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T IZu3Vc 1969 CIRCLE 6 LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN C IZu3Vc 1969 •ki ' vfcv. u N C I H V I E C R A S G I O T Y C I O R F C I L E L L I N O I s c A M P U S 1969 CIRCLE69 EDITORIAL STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF KENNETH LEE HALAJIAN BUSINESS MANAGER JEFFREY M. GOLTZ MANAGING EDITOR JOHNWOJCIK COPY EDITOR LINA STEPOVY OFFICE MANAGER SUE ANDERSON PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR WARREN ALLEN SENIOR EDITOR CAROLE KAPLAN SPORTS EDITOR LOUELLA BLAINE FACULTY ADVISORS DR. BARRY S. GREENWALD MR. TADAO TAKANO SENIOR PORTRAITS ROOT PHOTOGRAPHERS COVER DESIGN SUE ANDERSON TECHNICAL ADVISOR BARRY L. FOX c WW h « r- ■ S» m . » . i »■ LW.l t frv- " Hj- i ij O i » " i » « ' yc - iV r x r ' V l lV -» ,- f fc » id f LEST WE FORGET PAST THE SHAPE OF THINGS: SPEAKERS AT U.I.C.C. FRESHMAN WEEKEND FRESHMAN ORIENTATION 10 NOW 11 12 13 -- ? : ' :• ' 14 15 yj itoustmi THE SHAPE OF ■ ■■H At m 2 rHINGS TO COME COULD NOT BE SCHEDULED ORGANIZATIONS I ACTIVITIES ■ ■■m ■ AMATEUR RADIO CLUB BACK ROW: Larry Downing, Ben Eisenstein, Kenneth Hoppenrath, Robert Jenski, Tom Berry. FROST ROW David Larson (Treasurer), Ed Zobac (Vice-President), Bill Gartland (President), Jim Wysocki (Secretary). | The Amateur Radio Club pro- vides its members with the oppor- tunity to operate and experiment with electronic equipment on campus. Their long awaited goal of transmitting messages all over the world as a public service is soon to become a realitv. 20 ACTIVITIES HONORARY SOCIETY STW ' DING left to right Jim Benes, William Havves, Mike Goltz, Carl Fosco, Niva Oghigian, Jim Wysoki, Paul Kovich Wavne Oesterlin, Jeff Goltz. SITTING: Ed Johnson, Sandra Diggs, Joe Berkson, Dean Agnes Tandberg. The Activities Honorary Society honors student lead- ers on campus by electing students of outstanding achievement in the fields of extra-curricular activities to join their ranks. Its goal is to encourage more participa- tion in extra-curricular activities. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta is an honorary society for those ambitious freshmen girls who start with a 4.5 average and are able to maintain it for the rest of their college career. They offer tutoring services well worth taking advantage of and in the few spare moments left to them they act as hostesses for any affair the dean of women may present . HOW 1: Dean Agnes Tanberg, Belinda Lawrence, Bethaviva Cohen (President), Diane Gerlack, Barbara Kirchick (Secretary). HOW 2: Mrs. Judith Rosenbaum, Linda Siemianowski, Man Ann Kuca (Jr. Advisor), Barbara Marik, Julie Trunk (Vice-President), Linda Hahn (Treasurer), Mrs. Barbara Roy (Faculty Advisor). 21 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Student chapters of the American Society of Ci il Engineers arc established to help civil engineering stu- dents enrich their col- lege courses bj begin- ning those profession- al contacts and asso- ciations which are so al liable to the prac- ticing engineer in serving mankind and the engineering pro- fession more effective- ly. During their meet- ings they present guest speakers and movies, discuss group problems and take a variety of field trips to steel mills and engi- neering firms. Left to Right; FIRST ROW: Dan Biank (President), Joe Goodner (Treasurer), Tom Litka (Treasurer), Carl Peterson (Secretary). SECOND ROW: Tom LeDonne, Joe Bokr, Tom Geishecker, Nakai Hiroki, Wayne Ranch, Robert Sokol. THIRD ROW: Richard Lansu, Tony Kitz, John Lattyak, Richard Kulinski, Gregory Porma, Jerome Gap, Robert H. Bryant (Advisor). C.I. BROTHERHOOD OF MODEL RAILROAD ENGS. The Model Railroad Engineers is a small but enthusiastic campus organization. In an ef- fort to promote their hobby they are at pre- sent trying to have a scale model railroad layout built on campus for the enjoyment of the students. Their meetings consist of movies from historical groups and occasional trips in original steam engines. Left to Right; FRONT ROW: Bill Kertz, Cristen Szymczak (Secretary), Allen Breyer (President), John Nelson (Treasurer). BACK ROW: Alan Follett, Gilbert Kuzera, Paul Wussow, John Biskie (Vice-President). 22 ...■■-• A- CHEERLEADERS KNEELING: Lina Stepovy (Captain), Sue Altenback (Treasurer), Charlene Lasko. STANDING: Ste- phanie Zadro, Diane Gerlach, Dena Chentes (Secretary), Lin Wilson (Co-Captain). 1 . . Pep, energy, and spirit were provided by our vivacious cheer- leaders. In addition to leading the crowd in cheering, the girls sold homecoming buttons and helped the yearbook staff build their float. But cheerleading is not all fun — it also has its ups and downs as seen at the left. 23 MMM HRHPP CLASSICS CLUB SEATED ROW 1 Left to right: Julie Goldman (Treasurer), Marilyn Brusherd (secretary), Anthony Goule- tas (President), Raymond Zelazny (Vice-Pres.), Phyllis B. Katz (Sponsor ), STANDING ROW 2: Hoda Brigman, Rose Marie Emerson, Denise Duffy, Carol Esler, Katheryn Staclard, Renee Henderson, Dushan- ka Stebanovich, Pat Golden, Dr. A. P. Dorjahn. MIDDLE ROW STANDING: E. Gebhard, Dr. E. Lev- ine, Kenneth Lee Halajian, Henry Duncan, ROW 3: G. H. Polman, Robert Owens, Alexander Curd, Wm. Conway, Art Jungwirth, Dave Humphry, Victor Nunchuck. Classics Club meets to discuss and investigate the origins of lan- guages. They sponsor speakers on this subject and will publish a Classics Journal for our campus in the near future. At left we see Student Government President Art Jungwirth, a member of the club, with one of the club ' s most distinguished speakers, Dr. A. P. Dorjahn. 24 L CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION The Christian Science Or- ganization is a religious group on campus that brings together interested students for regular Testimony meetings. The or- ganization also sponsered guest speaker, Mr. Thomas McClain last fall and is plan- ning to provide more lecturers in the future. This spring the group will send two students to attend a collegiate biannual meeting of Christian Scientists in Boston Mass. Pictured at left: Dr. Roy Perkins, Rose- mary L. Krieger, Sharon Eddy, Advisor, Mrs. Frances Swee- ney, Sunday Ikoh. INTER- VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP STANDING L,EFT to Right: Robert Mular, Lewis Miller, Nicholas Stengel, Chris Xenamis, Thomas Pluister, David Weinland, Steve Board. SEA TED: Jean Craine, Donna Gross, Arthur Nutzhorn, George Lynn. The purpose of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fel- lowship is three fold: to help others learn about Christ on a personal level, to grow in fellowship with others, and to recruit people interested in mis- sionary vocations. They will soon sponser a jazz and gospel session: " Like It Is at U.I.C.C. At right we see Kathy Cook and Bill Fong " telling it like it is at their booth in front of the Pier Room. 25 HILLEL FRONT: Neil Kleinbort (Treasurer), Devorah Rosenzweig (Chrm. Freshman Council), Rabbi Joseph Schachter, Sheryl Gassel. BACK: Steve Heifer, Don Meyer (Membership Chrm.), Barry Friedman (Vice-President), Mark Ross, Joel Schwartz, Jeffrey Goltz. Rabbi Joseph Schachter is the director of B ' nai Brith Hillel Foundation which strives to in- volve the student in Jewish edu- cation. Hillel Foundation is fi- nanced by the Chicago Jewish Community by way of the Jewish Welfare Fund. Hillel was estab- lished at the Circle in 1966. ABOVE. Collin Alpert presides over a typical Hillel meeting. 26 ET INTER FRATORITY COUNCIL STANDING: Left to Right; David Stein, Treasurer, Judy Koves, Corre- sponding Secretary, Holly Balow, Recording Secretary, Edmund Sadler, Vice-President. SITTING: Micheal Rovell, President. The Inter-Fratority Council is the governing body for fraternities and sororities which are trying to develope well-rounded men and women. One of their primary functions is organizing Rush in which perspective students prepare to pledge their chosen organizations. The I.F.C. has participated in Homecoming activities sponsered a winter carnival, and organized I.F.C. Olym- pics. The Council also does volunteer work in the community. 27 C.C. KARATE CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT ROW I: D. Motesi, K. Costello, M. Bartnick, T. Andiacchi, L. Lam. R. Blackmon President, F. Sernius. ROW 2: K. AAsved, R. Waters Treasurer, S. Zivovie, R. Lee, J. Laudermith, R. Satchel, R. Kalchbrenner, W. Quinn, S. Sugiyama. ROW 3: M. Mullins, S. Greer, A. Sylveste r. The C.C. Karate Club won the First Midwest College Karate Tournament participating in intercollegiate compe- tition. Promoting the teaching of Kar- ate is the club s main activity. The C.C. Karate Club is affiliated with the Japa- nese Karate Association. LUTHERAN ASSOCIATION The Lutheran Association invites a number of speakers during the course of the year to participate in group discussions. One of their main events is an annual retreat which was held last summer in Lake Geneva. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Frances Arcuri Vice-President, Reverand Eugene V. Bruegge- mann, Gayle Guenther President. ROW TWO: George Thompson Secretary, Michael Con- rad SGT. at arms, Michael Schnaufer Treasurer. 28 MATERIALS CLUB The Materials Club is open to all engineering students. The major interest of the club is the propertie s of materials in existance today. The various activities of the club include guest speakers and tours of indus- tries in the Chicago area. LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW I: L. Pionke President, J. McDermolt, B. Russell, P. McCarren, T. Watkins, S. Potopa. ROW 2: R. Domagala Advisor, T. Louzon, J. Rup, B. Zabransky, D. Lofton, R. Lemansky, A. Lerchenstein, E. Gore, R. Dudek, S. Kendziorski, D. Locv. ROW 3: T. Lam. G. Shen, H. Miller, T. Restivo, R. Wallace, C. Studzinski. 29 OMEGA BETA PI Omega Beta Pi is the Alpha Chapter of the national premedi- cal professional honorary fraterni- ty. The objectives of the fraternity are: to develop high social, cul- tural, and moral standards, to stimulate greater and more varied interests, to enlighten new premedical students concerning the curriculum which they have entered, and to create bonds of friendship and fellowship. LEFT TO RIGHT ROW I: David L. Daniels (Treasurer), Sally J. Anders (Secretary), Anthony J. Geroul- is (President), Agostino A. Alonzo (Vice President), Anthony F. Molinari (Social Chairman). ROW 2: Sophie M Worobec, Irwin Bennett, Neal Silverstein, Orest Horobysky, Kenneth E. Brandts, Randall Vi- tek Thomas G Worobec, Toby Enright, Ronald Panella. ROW 3: Katherme Papademas, Bohdan Ple- smkewych, Robert J. Loeb, Abe Kern (Pledge Father), Jeff Lerch (Pledge Father), George Kahn Ed Keuer Michael Hinz George Psarras. ROW 4: Lois Jacob, Myron Stachviw, Ken Khuans, Don Iden, Jack O ' Con ' nell, Bill Kuczerpa, Mitchell Peristein. LAST ROW: Ronald Mogel, William Kast, Martin Sach- man, Michael Mayron, Mark Sherman (Pledge Father), George Hrycelak, Ronald Baumann. 30 I ORGANIZATION OF ARAB STUDENTS The Organization of Arab Students at the University of Illinois CCC is a coordinating facility through which Arab students have a dis- tinct identity. The OAS serves as a guide to newly arrived students during the period of adjustment with their host country, and its Middle Eastern composition provides a link to the homeland. Internally, it is a " home away from home. LEFT TO RIGHT. FRONT ROW: Adolpho Suweis, Abdei Hamid El-Barbarawi (President), Sami Musa. MIDDLE ROW: Joseph Rasson, Kathy Flynn, Jawdat Rihani (Treasurer), Daoud Nabhan (Vice President). BACK ROW: David Love, Joseph Youakim, George Evanoff, Muhamad Dabbouseh. Orchesis is an extra cur- ricular modern dance group open to all university stu- dents. It provides an outlet for student performances in dance workshops and dance concerts. The purpose of the group is to develope dance education and appreciation for movement as an aesthet- ic form of expression. Or- chesis also provides dance education for the communi- ty by sponsoring sympos- iums and workshops for city and suburban high schools. ORCHESIS LEFT TO RIGHT. FRONT ROW: Faye Pantezelos, Debby Roth, Sandy Solosky. BACK ROW: Jilda Poliakin, Meg Norvell. A T LEFT. Meg Norvell shows her fine form. 31 UICC NEWMAN CLUB U.I.C.C. Newman is a Catholic student organization. It, however, accepts all students in order to stim- ulate them towards maturity, Chris- tian responsibility, and adult leader- ship. The students also publish a monthly newspaper, " The Encoun- ter " for all Circle students. The group has its own meeting and recre- ation house located at 826 S. Morgan St. directly across from the library. % i -fl ROW OSE Left to Righf Carol Feczko, Larry Hersam, Jenni Wong, Peter Lukomski, Alice Lee, Don Bitters, Denny Walters, Russell Elrod, Frank lombardo £o W TWO. Betty Spencer, Car. F.owers, Ros.e Cruz, Herbal Wallace. C S D S ROW THRFE Chris Mazur, Maria Firley, Jim Calabrese, Rose Kundams, Bernie Ciesla, Robin Banul. ROW FOUR hather Kay Sullivan Mike Urbut. Tony Gudgalis, Jim Hohner. Jan Nuter. Mel Bacty. ROW FIVE. Pat Kelly, Greg Weathers, Wayne Orthwe.n, J.m Barrett. Joe Sernena, Tim Corbett. 32 u SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS The Society of Women Engineers tries to encourage more women into this opportu- nitive field. They organize lectures and ac- tivities pertinent to their occupation. Members of the Society of Women Engi- neers include: LEFT TO RIGHT FRONT; Niva Oghigian (Vice-chairman), Maggie McMahon. SECOND; Aleta Dorsey, Theresa Horton (Chairman), Be- thavna Cohen, Patricia Preyss. SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST; Ron Wallace (Vice Chairma n), Don Robert Taylor (Chairman), Niva Oghigian (Sec), Charles A. Feucht (Treasurer). SECOND; Neil Miles (Field Trip Chair- man), John Paskvan, Robert Ferlis (Memb. Chairm.), Michael L. Jorgenson (Meetings Chair- man) ' Stanley J. Pawlowicz, Alan K. Baumann, David E. Rosenblatt. THIRD; Mihl Solka, Marty Novil, Richard Giba, Richard J. Prah, Charles A. Tomczak, Ralph Malec, Wayne Tofel. FOURTH: Vytautas Barcas, Richard Gaber, James Kutin, Matt Guida. FIFTH: Norm Roth, Robert Chambers. The Society of Automotive Engineers is one of the more active groups on campus. One of their major events is displaying model racing cars for those who are nov- ices in the automotive field. They are now in the process of beginning an engineering seminary. PI ALPHA TAU I ' i Alpha Tau is something different. Originating as a so- cial club, formed In a group t students involved in extra- curricular activities al Nav) I ' ier, Pi Alpha Tau took the big step in 1965 and became a Kratority, that is, a Co-ed fra- ternity. Since its founding the organization lias grown around the guiding principles ol fellowship, leadership, and scholarship This past year has seen the t rat 01 it participate in the school events of: Freshman weekend and orientation. Homecoming, claiming second place in the float competi- tion, and Spring Dance. Their members have served Chica- go Circle Center Board, Circle 68 and ' 69, Circle YMCA, HO TC and Activities Honorary Societj Academically their membership includes some James Scholars and many members who make the Dean ' s list each quarter. Socially their calendar for the year includes fre- quent parties, camping and theater trips, and many other formal and informal get togethers. LEFT TO RIGHT: BACK ROW: Phyllis Petrosius, Jim Anderson, Ron Buscemi, John Burlinski, John MacDonald. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Troglia, Jav Jankowski. Mike Landeros, Diana Frodyma, Nancy Elderkin, Louella Blaine, Mary Gorman, Nancv Eizenga, Tom Stamos. I IURD ROW. Sue Sundman, Ed Moon, June Bluder, Warren Allen, Helena Mokrouz. SECOND ROW: F. Gaylord Cox, Kathy Bridges, Carl Fosco, Tom LeDonne, Pat Owen. FIRST RO W: Tom McCarthy. Pam Mathes, Eileen Reminiec, Dave Gallagher, Helen Corsiglia, Andy Haszlakiewicz, Nancy Payne. 34 r O gtmvmmmi um M , | i - l , A test of your imagination — How funny can you look, all at one time? Candy Mandel accepts first place team trophy at the IFC Winter Road Rally. " Since you asked, what are you doing after Christmas? " ' Silent night. Holy night 36 STUDENT GOVERNMENT Presiding over a new form of student government at Chicago Circle is Arthur Jungwirth, elected president of the student body in December, along with two other officers on the Progress Party label. Six other students were elected individually (without party affiliation) to serve on an executive board with the three top officers. The board will perform the executive function of Student Government and the legislative function will be vested in the whole student body. Under a town-hall type government approved by a student referendum in October, all duly registered students at Chicago Circle may attend meetings of the student assembly and vote on all issues. Elected on the Progress Party label with Jungwirth are Terry Dono- hoe, a senior, as executive vice president and Bruce Sirkin, a junior, as treasurer. Individual candidates elected to the Execu- tive Board are: Sylvia Janis, Internal affairs vice president; Obie Philpot, External affairs vice president; Diane Meltzer, rec- ording secretary; and John Wesley Lowe, corresponding secretary. Elected as members at large are Allen Greenfield and Kevin Cronin. Student Government acts as the only representative voice of the entire student body at the University of Illi- nois at Chicago Circle, providing for the articulation of the student viewpoint, fostering awareness of student needs, and al- lowing for student participation in the life of the University and the surrounding community. In order to fulfill these func- tions, Student Government has established and maintains a Student Bill of Rights, investigates procedures and policies af- fecting student welfare, provides for student needs, and initiates formal changes in existing University procedures and policies. 