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i i «- ■ J3» V , ♦ . vi ' •» : ■ v »;-!- v VJ » II J CIRCLE IS A COMMUTER CAMPUS IN BOTH DESIGN AND SPIRIT. MOST STUDENTS AR MEDIATELY AFTERWARDS, USUALLY HEADED MIGHT OCCASIONALLY HESITATE FOR A BUT, FOR THE MOST PART, THEY SPEND Lr r . -J i, Wfcl 1 9 IL$1 fiSHBl f RIVE JUST BEFORE CLASS AND LEAVE IM FOR A FULL OR PART-TIME JOB. THEY CUP OF COFFEE OR SOME SMALL TALK, THEIR FOUR YEARS JUST PASSING THRU. BUT NOT EVERYONE RUSHES AWAY AFTER CLASS. SOME STAY ON CAMPUS TO MAKE THEIR RESEARCH AND STUDY; OTHERS FREE TIME WORKING FOR THEM. THEY FRIENDSHIPS, AND GIVE CIRCLE WHAT USE OF THE FACILITIES AND SPACE IN JOIN ORGANIZATIONS AND SPEND THEIR TAKE THE TIME TO MEET PEOPLE, FORM EVER SENSE OF COMMUNITY THAT IT HAS THIS YEARBOOK IS ABOUT THE PEOPLE FOLLOWS IS DIVIDED INTO SEGMENTS, OR HALL AND THE PEOPLE THAT GATHER OVERALL VIEW OF CIRCLE AS IT WAS 1 m a • i V s In 4 % Eki jig " • • m v • ' ft 1 ,JHP J ♦ ' • J ' 1 ' V ' .JW J » » • «t 1 , » - otf M • • lfc ' «fc ' . T ' •«■ . ■ " ' ■ ■ ' ' • " ... " ' . . .■ - - ■■ , ■ ' . ' - • . l ■ . . . ' T ?■■ ' . ' ■- I y ■ Li •0 ■■ ,; «■•. Y V ■ 1 WHO STAY. THE OPENING SECTION WHICH EACH COVERING A DIFFERENT LOONGE IN IT. IT IS AN ATTEMPT TO SHOW AN DURING THE 1970-71 SCHOOL YEAR. The Circle Yearbook University of Illinois at Chicago Circle 1971 Richard Mather, Editor-in-Chief Russell Fu, Business Manager John Fleming, Managing Editor 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 i ■■ " .- . . - i H 19 % i ' h ' ifs ft ' Hflfe ■ 20 21 22 FLOOR LOUNGE 23 24 25 26 28 GRANT HALL 29 1 1 HOT j (B B ct Bk K B - Pil -9 HnB ' nES • ' Vvjjijflfl ' -B ' 1 li HH " ?§ 30 DODS 31 CAFETERIA 32 33 34 S J ■ — jr- - ■ ' ■ " ;-■■ " . ' i. _ ... ■ , t .■„, 1 . , ■ ' — — — — »—i -, I.-..I-I 1 1 " " ! 1 ' . ' ' - . — , j-a , p- [•• ' ■■I j - -f— i — _J A i — , |—l- r ■•■-■•■) — -j 1 — ■ — ' — J — — .. - T r l T . i _,..: ., f ' i ' i , ; j i x . i fi - . . ■...._ ..j.. 1, ■ i ' p . mi ,; — - 9 ■ ' . 35 ' _lm)m ' - ; ;£ 36 37 39 " MnaancumammsMmBBBm MMMmammBBm 40 41 42 44 45 ART ARCHITECTURE £[£ H BB • ' ' 1 48 49 LIBRARY im 53 5TH 8TH v ' - ' ' . ■P m» FLOOR LOUNGES ASHANTI NATION I Ira I $ - — tZJVJ i I 8 " " ™ — C— " W ' y M jjT 1 . rfflmmmtm ■ 1 ■ ' il ' i ' ■ • ' ; ; ! ' ■ ' • 7-; ■. ' ' . ' ... : - ■ ' ' " " ■!; " ' ■ ' ' " " ,• " .-■ ■ i ■ V B ■-, ' IP gf; H Sfilw 1 ' : ' Bit :; V A «Sa -AMI • ■xMlHMill . ..;■■ ' ' ' ' ; : ' ' ' V " .it ' . OSnwi ' lf ' lKi 1 " ' ■.,.;-■ 1 ■ ■ ; C; . ' A ' " " iflR illi ' V vH «L tH ■r ! : 31 I 1 57 ■ I It fj ink M 1 J PIER ROOM L .% , 1 9 Sfj " W Hr %sSF ' ' V p 1 iw k t 60 63 a -I V -V 67 69 NEWMAN 70 ; 1 ( 1 1 m m r f. " - ' " J 1 Jl 1 ' - I 1 ' fa, v ' m A mL _£ 71 TUESDAY, MAY 5, 1970 Students met in amphitheatre at noon to mobilize for a strike. -750 students marched to the ROTC offices at the Roosevelt Road Building. —From 75 to 100 students entered the building through one door left unblocked by Strike Marshals. —Several windows and partitions were broken. —Plain-clothes university policeman injured by sit-in students. —Students marched on University Hall and occupied the eighteenth floor. —A fire broke out in a sixth floor conference room. The Chicago Fire Department estimated the water and smoke damage at $20,000. WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, 1970 —Approximately 4000 students and faculty met in amphitheatre and voted to extend strike. —Students marched throughout the campus in an attempt to urge the faculty to dismiss classes and be- come active in strike activities. — Late afternonn approximately eighty students returned to the ROTC offices in RRB and an- nounced a sit-in. —Statement issued saying all persons remaining past 9:30 would be arrested for criminal trespassing. -Students were assured that Chicago police would not become involved, but a Task Force of Chicago City Police was stationed outside the building. -The 35 students who decided to remain inside the building were arrested. -Between 100 and 150 students gathered outside the building protesting the arrests. -When the students refused to disperse, the Chicago Police forcibly cleared the area. -A total of 41 students were ar- rested and charged accordingly. 72 THURSDAY, MAY 7, 1970 —Approximately 3000 students rallied in the amphitheatre and initiated demands for the dropping of charges on the Circle 41 and for the closing of the university. —Students marched on Chicago Circle Center. —Students entered various class- room buildings where they broke up classes and barricaded class- rooms. —Chancellor Parker announced the closing of the university until Wednesday, May 13, at 1:00 pm. —The Architecture and Art Building was opened to students for use as a " strike central " . FRIDAY, MAY 8, 1970 —The Board of Trustees meeting scheduled for that morning in CCC was cancelled. —General faculty meeting held in SES. Four hundred members attended. —Busses left for Washington March. SATURDAY, MAY 9, 1970 —City-wide demonstration of striking students held at Civic Center. The marchers proceeded to the Federal Building and then to Grant Park. SUNDAY, MAY 10, 1970 —Rock concert held in amphi- theatre all night. MONDAY, MAY 11, 1970 —General Faculty meeting acts on grading options. — Rallies held throughout the day on campus. — Rock concert held in LC A-1 from 6:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. Tuesday. TUESDAY, MAY 12, 1970 —General Faculty meeting held in SES. — Rock concert in A-1. WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 1970 —General faculty meeting held 9:30 a.m. —Faculty meeting called by Chancellor Parker at 10:30. 73 i -The university opened for classes at 1 :00 p.m. 74 75 HOMECOMING SHARI STEINBERG, 1971 Homecoming Queen I THE NEIGHBORHOOD Circle Campus ' geographic location provides a near classic contrast between the old and new in Chicago life-styles: cold, modern, stream- lined, geometric versus old-fashioned, spontaneous, organic, human. When U.I.C.C. was constructed, a core-complex of mixed ethnic communities was eliminated, leaving only a fringe area of each standing. To the north, across the expressway, is Greek town (Diana ' s, Bill ' s Tavern, Aethenium) and Skid Row (Adam ' s Tap, Blue Moon Hotel), while Maxwell Street (Flea Market, Smokey Joe ' s) creeps up to the southeast boundaries. Just west of campus lies a solid Mexican and Italian (Vittorio ' s, Carm ' s) community, the only living remainders of what the " old neighborhood " used to be like. 78 F52F5 " CCC RECREATION 81 r I ■ftft m 1 1 I A lb, H ■■■■v Mfl mSi ■ ■.-■-■ ' : v V ■ - ■fl 4 k L 1 c . jj y fc n .., i-V - ?!$•■ FRANK SINATRA Dl RTY Dl NGUS MAGEE GEORGE KENNEDY ANNE J4CKS0N-IN COLOR . ■9 «y,i i ' ■ ' . •V,. II KE LANDEK, photographer JOANNE BENNET , layout editor FLORENCE SULLIVAN, staff CONNIE SKALECKI, staff KIM GILBERTSON, staff JOHN PARASKEVAS, photographer 91 MARK SKI BA, staff WILLIE ROBERTS, photographer 92 NANETTE B AVER, staff PHI LI A PHILOSOPHOS, staff ANDREA YOUNG, salesmanager FRANK ZDANOWSKI, staff F. GAYLORD COX, advisor GEORGE PHILOSOPHOS, photo editor 93 GYMNASTICS FOOTBALL jgm SWIMMING i ' " " : ' Ar . vV 1 Li " 7 , • - ' » 98 I 4» X S LU DO i o Rr: " KF " " » LA •., ■ " ■ • , 4% f L n ll ft ! 9 J . " ■•■• 5ltL • 1 «» 3L. 1 y WiJ v - i w ' § 99 .... WRESTLING TRACK FIELD n -M 1 7 " T W ' fff M M l -■ 1 ■ ■ . £ s km sA JHkS J W ■ CROSS COUNTRY 1971 U.I.C.C. WRESTLING TEAM; Left to right (Bottom Row) Mike Okuba, Joe Siprut, Larry Zwicl, Leroy Magas, Steve Summers, Jack Quanstrum. (Center Row) Joe Ricchio, Al Linnerud, Jamie Porter, Bruno Dambrauskas, Bill O ' Conner, James Hart, Ray Carlson. (Top Row) Jim Kronis, Bill Blyth, John Durland, Oleon Hennings, John Katsis, Tony Gfesser, Coach Ellsworth. (Not Shown) Juan Palomo, Joe Kielbasa. 1971 U.I.C.C. BASEBALL TEAM: Left to right (Front Row) Weniger, Sfondeles, Czekaj, Caputo, Tucker, Mitchell, Maloney. (Middle) Cox, Niezgoda, Kalant, Dobias, Franzak Co-Captain, Twardy Co-Captain, Coach Dunlop, Ellison, Dagostino. (Standing) Coach Miller, Cone, Polakoff, Bonniwell, Gordan, Watson, Hussarik, Coach Kaspar. 103 THE 1971 GYMNASTICS TEAM Left to right: (Top Row) Bill Fritzsche, Clarence Johnson, Bob Grabinski, Bob Ito. (Second Row) Phil Marzec, Dan Pusateri, Bill Branch, Larry Kelly, Steve Fox, Jeff Jensen. (Third Row) Bruce Boult, Bob Misek, Dave Biddinger, Mike Gentile, Bob Laschober, Dan Swetman, Bill Roetzheim (Coach). (Sitting) Bob Slipke, Laddie Vanac, Terry Sakurda, Larry Vogt. 104 I ;K ' -l- " f :-m %i t -1 Sfi ' j; . k :s ' -5C M?. • ' «-. w WOMEN ' S SWIM TEAM Left to Right 1st Row: Lynda Grublesky, Pat Mortenson, Dorthy Comey 2nd Row: Pat Doubelc, Janet McCarr, Mrs. Axelrod-Coach, Linda Dionesotes Not Pictured: Gigi Kopetzky, Barb Bidlo, Marsha Smith, Sue Twickler WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL Left to Right 1st Row: Kris Kreuchena, Donna Gaida, Ann Kelly, Carlin Anderson 2nd Row: Mrs. D Grigaitis, Rose Rouse, Loreen Rasdel, Sue Kamba, Mary Kay Walsh 3rd Row: Judy Kowal- czyk, Kathy Swiowtek, Kathy Ohler, Judy Brud, Sandy Mindak, Karen Graziano Not Pictured: Maureen Roach, Sandi Redemske 106 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Left to Right 1st Row: Ken Ecker, Jose Sifuentes, Dennis Ostapczuk, Dennis Kellogg, Lenny Kazmierczak, Bob Wolowjec 2nd Row: Russ Nelson, Art Bogdanove, Tom Moylan, Ken Bitout, Wayne Saunders, Scott Kellogg, Bob Templeman, Coach William Leach TRACK TEAM Left to Right: 1st Row: Dennis Ostapczuk, Ken Herrick, Dennis Kellogg, Al Grand, Jose Sifuentes, Lenny Kazmierczak 2nd Row: Pete Camp, Gary Raudabaugh, John Brundage, Bob Wolowiec, Dennis Racki, Kirk Babagium 3rd Row: Coach William Leach, Art Bogdanove, John Allen, Russ Nelson, Scott Kellogg, Tom Moylan, Rich Jilek, Wayne Saunders, Bob Templeman, Jim Schultheiss, Jack Scurte, Stan Johnson, Coach Tom Wright 107 ALPHA PHI OMEGA is a National Service Fraternity which holds events and activities in accordance with its service nature. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA is a National Scholastic Honor Society. Its members per- form as hostesses for Social functions, publish a literary magazine, and provide tutoring services. ALPHA PHI OMEGA: Nicholas A. Lieggi, Leonard J. Coutre, Steve Gawron, Bruce R. Lenell-Vice President, Wayne M. Lenell, Philip A. Igoe-President, Mark E. Johancen. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA: Karen Mitroff, Mary Colletti, Barbara Roy, Marie Orlowski-President Kathy Devylder, Georgia Simanis. 110 Ml Social and academic functions, both on and off campus help to promote a more personal environment for members of GAMMA GAMMA GAMMA. Activities include dances, service performances, lectures, seminars and parties. PHI ETA SIGMA, the Freshmen Honors Society, has for its primary objective the promotion of high scholastic achievement, as well as comradery among Circle students. This year ' s program includes a tutoring service, lectures and seminars. GAMMA GAMMA GAMMA: Sitting: Joanne Gambardella, Debbie Hardtke-Secretary, Sue Galowitch-P resident, Karen Brandt-Vice-President, Norma Mugich, Sherry Weissensel. Standing: Sandra Fontadez, Christine Manski, Donna Michals, Connie Dworak, Monica Carlson, Debbie Jarnutowski, Chris Werderits, Sue Pauletti, Georgia Mastrantonio, Mari Yakas. PHI ETA SIGMA: Mark Rosen-Secretary, Kevin P. Sullivan-President, Carl Vyborny-Vice President, Paul Drovin-Historian. Ill Friendship and understanding is the gateway to SIGMA PHI ALPHA. Through regular meetings on campus, rush activities and participation in float building, the members strive to understand one another as well as those who come in contact with the group as a whole. Sponsoring social gatherings, public service projects and interfraternal sports, the Nil IOTA chapter of the national organization of TKE ' S learn to work together in friendship. SIGMA PHI ALPHA: Sitting: Mary Sue Zivalic-Recording Secretary, Wilma Watt, Diane Dubina, Linda Horonzy, Sue Abele. Standing: Sandra Chahonas-Vice President, Dianne Miller- Corresponding Secretary, Kris Marusarz, Marion Watt, Chriss Abele-Treasurer, Diane Gerlach- President. 112 Student leaders are elected to the ACTIVITIES HONORARY SOCIETY because of their outstanding achieve- ments in extra-curricular activities. They work to alleviate the idea of campus apathy. PI ALPHA TAU, the Co-ed fraternity on campus, is an active group in student affairs. This past year has seen the fraternity participate in the school events of: Freshmen Weekend, Orien- tation and Homecoming. ACTIVITIES HONORARY SOCIETY Front Row: Diane Gerlach, Una Stepovy, Russell Fu, Alice Lee-Secretary, Warren Raleigh Allen-President, Ann Trampas-Treasurer. Back Row: Joan Karpiak, Jeffrey Goltz, Herschel Wallace III, Carl Vyborny, Robert Uchanski. PI ALPHA TAU: First Row: John Burlinski, Warren Raleigh Allen-President, Jeannie Skalecki, F. Gaylord Cox-Advisor, Pat Owen, Vicki Young, Jane Vander Velde-Secretary, Jeff Posselt, Bill Voda-External Vice-President, Terry Brostoff-Treasurer. Second Row: Dale Hanson, Theresa Kamowski, Debbie Arthur, Donna Heise, Jan Janis, Lester Aradi, Lenore Krentkowski, Bill Walters. Third Row: Larry Bercheski, Herb Tirjer, Andrea Ellis, Pat Sorn, Pat Murack, Bob Chun, Bruce Semrau, Nicki Eizenga. Fourth Row: Gary Gayer, Tom LeDonne, Andy Haszlakiewicz, Phillia Philosophos, Bob Ruiz, Ann Trampas. Fifth Row: Kim Gilbertsen, Donna Bajalis, Connie Skalecki, Ed Moon, Laurie Spak, Chuck Witt. Sixth Row: Alice Rossi, Jeff Lowinski, Dilys Jones, Warren Rossi. Seventh Row: Tom Hencinski, Ron Buscemi, Tom Stamos, Mark Skiba, Larry Gaddini. 113 THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS is a group of chemical engineering majors affiliated with the A.I.C.E. They presently number approxi- mately forty-five members. THE SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS pro motes the interests of Engineer- ing students or persons interested in engineering within the UICC R.O.T.C. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY: First Row: Joseph Drozd, Phillip DeChristopher, John Pahigianes. Second Row: Betty McGettrich-President, Lynn Goffman-Vice-President, Frank Nordt, Michael Goldberg, Sandy Klein. Third Row: Dr. Hunt-Advisor, Robert Najemnik-Secretary, Kerry Thompson-Treasurer, Dr. David Gorenstein- Advisor. THE SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS: Eugene Sokolowski-Vice President, Gary Fritz, Gloria Sandoval, Richard Stadelmann-President, Ronald Buzil-Treasurer, Joseph Abbate. 114 BUi 3 w Fostering interest in all aspects of Greco- Roman civilization, the CLASSICS CLUB holds seminars, lectures, discussions and showsmovies. During their annual colloquium, they bring outside speakers to discuss the different civilizations. Through radio and television specials, the members of CHICAGO CIRCLE BROADCASTING try to inspire those students interested in the mass media to develop creative programming. H CLASSICS CLUB. Voda-Treasurer. Constantine Bapes-President, Patricia Golden-Vice President, William sTit, I! l V ' ■ fKswp- ■].-.♦ Ki tf4 1 1 imbSI otk JnBBP CHICAGO CIRCLE BROADCASTING. Officers include: Harold Peniy-President, Eugene Infellise-TV-Radio Producer, Therese Keane-Secretary, Joel Sternberg-Advisor. THE CHINESE STUDENT ASSOCIATION is socially oriented, promoting culture exchange through picnics, movies, and an annual variety show. HILLEL was created to provide facilities, guidance, and organization for religious, cultural, educational, social, and inter- religious activities for UICC students with special emphasis on Judaism. CHINESE STUDENT ASSOCIATION : First Row: Herbert Yung, Yum-Shun Tong-President, Sally Kao-Secretary, Pearl Goo, Lois Bic Lee, Eva Ko, Kam L. Liu-Vice President. Second Row: Edward Jung, James Chun, Franklin Mich Moy, Ken Ng, Kam B. Louie. Third Row: Sam Chan, Victor Wai Kan, Ngarchang Mar Chin, William Li. 3i i fe 4 i f s • » HILLEL. From Row: Rena Thorpe, Sol Daiches, Devorah Rosenzweig-Treasurer, Jeffrey Goltz, Claire Mendelson, Michael Levins. Back flow; Allen Landerman, Robert Goodman-Vice-President, Earl Sternfeld-President, Burton B. Kahn, Mark Ross, Michael Froman, Asher Beederman, Cheri Taradash. 116 The INTRAFRATORITY COUNCIL promotes friendly relations among its members through athletic com- petition, social activities, and co- operative projects. The HOMECOMING COMMITTEE plans and organizes all Homecoming festivities. They work throughout the Spring and Summer quarters to prepare a colorful and enjoyable Homecoming Day. INTRAFRATORITY COUNCIL First Row: Diane Gerlach, Maria Gabiner, Norine Hackman, Sherry Weissensel, Ann Trampas. Second Row: Diane Dubina, Joanne Gambadella, Barry Wilson, Allen Glazer, Leo Morton John McNamara. Third Row: Gayle Weinhouse, Mark Geiger, Eric Manos, Ken Kada, Phil Mednick, John Krestel. Fourth Row: Ted Lekan, Mike Cebry, Frank D ' Alexander, Ken Vanderbroucke, Rich Klein, Barry Cohodes, Charles Witt. HOMECOMING COMMITTEE. First Row: Andrea Young, Vicky Young, Ann Trampas-Co-ordinator, Yvonne Jurcik, Marian Watt, Bill Voda. Second Row: Jeffrey Goltz, Warren Raleigh Allen, George Heyman, Chuck Witt, Frank Geltner-Advisor, Frank D ' Alexander, Steve H. Lupic. 117 Membership in the BAHAI CLUB is open to all, regardless of race, nationality or religion. The purpose of the organization is to acquaint anyone interested in the Bahai Faith. The encouragement of the Chika teams and bringing spirit into the games is the task undertaken by our dynamic CHEERLEADERS. BAHAI CLUB. Vicky Fantus, Nancy Gunderson, Joseph Galvin, Howard Weiss, Sonja Brook, Abolfazl Beizayee, Gloria Hoff. CHEERLEADERS. Sitting: Cynthia Watson, Kerstin Katnik-Co-Captain, Diane Gerlach-Captain, Mari Yakas, Diane Lee. Standing: Paul Binder- man, Bill Ditter, George Heyman. Elevated: Sue Blitt, Helen Hano. 118 BSr%KlOf NEWMAN CLUB, the Catholic stu- dent organization on campus is best described by its members as a warm hovel on a cold campus. It strives to maintain the spirit of fellowship among all students. The PERSHING RIFLES was initi- ated to encourage and develop the highest ideals of the military pro- fession. NEWMAN CLUB. First Row: Alex Fiedotjew, Jr., Alice Lee, Denny Walters-President, Terry Yoshimura, Herschel Wallace lll-External-V.P., Joyce Koginski, Jean Jasutis-Secretary. Second Row: Rich Buck-lnternal-V.P., Terry Judge, Kathy Conway, Clinton Browder, Oscar Gottardi, Carl Kwiatkowski, Sharon, Randy Bartman. Third Row: Bob Geltner, Kathy Puryear, Peter Lukomski, Linda Kasprzyk, Meg Guider, Jim Backstrom, Mary Bertucci, Bill Ditter, Linore Freza, Debbie Tubman, Stan Rimkus, Joe Twardowski, Nina Francuz, Sister Joanne Seizer. Fourth Row: Dave Skurkis, Terry Hienkris, Phill Siewerth, Joe Mueller, Carol Feczko, Ron Rankin, June Bluder, Father Sullivan, Bob Hodgetts. PERSHING RIFLES. Front Row: Wayne Sabo, Harriet Srednicki, Richard Stadelmann, Steven Kajdy, Alfred Zet Peter Cooper, Jose Ortiz, Richard Gabryszewski, John Alexiades, William Bruni. nristopher G. Chalko. Back Row: 119 a — iJtc ' ■feilifl gW ||U-« 1 .jS Vu wL dtSi fi St ! B Hi VmA ij .] r,— iS -jA.- « ' K lT — w S? ft ■ . 2 » . : v ' V. " : 1 M ' " | «p«w- ' P ' fl r - i The CHESS CLUB achieved great promi- nence during its first year as a recognized campus organization. They placed first among all Midwest colleges and were ranked among the top five nationally. MEHER BABA IS LOVE has only three members, but hopes to grow as knowledge of Meher Baba increases among the student body. CHESS CLUB. Sitting: Dave Wirtschafter, Jay Adler, Russell Rzeszutko, Robert Szebert. Standing: John, Charles Reed, John Kramans, Pat Halm. MEHER BABA IS LOVE. Members: Mike LePoris, Pete Kostakis, Mark Palmer. m The CHOIR introduces to interested stu- dents the important choral literatures of different periods. Performances by the Choir are held regularly throughout the school year. YJ 4V£ CHICAGO CIRCLE PLAYERS provides an outlet for the dramatic inclinations of students on campus. They present several productions each year. DELTA DELTA SIGMA Circle ' s Pre-Dentistry Fratority was formed to help students in this curriculum prepare for dental school entrance examinations, and to foster fellow- ship. CHICAGO CIRCLE PLAYERS: First Row: Chuck Fitzpatrick, Deborah Sweeny, Sandy Abeles, Margaret Silk, Sally Kao, Nila Krimitzer. Second Row: Cheryl Kamlager, Corliss Graham, John Spellman, Mary Richardson, Grace McLaughlin, Howard Goldstein, Danuta Suski, Theresa Podgorski, Third Row: Frank Meyers, Mitzi Feinn, Liis Kuningas, Romualca Ponucewicz. Fourth Row: Michael Houlihan, William McKinney, Herb Paaren, Robert Garcia, Richard Puigdcmenech, John Mitchell, Drew McMahon, Michael Zemenick. DELTA DELTA SIGMA: Left to Right: James Tharp-President, Richard Yale, Willaim Domansky, Phillip Kamin, Russell Fu-Secretary- Treasurer, Halina Kulaga, Earl Roden, Charles Tannenbaum, John Bova-Vice-President. 122 m To further the professional interests and activities of women majoring or minoring in Physical Education, the Women ' s MAJORS CLUB offers guest speakers, work- shop clinics, and the officiating of various sports pertaining to Physcial Education. OMEGA BETA PI, the National Honorary Premedical Fratority, brings premedical students together through guest speakers, Medical School tours, and parties to promote fellowship. WOMEN ' S P.E. MAJORS CLUB First Row: Mrs. Majeski-Sponsor, Freida Shaw, Mary Schindler, Kathy Kitzel, Mrs. Beck, Miss Kapsalis, Diane Nelson. Second Row: Karen Servik, Avis Waters, Ellen Miller, Linda Ostness. Third Row: Denise Nelson, Debrila Nikolic, Lila Torehala, Marsha Enquist, Sue Trefny, Andi Metoyer. Fourth Row: Kris Krevchena, Dee Morrison, Judy Brud, Sandy Crabtree, Zita Burneikis. Fifth Row: Ann Kelly, Karen Giatziane, Zill Gleason.Mary Skelecki. 123 ZETA PSI, a National Social Fraternity centers its interest around social activities, athletics, charity work, and community service. THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS contributes to the development of Chemical Engineering through its activities involving the faculty and student members. ZETA PSI: First Row: Tim Russell, Dan Roig, Roger Kantz, James Smyth. Second Row: Lance Thompson, Tom Ryan, Mark Eson, Frank Mueller. Third Row: Michael Krans, Renzo Mori, Ken Pawlak AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS: First Row: Francisco Jimenez, Paul David Gutieriez-Secretary, Robert Stanis-President, John Berkery-Vice-President, William Franek-Treasurer. Second Row: Joaquin Franco, Dan Fedor, Kadri Bashir, Papel G. C, Stephen Wawrytklo, Konrad Chmielewski. 124 INDEPENDENT COLLEGE REPUBLICANS intro- duces students to the nature of Republicans by work ing in elections, and attending various lectures and conventions. The purpose of the AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION is to generate new knowledge about marketing and to discover better marketing methods. AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION: First Row: Wayne R. Harris-Treasurer, Raymond M. Shuran-President, Greg Berillo-Chairman, Robert Dodro-Vice President. Second Row: Emil E. Lach, Andrew R. Hansen, Rich Kordas, Larry Doranski. Third Row: Barry Shear, Michael Frank, John Rosenberger, Pete Wonais. 125 -.s. H ■ v.- h ' m :lv m ■ I 1H ■L ■ ■ ■ 1 1 LAMBDA CHI is a social service sorority which offers Circle co-eds an opportunity to serve both the community and the Univer- sity. YOUNG AMERICANS FOR FREE- DOM promotes conservative philosophy and political theory. It holds seminars and lec- tures throughout the year. ■ " ■, " » H pBfc r £ IMichor. Second Row: Christine Brzyszko, Barbara Cuda-President, Karen Moore, Linda Szaga, Betty Wiaduck. YOUNG AMERIC ANS FOR FREEDOM: Left to Right Jurate Suopys-Secretary, Barb Fiala-President, Bob Jarka, Robert Sears, Mel Johnson, Walter Anthony-Member- ship Chairman, Gary Fiala-Treasurer. L26 l The SUB-COMMITTEE (CSA) on student activity fund alloca- tions investigates registered organizations requests for financial assistance. The WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION spon- sors both extramural and intramural teams, including basket- ball, fencing, softball, volleyball, badminton, and field hockey. The year ' s finale is Awards Night, where participants in the various sports activities are honored. CSA-SUB-COMMITTEE Left to Right Alan London, Irwin Leiter-Chairman, Stephen Zisner. W.A.A. BOARD: Left to Right: Miss Kapsalis-Advisor, Maureen Roach, Karen Giatziane, Judy Brud, Mimi Gannon. 127 The BIOENGINEERING SOCIETY brings majors to- gether and provides opportunities for employment and graduate study in this field. SKIING ILLINI promotes interest in the ever growning sport, skiing, through fre- quent outings to popular resorts. BIOENGINEERING SOCIETY: Left to Right: Kenneth Pawlak-President, Jeff Rybak-Vice-President, Frank Morini- Secretary, Not pictured-Mike Franco-Treasurer. SKIING ILLINI: Left to Right: John Sowizal -President, Kitty Krambaer-Mascot, Darlette Husum-Treasurer, Arlene Dziagwa- Secretary, Bill Avellone-Vice President. PHI ZAPPA KRAPPA is dedicated to serving the university community in a manner appropriate to the beliefs of their patron saint. Uncle Frank. Some of the programs of PZK are: Mass somersaults for peace, productions through Fleshtone Flick Corpor- ation, de-segregating the center Johns, and the PZK ' sexlax emergency constipation crew. The FRESHMEN WEEKEND COMMITTEE plans two new student orientation weekends which are held at a camp which allows for informal meetings between Freshmen, Upper classmen and Faculty. Cancelled FRESHMEN WEEKEND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: First Row: Kathy Puryear, Joan Hittie-Secretary, Jean Jasutis, Gail Nykiel-Co-Chairman, Happy Rons-Co-Chairman, Rich Halla-Co-Chairman. Second Row: Gene LeFave, Jim Moore, Warren Raleigh Allen-Treasurer, Alice Lee, Hershel Wallace III, Kathie Flowers, Ken Harder-Co-Chairman. 129 DAVID DODDS HENRY President 132 NORMAN A. PARKER Chancellor Ifi 133 STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: EDWARD P. FRIEDMAN, Assistant Dean, ROBERT L. HESS, Associate Dean, ROBERT E. CORLEY, Associate Dean, ALLEN H. HOWARD, Assistant Dean, and ELLIS B. LITTLE Associate Dean. SITTING LEFT TO RIGHT: VIVIAN C. LIPMAN, Assistant Dean, DEAN B. DONER, Dean, PATRICIA A. McFATE, Assistant Dean. NOT PICTURED: WADE A. FREEMAN, Assistant Dean. COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES 134 THE GRADUATE COLLEGE LEFT TO RIGHT: WILLIAM J. OTTING, Associate Dean, JAN ROCEK, Dean, MISS OTIS DANTE, Assistant to the Dean, JOHN A. NICOLETTE, Assistant Dean, and BENTLEY B. GILBERT, Associate Dean. 135 COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE AND ART LEFT TO RIGHT: ROWLAND RATHBUN, Assistant Dean, LEONARD J. CURRIE, Dean, and EDWARD L.DEAM, Associate Dean. 136 TOP ROW- GEORGE BUGLIARELLO Dean, HERBERT STEIN, Assistant Dean, and H. DALE WALRAVEN, Assistant Dean. BOTTOM ROW: WILLIAM DeFOTIS, Assistant Dean, HENRY A. SETTON, Assistant Dean, and DAVID W. LEVINSON, Director of Industrial Liason. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING 137 LEFT TO RIGHT: EMANUEL HURWITZ, Assistant Dean, GEORGE GILES, Associate Dean, VAN CLEVE MORRIS, Dean, and DAVID WILSON, Assistant to the Dean. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 138 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LEFT TO RIGHT: IRVIN L. HECKMANN, Dean, WILLIAM J. DUNNE, Assistant Dean, and NORMAN S. SMITH, Assistant Dean. 139 OSCAR MILLER, Dean of Student Affairs AGNES G. TANDBERG, Dean of Women and WARREN 0. BROWN, Dean of Men 141 A ■ III II 2. 4. ARTHUR J. FALLS, Director of Financial Aid ROLAND Q. SWAIM, Coordinator of Placement Services HAROLD KLEHR, Director of Student Counseling PHILLIP BAUGHER, Coordinator of Student Employment WAYMAN EDWARDS, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs LAURETTE A. KIRSTEIN, Coordinator of Foreign Students Affairs. 142 1. RICHARD J. BICKHAUS, Assistant Coordinator of Placement 2. CONSTANCE M. WILSON, Coordinator of Student Loans 3. HARRY F. RODMAN, Director of Organizations and Activities 4. JOHN E. KYSAR, Director of Health Service 5. MARIKO GALLAGA, Coordinator of Scholarships and Grants. 