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• SR CIRCLE 70 FsEffflE 1 ■ ■ mjt 9£aJ ■■■a ■P " -. ; ■fig KB LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN G IZu3Vc 1970 y. ■ ■ 10 ■ m 77m s w owe small step . . . . ■ «3 »«Jr UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO CIRCLE THE CIRCLE YEARBOOK 1970 Kenneth Lee Halajian Editor in Chief Jeffrey M. Goltz Business Manager Richard A. Mather Managing Editor CONTENTS Student Life 2 Sports 66 Organizations 110 Administration 126 Seniors 142 ■2 ENTER THE YOUNG Here they come, Some are walking, some are riding Here they come, And some are flying, some just gliding, Released after years of being kept in hiding They ' re climbing up the ladder rung by rung. Here they come, Some with questions, some decisions Here they come. And some with facts, some with visions Of a place to multiply without the use of divisions To win a prize that no one ' s ever won. Here they come, Some are laughing, some are crying Here they come. And some are doing, some are trying, Some are selling, some are buying, Some are living, some are dying, But demanding recognition one by one. Enter the young, Yeah, they ' ve learned to think Enter the young, More than you think they think. Not only learned to think but to care, Not only learned to think but to dare. Enter the young. Terry Kirkman, copyright 1966, Beachwood Music Corp. m BOTH SIDES NOW Rows and flows of angel hair And ice cream castles in the air And feather canyons ev ' rywhere I ' ve looked at clouds that way And now old friends are acting strange They shake their heads, they say I ' ve changed But something ' s lost, but something ' s gained In living ev ' ry day But now they only block the sun They rain and snow on ev ' ryone So many things I would have done But clouds got in my way I ' ve looked at life from both sides now From up and down, and still somehow It ' s life ' s illusions I recall I really don ' t know life at all -Joni Mitchell Copyright by Siquomb Publishing Corp. m d 11 - I - • ' •.• • ' FOR WHAT IT ' S WORTH There ' s something happenin ' here What it is ain ' t exactly clear. There ' s a man with a gun over there, Tellin ' me I ' ve got to beware. It ' s time we stop, children, What ' s that sound? Everybody look what ' s goin ' down. What a field day for the heat. A thousand people in the street, Singin ' songs and carry in ' signs. Mostly saying, " Hooray for our side. It ' s time we stop, children, What ' s that sound? Everybody look what ' s goin ' down. There ' s battle lines bein ' drawn, Nobody ' s right if everybody ' s wrong. Young people speakin ' their minds, Gettin ' so much resistance from behind. It ' s time we stop, children, What ' s that sound? Everybody look what ' s goin ' down. Paranoia strikes deep, Into your life it will creep. It starts when you ' re always afraid, Step out of line, the Man come And take you away. You better stop, hey, What ' s that sound? Everybody look what ' s goin ' down. -Stephen Stills (for The Buffalo Springfield) Copyright 1966, COTILLION MUSIC, INC., SPRINGALO MUSIC and TEN-EAST MUSIC. I s BRING THE UZHQME.JM! 4 MORATORIUM DAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1969, was to be set aside as a day of speeches and discussions concern- ing the war in Vietnam. Some listen- ed, some talked and some simply ig- nored the proceedings and continued with their normal activities. s 14 0tf ■■ c ' T » T 2 . " ' . 8c I B 7 « i ■ Z-e : Sen. George McGovern Above: Sen. Charles Percy 15 i 16 1 i •»: I 1 W . 1 r J IL iHl ▼tW p r jj I f- i ! • Y ■ •■:• " ' s«: ' S i t ' t ' V. ■ ■ 4inL ' ■ ■ 3J WINDY Who ' s peeking out from under a stairway Calling a name that ' s lighter than air Who ' s bending down to give me a rainbow Everyone knows it ' s Windy. Who ' s tripping down the streets of the city Smiling at everybody she sees Who ' s reaching out to capture a moment Everyone knows it ' s Windy. And Windy has stormy eyes That flash at the sound of lies And Windy has wings to fly Above the clouds, Above the clouds. ASSOCIATION, Copyright 1967 Irving Music Inc., RuthAnn Friedman YVONNE JURCIK, 1969 Circle Homecoming Queen 21 22 jj 1 1 23 25 26 27 28 ■ THE SOUND OF SILENCE Hello darkness my old friend, I ' ve come to talk with you again, Because a vision softly creeping, Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains within the sound of silence. In restless dreams I walked alone, Narrow streets of cobble stone ' Neath the halo of a street lamp, I turned my collar to the cold and damp When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light That split the night, and touched the sound of silence. And in the naked light I saw Ten thousand people maybe more, People talking without speaking, People hearing without listening, People writing songs that voices never share And no one dares disturb the sound of silence. " Fools! " said I, " You do not know Silence like a cancer grows. Hear my words that I might teach you Take my arms that I might reach you. " But my words like silent raindrops fell And echoed, in the wells of silence. And the people bowed and prayed To the neon God they made, And the sign flashed out its warning In the words that it was forming. And the sign said: " The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls " And whispered in the sounds of silence. -Paul Simon (Simon and Garfunkel) Copyright 1964 Charing Cross Music. 29 30 v X 31 32 33 rjt HOMECOMING. Homecoming 1969 lit- erally started off with a bang this year when the Friday night program, Trash of the 30 ' s presented film highlights of Madame Bellodonna being shot from a cannon. And who could forget the tender and heartrending death scene in the featured film, " Air Police " , (Andy . . . Jerry . . . Andy . . . Jerry). Special guest star Senorita Songbird ' s presence added immensely to the entertaining program. The high point of the evening was the New Year ' s Eve celebration complete with an actual recording of Guy Lombardo ' s immortal rendition of the classic Auld Lang Syne. Saturday ' s activities began with the annual homecoming parade through the streets of downtown Chicago, followed by the game with the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee which took place at Soldier ' s Field. The homecoming ac- tivities culminated at the dance Saturday night with the crowning of the queen, Ynonne Jursik, attended by her court. 34 r tj. 37 The academic atmosphere of Circle Campus allows ample opportunity to hear many noted speakers on a wide range of topics. Among those visiting our campus this past year were Secretary of Housing and Ur- ban Development, George Romney and Reverend Vivian on a Model C ities Seminar, Alderman Leon DuPres of the Chicago City Coun- cil, Julian Bond and Governor Rich- ard Ogilvie. 38 39 ' " " Vs k 3 42 ■«?r. . 45 The Rites of Spring hit the Circle campus during the week of May 26, 1969. The brain- child of the Inter-Organizational Council, the Rites of Spring transformed the campus into an area of serious and fun-filled affairs. Chan- cellor Parker and a " cast of thousands " offi- cially opened the week long festivities with a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Ampitheater. Also featured were an old fashioned calliope, balloons, clowns and of course, gold-fish eat- ing. Let it not be forgotten that for one brief shining moment, college fun came to our cam- pus. 47 --. f- I 50 V . ■ :. $$$ MMmm 51 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CUA.VIPAIGN ■J- . 52 HHHHHHHHHHBHBHB ■wHBmmmhHbVHIBHHHHI jg H0 J 1 1 ' Hwj ■ k 1 53 »-«. n bo •() : :;te give ape rson a s ns , another f orn tris e» aire dis 54 L O « - A W 1 e oi rcsnon: 55 r« •■-» Hi •■ W?- H »W 4. ■ • » g it ,i p p— p. |i ■ — - 1p— I » p. Ip— p »■— i p— p ■ I- £ : . f 3o»T N r MMHA fe I, 58 59 . k - NO (lpcJ-JZ Will E e. 1 liu t Showu At (rj-00 .fl pl ' . ' iC-.l " " ' . o ' " ., 5...., u . ) J Ap U ' lu-f u- j 61 % ■t rj: . -V .. ' I m m K 62 f t II I I 1 I 63 ■■ THE AGE OF AQUARIUS When the moon is in the seventh house And Jupiter aligns with Mars, Then peace will guide the planets And love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius . Harmony and understanding, Sympathy and trust abounding, No more fighting and derision, Mystic crystal revelations And the mind ' s true liberation. Aquarius. Copyright 1968. Gait MacDermot for Natoma Productions 64 66 SPORTS 67 a FOOTBALL laced with rebuilding the Chika football team, Harold Nemoto, in his first season as Head Coach, had to fortify the sparsely-experienced ranks with many freshmen and sophomores. Returning lettermen, Seniors Dan Zajac, rated last year ' s best defensive lineman, and Greg Fiala, the team ' s leading tackier, led the Chika defense again this year. Bob Anderson emerged as the Chi- ka ' s top running threat and led the team in rushing. Many starters were sidelined with injuries, including halfback Jim McNellis, possibly the greatest loss to the team which finished with 1-7 record. The Chi- kas averted a winless season by de- feating St. Procopius in the final game, leaving them on a winning note for next year. RIGHT Big Walt I ilipowicz says " No " to U. of Wisc.-Milwaukce runner. BE- LOW AND ACROSS: Quarterback Fish- er sets . . . and unloads. % m X ' 68 LEFT: The fullback squirms, but Alex Sigalos gets his man. 69 r j 70 71 ■w n iMi j»m n w|— W JWUIJill J Jl|iB.IJ I JM W .11 Mm I w ABOVE: Leading the pack has always been Ed Koval ' s specialty. UPPER LEFT: Pain is evident on Tom Moylan ' s face as he strives for the finish line. UPPER RIGHT: Arthur Bodganove sets the pace for the Chika harriers to another successful season. CROSS COUNTRY, " loneliness of the long distance runner " is exemplified by the U.I.C.C. Cross Country Team under the leadership of Bill Leach, in his first year as coach; the team concluded the season with a respectable 8-6 dual meet mark. Again Arthur Bogdanove proved to be the team ' s outstanding individual runner by being elected team captain and Most Valuable Runner. The Most Improved Harrier award was pre- sented to Tom Moylan. 74 75 SOCCER The Chika hooters finished the season with a 9-3-2 record under the leadership of coach Samuel Donnelly, who assumed the head post after two years as assistant coach. Donnelly has twenty -four years of playing and coaching experience behind him. Eleven lettermen returned this season including the second leading inside-scorer Jerry Kostik. 1969 sport letter winners included: Dennis Fishwick, Phil Naylor, and Murat Shekem. George Domino was honored as the outstanding player on the soccer team. 76 mi. a . 78 t-» 79 HOCKEY A tough schedule faces the Chika Hockey team this year after having had a 1 2 4 record last season and winning the Midwest Intercollegiate Hockey League. They will be opposing the U. of I. at Urbana. Purdue. Northwestern and Ohio Univer- sity, a very impressive list of adversaries. Returning lettermen Rich May, Clive Wang, Don Moss, Roger Heikkila. team captain. Tony Palti and Rich Wojcik are giving the team excellent experience and abili- ty. Experience and depth in personnel are the primary weapons which should give the Chikas a «ood season. 80 81 82 BASKETBALL Winning the Wisconsin -Milwaukee Holiday Tour- nament increased chances for one of the best seasons for Coach Tom Russo and his fast-breaking team. Much pressure is on Greg Olsen, the team ' s most valuable player and the school ' s " Athlete of the Year, " to continue last year ' s record-breaking per- formance when he scored 426 points in a single season. The team lacks sufficient height and must compensate this with speed which is their most im- portant asset. Rich Czyz and Chuck Manson are re- turning to help Olsen improve last season ' s 11 — 11 record. 83 ' f IMf ' y urn. .;, 84 85 WRESTLING. Grappling their way through a very competitive season, the Chika Wrestling team under the guidance oi Coach Matt Ellsworth hopes to improve on last years 3 1 record. Lead- ing the returning letter- men is team captain Tom Mordue who is joined by Joe Siprut, last seasons top wrestler with a 14 9 1 record. Ken Predovic and Leroy Magas also return to strengthen the team with their experience and per- serveranee, which en- hances the Chikas chance for victory. r-o t KCOBO Wll fftflfl ; mi 3 4SS tin 1413 IS II 217 llll 213 3 IlilS 2110 IS II 412 mi MIT II WIS $131 litis 2175 EM III .LEI ; si El t ' S 1 ' . 1(11 -. . i SWIMMING. Splashing their way to a disappointing 3 1 1 record last season, the Chika mermen are hopeful of some improvement this year. There will be six returning letter men including Ralph Pranc, top freestyler, John O ' Neal, Gary Dworski and George Philosophos who are divers. Again a process of re- building must be accomplished before any successful season can be achieved. BOTTOM: Hurling himself through the air like a ball, George Philosophos exhibits the fine form character- istic of a good diver. 88 MM 1 ' m I . I ' . | l l i i i li m p . 89 90 91 GYMNASTICS. Hoping to continue last seasons win- ning record of 11-5, Coach Bill Roetzheim and the Chika gymnasts face the toughest gymnastics sched- ule in the school ' s history. They will be competing against four Big Ten and five nationally ranked teams. The West German All-Stars, composed of top gym- nasts from West Germany, barely defeated the Chikas by a score of 160.35 to 154.15. Roger Fish, who specializes in the side horse, and Bob Laschober, team captain, return to strengthen the team which suffers the loss of top performers John Schrammel and Jim Schaefer. The rings and high bar appear to be the strongest events for the Chika gymnasts this season and may provide the needed points to win. 92 w I J 93 TENNIS. Tennis had a fair season last year at the Circle under the able leadership of Coach Bob Beck. Bob Boggio, the team captain, proved to be the number one man. Two players graduated last June, but this loss is not expected to harm the team ' s perfor- mance. Mark Pearlstein, Bill Lehnebach and Ron Michalek are the returning lettermen and the nucleus of the team. Hopefully some new recruits will strengthen the team and give the Chikas a good record on the tennis court. BOTTOM: Reaching to hit the ball, Bob Boggio demonstrates his fine ability and prowess on the court. 94 GOLF. Again the Circle linksters had another unde- feated season last year under the fine coaching of Dick Rader. Stretching their string of victory to four years of wins with only one loss, the team exhibited the Chika spirit. The loss of Jim Urban and Bob Augustine, 1969 Co-Captains, is a heavy burden for the team since they are the major force in the successful seasons. Hope relies upon returning letter- men Bill Tucker, Tom Meyer and Tom Cisar to continue the winning tradition. The need for depend- able and hardworking newcomers is great since there is a very obvious lack of strength which has to be corrected. 95 FENCING. With the clashing of toils, the U1CC Fencing team had a record of 11 11 last year which Coach Icon Pickens hopes to improve this season. His hopes are heavily placed on Nishimura who was captain and the most valuable fencer last season with a 38 8 record, a very commend- able effort. A very rugged sched- ule confronts the team with such foes as Iowa State, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Ohio State and the University of Wisconsin. Out- standing performances will be needed to get the points neces- sary for successful year. BOTTOM: Touche is the word most commonly heard when a Chika fencer touches his oppo- nent with his foil. » 96 fHfcv . • •M s l " ♦ " ■♦• ' ••xi-ar fefcr.s " S Nn - TRACK AND FIELD. Last year the Circle cindermen did not have an impressive season with losses out- numbering the wins though several outstanding per- formances were witnessed. Under Coach Tom Wright ' s guidance, the team must undergo a rebuild- ing program. Several lettermen are returning to strengthen the team especially Art Bogdanove, dis- tance runner, and Joe O ' Hearn, high jumper, who proved to be last season ' s star performers. Joe O ' Hearn and sprinter Jeff True are the team ' s only four year track competitors. Rich Jilek, Rich Nitti, Dennis Ostapczuk, Mike Preim and Glen Preston add more power to the nucleus of the squad. The cinder- men are relying upon several promising newcomers to provide the necessary depth of personnel for a win- ning season. LEFT: Dennis Kellogg, 1969 Track Co-Captain, strives to condition his body to prepare himself for the rigors and agony of a runner. ABOVE: The deafening crack of the starting pistol will send Jeff True on his quest to beat the clock and gain a lead for his fellow relay runners. 