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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1968 volume:

1969 LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN C IZu3Vc 196 8 The person charging this material is re- sponsible for its return to the library from which it was withdrawn on or before the Latest Date stamped below. Theft, mutilation, and underlining of books are reasons for disciplinary action and may result in dismissal from the University. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS LIBRARY AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN L161 — O-1096 f UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS .-GHIGAGO CIRCLE ' CAMPUS- HieJAHHBBB HH EDITORIAL STAFF Barrv L. Fox FOR EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON Si _ poS mmm T m At ' ifk r ; r i e yybk-- f - J? . ». lJJ | V-,| -; • $rK i -v 1 i i -i p i i ■ i 21 f AND TIME FOR EVERY PURPOSE A i ZWi KL m -J 1 Ik J 1 £1 iHi-iiliiTPit. i. ,, ; e A Time to Give... OFWfc J Z JAs3 | « A Time to Receive, NHIHILATE PATHSTiC " ED £ « A Time for Understanding... A Time for Conflict... A Time for Peace, A Time for Love, i m Dr. Timothy Leary Feb. 8, 1968 " Charlie Brown from PEANUTS by Michele Krieger with apologies to Charles M. Schulz — (g) United Feature Syndicate, Inc. 1950. " A Time to Rest. ILLINOIS CHICAGO Jlllllllllllllll ' A Time to Move. m l K 4 A Time to Create... ■■MM A Time for People... I I I I I I A Time to End. ■ ELri tf 7 DAVID DODDS HENRY, the President of the University of Illinois, shares a dream with the students on campus. That dream being the hope of building an enlightened and inspired society through the media of education. Board of Trustees sF .GL y NORMAN A. PARKER, Chancellor 26 AGNES G. TANDBERG, Dean of Women DANIEL C. McCLUNEY, Dean of Faculties ROBERT E. CORLEY, Dean of Student Affairs 11 Graduate College WILLIAM ROSTOKER, Dean WILLIAM J. OTTING, Asst. Dean 8ULPTU.._ ULPTURE a PTURE PTURE ULPTURE CULPTURE 1 9 ; t rttltl dr.schar is alive and well TURE _ TURE CULPTURE PTURE TURE ULPTURI TURI College of Architecture and Art LEONARD J. CURRIE, Dean ROLAND RATHBUN, Asst. Dean ALVIN S. BOYARSKY, Assc. Dean 31 College of Business Administration ROBERT W. FRENCH, Acting Dean OSCAR MILLER, Asst. Dean DAVID W. LEVINSON, Acting Dean 34 College of Engineering IBM DATA ACQUISITION AND CONTROL SYSTEM ■WWW " e e © © 9 ® q 9 a e 9 aooQoaooeooe»9oe ? ? ? • « s s s ijiiiiii t in ' ' innanBH 35 ELLIS B. LITTLE, Assc. Dean College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Hilr r V0W RABBI JOSEPH SHACHTER I. E.E.E. Newman Club FATHER RAYMOND SULLIVAN Italian Club Winter Carnival March 14, 1968 ■Hi Engineering Board m tk Yavneh A.S.M.E. i 47 Cheerleaders Activities Honorary Society v .- % Material Engineers Women ' s P. E. Spanish Club CARL FOSCO, Vice-Chairman DR. HAROLD KLEHR, Chairman Chicago Circle Center Board Film Committee Dance Committee Mcv roaVB Center Board Discussions Committee Literature Committee Committees Music Committee Student Government vv — sa.i Students should have the right to be heard on their own campus. It is Student Government that presents the needs of the student body to the Administration. S.G. at U.LC.Co is perhaps one of the most active and vocal of the student governments in this country. DEBORAH BENJAMIN, President 11 dSE v$ V tV % 9fa Ml + mk F 1 %A ¥ r -Oh onn° ° £ 7 THOMAS N. SANDY, Editor -in -Chief 59 R.O.T.C. Aiguillettes CIRCLE SIXTY IH. II I BARRY L. FOX, Editor -in -Chief a group of students got together to publish a book that would portray the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, and they called themselves— CIRCLE ' 68. JERRY TROGLIA, Managing Editor DR. BARRY GREENWAld, Advisor MICHELE KRIEGER. Art Design STAFF BRUCE SHACHMAN, Business Manager jjm J - 4 ; . BB « i i DON! r ] ; JA HEISE PAUL KRAMER, Senior Editor JEFFERY GOLTZ, Publicity Sales HART KLOTZ SUSAN BLAINE, BOB KUNTZMAN MICHON WAGNER HART LAND KLOTZ , Photography Editor JEFF WINKEL JUDY KARSEN ROSA BERLINSKI, Copy Editor Homecoming ' 67 66 IN THE GREEK WAY Alpha Kappa Psi is a fra- ternity whose members come from the college of Business Administration. Its members are active in community ser- vice, sports and social activi- ties. Alpha Kappa Psi hopes to build a well-rounded business- man. $ 68 KAPPA DELTA RHO is a social sorority which stresses the development of a well-roun- ded women. Leadership, com- munity service and academic achievement are as important to the women of KDP as is their social life. u w • 1 i I Ml»?®slr j tjjifoi : « 11 4 f4Mfc 4fjtetl,j! 69 IOTA CHI IX is the fraternity on campus which excells in the field of sports and holds many trophies as proof of their excellence. IX ' s house has been the site of many of the I.F.C. functions. C %L « ■ « aasat ssS 36 s b! " ju.; : ;k., .i " Sl 1! m— B: " " Hi Ji Iota (Shi Ifbtumity S JV J gjj University of Illinois - Sk r itz St«i:»t jtz I 9 © Chicoqo Circle " j L 1%8 4 t I £ I, I 4a £ £t 4 4? £ i fu J 5 Xl SSSCi T i ... Sr HwL w? " H5P .i S 5 S5? w:,, 55K5J KAPPA PHI KAPPA PHI men felt something was lacking in their college life, and so KAPPA PHI was formed with the aim of ending a somewhat worker ' s routine on an urban commuter campus. KP offers friendship, security, and a social life to its members. u® (Sk @ gjfffp i i VTH« PI ALPHA TAU P.A.T. endeavors to help devel- op leadership qualities and en- courages comradeship among its members. man ___ PHI KAPPA NU The women of PKN joined together this year finding among themselves mutual interests. The pursuit of a well rounded college life, academically as well as socially, are the major goals of this sorority. wmw 76 u S9B % Jk a p -J m SIGMA DELTA PI SIGMA DELTA PI men carry through the " ideals " of fraternity men everywhere. Their brotherhood, sports activities and social achieve- ments are well known at UICC. A® (f Siqmci 2Dclta ' Pi University of ' iWinois • Chicago Circle 1 4 4 ) " J f 9 £ e ! tit II ? £ ft £ £ , ft £ p M dM dk jj| dk iM mi iA tih giM J J dm dM B W SIGMA LAMBDA MU SIGMA LAMBDA MU is a close knit fraternity which believes in the con- cept of " all for one and one for all " . Comradeship and a social life are the primary interests of one of the newest members to the LF.C. 79 SIGMA PHI The girls of Sigma Phi have in- stilled a singular quality in their sorority. It is among the most talked about sororities on this campus. s @ p - surer fofy udy Cl-.lecek Salow Jpres; xry Jem ' . Si$mct y i JWpha University of )llmois - Chicago Circl it? 1 6T-196S V J}orotky jorki Xosi i ra« TAU ALPHA RHO TAU ALPHA RHO is a fun loving fraternity which wants to instill in their members the qualities neces- sary to become productive citizens after their college experience. t , m f ' D At (Tau llpTta £ko ' . dd - IjM tUt, J aul Oskvar k -I e a Wr T iM AIM Iniversit of 311ii:ois -Chicago Circle ;, .A SIGMA PHI OMEGA A better citizen through knowledge and brotherhood is the underlying rea- son for the existence of Sigma Phi Omega. It primarily seeks its mem- bers from the College of Engineering. B®@ ■wl 1 W BV ' ■t ' =»J f M L— - B BB ' 3fBB J VbW 1 l hC- bw ' V bmI b bVI b E 2i bb 1 IbV BBw 1 v B ft B H. ' M B L ■ M ■ Bv 1 I BSfcJ_ - t ? va Bm Br B « ft B l ■ w ■ iB Brnw IA H BF bW s= " ; ' wr t V I ▼ if I 84 THETA GAMMA PHI THETA GAMMA PHI women joined in comradeship to stimulate the inter- est of an urban collegiate women. They endeavor to fulfill the varied interests of their members through a fully planned social life. D tr SJ f SFE@ TAU KAPPA PHI TAU KAPPA PHI is an active and participating fraternity at UICC. TAG Tw I SPORTS Football s K : j§== i § 952! UICC OP] 7 Indiana Central 6 14 Illinois State 16 6 Wayne State 31 21 Illinois College 7 20 Wisconsin (Milw) 6 19 Lakeland 41 6 Eastern Illinois 6 27 Northland 7 26 Concordia (R.F. ) 13 W ' J, 4 ;, r Soccer UICC OPP 4 Loyola 2 Ball State 2 Indiana 3 2 Maryknoll 5 George Williams 1 14 Western Illinois 1 3 Eastern Illinois 2 Illinois 1 4 Roosevelt 5 Purdue 2 3 Wis. St. (Piatt) 2 Harris 1 MMUHI mmm m m m m m m Basketball UICC OPP. 57 North Park 58 80 U. of Missouri 105 83 Wayne State 99 102 IIT 89 83 Wayne State 76 90 Trinity (Deerfield) 80 103 Dominican 68 112 St. Procopius 97 79 George Williams 85 113 Roosevelt 70 118 St. Procopius 91 103 Northeastern 111. 107 86 George Williams 67 78 IIT 69 88 U. of Missouri 82 96 Northeastern 111. 80 93 Dominican 82 Track and Field UICC OPP. 62 Ferris 83 44 Wis. State 94 68 Carthage 68 88 North Park 48 861 2 Elmhurst 60 88 1 2 Concordia 35 861 2 George Williams 311 2 861 2 Trinity 15 85 Lewis 50 85 Mary knoll 14 Chicagoland Independent Tournament: 1st ' " " " - 7 r Ice Hockey UICC 3 Northern 111. OPP. 2 1 Northern 111. 3 5 Illinois 1 5 Lewis 2 Toledo 8 2 Bowling Green 5 3 George Williams 2 Lake Forest 4 2 Northern 111. 