37 SKIING ILLINI The main goal ot the Skiing Mini is to bring together people interested in skiing. By sponsoring regular ski weekends as well as traditional holiday trips, the Skiing Mini provides ample oppor- tunity tor super — and sorrv — skiers, alike. ROW I: Left to Right: Waldemar Kalinowski, Howard Kahn, Chris Rac, Stanley Pietnyk, Larry Stone (Treasurer), Phillip Olsen (President). ROW 2: Rebecca Wilson (Advisor), Nikki Skrochod, Marie Pane, Pat Downes, Lynn Hogan, Sharon Krajci, Frances Black, Linda Kudulis, Marcia Tharp. ROW 3: Ted Ukleja, Harry Reczek, Mark Nyderek, Josef Ratschan, Clarence Wummel, Dan Drennan, Edward Sobo- lewski, Tim Bolic, Edw. Cornell. ROW 4: Reg Pazeranas, Mike Kay, Rick Ryan, Robert Illing, Robert Masek, Thomas Skusk, Ronald Michaler, Alan Kane. CAMPUS TOUR GUIDES Under the direction of Linnea Norberg, coordinator, and Mr. Farrell, sponsor, students serve as campus tour guides and man the information booth in the second floor of the Circle Center. Follow- ing an eight week training course, including a study of campus ar- chitecture, the students serve as guides for high school groups, prospective students, architects and other visitors to the campus. 38 KNEELING: Left to Right; John Nelson, Al Breyer, Roy Haller. SITTING: Elaine Marzal. STANDING: Kris Szymczak, Carl Whisler, Bill Kertz, Frank Filippeli, Jim Janik, Rog Klocek, Jack Biskie, Jackie Moran. I, FROM THE STUDENTS, FACUL1 THE UNIVERSITY OF ' ILLINOlS T CI UICC VETERANS CLUB The major purpose of the U.I.C.C. Veterans Organi- zation is to facilitate the adjustment of veterans to cam- pus life. They inform the veterans of the different serv- ices available to them on and off campus. Since they are also a social organization they sponsor a number of mix- ers throughout the year. Richard Aleksy Ray Anderson Frank Anderson John Baran David Bartlett Gerry Beckway Ron Bender Ken Berg Jim Briese Steve Brandstrader Mike Brown James Bryan Bruce Burton Dennis Buche Bill Bukauskas Bob Buza Frank Cavazos Robert Clennell Tom Chidester Roy Colsant Tom Cordell Bill Cordner Joe Corrigan Charles Craft Dan Cuningi Tom Devine Jerry Dickholtz Robert Dobbins Bruce Dominguez Bill Dorrance Mike Dugan Richard Dunford Wally Farnsworth George Flanigan Barry Fiore John Fox Robert Fuenty George Garvey Dan Gillespie Eric Godvik Andrew Golko Tom Griffin Robert Harty Egil Hanssen Jim Haruch Christ Heart Jim Hendler Rudolph Hite Mike Hogan Mike Jarecki Dave Jensen Ed Johnson Steve Kage Tom Karr John Kaho Bruno Kalis Tony Karahalios Rick Kasper Dunsan Kennedy Felix Kucenas Kurt Klein John Klich Bernard Korzyniewski John Kraus Joe Krejci Pete Krumbel Lewis Lejcar Dan Lenz Tony Lewandowski Jerry Lewis Karl Mark Gary Marschke Dave Marshall Fred Mitchell Mike Murphy Ron Nemchauski Dwayne Niemoth Ray O ' Malley Nick Paladino Larry Peters Harold Palliers Richard Ramos John Rangel Dale Rankin Richard Reiser Steve Risher Rich Robey Joe Rock Earl Rogers Jim Rooks John Rosenau Paul Rutisbauser Tim Sack Mike Sagara Pat Savage John Scanlan KenSchilf Robert Schuster AlSheall Mel Sidlauskas Dave Slivka Dan Smith Pat Solan Bruce Standish Joe Smith Joe Stankowicz Frank Stimecki Father Sullivan Martin Szillat Joe Szymanski Bob Toner Victor Torres Paul Turner Tom Valenzo David Walker John Wallace Wilmont L. Wallace Rich Wantuchowicz Jim Warmoth Ron Wegnek Manfred Wolfram John Yore 39 CIRCLE 69 EDITOR IN CHIEF Kenneth Lee Halajian S. A BUSINESS MANAGER Jeffrey M. Goltz MANAGING EDITOR John Wojcik PHOTO EDITOR Warren Raleigh Allen 40 EDITORIAL STAFF OFFICE MANAGER Sue Anderson SPORTS EDITOR Louella Blaine SENIOR EDITOR Carole L. Kaplan COPY EDITOR Linda Stepovy 41 1 . Ed Balagot — Copy 2. Steve Gonzales Sports 3. Lola Blais — Activities 4. Pete Donnelly — Art Design 5. Ken Halajian Joan Jagla — Activities 6. Helene Sikaras Activities 7. Valerie Worman Office Rob Mills Photo 42 8. Laurel Kriechbaum — Worker 9. Barry L. Fox — Tech. Advisor 10. Dave Fronczyk — Photo 1 1 . Monica Freeman — Art Design 12. John Burlinski — Photo 13. Emmy Deam — Copy 14. Jerry Troglia — Layout 15. Mike Goltz — Photo 16. Jeri Bernstein — Office 1 7. John Felkamp — Sports 1 8. Paul Isevich — Copy 19. Donna Heise Office 20. Pam Mathes — Art Design 21. Second Place — Homecoming parade 22. Carole Kaplan — Senior Ed. Jeff Goltz — Business Manager 23. Chris Samec— Photo I R.O.T.C. LEFT TO RIGHT: SP-5 Thomas C. Edwards, SFC Troy J. Woody, Maj. Dennis Morrissey, Maj. Robert S. Biddle, Maj. Milan O ' Bradovich, Cpt. Edwin P. Anderson. SEA TED: Maj. Robert P. Johnston. The Society of American Mili- tary Engineers is an association in which engineers from all of the engineer services of the Armed Forces and from all fields of civil- ian engineering practice join to increase the engineer potential of the United States for the National Security. The society sponsors varied activities for the benefit of its membership. Meetings, local, regional, and national, are held for the presentation and discus- sion of military engineering top- ics. Last year three members from the society attended the Annual National Convention at Cocoa Beach, Florida. LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: Advisor Major Dennis J. Morrissey, President Cadet Richard Stadel- mann, Vice-President Cadet James Hao, Sponser Miss Geri Sidor. ROW TWO: Secretary Cadet Roy De- ters, William Pawlicki, Robert Syzdek, Cadet Wayne Schmidt, Eugene Sokolowski, Treasurer Cadet Her- schel Wallale III. ROW THREE Richard Landgraff, James Nemcek, David Carden, Gregg Parma, Fish- er Keith, Roger Pycke, John Altendorp. 44 1 The College level R.O.T.C. progr am is designed to develop commissioned officers for the Army Reserve and the regular army. The program is specifically planned to establish potential leaders, either in civilian or military life. The Aiguilletes is the woman ' s answer to military service. They are affiliated with the R.O.T.C. and have their own drill team for competion. The girls spon- sor social get-togethers and visit wounded GI ' s at the Great Lakes Naval Hospital. ■nsyu » « n r Hal n i " l I f ££ T 7T RIGHT. FRONT ROW. Susan Moscinski (Drill Team Commander), Linda Detloff (President). SECOND ROW: Virginia Bass (Vice President), Carol Feczko, Stella Reed, Elaine Banach (Corresponding Secretary), Karen Forsgrenn. THIRD ROW: Donna Allen, Penny Berou- ka, Gladys Randall, Adrienne Davis, Pamala O ' Brien. BACK ROW: Colette Block, Debbie Jones, Patricia Barrert. R E S E R V E o F F T I R C A E I R N S ' I N G c o R P s 45 The Pershing Rifles arc a part of a national society whose objectives are to encourage, preserve, and develop the highest ideals of the militar profes- sion; to promote American citizenship; and to provide appropriate recognition of military ability. As part of its contri- bution toward promoting good citizen- ship Pershing Rifles enters into many activities on campus, such as furnishing color guards for military, athletic, and other activities, and also furnishing mil- itary escorts on holidays of military significance. 46 LEFT TO RIGHT FIRST ROW: Maldre, Zehnder, Moran, Phill ips. SECOND ROW: Baylock, Dorsey, Bassi, Chalco, Spivek. THIRD ROW: Quiz. Sabo, Stadelmann, Altendorf. FOURTH ROW: Watkins, Cooper, French, Alexiades, Muskus. ■ The Chicago Circle Bullseye s Drill Team represents the battalion at drill meets throughout the Midwest. Last year the Bullseye s won first place at Madison, first place at Bradley, first place at Savanna, Illinois, and fourth place in the largest drill meet in the Midwest at Champaign. This year they will attend drill meets at Purdue, Champaign, Madison and Savanna. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST SQUAD: Pit. Ldr. Cdt. SFC Sherman McGrew, 1st Sq. Ldr. Cdt. SSG Alfred Zehnder, Cdt. Daniel French, Cdt. John Alexiades, Cdt. Charles Baylock, Pit. Ldr. Cdt. 2Lt. Nick Gaudio, Advisor Major Milon O- Bradovich. SECOND SQUAD: Ldr. Cdt. SSG Stan Sherman, Cdt. Gary Held, Cdt. Wayne Schmidt, Cdt. Ronald Buzil THIRD SQUA D: Cdt. SSG Donald Knoll, Cdt. Phillip Sosnowski, Cdt. Wayne Sabo, Cdt. Willie Watkins. Why is everybody looking at me? 47 LEFT TO RIGHT: Cdt SSG Warren Allen (Treasure), Cdt lLt Lawrence Kalck (President), MAJ Robert Biddle (Advisor), Cdt pvt John Altendorf (Secrelary), Cdt PFC Paul Gorishek (Member at Large). The Cadet Association is composed of R.O.T.C. Cadets who conduct social functions for the Cadet Battalion. The major social event of the year is the annual Military Ball held in May at the Fort Sheri- dan Officer ' s Club. 48 EFT TO RIGHT: KNEELING: Larry Rybka, Dennis Bixter, Paul Spiver, James Mor- gan. STANDING: Sgt Larry Ward, James Erhart, Hershel Wallace III, Wayne Sabo, Daniel Angelos. Keith Mayster. ! Cadet Lts. Miller And Sawyer discuss the days drill assignments with the Battalion Commander, Cadet MAJOR Joeseph Berkson. ■ The Special Forces company of the R.O.T.C. was established to provide practical field experi- ence and instructor training. The fifty man compa- ny attends classes which cover such subjects as weapons, demolitions, signals, first aid, military intelligence, camouflage, organization, and tactics. Once each quarter the company goes into the field to apply the knowledge learned in class. Part of Jim Janik ' s duty as a cadet is to keep his rifle well cleaned and oiled. 49 A PERFORMING ARTS LEFT TO RIGHT; FIRST ROW: Pamela Miller, Terri Douglas, Dennis Davis, Diane Trachtman, Benjamin Choi, Maria Unanue, Wayne Kuna, Randall Styx, Janis Kenyon, Krista Zabinski, Ruth Schacht (Secretary and Librarian), Norman Harelick, Daniel Brown, Edward Zobac. SECOND ROW: Susan Kubida. Jo-Ellen Rys, Margaret Size, Lynnette Fu (Secretary), Edward Harrison (Vice President), Charles Freeman, William Zakavek, Earl Strassberger, Joyce Krasowski, Barbara Store (Treasurer), Linda Kateeb, John Parker, James Kreuz, Elizabeth Hay, Joseph Soparas, Katherine Warden, Ingrid Jacob- son, Steven Michael, Wanda Gill, David Gallagher, Larry Goodson, David McPhee, Michael Bryant, Margaret McMahon, Jack Shankman, Thomas Cor - dell, Robert Loeb, Herb Hammerquist, Roy Haller, Paul Mazur, John McClellan, Bruce Young, James Dimitrious, Ronald Picker, David Wright, Randy Garrou. Glenn Pawlak, Margaret Valley, Stella Reed, Michael Chan, Walter Smolucha, Stanley Wrzesinski, Eugene LaFave, Linda Stapay. FOURTH ROW: Philip Gould, John Sandrik (President), Henry Zazra, Chris Stind, Nicholas J. Valenziano (Director), Barry Cohodes, Joan Karpiak, Jerry Langley, Robert Hameetman, Russell Honda, William Voda. Since the Band was formed, three and a half years ago, it has grown more than twice its size. Uniquely enough only a very small percentage of those in the Band are music majors. Their major performances are three concerts; one held each quarter. The Band plays for such events as, the Homecoming football games, Honors Day ceremonies, and commencement in June. 50 The choir loosens its vocal cords. 51 AND THE CURTAIN RISES: LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Sallee, Jim Lipka, Marta Anderson. LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Baker, Brandt Cotovsky. Mary Alice Zawa- dowski, Kathy Stacy, Nila Krimitzer, Pam Rochowiak, Peggy O ' Neil, Lucy Buivydas, Nancy Cole, Evelyn Sheri- dan, Lvnne Waitzman. 52 I COMING LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Gross, Paul Shedd, Peggy O ' Neil, Evelyn Sheridan, Larry Sallee, Nancy Cole, Steve Munro, Lynne Waitzman, Tom LeDonne, An- drew Filipowski, Pam Rochowiak, Mary Alice Zawadowski, Jeanette Musial, Kathy Stacy, Bill Jenkins, Barbara Baker, Brandt Cotovsky. ©sidisue Drf tM by The Drama Club is probably one of the most active organizations on campus; not only does it hold four major plays a year, directed by various faculty advisors, but there are also opportunities for students to direct shorter pieces. Tryouts for parts are open to all students and are held before each play. Students are also in charge of scenery, cos- tumes, make-up, lighting, sound, choreography, and publicity. This year their selections were: " Italian Straw Hat " by William Raffeld, " Benito Cereno " by Natalie Schmitt, " House of Bernarde Alba " by Chester Long and " Ondine " by Hugh Dickinson. These plays were held at the 11th St. Theatre on 62 E. 11th Street. The Drama Club is spon- sored by the University of Illinois Department of Speech and Theatre. Michael Gross grosses out Ilene Factor. 53 In recent years the Chamber Choir has performed on radio and television, in addition to presenting several concerts on campus each ear. During the past ( ihristmas season a program w as given at a local church in an attempt to help further good relations l et een the I ni ersit and the surrounding neighborhood. The ( chamber ( , ' hoir is under the direetion of Maxine K. Mandell and specializes in the perl or ma nee ol Renaissance, Baroque and Contemporare ( moral literature. BACK ROW, Left to Right: Marie Wittendorfer, Janis Gabiner, Eugene Servillo, Willard Lowgenecker, David Lee, Cary Jacobson, Robert Uchanski, Wil- liam Laegeler. Patricia Formento, Marilyn Hoerburger. FRONT ROW: Ilene Samuelson, Jane Faintuch, Jane Zakrzewski, John Carson, Frank Lombardo, DeKvin Peterson, Arnold Gentile. Nancy Heskett, Sandra Finkelstein, Alice Adair. Director: (Back to Camera) Miss Maxine Mandell. He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. 54 THE A DA .£F7 70 RIGHT: John Wrobel, Brandt Cotovsky, Carla Rodgers, and Mike Gross. COMING: ku KoberH Lowell 55 HOMECOMING pep-rall) started Homecoming activities with the lighting of a bonfire. I he football team, cheerleaders and Homecoming Queen candidates were introduced Oh no! We can ' t be losing. I 56 Hard work by the Greeks and other organizations culminated in the parade of floats from University Hall to Soldiers Field. Snoopy says, " On to Victory " . r. 1968 The long awaited game is finally under way. Josephine Fortunato, Homecoming Queen of 1968 receives a souvenir of her reign from Randi Tolmaire, Homecoming Queen of 1967. The men of Beta Epsilon Gama prepare to exhibit their float. The U.I.C.C. band prepares to rouse the crowd. MORE TO COME Chief Chikas is alive and liv- ing at Soldiers Field. Make up your mind, ref. 58 Were you There? Leading an enthusiastic crowd in boosting team morale were the Chika Cheerleaders Izral hands off toCarbone for a good gain. He pooshed me, he pooshed me! Hey guys, I lost a contact lens. 59 THAT WAS THE PJC t Presenting the royalty who ruled over Homecom- ing ' 68. Linda Colombo, Lana Stiles, Queen Jose- phine Fortunato. and Sue Altenbach. Joan Foster is not pictured. fX. 60 WEEK THAT WAS Highspot of the Homecoming weekend was a semi-for- mal dance held in the Center Saturday night. Headlining the dance was Skitch Henderson and his orchestra in the Il- linois Room. Baby Huey and the Baby Sitters along with local groups provided music to groove by. For the Folk buffs, Tom Paxton supplied satire, comedy and folk music. 61 HE ■ £• . ? %: FOOTBALL - sr i J fy Izral hands off to Carbone up the middle. Head Coach George Strnad paces along the sidelines during one of the many tense moments last season. End Dave Jackson pulls in Izral pass between two Eastern defenders. The 1968 UICC football team, under the guidance of Head Coach George Strnad, finished the season with a rather disappointing 4-4-1 record, considering the team was 4-1 after the first five games. The Chikas then went into a tailspin, tieing their next game and losing the next three. There were many exciting moments, however, due espe- cially to fine individual efforts by halfback Don Gotkowski, fullback Carl Carbone, quarterback Jim Izral, and lineback- er Dan Zajac. Don Gotkowski, voted the team ' s Most Valu- able Player, ended his four-year career with 22 touchdowns, 2,820 yards in 554 carries, and 2,854 total yards, all school records. Quarterback Jim Izral ended his record-breaking career at Circle with 212 completions in 464 attempts for 2, 698 yards and 20 touchdowns. The Chikas of 1969 will prove to be a fine team due to the fact that this years team was composed mainly of soph- omores and juniors. Experience will be the key to the suc- cess of next year ' s team. Go you Chikas! ! ! . l • •- ■■ ■i The stout Chika defense drops another opposing quarterback for a good loss. The offensive team huddles up. UICC OP 35 Indiana Central 14 Illinois State i 13 Wayne State 21 Southwest Missouri State 19 Wisconsin-Mil wakee 21 Missouri Valley 34 13 Won 4 Lost 4 Tied 1 Halfback Don Gotkowski turning the corner for important yardage. 65 THE CHIKAS OF 1968 FRONT ROW: Frank Winters (equip, mgr.), Dave Garcia, Nick Gryb, Cal Payton, Jim Reese, Alex Sigalos, Steve Soberski, Greg Zajac, Greg Fiala, Mike Mullaney, Dan Zajac, Justin Zamirowski, Ron Boyd, Sam Applebaum, Denny Lawlor, Bob Cole, Coach John Perrsons. ROW 2: Bob Anderson, Bob Stan- ton, Tom Kriz, Don Medro, Walt Flipowicz, Bob Threatte, Dick Fahey, Bob Antol, Coach Hal Nemoto, Head Coach George Strnad, Athletic Director Shel- don Fordham, Bob Knorovsky, Jim Izral, Jim McNellis, Carl Carbone, Don Gotkowski, Jim Ladas, Scot McNally, Trainer Jim Descourouez. ROW 3 Trainer Steve Nasitir, Coach Mike McGovern, Coach Ron Feingold, Manager Steve Hlupic, Ted Crawford, Larry Bienas, Bob Guch, Bob Carrera, Al Ron- an, Steve Griggs, Joe Zagata, Wayne Williams, Dick Morajda, Dan French, Jim Goode, Bob Fisher, Bob Chmiel, Ron Burns, Art Hall, Jim Johnson, Dave Jackson, Coach Jim Tilk, Coach Bill Fudala. TOP ROW: Grant Garcia, Bob Denton, Ruben Jamison, Al Triche, Vic Nunchuk, Tom Nowisewski, Jim Crimmins, Steve Biro, Larry Kluk, Joe Kielbasa, Jack Pavelich. Father ' s Night at Soldiers Field found team and student body giving well deserved recognition to the team ' s graduating players and their fathers. 