A. Biological Science Art Education : m Rangaswa Palanishwamy John Palassis B.S. Chemistry 171 Angelo Papadas Lucia Pappas Shahrokh Parhizgar Joseph Parisi B.A. B.A. B.S. Business Administration English Mathematics Donna Paroli B.A. English Education Ralph Pasciak B.S. Management Marketing James Patras B.S. Biology Paul Patterson B.A. Design Stephen Pawlow B.A. Accounting Barbara Pearlman B.A. Psychology Diana Penar B.A. Anthropology William Peppier B.S. Metallurgical Engineering Michael Perri Pamela Persons Sharon Pfaff Margaret Phifer B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. Information Engineering Spanish Education Sociology Education Rita Piechalak B.A. Art Design Angela Pisani B.A. English Patricia Pisani B.A. French Patricia Pitts B.A. Elementary Education Susan Plack B.A. Communications Design Michael Pogar B.A. Quantitative Methods Terry Poncher B.A. Special Education Robert Pope B.A. Criminal Justice Connie Potocki B.S. Mathematics Clifton Powell B.S. Urban Systems Engineering Fred Powell B.S. Biology Mae Powell B.S. Mathematics Pauline Poy B.A. Quantitative Methods Carl Pretzel B.S. Metallurgy Theodore Priban B.A. Geography Jeffrey Prosansky B.A. Spanish 173 Jjmes Pucci B.S. Metallurgy Joseph Radtke B.A. Sociology Linda Raff B.A. Elementary Education Alice Raidl B.A. History Gladys Randall B.S. Medical Technology Demetrios Raptis B.A. Economics Joseph Rasson Wanda Reaves B.S. B.A. Aerospace Engineering Sociology 3% ' OS Karen Redelsperger B.A. History Judith Rees B.A. English History Marvin Reinglass B.S. Psychology Vasilios Rezos B.S. Communications Engineering Ellen Rhoades B.A. Sociology Pamela Richardson B.A. English Adele Richkus B.A. Elementary Education Wendie Richter Frank Riggio David Roach Scott Roane Karl Robertson B.A. B.S. B.S. B.A. Criminal Justice Computer Science Finance Management Edgar Robinson B.A. History Larry Robinson B.A. History Patrice Robinson B.A. English Education Robert Roder B.S. Industrial Engineering John Rogalski B.A. Communications Design Angel Roldan B.A. Education Devorah Rosenzweig B.A. Anthropology Arnold Rotkin B.A. Political Science Lucy Rowe Maureen Rowley Alex Rozenstrauch Marvin Rubenstein B.S. B.A. B.S. B.S. Elementary Education Political Science Information Engineering Biology 175 Robert Ruiz B.A. Political Science Rob ert Ruppert B.S. Physics Geology Gerald Ryan B.A. History Thomas Ryan B.S. Systems Engineering Ernest Rysso B.S. Engineering Susan Sacks B.A. English Mohammad Salam B.S. Information Engineering Emilio Salis B.S. Chemical Engineering Mahmoud Sanati B.S. Computer Science Stephan Sands B.S. Political Science Kathleen Sandula B.A. Geography Education Vincent Sarpakis B.S. Electrical Engineering Betty Schaefer Kenneth Schlaudraff Joseph Schlender William Schoenbeck B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Psychology Communications Design Sociology Criminal Justice Rory Schraub B.A. English George Schreck B.S. Management Terry Schroeder B.S. Engineering Mildred Schuh B.A. German Education Harold Schwartz B.S. Biological Sciences Lawrence Schweitz B.A. Finance Robert Seibert B.A. History Claudia Seidel B.A. Sociology Education James Senjanin Maria Senyk James Serritelli Robert Serwy B.S. B.A. B.S. B.S. Metallurgical Engineering Psychology Finance Communications Engineering Flora Sharpe John Shaw A. Gaffar Shedbalkar Richard Sherwood B.S. B.S. B.A. Accounting Electronics Engineering Economics 177 Darryl Shishido B.A. Sociology Lawrence Siegel B.S. Mathematics Jean Sierra B.A. Education Helene Sikaras B.A. Elementary Education Michael Sink B.A. American Literature Jonathan Sirotek B.A. Sociology Elizabeth Siemiatkowski B.S. Chemistry Kathryn Silhan B.A. Anthropology Rodney Sitter B.S. Management Mary Sieminski B.A. Elementary Education Anne Simanis B.A. Elementary Education Steven Siver B.A. Mass Media William Slovick B.S. Marketing Fred Smith B.A. Sociology Nancy Smith B.A. Psychology Violet Smith B.A. History Irene Snekutis B.S. Biology Betty Sobala B.A. Speech Theater Theresa Solava B.A. History John Soprych B.S. Electrical Engineering Demetrios Soukoulis B.S. Political Science David Spacek B.S. Engineering Paul Spangler B.A. Economics Thomas Spitzer B.A. Marketing Fredrick Spreadbury B.S. Accounting William Squires B.A. American Literature JoAnn Sroka Richard Stadelmann B.S. Industrial Engineering Gary Stancick B.A. Sociology Hermine Stanley B.A. Elementary Education Michael Stanton B.S. Finance Economics Shari Steinberg B.A. English 179 Christine Stem B.A. English Education Earl Sternfeld B.S. Biology Susan Stersch B.A. History Jane Stevens B.A. Anthropology Robert Stomp B.A. Political Science Jonathan Stone B.A. Political Science Joan Strasser B.A. Special Education Kyung Ja Suh B.S. Mathematics Kevin Sullivan B.S. Chemistry Mary Lou Sullivan B.S. Physical Education Denise Surma Terrieann Susin B.A. B.S. History of Art and Architecture Physics Education Lloyd Swanson B.A. Political Science Ann Szafran Anna Szalewa Alicia Tabb B.A. B.A. B.A. Communications Design Russian-Slavic Studies English Education Janet Tadla B.S. Biology Rita Tarvid B.A. Psychology Wayne Tassa Victoria Tauginas B.S. Math Education Irene Taus David Taussig B.A. Anthropology Irvin Taylor B.A. Political Science Mary Taylor B.A. English Education Bruce Thesen Stephen Thies B.A. History Ronald Thompson B.A. Criminal Justice Donald Thurner B.S. Accounting Herb J. P. Tirjer _ydia Tkaczuk B.S. B.A. Biological Sciences German Theodore Toczek B.A. Economics Eva Tomaszewski B.A. History 181 Alvin Tomlmson B.A. Chemistry Yam Tong B.S. Chemistry Robert Tragas B.S. Accounting Ann Trampas B.S. Marketing Urszula Trojner B.A. History Sherry Trojniar B.A. Communications Design Carol Tubacki B.A. Elementary Education Marietta Turner B.A. History Education Evelyn Tzortas B.A. History Education Jose-Mauricio Uribe Neal Van Schouwen Edward Veldin