97 The women ' s athletic department offers many and varied activities for all women attending the Univer- sity of Illinois at Chicago Circle. Both intramural and extramural activities including Softball, swimming, bowling, fencing, badminton and field hockey are offered. In the intramural phase of women ' s athletics, the women have achieved impressive victories in fencing and volleyball. Girls, you don ' t have to be a physical education major to appreciate the fun of sports. 98 99 .-;% . -v-vw. " . ;.: . :;• -v« ' ..» v --v? . . iff, ■ :-■■■»•■■■. ■ « » ;; INTRAMURAL SPORTS. Intra- mural sports seek to provide oppor- tunities for all students to partici- pate in organized and vigorating athletic contests. The program al- lows any student to chose activities which would appeal to him. Over fifty meets in individual or group activities are offered each year. Baseball and football are among these exciting experiences. John Felkamp exemplifies the sporting spirit of the Circle students as he slams the ball for another hit. Spec- tators, particularly the girlfriends of the participants, also get involved in the action. 100 1 V - " •••. • • r „« " .♦., 101 : T |- -r 11 %L- --fJ- -Lr O Q " ' M p ft ft 0 75 66 6 Mfl] m FOOTBALL TEAM. Front Row: Jim Wise, Rich Tucker, Dale Bradgervais, Mike Stanton, Jim Wainwnght. Jim McNellis-Captain, Greg Fiala-Captain, Darit Lindgren, Walt Fili- povvicz, Steve Soberski, Doug Kersey, Vic Nunchuck. Second Row: John Homa, Ed Kichura, Ron Surmin. Carl Haven White, Thad Szpunar, Mark Zucherman, Joe Schlender, Ken Mateas. Jim Karbach, Rich Ciciora, Andrew Zagata, Wayne Williams, Dan Zajac. Third Row: Ron Walkosz, Larry LaDuca, Doug Kopczynski. Tom Ochala, Leonard Brown, Cornelius Marshall, Rich Brayer, Steve Biro. Bob Fisher, Scott McNally, Alex Sigalos, Cal Payton, Nick Grzyb, Rich Morajda, Joe Zagata, Jim Ladas, Larry Bienias. Fourth Row: John Kestner. Ruben Jemison, Pat Corkell, Bill Sullivan, Joe Kielbasa. Frank McGowan, Bob Sirota, David Andersen, Rich Jilek. Larry Zwickl, Dan French, Al LeGear, Larry Arians, Bob Guch, Leonard Hendncks, Jerry Kuecher, James Allen, Robert Anderson. Fifth Row: Jim Descourouez-Head Trainer, Steve Hlupic -Manager. Len Gramarossa-Assistant Coach. Jim Izral-Assistant Coach, James Tylk -Assistant Coach, Harold H. Neomoto-Head Coach, Bill Fudala-Assistant Coach. Mike McGovern -Assistant Coach, Don Mendro- Assistant Trainer. Walt Versen -Assistant Director of Athletics. Sheldon Fordham -Director of Athletics. 1969 RESULTS UiCC OPP. 7 36 Winona State 6 52 Eastern Illinois 84 Delta State 6 14 Missouri-Rolla 13 15 Wisconsin-Milwaukee 24 28 Missouri Valley 3 33 Wayne State 20 7 St. Procopius 102 1969 RESULTS UICC OPP. 43 18 North Central 21 36 Lewis College 19 36 Carrol College 36 19 Marquette 29 28 Missouri-St. Louis 44 19 Northern Illinois 46 17 Illinois State 20 43 Wright Junior College 4th Place North Central Invitational 19 38 Concordia 15 48 Aurora 2nd Place Chicagoland Invitational 24 33 Wayne State 19 38 Chicago 20 41 Chicago State 35 22 Wisconsin-Milwaukee 45 th Place NCAA College Division Low Poir t Scores Win CROSS COUNTRY. Left to Right, Bottom Row: Al Grand, Dennis Ostapczuk, Ken Ecker, Dennis Kellogg. Top Row: Ed Koval, Art Bogdanove, Tom Moylan, Glen Preston, Coach Bill Leach. 103 a GYMNASTICS: Left to Right, Front Row: Bob Heaver, George Hey- man, Jeff Jensen, Terry Sakurada, Larry Vogt, Dave Schubert, Bob Laschober, captain. Middle Row: Bill Fritsche, Dan Swetman, Bob Grabinski, Hayden Eng, Bob Misek, George Efstathiov, Rick Parovan, Roger Fish, Coach Bill Roetzheim. Top Row: Steve Fox, Phil Marzec, Howard Bohlin, Lars Kruse, Clarence Johnson, Larry Kelly, Dave Bid- dinger. 1968-69 RESULTS UICC OPP. 127.77 Ball State 106.51 127.77 Indiana 141.33 148.87 Minnesota 146.55 136.65 Central Michigan 100.70 136.65 Western Illinois 116.40 134.88 U. of Chicago 89.48 145.68 George Williams 128.70 145.68 Wisconsin State 113.65 144.78 Western Illinois 123.91 143.96 Southern Illinois 156.78 147.52 Eastern Michigan 142.14 147.52 Indiana State 153.75 140.82 Eastern Illinois 104.88 149.93 St. Cloud St. 119.30 149.93 Western Michigan 80.32 150.38 Michigan State 154.85 104 1968 69 RESULTS U1CC OPP. 83 90 Lewis 84 89 UW-Milwaukee 74 81 Illinois Tech 110 81 Chicago State 101 94 Langston 54 62 Lane 82 93 Lewis 70 105 Missouri— St. Louis 100 54 George Williams 76 60 Wayne State 84 52 Northeastern 111. State 77 95 Missouri— St. Louis 91 88 St. Procopius 70 77 Wayne State 79 78 Dominican 92 70 Trinity 79 81 Northeastern 111. State 93 73 Illinois Tech 92 71 George Williams 72 83 UW-Milwaukee 94 89 Chicago State 60 70 Dominican BASKETBALL: Left to Right, Bottom Row: Rich Czyz, Mark Vinci, Eddie Porter, George Demos, Dominick Cannata, Clinton Lewis. Top Row: Statistician Coach Jerry Cohen, Head Coach, Tom Russo, Pete Wonais, Bob Sweich, Greg Olsen, Chuck Manson, Ray Rimkevicius, Stan Juozaitis, Tom Manson, Assistant Coach Ed McQuillan. 105 GOLF TEAM , _ „ Left to right, Front Row: Bob Spilker, Bill Tucker, Jerry Scherrer, Bob Augustine, Co-Captain. Top Row: Coach Dick Rader, Tom Conter, Jim Urban, Co-Captain, Tom Cisar, Tom Meyer. SWIMMING TEAM „ _ . „.„.. Left to right, Bottom Row: Coach Bob Danner, George Philosophos, Terry Hospodar Dennis Kneger Ken Metz, Eric Manos, Ken Ecker, Coach Ralph Mackh. Top Row: Ray Meldens, John O Neal, Bob Hebert, Ralph Prane, Ron Frigo, Jack Buscemi, Bill Hellmer. 106 .. 1968- -69 RESULTS UICC OPP. 15 Trinity Christian 6 2 George Williams 5 4 Wheaton College 3 4 Northern 111. 3 6 Illinois at Urbana 9 St. Procopius 5 George Williams 4 7 Lake Forest 8 3 Northwestern 4 Northern Illinois 1 5 Lake Forest 7 3 Wheaton College 8 3 Purdue University 10 1 St. Procopius 7 Illinois at Urbana 11 Trinity Christian HOCKEY TEAM Left to right, Bottom Row: Bob Miller, Bill Korona, Roger Heikkila, Rory Mozden, John Lewe, Don Moss, Bill Gillman. Top Row: Rich Wojcik, Art Horton, Dick May, Dick Marcin, Angelo Nardi, Nick Jerchow, Lou Litrenta, Bob Banghart, Clive Wang, Val Belmonte, Jim Cobb, Coach John Kantarski. 107 Left to right Standing: Pat Walsh, Ray Kasper, Ass ' t. Coach, Carl Wislar, Albert Nowosielski, Dave Myers Andrew Jusczak, Julias McAlloster, Victor Kan, Lewis Jackson, John Nishimura, Coach Leon F. Pickens. Kneeling: Robert Walsh, Mark Giangrande, Chuck Freeman, Gregory Borucki, Emory Smith, Tommy Sumner, William Dokus. Missing: Fred Rhodes. snrrFR Left to right Kneeling: Larry Kaveckas, Phil Naylor, Bruno Gwardys, John Kulinski Jerry Kostik, Murat Shekem. Bending: Dan Frykman, Gerry Szajer, Jim Gallos, Tommy Southgate Rimas Galenas Kivanc Orengil. Standing: Sam Donnely (Head Coach), Julian Nabozny (Mgr.), Hank Scigala, George Domino (Capt.), Ray Roy, Dennis Fishwick, Stan Vymyslicky, Francois Yancy, Rober Dono (Asst. Coach). 108 TRACK AND FIELD Left to right, Bottom Row: Ed Koval, Rich Jilek, Dennis Kellogg, Glen Preston, Jeff True, Dennis Ostapczuk. Top Row: Chuck Ziegler, Art Bogdanove, Greg Ohner, Jim Schultheiss, Tom Moylan, Bill Dalton, Darit Lindgren, Joe O ' Hearn, Coach Tom Wright. 1969 RESULTS 1. UICC 89 North Park 53 2. Ferris State College 86 UICC 48 Vi 3. Carthage College Quadrangular Carthage UICC Trinity College Judson College 105 48 20 12 4. Marquette University 102 UICC 42 5. Concordia Teachers College Triangular Concordia 90 UICC 56 North Park 24 109 110 ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES m Student leaders are elected to the ACTIVITIES HON- ORARY SOCIETY be- cause of their outstanding achievements in extra- curricular activities. They work to alleviate the idea of campus apathy . ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA is com- posed of women who be- gin with and maintain a 4.5 average. They host affairs for the dean of wo- men and offer tutoring ser- vices. ACTIVITIES HONORARY SOCIETY. Sitting: Jack Moran, Lina Stepovy, Jeffery Goltz-Presidcnt, Dean Tandberg-Advisor. Standing: Barry Simon, Barry Fox, Sue Sundman, Thomas Ledonne, Nick Gaudio, Bethavia Cohen, Warren Allen. Not Pictured: Kenneth Lee Halajian. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA. Sitting: Rennee Urbanik-Secretary, Kathy Prendergast-President, Karen Huebner-Vice President. Standing: Yvonne Jurcik, Barbara Kiedysz, Sue Miller, Deborah Munn, Pat Tanny, Karen Hagemann, Diana Lee-Treasurer. 112 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. First Row: David Melzer, Joseph Mejia, Betty McGetrick- Secretary and Treasurer, Lynne Geffman, Sue Grebel, Dr. David Goranstein-Co-sponsor. Second Row: Robert Najemnin, Robert Gooldman-Student Advisor, Charles K. Hunt-Sponsor, Robert Arnold, Raymond J. Svveds, Donald W. Lucek. Third Row: Andrew Pudzianowski, Peter Stiffel, Diane Capman-Chairman, Greg Lyon, John Adamek-Vice Chairman, Gary Kentgen. The AMERICAN CHEM- ICAL SOCIETY offers the students a chance for ex- perience in the presenta- tion and preparation of technical material b efore professional chemical audi- ences. Through the efforts of the AMERICAN IN- STITUTE OF AERO- NAUTICS AND ASTRO- NAUTICS, speakers from Pratt and Whitney, Boeing, and McDonald-Douglas met with interested stu- dents. This professional engineering group also sponsored a trip to Cape Kennedy which was open to all students. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTICS. First Row: Herbert Zivkovic- Vice Chairman, Theresa Horton-Treasurer, Robert Mattis-Chairman, Peter Sukomski-Secretary. Second Row: James McDermott, Tom Skuse, Richard Warner, Larry Nazimek, Robert Ranell, Mr. Richard Shaft-Guest Speaker, Rich Schmidt, Nick Pawluk. 113 ' . J CHEERLEADERS. Kneeling: Diane Gerlach-Co-captain, Mari Yakas. Standing: Kcrstin Katnik, Paul Binderman, Stephanie Zadro. Elevated: Lina Stepovy-Captain, Joan Strasser-Secretary. The pep, energy, and spirit of the CHEER- LEADERS helped to encourage our fighting Chika teams. At these games they displayed banners and sold homecoming buttons. The CIRCLE PLAYERS presented five plays throughout the academic year. The works included: " The Exception The Rule, " " The Seven Deadly Sins, " " Lower Depts, " " Dylan, " and the musical, " Once Upon a Mattress. " CIRCLE PLAYERS. First Row: Howard Goldstein, Pamela Rochowiak, Pat Bomher, David Child. Second Row: Bill Raffeld-Advisor. 114 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS STUDENT BOARD. Sitting: Bob Schuster, Ed Sunden-Treasurer, June Bluder- Secretary, Dan MacShane-Chairman, Frank Fucile-Vice Chairman. Standing: Mark Weiss, Bill Malloy, Frank Dolik, Jim Backstrom, Keith McLean, Don Hermanek, Rich Michael. The COLLEGE OF BUSI- NESS STUDENT BOARD serves as a mediator be- tween business students and their college deans. Among their projects are a Big Brother program, a motion picture presenta- tion for Orientation to familiarize freshmen with the College of Business, and a fledgling newspaper. The COUNCIL ON IN- TERNATIONAL RE- LATIONS AND UNITED NATIONS AFFAIRS held discussions on topical is- sues of international af- fairs, providing opinions from both within and out- side the academic com- munity. COUNCIL ON INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND UNITED NATIONS AFFAIRS. First Row: Mary Rose Weishaar, Savine Briones, Deborah Brownstein. Second Row: Tony Bilyj-Treasurer, Ernest Easton-Chairman, Steve Letrawnik-Vice Chairman. 115 DELTA DELTA SIGMA helps pre-dental students prepare for admittance into dental school. Its activities include: films, guest speakers from the American Dental Associ- ation and dental schools, chalk carving semi- nars, and social gatherings. GAMMA GAM- MA GAMMA is a sorority devoted to the development of young women. The mem- bers sponsor foster children and provide for the tutoring of orphans. An annual banquet and dance culminate the year. DELTA DELTA SIGMA. Bob Trefil-President, Russell lu-Vice-President, Dr. Willey, Chris Jonikaitis-Executive Secretary, Jim Tharp-Treasurer, George Garklaus-Secretary. GAMMA GAMMA GAM- MA. First Row. Georgi- anna Mastrantoio, Janet Clirizio-Sccretary, Sue Bost-President, Sue Galo- witch, Mzri Yakas. Second Row: Norma Mugica, Sher- ry Weissensel, Karen Brandt, Christine Carlson. Third Row: Miss Klinger- Sponsor, Liz Cunniff, Mary Lou Sullivan, Debbie Hardtke. Fourth Row: Monica Carlson. Sue Paul- etti, Nancy Doody, Ruth Bauer. 116 HILLEL. First Row: Robert Richman, Merle Warshausky, Sherry Alpert, Janice Krupp, Ed Nadez, Martin Golub. Second Row: Barbara Stoller, Simme Brenner, Earl Sternfeld, Rachel Nelson, Mark Ross-President, Dina Friedman, Barry Friedman, Rita Schwimmer, Marty Kanofsky, Eileen Rosen. Third Row: Lenny Manus, Cheri Taradash, Alex Kovnat, Brenda Sternfeld, Robin Olevsky, Candy Bark, Colleen Cagney, Barbara Lamm, Rita Schwimmer, Marti Kanofsky, Eileen Rosen. Fourth Row: Sam Shponka, Paul Kovich, Jeffrey Goltz, Bob Sklar, Maynnard Gorbor, Ephraim Casper, Sherwin Mishkin. HILLEL is designed to promote and stim- ulate Jewish activities on campus. Through its meetings and social events, it offers opportunities to meet other Jewish students The HISTORICAL SOCIETY is dedicated to the idea of a community of scholars in the discipline of history. It seeks to facilitate communication within the academic world through various lec- tures and discussions. HISTORICAL SOCIETY. First Row: Joe Burke-Vice President, Jeff True-President, Nick Stipanovich. Second Row: Andi Williamson, Alice Raidle, Ed Noonan, Janis Henke, Kaye Schalk. Third Row: Mike Budko, Hank Nykaza, Leo Wazlo Leon Shkolnik, Steve Vladem, Larry Hayes, Al Rhine, Steve Healy, llan Fletcher. 117 The ILLINI IN EUROPE CLUB is composed of stu- dents who have travelled abroad. They organize an annual trip which is open to all who are interested and can afford it. LAM- BDA CHI is a social -service sorority which acts as hos- tesses for R.O.T.C. activi- ties, ushers at school func- tions, and entertains at Great Lakes Naval Hospi- tal. It also sponsors Angel Guard, U.I.C.C. ' s exhibi- tion drill team which com- petes at Purdue, Bradley, Urbana, and the University of Wisconsin. ILLINI IN EUROPE CLUB. John McCauley-Vice President, Trudi Kiebala, John W. Lowe-President. LAMBDA CHI -ANGEL GUARD. First Roy: Adrienne Davis-Co-cap- tain of the Drill Team, Sophia Bilan- ow. Brenda Lofton, Elaine Banach- Treasurer, Gloria Sandoval, Diana Penar. Second Row: Rose Turnvow, Barbara Nicpan, Nancy Lee, Stella Reed, Barbara Cuda, Connie Ulmer. Third Row: Sandy Moscinski-Pres- ldcnt. Dianne Jones, Theresa May- bcrry-Recording Secretary, Linda Veires, Susan Moscinski-Vice Presi- dent and Drill Team Commander. 118 LAMBDA LAMBDA DELTA is the pro- fessional pre-law honor co-ed fraternity. It strives to stimulate interest in the legal profession by bringing together lawyers and judges encompassing a forum for dis- cussing social and political issues. The LIFE SCIENCE GROUP sets its goal at obtaining scientific knowledge for its members who work on specific research projects. This year they took up a fight against air pollution and sponsored films on scientific advancements. LAMBDA LAMBDA DELTA. First Row: Jim Hussey-President, Jim Alexander-Advisor. Second Row: Ed Belmek-Treasurer, Mary Magee-Secretary, Arnie Rotkin-Vice President. Third Row: Kenneth Lee Halajian, Bruce Hammerstone, Wayne Chalu. Fourth Row: Jim Gillmeister, John Alexander, Irwin Leiter. LIFE SCIENCE GROUP. Sit- ting: Robert Jaeger-Chairman, Linda Arzola, Richard Strnad- Vice Chairman. Standing: Bru- no Gad, Phil Igoe, Rich Kalch- brenner, Donald Lucek. 119 NEWMAN CLUB is a Catholic student organi- zation which maintains a spirit of fellowship among all students. It strives to both create and respond to opportunities for thought, discussion, and action. Its magazine Imprint, encompasses various student opinions. OMEGA BETA PI is the Alpha Chapter of the na- tional premedical profes- sional honorary frate- rnity. Its objectives are to help its members be- come acquainted with medical profession and to prepare them for their medical school exams. They present guest speakers, films open to the student body and hold parties to promote fellowship and an annual Road Rally e. NEWMAN CLUB. At any time of day you can find a friendly group of students at the Newman Community. Officers include: Mike Urbut-President, Jim Barret-Vice President, Phil Kotas-Trea- surer, Faith Zwolinski-Secretary, Fr. Ray Sullivan-Advisor, and Sr. Joanne Seiser. OMEGA BETA PI. First Row: Neil Silverstein-Treasurer, Barbara Kiedysz, Yvonne Jurcik, Sophie Worobec-Secretary, Thomas Worobec. Second Row: Ken Margules, Martin Sachman, Mark Sherman, David Daniels- Vice President, Robert J. Loeb, Paul Malzahn. Third Row: Nick Kozlov, Jeff Lerch, Ron Jendryaszek, Ab Kern-President. Fourth Row: Larry Lapalio, Gary Miller, Larry Pankau, Harold Schwartz, Bill Kuczerpa. 