145 CIRCLE CENTER ADMINISTRATION 145 Susan C. Adamek Kenneth Adamik B.A. B.S. Education Mechanical Analysis Connie Aguilar B.A. English Literature Amir H. Ahanchian Barbara A. Akridge B.S. B.A. Mathematics Spanish Gregory A. Akridge B.A. Mathematics Harald Albertin B.S. Psychology George F. Alheid B.S. Psychology Taufik Al-Khouja B.S. Applied Mechanics Donna Allen B.A. Special Education Patricia H. Allen B.A. Education Warren Raleigh Allen B.S. Accounting Bonita J. Alvord B.S. Accounting Rose Ann Amedeo Joseph L. Amenta Jr B.A. B.A. History Psychology Art Architecture Carol L. Anderson B.A. Biology Cheryl L. Anderson B.A. Psychology Lee A. Anderson B.A. Architecture Matthew Anderson B.A. Political Science Atip Anontvechrucks B.S. Engineering 148 John G. Anselmo Patricia L. Arnold Veda R. Ashford Kathleen A. Avnedi B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Management Secondary Education Sociology English Education Irene F. Bahr B.S. Sociology English Paul A. Bailey B.A. Criminal Justice Irena S. Baleisis B.A. Psychology Linda L. Ball Sheldon 1. Banoff Constantine P. Bapes B.A. B.S. B.A. Elementary Education Accounting History Richard J. Baranowski B.S. Applied Mechanics Thomas E. Barnes B.S. Mathematics Bruce A. Bartolain B.A. Sociology Lucia Basta B.S. Biology Education Richard C. Batson B.A. Computer Science Engineering Thomas J. Battaglia Alan K. Baumann Linda R. Becker Nancy J. Becker Elaine A. Beed B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. B.S. Psychology Industrial Engineering Elementary Education Mass Media Political Science Biology Asher J. Beederman B.A. Political Science Sheila D. Behn B.S. Accounting Howard E. Bengelsdorf B.A. Mathematics Jack N. Benson B.S. Biology Robert F. Ben way B.S. Biology Edward G. Berg Thomas J. Bergstrom Anna Bernardy Robert L. Bernstein Penelope Berouka B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. Accounting Plastic Graphic Arts Biology Hislory 149 Donald E. Berry B.A. Psychology John J. Bialek Frank Biancalana B.S. B.S. Personnel Management Engineering Serafino Bianchi B.S. Civil Engineering Joan L. Bieler B.S. Biology Arthur P. Biladeau Barbara L. Billmeyer Randhir R. Birdi Edwin C. Bisinger Luan P. Bland B.S. B.A. B.S. B.S. B.S. Psychology Elementary Education Mechanical Analysis Biology English James N. Blasky B.S. Physical Education Susan B. Blomberg B.A. Elementary Education Stuart L. Blum B.S. Marketing Carson H. Boatright B.S. Engineering John P. Bobek B.A. Teacher Education Sociology Andre Bober Betty Lou Bodlak B.A. B.A. Russian Teachers Education History Howard R. Bohlin James J. Bolek Patricia A. Bond B.S. B.S. B.A. Aerospace Engineering Finance Elementary Education tm » Celine A. Borek B.S. Elementary Education Susan M. Bost Edwin J. Braasch Robert E. Bradac Barbara J. Bralten B.A. B.S. B.S. B.A. History Management Geography Psychology Werner G. Brandt B.S. Electrical Engineering Paul Brandys B.S. Chemistry James F. Bransfield B.S. Sociology Georgine M. Braun B.S. Biology Richard E. Brayer B.S. Physical Education Victoria Brazdzionis B.A. English Literature Psychology Kurt W. Bressner B.A. Political Science Carol A. Briggs Joyann Brody Terrel W. Brostoff B.A. B.A. B.S. Spanish Elementary Education Finance Reta L. Brudd Fred R. Bruegmann Claire S. Brunegraff Eileen M. Brusek James Bryant B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S. Sociology Communications Psychology English Biology Teachers Education Engineering Diane K. Buchholz B.A. German Larry E. Bullock B.A. Sociology Chad C. Bunnag B.S. Systems Engineering Donald L. Buresh B.S. Mathematics Linda Burgard B.A. Education Daniel J. Burke Zita E. Burneikis Barbara J. Button Patricia Byczek Gerald W. Bylinski B.S. B.S. B.A. B.S. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Physical Education English Literature Geography Accounting 151 J-l-U J MliLi S in ' ♦ i ' " ■ f " ' •■■ feji ra r If j 4m ■(■■ v j Sh ' • jBtp " JHHL tt ■» Bk Hk B mSM.. TJ Hl 1M b 1 1 . Jfc H V ?■ j i 1 ft Ins Of P flRMLL jEP S M iO p l Kvf S •j . JHKk JTeI riiin ,, l ftfflHt-fi38 I T Jr - - 4 J ' r m Mtt KjLfatffJUQUw nil ▼ ri h ■ V H J B ■ 1 " f l M uuH Fw i HI i | ' 4K H ' ' p JI ■ A w v Mi H ti • frf ¥ ' A r M Ll mri rj UJ AiUi " ? F J A; HTJ r i % Nancy M. Caccavale B.A. Elementary Education Colleen J.Carlson B.A. German Jose M. Casa s B.S. Industrial Er igineering H ' ? K |S»T Deborah A. Chapman B.A. French Byron K. Childs B.S. 154 Structural Design Kenneth G. Cada B.S. Accounting Anita J. Calkins B.A. Elementary Education Lawrence R. Camras B.S. Biology Martha L. Carlson B.A. Psychology Sociology Robert E. Carlson B.S. Business Management Alice K. Cason B.A. Psychology Ephraim S. Casper B.S. Biology Wing K. Chan B.S. Electrical Engineering Robert J. Cheever B.S. Communications Engineering Andrew T. Cheng B.S. Mechanical Analysis Linda S. Chesney B.A. Elementary Education Billy W. Carden B.S. Communications Engineering William J. Carroll James R. Carson B.S. B.S. Finance Thermo-Mechanical Engineering Kingkaeo Chanasar B.S. Mathematics Georgette Chiampas B.A. Elementary Education Tai S. Chin B.S. Aerospace Science Konrad G. Chmielewski Louis Chrzasc Lam-Ying S. Chung B.S. B.S. B.S. Chemical Engineering Structrual Design Biology Steven F. Ciaccio Bernadine C. Ciesla Robert A. Cims Ronald A. Cipolla Dorothy E. Clark B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. Accounting Economics Economics History Secondary Education English Literature Judy Karen Clark Bethaviva Cohen Sandra Cohen Monica A. Collier Joyce E. Combest B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Biology Mathematics Sociology Elementary Education Carol H. Compton B.A. Teachers Education English Margaret A. Connell B.A. Elementary Education Phyllis A. Contino B.A. Spanish William B. Costello Dennis M. Coughlin Colleen A. Coyne B.S. B.S. B.A. Marketing Industrial Engineering Psychology Kathleen E. Corrigan B.S. Biology Niki C. Cramvis B.A. Secondary Education Spanish Michael E. Costanzo B.S. Biology Andrew J. Creighton B.A. Sociology Suzanne M. Crissey Barbara Cuda Sharon M. Cunnea Elizabeth M. Cunniff Douglas B. Cunninqham B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. American Literature Accounting Elementary Education English Literature Speech i Ronald L. Cznplewski B.S. Computer Science Renee S. Czerwin B.S. Physical Education Ariel Damenstein B.S. Communications Engineering Linda David B.A. Education Kenneth W. Davidson B.A. Criminal Justice Janet E. Davies B.S. Linda S. Dean B.A. Secondary Education Mathematics Lk m. Brian H. Davis B.A. Sociology Cheryl D. Davis B.S. Economics John A. Dawn B.S. Structural Mechanical Howard W. Deahr B.A. Psychology Political Science Engineering Sandra Dechant B.A. Elementary Education Special Education Richard M. Delzenero Walter Dembros Jr. B.S. B.S. Physics Mathematics Roger A. Dee Anthony J. DelGiorno B.S. B.S. Engineering Psychology Edward Demet B.S. Biology Yvonne L. DelPrincipe B.A. Criminal Justice John R. Depa James L. Devries B.S. B.A. Accounting Economics 156 Karen A. Dewberry B.S. Management Cecilia B. Dibble B.A. Elementary Education Armand J. DiCianni B.S. Management Linda S. DiGregorio B.A. Elementary Education Patricia A. DiMartino B.S. English Teacher Education Francis V. Dina Donna Agnes DiStasio John S. Dymtrenko Robert S. Dodro Frank J. Dolik B.A. B.A. B.S. B.S. B.S. Philosophy English Education Electrical Engineering Business Administration Marketing William C. Don B.S. Civil Engineering Mary Dong B.A. Sociology Linda A. Donnell B.S. Mathematics Alice B. D ' Souza B.A. Education Bashiru A. Dosunmu B.S. Finance Josephus Douglas Paul E. Durrant Deborah M. Ebster B.A. B.S. B.A. Psychology Business Administration English Mary F. Edwards B.A. Theater Phillip A. Eisenbraun B.S. Marketing Nancy J. Eizenga B.A. Elementary Education Robert Elliot Charles P. Ellison B.A. Physical Education Douglas A. Eltoft B.S. Communications Edward R. Epstein B.A. Criminal Justice Judith R. Epstein Joan F. Erb Lynn E. Erickson Susan Esses Patricia A. Evans B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. English Education Elementary Education History Speech Education History 157 Joann V. Everett B.S. Physical Education Frederic H. Everly B.A. English Rita L. Fahey B.A. English Education William A. Fahey B.S. Marketing Donna M. Falkenthal B.S. Accounting Diane Famera B.A. History Mary Ann L . Farinella B.A. English Gerald M. Farrell B.A. History Daniel J. Fedor B.S. Chemical Engineering Joseph A. Feiza B.S. Accounting Mark L. Feldman B.S. Electrical Engineering Patrick J. Feltes B.S. Economics Carmen M. Fernandez B.A. Political Science Dolores M. Fernandez B.S. Mathematics Mary Lou Ferrentino B.A. Speech Joseph A. Fierro B.S. Psychology David M. Finan B.S. Marketing Kathryn A. Findlay B.A. French Sarah L. Finstein B.A. English Literature Maria H. Firley B.A. English Education Richard M. Fisher B.S. Finance William H. Fischer B.S. Biology Stephen C. Fitt B.S. Metalurgy Betty Flasch B.A. English Education Kathleen L. Fleming B.A. Elementary Education Richard G. Flood B.A. Political Science Carl A. Flowers B.A. Mass Media Kathleen E. Flynn B.S. Mathematics Louis Fogelson B.S. Psychology Dan Follmer B.S. Biology Dianne E. Ford Kathleen M. Fortunato Joaquin Franco Martha M. Frankos Allan J. Franowsky B.A. B.S. B.S. B.A. B.S. Education Physical Education Chemical Engineering English Education Physics William D. Franz B.S. Energy Engineering Charles W. Freeman B.S. Psychology Robert E. Freewalt B.S. Management Robert C. Fricke B.S. Information Engineering Sally C. Friedel B.A. Special Education Perry B. Friedl Charles G. Friedlander Dan Frykman B.S. B.A. B.A. Business Administration Psychology Psychology Joanne A. Fujimoto B.A. Latin Lawrence F. Fullerton B.A. History Marilyn Futterman Richard J. Gabriel Roberta A. Gadas Ernest F. Gaichas Wanda M. Gajdel B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. Elementary Education Sociology Political Science Biology 159 David A. Gallagher John T. Gatlanis Joanne E. Gambardella Sandra L. Gamen Marilyn M. Gannon B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Physics Mathematics History English Education Physical Education Joseph M. Garcea John L. Garlanger B.S. B.S. Industrial Engineering Accounting Vicki J. Garner B.A. English Education James G. Gatz B.S. Aerospace Science Diane M. Geary B.A. Elementary Education James M. Gebis B.S. Mechanical Analysis Diane E. Gerlach B.S. Math Education Elaine Georgacakis B.S. Biological Sciences George Georganas B.S. Accounting Robert A. Gerry B.A. Anthropology Mary Giannalcopoulos B.S. Anthropology ' ; " ,• Lilly Gicius B.S. Political Science George M. Gintowt Henry G. Gittel B.S. B.A. Mathematics English Education Susan IM. Glinberg B.A. Political Science John J. Goedert B.S. Management Beverly C. Georges Michael D. Gerber B.A. B.A. German Education Political Science Terry D. Gingle B.A. Criminal Justice Dolores F. Goelz B.A. Education Robert R. Goetz B.S. Communications Engineering Patricia S. Golden B.A. Latin Jack A. Goldfarb B.S. Finance Esther M. Goldwasser B.A. Education Jeffrey M. Goltz B.S. Accounting Martin H. Golub B.A. History Louis C. Gordon B.A. Political Science Mary L. Goshorn B.A. Political Science Neal H. Gottlieb B.S. Accounting Joseph E. Graf B.A. History Ralph D. Graham B.A. Communications Design Alex V. Grattoni B.S. Engineering Sandy Gray B.S. Physical Education Stanley L. Greanias B.S. Management Robert M. Greczek B.S. Aerospace Engineering Karen Green B.A. Political Science Thomas L. Green B.A. Mass Communications Kenneth F. Greene B.A. Political Science Solomon Greer B.S. Biology Michelle A. Gregorich B.A. Psychology Donna L. Griffin B.A. Sociology Barry G. Grossman B.S. Information Engineering David Grossman B.A. Criminal Justice Allen N. Grybash B.S. Mechanical Analysis George E. Gucwa B.S. Accounting iqi Charles S. Guernsey B.A. Psychology Rosalie A. Guerrieri B.A. Spanish Education Ronald G. Guminski B.S. Structural Design William G. Guzik B.A. English Education Lynn M. Haberichter B.S. Math Education Linda A. Hagsfrom B.A. English Education Linda L. Hahn B.S. Psychology Waleed M. Hajjar B.S. Mechanical Analysis Faramarz M. Hakimian B.S. Communication Engineering Ken Halajian B.A. Political Science Sandra J. Haller B.A. Sociology Tobi S. Haldern B.A. English Vera S. Handricks B.A. English Theodore F. Hanschke B.A. Design Andrew R. Hansen B.S. Marketing Mary Hao B.A. History Helen D. Haskin B.A. French Education David G. Harazin B.S. Accounting John T. Harduvel B.S. Aerospace Engineering Arthur F. Harmon B.S. Accounting I iritaft:wi Antoinette O. Haugabrok B.A. History Education Roy L. Hawkins B.S. Accounting Michael K. Harney B.S. Biology Helen V. Haynes Steven M. Healy B.A. B.A. English History Gregory L. Hege B.S. Marketing Roger P. Heikkila B.S. Physical Education John L. Heinz B.S. Biology Donna M. Heise B.A. Elementary Education Brenda L. Helbling B.A. Psychology Helmut Heller Gwendolyn A. Helwig Nancy J. Heneghan Janice A. Henke Kenneth W. Hermach B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. Mathematics Education Education History Accounting Lawrence M. Hersam B.S. Mathematics Hadassah Herzfeld B.A. Sociology Nancy L. Heskett B.A. History George A. Heyman B.A. English Emmanuel Hieromnimon B.S. Physics Wilfried Hildebrandt B.S. Marketing Kenneth O. Hill B.S. Bioengineering Margaret Y. Hirakawa B.A. Psychology Bernard Hirsch B.S. Engineering Dennis K. Hjelm B.S. Mathematics Patricia A. Hodgson Nancy R. Hofeldt Michael K. Hogan Kathleen A. Hollcraft Paul Hollis B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. American Literature Theatre Arts English Education English 163 William J. Homel B.S. Mechanical Analysis Stanley F. Hon B.S. Computer Science John E. Honeycutt B.A. Georgraphy James E. Hora B.A. Chemistry Wayne Home B.A. Spanish Education Orest R. Horodysky B.A. Biology Alice T. Horwich B.A. Special Education Wayne F. Hospes B.S. Chemistry Richard P. Howe B.S. Accounting David J. Hudson B.A. Psychology Marjorie N. Hughes Raymond K. Hung Darlette L. Husum B.A. B.S. B.S. French Communication Engineering Elementary Education Marsha Hyman B.A. History Education James B. Ilardo B.A. Sociology Steve llmer B.A. Special Education Elementary Education Eugene F. Infelise B.A. Speech Silvio P. Insana