B.S. B.S. B.S. Electrical Engineering Accounting Mathematics Manuel Verdugo-Perez George Vlatsios Candace Voda B.A. B.S. B.A. Spanish Information Engineering Anthropology Carl Vojtech Jr. B.S. Industrial Engineering Cheryl Vonckx B.A. English Carl Vyborny B.S. Physics Marlene Wagner B.A. German Psychology Roy Wainwright B.S. Computer Science Ann Waitkus B.A. English Literature Kathleen Waldron B.A. Education Patrick J. Walsh B.S. Computer Science Patrick M.Walsh B.S. Mathematics Richard Walter B.S. Engineering Give Wang B.S. Management Judith Wappel B.A. English Katherine Warden B.S. Chemistry Delphine Watts B.A. English Education Hersholt Waxman B.A. Sociology Janet Weaver B.A. Sociology Education James Webb B.S. Business Administration 183 - CHECK ROOM :I5 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. LOST FOUND 1:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. MON. THRU FRI. ■— ' ■ » m " • ■ V Cheryl Weil Gary Weil Thomas Weinzierl Howard Weiss B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. Elementary Education Math Philosophy Manufacturing Engineering German Marlene Welch B.A. English Robert Werner B.S. Accounting Patricia West B.A. English Education Mary-Frances White B.A. Elementary Education Lorrayne Wick Robert Widing Sara Wiedemann Angela Wilks B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. Art Education Chemistry Sociology Biology Alan Williams Anne Williams James Williams Betty Willmschen B.S. B.S. B.S. Biology Mathematics Geography Ray Wills B.A. Criminal Justice Bob Wills Chris Wilson Tom Wise B.S. Computer Science Richard Wisniewski Charles Witt Mark Wittenberg Davida Wodlinger B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. Accounting Political Science Industrial Engineering Criminal Justice Mary Ann Wojcik B.S. Communications Engineering Theresia Wolf B.A. Political Science Arthur Wolniak B.S. Computer Science Francis Wolski B.S. Physical Education Cheryl Woods Roland Wozniak Nicholas Wysocki Mari Yakas B.A. B.S. B.S. B.A. Elementary Education Physical Education Management Psychology 187 . " • P.u Yjle Christine Yatsushiro Quai Yeung Andrea Young B A. B.A. English Communications Design Barbara Young James Young William Yue B.S. B.S. Accounting Mathematics Richard Zahradnik B.A. Mass Communications Michele Zajkowski B.S. Math Education Carol Zak B.S. Mathematics Donald Zielonka B.S. Accounting Thaddeus Zientek B.S. Accounting John Zimmer Thomas Ziobro David Zollman Lillian Zukowski B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Physics Architecture Political Science Russian Ellen Zurawic B.A. English Kenneth Wisniewski John Lisicich 189 190 ROSALYN B. ABRAMS Dejn ' s List; Yavneh GEORGE ADDERSON EUCLIDES A. AGOSTO Teacher Trainee with the Spanish De- partment HENRY C. ALDER IEEE-President NICK ALEXANDER THERESA ALEXANDER Concert Choir; Black Choir of UICC; Black Students Organization and Com- munication (BSOC); Campus Crusade foi Christ BETTY J. ALWIN UICC Literature Committee; Dean ' s List DAVID ANDERSEN Varsity Football Team; Letterman ALAN ANDERSON Dean ' s List JANICE ANDERSON Program Executive Board JAMES ANDREOU JOHN ANDREWS James Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma; Engineer- ing Industrial Award; Dean ' s List VERNE ANDREWS Dean ' s List DANIEL J. ANELLI Tau Alpha Rho-President MICHAEL J. ANGELIOTTI SANNOSHIN ARAI VELMA AVCHIE KATHARINA R. ARNOLD DEBRA ARTHUR Pi Alpha Tau; Freshmen Weekend Com- mittee; Newman ADRIENNE R. ASHFORD Dean ' s List; Alpha Kappa Alpha ANTOINETTE C.AVERY Dean ' s List B CAROL BACH James Scholar; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List JAMES BACKSTROM Newman Community-President Treas- urer; Student Board of College of Busi- ness Administration-Secretary; IOC; Ac- tivities Honorary Society; Dean ' s List PATRICIA BACOM THOMAS BARR Departmental Distinction GAIL BARZAR Black Student Psychology Association; Black Student Organization; Freshmen Weekend Committee; Medical Oppor- tunity Program CHARLES BAYLOCK Pershing Rifles; Student Financial Aid Committee; Alpha Phi Alpha LAURA BECKER James Scholar; Alpha Lambda Delta JOAN BEHRENS James Scholar KATHLEEN BENDER MEREDITH BENJAMIN DARLENE BENNETT JEFFREY BENNETT Forensics Club; Skiing lllini; Dean ' s List KATHLEEN BERG Dean ' s List VICTORIA BERG JOHN BETON James Scholar; American Marketing As- sociation-Treasurer; Phi Eta Sigma DAWN L. BETTENHAUSEN BARBARA BIDLO ROBERT BIRDSALL Dean ' s List; Crazy Steve Productions; Intramural Football Fencing; Felix Hoenikker Award EVA BISMAYER Dean ' s List; Undergraduate Policy Com- mittee, Political Science Department; Departmental Distinction; German Club GAIL L. BLEDSOE ROSE BLEDSOE COLETTE BLOCK Lambda Chi WSEWOLOD BOJKEWYCZ Soccer Team; UICC Karate Club RICHARD BOKOR Tau Kappa Epsilon; Dean ' s List; Illinois State Scholarship; Departmental Dis- tinction SALLY J. BONESS ARTHUR BOOZE EUNICE BORELLI Dean ' s List; Women ' s Intercollegiate Basketball Team (WAA), Freshman Weekend Committee; Orientation Lead- er; Skiing lllini LINNEA BOSTROM EAP Tutor; Freshmen Orientation BARBARA BOYD Dean ' s List; Circle Christian Fellowship RICHARD BOYLE CARMELITA BRANCH ROBERT BRANDYS RAMUNE BRAZIS Dean ' s List BARBARA BRENNAN DARNELL BROWN Black Chorus; Summer Reading Program MILTON BROWN ROBERT BROWN ROBERT W. BROWN Dean ' s List FRED R. BRUEGMANN Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Society of Automotive En- gineers; Dean ' s List; Photo Club; Ama- teur Radio Club CYNTHIA M. BRUSCHI JAMES W. BUCHANAN Chorus; Choir; Christian Work TERRENCE M. BUINO Alpha Phi Omega STANLEY J. BUKALA Phi Theta Kappa; National Honor So- ciety; Dean ' s List; Pre-Law Society; As- tronomy Club LARRY E.BULLOCK Council Relations on International Af- fairs-Vice President RAYMOND E. BURG PATRICIA I. BURKE Circle ' 70; Orientation Leader MURION C. BURSE Dean ' s List; Certificate from Chicago