120 ORIENTATION COMMITTEE. First Row: Barry Simon- Senior Advisor, Patricia Wellborn-Chair- man, Michael Weinstein-Vice Chairman, Maria Firley-Secretary, Frank Dolik-Treasurer, Sherry Weissensel. Second Row: Bob Logan, Sandy Cohen, Jerry Scally, Chris, Al, Joan Karpiak, Ken Halajian. The welcome mat for incoming freshman is set by the ORIENTATION COMMITTEE. Each quarter they present programs consist- ing of films, discussions and a micro lab in order to familiarize incoming students to our campus. PERSHING RIFLES is a national military organization with the purpose of developing the highest ideals in the military profession. They furnish color guards for military, athle- tic and other activities and also hold an annual banquet and dance. PERSHING RIFLES. First Row: Fred Zehnder, Chris Chalko, Wayne Bassi. Second Row: Paul Spivek, Don French, Wayne Sabo. Third Row: Peter Cooper, Dan Angelos, Frank Novak .Fourth Row: Rich Stadelman, John Altendorf, Chuck Baylock. 121 PI ALPHA TAU First Row June Bluder-Treasurer, Tom LeDonne- President, Pam Mathis, F. Gaylord Cox-Advisor. Second Row: Jerry Troglia, Chuck Witt, Kathy Bridges Kathy Donne, Maria Naval, Robin Banul, Bill Voda, Warren Allen. Third Row: Ron Buscemi, Jay Jankowski, Barry Fox, Donna Heise, Bill LeDonne, Andy Haszlakiewicz. PI ALPHA TAU, The Co-ed fraternity on campus, is an active group in stu- dent affairs. This past year has seen the fratority participate in the school events of: Freshman Weekend, Orien- tation and Homecoming. Socially their calendar for the year includes frequent parties, road rallyes, camping and the- ater trips and many formal and in- formal get togethers. v- »piniiiimn 1 ii 1 ,ii!im et. IN THE WORLD R 122 STUDENT GOVERNMENT is the officially recogniz- ed representative organization of students on campus. Since its purpose is to reflect the diversity of student activism, it maintained a number of specialized activi- ties to execute business: the Academic Affairs Com- mittee, Communication Council, University Planning Division, Student Policy Commission, a Student Gov- ernment Book Exchange, Intra -College Division, Community Affairs Committee, and a Speakers ' Bu- reau. The social sorority, THETA GAMMA PHI, en- deavors to provide both a meaningful social life and a successful academic career on campus. Past activites have included: volunteer work at Childrens ' Memorial Hospital, the purchasing of Braille typewriters for the blind, and a Christmas party for the youth of the Lawndale Urban Center. The academic year is con- cluded with an annual formal dinner dance. STUDENT GOVERNMENT. Sitting: John Wesley Lowe - President. Standing: Susan Sundman - Treasurer, Kevin Cronin - External Vice-President, John McCauley - Executive Vice-President, Sylvia Janis - Internal Vice-President. THETA GAMMA PHI. First Row: Barbara Madorsky, Roberta Sachs, Robin Cone, Leslie Sklar, Marcia Goldfarb, Bonnie Klein-Secretary. Second Row: Gail Weinhouse-Treasurer, Ilene Hecht, Dorothy Federman, Lorrie Sachs, Lorrie Ludwig. Third Row: Jo Carole Dorf, Esther Kachka, Barbara Simon, Ellen Bernstein, Ida-Regjna Lucas. Fourth Row: Rosalyn Ferst, Sharyl Wexelman, Barbara Merkin, Leslie Feldman, Esther Ehrlich-President. 123 H TKE. First Row: Phil Netznik, Bob Serwy, Richard Bokor, Edward Ruley, Joe Clark, Mike Byrne, Ted Lekan, Pat Feltes, Sam Kentopian. Second Row: Ken Kellermeyer, Dan Azark- Vice President, Trevor Hart Treasurer, Mike Cebry-CF, Bradley Hahn, John Anselms, Don Edwards, Paul Tynin, Dave Meszaros, Richard Abrham. Third Row: Mike Solka, Wayne Wickman, Don Chelmecki, Wayne Lasinski, Dennis BlondeU, Rich Klein, Hank Aleliumas-Secretary, Fred Schied. Fourth Row: Pat Daly -President, Tom Mclnerney, Bob Middleton, Marti Bruner, Mike Kay, Dennis Anderson, Ronald Speiser, Warren Wheaton, Gregg Manning. TKE ' S, as an affiliate of the nation-wide organization, has only been recognized on campus for the past year and a half. During this time they have sponsored the Helping Hands School for the Handicapped, donated blood for the Medical Center ' s drive, and helped out at the Boys ' Club. Activities for the sports-minded women on campus are pro- vided by the WOMENS ' ATHLETIC AS- SOCIATION. This club sponsors both intra- mural and extramural teams including soft- ball, basketball, fencing, volleyball, swim- ming, badminton, and field hockey. The cul- minating event of the year is an Awards Night for participating students. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. First Row: Barb Bryk-Treasurer, Mimi Gannon- Vice President, Mary Kay Walsh-President. Second Row: Lynn James, Judy Brud-Secre- tary, Pat Adcock, Pat Duffy, Miss Licausi- Faculty Advisor. 124 WOMEN ' S P.E. MAJORS CLUB. First Row: Kathy Guerrero, Silvija Umbrasas, Maureen Roach, Kathy Miner, Veronica Johnson. Second Row: Bobbe Cohn, Lila Torchaga, Kris Krevchena, Third Row: Alice Gmiterek, Arlene Tziagwa, Terri Pas, Margaret Gmiterek. The WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB, under the leadership of Miss Carol Galas, provides educational, recreational, and social activities for the benefit of both its members and the com- munity. This year the club has hosted a coffee hour for the Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, and Rec- reation, offered its services to Holy Fami- ly Elementary School, won first place for Homecoming floats, and has been in charge of the President School for the Student Section of I.A.H.P.E.R. The final event of the year is the annual Spring Banquet with the announcement of the winner of the " Outstanding Major " a- ward. YAVNEH is an informal and per- sonal group that is directed toward pro- moting a deeper understanding of Juda- ism through educational, cultural, social action, and social activities both on and off campus. YAVNEH. First Row: Devorah Rosenzweig, Josette Frydman, Ephraim Casper-Executive Board Member, Rachel Kestenbaum, Joyann Brody, Lorri Gutman-Executive Board Member. Second Row: Darryl Rotman, Glenn Garoon, Rachel Nelson, Carol Levin, Ira Garoon. Third Row: Debbie Goldman, Phil Shore, Larry Engelhart, Shulamith Goldsmith, Diane Levin. Fourth Row: Sherry Green, Marcie Shankman, Steven Weiss, Rabbi Jack D. Frank- Advisor, Mark Ross, Maynard Steinberg. 125 ADMINISTRATION AND SENIORS 126 127 DAVID DODDS HENRY, President of the University 128 NORMAN A. PARKER is Chancellor of the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle. He is seen below officially open- ing last year ' s Rites of Spring. 129 STUDENT AFFAIRS OSCAR MILLER, Dean of Student Affairs 130 AGNES G. TANDBERG, Dean of Women and WARREN O. BROWN, Dean of Men 131 1 - 132 1 . ARTHUR J. FALLS, Director of Financial Aid 2. HAROLD KLEHR, Director of Student Counseling 3. PHILIP BAUBER, Coordinator of Student Employment 4. ROLAND Q. SWAIM, Coordinator of Placement Services 5. LAURETTE A. KIRSTEIN, Coordinator, Foreign Student Affairs 6. WAYMAN EDWARDS, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs 7. RICHARD J. BICKHAUS, Assistant Coordinator of Placement 8. CONSTANCE M. WILSON, Coordinator of Student Loans 9. HARRY F. RODMAN, Director of Organizations Activities 10. JOHN E. KYSAR, Director of Health Service 11. MARIKO GALLAGA, Coordinator of Scholarships Grants 133 Irf - TOM MICK LOS. Director ABIGAIL SPRLYLR. Editor of the U of I Chicagoan ALUMNI ASSOCIATION FAYE WINES and CHRIS PETRUN1AK 134 LIBRARY ADMINISTRATION Left to Right: GILES B. ROBERTSON - Head of Public Services, WILLIAM B. ERNST JR. - Director. LOUIS A. SCHULTHEISS - Head of Technical Services. GLENN R. SCHARFENORTH - Assistant to Director CIRCLE CENTER ADMINISTRATION JAMES J. OVERLOCK, Director of Auxiliary Services DALE N. BROSTRL ' M. Director of the Chicago Circle Center 135 A H v _ b jW c • tf J Am m Dean Van Cleve Morris Dr. Emanuel Hurwitz - Assistant Dean COLLEGE OF EDUCATION David Wilson - Assistant to the Dean Dr. Charles E. Mader - Assistant Dean 136 Dr. George Giles - Associate Dean Left to Right: Alvin S. Boyarsky - Associate Dean, Leonard J. Currie - Dean, Roland Rathbun Assistant Dean. COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE AND ART 137 . Left to Right: S. GEORGE HUNERYAGER Associate Dean. ROBERT CRABB Acting Assistant Dean, and IRV1N L. HI CKMANN Dean of the College COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 138 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING - : .. Row One, Left to Right: HERBERT STEIN Assistant Dean. GEORGE BUGLIARELLO Dean of Engineering, DAVID W. LEVINSON Director of Industrial Liaison, H. DALE WALRAVEN Assistant Dean. Row Two: HENRY A. SETTON Assistant Dean, WILLIAM De FOTIS Assistant Dean. 139 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Row One, Left to Right: Dean Patricia McFate, Dean B. Doner, Dean Vivian Lipman. Row Two: Dean Kenneth Bidle, Dean Allen Howard, Dean Wade Freeman, Dean Ellis Little. 140 THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Standing Left to Right: Dr. Gerald Kauvar- Assistant Dean, Dr. William Otting-Assistant Dean, William Dunne-Staff Associate, Acting Dean Rocek. Seated: Miss Dante 141 Patricia Jean Aarts B.A Special 1 ducation Donna J. Abriganani B.A. Special Education ary V. Adair John P. Adamek U.S. B.S. Geography Chemistry Leo M. Adams B.A. Patricia J. Adams B.A. English Walter E. Adams, Jr. B.S. Communications Robert L. Agusto B.A. Economics Sue Ahenbaeh B.S. Physical Education Raymond Albin B.A. History John H. Alexander B.A. Political Science Warren R. Allen B.S. Social Interaction Agostino Alonzo B.S. Premedical Biology Edward G. Altman BS. James B. Alwin B.S. Aerospace Science Simon E. Amich B.S. Business Administration Sally Anders B.A French Carl R. Anderson B.S. business Administration Donald A. Anderson B.S Business Administration Margaret E. Anderson B.A. Political Science Paul G. Anderson B.S. Business Administration Sergio M. Angel B.A. Structural Architecture (Catherine Antoniades B.A. Anthropology Jerry V. Aquino B.A. Business Administration 142 Frances A. Areuri Robert J. Arnold Lynne B. Aron Maryne. Aniaga Richard W. Ave Maria Clara Averkiou B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.S. Elementary Education Chemistry Psychology Spanish Education English Marketing Kenneth J. Bacigalupo Judith A. Backauskas Vincent Baskstrom Phoebe D. Baker Allan 0. Baldwin Jerome C. Balin B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. Finance Geography Business Administration Elementary Education Mathematics History Ellen Balsewich B.A. English Elaine M. Banach B.A. English Raymond Banas B.A. Economics Barbara H. Barbakoff B.S. Biology Vytautas Barcas B.S. Systems Analysis Carole Barg B.A. English Education Thomas E. Barnes Greg R. Ban David W. Barriball Ronald W. Bartgen Heide 1. Barthel George P. Bartnik B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Mathematics Accounting Industrial Engineer Sociology Political Science Socieology 143 James R. Bartnick B.S. Finance llcne Bass B.A. History Michael C. Bass B.A. English Wayne J. Bassil B.A. Political Science Steven Bazer B.S. Business Administration Yvonne Ann Bcaezecki B.A. Spanish Lit. Linda M. Beireis Barbara Ann Benjamin Gail Bennet B.S. B.A. B.A. Sociology Political Science Art History Kenneth J. Benshoof Jon 0. Benton Janice I .. Bergantino B.A. B.A. B.A. English Lit. Geography Math Education Do you remember Freshman Orientation? Meeting new friends? Etta B. Berman James E. Berry Salomea Bialass Curtis A. Biele Halina L. Bielowicz Joseph G. Bisceglia B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A. History Communications Engineering Psychology Spanish Finance Administration of Criminal Justice 144 Ann M. Bismayer B.A. Anthropology Carl Birns B.S. Marketing Barbara A. Blausiak B.A. Education Loralee Blais B.A. English Helene S. Blumsack B.A. Special Education Irene A. Blekys B.S. Biology Or didn ' t they go? Bonnie J. Blyth B.S. Psychology Jerome J. Bober B.S. Computer Science Tim A. Bobic B.S. Applied Mechanics Allan J. Bobren B.S Engineering Robert J. Boggio B.S. Chemistry Patricia A. Bomher B.A. Speech and Theater George Bourboulas B A Spanish Janice M. Bow B A Elementary Education Greg Lee Borucki B.A Chemistry 145 ■■M tain William Bovc uk B A Histor) Randal J. Brasky B.S. Marketing Patricia A. Bray B.A. Sociology Glenn W. Bredfeldt B.A. Chemistry Allen M. Breyer B.A. Geography Bcrthanna Brinas B.A. r.lementary Education Marilyn J. Brisctte B.A. Speech and Theatre Louis J. Broccolo B.A. History Radmila Brodich B.A English Fred M. Brody B.S. Accounting Henry C. Bromann B.A. Sociology Jacqueline R. Brown B.A. Sociology Michael A. Brown B.S. Information Engineering Michael Brown B.A. Political Science Susan M. Brown B.S. Mathematics William Browning III B.S. Chemistry Deborah N. Brownstein B.A. Political Science Richard J. Brusik B.A. History Sue H. Brzozowski B S. Physical Education Dennis W. Buche B A. Administration of Criminal Justice John F. Bucher B.A. Political Science Cecil J. Buckner B.S. Electrical Engineering 146 Ajine Joyce Hunan B.A. History Michael O. Burke B.A. English liil Joseph J. Burke B.A. History Thomas P. Burke B.S. Biology Barbara J. Busch B.S. Sociology Leslee E. Bushkin B.A. Psychology Thomas E. Buss B.S. Engineering Helen A. Cahnmann B.A. Anthropology Susan E. Cain B.S. Physical Education Michael H. Caldwell B.A. Marketing Philip S. Cali B.S. Communications Engineering Edward H. Calvey B.S. Business Finance Kevin J. Caplis B.A. Criminal Justice Diane C. Capman B.S. Chemistry George A. Capola B.A. Sociology Eloise M. Carnevaile B.A. Criminal Justice Nancy A. Cary B.S. Speech Barbara K. Cabrnoch B.A. Education Diane M. Cantalupo B.A. Sociology Michael P. Casey B.A. Marketing Leonard A. Catalano James C. Cater Francisco G. Cavazos Ted E. Cesarz Wayne Chalu Sylvia D. Chamski B.S. B.S. B.S B.S B.A. B.S. Aerospace Marketing Operations Research Business Accounting Political Science Quantitative Methods 147 Paul Chan Nancy J. Chandler Shin H. Chen Ardis S. Chernow S haron D. Chesney William A. Chester BS B.A. B.A. B.A. BS. B.A. Computer Science Engineering Education Psychology Elementary Education Accounting Political Science Eva M. Cichosz Elizabeth J. Clapp Karen M. Clark BS. B.A. B.A. Quantitative Methods Teacher Education- English Elementary Education ; 4 How about those great pinochle games between classes at the union? James Clausen Mary Pennington Clough Kathleen E. Coakley Barbara S. Cohn Bobbe S. Cohn Donna A. Cohen B.A. B.A. B.A B.A. B.S. B.A. History English Literature English Education Physical Education English 148 Barry J. Cohodes B.S. Accounting Linda S. Colombo B.S. Mathematics Raymond V. Colsant B.A Sociology- Christine A. Columbus B.S. Mathematics " Anita R. Contreras B.A Education . . Or were you always in a hurry to leave campus? Edward L. Cornell, III B.A. English Joseph P. Corrigan B.S. Finance Kathleen J. Cook B.A English Education William F. Cordner B.S. Business Administration Elsa Coss B.A. Sociology uiJ John T. Costello B.S. Marketing Sandra A. Costulas B.A. Special Education John J. Cotromanes B.A. Psychology James E. Coughlan BS Mathematics Leonard J. Coutre BS. Applied Physics Charles E. Craft B.S. Marketing 149 ■M«M Karen S. Cruise BS Math Rosettl Cuconato B A Freni h John T. Curin BS Math Gerald T. Cuzelis BS. Physics John W. Czarnik B A Political Science Lawrence J. Czepiel B.A. Criminal Justice Timothy S. Czerepkowski B A Management Reenee S. Czerwin BS. Physical 1 ducation Bohdanna Czornij B A Russian Muhamad A. Dabbouseh BS. Communication Engineering Alan Dakoff BS. Chemistry B.A. Math Ted Dali B.A. Philosophy James M. Danz BS I mancc Barbara M. Davenport BS. Sociology Leon R. Davidson BS Accounting Adrienne C. Davis B.A. Psychology Edna J. Davis B A History Merle M. Davis, Jr. BS. Structural Design Richard Davit BS Marketing Katliy Dean B A I diK.ition Barbara D. Debs B.A. Psychology Sarah A. Decker B.A. Education Richard Delevitt BS. Accounting Linda J. Delmonte B.A. Sociology 150 n J. Demay Bill G. Demitropoulous Virdella S. Denwiddie Anna I. Deptuch Eugene