66 CROSS COUNTRY TOP ROW: Left to Right; Paul Schmeid, Art Bogdanove (Manager), Al Grand, Tom Moylan, Ed Koval, Rich Needle (Coach). BOTTOM ROW Joe Weiszman, Dennis Kellog, John Jesuit, Ken Ecker. OPP. 16 26 27 19 24 32 28 18 North Central Invitational UICC finished 4th with 85 points University of Chicago Invitational UICC finished 5th with 97 points NCAA Art Bogdanove ran in the NCAA College Division Cross-Country Championships, but did not place. UICC RESULTS 46 North Central College 31 Lewis College 28 Wright Jr. College 44 Marguette University 31 Trinity College 26 Wright Jr. College 27 Concordia Teachers College 43 Illinois State University Won 2 Lost 6 Art Bogdanove 68 The Powerful Kick of Jose Medina. SOCCER CUMULATIVE SOCCER STATISTICS (15 games) Final UICC RESULTS OFF. 5 Howard University 1 1 Akron University 4 5 Lewis College 2 3 Kent State University Michigan State University 4 6 Purdue University 1 11 Western Illinois Univ. 1 Eastern Illinois Univ. 4 George Williams Coll. 5 University of Illinois 7 Northwestern University i 3 SIU-Garbondale i SIU-Edwardsville 3 1 Wooster(NCAA) Wheaton 3 Won 11 Lost 4 TEAM STATISTICS UICC C 474 Shots on Goals 52 Goals 35 Assists 3.5 Goals per Game 88 Corner Kicks 58 Saves OPP. 151 20 9 1.3 28 186 3» ■IWy 70 LEFT TO RIGHT BOTTOM ROW: Spyridan Megalis, George Kiszynski, Dennis Fishwick, Ujlius Ringus, Mike Witter, Dragan Radosauljevic, Richard Kuczerenko Jose R. Medina, John Harbut. TOP ROW: John S. Komosa, Andya Davis, Murat Shekem, Tony Linas, Phil Naylor, Dan Frykman, George Domino, Roman Sasin, Goal ' Keeper, Nick Iwanik, Lucio Kiszynski, Jerry Kostik, Rimas Galenas, Carlos Lopez, Coach Sam Donnelly and Coach Forrest Tyson. A corner kick by Peter Tsitiridis. Coach Tyson and his squad finished the season with an 11-4 record. The Chikas leading scorer was junior center forward, Mike Witter with 14 goals and seven as- sists. Roman Sasin played a superb season at goal, recording six shutouts and allow- ing only 1.3 goals per game. 71 BASKETBALL Forward Phil Sloan scores on a jump shot. UICC OPP. 83 Lewis 90 84 UW-Milwakee 89 74 Illinois Tech 81 110 Chicago State 81 101 Langston 94 54 Lane 62 82 Lewis 93 70 Missouri-St. Louis 105 100 George Williams 54 76 Wayne State 60 84 Northeastern 111. St. 52 77 Missouri-St. Louis 95 91 St. Procopius 88 79 Wayne State 77 79 Dominican 78 92 Trinity 70 79 Northeastern 111. St. 81 83 Illinois Tech 73 92 George Williams 71 72 UW-Milwakee 83 94 Chicago State 89 60 Dominican Won 11 Lost 11 70 72 Senior guard Larry Frey brings the ball downcourt against Wayne State. I FRONT ROW: Arnie Mandell, Dom. Cannatta, Larry Frey, Paul Mix, Rick Lewin. BACK ROW: Robert Sweich, Thomas Manson, Charles Manson, Greg Olsen, Vern Scarpelli, Phil Sloan, Richard Czyz. The Chika basketball team ended the season with a rec- ord of 11 wins against 11 losses. Coach Tom Russo cited the lack of another big man up front to help center Greg Olsen and forward Chuck Manson in rebounding and an in- creased number of turnovers as contributing factors to the Chikas relatively poor showing this season. " You have to consider the over-all improvement of our schedule too, said Russo. " We played teams like Lewis, Lane College and UW-Milwakee for the first time and we met others like Dominican, UM-St. Louis and Chicago State who are seek- ing post-season tournament bids. There were some bright spots in the Chikas play this year, though. Sophomore center Greg Olsen, elected the teams ' Most Valuable Player, set a new season scoring mark when he scored 13 points in the final game of the season to give him 426 points in 22 games for the season, five more than the old record held by Ray Miknaites in the 1965-66 season. Olsen also led the team in rebounding with an aver- age of almost 13 a game. The play of guard Rich Czyz, who averaged 13.8 points a game and forward Chuck Manson who was second in rebounding and who carried an 11.3 point scoring average also deserve special recognition. Next years ' team proves to be a much better ball club. The return of three starters (Olson, Manson, and Czyz) provides a strong nucleus to build around. Coach Tom Russo in his seventh year as head coach of the Chikas basketball team. 73 Senior Phil Sloan scores an easy two points against Roosevelt. Center Chuck Manson goes up high for the tip. Quarterback sneak on 3 and I ' m not kidding. 74 [ The Chika defense in action. Chuck Manson puts one up and in. 75 HOCKEY Shot and a save! Goalie Rory Mozden. Center George Langlotz streaks down the ice. 1968—1969 Ice Hockey Results UICC OPP 15 Trinity College 6 George Williams College 2 5 Wheaton College 2 3 Northern Illinois 4 3 University of Illinois 6 9 St. Procopius College Trinity College 5 George Williams 4 Lake Forest College 7 8 Northwestern University 3 4 Northern Illinois 1 Lake Forest College 5 7 Wheaton College 3 8 Purdue University 3 10 St. Procopius College 1 7 University of Illinois 11 Trinity College Won 12 Lost 4 76 Circleman waits anxiously for the drop of the puck . Under the leadership of Coach John Kantarski and a fine team effort, Chicago Circles ' hockey team posted a 9-1 record in the Midwest Intercollegiate Hockey League, and an overall 12-4 record, to win its first out- right league title since joining the conference in 1966. Last years team was tied for first place. The Icemen were strong both offensively and defen- sively. The Chikas ' outscored their opponents 106-36 with goalie Rory Mozden posting six shutouts. Team and League scoring leader and Most Valuable Player was center Bob Miller with 16 goals and 30 assists for a total of 46 points. Behind him were Bill Korona with 14 goals and 20 assists, John Lewe with 12 goals and 20 assists, and Roger " Ramjet ' ' Heikkila with 8 goals and 22 assists. The highlight of the season was a 7-0 shutout against the University of Illinois Urbana squad on February 22. The team really wanted this one to revenge an earlier loss in the season. Their play was only topped by their desire to win. Congratulations to a fine team. BOTTOM ROW: Dick May, Tony Patti, Ted Grandys, Don Moss, John Lewe, Roger Heikkila, George Langlotz, Art Jerard, Chuck Homolka. MIDDLE ROW: Jim Zwit. Tim Guare, Tom Foley, Don Mozden, Al Hofeldt, Les Belzer. TOP ROW: Rory Mozden, Ed Kopp, Denny Brostrom, Rick Wojcik, Dick Marcin, Rich Tucker, Clive Wang. Angelo Nardi, Rich Brayer, Bob Granger, Bob Miller, Mike Massura, Coach John Kantarski. 77 Frank Gruger! 1968— 1969 Wrestling Results UICC Illinois Intercollegiate OPP 35 Wilson Jr. College 11 12 Illinois Tech 19 Illinois State 45 5 SW Missouri State Midlands Tournament 44 11 Triton Jr. College 24 2nd place 73 Carthage Quadrangular 5 Augustana 35 8 Marquette University 29 10 Joliet Jr. College 26 26 University of Chicago 10 20 North Central College 18 3rd place 44 North Central Invit ' l 13 Harper Jr. College 30 3 Central Michigan Univ. 44 3rd Monmouth Quadrangular 56 6 Notre Dame University 4-1 Tournament 3 Wins 11 Loses 28 78 [ WRESTLING LEFT TO RIGHT. STANDING: Coach Ellsworth, George Coseck, John Gerratano, Kevin O ' Neil, Howard Venable, Joe Mc Cray, Manager Sandy Angie. LEFT TO RIGHT, KNEELING: Ken Predovic, Mike Ruxton, Bob Mathews, Sam Applebaum, Joe Kielbasa. LEFT TO RIGHT. SITTING: Joe Siprut, Larry Zwickl, Tom Mordue, Leroy Maggas, Jim Geiger, Frank Gruger. Not Pictured: Vern Dreher, Mike Mullaney. 79 s w I M M I N G ROW I , Left to Right: Ken Vojtik (Co-captain), John Mc Cauley (Co-captain), Al Biedowicz, John O ' Neal, ROW 2: Coach Danner Bob Herbert, Terry Hospoder, Ken Eaker, Denny Krieger, Coach Mackh, ROW 3: Bill Helmer. Bob Lehnen, Howard Miller, Glen Del Sarlo, Missing from Photo: Ralph Prane, Geprge Philosophus, Jim Van Aewietin. UICC 36 39 41 Forfeit 31 47 25 14 60 25 31 30 38 1st 1968—1969 Swimming Results OPP Valparaiso University 67 Wayne State University 66 Albion College 65 George Williams Univ. Forfeit Oakland University 73 Northeastern St. College 57, University of Chicago Eastern Illinois 79 Air Force 90 St. Louis University 43 North Park College 79 Bradlev University 73 Western Illinois 79 Wisconsin- Milwaukee 67 Chicago Intercollegiates 114 5 Wins 11 Loses - FENCING 1968—1969 Fencing Schedu e UICC OPP UICC OPP 16 Indiana Tech 11 14 University of Iowa 13 21 Milwaukee Tech 6 20 Tri-State 7 15 Vanderbilt University 12 9 University of Illinois 18 17 Wisconsin- Kenosha 10 9 Ohio State University 18 14 University of Minnesota 13 8 Air Force Academy 19 14 Wisconsin- Kenosha 13 8 Universitv of Wisconsin 19 14 Iowa State 13 12 University of Chicago 15 8 Wavne State 19 9 Universitv of Detroit 18 19 Cleveland State 8 1 Michigan State University 20 8 Notre Dame University 19 10 Wins 9 Loses BACK ROW, left to right: Bruce Dominguez, Coach Leon Pickens, Al Novoshzki, Louis Brocclo, Peter Bolesta. Rich Pele. David Meyers, Bob Fuenty. FROM ROW. John Nishimura, Emery Smith, Dale Cowen, Chuck Freeman, Victor Kan, Greg Borucki, Bob Walsh, Tom Sumner, Bill Dukus. 81 GOLF l ICC ' s goll team completed its second consecutive undefeated season with a 16-0 record and first place finishes in the Illinois and Lakeland Tournaments. The team averaged a record 77 as they scored 327 points to their oppo- nents 30 on a to its 36t li straight dual v in oxer three ears. Boh Augustine went undefeat- ed and set school records tor sea- son s average (72.6) and low score in a meet (66). Jim Urban aver- aged 73.5 in extending his college record to 53-0 for three years. Boh Balnis and Gerry Scherrer won medalist honors in the Illi- nois and Lakeland Tournaments. « UICC OPP. 23 1 2 Elmhurst College 1 2 23 1 2 North Central College 1 2 23 Carroll College 1 23 Univ. of Chicago 1 23 DePaul University 1 21 1 2 St. Mary ' s 2 1 2 23 1 2 North Park College 1 2 24 Roosevelt University 23 Northeastern State 1 9 1 2 Wabash College 8 1 2 12 1 2 St. Joseph College 2 1 2 14 Lake Forest College 4 17 Carroll College 1 18 Chicago State College 6 24 Illinois Tech 24 Loyola University Won 16 Lost 82 TENNIS UICC OPP. 7 Roosevelt University 1 Bradley University 9 3 Western Illinois University 6 5 Great Lakes Naval Base 4 5 University of Chicago 4 7 Northeastern State 2 5 Illinois Teeh 4 1 Wisconsin-Milwaukee 8 4 Wayne State University 5 Won 5 Lost 4 BOTTOM ROW: Mark Pearlstein, Paul Hummel, Tom Let, Roger Ekenberg, Ron Jesselson, Jim Za- jicek. TOP ROW: Coach Bob Beck, Bob Boggio, Ron Michalek, Mike Lestyan, Mike Kaye, Bill Lehe- nebach. Tom Mar. Despite the loss of four lettermen from the previous year ' s squad, the tennis team com- piled a 5-4 record and finished second in the Chicago Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament which UICC hosted. Senior Jim Zajicek and sophomore Bob Boggio were outstanding. Competing in his fourth year of competition, Zajicek had a 6-3 dual record and won the first flight in singles at the Chicago Intercollegiate. Boggio led the team in victories with a 7-2 record. In doubles, Zajicek and Boggio registered sever- al clutch wins on way to a 6-1 record and a first place tournament finish. 83 GYMNASTICS Rick Parovan executing an iron cross on the rings. John Schrammel is always a strong competitor on the parallel bars. 84 George Heyman ' s finish off the long horse. Jim Schaefer competes for UICC in Free exercise. [ n. . LEFT TO RIGHT Bob Laschober, Jeff Jehnsen, George Heyman, Rick Parovan Co-Captain, Steve Fox, Larry Kelly, Clarence John- son, Lars Kruse, Jim Schaefer, Dave Biddinger, Roger Fish, David Schubert, John Schrammel Co-Captain. FRONT ROW: Mgr. Ben Sutter, Coach Bill Roetzheim. UICC 1968—1969 Gymnastics Results 11 Wins 5 Loses OPP Old Timers Meet Midwest Open 127.77 Ball State 106.51 Indiana University 141.33 140.87 Univ. of Minnesota 146.55 136.65 Central Michigan 100.70 136.65 Western Illinois 116.40 134.88 Univ. of Chicago 89.48 145.68 George Williams 128.70 145.68 Wisconsin State 1 13.65 144.78 Western Illinois 123.91 143.96 Southern Illinois 156.775 147.515 Eastern Michigan 142.135 147.515 Indiana State 153.750 140.82 Eastern Illinois 104.875 149.925 St. Cloud State 119.300 149.925 Western Michigan 80.320 150 Michigan State 154 85 BASEBALL HHHI LEFT TO RIGHT: FRONT ROW: Jack Olichwier, Andy Vita, Chuck Pokryfke, Rory Mozden, Bruce Rubenstein, Phil Milsk, Jim Husarik. MIDDLE ROW, Kneeling: Bill Elmore, Ron Bucemi, Chris King, Steve Glibkowski, Ralph Hotwag- ner, Jim Dagostino, Rich Lansu, Norm Skelly. TOP ROW; Standing: Ron Feingold (Coach), Frank Oblak, Glenn Staniec, Bill Hehr, Chuck Ellison, Bob Twardy, Daryl Logan, Tony Kalant, Darrell Chelcum, Joe Rottman, Tom Franzak, Phil Sloan, Al Reed (Coach). 86 I TRACK AND FIELD CIRCLE INDOOR TRACKMEN TO OPEN SEASON FRIDAY CHICAGO — Chicago Circle ' s track team under new coach Tom Wright will kick off the indoor season Friday (Feb. 14) at the North Central Quadrangular in Naperville, 111. Wright, a former sprinter at Bowling Green, will enter his thinclads in six dual meets this season and also the NCAA indoor championships at Detroit, March 14-15. The outdoor season will open for the Chi- kas on April 2. Nine lettermen return for Wright, including junior captain Tom Wardy (Chicago, DeLaSalle) who holds school records in the long jump (22-9) and the triple jump (43-5). The other returning lettermen are Ron Banion (Niles, Maine East, sophomore), shot put; Art Bogda- nove (Oak Park, sophomore), long distance; Bill Dalton (Chicago, Quigley South, junior), high jump; Mike Janus (Chicago, Lane Tech, junior), pole valt; Lance Johnson (Villa Park, Willow Brook, junior), long jump; Den Kellogg (Chicago, Lutheran North, sophomore), miler; Joe O - Hearn (Chicago, Leo, junior), high jump and Jeff True (Chicago, Schurz, junior) sprinter. Bog- danove, also a cross country runner, set a school record in the two mile last season with a 9:47.6 time indoors, while Dalton set a school record in the high jump (6-5 1 2) and Johnson broke the intermediate hurdles record with a 57.8 time. Wright expects the Chikas to be strong in the mid- dle distance, mile and quarter mile events but questionable in the sprints and field events. The 1969 indoor schedule: February 14 March 8 March 14, 15 March 15 March 22 March 29 North Central Quadrangular North Central Invitational NCAA Indoor Championships Illinois State, Taylor Wisconsin- Milwaukee Carthage College Naperville, 111. Naperville, 111. Detroit, Mich. Normal, 111. Milwaukee, Wis. Kenosha, Wis. 87 The UICC bowling team, un- der the fine direction of Coach Gene Kirkham, took first place last year in the National Intercol- legiate Bowling Association. From here the team went on to the NIBA National Tournament where they ended up in second place. Still later in the year, the UICC bowlers won the Qualify- ing Trophy in the National Inter- collegiate Matchgame Tourna- ment. Congratulations to a fine team for a very fine season. BOTTOM ROW: Helmut Heller. Terry Shissler. TOP ROW: Ron Sterkowicz, Keith Zwickl. Mike Horn. Gary Fukayama. Mixed emotions. Concentration is an important part of the game as shown by Helmut Heller. Good form is important also, says Terry Shissler. 88 VOLLEYBALL Although only in its second varsity season, the volleyball team is showing signs of becoming a midwest power. With only two seniors on the roster, the team finished with a 5-9 record and seventh place finish in the Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Conference. BILLIARDS Marshall Bodter, National Intercollegiate Pocket Bil- liards champion, is rated fourth in the nation. Following victories in the UICC campus tourney and the Associa- tion of College Unions Regional tourney in Wisconsin, Marshall defeated the top three players in the nation at the University of West Virginia. He also won the Central States title at Bradley University. Camile Santore, winner of the ACU regional pocket billiards tourney, is ranked sev- enth nationally among women billiard players. Camille also holds the UICC billiard title. 89 POT POURRI 1968— 1969 ATHLETIC STAFF Sheldon L. Fordham Director of Athletics-Sheldon L. Fordham Business Manager of Athletics - Casey J. Oleski Assistant-Walter G. Versen Sports Information - Joseph Mitch BASEBALL ORCHESIS MILLER, Lester H, Jr. Coach FRANCHI, ArlaF. - Sponsor DUNLOP, John A. Assistant PERSONS, John C. Assistant SOCCER KASPER, Raymond T. Assistant TYSON, Forest C. - Coach DONNELLY, Samuel J. - Assistant BASKETBALL RUSSO, Thomas F. Coach SWIMMING WENIGER, James F. Assistant MACKH, Ralph W - Coach DANNER, Robert W. - Assistant CROSS COUNTRY NEEDLE, Richard H. Coach TENNIS BECK, Robert J. - Coach FENCING PICKENS, Leon F. Coach TRACK AND FIELD WRIGHT, Paul T. - Coach FOOTBALL STRNAD George J. Coach TRAINER FEINGOLD, RonaldS. Assistant DESCOUROUEZ, James C. Head FUDALA, William F, Jr. Assistant NASATIR, Steven B. - Assistant McGOVERN, Michael B. Assistant NEOMOTO, Harold H. Assistant VOLLEYBALL PERSONS, John C. Assistant McGOVERN, Michael B. - Coach TYLK, James L. Assistant W. A. A. GOLF THOMAS, Mrs. Ruth G. - Sponsor RADER, Richard R. Coach ABBEY, Eleanor B. - Assistant GALAS, Carol A. - Assistant GYMNASTICS LICAUSI, ConcettaM. - Assistant ROETZHEIM, William H. Coach LUSSENHOP, Mrs. Paul ne Assistant HOCKEY WRESTLING KANTARSKI.John Coach ELLSWORTH, Matthew H. Coach INTRAMURAL SPORTS BERRAFATO, Peter R. Director SATTLER, Thomas P. Assistant Walter G. Versen Chika Highlights Chicago Circle with 14 intercollegiate sports, ranks second in the nation be- hind Ohio State as having the largest number of participating NCAA teams. Chicago Circle soccer team ' s second place finish in the NCAA Mideast. College Tournament is the first NCAA award ever won by the four-year-old institution, which has been a member of the NCAA only one year. Mrs. Bruce McCaleb, Cheer- leading Sponsor. 91 BADMINTON Badminton scores are computed tor each individual play- er not tor the team as a whole as most play is done in tour- naments Some of the schools our team has laced in these tournaments are Eastern Illinois University, University of Chicago, Northern Illinois University, Concordia, Southern Illinois University, Western Illinois University, Indiana State University, and Ball State I Diversity. ■■■■■■■•■ «««•» ' I iiiivi m in t i ■■ «M 1«« il ki ■ »»««= LEFT TO RIGHT Kathy Guerrero, Lynn James, Judy Brinkman, Bar- bara Bryk, Diane Muller, Bonnie Blyth, Miss Connie Licausi (Sponsor), Colleen Carlson, Diane Hodorowski, Linda Weging, Linda Smith, Pat Duffy. x x x xr x ; x x x x t xt ,x [ LEFT TO RIGHT: STANDING: Denise Morrison, Joan Lilek, Rita Anders, Pat Adcock, Miss Sally Leme (Sponsor), Judy Brud, Mary Kay Walsh, Jean Wojdula, Judy Rustik. KNEELING: Kathy Guerrero, Mari- lyn Gannon. BASKETBALL UICC OPP. 29 Northeastern 34 28 Northeastern 37 31 Aurora 43 33 Northwestern 22 30 George Williams 38 26 George Williams 41 20 Concordia 52 30 Principia 30 31 Wright Jr. College 30 The Women ' s Fencing Team does not record " wins and " losses ' ' as such since a set of " rules governing these records have not been established by these schools. The teams compete for the most part for the educational benefits and the intrinsic value of the sport. Some of the schools included in this type of competition who have fenced our team are: Iowa State University, University of Iowa, University of Il- linois, Wisconsin State University, Indiana State Uni- versity, Western Illinois University, Northern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University, and Illinois State University. LEFT TO RIGHT: TOP ROW: Miss Carol Gal- as (Sponsor). Melody Norman, Denise Morrison, Rita Anders. MIDDLE ROW: Lynn Copia, Ka- thy Minor, Barb Bryk, Joan Lilek. FRONT ROW: Wanda Gill, Stella Reed, Helen Corsiglia, Barbara Lilek. FENCING SWIMMING Barb Bidlo usually triumphs with her but- terfly stroke. Andrea Vassilos gives her breaststroke a lot of concentration. Pat Lutze dives in as Kathy Marcy finishes her lap which resulted in a win for their relay team. LEFT TO RIGHT: TOP ROW: Kathy Marcy, Mrs. Eleanor Abbey (Sponsor), Barbara Bidlo. BOTTOM ROW: Peggy Graham, Betty Magnuson, Pat Lutze, Andrea Vassilos. The Women ' s Swim Team does not keep scores of their meets. The schools with whom they have participated are: Northwestern University, George Williams College, Illinois State Universi- ty, University of Chicago, Wheaton College and Northern Illinois University. ««§!