Academy; Black Students of Art Ar- chitecture; Art Education GEORGE BURSINOS Hellenic Club; Dean ' s List DELLAM. BUTLER Newspaper Staff; Bowling Team; Dean ' s List; Black Students Psychology Associ- ation; Student Government; Psychology Society; Drama Guild JAMES M. BUTZ RITA A. CABERNOCH Dean ' s List; Student Education Associa- tion-Vice President CHRISTINE CANCHOLA Dean ' s List THOMAS P. CANTWELL SANDRA M.CAPLAN Dean ' s List JOHN R.CARA ROBERT H.CARO LEWIS P. CARROZZA HELENE M.CASTRO ELENA R.CERECEDA DAVID D.CERNAK Dean ' s List SANDRA CHAKONAS Sigma Phi Alpha; Women ' s Athletic Association-Secretary; Dean ' s List HOHNGONE CHAN KIN CHEE CHAN LAI Y. CHAN JOHN S. CHEKATIS Gamma Theta Upsilon-President MARY W. CHIN Dean ' s List WALTER CHYTERBOK ROTC JAMES R. CICHANTK Dean ' s List JOHN-PETER CKUI DOROTHY E.CLARK Dean ' s List KATHRYN M.CLARK Orchesis; Dean ' s List WILLIAM G.CLARK CHARLOTTE Y. CLAYTON MICHAEL J. CLEARY GENEVA G.COBB DAVIS S.COHEN Dean ' s List; Criminal Justice Student ' s Advisory Committee; Chicago lllini; Fly- ing Chikas; Pre-Law Society JAMES E.CONLEY CARMEN A.CORNIOLA, II DANIEL D.COZZO JOHN O.CUNNINGHAM Psychological Society; Departmental Dis- tinction ALICIA E.CURRY Pre-Law Society KENNETH E. CYBART SUSAN CZEPIEL ORUSIA LESIACZORNIAK ELMER A. DALBKE FRANK M. D ' ALEXANDER Homecoming ' 71 -Chairman; Spring Car- nival ' 72-Chairman; Tau Alpha Rho-Vice President; Dance Committee-Vice Presi- dent Activities Honorary Society JOHN A. DAMUSIS Materials Club HOUSHANG DANESH BERTIL R. DANIELSON Op3n i List CAROL J. DANNENHAUER Dean ' s List WAYNE A. DAREN Hillel; Illinois State Scholarship JUNE ELLEN DARGERT Cooperative Program in Urban Teacher Education GAIL E. DEGUCHI ARTIN A. DEGUERMENDJIAN IRENE M. DRAB HELEN A. DREW BERNARD A. DUTKO CARL A. DELLANINA DOLORES DEL MONACO Dean ' s List VITA A. DE MARIO Dean ' s List ROLAND G. DEPTUCH Phi Eta Sigma; James Scholar; Skiing lllini; Phi Kappa Phi BARBARA H. DE REUS Dean ' s List; P. E.Major Club THERESE M. DILIBERTO JANICE M.DILLON Dean ' s List; Chorus WILLIAM B. DITTER Parachuting; Karate Club; Dean ' s List; Newman; Cheerleading MARLENE A. DOLAN Dean ' s List ELLI DOLGIN S.M.E.; Materials Club; Israeli Students Organization ROBERT A. DORAN Dean ' s List KATHY ANN DORSCH 192 m James Scholar; Dean ' s List JOHN B. DOTSON Chess Club JANE E. DOWNEY EDNA W. DOWNING DEBORAH C. DRAPER Dean ' s List ROBERT D.DRESDNER Dean ' s List; Intramural Sports; AIAA LAWRENCE DUJSIK Dean ' s List THELMA E. DUKES JULIA A. DYER Alpha Lambda Delta; Skiing lllini JOHNS. DZIAK LAWRENCE D. EAGAN HURLBERTL. EATON Phi Eta Sigma; James Scholar; Newman Community ESTHER J. EHRLICH Theta Gamma Phi-President NANCY J. EIZENGA Pi Alpha Tau-Vice President; Student Government; Band; Dean ' s List; CPUTE Program LYDIAS. ELLIOTT Dean ' s List SHARON N. ELLIS Dean ' s List ROSEM. EMERSON CARL W. ENCK University Concert Band DAVID E. ERICKSON, JR. EDWARD P. ESCALANTE SUSAN L. ETTEMA FRED R. ETTINGER Engineering Advisory Board; Alpha Epsilon Phi-Social Chairman; ICR Mem- ber DAVID J. EVANS THOMAS J. EWALT Dean ' s List KARL A. FABIAN EUGENE F. FABRY GERALD R. FAHEY American Chemical Society; Dean ' s List; Honors Day; James Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma VICKY A. FANTUS Baha ' i Club; James Scholar; Dean ' s List NANCY D. FARRIS ELIZABETH R. FEDOR Honors RICHARD C. FEINEIS MICHAELS. FELDMAN Honors; Zeta Beta Tau PATRICIA J. FENCL BRADLEY G. FERNBERG Dean ' s List ROSALYN L. FERST PAUL R. FINE Dean ' s List KENNETH A. FITZE Dean ' s List; Biology Club SUSAN M. FLANAGAN KATHLEEN L. FLOWERS Imprint; Newman; Freshmen Weekend Committee; Gamma Theta Upsilon ROSALITA J. FLOWERS Newman; Chicago Circle Broadcasting; Honors JAMES STEPHEN FOLTZ Dean ' s List; Honors; Departmental Dis- tinction; Alternate Goodman Scholar JOAN L. FRANCKOWIAK Dean ' s List WILLIAM J. FRANEK American Institute of Chemical Engi- neers-President; Student Advisory Board SUSAN A. FRAZIER MARLAJ. FRAZIN Illinois State Scholar; Dean ' s List; Hillel; Students for Israel DAVID E. FREDRICKS Dean ' s List ARTHUR A. FREEDMAN James Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma ROXANN THOMAS FREEMAN Dean ' s List; Black Cultural Art ' s Festival; Student Sociological Association; The Group; Friends of SNCC; Ashanti Fed- eration ROBERT J. FREJLICH Dean ' s List; Honors EDWARD S. FRIEDMAN Intramural Basketball; Business Admin- istration Club; Management Discussion Group; Sociology Discussion Group CHRISTINE E. FRIGO James Scholar; Dean ' s List; American Chemical Society; Polish Student ' s As- sociation; Women ' s Liberation Club; Pullman Car Pool MICHAELS. FROMAN Student Advisory Board; Political Sci- ence Student Advisory Committee RUSSELL VEN-CHAU FU Activities Honorary Society; Past Year- book Business Manager; Past Yearbook Sales Manager; Past Vice-President of Delta Delta Sigma; Past Secretary-Treas- urer Delta Delta Sigma; Past Inter-Fra- tority Council Freshman Orientation Leader; Freshmen Weekend Counselor JAMES L. FURLONG BRUCE D.GABBARD MARLAS. GABINER Sigma Phi-President; Inter-Fratority Re- cording Secretary; Dean ' s List; Inter- Fratority Bowling SUSAN M. GALOWITCH Gamma Gamma Gamma — President; Dean ' s List KATHLEEN M. GAUSSELIN Dean ' s List PETER J. GAYFORD RICHARD L. GAZDIK Society of Automotive Engineering; Dean ' s List FRANK GAZZOLO Dean ' s List; Intramural Football THOMAS RAYMON GEEVER ROBERT GELTNER Circle Yearbook-Business Manager Ac- tivities Honorary Society-Vice President; Senior Class Committee; Student Gov- ernment-Treasurer-Internal Affairs; Vice President; Board of Trustees-Student Observer Board; Faculty Senate; Com- mittee on Student Affairs; Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure; Freshmen Weekend; Imprint-Advertising Manager; Catalyst for Student Concern- President; Book Exchange Co-op-Chair- man; James Scholar; Dean ' s