Deramus Gary W. Desanti B.S. B.A B.A. B.S B.S. B.A. Finance Political Science English Literature Biology Operations Research Engineering Accounting Donna L. Diehl Kenneth J. Diliberto Michael S. Dirsmith James P. Dolan George C. Domino Peter J. Donnelly B.A. B.A. B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. Speech and Accounting Marketing Political Science Accounting Political Science Teacher Ed Theatre Education Nancy J. Doody B.A. History Education Carole Dorf B.A. Advertising Design Gail Dorton B.A. English William E. Dovkas B.A. Anthropology Donald F. Doyle B.A. Teacher Ed. -Biology Anthony Drab B.S. Systems Analysis Anthony S. Dragic Paula M. Dramisino Vernon C. Dreher Susan M. Dresden Cynthia A. Drew Linda L. Drews B.S B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Communications Engineering Art History Physical Education History Secondary Education Psychology English Education 151 i HH ■ Lawrence Driscoll B.A. Architecture Herbert L. Dubin B.S. Marketing James J. Dubinski B.A. Accounting George G. Duda B.S. Business Management Thomas J. Dudak B.A. History Geraldinc R. Dudiak B.A. Elementary Education Michael J. Duellman B.S Math Ardyth L. Duhatschek B.A. Psychology Lorraine C. Dulian B.A. Sociology Arthur F. Duncan B.A. Architecture Ronald M. Dvorkin B.S. Computer Engineering George E. Dykas B.S. Computer Engineering Were you one of the lucky ones to receive a parking pass? . . . Edward T. Ebel B A. History Mae Sue Edwards B.A. Psychology Penny A. Edwards B.A. Math Education Stephan R. Epstein B.S. Business Administration Allen K. Ericksen B.S. Communications Engineering Christine M. Estes B.A. History 1 52 iiliiia Patricia G. Evey B.A. L.A.S. Richard V. Ezop B.S. Systems Engineering Paul S. Facuna B.S. Chemistry William R. Fang B.S. Psychology John P. Fareno B.A. History Mark J. Fastert B.A Industrial Design Or did your luck run out? Nancy H. Feldman B.A. Psychology John W. Felkamp B.A. Political Science William L. Ferguson B.A Psychology Kathleen T. Field B.A. History Cynthia J. Fijolek B.A. English Walter J. Filipowicz B.S. Physical Education Frank J. Filipelli B.S Management Sandra D. Finkelstein B.A. Speech Theatre Mary L. Finnegan B.A. Sociology 153 m Robert J. Finnigan I) A Gcographj Barry R. Fiote B.S. Business Ad nu nisi ration Jack C. Fiore B.S. Thermo-Mechanical Engineering Frances A. Firestone B.A. Art Education Ronald F. Fischel B.S. Management Dennis L Fishwick B.S. Sociology Oifford A. Fister BS Water and Air Resources Charles E. Fietter BS Mathematics Patricia R. Flynn B.A. Geography Greg M. Fontana B.S. Electronic Engineering Mario J. Fontana B.S. Mechanical Engineering Rosemarie Fornek B.A. Elementary Education C) f - J » f. B • " jSl " " " Ja % ' 1 jftj w%Oyl - a id ■ w ichael A. Fotis Philip V. Fournier Barry L. Fox Frank J. Francis Gail M. Fransen Daniel Fraser B.S. BS B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. Psychology Math Education Mathematics Accounting French Philosophy William L. Fraync Monica Freeman Lynn J. Friedman Noreen D. Fries Joan C. Fudula David K. Fung B.S. B.A B.A. B.A. B.A. BS. English Eng. Education Plastic and Graphic Arts Spanish 154 Alan M. Furuta Michael N. Furuta Brenda J. Gaines Victor J. Gajek William Lee Gamlin Kay K. Ganser B.A. B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. History Sociology Sociology Accounting English English Jerome J. Gap Tim Garb Daniel E. Gardner Gail A. Garner Marirose Garner Susan M. Gartner B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.S. Structural Design German Industrial Design English Spanish Anthropology nuta R. Gasiorowski James J. Gatziolis Arthur M. Gelman Renee K. Gerber Steven A. Gettler Adam E. Ghidali B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.S. Geography Accounting Criminal Justice English Architecture Systems Engineering 111 Said 1. Ghusein Marion V. Gielczewski Thomas H. Gibbons Wanda M. Gill Jane C. Glick Peter W. Glocker B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.S. Economics Elementary Education Spanish Sociology Teacher Ed.: Spanish Mechanical Analysis and Design 155 Daniel L.GIowski B.S. Biolog) Cheryl L. Gold B.A. Communications Design Moshc Gold B.S. Electronic Eng. Jeffrey M. Goltz B.A. Accounting Stephen Gonzalez B.S. Physical Education Gregory M. Gora B.S. Aero Space Engr. Dorothy A. Gorka B.S. Mathematics Linda D. Gray B.A Hist. Education Raymond V. Graziano B.A. Political Science Sharon A. Green B.A. Geography Student Government functional? Carolyn M. Greene Melvin G. Gregory Lucille S. Grieco Joseph E. Griffin Suzanne E. Griffin Nancy E. Griffith B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. Education Business Administration Spanish Education Business Administration Elementary Educ. Psychology 156 David O. Griggs B.S. Marketing Zaphiria Grivas B.S. Mathematics Kim D. Grunewald B.A. Psychology Robyn D. Guest B A. Speech and Theatre Arts John T. Guihan B.A. English Merrily W. Gullquist B.S. Mathematics Or farce? Patricia L. Gutierrez B.A. Teacher Educ. History Robert B. Gutkowski B.S Structural Design Lorri N. Gutman B.A. English Sharon I. Haffron Janice M. Hajost Kenneth 1 ... Halajian Edward E. Hale Roy E. Haller B.S. B A. B A. B.A. B.S. Marketing Political Science Political Science Architecture Engineering Thomas F. Haller B.S. Economics 157 Bruce [). Hanimersionc B A Histor) Wayne G. Hanslik B.A. Sociology James Hao B.S Bioengineering Cathy L. Haiano B.A. Sociology Norman H. Harelik B.A. Psychology Linda J. Kailan B.A. History Arthur F. Harmon BS Accounting Paul F. Harman B.S. Accounting Susan M. Harney B.A. Sociology Carol E. Harvey B.A. Spanish Education Steven M. Hassur B.S. Chemistry Georgeanne Hasto B.A. English Karen R. Hauge B A Political Science Larry E. Hays B.A. History Mary Ellen Hebda B.S. Psychology William W. Heine B.S. Engineering Richard A. Helfand B.S. Finance Bonita S. Henderson B.A. Special Education Donald J. Hermanck BS Marketing Camille V. Hernandez B.A Spanish Marjorie Lee Herter B.S. Chemistry Ken S. Hibbeler B.A. Spanish Ed. Helmut R. Hiller B.S. Operation Research Franklin P. Hines B.S. Communication Engineering 158 Denise Hirsch Diane Hodorowski Jack Hoffman Joyce Hofman Mark Hoffman Charles A. Homolka B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. Sociology Physical Education Sociology Biology Marketing Chemistry Calvin Hong Michael D. Horn Theresa M. Horton Eva Horvath David G. Hough Phyllis A. Houser B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. Communication Engineering Biology Aerospace Engineering Biology Accounting Sociology William E. Howell B.S. TV- Radio Michael F. Hritz B.A. History Mina M. Hsu B A. Sociology Marilyn E. Hubbard B.A. Psychology Linda R. Hudy B.A. German Teacher Education Deborah A. Hughes B.S. Mathematics Michael C. Hughes James E. Hussey Fred S. Hyde Barbara J. Inendino Bryon Inovye Barry J. Isaacson B.A B.A. B.A. B.S. B.S. B.A Administration of Psychology Prelaw Finance Business Mathematics Biology History -Teacher Education Criminal Justice Administration 159 i Alfred Ittner B S Marketing Joan K. I.iuIj J J My Beauty Milton G. James Donna T. Janeczko James M. Janik B.A. B.A. B.A. Geography Political Science Psychology Ronald A. Janus B.A. Psychology Daniel J. Javorka Jaroslaw Jednoroz Peggy A. Jeffris BS BS. B.A. Engineering Engineering Spanish What about those Chikas! (What ' s a Chika?) Didn ' t we have a great time? Or didn ' t you take the time? Regina N. Jenrick BS Paul L. Jensen Donald J. Jerome Joanne L. Jerome Robert E. Jeswein Cynthia L. Jeziorski BS. B.A. B.A BS. B.A. Psychology Biology Accounting Education Accounting Accounting 160 Bassam J. Jody Frank A. Johnson Joseph L. Johnson B.S. B.A. B.A. Mathematics Architectual Design History Kathleen M. Johnson B.A. Education Peter F. Johnson B.S. Chem. Engineering Victoria M. Johnson B.A. Elementary Educ. T —j — r •w T ■ • «. ._£■ . . .- ' I — ■ -• ;„ T . ■ ■ ■ ' !» • ' -r- TT T t ■ -. T Arthur R. Jungwirth, Jr. B.A. History Mary A. Juszcyk B.A. Political Science Or didn ' t you take the time? Theresa Kachiroubas Esther Kachka Martin J. Kadzicla B.A. B.A. B.S. History English Educ. Mathematics Anthony W. Kalant Patricia D. Kallio Martin P. Kancius Kenji Kanesaka Anne P. Kapka Morris Kaplan B.S. BS. B.S. B.S. B.A. BS Accounting Chemistry Political Science Economics Education Biology 161 Connie L. Kappas B.A. Spanish Edward L. Karikomi B.A. Architecture James A. Karlovsky B.S. Engineering Richaid A. Karnuth B.A. Sociology Teresa E. Kcene B.A. Philosophy Kevin F. Kennedy B.S. Biology Martin J. Kennedy Carol J. Kenny Abe Kern . Fred M. Keto Anthony H. Kierna Florence A. Kikta B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S. Political Science Sociology Biology History Sociology Biology Robert C. King Bonnie L. Kinsinger Yong D. Kim Laime G. Kisielius Geoffrey T. Kitz Stuart G. Klaud B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S B.S. Business Administration Psychology Structural Mechanics Sociology Engineering Communications Engineering Mare J. KJowden B.S. Biology Frank A. Klun B.S. Thermo-Mechamcal Engineering David L. Knapp B.S. Finance Amaua N. Knezevich B.S. Chemistry Margaret M. Kobos B.S. Physical Education Dennis Koci B.S. Business Administration 162 Maryann Koepp B.A. History Linda J. Kohenn B.A. Political Science Kevin M. Kohl B.S. Marketing Gayle L. Kolar B.S. Education Jeffrey M. Kollum B.S Quantitative Methods Kenneth S. Kormanak B.A. Marketing Elizabeth H. Kornecki Teresa Korzenko Terry A. Kosobud B.S. B.S. B.S. Biology -Physics Mathematics Chemistry James D. Kotara B.S. Engineering John E. Kowalski B.S. Engineering John P. Koziol B.S Engineering Micheal A. Kozlowski B.S. Mathematics -Computer Science Micheal C. Kozy B.A. Political Science Alice J. Kraj B.A. Education Ivan M. Krobik B.S. Engineering Beverly J. Kraska B.A. Special Education Robert A. Kratovil B.A. Art History Thomas P. Kravchuk Laurel K. Kriechbaum Susan J. Kubina Maryann Kuca Kenneth G. Kuch Thomas C. Kuchvalek B.A. B.A. B.A. B.S B.A. B.A. English Political Science English Mathematics Accounting German 163 William G. Kuczerpa B | i tiolog) Gloria K. Lambert B.A. Secondary Education Janet Kuhns B.A. Political Science Annette H. Kulik B.A. Management Lila L. Kung B.S. Biological Engineering Linda L. Kuppingcr B.A. English William M. Kurgan B.S. Physical Education John R. Lamberts B.S. Accounting Dennis A. Lane B.A. Architecture School can be a pain sometimes . . . like registration. Ltkfc Charles A. Lasch li S Busmen Administration Wayne C. Lasinski B.S. Finance Darlcne M. Laskcv B.S. Mathematics Nancy A. Latza B.A Psychology Eda B. Lavreneig B.A English Rene M. Laurens B.S. Chemical Engineering 164 te A. Lawson Nancy A. Lee James A. Leideger Stefan Leider B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. History Biology Accounting Finance Ronald J. Leifel B.S. Computer Science Susan A. Leiievaag B.A. Spanish F.duc. 3434 40134 FU RLjScLL VEN CH.-.U 12 la oS RUSSELL vc CHAU 110 S KIKSTOH ChiCAC-C ILL 60043 STUM? Stt22$ULE R 9. Oh ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS COPY iiOS IIQS CHEH CHIP Fr, HUH PEH 205 2c 3 234 234 102 201 142 9230c 02299 03549 03484 1110 11102 i«88a 1 2lt HI 1 si LAB Ltcr LAB LECT LEC-0 C-0 LAB CQULO GUL0 5.00H 4.00H COULD JLO LT BE SCI Ml? BE SCF a- u l 3 jot oe sch «JT BE SO E0ULED. DOLED. XTUttTH i CO LEU. ZDULEO. REASON- 4 SEASON- 4 322 3 SfcL C4 LC 103 LM REASON- 4 TOTAL - 9.0 HOORS Robert W. Lenke B. Arch. Building Tech. Bruce L. Levin B.A. Psychology Craig L. Levin B.A. Accounting Especially if things don ' t work out like you planned. Howard M. Levin B.S. Accounting Ronald B. Levine B.A. Comm. Design Phylis B. Levy B.A. English Stephen A. Levy William G. Lewis Theodore E. Likleja Stuart E. Linderman Allan J. Lindrup Mary D. Lisowski B.S. B.A B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. Management Accounting Biological Sciences Bio Engineering Political Science Speech 165 n I inilj K. Luke li Sp mish Darlcne A. Little B Psyi hi Michael A. Lobatz Terry R. Locke Robert J. Loeb B.S. B.S B.S Biological Engineering Communications 1 ngincering Chemistr) Beverly A. Long B.A. Political Science John W. Lowe li A Politii .il Science Lawrence A. Loziuk B.S. Engineering Philip B. Lubov B.S. Marketing Donald W. Lucek B.S. Chemistr) Elizabeth J. Lutschak B.A. History Gregory D. Lyon B.S Chemistry Marilyn P. Lyons B A Elementary Education Kestutis A. Maciulaitis B.S. Physics Daniel A. Mac Shane B.S Personnel Management John A. Madejczyk B.A. I lementar) I ducation Chryll M. Madkin B.A. Psycholog) Samuel C. Madonia B.S. Finance Torricelli Magctt Francis M. Magnifico Stephen F. Main Margaret R. Maker John C. Malinowski Mary R. Mallon li liS BS B.A. B.S. B.A. Political Science Electronic Applications Math English Structural Design English 166 William J. Malloy B.S. Finance Shirley S. Mann B.A. Sociology Kathleen A. Marcy B.S. Physical Education George M. Margalski B.S. Marketing Donald Mariano B.S. Management Tony Mariella B.S. Economics ill Mary E. Matheis B.S Management Frank L. Marrese Mark F. Marshall Suzanne L. Martin Richard J. Marzec Michael Mata Diane L. Mateja B.S. B.A B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. Accounting Architecture Anthropology Applied Physics Mathematics Math Joseph Matrisotto B S Engineering Annemarie Matti B.S. German Robert P. Mattis B.S. Aerospace Sciences •Catherine A. Matuszak B.A Political Science Brigitte T. Mayer B.S. Elementary Education Richard A. Mayes Ronald J. Mayka Paul R. M.i nr Lawrence J. Mazzeffi Linda M. McCarthy John B. McCauley B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. Biology Computer Science Management Accounting Elementary Education Political Science 167 i Roberta M. McCoimack B S Physical I duration Bruce A. McCoughey B.A. History Philip J. McCrea B.S. Biology Susan M. McDowell Dennis L. McGuin Marcey M. McKay B.A. B.S. B.A. English F.ducation Business Administration English James L. McNellis Eileen M. Meadors Jose Medina B.S B.A. B.A Marketing Political Science Management ry A. Mednick Diamond Mendonides Donald N. Mendio B.A. B.A. B.S. Accounting Political Science Physical Education Circle can be a great place to meet others . . . Sally H. Merle Joann Merriman Mercedes R. Mesia Jeny Meyerhoff Dennis J. Mikalavskas Kathleen M. Mikrat B.S. B.A. B.S. B.S. B.S . B.A. Mathematics Music Biology Communications Engineering Elementary Education 168 George A. Milauskas B.S. Mathematics Jenita Miller Marc A. Miller Sandra L. Miller Robert A. Mills Kathleen A. Miner B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S. B.S. iological Sciences Criminal Justice Elementary Education Psychology Physical Education Susan F. Mioduszewski John B. Mitchell Regina A. Miyamoto B.S. B.S B.A. Biological Sciences Engineering Political Science Or get to know that certain song. Deborah L. Moeller George Monaster James K. Moore B.A. B.S. B.S. German Engineering Mathematics -Computer Science Jance C. Moose B.A. Education Daniel F. Moravec B.S. Operations Research Engineer Analia Morel B.S. Physics Claire L. Morrissey B.A. Elementary Education Sandra E. Moscinski B.S. Business Administration Susan M. Moscinski B.S. Accounting 169 Stephen L Moss B.A. Political Science Edward Moy B.S. Physics Salina V. Moy B.S. Mathematics Maiy A. Mudra B.S. Physical Education Kenneth W. Mueller B.S. Chemistry Sharon L. Munn B.A. History I 1 Steven D. Murphy Sandra A. Murray Marie L. Myhr Chris M. Myszczak Kenneth J. Nannini Sherry M. Narodick B A B S B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. Criminal Justice Biology English Elementary Education Economics Teacher- Education Raymond S. Nardowiec Patricia L. Nasrallah Phillip J. Naylor Lorraine E. Nelsen Elliott K. Nelson Gregory R. Nelso B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A. French (Education) History Anthropology Management Political Science Alan A. Nemer Judith R. Netterstron Edward R. Netzel Richard J. Netzel Karen J. Neumann James W. Newman B.A. B.A. B.S. B.S. B.A. B.S. Management English Engineering Engineering Elementary Education Accounting 170 Judith T. Newman B.S. Biology Marsha V. Newman B.S. Biological Sciences Pauline Nichols B.A. History Veronica Nichols B.S. Biology Judith A. Nickel B.A. History Barbara A. Nicpan B.S. Biochemistry Ronald A. Nied B.A. Political Science John T. Nishimura Terry M. Noonan Philip L. Noplos B.S. B.S. B.S. Math Education Mechanical Engineering Chemistry Dennis S. Novwood B.A. Speech Donna