5 15 Wheaton 3 8 St. Procopius UICC OPP. 5 Lake Forest 2 4 George Williams 2 2 Illinois 1 Lewis (Forfeit) 3 Wheaton 1 8 St. Procopius 1 Midwest Intercollegiate: 1st (tie) Wrestling UICC OPP 21 Triton 15 23 Lewis 8 23 U. of Chicago 16 5 Joliet 31 13 Marquette 24 2 Central Michigan 42 27 Milwaukee Tech. 6 2 Notre Dame 30 North Central Quadrangular: 1st Carthage Quadrangular: 2nd Cross-Country UICC OPP. 26 Maryknoll 31 21 Concordia 40 23 Wright 32 18 Chicago State 42 29 Wisconsin (Milw) 26 20 Trinity 39 15 Rockford 45 23 Concordia 35 17 North Park 42 25 Concordia 34 39 Northern Illinois 17 36 Marquette 25 25 U. of Chicago 30 Fencing UICC OPP 14 Oberlin 13 19 Case Tech 8 9 Wayne State 18 18 Vanderbilt 9 9 Notre Dame 18 13 Iowa U. 14 17 Iowa State 10 18 Kansas 9 8 Illinois 19 9 Wisconsin 18 10 Ohio State 17 9 Air Force 18 16 U. of Chicago 11 12 Michigan State 15 Volleyball Gymnastics UICC QPP. 149.00 Indiana 160.45 147.55 Ball State 73.85 136.60 Oshkosh State 111.45 136.60 Central Michigan 106.55 145.70 U. of Chicago 55.15 145.70 George Williams 124.55 145.88 Minnesota 163.06 157.94 Western Michigan 64.03 162.65 Indiana State 168.60 162.49 Wheaton 102.33 150.25 Eastern Michigan 160. 05 164.85 Michigan State 176.35 Swimming UICC OPP. 68 Valparaiso 38 36 Eastern Illinois 68 78 St. Louis 29 27 Oakland (Mich) 66 38 Albion 66 49 North Park 55 45 Wayne State 59 711 2 U. of Chicago 311 2 341 2 Bradley 691 2 32 Western Illinois 72 45 Wisconsin (Milw) 59 m Golf ■HBMHHMHBHBa Baseball t WM ; .m 11 Lpg- JfS • ' ifL mum " ' 115 ' Wffiw i iiin -, SI ? +: v m «mr + - ,, w V . ■{ " W fc AARONSON, RICH ABLEMAN, ADAMS, B.S. in Biology DARLENE EDWARD V. B.A. in Speech and B.S. in Marketing Theatre ADELMAN, LARRY ADESZKO, B.A. in Political VINCENT J. Science B.A. in Political Science ALTMAN, MICHAEL L. B.A. in Education: Political Science AMDUR, SffiNEY D. ANDERSON, B.S. in Accounting ROBERTA. B.S. in Chemistry ANDERSON, ANSELMO, TERRY F. JOSEPH J. B. Arch in Plastic B. Arch, in Design Graphic Arts ARCHER, JAMES E. ARCHIE, CAROLYN B.S. in B.S. Sociology Mathematics ARMSTEAD, ARON, CHARLESJ. ARONSON, ALANA. ASHLEY, BARRY ATTENTO, AUGUSTINE, JAMES H. B.A. in Political B.S. in Accounting B. S. in Accounting SALVATORE C. ANTHONY J. B.A. History Science B.A. Spanish B.S. Economics BABLER, BACH, PAUL II. BAKSHY, MIRON BLADERMAN, BALIN, MARTIN S. BALSTERHOLT MARIBETH A. B. Arch in Design B.S. in Materials SAMUEL C. B.S. in Biology WERNER H. B.S. in Biology Engineering B.S. in Chemistry B.S. in Physics ' id i BANKS, YVONNE J. BAPTISTE, LOIS A. BARAN, JOHN R. B.A. in French B.S. in Mathematics B.A. in English BARLOW, BARON, THOMAS BAUER, RICHARD B.S. in Biology RICHARD W. B.A. in History B.S. in Business Management ra l BAUMANN, BAUM, DIANNE BEASLEY, DON BEHNHAM, BENSHOFF, BERCHOS, RICHARD B.A. in Spanish B.A. in JOHN V. in TERRY J. MAGDALINE B. S. in Chemistry Architecture B.S. in Biology B.A. in Political Science B.S. in Education Mathematics BERGER, SANDRA BERLINSKI, ROZA BERMAN, ERNIE J. BERNDT, WILLIAM BERNSTEIN, BERNSTEIN, B. Arch 4 in Design B.A. in History B.S. in Mathematics B.A. in Speech CAROL A. RAYMOND B.A. in Speech B.S. in Biology fcfcn ILANOW, VERA BLEDIG, JOAN BLOOM, RITA E. BLUM, STEVEN BODENSTEIN, BOELTER, .S. in B.A. in B.A. in English B.S. Mathematics JORDON H. ARTHUR Mathematics Anthropology B.A. in Speech B.A. in English ■■■■■ k£££ Z BORRELLI, TERRY B. S. in Marketing BRAND, RUSSELL B.A. in Political Science BRASLAWSKY, GARY B.S. in Biology BRINK, JAMES M. B.S. in Chemistry BROWN, DONNA L. B.A. in History BROWN, LARRY M. B.A. in Political Science BROWN, BROWN, ROBERT BROWN, BUCK, CAROL BUIVYDAS, BURG, BRUCE MICHAEL L. B.S. in English STEVEN G. B. S. in Education: LIUCIJA L. B.A. English B.A. in Sociology B.A. in History Geography B.A. in Speech and Theater J! ) ft c 1 BURNETT, BURNS, JAMES BUSLK, GARY BYLINA , CAHNMANN, CANDELA, THORENE J. B.S. in Biology B.A. in Enlgish DENNIS K. LEONARD TERESA B.S. in Marketing B.A. in Geography B.S. Quantitative Analysis B.A. in Education CARLSON, ROBERT CARREN, CARROLL , B.S. Education JEFFEKY P. WILLIAM Mathematics B.A. in Political Science B.A. in Sociology CARROLL, JAMES B. B.S. in Business Administration CASSETTARI, CAVALLO, JAMES R. JAMES M. B.A. in (Business B.A. in Communica- Administration) tion and Public Address CAVELLO, MICHAEL JR. B.A. in Administra- tion of Criminal Justice r. CEPAITIS, LAIMA CHAPLIK, CHESHIER, CHIN, FAY K. CHIOVARE, B.S. in Biology ELYNNE S. CARREN L. B.S. Systems CAROL J. B.A. in English B.A. in Speech Engineering B.A. in History . P ft c- £ © fcl fcfck 4 4t til CHOUDHRY, HARNAM CHRISTMAS, CIKARA, MICHAEL CIUCCI, LAURA CODY, THOMAS ROBERT B.S. in Accounting B.S. in Quantitative B.S. in B.A. Sociology Methods Management COHEN, MITCHELL B.A. Political Science COMROV, HERBERT B.S. in Business Administration CONGDON, JAMES CONWAY, WILLIAM J. B.A. in English COOK, MICHAEL B. A. in Sociology CORNELL, RALPH H. B.S. in Biology COUNCE, PATRICIA A. O |SI o COX, JAMES B. B.S. Behavioral Sciences C REASON, DAVE B.S. in Accounting CROSS, DONALD R. B. S. in Industrial Management CRUSE, JANICE E. CURTS, DOUGLAS B.A. in Economics B.S. in Mathematics CUSACK, WILLIAM DALLABETTA, CONNIE D. DASILVA, ASSIR B.A. in Spanish DATA, STAN E. B.S. in Materials Engineering DAVIDSON, STANLEY B.A. in Political Science DAVIS, DWIGHT B.A. in Psychology DE ANGELIS, DONNA B.S. in English Q l tat GOLTZ, MICHAEL E. B.S. in Accounting DE FAZIO, PETER V. M.A. in Finance DE FOTIS, GARY C. B.S. in Chemistry DE MAR, MARY LOU B.A. in History DE MARCO, JOHN B.A. in English DETTNER, EVELYN B. B.A. in Education: German DEVINE, JOAN B.A. in Sociology DICOSTANZO, ROBERT M. B. Arch, in Structures DINCHAK, JAMES B.S. in Manage- ment DDC, JOSEPH L. B.S. in Management DOBROWITS, JOHN J. B.A. in Psychology DOMINIAK, EDWARD T. B.S. in Structural Design DONOHUE, JACK B. Arch. Structures DOUVAS, BARBARA li.A. in Kducati English DOW LING, KAREN J. B.S. in Mathe- matics DRYMALSKI, ROBERT B.S. in Accounting DUDEK, JOHN B.A. in Applied Physics DUJSK, GERALD B.A. in History DYKAS, ALLAN S. B.S. in Economics EBY, SUZANNE D. B.A. in Education: English ECK, JERRY B.A. in Sociology ECONOMAKOS, CONSTANCE M. B.A. in Political Science EINHORN, MORTON J. B.S. in Business Administration ELBARBARAWI, ABDEL J $m Ti P} - Li 144 i JtlH ELBAUM, ELLISON, ENNIS, EDWARD G. EPSTEIN, ERHARDT, ERNST, HELEN SANDRA N. CALVIN E. B.S. in Materials ARMAND THOMAS M. B.A. in History B.A. in Education: B.A. in History Engineering B.S. in Business B.S. in Biology Spanish Administration FARRINGTON, FEDER, BETH FEDERMAN, FELDMAN, FERET, DARLENE FERRARI, MICHAEL B. B.A. in English SARAH D. SHERYL B.A. in Education: ROBERT B.S. in Business B.A. in American B.A. in History English B.S. in Accounting Administration Literature cy J? Pm FESCZENKO, HELEN B.A. in Spanish FESTUS, GEORGE B.S. in Structural Design FINK, CARL FISHMAN, B.S. in Accounting FREDRICK F. B.S. in Biology FLACK, MARSHA FLADUNG, B.A. in English HANS G. B.A. in Political Science FLOROS, CONSTANTINOS P. B.S. in Structural Design and Civil Engineering FRANEK, JR., GEORGE J. B.S. in Materials Engineering FRAZIER, LYNN B.A. in French FREDIANELLI, HELEN A. B.S. in Mathe- matics FREEBURG, ROBERT E. B.S. in Architecturi FREEMAN, KATHY FRIES, DAVID A. B.S. in Management FROST, JACK B.A. in Psychology FUKUDA, EDWIN GABRIEL, B.S. in Materials MYRON B. Engineering B.A. in Politics Science GAIBEL, SARAH B.A. in History GAIGALAS, DALIA J. B.A. in French GALLAS, STAN B.A. in History GAPINSKI, GARTMAN, JANICE M. MARILYN B.A. in Political B.A. in English Science GASIOROWSKI, HARRIET B.A. in English GELBEB, GERSHON, GESS, SAMUEL P. GIDLUND, GIESLER, GIGUO, CHARLENE P. ROBERT B.A. in English PAUL N. GRANT R. BARBARA J. B.A. in Spei ch B.A. in Political B.S. in Materials Engineering B.S. in Accounting B.A. in Spanish 124 GOCH, DIANE R. GOENS, GOLDBERG, GOLDMAN, GOLDSMITH, GOOD, B.A. in English JUDITH E. PAULINA JACQUELINE RONALD L. CHARLES W. B.A. in Sociology B.A. in English B.A. in English B.A. in Political Science B.S. in Biology GOODMAN, ALLEN GOODMAN, GORCZAK, EVA GOTTLIEB, GRABE, JOHN GRANT, B.S. in Psychology MICHAEL MARIE MITCHEL RAYMOND R. B.S. in Biology B. Arch, ii Design B. S. in Marketing B.A. in Education GRECO, JANICE GRECZEK, GREEN, JANICE C. GREEN, JUDITH A. GREGOR, SUSAN J. GREGORY, JOHN P. B.A. in Englisa GERALD R. B.A. in Sociology B.A. in History B.S. in Manage- B.S. in Marketing B.S. in Materials ment Engineering GRICHNK, GRUNTWAGE, GRYBOW, ALETA GRYZ, JAMES T. GRZYBOWSKI, GUZIK, CORINNE VICTOR B.A. in French B.S. in Business GEORGE RICHARD E. B.A. in Psychology B.A. in History Administration B. S. in Mathe- matics B.S. in Mathe- matics 125 LA.LICKI, HANCOCK, HANN, HANSEN, HARAR, HARRIS, ORESTES MARQUERITE ROBERTA A. ROBERT PAULETTE BARBARA .A. in Spanish B.A. in English B.A. in Political Science B.S. in Management B.S. in Chemistry B.A. in Sociology HARRIS, DANIEL B.S. in Accounting HASAN, ZOHAIR B.S. in Structural