List; Circle Center Board; Freshman Orientation; Omicron Delta Epsilon; Building Use Committee-Chairman; Newman Com - munity; Circula; Circle Majorettes; Illi- nois State Scholarship; Honors; Business Administration Club; Chancellor ' s Com- mittee on the Use of Facilities ETHEL F. GEORGIS Hellenic Club ADRIENNEG.GERSHON James Scholar; Dean ' s List; Illinois State Scholarship ALDONA J. GINEITIS Dean ' s List; PHYLLIS D.GITTENS PETER GLASSMAN Dean ' s List JEAN K. GO STEPHEN C.GODELS LYNNE R.GOFFMAN Student Affiliate-President Faculty Ad- visory Board LAUREL A. GOLDBERG Dean ' s List PAULETTE GOLDBLATT Member of Sigma Phi; Students for I srael SAMUEL Z.GOLDFARB Dean ' s List.WCCB; Hillel THOMAS B.GOLZ Dean ' s List; Intramurals ROBERT D.GOORSKY GEORGE P. GORILLA Wrestling Team; Girls ' Swim Team; Edi- tor of " Monkey Business " ; Chairman of " The Be Kind to Chimp Movement " DORA GOUVAS LAWRENCE R. GRANT Management Area Student Advisory Council-Treasurer; Dean ' s List; Honors MICHAEL J. GREENBERG American Chemical Society-Treasurer; Dean ' s JList RONALD J. GRENKO MARY ANN C. GRICE Dean ' s List RONALD E.GRIFFITH SYLVIA D.GRISLIS James Scholar; Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi GEIR GRONLI Phi Theta Kappa MICHAEL J. GROPPI AIAA-Treasurer Chairman; Young Col- lege Republicans KAREN L. GROVER Black Arts Festival; Black Student Or- ganization; Black Choir TOVA GRYCMAN Dean ' s List; Member of Sigma Phi; Is- raeli Student Organization; Students for Israel JON R.GUENTHER Phi Kappa Rho-President; IEEE ROBERTA A. GUMIELA EDWARD M.GUNIA Dean ' s List MICHAEL R.GUST PAUL D.GUTIERREZ Dean ' s List; AICHE-Vice Chairman American Institute of Chemical Engi- neers-Secretary; Member of Student Ad- visory Board H WILLIAM L. HAAS LOUIS S. HABRYL Honors; Zeta Beta Tau CHARLENE K. HACKMAN Sigma Phi Sorority; Freshman Orienta- tion Leader NORINE D. HACKMAN Inter-Fratority Council-Recording Sec- retary; Sigma Phi-President;Greek Olym- pics; Homecoming Committee JOEL D.HAMILTON Dean ' s List LINDA T.HANIAS Freshmen Weekend Committee; Fresh- man Orientation Committee JAMES A. HANNA Dean ' s List JOHN M. HANS KENNETH R. HARDER Center Board-Vice Chairman; Bookstore Committee-Chairman; Activities Honor- ary Society; Student Government; Fresh- men Weekend Committee-Co Chairman; Yearbook Staff; Italian Club; Student Representative to Alumni Association; Chancellors Commuter Space Study Committee; Professor Gazorp Fan Club MARGRETT HARDMAN Pre-Law Society-President; Chancellor ' s Convocation Committee CRAIG S. HARJU ROTC; Cadet Battalion Commander; 193 Dean ' s List; President Cadet Advisory Board CONNIE L. HEISS CARL T. HEITSCHEL WILLIAM H. HELLMER Swimming Team-Co Captain THOMAS T. HENCINSKI Dean ' s List; Illinois State Scholarship; Pi Alpha Tau; Intramural Sports; Intra-Fra- tority Sports SANDRA HENNINGS ALBERT C. HENRY Lambda Alpha Epsilon; Dean ' s List; Criminal Justice Organization FRANCES E. HEPBURN UICC Concert Choir; UICC Chamber Choir ALBERT HERMIS DALE H. HERRSTROM AMAL A. HIJJAWI Honors; Kappa Mu Epsilon CAROL L. HILL LYNDA K. HILL Dean ' s List ROSA MARIA HILL NABEEL F. HODI WILLIAM H. HOENINGER, III GREGORY D. HOGAN Dean ' s List; Omega Psi Phi JEAN H. HOLLAND Criminal Justice Students Association- Treasurer ROBERT J. HOLLIS THOMAS A. HOLT MANFRED R. HOLZAEPEEL James Scholar; Dean ' s List; Phi Eta Sigma DAVID GENE HONEYCATT Skiing lllini KAREN R. HORACE Dean ' s List; Illinois State Scholarship EDWARD D. HOSKINS TERRY S. HOSPODAR Swimming Team; Baseball Team; Water Polo Team MICHAEL J. HRILJAC Dean ' s List LAVERNE J. HUGHES Pre-Law Society; Dean ' s List DAWN E. HULLISON SANDRA J. HUMPHRIES De an ' s List JANICE L. HUSSER Dean ' s List; Illinois State Scholarship; Illinois State Teacher ' s Scholarship ROBERT C. HUXEL I NATALIE P. IGLITZ Concert Choir-Treasurer; Chamber Choir SUNDAY M. IKOH Geography Club; Gamma Theta Upsilon; Christian Science Organization; Dean ' s List; Member of U. of I. Alumni Associ- ation ARTHUR L. ISOM, JR. Alpha Phi Alpha; Symphonic Band JAMES A. ISONO Dean ' s List LUCRECIAM. IGLESIAS DAVID JACKSON Football Letter; Dean ' s List DELORESM. JACKSON Dean ' s List; Teacher Corp ISMAY W.JACKSON SALLY C.JACKSON Dean ' s List CARL F. JAESCHKE Dean ' s List; Intramural Wrestling-Champ ' 68; Intramural Handball-Champ ' 69 MARILYN A. JANSEN James Scholar ROBERT M.JAFFE Dean ' s List; Illinois General Assembly Scholarship TATJANA TANIA JAGATIC JEROME H. JAGLA, JR. JAMES A. JAKUBAWSKI JANET B. JAMONTAS Dean ' s List; Tour Guides; LAS Advisory Board NORMAN R. JANCZAK SALLYS. JANIK Alpha Lambda Delta; James Scholar; Dean ' s List; Honors; Tour Guides Chi Delta Phi TOM J. JANUS Zeta Psi; Curriculum Committee; Intra- mural Football; Intramural Baseball JOSEPH K. JASNOSZ Dean ' s List ELEANOR JAVOR Dean ' s List JOSEPHINE M. JAVORKA Pi Alpha Tau; Intra-fratority Volleyball; Dean ' s List; Teacher Education Scholar- ship JOYCE RENEE JENKINS Dean ' s List JEFFREY J. JENSEN Gymnastics Team ESSIE M.JOHNSON UICC Black Chorus ROGER JOHNSON Dean ' s List STANLEY G.JOHNSON Track Team; Honors; Dean ' s List WILLIAM F.JONAS Dean ' s List STEPHEN G. JUSKA Veteran ' s Club K MARIANNA KACZMAREK BERNARD J. KADOW American Marketing Association BURTON B. KAHN RUDOLPH KALDI, JR. RONALD G. KALIVADA MARYT. KAMYS RONALD A. KAPLAN Dean ' s List; American Chemical Society ANTHONY F. KARAHALIOS Veteran ' s Club; Skiing lllini; Sailing Illini-Vice President JOHN J. KARAHALIOS WILLIAM KARNEZIS Dean ' s List; Greek Club; Billiard Tourna- ment STEPHEN A. KARWOSKI Institute of Electrical Electronic En- gineers; Dean ' s List; Intramural Foot- ball; Intramural Softball; Intramural Basketball CHRISS C. KARYDES STEVE KASTANIS KERSTIN E. KATNIK Student Government Representative- LAS; UICC Cheerleaders; lllini in Europe JOHN P. KAVANAGH WCCB Radio MICHAEL P. KEARNEY American Chemical Society DORIS KELLAM