B.A. English Keith G. Ishida B.S. Finance Luba M. Iszczuk B.A. Anthropology Thaddeus Jackowski B.S. Management Terrence A. Jackson B.S. Mathematics Burton Jacobson B.A. History Education Sherwin J. Jacobson B.S. Engineering Richard G. Jakubas B.A. Photography Eric Jakubowski B.S. Electronic Engineering Debra L. James B.A. English Literature Norman R. Janczak B.S. Marketing Robert J. Janczak B.S. Finance Theresa M. Janowski B.S. Biology Ted N. Jansen Susan E. Janus B.A. B.A. Criminal Justice Special Education Robert A. Jardien B.S. Management Wayne P. Jarke B.S. Mathematics Diane V. Jaroch B.A. Communications Design Daniel J. Javorka Carol S. Jeremiah Jim Mo B.S. B.A. B.A. Metallurgy Special Education Art Barbara J. Johnson B.S. Economics Carol L. Johnson B.A. Sociology — Education Kathryn M. Johnson B.S. Biology Vytautas P. Jokubauskas B.A. Communication Design Joyce E. Jones B.A. Criminal Justice Louis Jones B.A. Architectural Design Earl V. Jorgensen B.S. Industrial Engineering Utpal G. Joshi Yvonne Jurcik Robert J. Jurgovan Bashir H. Kadri Christina B. f ajkowski B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. Chemical Engineering Biology Communications Engineering Chemical Engineering French 165 Susan P. Kamba B.S. Physical Education Atushi Kamita Phillip D. Kamin Alan S. Kane Kandyce L. Kane B.A. B.S. B.A. Aerospace Engineering English Education Athena Karabatsos Renee L. Karbin B.S. B.A. Mathematics Psychology Mohammad Kargahi B.S. Economics Anastasios B. Karousos B.S. Mechanical Engineering Deborah L. Karp B.S. Mathematics Joan M. Karpiak Penala S. Karstens Michael Karuschak, Jr. Linda K. Kateeb Gayle L. Kates B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. Elementary Education Elementary Education Business Administration English Education Biology Ruth A. Kaufman B.A. Political Science Stuart IM. Kaufman B.A. Political Science Joe E. Kazek B.A. Sociology Therese A. Keane B.A. Mass Media Thomas M. Keane B.S. Marketing Patrick M. Keating B.A. Iqq History Education Dennis Kellogg Donna Jean C. Kelly Patricia J. Keown Pam K. Kesler B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. Criminal Justice Elementary Education Elementary Education Art and Architecture Sandra A. Kett Norbert S. Kieszkowski Joan T. Kincinas Alan C. ing B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. English Literature Marketing Elementary Education History John P. Kinney B.S. Communications Engineering Alice B. Kinsella B.A. Elementary Education James A. Kizior B.S. Industrial Engineering Richard T. Klimek B.A. English Education Roger A. Klocek B.A. Anthropology Zbigniew S. Kluczewski B.S. Psychology Walter A. Knapp B.S. Richard A. Knight B.S. Chemistry Robert E. Knoppe B.S. Management Walter V. Kobak B.A. Criminal Justice William J. Koch B.S. Metallurgy Vickie A. Kockler B.A. Elementary Education Bianca Kohlenbrener Georgia Koliopoulos B.S. Accounting Kenneth M. Koprowski B.A. English Literature Richard M. Kordas B.S. Marketing Raymond S. Koss B.S. Accounting Quantitative Methods Jean Koutsoukos B.A. English Education John A. Kowalski B.S. Biology Leslie Kowlessar B.S. Chemistry Judith M. Kozak B.S. Marketing 1G7 — M ■■ ' ,+ » tfr- Lawrence E. Kozak B.S. Engineering Christine G. Krebs B.A. Sociology Richard J. Kozerski B.S. Mechanical Analysis Design Elliot Kroger B.S. Biology Nicholas A. Kozlov Andrew W. Kramski Michael J. Krans B.A. B.S. B.S. Psychology Communications Engineering Aerospace Engineering Murray P. Krugman B.A. Anthropology Robert J. Kubik B.S. Accounting Venus J. Kudela B.A. Elementary Education Paula S. Kuehm B.A. Sociology Wayne A. Kuna B.A. Industrial Design Katherine R. Kunze B.A. Anthropology Jerome M. Kurr B.S. Finance Patricia A. Kutt B.A. Spanish James A. Kuzel B.A. Criminal Justice Constance Lachowicz B.A. 170 History William Kwan B.S. Manufacturing Engineering Gregory A. Kwinski B.S. Finance Richard B. Labash Emil E. Lach B.S. B.S. Mathematics Marketing William J. Lahey B.S. Marketing Edward W. Laird B.A. Psychology Mahendra N. Lakumb B.S. Mechanical Analysis Alan L. Landsberg B.A. Political Science Manuel Lanz B.A. Architecture Robert H. Laschober B.S. Marketing Donald B. Lash B.A. Speech Erich Laumer B.S. Accounting Felix A. Lazardee B.S. Communications Engineering Deborah L. Lazary Michael W. Lazas Larry J. LeClaire Chungshik Lee Donald R. Lee B.S. B.A. B.S. B.S. B.A. Sociology Sociology Biology Communications Engineering Psychology Lois B. Lee B.A. Chemistry Mary K. Leong B.S. Mathematics Konstanze Leider B.A. German Secondary Education Irwin E. Leiter B.A. History Glenn J. Les B.S. Accounting Bonnie L. Levine B.A. Education Joel Leon B.A. Psychology Michael F. Levins B.A. Psychology Ora Leonard B.S. Sociology Ellen S. Levy B.S. Biology Steven M. Levy Frederick J. Lewin William G. Lewis Alan J. Lifchultz Michael C. Lind B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. Water Air Resources Accounting Economics Chemistry Criminal Justice 171 Richard A. Lindau Richard C. Linden Robert P. Lipinski James B. Lipka B.A. B.S. B.S. B.A. English Education Industrial Engineering Mathematics Education Theatre Samuel R. Listopad B.S. Computer Science Elgin E. Little III B.S. Business Administration m -. Nancy S. Little B.S. Chemistry Kam L. Liu B.S. Industrial Engineering Patrick Liu B.A. Architectural Structures Celeste Lockhart Diane E. Loeb B.A. Elementary Education Daryl L. Logan B.S. John T. Long B.S. Systems Analysis Linda L. Long B.S. Physical Education Charles J. Lopez, Jr. B.A. Psychology Ernesto R. Lopez B.S. Aerospace Engineering Adam S. Lopuszynski B.A. History Jan M. Lorys B.A. Political Science Kam B. Louie B.S. Industrial Engineering Alexandros V. Loulousis B.S. Psychology Kurt R. Lowman B.A. Psychology Naurice A. Lucas B.A. Speech John P. Lucia B.S. Mathematics Veronica Luczynski B.A. Elementary Education Mark A. Luke B.S. Water Air Resources Daniel M. Lurey Janis M. Lutkus Ted D. Lyjak Robert R. Lyons August C. Mocaluso B.S. B.A. B.S. B.S. B.S. Communications German Mechanical Analysis Electronics Applications Mechanical Analysis Engineering and Design Russell A. Mack B.A. Philosophy Bruce N.Mac Lean B.A. Economics James M. Madigan B.A. Criminal Justice Nancy J. Magill B.A. Elementary Education James J. Mahoney B.S. Physics Major L. Terry B.A. English Susan G. Mahoney Julie A. Malan B.A. Communications Design Christine R. Malinowski B.A. Psychology Manee Mangkornkanok B.S. Management Linda M. Marheine B.A. English Education f Robert A. Mariano B.S. Biology Barbara M. Marik B.S. Mathematics Charles Markos B.A. History Susan S. Marks B.A. Elementary Education Louise Marie Marsello Robert A. Marsh Ronald 0. Martin Victor R. Martin Dorothy A. Martorano B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Political Science Biology Physical Education Criminal Justice Psychology 173 Maria 1. Martymuk Elaine F. Marzal James R. Masa Peter J. Massion Albert L. M B.A. B.A. B.S. B.S. B.S. Russian Psychology Aerospace Engineering Geology Accounting Kenneth E. Mateas B.A. Political Science Don E. Matthews B.A. History Edward A. Matik B.S. Communications Engineering Edward A. Matuga Christine F. Matula B.S. B.A. Biology Education Gregory Y. Matsumoto August P. Mauro Gerald B. Mauter Richard A. May Cynthia J. Mayer B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Psychology Structural Design Geography Physical Education Spanish Education John J. Mazzola Joan C. McAllister Kathleen J. McCarthy Thomas T. McCarthy F. James McCormick B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A. Business Sociology Special Education Business Management American Literature Eugene McCray, Jr. Marjone A. McDonald Percy H. McDonald Sandy M. McDonough Betty A. McGetrick B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. Industrial Engineering French Biology Art Education Chemistry Ellen A. McGowan Ronald T. McGregor Thomas McKenna Dennis B. McKendrick Keith McLean B.A. B.A. B.S. B.S. B.S. Psychology Mass Media Structural Design Biology Accounting Raymond A. Meers Mark M. Meltzer Christine M. Mendelewski Judith A. Mendelsberg Larry W. Merchut B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.S. Mathematics Criminal Justice French Education Sociology Education Computer Science Gregory i . Mercier Patricia A. Merriman Thomas E. Meyer Stephen G. Mican Dimitrios Michalopoulos B.S. B.A. B.S. B.S. B.S. Communications Political Science Physical Education Communications Engineering Communications Engineering Ronald J. Micheli B.S. Management Linda L. Miller B.A. English Ronald I. Miller B.A. Political Science Elizabeth F. Miloszewsich B.A. Spanish Alana M. Milstein B.A. Special Education Peter S. Mischenko Mary L. Mitchell Milan Mitrovic Angeliki E. Mitzalis Shirley Mc gensen B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Thermomechanical Mathematics Psychology Elementary Education English Engineering 175 Ovidio M. Montoto Edward C. Moon Walter R. Moore Frances J. Morawski David S. Moresi B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S. B.S. Industrial Engineering English Education History Psychology Biology Frank J. Morini John J. Morrison Barry 1. Morton Anita Y. Mosak Timothy J. Moudry B.S. B.S. B.A. B.S. B.S. Bioengineering Computer Science Sociology Psychology Industrial Relations Lawrence Moy B.S. Mathematics Mayo Moy B.S. Communications Engineering Stewart K. Moy Robert W. Mular Michael Mullaney B.S. B.S. B.S. Communications Mechanical Analysis Physical Education Engineering Thomas J. Muscarello B.S. Biology Richard D. Musgrave B.A. History John M. Musser B.A. Elementary Education David R. Myers B.S. Applied Physics Edward M. Nadel B.A. Sociology Robert G. Najemnik B.S. 17Q Chemistry Raymond J. Nakielny B.S. Economics Jose L. Nava B.A. English John R. Nelson B.A. Spanish Education Marylee Nelson B.S. Education Sharon A. Nero B.A. Sociology Gerald M. Nicosia B.A. English I Philip A. Niec Lynn M. Nimmer B.S. B.A. Biology Education Todd R. Noble B.A. History James W. Nobles B.S. Computer Science Richard H. Noens B.S. Communications Engineering Betty Lou Novak B.A. Mathematics Education Arthur C. Nutzhorn B.S. Metallurgy Judith A. Oblak B.A. Elementary Education Eva B. Ochalski B.A. Psychology John B. O ' Connell B.S. Biology Francis J. O ' Connor B.S. Management Rosemary O ' Connor B.A. Elementary Education John R.Odchodnicky B.S. Communications Engineering Leonard Olbinsky B.A. Mass Media Sharon Olech B.S. Biology Gregory J. Olsen Laurie E. Olson B.S. B.A. Finance English Philip R. Orawiec B.A. Criminal Justice Jean A. O ' Rourke B.A. Elementary Education Daniel E. Orzechowski B.S. Accounting Charmaine S. Osborne B.S. Physical Education Linda S. Ostness B.S. Physical Education 177 Akiyoshi Osuka B.S. Mathematics Systems Engineering Stephen M. Otto Robert F. Palace Phyllis P. Panno B.S. B.S. B.A. Industrial Relations Economics Mathematics %: Rico Paone B.S. Criminal Justice Philip O. Pape B.S. Metallurgy Kenneth L. Parker B.S. Marketing William B. Paschal B.S. Ther mo-mechanical Engineering George J. Pasymowski B.A. English G. C. Patel B.S. Chemical Engineering Susan L. Pauletti Kenneth E. Pawlak Bernard R. Pawlowski B.A. B.S. B.S. Spanish Education Bioengineering Communications Engineering Nicholas J. Pawluk B.S. Thermo-chemical Engineering Mitchell J. Pazdro B.A. Sociology Gary Pecka B.S. Management Alan F. Pegg B.S. Accounting James B. Pelzman B.A Political Science Marco A. Pena Maryann Penczak B.A. B.A. Spanish English 178 Phillip A. Perillo Judith A. Perotti Ellen L. Perplies Daniel Persons Donald L. Pesavento B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. Accounting Psychology Psychology Mathematics Sociology English Psychology Rosemary Pesoli B.S. Mathematics Education Richard M. Peterson B.A. Architectural Design Rima J. Petruis B.A. History Patricia A. Pezdek B.A. Elementary Education Alice V. Phillips B.A. Spanish Education Marvin J. Phillips B.S. Metallurgy Ivory R. Phinisee B.A. Economics Gary R. Piehl B.S. Business Administration Charles K. Pietkowski B.A. Psychology Hilja Pikat B.A. German Lee M . Pilarczyk Diane Pilichiewicz Rocco T. Pisano Edwin Plotkin Ania M. Podowska B.A. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. Marketing Biology Mathematics Management Russian Michael D. Podrasky Sandy K. Policht Frank C. Pond Buddy Portugal Dimitrios Poulopoulos B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. History Education Marketing English Accounting V r ■ HL f! Frank R. Pravdik Elsie V. Prendergast William J. Prindle Carol E. Prokup B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Physical Education History Edward W. Prokuski B.S. Manufacturing Engineering 179 Dwight L. Pruett B.S. Physics Joan I. Przybycien B.A. Psychology Raymond M. Puzerewski B.A. Structural Engineering Laura J. Puclelwitts Peggy S. Pun B.A. B.A. English Education Communications Design John T. Pytel B.S. Marketing Michael K. Rachowicz B.A. Political Science Brenda G. Raftery B.A. Education William P. Rahil B.S. Management Robert E. Rajewski B.A. Psychology Amparo M. Ramirez B.S. Biology Carole A. Ramos B.S. Mathematics Richard Ramos B.A. Criminal Justice Adrienne E. Randi B.A. English James Rangel B.S. Sociology Margaret A. Rastutis B.A. Education Phillip D. Rearick B.A. Architecture Design Bonnette A. Reisberg B.A. Sociology Kenneth F. Reisenbuckler B.A. Communications Engineering Eileen M. Reminiec B.A. History Political Science Chris IM. Rerras William R. Reyburn Barbara J. Rippy Sherwin Ritz Rose N. Robertson B.S. B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. 