Design HASS, WILLIAM J. B.S. in Systems Engineering HAUSFELD, RICHARD B.A. in English HAWES, HAWRYLUK, WILLIAM J. ROMAN B.S. in Materials B.S. in Chemistry Engineering EFTER, SAM C. HEIBERGER, HEINSETTON, HENDLER, HERBON, KTM H. HESLINGA, .A. in Political RICHARD F. JOYCE SCHMUEL B.A. in Geography THOMAS Science B.S. in Business Administration B.A. in Education: English B.S. in Psychology B. S. in Accounting HICKEY, HIKAWYJ, IRENE HILDEBRAND, HIONIS, HOBFOLL, HOCHFELDER, WILLFRED B. S. in Biology MARK THEODORE JERROLD V. HARRY B.A. in English B.A. in Political Science B.A. in Political Science B.A. in Philosophy 2 2E6 HOFFBERG, HOFFMAN, HOFFMAN, HOFFMAN, HOLMES, HOLT, PEGGIE RONALD ALLAN J. GAYLE L. GLORIA E. NANCY A. B.A. i n Psychology B. A. in Psychology B.S. in Applied Physics Engineering B.A. in Education English B.S. in Biology B.S. in Materials Engineering fS fed OLTZMAN, HORNICK, HORREL, MARY JO HORWITZ , HURLEY, HURWITZ , JOSEPH SHELDON R. B.A. in Psychology ROBERT ROBERT J. ROBERT .S. in Accounting B.S. in Marketing B.A. in Psychology B. S. in Education- Chemistry B.S. in Accounting ISAACSON, JABUREK, ALAN JACKSON, JEAN JACOBS, ALAN F. JACOBS, KATHY JAFFE, SHERWIN ELLEN M. B. ARCH, in B.A. in Psychology B. ARCH, in B.A. in Education: B.S. in Marketing B. S. in Chemistry Structures Design English JAKOBI, JAKSCH, JOHN H. JAMISON, JANCYS, JURATE JANEGA, JANOS, JOSEPH A HERBERT G. B.S. in Materials RICHARD A. B.A. in French WILLIAM B.S. in Accounting B.A. in Speech Engineering B.A. in English JECMEN, SUSAN J. JELEN, HENRY B.A. in Psychology B. ARCH, in Structures KASTERIN, MKE B.A. in Economics JERMIHOV, NICHOLAS B.S. in Systems Engineering JOHNSON, KADERABEK, KANIA, RICHARD H. JANE. ELIZABETH B.S. in Chemistry B.A. in Psychology B.S. in Chemistry KARP, BRIAN KARSEN, KASUBA, B.A. in Sociology MICHAEL H. EDWARD D. B.S. in Mathematics B.A. in Speech KATZ, MARTIN KAUFMAN, B.S. in Biology MELANTE J. B.A. in Education- French KAZ.RISHAS. KELLER, JAMES KELLY, PATRICK KEPHART, JOHN P. KIRSHENBAUM, B.A. in English B.A. in Psychology B.A. in Political B.A. in Political BARBARA Science Science B.A. in History KLAUBA, JUDITH B.A. in English KLEIN, ARNOLD I. KLEIN, GEORGE C. KLEIN, GERALD KLEIN, PHILIP W. KLOTZ, KLUESENER, B.S. in Marketing B.A. in Anthropology B.A. in English B.S. in Management HARTLAND P. CAROL A. B. S. in Materials B.A. in History Engineering KNIZATKO, RONALD J. B.S. in Business Administration KNOX, JAMES M. B.A. in English KOEPKE, MARY B.A. in Education KOHL, RAYMOND M. B. ARCH, in Design KORB, JOHN F. B.S. inManagement KORETKE, RICHARD B.S. in Mathematics KORONAKIS, PERICLES B.S. in Engineering KOUACH, LINDA B.A. in History KOYANAGI, KOZIOL, KOZLOWSKI, KRAMER, PAUL J ALVIN M. DONALD W. THERESE M. B.S. in Physics B.S. in Materials B.A. in Philosophy B.A. in English Engineering KRANZ, CHAYA KRAUT, CLIFFORD KRIEGER, B.A. in English B.S. in Biology MICHELE R. B.A. in English KROK, JEFFERY KRUEGER, KRYWARUCZENKL, SUSAN K. PETER B.A. in English B.S. in Materials Engineering KUETER, KUHN NANCEE KUSINSKI, LAASCH, JOHN LA BUDA, LA DOVE, PATRICK F. B.S. i i Accounting NANCY A. B. ARCH, in CHARLES G. ROBERT F. B.A. in Philosophy B.S. in Biology Structural Design B. ARCH, in Architect History B.A. in Psychology LAHN, PAUL F. LAKIN, CAROL LAM, MABEL LAMBAJ1AN, LAMELL, PHILIP LAMP, GEORGE W B. ARCH, in B.A. in English ZAVEN B.S. in Finance B.A. in Geography Structures B. ARCH, in LAND, LEONTDnIE M. B.S. inMathematics LANDEWEER, GREGORY B.S. in Mechanical Analysis and Design LARSON, JANET J. LASKY, B.A. in English FREDERICK M. B.A. in German LAVEN, NAN B.A. in Sociology LAZAR, MARLENE B.A. in English LEE, CHEUK B.S. in Materials Engineering LEE, JIM Q. B.S. in Architec- ture LEMAK, CHARLES S. B.S. in Materials Engineering LEVIE, NEIL B.S. in Biology LEVIN, MARILYN B.A. in English LEVY, MARSHA B.A. in English LEW , HOSE P. LEWIN, LEWIS, EVELYN LEWKOVICH, LIAKKOS, CHRIS LIBLES, B.A. in English ROBERT C. B.A. in Political MARK B. ARCH, in RICHARD H. B.A. in Philosophy Science B.S. in Mathema- tics Design B.A. in Political Science LICKO, BETTY J. B.S. in Psychology LIGHT, LEE R. B.A. in Political Science LIPUT, PHILIP J. B.A. in History LITTLE, SUSAN B.A. in English LIU, SAMUEL Y. LOCY, DOUGLAS B.S. in Materials B.S. in Metallurgy Engineering LOFTUS, WILLIAM B. S. in Mathe- matics LONG, JOHN W. LONGSTREET, LOVISA, FRANKS. LUBKE, JOHN D. LUCYK, B.A. in Geography EDWIN T. B.S. in Marketing B.S. in Accounting CHRISTINE B.S. in Accounting B.A. in History lit itfrji; AI.J UDTKA, LUTSCHAK, LYDDON, MAC DONALD, MACK, EDWARD MAHON, CYNTHIA WILLIAM GERALD F. RALPH B.A. in Sociology PATRICK .A. in Psychology B.A. in Physics B.S. in Accounting B.S. in Manage- B.S. in Man and Math ment ment fcft I; ArfTJfclfc MAJKA, RICHARD MALOFF, MARAS, MARCUS, BARRY MARK, KARL MARKEWYCH, B.A. in English CAROL B. DEMETRIOS N. B.A. in Political B.S. in Manage- EDWARD B.A. in Speech and B.S. in Materials Science ment B.A. in Psychology English Engineering MARSCHALL, MARSZALEK, WILLIAM H. JOHN B.A. in Adminis- B.S. in Accounting tration of Criminal Justice 4llA MC CAULEY, JOHN B.S. in Chemistry MC CLURE, THOMAS J. MARTIN, BEVERLY C. B.A. in English Crf JZ T MAURO, PATRICK J. B.S. in Finance MAZZEFFI JR., JOSEPH R. B.A. in Education: English MC CANDLESS, PETER B.A. in History MC EWAN, LYNN B.A. in Adminis- tration of Criminal Justice MC FADDEN, MC GINNIS, ROBERT CARLTON B.S. Marketing B.S. in Mathematics MC PHERON, LYNN J. B.S. in Biology MELZER, MENSCHING, MERMELSTEIN, MEYERS, HARVEY MEYERS, NANCY MICHAELSON, CHARLOTTE JAMES LAWRENCE B.S. in Marketing B.A. in Spanish IDELLE L. B.S. in Mathe- B.S. in Business B.S. in Finance B.A. in Psychology matics Administration MICHALAK, MIC , RAYMOND MICULINIC, MIELKE, JOHN R. MILLER, NEIL H. MILLS, PAMELA B.S. In Accounting BONNIE R. B.S. in Economics B.S. in Economics LAUREEN E. B.A. in Spanish B.A. in English B.A. in English MITTERMANN, MLECZKO, MOICHONOV, MOLL, JOANNE EDWARD R. ELAINE LAURALEE A. B.A. in English B.S. in Marketing B.S. in Psychology B.S. in History MONGELLUZZO, STEPHEN B.A. in Business Administration MONHART, JANE B.A. in Political Science MOOTRY, MORISSETTE, MORRIS, MRAZ, EDWIN CONSTANCE L. DIANE JAMES A. B.A. in Finance B.A. in Psychology B.A. in English B.S. in Marketing MROZEK, MUELLER, MATTHEW ROBERT J. B.A. in Psychology B.S. in Physics p o MULLEE, MUNDINGER, MURDOCH, MUR PHY, MAUREEN GARY B. JAMES E. WAYNE, A. B.A. in Education: B. ARCH. Design B.S. in Mathematics B.A. in Psychology English MUSIKANT, MYSZKOWSKI, STUART B. WILLIAM F. B.A. in Political B.S. in Chemistry Science NASELLI, NEIDLINGER, NEMECEK, NEWLIN, MARSHA MARILYN L. JAMES GEORGETTE B.A. in English B.A. in Psychology B.S. in Materials B.S. in Biology Engineering NICHOLSON, NORBUT, JOHN G. RICHARD E. B.S. in Accounting B. S. in Physics 133 NORCO, JAY NORMS, NORUSIS, B.S. in Energy MARSHALL H. MARIJA J. Engineering B.A. in Sociology B.S. in Psychology B S NOVINSON, JOHN M. B.A. in Political Science NOWAK, PAUL B.S. in Marketing NOWOTARSKI, LINDA B.A. in Speech NUCCIO, DENISE OLSEN, HARRY OMAR, SALEH O ' NEIL, JAMES G. ONESTO, JANE E. O ' QUINN, B.A. in Spanish B.S. in Economy B.A. in Philosophy B.S. in Marketing B.S. in Physics JOYCE Q. B.A. in English ORBACH, ORTIZ, OTT, RICHARD A. OZOUF, LOIS M. JEROME M. CHARLOTTE A. B.S. in Accounting B.A. in English B.A. in Political B.A. in Sociology Science PACYNIAK, PADOUR, JOHN M. LARRAINE B.S. in Physics B. S. in Mathematics PAGE, CAROL PAKALNISKIS, PALILIUNAS, MILDA ZP7ILE B.S. in Mathematics B.A. in English PANOS, GUS PAPOUTSIS, B.S. in Marketing BETTY B.A. in French PAREIGIS, ALEXANDER J. fcifc AmgKkwtik PARIS, JERRY M. PARKER, PARKINSON, DON PASSARELLI, PATCHA, JAMES PATTERSON, PAT B.A. in Economics RICHARDS. B. A. in History THOMAS G. B. A. in English B.S. inManagement B.S. in Political B.A. in Political Science Science PAUL, MARTIN G. PEDERSON, PELLECH, PEREZ, B.A. in THORVALD B. KRYSTYNA ALFONSO E. Architecture B.A. in Philosophy B.A. in History B. ARCH. Archi- tectural Engi- neering PERILLA, HILVA PEROTTI, ROBERT B.A. in Sociology B.S. in Accounting PERVAN, LUKE W. PERZOV, JOEL PETERSON, PETRAUSKAS, PHALEN, PIAZZA, B.S. in Thermal B.A. in Political WAYNE E. EILEEN ROBERT F. BENJAMIN Science Science B.A. in Sociology B.A. in Sociology B.A. inGeography B.A. in History and Psychology PIEHL, DAVID PILARSKI, PINSKY, PIOTROWSKI, PLASTINA, POLSKY, UDELLA B.A. in Speech JULIAN M. UPFALL D. WILLIAM J. RICHARD B.A. in Speech and B.A. in Speech B.A. in English B.S. in Marketing B.A. in English Theatre 135 POLSON, HENRY S. B.S. in Business Administration PANICALI, PIER B. ARCH in Structures POORE, LORRAINE J. B.A. in Sociology POSEWICK, JOSEPH J. B.S. in Materials Engineering POTASH, NEAL B.S. in Biology POTOCKI, CYNTHIA B.A. in Speech Cp O p Ty f P POWELL, CHARLES E. B.S. in Marketing PRENTICE, EDWARD J. B.S. in Mechanical Analysis