§§ VOLLEYBALL LEFT TO RIGHT TOP ROW: Judy Rustik, Ruth Jackson, Marv Kay Walsh, Miss Dahlia Maskoliunas (Sponsor), Sue Brzo ' zowski, Judy Brud, Pat Lutze. BOTTOM ROW: Carol Twickler, Kathy Swiontek, Kim Massey, Pat Sheehan, Lynn Murray. I The Women ' s Extramural Volleyball Team has had a winning season with a record of 14 Wins and 7 Losses. They have competed against Concordia, Northern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University, University of Illinois Champaign, Illi- nois State University, George Williams College, Rock Valley, North Park College, Wright Junior College, and Northeastern State College. 96 WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: Pat Golston, Mary Mudra, Fran Pappas, Shirley Henderson, Melody Norman, Miss Carol Galas (advisor), Marcia Sikora. SECOND ROW: Pat Lutze, Linda Smith, Kathy Guerrero, Ellen Boten, Sue Brzozowski, Betty Petersen, Charmaine DelRe. THIRD ROW: Joan Lilek, Barb Bryk, Diane Hodorowski, Denise Morrison, Betty Magnu- son, Diane Matthiesen. FOURTH ROW: Rita Anders, Judy Miller, Judy Brinkman, Chris Pavelec, Kris Krevchena, Bobbe Cohn, Karen Schramm, Iva Olson. FIFTH ROW: Lynn Copia, Marsha Engquist, Sue Peters, Sharon Eddy, Lynn Jones, Jean Wojdula, Dorothy Lyons, Kathy Marcy. The Women ' s Physical Education Majors Club plays an active part in every major ' s college career. In addition to recreational and so cial activities, the club is prominent in educational programs for both the community and its ' members. Notable among these are its current projects at Holy Family Elementary School, and active participation in state, midwest, and national professional conven- tions. The culminating activity of the year is the annual Spring Banquet where the " Outstanding Major of the Year " award is announced. 97 Ml ft HEK ■ •i ADMINISTRATION 100 The Board of Trustees integrates the activities of the major college divisions and guides their effi- cient operation. Their job becomes increasingly more complex with the awareness of problems that an expanding urban campus, such as U.I.C.C. presents. BOARD OF TRUSTEES LEFT TO RIGHT SEATED: Harold W. Pouge, Kenney E. Williamson, Timothy Swain, Dr David D Henry Herbert O. Farber, Earl O. Porter. STANDING: Earl M. Huges, Ralph C. Hahn, Don R. Grimes, Ray Page, Robert R. Manchester, Howard W. Clement. 101 B 1 Cfll 1 w B Bkk» £ | B ip ■SsSaw HAROLD W. BAILEY, Associate Chancellor for Internal Studies NORMAN A. PARKER, Chancellor Chicago Circle Campus HAROLD N. COOLEY, Assistant Administrative Dean 102 JAMES B. HOLDERMAN, Vice Chancellor DANIEL C. MC CLUNEY JR., Vice Chancellor and Dean of Faculties The parents-panel is a forum in which qualified administrators and students reveal to parents of incoming freshman the " nitty-gritty of campus life. 103 ROBERT E. CORLEY, Dean of Student Affairs J H KENT SLATER, Assistant to the Dean LAWRENCE T. BUTLER, Assistant Dean . « ? - " fc AGNES G. TANDBERG Dean of Women WARREN O. BROWN Dean of Men RONALD BROWN, Assistant Dean MRS. ROY, Assistant Dean HAROLD K.LEHR, Director of Stu- dents Counseling Service HARRY RODMAN, Director of Organi zations and Activities 106 RONALD SWAIN, Co-ordinator of Placement Service. JOHN BARAN, Co-ordinator of Student Employ- ment. DR. JOHN E. KYSAR, Director of Health Services. 107 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ■ ■ U. of I. CHICAGOAN A Newsletter from Chicago Circle Campus MEMBER The University of Illinois Alumni Association is a three- campus organization serving University graduates. At Chi- cago Circle, the Association acts as sponsor of the senior class, co-sponsors the Leadership Banquet and is involved in Homecoming activities. The Alumni Office also edits the " U. of I. Chicagoan, " a newspaper sent to alumni and dis- tributed on campus. The Association is ably directed by Mr Tom Micklos with assistance from Chris Petruniak and Faye Wines. T vPSe M ■ H I CHICAGO CIRCLE CENTER P FINE ART COMMERCIAL ART 1 1 1 ART HISTORY 1 H p ! — -■fc - H ARCHITECTURE The College of Architecture and Art serves as a center for study and investigation in the visual and plastic arts and offers professional curricula in architecture and in several specialized areas. Emphasis is on the creative process with- in a broadly cutural educational program. Architecture and the arts are considered in their social context as a reflection of the highest aspirations of contemporary culture and as expressions that give meaning and purpose to human life. LEONARD J. CURRIE, Dean of Art and Architecture. ALVIN S. BOYARSKY, Associate Dean. ROLAND RATHBUN, Assistant Dean. Ill . Juno 30, 1 n Cash-Savings Accoui. Cac ad Accou teceivat Phc • ' ice Equipme. Iwi] 1 Accounts Payable es Pees as Cost of gone Id :blici se ' ice Expen 2 Expense and Design Expense Snorts Expense Executive Expense Executive Coir:; ation Dc Depreciation—Executive Personnel jlephone Expense O bit 75 503 $ 317676 777% Credi 30000 003 t ooi173 63071 Tax ex; Sub- total be Total tax c 317 931 1 1 37 7 3 Hip 1 1 3 13311 5367 SI I W57 ' f 9 1 3P 1 73 7 ; 000000 foSoo ' ooo 13 03+8 3011 " n 8o9a»yo.3 80?3Vj llgQ Vi BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTING ECONOMICS MANAGEMENT MARKETING STATISTICS IRVIN L. HECKMANN, Dean of Business Administration GEORGE S. HUNERYAGER, Associate Dean OSCAR MILLER. Assistant Dean 113 - « CIRCLE 69 BUY YOUR YEARBOOK m CO N GEORGE C. GILES, Assistant Dean EMANUEL HURWITZ, JR., Assistant Dean COLLEGE OF EDUCATION DAVID C. EPPERSON, Dean PRIMARY AND SECONDARY CHARLES E. MADER, Assistant Dean 115 Aw Av ATI IV1 EEfek o ' o i 1 ' yp 3 J o o v--ft x ( «ZO) X otO = f -fH ( ) = lo« (I + «) j COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING DAVID W. LEVINSON, Acting Dean HARRY A. SETTON, Assistant Dean H. DALE WALRAVEN, Assistant Dean 117 LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES DEAN B. DONNER, Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences FURIO ALBERTI, Assistant Dean 119 THE GRADUATE COLLEGE WILLIAM ROSTOKER, Acting Dean WILLIAM J. OTTING, Assistant Dean GERALD B. KAUVAR, Assistant Dean 121 i»1 ' V ' mi «•=«%. ' • rJtiJ ' jfti " ixS " If a man does not keep pace with his companions, Perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, However measured or however far away. ' ' HENRY DAVID THOREAU (1817-62 SENIORS ABRAMS. BURTON J. B S Management ADAMS. LEO M. B.A. Elementary Education ADLER, ARTHUR B. B.A. Political Science AlELLO, JOSEPH P ALAVI. HOOSHANG B.A. American Literature B.S. Structural Design ALBERT, JUDITH N. B.A. Speech and Theater ALLIKIAN, KENNETH R. B.S. Business Administration ALMASSY.IMREG. B.S. Biology ALPERT, COLLIN D. B.S. Accounting AMFT, MARY A. B.A. Design ANDERSON, ALAN J. B.A. English ANDERSON, DENNIS R. B.S. Communications ANDERSON, SUSAN K. B.A. English Literature ANDREWS, STUART R. B.A. Chemistry Egnineering ARGENTAR. MAUREEN M. B.A. Psychology ANDRIACCHI, THOMAS P. B.S. Engineering APPLEBAUM.SAMN. B.S. Physical Education ATHANASULEAS, GEORGIA L. B.A. English AUER, KENNETH R. B.A. Architecture BABB, RONALD D. B.A. Political Science BACAL, EDITA G. B.A. English ANDERSON, CAROL J. B.A. Psychology ARDINGER, HARRY W. B.A. Accounting BACKSTROM, JOHNW. B.S. Accounting 124 BALAFOUTIS. JOHNG. B.S. Mechanical Engineering BALDANZI, SUSAN L. B.A. Speech and Theater BANASZAK, ROBERT G. B.S. Business Administration BANION, RONALD L. B.S. Physical Education BANKS, PATRICIA B.A. Administration of Criminal Justice BAR, RICHARD W. B.A. History BARAN. MATTHEW BARNHILL, BASCH, MIRIAM BASS, VIRGINIA M. BAUER, JAMES R. BAXTER, JAMES C B.S. Thermal Science GORDON A. B.S. Physical Education B.A. Spanish B.S. Biology B.S. Physical Education B.S. Mechanical Engineering BENANDE, JOHN P. B.S. Management BENDER, SHARON R. B.A. English BENJAMIN, DEBORAH B.A. Political Science [25 Se r Bl NNI 1 1. 1 BERT B Philosophy Bl NS( HIP. GARY J B.A. Finance BENSON, JANICE A. B.A. English tfo BENZIGER, BERESKIN, DONALD W. MICHAEL E. B.S. Systems Engineering B.S. Operations Research BERKSON, JOSEPH M. B.A. History L fcl BERWANGER. JUDITH T. B.A. Histor BIANCALANA, PETER R. B.S. Communications Engineering BIEDRON, JOHN H B.S. Physics BIEGEL, PETER L. B.A. Economics BIELOWICZ, RICHARD J. B.S. Structural Design BIGELIS.RAMUNAS B.S. Biological Sciences BINDER. NANCY T American Literature B.A. BISCEGLIA, PAULC. B.A. Chemistr BITOWT, PATRICIA A. B.A. Elementary Education BIVENS, VIRGINIA L. B.S. Management BLAINE. LOUELLA M. B.S. Physical Education BLANCHFIELD, ROSEMARY T. B.A. Psychology BLOCHER. K THARINA B.A. German 126 BLOMQU1ST. GENELLE B.A. Speech-Theater Education BLUTMAN, MARILYN J. B.A. English BOBCO. WILLIAM D. B.S. Manufacturing Engineering BOJAN, JAMES E. B.A. Criminal Justice. Administration of. BOMMER, LAWRENCE J. B.A. English Lf Students, please form two lines in numerical order. BOTEN, ELLEN P. B.S. Physical Education BOUDRO, STEPHEN W. B.S. PEM BOWYER, RONALD T. B.S. Management BRAITHWAITE, JOYCE J. B.A. Political Science BOURBOULAS, GEORGE B.S. Spanish Literature BRAJE, FRANK J. B.S. Mathematics BRANDIS, BRANKLINE, BRAUN, BARBARA J. BREGER, LOIS H. BRENNA, BRADW. BRESCIA, JOHN J. KENNETH E. JOHN A. B.A. Psychology B.A. Spanish B.S. Management B.S. Psychology B.A. Psychology B.S. Business Administration BRINKMAN, JUDITH C. B.S. Physical Education BRODSKY, CAROL T. B.A. History BROSTOFF, FRED E. B.S. Mechanical Engineering BROSTROM, DENNIS N. B.A. Political Science BROWN, SHERRY R B.S. Education BRUMM, GERALD A. B.S. Finance 127 BUCZKOWSKI. MARY S. B.A Sociology BUJAN. RONALD J. B.A. History BUNYARD, BURIC, JAMES A. BURKE, PATRICIA A. BURKHALTER MARY ALICE B.S. Economics B.A. Sociology JAMES R. B.A. Painting B.S. Biology BUSIEDLIK. JEFFREY H. B.A. History ODE TO A CARLESS STUDENT BUTLER, PAUL E. B.A. Sociology BUTNIK, RONALD J. B. Arch. Architecture BYRNE, GERALDINEM. B.A. Spanish CACIOPPO. DONALD J. B.S. Physics CALABRESE. JAMES P. B.S. Finance CALHOUN, CHARLENE B.A. Speech CALLAHAN. KATHLEEN B.A. Sociology CAMPEA, JOSEPH J. B.E. Physical Education 128 k. CAMPBELL, JoANN B.A. Psychology — (General) CAPOCY, MARTHA J. CARLSON, CARLSON, RAY G. CARONIA, CARSON, JOHN H B.A. Administration of GWYNNE N. B.S. Chemistry (Pre-Med) JOSEPHINE F. B.S. Mathematics Criminal Justice B.A. Geography B.A. Sociology CASPER, GARY D. COSTANEDO, CHALIFOUX, CHAPMAN, PAUL D. CHINSKY, MARYS. CHVAL, JUSTINE B.A. English DAVID M. SUSAN J. B.A. Design B.A. Elementary B.A. English B.A. Political Science B.A. Psychology Education CIRRINCIONE, CITRIN, MERLES. CLANCY, CHRISTOPHER F. B.A. Teacher Education in PATRICIA A. B.A. Architecture Sociology B.A. German-Teacher Education CLARK, CHRISTINE L. Las-General-English B.A. CLINKUNBROOMER, PAUL J. B.A. Painting Graphic Arts CLOUD, DENNIS E. B.S. Marketing COHEN, SHERRY J. COHEN, URIEL COLLINGWOOD, COLLINS, CONTE, JOSEPH M. COOK, GUY L B.A. Elementary B.A. Architecture LARRY R. MARGARET M. B.A. Political Science B.A. Chemistry Education B.A. Geography B.A. Psychology 129 COOPER. NORMA R. B.S. Mathematics- Teacher Education COOPER, PATRICIA L. B.S. Mathematics- Teacher Education CORDELL, THOMAS J. B.A. Political Science CORRADO, MARY L. B.A. Design CORREA, ARLETTA B.A. Secondary Education-Spanish COSTELLO, KATHLEEN D. B.A. Psychology COSTELLO, KATHLEEN J. B.A. Psychology COUTRE, THOMAS E. B.A. Psychology COZZI, DIANE M. B.S. Biological Sciences COZZONE, JOHN B.S. Economics CRAINE, JEAN E. B.S. Biology CUBBON, ANDREW J. B.S. Mathematics CUELLO, JOSE CURTIN, THOMAS M. CUSINATO, ANGELO B.A. History B.A. Chemistry B.S. Accounting fctAJ CWIOK, CAROLYN C. B.A. Psychology CZAPKA, THOMAS J. B.S. Marketing CZICZO. RAYMOND J. B.A. Chemistry ' Just working my way through college. " 130 L. DACENKO, ELIZABETH B.A. English DALY, WILLIAM J. B.S. Biology DANIELS, DENNIS G. B.A. Geography D ' ASSATOUROFF, HELEN B.A. French DAUER, JAMES A. B.S. Operations Research Engineering DAVIS, ALAN J. B.S. Applied Physics DeCALUWE, GARY R. B.S. Mathematics DeCALUWE, KAREN A. B.S. Mathematics- Teacher Education fciii DeCHANT, THOMAS DeHAAN, JOHN D. B.S. Applied Mechanics B.S. Physics DELPRINCIPE, DONNA G. B.A. Sociology DEL RE, CHARMAINE A. B.S. Physical Education DeLUCO, JEROME F. B.S. Accounting DeMARS, ALLAN J. B.A. Political Science DENENBURG, ISMAEL B. B.S. Biological Sciences DERESINSKI, DANIEL L. B.S. Communications Engineering DeSALVO, JAMES C. B.A. Architecture DETLOFF, LINDA L. B.A. English-Teacher Education DEMOPOULOS, AFRODITE B.S. Mathematics DEMSKI, LAWRENCE F. B.S. Management DeTUNO, JOSEPH B.A. Architecture DeYONG, MICHAEL W. B.S. Engineering 131 DiCANIO. MICHAEL J. B.A. Psychology DICIOLLA. DICIOLLA, JOSEPH C. DiDOMENICO, COLOMBA M. B.A. History-Teacher ANITA B.A. Elemental " ) Education B.A. Political Science- Education Secondary Education DIGGS, SANDRA E. B.A. English, American Literature DIMOPOULOS, EVANGELOS B.S. Structural Mechanics DINNING, SANDRA J. B.S. Biology DilORIO, ERMENEGILDO B.S. Thermal Science DiSTASIO, JAMES S. B.S. Accounting DJURICICH, RITA R. B.A. German DOBILAITIS. RITA B.S. Biology DODGE, RONALD E. B.S. Systems Management DOLAN. WALLIS J. B.A. French-Secondary Education DOMINGUEZ. BRUCE J. B.S. Engineering DORSEY, AIETA O. B.S. Physics DORTON. JUDITH L. B.A. English ' Are you sure there are 105 pennies here?? " DOWHOSHYIA, HALINA B.S. Biological Sciences DOYLE. BARBARA A. B.A. Elementary Education 132 DRENNAN, DANIEL J. B.A. Psychology DUBIN, HERBERT L. B.S. Marketing DUDEK, DUKES, SHIRLEY R. DULLER, DONNA M. DURBAR, IRENE A CAMELLIA A. B.S. Secondary B.A. Elementary B.A. Economics B.A. Education Education-History Education DWYER, MARYC. B.A. English ECHT, EDWARD D. B.S. Marketing EDDY, SHARON K. EGAN, JOAN B. B.S. Physical Education B.A. History EL-BARBARAWI, ABDEL HAMID B.S. Business Administration ELLIS, PETER S. B.S. Chemistry ELLISON, RICHARD N. B.S. Engineering- Aerospace ELSNER, RONALD F. ENGELHART, LARRY B.S. Physics B.S. Biology ENGLISH, MARY D. B.A. Political Science ELLIOTT, TOM O. B.A. Political Science ENRIGHT, TOBIAS B.S. Mathematics EPSTEIN, KAREN V. B.A. Art (Painting) ESTES, DAVID C. B.A. French EVERETT, HAL K. B.A. Economics FALKENTHAL, PHYLLIS A. B.A. English FARNUM, . KATHRYN F. B.A. English FARR, GAILZ. B.A. English-Teacher Education 133 FASANO. FAY. MARGARET T. FEDIJ, WALTER FEIL, PATRICIA A. FEINGOLD, FELDMAN, RONALD E. B.A. Sociology B.S. Chemistry B.S.Chemistrv BONITAC. GLENN M B.S. Education B.S. Psychology B.S. Sociology FENNELLY, FERDMAN, FERST, SHARON FEUCHT, FIDDELKE, FIELD, ALAN J. LOR ETTA M. RICHARDS. B.A. English, American CHARLES A. TERRENCE A. B.S. Political Science B.A. Psychology- B.S. Biology Literature B.S. Communication B.A. Management Anthropology Engineering FILLER, SUSAN M. B.A. Music FIRTH, BRUCE E. B.S. Chemistry FISCELLA, CAROL A. FISCHEL, RONALD F. FISHWICK, B.A. Elementary B.S. Management DENNIS L. Education B.A. Physical Education FITZGERLAD, WILLIAM C. B.A. Political Science FLAMMANG, FLODSTROM, FLYNN, SUSAN E. FONOROW, ALAN R ROGER J. JANICE O. B.A. English, American B.A. English, American B.S. Physics B.A. Communications Design Literature Literature 134 FORSBERG, LINNEA A. B.A. Speech FORSYTHE, JONATHAN D. B.A. History F -T FORTUNATO, JOSEPHINE C. B.A. Spanish-Teacher Education FOSCO, CARL A. B.A. Psychology FOX, LILLIAN W. B.A. Speech £» FOX, ROBERTA E. B.A. Elementary Education FOYO, GEORGE W. B.S. Mechanical Engineering FRANKS, MARK A. B.A. English " I never knew bird-watching could be so much fun! " FRANSEN, CHRISTINE I. B.S. Mathematics Education FRANZ, BARBARA J. B.A. English Literature FRANZAK, ROGER A. FREIDIN, ARLENE R. B.A. Accounting B.A. English Education FRIEDMAN, ARNOLD G. B.A. Economics FRIEDMAN, MARC L. B.S. Mathematics mkck FRUHWIRTH, FU, LYNNETTE W. FUENTY, ROBERT R. FURIO, FUTTERMAN, GABINER, JANICE C RICHARD W. B.A. Sociology-Teacher B.S. Wave Radio and ANDREW A. F. LINDA J. B.A. Elementary B.S. Physical Education Education Property B.S. Mathematics B.A. Elementary Education Education 135 GAIK, GALANT. GALEN, PAULS. GALOWITCH, GANSER, GARGARO, CASIMIER W. RICHARD P. B.S. Aerospace Science KATHY E. TERRENCET. DOLORES D. G B.S. Business B.S. Management B.S. Accounting B.S. Wave Progation and B.A. History Administration Radiation GARVEY, GEORGE E. GASPAR, JULIE W. GAVARIS, GEORGIA GAYNES, CECILLA A. GEORGOPOULOS, B.A. Administration of B.S. English Education B.S. Mathematics B.S. Psychology HELEN C. Criminal Justice (Behavioral Sciences) B.A. Psychology GEROULIS, ANTHONY J. B.S. Chemistry GERVASI, SYLVIA J. B.A. Sociology GIESEKE, CAROLE M. B.A. Psychology GILBERT. BARRY L. B.S. Aerospace Science 136 " Now you tell me I don ' t have to buy the ones marked ' supplementary ' !! ' GILBERT, DALE E. B.A. History GILLIS, BRUCE S. B.A. Chemistry and Geography GLADKIN, PETER GLASS, ILENE GOETZ, ROSE M. GOLD, ALAN M. GOLD, HARLEY E. GOLDBARTH, B.A. Chemistry B.E. Elementary Education B.A. Sociology B.S. Physics B.A. Political Science ALBERT B.A. English GOLDBERG, GOLDMEIER, GOLDNER, GOLDSTEIN, JAYS. GOLTZ, MICHAEL E. GONCIARZ, DIANE CHERYL H. CAROLLYN L. RICHARD L. B.S. Biology B.S. Accounting B.A. English B.A. Elementary B.A. Art (Graphic and B.A. English Education Commercial Design) GONCIARZ, RAYMOND B.A. Psychology GOODMAN, LINDA P. B.A. Sociology GOODNER, JOEF. B.S. Engineering (Structural Design) GORCHOW, MURRAY A. B.A. Political Science GORDON, DALEC. B.A. Political Science GORDON. MARILYN E. B.A. History GORGIUS, SCOTT J. GORKA, GORNIAK, GORSKI, RONALDS. GOTTSCHALK, GRABINSKI. B.S. Communications JACQUELINE M. GARRET E. B.A. Mass Media RONALD E. WILLIAM J. Engineering B.S. Biology B.B.A. Management B.A. History B.A. Industrial Design 137 GRABOWSK1. DENNIS R B.S. Physical Education GRAFITTI. DANIEL A. B.A. Architecture GRAZIS, BRENDA GRECO, FRANK J. B.S. Systems Analysis Engineering GREEN, HOWARD B. GREEN, WILLIAM R. B.A. Political Science B.A. Architectural Design GREENSPAN, JAY S. GRENS, MARY J. B.A. Philosophy B.A. English Literature GRESHO, JEANL. B.A. Teacher Education- German GREY, STANLEY J. B.A. Management