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CO % V5f " The function of a university is the se for truth and its communication to succ ing generations. " ■ The person charging this material is re- sponsible for its return to the library from which it was withdrawn on or before the Latest Date stamped below. Theft, mutilation, and underlining of books are reasons for disciplinary action and may result in dismissal from the University. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS LIBRARY AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN J£cV3fefB We The Staff Of Circle 66 Hereby Dedicate This Book In Memory Of The Late Governor Adlai E. Stevenson h . -• " " H nann II ill " i CD H X I— I w u P4 I— H U KMHUf mm KEH mi fill fill fill mi ■■■■ ■■■■ flnH HUl ■III 1111 1111 I h— I o hJ hJ fin O H CO w HH £Cl££» CIRCLE ' 66 Editorial Staff Editor-in-Chief Arlen S. Gould Managing Editor Philip Graver Business Manager Gary Reznick Production Manager Claire Lempert Photography Director Roman Hawryluk Photography Editor Jerome Kohierecki Art Direction and Design Johnathan Thomas Campus Affairs Director Risa Wolfgang Assoc. Editor Copy Thomas Manaster Assoc. Editors Contemporary Affairs Richard Salas John Dennis Circulation Director Evelyn Lewis Office Manager Camille Warren B i In the dawn, by highways, subways, alleys and boulevards, by train, bus, subway and car, with transfers in hands, with moist fingers on steering wheels or with numb toes on snowy ground, 8,200 students race the clock to Chicago Circle. pi LfTCl M B- S»4 they wait and stand; they move from desk to desk; they are shuffled like the cards they carry until everyone is dealt his schedule and a new quarter at Chicago ' s University of Illinois can move ahead. -4 ' 3tW H - 2— - ZA ■»3 3A KODAK TRi X % rfSSjjT , W jSmff K S hhi£ L»4 f ? £» i rv B. S X PAN F !LM J iBB PE S| L S jjr p J Let ' s away with study, Folly ' s sweet. Treasure all the pleasure of our youth: Time enough for age to think on truth. 17 J So short a day, And life so quickly hasting And in study wasting Youth that would be gay! 19 Tis our spring that ' s slipping, Winter draweth near, Life itself we ' re losing, And this sorry cheer Dries the blood and chills the heart, Shrivels all delight. 20 21 i w M m So short a day And life so quickly hasting And in study wasting Youth that would be gay! from Carmina Burana (13th Century) • - - " ' - " ri|rTWiiwi . mow l i ii n. i r ' • » 1 i ri 1 tl i i ii i fa fc MwMhMfc 4 J BOARD OF TRUSTEES RAY PAGE Member Ex-Officio u ). 4 DAVID D. HENRY President 7 The President bid them welcome, the class of ' 69. " ... although the University is large, it is dedicated to the welfare of the individual student. In turn, we ask the students to remember that we are all in the public service: the Board of Trustees, the President and central administrative officers, the Vice Presidents, deans, department heads, the members of the faculty. We serve the State of Illinois, but we do so in the tradition of the great university unbounded by time or geography. You will be reminded many times that you are, in a sense, charter members of this new campus, coming at the beginning of its first full school year. You will be a part of its traditions, and you will influence its character and mode. " And with these students of the Circle, David Dodds Henry shared his dream. " We have sensed the immortality which goes with youth service, as we anticipate the benefits in the lives of the countless thousands who in the future will here be trained, enlightened, inspired, and dedicated to human service, and we have caught a glimpse of the meaning of a university to a community, a state, a nation and to a world as the generative and local center of the creative forces of a people. " 29 NORMAN A. PARKER Vice President I WARREN O. BROWN HAROLD KLEHR Derm of Men Director, Student Counseling Service FRAZER G. POOLE Director of the Chicago Circle Library Faculty Senate CURTIS RETHERFORD Associate Dean, The Graduate Coiiege HAROLD E. TEMMER Associate Dean of Admit and Records HAROLD W. BAILEY Assistant Vice President James J. Overlook Director, Chicago Circle Center Seymour S. Raven Director, Organizations and Activitii Grove) l. Shipton D re I ' ' . Public Information ohn E. Kysar, M.IJ. Director, Studeni Health Service J. E. Osborn Business Manager, Chicago Campus Frank W. Houck Associate Director, Physical Plant 35 George F. McGregor Associate Director, Nonacademic Personnel Office COLLEGE OF ART ARCHITECTURE Dean Leonard T. Currie Associate Dean Alvin S. Boyarski Assistant to the Dean Roland Rathbun Art Chairman Alfred P. Maurice wmamiUM COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Co, ChU ago Dean Raymond W. Coleman Associate Dean Jack T. Turner Assistant Dean William J. Dunne -Ui z- - or £_= — — E = : ro r z cn--cn A _ " £+ a 1- OB. 2 zpc jEr •3= • -IE zo 3 j _Ee = e co- o ©-fc I« .5- 3L«LE- EE A -= i — «pI!L. -■ufz-z . c£3p i=- eCOLLEGE of Engineering :r :| 3;r-E EE _ : -E o J _ie_ -==- g:ES " E a: Dean Robert B. Banks Associate Dean Rupert M. Price Assistant Dean Dale H. Walraven The Psychology of Crime r 4 THE ODYSSEY POLITICS AWD COHTF MPOH A Y M AMERICAN CVLTVHE KMlt W Ui |sfur IH« s COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS SCIENCES Acting Dean Stanley L. Jones Associate Dean Ellis B. Little Student Advising, Assistant Dean John H. Mackin • » V. E. Ricks; Director, The Division of Education S. L. Fordham; Director, Division of Physical Education and Athletics Department Heads of the College of Liberal Arts and Sci- nack, F. J. Kuellmcr, J. Landin, Ruth Marcus, D. C. Mc- Btanley L. [ones, Acting Dean; II. Barber, J.O. Cor- Cluney, R. L, Miller, R. B. Ogle, R. V. Remini, W. F. Sager, lisa A Cutahall, I. E, Farber, E. K. Kissinger, K, V. Har- ]. Sanchez, W. A. Schyler, G. Terrell, L. Winsberg. CamRsI e CamRsI k CamRsI k CamRsI ■ ■ CamRsI k CamRsI k CamRsI life CamRsI jte CamRsI k CamRsI k CamRsI k CamRsI k CamRsI k CamRsI k CamRsI k ••i Mian • tit ar «. WUfc ' " fl K .UXujfl ■■ ■ W P - V Sm ■V T JE f " fcu " " : «a » ■ ■ t » 1 The beginning of a new era in education became a reality on February 22, 1965, with the opening of Chicago Circle. Mayor Richard J. Daley officially opens Chicago Circle to the world, as Governor Otto Kerner, Trustee President Clement and President D. D. Henry look on. American Society of Civil Engineers Lutheran Student Association Omega Beta Pi NotO Koslowsky The Hillel Foundation presents . . . JUDAIQUE 1 YAVNEH v 4 Ih] % i 1 ii Illini Humanists II ± Ifcj I I ' lIMsntii I 61 Varsity Lettermen ' s Assoc. 62 Chicago Circle Rifle Club . ■V-u, ' ■ ' .;-: • p .? _or • 1 5 . " «p» fei • " j ' Wi? ' B y wfi ••-: Vi; % K ' jL tF 1§§I ?m . • | ' .• --• Ci :, ' - Ukrainian Club Pi Kappa Deltf Persbii The Circle: composed of lines, squares, triangles. All symmetrical, all perfect. Very few curves, just straight lines. But someh ow they go unnoticed; somehow the bleak austerity of concrete and glass is offset by Something. The Somethings are all shapes, all sizes. They smile, they laugh and they cry. Our compliments to the planners of Chicago Circle for providing the Somethings for this campus. Thanks for giving Chicago Circle GIRLS. 67 A particularly favorite Something of ours is Kathy Kelleher, Miss Circle ' 66 ' Kelly ' typifies the type of Something that makes the Circle come alive. $ he L niversi ' ty Band performs al ho ,■■■■ _ ___ iii ' _ " s Illy Km } lit Wvtful Hb M ■hSPhm mfl Mm 1 1 ' fPi al UICC ' s Concert Choir, under the direction of Or. Edwin Fissinger. mecoming Pier Playhouse West Susan Stevens, current Editor-in-Chief of the Chicago Iliini. 1 ■jj 1 t7. x ■r i MM Dave Lee, Photo Editor The Mini spends a typical Friday night the printer ' s. Jim Reynolds, Community Editor Mel Klegerman, Feature Editor «M?) D1QJ1 1 IU.INOH T CHICASO CUCll U»VM1 II, l| Dolan Calls For Food Boycott STUDENT GOVERNMENT S.G. ' s Tony Podesta is challenged to a ' tug-of-war ' by the Chicogo Mini ' s Susan Stevens. JHWstiML ii i ■ BCTi r r; m W ' i ■ M ■i 78 ' ' «aS -» fc vh, 1 ; ' - ' 1 ! fi .J 81 O O 82 PQ W PQ U 2 -; ,.....?- i " -• fo 83 84 B o o 2 C 3 W C 3 U M H en o o u w fa 87 88 ! «V Jti-W : 1 Q r rA w l 89 PQ H W PQ w u u o C 3 91 92 2 O U P Q w u co PC CO 93 Society of American Military Engineers R.O.T.C. Battalion Commander and Staff 95 U H 6 pi Advance Corps I ■ I It is hard for some people to grow old without becoming cynical, but I would say to young people: listen to the old and the young courte- ously but be careful who influences you. If you run across those who see no good in the world, who say everything is going to the dogs and that most people are rascals, don ' t believe them. But don ' t reject wisdom from whatever source it may come. Some of your elders have lived a long time, some of them have learned much. The trick is to select the truly wise ones and listen to them. GOVERNOR ADLAI E. STEVENSON Chicago, 1950 99 This year of ours — like every year, an earth ' s turning once about the sun to warm up, to cool off, to escape the sun ' s hold, to try to shake off the annoyance on its back— who knows — to find some place to hide — is done. It has been a unique year, but then, uniqueness is a trait we have come to expect of our years. 