80 Engineering Mathematics English Education Biology Elementary Education Communications Leonard H. Roberts Ruth V. Robinson Glenn R. Rodriguez Helga E. Roman Robert A Romano B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. Criminal Justice Sociology Soil Engineering Spanish Psychology Michael 1 . Rosenberg David E. Rosenblatt Saul Rosenthal Warren D. Rossi Cynthia L. Roth B.S. B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A., B.S. Biology Mechanical Engineering Sociology Information Engineering Anthropology Alfred A. Rothenbach B.S. Mathematics Arlene L. Rotkin B.A. Special Education Martin J. Rowe B.S. Biology i Richard S. Rozycki B.S. Mathematics Education Shelley R. Rubin B.A. Elementary Education Jeffrey W. Rybak B.S. Bioengineering Mark A. Rycaj B.S. Marketing James D. Ryerson B.A. Mass Media Kinga J. Rzyski B.A. Political Science Frances E. Sage B.A. English m Upender B. Sahgal Christina M. Sakowski Mary M. Salzer Judith M. Samec llene M. Samuelson B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Industrial Engineering Biology Speech Theatre Communications Design Special Education gi Mahmoud Sanati B.S. Engineering Peter Sander B.S. Accounting Judith A. Sandler B.A. English Luis E. Sandoval B.S. Communications Thomas A. Santucci B.S. Political Science Diane E. Schaaf B.A. English Education Edie L. Schaffner B.A. Elementary Education Timothy G. Schanze B.S. Finance Wayne Edward Schennum B.S. Biology Alan A. Schimmel B.S. Accounting Matilde Schinasi B.S. Biology Maureen L. Schreiber B.A. Sociology Samuel Schinazi B.S. Marilyn J. Schmidt B.A. Leonard M. Schulfer B.S. Mechanical Engineering Dennis C. Schultz B.S. Marketing Paul Schmied B.S. Communicati ons Engineering Donald M. Schultz B.A. Architectural Engineering Michael J. Schmitt B.S. Water Air Resources Robert T. Schuster B.S. Finance Leonard L. Schutz B.S. L82 Engineering Jay M. Schwartz B.S. Chemistry Marlene Schwartz B.A. Design Michael N. Schwartz B.S. Accounting Melinda M. Sciacca B.A. Elementary Education Gail L. Scott Joyce W. Scott Craig M. Seidel James C. Seknevich Donn A. Selby B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S. Elementary Education Accounting Economics Psychology Marketing Arie Selinger Joseph Serena Jr. Evelyn M. Sergot Hara Shapiro Steven A. Shapiro B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S. Physical Education Structural Design History English Management Gary M. Sharon B.S. Metallurgy Pat Sheehan Walter P. Shemerdiak B.S. Biology William J. Shepke B.S. David N. Sheppard B.S. Finance Mary P. Shields B.S. Mathematics Education Sandy Shomody B.A. Spanish Education Raymond M. Shuran B.S. Marketing Geraldine C. Sidor B.A. Criminal Justice Melvin R. Siegal B.A. Accounting Linda S. Siemanowski Alex P. Sigalos Mark A. Silber Anthony A. Simaitis Michael P. Simon B.A. B.A. B.A. B.S. B.S. English Communication Design Political Science Biology Finance 183 Jeanette Sims B.A. Sociology Peter E. Sincox B.S. Sociology Gary S. Skaletsky B.S. Biology Mary A. Skony B.A. Philosophy Donald M. Skowronek B.S. Marketing Joseph J. Slawek David J. Slivka William L.SIodki Robert A. Smietana Eugene C. Smith B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Marketing Finance Political Science Political Science Criminal Justice Franklin D. Smith B.A. Criminal Justice George C. Smith B.A. Speech Judy P. Smith B.A. Elementary Education Gloria E. Smolek B.S. English Education i Valter E. Smolucha B.S. Communications Engineering Nicholas S. Smyszniuk Norbert J. Sniegowski Victoria A. Sobota Robert J. Sobotka Karen Meyers Socke B.A. B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. Pscyhology Industrial Engineering Marketing Psychology Elementary Education 184 Joseph S. Soparas Antonia C. Sorce John C. Sowizal Pamela Jean Spacek Richard E. Sperl B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. Biology Spanish Education Structural Design Sociology Structural Design Andrew B. Spiegel B.S. History Don A. Spivak B.A. Psychology Nora M. Stachnik B.A. Sociology John T. Stahr B.S. Marketing Gail M. Stambor B.A. History Robert P. Stan James J. Stanaszek B.A. B.S. Psychology Biology Richard W. Staniszewski B.S. Business Administration Eicke M. Stehr B.A. Martin F. Stengle B.S. Business Administration Richard C. Stepina Albert J. Sterling, Jr. Peggy J. Stern Katherine Stevenson Clarence E. Stewart B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. Political Science Architecture Education Psychology Jon E. Stiller George J. Strejcek Richard A. Strnad Candice D. Sturm Derryl L. Stutz B.S. B.A. B.S. B.S. B.S. Management Education Biology Education Aerospace Engineering Christos D. Styliaras B.S. Information Engineering Denise M. Sulla B.A. Design Robert D. Sullivan B.S. Edward G. Sunden B.S. Business Administration Carol B. Sutton B.A. English Education gr Dennis E. Swiatek Gary C. Sykes Connie M. Szczurek James C. Szerszen Edward T. Szpajer B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S. B.S. Business Administration Psychology Elementary Education Accounting Applied Physics Kenneth C. Taft B.S. Quantitative Methods Frank P. Talaga B.S. Systems Analysis James Talaganis B.S. Communications Engineering Jaime Talbert Janice Tamura B.S. Biology Cheryl A. Taradash B.A. Education Nikitas Tarassidis B.S. Mathematics Dennis F. Taussig B.A. Design Mary C. Taylor B.A. History Sharlene Y. Taylor B.A. History Leon J. Teichner B.S. Economics Kenneth E. Templer B.S. Political Science John C. Termine B.A. Psychology Janice C. Teta B.A. English Education Gary B. Thompson B.S. Quantitative Methods Kerry L. Thompson Carl N. Thornrose Camille P. Tinaglia Elizabeth L. Toliver Agnes Tom B.S. B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. 66 Chemistry Quantitative Methods Geography Political Science Psychology Charles F. Tomasek B.S. Communication Engineering Roswita L. Torrence B.A. Psychology Charles F. Traxler B.S. Economics James L. Troester B.S. Mathematics George Turczynowsky B.S. Communications Engineering Charlene P. Uney B.A. English Education Jane H. Vander Velde B.A. English Deborah L. Vidovic B.A. Political Science Stan M. Tucker B.A. Political Science Svetlana Tverdochlebov B.A. Russian Lawrence A. Twardy B.A. Sociology Camillia C. Urban B.A. French Education Renata E. Urbanik B.A. Communications Design Richard J. Uricek B.S. Engineering Cliff VanDyke B.A. Geog raphy Milan N. Veljkovich B.S. Accounting John J. Viadero B.A. Spanish Anthropology Nello J. Vignocchi B.A. Psychology Rafael E. Villagomez B.S. Economics Nancy M. Visocki B.A. American Literature Barbara R. Troll B.A. French Education Paul D. Tynan B.S. Psychology Gloria G. Urzendowski B.S. Accounting Peter J. Victor B.A. Sociology Steven A. Vladem M.A. History 187 William C. Voda B.A. Classics Ronald G. Vysocky B.S. Mechanical Analysis Marion C. Watt B.S. ■ 88 Biology Lorellen B. Vodicka B.A. Elementary Education Robert J. Voegel B.A. Political Science Psychology Kenneth C. Volz B.S. Communications Gerald A. Wachowicz B.A. Political Science Alan V. Wagner B.A. Geography Michael W. Wagner B.S. Physical Education AJk Stephen M. Wawrytko B.S. Chemical Engineering Leo M. Wazlo B.A. Psychology Richard S. Wegrzyn B.S. Geology Christine A. Votava B.A. English Gary D. Waldman B.S. Economics Mary L. Waldorf Herschel D. Wallace III John J. Wallace James E. Walsh, Jr. Margaret M. Walsh B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.S. Spanish Education History Political Science Psychology Psychology Math Education Patrick Leo Walsh Thomas Walsh Dennis J. Walters Joseph A. Wanders Allen A. Warmus B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S. Psychology Finance Criminal Justice Philosophy Marketing Arnold S. Weinger B.A. Political Science Doreen L. Weiss Sherry A. Weissensel David A. Welch Patricia E. Wellborn Dennis R. Wencel B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. Elementary Education Psychology Biology Speech Theatre Accounting Annie L. Wesley Kenneth L. West John P. Weston Herbert B. Weyerstrahs Leandres White B.A. B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. Elementary Education Communications Engineering Physics English History Thomas E. White Betty M. Wiaduck George Wickham Cary E. Wiedeman Joanne M. Wilkin B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. Criminal Justice Sociology Social Interaction Political Science History Education Howard L.Williams B.S. Physical Education Edward J. Wierciak B.S. Mathematics Virginia J. Wilmot B.A. Mildred T. Wilson B.A. Psychology Richard T. Wisniewski B.S. Business Administration Barb J. Wnek Herb Wolfarth Donald V. Wolfley, Jr. Billy M.Wong Jenni M. Wong B S B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A. Physical Education Psychology English Communication Engineering Psychology History Samuel H. Wong B.S. Chemical Engineering Yim F. Wong B.A. Communication Design Marc I. Wortsman B.A. Communication Design Shirley A. Wodzien Margaret E. Wright B.S. B.A. Biology Elementary Education Vincent A. Wrzos B.S. Industrial Engineering W. David Yates B.S. Management Bock H. Yee B.S. Thermal -Mechanical Engineering Leon A. Yelen B.A. Political Science Christine M. Yersich B.S. Management Gary K. Yong B.S. Chemistry Grace J. Young B.A. Political Science Mary Young B.A. Mathematics Education Stone H. Yu Carol A. Zaba B.S. B.A. Mathematics Elementary Education Stephanie H. Zadro Lawrence A. Zalud Alexandra L. Zalupski Millecent N. Zamirowski Frank R. Zawacki B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. B.S. Elementary Education Accounting History of Art and Architecture Psychology Communications Engineering Kathryn S Zawada Alfred E. Zehnder Anastasios Zervakis Nikolaos G. Zissimopoulos Mary L. Zmuda B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. Elementary Education Operations Research Engineering Engineering Behavioral Sciences Benjamin M. Zomaya Larry E. Zwickl Kathleen M. Zwier Stephanie M. Zydek Thomas A. Zydron B.A. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. Painting Economics Marketing Mathematics Education History Milenko Bogojevich Pravit Maleenont Patrick W. Przydzial Mary Kay Walsh Robert Allan Berquist B.A. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. Russian Industrial Engineering Accounting Physical Education Architectural Design SUSAN C. ADAMEK KENNETH J. ADAMIK Educational Policy Commit- tee, American Society of Mechanical Engineers CONNIE AGUILAR Strike Central AMIR H. AHANCHIAN Iranian Students Organiza- tion-Vice-President BARBARA A. AKRIDGE GREGORY A. AKRIDGE HARALD ALBERTIN James Scholar, Soccer Team- Captain ' 64- ' 67, Dean ' s List GEORGE F. ALHEID LAS Student Advisory Board, Undergraduate Psy- chology Club-Co-Chairman, Psychology Undergraduate Division-Student Represent- ative, Dean ' s List TAUFIK AL-KHOUJA DONNA J. ALLEN PATRICIA H.ALLEN Dean ' s List WARREN RALEIGH ALLEN Activities Honorary Society- President Treasurer, Pi Alpha Tau - President Treasurer, Freshmen Weekend Commit- tee - Co-Chairman Treasurer, CIRCLE ' 69-Photo Editor, CIRCLE 71 -Senior Editor, Cadet Association-President Treasurer, Student Organiza- tion Fund Executive Board, Homecoming Committee, 0- rientation Leader, Action Party Campaign Committee, Student Government Book Exchange, Phi Zappa Krap- pa-M.O.F.R.O., 1970Gazorp Productions Inebriated-Pro- ducer Director, Dean ' s List BONITA J. ALVOLD Dean ' s List, Student Board ROSEANN AMEDEO Dean ' s List JOSEPH L. AMENTA, Jr. CAROL L.ANDERSON Inter-Varsity Christian Fel- lowship-Secretary CHERYL L. ANDERSON LEE A. ANDERSON Dean ' s List MATTHEW ANDERSON ATIP ANONTVECHRUCKS Student Advisory Board JOHN G. ANSELMO Pau Kappa Epsilon-Social Chairman PATRICIA L. ARNOLD VEDA R. ASHFORD Juvenile Court Volunteer, Black Student Organization, Ad Hoc Committee of Con- cerned Black Students, Dean ' s List KATHLEEN A. AUNEDI Dean ' s List B IRENE F. BAHR Dean ' s List PAUL A. BAILEY IRENA BALEISIS LINDA L. BALL SHELDON I. BANOFF " Byline Banoff " Columnist, Student Government-Treas- urer, Phi Eta Sigma-Presi- dent, James Scholar CONSTANTINE P. BAPES Classics Club-President Vice- President, Dean ' s List RICHARD J. BARANOWSKI THOMAS E. BARNES Honor ' s Day BRUCE A. BARTOLAIN LUCIA BASTA RICHARD C. BATSON THOMAS J. BATTAGLIA Dean ' s List ALAN K. BAUMANN Society of Automotive En- gineers, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astro- nautics LINDA R. BECKER Dean ' s List NANCY J. BECKER Chicago Circle Broadcasting, Dean ' s List ELAINE A. BEED Lambda Chi-Secretary, Ag- uilettes Drill Team, S.A.M.E. Sponsor, Women ' s Athletic Association ASHER J. BEEDERMAN Dean ' s List, Honors Day, Students for Warman-Chair- man, Hillel-Social Director SHEILA D. BEHN HOWARD E. BENGELSDORF Dean ' s List, H i Mel JACK N. BENSON Dean ' s List, Intramural, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Football, Volleyball ROBERT F. BENWAY Delta Delta Sigma EDWARD G. BERG Alpha Kappa Psi-Vice-Presi- dent, Business Administra- tion Club THOMAS J. BERGSTROM Dean ' s List ANNAM. BERNARDY ROBERT L. BERNSTEIN B ' nai Brith H il lei Founda- tion Phi Eta Sigma PENELOPE BEROUKA Dean ' s List DONALD E. BERRY Veteran ' s Club JOHN J. BIALEK Dean ' s List FRANK BIANCALANSA Dean ' s List, Honors Day, Water Polo Club, American Society of Chemical Engine- ers SERAFINO BIANCHI JOAN L. BIELER Synchronized Swimming Team ARTHUR P. BILADEAU James Scholar, Phi Eta Sigma LUCAN P. BLAND JAMISN. BLASKY SUSAN B. BLOMBERG Lutheran Student Associa- tion, Dean ' s List STUART L. BLUM American Marketing Associ- tion CARSON H. BOATRIGHT Chess Club, R.O.T.C, Intra- mural Baseball, Dean ' s List JOHN P. BOBEK Games Committee Chair- man, Chicago Center Board, Convocation ANDRE BOBER Sailing, Russian Club, Tour Guide, Student Orientation BETTYLOU BODLAK German Club, Dean ' s List HOWARD R. BOHLIN Gymnastic Team, Dean ' s List JAMES J. BOLEK Dean ' s List, Ad Hoc Com- mittee for Finance PATRICIA A. BOND Dean ' s List CELINE A. BOREK SUSAN M. BOST Gamma Gamma Gamma EDWIN J. BRAASCH Management Area Student Advisory Committee, MA- SAC Newsletter Committee, Baseball Team ROBERT E. BRADAC Gamma, Theta Epsilon-Delta lota Chapter, Geography Club Environmental Re- searcher BARB J. BRALTEN Sailing Club-Secretary WERNER G. BRANDT Dean ' s List PAUL M. BRANDYS Dean ' s List JAMES F. BRANSFIELD Guerilla Theatre, National Strike Member, Cosmic Joy Sc outs, Phi Zappa Krappa GEORGINE M. BRAUN RICHARD E. BRAYER Dean ' s List, Football, Ice Hockey, P.E. Major ' s Club VICTORIA BRAZDZIONIS Dean ' s List KURTW. BRESSNER Dean ' s List CAROL A. BRIGGS Dean ' s List, Spanish Club, Newman Club, Chicago Circle Broadcasting JOYANN BRODY TERREL W. BROSTOFF Pi Alpha Tua-Treasurer, Dean ' s List RETA L. BRUDD Dean ' s List FRED R. BRUEGMANN CLAIRE S. BRUNEGRAFF Alpha Lambda Delta EILEEN M. BRUSEK JAMES BRYANT Dean ' s List, Honors