M. Noto B.S. Special Education Cynthia R. Novak B.A. English Dianne E. Nowak B.A. English Jeanie H. Nowak B.A. Education Richard J. Nowak B.S. Management Sandra A. Nuckous B.A Sociology Henry F. Nykaza B A. History Janet O ' Brien B.S. Math Michael J. O ' Brien B.S. Political Science Robert J. O ' Brien Maureen T. O ' Connor B.S. B.A. Accounting English Erick J. Odanaka Kathleen E. O ' Donnell B.S. B.A. Biology Elementary Education 171 «- Kathleen M. O ' Donncll Ronette C. O ' Herrin Joseph J. Oliaro John T. Olichwicr Maryannc O ' Lcary Iva J. Olson B.A. B.A. B.A B.S. B.A. B.S. I rench reachei I il English English Physical Education Psychology Physical Education Kathleen A. O ' Malley William J. O ' Neill James G. Opon, B A B.A. B.A. Education Criminal Justice Political Science Philip R. Orawiec Kivanc Orehgil Michael J. O ' Shea B.A. B.S. B.A. Cuminal Justice Electrical Engineering History Remember the mixers at the Illinois Room? Keith R. Osher James J. Ostarello Akivoshi Osuka Kevin Oswald Faith P. Otis Janyce J. O ' Toole B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. B.S. Economics Management Mathematics Accounting English Mathematics 172 Eula G. Overbey B.A. History Henry K. Ozaki B.A. Architecture Raymond F. Paeelli B.A. Political Science Bryon G. Padera B.S Heat Transfer Nicrolas D. Paladino B.S Business Administration Carmen L. C. Palmer B.A. Spanish then going out for pizza and beer after? William C. Panos B.S. Accounting Elizabeth Pape B.A. Marketing Mario J. Parisi B A Chemistry I I Gregory L. Parma B.S. Engineering Anthony M. Parson B.A Psychology John A. Partacz B.S Management John J. Paskvan B.S. Engineering Dorothy A. Passante B.A. Elementary Lducation James J. Pawlik B.S. Biology 173 i Stanley J. Pawlowicz B.S. Communications Engineer Calvert Payton B.S. I ' ln Sical Iducution Divaughn K. Peace B.S. Biological Sciences Micheal P. Pekala B.S. Engineering Yvonne Perkins B.A. Education Rosalyn M. Perronc B.A. Elementary Education Martin E. Persky B.S Communications Fngr. Paula A. Peters B.A. Political Science Larry K. Peterson B.A American Literature- Richard J. Petrizzi B.S. Biological Sciences John J. Petrzilka B.S. Management Marvin J. Phillips B.S. Engineering Michael A. Piccatto William T. Pienta Barbara Pierog Frank J. Piha Andrew J. Rinter Teresa M. Plucinski B A B.S. B.A B.A. B.S B.S. Geography Communications Engr. Sociology English Education Marketing Chemistry Thomas L. Pluister Carlos Poblet Richard W. Pokorski Steven J. Polen Andrew P. Polizzi Gabriella Pontarelli B.S B.A. B.A. B.S. B.S. B S Ph sical Education Psychology Art Behavioral Science Marketing Mathematics 174 h Lawrence R. Poole B.A. Sociology Leonard H. Popowcer B.A. Accounting Aaron L. Porter B.S. Mathematics Marsha A. Potter B.A Elementary Education Lynda J. Potzus B.S. Biology Linda J. Prajke B.A. Elementary Education Robert J. Prantis Helen V. Prendergast Frank i. Prerost Robert J. Preusse Carolyn Price Frank A. Proietti B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. B.S. B A Quantitative Methods Business Administration Behavioral Science Management Biology History Susan J. Prosser B.A. History Orysia I. Proryniak B.A. Russian Charles R. Prudik B.S. Physical Education Regina O. Prusas B A Spanish Collette A. Przybycien B.A. Elementary Education Peter J. Puleo B.A. Political Science Gerry P. Quinn B.A. English Robert F. Quinn B.S. Political Science Larry R. Rabe B.S Mathematics Bernard F. Rajkowski B.A. Finance Philip M. Raleigh B.A. Political Science John F. Ranos B.S. Accounting 175 j m Josef Ritschtn li [ " cat hci ' s I dui ation Georgia Kaucn I! A K.k her ' s Education Gwendolyn Rayburn B.A. Education James L Reed B.S. Chemistry Ralph Reed B.A. Geography Stella 1. Reed B.S. Biology Ralph R. Reeve B.A. Administration of Criminal Justice Therese M. Regan B.S. Mathematics Elaine B. Regopoulos B.A. Spanish Intramural sports were fun . . . (Go You BEAVERS!) Willie M. Reid Maureen E. Reilly Renatc Reister Nancy L. Rieger Teresa Rio Marilyn J. Ritter B.S B.A. B.A. B.S. B A B.A. Mathematics English Education English Teacher Education Biology Spanish History 176 Zaiga V. Ritins B.A. Pamela J. Rochowiak B.A. Jacqueline D. Rodie B.A. Gordon Rohr B.S. Mathematics Ellen A. Romanofski B.A. English Jerry P. Rosenberg B.A. Political Science Or didn ' t you like sports? Kathy Roupas B A. History Sandra K. Royster B.A. English Richard B. Rubinstein B.S. Engineering Richard C. Ruch B.S. Physics Mary Ruggiero B.A. Sociology James P. Rusin B.S. Engineering 177 Robert E. Russell B.S Engineering Wilma M. Rutherford B.A. Sociology Dorothy Rybaczyk B.S. Mathematics Richard A. Rssdon B A Marketing Martin N. Sachman US English D.ivul M. Sacks B.S. Communications Engineering Thomas t. Sahlin US Chemical Engineering Edwin K. Sakamoto II. A Biology Charles I. Salamon B.S. Communications Engineering Laurence N. Salasche B.S. Accounting Roberto A. Sanchez-Serrano Shcdrick S. Sanders B.A. B.S. Architecture Communications Engineering Charles E. Sanford B.A History Francine E. Sarelli li.S Physical I ducation Mark Sato B.S. Operations Research James Sausen B.S. Thermal-Mechanical I nginecring Bonnie E Schafer B.A. Speech Joel Schaffer B.S. Anthropology Barry R. Schakner l)S. Ps chology Anton Schedl, Jr. B.S. I nginecring Ralph T. Schiavon B.S. Marketing Fred M. Schied B.A. History Dennis Schiffer B.S Structural Mechanics Ronald W. Sehirmer B.A. Marketing Philip D. Schlak B.A. English George F. Schleder B.S Accounting Richard J. Schmidt BS Aerospace Science 178 Forrest M. Schneider Karen H. Schneider Robert S. Schneider Robert C. Schoeler Mary T. Schott Robert A. Schrage B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S Finance Sociology Political Science Finance Elementary education Communications 1 ngineering Karen K. Schramm John J. S. Schrammel Sheldon A. Schreck Paul E. Schriner Jack G. Schwartz John A. Schwarz B.A. B.S. B.S. B.A. B.S. B.S. Physical Education Physical Education Accounting Management Biology Structural Design ... Jii. ' t ' ■ k - G _, Robert G. Schwartz B.A. History Sharon A. Schwarz B.S. Mathematics Joanne F. Schwarzmann BS Political Science Glenn R. Scott B.S. Industrial Engineering Neil H. Sechan B.S. Physics Deborah L. Segal B.A Special Education Emmanuel W. Semmes Eugene Serville George Shaban Marc la S. Shanin Leah A. Shapiro Garrett J. Shaw tan B.S. B.A B.S. B.S. B.A BS. Chemistry Psychology Biology Speech Theatre English ( hcmistry 179 nil Paul C. Shcdd B A fheatei readier I ducation Judith A. Shlcnsky B A Psj cholog) Peggy Rae Sidler B.A. English John N. Sigalos B.A. Architecture Murat Shekem B.A Psychology Gerald P. Sidman B.S. Accounting Marguerite Sheridan B.A. Spanish Mark A. Sherman B.S. Chemistry Gerald M. Shkolnik B.A. Chemistry Leon D. Shklonik B.A. History Geraldine C. Sidor B.A. Administration of Criminal Justice At times you could even notice an academic atmosphere at the " old place " . Student groups and student committees made an effort to line up speakers on a variety of topics . . . Sandra L. Silosky B.S. Physical Education Gayle M. Silver B.A. English Education Neal T. Silverstein B.S. Biology Barbara Simon B.A. English Education Barry E. Simon B.S. Business Administration 180 Renee J. Simon B.A. French Jerry M. Sjostrom B.A. Economics Pamela S. Skaar B.S. Biology Norm W. Skelly Richard H. Skiba, Jr. Janet G. Skogsberg B.S. B.S. B.S. Physical Educ. Accounting Mathematics David M. Skora Luxana P. Skulpone Thomas S. Skuse B.A. B.S. B.S. Political Science Chemistry Engineering ... Or didn ' t you make an effort to go? (How could you ignore William Kunstler, defense attorney for the Chicago " Conspiracy trial? " ). Barbara A. Slamar Oliver W. Slaughter Pamela M. Slechta B.A. B.A B.S Accounting Psychology Management Robert G. Slepicka Linda S. Slives Walter W. Sloan Barbara L. Slotnick Jane A. Slowikowski Waldemar J. Smieliauskas B.A. B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S. Marketing Physical Educ. Applied Physics Elementary Educ. Education Mathematics 181 Carl E. Smith B S Pol i! St ience Fronsc W. Smith B.S. Chemistry Ronald R. Smith B.A. History William R. Smith B.A. History John T. Snell B.S. Architectural Structures Frances V. Sniegolski HA History Donna D. Solecki James G. Somervillc Michael G. Sommesi Sherry L. Soref Valerie Sparkis Diane J. Special B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. 1 ducation Management History Art Education Speech Psychology Linda E. Spooncr B.A. History Joanne Sroczynski Tenence M. Stafford Ken J. Stall Thomas C. Stamos Howard J. Stanke B.A. B.A. B.S. B.S. B.S. Sociology History Psychology Political Science Finance Sue A. Stankow Deborah L. Stanley Rita E. Stava John Steadman Nina L. Stefani Joseph H. Steimla B.A. B.A B.S. B.S. B.A. B.S. Political Science Special Education Chemistrs Communications Engineering English 182 David A. Stein Maxine P. Steinborn Joseph E. Steiner Marvin P. Steiner Donald Stellato Lina Stepovy B.A. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. Accounting Biology Geography Biology Political Science English Robert G. Stergios Ronald M. Sterkowicz Cynthia Stern Andrew M. Stevko Carol C. Stlaske Susan A. Stockmal B.S. B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. Engineering Engineering Spanish Math Education Geography Barbara L. Store B.A. English David A. Strieter B.S. Engineering Gilbert V. Stritar B.A. History Barbara A. Stumpe B.A. History Pamela E. Suba B.A. English Makoto Sugano B.S. Aerospace Engineering illiam Sullivan Susan Sundman Ronald C. Surma Linda Sutter Richard A. Swan Peter A. Sweders B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Chemistry History Engineering Psychology History Philosoph) 183 Rj mond J. Swedi) BS Chemistrj John B. Tate BS Business Administration Wendy M. Teichman BS. Mathematics Ronald S. Swidron BS. Accounting Thomas A. Swieca BS. Sociology Carol L. Sykora B.A. English Literature- Lester Szewczyk BS. Kristen N. Szymcak B.S. Biological Science Cheryl P. Tabatabi James A. Talbert Dwain K. Tataryn B A B.S. B.A. English Sociology Accounting Baykai B. T. Tatosoglu B.S. Applied Mechanics Marilyn J. Taylor B.A. Elementary Education Did you take advantage of the various facilities at the University? mil Joann E. Tellers B.A. Sociology Nicholas T. Thalassinos B.S. Physics Marcia L. Tharp B.S Mathematics Alan J. Thomas B.A Massmedia James A. Thomas B.A. Psychology 184 n L. Thomas Damon A. Thompson Harrold C. Thompson Joseph T. Thouvenell Patricia A. Tinor Ralph L. Tabkr B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A B.S. B.S. History English Biology Management Biology Metallurgy Michelle M. Tobolski Linda A. Tolliver Randi L. Tolmaire B.A B.A. B.A. Political Science English Elementary Education Or didn ' t you know that they existed? Michael J. Topielec B.A. Building Technology Patricia C. Toren B.A. Sociology Austin P. Torney B.S. Computer Science ictor P. Torres Camille A. Troinello Eileen D. Troutt Jeffrey M. True Linda L. Trujillo Richard S. Tryn B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S. Engineering Elementary Education Biology History Spanish Education Biology 185 Lydia E. Tryta Gerald J. Turkowski Richard D. Turner Robert E. Twardy Kevin B. Tynan Adcle F. Tyson B.A B.A. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. Chemistrj Criminal Justice Computer Science Engineering Physical Education Business Administration Psychology William C. Tzavos Robert J. Uchanski Michael W. Urbat Nancy Utterback Lucille M. Valentino Nancy L. Van Laten B.S. B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.A. Aerospace Engineering Operations Research Finance Political Science English History Nora J. Van Laten B.A History Linda Marie Vannevel B.A. Sociology Frank J. Vargo B.S Physics Fredenck P. Vinson B A Geography Randall M. Vitek BS. Mathematics Kenneth J. Vojtik B.S. Physical Education Bill J. Vranas Elfriede K. Wagner Linda M. Walker Nicole V. Walsh Robert E. Walsh James F. Walwer B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. Accounting Elementary Education Psychology French Spanish Criminal Justice 186 Michael B. Weinstein B.A. Political Science Ronald A. Weisner B.S. Biology Therese B. Weiss B.A. History Bruce E. Weisseg B.S. Accounting Joseph A. Weiszmann B.S. Chemical Engineering Anne J. Weitzman B.A. Elementary Education Michael F. Wells B.A. Geography Ruth A. Wenger B.S. James E. Werner B.S. Engineering Daniel R. Westergaard B.A Architecture Kathryn H. Wiedow B.A. History Robert W. Wiegandt B.S. Sociology Ronald D. Wiehle B.S. Chemistry John E. Williams B.A. Architecture Vernon A. Williams B.A. Architecture Virgil L. Williams B.A. Psychology Andrea H. Williamson B.A History Frederick G. Winters B.S Accounting 187 Cheryl L. Wisncski B A I nglish Richard C. Wisnicwski B.A. Political Science Richard E. Wojcik BS Biology Jean Wojdula Walcntina Wojtiuk Tamara L. Wolff IS S. B A B.A. Physical Education Special Education Samuel H. Wolinsiky Linda D. Woloshin Mary Wong BS B.A. B.A. Structural Design Political Science Elementary Education Engineering Sophie M. Worobec Thomas G. Worobec Robert S. Yamauchi BS. BS. BS. Biology Biology Chemistry After four years you finally got your B.A. or B.S. Is that all it amounted to? Jessica T. Yasui Linda M. Yodual Milt C. Yong Dennis S. York Guiliana G. Younan Carolyn L. Young BS B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S B.A. Sociology Chemistry Business Political Science Engineering Ps cholog 188 Nancy L. Yuktonis B.A. Political Science Wayne M. Zage B.S. Mathematics Timothy M. Zeglin B.A. English Norman K. Zeller B.A. Mass Media Cynthia J. Zeman B.A. 1 lementary Education Janet R. Ziccarclli B.A. Political Science Marlene E. Zielonka Jonathan S. Ziomek Raymond A. Zmuda Steven J. Zoller Rita M. Zube John E. Zur B.A B.A. B.A B.S. B.A. B.A. English Sociology History Accounting 1 lementary Education Mass Media Michael A. Zurakov B.S. Psychology Barbara M. Brodski B A Education Lois Cohn Ruth A. Garzon Janet Gollberg Pilar R. Macaltao Esther S. Massarsky Theodore E. Ukleja B.A. B.A. B.A. B.A. BS elementary Education Spanish English Education Spanish 1 lementary Education Biolog 189 PATRK I A ) AAR1S Sigmi Phi Alpha Sororit) rraasurej DONNA l ABRIGN M Dean ' s I lsl IOIIS P ADAMI k Phi I la Sigma I reshman Honor Fraternity, Vice Chiirman Student Vffiliate Bunch oi American Chemical SOl k ' t 1 Id M DAMS Dean ' s I 1st PATRK IA i ADAMS Young Republicans member, National i tin. ition Association member WALTER I ADAMS. J R Institute ol Electrical and Electronic I ngineers, UK C Veterans Club. i nginecring Student Advisor] Hoard SI EALT1 NBA II i hecrleader, Homecoming Court, Junior, l Ktramural Swimming, Ja ( lub RAYMOND H. ALBIN Dean ' s List JOHN II All XANDI K Dean ' s Llsl. Lambda Lambda Delia, Helium Club WARREN R. ALLEN rt rreasure r-Activities Honorary Society, I reasucer-l ' r Alpha Iau. Treasurer-Cadet Association, Co-Chairman I reshman Weekend AGOSTIN1 A. ALONZO Honors Recognition ' 67 and ' 69, Member of Omega Beta Pi Premed Honorary Erat, Vice-President of Omega Beta Pi ' 69. Member of Newman Club EDWARD G. ALTMAN Dean ' s List I AMI S B. ALAWIN A1AA. SAE. Honors Day Recognition SALLY J. AND1 RS Omega Beta Pi-Secretary DONALD A ANDERSON Alpha Kappa Psi. Intramural Sports. lntertratemity sports MARGARET E. ANDERSON SEA PAULG. ANDERSON Gamma Kappa RHO Fraternity JERRY V. AOt ' lNO Dean ' s List I RANCESS A. ARCURI Lutheran Student Association President. Student Caucus ROBERT J. ARNOLD American Chemical Society Student Member LYNNE ARON Copy Editor - Chicago Illini MARY E. ARRIAGA Newman Club RIOARD W.AVE MARIA Phi Eta Sigma CLARA AVERIKIOU Dean ' s List, Hellenic Club - Secretary KENNETH J BACTGALUPO Tom Guide JUDITH A. BACKAUSKAS Geography Club Secretary PHOEBE D BAKER Dean ' s List ALLAN O BALDWIN Dean ' s List JEROME O.BALIN Handball Club. OKA Fraternity ELAINE M BANACH Lamda Chi-Treasurer, Angel Gaurd Onntation fall 1969 RAYMOND L. BANAS Omicron Delta Epsilon - Honorary Society in Economics KENNETH J BACTGALUPO Tour Guide JUDITH A. BACKAUSKAS Secretary of Geography Club PHOEBE D. BAKER Dean ' s List ALLAN BALDWIN Dean ' s List JEROME C. BALIN Phi Kappa Alpha Eraternity. Handball Club ELAINE M. BANACH Lambda Chi - Treasurer, Angel Guard. Orientation - Fall ' 69 RAYMOND I BANAS Omlxeon Ssslia 1 psllon, Honours Societ) iii I conomici VYTAU1 A BAR! AS lames Scholar, Phi I ta Sigma, s A I . w Grangei Scholarship GRI G K HARK i lull) wompera III nil I BARTHI 