100 Still some things seem never to change. Man is still blessed with mortality, and he doesn ' t seem to like it any more than he ever did. And he is still cursed with ambition, purpose and the " joy ' ' of accomplishment. A look at school year 1965-1966 reveals, generally speaking, that many of the age-old questions are still around. Questions like: What ' s for supper? Will he live? How did you do? What will they think of next? Why not do it my way? What ever happened to good-old-what ' s-his name? Why ' d she ever marry him? Who ' s on first? Do you think we should? Are you serious? Do you think it will last? Is that the only reason? and Why? and the unspoken, perhaps wordless, question of whether IBM or ICBM will decide our future. Photos i ourtesy UP1 ABC Gemini Blast-off Cape Kennedy; March, 1966 Gotham City; 1966 But when you are remembering, it will be the unique events that will set this year off from all the rest. We started the year with mixed feelings. Some of us loved and others loathed our new, giant, cement learning machines. University Hall looked like Navy Pier stood on end. We walked along our chiseled highways to class, or under these highways where almost all of the previous year ' s mud had now been covered with grass, as green and as tentative as freshmen. And we sat and baked, like pigeons, all over our exedrae, cooing calculus, politics, and small talk. In the evening, when the lights transformed the exedrae and the amphitheater, we stood with our dates and looked at the city ' s sky and thought of guys who had " gone in " first, to get " it " out of the way, and we wondered about our bought time. THOMAS And we marveled that the hands moving so swiftly over the clock ' s face left no trail — showed none of the indecisions, the reversals, nor the " bargain-basement-decisions-we- didn ' t-make " of our lives. For we belonged to the exclusive human club, and the password was " conflict. " UPI Photo Qui Nhon, South Viet Nam; March, 1966 Bill Mauldln Tt HATE TO MEET ' EN WMEN THEY ' RE UNANIMOUS. " Bill Mauldin THE: STRATEGIST? Courtesy CHICAGO SUN-TIMES That word, which they were kind enough to eliminate from our childhood vocabulary, but which makes its way to the forefront of oui adult lives, we should now experience in its most grand and awesome aspects: CONFLICT. Watts; August, 1965 UPl Telephc , 04 ty is declared; August, 19€ i Overnight we became experts in making decisions and taking sides, whether we liked it or not. The paradox of war amid human progress brought us face to face with important, far- reaching decisions. " Am I my brother ' s keeper? " was further complicated by such secondary questions as: " Who is my brother? " and " Does he want to be helped? " 105 But for many of us the brother was very real and the commitment undeniable. To still others the issue was the reality of Communism ' s forceful advance. Amid the confusion it was sometimes difficult to distinguish the individual who simply had no brothers and no interest except for his own safety. Kwame Nkrumah Mao Tse-Tung Ill i fc Santo Domingo, Red China, Indonesia: Yesterday they were irregular blue, green, yellow, or pink shapes on a map; today they have faces — faces with eyes focused on us, helping to decide our future, fading with time or growing grotesquely large. Why do we call it a " fun house " when there are so many frightening surprises? 107 Mrs. Indira Gandhi Moscow; November, 19f 5 The phenomenon of leadership — the individual raised above his peers — fascinates us. We call them " good, " " bad, " " weak, " or " strong " depending upon our point of view, and whether they shape the masses under them, or the masses rule them. In either case they are feared, held in awe, respected, and sometimes loved. Mayor Richard J. Daley Our year saw the death of one of the most loved of all times — Sir Winston Churchill. Somehow it is difficult to accept the mortality of a giant. Bill Umuiain s s f 51 aW ™ ' i Utfiifl Wr ' Courtesy Chicago Sun-Times 110 f We are told that we live in an age of technology. Our finite minds find it difficult to imagine where we can go from here, but it is exciting to speculate. Limitless extension of the enjoyable use of the five senses and the mind, and the elimination of pain and discomfort in order to heighten the enjoyment, seem assured — if mankind doesn ' t tire of the game. Man ' s first rendevous in space, December 17, 1965. Gemini 7 as viewed through pilot window of Gemini 6 UP Phc Bill Maul din Bill Mauldin CL CEX y • jLi f ?mk I : i MX r 11 M ' i CHAMPIONS of THE MASTER RACE B 7 Mauldin k HjT7 r - ' " -i ga|ja| r «5a? STjpf JO V i l -..2a» ' £?S!