BSPA MICHAEL F. KELLY MICHAEL J. KENIG James Scholar WILLIAM A. KERTZ Tour Guides MICHAEL J. KIM Dean ' s List; Honors; IEEE FRANK J. KING Management Area Student Advisory Group; American Marketing Association; Gamma Kappa Rho DONALD J. KITTLER SANFORD A. KLEIN James Scholar; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma KRZYSZTOF E. KLINCEWICZ Hockey Team; Soccer Team-Letter ANTHONY Z. KNEZEVICH MICHAEL R. KOEHLER JOHN S. KOMOSA MIMIKA K. KOULIS WERNER KARL KOPP MARY E. KORTANEK Dean ' s List; Delta Sigma NIU LARRY A. KOSOBUD James Scholar JAMES S. KOUGLAS MIMIKA K. KOULIS Dean ' s List CHRISTINE D.KOUTSOGEORGAS Dean ' s List BASIL KOWALZUK Omicron Delta Epsilon; Ukrainian Club JUDITH A. KOWALCZYK Varsity Volley Ball; Aquiana Swim Team; Dean ' s List MICHAEL W. KRAFT Football Team; Dean ' s List ALFRED G. KRAKAU Pi Alpha Tau; Yearbook; Dean ' s List; Freshmen Weekend Committee; Fresh- man Orientation KITTY A. KRAMBAER Dean ' s List; Secretary-Skiing lllini ROBERT W. KRANZ Student Government; Building Use Com- mittee PATRICIA A. KRAUTHAUS Dean ' s List; Sigma Phi Alpha KRIS E. KREVCHENA DENNIS C- KRIEGER Swim Team-Co Captain; Intramural Sports NILA J. KRIMITZER DENNIS J. KRISIK Football Team; Intramural Football; In- tramural Softball; Intramural Basketball College Young Republicans; Dean ' s List Intramural Weightlifting Champion American Marketing Association; Fresh men Weekend Committee JANICE A . KRUPP Sigma Phi; Dean ' s List; Chicago lllini- Advertising Staff; Music Committee ZBIGNIEW J. KUBIT SANDRA V. KUPRENAS Orchesis; Dean ' s List DANIEL KUPSKI WILLIAM C. KURYLAK Phi Kappa Phi; Dean ' s List DONALD L. KWASMAN Independent Study-Immunology HOI P. KWOK TAI Y. KWOK CHARLOTTE E. KYLES Dean ' s List; James Scholar MARY LA BELLE James Scholar SARA LA BELLE Photo Club; James Scholar JUDITH H. LADNER RUSSELL K. LADSON CIRUNA-Treasurer President; Philoso- phy of Life Club-Vice President MAUREEN P. LANE CHARLES L. LANGFORD Student Government Assemblyman; Stu- dent Government-Treasurer; College of Business Administration-Advisory Board; Dean ' s List Committee on Student Affairs GEORGE A. LANGLOTZ Ice Hockey; Football; P.E. Majors Club CYNTHIA ANN LABINSKI RICHARDS. LAPKE FELIX A. LAZAROFF Dean ' s List; Nicholl ' s Foundation Schol- ar; Society of Automotive Engineers-Vice 194 President; Assyrian Student Organiza- tion-Vice President; Iranian Student Or- ganization-Treasurer; IEEE; Mu Alpha Theta BARRY M. LEAVITT Departmental Distinction; Dean ' s List; James Scholar ALICE FONG LEE Activities Honorary Society-President; Newman Community-Co-Chairman; Im- print; Yearbook; Student Government- Business Representative; Committee on Student Affairs; Chicago Circle Center Board-Business Representative; Recrea- tion Committee; Pi Alpha Tau; Fresh- men Weekend Committee Co-chairman; Freshman Orientation Committee; Fac- ulty Senate; Dean ' s List; NSA Scholar- ship; IOC Spring Carnival Committee; Student Government Book Exchange; Phi Zappa Krappa-Fleshtone Flicks CHUCK H. LEE (MASAC) Management Area; Student Advisory Council; Student Government Assemblyman; Dean ' s List ROBERT E. LEE GARY W. LEES Activities Chairman-American Marketing Association; Student Marketing Repre- sentative EUGENE E. LE FAVE Imprint; Newman Community; Associa- tion for Computing Machinery UICC Concert Band; Road Rallye Champion of the Year; Freshmen Weekend Committee; CSA Publications Subcommittee JOHN V. LEIFEL Intramural Football; Intramural Softball DIANA M. LEISEN MICHAEL R. LEKAVICH SHERMAN K. LEONG EDWARD J. LERNER, JR. Dean ' s List CHARLOTTES. LEVEE PHILIPS. LEVIN JILLC. LEVINE Dean ' s Litt WALTER H. LEVORA Member of IEEE SUSAN D. LEVEY Dean ' s List THOMAS M. LI 1971 Freud Award-Excellency in Chem- istry; Phi Kappa Phi LARRY IRWIN LIBERMAN JOANNE LIM Dean ' s List JOHNC. LISICICH GEOFFREY K. LOCANDER Intramural Softball; Intramural Football ALAN H. LONN Materials Club-Secretary Treasurer PATRICIA A. LOONEY Dean ' s List MARIA G. LOPEZ Dean ' s List; CPUTE ROSE LOUIE THOMAS N. LUCEK James Scholar; Dean ' s List; Design Award in 1971 JACQUELINE M. LUGA Spanish Club; Dean ' s List MARYANN R. LUGOWSKI Dean ' s List; Orientation Committee STEPHEN N. LUSHNIAK IEEE LEONARD C. LUTECKI ASME FREDDRENNA M. LYLE Dean ' s List M JOANNE M. MAGGIO Dean ' s List MARIE ELENA MAGNINE ROBERT E. MAJEWSKI JOSEPHINE A. MARAFFINO PAMELA J. MARCHEWKA Dean ' s List MARTHA A. MARCZAK ALEX W. MARKOS JAMES H. MARSHALL ANN MARTIN Dean ' s List; Dean ' s Advisory Board Rep- resentative; Criminal Justice Students As- sociation-Vice President NORMAN P. MASLANKOWSKI GUSTAVO MASTRAPA ALVIN W.MATTHEWS UICC Concert Choir RICHARD A. MATULEWICZ ROTC Cadet GEORGE A. MATWYSHYN Omega Beta Phi; Ukrainian Club; New- man Community; Phi Eta Sigma Biology Club AUGUST P. MAURO Italian Club-Vice President; Dean ' s List B.M.O.C. ELIZABETH E. MAZZONE DAVID G. McCANN KATHLEEN D. McCARTHY Historical Society; James Scholar; Dean ' s List JOHN M. MAC DONALD, JR. Dean ' s List; Pi Alpha Tau; Student Gov- ernment donna h. Mcdonough WILHELMINAMcGEE Dean ' s List; Illinois State Scholarship RODNEY T.McLEAN Student Advisory Board-LAS; UICC Con- cert Choir; UICC Band MARIONE N.McNICHOLS Honors; TALK; Food Co-op DOROTHY F.MENCH Dean ' s List; James Scholar; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Newman Community.Circle In- formation and Tours; Synchronized Swim Team; Circle Center Board Sub- Committee EVELYN MARY MENCH Newman Community; Dean ' s List HOWARD S. MEYER Dean ' s List THOMAS A. MICELI Dean ' s List DONNA M. MICHALS Student Caucus-Secretary; Student Edu- cation Association; Senior Class Com- mittee; Gamma Gamma Gamma; Dean ' s List MICHAEL MIKRUT Fencing Team-Letter FRANCEST. MILDICE Dean ' s List DIANNE L. MILLER Dean ' s List; Sigma Phi Alpha MARYJANE S. MIN Parent ' s Cooperative-President; Dean ' s List JOSEPH P. MINELLA Tau Alpha