and PRICE, JUDITH M. B.A. in Speech and Theatre PRIMEAU, RONALD B.A. in English PROCYK, ROXALANA S. B.A. in Spanish PROMINSKI, NELLIE L. B.S. in Mathematics PRUPES, KAREN PRUTER, HUGO R. PRYOR, ROBERT PUNDY, PYLE, NORMA S. RABIN, MIKE B.A. in History JR. B.A. in Education: History B.A. in Speech CHRISTDSIE Z. B.A. in Psychology B.A. in English B.A. in Psychology AIM KACIIiOZYNSKI, RAJFER, JACOB RAPOPORT, RAUCH, RAZZINO, EVONE REDEMSKE FRANK M. B.S. in Biology GITELLE PATRICIA A. B. ARCH. in JOYCE U.S. in Accounting B.A. in English B.A. in Sociology Design 1W REED, JOYCE L. REFKE, JUDITH REIWITCH, REMER, SAM RENK, MARYANN RENSCH, FREDJR B.S. in Education: B.A. in English WILLIAM D. B.S. in Accounting B.S. in Education: B.A. in Sociology Biology B.A. in English Mathematics tf Jtlt RICHARDSON, RILEY, RIORDAN, JOHN RISK, RICHARD R. ROBERTS, ROBINSON, GERALDINE E. PATRICK J. B.S. in Accounting B.A. in Economics ALLEN N. NORTE B.A. in Political B.A. in Political B.S. in Biology B.A. in English Science Science M IP 9 9 ROCK, PAT B.A. in English RODES, THEODORE JR. B.A. in Political Science ROGERS, MARTIN M. B.S. in Geography ROMAN, HERBERT B.S. in Materials Engineering ROMER, ERIC B.A. in Political Science RONNBECK, ROBERT T. B. S. in Marketing ROSE, WILLIAM ROSEN, SAUL ROSENBERG, DON ROSENBURG, ROSENBERG, ROSENFELD, B.S. in Management B.A. in Political B.A. in English FROMY MEL MARK Science B.S. in Materials Engineering B.S. in Accounting B. S. in Biology ROSENBURG, ROSENBURG, LAWRENCE KENNETH B.A. in Psychology B.A. in Political Science ROSS, SHmLEY I. B.A. in French RUDIG, DOUGLAS B. ARCH. RUBIN, STEVEN B.A. in Political Science ROSTOW, CARY D. ROTKIN, EILEEN B.A. in Psychology B.S. in Education: Mathematics ROZYCKI, ROBERT L. B.A. in Education: English RUHNKE, DONALD A. B.A. in Political Science RYAN, KENNETH RYAN, STEPHEN RYBANDT, CAROL B.S. in Geology B. ARCH, in Design B.S. in Education: Geography f P ft fl RZENTKOWSKI, SALOMON, JACOB SALUS, ALAN SANCHEZ, DAN SANTmi SCHAECKENBACH, VICTORS. B. S. in Biology B.S. in Economics B.A. in Psychology DEANNA G. ROGER N. B.A. in English B.S. in English B.S. in Systems Engineering BCHECTMAN, SCHECTER, SCHECTOR, SCHEIM, MARILYN SCHLEGEL, SCHLEIFER, ALFRED J. JERRY S. PHILLIP B.A. in Sociology LARRY E. ROBERTA U.S. in Chemistry B.A. in Psychology B.A. in Political Science B.A. in Psychology B. S. in Biology I| O (R ( o Q SCHLESINGER, ALINE B.A. in English SCHLOSS, JAMES E. B. ARCH, in Building Technology SCHNEIDER, SCHROEDER, SCHROEDER, SCHRAGER, MARTHA KEITH ROLAND P. BARRY B.A. in English B.S. in Mathematics B.A. in Psychology B.S. in Physics SCHULTZ , SCHWARTZ , SCHWARTZ, SCHWARTZ, SCHWARTZ, SHIOMOTTO, MARIEANN CHARLES JERROLD SHERWYN L. VALERIE J. GAIL B.A. in Education: B. S. in Production B.S. in Biology B.S. in Biology B.A. in Political B.S. in Chemistry English Management Science f cf w ' Ik Jl SCOTT, MARK SCOTT, RALPH L. SEDIVEC, JAMES SEECK, RONALD SEIDMAN, ALLEN SELLERS, B.A. in Psychology B.S. in Biology B.S. in Education- B.S. in Biology B.S. in Accounting RODNEY Mathematics B.A. in History f f SEMEN, SENTER, SERRITELLA, SHACHMAN, SHAEFER, RENEE SHAFFER, BARB VICTOR E. MARK H. HI BILL BRUCE B.A. in Sociology B.A. in Sociology B.A. in Psychology B.A. in Political B. S. in Management Science SCHAFFER, FRANKIE D. B.S. in Mathematics SHAPIRO, HOWARD B.A. in English SHAPIRO, SHAW, GERALD F. SHAW, JOHN W. SHEHADI, FEIRUZ WILLIAM B.A. in Sociology B.A. . in Geography B.A. in English B. S. in Biology T, y " T SHEILS, PAUL B.A. in English SHEPPARD, SHERMAN, SHIU, STEPHEN SHNEIDER, SHUSTER, MARGARET TERRENCE N. HO-KIN BEVERLY PHYLLIS B.A. in Speech B.A. in History B.A. in Speech B.A. in Sociology B.A. in History and Theatre SIEGEL, GAYLE A. SIEGEL, STEVEN SIGL, SILBERT, SILBERT, SILVERSTEIN. B.A. in English B. S. in Marketing BERNADETTE A. MICHAEL RONALD G. ALLAN B.A. in Education B.A. in Psychology B.A. in Political B.S. Biology Science SIPIORA, SIRIANNI, SKIERSCH, SKYBROCK, SLIVKA, SLOVIN, BEVERLY PHILLIP J. MARYANN NANCY J. GARY A. LAWRENCE B.A. in Psychology B.A. in Education: B.A. in History B.A. in Psychology B.S. inManagement English SMIRL, MARY SMITH, BARRY L. SMITH, JACK SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, MICHAEL B. S. in Biology B. A. in History B.S. in Mathematics KENNETH W. MARILYN I. B.S. inMathematics and Economics B. S. inMathematics B.S. inMathematics SMITH, RAYMOND S. B. S. in Biology SODAITIS, VIRGINIA M. B.A. in English SOSIN, DAVID B. S. in Finance SOSIN, SYBIL B.A. in Education: English SOSNOWSKI, BARB J. B.S. in History SPARKS, BARBARA B.S. in Education: Mathematics SPECTOR, LARRY SPENCE, PHEBE SPIEGEL, STUART SPILLMAN, SPOONER, B.A. in English B.A. in Education: B. S. in History MARILYN RALPH C. History B.A. in Education: B.A. in Political English Science STANKEVYCH, ANATOL J. M.S. in Biology STEAD, STEIN, GERALD M. STEPANSKY, STEVENS, DALE H. 3TOLORENA, STRAUSS, . PHILIP J. B.S. in Psychology RONALD J. ROBERT BENTON C. B. ARCH, in Design B.S. in Mechanical B.S. Materials B.A. in Engineering Engineering Anthropology STRENG, STRUPECK, STYKA, DAVID O. SUGAR, SAM J. SUAREZ , SULLIVAN, JUDITH A. JOSEPH J. B. S. in Metallur- B. A. in Psychology EDUARDO V. HELEN T. B.A. in History B. ARCH, in Design gical Engineering B. ARCH, in B.A. in Psychology Structures SUMMER, INA SUMMERS, JAMES SZAL, RICHARD SZPISJAK, TABACHNIK, TAYLOR, JOHN J. B.A. in History B.A. in Psychology B.S. in Economics EVELYN T. MIRIAM B.A. in Materials B.S. in Accounting B.A. in History Engineering TASLEY, NAUREEN TAYLOR, PAUL TAYLOR, SEARS TEMPLER, TEPPER, ALLEN TERZIAN, B.A. in English B.A. in Political B. S. in Psychology LAWRENCE B. S. in Physics RICHARDS. Science B.S. in Finance B.A. in Economics i HEOPHILUS, THOMAS, THOMSEN, TISDALE, TOBALSKI, THOMAS, PETER STELIA A. THERESA MARJORIE A. ROBERT W. CHRISTINE G. B. S. in Biology B. ARCH - in B.A. in Sociology B.A. in Geography B.S. in Biology B.A. in Political Architectural Science History TSAPARDONIS, TUDOR, MICHAEL TURNER, JANE TWINE, BRENDA UPSHAW, ENAID URBANSKI, JOHN B. A. in Psychology B.A.French B. A. in Sociology B. A. in Sociology THOMAS B.S. in Materials B.S. in Structural Engineering Engineering | £ K ft -rf P VANDERHYE, VANDER PLOEG, VAZZANA, FRANK VENEZIA, VITTI, JOSEPH N. VON HELMS, DENNIS C. DOUGLAS B. B. A. in Political THOMAS B. A. in Geography HELGA B.S. in Biology B.S. in Mathematics Science B.S. in Accounting B.S. in Biology fcn WAGNER, WAGNER, GARY WAIDZULIS, WAITZMAN, WALKER, CAROL WALKER, DOLORES M. B.A. in Political BRENDA K. JEFFREY S. B.A. in Political SHmLEY B.A. in Psychology Science B.A. in Sociology B. S. in Biology Science B.A. WALTERS, WALTON, WARMOTH, WARREN, WEINER, SHARON WEISS, JUDITH JONATHAN W. JAMES H. CAMILLE A. B.S. in HARRIET L. B.A. in English JR. B.A. in History B.A. in History B.A. in English Mathematics B.A. in Speech Mt WENZLAFF, GARY B.A. in Political Science WERNER, PHILLIP B.S. in Biology WHITE, ALLEN W. , JR. B.S. in Biology WHITE, WHITE, HOLLY M. WILLMENG, GERALD A. B.S. Biology MERRILY D. B.A. in History B.A. in English WINKEL, WITT, ARNOLD WOHL, DAVID J. JEFFREY B. B.S. in Chemistry B. ARCH, in B.S. in Aerospace Design Sciences WOLFRAM, MANFRED WONG, GENE WRINGERHOFF, B.S. in Accounting LOIS B.A. in Sociology %y - f J WROBLEWSKI, WULFFEN, GERALDINE E. ROBERT E. B.A. in Teacher B.A. in History Education: English YANCY, LARRY YANOW, GERI L. YATES, YOUNG, JAMES M. B.A. in Art B.A. in English LAWRENCE A. B.A. in History History B. S. in Psychology ZACKLER, ALLAN ZACKLKR, ZAGORSKY, MARY ZAJAC, CHERYL ZAJICEK, JAMES ZANCK, JANET L. B.A. In Political LYLE M. B.A. in Political B.S. in Mathematics B.A. in Plastic Science B.A. In English Science and Graphic Arts ZARNDT, JOHN ZAYNER, PAT J. B.A. in Sociology B.A. in English ZELENY, ZEMAITIS, JOHN J. ZIAJ, BARBARA ZIGMAN, EILEEN BARBARA A. B.S. in Management B.A. in Economics B.S. in Spanish B.A. in Math ZIMMERMAN, CAROL S. B.A. in English ZIMMERMAN, ROGER P. B.S. in Biology ZITCH, DALE B.S. in Biology ZSCHOCKE, RAINER B.S. in Chemistry CORA, GIOVANNI DUPRE, JAMES F. A. B.S. in Biology B.A. in Political Science GRONEK, KOBIERECKI, DETAAN, JOSEPH GOTTLIEB, NEWMAN, THOMAS J. JEROME J. GERHARD MOSHE Z. B.A. in Sociology B.S. in Chemistry B.S. Chemistry B.S. in Political Science 145 SENIOR ACTIVITIES This year ' s senior class marks the end of an era. The last of the " People of the Pier " are now graduating. As they follow their various paths, whether in the professions or in further academic studies, they carry with them that rare combination of the old and new — those memories that have enriched their lives, and the knowledge that will provide them with the ability to accomplish whatever tasks society may demand of them. We of the yearbook staff sincerely hope that the Class of 1968 succeeds. JOSEPH HOLTZMAN, President ALLAN HOFFMAN, Vice-President Senior Class Officers