£s» ' MAN, YOU ' RE LOOKING FOR FI6HTERS. I ' M ONLY A SOxEK. " CHICAGOAN OF THE YEAR United States U.N. Ambassador ARTHUR J. GOLDBERG THE YEAR THAT GAVE TO ALL The Artificial Heart Civil Rights Legislation A Walk in Space Cabinet Post, Urban Affairs Better Education for All Man ' s First Docking in Space War on Poverty Attack Upon the Slums Re-Apportionment Wall Street Nears D.J. 1000 mark: Rent Subsidies The Beginning of Equality of Opportunity for All . . . AND TOOK FROM MANY Viet Nam Selma, Ala. Santo Domingo Watts, L.A. Through it all, His head was high His courage great, His words profound. Our Chicagoan of the Year, Arthur J. Goldberg FIRST CHICAGO GRADUATING CLASS Navy Pier to Chicago Circle William Johnson President lames Alexander Vice President 114 FIRST SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Francine Smith Secretary Marguerite Shuchter Treasure! AGRESS. KENNETH H. ALEXANDER, JAMES N. AL-KHATIB, MOHAMMAD B.S. in Accounting; Business Adm. B.A. in Political Science; L.A.S. B.S. in General; Bus. Adm. ARLT. RICHARD W. B.A. in History; L.A.S. ARMBRUSTER, JUDY IABLER, SUSAN B.S. in Chemistry; L.A.S. BARASCH, SUSAN B.A. in English Lit; L.A.S. BERGER, JORDAN BI ' .KNDOM. JOHN T. BICHOWSKY, TILDEN ELROY U.S. in Accounting; Business Adm. B.A. in Political Science; L.A.S. B.S. in Marketing; Bus. Adm. BISHOP, REGINALD S. in Mathematics; L.A.S. I .S. in Chemistrv; L.A.S S. in Biology; L.A.S. ' m WBv. 1 PP BOLTON, NAMIHIRA BOVEY, FREDERIC WILLIAM B.S. in Mathematics; L.A.S. B.S. in Economics; Bus. Adm. BRUCATO. ROBERT ,S. in Physics; L.A.S. BRUNS. JOSEPH B.A. in Psychology; L.A.S. iAUVk CALAMAIO, LIBERTO LEE CAMPBELL, fERRY CIANCANELLI, WILLIAM CLARK, WAYNE B.S. in Mathematics; L.A.S. B.S. in Marketing; Bus. Adm. B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. B.S. in Mathematics; L.A.S. COTTER. EDWARD B.A. in English; L.A.S. COX. fOHN B.S. in General; Bus. Adm. CURTIS, PATRICK B.A. in English; L.A.S. DREBEN, STEVEN R. DRIER, RONALD .A. in Political Science; L.A.S. B.A. in Political Science; L.A.S DRURY, LARRY DANIEL DUNN, MARY ELLEN A. B.S. in Economics; Bus. Adm. B.A. in English; L.A.S. DZIEDZIC, LAWRENCE B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. 120 ELIAS, FARID J. B.S. in Chemistry; L.A.S ELLISON, RHOYGNETTE WEBB ENGSTROM, PHILIP B.A. in Psychoiogy; L.A.S. B.A. in History; L.A.S. EVANSKY, ANTHONY I- ' . FIERER, SHERYL B.S. in Accounting; Bus. Adm. B.S. in Economics; L.A, FORD, DONALD D. FOSTER, MICHAEL T. B.S. in Sociology; L.A.S. B.S. in Economics; Bus. Adm. FOSTER, PAUL B.S. in Mathematics; L.A.S. FRANKLIN, CHARLES B.A. in English; L.A.S. FRANK, ROBERTA B.S. in Sociology; L.A.S. ii jiuIDIIIitflgaiitfi % ' t ■ i i i M 1 n FREITAG, PER B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. FRIEDMAN, LAWRENCE B.A. in Economics; L.A.S. FREUND, ROBERT B.S. in German; L.A.S. FULLMAN, CHARLES RANDOLPH GAGNON, SUSAN B.S. in Zoology; L.A.S. B.A. in Eng ish; L.A.S. GARTMAN, DONALD GRAFMAN, JERRY B.S. in Accounting; Bus. Adm. B.A. in Political Science; L.A.S. 122 GOULD, ARLEN STUART GRAZIS, STANLEY B.A. in Political Science; L.A.S. B.S. in Chemistry; L.A.S. GRONER, MICHAEL B.S. in Accounting; Bus. Adm. GROSS, RUTH B.A. in English; L.A.S. GROSSE, BONNIE B.S. in Sociology; L.A.S. GUCWA, JOANNE B.S. in Chemistry; L.A.S. GULA, CAROLE ANN B.A. in English; L.A.S. HEIM, EDWARD B.A. in Political Science; L.A.S. ■I ? ' ? V - ' V E •aK HERBSTMAN, RICHARD HIEROMNIMON, ALEXANDER B.S. in Economics; Bus. Adm. B.A. in English; L.A.S. HOFFSTADTER, ALAN HOOPER, RICHARD LEE B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. B.S. in Mathematics; L.A.S. V • , ' t i i • HOUGH, DONALD HOWARD HURLESS, SUSAN B.S. in Economics; Bus. Adm. B.A. in History; L.A.S. JACOBS, BARRY L. B.S. in Economics; Bus. Adm. [ACOBS, JEFFREY STEVEN JACOBSON, ENID .S. in Accounting; Bus. Adm. B.S. in Biology: L.A.S JACOBSON, SAMUEL GREGORY JAGODZINSKI, RAYMOND S. B.S. in English Lit; L.A.S. B.A. in History: L.A.S. JOHNSON, GARY L. B.A, in English; L.A.S. JOHNSON, WILLIAM W. B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. JOSEPH, SHERRY MERLE B.A. in History; L.A.S. KIRCHHOFF, STEPHEN B. KIRSHENBAUM, MICHAEL B.A. in American Lit; L.A.S. B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. KLAWIR, IRIS B.S. in Chemistry; L.A.S. KNAPP, VIRGINIA KNUTH. HOLLY CATHERINE B.S. in Mathematics; L.A.S. B.A. in English; L.A.S. 126 KODNER, JAY IRWIN .S. in Economics; Bus. Adm KOPKA, SAM KROZELL, SANDRA LEE .A. in Political Science; L.A.S. B.A. in English; L.A.S. ZENDORF ROBER1 C LAFFERTY, PATRICIA MAE LANTZ, (III)Y B.S. in Accounting; Bus. Adm. B.A. in English; L.A.S. B.A. in English; L.A.S. LAWRENCE, DAVID B.S. in Accounting; Bus. Adm. LOEWINSOHN, FRED B.S. in Mathematics; L.A.S v - %r- i i LONG, THEODORE B.A. in Spanish, L.A.S. 128 