Day, College Honors, Biochemis- try Research DIANE K. BUCHHOLZ Dean ' s List LARRY E. BULLOCA Sociology Club CHADC. BUNNAG DONALD L. BURESH Orchestra, Ukrainian Club LINDA BURGARD DANIEL J. BURKE Veteran ' s Club, American Society of Mechanical Engineers ZITA E. BURNEIKIS Chicago Circle Dancers, Women ' s Physical Educa- tion Major ' s Club, Lituanica Club BARBARA J. BUTTON PATRICIA BYCZEK Dean ' s List GERALD W. BYLINSKI NANCY M. CACCAVALE Dean ' s List KENNETH G. CADA Alpha Kappa Psi-Treasurer, Interfratority Council-Treas- urer, Interorganizational Council-Treasurer, Tennis Team ANITA J. CALKINS LAWRENCE R. CAMRAS BILLY W.CARDEN Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Dean ' s List, Association of Computing Machines COLLEEN J. CARLSON Dean ' s List MARTHA L.CARLSON Dean ' s List ROBERT E.CARLSON Dean ' s List WILLIAM J. CARROLL JAMIS R.CARSON JOSE M. CASAS Industrial Engineering Club, Dean ' s List ALICE K. CASON EPHRAIM S.CASPER Yavneh-President, Hillel, O- mega Beta Pi, American Chemical Society WING K.CHAN Chinese Student Association, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering KINGKAEOCHANASAR DEBORAH A. CHAPMAN ROBERT J. CHEEVER ANDREWT. CHENG LINDAS. CHESNEY Dean ' s List Honors Day Commencements GEORGETTE CHIAMPAS BYRON K.CHILDS TAI S. CHIN KONRAD G. CHMIELEWSKI American Institute of Che m- ical Engineers, American Chemical Society, Chemical 192 DpcporpK ROBERT L. CHRISTIANSON Dean ' s List LOUIS P. CHRZASC American Society of Civil Engineers, Engineering Soc- ieties Council LAM-YING S.CHUNG STEVEN F.CIACCIO BERNADINEC. CIESLA Newman Club ROBERT A. CIMS Imprint-Editor ' 70, Financial Aid Committee, Research Assistance in Finance Un- dergraduate Assistance in Management RONALD A. CIPOLLA Dean ' s List DOROTHY E.CLARK Dean ' s List JUDY K.CLARK Bowling, Chess, M.O.P., Photography BETHAVIVA COHEN President-Alpha Lambda Delta Activities Honorary Society of Women Engineers, Hillel SANDRA COHEN Concert Choir, Dean ' s List MONICA A. COLLIER Dean ' s List, Sigma Phi Alpha Sorority JOYCE E.COMHEST Dean ' s List MARGARET A. CONNELL PHYLLIS A. CONTINO Dean ' s List KATHLEEN E. CORRIGAN MICHAEL E.COSTANZO Wrestling Team, Dean ' s List WILLIAM B.COSTELLO Dean ' s List DENNIS M.COUGHLIN COLLEEN A.COYNE NIKI C.CRAMVIS ANDREW J. CREIGHTON SUZANNE M.CRISSEY BARBARA CUDA SHARON M.CUNNEA Dean ' s List Newman Club ELIZABETH M. CUNNIFF Treasurer-Gamma Gamma Gamma DOUGLAS B. CUNNINGHAM RONALD L. CZAPLEWSKI I.E.E.E., Dean ' s List, Intra- mural Football, Basketball, Baseball REENEE S. CZERWIN Gullywompers D ARIEL DAMENSTEIN James Scholar, Phi Eta Sigma Israeli Students Organization LINDA J. DAVID Alpha Lamda Delta, Inter- Varsity, Dean ' s List, Cpute Program KENNETH W. DAVIDSON Dean ' s List, Baseball JANET E.DAVIES Dean ' s List BRIAN H. DAVIS Circle Center Board, C.C.C. Program Dept. Budget Com- mittee, C.C.C. Discussions Committee, Friend of Tour Guides CHERYL D. DAVIS JOHN A. DAWN Secretary of A.S.C.E., Intra- mural Sports HOWARD W. DEAHR LINDAS. DEAN SANDRA M. DECHANT Dean ' s List ROGER A. DEE American Institute of Aero- nautics and Astronautics ANTHONY J. DEL GIORNO YVONNE L.DEL PRINCIPE RICHARD M.DELZENERO Phi Eta Sigma, James Scholar Ukrainian Club, Dean ' s List WALTER DEMBOS JR. Dean ' s List, Bioengineering Club JOHN R. DEPA Dean ' s List, Honors Day Convocation, Student Gov- ernment, Football Team JAMES L. DEVRIES Dean ' s List KAREN A. DEWBERRY CECILIA B. DIBBLE Dean ' s List ARMAND J. Dl CIANNI LINDAS. Dl GREGORIO Dean ' s List PATRICIA A. Dl MARTINO FRANCIS V.DINA DONNA A. Dl STASIO JOHN S. DMYTRENKO Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Dean ' s List, Veterans Club ROBERT S. DODRO American Marketing Assoc- iation, Dean ' s List FRANK J. DOLIK Alpha Kappa Psi, Interor- ganizational Council, Fresh- man Orientation Committee, Student Board-College of Business Administration WILLIAM C. DON MARY DONG Dean ' s List, Freshman Week- end LINDA A. DONNELL ALICE B. D ' SOUZA BASHIRU A. DOSUNMU International Student Assoc- iation, Soccer Team JOSEPHUS DOUGLAS PAUL E. DURRANT DEBORAH M. EBSTER Dean ' s List MARY F. EDWARDS Treasurer-UICC Women ' s Liberation, James Scholar, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society PHILLIP A. EISENBRAUN NANCY J. EIZENGA Internal Vice President-Pi Alpha Tau CHARLES P. ELLISON Baseball Varsity, Intramural Football, Varsity Hockey DOUGLAS A. ELTOFT IEEE EDWARD R. EPSTEIN Dean ' s List, Student Council JUDITH R. EPSTEIN JOAN F. ERB Geography Club, Historian- Delta lota Chapter, Gamma Theta Upsilon LYNN E. ERICKSON Alpha Lambda Delta SUSAN ESSES Circle Players PATRICIA A. EVANS JOANN V. EVERETT Woman ' s Athletic Associa- tion, Corr. Sec. Women ' s Phys. Ed. Majors FREDERIC H. EVERLY Dean ' s List,Alpha Phi Alpha, Skiing lllini RITA L. FAHEY Dean ' s List WILLIAM A. FAHEY DONNA M. FAMERA Dean ' s List WILLIAM A. FAHEY DONNA M. FALKENTHAL Alpha Lambda Delta DIANE M. FAMERA Dean ' s List GERALD M. FARRELL DANIEL J. FEDOR American Society of Chem. Engineers JOSEPH A. FEIZA Dean ' s List MARK L. FELDMAN Beta Epsilon Gamma-Pres., IEEE PATRICK J. FELTES CARMEN M. FERNANDEZ Dean ' s List DOLORES M. FERNANDEZ Dean ' s List MARY LOU FARRENTINO Epsilon Phi Omega JOSEPH A. FIERRO Alpha Phi Omega-Sgt.-At- Arms, Dean ' s List DAVID M. FINAN American Marketing Assoc- iation KATHRYN A. FINDLAY SARAH L. FINSTEIN Dean ' s List MARIA H. FIRLEY Newman Club, Freshman 0- rientation Committee-Secre- tary RICHARD M. FISHER WILLIAM H. FISHER Dean ' s List STEPHEN C. FITT Alpha Phi Omega-Treasurer BETTY J. FLASCH Dean ' s List KATHLEEN L. FLEMING Dean ' s List RICHARD G. FLOOD CARL A. FLOWERS Imprint (Founder and For- mer Editor) Newman Club, American Marketing Associ- ation, Concert Band KATHLEEN E. ELYNN Orchesis, Chicago Circle Players LOUIS FOGELSON Water Polo, Life Guard. Kappa Phi, Dean ' s List DAN V. FOLLMER DIANNE E. FORD KATHLEEN M. FORTUNATO Dean ' s List, Phys. Ed. Ma- jor ' s Club JOAQUIN FRANCO AICHE MARTHA M. FRANKOS ALLAN J. FRANKOWSKY Physics Club WILLIAM P. FRANZ CHARLES W. FREEMAN Varsity Fencing Team, Con- cert Band, Dean ' s List ROBERT FREEWALT Alpha Kappa Psi, James Scholar, Business Adminis- tration Club ROBERT C. FRICKE SALLY C. FRIEDEL Special Ed. Traineeship, James Scholar PERRY B. FRIEDL CHARLES G. FRIEDLANDER DAN FRYKMAN Soccer Team JOANNE A. FUJIMOTO Classics Club, Dean ' s List LAWRENCE F. FULLERTON Dean ' s List MARILYN FUTTERMAN Dean ' s List RICHARD J. GABRIEL ROBERTA A. GADAS Independent College Repub- licans-President, Dean ' s List ERNEST F. GAICHAS WANDA M. GAJDEL DAVID A. GALLAGHER Band, Pi Alpha Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Undergraduate Com- mittee-Secretary JOHNT.GALLANIS Student Government, Skiing lllini. Dean ' s List JOANNE E. GAMBARDELLA Gamma Gamma Gamma-So- cial Chairman, Interfratority Council, Chicago Circle Broadcasting SANDRA L. GAMEN Synchronized Swim Team- Treasurer MARILYN M. GANNON 193 Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion-Vice-President, Physical Education Major ' s Club, Dean ' s List JOSEPH M.GARCEA JOHN L. GARLANGER Veteran ' s Club-Treasurer, Ernst and Ernst Scholastic Award, Dean ' s List VICKI J. GARNER JAMES G.GATZ Automatic Electric Industri- al Scholar DIANE M. GEARY JAMES M.GEBIS Society of Automotive Engi- neers ELAINE GEORGACAKIS GEORGE GEORGANAS Hellenic Club-Treasurer, Dean ' s List MICHAEL D. GERBER Dean ' s List DIANE E. GERLACH Activities Honorary Society, Sigma Phi Alpha President, Corresponding Secretary, Cheerleader-Squad Captain, Alpha Lambda Delta ROBERTA. GERRY Dean ' s List MARY GIANNALCOPOULOS Dean ' s List LILLY GICIUS Honor ' s Day, College Re- publicans, Dean ' s List TERRY D.GINGLE Dean ' s List GEORGE M. GINTOWT Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day HENRY G.GITTEL Weightlifting Club, Handball Club, Dean ' s List SUSAN N. GLINBERG Dean ' s List JOHN J.GOEDERT Management Area Student Advisory Council-President DOLORES F. GOELZ Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, James Scholar- ship ROBERT R. GOETZ Dean ' s List PATRICIAS. GOLDEN Classics Club-Vice-President, L.A.S. Student Advisory Committee, Vice Chancel- lor ' s Advisory Board, James Scholar JACK A. GOLDFARB ESTHER M. GOLDWASSER JEFFREY M. GOLTZ Activities Honorary Society, President, Circle Yearbook, ' 68, ' 69, 70-Business Mana- ger, Student Government, Program Department-Music, Discussions, Literature, Homecoming Committees, Faculty-Senate Committees, Chicago Circle Center Board Business Representative, President of Student Organ- ization Fund Executive Board, I.O.C., Hillel MARTIN H.GOLUB Dean ' s List, Hillel LOUIS C. GORDON Baseball Team MARY L. GOSHORN W.A.A. Swimming, Dean ' s List NEAL H. GOTTLIEB Accounting Advisory Board JOSEPH E. GRAF RALPH D. GRAHAM ALEX V.GRATTONI SANDY J.GRAY Dean ' s List, Volleyball En- tramurals. STANLEY L. GREANIAS ROBERT M.GRECZEK KAREN GREEN Dean ' s List Honors Day THOMAS L. GREEN Dean ' s List, Chicago Circle Broadcasters, Sigma Alpha Mu KENNETH F.GREENE Dean ' s List, Political Science Student Advisory Board, LAS Student Advisory Board, Educational Policy Committee SOLOMON GREER Dean ' s List MICHELLE A. GREGORiCH DONNA L. GRIFFIN. BARRY G. GROSSMAN Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers DAVID GROSSMAN ALLEN N.GRYBASH American Society of Mech- anical Engineers-Chairman GEORGE E. GUCWA CHARLES S. GUERNSEY ROSALIE A. GUERRIERI Delta Zeta Chi-Secretary RONALD G. GUMINSKI American Society of Civil Engineers, Dean ' s List WILLIAM G. GUZIK Dean ' s List, Student Advis- ory Board H LYNN M. HABERICHTER LINDA A. HAGSTROM Chicago Circle Center Board, Literature Committee-Chair- man LINDA L. HAHN Alpha Lambda Delta-Treas- urer, Honors and Depart- mental Distinction, James Scholar, Chicago lllini-Bill- ing Manager WALEED M. HAJJAR FARAMARZ M. HAKIMIAN Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Iranian Students Organiza- tion-Vice-President, Dean ' s List, Hillel SANDRA J. HALLER Dean ' s List TOBI S. HALPERN Dean ' s List VERAS. HANDRICKS THEODORE F. HANSCHKE Dean ' s List ANDREW R. HANSEN Archery, -Basketball, Volley- ball Intramurals MARY HAO DAVID G.HARAZIN JOHNT. HARDUVEL American Institute of Aero- nautics and Astronautics, Society of Automotive En- gineers ARTHUR F. HARMON Dean ' s List MICHAEL K.HARNEY Veteran ' s Club HELEN D.HASKIN ANTIONETTE 0. HAUGABROK Dean ' s List ROY L. HAWKINS Dean ' s List HELEN V. HAYNES STEVEN M. HEALY Historical Society, Dean ' s List, Chess Team, Chess Club GREGORY L. HEGE American Marketing Associa- tion, Dean ' s List, Intramural Sports, Gullywomper ROGER P. HEIKKILA Dean ' s List, Honors Day, Varsity Ice Hockey Team- Captain, Selected to appear in 1970 edition of Outstand- ing College Athletes of Am- erica JOHN L. HEINZ Delta Delta Sigma, Veteran ' s Club DONNA M. HEISE Pi Alpha Tau, Circle ' 68, Circle ' 69, Dean ' s List BRENDA L. HELBLING Gamma Gamma Gamma HELMUT HELLER Bowling Team GWENDOLYN A. HELWIG Dean ' s List NANCY J. HEHEGHAN University Honors JANICE A. HENKE Histocial Society KENNETH W. HERMACH LAWRENCE M. HERSAM Committee on Student Af- fairs, Orientation Commit- tee, Freshmen Weekend-Co- Chairman 1969, Newman Community HADASSAH HERZFELD Yauneh NANCY L. HESKETT Gordon A. Goodman Award- Second Place GEORGE A. HEYMAN Gymnastics - Letterman, Homecoming Parade-Chair- man Cheerleader EMMANUEL HIEROMIVIMON Dean ' s List WILFRIED HILDEBRANDT American Marketing Assoc- iation, Dean ' s List KENNETH O. HILL MARGARET Y. HIRAKAWA BERNARD HIRSCH DENNIS K. HJELM PATRICIA A. HODGSON Dean ' s List NANCY B. HOFELDT Dean ' s List MICHAEL K. HOGAN Veteran ' s Club, Summer Tu- toring Program, Dean ' s List KATHLEEN A. HOLLCRAFT Chicago Circle Players PAUL E. HOLLIS WILLIAM J. HOMEL American Society of Mech- anical Engineers, Indepen- dent College Republicans STANLEY F. HON Honors Day, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering JOHN E. HONEYCUTT Campus Crusade for Christ- Financial Officer JAMES E. HORA Alpha Phi Omega WAYNE HORNE OREST R. HORODYSKY Omega Beta Pi, Ukrainian Club ALICE T. HORWICH Dean ' s List, Phi Sigma Sigma WAYNE F. HOSPES Dean ' s List RICHARD P. HOWE Dean ' s List DAVID J. HUDSON Dean ' s List MARJORIE N.HUGHES Dean ' s List RAYMOND K. HUNG Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering DARLETTE L. HUSUM Skiing Illini-Secretary ' 69 Treasurer ' 70 MARSHA HYMAN Dean ' s List, Orientation Leader I SUNDAY IKOH JAMES B. ILARDO STEVE ILMER Dean ' s List, Student Caucus- College of Education-Chair- man, Candidate Review Board EUGENE F. INFELISE Chicago Circle Broadcasting Executive Radio Producer SILVIO P. INSANA Dean ' s List KEITH G. ISHIDA LUBA M. ISZCZUK 194 THADDEUS JACKOWSKI Alpha Kappa Psi, Business Administration Club, Hand- ball Team, Intramural Sports TERRENCE A. JACKSON BURTON JACOBSON Dean ' s List SHERWIN J. JACOBSON Veteran ' s Club, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering RICHARD G. JAKUBAS Ski Club, Dean ' s List ERIC JAKUBOWSKI Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Polish Club DEBRA L.JANUS Gamma Kappa Rho NORMAN R. JANCZAK American Marketing ROBERT JANCZAK THERESA M. JANOWSKI Alpha Lambda Delta SUSAN E. AJNUS ROBERT A. JARDIEN Dean ' s List WAYNE P. JARKE Volleyball Team, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Stu- dent Newspaper DIANE V.JAROCH Dean ' s List DANIEL J. JAVORKA Materials Club, Tour Guide, Sigma Lambda Zeta-Secre- tary, Dean ' s List CAROLS. JEREMIAH Dean ' s List JAMISS. MOY BARBARA J. JOHNSON Geldard Award for Economics CAROL L.JOHNSON Dean ' s List KATHRYN M.JOHNSON VYTAUTAS P. JOKUBAUSKAS JOYCE E.JONES LOUIS JONES Varsity Fencing Team, Am- erican Institute of Architects EARL V. JORGENSEN LITPALG. JOSHI American Institute of Chem- ical Engineers, India Stu- dents Association YVONNE JURCIK Omega Beta Pi, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, James Scholar, Homecoming Committee ROBERT J. JURGOVAN Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Pershing Rifles, Association of Computing Machines K BASHIR H. KADRI Muslim Students Associa- tion, Foreign Students Or- ganization, American Insti- tute of Chemical Engineers CHRISTINA B. KAJKOWSKI James Scholar, Dean ' s