PAULETTE HARAR, Secretary DANIEL HARRIS, Treasurer AARONSON, RICHARD Omega Delta Pi ABLEMAN DARLENE Chicago Circle Player Dance Committee ADAMS EDWARD V. Homecoming Queen ' 64: Illini BANKS, YVONNE J. BAPTISTE LOIS A. Delta Sigma Theta BARAN, JOHN R. UECC Veteran ' s Club President; Student Advisory Com- mittee; IFVC Delegate ADELMAN, LARRY Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity ADESZKO, VINCENT J. Edmund James Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma; Lambda Lambda Delta ALTMAN, MICHAEL L. Beta Epsilon Gamma President; Homecoming Committee; University Dance Committee; Lambda Lambda Delta AMDUR, SIDNEY Yavneh; Lambda Lambda Delta BARLOW, RICHARD BARON, THOMAS BAUER, RICHARD W. BAUMANN, RICHARD BAUM, DIANNE Alpha Lambda Delta; Edmund James Scholar; Spanish Club BEASLEY, DON ANDERSON, ROBERT A. JR. Concert Band; Omega Beta Pi ANDERSON, TERRY Dean ' s List; Activities Honorary Society; Aiguillettes; Dance Committee- Publicity Chairman BENHAM, JOHN V. IH University Concert Band BENSHOFF, TERRY J. Newman Club President; Activities Honorary Society; Lambda Lambda Delta, Student Government ANSELMO, JOSEPH American Institute of Architects-President; Student Gov- ernment; Gymnastics; Intramural Sports ARCHER, JAMES E. Dean ' s list BERCHOS, MAGDALINE Hellenic Club; Student Education Association; Spanish Club BERGER, SANDRA Theta Gamma Phi; Student government; Young Democrats; Secretary: Actionette ARCHIE, CAROLYN ARMSTEAD, JAMES H. ARON, CHARLES J. Lambda Lambda Delta- President; Sigma Delta Kappa- President; Fencing Association President; University Financial Aids Committee BERLINSKI, ROZA Young Democrats; Secretary; Lambda Lambda Delta; Yearbook ' 66; Sales Manager: Yearbook ' 68; Copy Editor BERMAN, ERNIE J. Student Education Association President; Chicago Illini; Student Orientation Leader ARONSON, ALAN A. Edmund James Scholar; Dean ' s List; Co-chairman Cam- pus Chest Committee; Lambda Lambda Delta ASHLEY, BARRY Dean ' s list; Intramural sports; Games committee; CCC Bridge Team BERNDT, WILLIAM BERNSTEIN, CAROL A. Chicago Circle Broadcasting; Yavneh; Student Zionist Organization BERNSTEIN, RAYMOND ATTENTO, SALVATORE Spanish Club; Italian Club; Soccer Team BILANOW, VERA Dance Committee AUGUSTINE, ANTHONY J. BLEDIG, JOAN BABLER, MARIBETH Dean ' s list BLOOM, RITA E. Dean ' s list; Pier Playhouse West; Hillel; Orchesis BACH, PAUL H. Intramural Basketball; Intramural Soccer; Intramural Gymnastics BAKSHY, MIRON American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Student Zionist Organization BALDERMAN, SAMUEL C. Omega Deta Pi Fraternity: Yavneh BLUM, STEVEN BODENSTEIN, JORDAN H. In Urbana- Univer sity Theater; Radio Station WPGU: At Circle- Circle T.V. Productions BOELTER, ARTHUR BORRELLI, TERRY CCC Games Committee Chairman; CCC Bridge Team BALIN, MARTIN S. BALSTERHOLT, WERNER H. BRAND, RUSSELL Lambda Lambda Delta; Young Democrats; Yavneh; Tour Guide 147 BRASLAWSKY, GARY BRINK, JAMES M. American Chemical Society; Chemistry Club; Newman Club; Bowling BROWN, DONNA L. Chicago Circle Broadcasting Secretary BROWN, LARRY M. Dean ' s list BROWN, MICHAEL L. U.I.C.C. Concert Band; CCC Discussions Committee BROWN, ROBERT BROWN, STEVEN G. Varsity Gymnastics Team; Omega Beta Pi BUCK, CAROL Systems Lab Assistant CHIOVARE, CAROL J. CHOUDHRY, HARNAM CHRISTMAS, ROBERT CIKARA, MICHAEL Dean ' s list CIUCCI, LAURA Dean ' s list; Bowling League CODY, THOMAS Dean ' s list COHEN, MITCHELL BUIVYDAS, LIUCIJA L. Chicago Circle Players; Lituanica Club BURG, BRUCE BURNETT, THORENE J. Dean ' s Advisory Board; Concert Band; Chicago Illini Staff COMROV, HERBERT Student Government; Hillel: C.C.C. to end War in Viet Nam; Intramural sports CONGDON, JAMES CONWAY, WILLIAM J. Classics Club President BURNS, JAMES Newman Club; Pershing Rifles; Research Assistant BUSLIK, GARY Iota Chi Social Chairman; Illini Sports Reporter BYLHA, DENNIS K. Geography Club CAHNMANN, LEONARD Swim Team Captain; Four Varsity Letters; Varsity Letterman ' s Club COOK, MICHAEL CORA, GIOVANNI A. Italian Club Sergeant at Arms CORNELL, RALPH H. COUNCE, PARTICIA A. Delta Sigma Theta COX, JAMES Dean ' s list CANDELA, TERESA Aiguillettes CARLSON, ROBERT CARREN, JEFFREY P. Edmund James Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma CARROLL, JAMES CARROLL, WILLIAM Varsity Wrestling; Community Service Committee; Student Athletic Board; Track Team CASSETTARI, JAMES R. CAVALLO, JAMES M. Illini Forensic Union President; Activities Honorary Society President; Communications and Public Address Club President; CC Student Committee for a State Con- stitutional Convention Secretary CAVELLO, MICHAEL JR. United Students; Omega Phi CEPAITIS, LAIMA CREASON, DAVE CROSS, DONALD R. CRUSE, JANICE E. CURTS, DOUGLAS CUSACK, WILLIAM DALLABETTA, CONNIE D. DASILVA, ASSIR French Club: Spanish Club; Intervarsity Christian Fellow- ship; Italian Club DATA, STANLEY E. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer; Society of Automotive Enginners DAVIDSON, STANLEY Dean ' s list; Honor ' s Day; Lambda Lambda Delta DAVIS, DWIGHT CHAPLIK, ELYNEE S. Dean ' s list; Sigma Delta Tau CHESHIER, CARREN L. Theta Alpha Phi; Chicago Circle Players; Orchesis; fOling Republicans CHIN, FAY K. DE ANGELIS, DONNA Student Government: Secretary DE FAZIO, PETER V. It alian Club: President: Alpha Kappa Psi DE FOTIS, GARY C. Edmund James Scholar DE MAR, MARY LOU DE MARCO, JOHN DETTNER, EVELYN B. Dean ' s List; Lutheran Association; German Club DEVINE, JOAN DICOSTANZO, ROBERT M. DINCHAK, JAMES DLX, JOSEPH L. DOBROWITS, JOHN J. DOMINIAK, EDWARD T. American Society of Civil Engineers DONOHUE, JACK American Institute of Architects DOUVAS, BARBARA Student Education Association; Lutheran Club DOWLING, KAREN J. Young Republicans DRYMALSKI, ROBERT Beta Pi: Vice President; Student Government; Tour Guide; Chicago Illini Staff Writer FARRINGTON, MICHAEL B. FEDER, BETH United Students; Young Democrats FEDERMAN, SARAH D. Honor ' s Day; Student Government; Lambda Lambda Delta; Freshman Orientation FELDMAN, SHERYL Young Democrats; Student Government Committee on Student Life; Chairman of Student Government; Freshman Orientation FERET, DARLENE FERRARI, ROBERT FESCZENKO, HELEN Ukrainian Club: Secretary: Spanish Club FESTUS, GEORGE Soccer Team FINK, CARL Edmund James Scholar; Dean ' s List; Phi Eta Sigma DUDEK, JOHN Association for Computing Machinery: Treasurer; Varsity Volleyball DUJSIK, GERALD Intramural Football DUPRE, JAMES F. Edmund James Scholar; Skiing Illini; Intramural Tennis and Bowling FISHMAN, FREDRICK F. FLACK, MARSHA FLADUNG, HANS G. FLOROS, CONSTANTINOS P. American Society of Civil Engineers; Hellenic Students Association DYKAS, ALLAN S. Alpha Kappa Psi; Professional Programs Director; Busi ness Administration Club EBY, SUZANNE D. Student Education Association FOSTER, TERREE FOX, STEPHAN H. UICC Baseball Team: Letterman FRANEK, GEORGE J. American Institute of Astronautic and Aeronautics: President ECONOMAKOS, CONSTANCE M. Student Education Association FRAZIER, LYNN Dean ' s List EINHORN, MORTON J. Hillel: Treasurer; Yavneh; Hillel Membership Committee: Chairman; Hillel Cultural Committee ELBARBARAWI, ABDEL ELBAUM, SANDRA N. Spanish Club: Secretary; Language Lab, Spanish tutor ELLISON, CALVIN E. ENNIS, EDWARD G. EPSTEIN, ARMAND Tau Kappa Phi: Treasurer; Homecoming Committee; Inter- fraternity Council; Tau Kappa Phi Olympics ERHARDT, THOMAS M. Soccer Team; Fencing Team; Fencing Club; Lab Tech- nician in Comparative Anatomy ERNST, HELEN FREDIANELLI, HELEN A. Student Education Association FREEBURG, ROBERT E. American Institute of Architects; Wrestling Team; Intra- mural Sports FREEMAN, KATHY FRIES, DAVID A. FROST, JACK Freshman Orientation; Psychology Club; Beta Epsilon Gamma: President FUKUDA, EDWIN American Society of Civil Engineers GABRIEL, MYRON B. Dean ' s List GAIBEL, SARAH GAIGALAS, DALIA J. Lituanica Club GALLAS, STAN CCC Center Board; CCC Art Committee: Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega: Treasurer; Campus Tour Guides GAPINSKI, JANICE M. Newman Club; Yearbook Staff GARTMAN, MARILYN GASIOROWSKI, HARRIET Newman Club; Chicago Circle Players GELBER, CHARLENE P. Student Education Association; Trans- Corp. Guide GERSHON, ROBERT GESS, SAMUEL D. Senior Elections Steering Committee; Chicago mini; Stu- dent Government; Skiing Illini GIDLUND, PAUL N. American Society of Civil Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers GIESLER, GRANT R. UICC Games Committee; Tau Alpha Rho: Alpha Kappa Psi GIGLIO, BARBARA J. Dean ' s List; Spanish Club; Student Education Association GOCH, DIANE R. Dean ' s List; Homecoming Publicity Committee; Student Government Actionette; Reading Tutoring Program GOENS, JUDITH E. UICC Choir GOLDBERG, PAULINA Classics Club; Hillel; Yearbook Staff GOLDMAN, JACQUELINE GOLDSMITH, RONALD L. Student Government; Iota Chi Fraternity; Young Democrats: Vice President GRANT, RAYMOND R. Honor Society; Convention