LOPEZ, NOEMI B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. MACK, JAMES B.S. in Economics; Bus. Adm. MacLEAD, MAE BRITT B.A. in Political Science; L.A.S. MM MANN, JEROME MARVIN MARICH. RONALD B.A. in PoJitical Science; L.A.S. B.A. in History; L.A.S. MASIULIS, ANA B.S. in Chemistry; L.A.S. MAIJKUKAS, FRANK A B.S. in Chemistry; I..A.S. MHI.NIKOFF, AKNOI, E B.S, in Biology; I..A.S. MEYER, JOEL S. in Accounting; Bus. Adm. Bur Liiv MICHEL, STEVEN B.S. in Accounting; Bus. Adm. MILLER, ELLEN B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. MLAKAR, HELMUT MOELL, HANS A. .S. in Accounting; Bus. Adm. B.A. in English; L.A.S. vir tit fir fir mr inr iip fit mi •■ MOLTZ, MARTIN MONCADA, RAMON E. B.A. in PoJiticaJ Science; L.A.S. B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. MOROWITZ, WILLIAM A. B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. MORRISON, [AMES B.S. in Physics; L.A.S. NAKUMURA. CAROLYN B.A. in English; L.A.S. NAKANO, MARIKO B.A. in English; L.A.S. NEURAUTER, ROBERT B.S. in Economics; Bus. Adm. NEWMAN, ARNOLD B.A. in English; L.A.S. PAULAUSKIS. WAYNE B.S. in Mathematics; L.A.S. PETERSON, DIANE B. J, in Economics; Bus, Adm I ' l.ATT, HLEANORE A. B.A. in English; L.A.S. [ENIS, PHILIP A. I!. A. in Geography; L.A.S. REIF, RICHARD B.S. in Physics; L.A.S REIFF, EUGENE B.A. in Philosophy; L.A.S. REST, JEFFREY S in Physics; L.A.S. 132 RICK, JAMES B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. RINGQUIST, NEIL ROBISON, LARRY M. B.A. in Political Science; L.A.S. B.S. in Physics; L.A.S. ROGERS MARGARET B.A. in Sociology; L.A.S. ROOS, (AMI ' S M. B.A. in History, L.A.S. ROSEN, RICHARD S. ROSENBERG, DAVID W. B.A. in Political Science; L.A.S. B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. RUEBNER, RALPH SAIKEN, HENRY M. B.A. in Political Science; L.A.S. B.S. in Accounting, Bus. Adi SAMUCHIN, VERA A. in Political Science; L.A.S. B.A. in English; L.A.S sm SANTONI, JERRY SANTOWSKI, KENNETH JOHN B.S. in Mathematics; L.A.S. B.S. in Economics; Bus. Adm. SAVAGE, HUGH ROBERT B.S. in Mathhematics; L.A.S. SCHAFFER, MORRIE SCHILLER, ROBERT J. B.S. in Accounting; Bus. Adm. B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. SCHOONVELD. LAMBERT H. B.S. in Physics; L.A.S. 134 SCHWARTZ, ROBERT SCHWARTZ, RONALD SCHWARTZ, SHELDON B.S. in Accounting; Bus. Adm. B.A. in Political Science; L.A.S. B.A. in Political Science; L.A.S. SCHWARTZ, STUART M fi.s. in Biology; L.A.S. SHAPIRO, DAVID .A. in English; L.A.S. mamm — — mmmmam SMITH, EDWARD B.A. in English; L.A.S. SMITH, FRANCINE C. B.S. in Sociology; L.A.S. SOBEL, ALAN PHILLIP SONTAG, STEPHEN B.A. in Political Science; L.A.S. B.A. in Biology; L.A.S. SOURILE, WILLIAM HOWARD B.A. in English; L.A.S. STEIN, JONATHAN JOEL B.S. in PhyschoJogy; L.A.S. STERN, YVETTE B.A. in Speech; L.A.S. STRUM, LORELEI JUDYNE SULAS, LEONAS P. .A. in English; L.A.S. B.S. in Chemistry; L.A.S. SUSHINSKY, LEONARD SVOBODA, JANINE B.A. in Psychology; L.A.S. B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. SYDORENKO, ALEXANDER B.A. in History: L.A.S. TAAFFE, JAMES E. TENNANT, JEFFREY B.S. in Accounting; Bus. Adm. B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. TENNENBAUM, RHODA B.S. in Sociology; L.A.S. TOMSA, CAMILLE B.A. in English Lit; L.A.S. WALSCHLAGER, JAMES C. A. in Psychology; L.A.S. WALTZ, PAMELA J. WAMBACH, TRUDY B.A. in Psychology; L.A.S. B.S. in Sociology; L.A.S. WATANABE. DENNIS B.S. in History; L.A.S. 138 WEAVER, REGINA B.A. in Psychology; L.A.S. WEBB, TEENA B.A. in Eng ish; L.A.S. WHITE, JOHN A. B.A. in English; L.A.S. WHITE, LEON J. WIHSMANN, WILLIAM J. JR. WILSON. WILHEMINA B.S. In Accounting; Bus. Adm. B.A. In German; L.A.S. B.S. in Biology; L.A.S. WOLAN, CHESTER J. JR. B.S. in Economics; Bus. Adm. WOLF, DAN B.A. in Psychology; L.A.S. WOLLHEIM, RHONDA B.A. in English; L.A.S. WYSOCKI, IRENE B.S. in Chemistry; L.A.S. ZINDELL, LEE H. B.S. in Business; Bus. Adm. ZITTLER, FERN ZUSEL, GERALD M. B.A. in English; L.A.S. B.S. in Economics; Bus. Adr Canio Radice, Professor of Art, was devoted to the development of a state supported university in Chicago. He gave all his time and effort to make certain that this university would be dedicated to scholastic excellence, imaginative research, academic freedom and a respect for the rights 140 of students. The late professor of Art, Canio Radice, unofficial advisor to Circle ' 66 (left to right) U. of I Presi- dent, David D. Henry. Alien Gould, Andy Dolan. Mayor Richard J. Daley. CIRCLE SIXTY-SIX STAFF The work of many minds, The work of long hours, The work of talented people, The work of dedicated people, THIS IS CIRCLE ' 66 ZZ i4L ? J L Arlen S. Gould Editor-in-Chief, CIRCLE ' 66 [left] Phil Graver, Managing (right) Posed with lovely fe male, John Thomas, Art Di rector and Designer. Gary Reznick Business Manager Phil Graver looks on as Claire Lempert (left) Production Manager and Evie Lewis, Circulation Director, discuss yearbook plans. PHOTOGRAPHY Real cause of 1966 Circl Blackout. Dr. Patricia McFate, Editorial Advisor, talks ' 66 with UICC faculty. Professor Tadao Takano, Production Advisor. Camille Warren, Office Manager 146 CIRCLE ' 66 Board of Directors, Karl Sonkin. Chairman; Prof. Patricia McFate, Prof. O. Miller. Prof. T. Takano, Dean R. Crane (ex-officio). Mr. S. Raven (ex-officio). C. Lempert. C. Uguccioni, A. Gould, P. Graver, G. Reznick, A. Dolan. S. Stevens. Star salesman, Howie Green John Dennis IT ALL STARTED HERE UK : SHOULD HAVE A «EAL CAMPUS Navy Pier - ■ ■ 5 ■ ■:■,■ I dW: ■ SENIOR ACTIVITIES Agress, Kenneth Alexander, James Vice President Senior Class, Activities Honorary Society (President), Student Congress, Illini Forensic Union. Al-Khatib, Mohammad Arab Club (President). Arlt, Richard Armbuster, Judy Babler, Susan Alpha Lambda Delta (Vice President), Activities Honorary Society (Secretary), American Chemical Society (Secretary), Scholarship Key and Class Honors. Barasch, Susan Young Democrats, Humanities Club, Hil- lel, Folk Song Club. Beren, Phyllis Mental Health Club. Berger, Jordan Lambda Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List. Bernbom, John Student Government (Assistant Treas- urer), Conservative Club (President), Young Americans For Freedom, Young Democrats. Bichowsky, Tilden Intramural Champs Baseball, Basketball, Marketing Club (Registration Official), Statistics Lab Assistant. Bishop, Huelene S.E.A., French Club, Senior Steering Committee, Senior Convocation Commit- tee. Bishop, Reginald Math Club. Blaz, Howard President American Chemical Society, Young Democrats, Sub Chairman CCC Art Committee. Bolton, Edmund Bolton, Namihira Bovey, Frederic American Chemical Society, Inter Var- sity Christian Fellowship, Soccer. Briney, Walter Brucato, Robert Bruns, Joseph Amateur Radio Club (Vice President). Calamaio, Liberto Chemistry Club. Campbell, Jerry Ciancanelli, William Senior Steering Committee Clark, Wayne Cotter, Edward Cox, John Curtis, Patrick Executive Editor Poetry Circle Magazine, Vice Chairman Chicago Center Board, Chairman Chicago Circle Center Litera- ture Committee, Chicago Illini Staff. D ' Asto, Joseph University Dance Committee (Treasurer), National Student Association Coordina- tor, Activities Honorary, Business Admin- istration Club (Vice President). Dayan, Salomon Omega Beta Pi. Dempsey, Owen Dennis, John Writers Club (President), First T.V. Show (Co-Producer), Desire Under the Eims, Circle ' 66 (Assoc, copy editor). Dreben, Steven Tennis Team. Dreier, Ronald Dean ' s List, Honors Day Participant. Drury, Larry Dean ' s List, Comparative Economics Committee, Marketing Club. Dunn, Mary Ellen Newman Club, Student Education Asso- ciation. Dziedzic, Lawrence Elias, Farid Treasurer of Omega Beta Pi, Chairman International Student Commission, Inter- national Relations Committee, Counselor Student Freshman Weekend. Ellison, Rhoygnette Orchesis, French Club, SNCC, Humani- ties Club. Engstrom, Philip Edmund J. James Scholar. Evansky, Anthony Lambda Lambda Delta, YMCA, Young Republicans, Student Government. Fierer, Sheryl Member of Homecoming Committee. Ford, Donald UICC Friends of SNCC (Treasurer), Pole- march Alpha Rho Chapter Kappa Alpha Psi. Foster, Michael Varsity Football, Varsity Lettermen ' s Club, Business Administration Club, Young Democrats. Foster, Paul Math Club. Frank, Roberta Trans-Corp. Volunteer. Franklin, Charles Illini Board of Directors. Freitag, Per Student Government, Omega Beta Pi, In- ternational Student Commission, Activi- ties Honorary Society. Friedman, Lawrence Illini Forensic Union, Yavneh, Student Zionist Organization. Freund, Robert Phi Eta Sigma. Fullman, Charles Biology Seminar, American Chemical Societ y, German Club, Circle " K " Club. Gagnon, Susan English Club, Publicity Director Student Education Association. Gartman, Donald Lambda Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List, In- tramural Sports. Gould, Arlen S. Editor-in-Chief Circle ' 66, Chicago Illini Board of Directors, Former Photo Editor Chicago Illini, Young Democrat, Execu- tive Board, Dean ' s List, Pier Illini. Grafman, Jerry Grazis, Stanley -140 University Theatre Staff, Edmund James Scholar, Class Honors. Groner, Michael Lambda Lambda Delta, Student Govern- ment Committee on Fraternities and So- roroties, Financial Aids Advisory Board. Gross, Ruth Grosse, Bonnie Intramural Volleyball. Gucwa, Joanne Newman Club, Chamber Choir. Gula, Carole Ann