List SUSAN P. KAMBA Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion, P.E. Major ' s Club- Vice-President, Student Ad- visory Board, Dean ' s List ATUSHI K AM ETA PHILLIP D. KAMIN Delta Delta Sigma ALAN S. KANE Skiing Illini-President, Dean ' s List, Photography Club, Newman Club KANDYCE L. KANE Dean ' s List, Ski Club AHTENA KARABATSOS RENEE L. KARBIN B ' nai Brith, Hillel, Dean ' s List MOHAMMAD KARGAHI Iranian Students Organiza- tion-President, Dean ' s List ANASTASIOS B. KAROUSOS DEBORAH L. KARP Dean ' s List JOAN M. KARPIAK UICC Concert Band-Secre- tary, Activities Honorary So- ciety, Dean ' s List, Interor- ganizational Council-Secre- tary PENALAS. KARSTENS James Scholar, Dean ' s List MICHAEL KARUSCHAK, JR. Dean ' s List LINDA L. KATEEB Dean ' s List, Concert Band, Orientation Committee GAYLE L. KATES Film Committee, Young Re- publicans, Black Student Union RUTH A. KAUFMAN Homecoming Court- ' 69 STUART N. KAUFMAN Dean ' s List JOSEPH E. KAZEK THERESE A. KEANE Chicago Circle Broadcasting- Secretary, Chicago Circle Players THOMAS M. KEANE American Marketing Associa- tion, Intramural Softball PATRICK M. KEATING Judo Club, Uptown Learning Center DENNIS J. KELLOGG Track Team, Cross Country, Dean ' s List DONNAJEAN C. KELLY PATRICIA J. KEOWN Choir, Dean ' s List, Honors Day Convocation, Chorus PAM K. KESLER SANDRA A. KETT NORBERT S. KIESZKOWSKI ROTC, Intramural Softball, Intramural Football JOAN T. KINCINAS Dean ' s List ALAN C. KING JOHN P. KINNEY Ski Club, Newman Club, Intramural Wrestling ALICE B. KINSELLA Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day Convocation JAMES A. KIZIOR Dean ' s List RICHARD T. KLIMEK ROGER A. KLOCEK Tour Guides, Newman Club, Alpha Phi Omega ZBIGNIEWS. KLUCZEWSKI Phi Eta Sigma CAROLE E. KLECKA Alpha Lambda Delta WALTER A. KNAPP Dean ' s List RICHARD KNIGHT ROBERT E. KNOPPE Student Marketers Organiza- tion-President WALTER KOBAK WILLIAM J. KOCH Materials Club, Dean ' s List VICKIE A. KOCKLER GEORGIA KOLIOPOULOS Dean ' s List KENNETH M. KOPROWSKI Stash Literary Magazine-Ed- itor, Melkeezadek Press-Pres- ident RICHARD M. KORDAS American Marketing Assoc- iation, Dean ' s List RAYMOND S. KOSS Jamis Scholar, Faculty Sen- ator, Senior Class Organiza- tion Committee, Student Ad- visory Board for Business JEAN KOUTSOUKOS JOHN A. KOWALSKI LESLIE LOWLESSAR Dean ' s List JUDITH M. KOZAK LAWRENCE E. KOZAK Independent College Repub- licans, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Ski Club RICHARD J. KOZERSKI NICHOLAS A. KOZLOV Dean ' s List, Omega Beta Pi ANDREW W. KRAMSKI Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering MICHAEL J. KRANS Engineering Educational Pol- icy Committee, Student Ad- visory Board CHRISTINE G. KREBS Dean ' s List ELLIOTT KROGER Help Stop Pollution-Treasur- er, Dean ' s List, Zero Popula- tion Growth MURRAY P. KRUGMAN Dean ' s List ROBERT J. KUBIK VENUS J. KUDELA Girl ' s Gymnastic Team, UICC Concert Band, Dean ' s List PAULAS. KUEHM WAYNE KUNA UICC Concert Band KATHERINE KUNZE Chicago Circle Players JEROME M. KURR Dean ' s List, Intramural Wres- tling PATRICIA A. KUTT JAMES A. KUZEL Dean ' s List WILLIAM KWAN GREGORY A. KWINSKI Varsity Volleyball RICHARD B. LABASH EMIL E. LACH American Marketing Associa- tion CONSTANCE LACHOWICZ WILLIAM J. LAHEY Alpha Kappa Psi-President, Phi Eta Sigma EDWARD W. LAIRD Dean ' s List MAHENDRA N. LAKUMB ALAN L. LANDSBERG Pi Sigma Alpha, Dean ' s List MANUEL LANZ ROBERT H. LASCHOBER Gymnastic Team-Captain, American Marketing Assoc- iation DONALD B. LASH Dean ' s List, Honors Day Convocation ERICH LAUMER FELIX A. LAZAROFF DEBORAH L. LAZARY MICHAEL W. LAZAS LARRY J. LECLAIRE CHUNGSHIK LEE DONALD R. LEE LOISB. LEE American Chemical Society, Dean ' s List, Chinese Student Association, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship KONSTANZE LEIDER IRWIN E. LEITER James Scholar, Dean ' s List, Lambda Lambda Delta-Pres- ident, Alpha Epsilon Pi-Pres- ident JOEL LEON ORA L. LEONARD Dean ' s List MARY K. F. LEONG GLENN J. LES Skiing lllini BONNIE L. LEVINE Dean ' s List, Women ' s Ath- letic Association MICHAEL F. LEVINS Dean ' s List, Student Govern- ment-LAS Assemblyman, Hillel Chicago lllini ELLENS. LEVY STEVEN M. LEVY 195 FREDERICK J. LEWIN Dean ' s List WILLIAM G. LEWIS Student Advisory Board, Dean ' s List, College of Busi- ness Student Board ALAN J. LIFCHULTZ Research Assistant, Intra- mural Sports MICHAEL C. LIND RICHARD A. LINDAU RICHARD C. LINDEN Dean ' s List, Radio Club ROBERT P. LIPINSKI JAMES B. LIPKA Chicago I Mini-Theatre Critic, Chicago Circle Players, Dean ' s List, Departmental Distinction SAMUEL R. LISTOPAD ELGIN E. LITTLE III NANCYS. LITTLE KAM L. LIU Chinese Students Associa- tion-Vice-President PATRICK LIU P.C.A., A.C.I. DIANE E. LOEB Dean ' s List DARYL L. LOGAN Baseball Team, American So- ciety of Chemical Engineers, Honors Day, Dean ' s List JOHNT. LONG Systems Engineering Student Advisory Board-Chairman, UICC Operations Research Society of America, Dean ' s List LINDA L. LONG Dean ' s List CHARLES J. LOPEZJR. Lutheran Organization ERNESTO R. LOPEZ ADAM LOPUSZYNSKI JAN LORYS R.O.T.C, Inter Organization Council Games Committee, Polish Club KAM B. LOUIE Chinese Student Association ALEXANDROS V. LOULOUSIS KIRT R. LOWMAN Dean ' s List NAURICE A. LUCAS JOHN PL. LUCID Dean ' s List VERONICA LUCZYNSKI Dean ' s List MARK A. LUKE DANIEL M. LUREY Dean ' s List, Lab Instructor JANIS LUTKUS Dean ' s List, Alpha Lambda Delta TED LYJAK Society of Automotive Engi- neers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Intra- mural Wrestling Team ROBERT R. LYONS M AUGUST C. MACALUSO Dean ' s List, Honors Day, American Society of Mech- anical Engineers RUSSELL A. MACK BRUCE N. MACLEAN Dean ' s List JAMES M. MADIGAN Amateur Radio Club NANCY J. MAGILL Dean ' s List JAMES J. MAHONEY Dean ' s List MAJOR L.TERRY Dean ' s List, Senior Class Steering Committee, Senior Honors Seminar, Senior Class Gift Committee-Chairman JULIE A. MALAN CHRISTINE R.MALINOWSKI Dean ' s List MANEE MANGKORNKANOK Dean ' s List LINDA MARHEINE James Scholar Advisory Bd. Social Committee, CORE ROBERT A. MARIANO Dean ' s List BARBARA M. MARIK Alpha Lambda Delta-Histori- an CHARLES MARKOS Intra-Mural Softball, Foot- ball SUSAN S. MARKS Bowling Team, Dean ' s List LOUISE MARIE MARSELLO Dean ' s List, Student Govern- ment, Skiing lllini ROBERT MARSH RONALD 0. MARTIN VICTOR R. MARTIN Dean ' s List DORTHY A. MARTORANO MARIA I.MARTYNIUK Ukrainian Club, Skiing lllini ELAINE F. MARZAL Alpha Lambda Delta-Treas- urer JAMES R. MASA Zeta Psi-Supreme Council PETER J. MASSION ALBERT L. MASTERS Dean ' s List KENNETH E. MATEAU Football Team, R.O.T.C. DON E. MATHEWS History Society EDWARD A. MATIK Institute of Electronics Electrical Engineers, Dean ' s List EDWARD A. MATUGA CHRISTINE F. MATULA GREGORY Y. MATSUMOTO AUGUST P. MAURO Itanian Club-Vice President, Dean ' s List GERALD B. MAUTER Dean ' s List RICHARD A. MAY Ice Hockey Team, Track Field, Water Polo, Intramural Swimming Handball CYNTHIA J. MAYER JOHN J. MAZZOLA Dean ' s List joan c. McAllister KATHLEEN J. McCARTY Dean ' s List thomas t. McCarthy Pi Alpha Tau james f. Mccormick EUGENE McCRAY JR. MARJORIE A. McDONALD Orchesis, Dean ' s List percy h. Mcdonald sandy m. Mcdonough BETTY A. McGETRICK American Chemical Society- President Secretary, Dean ' s List ELLEN McGOWAN Dean ' s List RONALD T. McGREGOR DENNIS B. McKENDRICK IntervarsityChristian Fellow- ship THOMAS A. McKENNA Dean ' s List, American Civil Engineers-President KEITH McLEAN Student Advisory Board for Business Administration RAYMOND A. MEERS James Scholar, Dean ' s List Illinois State Scholarship MARK M. MELTZER CHRISTINE M. MENDELEWSKI JUDITH A. MENDELSBERG Dean ' s List, Hillel LARRY W. MERCHUT Dean ' s List GREGORY K. MERCIER Swimming Letterman, Insti- tute of Electrical Electron- ics Engineers, Dean ' s List PATRICIA A. MERRIMAN Student Government, New- man THOMAS E. MEYER Golf Team, IntramuralSports STEPHEN G. MICAN Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers-Treas- urer, Independent College Republicans-Secretary DIMITRIOS MICHALOPOULOS Dean ' s List, H.C. RONALD J. MICHELI LINDA L. MILLER Dean ' s List RONALD I. MILLER ELIZABETH F. MILOSZEWSICH ALANAM. MISTEIN Phi Sigma Sigma-Vice Pres. Homecoming Committee, Dean ' s List PETER S. MISCHENKO Engineering Advisory Board, American Institute of Aero- nautics Astronautics, Ukrainian Club-Treasurer, Dean ' s List MARY L. MITCHELL Dean ' s List MILAN MITROVIC ANGELIKI E. MITZALIS Hellenic Club-Vice President Treasurer SHIRLEY A. MOGENSEN OVIDIO M. MONTOTO EDWARD C. MOON Pi Alpha Tau-I.R.F.F. WALTER R. MOORE Dean ' s List FRANCES J. MORAWSKI Dean ' s List, James Scholar Alpha Lambda Delta DAVIDS. MORESI James Scholar, Dean ' s List Karate Team Club FRANK JOHN MORINI Bioengineering Society-Sec. JOHN J. MORRISON Dean ' s List BARRY I. MORTON ANITA Y. MOSAK Dean ' s List TIMOTHY J. MOUDRY LAWRENCE MOY James Scholar, Phi Eta Sig- ma Honors Day, Dean ' s List MAYO MOY STEWART K. MOY ROBERTW. MULAR MICHAEL MULLANEY Wrestling Team Letterman, Football Team Letterman THOMAS J. MUSCARELLO James Scholar, Dean ' s List RICHARD D. MUSGRAVE JOHN M. MUSSER Dean ' s List DAVID R. MYERS James Scholar, Varsity Fenc- ing Letterman, Industrial Fel- lows Award (Zenith Scholar), Outstanding College Athlete of America N EDWARD M. NADEL ROBERT G. NAJEMNIK Phi Eta Sigma, American Chemical Society Student Affiliate, James Scholar, Honors Day RAYMOND J. NAKIELNY JOSELIUSNAVA 1st Place-Handball doubles Dean ' s List JIM A. NELLI Management Adivsory Board JOHN R. NELSON MARYLEE A. NELSON SHARON A. NERO Honor ' s Day Recognition GERALD M. NICOSIA Dean ' s List 196 PHILIP A. NIEC LYNN M. NIMMER Dean ' s List TODD R. NOBLE JAMES W. NOBLES Dean ' s List RICHARD H. NOENS Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering BETTYLOU NOVAK College Honors, College Re- publicans-Secretary ARTHUR C. NUTZHORN Inter-Varsity Christian Fel- lowship JUDITH A. OBLAK Dean ' s List EVAB.OCHALSKI Chicago Circle Center Dance Committee JOHN B. O ' CONNELL Dean ' s List, Omega Beta Pi FRANCIS J. O ' CONNOR Production Manager, Chicago Circle Broadcasting ROSEMARY O ' CONNOR Dean ' s List, Honors Con- vocation JOHN R.ODCHODNICKY Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering LEONARD OLBINSKY Dean ' s List, Chicago Circle Broadcasting SHARON OLECH Alpha Delta Theta, Skiing lllini, Student Teacher GREGORY J. OLSEN Basketball team. Gamma Kappa Rho LAURIE E. OLSON Dean ' s List PHILIP R.ORAWIEC Dean ' s List, Criminal Justice Student ' s Association, New- man Club JEAN A. O ' ROURKE DANIEL E. ORZECHOWSKI Dean ' s List, Skiing lllini CHARMAINE S. OSBORNE LINDAS. OSTNESS AKIYOSHI OSUKA STEPHEN M. OTTO Dean ' s List ROBERT F. PALACE PHYLLIS P. PANNO Dean ' s List RICO G. PAONE Dean ' s List; National Green Belt Karate Grand Champi- on, Midwest Brown Belt Champion PHILIP 0. PAPE Materials Club, Dean ' s List KENNETH L. PARKER American Marketing Assoc- iation, Student Advisory Committee on Marketing WILLIAM B. PASCHAL GEORGE J. PASYMOWSKI GHANSHYAMBHAI C. PATEL American Institute of Chem- ical Engineers SUSAN L. PAULETTI Gamma Gamma Gamma, Lambda Chi Women ' s Drill Team, Skiing lllini, Dean ' s List KENNETH E. PAWLAK Zeta Psi Fraternity, Bioen- gineering Society-President, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering BERNARD R. PAWLOWSKI NICHOLAS J. PAWLUK MITCHELL J. PAZDRO Dean ' s List, Intramural Bowling GARY PECKA ALAN F.PEGG JAMES B.PELZMAN Dean ' s List, Honors Day Recognition MARCO A. PENA Representative of Spanish Department-LAS Advisory Board-Dean ' s List MARYANN A. PENCZAK James Scholar, Dean ' s List, Departmental Distinction English Department PHILLIP A. PERILLO James Scholar, Phi Eta Sigma JUDITH ANN PEROTTI James Scholar, Honors Day ELLEN L. PERPLIES Undergraduate Psychology Society DANIEL PERSONS DONALD L. PESAVENTO Photo Club, Dean ' s List ROSEMARY PESOLI Dean ' s List RICHARD M. PETERSON Track, Conference Champ 100 220 Yard Dash, Honors Day RIMAJ. PETRUTIS PATRICIA A. PEZDEK Dean ' s List ALICE V. PHILLIPS Black Theatre, Circle Players MARVIN J. PHILLIPS Pi Alpha Tau IVORY R.PHINISEE GARY R. PIEHL CHARLES K.PIETKOWSKI Phi Eta Sigma-President Sen- ior Advisor, James Scholar, Convocations Committee, Skokie Car Pool HILJAPIKAT Dean ' s List, Delta Phi Alpha LEEM.PILARCZYK Marketing Club, Dean ' s List DIANE PILICHIEWICZ ROCCO T. PISANO Phi Eta Sigma, Dean ' s List EDWIN PLOTKIN Dean ' s List ANIAM. PODOHSKA Dean ' s List, Russian teacher MICHAEL D. PODRASKY Dean ' s List SANDY K. POLICHT American Marketing Assoc- iation FRANK C. POND Dean ' s List DIMITRIOS POULOPOULOS Hellenic Club-President FRANK R. PRAVDIK Tennis ELSIE V. PRENDERGAST WILLIAM J. PRINDLE CAROL E.PROKUP Dean ' s List EDWARD W. PROKUSKI Society Automotive Engi- neers-Meetings Chairman Vice Chairman DWIGHT L. PRUETT JOAN I.PRZYBYCIEN Dean ' s List, Orientation Leader RAYMOND M.PUZEREWSKI Dean ' s List LAURA J. PUDELWITTS Yearbook staff, Honors Day, Dean ' s List PEGGY S. PUN JOHN T. PYTEL American Marketing Associ- ation, Dean ' s List R MICHAEL K. RACHOWICZ Dean ' s List, Circle Yearbook Skiing lllini BRENDAG. RAFTERY Dean ' s List WILLIAM P. RAHILL Choir ROBERT E. RAJEWSKI Golf Team AMPARO M. RAMIREZ Newman Club, Omega Beta Pi, Spanish Club, James Scholar CAROLE A. RAMOS Alpha Lambda Delta, James Scholar RICHARD RAMOS Dean ' s List, Representative Faculty ' s Spanish Advisory Committee, Representative Student Government, Vet- erans Club ADRIENNE E. RANDI Dean ' s List JAMES RANGEL MARGARET A. RASTUTIS Lutheran Student Associa- tion-Treasurer, Skiing lllini. Dean ' s List PHILIP D. REARICK BONNETTEE A. RELSBERG Dean ' s List KENNETH F. REISENBUCKLER EILEEN M. REMINIEC Phi Alpha Tau, Physics Club, Newman Club, Freshman Weekend, History Club, Dean ' s List CHRIS N. RERRAS WILLIAM R. REYBURN Interorganizational Council Games Committee BARBARA J. RIPPY Dean ' s List SHERWIN RITZ Honor ' s Day, Dean ' s List, Omega Beta Pi ROSE N. ROBERSON LEONARD H. ROBERTS Phi Eta Sigma, Wisconsin Livestock Meat Council Award, Cook County Jail Project, Criminal Justice Stu- dent Association RUTH V. ROBINSON Black Students Organization Organization of Sociology Students, Kappa