1 Alpha Lamba Delta (,l ORCI P BARTNIK ( ross ( ountry ream, I rack l cam. I etterman ' s (lub. Intramurals, 1 C.K. Ml( IIAI l G BASS Dean ' s l ist, Illini Humanists WAYN1 I. BASSI Pershing Rrilcs Military Fraternity, Dean ' s List LINDA M BIEREIS Lambda Chi. Angel Guard BARBARA A. BENJAMIN Student Government, Woodrow Wilson Nominee, University Honors GAIL I H1NNETT Homecoming Queen Court KENNETH J. BENSHOOI Newman ( lub President JANICE L. Bl RGANTINO Student Representative To Math, Curriculum Committee JAMES BERRY III., Amateur Radio Club. Dean ' s List CURTIS A. BIELE Advanced Standing in Spanish Department, Dean ' s List HALINA L. B1ELOWIC Z Society of Automotive Engineers Secretary. Polish Students Association Treasurer, Dean ' s List JOSEPH G BISCEGLIA James Scholar, Phi Eta Sigma CARL R. BIRNS Alpha Kappa Psi, Dean ' s List, Business Administration Club, Intramural Softball LORALEI BLAIS CIRCLE ' 69- ' 70 - Organizations Editor, E xtramural Softball, Dean ' s Erst, I ta Chi Kappa HELENE S BLUMSACK Dean ' s List, President J heta Gamma Phi. Homecoming Committee 1966, Special Education Traineeship SIMABLUE Contributing Editor in Comment, Concert Band, Dean ' s List, Rites of Spring Committee PARTICIA J. BLUS Alpha Lambda Delta, James Scholar Social Committee, Bowling BONNIE J BLYTH W.A.A. Extramural Badminton Team, Dean ' s List JEROME J BOBER IEEE. TIME A. BOBIC Skiing Club, Wrestling Team ALLAN J. BOBREN American Society of Mechanical Engineers ROBERT J BOGGIO James Scholar, Phi Eta Sigma, Student Affiliate of American Chemical Society, Captain Most Valuable Player (1969) Varsity Tennis Team PATRICIA A. BOMHER Chicago Circle Players, Theater Technical Fellowship, Student Advisory Committee Department of Speech Theater GREG L. BORUCKI Member of U.l.C.C. Fencing Team. fencing Letter, Most Improved Award for 1968-69 Season WILLIAM BOYCZUK Treasurer of U.l.C.C. Sailing Club, President of UICC Ukrainian Club. Dean ' s List PATRICIA A BRAY Tutor at American Indian Center (,L! N V, BRI DIT LDI Honors Day 67-68-69, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Campus Crusade for Christ ALLEN M. BREYER President of C.I. B. MR E., Campus Tour Guide. Geography Club BERTHANNA BR1NAS Young Democrats, Dean ' s List MARILYN J BRISSETTE Dean ' s List, Freshman Orientation Leader, Chicago Circle Players LOUIS J BROCCOLO Fencing ream, Intramurals, Eta (in kappa RADMILA BRODKII Illinois State Scholarship, Dean ' s list, Alpha Lambda Delta BARBARA M BRODSKI Dean ' s list I Kl D M HRODY Phi Kappa Phi JACQUII LINI R BROWN Sigma Gamma Rho Soront MK IIAI 1 A BROWN II I I „ ACM. SUSAN M. BROWN Dean ' s List, Treasure! Oi Student Education Association, Intramural Volleyball Dl BORAH N. BROWNSTI IN Dean ' s List, Secretary of Council on International Relations and United Nations Affairs ANN! JOYCE BURIAN Honor ' s Day, Historical Society, Undergraduate Representative MK HA1 L O BURKI Chairman Student Service Student Caucus College of Education IOSEPII J BURKE Dean ' s List, Vice-President of Historical Society, Honors Day. THOMAS P. BURKE Dean ' s List BARBARA J. BUSCH Honors Day, Alpha Lambda Delta, Bowling League, Italian Club II SL1 I I BUSHKIN Secretary Students for Israel, Dean ' s List THOMAS E. BUSS Varsity football Track, Illinois State Scholarship. Dean ' s List SUSAN E. CAIN Physical Education Majors Club PHIPIPS. CALI Student Government. Engineering Policy Board, IEEE. Chairman, Sigma Phi Omega Eraternity President EDWARD H CALVEY Alpha Kappa Psi-Director of Public Relations, Inter-Organizational Council DIANE C. CAPMAN Dean ' s List, Secretary Russian Language Club, Tutor, Chairman American, Chemical Society UICC Chapter NANCY A CARY Dean ' s List LIONARDA CATALANO Dean ' s List, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics JAMES C. CATER Student Advisory Committee FRANCISCO G CAVAZOS Vets Club, Dean ' s List, Vice President Operations Research Society of America TEDL CESARZ Dean ' s List, Newman Club Vice President WAYNE CHALU U.l.C.C. Choir, Independent Democratic Coalition, Orientation Committee. Lambda Lambda Delta SYLVIA B CHAMSK1 Dean ' s List, Q.M. Student Advisory Board PAUL CHAN Chinese Student Association, A. CM. NANCY J. CHANDLER Dean ' s List SHARON D. CHESNEY Dean ' s List, Eta Chi Kappa WILLIAM A. CHESTER Chicago Illini PATRICIA L. CHIDESTER Dean ' s List, Newman Club STANLY J CHMURA Honors Day, IEEE. JOHN M. CTBOROWSKI Dean ' s List EVA M ( ICHOSZ Orientation Committee MARY P. CLOUGH Dean ' s List KATHLEEN E.COAKLEY Newman Club BARBARAS COHN Phi Kappa Phi BOBB1 S COHN Physical Education Majors Club Recording Secretary, Dean ' s List LOIS (HON teachei Education Scholarship, Dean ' s list BARRY J CHOD1 S Sigma Alpha Mu Corresponding Secretary, Golf Team, Dean ' s List, Student Orientation Leader LINDAS. COLOMBO Alpha Lambda Delta, Illinois Day, Homecoming Oueen Court RAYMOND V COLSANT Student Souologaal Organization Oleic Handball Club CHRISTINE A COLUMBUS Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List ANITA R C ONTRERAS Dean ' s List KATI ' LI I N J COOK Student Education Association Lab School, Inter-Varsity Christian fellowship LINDA I COPIA Women ' s Physical Education Majors Club, Women ' s Athletic Association JOSEPH P CORRIGAN U.I.C ' C. Bets Club Secretary Treasurer, finance Advisory Committee. Dean ' s List JOIINT COSTELLO Alpha Kappa Psi President, Intramural Basketball, Baseball, Football SANDRA A. COSTULAS Dean ' s List JOHN J COTROMANIS Chicago Illim-Sports Writer. I rack Team. Intramural Baseball Basketball Captain LEONARD J COUTRE Alpha Phi Omega Sergeant at Arms ROSETTA CUCONATO Italian Club, Dean ' s List JOHN T CURIN Orientation Committee, Homecoming Committee JOHN W CZARNIK football LAWRENCE J. CZEPIIL R.O.T.C ' . TIMOTHY S CZEREPLOWSKI Dean ' s List, Orientation Committee RII NEE S CZERWIN Gullywompers BOHDANNACZORNIJ Dean ' s List D ALAN DAKOIT James Scholar JAMES M. DANZ Dean ' s List BARBARA M. DAVENPORT Black Students Organization LEON R DAVIDSON Student Government, Dean ' s List ADRIENNE C. DAVIS Lambda Chi MERLE M. DAVIS Sigma Phi Omega, American Society of Civil Engineers. Dean ' s List RICHARD DAVIT R.O.T.C Battalion Commander. Alpha Kappa Psi Executive Board. Varsity I ootball BARBARA D DEBS Womens Athletic Association VIRDLLLAS. DENWIDDII Newman Club, Black Students Organi- zation ANNA I. BEPTUCH Dean ' s List, Ski Club EUGENE DERAMUS Dean ' s List, Operations Research Society ot America President. Lelterman fencing. Letterman Track DONNA L. DII HL Circle Players. Dean ' s List. Honor Day Recognition KENNETH J BILIBERTO Intramural Basketball. Baseball. Hand- ball. I ootball MICHAELS DIRSMITil Dean ' s List JAMES DOLAN Intermural football, Dance Committee, Dean ' s List GEORGE C. DOMINO 190 Soccer Team. Polish Student Association PETER J.DONNELLY Dean ' s List. CIRCLL YEARBOOK NAMCY J. DOODY Gamma Gamma Gamma. Honor ' s Da . Dean ' s List JO CAROLE DOR1 Project Head Start. READ WILLIAM DOUKAS Alpha Phi Omega - President. College Republicans DONALD I DOYLE Phi Eta Sigma, Dean ' s List. Honor ' s Da ANTHONY DRAB I.E.E.E. ANTHONY S. CARG1C 1 I I.E. PAULA DRAM1S1NO Honor ' s Day. Italian Club, Bowling League VERNON C DRL11ER Cross Country, Wrestling. Baseball, PI Majors Club LINDA L. DREWS Dean ' s List LAWRENCE V. DRISCOLL Kappa Phi, Social Chairman and Secre- tary HLRB1 RT L. DUBIN Dean ' s List, Sigma Alpha Mu JAMES J. DUB1NSKI Accounting Club. Veterans Club, Inter- mural Eootball GERALDINE R. DUDIAK Student Council lor Exceptional Chil- dren. N.E.A., Dean ' s List MICHAEL J. DUELLMAN S.E.A.. President, Intermural Volleyball ARDYTH L DUHATSCHEK Dance Committee LORRAINE C DULIAN Dean ' s List ARTHUR I DUNCAN Black Architects Collaborative Society, Garfield Area Planning Team, A.I.A.A.S.C, D.H.Ltd., President RONALD M DVORKIN Honor ' s Day GEORGE L. DYKAS James Scholar. Tour Guide MAESUE EDWARDS Concert Choir, The Group ALLEN K. ER1CKSEN Dean ' s List, l.E.E.E. Treasurer. Sigma Phi Omega. Treasurer CHRISTINE M. ESTLS Student Government, N.S.A. Secretary, U.l.C.C. and Regional PATRICIA G EVEY Honor ' s Day r PAULS LACUNA Phi Eta Sigma WILLIAM R. LANG Dance Committee MARK J I ASTERT C.C.C Art Committee CAROL A. I ECZKO Aiguilettcs. Newman Club. Secretary BARRY I EINSTEIN A.EA.A. NANCY H. I ELDMAN Dean ' s List. Undergraduate Pschology Society JOHN W I LLKAMP Yearbook Stall, Dean ' s List. Intramural Sports. Eta Chi Kappa WILLIAM L I ERGUSON Spanish Students Association. President KATHLLENT ITELO Student Caucus, College ol Education CYNTHIA J. EIJOLEK Dean ' s List WALTER J ITLIPOWECZ Eootball. Volleyball. Dean ' s List. Gamma Kappa Rho I RANK J 1 ILIPI LLI Tour Guide. Student Newspaper. Italian Club SANDRA D I 1NKI LSTLIN Chicago Circle Players. Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Biafra Relief Committee MARY L. I INNEGAN Student Caucas. Secretary of Student Personnel Committee, Honor ' s Day Recognition, 1969 ROBERTO. ITNNIGAN Geography Club - Prcs.. Dean ' s List BARRY R I 10RI American Marketing Ass ' n . Veteran ' s Club RONALD I I 1SCII1 L Alpha I psilon Pi, Dean ' s List DENNIS L. ITSHW1CK Soccer Team. I rack Team. Student Representivc Athletic Committee CLII I ORD A I IST1 R Dean ' s List CHARLES I [LETTER Phi 1 la Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Dean ' s List GREG M. I ONTANA l.E.E.E., Italian Club MARIO J. I ONTANA American Soc. of Mechanical Engin, Dean ' s List ROSI MARIE I ORNICK Dean ' s List. Student Education Ass ' n, Student Council for Exceptional Chil- dren, W.A.A. MICHAEL A. EOT1S Dean ' s List PHILIP V. I OURNIER Dean ' s List BARRY L I OX 1968 Editor-in-Chief Yearbook. Activi- ties Honor Soc, Pi Alpha Tau I RANK J. I RANCIS Dean ' s List GA1LM I RANSEN Committee on Organizations Activities Secretary, Student Committee lor a State Constitutional Convention Re- cording Secreatry WILLIAM L I RAYNI ROTC MONICA I REE MAN Circle 69 Yearbook, Eta Chi Kappa LYNN J. I RIEDMAN Dean ' s List, Representative Intcr- I raternity Council. Secretary Presi- dent Sigma Phi Sorority DAVID K. I UNG Materials Club (, BRI NDA J. GAINES President Alpha Kappa Alpha Soror- ity, Dean ' s List, Mom ' s Day I jshion Show, Committee on Student Interracial Relations Campaign VICTOR J GAJIK Dean ' s List, Volleyball learn. Intramural Basketball WILLIAM L. (.AML1N Dean ' s List JEROME J GAP American Society ol C ivil Engineers. Dean ' s List TIM GARB Wrestling learn. Newman Club. Dean ' s List GAIL A.GARNER B.S.O. Ml RIROSL GARNI R Dean ' s List SUSAN M. GARTNER Dean ' s List. Honors Day ARTHUR M.GELMAN Dean ' s List, II C Athletic Committee Rl NNE K Gl RBI R Alpha Lambda Delta. Dean ' sList, Honors Day STEVEN A. (.1 TILER Swimming Team, Soccer Team ADAM I GHIDALI 11 .11 ., A .LA. A . OR S.A., Intramurals MARION V GIELCZEWSKI Dean ' s List, Student Education Associ- ation THOMAS II GIBBONS James Scholar. Dean ' s List. Spanish Club JANEC GLICK Dean ' s List CHERYL L GOLD Art Editor Circle Book JANET I GOLLBERG Alpha Lambda Delta Jll I REY M.GOL1Z C1RCLI ' 69-70 Business Manager. Presi- dent Vice President Activities Honorary Society. Chicago Circle Center Board Program Department. I acuity Senate Student Disciplinary Sub- committee. Student Government, Exec- utive Board Student Organization I und-Chairman STEPHEN GONZALEZ CIRCL1 YLARBOOK ' 69-70. Intra murals. Soccer. Eta (.111 Kappa GOROTHY A GORKA Sigma Phi Alpha Gl ORG1 A GOYI 1TL Dean ' s List SHELDON GRAD Committee on Student Affairs. Student Government I lection Board. Honors Has LINDA D. (.RAY Black Students Organization. Delta Sigma Theta RAYMOND V GRAZIANO Dean ' s List, Intramurals CAROLYN M Gkl 1 Nl Student Government Corresponding Secretary. C.C.C. Music Committee Corresponding Secretary, Aiguilletcs. Dean ' s List JOSI I ' ll 1 GRII I IN Dean ' s List. Alpha Kappa Psi. Debating Team, Skiing Club NANCY E. GRII I 1111 Choir, Student Government Cor- responding Secretary. Independent Col- lege Republicans at C.C.C, Honor Day DAVID O. GRIGGS Tour guide, 1 reshman Orientation Leader. Young Americans lor I reedom Treasurer KIM D. DRUNEWALD Dean ' s List ROBYN D. Gl 1 SI Theatre Arts Award, Chairman, One Act Play Competition. Student Advisory Committee to Dean of Department Secretary MERRILY W. GULLOU1ST Dean ' s List PATRICIA A. GUSTAI SON Alpha Lambda Delta, James Scholar ROBI RI B GUTKOWSKI American Society ol Civil Engineering. Geology Club LORRI N. GUTMAN Alpha Lambda Delta. James Scholar. Secretary of Yavneh H SHARON HAEI RON Homecoming Queen Committee Chair- man, Alpha Lambda Delta, Orientation Leader, Illinois State Scholarship KENNETH L. HALAJ1AN Editor-in-Chief CIRCLE YLARBOOK, Activities Honorary Society, Lambda Lambda Delta, Honors Day Convo- cation, Eta Chi Kappa EDWARD HALE Black Architects Collaborative, Eriends of the Arts Club, Garfield Area Planning Team ROY E. HALLER Campus Tour Guides, American Institute of Aeronautics Astronautics THOMAS I . HALLER Newman Club. College Republicans, Stu- dent Advisory Committee in Economics BRUCE D. HAMMERSTONE Alpha Phi Omega Secretary. Lambda Lambda Delta JAMES HAO Bio. Engineering Society - Treasurer. Society of American Military Engineers Vice-President, l.E.E.E. NORMAN H. HARELIK Concert Band LINDA J. HARLAN Black Student Association. Political Sci- ence Students Association Repre- sentative. Dean ' s List CAROL L. HARVEY Orchesis - Officer STEVEN M. HASSUR Honor ' s Day KAREN R HAUGE Pi Alpha Tau. Dean ' s List LARRY E. HAYS James Scholar. Historical Society MARY ELLEN HEBDA James Scholar, Member of James Scholar Advisory Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Orchesis WILLIAM W. Ill INI University Choir, Alpha Phi Omega - Vice-President, Society of Automotive Engineers DONALD J HI RMANEK College of Business Student Board, Student Participation in Academic Policy Committee CAMILLE V. HERNANDEZ Spanish Club Sccreatary, Dean ' s List MARJORIE L HI RTLR Gamma Kappa Rho Secretary KEN S I1IBBEL1 R Spanish Club, Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Das HI LMUT R H1LLER Dean ' s List, Veterans Club, Operation Research Society of America I RANKLIN P. MINES Gymnastic learn, Lctterman ' s Club DENISE HIRSCH Dean ' s List. Chicago Circle Players, A. I. K. EDO. DM AN B HODOBOWSKI Womens Physical Education Major ' s Club Vice-President, Women ' s Athletic Association JACK J. HOI I MAN Director of Board of Student Publi- cations MARK J. HOI I MAN James Scholar Advisory Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Biology Advisory Com- mittee, Honor ' s Day MARK J. HOI IMAN Intramural Handball, Basketball, Dean ' s List CHARLES A. HONIOLKA Ice Hockey CALVIN HONG Honor ' s Day, Dean ' s List. Intervarsity MICHAEL D. HORN UICC Bowling Team. Dean ' s List, UICC 3 Cushion Billiard Champion THERESA M. HORTON American Institute of Aeronautics Secretary, Treasurer, Society of Women Engineers Chariman, Engineering Soci- eties Council Secretary DAVID G. HOUGH Gullywompers WILLIAM E. HOWELL Chicago Circle Broadcasting MICHAEL I HRITZ Literature Committee, Honor ' s Day. Illi- nois State ScholarslupMINA M. HSU MINA M. HSU Secretary of Chinese Student Associ- ation, Dean ' s List MARILYN E. HUBBARD Psychology Club LINDA HUDY German Club Secretary, Dean ' s List DEBORAH A. HUGHES Dean ' s List. Honor ' s Day MICHAEL C. HUGHES Criminal Justice Students Association JAMES I HUSSEY Lambda Lambda Delta President. Gollywompcrs I BARBARA J. INENDINO Student Government Corresponding Secretary Committee Chairman, New- man. Young Republicans BYRON INOVYE Gymanstic Team, Intramural Touch Eootball BARRY J ISAACSON I reshman Orientation, Tau Kappa Phi ALI RED ITTNER Concert Choir, Orientation Committee, Dean ' s List J JOANK. JAGLA CIRCLE YEARBOOK Editor ' s As- sistant, Eta Chi Kappa JAMES M. JANIK Tour Guides, Alpha Phi Omega, Ircsh- man Orientation, R.O.T.C. RICHARD A. JASPER Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business fraternity EDWARD M JAVOR Honor ' s Day DANIEL J JAVORKA Tour Guide, Sigma Lambda Zeta - Secretary, Dean ' s List, Materials Club RI GINA N. JENRICK Alpha Lambda Delta ROBI R I 1 JESWEIN James Scholar, Alpha Kappa Psi Vice President, Business Administration Club, Intramural Eootball 191 B ss l I U .1)1 Moslt in Student v President IOSI I ' ll I IOHNSON Republican ( lufa KATHLELNM IOHNSON Mpha I imbdu Delta, Dean ' s I ist, till nois State Scholarship I ' l II K I IOHNSON i iicle Board Membei S I Member, Handball ( tub Vl TORI M IOHNSON I i.i ( In Kappa, Dean ' s I ist LINDAt IOSEPH