GRIGORIEV, VALENTINA B.A. Spanish GROSS, SUSAN D. B.A. Teacher Education- English GROVE, ALAN L. B.S. Mechanical Analysis Design, Engineering GRUBB, LARRY R. B.A. Psychology GRYKA, GLORIA E. B.S. Secondary Education- Mathematics GRYZ, JOSEPH F. B.A. Political Science GUENTHER, GAYLEM. B.S. Mathematics GUTOSKI, RICHARD L. B.S. Communications Engineering HAJJAR, EHSAN B.S. System Analysis HALL, BARBARA F. B.S. Secondary Education-English HALL, WILLIAM M. B.S. Communications Engineering HAMANO, MARYT. B.A. Sociology HAMILTON, GAIL A. B.A. Elementary Education HANSCHKE, HENRY W. B.S. Communications Engineering 138 HANSEN, LINDA C. HARDUVEL, HARITOS, B.A. Elementary THEODORE T. GEORGE K. Education B.S. Physics B.S. Applied Mechanics Engineering HARRISON, HARTMANN, HARTWICH, EDWARD G. PAULA. RUTHE. M. B.A. English B.S. Economics B.A. Chemistry HASS, WILLIAM J. B.S. Engineering Systems Analysis HAUPIN, GUY I. B.S. Business Administration (Finance) HAVRANEK, FRED J. B.S. Structural Design Moon River HARRIS, CYNTHIA B.A. English-Teacher Education HARVIS, MARTHAS. B.A. Spanish HAY ES MARGUERITE M. B.A. Political Science HELWIG, GLENN A. HENDERSON, HENLEY, BARBARA HERMANN, HESS, RICHARD J HICKEY, WILFRED J B.S. Biology SHIRLEY J. B.S. Physical Education B.A. History ARTHURC. B.A. History B.S. Biology B.S. Marketing 139 HICkS. WILLIAM L. B.A. Architecture HILBURGER, BONNIEC. B.A. Philosophy HILLIS. LINDA U. HILTSCHER, JOHN D. B.A. Plastic Graphic B.A. Architecture Arts HINZ, MICHAEL A. B.S. Biology HIRDLER, KENNETH E. B.A. History HIRSCH, ARTHUR F. B.S. Biology HLAVACEK, NANCY W. B.A. Psychology HO, BENJAMIN HOFFMAN, BRUCE H. B.A. Political Science HOFFMANN, JAMES G. B.S. Physics HOHMEIER, ELAINE M. B.S. Management ' That ' s what we ' re here for, my dear. HORN, WIL B.A. Physics HORTON, NANCY J. B.A. English Education HORVATH, IZABELLA K. B.S. Anthropology 140 HRYCELAK, GEORGE J. B.S. Biology HUBBARD, ADELAIDE C. B.A. Elementary Education HUCULAK, EUGENIA M. B.A. Psychology HUGHES, JOHN A. B.S. Applied Physics Engineering HUMMEL, PAUL M. B.A. Psychology HUNT, JO-ANN L. B.A. English 1UROVITZ, IACULLO, JOANNE L. IDEC, PAUL M. INNS, JAMES E. ISENBERG, RITA L. IVASHCHENKO, SHELDON R. B.A. English Education B.A. Industrial Design B.S. Computer Science B.A. Elementary JOHN .A. Psychology Education B.S. Communications Engineering IZRAL, JAMES E. JACKSON, JAMES T. JACKSON, JALOSZYNSKI, JANCZAK, JANDA, JEROME W B.S. Physical Education B.A. Geography SHARON R. BARBARA V. CHRISTINE B. B.A. Medicine B.A. Sociology B.A. Political Science B.A. German JANJIGIAN, JANOWSKI, JANUCHOWSKI, JARGSTORF JASINSKI, JAYCOX, SHOUSHIG ROMAN G. MARY ANN PAULM. DOLORES M. KATHLEEN M. B.A. French B.S. Biology B.S. Geography-Teacher B.S. Mathematics B.A. Elementary B.A. English-Secondary Education Education Education Education 141 111. THOMAS T. B S Business Marketing JERAK. JOHN W. B S Psycholog) JEZEK. PAUL E. B s Accounting JILEK, GEORGE J. B.S. Chemistn JOHNSEN, WILLIAM B.S. Physics JOHNSON, EDWARD E. B.A. Industrial Design JONES. LAWRENCE H. B.S. Applied Mathematics JONES. SALLY R. B.A. Social Anthropology JONES. WALTER I. B.A. History JONYNAS. RUTH M. JORDAN, PHILIP H. B.A. English B.S. Mechanical Analysis and Design JORGENSON. MICHAEL L. B.S. M.E. Mechanical Analysis and Design JOSTES. ROBERT T. B.S. Business Administration- Operations Systems JOYCE. BRIAN E. B.S. Business Administration- Marketing JOYCE. WILLIAM E. B.S. Management JOZEFIAK, JANICE M. B.S. Physical Education JOZWIAK, GERALDINEL. B.A. Elementary Education JUDGE, JOHN J. B.A. Sociology-Teacher Education II NKUS. JUSTIN J. B.S. Engineering Communications JUNTUNEN. SHARON G. B.A. History KACZMARCZYK. WILLIAM J. B.A. Architecture K.ALCK. LAWRENCET. B.S. Computer Science KALCHBRENNER KATHLEEN A. B.A. Elementary Education KALICKI, RONALD W. B.A. History 142 KALNINS, MARIS T. KALSBEEK, KAMRADT, KAPLAN, CAROLE L. KAPLAN, RUTH M. KARLOVSKY, B.A. German FREDERICK FLORENCE T. B.A. Political Science B.A. English JOHNE. B.S. Business B.S. English Secondary B.A. Engineering Administration Education v ; ' But, are you sure this will get rid of my acne?? ' II KARTMAN, LINDA M. B.A. Education KASHUBA, MAGDALEN M. B.A. Special Education KAST, WILLIAM A. B.S. Biology KATZ, ABRAHAM B.S. Biology KATZ, ELLEN L. B.A. Elementary Education KATZ, ROBERT N. B.A. Architecture KAUFMAN, DIANE KAY, MICHAEL R KAYE, MICHAEL A. KAZMER, DANIEL R. KAZWELL, KEAN, KATHLEEN M B.A. English Education B.A. Economics B.S. Physics B.A. Economics DOMINIC J. B.A. Geography B.A. English 143 KEEN, MARILYN R B.A. English Literature KEILLOR, LAWRENCE A. B.A. Spanish KELEHER, RICHARD P. B.S. Math KELLEY.DIANEL. B.A. Math Secondary Educ. KELLAM, KELLER, BARBARA J. KELLER, CHARLEE J. KELLY, DONALD J. CHRISTINE L. B.A. Sociology B.A.English B.A. Economics B.A. Radio Television Til never amount to anything at UICC. " KELSEY, DEAN M. B.S. Marketing KESSLER, ELIZABETH W. B.A. Sociology KEUER, EDWARD J. B.S. Biology KHANO, BADELP. B.S. Mathematics KHUANS. KENS. B S. Biology KIA KOJORL KHANDIJEH K. B.A. Architecture KING. GEORGE M. B.S. Mathematics KINSINGER. ROBERT C. B.S. Thermal Science KIRYLUK, STEPHANY B.A. Spanish German KISTINGER, LINDA M. B.A. Education 144 ISZYNSKI. GEORGE R. A. Spanish and Political Science KITE, THOMAS J. B.A.Georgfaphy KLEINBORT, NEIL I. B.A. English Literature KLEMBA, WALTER J. B.A. Speech (Radio Television Directing) KLISE, ANDREA L. B.A. Elementary Education lilfcife KOSOWSKI, KOTIS, STEVE KOVACS, ANTON L. EDWARD F. B.S. Physical Education B.A. History B.S. Communications Engineering KOZIEL, RONALDC. B.S. Communications Engineering KOVICH.PAULC. B.A. Political Science KLIZICKI, SHIRLEY A. B.A. Art KLOPP, WARREN J KMIEC, KNAIZER, KNETSCHKE, KOCH, ELAINE D. KOCOL, WILLIAM G B.A. Art History KATHLEEN M. MAURICEG. ANGELA M. B.S. Mathematics B.A. Political Science B.S. Marketing B.A. Political Science B.A. Art KOKAT, JOHN J. KOPANI, KORPAK.SUSANA. KOSIEK, KOSKO, LINDA L. KOSLA, NANCY E B.S. Science and GVOZDENM. B.A. Elementary LAWRENCEJ. B.A. Sociology B.A. Sociology Engineering B.A. Speech and Theatre Education B.A. Sociology KRAFT, KAREN L. B.A. Elementary Education 145 KRAJCER. HARRY B.S. Mechanical Engineering KRAWCZYK. MICHALENE J. B.A. Elementary Education KRASULA, RICHARDW. B.S. Biology KRIZ, THOMAS A. B.S. Mathematics KROEPEL, GAILL. B.A. Philosophy KROL, WALTER A. B.A. Political Science KROLL. GARRETT J. KRUSINSKI, KUCHARCZYK, KUCHMA, HARRY B. KUGLER, KULINSKI, RICHARD B.S. Marketing JOSEPH B. EUGENE J. B.A. Architecture BENJAMIN R. B.S. Structural Design B.A. Architecture B.A. Marketing B.A. Political Science KULZER. EDWARD L. B.S. Chemistn KUNATH, JOHN H. B.A. Accounting KUNDANIS, ROSE M. B.A. History-Teacher Education KUNSTADT, MICHAEL E. B.A. Political Science KURPIESKI, MARGARET M. B.A. Speech and Theater KUSCZYNSKI, CHERI J. B.A. Education KUSHNIR. ANDREI KVASNICKA, KWALWASER. LAASE, WILLIAM A. LAMAN, WILLIAM F. LAMM, B.A. Political Sceince MARTHA CAROL F. B.S. Business B.A. Economics KATHLEEN M B.A. French B.A. Education Administration B.A. History 146 m LAMPERT. ROSALYN H. B.S. Education LANGLEY, JERRY G. B.A. Quantitative Methods LANSU, RICHARD T. B.S. Structural Design Engineering LANUTI, JAMES A. B.S. Mathematics LANZARATTA, PHILIP A. B.S. Business Administration- Marketing LARA, THERESA R. B.A. History LARSON, LOIS A. LARSON, LARSON, LASKO, LASKOWSKI, LATTYAK, JOHN F B.A. Elementary RICHARD A. WILLIAM H. CHARLENEA. LESTER P. B.S. Soil Mechanics Education B.A. English B.A. Political Science B.A. English B.S. Biology-Engineering ' The Maharishi say, ' Man who make love to girl on side of hill, not on level ' LAWLOR, DENNIS J. B.S. Marketing LAWRENCE, LINDA M. B.A. Political Science LEAF, CHARLENE B. B.A. English 147 LeBLANC. LeBOYER, LEHMAN, LEMANSKI, LENNERT, LEONARDO, ELIZABETH DONALD A. ROBERT R.L. ROBERT E. MILTON E. LINDA M. B.A. English B.S. Political Science B.S. Marketing-Business Administration B.S. Metallurgical Engineering B.S. Physical Education B.A. Education LESZCZYNSKI, CHRISTINE M. B.A. Art History LEUNG, RICHARD L. B.S. Mechanical Engineering LEVIN, CARL L. B.S. Biology LEVIN, SANDRA A. B.A. Education LEVINE, EILEEN I. B.A. English LeVINE, HAROLD B.S. Mathematics LEVY, ELEANOR B.A. English LEWALDJR., LICKUS, PAMELA A. LIEBENSTEIN, IRIS J. LIEDER, MARLENE J. LIKENS, MARTIN F. B.S. Mathematics B.A. French- Education B.A. Elementary KATHLEEN I. B.S. Marketing Education B.A. Sociology LINAS, CHRIS F. LINDAHL, ROBERT E. LINDENBAUM, LINDGREN, LINDSAY, LINKLATER, B.A. Social Studies B.A. History PAMELA THOMAS B. ALEXANDER M. HELENA. B.A. History-Secondary B.S. Business B.A. History B.A. Elementary Education Administration Education 148 LIPSEY, JOYCE B.S. Behavioral Psychology LISHA, SULTANA B.A. French LITKA, THOMAS J. B.S. Engineering: Structural Design LONDON, HAROLD D. B.S. Psychology LONDON, LOOKHOFF, LOSCHIALPO, LOSEW, DONALD R HAROLD N. HARMON H. ROSEANNG. B.A. Geography B.S. Economics B.S. Psychology B.S. Chemistry ' O.K. now, Magilla Gorilla! ' LOUZON, LOVEALL, JAMES S. LOWE, THEODORE J. B.S. Architecture and Art JACQUELINE V B.S. Metallurgy B.A. English LUCE, ROBERT B.A. Administration of Criminal Justice LUDWIG, SUSAN B. LUGA, JUDITH A. LUKASZEWSKI, LUTZE, PATRICIA A. LYNCH, MARICLARE B.A. Elementary B.A. Education: French THOMAS E. B.S. Physical Education B.A. Elementary Education B.A. Accounting Education MADEJCAYK, JOSEPH L. B.S. Aerospace Engineering 149 " Ford has a better idea. MARAFF, FRANK N. B.S. Finance MARCUS, JUNE E. B.A. Elementary Education MARK.SHERI L. B.A. Elementary Education MARKHAM, MARSHALL, DANIEL A. INGRIDS. B.A. Criminal Justice B.A. Special Education: History MARTINA, JAMES D. B.A. Architecture MASLOWSKI, EDWARD M. B.S. Physics MASSION, HAROLD E. B.A. Speech: Television and Radio MARRES, KENNETH C. B.S. Chemistry MATYASEC, MAZUR. SHARON J. MAZZEFFLJOHN A. McCALL, JAMES B. McCALLISTER, McGOVERN, MICHAELS. B.A. Criminal Justice B.S. Management B.A. Psychology WAYNE A. INGRIDT. B.A. Political Science B.A. Psychology B.A. History 150 McKENNA, KERRY C. B.S. Civil Engineering McMAHON, LINDAS. B.A. Secondary Education: English McNALLY, JAMES T. B.A. Architecture McNERNEY, PATRICIA D. B.A. Elementary Education MEDINA, RUBEN B.S. Finance ftjJlii MERKEL, PAUL A. B.S. Accounting MERLE, JOSEPH P. B.A. Accounting MERRILL, DARYL B.A. Sociology MERRITT, VIOLET J. MEYER, CHARLES F. B.A. A. Sociology B.S. Biology MELIKIAN, GARNIKF. B.A. Political Science MEYER. LINDA L. B.A. English MEYER, SANDRA J. MICHALAK, MICHELBACH, B.A. Education: English JERRILEE J. THOMAS F. B.A. Education: French B.S. Economics MIDER, JEAN MARIE B.S. Communication Engineering MIKLAS, CAROLYN MILES, KATHLEEN A. B.A. Elementary Education MILLER, MILLER, HAROLD C. MILLER, LYNETTE S. MILLMAN, BARBARA E. B.S. Metallurgical B.A. Design MICHAEL L. B.A. English Engineering B.A. English MILSTEIN, ANDREA B.A. French MISCHENKO. GEORGE B.S. Mechanical Analysis and Design 151 MOKRY. JOSEPH E. B S Biology MITORI, RONALD B.S. Accounting MORINARI. ANTHONY F. B.S. Biology MOMENY.GAYLE E. B.A. Sociology MORRELL, DENNIS L. B.S. Economics MORRELL, LINDA B.A. Speech and Theater: Public Address MORTKOWICZ, MRAUCA, ROBERT J. MROCZKA, JUDY A. MULNIX, RUSSELL J. MUSICH, NANBERG, DAVID W GOLDIET. B.S. Finance B.S. Accounting B.A. History MARGARET M. B.A. History B.A. Elementary Education B.A. Education: Mathematics til II NASIOPULOS, JAMES A. B.S. Physical Education NEATH, JACQUELINE A B.A. French NELSON, CLIFFORD A. B.S. Thermal Science: NEMTUSAK, MATHEW A., JR. B.A. Psychology NEWMAN, BURTON A. B.S. Physics NIEDZIELA, EDWIN J. B.S. Accounting NIEDZLEK, MARIANNEA. B.S. Biology 152 NISENBAUM, LINDA A. B.A. Elementary Education NITZ, KLAUS E. B.S. Electrical Engineering: Wave Propagation and Radiation NORMAN, JOYCE M. B.A. Music OBERG, WILLIAM H. B.S. Finance OBERLANDER, RONALD A. B.A. Speech: Television and Radio OCONNELL, KEVIN J. B.S. Communications Engineering OCREY, ALICE B.A. Spanish OEFFLING, STEVEN J. B.S. Engineering: Structural Mechanics OESTERLIN, WAYNE T. B.A. Political Science OGHIGIAN, NIVAS. B.S. Communications Engineering OLEKSY, DENNIS L. B.A. Economics OLIET, ARLENEJ B.A. Elementary Education OLSHANSKY, MICHAELS. B.S. Mathematics ONEIL, ROBERT J. B.S. Marketing OLSN, JOYCE H. B.S. Mathematics OLSON, NANCY T. B.S. Biology ONOFRIOJ, ORLANDO. ANGELOM. CATHERINE F. B.A. Education: English B.A. Communications Design OSBERA, DAVID T. B.A. Education: Mathematics ' Sweet Bird of Youth " Pigeon OSKVAREK, GLORIA R B.A. Design OSTROW, VERN H. B.S. Applied Mechanics OVERDEVEST, LIESELOTTEW. B.A. German 153 OW ENS, CAROLYN L. OWENS, ROBERT C. B.A. Psychology B.S. Psychology OWLES, LORRAINE D. PABALAN, STEVEN S. PACANOWSKI, B.A. Secondary B.S. Chemistry LYNN L. Education: Political B.A. Psychology Science ! PACYNIAK..TED A. B. Arch. Architecture PARIS, ROGER D. B.A. Art History PALANCA, ELEANOR B.A. English PALUCH, JOYCE V. B.S. Accounting PANELLA, RONALD L. B.S. Biology: Pre-Med PAPE, WALTER B.S. Chemistry PACOUREK, CHARLES T. B.S. Systems Analysis PAPPAS, FRANCES B.S. Physical Education PARTIPILO, PHILLIP PASMA, SHARON L. PATTERSON, B.S. Communication B.A.French RONALD Engineering PAUL, ARTHUR L. PAVELEC, B.A. Psychology CHRISTINE B.S. Physical Education PAVLOK, WOLFGANG B.S. Engineering PAWLAK, DIANE M. B.A. Sociology PAWLOWSKI, JAMES ML B.S. Biology PECORA, JOHN D. B.S. Engineering: Mechanical Analysis PEERY, PAMELA J. B.A. Education: English PEKARA, RITA M. B.A. Elementary Education 154 k PENN, BARBARA D. PERRI. ANTHONY E. PERRIN, LANCE E. PETERS, PETERS, SUSAN J. PETERSON, BETTY 1 B.A. Political Science B.A. Mass Communications B.S. Management MATTHEW W. B.A. Philosophy B.S. Physical Education B.S. Physical Education PETERSON, PETKOVIC, GEORGE PETSCHINSKY, PHILLIP, LUCILLE A. PHILLIPS, PHILLIPS, MARY DELWINR. B.A. Political Science SHARON A. B.S. Mathematics CHRISTOPHER W. ANN R. B.A. Political Science B.A. Elementary Education B.S. Finance B.A. Education PIEKUT, KENNETH E. B.A. Political Science PIER, PAUL R. B.S. Management PIERCE, LAWRENCE R. B.A. Political Science PIERHAL, JANICE E. B.A. Elementary Education PIONKE, LAWRENCE J. B.S. Metallurgical Engineering PIONTKOWSKI, ANNA B.A. Sociology ii PIZZELLO, PODRASKY, POE, LOR ETTA J. POZDOL, PRICE, JUDITH E. PRINCE, LEEB. ANNAMARIE GEORGE J. B.A. Education: WILLIAM W. B.A. Elementary History B.A. Education: B.S. Finance Geography B.S. Accounting Education Mathematics 155 PRY EUGENE J. B.A. Psychology PSARRAS, GEORGE A B.S. Biology PUDELWITTS, MARY A. B.A. Secondary Education: History PULLEN, PAMELA L. B.A. Speech: Television and Radio PULLEN, PUNDY, ANDREW B. PENELOPE L. B.A. Psychology B.A. Speech: Mass Media PURNELL. STEVE F. B.A. Psychology RADA, ELIZABETH A B.A. Elementary Education RADOSACLJEVIC, DRAGAN J. B.S. Aerospace Sciences RAMBERT, RITA M. B.A. Elementary Education RAMOCKL CARROLL RANGEL, JOHN JOHN B.S. Management B.S. Accounting ■SI tfi kAPP, JoANN M. B.A. History RAUCH, WAYNE A. B.S. Engineering: Structural Design RAYMAN, BARBARA C B.A. Spanish REGAN, ROSEMARY T. B.A. English REGOPOULOS, EFSTATHIOS A. B.S. Physical Education REISENFELD, SAM B.S. Information Engineering RENCZARSKI, ALBERT T. B.S. Structural Design REPTA, CAROLE A. B.A. English RETELJR., EDWARDJ. B.A. History REUTER, CHRISTINE D. B.A. Geography REZVANI, KATHLEEN M. B.A. Political Science RICCI, PAULINE E. B.A. Sociology 156 RICE. MARGARET K. RIHANI, JAWDAT Y. RILEY, RINE, PHYLLIS H. RINGUS, JULIUS C. RISH, L. DAVID B.A. Education: German B.S. Electronics CATHERINE A. B.A. Elementary B.S. Psychology B.S. Bio-Engineering Engineering B.A. Elementary Education Education ROEPENACK, DEWELLYN B.A. Secondary Education: History ROHR, ALLAN J. B.S. Marketing " I think my appendix just burst. ROJEK, DANIEL C. B.S. Business Administration ROMAN, EUGENE R. ROMAN, HANS M. ROMANI, ROMANEK, RONCEK, DENNIS W. RON N BECK, B.A. Marketing B.A. Spanish BARBARA L. HOWARD J. B.A. Sociology RALPH T. B.A. Education: Biology B.A. Education: History B.S. Marketing 157 ROSLNBAUM, JUDITH M. B Education ROTH. DAVID M. B.S. Biology ROSENBERG. HINAR B. B.A. Psychology ROTTER, MARLENE A. B.A. French ROSENBERG, FERN H. B.A. Education ROSENBERG, STEVEN J. B.A. Philisophy ROSENBLOOM, DAVID E. B.S. Accounting ROSINSKI, ALLAN J. B.S. Accounting ROUMAIN, DANIEL L. B.S. Biology ROVELL, MICHAEL J. B.A. Administration of Criminal Justice RUBINSTEIN, SHERWIN R. B.A. Geography RUTH, DENNIS R. B.S. Aerospace Science " Now THAT ' S Funny " ! RUTTENBERG. ROBERT R B.S. Psychology RUZICKA. JUDY D. B.A. Sociology RYMUT, RONALD J. B.S. Communications Engineering SACK, TIMOTHY C. B.S. Business Management SAIDEL. SUSAN R B.A. Elementary Education SAIFUKU, ANTHONY F. B.A. Architecture 158 SAJDAK, JAMES F. SAJEWYCH, OLEH V. SALTZMAN, SMAT. ROBERT A SAMUCHID, SAMUEL, RONALD A B.A. English B.A. Sociology BEVERLY E. B.A. Psychology B.A. Psvcholog MICHAEL G. B. Arch. Structures B.S. Finance SANDER, ROBERTA. B.S. Applied Physics Engineering SANDRIK, JOHN M. B.S. Physics SANDY, THOMAS N. B.A. Political Science SARA, MARTIN N. B.S. Geology SARNICKI, HEDWIG B.A. Sociology SAUER, CHRISTOPHER R. B.S. Structural Design SAWICKI, CHARLENE D. B.S. Quantitative Methods SAWICKI, CHERYL D SAWYER, B.S. Quantitative MICHAEL J. Methods B.S. Applied Physics SCHAIN, ELAINE L. B.A. History SCHEIM, JUDY E. B.A. History SCHIMAN, DALEC. B.S. Management liifcl) SCHINDLER, SCHISSEL JR., SCHLAGER, SCHIESSKE, SCHNAUFER. SCHOENBECK, BETTY L. URBAN E. SEYMOUR I. HORST H.S. MICHAEL ROBERT J. B.A. Secondary B.A. Sociology B.S. Biology B.A. German B.S. Accounting B.S. Marketing Education: History 159 SCHON. RONALD H. SCHULLER. SCHULTZ, SCHUTTE, SCHWUCHOW, SCHWUCHOW, B Architecture CONNIEJ GEORGE L. PATRICIA J JANET JOYCE B.S. Elementary B.A. Business Ad. B.A. Education B.A. Elementary B.A. Speech-Education Education Accounting Education SEBBEN, JOANNA B.A. History SEIDEL, SUSAN O. B.A. English Teacher Education SENTER, RUTH H. B.S. Speech SERWAY,GAY D. B.S. Quantative Methods SHAHROKH, MOHAMMAD M.S. B.S. Engineering SHANE, ALAN R. B.S. Pre-Med. Biology Major SHANOK, LARRY F. B.S. Operations Research SHEAR. BARRY M. B.S. Accounting SHEDOR, ANTHONY L. B.S. Biology SHERMAN. CAROL B.S. Biology SHILLCUTT, SALLY A. B.A. Psychology SHPONKA, SAMUEL M. B.S. Bioengineering SHRAER. ILENED. SICHLR. SIDLAUSK.AS, SIETSEMA, II SIEVERS, KATHY J. SIKORA, MARCIA L B.A. Sociology and CHARLES M. WILLIAM J HARVEY B.A. Education B.S. Physical Education History B.S. Biology B.S. Business Administration B.A. History 160 ' I do believe in UFO ' s I do, I do. SIMMS. CHERYL A. B.A. Psychology SIMONE, GREGORY L. B.S. Biology SINGER, DENISES. B.A. Elementary Education SIURNA, ELENA B.S. Biology SKOROCHOD, L. NICOLE B.S. Chemistry SKRIBA, STEPHEN J. B.A. Psychology SKROBACH, ROXOLANAS. B.S. Mathematics SLANSKY, JR. FRANK B.S. Biology SLATTERY, HEATHER A. B.A. Sociology SLAVICEK, JAMES C. B.S. Physics-Ed. SLIVINSKI, ALAN D. SLIVOSKI, JOSEPH A. B.S. Business B.S. Mathematics Administration SLIWA, DIANE L. B.A. Political Science SLOAN, MICHAEL N. B.S. Sociology SLODKL ALAN H. B.A. Political Science 161 SMITH. DARCIE A. B Education SMITH. DARLEN1 J. B. A. Teacher Education- Spanish SMITH, GARYA A. B.S. Accounting SMITH, GREGORY E. B.S. Communication Engineering SMITH, JAMES R. B.A. History SMITH, LINDA L. B.S. Physical Education SMITH. MARIE W. B.A. History SOBCZYNSKI. DANIELS. B.S. Business Administration-Finance SODERSTROM, ROSEMARIE B.A. History SODINI, REYNOLD E. SOKOLL, ELLEN J. B.A. Secondary Ed.