Omicron Tau GLENN R. RODRIGUEZ HELGA E. ROMAN ROBERTA. ROMANO MICHAEL I. ROSENBERG DAVID E. ROSENBLATT Society of Automotive En- gineers, Dean ' s List SAUL E. ROSENTHAL Beta Epsilon Gamma Fra- ternity, Organization of So- ciology Students-Chairman WARREN D. ROSSI Dean ' s List Chess Team, Pi Alpha Tau CYNTHIA L. ROTH Dean ' s List, Film and Music Committees, Help Stop Pol- lution, Tutor in Summer Pro- gram ALFRED A. ROTHENBACH ARLENE L. ROTKIN Sigma Phi-Secretary, Dean ' s List MARTIN J. ROWE RICHARD S. ROZYCKI Dean ' s List SHELLEY R. RUBIN Dean ' s List JEFFREY W. RYBAK James Scholar, Bioengineer- ing Society-Vice-President MARK A. RYCAJ JAMES D. RYERSON Chicago Circle Broadcasting, Dean ' s List KINGAJ. RZYSKI Polish Student ' s Association Dean ' s List FRANCES S. SAGE UPENDER B.SAHGAL CHRISTINA M. SAKOWSKI Dean ' s List MARYM.SALZER Dean ' s List, Box Office- Chairman JUDITH M. SAMEC 197 Alpha Lambda Delta ILENE M.SAMUELSON Alpha Lambda Delta, Cham- ber Choir, Concert Choir, Hillel MAHMOUD SANATI Dean ' List PETER SANDER Dean ' s List, Veteran ' s Club JUDITH A.SANDLER Dean ' s List LUIS E.SANDOVAL Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Dean ' s List THOMAS A. SANTUCCI Dean ' s List DIANE E.SCHAAF Pi Alpha Tau, Dean ' s List EDIE L.SCHAFFNER Dean ' s List TIMOTHY G.SCHANZE WAYNE E.SCHENNUM Phi Eta Sigma, James Schol- ar, Dean ' s List, Intramurals ALAN A. SCHIMMEL Alpha Epsilon Pi MATILDE SCHINASI Dean ' s List, Israel Club SAMUEL J. SCHINAZI MARILYN J. SCHMIDT Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day PAULS. SCHMIED Dean ' s List, Cross Country- Manager, Institute of Electri- cal and Electronic Engineer- ing, Circle Engineer MICHAEL J. SCHMITT Honor ' s Day, Water Polo, THC MAUREEN L. SCHREIBER LEONARD M.SCHULFER DENNIS C. SHCULTZ Dean ' s List, American Mar- keting Association DONALD M.SCHULTZ Dean ' s List ROBERT T.SCHUSTER Student Advisory Board Col- lege of Business-Treasurer, Veteran ' s Club, Skiing lllini. Photo Club LEONARD L.SCHUTZ JAY M.SCHWARTZ Dean ' s List MARLENE SCHWARTZ MICHAEL N.SCHWARTZ Phi Eta Sigma, James Scho 1 - ar. Dean ' s List MELINDAM.SCIACCA Dean ' s List, Sigma Phi Alpha GAIL L.SCOTT Dean ' s List JOYCE W. SCOTT Dean ' s List CRAIG M.SEIDEL JAMES C. SEKNEVICH DONN A. SELBY ARIE A.S.SELINGER International Volleyball Coaching Association, Israel Student Organization JOSEPH V.SERENA, JR. Newman Club, Circle Center Board, Chancelor ' s Commit- tee on Use of Facilities EVELYN M.SERGOT Dean ' s List HARA SHAPIRO Dean ' s List STEVEN A. SHAPIRO GARY M.SHARON Materials Club PATSHEEHAN WALTER P. SHEMERDIAK James Scholar WILLIAM J. SHEPKE DAVID N.SHEPPARD Phi Sigma Kappa, Dean ' s List MARY P. SHIELDS Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day, Newman Club SANDY SHOMODY RAYMOND M.SHURAN American Marketing Assoc- iation-President, Chancellor ' s Committee GERALDINEC. SIDOR Lambda Chi-Recording Sec- retary, Drill Team MELVIN R. SIEGAL Dean ' s List LINDA S. SIEMIANOWSKI Alpha Lambda Delta ALEX P. SIGALOS Football Team, Dean ' s List Intramural Sports MARK A. SILBER ANTHONY A. SIMAITIS MICHAEL P. SIMON . JEANETTE M. SIMS PETER E. SINCOX GARYS. SKALETSKY James Scholar, Student Gov- ernment-Representative MARY A. SKONY DONALD M. SKOWRONEK Alpha Kappa Psi, Student Advisory Board College of Business JOSEPH J.SLAWEK American Marketing Associ- ation, Gullywompers, Track Team DAVID J. SLIVKA Veteran ' s Club-Treasurer, In- tramural Baseball, American Marketing Association WILLIAM L. SLODKI Dean ' s List ROBERT A. SMIETANA Dean ' s List EUGENE C.SMITH Criminal Juctice Students Association FRANKLIN D.SMITH Dean ' s List GEORGE C.SMITH Dean ' s List, Chicago Circle Broadcasting JUDY P. SMITH Dean ' s List GLORIA E. SMOLEK Dean ' s List,CEH-English As- sociation WALTER E.SMOLUCHA Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, UICC Band, Dean ' s List NICHOLAS S. SMYAZNIUK Ukranian Club, Dean ' s List NORBERT J. SNIEGOWSKI VICTORIA A. SOBOTA American Marketing Associa- tion ROBERT J. SOBOTKA KAREN M.SOCKE Dean ' s List JOSEPH S. SOPARAS Concert Band ANTONIAC. SORCE College of Education Stu- dent Caucas, Vice-Chancel- lor ' s Student Advisory Com- mittee JOHN C. SOWIZAL Dean ' s List American Soci- ety of Chemical Engineers, Skiing lllini-President Treas- urer, Sailing I II ini-Treasurer PAMELA J. SPACEK RICHARD E. SPERL American Society of Chemi- cal Engineers ANDREW B.SPIEGEL Independent Democratic Co- alition, Commuter lllini-Ac- tivities Editor DON A.APIVAK NORA M. STACHNIK Dean ' s List, Intramural Soft- ball JOHN T. STAHR American Marketing Associa- tion GAILM.STAMBOR Dean ' s List ROBERT P. STAN Dean ' s List JAMES J. STANASZEK RICHARDW. STANISZEWSKI Varsity Wrestling EICKE M.STEHR Dean ' s List MARTIN F.STENGLE Intramural Sports RICHARD C.STEPINA ALBERT J. STERLING, JR. Dean ' s List, Student Chapter AIA PEGGY J. STERN Dean ' s List KATHERINE STEVENSON CLARENCE E.STEWART Opinion Surveys in Psych- ology, Counseling Service JON E. STILLER GEORGE J. STREJCEK Dean ' s List RICHARD A. STRNAD CANDICE D. STURM Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day DERRYL L. STUTZ American Institute of Aero- nautics and Astronautics CHRISTOS D. STYLIARAS DENISE M.SULLA ROBERT D.SULLIVAN Dean ' s List EDWARD G.SUNDEN College of Business Student Advisory Board-Vice-Presi- dent, Management Area Stu- dent Advisory Council-Sec- retary, Dean ' s List, College of Business Executive Forum Committee CAROL B. SUTTON DENNIS E. SWIATEK GARYC. SYKES Dean ' s List CONNIE M.SZCZUREK Dean ' s List JAMES C. SZERSZEN Intramural Handball. Bowl- ing EDWARD T.SZPAJER Dean ' s List, Association for Computing Machinery, Phy- sics Club KENNETH C. TAFT Phi Eta Sigma, Intramural Softball, Handball FRANK P. TALAGA JAMES TALAGANIS JAIME TALBERT JANICE TAMURA CHERYL A. TARADASH Dean ' s List, Hillel Social Committee-Chairman, Hon- ors Day Recognition NIKITASTARASSIDIS DENNIS F.TAUSSIG MARY C.TAYLOR SHARLENE Y. TAYLOR Dean ' s List LEON J.TEICHNER Dean ' s Advisory Board, Phi Eta Sigma, Inter-Fratority Council, Student Govern- ment Representative KENNETH E. TAMPLER Dean ' s List, lota Chi Frater- nity JOHN C. TERMINE JANICE C.TETA GARY B.THOMPSON KARRY L.THOMPSON American Chemistry Society- Treasurer, Dean ' s List CARL N.THORNROSE Dean ' s List CAMILLE P. TINAGLIA Gamma Theta Upsilon-Treas- urer ELIZABETH L.TOLIVER Dean ' s List AGNES TOM Dean ' s List CHARLES F.TOMASEK Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Hon- or ' s Day, Amateur Radio Club Zenith Industrial Schol- arship-1970 ROSWITA L.TORRENCE Student Caucus, Education, Rank and Pay Committee- College of Education, Dean ' s List CHARLES F.TRAXLER Dean ' s List, Intramural Foot- ball and Softball 198 JAMES L.TROESTER Dean ' s List BARBARA R. TROLL Dean ' s List STAN M.TUCKER Dean ' s List, Sigma Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Mu, Homecom- ing Committee GEORGE TURCZYNOWSKI Dean ' s List SVETLANA TVERDOCHLEBOV Orientation Leader, Student Advisory Board LAWRENCE A. TWARDY Varsity Football, Dean ' s List PAUL D.TYNAN Tau Kappa Epsilon-Historian U CHARLENEP. UNEY CAMILLIAC. URBAN Dean ' s List, Orientation, Leader, Bowling League RENATA E. URBANIK Alpha Lambda Delta-Secre- tary, James Scholar, Dean ' s List RICHARD J. URICEK Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering GLORIA G. URZENDOWSKI Dean ' s List, Center House Committee V JANE H. VANDER VELDE Pi Alpha Tau-Secretary CLIFF VAN DYKE Student Advisory Board, Geography Club MILAN N. VELJKOVICH Dean ' s List, Orthodox Chris- tian Fellowship-Treasurer JOHN J. VIADERO PETER J. VICTOR Ethnic Studies Committee, Tennis Team DEBORAH L. VIDOVIC Dean ' s List, Student Govern- ment, Ski Club NELLO J. VIGNOCCHI RAFAEL E. VILLANGOMEZ Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day NANCY M. VISOCKI STEVEN A. VLADEM Lambda Lambda Delta, Uni- versity of Illinois Historical Society, Graduate Students Association, Discussions Committee WILLIAM C. VODA Pi Alpha Tau-External Vice- President, Homecoming Committee, Student Advi- sory Board-Vice-Chairman, Dean of Faculties, Freshman Weekend Councilor, Concert Band LORELLEN B. VODICKA Dean ' s List ROBERT J. VOEGEL KENNETH C. VOLZ Dean ' s List CHRISTINE A. VOTAVA Dean ' s List RONALD G. VYSOCKY Dean ' s List, Engineering Ad- visory Board, American Soc- iety of Mechanical Engineers -Secretary -Treasurer W GERALD A. WACHOWICZ W.C.C.B. Radio, Tour Guides, American Civil Liberties Union, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astro- nautics ALAN V. WAGNER Dean ' s List, Gamma Theta Upsi Ion- Vice-President MICHAEL W.WAGNER Honor ' s Day, Graduate High Honor GARY D.WALDMAN MARY L.WALDORF Spanish Club, Advisory Com- mittee for Spanish Students HERSCHEL D. WALLACE III Student Advisory Committee to State Board of Higher Education, External Vice- President of Newman Com- munity, Co-Chairman, Fresh- man Weekend, Society of American Military Engineers- Treasurer JOHN J.WALLACE JAMES E.WALSH, JR. Undergraduate Psychology Society-Officer, Orientation Committee, Dean ' s List, De- partmental Distinction MARGARET M.WALSH Dean ' s List, Newman Club PATRICK L.WALSH Undergraduate Psychology Association, Classics Club, Dean ' s List, Junior Olympics Champion THOMAS E.WALSH Dean ' s List, Finance Depart- ment Student Committee DENNISJ. WALTERS Newman Community-Presi- dent, Interorganizational Council Games Committee, Alice ' s Cutie Pie JOSEPH A. WANDERS Young Republicans-Presi- dent, Three Trophies-PE, Alias- " The Masked Naper " ALLEN A. WARMUS James Scholar, Honors Day, Dean ' s List, James Scholar Advisory Board MARION C.WATT Sigma Phi Alpha, Freshman Weekend Committee, Alpha Lambda Delta, Homecoming Committee STEPHEN M.WAWRYTKO American Society of Chemi- cal Engineers LEOM.WAZLO Dean ' s List RICHARD S.WEGRZYN Geology Club-Chairman ARNOLDS. WEINGER Sigma Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Mu, Dean ' s List, Senate Sub- Committee on Student Dis- cipline DOREEN L. WEISS Dean ' s List SHERRY A. WEISSENSEL Gamma Gamma Gamma, In- terfratority Council, Orienta- tion Committee, IFC Greek Week Chairman DAVID A. WELCH PATRICIA E. WELLBORN Orientation Committee Chairman, Chicago Circle Players, Activities Honorary Society DENNIS R.WENCEL ANNIE L.WESLEY KENNETH L. WEST Dean ' s List JOHN P.WESTON HERBERT B.WEYERSTRAHS LEANDRES WHITE THOMAS E.WHITE BETTY M.WIADUCK Dean ' s List, Lambda Chi GEORGE WICKHAM PAT, AHS, CA, SOFEB, ROTC, FWC, HC, OLAPCC, SGBX, PZK, GPI,DL CARY E. WIEDEMAN EDWARD J. WIERCIAK Dean ' s List, Volleyball Team JOANNE M.WILKIN Dean ' s List, Orientation Committee HOWARD L.WILLIAMS VIRGINIAJ.WILMOT Girls Gymnastic Team, Dean ' s List MILDRED T. WILSON RICHARD T. WISNIEWSKI BARB J. WNEK Dean ' s List HERB WOLFARTH DONALD V. WOLFLEY, JR. BILLY M.WONG Chinese Student Association, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, ACM JENNI M.WONG Newman Club, Freshman Weekend Committee, Orien- tation Committee, Dean ' s List SAMUEL H.WONG KIM F.WONG Dean ' s List, Honors Day MARC I.WORTSMAN Dean ' s List SHIRLEY ANN WODZIEN Newman Club MARGARET E.WRIGHT VINCENT A. WRZOS Y W. DAVID YATES BOCK H. YEE Phi Eta Sigma-Treasurer, En- gineering Advisory Board, Bi- oengineering Society Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering LEON A. YELEN Dean ' s List, Israeli Student Organization -Vice -President CHRISTINE M. YERSICH Dean ' s List GARY K. YONG Omega Beta Pi, Intramural Sports, Weight Division Champion of Intramural Wrestling GRACE J. YOUNG Alpha Lambda Delta, Baha ' i Club, Council on Interna- tional Affairs Tutorial Pro- gram MARY YOUNG Alpha Lambda Delta STONE H. YU James Scholar, Honor ' s Day, Math Distinction CAROL A. ZABA STEPHANIE H. ZADRO Gamma Kappa Rho, Dean ' s List, Cheerleader LAWRENCE A. ZALUD ALEXANDRO L. ZALUPSKI MILLICENT N.ZAMIROWSKI Gamma Kappa Rho FRANK R. ZEWACKI Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering KATHRYN S. ZAWADA Dean ' s List ALFRED E. ZEHNDER ROTC Battalion Commander Dean ' s List, Pershing Rifle Commander, Championship Drill Team ANASTASIOS Hellenic Club-Treasurer Vice President NIKOLAOSG. ZISSIMOPOULOS MERRY L. ZMUDA Dean ' s List, Intramural Vol- leyball BENJAMIN M. ZOMAYA Dean ' s List LARRY E. ZWICKL Football Team, Wrestling Team KATHLEEN M. ZWIER American Marketing Assoc- iation, Dean ' s List, Bowling Team STEPHANIE M. ZYDEK Dean ' s List Alpha Lambda Delta THOMAS A. ZYDRON ROTC, Rifle Team, IDR Drill Team, Pershing Rifles, Concert Band, Skydiving II- lini, Aikido Club, Intramural Basketball, Fencing, Football Tennis 199 This is where I try to thank all of the people who have helped to make this yearbook possible. I hope that I have mentioned them all somewhere in the book, but if I have missed any, I can only offer my humblest apologies. First, very special thanks to Gail Nykiel and Warren Allen. Both took extra work upon themselves and filled in a lot of gaps in this book ' s production. They didn ' t have to be begged or even asked twice, they simply saw where they were needed most and got the job done. Again, thank you both very, very much. Next, thanks to Russ Fu, who played his role of business manager, guiding light, and chief tormentor to the hilt. He kept me going (at the same time dropping ten years off my life expectancy) and the books straight. Thanks, Russell. And finally, I ' d like to express my extreme satisfaction with the jobs that our two company representatives, Mr. Richard Moore of Pischel Yearbooks and Mr. Stan Lieberman of Root Studios, have done this year. They both bent over backwards to make sure that this book got out on time. Their constant concern and advice was really appreciated. PHOTO CREDITS FOR THE OPENING SECTION like Landek Pages 42,43,44, and 45. Rich Mather John Paraskevas George Philosophos Ted Ringenbach Willie Roberts Janet Sauer Martha 1 -1 6,22-27,32-35,40,47,58-65,70,7 1 ,74-77,8 1 ,84-93. 5,17,18,19,20,21,36,37,50,51,52,53,72,73,78,79,80, 82,83 80,66,67,68,69. 46,48,49. 54,55,56,57. 38,39,41. 28,29,30,31. 2 W } Kaj6nU Editor-in-chief, Circle ' 71 JDHv p sch pK w mwm ,|p» f». .MM PISCHEL YEARBOOKS, INC P O Box 36. Marcehne. Missouri 64658 % f n ' -£ I • Hi • K i

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