Ik. in 1 isl. SuiiniK ' i " Read " Program Kl III K R II NGWIRTII, JK Student Bod) Presidenl ' 68 ' 69 livi lies Honorar} Sot ietj I I i ( ( lassies ( lub l ' i Alpha i .in MARY 11 SZ Z K Young Republicans, Gamma KappaRho Sei retarj . Dean ' s I isl llll Rl SA KACHIROI HAS Honor ' s l)a . I ta Chi Kappa NIII()NY W KALANT jim( Baseball ream, Dean ' s List. Honor ' s Day, Hellenic Club ANN1 P KAPKA Bowling League CONNIE L KAPPAS Hellenic Club I DWARD L. KARIKOMI Dean ' s List IAMI S A. KARIOVSKY L It C. Student Section ol O.R.S.A. President -TERESA I MINI Alpha Lambda Delta, Philosophy Club Kl VIN I Kl NNI DY I lean ' s I ist MARTIN J KENNEDY Phi I ta Sigma AB1 Kl RN James Scholar, Phi Kappa Phi, Omega Beta Pi Presidenl. Discussions Com- mittee I Rl D M Kl II) Handball Club ANTHONY H. Kll RNA Track 1, Dean ' s List ROBI Rl CARROLL KING Dean ' s List . Phi I ta Sigma. Honor ' s l)a . Dean ' s Advisory Board LAIM1 G. KISILLIUS Lilhuaniea Club Gi Off RLY T. KITZ Chairman A.S.M.L. Student Section, Idiiiu M I S I Newsletter SIl ARI G. KLAUD Illinois State Scholarships Winner, Na- tional Merit Semi-finalist MARC J KLOWDLN Honor ' s Day. Dean ' s List I RANK A. KLUN Gamma Kappa Rho MARGARET M. KOBOS Phssical Education Majors Club - As- sistant Social Chairman, Officiating Task force. W.AA Member Kl VIN M KOHL Alpha Kappa Psi I r alermty Alumni Secretary , Business Administration Club, Intumural Softball, lnter-1 raternit) Sports Jl I I R11 M. KOLLUM Phi Lta Sigma I ratcrnity I LIZAB1 111 II KORNK Kl Dean ' s List, Aiguillette Pledge Club President. Student Government II RRY A KOSOBUD Edmund James Scholar. Student Com- millee lor a Slate Constitutional Con- vention lulls I KOWALSKI Dean ' s List, llll IOHN P KO IOL Slgmj Phi Omega. LI I I MICHAEL A. KOZLOWSKI Dean ' s List. Ldmund J. James Scholar IVAN M KRALIK Soccer LAUREL K KRIECHBAUM I la Chi Kappa. Circle Yearbook SI SAN ) Kl BINA Gamma Kappa Rho Secretary MARY ANN KU A Alpha Lambda Delta Presidenl. Activi- ties Honorary Society, freshman Orien- tation I e.ulei , Pin Kappa Pin Kl NNI III (. Kl ( II Honor ' s Da) l human i KUCHVALEK Uhi.i Omicron Chaptet ol Pin rheta Kappa Secretary, Zeta Chi Chapter ol Deli. i Phi Alpha, Honorar) Societ) President WILLIAM (, Kl ( I RPA Omega Beta Pi, American Chemical Societ) IANI I Kl iins Alpha l ambda Delta LILA Kl N(, Delia Delta Sigma fraternity - Executive Secretary, Dean ' s List, Circle Yearbook WII HAM M. KURGAN Dean ' s I isl LAWR1 NCI W. LABASH Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day JAMLS LABI I I I Sigma Phi Omega, Corresponding Secre- tary , Phi lta Sigma, Dean ' s List, lames Scholar (III Sll R I. LADLWSKI Sigma Phi Omega, I I 1 I GLORIA KATHLEEN LAMB1 Rl Dance Committee, Phi Theta Kappa - Vice President, Folksingers Club Presi- dent, Dean ' s List, Phi Theta Kappa - Scholarship Award JOHN R. LAMBI RTS freshman Weekend Planning Committee. I reshnian Orientation WAYN1 C. LASINSKI Kappa Phi President DARLLNL M. LASKI Y Honor ' s Day LYNETTE ANN LAWSON Dean ' s List NANCY A. LEE Lambda Chi, Dean ' s List STEFAN LI IDLR Alpha Kappa Psi t RONALD J. LEIIEL Gullywompcr SUSAN A. LI IRl VAGA Dean ' s List CRAIG L. LEVIN Games Committee, Dean ' s List HOWARD M. LEVIN Student Organisation fund RONALD B. LLVINt UICC Bowling Team Captain, Dean ' s List PHYLIS B LEVTY Yearbook Staff, Dean ' s List, Concert Choir, Honor ' s Day STI PHI.N A, LEVY Honor ' s Day, Dean ' s List THEODORE E. LIKLEJA, JR. Varsity Hockey, Skiing llhni, Biological Sciences Committee, Dean ' s List STUART L LINDLRMAN Editor Circle Book. Commuter Space Study Committee, Committee on Use of facilities MARY D LISOWSKI Chicago Circle Players Secretary, Illi- nois State Scholarship, Orientation, Leader, General Assembly Scholarship LINDA K. LIT Kl (,ull womper MICH AIL A. LOBATZ Bioengineering Society. Phi Lpsilon Pi TERRY R LOCKE llll Vice President. Engineering Societies Council. Zenith Scholarship Award ROBI RT J LOEB Concert Band, Omega Beta Pi HI VI RLY A. LONG Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day, Research Assistance JOHN WESLEY LOWE President Student Body, Stale Board ol Higher Id Advisory Comra., ■ 11 in i in Europe Club President, National Asso- ciation of Black Students ( jmpus Co-ordinator LAWRENCE A. LO ICK ASMI Secretary, Treasurer, Dean ' s List PHILIP B. LUBOV Honor ' s Day DONALD W. LUCEK Life Science (.roup Executive Co- ordinatoi and ( hairman, Chicago I ' «• Societ) President, American Chemical Soclcts . Newman Coiiiiniillil) GRI GORY D LYON American hemical s.uictv . hem Dcpl . Student I SCUlt) Advisory ( onim MAR11 YN P I YONS Bowling l eague M PILAR R. MACALTAO Spanish (lub I rejsuiel KENNETH A. MACIULAIHS Peishing Rilles. AT. A. A. DANII 1 A MA( SHANI Alpha Kappa Psi, Student Hoard, Vice Chancellor ' s Advisory Board. Intramural Bowling SAMUEL C. MADONIA Dean ' s List TORRICIILI MAGITT forensic Union, UICC Vets Club. Ora- tory Award I RANICS M. MAGNII ICO If .1.1 ,, Intermurals MARGAR1TR. MAKI R Concert Choir MARY R. MALLON History Club WILLIAM J MALLOY College of Business Administration Student Board, Vice-Chancellor ' s Stu- dent Advisory Board, Dept, of Finance, Adhor Committee KATHLEEN A. MARCY Women ' s Physical Education Club - Corresponding Secretary, A.C ' .U. Bowl- ing Team, Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day DONALD MARIANO Dean ' s List TONY MARIELLA film Committee 1 RANK L MARRI SI Gullywompers SUSZANNE L. MARTIN Dean ' s List RICHARD J MARZEC Physics Club ESTHER S. MASSARSKY Dean ' s List, Illinois State Scholarship MICHAEL A. MATA Dean ' s List DIANE L. MATEJA Dean ' s List ANNEMARIE MATTI Delta Phi Alpha ROBI RT P. MATTIS American Institute of Aeronautics Astronautics - Chairman, Engineering Societies Council Chairman KATHERINE A. MATUSZAK Campus Tours . Information, Chicago Circle College Republicans GR1G1TTET. MAYER Dean ' s List RONALD J MAYKA James Scholar, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma PAULR. MAZUR University Concert Band LAWRLNCL J. MAZZEEM German Club JOHN B. McCAWLEY Student Government - Executive Vice- President, Swimming Team, Dean ' s List ROBERTA M McCORMACK Physical Education Majors Club PHILIP J McC ' RI A Dean ' s List JAMES L. McNEILIS football Co-Captain JOSE R Ml DINA Soccer Team, Dean ' s List, Pan Am Students Association GARY A. Ml.DNICK Phi Eta Sigma, Lambda Delta, James Scholar, High Honors DONALD N Ml-NDRO Varsity football. Track, Gamma Kappa Rho - Treasurer, Physical Education Majors Club SALLY H. MLRLI I xtramural Bowling I earn JOANN MERRIMAN UICC Choir JI RRY MEYERHOI T Interfraternity Councd President, Sig- ma Phi Omega President, Honor ' s Day 1)1 NNIS J. MIKALAUSKAS IT I I KAHILI I N M MIKKlf Dean ' s 1 isl, Honor ' s Day SANDRA L. Mil I I R James Scholai Alpha Lambda Delta, I ah School (SI A) ROBI Rl A. MILLS ( IR( II Yl ARBOOK, Dean ' s List, Se- iiiiii ( nil Committee, Intramural I encing KAHILI I N A. MINI R Women ' s Physical Education, Major ' s Club, Dean ' s List, W.AA, Dl BORAH L. MOELI I R German Club, Dean ' s List JAMl s K. MOORE I reshman Weekend Committee Chair- man, Lutheran Association Vice- President, R.O.T.C., Newman DANIEL 1 MORAVI ( O.R.S A Vice-President CLAIRE L MORRISS1 Y Dean ' s List SANDRA L. MOSCINSKI Lambda Chi-Prcsident, SOI fund. Military Leadership Honor Ribbon, Edu- cation Student Caucus SUSAN M. MOSCINSKI Lambda Chi Vice-president, Angel Guard, Military Honor Ribbon. IOC STI VIN L. MOSS Student Government, Sigma Delta Kap- pa Concert Band, llhni forensic Union I DWARD MOY Phi Lta Sigma, James Scholar, Roscoe E. Harris Award, Dean ' s List SALINA Y. MOY Chinese Student ' s Association Secre- tary Kl NNI III W, MULLIR Tau Alpha Rho STI VIN D MURPHY Dean ' s List , Sigma Phi Omega, Chrinnnal Justice Students Association SANDRA A MURRAY Black Student ' s Organization CHRIS M. MYSZCZAK freshman Weekend, Newman, Dean ' s List, Orientation Committee N KENNETH J. NANNINI Dean ' s List SHERRY M. HAROD1CK freshman Orientation Leader, Student Government. Music Committee, CIRCLE YI ARBOOK ' 66 PATRICIA L. NASRALLAH Concert Choir. Chamber Choir, Student Advisory Committee PHILLIP J NAYLOR Soccer. Dean ' s List, Historical Society LORRAINE E. NLLSLN Dean ' s List, Gamma Theta Upsilon - Vice-President, Women ' s Club - Presi- dent, C.I. R.U.N. A. ELLIOTT K. NELSON Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day JUDITH R. NETTLRSTRON Dean ' s List EDEARD R. NLTZEL U of I Senate Committee on Educational Policy, LEI I RICHARD J. NLTZEL A.S.C.E.. Dean ' s List KAREN J. NEUMANN James Scholar, Student Education As- sociation, Phi Kappa Phi JAMES NEWMAN Chicago Circle Accounting forum. Stu- dent Advisory Committee, James Scholar, Honor ' s Day PAULINE NICHOLS Dean ' s List. Historical Society Member BARBARA A. NICPAN Dean ' s List. Lambda Chi, Newman, Chi- cago llhni Campus Editor RONALD A. N1LD Spring " Honor " Distinction JOHNT NISHIMURA James Scholar, Phi Lta Sigma TERRY M. NOONAN James Scholar, Sigma Phi Omego PHILIP L. NOPLOS Dean ' s List DONNA M. NOTO SLA, S.C.E.C., Volleyball, Dean ' s List CYNTHIA R. NOVAK Dean ' s List 192 DIANE E. NOWAK Dean ' s List JEANIE H. NOWAK Dean ' s List RICHARD J. NOWAK Dean ' s List SANDRA A. NUCKOUS Black Students Organization JANET L. O ' BRIEN Choir. Math Department Committee MICHAEL J O ' BRIEN Phi Eta Sigma, Edmund J. James Hon- ors Society ROBERT J. O ' BRIEN Intramural Sports, Phi Kappa Phi. Hon- or ' s Day MAUREEN I. O ' CONNOR Alpha Lambda Delta KATHLEEN M. O ' DONNELL Alpha Lambda Delta JOSEPH J. OLIARO Gymnastics. Dean ' s List, Intramurals (Crusaders) JOHN T. OUCHWIER Baseball, Intramural Football, Basket- ball, Dean ' s List MARY ANNEO ' LEARY Community Service Tutor IVAJ.OLSON Women ' s P.E. Majors Club - Home- coming Float Chairman KATHLEEN A. O ' MALLEY Dean ' s List. Honor ' s Day JAMES G.OPON Dean ' s List PHILIP R. ORAWIEC Criminal Justice Student Association. Dean ' s List KIVANCORENGIL Soccer Varsity. James Scholar KEITH R. OSHLR Honor ' s Day JAMES J. OSTAR1 LLO Eta Chi Kappa KEVIN J OSWALD Dean ' s List, James Scholar, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Fraternity JANYCE J. O ' TOOLL Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, James Scholar, Dean ' s List BRYONO. PADERA Engineering Advisory Board, A.S.M.L. Shure Scholarship Winner, Dean ' s List NICKOLAS D. PALAD1NO U.I.C.C. Vets Club - Vice-President, Dean ' s List CARMLN L. C. PALMER Student Representative lor Spanish Cur- riculum. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority JAMES A. PALMISANO Criminal Justice Students Association, U.I.C.C. Weightlifting Team, Student Government NANCY JANE PALUMBO Dean ' s List. Dean ' s Advisory Committee ORLST PALYNIAK Illinois State Scholarship, Griffith Lab Inc. Scholarship L1ZABLTH PAPE Dean ' s List, James Scholar ' I CORY L PARMA Society of American Military Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, National Honor Society of the Pershing Rifles, R.O.T.C. THONY M PARSON, JR. Science Society (Counsel) IN A. PARTACZ Alpha Kappa Psi jlIN J. PASKVAN Chairman . founder of Society of Automotive Engineers. House Comm , Dean ' s List DOROTHY A. PASSANANTE Newman Club STANLEY J. PAWLOWICZ Institute of Electrical . Electronics Engineers. Society of Automotive Engi- neers - Publicity Chairman CALVLRT PAYTON Varsity I ootball. Intramural Basketball. Dean ' s List DIVANGHN K. PI ACE Karate Gun 1 u Teacher. Basketball MICHAEL P. PEKALA O.R.S.A.. ASCI. RICHARD J. PETRIZZ1 Skung lllini. Life Science JOHN J. PETRZILKA College Republicans, Lifers Club MARVIN J. PHILLIPS Pi Alpha Tau MICHAEL A. P1CCATTO Honor ' s Day WILLIAM T. PIENTA S.A.E., Dean ' s List, l.E.E.E. ANDREW J. PINTER Alpha Kappa Psi, Business Adminis- tration Club. Dean ' s List TERESA M. PLUCINSK1 Phi Kappa Phi, James Scholar Advisory Board, Concert Band, Alpha Lambda Delta THOMAS L. PLUISTER Swim Team, Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship CARLOS POBLET Soccer Team STEVEN J. POLEN Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, James SchoLir, Orientation Leader ANDREW P. POLIZZ1 Phi Kappa Alpha - Treasurer, Dean ' s List GABRIELLA PONTARELLI Honor ' s Day, House Committee, Italian Club - Vice-President, Bowling League LAWRENCE R. POOLE Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. LEONARD H POPOWCER Interfratcrnity Athletic Chairman, Dean ' s List, S.A.M. Athletic Chairman MARSHA A. POTTER Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Student Council for Exceptional Children, Student Edu- cation Association LINDA J. PRAFKE Student Education Association, Edmund J. James Scholars, Honor ' s Day ROBERT J. PRANTIS Secretary of Tau Alpha Rho, Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day HELEN V. PRENDERGAST Circle Yearbook Staff, Dean ' s List, Eta Chi Kappa I RANK J. PREROST Undergraduate Psychological Society CAROLYN PRICE Honor ' s Day Recognition ' 68 - ' 69, From Brooklyn College: Dean ' s Student Advisor Leadership Project, Inter- collegiate Liaison Officer, Psychology Club I RANK A. PROIFTTI U.I.C.C. football Team, Historical Soci- ety, Chicago Circle Players, Italian Club SUSAN J. PROSSER Dean ' s List, Undergraduate Rep. on faculty Meetings, Historical Society ORYSIAE PROTYNIAK Dean ' s List CHARLES R. PRUD1K football Team, Lettermens Club, Hon- ors Recognition ' 67. Physical Education Majors Club REGINAO. PRUSAS Alpha Lambda Delta COLLETTL A. PRZYBYC1LN Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice President, Student Government, freshman Orien- tation Leader and Parents Panel, Teacher Education Scholarship PETER J. PULED Grant Hall Conversation Group President BERNARD I RAJKOWSKI Intramural football. Intramural Bowl- ing, Intramural Softball, Intramural Vol- leyball PHILIP M. RALEIGH Chairman House Committee, Student Disciplinary Committee, Board of Direc- tors. U. of I. Alumnae Association. Chicago Circle Center Board JOSEI RATSCHAN, JR. Soccer Team. Ski Club GEORGIA RAUI N Dean ' s List. French Club, Geology Club JAMES L REED Gymnastics Team, Letterman. Brothers of U.I.C.C. - Secretary RALPH Rl 1 D Geography Advisory Committee, Geog- raphy Club STELLA I. REED U.I.C.C. Concert Band, Lambda Chi, Angel Guard Drill Team, Fencing Team JAMES W. RELS Football, Dean ' s List, University Honor ' s Day JAY M. REESE James Scholar - 1967, Phi Eta Sigma, Vice President Sigma Alpha Mu, Lambda Lambda Delta RALPH R. REEVE Fencing Team, President Fencing Club (Soph.) ELAINE B. REGOPOULOS Honor ' s Day Recognition, Tutor in Spanish, Dean ' s List MAUREEN E. RE1LLY Lambda Chi RENATE REISTER Dean ' s List TERESA J. deRIO Spanish Club, Honors Citation - 1969 MARILYN J. RITTER Honor ' s Day PAMELA J ROCHOW1AK Modern Dance Club, Chicago Circle Players - Publicity Committee. Dean ' s List JACQUEUNE D. ROD1E Dean ' s List ELLEN A. ROMANOI SKI Honor ' s Day Convocation 1969 JERRY P. ROSENBERG Dean ' s List, Co-Chairman - Ad Hoc Committee for Student Participation in Political Science ARTHUR G. ROSENFELD Research Assistant Teaching Assistant - Economics Dept. MARK 1. ROSS HiUel - President, Publications Chair- man, National Veep. - Senior, Classical League, Carnival Chairman - IOC Rites of Spring ERICA M. ROUNDS Honor Student 1969 RICHARD B. RUBENSTEIN Alpha EpsUon Pi-President, Student Dis- ciplinary Committee, Homecoming Com- mittee MARY RUGGIERO Dean ' s List, Organization of Sociology Students JAMES P. RUSIN l.E.E.E. ROBERT E RUSSELL WAAIME Scholarship, Materials Club Treasurer, Sigma Phi Omega -Secretary W1LMA M. RUTHERFORD Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day, Organization of Sociology Majors DORTHY RYBACZYK Polish Student ' s Association, Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day, Historical Society RICHARD A. RYSDON Earl Award in Architecture, lllini Sports- man Club President MARTIN N. SACHMAN Omega Beta Pi-Treasurer, lour Year Dean ' s List DAVID M. SACKS Engineering Advisory Board THOMAS E. SAHLIN American Institute of Chemical Engi- neers LAURENCE N. SALASCHE Sigma Alpha Mu -Sigma Beta Pi Presi- dent, Dean ' s List SHEDR1CK S SANDERS Dean ' s List. Phi Eta Sigma, Black Student Organization 1 RANCTNI I . SARELLI Dean ' s List, Volleyball Sportshead, Edu- cation Officiating Comm.. Aquainas Treasurer JAMES P. SAUSEN American Society of Areospace Lng. Geology Club BONNIE E. SCIIAI 1 R Chicago Circle Players JOELSCHAI I I R Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day BARRY R. SCHAKNER Honor ' s Psychology Curricula. Dean ' s List, Students for