Rho; Criminal Justice Stu- dents Association LINA MIRANDA NICHOLAS MISIRLAKIS DIANE M. MITACEK Alpha Lambda Delta HENRIETTA P. MITCHELL RONALD A. MITIU TERRY A. MOAN Baseball BARRY G. MOGIL UICC Concert Choir; Freshman Orienta- tion; Dean ' s List; Chicago Circle Young Republicans; College Republicans; Stu- dent Government Book Exchange; Stu- dent Government Assemblyman JILL A. MOLLICO KAREN D. MOORE Imprint (Feature Writer); Lambda Chi; Dean ' s List; Counseling Proctor; Aguillette MICHAEL E. MORRELL IRWIN J. MORRIS JUN D.MOY Dean ' s List; Phi Eta Sigma; Math Tutor; Intramural Fencing; Member of Peyton Hall Gang RUTH MOY Alpha Lambda Delta SOO LON MOY Chinese Student Organization; Dean ' s List GREGG A. MOYER Dean ' s List THOMAS J. MOYLAN Honor Roll; Member of Cross-Country and Track Teams; Newman Community JOHN R.MULARSKI FRANCEST. MURRAY JEANETTE MUSUAL Chicago Circle Players RUSSELL A. MYSYK Honors; Dean ' s List N ARLISS LeROYNALL Freshman Orientation Committee; Fresh- men Weekend Committee ANGELO N.NARUI Ice Hockey GLORIA NAUROCKI Alpha Lambda Delta-Secretary; James Scholar; Circula DONNA R. NEAL Dean ' s List; BSO; Dance Committee CANDELARIO A. NEGRON EDWARD R. NELSON FRANKLIN P. NELSON GERALD C.NELSON Dean ' s List; ASME; SME RACHEL NELSON THOMAS R.NELSON EGON B. NETZEL College Republicans; Chi Delta Phi; American Marketing Association JAMES C.NEVERS PATRICK F.NEVINS Freshmen Weekend Committee ROWANA Y. NG SUSANNE NG Intramural Volleyball; Intramural Soft- ball; Dean ' s List; Honorable Mention-Psy- chology Today Ecology Contest; Chi- nese Club; Art Exhibitions DIANE NIEDOBORSKI UICC Choir; Circle Christian Organiza- tion; Undergraduate Psychology Society; Zero Population Growth; James Scholar; James Scholar Advisory Board; Dean ' s List Freshmen Weekend Committee LAWRENCE E. NIEMINSKI Dean ' s List RAYMOND F. NINO Dean ' s List FRANK J. NORDT ACS; Chemical Evolution MELODY NORMAN Dean ' s List; P. E. Major ' s Club Recreation Chairman Recording Secretary; WAA Basketball, Softball, Field Hockey, Fenc- ing, Badminton GERALD M.NORRIS PATRICIA R.NOWAK Dean ' s List MARTIN R. O ' CONNOR, JR. Dean ' s List; Veteran ' s Club JOHN R.OEHRKE KATHRYNOHER CHIYOOKI WENDY L.OLIET Dean ' s List GLENN E.OLAFSON ROBERT C.OLSEN Intramural Softball Champions; Intra- mural Football Champions; ASME Club; Geography Club; Skiing lllini 195 W WM FREDERICK W. ORTH ACM; Biology Club; American Chemical Society PATRICK J. OSHEA THOMAS M. OSBORN GERALD A. OSSOWSKI MARY KAY OSTENDORF Dean ' s List; Honors; Departmental Dis- tinction EDWARD L. OSTROWSKI VICTOR M. OUANIDO JUNE E. PACIGA Bowling Team IVAN V. PACOLD MONICA J. PAJAK UICC Concert Choir; Freshman Orienta- tion; Dean ' s List; Intervarsity; Campus Crusade for Christ JOHN PALASSIS ANGELO PAPADAS LUCIA X. PAPPAS Hellenic Club-Recording Secretary SHAHROKH PARHIZGAR JOSEPH SANTO PARISI Dean ' s List DONNA M. PAROLI RALPH H.PASCIAK Dean ' s List JAMES T.PATRAS Hellenic Club; Biology Club PAUL THOMAS PATTERSON Dean ' s List STEPHEN R.PAWLOW Dean ' s List; Illinois State Scholarship; In- tramurals BARBARA R. PEARLMAN Alpha Lambda Delta; James Scholar; Pro- ject Read; Volunteer I Mini Project-Urbana DIANA R. PENAR Dean ' s List; Lambda Chi WILLIAM J. PEPPLER Dean ' s List; Materials Club MICHAEL P. PERRI IEEE PAMELA L. PERSONS SHARON L. PFAFF Dean ' s List; Creative Dance Movie MARGARET L.PHIFER Sigma Gamma Rho; Dean ' s List RITAS. PIECHALAK Dean ' s List ANGELA R.PISANI Student Caucus-SEA PATRICIA C. PISANI Dean ' s List PATRICIA A. PITTS Dean ' s List SUSAN C.PLACK Dean ' s List MICHAEL G.POGAR Alpha Kappa Psi; Interorganizational Council; College of Business-Student Board; Business Administration Club; Dean ' s Advisory Board-Quantitative Methods TERRY LEE PONCHER Dean ' s List; Traineeship in Special Edu- cation ROBERT A. POPE CONNIE A. POTOCKI CLIFTON POWELL Dean ' s List; Black Student ' s Organiza- tion FRED J. POWELL Dean ' s List; Intramural Softball and Football MAE W. POWELL (Townsend) Black StudentsOrganization; Dean ' s List PAULINE POY CARL WILLIAM PRETZEL Dean ' s List; James Scholar; WAAIME Scholarship; Illinois State Scholarship; Skiing lllini THEODORE A. PRIBAN Archery Club-Treasurer JEFFREY S.PROSANSKY Dean ' s List; Teacher Education Scholar- ship; Jazz Club JAMES F.PUCCI Materials Club-President JOSEPH PAUL RADTKE LINDAS. RAFF Dean ' s List ALICE L. RAIDL Skiing lllini; Historical Society GLADYS M. RANDALL Aigulettes-Drill Team DEMETRIOSG. RAPTIS JOSEPH E. RASSON WANDA REAVES Dean ' s List KAREN M. REDELSPERGER Dean ' s List JUDITH E. REES MARVIN REINGLASS VASILIOSE. REZOS PAMELA J. RICHARDSON ADELE J. RICHKUS College Republicans; Dean ' s List; Honors ELLEN RHOADES FRANK T. RIGGIO Dean ' s List DAVID R. ROACH IEEE-Vice President; Lab Assistant in Self-Teaching Electronics Lab SCOTT ROANE LARL M. ROBERTSON EDGAR G. ROBINSON Dean ' s List LARRY L. ROBINSON Dean ' s List PATRICE D. ROBINSON Dean ' s List; Student Education Asso- ciation-Secretary; Senior Class Commit- tee; Tours and Information ROBERT A. RODER Industrial Scholar; Dean ' s List JOHN W. ROGALSKI, JR. Dean ' s List ANGEL L. ROLDAN Teacher Corp DEVORAH L. ROSENZWEIG Hillel; IOC; Center Board Chairman ARNOLD L. ROTKIN Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Lambda Lambda Delta-President Vice President; NSA Coordinator; Political Science Stu- dent Advisory Board; Dean ' s List; James Scholar LUCY H. ROWE Dean ' s List MAUREEN B. ROWLEY ALEX ROZENSTRAUCH MARVIN RUBENSTEIN CPS Wire Network; Earth Day; Hillel ROBERT J. RUIZ Pi Alpha Tau-President; Cadet Associa- tion-President; Dean ' s List;Student Gov- ernment; ROTC Company Commander; Center Food Committee; Yearbook; Senior Class Committee; UICC Drill Team; Orientation Committee ROBERT E. RUPPERT Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; James Scholar; Dean ' s List GERALD O. RYAN THOMAS P. RYAN Zeta Psi-President