- B.A. Elementary History Education SOLODYNA, LESTER P. B.A. Political Science ' I ' ll drink to that. SOWADSKI, ROBERTA. B.S. Communications Engineering SPAAR, WILLIAM L. B.A. Architectural Design SPANNRAFT, F. DANIEL J. B.S. Finance 162 SPENNER, ARTHURC. B.A. Psychology SPINELLO, LORRAINE N. B.A. English Ed. SPIVACK, BRUCE D. B.S. Chemistry STANKOS, STANLEY D. B.S. Communications Engineering STARR, MARGARET ELLEN B.A. English STATEMAN, THOMAS H. B.S. Management STECHNIJ, SUSAN T. B.A. Spanish STEELE, WAYNE A. B.S. Engineering-Systems Analysis STEINBRENNER, DENNIS O. B.S. Chemistry STEINHAUER, CHARLES A. B.S. Engineering STELTER, RICHARD L. B.A. History STEPHENS, DENNIS L. B.S. Information Engineering STEVANOVICH, DUSHANKA B.A. English STEWARD, HAZEL B. B.S. Biology and Education STILL, SHERMAN T. STOELTING, JOHN M. B.A. Teacher Ed.-English B.A. Political Science STONE, BOBBY J. B.S. Sociology STOPA, DIANE K. B.A. Psychology STRAUSS, SANDRA K. B.A. Elementary Education STREZO, CHARLES B. STRZYZ, SHIRLEY A. STUFFERS, GLENN L B.S. Computer Science B.A. Communications B.A. American Literature and Communication Design Engineering STYX RANDALL D. SWIERK, THOMAS E. B.S. Geography B.S. Aerospace Science 163 SYDEL, ERROI .1 SZAJER, GERALD SZCZEPANIAK, SZYMKIEWICZ, TAEUBER, PAULA. TAMOSIUNAS B.A. Philosophj B.A. Chemistrs CASMIR F. CHRISTINES B.S. Management ALDONA L. B.S. Communications B.A. German B.S. Biology Engineering TANNENBAUM, NANCY A. B.A. History-Education TASCH, WALDEMAR R. B.S. Chemistry TAUMAN, AVIVA M. B.A. English TAYLOR. DON R. B.S. Engineering TERRY, ANNIE B.A. Sociology TESSNER, MICHAELJ. B.A. History THOME. ANNE ELLEN C. B.A. Psychology THOMPSOM. HUGH E. B.A. Marketing THOMPSON, RICHARDT. B.S. Electrical Engineering TIBE, RAYMOND L. TILLMAN, DALE E. B.S. Math B.S. Finance TODD, SANDRA L. B.A. Education TOM. MICHAEL B.S. Computer Science and Communication TOMCZAK, CHARLES A. B.S. Mechanical Analysis and Design Engineering TORTI, DIANE J. TOTINO, SHARON A TOTSCH, DELORES TRAYSZELIS, B.S. Marketing B.A. Speech B.A. Chemistry THOMAS J. B.S. Operations Research 164 1c 1 r fM TRAUB. ROBERT J. TRAVLOS, NICK TR ™ F VV,?m a B S Systems Engineering B.S. Energy Engineering POULOb, JUHIN a. B.S. Civil Engineering TRIPLETT, SHIRLENL. B.A. Speech TRUSCO. WAYNE K. B.S. Business Administration TYMINSKI, BARBARA H. B.A. English UHLIR, EDWARD K. B.A. Architecture ULLRICH, JEANNE R. B.A. German UNDERWOOD DONALD C. B.S. Marketing URBAN, MARGARET A. B.A. Philosophy URBAN, RAYMOND J. B.S. Economics URBASZEWSKI, KENNETH T. B.S. Business Administration " But, are you a good conversationalist. VALENZO, THOMAS M. B.S. Marketing VAN EYNOE, VANLEEUWEN GERALD R. RANDY W. B.S. Business B.S. Materials Administration Engineering 165 " Hello Muddah Hello Faddah VOGEL, JAMES J. VOYDA, EDWARD J. B.S. Biology B.A. Architecture WACHOWICZ, JANET M. B.A. Elementary Education WADDELL, WALTER H. B.S. C hemistry WALDMAN, IRA A B.A. Political Science WALLDEN, LORETTAM. B.A. Geography WALSH, BARBARA L. B.A. History Education WALSH, MARY E. B.A. Elementary Education WALTHERS, RICHARD A. B.A. History i ftl WANTUCHOWICZ, RICHARD V. B.A. Philosophy 166 WARDA, PAUL B. B.S. Accounting WATRY ROBERT H. WAYMAN, WEAVER, DAVID J WEBER, PAMELA M. B.S. Marketing EDWARD C. B.S. Business B.A. History B.S. Mechanical Analysis Administration- and Design Marketing WEINLAND, DAVID B.A. Geography WEISBER, RHODAJ. WEISMEHL, PHILIP B.S. Mathematics B.A. Political Science WEISS, STEPHEN B.S. Mathematics WELIN, MICHELLE M. B.S. Elementary Education -»f 7 WELIN, ROBERT C. B.S. Industrial Design fckfcfc WELLS, HOHNG. B.A. Business Administration WENGIELNIK, MATTHEW S. JR B.S. Communications Engineering WERICH, TERRY K. B.A. English WEST, PAULC. B.A. Psychology WEXLER, NORMAN H. B.S. Geography WHALEN, JOHNC. B.A. English WHIPPLE, ELLEN G. B.A. English WHITE, ANITA M. B.A. English WHITE, JUDITH B.A. Sociology WHITE, SUSAN L. B.S. Mathematics WHITE, THOMAS A. B.S. Mathematics WHITTON, WARREN M. B.A. Psychology WIDEMAN, BILLIE M. WILKIEL, CATHY S. WILLIAMS, B.A. Speech B.A. Elementary RICHARD H. Education B.S. Physics WILLIAMS, ZENOBIA B.A. Elementary Education WILSON, LINDA L. B.A. Psychology WINKEL, JEFFREY B. B.S. Aerospace Engineering 167 WISEMAN. MARY M. B.A. English WITTER. MICHAEL P. B.S. Math WNEK, JACQUELINEJ. B.A. Education WOJCIK, JOHN J. B.A. Psychology WOLFE, BARRY L. B.S. Marketing WOJDULA, JEAN B.S. Physical Education WOOD. CARL R. WOOD, PATRICIA M. WORKMAN, WOZNIAK, WOZNIAK, WOZNIAK, SOPHIE B.A. Geographv B.A. English KAREN L. DENNIS V. SANDRA J. B.A. History B.S. Accounting B.A. History B.A. Communication Design WUELLNER, WULF, RUDOLPH O. JANICE M. B.S. Business B.A. English Administration WYSOCKI, JAMES C. B.S. Behavioral Science YALE, RUSSELL S. B.S. Biology YAMADA, ROBERT M. B.A. Sociology YEH, DAVIDS. B.S. Management YOUNG. MICHAEL F. ZABRANSKY, ZAZRA, HENRY D ZDEBSKI, JOANNE M. ZIMET, JANET H. ZIMMERMAN, JOYCE B.A. Psychology BRUCEJ. B.S. Metallurgical Engineering B.A. Music B.A. Elementary Education B.A. Education B.A. English Education 168 ZINGERY, SHARON K. B.A. Political Science ZINKE, FREDH. B.A. Architecture ZOLINAS, JOSEPH G. B.S. Sociology ZUFAN, BARBARA B.A. Elementary Education ZUREK, LINDA LOU B.S. Physical Education ZYDEL, LET1T1A M. B.A. Political Science ' Grad School, here we come!!! " 169 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS llfltt PRESIDENT Carl Fosco SECRETARY Wayne T. Oesterlin TREASURER- William Hass VICE-PRESIDENT Thomas Lindgren 170 Office of the Chancellor Box 4348, Chicago, Illinois 60680 Telephone: 663-3300 TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1969: Few moments equal the joy, the satisfaction, and the fulfill- ment of graduation. It is a personal and permanent victory, an honor to last a lifetime. To each of you my sincerest congratulations. John W. Gardner has written that " schools and colleges must equip the student for a never-ending process of learning; they must gird his mind and spirit for the constant reshaping and reexamination of himself. They cannot content themselves with the time -honored process of stuffing students like sausages or even the possibly more acceptable process of training them like seals. " If your education at the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle has had the consequence of developing within you the love of learning, curiosity, self-discipline, intellectual honesty and the capacity to think clearly, then we have succeeded. Best wishes to all for happiness and success in the years ahead, Sincerely, Norman A. Parker Chancellor foJtJ SENIOR ACTIVITIES DIRECTORY ABRAMS, BURTON J. Iota Chi Fraternity Dean ' s I ist lie [ntramurals ADAMS. LEO M. ADLER, ARTHUR B AIELLO. JOSEPH P. ALAV1.HOOSHANG Iranian Student Association, President Moslem Student Association, Vice-President ALBERT, JUDITH N. Dean ' s List ALLIKIAN, K.ENNEY R. Dean ' s List ALMASSY.IMKEG. Phi Kappa Tau (Urbana) James Scholar ALPERT, COLLIN D. Hillel Foundation, President ROTC Yearbook Dean ' s List A MET, MARY A. Dean ' s List ANDERSON, ALAN J. Student Education Association Dean ' s List Intramural Sports ANDERSON, CAROL J. Dean ' s List ANDERSON, DENNIS R. Kappa Phi Fraternity Dean ' s List ANDERSON, SUSAN K. Student Government Chicago Illini, Editor James Scholar Housing Policy Committee ANDREWS, STUART R. Film Committee Intramural Weight Lifting Karate Club ANDRIACCHI, THOMAS P. Sigma Phi Omega Fraternity Karate Club Phi Eta Sigma APPLEBAUM,SAMN. Football Wrestling Dean ' s List ARDINGER, HARRY W. ARGENTAR, MAUREEN M. ATHANASULEAS, GEORGIA L. Campus Tour Guide National Education Association Young Republican Club AUER, KENNETH R. Dean ' s List B BABB, RONALD D. Dean ' s List BACAL, EDITAG. Alpha Lambda Delta Omega Beta Pi James Scholar Phi Kappa Phi — Honorary BACKSTROM, JOHN W. Dean ' s List BALAFOUTIS.JOHNG. Hellenic Club, President Financial Aids Committee Hellenic Technological Association BALDANZI, SUSAN L. Dean ' s List Chicago Circle Broadcasting, Secretary Skiing Illini, Treasurer Producer of " Update " BANASZAK, ROBERT G. BANGH.. JOHN Veterans Club Dean ' s List BANION, RONALD L. Track Team Football Team Student Advisory Committee for School of PE. BANKS, PATRICIA Student Articulation Committee, Vice- President Delta Sigma Theta Sororitv BAR.RICHARDW. Dean ' s List Bowling Team Tour Guide BARAN, MATTHEW American Society of Mechanical Engineers BARNHILL, GORDON A. Baseball Team Basketball Team, Manager Letterman ' s Club Physical Education Majors Club BASCH, MIRIAM Spanish Club Dean ' s List BASS, VIRGINIA M. Aiguillettes Newman Club BAUER, JAMES R. Swimming Team Letterman ' s Club Physical Education Majors Club Physical Education Advising Committee BAXTER, JAMES C. BAYGOOD, IRAH. Concert Band Dean ' s List Young Democrat BECKERMAN, ANITA J. Dean ' s List BEDOE, KATHERINEM. Dean ' s List Newman Club Royal Jolly Rumple Funks BENANDE, JOHN P. Dean ' s List BENDER, SHARON R. BENNETT, ALBERT L. Dean ' s List BENSCHIP, GARY J. BENSON, JANICE A. Gamma Kappa Rho BENZIGER, DONALD W. Tennis Team BERESKIN, MICHAEL E. Dean ' s List Audio Center, UICC Library BERKSON, JOSEPH M. ROTC, Battalion Commander Activities Honorary Society, Treasurer LAS Representative toCCC Board Chicago Illini, Photography Editor BERWANGER, JUDITH T. Dean ' s List BIANCALANA, PETER R. I.E.E.E., Treasurer Dean ' s List BIEDROW.JOHN H. Dean ' s List BIEGEL, PETER L. BIELOWICZ, RICHARD J. Letterman ' s Club A.S.C.E. BIGELIS,RAMUNAS BINDER, NANCY T. Chicago Illini Student Government Newman Club BISCEGLIA, PAULC. Dean ' s List Italian Club Newman Club Delta Delta Sigma BITOWT, PATRICIA A. S.E.A. Dean ' s List BIVNES, VIRGINIA L. Bl AINE, LOUELLA M. Activities Honorary Society, Vice-President, Sec. Chicago Circle Board Pi Alpha Tau Yearbook ' 68, Sports Ed. BLANCHFIELD, ROSEMARY T. Young Democrat Newman Club Dean ' s List BLOCHER, KATHARINA Dean ' s List Phi Kappa Phi BLOMQUIST, GENELLE Communication Public Address, Pres. Christian Science Organization, Pres. Chicago Circle Players Dean ' s List BLUTMAN, MARILYN J. Dean ' s List Honor ' s Seminar BOBCO, WILLIAM D. A.S.M.E. Cadet Association ROTC BOJAN, JAMES E. Dean ' s List Young Republican Academic Advisory Com. on Criminal Justice Circle YMCA BOTEN, ELLEN P. W.P.E. Majors Club W.A.A. Hillel Club BOURDRO, STEPHEN W. P.E. Majors Club Weight Lifting Club Dean ' s List BOURBOULAS, GEORGE BOWYER, RONALD T. Baseball Team Wrestling Team Intramural Handball BRAITHWAITE. JOYCE J. Dean ' s List BRAJE, FRANK J. BRANDIS, KENNETH E. Omega Beta Pi, Pres. Dance Committee Dean ' s List SZO BRANKLINE, JOHN A. Italian Club Alpha Kappa Pi BRAUN, BARBARA J. Dean ' s List BREGER, LOIS H. James Scholar Alpha Lambda Delta Spanish Club Community Service League BRENNA, BRADW. Weight Lifting Club BRESCIA, JOHN J. Phi Eta Sigma James Scholar Dean ' s List BRINKMAN, JUDITH C. P.E.W. Majors Club W.A.A. BRODSKY, CAROL T. Theta Gamma Phi Sorority Orientation Leader Dean ' s List BROSTOFF, FREDG. Alpha Epsicon Pi Fraternity 172 University Publicity Committee Interfraternity Council Rush Committee Dean ' s List BROSTRON, DENNIS N. UICC Hockey Team BROWN, SHERRY R. Student Education Association BRUMM, GERALD A. Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity Storts Reporter Chicago Illini Photographer Commuter-Illini BUCZKOWSKI, MARY S. Music Dancing Bowling BUJAN, RONALD J. Newman Club Young Republicans Young Democrats BUNYARD, MARY ALICE BURIC, JAMES A. BURKE, PATRICIA A. BURKHALTER, JAMES R. Phi Eta Sigma Honorary Scholastic Fraternity BURKMAN, ALBINC. BURKOT, CHARLES J. BURMESTER, MICHAEL G. Lutheran Association BUSIEDLIK, JEFFREY H. Dean ' s List Intramural Sports Historical Society BUTLER, PAUL E. Dean ' s List Black Student Union Track, Cross-Country, Wrestling Teams Afro-American History Club BUTNIK, RONALD J. Varsity Football (2 letters) Varsity Track Field (1 letter) U.I.C.C. Varsity Lettermen ' s Association (President) BYRNE, GERALDINE M. Spanish Club Newman Club Dean ' s Club CACIOPPO, DONALD J. Astronomy Club (President) Physics Club CALABRESE, JAMES D. Newman Club Debate Dean ' s List Young Democrats CALHOUN, CHARLENE Chicago Circle Broadcasting CALLAHAN, KATHLEEN CAMPBELL, JO ANN CAMPEA, JOSEPH J. Baseball Intramurals CAPOCY, MARTHA J. Chicago Circle YMCA Deans List Young Republicans CARLSON, GWYNNE N. Geography Club CARLSON, RAY G. CARONIA, JOSEPHINE F. CARSON, JOHN H. Concert and Chamber Choir Dean ' s List CASPER, GARY D. LAMBDA IOTATAU Writers Club Dean ' s List COSTANEDO, DAVID M. Newman Club Sociology Club Psychology Club Young Democrats CHALIFOUX, SUSAN J. CHAPMAN, PAUL D. Tau Alpha Rho Interfraternity Council CHIMSKY, MARYS. Homecoming Committee Dean ' s List CHVAL, JUSTINE CIRRINCIONE, CHRISTOPHER F. Dean ' s List CITRIN, MERLES. James Scholar Student Government Alpha Lambda Delta Theta Gamma Phi CLANCY, PATRICIA A. Dance Committee Go-Go Girl CLARK, CHRISTINE L. Dean ' s List CLINKUNBROOMER, PAUL CLOUD, DENNIS E. Dean ' s List COHEN, SHERRY J. Dean ' s List Honors Day COHEN, URIEL A. I. A. Student ' s Chapter COLLINGWOOD, LARRY R. Geography Club COLLINS, MARGARET M. Dean ' s List CONTE, JOSEPH M. Italian Club Student Government Dean ' s List COOK, GUY L. COOPER, NORMA R. Dean ' s List COOPER, PATRICIA L. Dean ' s List CORDELL, THOMAS J. Veteran ' s Club Band CORRADO, MARYL. CORREA.ARLETTA COSTELLO, KATHLEEN D. COSTELLO, KATHLEEN J. Karate Club COUTRE, THOMAS E. Dean ' s List Coin Club Psychology Club COZZI, DIANE M. Italian Club Aigullettes Student Education Association COZZONE.JOHN President of the Italian Club Varsity Soccer Team Spanish Club CRAINE,JEANE. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Homecoming Committee Young Republicans Chicago Circle Broadcasting CUBBON, ANDREW J. Mathematics Faculty Advisor Com mittee CUELLO, JOSE Dean ' s List History Student Assistant Craft Workshop CURTIN, THOMAS M. CUSINATO, ANGELO Skiing, Illini CWIOK, CAROLYN C. Extramural Volleyball Team CZAPKA, THOMAS J. Lambda Lambda Delta Dean ' s List CZICZO, RAYMOND J. Bowling League Dance Committee D DACEKNO, ELIZABETH Literature Committee DALY, WILLIAM J. Dean ' s List DANIELS, DENNIS G. Geography Advisory Committee D ' ASSATOUROFF, HELEN DAUER, JAMES A. DAVIS, ALAN J. Chicago Illini Writer Edmund James Scholar Class Honors Intramural Fencing DECALUWE.GARY R. DECALUWE, KAREN A. DE CHANT, THOMAS DE GRADO, CAROLYN E. Alpha Lambda Delta Dean ' s List Youth Development DEHAAN,JOHND. DE LEO, FRANK C. Dean ' s List Hockey Club Newman Club DE LORENZO, LINDA M. DEL PRINCIPE, DONNA G. Community Services Committee Italian Club DEL RE.CHARMAINE A. P.E. Majors Club Women ' s Athletic Association Dean ' s List Lifeguard DELUCO, JEROME F. Associate Member American Institute of C. P. A. DEMARS, ALLAN J. Sigma Delta Pi Fraternity, Secretary and Treasurer Dean ' s List DEMOPOULOS, AFRODITE DEMSKI, LAWRENCE F. Freshman Rotation Committee DENENBURG, ISMAEL B. Omega Beta Pi French Club Theatre DERESINSKI, DANIEL L. IEEE DE SALVO, JAMES C. Dean ' s List DETLOFF, LINDA L. Aiguillettes, President Aiguillettes Drill Team Orientation Leader DETUNO, JOSEPH DE YONG, MICHAEL W. DICANIO, MICHAEL J. Young Republicans, Internal Vice-President KarareClub Ham Radio Club DICIOLLA, COLOMBA M. James Scholar Student Education Association Honors Day Convocation Dean ' s List DICIOLLA, JOSEPH C. DI DOMENICO, ANITA DIGGS, SANDRA E. Alpha Lambda Delta, President Activities Honorary Society, President Student Articulation Committee Student Orientation Leader DI IORIO, ERMENEGILDO DIMPOOULOS, EVANGELOS 173 DINNING. SANDRA J. Dance Committee Dean ' s I isi D1STASIO, JAM ESS. Dean ' s Advisory Board, College of Bus Adm. DJUR1C1CH. RII ' A R DOBU AIMS. RITA DODGE, R I Dean ' s List DOLAN.WALLIS J. Alpha I ambda Delia, Secretary James Scholar Honors Day Convocation Phi Kappa Phi (National Honor) DOMINGUEZ. BRUCE J. Fencing Team Young Republicans Skiing lllini Veterans ' Club DORSEY. ALETA O. Society of Women Engineers Servodon Engineering Policy Board DORTON. JUDITH L. Orchesis, Secretary DOWHOSHYIA, HAI.INA Ukrainian Club Skiing lllini Dean ' s List DOYLE. BARBARA A. Student Education Association Dean ' s List DRENNAN, DANIEL J. Skiing lllini Student Tutoring Program College Live-In Program DUBIN. HERBERT L. Intramural Sports Fraternity Member Dean ' s List DUDEK. CAMELLIA A. SEA Dean ' s List DUKES, SHIRLEY R. Former Student Government Committees Student Education Association DULLER. DONNA M. Dean ' s List SEA DURBAK.IRENEA. DWYER, MARYC. Dean ' s List ECHT. EDWARD D. Vice-President, Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity Dean ' s Advisory Board (Bus. Adm.) Dean ' s List EDDY, SHARON K. Physical Education Majors Club Girls Extramural Bowling Team Community Service Christian Science Organization EGAN.JOAN B. Newspaper EL-BARBARAWI, ABDEL HAMID Dean ' s List President, Org. of Arab Students UICC Soccer Team Executive Committee. Org. of Arab Students ELLIOTT, TOM O. Secretary, Beta Epsilon Gamma Fraternity Treasure ' r. Lambda Lambda Delta Fraternity ELLIS. PETERS. Dean ' s List ELLISON, RICHARDN. A. I. A. A. Treasurer Intramural Bowling ELSNER. RONALD F. Phi Eta Sigma James Scholar ENGELHART. LARRY Y AVI II II President Chicago lllini, Editorial Staff S« nmning I earn Activities Honorary ENGLISH, MARY D. Upward Bound Community Service ENRIGHT, TOBIAS Omega Beta Pi Fraternity EPSTEIN, KAREN V Chicago Circle Players Circle Center Dance Committee 1 I R I I I . 