Delegate to SEA Convention; Student Education Association; Student Worker-Coll ege of Education GRECO, JANICE Aiguillettes GRECZEK, GERALD R. American Society of Mechanical Engineers GREEN, JANICE C. Spanish Club; Pre-Teacher ' s Club GREEN, JUDITH A. GREGOR, SUSAN J. Dean ' s Advisory Board- Business College: Senior Elec- tions Steering Committee; Women ' s Symposium Steering Committee; Lawndale Tutoring Project GREGORY, JOHN P. Alpha Kappa Psi: President; " Business Times " : Editor; Dean ' s Advisory Board in Business College; C.C. Baseball Team-Letterman GRICHNIK, CORINNE GRONEK, THOMAS J. Research Assistant in Psychology, Sociology, and Education Depts. GRUNTWAGE, VICTOR UICC Historical Society; German Club; Library Aide; History Department Student Assistant GRYBOW, ALETA Dean ' s List; Orchesis; Cercle Francais; French Assistant in Language Labs GRYZ, JAMES T. GRZYBOWSKI, GEORGE Dean ' s List; Association for Computing Machinery GUZIK, RICHARD E. HALICKI, ORESTES Leading Officer of the " New Right " GOLTZ, MICHAEL E. Student Government: Executive Vice-president; Activities Honorary Society: Treasurer; Alpha Kappa Psi; Varsity Letterman ' s Club HANCOCK, MARQUERITE Newman Club HANN, ROBERTA S. GOOD, CHARLES W. LV.C.F.; Alpha Phi Omego; Student Education Association HANSEN, ROBERT Team; Varsity Club GOODMAN, ALLEN Psychology Club GOODMAN, MICHAEL Honor ' s Day; Omega Beta Pi; Intramural Athletics GORCZAK, EVA MARIE Newman Club GOTTLIEB, GERHARD American Chemical Society: President; Skiing Illini: Vice-President; Student Government; Chicago Illini: Ad- vertising Co-ordinator GOCT 1. 1KB, MITCHEL Hillel HARAR, PAULETTE Omega Beta Phi; University Band; Commuter Illini; University News Band; Circle ' 67 and 68; Activities Editor HARRIS, BARBARA HARRIS, DANIEL Interfratority Council: Vice-President; Yearbook ' 68; Winter Carnival Committee; Homecoming Committee HASAN, ZOHAIR Student Organization of Arab Students; A.C. of Civil Engineers HASS, WILLIAM J. Edmund James Scholar; Sigma Phi Omega: Engineering QRABE, JOHN Advisory Board: Phi Eta Sigma- Honorary HAUSFELD, RICHARD HA WES, WILLIAM J. Pi Alpha Tau: President; Engineering College Board: Chairman; ROTC Cadet Battalion Commander; Student Government HAWRYLUK, ROMAN Yearbook ' 66 and ' 67; Chemistry Club; Chicago Illini; Commuter Illini HORNICK, SHELDON R. HORREL, MARY JO HORWITZ, ROBERT Freshman Orientation Leader ' 67; Psychology Club; Speaker Committee ' 67 HURLEY, ROBERT J. Varsity Cross Country: Captain; Varsity Letterman ' s Association: President; Lutheran Association; Newman Club HEFTER, SAM C. National Scholarship Winner; Brothers: President: Hockey Team: Captain: Zig-Zag Committee: Chairman HEIBERGER, RICHARD F. Dean ' s List; Drill Team; National Society of Pershing Rifles: Treasurer; Computer Counselor HEINSETTON, JOYCE Student Education Association: Lutheran Association; Ac- tivities Honorary Society HENDLER, SCHMUEL Omega Beta Phi; Hillel; Psychology Club HERBON, KIM H. Geography Club; Young Republicans HESLINGA, THOMAS Intramural Softball HURWITZ, ROBERT Business Administration Club ISAACSON, ELLEN M. Edmund James Scholar: Cheerleaders: Captain; Activities Honorary Society JABUREK, ALAN JACKSON, JEAN JACOBS, ALAN F. American Institute of Architects JACOBS, KATHY Student Education Association JAFFE, SHERWIN Phi Epsilon Pi; Interfratority Council; Homecoming Com- mittee; Greek Week Committee HETMAN, JOSEPH HICKEY, WILLFRED HIKAWYJ, IRENE Ukrainian Club: President; Skiing Illini HILDEBRAND, MARK Hockey Team HIONIS, THEODORE HOBFOLL, JERROLD V. Student Government; Lambda Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Pi: Secretary; Freshman Orientation Leader HOCHFELDER, HARRY HOFFBERG, RONALD HOFFMAN, ALLAN J. CCC Homecoming Committee 167: Chairman; Faculty Senate Committee on Student Affairs: Chancellor ' s Com- mittee on Student Life; Dean ' s Advisory Board College of Engineering HOFFMAN, GAYLE L. Student Education Association JAKOBI, HERBERT G. Football Team: Letterman; Host of Illini; Communications and Public Address Club: Treasurer JAKSCH, JOHN H. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers JAMISON, RICHARD A. JANCYS, JURATE JANEGA, WILLIAM JANOS, JOSEPH A. Dean ' s Advisory Board-Business Administration; Big Brother Program-Business Administration: Chairman JECMEN, SUSAN J. JELEN, HENRY Edmund James Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma; Yavneh; American Institute of Architects JERMIHOV, NICHOLAS Fencing Team: Captain; Letterman ' s Club; Chess Club; UICC Fencing Club: Secretary HOFFMAN, GLORIA E. L.A.S. Advisory Board; N.S.F. Undergraduate Grant HOLMES, NANCY A. Society of Women Engineers; American Society of Civil Engineers JOHNSON, RICHARD H. KADERABEK, JAN E. KANIA, ELIZABETH Newman Club HOLT, PEGGIE HOLTZMAN, JOSEPH Senior Class President; Student Government: Treasurer; Young Democrats: President; Lambda Lambda Delta: President KASTERIN, MIKE KARP, BRIAN Intramural Basketball, Tennis and Handball KARSEN, MICHAEL H. Dean ' s List; Computer Room Staff 151 KASUBA, EDWARD D. Edmund James Scholar; Tour Guide; Chicago Circle Broadcasting; Activities Honorary Society KATZ, MARTIN Honor ' s Day: Tau Lambda Phi KAUFMAN, MELANIE J. Dean ' s List; CCC Art Committee KAZ, RISHA S. CCC Players KELLER, JAMES Psychology Club; Intramural Sports KELLY, PATRICK KEPHART, JOHN P. KIRSHENBAUM, BARBARA Dean ' s List; Band Committee; Theta Gamma Phi KOYANAGI, ALVIN M. American Society of Mechanical Engineers KOZIOL, DONALD W. KOZLOWSKI, THERESE M. KRAMER, PAUL J. Honor ' s Day; Sailing Club: Executive Committee; Newman Club; Yearbook Staff- Senior Editor KRANZ, CHAYA Edmund James Scholar; Alpha Lambda Delta KRAUT, CLIFFORD Hillel; Yavneh: Student Zionist Organization; Literature Committee KRIEGER, MICHELLE R. Activities Honorary Society- Treasurer; Circle ' 68 — Art and Design Editor; CCC Literature Committee Chairman; Chicago Mini-Summer Editor KLAUBA, JUDITH Newman Club: Secretary; Aiguillettes; Trans-Corps KLEIN, ARNOLD I. Dean ' s List; Honor ' s Day KLEIN, GEORGE C. Uinversity Band and Orchestra; University Union Board: Football Team; UICC Community Service Committee: Chairman KROK, JEFFREY KRUEGER, SUSAN K. KRYWARUCZENKL, PETER American Society of Mechanical Engineers KUETER, PATRICK F. KUHN, NANCEE KLEIN, GERALD Chicago Illini: Sports Editor; Commuter Illini: Managing Editor; Co-Director of Sports Information; Chancellors Athletic Committee KLEIN, PHILIP W. KLOTZ, HARTLAND P. Sigma Phi Omega Historian; IEEE: Officer; Materials Club: President; Yearbook Photo Editor KLUESENER, CAROL A. Young Republicans KNIZATKO, RONALD J. Business Administration Club; Alpha Kappa Psi KNOX. JAMES M, KUSINSKI, NANCY A. Newman Club LAASCH, JOHN LA BUDA, CHARLES G. Pershing Rifles: Drill Team; Society of American Military Engineers; Cadet Association: Tour Guides LADOVE, ROBERT F. Edmund James Scholar: Phi Eta Sigma; Omega Beta Pi: Baseball and Basketball Teams LAHN, PAUL F. LAKIN, CAROL Aiguillettes: Orechesis; Student Education Association: Dean ' s List KOBIERECKI, JEROME J. Circle ' 66; Photo Editor; Young Republicans; Chicago Illini: Photo Editor; Circle Commuter: Staff Member KOEPKE, MARY Newman Club: Treasurer; Aiguillettes; University Com- mittee on Financial Aids KOHL, RAYMOND M. UICC Karate Club KORB, JOHN F. KORETKE, RICHARD Association for Computing Machinery; Karate Club; New- man Club; Games Committee LAM, MABEL LAMBAJ1AN, ZAVEN LAMELL, PHILIP LAMP, GEORGE W. CCC Television Productions; Geography Club LAND, LEONTINE M. Math Club; Student Orientation Leader LANDEWEER, GREGORY LARSON, JANET J. Edmund James Scholar KORONAKIS, PERICLES Dean ' s List: Honor Role; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronauts; Hellenic Club: Officer KOUACH, LINDA Young Democrats; CCC Dance Committee LASKY, FREDERICK M. German Club; Hillel LAVEN, NAN LAZAR, MARLENE LEE, CHEUK American Society of Civil Engineers LEE, JIM Q. LEMAK, CHARLES S. American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Chairman; Activities Honorary Society: Senior Elections Steering Committee LEVIE, NEIL LEVIN, MARILYN Edmund James Scholar; Campus Chest: Alpha Lambda Delta; Fraternity Life Magazine LEVY, MARSHA Student Zionist Organization; Skiing Illini; Yavneh LEVY, ROSE P. CCC Dance Committee LEWIN, ROBERT C. Freshman Orientation Leader; Student Articulation Program LEWIS, EVELYN Circle 66; Director of Circulation; Commuter Illini; Student Number; Call Number Newspaper LEWKOVICH, MARK Uinversity Concert Orchestra; CCC Broadcasting LIAKAKOS, CHRIS Dean ' s Committee on Student Affairs; American Institute of Architects LIBLES, RICHARD H. CCC Music Committee Chairman; CCC Board: Lambda Lambda Delta; Freshman Orientation Committee LUTSCHAK, WILLIAM J. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronauts LYDDON, GERALD F. Reserve Officer Training Corps MAC DONALD, RALPH MACK, EDWARD Skiing Illini— Treasurer; Chicago Circle Karate Club MAHON, PATRICK MAJKA, RICHARD MALOFF, CAROL B. Young Democrats; Skiing Illini; Debate Club MARAS, DEMETRIOS N. MARCUS, BARRY Interfratority Council; Vice President; Sigma Delta Pi; Vice President; Homecoming Committee MARK, KARL Veteran ' s Club MARKEWYCH, EDWARD P. MARSCHALL, WILLIAM H. Chicago Police Captain MARSZALEK, JOHN MARTIN, BEVERLY C. MAURO, PATRICK J. MAZZEFFI, JOSEPH R. L.I.T. Club LICKO, BETTY J. LIGHT, LEE R. Sigma Alpha Mu: President; UICC Basketball Team: Manager: Student Orientation Leader; UICC House Committee LIPUT, PHILIP J, LITTLE, SUSAN Senior Class Elections Steering Committee: Chairman LIU, SAMUEL Y. American Society of Mechanical Engineering; ASTME: Skiing Illini LOCY, DOUGLAS UICC Choir; Madrigal Singers; ASM Materials Club; Trans- Corp Guide LOFTUS, WILLIAM LONG, JOHN LONGSTREET, EDWIN T. Fencing Team: Captain: Host of Illini LOVISA, FRANK S. LUBKE, JOHN D. LUCYK, CHRISTINE LUDTKA, CYNTHIA Young Republicans; Spanish Club MC CANDLESS, PETER German Club; Geography Club; Intramural Softball MC CAULEY, JOHN R. Omega Beta Pi; Band MC CLURE, THOMAS J. Student Government Campaign Committee: Student Gov- ernment Library Advisory Board MC EWAN, LYNN K. Young Republicans Club MC FADDEN, ROBERT Football Team, Intramurals; Alpha Kappa Psi: Recording Secretary MC GINNIS, CARLTON MC PHERON, LYNN J. French Club; Intramural Sports MELZER, CHARLOTTE Women ' s Athletic Association; Student Education Association MENSCHING, JAMES Edmund James Scholar; Phi Kappa Phi; Varsity Track and Cross Country MERMELSTEIN, LAWRENCE Sigma Delta Pi Fraternity; Homecoming Committee; Intramural Sports MEYERS, HARVEY 153 MEYERS, NANCY R. Spanish Club MICHAELSON, IDELLE L. MICHALAK, PAMELA Newman Club MICK, RAYMOND J. MICULINIC, BONNIE R. MIELKE, JOHN R. MILLER, NEIL H. Iota Chi: Master; Intramural IFC Bowling Champions; Intramural Softball Champions; University Orchestra Pianist MILLS, LAUREEN E. American Society of Civil Engineers NEMECEK, GEORGETTE NEWLIN, MARSHA NEWMAN, MOSHE Z. Student Senator; Hillel; Yavneh Newspaper: Editor: Taught Hebrew classes (Student Zionist Organization) NICHOLSON, RICHARD E. Studied Like Hell For Four Years NORBUT, JOHN G. NORCO, JAY NORRIS, MARSHALL H. Concert Band NORUSIS, MARIJA J. Lithuanian Club MITTERMANN, JOANNE Alpha Lambda Delta MLECZKO, EDWARD R. MOICHONOV, ELAINE M. Psychology Club; G.A.A.; Orchesis MOLL, LAURALEE A. MONGELLUZZO, STEPHEN Tennis Team; Yearbook Staff: Chicago Illini; Circle Commuter MONHART, JANE University of Illinois Band; Chicago Illini MOOTRY, CONSTANCE L. Orchesis; C.C. Chorus; Student Articulture Committee MORISSETTE, DIANNE Dean ' s List; French Club MORRIS, JAMES A. Dean ' s List; Business Administration Club MRAZ, EDWIN E. MROZEK, MATTHEW MUELLER, ROBERT J. MULLEE, MAUREEN Dean ' s List; Student Education Association MUNDINGER, GARY B. American Institute of Architects MURDOCH, JAMES E. MURPHY, WAYNE A. Beta Kpsilon Gamma MU.SIKANT, STUART B. MYS ' KOWSKI. WILLIAM F. C.C. Concert Choir; C.C. Chorus; Newman Club; [ntramurals NASKLI.I, MARILYN I.. ' 68; Newman Club; Young Democrats NEIDLINQER, JAMES NOVINSON, JOHN M. NOWAK, PAUL Dean ' s List; Alpha Kappa Psi NOWOTARSKI, LINDA Aiguillettes; United Students; Dance Committee NUCCIO, DENISE Dean ' s List OETAAN, JOSEPH OLSEN, HARRY OMAR, SALEH Illini Humanists O ' NEIL, JAMES G. ONESTO, JANE E. Honors Day; Alpha Lambda Delta; " Symposium for Women ' : Committee O ' QUINN, JOYCE Q. Delta Sigma Theta ORBACH, JEROME M. University Dance Committee: Treasurer: Lambda Lambda Delta: Co-Chairman of Programming Committee; Hillel: Social and Membership Chairman; University Symphonic Choir ORTIZ, CHARLOTTE A. Newman Club OTT, RICHARD A. OZOUF, LOIS M. Dean ' s List; Student Education Association PACYNIAK, JOHN M. PADOUR, LORAINE C. PAGE, CAROL PAKALNISKIS, MILDA Alpha Lambda Delta; Lituanica Club; German Club PALILIUNAS, ZIVILE Lituanica Club PANICALI, PAIR L. Society of American Military Engineers; American Institute of Architects PANOS, GUS Intramural Wrestling Champ; Intramural Basketball and Football; Pan-Hellenic Students Association PAPOUTSIS, BETTY Hellenic Club; Secretary Dean ' s List; Tau Alpha Rho- Secretary; Chicago Circle Broadcasting: Executive Producers PILARSKI, JULIAN M. Communications and Public Address Club- Vice- President; Playhouse ' 63 PINSKY, UPFALL D. PIOTROWSKI, WILLIAM J. PAREIGIS, ALEXANDER J. Omega Beta Pi; Newman Club PARIS, JERRY M. Gamma Kappa Rho: President; Young Democrats; Student Government PALASTINA, RICHARD Chicago Circle Players POLSKY, UDELLA Edmund James Scholar; Student Government; Homecoming Queen Finalist; Alpha Lambda Delta PARKER, RICHARD S. Student Government; UICC friends of SNCC PARKINSON, DON Alpha Omega Phi; President; Illinois-Wisconsin National Student Association (Executive Vice-Chairman); Student Government: Committee Chairman; Young Republicans: Committee Chairman PASSARELLI, THOMAS G. PATCHA, JAMES Office of Instructional Resources: Photographer; Chicago Circle Broadcasting PATTERSON, PAT President Activities Honorary Society; Student Govern- ment; Vice-President and Treasurer; Newman Club; Member of Committee on Student Affairs PAUL, MARTIN C. PEDERSON, THORVALD B. Edmund James Scholar POLSON, HENRY S. POORE, LORRIANE J. German Club POSE WICK, JOSEPH J. American Society of Civil Engineers POTASH, NEAL Dagget Astronomical Society; President; THE HUMOR BOOK: Contributing Author and Artist; National Elec- tronics Conference: Lab Assistant POTOCKI, CYNTHIA CCC Debate Club; Newman Club POWELL, CHARLES EDWARD PRENTICE, EDWARD J. American Society of Civil Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers; Christian Science Organization PRICE, JUDITH M. PELLECH, KRYSTYNA Chicago Council of Foreign Relations: Polish Academic Association; Newman Club PRIMEAU, RONALD CCC Literature Committee Chairman; Center Board: Commuter Illini staff; Lambda Iota Tau PEREZ, ALFONSO E. American Institute of Architects PERILLA, HILVA Games Committee PEROTTI, ROBERT Dean ' s List PERVAN, LUKE W. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers PERZOV, JOEL Honors Day; Lambda Lambda Delta; Iota Chi: President; Intramural Softball Champs ' 66 PETERSON, WAYNE E. PROCYK, ROXOLANA S. Ukrainian Club; Spanish Club; Spring Spanish Club play 1967 PROMINSKI, NELLIE L. Dean ' s list; Association for Computing Machinery; Illinois State Scholarship PRUPES, KAREN Alpha Lambda Delta Secretary, Jr. Advisor, Sr. Advisor; Alpha Lambda Delta Tutor PRUTER, HUGO R. JR. Wrestling Team Letterman; Student Government; Students for Democratic Society Officer PRYOR, ROBERT Pi Kappa Delta; Fencing Club; Debate Team; Communica- tions Club PETRAUSKAS, EILEEN Italian Club; Alpha Lambda Delta PUNDY, CHRISTINE Z. Ukrainian Club PHALEN, ROBERT F. PYLE, NORMA S. PIAZZA, BENJAMIN Young Republicans Club; Spanish Club; Skiing Illini PIEHL, DAVID RABIN, MIKE Imega Beta Phi Publicity Committee; Student Govern- ment book exchange; Young Democrats program Co- chairman; Chess Club RACIBOZYNSKI, FRANK M. Edmund James Scholar; Alpha Kappa Psi Treasurer; Intramural Football; Chicago mini RAJFER, JACOB Omsta Beta Pi President; CCC Dance Committee RAPOPORT, GITELLE Dean ' s List; Alpha Lambda Delta; CCC Discussions Committee; Yavneh RAUCH, PATRICIA A. RAZZINO, EVONE REDEMSKE, JOYCE REED, JOYCE L. Delta Sigma Theta; Theater Group REFKE, JUDITH ROSENBERG, DON Art Committee; Graduate Assistantship ROSENBURG, FROMY ROSENBERG, MEL Dean ' s List; Football Team ROSENBURG, KENNETH ROSENBURG, LAWRENCE Psychology Club ROSENFELD, MARK Omega Beta Pi ROSS, SHIRLEY I. ROSTOW, CARY D. Psychology Club; Piet Playhouse- West; Psychology De- partment Research Assistant REIWITCH, WILLIAM D. Literature Committee; Literary Circle-Editor of Poetry ROTKIN, EILEEN Dean ' s List; Honors Day: Dance Committee REMER, SAM Iota Chi ROZYCKI, ROBERT C. Dean ' s List; Gamma Kappa Rho RENK, MARYANN Dean ' s List; Student Education Association RENSCH, FRED JR. RUBIN, STEVEN Iota Chi President; Lambda Lambda Delta Vice President; Circle K Club; Trans-corp Guide RICHARDSON, GERALDINE E. Freshman Orientation Leader RILEY, PATRICK J. Dean ' s List; Student Government; Discussions Committee; Intramural Athletics RIORDAN, JOHN RISK, RICHARD R, Phi Kappa Psi Officer; Psychology Club; German Club ROBERTS, ALLEN N. Hillel RUDIG, DOUGLAS RUHNKE, DONALD A. Chicago mini Staff; Young Democrats RYAN, KENNETH RYAN, STEPHEN RYBANDT, CAROL RZENTKOWSKI, VICTOR S. SALOMON, JACOB ROBINSON, NORTE ROCK, PAT Community Service RODES, THEODERE .JR. Intramural Football; Spanish Club; Intramural ROGERS, MARTIN M. CC Choir; Geography Club ROMAN, HERBERT Student Affairs Advisory Committee; Games Committee; Sigma Delta Pi ROMER, ERIC Lambda Lambda Delta; CCCCommittee-1968; BetaEpsilon Gamma Executive Board CK, ROBERT J. Alpha Kappa Psi; Business Administration Club; UICC Concert Band; Young Republicans