Vice President; Dean ' s List; Inter-fraternity Football; Basket- ball; Intramural Softball; Inter-Organiza- tional Council; Inter-fraternityChairman ERNEST N. RYSSO SUSAN MARLENE SACKS Dean ' s List; Departmental Distinction MOHAMMAD A. SAWAM EMILIO R.SALIS American Institute of Chemical Enqineers MAHMOUDSANATI ASCM; IEEE; Dean ' s List C.STEPHAN SANDS Chicago Circle Players; Chicago I Mini- Managing Editor; Editor-in-Chief; Busi- ness Manager; CSA Publications Sub- - committee KATHLEEN M. JONES SANDULA Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Theta Up- silon; Honors; Dean ' s List VINCENT P. SARPAKIS BETTY M.SCHAEFER KENNETH R. SCHLAUDRAFF Dean ' s List JOSEPH F.SCHLENDER Departmental Honors; Dean ' s List WILLIAM R.SCHOENBECK Dean ' s List RORY A. SCHRAUB GEORGE M.SCHRECK TERRY A. SCHROEDER Dean ' s List; ASME; Phi Eta Sigma Bo- dine Industrial Scholar Award MILDRED SCHUH Delta Phi Alpha HAROLD S. SCHWARTZ James Scholar; National Science Founda- tion Undergraduate Fellowship; Biology Club-Chairman; LAS Advisory Commit- tee; Bio Sci Advisory Committee-Chair- man LAWRENCE E. SCHWEITZ ROBERT J. SEIBERT CLAUDIA R. SEIDEL JAMES J. SENJAMIN UICC Materials Club; Dean ' s List UICC Karate Club MARIA J. SENYK Ukranian Club-President JAMES T. SERRITELLI Skiing lllini ROBERT A. SERWY Dean ' s List; Tau Kappa Epsilon JOHN R. SHAW A. GAFFAR M. SHEDBALKAR RICHARD R. SHERWOOD Dean ' s List DARRYL SHISHIDO LAWRENCE I. SIEGEL James Scholar ELIZABETH C. SIEMIATKOWSKI MARY SIEMINSKI JEAN MARIE SIERRA HELENE SIKARAS UICC Concert Choir; Sigma Phi Alpha KATHRYN L. SILHAN Dean ' s List ANNEM.SIMANIS MICHAEL A. SINK JONATHAN R. SIROTEK RODNEY W. SITTER Dean ' s List STEVEN D. SIVER Association of Computing Machinery; Hillel;Chicago Circle Broadcasting; Ama- teur Radio Club WILLIAM A. SLOVICK Tau Kappa Epsilon; American Marketing Association; Dean ' s List FRED A.SMITH Dean ' s List;Volunteer Work at Old Town Boys Club NANCY A. SMITH VIOLET M.SMITH IRENE D.SNEKUTIS BETTY T.SOBALA Freshman Orientation THERESA SO LAVA JOHN J. SOPRYCH IEEE DEMETRIOSSOUKOULIS Dean ' s List; Football; Karate Club DAVID T.SPACEK Alfred Benesh Industrial Award; Sys- tems Engineering Student Advisory i 96 Board; Intramural Baseball, Football, Swimming; UICC Bowling Team PAUL E. SPANGLER THOMAS P. SPITZER FREDERICK A. SPEADBURY WILLIAM T. SQUIRES RICHARD E. STADELMANN Dean ' s List; Pershing Rifles; Society of American Military Engineers; Special For- ces Company Sailing lllini; Engineering Societies Council; Interorganizational Council; ROTC; IEEE GARY J. STANCICK HERMINE M. STANLEY MICHAEL F. STANTON Dean ' s List; Honors SHARI JUNE STEINBERG Homecoming Queen 1970 CHRISTINE ANN STERN Dean ' s List EARL M. STERNFELD Hi I lei -Treasurer President Ad visor SUSAN A. STERSCH GEORGE STEVENS Dean ' s List; James Scholar; Cunnilingus Club-President JANE M.STEVENS JONATHAN E.STONE ROBERTS. STOMP JOAN F.STRASSER Dean ' s List KYUNG JASUH James Scholar; Dean ' s List; Honors KEVIN P.SULLIVAN James Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma; Chicago lllini-Editor in Chief; Dean ' s List; Amer- ican Chemical Society; Committee on Student Affairs; Headline Club-President MARY LOU SULLIVAN DENISE M. SURMA Committee for Nomination of Dean of College of A A TERRIEANN SUSIN Dean ' s List; James Scholar LLOYD S. SWANSON ANN E. SZAFRAN Circula Staff; Dean ' s List ANNA J. SZALEWA Ukrainian Club ALICIA A. TABB BSOC; Students Organized for Black Unity; Dean ' s List; Honors Day JANET R. TAD LA Intramural Diving; Zeta Psi; Dean ' s List RITA J.TARVID VICTORIA B.TAUGINAS Dean ' s List DAVID E.TAUSSIG IRVIN B.TAYLOR MARY K.TAYLOR Dean ' s List; Senior English Honors Sem- inar STEPHEN J.THIES Campus Crusade for Christ RONALD G.THOMPSON DONALD R.THURNER HERB J. P. TIRJER Pi Alpha Tau; Ski Champion LYDIAO.TKACZUK Honors; Dean ' s List; Departmental Dis- tinction; Ukrainian Club THEODORE S. TOCZEK Polish Club; Psychology Club; Track Team, Dean ' s List EVA T. TOMASZEWSKI ALVIN N. TOMLINSON YAM S. TONG ROBERT F. TRAGAS Baseball Team; Dean ' s List; Newman Community ANN ELAINE TRAMPAS Pi Alpha Tau-Treasurer; Honors Day 1970; Activities Honorary Society-Treas- urer Secretary; American Marketing As- sociation-Vice President; Freshman Weekend Committee; Program Execu- tive Committee; Senior Class Committee; Inter-fratority Council Delegate; Dean ' s List; Chairman of Executive Board of S.O.F. URSZULA M. TROJNER SHERRY LYNN TROJNIAR Dean ' s List CAROL TUBACKI Dean ' s List MARIETTA TURNER Program Department Dance Committee Chairman; Coordinator Black Arts Fes- tival; Lambda Chi EVELYN H. TZORTAS U JOSE-MAURICIO URIBE V NEAL R. VAN SCHOUWEN Dean ' s List EDWARD J. VELDIN Dean ' s List MANUEL M. VERGUGO-PEREZ Dean ' s List; Graduation with Distinction; Departmental Distinction; Student Advi- sory Committee of the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese Departments; Student Advisory Council GEORGE C. VLATSIOS CANDACE V. VODA James Scholar; Alpha Lambda Delta CARL J. VOJTECH, JR CARL J. VYBORNY Activities Honorary Society; Freshman Orientation Leader; LAS Student Advi- sory Council; University Convocations Committee; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; James Scholar; Physics Club W MARLENE A. WAGNER Dean ' s List; Fourth Floor Bum ROY WAINWRIGHT ANN WAITKUS KATHLEEN WALDRON PATRICK J. WALSH Phi Eta Sigma-Vice President; James Scholar; Fenching Team; Orientation l_ psWpt PATRICK M. WALSH RICHARD WALTER Engineering Advisory Board; Intramural Sports; Handball, Baseball, Football; Chairman of Nominating Committee- Illinois College Republicans CLIVE W. WANG UICC Hockey Team JUDITH WAPPLE Dean ' s List KATHERINE J. WARDEN Concert Band DELPHINE WATTS Dean ' s List HERSHOLT WAXMAN JANET WEAVER JAMES B. WEBB Management Advisory Council CHERYL Y. WEIL GARY WEIL Philosophy Grader; Dean ' s List; Compu- ter Club THOMAS WEINZIERL