Heim, Edward Hieromnimon, Alexander Writers Club, Hellenic Club, Ernest Van Kewren Humanities Award, 1965. Herbstman, Richard Hoffstadter, Alan UICC Concert Choir (President), Campus Tour Guide, Committee on Organizations and Activities, Activities Honorary Soci- ety. Hooper, Richard Hough, Donald Edmund J. James Scholar, Business Ad- ministration Club, Dean ' s List. 150 Hurless, Susan Alpha Lambda Delta. Jacobs, Barry College Honors, Scholarship Key Award, Marketing Club, Teaching Research Assistant in the Department of Psychol- Jacobs, Jeffrey Captain Intramural Football Team, As- sistant Intramural Football Referee, Soci- ety for the Advancement for Manage- ment. Jacobson, Enid Omega Beta Pi (Secretary), Chicago II- lini, Chicago State Hospital Volunteer Group. Jacobson, Samuel Phi Eta Sigma, Omega Beta Pi, College Honors, Edmund J. James Scholar. Jagodzinski, Raymond Dean ' s List, Class Honors. Johnson, Gary Johnson, William President Senior Class, Varsity Letter- men ' s Association, Activities Honorary Society, Seven Varsity Letters. Joseph, Sherry Dean ' s List, Class Honors, Student Zion- ist Organization, Senior Steering Com- mittee. Jud, Charlene Concert Choir, Geography Club. Juss, Raphael German Club. Kaufman, Mitchell Edmund J. James Scholar, Class Honors, Psychology Club. Kent, Don Chumley ' s, CC Writer Magazine (Con- tributor). Kirchhoff, Stephen UICC Writers Club, University Choir, Pier 1 11 in i. Humanities Club. Kirshenbaum, Michael Spanish Club, Intramural Basketball Volleyball. Klawir, Iris Chemistry Club. Knapp, Virginia Chicago Illini, SEA Secretary. Knuth, Holly Newman Club (Secretary), Union Social Committee. Kodner, Jay Intramural Football, Homecoming Com- mittee, Young Democrats, Young Repub- Kopka, Sam Yearbook Staff, Senior Steering Commit- tee, Young Democrats, Intramural Bas- ketball Champs. Krozell, Sandra Spanish Club, Circle ' 66 Steering Com- mittee. Kuntzendorf, Robert Intramural Sports, James Scholar. Lafferty, Patricia Student Education Association (Secre- tary). Lantz, Judy Lawrence, David Lechin, Dan Honors Day Committee, Convocation Committee, Intramural Basketball and Baseball. Lerman, Michael Tour Guide. Levenfeld, Richard Livatine, Melvin Spanish Club (Vice President). Loewinsohn, Fred Student Government Policy Board, Math Club, Chemistry Club. Lolis, Milton Business Administration Club, Hellenic Club, Sherman Field Weight Lifting Club. Long, Theodore Activities Honorary Society, Student Na- tional Education Association, Spanish Club, French Club. Lopez, Noemi Spanish Club, French Club, Senior Steer- ing Committee, Trans-Corp Guide. Mack, James MacLead, Mae Britt Alpha Lambda Delta, Young Democrats. Mann, Jerome Yavneh, Lambda Lambda Delta. Marich, Ronald Illini Forensic Union (President), Pi Kappa Delta (President), Pier Playhouse, Activities Honorary. Maurukas, Frank Melnikoft, Arnol Senior Steering Committee, Dean ' s List, Tennis Team, Chicago Illini Staff. Meyer, Joel Dean ' s List, Scholarship Key. Michel, Steven Miller, Ellen Omega Beta Pi. Spanish Club, Trans- Corp Guide, Senior Steering Committee Mlakar, Helmut Moell, Hans Pier Playhouse West. Moltz, Martin Illini Union Bridge Series, Bridge Team. Moncada, Ramon Spanish Club (Vice President), Young Republicans. Morowitz, William Phi Eta Sigma, James Scholar. Morrison, James Nakamura, Carolyn Trans-Corp, Campus Tour Guide. Nakano, Mariko Neurauter, Robert Newman, Arnold National News Editor Chicago Illini, Omega Beta Pi. Paulauskis, Wayne Math Club, Basketball Intramurals. Peterson, Diane Piatt, Eleanore Choir, Trans-Corp Guide, Senior Class Steering Committee, Senior Voting Com- mittee. Plienis, Philip Geography Club (President). Price, Larry Primack, Michael Writers Club (President). Pruitt, Susan Rainey, James Chicago Illini Movie Critic. Rappaport, Andrea Raumann, Heike Reif, Richard Reiff, Eugene Trans-Corp, Intramural Baseball. Rest, Jeffrey Rick, James German Club, Arab Club, Intramural Referee, Hillel. Ringquist, Neil Robinson, Larry Engineering Societies Council (Presi- dent), American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Rogers, Margaret Dean ' s List. Roos, James Chicago Mini News Features Staff, Pier Music Club. Rosen, Richard Chircle ' 66, Chicago Illini, Young Demo- crats, Senior Steering Committee. Rosenberg, David Ruebner, Ralph Student Congress (President), Activities Honorary Society, University Senate Committee on Student Affairs. Saikin, Henry Commerce Club. Salas, Richard Contemporary Affairs Editor Circle ' 66, Young Democrats, International Relations Club. Shapiro, David Omega Beta Pi (President), Phi Eta Sigma National Men ' s Honorary Frater- nity (President), International