1 1 A I K FALKENTHAL, PHYLLIS A. Dean ' s List FARNUM, KATHRYN F. Dean ' s List LARR.GAILZ. YAVNEH Treasurer James Scholar Phi Kappa Phi FASANO, RONALD E. Weight Lifting Club Intramural Handball FAG, MARGARET I. FEDIJ, WALTER FEIL, PATRICIA A. Concert Choir Chamber Choir FEINGOLD, BONITAC. Transfer from U. of I. Champaign Ilioskee Spring Carnival — Sales Tickets VIP Tutoring Project Unlimited Hours for Girls, Committee Chairman FELDMAN, GLENN M. James Scholar Student Government Representative President, Iota Chi Fraternity Chairman, United Students FENNELLY, LORETTA M. Dean ' s List Illinois State Scholarship Educational Opportunity Grant Upperclassmen Incentive Award FERDMAN, RICHARDS. Phi Epsilon Pi Fraternity Science Club Free Republicans Democrats FERST, SHARON FEUCHT, CHARLES A. Institute of Electrical Engineers Treasurer, Society of Automotive Engineers Intramural Sports FIDDELKE.TERRENCEA. Tau Alpha Rho UICC Golf Team FIELD, ALAN J. FILLER, SUSAN M Hillel EAP Instrumental Ensemble Concert Choir Dean ' s List FIRTH, BRUCE E. Volleyball Team I.M. Sports FISCELLA, CAROL A. FISCHEL, RONALD F. Iota Chi Fraternity Dean ' s List FISHWICK, DENNIS L. Soccer Dean ' s List Major ' s Club FITZGERALD, WILLIAM C. Basketball FLAMMANG, ROGER J. FLODSTROM, JANICE O. FLYNN, SUSAN E. FONOROW.ALAN R. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Dean ' s List FORSBERG, LINNEA A. Chicago Circle Players Dean ' s List I ORSYTHE, JONATHAN D. Campus Crusade for Christ I ORTUNATO, JOSEPHINE C. Gamma Kappa Rho FOSCO.CARLA. Center Board, Viee-Chairman President, Pi Alpha Tau James Scholar Activities Honorary Society FOX, LILLIAN W. FOX, ROBERTA E. Homecoming Dean ' s List Hillel FOYO, GEORGE W. A.S.M.E. FRANKS. MARK A. FRANSEN, CHRISTINE I. FRANZ, BARBARA J. College English Association Dean ' s List FRANZAK, ROGER A. Freshman Honor Fraternity Dean ' s List Intramurals FREIDIN.ARLENER. Member Lambda Lambda Delta Secretary Lambda Lambda Delta Dean ' s List SEA FRIEDMAN, MARC L. FRUHWIRTH, RICHARDW. Intramurals P.E. Majors Club Dean ' s List FU.LYNNETTEW. Band Yearbook 66 FUENTY, ROBERT R. I.E.E.E. Varsity Fencing Dean ' s List FURIO, ANDREW A. F. Sports FUTTERMAN, LINDA J. G GABINER.JANICEC. Concert Choir (Section Leader) Sigma Phi Sorority (President) Inter-Fratority Council (Recording Secretary) Dean ' s List GAIK.CASIMIERW. Dean ' s List GALANT, RICHARD P. Iota Chi Fraternity GALEN, PAULS. GALOWITCH, KATHY E. Dean ' s List GANSER.TERRENCET. I.E.E.E. GARGARO, DOLORES D.G. Dean ' s List SEA GARVEY, GEORGE E. Adm. of Criminal Justice, Advisory Committee Dean ' s List Veteran Club GASPAR.JULIEW. GAVARIS, GEORGIA GAYNES, CECILIA A. Alpha Lambda Delta GEORGOPOULOS, HELEN C. Hellenic Club .74 GEROULIS, ANTHONY J. Dean ' s List Vice-President. Omega Beta Pi, Natl. Hon. Pre-Medical Fraternity Lyric Opera Guild GERVASI, SYLVIA J. GESIORSKI, FREDERICK J. Dean ' s List Phi Eta Sigma James Scholar GIESEKE, CAROLE M. GILBERT, BARRY L. Engineering Advisory Board Sigma Phi Omega Fraternity Chicago Circle Broadcasting American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics GILBERT, DALE E. A.I.A.A. GILLIS, BRUCE S. Fencing Tennis Teams Officer, Omega Beta Pi Honorary Fraternity Co-Chairman Chicago Circle Discussions Committee Honors Day Recognition GLADKIN, PETER GLASS, ILENE Freshman Orientation Leader Co-Ordinator, Summer Library Program SCEC GOETZ, ROSEM. GOLD, ALAN M. YAVNEH Hillel Dean ' s List Intramural Basketball Baseball GOLD, HARLEYE. Sigma Delta Pi Fraternity GOLDBARTH, ALBERT ' Chairman, Literature Committee Editor, Literary Circle Student Tutoring Program Dean ' s List GOLDBERG, CHERYL H. Dean ' s List GOLDMEIER, CAROLLYN L. Dean ' s List GOLDNER, RICHARD L. GOLDSTEIN, JAYS. GOLTZ, MICHAEL E. Executive Vice-President, Student Government Tres Activities Honorary Society Financial Aids Advisory Board New Student Orientation Committee GONCIARZ, DIANE Dean ' s List GONCIARZ, RAYMOND GOODMAN, LINDA P. Dean ' s List GOODNER.JOEF. Honors Day Recognition ASCE Transfer, Fall, 1966 Sigma Pi Fraternity GORCHOW, MURRAY A. Committee on Student Affairs President, Men ' s Honor Fraternity (Phi Eta Sigma) James Scholar Student Government GORDON, DALEC. Debate Team NEA Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society Dean ' s List GORDON, MARILYN E. Dean ' s List Hillel GORGIUS, SCOTT J. Lab Assistant, Dept. Information Engr. IEEE Dance Committee Intramural Basketball GORKA, JACQUELINE M. Sigma Phi Alpha Newman Club GORNIAK, GARRETT E. Phi Eta Sigma Young Republicans Newman Club GORSKI, RONALDS. Chicago Circle Chamber Choir Concert Choir C.C. Broadcasting C.C. Players GOTTSCHALK, RONALD E. Students for Clark GRABINSKI, WILLIAM J. Kappa Phi GRABOWSKI, DENNIS R. Football team Letterman ' sClub P.E. Major ' s Club NEA Student Member GRAFFITI, DANIEL A. UICC Chamber Choir UICC Concert Choir Dean ' s List GRECO, FRANK J. Dean ' s List Honor ' s Program Intramurals Fraternity Treasurer GREEN, HOWARD B. Iota Chi CSA Student Government Chicago Illini, Sports Editor GREEN, WILLIAM R. American Institute of Architecture Member of CCC Board Dean ' s List GREENSPAN, JAYS. Hillel GRENS, MARY J. Editor: " The Encounter " Newman Club GRESHO, JEANL. James Scholar Dean ' s List Honor ' s Day GREY, STANLEY J. GRIGORIEV, VALENTINA GROSS, SUSAN D. GROVE, ALAN L. Dean ' s List GRUBB, LARRY R. Dean ' s List GRYKA, GLORIA E. Honor ' s Day 1966 and 1968 Dean ' s List Member of Hillel GRYZ, JOSEPH F. James Scholar Dean ' s List GUENTHER, GAYLE M. Lutheran Student Association Student Education Association Chicago Circle Y.M.C.A. GUTOSKI, RICHARD L. Dean ' s List H HAHHAR, EHSAN HALL, BARBARA F. SEA HALL, WILLIAM M. I.E.E.E. Engineering Advisory Board Dean ' s List HAMANO, MARYT. HAMILTON, GAIL A. Dean ' s List SEA HANSCHKE, HENRY W. I.E.E.E. Dean ' s List HANSEN, LINDAC. Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Delta James Scholar Dean ' s List HARDUVEL, THEODORE T. Dean ' s List HARITOS, GEORGE K. President of the Hellenic Club Dean ' s List Soccer Team (3 Letters) HARRIS, CYNTHIA Orchesis Dean ' s List HARRISON, EDWARD G. Concert Band HARTMAN. PAULA. Concert Band HARTWICK, RUTH EM. HARVIS, MARTHAS. Honor ' s Day ' 68, ' 69 American Association of Teachers for Spanish Portuguese HASS, WILLIAM J. Engineering Advisory Board President, Sigma Phi Omega Fraternity Edmund J. James Scholar Phi Kappa Phi (Honorary Fraternity) HAUPIN,GUYI. HAVRANEK, FRED J. ASCE HAYES, MARGUERITE M. HELWIG, GLENN A. HENDERSON, SHIRLEY J. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Dean ' s List Orchesis Women ' s P.E. Club HENLEY, BARBARA Dean ' s List W.A.A. Freshman Orientation Leader Music Committee HERMANN, ARTHUR C. HESS, RICHARD J. HICKEY, WILFRED J. Alpha Kappa Psi Sailing Club Business Administration Club HICKS, WILLIAM E. Dean ' s List HILBURGER, BONNIEC. Newman Club Circle Imprint Chorus Drama HILLIS, LINYU. Dean ' s List HILTSCHER.JOHND. Phi Eta Sigam Wrestling Team Student A. I. A. Honors Program HINZ, MICHAEL A. Fraternity-Omega Beta Pi Dean ' s List HIRDLER, KENNETH E. Dean ' s List HIRSCH, ARTHUR F. HLAVACEK, NANCY W. HOFFMAN, BRUCE H. HOFFMANN, JAMES G. TAP Fraternity. Vice-President, Tau Alpha Rho I.F.C. Representative Dean ' s List HOHMEIER, ELAINE M. Dean ' s List 175 HOI BA. RICHARDS. HOI IWINSkl.MK II l I S Vlpha Phi Omega Dean ' s l isl HOLTZ, CAROLE M. Dean ' s I ist I ambda lota I au HORN.WIL Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity HORTON. NANCY J HORVATH, IZABELLA K HRYCE1 AK.GEORGEJ. I Ukrainian Club President James Scholar Omega Beta Pi L.A.S. Student Advisory Board HUBBARD. A DEL A I DEC. Dean ' s List Student Education Association HUCULAK, EUGENIA M. House Committee HUGHES, JOHN A. HUMMEL. PAUL M. Orientation Leader Varsitv Tennis HUNT, JO-ANN L. SEA Dean ' s List HUROVITZ. SHELDON R. Dean ' s List I IACULLO. JOANNE L. SEA Dean ' s List Honor ' s Day IDEC, PAULM. Chicago Circle Center Board INNS, JAMES E. President and Vice-President, Student Chapter of ACM ISENBERG, RITAL. SEA Hillel Literature Committee Freshman Orientation Leader IVASHCHENKO, JOHN Ukranian Club IZRAL, JAMES E. Varsity Football Team Letterman ' sClub Gamma Kappa Rho JACKSON, JAMES T. Geography Club JACKSON.SHARONR. The Group JALOSZYNSKI, BARBARA V. Aiguillettes Student Government Dean ' s List JANCZAK, CHRISTINE B. Dean ' s List JANDA. JEROME W. Karate Team Weight Lifting Dean ' s List JANJIGIAN.SHOUSHIG JANOWSKI, ROMAN G. Class Representative Dean ' s List JANUCHOWSKI. MARY ANN Geography Advisement Committee Dance Committee Student Tutor Duncan YMCA JARGSTORF, PAUL M. Math Tutor JASINSKI. DOLORES M. SEA Synchronized Swimming Club Tour Guide JAYCOX, KATHLEEN M. Dean ' s List SI II I .THOMAST. II RAK, JOHN W. Computer Center Staff Sigma Alpha Mu Pledge Master Interfraternity Council JEZEK, PAUI I Dean ' s List Big Brothers JILEK, GEORGE J. Alpha Phi Omega JOHNSEN, WILLIAM Dean ' s List Craft Workshop Archers Bowling JOHNSON, EDWARD E. Activities Honorary Society Veterans Club ACU-8 Convention Chairman Art Director, Circle 67 JONES, WALTER I. Dean ' s List JONES, LAWRENCE H. Bridge Club Dean ' s List Brothers of UICC T.Y.D.E. of Education Dept. JONES. SALLY R. JONYNAS. RUTAM. James Scholar Alpha Lambda Delta JORDAN, PHILIP H. Black Students Organization of U ICC JORGENSON. MICHAEL L. Society of Automotive Engineers, Meetings Chairman JOSTES, ROBERT T. JOYCE, BRIAN E. JOYCE. WILLIAM E. Member, Chicago Circle Center Board Chairman, Discussions Committee Member, House Committee Dean ' s List JOZEFIAK, JANICE M. P.E. Majors Club Dean ' s List W.A.A. JOZWIAK, GERALDINE L. Aiguillettes, Corresponding Secretary Newman Club Dean ' s List JUDGE, JOHN J. Dean ' s List JUNKUS, JUSTIN J. Sigma Phi Omega Fraternity IEEE Activities Honorary Society CCC Dance Committee JUNTUNEN, SHARON G. Aiguillettes Dean ' s List K KACZMARCZYK, WILLIAM J. Dean ' s List A. I. A. Jr. Chapter KALCK, LAWRENCE T. ROTC Drill Team Society of American Military Engineers. Treasurer Military Ball Committee Cadet Association, President KALCHBRENNER, KATHLEEN A. Student Education Association Dean ' s List KALICKI, RONALD W. KALNINS, MARIST. KALSBEEK, FREDERICK Soccer KAMRADT, FLORENCE T. Cheerleader Newman Club Dean ' s List KAPLAN, CAROLE L. National Education Association Chicago Illini Student Articulation Committee Pier Playhouse West KAPLAN, RUTH M. KARLOVSKY, JOHN E. University Band Sigma Phi Omega KARTMAN, LINDA M. KASHUBA, MAGDALEN M. Student Education Association Student Council for Exceptional Children KAST, WILLIAM A. Omega Beta Pi Chicago Illini Dean ' s List KATZ, ABRAHAM Dean ' s List President, Royal Jolly Rumplefunks Intramural Sports Research Program for Circle Center Board KATZ, ELLEN L. SEA KATZ, ROBERT N. Dean ' s List Student Chapter of A. I. A. KAUFMAN, DIANE Dean ' s List KAY, MICHAEL R. KAYE, MICHAEL A. Tau Alpha Rho Fraternity Varsity Tennis Team Dance Committee Games Committee KAZMER, DANIEL R. James Scholar Phi Eta Sigma Dean ' s List, All Quarters KAZWELL, DOMINIC J. Geog. Student Advisory Committee KEAN, KATHLEEN M. Lambda Iota Tau Dean ' s List Honors Day Convocation KEERI, MARILYN R. Honor ' s Day Participant Chicago Circle Players, Production Worker Dean ' s List KEILLOR, LAWRENCE A. Social Relation Committee Spanish Club Newman Club Second Annual UICC Circus Variety Show KELEHER, RICHARD P. Intramural Sports KELLY, DONALD J. Spanish Club Intramural Handball Intramural Baseball KELLEY, DIANE L. KESSLER, ELIZABETH W. KELLAM, CHRISTINE L. President, Orchesis Secretary, Chicago Circle Broadcasting Publicity Director, Chicago Circle Broadcasting WGN Pierre Andre Radio-TV Intern Award KELLER, BARBARA J. Homecoming Committee KELLER, CHARLEEJ. Sailing Club, Publicity Chairman KELSEY, DEANM. KEUER. EDWARD J. Omega Beta Pi Dean ' s List 176 KEAN, KATHLEEN M. Chicago Circle Broadcasters Lambda Iota Tau Dean ' s List KHANO. BADELP. Soccer KHUANS, KENS. President, Phi Eta Sigma Chairman, James Scholar Advisory Board Omega Beta Pi Freshman Orientation Leader KIA KOJORL KHADIJEH K.K.K. A. I. A. Meetings KING, GEORGE M. Dean ' s List KINSINGER. ROBERT C. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics KIRYLUK.STEPHANY KISTINGER, LINDA M. Student National Education Association Dean ' s List Student Illinois Education Association KISZYNSKI, GEORGE R. Soccer Spanish Club Dean ' s List Italian Club KITE, THOMAS J. Geography Steering Committee KLEINBORT, NEIL I. Treasurer, Hillel Student Advisory Board, LAS Phi Kappa Phi Society Cartoonist, Chicago Illini KLEMBA, WALTER J. Chicago Circle Broading Mayso Organization Tallyrand Magazine Lit erature Committee Man. Ed. of Literary Circle Skiing Illini KLISE, ANDREA L. SEA KLIZICKI, SHIRLEY A. Homecoming Committee Concert Band KLOPP, WARREN J. Varsity Fencing Soc. of Amer. Milt. Eng. Cadet Association KMIEC, KATHLEEN M. James Scholar Dean ' s Student Adv. Bd. Alpha Lambda Delta Dean ' s List KNAIZER, MAURICEG. Iota Chi Fraternity Homecoming Committee 1967 KNETSCHKE, ANGELA M. Acting in Art Dep. Films Dean ' s List KOCH, ELAINE D. A.C.M. Dean ' s List W.A.A. Bowling KOCOL, WILLIAM G. Student Advisory Committee to LAS Young Democrats Dean ' s List KOKA. JOHN J. Sigma Phi Omega; Treasurer A.I.M.E. Member A.S.M. Member Dean ' s List KOPANI, GVOZDEN M. Chicago Circle Players Fencing Team French Club MOSAIC KORPAK, SUSAN A. Dean ' s List KOSIEK, LAWRENCE J. KOSKO, LINDA L. Volleyball KOSLA, NANCY E. KOTIS, STEVEN Weight Training Soccer Wrestling Electronics KOVICH.PAULC. Young Republicans — Vice-President Student Government Speakers Committee Hillel — Freshman Co-ordinator Activities Honorary Society KOVACS, ANTON L. Newman Club Student for McCarthy 1968 Orientation Committee 1968 L.A.S. Dean ' s Advisory Committee 168-69 KOZIEL. RONALD C. Co-Chairman Homecoming Committee President — Sigma Phi Omega Engineering Policy Board Dance Committee KRAFT. DAREN L. Dean ' s List N.E.A. KRAJCER, HARRY A.S.M. E. Dean ' s List KRAWCZYK, MICHALENE J. Student Education Association KRASULA, RICHARD W. KRIZ, THOMAS A. Football (Varsity) Letterman ' s Club James Scholar KROEPEL, GAILL. Dean ' s List KROL, WALTER A. Alpha Phi Omega KROLL, GARRETT J. Dean ' s List KOSOWSKI, EDWARD P. Member I.E.E.E. Dean ' s List KRUSINSKI, JOSEPH R. Dean ' s List KUCHARCZYK, EUGENE J. Dean ' s List KUCHMA, HARRY B. KUGLER, BENJAMIN R. Circle Emergency Committee For Biafran Refief, Exec. Vice-Pres. Karate Club Dean ' s List KULINSKI, RICHARD Soccer Team Am. Society of Civil Engr. KULZER, EDWARD L. KUNATH.JOHNH. KUNDANIS, ROSEM. Univ. Christian Movement, Pres. Freshman Weekend Counselor University Chorus Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship KUNSTADT, MICHAEL E. KURPIESKI, MARGARET M. Newman Club Chicago Circle Players KUSCZYNSKLCHERI J. KUSHNIR, ANDREI Dean ' s List Lambda Lambda Delta Chicago Illini Ukranian Club, Pres. KVASNICKA, MARTHA Ski Club Dean ' s List KWALWASER, CAROL F. Dean ' s List Honors Program Yavneh LAASE, WILLIAM A. Hockey Team Intramural Sports LAMAN, WILLIAM F. Dean ' s List LAMM, KATHLEEN M. Dean ' s List LAMPERT, ROSALYN H. NEA Lab School Dean ' s List LANGLEY, JERRY G. Tau Alpha Rho Frat. UICC Concert Band LANSU.RICHARDT. ASCE UICC Baseball Team LANUTI. JAMES A. Intramural Sports Dean ' s List LANZARATTA, PHILIP A. LARA, THERESA R. Dance Committee Young Democrats Youth for a New America LARSON, LOIS A. Dean ' s List Gamma Kappa Rho Student Ed. Association LARSON, RICHARD A. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Circle Yearbook Student Articulation Com. Intramural Basketball Football LARSON, WILLIAM H. LASKO CHARLENEA. Cheerleaders Dean ' s List LASKOWSKI, LESTER P. Engineering Frat. Dean ' s List LATTYAK.JOHNF. ASCE LAU, ALBERT K. LAURINE, JAMES A. Wrestling Dean ' s List Sigma Delta Pi LAVORATO. ANTHONY C. Swim Team, Manager PE Majors Club UICC LettermansClub LAWLOR, DENNIS J. Dean ' s List Varsity Football Gamma Kappa Rho, Treas. LAWRENCE. LINDA M. Dean ' s List LE BLANC, ELIZABETH Literature Committee, Chairman Literary Circle, Man. Editor LEBOYER, DONALD A. Iota Chi Dean ' s List Intramural Handball, Fencing, Softball LENNERT, MILTON E. Football Team PE.Club LEVINE, HAROLD LEAF.CHARLENEB. Delta Eta Phi (Urbana) LEHMAN, ROBERT R. Bus. Ad. Club LEMANSKI, ROBERT E. Materials Club ASM AIME LEONARDO, LINDA M. SEA LESZCYNSKI, CHRISTINE M. Dean ' s List 177 I I I NG, RICHARD 1 Student Club I I IN, CAR! I Dean ' s I isl l I IN.SANDR Freshman Orientation I eader Dean ' s I isl 1 I A INI .1 II UN I Ilillcl Dean ' s I ist l Iniversit) Honors 1 1 YY. ELEANOR W A A LEWALD. MAR I IN I Alpha kappa Psi LICKUS, PAMELA A. ACM Newman Club LIEBENSTEIN.1RISJ. LIEDER.MARLENEJ. Hillel Dean ' s List Spring Queen ' s Court Registration Assistant LIKENS, KATHLEENT. Spanish Club Newman Club LUDWIG.SUSANB. Student Involvement Dean ' s List LUGA. JUDITH A. French Club German Club Dean ' s List Freshman Weekend, 1968 LUKASZEWSKI, THOMAS E. LUTZE, PATRICIA A. UICC Swim Team Recreation Chairman Social Relations Committee Women ' s Physical Education Majors Club UICC Volleyball Team LYNCH. MARICLARE Student Education Association N.E.A. M MADCJZYK, JOSEPH L. GolfTeam MAHERAS, CLAUDIA Hellenic Club MAHMOOD, MUHAMMASS. Member A.S.M.E. S A E MAKANGA, EUGENE MARAFFINO, FRANK N. UICC Baseball Team MARCUS, JUNE E. Dean ' s List Alpha Lambda Delta Illini Staff Concert Orchestra MARK.SHERI L. Summer Tutoring Program Duncan Y.M.C.A. Tutor Progress for Youth Development and Teacher Education Dean ' s List MARKHAM, DANIEL A. MARCHALL, INGRIDS. Dean ' s List MARTINA, JAMES D. Dean ' s List MASLOWSKI, EDWARD M. Intramural Sports MASSION, HAROLD E. Chicago Circle Broadcasting Dean ' s List MATTES. KENNETH C. Dean ' s List MATYASEC. MICHAEL S. International Relations Club Dean ' s 1 isl MAZUR, SHARON J. MAZZEFFI, JOHN A. Freshman Orientation Leader Home Visitation Program Young Republicans Discussion Committee Met A I I , JAMES B. Dean ' s List Met AI. LISTER, WAYNE A. MeGOVERN, INGRIDT. Dean ' s List McKENNA, KERRY C. American Society of Civil Engineers: Vice- President MeMAHON, LINDAS. Alpha lambda Delta McNALLY, JAMES T. Phi Eta Sigma McNERNEY, PATRICIA D. SEA House Committee Library Advisory Board of Student Government MEDINA, RUBEN MELIKIAN,GARNIK Orientation Leader German Club MERKEL, PAULA. Chicago Circle Center Board Business Administration Club — Treasurer MERLE, JOSEPH P. Varsity Volleyball MERRILL, DARYL MERRITT, VIOLET J. Delta Sigma Theta Dean ' s List Black Student ' s Organization MEYER, CHARLES F. MEYER, LINDA L. Dean ' s List MEYER, SANDRA J. SEA SEA Lab School Instructor MICHALAK, JERRILEE J. SEA Dean ' s List Alpha Lambda Delta MICHELBACH, THOMAS F. Young Republicans Newman Club MIDER, JEAN-MARIE IEEClub MILES, KATRHLEENA. SEA Newman Club Dean ' s List MILLER, BARBARA E. " International Fair " — Urbana Phi Sigma Sigma Dean ' s List Campus Talent MILLER, HAROLDC. Materials Club MILLER, LYNETTES. Dean ' s List Teacher Ed. Scholarship MILLMAN, MICHAEL L. Literature Committee Advisor in Education Dean ' s List MILSTEIN, ANDREA Theta Gamma Phi Dean ' s List MISCHEKNO, GEORGE UICC Chorus Dean ' s List Ukrainian Club MITORI.RONALDT. Alpha Kappa Psi IFC Bowling Team MOKRY, JOSEPH I MOLINARI, ANTHONY I Social Chairman, Omega Beta Pi Dean ' s List MOMI NY.GAYI.EE. Social Relations Committee Dean ' s I. isl MORRI I I , DENNIS I MORRILL, LINDA Secretary Committee Public Address ( |ub Spanish Club University Honors MOR I KOWICZ, GOLDIET. Nl-.A Honor ' s Day Dean ' s 1 isl MRAUCA, ROBERT J. MROCZKA.JUDY A. MUI.NIX, RUSSELL J. Dean ' s List MUSICH, MARGARET M. Tutor for Math 180 N NANBERG, DAVID W. Film Committee Hillel C.C.C. Board S. G. Constitutional Convention NASIOPULOS, JAMES A. Baseball Team P. E. Majors Club President Activities Honorary Society Dean ' s List NELSON, CLIFFORD A. NEMTUSAK, MATHEW A., JR. Graduating with Honors NEWMAN, BURTON A. Concert Band NIEDZIELA, EDWIN J. NEIDZLEK, MARIANNE A. NISENBAUM.LINDAA. Dean ' s List NITZ, KLAUS E. NORMAN, JOYCE M. UICC Choir Intermediate Band Dean ' s List NEATH. JACQUELINE A. Spanish Club Dean ' s List o OBERG, WILLIAM H. Bowling Swimming Dean ' s List ROTC OBERLANDER, RONALD A. CCC Broadcasters O ' CONNELL, KEVIN J. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Newman Club Dean ' s List OCREY, ALICE Newman Club Spanish Club Community Service Club OEFFLING, STEVEN J. Campus Crusade for Christ Dean ' s List Intramural Football University Honor ' s Day OESTRERLIN, WAYNE T. President, Pi Kappa Delta V.P., Lincoln- Douglas Debating Society Activities Honorary Society Honors Day 178 OGHIGAN, NIVAS. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Activities Honorary Society Dean ' s List Society of Women ' s Engineers OLESKY, DENNIS L. OLIET, ARLENEJ. SEA OLSHANSKY, MICHAEL S. Dean ' s List OLSON, JOYCE H. Dean ' s List Tutoring OLSON, NANCY T. German Club Dean ' s List O ' NEILL, MARY E. O ' NEIL, ROBERT J. Intramural Football Intramural Baseball ONOFRIO, ANGELOM. SEA Newman Club ORLANDO, CATHERINE Dean ' s List Dance Committee OSBORN, DAVID T. Dean ' s List University Honors Distinction in Mathematics Teaching OSKVAREK, GLORIA R. Dean ' s List OSTROW.VERNH. Dean ' s List Honor ' s Day 1965 OVERDEVEST, LIESELOTTE W. Dean ' s List OWENS, CAROLYN OWENS, ROBERT C. Dean ' s List The Group Intramurals OWLES, LORRAINE D. C.C.C. Board House Committee Dance Committee Alpha Lambda Delta PABALAN, STEVENS. Band PACANOWSKI, LYNN L. Youth for a New America PACOUREK, CHARLES G. PACYNIAK.TEDA. Dean ' s List Fencing University Guide PALANCA, ELEANOR Dean ' s List SEA PALUCH, JOYCE V. Dean ' s List PANELLA, RONALD L. Omega Beta Pi Phi Eta Sigma James Scholar PAPE, WALTER PAPPAS. FRANCES W.A.A. P.E. Majors Club PARIS. ROGER D. PARTIPILO, PHILLIP Dean ' s List I.E.E.E. PASMA. SHARON L. Gamma Kappa Rho PAUL, ARTHUR L. PAVELEC, CHRISTINE P.E. Major ' s Club W.A.A. PAVLOK. WOLFGANG I.E.E.E. PAWLAK, DIANE M. PAWLOWSKI. JAMES M. PECORA. JOHND. PERRY, PAMELA J. Orchesis Modern Dance Club Delta Sigma Theta PEKARA, RITAM. Student Education Association PENN, BARBARA D. Young Democrats Dean ' s List Youth for a New America PERRI, ANTHONY E. Chicago Circle Broadcasting PERRIN, LANCE E. PETERS, SUSAN J. University Dance Committee Homecoming Committee Activities Honorary Society Freshman Orientation PETERSEN, BETTY L. Women ' s Physical Education Majors W.A.A. PETERSON, DELWIN R. Chamber Choir Concert Choir Lamba Lamba Delta PETKOVIC, GEORGE Varsity Soccer Pi Alpha Tau PETSCHINSKY, SHARON A. PHILLIP, LUCILLE A. Freshman Weekend Aiguillettes Newman Club Dean ' s List PHILLIPS, CHRISTOPHER W. Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-Pres. R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, Captain PHILLIPS, MARY ANN R. James Scholar Orchesis Student 111. Education Assoc. National Student Educ. Assoc. PIER, PAUL R. Intramural Fencing Intramural Softball PIERCE, LAWRENCE R. Dean ' s List PIERHAL, JANICE E. Dean ' s List Aiguillettes, Treasurer Student Executive Board Student Education Association PIEKUT, KENNETH E. PIONKE, LAWRENCE J. Materials Club, Pres. James Scholar Sigma Phi Omega Engineering Advisory Board PIONTKOWSKI, ANNA Alpha Lamda Delta Ukrainian Club French Club PIZZELLO, ANNAMARIE PODRASKY, GEORGE J. James Scholar Phi Eta Sigma POE, LORETTAJ. Dean ' s List POZDOL, WILLIAM W. PRICE, JUDITH E. Honors Program Program of Youth Development Advisory Committee to Dean of Student Affairs Dean ' s List PRINCE, LEE B. President C.C.C. Broadcasters President, UICC Committee for Victory in Viet Nam Young Republicans Young Conservatives PRY, EUGENE J. PSARRAS, GEORGE A. Omega Beta Pi PUDELWITTS, MARY A. Newman Club Dean ' s List PULLEN, PAMELA L. C.C.C. Broadcasting Alpha Lambda Delta PULLEN, PENELOPE L. C.C.C. Broadcasting Dean ' s List James Scholar PUNDY, ANDREW B. Ukranian Club Dean ' s List PURNELL, STEVE F. Dean ' s List R RADA, ELIZABETH A. RADOSAVLJEVIC, DRAGAN J. Soccer Team RAMBERT, RITAM. RAMOCKI, CARROLL J. RAPP, JOANNE M. Freshman Orientation Leader Homecoming Committee Home Visitation Program Dean ' s List RAUCH.WAYNEA. RAYMAN, BARBARAC. Dean ' s List Spanish Club REGAN, ROSEMARY T. Dean ' s List Newman Club REGOPOULOS, EFSTATHIOS A. Baseball Weightlifting REISENFELD, SAM I.E.E.E. James Scholar Society of Automotive Engineers Amateur Radio Club RENCZARSKI, ALBERT T. A.S.C.E. REPTA, CAROLE A. Lutheran Student Association RETEL, EDWARD J. JR. REUTER, CHRISTINE D. Student Tutoring REZVANI, KATHLEEN M. Dean ' s List RICCI, PAULINE E. RICE, MARGARET K. SEA RIHANI.JAWDATY. Tennis and Soccer Dean ' s List Organization of Arab Students RILEY, CATHERINEA. Alpha Lambda Delta James Scholar Phi Kappa Phi RINE, PHYLLIS H. V.P.-YAVNEH Jewish Student ' s Organization Alpha Lambda Delta James Scholar RINGUS.JULIUSC. Varsity Soccer Lituanica Club RISH, DAVID L. Lambda Lambda Delta Honor ' s Day 179 Music Committee Math lub KIN I KS. kl NNI I II ROBINSON. MICHA1 I II I etterman ' s Club P.I Majors Club Dean ' s I is[ resiling Team ROCCO, SUSAN M. Italian Club ROri ' l N (k. DEWELLYN Homecoming Committee Dance Committee I ah School Projed ROHR. ALLAN J. Alpha Kappa Psi H om ecoming C om m i t tee Dean ' s I ist Editor-in-Chief, Business Administration Club ROJEK. DANIEL C. Newman Club Psychology Club ROMAN. EUGENE R. Dean ' s list ROMAN. HANS M. Spanish Club Pres. ROTC Drill Team Dean ' s List ROMANEK, HOWARD J. SEA Dean ' s List Intramural Football RONCEK. DENNIS W. RONNBECK. RALPH T. Alpha Kappa Psi — President Concert Band Dean ' s List Business Administration Newspaper ROSFNBAUM, JUDITH M. SEA Alpha Lambda Delta James Scholar Phi Kappa Phi ROSENBERG, EINAR B ROSENBERG, FERN H. SEA Theta Gamma Phi ROMAN1, BARBARA L. Tour Guide SEA ROSENBERG, STEVEN J. Financial Aid Committee Student Government ROSENBLOOM. DAVID E. ROSINSKI. ALLAN J. Dean ' s List ROTH. DAVID M. Intramural Football ROTTER. MARLENEA. Dean ' s List Newman Club SEA Tutoring Service ROVELL. MICHAEL J. Pres. Interfraternity Council Homecoming Committee Committee on Student Affairs Honor ' s Day ROUMAIN. DANIEL L. Photography Volleyball Soccer Camping RUBINSTEIN. SHERWIN R. Beta Epsilon Gamma Geography Club Dean ' s List S.O.A.P. Party RUTH. DENNIS R. R.O.T.C. AikidoClub RUI " I I NBI RG. ROBI Rl R. RUZICKA.JUDY I). RYMUT, RONALD I. IEEE. SACK, IIMOTHYC. SAI DEL, SUSAN R. Homecoming Committee Chairman I beta Gamma Phi President Pledge Mother IIC Delegate SAIFUKU. ANTHONY I SA.IDAK.JAMFS1 . Chicago lllini Managing Editor Circle ' 67 Sports Editor Ski Club Circle Commuter Associate Editor SAJEWYCH.OLEH V. Volleyball Team Ukranian Club Skiing lllini SAI TZMAN, BEVERLY E. SAMAT, ROBERTA. SAMUCHIN, MICHAEL G. Dean ' s List Honor ' s Day Convocation SAMUEL, RONALD A. James Scholar Dean ' s List Dean ' s Advisory Board SANDER. ROBERT A. Dean ' s List SANDRIK.JOHNM. Concert Band Phi Eta Sigma SANDY, THOMAS N. Chicago lllini — Editor-in-Chief Circle ' 67 and ' 68 Committee on Student Affairs Activities Honorary Society SARA, MARTIN N. Chairman of Geology Club Orientation Leader SARNICKLHEDWIG Dean ' s List Tutor at Duncan YMCA AIGULLETTES SAUER. CHRISTOPHER R. A.S.C.E. Intramural Basketball SAWICKI.CHARLENE D. Association for Computing Machinery (Student Member) Dean ' s List SAWICKI, CHERYL D. Association for Computing Machinery (Student Chapter) Dean ' s List SAWYER, MICHAEL J. Chicago Circle Center Board Member 2 yrs. 1967-1969 Sigma Phi Omega, Engineering Fraternity Engineering Advisory Board 3 yrs. Treasurer, Circle Young Republicans 67-69 SCHAIN, ELAINE L SCHEIM.JUDYE. Dean ' s List Theta Gamma Phi Sorority SCHIMAN, DALEC. Dean ' s List SCHINDLER. BETTY L. Dean ' s List Orientation Leader I.U.C.F. SCHISSEL JR., URBANE. U.I.C.C. Newman Club Social Relations Committee SCHLAGER, SEYMOUR I. Omega Beta Pi lames Scholar Dean ' s List SZO S( III II SSKI , HORST U.S. I ravel Swimming Fishing S IINAUI I R. Ml( IIAI I Treas., Lutheran Student Association SCIIOl NBICk, ROBERT J. Dean ' s List Newman Club SCHON, RONALD H. A. LA. SCHULLER, CONNIE J. SEA Dean ' s List C.C.YMCA SHUTTE, PARTICIA J. Copy Staff D.U.T.Y. Tutor SCHUTLZ, GEORGE L. Basketball Football SCHWUCHOW, JOYCE SCHWUCHOW, JANET SEBBEN, JOANNA Dean ' s List SI I DEL, SUSAN O. SEA SENTER.RUTH H SF.RWAY.GAY D. Alpha Lambda Delta WAA Bowling League SEVCIK, RICHARD W Engineering Student Advisory Board Committee on use of University Facilities James Scholar Phi Eta Sigma SHANE. ALAN R. SHANOK. LARRY F. Sigma Phi Omega Operations Research Society of America SHAHROKH, MOHAMMAD M.S. SHEAR, BARRY M. SHEDOR, ANTHONY L. Intramural Football Baseball Dean ' s List SHERMAN, CAROL Alpha Lambda Delta Aiguillettes James Scholar Freshman Weekend Counselor SHILLEUTT, SALLY A. SHPONKA, SAMUEL M. IEEE. Bioengineering Club SHRAER.ILENED. Student Government Interfratority Council Dance Committee Ski Club SICHER, CHARLES M. SIDLAUSKAS, WILLIAM J. U ICC Vet ' s Club SIFTSEMA. HARVEY Tennis Dean ' s List SIEVERS, KATHY J. Dean ' s List SIKORA, MARCIAL. P.E. Majors Club UICC Majorettes Dean ' s List SILVER, SHARONA. Theta Gamma Phi SEA SILVERBERG, BARBARA S. Theta Gamma Phi SEA SIMKOVICH, MARILYN M. 180 Dean ' s List SIMMS, CHERYL A. SINGER, DENISES. Theta Gamma Phi SEA SIURNA, ELENA SKOROCHOD, L. NICOLE Ski Club Sailing Club SKRIBA, STEPHEN J. Newman Club Intramural Swimming Red Cross Life-Guard SKROBACH, ROXOLANA S. Ukrainian Club Dean ' s List SLANSKY, FRANK James Scholar Phi Eta Sigma Varsity Ice Hockey Team SLATTERY, HEATHER A. Student Tutoring Program SLAVICEK, JAMES C. SLIVINSKI, ALAND. SLIVOSKI, JOSEPH A. SLIWA, DIANE L. SLOAN, MICHAEL N. SLODKI, ALANH. Tau Epsilon Phi Dean ' s List SMITH, DARCIEA. Dean ' s List SEA SMITH, DARLENET. SEA Spanish Club SMITH, GARY A. SMITH, GREGORY E. Sigma Phi Omega, Sect ' y. IEEE. Homecoming Committee SMITH, JAMES R. SMITH, LINDA L. P.E. Major ' s Club SMITH, MARIE W. Delta Sigma Theta Student Government SNCC SOBCZYNSKI, DANIEL S. SODERSTROM, ROSEMARIE Duncan YMCA Tutoring Project Future Teacher ' s of America SODINI, REYNOLD E. Youth for A New America Social Relations Committee Committee to end the War SOKOLL, ELLEN J. Dean ' s List Alpha Lamda Delta SOLODYNA, LESTER P. Young Republicans SOLVERSON, ARTHUR J. Bowling League Intramural Baseball Intramural Football SOTOR, GEORGANNE C. SOUKUP, RICHARD A. Alpha Kappa Psi Ski Club Dean ' s List SOWADSKI, ROBERT A. James Scholar I.E.E.E. Phi Eta Sigma Dean ' s List SPAAR, WILLIAM L. SPANNRAF, F. DANIEL J. SPENNER, ARTHUR C. Alpha Phi Omega SPINELLO, LORRAINE N. Freshman Core Program SPIVAK, BRUCE D. STANKOS, STANLEY D. IEEE STARR, MARGARET ELLEN Dean ' s List STATEMAN, THOMAS H. STECHNIJ, SUSAN T. Secretary of N.S.A. Spanish Club Newman Club STEELE, WAYNE A. STEINBRENNER, DENNIS O. STEINHAUER, CHARLES A. Dean ' s List STELTER, RICHARD L. Historical Society — Publ. Comm. STEPHENS, DENNIS L. Chgo. Circle Engineer — Photog Ed. Dean ' s List Phi Eta Sigma IEEE STEVANOVICH, DUSHANKA Dean ' s List STEWARD, HAZEL B. University Christian Movement Dean ' s List STILD, SHERAMT. Dean ' s List STOELTING,JOHNM. STONE, BOBBY J. Dean ' s List STOPA, DIANE K. STRAUSS, SANDRA KAPLAN Dean ' s List Honors Day STREZO, CHARLES B. IEEE STRZYZ, SHIRLEY A. STUFFERS, GLENN L. STYX, RANDALL D. University Band German Club Dean ' s List Geography Club SWIERK, THOMAS E. Society of Automotive Engineers Amer.. Inst, of Aeronautics Astronautics — Chrmn SYDEL, ERROLJ. Philosophy Club Spanish Club SZAJER, GERALD Varsity Soccer SZCZEPANIAK, CASMIR F. IEEE — Chrmn SZYMKIEWWICZ, CHRISTINE S. TAEUBER.PAUL A. Alpha Phi Omega — VP Intramural Football TAMOSIUNAS, ALDONA L. TANNENBAUM, NANCY A. Dean ' s List TASCH.WALDEMAR R. Intramural Basketball Dean ' s List Chemistry Club TAUMAN, AVIVA M. Dean ' s List TAYLOR, DON R. Society of Automotive Engineers — Chrmn American Society of Mechanical Engineers Honors Day Dean ' s List TERRY, ANNIE TESSNER, MICHAEL J. Sigma Delta Pi Dean ' s List THOME, ANNE ELLEN C. THOMPSON, HUGH E. Dean ' s List THOMPSON, RICHARDT. IEEE TIBE, RAYMOND L. Campus Crusade for Christ Dean ' s List TILLMAN, DALE E. S.G. Book Exchange TODD, SANDRA L. Dean ' s List TOM, MICHAEL IEEE AMC TOMCZAK, CHARLES A. Society of Automotive Engineers Society of American Military Engineers ROTC American Society of Mechanical Engineers TORTI. DIANE J. Freshmen Guidance Committee Dean ' s List Honors ' Day TOTINO, SHARON A. Chicago Circle Broadcasting Chicago Illini TOTSCH.DELORESS. Dean ' s List TRAKSZELIS, THOMAS J. TRAUB, ROBERT J. IEEE ORSA TRAVLOS.NICK IEEE Tennis Chess Dean ' s List TRIANTAFILLOPOULOS, JOHN A. HelenicClub Panhelenic Students Association TRIPLETT.SHIRLEN Cheerleader Squad French Club Treasurer Student Congress TRUSCO, WAYNE K. TYMINSKI, BARBARA H. Alpha Lamda Delta Dean ' s List u UHLIR, EDWARD K. Student American Institute of Architects ULLRICH. JEANNE R. UNDERWOOD, DONALD C. Dean ' s List URBAN, MARGARET A. Alpha Lamda Delta URBAN, RAYMOND J. Dean ' s List Honors Day URBASZEWSKI, KENNETH T. Dean ' s Advisory Board Dean ' s List VACLAVEK, NANCY J. Dean ' s List VALATKAITIS, GABRIELE D. Dean ' s List Student Orientation Leader VALENTINE DENNIS A. Dean ' s List VALENZO, THOMAS, M. Veterans Club American Marketing Association Intramural Football VAN EYNDE, GERALD R. VAN LEEUWEN, RANDY W. Member of AIAA Phi Eta Sigma 181 VANNINI. ROBERT F. K.ippa I ' hi Fraternity Dean ' s ! ist I RMI1 I ION, IOHNG VITA. ANDREW L. A 1 1 (. ' Herman ' s Club Baseball Team Intramural Sports VOGE1 .JAMES J. Dean ' s 1 isi VOYDA, EDWARD J. A. I. A. W WACHOWICZ, JANET M. SEA Dean ' s List WADDELL. WALTER M Young Republicans Dean ' s List WALDMAN.IRA A. C.C.C. Board, Vice-Chairman Chancellor ' s Committee on use of Facilities Homecoming Committee Ass ' t. Manager, Illini WALLDEN, LORETTA M. Geography Club Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Dean ' s List Honor ' s Day WALSH, BARBARA L. Orientation Committee WALSH. MARY E. W ALTHERS, RICHARD A. WANTUCHOWICZ. RICHARD V. Veteran ' s Club Evening Supervisor WARDA, PAUL B. Alpha Kappa Psi WATRY, ROBERT H. WAYMAN, EDWARDC. SAE A.S.M.E. WEAVER, DAVID J. Tau Kappa Rho Dean ' s List WEBER, PAMELA M. Dean ' s List WEINLAND, DAVID WEISBERG, RHONDA J. Delta Phi Epsilon Alpha Lambda Delta James Scholar Volunteer Illini Project WEISMEHL. PHILIPS. Hillel Student Government Subcommittee on Student Discipline Students for a State Constitutional Convention WEISS, STEPHEN Yavneh, Pres. WELIN, MICHELLM. SEA Dean ' s List WELIN, ROBERTC. WELLS, JOHN G. WENGIELNIK, MATTHEWS. IEEE. Dean ' s List WERICH. TERRY K. Tour Guide Dean ' s List WEST, PAUL C. Ski Club Lutheran Student Association Music Committee Sailing Club WEXLER, NORMAN H W II Al IN. JOHN C WHII ' I ' I I . I I I ENG. James Scholar Phi Kappa Phi film Committee Dean ' s List W HUE, ANITA M. Choir WHITE, JUDITH A. Alpha I ambda Delta Dean ' s List WHITE, SUSAN L. Dean ' s List Spanish Club WHITE.THOMAS A. A.C.M. Dean ' s List WHITTON, WARREN M. WIDEMAN, BILLIEM. Tutor of EAP Students WILKIEL, BOUSK, CATHY S. Volleyball WILLIAMS, RICHARD H. Young Republicans WILLIAMS.ZENOBIA " Miss Springtime " The Group Dean ' s List WILSON, LINDA L. Dean ' s List Homecoming Committee Cheerleading WINKEL, JEFFREY B. Chairman, A. I. A. A. Circle ' 68, Sports Editor Dean ' s List S.A.E. WISEMAN, MARY M. James Scholar WITTER, MICHAEL P. Soccer James Students Foreign Students WNEK,JACQUELINEJ. Dean ' s List Newman Club Alpha Lambda Delta WOJCIK, JOHN J. Student Government Managing Editor Circle ' 69 Dance Committee Newman Club WOLFE. BARRY L. Interfraternity Council Advisor Sigma Alpha Mu Pres. WOJDULA.JEAN Basketball Volleyball Fencing P.E. Majors Club WOOD, CARL R. Geography Student Advisory Committee WOOD, PATRICIA M. SEA WORKMAN, KAREN L. WOZNIAK, DENNIS V. SEA Dean ' s List WOZNIAK. SANDRA J. WOZNIAK, SOPHIE WUELLNER, JANICE M. Dean ' s List WULF, RUDOLPH O. WYSOCKI.JAMESC. Activities Honorary Society Pershing Rifles Amateur Radio Club Pres. Dean ' s List YALE, RUSSELL S. Beta Epsilon Gamma Young Republicans YAMADA, ROBERT M. Wrestling Team VI II, DAVIDS Intramural Sports YOUNG, MICHAEL F. Spanish Club ZABRANSKY.BRUCEJ. Dean ' s List Schdostic Scholarship Materials Club American Society for Metals ZAZRA, HENRY D. Concert Band Dean ' s List ZDEBSKI, JOANNE M. ZIMET, JANET H. Dean ' s List ZIMMERMAN, JOYCE Dean ' s List Literature Committee Student Orientation Committee Orientation Leader ZINGERY, SHARON K. ZINKE, FREDH. A I A ZOLINAS, JOSEPH G. ZUFAN, BARBARA Dean ' s List Homecoming Committee ZUREK, LINDA LOU Dean ' s List W.A.A. Orchesis Dance Club Swimming Team ZYDEL, LETITIA M. Dean ' s List BENJAMIN, DEBORAH Chicago Illini and Commuter, Editor Circle ' 66 Organization Editor Student Government — President Faculty Senate Committee on Student Affairs 182 HERMAN FINER D.SC. (1898-1969) " A PROVERB AND A BYWORD ?? 183 WHO TOOK MY WALNETTO? Special Thanks To: Marty " B.D. " Gellert Laurel " C.T. " Kriechbaum Frank " the Kid " Razmus " Boss " Riley ECK 184 ' UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS UHBANA 3 0112 110343149

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