Israel, Judo Club ANTON SCHEDL, JR A.S.M.E. RALPH T. SCH1AVON Football, American Marketing Assoc. Dean ' s List, Occidentel ol Chicago Stock Market Club FRED M. SCHIED Tau Kappa Fpsilon, Education Caucus, Orientation Committee, Soccer Team DENNIS SCHIIFER American Society of Civil Engineers RONALD WILLIAM SCHIRMER Dean ' s List RICHARD J. SCHMIDT American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Dean ' s List FORREST M. SCHNEIDER Honor ' s Day, Dean ' s List KAREN H. SCHNEIDER Dean ' s List ROBERT A. SCHRAGL Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Society of Automotive Engi- neers KAREN K. SCHRAMM Social Chairman Major ' s Club. Gymastics Team, Senior Class Rep., Dean ' s List JOHN J. S. SCHRAMMEL Gymnastics Captain and Most Valuable- Player, Dean ' s List ROBERT G. SCHWARTZ Edmund J. James Scholar, Phi Eta Sigma, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Nominee, Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day SHARON A. SCHARZ S.E.A. NEIL H. SECHAN JAMES SCHOLAR Advisory Board, Hillcl, Physics Club, Honor ' s Day DEBORAH L. SEGAL Sigma Phi Sorority EMMANUEL W. SEMMES Brother ' s of U1CC - Treasurer, Fencing Team, Track Team EUGENE SERVILLO, II UICC Concert Choir - President. U1CC Chamber Choir, Activities Honor Society LEAH A. SHAPIRO Student Foreign Relations - Activity Co-ordinator, Student Governor PAULC. SHEDD, JR. Chicago lllini - Drama Critic, French Club, Chicago Circle Players, S.E.A. MARGUERITE SHERIDAN Spanish Club, Portuguese Club MARK A. SHERMAN James Scholar, Phi Eta Sigma, Omega Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi GERALD M. SHKOLNIK Sigma Delta Kappa. Dean ' s List LEON D. SHKOLNIK Historical Society BEVERLY E. SHOCKLEY Dean ' s List, International Student Organization GERALD P. SIDMAN Gullywompers GERALD1NEC. S1DOR Aiguillettes - Recording Secretary, Drill Team JOHN N. S1GALOS Honor ' s Award, football Team. Intra- mural Wrestling Champion, Lettermen ' s Club SANDRA L. S1LOSKY Gymnastics Sportshead, Orchesis, Major ' s Club, Jazz Club GAYLE M. SILVER Dance Committee. Pier Playhouse West, Music Lounge Committee, Dean ' s List NEILT. SILVERSTEIN Omega Beta Pi - Treasurer, Concert Band BARBARA SIMON Thcla Gamma Phi, Rush Chairman and Vice-President. College ol Education Student Caucus. Education Policy Comm. Chairman, I ecullve Board BARRY I SIMON Orientation Committee Chairman. Se- nior Class Steering Committee C hair- man, Activities Honor Society, Inter- organi .ational Council, Senior Class President 193 Am Rl Nl I I SIMON Dean ' s List, Award ' s Day, OricnUtlon ( tii .in I ruining ( ommittce, ' rent li l uloi ii Kin M SJOSTROM Graduation with Honors, Delta Sigma i psilon PAMI I s sk K Dance Committee, Student Government NORM « ski l n Varsit) Wrestling, Baseball KK HARD II skin , Jl Alpha Kappa Psi rrcasurcr, Business Administration ( tub, Dean ' s I isl D in M SKORA i hicago lllini Managing I dilor, St huh i l.iss Steering Committee, Headline , tub President 1IH1M S S Ski SI American Institute ol Aeronautics and Asli onautu s BARBARA A SLAMAR Aiguillcttes PAMI LAM SI I ( II 1 A Dean ' s List. Intramural Sports, Honor ' s Daj KOIil Rl G. SL1 PICKA Publicity Chairman Independent College Republicans, Student Advisory Board LINDA S. SLIM S L ' ICC Gymnastics learn I or Women. Physical Education Majors ( Kit) V. Al II k U SLOAN Honorary Illinois State Scholarship, I ' ln Eta Sigma JANL A. SLOW IkOU Ski Alpha Lambda Delta ( AKI I SMI I II Dean ' s List, Black Student Organization, Kappa Alpha Psi, Dance Committee RONALD K SMITH Dean ' s List FRANCES V. SNI1GOLSKI Dean ' s List DONNA D. Solccki Dean ' s List IAMI SC. SOM1 -RVILLI Dean ' s List MICHAEL G. SOMMISl Dean ' s I ist SHI RK1 L SORI I Dean ' s List VALERIE SPARKIS ( hicago Circle Broadcasting, Modern Ja v Dance LINDA E. SPOONI R Dean ' s List, Sigma Gamma Rho. Ilis- torical Society II RRI NCI M STAITORD Historical Society Kl N I. STALL Orientation Committee, Dean ' s List THOMAS ( SI AMOS Chicago Circle Young Repubheans President. Pi Alpha lau President. Committee on Student Life, Freshmen Weekend Co-Chairman HOWARD J. STANKL Varsity- Volleyball Team Most Im- proved Player 1968 SI. I A si ANKOW Dean ' s List, Christian Science Organi- zation Dl BORAH I SI ANLI 1 Council I or 1 xccptional Children, Dean ' s List. National Lducation A,,ml JOHN I SI I ADMAN llll.. Baseball, Self-teaching Lab Stu- dent Coordinator NINA L ST1.I ANI Dean ' s List JOS1PII II. SIT IMI A Dean ' s List DAVID M. SINN Alpha I psilon Pi-Iota Chi Chapter, lnter-l raternity Council Treasurer. 1969 Homecoming Chairman, Senior Class 1970 Steering Committee, Senior ( lass Vice-President JOSI ' PII I. STEINI K Honor ' s Day . Dean ' s I is! MARVIN P.STI INI K Intramural Fencing, Dean ' s List LINA SI I POV Cheerleader Captain, Circle Yearbook Senior Lditor, Activities Honor Society Secretary, Honor ' s Day ROBERT G. STERGiOS IT I I RONALD M SI I RKOWICZ Bowling ream SI s N STO( KM VI igraphy Club BARBARA I siolu tliri oncerl Hand freasurci DAVID si KM II l llll. Sigma Phi Omega BARBARA A si I MI ' l Honoi s i onvoi hi ion PAMI LAI SI 11 A Young Democrats, Student Government, Hook Exchange Chairman, Commute) Newspaper MAKOJO J SI GANO A. I. A. A., Dean ' s List SUSAN SI NDMAN Student Government Interim Presi- dent, Pi Alpha lau Vice-President, Activities Honorary, Chicago, lib Advertising Manager RONALD C. SURMA Institute ol Electrical And Electronic I ngineers LINDA SUl II l Dean ' s List I ' l II R AUGUST P SUl Dl RS RONALD S. SWTDKON Intcrmural basketball and i ootball IIIOMAS A SWIK A Dean ' s list. Sociology ( lub CAROL L. SYKORA Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, James Scholar LI SI I R SZI WCZYK Student Advisory Board, Intramural Sports KK1ST I N N. SZYMCZAK ( hicago, lllini Brotherhood ol Model Railroad Engineers Secretary, C hicago. Circle Broadcasting, Tour Guides, Bi- ology Department Advisory Boaid JOHN B.TATE James Scholar, Phi 1 ta Sigma BAYKAI B T. TATOSOGLU A. S.M.I .. Dean ' s List WINDY M, IT1CHMAN Dean ' s List JOANN L. TILLERS Dean ' s List NIC HOLAS T. TIIALASSINOS Physics Club, Hellenic Club, Honors Day, Intramural Wrestling MARCIA L. I HARP Dean ' s List, S.I A. ALAN J.THOMAS Chicago, Circle Broadcasting Presi- dent, Treasurer JAMES A. THOMAS Grant Hall Conversation Group V P. SHARON L.THOMAS Dean ' s List, Alpha Kappa Alpha HAROLD C IHOMPSON Danee Committee, Kappa Alpha Psi RALPH L TOBLER Chess Team Captain, Dean ' s List, Sugar Plum RANDI L. TOLMAIR1 Centennral Homecoming Queen, Dean ' s List PATRICIA C. TORLN Honor ' s Day, Illinois State Scholarship AUSTIN P. TORNLY Sigma Phi Omega, Skung lllini. Dean ' s List VICTOR P. TORR1 S Phi I ta Sigma, U.l.C.C Vets Club, I I .1 1 CAMILLI A TR01N1 LLO SI A, Dean ' s List EILEEN D. TROUTT Honor Society, Student Government, Jazz Dance Club, Drama Workshop J I I I Rl Y M. T KL I Historical Society President. Repre- sentative to History Dcpt. Meetings. Track learn. Circle Yearbook Sports I ditor, L.A.S. Student Advisory Board RICHARD S TRYNDA Dean ' s List Gl RALD J JLRKOWSKI Dean ' s List, Orientation Leader kl( HARD D. 11 KNI R kappa Alpha 1 ' sl ROBI Kl I 1WAROY Baseball Lettcrman, Captain, Physical I ducation Club. Dean ' s List kl VIN B.TYNAN Business Admllllsllation ( lub, Skung lllini wii 1 1 am ( rzAVOS I olelgn Student Tuition Scholarship, American Institute ol Aeronautics and Astionautlcs. Hellenic (Tub U ROBI Rl J UCHANSKI 1 I ( .( ( oncerl Choir President, I I ( ( hambei ( lion . O.K S.A llll ODOKI I I ' Kl I IA Varsity Hockey, Skiing lllini. Student Advisory Committee Biology Dcpt . Dean ' s List Ml( HAI 1. W LIRBU1 Dean ' s List. Newman Community President, Delegate Inter-Organi ational Council, Senior (lass I reasurer NANCY II II RBACK I ta (In Kappa LUCILLE M. VALENTINO James Scholar, Honor ' s Day FREDERICK P. VINSON Geography ( lub RANDALL M. VIII K Omega, Beta Pi, Russian (Tub Kl NNI 111 J. VOJ1IK Swimming Team Co-Captain, Water Polo Team, (hicago. Circle Board W N1COLI V. WALSH Delta Phi Alpha, Honor ' s Day, Depart mental Distinction ROBI Rl I WALSH James Scholar, l-encing learn. Dean ' s List JAMES I . WALWI R Administration ol ( riminal Justice, Representative to Student Advisory Board HOWARD P WT II. Phi Kappa Phi. Edmund James Scholar. Dean ' s List. Alpha Kappa Psi GLI NN WLIN1 R Dean ' s List, Student Government, Intra- mural Baseball DIANL S. Wl INGART Alpha Lambda Delta Secretary, Phi Kappa Phi, James Scholar MICHAEL B. WTTNSTI IN Chicago Circle locus, Chicago lllini Associate Editor, Vice-Chairman Orien- tation Committee, Senior Class Steering Committee, University Convocations Committee, Senior Class Secretary RONALD A. W1-.ISN1 R Student Government President, Na- tional Honors Society BRUCT I . WEISSEG Dean ' s List JOSEPH A. WLISZMANN Cross Country, Track, Handball learn Captain, Ski Club ANNL J. WIIIZMAN James Scholar. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi, ST.. A.. Lab School MICHAEL I . Wl LLS Geography Club. Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day JAMI S I -.. Wl-.RNI-.R 1.1.1 .1 .. Honor ' s Day JOHN 1 -.. WILLI AMS A. I. A., A.S.C., B. AC .GAP I VERNON A. WILLIAMS Friends ol the Arts Treasurer, A. LA.. A.S.C.. Vice-President. Garfield Area Planning Team, B.A.C. VIRGIL L WILLIAMS Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day ANDRI A II WILLIAMSON Historical Society , SI A I Kl Dl KOCK (, WINTERS Sigma Phi Omega RICHARD E. WOJCIK Graduate Undergraduate Biology Advisory Committee JEAN WOJDULA Physical lducation Major ' s (lub. Basket- ball Team, Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Day 1AMRA L WOLI I Student Caucus. I edcral Trairnship SAMUEL H. WOLINSKY Circle Maxwell Y.M.C.A. President. I reshman Weekend Co-Chairman. New- man (lub. American Society ol Civil l ngirieeii LINDA D WOLOSHIN lllllel Publications Committee MARY WONG Dean ' s List. Student lducation Asso- ciation SOPHII M WOROBEt Omega Beta Pi Secretary. James Scholar, Phi Kappa Phi, Ukrainian Club IHOMASG WOROBEt Vanity Debate Team Pub licity Director. Omega Beta Pi. Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Kappa Phi ROBI KI S YAMAUt III Dean ' s List, Honors Convocation. Wres- tling learn Jl SSK AT. YASUI Freshman Weekend Counselor, Black Student Organization, WAA Bowling League, The Group LINDA M. YODUAL James Seolar ' 68, ' 69. Dean ' s List ' 67. ' 68, ' 69 Mil I YONG Alpha Kappa Psi, Intramural I ootball. Baseball. Handball. Basketball, and Weightlifting, lnter-l raternity Sports DENNIS S. YORK Community Service Committee, New- man Club CAROLYN 1. YOUNG Dean ' s List, Delta Sigma Theta NANCY L. YUKTONIS Bowling League. Commuter - lllini, Intramural Tennis, Dean ' s List. I la Chi Kappa WAYN1 M ZAGI Bowling League President, Intramural Baseball, I ootball, I ta C In Kappa, Hon- or ' s Day Ceremonies NORMAN K. ZLLL1 R CCR, Swimming Team MARLI-.NL I -.. Zll LONKA Young Republicans JONATHAN S. ZIOMI K Lxecutive Editor Chicago-Mini, Mana- ging Lditor Chicago Circle Focus, Student Government Reprcsentattvc, Dean ' s List RAYMOND A. ZMUDA History Club, Geology Club, Tour Gurde Orientation Leader SI1 VI N J. ZOTLI R Newman Club. Intramural Bowling, Handball, American Accounting Asso- ciation Associate Member JOHN 1- ZUR Executive Radio Producer ol Chicago Circle Broadcasting MIC HALL A. ZURAKOV Member I acuity Senate Committee on Student Allans. President Executive Board of Student Organizations Activi- ties Center, President U.l.C.C. Students for Israel, Chauman Activities Center Committee of Inter-Organizational Council 194 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Michael Urbut Treasurer Barry Simon President David Stein Vice President Michael Weinstein Secretary INDEX ACTIVITIES DIRECTORY, 190 ACTIVITIES HONORARY SOCIETY, 112 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA, 112 ALUMNI, 134 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 1 1 3 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTS, 113 ARCHITECTURE AND ART, COLLEGE OF, 137 BASKETBALL, 105, 82 BROWN, WARREN, 131 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, COLLEGE OF, 138 BUSINESS STUDENT BOARD, 1 15 CHEERLEADERS, 114 CENTER BOARD, 135 CIRCLE PLAYERS, 114 COUNCIL OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND UNITED NATIONS AFFAIRS, 115 CROSS COUNTRY, 103, 94 EDUCATION, COLLEGE OF, 136 FENCING, 108,96 FOOTBALL, 102,68 GOLF, 106,95 GRADUATE COLLEGE, 141 GYMNASTICS, 104,90 HENRY, DAVID DODDS, 128 HOCKEY, 107, 80 ILLINI IN EUROPE CLUB, 118 INTRAMURAL SPORTS, 100 LAMBDA-CHI-ANGEL GUARD, 118 LAMBDA LAMBDA DELTA, 119 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES, COLLEGE OF, 140 LIBRARY ADMINISTRATION, 135 LIFE SCIENCE GROUP, 119 MILLER, OSCAR, 130 NEWMAN CLUB, 120 OMEGA BETA PI, 120 ORIENTATION COMMITTEE, 121 PARKER, NORMAN A., 129 PERSHING RIFLES, 121 PI ALPHA TAU, 122 SENIORS, 142 SOCCER, 108, 76 SPORTS, 66 STUDENT AFFAIRS, 130, 132 STUDENT GOVERNMENT, 123 SWIMMING, 106,88 TANBERG, AGNES G., 131 TENNIS, 94 THETA GAMMA PHI, 123 TKE, 124 TRACK AND FIELD, 109, 97 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, 124 WOMEN ' S P.E. MAJORS CLUB, 125 WRESTLING, 86 YEARBOOK STAFF, 196 195 mm CIRCLE 70 EDITORIAL STAFF 1. JEFF TRUE - Sports Editor 2. KENNETH LEE HALAJIAN - Editor-in-Chief 3. LINA STEPOVY - Senior Editor 4. RICHARD A. MATHER - Managing Editor 5. EMMY DEAM - Copy Editor 6. MR. F. GAYLORD COX - Advisor 7. JEFFREY M. GOLTZ - Business Manager 196 11 JOHN BURLINSKI - Photo Editor JERI BERNSTEIN - Office Manager LORALEE BLAIS - Organizations Editor RUSSELL FU - Sales Manager ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVI- TIES: Left to Right Helene Sikaras, Loralce Blais - Editor, Patrice Robinson, Linda Schroed- er, NOT PICTURED: Michael Hanz, Laurel Kriechbaum, Monica Freeman, Helen Prendergast, Nancy L ' tterback. PHOTO: Top - Willie C. Roberts, Middle - Warren Allen, Richard Moy, George Philosophos, Bot- tom - Allen Berman. NOT PIC- TURED: Richard Moore, John Paraskevas, George Garklaus, Ter- ance Lee, Ron Punch. 198 Eileen Pembroke Layout Staff John Fleming Sports Staff Steve Gonzalez Sports Staff 199 As this final page of Circle 70 is being sent to the printer, we pause to breathe the traditional sigh of relief But, that pause is short-lived. As an institution in this community our existence is still fragile at best. We ' ve managed to put out in our own small way what I believe is one of the few concrete examples of student power on this campus. Many of us have served on the yearbook staff with one eye on the present year ' s work and the other to the future. We want the yearbook to continue as an institution serving the university. To us it represents one small but much needed unifying element for the transient student body. Remember what it takes to accomplish anything on this campus. Although we are leaving UICC, the yearbook must continue and so we are working now on the plans for future books. There is nothing harder than trying to institute a tradition where before none existed. But we have tried and will continue to try. Perhaps we, too, have begun with one small step ... This book is the result of the combined efforts of a number of people. We want to thank Delmar Printing Compnay for placing our account in the able hands of Mr. Mike Hackleman and Mr. Ed Hackleman. Their continued assistance has insured the publication of Circle 70 as an improved book. As for Root Photographers and our Senior Portraits, what can we say that already hasn ' t been said about Mr. Stan Leiberman. Stan has always showed the Circle Yearbook every possible consideration in helping us to meet our deadlines and in providing the senior class with their portraits. Much thanks is due to Mr. F. Gaylord Cox, our advisor, for allowing us the greatest possible latitude in decision making which is so vital to any student organization. This year we have included color photographs for the first time on this campus. All of the color work in Circle 70 was shot by this year ' s managing editor, Mr. Rich Mather. And any ackowledgement ior this book would not be complete without reference to that master of the debit and credit, our business manager, Mr. Jeff Goltz. To all of my staff, my personal thanks. At least we did something while we were here. 1 hope that our efforts were not in vain. KEN HALAJIAN Editor-in-Chief 200 This is one small step . . . . va + ktl UNIVFRSITY Of II I INOIS URBANA 3 0112 110343131

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