R03E, WILLIAM t Lambda Lambda Delta; Iota Chi Vice Presi- dent Young Democrats SALUS, ALAN Dean ' s List; Honors Day; Business Administration Club; Student Advisor SANCHEZ, DAN Psychology Club President; Sigma Delta Pi SANTINI, DEANNA G. SCHAECKENBACH, ROGEN N. Edmund James Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma; IEEE; Bells Honors in Engineering SCHECTMAN, ALFRED J. Art Committee; Omega Beta Pi SCHECTER, JERRY S. Phi Epsilon Pi President, Vice President; Inter- Fraternity Council; Psychology Club SCHECTOR, PHILLIP Volleyball Team; Illini Humanists: Student Articulation Committee; Tour Guide SCHEIM, MARILYN Craft Workshop: Hillel; Humanists; Skiing mini SCHLEGEL, LARRY E. SCHLEIFER, ROBERTA UICC Choir SCHLESINGER, ALINE Honors Day; Student Education Association; Yavneh SCHLOSS, JAMES E. Intramural Basketball SCHNEIDER, MARTHA SCHRAGER, BARRY SCHROEDER, KEITH SCHROEDER, ROLAND P. SCHULTZ, MARIEANN Student Education Association SCHWARTZ, CHARLES SCHWARTZ, JERROLD Omega Beta Pi; Beta Epsilon Gamma Secretary; Student Government; Phi Eta Sigma SCHWARTZ, SHERWYN, L. Omega Beta Pi; UICC Band SCHWARTZ, VALERIE J. Hillel; Student Zionist Organization SCOTT, MARK SCOTT, RALPH L. SEDIVEC, JAMES SEECK, RONALD SEIDMAN, ALLEN Tau Epsilon Phi SELLERS, RODNEY Student Education Association; Intramural Baseball Treasurer; Senior Class Elections Steering Committee SHEHADI, FEIRUZ SHEILS, PAUL SHEPPARD, MARGARET SHERMAN, TERRENCE N. SHIOMOTTO, GAIL SHIU, STEPHEN HO-KIN Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Vice President; Chicago Circle Broadcasting; Intramural Table Tennis Champion SHNEIDER, BEVERLY SHUSTER, PHYLLIS Yavneh Secretary; CC Music Committee SIEGEL, GAYLE A. Student Education Association SIEGEL, STEVEN Dean ' s List; Honors Day; Homecoming Committe SIGL, BERNADETTE A. Dean ' s List; Student Education Association Vice Presi- dent, Secretary SHAW, JOHN W. Fencing Team; Geography Club; ROTC Honor Company Commander; Distinguished Military Graduate SILBERT, MICHAEL Student Articulation Committee; Home Visitation Program; Freshman Orientation Leader SILBERT, RONALD G. SILVERSTEIN, ALLAN Hillel; Yavneh SOMEN, VICTOR E. Ukrainian Club Vice President: Humanities Club; Psychology Club; Tour Guide SENTER, MARK H. Ill SERRITELLA, BILL SHACKMAN, BRUCE Tau Lambda Phi: President; Chicago Illini; Business Manager; Yearbook: Business Manager; Inter-fraternity Council SHAEFER, RENEE Craft Workshop SHAFFER, BARB Women ' s Independent Student Association; Sociology Club SHAFFER, FRANKIE D. Student Articulation Committee; The Group SHAPIRO, HOWARD Inter Fratority Council Rushbook Editor; Tau Kappa Phi SIPIORA, PHILLIP J. Chicago Circle Players; Young Republicans: Literature Committee; Weightlifting Team SIRIANNI, MARY ANN Edmund James Scholar: Dean ' s List; Lambda Iota Tau SKIERSCH, NANCY J. Concert Band SKYBROCK, GARY A. Dean ' s List; Lutheran Association; Alpha Phi Omega Secretary; Honors Day SLIVKA, LAWRENCE SLOVIN, BEVERLY SMIRL, MARY SMITH, BARRY L. Yavneh President; Illini; Student Zionist Organization; Lambda Lambda Delta SMITH, JACK SHAPIRO, WILLIAM SHAW, GERALD F. Honors Day; ROTC Battalion Staff; Lambda Lambda Delta SMITH, KENNETH W. Gymnastic Team SMITH, MARILYN I. 157 SMITH, MICHAEL SMITH, RAYMOND S. SODAITIS, VIRGINIJA M. Aiguillettes Vice President; Newman Club SUMMER, INA SUMMERS, JAMES SOSIN, DAVID Inter-fraternity Council President; Committee on Student Affairs; Sigma Delta Pi President; Lambda Lambda Delta SOSIN, SYBIL Edmund James Scholar; Alpha Lambda Delta; Board of Directors of Student Publications; Student Government Academic Freedom Committee Secretary SOSNOWSKI, BARB J. Dean ' s List; Young Democrats; CC Committee to End War in Viet Nam; S.N.C.C. SPARKS, BARBARA Aiguillettes President and Drill Commander; Activities Honorary Society; Newman Club SPEC TOR, LARRY Student Government Parliamentarian; Cadet Association Treasurer; Humanist Association Vice President; Young Democrats SZAL, RICHARD Homecoming Committee; Baseball Team SZPISJAK, EVELYN T. TABACHNIK, MIRIAM TASLEY, NAUREEN Delta Phi Epsilon; V.LP.; Ski Club; Writers Club TAYLOR, JOHN J. Scoiety of Automotive Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers TAYLOR, PAUL TAYLOR, SEARS Omega Beta Pi; Campus Crusade for Christ; Young Republicans; Pershing Rifles TEMPLER, LAWRENCE SPENCE, PHEBE SPIEGEL, STUART Sigma Delta Pi; Intramural Basketball; Intramural Handball SPILLMAN, MARILYN TEPPER, ALLEN Phi Eta Sigma; Intramural Handball TERZIAN, RICHARD S. Edmund James Scholar; Alpha Kappa Psi; James Scholar Advisory Board; Business Administration Club SPOONER, RALPH C. Skiing mini; Discussion Committee: Newman Club THEOPHILUS, STELLA A. Classics Club STANKEVYCH, ANATOL J. Ukrainian Club; Pershing Rifles STEAD, PHILIP J. Theta Chi Social Chairman-Urbana STEIN GERALD M. Wasmann Biological Society; Social Service Committee; Psychology Club STEPANSKY, RONALD J. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Sigma Phi Omega STEVENS, DALE H. STOLORENA, ROBERT Intramural Basketball; Intramural Football; American Society of Civil Engineers STRAUSS, BENTON C. Dean ' s List THOMAS, THERESA THOMSEN, MARJORIE A. Geography Club TISDALE, ROBERT W. The Group, Alpha Phi Alpha TOBALSKI, CHRISTINE G. THOMAS, PETER TSAPARDONIS, JOHN TUDOR, MICHAEL, Illini Advertising Manager; Russian Club; Skiing mini Vice President TURNER, JANE Delta Sigma Theta; National Education Associati TWINE, BRENDA STRENG, JUDITH A. STRUPECK, JOSEPH J. STYKA, DAVID O. Materials Club Secretary; Young Democrats SUAREZ, EDUABDO V. SUGAR, SAM J. Edmund James Scholar; Yavneh President; Om ga Beta ]- Orientation Committee UPSHAW, ENAID Northern Illinois Chorus; UICC Students of SNCC URBANSKI, THOMAS American Society of Civil Engineers VANDERHYE, DENNIS C. VANDER PLOEG, DOUGLAS B. VAZZANA, FRANK Pier Playhouse; Omega Phi SULLIVAN, HELEN T. VENEZIA, THOMAS VITTI, JOSEPH N. Geography Club VON HELMS, HELGA WAGNER, DOLORES M. Humanists Secretary; Psychology Club: Math Club; Circle WAGNER, GARY Dean ' s List; Lambda Lambda Delta: Intramural Basketball Champions WOLFRAM, MANFRED WONG, GENE Edmund James Scholar; Honors Day WRINGERHOFF, LOIS Hillel Secretary; Commuter Illini Business Manager WROBLEWSKI, GERALDINE E. Edmund James Scholar; CC Concert Choir Section leader; Student Edu cation Association; Speech Research Lab Assistant WAIDZULIS, BRENDA K. WAITZMAN, JEFFREY S. Inter-fraternity Council Treasurer; Illini; Tau Kappa Phi; Student Union Public Relations Committee Chairman WULFFEN, ROBERT E. Newman Club; Young Republicans YANCY, LARRY Kappa Phi; Circle ' 68; Art Committee WALKER, CAROL WALKER, SHIRLEY CC Broadcasters; CC Chamber Choir; Concert Choir; Madrigal Singers WALTERS, JUDITH Tour Guide WALTON, JONATHAN W. JR. Brothers Club President and Secretary; Campus Pals Project; Upward Bound; Student Education Association YANOW, GERI LYNN Student Government; Chicago Illini; Chicago Circle YMCA YATES, LAWRENCE A. YOUNG, JAMES M. Dean ' s List ZACKLER, ALLAN Honors Day; Omega Beta Pi Social Chairman; Phi Eta Sigma WARMOTH, JAMES H. UICC Veterans Club ZACKLER, LYLE M. Hillel President; CCC Board; Faculty Senate Committee on Student Affairs: CCC Discussions Committee Chairman WARREN, CAMILLE A. Alpha Lambda Delta; Circle ' 66 Office Manager; Senior Honors Seminar in English; Illini ZAGORSKY, MARY ZAJAC, CHERYL WEINER, SHARON Dean ' s List; Alpha Lambda Delta ZAJICEK, JAMES Tennis Team; Ping- Pong Team WEISS, HARRIET L. N.E.A.; Student Education Committee Vice President WENZLAFF, GARY WERNER, PHILLIP Dean ' s List; Intramural Basketball ZANCK, JANET L. ZARNDT, JOHN ZAYNER, PAT J. CC Dance Committee; Homecoming Committee; Home- coming Court; Student Orientation Leader WHITE, ALLEN W. JR. WHITE, GERALD A. WHITE, HOLLY M. Student Articulation Committee; Tour Guides; Alpha Mu Psi WILLMENG, MERRILY D. Chi Omega; Honors College; Lake Superior College paper; Reporter and Editor WINKEL, JEFFREY B. Circle ' 68 Sports Editor; Dean ' s List American Insti- tute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Vice President; Society of Automotive Engineers WITT, ARNOLD Student Board of Activities; Tau Epsilon Phi; Young Democrats WOHL, DAVID J. Dean ' s List; Folk Singer; Photography and Film making ZELENY, BARBARA A. ZEMAITIS, JOHN J. Young Republicans President; Young Conservatists: Stu- dent Government Legislation Liaison Committee Chairman: LY.R.C.F. Organizer and Controller ZIAJ, BARBARA ZIGMAN, EILEEN ZIMMERMAN, CAROL S. Honors Day; Lambda Iota Tau; Program for Youth Develop- ment and Teacher Education ZIMMERMAN, ROGER P. Writers Club; Newman Club ZITCH, DALE Yavneh Newsletter Editor; Yavneh Education Committee Chairman ZSCHOCKE, RAINER A KI» BRAINS Ouf ° - SIGHT AND THEN... Pischel Publishing, Inc., Marceline, Missouri • " " " " SirroFILUNOIS-URBANA llllllllllllllllll 3 0112 110343172

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