James Scholar; Dean ' s List HOWARD WEISS James Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma; German Honors 1971, Baha ' i Club MARLENE A. WELCH ROBERT WERNER PATRICIA WEST MARY-FRANCES WHITE SG Book Exchange; Day Care Center LORRAYNE WICK Dean ' s List; Senior Class Committee ROBERT WIDING American Chemical Society-Vice Presi- dent; LAS Student Advisory Board SARA WIEDMANN Citizens Committee for the Cook County Jail; Dean ' s List ANGELA WILKS Biology Student Advisor; Dean ' s List, MOP Member ALAN WILLIAMS Omega Psi Phi ANNE WILLIAMS BETTY WILLMSCHEN RAY WILLS TOM WISE Dean ' s List, IEEE RICHARD WISNIEWSKI Dean ' s List CHARLES WITT Pi Alpha Tau-Parliamentarian; Interfra- tority Council-Vice President; James Scholar; Homecoming Committee; Ori- entation Committee MARK WITTENBERG DAVIDA WODLINGER Dean ' s List MARY ANNWOJCIK THERSIA WOLF American Marketing Association-Secre- tary ARTHUR WOLNIAK Young Republicans FRANCIS WOLSKI CHERYL WOODS ROLAND E. WOZNIAK NICHOLAS WYSOCKI MARI YAKAS Cheerleader-Treasurer; Gamma Gamma Gamma Sorority CHRISTINE YATSUSHIRO Chicago lllini; Newman Community, Im- print Magazine, Student Government ANDREA YOUNG Chicago Center Board-Program Execu- tive Chairman; Freshman Weekend-Treas- urer; Activities Honorary Society; Home- coming-Coordinator Publicity Chairman; Spring Carnival-Co-chairman; Sigma Phi Sorority; Convocations Committee;Year- book-Sales Manager; Fleshtone Flicks JAMES YOUNG WILLIAM YUE RICHARD ZAHRADNIK Baseball Team MICHELEZAJKOWSKI Dean ' s List CAROL ZAK DONALD ZIELONKA Dean ' s L ist THADDEUSZIENTEK Dean ' s List; Student Accounting Advi- sory Committee JOHN ZIMMER UICC ChamberChoir Physics Undergrad- uate Education Committee; Dean ' s List; LAS Student Advisory Committee; Freshman Orientation THOMAS ZIOBRO DAVID ZOLLMAN Dean ' s List LILLIAN ZUKOWSKI ELLEN ZURAWIC Dean ' s List 197 $L ' i f " SSwIWe ' M ls %. +m, " QSSfa h ii Wi -J. rWi ; ♦. ft " i - ■y? j rf " B h 1 ' : :- __V " Zk: v f , --- . 3s j3 UZinl lb 3t..O % • . a p ™. —• V ' .•I s " -•♦ -9 H » vf M . m MM -»»„.. ■| -. ■ ' v- " " ' iMkWmi 1 ■W ' B i . i 4. MICHAEL M. LANDEK editor-in-chief MARTA GLOGOWSKI managing editor ROBERT GELTNER business manager I GEORGE PHILOSOPHOS photo BILL WALTERS sports VICKY YOUNG seniors HAPPY RONS office manager NAOMI VELAZQUEZ organizations and activities NANETTE BAVER sales manager FRANK ZDANOWSKI art and design EDITORS 202 STAFF JUDY POKLENKOWSKI RICHARD MATHER RICHARD SOROKOWSKI ANDREA YOUNG ANDY HASZLAKIEWICZ GARY JOHNSON PAT SORN DENNIS FUKUYAMA DORIS ROSENSTADT CARLA SANTOS ROBERT SZEBERT 203 Traditionally, one page within the Yearbook is set aside for the words of wisdom and thanks of the Editor-in-Chief. I am not one to ignore tradition. Let it be known however, that I am a man uninclined toward literary endeavors and that my only reason for writing these few words is to thank the people who have done so much over the past nine months to make the Yearbook possible. The amount of time and work necessary for putting this book together was far greater than I had ever imagined, and out of all the people on the staff, I would especially like to thank a few who shared the burden with me. First, a very special thanks to my managing editor, Marta Glogowski, who unselfishly spent endless hours working on the book. I would also like to thank my business manager, Bob Geltner, who kept the finances in peachy shape. An additional thanks to Richard Mather who spent so many of his days off cooking in the darkroom. A final thanks goes to Scott Nozawa of Root Studies and Dick Moore from Pischel Yearbooks for their honest concern and for the fine job their companies did toward the completion of this book! Unfortunately, there isn ' t space enough to thank everyone who worked on the book and I can only hope that they realize how much I have appreciated their help and that they accept my apologies if I have not in some way shown my thanks toward them. Thank you. T bt ??? fwfci §? , ..;.- .• : — ! " S— ' 205 206 OLYMPIC SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Educational Assistance Program. 1) Scholarship Search Program A computerized service that locates sources of financial aid for college bound students. 2) College Locator Service A computerized service that locates the correct college for the student in the area of academic interest financial status, personal preferences and abilities 3) Occupational Exploration Kits A service that provides students the opportunity to explore more than 400 different occupations in terms of his own abilities, interests and educational goals. 4) Career Information Library A collection of the best available occupational material furnishing comprehensive information on jobs that employ over 90% of the labor force today. 5) Job Experience Kits A collection of work simulation experiences in 20 representative occupations designed to give students an opportunity to successfully solve problems typical of a particular occupation. Highly effective ingenerating student interest in career exploration. 6) Professional Guidance Counselors Available to administer, interpret and or provide additional assistance. • OPTIONAL Kuder Occupational Interest Test A test administered to large groups and scored by SRA provides the college bound student with the specific college majors that would best meet his preferences and abilities. For the student that does not plan to attend college this test provides him with a comparison of his interests with the interests of people currently engaged in a variety of occupations. Our interest in you starts early and grows. OLYMPIC Savings Loan Association 6201 West Cermak Road. Berwyn, Illinois 60402 207 208 mm pisch PISCHEL YEARBOOKS. INC. P O Box 36. Marcelme. Missouri 64658 . -vas w x ' lnnnf, nS " VOHUINOISU »B NA 3 0112 110343123

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