Relations Club, Hillel. Shapiro, Ronald Senior Steering Committee. Shuchter, Marguerite Student Congress (Corresponding Secre- tary), Committee on Student Affairs, So- cial Events Committee, Spanish Club. Simon, Steve Dean ' s List, Wrestling Team, Business Administration Club. Slovick, Joseph Young Republicans. Smith, Edward Chicago Illini. Tennant, Jeffrey Math Club (President), Chess Club (Vice President), Young Republicans, Young Conservatives. Tennenbaum, Rhoda Tomsa, Camille Wallendar, John Geography Club. Walschlager, James Psychology Club, Newman Club, Com- mittee on Student Discounts. Walz, Pamela Wambach, Trudy Student Government (NSA Coordinator), Chicago Illini Campus Affairs Editor, Ad- visory Board for Student Volunteers. Watanabe, Dennis Samuchin, Vera Film Committee, Dean ' s List. Santoni, Jerry Math Club, Newman Club, Bowling, Stu- dent Government Policy Board of LAS. Santowski, Kenneth Phi Eta Sigma, James Scholar, Society of American Military Engineers (President), Cadet Association (President). Savage, Hugh Math Club, German Club. Schaffer, Morrie Lambda Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List, Stu- dent Government Committee on Fraterni- ties, Honors Day. Schiller, Robert Schoonveld, Lambert Schwartz, Robert Class Honors, Varsity Lettermen ' s Asso- ciation, Dean ' s List, Intramural Athlete of the Year. Schwartz, Ronald Class Honors, Intramural Athlete of the Year, Dean ' s List, International Relations Club. Schwartz Sheldon Dean ' s List, International Relations Club, Intramural Athlete of the Year, Intramu- ral Basketball Champs. Schwartz, Stuart Intramural Basketball and Weightlifting. Sekera, John American Chemical Society, ROTC Ca- det Association. Smith, Francine Student Congress, Student Education As- sociation, Dean ' s List, Secretary Senior Class. Sobel, Alan Chicago Illini, Circle ' 66. Sontag, Stephen Omega Beta Pi, Wrestling Team, Illini Young Democrats. Sourile, William Stein, Jonathan Sports Editor Chicago Illini, Baseball Team, Television and Radio Club, Psy- chology Club. Stern, Yvette Activities Honorary, (President). Pier Playhouse, (President), Pier Illini. Strum, Lorelei Student Congress (Recording Secretary), Dean ' s List, Student Activities Board (Executive Secretary), Homecoming Committee. Sulas, Leonas Sushinsky, Leonard Phi Eta Sigma, Writers Club, Dean ' s List, James Scholar. Svoboda, Janine Campus Tour Guide, Newman Club, Sen- ior Class Steering Committee. Sydorenko, Alexander Student Congress, Ukrainian Club (Presi- dent). Taaffe, James Weaver, Regina Webb, Teena White, John CCC Dance Committee, Chicago Circle Center Board (Vice Chairman), Program Executive Committee for Union (Chair- man), Vice Presidtnt Parker ' s Student Leaders Committee. White, Leon Dean ' s List. Wiesmann, William J., Jr. Trans-Corp. Wilson, Wilhelmina Homecoming Committee, Publicity Com- mittee, Homecoming Queen Committee, Homecoming Dance Committee. Wolan, Chester Jr. Wolf, Dan Undergraduate Research Assistant in Psychology, German Club, Psychology Club, Undergraduate Research Assistant in Sociology. Wollheim, Rhonda Full-time wife. Wysocki, Irene Zindell, Lee Fencing Team (Captain). Zittler, Fern Alpha Lambda Delta (Secretary). Zusel, Gerald Varsity Football, Lettermen ' s Club, Dean ' s List, Honors Day Convocation. 151 CIRCLE ' 66 SOUVENIR EDITION CREDITS The concept of CIRCLE ' 66 was born in a committee of Student Government, May 13, 1965. We finished it today April 28, 1966. Amen 152 PRINTER: Wm. J. Keller Inc., P.O. Box 1052; Buffalo, N.Y. COPIES: 1000 SIZE: 9x12 PAGES: 152 PAPER STOCK: Velva Dull and Anniversary Text WEIGHT: 80 Lbs. INK: Black and Gravure Tone Brown COVER: 180 pt. 1 embossed with one applied color (stiff) TYPE:Melior LINE SCREEN: Both 150 and 300 linescreen (microtonej were used. CONTEMPORARY AFFAIRS COPY: John Dennis PHOTO CREDITS: C. M. Hutchinson, pg. 46-7 Cal Kowal Arlen S. Gould Ken LeTraunik Roman Hawryluk Arthur Shagnasty Jerry Kobierecki Hal Shriver Andrzej Koplewski John Thomas COVER DESIGN: John Thomas GENERAL DESIGNER: John Thomas Bill Mauldin Cartoons, credit Chicago Sun-Times and Bill Mauldin. Bat Man Photo, Credit ABC T.V. SENIOR PORTRAITS: Root Photographers, Chicago, 111. PHOTO PRINTING BY: Gamma Photo Labs., Chicago Wire Photos, courtesy UPI, and Wide World Photos. CIRCLE ' 66 is the work of the students of the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle, Box 4348, Chicago, Illinois. " . ' iaf " T m - q BlI MMiill F 1 - _ -™ : ,, ii 111 V JL V " MB W: Jm " The function of a university is the search for truth and its communication to succeed- ing generations. "

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